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 - Class of 1943

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63,5 it 577 'V Q -' ,- "H" ' - w . - - -- . . .-N .. f. -- . . .. . ': ' I .-,'15f jf' I I. 3' A .?zlm'1'Q, ' 4.5,.fE'3g,- bw. 'T kk '7 g,1,, Jig 5.34 ', 94,5 5- J. -g .Q'.. 'I -5. ,MAL-ll .' V,3'1. ',,gt5:b1.'f-'-lx ' ' ' 4 ' ' - . - 1 ' ' 1 ' vl ' - I V ' V A ' rl ' , ' 1-- if-X J 927- '-fb. 5 . f- 4, .g-. . ,. f9.:, . ,"' '- -5'-figizg fi. -,gx-gzip he H 3 , A , f y ,f Wav. . +'Xf.Ay 1 'Q 'r iff , W o. .3 Q.. rn: k ',,,., - gd.: ur QB! ,. L :Kiwi - -, 'Ai QH. . . .V F '. I A ruff' ' .. .. , . --v1x- - --v ': - -. -Q ,1,' . .-,5 . I. 'x XJ -11 IQ? . I", U I E ' - 4- 'gi 4 ' -Q1 1 ut fd- -, if 13? gx i- 1, ' 'I 5 . Q' I . I1 I -L t, ' . fb- - Q-if-'S3.fg33g7f.gi95p?!s-. , X Q.. ' , 'Q , 5 . 9, 'sign 1' .Ni 2' -- ' , Q -,, .Q ' . jg.-,. 4-I .,,- 'h , Y A " - , 1, 1- u .'-V' V" -I .-. ' 1: : ',-.F .-, "'rS3'f.C.-?2E'F'f'f21'?1f5f2 , ai 1' .Q ' -I-1-583 .JS2QQ?tLSug. ww-s..1'?,S'1 ,4fx if , gsij- 1'l14l?f-ev?-71' P- l':-- 1 'U' '--F1.R,:- 'C'?g'f', A-5' Sf- '15 Ava' 'smgjpfg-4.ga3: lajgvf-:gfpgiagifwzggagqgsgiwgy,Qfigvfm,gig 55iS"Q:e?.1w2i-Qgb' g,y,,3.,,- -' bg-JIM ' Qvqig. '13 jg 'gy:4".4 ,,,!f' JSM. ".-.'. . 'Q.U.6,f-2.5" ',,,a..' 5 ' 'JA - ' A V .-.-'K'-4' 'Q' sal lo ', -iw 4 ' -'L A "HE, -L4 ' " df: Kg! , .' --.Q , . , :,, qu , 12.3.-pf J-, -.ggg...,.,,,4,, ,.,,,,3,.,,c.A.-, q,.rg.,,3.p,-gjm,1 ,sekqew ..,--Aiwa , ,ng A I .'!, , - A g , , - .,,. .g-.-:Y 33":315lf'4!C---ATAJ., 4 'ps--:+',sa'f'C, ' "f'.,--?4-.- .' .: "x"1v'7'ffs -,1'f'Kf.,'5,3,-jaws. 'ffl-f' W' Ax. S Aff- -Q ha ww- y-Q W. . - 41? '.2".A-f5a'51. 1,155-'r z' .1'g :f??1',:242 -,-v?w2ig32!4-fffifzfkgef1:-F ,bfifilzgM-23"--ff.4'rbgLJ'4QiKigg 'Ap5rTff.vI 45135591 +.'i5QY513'q-YQ?:s!fM+1-f3,?TH- if?:vf53S 1 .-'zzz'-, . ' A wt? ff. . JZ.-.r,', I' , ,Q . .Q qw 1 I ,, ,',v fq hi, ,gs -td: br, . , , - ...:f..4 :-bt-'4L.'.' J. A-.'..-,-I J 26' : au," 1 J N.. In 1... ,K 4 ,-:y :cf 9:15-,I I 4 :- "f1??-5'i.Tf.fQ!'fff. 7.wfff':T:-iafivgi::'11'?33?'T:" ' ff.1f9-T2E:21:5j1'f5.-T-irffi'-.-EE-:fe iT"'fH 51ff1' :2'el1i3'+-fr?i5'f-513.a'5,'5'5412:.?f:1ff4'?- 117351254 57-f3-'tffgi-:aff-ffgi 55'-5-ylld'f.'Tg':y?7'fi:T74' l7'.1f1 7' ' ' 'ir'--if J'sw"liTl1 ' 'J 'ffY'k,.i:i"i-+f'g.'17':fHS 25P15211.1"L"-''37"?5 '3lfI7!1'f.'5f-.f-.?fiX7i'1'4ff.'- -"A-?'I"'-2.-?1'Wf-J-1124f-'a?1?"'a' 'fffwi ' Fri:-'l S . 49:51. " -""' L 4 . ' '-I " Q- , 'L'-"lil 'f1"5- 1 1.14 rv-::'tb5.'.if"',T,3 5 '1 g:,,'l.:.f-gl.: --,w?:'::.flZL 2 Ti.: Arzlggfh ri.: -Q .3 1. -I I V Ej:f1.1f.5 1'-,Z Z-zzsi 'S .-"E,"P,'ff'I',,,11-if 171--'ff' "a'p',"'T"-.,-'-x",gf '1"'f: . Ii: ' f . ' '. L.' 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A 1? -"' . .. .7- S . . 4 - ae: 45 bw. in Q 1 f AT' in 1 fq fe, 1 " 1 E 1 ,af , ,, " ' -f'f-5:113 12 , 41 , ' .'?,,l,:'f?Q,,f5?" , 4'i',fw-"A, - '34 fun - . 5-.', my ' W-Q-2 .y 1 - , -,z--Q--M r " . 74' , ' , fi +.,Qg3.,1y , . 'S' -, 2-f wuz 'coz Q,-pk uf N .-. -. ' I v Mi,',wY' Av 'V' , W' 'g,..:afs, ' ' M nav wg. ,J N 'Rjh.,'., 'Q' 'Cffib 'WS' ,Yr Q 137, .,,. ,' 1 'f 45 -J!,- ..f'1'f'f ,,,,.,,gJf. ,I . fl!-,JI - 1, Ixff gf", Ii! vt, , 1 1 , v Ax .A -ffm.. , , ,, ,gg ., n , , , f If f A5 W 19? qw- 1 ' ' . 1' Q 3. W C. ge Q v, Q ,v ' 4 X4 f aa ,S-P ei r' I f Q.. 1 I I. x M41- ' "WLT-fli fb' 4 ..' "'H'f. 'f""'ni . 1 R1 ' 5 ' .' . . 4 ' ' Y I"5v'BB'. B' III' 'F' ' .- .:. ----2 ,iii 1- . -in if t- - - f 1 ' 1 3 . 5 ' Quik "g'a'ni"""'F" .'-' Y .i i 'V ' I l .Lf vu P- 4 , ,. 'A H E ., .,. um: i ,ii,pinr.g-A 5 31 ,ff ' - - ...+eqw""' - QU 1 In .A l A " ' -gate-34,1 P r.. 6 E. agents--"fI. I iiiiiijgid ' 1 -' ' nl I -ur' fn -3 B .hhnnii g.uH.A? , E I A- h ' "1"'1"l I I I 131.13 I " "ll IV' ' 1 I 0 4 I ' 44 M63-" fm '-'mv K " Xl- , D , 'I-Z fr' I f YQ-5959 ,,.Lf Mil. ' x A1 A val? 5' , 'iv .. S "-r'L'.5 " fl' ' fi is 2 1 1 QEEEGE QF EeQ QQ Q '-fggzw.-f-'sr 1. . 1 X I yv'i'f3':"n'x , iff' fl Y fs r i 3 L f"'v ' 'f s ' I . X ' 'I 1 l 9 . 65tf l aft? , ' is S ...U . ". . Q I n l ,ffm 3 ' s 132, if w, ,, ...f ' 1. x 3 .' ua., i A ,r ' ,, , - L... - :y:" x 9 K - lifff ' 1 A ' lla., I 1 or lu: i gi 4525 li ls Q Xi! J xwiif 3 3 fl . , x x Q F , X 'X X 9 5 1? 1 X 0? ,Q , 9'5- s aw 4 Y, f in ' .v, 1-. N , . - -A' , ,, ' ,,. ,ae ' 'KN , '- s .Il . ,. if .fi f ' . 5 4 , . ' - 5,55 :tr , X543 :JU -'V Q, - '- ffm- 4, 4 I ,, vs -ft 'K .1-H' Q rl I QQS F75 4 sug- , 1 J I -5 a . fgfw 39+ ' Eff. ,LK-xl' v '4 I QA 'QQ -:ij 'Q- ,Y,.t ,., , , ,, .. . V "' f- s 5 ' " ,- '.' - .W 1 Jar- ff , .i,.,.f:-V., . -gig, ' -' ,- , 5.3-...xg ,.-.1 r ,h .. .,. 1 .. ,V 'Y M , . ,- -,, D 'av -., , , f 4 if-fish' "f, .gy 'APPQIQX' gi M -P , A j.:,h ', ,. gif- .- 5..,A':. -Q . ,v""-..'!'-f . ,-, ',nA.,r ' - if ' fx," , v o'3' . 'Z' ,. -'-4.' 'ii ,qu ' ' , ' I s . ' ' 1 --1. K ' . .--!-'Sv' Y--' -mv ,- 1 'QFSTY .- ., . , , QE -' fy 7. 5:5026 N r -U QQ . - 1 .3 . 5 : A 1 I z.. -' ' f x D - . - Q - . x1aX,p'I- J ' - ' ,ug M' Q -JD my H --vs-vq 1- I S jk 4, A , vi Q 1, 1 5 , " f s:"', . A as 1 5 4 1 S5 ' u if ""U'- . vs 'iv Q55 C . A I Tj 5 .Auf al-'auf' Q Q' ,2 'Aw' ' . ' 024 ,Rn I V L ' Y ' "4 f T Q " -W ' 'W LL1,f.'.A. Q ..- . - :- s , . 5 1 .3, qv- 1 f -1- wi, .,,. in if 1, 7" is -5. 1'-A n fx Z, 1 3 ri , ll as Y , 3 Q' 4 '31 . Mpeg ,JY ,, ' Aizzz 1 x Vw LJ gl ff? 1 J! ,.... 1 Rv 5 ' 1 , s 3 fr' an W sd ' xs. N ' Q. f ' 4,3 -. V A if fl ff V f? , -as Q 5 if Q ,M 'fn Q? 5. mf sgxp' V. f ZH 3 if HF '2 U Q ,iq , 1 I fe av ., Lnifwr- vf' .sf-, Q92 ,Nr 125' lf' NUM.. E --.-Al-.... 4'-'---sir ..-. " fEEQw1?S QF 5' if 'fm 3, ' L5 .- x '3h"'A- "' .' . I . 1- , ,. , . 1 . . , , e A. ., I -'kfnzr 'H' --2 -AU' A ,.:'.6x ' 1 If A ,A .'- K gf" A 'N 'V it 2-'QQ f ,, 1 I W I 5 2 k I 1 v T-is "'+i -i Yv'q""-Qs... wg-,-eg "1-g,,"L L H115 155-ffl L I LTL' .1 f:i2L1'P-1 L lg, an 11 ' F' 'E 55.5575 " W 222225 ll ll 5:5-:ZZZLE I I i ii? 4. , 1 hrough his inestimable service to the University and to un- nnnihered individual students, Ur. Wiley has won the respect and admiration of the students and members ot the University. By the application of individual interest in his students, he guides rather than drives them to serious thought and study. Showing his pupils the problems of the past, comparing these with problems nt the future, he has become known throughout the South as a writer, lecturer and professor. How well we will remember his enthusiasm, his versatility, and his ability. lt is with sincere appreciation of his service and profound admiration of his sterling character that we dedicate to him this volume of the Ule Miss. Q I! v- -V 1 g -J., vi, 1, . 1 .7 ,I if q., . .ev gp, p- rr- , Q- 1-,Lip Qtr: K' .- ,L,,i,.-H. .A -gg. ., Q. . - ,. 5 - H3 f ' f f riff r 'l+'33:-15.54. 3' if r V '. i .f.:'.mf?, -i +4 'Q 4597--l+1 sf? A245 if ,vii . . A?,n,.J in ,., 09, .XL ,, ' vu s tk, faftdufxwie t .mtl,,7QP,,J-M -. 31.:?Sgig.,.g.A 4 3, Q V A5 ikqsb - ' K - -f"Z' 1: 1 'U' 3'-' XL-sv" 1 "' "5" f. -lar '- ln- 17141-m. ff-l"'qf ' A-'FJ-f' - 2 W- l ' ' "".X" YH-1" lf' V Y 'J-'qt' ig 'felis Rl-"i"8"'fa ' "if-.n'-'X' s '-1-"s"3""'a'3', 'Pffll 'bi' I? ' -' if -f' - "5 VA? 'w-144+-'l i-'ia 'Xi l91""' , 3-f'-4.1.5 '11 4' ir' U' 1 ,..- v . - . ' . v '..9 ff ' 3 ' -. , 7' 'L ' ' 1' H1 . .'."- .31 1 .1 . -'- 's""L. .f' 5' 5 1-5 Sf- , "r 37:13 '. "f., 'a -'1A','A 'ff-2 :rl ,L .s 9 fn-avg 'Yi-ff r"'f4fa . I' f'1"?lfb'v..-dfp., ,wjg qs 1f',"--2,3-fps-In-V' fy.-fgjf-' Hug-:Y,Q - :YH 2.51 -3 P' dj-'ff -Pg j.,': 1 Q P, . p A J 1 4 r . -:ff-' 'ann ,f ,Ll jf -f 4. d-fx.-L"'1','1b "ws 1 ,Ji 93, . '. 1,-" 9 1. "iff ',f Q' "rf, ' fl Q.: 1 -1':- A Phi, ' " "Q-lffj 'f jr- ' f K 15. 19W "'- i' .' ' - N I 1 'L:La'n.f:.,? -L+e3.'3,..bfe'lLTg 7:1-A U., V .Jn T'.Ir1',1,,VZ.- Lv. I, ' .,i x V- 1, , D 4 4 , u ,T pl ..L:...,'x..,,..?A.'.ei L T. Tir: .Q Tug. - 5, ii .131 I 53 5 "Q "1vs',"'-,- , .f V ' " 1' -4 .i" -1' 1 :" ."'.-s1.v1'-f-.v- ' I 1- . " i'.'v '.n g V. V-' 7 ' --'l' ' it' - l. .' , V l',A.,. 1" I 0- - '. ' V ' , - 1- . " . A . lb: l v I ' I 'Y l l It l A It x .' ' v , ' . X ' - l' ' K"4."'.n'.' 'X ' 'lf ' ' V' I ' .i-'- .' li . 5 ..- ""5 -' "4 'A . -' r' , i - ,lp via Ft, ' ' -, KL ,v ,F'J J 0 I 7 ',- , 'fi -,f, ' -., .-' ' 'f'." -.' ':.. i in v I- '-,ia q. H," -71' ,I ' 'Z'-fi, J 5 ','- . 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'sf' yr Q ' s I., x flaw 4 , ' P s,ssf'fsi1iirwifasf. assess his ei' 1" Y QW kiln' Huw warm' M,-,Pa X, 7' H st' ,Y Q A hw . 1 Av A 1.472 5 Governor Paul B. johnson, Gov- ernor of the State of Mississippi and President of the Board of Trus- tees. Willing to fight for what he thinks right, willing to remove those unfit to remain on the Board of Trustees, he is continuously work- ing for the betterment of education in the state. We pay our respects j .0 him. BUAHD UF TRUSTEES Operating upon a full-time schedule, faced with the problem of war and its complica- tions, the Board of Trustees gives more of its time and efforts this year than ever be- fore. Composed of fifteen members, the Board meets quarterly. The great increase in the growth and ability of the college since its founding is hard to realize, and even to- day few of us would recognize the members of the Board, would we see them on the campus, but by working quietly and efficiently, they have given to the college all those things which have made Ole Miss one of the outstanding Southern colleges. GOVERNOR PAUL B. JOHNSON, President, ex-officio. . J. F. BARBOUR .... . RANSOM ALDRICH . . JOHN W. BLACKSTROM . JOHN W. BARBEE . . FORREST G. COOPER . MARTHA ENOCHS . . HAROLD GAUTIER . . B. GJIAZARD . . . c. W. JENKINS . . . MEANS JOHNSON . . L. M. JOYNER . . H. c. McLEOD . . J. W. SAVAGE .... W. CALVIN WELLS . . Chancellor Alfred Benjamin Butts, on military leave of absence since July 1, 1942. Sensing his duty to his country, he se- cured military leave and is now Lieutenant Colonel with the Judge Advocate General's Department, Army of the United States. His position is now being filled ably by Acting Chancellor Alfred Hume. 51' . . Jackson . . Yazoo City Michigan City . Leakesville . . Hernando . Indianola . Jackson . Pascagoula . Columbus . . Ellisville . Greenwood . Starkville . Hattiesburg . Gulfport . jackson in-M' oi..-e-rv" """'H o'f'5. 1 1 "' '--'i' " Y ft' s I 4" W A 5 Q V ' 1 IMI, 'yu' 4 gl 1' ull 4. 35 , . . 'V 1' . U s 'iw-' L ' , J . 1 1 ,nw I 4 R ' I I 3 J' 0 1 ' l An J. gin .0 '- 'ff ' 'I 'gf' 1 , , F . . ' 1' 7'f,"v,,,-D ' -' gA'AZ' ' y, .-F, ' tx xv gg, .-eff. ,al Zhi, 9 'i 8,4 'bv . V. Q ' J- Z., H i I , or x , ll A - If ,-fft ' K r' "VMs ' 'J lin ' is JI . T :fb Q' va kfl ' c ' l fl .J , 5 , -A as 1 3' . ,JS-J N- ,. Bl 0 1 ,gl ' Y 1 f, ',. 9 N l. a 1 , V Q A , M , " if s , 2 ' ' 'T , ,,- N A. M 7 " 7 . A, . -V '11 1 , 45 0 'QE A we 1' dh. Q .-1 vin.. ah.-.l..:,A' Q' ,- -4:1 1 xml T5 . ., -,ik-,. r 0 wt .' 'N-1 . . ,,,,, v,g,..1.. , ' l.. ,gal 1- gd 1 'Z' 3-1. ALFRED HUME Acting Chancellor DUDLEY HUTCI-IERSON ROBERT COOK Dean of Graduate School Dean of School of Education DAVID HORACE BISHOP Dean of Faculty 'A H 'Q VICTOR ALDINE COULTER Dean of College of Liberal Arts THOMAS CHARLES KIMBROUGH Dean of School of Law .1 C -,ff 11 n ff' n.qgfH.M,.aiv 'ug lu...- L 1 v FULTON CQHAPI E LIVE in the present, but dream of the past or future, for the present holds nothing but chaos and disorder. Our lives disrupted, we hesitate. But out oi all this there stands a group of men willing and seeking to help us adjust ourselves to the way of life. Here are the Deans and the Professors -our friends .ind servants. Witl1 their calm assured ways they seek to guide and help. At llllies ii e seem to disdain their help, but our lack of experi- ence and lcnnuleclge is with us always, and we turn to them. llll LEE H JOHNSON JR BILLY SYLVESTER GUYTON ELMER LIONEL HAMMOND Dean 0 School 0 Plldfllldfv 1 THE GEOLOG BUIIDI C AVING LIVED through three wars, living through its fourth war, the University will remain a monument to those seeking higher education. But what of the future changes? The answer we do not know, but whatever the changes, the administration will be seeking to further the cause of higher etlutation. Always their work will he remembered, their faces recalled. So we lace the future and fear nothing, for we have partaken ofthe knowledge of our guides. .mtl their skills have been imparted to us. O RAYMER WENDELL TINSLEY Head of Department of Student Personnel F 3 . y 1 1 I i H 35 H if We wi' 1 I E 5 3 i RICHARD MALCOM GUESS ESTELLA G. HEFLEY Dean of Men Dean of Women i HARRY j. MEHRE JEFFERSON KOGER HAMM A ANDREW BROADUS HARGIS Director of Athletics and Head Coach Assistant Director of Athletics and Alumni Supervising Engineer of Football Secretary il 1 Q I f 5 Q 1 . Y"" A 'S Ng, ,qv IVIEIVIUHIAIVI Q-.9 fas of Feb. 25, 19432 400 CADET BILLY BRIDGFORTH Class of '42 LT. WILSON CATER Class of '41 LT. CHESTER COCKRELL Class of '40 CAPTAIN FLATS DAVIS Class of '41 SERGEANT WILLIAM P. GRAVES Class of '43 CADET LARRY I-IAZEL Class of '42 LT. RANDOLPH KLYCE Class of '35 LT. BERNARD REEVES Class nf '42 LT. GUS TATE Class of '40 LT. DOUGLAS TUBI3 Class of '40 ENSIGN JOHN SIMMONS Class of '42 IZPI 225 STUDENT IIIITIIIITIES Iwwnr 1 I f I 3 4 I I I I I I 1 I I 4 Hermann Baxter, President of Associated Student Body MEMBERS HERMANN BAXTER . . jACK PIGOTT . , . BETTE CONGDON . . jACK THOMAS . BEN BOVUIE . . , HENRY BREVARIJ . RALPH lf. CAMERON . . DONALD COMSTOCK , MARTHA CiliRAl.lD . . . MARY CQOOPISR MIl.l.IiR . . filiORf1li A. MORGAN . , MILTON S. PLRRY . P. VV. SffHNlillH:R . IiOliliR'I' WI SHARP . AI.BIiR'l' XX'H.SON . . . . President Vice-President . . Secretary . . Treasurer . . Annual Engineering . Pharmacy . "M" Club . . Lau' IV. S. G. A. . . Business . Band l.ifn'ral Arts . . Medicina' Mississippian l30l Jack Pigott Bette Congdon Jack Thomas Ben Bowie The Executive Council composed of certain or- ganization officers and other elected members is large enough to represent the entire student body, yet small enough to present a compact body. Four- teen members plus the president of the student body make up the personnel. The council, not content with merely creating a Student War Com- mittee sponsored several drives all of them being successful. At mid-semester the president of the student body, Hermann Baxter, left school to gain a commission in the Army, his job being taken over by Jack Pigott. The council continued its policy of war efforts as set up under Baxter, and was very successful. At the beginning of the year the Coun- cil realized the need for some kind of united war effort on the part of the students. To create this, the Executive Council brought into being a Student War Committee, whose purpose was to sponsor war drives and bring about a more united war effort on the part of the students. 635 44" 9. 1 Mary' Cooper Miller Albert Wilson EXECUTIVE COUNCIL rv- ii A .,, ,..1-.,3, P I t 1 o 5' up "" -of N Ann Glenn johnson, second Vice-President Nlargie Bradley. first Vice-President Lillian Newton, Secretary Betty Brueck. Treasurer is Nlary Cooper lxliller, president of Wh S. G. A. UlVIEN'S GUVEHNIVIENT Acting as a sub-unit to the Executive Council, the Wot11en's Student Government Association is the gov- erning body of the women students. The faculty has granted the Association the power to control some matters of women's government-matters not under the control of the University authorities or the dormitory management. The Association is a member of the National Inter-collegiate Association of Wfomen Students, and also of the Mississippi Intercollegiate Wot11en's Student Government Association Authority is vested in an executive council, which is elected by vote, with changes being made by stu- dent petition. liach wom.m is at member of the Association and is required to be familiar with its rules and regulations. i 431 DR. ALFRED HUME . DR. D. H. BISHOP .... DEAN E. L. HAMMOND . . DEAN IIORACE BROWN . DR. c. F. DUNHAM DR. J. B. LOOPER DR. JOHN WADE MR. J. K. HAMM MEMBERS 0- . Ex-Officio Chairman Chairman Chairman Sub-committee on Yearbook Chairman Sub-commiltee on Mississippiari BEN BOWIE AL AVERY ALBERT WILSON BILL McCARTY HERMANN BAXTER 6, . l if' - Dr. Bishop, Chairman of Council Composed of eight faculty members, and the four publications heads, the Publications Board has done excellent work in the past few years. This can be witnessed by the high standards set by the Mississip pian and the Yearbook. The board is divided into two committees, each committee having control of one publication. These committees seek to help, rather than control the publications, for their primary purpose is to guarantee democratic leadership and efficient operation of the campus publication. 'Z' 5151. V EUITUHIAL EDITORIAL STAFF BUSINESS STAFF BEN BOVVIE ......... ...... . . Editor . . Business Manager A. B. CHADVVICK . . . Assistant Editor A557 Business Manage, DOTTIE CONDITT ' ' 'A" Coed Editor Ass't Business Manager ACK BELLAN . . . O 'Z ' Ed' J rgam ations ,mr Ass't Business Manager PATSY PARKER . . . . Sorority Editor l .... . . Secretary JOE DIXON . . .... Class Editor BILL STEWART . . . Photography Editor ' ' 5ef'f""'y PAUL WIRIGHT .... . . . Sports Editor -'---- Seffefafy MARTHA JEAN MCBEE . . , . Secretary . Advertising Manager ASSISTANTS ADVERTISING STAFF ALLEN LEE TOOMBS BILL LUCKETT RUTH KUYKENDALL HARVEY GRESHAM JAMES HOLLOWAY A. A. WHITTEN BESS GREEN LAURA PAGE JANE HOPKINS DELBERT HOSEMANN TOM REEVES CATHRINE OLDEN WALTER PHILLIPS ARCH DALYRIMPLE LON TAYLOR H. C. DeCELL PAT CARRAWAY .IUMMIE POWERS CHARLES MARCUS VIRGIL JONES SUSAN THOMPSON ft "r BUSINESS ' r -. 2 Ng BEN BOWIE, AL AVERY, Editor Business MdI1Ugl'f IVIISSISSIPPIAN 0118106 fke CCLWQIUM6 The very considerable job of covering the local and international news and informing public opinion does not prevent the staffs from spending long hours in the Union Building playing, singing, and coke guzzling. Though the Business Staff maintains financial control over the Editorial Staff, relations be- tween the two sides are comradely. So between Wilson and McCarty the staffs rush to beat the dead- line-do-and come out every Friday with a good Mississippian. ALBERT WII.SON, BILL McCAR'I Y, Ifdilur ,dvj . v ,Z- X 1 . , ' i I ,N x Business Manager EDITORIAL STAFF ALBERT WILSON ....... WILLIAM WINTER . . FRAZIER FURR . . . MARALYN HOWELL . MILLER SPAULDING , SIS TREVILLION . . . ROBERT BARNES . . CYRIL SPICER . . . HUGH CROWELL . JANE KLINDWORTH . . MARTHA JEAN McBEE , . JOSEPHINE ASHCRAFT . . . REPORTERS Jimmy Power jean Simmons William Luclcett Mary Lib McLeod Martha Ann Brett Betsy Walton Ann Howard jack Bellan John Collens Carl Moe . . . . . . . Editor . Managirig Editor . . Sports Editor . . Society Editor . . . . Copy Editor . Editorial Secretary , . Exchange Editor Special Contributor . . Feature Writer . Feature Writer . . Secretary . Secretary Paul Newton Betty Butts Corinne Baggett Lillian McElroy Margie Fairchild Mairiam Horne Lorane Lowry Ellis Bodron Walter Roberts E. S. Furr Charles DeVinney BUSINESS STAFF BILL McCARTY ....... . Business Marzager HARVEY MYRICK , . . . Ass't Business Manager DENNIS GRANBERRY . . ....... Advisor LOUIS GRITZ ..... . Advertising Assistant MELVIN KRAUS . . . . . Advertising Assistant ROBERT LEAVELL . . . Local HAROLD DUBUISSON .,.. Circulation Marlagfer . . . . . . . . . . , Foreign Circulation Manager E. H. BARKER ...... . . Campus Circulation JAMES HOLLOWAY . . . . . Campus Circulation CLAUDE BALLENTINE . Ass't Circulation Marzager TECHNICAL ASSISTANTS Bill Murphy Marcus Love joe McCain Roger Lee Hayes Jack McLarty Sidney Robinson Earl Fyke Starling Reid STENOGRAPHERS Bettye Bridgeforth Carolyn Clement Lida Imlay Dottie Hall Joan Beecham Frances Humphreys Stig Lear Dicey Carr Gene Thomas Elizabeth Jones Ruth McCain Sis Crawley Nell Wheless Ann Gilliam Elizabeth Shipley CIRCULATION ASSISTANTS jim Archer - john Hinman Bill Stewart Pete Reid Ben Mitchell jimmy Lott Danny Guice ,. -..-,, w..,. 4,.,. www A ,ww-:... .C , ....: . ' V Vx. E ,,......-fi-----. l l I I i l E I f l Q i l .A Q EVELYN GANDY DICK STRATTON ERICH MERRILL MARTHA GERALD The Journal of the Mississippi State Bar Association issued by the School of Law. Co-edited each year, the publication is an outstanding campus publication, and its editorship is one of the most coveted of pubhcadon heads MISSISSIPPI LIIWIIIUIINIII. EDYTHE EVELYN GANDY , RICHARD E. STRATTON, Ill . VVILLIAM H. WARD . . ERICH W. MERRILL . MARTHA W. GERALD . . PROFESSOR JOHN WAIJIi , . PROFESSOR WIl.l,lAM IETHRIDGE STAFF l38I . Editor . . . Editor . . . Business Manager . Ass't Business Manager . . Assistant Editor . . Faculty Advisor . . Faculty Advisor THE REBEL STAFF BECKETT HOWORTH, JR. . . . Publisher CAROLYN PUGH .... ...... E ditor BILL HAYNIE . . . . Editorial Advisor LON TAYLOR .... . . Advertising Marzager ALLEN LEE TOOMBS . . . Circulation Marzager ART Betty Hopkins Elaine Griffin Lida Imlay Arch Dalyrimple Ph. ,f.1 graphs' EDITORIAL STAFF Mary Lib McLeod Bob Roberts Patsy Parker Hugh Crowell Elizabeth Jones Betty Hughes Spot Petty BUSINESS STAFF john Hinman Harvey Myriclc jack lVlcLarty jeff Hamm Coco Gee Betty Butts Rebecca Matthews jane Howell IBOT CIRCULATION STAFF Dollie Hughes OFFICE STAFF Dicey Carr Mary Noel Baird Agnes johns Laura Page jim Alice Cockre Constance Pilking Carolyn Clement ll ton '--INTER xt' f J-, fr C' Q- L VIRGIL JONES, jones Ellis President Schneider Sweat 1' Tearing its hair out in an attempt to formulate some fair and efficient method by which rushing could be carried on, reenforcing and revising last year's rules, the Council pushed the fraternity men away from the freshmen until rush week, spread the rushees out, and let nature take its course. llr-nlcy Richardson Trevillion Perry Griffith Merrill Wright Roberts 'fine ii il?" :-1512 I 'iffffr sy- 'D A-XX D tb I y ' t 4..-. ' , --1 -'F :V , . , 1 ,Q ' 0 '- . .. ,- f-'. f 4 ' ig 'J bg- ' in-7 A 'Qs rv- 1 '- ' 1 ' Qrf.. Gp' 1 . .' " V i i, 55' 'lfif ' ff'-Q wif'-. l ,ij s gan- MQ' 1 I' Q- i4 1? '.lA'A,,,." , ffU:.,1Q,. Ava- s. I' V ' ' ' i , ,sip 'x 'f-, A ffl . .mf - A., . . lx ' fffllfa'-N ' Q 'f 'Y T' 'RLi?'i'?iTW 5' Burnham Winter - i .., ., ..., ,.......,-,.......-,. ,Mr-1 FH1-XTEHNITY CUUNCIL VIRGIL JONES . ROBERT ELLIS , . P. W. SCHNEIDER . SOGGY SWEAT . BILL HENLEY . CURTIS RICHARDSON ELLIS TREVILLION MILTON PERRY . . JACK BURNHAM . . TOM GRIFEITH . ERICH MERRILL . . JOHN WRIGHT . . HENRY D. ROBERTS . WILLIAM WINTER . . MEMBERS Officers M embers . President Vice-President Secrelary-Treasure r Sigma Chi . . Delta Psi Phi Kappa Psi Sigma Phi Epsilon . Phi Epsilon Pi . Pi Kappa Alpha . . Beta Thela Pi . . Alpha Tau Omega . . . . Kappa Sigma Sigma Alpha Epsilon . Phi Dalia Theta 'I I lx, I1 1. I I. I E l 5 I i I I J I wr M I l 5 Q. I 5 5 I1 , 4 ? I I 1 as 2 I 5 I I I J FN I J I i ig A . 1 f PAN I,Il.I.lAN NEVUTON. Gordon Prvsidvnl Howell MEMBERS GLADYS GORDON , MARGARET MAYS PATTERSON NIiI.I. MURRAY , . MARALYN HOW'EI,I, W'll.MA SHAW' . . lil.lZAIiliTH PUlal.liR DORIS DULANIEY HISTTY BARNISR RUTH RAY AHC HARTON . Della Gamma . Delta Gamma . . Phi Mu . . Phi ,Hu . . Phi Mu , , ffhi Omega . . Chi Omega . . ffhi Omega II.-lla IJ1-lla D4-lla Iivlla llvlla D4-lla -'ln I42l J JANE PARK . . MARTHA GERALD . . BETTE CONGDON . . EVELYN WILLIAMSON . CATHRINE STEVENS . . MARY AGNES PANT . FRANCES PERRY ..... ANNIE GLENN JOHNSON MARJORY BIGGART . KATE HAMLEY . Patterson Shaw Murray Puller Delta DL-Ira Dalia . Kappa Dvlra . . Kappa Dvlra . . Kappa Dalia Zeta Tau .fllpha Zvla Tau fllpha Zvta Tau Alpha , D1-Ira Zara . . IJ.-Ira Z1-za . . D4-Ita Z4-la is +C-- .- A Z --p g - Wgntn- wmv K f W- '- i 4 i A I o M 'HELLENIC COUNCIL l 2 on nw 'P i ' Cla 43. r-4 Y - I. L 22 , l Dulaney Barner Ray Harton Park Gerald Congdon X f Williamson Stevens Fant Perry johnson Biggart Hamley v! 3 l . . . . . 1 The Pan-Hellenic Council is composed of the seven sorority presidents, and two members from each ' sorority, with officers of the organization being chosen by rotation. The Ole Miss Council is a mem- ber of the National Pan-Hellenic Council. The regular meeting time is the first Tuesday of each month. The Council is the sponsorer of the annual Home-coming decorations that the sororities display, and E Q I gives the winner a large trophy. The council also has a scholarship banquet with th'e sororities being y seated according to their scholastic rating. As the primary purpose of this organization is to promote harmony among the sororities, the council makes rules and regulations concerning the rushing, and limitsgthe number of pledges per sorority. Not to omit the non-sorority women completely the council ' l 'f has a tea each year where all new women students are guests. So on the first Tuesday of each month l the girls gather to discuss their problems, the weather, men, and things in general. Yet out of this ii, chaos comes a rather efficient and workable set of rules and regulations, and some surprisingly good work by the Council. J l-UI f I V I Organized in 1927 to act as hosts to visiting teams the Cardinal Club has become one of the most useful organizations on the campus. It supervises the building of the annual bonfire, disci- plines the freshmen, and sponsors the Outstanding Freshman ' r . 4 Award. After important campus games the Club sponsors a . I X f Y 1 .Spf A dance, with the funds giving the University a gift-beautiful and -s 4 Q .. I 4 useful. as evidenced by the many gifts and monuments on the in M. campus. The Club is composed of Sophomore men, selected their Freshman year. One from each fraternity, and two from the stu- THE ULE MISS Sara Blewett lVlcGehee dent body. The president of the Club is a former member, chosen to serve as prexy his junior year. The Club selects a sponsor each year, picking one of the outstanding and attractive girls on the campus. This year they honored Sara Blewett lVlcGehee. Having one of the roughest initiations on the campus, the club has long been famed for its ability to haze new members. 4' ,, New members are chosen near mid-year and initiation , g A takes place sometimes in February. 1441 L Q I I xv rx 'D -Li Q f Y 1 Ii -' PSR 'Q' if pn., .1 ERICH MERRILL, President R O. V. MARTIN, Secretary , H ROBERT BOBO, Treasurer LYNNARD BEAVERS . CHARLES BOLEN . . JOHNNY EARLY . JOHN HINMAN . JAMES HOWELL . . LUTHER JONES . I 4 1 Q Y wx f 1 ? EIIHDINIIL CLUB . Alpha Tau Omega . Studeni Body . Phi Delta Theta . Sigma Phi Epsilon . . Phi Kappa Psi . Delta Psi Sigma Alpha Epsilon , . Pi Kappa Alpha . Alpha Tau Omega BERNARD LAPIDES JAMES MERRITT . SAMMIE ROBERTS BILL THORNTON . JOE WAGGONER W. H. WEST . . ED WENNERLUND KNOX WHITE . It T 5--,,,,.' . Phi Epsil frri Pi . , Delta Tau Delia . Kappa Sigma . Kappa Alpha . Baia Theta Pi . Student Body . Sigma Nu Delia Kappa Epsil firl MAURY WHITFIELD . . . .Yignm I lu NSI I I I I I I I I I I I I I I r J I I .. .4 'ze-if! N.. . V ' '1x?5",.g,if"g.gff ,O 5016. i...,. A Finding itself seriously hampered by the lack of an instructor at the beginning of school, the band began a search for someone eligible for the position. Their past instructor gone intovthe army, the band chose Milton Perry to become the member's instructor and leader. Regaining some former sem- blance of the past membership, the band began to work and by the opening of the football season had become so well organized that they were able to continue with their flashy drills and thrilling shows- it was the work of those unheard of people, the oflicers, and the instructor. Doing as well as any paid professional instructor, Perry was instrumental in keeping the band alive and functioning. The band has thrilled spectators all over the South, giving again a new an different show at each game. High- light of the drills were the huge American flag at the State game, and the star drill at the Arkansas game This star was formed by the members, then the lights were extinguished, and the members lit flares, forming a huge and perfect star. Always squeezing, sometimes rather closely, their definite lack of money sometimes proved a handicap, but never an excuse. l46l Q It -N- vf ... ' w . 96' -f' .f . . Swap '.' ,., -A, 'il - , ' J Featuring a new drum majorette this year, the band heard many a round of applause upon its going onto the field. As of past, there was Violett Mulvenna Wood, but her famed sister, Muriel, was no longer twirling for the band. So with only one national champion, a new drum major, a new drum majorette, and a new instructor, the band re- organized after mid-semester, and gave per- formances. The work and worries of the band were large, but outstanding accomplish- ments were the result. 1 'V' .ULE IVIISS BAND MILTON PERRY, Director Henderson, Williams, and Smith, the band officers We i471 BETA ZETA Coming into its own several years ago as a member of the National Beta Zeta, this organization furnishes stimuli necessary to provoke members of the band into good and efficient actions. It is composed of selected men from the band and is one of the highest honored organizations on the campus. Members are chosen after two years work in the band and having displayed the necessary characteristics of leadership. The officers are: Milton Perry, Presidentg Harvey Henderson, Vice-Presidentg joe Willianms, Secretaryg and Lon Taylor, Treasurer. Thi- lilag Drill i Q 42. 0 . qfgtc - Q Above: The cheerleaders who gave so much of their time and work From left to right, Andrew Sullivan, Jane Cox, Head Cheerleader Pat Carraway, Cherry Sisk and Otho Johnson. jack Henry, Twirling Drum Major. I 1 1 5 I l 4 ,' 1.. A Al r .li l I l -i.g.a1.'l"..l'f: Ll A - "' l i .':"..-f' fm. V . E. 'K 'I 1 4 43 6:5 QQ' ., l I K 1 i 339 1 5. Vi Br 7- 5 Q1 f 1 X, W 4 N. 1' ff" Q A ' F Zigi", i A f ' '-" , . ' . . I ga? 8? 62.13 'h 4 ', f C .mf .4 i?c'ix X,-. '- A Q 3 yi fl-42' .. '- X N 4' .nw .. ., , ,94I,4 it if A I , !E..., 2 First Row: Aldridge, Bacharach, Beavers, Boyett, Brock, Bowden, Brooks, Brownstein, Byrnes. I 5 Second Row: Collens, Collins, Conerly, Cooke, Crabb, Cunningham, De Cell, Dunn, Edgar. Third Row: Falkner, Franklin, Garner, Gean, Graves, Gunn, Hammond, Henderson, Henry. E Fourth Row: Hinman, Holloway, Huggins, Hulett, Jennings, jones, Kraus, Marks, Marley. Fifth Row: McLarty, Merritt, Perry, Roberts, Robison, Smith, Stephens, Taylor, Topol. , E Sixth Row: Turner, Wall, Welborn, A. Williams, Williams, Wilson, Williamson, Witty, Wood. 4, I-WI l 'fu xi 4-Jw, I K 5 'T' V P w X M l, 'TD f 'Di' 'Q l El .aq- ,M ' arm-uolv an i2'sZ'.-..,i31. . - ...rig Opposite Page: 113 The Beauties, the Royalty, and Col. Butts at the dance in their favor. 123 The K. D.'s gather to discuss things among themselves. 133 Rebels take to the country and back to simple things. 143 After 13 months of straight school, Perry can stand it no longer. 153 The turkey shoot--Tallant got the bird, Lawless the money, and others a cold. 163 jack Henry, one of the best Drum Majors Ole Miss has ever had. Top Picture: 113 Rebels swamp a Ga. man. 123 A pile-up near the goal in the State game. 133 The coeds play it, but the game is a new one on us. To the Right: 113 Avery shows the delight of seeing his books balanced. 123 Paul Wright, who ran many a hurdle in the past spring track season. SHUTS 'W !'l1,,. My ,, 1 . 2 A ,, vi, Z uit W W g N 1 H ' 3' 'ae , shim, We 4 Q, f 4 X W A W ' f. w V 7 ,211 at " 'lf Gr T ,dw i :ev .nw ,Qi i , is ,L f 9 ifizy 1, v 4. V R . Q 1' -M 1.1 W., .-wx' i ,F fa J if "'U'1,g,,v , Q ,, n 1 'f I S- 'iv fix Wi ixgaqQgQKQKE!. 'llflfqqgqlitfh V fS'fw'?33??Yf-,. sq Kb g x. 4f 'ii X X MQ- "'n . x -N J, if sg' Q, git N ' . W , 1 'x -Q ", :lx iv?" , 4. Opposite Page, Top: 111 I'll bet she didn't know it at the time. 121 K. A.'s gather at the rail to greet an incoming guest. 131 To prove the old question as to how many people can get into a phone booth. 141 Their Negro spirituals were the high point of Freshman stunt night. Opposite Page, Bottom: 111 Scabbard and Blade initiation. 121 Meyers horns in on Hoffman and Phillips. 131 A court-room scene at Freshman Stunt Night. 141 Frosh pajamas clash at a pep meeting. 151 "M" Club initiation one of the roughest on the campus. 161 Two kibitzers to every player. . gt W Top: 111 Shullleboard has proven to be popular among the girls. 121 The S. A. E.'s explain the finer points of life to Ralston. Bottom: 111 jones worries over Mathews and the Fresh- men. 121 Dormitory sessions are fun, and last into the wee hours. 151 Four beauties for the Freshman Chorus. 141 A man can't live by bread alone. 151 Kept in suspense at the "M" Club initiation. they register different emotions. 161 McCarty, who caused Wilson to run the "Mississippian" on a shoe-string. 'Q f"N 5 34- Above: 113 lt looks like a simple game, but takes plenty of wind. 123 Rebels enjoy pep rallies whether inside or out. Below: 113 Intermission at a gym dance and the talk goes thick and fast. 123 The band plays for a night rally. 133 Ole Miss students receive a hearty greeting from State College. 143 The Frosh enjoy their get-acquainted dance. 153 just before Glo Miss's first touchdown in the State game. 163 The Frosh turn Olll to see the team off. DLE MISS t Above: Ill Phi Psi's gather and enjoy life in general. 12? Four asked for beer, two asked for comic books, and the other one gulped and ran. Below: ill Mortar Board, just after installation. 423 Rebs sweat at the half, but S enjoy the game. 133 Twenty-seven different ways of dancing. 14? At the S. A. E.- Chi Omega shower for Howard and Crow. 153 Scrimmage for the scrubs. 16? Some look surprised, some look happy. and others look tired. H.. , . . 5 f' fvrvu. r--'fr--1 . - -M. . 'V ,ima rb J,.m,,, 1, .og W , Q -.M Y. - - . 1 ,, J ', 1-'. , , J' ', ,Q '. . so fi' I-i.. ig A .Li ,tk mg. -, '1 , I 1 .Q ,fzfffz 2 2 . Ax ,,: ML g V Qtxlax 'Q,"ni, . H. if Pitref l in A . f''ii . " QQQVKT, .QQM I ff: , '- V ' .f J 'U L., :e,,,,g P D ,.....- ,- ,241- . J, ig 0-.. 'I , 1'-'."' . ,. 'I + A X' . 'mn-1: 'ia 'K H' - ' i n " I ' F27 I u f i ur Q - - Jr- t ,,.L:.f.n+' i qvlf , :- "J nic , ' . MMM - ,' -" .f fi"'f'z-25, - l'Y""' 'V .ig -Q' ' lf All 'fd V., ,, .F -.xl ,,g...I' - firm - . x " f -. A . . ' - .x,..... 'V H'-' I. .H,:L, . .V N. '.-,fig-,,?S, 5 . :V V-L.. . V , - --":.-ua j.-37 -.- gf .- VI - .fs."f' 'J 3' W 'Ziff'-1TL'f.Q"i : ' '- 35- 1 ff.-dc ' 1' Af f"Pf 'ws-3-.M-.-2 ' - nt... ez.. '-.v:---'.'e44'.- - " ' .JT ,Mb--, 1, .a2vx-'.-3,..'...,,3,-- ,s - .- . 5 e - .' 1 w . - , n. -4 J ,. Q a wr. :.. -- 'i ' Fl un-. V--.. D 1--. v Above: 111 Respect for the National Anthem. 12? Ole Miss lost the Golden Egg for another year. 133 How they looked on the bench during the game. 443 Reed and Nichols try out the first sunshine of the spring. 151 The Pikes enjoy life, and Bennett in particular. 163 The "Y" officially greets the football players back to school. SNAP T fh linn l . q'l',, - .i255."-5.gga'1'A. "' ' ff?-, '55-r?55u:""1Ffi'2, T ',f"k"'f4' . .,'. 'rw-Q5 1 fn' ,"' , ' -.- ' 'I ' . ,,- A .f ., ' , ., f A . , F .'f.1.wwA'9'f3 .fm 1.4 gtfnwvx 43 if fan" ' ...D -4 ' ffl. 1 A Bt-low: ill More of the band. 125 Introducing the players, and listening to their l speeches. 135 When Poole missed a sure touchdown. 14? Marvin Hutson rushes out to take care of a player. 153 The Beauty Revue. where everybody watched the others come off the stage. lol Pajamas and street dancing proved to be fun at rallies. Be-lou ll? Regnstratlon day where they wandered around like lost and helpless so vip ., f Q "., r 2-Q? ' st why on 151 s up, uls. hand and Sf ,-HINTHE Ill During the dedication of the Catholic Church, newly built during the summer. 12? The Victory Banquet during the Bond Drive Wetxk, in which an average of 814.50 was bought by each student. HD Too hot to study, too lazy to swim, they just sat around and acquired tans. 443 Thatcher, Stone, and Schneider look over the girls besides taking all contributions. til Vl'here brawn chased brnwn, and the wezllcer sex marveled at muscle. J -, A -lim , . ,,,,d- j ffitaff-i'f' ' , 433 , pn -ag. GUUD ULU V- 'fxv ' Above: ll! They sweat and swim, and stand around and admire the coeds. l2J They strain and groan and are sore for days, but they love it. 137 Bennett, member of last spring's squad, tees off. Below: ll? Twice a week they grew dizzy, their voices broke, and they sweated. 121 One of the gym dances, where everyone seemed to bring a visitor. 131 They beat on their drums, they tooted their horns, and were little but loud. we Q Q U 1 ljlll , . ,, gg!!! , Y,,+ ..-' " M -'rv K K Yi 'Nl -v SNAP U it s'V"4n5J3ihrm.p.t' if Q.,-.J .4l1nu': Graduation parade, the aspiration of all, the beginning of life for some, and the Nemisis of others. B4-lun: 117 Granherry in Chemistry lah, but he enjoys the work. 12l "Shine" Morgan tells the equivalent of a Fish story. 133 Mancill swings a wicked hip. 14? Registration, and everyone receives a Lyceum ticket and other necessary equipment for college life. 151 The morning after the night before. 167 More of a pep rally. 171 Wlmts knows, maybe it's a dice game? . q.,v.- -Q . -'v'QKl JW" Ya ' ' 13 ' t Wdwwvxklf ..-.- M 3iYg?""? , A .V U - . " -iq: -MW fi. Ax ' XV: s,QMA,2 1' ""im,' ' l , V f 1 .aw V ,s-ENR: N il 2 A . 6 T 'J 52 1 "3- -.,- P- -V I 171.1 Y- -i 4 gl M K 'ie 1 I 1 . f'-I s I : I ---bil xr Q Above: ill Toots and sorority sisters gather in gossip and the latest. 421 Harry strains Parker laughs, and Stewart puts up a good show of trying to life. Below: ill The colors passing in review. 423 An Ole Miss man catches a pass. lil Undig nified, but comfortable. 14 Heaven's gift to the National Defense Act. 157 Some dance, but others just talk. 46D Practice makes perfect. 171 Ga. attempts a field goal, but fails. In . fi D: ni 1 -- Qf I . 1 Q. I x l 0 a 'r I? X I-525' .- ' JJ sammy, 'Viv' Kfgnvfk - Q! W fl iii 1' 4' g 'Ku-9 X P" 'V' E3 s . 6 .-H-Rv J T ka 'Al 1 n U1 G ,5 1 X 1. 11 un. 41 f 5 Q K'rT9" '5 V 'fb 3 ? H I 1 i if ,Elini ' V M ?f'fiRKf -My T . ' y ,X 1 ' 1 1 N 1 0'2- A Q I I' ' gg, I ,, x'. ly .Q P 11 x x '1 2- , I 5 fa in l Q' I ' w gf I af 1 , 2555 JH .!s,i5QJ 1.--' 5 rg W M N Qawq' .115 3? ,1 :nga ,. N V, 4, '15 YQ Cf, Y, zgggg-Q Ss fi 0553 ff' 5 i 22" K , af 5:01723 fb ' 2. 51" ., 'Z ' 2 5 'W' 'W "1 F "I" i'ii'n ga Q. 3 fb. lllll!! a r ll Q5 ll Ei W. , ll llll Ill! llll ill! E35 KI! "'H"" - ff? Q. M125 , , WL ' , ' J , , lx J. 'A ' 1 , ' K ' A Q ' , SH fl., y .. - ' V 'Q C F3 -I 11 '- . 'T .A Q ., M ' I , I L , , A ..- -.M - Q' !, messes F s 5 Q Wynn ' IL , x, , '75 tis ,gh ' 0 1' uP' a ,-,vu-Y., WIN 'Q W. X W' ,, Y fi F 'I k dugg .ggjgfg ,511 i n T 1 Q 0 4 . Vw' ,J ,xy - Vo .T W5 O -Q' Sw. ,.. I 1 , 4 x 'fu-..,,,, ... lim N ,f...5 xinwuuuuy f- ,ii K . f :, 661 .-3-.-. HUW DU S Have you ever noticed the many dif- ferent ways there are to study? There is the attentive, the go-off-in-a-corner alone together way, the relaxed-for-a- minute, the bull session, and the 4:30 p.m. cramming. Which are you? E67 ITR GAYLE BATSON, JR. DENTON CROCKETT DAVID DUNAVANT ALBERT GARDNER JOHN HARBOUR 4-fl'-I ,wig -1 JJ' ' -fan' HUGH BOSWELL, JR. GUY DEAN CEDRIC FEIBELMAN HAROLD GODMAN KENNETH HEARD 1 X .. 5. E71 SIL Q, . . 9 RUTH ANDERS LEONARD CHRESTMAN JOE DEATON EDYTHE GANDY EDWIN GRANTHAM THOMAS HOLMES, JR, 5 I PHUFESSIUNIII. SIIHUIII. SENIOR CLASS 0 RUTH ANDERS, Chi Omegap Jacksonp Medicine. 0 GAYLE PASCAL BATSON, JR., Sigma Chip Indianolap Medicinep Phi Chip Medical Clubp Honor Roll. 0 HUGH P. BOSWELL, JR.,Pi Kappa Alphap New Albanyp Medicinep Phi Chip Alpha Epsilon Dellap B.S., Millsaps, l942. 0 LEONARD REUBEN CHRESTMAN, JR., Sigma Nup Oxfordp Medicinep Phi Chip Alpha Epsilon Delfap Bela Bela Belap Gamma Sigma Epsilonp Honor Rollp Medical Club, I, 2, 3, 4p Grand Alchemisf of Gamma Sigma Epsifon, 3p B.S., Ole Miss, I942. 0 DENTON, WINTER CROCKETT, Sigma Phi Epsilonp Winlervillep Medicinep Phi Chip Medical Club, 4p Band, 2. 0 GUY WALKER DEAN, Kappa Sigmap Shawp Medicinep Alpha Epsilon Delfap Phi Chip Vice-Presidenl, Medical School, 3p Medical Club, 3, 4. 0 JOE SANFORD DEATON, Planfersvillep Law. 0 DAVID DUNAVANT, Sigma Nup Ponlotocp Medicinep Bela Bela Bela, Thi Chip Secrelary and Treasurer of Medical School. 0 CEDRIC LEE FEIBELMAN, Phi Epsilon Pip Vicksburgp Law. 0 EDYTHE EVELYN GANDY, Halliesburgp Lawp Della Sigma Epsilonp Tau Kappa Alphap Secretary of Law School, 3p President of Law School, 4p Edilor, "Mississippi Law JournaI," 4p Tasselsp Inlernalional Relalions Clubp Y. W, C. A. 0 ALBERT GARDNER, Sigma Alpha Epsilonp Yazoo Cilyp Lawp Della Sigma Pip Golf Team, 2, 3, 4p lnferfralernily Golf Champion, lp "Mississippian" Business Slaff, I, 2, 3p Baseball Manager, I, 2p Hermaean, I, Z, 3p Band, I, Zp Senior "Y" Cabinelp lnlerfralernily Council, 5, 6. 0 HAROLD E, GODMAN, Sigma Phi Epsilonp Oxfordp Medicinep Alpha Epsilon Dellap Phi Chip Cardinal Club, 2p M. O. A. K. S., 3. O EDWIN S, GRANTHAM, Della Kappa Epsilonp Wesl Poinfp Medicinep Phi Chi. O JOHN HENRY HARBOUR, Philadelphiap Medicine. O KENNETH HEARD, Oxfordp Medicinep Phi Chip Honor Roll, I, 2. Q THOMAS WILBURN HOLMES, JR., Della Tau Dellap Winona: Medicinep Phi Chip Alpha Epsilon Delfap M. O. A. K, S.p Bela Zelap Cardinal Club, I, 2p Medical Club, 4, Sp Band, I, 2, 3p Dance Commillee, 3, 4. 0 TED MCFADDEN, Meridianp Medicinep Honor Rollp Phi Chi. 0 AURELIO P. MESSINA, Vicksburgp Medicinep Phi Chip Cafholic Club. O WILLIAM GLENN MONTGOMERY, JR., Sigma Alpha Epsilonp Yazoo Cilyp Lawp M. O. A. K. S.p Presidenl of Freshman Y. M. C. A., '37p Her- maean, '37p Rifle Team, '37. 0 EUGENE MURPHEY, Della Kappa Epsilonp Long Beachp Medicinep Omicron Della Kappa, Phi Ela Sigmap Alpha Epsilon Dellap Bela Bela Belap Cardinal Clubg Phi Chi Medical Fralernify. 0 CHARLES M. MURREY, JR., Pi Kappa Alphap Ripleyp Medicinep Alpha Epsilon Dellap Omicron Della Kappap Presidenl of Omicron Della Kappa, '42-'43, 0 WILLIAM STUART NEAL, Sigma Alpha Epsilonp Clinlonp Medicinep Phi Chi. 0 LARRY ALBERT PACIFIC, Bangor, Pennsylvaniap Law, I on I ' aw In '-Gland . !, . 1' NK L 7? Q -' 'cr' 3' 3 ii' 'X . .,' F .' i . 1- , " P 1 A, TED MCFADDEN AURELIO MESSINA WM, MONTGOMERY, JR. LARRY PACIFIC WILLIAM REYNOLDS, JR. JOSEPH ROGERS A. J. STACY, JR. RICHARD STRATTON, III WILLIAM WARD 0 WILLIAM W. REYNOLDS, JR., Della Tau Della, Meridian, Medicine, Phi Kappa Medical Fralernify. O JOSEPH BROWN ROGERS, New Albany, Medicine, Phi Chi. O ROBERT W. SHARP, Phi Della Thela, Grenada, Medicine, Execulive Council, '42-'43, Band, '38-'4I, R. O. T. C., '38-'40, Y. M, C, A., '38-'4l. 0 CALVIN SIMMONS, Della Psi, Cleveland, Medicine, Phi Chi, Befa Bela Bela. 0 FRANCIS MICHAEL SMITH, Sigma Nu, Vicksburg, Medicine, Bela Bela Bela, Band, '40-'4I, Y. M. C. A., I, 2, 3, 4, Wesley Foundalion, '4I. 0 A. JACK STACY, JR., Phi Della Thela, Tupelo, Medicine, Phi Chi, Edilor of "Phi Chi." 0 RICHARD E, STRATTON, III, Kappa Sigma, Clarksdaleg Law, Phi Della Phi, Co-Edilor of "Mississippi Law Journal", Masler of Mayes Inn, 0 WILLIAM H. WARD, Sigma Chi, Slarkvilleg Law. 0 JOHN THOMAS WILKINSON, JR., Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Memphis, Tennessee., Law, Phi Della Phi, Omicron Delfa Kappa, Scabbard and Blade, Assislanl Edilor of "Mississippi Law Journal," '4I-'42, Presidenl of Senior Class, '42. 0 MARVIN DALE SMITH, Clinlon, Medicine, Phi Chi O THOMAS KENNON WILLIAMS, JR., Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Paducah, Kenfucky, Medicine, Phi Chi, Scabbard and Blade, Inferfralernily Council, '40, Vice-Presidenl' of Medical Club, '42, Bachelor of Arls, '4I, Hood's Brigade, '39. I69I A 4 All ll. 'GZ , as ."-Ir l v .n...... ,,,. ,. .. . ,eu .,.......-e.e-.... . .,. --... .-. . ?ill1ilI'ii'i . gf g . 193 6- I 'I Fx , 'I ,U I I ya r 'J l --aa, -9 , 4-git, . ,' 9, ., 4-self? 7 I ' swf' ,Q A T' 'sn' G' EQ A i' I Petr' EUGENE MURPHEY CHARLES MURREY, JR. ROBERT SHARP CALVIN SIMMONS JOHN WILKINSON, JR. MARVIN SMITH 'gala'- W I P' . WILLIAM NEAL FRANCIS SMITH THOMAS WILLIAMS, JR, x 4 I I I 1 l ll lf 'I 1 .ga K 1 . ze I V1 XX B Ia .E IaQ.' V in-' HERMAN ANDERSON DELL AUSTIN JASPER BLOUNT JOSEPH DALE MILTON DILLARD JOSEPH DiMARIA CECIL FRANKS MARTHA GERALD FRANK GRUICH K- A. 'Cn' -I .-- if vf 'r 1-. ff:-r-f, vw- -, , gf, - ' 5 . .f' 4 ' , H z .,..- - . ' .gal-5::. ,, L , I li, Q . .- X '?i3h,. i, :sg . 4- K- flip X ' M G 4 I . . ,R 44 fy' f W 5 A I . . .Q if I -, X 1 5- Q52 f' M , , ., 'S' 1-'ff S '53 we 3 , . ' P-,ft 'g2'5f:2'. iii' ,1eg,'fys?iw- 'E ' ' ,gy we , I . v 'sf EI PHIL BROCK E. R. EDWARDS CHARLES HARRISON DAVID BUNCH JOHN FEATHERSTON DAVIS HAUGHTON JAMES CAVETT RICHARD FOWLER FREEMAN HAYS PIIUFESSIIJNIIL SEHIIUL UNDERGRADUATES 0 HERMAN W. ANDERSON, Phi Kappa Sigmag Brookhaveng Medicine. 0 DELL AUSTIN, Phi Chip Winonag Medicineg Cardinal Club, '37-'3Bg Rifle Team, '39-'40g Gym Dance Commilfee, '394'40. O JASPER M. BLOUNT, Decalurg Medicineg Medical Clubg Honor Roll, 3. 0 PHIL BROCK, Sigma Nug McCombg Lawg Phi Sigma. O DAVID BUNCH, Shuqualahg Medicine: Phi Chig Scribblers, 35 Medical Club, 35 "Mississippian," I-23 "M" Bookg Organilalicns Edilor, 25 Her- maean, I-25 Commillee of IO0. 0 JAMES CAVETT, Kappa Sigma: Jacksong Medicinep Omicron Della Kappa. 0 JOSEPH DALE, Prenllssg Law. I 7OI 0 MILTON DILLARD, Beta Theta Pi: Tupelo: Medicine: Phi Chi: Beta Beta Beta: Alpha Epsilon Delta: Gym Dance Committee, '42: Interfraternity Dance Committee, '4I: M. O. A. K. S., '40. 0 JOSEPH DiMARlA, Gulfport: Law: International Relations Club: Hood's Brigade. 0 E. RAY EDWARDS, Phi Kappa Psi: Richton: Law. 0 JOHN FEATHERSTON, Macon: Medicine. 0 RICHARD E. LEE FOWLER, Marion: Medicine: Alpha Epsilon Delta Beta Beta Beta: Vice-President, Sophomore "Y" Cabinet, l940-'4l: President Beta Beta Beta, l94l-'42: Honor Roll, I940-'4l-'42, 0 CECIL FRANKS, Fulton: Medicine. 0 MARTHA GERALD, Kappa Delta: Leland: Law: Tassels: "Law Journal,' '42: Executive Council, '42: "Y" Cabinet, '42, 0 FRANK GRUICH, Biloxi: Medicine: Beta Beta Beta: Phi Chi: Sigma Gamma Epsilon. 0 CHARLES H. HARRISON, Delta Tau Delta: Philadelphia: Medicine: Phu Chi: Alpha Epsilon Delta. I DAVIS HAUGHTON, Pi Kappa Alpha: Jackson: Medicine: Omicron Delta Kappa: Phi Chi: Medical Club. O FREEMAN HAYS, Sherman: Medicine: Phi Chi: B.S. 0 ROWLAND W. HEIDELBERG, JR., Sigma Chi: Hattiesburg: Law: Chair man of Freshman Career Conference, '4l: President of Classical Club, '4l Secretary ot Cardinal Club, '4l-'42: Honor Roll, '42, I DEWITT BASS JAMES, Kappa Alpha: Midnight: Medicine: Phi Chi Alpha Epsilon Delta: Medical Club, 0 THURMAN JUSTICE, Pascagoula: Medicine: Phi Chi: Gamma Sigma Epsilon: Alpha Epsilon Delta: Beta Beta Beta: Honor Roll, '4l-'42, 0 MICHAEL HANLEY LAWLESS, Pi Kappa Alpha: Columbia: Law. 0 J. D. LEGGETT, Union Church: Medicine. O ROBERT HENRY FURR LYNCH, Alpha Tau Omega: Marks: Medicine Phi Chi: Bachelor of Arts, '42. O CHARLES MARCUS, Phi Epsilon Pi: Jonestown: Law: Phi Sigma, I, 2 Cardinal Club, 2: Y. M. C. A., I, 2, 3: Baseball, 2: Classical Club, 2 Annual Sfaff. 2, 33 Band, I, 2: Hood's Brigade, 3: Intramural Council, I 2, 3. i711 Lillian Newton, President, Pan-Hellenic Council. ERICH MERRILL MIMS MITCHELL M. MONTGOMERY, JR, MAURICE MULLENDORE ROBERT O'NEAL WALTER PHILLIPS JACK PIGOTT 'T' l X S- PRUFESSIUNIIL SEHUUI. UNDERGRADUATES 0 ERICH W. MERILL, Alpha Tau Omega, Olive Branch, Law, Phi Eta Sigma, Hood's Brigade, "Mississippian," '40-'4I, Cardinal Club, '4l-'42, President, Cardinal Club, '42-'43, Intramural Council, '42-'43, lntertraternity Dance Cornmittee, '4I-'42, '42-'43, University Players, '42. 0 MIMS MITCHELL, Pi Kappa Alpha, Magee, Medicine, Phi Chi. Q MALCOLM BAILEY MONTGOMERY, JR., Kappa Alpha, Yazoo City, Law, Beta Zeta. 0 MAURICE MILLICENT MULLENDORE, Beta Beta Beta, Columbus, Med' icine. O ROBERT M. O'NEAL, Jackson, Medicine. 0 WALTER PHILLIPS, Kappa Sigma, Bay St. Louis, Law, "Mississippian", Business Manager, "M" Book: Intramural Council, lntertraternity Council, Classical Club, Annual Staff, "Mississippi Law Journal" Staff, "RebeI" Staff, Catholic Club. 0 JACK D. PIGOTT, Sigma Nu, McComb, Medicine, Phi Chi, Omicron Delta Kappa. 0 ORMAND PRINGLE, Delta Psi, Hattiesburg, Law. O PAUL TRUETT RAY, Sigma Chi, Corinth, Medicine, Phi Chi. 0 ARTHUR RICHTER, JR., Greenwood, Medicine, Alpha Psi Omega, Med, ical Club. 0 LAWRENCE SEALE, Holly Springs, Medicine, Phi Chi 0 CLARE SEKUL, Biloxi, Law, Corresponding Secretary, Catholic Club, Y, W. C. A. 0 FRANCES PAGE SHAW, Oxford, Medicine. 0 ETHELYN SMITH, Senatobia, Medicine. O CARL HUNTER STEPHENS, Sigma Chi, New Albany, Law, "Mississip- pian" Staff, '39-'4I, "Ole Miss" Staff, '40-'4l, Treasurer, Y, M, C. A., 'dl-'42-'43, M, O. A. K. S., '42-'43, Intertraternity Council, '42, President, Freshman Law Class, '42. 0 HARRY ALFRED STONE, Kappa Alpha, Columbus, Medicine, Phi Chi, Alpha Epsilon Delta, Beta Beta Beta, Y. M, C A., Medical Club. 0 HERD E. STONE, Ludlow, Medicine, Medical Club l72l ff' , W ,, Ss- I I ' I i ORMAND PRINGLE PAUL TRUETT RAY ARTHUR RICHTER, JR. LAWRENCE SEALE f ETHELYN SMITH CARL STEPHENS HARRY STONE HERD STONE IRWIN WATERMAN VICTOR WATSON DOLSIE WILLIAMS RAYMOND WILLIAMS I I I 0 CHARLES WILSON TAINTOR, III, Oxford, Medicine, Alpha Epsilon Delia. I I I I 0 WILLIAM C. THOMPSON, Morlong Law. Q 0 IRWIN GERALD WATERMAN, Jackson, Law, Phi Ela Sigma, Phi Sigma, I Hood's Brigade, Honor Roll, Band, Presidenl of Hillel, Y. M. C A, I I ' O VICTOR D, WATSON, Kappa Sigma, Brandong Medicine, Phi Chi, Medical Club. I I o DOLSIE E, WILLIAMS, Raymond, Law, B.A., '42, 0 RAYMOND DREW WILLIAMS, Senalobiag Law. I O ANDREW A, WINDHAM, Universilyg Medicine. I O CLINTON B. WOOD, JR., Pi Kappa Alpha, Memphis, Law, Phi Efa Sigma, "Mississippian," lg Y. M. C, A., I, Z, 3, 4, M. O. A. K. S., 3g lnlernalional Relaiions Club, 3, Hood's Brigade, 33 Universify Greys, 4, Phi Sigma, I, 2, Honor Roll. I 'R' vw QP' 1 CLARE SEKUL CHARLES TAINTOR, III ANDREW WINDHAM I qgpif L. tr' FRANCES SHAW WILLIAM THOMPSON CLINTON WOOD, JR. ISS I. , I I I I I I I I I I I I' I I X w. g -n.-..- Illl Hlll llll 1 1 1 1 1 I 1 ,xg,g,Q 1 1 1 1 1 I 1 1 1 .,., ' P"u-Or I lu 1, X i fi 11 1 1 SENIUHS 1751 1 1 1 H 1 J I I I Monlrey Miller, President, W. S. G. A. and Mortar Board. SENIIIII IILIISS DeWITT ALLRED, JR, WILLIAM ANDERSON, JR. JAMES BARRON A S Q, .fp - Q' on "f"f'ES5P7!' " WILLARD ALLRED EVELYN ANDERSON ALBERT AVERY BILLIE BARNETT HERMAN BAXTER RITA BENIGNO 'Q' R I iw. 0 DeWITT TALMADGE ALLRED, JR., Pi Kappa Alpha, Collins, Liberal Arts, Phi Sigma, Y. M. C. A., I, 3, 4. 0 WILLARD ALLRED, Phi Kappa Psi, Hazlehurst, Education. 0 EVELYN ANDERSON, Kappa Delta, Hammond, Louisiana, Education' Home Economics Club, Y. W, C. A. Q WILLIAM CRAWFORD ANDERSON, JR., Oxford, Engineering, A. S. C. E. O ALBERT AVERY, Sigma Chi, Memphis, Tennessee, Business and Cam- merce, Business Manager of Annual. O BILLIE BARNETT, Tuscola, Liberal Arts, Beta Beta Beta, Alpha Epsilon Delta. 0 JAMES H. BARRON, Phi Kappa Psi, Crystal Springs, Business and Com- rnerce, Phi Eta Sigma, '40, M. O. A. K. S., '4I, Glee Club, I, 2, 3, Stu- dent Dance Committee, '42, Vice-President, B. S. C, School, '42, 0 HERMANN BAXTER, Bay St. Louis, Liberal Arts, Scabbard and Blade, President of Student Body, Omicron DeIta Kappa, University Creys, Her- maean. 0 RITA BENIGNO, Delta Zeta, Bay St. Louis, Business and Commerce, Treasurer of Newman Club, W, A. A., Archery Club. 0 LOUIS ARMAND BENOIST, JR., Phi Della Theta, Natchez, Business and Commerce, Delta Sigma Pi, Dance Committee, 4, Hood's Brigade, 3, University Greys, 4. 0 ROBERT BERNACCHI, Beta Theta Pi, Kenosha, Wisconsin, Physical Ed- ucation, "M" Club, Secretary of "M" Club, Newman Club. 0 DICK BERNHEIM, Pi Kappa Alpha, Gulfport, Liberal Arts, M. O. A. K. S. O RICHARD MARION BEVIS, Kappa Alpha, Memphis, Tennessee, Business and Commerce. 0 JAMES BISHOP, Sigma Chi, Corinth, Liberal Arts, Hermaean, I, 2, "Mississippian," I, 2, Flying Rebels. Q BETTY BOBO, Chi Omega, Clarksdale, Liberal Arts. 0 GEORGE WILLIAM BOUNDS, JR., Kappa Alpha, Meridian, Liberal Arts, Y. M. C. A., I, 2, 3, Tennis Team, 2, "OIe Miss" Annual, I, 2, 3, M. O. A. K. S. 0 BEN BOWIE, Pi Kappa Alpha, Vicksburg, Liberal Arts, Scabbard and Blade, Who's Who in American Colleges, Omicron Delta Kappa, Editor ot "Ole Miss" Annual, Executive Council, Intramural Council. O EUGENIA REAGAN BRAMLETT, Phi Mu, Oxford, Liberal Arts, Sigma Alpha Iota, B.M., '42. 0 HENRY BREVARD, JR., Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Amory, Engineering, Chi Epsilon, Sigma Theta Pi, A. S. C. E., President ot Sigma Theta Pi, 3, Executive Council, 4, Student Instructor in Engineering, 4. l76I .QXK .nf- 'U'-s r a. A 9' , A 1.-'z..r..., 1-:2a.?f'+, -f Agia.-I , I ., . l lg - sf ,,.L.,:A,Q , A g.f'- Y Q F-, ss' 1 g 1 - v f , A ' I -V f- Kvlx 1 " . 'A in .gg l f f Q w f i f 4' sw... 1 I ,ff A 'P' ' LOUIS BENOIST, JR, ROBERT BERNACCHI DICK BERNHEIM GEORGE BOUNDS, JR. BEN BOWIE EUGENIA BRAMLETT ELSIE BRYANT JACK BURNHAM UDINE BURNS 0 OSCAR BRITT, Brookhaven, Physical Educaiion, Presideni of "M" Club, '42: Commillee of IO0, '4l. I HAROLD BROWNSTEIN, Phi Epsilon Pi, Greenville, Graduale, Phi Sigma, l, 2, 3, "Mississippian" Staff, I, 2, 3, 4, Annual Sfaff, 2, Sporfs Edifor of "M" Book, Presidenl of lnlramural Council, Y. M. C. A., I, 2, 3, 4, 5, "Rebel" Slaffg Inferfralernily Dance Commiflee. 3, 4g Hood's Brigade. O ELSIE BRYANT, Oxford: Liberal Arls. 0 JACK HUGH BURNHAM, Pi Kappa Alpha, Jackson, Liberal Arts, Phi Sigma, M. O, A. K. S., lnlerfraiernily Council, Y, M. C. A., 3, Annual Sfaff, 3, lnierfralernify Dance Commiflee, 23 Chairman of lnlramural council, 2 0 UDINE BURNS Kappa Delia, Drew, Liberal Arlsg Y. W. C. A., l, 2, 3. 0 HELEN-MARIE BYARS, Chi Omega, Washington, D. C.: Graduale I 0 UNA CALDWELL, Chi Omega, Jackson, Liberal Arlsg Home Economics Club: Y. W. C, A., Classical Club. 0 RALPH FRIDGE CAMERON, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Wiggins, Pharmacy, M. O. A. K. S., '42-'43, Inframural Council, '42-'43, Execulive Council, '42-'43, lnterfrafernity Dance Commi+lee, '42-'43 l77l I RICHARD BEVIS HENRY BREVARD, JR. HELEN BYARS JAMES BISHOP OSCAR BRITT UNA CALDWELL BETTY BOBO HAROLD BROWNSTEIN RALPH CAMERON II I I l I I l ll ll 1 l l ll I I V' 'ef W 15 se NI sa' Q 9 , 5 ',..1lm. A. Q4 1' 'A if i ALBERT CANNELLA PAT CARRAWAY CHRISTINE CHERRY HELEN CHILDRESS INEZ CHISOLM SAMUEL CLARK ERIN CLAYTON JIM COCKRELL DOTSY COHEN HAMER COLE VIRGINIA COLLINS ROBERT COMSTOCK, JR DOROTHY CONDITT KENNARD COOK FREDA CROWSON DORRIS DANIELS NATALIE DAY ROBERT DEAN 0 ALBERT A. CANNELLA, Phi Kappa Psi, While Plains, New York, Engi- neering, Chi Epsilon, Sigma Thefa Pi, Scabbard and Blade, Hood's Brigade, '4I, A. S. C. E., I939-'40-'4I-'42, A. S, M, E., I939-'40-'4I-'42, Presidenl, Engineering School, '42, Dance Commillee, "I2. 0 PAT CARRAWAY, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Jackson, Business and Com- merce, Hood's Brigade, 3, Y. M, C. A., I, 2, 3, "OIe Miss" Slaff, I, 2, 3, Cheerleader, 2, Phi Sigma, I, 2, 3, "Rebel," I, 2, Head Cheerleader, 3, Chairman, Decoration Commilfee, 3. 0 CHRISTINE CHERRY, Zefa Thefa Alpha, Wiggins, Pharmacy, Pix, Vicee Presidenf, American Pharmaceutical Associalion, '4I-'42, Secrelary, Women's Alhlelic Associaliong Y. W. C, A 0 HELEN CHILDRESS, Phi Mu, Salarliag Business and Commerce, fl 5 0 INEZ CHISOLM, Della Della Della, Por? Gibson, Business and Com- merce, Y, W. C. A. 0 SAMUEL GORDON CLARK, Houslong Business and Commerce, 0 ERIN TAYLOR CLAYTON, Chi Omega, Tupelo, Liberal Ark, Sigma Alpha Iolag Glee Club, Y, W, C. A. l78I 0 JIM ALICE COCKRELL, Chi Omega, Hazlehurst, Business and Com- merce, Favorite, I94l-'42, R. O. T. C. Sponsor, l94l-'42, Treasurer, Y. W. C. A., Secretary, B. S. C. School, l942-'43. 0 DOTSY COHEN, Phi Epsilon Pi, Rolling Fork, Liberal Arts, M, O. A. K. S., Cardinal Club, I939-'40, "M" Club, '42-'43, Musical Club, '39-'43, Mississippians Orchestra, '39-'43, Director ot Mississippians, '42-'43. O HAMER COLE, Chi Omega, New Albany, Liberal Arts. O VIRGINIA COLLINS, Oxford, Business and Commerce. O ROBERT DONALD COMSTOCK, JR., Pensacola, Florida, Business and Commerce, "M" Club, Baseball, '4l-'43, Treasurer, "M" Club, '42, Execu' tive Council, '42-'43, Student Dance Committee, '42-'43, Student Investi- gating Committee, '42-'43. 0 DOROTHY CONDITT, Chi Omega, Gulfport, Liberal Arts, University Players, 3, 4, Glee Club, 3, 4, University Chorus, 3, 4, "Rebel" Staff, 3, Annual Staff, 4, Honor Roll, 3. 0 KENNARD COOK, Alpha Tau Omega, Dallas, Texas, Liberal Arts. 0 FREDA CROWSON, Oxford, Liberal Arts. 0 DORRIS JUANITA DANIELS, Delta Gamma, Ripley, Tennessee, Music, Sigma Alpha Iota, Repertoire Class, Vice-President Baptist Student Union Council, Archery Club, W. A. A., Y. W. C. A., "Rebel" Staff. 0 NATALIE DAY, Jackson, Liberal Arts. 0 ROBERT W. DEAN, Senatobia, Engineering. 0 HARRY HUNTER DOGAN, JR., Phi Delta Theta, Sumner, Business and Commerce, Delta Sigma Pi, Hood's Brigade, "Mississippian", Y. M, C. A., Freshman Stunt Night. O ESTHER DOUGLAS, Oxford, Business and Commerce. O CHARLES DRENNAN, Mendenhall, Pharmacy, President of Pharmacy School. 0 DORIS DULANEY, Chi Omega, Ruleville, Education, Legislative Council, Pan-Hellenic Council, 0 HELEN DUNAVANT, Pontotoc, Liberal Arts, Cwens, Women's Athletic Association, Archery Club. 0 PAUL EASON Phi Delta Theta, Tupelo, Engineering. 0 MARIE EASTERWOOD, Memphis, Liberal Arts, O ROBERT S. ELLIS, Sigma Nu, Waynesboro, Business and Commerce, M. O. A. K. S., Phi Sigma, Business Staff of "Mississippian", lnlerfraternity Council, Vice-President ot lnterfraternity Council, '4l-'42, Y. M. C, A., Gym Dance Committee, Faculty-Student Committee on Fraternities and Sororities. 0 W. G. ELLIS, Vicksburg, Liberal Arts, Delta Sigma Phi. I79I SENIUH CLIISS HARRY DOGAN, JR. DORIS DULANEY MARIE EASTERWOOD SE JAMES FARRELL NELL FINLAY ELIZABETH FRANKLIN - - r if 'M Nlllll IILIISS ALBERT FENGER BETTY FIELDS RUTH FLEMING ELOISE FORD JACOB FRIED BYRON FURR, JR, j' gl 1 x C? Ki. Q Xu '9 ,pf-., . ,fi K 'Z 0 JAMES PARMER FARRELL, Tunica, Engineering, Phi Sigma, '40-'-ll, Chemical Engineering Club, '40-'4I, '4l-'-12. 0 ALBERT C. FENGER, Oxford, Engineering, Treasurer, A. S. C, E., '4l, Vice-President, A, S. C, E., '42, Vice-President, Engineering School, '4l. 0 BETTY FIELDS, Chi Omega, Tupelo, Liberal Arts, Glee Club, 4, "Ole Miss, 4, Y, W. C. A., 4. 0 NELL ALFORD FINLAY, C"i Omega, Glen Allen, Education. O RUTH FLEMING, Delta Gamma, Grace, Music, Sigma Alpha Iota, Glee Club, '4l-'12, 0 ELOISE FORD, Della Gamma, Houston, Liberal Arts, B, S, U, Council, '41, '42.'43. 9 ELIZABETH FRANKLIN, Oxford, Music, Sigma Alpha Iota, Girls' Glee C'ub, I, 2, 3, 4, Ole Miss Music Club, '12-'43, 9 JACOB M. FRIED, Phi Epsilon Pi, Vicksburg, Graduate, Phi Eta Sigma, M. O. A. K. S., 3, Hood's Brigade, Treasurer, 4, University Creys, "M" Book, I, "Mississippian" Statt, I, 2, 3, Honor Roll, I, 2, 4, Gym Dance Committee, Y. M C. A., I, 2, 3, 4. 9 BYRON E. FURR, JR., Delta Psi, Pontotoc, Pharmacy, President American Pharmaceutical Association, 'fll-'-12. O WILLIAM FRAZIER FURR, Aberdeen, Liberal Arts, Phi Eta Sigma, Band, I, 2, 3, President ot Wesley Foundation, 4, Copy Editor of "Mississippian," 3, Sports Editor, "Mississippian," 4, News Bureau, I, 2, 3, 4, 0 JOSEPH GANDY, Sigma Chi, Hattiesburg, Physical Education, Intra- mural Shot-Put Winner, '42, Intramural Council, '42-'43, 0 FRANCES GARRETT, Delta Delta Delta, Cleveland, Liberal Arts, Cwens, "M" Book Stattg Y W C A., I, Z, 3, -l 0 COCO GEE, Chi Omega, Carrollton, Liberal Arts. 0 EMILE JOSEPH GEX, JR, Kappa Sigma, Bay St. Louis, Liberal Ar's, International Relations Club, '4I-'42, '42-'43, Baseball Manager, '4l-'42, "M" Club, '42-'43. O EDWIN C GILLESPIE, Delta Psi, Lambert, Business and Commerce, President ot Phi Eta Sigma, 3, Scabbard and Blade, Commander ot Hood's Brigade, 3, President ot Cardinal Club, 3, Chairman ol Gym Dance Committee, 3, President ot Y M C A, 4, Who's Who in American Uni' versities and Colleges, 3, Vice'President ot Omicron Delta Kappa, 4. 0 GLADYS GORDON, Delta Gamma, Belzoni, Liberal Arts, President ot Y, W C, A, '42-'43, President ol Classical Club, '-ll-'42-'43, Pan-Hellenic Council, "Rebel" Statt, Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities, '42, 0 HUGH LEE GOWAN, Phi Della Theta, Kosciusko, Liberal Arts, Beta Beta Beta, Catholic Club, Y M C A., Secretary of Beta Beta Beta, 2, 3 O BESS GREEN, Chi Omega, Jackson, Liberal Arts, Y W, C A., 3, 4, "Mississippian" Statt, 3, Honor Roll, 3, Annual Statt, -l IN' A . l 'VU I-In I. M' ' 1,3 Q Q I L . . ....,,va-, 'I I I, I I I I I I 'Q 1 I- . V -1059--iqslm. his A , Q ?i,f,.,, 4: fN . ' ' 5 A .. s, WILLIAM FURR JOSEPH GANDY FRANCES GARRETT COCO GEE EMILE GEX, JR. EDWIN GILLESPIE GLADYS GORDON HUGH GOWAN BESS GREEN HARLEY GREENICH MRS. REEDA GREER WILLIAM GUNN, JR. KATE HAMLEY LAMAR HAMMOND SALLY HARGRAVE ALICE HARTON WILLIAM HEARINGTON GEORGE HEBERER I ,. II I l O HARLEY GREENICH, Bela Thela Pi, Coldwaler, Physical Educalion, 'M" Club, Foolball, I, 2, 3, 4, Baskelball, I, 2, 3, 4, Baseball, I, 2, 3, 4, O MRS. REEDA GREER, Oxford, Business and Commerce, Honor Roll, '4l-'42. I I l 0 WILLIAM JENNINGS GUNN, JR., Kappa Alpha, Meridian, Business and Commerce, M, O. A, K. S., Flying Rebels, '4l-'42, Y. M. C. A., '4I, '42, ,.. I 0 KATE HAMLEY, Della Zela, Lake Providence, Louisiana, Liberal Arls, Q Women's Alhlelic Associalion, '4l-'42-'43, Home Economics Club, '42-'43, I Calholic Club, '4l-'42-'43. 5 I 0 LAMAR HAMMOND, Hazen, Arkansas, Pharmacy, Presidenl of Rho Chi. 0 SALLY ANN HARGRAVE, Chi Omega, Jackson, Liberal Arls. , "iff I 0 ALICE HARTON, Della Della Della, Tullahoma, Tennessee, Liberal Arls' -I Y. W. C. A., Women's Alhlelic Associalion, Pan-Hellenic Council, "Mis- H sissippian" Slaff. I I y 0 WILLIAM DAVID HEARINGTON, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Allanla, l Georgia, Hood's Brigade, Band, '40-'4l, "Rebel," '4I-'42. I 0 GEORGE FRANKLIN HEBERER, Canlon, Della Sigma Pi, Hood's Brigade, Universily Greys. l llill ,.,.- ,- . I . QC A I':,2. .I ,J N' ....', L-'.f--ng-14 ' '. L. 'X -Q :QI .W 1, , ., . . - Y?"-" if f . ' - e .. v 5 -4 I I I I I I I I I I Ill l ,I I II I I I N - GX i 'ff .1 n 'ff , ' 7 t' if A A ea, Q' -, Qt' ,Yi-7 K R , 4' A R an I , 1. Vi' , H X - 'I V Ov I Xe 'I ' . ROBERT HENDERSON JEANNE HOWIE CECIL INMAN, JR WILLIAM HENLEY, JR M B. HOWORTH DOUGLAS JENNINGS ,ev 7 Rv sf .gp 'P 'VV A .'s .r' in 'N 1- r,,1 A di ' 9 . . , '1 E' , 655' ' W sbs- , ' Q ,Q C' xl R Y -5 s 0 S L- C' it' xp, ,a - A MARTHA HEWITT HARRY HINES, JR. BILLY HOWARD GEORGE HOWELL DOLLIE HUGHES ALEX HULETT OSCAR IDOM GEORGE IMLAY ANNIE JOHNSON HERMIT JONES VIRGIL JONES JOHN KIRK 0 ROBERT HARVEY HENDERSON, Phi Della Thelag Sumner, Business and Commerce, M. O. A. K. S., Business Manager, "M" Book, Secrefary, Glee Club, 3, Band, I, 3, 4, Business Manager, Band, 4, Secrelary, Y, M. C. A., Cardinal Club, "Mississippian," I, 2, Religious Emphasis Week, 0 WILLIAM SAUNDERS HENLEY, JR., DeI?a Psi, Hazlehursf, Business and Commerce. 0 MARTHA HEWITT, Chi Omega, McComb, Liberal Arvs 0 HARRY H. HINES, JR., Della Psi, Kosciusko, Business and Commerce, Phi Sigma, Y. M C, A., lnlramural Council, '4I-'42. 0 BILLY HOWARD, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Laurel, Graduale, Scabbard and Blade. 0 GEORGE E. HOWELL, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Eqypl, Engineering, Car' dinal Club, Annual Staff, I, 2, Treasurer of Business and Commerce School, I, Hood's Brigade 0 JEANNE HINES HOWIE, Chi Omega, Jackson, Liberal Arls, Pix, Y, W. C. A., I, 2, 3, "Mississippian" Slafl, '-ll-'42, Girls' Glee Club, I, 2, "Rebel" Slal'f, '4l-'42, Secrelary of Liberal Arls School, '-Il-'42 0 M BECKET HOWORTH, Sigma Chi, Oxford, Liberal Arls, Scribblersg Vice President ol Liberal Arls School, Business Manager, "Rebel", Publisher of "Rebel" IHYI si 0 DOLLIE LUCILLE HUGHES, Chi Omega3 Greenwood3 Educationg Pix. 0 ALEX W. HULETT, Kappa Sigma3 Charlestong Science3 Phi Eta Sigma, Gamma Sigma Epsilong Band, I, 2, 3, 43 M. O. A. K. S.3 Honor Roll, 43 Hood's Brigade, 3. O OSCAR IDOM, Tupelo3 Pharmacy3 Secretary, Pharmacy School. American Pharmaceutical Association, 0 GEORGE C, IMLAY, Zanesville, Ohiog Business and Commerce3 Presi- dent, Newman Club. 0 CECIL EDWARD INMAN, JR., Kappa AIpha3 Jacksong Liberal Artsg Tennis, 33 University Players, 33 Debate O DOUGLAS JENNINGS, Pi Kappa Team, 2. Alphag Kosciuskog Business and Com- merce3 Phi Sigma3 Rifle Team, 23 Track, li Y. M. C. A., I, 2, 3, 43 Vice- President of Beta Zeta, 33 Secretary and Treasurer of Sigma Theta Pi, 43 Classical Club, 33 Band, I, 2, 3, 43 A. S. C. E., 3, -1. 0 ANNIE-GLENN JOHNSON, Delta Zeta3 Batesville3 Education3 CWEDSQ Tassel3 W. S. G. A., '423 Vice-President of Home Economics Club, I42: Secretary of Y. W. C. A., I42: Secretary of Tassels, '42. 0 HERMIT JONES, Delta Kappa EpsiIon3 Houston, Texasg Physical Educa- tion. 0 VIRGIL JONES, Delta Kappa Epsilon3 Houston, TEXAS, Engineering3 Sigma Theta Pl: M. O, A. K. S., .422 A. S. C. E., '4I-'423 President of Inter- fraternity Council, '423 Intramural Council, '4I-'423 Art Director of "Ole Miss," '42, Hood's Brigade, '42, Student Dance Committee, '423 Inler- fraternity Dance Committee, '4I-'42. 0 JOHN KIRK, Kappa Alpha3 Greenville3 Business and Commerce3 Delta Sigma Pi3 Scabbard and Blade. 0 RUTH NELL KUYKENDAL, Chi Omegag Charleston3 Business and Com- YTIEFCQ. 0 WILLIAM E, LaBARRE, Kappa Alphag Vicksburg3 Liberal Arts, 0 JESSE BARRY LEE, Delta Tau Dellag Eilaj Business and Commerceg M. O. A. K. S. 0 BILLIE LEGGETT, Zeta Tau Alpha Chi, Secretary, Junior Y. W, C. A. Association3 W. A. A.3 Committee of 0 DEXTER LESSLEY, Tupelo3 Educatio 0 CHARLES SAMUEL LEVINE, Phi Commerce3 Ole Miss Band, '40-'4I3 M, 0 V. A. LIBERATO, LaureI3 Business Newman Club3 Ole Miss Band, '4I"423 3 Blytheville, Arkansas, Pharmacyg Rho 3 Secretary, American Pharmaceutical IOO3 Legislative Council, W. S. G. A. ng Treasurer of Hermaean. Epsilon Pi3 CIarksdale3 Business and O. A. K. S. and Commerceg Hermaean3 Catholic Ole Miss Glee Club, '4l. 0 KAY LIDDELL, Delta Gamma3 Rockford, IIIinois3 Liberal Arts3 Pi Kappa Delta. 0 JAMES EVERETT McCAIN, JR., Sigma Alpha Epsilong Ok0lOl'l6: Business and Commerce, M. O. A. K. S. H531 Evelyn Gandy, President of the Law School. SENIUR CLI-ISS RUTH KUYKENDAL WILLIAM LaBARRE JESSE LEE BILLIE LEGGETT DEXTER LESSLEY CHARLES LEVINE V. A. LIBERTO KAY LIDDELL JAMES MCCAIN, JR. f "' .1 -ggse., TQ .-.L .. 3 , 4 intfzuo . 332' D 'Q in 'E 48 'vi "sr-.::nv '-Lua-as lk .4 1 .g was-'avr vn9n'4 'v 'aff af.--' I '4 ing I ff' 14' .les il 'Q aj? 1' rl ,nf I I , 'l 1 : 'H ,v .:,',,-n I L sz" s al" 119-, gr! -in 141' .gc 'F' -if naar' Milton Perry, Student Director ot the Band. WILLIAM McCARTY HOWARD McLAIN SARANETTE McPETERS I s V' ,ani A BILL MCCORD JOHN M. MCLAURIN MARGARET MCWILLIAMS 'X , 1: ' ' TTY' 'N' 3 ,ef -af? tina. '.e'5tf . .tr- zf- . " f ' Vg: .z t .sf , . A , . w iii? 1 sx' D A if 3, i ' . t . ' - ., fy, ri tiff.: E it. . -. M5 . :A 1' , ' . I X yn g Y I" J L I 5 ZW, x . Nil' W Y I is r'- ' 'rr' fu JACK MCCROSSAN, JR. JOHN P. MCLAUREN, JR. GEORGE MANCILL, JR. 461 'P in 4. 0 WILLIAM MCCARTY, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Jackson, Business and Com- merce, Business Manager of "Mississippian," 4. O BILL MCCORD, Sigma Nu, Tupelo, Liberal Arts, Cardinal Club, M. O. A. K. S. 0 JACK McCROSSAN, JR., Beta Theta Pi, Fall River, Massachusetts, Science, Gamma Sigma Epsilon. 0 HOWARD M, MCLAIN, Sigma Nu, Oxfcrd, Engineering, Chi Epsilon' Sigma Theta Pi, Hood's Brigade, '4I, Vice-President, Chi Epsilon, '42, American Society ot Civil Engineers, '39-'40-'4l-'42. O JOHN MILLER McLAURlN, Hollandaleg Liberal Arts. 0 JOHN PURVES McLAURlN, JR., Sigma Chi, Merigold, Liberal Arts, Phi Eta Sigma, Alpha Epsilon Delta, Beta Beta Beta, Outstanding Fresh- man Chemistry Student, '40-'4l, President, Alpha Epsilon Delta, '42-'43, Y, M. C. A., I, 2, 3, 4, Assistant in Biology, 'til-'42, 0 SARANETTE McPETERS, Chi Omega, Corinth, Liberal Arts. 0 MARGARET MCWILLIAMS, Chi Omega, Gulfport, Liberal Arts. 0 GEORGE JEFFERSON MANCIL, JR., Delta Psi, lndianola, Business and Commerce. 0 HENRY G. MARLOW, JR., Sigma Chi, Ruleville, Business and Com- merce, Phi Eta Sigma, Delta Sigma Pi, "Mississippian," I, Band, l, 2, 3. 0 REBECCA MATTHEWS, Delta Delta Delta, Earl, Arkansas, Business and Commerce. 0 BERGAN S. MERRILL, JR., Alpha Tau Omega, Olive Branch, Engineer- ing, Chi Epsilon, Cardinal Club, 2, Treasurer of Engineering School, 2, Honor Roll, 2, 3, Student Instructor in Solid Geometry, 4, President of Sigma Theta Pi, 4, President of A. S. C. E., 4, Gym Dance Committee, 3, 4. 0 DALE W. MEYERS, Freeport, Illinois, Business and Commerce, "M" Club, Football, '4l-'42, 0 DORIS MIDDLETON, Phi Mu, Jackson, Education, Woman's Athletic Association, Y, W, C. A., Woman's Student Council. O MARY COOPER MILLER, Delta Delta Delta, Earl, Arkansas, Physical Education, Tassel, President of Woman's Student Government Association. 0 NORMA MONAGHAN, Chi Omega, Memphis, Tennessee, Education. 0 ALBERT MOSES, Vicksburg, Engineering, Senior Football Manager, 4, Football Manager, I, 2, 3, Hood's Brigade, "M" Club, University Greys, Dance Committee, 3, 4. O HARRIET ANN MURPHY, Gulfport, Science. 0 NELL MURRAY, Phi Mu, Pascagoula, Education, Pan-Hellenic Council, 4, Woman's Athletic Association, 2, 3, 4, Y. W. C. A., 2, 3, 4, "Mississippian," 2, 3, 4, "Rebel" Statt, 2. I 344 -44' .44 -'N A'- -J .3 . 4 'Q 6 W 2 5 4-14- I I E ll . sr- fm Qin HENRY MARLOW, JR. REBECCA MATTHEWS BERGAN MERRILL, JR. DALE MEYERS DORIS MIDDLETON MARY MILLER NORMA MONAGHAN ALBERT MOSES HARRIET MURPHY NELL MURRAY JOHN MUSSER HENRY NABORS LILLIAN NEWTON E. H, NICHOLSON GEORGE NOEL STELLA O'NEAL JOHN OSBORNE PATRICIA PARKER N O JOHN MUSSER, Delia Psi, New Orleans, Louisiana, Business and Com- O HENRY NABORS, Sigma Nu, Meridian, Business and Commerce, Phi Sigma. 0 LILLIAN NEWTON, Della Gamma, Wiggins, Liberal Aris, Pix, Presidenf of Pan-Hellenic, '42-'43, Secrefary of W. S, G, A. Council, '42-'43, Y. W. C. A., '4l-'42-'43, Woman's Alhlelic Associafion, '4l-'42-'43, Commiffee of Faculfy and Sludenfs, '42-'43. 0 E. H. NICHOLSON, Kappa Alpha, Jackson, Education. O GEORGE WILLIAM NOEL, Phi Delia Thela, Greenville, Business and Commerce, Phi Efa Sigma, Della Sigma Pi, Honor Roll, I, 2, 3, Presidenl ' of Della Sigma Pi, 4, Varsity Tennis Team, 2, 3, Capfain, Tennis Team, 3, , Y. M. C. A. I 0 STELLA ANNE O'NEAL, Jackson, Graduale, Woman's Alhlefic Associa- tion, 'dl-'42-'43. I ll 0 JOHN OSBORNE, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Coffon Planl, Educalion. I il O PATRICIA PARKER, Chi Omega, Jackson, Liberal Arls, Sigma Alpha lofa, "Rebel" Slaff, 3, 4, Home Economics Club, 3, 4, Annual Sfaff, 3, 4, Woman's Afhlelic Associafion, 3, Sponsor of '42 "OIe Miss." I IXT' I I I .'K . .. I . .., , 1 I merce. I' Y S li -gr "" rw K., fvfffvg 'Of . 2 U A MARGARET PATTERSON ELEANOR PATTY MARY PERKINS BOBBIE PORTER CAROLYN PUGH BITTIE PULLER RUTH RAY LUCILLE REDDOCH JOHN RICHARDSON ,.,.vd F, -R ,or 2 'L -- wxi. 6.3 we-il c ' , V A . 17" nv' 'U' MILTON PERRY BERT OUIGLY BILLY ROBERDS RICHARD PETTEY FRANK RALSTON HENRY ROBERTS 0 MARGARET MAYS PATTERSON, Della Gamma, Benoilg Liberal Arfsg Pix, '42-'43g Pan-Hellenic, Y. W. C, A,g Legislalive Counci MARTHA POLK EUGENE RAY WALTER ROBERTS O ELEANOR FRANCES PATTY, Della Della Dellag Cliffonvilleg Liberal Arls, Y. W. C. A., Home Economics Club, Glee Club, Presidenl, Archery Club, Presidenll, Woman's Afhlefic Associalion O MARY CAROLYN PERKINS, Coldwaler, Business and Commerce. I MILTON, SHERMAN PERRY, Phi Epsilon Pig Tunicag Liberal Arls, M. O. A. K, S., Execulive Council, '42, Presidenl, Bela Zela, lnlerlralerniiy Council, '43, Sludenl Direcfor, Band, '42, Hood's Brigade, Inlerfraiernily Dance Committee, '42, Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities, '43, Omicron Della Kappa 0 RICHARD JONES PETTEY, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Greenwood, Business and Commerce, Bela Zeta, 2, 3, 4, Phi Sigma, I, Band, l, 2, 3, "Rebel" Slaff, 2, 3, 4, Y, M C, A,, I, 2, 3, 4, "Mississippian" SMH, I, 2 0 MARTHA POLK, Della Della Della, Halliesburg, Educalion 0 BOBBIE NETT PORTER, Kappa Della, Guliporl, Liberal Aris, Commillee ol IOO, 2, 3, Megaphone Club, l, 7, Y W. C A, Legislative Council ol Woman's Alhlelic Association 0 CAROLYN ALEXANDER PUGH, Della Della Della, Senalobia, Graduale, Pix, Pi Kappa Pi, Glee Club, "Rebel" Slaif, '42, Edilor of "Rebel," 47 -13g Denn's Lisl Ilihl 0 BITTIE PULLER, Chi Omega, Slarkville, Liberal Arls, Secretary, Tau Kappa Alpha, Vice-Presidenf of Tassel, Cwens, Pix, Classical Club, Glee Club, Y. W. C. A., Pan-Hellenic, 2, 3, 4, Who's Who in American Colleges and Universilies. 0 BERT QUIGLY, Pi Kappa Alpha, Gulfporl, Liberal Arls, Q FRANK GEORGE RALSTON, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Clarksdale, Engi- neering, Sigma Thela Pi, Hood's Brigade, A.. S. C, E., "Mississippian," I, 2. O EUGENE RAY, Sigma Chi, Rienzi, Liberal Arlsg Phi Ela Sigma, Alpha Epsilon Della, Bela Bela Bela, Honor Roll, I, 2, 3. 0 RUTH RAY, Della Della Della, Canlon, Liberal Arfs, Alpha Lambda Della, Cwens, Pix, Tassel, Pi Kappa Pi, Dean's Lisf, Y. W. C. A., Pan- Hellenic, Woman's Alhlelic Associalion. 0 LUCILLE REDDOCH, Chi Omega, Minier Cily, Educalion. O JOHN C. RICHARDSON, Phi Kappa Psi, Falkner Cify, Liberal Arls. 0 BILLY ROBERDS, Della Kappa Epsilon, Jackson, Engineering, A, S. C. E., Scabbard and Blade, Chi Epsilon, Sigma Thela Pi, Presidenl, Chi Epsilon, Hood's Brigade, Universily Greys, O HENRY DANCY ROBERTS, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Yazoo Cily, Liberal Arls, Presidenf, Tau Kappa Alpha, '4l, Cardinal Club, '40, Tau Kappa Alpha Award, '39, "Mississippian," '39, Band, I, 2, Glee Club, I, 2, 0 WALTER ROBERTS, Vardaman, Business and Commerce, Hermaean, ln- fernalional Relalions Club. 0 OLIVER ROBINSON, Holly Springs, Business and Commerce. O SIDNEY ATKINSON ROBINSON, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Jackson, Business and Commerce, Della Sigma Pi, Hood's Brigade. 0 SUSAN ROGERS, Chi Omega, Greenwood, Liberal Arls. 0 J. D. ROSS, Lamberl, Sigma Thela Pi. 0 HARRISON H. RUSSELL, Kappa Alpha, Jackson, Business and Com- merce. 0 MARY ALICE RUSSELL, Chi Omega, Oxford, Business and Commerce, Cwens. 0 WILLIAM S. SAMPSON, Sigma Alpha Epsi'on, Jackson, Business and Commerce, Hood's Brigade, lnlramural Council, Business Manager, "Rebel", Ole Miss Musical Club, I. 0 P. W. SCHNEIDER, Kappa Alpha, Laurel, Liberal Arls, Omicron Della Kappa, Presidenf, lnlernalional Relalions Club, '42-'43, Secrefary, Y, M. C, A,, '42-'43, Secretary-Treasurer, lnlerfralernily Council, '42-'43, Execulive Council, '42-'43, Publisher of Sludenl Direclory. 0 WALTER WILLIAM SCOTT, Pi Kappa Alpha, Jackson, Liberal Arls, Phi Sigma, Hood's Brigade, '4l, Universily Greys, '42, IX7l ...........f- - - ..- , u?9e'l'wmr-f-N'-'-1'-2::Q""-' -rc: u E. ,- 'Y .Z I I KX ' I I . I I I 'IN .M wr' Sus' I . :f' kr' f Rulh Ray, Presiclenl of Pi Kappa Pi. ,I OLIVER ROBINSON SIDNEY ROBINSON SUSAN ROGERS J. D, ROSS HARRISON RUSSELL MARY RUSSELL WILLIAM SAMPSON P. W. SCHNEIDER WALTER SCOTT ? I . 1 1 I 3 s . X . .. 39 I I , , 3--3' ,? ,I ,, g I, I . 'Z 2 .. 'L lv , E K was ff' -Y - - A I i I I I II Q. Dan Wood, Caplain of lhe Foolball Team. SENIUII ELIISS MIRIAM SELF DAISY SESSIONS MONETTE SEVIER JOHN SHANDS ELIZABETH SHAW HAZEL SHEFFIELD VIRGINIA SHUMPERT MARY SNEED ROSE SIMS i. GJ' A-"" if 6 0 MIRIAM SELF, Chi Omega, Marks, Liberal Arls. 0 DAISY BELL SESSIONS, Della Gamma, Bollon, Liberal Arls, Pix. 0 MONETTE SEVIER, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Bafon Rouge, Louisiana, Phar- macy, Treasurer of American Pharmaceulical Associalion, '42-'43, Infer- fralernily Dance Commillee, '4l-'42, 0 JOHN H. SHANDS, Kappa Sigma, Fulton, Liberal Arts, 0 ELIZABETH SHAW, Gullporlg Educalion, Home Economics Club, '40- '4I-'42-'43, Y, W. C. A., '42-'43 0 HAZEL SHEFFIELD, Fullcn, Education, Woman's Afhlelic Associalion, I, 2, 3, Home Economics Club. O VIRGINIA WESSON SHUMPERT, Nelllelon, Liberal Arfs. O ROSE MAE SIMS, Phi Mu, Booneville, Business and Commerce. 0 MARY LEE SNEED, Phi Mu, Oxford, Educalion, Sigma Alpha lola, Girl's Glee Club, I, 2, 3, 4, Collegians, 2, University Chorus, I, 2, 3, 4, Ole Miss Musical Club, 2, Mississippians, 3. 0 MAIZIE STAGGERS, Della Della Della, Wes? Poinl, Liberal Arls, Sigma Alpha Iola, Pix, G-lee Club, '40-'43. O RAYMOND STASIAK, Buffalo, New York, Engineering, Chemical and Engineering Club, Calholic Club, l, 2, 3, 4. 0 PHILIP EDWARD STEVENS, Laurel, Liberal Arts, Vice-Presidenl, Her- maean, Presidenl, Junior Y, M. C, A., Presidenl, Independenl Sludenls' Organizafiong Omicron Della Kappa. O J. E. STICKNEY, Kappa Alpha, Jackson, Engineering, Boxing, 2, 3, lnlramural Council, '40. O GLORIA STRAUB, Della Gamrnag Wiggins, Educalion 0 GEORGE B. STRYKER, Memphis, Tennessee, Engineering. 0 LAMAR SUDDUTH, Bela Thela Pi, Tupelo, Engineering, M. O. A, K. S., Inlramural Council, '42, '43, Inlerlralernily Dance Commillee, Hermaean, '40, Y, M. C, A. 0 LOTTA SWAYZE, Chi Omega, Yazoo Cily, Educafion, Cwens, Cardinal Club Sponsor, '4l, Favorile, '-10342, Home Economics Club, R. O. T. C. Sponsor, '4l. 0 NOAH SPURGEN SWEAT, Sigma Chi, Corinlh, Business and Commerce, Della Sigma Pi, Vice-Presidenl, Freshman Class, Band, I, 2, Cheerleader, 3, Chairman, lnlerlralernily Dance Commilleeg Gym Dance Commillee, Presi- denl, lnlramural Council, M. O. A. K, S, Presidenl, B. S, C. School, 0 KYLE M, TALLANT, Pi Kappa Alpha, Clarlrsdale, Educalion. INV Q F2115 if rj- , ' f g , gzfa .- I A x' R , , -X fr If. -N 4' 1 V- 175.2 MAIZIE STAGGERS RAYMOND STASIAK PHILIP STEVENS LAMAR suoou1H LOTTA SWAYZE NOAH SWEAT JACK THOMAS TOL THOMAS FRANK rHORseY 0 LEOTA TAYLOR, Phi Mu, Jackson, Liberal Arts, Y. W, C. A., Wornan's Athletic Association, "Mississippian" Staff, Megaphone Club. 0 MAX TAYLOR, Florence, Pharmacy. 0 JACK NORRIS THOMAS, Kappa Alpha, Amory, Business and Commerce, Executive Council, Treasurer of A. S. B., '42, '43, Dance Committee, '42, '43, Chairman, Election Committee, '42, '43, WhO's Who in American Colleges and Universities. 0 TOL THOMAS, Phi Delta Theta, Cruger, Scabbard and Blade. O FRANK R. THORSEY, Bridgeport, Connecticut, Physical Education, "M" Club, Newman Club. 0 ELLIS A. TREVILION, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Marks, Business and Commerce, Delta Sigma Pi, Hood's Brigade, Cardinal Club, lnterfraternity Council, Vice-President, B. S. C. School. 0 CORNELIA TRICE, Delta Delta Delta, Indianola, Liberal Arts, Y. W. C, A., Home Economics Club. 0 BETTY ULF, Gulfport, Liberal Arts, Sigma Alpha Iota, President, B.A. School, President, Sigma Alpha lota, Ole Miss Musical Club, "Mississip- pian", Collegian Orchestra. l89l Jril fo: X 4-ul , .IL X F GS, M- 1:- ......,,f 11" I. MARTHA WADE SAM WAGGONER THOMAS WEBB JACK WELBORN DAVID WHITAKER DORIS WHITE PEGGY WHITE ARTHUR WHITIEN WILSON WILKS J, B, WILLIAMS M, N. WILLIAMS, JR, EVELYN WILLIAMSON ALBERT WILSON BOB WOMACK WILLIAM WOMACK, JR. 0 MARTHA WADE, Della Delta Deltag Oxfordg Liberal Arfsg Y. W, C. A.g "Mississippian" Slaffg W. A, A. 0 SAM W. WAGGONER, Phi Kappa Psi, Carlhaqeg Engineerinqg Sigma Thefa Pig A. S. C. E. 0 THOMAS EDWIN WEBB, Lexingiong Physical Educalion, Foolball, I, 2, O JACK WELBORN, Sigma Alpha Epsilong Oxford, Science, Befa Zefag 'X Band, 'ao-'13, 0 DAVID WHITAKER, Kappa Sigma, Leland, Liberal Arts, Foofball, I, W 7, 3, 43 Sergeanl-af-Arms, Hood's Brigade, 3, 0 DORIS WHITE, Lake Cormoranl, Educalion I I 0 PEGGY WHITE, Oxlordg Liberal Arls I I I I I II I I 0 ARTHUR A. WHITTEN, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Columbus, Business and Commerce, Scabbard and B'ade, 43 Hood's Brigade, 3, Universiiy Greys, 4, Gym Dance Commiliee, 3, 4, Gym Dance Decorafion Commiflee, I, 2, lnlerfralernily Dance Commiflee, 4, News Bureau, "Mississippian," l, 2. 0 WILSON WILKS, Vicksburg, Liberal Arls. 0 J. B. WILLIAMS, Pi Kappa Alpha, Gulfporl, Business and Commerce. 0 M. NEY WILLIAMS, JR., Kappa Alpha, Raymond, Graduale, 0 EVELYN WILLIAMSON, Kappa Della, Mason, Tennessee, Liberal Arls, Y, W. C. A., Home Economics Club, Pan-Hellenic Council, '42-'43, 0 ALBERT ALLEN WILSON, Lambert, Liberal Aris, Alpha Epsilon Della, Bela Bela Bela, Omicron Della Kappa, Y. M. C. A., "M" Book Ediror, 3, Edilor of "Mississippian", Hood's Brigade, Gym Dance Commiflee, 3, 4, Who's Who in American Colleges and Universilies, 4. 0 BOB WOMACK, Kappa Alpha, McComb, Business and Commerce, Y. M. C. A., "Mississippian" Siaff, I, 2. O WILLIAM DAVID WOMACK, JR., Sigma Phi Epsilon, Belzoni, Liberal Aris. O DAN WOOD, Marianna, Arkansas, Business and Commerce, Foolball, '40-'42, Baskelball, '40, Fooiball Capiain, '42, "M" Club, 0 JOEL HUNTER WOOD, Sigma Nu, Sardis, Business and Commerce, "Mississippian" Staff, '39-'40, Glee Club, '39-'4l, Hood's Brigade. O VIOLET MULVENNA WOOD, Phi Mu, Marianna, Arkansas, Liberal Arls, Band, '38-'43, Varsily Club Award, '39, Home Economics Club, '40-'42, Classical Club, '4l-'43. 0 JOHN W. WRIGHT, Kappa Sigma, Sardis, Liberal Arls, Scabbard and Blade, Cardinal Club, lnlerirafernily Council, Universily Greys, '43. 0 PAUL LEE WRIGHT, JR., Phi Kappa Psi, Gulfporl, Business and Com- merce, Foofball, l, 2, 3, Track, I, 2, 4, "M" Club. 0 WILLIAM WALLACE WRIGHT, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Jackson, Liberal Arls, Phi Sigma, Inlernalional Relalions Club, Hood's Brigade, University Greys. O WILLIAM HUGH WROTEN, JR., Sigma Nu, McComb, Liberal Arfs. L9l.l gig- 1 , ,,,,,- L .-s:4Q- :-eff. - --Y - 7 i 1 s lt l f 1 S l l M Gladys Gordon, President of the Y. W. C. A. JUlllllll lILllSS First Row, Adams, Aldridge, M. L. Alexander, M. E. Alexander. Second Row: Allen, A. N. Anderson, Lee Anderson, Arceneaux. Third Row: Archer, Armstrong, Austin, Avent. Fourth Row: Barner, Batson, Beacham, Beard. ? '54 vb' H 'r , . .7 : 'Is . X' f if if E 5 z. 3 0 JANE ADAMS, Della Delta Delta, Tupelo, Liberal Arts. 0 MARGUERITE ALDRIDGE, Della Gamma, Eslill, Liberal Arts. 0 MARY L. ALEXANDER, Kappa Delta, Columbia, Tennessee., Engineering. O MAURICE E, ALEXANDER, Sigma Chi, Macon, Liberal Arts. 0 HARRY ALLEN, Kappa Alpha, Memphis, Tennessee, Liberal Arts, Phi Sigma, Vice-President, Y. M. C. A. 0 AGNES ANNE ANDERSON, Delta Della Delta, Earle, Arkansas, Liberal Arts, 0 LEE ANDERSON, Kappa Delta, Corinth, Eudcalion. O MARIE VIOLETT ARCENEAUX, Kappa Della, Bay St. Louis, Business and Commerce. 0 JAMES MICHEAUX ARCHER, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Greenwood, Busi- ness and Commerce, Band, l, 2, "Mississippian," 2, "Rebel," l, 2, Annual Staff, 2. O GEORGE ARMSTRONG, Delta Kappa Epsilon, Houston, Liberal Arts. 0 JOHN AUSTIN, Phi Kappa Psi, Harperville, Liberal Arts, Cardinal Club, '4l-'42. O RUSSELL E. AVENT, Water Valley, Engineering. 0 BETTY BARNER, Chi Omega, Cleveland, Education, Y. W. C. A., '42-'43, 0 ELLEN BATSON, Delta Della Delta, Gulfport, Education. O JOAN BEACHAM, Della Delta Della, Louisville, Business and Education. 0 MARY FRANCES BEARD, Chi Omega, Tupelo, Business and Commerce. 0 LYNNARD BEAVERS, Sigma Phi Epsilon, New Albany, Pharmacy, Car- dinal Club, '42-'43, Band, '4I-'43. 0 CHARLES RlCHARD BERTRAND, Kappa Sigma, Meridian, Business and Commerce, Intramural Council, 3, O MARJORY BIGGART, Della Zeta, Mullens, West Virginia, Pharmacy, Cwens, 2, W. A. A., l, 2, Glee Club, l, 2, Baptist Student Union Council, l, 2, American Pharmaceutical Association, I, 2, Archery Club, I, Y. W, C. A., I, 2. 0 MARTHA BISHOP, Chi Omega, University, Liberal Arts, Y, W. C A., Junior Secretary. 0 MARJORIE BLACK, Phi Mu, Oxford, Liberal Arts, Sigma Alpha Iota, "Mississippian" Staff, '4l-'43, Glee Club, Y. W. C, A., Honor Roll, '42, Baptist Student Union Council, '42-'43, Archery Club, '42, Committee ot ll 'A x it-4 I00. 0 JAMlE BOGGAN, Delta Delta Delta, Tupelo, Business and Commerce. 0 EVELYN BOONE, Delta Gamma, Nashville, Tennessee, Liberal Arts 0 REUBEN WATSON BOYETT, Phi Delta Theta, Greenville, Engineering, Band, "Mississippian" Staff, Freshman Tennis Team, '39-'40. 0 JAMES BENTON BOYLES, JR., Kappa Sigma, Batesville, Liberal Arts. 0 MARGIE BRADLEY, Chi Omega, Aberdeen, Liberal Arts, Woman's Student Government Association, Treasurer, 2, Vice-President, 3. BETTYE BRIDGFORTH, Chi Omega, Nesbitt, Business and Commerce. 0 JAMES E. BROOKS, Phi Kappa Psi, West Helena, Arkansas, Business and Commerce, "Mississippian," '4l-'42, 0 MARY EDNA BROWN, Delta Gamma, Fulton, Education. 0 JOSEPHINE BURNHAM, Chi Omega, Magee, Education. 0 MIKE BYRNES, Sigma Chi, Corinth, Business and Commerce, Hermaean, aana,'4ov41 0 CHARLES WESLEY CALDWELL, Oxlord, Business and Commerce. LAURA CALDWELL, Della Gamma, Charleston, Business and Commerce. l'J.'l axf he ' .H We A , 3 if! J, 3, Q3 1 ' -4 1 in ,Sak G33 , . Z. sg 'G if Wg Stk E 822, Xi' at . f- as i If -.g.,.K.,f, , W, ,J . , , P I I, I First Row: Beavers, Bertrand, Bigqart, Bishop, Black, Boggan, Boone, Boyett. Third Row L Caldwell Caussade Chadwick Champion Chapman Childress B Clark Second Row: Boyles, Bradley, Brrdgforth, Brooks, Brown, Burnham, Byrnes, C. W. Caldwell Fourfh Row C,e,and Clement Cochran Couens Comms Congdon Cooke Cox 0 JOSE J. CAUSSADE, Phi Iota Alpha, Guayama, Puerto Rico, Pharmacy. O LOUISE CHADWICK, Waveland, Pharmacy. I MARION CHAMPION, Kappa Delta, Greenville, Business and Com- merce. 0 JOHNNIE CHAPMAN, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Yazoo City, Liberal Arts. 0 EDYTHE CHILDRESS, Phi Mu, Satartia, Education. O BOBBY CLARK, Kappa Sigma, Drew, Liberal Arts. 0 JACKIE H. CLARK, DeKalb, Liberal Arts. 0 MARY CLELAND, Sardis, Business and Commerce. O CAROLYN GRAYE CLEMENT, Chi Omega, Pontotoc, Business and Commerce. 0 LEE DIXON COCHRAN, Beta Theta Pi, Doddsville, Liberal Arts. 0 JOHN WHARTON COLLENS, lll, Monroe, Louisiana, Pharmacy. 0 CONNER DeWITT COLLINS, JR., Sigma Nu, Holly Springs, Business and Commerce, Phi Eta Sigma, Band. 0 BETTY H, CONGDON, Kappa Delta, Kenosha, Wisconsin, Education, Secretary of Student Body, Favorite, '40-'42, Pan-Hellenic Council, '4l-'42, Executive Council, '4I-'42, "Mississippians", University Players, Fact Finding Committee, Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities. 0 FRANCES COOKE, Gulfport, Education, Y. W. C. A., Home Economics. 0 RAYMOND STEWART COX, Sigma Nu, Yazoo City, Law, Flying Rebels, '4l-'42, Son of the South, '42, International Relations Club, '42. i931 f ff Qu ! 1. , I, Y .l.,,. 'Z' ' ' 'ifi g -ff' 1-'ff '- I , . A Q. 1. , ' fr i 'E ,., ' . 2' ,, " Q ' X 'V P - , A Q if r T, "' 'L 'l K, ,. - f L .35 Q41 - e. ' 9' . ,W by 'is 1 . f ix ,Q ' Xb 'C' ,age ' C fr , I V Q 1 S 1,3 . '- I ' I I ,,, , ,,..-.,,A,.!, . .vm sal Q ' 4 L . 'P - .. ri. 'H , , fi . . . ,. , ffffh T ,',a'Sff 1- - is f V we ' M .M ,5.- as I 141 -'S ? Firsl Row: Cresswell, Crowell, Crowson, Crumpler, Dabney, Darnpeer, Day, Denham Third Row: Eidelman, Elledge, Ellis, Eubank, Fanl, Ferguson, Ferris, Flagg. Second Row: DeSpain, Domingue, Donovan, D'Orr, Drane, Dukeminier, Eason, Edgar. Fourlh Row: Fleming, Fralier, Barry Freeman, Bill Freeman, M, E, Freeman, Furr, Galloway Gann, l 0 MILDRED CRESSWELL, Della Zela, Jackson, School of Educalion. 0 HUGH CROWELL, Sigma Phi Epsilon, llla Bena, Liberal Arls, "Missise 1 sippian," '42-'43, "Rebel," '42-'43, 0 WILLIAM NATHAN CROWSON, Oxford, School of Business, 0 DOROTHY CRUMPLER, Della Della Della, Dyersburg, Tennessee, Physical Educalion, "Y," '4l-'43, Treasurer ol '42-'13, O M. BURK DABNEY, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Hernando, Liberal Arls, Classi- cal Club, '4l-'42, Vice-Presidenl, Classical Club, '4l-'42, Annual Slaf'f, 33 Y. M. C. A., '4l-'42, Hermaean, I, 2, 3, 4 0 JOHN O, DAMPEER, Sigma Nu, Summil, Liberal Arls 0 JOYCE DAY, Tallulah, Louisiana, Liberal Arls, 0 HOMER THOMAS DENHAM, Pi Kappa Alpha, Laurel, Business and 5 Commerce. O ANNIE LOUISE DeSPAIN, Winona, Educalion, Home Economics Club, l, 2, 3, Y. w, c, A., I, 2, 3. 0 ARON PAUL DOMINGUE, Pi Kappa Alpha, Pass Chrislian, Business and Commerce. 0 JEANNE DONOVAN, Della Della Della, Halliesburq, Liberal Arls. 0 SYLVIA D'ORR, Phi Mu, Marks, Liberal Arls. 0 LAURA LEE DRANE, Della Della Della, Newbern, Tennessee, Educalion, Y, W C. A 0 ANN WEEMS DUKEMINIER, Della Della Della, Wesl Poinl, Business , and Commerce, Y, W. C, A., Woman's Alhlelic Associalion. l l'1'l. l I I - Q S. 0 JOYE EASON, Delta Delta Delta, Tupelo, Liberal Arts. Band, Y. M. C. A. 0 NATHAN EIDELMAN, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Pharmacy. 0 AMY ELLEDGE, Kappa Delta, Red Bay, Alabama, Music, 0 JOE ELLIS, Port Gibson, Liberal Arts. 0 SEVER L. EUBANK, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Winona, Liberal Arts 0 MARY AGNES FANT, Zeta Tau Alpha, Coahoma, Liberal Ar's, Home Economics Club, I, 2, 3, Council of W. S, G. A., 2. 0 WILLIAM THORNTON FERGUSON, Tutwiler, Liberal Arts. O MARY LOUISE FERRIS, Chi Omega, Yazoo City, Education 0 CAROLYN FLAGG, Delta Gamma, Gulfport, Liberal Arts, Y. W. C A. 0 DEWITT FLEMING, Holly Springs, Engineering, A. S. C. E., Sigma Theta Pi. 0 LOUISE FRAZIER, Kappa Delta, Oxford, Liberal Arts. 0 BARRY FREEMAN, Pi Kappa Alpha, Oxford: Liberal Arts. O BILL FREEMAN, Sigma Nu, Waynesboro, Business and Commerce 0 MAE ELEANOR FREEMAN, Delta Delta Delta, Laurel, Liberal Arts, 0 ESTA STANLEY FURR, Aberdeen: Liberal Arts, Y. M. C. A.: Wesley Foundation, I, 2 3, Secretary to Sophomore and Junior Y. M. C. A 0 DAVID GALLOWAY, Oxford? Engineering. 0 HERMAN GANN Phi Kappa Psi, Oxford, Engineering: M, O. A. K. S., A. S. C, E., Y. M. C. A. 0 VICTOR PALRICK GENGE, Oxford, Pharmacy. 0 ANNE GILLIAM, Delta Delta Delta, Hattiesburg, Education. 0 JUNE GILLIS, Delta Gamma, Gulfport, Education, Y. W. C A 0 BILLY GOLDEN, Hattiesburg, Liberal Arts. 0 MILDRED GRAHAM, Oxford, Education, Home Economics Club- Y W. C A. 0 BETTY GRANBERRY, Delta Delta Delta, Laurel, Liberal Arts. 0 THOMAS GRIFFITH, Beta Theta Pi' Ackerman, Liberal Arts, Cardinal Club: "Mississippian." 0 JOHN GUICE. Sigma Chi, Cart'-age, Liberal Arts, Band, "MississipA pian", Y M C A., Alpha Epsilon Delta Award, '42 0 DOROTHY SYKES HALL, Chi Omega, New Albany, Liberal Arts 9 BERNARD GIBSON HAMILTON, Enid, Liberal Arts, Taylor Medal in Spanish, '42 0 ROGER L. HAYES. Kappa Alpha' Greenville, Business and Commerce? "Mississippian," I, 2, 3, Hood's Brigade' Y M. C. A., I, 2. 0 RUTH HAYS, Chi Omega, Dublin, Liberal Arts, Pix, President of Home Economics Club, '42-'43. 0 ED HENSON, Kappa Alpha: Meridian, Education, Hood's Brigade, Basketball, I, 2, 3, Golf, I, 2, "M" Club, O SARAH HUNTER HICKS, Nashville, Tennessee, Liberal Arts, Y, W C. A. 0 ELIZABETH HIGHTOWER, Delta Delta Delta, Hattiesburg, Liberal Arts. 0 FRANK HILL, Pi Kappa Alpha, Grenada, Liberal Arts. lvsl 0 JOHNNY EDGAR, Water Valley, Business and Commerce, Phi Sigma, "TF E5 ii .5 I 2 X ls I I I ,. l 1 Dean Guess, Dean of Men. 5 First Row: Hinman, Hiter, Hoffman, Holmes. Second Row: Hooper, Hopkins, House, J. Howell. Third Row: M. Howell, Hughes, Irby, Jamison. Fourth Row: Jensen, Johnson Johnston, E. Jones. I I l 1 bv- er- TB: lar? . H .I Q ' I "I 4 I in ,gig Q, J ' V f? ., -iff " ' Q sf ., v was f fi QW W - u I L I' 0 JOHN H, HINMAN, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Greenwood, Business and Commerce, Delta Sigma Pi, Band, Glee Club, '4I-'42, "Rebel," '42-'43, "Mississippian," '42-'43, Y. M. C. A., '4I-'43. 0 HENRY PARK HITER, Sigma Sigma, Pi Kappa Pi. 0 KATHRYN HOFFMAN, Delta Commerce. 0 JACK BARKSDALE HOLMES, Band, I. O JIMMY HOOPER, Phi Delta Sigma, Y. M. C. A., I, 2, 3. o BETTY HOPKINS, ch: omega, o HELEN CLARK HOUSE, Delta Chi, Merigold, Liberal Arts, Phi Eta Delta Delta, Hattiesburg, Business and Delta Tau Delta, Winona, Liberal Arts, Theta, Kosciusko, Liberal Arts, Phi Eta Gu'fport, Liberal Arts. Gamma, Cleveland, Liberal Arts. 0 JANE HOWELL, Delta Delta Delta, Meridian, Liberal Arts. O MARILYN HOWELL, Phi Mu, B.A. School, '42, Pan-Hellenic, '42, Oxford, Liberal Arts, Pix, Secretary of "M" Book Staff, "Mississippian" Society Editor, '42, Woman's Athletic Association, '40, Archery Club, Baptist Stu- dent Union Council, '40-'42, Home Economics Club, '40, 0 BETTY HUGHES, Delta Gamma, Memphis, Tennessee, Cwens, Y. W C A., President, I, 2, Tassel Honor Girl, '42. 0 STUART IRBY, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Jackson, Business and Commerce 0 ROBERT JAMISON, Abbeville, Engineering O MILLARD JENSEN, Alpha Tau Omega, Lucedale, Liberal Arts, Beta Beta Beta, Band, I, 2. 0 DEXTER JOHNSON, Kappa Delta, Belmont, Education, Home Eco- nomics Club, I, 2, 3, Woman's Athletic Association, Y, W. C. A., 3, Pix. O JAMES JOHNSTON, Pi Kappa Alpha, Shubuta, Liberal Arts. 0 ELISE JONES, Independence, Liberal Arts. 0 ELIZABETH JONES, Chi Omega, Jackson, Liberal Arts. O ROBERT KELLER, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Berwyn, Illinois, Business and Com- merce, Baseball, '42, 0 NORMA KELLNER, Kappa Delta, Greenville, Liberal Arts. 0 DOROTHY KEYS, Chi Omega, Oxford, Education. 0 HUNTER HUDSON KIMBALL, JR., Kappa Sigma, Gulfport, Liberal Arts, Phi Sigma, '4I-'42, "Mississippian," '4I-'42, Y. M. C. A., '4l-'42, Treasurer, Sophomore Y. M. C. A., '42. 0 JULIUS KING, Heidelberg, Business and Commerce, Hermaean, 0 MARTIN KLINDWORTH, Sigma Nu, Earle, Arkansas, Liberal Arts. 0 MELVIN M, KRAUS, Phi Epsilon Pi, Belzoni, Liberal Arts, Band, '4I-'43, "Mississippian" Staff, '42-'43. 0 CATHERINE LADNER, Ripley, Business and Commerce. 0 HAZEL LAVONNE LAIRD, Delta Zeta, Jackson, Liberal Arts, 0 ELIZABETH LANEY, Delta Delta Delta, Tupelo, Liberal Arts. 0 BERNARD LAPIDES, Phi Epsilon Pi, Hernando, Liberal Arts, Cardinal Club, 0 JANE LEE LEWIS, Marianna, Arkansas, Liberal Arts, "Mississippian", "Rebel", Home Economics Club, Y. W. C. A. 0 JULYA LEWIS, Phi Mu, Satartia, Education. 0 JOAN LOONEY, Delta Gamma, Nashville, Tennessee, Liberal Arts O LORANE LOWRY, Houston, Liberal Arts. 0 JOHN LOZES, Pi Kappa Alpha, Pass Christian, Business and Commerce. 0 MARTHA LEE LYLES, Phi Mu, Oxford, Liberal Arts, Glee Club, I, 2, 3, "Mississippian" Staff, I, 2, 3, Y. W. C, A., I, 2, 3, Committee of l00, I, 2, Archery Club, I, 2, Megaphone Club, I. 0 EVA LILLIAN MCBEE, Chi Omega, Greenwood, Liberal Arts. l9bi ?w ,ef 'C' I ,le- J' iff .- we we gi 09 v if" G- , First Row: E. Jones, Keller, Kellner, Keys, Kimball, King, Klindworth, Kraus, Ladner. Third Row: McBee, MCG-eorge, McHugh, Mclntyre, McLean, McLeod McMillon McMullen I Mangin. Second Row: Laird, Laney, Lapides, J. L. Lewis, J. Lewis, Looney, Lowry, Lozes, Lyles. Fourth Row: J, Mangum, W. Mangum, Marbury, Marley, Mars, Martin Merritt D Mu er G. Miller. i ll ,I ' 0 ELIZABETH MCGEORGE, Chi Omega, Memphis, Tennessee, Liberal Arts, I 0 RUTH MCHUGH, Chi Omega, Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Education, i 0 WILLIAM E. MCINTYRE, Kappa Alpha, Brandon, Liberal Arts. l 1 0 MARGARET MCLEAN, Chi Omega, Blaine, Liberal Arts. 0 MARY ELIZABETH McLEOD, Delta Delta Delta, Dyersburg, Tennessee i Liberal Arts, Y, W. C. A,, "Mississippian" Staff, 0 LLOYD MCMILLON, Sigma Chi, Madison, Liberal Arts. O LESSYE B. MCMULLEN, Sumner, Liberal Arts. 0 CHARLES MANGIN, Biloxi, Liberal Arts. 0 JAMES MANGUM, Pi Kappa Alpha, Port Gibson, Liberal Arts, Hood' Brigade. 0 WILLIAM MANGUM, Star, Liberal Arts. 0 LEN R. MARBURY, Delta Kappa Epsilon, Holly Springs, Liberal Arts 0 BOULDIN MARLEY, Phi Delta Theta, Clarksdale, Engineering, A. S C. E., Honor Roll, '42, Band, '4l-'42, Career Conference Committee, '42 0 FLORENCE MARS, Chi Omega, Philadelphia, Business and Commerce 0 JOHN CALDWELL MARTIN, Kappa Sigma, Dundee, Business and Com ' ITIEFCO. I 1 - 0 JAMES MERRITT, Delta Tau Delta, Clarksdale, Business and Commerce Cardinal Club, '42, Rifle Team, '42, Band. ' 0 DICK MILLER, Racine, Wisconsin, Physical Education, Football. l l O GRAHAM MILLER, Holly Springs, Science, l l97l X S k -fl 'T 15 i '...,4 Firsl Row Mllchell Monlgomery Mooney E Moore E E Moore H Moore M Moore Third Row: Olden, Owens, Page, Pardue, Park, Pallerson, Pedron, Pepper, Percival. Morgan Morrison Fourlh Row: Pigford, Pilkinglon, Pillman, F. Poole, O. Poole, R. Poole, Pooley, Posey, Presley 0 HERBERT P. MITCHELL, Della Psi, Oxford, Liberal Arls, Phi Sigma. 0 SUSAN MONTGOMERY, Della Della Della, Inverness, Business and Commerce. O ESTELLE MOONEY, Oxford, Business and Commerce. 0 EVELYN MOORE, Chi Omega, Clarksdale, Liberal Arls, Y. W. C. A., '42-'43. 0 EVERETT E, MOORE, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Duck Hill, Liberal Arls, Her- maean, Bela Bela Bela, M. O. A, K. S., Y. M. C. A., '40-'43, Gym Dance Commillee, '42-'43, lnlerfralernily Dance Commillee, 3, lnlerfralernily Council Summer, 2. 0 HELEN MOORE, Della Zela, Helena, Arkansas, Engineering. 0 MARY MOORE, Chi Omega, Clarksdale, Business and Commerce. 0 GEORGE AUSTIN MORGAN, Sigma Nu, Terry, Business and Commerce, Phi Ela Sigma, Phi Sigma, Cardinal Club, '4l-'42, Execulive Council, '42-'43. 0 EDGAR MORRISON, Kappa Sigma, Meridian, Engineering, Sigma Thela Pi, Cardinal Club, '4l-'42, Hood's Brigade. I JOSHUA M. MORSE, Pi Kappa Alpha, Poplarville, Cardinal Club, '4l-'42. Q WILLIAM MURPHEY, Phi Kappa Psi, Oxford, Business and Commerce, 0 ROWENA MUSSELWHITE, Della Zela, Jackson, Physical Educalion, Pix, Wornan's Alhlelic Associalion, I, 2, 3, Legislalive Comrnillee of W, S, G. A. 0 THOMAS NEWCOMER, Forl Sam Houslon, Texas, Business and Com- merce, lnlramural Council, '42-'43, "Y," '42-'43, Phi Simqa, '4Iv'43, Glee Club, '42-'43, "Mississippian," '42-'43. 0 MARGARET CAROL NEWSOM, Della Zela, Columbia, Business and Commerce. 0 NAN CAUCETT NEWSOM, Kappa Della, Jackson, Liberal Arls. l9Rl .,. F 0 WILMA NEWSOM, Delta Zeta, Columbia, Liberal Arts. 0 CARL NICHOLS, JR., Kappa Sigma, Rosedale, Engineering, Flying Rebel, '4l, I-lood's Brigade, A. S. C. E. 0 GEORGE JOHN NOSSER, Phi Kappa Psi, Natchez, Liberal Arts, Phi Sigma, I, 2, Wesley Foundation, I, 2, 3, lnterfraternity Dance Committee, 3, Y. M. C. A., Intramural Council, 2, 3, Cardinal Club, Philosophy Club 2, International Relations Club, 2, 3. O CATHERINE OLDEN, Chi Omega, Yazoo City, Liberal Arts. 0 ROSEMARY OWENS, Phi Mu, Tunica, Liberal Arts. O LAURA PAGE, Chi Omega, Starkville, Liberal Arts. 0 CLYDE PARDUE, Houlka, Engineering. 0 JANE PARK, Delta Delta Delta, Leland, Liberal Arts, Glee Club, 2, Pan-Hellenic, 3, "Rebel," 2, Y. W. C. A., '42, Woman's Athletic Associa- tion, 2, 3. O EILEEN, PATTERSON, Phi Mu, Hattiesburg, Business and Commerce. 0 JAYME PEDRON, Abbeville, Business and Commerce. 0 GERTRUDE PEPPER, Phi Mu, Vaughan, Liberal Arts. 0 GERALDINE PERCIVAL, Rolling Fork, Pharmacy. 0 HELEN PIGFORD, Delta Delta Delta, Meridian, Liberal Arts, Pix, Delta Sigma Pi Sponsor, Beauty Section. O CONSTANCE PILKINGTON, Delta Gamma, Artesia, Liberal Arts, "Rebel" Staft, Y. W. C. A., Woman's Athletic Association, 0 JOHN R. PITTMAN, Lake Como, Liberal Arts. 0 FLEMIN POOLE, Gloster, Physical Education. 0 OLIVER POOLE, Gloster, Physical Education. 0 RAY POOLE, Gloster, Physical Education. O ELIZABETH ANNE POOLEY, Phi Mu, Macon, Business and Commerce. 0 JULIA POSEY, Chi Omega, Yazoo City, Liberal Arts. 0 MARY MARTHA PRESLEY, Delta Delta Delta, Clarksdale, Liberal Arts, Vice-President, Junior Y, W. C. A. 0 DAN PROCTOR, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Little Rock, Arkansas, Engi- neering. O ANDRES T. RAMIREZ, Ciales, Puerto Rico, Liberal Arts, 0 DOT REED, Delta Gamma, Leland, Liberal Arts. I KITTY REED, Phi Mu, Oxford, Liberal Arts, Megaphone Club, I, Vice- President., Y. W. C. A., l, 2, 3, Concert Band, I, 2, Home Economics Club, 3, "Mississippian" Staff, I, 2, 3, Philosophy Club, 2, Archery Club, I. O BOB ROBERTS, Kappa Alpha, Sunflower, Liberal Arts, Phi Sigma, "Rebel" Statf. 0 ALLEN SAFFOLD, Phi Delta Theta, Greenwood, Business and Com- merce, Phi Eta Sigma, Delta Sigma Pi, Intramural Council, '42, Annual Staff, '42, Honor Roll, '4l-'42. 0 FRANCES EMOGENE SAUNDERS, Zeta Tau Alpha, Como, Science. 0 ALLIE MARSHALL SAYLE, Delta Gamma, Oxford, Liberal Arts, Glee Club, Y. W. C. A, 0 BERT SCOTT, Kappa Alpha, Jackson, Liberal Arts. 0 WALLACE SEKUL, Biloxi, Liberal Arts. 0 ELOISE SHAW, Oxford, Business and Commerce. 0 WILMA SHAW, Phi Mu, Jackson, Pan-Hellenic Council, '4l-'42, Legis- lative Council of Woman's Student Government Association, '4I-'42. O SUSAN SHELTON, Delta Delta Delta, Columbia, Tennessee, Liberal Arts. 0 ELIZABETH SHIPLEY, Delta Delta Delta, Canton, Liberal Arts, "Missis- sippian" Staff, Glee Club. 0 AGNES SIMMONS, Delta Gamma, Hazlehurst, Education. 0 WILL MARY SIMRALL, Phi Mu, Satartia, Business and Commerce. l99I .i I I Chuck Trotter, Financial Secretary. .IUIIIIIIII CLIISS First Row: Proctor, Ramirez, D. Reed, K. Reed. Second Row: Roberts, Saftold, Saunders, Sayle. Third Row: Scott, Sekul, E. Shaw, W. Shaw. Fourth Row: Shelton, Shipley, Simmons, Simrall. l le. are as . . . itil., 1 ' 7- 1:- ' ' I I I I 'Fr I I f I I .. V 'weld S' ii1i't"7' -ga' A ' vw -f,4,. fi:-fel.. . , Q - , . . .- " S r... . 6, , Aff ' 'fr f MF. V - ,ff-"x I ' ,.- '. 4' f. -s 5 L.. 1 W , V . i Q.,5.'' V f", . 4 X ' 5 KZ ? " ff' "' 'ff - , ,ti al ' ' 4. 1- V , fx ,. , xg , . TF iv T First Row: Sloan, Smith, Sneed, Spaeth. Second Row: Spaulding, Spicer, Stater, D. C. Stribllng S Strlblrng Sullivan watt E r r 5 P F lc l . fs- l l 7,345 lr xf l QL , . 6- O AL 1 it 2.45 zz. , Stevens. Third Row: H. S, Stevens, Stewart, D. C. Stone, T. Stone. Fourth Row: G. O, . . I H . . I . IS . ' -1 .ff ,...- f A ' 4 A s .fm l Ur li 'g tg. i. T1 lil ll 'ti A f"""v- we-- 1 vw- " r , V- D, 45- 5- . s 1' 1-,fl 2' 'I' 5 as , ..- it-.' Ki' sri' he O CHARLES SLOAN, Greenwood, Engineering. 0 EDWARD F SMITH, Little Rock, Arkansas, Engineering, Beta Zeta, Ole Miss Band, '39-'42, Vice-President ot Band, A. S, C. E., '39-'42. 0 RUTH SNEED, Phi Mu, Oxford, Education, Sigma Alpha Iota, Glee CI I U b, '4 -'43, Archery Club, '42, Y, W. C. A., '4l-'43, Megaphone Club, '42, Wesley Foundation Council, '43, "Mississippian" Staff, '4l, '42, Committee of '4l loo, '42, EDWIN B, SPAETH, Forrest City, Arlcansas, Engineering, A. S, C E., '43 MILLER SPAULDING, Macon, Business and Commerce, Phi Eta Sigma, Scribblers, Sigma Upsilon, Phi Sigma, President, 3, Odom Memorial Award, 2: Ho Copy Editor ot "Mississippian," 3, News Staff, I, 2, "M" Book, I, nor Roll, l, 2, 3. CYRIL B. SPICER, JR., Kappa Alpha, University, Liberal Arts, "M" Book, Baseball, '42-'43, "Mississippian," '4I-'43, "Rebel," '42. 0 STANLEY FRANK STATER, JR., Sigma Chi, Memphis, Tennessee, Engi- neering. O DOROTHY CATHERINE STEVENS, Zeta Tau Alpha, Lake Charles, Lou- isiana, Education, Megaphone Club, '40-'4I, Woman's Athletic Association, '40-'43, Archery Club, '4l-'42. 0 H. S. STEVENS, JR., Kappa Alpha, Hattiesburg, Liberal Arts. 0 BILL HAMPTON STEWART, Pi Kappa Alpha, Poplarville. 0 DOUGLAS CLYDE STONE, Kappa Alpha, Columbus, Liberal Arts, Y. M, C. A., l, 2, 3, President, I, Debate Squad, Publisher of Student Di- rectory, Treasurer of 0 TAYLOR STONE, Kappa Sigma, Shelby, Business and Commerce. O GEORGE O. STRIBLING, Philadelphia, Pharmacy. 0 SAM STRIBLING, Philadelphia, Liberal Arts. 0 ANDREW WALTON SULLIVAN, JR., Kappa A'pha, Macon, Liberal Arts, Cheerleader, '42-'43, Cardinal Club, '42, University Players, Annual Staff, I. 0 AMANDA SWIFT, Kappa Delta, Memphis, Tennessee, Education, Y, W. C. A., Woman's Athletic Association, I, 3, Pan-Hellenic, 2. 0 MINNIE CAMPBELL SYKES, Chi Omega, Jackson, Liberal Arts, 0 HUGH WILTON TEDDER, Bude, Liberal Arts. 0 GEORGE R, THATCHER, Delta Kappa Epsilon, Gulfport, Liberal Arts, Debating Team, '42, President of Y. M. C, A., I. O ERVIN THIBAULT, JR., Pitman, New Jersey, Liberal Arts. 0 SUSAN THOMPSON, Chi Omega, Jackson, Liberal Arts. 0 BILL THORNTON, Kappa Alpha, Meridian, Science, Cardinal Club, '42-'43, Treasurer, B.A. School, '42-'43, 0 EMILY THWEATT, Lucy, Liberal Arts. 0 JOHN WELLS TINNIN, Delta Psi, Eden, Liberal Arts. O ROGER TINSLEY, Oxford, Liberal Arts, Track, '42, "M" Club, Hood's Brigade. 0 ALBERT TIPLER, Pi Kappa Alpha, Water Valley, Liberal Arts, 0 CHARLOTTE TOLLEY, Delta Delta Delta, Columbia, Tennessee, Business and Commerce, Y, W. C. A., Woman's Athletic Association, 0 EDWIN MITCHELL TOPP, Kappa Alpha, Tupelo, Liberal Arts, 0 CHARLES EDWARD TOWNSEND, Carrollton, Liberal Arts. 0 HECTOR G. UBINAS, Isabela, Puerto Rico, Pharmacy O G. LUIS VALLE, lsabela, Puerto Rico, Pharmacy. 0 CHARLES VIC VANAMAN, Chester, West Virginia, Liberal Arts. 0 SAROLYN WALKER, Franklin, Tennessee, Liberal Arts, Y, W. C. A, 0 JAMES DANSBY WALL, Canton, Engineering, Phi Eta Sigma, Sigma Theta Pi, Beta Zeta, A, S C. E., Band, I, 2, 3, Honor Roll. LESTER WARRICK, JR., Sigma Alpha Epsilon, McGehee, Arkansas, Business and Commerce 0 NEL WHELESS, Delta Delta Delta, Hattiesburg, Liberal Arts. 0 CHARLES WHITE, Oxford, Business and Commerce. I ILTOI . s eff. get 52.2 '93 :Q- T -1 E 11 . ' . :A--+ "' .' , ' 5 P' L ' " ik '1 TK I f l ',"7Tl f 1 ' QM 76 -4 First Row: Sykes, Tedder, Thatcher, Thibault, Thompson, Thornton, Thweatt, Tinnin, Tinsley. Third Row: Warrick, Wheless, C. White, K, White, Wiemers, J. A. Williams, J. E Second Row: Tipler, Tolley, Topp, Townsend, Ubinas, Valle, Vanaman, Walker, Wall. Williams, Joe Williams, Jonne Williams. Fourth Row: Willis, Wilstord, Wilson, Winter, Witty, Woleben, Woodbridge, Yandell, Young. I 0 KNOX WHITE, Delta Kappa Epsilon, Gulfport, Liberal Arts, Cardinal Club, '42-'43, 0 MARY JOCELYN WIEMERS, Sanatorium, Liberal Arts, Legislative Coun- cil ot Woman's Student Government, Y. W. C. A. 0 JAMES ARTHUR WILLIAMS, Delta Kappa Epsilon, lndianola, Science. 0 JAMES EMMETT WILLIAMS, Delta Kappa Epsilon, Hernando, Liberal Arts. 0 JOE WILLIAMS, Kappa Alpha, Jackson, Science, Beta Zeta, Band, Pres- ident of Band, '42-'43. 0 JONNE WILLIAMS, Delta Gamma, Philadelphia, Education. 0 CHARLES MCDONALD WILLIS, Delta Psi, Tylertown, Business and Commerce, Band, Glee Club. 0 MARGARET WILSFORD, Chi Omega, Lula, Liberal Arts. O EARL R. WILSON, Sigma Nu, Oxford, Business and Commerce, Phi Sigma, Baptist Student Union Council, "Mississippian," 0 WILLIAM WINTER, Phi Delta Theta, Grenada, Hermaean, President, Phi Eta Sigma, President, Tau Kappa Alpha, Scribblers, International Rela- tions Club, Hood's Brigade, Omicron Delta Kappa, Managing Editor ot "Mississippian," 3. 0 BINGHAM WITTY, Phi Delta Theta, Greenwood, Engineering, Phi Epsilon Sigma, Sigma Theta Pi, Taylor Medal, '42, O ANNA LUCILLE WOLEBEN, Gulfport, Liberal Arts. 0 HARDY WOODBRIDGE, Delta Psi, Tchula, Liberal Arts. 0 DAVID ROBERT YANDELL, Kappa Alpha, Canton, Physical Education, Omicron Delta Kappa. 0 HELEN YOUNG, Oxford, Liberal Arts. IIOIJ i . i 'H . . ' ', x a-.- 1" IW: fs .X , 1 sfellvf L.-,gb 4 ! ,T , A , ,V-Q, I., . . 'S-5' .rn rg.ff?5'? - . ss. 1.. ,g. ,A X 1 i, '- ,, if ' .figy i. f .35-5l1i'ff . Y gf':,:,,,, 'Y' in X- 1 x . I K' l 9 if ' 1 ' . ' 3,2 il 1 3 K 'T' , .4 R -. 7 a ,L . sr- , 4 ffkjlql' ' I Q, . -A . E 9 x W i i A 5 . z F 5 Y s . nv. 5, .1 1 , 'M , A A 4. f i f f f A - 1.117 is 5 7. ' . . l -I , V First Row: Adam, Adkins, Aiken, Aldridge, Allen, C, Anderson, R. B. Anderson, Arm- Third Row: D. J. Bennell, Blewell, Bobo, Borgwardl, Bowden, Breland, Breylspraak, Brock sfrong, Fourlh Row: Brooks, J. A. Brown, M. J. Brown, Brownslein, Brueck, Buller, Byers, Carr-p Second Row: Bacharach, Baird, Barnes, Barlleff, Balson, T. Bell, W. J. Bell, D, N. Bennell. ld l l l l i ll l I ll 0 ROBERT ADAM, Pi Kappa Alpha, Pass Christian, Business and Com merce, Phi Sigma. 0 HENRY LEIGH ADKINS, Phi Della Thela, Clarksdale, Engineering. 0 DICK AIKEN, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Slullgarl, Arkansas, Liberal Arls 0 ROBERT N. ALDRIDGE, JR., Phi Della Theta, Eslill, Liberal Arls 0 ROBERT JULIAN ALLEN, JR., Sigma Alpha Epsilon, lndianola, Engi neering. 0 CONRAD ANDERSON, Hammond, Louisiana, Liberal Arls. O RICHARD B. ANDERSON, Oxford, Physical Educalion, Baseball, l. 0 HUBERT ARMSTRONG, Kappa Alpha, Greenville, Business and Com merce. 0 MARVIN BACHARACH, Phi Epsilon Pi, Clarksdaleg Business and Com- merce. 0 MARY NOEL BAIRD, Chi Omega, Clarksdaleg Business and Commerce 0 ROBERT W. BARNES, Picayune, Liberal Arls, "Mississippian" Staff. 0 BENNETT B. BARTLETT, Phi Della Thela, Monroe, Louisiana, Engineering, "M" Book Sfafi, Sophomore "Y" Cabinel. 0 HUGH BATSON, Halfiesburg, Liberal Arts 0 THOMAS BELL, Kappa Alpha, Grenada, Liberal Arts. 0 W. J. BELL, Sigma Nu, Vicksburg, Liberal Arts, Phi Sigma. I IUII 0 DAVID N. BENNETT, Pi Kappa Alpha, Ripley, Physical Educafion. 0 DOROTHY JANE BENNETT, Phi Mu, Waler Valley, Liberal Arts, O SARA BYRNE BLEWETT, Chi Omega, Nalchez, Education, Cardinal Club Sponsor, '42. 0 ROBERT E. BOBO, JR., Phi Della Thela, Clarksdale, Business and Com- merce, Phi Ela Sigma, Della Sigma Pi, "Mississippian" Siaff, Honor Roll, l, 2, Cardinal Club, Freshman Baskelball Manager, Y, M, C. A. 0 CHARLOTTE BORGWARDT, Kappa Della, Vicksburg, Business and Com- merce, Cwens, Alpha Lambda Della, Pix, "Y," l943, Woman's Alhlelic As- sccialion, I943, Glee Club, '43, Vice-Presidenl of Alpha Lambda Della, '42, Treasurer of Cwens, I942. 0 JAMES STERLING BOWDEN, Sigma Chi, Ruleville, Engineering. 0 DAN BRELAND, Phi Kappa Psi, Halliesburg, Business and Commerce. 0 VIRGINIA BREYTSPRAAK, Zefa Tau Alpha, Memphis, Liberal Arfs. 0 RALPH LUCIUS BROCK, Sigma Nu, McComb, Liberal Arts. O WILLIAM DIXON BROOKS, Pi Kappa Alpha, Kosciusko, Liberal Arls, Phi Sigma, Annual Sfaff, '-'ll-'42, '42-'43, Freshman and Sophomore Y. M, C. A., Religious Emphasis Week Commillee. 0 JO ANN BROWN, Zela Tau Alpha, Memphis, Pharmacy, Woman's Alhlelic Associafion, Y, W. C. A., Classical Club. 0 MARY JO BROWN, Arlinglon, Tennessee, Liberal Arls. 0 MARVIN M, BROWNSTEIN, Phi Epsilon Pi, Greenville, Business and Commerce, Band, "Y" Cabinel. 0 BETTYE BRUECK, Kappa Della, Foresl, Business and Commerce, Y. W. C. A., I, 2, Commiflee of IOO, l, Hazen Group, I, Treasurer of Woman's Sludenl Governmenf Associalion, 2, Woman's Afhlelic Associalion, I, 2. O LANGE BUTLER, Holly Springs, Liberal Arls. 0 LEE BYERS, Kappa Sigma, Balesville, Liberal Arls. 0 WILLIAM H. CAMP, Gunlown, Liberal Arls. 0 DICEY, CARR, Chi Omega, Yazoo Cily, Business and Commerce. 0 JAMES CASH, Oxford, Pharmacy. O A. B. CHADWICK, Pi Kappa Alpha, Oxford, Liberal Arfs, Annual Sfaff. 0 KENNETH COCKE, Kappa Alpha, Greenville, Business and Commerce. 0 JULIA CODY, Corinlh, Liberal Arls. 0 JIMMY COLMER, Pascagoula, Liberal Arls, O CECIL CONERLY, Sigma Nu, McComb, Liberal Arfs, O CHARLES CONERLY, Clarksdale, Physical Education. 0 D, B. CONERLY, Kappa Alpha, Kokomo, Liberal Arls. 0 ROBERT COVERT, Kappa Sigma, Meridian, Liberal Arls. Woman's Afhlelic Association, '4l-'42, Y. W. C. A., '4l-'42, 0 WINFIELD W. COX, Gulfporl, Liberal Arfsg Phi Ela Sigma. O JIMMIE CRABB, Kappa Sigma, Booneville, Liberal Arls. C FRANK CRESSWELL, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Durant, Liberal Arts. 0 ALFRED CRISLER, Kappa Alpha, Jackson, Liberal Arls. 0 RAY CROCKER, Bruce, Liberal Arls. l ,Q V IIOSI Ping I Q23 5, 0 BETTY JANE COX, Della Gamma, Prescoll, Arkansas, Liberal Arls, Cheerleader, l942, Home Economics Club, '4l-'42, Glee Club, '4I-'42' in ll ,. l I I ll l ,. I 5. I i i. if . ...- qi' 1, -'3 ll le ll "l , l .Z',. l l Whillen lislens lo Bridgforlh. ll SllPHlllVlllllE CLIISS Firsl Row: Crook, Crozier, Cruise, Dabbs. Second Row: Dalrymple, Daly, Davanl, Davis. Third Row: Dealon, DeCeIl, DeVinney, Driver. Fourlh Row: Duke, Dulaney, Eager, Early. .fa ' 25249 92 4 if ' li rw' e , I ll l M - - 0 BOBBY CROOK, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Meridian, Business and Com- merce. 0 VIRGINIA CROZIER, Della Della Della, Columbia, Tennessee, Physical Educalion. 0 FRANCES JEAN CRUISE, Chi Omega, Jackson, Business and Com- merce. 0 HAL N. DABBS, Kappa Alpha, Ouilman, Liberal Arls. O ARCH DALRYMPLE, III, Kappa Alpha, Amory, Liberal Arls. 0 EDMOND JEROME DALY, Philadelphia, Liberal Arls. O GUY DAVANT, Kappa Alpha, Jackson, Business and Commerce, "Ole Miss" Slaff, '4l-'42, "M" Book, '4l-'42, "Mississippian" Sfaff. 0 PAUL DAVIS, Knoxville, Tennessee, Liberal Arls. 0 C. L. DEATON, Planlersville, Pharmacy, American Pharmaceulical Asso- cialion, Secrelary of Pharmacy School, '4I-'42, 0 HERMAN BRISTER DeCELL, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Yazoo Cily, Business and Commerce. 0 CHARLES E. DeVINNEY, Kosciusko, Business and Commerce, Phi Sigma. 0 FRANCES DRIVER, Nashville, Tennessee, Business and Commerce. 0 BILLY DUKE, Della Kappa Epsilon, Oxford, Liberal Arls. 0 MARY RITA DULANEY, Della Gamma, Tunica, Liberal Arls, Sigma Alpha lola, Glee Club, '4l-'42, Classical Club, '4l-'42, "Rebel" Slaff, '4l-'42. 0 MAI EAGER, Chi Omega, Jackson, Liberal Arls. O JOHNNY EARLY, Della Psi, lndianola, Business and Commerce, Car- dinal Club. 0 JOHN EATMAN, Sigma Chi, Halliesburg, Liberal Arls. 0 MARY JAYNE EATMAN, Della Della Della, Halfiesburg, Liberal Arls, Inlernalional Relalions Club. 0 MARK ELLZEY, Sigma Chi, Biloxi, Liberal Arls. 0 ROBERT W. EMMONS, Kappa Alpha, Meridian, Liberal Arls. 0 FRANCES ANN EXBY, Della Gamma, Memphis, Tennessee, Liberal Arls, Secrelary of Sophomore "Y." 0 MARGIE DEAN FAIRCHILD, Tupelo, Liberal Arls, "Y" Cabinel, Woman's Alhlelic Associalion, Home Economics Club, "Mississippian", Glee Club, Woman's Sludenl Governmenl Asocialion. 0 JAMES M. FALKNER, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Liberal Arls, Oxford, Annual Slaff. 0 ANN FINCH, Kappa Della, Iuka, Liberal Arfs, Y. W. C. A., Home Economics Club, Woman's Alhlelic Associalion. 0 ELLIS FINCH, Booneville, Liberal Arls. 0 WAYNE A. FINGER, JR., Sigma Nu, Ripley, Business and Commerce. 0 WYNDHAM BURTON FLETCHER, JR., Delfa Psi, lndianola, Engineering, A. S. C. E. 0 MAX FONES, Kappa Alpha, Dyersburg, Tennessee, Business and Com- merce. Q KENNETH FOOSE, Phi Della Thela, Tchula, Business and Commerce, Rebel Band, Y. M. C. A., I, 2, "Mississippian" Slaff. 0 TED B. FORD, Kappa Alpha, Columbia, Liberal Arls. I RAYMOND BENJAMIN FRANKLIN, Della Kappa Epsilon, Oxford, Engi- neering. 0 MARY FULTON, Della Della Della, Washinglon, D, C., Liberal Arlsg Alpha Lambda Della, Woman's Afhlelic Associalion, Y. W. C. A., Career Conference, '42. ll04l T51 . fi" ' . ri ' fa. ff- . My V nf , ' y' ,gl "fri ii " if' 4 ' W e axgll? - T we? , L T' 3, , 'I JA.. A . si' ' , V 1 f a ii S, .. ,, , . , 1 Q., '- vs 'j 52 . A . 5 ' ei i ff . .. 'r . f f 321 in 'g 'Z 2 if i 5,231,056 ? ill . 4 19 ' lv i . , 31 i 4 ' : . Furs? Rowz J. Ealman, M. J. Eafman, Ellzey, Emmons, Exby, Fairchild, Falkner, A. Finch. Third Row: Furr, Fyke, les, Gibson Giles Goldman Second Row: E. Finch, Finger, Flefcher, Fones, Foose, Ford, Franklin, Fullon. Fourfh Row: Gordon, Graves, Griffin, Grilz, Gunn Hallman Hamm Hamplon 0 MAURICE NEWTON FURR, JR., Kappa Sigma, Robinsonville, Phi Sigma, "Mississippian" Sfaffg Y. M. C. A. 0 EARL FYKE, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Jackson, Liberal Arls, Phi Efa Sigma. 0 ADRIAN M. GAMMILL, Malhisfong Liberal Arls. 0 MARIETTA GARVEY, Kappa Dellag Liberal Arlsg Home Economics Club 0 LLOYD HUNTER GATES, Della Tau Della, Jackson, Business and Com' merce. Q WELBUR GIBSON, Laurelg Science. O SARA GILES, Ripley, Liberal Arls. 0 ORLANDO GOLDMAN, Kappa Sigma, Bay Sl, Louis, Liberal Arts 0 COOPER B, GORDON, Timbervilleg Liberal Arls. 0 FRED GRAVES, Kappa Sigma, Balesvilleg Business and Commerce. 0 ELAINE GRIFFIN, Gulfporfg Educalion. 0 LOUIS GRITZ, Phi Epsilon Pig Iuka, Business and Commerce. 0 WALTER DILL GUNN, Kappa Sigma, Charlesiong Liberal Arls. 0 VAN HALLMAN, Sigma Chi, Merigoldg Engineering. 0 JEFF HAMM, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Universilyg Business and Commerce 0 FANCHON HAMPTON, Chi Omegag Lake Village, Arkansasg Educalion. IIOSI gf awk I il I . li r i- .4,A f. P, . s if 3 N1 I I H I , qu: ... " A . gr, 'ln ' if - -I I ,QQ v -..X 'Q f nf 6- -9 'ass -4 Q ww - -rl,-., 'N' 'S- aw ff as. A Q3 X '11 'g . .4 A 'ix ' Q " t, -Q Xl 4 Q Y n E A .fs , N. . 5 hw- ' ' , I gl? - f 'Q' ' T is ," 5 H55-Ei , S - I L ' ' I pn.. 'W I .,, lx -S? -I rv- ...Q -L.. LBJ' 5 1 . 'r ' i " -, ii use . . Firsf Row: Harliins, Harringfon, Harris, Harrison, Harry, Henry, Holladay, Holley. Third Row: Johns, M. M. Johnson, O. Johnson, P. J. Jones, W. Jones, Jopp, Keeton, Kelly. Second Row: Houser, Howell, Huggins, Hume, Humphreys, lmlay, Jackson, Jennings. Fourlh Row: Kemp, King, Lamb, Lear, Leavell, Levinson, Lillon, Locke. U, I II, .. f"5 '17 Il 'I ii I. 'IT Ti 0 SHIRLEY HARKINS, Phi Mu, Tuscumbia, Alabama, Business and Com- merce. O HENRY HARRINGTON, JR, Kappa Sigma, Housion, Business and Corn- merce. O HUBERTA ANN HARRIS, Tunica, Liberal Arrs 0 THOMAS F. HARRISON, Delta Psi, Philadelphia, Liberal Arls. O BILL HARRY, Sigma Chi, Columbia, Business and Commerce, 0 HARDY HENRY, Kappa Alpha, Meridian, Physical Education. 0 WALTER ROBERT HOLLADAY, JR., Kappa Alpha, Meridian, Liberal Arfs. 0 ASTON HOLLEY, Delta Kappa Epsilon, Oxford, Pharmacy 0 TRAVIS HOUSER, Memphis, Tennessee, Liberal Arts. 0 JIMMIE HOWELL, Phi Kappa Alpha, Oxford, Engineering, American Sociely of Civil Engineering, '4I, Cardinal Club, '42-'43, B. S. U, Y M C. A. 0 CLYDE HUGGINS, Della Kappa Epsilon, Oxford. Business and Com- merce, 0 LELAND HUME, Sigma Chi, Jaclison, Engineering 0 FRANCES CHARLES HUMPHREYS, Della Gamma, Por? Gibson, Business and Commerce, l942 "Mississippian" Slall, Woman's Sludenl C-overnmenf, '42-'43, Legislative Council, '42-'43, Y. W. C. A., 'f-'II-'42-'43, W. A, A., '4l-'42e'43, Universily Players, '42, Episcopal Club, Presidenl, '42-'43, I lilhl Q LIDA IMLAY, Zanesville, Ohio, Business and Commerce. 0 MARSHALL JACKSON, Hardy, Arkansas, Business and Commerce. 0 CHARLOTTE RUTH JENNINGS, Phi Mu, Crenshaw, Liberal Arls. O AGNES JOHNS, Chi Omega, Corinlh, Business and Commerce. 0 MARY MOODY JOHNSON, Ashland, Educalion. 0 OTHO JOHNSON, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Jackson, Engineering. 0 PATRICK J. JONES, Halliesburg, Medicine. 0 WILLIE JONES, JR., Tchula, Business and Commerce. 0 JOYCE JOPP, Webb, Liberal Arls. 0 JOHN KEETON, Phi Della Thela, Grenada, Liberal Arls, Hermaean. 0 AUGUSTUS F. KELLY, JR., Halliesburg, Pharmacy. 0 WILLIAM THOMAS KEMP, JR., Noxapaler, Sigma Nu, Liberal Arls. 0 CALVIN KING, Phi Kappa Alpha, Duranl, Liberal Arls. 0 ALMA LAMB, Della Gamma, Amory, Liberal Arls. 0 SARA LEAR, Chi Omega, Greenwood, Liberal Arfs, 0 ROBERT LEAVALL, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Oxford, Liberal Arls, Phi Sigma. 0 SEYMOUR LEVINSON, Phi Epsilon Pi, Memphis, Tennessee, Business and Commerce. 0 MIKE LITTON, Phi Kappa Alpha, Longshol, Business and Commerce. 0 CHARLES LOCKE, Sigma Chi, Merigold, Business and Commerce. 0 JOE LONG, Phi Della Thela, Tupelo, Liberal Arls. 0 RAIFORD NEWELL LONG, Pi Kappa Alpha, Ripley, Business and Commerce. 0 BEE LOONEY, Drew, Educalion. 0 ELIZABETH LOTT, Della Gamma, Collins, Liberal Arls. 0 ROBERT LOVE, Della Psi, Hernando, Liberal Arls, "Mississippian", Sporls, '42-'43, 0 MORRIS L, LOVELADY, Oxford, Engineering. 0 GENE LOWE, JR., Pi Kappa Alpha, Glendora, Engineering. 0 WILLIAM O. LUCKETT, Della Psi, Canlon, Liberal Arls, Phi Sigma, Phi Efa Sigma, "Mississippian", Annual, Y, M, C. A. 0 MARTHA JEAN McBEE, Della Gamma, Greenwood, Business and Com- merce, Y. W. C. A., "Mississippian" Sfaff, 2, Annual Slaff, 2. 0 RUTH McCAlN, Della Della Della, Clarksdale, Business and Commerce. 0 BETTY JEAN MCCHESNEY, Kappa Della, Helena, Arkansas, Liberal Arls, Home Economics Club. O JACK MARTIN McDOUGAL, Kappa Sigma, Greenwood, Engineering. 0 LILIAN CLYDE McELROY, Della Gamma, Nalchez, Liberal Arls, Ela Sigma Phi, Alpha Lambda Della, Classical Club, Junior "Y", "Mississippian" Staff. 0 WILLIAM CARL McGEHEE, Phi Della Thela, Nalchez, Educalion, O NORMAN McKlNNON, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Jackson, Business and Commerce, Phi Ela Sigma, Regislralion Commillee, '42. 0 JACK McLARTY, Phi Della Thela, Oxford, Business and Commerce. I l07l Baclr slage al lhe Beauly Revue. SUPHUIVIUHE ELIISS Firsl Row: J. Long, R. N. Long, Looney, Loll. Second Row: Love, Lovelady, Lowe, Luckell Third Row: McBee, McCain, McChesney, McDougal. Fourlh Row: McElroy, McGehee siifsin ilf- ,,, , xy. ' -- . ' ' , 5962359 5412? .f g wi f- " Ji f?':.,,Effi f 2 4 'S 55. " - I .JL A il.: Q5 .1 Q-VTX I J," ,, s" 2"1 ., ",f ' igrj' 'ii fr: , ' f half . ,mimi isgss-' m - ' 'wifi ,' li . fir:-is T Q 4' L' ' ' sail. Q.,-fs: p r . I ,,. K '- 'vffsie' I- 4, ae,-,Q , , . f , f.Q,g,z" .gzsy pg e, 'Nm' :iffy A' it. h ' jim 735 ., .- . sr if ' J., f Xl' 15, 3352 ff' '- A., , Q , ii --s ,J r.. 'f ve, FQ 2'!,:1' 325 S, IL. IT' .fm ff, r z' . I 5 i X. A 'ff.'.." f . 'I M ff ny! - '- ff . s . .I " ' vw, as 7 ,. I any I t ,- . . gf . . , .. ,' :- J ' , fe1e5fi2:.f Q 5 ' x f ,. i T .i r N' V, Y 7 ' li I 'T E H ' llill I I ll 'j ll me ll i 1 . li , gi I I ai . I K 3, X I l , ok 3 . 4 I : In I I , . I il I ln Ih fe--Am. .....f'...ff'L ,f .fp- e good old Summer Time. f SUPHIIIVIUHE CLASS U. Firsf Row: Marks, Marman, Marlin, Mallingly. Second Row: Maxwell, Mayfield, Maynard, Merrell. Third Row: Middlelon, Mize, Moe, Monroe. Fourfh Row: Monfgomery, C. R. Moore, H. E. Moore, Morris. I I .ll y I wr,-1 LAN . J rf, ' , . 4 if WGS Q," . 1 ' ,oc . ...Q 'o,!3!,"'-Q -l ,.j.1, 1'3" ix ' sr! 1 'ii 1' 3, A E M r, is il li,- jg J 'W V cf I 3, , . . in ll I 1 13 Y' :fl 1. 1. Mfr! vm -A : Q-. x . r,'. -A 1 .V C 0 LEO A. MARKS, Phi Epsilon Pi, Clarksdale, Business and Commerce. 0 EDWIN MARMAN, Phi Della Thefa, Memphis, Tennessee, Engineering. 0 O. V. MARTIN, Corinfh, Liberal Aris, Cardinal Club, '42-'43. 0 GUY L. MATTINGLY, JR., Delfa Kappa Epsilon, Greenville, Business and Commerce. 0 MAURICE CLIFTON MAXWELL, Kappa Alpha, Jackson, Business and Commerce, Phi Sigma, Phi Eta Sigma, Caplain of Rifle Team, Sfudenf Bank Assisfanf, Y. M. C. A., Annual Staff, "Mississippian" Slaff, Glee Club. O LURA COOK MAYFIELD, Taylorsville, Science. 0 ROBERT MAYNARD, Phi Della Thefa, Tupelo, Liberal Arls. 0 ARTHUR MERRELL, Kappa Alpha, Meridian, Business and Commerce. 0 E. K. MIDDLETON, JR., Pi Kappa Alpha, Pocahonfas, Business and Commerce. 0 W. G. MIZE, JR., Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Jackson, Business and Com- merce, lnlramural Council, B. S, U. Council. 0 CARLTON F. MOE, JR., Della Psi, Buffalo, New York, Business and Commerce, Universily Chorus, I, 2, "Mississippian" Siaff, 2, Annual Slaff, I, 2, Phi Sigma, I, 2, Secrelary of Phi Sigma, 2, Boy's Glee Club, I, 2, Sophomore "Y," 2. 0 ARCHIBALD B. MONROE, JR., Della Kappa Epsilon, Balesville, Liberal Arls. 0 JACK M, MONTGOMERY, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Inverness, Engineering. 0 CHARLES R. MOORE, Pi Kappa Alpha, 8'yIheviIIe, Arkansas, Liberal Arls. 0 H'ORACE E. MOORE, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Collierville, Tennessee, Liberal Arls, Phi Efa Sigma. O JOE H. MORRIS, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Jackson, Business and Com- merce. 0 JOSEPHINE MORRIS, Oxford, Educalion. I ANDREW A. MORSON, Kappa Alpha, Greenville, Business and Com- merce. 0 NORMAN MOTT, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Yazoo Cily, Liberal Arls. 0 HUMPHREY MOYNIHAN, Pi Kappa Alpha, Laurel, Liberal Arls. O OREN, MULKEY, San Anlonio, Texas, Liberal Arls. 0 HARVEY MYRICK, Sigma Chi, Columbus, Business and Commerce 0 CARL NANCE, Pi Kappa Alpha, Ripley, Business and Commerce. 0 CARY, NOBLE, Kappa Sigma, Nalchez, Business and Commerce. 0 JIM OAKLEY, Pi Kappa Alpha, Water Valley, Business and Commerce. 0 BILLYE ORR, Della Gamma, Fulfon, Educafion. 0 DORIS PALMER, Kappa Della, Foresf, Education. O MARY ANN PEARCE, Chi Omega, Greenwood, Liberal Arls. 0 FRANCES PERRY, Zeta Tau Alpha, Washinglon, D. C., Business and Commerce, Cwens, Pan-Hellenic Council, Glee Club, I, 2. O LOGAN PHILIPS, Kappa Alpha, Jackson, Business and Commerce 0 JEAN PITNER, Ripley, Liberal Arls 0 HALLIE PLUMMER, Coahoma, Business and Commerce. 0 HARACE E. POLK, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Picayune, Liberal Arls 0 BARNEY POOLE, Glosler, Physical Educalion. O PHILIP POOLE, Gloslerg Liberal Arls. 0 THEODOSIA PORTER, Della Della Della, Clarksdaleg Educalion. Q WILLIAM R, POST, Clarksdaleg Liberal Arls. IIUHI ' YWT7 Sf ' inf Ae.: . Y , 5, 'ju V. . .W . . ,, 5 I A 4 -51.71 . .,:,,,.f , . .nm iq: 4 l i Firsi Row: Morris, Morson, Mofl, Moynihan, Mulkey, Myrick, Nance, Noble, Oakley. Second Row: Orr, Palmer, Pearce, Perry, Philips, Pilner, Plummer, Polk, B. Poole. 0 PAUL POTTER, Sigma Nu, Universiiy, Liberal Arfs, Phi Era Sigma. 0 LOUISE PULLEN, Chi Omega, Jackson, Liberal Arts, W. A. A., "Ole Miss" Business Staff. 0 JAMES THOMAS RAINER, JR., Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Yazoo Cily, Engineering 0 MIMI RANSOM, Della Delia Delia, Nashville, Tennessee, Physical Education. O INMAN C. RAWLS, Pi Kappa Alpha, Poplarville, Engineering. O MARTIN RAY, JR., Sturgis, Business and Commerce. O CAROLINE REED, Chi Omega, Meridian, Liberal Arls, Archery Club, Glee Club, "Mississippian" Sfaff, W. A. A 0 NANCY REED, Kappa Delia, Silver City, Liberal Arts. O RUTH REYNARD, lndianola, Liberal Aris. O MAL SHAW RIDDELL, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Moorehead, Liberal Arfs. 0 JUANITA RIVERS, McComb, Liberal Arls 0 MARY LYNN ROBBINS, Phi Mu, Oxford, Educafion, Y, W C. A., Home Economics Club, W. A. A. 0 DAVID SAMUEL ROBERTS, Kappa Sigma, Memphis, Tennessee, Engi. neering, Cardinal Club, '4l-'42, Band, I, 2. O CREED.RO8INSON, Della Delia Delia, Walerford, Business and Com- merce. O JIMMIE T. ROBINSON, Sigma Chi, Cleveland, Engineering. I llLl9i gnu- 'sv 'v 1' Third Row: P. Poole, Porler, Posl, PoHer, Pullen, Rainer, Ransom, Rawls, Ray. Fourfh Row: C. Reed, N. Reed, Reynard, Riddell, Rivers, Robbins, Roberts, C. Robinson J. T. Robinson. I .Q ' vu. 4 , T C 4' tj! Rr v S+ QS Firsl Row: B. M, Rogers, H. G. Rogers, Ross, Ryan, Sage, Salloum, Sealy, Semmes, Shanahan. Third Row: J. Sfone, Rosebud Sfone, Sluarf, Sullivan, Summer, B. Tafe, M. Tafe, B. Taylor, Second Row: Sisk, B. W. Smilh, H. A. Smilh, June Smifh, Sfagg, Sfanford, Sfewari, Sfigler, L- TaYlo"- Smnonsl Fourih Row: Terry, Thomas, Threadgill, Threlkeld, Trippeil, Trolio, Turner, Upshaw, Varner. .ll l lx ,i l ki 1 M. l is I l l 5255 'rw L ' vi, n' ' - .v , f Mis 0 BILLYE MARGARET ROGERS, Kappa Delia, Falkner, Business and Com- merce. 0 HOLLIS G, ROGERS, Delia Psi, lndianola, Business and Commerce. 0 MARY ROSS, Chi Omega, Jackson, Education, Eta Sigma Phi. O WILLIAM J. RYAN, Chalham, New Jersey, Business and Commerce, Freshman "Y." 0 HELEN SAGE, Della Gamma, Bruce, Liberal Arls, Sigma Alpha Iofa, Glee Club, Honor Roll, '42, "Y," '42, W. S. G. A., '42, 0 ELLIS SALLOUM, Pi Kappa Alpha, Gulfporf, Business and Commerce, Varsify Foolball. 0 JEAN SEALY, Abbeville, Engineering. 0 WILLIAM O. SEMMES, Phi Della Theia, Grenada, Liberal Arlsj Her- maean. 0 FRANK EDWARD SHANAHAN, JR., Sigma Nu, Vicksburg, Business and Commerce, Phi Sigma, '4I-'42, Glee Club, '4l-'42, "Mississippian, '4I-'42, "Rebel," '4I-'42, "Y" Cabinel, '4l-'42, Religious Emphasis Commillee, '4l4 '42. 0 CHERRY SISK, Della Della Della, New Albany, Educalion, Alpha Lambda Della, Cwens, Freshman Queen, Favorile, '4l, "M" Club Sponsor, '42, Y. W. C. A., Home Economics Club, "Mississippian" Siaff, W, A. A., Cheerleader, '42. 0 BEN WARD SMITH, Winona, Engineering, Secrelary-Treasurer of Engi- neering School, '42, American Sociefy, Civil Engineering, '4l. 0 H. A. SMITH, JR., Hazlehursf. 0 JUNE SMITH, Kappa Delia, Ripley, Business and Commerce. O LEONARD STAGG, Nashville, Tennessee, Physical Education. lll0l 0 ARTHUR LAMAR STANFORD, JR., Sigma Nu, Ripley, Business and Com- merce. 0 DAVID STEWART, Kappa Sigma, Houston, Business and Commerce. 0 JANE STIGLER, Phi Mu, Drew, Business and Commerce. 0 RUTH LaFON STILLIONS, Chi Omega, Rome, Liberal Arts. 0 JOHN STONE, JR., Okolona, Business and Commerce. 0 ROSEBUD STONE, Chi Omega, Oxford, Education. 0 JIMMY STUART, Kappa Alpha, Meridian, Business and Commerce. 0 ROBERT MARSHALL SULLIVAN, Phi Kappa Psi, Hattiesburg, Liberal Arts. 0 CHARLES E, SUMMER, Kappa Alpha, Yazoo City, Liberal Arts. 0 BILL TATE, Sigma Nu, Tupelo, Business and Commerce. 0 MARY BRYAN TATE, Kappa Delta, Oxford, Education, Home Economics Club, '41-'42, Y. W. C. A., '4l-'42. 0 BILL TAYLOR, Como, Pharmacy. 0 LON TAYLOR, Sigma Chi, Corinth, Business and Commerce, Beta Zeta, Annual Staff, l, 2, "Rebel" Staff, l, 2, "M" Book, Band, I, 2, Y. M. C. A., Gym Decorating Committee. 0 J. STANFORD TERRY, Phi Delta Theta, Greenville, Business and Com- merce. 0 GENE ELIZABETH THOMAS, Chi Omega, Clarksdale, Business and Commerce. 0 WILLIAM JAMES THREADGILL, Phi Delta Theta, Greenwood, Liberal Arts, "Mississippian" Staff, '4l, Football Manager, '4l. 0 VIRGINIA THRELKELD, Henderson, Kentucky, Physical Education. O BERNARD L. TRIPPETT, Phi Delta Theta, Aberdeen, Business and Com- merce, "Mississippian" Staff, I, 2, "Rebel" Staff, I, 2, Freshman Career Conference Committee. 0 CAROLYN TROLIO, Kappa Delta, Canton, Education, W. A. A., Y. W. C. A., Home Economics Club, "OIe Miss" Business Staff. O TOM CREAGHER TURNER, Kappa Alpha, Columbus, Science. 0 WILLIAM l. UPSHAW, Carson, Liberal Arts, O JOEL VARNER, Senatobia, Pharmacy. 0 ANNE WADLINGTON, Kappa Delta, Memphis, Tennessee, Liberal Arts, Y. W. C. A. 0 JOE A, WAGGONER, Beta Theta Pi, Carthage, Liberal Arts, Secretary, Hermaean Society, '40, "Mississippian" Sports Staff, '4l-'42, Y. M. C. A. 0 KATHRINE WAGNER, Water Valley, Liberal Arts. O LUCIUS WAITES, Bay Springs, Liberal Arts. O WHITTY WALL, JR., Delta Psi, lndianola, Business and Commerce' Band, l, 2, Y. M. C. A., Mississippians, 2, Track Manager, '4l. 0 GEORGE HORNER WALTERS, Cobleskill, New York, Business and Com- merce. 0 READE WASHINGTON, Gulfport, Liberal Arts. O EDWARD WARREN, Delta Kappa Epsilon, Holly Springs, Liberal Arts 0 ROY WATSON, Delta Kappa Epsilon, Corinth, Engineering. 0 HUNTER WEBB, Kappa Alpha, Meridian, Physical Education 0 CALVIN WELLS, Delta Psi, Jackson, Liberal Arts. 0 EDWIN WENNERLUND, Sigma Nu, McComb, Liberal Arts, Cardinal Club, 2. 0 WILLIAM WEST, Okolona, Pharmacy, Cardinal Club, '42, American Pharmaceutical Association, '4l-'42. 0 JOHN MCCOLLOCH WESTON, Sigma Nu, Bay St, Louis, Business and Commerce. O BEN WHITE, JR., Holly Springs, Business and Commerce O MARTHA WHITELAW, Greenville, Liberal Arts. Illll Henson dances with Donovan. First Row: Wadllngton, Waggoner, Wagner, Waites. Second Row: Wall, Walters, Washing ton, Warren, Third Row: Watson, Webb, Wells, Wennerlund. Fourth Row: White, Whitelaw. West, Weston . "M, .J - n 1 9 9? X A S ,gi Y, . . . f V re ' rf Y 5? 1:4 G- X1 T s 'Pg at 'Srl' V. -H 51-:' ,I , 6 iv ' mffieei . .fi .. 4 NIT?-. ' ' . 'K 1, v , eff X ' Q-Q ' Q - "2 ' . A if ,, We 1 ' in 4, . ff 4 " 1 ?v5Ii'3 . ,Egg ,- , 4,51 - , :I I. -..-i. -l a ' L ii. ...-. .-L F2 fe. Xi I . ll" I 'I :I 5 sl . fi I . T , I I - ' I I Ii . lil I, I I -I Eb I .V I I I II' ll I I Sis+er acl. 1 D1 V SUPHUMUHE cilss Firsi Row: Whilfield, Whifmire, Whillinglon, Wilks. Second Row: Wilkinson, William, Williams, L, Williamson. Third Row: R. C. Williamson, Wilson, Wilfien, Wood. Fourlh Row: Woodward, Wunderlich, Yales, Young. 15 F,-.r,!bgsiSi , ,, I I 97,1 Y r' 15,132 V Y r 3 .'. Q I zu Y i y f Q ' ' Pm I 1: . I I , L. A, 'Oh j if , 4 . ff. ' fi ,'i?',-5 -: I , .is f-S1 ' ' ' ' A T Y. A gy' ,jg K 1 In Q, 1 ll I., Q --f I. 4- . N' X -5. 6 W J N Q 5 I " I I -Ii of 1 ' L X L I , I I -S. fri- 1 I ii I I 'L I . 0 MAURY WHITFIELD, Sigma Chi, Corinlh, Liberal Arls, Phi Sigma, Cardinal Club, Y. M, C. A., "Mississippian", Freshman Baseball Manager. 0 BILL WHITMIRE, Clarksdale, Liberal Arls. 0 CHARLES BLAIR WHITTINGTON, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Greenwood' Business and Commerce. 0 ROBERT WILKS, Kappa Sigma, Helena, Arkansas, Business and Com- merce, Freshman Basketball. 0 TOMMY WILKINSON, Kappa Alpha, Shelby, Liberal Arls. O ROSE WILLIAM, Wes? Poinf, Pharmacy. 0 JANE C, WILLIAMS, Delia Gamma, Memphis, Tennessee, Liberal Arls. 0 LESTER WILLIAMSON, Kappa Alpha, Meridian, Physical Educafion. 0 R. C. WILLIAMSON, JR., Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Greenwood, Engineer- ing, Band, I, 2. 0 ROBERT DEAN WILSON, Lamberl, Liberal Arls, Phi Sigma, '42-'43, Band, '42-'43, Y. M. C. A., Glee Club, '4I-'43. 0 VIRGINIA WITTJEN, Della Della Della, Holly Springs, Physical Educa- lion, Woman's Alhlelic Associalion, Archery Club, Y. W, C. A. 0 WILLIAM MARTIN WOOD, Banner, Liberal Arls. 0 RAY WOODWARD, Laurel, Physical Educalion, Foofball, I, 2. 0 RAY WUNDERLICH, Sigma Chi, Memphis, Tennessee, Business and Commerce. 0 EARL YATES, Philadelphia, Liberal Arls. 0 HARON YOUNG, Pi Kappa Alpha, Aberdeen, Engineering. FIIESHIVIIIN IILIISS 0 HAROLD ABERNATHY, Kappa Alpha, Greenville, Business and Com- merce. O MARY EDNA ADAMS, Della Della Della, Corinth, Business and Com- merce. 0 ROBERTA ALFORD, Chi Omega, Rolling Fork, Educalion. 0 CHARLES RAY ALLEN, Kossulh, Business and Commerce. 0 HAROLD ARNDT, Houslon, Business and Commerce. 0 JOSEPHINE ASHCRAFT, Chi Omega, Sidon, Liberal Arls. 0 LOUISE AVENT, Chi Omega, Grenada, Liberal Arls, 0 CORINNE BAGGETT, Kappa Delia, Oxford, Educalion, Y W. C A., Woman's Afhlelic Associalion. 0 MARVIN C. BAGLEY, Brunswick, Georgia, Engineering. 0 CLAUDE BALLENTINE, Columbus, Liberal Arls 0 ETZEL HENRY BARKER, Laurel, Liberal Aris. 0 THOMAS M, BARNETT, Booneville, Liberal Arls. 0 VERNON RAY BELL, Ridgeland, Physical Educalion. 0 JACK BELLAN, Vicksburg, Business and Commerce. 0 JOHN WOOD BILLUPS, Sigma Chi, Columbus, Liberal Arls. 0 MARGARET LAVERY BIRDSEYE, Zela Tau Alpha, Aberdeen, Business and Commerce. lllll is. 3'52g4?y,1f . efwf I 1 ,,. . , .,.. W I 4? 6 1 Z' Q W ..f A 5 .Y j' a f. ' First Row: Abernathy, Adams, Alford, Allen, Arndt, Ashcraft, Avent, Baggett. Second Row: Bagley, Ballantine, Barker, Barnett, Bell, Bellan, Billups, Birdseye. 0 JOYCE BLOMOUIST, Delta Delta Delta, Port Gibson, Liberal Arts, Y. W. C. A., "Rebel" Staff, Woman's Athletic Association, Glee Club, 0 ELLIS B. BODRON, JR., Vicksburg, Liberal Arts. O RICHARD BOWEN, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Dyersburg, Tennessee, Business and Commerce. 0 FRANK BOWERS, Sigma Chi, Helena, Arkansas, Education. 0 MARTHA ANN BRETT, Chi Omega, Jackson, Liberal Arts. 0 JEANNE BUCHANAN, Kappa Delta, McComb, Business and Commerce 0 OSCAR BUCHANAN, Memphis, Tennessee, Physical Education. O ELG-IE LEE BURRUS, Merigold, Engineering. 0 VIRGINIA BURTNETTE, Phi Mu, Memphis, Tennessee, Liberal Arts. 0 BETTY BUTTS, Chi Omega, University, Liberal Arts. 0 FLOUNCE LOUISE CANNON, Delta Zeta, Friars Point, Business and Commerce. 0 ROBERT CARNRICK, Montclair, New Jersey, Science. 0 MARIE CASE, Fayette, Liberal Arts. O CLARENCE CASTLE, Louisville, Liberal Arts. O NATALIE CHADWICK, Delta Gamma, Hattiesburg, Liberal Arts. 0 MARY ELLEN CHAPMAN, Oxford, Education. I l13l aes. ,, 4 ' -"' .' 'zw.'fw.A ., fe pare! 11, 4, ..5, 5 5649 i we 2 ' , T .gp 14' 41 Y ' .:q. ' A " .' L ' 13 -. 5 " sf " , if I' , th H, K A P ir, ,A L 4 4 W 'Vi R, M r A y:"A.. Q 1 11' i ' A ,alfa . eu Z ' WI .Ra-Q:..,s 1 -. f,a'h- 'A 4 ff 9 ., ,Zi I i f 5, W- Rl 4223! we 'T' va. 1 1 ' "'L., 1 t 'J 1 I , A, . A3 3 ' -fem af - We , TJ' Ax 1 'ass-I A-, W ta :ea Q dh Third Row: Blomquist, Bodron, Bowen, Bowers, Fourth Row: Burtnette, Butts, Cannon, Carnrick, 'Q' I , N 3 l f'-if It ' 5 M' in wifes- , Brett, J. Buchanan, O. Buchanan, Burrus YY a T if sf., Q, BF If I1 ,I ,I 'I I is I ,I E I? ,a I Wi ii I I In I I .,, ,I Ill Nl I w. T -X - v X-.X v-9 QD A K 'J ' 'Z' ctr 'L T' . -.1 Firsf Row: M. Clark, R, Clark, C, Cochran, J, C. Cochran, Cole, Commer, Conner, Cook. Third Row: Cufrer, De Armond, DeCell, E. Second Row: Cooke, F, Cooper, M A, Cooper, Craig, Crawley, Crozier, Cunningham, Culris. Dubuisson. 310- Dickson, J. A. Dickson, Dillard, Donaldson Fourfh Row: Duke, Dulaney, Dunn, Faherfy, Fancher, Ferguson, Finney, Ford. 0 MARKCANNA CLARK, Vicksburg, Business and Commerce. 0 ROY CLARK, Kappa Sigma, Drew, Liberal Arls. 0 CHESTER COCHRAN, Olive Branch, Liberal Arfs, 0 JAMES CLARK COCHRAN, Holly Springs, Business and Commerce. 0 WILFRED O. COLE, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, McComb, Science. 0 MARJORIE COMMER, Rockford, Illinois, Liberal Arts. 0 CLAUDIA LESTINE CONNER, Zela Tau Alpha, Columbia, Business and Commerce. 0 MILDRED COOK, Kappa Della, McComb, Business and Commerce. 0 RUPERT HARVEY COOKE, Gulfporf, Business and Commerce. 0 FRANK COOPER, Sigma Chi, Columbus, Business and Commerce. 0 MARY ALVA COOPER, Kappa Della, Forest, Business and Commerce. 0 REYNOLDS CRAIG, Tuscumbia, Alabama, Educalion. 0 EMMA SHIRLEY CRAWLEY, Della Gamma, Kosciusko, Liberal Arls. 0 ELIZA CROZIER, Della Gamma, Erwin, Business and Commerce. 0 JOHN CUNNINGHAM, Della Psi, Tchulag Business and Commerce Ill-ll THOMAS CUTRIS, Sigma Chi, Tupelo, Business and Commerce. ' ' ' ' GEORGE WINSTON CUTRER, Magnolia, Business and Commerce. HOLLIS DE ARMOND, Monlicello, Arkansas, Physical Educalion. H. C. DeCELL, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Vicksburg, Business and Commerce. ELMER DICKSON, Picayune, Engineering. JOE ALEX DICKSON, Horn Lake, Liberal Arls. DOTT DILLARD, Della Gamma, Tupelo, Liberal Arls. JACK DONALDSON, Memphis, Tennessee, Business and Commerce, HAROLD DUBUISSON, Gulfporl, Liberal Arls. HELEN DUKE, Della Della Della, Halliesburg, Liberal Arls, Y, W. A., "Rebel" Slalf, Woman's Alhlelic Associalion, Glee Club. FRANK DULANEY, Sigma Chi, Earl, Arkansas, Liberal Arls. FRED DUNN, Della Kappa Epsilon, Jackson, Liberal Arls. PATRICIA FAHERTY, Phi Mu, Memphis, Tennessee, Liberal Arls. CHARLES FANCHER, Louisville, Business and Commerce. JOY FERGUSON, Zela Tau Alpha, Memphis, Tennessee, Liberal Arls. Brooks and Ramsay al lhe Della Gamma dance Firsl Row: Forlenberry, Fosler, Friend, Fudge. Second Row: Furr, Gann Garland Garner JANE FINNEY, Della Della Della, Louisville, Kenlucky, Liberal Arls. BILL JOE FORD, Reclor, Arkansas, Engineering. JAMES FORTENBERRY, Greenwood, Engineering. Griffin CHARLES FOSTER, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Okolona, Liberal Arts. ,w,,.Wg . 5, is TILLIE FRIEND, Chi Omega, Sardis, Liberal Arls. 'J ' F ij' fi ' A- . . Rovcs Fuoee, Oxford, Engineering, 1.,-5 ,A 'Q . if igtg R L FRANCIS FURR, Ponlcloc, Engineering. M THEDA FRANCES GANN, Oxford, Business and Commerce H if I A ' EUGEN GARLAND, Hazen, Arkansas, Engineering. " . g ' -' " Q , N' st vi . sir . FRANK GARNER, Tunica, Liberal Arls. 1 :SEQ ALTON GEAN, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, McGehee, Arkansas, Engineering N' 'il 6. BARRY GILLESPIE, Della Psi, Aberdeen, Engineering, " GUY GILLESPIE, Della Psi, Jackson, Engineering. HARVEY GRESHAM, Clarksdale, Liberal Arls. N Q V- Eu... .. 'N AMY GILTNER, Zela Tau Alpha, Memphis, Liberal Arls. , 'gf' MARTHA ooocl-l, Taylor, Liberal Arls. - , '5??:i "" - MARY GRAVLEE, clrr orrrogo, Tupelo, eolroollorr. 1 . .S'ft?27i'f. . . 1 'f -,.,-:A1.,. . vcr. wisgni K. LESTER GRlFFlN, Kappa Alpha, Belzonig Business and Commerce. - i 3 X l ll5l Il, . 1, ' Fe K1 r W' - "QT .': ' f f , , 1 4 . 6. Q - ,. as , W: 'Bk' Third Row: Gean, B. Gillespie, G. Gillespie, Gillner, Fourlh Row: Gooch Gravlee Gresham Jr T 1, R ,r 5 of 'fr rs . 's wi ,K ig. 9' PM Q 99 5 4-A, .l: FHESHIVIIIN lIl.llSS First Row: Guice, Hale, Hammett, Hammond. Second Row: Hand, Harper, Harris, Heard. Third Row: Hedleston, Henry, Hindsman, Hirsh. Fourth Row: Hoisington, Holloway, Holman, I li li ll L. ll' .P ii? .il el l I It gl il I, ,. I I. I UV I he 93 SJ I 5 .K- 5' lr' ,U 1 x Hopkins. ly , ,A n.. w . JL? lf, mn: ,0- Ptt' " '2ZfCL."s fi A ' dl . V Pap, Q- 0'- 0 DANIEL GUICE, Biloxi, Liberal Arts. I 0 EDWIN HALE, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, University, Business and Commerce. 0 VIRGINIA HAMMETT, Shaw, Business and Commerce. 0 ARNOLD HAMMOND, Winona, Business and Commerce. 0 FRANCES HAND, Delta Gamma, Philadelphia, Business and Commerce 0 EVERETTE HARPER, Moss Point, Liberal Arts. 0 MARY FRANCES HARRIS, Numberu, Tennessee, Pharmacy. 0 DOROTHY HEARD, Oxford, Education. O ANNE HEDLESTON, Oxford, Education. O JACK HENRY, Corinth, Physical Education. I 0 EDDIE HINDSMAN, Sigma Chi, Columbus, Business and Commerce. I 0 ROBERT HIRSH, Tunica, Liberal Arts. 0 MARY JO HOISINGTON, University, Liberal Arts. 0 JAMES HOLLOWAY, Sigma Nu, Brookhaven, Pharmacy, Band, "Mis- sissippian" Staff. 0 JOHN HOLMAN, Macon, Business and Commerce. 0 JANE HOPKINS, Jackson, Liberal Arts. O MIRIAM HORNE, Kappa Delta, Gulfport, Liberal Arts. C O EDWIN HORNER, Morristown, Tennessee, Liberal Arts. 0 DELBERT HOSEMANN, Vicksburg, Business and Commerce. O ANN HOWARD, Durant, Business and Commerce. O ALBERT HOWELL, Oxford, Business and Commerce. 0 CHARLOTTE HUGHES, Delta Gamma, Memphis, Tennessee, Liberal Arts. 0 HELEN HYDE, Kappa Delta, lndianola, Liberal Arts. 0 BETTY JOHNSON, Delta Zeta, Lake Providence, Louisiana, Business and Commerce. O MARGARET JOHNSON, Ashland, Liberal Arts. 0 EDWIN KELLIN, Shuqualak, Liberal Arts. O HERMAN KELLY, Oxford, Engineering, O JACK KESTERSON, Clarksdale, Physical Education. 0 JANE KLINDWORTH, Kappa Delta, Earl, Arkansas, Liberal Arts 0 DAVIS LANGSTON, Sigma Chi, Tupelo, Engineering, 0 SAM LATIMER, Canton, Engineering. 0 JANE LAWRENCE, Aberdeen, Liberal Arts. 0 DOROTHY LILES, Phi Mu, Memphis, Tennessee, Liberal Arts. O JOYCE LITTON, Zeta Tau Alpha, Shaw, Business and Commerce. lllbl V a- 'Q O 1 9-121' if E .sf fs L, 1 :ff ifliffg fl fda ,1 2 fi .W ' sy 'Z 9 'K . 3 -' .f . 5- V 42'??5 1, . '- ,NM A 4' 8 A 4' :lk V - if Q.. e S . . X . -1 5 5 . ""' . A i ' ".. . ,J 'ig . H, ..4, . if V' . A f ., Z Rx OX , gi ii , FZ, Y Q' fc. as R. . ii? f K K 0 5 'V ' , ' iv- gc A- -x ' If rs.. ff " ,,,. . V 1' Firsf Row: Horne, Horner, Hosemann, Howard, Howell, Hughes, Hyde, B. Johnson. Third Row: Liles, J. Liflon, L. Lilfon, Loll, Loveioy, Lucas, Lyell, McCain, Second Row: M. Johnson, Kellin, Kelly, Keslerson, Klindworlh, Langslon, Lalimer, Lawrence Fourlh Row: McClure, McDonald, Mclnlosh, McLendon, Mancill, Marascaelco, Marlow 0 LUCILLE LITTON, Zela Tau Alpha, Benoil, Business and Commerce. 0 JIMMIE LOTT, Drew, Liberal Arls. O JOY LOVEJOY, Memphis, Tennessee, Liberal Arls. 0 RICHARD LUCAS, Sigma Chi, Corinth, Engineering. I LOUIS LYELL, Della Psi, Jackson, Science. 0 ROBERT McCAlN, Kappa Alpha, Greenville, Business and Commerce. 0 JAMES MCCLURE, Kappa Alpha, Sardis, Liberal Arls, Hermaean. 0 MARLIN McDONALD, Meridian, Liberal Arfs. O ELTON McINTOSH, Della Kappa Epsilon, Hernando, Engineering, 0 EMILY McLENDON, Phi Mu, lndianola, Business and Commerce, Y. W. C. A., W, A. A., "Mississippian" Slaff. 0 DOT MANCILL, Della Della Della, lndianola, Liberal Arls, Drum Maier, '42. O FRANK MARASCAELCO, Grenada, Science. O PERCY MARLOW, Kappa Della, lndianola, Liberal Arls. O THOMAS MATTOX, Gulfporl, Liberal Arfs. lfl17J Mahon. 6 iv ---. fx vvsf .gl l Rf , 'Y' 'f' xg .ai W il,- , as j-xx., .f . , if A - s CV air Fila W 42? ,JJ es ,N .V 1 'T ' ' .TY f-t . ,AA , A 'E 7 lvs K f I swf I9 lf we Y I 'J' Q T - ' ' , A ' -- 5 ' ,ei 11' I 1 r A ,ff X3 V " '. . 2:31 if ., 'C , 0 - Qgfffg . E E-3,1 n' 5 ' ff,q."1 'I . ,, Q V, S A t - as is . es I is ' -A 'K' 'A 'I ' 5 rig , ii I ii if I I X ii . 45 , Er Q 4 1 I, First Row: Maxwell, Middle-Ion, Milccll, Miller, Mills, Milchel, Mifchell, Morgan, Morris Third Row: Pascoe, Peeler, Pendergrasl, Pennel, Perry, Peferscn, Philps, Phillips, Poe Second Row: Mosly, Mullen, Myers, Newlon, Nosser, Obersf, Oswalf, Page, Parker Fourlh Row: Power, Provine, Purviance, Ramsay, Randle, Rafher, Ray, Redding, Reed 0 an MALCOLM D, MAXWELL, Sigma Chi, Drew, Liberal Arfs. ROSE MARY MIDDLETON, Phi Mu, New Orleans, Louisiana, Business d Commerce, SHELBY MIKELL, Jackson, Liberal Arls LUCILLE MILLER, Oxford, School of Educafion. ANNIE ELIZABETH MILLS, Oxford, School of Education. BEN MITCHEL, Cleveland, Liberal Arfs, CHARLES MCGIRK MITCHELL, Oxford, Business and Commerce, JAMES EVELYN MORGAN, Phi Mu, Columbia, Tennessee, Liberal Arls, GLENN MORRIS, Lake Cormoranl, Liberal Arls. RUBY MOSLY, Indianola, Business and Commerce. THANA ELIZABETH MULLEN, Phi Mu, Oxford, School of Educafion. BRUNS MYERS, Jackson, Engineering, PAUL M. NEWTON, Wiggins, Business and Commerce LILA LEE NOSSER, Vicksburg, Educalion, BETTY OBERST, Kappa Della, Turrell, Arkansas, Liberal Arts, VIRGINIA DARE OSWALT, Oxford, Educafion. FORREST PAGE, Meridian, Physical Educalion Illhl 0 PHILLIP PARKER, Jackson, Engineering, A. S. C. E. 0 CAROLINE PASCOE, Zeta Tau Alpha, Birmingham, Alabama, Liberal Arts. 0 W. WARREN PEELER, Ripley, Science. 0 PEGGY PENDERGRAST, Phi Mu, Memphis, Tennessee, Liberal Arts. 0 BILLY PENNEL, Memphis, Tennessee, Physical Education. O EVELYN PERRY, Tupelo, Liberal Arts. O ROBERT PETERSON, Jonesboro, Arkansas, Engineering. 0 FRANCES PHILIPS, Lexington, Education. 0 MILTON PHILLIPS, Bay St. Louis, Liberal Arts. 0 JAMES CLARENCE POE, Charleston, Science. 0 JIMMY POWER, Red Banks, Liberal Arts. 0 LEON E. PROVINE, Grenada, Liberal Arts. O WILLIAM H. PURVIANCE, Pi Kappa Alpha, Jackson, Liberal Arts, O GLADYS RAMSAY, Delta Gamma, Hattiesburg, Liberal Arts. 0 KEYLON RANDLE, Tupelo, Liberal Arts. 0 GEORGE RATHER, Holly Springs, Liberal Arts. 0 H. M, RAY, Sigma Chi, Rienzi, Liberal Arts. 0 ELIZABETH REDDING, Delta Delta Delta, Memphis, Tennessee, Liberal Arts. 0 MARGARET REED, Picayune, Liberal Arts. 0 TOM REEVES, Phi Delta Theta, Glendale, California, Liberal Arts. 0 HENRY REID, Greenville, Business and Education. 0 WILLIAM T. RICHTER, Greenwood, Liberal Arts. O BILLY RILEY, Newhebron, Liberal Arts. 0 JOHN R, ROBERTSON, Merigold, Engineering. 0 MARY JOYCE ROBINSON, Phi Mu, Jericho, Arkansas, Liberal Arts. 0 CHARLES ROBISON, Oxford, Business and Commerce. O JAMES ROGERS, Sigma Phi Epsilon, New Albany, Business and Com- merce. O LOU ROGERS, Delta Delta Delta, Tupelo, Liberal Arts. 0 BETTIE ROTHCHILD, Zeta Tau Alpha, Oxford, Education. 0 EARLE RUFF, Memphis, Tennessee, Engineering. 0 JOHN SANDERS, Carrollton, Liberal Arts. 0 GENEVA SCHNEIDER, Enid, Oklahoma, Business and Commerce. 0 ESTIL SHANNON, Oxford, Education. 0 KATHERYN SHAW, Oxford, Education. O JOHN 8. SHELBY, JR., Memphis, Tennessee, Physical Education. l.l19l FRESHIVIIIN CLI-ISS I I I I I I I I First Row: Reeves, Reid, Richter, Riley. Second Row: Robertson, Robinson, Robison, J. Rogers. Third Row: L. Rogers, Rothchild, Ruff, Sanders. Fourth Row: Schneider, Shaw, Shelby. " - ii ln. . - Q Q A A ' I , il, 143 1 .l I-fag 4... -' CW' A ., Ig '- 11 P' ' Ar K .4 . W I . L ' I 51. . ce 4 Shannon, 1: .V VX 3 4- 3 1 1311 J 'Ff a f I I 'WI 'K 5 1 ,- . T' V TA +3252 I -X If af ff . I if I 3, A. I l' uw" I ,,.,.sasy,,x I .,,. .. I o ,-4' If way! FIIESHIVIIIN CLIISS Firsl Row: Simmons, Sisk, J. T. Smilh, J. R. Smilh. Second Row: J. Smilh, N. L, Smilh, Sparwasser, Slark. Third Row: Slarnes, Slephens, Stevens, Slephensen. Fourlh Row: C. Slewarl, J. H. Slewarl, W, Slewarl, Slirewail. 'T L.. T .4-5 1. T' 4 Tv 1 L 01. X '32 1 A Q Dx A V 0 ll 1 O JEAN M. SIMMONS, Chi Omega, Nalzhez, Business and Commerce 0 ELIZABETH SISK, Della Della Della, Oxford, Educalion. 0 JEFF TRULY SMITH, Pi Kappa Alpha, Fayelle, Liberal Arls. 0 JOHN R. SMITH, Oxford, Engineering. 6 JOYCE SMITH, Collierville, Tennessee, Music. 0 NICHOLAS LEE SMITH, Picayune, Engineering. 0 HELEN SPARWASSER, Phi Mu, Los Angeles, Calilofniag Business and Commerce. 0 BETTY STARK, Kappa Della, Lebanon, Tennessee, Liberal Arls. O WILLIAM NORRIS STARNES, Denmark, Business and Commerce. o GEORGE EDGAR STEPHENS, Meridian, Business and Commerce 0 HENRY STEVENS, Richlon, Business and Commerce. 0 LINDSAY STEPHENSEN, Phi Della Thela, Corinlh, Liberal Arls o CATHERINE STEWART, Della Gamma, Houslon, Liberal Arls 0 JEWEL HART STEWART, Della Gamma, Morlon, Business and Commerce 0 WILLIAM STEWART, Nalchez, Business and Commerce. 0 MARY SUE STIREWAIT, Phi Mu, Crawfordsville, Arkansas, Business and Commerce. 0 SALLY STONE, Della Della Della, Colfeeville, Liberal Arls, 0 EDWARD SUAREZ, Gulfporl, Liberal Arls. O JAMES RUSSALL SUTHERLAND, Waler Valley, Liberal Arls. 0 ROSCOE C. TEDDER, Bude, Engineering. O FLOYD THEISMAN, Grenada, Science. O WILBUR LEE TODD, Oxford, Business and Commerce. 0 AVROME TOPOL, Phi Epsilon Pi, Greenville, Liberal Arls 0 DOROTHY TOWNSEND, Helena, Arkansas, Educalion. 0 SIS TREVILION, Phi Mu, Marks, Business and Commerce 0 MARGARET TROTTER, Elaine, Arkansas, Liberal Arls 0 DIXIE ANNE TRUETT, Oxford, Liberal Arls. O JOE WARE TURNER, Kappa Alpha, Belzoni, Business and Commerce. O JANE TUTTLE, Della Gamma, Humboldl, Tennessee, Business and Com- merce, 0 DAVID JOHN VANCE, Della Psi, Balesville, Liberal Arls. O ANGELO VARALLO, Nashville, Tennessee, Physical Educalion. 0 GLADYS RUTH VARNER, Taylor, Educalion. 0 THOMAS CHARLES WADSWORTH, Helena, Arkansas, Engineering. 0 BETSY WALTON, Chi Omega, Florence, Liberal Arls. 0 WALTER G. WATKINS, Gholson, Liberal Arls. 0 FIELDER WEBSTER, Sigma Chi, Greenwood, Engineering. ll2Ll'l .iv-, s- 1 IX. s A id' 'V -Q' 4 A -G56 gt -2? .fi ze ', I . 2 I , 'F S 'H ,Q 'W . gg' ' .fs 4 -fe I 5 Xi M . A I L- aa I ' fg' Srl' 1 rv- Nun, DQ L 9' of loaf Firsl' Row: Sfone, Suarez, Sufherland, Tedder, Theisman, Todd, Topol, Townsend, Trevilion. Second Row: Troller, Trueff, Turner, Tuflle, Vance, Varallo, Varner, Wadsworfh, Walfon. 0 RUTH WEILENMAN, Della Della Della, Shaw, Business and Commerce. 0 KATHERINE WEIS, Zela Tau Alpha, Vaiden, Business and Commerce. 0 ELAINE WHITE, Toccopola, Engineering. 0 MARGARET JEAN WHITTINGTON, Kappa Della, Memphis, Tennessee, Business and Commerce. O GORDON WICKSTROM, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Biloxi, Pharmacy. O HOLLAND WILLIAMS, Della Della Della, Oxford, Business and Com- merce. 0 JULIAN WILSON, Phi Della Thefa, Tupelo, Engineering. 0 GENE WINGO, Kappa Della, Oxford, Educalion. 0 WALTER WITTY, Winona, Business and Commerce. 0 FRANK MITCHELL WIYGUL, Shannon, Liberal Arls. 0 MARY ANNE WOOD, Della Zela, Lundell, Arkansas, Liberal Arls. 0 DOT WOODWARD, Kappa Della, Oxford, Educafion, "Mississippian", Glee Club. O LOTTIE WREN, Delfa Della Delfa, Tupelo, Liberal Arts. 0 MARY LOUISE WRIGHT, Kappa Della, Vicksburg, Liberal Arts. 0 THOMSCTI HELEN WYLIE, Kappa Della, Chicago, Illinois, Liberal Arts, Home Economics Club, Y. W. C, A, IIZII Third Row: Walkins, Websfer, Weilenman, Weis, While, Whiflinglon, Wickslrom, Williams, Wilson Fourfh Row: Wingo, Wiffy, Wiygul, Wood, Woodward, Wren, Wright, Wylie. I l I 's Q51 RW' 1 ae'-1 Q Z 1. v v- 4 ,nf .3 I .I I f 3 -4' in' .. Au.. ,sh K, , J 4' ,V ' 'air' .1 ' . .1 .L 0 . , . v V 4 J..-A . -44 v..L1 rl '1 '--' 1 Ch .v M. ri "C' O 'Il 3-E: ff Q? .-if 1.251 TFA , . ,. Q. X cl fn X . . . , 1 i , I AW",-. ' ,ggi , 1" A H1- KA' h , va I 'vm' 4 "n',H- - - , ,W 4, .n',' ... . Q f .,,,,vA:,,..- .T .Q .' .Z 4 -.,, 2-4" -fi-n"' -"'. " -.1 ,Ulf ' ,J f Y ', . .- f 1, H ,yt f.- .-,N " -' 4 , gw ' '- A . 51" 1- A,. A . ' f,.a: .IJ-, W 'rn ,A , M- ,. 4 ,. 5 v .--' . I 5 1 , . . 9. Qwgw -k it : K EHWE XKESWXXYWN ' ' fam ' i. MGLLNJBGD 'IW XFORNR 1 ' x Q ' maaauxx va ' X -HUM XDUUU Snow new Uma mn E-RL '91 5 1942 D0oem'oer l0 Mr. Ben Bowie "Ole Miss' Editor , l58 tsslsslppl B01 University, ll Bowie: to select the five My dear Mr. was very happy l les s ere: a Jean llcBee ughes beeut . election 4. Marth ucllle H My s NBBPSOD A 5. mine L lonally lovely made l. Lee 2. Helen Plgfor 5. Jim Alice Cockrell All the girls were except being llnlted to choosing, only five girls, t difficult. Elther the girls are ter all these years l am llndI1ess". be- and the task mos coming loveller or af succumbing to 'beauty b hope my choice will meet ave had the great person. slowly 1 slncerely with the approval of those iho h e of seeing these young ladies ln rel s, C, wweal ,fe Ea l Carroll prlv lle g Slhc e BC-t 4- ' , A?. 1 Bgauty 35 gel ected by Mr. Ea,-I Car I fo l. Qu! of the tw entY'five gurls selected as favor. Iles th e stu dent body th 9 C59 five h aVe the honor of bein g the mos t beautif l u of beautiful South efn girls Sgi - I ls W- h and fa 'f pardon VOUKCS. able Pride that W e Pfege nf to YOu ou 1- beau . iles U I N E' 5 i . 4 A i I , Ulf - 5 fl . , ' e l p. I. I 1 l .4 l I I all r I i r l f s U' Pl ll , Miss Qle Miss and Colonel Rebel, Bette Congdon and Robert Yandell. Elected By the students of Ole Miss to reign as king and queen of the campus. 1 li I N V 21 ff, ' f' .Mn ,,, -wf , I bf, , , A -. .- .. , . A ,pf r . "'. . . K ., . '- MIAA Eette Congdon .u -J NX COX XSSY P-LEXASDER SO BURSHANX BETTY BUTTS Y BASE BETT MIAA Z ee 14nderAon ,QL FL gf F 1 . I 1 E L fu Ep? I 1 I7' l I it PM in' I I UI Q I X98 QXQENUS D SS E E G 0 C O Q E .09 Yxo LES He WU HO ARALYS Illia Helen Pigjord LX NX ZBBETH THA L BR DOROTH SUSBS E Y M MOS 30695 E LYLES BNCXLL TGOM ERY F I 1 J A . , MIAA Jim 14lice Cvckrell ER KLA LEE S055 L AXBR A Y ACBE R U T H R A Y LUCXLLE REDD K-'11 MIAA Martina Jean Melee DO ROTBY Y-EE CHE?-RY SXSX4 GESY3 'YHONXA WJHXTTXSC1 SAGE U L TON Y' 'WM bollie Huglam '1 +44 I I I I I I I Il. Il: III iw lx I I fu II If '1 I I I ,W I . I I 1 I If if It I T I Il ,Q I My 'N ff + H I-I L L HERMANN BAXTER Elected by a faculty-student committee by secret ballot, these are the students who have given their best to the EDWIN GILLESPIE EUGENE MURPHEY JACK PIGOTT ,, P. W. SCHNEIDER UF FAME A 11 Wy ALBERT XY"II.SON University. These are the hardest workers, the most proficient of all: those who have rendered the greatest service to the University. rv , 5 i . 1 I I I I -I I W Z I BOYKIN BARTLETT I . 4 1 I I I I , ,- I I 1 BETTY BUTTS I I I I I I I .I 4, II X I I I J N q '21 ' QI I Q A I I In I I fl-101 JEFF HAMM BETTY HUGHES UNDEHCLASS LEADERS AS SELECTED BY THE ANNUAL STATE Not being seniors, not having a chance to give as much time and effort to activities, we think these students of the Freshman and Sophomore class should be recognized. Promising to be the leaders of tomorrow they are the underclassmen of today. Taking part in football, Y.M.C.A. and Y.W.C.A. work, organizations, and other activities, these personalities are soon to be the recognized leaders. BEE LOONEY JOHN SHELBY CHERRY SISK Illl Qgax-H v A- ' ,"" 5 2. . .sf 421, gl OF L, ' 9 xy. 5 .1 'lf-1' 1? ,,,,. .f .-,M f,,4fp4lniWw,nwov' Nu-'Af' mm 9, X-. ...4 W? A IN Nc , E z, A - '-Q.,R wx 6 -ali' ..' , P5 , , 22' 1 'itgkty-xl? , '5 -,4v' 5 P 1 W' A, Q Q, ,. V Q 55' : V a .. , 9 ' 5 'v i L. W , :!, g, .,,s-,wr fu.. L-'V -wiki if , .iw v K ,K s is ' -n ., 1 x+ 'N MAJOR HUGH QUARLES FIRST LIEUTENANT JOHN ELLIS UNITED STATES ARMY UFTICEHS FIRST LIEUTENANT MOFFITT COLONEL GREGORY I-IOISINGTON Due to the illness of Colonel Hoisington, the burden of run- ning the Military Department fell upon the shoulders of Major Quarles. In this he was assisted by Lieutenants Ellis and Mof- fitt. These men gave the best of their knowledge and skill, and more than met the high standards set up by p rece ding officers. Upon the return of Colonel Hoisington, Major Quarles transferred, being replaced by Lieutenant MoHitt, and at the same time Lieutenant Ellis left, being replaced by Lieu- tenant Nevin. fx B CADET COLONEL ED GILLESPIE BATTALION SPONSOR TOT SWAYZE RESERVE UEEIUERS TRAINING CORPS U aff flag l'7l'ill'l'!'5 CADET MAJOR JACOB FRIED CADET ADJUTANT BILLY HOWARD Sergeants F. N. MacMillan and F. A. Embry. lbw. C" Lieutenant Ellis explains the machine gun. This year more than ever before there has been a need for good, well- trained officers, and the Military Department here has turned out many capable and efficient men. Ever since its founding here six years ago. the Department has held the highest honor rating possible, thereby entitling the students to wear on their sleeves the blue star signifying excellence in training. We COMPANY Commanded by Hermann Baxter and having for its executive officer Billy Sampson, Com- pany A was in one of its best years. The pla- toon commanders were: first platoon, John Wright, second platoon, Albert Wilson, and third platoon, Tol Thomas. The company's claim to fame is based upon its ability to do more exercise than any other company on the field. Company "A" takes exercise. HERMANN BAXTER. MARY JO HOISINGTON CJplJlH CU777fYJYly ".'l." Sponsor, Company "A ROBERT YANDELI. . . . FIRST PLATOON JOE DIMARIA . . . . AL AVERX' .. H. C. GANN . W. J. PHILLIPS . . JIMMY FAULRNER O. A. MULREY JIMMY POWER JVJALCOLM lVlAXNX'ELL LYNARD BEAVERS JEEP HAMM PAUI. POTTER EVERETT HARPER FORREST PAGE Members FIV!! Sfrge.mI . . Platoon Sffgfdllf . . , . . .Guidf . .-1zI.:clu'd to Company "A" . .'ilI'.1L'l16d tu Company "A" ROBERT ALLEN BILL RYAN DOUG HAMLEY JAMES MERRITT GEORGE STEPHENS JEFF SMITH HUMPHREX' MOYNIHAN GORDON WICRSTROM BENNETT BARLETT SECOND PLATOON H. H. DOGAN . , , . , , . , , . . .Platoon Sergaml BOD RISER . ...... ..... G undr HILL D. F KNOR XY'Hl'lE JOEL E. VARNER HARVEX' E. GRESHAM ELMER E. DICRSON GEORGE J. XVILLIAMS TRAv.s L. HOUSER RAY XVLvNDERI.IcH JEROME E. DALY BILL HAX'NlE AIIEN D. SAIIEORD NIIHOIAN SMITH BILL S. TAYLOR Members HUNTER L. GATEs HAROLD G. ABERNATITX' GARLAND E. HAMMOND ROBERT XV. CROOR JOHN T. GUICE BILL H. STEWART GEORGE H. RATHER VUILFORD A. COLE JAMES N. FORTENBERRY SONNY lVlIiRRlLL JOE A, XVAGGONER RAYMOND FRANKLIN ARCH IJALYRIMPL E THIRD PLATOON XVROIEN FIIMINLZ HAI Dwniis R. D. Plll:RSUN M. FUR!! TOM RAINIR T. R, lVlAIIOX XV. R. l'o5I' J, I5 HkWW'llI. J. S. lJUXVlIlN R. N. AIIIRIIIGI li, RAJIYIAHS J. H. STONI: Mernbers B. I. XVII I Y Plalonn Sergeant , Guide I.. J. l.YlPl:LI. D. H. PROCTOR E. C. XJATUS FRANR SIIANAIIAN K. C, Fossn A. D. TOPO1. TOM RzfIsvEs lf. RUN: R. M, SULLIVAN XV. A. FINGER N. A. h1CKINNON S. SPICER . ..., .,.,.., . Fmr Sngnmr FIRST PLATOON Pl.I1I,mrI Swyrizrzl '-.A I-bi 1:51-. . J. BARRON ...,. ,...,.,.. . . . . Plalrvun Sfrgfarll GEORGE HOWELL . . . . . . . . Guide R. I... HAYES . . . . . Altacfved I0 Company "B" CARL NICHOLS . . . . . . Azmrhed zo Company Members C. P. POOLE J. XV. KING P. E. HINDSMAN B. L. MITCHELL 1. P. LONG D. A. BRELAND S. W. WRIITMIRE R. W. BARNES J. A. DICKSON ROBERT BOBO C. H. FOSTER J. H. MORR'S W. R. HOLLADAX' E, H. BARKER J, R. BROCK J. G. XVILSON H. L. ADKINS R. C. LOVE P. M. NENWTON A. N. CRISLIR E. M. HORNER XV. H. C,-XNIP SECOND PLATOON PAT CARRAWAX' N NICHOLSON GIIIIII- Members T. FORD P, J. SMITH J. MONTGOMERY C. D. HOSFMANN T. F. HARRISON 1. R. SMITH W. A, DLIRI XV. E. STExx'ART F, R. BOVUEFS XV. COX T. DEARMONII G. THATCHER P. O. BROOK M, B"lL.DLHNAIlr O. V. MARTIN l.. GRIFFIN C. D, COLLINC- H. BATSON J. B. MURPHEY XX-'. STNRNIS A VARAIIQV G, H. XlC'v.-'XITl'-R'- C. I... XVELLS THIRD PLATOON - F. RALSTON PIIIIUUTI ISEVREIIYII E. MORRISON Gulzfmx Bmw: E. l'lENSON GIIIIIU Members E. MQINTYRE J. D. VANI,h NORMAN MOTT C I.. NOBLE L. M. THEISMAN Dru: AIKEN M. A. JALRSON H. I.. HARRINGION R. C. TFDOIR H. MCLEOL. W. J. BELL R. W". LONO G. DAVANT D. D. GlYIC.E BILLY GOLDEN XV. J. FERGUSON H. B. DECELL F. DLILANFI' J. W. SANDER9 H. KELLY N, E. XYXENNERIANII HAROLD BROWNSTEIN. SYLVIA BROXVNSTEIN, Captain of Company HB." Spunfur of Ck7I71f7J7ly "B," 4.5-uf-.,. .. f Kirk, Stickney, Benoist, Bowie Commandecl by Harold Brownstein, and hav- ing John Kirk for its executive officer, Com- pany B was one of the best companys on the Held. Its platoon leaders were: first platoon, Louis Benoistg second platoon, Ellis Stickneyg and third platoon, Ben Bowie. The high point of the Companyis year was the winning of the rifle markmanship competition. EUIVIPANY CUIVIPINY Commanded by Billy Roberds, and having for its executive ofIicer, Howard McLain, Com- pany C was full of justified pride. Its pla- toon commanders were: first platoon, Walter Scott, second platoon, Joel Woodg and third platoon, Arthur Whitten. No other company could drill at close order quite so good as could this company, for none was as good. Heberer, Wood, Scott, Whitten, McClain. I BILLY RGBERDS, ,IEANNETTE KELLEX fitlfltllll nf Cunzfmny "C H Sponior of Cornptzny " Roman TINSIII First Sergeant FIRST PLATOON SIIINIZY Roamsurs l'l.,,.,..,, 5,-,gl-,,,I, ,lA1wII's IXIANIQIIAI ffuhf, H, F, Pom I- '1r1.1.'l-nl I., Ctmipam "F" Merllbers Izsm II XX'1II H, H. XVUI,-II-xIeII1c.I J. B. Poou PMII Dfxvlc BILL FRYIM-XN H. M, RM' EIIWIN KI I I lx .lor CEXIXIIIIAQIV I. C. I'lAXX'IS XV. B. IXIICWH R. S, IXIAXYNXRI Tulum Sturm' XIIRNUN B, BFLI XXV.-XIIIR G. XX'X'IkIN FIEI In I4 XX'H1s1I'I1 CARI Iffl NANVF HUNII-Ia KIMIIMI I.lNns,u' SII-I-Iwsstvrs GIURLIIZ AIIIIISTRONI. Bon EI I IS Arms Dumrrvolvii A, B, IVIQNIIUI SECOND PLATOON TXIHIIIII I 1' ' um XXVINIIR O, S. ,ln-Iirwsurv IMIIIIHI XX', Ifrulxxiws H I', IXIIIIIIII1 ,lxmis C", QQUKIIHXIN IXIIIIIIN A I'IIIIIIIs XXIIIIXIXI I, IIIRIXIQIII I. XX', .I-INNIN fl Ii fivlllrt N XX' I1 'IQIIIII l.1!nurI 5 rrgtnnzl UIIIJI' Merrzbers Ii, II XX'.-xIuuN C, If, IX'IxNt,IN K. C R-xrsm I- IE, XV, FINIH C, G, IDUHIv1ssI-N R. If. HIRSII I.. B, IIIIIIIIPS Il. II, .-Xnxm C. G HIIn.I.Irss THIRD PLATOON Ifn Sumn rss I II ,Iwnxs x XX' I3 IIIIUIILN Ki 'I, CiIIIIxIlI .I XX' IIIIII I lux IIIII xx lu I Human H .'XIINsII4t Ci XX', XXKII II R Xvlwm SIIVXIII Inns Il N I I xx: I I I3xx'II,III IXIXIIIIK' III SIIXIIII .f'f.IImvrI .Xrlgixrrll . , , Cmnlt Mcrrlbtrrs Ii IXI. UIIII III IJII H'XII U I. IXIxIIIwtm ,Im IIIIIS C' R, IIIRINXNI L, Ii, XXIIIIIINIIIN ,I II, Huuixx xx fin rv- Imvi Dum SIIXYXIAI lima I7I I Is I'-xul In: ,I XMI s Rum Il D.Avm VUHITTAIKI-R . . . . . I-mr Sultuml FIRST PLATOON XIV. S. HENLH J. M. MORSE ELLIS TREVILIQYN Members M C. Iovufxm IVIARIQ RM' .lux N. Ho1.MAN B. I.. TRIPPET1' J. H G. Iloomas R. I.. XVUKS D. A. Hot 1 I I A. Ii. Howrli I N. XVI sToN . , l'I.1lmm Smut' nl fl lI.1Ilu'tf In f.ump.1r1 "IIN Tum IVI. B.-mm-11 T. M. XV11.A1ws.1 N C. M1'rr.HfI.1 B. D. XYJIHVII j. D. E-WMM: j. E. Bnouss I., Bumuvs XV. H. XYIPSI K P. Coulvms R. XV. Civrnru Iii I IS S-KLI OUM SECOND PLATOON XV. B. HHuus.r1tN I. B. XVITTI Menzbers D. N. BFNNI:'I'l I.. A. Hmuusuw R. F. Cuvrkl R. l,lIl 'KN I H. Cm MH: M. S. Run II D. G. Rnsu C. R. Nltmul XV. I. Ixlr Km T. H. CIIIFIIN R. A. hlmnss I. G. STIINHI I' .sultearlf I. Ii Down IM N A I STNNILII D I5 fTU!NIllI a ,I D HNHPKII XV. I. Triuurs. Il N F. If Funk I.. Hum I T. CASH F NI XY'nr,1'r I P. ,lows s C, It. Awmpsis ,I If-nam THIRD PLATOON Ki. ,I. MANIHI. 11.11 ...I H V. I.. ,Iorsis Members'rurs IXINXXYI-ll C Cm Hu-Us M. INI Kimus DIII Ku Mx- G A. IVIUHc,x-N H H. Pm Is C M. IXIHVIIYN I. XY. 'I'r'nr-In C Ii. fikklll I W'-wuz: r XVII.l.lAINI W'RICiI"I'I'. Ifldlll of Cumpwn- "D,H m ,I ll DVIIIIIJIX I A. A Nlmwsn l ..'. If'. Pwxw In I hlrlrsltwsoi .I 'Ii Roms A If. IIKMIHII Il. XY' lll'lu.I .I S Twin H I Run, C.,-XTHRINI: OIDI-N. Splrnmr uf Cifnnlpurlx U17 1'1- I I f ...wma -.,, Willianis, Moses, Haile. Robinson, Cannella Commanded by William Wright, and having for its executive officer, Albert Cannella, Com- pany D entered its third year of existence. Its platoon commanders were: first platoon, Oliver Robinson, second platoon, Charles Haileg and third platoon, Albert Moses. Pos- sibly the newest company on the field, but it caused many another company trouble in drill. EUIVIP1-INY F if I I -Q THE BAND 0 Commanded by Alex Hulett, and having for its platoon commanders Henry Dancy Roberts, and Frazier Furr, the Band was in its best year. Numbering thirty-six men, it was able to afford music for all occasions, and yet the men found time to play and still become one of the best drilled companies on the field, both in close order and extended order. Roberts, Furr. ',. A.. 9 hi' 'tflg ALEX l'lUl,E'IT, Capmxn of Ihr Band. Sponsor of the Ban JUNIOR NON-COMMISSIONED OFFICERS Murom MQINTGOMI-III' CIIIxI1I,Es M.-virus , I. G, XXV.-XTERMAN , CIIAIILFS I.I1vINI2 . . IOIIN EIIGAII . VIILTON PEIIRI' AIBIEIIT BRYAN . RUBEN BOYEIT . FIRST joIIN H, HINNIAN jmx M. lVlfl.ARTY CII.-wufs M. FANQIIIII jour: XV, COLLINS DAVIII S, RonIfIe'rS ,lfxiwlrs M. AIIIIIHI MARVIN M. HIIOWNSTHN Romair C, Xxlll I IAMSUN PIII! Srrg :'.1 nl Hand CLYV7lf-IIIX Srrgfanr Fun I'l.Ilmm , , . . . . . . Gunlz' . , Jlllilihfd to Band C0r1Iparu' . tl Il.IvfI6d 1:1 Band CnnIp.IrIy .........GuIa'c . . Sergeant Sccond Platoon Arfaclwd Io Band CUIVIFJVIN O PLATOON JMIES NW. Cams CHAIIIIQS VU. SIIMMFR CFCII, I.. CoNIIzI,I' Jos NX', NXWILLIAMS l"'lAlBHlT C. DPCILI CHRXRII-S XV. Romsorv KINNIAIII E, Couch D.AX'lIl A, Gr.-xN ,IUIIN F. CIARNI-R SECOND PLATOON Xxvlllll- E, JUNIAS Cf. F Giuvi-s WMI III1 H. XY'I'l'IY Lotus GIIII2 jr-IIN B, CIvNNIm.II,IM CII,IxIIIIs M. BUIFN HUIIMII F, MoonE NYM IH: IJ, GIJNN ,MMI s H, LI .wx IXRNUI ll HAMIvIoNn RIIPI-IIT H, Coon BIII XV, XVIIUII Xxvll I IAM 'lf RII II'II-If lxlARX'I N j BM IIIIIIAI II Tum Cf, TIIIINIII Futxrsr R, f'l'UI'I ll MARY EDNA BROW N d THE MILITARY BALL -3 Climaxing the year at the University is the Military Ball. This year, given earlier than usual, the Ball was many of the senior's last dance at the Uni- versity. The gym was decorated along military lines, and many distinguished visitors were pres- ent. As a grand finally to the ball, the sponsors of the battalion and companies with their dates were presented to the University and guests. X ' . ..4::.323 4 . , l .JI ':: ..,.-.. - - 'T'- L I- I lx lux W gf' V , ff 'YQ . '-1 f7 " wwf? ' " -f' lv ,, vff '51, A, .W g C' nf -A 19 X15 Lu Q 1. SCAB 795 ' 1'-u I qu-f' -X- f""" TOL THOMAS . . ED GILLESPIE . BEN BOWIE . . . H. D. ROBERTS HERMANN BAXTER CHARLES HAILE AL CANNELLA Baxter Bowie Cannella Gillespie Howard Kirk Roberds Thomas Whitten Wright HARD AND BLADE OFFICERS MEMBERS BILLY HOWARD JOHN KIRK I156i . . . . . Captain . . First Lieutenant . Second Lieutenant . . First Sergeant BILLY ROBERDS ARTHUR WHITTEN JOHN WRIGHT 4 I HUUIJ' BHIEIHJE OFFICERS BOB YANDELL ..... . . .... .... C 'ommander "SPIKE" SPICER .... . . Vice-Commander SIDNEY ROBINSON . . - - - Sfffefdfy BOB RISER ...... ..... T reasurer DAVE WHITAKER . Sergeant-at-Arms MEMBERS M. Avery H. Barron W. Boyett C. Bryan L. Carraway Di Maria H. Dogan L. Edgar S. Furr R. L. Hayes W. D. Hearington R. W. Heidleberg W. s. E. B. G. E. J. B. v. L. C. s. G. J. Henley Henson Howell Johnston jones Levine Manchill F1571 -I. S. Mangum C. Marcus E. W. Merrill M. B. Montgomery E. H. Morrison J. M. Morse C. G. Nichols E. H. Nicholson M. S. Perry W. J. Phillips H. F. Poole F. G. Ralston C. Richardson F. Stater P. E. Stevens R. L. Tinsley E. Trevilion W. L. Winter W. H. Wroten Q .I-' .i-,,,n v . fi .- ,, 7.v-,4 -Yki-An--. . .wi ' 5 f.', .-. . r . sp Y 5 u-o ,- .- . if .mf - 'vw-H . .,... Q J' I .' u "xi , ' lv! " W4 40.1-4 "1""i""'v lt. --in-my of 'fl EMEQEEEEEEQS i Af 1-V. -A., U +, A -as U 5 1 ',., , U 1 X , x5 s Vi 4 'V . 5 - lx S 'pus Aera greeif meh Qjreelul ALPHA T mega Ri Ckalafer MEMBERS Professional School ERIC MERRILL, Law I . ROBERT LYNCH, Med. 1 ALBERT BRYAN . LUTHER JONES . . ROBERT CARNRICK , KENNARD COOK , JOE DICKSON . . TED FORD .,.. MILLARD JENSEN . . WILBUR LEE TODD , O Seniors O Pledges Olive Branch . Marlrs , Meridian . Memphis, Tennessee Monfclair, New Jersey . , Oxford Horn Lake . Columbia . Lucedale Oxford AU OME 4 Firsf Row: Merrill, Lynch, Bryan. Second Row: Jones. Carnriclc Cool. Third Row: Diclcson, Ford, Jensen, Todd. GA Pl' .-'J M Mia ba CAalafer 0 . S5-g ,Q . Xb. ' MEMBERS MILTON DILLARD Seniors ROBERT J. BERNOCCHI . MILTON DILLARD .... HARLEY MAX G-REENICH . . JOHN ARTHUR MCCRQSSON . . . if LAMAR SUDDUTH . a Y Tl 9. O Founded, l839g Colors, Pinlc and Blue: Flower, Junior Rose: Ninefy Acfive Chapfers, Bela Be+a Chap- LEE DIXON COCF-IRAN . . . . 'fer esfablished l879 C Pledges JACKIE CLARK . . . . KENNETH COLLUMS , . COOPER B. GORDON WILLIAM NATHANIEL MANGUM . ROSCOE TEDDER ....... JOE A. WAGGONER . , . . . ll62l . Kenosha Wisconsin . . . . . . Tupelo Coldwaler, Michigan Fall River, Massachuselfs . . . . . . Tupelo , Docldsville . DeKalb . . . . . , Houlka . . Timberville, Virginia . . Sfar . . Okolona . Carthage ET T E PI ,fp .K IU! , , ,Aix 'x.Q 6' ,gl N "x Firsi' Row: Bernocclwi, Clark, Cochran. Second Row: Dillard, Gordon Greenich, Manqum. Third Row: Mccrosson, Suddufh, Tedder, Waggoner lf , T I I -rffffrf' I I. I. il -Tx .'N,'.'l o , , . t A 5 CAL gkalafer 0 rl ' M E M B E R S Graduaies Founded, l844g Colors, Crimson, Old Gold ancl Azure: Flower, Pansy: Forly-six Aclive Chaplers, Chi Clwapler eslablished l850 EDWIN GRANTHAM, Med. II . . . GENE MURPHY, Med. II JAMES E. WILLIAMS, Med. I . HERMIT JONES . . VIRGIL JONES . BILLY ROBERDS . . GEORGE ARMSTRONG ELWYN DARDEN ASTON HOLLEY LEN R. MARBURY , . GEORGE THATCHER KNOW WHITE . . BILLY DUKE ..,.. CLYDE HUGGINS, JR. RAYMOND FRANKLIN EDWARD WARREN , . LANGE BUTLER , , FRED DUNN , . . GUY MATTINGLY , . ELTON MCINTOSH . . A. B. MONROE . , GEORGE RATHER . . ROY WATSON . BILL WHITMIRE ,... JAMES A, WILLIAMS . Seniors Juniors Sophomores Pledges Iloal . West Point , Long Beach . . Hernando Houslon, Texas Houslon, Texas . West Point . . Houslon . , Hernando . . . Oxford Holly Springs . . Gulfporl . . Gullporl . oxford . oxford ,. Oxford Holly Sprmgs Holly Springs . . . Jaclrson . . Greenville . . Hernando . . Balesville Holly Springs . , . Corinth . . Clarlrsdale . lndianola DEL TA KAPPA EPSIL 'X-qv' Firsi' Row: Granllnann, Murphy, H. Jones. Jones, Robercls. Second Row: Armslrong, Holley, Marbury, Tlwafclner, While, Duke. Third Row: Huggins. Franklin, Warren, Bufler, Dunn, Mailingly. Fourfh Row: Mclnfosh, Monroe, Rafher, Wafson, Wlnifmire, Williams. I I I J' 'MIM llyqmwlll ' Founded, l847g Colors, Blue and Gold: Nine Ac- 'rive Chaplers, Phi Chapler eslablished l855 Mi Clalofer M E M B E R S Graduale CALVIN SIMMONS, Med. Il .,.. . Cleveland Seniors BYRON E, EURR . . . . . . . . Ponlofoc EDWIN C. GILLESPIE . . . Laml:-err HERMAN MOORE . JOHN H. MUSSER . . WILLIAM S. HENLEY . HARRY H. HINES . . JERRELL W. JONES . CHARLES M. WILLIS . . JOHN R. EARLY . . ROBERT C. LOVE , . WILLIAM C. LUCKETT . H. PETRIE MITCHELL . . GEORGE W, WALL . . CALVIN L. WELLS, IV . . . HARDY B, WOODBRIDGE CHESTER D. COCHRAN JOHN B. CUNNINGHAM FRANCIS K. FURR . , . WINDHAM B. FLETCHER J. FRANK GARNER . . BARRY M. GILLESPIE . GUY T. GILLESPIE . . THOMAS F. HARRISON LOUIS J. LYELL .... CHARLES M. MITCHELL GEORGE J. MANCILL. JR. CARLTON F. MOE, JR. . HOLLIS G. ROGERS JOHN N. TINNIN . . ORMAND PRINGLE . . JOHN DAVID VANCE . . , ..... lndianola . . New Orleans, Louisiana Juniors . . I-lazelhursl . Kosciusko . . Indianola Tylerlown Sophomores . Indianola . Hernando . . Conlon . Oxford . . Inverness . Jackson . . Tchula Pledges Olive Branch . . Tchula . POHIOIOC . lndianola , Tunica . Aberdeen . Jackson Philadelphia . Jackson . Oxford , ,... Indianola . . Buffalo, New York , . . Indianola . . . . . Eden , Mobile. Alabama . . . , . Balesville II66l , f Q fv- Lv- fl V .9- 'is 'A ltr W f V " 'NX if '- Qaiffliil 9 G-. L.. if Q0 4? 1? ik ,V . 7, 'ES 'TJ' QQ 2- r' :Q L. , Firsi' Row: Simmons, Furr, Gillespie, Musser, Henley, Hines, Willis, Second Row: Early, Love, Lucke++, Mitchell, Wall, Wells, Woodbridge. Third Row: Cochran, Cunningham, Furr, Flelcher, Garner, B. Gillespie, G. Gillespie. Fourlh Row: Harrison, Lyell, Milchell, Mancill, Moe, Rogers, Pringle, Vance. J. M. THOMAS Founded, l865g Colors, Crimson and Gold: Flower, Magnolia and Red Rose: Sixly-eighl Ac- live Chaplers, Alpha Upsilon chapler eslablished l9O0 .14 ,aka mdiin Ckalafer DEWITT BASS JAMES, Med. I M E M B E R S Graduafes ...Mianigm Lawl , . . Yazoo Cify MALCOLM B, MONTGOMERY, ROBERT T. RISER, Law ll HARRY A. STONE, Med. II . RICHARD L. BEVIS . GEORGE W. BOUNDS . WILLIAM J. GUNN . , ROGER L. HAYES . . CECIL D. INMAN .. JOHN W. KIRK HARRISON H. RUSSELL P. W. SCHNEIDER J. ELMORE STICKNEY JACK N, THOMAS ALLEN L. TOOMBS MARSHALL N, WILLIAMS . ROBERT E. WOMACK . . EDWIN B. HENSON , WILLIAM LA BARRE . WILLIAM E. MCINTYRE ., EDWARD H, NICHOLSON ROBERT P. ROBERTS . , C. B. SPICER . STEWART STEVENS . ANDREW W. SULLIVAN EDWIN E, TOPP JOE WILLIAMS DAVID ROBERT YANDELL THOMAS A, BELL HAL N. DABBS GUY H. DAVANT ROBERT W. EMMONS MAX S, FONES TED B. FORD WALTER B, HOLLADAY CLIFTON MAXWELL . . LOGAN B. PHILLIPS .. CHARLES E. SUMNER , WILLIAM L. THORNTON . THOMAS M. WILKINSON HUBERT ARMSTRONG D, B. CONNERLY ALFRED N. CRISLER ARCH DALRYMPLE ARTHUR MERRELL HARRY D. ALLEN . . . . . HAROLD G. ABERNATHY . J. CLARK COCHRAN . . KENNETH E. COCKE . . . JAMES H. COLMER . . . WINSTON CUTRER . . HAROLD L. DUBISSON LESTER L. GRIFFIN DANIEL D. GUICE JACK HENRY JOHN N, HOLMAN ROBERT F. McCAlN JAMES McCLURE . , THOMAS R, MATTOX . SHELBY L. MIKELL . ANDREW L. MORSON , BRUNS M. MYERS HENRY N. STEVENS . JAMES G. STEWART . JOE WARE TURNER TOM C. TURNER , LESTER F. WILLIAMSON ...Jackson ..ColumbuS Seniors . , Memphis, Tennessee . . . . . . . Meridian . . . . . . Meridian . . Greenville . . Jackson . . Greenville . . .Jackson . . . Laurel . , Jackson . . Amory . . , Walls . . Raymond . . . . . . McComb Juniors . . . . . Meridian . . Vicksburg . . Brandon ..........Jackson . ......, Sunflower . Camp Chaffee, Arkansas . ..... Haffiesbur . . . Maco . . . Tupelo . , Jackson . Canton Q n Sophomores Grenada . Ouilman . . . Jackson . .... Meridian . Dyersburg, Tennessee . . . . . . .Columbia . . Meridian . . Jackson . . . Jackson . . Yazoo Cily . Meridian . , , Shelby Freshman Greenville . . Kokomo , Jackson . Amory , , Meridian Pledges . . Memphis, Tennessee . . . . . . .Greenville . , . .Holly Springs Greenville . Pascagoula . Magnolia . . Gulfporf . . . . Isola . . Biloxi . . Corinlh , . Macon . Greenville . , .Sardis . , .Gulfporl . . Jackson . . Greenville . . Jackson . . Richlon . . Meridian .. Belxoni . . Columbus . Meridian ll6Bl FKAPP LP , 'Y' . - '..'1vff ir u, ,. . ,Q '., w " ., ' iw' f' '-,ffl f vi-ff ggi., i e ., A , J. 5 e ew' 5 ya. f Q 6 , v 1 'I 4 5, A ,aff f ' I MPL P ll! if ' ' - ni ' Q if .lf ,A .. as as ' i -I f , i H Q 5 , ' , Qi l gnvvrh , .. M 'ii 1 in Z' 3 3. 8 ' : f ' ' n - 1 , ' 'R'-' l i 'Wi .Q 1 Lil 1 , in u V ,if Q I ' 4 1 l ' ZA I 3 1' I, 1. , . x , iii: ,1 ll f' ill if W fr ,si Firsf Row: James, Monlgornery, Slone. Bevis, Bounds, Gunn, Hayes, lnman, Kirk, Russell. Second Row: Schneider, Slickney, Williams, Womack, Hen- son, La Barre, Mclnlyre, Roberls. Spicer, Sleyens. Third Row: Sullivan, Topp, Williams, Yandell, Bell, Dabbs, Davanf, Emmons, Fones, Ford. Holladay. Fourfh Row: Maxwell, Phillips, Sumner, Thornlon, Wilkinson, Armslronq, Crisler, Dalrymple, Merrell, Connerly, Allen. Fiffh Row: Abernalhy, Cochran, Cocke, Colmer, Culrer, Dubuisson, Griffin, Guice Henry, Holman, McCain. Sixfh Row: McClure, Mallox, Mikell, Morson, Myers, Parker, Stevens, Sfuarf, Turner, T. Turner, Williamson. .", . M-'IK' K 5 HA ar V L u I, yt, fi 1 is u ,- 5- ..' z iz J E 1 253.5 , if diyl .' A 9 8 we ti, i' 57' -I:-f 'ri JOHN WRIGHT Founded, I869g Colors, Scarlel, Green and While: Flower, Lily of 'Ihe Valley, One Hundred Ten Aclive Chaplers, Della Xi Chapler eslab- lished i926 mega M MEMBERS Professional School RICHARD EVERETTE STRATTON, III, Law III GUY WALKER DEAN, JR., Med. Il , , , . WALTER JAMES PHILLIPS, Law II , . . JAMES RICHARD CAVETT, JR. Med. l , VICTOR DUPREE WATSON, Med. l . . Seniors EMILE JOSEPH GEX, JR ....... ALEX W. HULETT ..... JOHN HERBERT SHANDS . . DAVID JOHN WHITAKER, JR, . JOHN WILLIAM WRIGHT . . Juniors CHARLES RICHARD BERTRAND . JAMES BENTON BOYLES, JR. . BOYD COOPER GOODWIN . . . EDGAR HOPKINS MORRISON . . CARL GRADY NICHOLS, JR. . Sophomores LEE LOGAN BYERS .......... MAURICE NEWTON EURR, JR. . . HUNTER HUDSON KIMBALL, JR. . CARY LOUIE NOBLE ..., DAVID SAMUEL ROBERTS . . TAYLOR MALONE STONE .... WILLIAM WELDON WOODS, JR. . Freshman WALTER DILL GUNN ,... Pledges ETZEL HENRY BARKER . . , . , ROY CLARK ....... ROBERT FRANK COVERT . i JAMES WILTON CRABB , . . JACK BERKLEY DONALDSON , LANDO ADAMS OOLDMAN . , CHARLES DRED GRAVES , JAMES ELLISON LOTT, IV i PAUL NELVIN NEWTON ...., MILTON ANTHONY PHILLIPS, JR, . JAMES MOORE POWER . , . ROBERT MILLINDER WILKES . II70I Ckapfef . Clarksdale . . . . Shaw . . Bay Sl. Louis . . Jackson Brandon . . Bay Sl. Louis . . Charleslon . . Fulton . . Leland . Sardis . . Meridian . . . . . Balesville Hol Springs, Arkansas . . . . . Meridian . , Rosedale . , Balesville . , Robinsonville , , Oxford . . . . . . Nalchez Memphis, Tennessee , . . . , Shelby . . Charleslon . . Charleslon . Laurel . . Drew , . . Meridian . . Booneville . Memphis, Tennessee . , . Bay Sl. Louis , Balesville . Drew . . Wiqqins . . Bay Sl. Louis , . Red Banks . Helena, Arkansas F KAPPA SIG Y l 5 . e 'F 1 3 au. L: K. I WZ" Firsl' Row: Cavert Dean, Phillips, Slrefron, Walson, Gex, l-lulelr, Shands Second Row: Whilaker, Berlrand, Boyles, Morrison, Nichols, Byers, Furr Kimball. Third Row: Noble, Roberls, Slone. Gunn, Barker, Clark, Cove-rl Crabb, Fourfh Row: Donaldson, Goldman, Graves, Loll, Newlon, Phillips Power, Willces. "",!"" JACK BURNHAM L. Founded, l868 Colors, Garnel and Gold: Flower, Lily of lhe Valley Eiglily Aclive Chapfers, Gam- ma lo+a Chapler eslablished l927 al'l'll'nd .gofa gkapfel' 0 HUGH BOSWELL, Med. ll MEMBERS Professional School DAVIS HAUEHTON, Med. I , MICHAEL LAWLESS, Law I MIMS MITCHELL, Med. I CHARLES MURRAY, Med ll C, B. WOOD, Law I . . , New Albany . , . Jackson . . Columbia . . , Magee , , , Ripley Memphis, Tennessee Seniors DeWlTT ALLRED , , . , . Collins DAVID BENNETT I . Ripley DICK BERNHEIM .Gulfporl IACK BURNHAM , 4Jaclcson BEN BOWIE , . .Vicksburg FRANCIS HILL Grenada DOUGLAS JENNING-S Kosciuslro JAMES MANGUM . , Por? Gibson BERT OUIGLY , , G-uIfDorI WALTER SCOTT , Jackson HAROLD WEEMS Shubula J. B, WILLIAMS I euupoff Juniors WILLIAM BROOKS , Kosciuslro JAMES JOHNSTON Ripley JOSHUA MORSE Poplarville CARL LEE NANCE I , Ripley ALBERT TIPLER Wafer Valley HARAN YOUNG . Aberdeen Sophomores A. B. CHADWICK Oxford JAMES HOWELL , . Oxford E. KA MIDDLETON Pocahonlas Pledges ROBERT ADAM . , Pass Chrislian WINFIELD COX . . Gulfpofi ARON DOMINGUE . Pass Christian HOMER DENHAM LSUVGI BARRY FREEMAN Laurel LUTHER HARRISON -ISK-IKSOII A, F. KELLEY, JR. , , Halliesburg CALVIN KING 4- DUVBVII MICHAEL LITTON . - - - BOYIC EUGENE LOWE . . .Gleridora ERST LONG I I . . I Ripley RAIFORD LONG ..., Ripley JOHN LOZES . , . , Pass Chrislian HUMPHREY MOYNIHAN . .,.., Laurel CHARLES R, MOORE .BlyIheyille, Arkansas JAMES OAKLEY , . ,... Wafer Valley WILLIAM PURVIANCE ---- -IGCBSOB INMAN C, RAWLS . I . rPop'arviIIe ELLIS SALLOUM , . . . ,GuIfD0fl JEFF TRULY SMITH . . FGYEIIC' KYLE TALLANT . , I I -Clfrrlrsdale lI721 I K A 1. . V ' 'ff 4 i a 3 4 f . V . .vw , My Z S ' ,sa 'mix , y as 5 'V 4 3' 3-I fe .- ,, 4 Sew an in 4' ' ,- rw? 4, 4, ., Wfvfjrfiwi .wggf PA LP if b, - 5 l 1' 19 2 v fl, G' 'man V' y, ' 3' 4, L L L x K . W A 54-X If , l -f' .scarf f f, ,. 93533, , . "' ,,, A 2 'Q-If I i 3 Firsi' Row: Boswell, l-lauqlwlon, Lawless, lvlirclnell, Murry, Wood, Allred, Bennefl. Second Row: Bowie, Hill, Jennings, Manqum, Quigley, Scorr, Williams, Brooks. Third Row: Jolwnsion, Morse, Nance, Tipler, Young, Chadwick, Howell, Middleron, Adam. Fourih Row: Cox, Dominque, Den- ham, Freeman, Kelly, King, Lilfon, Lowe, Long. Fifth Row: Lozes, Moyni- lnan, Moore, Oakley, Purviance, Rawls, Salloum, Smiih, Tallanl. I I I H. D. Roaems Founded, I856g Colors, Royal Purple and Gold: Flower, Violef: One Hundred Ten Acfive Chap- Iers, Mississippi Gamma Chapfer founded I866 dI'l'Ll'l'l6l aaptel' 0 ALBERT GARDNER BILLY HOWARD JOHN CHAPMAN . JIMMY McCAIN , BILL McCARTY SPOT RETTEY , STARLING REID , H, D. ROBERTS . BILLY SAMPSON , , ARTHUR WHITTEN BILL WRIGHT PAT CARRAWAY , . DENNIS GRANBERRY DAVE HEARINGTON GEORGE HOWELL . . FRANK RALSTON . . SIDNEY ROBINSON . LESTER WARRICK . . JACK WELBORN . . JULIAN ALLEN JIM ARCHER FRANK CRESSWELL HERMAN DeCELL JIMMY FALKNER EARL FYKE JEFF HAMM GARLAND HENDRICKS JOHN HINMAN STUART IRBY OTHO JOHNSON ROBERT LEAVELL IRVIN McKAY NORMAN McKINNON . W. G. MIZE JACK MONTGOMERY NORMAN MOTT , . TOM RAINER CHARLES WHITTINGTON R. C, WILLIAMSON . DICK AIKEN . . . THURMAN BOWEN , WILFRED COLE , BOBBY CROOK . H, C. DeCEIL CHARLES HARRIS FOSTER JOE GAMMAGE , ALTON GEAN EDWIN HALE JOE McCAIN DWIGHT MADDOX JOE MORRIS DAN PROCTOR , GEORGE STEPHENS JOHN STONE BILL TAYLOR MEMBERS Graduafes Seniors Juniors Sophomores Pledges ll74I Yazoo Cily . Laurel Yazoo Cify . . Okolona . . Jackson . Greenwood , Greenville . . Como , Jackson . COlurnbuS Jackson . . . Jackson Lau'eI . Aflanfa, Gecrqia . , . , Eqvnf . . , Coanorna . . Jackson . , McGee, Arkansas , Oxford Indiano'a . Greenwood . Duranf . .Yazoo City OxfOI'd Jackson . Oxford , , Okclona . Greenwood . Jackson Jackson Oxford Vicksburg McCornb Jackson Inverness , Jackson Yazoo City . Greenwood Greenwood , . . . , Oxford . Dyersburq, Tennessee , . . McComb . . Meridian . . Vicksburg . . . , Okolona . . . . Laurel , . McGee, Arkansas . Oxford Mafhersfon . . . Laurel , . . , Jackson Little Rock, Arkansas . ...,. Meridian . . . , , Okolona , . Como GMA ALPHA EPSIL ON ffeKA1i4'ff f f 11- ,fr -A. 5 X- , 2 assi' X, ri- fa., Y, 1 M -one J? -X RFQ G. 55.3 'Lg " 'Y W , 1 """"' 5 i'1l'i'ig V' il g J' r Q 1 5 ' Z -Mfr 1 Q. an 45 ' A 1 -ri . .Q if 1 Q, If 'Q-' In CZ' Firsl' Row: Gardner, Willcinson, Williams, Chapman, McCain, MCCarfy, Pefley, Sampson, Wlnilfen. Second Row: Wriqlfml, Carraway, l-learinqfon, Howard, Howell, Ralsron, Warrick, Welborn, Arclner. Third Row: Fallcner, Fylre, l-linman, Irby, Johnson, lvlize, Allen, Cresswell, DeCell. Fourfh Row: Hamm, Leavell, lvlonlgomery, Moll, Rainer, Wlwiflinqlon, Williamson, Aileen, Bowen. Fif+h Row: Cole, Croolc, Decell, Fosler, Sean, Hale, Morris, Sleplmens, Slone, Taylor. ROBERT ELLIS Founded, l869g Colors, Black, Gold and While: Flower, While Rose, One Hundred Aclive Chap- lers, Epsilon Xi Chapler founded l927 ,Mikie Ckalafer MEMBE Graduales PHIL O. BROCK, Law I REUBEN L, CHRESTMAN, Med. ll RAYMOND COX, Law I W, DAVID DUNAVANT, Med ll JACK PIGOTT, Med. I P, M, SMITH, Med, ii Seniors ROBERT E. ELLIS BILL C, MQCORD HOWARD MCLAIN . JOEL HUNTER WOOD Juniors BILL FREEMAN GEORGE A. MORGAN EARL RAYMOND WILSON sophomores BILLY BELL C. DEWITT COLLINS JOHN DAMREER , BILL KEMP MARTIN KLINDWORTH PAUL POTTER , FRANK E. SHANAHAN EDWIN WENNERLUND Freshmen RALPH BROCK WAYNE FINGER JACK WESTON Pledges JACK BELLAN JOHN R. BROCK CECIL LLOYD CONNERLY CHARLES M. EAINCHER JAMES R. HOLLOWAY CHARLES DELBERT HOSEMANN HENRY NABORS WARREN PEELER CHARLES WRIGHT ROBISON WILLIAM ll. ROSE, JR, ARTHUR STANFORD WILLIAM F. TATE VIIKE WIYCUL Il"ol RS McComb . Oxford Yazoo Cify , Ponfofoc . McComb Vicksburg Waynesboro Tupelo A . Oxford , Savdis Waynesboro , . Terry . . Oxford . Vicksburg Holly Springs . . Summif . Noxapaler Earl, Arkansas , , Univershy . Vicksburg , McComb , McComb , . , . Ripley Bay Sf. Louis Vicksburg Quifman . McComb . . Louisville , Brookhaven . . Vicksburg . . Meridian . , Ripley . Oxford Wesl Poinl . . . Ripley . , Tupelo . Shannon -.2 11' gm QQ 19' E' 7- K' 'ia f 15:4 M xii- . 43 a-"3-S A IQ - .t T.. 1-1.f.,1 .fgiii r' ' VN. ,ff 1 - ,5. I X. Q in V .As lk. 5, x Q l x 1 f l Firsf Row: Broclr, Cliresfman, Dunavanf, Piqoff, Smillw, Ellis, McCord, Mc Claim, Second Row: Wood, Freernan, Morgan, Wilson, Bell, Collins, Dampeer, Kemp, Third Row: Klindworflw, Poller, Shanahan, Wennerlund Brock, Finger, Wesfon, Bellan, Connerly. Fourfh Row: Fancher, Holloway I-losemann, Nabors, Peeler, Robison, Slanford, Tale, Wiygul, C 19- l f EVERETTE MOORE Founded, l90lg Colors, Purple and Red, Flower, VioIe+s and Roses: Sixly-eiglil' Acfive Chaplers, Alpha Cl1ap'rer eslalalislwed I928 ' Y '55 Ill I I I I 1 , , Y ,gnqoor-"' .,..-s-- . 4-,ii .X4 Ckapfef 0 DENTON CROCKETT HAROLD GODMAN RALPH CAMERON . EVERETT MOORE . . JOHN OSBORNE . . MONETTE SEVIER . . ELLIS TREVILION . M E M B E R S Graduafes Seniors Juniors LYNNARD BEAVERS . . . . . WALTER MAC SMITH PETE TORREY . . HORACE MOORE . CHARLES BAGLEY . HUGH CROWELL . BURK DABNEY , ELMER DICKSON . SEVER EUBANKS . FRANK GRUICI-I . . ROBERT DOLE KELLER CLYDE PARDUE . , HORACE POLK . . . MAL SHAW RIDDELL JAMES ROGERS . . Sophomore Pledges BILL UPSHAW ,.... GORDON WICKSTROM . . DAVID WOMACK . . , ll7Bl . Whitfield . Oxford , , Wiggins . . Duck Hill . . , . Coflon Plant Balon Rouge, Louisiana . . . Marks , New Albany . . . Laurel . Meadville Collierville, Tennessee , Brunswick, Georgia . . . Ilia Bena . . Hernando . Picayune . . Winona . . . Biloxi . . Berwyn, Illinois . . I-Ioulka , Picayune . Moorelwead . . New Albany . Senalobia . . Biloxi . Belzoni GMA PHI EPSIL ON QUN . "slr Q 4' "S" 4.1 Firs+ Row: Cameron, Crocleff, Goclrnan. Moore, Osborne. Second Row: Sevier, Trevilion, Beavers, Crowell, Moore, Bagley. Third Row: Dabney. Diclrson, Eubanlcs, Gruiclm, Keller, Pardue. Four+l1 Row: Polk, Riddell. Rogers, Upslwaw, Wicksfrorn, Womack. K, 'll--' 'L , F If ,XV f if 1 L. Cffa .Sigma Clapfer MEMBERS GAYLE BATSON, Med. ll JULINA HUNT BURESS, Med- ll PAUL TRUETT RAY, Med, I . WILLIAM WARD, Law II . .IAMES C BISHOP JOSEPH MAURY GANDY . MARION BECKETT HOWORTH HENRY GRADY MARLOW JOHN PURVES MQLAURIN CARL HUNTER STEPHENS NOAH SPURGEN SWEAT, JR. CHESTER CURTIS WARD, JR MAURICE E. ALEXANDER ALBERT MILTON AVERY MICHAEL BYRNES, Ill WILLIAM BOOTH HAYNIE , , . , . . ROWLAND WEBSTER HEIDELBERG . HENRY PARK HITER BEN LLOYD MQMILLON JOHN EUGENE RAY PRANK STANLEY STATER . JAMES STERLING BOWDEN JOHN DUNCAN EATMAN, JR, MARK ELLZEY JOHN THOMPSON GUICE WILLIAM LAMPTON HARRY . HARVEY JAMES MYRICK, JR. . LON TAYLOR BENJAMIN MAURY WHITFIELD VAN LESTER HALLMAN LELAND HUME , JIMMY TATUM ROBINSON JOHN WOOD BILLUPS FRANK BOWERS FRANK COOPER THOMAS H. CURTIS FRANK LIULANEY EDDIE HINDSMAN DAVIS LANGSTON CHARLES EDWIN IOCKE DICK LUCAS MALCOLM MAXWELL HUGH MILEOD tl. M, RAY , JOHN ROGERS ROBERTSON i.iEUR'Tl' WIIIIAMS IIFIIJFR WEBSTER RAr WIINIIERLICK , lndianola I . Corinth . Corinth Starkville , . . Corinth . Hattiesburg , . . Biloxi . T Rulevllle , . Merlgolo . , New Albany . , Corinth Hattiesburg , . Macon Memphis, Tennessee . . . . . . . Corinth Riverdale, Maryland . . Hattiesburg , Merigold . . . Madison . . , Rienzi Memphis, Tennessee , . Ruleville , Haltiesburq Biloxi . , Carthage . . Columbia Columbus , . Corinth . Corinth . , Meriqold , , Jackson . , Cleveland , . Columbus Helena, Arkansas . , Columbus , , , Tupelo Earl, Arkansas Columbus . , Tupelo . Meriqold , . Corinth . . Drew Hattiesburg . , Rienzi . Meriqold , Moss Point , . . Greenwood Memphis! Tennessee ' I' , 'fr if r Q. Q. Q' 2 -,i x - ggi P . . 551, ' i A. i Q 93 I - .. ' ' -" ' Y 1 i -f . . f --- ,y , f 9. Q Q , ,. ,f 35 i x ' K rr Q 1, X y , O. 5 Q A X ' r i V , , , V i. i1':f.a'0.. - '- .1 A ' , ,A 'K in -rg iv F 'fri-E52 V ' A 1 V' X.. i I V4 N .4 Q2 f i Q E 'V I ,xi A .-E' i A I . Qi X p' X . E 1 A ,ilv ig , ' Q I Q 1 i. j" 4 N Q 3 W , y K 5 ' - V' -' , L- ' ' U J . 1 I 5,1 ' I , Q, P Q xv P A 1 1 5: Firsf Row: Barson, Ray, Ward, Bishop, Sandy, Howorrh, Marlow, McLaurin Second Row: Srepiwens, Swear, Aiexander, Avery, Byrnes, Heidelberg, Hifer McMilion, Third Row: Ray, Shafer, Bowen, Eafman, Elizey, Guice, Harry, Myriclr, Tayior, Fourih Row: Wlwiffieid, Halirnan, Hume, Robinson, Billups Bowers, Cooper, Curtis Dulaney. Fiffh Row: Hindsrnan, l.anqs+on, Loclfe Lucas, Maxweii, Ray, Roberrson, Websrer, Wunderlicn, I I I I I I I Ill I PAUL EASON l l II I I Founded, l848: Colors, Azure and Argenlg Flower, Whi'I'e Carnaliong One Hundred six Ac- I live Chaplers, Mississippi Alpha Chapler esfab- p lished I877 I I A ROBERT SHARP, JR., Med JACK STACY, Med, ll LOUIS BENOIST PAUL EASON HUGH LEE GOWAN . CHARLES HAILE , HARVEY HENDERSON , CHATWIN JACKSON BILLY NOEL TOL THOMAS REUBEN BOYETT HARRY HUNTER DOGAN JIMMY HOPPER WILLIAM WINTER BINGHAM WITTY . LEIGH ADKINS , ROBERT ALDRIDGE , . BOYKIN BARLETT ROBERT E. BOBO, JR. KENNETH FOSSE MALCOLM FRANKLIN JOHN DEETON BOULDIN MARLEY EDWIN MARMON ALLEN SAFFOLD STANFORD TERRY JOE LONG . ROBERT MAYNARD JACK MQLARTY HARVEY GRESHAM BEN MITCHELL BILL MLGEHEE IOM REEVES EARL RUIE WILIIAM SEMMES LINDSEY SIFPHENSON WILLIAM STEWART ED SUAREZ WILLIAM TREADC-ILL JOEL VARNER JUIIAN WILSON WALTER WITTY ,GAG gkapfef 0 M E M B E R S Professional School Seniors Juniors Sophomores Freshmen Pledges IIRII Grenada , Tupelo . Nafchez . , Tupelo . . Kosciuslco . Nalchez , , Sumner . Kosciuslro Greenville Cruqer Greenville . , .Sumner . Kosciusko Grenada Greenwood Clarksdale . , EslllI , Leland Clarksdale . . Tchula Oxford , A Grenada . . , CIarlrsdale Memphis. Tennessee . Greenwood Waler Vallev Tupelo . Tupelo Oxford Clarksdalv CleveIand , , , Nafche? Glendale, California Memphis, Tennessee Grenada , Corinlh Natchez Gullporl Greenwood Senalobna Tupclc Winovm PHI DELT THETA ,pq 3. . ' , .3 W ' ' 'hd 'yy' ,a M f' - t a M , ? M j,fi,,1-w ' r A r . , '19 , 2.55 . .1 9 'Q' ,Wi- wil rg 'b ' It . 3 X , h- ff, I f f " " 47 'L J , ff ws f r ' X' Ii:!.f'.ia 9' if Q V 84 Em 4 ' . . M Qlff ' - - ' ,. 53, V ,1 52222 V. 4. - S Q fjQ'3i'Ai' '- s 'M f - , , I hi . 'F A , 31 " A ' 2' .' l ' 'X i 5 1- '-' l 4 M- 5 Q ' " v QM -f M M ' r faflk, Q ,474 5 .. . 0 ff , TI, 4. 5 r , 1 f rs an 4 d A . , ., , f- f , -.-- , .- it b Q N . t 5 , 1 1 'A ' , Z' 'ia I Q 'i - . .VJ 9 K 1? AA,uv.A - ' ,fha ' , K 1329 ' 1 . ' 5-W , "' - .' f 1 G affc 'qs , 9' - C' -4 , '-. F aiu" ' -1 , . 59? , . Q x 15' N . . - fx , :Q Ev 'g r X , V ,J 'zfigj 3, 1 555,249 g,jf?'M 'X If : ' J 'gg ,f . ,. ' N Y 2 I '5..,':f'f Q ui", uf VV A t W A- wi wr if, ,1- Az I . V ,5 i I inn-5 J ., V , K V , ,Tm , ,Q t 31.2, 1 y , Firsf Row: Sharp, Sracy, Benoisf, Gowan, Henderson, Noel, Thomas Second Row: Boyefr, Doqan, Hooper, Winfer, Wi++y, Adkins, Aldridge. Third Row: Bar+le'r+, Bobo, Foose, Keefon, Marley, Marnnon, Saffold, Terry Fourfh Row: Long, Maynard, McLar+y, Gresham, Mlfchell, McGhee. Reeves Ruff. Fiffh Row: Sernrnes, Sfephenson, S+ewar+, Suarez, Threadgill, Varner, Wilson. Wi++y. O W MILTON PERRY Founded l904 Colors, Purple and Gold: Flower, WI1n're Carnahon, TI1ir+y-Hnree Ac+ive Chapfersg Alpha Sigma Chapfer es'rabIisI1ed I935 . i Q I 14p Cl lghla Ckapfel' 0 MEMBERS G-radua+es HAROLD BROWNSTEIN Graduate JIMMY FRIED Gradual CHARLES MARCUS Law I Sensors DOTSY COHEN MILTON PER RY Juniors MELVIN KRAUS Greenvnlle Vuclcsburq Joneslown Tunica Belzonu 0 0 ..........,....,,RoIIinqForl: Q BERNARD LAPIDES ........,.,... . CHARLES LEVINE I Sophomores MARVIN BACHARACH . , LOUIS GRITZ . . C Pledges MARVIN BROWNSTLIN ROBERT I-IIRSH , . I SEYMQUR LEVINSON Mvrnlwlwiw. LEO MARKS .... AVROME TOPOI I IIIHI Hernando Clarlcsdale Clarlrsdale . . Iulca Greenville , Tunica Tennessee Clarlcsdalo Greenvill P I EPSIL I l fini Sli -1' O Firsf Row: Brownsfein, Cohen, Fried, Levine, Perry. Second Row: Kraus Lapides, Marcus, Bacharachi, G-rifz. Third Row: Brownsfein, Hirsh, Levin, son, Marlfs, Topoi. ,Y ' gag,- .,. .fi 41 ,, , A s. fl. , I A 'L .. .Q Lv Iwi" , 1, Q' I I T I I I I I CURTIS RICHARDSON Founded, I852g Colors, Cardinal Red and Hun- ll I'er's Greeng Flower, Jacqueminol' Rose: Fiffy- I Iwo Acfive Chapiers, Mississippi Alpha CI1ap'rer esfablislwed l857 I H I I I HHH! T I T .X4 Ckaldtel' 0 MEMBERS Seniors WILLARD ALLRED , . . . JAMES H, BARRON . . . . . . ALBERT A. CANNELLA . . . . Whife HERMAN GANN . , JOHN C. RICHARDSON .... SAMUEL W. WAGGONER, III . . PAUL L. WRIGHT . . . , Hazellwursf Crysfal Springs Plains, New York . . . Oxford . Eallcner . Corlhaqe . . Gulipoff Juniors JOHN M,AUSTIN . . . . . . , . . Harpewille JAMES E. BROOKS . . . We-sl Helena. Arkansas GEORGE NOSSER . . . , . , Nafchez Sophomores CHARLES M. BOLEN . . . Clarlfsdale WILLIAM MURRI-IEY . . Oxford ROBERT SULLIVAN . Halfiesburil Pledges DANIEL BRELAND . . . Haffiesbuiq RAY EDWARDS . . . Riclwlon ARNOLD HAMMOND . . , . Winona MARSHALL JACKSON , . . Hardy, Arlansas JOHN PAT JONES . , I-Iallieslnurq CHARLES IEGGETT . . Jaclcson .lor Lori , . , . oulfpmi ROBERT PETERSON . Jonesboro, Arlcansas WILLIAM POST . . . Clarksdalo NICK SMITH , . . .... Picayune JACK SONNEMAN . Mc-mplnis, Te-nnessef lI!'I6I PHI PP Sl '!""" ff 'Hr ' R, E5 Flrsf Row: Allred, Barron, Cannella, Gann, Richardson. Second Row: Waqgoner, Wrlghl, Auslln, Broolcs, Nosser. Third Row: Murplwey, Sullivan, Breland, Hammond, Jackson. Fourfh Row: Jones, Leqqelr, Peferson, Posl, Smllln. 435' ,,,,.,p , ,U ' , Q W 16 . . -, rv' ' 1 r- l ' is F91 ' -L ,,,' li fy f 42,74 A TSC' .KSN " rr., P wr 'ku- LILLIAN NEWTON Founded, I874g Colors, Bronze, Pink and Blue: Flower, Cream-colored Rose: Fifly Aclive Chap- lers, Alpha Psi Chapler esfablislned I936 fig-. J4 ,cha lQSii Gkalafer 0 DORIS DANIELS RUTH FLEMING ELOISE FORD , GLADYS GORDON LILLIAN NEWTON MARGARET MAYS PATTERS DAISY BELLE SESSIONS GLORIA STRAUB ALLIE MARSHALL SAGE BETTY JANE COX MARY RITA DULANEY FRANCES ANN EXBY , BETTY HUGHES FRANCES CHARLES HUMP LILLIAN MCELROY , . , HELEN SAGE MAROUERITE ALDRIDOE EVELYN BOONE . , , MARY EDNA BROWN , L NATALIE CHADWICK , EMMA SHIRLEY CRAWLEY ELIZA CROZIER .,.., DOTT DILLARD , , , CAROLYN FLAGG . , JUNE GILLIS . I , FRANCES HAND . HELEN HOUSE . CHARLOTTE HUGHES . ALMA LAMB ,.,, KAY LIDDELL JOAN LOONEY ELIZABETH LOTT , MARTHA JEAN McBEE BILLYE ORR CONSTANCE PILKINGTON V,-LADYS RAMSAY DOT REED AGNES SIMMONS CATHRINE STEWART JEWEL HART STEWART JANE TUTTLE JANE WILLIAMS IONNE WIIIIAMS Seniors Ripley, Tennessee . , , . , .Grace , Houslon , , Belzonia . . . Wiggins ON , . . Benoit . . Bollon , Wiggins Junior , . Oxford Sophomores H REYS , Pledges IIRHI . . Prescoll, Arkansas , . . . , .Tunicia . . Memphis, Tennessee . . Memphis, Tennessee , . Porf Gibson , . Nafclnez , Bruce . . . . EsfIll Nashville, Tennessee , . . . Fulfon , . Haffiesburg . Kosciusko , . Erwin . . Tupelo . Gulfport Gulfporl Philadelphia , . Cleveland , Memphis, Tennessee ........Arnory Rockford, Illinois Nashville, Tennessee . . . , . ,Collins . , Greenwood Fullon . Artesia Carlnaqe Leland . . Hazellwursl , Houslon . Morlon Humboldl, Tennessee Mernphis, Tennessee Philadelphia 15, T 3' F if t ii 5 1 , 4 di 'i if i 4 QQ ,K fl gi f ' ' ml: f 5- , N 'Q' ' Z iv A L , , , 4. C s, 'EQ , T7 A w 4. 9 " o fm , N y ' 40- i 'W fa :fn- Firsf Row: Daniels., Flerninq, Ford, Gordon, Pellerson, Sessions, Sfraub Sayle. Second Row: Cox. Dulaney, Exby, l-luglies, l-lunnplireyi McElroy Sage, Aldridge. Third Row: Boone, Brown, Cliadwiclr, Crawley, Crozier Dillard, Flaqq, Gillis. Four+h Row: I-land, I-louse, I-luqlnes, Lamb, Liddell Looney, Loll, McBee, Orr. Fifflw Row: Pillinqlon, Ramsay, Reed, Sirnrnons C. Slewarl, J. Slewarlr, Tulfle, J. C, Willianis, J, Williams, jg , -as ge I 4 'f'i, V 'v I A X I? 'i 1 ii i 6 .f RUTH RAY Founded, l888g Colors, Silver, Blue and Gold: Flower, Pansy, Eighly-seven Aclive Chaplers, Chi Clnapler eslablislwed I904 CAROLYN PUGH INEZ CHISOLM FRANCES GARRETT ALICE HARTON REBECCA MATTHEWS MARY COOPER MILLER FRANCES PATTY MARTHA POLK RUTH RAY MAISIE STAGOERS CORNELIA TRICE , . MARTHA WADE JAMIE BOGGAN DOROTHY CRUMPLER ANN DUKEMANIER BETTY C-RANBERRY , , ELIZABETH HIGHTOWER KATHRYN MAI HOFFMAN JANE HOWELL JANE PARK HELEN PIGFORD SUSAN SHELTON ELIZABETH SHIPLEY CHARLOTTE TOLLEY MARY JANE EATMAN MARY MARTHA PRESLEY VIRGINIA CROZIER MARY ALICE FULTON . MIMI RANSOM CHERRY SISK VIRGINIA WITTJEN JANE ADAMS MARY EDNA ADAMS AGNES ANNE ANDERSON ELLEN ROSE BATSON LILLIAN JOAN BEACHAM JOYCE BLOMODIST ANNE BROWN Cai Clalafer 0 M E M B E R S Seniors Juniors Sophomores Pledges JEANNE ELIZABETH DONOVAN , LAURA LEE DRANE HELEN FRANCES DUKE JOYE EASON JANE MICHAEL FINNEY MAE ELEANOR FREEMAN ANNIE PEARL GILLIAM ELIZABETH LANEY RUTH MECAIN MARY ELIZABETH MILEOD DOROTHY ROSE MANCILL SUSAN MONTGOMERY THEODOSIA PORTER MARY ELIZABETH REDDING CREED ROBINSON MARY LOU ROGERS EIIZABETH SISK SALLY BYRANT STONE IYNETTE TUCKER ADA RUTH WEILENMAN NEL BOLEYN WHELESS HOLLAND FALKNER WILLIAMS LOTTIE FAIR WREN ll9Ul Senalobia , Porl' Gibson , Cleveland Tullalworna, Tennessee , Earl, Arkansas Earl, Arkansas Cliflonville . Halliesburq , , .Canlon Wesl Poinf . lndianola , . Oxford . , . , Tupelo Dyersburq, Tennessee . , . . , .Wesf Point . . . . . . Laurel . , Halliesburq , . Halfiesburq , . Meridian , A A . . Leland . . , . . Meridian Columbia, Tennessee , , . . . Canton Columbia, Tennessee . Hafliesburg . . Clarksdale Columbia, Tennessee . . Waslwlnqlon, D. C. , Nashville, Tennessee , , , . . New Albanv . Holly Springs Tupelo , . , Corinln , Earl, Arkansas Gullporl . Louisville Por? Gibson . , , Wafer Vallev . Halfiesburq Dyersburg, Tennessee . . Hallie-sburq . . Tupelo Louisville, Kenlucky , . , Laurel Hallleslaurq . , ,.,., Tupelo . , . , .Clarksdale . Dyersburg, Tennessee , . . . Indianola . . Inverness , Clarksdale . Memphis, Tennessee , . ,Waterford , , Tupelo . , . Oxford Coffeeville Blyllweville, Arkansas , Shaw Hnlllesburq . Oxford . Tupelo DE LTA , ,uw fm. A '- 1 6 4:15 3 if fi, Q' Q -'24 DELTA DELT an 'Q' S in 'C .3f?mvRf"",. arf W, Q . Jr, . K- . f , ' YD fl: 'A 'I - , sa. B S- 5. Gt R -W 1 4 as 4 ' ' ' 3 ' A is ' " , r.. W ' x A 'Y i I' ? "' vw K Z' . A i ' ' . 4- ' ,I Y I V : r r 6. Q, -A l f 'sg e ng 1- is - 5 5 ' g s.. ii A : A ' " M 6' s - 1 ,' Q Q W ' 741- , , T' , 5 S 7 r fl 'I O Firsi' Row: Pugh, Clwisolrn, Garreff, I-larfon, Malllwews, Miller, Paffy, Poll Slaqgers, Trice, Wade. Second Row: Bogqan, Crumpler, Dulceminier. Granberry, l-liqlwlower, Hoffman, Howell, Park, Piqford, Slnellon, Shipley. Tolley, Third Row: Eaiman, Presley, Crozier, Fullon, Ransom, Sislr, Wiflien Adams, Anderson, Bafson, Beaclwam, Donavan. Fourfln Row: Drane, Eason, Freeman, Gilliam, Laney, McLeod, Wlieless, Brown, McCain, Monlqomery, Porler, Robinson, Fifflw Row: Adams, Blomquisf, Dulce, Finney, Mancill Redding, Rogers, Sislr, Slone. Weilenman, Williams, Wren, 'Q WE' ru fx Mia Mia Zalafer MEMBERS ' O 1 MARJORY BIGGART Seniors Rim Bmiowo . . . . A . Beysf. Louis KATE HAMLEY .,... . Lake Providence, Louisiana ANNIE GLENN JOHNSON . , . . Baie-sville . Juniors MARJQRY BIGGART . Mullim, Wee? Virginia MILDREEI CPESSWELL . . Joclmon ROWENA MUSSELWHITE . . . Jaclrson l-lELEN MOORE , . l-lelena, Arkansas Founded, I907g Colors, Old Rose and Vieux Green, Flower, Pinlc Killarney Rose: Sixfy-one Ac- 'rive Cl'1ap+ersg Bela Befa Chapfer established 0 I927 Pledges ELQRENCE CANNON . . . Friars Poinf MARIE CASE . - L Ffwffffe BETTY JOHNSON . Piovidencv, Louisiana LAVONNE LAIPL' . . Jackson CAROL NEWSQM , , Columbia Sa- l 1 1 1 ' 5 ll in 'L WILMA NLWSQJM . LMILY THWLAT, MAPY VVOOU n 193 l . Lucy, . . Elaine, Columbia Tennewee Arkansas ELT ET Firsf Row: Beniqno, Hanoney, Johnson, Cresswe-H. Second Rowg Moore, Musselwhife, Cannon, Case, Johnson. Third Row: Laird, C. Newsom, Wf Newsom, Thweaf, Wood. "'1',?' sa-4 'Q al'l'Ll'l'l,6l lean Ckdptel' 0 W ! , M E M B E R s .2 If, Q, , . : A Q, is 0 e',c. 'fn Seniors CATHRINE STEVEN5 PEGGY CHERRY . . , . . . Wiggins BILLIE LEGGETT , . Blyfheville, Arkansas O Juniors MARY AGNES STEVENS . ,.,... Coahoma CATHRINE STEVENS . , . Lalre Charles, Louisiana O Sophomore FRANCES PERRY . Washinqfon, D. C. Founded, l898g Colors, Turquoise Blue and Sfeel . Gray: Flower, Whife Viole+, Delia Gamma Chap- +er es+ablishecl I938 Pledges PEGGY BIRDSEYE , , , Aberdeen VIRGINIA BREYTSPRAAK Memphis. Tennessee JOAN BRGWN . . Y Chaffanooqa, Tennessee LESTINE CONNER , .... Columbia JOY FERGUSON . Memphis, Tennessee AMY GILTNER . . , Mefnpnie, Tennessee VIRGINIA HAMMETT . . Shaw ,JOYCE LITTON . Shaw LUCILLE LITTON , , , . . Benoif CAROLINE PASCOE Birmingham, Alabama EVELYN PERRY . , . Tupelo BETTY ROTHCHILD Oxford FRANCES SAUNDERS . Como KATHERINE WEIS . Vaiden Il9-il f 1 TAU LP f V fix 'x- A.. 54 ii' 6 Firsf Row: Cherry, Leqqeff, Fanf, Perry, Birdseye. Second Row: Breyf- spraal, Conner, Ferguson, Gllfner, Harnmefi, J. Liffon. Third Row: L. Lifion, Pascoe, Perry, Rofhcnifd, Saunders, Weis, x uv-X, in G. 'v Q 1 i 1 A 1 5 I , D4 Aa u CZ., ref P lf' MARTHA GERALD, Law I EVELYN ANDERSON UDINE BURNS BOBBIE NETT RORTER EVELYN WILLIAMSON LEE ANDERSON BETTE CONGDON LOUISE FRAZIER DEXTER JOHNSON AMANDA SWIFT CHARLOTTE BORGWARDT BETTYE BRUECK BETTY MCCHESNEY SUE SMITH MARY BRYAN TATE CAROLYN TROLIO ANNE WADLINGTON ANN FINCH MISSIE ALEXANDER BOBBYE ARCENEAUX CORRINE BAOGETT JEANNE BUCHANAN MARIAN CHAMPION MILDRED COOK MARY ALVA COOPER AMY ELLEDGE MIRIAM HORNE HELEN HYDE NORMA KELLNER JANE KLINDWORTH PERCY MARLOW BETTY OBERST DORIS PALMER NANCY REED MEMBERS Graduates Seniors Juniors Sophomores Freshman Pledges BILLYE MARGARET ROGERS BETTY JO STARK JEAN WHITTINGTON GENE WINGO DOROTHY WOODWARD MARY LOUISE WRIGHT HELEN WYLIE ll96I Leland Hammond, Louisiana . , . Drew . Gulfport Mason, Tennessee . Corinth Kenosha, Wisconsin . Oxford . . Belmont Memphis, Tennessee Vicksburg . , Forrest Helena. Arkansas Ripley Oxford , Canton Memphis, Tennessee Iuka Columbia, Tennessee Bay Sl. Louis Oxford McComb Greenville McComb Forest Red Bay, Alabama Gulfport Indianola Greenville , Earl, Arkansas Indianola Tiirre-II Arkansas Forest Silver City Falkncr Lebanon, Tennessee Memphis Tennessee Oxford , Oxford Vicksburg Chicago, Illinois KAPP ELT Fi '15 T - 1- 6- , 5421, , .Z-Ysrwzxx fv- L, U' ix C -0 3 Q -r-, , ffm-- YU! f. T' 'nr Firsf Row: Anderson Burns, Porler, Williamson, Anderson, Conqdon Frazier, Johnson. Second Row: Swifl, Borqdwardl, Brueclr, Finch, Mc' Chesney Smifh, Tale Trolio. Third Row: Wadlingfon, Alexander Arceneaux, Baqgell, Buchanan, Champion, Coolr, Cooper, Fourfh Row Elledge, l-lorne, l-lyole, Kellner, Klindworlh, Marlow, Obersl, Palmer. Fiffh Row: Reed, Rogers, Slarlc, Whillinqlon, Winqo, Woodward, Wriqhl, Wylie E ar '- ,gm -v 'Q ww, IDK QQ, Q I I I I l I Founded, I852g Colors, Rose and Whifeg Flower, Enchanfress Carnafiong Alpha Delfa Chapfer es- ' +ablsShed l924 I I Q4 .mega Chaldfel' MEMBERS EUGENIA BRAMLET HELEN CHILDRESS DORIS MIDDLETON NELL MURRAY MARY LEE SNEED MARJORIE BLACK MARALYN HOWELL MARTHA LEE LYLES EILEEN PATTERSON GERTRUDE PEPPER WILMA SHAW RUTH SNEED SHIRLEY HARKINS CHARLOTTE RUTH JENNINGS BETTY MULLEN MARY LYNN ROBBINS DOROTHY BENNET VIRGINIA BURTNETTE EDYTHE CHILDRESS SYLVIA D'ORR . . PATRICIA FAHERTY JULYA LEWIS DOROTHY LILES EMILY MQLENDON ROSEMARY MIDDLETON EVELYN MORGAN ROSEMARY OWENS FRANCES PHELPS PEGGY PENDERGRAST ELIZABETH POOLEY MARGARET REED MARY JOYCE ROBINSON WILL MARY SIMRALL ROSE MAE SIMS JOYCE SMITH HELEN SPARWASSER IANE STIGLER MARY SUE STIREWALT MARY ELIZABETH TREVILION Seniors Juniors Sophomores Pledges IIQRI Oxford Salarfia Jackson Pascagoula Oxford OxfOrG Oxford Oxford I-Iafliesburq Vaughan Jackson Oxford Tuscumbia, Alabama Crenshaw Oxford Oxford Wafer VaIIeI Memphis, MemphIS Memphis New Orleans Colurvbfsg Memphis Jfgrmho Collicrvlller Los Anqehfs, CrawfordsviIIeA Tennessefs Safarfia Marks Tennessee Safarfia Tennessee Indianola Louisiana Tennessee Tunlca Lexfnqlor Ti'nncSSGE' Manor- Plcawun Arlansas Satarfra Booncvlhz Tennessee California Drew Arkansas Marks 4 5- , 1 ,I 5 Q., ,J x Firsf Row: Bramlell, Childress, Middleton, Sneed, Taylor, Blaclf, Howell. Second Row: Lyles, Pallerson, Pepper, Slwaw, Sneed, l-larlcins, Jennings, Third Row: Robbins, Sims, Childress, D'Orr, Lewis, Owens, Simrall. Fourfh Row: Bennell Pooley, Burlnelle, Falwerly, Liles, McLendon, Micldlelon Morgan. Fifih Row: Plwelps, Penderqrasl, Reed, Robinson, Smiflw, Spar- wasser, Slirewall, Trevilion. 7" -'DS ,- C' 'V 'S l fs., 'G' BITTIE PULLER Founded, l895g Colors, Cardinal and Slrawg Flower, While Carnafionq Eiglily-seven Aclive Chapfers, Tau Cliapler eslablished l899 X. all Kkapfel' Professional School RUTH ANDERS, Med. ll Seniors ERIN TAYLOR CLAYTON Tupelo JIM ALICE COCKRELL , Hazelhursf SUGAR BRADLEY Yazoo City DOTTIE CONDITT , Gulfport DORIS DULANEY , Ruleville BESS GREEN A Jackson BETTY FIELDS Tupelo COCO GEE . Carrollton ANNE I-IARGRAVE . , , Jackson MARTHA I-IEWITT , , I McComb DOLLIE HUGHES .Greenwood SARANETTE MCPETERS , . . Corinln MARGARET McWILLlAMS . Gulfporf NORMA MONAGHAN Memphis, Tennessee PATSY PARKER . . . . . Jackson BITTIE PULLER , 7 Starkville SUSAN ROGERS . Greenwood LUCILE REDDOCH . Greenwood TOT SWAYZE . . . Yazoo Cify MIRIAM SELF , Marks Juniors MARTHA BISHOP . . Oxford BETTY BOBO , Clarksdale BETTY BARNER . Cleveland MARGIE BRADLEY , I Aberdeen RUTH HAYES . Clarksdale RUTH NELL KUYKENDALL Cnarleslon JEANNE HOWIE Jackson DOT KEYES . Oxford EVA LILLIAN McBEE Greenwood MARGARET McLEAN Blaine FLOSSIE MARS Philadelphia EVELYN MOORE . Clarksdale MARY MOORE Clarksdale CAROLINE REED Mobile, Alabama MARGARET WILSFORD Lula Sopliomores SARA BLEWETT Nalcne: FRANCES JEAN CRUISE Jackson MAI EAGER Jackson FANCT-ION HAMPTON Lake Village, Arkansas LOUISE PULLEN Jackson MARY ROSS Jackson RUTH STILLIONS Rorne Pledges ROBERTA ALFORD Rolling Fork JOSEPI-IINE ASHCRAFT Greenwood LOUISE AVENT Grenada MARY NOEL BAIRD Clarksdale MARY FRANCES BEARD Tupelo MARTHA ANNE BRETT Jackson BETTY BRIDGFORTH Nesbill JO BURNHAM Magee BETTY BUTTS Oxford UNA CALDWELL Jackson DICEY CARR Yazoo Cilx CAROLYN CLEMENT Ponfoloc SUE FARRIS , Yaroo Cin TILLIE FRIEND Sardls MAME ORAVLEE Tupelo DOTTIE HALL New Albanv BETTY HOPKINS Gulfporf AGNES JOHNS . Corinth ELIZABETH JONES ,Jackson SARA STIGLER LEAR Greenwood ELIZABETH MQGEORGE Mwnphis. Tennessee RUTH McHUGH Baffin Rouge, Louisiana CATHRINE OLDEN Yazoo Cilv LAURA PAGE Slarkville MARY ANN PEARCE Greenwood JULIA POSEY Yazoo Cifv JEAN SIMMONS Ndlcher ROSE STONE Oxford MINNIE CAMPBELL SYKES Jackson CVENE THOMAS Clafksaale SUSAN THOMPSON Jackson BUSY WALTON Jackson I 200 I ,rf v F : 1 E ' l in U' ii I 6: U ff . ' i sf 6 ip .- , 5 A J' 0' f , 5 l - K y f,a'v" 'i 4 ' ' i ,J V x, l ks i S R , i, ,I P , ' 1- 'f 1. 6- I, , i 1 f -f V S' . . " , , . L- ' C I , - - W C- i+,- ' , I i B il 5 l i:Ql . uf' as fff' .3 si.-D .,y,, 0, .5 , rf' , -A f K 3: if! , 0 Q P P 6, i .Ki 2 bi phi if B ' ie I x 4 , 2 in 1 wi- A ' Q33 if . f , - A ' N ,f 1 Tis if Q gr 1 -1 ' "ff: P' " 1 . ' ' jf - ' wr , , ', , on 5' i . 'S 6- 4 " -1. 'Q ' L' 'i .Ly ' ' , - ' V , 3 - 5 2 ,W Firsl' Row: Anders, Clayfon, Coclcrell, Condiff, Dulaney, Green, Fiel Gee, Hargrayes, Hewiff, Hughes, McPelers. Second Row: McWilliams, Monaghan, Parlfer, Reddoch, Rogers, Sell, Swayze, Barner, Bishop, Bobo, Bradley, Hayes. Third Row: Howie, Keyes, Kuylcendall, McBee, McLean Mars, E. Moore, M, Moore, Reed, Wilsford, Blewelf, Cruise. Fourfh Row: Eager, Hamplon, Pullen, Ross, Sfillons, Caldwell, McHugh, Beard, Bridge- forfh, Burnham, Clemenl, Ferris. Fifih Row: Hall, Hopkins, Jones, Mc- George, Olden, Page, Posey, Sylces, Thompson. Baird, Carr, Johns. Sixfh Row: Lear, Pearce, Thomas, Alford. Ashcrafl, Avent Bre++, Bulls, Friend ds, Graylee, Simmons, Slone, Walfon. Q. we f I .1 -F ' 4? 1, 6 K- :, v ,iff-1, : . ian X. J if , .a , WD, ,L 5. si. , p- ri '- 3' ' 3 S323 ,Vi 5- 1 4 Tv V 4 'yi V sf A , I , X-v -.V ,, L. R "q ' --- Y-' i' 5 ' vu l ,I l ,. x - Q 5: 'I N' ' ' Q.. iv - ' i 17 'A V K ,ur , g,.f, iff?-'E' ' was 'h'i5f.w'1i5 i 4' " , m fg, 5' . '15 Y , . 'cv li , ' , M 'sv 1-fi' V' MV - , igsf 'if I I I I I I I I I I 4E l I I I I I III HI IH QII1 I I L91 II I I . L9 'wr EQEQEEES ,I 4 A- 3 r . 1? s I 4 J it 1 i W-X Fun! Raw: Sxsk, Bernacchn, Burr, Cohen. Comstock. Dalv, Snmzd Kun: Davis. Gex. Greemch, Hen HONEY BRITT ...... DONALD COMSTOCK, JR DOTSY COHEN CHARLES CONERLY JEROME DALY J. W. DAVIDSON PAUL DAVIS BILL ERICKSON Mxller. llvnd Run: Mmes. B. Poole, R. Poole, Shelbv, bpxcer, Smnth, Thorsev. lwmrflv Run: Tmslev. VUeN1. Xwhltaker, XVOOCI. XVOO v. THE LUB d d Wright. N andell, . President BOB BERNOCCHI . . . . . . . . . . Treasurer FRANK THORSEY . . . CHERRY SISK .... ......... S ponsor MEMBERS EMILE GEX DUKE GREENICH ED HENSON HERMIT JONES JERRELL JONES DALE MEYERS DICK MILLER IZO ALBERT MOSES BARNEY POOLE RAY POOLE c. B. SPICER, JR. LEONARD STAGG JOHN SHELBY 5' Bon, Jones. Nleyerm. . . . . . Secretary . . Sergeant-at-Arms ROGER TINSLEY BUDDY WEBB DAN WOOD RAY WOODWARD PAUL LEE WRIGHT BOB YANDELL HEAD COACH HARRY MEHRE THE CUAEHINE STAFF Coach Harry Mehre, his assistants, Goat Hale, Wobble Davidson, joe Dildy, and Tad Smith must be credited with doing a masterful job this past season. True, games were lost, but a greater victory was won over the odds of defeatism and overwhelming manpower. If nothing more than the scores were scanned then Ole Miss had a bad year, but deeper than this goes the spirit, the hopes of the students behind the team, and the will of the team to win. Our losses this year was the Armed Forces gain, for over thirty athletes are now in serviceg putting into use the will to win against all odds, taught on the gridiron of Ole Miss. Even the coaches went into the service, for by the middle of Feb- ruary only Nlehre and Hale were left to continue ath- letics. s ASSISTANT COACH HALE BACKFIELD COACH SMITH L f J -fix LINE COACH DILDY 'FP' END COACH DAVIDSON TRAINER HUTSON v Eg 2 A S' . ii' MANAGER MOSES Z A WESTERN KENTUCKY TEACHERS The Rebels of Ole Miss opened the season with a 39 to 6 vic- tory over the Western Kentucky Teachers. Led by their sopho- more star, Charlie Conerly, the Rebs scored the first marker in just four plays. Scoring for the Rebels were Thorsey, Wood- ward, Smith, Yandell and Thibault. Frank Thorsey, the lankey Yankee from Connecticut showed excellent form in scoring two of the Rebel tallies. In the line the three veterans, Wood, Britt, and Meyers, constantly tore gapping holes in the Kentucky forewall for our offensive to function. Scoring for Kentucky on a 91 yard sprint was Lou Cullen-the only threat of their offensive. Showing promise for the cm miii ing games, the Rebs seemed to be up to the standards of former years. LEIGH ADKINS Center BOB BERNACCHI Tackle EEUHEETUWN Journeying to Washington for their next game, the Rebels battled the Georgetown Hoyas, but met with defeat. Even after the impressive start over last week's rival, the Rebs found themselves on the short end of a 14 to 6 score. Finding the Hoyas too fast and deceptive, the Rebels gained only 7 first downs to the Hoyas 14. Leading the attack were Yandell and Jones. In the line Bernacchi and Wood stood out, tearing holes in the forward wall of Georgetown time and time again. Tired by the long trip North, playing their first night game of the season, the Rebs were sadly in need of more seasoning. So with one win and one loss, they about- faced and came home to play Georgia the coming week end. OSCAR BRITT IEROME DAI.Y PAUI. DAVIS sl A l I .X HUNTER GATER Glmnf Bark Lrrirrr fri-.Inf Woodward downs a man. , "' 7 'iqlr me ,Y Fun. ,L- , ' S STUART HAMIAEY Guiml .tribe HERMIT JONES Tucklc Y .I Si. '17 L l l'iARl.EY GREENICH 1'ullb.1.'k QT 'I is T I , 1 - HARDY HENRY Fflli 'f - ' . X52 if-Q,mgif"i Q vw wlzaw ax. 2i1Tf?'fi? J fy ff irfxtwg ' ' A .4 ' Y,.',1a,,i.' 5 A Q ziiii. ' ' Vu' ,Q ' 1 . , 3 1 34,- 'LA ff 1.-V X l S D.3xll' lNll'N l PS lruifm' i is With the season well under way, the Rebels find themselves facing the South's finest DICK MILLER Lefl H.1!lb.1clq team. Led by All-American, Frankie Sinkwich, and an equally adept Charlie Trippe, Georgia's powerhouse and Rose Bowl Champs scored seven times on the outplayed, outnumbered Rebs. Today for the first time the grandstand quarterback could see what reserve strength meant. Britt and Conerly kept the defeat from being a white- Q wash with two spectacular runs. Britt scrambling 60 yards with an intercepted pass and Conerly on a fast deceptive play running 81 yards to score our second and last tally. OLIVER Poole Tarkle I Q 1, g A , . .f v-I li Q I sf I I, ,?4.J3,.,j N I J fails I 1' , N -' Z l'Hll III' POOl,lf RAY POOI If lfI.I IS SAI I OUIVI H. .-X. SMITH I FONARD STAGG fl mf I' ml Uu.1rJ Emf Imfl H.1lffr.1tk Wood blocks three men. e'5EfQL, .. I, .xrxxigf , X K . ,F M it HH I, 5ll1XY'n'XllI IAIIYIN 'I HHS.-Xl ll 'I fiimuf i"nHf'.1-L A I I 7 ' 1 Ht,-XNK 'llliilfhl Y lilllllli 'xlillill f.,,,1 r,H,'.1 Q . ,,, - A ' .A ug E , y i-ff--R -w o - . . -fQ..27-Bid I 1 'vpitif ' M ' ' I 4. 4 W, ' .fi -ff-Q use 2 - ii" 'W e', 19' f an -, W .41 , . A ff, 7- 1-. ' f.,,- M.. aio ,Q V .-, ,M . Y f als- f 4 ' ,fel N ,, W qnxnyi' 4 Xa""".sf: g if JL: f is J Y' "' V 1 , a Q, Q g NBQSLKQQQQA ,q It 1, I - A '- f if ,M ,' .ij . w K 914.1 . M . t .., . , " f , 9' 3: 1 ffsfffffi .-'vt ,D . 1 V 1 gr ti p '3 ,ji ,A 5-we ,Q .5 , we ja Q- . rj. sh , A 5, X. i l , 4. 1, 1 fi: 4 4' 1 M Ja- ' 'ai ?.! IAQ lima. 1 ..., A, ' Coach Mehre looks worried. ...GAME With Yandell on the sidelines nursing a hip injury and Conerly put on ice in the first quarter with a broken nose, the Rebels saw the breaks go against them to lose to the Bengals by the score of 21 to 7. Troubled by injuries the Rebs were powerless to keep the Bengals in hand. Stagg brought back to mind the days of Red Hovius, and his L. S. U. rampages, when he gathered in a Tiger kick in the second quarter and scampered 57 yards for the Red and Blue's only score. Britt playing in the line and kicking extra points was doing more than his share of ruining opposing plays. . s D.-XX I: XX HIT.AlxITR 7.1-Uv 1 2- ff K NATF XX'IIl1.-XIXISON Tm kfe Stagg Smears the play. CHARLIQS CONlfRl.Y DAN XVOOD ROBERT YANDlfl.l, VERNON R, PrEl.l. OSCAR l5UCl"lANAN Hulfbu-'k Cfntcr H.1lfbank ARKANSAS EAIVIE For the second time in a span of three years the Porkers de- feated the Rebels by a one point margin, coming from behind to do it. The Rebs score came with Conerly carrying the ball to the three and Fid jones taking it over. Britt's kick was blocked, which proved to be the decisive point in the game. For Arkansas was able to score and the spectators saw Cialone calmly kick the extra point, giving the Porkers the lead in a 7 to 6 score. So ended the game's scoring. 1 I 5 .. 1 's 4 x W Q- X Yx.' 5 A A - W" ,MA 3 . x ,A XX Q. ,s N-.,fvN - A .V X' ,H A f" I ,M A A tr? Q. I W -f ' I ,x 4 A 2 "K I , X s ' ' W' NX-U Q' I - ' ,i z lg fins, A ., 1 x f xi- . x .gk -- ' 5. 4 N, w I- xy! 1 1 an ' Q I u U ,H X!,.,, 5. Q , , R - QR I in M' rx xp, H5041 v. 2, .f 'fi ,Q f ' l 5 ,X .nm x s vnkm' .-.. -. me h..,2-'-A 413, W ff. ,,..,,,, W- fe A 3 ., iw.-, b ,lpxgv .. X .4 V , 7735 4 , yt!-jjj"-' -flu: LY: M Af' df f 7-37 iff A K" "-1 W f' , Ili?--wr" 3 V 4.3.- iv. C . . or .nan f-N 5 VANDERBILT GAME Seeking their first conference win of the season, the Rebels invaded Memphis to play Vanderbilt. With Webb and Woodward out, Britt nursing a hurt elbow, superior manpower proved to be the difference between victory and defeat. On a muddy field, Vander- bilt defeated the Ole Miss Rebels 19 to 0. The Rebels backs were a constant threat, and at times it seemed as if the Ole Miss squad might earn an upset, but Vandy had the breaks and all the Reb gains were of no avail. Even in defeat, though, Captain Dan Wood showed championship technique in breaking up Vandy offense, both on the ground and in the air. Fumbles were frequent, but the Vandy boys seemed to have a larger supply of glue than I-Iarry's boys. Stagg stops the play. it . Q rrl'QO'1 ' ' ' 'W 'P I F 2 ,.-: Q, -mi-ru 1 Q ' 1 A -45- LX' cs? .,,n, If . '55 f 4 ir tx f Conerly stops one the hard way on him viii, we Q ,144 x 1' F K .ull K TOl l IS D ARlVlOiNlD FVFRFTTF HARPER T i FORREST PAGE BILLY PFNNEI. ANGELO VARALLO JAMES FORTENBERRY ff'?'?W"Wfk' , fu Q A I Q , Q, ,f-ryifffiffxfr fl M . AW Qyrxtggfw. ' "fi x i' iw ,- R' YR M25 v 2 .,..- f'.sF"?" ' ' ,, V ,,.. X ,, , V , I .ke , , ,. rr 5 I-,F J ff . sv' ff' ' ah if 'bv ' ' , 2 ,, , ,cf .5 ge, S . 4. A I, - iii l , 1 ff? 'Q A ' ff 3. f so . tif" 'I I NFC. I ROY Cl ARK 4 "' Rf -Q l P 3 Rl W NO! DS KRAII A 1 1 -nv 4 ya E-D HORNL j-Rfk ki-STFRSON ROBERT McCAlN ESSEE Underdogs and weak with injuries the Rebs journeyed back to Memphis to be defeated by Tennessee 14 to 0 Gwen little more than a chance to play the whole game, the Rebs surprised many a person by holding the supposedly powerful Tennes seans to a mere two touchdowns. Britt and Wood, playing 60 minute ball games, never seemed to tire of throwing backs for losses. Stagg was the offensive star for the Rebs. 45' 5 n Q Thorsey , Q, 5. , 4 ---wt' v?f'-'L I S, I . w r flffrf ii, S nf? gf- , ' . . e - -QV, - S - 5,344 ,tis -'f'-ppfwr ' I ke -,VF ly , 3 .J . .-. " f r I l nan.. 'l"f"ff' 'ADH A N '- 9... But i MISSISSIPPI STIITE Seeking revenge for the past year's upset, the team met Mississippi State at Starkville in their last game of the season. Scoring the first touchdown, the Red and Blue was in a position for the South,s biggest upset of the day. Daly set up the first touchdown of the Rebels by an 18 yard run. Greenich moved the ball to the 12 on the next play. Several plays later Greenich plunged over for the first tally of the game. But by the end of the half the score stood 14 to 14. Coming back the second half the Rebs were worn down, again needing reserve strength, and by the final whistle, fans saw the score read 34 to 14 in favor of State. Never in the whole season had the team played harder with every player giving all he had. So ended the season 2 wins 7 losses. 1. , 1 7 L nv 1 'Q -an .-mc K ' A 71 ,A bs xi Q Q KP? .Q 'fr 9 K fa? ,mn N s - A-Q O ' . 4 I W 4 P' glib. in Q A C M, Wy ' ',, . fv, ,MZ -1-.1 g ' F K S X3 Y .M - i U . YJ ' 3 ' 0 B' ' WY. K .J 'B ' 1 S . a 's 1. A y X g..Qf- sm , 'f , 1,.4 v ' 1 I' 4 gb W, - If , X fa . .mv ,I J li-fig, 1 5 r BASKETBALL Pounding the floor for Ole Miss was one of the best teams in four years. Playing a full time schedule, the team started the season with little practice, but improving as the season wore on, they held their losses down to 6 and boosted their wins to 8 in conference games. Coached the first time this year by Coach Hale. the team had the spirit and fire. to become a recognized contender for the best team in the South. Leading the scoring was Ray Poole, but Ray Woodward ran close second. Anchor man was Ray Poole, being flanked by Henson and Davis on the guard positions. Davis forced out of the game at mid-season by an operation, was replaced by lVlcCain, who proved to be more than just a reliable understudv. Captained by Ed Henson. the team was well rounded, and lost only on the breaks going against them. One of the high points of the season was when the team ran over the "lVlighty" Key Field Bomers, by a score of 66 to Sl. The work of Goat Hale needs praising for it was his Hrst try at the Hardwood-well done. As usual the coaches of the teams put on good shows-tearing their hats, shouting. and missing the bench. :zum Ray Woodward Dick Miller . . Ray Poole . . Ed Henson . . Paul Davis . . Robert McCain Angelo Varallo Leonard Stagg Oliver Poole . Barney Poole . Olando Goldman . . Doug Hamley . Philip Poole . Oscar Buchanan Fleming Poole . Forrest Page . Ed Horner . PLAYERS SCHEDULE . . . . . . Forward . Forward . . Center . Guard . Guard . . Guard . . Guard . Forward . . Center . , . Guard . Forward . Forward . Forward . . Forward . Guard . Forward . . M ana ger Ole Ole Ole Ole Ole Ole Ole Ole Ole Ole Ole Ole Ole Ole Ole Ole Ole Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Florida . Florida , . L. S. U. , Tulane . . L. S. U. . Tulane . . Vanderbilt Alabama . Miss. State Miss. State Blytheville Miss. State Key Field Alabama . Miss. State Air Base Middleton Air Base Georgia . I SCHEDULE Apr. 2-Ole Miss Alabama . 5 Apr. 3-Ole Miss Alabama 8 Apr. 6-Ole Miss Illinois Wesleyan 17 Apr. 13-Ole Miss Louisiana Tech 8 Apr. 14-Ole Miss Louisiana Tech 5 Apr. 20-Ole Miss Tulane , , 4 Apr. 21-Ole Miss Tulane . , 9 Apr. 24-Ole Miss Alabama . 8 Apr. 25-Ole Miss Alabama . 7 Apr 29-Ole Miss Miss. State 6 Apr 30-Ole Miss Miss. State . 8 May 7-Ole Miss Columbus Air Base 17 May 8-Ole Miss Columbus Air Base 2 May 4-Ole Miss L. S. U. I2 May 5-Ole Miss L. S. U. , 4 1942 baseball at Ole Miss was not merely a season of losses, but one of bad defeats. Winning only four games out of fifteen played the 5 D season saw heart-breaking errors go against the Rebels Coming into his own as a pitcher this year was big Ray Poole, who pitched many of the games but saw the breaks go against him. As on the gridiron, Poole stood out: pitching in his own self-styled manner he brought many a hand from the fans. Pitching was a sore spot with the team for there was a hearty need for more pitchers. "Iron Man" jake Propst held down the first base slot all season with no relief, and was clean-up man in the batting order. Alternating with Duke Greenich at catcher's position, Spike Spicer was the sparkplug of the team-ai- ways talking, always wise-cracking, he was one of the most valuable as- sets the team possessed. Most colorful of all however, was Hovious with his flashy perfected style of playing. as- -,-.,. ,4, .- ,jf I, V ,fxmsz-4' tif Manager Emile Gex C 142' ' .IJ Jyi J I ,, . , , if f :Avg 4 "f'a,,,3W " 'ig' , . :,MZg?'ff?'.,, -e r f' ,ifwt 1 v , 'ijt R -J 'Aix 'fiiikf f 1 , yQf,.,,,,,?5,4,- - ,qw 'K - ',,AL,9-HA: Q-I-11. , , .,11.w-. 5 was av ..A. . .F - 'eff G 3? ,gl , , "Ji, , , JMX , 'VW iffflil f ' r 'Z 'CY' ' ' if ef? 1 xg: 'fm 'T 4 ' "i4'i1,fi 'Q-,if 'i ff? . if,'fQlf?5' I f R 4.4 up , 4 t .5 A 'WS ' . .353 if it" , ' X R frfast - , 47" 1 ' :fjfPfE'-'f,ff,- w 3 -IES! .- 4 PLAYERS Soggy Sweat, Second Baseg Bill Erick- D 3 J 17 son, Center Field' junie Hovius, Short 2 Y Q 1 12-1 Stopg Charlie Marctis, Catcherg Duke ' .- Greenich, Catcherg Larry Hazel, Third , 9- Baseg Robert Keller, Left Fleldg jake ... Propst, First Baseg Ray Poole, Pitcher: , ' . . 1 I' Robert Yandell, Pitcherg Spike Spicer, . . r f Catcherg Fleming Poole, Third Base: Phil Frye, Right Fieldg Bostick Mink, ' Right Fieldg Dotsy Cohen, Second 1 . E f Baseg Donald Comstock, Left Field. A - M x ,. fl,--I F N- ew' ff , . A, 1 , f.x.,,55,l Y 'fffgifgpt A A, X fit ,+9i'lf"',ji"',Q A . 1 si 'fjffsfl ff Ifgtlj' J' I 4 ' 4 x fi , 'l -1 1513? J. V ,ivan ,Mx ii: . F15 R' Cuacll Tad Smith 5 5' i - if 2 'I 'm '4 4 -. M4 .H 4 41? "ff-ii: Hamilton goes over Having only four meets the entire season, the track team fell somewhat below the expectations of the fans. Losing to Vandy, Ala., State, and Tulane, the team saw no records broken. Whatever the expectations of the fans for the team at the S. E. C. meet were, they were demolished, for this meet brought nothing worth shouting about. The outstanding man on the team was Captain Lee Catchings, who broad jumped, ran the 220 and 440, distances and dashes. Coming in a close second for versatile ability was Bill Eubanks, javelin, low and high hurdles. In the sprinting position was Billy Howard. Weight men were Wobble Davidson and Catchings comes in first. Webb leads by yards. if ' In 7 , ' ' V ,I-sadiffge ' bi.- Q wa. .sf " Eubanks' famous style i ,A-.. ., . TRACK ii' "'aMawaa:. J Yv- . 1 4 X-T I Wright falls behind. Winter, manager. u- .-,.. , , fy i ' ' an ' 5 X L-Y 'rt ,3,.,.q.---4 .li The Broad jump. The track team. , - - . y-N W - .. ..f...,i . .,,. eg, - 'gi F7-1-. . , ,. T : .'.-iii ,- Bill on the hurdles. Lee Castle, with Red Hamilton covering the pole vault. Paul Wright on the hurdles, Billy,Noel on the high jump, and Watts Webb, W. E. Bass, Bill Henley, Roy Wingfield, and Roger Tinsley covering the distances. Losing Bowman, Shackleford, Hawthorne, and Cunningham from last year. the team was deprived of four of its most valuable mem- bers, for it was these men who were last year's high scorers. especially Dick Bowman. Changing coaches in mid-season, the team saw an improvement after Guy Hawthorne took over. ' ii' 1 e 'ik 1 F' ' :E .- -.-.-4 ' ' 1-ii' S .1 . . if' .1-'-11.2-' 3 ' ' I:":':n-412 V . LEW 2"9:e" 'M' 'ft ,, .nav if , , P...,, , ..A,..x.,3i.e,. s wb.: IJ Q A, g 1 wha. , 1 gl A Bennett, Metcalf, Kirk, Henson. GULF 1 April April April April April April April April April April May 1 2 3 4 6 ll 14 I7 20 25 2 f bus.. 1-l GOLF SCHEDULE April 9 Miss. State , SVZ April 13 La. Tech . 17M April 14 La. Tech . 16 April 18 Keesler Field 142 April 23 Miss. State. , ISVQ April 29 Miss. State . 452 April 30 Millsaps . 16 ND TENNIS Bounds not in picture 'EF , 'V' an Xa- E a Ln 1 J 'C' 1 .L .H F' 1 . nl '41 V Z J Jacobs Noel Pegram Propst TENNIS SCHEDULE Golf and Tennis saw a good year at the Uni- . . . . Alabama , . . . , . won versity with the tennis team winning 6 out of its , , . . Vanderbilt . . . won 11 games. Star player was Billy Noel, who seemed . . . . Sewanee . . . . won unbeatable. Coached by Dr. James Silver. As . . . , Georgia Tech . . . lost to the golf team, they had the best record of all . . . . Alabama . . tie spring sports, dropping only one out of seven . . . . Spring Hill . . . won engagements. Not to be lightly disposed of was . . . Miss. College . r . lost Henry Metcalf, who is well known as a golfer. . . . . Sewanee . . . . won Winning from State twice, Louisiana Tech twice, . . i State . . won Keesler Field and Millsaps once each, the team . , , . State , , , won dropped their only loss to State. P. S.-We won , . . . Southwestern . . lost all 19 holes. in-ii L- 92 M 2 52 V 12 W W v 4 I Q l 1 i W ! I 1 1 l i 4 1 'QW ,muh 8 Soggy Sweat, President of the Intramural Council. UUUNCIL M ' Q.: ff"-N05 QLWVJ. ,v 1 A Iii' i Q ' s ' Q ' I 5 Y A I f I ist! ,r '- 'A ',,,.. .- ', ,.' - f ru. M . -x 'G' . Anderson Bertrand Burnham Jones Organized as the body governing intramural sports, the Council was one of the most impor- tant bodies on the campus. Sensing the need for a more complete program to prepare the boys for the armed forces, the Council initiated touch football onto the campus for the first time. Finding this sport most successful, they con- tinued with their regular program of basketball, softball, and other minor sports i.e. golf, ten- nis, and ping-pong. The council made up of one member from the student body and the faculty and one from each fraternity on the campus, aided by the athletic department, it was in one of its most successful years. Expand- ing to include all men on the campus, the Coun- cil saw the branch of the army training located at Ole Miss take part in the program. Meetings were held every week, with keys being given to the members of the council in appreciation of their time and efforts. Keller Kllndworth Marcus Merrill Musser Newcomer Nicholson Nosser OFFICERS NOAH SPURGEON SWEAT .... President VIRGIL JONES . ALLEN SAFFOLD . . . .... Secretary-Treasurer MEMBERS . . . Oxford , . Kappa Sigma . Pi Kappa Alpha Sigma Phi Epsilon . . Sigma Nu . . Phi Epsilon Pi Alpha Tau Omega W. G. MIZE . . . JOHNNY MUSSER ED NICHOLSON . GEORGE NOSSER LAMAR SUDDUTH TOM NEWCOMER TAD SMITH . . i' is- Mize Sudduth . Vice-Presiden! Sigma Alpha Epsilon . . . . Delta Psi . . Kappa Alpha . Phi Kappa Psi . Beta Theza Pi . . lndependenzs . . . Fdflllfjf 4 ,. W- I!- 9 T -Q. I , k. I ,3 5 'A 1 ,I at -ef 5 ' . i I I I I I I I a- ,,, "- I . I I.. ' i I I It I - ' ' Z: I A, , 5, . I 6 L' I., if - 1' f . N W3 if M, I :Q ' 'J Ll 'I , Y 1 li A I . A ' , .. 5. l ' 1 Q I I .. Q A .4 H I. S ' +L- - A sf lb, 5- ' V U , Ik C7 0 v I cf' I 3 Q , - ,, , I I , i - I e 55:12 I Q." - " ' 2 X ' . .I A ' 'Y as :I Q- " 1' I '- 'T' .A sv n tv -Y ,, g cv Nc, 6 U -, I -e- , Y " " 7 , ,fir 'V , ,fx , I4 , I A. J , ' , , I- 5 I n I I I I I fo: : 0 0 l 'I ,I I I I lfirtl Run: Alford, Aalmrrnft, Buggt-tt, Batson, lit-ningo, Biggart, Boom-, Bot-gwnrclt. Brown, Buriclc, Cannon, Carr. Se-cond Row: Case, I Llmtlwick, Cllmildrt-ss, Kfonnvr, Cox, clI'0llt'l', Crumwlt-r, Dillard, D'Orr, Dmnc, Duke, Exb '. Third Kaur: Fatln-rty, Fairchild, Finch, Finns: ', I 5 I I I l'l.1gg, l'rt-4-nmn, l'ru-ntl, liulton, fnllm, Cnltm-r, C1r:wlt-v, Hamlt-y. lwmrlli Row: Hammctt, Howard, Howcll, Humplmrvys, lmlay,jol1ns, l ' I Q' -lolmxon, Klimlwortli, l,.Il1t'y, l,, l,t-win, l.ila-s.. lfiflli Row: l.itton, l.. Litton, Looney, Lott, lVlcHugl1, lVlcLcnalon, lVlcl.0od, Mamcill, I , ., , . , I , Marlow, Millt-r, Morgan, Mui-pln, Noswr. .Smlli Run: Olu-rst, O Nt-nl, Orr, Owens, Patty, Pt-rry, Pilkington, Portvr, Ratnsay, Ransom, ' I I lh-alcling, Rivvrs, Robinson. .M-swirl: Run: Rogcrs, Ron, Snundt-ra, A. Simmons, Simmons, Simrall, C. Slsk, lz. Slslc, Snvcd, Spill'WilSS4.'!', Il Stark, Su-H-tis, Sta-w.irt. Ilvlgllfll Run: R. Slonv, S. Slonc, 'I1lll'l'QllCL'ltl, 'l'owt1actul, wll'llL'hlllilI1, Wt'is, VUl1ittington, H. Williallls, I I W'illi.ims, jonnv W"illi.nns, Wtml1'l14-11, Vikuul, XVrigl1t. ' 1 I I .- Ii I --H I II II 9 II , I -II x 4, , , , Z- 4 4-wb - ' . kc. ' , k' This group of women have charge of all the sports entered into by the women at the Uni- versity, not under the direct control of the various departments. The Association is under guidance of the Physical Education Department of the University. For the past six years a member of the National and State Federation of Women's Athletics, the Association has steadily grown, till it now includes over 100 members. Its officers are: Francis Patty, Presidentg Bobbie Nett Porter, Vice-President, and Virginia Witt- ? 01 gf , r . Q.. . s X , I S v I' . 'Yu ' ff' S' . f tghnwgyi, ' g 4 WW 4 'PY' fl M 3 gilt? -?'+ 1 fb - 5. f ffl' .T-'41-' .df .-iz' 'S X, o .1 ....- I2 -. ' J W Y- - '- ,. 5 Q ' ' 'M' K-:ff ,aw -. 1 ,- 35,9 5 ,Q i ,.,. U .t.'.,Q,, 4, W 4 , tg'-5' av ,,y.,5.,, 4. h.fQ..1- '45 "if ' . t 4 7 at sg. A V ' iii " if 'N 9 av-'qt' ,, , S+, A 2 5 .4 ng . 1 f 1 H -V, ' ar If gill -,alt-1 Q, , - 1- av: --a- -,-A, -'irc' 4-:w f . -ff " 5 --' vw , - ,,.,. - 11.0 Q..-.rl , V: -' f'. - 1 . of F, lfqry- 4- 'YE Ln' 1 .fin g.". A is-17 Q '35 I , WUMEN3 ATHLETIC sm. i ASSUCIATIUN 3 'fi '5' .. ' . , :HMM . . Bai? f , I wi ' . e 'Q-1, 1' 1 W 9, M jen, Secretary and Treasurer. It is this organization that spon- sors the girls shuffleboard, ping-pong, archery, and softball The executive council of the body is composed of the -officers, one member from each sorority, and one from the student body at large. Sports are featured all year, with the winning group being awarded trophies. Keen, but friendly rivalry is developed among the groups. Advisor to the group is Miss Ruth White, head of the Women,s Department of Plmysical Education. r 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 7 1 R 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ,, 1 1 1 1 1 J 1 1 111 11 111 'rl ,I 1.. 11 1 1 "'1 1x1 111 ..,,,, - . - - H. Winn fnya 45' f ffm 7 swf r '14 " . .x 1,M-'fwfr 4.1, AK , .1 P, 3.5- xN,... v ,A fiff 'Ou Egwmenwge .I Cv Bader, Bowie, Caveli, Gillespie, Hauqnfonx Murphy, Miirrniy. Vr Pd II S I'-I W SI if W'lI'i5 n W'lsfn inli '1"infIflI 'r ry ir rw f ,rr-I' nr rvfr I IV f I ' W EM UIVIIIIHIJN DELTA HAPPA Naiional Honorary Frafernify, Founded l9l4. Recognizing Conspicuous AHainmen'r in Collegiaie Ac'I'ivi'ries. Alpha Phi Circle esfablished I935. Dr, l-loreme Brown Dean Lee Jfflwnwn CHARLES MURRY . ED C-ILLESPIE . . DR. I-IORACE BROWN JACK PIGOTT Hermann Baxler Ben Bowie James Caveli Davis I-lauqlwion MEMBERS IN FACULTY Eli. P. K. lViCCaiIf?r OFFICERS MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Eugene Murplwey Milion Perry P. W. Schneider Ed Stevens Ui. Jim Silver MI, ..lOl'lU Wdijr? Vlfre Presidenl -Presidenf Secreiaiy Tl Pri John Wilkinson Alberl Wilson Wlilliam Winler Boloby Yandell 'CVUIPI !'T' II I. 1 I I I1 I H I I I IQ II II Il I I . I Iv ' I I I I1 I I I I ll I 1 I 1 I I I I II I I'I :IJ IVY l'I III 1,5 'WI .1 In MUHTAH BUAHD OFFICERS MAPY CWOPEP MILLER . . . , I I Pfesldenf BIIIIE PULLER . . . Vice-Pre-sxdenf ANNIF GLFNN IGI-INSON , Secr I-Ny MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY 5Y"lFI'r'N GANIDY IVIAIQII'-IA GEPAIVI RUTH RAY IX PMI 1 Borqwardf, Cherry, Elredqe, Hawley, Hays, HOWGH. Howie, Hughes, Johmson, L,"es, Newfon, Paverscm. Piqford, Pugh, PUT M, Sessnons, Shears SMQTM, Ra, CHARLOTTE BORGWARDT PEGGY CHERRY AMY ELLEDGE KATE HAMLEY PIX Honorary lnier-Sororify Sociefy. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY RUTH HAYS RUTH RAY MARlLYN HOWELL JEANNE HOWIE DOLLIE HUGHES DEXTER JOHNSON MARTHA LEE LYLES LILLIAN NEWTON MARGARET PATTERSON HELEN PIGFORD CAROLYN PUGH BITTIE FULLER DAISY SESSIONS MAIZIE STAGGERS JANE STIGLER H351 , A IZ36l F TTT" Colllns, l-lilm, MCL-aurin, Marlow, Morgan, Noel, Puqlw. E. Ray, R, Ray, Spaulding, Sfrlblinq, Wall! Walerman, Willy, PUTI-l RAY ........ HFNPY GRADY MARLOW CARGLYN PUGH . PUTH MQNEIL CQWNNFP lf, CCJl,LlNS HPNPY HIllF' lUl"Vl:S MQLAUFJIN PI HAPP!-X PI Honorary Scl1olas+ic Fra'rerni+y. OFFICERS MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY GFOPGF MORGAN JAMES WAIL Presudenl V cc Presrdenl Secrelavy Treasurer NNILLIAM NOH IRWIN WATFRMAN FUGENE PAY EINGHAM W MILLER SPAULDINC1 SAM STRIBLING ITTY IX-Bl , l Pfflr r si. om. , 5 01 M' G.. V 'Q 1' 1 as Q G 1, 4 Q 1 Barron, Baxter, Bobo, Brock, Collins, Cox, DeCell, Fried. Furr, Fyke, Gillespie, Harnrn, l-liter, Hooper, l-lullet, Luclrett, McKinnon. McLaurin, Marlow, Maxwell, Merrill, Moore, Morgan, Noel, Potter, Ray. Satfold, Spaulding, Striblinq, Wall, Waterman, Wells, Winter, Witty, Wood. PHI ETA SIGMA Freshman Honorary Scholastic Fraternity, Established l929. R. MALCOM GUESS . WILLIAM WINTER . ALLEN SAFFOLD OFFICERS EARL FYKE . . . . CLIFTON MAXWELL , NORMAN McKlNNON . ED GILLESPIE James Barron Hermann Baxter Bob Bobo Ralph Brock C. D. Collins Winfield Cox Herman DeCell Jimmie Friecl Frazier Furr Dennis Cranberry . MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Jett l-lamm l-lenry l-liter James Hooper Alex Hulett William Luclrett Purves McLau1in Henry 6. Marlow Erich Merrill Horace Moore George Morgan . Faculty Advisor , . President . . Vice-President . Secretary , Treasurer . l-lktorian . Senior Advisor Billy Noel Paul Potter Eugene Ray Miller Spaulding ' Sam Striblinq James Wall lrwin Waterman Calvin Wells Bingham Witty Clinton Woocl l237l 3 -.Z it 5 rg fl 77 ga -a- JW iglffb Ji , .. Q, . T34 X 'Y s ti r 2 Ausln Balson Bos ell Bunch, Chreslman, Croclfefl, Dean, Dillard, Dunayanl. Looman Grantham Grui h Harrison, Haughlon, Hays, Heard, Holmes, James, Jusllce. Lynch McFadden Messina Mitchell, Murphy, Murray, Neal, Pigolf, Ray, Reynolds. Rogers Seale Sharp Simmons F. Smith, M. Smith, Stacy, Srone, Wafson, Williams PHI IIHI Professional Medical Fralernily, The'ra Pi Chapler Eslablished l926. OFFICERS ARCHIE JACKSON STACY JR. . , MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Davis Haughlon Freeman C, Hays Kennelh Heard Thomas W. Holmes, Jr. Dowilr B. James T. T. Juslice, Jr. Roberl Henry Lynch J. Tedlord Mchadderi Aurelio P. Messina M. M. Milchell Eugene Murphy Charles M. Murry. Jr. . . Presiding Senior , . Presiding Junior . . . Treasurer . . . . Secrelary Judge Advocale Chapler Edilor William S. Neal Jack D, Piqofl Paul T. Ray William Reynolds, Jr. Joseph Brown Rogers James L. Seale Calvin R, Simmons F. M. Smilh. Jr. Marvin Dale Smilh Harry Slone Viclor Walson 15-I ,5- s . V' I Pigford, Bobo, Collins, Davanf, Doqan, Early. Gunn, Heberer, Henley, Hinman, Kirk, McKinnon, Marlow. Merritt, Noel, Robinson, Saf-ford, Shanahan. Swear. Trevilion. DELTA SIGMA PI Professional Commerce and Business Adminisfraiion Fra'rerni+y. Founded, New Yorlc Universify, I907. Esfablished I927. BILLY NOEL , A ALLEN TOOMBS . . ALLEN SAFFOLD . ELLIS TREVILLION . BOB BOBO .... JOHN HINMAN . SPURGEON SWEAT FRANKLIN HEBERER HELEN PIGFORD . . Conner D. Collins Guy Davanf Harry H. Dogan Johnny Early OFFICERS . . . , , . . . Head Masier . . Senior Warden . . Junior Warden . . Treasurer . . Scribe , . . Hisiorian . . Senior Guide . . Junior Guide . . Sponsorer MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Billy Gunn Henry G. Marlow Billy Henley James Merrirl Johnny Kirk Sidney Robinson Norman McKinnon Frank Shanahan I239l 1 14 'sf ,, ,f R -e . f . .7 sf X r Anderson, Boyell, Brevard, Cannella, Clark, Cooke, Dickson, Finger, Fleming. Flelcner, Franklin, Fudgey Furr, Galloway, Gann, B, Gillespie, 6. Gillespie, Howell, Hume. Jennings, Johnson, Kelly, Loyelady, Lucas, Mclnloslr, McLain, Merrill, Pelerson, Ralston. B W, Smith, E, Srriillw, J, Srrrillw, N, L. Smlllr, Spaelh, Slrylner, Waggener, Wall, B, Willy' W, Willy AMERICAN SIJEIETY UE EIVII. ENGINEERS American Sociely of Civil Engineers, Founded I852. MEMBERS IN FACULTY l J A Blaclrlwursl A, B. l"largis. OFFICERS BERGEN MERRILL ALBERT FENGER , . JAMES WALL .,.. BINGHAM WITTY . . ALBERT CANNELLA . HENRY BREVARIJ , , , .,.. . . . MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Barry Gillespie liill Pxrlderzirrr Guy Gillespie lf'-ubfrn BOyf:ll Eugene Fldmrrrrrml M. lj, Clarl Leland Hume l l-'urnirl l-l. Cr-rrlv lr llrrrwr lJrClrurrrr Jimmie l-lewell liurrfrl Farrx Douglas Jenninqu J. E. Jolinslon lJrsWrll Flurrrirrrl l lirrrw F'lf'll'LlI5l Qllwo Jolwnson rr ,fu l I Ellll'l' l'urr Pr i'rif 'nril Fri-,nl-lin Lullier Jones ' Fud rr' Herman Kelly ' E Morris Lovelady l Rirlwnrd Lucas 1 l'rlfl'l Grilrrryvrly ll' 'lllrlll Gdllll Lee l-l, Joh nson , Presidenl . Vice-Presidenl Treasurer Secrelary . , . REpOrlCr . Program Clrai 'TTT-in Ellen Mclnloslr Howard McLain Reber? Pelerson Franlc Ralslon Billy Rolberds Ben Ward Srriillr Ed Smith Jolrrr R. Srnilln N. L. Smillw Ed Spaellr George Slryler Sam Waggener Waller Willy Q-JS . Eel Andefsorw B afj S M MerriIIA M rrs n R.3IsIon Rob rjs Ross W3 0 W I WI? SIGMA THETA Pl BERGEN MERRILL , , BILLY ROBERDS . . . DOUGLAS JENNINGS JAMES WALL . , . BILL ANDERSON I-IENRY BREVARD AI.. A. CANNELLA I I I I I iQ I I , , II I I I I I e 3 V I I I I Anderson, Brevard, CanneIIa, Finger, Fleming, Jones. McLain, Merrill, Ralston, Roberds, Wall, Wiffy. Il I I Nafional Honorary Engineering Fra+erni+y. I OFFICERS I BILLY ROBERDS . . . . . President I HOWARD MCLAIN . . . Vice-Presiclenf AL CONNELLA . . . . Secrefary ALBERT FENGER . , , , . . Treasurer -I DEAN LEE JOHNSON, CI-IANCELLOR I-IUME . Honorary Members il I III I w I MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY I I . I BILL ANDERSON DEWITT ELEMING JAMES WALL HENRY BREVARD VIRGIL JONES BINGHAM WITTY I' I. E I BERBEN MERRILL , I I FRANK RALSTON I ,, , l242l I I I I I , I Q A A I I I . k , 'S H I II I I I' I, Nt V , Barnett, Chresrman, Grurch, Heard. Hullef, Justice, McCros-san, McLaurin . 4 A. , ,X 75 -,dl Y., . 54, , N.-1 1 , GAMMA SIGMA EPSILUN Honorary and Scholaslic Chemical Fra+erni+y. W. O. Barnefl Reuben Chreslrnan MEMBER lN FACULTY Glenn l"l. Brown MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Lewis Crouch Frank Gruich Ke-nnerh Heard Alex l-lulelf Thurman Justice John Mccrossan Purves McLaurin a- H L2-HJ I24-11 V, A Lf. r wo' -1 fm? 2 BQInI1elr1I, Burnham, Bourmjs, Cameron, Cohen, EIII5, Gann. Gunn, Harrison, Henderson, HuIIe-I, Jones, Lee, Levine, McCain, :ALC DICK BERNHEIM GEORGE BOUNDS JACK BURNHAM RALPH CAMERON DOTSY COHEN BOB ELLIS M. Il. A. Ii. 5. orfi, Moore, Martin, Nasser, Roberis Srephens, Suddufh, Swe-aI. Senior Honorary lnI'erfraferni+y Organizaiion. MEMBERS HERMANN GANN BILLY GUNN CHARLES HARRISON HARVEY HENDERSON ALEX HULLET VIRGIL JONES JESSIE LEE CHARLES LEVINE CALDWELL MARTIN JIMMY MQCAIN BILL MCCORD EVERETT MOORE GEORGE NOSSER HENRY D. ROBERTS CARL STEPHENS SOGGY SWEAT LAMAR SUDDUTH .QIXJXI PMR , . 14' :'.5134H'lF'u-'WF' -- , 'J' R w 'f A 5 L5 v gi Y 2955? ia 45" fa ur! Barron, Carrawap, Ccrrrrglockr Dillarq, Fried, Gil:-aspne, H. Jriing-3 V Jones, Merrill, Moore, Mosasl Murray, Piqr-it Sfhr-rfifler Stevens Sweah Thomas, Thorgr-, Ulf, Whiflf'-n Wilson, lNofgf'l' Wrifqlil, OFFICERS ED GILLESPIE . BETTY ULF ...,. PAT CARRAWAY , , DR. W. L. KENNON . James Barron Don Comsioclr Millon Dillard Jimmy Fried Hermil Jones Virgil Jones Bergen Merrill MEMBERS lN UNIVERSITY Evereif Moore Alberl Moses Bo Murray Jack Pigot? P. W, Schneider Ed Slevens , Executive Chairman Girl Chairman Decoralions Chairman Faculiy Chairman Soqqy Sweal Tol Thomas Franlf Thorsey Alberl Wilson Arlhur Whillen Dan Wood John Wriqhf l246l Allred, Avery, Barron, Baxler, Benoisl Bernacchi, Blounl, Bounds Bowie Brownsrein Bunch Burnham Cameron Covell, Comslock, Dillard, Eason, Edgar, Ellis, Fried, Furr, Genqe, Gex, Gillespie Gunn, Henderson, Howard Howell, lmlay, Jennings, H. Jones, V. Jones, Lessley, Liberlo, B. Merrill, E. Merrill, Messino, Mitchell, Monlqom ery Moses, Murp Murray, Musser, Noel, Osborne, Perry, Pelley, Phillips, Piqoll, Richler, Roberts, Schneider, Sevier, Slephens, Slone Slrallon, Swear, Thomas, Thorsey, Topp, Trevilion, Whillen, Wilks, Williams, Wilson, C. B, Wood, D. Wood, B. Wriqhl, J, Wrighf ED GILLESPIE . . EUGENE MURPI-IEY P. W, SCHNEIDER CARL STEPHENS Vfillard Allred Al Avery lames Barron Hermann Baxler Louis Benoisl Rolierl Bernacchi J. M. Blounl George Bounds Ben Bowie David Bunch Jflf,k Blllnhanl ,l, H. Burrecs Ralph Cameron larnes Cavell l,l0rlnlfJ Cfbfflslfvl l,, lfl. Dillard IUH Y. IVI. If OFFICERS Presrdenl R MALCOM GUESS General Secrelary . Vice-Presidenl DR. J. C. CULLEY . , . Chairman Board of Direelors Treasurer MRS W W JOHNSON Building Hosress MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Paul Eason John Edgar James Fried Erazier Eurr Viclor P. Genge Emile Gex Billy Gunn Harvey Henderson Georqe E. Howell William E. Howard George lmlay Douglas Jenninq Hermil Jones Virgil Jones Dexler Lessley V. A, Li erlo Erich Merrill Bergen Merrill Mums Mllchell Malcom B Monlqomery Alberf Moses C M Murry John Musser William Noe John Osborne Mrllon Perry I e Wa Ier Phillip laclf Prqoll H Rr ularlinq Rred Vlfaller Roberis IX Monelle Sevier l-la rry Slone Spurgeon Sweafl Jack Thomas Eranlc Thorsev Ed Topp Ell s Trevllion Arlhur Whrllen Wilson Wrllcs Raymond William Alberl Wilson C B Wood Dan Wood Bill Wrrqhl l hn Mfrrqhl l , 4 hev . Secrelary JUDGE T. C. KIMBROUGI-l . . . Eacully Treasurer Roberl Ellis A. R. Messina Richard Slrallon . . I . R. E, P Ily ' L .l ' ' i . . PX. . 'chler ' ' b , , P j-1 gV"H ,Q yy g Q 9 P ,Fil ,4 fl ,, 4 3. ' i 7 " I 1 ' iff -if l ' .1 ,ii ,gg GN 6 ' 1' X ' r . In D - Y V, I I rm L SI Q S Q 6 R i gi 'I 'Q ' .QQ ' 5 9- Q 1 f- 1 , . .1 . as g PA . . Jw A r.. K, . 1- 1 W I 5 , ,L -ff -I 4,Af x :I ' F X'-if T A s f' 2 ' at 55" 1 " in ' , 'iiy I .i Q 1. S is' X , Qs 6- A 1 E ,, if Anders, Beniqno, Cherry, Childress, Chisolrn, Cocirell, Cole, Condiii, Daniels, Dulaney Finlay, Fleming, Ford, Franlrlin, Grandy, Garrelf, Gerald, Gordon, I-larlon, I-licls. Johnson, Kuylcendall, Lidell, McWilliams, Miller, Murray, Newlon, Pallerson, Paffy, Perlfins. Puller, Ray, Sessions, Sneed, Slraub, Swayze, Taylor, Trice, Ulf, Wade, While. SENIUH Y. W. II OFFICERS G-LADYS GORDON . . RUTH RAY .... ANNIE GLENN JOHNSON JIM ALICE COCKRELL . MRS. V, A, COULTER Chairman, Ruih Anders Rila Beniqno Clnrisiine Cherry Inez Chisolm Hamer Cole Dorofhy Condiii Doris Daniels Doris Dulaney Nell Finley Rulh Fleming Eloise Ford Elizabelh Franlrlin ll one MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Evelyn Gandy Frances Garrell Marfha Gerald Alice I-larlon Sarah I-lunier I-liclrs Rulln Nell Kuylcendall Kalherine Liddell Margarel McWilliams Mary Cooper Miller Nell Murray Lillian Newlon Frances Parry .IL . . . Presidenl . Vice-Presidenl . Secrelary . . . Treasurer Board ol Direclors Marqarei Paiierson Carolyn Perlcins Elizabelh Puller Daisy Belle Sessions Tol Swayze Gloria Slraub 4 Mary Lee Sneed Leoia Taylor Cornelia Trice Belly Ulf Marfha Wade Peggy Whi+e I247T pv' I I I F I II II I I1 I I I I ' I II I I I I I ij I I I-I I 1 I I H41 in 51,1 bf 10.4 lf ga I ai Va AW Y Baderl Bodron, Dabney, Hospmann, KeaIor1, Kellis, King. LPSSIQV, Libprfo, McClure, MiIcheII, Newionl Powers, Randlf-. RQEHTS Semmes, Shands SIP-vens, Varnerx VVGQQWDPV Winfvr. HEHMAEAN LITEH!-IHY OFFICERS WILLIAM WINTER . . . EDWARD STEVENS , JOE WAGGONER , , DEXTER LESSLEY JULIUS KING , . MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY I-If,-r ann Bndef John Kcedmn EIII1 Bother' Ed KQIIIQ BMI Ilfabrw, V. A. I.II5prff IJ:-II'7f-II H mn Jim MfCIuff- Ben Mifchc-Il Pdul Nowfon Jimmy Rower Koylon RcmdIe Walfof Robeds SIJIIIETY preside-mf . Vice-Presidenf Sefre-Iam . , , Treasurer Serqeanf-a'I,Arms Bill Semme John Shan Ed Sumo? Imwl Vafrwr 'Q'-1' . 'U mg Za . J 544: . '35 .AM JN fi' fs I Q H I A , K " M. , Q. .fig 11' if fig! F ' 41' f ,. of-7' . .J ag mam. Y ,L gr- fi' 9 ,, , dr R 1 x 1 I. ' . "J ,HI N , 4,1 .2 4' T Q X. x l 'T 1, A E' I - MILLER Bell, Burrus, Byers, De Vinney, Dubisson, Edgar, Furr. Gillespie, Guice, Kimball, Loft. Luckelfl Lyell, M OE. Morgan, Mulkey, Newcomer, Roberrs, Shanahan, Spaulding, Wilson. SPAULDING PHI SIGMA GEORGE A. MORGAN . , CARL MOE, JR. . FRANK SHANAI-IAN . . . HUNTER I-I, KIMBALL .... . . JUDGE T. C. KIMBROUGI-I ,...,..... . . Billy Bell EI gie Lee Burrus Lee Logan Byers fx R., II lwarles DeVinney MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY I-Iarold Dubuisson Johnny Edgar Maurice Eurr Guy Gillespie Daniel D. Guice Roberf Leavell Jimmy LOH William Luckell Louie Lyell Oren Mullrey . . . Presidenl . Vice-Presidenf . . Secrelary . , . . Treasurer . . Parliamenlarian Honorary Presidenl Thomas Newcomer Bob Roloerls Roberf D. Wilson Earl R. Wilson 9 I230'I Bigqarf, Borgwardt, Hughes. Looney, Perry, Slsk. IIWEN5 MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY MARJORIE BIC-SGART CHARLOTTE BORGWARDT BETTY HUGHES BEE LCDONEY FRANCES PERRY CHERRY SISK IX PMI l Arceneaux, Bavler, Beniqno, Bernacchi, Balson, Bellam, Burfnefl, Canella, Chadwick, Dads' Dubuisson, Duke, Ellzev, Faherly, Gruich, Gowan, Genge, Hanriley, Hoisinqlon, Hosemann lrnlay, Lozes, Liberlo, Messina, Marascalco, Mulkey, Miller, Murphy, Manqin, Penderqrasl. Phillips, C. Sekul, W. Sekul, Salloum, Schneider, Thorsey, Ubinas, Varallo, Wickslrorn, Wocifi EWMAN IIATHIILIII CLUB Marie Arceneaux Hugh Balson Hermann Baxler John Bellarri Rila Beniqno Poberl Bernacchi Mary Burnelle Alberl Cannella Louise Chadwick Jerome Daley Harold Dubuisson Helen Duke Mark Elzy Palricia Falnerly Hugh sawn MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Viclor Genge Frank Gruich Douglas Harnley Kale Hamley lvlarv Jo l'-loisinqlorr Charles Hosernanr. George lmlay Lyda lrnlay Charles Mangin Frank Marascalco A, P. Messina Qren Mulkey Dick Miller Harriel Ann Murr-h" V A Liberlfi John Lozes Peggy Penderqraar Millon Phillips vyaiief Phillip! Ellis Sallounf. P, W. Schneide' Clare Sekul Wallace Sekul John Sonnennann Frank Thorsey Hector Ubinas Angelo Varallo Gordon Wickslron' Mary' Wofifl l251l AI orc, Bradly urnharn Calc: , I, Coe Conwrner, Coolr C x C esswell Di ar 'rchild, Fan? e on, rr's 'C z', ' iam Gillis Griffin Harn Hays, Haisinqlon, Hopkins, Hughes, Johnson La renc. L-ar Lew's Lol? McBee Monlqornery, Moore, N, Newsorn, W. Newsom, Owens, Redding C, Sislr, E, Sislr, Sfewarf, Sfirewall, Slone Slriub, Swayze, Tornpson Trice, Trollio, Wallc,r, Williams, Winqo, Wood ard, Wriqhl, Wyli HUIVIE EIIUNIQIMIIIS EL B PUTH I-IAYS , , , ANNIE G. JOHNSON BETTY J. COX . . TOT SWAYZE . OFFICERS MISS DOROTHY WARNER MISS MATTIE G. KING Roberla Alford Mariorie Bradlei lar B adlg- lo Burnham Una C'ldwel lvlarimif- Cfvrnmr: ran, -, ,lr Hamer Cole M' , is rosswcll , Di ar Mary Agnes Fanl Marjorie 'rc' Sur, orri -ne 'n. I' , ' fr , MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY June Gil Eaine Gri Kale l-larnle, ar, lo l-loisin f Belly l-loplrin Clwarlolls l-luqh' .lane Lawrence ara Sliqler Lear Jane Lewis Julya Lewis Elizabelh oil Eva Lillian Mc:Bee Susan Monlqornerx, Haan Mcore nn y NQw'r'1r'r1 VVilmu Now mme 1 - I- Owncf. Presidenf Vice Presidenl Serrela Treasurer Advise Slale Advisor Evelyn Perry Elizabelh Reddin Cherry Si lr El zabelh Sislf ry S e Sli ,wa Cafherine Sie-wa' Rosebud Slone Gloria Slraub Susan Thompson Cornelia Trice Caroline Trollio Caroline Wallrer Jonnie Williams lean Winqo TIM Woodard lly ui'P rid F VVL ' 1 'Z 'W . P M , w 'Q N S' 75- 6- I Tia' i n ' . , N 5. 6 ' 1 6 Af Q ,V V - -99 5 'x W5 Z x S ali 25 in an 3 1 Anderson, Averrl-, Balson, Black, Brarnlerfl Cla Ion, Daniels. Y Elledqe, Flelds, Flervrlrrqy Franlflin, Frlend, ParIrer, Presley, Reed, Saqe Sayley Srnrfh Srreedy Sfaqqe-rs. Stone, Ulf! Walmrr SIGMA ALPHA IUTA Honorary Musical Socie+y. Alpha Omega CI'1ap+er Es+abIished I937. Mary Anclerzon Mrs, I-Iarrlur r BETTY ULF . . , ALUMNI Mrs. McCall Mrz. McNeil OFFICERS ERIN TAYLOR CLAYTON . MARY I-IELEN SAGE MAIZIE STAC5-SERS . . IDORRIS J. DANIELS . , PUTI-I FLEMING I Agnes Ann An Loulse Ayenl Ellen Rose Bars Marlorie Black derson MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Belly Freldu Elizabefh FranIrIIr' on Trllre Frre-nd Gerlrude Mdlerrnorf Palsy Parker Eugenia Braml-ell Amy Elledge Mary Marllwa Presley Mrs. Marlin Mary Lee Sneed PresIdenI , Vice-Presldenl , . Secrelary . . . . . Treasurer Edlfor of Year BQQI Serqeanleal-Arrrrs O Carollne Reed Allle Marelrall Sayle Joyce Srnllln Rullw Sneed Sally Slone Belgy Wallon l254l T" ffvf- A' V' -' 1 N via, y. R ' . I 43537137 ' V .. 1 I , , i "uv fig? U --3 , f nw v rv And,son, Barron, Bafson, Biqqarf, Black, Borqwardl, Breyspraalr, Brown, Claplon, Cleland, Cond'l' Cox, Curlis 'xon, D'Orr, D laney, E edge, F irchild, 'e ds, Finney, Flern' q, Fra Friend, Gillespie, Gilliam, Hand Hosemann Kee-'ron Laird Langston Lyles, Mancill Maxwell Moe Newcomer Orr Osborne Pally Perry Reed, Rivers Robison, Ross Saqe Sayle Shanahan Smith M. Sneed R. Sneed Sfillions Sfone Ulf Walton, J. Wilson R. Wilson Woodward UNIVERSITY IIHUH 5 OFFICERS BETTY ULF J J , , , G. J. MANCILL ..,.., ALLIE MARSHALL SAYLE CLIFTON MAXWELL Preslclenf Vrce Presldenl Secrelary Treasurer MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Sopranos Lavonnu Laird Marlha Lee Lyle Billye Orr lnr nce Pall, nre erry ull Fleming Elizabelh F anlrl r - - fy 7 1 1 Ale Frie Anne Gllia r- ranrc. l-land lvlory s Joyce Srnrlh Mary Lee Snee Belsy Wallon ll l WCP war ,girl 'rc B wn I . D, sri ' r Allos liulh bneeo Sally Slone Carolyn Reed Marqie Dean Farclrild .lane Finny Rullr Lalzran Slilliank Mary Helen Sage f neg A ine Ando wr Dolly Cond'll Belly Cox Rulh Deilernman Amy Elledge i Jn Rose Ba 5 2 Marrriorie aalr Vi inie Breylsprool Mary Cleland Tenors James Barron Carlfon Moe Basses Proulx Slmnallar lulran Wrl or Rriliewl Wil-fr John Osbornu Charles Robisrrr Bull Rnsc John Keelon llavli Lonqslurr lvl rrira. C,Ulll lee lJiclr-.orr 4-Jn, Gillespie Tryrrr Newcomer llwllrwrl l-lrryr-r uri -Q .JS B- I I , , 9 . Q 4. . A - Wi ' -3- .1 W' . R 325.7 . A ,gb 'Sp by vi. . , "ffl: .5 , W , 16' . if Q A if f ... ,fum -Sf i w. I l' . , X f f 3 I W ,J 5 1' um' 4 J 4.-X' J 3, Q 4 4 66 1 M , . I . I rf , We xwzf-I ,' 6,0 In 'Ar 14, I -I 'ff . 5' 4 . 'v F Q 2 A 'L , 1, ' r ff , ,..i"ET - 5 vii . I M. , gl , '74 4' A E Y ss- ,Q Beavers, Biqqarl, Brown, Cameron, Cash, Caussade, Chadwick, Cherry. Collens, Dealon, Drerman, Eidelman, Furr, Genqe, Hammond, Harris. Holley, Holloway, Leqgelf, ldom, Kelly, Marascalco, Percival, Sevier. Sfribling, M, Taylor, W. Taylor, Ubinas, Valle, Varner, West, Wiclcstrom. AMERICAN PHARMACEUTICAL ASSIJCIATIIIN American Pharmaceulical Associalion, Founded I852. LYNNARD BEAVERS LOUISE BIGGART JO ANN BROWN RALPH CAMERON JAMES CASH JOSE CAUSSADE LOUISE CHADWICK CHRISTINE CHERRY .v....., -..,..........,.... W . MEMBERS JOHN COLLINS C. L. DEATON CHARLES DRENNAN NATHAN EIDELMAN BYRON FURR VICTOR GENGE HENRY HAMMOND MARY HARRIS ASTON HOLLEY JAMES P. HOLLOWAY OSCAR IDOM FOSTER LEON FRANK MARASCALCO GERALDENE PERCIVAL WILLIAM ROSE MONETTE SEVIER GEORGE STRIBLING MAX TAYLOR WILLIAM TAYLOR HECTOR UBINAS LUIS VALLE JOEL VARNER WILLIAM WEST JOHN WICKSTROM wx I q' I 'n I V 1 E r I I 1 v 'N N IF! Ui Ll! YP ,J 1 1' - .-nfl 4 THE MISSISSIPPI!-KN OTSY COHEN BILL WOODS WALTER G-UNN RALPH BRQLF A LIBE WHNTTY WALL HUMAN WQOPE M- 5 CFA Y N' A FAASB 1 1, 5 , ,1 ' K,ALlUV ' Fronfmar Furs? ap cr' Suond Smaph d F uvfh F ra? Tvump Third ITD A Drum! ,. -JXB BRITT ROGERS J. W, BELL J. K. HAMM THE ALUMNI ASSUIIIATIIJN Composed ol all former sludenls ol lhe Universily, who have eilher gradualed or allended a regular semesler, 'rhe Alumni Associalion holds i+s regular business meelings on l-lomecoming Day ol each year. Official publicalion ol The Associalion is lhe Alumni News, which is issued guarlerly. Officers for The Associalion are J. W. Bell, President W. T. Wynn, Vice-President J. K. l-lamm, Secrelary, and Brill Rogers, Represenlalive on lhe Universily Alhlelic Commillee. IN ACKNUWLEUGEIVIENT Q-.9 War, unsettled conditions, lack of materials, the need for speed, a set-back at every turn-what more could have been needed to make this at the least a doubtful venture? And without the help of certain people it would have become a disastrous venture. So we remember and thank the mem- bers of the Benson Printing Co., the soldier who helped us work during the Christmas holidays, Mr. john Benson, Dan Eadie, Mr. W. A. Benson, Mr. and Mrs. Cofield, Mr. R. G. Benson, Mr. Dozier, and the members of the Publications Council. To John Bellan and Delbert Hoseman, who worked more than duty called for, to the members of the staffs, and to those students who took more than a passing interest in the annual, we owe many sincere thanks. The following advertisers have demonstrated their confidence and good-will by investing in "The Ole lVliss.', Let us recommend that your constant patronage return to them dividends worthy of their friendship. 7 ADVERTISING INDEX KINGSRORT PRESS, INC. UNIVERSITY TRI-STATE REED BROS. D. CANALE ALEX LOEB MARKS ROTHENBERG JITNEY-JUNGLE OLE MISS CLEANERS BAROIS BOTTLING CO. LYRIC THEATER L. R. MQCARTY EDNA BARRY MACK'S CAEE BRODNAX THE MANSION HUGHES HARDWARE MID-SOUTH MEG. CO, GATHRIGHTEREED DRUGS ERAZIER and COERS RITZ THEATER MORGAN and LINDSEY OMEGA ELOUR STANDARD S. S. OXEORD FLORAL SROTLESS CLEANERS J. E. NEILSON HENRY HOTEL KIRKRATRICK COAL GRAVLEE LUMBER CO CITY CLEANERS O. E. WENTWORTH THE EMRORIUM THE OXEORD EAGLE A. M. BOWEN COLLEGE INN COEIELD SHREVERORT BENSON AGAIN THE OLE MISS IS BOUND IN A KINGSKRAFT GUVER MANUFACTURED BY KINGSPORT PRESS, INC. KINGSPORT, TENNESSEE THE UNIVERSITY OF MISSISSIPPI I848 O I943 The Universily is composed ol The Iollowing divisions: The College of Liberal Arls Ihe Schools ol Law, Engineering, Educalion, Medicine, Pharmacy, Commerce and Business Adminislralion, Ihe Graduale School, and Universily Exlension Splendid Iaciliries for general and specialized educalion are provided by Ihe Liberal Arls College and Ihe Professional Schools. SUMMER SESSION, I943 Six Weeks' Term Ifor Teachersl , . .June 2-July IO Firsf Eighf Weelcs' Term . S . . I . June 2-July 27 Second Eigh+ Weelrs' Term . July 28-Sepfember I7 Sludenls allending bolh eighleweelr Terms will be able Io complele a lull semesleris work ol eighleen hours. Courses will be offered in Ihe College of Liberal Arls, Ihe Graduale School, and in Ihe Schools oi Law, Business Adnninislralion and Commerce, Engineering, Pharmacy, Medicinei and Educalion. Recrearion-Excellenl alhlelic and recreafional Iacililies insure ample opporlunilies lor exercise and relaxalion. An excellenl swimming pool, a superb goll course, numerous Iennis courls, and many indoor games provide alrraclions for every one. THE FALL SESSION BEGINS ON MONDAY SEPTEMBER 20, I943 gi IJTENSE qs, Q l You, Too, Can HELP! TRI-STATE TRAlLWAYS is pledged Mall oull' lor Vicioryl Cn 'flue Travel lronl, soldiers, sailors, marines and vilal war worlcers rnusl come lirsl. Bul civilians rnusl travel, loo! Co-operaiion on your parl will nnalce available more space lor civilians. Plwone your ageni lor laslvrninule inlormalion, lravel in midweelcy lalfe less baggage. BUY WAR BONDS NOW THAT YOU MAY 'I'Rl'fT'lTE COA BE ABLE TO TRAVEL AFTER THE WAR -7,7 fi df. , MSL ,if-+V-.-..k'3T i i 1 T 3. Cowilmenrs 'f X if ll lll f f Qxi ll OF iff' use U D EE - - BRAND - - WORK CLOTHES D. 81 SOLD BY MANY GOOD STORES MEMPHIS, TENN. Manufaciured by l R E E D B R Q T H E R S FRUITS-PRODUCE ncorpora e Tupelo, Mississippi GROCERIES 0 'BUY BO NDS' IN CLOTHING, THE THREE iiiii'T TT Ti PRIME FACTORS ARE CONGRATULATIONS STYLE---FIT---VALUE You'II Find These EssenI'iaIs in All Suifs, Coa+s, AND Spor+s Wear and Accessories aI Alex Loeb From MericIian'S Largesi and Friendliesf Q u i Deparfnneni Sfore 0 ALEX LoEB, INC. MARKS-ROIHENBERG CO. MERIDIAN, MISSISSIPPI The Campus S+ore Meridian, Mief-I. Universiiy, MISS. SSSSSS CRADLED IN MISSISSIPPI NOW SERVING DIXIE' , 4' 7 , f ' 1,3492 . . II Q Q4 JITNEY-JUNGLE . . . Ihe narne +ha+ exemplifies Iood merchan- "-'iff 4 5 I , , '5f"Z0jz9' . . . II . . . . . . . Z dising In Ihe modern manner was orIgInaIed In Mississippi nearly IwenIy-five years ago. Today, SIores bearing This name are I effieierifly Serving e greaIer parf of Ihe Deep SouIh. Jifney- f ZW 722 I ' . ,I ' ' S f " f ei f ' Jungle looks Io The Iuhire wifh confidence. Home Office and FacI'ory Q JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI "Food Merchandising in Ihe Modern Manner" BARQ COWf 'fIWS BOTTLING COMPANY Bo++Iers of Genuine BARQ Beverages QI-E MISS DRY CLEANERS I239 TeIIy Road P. O, Bex 892 SINM3 pg MW Jackson, Mississippi ii "'i I "S a f fr -S. X Ofiofd, IIfIiSSif,',IIiIii i f I I Im: I .S I . S-' at ,..-' , THE LYRIC THEATER The Favorife SI1owI'1ouse of 'rI1e S+ucIenI's of +Ine UNIVERSITY OF MISSISSIPPI . . . Ioca+ed in Hue DEEP SOUTH" ROBERT X. WILLIAMS Owner and Manager OXFORD MISSISSIPPI I l L. P. McCARTY 81 SON WHOLESALE GROCERS I 4? Phone 505 and 506 TUPELO, MISSISSIPPI OF THE "COED" SHOPPE OXFORD, MISSISSIPPI I MACK'S CAFE Where Food and Fun IsnII Rafioned- Io SIudenIs and Soldaers. Q' OEOROE LYNCI-I, JR. Manager OXFORD, MISSISSIPPI Headqum io' III-IIE IVI XIXSI UIX W , SCHOOL PINS, Rimes XI I XI AND FRATERNITY "Good Things 'ro Eai JEWELRY and Drink" iii I Li li I Q H", Your Sole ProIec+ion Lies in J' AUBREY SEAY' Owner I' Hse en Hoon The Reliabilify oi Ihe Jeweler OXFORD' MISSISSIPPI of service" You Choose GEO. T. BRODNAX, Inc. QOMPUMENTS Reqiaiered Jeweler, American OF Gem Socieiy Main ai Monroe Memphis, Tenn. I coMPANY Finesi' SeIec+ion of Accessories, Painfs, Brushes, THE GIFT CENTER OF THE SOUTH Household Ar+icles Engraved Wedding Invifafions, Announcemen+s OXFORD' MISSISSIPPI I COMPLIMENTS NI' OF I MID-SOUTH MFG. CO. I ouALiTY sHiRTs I TUPELO, MISSISSIPPI "BUY WAR BONDS" I III Mirusied Thousands oi Times COMPLIMENTS Each Year" OF GATHRIGHT-REED DRUG 8 CQMPANY BOGK STORE ' o The Rexall Siore Oxford, Mississippi Locaied in Union Building N 353,51 1., QHQRL Shows for Your Pl IR II I Z I IHI IE A I IR IE SBSUTE COMPLIMENTS OF MORGAN AND LINDSEY I, . Oxford, Mississippi THE SOUTI-I'S FINEST H. C. COLE MILLING CO CI-IESTERI ILLINOIS Complimenls of FLOWERS For Ole Miss Fraiernify and Sororify Special? STA-,-,ON oxFoRD FLORAL co. OXFORD MISSISSIPPI Membem Ol IIS F' T' D' SPOTLESS CLEANERS "Where Cleaners Clean" PII e I6 Oxford, Miss. PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS H ,rf I I I I I I I 1 I I I I I I I I Il' I L, I II I STUDENTS! Here's'rl'1e s'rore+l'1a'rl1as EVERYTHING you neecl for college wear' A favori+e wi+h 5 genera+ions of Ole Miss sfuclenfs 0. -........,,,,m-Pm' THE J. E. NEILSON COMPANY A Greaf Sioe in Oxford Since I839 COWUMENT5 COMPLIMENTS OF OF HENRY HOTEL 0 OXFORD MISSIS IPPI IOP BEST PLSIILTS USL BEECH CREEK COAL Exclusive Sales Agenls KIRKPATRICK COAL CO IJIrIIIIpIII , If-rIrIf-I Uf'f' GRAVLEE LUMBER COMPANY BUILDING MATERIAL FOR EVERY PURPOSE 4? TUPELO, MISS. COMPLIMENTS WI-IEN IN JACKSON OF VISIT CITY CLEANERS 4 Phone 22 Oxford, Mississippi One Oi IVIISSISSIPPVS Fine Deparirneni Siores in Ihe I-Ieari oi The CapiJraI Ciiy. O. E. WENTWORTH 8: COMPANY Pacicers oi ihe WorId's Einesi TRIANGLE BRAND Where Ouaiiiy, Fashion and Fair Prices are Synonymous. OYSTERS , G JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI BALnMoRE ifiwiifimr Since I867 Prin+ers for +he Sfudenfs COIVIIDLIMEIXITS OE of Ole Miss Engraving, Srafionery, Office and Porfabie Typewrifers, Full Line of A. B. Dick Supplies THE OXFORD EAGLE Disiinciive Work Delivered Prompily Eraierniiy Magazines a Spec:iaIIy A. M. BOWEN LUMBER COMPANY +- DYERSBURO, TENNESSEE coLu5eE INN Lower Prices and Higher Oualify Phone for Special Pariies, I73 Norih Side oi Square TOM and SPIPIO' Many years of pracI'icaI experience, H16 fines+ of phofograplwic maferials, painsfalcing care, and a sincere desire fo make +he I942 Ole Miss por+ray an in'reres+ and an ar+is+ry unsurpassed have been impor+an+ facfors in our efforfs fo por+ray for you Ole Miss and ifs s+uden'rs ai' +I1eir besf. I+ is our hope 'rhaf +I1is volume of +I'1e Ole Miss will in no small measure meri+ your commendafion because of our I'I1ougl'i+fuI and careful a++en'rion Io every pI1o+ograpI1ic derail in I'I1e composifion of +I'1is boolc. Working wiI'I1 +I1e slaff and wifh I'I1e sfudenfs on Ibis imporfanf underfalxing has for us been a genuine pleasure. COIILID'S STUDIO OFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPHERS FOR THE l942 OLE MISS ir All annual negafives are lcepf in our files since I934. You may order from I'I1ese a+ your convenience. Prompf and special a+'ren+ion will be given Io any mail order from parenfs who have a son in Ihe service. ir ALL RETOUCHING WORK ON STUDENT PORTRAITS DONE BY MAY GRACE PATTERSON, JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI 5 2: Q' va I.- ll I1 Q 0 szaqsuqnd gs PHIIITITIGCIJII1PAl1Y1frI1ASHVIllE O n 2- 5" Q o II I Il ll E- ,Q- f 1 6 I P I P I 5 X P V n E i P 1 1 I b Sal i 1 I I

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