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, 9 , ' ',' U"'ZH'5',m, X. f-fr? l.A.,a, s Q f x "A ,L -.O-uf' ' 'Q 41" fl ,f K1 Hhiij' 1, . ff' 'r Q, f , ' It Yvu-J 'K - 4 . , 1.-L.. ' rl' gf I 17.220 C I . . . "oi, ' '-J' an . 4? 1" . ' fag 'Wa 'A flih if J' Y, 'Q C , t ,I 6 5 6 , 4-Q Y . a , a , IVV., J "ASQ A .Q-, .. . A' HJ-3 4: 'ff 'Ji' Y. Win". A I ", V ' ,gx , , A V, f 'ffv' L A nil' ' .5 1 .rs 4 4' o ff .- ' -JJ? rf ,Nj 1 .1 nl! "'g"'l'Z .YQ J 'R' 11 rs .SAM 'A n ' lp L vjfp lk! NINIIIEN HIINIIIIIIII PUBLISHED BY E THE UNIVERSITY CF MISSISSIPPI EDI USINESS MAN TOR ' LORANE LCWRY AGER'OTT '.,s,-4- ., -v r 1 .gil '92 83 ug' 8 ff" ' A I 1 5, - K --L'-Q IX 5 X M N... . t S S - - ' ' 4 . , - ., ,.. . . af'-,as ' '- ..A.,.r , P. . .--'f- . - --9152" Qgyw-:.., -- ' 1 'ff :'.."1-' ga.:'.f-L?,fSa7c-.'i:'544f-s- -F"-u L: . X .,. ., " 'F -dz' ..-yr gr, wh, -"h',k-1 'als--J-: 4- ' . 'Q'-.J,,'fK". ' l' - ,'1q,,'." 'L' .'f2- '-an-"""t ":5l!f5-Af' "' " " 31- ' A 5-z'.'2.'3f--1-f,.' '.'fQ-1-ff'-' ff 5 ED I1 memory of those men of llle Miss who have so wllllnqly and courageously qiven their all in preservation of those ideals which make a university and an llle Miss possible-in memory of these and of others who in their devotion to doty will never see this hook, we reverently dedicate our 1944 llle Miss. ISAAC DORTCH BENSON, JR. ALEXANDER RAYMOND BREYER WILLIAM FRANKLIN BRIDGEORTH ELIAM BAXTER BURNS, JR. ROBERT PHILIP CAMPBELL ORVILLE LEE CASTLE WILSON CLYDE CATER, JR. CHESTER DUNCAN COCKRELL JOHN WHITMAN COVINGTON GEORGE HAROLD DAVIS KENDALL ANDREW DUKE AGUSTE GERARD, Il HOWARD ADOLPHUS GILLIAM, WILLIAM PRESTON GRAVES FRANK LOUIS HAWKINS HOMER LAWRENCE HAZEL ASA ANDRUS HEDLESTON ROBERT HILLSMAN HORN WILLIAM EUSTACE HUNT JR. ROLL OF HONOR ApraI a, I944 WILLIAM ROBERT JACKSON MARION RANDOLPH KLYCE JAMES EDWARD LAND CLIFFORD LUTHER LEGGETT ROY BUSH LEVER LARRY ADRIAN LITTON GORDON LEE LYON, JR. JOHN MADRE TOXEY HOWARD MCBRYDE GEORGE REEVES NEBLETT GEORGE PHILIP PARKER BERNARD REEVES JOE C. REYNOLDS JOHN ROBERT STAPLETON ROBERT HENRY STINSON NORMAN LEE STOKES AUGUSTUS HOLMAN TATE DOUGLAS BIBBY TUBB JAMES GORDON VAN DEVENDER SIMON POWELL ROBINSON, JR. CHARLES WEATHERS RUST FRED CARR SCALES ROBERT GILL SHELTON HANSFORD LEGGETT SIMMONS, JR. JOHN DOUGLAS SIMMONS, II 1 1 . V3'?Tfi-Q"-n4'..'-?'7""'11"f- Af .Jef fbi t .1 ,f ' A -..-A ,. , x- ""' 'W Q-sewn -.fgvalsnilvuiptu-4,ngv-ay 'Qi '1 1 .QQPM 'M' L Ft K4 A f'-,,:glfi6,5f,.p,.' .:f-:17H,'::-?M15.- til.,- -' -0-M vo ",, - - .,, --1,-,al 4 'fd' sl- '-'gf-Q.q6v' ' 'ts-'i' pa' ' ,Q ' ' . 0- N 4- . . . V, - .o . I h X.: Q tg . . H . V .W-w ,W , -- '1 ., V, .3 .5 2 ' Q um 5 ' Q A -' M- - uw--:m.,. ,f , , W My - -A . -4 . ,.- . 'l J - Hg . 'TS' ff-'YQ ,-,Y - 'R N l: lf, L1 V A v. 9 . -N 1 ffl! . J, ' 73 J' ""' Q ff 0 ' 'lf' .v "' 'v 1' f ivxi A ' Xiu- , I U 7'2- - 1 A N """-"IS" Zsfgvfri ,Z 4.4 -5 cmfw fie Camlaua 5 'f ,L . f - ' 2-51- 3 . . 4 rf' bf V 'c ' Y S f I X j f JN , 'Y E , . f,-K we Cb!,gC2ll,l'l'L " ' -v -- 'mal i 5 me' 3 . 5 I A 1 ff e 57. avg i I YK' i Hn ,V .-3 -Z-3 . nys, .. i,.,h:.A A -YQ 1'-51, bv' 9 -' . ' f"-'Y '-uf'-.f - jig? ' , -' '7"f'l'K-.lf ,., wg A :H .,f"L-!ui1'.L?.'-7'-.5 . jk Peng cl? guifch 9 .-mn f . wb . v - , . , '1,. ? Mfg., 1 . n , , 'lx ' f 'Z af W" r .J- fr 11' .." CJ-. -r' SAHJOW5 ana! Curved ,, ity . .Et V ,suv .W .-29" :,.,..a , . , Y -by -I A V-44? Y'-f 1 . Y I , K 4 ' - . N .- y ' ,I 4 7 T 1' , " 'A A, , , . af- ' ' . Y ' . . . s, ' -1 0 f ' . J' in ' .. ,., ,H ,, ,. X. I?,'M..4.', 5 R , 1- , ig: ','h fi 4 ba. ,l l ,,n-It v 1 4 it - , lx 1 Lf?- 1 2 V , . .sz-'I J3- .ru-13" I 1 1 1 . r X ? 1 ! -. . .R Q ,. . -bw " ' 'Ubin - " .- Q,-.qaQ.Q.: , . 4- -o--v-f ' 1' 1 n s .4 Q.,- I ,A 4 A , if - ' 5 . Y ' I - - F, 1' , :Kg if .- I .5 . 51 ' 9. 4 5 All I ,f ,,,. 'S 2 The IaI'e Honorable Paul Burney Johnson, Governor of 'the S+a+e of Mississippi, January, I940, fo December 26, I944. MI ISTH!-ITIVE IIFFIIIIIILS BOARD OF TRUSTEES GOVERNOR THOMAS L. BAILEY, Presideni, ex officio . .Jackson J. F. BARBOUR, Chairman RANSOM E. ALDRICH . JOHN W. BACKSTROM FORREST G, COOPER . MISS MARTHA CATCHINGS HAROLD W. GOUTIER . . B G HAZARD . C W JENKINS MEANS JOHNSTON L, M JOYNER . DR. H CARROLL MCLEOD MR WILLIAM OLIVER REA FRANK L ROBERTS JOHN W SAVAGE . MAJOR W. CALVIN WELLS ENOCHS . Yazoo CiIy Michigan City . . Leakesviile . , Indianola . . . Jackson . Pascaqoula . . Columbus . . Ellisville Greenwood . Sfarkville . HaIIiesburq . . Jackson Eupora . . Gulfpori . . , Jackson 4 Q - .. X His Excellency, HonorabIe Thomas L. Bailey, Governor of The Sfaie of Mississippi, Ex Officio Presidenf of Ihe Board of Trusiees. , I U n , ,, , Q ,.,v,.,. ' . '-':2,' ' 'Pei I BH!-INEELLUH ALFRED BENJAMIN Chancellor A. B. Bu'H's, absenl' on mili+ary leave, as Lieu+enan1' Colonel, Judge Advocafe General's Deparfmenf, since July I, l942, resumed his posifion as head of BUTTS fhe Universify on December l5, I943, affer having been placed by fhe War Deparf- meni on inacfive duly as a reserve officer. Chancellor BuH's exer'l's grea'l' power over sfudeni' life and fempers fhis power wifh common sense and a keen sympa+hy For ihe s+uden'r poini' of view. 7 W Q ALMA IV!!-XTEH 42" 1--Q.f" IN APPHEIIIATIUN Lasf December of. Alfred Hume complefed his fourfh ferm as Chancellor of 'rhe Universify. During his fiffy- four years of service, by his enfhusiasm for his work, his sincerify, and his sfanchness of characfer, Dr. Hume has made an incalculable confribuiion fo The Universify. He is now Head of 'rhe Mafhemafics Deparimenf and holds 'rhe 'rifle of Chancellor Emerifus. 1- 4 B l 1 gf?-' JI' I 5395 . il A 'i Wmikm le MM4 " "The only frue conquesfs-'rhose which awalcen no regrei'-are +hose obfuined over ignorance. The mosi' honorable, as 'rhe mosf useful, pursuil' of nafions is 'rhai' which confribufes 'fo fhe exiension of human in+ellecl'." -Napoleon I Devofing 'rhe facilifies of 'rhe Universify +o a mere physical conquesf of na+ions would deny 'lo ifs beneficiaries fhe value of infellecfual progress and culfure which Ole Miss has preserved fhrough four wars and numerous emergencies. Napoleon could hardly imagine 'rhe apparenf folly of 'rraining men in fhe science of war +oge+her wi'rh inslrucfing 'rhem in social sciences and languages. Converfing fhe Universify info such a modalify is 'rhe accomplishmeni' of our presenf leaders-professors, frusfees, legislafive supporfers, and s+uden'rs. RAYMER WENDALL TINSLEY DAVH3 HQRACE 3l5HQp Head of Deparfmenf of Sfudenf Personnel Dean of Faculfy O' v-S lx: We - ' rl , ' 3 ,qw A , nv' , ' ,i 2,1 . r . , 4 I V N3 ' "fi . . f -1 v , ' cs,'.v,x,, - ,ipisnl ' X1 . M, J 1 ' V 4 I s , ' yn DUDLEY HUTCHERSON Dean of Graduafe School Q ' 5 'ff' ibn. JUDGE THOMAS CHARLES KIMBROUGH Dean of School of Law JAMES B. LOOPER Dean of School of Medicine 4 4-,pr e 54 F . My S, s-,.,,,,, ,, ,-Ls, O L is Wgxgn , W g g-,g ow he ELMER LIONEL HAMMOND Dean of School of Pharmacy Q K 1 1 1 a 5+ ef .v 'wx :Y i l Wawdme Ula Mm Colonel Rebel has donned anew his uniform: since December 7, I94l, men of Ole Miss have leff as fheir draff numbers called fhem: ofhers have volunfeered, nof wifh happiness buf wifh somefhing like glad elafion, an inner response fo pafriofic service. There are now over fwo fhousand Fighfing Rebels on dufy in Hawaii, New Caledonia, Alaska, and England. Here af home a War Acfivifies Commiffee has promofed bond and sfamp drives, scrap collecfions, war fund dona- fions, and leffer-wrifing campaigns. A Roll of fhe Honored Dead placed in fhe Sfudenf Union lobby commemorafes fhe sacrifice of our heroes. The Army Adminisfrafion School came in Sepfember, I942. January of I944 found ranks of A. S. T. P.'s grilling, sfudying, and dafing along wifh civilian sfudenfs. The firsf woman presidenf fhis year guided fhe sfudenf body-less fhan half ifs normal size and composed largely of women. "Y" and USO socials were acquainfance mediums and resulfed in dances and social affairs fo fhe music of fhe "Engineers," Reveille, Refreaf, and Taps frumpef ouf calls so famil- 'A iarly fhaf fhey seem a fradifion af Ole Miss. The fufure is dark, buf if A ,Hg A5435-jg may fhe arfs of peace supplanf fhe science of war! VICTOR ALDINE COULTER n of College f L b al Arls HORA E B. BROWN, JR. ouven A. SHAW De f s h 1 f commerce nd LEE H- JOHNSON- JR- D 1 5 h I f Educayion Business Adminislrali Dean of School of Engineering x dl' .IQX K ,I S v U'-H -A I ""l. . l 1 ' v , Ky O l vs- T - M ..- IN APPHEIIIATIIIN Miss Esfella Gardner Hefley came fo The Universify as Dean of Women in 'rhe fall of I934. Hers is 'rhe responsi- bilify of skillfully blending personal considerafion for fhe individual sfudenf wifh 'rhe impersonal regulafions uphold- ing fhe sfandards of fhe Universify. She deals iusfly, yel' kindly and prudenfly, wifh 'rhose possessed wilh grea'r problems and liHle experience. 191 FS. Sa' f f-f saw-M--:AQ-qgmfnvvgui IN APPHEEIATIUN DEAN R. MALCOLM GUESS Tl1a+ Chris+iani'ry is viral a+ Ole Miss is H16 resulf largely of 'rhe efforfs of Dean R. M. Guess. Benign, indefafigable, pa+ien+, he is bo+l1 leader and servanf of Ole Miss sfudenfs. Mr. Guess began his fenure af fhe Universify in l922 as Y. M. C. A. secrefaryg in I932, he was made Dean of Men, and he performs his difficuli' dufies wi'rl1 consumafe skill. Wamdme Ula Mud Uncle Sam look his 'I'oll of Universify faculfy and sfaff members also. Chancellor A. B. BuHs refurned 'ro fhe campus in December, I943, afler serving his eighreen mon+hs as Lieu'renan+ Colonel in 'rhe Judge Advocafe General's Deparfmenf. Many faculiy and sfaff members, fhough noi' on acfive mililary duly, are serving wifh +he Y. M. C. A., Red Cross, or ofher special warfime agencies. Those away from 'rhe Universify wi'rh mililary leaves of absence are Hugh L. Quarles, Richard N. Whi+field, Henry Aloway, R. B. Tullos, E. V. BramleH, A. W. Green, Vernon S. Smifh, Charles J. Jaskwhich, Weems O. Baskin, Jr., McDonald K. Horne, Jr., Paul B. Foreman, W. P. Trumbull, L. G. Fanf, A. G. Bowen, Jr., Leon A. Wilber, R. C. Cook, John H. Fox, Jr., John W. Wade, Marvin L. Hufson, Claude M. Smifh, B. I. Wiley, J. J. MaHhews, Harold D. Hanfz, Miss Pearl TuH'le, T. P. McCullough, Jr., M. A. Sanders. JEFFERSON KOGER HAMM ANDREW BROADUS HARGIS Assisfanf Direclor of Afhleiics and Supervising Engineer Alumni Secretary f'iQ. THOMAS ALTON BICKERSTAFF Reqisfrar JOHN C. CULLEY Universifv Physician HARRY J MEHRE D 1 f Afhl 1 yrs, YBH 3 T J. W. BELL J. K HAMM The Alumni Associafion of Ole Miss is com- posed of all former sfudenfs of fhe Univer- sifyg fhere are no membership clues, and all sfudenfs upon leaving fhe Universify are en- fifled fo membership in fhe Associafion. If is fhrough fhis organizafion fhaf each alumnus is given an opporfunify fo serve and fo assisf in fhe progress of fhe Universify. The "Alumni News" is fhe official publica- fion of fhe associafion and is issued quarferly. One of fhe mosf popular feafures of fhe mag- azine is fhe "Alumni in fhe Service" column, which is lcepf up fo dafe by fhe efforfs of Edifor Jeff Hamm. The officers of fhe Alumni Associafion are as follows: J. W. Bell, '98, of Universify, Mis- sissippi, presidenfg W. T. Wynn, 'I I, of Green- ville, vice-presidenfg Jeff K. Hamm, 'I7, of Universify, Mississippi, secrefary. Mr. Briff Rogers, 'I7, of Tupelo, represenfs fhe associa- fion on fhe Universify Afhlefic Commiffee. o8'0 T"'wW' ' "Q ""k' ' O ' 'h-if MARALYN HOWELL MARGIE BRADLEY President of Associaled Sludenl Body Vice-President Maralyn Howell, lhe lirsl woman sludenl ever elecled Presidenl ol fhe Associalecl Sludenl Body ol Ole Miss, lhis year led lhe Execulive Council and lhe Sludenl Body lhrough ils lhird year ol war- lime aclivilies. Olher officers were Margie Bradley, Vice-Presidenl, Belly Cox, Secrelaryg Judy King, Luscius Waile, and Ellis Bodron, Treasurers. Represenlalives ol lhe various schools were Liz Pooley, Business: Jane Howell, Liberal Arlsg Mariory Biggarl, Pharmacy: Marlha Gerald and Ray Williams, Law: Eugene Ray, Medicine. Lorane Lowry, Edilor ol lhe "Ole Miss," and Joe Wag- goner ancl Miriam Horne, Edilors of lhe "Mississippian," served on lhe Council. Eva Lillian Mc- Bee represenlecl lhe Woman's Sludenl Governmenl and was succeeded by Bellye Brueclc for lhe second semesler. The Council conlinued ils supervision ol lhe Sludenl Book Exchange, ils conlrol ol all Sluclenl Body eleclions, and lhis year loolc over lhe Universily Sludenl Banlc, wilh Belsy Easl as Manager. Meeling wilh lhe Council lor discussion of mulual aclivilies were lhe following A. S. T. P. repre- senlalives: Kinsley McWhorler, Bill McDonald, Grady Burlon, and Tom Mullinilrs. i241 EE TI EIIUNIIIL 5 1 T Vg: g: WE'-'7 ia--5' 1, 4 V, 11. 7 5, Qfqpf- 55 Gif' EST' -,ff BETTY COX Secretary H 1 LUSCIUS WAITES Treasurer Join? meefing of ASB Execufive Council and ASTP Acfivifies Commiffee - z I , , Al --. ,7.--L Y -1-V--.Y.. .. , -0 .. W- - - WUIVIE ST DE BUVEH ME IISSUIIII-TTIU BETTYE BRUECK MARJORIE BIGGART Firsf Vice-President Second Vice-Presidenf Q EVA LILLIAN McBEE President LEGISLATIVE COUNCIL MISS ESTELLA G. I-IEFLEY ...,... . . Advisor MarIha Ann BreII Sylvia D'Orr Frances Ann Exby Mary Agnes Fanf Dexler Johnson Lavonne Laird ElizabeIh Laney Joan Looney Lorane Lowry Helen Moore Mary Moore Lila Lee Nosser Will Mary Simrall Cherry Sislc KaIhefine SIevens Ann WadlingIon Women sIudenIs aI Ihe UniversiIy are governed by Ihe Women's SIudenI GovernmenI AssociaIion, wiIh Miss EsIeIIa G. Hefley, Dean of Women, as Advisor. The ExecuIive Council is composed of aerrv Huei-ies BETH REDDING 5eC'e""Y T""s"'e' Ihe five officers who are elecIed each April. The AssociaIion, Ihrough Ihe ExecuIive Council, acIs in cerIain maIIers of women's governmenI noI direcIly under Ihe conIrol of UniversiIy auIhoriIies and is guided by Ihe rules and regulaIions seI IorIh in Ihe sIudenI handbook. The LegislaIive Council includes Iwo represenIaIives from each sororiIy, Iwo lndependenI represenIaIives, Iwo Iown girls, and Ihe four DormiIory PresidenIs. Second semesIer officers Ior I944 were BeIIye Brueclr, Presic.lenIg Marjorie BiggarI, Vice-PresidenIg Lorane Lowry, Second Vice-PresidenIg Lilian McElroy, SecreIaryg and BeIh Redding, Treasurer. I26I IIA IIE A. B. Chadwick i 'l Frank Cresswell 3 Elmer Dickson i I Viclor Genge Collon Klindworlh JIM RUTLEDGE Execuiive Chairman A' S' T' ig Duke Baird Q Grady Burion George Chrislianson BEN MITCHELL Floor Chairman Jim Donegan Bill Luckie EDM ITTEE Ellen Mclnfosh Earl Ruff Doug Sione Tom Swear Tom Turner P. MEMBERS Kinsley McWhor+er Blackie Nicholas Norman Olson James Scoff Al Sioulamire John Tracey Selecied by 'Ihe Execulive Council of Ihe As- sociaied Sfudenl' Body, members of Ihe Dance Commiffee conirol all sludeni dances and are guided by 'rhe dance regulaiions sei up in 'rhe Sfudenl' Body ConsI'i+u+ion. This year 'rhe Dance Commiffee, working in cooperaiion wiI'h Ihe A. S. T. P. special Recrea Iion Commiifee, sponsored many successful campus dances. Execufive Chairman for 'rhe year was Jim Ruiledge who was assisied by Ben Mifchell, Floor Chairman. Mr. R. W. Tinsley was Facully Advisor. First Row: Chadwick, Dickson, Genge, R. Hays, Ruff, Sione. Second Row: Sweat, Turner, Luckie, Nicholas, Olson, Pappas. 'S 'iv Y-'11 'Ta 1' lm fir QP! I27I 5. S -2.- . .1 - ' A gg: "4 .. Lael i x I I HA HAI. l , 4 TOM NEWCOMER President Independent CHARLES FARRIS LELAND HUME FRANK HUGHES HERMAN KELLY Sigma Phi Epsilon Sigma Chi Pi Kapoa Alpha Town X L gg To fine Righi: Carroll fops Robe-vison in iiwe lump. KA's clash wiih Sigma Chi. Indians on fhe line. ii IIUUNEII. K1 .-..-1-s-.-. .. V E 'Fm 'W ELTON MCINTOSH JOHN MCLAURIN BUD PHILLIPS EARLE RUFF PETE TOPP D If Kappa Epsilon Kapp Alph K pp Sigma Ph D If Thf S'g Alph Ep 'I The lnrramural Council is composed of represenrarives from The various organizafions of men af Ole Miss who wish +o parficipafe in inframural compe+i+ion. The I. M. program was s+ari'ed aboul' five years ago 'ro help promo're comperirive afhlefics among lhe srudenfs, and since 'rhe adven'r of fooiball in I943, ifs program has grown +o include nearly every sporl in fhe sporling world. In direcl' accord wifh 'rhe programs insfigafed by fhe War Deparlmenl lo increase physical cul+ure, comperifion for fhe various awards and cups has caused an increased inleresl' in physical development Any organizalion of men connecled wilh fhe sfudenr body may choose a represenlarive 'ro meer wifh fhe council al' 'rhe beginning of each school year. These represen+a- lives elecf rheir own officers who preside over 'rhe council. The I943-44 lnlramural Council ins'rH'ul'ed fhe presenfafion of a Trophy +o fhe mosi' oufsranding a+hle're during 'rhe year's sporfs. Coach Harry Mehre is direcfor of lnframural Sporls and he is assisfed by Coach Ed Sfone. l29l ALL-STAR TOUCH FOOTBALL TEAM Lefr fo Righf: McGuire, Marcus, Sweaf, F. Cres ll McLaurin, E. Cresswell, Turman, Topp. SAE's gel' The foofball cup. 6- 3 1 T T I l 1 +3 Gr Q 3' The Women's Alhlelic Associafion is an organizalion promofing in+eres+ in fhe usually unheralded field of women's afhlefics. This organizalion is sponsored by Mrs. Rulh While Finlcg if has membership in bofh Sfafe and Na'rional Women's Aihlefic Associalions. Acfive af Ole Miss for eighi years, fhe WAA sponsors inlersororify sporfs including ping-pong, shuffle-board, badminfon, cage ball, volley ball, baslxef- ball, lennis, golf, and swimming. The handsome frophies presenfed fhe winning ieams creaie a spiril' of friendly and lceen rivalry. l3Ol 1- 1 ,Z- an bk i I ,, X I 7 First Row: Jane Abston, Anita Albritton, Mildred Austin, Corinne Baggett, Mary Louise Blllinqslea, Mariorle Black, Joyce Blornguist, Ann Bogard, Virginia Breyt- spraak, Faithy Brunson, Maureen Chat- ham, Anna Jo Coleman. Second Row: Mildred Corner, Gene Con- ley, Malva Cooper, Mable Corley, Kath- erine Crowell, Mary Davis, Jane Dees, Inez Denton, Helen Duke, Dorothy Dowell, Jean Pitner, Joy Ferguson. i My 1 511' QIQA -sg, . :- -if .. A, mg, My Wr- 32. t... , 1 I Q 4. WUM N' THLETIII SSUEI Tlll Dorothy Sharborough, Frances Sherrill, Ann Sirnrnons. Sixth Row: Betty Sirrlrnons, Dorothy Slrri- Third Row: Miriam Ferguson, Ann Finch, Sara Giles, Mary M. Granberry, Joe Reine Harris, Betty Herneter, Mary Jo Horton, Maralyn Howell, Frances C, rnons, Jean Simrnons, Cherry Sislr, Eliza- Humphreys, Christine Jones, Morella beth Sisk, Ruth Sneed, Catherine Stevens, Ora Lou Striclland, Elizabeth Thomas, Margaret Tolson, Ann Tomlinson, Sara Ruth Usher. Kuylrendall, Julya Lewis, Fourth Row: Joyce Litton, Joy Lott, Cor- inne McCarthy, PSQQV McDearrnan, Christine McElroy, Ruth Mclnnis, Marvine McNeil, Jane Middleton, Rosemary Mid, dleton, Virginia Mitchell, Frances Moore, Sara Jane Myers. Seventh Row: Margaret Vance, Ruth Well- enrnan, Martha Wheeler, Ann Whitten, Jean Whittington, Martha Nell Willferson, Mary Jane Williams, Holland Williams, Mary Alice Wisdom, Juliet Witnr,-rs, Mariean Woodward, Wilma Yandell. Fifth Row: Lila Lee Nosser, Merrel Parler, Marguerite Petty, Frances Phelps, Ann Powell, Frances Price, Mary Fontaine Price, Beth Redding, Martha Richardson, Not on Roster: Lottie Wren, Helen Wil- liarris, Jane Smith, Esther Lf-wls, Pat Faherty. Touch football interests girls. Duke upholds Tri Delt in shuftleboarcl. Black seems pleased with results. iw" - , l UQ' 1 l ,Mm at inf, .rl , .LQ 9 PUBLIIIATIUNS BIJAHIJ xg f' ' DR. ELMER L. HAMMOND DR. HOEQCE B. BROWN Cha' man a'rman The "Ole Mis?" Committee "Mississippialn" Commillee DR' DAvlD H' l3l5H0P Chairman . '1'! 8 Ti Nu 'J . B i . s " -15.51 'Lf3'EfQ:lg, , ' ' V. NT. t A, zzzfggka y K Y 'E , JOE WAGGONER HARVEY MYRICK MARALYN HOWELL OTTlS SNlPES LORANE LOWRY The primary obieclive of lhe Publicalions Council is +o guaranlee elficienl' demo- cralic leadership in campus publicalions. Dr. David H. Bishop is Chairman and Dr. H. B. Brown is Secrelary. Olher mem- bers are Dr. E. L. Hammond, Dr. C. F. Dunham, Dr. J. B. Looper, Dr. P. K. Mc- Carfer, Mr. J. K. Hamm, Mr. Billy Elh- ridge, Maralyn Howell, Joe Waggoner. Harvey Myrick, Lorane Lowry, and Ollis Snipes. l32l ""'f' MISSISSIPPI LAW .IIJUHNI-IL STAFF MEMBERS MARTHA WILSON GERALD , . EMILE JOSEPH SEX! JP, ..... Bu iness Ma Edifo mage DOLSIE E. WlLLlAMS . . . . Associaie Edilo EMI'-E GEX C. GRANT THOMAS . . . . Assocuafe Edifo Business Manager HUEY B, HOWERTON, JR, . , . . Associale Edifo 0 FACULTY ADVISORS WILLIAMS HoweR1oN THOMAS Dean T, C. Kimbrough Mr, William N, Efhfidqe, Jr Official organ of fhe s+a're bar, fhe "Mis- sissippi Law Journal" endeavors fo pre- senr, for bofh lawyers and laymen alike. a confemporary review of 'rhe body of +he law. The Journal is published by s+uden'r members of +he Universify School of Law under +he supervision of +he law faculfy, and i'rs arficles aHemp'r +o refleci +he developmeni' of ihe Anglo-Saxon law. I33l M . MARTHA GERALD Editor LORANE LOWRY EDITORIAL STAFF LC PAN E LQW RY' ICN Edifor s . , . EdIIu 51944 4? OTTIS SNIPES fHL?Iff SISK . . . . Aspocfahx Edi1or Business Manager WIII3'IfXM FEPGUTON . , Agzonide Editu MARY LDVVFET' . . FMSOCIGTKJ Edlfuf ' TCM IJE'Nf,f'l'JIEI4 . Af.TivITie5 Eullmr' J"1fCfi IFITILOP. , Copy Idlhv 105 Im. mg IIOSCEH , CMI, LM., "' IAAIJP 'XJJUIKP . Qopy DIEIMI um IIIEEC IIIIIII IILIFIIIUY sw? if 1. mul-IIC mmwf, A 4.If,f,+ M I,gv.1g,,I.gv ,IX-.Eg E55 I 1 IIIILII' Iwgzrws A q+I,,,I I1I,,IfI,,II,,,I,,I, , it 'S I. . I f.IIf'fI'IIQ IJIQAFI ff' IIIIHII IIIIffIH4v.1f1III-I I CHERRY SISK MARK LOWREY MIRIAM FERGUSON EDITORIAL ASSISTANTS TYPISTS XNIIIMIJ SIIIIN ,III Im-ugff Cmul Newsom Jxmw SHIIIIJ Iv ff- fu- I' IrI2Ifa ,' M WIII"rIe'-I IVIIIIIIM REI ImuImI1r1 KfImlIIv Locke C ,If '25 f II IJIIII, IHJIM II, ,II I vw- rx Iqmf I-IQWQII .IIHIIIU IVILCOWI1 V r II 1-, IMVMIII, IIwm,' Howl,-IIIIII Arm IILJII-ruimiov Mmxrwwm CIv.1IImm fm 'NIIIIIHIIII II I" IWII VVH II Afllha AIIIIIIIGH IIIIIIIIIW CZIIIHTIQIOII ', I If 'JIMIH I1 I- W.1I44q-,Inf-r I.1IIIu BIIIIISIIII IVI.alIv3 Ekamfvvw Iwi! I ffp-VI "I-rw I"1lIII',"'! fl' ', ry. I ,I ',,I.II IV' 'ru AIIIUII Wilzorw Miriam Home I3-il IIII IIISS BUSINESS STAFF OTTIS SNIPES. . ....,,...,. Business Manager LON TAYLOR ..... . . . . Adyisor MARY GENE HOFFMAN . . Advertisinq grant MARY ALICE WISDOM . , . Adyerfisinq sian? BETTY MQCARTY . . . , Adyerfisinq want CURTIS ROBERTS . . . Adverfisinq ANN DUKEMINIER . . Secretarial LILA LEE NOSSER . . . SQCrf1IarIaI Ian? Iam Iarrf 'Si-1 The "Ole Miss" Business Sfaff. Phofographers Hibbs, Jensen, and Roberfs. STAFF ASSISTANTS RUIIW Brciwri Jane I-IoweII Mary JO I-Iijrrra I-IeIen Ccirlnq Thomas Curii, KaIIrIeQn WIJIQII Be-Hy Herneier Kiirie MfgCaa Beiey Walfcrn MaIya Cooper Kiiry Websrer Louise Murray Loifie Wren Beiry Cox Mary M. Granberry Miriam Ferquir n SPECIAL ASTP ASSISTANTS Grady Burhirn John Tracy BIII M'1DQnaId Tom MnIIiniIr Jail Porrer Bab I-Iibbz Miriam and Jean hard af work. Ediforial sfaff works againsf deadline --.3 JOE WAGGONER Editor CHARLES DeVlNNEY Sports Editor JULYA LEWIS Society Editor BILL BURGIN MISSISSIPPIA "The Mississippian," the official publication of the Ole Miss Student Body, has this year, under the capable direction ot Joe Waggoner, as editor, and Harvey Myriclc, as business manager, continued to be published as "The Rebel's Weekly Newspaper." At midterm, Miriam Horne tool: over the editor's duties, and with the assistance of Charles Devinny, as sports editor: Julia Lewis, as society editor: and Bill Burgin, as managing editor, the presses lcept rolling regardless of the many war- time hindrances. Reporter EDITORIAL STAFF K 'XNfNff1f'Jl'll l" . , , . . . . liililfvl lflll lftlfi ll'1l'ill . . lvlnrm- lflilwl ll! lfl l '. l llflililf . Spfirlu liililfll llll Ifh lllNl', , . . . . . Sfifivly lililtii EDITORIAL ASSISTANTS liill Bin girl Jima- lfliriilwfirllw fn, f xl!-lildll Mail l wmy If, l, fu- ,W-ll l'iri',l-If lvl Wi rl I liill f vtvlfy lJwlii-Il lvl-nfu' lf gif lm , llill lvlm ll -will llifi-vi linlf- li'-ttf lvlullf-ri flill l iivvl lil., lfw' Nii',H"l ,,.i.,l. Aim fvviaivi-11-i lfu' lillfitilirl lfl iv yi ffl ri llwllruiiri 'willy Slum lfwlt,-N ll' iillvi' liill Wilfli-1 lull lf'-,ff-N, l"1li1-ll hlvllhvill SECRETARIAL ASSISTANTS l' vtii- ll! wll Putli VV'-Ili-mr H1 Vlihni Ynfalf-ll Typists. .. Al I-IARVEY MYRICK . . MARGARET WILSFORD JGYCE BLOMQUIST . TOM NEWCOMER . . Clwarlalle Gordon Jayne Quinn Guy Davanl Eslller Lewis Polly Rolnerlson Dol Mancill Rulli Brown Mary Rogers Davis Jane Dees Elaine Grillin Jo I-larris Clwrisline Jones Killy McCaa fu l"'. Lev! MIRIAM HORNE Managing Edilor , , ...,. Business Manager , . . . Azsizlanl Business Manager . . . Assislanl Business Manager , . . Aclverlising Manager BUSINESS STAFF HELEN DUKE JAMES I-IOLLCDVVAY . .,.. Cir GREGORY BRELAND . . , MARY EDNA ADAMS . . . . .As EXECUTIVE SECRETARIES TO THE BUSINESS MANAGER Cllarlolle Gee Margarel Vance Bella Redding Peggy Mcllearman Marvine McNeil Geneva Schneider Joyce Taylor Dol Weslover I-Ielen Williams Juliel Williers Mary Alice Wisdom Belly I-Iemeler TECHNICAL ASSISTANTS Mary Jane Williams CIRCULATION ASSISTANTS Mary Margarel Granberry ADVERTISING ASSISTANTS Mariean Woodward Mary Ann Pearce Bellye Fosler Douglas Slone Carolyn Ellis Mary Ann Crilz Jane Middlelon Virginia McCoy Sarall Jane Myers I-Ielen Collinq Belly Bulls Belly Jane Lore Belly PalClille Ann Tomlimon Mary Jean I-Irillrnan Mary Jane Ealman Jean Simmons Kallwryn Websler I.oui5e Murray ,Q- 'Y HARVEY MYRICK Business Manager culalion Manager Local Circulalion Manager Foreign Cirfiulalion Manager zizlanl Advoilisinq Manager Jafilie Eaircllild Mary Jo I-Iorlon Inda Hobbs Ann Wliillen Flavius Lamloerl l-lope Myers Bellie Wil',on VVadf: Bowen Curlig Roberls Ann Bogard Sue Evans Doris Wood Adverlisinq Slaff. Circulation Slaff. S 5, 1' Sl all Olclkill. r. . EARL FYKE ..,.... . . . HUEY HOWERTON, JR. . ROBERT WILSON . . . BILLY GOLDEN . . . DR. J. C. CULLEY .......... JUDGE T. C. KIMBROUGH . . R. MALCOLM GUESS .... MRS. W. W. JOHNSON . . ' r -.A ,. 117 "' . 1:26 FACULTY MEMBERS . . . . . . . . Chairman, Y. M. C.A. Board . . . Presidenl . . Vice4Presiden+ . . . Secrelary . . Treasurer . . . . Eacully Treasurer . General Secrefary . Office Secreiary Tv- Q ,l X iw? " r ' Q4 EARL FYKE President . - 'i- ' ' 72553. , it' . Sa Ni' QF- 2' r s 6 First Row: Fyke, D. Slone, F. Cresswell, Bodron, Waqqoner, Bounds, Brock, Caffey, Chadwick, Cone. Second Row: Furr, Genge, Gel, Golden, Goodenough, Hibbs, Howerron, Howorfh, King, Kirkpalrick. Third Row: Klindworlh, Longest, Mar-shall, McDonald, McLaurin, Merrill, Nobles, Piqolf, Ray, Ridgeway. Fourth Row: Rose, Rulledge, Snipes, H. Stone, Turner, Ubrnas, Wilder, A. Arlhur L. Andrews Wilson, R. Wilson, Winler. Rob-'fri E, Goodcnouqh Marlin McDonald Ellis Bodrnn Georqo Bounds Ralph Brock Shed Hill Colley A. B. Chadwick Edward O. Cone Frank Creszwell Winslon F. Crum James D. Devano Roborl' W. Dougherty Roborl L. Fenn Tod B. Ford E. S. Furr Viclor Genqe Emilo Gex Carl M. Guelm Robe-rl A, l-libbs Purvis McLaurin Arlhur H. Marsch James Merrill MEMBERS Beckett l-loworlh Hunler H. Kimball Jack J. Kinq Marlin E. Klindworlll Pera C. Kirlcpolriclr John C, Lonqesf l38l Glenn Miller Paul E. Mini: Jack Piqolf Roberi G. Provins Euqono Ray Waller Ridgeway William Henry Rose Jamos Rutledge Wallace E. Ryle Roland C. Shimel Howard B. Smilh, Jr Oilis L. Snipes. Jr. Doug Slone Harry Slone Hoclor Ubinas Tom Turner Joo Waqqoner Irvin Walerman William M. Wilder Alborl' Wilson William Winler X --+----1.1 Anila Albrillon Agnes Anne Anderson Mary Agnes Fanl' Maralyn Burl Howell Miriam Ferguson Bernice Huffman Jane Adams Mae Eleanor Freeman Hazel Lavonne Laird Mariorie Black Marina Wilson Gerald Elizabelli Laney MEMBERS Marina Ann Brell Bellye Brueclc Belly Bulls Mrs. Glenn Crane Annie Louise DeSpain Jeanne Elizabellw Donovan Belly Granberry Julya Lewis Dorolhy Donnell Rulln Hayes Lorane Lowry Belsy Easl Sarah Hunler l-liclcs Eva Lillian McBee Amy Elledqe Jane Howell Mary Cooper Miller Conslance Pillrinqlon Gene Ramsey Rullm Agnes Simmons Cherry Sislr Ruin Sneed Rosebud Slone Jane Smillw Amanda Swiil Mary Jocelyn Wiemers Helen Williams Dol Woodward Lollie Wren Mrs. Dan Wylie First Row: Adams, Albriflon, Anderson, Biggarl, Bishop, Black, Brelf, Brueck, Bulls, Crane, DeSpain. Second Row: Donovan, East, Elledge, Fanl, Ferguson, Freeman, Gerald, Granberry, Hays, Hicks, Hughes. Third Row: Laney, J. Howell, J. Lewis, M. Howell, Huffman, Laird, Lowry, McBee, Miller, Pilkinglon, Ramsey. Fourth Row: Simmons, Sisk, Smilh, Sneed, Slone, Swifl, Wiemers, Wil- liams, Woodward, Wrenn, Wylie. 'Q' 5 ANNE DUKEMINIER President ANN DUKEMINIER . MARTHA BISHOP . . MARJORIE BIGGART . BETTY HUGHES . . . 0 MRS. V. A. CCDULTER . MRS. GAYLE BEANLAND , 'Z' 'L 'tt oi ff ' i A as iff f 2' f Y 5 ,.,, rv- s 5 OFFICERS FACU LTY MEMBERS . . . . . Clwariman, Y, W. C, A, Board l l 'l ,, li l l l l l 't.-.ff :?V'l'T'T FH M' T7 71", Ai P ,I L.. wi ??54i5.f,,f,5" ig!! .rua ' ' l "53ffZ'i 1 f is 5- 3 F' 'F' " pgs' . K fl., .-V I gr ,f 'ar se., ---l .T Vg.-wb' ., ' 3 M.. 1 0 if 9 iv K, ,, . 'A ' ' iff V Q... y T' , x f . 1 I F i i i I T . . , Presidenl A . Vice-Presidenl l . . Secrelary . Treasurer Program Secrefa ry SE lllll Y. W. l. ll. .I UMIIIHUN DELTA HAPPA JACK D. PIGOTT . , MILTON A. PERRY . . . HUEY B. HOWERTON . . DR. HORACE B. BROWN . . OFFICERS . . . Presidenf Vice-Presideni . . Treasure JACK PIGOTT - - S9C"9i5fY Presidenf MEMBERS A F O F Ellis Bodron Eugene Ray Earl Fylre Walfer Ridgeway I '4 Jael: King Joe Waggoner Alberf Wilson . , A I il MEMBERS IN FACULTY ,gi . 1 ' -- . L l A' Dr, Alton Bryant Dr, Lee H. Johnson In in I Dr, Pele Kyle Mccarler f Farsi' Row: Bodron' Fyke, Howerfon, Kung. Second Row: Ray, Ridgeway, Waggoner, Wilson. Omicron Della Kappa, nafional honorary leadership 'fraferniiy for men, rec- ognizes conspicuous a'Hainmen+ in college acfivify. Members of ODK are chosen because of fheir leadership abilify and general characfer, and be- cause of fheir confribufions 'ro 'rhe scholasiic and exfra-curricular life of 'rhe Universiry. The aim of Omicron Delia Kappa is service: +he fraler- nify dedicafes ifself fo providing fhe mosl' effecfual ways and means for promofing fhe welfare of 'rhe s+uden+ body and of Ole Miss. Omicron Della Kappa was founded nafionally in l9l4. Alpha Phi Circle was esfablished af fhe Universify of Mississippi in February, I93b. l40l PHI ETA SIGMA Phi Era Sigma is a nalional honorary scholaslic fralernily for college fresh- men. Being iniliafecl info Phi Efa Sigma is 'rhe highesl' honor aHainable by a freshman. For membership, a sfudenl' musi' have noi' lower +han a B+ average for fhe firsl semesler or fhe firsl year of college work. Sfuclenfs relain acfive membership 'rhroughoul' fheir four college years. The chapler was inslallecl on 'rhis campus in l930, and l'he presenl' membership is ap- proximalely fifreen. 4 -1. l l l 1 l l l r l l 'K W X, Qi ,i 'Fx 4, 7? .a 6, , Sr 'SQ S SL" fi'6S",F X TOM TU RN ER President "Elf 'Ea A-.L Firsl' Row: Berry, Bodron, Bowdre, Brock, Dickson, Fyke, Hammond. Second Row: Hill, Holloway, Lyell, McLaurin, Ray, Turner, Willy. ' TOM TURNER , RALPH BROCK . , GUY CAMPBELL ELMER DICKSON Sid Berry Ellis Bodron Paul Bowdre Ralph Brock Elmer Dickson 41 OFFICERS MEMBERS Earl Fylne Eugene Hammond Bill l-lill James Holloway , . Prezidenl . Vice-Presidenl . Secrelary . . Treasurer Louie Lyell Purvis Mcl.aurin Eugene Ray Tom Turner Waller Willy l 4 I S 4 e 5 I i E A 1 3 3 F 3 Slandinq, Lefi Yo Righf: Miss Hefley, Gerald, Black, Hays, McBee, Howell, Miss Way, Sealed: Bulls, Pooley, Biqgarl, Lowry. EVA LILLIAN MCBEE President OFFICERS iff, lllllffll lfl . lll".lilf'lll l-'Ulll NAVY Vi' f- l'ff"3ii1l+gPl ifslll ll' iNll,l . 'rmivvlcnfy lil lll V' ll' vi ' 'll , TIV'il,lll r lflf1l"l"l-'ll l"l,f" lf MEMBERS l.l,,. vw lil 1 l-iv lf U, llilll l.l ,Mi 1 ' 1 Morlar Board. nalional honorary sociely for senior women, was eslablislied al +l1e Universily in I943. Se- ' leclion info Morlar Board is one of llwe l1igl1esl honors thai can come lo an Ole Miss coed and signifies her oulslanding personalily, scholarship and leadership on llme campus. 14.41 ALPHA LAMBDA DELTA Alpha Lambda Delfa, a nafional honorary scholasfic fra1'erni+y, was es'ral:lishecl on +he Ole Miss campus in I930. Membership in 'lhe organizaiion, which requires a 2.5 qualify poini' average, is fhe highesl' honor aHainable for any freshman woman. The purpose of 'the organiza+ion is +o promoie infelligenr living and a higher sfanclarcl of learning, and +o encourage superior scholasfic aH'ainmen+ among fhe freshman women in insiiiufions of higher learning. OFFICERS HELEN DUKE .......... . . . Presidenf MIRIAM HORNE . . , . Vice-Presideni JOYCE BLOMQUlST . . . . . Secrefary SALLY STONE .... . . Treasurer MEMBERS Charlofle Borgwardi Louise Murray Jane Khndwodh Beih Reddmg Uhan McEhoy Chewy SBR Reade VVasHnq+on ADVISORS HELEN DUKE Miss Eslella G. Hailey Miss Evelyn Way President Miss Ruih McNeil Firsf Row: Blomquisf, Bouqwardf, Duke, Horne, Klindworfh. Second Row: McElroy, Murray, Redding, Sisk, Washingion. l43l HER AE!-l Hermaean is a nafional liferary sociefy organized for fhe fur- fherance of speaking abilify, and an inferesl' in governmenfal affairs. The local chapfer was insfalled al' Ole Miss in l848, and has been acfive wifhouf pause. ln spife of a curfailed male enrollmenf Hermaean here has a membership of over fwenfy. Second semesfer officers were Sid Berry, Presidenf: Jo Peffy- iohn, Vice-Presidenfg Mark Lowrey, Secrefary: and Burfon Lindau, Treasurer. OFFICERS JOE WAGGONER ...,, Presiclenl HENRY STEVENS . Secrelary ELLIS BODRON . . . Vice-Presidenf TOM TURNER . . . Treasurer MEMBERS Sid Berry Burfon Lindau Charles Payne Greig Breland Mark Lowrey William Perkins Joe Peffyiohn Curlis Roberls Marvin Schlappi Bill Crosby Bill Wilder John MQLaurin Leonard Melvin Lewis Nobles Shed Hill Caffey Guy Campbell David Conner JOE WAGGON ER Presidenl Firsf Row: Bodron, Turner, Berry, Breland, Caffey, Campbell. Second Row: Connor, Crosby, Lindau, Lowrey, McLaurin, Melvin. Third Row: Nobles, Perkins, Peflyiohn, Roberls, Schloppi, Wilder. ,AV-....T, V, wi 1, 41 J' '- th f .QI Ve' Q Pi .P ,i rr 5 EF l' 'F 1 rl IMI r ,l K Firsf Row: Ashcrafi, Avenf, Blomquisf, Duke, Mancill, Nosser. Second Row: Rogers, Sfone, Walfon, Whiffingfon, OFFICERS JANE KLINDWORTH . . . . Presiclenl JOYCE BLOMQUIST . . . vaeepresaderrr LOTTIE WRENN . . . Secrefary LILA LEE NOSSER . . . . Treasurer JANE KLINDWORTH Presidenf if Wren. MEMBERS Josephine Ashcrafr Jane Klindworfh Sally Sfone Louise Avenf Dorolhy Mancill Beisy Walfon Joyce Blomquisf Lila Lee Nosser Jean Whiflinqfon Helen Dulfe Lou Rogers Lolfie Wren CWENS is a nafional honorary 'fra+erni+y for sophomore women. Requiremenls for membership are an average scholasfic record, inleresf in sfudenl acfivifies, leadership qualifies, and a 'rrue college spirit CWENS is a service organiza'rion, and has had as Hs main proiecfs for fhis year seEving as hoslesses 'ro 'rhe A. S. T. P. and STAR boys in +he Ward Hall recrealion room, and collecfing books for fhe Camp McCain Hospiral Library. EWE 5 I ?"' Qi fins' Y -nw-.Q - yas ih- uv '19 'R 'UI PHI "I," OFFICERS JACK D, Preort Presiding Senior WALTER RIDGEWAY Presiding Junior J. EMMETT WILLIAMS Secretary EDWARD FOSTER Treasurer First Row: Dell Austin, F. M. Blackwell, Will O. Barnett, Hugh Batson, C, D. Bouchillon, George Bounds, John Chapman. Second Row: James Clarlc, Francis Conn, Joe Daniels, W i l l ia rn Dreher, Woodrow Ellis, Robert Emmons, John Featherston. Third Row: Ed Foster, Earl Eylce, Billy Golden, Emmett Herring, Hester Hill, W. R. Holladay, Beclrett Howorth. Fourth Row: Ben Oliver Key, Jack J. King, William LaBarre, Henry Langston, Purvis McLaurin, Gra- ham Miller, Herron Mitchell. Fifth Row: Robert Pearson, Jack D. Pigott, Eugene Ray, Paul T. Ray, Walter Ridgeway, Wallace Selcul, Harry Stone. Sixth Row: Sam Stribling, Wayne Sullivan, T. W, Tallrington, George Taylor, Wilbur Thomas, Bill Thorne ton, Edwin M. Topp. Seventh Row: Charles Townsend, Jaclc Welborn, Emmett Williams, Albert Wilson, William Wood, Earl Wrenn. Not in Panel: Sam Scott, Edwin Pennington. I: H I Theta Pi Chapter ot Phi Chi Medical Fraternity was chartered on the Ole Miss campus in I927. Her members are chosen trom the incoming Freshman class tor fellowship, intelligence, and desira- bility: and the traternity promotes a spirit ot sociability and good fellowship among the students ot Medical Colleges. WUI AMERICA PHAHMAEE TIEAL ASSUEIATIU The American Pharmaceuiical Associafion was organized on Ihe Ole Miss campus in I937. Any sI'udenI in Ihe School of Pharmacy is eligible for membership. Second semesier officers were: C. L. Dea'ron, Presidenh James Holloway, Vice-President Bill Rose, Secrefaryg and Lewis Nobles, Treasurer. MEMBERS William H. Andrews James Holloway Lewis Nobles C. L. Deafon Milf Kilpafrick Ben Ouinfana Peggy Drennan Wesley Kilpafriclc Doroihy Simmons Lowrey Dyre Luna Cool: Mayfield Pele Topp Dewiff C, French Gordon Wiclcsrrom GERRY PERCIVAL President OFFICERS OERRY PERCIVAL . . LOUISE CI-IADWICK . MARGARET HARRISON , BILL ROSE ..,.., VICTOR GENGE . . FirsI Row: Andrews, Chadwick, Deaton, Drennan, Dyre, French. Second Row: Genge, Harrison, Holloway, M, Kilpafrick, W. Kilpafrick, Mayfield. Third Row: Nobles, Rose, Quinfana, Simmons, Topp, Wicksfrom. -if 'Q -4-,K . ,l',:-,-gf: il 2 4. a ,, r?'g IEW? ,I Iggy? 2 79 5,52 A 2 15, 1 rag A rs' an 1 ff' , I I' y i ff for i l E yr . . . Presidenl . Vice-President , . Secrefary . . Reporter , Treasurer I I 1 R 'V' J 2 3 Q . l K x : O Q 'fs Lef? fo Righl: Sfoufamire, Slolres, Thomas, Trammell, Goodenough, Shannon, Hopkins, Guelzo, Kiernan Greenblalf, Brock, Snipes, Califf. PRI Saxophones: P..u,,l, Biiifl I lf f vi Cilill lilw nil lliirilirii llwrlff-rl llulilri- l V lNivi',l THE IILE MISS E BI EEH5 VATF AL SlOUl'fXMll9E, lflirwilfjnr Vocalisls: llfl Swiifindi lvllilvirl l'.iil', Trombones: Drummer: ,lfw glfil vA', Alliafi Ge 4-vm rllilill H'-il 1f-f l lm r'vrvw 'All Piano: Tfumpeisi li, li Gi - :lf-rwcu-il: fllli-. Silly'-, Ui, yi ,,,,,,,, , Bass: 1 rm full as ,,,,m,, ,. cm: fin, ' If didn"r fake Privafe Al Sloufamire long, afler his arrival al Ole Miss lasf fall, lo organize flue Ole Miss Engineers, ll1e campus' firsl Civilian-Army orclweslra, who donaled l'l1eir services lo provide music for all sludenl dances, The Ole Miss Parade of Favoriles, and llie army slwows in Fullon Chapel. ll'1l 1' '. MARJORIE BLACK President OFFICERS MARJORIE BLACK . . ELLEN ROSE BATSON . . . . RUTH SNEED . AMY ELLEDGE . . Firsf Row: . . Presidenl Vice-Presideni . . Secrefary . Treasurer SIGMA ALPHA IUT ln I939 Kappa Zefa, local music sororify, became Alpha Omega Chapfer of Sigma Alpha loia, nafional honorary music fralernify for women. Each semesfer s'I'uden'rs are inifiafed affer meefing fhe high scholasiic requiremenfs and complering pledge iraining. Faculfy advisors are Mrs. Marlin and Miss Oelrich. Mrs, Franlr Anderson Miss Eugenia Brarnlelf Miss Erin Taylor Claylon Miss Elizabeih Franlrlin Agnes Anne Anderson Ellen Rose Balson Marjorie Black Ann Varee Boqard Belly Buffs ALUMNAE IN TOWN Mrs. V. B. Harrison Mrs, Noel M. l-lodge Mrs. Richard Keye ACTIVE MEMBERS Amy Elledga Tillie Friend Caroline Reed PLEDGES Lela Gene Cox Inez Denlon FACULTY ADVISORS Mrs. J, B. Looper Mrs, Foresl McCall 1 Miss Gerlrude Mcllerrnoll yr Miss Mary Lee Sneed Rulh Sneed Sally Slone Belsy Wallon Dorolhy Symonds Doroihy Talberl Mrs. Laura T. Marlin Miss Eslher Oelrich Anderson, Bafson, Black, Buffs, Cox, Denfon, Elledge. Second Row: Friend, Reed, Sneed, Sfone, Symonds, Talberf, Walfon. pn. lk .fs L- 9 1491 'Is l i OFFICERS Roberta Alford MEMBERS Ann Howard Rosemary Owens 19 EURNHAM ,.,,.... . . Presidenl' Mary Louise Billingslea Ch-5"lOil6 Hughes Marv Ann PGGFCE MalrgieCBgadley Eipzcillef Hardie 7-Xnnefge Pierce F . . een o ing aro e ennunqs ou oqers ECTTY JANE COX - - - - - V'59'Pre5'd9Pi llgflary A61n.Criiz ialra Slligler Lear Elrary Rgssk eQQv avis u ya ewis erry is M F CN .,., V ' f f L'lI'a D l'Hl Joan Looney El' ab lh S'k A Y Ao ES PANT Recording Se-re+afy Meilgne 062,256 EfmbJahneNLired Rgebgd Sane , S e Fe 's iza T rc en o N c T'nd ll SUSAN MONTGOMERY . Corresponding Secrerafy Thlie Fhiend Margaerel McLean n Cgiioliyn ITroiiio Joy Ferguson Eva Lilliag: McBee Sara Rulh Usher p ' Q Elaine ri in Belly Mc arly Jean Wh'H'ng+ n PANCE., COOKE . . . . .... Treasurer :hgh gash gorrimg Ncpadhv XAI?rqarSJihJVJI5ard n a o s ul c nms i e FUTT DHLARD - Repmiel' Mary Jo Hovlon Helen Moore Marriha Wihiger , l I Firsf Row: Alford, Billingslea, Bradley, Burnham, Cooke, Cofling, Crilz, Davis, Dillard, Doolillle. Second Row: Esles, Fanl, Ferguson, Ferris, Friend, Griffin, Hays, Hobbs, Horton, Howard, Third Row: Hughes, Hurdle, Jennings, Lear, Lewis, Looney, Lore, McBee, McCarfhy, McCarly. Fourfh Row: Mclnnis, McLean, M:Lendon, Monlgomery, Moore, Owen, Pearce, Pierce, Rogers, Ross. Fifth Row: C. Sisk, E. Sisk, Slone, Tindall, Trolio, Usher, A. Wheeler, M. Wheeler, Whillinglon, Wilsford. , we, 59912: " we . , I . gag. ,- x , I sw ' av' ,1 i a r' '-gm ,V I, I ,Q geQZfk5f gi, 1 1 . . .X ,323 3 Q 'Q -.. is Lefq fi laws ' ii W A Sl 3 fl , 'VJ ,. 0 K I' Q A C G- f ' rj sf 5 A tt J if , , . wixgvqq ew-:ai l" ,- 'P- ' 1 1 fs , we l"' 4 Y 'lsr v 2 H U M E E E U N U M I E S The Home Economics Club has a membership open lo any sludenl' l of Home Economics. Meelings are held monlhly. The purposes l EL B of lhe club are 'ro slimulafe in+eres'r in Home Economics, improve lhe Home Ec deparlmenl of fhe Universily, help lhe individual member, and give a knowledge of l'he opporlunilies open lo l people lrained in lhe various fields of Home Economics. Campus advisors of lhe club are Misses Warner and King. l50l Organized in l932 under lhe direclion o'F Mrs. Laura T. Marlin, 'rhe Ole Miss Girls' Glee Club has as ils purpose sponsoring of good choral singing af lhe various campus programs, caroling each year al' Chrislmas, and presenfing 'rwo programs of special music annually, one al Chrisrmas and one al Easier. liI.EE III. Firsl Row: Acree, Anderson, Balson, B. Bigqarf, M. Biggarl, Black, Bogard, Borgwardf, Breyfspraak, Bryanf. Second Row: Corley, Cox, Crowell, Dowell Cleland, Cox, Denlon, Elledqe, Enger, Grainger. Third Row: Granberry, Hopkins, Horton, Huffman, Laird, Lawson, Loll, Palrick, Puller, Ross. Fourlh Row Sneed, Slone, Symonds, Tucker. Fiflh Row: Walton, Weilenman, D. Woodward, M. Woodward. lfrisni - ' , l . 1 i X OFFICERS .f 'Airy Q, 1 f 7 " " .0 'S' AMY ELLEDGE ...... ..... . . . Presidenl MARJORlE BIGGART .... . . Vicefpresidenl AGNES ANNE ANDERSON . . . . Secrelary ELLEN BATSON ""' ' Tleasulel The Glee Club presenls ils Chrislmas program in Fullon Chapel SALLY STONE . . Reporler MEMBERS Firsl Sopranos: Befyy Granberry Second Sopranos: Ind Demon Agnes Anne Anderson Sarah Ann Grainger Edna Acree Amy E115-dire Billye Bigger? Mary Jo l-lorlon Marjorie Biqqarl Berry i-lirgilin, Mary Elizabelh Bryanl Lavonne Laird Marjorie Black Joy Lori Kalherine Crowell Lucy Lawson Ann Varee Boqard Peggy Palriiil Lela Gene Cox Frances Tucker Charlolle Borqwardl Nancy Puller Dollie Dowell Belsy Wallon Mable Corley Dorolhy Syrrmnd Charlolle Enger Dol Woodward Belly Cox Ruth Vxfyilerrman Bernice l-lullman l51l Mariean Wc'rid'w I HEPE DE T UHBA IZATHI OFFICERS ELLIS BOEJPON .,,.... Prr--,idenl HELEN DUKE ..,... Vice-fPw,id+1nl JGYCE BLOMQUIZT ,.,. SP',VP?iFlly' MIPIAM HOPNE . . . Tu-axur MEMBERS Cmfm.. B-14 me iii Bl-lf, nf, Hilmar" V4 ,lmrw lflifl iffmlll ljl l, 1 1 F lf' lfiliv, l lvl' Vfrlli ml l"l1, Vwflll nv, Members of fhe lndependenf Organizafion are all Ole Miss Sfudenfs who do nof belong fo a sororify or frafernify. The lndependenf Organizafion func- fions primarily polifically. lf is fhrough fhis group fhaf ifs members are given fhe opporfunify fo fulfill fheir polifical aspirafions. Since ifs organizafion fhe lndependenf group has been fhe deciding facfor in fhe campus fwo-parfy sysfem, and has consisfenfly sfriven fo elecf capable members fo hold campus posifions. lndependenf officers are Ellis Bodron, Presidenfg Mary Moody Johnson, Vice-Presidenfg Lorane Lowry, Secrefaryg and Burfon Lindau, Treasurer. Among lndependenf campus leaders are Ray Williams, Presidenf of Law School: Bill Burgin, Managing Edifor of "The Mississippianug Ellis Bodron, Treasurer of fhe Associafed Sfudenf Body: Lorane Lowry, Edifor of fhe "Ole Miss", Geneva Schneider and Lila Lee Nosser, Campus Favorifes, and Roberf Wilson, Secrefary of fhe Y. M. C. A. Seated, Leif lo Riqhl: Reed, Duke, Conway, Blomquisf, Horne, Lowry. Standing: Redding, Howerfon, Klind- worih, Bodron, Williams. TEH ATIU AL HELATHIESEL B I 'wil -1 1- is Firsl Row: Arceneaux, Bafson, Birmingham, Broclrman, E. Chadwick, L. Chadwick. Second Row: Dees, Ferrill, Flood, Genge, Gessler, Glaser. Third Row: Jones, Meade, Mosby, Murphy, Quigley, Ouinlana. Fourth Row: C. Sekul, W. Sekul, Schmiff, Ubinas, Warzbok, R. Wilson, M. Woodward. The Newman Club of Ole Miss is an affiliafion of 'rhe lnfernafional Federafion of New- man Clubs, and serves fhe social and spirifual inferesfs of Cafholic sludenfs on fhis campus. Bringing abouf a closer fellowship among fhe sfudenfs, fhe club works under fhe guidance of Falher Manon. Officers are: Wallace Sekul, Vicfor Genge, Presidenfsg Bobbye Arce- neaux, Vice-Presidenfg and Clare Sekul, Secrefary and Treasurer. Bobbye Arceneaux Gilberf Brockman Hugh Bafson, Jr. Louise Chadwick Gerard Coyer Jane Dees John De Pellelien James Doneqan James Dolsky Anqelo Di Muzio Bill Dynan Waller R. Fasan James Flood Viclor Genqe Wilfred Gill Thomas Glaser John l-lermand Charles l-larris Beffy Jean Jones MEMBERS Kifly Jones Charles Kohelepp James Kennedy Alfred Kloss Agusfin Lopeleqa Audrey Mead l-larrief Ann Murphy Bill Mosby Lenord Palusynski Ben Quinfana l53l John Quigley John Randall Adolph Rulak Clare Sekul Wallace Sekul Bernard Schmill l-le-:lor Ubinas Mariean Woodward Waller Warzybok EWMAN IILB OFFICERS CCRINNE B, BAGGETT . . . Presidenl JOHN DRESSER ..... Vice-Pre-sideni NORMA KELLNER . . Seireiary-Treasurer MEMBERS Pebe-Na Allord Mary Rira Dulaney Josephine Ashcroft Frances C. Humphreys Paul Barson Jane Middleion Fred Behrens Mary Ross Morrha Ann Brerr John Sweei Srella Conway Amanda Swiii Kaiherine Crowell Hunler Kimball SPONSORS Dr, William C, Morse Dr. Evelyn Way The Canierbury Club is 'rhe organiza- 'rion of 'rhe Episcopal Church. OFFICERS FRANK CRESSWELL ,..., Presiden? SHED HILL CAFFEY . . . Vice-Presidenr JOY LCVEJOY , . , Secrelary ,JOSEPI-IINE MORRIS , . . Treasurer MEMBERS Billy Blain Bill Pr-rilVW3 Ann Bffgorri Gflrgnn Prirler haul Bm-mire ,lr-an Srfaiy lffiliifgririfg Erfwfi C,lir1rry ' flriii Snipc-2 cfwfi. sri., Gu' Ca'nrL.l,ell Julian Tyson 1 Arr lwilr-fvioiwr lfi'i,1 Vklflbilnr .if-hri liffdllircfilfin Br-ily Wilqfn iiflrq Vwigfnrifl Pun Wilzfin l'1If1III-'ln ififiilrv NIV, phd Vvilf'-ri lrln Mrlfmurin lfivl Wrrlnn lnffir, Wrrpnn ADVISORS iff, iuirl A, Anfic-r f ri Ifiry Prfirilr A. Arfiv-rnrrri Ifir, F7lf:ViFI hi. Brwwri iAr , ffl:-riri Erfrwfi Prix lr-ll Ciirifririilnirvi Ihr: Weilrfiy Friunflfiiifm i' the lvlelhfr rlinr Yonnq People". wrqfinimlion. ANTEHB HYEI. , Seafed, Lei? to Righiz Conway, Ross, Dulaney, Bagqeif, Humphreys, Swift Sfandingz Dresser, Ashmead, Dr. Morse, Hibbs, Sweei. 1 , 'SN es uizsfxii' I ir .W I Yew! "1....-am Seafed, Leif to Riqhi: Anderson, Morris, Cresswell, Calfey, Sealey, Brown. Sfanding: Roberf Wilson, Mrs. Anderson, Mrs. Rea Wilson, Furr, Websrer, Rea Wilson, Beffy Wilson, Merriir, Morris, Kirkpairick, Morris, Reverend Cunningham. WESLEY FUUN Tlll . .. . EUIIN Firsl' Row, Leff Io Righf: Black, Taylor, Leavell, Biggarf, Sisk, Howell. Second Row: Mayfield, Woodward, Avenl, Hankins, Washington. Third Row: Golden, Dr. Purser, Melvin. 3 Z 1 Ak , , . -., y , ,,,-V M of -r .44 Firsl Row: Lell fo Righf: Puller, Stone, Absfon. Second Row: Giles, Tcdd, McNeely, Ferguson, Breylspraak, Shaw, Miller. Third Row: Herring, Brown, Vanderploeg, Rose, Maffox, Riqel, Roe. HRISTIA DEAVUH COUNCIL MEMBERS Louise Aveni Marjorie Biggarl Mariorie Black Billy Golden Eailh I-lanlcins Maralyn Howell Luna Cool: Maylield Leonard Melvin, Jr, Elizabelh Sisl Joyce Taylor Alvin Wilburn Dorollny Woodward Reade Washinqlon MISS MARIAN LEAVELL Sludenf Secretary DP. F, M. PURSER Pasfor and Advisor Every Baplisl srudenr is a member of Ihe Baplisl Sfudenl Union. Council members are elecled annually. OFFICERS VIRGINIA BREYTSPRAAK . . . Presidenl KATI-IERYN SHAW ,... Vice-Presidenl MIRIAM FERGUSON . . Secrelary INEZ MQNEELY . . . Treasurer MEMBERS Jane Abslon Lucille Miller David Brown Bob Moilir Bell-ye Brueclr Nancy Puller Caroline l.. Cavell Nalhaniel Roe Bill Rose Dorolhy Simmons Vlfayne Eencher Sara Giles Marlin I-Iamman Rosebud Slone Errimell l-lerrinq Billy Upson David I-Iiliis Leland l-lurne Chasper Vanderploeq Elaine While SPONSORS Dr. J. E, Wallace Mrs. O. A. Shaw The Chrisiian Endeavor is 'rhe organ- izalion ol Presbylerian sludenls. CLA PHIIFISSIH IL SIHIIIIIS aff' S. MARY MILLER f 3, 5. I -ev. X , Ji' ' "ii: .121 4: -.. Sf 'va 1,1 1z.- . JOHN RAY MARTHA GERALD 0 MARY COOPER MILLER, Earle, Arkansas, Graduate, Della Della Della, Mortar Board, W. S. G. A., Presidenl, '42-'43, WAA, Y. W. C. A., Who's Who in American Colleges and Universilies, '42-'43. O JOHN EUGENE RAY, Rienzi, Medicine ll, Sigma Chi, Phi Ela Sigma, Alpha Epsilon Della, Bela Bela Bela, Pi Kappa Pi, Phi Chi, Presidenl, Med. School. 0 MARTHA WILSON GERALD, Leland, Law Ill, Kappa Della, Morfar Board, Efa Sigma Phi, Execulive Council, '42-'43, Edilor "Mississippi Law Journal," '43, Presidenf, Law School, '43, Y. W. C. A. Council, '42-'43. 0 CLAUDE LIDDELL AUSTIN, Winona, Medicine ll, Phi Chi, Secrelary, Medical School '42, 0 WILLIAM O. BARNETT, Tuscola, Phi Chi, Alpha Epsilon Della, Bela Bela Befa, Gamma Sigma Epsilon. 0 HUGH M BATSON, JR., Halfiesburg, Medicine I, Newman Club. O ELLIS BODRON, Vicksburg, Law I, Phi Eta Sigma, Hermaean, Orni- cron Della Kappa, President, Independenl Parly, "Mississippian," '42-'43, O CORNELIUS DEAN BOUCHILLON, Houslon, Medicine I, Alpha Tau Omega. 0 GEORGE WILLIAM BOUNDS, JR., Meridian, Medicine ll, Kappa Alpha, Phi Chi, M. O. A. K. S., Tennis Team, '4l-'42, '42-'43, Annual Slaffg "Rebel" Slaff. I FRANK M. BLACKWELL, Newlon, Medicine I, B.S. Mississippi College, '37. . 23 "i , 3 M, C75 -v , Qi 3' v I I CLAUDE AUSTIN WIILIAM BARNETT HUGH BATSON, JR. ELLIS BODRON CORNELIUS BOUCHILLON GEORGE BOUNDS, JR. FRANK BLACKWELL EUGENIA BRAMLETT JOHN CHAPMAN JACKIE CLARK 58 0 EUGENIA BRAMLETT, Oxfordg Medicine Ilg Phi Mug Sigma Alpha Iola. 0 JOHN CHAPMAN, Yazoo Cifyg Medicine II, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Phi Chi. 0 JACKIE H. CLARK, Dekalb, Medicine Ig Bela Theia Pig Y. M. C. A. O LEE DIXON COCHRAN, Doddsvilleg Gradualeg Befa Thela Pi. 0 FRANCIS CONN, Crysfal Springsi Medicine Ilg Phi Chi. 0 HUGH C. CROWELL, Illa Bene' Medicine Ig Sigma Phi Epsilon, some Cadavresl "Mississippian," '42-'43g Edifor, "Rebel," '43g Campus Correspondenf for Associaled Press. 0 MARIE EASTERWOOD, Memphis, Tennessee, Graduale. I WILLIAM NATHAN CROWSON, Oxford: Medicine Ilg Alpha Epsilon Della. 0 ERNEST RAY EDWARDS, Richiong Law II. I WILLIAM JACKSON DANIEL, JR., Drewg Medicine Ilg Phi Chi. 0 LARRY EDWARDS, Yazoo Cifyg Medicine Ig Pi Kappa Alpha. O WILLIAM DREHER, Gloslerg Medicine I. 0 WOODROW GEORGE ELLIS, Vicksburqg Medicine II. K' la., 1. LEE COCHRAN FRANCIS CONN HUGH CROWELL WILLIAM CROWSON WILLIAM DANIEL, JR WILLIAM DREHER MARIE EASTERWOOD ERNEST EDWARDS LARRY EDWARDS WOODROW ELLIS I59l f vw? PHIIFESSIII Il SEHIIIILS ROBERT EMMONS JOHN FEATHERSTON EDWARD FOSTER 0 ROBERT W. EMMONS, Meridian, Medicine lg Kappa Alpha. 0 JOHN FEATHERSTON, Macon: Medicine ll, Phi Chi. 0 EDWARD M. FOSTER, Wesi Poinlg Medicine Ilg Phi Chi. 0 EARL FYKE, JR., Jackson, Medicine lg Sigma Alpha Epsilong Phi Ela Sigma, Alpha Eia Delia: Y. M. C. A., Presideni. 0 EMILE JOSEPH GEX, JR., Bay Sl. Louis, Law llg Kappa Sigma, Pres- idenig Business Manager, "Mississippi Law Journal," M Clubg I. R. C: Y. M. C. A.g Annual Slaffg "Rebel" Sfaff. 0 BILLY GOLDEN, Haifiesburgg Medicine lg Alpha Epsilon Della, President '43, Bapiisi Sludenl Union Council, Presidenfg "M" Book Sfafi, Organiiaiion Editor, '43g Commilfee of I00 '42-'43, Y. M. C. A., Treasurer. 0 EMMETT M. HERRING, Louisvilleg Medicine I. 0 MAURICE F. HERRING, Uticag Medicine I. 0 CHARLES HICKMAN, Jacksong Medicine I. 0 HESTER HILL, Amory, Medicine lg Alpha Epsilon Della. 0 HUEY HOWERTON, Universiiyg Law Ig Della Psi: Omicron Della Kappa, Pi Kappa Pi. OWALTER ROBERT HOLLADAY, JR., Meridian, Medicine lp Kappa Alphag Alpha Epsilon Della. EARL FYKE, JR. EMILE GEX, JR. BILLY GOLDEN EMMETT HERRING MAURICE HERRING CHARLES HICKMAN HESTER HILL HUEY HOWERTON WALTER HOLLADAT. JR. M. HOWORTH, JR. l50l Q M. BECKETT HOWORTH, JR., Roxford, Medicine I, Sigma Chi, Phi Chi, Alpha Epsilon Della, Scribblers, Presidenl, Sigma Chi '43-'44, Presidenl, Scribblers, '43-'44, Business Manager, "Rebel," '42, Publisher, "Rebel," 42-'43, Vice-Presidenl, B A School, '42-'43, Vice-Presidenl, Medical School, '43-'44, M. O. A. K. S. Q BEN OLIVER KEY, Meridian, Medicine I, Kappa Sigma. 0 JACK VICTOR KING, Jackson, Medicine I, Pi Kappa Alpha, Omicron Della Kappa, Alpha Epsilon Della. 0 WILLIAM E. LaBARRE, Vicksburg, Medicine ll, Kappa Alpha, Phi Chi. 0 HENRY I. LANGSTON, New Hebron, Medicine ll, Phi Chi. I JOHN CHRIS LONGEST, Gullporl, Medicine I, l. R. C., Alpha Epsilon Della. 0 PURVES MCLAURIN, JR., Merigold, Medicine ll, Sigma Chi, Phi Ela Sigma, Pi Kappa Pi, Alpha Epsilon Della, Bela Bela Bela, Gamma Sigma Epsilon, Phi Chi, Oulslanding Freshman Chemislry Sludenl '40-'4I, President, Alpha Epsilon Della '42-'43, Assislanl in Biology '4l-'42, Pres- idenl Pi Kappa Pi '43, Secrelary, Gamma Sigma Epsilon '42-'43, Secre- lary, Sigma Chi '43-'44, Medical Club. 0 CHARLES MANGIN, Biloxi, Medicine l. r , 1 . W Psychology? O LINWOOD GRAHAM MILLER, Holly Springs, Medidne ll, Phi Chi. 0 THOMAS H. MITCHELL, Slarkville, Medicine I, Kappa Alpha, Alpha Epsilon Della. 0 HARRIET ANN MURPHY, Gulfporlg Medicine ll. BEN KEY JACK KING WILLIAM LaBARRE HENRY LANGSTON JOHN LONGEST PURVES MCLAURIN, JR. CHARLES MANGIN LINWOOD MILLER THOMAS MITCHELL HARRIET MURPHY l61l C" PHUFESSIU AL SEHIIULS 0 WALTER S. RIDGWAY, Jackson: Medicine Ilg Kappa Alphag Omicron Della Kappa. I BREWSTER ROBINSON, Austin, Texas: Medicine Ig Kappa Alpha 0 CLARE SEKUL, Biloxig Law llg Secrelary-Treasurer, Newman Club. 0 WALLACE SEKUL, Biloxi: Medicine II: Phi Chi. 0 JAMES T. STUCKENSCHNEIDER, Columbus: Medicine lg Kapp O HARRY STONE, Columbusg Medicine llg Kappa Alpha: Phi C Epsilon Della: Bela Bela Bela. 0 SAM STRIBLING, Philadelphiag Medicine llg Della Tau Della Sigmag Pi Kappa Pig Bela Bela Belag Aloha Epsilon Della: Phi Chi. 0 AAVON WAYNE SULLIVAN, Beaumonlg Medicine llg Phi Chi. 0 CHARLES WILSON TAINTOR Ill, Oxloldg Medicine ll. ' 1 PAUL RAY WALTER RIDGWAY BREWSTER RoelNsoN CLARE SEKUL WALLACE SEKUL JAMES STUCKENSCHNEIDER HARRY STONE SAM STRIBLING AAvoN SULLIVAN CHARLES TAINTOR O THOMAS W. TALKINGTON, JR., Sumrallg Medicine lg I. R. C. 0 GEORGE J. TAYLOR III, Morlong Medicine Il, Kappa Sigma, Phi Chi. 0 GRANT THOMAS, Akron, Ohio, Law II3 Phi Della Phi. 0 WILBUR THOMAS, Goodman, Medicine Ilg Alpha Tau Omega. 0 WILLIAM L. THORNTON, Meridiang Medicine lg Kappa Alpha, Car- dinal Club, '42, Treasurer B. A. School, '42g Y. M. C. A. 0 EDWIN M. TOPP, JR., Tupelo, Medicine lg Kappa Alpha. O SANFORD P. TORREY, Meadvilleg Law lj Sigma Phi Epsilon, Presidenl '43-44. O CHARLES EDWARD TOWNSEND, Carrolllong Medicine llg Pi Kappa Pi. O JACK WELBORN, University, Medcine Ilg Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Bela Zefag Phi Chi. 0 DOLSIE WILLIAMS, Raymond, Law lllg Associate-Edilor, "Mississippi Law Journal." OJAMES EMMETT WILLIAMS, Hernando: Medicine II: Della Kappa Epsilon: Alpha Epsilon Della: Phi Chi. OJAMES ARTHUR WILLIAMS, lndianolag Graduale Sludenlg Della Kappa Epsilon. ii I .. il Ks 'I f. ' . " H4 .1-'l ol -,I-1 ' . ' f 'L 1' St' f I 1. QV ' 14 N , Illia if s:l'?4a+i-.- WILLIAMS RAYMOND NILLIAMS WOOD EARLE WRENN JR Law II. Medicine II, Omicron Q WILLIAM MARTIN WOOD, Banner, Medicine Ig Pi Kappa Alpha. 0 EARLE L. WRENN, JR., Doddsvilleg Medicine lg Siqma Chi. -.1 1, F. . I' ill QQ '65 'IZ' EDWIN TOPP, JR. GEORGE TAYLOR, III GRANT THOMAS WILBUR THOMAS WILLIAM THORNTON THOMAS TALKINGTON, JR. SANFORD TORREY CHARLES TOWNSEND JACK WELBORN DOLSIE WILLIAMS .'i'l 1 . I, A 1 A 1 I . 1: V! MAURICE ALEXANDER JOHN AUSTIN JANE ADAMS ANITA ALBRITTON ROBERT ALDRIDGE, JR. BOBBYE ARCENEAUX O JANE ADAMS, Tupelog Liberal Arlsg Della Della Della, Pix. 0 ANITA ALBRITTON, Brookhaven, Business and Commerce, Phi Mu. 0 MAURICE E. ALEXANDER, Macon, Liberal Arlsg Sigma Chi. 0 ROBERT NEWTON ALDRIDGE, JR., Eslillg Liberal Arlsg Phi Thelag Presidenl, 4. Della SE IUHS 0 BOBBYE ARCENEAUX, Bay Sl. Louis, Business and Commerce, New- man Club, 37 Presidenl, 43 Kappa Della. 0 JOHN M. AUSTIN, Harpervilleg Liberal Arls, Phi Kappa Psi. 0 RUSSELL E. AVEN, Waler Valley, Educaliong Sigma Thela Pi. 0 BETTY BARNER, Cleveland, Educaliong Chi Omega, Y. W. C. A. 2, 3, 4, Universily Players, 4. 0 ELLEN ROSE BATSON, Gulfporlg Educaliong Della Della Della: Sigma Alpha lola. 0 LILLIAN JOAN BEACHAM, Louisville, Business and Commerce, Della Della Della. 0 MARY FRANCES BEARD, Tupelo: Business and Commerce, Chi Omega. 0 DOROTHY JANE BENNETT, Waler Valley, Liberal Arls, Phi Mug Panhellenic 4. 0 MARJORIE LOUISE BIGGART, Lexinglon, Virginia, Pharmacy, Della Zelag Cwensg Pix, Presidenl of Pharmacy School, 3, 4, Second Vice Presidenl W. S. G. A. 3, 45 Glee Club, 43 Vice Presidenl of Della Zela, 3, 4, Execulive Council 3, 4, Y. W. C. A., Secrelary, 3, 4, Presidenl of Y. W. C. A., summer. RUSSELL AVEN BETTY BARNER ELLEN BATSON LILLIAN BEACHAM MARY BEARD DOROTHY BENNETT MARJORIE BIGGART MARTHA BISHOP MARJORIE BLACK FANNIE BLANCHARD l64l 0 MARTHA BISHOP, Universilyg Liberal Arlsg Chi Omega, Classical Club, 4, Y. VI. C. A., 2, 3, 43 Secrelary of Y. W. C. A., 3: Vice- Presidenl' of Y. W. C. A., 4, Universily Players, 2, 3, 4. 0 MARJORIE BLACK, Oxford, Liberal Arls, Phi Mug Sigma Alpha lofa, Mortar Board, "Mississippian" Slalf, l, 2, 3, Glee Club, I, 2, 3, 45 WAA, 4, Baplisf Sludenf Union Council, 3, 4, Panhellenic, 45 Lyceum Commiflee, 45 Y. W. C A., I, 2, 3, 43 Archery Club, 3, 4, Commillee of One Hundred, 3, 4. 0 FANNIE CHANCE BLANCHARD, Shelby, Educaliong Chi Omega. O MARGIE BRADLEY, Aberdeen, Liberal Arfsg Chi Omega, Pixg WSGA Treasurer, 23 Vice President, 35 A. S. B., Vice Presidenl, 4. O MARTHA ANN BRETT, Clarksdaleg Liberal Arlsg Chi Omega, "Missis sippian," 3, "Rebel," 4, Y. W. C. A., 3, 43 Business Manager "M" Book, 43 Universily Players, 45 Panhellenic Council, 4. 0 BETTYE BRIDGFORTH, Nesbillg Business and Commerce: Chi Omega Three would be a Crowd 0 LOUISE CHADWICK, Wavelandg Pharmacy. 0 JOSEPHINE BURNHAM, Magee, Educaliong Chi Omega. 0 MARION CHAMPION, Greenville: Business and Commerce Kappa 0 BETTY BUTTS, Universilyg Liberal Arlsg Chi Omega. 0 EDYTHE CHILDRESS, Salarliag Educaliong Phi Mu. 0 JOSE J. CAUSSADE, Guayama, Puerlo Rico, Pharmacy, American 0 MARY CLELAND, Sardisg Business and Commerce, Universaly Chorus Pharmaceulical Associalion. 2, 3, Glee Club, 3, 4. MARGIE BRADLEY MARTHA BRETT BETTYE BRIDGFORTH JOSEPHINE BURNHAM JOSE CAUSSADE LOUISE CHADWICK MARION CHAMPION EDYTHE CHILDRESS 'Iv BETTY BUTTS MARY CLELAND Sl llllll OCLIFFORD C. DAVIS, JR., Philadelphia: Liberal Arls: Sigma Nu: Gamma Sigma Epsilon. 0 JOYCE DAY, Tallulah, Louisiana: Liberal Arfs. U 0 WILLIAM DEAN, Oswego, New York: Liberal Arls. 0 C. L. DEATON, Planlersville: Pharmacy. OANNIE LOUISE DeSPAlN, Winona: Education: Home Economics: Y. W. C. A. FRANCES COOKE MARGUERITE CRANE GUY DAVANT o Don DILLARD, Tupelo: Liberal Arrs: Della Gamma: Y. w. c. A., CLIFFORD DAVIS. JR- JOYCE DAY WILLIAM DEAN 2, 3, 4: Home Economics Club, 3, 4: Business Slaff of "M" Book, 4: wAA, 3, 4. I , OJEANNE ELIZABETH DONOVAN, Halliesburg: Liberal Arls: Della 0 FRANCES COOKE, Gulfporlg Educahon. Dena Dena: Pix, 0 DOROTHY DONNELL, Murfreesboro, Tennessee: Liberal Arls: Kappa 5 0 MARGUERITE ALDRIDGE CRANE, Eslill: Liberal Arls: Della Gamma: Della. ' Caucus, 4: Pledge Mistress of Delfa Gamma. I l 0 SYLVIA D'ORR, Marks: Liberal Arls: Phi Mu. 0 GUY DAVANT, Jackson: Business and Commerce: Kappa Alpha: Della . Sigma Pl: "M" Book Staff, 3: "Ole Miss" Staff, 3: "Mississippian" Slaff, 3: 0 LAURA LEE DRANE, Newbern, Tennessee: Liberal Arls: Della Della Inferfralernily Council, 4. Della: Pil- I I I X ' N.-ss 5 ' c. L. DEATON ANNIE DQSPAIN Don DILLARD JEANNE DONAVAN oonori-lv DONNELL SYLVIA o'onR LAURA DRANE ANN DUKEMINIER ssrsv EAST AMY ELLEDGE I66I OANN WEEMS DUKEMINIER, West Point, Business and Commerce, Delta Delta Delta, Y. W. C. A., President, 4, Favorites, 3, 4, Legisla- tive Council, 3, "Rebel," 3, Annual Staff, 4, Committee ot One Hundred 3, 4, Y. W. C. A., President, 3, WAA, 3, Religious Council, 4, Secretary of National War Fund Committee, 4. 0 BETSY EAST, Brookhaven, Liberal Arts, Phi Mu. 0 AMY ELLEDGE, Red Bay, Alabama, Liberal Arts, Kappa Delta, Sigma Alpha Iota, Glee Club, President, 4, Y. W. C. A., 4, Treasurer of Sigma Alpha Iota, 3. 0 MARY AGNES FANT, Coahoma, Liberal Arts, Zeta Tau Alpha, Home Economics Club, I, 2, 3, 4, Panhellenic, 3, 4, Legislative Council, 2, 4. 0 MIRIAM FERGUSON, Looxahoma, Liberal Arts, Kappa Delta, Y. W. C. A., 3, 4, Annual Staff, 4, Associate Editor, "Ole Miss," 4, "Mississip- pian" Staff, 4, Secretary of Christian Endeavor, 4, WAA, Committee of One Hundred, Women's Student Government, 4. O MARY LOUISE FERRIS, Yazoo City, Liberal Arts, Chi Omega. 0 LOUISE FRAZIER, Oxford, Liberal Arts, Kappa Delta. 0 MAE ELEANOR FREEMAN, Laurel, Liberal Arts, Delta Delta Delta. 0 VICTOR PATRICK GENGE, JR., Leesburg, Florida, Pharmacy, Alpha Tau Omega, Newman Club, I, 2, 3, 4, American Pharmaceutical Asso- ciation, I, 2, 3, Treasurer, 4, Y. M. C. A., Student Dance Committee, 4. 0 SARA ELIZABETH GILES, Ripley, ,Liberal Arts, Zeta Tau Alpha, Historian, Beta Beta Beta, Archery Club, 3, WAA, 3, 4, Christian Endeavor, Biology Club, Y. W. C. A. Cabinet. gin "Now the 'Y' operates on this program 0 ANNE GILLIAM, Hattiesburg, Liberal Arts, Delta Delta Delta Px 0 JUNE GILLIS, Gulfport, Liberal Arts. 0 MILDRED GRAHAM, Oxford, Education. --R MARY FANT MIRIAM FERGUSON MARY FERRIS VICTOR GENGE, JR. SARA GILES ANNE GILLIAM LOUISE FRAZIER JUNE GILLIS l67l MAE FREEMAN MILDRED GRAHAM ,Bw S 1' 'Z BETTY GRAN BERRY EVELYN GREGORY CAROLYN GRAVES ANNIS GREGORY BERNARD HAMILTON MARY HAMMOND BETTY GRANBERRY, Laurel, Liberal Arlsg Della Della C. A., 2, 3, 4, Glee Club, 3, 4, Home Economics, I, 2, 3, 4. CAROLYN GRAVES, Lake Cormoranlg Educalion. ANNIS GREGORY, Zamag Educalion. x ...N I Dellag Y. W. Sl IIIIIS 0 BERNARD G. HAMILTON, Universilyg Liberal Arls. O MARY BETTY HAMMOND, Kosciuskoy Educaliong Della Gamma. 0 RUTH HAYS, Dublin, Liberal Arlsg Chi Omega, Morlar Board, 4, Pix, 3, 45 Home Economics Club, 45 Y. W. C. A. Council, 43 Pan- hellenic Council, 4. 0 SARAH HUNTER HICKS, Nashville, Tennessee, Liberal Arlsi Kappa Della, Y. W. C. A., 3, 4, Classical Club, 35 Home Economics Club, 3. Q BETTY HOPKINS, Gullporlg Liberal Arlsg Chi Omega. 0 HELEN CLARK HOUSE, Cleveland, Liberal Arlsg Della Gamma, Ela Sigma Phi. 0 JANE HOWELL, Meridian: Liberal Arlsg Della Della Della, Presidenl, 4, Morlar Board, Secrelary, 45 Panhellenic Council, Treasurer, 4, As- socialed Sludenl Body Council, President of Liberal Arls School, Y. W. C. A., 3, 4, "Rebel" Slaff, 2, 3, 4, Annual Slalf, 4, Commillee of One Hundred, 4, Nalional War Fund Commillee. 0 MARALYN BURT HOWELL, Oxford, Liberal Arls3 Phi Mug Presidenl of Associaled Sludenl Body, 41 Secrelary of Liberal Arls School, 3: Sociely Edilor of "Mississippian," 33 Panhellenic Council: "M" Book Slalf, 2 3' Y. W. C. A. I 2 3, 4' Archery Club, l, 2, 3, 45 WAA, 2, 33 EVELYN GREGORY, Amory, Business and Commerce, Della Della Della. "Mississippian" Slafl, ll, I2, 3, .Favoriles, 33 Home Economics Club, I. l RUTH HAYS MARALYN HOWELL SARAH HICKS BETTY HOPKINS HELEN HOUSE JANE HOWELL BERNICE HUFFMAN BETTY HUGHES SARA HURT JAYME JAMISON l6Bl O BERNICE HUFFMAN, Memphis, Tennessee: Business and Commerce. 0 BETTY ANNE HUGHES, Memphis, Tennessee: Liberal Arts: Delta Gamma: Cwens, Tassel Honor Girl, 2: W. S. G. A., Secretary, 2: Y. W. C. A., President, I, 2: Treasurer, 4: Slate Y. W. C. A., Vice-President: WAA, I, 2: Glee Club, I: "Rebel" Staff, I, 2. Q SARA HARVEY HURT, Horn Lake: Business and Commerce. O JAYME PEDRON JAMISON, Abbeville: Business and Commerce. 0 DEXTER DEAN JOHNSON, Belmont: Education: Kappa Delta: Pix: Legislative Council of W. S. G. A. 0 ELISE JONES, Independence: Liberal Arts. 0 NORMA KELLNER, Greenville: Kappa Delta, Vice-President, 4: Can- terbury Club, Secretary-Treasurer, 4. 0 DOROTHY KEYS, Oxford: Education: Chi Omega: Y. W. C. A., I, 2, 3, 4. 0 ELIZABETH LANEY, Tupelo: Liberal Arts: Delta Delta Delta. 0 HAZEL LAVONNE LAIRD, Jackson: Liberal Arts: Delta Zeta: Pan- hellenic, President, 4: Glee Club, 3, 4: Classical Club, 3, 4: President of Delta Zeta, 4: Legislative Council of W. S. G. A., 4: Y. W. C. A. Cabinet, 4. 0 JANE LEE LEWIS, Marianna, Arkansas: Liberal Arts: Home Economics Club, 2, 3: Y. W. C. A., 2, 3: "Mississippian" Staff, 2: "Rebel" Staft, 2. ku DEXTER JOHNSON ELISE JONES NORMA KELLNER HAZEL LAIRD JANE LEWIS JULYA LEWIS 'X Chuan- 'H " if "' , V Q Luclry Dogsl 0 JULYA LEWIS, Satartia: Education: Phi Mu: Y. W. C. A. Cabinet, 4: "Mississippian" Staff, 4: "Rebel" Staff, 4: Archery Club, 3, 4: Home Economics Club, 3, 4: WAA, 3, 4. 0 JOAN LOONEY, Nashville, Tennessee: Liberal Arts: Delta Gamma. 0 LORANE LOWRY, Houston: Liberal Arts: Mortar Board: Eta Sigma Phi: Editor, "Ole Miss:" "Mississippian" Staff, 3: Y. W. C. A.: W. S. G. A., Executive Council: Associated Student Body Council: Independents Or- ganization, Secretary, 4: Who's Who in American Colleges and Uni- versities, 4.: Classical Club: Publications Committee: I. R. C. 1 f'X ELIZABETH LAN EY LORANE LOWRY DOROTHY KEYS JOAN LOONEY EVA MCBEE FLORENCE MARS RUTH MCHUGH MARGARET MCLEAN SUSAN MONTGOMERY HELEN MOORE 0 EVA LILLIAN MCBEE, Greenwoodg Liberal Ar1s3 Chi Omegag Morlar Board, Presidenl, 43 W. S. G. A., Presidenl, 43 Home Economics Club, 2, 3, 43 Classical Club, 33 Legislative Council, 33 Y. W. C. A., 2, 33 Who's Who in American Colleges and Universilies. 0 RUTH McHUGH, Balon Rouge, Louisiana3 Educalion3 Chi Omega. 0 MARGARET MCLEAN, Blaineg Liberal Arfs3 Chi Omegag Panhellenic, 43 Y. W. C. A., 2, 3, 43 Classical Club, 2, 33 Home Economics Club, 43 Glee Club, 2. 'Q- - U5 MARY MOORE LELA MORRIS CAROL NEWSOM JANE ODOM l70l DOROTHY MURRAY CATHERINE OLDEN Sl llllll 0 FLORENCE MARS, Philadelphua3 Business and Commerceg Chi Omega. 0 SUSAN MONTGOMERY, lnverness3 Liberal Arls3 Della Della Della: Panhellenic Council, 4. O HELEN YARNELL MOORE, Helena, Arkansasg Educalion3 Della Ze1a3 Home Economics Club. 0 MARY MOORE, Clarksdaleg Business and Commerceg Chi Omegag Y. W. C. A., 2, 3, 43 Classical Club, Z, 33 "Rebel" Slaff, 2, 43 Slunl Nighl, 2. 0 LELA JOSEPHINE MORRIS, Oxfordg Educalion. 0 DOROTHY MURRAY, Memphis, TENNESSEE: Liberal Aris. 0 THOMAS NEWCOMER, San Anfonio, TGXBSQ Business and Commerce3 Phi Sigma, 2, 33 Glee Club, 23 lnlramural Council, 3, 4, Presidenl, 43 "Mississippian," 3, 43 Adverlising Manager of "Mississippian," 43 Annual Staff, 4. 0 WILMA NEWSOM, Columbiag Liberal Arls3 Della Zela. k THOMAS NEWCOMER WILMA NEWSOM EFFIE OVERBEY ROSEMARY OWENS 0 CAROL NEWSOM, Columbia: Business and Commerce: Delta Zeta: Treasurer, Delta Zeta: Annual, 4. O JANE ODOM, Maysville, Kentuclry: Liberal Arts: Chi Omega. 0 CATHERINE OLDEN, Yazoo City: Liberal Arts: Chi Omega: R. O. T. C. Sponsor, 3: Secretary, School of Liberal Arts, 4: Annual, 3. 0 EFFIE JONES OVERBEY, Hohenwald, Tennessee: Engineering. I ROSEMARY OWENS, Tunica: Education: Phi Mu: Y. W. C. A.: "Mis- sissippian:" Annual: Home Economics Club. O LAURA PAGE, Starkville: Liberal Arts: Chi Omega. 0 DORIS PALMER, Forest: Education: Kappa Delta. 0 EILEEN PATTERSON, Hattiesburg: Business and Commerce: Phi Mu. 0 MARY ANN PEARCE, Greenwood: Liberal Arts: Chi Omega. 0 GERTRUDE PEPPER, Vaughan: Liberal Arts: Phi Mu: Y. W. C. A.: Legislative Council: W. S. G. A. OGERALDINE LUCILLE PERCIVAL, Rolling Fork: Pharmacy: Archery Club, I: A. Ph. A., Secretary, 2: A. Ph. A., President, 4: Rho Chi Scholastic Award, l: Vice-President, Pharmacy School, 2. -meg Watcha Got? OCONSTANCE PILKINGTON, Artesia: Liberal Arts: Delta Gamma. 0 ELIZABETH ANNE POOLEY, Macon: Business and Commerce: Phi Mu: Mortar Board. 0 GENE RAMSEY, Hazelhurst: Education: Delta Gamma: Y. W. C. A.: "Mississsppian:" Annual. 0 RUTH REYNARD, lndianola: Liberal Arts. QM LAURA PAGE DORIS PALMER EILEEN PATTERSON MARY PEARCE GERTRUDE PEPPER GERALDINE PERCIVAL CONSTANCE PlLKlNGTON ELIZABETH POOLEY GENE RAMSEY RUTH REYNARD I 'nfl '-:frat l l71l 1 1 l J , JK .3 -I ' 1 I ,. I 5 I I I l. I I I 'r A 0 ELOISE SHAW, Oxford, Business and Commerce. I :A ---agar' I I 0 WILMA SHAW, Jackson: Liberal Arlsg Phi Mug Panhellenic Council: Q Annual Slaff, 4. ' 0 RUTH AGNES SIMMONS, Hazelhurslg Educaliong Delia Gamma: Pan- Hellenicg President, Delia Gamma: Treasurer Y. W. C. A., 3. I 0 WILL MARY SIMRALL, Salariiag Business and Commerce: Phi Mu. R 0 ROSE MAE SIMS, Booneville, Business and Commerce: Phi Mug I "Mississippian," 33 WAA: Y. W. C. A. I I 0 BEN WARD SMITH, Winona, Engineering: Sigma Thela Pig A. S. C. E. , HEI-EN RIVERS ELOISE SHAW LEWIS RUTI-EDGE 0 JANE SMITH, Brookhaven, Business and Commerce: Delia Gamma, JEAN SEALY BILLYE ROGERS WILMA SHAW Y. W. C. A.: WAA3 Annual. I I O RUTH SNEED, Oxford, Educalion: Phi Mug Sigma Alpha Iolap "Mis- sissippian," I, 2, 3, Glee Club: WAAg Wesley Foundalion Council, I, 25 I Y. W. C. A., Archery Club: Commiilee of One Hundred. I 0 HELEN JUANITA RIVERS, McComb: Liberal Arrsg Phi Mug Y. W. C. A., 2 WAA' "Mississippian"' Glee Club. . . . ' ' O DOROTHY CATHERINE STEVENS, Lake Charles, Louisiana, Physical ' ' Education, Zela Tau Alpha, Archery Club, 3, 43 Pan-Hellenic, 3, 43 i 0 BILLYE MARGARET ROGERS, Falknerg Business and Commerce, Kappa Home Economlcs Club' 3' AA' Leglslahve Councll I ' Della. 0 ELIZABETH LEE STEWART, Morfon: Business and Commerce: Delia I Gamma. I I 0 LEWIS RUTLEDGE, McComb, Liberal Arlsg Kappa Sigma, Presidenl, f I lnlerfralernify Council, 35 Chairman Dance Commiliee, 3. . JENNYE STEWART Hernando, Liberal AHS, Chi omega 0 JEAN SEALY. Abbeville: I-lbefdl AHS: Y. W. C. A. 0 ROSEBUD STONE, Oxford, Educaliong Chi Omega. b. V wr , . Q 1 , Q, y . , I . yi I Y I Q1 I 'I I I II ' II I t I T I I I I RUTH SIMMONS WILL MARY SIMRALL ROSE SIMS BEN SMITH JANE SMITH I' RUTH SNEED DOROTHY STEVENS ELIZABETH STEWART JENNYE STEWART ROSEBUD STONE l72l I I 4 Q ANANDA MARIE SWIFT, Memphis, Tennessee: Educalion: Kappa Della: Panhellenic Council. 0 EMILY THWEATT, Covinglon, Tennessee: Liberal Arls: Della Zela. 0 CAROLYN TROLIO, Canion: Educalion: Kappa Della: Y. W. C. A.: Annual, 3: Home Economics Club. 0 HECTOR G. UBINAS, Isabela, Puerlo Rico: Pharmacy. O LUIS GONZALEL VALLE, lsabela, Puerlo Rico: Pharmacy: Calholic Club. 0 ANNE WADLINGTON, Memphis, Tennessee: Liberal Arls: Kappa Delta: Legislaiive Council: Treasurer, W. S. G. A. 0 JOE A. WAGGONER, Carlhage: Liberal Arlsg Bela Thela Pi: Hermaean, Presidenl, Secrelary: Edifor 3, Sporls Edilor 2, The "Mississippian:" Edifor- in-Chief, Alhlelic Edilor, "M" Book, 3: Execulive Council, 3: Publica- lions Council, 3: Lyceum Commillee, 3: Inferfralernily Council, 3: Inler- nalional Relalions Club, 2, 3: lnlerfralernify Dance Commilfee, 2: Pub- Iisher, Summer Sludenf Direclory, 3: News Bureau, 3: "RebeI" Sfaff, 3: "OIe Miss" Slaff, 3: Y Cabinel: Commillee of One Hundred: Cardinal Club, 2. I LUCIUS WAITES, JR., Bay Springs: Liberal Arls. O READE WASHINGTON, Gullporl: Liberal Arls: Alpha Lambda Della: Efa Sigma Phi. O JOHN GORDON WICKSTROM, Biloxi: Pharmacy: Sigma Phi Epsilon: Calholic Club. I MARY JOCELYN WIEMERS, Sanalorium: Liberal Arls: Chi Omega. 0 WILLIAM M. WILDER, JR., Meridian: Kappa Sigma. 0 MARGARET WILSFORD, Lula: Liberal Arls: Chi Omega: Home Eco- nomics Club: Y. W. C. A.: "Mississippian:" Classical Club, 3. 43,401- gn... MARGARET WILSFORD MRS. DAN WYLIE MARY WIEMERS WILLIAM WILDER, JR. ROBERT WILSON DOT WOODWARD O ROBERT DEAN WILSON, Batesville: Liberal Arls: Phi Sigma: Y. M. C, A.: Secrelary: Band, I, 2, 3: "Mississippian:" Annual: Commiilee of One Hundred: College Hour Commillee, I, 2, 3: Ole Miss Glee Club, I, 2, 3: Wesley Foundation: War Fund Commillee, 3: World Sludenl Service Fund Commiffee, 2, 3: Independenls. CDOT WOODWARD, Oxford: Educaiion: Kappa Della: B. S. U. Council. 0 MRS. DAN H. WYLIE, Tupelo: Della Della Della: Ela Sigma Phi. S nf' . Q, 1.1, 1 514' 1 ' w . ' - KI f . 3... , fi...- I-'1 I Iiifpvfifl ,yr . P , gl ., 1 -uf t . ' " ., ff.. 'Z I AMANDA SWIFT EMILY THWEATT CAROLYN TROLIO HECTOR UBINAS LUIS VALLE ANNE WADLINGTON JOE WAGGONER LUCIUS WAITES, JR. READE WASHINGTON JOHN WICKSTROM l 73 I WV. 41: I v Y . 3 We TTS I E B I e --e-. ,f"' Waler? 0 AGNES ANN ANDERSON, Earle, Arkansas: Music: Della Della Della: Sigma Alpha lola. 0 JOSEPHINE ASHCRAFT, Sidon: Liberal Arls: Chi Omega: Cwens. Q THOMAS F. BADON, Liberly: Liberal Arls: Sigma Nu. 0 CHARLOTTE BORGWARDT, Lillle Rock, Arkansas: Educalion: Kappa Della: Pix, Cwens, Alpha Lambda Della, Universily Chorus: War Fund Commillee, 3: Y. W. C. A., 3: Commillee of One Hundred, I. 0 VIRGINIA BREYTSPRAAK, Memphis, Tennessee: Liberal Arls: Zela Tau Alpha: Panhellenic Council, Vice-Presidenl, 3: Glee Club, I, 2, 3: WAA: Y. M. C. A., Universily Chrislian Endeavor, Presidenl, 3: Com- millee of One Hundred: Religious Council. 0 RALPH LUCIUS BROCK, McComb: Liberal Arls: Sigma Nu: Phi Ela Sigma: Band, I, 2, 3: Mississippians, 3: lnlerfralernily Council, 3: Biology Club, 3. 0 MARY JO BROWN, Arlinglon, Tennessee: Educalion. 0 RUTH BROWN, Halliesburg: Liberal Arls: Della Della Della. lll llllllllll 0 BETTYE BRUECK, Foresl: Business and Commerce: Kappa Della: Y. W. C. A., I, 2, 3: WAA, I, 2, 3: W. S. G A. Treasurer, 2: Presidenl, 3: Morlar Board Honor Girl, 2: Commillee of One Hundred, I, 2, 3. 0 MARY FAITH BRUNSON, Columbia: Business and Commerce: Phi Mu. 0 GLENN BUFKIN, Auburn: Liberal Arls. OCARROLL BUSBY, Brookhaven: Liberal Arls: Kappa Sigma: Infer- nalional Relalions Club. 0 ROBERT CARNRICK, Monlclair, New Jersey: Liberal Arls: Alpha Tau Omega: Inlerfralernily Council, 3. 0 DICEY DODDS CARR, Yazoo Cily: Business and Commerce: Chi Omega. O A. B. CHADWICK, Waler Valley, Liberal Arls: Pi Kappa Alpha: Kn- nual, I: lnlerfralernily Council, 3: Dance Commillee, 3: Y. M. C. A., 3. 0 NATALIE CHADWICK, Halliesburg: Liberal Arls: Della Gamma: Pix: Biology Club. 0 MAUREEN CHATHAM, Fullon: Business and Commerce: Zela Tau Alpha: WAA, 3. 0 ROBERT BRADFORD CLANTON, Grenada: Liberal Arls: Pi Kappa Alpha. OWEBSTER CLEVELAND, JR., Belmonl: Liberal Arls: Sigma Phi Epsilon. 0 ANNA JO COLEMAN, Doddsville: Business and Commerce: Phl Mu. 0 BETTY JANE COX, Prescoll, Arkansas: Liberal Arls: Della Gamma: Cheerleader, 2: Secrelary of Sludenl Body, 3: Pix: Home Economics Club, Vice-Presidenl, 3. 0 LELA GENE COX, Memphis, Tennessee: Educalion: Phi Mu. 0 FRANK CRESSWELL, Duranl: Liberal Arls: Sigma Alpha Epsilon. o MARY ANN CRITZ, Greenwood: Liberal Arls: Chi Omega. AGNES ANDERSON JOSEPHINE ASHCRAFT THOMAS BADON CHARLOTTE BORGWARDT VIRGINIA BREYTSPRAAK RALPH BROCK MARY BROWN RUTH BROWN BETTYE BRUECK MARY BRUNSON GLENN BUFKIN CARROLL BUSBY ROBERT CARNRICK DICEY CARR i in 'hs T' A B CHADWICK NATALIE CHADWICK MAUREEN CHATHAM ROBERT CLANTON WEBSTER CLEVELAND, JR. ANNA COLEMAN BETTY COX LELA COX FRANK CRESSWELL MARY ANN CRlT'Z PEGGY DAVIS CHARLES DeVlNNEY 0 PEGGY DAVIS, Oxford: Education: Kappa Delta. OCHARLES F. DeVlNNEY, Kosciusko: Business and Commerce: Phi Sigma: Y. M. C. A., l, 2, 3: "Mississippian," I, 2, 3: Annual, Sports Editor, 2. 0 ELMER DICKSON, Picayune: Engineering: Sigma Phi Epsilon: Phi Eta Sigma: lnterfraternity Council, 3: Dance Committee, 3: American Society of Civil Engineers, 3. 0 JOY DONOVAN, Hattiesburg: Business and Commerce: Delta Delta Delta. 0 MARY RITA DULANEY, Tunica: Liberal Arts: Delta Gamma: Glee Club, I: Canterbury Club, I, 2, 3: "Rebel," I. 0 MARY JANE EATMAN, Hattiesburg: Liberal Arts: Delta Delta Delta: International Relations Club, 2, 3: Y. W. C. A., 3: "Mississippian," 3: Home Economics Club, 3. MERLENE ESTES, Shannon: Education. FRANCES ANN EXBY, Memphis, Tennessee Liberal Arts Delta Gamma nhellenic Council: Y. W. C. A.: W. S. G A Legislative Councn ANN FINCH, Iuka: Education: Kappa Delta WAA I 2 MARGARET FISHER, Round Lake: Liberal Arts BETTYE FOSTER, Hattiesburg: Liberal Arts: DeWlTT C. FRENCH, JR., Water Valley: MARIETTA GARVEY, Memphis, Tennessee Y. W. C. A.: Catholic Club: Home Economics ELAINE GRIFFIN, Gulfport: Education. ELMER DICKSON JOY DONAVAN MARY DULANEY MARY EATMAN MERLENE ESTES FRANCES EXBY ANN FINCH MARGARET FISHER BETTYE FOSTER DeWITT FRENCH, JR. MARIETTE GARVEY ELAINE GRIFFIN 3 -, K' uv I lee' r........ . ,.,,,,,,u,, 4, Sucker! 0 EUGENE HAMMOND, Halen, Arkansas, Engineering, Phi Ela Sigma. 0 WINIFRED HAMRICK, Collinsville, Liberal Arls. Q FAITH HANKINS, Taylorsville, Business and Commerce. O SUZANNE HARRIS, Winona, Business and Commerce, Della Della Della. 0 MARGARET HARRISON, Sarepla, Pharmacy. O HELEN HAYES, Kosciuslio, Liberal Arls, Chi Omega. 0 RICHARD G. HENDRICK, Okolona, Liberal Arls, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. 0 MARGIE HINTON, Wiggins, Business and Commerce. 0 MARY GENE HOFFMAN, Halliesburg, Business and Commerce, Della Della Della. IINIIIIIIIIISS 0 LELAND HUME, Jackson, Engineering, Sigma Chi, lnlramural Coun- Cll, 2. I FRANCES CHARLES HUMPHREYS, Porl Gibson, Business and Com- merce, Della Gamma, WAA, I, 2, 3, Presidenl, 3, Treasurer of Business School, Canlerbury Club, 2, 3, Y. W. C. A., I, 2, 3, "Mississippian," 2, W. S. G. A., Legislalive Council, 2, Inler-Religious Council, 3. 0 HELEN HYDE, lndianola, Liberal Arls, Kappa Della. 0 CHARLOTTE JENNINGS, Crenshaw, Liberal Arls, Phi Mu, Y. W. C. A., WAA, Home Economics Club, Archery Club. 0 AGNES CLARA JOHNS, Corinlh, Educalion, Chi Omega. 0 MARY MOODY JOHNSON, Ashland, Educalion, Annual, Y. W. C. A. 0 EDWINA JONES, Kullawa, Kenlucky, Liberal Arls, Della Zela, Pan- helienrc Council. 0 MARTIN KLINDWORTH, Earle, Arkansas, Liberal Arls, Sigma Nu, M. O. A. K. S. O SARA LEAR, Greenwood, Liberal Arls, Chi Omega. 0 CHARLES EDWIN LOCKE, Merigold, Business and Commerce, Sigma Chr. 0 AUGUSTIN LOPATEGUI, Ciales, Puerlo Rico, Business and Commerce. O BETTY JANE LORE, Greenwood, Liberal Arls, Chi Omega. 0 ELIZABETH LOTT, Collins, Liberal Arls, Della Gamma, Panhellenic Council. 0 MORRIS C LOVELADY, Oxford, Engineering, American Sociely of Civil Engineers. EUGENE HAMMOND WINIFRED HAMRICK FAITH HANKINS SUZANNE HARRIS MARGARET HARRISON HELEN HAYES RICHARD HENDRICK MARGIE HINTON MARY HOFFMAN LELAND HUME FRANCES HUMPHREYS HELEN HYDE CHARLOTTE JENNINGS AGNES JOHNS Q 6- ' I I l I R I fl Q 84 I . I . qw! 1 T' I -. .1 l MARY JOHNSON EDWINA JONES MARTIN KLINDWORTH SARA LEAR CHARLES LOCKE AGUSTIN LOPATEGUI li BETTY LORE ELIZABETH LOTT MORRIS LOVELADY LOUIS LYELL KITTIE McCAA BETTY MCCARTY I 0 LOUISE LYELL, Jackson: Liberal Arlsg Della Psi: Phi Ela Sigma. l 0 KITTIE McCAA, Halfiesburg: Liberal Arlsg Delia Della Della. , 0 BETTY MCCARTY, Jackson: Educalion: Chi Omega. O MARLIN MCDONALD, Quilman: Liberal Arls. I 0 LILIAN MCELROY, Nalchez: Liberal Arls: Della Gamma: Alpha Lambda Della: Ela Sigma Phi 2, Presidenl 3. O ELTON MCINTOSH, Hernando: Engineering: Della Kappa Intramural Council: lnierfralernily Council: Dance Commillee 3. 0 JOHN MCINTYRE, Brandon: Liberal Arls: Phi Della Thela. 0 LUNA COOK MAYFIELD, Taylorsville: Pharmacy: American ceutical Association. ELTON MCINTOSH FRANCES MOORE MARLIN MCDONALD LILIAN MCELROY LUCILLE MILLER BEN MITCHELL Epsilon: Pharma- 0 VICTOR G. MEADERS, Shannon: Liberal Arls. 0 LUCILLE MILLER, Oxford: Educalion. 0 BEN MITCHELL, Cleveland: Liberal Arls: Phi Della Thela: Cardinal Club 2: lnferfralernily Council 2: Dance Commillee 3. 0 FRANCES MOORE, Holly Springs: Liberal Arls: Chi Omega. 0 BETTY MULLEN, Oxford: Liberal Arls: Phi Mu. 0 HARVEY JAMES MYRICK, Columbus: Business and Commerce: Chi: Business Manager, "Mississippian," 3. 0 SUDIE NELMS, Ripley, Business and Commerce: Kappa Della. JOHN MclNTYRE LUNA MAYFIELD VICTOR MEADERS BETTY MULLEN HARVEY MYRICK SUDIE NELMS . 9' lf: : 2.1 :is ,a -.4 1' fl' .. I ju . s Q .-X .Af 3 L ,sg Q7 . ' ' 1' . Jr, A, , ? if 7' il.: 11 f ff' Q mar Sigma I I I ,I r rv I ...wrt - - - sz.. ., .4553 Newshounds O BILLYE ORR, Fulton: Education, Delta Gamma. ll e Dixie ANNE mum OXNAM, Oxford: Medical Technology. 0 JEFFERSON W. PASLAY, Como: Liberal Arts: Delta Kappa Epsilon. 0 PEGGY PATRICK, Corinlh: Liberal Arts: Phi Mu: Y. W. C. A.: Glee Club. 0 JEAN PITNER, Ripley: Liberal Arts: Kappa Delta. O HORACE POLK, Picayune: Liberal Arts: Sigma Phi Epsilon 0 WILLIAM REYMAN POST, Clarksdaleg Liberal Arts: Phi Kappa Psi. 0 FRANCES PRICE, Florence, Alabama: Business Omega. 0 MARY FONTAINE PRICE, Lyon: Education: Phi Mu. BILLYE ORR DIXIE OXNAM FRANCES PRICE MARY PRICE JEFFERSON PASLAY CAROLINE REED .ft 1 and Commerce: Chi PEGGY PATRICK MARTHA RICHARDSON III IIIIIIIISS 0 CAROLINE REED, Meridian: Liberal Arts: Chi Iota. Omega: Sigma Alpha 0 MARTHA RICHARDSON, Hazelhurst: Business Omega. and Commerce: Chi 0 MARY LYNN ROBBINS, Oxford: Education: Phi I, 2, 3: Y. W. C. A., I, 2, 3: "Mississippian." Mu: Home Economics 0 AUGUSTO RODRIOUEZ, San Jose, Costa Rica, Central America: Bus- iness and Commerce. 0 WILLIAM ROSE, West Point: Pharmacy: Sigma Nu. 0 MARY ROSS, Jackson: Education: Chi Omega. O EARL RUFF, Memphis, Tennessee: Engineering: Phi Delta Theta: Ameri- can Society of Civil Engineers: Intramural Council: Dance Committee. 0 CHERRY SISK, Oxford: Education: Delta Della Delta: Cwens: Alpha Lambda Delta: Y. W. C. A., l, 2, 3: WAA: Home Economics Club: "Mississippian," 2, 3: Favorite, 2, 3: Freshman Queen, I: Committee of One Hundred, 2, 3: Annual 3. O SUE SMITH, Ripley: Business and Commerce: Kappa Delta. 0 OTTIS LAWRENCE SNIPES, JR., Laurel: Business and Commerce: Sigma Chi: "RebeI" Advertising Manager, 2: Business Manager, Annual: Engineers: Y. M. C. A.: Wesley Foundation. 0 DOUGLAS STONE, Columbus: Liberal Arts: Kappa Alpha. O JEWEL HART STEWART, Morton: Liberal Arts: Delta Gamma: WAA. 0 JANE STIGLER, Drew: Business and Commerce: Phi Mu: Pix. 0 JOYCE TAYLOR, Meridian: Liberal Arts: Annual 3: Y. W. C. A.: "MississQppian:" Committee of One Hundred: B. S. U. Council. JEAN PITNER HORACE POLK WILLIAM POST MARY ROBBINS AUGUSTO RODRIOJEZ WILLIAM ROSE I'-I . If X .5 vw ' CHERRY SISK JOYCE TAYLOR 0 ROSCOE TEDDER Okolona Engineering: Bela Thela Pi: Cardinal 0 GENE ELIZABETH THOMAS Clarksdale Business and Commerce: Chi 0 JEAN TOOMBS Walls Liberal Arls Della Della Della. 0 DOROTHY TOWNSEND Helena Arkansas Educafion. 0 JAMES ROBERT TOPP Wesf Helena Arkansas: Pharmacy: Sigma Alpha 0 TOM C TURNER Columbus Liberal Arls: Kappa Alpha: Hermaean: 0 SARAH RUTH USHER Meridian Educahon Phi Mu. JAMES TOPP DOROTHY TOWNJEND TOM TURNER ELAINE WHITE MARTHA WILKINS JOE WILLIAMS ,,,. . K, . fi SUE SMITH OTTIS SNIPES, JR. DOUGLAS STONE ROSCOE TEDDER GENE THOMAS JEAN TOOMBS 0 MARY VALLATOS, Oxford: Business and Commerce: Phi Mu. 0 BETSY WALTON, Florence: Music: Chi Omega: Sigma Alpha Cwens: Pix: Universify Chorus: Sponsor of Cardinal Club 2. O ELAINE WHITE: Toccapola: Liberal Arls. 0 MARTHA NELL WILKINS, Haffiesburgg Business and Commerce: Della Delfa Della. 0 JOE WILLIAMS, Hernando: Liberal Arls: Della Kappa Epsilon. O WALTER WITTY: Winona: Engineering: Phi Della Thela: Phi Efa American Sociely of Civil Engineers. 0 KATHLEEN WOOTEN, Senafobia: Education: Delia Della Della. 0 ELIZABETH WRIGHT: Hernando: Liberal Arls: Chi Omega. SARA USHER MARY VALLATOS BETSY WALTON WALTER WITTY KATHLEEN WOOTEN ELIZABETH WRIGHT Gu.,- 'V lyk - . I 'I I . I I , I.- gea- fl E! i lr . -4 X 'I I I Betty Cox IXI I I I 0 EDNA ACREE, Memphis, Tennessee, Business and Commerce. O MARY EDNA ADAMS, Corinth, Liberal Arts, Delta Delta Delta. 0 ROBERTA ALFORD, Rolling Fork, Liberal Arts, Chi Omega, Y. W. C. A., Home Economics Club, WAA, Canterbury Club. I 0 HINTON ANDREWS, Magnolia, Pharmacy, Sigma Nu. I 0 MILDRED AUSTIN, Beaumont, Liberal Arts, Zeta Tau Alpha. O ELLEN LOUISE AVENT, Grenada, Liberal Arts, Chi Omega, Sigma Alpha Iota, Cwens, B. S. U. Council. 0 CORINNE BAGGETT, Oxford, Education, Kappa Delta, "Mississippian" Staff, WAA. 0 MARY LOUISE BILLINGSLEA, Camden, Business and Commerce. O JOYCE BLOMOUIST, Port Gibson, Liberal Arts, Delta Delta Delta, Secretary Alpha Lambda Delta, Vice-President, Cwens, Y. W. C. A., President I, I. R. C., Secretary, Assistant Business Manager of The "Mississippian," SIIHIIIIIIIIS SHELTON BLYTHE, Lake Cormorant, Engineering, Phi Delta Theta. PAUL BOWDRE, Hernando, Engineering, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Phi Eta Sigma, Y. M. C. A., Vice-President, I. BELLE WADE BOWEN, Greenville, Liberal Arts, Chi Omega. MARGUERITE BRUNSON, Columbia, Business and Commerce, Phi Mu. WILLIAM GARNER BURGIN, JR., Starkville, Liberal Arts, Phi Eta Sigma, Editorial Staff of The "Mississippian" and Managing Editor, Com- mittee of One Hundred, Independents, President of Y. M. C. A. SHED HILL CAFFEY, Clarlrsdale, Liberal Arts, Phi Delta Theta, Y. M. C. A., President, Summer Session, Caucus Representative of Phi Delta Theta, Chaplain of Phi Delta Theta. LEON CALIFF, Clarlrsdale, Business and Commerce. MARY ELLEN CHAPMAN, Oxford, Education. MILDRED COMER, Booneville, Business and Commerce, Zeta Tau Alpha. DOROTHY COMSTOCK, Pensacola, Florida, Business and Commerce. WILLIAM J. CONDON, JR., Leland, Liberal Arts, Sigma Pi Epsilon. STELLA CONWAY, Vicksburg, Liberal Arts, Delta Delta Delta. MARY ALVA COOPER, Forest, Liberal Arts, Kappa Delta, Annual Staff, Home Economics Club, WAA. GILES COORS, Memphis, Tennessee, Liberal Arts, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Y. M. C. A., Secretary-Treasurer. MABLE RAE CORLEY, Okolona, Business and Commerce, Phi Mu. HELEN COTTING, Tupelo, Education, Delta Delta Delta, Home Eco- nomics Club, Y. W. C. A., "Mississippian" Staff. 0 SHIRLEY EMMA CRAWLEY, Kosciusko, Liberal Arts. EDNA ACREE MARY EDNA ADAMS ROBERTA ALFORD HINTON ANDREWS MILDRED AUSTIN ELLEN AVENT CORINNE BAGGETT MARY BILLINGSLEA JOYCE BLOMOUIST SHELTON BLYTHE PAUL BOWDRE BELLE BOWEN MARGUERITE BRUNSON WILLIAM BURGIN, JR 45' fx 'rt ' uw 3 E SHED CAFFEY LEON CALIFF MARY CHAPMAN MARY COOPER GILES COORS MABLE CORLEY 0 WILLIAM CROSBY, Royal Oak, Michigan, Liberal Arts, Beta Theta Pi. 0 ELIZA CROZIER, Erwin, Business and Commerce, Delta Gamma. 0 THOMAS HENRY CURTIS, JR., Tupelo, Business and Commerce, Sigma Chr. O MARY KATHLEEN DAVIS, Kilmichael, Pharmacy, Zeta Tau Alpha. OIDOTTIE DOWELL, Memphis, Tennessee, Business and Commerce, Tri De ta. 0 HELEN DUKE, Hattiesburg, Liberal Arts, Delta Della Delta, Cwens, Alpha Lambda Delta, President, Y. W. C. A., Vice-President, I, I. R. C., Vice President. 0 JESSE DUKEMINIER, West Point, Liberal Arts, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. 0 LOWREY WHITE DYRE, Kilmichael, Pharmacy, Phi Kappa Psi. MILDRED COMER DOROTHY COMSTOCK WILLIAM CONDON, JR. STELLA CONWAY HELEN COTTING SHIRLEY CRAWLEY WILLIAM CROSBY ELIZA CROZIER O PATRICIA FAHERTY, Memphis, Tennessee, Education, Phi Mu, WAA, Archery Club, Newman Club, Y. W. C. A. 0 CHARLES FARRIS, Leland, Liberal Arts, Sigma Phi Epsilon. 0 CONSTANCE JOY FERGUSON, Memphis, Tennessee, Education, Zeta Tau Alpha, Home Economics Club, WAA, Annual Staff, Episcopal Church Choir. O JANE FINNEY, Louisville, Kentucky, Liberal Arts, Delta Delta Delta. 0 JAMES FORD, Brownfield, Liberal Arts. 0 TILLIE FRIEND, Sardis, Business and Commerce, Chi Omega, Sigma Alpha Iota, Home Economics Club. 0 FRANCES HAND, Philadelphia, Business and Commerce, Delta Gamma, Glee Club I, Y. W. C. A., WAA, Home Economics Club. I DOROTHY HEARD, Oxford, Education. THOMAS CURTIS, JR. MARY DAVIS DOTTIE DOWELL HELEN DUKE JESSE DUKEMINIER LOWREY DYRE PATRICIA FAHERTY CHARLES FARRIS CONSTANCE FERGUSON JANE FINNEY JAMES FORD TILLIE FRIEND FRANCES HAND DOROTHY HEARD 'Ss , ' T ' . X .I-.ra .Liz ' r 6? - .f N I - l I . . - -.M -w,,a,?. I ,, 3. UYN- 'FWS 'Sf fl- ,,. l l. J" if ,dl V i,., MJ" i ,. , JW' A l i I i l i l i MARY HERRON JAMES HUGHES - .G- M. gun. an P .M Joe and Harvey of lhe "Mississippian" 0 MARY DEANE HERRON, Glendora, Liberal Arls, Chi Omega. 0 INDA HOBBS, Greenwood, Liberal Arls, Chi Omega, 0 JAMES HOLLOWAY, Brookhaven, Pharmacy, Sigma Nu, Phi Ela Sigma, Mississippian" Slafi, I, Annual Slaff, I, A. Ph. A., Band, l. 0 MIRIAM HORNE, Gulfporl, Liberal Arls, Kappa Della, Alpha Lambda Della, Managing Edilor of The "Mississippian," 2. 0 MARY JO HORTON, Tupelo, Educalion, Kappa Della, Home Economics Club, Glee Club, The "Mississippian" Slaff, Y. W. C. A. 0 ANN HOWARD, Duranl, Business and Commerce, Chi Omega. 0 CHARLOTTE HUGHES, Memphis, Tennessee, Liberal Arls, Della Gamma, Home Economics Club, Y. W. C. A. 0 JAMES F. HUGHES, Oakland, Business and Commerce, Pi Kappa Alpha. 0 MARGARET JOHNSON, Ashland, Liberal Arls. 0 BETTE JEANE JONES, Mounl Pleasanl, Texas, Business and Commerce, Della Gamma. INDA HOBBS JAMES HOLLOWAY MIRIAM HORNE MARGARET JOHNSON BETTE JONES VIRGINIA JONES 'ew L T .lfr will be 3 Sllllllllllllll 0 VIRGINIA L. JONES, Barllell, Tennessee, Liberal Arls. 0 HERMAN KELLY, Oxford, Engineering. 0 JANE KLINDWORTH, Earle, A Alpha Lambda Della I, Cwens, Treasurer of LiberallArls School "Mississippian" Slaff, l. R. C. rkansas, Liberal Arls' Kappa Della' 0 MORELLA KUYKENDALL, Charleslon, Business and Commerce, Chi Omega. O of The "Mississippian." DAVID FLAVOUS LAMBERT, JR., Belmonl, Liberal Arls, Business Slaff 0 BURTON LINDAU, Miami Beach, Florida, Liberal Arls. O JOYCE LITTON, Shaw, Business and Commerce, Zela Tau Alpha, WAA, Y. W, C. A., l. O CAROLYN JOY LOVEJOY, Memphis, Tennessee, Liberal Arls. 0 JAMIE MCCOWN, Falkner, Business and Commerce, Kappa Della. 0 RUTH MclNNIS, Collins, Liberal Arls, Della Gamma. O JOHN MCLAURIN, Brandon, Business and Commerce, Kappa Alpha, lnlramural Council, Sergeanl-al-Arms, Hermaean Lilerary Sociely. 0 EMILY McLENDON, lndianola, Business and Commerce, Phi Mu, "Mis- sissippian" Slaff, Y. W. C. A., WAA, "Rebel" Slafl, Annual Slalf. 0 SARA EVELYN McLENDON, Marianna, Arkansas, Liberal Arls. 0 MARVINE MCNEIL, Philadelphia, Liberal Arls, Della Gamma, Q BETTE MAHONEY, Philipp, Liberal Arls, Chi Omega. 0 DOROTHY MANCILL, lndianola, Liberal Arls, Della Della Della, Cwens, Freshman Queen, I, Favorile, I, Drum Maior, I, "Mississippian" Slaff l. MARY HORTON ANN HOWARD CHARLOTTE HUGHES HERMAN KELLY JANE KLINDWORTH MORELLA KUYKENDALL 7. Q DAVID LAMBERT BURTON LINDAU JOYCE LITTON CAROLYN LOVEJOY JAMIE MCCOWN RUTH McINNIS JOHN MCLAURIN EMILY MCLENDON SARA MCLENDON MARVINE McNEiL BETTE MAHONEY DOROTHY MANCILL ROBERT MARCUS CHARLES MATHIS 0 ROBERT LOUIS MARCUS, Jonesfown: Liberal Arls: Y. M. C. A.: "Mississippian" Staff: Annual Staff. 0 CHARLES MATHIS, Beaumont: Business and Commerce: Sigma Phi Epsilon. 0 LEONARD BROWN MELVIN, JR.: Laurel: Business and Commerce: Sigma Phi Epsilon. 0 ROSE MARY MIDDLETON, New Orleans, Louisiana: Educalion: Phi Mu: Pix: WAA: Y. W. C. A. 0 ANNIE ELIZABETH MILLS: Oxford: Education. OCHARLES MCGIRK MITCHELL, Oxford: Engineering: Della Psi: Phi Eta Sigma. 0 CHARLES MOAK, Brookhaven: Engineering: Sigma Phi Epsilon. 0 WILLIAM HENRY MOSBY, Meridian: Liberal Arls: Kappa Alpha. Q LEWIS NOBLES, Meridian: Pharmacy: Pi Kappa Alpha: Hermaean Lil- erary Sociely: American Pharmaceulical Associalion. I LILA LEE NOSSER, Vicksburg: Educalion: Cwens, Treasurer: Favorite: Annual Slaff: Bond Queen: "Mississippian" Slaffg Y. W. C. A.: Legislative Council of W. S. G. A.: Execulive Council of WAA. 0 SYDNEY O'CAIN, Winona: Business and Commerce: Kappa Della. 0 MERRELL PARKER: Greenwood: Business and Commerce: Chi Omega. O CAROLINE PASCOE: Birmingham, Alabama: Liberal Arls: Zela Tau Alpha. 0 WILLIAM W. PERKINS, Brookhaven: Educalion: Kappa Sigma: Her- maean Literary Sociely: Y. M. C. A.: Wesley Foundalion. 0 MARGUERITE PETTEY, Greenwood: Business and Commerce: Chi Omega. 0 FRANCES PATTERSON PHELPS: Lexinglong Educalion: Phi Mu. LEONARD MELVIN, JR. ROSE MIDDLETON ANNIE MILLS CHARLES MITCHELL CHARLES MOAK WILLIAM MOSBY LEWIS NOBLES I LILA NOSSER SYDNEY O'CAIN MERRELL PARKER CAROLINE PASCOE WILLIAM PERKINS MARGUERITE PETTEY FRANCES PHELPS ' I '-L L 12. ' z 1 1 Resolved: Ban on Grove MUST be removed 0 MILTON PHILLIPS, Bay Sl. Louis, Liberal Arls, Kappa Sigma. 0 ANNETTE PIERCE, Collins, Liberal Arls, Della Gamma. 0 CHARLES R. PIGOTT, McComb, Liberal Arls, Sigma Nu. O BETTY RATCLIFFE, Nalchez, Liberal Arls, Della Gamma. O ALLEN READ, Halliesburg, Liberal Arls, Sigma Phi Epsilon. 0 'BETH REDDING, Memphis, Tennessee, Liberal Arls, Della Alpha Lambda Della, Social Chairman, W. S. G. A., Treasurer. Della Della, QMARY LOU ROGERS, Tupelo, Liberal Arls, Della Della Della, Cwens. O JOHN A. SALTER, Macon, Liberal Arls, Sigma Chi. 0 MARY LOU SANDERFER, Arkabulla, Liberal Arls, Della Della Della. Q DOROTHY SHARBROUGH, Holly Bluff, Business and Commerce, Chi Omega. ANNETTE PIERCE CHARLES PIGOTT BETTY RATCLIFFE MARY SANDERFER DOROTHY SHARBROUGH GENEVA SCHNIEDER SUPHIIIIIIIIS 0 GENEVA SCHNIEDER, Enid, Oklahoma, Business and Commerce. 0 KATHRYN SHAW, Oxford, Liberal Arls. 0 ANN SIMMONS, New Augusla, Liberal Arls, Phi Mu. 0 BETTY SIMMONS, llla Bena, Business and Commerce, Della Della Della. O JEAN MIDDLETON SIMMONS, Nalchez, Business and Commerce, Chi Omega, Treasurer, "Mississippian" Slaff, Y. W. C. A., WAA. 0 ELIZABETH SISK, Oxford, Educalion, Della Della Della. 0 ZELL B. SKINNER, JR., Wiggins, Liberal Arls. 0 MOZELLE SMITH, Walerford, Liberal Arls, Zela Tau Alpha. O MIGNONNE STANFORD, Joneslown, Pharmacy, Phi Mu. 0 HENRY NICHOLSON STEVENS, Richlon, Business and Commerce, Kappa Alpha, Hermaean Lilerary Sociely. OCATHERINE STEWART, Houslon, Business and Commerce, Della Gamma. O SALLY BRYANT STONE, Coffeeville, Liberal Arls, Della Della Della, Alpha Lambda Della, Cwens, Sigma Alpha lola, "Mississippian" Slaff, I, Annual Slaff, WAA I, Ole Miss Chorus I, I. R. C., Y. W. C. A, 0 ORA LOU STRICKLAND, Olive Branch, Liberal Arls, Zela Tau Alpha. 0 DOROTHY TALBERT, Grenada, Music School, Kappa Della. O BILLY TAYLOR, Ponloloc, Liberal Arls, Sigma Phi Epsilon. 0 MARINELL TODD, Oxford, Business and Commerce, Della Zela. 0 ANN LOUISE TOMLINSON, Clarksdale, Liberal Arls, Della Zela. ALLEN READ BETH REDDING KATHERYN SHAW ANN SIMMONS MARY ROGERS BETTY SIMMONS I I I I I MILTON PHILLIPS JOHN SALTER I ll I . Sf fe- I I 73? i af Cav Y' F' be 1 C-.f 7 ps. JEAN SIMMONS ELIZABETH SISK ZELL SKINNER, JR. MOYELL SMITH MIGNONNE STANFORD HENRY STEVENS CATHERINE STEWART SALLY STONE ORA STRICKLAND DOROTHY TALBERT BILLY TAYLOR MARINELL TODD ANN TOMLINSON MARGARET TROTTER O MARGARET TROTTER, Elaine, Arkansasg Business and Commerce. 0 WINNIE CLARE TURNER, Memphis, Tennessee, Liberal Aris. I RAYMOND EUGENE TURMAN, Hernandog Liberal Arfsg Della Kappa Epsilon. 0 CHARLTON VINCENT, Memphis, Tennessee, Liberal Arlsg Sigma Phi Epsilon. O RUTH WEILENMAN, Shaw, Business and Commercey Della Della Della, "Mississippian" Staff, Ig Universiiy Chorus, Ig WAA. Ig Annual Sfaffg Y, W. C. A. O JAMES VESTER WENTZELL, Biloxig Liberal Arlsg Sigma Phi Epsilon. O MARGARET JEAN WHITTINGTON, Memphis, Tennessee, Business and Commerce: Kappa Delfag Cwensg Home Economics Clubg Y. W. C. A., Ig WAA, Ig Commiffee of One Hundred, Ig Annual Sfaffg "Mississippian" Slaff. WINNIE TURNER RAYMOND TURMAN CHARLTON VINCENT RUTH WEILENMAN JAMES WENTZELL MARGARET WHITTINGTON HOLLAND WILLIAMS MARY WILLIAMS BETTIE WILSON MARY WISDOM LOTTIE WREN FRED WRIGHT LUCILLE LITTON JULIAN TYSON 1 I ,. .I 9' , ? ' I I' ! sag., ' " ' I W , W, , fs.. V I 4 x I f, ' " ' f Rn '?' 'Q I . -fi ,., Y W. 1'S 4 r-es! wh- N - I I. ,, X 5 1 , 'si HS n I iw' l is x N , ,rm 'L . 1 . Q' -4 Q A ,1 . H M ., . S ' fvw am +4 .,, hr ? ir A' ir uc: , X255 - M: f" 'W SE" FIRST ROW: 0 JANE ABSTON, Oxford, Liberal Arls, Della Gamma. 0 DOTTIE BARNES, Memphis, Tennessee, Phi Mu. 0 HOWARD BARNETT, Jackson, Engineering. 0 SIDNEY BERRY, Jr., Hattiesburg, Liberal Arfsg Kappa Alpha, Phi Ela Sigma, Hermaean. 0 BILLYE BIGGART, Lexinglon, Virginia, Pharmacy, Della Zela, O JOE KENT BISHOP, Pascagoula, Liberal Arfs, Kappa Alpha. 0 MIKE R. BLOUIN, Clarlrsdale, Educalion, Phi Della Thelag Y. M. C A. OANN BOGARD, Parkin, Arkansas, Business and Commerce, Kappa Della, Y. W. C. A., "Mississippian," Glee Club, Wesley Foundalion. 0 RALPH BRADLEY, Aberdeen, Liberal Arls, Phi Della Thela. 0 JULIAN BRAMLETT, Oxford, Liberal Arls, Sigma Chi. I Mol ss. in 3 ? . x-ng. sb,-A 'T if " res. ,I , A . , Z, .pie-,:" ' S' '-11,5-, ., ... .I .f--ww-ea . IIIISHMII SECOND ROW: 0 HUGH GREGORY BRELAND, Hafliesburg, Business and Com- merce, Sigma Chi. 0 JOHN ROY BRINSON, Oxford, Engineering, Sigma Alpha Ep- silon. O KATHERINE BROWN, Fulfong Education, Della Gamma. 0 JUANITA BRUCE, Elia, Education. 0 ELIZABETH BRYANT, Memphis, Business and Commerce. 0 LEON BURGESS, Bruce, Liberal Arls. 0 WILLIAM THOMAS BUSBY, Eudora, Liberal Arlsg Della Kappa Epsilon. 0 GUY D. CAMPBELL, Laurel, Liberal Arls, Kappa Sigma. 0 GLORIA CARNRICK, Monlclair, New Jersey, Educalion. 0 MAXWELL CARROLL, Beaumonl, Engineering. f- "':.a fs iw' T 1 1 llll THIRD ROW: 0 EDGAR CARTER, JR., Kosciusko: Phi Delta Theta. 0 BUELL CARTY, JR., Jackson: Business and Commerce. 0 CAROLINE CAVETT, Morristown, Tennessee: Liberal Arts. 0 JOE CERAME, JR., Belzoni: Engineering: Sigma Phi Epsilon. 0 AMELOA CHADWICK, Waveland: Business and Commerce. 0 DOROTHY CHAMPION, Cleveland: Business and Commerce: Kappa Delta. O JAMES CLARK, Jackson: Liberal Arts: Kappa Alpha. 0 BERNICE COCHRAN, Oakland: Liberal Arts. I BETTYE CLAIRE COLEMAN, Memphis, Tennessee: Business and Commerce: Zeta Tau Alpha. 0 GENE CONLEY, Alamo, Tennessee: Business and Commerce: Delta Zeta. FOU RTH ROW: O WALTER DAVID CONNER, Bay St. Louis: Engineering: Kappa Sigma 0 WILLIAM E. CRESSWELL, Durant: Liberal Arts: Sigma Alpha Epsilon. 0 MARY VIRGINIA CROSS, Utica: Liberal Arts. 0 BOBBIE CROWELL, Oxford: Business and Commerce. 0 KATHERINE CROWELL, Memphis, Tennessee: Liberal Arts: Delta Zeta. O MARY ROGERS DAVIS, Grove Plantation: Business and Com- merce: Delta Gamma. 0 JANE DEES, Eupora: Liberal Arts: Delta Gamma. 0 INEZ DENTON, Shaw: Liberal Arts. ODON E. DISMUKES, Duck Hill: Liberal Arts: Sigma Phi Epsilon. 0 LILLIAN DOOLITTLE, Shelby: Business and Commerce: Phi Mu. FIFTH ROW: I PEGGY LOUISE DRENNAN, Mendenhall: Pharmacy: Zeta Tau Alpha: American Pharmaceutical Association: Y. W. C. A. 0 CAROLYN ELLIS, Drew: Liberal Arts: Delta Delta Delta. 0 CHARLOTTE ENGER, Tupelo: Education: Delta Zeta. 0 SUE EVANS, Memphis, Tennessee: Liberal Arts: Kappa Delta: Y. W. C. A.: "Mississippian" Staff: Wesley Foundation. 0 JACKIE FAIRCHILD, Jackson: Delta Gamma: Cheerleader. 0 RICHARD FENGER, Oxford: Business and Commerce. 0 JEAN FERRELL, Memphis, Tennessee: Liberal Arts. 0 DOROTHY EMOGENE FUDGE, Oxford: Business and Com- merce. 0 CHARLOTTE GEE, Carrollton: Liberal Arts: Chi Omega. Q PATRICIA GILBERT, Greenville: Liberal Arts. Three of a Kind v I pus T wmv 1' JS lbs f 'E' 'Ld Es' 7- 4' f"'!' Z7 7 E FIRST ROW: 0 ROSE MARIE GODWIN, Nashville, Tennessee, Liberal Arlsg Della Gamma. 0 CHARLOTTE GORDON, lndianolag Liberal Arlsg Chi Omega. O SARAH ANN GRAINGER, Biloxi, Liberal Arls, OMARY MARGARET GRANBERRY, Halfiesburgg Liberal Arls, Della Della Della, 0 JO REINE HARRIS, Jackson, Liberal Arlsg Della Gamma, 0 ANNE HARRISON, Jackson, Business and Commerce. 0 BETTY HEMETER, Halliesburq, Liberal Arls, Della Della Della. 0 CHARLES HENLEY, Hazelhurslg Liberal Arlsg Della Psi. 0 JIMMY HENRY, Shelby, Business and Commerce, Phi Mu. 0 BILL HILL, Cleveland, Liberal Arlsg Phi Della Thela, lil! H SECOND ROW: 0 MARTIN EDWARD HINMAN, Carlhaqeg Liberal Arlsg Kappa Sigma. 0 LE MOYNE HOLIMAN, Shaw, Business and Commerce. O MOZELLE HURDLE, Lamarg Educalion. 0 JETTYE CLARE HUFFMAN, Blylheville, Arkansas: Business and Commerce. 0 BLANCHE JAMES, Oxford, Business and Commerce, 0 CATHERINE JONES, Ponlofoc, Business and Commerce. OCHRISTINE JONES, Memphis, Tennessee, Liberal Arlsg Zela Tau Alpha. O MARTHA JANE JONES, Walnulg Enqineerinq. O NANCY ELIZABETH JONES, Maqeeg Liberal Arls. 0 STELLA MCLAURIN JONES, Jaclrsong Liberal Arls. FOURTH ROW: I CORINNE MCCARITHY, Aberdeen: Education: Delta Zeta, O VIRGINIA McCOY, Baltzer: Liberal Arts: Delta Delta Delta. O PEGGY McDEARMON, Dyersburg, Tennessee: Business and Com- merce: Delta Delta Delta. g CHRISTINE MCELROY, Natchez: Liberal Arts: Delta Gamma. 0 FRANK MCFADDEN, Oxford: Engineering. 0 JOHN W. MCGUIR-E, Hazelhurst: Liberal Arts: Delta Kappa Epsilon. 0 ELIZABETH MCLENDON, Marianna, Arkansas: Liberal Arts. 0 JAMES N. MACLIN, Mason, Tennessee: Liberal Arts: Sigma Alpha Epsilon: Y. M. C. A. O OLENE MARTIN, Dorsey: Business and Commerce: Delta Zeta. 0 MARY ELIZABETH MATTOX, New Albany: Liberal Arts. FIFTH ROW: 0 AUDREY MEAD, Biloxi: Liberal Arts. O JANE MIDDLETON, Oxford: Education: Chi Omega. O ROBERT MILES, Pittsboro: Liberal Arts. 0 BOB MILLER, Jackson: Business and Commerce: Kappa Alpha. 0 VIRGINIA MITCHELL, Clarksdale: Business and Commerce: Zeta Tau Alpha. 0 LONA GERTRUDE MITCHELL, Memphis, Tennessee: Liberal Arts. O LYNNA MOONEY, Oxford: Education. O BETTY MORDECAI, Memphis, Tennessee: Business and Commerce: Zeta Tau Alpha. 0 LOUISE MURRAY, Oxford: Business and Commerce: Delta Delta Delta. 0 HOPE MYRES, Oxford: Music: Delta Delta Delta. T. S. lFFYlCfx..14f.."""T'I ' V117 lC7Xl'J'E.... IFRS 'PEM' CJ!l.'a!i'le ?K'5f'T'v' 1J'hf1 'k 'A' 'A' 2' B ll Y" is 'Y' -13 FIRST ROW: 0 SARAH JANE MYERS, Hafliesburg, Liberal Arls, Della Delia Della. 0 RUTH PARKS Somerville, Tennessee, Liberal Arfs. 0 CHARLES PAYNE, Sallillog Liberal Arts, Kappa Sigma. OJOE PETTYJOHN, Marks, Engineering, Sigma Chi, Phi Eta Sigma, Hermaean Lilerary Society, "Mississippian", Business Man- ager "Rebel." O CAROLYN PICKARD, Meridian, Liberal Arfs. 0 DONNIE POAGUE, Memphis, Tennessee, Business and Com' merce, 0 ANNE POWELL, Bafesvilleg Liberal Arfs, Phi Mu. 0 ERMA JEAN PRICE, Shelby, Business and Commerce, Phi Mu. 0 NANCY T. PULLER, Evansfon, Illinois, Educaiion, Zeia Tau Alpha. 0 JAYNE QUINN, Memphis, Tennessee, Liberal Arls, Chi Omega. I U01 l S SECOND ROW: O BEN QUINTANA, McComb, Pharmacy. 0 CURTIS D. ROBERTS, New Albany, Liberal Arfs, Sigma Chi, "Mississippian" Staff, "Ole Miss" Business Sfaff, Editorial Staff, Hermaean, "Rebel." 0 EDNA ROBERTSON, Corinth, Liberal Arls, Delia Della Della. Q LYNN ROSE, Grenada, Liberal Arlsg Pi Kappa Alpha. 0 MARVINE VICTOR SCHLAPPI, JR., Oxford, Engineering, Sigma Nu, "Rebel", Y. M. C. A., Hermaean. 0 FRANCES SHERRILL, Memphis, Liberal Arls, Zeta Tau Alpha. O CARL W. SHORT, Biloxi, Business and Commerce, Sigma Chi. O DOROTHY SIMMONS, Clarksdaleg Pharmacy, Zeia Tau Alpha, 0 ELEANOR SMITH, Meridian, Business and Commerce. 0 MARY ELNA SMITH, Weir, Educaliong Zeta Tau Alpha. S S THIRD ROW: 0 VIRGINIA SMITH, Kullawa, Kenluclry, Business and Commerce, Della Zela. 0 CONNIE LEE STONE, Memphis, Tennessee, Business and Com- merce. 0 COLEEN SWEARINGEN, DeKalb, Liberal Arls. 0 TOM SWEAT, Corinlh, Liberal Arls, Sigma Chi, 0 DOROTHY SYMONDS, Orlando, Florida, Music. 0 ELIZABETH ANNE THOMAS, Dyersburg, Tennessee, and Commerce, Della Della Della. 0 CORA LEE THOMASSON, DeKalb, Liberal Arls. 0 NANCY TINDALL, Sunflower, Liberal Arls, Chi Omega. 0 MARGARET TOLSON, Oxford, Liberal Arls. 0 RUTH TOLSON, Oxford, Liberal Arls. Business FOU RTH ROW: O HERBERT TRAMMELL, Laurel, Engineering, Kappa Sigma. I GERALDINE TUCKER, Gullporl, Liberal Arls. 0 FRANCES L. TUCKER, Memphis, Tennessee, Business and Corn- merce, Phi Mu. 0 MARGARET VANCE, Balesville, Liberal Arls, Chi Omega. 0 EVELYN VICKERY, Grenada, Educalion. O M. H. WALL, McComb, Business and Commerce, Siqrna Nu. 0 KATHERYN WEBSTER, Oxford, Business and Commerce, Della Della Della. 0 ALLINE WHEELER, Memphis, Tennessee, Educalion. 0 MARTHA WHEELER, Memphis, Tennessee, Liberal Arls. 0 ANN WHITTEN, Balesville, Liberal Arls, Chi Omega. FIFTH ROW: 0 HELEN WILLIAMS, Philadelphia, Educalion, Della Gamma, Y. W. C. A., Presidenl, Presidenl Della Gamma Pledges. 0 FRANCIS WILLIAMSON, Mason, Tennessee, Liberal Arls, Sigma Chi. 0 DALE WINTER, Oxford, Business and Commerce. O JULIET WITHERS, Jackson, Liberal Arls, Della Gamma. 0 DORIS WOOD, Sardis, Liberal Arls, Della Gamma, Y. W. C. A., WAA, "Mississippian" Slaff. 0 MARJEAN WOODWARD, Jonesboro, Arkansas, Liberal Arls, Kappa Della, Y. W. C. A., "Mississippian" Slaff, Glee Club, New- man Club, WAA. 0 WILMA LEE YANDELL, Canlon, Business and Commerce, Della Della Della. "Dear Mom .. -33- 1 ,sy f' 1-. A ii"b. " T LIEUTENANT COLONEL HUGH DONALD ADAIR, INFANTRY, UNITED STATES ARMY, PROFESSOR OF MILITARY SCIENCE AND TACTICS AT THE UNIVERSITY AND COMMANDANT OF ARMY SPECIALIZED TRAINING UNITS ssisfing in a nafion-wide milifary +raining program designed +o provide men for fechnical assignmen+s, +he Universify of Mississippi adopfed ins+ruc+ion of mili+ary sfudenfs as a supplemen'ral par'r of ifs basic funcfion. A+ one fime as many as fhree separaie uni+s served simul+aneously here, receiving varied courses of ins'rruc+ions. Regular fac- uH'y members assisfed L+. Colonel Adair and his sfaff in supervising 'rhe programs of 'rhese uni+s. The Army Specialized Training Program provided basic engineering fraining and medical fraining for selec'red mili+ary sfu- denfs and upon comple+ion of 'lhe engineer- ing curriculum in March, I944, a pre-medi- cal course was s+ar'red for a limifed number of s+uden+s. Dr. Vic+or A. Coulfer served as Educalional Coordinafor for 'rhis unif. The Specialized Training and Reassign- meni' Uni'r inferviewed candidafes for spe- cialized lraining and held refresher courses for 'rhe men during fheir processing by +he uni1'. Dr. H. B. Howerion acfed as Educa- fional Advisor fo fhis group. Basic R. O. T. C. fraining has been held 'For members of +he Enlisfed Reserve Corps awailing call fo acfive duly. L+. Colonel Adair is +he presenf Professor of Milifary Science and Tac+ics and succeeded Colonel Gregory Hoising+on. I95l its CADET CAPTAIN MELVIN MISS JAMIE MCCOWAN ' Sponsor CADET LIEUTENANT CHARLES FARRIS MISS LEMOYNE HOLIMAN Sponsor . ff-v-. gi CADET LIEUTENANT PETE YOPP MISS SARA STIGLER LEAR Sponsor l95l HESEIIIIE UIIIIEIIS Reduced from fhe Unif of four enfire companies of I943, fhe Universify R. O. T. C. Unif fhis year was acfive wifh only one company and was under flue supervision of Lf. Colonel Hugh D. Adair, Commanding Officer of all Army per- sonnel af flue Universify. Commissioned U. S. Army officers working direcfly wifl1 flue Unif were Capfain Alfred Moffiff and Lieufenanf Ed Roulier. In flue smaller Unif each man received more individual affenfiong courses were more concenfrafed: drill was emphasized: and defailed COLOR GUARD THAINI G UIIHPS knowledge of weapons was siressed. Wifh fhe call of 'rhe Advanced Corps +o acfive milifary service in 'rhe summer and fall of I943, Scabbard and Blade and Hood's Brigade, honorary mili'rary organizarions, became inac'rive on fhe Ole Miss campus. Throughour 'rhis year 'rhe Company was furrher dwindled when even 'rhe Basic Uni'r s+u- denfs were called +o acfive duly. Company Cadei' Officers were Cadel' Capfain Leonard Melvin, Caclef L+. Pe're Topp of 'rhe Firs'r Plafoon, and Cadei' L+. Charles Farris of 'rhe Second Plafoon. ' ff... :I-was CADET OFFICERS ef Lieuienanf Topp Cade? Capfain Melvin, Cade? JUST BEFORE INSPECTION 5 Capiain Holf, Lieufenanfs Pefers, Keafs, and Jones. ll lllll STATES ARMY To lead fhe Army Specialized Training Program af fhe Universify an effecfive cadef sysfem was organized under fhe direcfion and supervision of Colonel Adair and his sfaff of commissioned and non-commissioned officers. The expedienf purposes of fraining sfudenfs in milifary leadership and reducing fhe officer cadre fo a necessary minimum were 'rhus fulfilled. Baffalion Commanders Tracey and Burfon. Sergeanfg Taylor and Hunfer, COMPANY A COMPANY B Mulliniksl Kimball. Smith, Mcwhorfer, Kemnifz. Porier. Porter, Olson, Mitchell, Ingram, DeBardelaben, Morrison .L 1. , , ' .fue STP'S Called fhe "Adair Raiders," orphaned R. O. T. C. graduafes march by fhe Union Building while awaifing call fo lnfanfry ocs. F Qi. wrofe? Where is fhe nole she 2 ' I ' ai I rt , , ' -' lk ' .ai -H ,- :- 5 L - ,SQ 'Kari V.- , , Z 'xi A I 'R Q' A' wi 3 , . ' fur. 93 Y T ,Q A A -. 9 Q 1 I ' fi .,, - ' Q i rp: I, I Y I ffl' A , ,YZQQCQQQ - A ,-.,, ,635 ' 9' 'Lo I," ' ' ., , ,-- wr-W N T... ,,..p,....,, ,. K' r ..,, ' A I 'ali' . ,r Q V - i Q45-Ms' -' , , 52- .2 M , 'F' . .. va x - .. l-??gfJ': Ai . Qw. A " "xx , I vas.: .sn i, T' I ,1.,,5 I X321 , S' Sq . I ,V W ,, f , .. N ,, , . H251-R - I I , , .: Q iw: Q 5 ,f , ., . ,. " ,1 Af- . I , 2' I T laglaiq' 5 'Q an , - . In -. - Y . , , i au ' 1 Q ' 'v ' R ' X . sf ' 5 1 I' .f ,L , an V ' 1'1l1.gwe4-,Q is hw:--1' r - 2- 1 - . . ,,,n M , f - ' T Vis. ,f ' .A ' " 4 -.5 5 A. - cm F Y 1' 1 RQ- Q I X 4 I 1. '27, C' . A ' ,-', I5 H ,- ws - , l 5 . " I n h AII oui of slep buf Joe. .,,, , X f 4 5. I f"52f1 , ,Iwi . H611 J' . 'R' If 1' Q31 'Q fr. Us I ' ' ' ,,f','. I -cgi is I tr -E' f ' 'I m 5 f 119, Cf' f- A 51, - Al - L. , I I ik FIRST ROW: WILLIAM O. ALEXANDER . . . MAX L. ALLISON ...... RANDOLPH D. ANDERSON . EDWARD W. ASHMEAD . . EDDIE L. BANVILLE . . ROBERT L. BARBER . , ROLAND C. BRAMLET . DAVID B. BROWN . . HOLLIS R. BROWN . . NORBERT J. BROWN . . FRANK E. BRUEN . . . ROBERT E. BRYANT . . SECOND ROW: FREDERICK G. BUHLER, JR. . . RAY G. BULLS ........ ROBERT M. BURGY . . GORDON E. PURTON . , . CECIL L. CADWALLADER . r ,, f ' .--4 , . I , . Oklahoma Cily, Oklahoma . . . . . Kokomo, Indiana . . . Ransom, West Virginia . . Birmingham, Alabama . . Fall River, Massachusetts . . . Kansas Cify, Missouri I . . . .Wallowa, Oregon . .Gardner, Massachusetts . . Monlgomery, Alabama . . , Morocco, Indiana . . Brooklyn, New York . , Tiplonville, Tennessee . .SacramenIo, California . . .CIarendon, Texas . . . . . Lakewood, Ohio . , . Birmingham, Alabama . . . . . Hamillon, Ohio WILLIAM E. CHADWICK ............ ..Birmingham, Alabama ALBERT REID CHAPPELL ............ Fooflmllg Sigma Chi OLIVER ERNEST COLE ............ DANIEL J. CONWAY . . ........ . . MERCER D. COTTON . . BOB CULHANE .... JAMES W. DEASON . . . . . Universify Cify, Missouri . .... Aflania, Georgia .......Elma, Iowa . . Monigomery, Alabama . . Pifisburgh, Pennsylvania l . . . Billingsley, Alabama I 4 DON I. yg.,.vgr,.,,,, , 0-7' 2 1. El 4 . 4 - , 4194 ' , 4 4 Ni' . ,JJ , wg , , i1':.g. ' 'I . L, vig. A I A , . . . 5, X157 , 11' . . . .. I A . . , .., a . , fi. .3 - A x. . A -'ii W Y fl' ' 4'-' L4 . . e "' ' 'i ' " 'Lgf'.L oi. .,.' ' I I V, 'T 133. I ' arf. ' - '.. if ' 3 ' 'Y ...Ji yi. ' . ,A . ' ig "" A 'I' - , -- , ' ' ' 1. , A 1 2,-gi 4 , , , 44 v? 4 5 , 4 L 444444 F 4 I 5 I . a ' -A A I ' Af W' is ff iff Lf f - ' A -' - I fniy "N . - ' f i . -j i ,a..' ' it 4 ,, . HL: 1 . - - . 1 I . .... A . M ,Q 1- I if if . 'L . in qi E ai: 4 -- ' K , gg .,. 3 4 ' 1.4 i J -Mfg ' 1'3" . V27 44 S.: 'O' iff, . ' ,'fh4L'1fgf,94s- f .iff 5 - " A R is .Q - M AMI? 1.1 3 4 , ,i 4, . . eg, . ' ' , 4 . .QZQ44 I K- 2 I Q I I JMX 5 ' I I . ' iii' 'A 'C I' ' ' ' ffl I 'li . T' 'E " " F f J i ' I' .fi A , . ii tt' .A N ' . . yi A . i Wi., 4 .M A... 43.1 - Wf - i . -if A - --v . ' ff' f 'z' Q A I Y ' 'J J ' -s 1 W s.. ' f I gl ' -. - U A A i M ... .Ng .,.l,A- pri. 4- 5-A 4 Y . lj., 4, 44 ,-Awe- V , l. . . ,, . , .., j I Z., xg- 4 4 . -4 ggisii H. , , I is. Assisi. . ' A if .4 ,Q -4- ,P 4 V ,, , A ' 7253, K . 5, 4 9' ,jtjwf i F I f : A rs' f as if -A 5 9' - .sei . ., AJ, 5 tk Q L3 1 I . 44" jig? 5 4 i' . .f y - . .qzyf Q21 ,I ' Q 1,1 V, W' he -v - if... - fad. , if A f L i' Pi '5 '7 . ' if I 1, " ' . 9' ' I' ""' t"i:'?'T, ' '?..' A I -' . - TY , T 2 ,wi J I 1 ' I Y-,. iiffifs 1 , I J Q4 .1 " ff. .. ri ' , if . A , jg' , " ' , 7 'f.i."':. 1 FmTT'f'Vf" . X' ' . f iifiv ' V . 45,3 X A x ll ' . , 1 li' -s , . - . . 'fr . . .X , - ' .. ff, 1- .,""".F . A , . .A l l "J, 4 A H iv J, A ', 4' Y - ' 4 ' U A X9 E - 4 4 . uf 'f'-A4 41:1 4 44 h x if I , f ' , , - M .W .L . I M . . , A .. ,... . K - ,, ... , A its ff..-41, ar - I ff. 75. Z - I f ,. 'li' f . , ' ' ,- Q :fi ' 'A Q' I . ., .1 , . 4 ' ' f , A f 441 4 i 4 1 'si xg: I 43 4 . y -' 2, A 5 I ' THIRD ROW: FIFTH ROW: CLAYTON M. DINGER . . . . Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania DONALD R. HOGLE . . . ...... I. . . . .Toledo, Ohio JAMES w. DONALD . . . . Piiiladeiphia, Mississippi Feolbel . FRANCIS A. Dunicoop .... ............. s esiiie, wasiiingion GEORGE H' HOLBROOK ' """' "A"' C f"""'b"S- Ohm I CLIFFORD J. some .4 ....,. ,,.......... c haiaaii, ohio HERBERT L- HOOT' JR- - ' ' - ' ---'-"' '0"'- Alabama "Mississippian" Staflg Color Guard Co. A. JOHN J. HOPPER . . . . . . . , . . Beaver Fails, Pennsylvania RICHARD E. EMERSON . NEIL E. EMERY .... ROBERT C. ENGELS . JOHN T. EVERETT, JR. . GORDON K. FAUCETT RALPH H. FEIL . . . MORTON J. FINKEL . . RAYMOND F. FLEET . FOURTH ROW: JAMES c. FLOOD . JOHN D. FRENCH . . ...............CedarRapids,Iowa HUIZENGA . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Muskegon, Michigan Football ' 'ioaii-Jail' ' "Ole Miss" Staff Detroit, Michigan Bay Side, New York . . Memphis, Tennessee Los Angeles California . . . . St. Marys, Ohio . . . .Chicago, Illinois . . . Marblehead, Massachusetts ' ' raaibgii ' ' . . Detroit, Michigan Covington, Louisiana WILLIAM R. FULLJAMES, JR. .,.... ....... C hicago, Illinois JACK A. GALE ......... . . Mercer Island, Washington HARRY GAMBLE .... ....... ..... B a ltimore, Maryland HERBERT A. GESSLER . . ......... . Cannonsburg, Pennsylvania Football JULIUS GOLDBERG ...................... Chicago, Illinois EUGENE GORSKY ............... North Hampton, Pennsylvania Football: Color Guard Co. A. MAURICE A. GRONDIN .................... Miami, Florida THOMAS J. HANIGAN . . ............ Springfield, Massachusetts ROBERT A. HIBBS . . . ...... ............. C ocoa, Florida "OIe Miss" Staff JAMES A. HITT . ........... . . Townley, Alabama JOSEPH JAFFONI .... RAYMOND W. JENKINS . PHILIP H. JENSON .... Jackson Heights, New York "Ole Miss" Statt WILLIAM R. JONES .. .. Kapp'a Alpha IRVING KAHAN . . . . . LOUIS A. KEMNITZ .... Cadet First Sergeant Co. A. CHARLES A. KENZIG .... SIXTH ROW: ROBERT KINNEY . . . KENNETH KORTE .. PETER KOSMOS ..... ELDON R. KREIMER RICHARD E. LANCASTER . ALBERT P. LANG ...... RAYMOND F. LEE, JR. . IRVING LEVINE .... LLOYD A. LINDSTROM . JOHN R. LINK . . HAROLD J. LOUIS . . WILLIAM M. LUCKIE . . IIOII Okemah, Oklahoma . . Cohoes, New York . . Humboldt, Tennessee . .Yonkers, New York Chicago, Illinois Fairview Village, Ohio .Farmingdale, Long Island, New York . . . .Cincinnati, Ohio . . . .Chicago, Illinois . .Talmadge, Nebraska .Yates Center, Kansas Somerville, Massachusetts . . . . .SiIas, Alabama . . Brooklyn, New York . . . Forsyth, Montana . . . Lansing, Michigan . . . . Cincinnati, Ohio Binghampton, New York als ar, vm ' I - F i L gm Q . ' " T' nd A I I K , I ax '-. S , 9.-- - -Is - 'x 'Uf X y t ,l gy P5 . 3 J L - y ,I 4"" I if 1 T xii Sf' i X L 3.4: IA " v-ar . .I L a -ee - , ff: 'L- I I L I I -xr - E g' if lf. U P A Oh. Mac." -Q L - I ,,-.-A 1- 'Q - ff? Q4 1? I L' R --, ' sw- " 4 3' fxw ,N I . , I5 Qi Y Tk 'ln . w .., .- .gl A "' T' ' - . an - fu- -1 4... . - g Er ..- I - E-in - .,, ,' 1 ,X N In 3:f,:,,-3 . 9' , , S- 1 -' "+P fs " ' fs, ls L14 ,MQ ag xiii , fi wr 'r ' Q I itwfx l ' . X' ' 'Z' .QQ V' 'J ,, A A -.... -- ' 'affjivrfi-4 ff" 3:1 2,5r'?i"" . -- an , ' 'P ' FIRST ROW: WILLIAM C. MALEIKE . ROBERT P. MANN . . PAUL MARGOLIN . . JOHN R. MARTIN .... GEORGE R. MASON . . JOHN H. K. MASTERSON DON E. MERRITT .... HARVEY S, MILLER . . . MILTON K. MILLHOLLEN ROBERT J. MITCHELL , . ROBERT D. MOFFITT . . Christian Endeavor .Spring Valley, New York . . . .WashingIon, D. C. . . Bronx, New York . . . ,WichiIa, Kansas . . Jacksonville, Florida . . . Henderson, Texas . . Anderson, Indiana . . . . Canlon, Ohio . . . Poriland, Oregon . . Morenci, Michigan . . . Denison, Iowa THOMAS N. MULLINIKS . .,....... ,..,.... M cEwen, Tennessee Ca If-1 Billilicmg Adiutnnt Co. Ag Who's Who in American Colleges and Uni- vffrsificgg Fccrfballj Dance Ccmmiifee. SECOND ROW: JOHN J. MCCARTHY . . . WALTER L. MCDERMOTT . JAMES S. MCGEEHAN , . PERCY V. MCPHERSON . For-Ilxmll Cambridge, Massechuseils , . . . . . .Tucson, Arizona . . Ballimore, Maryland . . Glosler, Mississippi KINSLEY McWHORTER, JR. ........,...,... Sfaunlon, Virginia C-ilwr fvnnril CH, Ag Exvi-culuw C"uni,iI of A. S. B., "Mississippian" Sialfg JOSEPH NASSIS ,.... GEORGE L. NELSON . , WILLIAM J. OLSON . . IRVING PALEVSKY ,.., LEONARD T. PALUSZYNSKI HARRY J. PAPPAS .... rU.sfiw.,nu, D Emu. J. NAGELE .,.,. .,....... 'raoimli ' ' Jnfr' Cgwviwililr-1' , .Long Beach, New York . . . . . , New York City . . . .SI. Louis, Missouri New Richmond, Wisconsin . . . . .Chi:ago, Illinois . . Milwaukee, Wisconsin . . .Chicago, Illinois .ia N. J w,- ': T. ""'l'ZaiQ"i' A I 52 ' QF fa I It ,II ' I . g., ' . aa. . I, - -' I ., ' ,' , ' .. ' ig- , if ii I .. . ' I ' Kg . I X, - ij fm.: , - 'R "Ji 4 - 33" in -rw was ' I E ' 1 M 4-'V' UM of . f ... 2515.5 f z. -Q ...yi is I A swf A '-' 'Q r ' -I .. I . ' A ' 'Y I -w ir., I 19 - A - 'iw g 3 J ,f , 1 ,I I,-I 3 9 .I I . . QIIIII r a. IIIII, Q ,Q ' .. I 1 ' A ' -H if 'Q , ,. ,. fo . , , ,, ' ' I I nl A xi if' I 'Q ' . A .. x :Ianr . IQ! I It II raf.,-r'C.'I , I 1+ afar io f .N ...L A go - ' I gil, in A .r ' ' 'A ' . 'rv ' ' ' .iw ' o -o- ' 1 ' if I, -' . ff I , R . -f I . ' ' r ' ,I 'x A A X ' T Q o, Z La g 22 , QI 5 A,,garII , I . II III --R -1 T-VW ,- """ 'QW ' -, 'fi -. A . 651135 . 1" ' ' fr I I , F' ' J . II 'PI . II , , II I 9 IIIII, . , I. r 9' I I an .. I I 3 I.',I,.II.IIIII I 'A . 1 ' K A G ,, i ' I 'V2' I 5' , H' Y - A A' If :A ff V I A I 'fl - I ' '71 ' I ' -: f 7 --' --'fi 3 A "" ' 'ESM' ' F. r ' aa ' K A an -Rr wwf: 3 .- n , ..,.,,,,.f . f .nr A::qI5 V r f I III f. . .a 'I I ,M ,,ILII, II 'rW.- -.I A , ,R me I If A za M . , - . .. .' ,..r .9 'hi yi: , ,.'. . 4 - .. no i .Y fqr sg I o as 'Q' A 'iff f R """i- off . oi. so-A . I II of--A ' 251 - .I -- Cv Q . ' f - I ' WJ .mer w para- , . 'Y W, A Qs., I I, I.. 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STEELE, III ........... . .AnnisIon, Alabama - THOMAS F POI-TRACK I I Alpha Tau Omega I - - . Slamford, Connechcuf GEORGE H. STOCKMAN ........... . . Indianapolis Indiana I FRANCIS s. PORTER . . . . .Riverside, California Band ' vERN0N J, poggy , , I I I I I I MIMI I,IoIIdII ALBERT L. STOUTAMIRE ..,.........., Richmond, Virginia JOHN P. QUIGLEY , , Fall River Masgachusehs Dwedor of Dance ond MWIBVV Bandg Sfude-nf Acfivilie-s Commilfee. ' JOHN B. SWEET JR., ......... Elmgndg Waghin fon ARMANDO A. RAUSO . . . . .Yonkers, New York ' "" ' ' ' ' ' 9 I?5I2II:FRIEYRx.N RAYMER . ..... . . . . Houslon, Texas CHARLES V, TEANEY . . . . Kansas City, Missouri . - OLDS . . . ....... . . . Bronx New York ALBERT Ia. THOMPSON 5 Ma K B II Ib II , . . . . . ......... y , ansas IRVING RI RUDOMEN I I I I Iaf IBI I I I I IIOSIIIII MIIIIIICIIIIIIIII Joi-IN E. TRACEY .... . I ..... I ....... Kansas ciiy, Missouri ROBERT EI RYERSONI IIRI I IIIIIIIII I I I New QOIIIII New YOIIII Cadel' Capiain, Co. Ag ExecuTIveIIOEI2I:IgII3IcIII of A. S. B.g Dance CommiHee 00 B BILLY W. UPSON .... ........ . . Y I ROBERT J. SAGER . . . ...... . .eianooa Illinois CHASPEII I VANDEIIIIIO ' ' ' ' ' ' 'Tm'ka"a' Tam I . EG ............. . . . Hospers, Iowa FOURTH ROW: STANLEY c. VAN I-IoRN ....,............ Millon, Wisconsin GIFFORD MI SAMUELS I I Color Guard, Co. Ag Foolball DAVID BI SAYIIE I I I I I I I I .WaferI2IIZlIIaI:I2w EWEL E. VAUGHAN . . . ................ Amber, Oklahoma BERNARD EI SCHMITT I IFI I IL I I I I I SOIIIIIII BendI indiana EDWARD VLASAK . . . .FI5OIIbgII . . . MdI'lCheSf8I', New HdI'I'1pSI'1Ire ooi a I I EARL F. SCHULTE .... ....... ...... G e noa, Ohio SIXTH ROW: CHARLES W. SCHUTTE . ..... .... P alesfine, Illinois I JAMES R. scHwEIzER, JR., ......... .crawforasviiIo, Indiana NCHARD H- VO'-K - - - - Norwood. Rhode Lslnnd F fb ll WILLIAM E. W . . ' BERNARD J. sEPTowsIcI . .mi .a. . ...... Lorain, Ohio AGNER ' ' ' 'A"de'so"' "'d'a"a RUSSELL CI SHANNON I I I I I ICIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII WIICIIIIIIII JAMES E. WARD . . . . . Poughkeepsie. New York WILLIAM R. SHANNON ..... F. III I.I. . . .sI. Rani, Minnesola JOHN M- WARREN - - - r Shnfon. Pennsylvania Oo a JOHNNIE B. WASLEY . . ' ' DONALD T. SMITH . . . ................ Gaston, Oregon ALVIN II WILIIU . . Birmingham, Alabama RAYMOND c. SMITH . . . .I ...... Sfafen Island, New York ' RN ' ' ""' Houslon- Texas Il CHARLES SIIIIINGE Cadel' Exooorrvo Officer co. A. EVERETTE C- WI'-SON - . - -Milwaukee. Wisconsin ii R .................. . . Cleveland, Ohio CHARLES D. WRIGHT . , , Q,-,eonfaI Alabama rl 1 ll03l I. ll I The Music Sfoppocl. .L -'- ... I. 'fc , , . a :L -' Ni 2 9 W2-afar. 1' A ss: I . , 4 , . -. , QQ, 'rs ., '45 J. . 4- .- ,gn , ,Q 1 .g. if I 'W ,., ,,' -'gf . ' - .V . , ' I b. f . - f .. , i V ' 5 -'z ' V , ,Q fs pg C F q .- , 55 - . . 4' s. . 5 -. za 'A s 114, I f ,af 'f ., - . , I , Q xg K ij. f A 3 -s -A 'II . If .' S1 " aut ' hx 1 3-X"'.b. rv I ' i . : ' ' .. - i I -.i'3' X.. . , - , , -9 . I , I . Y ' R I Q Q" V .. ' 4--- i , . - QT-Q , :ie ' 39 I I 6 - -xv . "" ' ' "W" "'g ,.'-1-frm V- - s- - V . of-W f. a R , 3 ,fs R --7555131 -2' ' , ' ' .- -, w 'il '- I V I 244: ' S I .' 0 I 1 ' sf X ' I, .' CIN ' ' vs, 's - 'mfs I. ""' if f 1 . V, 5 I I 4 A 1' T s s ZA i'i Ip ' H f 57 521, .13 . by g I ,. V f "ff is 3 ' f ' - Qiml I 'I R l I . '42 , it . 1, N ' I , x fs .. "' .Al A 5 viii ' .4 I y -.yf 5, - sa: 41 ' FIRST ROW: CHARLES L. ACE, . . i ,gh 'NF , ...R , ln Dx ' f ji..'?3:,lQ 13:3 -v - 1 N.. J 1 'rifw -' ' K , ' 'I I . . ......... . .AlIiance, Nebraska . ,........ Daylon, Ohio ' WESLEY B. ALBRIGHT ........,.., The "Ole Miss' Sfalf I IRVING ALPERT . . . ....... . . . . JAMES ARCHER . . . JOHN F. ARCHER . . . WALTER E. ASCEY . . . RICHARD G. ASHBURN . DUKE B. BAIRD ..... FRANK BARBEE .... FREDERICK L. BEAN . EGBERT F. BEHRENS . . BURTON A. BEILFUSS . SECOND ROW: LESLIE O. BELDO . . SAMUEL BELSKY . . . HARRY R. BENNER . . . ROBERT E, BOBO, JR. . CHARLES M. BOLEN . . . THOMAS A. BRANCH, III DAVID D. BRAUER .... DONALD M. BRILL . . . GILBERT J. BROCKMAN . WILLIAM D. BROOKS . . CLARENCE BROWN . ELVIN C. BROWN . . "Ole Miss" sian ' ' ' . Roxbury, Massachuselfs . , . . . Greenwood, Mississippi Sigma Alpha Epsilon lllllel q,UllI'In,Il 'rim' llcillii 'mf x . I lin Kapim Psi Niivirvihn Llul . . .... Columbus, Ohio I . .... Aurora, Illinois . . Lawndale, California . . Palerson, New Jersey . . Monlqomery, Alabama . .David Cify, Nebraska . .Spearfish, Soulh Dakola . .Wood Lake, Nebraska . .Sebeka, Minnesota . . ,.,.. Bronx, New York . . . . Belhlehem, Pennsylvania . . . .Clarksdale, Mississippi Ia . . .CIarksdale, Mississippi . . . Decatur, Georgia . . . . Oakford, Illinois Elk Mound, Wisconsin . . . . . Lawrence, Nebraska . . . . Kosciusko, Mississippi l'l Kwyifm Alplid . . .CIeveIand, Ohio . .CaldwelI, Ohio I W " A I lr: I -"' 1 if I 6 I 5- -I-. ' , ABM 6, I A , 'lx '45 , li . s ' --- iw? fp H 1 .7515 ol- of 7 '- my . we ..-. M E 5 .' r "e ,,,,,,. , 1:64 , 4 z , , U f ke sf ' I ' . .,: V -,si, ,, - ' ,V Z- . ' . N nt' . ' 1 . - I nw I ' f1'l .E,: ' ' ' Q 2. .5 , I I . ' . , I . I f-. 1 5:93 4 Qs.. -1 g as , I , I- ' 9? V. ' , ' ' Kay I ' I ,, " I '-. ", ,gg S ... , . , f ' .J - . ,, I, . ,Z , , - l ' ' I '- f 8 ' 34' ji -A 'R W 3, ,' .' 'gpfea ugi 1,1 IAA, A .w'. .2 I -2- an, S.. .1-.a 5547 4 -,N . 4. cl Q' Q ' x fg, P ' I ' I W x f I A I s.. . ., . , ,. , 1 '- - X . 4 " - I., gf ,X ,',.A.i,', H I-.X ,,,-1. sf, ., X ' I .. 5, 1 'fx 'iri - iw ,ff ' ' H. 221'-" - -J" . "eb i' I ss ,.., , I , . , ar in E1 i ' 'fi' . - 5775. i t i 'gnu L ' ' ni Ur - f' ' - -' E '71 ff. . f . rf. f C . - 2 . .- - 1 I fs . , -' f I , ' - Q. f . - 4 mos ' YQ ,Q ,....-f., gt g na, " , . A M 5 ' 'fi-s we 1. W jj I , LLM, QI Mi., f --.Av , T . -.1 Y 1' a , C. .:t:f,,,f..- ? f .QM fe . J' , ' nts 4 's i' -ff - -1 I ,f??gf-:'w'lfY' . ' I -F N ' 'A A ' - ' 1 7 i ' id 'i5i1.i'i"3i':' ' .. 3 I :Vx V : K Q, S51-AL. Ht, O . 'F' we ' I MV" 32 , ,, . Le, ,, -Q -. ,,,L.,. i - ff '- + EL. - f. A . , . . . . T" 6 if"- 'V SN - :fi W' .I nv- 4:4 I S 4:-r Q , in . ,A , L . 1' if el f s ., 5 .. 1rf?iff'f2 ,uf THIRD ROW: VERNON R. BRUCE .,.,... ..... Knoxville, Iowa HORRILE L. BRUEGGEMAN ........... ..Reedsburg, Wisconsin Newman Club FRED E. BRYAN ......... .......... B rownsville, Tennessee STANLEY B. BURKE ....... ....... B everly Hills, California JOHN C. BIRMINGHAM, JR. ............. Beverly, Massachusells GRADY B. BURTON .............. Calhoun Falls, Soulh Carolina Cadel. Balallion Comrnandrfrg Wlio's Who in American Colleges and Univer- silies, Execulive Council ol Sludenl Body, Sfuden? Aclivifies Cornrnilfee. DAYTON H. CALLENDER, JR., ............. Haynesville, Louisiana BINNING P. CHAMBERS ....... LEONARD E, CLARK WALTER J. COLBORNE EDWARD O. CONE . FOURTH ROW: ROBERT E. COUTURE ROBERT D. CRAIG ..., SAMUEL K. CRESSMAN . HAROLD N. DABBS . RICHARD A. CARR ..........,............ Osborn, Ohio Foolballg Baskelballg Soflball. Newman Club . . Grosse Poinle, Michigan . . . . .Auburn, Indiana . . . Brooklyn, New York . . . El Paso, Texas . . Berlin, New Hampshire . . . . . . Brazil, Indiana . . . Lansing, Michigan . . Quilman, Mississippi WALTER G. DICK ......... Band Kappa Elpna ROBERT A. DANIELS ........... . . . CHARLES F. DeBARDELEBEN, Ill . . Milwaukee, Misconsin . . . . . . . . Birmingham, Alabama Foolball . . . . . . .Worcesler, Massachusells Foolball SIDNEY C. DREW . . DONALD H. ECKERT LESTER R. ELLIS . . . ROBERT L. ELLIS . . J. DON ESTES . . Greenfield, Massachusells . . Minneapolis, Minnesola . . Clearbrook, Minnesola . . . Sealfle, Washinglon . . Sl. Louis, Missouri H051 4 . . I I -- ' f QI FIFTH ROW: WAYNE W. FANCHER . . JOHN M. FELIX .. ROBERT L. FENN . . . . GEORGE G. FISHER JOHN C. FLOYD . KENNETH C. FOOSE THEODORE B. FORD . . JOHN F. FOSTER . HENRY K. FRESE . . . MORTON FRIEDMAN . . ERNEST A, FROSETH . . REX W. FULLER .. SIXTH ROW: ESTA S. FURR ..... CHARLES W. GEER . , WILFRED O. GILL . ALFRED J. GIRARDOT, JR. . THOMAS J. GLASER , . . . MARVIN E. GOLDLUST . C . PAUL R. GOLDSTEIN .... ROBERT E. GOODENOUGH STEPHEN J. GRAMACY . . ALLAN H. GREENBLATT . . ARCH T. GREGG ..... RAYMOND R. GRENZEBACI-E J' X.. N IUKQ '. ' 5 In is , as 1. , 41' vs . 4' fer F, " ' I ' gt? V. , Q., -In . c.. ii V ., gy.: N . ' in A ' m 3.1 T4 I,, i Q. 1 l , Isl hm 0 v IIT? U5 fu I - , I ' x S gf . 1-f maj r A . v ,, ,5,i,," , . is 2 K 5 isgiiiifbaii' Irrv Cvnrfl, Clif. B ... ... ...While Bear Lake, PIII DCIIJ Thel-3 iK.ipL.Q AI-phat i ' Banil Newman Club Newrnain 'Club' i Newman. Club' A ...B:3n.d. . .. Band .. ' f I Q- xx ' 'To 'QI 'A gr-" A 'jg'f'5.:i, . . f ,f finilbg -,jx .. I A . on is , ,ag I .V I ,fi - P a , mx . Q"""4' . ' + 1 i 1 M, ' s . , . . Iberia, Missouri . . Independence, Missouri Independence, Missouri Minnesola . . . . Redlands, California . . . Tchula, Mississippi . . Columbia, Mississippi . . . Mansfield, Ohio Yardville, New Jersey . Brooklyn, New York Eau Claire, Wisconsin . .Azusa, California Aberdeen, Mississippi . . . Tampa, Florida . . . Marcus, Iowa . . Delroil, Michigan . . . Bellaire, Ohio . . Cleveland, Ohio . Brooklyn, New York . . Beloit, Wisconsin . . Bronx, New York . Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Evansville, Indiana Washington, Illinois 'f l 1 if .. . , . 1 " .- J E' if-sf I v.gsi?3,:,f2, , ,s g .,,.. .5 - X . . ii hwy 511.53 3. 7 'Q ' L . - ,,, N ny X L V A T ', :VV 'E I if -A Q53 mag. ' 56 ff . ' I x A 1 , I N r A A -I. ' 4 A I " ' , 1-44, Y "11'J' ?2mk1 . Y V' I , ,D 5 Hgh. , K: ,QE L 1 X . ' r 'R' 2 .. X N .QJLARA . A , it-:gf -Q .hr X Y . . 5 , IQ .. ,h ...ff y. A K' v-2 ' i .Wag f. fy? ' ' 'fa A 'gi are i I' sz. . "' I was . 'L O . 1 Eff . Q 1 C' A .-- kgs. -Q 5? s airg - I ' A h 3 , f.vS,.sQ ff N-i-'WW V.. ,Q Tx " Q 9312 . 4 ' ' gg. I 1. X I I 1, . F, S Q I gif ,A . V. f ff- . ""' I i 'B y - se I' 1283? Ik 5 ' A ' K YV. ' . 'V 1. Q. ' ""' ""' 1 " K V1 A ' 1' .vis . I 5' ' I RW-I X 1 I I . gf,,Qv,3 . ' I L x- -V- .. L., ., H' " " 4 1'f5.-' . - " . .L ' f J' ss, ZS., 1 L R A '50-1 f Qi 7'-I A A f I 3195 . I Q I f' I - e- E A fi K wg, J, """' , - ii ififa -' ' 2 ' " , A was Y Q I f " 5 ' ffm T W I' 1' I A Q ' . I sys A IL 4 ,s.-1,43 ' , . 5 Ni I ' Q A . " . ' K ' sr q " "' 4' 'Q , ' .Q N wg, .X ' -I-"" ' A' -":' . A I E K I , I Q F - , .V 4 y :gf A 1 'Q-9' ' ,.j"'I . I . f -ef" nf . C' , ' ,, .1 .93 Y N 'AXYW B n f-.T Winks- 1 ' y Duke and Duchess. A ' gn " NIV. FIRST ROW: WILLIAM G. GURAN . PARNELL N. HAGEN . . CLARENCE T. HAGUE . . MARTIN E. HAMMAN . . ISIDORE R. HANKIN ........... HENRY L. HARRINGTON Kappa Sigma . . . . . .Akron, Ohio . .AneIa, Norlh Dakoia . . .JacksonviIle, Florida . . . Hamilfon, Indiana . . Baltimore, Maryland . , . Houston, Mississippi BYRON F. HASKINS . ............. . .Manhalfanl Kansas GERALD A. HAYNES . , ........... , . . Hasfings, Michigan LOUIS A. HEDBERG . ...... Palchogue, Long Island, New York Foolball MARVIN K. HEFFNER ,..,,.,..... ..... A rlinqion, New Jersey GEORGE W. HENDERSON GORDON G. HENRICKS SECOND ROW: NORMAN E. HERMANN . "Rebel" Slali Ifflaiagll' ' RUSSELL T. HOLLINGSWORTH . . . . . . DAVID A. HILLIS ..,. f' ci. rlslinn Enilf-amor . .Beverly Hills, California . . . . . .Gridley, Illinois . . . .GaIvesIon, Texas . . Ballimore, Maryland . . . Bishop, California . . Baltimore, Maryland , .ChaIham, Massachuseiis . ........ . .,,. Erie, Pennsylvania , JOHN E. HILTNER . ...,...... . " 5- Fmifliinll A EDWARD w. HOPKINS . . . B, .i. . . 'N . .mi N.. "QW . , BERTON O. Howe . . . ' c 'f - gs ALLAN T. HOWENSTINE . . .......,......CIear Creek,lndiana Oolbnll, Buslcvlball , F ' I' ' ROBERT L. INGLIS ............,..., Maryland JOHN D. INGRAM .. PHIL INTERLANDI , ROY B. JAMISCN .... HENRY U. JEDRZEJEWSKI rL.l.f'II.Qll', Bama' . . . . .CanIon, Ohio ..Chicago, Illinois Bnskf-lball 1 .F.iic-illm'll- I l . .SL Louis, Missouri . .New York, New York ll' Q as , k4giV,.fG' , . 1 ' 1 ,E 7' ' r ,f' I ls. IK ' az-6 ltr' --:SPT . jj A 1... Ik 2 ii 3- ff? -1 f J . . Y ,xii r A-vu sb- Q' 1 .S Q I K ' wr? -. R fr I il. . I I . ' fl. 5 B IT Q. 'ff . 2 :A Y r' V VN, 1 -1 .V 1 "V, f' 7:7 ' 5 f2?.f!i5fQ -V ,- - 5 i "SJ A 1 g . A E M4 N V V, , , , , . 5- Q- ,, 9 1- . . " we y , 223 v t N W I-4 ki .5 1 f 1 Y url . ' 1' 'if FZ F 1 . THIRD ROW: PHILIP E. JOHNSON . . . Color Guard, Co. JUNIPER KERRISON . . . . ALBERT L. KALISCH .. STANLEY M. KAPINOS ALBERT J, KAZLAUSKAS ........... ROBERT M. KIERMAN . JOSEPH H. KING . . . EDWARD P. KINGSBURY, JR., ....... JOHN R. KINNEY . . . GILBERT E. KINYON .. HUNTER H. KIMBALL, JR ........,... PERA C. KIRKPATRICK ' 'fiaikeiisgli' ' ' ' ' Bs'm3,'e5sieie5li ' ' ' ' 'r5aib'sli ' ' Kappa Sigma FOURTH ROW: WILLIAM T. KLANN . . . WALTER F. KOELLING . BURTON A. KOLB .... ALFRED J. KRAEMER . . EDWARD KUZEL .... Student CHARLES LAWRENCE . EDWARD F. LAWSON . . ..... . . OSCAR K. LEISHER . . . RICHARD J. LILLY . . THEODORE J. LINS .. JOHN H. LOWE . . . JAY R. LOWENTHAL . ""'ra5+b5lu' " 4.5 1 B. Activities Committee, 5 Jv- Q- seg- ez.. .. L7 I Q .mx , f r , . 1 A s 2 , L fiifzilf f f Qi 2 'X 'W' WI, Q .le ,V v A A , 3.75 I I ' fs? 'I av , T j i 'S if . 2 f . 51 4, fi T46 4 f -L Y J -r I 1 ' I s C. ' I ' U, 5 - . 65 4 5? ji? .V 2- . , A ,,,,, ' , gg, f I , .g N ' V I s 4 ' ' L Q . , , x Q 45. '. . " 4 ' I 1 'l . Ig., Q 1: XL i I 1 13 V QT. L A , ""- . . , , . -1 s ,.,. -egg. wg? "'Q'f,.g. . 3 227 A wr" A , ps . 'r -vu 4 s V 1 'z ,Q MM ' ' 1 ' ' va .E f 1 , .15 !'f" 5 T, , fs . 'Q x. l 1 qpo-cv hi , E' , -. ,fi H 7. . ,, . . . .Seneca, Pennsylvania . . . . Ormond, Florida . . . . . Denver, Colorado . . Holyoke, Massachusetts . .SI'. Clair, Pennsylvania . ,... ..., A Iton, Iowa . . New Tazewell, Tennessee . Concord, New Hampshire . . . . . Detroit, Michigan . .Oxford Junction, Iowa . .GuIfport, Mississippi . . . Fairfield, Iowa . . .Chicago, Illinois . . Chicago, Illinois . . . .Angola, Indiana New York, New York . . . . . Detroit, Michigan Basketball .East Orange, New Jersey . . . Indianapolis, Indiana . . Lemoyne, Pennsylvania . . , . . . Detroit, Michigan .Spring Green, Wisconsin . . . . . . . .ToIedo, Ohio . . . . .Chicago, Illinois M l107l 7.3- ! .:, 11 -A QW. ' N? M L f.. , as' f . ,' , 3, -'J' . . J 1,3 ,lg 4 r, .5 L I 'NI my , ., , ICA, g , , 4 , 4 ' ' V . , X I L, 4 5 5+ 4-Jin? cts.. 'iw ' "2 , are Q si . -' f . ,fs ' 1 mix X-'lf .. A - ,AQ , ,.::ux- I Q, .H ' . ..mrfg3,, -W sq- 5 - .Ms .c, ... -:. . 'agai n f E253 'UQ ... , V ' es LA ' f ' , 77 f ".- ' . x . ' ' 41 -5 I pn. f' Q .ass s -. . to f rinse-. ,. -'Us - --.- -1 ' Af' a' 7, . , -I ,, . .,. Q- ., 'I V V ,'.,,e T, , ,l4,',5,ig,I "' 5' - 'i' gf."-1'f 4 A f.s.z.,,,2g.4s L ,,.. ,, J., g- ,3 YT ' ' . .iff -W - zvi':.:2Q. A ww . -saw. M . ' .fn f 9 f. I - i . . - -Y o x ' 6 'U-V' ' I ,iff I Jw Ai' '.. FIFTH ROW: GLENN G. LUCKRITZ .. ..Kansas Clly, Missouri WESLEY C. LUEBBE . . . .,....,.. . .Green Bay, Wisconsin JOHN A MCDONALD . . ...... .... . . Larchmont, New York "Rebel" t ff ROSCOE M. MCCAIN, JR. ,,.. . . .a. , . . . Ashland, Alabama F Iball CHARLES J. MCCAMMON . ..OlD ,.... .. ..Robinson, Illinois GENE M CARTNEY ..............,..... Norman, Oklahoma C Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities CHARLES F. MCCORD ..............,... Mishawaka, Indiana WILLIAM J. MCDONALD Color Guard, CO. B Riverdale Maryland Cadet First Sergeant, Co. Who -in' American Colleges and Um- versitiesj Associated Siudenl Body, Faculty-Student Welfare Committee. BENSON R. McGANN ...... ........... B erkeley, California MAX E. MADDOX .... SIXTH ROW: ARTHUR H. MARSCH . . JOHN M. MARTIN . THOMAS R. MATTOX . . GLENN A. MEADE .. ERICH W. MERRILL .. JAMES E. MERRITT .. GEORGE K. MEYER JOHN E. MEYER . . . ROY M. MILLER . . . JOHN G. MITCHELL . ROBERT J. MORRISON . EUGENE E. NANCE . . Foaibsfl, Basketball ' 'mapa -Alpha' ' Adpha Tau Omega DUNCAN M. McKEE .................., . Orlando, Florida HAROLD E, MCMAHAN . . . ............. Hopewell, Alabama Morgantown, West Virginia . . . Moriement, Ohio . . . .CoIumbus, Ohio . . Gulfport, Mississippi . . . .Ashland, Kentucky Olive Branch, Mississippi Clarksda Ie, Mississippi raaibalif 'B.4siZefb.5l1' ' . .CIeona, Pennsylvania . . . Louisville, Kenhxckv . . . Flint, Michigrr . . Alpena, Michigan . . .SaIina, Kansas . . Lansing, Michigan Make up your own, we can'll .T fs:a?g""" , A "fini, ' , PSr!T'Y'k"5?4' fl . - iT Y . ' -r I I 904 92- I , ' ' W- . ' if A 9.1" 1 E' " I , 'C .L J Milli . ai. 14, 4 , . . '. Q' 3 T f 5 i 4:--.ref I 3- 'F' ' - s 3 .?+'g,v- ' 1 ' . 7 V wt. 5--41:5 , " fy 'Q -' L15 F' .IA A g g 1 g ,A i -. - is-1,-s.. A MM . Q. as Q," Gi,-f if I V W ' ' K ' ' A' I 'Cf rf lf'-T X ' I f .gif Q ' E ,A - .wx ,.. A H, Af Ag ja ,ik is if ,v'f,.gi g VWHLI - I W ' Idsf ,T Q A , 5 I 7391 , 'Q , ,,, W - ' . Q as l , """' gigiliifzir fin 4 'A i L.. ' 5 'h'e5' T 7 .fig A ' "?gi3,j -- in wifes? ,' ' J ' j a pe , sw Jun, 19' ' r. ,gr V V 4 , W I ' 3 RH- 5 C ' ' 5 515.1 X . , wg- ' T F 2- W '-S., I . ii i I ef, I E w. 'A -,A ad if , X Hy A . ,q.E9wi Ayqljzy ,, , 1 . O tv 4 ff" 55- V ' 1 . .jx 'f is ' ' Fifi lf I AA FIRST ROW: NIEL NAPPO . . ......,... . . Brooklyn, New York Newman Clulw ROBERT L. NAVE . . WILLIAM L. NELSON VERNON C. NEWMAN CARL G. NICHOLS ....., JOSEPH M. NICHOLAS Nvwrimfi Club Ffml CHARLES A. NORMAN RICHARD J. NOWAKOWSKI l f CHARLES S. O'DONALD NORMAN ISRAEL OSTER ..... CHARLES W. PALEN SECOND ROW: DONALD R. PARKS . . MARVIN S. PARK C OLSON .... CG'i"i Efuuilivv' Oificvr 'i GEORGE R. PAVLICK .H lin My LOUIS A. PEBWORTH, JR. . STANLEY F. PELCHER JOHN D PELLETIER . MILTON S. PERRY ., . JULIAN I. PICHEL . . . SHERMAN M. PIERCE ALBERT J. POLLARD . HENRY F. POOLE . . Figwlball Kappa Sigma ' 'raaiaaii' ' ' Ba ml Co. B, Siu-lcnl Ai Bilhil VUi'flliSi ' 'B.S5iQiif.iii,'sfifii-ii Nr-wrinm Club BMI: Tlwm Pl Lall, Baskclball, Dam . .Souih Bend, Indiana . Minneapolis, Minnesola . . . Lansing, Michigan . . Rosedale, Mississippi . . . . Deiroif, Michigan r- Coiiimiflcc. . . . . . Decalur, Illinois . . Shellon, Connecticut .Howard Ciiy, Michigan . . . . Deiroil, Michigan xilivs Comriilllii-C. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania . . . . . Ovid, Michigan . . . . . .Sheldon, Iowa .New Orleans, Louisiana Benton Harbor, Michigan l . . . Pawhuska, Oklahoma . . . . . Elmhursl, Illinois . . Superior, Arizona . . . Ufica, Mississippi . . La Canada, California . . . Corning, New York . . Balfimore, Maryland . . Glosfer, Mississippi . . . Hannibal, Missouri JACK H. PORTER .,............ I Qqiln.-I Criplaiii, Co. B, Sluflp-nl Acliviiirgs Cuinmillcc. :Q ' 5 il - 5 I'7 fi23?5 - ff-, -' fr' . 13:1 nfaefri' 'k-M L , .I . - .1 i.,,,, 'Gs ' I i,,,,.y,f A fl 1 I -:J -. ,fa 95 f igi .aim i 'wx'-' i 1 is Q' fa' an I - In f 5' ,fa If ' W Twin ,lf ' gif V 1 I xv 'I A 3. "f" 4lw.?5l I Usiii? ' I '1 i F'f' "ffa- Sym 9. ' kf .2 f I . f Q ' '- -. 1, H -:lx . . .A ' ' ii ii B A f . .J ,. fs ,JST li- N J A4 ' s -fs ' LHP' I -v-,an A V .affi ,: eg, Y ,Q . L5 f . M ., . , ,, ,Q..3f Y 5 . Q . ,V 5 M, . 3 ,, r . x df ' if ,Q ww : fi.4BB .R5f?i. ,1.iT, ' " I f- gf' I ' 1. I r 8 B' W, J Laws: ' . . EQ Q. ' ' ' 3 I "'T""TiV71W"'E 1 " . ii I A I . , 'A V. V332 M' 1-ff' l li " . , A I ' I 4' ' ffm fl 7 '14 4 " ie - 4. 1 't v is . ." I f z " I 51 ' 1 ' . z I ':'1 P .fy pix, 6 "" qi... , M., 'TQ' '77, 5, . ., V, 13, ,N ,U .I fl! , LII? A we . I I I- 1 2 I . W .A k bil . I ' . ' ' ' W, ' s V W .' r ,f .1 Q , 4' V, i 5' 2 2 - . . 'Q'-v, F-ff fi' L' 'fi ' ,... , W . . ,f - Q, . THIRD ROW: CLARENCE W. RAFFESBERGER. ..... .... . . Almena, Wisconsin DON F. RIAGSDALE .. JAMES S. RENNIE . . . JOHN C. RICHARDSON ELMER E, RIGEL . . . VER-NON W. RING . . Newman FRANK J. ROACH . . NATHANIEL C. ROE . GEORGE J. ROOKSBY . KEITH W. ROOT . . . ALLAN D. ROSE EDWARD ROSENBERG FOURTH ROW: FLOYD F. ROSS . . JAMES L. RUDE . . . Louis G. TATTER, JR. . GEORGE TELEP ..... GEORGE HERBERT WARREN ROBERT G. TREADAWAY ELLIS A. TREVILION . . HARRYLEE D UTZ .. JACK L. VANDERMOLEN TONY N. VANDERPAS . R. THATCHER E. THOMAS, JR. Newman Club. ' ' 'iaafisail' ' ' ' Phi Kappa Psi . . . . De Solo, Illinois . . Baltimore, Maryland Falkner City, Mississippi . . . . . . Riley, Kansas . . .SL Louis, Missouri Club, Sludenl Aclivilies Corrimillee. Chiisiliani Endeavour CaI5r'6'U3ra,'C'0.'B' i i .........Boyes Baskelball ' 'rlsafiiall' ' ' ' ' Della. Kappafbsiiloni i . . Belmonl, California . .ChesIer, New York . . Rochesler, New York . . . Beulah, Michigan . . Chicago, Illinois . . Chicago, Illinois . . . . . Dexler, Missouri Hof Springs, California Chicago, Illinois . . . Detroit, Michigan . .GulfporI, Mississippi . Duquesne, Pennsylvania E. TOMLINSON ..........,.. Waynesboro, Pennsylvania Foolball, Baskelball Sigma Phi Epsilon . . Summerville, Georgia Marks, Mississippi Fairmonl, Wes? Virginia Grand Haven, Michigan . . Sf. Paul, Minnesola P- s . 5. - 1... 1 kk , X R Y b ., ...I ,,, , R A if' NJ . 'Yi .1 . . -:,f QT? V . , atv L ii EAA L. H . i It 'M , A - fl ,,,.... Y '53 ,qlugiigel Y, 1 T- F l 'af' I " , ,' .1 E. . I , ' ig' . ,, , CW' , Q' 2 QA r Vg fi, f rm 'Z 's-'3 MQ I . ' . I 4 . X ., Q... Q , ffjy - 5 . ' '4 Ti 4. 1, , 5 .. .. ij ' I ' T U - .,...-1 I ii' il. . Y. n' , V 14' 1 x J 1 X - fi 5 'f I -f rm . . f ' .G ' . ' ,,' F . g gg ', -f '-T 'f A 4' I I Sf. K A sf ..4- 'Q I iilffil Wif' ' . yn- ' , I ,Ls ' ,g i . X EV.. I 9, . , ' If if .4 'EN A V 0' ' 8 V. Z . fm . ', . 1: l s. 17 X. ' . I P vi-ma' f ws: . , ,J .1 FIFTH ROW: WALTER J. WARZYBOK ............... Color Guard, Co. B, Newman FRANK H. WATSON .............. HAROLD P. WEBSTER . . . . . . . . . BURTON A. WELMERS , . . . WALTER G. WENDTE . . ........ . . KNOW WHITE ..... .......,.. V . Della Kappa Epsilfgvn WILLIAM S. WHALEY ............. GEORGE E. WIDING . . ....... . . JOHN S. WILLIAMS . Band RICHARD WILSON . . . . . . . ROBERT W. WILSON . . . . TALMADGE R. WILSON . I SIXTH ROW: HARDY B. WOODBRIDGE . , JAMES J. WRIGHT . ADOLFH C. RULAK ..... Newman Club ROBERT B, SATTERFIELD ........... .. GEHRAD K. SCHLUMBERGER .......... Football, Soflball ' 'D.4li5'PLa' ' Newrriari Club ' ' l auf- Q' V-I. r V ' i. 5. -sf If 5 " .4 .f . -,,.,,, I . . Hamlramck, Michigan Club Beulah, Michigan . Finleyville, Pennsylvania Grand Rapids, Michigan . .Dielerich, Illinois . . Gullport, Mississippi . . . .EImore, Ohio . . . Urbana, Illinois . . , .Sparks, Nevada Brooklyn, New York . . Hannibal, Missouri . . Gulfporl, Mississippi . , Tchula, Mississippi . . Brooklyn, New York . . . .Chicago, Illinois . Mooresburg, Tennessee .New Castle, Pennsylvania ELMER W. SCHWENK ......,......... . . Delroil, Michigan JAMES H. SCOTT ................... . . . Miami, Florida Football, Dance Comrriilfee LEONARD L. SHAPIRO ............... . .Chicago, Illinois Foolball, Basketball EDWIN S. SHEARS, JR. ................... Flinl, Michigan Foofball, Baslfelball, Sollball ROBERT E. SLATER .................... Milwaukee, Wisconsin 'iOIe Miss" Slalfg Melhodisl Choir, Commillee ol One Hundred ROBERT J. STONE .............. . . ..... Toledo, Ohio Foolball ROBERT YERGIN . . .... . . IIOQI . .Allanla, Georgia "BY THE DAWN'S EARLY LIGHT" AST? PITYSIEAL 3 EDUEATIUN No'r fo be forgoH'en are +he six hours per week of compulsory physical 'training and here are 'rhe men under- going +he daily dozen designed 'ro malce or brealc. combaf Troop slandards, as fhe Ole Miss uni? 'triumphed in The excellenl' supervision of fhe P. T. sfaff lcepf The Trainees ranking above fhe nafional average for fhe A. S. T. P in such 'rrim fhai' lhey no? only mel buf exceeded infanfry college uniis. lllfil DRESS RIGHT! DRESS! AND EACH WITH A STAR IN HIS POCKET . ,gn .. C-,4 . 313- f . 5,4 'iv 4 L 1 COMPANY A TEAM Firsf Row, Left to Right: Flood, Shannon, Buckner, Gessler, Schweizer, McWhor1er. Second Row: Kraemer, Good, Sleinbring, Ryerson, Gorsky, Hoyle, Pol1rack,Meyer. Third Row: Mulliniks, Van Horn, Huizenqa, Chappell, Dresser, Tracey, Engels, Coach Khayaf. Fourth Row: McPherson, Bardsley, Vlasak, Schmilf, Palusynski, Schulte, Taller, Norbeff, Brown. Ole Miss's sporls-hungry slu- denfs looked 'ro +he A. S. T. P. for foofball excifemenl in I943 when l'he war pu'r rhe Rebel ma- chine our of order, supposedly for +he duralion. Bolh com- panies rose lo 'lhe occasion, providing fhree greal' games: playing before 'lwo fhousand specfaiors in all lhe confesfs, bolh reams pul up a good show. Ourslanding players of +he year were Shannon, Gessler, Flood, and Buckner for Co. A, while Carr, Mc- Cain, and Ragsdale slarred for fhe B eleven. HIHEIITIIHS Reduced lo a minimum, Ole Miss's war-lime alhlelic slaff included only 'rhe five coaches necessary for 'rhe army physical 'rraining pro- gram. Of lhe pre-war slaff only Head Coach Harry Mehre and Coach Edwin "Goal" Hale re- mained. Coaches Eddie Khayal and Engle May, direclors, were also sponsors of 'rhe A. S. T. P. foolball program. Coach Ed Slone of Universify High com- pleled 'rhe deparlmenl 'rhal made PT TS for 'rhe Trainees. Farsi Row Leff fo Righl Donegan Glaser Second Row Marcus Weber Nave Pavliclr Stone George, Scoll, Schlumberger, Jamison Third Row Ingram Kinney Hallner Hendricks Nicholas Ragsdale McGann Fourlh Row Howenslein, Shears, McCain, -94 sal .1 X gf- th is 1. - Qac COMPANY B TALKS IT UP BEFORE THE BIG GAME PAPPAS, FAIRCHILD, SISK, POWELL, MARCUS, WHITTEN, COX, TURNER I 11141 " 1, 4 'WL , l M gr an N 7 hm. STEPPING HIGH F ll U l Il l L L Co. A, coached by Eddie Khayal, look fhings easy in winning lhe firsr game 28 +o IZ. Shannon and Flood were unsioppable, while Coach May's Co. B couldn'+ click. The second game found McCain, cen+er for +he B Co. Cadels, racing IOO yards wi'rh a fumbled ball +ha'r hadn'+ hi+ 'rhe ground 'ro provide his crew wi'rh an upsei' 7 fo 0 vic'rory. ln 'rhe sugar game of fhe series 'rhe Co. B Cadeis finally shook Dickie Carr loose on a 73-yard gallop off lackle for anofher 7-0 game, and 'rhe acknowledged championship of Ole Miss was lheirs. BAND SHOWS OFF BETWEEN HALVES if in vL?.y5,iiti'Ngg5jf,1p'f3kg ,Q ww, 5 I 5 5, I ul, Ks .4 I V , ' A A vm: A ig.: Y t fi if Q Q X -J 'X l AA jf' 'Tkf 5 . . Q Wir 1 9X. 9: 5 +:Xg'1f.,,, . "L V wif, W Q.. .,,.-...V - , J fn. x Y , JI , QR., -.4-jv ,' ' wc f :E i '. i' 1' ' l Kar: A. an - 55 3 Liiqx- is , --a -Ji A . ....-H .1 I 5. a", r. 1 v '-- 1. :gm M I ,. Q u lv 5 . .ar ba .J f 6' 7 W. A L 7 if Q " "9 . , - .,. , 4 "1 ' ' 'L -74+ 'f Q ' ' QQ- '11 i. i' wif 1 fry M ,, Q - m ' ' 0 ' A 'U A ' . r 1, I 5' s ' ap ' 'Ls' "4 ' 'Y .1 .f A ,, h ' af ' .I I fx In my A J X H 5 4 V Q K j '17 4? . 6 ,N in . -E -Fw Y ,Y ' 11. , ,VX Ax in wwf' . 2, 7. YM , h 4. . A , - , nf,-f , , 1 Q , 1 gl ab , ' , J "' 'V v . V 7 'd I G' . . A fx' xi- A, 3 V 'iw l , . I I 4 ..,,' 6 A V .aw .g X '- I 1 N' . k ' f ,A .J M M R 5, Alf Af,fiV I I. b . E- AQ' D' , gf 'sf 5352- ' f 3 X s il . .A PM , , - an Q , 5 f ., 4 . -- ' wr f X, wg l' f f 'f f A . f-arf:-f ' - 7- " ' 'f 4 l ' . , ,,.. ' ' uit if 'I 4x-' 4 A K kms' ,-'x I . f - ' 41" Q C N J. if ' 4: A .1 l 1. if , 4,5 fx z Y ' A . 1? , X. 4" VX' , ' ' 3 i':g',q Q Q' . Y ul f - f , -fx Ov, '5 4 f - in Y 'XA A -A 457. ",. , 1 Q.. ' i J , fl A Q . x 5 A ffl-f K , .wgf:,?m:Z',fvp V R f U r xv ' t 5 , 'sq I -A J 1' ,fb - ' 1 ,-If, , mi Q 3 ' , "" f f if I iw - ' in :lk 1 ! 5 Q, ,X ' ggfuygx? ggffnj : V A Q X r, ,t 'xiii A V ' 5 1 5123 5' V " 'V I in ' v A- F i i n V 'W - ' " '7 ,K J ,,--1 - 'K W - V - 'ff 1 Q - ' - 9 " , ,1 A gl H x ,. W, A X X - ',,,, at ,, I - ..'QQ , Ax' B- H. I. JIVE Those precious free mo- menis every evening were spenf af Ward and on Saiurdays a guy had his choice of USOing, or dancing in ihe gym fo fhe music of fhe Engi- neers. Top: Band warms up. Boiiom: USO Cenfer. CHERRY DROOPY ELIZABETH AND LEISHER MALVA AND SIMON V' ,I ,yy in Grainger, Burton, Keys, Tracey. Harrier Porter, Porfer, Powell, Cox, Walton. SPH SUHS The firsl' big A. S. T. P. social highlighl was lhe Term-Ending Dance Friday nighl' before December furloughs, when Second Term Sponsors were presenled. Masler of Cere- monies was Bal"ralion Commander Grady Bur+on who presenled Miss Sarah Ann Grain- .rr , P ger, Biloxi, as Balfalion Sponsor. Miss Dol' Keyes, Cxford, was named Company A Sponsor, escorled by Cadel Caplain John Tracey, and Mrs. Jack Porler, Universily, wifh Cadel' Caplain Jack Por+er, was chosen Sponsor for Company B. Milifary Maids selec'l'ed were Cherry Sislc, Belly Cox, Belsy Wallon, and Ann Powell. 1 , . 1 ' PI 'Q gg is 42 EY? S,-'R 4 .+L Q I 'Pa 9 Q 1 m M-. AX, '15 X Q U ini, s 3 Q. ' q 9 P0401 ,A -163, 1 . 'Mi 4 2 4 If 1 M f, A 4 Q- wi, , Q., ICN., All T ..t' . fr' U,-J' ' p, Irs, - I, 4. , ,YTYMKL SX -4 . , -, ff'X 'X O Q ' si ba., si f'-z 1 1. vi: gg F I 4 .n M .41 fy ' "xi,f,.f -,Q 'kim '-If-k ..1il"'Fl.W 'U ' 'W Q, ' ' Q ar .,, 1, h1.' ,, ,tx . K . o 1-1 ' ..- "i w 'P 5 1 'N f".: .90 vwqvpia A44 4,4- fr. , M! "-' ' -,. .af-pf . ,V . , -.4-' :FI ,LQ . , , '- R64 .1 tfs ,ig I . T Y 1- ri' .N ,, A 1-V, ' ' . A -J 1 A - u. ' f . .. . ' ' Or... ...,' Q'-quo, -.9 - .. . . .- ' Y -4-14 :IR- 'Ai N . fe. .. . .'. A A N 4 f,v1 I df' ff '1- Y sk 4' L, -fun.- Qi ,-MQ' -q,, C x 'E 5 I, ' 'N 1 A"71Hs-Q Aj' I t v Mn L I FEA T u uns W l F M PK oH were Mks Bekky Cox and Pfwake Jac q decked by skudenk voke ko re'xqn as 'the X943-'44 "MESS OXe MBS" and "CoXoneX Rebel" Bekiy 'b raX Ads, a DeNa 'xs a Xurhor 'm We SchooX of Lx e Gamma, and is from Prescoki, Arkansas. fx x x1 4 n - A . ' x I 1 ji . V, X! Miss BHIY ,cox jp Q BEAUTY In lhe I944 PARADE OF FAVORITES in Fullon Chapel were ihe gorgeous coeds above, from which you chose lhe +wen+y-five fealured as your I944 Favori+es of Ole Miss. From fhis group fhe officers of 'rhe I24+h Cavalry Uni'r of fhe Unifed Sfales Army selecled and ranlcecl as 'rhe five Mos? Beaulifulz Misses Lila Lee Nosser, Jean Whiflinglon, Ann Dulceminier, Elizabefh Sislc, and Mary Vallafos. We preseni' t' ff 2-.v 'YJ KK Jn vi f' ' 41 sv? f in '-fs f 'E' nr' Q" 'i CHERRY SISK DEXTER JOHNSON O 'Ev' mi W MARY GENE HOFFMAN ANN POWELL X19 N FRANCES CHARLES HUMPHREYS DOT MANCILL f K' ,'-1 CORINNE McCARTHY CATHERINE STEWART A T XX PATTY GILBERT BETSY WALTON Lf! 1. J T, 'Z wi JEANNE DONOVAN BETTY BUTTS RJ! MISS ANN nu QQ NJ X I I I l L MARGARET VANCE JACKIE FAIRCHILD I 5 GENEVA SCHNEIDER LAVONNE LAIRD E Miss fumzuu slsk jp Q ff? 'K JOBURNHAM KATHERINE BROWN 3 15 A-vv4"" nv" JAYNE QUINN GENE THOMAS XJ XJ MISS MARY VAHATIIS jp xg V' I I I I I I I I I I I I Isl EARL FYKE Y-Z HUEY HOWERTON THE HILL I 9 MARALYN HOWELL SeIec+ion for Hall of Fame, sponsored by fhe "Mississippian," was made by a secre+ s+uden+- 'FacuI+y commiHee. These are +he sfudenfs upon which is besiowed fhe mosf cove+ecI of Ole Miss II IIIIII honors. Their charac+er, scholarship, and con- s+rucIive Ieadership have made Iheir con+ribu'rion Io Ihe UniversiI'y Ihe mos'r ou+s+anding. LORANE LOWRY 'K N WILLIAM WINTER -2 Ygia ,Mi '.e4,, ,f-V. 2.51" ,af rea :if " ' ,QQ 'sr ,-.H Lwwxvi' TEX "ff K? as wit '26 ff. I, 'fs-If ,Biz , ' kgs sq' A' J, , L :n,n"' 4 I ,- -, 3 wxgm, We iw I' W f 93? ,fig .1 X, we-L ,aw ir , V -'ZX fc. w , , ,V f WHITE WHU AMONG STUDENTS IN AMERICAN UNIVERSITIES AND COLLEGES Fix wok, S 'v A If H, m . V few by ifff Y' f 1,38 fm any VV 'jr KIKQAZNSQ- X WM? L. I..K,.:4nfi,f-. 'iv " -- ' A "lb .V uh K .1 ,rv Q ,S I 1 9" O"""'w... if I MARJORIE BIGGART MARJORIE BLACK KS """T" 1. C' We------nQ ' -:H r-, ffm.. 'Is TTI ' ' , ' 'H ' . ,Q ' '-23f'f'f , ug., KEASTE BILLY GOLDEN GENE McCARTNEY RUTH HAYS L Qfggfk ' L ' . 150 X + - L. L L L - 52 N - V f 1 f ELLIS BODRON GRADY BURTON ffw--, -,V - rh, , A fa. W Q I , If im ' I , In, , if-y 51,4 M g r f 'Q L J ,L X I 4 MARALYN HOWELL BECKETT HOWORTH .v ry. 4P"""H UU! ft' -QQ' ANN DUKEMINIER lkgx V57 LORANE LOWRY I L 1 A zu ang EVA LILLIAN McBEE WILLIAM McDONALD TOM MULLINIKS E' JOE A. WAGGONER ROBERT WILSON JOSEPH BINGHAM WITTY CHERRY SISK LON TAYLOR JOHN TRACEY BOBBY YANDELL EARL FYKE WHITE WHU AMONG STUDENTS IN AMERICAN UNIVERSITIES AND COLLEGES O+hers Noi Picfureclz PVT. DONALD BUCKNER PVT. ROBERT E. GOODENOUGH 1- kb Ui 'ff-Q "1 f,.- ,Ji f 142'!i4ff'!g ..,. - 'J " 9: 9 J H: H LL? ' X , 1' . XJ' . 2 U 'TWA' 21"--1 Q r. - QA, A ,1 ag ,c Vx' 33 ' N ha-na IG. ,J- 'aG J I- ron 494 ,..--" 5 - P 5'3"'N3lP , .uns Lv-.n . ..,,,," -a .46 1 .1-. in v 'VKQX ' if .u Ole Miss by Ben Key. Why 'lhe War Fund Drive exceeded lhe quola. Three limes a day. Husband seelzers. Dol' "Garbo" Weslover. Who flung il? Two lale. She says "Moider," she says. Huh? Up In lhe air. Ole Miss Wealher. "Come up and see me somelimef' Sekul. Winnie's laundry. Democralic smile. Rave on, McDuffl On 'lhe line. Campus leader. Another one. Burlon's af if again. Mrs. "Eyes." Baclx from Busler's. Off fo 'fhe Tri Dell House "Mamma PruiH'." The "A" and "B" of if. Slzinny and henchmen. Ole Miss, by Damn! Anolher suclrerl Hey, Dean. G. l. Whaf Sanla broughl. Law School's Marfha. I943 football. R0ll THE C MPU R0ll THE MPU Winfer Time. Mililary hi-lighf. And he's pinned foo! Charlie. San Anfone Rose. Pleasanf dreams! Sunshine-unrafioned. "Goa+s!" Goals! A change of poison. Higher and Higher. No, we don'f have "Peppy Tales." "Ensign Howorfhf' In de lan' ob cofion. We drew a crowd anyway. Sfale-lhey're married. The cold shoulder. Cherry ponders. Annee "I love my books" Powell. "Puggy and Privafef' Privafe Properly. All inl Bored Board. lndependenf Polifics. Nolicel Mark Lowrey! Nighl before Chrisimas. Lobbying. The lrium grin. Wesley Foundafion. Ole Miss Adverfising. Twangl Whaf! Again! The Morning Affer. College Hour. Granberry Special. Uqh, Ugh. Whal a man! Wrill- "Now, il's like This- .1 DG '18 ww 1 53, I X if ,f T ,AJP 3 1' Q 44 Q o -6 .4 '1,a.p.' l fl' -.,,,' I :S Q X.-, . XY E f LU I J! !f"'b 'I M , H 1 'QT UQ mg fivgqnwmwu H , 'Sv x 3 I i I Ill 1 1' IL ! K -1 w 7 ' A X Slaughfer House. One loo many. Charlolle Baby and Haaaaaaaaarvey. Whaf fhe hell? Old limes. Mariory B. Every+hing's going my way. No fair peeking. Some buggy! Coorclinalor Couller. Posl and Jean. Go on! Read ill Call I50. Navy's Boss. Chrisfmas wifh Tri Della. l'll meef you in The grove. SAE! Fling. Bul l had fo sludy lasl nighl. l'm glad we don'f have classes in lhere, loo. Juvenile Delinquenls. Billye. O whal a beaufiful clay! Was if worfh il? Drs. Brown and Shaw. If you believe lhal, you're crazy. Need we say anylhing? And lhe fears came. One buclr if you clon"r go. Pin up, No, l. We can keep in slep. High School. Campus "sho+s." Hell's Belles. ll's Keys loclay. Kappa Sig Dance. R0ll THE C MPU R0lI THE C MPU Salfer had his car fhal nighf. Saller's car. No Reveille, No Nolhing. Affer all . . . Four-forfy. There used lo be more. B. W. O. C. Hinlon and Collon. Chrislmas Holidays. Hay seeds. Now, ain'f fhey cure? Soulhern Comforl. Remember when . . . The Phis fhrow a brawl. Propaganda. Lyceum. Aflas done if! All's said. Four of a lrind. Springfime. Mr. Chuclr. Al and lnspiralion. Row, row, row. Dean of Freshmen Class. Juliel. Off to The races "Roach." Welcome, Chancellor! Luclry, Two 'ro One. lf won'l be long now. Sugar and spice and every- lhing nice. 1-Mggggggg.. ,Rv 1 Nz?" 'YQ wx ,QA ,,,.,-U' 'F 1 Y 1 .v , . .... .Q w 'Y if ,, ,or W4 P r :ly M l -. Vx,- 6 r A 'vb , , - ' nf 'F j!"".,.: xg 'Ln fm- Ar' Q I A-1 '- -. 'YO x Q4 ,LA fs u.,. flifl .-35 'if -:. ,.s fs ,. ...r- ,W a W if? . -Ps' , . ""r 5.-MF :ll -7' :Phi 'mf-2a. , ss ,,.,,,, ' v-Bu, ,ll C U 4? l 'Q an V"fl1 .yi . I an I NIV' . E 1 I E, - X i ' .,3' '- was :rf ' 1 4 . '- Rib-55 B at!-' ' Q- '- N , :M - A 1- ' if 1 . 1 Q.. V 'hr 4 ,J ha' ,pw I , ' ,- A..-' ' ... .- .,.:, 4 ,,, 1, q , Q. I . 1 s' lhkm- f- - 1 .AA H . 1. -rf.-1 7 6 . L. in ll' H H - gum., 'af , W - un: was i ,X v r ,Ms ' k M, . A, , . avi' wo 4' 1 Y wif f ,ww-.4 .- if x -- f V I r it A In dl lm Tj' A gi, " AV I I3 1 3 '12 1 v 1 S'l 7i , '- T, f4,'74'g . Z L l',,',l 'I' t ? I7 4 L 1 - .5 4 2 ...D ,- 1 l - A .M N "1 I6 I8 I9 20 .Loolrl Snow! . Darling Sfarling. . The engraver erred. . Amen! . Bob. . Hoi shofs. . Lasf summer. . On fhe rail. . Lef's see now. IO. From Law fo Geology. . Miss Ole Miss. . Ouch! . Over fhe fence and far away. I4. Three no hump! I5. Snow Bound. . Joe and Lila. . Sharbrough wifhouf Shan. . l'm ihe edifor. . Ignorance is bliss. . Why didn'+ you say so be fore? . Headless Horseman. . The hai's sfill on. 22 23 24. Beffy, Tom and Cherry. . Dulre. 25. Ho, hum, if snowed. 26. From Tom 'lo Pele. 27. Happy nighf. 28 29. Ready, Aim. . Thanks for smiling. 30. And can she sing. THE C MPll R0ll D THE 'ff' C MPU Love love love! Sales iallx. The afrocifies of war. The Y lobby. Man shorfage. Chancellofs Horne. Bold is on de wing- Mr. Biclr. T. S. Kennonls Paradise. Key's Paradise. Obviously Frosh. Absfon and Brown. The pause fhaf refreshes A. A. Barnyard. A favorife parades. Sighhhhhhhhhhh! Awoooooooooo! Do lhey ear Wheafies? Freshman Condon. All day suckers. What, no blackjack? Gee, ain'f fhey purly. Looks lilre i1's posed. Hof air. No commenfs. Coach Harry. Gee, a man! L . gf' X ,vi ,,.4' he .Wa w " ' . ff' ' , 4 2. 6 ' .. Q, N10 r'X fx 4 S 1 vu 'Stir'- L rt'.f"L t M In N M Q -Y. ,gl lm ms, 4 R' :Sw 53 15 ..,, . QUT' I all I va I !y' ' rev .in i ' "fior- v. , . V .-' .2"qf?'-9' -fi ' .5-.r.-4 Zg...-P 1:.:2iE-LI:- .- '1-. The army fighls if oul. The "Rebel" rolls. Taking life easy. Waifin' for fhe bell. Exolic lnsecfs. Beaufy and fhe Beasf. Home news is iops. Miss Way and Mofher. The power behind fhe An nual. How Dry l Am! Sfrilze 2. 20rh Cenfury Chemisfry. Sun Valley. Joe Sl:inner's around. Burgin, Faherly, Mifchell, Burgess. "l gof spurrsf' Good ole summer Time. Hmmmmmmmm- Russian, no doubf. "Now when I was learning +his." Af Ole Miss? You can read, can'f you? Maesfro SHOULD be happy! Enrollmenf drive worlred. S4.50, please. Yea, Company Bl The Pilres sfep oufl Ocfober 3I, I943. Chi O's-ASTP. 5:40. S. A. R0ll THE C MPU HE ' Fl'illEl'lIiUl3S I llllllllllll Ill lllllllllll Jimmy Ruiledge, Presidenf Kappa Sigma The ln+erfra+erni+y Council is composed of one represenfafive from each of +he eleven aclive frafernifies. The Council con+rols and direc'I's all fra+erni+y affairs, rushing ac+ivi+ies parficularly. Jimmy Rufledge of Kappa Sigma, Presidenl, lefl' in January and was succeeded by Ben Mifchell of Phi Delia Thela. Ofher officers were Elmer Dickson, Secrefary, and Ralph Brock, ireasurer. l163l Firsl' Row: Bud Alexander, Sigma Chi: Ralph Brock, Sigma Nu: A. B. Chadwick, Pi Kappa Vixlphay Roberl Carnrick, Alpha Tau Omega: Frank Cresswell, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Second Row: Guy Davanl, Kappa Alpha: Elmer Dickson, Sigma Phi Epsilon: Ellon lvlclnlosh, Della Kappa Epsilon: Ben Mif- chell, Phi Della Thelag Bill Post Phi Kappa Psi. DELTA KAPP EPSILU i Firsi' Row: Jefferson Wardlaw Paslay, James Emmell Williams, James Arllwur Williams, Knox While. Second Row: Joe Williams, Ellen Lorraine lvlcf lnlosli, Billy McGuire, Ray Turman. Noi' in Panel: David Sfiylf-, Cr-orqe llwalflwrrr, Marlin MacDonald. s r 'W ww!-4,5.3,: .. , I, - f L' . ' , .,, En, A. 1 . gf .. -S we 1 t J 3 Delia Kappa Epsilon was founded al Yale Universify in I844 and 'rhere are now forfy-six acfive clnapfers +hrougl1ou+ Hue nafion. Chi Cl1ap'rer was esfablislmed al' +l1e Universify of Mississippi in I85O, only 'rwo years afier 'rl1e Universify ifself began. Delfa Kappa Epsilon colors are crimson, old gold, and azure. The flower is +l1e pansy. 11641 SIGMA NU Q 'lull 1-:gy 'QP' Founded in I869 a+ Virginia Mililary Ins+i+u+e, Lexingfon, Virginia. Flfsi ROW: Jadf D- PlQO'fli Clifford C- Dam- J'-- Ralph L. Brock, William H. Rose, Jr., Thomas Sigma Nu Frafernify now has ninely-eighl ac+ive chap+ers in forfy- F' Badon' six sfales. Epsilon Xi Chapler was insfalled af fhe Universily of Second Row: James P. Holloway, William l-linlon Andrews, Charles Ray Pigoll, Marvin Mississippi in June, I927. The while rose is 'rhe Sigma Nu flower, V- Sclllappl- JV- M- H' Wall' 'll' and fhe fralernily colors are yellow, black, and while. I155 I Noi in Panel: Marlin E. Klindworlh, Jr. DELTA PSI 3 gn- Phi Chapfer of Delia Psi, founded af Ole Miss in l855, is being mainfained during +he war by fhe efforfs of alumni living in Jaclrson. All frafernify funcfions and dufies formerly execufed by sfudenf members on fhe campus are carried our by +hese alumni of Ole Miss's Phi Chapfer. Del+a Psi brofhers af 'rhe Uni- versify are members of 'rhe Jackson chapfer. Colors are blue and gold. Il66I Firsf Row: Harry Hines, Huey Howerlon, Jr.: Charles M. Willis, Hardy B. Woodbridge. Second Row: Tom Harrison, Louie Lyell, Charles Henley, Charles lvlilchell. SIGMA ALPH EPSILIJ Firsi' Row: Frazier Earl Fylce, Waller Franklin Cresswell, Jr., Richard G. l-lendriclc, Jr., James R. Topp. Second Row: Paul l-lull Bowdre, Jr., Giles Au- guslus Coors, Jr., William Ephraim Cresswell, Jr., James Narhaniel Maclin. Noi in Panel: Lyne Slarling Reid, John Chap- man, Jack Welborn. Gamma Chapfer of Sigma Alpha Epsilon, insfalled ar +he Univer- sify of Mississippi in I866, was +he sixfeenfh nafional chap+er esfablished affer +he founding of Sigma Alpha Epsilon a+ 'rhe Universify of Alabama, in I856. There are now one hundred 'ren acfive chapfers. Frafernify colors are royal purple and gold: and 'lhe fra'rerni+y flower is +he violef. I 1671 HAPP!-K ALPHA if-1-K'-1" fi +259 i 1 Q 4 lu 3 ' ' I 3 'J if as nl A Kappa Alpha Fra1'erni'ry, which was founded in l865, esfablished Alpha Upsilon Chapfer on fhe Universify of Mississippi campus in l900. Mississippi's Alpha Upsilon Chapfer is one of fhe sixfy- eighf nafional chapfers fhaf are now acfive. Kappa Alpha colors are crimson and old gold, and ifs flowers are fhe magnolia and The crimson rose. I lhd I .lr SIG A IIHI ' 1 1'-5 'D Sigma Chi Frafernily was founded a+ Miami Universily, Oxford, Ohio, in June, I855. Ela Chapler was esfablished a+ lhe Univer- Sify of Mississippi in I857 and was fhe fhird chapler charlered nalionally. Today 'rhere are one hundred and fhree aclive chap- lers of Sigma Chi. Fralernily colors are blue and old gold, and 'rhe flower is +he while rose. ll69l - .fsf'5"4 ess nm ss, 3 -.. A I Firsl' Row: Marion Beclcell l-loworlh, Jr,, John Purvis MLLaurin, Jr,,, John Eugene Pay, Paul lruell Pay, Earle Lewig Wrenn, Jr,, Maurice Edward Ale-ander, Jrl, Leland l-lume, Jr. Second Row: James Kennedy, Charles Edwin Loclre, Jr., l-larvey James Myrick, Jr.. Ofris Lawerence Snipes, Jr.. Tom Laney Swear, Francis Brodnax Williamson, Julian Chandler Bramlell. Third Row: Hugh Gregory Breland, Thomas H, Curlis, Jr., Mark Perrin Lowrey, William Joseph Pellyiohn, Currie Delgadillo Roberls, John A, Seller, Carl Wicler Shorf. Nof in Panel: Alberf Reid Chappell. Duncan McKee, Charles Teaney. J, ,- PHI DELTA THETA ' 1 2 ' ' si. H Firsf Row: Roberl Nflwren Aldridge, Jr., Ben F. Merrell, Jr., Earle D. Ruff, Waller Hooker willy, Shrflfon rpefry Blyrhe, shea I-lill Carrey. Jr. Second Row: Vifilliarn Kenan Hill, Mile R. Blouin, Jr., Pfilrh Bradley, Edgar Carler, Jr., John Mc- lr,lfrf:,ll1l7fir1 Null-fm lyzrun. Nof in Panel: Rfrlor-rl Bobo, Kffnnolh C. Foosc, lla, nliwn Lffrfuinl Cazailury, Crforqrt McLean. Universify of Mississippi's Alpha Chapfer of Phi Delfa Thefa was esfablished on fhis campus in I877. Phi Delfa Thefa was founded nafionally in l848 af Miami Universify in Oxford, Ohio, and fhere are now I06 acfive chapfers. Five hundred and five men have been inifiafed info fhe Mississippi Alpha Chapfer since ifs found- ing. Frafernify colors are azure and argenfg fhe flower is fhe whife carnafion. I 170 I PI Ii PPA Z-TLPH , a ,,A .. . . . - N.. 5 'gi Founded on 'rhe campus of +he Universily of Virginia in I868, Pi Kappa Alpha es+ablished Gamma lofa Chapfer a+ 'rhe Universi+y of Mississippi in I927. There are eighfy acfive chapfers of Pi Kappa Alpha. The normal membership of Gamma lora is forly- fhree. Hs colors are garnei' and gold, and i+s flower is The lily of fhe valley. Mr. T. A. Biclcers+aff, Regis+rar, is +he Faculfy Advisor. I 171 I 3 i .54 ' H 613 g., , .x. Firsl Row: Larry Edwards, A. B. Chadwick, R. B. Clanlon, James Franklin Hughes, Lynn Rose, Jack King. Second Row: Bill Wood, Dewill French, Mill Kilpairiclr, Wesley Kilpalrick, Lewis Nobles, Charles Wrighl. Nor in Panel: Bill Broolcs, Jimmy Edwards, Billy l-lale, Billy Robinson. 15 'L' 1 Q Ii PP!-1 SIE Firsi' Row: Emile Gex, Jr., Ben Oliver Key, James T. Sluclfenaneider, George Jessie Taylor, Ill, James Boyles, Jr., James Rufledge. Second Row: William Morse Wilder, Henry I-larringlon, l-lunler Kimball, Millon Phillips, Jr., Charlef, Payne, Jr., William Perlains. Third Row: Carroll Busby, Guy Campbell, W. David Conner, M. Edward l-linman, Ben Quirilfina, Herberl Trammell, Carl Nichols, Edgar Morrixon Kappa Sigma, founded af 'rhe Universiiy of Virginia in I869, in- sfalled Delfa Xi Chapfer af +he Universify of Mississippi in I926. There are one hundred and 'ren acfive chapfers of Kappa Sigma. The colors are scarlef, whife, and emerald green: +he flower is 'rhe lily of +he valley. ll72l SIGMA PHI EPSILIJ , 1 1 3 I , , , x Q' l Elms, fs' A , . ' W' A , 2' F' Alpha Chapier of Sigma Phi Epsilon was eslablished al' 'rhe Uni- versi'ry of Mississippi in I928. There are six+y-nine acfive nafional chapfers of Sigma Phi Epsilon, which was founded af fhe Univer- siiy of Richmond in I90l. The colors are purple and red: flowers are 'rhe violel' and 'lhe American Beaufy. um is Firsl' Row: 'William J. Condon, Jr., l-lugh C. Crowell, Elmer E. Dickson, Charles Farris, Horace l-l. Polk, Sanford P. Torrey. Second Row: J. Gordon Wickslrom, Roscoe Carly, Joseph J. Cerame, Websler Cleveland, Don E. Dismukes, James Ford. Third Row: Leonard B. Melvin, Charles Moak, Allen Read, William O. Taylor, Charllon R. Vincenf, James V. Wenlzell, Charles Mafhis. M-41.4 SHl'0l'iIiES W J MEMBERS JANE ADAMS MARJORY BIGGART BETTY COX JOYCE BLOMOUIST CHAR LOTTE BORGWARDT NATALIE CHADWICK JEANNE DONOVAN LAURA LEE DRANE MARILYN HOWELL DEXTER .JOHNSON ROSEMARY MIDDLETON MOZELLE SMITH MAROIE BRADLEY AMY ELLEDGE JANE STIOLER JO BURNHAM MARY BETTY HAMMOND BETSY WALTON RUTH HAYS f""' Pix is an honorary infer-sororify secrer sociefy. Hs purpose is +o recognize ou+s'randing members of each of 'rhe seven sorori- fies a+ 1'he Universiry, and +o fosrer congenialify and genuine friendship befween 'rhe various Greek leHer organizafions. Mrs. Lee Johnson is The sponsor. 11751 Firsi' Row: Adams, Biggari, Blomquisl, Borqwardr, Bradley, Burnham. Second Row: Chadwick, Cox, Donovan Drane, Elledge, Hammond. Third Row: Hays, Howell, Johnson Middleion, Smiih, Siigler, Walion. G.. -C' Chi Omega: pufh l-lag Mafiawf iflear lfaffl.-a Ann Breff Delfa Delia Delfa: Jane l-lc.-.ell Hee' Cule Solar Mini?-1-fuer Delia Gamma: Aufei Sim" 'rt Frarie Ann E-by Marg ,grive Crane Delfa Zefa: Lagnfie Laird hlvilrfia iXlQw"fi"i Eg.-,ra Jinfis Kappa Delia: Ananda Swiff Doi Wcii dward Eefhe Bruerl Phi Mu: lflfir'fir, Bla "', lf Doi Bermell VV' i l rw A S l' 6 .w Zefa Tau Alpha: Virginia Bre,l5pra.jlf Calherine Sfevens Mary' Agnew Fan? 3 I THE WU ' The Ole Miss Pan-Hellenic Council, organized in I926, is fhe major infer-sororify organizafion promofing harmony among fhe differenf sororifies. The presidenf and +wo addifional represenfafives of each sororify are members. The officers are chosen by rofafion and for 'rhis year include Lavonne Laird, Presidenfg Vir- ginia Breyfspraak, Vice-Presidenfg Amanda Swiff, Secrefaryg and Jane Howell, Treasurer. Dean Guess is fhe sponsor. Pan-Hellenic's chief headache is ifs supervision of fhe Sepfember and February rush weeks. Pan-Hellenic encour- ages scholarship by presenfing each year fhe scholarship 'rrophy fo fhe soror- ify mainfaining fhe highesf average. mei -0-'M-.K Lean, Swlff. 1-n. Q PA- Firsf Row: Laiv-'il .Jfw , Fxlfffwf H1,z Ever' M SeCOr1d Row! VVwfdvmrd Brwwl Sw r Qmr Exbyl Bmy?5pr,aaL, Fami, Third ROW! ST+'1w:rw',, Bfml- Sfqw, E9flV1H, Hfgwxffl DULEQ Mwnfqmmwr ,S 'i u--nnzsvapaoauyem , .11 .gauawwu Am...-a...a-..-.Q--., in 'Q 5 3 iii sg' LAVONNE LAIRD, Presiden? HELLE III IIUUNEII. 4 uf, if "Wg, My Second Herron, Row: Moore, Hayes, Lear, IIHI IJ EE!-K Firsf Row: Beard, Bonner, Bisiiao Bradley, Brett, Bridqeforfb, Burnham, Biiirs, Bianqhard, Row: Carr, Ferris, Hays, Hopkins, Keys, Mars, MQBPP, Mc!-high, McLean. Third Odorri, Oiden, Page, Pierce Stone, Ross, Wierners, Wilsfrrd. Fourih Row: Reed, Thomas, Walton, Aiford, Ashcraff, Wriqnf, Avant Fiffh Row: Friend, Mahonev, Simmons, Bowen, Crifz, Hobbs, Howard, Johns, Sixfh Row: Low, Gee, Gordon, Kuykendall, Lewis, Mclfarry, Middleton, Moore, Pricv, Sevenfh Row: inn, Parker, Peffmf Ricnarason, Sharbrough, Sfcwarf, Tindall, Vance, Whitton, JK fl L.. , I J ,I 6- ' 1: . gt' 1 y i'- 'Z , . l g vw?wrq.5 ,. . , Q rf' 'rw ' i X . ' i wif? r , B. is i ' ' H47 iq' W . A ng L QL, ,QQ K f-, . .Y LF? 5: , R " , 3, Els - GL i. 2 "' i - is ' 5 ,iw " iii f. , 4 ' 5 i if F ' . 5 .5 ' QA gm, ui' ' V' - 1 , Q, 1 M i , - ' '23 Md., 5-fff - ' X ' " 'X ' :- , f M A Ka tx. Y . - 1 ,M mv H i , , ' . -' 1. . . , , 5 P ' . 4 ' i A .3 . 1 'ii l ' 8 A P G' ' i if 1 if 3' " , - i, ' Q V- V n J ' P ii , 7 'if E -, , ' D P 17 ,'. N- ' A 5 , -' H , X- 3 ,rr .,,gggi f i nf , -- i i Sl I178l Chi Omega Sororify, founded a+ Universify of Arkansas in I895, in- s'ralled Tau Chapfer al' The Universify of Mississippi in I899. There are now eigh'ry-seven ac+ive chapfers of Chi Omega, and Tau Chapfer has a membership of sixfy-five girls. Officers are: Presidenf, Rufh Hays: Vice-Presidenf, Margaref Wilsford: Secrefary, Mar'rha Ann BreI'I'g and Treasurer, Jean Simmons. The whife carnafion is The flower of Chi Omega, and The colors are cardinal and s+raw. MEMBERS BETTY BARNER MARY FRANCES BEARD MARTHA BISHOP Seniors FANNIE CHANCE BLANCHARD MARGIE BRADLEY MARTHA ANN BRETT BETTYE BRIDGFORTH JOSEPHINE BURNHAM BETTY BUTTS MARY LOUISE FERRIS RUTH HAYS BETTY HOPKINS DOROTHY KEYS EVA LILLIAN MCBEE RUTH MCHUGH MARGARET MCLEAN FLORENCE MARS MARY MOORE CATHERINE OLDEN LAURA PAGE MARY ANN PEARCE MARY ROSS ROSEBUD STONE MARY JO WIEMERS MARGARET WILSFORD DICEY CARR FANNIE HUNTER FRIEND HELEN HAYES SARA STIGLER LEAR CAROLINE REED GENE ELIZABETH THOMAS Juniors Sophomores ROBERTA ALFORD JOSEPHINE ASHCRAFT LOUISE AVENT OLAMAIE CURTISS MARY DEAN HERRON JEAN SIMMONS BETSY WALTON BETTY MAHONEY . WADE BOWEN MARY ANN CRITZ CHARLOTTE OEE CHARLOTTE GORDON INDA HOBBS , . ANN HOWARD AGNES JOHNS MCRELLA KUYKENDALL ESTHER LEWIS ., BETTY JANE LORE , JANE MIDDLETON , BETTY MCCARTY . FRANCES MOORE JANE ODOM MERRELL PARKER MARCIJERITE PETTEY FRANCES LEE PRICE JANE OUINN MARTHA RICHARDSON DOROTHY SHARBOROUGH JENNY STEWART , NANCY TINDALL MARGARET vANCE DOROTHY WESTOVER ANN WHITTEN ELIZABETH WRIGHT Pledges Bat Cleveland Tupelo Universily Shelby Aberdeen Clarlfsdale Hernando Magee University Yazoo City Dublin Gulfport Orforri Greenwood on Rouge, Louisiana Blaine Philarilelohra Clarl-sriiale Yazoo Clly Sfarlrfrlle Greenwrrod Jadson Odrvrrui SanaIorILIrI. Iula Y.3IIL1CI CIN SCITCIIS Kosciuslro Greenwood Meridian Clarlfsrlale Rollunq Forl Sid-on Grenada Jaelrson, Tennessee Glendora Nalcher Florence Philipp Greenville Greenwood Corolllon . . Indianola Greenwood Duran? , Corinlh . Charleston . Balesville . Greenwood . . Greenville Jackson Holly Sprinqg . . Offord , Greenwood , Greenwood Florence, Alabama Memphis. Tennessee . Hazlehursf Holly Bluff Hernando Inrjianola , Balesvllle . Greenwood Balesville Hernando B Hi- iwys all U 62 'SJBUQQJ salsa in llzfg I. ill il! ii!! Li P' :Li nhl fl Prexys BreH and Hays. The Den. l179 I BELT!-X DELTA BELT!-X First Row: MMQQ Aigrws, Bafsm B-Paciwavw, Dvane. D-Qmwan Dwerxdmievr Pe-5-mam. Second Row: Granberr. Greqw., Hwwll, Lane, Monfqo-mer, WWE, Arwdefsom, Eafman, Third Row: G. Sisk, Aiarrvs, Biirwzuis? Conway, Duke, Firvrrx, Marwcill, Redding, Fourih Row: RC,Qff'VS, E, Sfsi Sfow, Weilefvman, Williams, Wren, Brown, Cmfinq, Fiffh Row: Dcngvam, Dame!!! EWS! F-,vster Grarwbvry, Harfison, Hrvfrief, Hw:5""'3f. Sixfh Row: MQCQJ, McCoy MQDearr:wn Murray, H. Myers, S. J, Mwefsl Rokfrfswm'ffr, Seventh Row: Snmmgus. Thuv as T-3c'wt.s Webster, Wilkins, Wllliamsv Wisiem Vwfogwnx Yaudf-U. -4 5 li ti 5 5 O - E 1 "rm, . V L 5. 2 . . - ' ffl, ' T 6 3 'Q 2 -7 11801 Delta Delfa Delta Sorority was founded in I888 af Boston University, and has a roll of eighty-eighf active chapters. Chi Chapfer was re- esfablished at the University of Mississippi in the fall of l926, and has a membership of fifty-eighf. The officers are: President, Jane Howell: Vice-President, Anne Dukeminierg Secretary, Evelyn Gregory: and Treas- urer, Laura Lee Drane. The flower of Tri Delta is the pansy, and fhe colors, silver, gold, and blue. MEMBERS I Graduate ,Tm-av MARY COOPER MILLER . . , . . Earle, Arkansas Seniors ,,.,. . gi, JANE ADAMS . ELLEN BATSON . , . JOAN BEACHAM , LAURA LEE DRANE . JEANNE DONOVAN . , . ANN DUKEMINIER MAE ELEANOR FREEMAN BETTY GRANBERRY ,,.. EVELYN GREGORY .... JANE HOWELL . , . , ELIZABETH LANEY . . SUSAN MONTGOMERY . . LYNETTE TUCKER , . . JOYE WYLIE , . , . , AGNES ANNE ANDERSON MARY JANE EATMAN CHERRY SISK ...... Sophomores MARY EDNA ADAMS , . JOYCE BLOMOUIST , , STELLA CONWAY . , HELEN DUKE . JANE FINNEY ...... DOT MANCILL MARY ELIZABETH REDDING LO ROGERS U ......,. , ELIZABETH SISK . . . , SALLY STONE , ADA RUTH WETLENMAN f ' HOLLAND WILLIAMS . . . LOTTIE WREN . . , . , RUTH BROWN .,,.,,, HELEN COTTING . JOY DONOVAN . DOROTHY DOWELI. . CAROLYN ELLIS . , BETTY FOSTER . MARY MARGARET GRANBERRY 1 . SUZANNE HARRIS , . BETTY HEMETER MARY GENE HOFFMAN KATHERINE MCCAA , VIRGINIA MCCOY , PEGGY MCDEARMAN , LOUISE MURRAY ., HOPE MYERS , , SARA JANE MYERS . , EDNA EARL ROBERTSON MARY LOUISE SANDIFER BETTY SIMMONS ..,. ELIZABETH ANN THOMAS , , I Q JEAN TOOMBS , . , KATHRYN WEBSTER MARTHA NELL WILKINS , MARY JANIE WILLIAMS . MARY ALICE WISDOM . . KATHLEEN WOOTEN . . WILMA LEE YANDELL . Belden Gulfport Louisville Newberry Tennessee . Hattiesburg A West Point . Laurel , Laurel Amory Meridian Memphis, Tennessee , Inverness Blytheville, Arkansas , . , . . . Tupelo Earle, Arkansas Halliesburq , . Orford Corinth . Port Gibson . . . . Vicksburg , . l'laItiCSburq Louisville, Kentucky , , . . Indianola Memphis, Tennessee . . . . . Tupelo . . . Oxford Coffeeville Shaw Oxford . Tupelo Hattiesburg , Tupelo Hattiesburg Memphis, Tennessee . . , . Drew . . , . Hattiesburg . . Haliiesburg Winona . Hattiesburg Hattiesburg , Hattiesburg Drew Dyersburq, Tennessee . . , Oxford Oxford Hattiesburg . , Corinth , Arkabutla Itta Bena Dyersburq, Tennessee , , , Walls , , , Oxford Hattiesburg Okolona Hattiesburg Senatobia , Canton "-and then he-" ll81l Who's pinned now? 1 H f f---- - - ---'M e- f- 14.1-.wfgf . .-- - -- -1 BELT HMM Firsf Row: Crane, Diliard, Hammond, House, B. Huqiwes, Looney, Loif, Pilkinqmn Second Row: L. Sfewerf, Simmons, Cox, Dulaney, Exby, Humphreys, L, McElroy Chadwick. Third Row: Crozier, Hand, C. Hughes, C, Sfewari, Absion, Brown Davis, Dees. Fourih Row: Fairchild, Godwin, Hafris, Hiri+on, Jones, Mclnnis, C McEiroy, McNeil. Fiffh Row: Orr, Pierce, Ramsey, Rekliffe, B. Sfewari, Smifh Wiihers, Williams, Woods. 1 I . ' " ' 'V I 1.1 ' Zi S55 i 'L' fl m f ' Q . in "' sv Vw Lf ?' f"xf-iii i i ' M. 'T Oh 1 3 l182l Della Gamma Sororify was 'Founded al Lewis School in Oxford, Missis- sippi, in I874, and Alpha Psi Chapler became aclive on +he Ole Miss campus in I936. There are filly nalional chapfers, and lhere are for+y- one members in +he local chapler. Officers are: Presidenf, Agnes Sim- mons: Vice-Presidenl, Belly Cox: Secrelary, Belly Hughes: and Treasurer, Frances Exby. Della Gamma flower is lhe cream colored rose, and lhe colors are bronze, pink, and blue. MEMBERS Seniors MARGARITE CRANE Esllll MARY BETTY HAMMOND Koscvuslffi- HELEN HOUSE BETTY HUGHES , Clemland Mennphlg JOAN LOONEY Nashvlllf- Tenressfi ELIZABETH LOTT Collins CONSTANCE PILKINGTON Arlesla ELIZABETH LEE STEWART AGNES SIMMONS NATALIE Cl-IADWICK BETTY JANE COX MARY RITA DULANEY FRANCES ANN EXBY Juniors FRANCES CHARLES HUMPHPEYS Merlin Hyzlqhlygl ll sllIf'SL-ur-I Prrsrnll Arl anti Tunica Memphis Tennesse Pwr? Glbs 'ln LILIAN MQELROY , NBICIICZ Sophomores ELIZA CROZIEB Ermlr FRANCES HAND Phllailelphli CHARLOTTE HUGHES Memphis, Tnnnesslt-fr CATHERINE STEWART Houslfln Pledges JANE ABSTON Turnlan Arl-rinse, KATHERINE BROWN Eul?On MARY ROGERS DAVIS JANE DEES JACKIE FAIRCHILD ROSE MARIE GODWIN JO REINE HARRIS MARGERY HINTON BETTY JEAN JONES RUTH MCINNIS CHRISTINE MCELROY MARVINE MCNEIL BILLYE ORR ANNETTE PIERCE GENE RAMSEY Nafchc-I Eupora . . Jaclfscln Nashville, Tennessn Jackson Wlqlgins MI, Plansanf Te-as Collins Nalchez Philadelphia EIJllOn . Collins , Hazlehufsl BETTY RATCLIEFE Natchez JEWEL STEWART Mgrfgn JANE SlVllTl'l Bfcclhawen JULIETTE WITHERS Jaclfggn HELEN WILLIAMS Philadelphia DORIS WOODS Sgrdig Baclrward fun. 11331 Open house wi+h Della Gamma Firsf Row: M. Biqqarf, Laird, Moore, C, Newsom, W. Newsom. Second Row Thweaff, Jcme5, Amee, B. Biqqarf, Conley. Third Row: Crowe-H, Emger, Huffman Loft Marfin. Fourih Row: Maffox, McCain, Mccarfhy, Smifh, Todd, Tomlinson 4, 'T 15 fx. B ll84l Befa Befa Chapfer of Delfa Zefa Sororify was insfalled af fhe Universify of Mississippi in l927, and fhe presenl' membership is 20 members. Delfa Zefa was founded af Miami Universify, Oxford, Ohio, in I902, and fhere are now 53 acfive chapfers. The officers are: Presidenf, Lavonne Laird: Vice-Presidenf, Mariory Biggarfg Secrefary, Helen Moore: and Treasurer, Carol Newsom. The Delfa Zefa flower is fhe Killarney rose, and 'rhe colors, old rose and vieux green. MEMBERS Seniors MARJORIE LOUISE BIOGART , . . Lexlnfqlfin, Virginia HAZEL LAVONNE LAIRD , . HELEN YARNELL MOORE . . MARGARET CAROL NEWSOM . . WILMA NEWSOM .,.., . . EMILY FRANCES THWEATT , C Sophomore EDWINA JONES . . , , , Pledges EDNA ACREE . .,...... . BILLYE LAVERNE BIOGART , . . MARY EUGENIA CONLEY . . KATHERINE ABELE CROWELL . . . CHARLOTTE JEAN ENGER , . . BERNICE HUFFMAN . , , . . NAOMI LE FORS . ERIN JOY LOTT . . OLENE MARTIN . . . , , MARY ELIZABETH MATTOX . . CORINNE MADELINE MQCARTHY I LOIS MCCAIN . . . , , . . . VIRGINIA MARTIN SMITH . . . MARINELL TODD ..... ANN LOUISE TOMLINSON . . . . . . . Jaclcson . Helena, Arlfansaz . . . Columbia , . . . Columbia Ovinqlon, Tc-nnesse Kullawa, Kenlugly Memphig, Tennegs Le1inqlon,Virqinia . Alamo, Tenne' Memphis, Tennessee . . . . . Tupeln Memphis, Tennessee . . . . . Oxford , Riillliin , . Dorsey . . New Albany . 4 . . Aberdeen Marianna, Arkansas Kuffawa, Kenfuclcy . . . . . Oxford . . Clarlcsdale HH me! l1B5l Delfa Zefas give ouf KAPP DELTA Firsf Row: Gerald, Arreneaux, Brueclc, Champion, Elledqe, Frazier, Ferousorw Hiclr-5. Second Row: Johnson, Kellner, Palmer, Pifrwer, Rogers, Swiil, Trolio Wadlingmn. Third Row: D. Woodward, Borqwardl, Finch, Gam-ev, Hyde Smith, Baqqeli, Cooper. Fourfh Row: Horne. Klindworfh, Whilliriqlon, Donnell Davis, Nelms, I-loilon, Mcflowan, Fif+h Row: O'Cain, Talberl, Bonard, Champion Evans, Wilson, M, Woodward. ox 5. 55 6- ll86l Kappa Delfa Sororify was founded af Virginia Sfafe Normal College in I897, and now has a fofal of sevenfy-six acfive chapfers. Alpha Mu Chapfer was esfablished on fhis campus in I927, and has a presenf mem- bership of fhirfy-nine girls. The leaders are: Presidenf, Amanda Swiffg Vice-Presidenf, Norma Kellnerg Secrefary, Helen Hyde: and Treasurer, Ann Finch. The flower of Kappa Delfa is fhe whife rose, and fhe colors are olive green and whife. M E M B E R S Graduafe MARTHA GERALD, Law Lilanil Seniors BOBBYE ARCENEAUX Bi, SI. L"uIG TIP CHAMPION Cvfeenvdlf AMY ELLEDGE Ped Bay, Alabarnw LOUISE FRAZIER Oxford MIRIAM FERGUSON Latifah-'J 'vwr 1 SARAH HUNTER HICKS Nashville, Tc-nnessf-f DEXTER JOHNSON Beinwnf NORMA KELLNER C-rffenvillrr JEAN PITNER Ripley AMANDA SWIFT Memphis Terinessf-r CAROLYN TROLIO Conlon ANNE WADLINOTON M9rnphIS Tf?nnEASSf?n Juniors CHARLOTTE BORG-WARDT Lvlfle Roglf Aflansii BETTYE BRUECK Forest ANN FINCH , , Iulvil MARIETTE GARVEY Memphis Tennesswf' HELEN HYDE , , Indianfila DORIS PALMEP Foresl BILLYE MARGARET ROGERS Eaullvner SUE SMITH Rlple, DOT WOODWARD Olforfi sophomores CORINNE BAGGETT O.fQff1 MARY ALVA COOPER Forest MIRIAM HORNE Gulfpgrl JANE KLINDWORTI-I Earle, Arlgnsgg JEAN WHITTINGTON Memphis, Tennessee Pledges ANN BOGARD Parl-In, Arlransag DOROTHY CHAMPION Ql9WgI,3,,fy DOROTHY DONNELL Murfreesboro Tennessee PEGGY DAVIS Q,fOfj SUE EVANS Memphis, Tennessee MARY JO HORTON Noel., JAMIE MQCOWAN paL,n.,s, SUDIE NELMS Riplgy SYDNEY O'CAIN V Wgnond DOROTHY TALBERT Q,,3,,,3da BETTIE WILSON . Qxfod MARIJEAN WOODWARD . . Jonesboro Arlfansas K. D. "spirifs." w'u'-fm aww' Leisure hours. l187l fx 11" PHI MU Firsf Row: Bramlell, Bennell, Black, Childress, D'Oir, Easf, Howell. Second Row: Lewis, Owens, Pallerson, Pepper, Fooley, Ri-vers, Shaw. Third Row: Simrall, Sims, Sneed, Albritlon, Jennings, Mullen, Pafriclc, Fourll1 Row: Robbins, Sliqler, M. Brunson, Corley, Middlelon, Phelps, Usher. Fifflw Row: Barnes, F. Brunson. Coleman, Cox, Doolillle, Falierly, l-lenry. Sixllu Row: Mcl.endon, Powell, J Price, M. Price, Slanlorcl, Simmons, Tucker, Vallalos. '-'f'f"T"" "I"7""""""' KT' S ,.. Z T '17 4 nk 1n- I .1 '- 2 li is sf, 'f faq, bu 1 I 18251 Alpha Della Chapler of Phi Mu was eslablished al' 'rhe Universily of Mississippi in lhe fall of l925. Phi Mu Sororily was founded nalionally in l852 al Wesleyan College, and 'rhere are now 65 aclive chaplers. Alpha Della has a membership of 42 girls. Leaders are: Marjorie Black, Presidenlg Charlolle Jennings, Vice-Presidenlg Sylvia D'Orr, Secrelaryg and Julya Lewis, Treasurer. The Phi Mu flower is l'he enchanlress carna- lion, and 'rhe colors are rose and while. M E M B E R s g, Q f 6 .. '4 f Gracluale 'L"i'T EUGENIA BRAMLETT, Med. sam: . oxford g x ' , A 4' ' . Q Seniors ya DOROTHY BENNETT . Waler Valley X255 MARJORIE BLACK . , Oxford EDYTHE CHILDRESS Safarlia SYLVIA D'ORR , , , , Marlfs BETSY EAST . . Brookhaven MARALYN HOWELL . Oxford JULYA LEWIS , . Salarria ROSEMARY OWENS . Tunica EILEEN PATTERSON . Halliesburq GERTRUDE PEPPER Vaughan ELIZABETH POOLEY Macon JUANITA RIVERS , , , McComb WILMA SHAW . .Jaclfson WILL MARY SIMRALL Salarlia ROSE MAE SIMS . Booneville RUTH SNEED . , Oxford Juniors ANNA ALBRIrroN ...., . , , Brookhaven -IUIYH IWICIS We PIII MU Pufse- CHARLOTTE JENNING-S . . , . . Crenshaw BETTY MULLEN , . , , . , Oxford PEGGY PATRICK , Corinlh MARY LYNN ROBBINS Oxford JANE STIGLER ...,. . . Drew Sophomores MARGUERITE BRUNSON . Columbia MABLE CORLEY . . . Olcolona ROSE MARY MIDDLETON New Orleans, Louisiana FRANCES PHELPS . , . Lexinglon SARA RUTH USHER . . Meridian Pledges DOTTIE BARNES . . . , FAITH BRUNSON ANNA JO COLEMAN LELA C-ENE COX LILLIAN DOOLITTLE PATRICIA FAI-IERTY JIMMY NELL HENRY EMILY MCLENDON , , . . Memphis , . , . Columbia . . , , Doddsville Memphis, Tennessee , . . . . . Shelby Memphis, Tennessee . ,,,.. Shelby , . , . , Indianola ANNE POWELL , , , , Balesyille ERMA JEAN PRICE , , . Shelby MARY FONTAINE PRICE . .... Lyon MIGNONNE STANFORD . , ANN SIMMONS , FRANCES TUCKER . MARY VALLATOS . . , , Joneslown . . New Augusla Memphis, Tennessee . , . . . . Oxford H691 Phi Mu enlerfains sororily presidenls wg fff- A- n " - . ,y A X--, 4 , PZ' gr.. -, v., I ! K-, K 3 ZFX ur- 4 'Q ZETA TA ALPHA Firsf Row: Fanf, GHQS, Sfevens, Breyfspraalm, J. Liffon, L, Liffom. Second Row: Pascoe, Smith, Ausfim, Chafham, Cole-mam, Comer, Third Row: Dads, Drennan, Feruustm, Jones, Lawucxm, Mifdwell, Fourfh Row: Movdecai, PuNer, Sherrill, Smith, Sfrickiand. Xu Q 1 11901 4 Gamma DeI+a Chapfer of Ze'ra Tau Alpha was esfablished a+ +he Uni- versi+y of Mississippi in I939. There are sevenly-nine aclive chapfers of Zefa Tau Alpha, 'founded in l898 a'r Virginia SI'a're Normal College. In Gamma Del+a Ihere are +wen+y-Ihree girls, and officers include: Virginia Brey+spraalc, President Mozelle Smifh, Vice-Presidenh Lucille Li+'ron, Sec- refaryg and Joyce LiH'on, Treasurer. The flower is The while violef, and 'rhe colors are 'turquoise blue and sfeel gray. M E M B E R S Seniors MARY AGNES PANT . . . Coahoma SARA ELIZABETH GILES .....,,, . . Ripley DOROTHY CATHERINE STEVENS. Lalfe Charles, Louisiana Junior VIRGINIA BREYTSPRAAK, . . . . Memphis. Tenne e Sophomores LUCILLE LITTON . . Benoil JOYCE LITTON . . . . ,... Shaw CAROLINE PASCOE . . MOZELLE SMITH . Pledges MILDRED AUSTIN . . , . MAUREEN CHATHAM . . BETTYE CLAIRE COLEMAN . MILDRED COMER .... MARY KATHLEEN DAVIS , PEGGY DRENNAN . JOY FERGUSON . CHRISTINE JONES . LUCY LAWSON . . . VIRGINIA MITCHELL . . . MARY ELIZABETH MORDECAI NANCY FULLER .,.... FRANCES SHERRILL . MARY ELNA SMITH . . ORA LOU STRICKLAND . . Birmingham, Alabama A , Wdlt?TTi'QifCl , Beaumonl . , . . . Eullon Memphis, Tennessee . . . Wheelei . Wincina . . . . . Mendenhall Memphis, Tennessee Memphis, Tennessee . . . . Amory . . , . CIarIsdaIe Memphis, Tennessee . Evansfon, Illinois Memphis, Tennessee I . . . Weir . . Olive Branch I Wlthont the excellent cooperation of the entlre student hody clvlllan and army the 1944 BLE MISS would have heen an lmposslhlllty I Now that the last copy IS off and we realize that the thlnq IS almost over we pause to express unllmlted appreciation to those loyal staff memhers who have lost as much sleep as we and cut as many classes BUB SPECIAL THANKS To Mr W A and Mr B S Benson and Boh Eckhart of Benson Prlntlnq Company and to Cy Swatels of Shreveport Enqravlnq Company who have so patiently endured our endless mistakes To Mr and Mrs J B Cofleld for their asslstance wlth the photo qraphlc copy I To the members of the Puhlncatlnns Board ln particular Bean Hammond Br Bonham Br Blshop Br McCarter and Mr Jeff Hamm To Chancellor A B Butts .md Bean Guess for their tlmely advlce To the management of the MISSISSIPPIAN for their helpful puhllclty To Professors who have lslndly considered our numerous cuts To Alhert Wllson Joe Waqqoner Mlrlam Horne and Ellls Bodron for edltnrlal contrl hutlons I To the men of Fort Brown Texas who selected the heantles I Bur apoloqy to those whose names and pictures have heen nmltted and whose names have heen mls spelled I We have enjoyed malslnq the hook lt IS our earnest desire that nt please you Loraue Lowry, Editor Bttis Snipes, Business Manaqer APPHEUIATIII ' I THE UNIVERSITY OF MISSISSIPPI I 848 9 I944 The Universily is composed of The following divisions: Ihe College oi Liberal Arls, 'rhe Schools of Law, Engineering, Educalion, Medicine, Pharmacy, Commerce and Business Adminislrafion, Ihe Graduale School, and Universify Exfension Splendid facililies for general and specialized educafion are provided by The Liberal Arls College and Ihe Professional Schools. SUMMER SESSION, I944 Six Weeks Term Ifor Teachers, ....... May 3I-July 8 Firsf Eighf Weeks Term .... .... M ay 3I-July 25 Second Eigh+ Weeks Term . . . . July 26-Sepfember I5 Siudenls allending bolh eighl-week Ierms will be able Io complele a lull semesIer's work of eighleen hours. Courses will be offered in The College ol Liberal Arfs, Ihe Graduafe School, and in Ihe Schools of Law, Business Adminislralion and Commerce, Engineering, Pharmacy, Medicine, and Educalion. Recrealion-Excellenl a'rhleIic and recrealional Iacilifies insure ample opporluniiies for exercise and relaxalion. An excellent swimming pool, a superb golf course, numerous Tennis courls, and many indoor games provide allraciions lor every ones THE FALL SESSION BEGINS ON MONDAY SEPTEMBER 25, I944 ,Uma Water "The" Song . . . Words by Mrs. A. W. Kahle Music by W. F. Kahle 'Way down soufh in Mississippi, +here's a spol' +hal ever calls, Where among 'lhe hills enfolded sfand old Alma Mafer's halls. Where 'lhe frees liff high lheir branches lo lhe whispering Soulhern breele. There Ole Miss is calling, calling fo our hearis' fond memories. Wifh unilecl hearls we praise fhee, all our loyally is fhine. And we hail fhee, Alma Maier, may fhy lighf forever shine: May if brighfer grow and brighfer, and wifh deep affeclion frue, Our fhoughfs shall ever clusfer 'round lhee, dear old Red and Blue. May lhy fame fhroughoul' lhe nafion, fhru lhy sons and daughlers grow, May ihy name forever waken in our hearfs a fender glow, May fhy counsel and fhy spirif ever keep us one in fhis, Thai' our own shall be fhine honor now and ever, dear Ole Miss! These professional men, alumni of lhe Universily of Mississippi, join wifh fhe slaff of ihe I944 OLE MISS in salufing lhe sfudenfs of lhe I943-44 session. To all 1'hose now in The mililary services, 'rhose aboui' fo enier fhe service, and lhose backing 'rhem up on 'rhe home fronf, we express our hopes for your speedy relurn fo l'he normalcy of peace and fhe hospilaliiy and friendliness which symbolize Ole Miss and fhe S1'a+e of Mississippi. Good luck +o you, everyone. DR. HENRY FASER, Jackson W. C. WELLS, Jackson MEANS JOHNSON, Greenwood W. C. WELLS, JR., Jackson W. T. PATE, Jackson E. W. WELLS, Jackson W. T. WYNN, Greenville THE COLLEGE Complimenfs of THE COLONEL says DR. J. W. ROTHCHILD Op+omefris+ OXFORD MISSISSIPPI INN I QNX . Complimenfs Q SI DR. A. E. RUSSELL Norih Side Deniisf I of Square Office Phone l22 Home Phone 3I2 ,Ni A ' Complimenis of I j EDNA BARRY ExcIusive Ladies Ready-fo-Wear X i 1 OXFORD, MISSISSIPPI 1 lj Call C' Complimenis of I 5 0 BOLES SHOE SHOP OLE MISS TAXI OXFORD MISSISSIPPI Wa YQXSAE PN ix ' i X546 QF: iv Q QI QQ ,vi .. Sf. S .- M .?gA'w,. xnxx I ,,is,.QNs fx- N NX ,I .X I f 1' 's f., Q - 7 ff N X -? '- X '--R Favorife Showhouse oi Jrhe Ole Miss Siudeni Body THE LYRIC THEATER ROBERT X. WILLIAMS Owner and Manager OXFORD, MISSISSIPPI "TrusIed Thousands of Times Each Year" GATHRIGHT-REED DRUG COMPANY The Rexall Sfore Oxford, Mississippi COMPLIMENTS OF CITY CLEANERS Phono 22 Oxford, Mississippi SERVING AMERICANS IN ALL KINDS OF WAYS Our srore is deIini'reIy an American insfifulrion . . . one of Jrhe oldesf slrores in America. Our goods are dependable, our prices are Iow. Come, all members of The Iamily, because we have 'rhe goods you Iove. We are buiII Io serve you aII, rich or poor, young or oIdI 3-1- THE J. E. NEILSON COMPANY COMPLIMENTS OF OF HUGHES HARDWARE MORGAN AND LINDSEY nes+ Selecfion of Accessories, Pain+s, Brushes, 0 Household Ar+icIes l ' . , Oxford, Mississippi OXFORD, MISSISSIPPI GOOD TI-IINGS TO EAT AND DRINK THE MANSION ongrafufafionfi AND SINCEREST WISHES FOR A SUCCESSFUL FUTURE We hope 'rhal you will malce Marks-Roihenberg your Shopping Cenler, where fashions are newest, prices are righf and friendliness prevails lhrouqhouf 'rhe slore. Good luck lo each and every one oi you. 9-6- MARKS-RCJTHENBERG COMPANY IN CLOTI-IING,TI-IE THREE PRIME FACTORS ARE Egg-ji? Uafue Yozfll Find These Essentials in All Suits, Coats, uhh blank Space ,hwugh Sports Wear and Accessories at Alex. Loeb. 'he C0""eSY.of THE OLE l MISS business staff., Q COlVlPl.llvlENTS OF ex. limi, pgnc. TUSCALOGSA VENEER The Campus Store Meridian, Miss. University, Miss. MERIDIANI MISSISSIPPI FAMOUS FOR STEAKS AND SEAFOODS MIKE'S CAFE 2: F S.. Z.. 1 S aQ .f.u"""---'M - 'A gm-. jfli X xx. fx II VEYK' ,EX III - 7X X , LI my AX, .1 W 7' use Proprietor TUPELO MISSISSIPPI ' ' BRAND - - WORK CLOTHES MANUFACTURED AND SOLD Phone 730 MODERN GIFT SHOP BY IIERBEIIE KE RREIISFIEID REED ERGEH ERE +- TUPELO, MISSISSIPPI WorId's Fines? Lines WATCHES-DIAMONDS-SILVER-CI-IINA Garmenf Manufacfurers Wholesale Dry Goods TUPELO, MISSISSIPPI R. W. REED COMPANY DEPARTMENT STORE COMPLIMENTS OF . GLASGOWS Ph 7' DRUG STORE OVI9 . 0 TUPELO MISSISSIPPI TUPELO- M'55'55'PP' COMPLIMENTS OF L. P. McCARTY 81 SON Wholesale Grocery TUPELO, MISSISSIPPI l I , i I , I I I ,lil I , I I Ill Ili I l I I l l II l I l l I I l I COIVIPLIIVIENTS 'gy OF I ' THOMAS-KINCANNON- K ELKIN COMPANY N I' Norfh Mississippi's Largesl' I Refail Drug Sfore ' I l ruPI2Lo, MISSISSIPPI , I I jx'-A P N Ng E" COMPLIMENTS PHOENIX LAUNDRY OF DYERS AND CLEANERS ROLLINGS JEWELRY I-IATTIESBURG, MISSISSIPPI I-Iardy Slreef Telephones 36 and 97 bw Main S+. Hamesburg' Miss. BALFOUR ERATERNITY JEWELRY ,nega Place all orders for jewelry Through 'rhe Birmingham Office oup ENOCH BENSON, Manager The 5Uuth's Finest Badges, Rings, Novel+ies, EI'c. L. G. BALFOUR CO. I-I. c. c:oLE MILLING co. QIO4 Fillh Ave., Norlh Birmingham, Ala. CHESTER. ILLINOIS WHEN IN I-IATTIESBURG "The Gill S'rore" VISIT PIONEER FURNITURE COMPANY Record Deparimenl VICTOR, COLUMBIA AND DECCA Records and Supplies 509 Ma in SIIIEEIIIE I-lalfiesburg, Miss. Phone 207 DQNAVAN-1-,gg coMPuMENTs GF mm ip,-WW I-IATTIESBURG K. C. STEAK HOUSE SouIh Mississippi! Leading Sfore for Mens and Boys Pune Wearables TOM DONAVAN DEWEY LANE ANDERsoN's COMMENTS OF MEN'S WEAR THE OWL DRUG STGRE 0 Phone 7 HATTIESBUR6. MISSISSIPPI S. E. Cor. From? and Main I-Iaffiesburg, Miss For Complefe I-Iousehold Furnishings COMPLIMENTS Visilr OF KIRKWOOD'S FoRREsT HOTEL B. C. YOUNG "The Courf House is nex'r 'ro us" Manage, HATTIESBUR6 I-IATTIESBURG, MISSISSIPPI CCMPLIMENTS OF FINE BRCJS.-MATISCN COMPANY "If H"s New, We Have If" HATTIESBURG LAURE "mmm 01, Pvqymw ABROS MEI-RTS ABRAHAM BROS. PACKING COMPANY MEMPHIS, TENNESSEE Q--9 MID SOUTH S LARGEST INDEPENDENT MEAT PACKER FOR BEST RESULTS USE BEECH CREEK COAL Exclusive Sales Agenfs KIRKPATRICK COAL CO Memphis, Tennessee COMPLIMENTS OF F. H. BARNETTE MEMPHIS, TENNESSEE 96eWZafu5 v 13' -1? v N 16891011 Of 1 Serwica S. P. McRAE CO. ,m,,,0,,,e,, KEEP FASHION Riel-IT Wm-I THE EMPORIUMI Depar+menI' Sfore Plwone 4-8334 The Emporium, Jacksons Fashion CenIer, nas a sfarflinq program planned for I944, a program ZOO-202 Wesi Capiiol SPSQI Jackson' MISS' II'1a'r will make available 'ro 'rlwe women of Jack- son and Cenlrral Mississippi fashions never be- fore seen in Jackson, so keep your eye on us.. COMPLIMENTS . OF DUKES, INC, THE EMPORIUM JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI F!IlI'l'5 I. Jifney-Jungle sfores are Ioday meefing The needs of flue food-buying public in nearly I50 fowns and cifies in I0 siafes. 2. This record has been made in a period of less 'rhan fweniy-five years .... lTI1e firsf siore was opened on April I9, I9I9.I 3. Ji+ney-Jungle pufs QUALITY firsfl TehfT ,i5'l'31o'?I.Zf"In+e'iio,'T3 JITNEY-JUNGLE a modern Jifney-Jungle. I Note fhe improvemenfs ncofporafed s ch as The sound-proof , ciilingg composifion file Home Office and Facfory fl g fl 9 I I'ghf' gg 627' "msc" ' 'H JACKSON, Miss. WHEN IN JACKSON, MISS., VISIT THE ir Conclifione HOTEL HEI DELBERG 275 ROOMS AND BATHS MISS. AAA HEADOUARTERS VARSITY will guaranfee The u+iIiI'y of Hs PAJAMAS and MEN's SHORTS KNICKERBOCKER MFG. CO. JAMES PRYOR CO. QUALITY APPAREL Incorporafed WEST POINT WEST POINT MISSISSIPPI STARKVILLE COLUMBUS OOMPLIMENTS HENRY CLAY HOTEL WOST POinT, Mississippi OF BRYAN BROTHERS WEST POINT, MISSISSIPPI MODERN-FIREPROOF-HOMELIKE "An enviable repuIaI'ion for good food" T. F. Wyman, Lessee .. Dillard Holland, Mgr. FOR GOOD ENTERTAINMENT THE RITZ THEATER WEST POINT, MISSISSIPPI AGAIN THE OLE MISS IS BOUND IN A KINGSKRAFT COVER MANUFACTURED BY KINGSPORT PRESS, INC. KINGSPORT, TENNESSEE THE WEST POINT COMPLIMENIS MANUFACTURING OO. OF BUILDING MATERIALS 8 BOOK STORE "What lt Takes To Build-We Have It" . WEST POINT, MISSISSIPPI Locafed in Union Building 'f THE MARK OF ENDuRiNe 4 EXCELLENCE BRODNAX mf'i'L'Ex 'Ai , I lv- :ab- .' lag' I . fjli ' I "" ' sex i "fini GEO. T. BRoDNAx, INC. Jeweiers Main a+ Monroe 'N MEMPHIS IT'S THE "K f R I T z FRATERNITY JEWELRY THEATER Headquariers for For 'flue Ivlosi Curreni Enieriainmeni SCHOOL PINS AND RINGS OXFORD "HARD-TO-G ET" OFFICE-STATIONERY ITEMS We usually have numerous ariicles Thai are very scarce, oiien unoblainable in some Towns. We quole a few: Sfaplers and Sfaples Paper Cups and Dispensers Paper Clips, Thumb Taclrs Qualify Pencils, all colors Typewriier, Adding Machine Ribbons Show Card Colors, Drawing Inlcs Car'rer's Midniglni' Carbon Paper Drawing Pens, Brushes and jusi aboui everyiliing in siaple office, sialionery, and bookkeeping iiems. If you are unable 'ro find if where you usually irade, fry us. Wriie your wanis if inconvenieni To call. COMMERCIAL PRINTING "Calling Card fo a Ca+alog" THE OXFORD EAGLE T I I I I , I I I . I I I lil sl I' II Il I I I I I I I I I I II I I . I I I Many years of pracfical experience, Ihe finesl' of pholographic maferials, painslaking care, and a sincere desire Io make Ihe I942 Ole Miss por+ray an inI'eres+ and an arfisiry unsurpassed have been imporlanl fac+ors in our efforls Io por+ray for you Ole Miss and ifs s+uden+s ai' 'rheir besf. I+ is our hope 'rhaf Ihis volume of Ihe Ole Miss will in no small measure merii' your commendafion because of our fhoughlful and careful aHen'rion 'ro every phofographic defail in fhe composilion of 'rhis book. Working wiI'h Ihe sfaff and wi+h Ihe sludenls on 'rhis imporfanl' underfaking has for us been a genuine pleasure. COIIEID'S STUDIO OFFICIAL PORTRAIT PHOTOGRAPHERS FOR THE I944 OLE MISS 'A' All annual negalives are kepl in our files since I934. You may order from 'rhese aI your convenience. Prompl' and special aHenIion will be given Io any mail order from parenfs who have a son in fhe service. .742 CLE MISS ENGRAVINGS ARE BY SHHEVEPUHT ENGHAVINU EUMPANY Q-Q9 SHREVEPGRT, LOUISIANA ,N l V, 1, 'a I , i f V 1 I f , ' 1 5 l N b S z 1 2' E' 9. 2' I' ' -'72 1 2- 6 Y v PHIIITIHE ClJIIlPAI1YJ19rIIASHVIllE Q an G 2- nl 0 2 3 4 n W i I

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