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I p IN I I IHI III I MISS IINIVIIISIIY, MISSISSIPPI 0 '34, , - . ,I mi RTR Harold linlthelf, Jr. 0 Editor Charles Traylnr 0 Manager HIE I9 0 K if 3 F. 4 1.,.. '. ...drug RT' vm ,- ' my ' s.. 'L 'ksffwrsn J N i . ' Wig? if , , an ' 'A 3 iii 4' ll Z XR Yivb K f 'xc as :fb W d , 1 , ,Jin , V ,gig ,F X Q6 4 In AM Y N . g H 'M A sf f A 1 ff . -f M 2 3 as 4 I - 4 -' my ,SKA -, qv 7 A ' '- L ' I . 9 Jimi , Q , ' .. ,. L -'P f M A 'Q-sf f ' - ' N , -, '- Jain.. . ,. ,..,.. .... . . ....-,L..-. ,,i, -v , , . g...,.u ,, , , A 4 , 5 . , '1,'n,.'Wr7i-1 vw Lf- .X YW 4 IL'-V .4 ?' 9 X ' X' - ll' X .'fg"": .cf 1-15 .5517 ' ' QV' . 'N ,' cl I 4 -A 'ic G Illlf C0lllfGlf ' ' ' AND Iilllli ' ' ' 9 .... QL I I Mr I 1 I 1 N , 3 . N ,, ., L, A - -,.,?,-, fWb. E QI-Snug!-v gg M55 . E ini 1 M ' -1. -i I., ' PUBLISHED BY STUDENTS . E S Q ' O 1- h UP THE UUIVEPISITY ' UP MISSISSIPPI AT W wa fn- Q I UNIVERSITY, MISSISSIPPI ix IND GAMES ' ' ' AND THATS ' ' ' AND CUJIIS ARE NJN V, YY ,inf -. .- A ..-M-. .-if,-. ,-.., A WE GEF UP Wlf EAI . . Wlf G0 I0 CUISS . . AND G0 T0 Sllffl' 'Vu hrhshni Ulu h4xss as H is-Hxhsis ulu'idhn. iluf ainxis lU5JlUh'INN lHHN'thH nuhicxunuuxhs hlfhh mudunhsnnd Hnlnxmdhuum nllhhxhr ?MThHHHhihHfIHSHUUHHiH5UfhHlHHH4HHHUhHd xuhruithnixsllh h4m5. ..lhw nhunuh has hEEH fur Hhs xhnrhhhh In nhrnu thu uthtude :W tnestudunIsxuuIihhuhx.tu hnxu H Hmd 'num ihv nn wld MHP Hnuxaxluxhhuh nuxul AISI hu uuxnr has hnvh Lhusvn ullh Ian xhuxqhtlhulih vmuh hxuunm H wuuhlsih uhhh HHHS hhnux hHihuh...LHhhHu1fHn1d- ShiU31hHTSNNWEHiH,dUNHHKWHB'-thElHH?UUV ur uh' WINI u1usxhh1 in such funhlNu'xHuaHs usthelilhthufhhni HHUI1EINTHHmAWHHMH ill'lf 1 'Ili I Ixil lllfi xx If xx axial 11: I xaxl.xf l'lf I ix 1- xx Ixrrlx HH:puqesufIhhshnnhnruhxvnuixunHshunuv.H fhHflSllifiS with n sunxnulux wisthllrhxurunun HHH hh unnwduhslhu hhnh and mwrihntiiis hound hu'uh knhu Hun Hushuuhis nulxnndh . . . HffHUEViHN1iHhlNH hflhh HHHIUHWHHHH auulin UHHMHU H WH SMH uiHNh H n UuH ufhurmdxha I1 M 1 , JY? I ,? :xx v, 0 Z 4 .MM Iv '4 nw 33 A EH, Y S ' f"f e . 'u ' ,. , ., , W 1- N: . 0413... I! I 1 ,vjffffw " id U' ,-5x I w. -,I ' 4 Q ' "xv ' I J' A. Q - 1 , 4 .X af -, ' ' .U QIQA , ., wi - Lf pair.. , -Y' 412' ' N 2' ' f . v K ' 1 ir. A V4 'T lv 5 ' 'A ' 'B ""'f.. ,f v' '- I ' 4 fgj 1 ' . ' 14- ,u 4, -v . ' I ' 1 -, ' ' : u 4 J ' ' ." . , if Hxry . 3 N lb ' ' Qasfs-'uf' " - f- ' 'I - Y 1" ,'-4 H if H . 3. infix. r J tins,-fix --'wht '- 'K 1 af. .1 5, ,Q-Q5' x- ml . I., 5 v. ,KVQNY C .IV aff Y 5 at . I ' .il -4 'tru' i 5'-sp I F :q 'H-H"4'I - ww 1 ,D- '-B .:ji,.v ' Y" -if ' ., ' W ..':k.1". . ', I0 Tlllf MEN AND WDMIN 0f 0llf Ml THE tfittXtU at iueu and wurueri a university pruduces curistitutes perhaps the hest meas- ure ut its Wurth. Year after year, Ute tVtiss has turried uut wett-ruuuded persuriatities-peupte Whu hecume teaders ir their respective tietds ut eudeaverg yet iueu aiid wprueri Whu, iu spite it their siccesses, stit get heriesicts ter the peed Utd days at Ute Qtftiss, whu, atiuust With- Jut exceptfpu, have a Quyatty tc Ute tVtiss that is a part at therusetves. Tu these rueu arid Wuirieu-tp the men aud werueii ut Ute Miss, past, preseiit, arid future-we dedicate this the tU1tU Ute Miss. ' I0 INIIIIKNIIII NNI! MRS. IIIIINSIIN CIIJIIIENIS 0f llllf Hlllllllll JUHNSHN S. JOHNS '55 -'df lfapahle and willing as an exeeutive, likahle as a man, Paul Burney Johnson has risen to the governors Chair as the natural culmination of a sureessful eareer as a statesman. llharaeteristie of the people he represents, he is ruggedly honest, plainly outspoken. With his keen appre- eiation of knowledge, it is fitting that he he Ex-offirio President of the Board of Trustees. I-l man who all his life has done things, Governor Johnson yet finds great delight in his friends, in sports, in his home life. A former memher of Congress and a lawyer of Southwide reputation, he is well eguipped to give to Mississippi an administration that will he ranked with the hest . . . Eraeious and modest, lVlrs. Johnson has endeared herself to all who have heen associated with her. Her warm personality makes her a charming first lady, whose friendship is desired hy all who know her. fllll A SIJCCESSIZIH AIIMINISTIIAIIIIN W K 4 qv .- 'in . A. X v .Q ,J R. .fa 5. ll ' v .'4 .jf If ff: , , I x if , ,' 1 ' If I I ltff' ' , li, all ! 'S I ',I 1 ' .llflfjsf I 1- fffi ,, , lv iff I I V1 W If I J ' I 4, .ll ,J I If I-lx I, If If 1 4 'rn 9 I fl",v' 'n it .'4."ll. . , ,J' ' . "'4aF' I I ' ...x 5' 54, I l,' lv-n,'. O ' " 1 ' ' .' 'o..4f .1 5 .QI O,,tv. 11" n,. ,rl a'0' ,'I"'r. Y 1. ".Ao,'f,'5 I u 1n.,5.x ,Q ' 'rnla W," .-0 v:,'4l,m , , l 1 ,a l ',.,"'s , , 1095. ',',f.l nf I.'l,,,.',j,," 1 . P-., of I 4-1-'2f,,,'r rf 3 1 f 4 "'v 'I l ' ,o,1 I, , . Io,' v.F '-rv .ng .i , dr I' I 1 . l,4,l. C l ' Q , a Iv, 'A n Y A A lifn, 4 V "'lf, I 1 ,gill . X ' . .04 A , ' A. , 'r w D 1 x 4 s, I I J' 17 ,vt s iil Q I, 9' Q' x 1 Q N .Q W W Q, ' 1 A hr O 4 - .u0aa,' ' ,' la' in OI'3- ', . , , W 1 I if KXXM-fi X N M IIIHIAM O CHANCELLOR ANDREW ARMSTRONG KINCANNON Hafliesburg, Mississippi DECEMBER ll, i938 CHANCELLOR JOSEPH NEELY POWERS Jackson, Mississippi OCTOBER 4, l939 MRS. AILEEN HOWELL TYE Pickens, Mississippi DECEMBER lb, l939 WALTER BOYETT Jackson, Mississippi ocroaen I7, 1939 JESSE DAVIS WARD Louisville, Mississippi OCTOBER Zl, I939 BU HU UF TRUST EES MEMBERS GOVERNQR HUGH LAWSQN WHITE . . . JacIfSon THE RT. REV. WILLIAM MERCER GREEN . . Jackson Rra2ioIenI E1fCIIIIfIfI MISS MARTHA CATCHING ENOCHS . JacI.aon MAJQR W. CALVIN WELLS . . . . Jaclfson Qpmi,mm BELL GEGRGE HAZARD . CoIumI3U5 OSCAR E. BLEDSOE . Greenwood JOHN ALLEN ELLARD . . , . . Jackson Executive Sefivfef , JAMES HECTQR CURRIE . . . M9r'IdIan GERALD W-CHATHAM - . - - - I'I9VVWGV1dO DENNIS PGRANBERRY . . . Laurd LaBauvf3 Truaifee JAMES MCCLURE . . . Sardis RANSQM ALDRICH . . MIcI1Iqan Cify MRS. SUSIE WALKER SMYTHE . I4osciusI,o JOHN W. SAVAGE . . . GuIIporI GEQRGE B. WALKER . . SIonev1IIe Llll fc ya . 3 T NES TirsT impression oT Chancellor Alired Beniamin BuTTs is of a man oT unusual abiliTy wiTh a deTerminaTion To geT Things done. Longer acguainTance wiTh him only verifies This impression. AcTively inTeresTed in every phase oT acTiviTy aT The UniversiTy oT Mississippi and in educaTional circles aT large, Dr. BuTTs has The welle rounded viewpoinT necessary Tor successTul adminisTraTive direcTion of a large group of men and women. During The Tive years he has held The oTTice oT Chancellor of The UniversiTy, he has seen begun and compleTed a million dollar building program, ThaT places The physical equipmenT oT Ole Miss in The class wiTh The besT universiTies in The land. l-lis changes in TaculTy have uncompromisingly been wiTh an eye Toward improvemenT where possible. Prior To his coming To Ole Miss, Dr. BuTTs was a member oT The TaculTies oT The UniversiTy of Texas, The UniversiTy oT Virginia, The UniversiTy oT CaliTornia, Duke UniversiTy, and oThers. This summer he will be a member oT The TaculTy of The UniversiTy oT l-lawaii. This broad experience has enabled him To bring To Ole Miss a versaTile knowledge of The inner workings OT American colleges and universiTies. ln his dealings wiTh sTudenTs, he is Tirm buT sympaTheTic wiTh Their problems, yielding only where common sense ouTweighs esTablished rules. Mrs. BuTTs, a charming and gracious woman, is well adapTed To be TirsT lady of The UniversiTy. Her sympaTheTic inTeresT in The sTudenTs and TaculTy has in large measure conTribuTed To The populariTy oT The presenT adminisTraTion. T151 MRS. A. B. BUTTS ADMINISTH TIU 0 f A L F R E D I-1 U M E EE, 'L L. LLC. LLL1. CLvemQeLL3r Eme-rifus o DAVID L-IORACE BISHOP ABU fNM, LL.L1. Dean of the Facmfy, Adinq Dean of The Graduafe School 0 JAMES WARSAW BELL VME NMA. In ff V+ 265001 of Cmmmerge and Busimeg Admlnisfrafion .- - . . 4 ' J- - .swf -L ff 4.1 -3. 1 'V .ffi fzk .. J ,',-,I I", w 0. . +"'v MVIOP ALLJINE CCDULTER , 112 MH LL!! Www WL Nw fW'1!f41LJ lwl-1-mL f'Xlf'. L so - -f....r fu.- ,-A .,., " f -...,. A . ,K 1 .1 I al-4-Q", 'xx 4' t4 . N we-Agn! A -AY' f--r r"- '1 ' ' fr - . ,M-arf' , f Z i 1. ! P Ag f 1 fi . 1, ,W aw-' vig Wr . 'W NRL - vii" KW Q, I f FTEH EULLEBE HU I5 UV I C M . Jw - Ma 1',v QQEQQ EH L1 D I- 5 E! LJ Q1 LF 11 ? Q Li 4 I an E H Z S gre. ' vim. x F- I -QI. 'QQ I 1 il ---v. .r .rv- 'Y . , fglrfg ',,,g '.zn""' "ilu , --.1 0 AUMINISTHATIU O FLOYD EMMETT FAROUEAR B.S., MA. Dean ol lhe School of Educalion 0 BILLY SYLVESTER GUY-l' BS., MA., MD., Ooh,D., F.A.C.S. Dean ol Jrhe School of Medicine 0 ELMER LIONEL HAMMOND Ph.C., BS., MS. Deon of lhe School of Pharmacy 0 LEE l-l.JOl-llNlSOlXl.JR. Bfx., M.A., S.M. in C.E,, SCD. Dean of lhe School ol Engineering V-Q-:Agn .W J . v ., on 4, . N fxwxg i was Sq l 'UQ KQ- I . -J -vi ADMI ISTHATIU O THOMAS CHARLES KIMBROUOH Ph,B.,LL.B. Dean of Hue School of Law 0 THOMAS ALTON BICKERSTAFF B.A.,M.A. Regisfrar O RICHARD MALCOLM GUESS s.s.,M.A. Dean of Men and Y. M. C. A. Secrehary 0 JEFFERSON KOOER I-IAMM B.S. Assis+an+ Direcfor of Afhlefics and Alumni Secre+ary X F, P 'IV ga Q-. , , T i Wu NSA' f rr S3 Y 3 . , , Qs SQ. vs, 55 5 .QXYMJ I,---fs r- VX, ,e NT' l Q -'f .51 1 A- . - 1, .3 . ffgfuj - + ,,3 i' ,i -3 ,if l"s v-3 5' ,lf A lik. L , AUMI ISTHATIU Q ANDREW BROADUS HARG BE., CE. Supervising Engineer 0 ESTELLAG.l-lEFLEY Efx., Mfx. Dean of Women e HUEY BLAIR I-IOWERTON BS., MA. Head of flue Deparfmoni of S+uden+ Personnel 0 HARRYJMEI-IRE PMB. Dim-refer' of Afnleiicis and Head Coach of Foofball M .1 . vi J . v c ,HLA we, gn., v , lm- T -, . v - TJ. W .35-'f-5'f5'4" Z-4. -v WL.. .- f-qw -M ,Q ge ,s ,FY-Zv. .i -4 if- ',' .1 V 42N Z 3 Tx CREATH SPEER IRENE WOODRUFF LEROY HIDINGER 'Tw DAVE SINGLETON Pre-sidenf of The Associafed Sfudeni Body E EIIUTIVE EU NEIL The STudenT ExecuTive Council, legislaTive organ oT The AssociaTed STudenT Body, is composed oT represenTaTives Trom each school and Trorn each mae lor sTudenT organizaTion. Working wiThin The Trarneworlc oT an eTTecTive consTiTuTion, Cle Miss has Tor years been iusTly proud oT iTs sTudenT govern- menT, which is based on sound democraTic principles. Long playing an irnporTanT parT in The aTTairs oT boTh The lNlaTional and The SouThern STudenTsl FederaTion oT America, The ExecuTive Council This year senT as Their delegaTe A. S. B. PresidenT Dave SingleTon To The NaTional Congress, which convened aT The UniversiTy oT lv1innesoTa, and senT several represenTaTives To The C.onvenTion oT The SouThern DisTricT in New Orleans. Under The eTTicienT direcTion oT A. S. B. Prexy SingleTon, This year's council has esTablished an improved oTTice sysTem in The new Union Building. Through STUDENT EXECUTIVE COUNCIL or, a reguesT To The adminisTraTion, an inTramural sporTs proe gram was revised and TaciliTies oT The Armory were ime proved. The book exchange reached a new high in serv- ice To The sTudenTs. Along wiTh oTher services exTended from This governing body To The sTudenTs were a council sponsored class in parliamenTary procedure and an amendmenT To The consTiTuTion requiring AssociaTed STue denT Body candidaTes To be examined in rules OT parlia- menTary procedure and The hisTory of The UniversiTy. OTher oTTicers oT The AssociaTed STudenT Body are CreaTh Speer, Vice-PresidenT: Irene WoodruTT, SccreTary: and Leroy I-Iidinger, Treasurer. OTher members of The Council are I3eTe Warren, College oT Liberal ArTs3 Ede ward RaTher, School oT Commerce: CaTo MayTieId, School oT Pharmacy: CliTTord SchuITz, School oT Law: Billy RusT, School oT Engineering: G. A. Bynum, School oT Medicine: Percy Parker, M Club: Francis Bowling, Band: ElizabeTh Nash, Womenls STudenT Government Walser Prospere, Mississippian: I-Iarold GoTThelT, Jr., The Cfe Miss. ExecuTive Council: EIizabeTh Nash, PresidenT: Voorhies Daniels, FirsT Vice-Preside-nT: RuTh Ervin, Second Vice- WUME ,S ST DE PresidenT: Nancy Cashman, SecreTary: Norma ShuTord, Treasurer. LegisIaTive Council: Mary Ashley, Erances Ann Chase, Eleanor I-Iam, Sarah I-land, Evelyn T-Iillin, Frances I-lope kins, Sally Kirk, Louise McRae, OleTa Shows, DoroThy Shuford, Roselle Turner, and Irene WoodruTT. Advisor: Miss EsTella G. I-IeTley, Dean of Women. Women sTudenTs aT The Universilry of Mississippi are governed by The Womens STudenT GovernmenT Associa' Tion, an organizaTion which conTrols all maTTers oT cone ducT Tor women sTudenTs. This council is a member oi -if 64' ELIZABETH NASH President of W.:amen's STudenT Government Associaiion T GUVEH ME T The NaTional lnTercolIegiaTe AssociaTion oT Women STu- denTs and was hosT To The Mississippi division in I94O. Each woman sTudenT aT Ole Miss is a member oT The Women's STudenT GovernmenT AssociaTion and is ex- pecTed To be Tamiliar wiTh all rules and reguIaTions which iT seTs TorTh. A sTudenT governmenT handbook is reg- ularly issued and conTains all reguIaTions which guide The conducT oT women sTudenTs, and Treshman girls are given examinaTions based on The conTenTs oT This book, Under The leadership oT Miss EIizabeTh Nash, The Women's STudenT GovernmenT AssociaTion counTed The session I939-40 among iTs mosT eTTicenTly managed years. EXECUTIVE BOARD -1-Cf Cashman, Ervin, Nash, Daniels, N. Shuford l , F' - , Q... 5, 6 -. 'Q' if Sir QR N T A HALL UP PA HAROLD GOTTHELF, JR. D A N H. S H E L L WILLIAM NEVILLE DAVE SINGLET WALL JR V. WALSER PROSPERE ROBERT W. , b l PUBLIEATIU Faculfy Members DR. A. B. BUTTS , . DR. D. H. BISHOP . . . . DEAN E. L. HAMMOND . . , , Chair PROFESSOR HORACE BROWN . . , . CII . Ex-OIIICIQ CIIGIIIYIGII . . , . . . . . . . CIwaIImIaII mam SUIJCCIITIVIIIIIIQQ on YeaIIDI:IoIf airmen Subcommi?Iee C-II Paper DR. C. F. DUNHAM DR. J. B. LOOPER DR. DAVID HORACE BISHOP MR. J. If. HAMM PROFESSOR JOHN WADE Chairman DR P. If. MQCAPTER o S+ucIen+ Members HAROLD OOTIHELF, JR. DAVE SINGLEION WALSER PROSPERE CHARLES TPAYLOP. IOMMIE WALKER THE I940 PUBLICATIONS COUNCIL I K , I I i .3 I p Er-'I -I E2 'K Q L17I ULE MISS I-IARCDLD GOTTI-IELE, JR. . WILLIAM R. ALLEN . . BENJAMIN E. BOWIE . . NED GOTTI-IELF . . ANNE CI-IASE . . HAROLD BURSON . CHARLES LONGINO , . WALTER BULLOCK , , ELEANOR I-IAM . AMY DUFES , . PEBECCA EASON . , EVELYN PEAVEY , Auqusfus NeeIy CamIIIe Summers I-IaroId Brownsfein Secreiarial Sfaff Ffobed Revere Roberf Reed Ediforial S+aff Jonnsfon Rowe George 6iIlespie Pho+ography Sfaff John Mason AI Fred Daniel . , Ediforein-Chief . Assisfanf Edifor , AssisIanI Edifor . Assisfanf EdiIor . . Secrefary . Sporfs Edifor , Erafernify Edifor . . . . Plwofoqraphy Editor Phofoqraphy Makeup Arfisf . . . . , Ee-afure Wrifer . . Orqanizafions Edifor . . . . Class Edhor VirqiI Adkins Bob May Percy Johnsfon Tom Hammond HAROLD GOTTHELF, JR., Edifor I940 Ole Miss I . i .dv-, . pa I I5 xf 'x :fC fur: ' BUSINESS STAFF CHARLES TRAYLOR JAMES BRANIGIN . GENE MORSE . . JEAN LITTLEPAGE . VIOLET MULVENNA DALTON PARKER , JACK KlRKPATRICK TED MORRIS .,.. MARY ORIMES . . JOHN PIVARNIK . . Amelia Coclce , . . , Business Assislanf Business . . Assisfanf Business Manager Manager Manager Secrefary . . Adveriising Arlisl . . Aclverlising . , Adverfising . Aclverlising . Organizalions . Circulalion Secrefarial Sfaff Sara Payne Bell Eleanor McCabe Organizafions Sfaff Henry Kornegay Herman Mannheimer J. W. Cox Hunler McKenzie Jimmie Van Devender Pele Shipman Ed Loclrard Jerry Hall James Dixon Simon Marks Salesman Salesman Salesman Manager Manager -ff 49' CHARLES J. TRAYLOR Business Manager A MESSAGE FROM EDITOR AND BUSINESS MANAGER To rhe members of rhese slalls we express our sincere appreciafion for lheir cooperalion in ediling and li- nancing Jrhis book. Wilhoul lheir help publicarion ol: lhis volume would be lirerally impossible, and lo Jrhem goes a large share of credir for any merif lhis book may have. 'S G' l.29J l J Cailierine Winn Norma Slwuiord Gene Hopkins V. WALSER PROSPERE EDITORIAL V. WALSER PROSPERE . TOM HAMMOND HAROLD BROWNSTEIN . . BEN OWEN . . BAE KRAMER , CAROLYN REED . ROBERT HOLLAND Editor The Mississippian HAROLD BU RSQN .ALL JEAN BAR KSDALE Louis Silver Leonard Kline Elon Ellis Jolnnslon Rowe Bobby Walil Billy Pearson Palricia Goldberg Amelia Cocke Melya Caiiwriigilwl Maiciarel Mr,Coy Edith Winn Melissa Dear Mary Lelia Bradley Helen Louise Jenkins MISSISSIPPIA . . Ediior-in-Clnief . . Managing Edifor . . Sporis Ediior . . Sporis Fdiior . . . Socieiy Edilor Assisiani Socieiy Fdiior . . Feature Edifor Special Confribulor Ediior . . . Secreiary io Assisfani Eclifors Kenneili Haxion Bill Allen Reporfers Paul Lockeii Cliff Bailey Fred Nabers Cliarles Haile Alberf Wilson Socieiy Assisfanfs Peqqy Wkiiie Brooke Shaw Grace Adams Edirlw Wells Maiiorie Dee Hopkins Co-ed Repor'rers Maiquerire Bigger Flizabeili Middleion Eleanor Ham Helen Semlon Billy Wiggins Bill Gurney Guy Rane-r Jimmy Bishop Henry Roberis Milion Perry Hap Owen Floyce Rule Burclniield Audley Belizlwooyer Dorolliy Williams Lib Cranford Maiiiean Baie Frances Sliaw Jo Ayres Gene Williams 9 Y.. . i 1 u " y , , l i I v . E ISSUED WEEKLY BY THE STUDENTS OF OLE M BUSINESS STAFF TOMMIE M, WALKER . . . . . Business Manager GEORGE ATKINSON .,...., Assisfanf Business Manager SIDNEY HOPKINS, JIM WILLIAMS COX, ,Circulafio n Direffi ir-, RICHARD L. WATSON ........ , GeneraI Adviacir PHILIP DAVIS, BILLIE WROTEN . . Foreign Cir'CuIaIiCn JACK PIGOT, BOB WOMACK ..,. . , Local CirCuIaTion JOE LAUDERDALE, LEROY WORSI-IAM . . TeCIinifiaI As'3i9'ranI: CATHERINE WINN, FLOYCE R. BIRCI-IEIELD EernaIe CirCuIaIion sro Rom . . , . . , , FIunIy Bob Ellis Millard Page SI1orIy WIIson DIQI MuIIeI Warren I-IiaH J. C. Shirley Curfis Wlniffinqfon Howard McLain Miles Baker Burien PIa++ Associafes Assisianfs Iin+on Wood I'-Iunrer Wood Bergen MerriII Travis Nash AIberI Gardner ArrInur WIwiIIen RoyaI Branfon I-Iunfer Jordan I-Iarvey I-Ienderson Jack Barber BiIIy Noel T311 TOMMIE WALKER Business Manager Q5 AQ, JOURNAL OF THE MISSISSIPPI STATE BAR 5 GEORGE H. BUTLER,JR. . . . , . . . . Edifor FLETCHER F. VEAZEY, JR. , . . Nofe and Case Editor RHINEAS STEVENS . . . . . . Assisfanf Edifor STANNY SANDERS . , , . Assisfanf Edifor L W! JV U U H A L LIAN H. SHELL . , . . . , Business Manager LOUIS ALEQRD . . . Assiafam' Business Manager GEORGE BUTLER DAN SHELL Faculiy Advisers JOHN W. WADE CHARLES W, TAINTON, II JL.. A "T" f Associafe Edifors BLN ADAMS BILL FEDRIC FRANCIS BOWLING EDGAR STEPHENS ERSKINE WELLS JOHN WHITTEN MARVIN WIILIAMS l32I Y' I I. Edi+orial Sfaff REGINALD GRAY, JR .... . . Editor JOHN KUYKENDALL, JR. . . . Publisher HENRY W. HAYNES . . . . Adverlising BEN ADAMS ....... . , . . . Circulafion Ediforial Board Duane Forman Gene Murphey Simon Marlcs Billy Quinn Elon Ellis Al Fred Daniel, Pholos TH Margaref McCoy Mary Jusfina Brown Edirh Winn Kennerh Haxfon AI Daniels Ned Golrhelf Tom Hammond Waller Bulloclc Harold Burson G. "Flars" Dayis Edgar Willis Poochie Summers Earle Basinslry John Coales Robbie Coleman Sarah Rainer Margarei Love Josephine Ayers lrene Woodruff Harry Hoffman Archie Quinn Buddy Claylon John Mason Paul Loclreff Billy Pearson Lcuis Silver Eleanor McCabe Rosamund Meyers Harold Brownsiein lenore Kimbrough Tish Rainer Mollisa Dear Kale Johnson Dororhy Ann Campbell Ruihe Minor Candler Wiselogle Hap Owen Business Sfaff Jack Srone Charles Johnson, Jr. Roy Wingfield, Jr. Frances Munroe Coco Gee Mary Jane Pressgrove Roberl Perkins Ted Norris George Carrer Gene Morse THE REBEL THE REBEL CLUB S Haynes, Gray, Kuylrendall ist gf! E MONTHLY HUMOR MAGAZINE OF OLE M E331 ISS llll MISS BHNH wa f Q JS' P5 . ,L A 'ix Ng o i! is ' N. The Ole Miss Band, recognized as one oT The ouTsTanding musical organ- izaTions oT The SouTh, has mainTained iTs versaTile policy oT presenTing some- Thing new aT every appearance and has delighTed The public Trom Chicago To New Orleans in iTs round oT Trips and Tours This year. lTs program oT acTiviTies began wiTh parTicipaTion in The American Legion NaTional Conven- Tion as The Sons oT American Legion Band oT LaTayeTTe CounTy. During TooTball season iT appeared wiTh The Ole Miss Team aT seven oT The nine scheduled games, habiTually acTuaTing iTs moTTo, "l-lub oT The Rebel SpiriT," aT Memphis, New Orleans, l-'IaTTiesburg, and The UniversiTy. The band has presenTed varied and colorTul concerTs on The campus and in The viciniTy oT OxTord. Climaxing achievemenT oT The concerT band was The series oT per- Tormances before The Mississippi BandmasTers AssociaTion aT iTs Tour-day annual clinic held on The campus. These excerpTs Trom prominenT newspapers indicaTe The esTeem in which The organizaTion is held: "The decision To Take The UniversiTy OT Mississippi Band To The American Legion ConvenTion aT Chicago is good news .... The Ole Miss Band, already one oT The TinesT in The SouTh and which will be increased To eighTy-Tive pieces This year, will serve To show Thousands oT persons Trom all over The counTry whaT kind oT a sTaTe universiTy There is in The Magnolia STaTe. So does The resT oT The counTry learn anew ThaT Mis- sissippi is a modern, up and coming sTaTe."-EdiTorial in Memphis Commer- l cial Appeal. . . One oT The TinesT exhibiTions ever given here."-George KeeTe in New Orleans Times Picayune. ..Very impressive and we mean impressive aT iTs mosT impressive."-WalTer STewarT in The Commercial Appeal. . . MosT colorTul TeaTure ever shown on The Tield."-Purser l'lewiTT in Jackson Clarion Ledger. "The band has rapidly risen To one oT The Top places among The bands oT iTs size in The naTion."-Jack Hancock in Jackson Daily News. To The Leffz Miss Brownie Burfon has become famous for her high-sfepping Technique. if if V' H V il Lx.. Q, ' s-A? ' es as z PTT Z i 15 , 7,1 '-ss , ,, BET ET BeTa ZeTa is an honorary Tralernal orgiii'ii-iiliciii ild members being seIecTed Trom The personnel oT The file Miss Band. IT has Tor iTs purpose The malfing oT a grffaler Qle Miss Band-greaTer in spiriT and greaTer in abilily. All candidaTes Tor membership inTo The TraTerniTy mi,isT have been members oi The band Tor a period oT aT IeasT Two years and musT have been presenT aT a minimum oT eighTy per cenT oT The rehearsals. AcTive membership in The organizaTion never efceeds TiTTeen persons, new men being Chosen on The basis oT ouTsTanding abiliTy Tor lead' ership and inTeresT in The Ole Miss Band. FirsT oTTiciaI meeTing oT I3eTa ZeTa was held on Dee Cember IO, I934, wiTh G. R. 'diggs' IXIebIeTT as presidenT. In The spring oT I935 The TraTerniTy became inachve and remained so unTiI November I4, I937. Since iTs reorgan- izaTion, BeTa ZeTa has been conTribuTing heavily Toward making The Qle Miss Band The ToremosT musical organizaf Tion oT The SouTh. QTTicers Tor The presenT year are HansTord Simmons, Archon, Herman Glazier, Vice-Archon, C5asTon Jones, SecreTaryg Harold Levine, ReporTer. Members are Francis Bowling, James Branigin, Charles DieTz, Clyde Hughes, RoberT Hummel, Jack KirIcpaTricIc, Edmund MonTgomery, Harvey Ross, Billy RusT, HerberT Sanders, and David WaTerman. TO THE LEFT Freshman Drum Majors Virgil Adkins and RoberT Revere. Jack KirImpaTricIr is head drum maior. P5 Ts Q41 xl' is Di X lla! OFFICERS OF THE BAND Billy Rusf, Vice-President Charles Longino, Presidenf, and James Branigin, Business Manager DIRECTOR R. N. WHITFIELD I I- Y" V ' agf 1-, X . 17' '-my-a' ,v- .: -5' ,xy ul -Nw'i,?x '7uPb. - r I " Q vw if- YI, 'fu , ueliitj i-H? L MW' In Wh MP 1 s I . ,.. Y- i I n N i 1 ' .Je I X X J. 15. ' 1, 4 O G ' 6 .AA Q r 531' are J F., ' 7' Y, .. ' 1 I Eau ivy? 'T 1 I 'X ' P 2. ML l 'I , Q N- is E 9 - " . wi C7 v?ffl.i,':- ' Q f l 0 j -ff' j xi 4' i 'K' 1 A P 2 fb- nz! Ig, 'q,2'.,f R- E . X Q 4' 7... ,srl ,A 4'-Q Q' , 75 ' .C'."" 1, va 1 :lv C3 , il J ti 'Q' 1-7 ' . C .-, NW 1.1 , is 4 2.23 ggi i .H f H5- 3 wr 1 .gn 005 if-I 'Y' wp.- MEMBERS OF THE BAND Firsl Row: Virgil Adlxins. Hugh Alexander, Clill Bailey, Bobby Ballard, R. J. Barnell, James Branigin, William Brewer, Jim Brocl, Brcwnie Burlon. Dolsy Cohen. Second Row: Joe Covinglon, Tyler Criss, Charles Deilz, T. A. Doolillle, Rob Dow, Franlx Dunn, Henry Fair, Fred Fried- man, Frazier Furr, Herman Glazier. Third Row: J. D. Guylon, Pal Hammond, Roberl Henley, Warren Hiall, T. W. Holmes, Huey Hower- lon, Alex Hulell, Bob Hummel, Gaslon Jones, Jack Kirlcpalriclr. Fourlh Row: Warren Larroux, Harold Levine, Paul Locle-ll, Charles Longino, George McLaughlin, B. M. Marlin, James Mayo, T. B. Miller, Ed Monlgomery, Herman Moore. Fillh Row: Minor Morgan, Violel Mulvenna, Fred Nabers, Roy Nichols, Bill Paris, Jalce Parris, Pele Perlcins, Millon Perry, Spol Pelley, James Pierce. Siilh Row: J. O. Frude, Archie Quinn, Edward Rappeporl, Roberl Revere, Howard Richardson, Ted Riemann, Henry Roberls, Harvey Ross, Billy Rusl, Huberl Sanders. Sev- enlh Row: Irwin Sebulslry, Holl Shaclclelord, Bobby Sharp, Aldridge Shaw, Hanslord Simmons, Tom Slallery, Edward Smilh, Eugene Smilh, Jaclc Slacey, N. S. Sweal. Eighlh Row: Hall Taclcel, Chesler Ward, David Walerman, Walls Webb, Edward Williams Ralph Wilggn, Fred Willy, Claude Woodward, Felix Zaremba. i371 'rx 9 ,lf ,Q ?- .af .1 yixiilif-' ' .ng QQ A.. ZA N1 2 f,' LI Pg, A I 4 3 43 4 Y Officers LEPCIY' IIIIAINGLI? . IIEEJ QCJTTEIELE , APTI-IUP CLARK , . awww iiopouisr . . MISS BILLIE WIGGINS .,.... Members EPE2 BEAPD . , ARTHUR CLAPV . . NAPPEII CPUZEN , . . Piezidehl Vice-Presldenl . Secieiary . .Treasurer . . Sponsor . Siqma Chi . .Della Psi Pi Kappa Phi EAPIDI THOMAS HOLMES SAM MARASCALCO LEE MEYER .... CECIL MITCHELL . MINOR MORGAN . GENE MORSE . . ROBERT MOSS . . EUGENE MURPHEY GRIFFIN NOROUIST DOUGLAS RIDDELL JAMES SAVAGE . J. C. SHIRLEY . . AL FPL' IANIEL . Alpha Tau Omega FRANCIS STEVENS ' - FILL GUTTHLLE . . Sliidfg-nl Body BURRELI. TUTOR . LEROY HIDINGER NED GOTTHELF ARTHUR CLARK Presiden? Vice-Presidenf Secrefary Q' s...,.r H JY. lit VU? AI. lfI.IH . .Della Tau DeI+a . . Sfudenl Body . ,Phi Epsilon Pi . . . . Phi Pi Phi . . Pi Kappa Alpha . . Kappa Sigma . . .Bela TI-iela Pi Della Kappa Epsilon Sigma Alpha EpsiIOn . .Phi Della Thela . .Phi Kappa Psi . . .Sigma Nu . , . .Kappa Alpha .Sigma Phi Epsilon GRIFFIN NOROUIST Treasurer 1 ,l elecfecl by such a repre- sen+a1'ive group as +he Cardinal Club. 1'heir sponsor holcls an inclispufable and envied posi+ion on fhe Ole Miss campus. This year 'l'his honor goes 'lo Miss Billie Wiggins of lnclianola, Mis- sissippi. She is a sophomore in 'rhe School of Business and Commerce. 7fze Spandafz. ,qjlnsw-my MISS Hlllll WIEIEINS O F F fELrF'iC FEHBEEMAN . FlAF'OLE1SHERMAN , . BOB CPOCFETT ,,.,. HUGH AHEN ALEX'ANi1Ei-J l.4F"Q. LAURA T. MAPTHJ . MP, lf, l!lFECCil.lJ1 GUESS GWJFFTN ALF"'rF"1 ELEE I C E Members Firs+ Tenors: Second Tenors: Lyrnan Coker Tims A. Ouinn Nick B. Roberls Roberf M. Rogers W. l.. Wallace Warren Larroux Jack Mann Millard Page Douglas Riddell Henry D. Roberis Ff9Cl Willy Billy Sampson Burrell Tulor Edward Williams Edgar Willis Barifones: Basses: Billy Baker Roberl Crockell Harvey Henderson Miller Holmes Carl Jolnnslone Roberf A. May Arilnur Clark Cedric Feibelrnan George Gillespie George Maddox Jack Sracy Jack Taylor Hunfer Wood R S A. G. BOWEN, Acconwpanisf D FEATURE MEN , Presideni I A EDMUND MONTGOMERY , . . . , Vibra-Harp Vice-Fresidenl DRURY FISHER ,,,.,, . Accordion . Secrelary . Treasurer . , Director THE MlSSlSSlPPlANS Business Manager Mll.LER HOLMES, Direclor Siage Manager Huglw Alexander Gale Walson Warren Larrouic Harold Sherman lrwin Colnen Bob Hummel Carrnen Massey A. G. Bowen Fielding Wriglwl Bobby Ballard Eugene Sniillw di Viv' , 1, , , f :'Tf.f.p,......1,,i.a.L....-. .. A, .,, Ole Miss' inTeresT in dramaTic arTs is repre- senTed by The UniversiTy Players. This group is composed oT sTudenTs who are inTeresTed in dra- maTic liTeraTure and leadership and who desire dramaTics as a Torm oT selT-expression. The UniversiTy Players are accomplishing These purposes in many ways. Besides The dramaTizing oT plays, The sTudenT also receives Training in eurhyThmics, sTage direcTing, and sTage craTT. The besT modern dramas are sTudied in order ThaT The sTudenT mighT appreciaTe The beTTer qualiTies oT dramaTic liTeraTure. .J Members oT The UniversiTy Players, under The direcTion oT W. DwighT WenTz. are: DoroThy Fallcner, Allie Mabel SmiTh, Maude BolTon. Mar- gueriTe Bigger, June Tann, Peggy WhiTe, Mar- gareT WhiTe, Eleanor l-laTTon, RuTh Audley BelTzhoover, l-lelen I-Iall, PaT l-logan, Gwen Pal- mer, James Thomason, Arvine I-lenry lll, T-lenry Levi. DHA X-XTIES .wammmr:ma11 mvwwmmmfw N. X. .... xx' lllllllll lllllllllHlllIll..r3.-all 14 AE2Q,'- . . ,- -in Q' L4 Friendly, Capable, FRANCIS BOWLING has served as Execu- RALPH BURNS, pride of last year's boxing team, is this tive Chairman of the Gym Dance Committee. 1H"'f7 f' are an V .-1. ,I .-'Q vis,- f ?f ff .bg ' ' ,Q '.',,-g' 'af ,. . 5 . , W , y - , Ouickewitted and amiable GEORGE BUTLER has edited ot the most practicable and thorough Law Journals to pear on the Ole Miss Campus. Known chiefly as head of Pi Kappa Pi, FRANK LANEY become the "Most President" man on the campus ,q 2 5, . KL! ,i .T- ,l year's Cadet Lieutenant Colonel of the R. O. T, C. Corps. W. , W, .uq.j"'Q1Q A, N mm. V-nthlehrwsnliigaii. -u-... ,Li .1 Xl --1-"a . i in ' -- lu- 'K'- "1 tu 'W ' 'mtv , . , an "'-Nhz. sv.-s 1 Titq .,.., lisa' n ,dwg it-3' ,sw a vgmmi. , ill ' .vfiiwlhla HIIGIQC1 -41113 instalment. V Mm 111 T iii 11111 311111 H419 '-'wah ,Aki swkggt 'f :ve-we s iii! W' Bras!! N31 gf-Alt!! iii Q xv . 1 Nursing the monthly humor magazine through its second year, REGINALD GRAY has made The Rebel one of the most looked-forward-to publications on the campus. Concentrating on the Varsity Show, HENRI LEVI is outstand- inq in the field of dramatics. I -H arg. " .1fiQQ5.iifI. I' Aside from efficiently executing his duties as Director of the News Bureau, HAROLD BURSON has an enviable record as man about the campus. LERO-Y "LITTLE ED" HIDINGER has earned for himself the title of Diminutive Dictator of the Cardinal Club. ELIZABETH NASH, pretty and popular, is president of thi Women's Student Government Association. .-T. ' , . , 1. 5 ' O ,W 1' xx Q.: 0 l 4 WAGE OF I J C I i 17,5 , f. Gr: s ,:,. , Ht: , . 4 OLLEGE HOTSHOTS lersatile senior lawyer, BILLY NEVILLE completes an active WALSER PROSPERE, venerable politician, climaxes his college Ot nose-thumbing tame, BILL SCHNELLER has led the Rebel year as President of the Student Y. M. C. A. years as editor of the Mississippian. football team through one of its most successful seasons. q 1 A 1 A sg, , 3 V As President of the Associated Student Body, DAVE SINGLE- A man of many activities, DAN SHELL is best known as . TON is lustly one of the best-liked men on the campus. president of Omicron Delta Kappa and Business Manager of the Law Journal. Long a leader in women's affairs, VIRGINIA THIGPEN is this year head of both the Y. W. C. A. and Panhellenic Council. TOMMIE WALKER, lover at large, completes a year of hard work as Business Manager of the Mississippian. ,,,,f-f ,1 1-1- F' , I Q 9 Fifi,-.1 cv . we -. V 4. Q , Breaking precedent where they have been outmoded, PHINEAS STEVENS as President of the Interfraternity Council has guided the affairs ot the Greeks during the past year. Good-looking IRENE WOODRUFF is President of the Women's Athletic Association and Secretary of the Asso- .ciated Student Body. 'Y' . Q- JL.,5,.,.x.,u .,.,ifY"1'i1 ' il N: ' .Vx ., 'f' ", gffjtz. X . , 'J 545: fi- f' I- 11 -, .1 A .-5,6-n Q 4... V . .. '-V'-2 ' . 2 ,. 1' I s ,npfn Q if in 9 9 wg 'HW N J W 8 , . T24 1 ' .-A ,N A YI- Q -5. W gh 'f' I me I6-lcy Hall from lsom Hall. -?- ,l.'p5 wa, ,ani 1-wi P... ' 1 A I5-Boys and babes board a Banfam. 22-Our cheerleaders were al the Soufhweslern game. 23-Gloria floors 'em af Stunt Night. I7-The lifile shaver shaves. 24-Walling for The chauffeur. I8-They roasted hof dogs on Halloween, 25-Levi. I9-'Twas fhe nighf before Homecoming. 20-"The law is a Iealous misfress." Ask Jackson. 26-TheY were on lhe map lhal daY' 2l-The Lyceum fountain comes in handy. 27-lf was the day The annuals came ouf. .1 S silk N A s. Y ,gif - , 4" G f, ::f5'A I A? 4 i A s an N n fa 1 4,5 4:6 ?Q I ' , 9 f ,, fl , - , ffl' .1 r f ,aw rl. -Mk 4? 'v r V!-2 ......1 d l Wm U .-.1 , The iillerburg will bile you if you don'l walch oul. And Bullock said, "Wafch the lilfle birdie," The governor enioys the game. ll really is Sarah Cooper. Liflle boys shouldn'l smoke. Former Coach Hazel lells 'em We be? they aren'f textbooks. The Confederale Ball was really swell. 9- l0- fl fy Wake up, "Buddy," The world is on fire Only one ballol lo a person. The Rebel lineup. Erm and Pal in The Springlime. I2- I3- I4-Whal's the lrouble, Bad Hair? I5- -No ioke, he really wears lhem. The voting line is long on eleclion day. The Freshman Dean gives a disserlalion I -154 I-Baskin dishes out fhe rifle awards. 2-These Freshman gals slack up pretfy well. 3-Ain'1' no bad food on the training lable. 4-In lhe good old summertime. 5-lf This book's no good, blame Joe foo. 6-Behind Skid sils the governor. 8-Before lnmon. 9-Ann Dud and lhe Wild One. I0-When we saw fhis we ran. ll-A man can'f live on bread alone. I2-The Docs pull a shine sfunl at Homecoming. 1 .Ill l, ll ll ,,..,,--- 7-Heaven's giff io fhe Nafional Defense Acl. I3-Some day he'll be a Sophomore. X ..o"' ,al 1 1 f o55lIl!ll'5 - 1. , 3 5 Qi! 5 .gm Shuffleboard proves popular. Praclice games have their speclalors Why so pleased, Mary Leila? Those Med sfudenfs slick toqelher. -Jusf a bunch of folks. -Cardinal Club and sponsor. -lf looks like a session. , 1' .f., ' . 414 'M ,mm I I S if a J V-b I ,g ', . , .- . Vx ff"w.. --4 -ti Don't rush, ganqg there's plenty for all. The day after the night before. There's a festive air about the terrace. "Well, goodbye now." Together again. Just three good guys. Backstage. Sour puss Coates. Wx -The road back. Cyrilla Dorne, Jackie Coogan and Norman Williams in "What a Life." Bullock before Burchfield. Must be examination time. Snod makes the annual again The Golden Egg goes to Sta te or a SHORT visit l my 1 L 1 ram " K x ' I-Olson looks oul' for the kiddies. 2-Coach Bully 'lells fhe Frosh how. 3-Salurday nighf. 4-Junior Fooiball Manager Transou. 5-And Senior Manager Ralher, 6-Clofhes don'f make fhis man-he's Ned. 7-Hold that pose, please. 41, -f-"5 ,nl9",-D The Megaphone Girls. Speclalors at large. Life Guards llelson, Morgan, and Lenquesf. The M. O. A. K. S. shine again. Ham snags one. Johnny in a pensive mood. 3 3' . . 'K vs. 515,14 .55 -. ' .L . . .l.,...,n....-1 ,..f .uw , A.-. iMf'7'-'QT li .. A W' 1 -l.sxqf wi'.g, ' ' - f .113 'f' .Jil ' mu y ff: .1 5fifT?-wxvfz. . 7 WLSYCY J A--45 in ,p:f.v2Sff' ff V?-:S-,Q ,L .v,.,y -' gA.g3.. .S-M . , 'gg , jig, , V " ,733 ' I 3 1, 2, 1 Ji i' gf 5 ' ,, rr. ,Q LA., CHI SH I I I l I I l I l I I I I I l l 3 l l I THA HS The edilor and business manager wish Io express Io Ihe I939-40 Cardinal Club Iheir sincere apprecialion for Irs conrribulion, which helped defray expenses ol padding The covers of The I94O Ole Miss. The club is a service organizalion composed ol oulslanding sophomores. The membership consisrs of The following: Officers LEROY I-IIDINGER . . . ..... ....... P residenl NED GOTTI-IELF ..... . .Vice-Presidenl ARTHUR CLARK ..... ,... S ecrelary GRIFFIN NORQUIST . . . .Treasurer MISS BILLIE WIGGINS . . .Sponsor Members FRED BEARD . . . ARTHUR CLARK . WARREN CRUZEN . AL FRED DANIEL . NED GOTTHELF . THOMAS HOLMES SAM MARASCALCO LEE MEYER .... CECIL MITCHELL . MINOR MORGAN GENE MORSE . . ROBERT MOSS . . EUGENE MURPI-IEY GRIFFIN NOROUIST DOUGLAS RIDDELL JAMES SAVAGE . J. C. SHIRLEY . . FRANCIS STEVENS . BURRELL TUTOR . . l55fI . ,sigma clil . , .Della Psi . . . .Pl Kappa Plil .Alpha rap ompqp , . .slpappl Spay . .opllp rap Della . .slpappl Body . . Phi Epsilon Pi .....PhiPiPhi , ,Pi Kappa Alpha . . Kappa Sigma . . . .Bela Thela Pi Della Kappa Epsilon Sigma Alpha Epsilon . . .Phi Della Thela . .Phi Kappa Psl . , .Sigma Nu . . . Kappa Alpha . .Sigma Phi Epsilon INIST-TED wiTh Tour years of col- S-! lege work, The law and medical sTudenTs again come back Tor more learning. They assume ThaT slighTly seTTled loolc and re- call The changes ThaT have come over Ole Miss since Their under-graduaTe days. The Troshnnen were never so awTul, Then and They had a much beTTer Time Than The sTudenTs do now. The B. A. professors were much harder Than They are now, Though. The B. A. schools now are sops. No one has To worlc like They do. They'll be glacl To geT ouT and away from here-unTil They have To hunT Tor a job! iiiiiliiliiiuiiim , Q 'i Mfmfx. VEASEY, HUFF, HENDRICK, FORD if .f Mfr,-if 7. . . L n . v . 4 fl? X 7 1- , Wfaly' fe 2 ,Y X X Q? L 4 1 L I W1 WEL 5 A l ,EK Z S ng N-1 N- UPPIEEHS 5 f O FLETCHER VEASEY . .... Presidenf of Law School J M ' , ' If xx JOE EDDINS . . . Presidenf of Senior Law Class L J X wx JOE HUFF . , . Presidenf of Junior Law Class f R L L BILL FORD . . . L Presidenf of Firs+ Year Law C1555 L L 'Lf X X N- 50 If JIM L-LENDRLCK . . . Presidenf of Medical School xr. J W , J:-lf'-.' 'F 4' rv -Q7 . A '7' TO P R O W JAKE LOUIS ABRAHAM . . . Por? Gibson, Miss. Law Jacokfs Club SPENCER BARNES .... . . Belzoni, Miss. Medicine I' , v ff. ,I I 5 I' ' E., ' Medical club, B. A. Ole Miss, was. W I FRANCIS S. BOWLING . . . . . Newfon, Miss. Law ' -, ATQ,OAK,BZ M. O. A. K. S., Y. M. C. A., Band Chairman, Slu- rlenl Dance Cornmiilae, Chairman of lnh,-rfralerniiy Dance Cr:lrnrnifIol2, Chairman oi Decoralions Corn- rnillee, Floor CC'H'lVTIlIiQU, lniilrfraiffrniiy Council, Associaie Ecliior Law Journal, Scirclary of Law Class, Vice-Presil.Ion1 Senior Y. M. C. A., Presidenf I .,, I wa, . .,, -,rt l of Bela Zfela, Annual Siaif, Sludeni Eweculivc Coun- cil, Svcrefary Y. M. C. A., Technical Sc-rqeanl of Band. OLLIE D. BRAME ...... . . Madison, Miss. Law A T 52 Y. M. C. A. I, 2, 3, 43 lrlic-rfralc-rllliy C-lunliil 3, ln' icrfralornily Dance Cornrrlillec 3. GEORGE HARRISON BUTLER, JR. . . Jackson, Miss. Law ll X, IIA K, 'I' A 'I' Cl1V'Illljl Clllls IVIISSISSIIUDIIII, Univr-rsiiy Playf-rs, Ilis- illllllil uf l'lll Lll"lI.l l'Ill, Pri-sl-Iilrlf uf Phi Della I'lIil, Anfllnilrll Elllllr fri llAlf,'.l'lslpr1i Law Jllllrrllllg Eflilor, Mls'l'.'.ll'lrll L'lw Jllllrlnll, llwllllr Roll, Slrilglbllfrs, 'Nll,f. Wi in Allfrll lirl Clfll-P-if-c .llll UilIVl'fSIill'S. -Q gf' 1 G. A. BYNUM . . .... . . . Laurel, Miss. 9 5 o ir 9 P 'tl P Medicine rl: ' ll ll fl A, IJil',2l'.'.lrlii fy lll '11, l'?I1,willl lil-rlrlr2, Qr,lllll.1r ' I X nllly- All-lil rlly I, 2, I, Lngfllllvl- Cwllrlrlil iii A. S. B. I I I, I' 3, lri i5.lrlr, Phi Clll 2, 3. l58l l' .1 BOTTOM ROW WILLIAM S. CAIN . . . . . .CanIon, Miss. Law A 'I' SARAH CHALK .. ...... Brookhaven, Miss. Law WILLIAM G. COLLINS . . . . . Myrtle, Miss. Law JOE HARDEMAN DANIEL . . . . Oxford, Miss. Law IIKA,fI'A'b Mississippian Sfaif I, 2, lrlferfralernify 3, 43 C-yrn Dance COTYIITWIIICG 4, Annual Slaff 4, President Pi Kappa Alpha 4, Vice-Presideni, Junior Law Class 4, Secretary-Treasurer, Law Sghool, 55 Treasurer, Phi Dc-lla Phi, 4, 53 Assislanl Manager, Siudenl Bank, 3, 43 Manager Siudenl Bank, 5, Y. M. C. A. ARTHUR c. DAVIDSON ..... Greenville, Miss. Medicine A Is ll., 'I' X Nalrc' Dame B. S. I938. JOE EDDINS . .... . Rosedale, Miss. Law KX SECOND ROW JIM G. HENDRICK . . . . . Lena, Miss. Medicine 'P X Medical Club, Honor Roll, Presiden? of Medical School, B. S. degree. PAUL JOHNSON ......... Hafliesburg, Miss. Law X A IC, U A K Presidenf of A. S. B. IV36-37, Presideni Fresh- rnan Y. M. C. A., Blue Key, Daggers. RAYMOND KIMBLE, JR .... . . Greenville, Miss. Law SX JOHN KUYKENDALL, JR. .... Charleston, Miss. Law .KI,fIAK,-PA-b Cardinal Club, Managing Edilor of Mississippian '36, a Founder of Rebel '38, Publisher of Rebel '39. MARVIN LATHRAM .... . Macon, Miss. Medicine L A L, -is x Mississippi Siafe, I, 2, 3, Medical Club. HAROLD LEE LEVINE . . . . .CIarksdaIe, Miss. Law fl, E II, B Z Winner, Freshman Oraforieal Coniesf, Treasurer of Freshman Class Debaie Squad 2, Band I, 2, 3, 4, 5, Glee Club l, 23 Treasurer of Glee Club 2, President, Jewish Club, Y. M. C. A., Gym Dance Cornrniifee 5. DAVID MCLEAN ...... . . Meridian, Miss. Medicine K A B. A. Universily of Mississippi, I933 Time Our for The Doclors .Oo an , - fs 'L"yd!l' .' ,fs i 3,,,.1','f .fiqsrkiix A ,355 ,1.::',,, Q ?v'fk.'J'Ri. ' were N 1 Q .N ' fgfifltfllqg 3? 5 4: J .1 T' 1 Q FIRST ROW TROY W. MASHBURN . . . . . Pelahafchie, Miss. Law Jacob's Club. JESSE JEROME MAXWELL . . . . Drew, Miss. Law I X, 'I' K A, 'I' A 'I' B S, U. Council, President '39, Herrnean, Y. M. C. A., Debating Council, International Relations Club, Vice-President of Freshman Law Class, Law Journal Staff. CHARLES B. MITCHELL . . . . ,Starkville, Miss. Medicine K A, fi' X B. S. Mississippi State, Medical Club. BILLY NEVILLE . . . . . .Meridian, Miss. Law K A, U A K President Y. M. C. A. '39, lntertraternity Council '3B, '39, Legal Adviser to Mississippian '38, '39, Whcfs Who in American Colleges and Universities, Hall of Fame. VINCENT WALSER PROSPERE . .Washingtcn, Miss. Law A 'li il, tl A li Eiecutive Council, Editor Mississippian, News Editor, Associate Editor, Reporter, Circulation Manager, An' nual 2, "M" Club 4, S, 6, 7, Vicevpresident 7, Treas- urer ol Senior Class 4, M. O. A. K. S. 4, lnterfra- ternity Dance Committee 3, 4, Gym Dance Decorat- inq Committee 6, Football l, Tennis l, Z, 3, 4, Cap- tain, 4, "M" Buolf Staff, 2, Y. M. C. A., Blue Key, Hall of Fame. HAROLD ROBERTSON ..... . .Corinth, Miss. Meclicinc 41X Medic-nl Club, Secretary-Treasurer Medical Club, l929. SECOND ROW LEE ROGERS, JR. .... . .New Albany, Miss. Medicine K A, YP X Millsaps l, 2, 3, 4, President Phi Chi, Senior Y. M. C. A. Cabinet. R. SHIRRELL ROGERS .... . .Jaclrson, Miss. Medicine V it E fb Y Medical Club '38-'39, '39-'4O. ROBERT ROYCE ....... . . Isola, Miss. Medicine A T Q M. O. A. K. S., Phi Chi, Medical Club. CLIFFORD SCHULTZ . . . . .ViCksburg, Miss. Law fl' h NP, 'I' A flf, II L 'I' President Junior Law Class '38-'39, Executive Council '39'4'J. ED SHEFFIELD . . ..... . .Jackson, Miss. Medicine fl' X Medical Club '39-'40, B. A. Degree. DAN SHELL . . ..... . Okolona, Miss. Law ll A IC, fl' II I, tl A K, fl' A 'lf Blue Key, Honor Roll I, Z5 Phi Eta Siqma, President 3, Cardinal Club, Viceeliresident 2, President 3, Omi- cron Delta Kappa, Treasurer 4, President 5, Dagger Point, Lyceum Committee, Vice-President First Year Law Class, Whos Who in American Colleges and Universities 4, Law Journal, Assistant Business Man, aqer 4, Business Manager 5, Senior Y. M. C. A. Cabinet, 4, 5, Hall of Fame. Thr' Oli- Miss Special Stopped Oil in Jarlrson En Route to Tulane i I I I , l fl, R - - N. . hi. sl siciii1l.icO"lYfclrr: i-l iiiil-"iii:-:U"Ci ii l ll ' ' 2 llll l i ' . :Ni 1 t.-5.4 TOP ROW EDGAR J. STEPHENS, JR ..., New Albany, Miss. Law V Y slr A 'I' Ersline College '34-'35, Phi Sigma '35-'36, 36737, C-lee Club '36-'37, University Chorus '35-'36-'37-'38 '39-'40, Mississippian Start '35-'36-'37, Treble and Bass '35-'36, Senior "Y" Cabinet S7338-'39, Missis- sippi Law Journal Start '38-'39-'40, Phi Delta Phi Legal Fraternity, Historian '39,'4O, SAM C. SUGG ,.,....., Calhoun City, Miss. Medicine B 6 II Vice-President of Medical Club '39f'4O. F. FLETCHER VEAZEY, JR. . . .Coldwater, Miss. Law K A, fl' .X 'I' President of Law School '39-'40, M. O. A. K. S. '37- '38, Y. M. C. A. '36-'37-'38-'39-'40, Assistant Editor of Mississippi Law Journal '38-'39, Case and Note Editor ol Law Journal '39-'4O. ROBERT WILSON WALL, JR. . . . . Boyle, Miss. Law -If .X ii ii .X K fl' .X -lf Blue Key, M. o. A. K. s., Editor of mr ole Miss, Annual Statt l, 2, Mississippian Staff l, 2, President B, A. School 4, President Blue Key S, Debating Team I, 2, Student-Faculty Lyceum Committee 5, Student Publications Council 3, lntertraternity Council 3, 4, Interfraternity Dance Committee 3, Secretary Y. M, C. A. 3, Y. M. C. A. I, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, Executive Coun' cil 3, Dagger Points 3, Arrowhead 4, Law Journal Statt 6, Secretary Phi Delta Phi S, Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities, Hall ot Fame. JAMES ASHFORD WALLACE . . . Memphis, Tenn. Medicine L A L, 'I' X Medical Club, B. S. Degree from University of Virginia. WILLIAM WARNER ..... . . Grenada, Miss. Medicine fb X Medical Club '38-'40, Vice-President Medicine School '39-'40, 4 vu-r B O T T O M R O W EDWIN WERKHEISER ...... Philadelphia, Miss. Medicine flf X Medical Club, Secretary of Medical Club '397-40. E. F. WHITE, JR .,.... . . Houston, Miss. Medicine -If X B. A. with Distinction from Mississippi College '37, Secretary of Medical Club '39-'40, Secretary Phi Chi '39-'40, Senior "Y" Cabinet '39-'4O. JOHN W. WHITTEN ,,.. . .Cascilla, Miss. Law ll ii ll Senior Y. M. C. A 4, 5, Phi Sigma 2, 3, Student Dance Committee 2, Cardinal Club 2, Honor Roll Z, Law Journal Statt 4, 5, Ciyrn Dance Committee 5, M. O. A. K. S. 4. CHARLES C. WILLIAMS . . . .O-kolona, Miss. Law F. .X lu, 'I' II L, 'I' A 'I' Y. M. C. A. I, 2, Herrnean Literary Society I, 2. Honor Roll, Baseball 2. JOSEPH L. WILSON . . ,Colorado Springs, Colo. Medicine AXA FRED WRIGHT . .... . .Amory, Miss. Law V A..4' lntertraternity Council '38-'39, '39-'40, Gym Dance Committee. IQ611 i- 'Jia-"6?' Ir' l Y f 'F ' in I 'kv 1' . l I If YK A Tl . 'ill' I i ir r rrlf 'T CIN f ..., cnnov I,I.I.i.i , 52 mi I' 45' ', QQ its BENJAMIN CHINN ADAMS, JR. 45 A 9, fb A 41 Grenada, Miss. L A W I Band, I, 2, Glee Club, I, Golf Team, 2, Rebel Busi- ness Staff, 3, 4, Rebel Club, 4, Circulation Man- ager 4, Interfraternity Council. WIRT ADAMS BEARD K A Jackson, Miss. L A W I ROBERT CANNADA K A Edwards, Miss. L A W I THOMAS BAKER DAVIS 2 Q E Vanvleet, Miss. L A W I I Cardinal Club, '37, '38, Secretary-Treasurer Inter- fraternity Council, '38, In- terfraternity Dance Com- mittee, '38, '39, President S. P. E., '38, '39. RICHARD BRENT FORMAN, JR. dv A 9, 41 H 2, 2 A Natchez, Miss. L A W I I lnterfraternity Council, Y. M. C. A., Honor Roll, Chairman Freshman Stunt Night, '37, Mississippian Staft, '35, '36, Blue Key. CHARLES EDWARD GIBSON Monticello, Miss. L A W I G. STUART HANDY, JR. QA9,TKA Natchez, Miss. L A W I I WILLIAM A. HUFF sb A dr Forest, Miss. L A W I I President J u n I o r Law Class, Senior Y. M. C. A. Cabinet. LEE WHITE JOHNSON 2 A E, A E A Columbia, Miss. M e d I c I n e I Y. M. C. A., Hermaean, Med Club, B. A. Degree, President Alpha Epsilon Delta. Juum P. ALEXANDER K Z Jackson, Miss. L A W I JOHN BECKER 2 A E, A Z II Jackson, Miss. L A W I I Honor Roll '37. MILTON L. COOK 2 A E, 'IJ X Oxford, Miss. M e d i c i n e I President Pharmacy School '37, '38, Technician Phar- macology '38, Student As- sistant Pharmacology '39. BURNS M. DEAVOURS L a u r e I, M I s s. L A W I J. RAY FOSTER 2 -1- E, B z, r 2 1-3, A E A Greenville, Miss. M e d i c I n e I Interfraternity Dance Com- mittee, 5, Senior Y. M. C. A. Cabinet, 4, 5, German Club, 2, Band, 2, 3, 4, Rifle Team, 3, B. S. U. Council, 3, 4, R. O. T. C. Cadet Captain, Rho Alpha. HERMAN C. GLAZIER, JR. K E Clarksdale, Miss. L A W I Band, I, 2, 3, 4, Business Staft Mississippian, I, 2, 3, 4, Secretary Band, I, 2, 3, 4, Captain R. O. T. C., Band Advisory Council, I, 2, 3, 4, Annual Staff, 2, ln- terfraternity Dance Com- mittee, 3, Gym Dance Committee, 3, 4, Treasurer Sophomore Y. M. C. A., Secretary Junior Y. M. C. A., "M" Book Staff, 3, Hood's Brigade, 3, Vice- President Beta Zeta, 4, Varsity Show, 3, Senior Y. M. C. A. Cabinet. CHARLES E. HARPER 41 K 'I' McComb, Miss. L A W I DAVID CLYDE HUGHES X X, 41 H E, B Z Corinth, Miss. L A W I I lnterfraternity Council. WILLIAM HAMMOND JONES I' 2 E French Camp, Miss. M e d I c I n o I JAMES LOUIS ALFORD K A, -If A 41 McComb, Miss. L A W I I Annual Staff '36, '37, As- sistant Business Manager Law Journal '39, '40, R.O. T. C., I, 2, 3, 4, Captain, 4, Hood's Brigade. SAM E. BIRDSONG K 2 Jackson, Miss. L A W I Millsaps College, I, 2. GAINES COOKE 2 X, sb H X, A E A, 42 X Cofteeville, Miss. Medicine I Phi Sigma '37, '38, '39, Freshman, Sophomore Y. M. C. A. Cabinet, Busi- n3ess Staff Mississippian, ' 8. ARCHIE LEWIS DICKSON, JR. K A, A E II Jackson, Mlss. L A W I I Batallion Adiutant, '40, Y. M. C. A., '37, '38, '39, '40, Boxing, '36, '37, Mis- sissippian Stalt, '36, '37, '38, Freshman Days Com- mittee, '39, '4O. L. C. FRANKLIN E A E Jackson, Miss. L A W I I Mississippi College, '36. TOM GREEN, JR. sb A 9 Natchez, Miss. L A W I Georgia Tech, I, Hood's Brigade, 3, Foil and Mask, I, L. S. U., 2, Glee Club, I, Technique and Yellow Jackets Statf, I, Marion- ettes, I, Freshman Fencing Team, I, University Cho- rus, 3, Glee Club, 3, Rifle Team, 3, First Lieutenant R. O. T. C., Demonstra- tion Platoon, 2, Honor Company, 2. JACK E. HARPER. JR. B 9 II Indianola, Miss. L A W I ROBERT M. HYTKEN Metoikoi Cleveland, Miss. L A W I I LOUIS MARION JURNEY Ackerman, Medicine I Medical Club. Mlss. WILEY ALLISTON X A E, 41 A 41 Florence, Miss. L A W I I WALTER BRIDGEFORTH E A E, Q H 2, T K A Yazoo City, Miss. L A W I CHARLES W. CRISLER, JR. K 2 Jackson, Miss. L A W I Cardinal Club, lntertra- ternity Council, Mississip- pian Business Manager, Editorial Staff, Annual Staff' Classical Club, Phil- osophy Club. EDWARD ELLIS 2 N, Q X Waynesboro, Miss. M e d I c I n e I lnterfraternity Council, 3, lnterfraternity Dance Com- mittee, 4, Medicine Club, 4, Rho, Alpha. BILLY FULLER Z A E Laurel, Miss. L A W I JAMES HADDOCK Enterprise, Miss. L A W I I HENRY HOLLEMAN dv X Pickens, Miss. M e d I c I n e I S. EDWARD IZARD A E A, Q X Newhebron, Miss. M e d I c I n e I B. S. U. Council, I, 2, 3: Y. M. C. A., Pre-Med Club, 4, 5, Biology Lab Assistant, 3, 4, Scholar- ship in Biology, S, Assist- ant in Pharmachology, 6, Gym Dance Committee, 5, 6, Graduate Club, 5. JACK KELLUM Tupelo, Miss. L A W I B. A. Degree. DAVID M. ANDERSON II K A Newton, Miss. L A W I EDWIN H. BROWN 2 X Starkville, Miss. L A W I MARY OPHELIA CRUISE II K II, A E A Crystal Springs, Miss. M e d i c i n e I President Y. W. C. A., 4, President Tassel, 5, Pres- ident Junior Y. W. C. A. Cabinet, 3, Honor Roll, 3, 4, International Relations Club, 3, 4, Philosophy Club, 4, All Saints Col- lege, I, 2. THOMAS R. ETHRIDGE 41 A 6 Oxford, Miss. L A W I Band, l, 2, Collegians, 2, 3, University Players, Se- nior Y. M. C. A., Missis- sippian Staff, I, 2. JOSEPH EGGLESTON GARDNER 41 A 9, A E A Greenwood, Miss. M e d I c I n e I Cardinal Club, '37, Y. M. C. A., Medicine Club, B. A. Degree, '39. CHARLES C. HAIRSTON New Augusta, Miss. L A W I WILLIAM MERLE HORN . Lucedale, Medicine I Miss. B. A. Degree. ROBERT JACKSON K E Cleveland, Miss. L A W I I LEWIS KELLUM Tutwiler, Miss. L A W I B.A. Degree, 39. STEVE BARKER A K E Tupelo, Miss. L A W I J. C. BUCKLEY A T A Newton, Miss. L A W I ROBERT E. CUNNINGHAM K A Jackson, Miss. M e d I c I n e I WILLIAM R. FORD K A, 0 A K, II K A, H X dv Taylorsville, Mlss. L A W I President I Year Law Class. THOMAS M. GARDNER I A E, O A K Gulfport, Mlss. L A W I Treasurer A. S. B., '38, Executive Council, '38, Mississippian Staff, I, 2, "M" Club, Annual Staff, 2, 3, Boxing Letter, '37, Football Manager, I, 2, 3, 4, Blue Key. ELSIE HAMILTON X U Jackson, Miss. L A W I I FRANK C. HORTON II K A Grenada, Miss. L A W I I M. O. A. K. S., '38, '39, President First Year Law Class, '38, '39. JOHN J. JOHNSON X 4' E Staten Island, N. Y. L A W I I ORMAN L. KIMBROUGH CID A 9 Greenwood, Miss. L A W I I . s A .... .1 UU TES UEHUH U Q RS' - s .Q Cs , A 1 , 'K T' E' ,-J . is - fl' 9. 3 x-9 1' X W, I 1 'QQ x s-of Y l 2 q--9 ANNIE FAY LOMAX X I2 Greenwood, Miss. L A W I JAMES E. NICHOLS Vicksburg, Miss. L A W I Hood's Brigade, Y. M. C. A., I, 2. BURTEN PLATT L A W I L a u r e I, M i s s. GEORGE BURT ROBERTSON K A Jackson, Miss. L A W I Cheerleader, '39, '40. CLAUDE SELBY A K E Vicksburg, Miss. L A W I I Y. M. C. A., '34, '35, '36, '37, Cardinal Club, '34, '35, Basketball, '34, Base- ball, '34, '35, Hermean, '34 '35 '36. RAY M. STEWART Picayune, Miss. L A W I I Honor Roll, '39. CHARLES TRAYLOR ITKA,OAK,'I'K.X Biloxi, Miss. L A W I I Band, I, Vice-President Sophomore Class, Y. M, C. A., I, 2, 3, 4, Inter- traternity Council, 3, Pres- ident Junior Class, Busi- ness Staft ot Mississippian, 3, Secretary of Phi Sigma, 3, Business Staff of Annual, 2, 3, 4, Debating Team, 2, 3, Secretary ot Tau Kap- pa, 3, lnterfraternity Dance Committee, 4, Business Statf of Rebel, 4, Business M a n a g e r of University Players, Catholic Club, I, 2, 3, 4, Blue Key, Floor Chairman of Gym Dances, Business Manager of An- nual, '4O: President of Hood's Brigade, Cadet Captain in R. O. T. C., Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities. BERNARD KRAUS E A M Belzoni, Miss. M e d i c i n e I Phi Sigma, Boxing Man- ager, "M" Club, Music Club, Y. M. C. A., Vice- President Jewish Club, B, A. Degree, Medical Club. RICHARD GUY LORD, JR. II K A Winona, Miss. L A W I I Millsaps College, I, 2, Mississippian Stahl, 3, Honor Roll, 3, Senior Y. M. C. A. Cabinet, 4. K. RAMSEY O'NEAL I 'Il IC Saucier, Miss. M e d i c i n e I Phi chi, '39, '40, Meaning Club, '39, '40. WALTERRENE PRICE A z, H 2 -i-, ii A -i-, A ii A, fi- K -1- Greenville, Miss. L A w I GAVAN CARSON ROBERTSON K A Jackson, Miss. L A W I Cheerleader, 4, Head cheerleader, 5, President Phi Sigma, 4, lnterfrater- nity Dance Committee, 4, Vice-President Phi Sigma, 3, Mississippian Statt, 3, Campus Editor, 4, Rifle Team, 3, 4, M.O.A, K.S., 5, Hood's Brigade, 53 ln- ternational Relations Club, 3, Senior Y. M. C. A. Cabinet, 4. I IANSFORD L. S'MMONS S fl' IC, 'I' K A, B Z McComb, Miss. L A W I I University Chorus, I, 2, 3, 4, Band, I, 2, 3, 4, Tournament Debator, I, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club, I, 2, 3, State Oratory, 2, 3, 4, President University Cho- rus, 2, 3, Treasurer Glee Club, 2, 3, President T K A, 3, President B Z, 4' President Sophomore Class 2, Gym Dance Commit- tee, 4, Chairman Progres- sive Caucus, 4 HOKE STONE Il K A Lambert, Miss. L A W I EVERETTE G. TRULY, JR. II K .X Fayette, Miss. L A W I B. A. DE'qre6, '39. ERSKINE WATKINS WELLS Atl' OAK AVII fl' A' 'li Jackson, 'Miss. L A W I I Blue Key, Track Manager, I, 2, Phi Sigma, I, 2, 3, President 2, lnterfraternity Dance Committee, 3, Gym Dance Committee, 4, 5, Y. M. C. A., I, 2, 3, 4, 5, Treasurer, 3, President, 4, Hall. of Fame, 4, Missis- sippian Statt, I, 2, 3, As- sociate Editor, 3, Law Journal Staff, 5, Who's Who In American Col- leges and Universities, Blue Key. HIRAM GRIFFIN LADNER, JR. 'I' K AI' Ripley, Miss. L A W I I JAMES McREE L o u i n, M i s s. M e d i c i n e I Medicine Club. BENJAMIN F. PARKER ll fl' IC Foxworth, Miss. M e d i c i n e I Cardinal Club, '35, '36, . E . . Y. M. C. A., 3., 36, 37, lnterfraternity Council, '36, '37, Medical Club, '39, '40, JOHN J. PRICE, JR. Meridian, Miss. M e d i c i n e I German Club, '36, Gym Dance Decoration Commit- tee, '36, Treasurer Senior Y. M. C. A., '39, Pre-Med Club, '39, Treasurer Gam- ma Sigma Epsilon. HARRY ROLLINGS K E, fl' X Hattiesburg Miss. M e d i c i n e I Medical Club, PHILIP SINGLEY Columbia, Miss. L A W I I RICHARD E. STRATTON Ill K X Clarksdale, Miss. L A W I TOMMIE MARTIN WALKER 11 N Meridian, Miss. L A W I Business Manager of Mis- sissippian, '39, '40, Com- mittee of IOO, Advertising Manager, '38, '39, Business Statt, '37, '38, President Liberal Arts School, Inter- traternity Council, Inter- traternity Dance Commit- tee, M. O, A. K. S., '38, '39, Phi Sigma Literary So- ciety, Y. M. C. A., 3, 4, S, Faculty Student Publie cations Committee, Fresh- man Days Committee, Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities. THOMAS MARVIN WILLIAMS II K A Lexington, Miss. L A W I I CLIFFORD L. LEGGETT 'Il K 'I' Allen, Miss. L A W MIRIAM MILLS K A, A ii: A Brookhaven, M iss. M e d i c i n e Medicine Club. JOHN LAMAR PENNY Pontotoc, Miss L A W I BILLY H. OUIN KE,1I'AfI1 Jackson, Miss L A W I Rebel Club, M.O. A. K.S WILLIAM M. ROSS K A Memphis, Tenn L A W Boxing, I, 2, Tennis, I. COTT STAPLETON B 0 II Clinton, Miss L A W WILLIAM G. TABB, JR. ii K A, ri A K, A 1-1 A, K M IC Greenwood, Miss M e d i c i n e Blue Key. CARL WALLACE X A I-I Gulfport, Miss. L A W I I LAMPTON WILLIAMS H K A Poplarville, Miss L A W M. O. A. K. S., 4. I ROBERT MAURICE LOGAN A 'I' A Laurence, Miss. L A W I Mississippian Statt, 3. GOODE MONTGOMERY, JR. ll X Laurel, Miss. L A W I I TILLMAN NATHAN PETERS IT K A Dyersburg, Tenn. L A W I Cardinal Club, '37, Band, '36, Phi Sigma, Classical Club, International Rela- tions Club, lntertraternity Council, '39, '40, Y. M, C. A., I, 2, 3, 4, Student Faculty Committee. GUY RANER, JR. 'I' K A Gloster, Miss. L A W I Mississippian, Phi Sigma, University Debators, Ole Miss Playmakers itvlanag- ing Directory. GRICE ROTENBERRY II K A Lambert, Miss. Medicine I RhoAlpha. HANS KARL STAUSS B 0 H Port Gibson, Miss. M e d i c i n e I International Relations Club, 3, 4, President, 5, President German Club, 3, 4, Mississippian, 2, 3, An- nual, 4, Senior Y. M. C. A. HAROLD TAYLOR 'I' X Madden, Miss. M e d i c i nfe I Medical Club, '39, '40, B. A. Mississippi College, '39. DAVID WATERMAN H K II, slf II 2, It Z Greenwood, Miss. L A W I I BRYSON WINGO Toccopola, Miss. M e d i c i n e I Medical Club. JOSEPH P. MORGAN A 'I' EJ Flora, Miss. L A W I I HOWARD REED PIGFORD 21 A IC Russell, Miss. L A W I I Interiraternity Dance Cori.- mittce, '39, '40, OWEN ROBERTS sl' A 9 Cleveland, Miss. L A W I Delta State Teachers Col- lege, I, 2, Y. M. C. A., 3, 4, Mississippian Business Statt, 3, Freshman Days Committee, 4. STANNY SANDERS Ii 9 K Sidon, Miss. L A W I I PHINEAS STEVENS K.'I,OAK,'I'AfI' Jackson, Miss. L A W I I Assistant Editor Mississippi Law Journal, '39, '40, President of Interfraternity Council, Taylor Medal in Economics. PASCOL J. TOWNSEND, JR. Doddsville, Miss. L A W I I RICHARD L. WATSON K A, O A K Columbus, Miss. L A W I I News Bureau, I, 2, Busi- ness Manager "M" Book, 3, Business Manager Mis- sissippian, 4, Debating Team, I, 2, Y. M. C. A., i, 2, 3, 4, 5, Who's wha ln American Colleges and Universities, Representative from Lowndes County to Mississippi Legislature, Blue Key. HE FINAL school year arrives, and The senior mighT as well enjoy iT. He is now The big man on The campus wiTh all The underclassmen aspiring To his posiTion. He musT do good worlc This year, buT his inTenTions weaken as he revels wiTh The underclassmen aT TooTball games, dances, and on weekends. ATTer The holidays he Turns hermiT unTil midTerms are over. Then iT's his usual remaining school year excepT Tor applying for a degree and waTching The mail Tor an offer of a S200-a-monTh job. And iT doesn'T hurT To hope-Tor graduaTion is sTar- ing him in The Tacel , Mlllllillll 2 ' 'l - iesi-awe, .- f s- :fuss-?a.-'S as-:sr-3-Q '-4 f-as-f"-gl' -as-I .94 5 5 Qu., wg , Qs 5 ...N 'l"7"w:'.n'Q-?s'-'n"+'bF-S' Su fi.:-'-.S LSU"-.S I-:1 4-sg-Q-2 QS- ssd 555 'Wh "if"-as 'is :W gh S IN "" 'WN 'hqhlqz 'IK In if wx' 2 " ' 'uf 'sk l."sw-."5'i2'IR-AJ ""' 4'-7' Hal' C' '-2' S 'A Q5 gs Q in hr 'M Crue' s"s s I, lf:-1,5-9, "'s."s'. 'N 'lu I' h'ig,,gu"',."Q: Q 4 Q 'Q 'K-Q '-:"':T,fF -Q--I I 'ln F'-"" 'Divisi- 'iff Q 'll hug?- 'Nu A53 ' FEIBELMAN, SMITH, KEYE, ADAMS, LOVERN UFFIEEH5 0 RICHARD KEYE .... Presldenl of Graduale School CEDRIC FEIBELMAN . Presidenl of Liberal Arls School MARVIN SMITI-I . . . Presldenl of Business School JOI-IN KIRK ADAMS . Presldenl of Engineering School J. W. LovERN . . . Pfesadem of Pharmacy School I lr h,, , ? 15' Q, II K . ,I I r ':Q,a,L? ,I z'.f-'59, Y. Q", ' '-W" 'V if I A, -'X' W, ,H . .1 I N f"'4 in -. . ' I P' 'J fr , " f-. 1 ir! gllge J V . far- , A 'th in 43 an . X Q I S ry s. Q "' , +4 I "7 tv Ljv,xbuAt'C I2 I. III Ii rw- ,v 'Z P " 6'- 157 TOP ROW BOTTOM ROW HELEN BOWEN ....,... . .TupeIo, Miss. Graduaie GEORGE W. CANTIN .,.. . . Leland, Miss. Gr.3drIaIe EUGENE C. DRESSER ..... Burlingfon, Vermoni If-radu-are .II MARTHA GORDON ,..., . . Magee, Miss. Graduaic .I I' HAROLD GOTTHELF, JR. . . . Vicksburg, Miss. Gradunie II .X Ii, 'I' 3. Blur' Kfw, CIIPIIQHI CIUI- I'rPsrIr-rri Phi Srqrrm 3, nf-flf-Kar, Y. M C- A 4, S1-frviwr, AIIM-rim-rirrr CIIII 3, Sf-frf-Ifsr, Birw Kvv 3, Ass-'rrimiw Eririrrr Missrssrgr II-III 2, 3, E-Irirrl OLE MISS 5, Irrrshrrrrrr Urns Cow rvuIIIf'f', I'IrfrIIrqvipIM, frilfrrr Rwbr-I 4, Ev-fuirvrr Crum 'II 5, C-,Hr Dmwl' Crrrrrvrriiirw, WIwIr'5 Wiurr in Arm-r Iri,Ir-I M1-'ini rr. Srrrrr-Iwi, 4, Iirrvwr R-III -I, I-IIIII fri Imrrr- IIIIIIIM-uiirrrwi QI'-rrvrr II CLARENCE HARVEY ,.... , ,Winona, Miss. fhadrmfv I' .E IC r'4',',r',I.rJrI rrr Iirrrrrrtir, IIPII-irirrrfvvi, 3, 4, Is, Iirrrrr-r P--II B A Iirrrrrrr- Wriif-r fri I-rrrurvrm 'rrqvrm EVSlI4rrr I'rr,-I fini, 3 BRYANT HERRINGTON , Laurel, MIB. frr.1rIu.1Ir' E ', Irrrlrr-rr MISSISRIKIDI Simif- If-.irirr-IR C,g,IIr-r1f- '37, frr-iriuriir ASSISIIHII In Lvrqilsii, '37 '40 WHII Lrrtirrrrfs rrrri Uvrrw-rsrirr,-5, f,rrnIIr.sIrg Linh 5' H I THEODORE G. HUFFMAN . . . . Housion, Miss. Cgfddudif? MARTIN KAPLON ..., . . .New Orleans, La Graduafe Graduafc Irwsirudor in Psyghokrqy. RICHARD EDWIN KEYE, JR. . . . Rockford, III Graduafe I .X IC, H A K, II K lI,'I1 II X, 'I' Ii ,X Prfrsrderwf Grariurafe SQHON '33-'39 '3'?'40, UVIVPIRIQ Players 2, 3, Iiwbatrrrq 2, 3, H.-rrrmr RMI I, 2, 3, -I MARGARET GRACE MCCORKLE . . . Oxford, Miss Graduaie Y W. C. A, Urrrvr-rein Mayors, C7r.uIrr,rfQ Assrsiarrf ERNEST WALTER MCCRACKEN ..., Marion, Ark Cm-,IuaI0 II Ii 'I', I' I. If, I U II, H .X Ii C,.arr14rraI LMI' 37, Irfrsriiv-rri Evrqrrrr-rfrrrrrx Cl-ass 37 39, M. O. A, K S 3I'I, Dmlqvr Iwrrri, Euxuilvv Crrrirrr II '39 '-TO Bmr- Kr-I, CI'v.iIrw.w Iimr-1' frrw r1rrIIe'f-, '39, I.-xrrr Iidvrrrr' Crrvrrrrrriivv, 39, '39, '40 FIIUIIWJIII Malmryrrr, '36, '3f, '38, Bw-:faq If-Jiri, '35 '36, '37, HM' CIrrIr Iirie-VIIAIQINII CrrIIvrr'II '3f, Sw' roinrr Pr K.1prw,i I'Irr '37, Prwsrrir-ui I'E.1rvrrrr,1 Saqrrm EDSrIrrvr '37 WILLIAM F. MCDONNELL, JR. . . . Biloxi, Miss f'-rad uaiv MLHIIIAI LIIIIJ, PII: RIM' Srqrrm FRED IRA MAGEE ,.,..,.,. Tyleriown, Miss. I'-r.srIIr.xIc B. S., Mlsmssrpgrr Shiir- II'IIf,IH'IS CrrIIPr1r', l938, f'rr.r-In-mic Askrnfarri in Mriiirvrrmir-5, '38 '39 '39 '40 FIRST ROW IRVIN MAULDIN . ...... . . Ripley, Miss. Graduate II K A Instructor in Department of Speech, '39-'40, SAMUEL B. OLDEN, JR ...... Yaloo City, Miss. Graduate E A IC, -I' H X, It A li Blue Key, Hermean I, 2, 3, President Hermean 3, Y. M. C. A. l, 2, 3, 4, 5, President Junior Cabinet, Vice-President Senior, President ot Phi Eta Sigma 3, Senior Adviser S, Intertraternity Dance Committee 3, Honor Roll 3, German Club 2, 3, Mississippian Statt I, 2, 3, Feature Editor 3, University Chorus I, 2, Dagger Points 3, Gym Dance Decorating Committee 4, Gym Dance Committee 5, M. O. A. K. S, 4, Classical Club 4, Graduate Club 5, lntertraternity Council 4. ARTHUR RICE ........ . .Starkville, Miss. Graduate A 'I' A JAMES ALBERT RICHARDSON . . .Garnett, S. C. Graduate II K 'I', 'I' B K B. S. University ot South Carolina, Graduate Assist- ant in Pharmacy I, Z, President Pi Kappa Phi I, 2 lntertraternity Council 2, Senior "Y" Cabinet 2, Grad- uate Club I, 2, Catholic Club I, 2, American Phar- maceutical Association 2. MARTHA ANICE SANDERSON . , . Houston, Miss. Graduate A A A Taylor Medal in Spanish I938, Graduate Assistant in Spanish l939, Vice-President of Graduate Club '39 OLIVER A. SHAW ....... . .Oxtord, Miss. Graduate B. A. with Distinction, '38, Honor Roll '36, '37, '38 Boxing Team '36, '37, "M" Club '37, '38, '39. F. H. SIMPSO-N . ........ Meridian, Miss. Graduate Catholic Club '38-'39, '39-'40, G-raduate Club '38-'39 '39-'40, Education Club '38-'39, Baseball '38, It Must be 61 SECOND ROW CREATH SPEER . . ..... . . lndianola, Miss. Graduate A 'I' Il A K A Y ll Blue Key, M. O. A. K. S., Frosh Stunt Nite Assist ant, Treasurer ot B. S. C, School, University Chorus I, 2, Glee Club I, 2, Treble and Bass I, 2, Y. M C. A. I, 2, 3, Director ot' Ole Miss Colleqians, Inter- fraternity Council 2, 3, Executive Council 3, 4, Man- ager ot Student Book Exchange 3, 4, Vice-President of Phi Sigma I, 2, Vice-President ot Student Body, Business Statt of Mississippian I, 2. RAIFORD E. SUMNER .,.... Asheville, N. C. Graduate Metoilfoi, 'I' A li Faculty Student Relations Director, B. A. from Uni- versity ot Tennessee, Assistant in Political Science, International Relations Club '36-'39, Graduate Club, Reporter '39-'40, Episcopal Club, Secretary and Treasurer '39-'40, Senior "Y" Cabinet '39-'40, DICK THOMAS .......,... Senatobia, Miss. Graduate 12 A IC RACHEL ANNE TILLMAN ...., Meridian, Miss. Graduate A 1' LLOYD WHITE .,......... Hornbeak, Tenn. Graduate B. S. from University of Mississippi, Y. M. C. A., Coaching Statt 4, S, "M" Club, 3, 4, 5, Football '36-'37, Graduate Club 5, ISAAC NEWTON WILSON .... Monticello, Miss. Graduate B. S., Mississippi State Teachers College, '38, Grad uate Assistant in Chemistry Department '39-'40, CHRISTINE WRIGHT ..... , Corinth, Miss. -1 1 Graduate lime to Eatl ii . 1. P X 1 is " Q I li . FIRST ROW JESSE R. ADAMS ........ . . Bruce, Miss. Engineering X E A. S. C. E., Advanced R. O. T. C., Riile Team 3, 4 Scabbard and Blade. JOHN KIRK ADAMS .. ..... Corinth, Miss. Engineering A K lf, X IC, fl 0 II Presiient Engineering School 4, I-lonor Roll 2,3 President A. S. C. E. 4, President Junior Class 3' Vice-President Chi Epsilon 4, M. O. A, K. S., Inter- traternity Council 4, Honor Council 2, 3, Y. M. C. A. I, 2, 3, 4, A. S. C. E. JULIAN P. ALEXANDER .... . .Jacks3n, Miss. Liberal Arts K I DEMPSEY ALLEN ....... . . Bzgalusa, La. Business I X WILLIAM RHYMES ALLEN . . . .Jackson, Miss. Pharmacy A X A, I' A Honor Roll 2, 3, OLE MISS Stall 3, 4. WILLIAM HENRY ALLEN . . . . Belzoni, Miss Business K A, A l1II,'I' K A M. O, A. K, S. 4, lnterfraternity Council 4, Y. M C. A. 4, Mississippian Stahl 3, Debating Council 3, 4 GEORGE ANDERSON ...,.... Vicksburg, Miss. Liberal Arts V Y li .X K Cardinal Club, Vice-President Sophomore Class President Junior Class, President Cardinal Club Y. M. C. A. I, 2, 4, Mississippian Staft I, 2, Inter fraternity Council 2, 3, Blue Key, M. O. A. K. S. 4 Phi Sigma 2, R. O, T. C. Cadet Lieutenant 4, Hoods Brigade 3, 4. MARY ASHLEY ...,...... Hollandale, Miss. Liberal Arts A A A, A tif sz Br-lhayen I, 2, Home Economics Club, Y. W. C. A 4, Legislative Council. SECOND ROW GEORGE ATKINSON ......... Pickens, Miss. Liberal Arts K A, T K A Mississippian Statt, OLE MISS Start I, 2, University Players 2, 3, Debate Council 2, 3, M. O. A. K. S., "M" Club, Senior Track Manager. DELL AUSTIN .......... . Winona, Miss. Liberal Arts Cardinal Club, Rifle Team, Gym Dance Committee 3, 4, Y. M. C. A, 4, Assistant in Chemistry Depart- ment I, 2, 3, 4. WINKEY AUTREY ......... Hattiesburg, Mizs. Liberal Arts BILLY BAKER . . ..... . .Winona, Miss. Business 41 .5 9, A S II President Sophomore Y. M. C. A., Varsity Tennis Team I, 2, 3, 4, Basketball Team I, Glee Club 2, 3, 4, University Cnorus I, Mississippian Staff, Her' mean, Vice-President Junior Y. M. C. A., Blue Ridge Scholarship, Secretary M. A. 4, Hazen Group, A. S. C. E., Ole Miss Musical Club I, 2, 3, 4, Treble and Bass. EVELYN BASS ........... Hazlehurst, Miss. Education A I' Y. W. C, A. 3, 4, W. A. A. 3, 43 University Chorus 3, Glee Club 4, Home Economics Club 3, 4, Educae tion Club 4. EDWIN BEMON .......... Tylertown, Miss. Pharmacy II K fl' American Pharmaceutical Association, Vice-President Senior Class. KATHRYN IIELK ........... Oxford, Miss. Liberal Arts FRED BLACKWELL ........... Laurel, Miss. Business A AI' II was Hot aI Ihr- Southwestern Game 4 T an ' a I 'V.,,,4 f," ,Q a kg f Q, I W. A. A. 3, 4, Treasurer W. A. , . rv- 17 if y. CJ li TOP ROW MAUDE MAGEE BOLTON .,,. Liberal Arts A A A . . . Tupelo, Miss Y W. C A. 2, 3, Uniyersit, Players 3 4. JAMES W. BONDS .,.... Holly Springs, Miss Liberal Arts ll' X Medical Club BEULO BOWEN .....,., Business K A JOSEPH BRADLEY . .,., . Business K A . McLain, Miss. . Belzoni, Miss. Senior Manager Baseball. EDWIN BRAMLETT ....., Business 'iw I' .S . . Glenside, Pa. Plii Siqrria, University of Pennsylvania MARY JUSTINA BROWN .... Liberal Arts Hattiesburg, Miss. X U Y. W. C. A, Horne Econornics Club, Classical Cluli Rebel Statt. LAURA N. BRYANT ....., . . Edwards, Miss. Business Z T A A. 4, Rifle Team 3 Y. W. C. A. 3, 4. BEN B. BUCHANAN ..... . . Houston, Miss. Engineering A T A, 1' ll IC, 2.10 Il Secretary Siqrna Theta Pi, Honor Council, Clieniistr, Lab Assistant 2, 3, 4, Treasurer Senior Engineering Class, Y. M. C. A. 4. T711 BOTTOM ROW CAROLYN BUCK ...... . Jackson, Miss. Liberal Arts lnterriilturiai Relfitiiiiris Club, Millggpg l 2, 3 CLEVE E. BURKS .......... Dyersburg, Tenn. Business E' Q'- Band l, 2, Ritle Te-Jrri l, 2, 3, 4, Winner Ritle Teari ,X Trophy 2, Platoon Corririianigler R. O. T. C 3, Siatt A R. O T. C. Captain 4, Treasurer 4, Supply Ottilier V 5 4, Hiiiods Briqaiite, Y. M. C A, Varsity Snow. iQ JEAN BURNHAM ........... Magee, Miss. 1' Liberal ArlS 'L ' K X S3 Wliitwfjirtli I, 2, Beauty Seijtiriin 3 4, Horne Eilf iiiiirriics Club, Y. W C. A 3, 4, W A A., Rit'e Tear' 3, Classical Club 4, Pi.. RALPH D. BURNS ..... . Gulfport, Miss. Business l' T ' il' ll' rl i B3-irq l, 2, Intramural Heavyweight Champion I, Foizitkiail l, Z, Siiiutneasterri Conference Heavyweight Ctnarnpiigin 2, First Sergeant R. O. T. C. 3, Cadet Lieuteriarit Coliiinel 4, Battalion Corrirnarider 4, Y. M. C A. l, 2, 3, 4, "M" Club 2, 3, 4, Treasurer "M" Club 4, Hi:+igid's Briqade 3, 4. HAROLD BURSON . ........ Memphis, Tenn. Liberal Arts 'I' E II, l.l .X K Blue Key, News Editor Mississippian 2, 3, Sports Editor OLE MISS 2, 3, 4, Editor M Book 2, Prorno- tnzn Director Varsity Show 3, 4, President Missrse sippi Scholastic Press Association 4, Associate Pro- ducer Freslirnan Stunt Night 4, Sports Editor Rebe' 4, Band l. ALFRED BUTLER ....... . . Alligatcr, Miss. Business K A JULIAN CAMPBELL ...... . Geneill, Miss. Business 'Q NANCY ELEANOR CASHMAN . . . Vicksburg, Miss. W , ,I K si- iibefai Arts 'if L R 4 K A Triads 2, Y VV C. A 2, 3, 4, W A A. l, 2 3, 4 . ' ' A'l Sairils College l, Glee Club l, Archery Club 2, I I 3, Riile Club 2, 3, French Club 3, 4, EduQation Club l I .' I' 3, 4, Secretary 3, Secretary W. S. G. A. 4. TOP ROW LEE CATCHING , . . ...... Cleveland, Miss. Libeirjl Arls 'I' A U 'l' ll V 'li li X lil - l 2 DC-half I 23 Y. M. C A. I, 2. 3, Prris llwl lnu Kappa Alplmg Arurlual Stall I, 2g Mlssls gifplg' 843V lj l'lCrr1l'?3l1 l. BRUCE COKER CAUSEY ,.,, . Shelby, Miss Libcrqsl Arls IIKA . l Slwqrj Mlaauqfir Oli Miss Pl,3,rrl3l5rs. MILDRED CHADWICK ..,.. . Jackson, Miss Llkwrql Arls A X 'T W C A l, 2, 31 Uruvorsili, Cllf1lrusjW A A Cll3s.sll1.1l Club, Home EC l,'l ':-5 ff" iris Cluh LESTER CHANCELLOR . . . . Macon, Miss Business I X M. O. A. K S. EDWARD BRANDLEY CHILDRESS . , . Flora, Miss Business K A MARGARET E. CLAY .,..... Collinsville, Miss LlLPr.Jl Arls VJ. A. A., Archery Cluf., CHESTER COCKRELL ......, Hazlehursf, Miss Libegrgl Arls AXI' MAURICE COFER ,... . .Water Valley, Miss. Buslrwss Bislreflliall l, 2, 3. J -:r B O T T O M R O W ELMUS H. COLEMAN ....,.. Greenville, Miss. Business I. A l'I Li'.'lllf'Jll l 2, Prosldenl 3, Mississippian Smllg Sfrrlflr Mliuaqvr lnlerfralernil, Spmisg Elec Club 33 T M C A l, 2, Mio?-Presijenl Sophomgrfg Y, M C Aj Prlisllilfi-rv' Junior Y. M. C. A.g Irlli-rlrnrrrrllly Dance Conv-Mice 3. GAINES COOKE .....,... Coffeeville, Miss. L bcrlal Arts Al X -I' ll A' X ll' A Plw, Siqrllag Y M, C. A. l, 2, Mississlppim: SMH. GEORGE E. COOPER . . . . . . .Terrell, Texas LlLcral Arls 2 N ill Q A K S, Pill Slgrfmf llllC'1lr.ilL1rll, Alllli.-llc Coungil 4. JUANITA COX ........... Memphis, Tenn, Liberal Arls W. A A Q Hlginrfi E'Zlgr:.rv1igs Club. DAVID EPHRAIM CRAWLEY, JR. . Kosciusko, Miss. Liberal Arls -ll A H fl' ll V ll K ll Barul l, Z, 3, Hlyrlor Roll l, Z3 Biaselmll l, 2, 33 Y. M. C. A. I, 2, 37 Hermcang Treasurer Hs-rmeang V150-Presiderit, Preslde-nt, lnlerliolerruly Dance Corn- millef? 2, 35 Clvairrvian 4, Glee Club 2 33 Presidenl Phi E13 Slqrna 4, Philosepll, Club 4, M. O. A. K. S., layrri Dance Cdfwrrllllwg 4. ROBERT N. CROCKETT ...... Winterville, Miss. Lilyera' Arls X. . .. fl' lu Ban-.l I, 2, Brlgaaifg M O. A, K by oleo Club Z, 3, 43 Selfrclary Gilt-Q Club -lg Irlarlralffrrilty Courlrll 3,-1, Y. M. C. A. ETHLYN DALE ......... . . . Prentiss, Miss. Libers! Arts fl' M DORIS DANSBY ..... .... N ew Albany, Miss. Liberal Arls A I', A A A Y. W. C. A. l, 2, 33 Legislative Ciiur-gil 2g Univer- sm Cllilrus l' W. A. A 2, 35 Senior 'W' Cabins-lg Home Economics Clula 4. A 1 Y' 73 ffm 'W if hh wx The Benches Come in Handy at Ole Miss FIRST ROW CONSTANTINE JAMES DAVIS . .Greenwood, Miss. Business II K fl' Intertraternity Dance Committee. FRANCES DAVIS ..... . . . . .Como, Miss. Liberal Arts X0 Y. W. C. A. I, 2, 3, 4' Home Economics Club, Archery Club. JENNIE DAVIS ......,... University, Miss. Liberal Arts A A A, .I A .X Triads, Tassel, Y. W. C. A. I, 2, 3, 4, Treasurer 2, 3, W. A. A. I, 2, Vice-President Triads 2, Honor Roll, French Club, Education Club, Junior Adviser to Triads, President Tassel 4, Hazen Group, Vice- President Y W. C. A. LILA DEDEAUX ........... Gulfport, Miss. Liberal Arts Secretary Catholic Club 2, W. A. A. I, 2, 3, 4, Archery Team 2, 3, 43 President Archery Club 4, Triads 2. RICHARD A. DENMAN ..... Greenwood, Miss. Liberal Arts E. X, A li A MARGARET DENNIS . . . . . . . .Monroe, La. Liberal Arts A I' MAX DILWORTH ...... . . Rienzi, Miss. Business E X LILLIAN DOOLEY .... ..... O uford, Miss. Liberal Arts AA,HL'l' Taylor Medal in French I, Triads 2, Philosophy Club, French Club, Classical Club 3, 4. SECOND ROW HORRACE DOSSETT ..... . . Picayune, Miss. Business "M" Club, Football. ADO DUNAGIN ......... Hattiesburg, Miss. Business Faerrball I, 2, 3, 4, "M" Club. TOM W. DUNLAP, JR. .... . .OIfoIona, Miss. Liberal Arts .E A IC MARTHA ANN DYER ......, Lexington, Miss. Liberal Arts X L2 Y. W. C, A. 3, University Chorus 3, 4, Senior "Y" Cabinet, W. A. A. 3, 4. JACK EASOM ..... . . .Walnut Grove, Miss. Liberal Arts SARA REBECCA EASON .... New Albany, Miss. Liberal Arts s1',.xEA,A.xs Tassel, Y. W. C. A. 4, Triads 2, Honor Roll I, 2, OLE Miss starr 3, 4, Mississippian Statt 3, W. A. A. Executive Council I, 2, 3, Archery Club 3, 4, Sec- retary Junior Class, Student-Faculty Committee on Fraternities and Sororities 4, Pan-Hellenic Council, Student Assistant in Biology Department 4. BURNELL EGGER ...... . .CaIedonia, Miss. Education Basketball 3, 4, "M" Club. VIRGINIA ELEY .......... Moss Point, Miss. Education Gi T' 15 5. -1. 'J 'VY ag, lv- L. sr .7 ld' ft so 3 1' as T? 2' ev: ' I .Ii A ' Q it xx jf' i'T?""' These Coeds Played Sadie Hawkins FIRST ROW EDWARD ELLIS ........ Waynesboro, Miss. Liberal Arls E N, lb X M. O. A K. Sf lnlerirafernilyi Council 3, lnier- lralernilu Dance Cornrnilfee 4, Medical Club 4, Rho Alpha. ROBERT ELLIS .......... . . Drew, Miss. Liberal Arls K X, I' I IC Assislanl in Biology Deparimenf 4, German Clubg Honor Roll I, 2. WAYNE ELLISON . ,...... Greenwood, Miss. Business Il 0 II, .X I II Senior Y, M C. A., Inlernalional Relalions Club 3 4, Mississippian Slaif 3, Rebel Sraff 3. IRA ELSTOlx . . . . , . . .Marks, Miss. Business 'I' I' A THOMAS R ETHRIDGE ..... . Oxford, Miss. Liberal Arts 'I' .X U JOHN L. EVANS .... . . ,D.:rsey, Miss. Business II A K, II K II, 'I' II I Blur? Kfyj E-Iilor I739 OLE MISS Annual SIAH 2, SIU lleril Eff-Cullve Council 3, Sluill'-nl PuImliCoIionS Colin' lil 33 Honor Roll I, 2, 3, Gym Dance C:UlI1fTlIIICl?' Wlii'i's Wli-J in Aniericon Colleges and Universiiiesj Assislanl Manaqer Sluiir-nl Bank 4. JEAN FAIRLY ........... Hallehursl, Miss. Libvral Arls X if FRANCES FANT ..,..,.... Memphis, Tenn. Lili.,-rnl Arls X E2 Iiii-is SECOND ROW CEDRIC LEE FEIBELMAN ..... Vicksburg, Miss. Liberal Aris 41' E II President Ole Miss Glee Club 41 G-lee Club I, 2, 3 lnierfralerniiy Council 43 Mississippian Ig Philosophy Club 4. N. DONALD FEIBELMAN ...... Vicksburg, Miss. Liberal Arts E N Y. M, C. A. l, 2, 33 Phi Sigma l, 25 Mississippian Sfaif ly Honor Roll 3. WILLIAM M. FOSTER ...... Wesl Poinf, Miss. Pharmacy A K E OLIVER T. FOWLER ........ Sweafman, Miss. Liberal Arls JOHN HOWARD FREEMAN . . .Greenwood, Miss. Engineering Z2 X, I 9 II DAVID WILKINS FULLER ..... Abbeville, Miss. Liberal Arts Bass-ball I, 2, Baskelball lg Jacob's Club. COURTNEY GAITHER ..... . . Moscow, Tenn. Liberal Arls X Q Y. W. C. A. 3, 45 Home Economics Club 3, 4, W. A. A. 3, 45 University Chorus 43 Treble and Bass 43 Belhaven College I, 2. J. W. G-ALLASPY ....... New Auqusla, Miss. Business President Senior Class, Presidenl Freshman Class' 4, Band Ig Phi Sigma I, 23 M, O. A. K. S 3 4' TOP ROW BOTTOM ROW RUTH GASKELL ........... Memphis, Tenn. Liberal ArlS K A French Club, Education Club, Y. W. C. Ag Catholic Club. SID GILLESPIE, JR ..,...... ltia Bena, Mis: Business 'I' A ti, A I II M. O. A. K. S., Y. M. C. A., Dance Decorating Committee 2, 3, 4, Mississippian Start Z, 3, OLE MISS Stah' 2, 33 Basketball Manager 2, 3, 4. HERMAN C. GLAZIER, JR ..... Clarksdale, Miss. Liberal Arts K X, B Z Scabbard and Bladeg Band I, 2, 3, 41 Mississippian Stait I, 2, 3, 4, Secretary Band I, 2, 3, 43 Captain R. O. T. C., Band Advisory Council l, 2, 3, 4, OLE MISS Start 2, lntertraternity Dance Committee, Gyn-i Dance Committee 3 4, Treasurer Sophomore Y. M. C. A, Secretary Junior Class Y. M. C. A.: "M" Boolf Statt 3, Hoocl's Brigade 3, Vice-President Beta Zeta, Varsity Show 3. MARY ELIZABETH GLENN . . . . .Oxfard, Miss. Liberal Arts IXSLEAI Horne Economics Club, University Chorus, Treble and Bass, Y. W. C A. JOHN HOWARD GORDON ..... Belzoni, Miss. Liberal Arts K A, H I 'I' President Philosophy Club, Vice-President Eta Sigma Phi. JAMES WILLIAM GRAY ....... Dublin, Miss. Liberal Arts 'I' A 9, A Ii A Herrnean l, 21 Y. M. C. A. 2, 3 BESSIE GREGORY ......... Aberdeen, Miss. Business Honor Roll 3. WILLIAM S. GRIFFIN ..., . .Meridian, Miss. Business II K slr M. O. A. K. Sq Cardinal Club, l-l-no-is Brigade, Senior Y. M. C. A. Cabinet. pe, 2 1-Q LEE RUSSELL GULLEY ...... Brookhaven, Miss. Business K A Associate Editor Mississippian 2, Associntrg Eititor M Bool 2, Ban-:I 2, 3, Y. M. C. A. 2, 3, 4, Pri Sigma 2, 33 I, R. C. 3, 4, JIM H. HAILEY .......... Memphis, Tenn. Liberal Arts fl- K 'I' HELEN MARGARET HALL . . . . Lauel, Miss. Liberal Arts SARAH HAND ......... Philadelphia, Tenn. Liberal Arts A I' I'Ii.ini3r P EUGENE HARRISON . . . GUY B. HATHORN all 3 Liberal Arts A 'I' A Liberal Arts 'lf H X Mathislon, Miss. University, Miss. Phi Eta Siqrna, Traiglr I, 2, 3, "M" Club, Taylor Miifalal, Botany '39, Honor Roll '38-'39. HENRY W. HAYNES . . .... Lumberton, Miss. Business HA Cardinal Club '37?3B, M. O. A, K. S, '3Bf39, Ad- vertising Manaqer Rebel Magazine .'39-'40, Busi- ness Manager "M" Book '37-'38g Mississippian Stall '36-'37-'38-'39, Annual Staff 35-'37, '37-'38, WINSTON HAYLES ........ Cleveland. MISS. Liberal K Arts -'Q Ag, CY1K0 ' .- . v' i' II.IliIi , . 4" ",? 'ii-3 M .yy 1 4 , 4- -, Lair, ,,'.1v,v . A 'gig .14 'ink ,s,f'1,'fX 1'f1-we 5 i -9- 'rf .SQ-.s, """'- 3 .. 1.4 f 24' irffl -3453- ffs. 4. P ' ' if .xv ' 6-bfi? fx.. V ., 9 , ' YQ i D vi ' A I . i'i'v:',i . i , ffl' P 'vw Y l i' ik 3 ' 1 I L-.. ' J..-, .. -'ref -A 4 Leif. - V' 'slag ' V, --. Q " f T .L ' 5' Li' -4 ' , . 1 , 7- A, 1' TIN--,. E 9' i , I- tr r ax n 47 ,H -ve .,.s. L.. 'N 4- I5- 1' 4,-' ,- ff' sa' 3' ' 3' is Mb s-.-v F5- .. Y. ilu .H 'I X LA' I I I. l.i .i TO P ROW ARVINE HENRY III . . . . . , Lirf'-ml Arla ll II ll ELSIE HERMAN ..,,.,... LIhlf'f1I AVIS. AAA In I' Q,li,l,' II HW ELI ii MILS .1 f. W. L. A, M B MARGARET HEWES . . . . . LIL fav il .AVIS IxA I, N, li F., Ii ill-I Iii JAMES MARK HILL . LII I vi Avis JOYCE E. HOFFMAN . , . Liz uri? Ailg A A A LOUIE H. HOPKINS . . Lili'-:il Arls A 'I' A Clarksdale, Miss, . . Laurel, Miss. Clulj, Nl+:f'ILif' I SIGN, Gulfport, Miss L Lil, . . Blue Mountain, Miss . Memphis, Tenn , . Lula, Miss. I IA K, .A If-.Ii U I' Ivilu-VIVIII-rviII,' Qiiilrmil 3 Ir I I I Irlvlvi' rril CI I -I VII 'itiii . ,w 1-I, Z, I.4'5'.if.sIg I-I Ir 2, FRANCES HOPKINS . . Lil I ml AVIS lx A, ll L -I ,Mimi , Bari Hickory, Miss. f I'i I- I" I IN I I L, :lvl-I lull! M'--111 iv .ii I IV, I, ii 1 fwiivil, Ivilf-rvuiliiirifil Rfli I ' Il I Q I 'I Iliffil'-il I lull I, -I, liwiislillvf' I' il 'N S In A, 4. MARTHA HOWERTON . . , .OxIord, Miss. liriiil All-1 li A I I A I ylvilh llviiwr I, Ili vii BOTTOM R JANE RALSTON HUGGINS . , Liberal Avis A A A BYRON INMON ....,.,. Liberal Arls A il, LESLIE JACO . . Edu-Ailiwv. V Y MARGARET JACKSON . , . Liberal Ailf, Z 'I' A Sf-IIIIMY VV C A Litiiw-I3 4, IJ S'S 3,I,W,A,A GEORGE JACOBS . , . . . , I illmfil Arls JAMES C. JOHNSTON . . Busiiugss li A CARL JOHNSTONE, JR ...,. Ei.IuiCilImi Il ii ll OW . Waynesboro, Miss . . . Ponloloc, Miss , Booneville, Miss . Moorhead, Miss. . . Universily, . . Benlon, Calhoun Cily, C0rI, Cluli 23 Bm:-I I, Z, 3, Oli- MISS Mus-ical liluli 2, 3, 45 Iwwrtor Omlwg-sti.i Ig Mississippiav-s P, -I, film' Cul' 2, J, 4, Uiilvi-vsily Chorus 2 3' IWL-lv .wil Boss 2 3 .afvI,.rr.a9I L jaws Miss. Miss. Miss. GASTON JONES .... . . Gulfporl, Miss. Busim-ss 'I' lx 'I', ll Z'vviiII Illini 1' Lwvliriiillf-I' I 3' Cwm Dinmi' I mviill I KI QIIII I 2 J B ii I vi- V1 ,nv . I , , g my-I I, 2, 3 4' Lili-Iilml Qluli 2, Y. Ivi. Li A. I, Qi, 3, 4, Ivilerlrdf lvvrvily Lfiuriinl I 2 J' I"l'i'SlII0IIl ul Siiplioriiiirv , . Class I-I Ilwivviiiy S-lvii-Il Si-frifliir, III BI-I.: Zi-In 4 FIRST ROW FRANCIS EWING JONES . . . Holly Springs, Miss. Liberal Arfs A E dv, sb H 2 Taylor Medal in Zoology, Assisfanl in Zoology Scribblers. BERYL JORDON ......... Hollandale, Miss. Educalion A A A MARION LOUIS JURNEY ..... Ackerman, Miss. Liberal Arls Medical Club. JACK KELLUM ......... . . Tupelo, Miss. Liberal Arls SALLY KIRK . . .....,.. Greenville, Miss. Liberal Arfs X Q Arlingion Hall I, 2, Presidenl of Chi Omega 4, Rebel Beauly 3, Beaufy Seclion 3, Legislalive Coun- cil, Episcopal Club, Senior Y, W. C. A. Treasurer 4, CIGSSICGI Club, Presidenl, 4, Pan-Hellenic, Vice- Presidenl, 4, Home Economics Club, Secrefary, 3, Pix. MABLE OWEN KLAUS ........ Macon, Miss. Liberal Arls 111 M Pan-Hellenic, Secretary Home Economics Club, Pix, Classical Club. ETOILE LACKEY . . ..... Calhoun City, Miss. Liberal Arls FRANK M. LANEY, JR ..... . . .Tupelo, Miss. Liberal Arls 1ifA9,.YT,1bHE,Hl1fi,,IIKTI Honor Roll l 2, 3, Taylor Medal in Lafin 2, Pres- idenl' of Phi Ela Sigma 3, 4, Presidenl of Efa Sigma Phi 3, 4, President of Classical Club 3, Presidenl of Sfribblers 4, Presidenl of Pi Kappa Pi 4, Inlerfraler- nily Council 4, Facully Sludenl Comrnillee on Fra- lernilies and Sororilies 4. SECOND ROW WARREN LARROUX ...... Bay Sf. Louis, Miss. - Liberal Arls fb K NP Collegians 3, Mississippians 4, Band 3, 4, Glee Club 3, 4, Varsity 3, 4, Classical Club 4. JOE E. LAUDERDALE ....... Hernando, Miss. Engineering A T A, X E A. S. C. E., Y. M. C. A. l 2, 3, lnlerlrafernily Council 3, M. O. A. K. S., Gym Dance Comrnilleeg Mississippian Slalrf 4, Phi Sigma. ROBERT LEACH . . ...... Indianapolis, Ind. Business A T S2 Caiholic Club. SARAH COOPER LEAR ...... Yazoo Cily, Miss. Liberal Arls X Q Y. W. C. A., W. A. A., Sophie Newcomb 2. CHARLES LEE .......... . . Laurel, Miss. Liberal Arfs X A E HENRI LEVI . . ......... Vicksburg, Miss. Liberal Arts Mississippian Staff l, University Players I, 2, 3 4, Assisfanl Direcior of Universily Players 4, Varsily Show, Scripl and Aclinq 3, 4, Producfion Direclor of Varsily Show 4, Producer of Freshman Slunl Nighl 4. SAMMY LILES . . ......,.. Palesline, Texas Business Football, Baseball, "M" Club. T. W. LITTLE . . ..... . .Meridian, Miss. Educalion T A 22, A I' N lnlernalional Relalions Club 3, Senior Y. M. C. A. This Jam Session was for lhe Foolball Team Qi F I R S T R O VJ JEAN LITTLEPAGE ........ Hattiesburg, Miss. Business K A Fix Pan-Hellenic 3, 4. RAMON THOMPSON LITTON . . . .Shaw, Miss. Business K E President Junior Class ot B. S. C.: lnterfraternity Council 3, 43 Cardinal Club 33 Mississippian, Annual Staffg Baseball 3. ROBERT MAURICE LOGAN ..,, Lawrence, Miss. Liberal Arts A T A Mississippian Statt 3. WILLIAM WAYNE LOGAN , . . . Bruce, Miss. Pharmacy Vice-President of Sophomore Pharmacy Class, Y. M. C. A., Mississippi State Pharmaceutical Association 3, 4, A. Ph. A. 3, 45 Treasurer of A. Ph. A., 45 Sec- retary of Senior Pharmacy Class. ANNIE FAY LO-MAX ....... Greenwood, Miss. Liberal Arts X SJ CHARLES LONGINO ....... Clarksdale, Miss. Business A K E M, O. A. K. S., President of Ole Miss Band, Annual Staff 2, 3, 4. GUY RICHARD LORD ..... . .Winona, Miss. Liberal Arts IIKA,TIKA,HXfI',AKA Le Cercle Francais, Millsaps College I, 2, Missis- sippian Stalt 3, Honor Roll 33 Senior Y. M. C, A Cabinet 4. MARTHA PROVINE LOTT . . . . .Corinth, Miss Liberal Arts K A Grenada College I, Y. W. C A, I, 2, 3, 45 Hazen Fellowship Group 3, 4, SECOND ROW J. W. LOVORN .......... Coffeeville, Miss. Pharmacy I' X President of Senior Class in Pharmacy School, '39.'40, EDWARD LYONS ........ New Britain, Conn. Liberal Arts BESSIE G MCCHAREN . . . .Oxford, Miss Education SAM M:CLATCHEY ........ Red Banks, Miss Liberal Arts 1' V E M. S. 8 T. I, 2, 3, 41 Cadet First Lieutenant 4 Hoods Brigad: 3, 4, Senior Y. M, C. A. Cabinet J. KINLOCH MCCOLLUM , . . . Long Beach, Miss Liberal Arts IT K A FRANK A. MCCORD ..... . .Rien1i, Miss Business 41 H E, A E ll Honor Roll 2, 3. ANNE LOU MCDANIEL ........ Tupelo, Miss Liberal Arts ANNA MAE McGONAGILL . .Water Valley, Miss Liberal Arts . . . And When I was in Mexico 1- I I I I TOP ROW CLYDE VERNON McKEE, JR ..... Jackson, Miss. Liberal Arls II K A DAN MCLEOD .,.......,., McLain, Miss. Liberal Arrs Baseball 3, "M" Club. BOBBY MCMANUS . ........ Gulfpcrf, Miss. Liberal Arfs Foalball Manager I, 2, 3, Y, M. C A. I, 2, 3, 4. LOUISE MCRAE ..., , . . . Laurel, Miss. Liberal Arls sb M Legislalive Council of W. S. G. A., Sweelhearl of Pi Kappa Phi for '39-'40, Treasurer of Inlernalional Relafions Club 3, Vice-Presidenf of Inlernalional Re- Iallons Club 4, Slyle Show 3, May Queen Courl 3, Y. W. C. A., Pix. JAMES McREE .....,...... Louin, Miss. Liberal Arls Medical Club. GEORGE MADDOX ..,,... . . Mayfield, Ky. Liberal Aris Treble and Bass l, 2, 3, 4, Ole Miss G-lee Club I, 2, 3, 4, Foolball I, Boxlnq 2, Track 3, 4, Presidenl, Ole Miss Glee Club 3. G. A. MAHONEY .......... Glenora, Miss. Liberal Arls K 2 Cheerleader 3, 4, Business Slaff of OLE MISS 2, Y, M. C. A. 2, 3, Finance Commillee 2, 3, Business Stan of Mississippian 2, 3, Inlernafional Relalions Club 3, Classical Club 3, 4, Rebel Slalf 3, Phi Sigma. T. H. MAXEY . . ........ Waterford, Miss. Education ' l79I BOTTOM ROW MINNIE MAUDE MAY ........ Sumner, Miss Liberal Arts II B 4' Ward-Belrncinl 2, Sophie Newcomb I, Y. W. C. A., W. A. A. WILLIAM CATO MAYFIELD . . .TayIorsviIIe, Miss. Pharmacy Baslrefball I, 2, President Class 2, 3, Assislanl Bonny Inslruclor 3, 4, Member Execulive Council, Pharmacy School 4. JAMES DOUGLAS MAYO . . . . Meridian, Miss. Business Band. MARGARET MEADERS ....... Vicksburg, Miss. Liberal Arfg K A Vice Presidenl of Junior Y. W. C. A., Secretary ol Senior Y. W, C. A., Hazen Fellowship Group 3, 4, W. A. A. 3, 4. RAYMOND MEDLOCK ...... Liflle Rock, Ark. Education II K sb Boxing I, 2, 3, 4, "M" Club. MARY ELIZABETH MITCHELL .... Oxford, Miss. Liberal Arfs X if Senior Y. W. C. A. Cabinel, Home Economics Club, W. A. A., Treble and Bass. MALCOM B. MONTGOMERY . .Yazoo Cily, Miss. Liberal Arts K A, B Z Orcheslra I, 2, Mississippians 3, 4, Band I, 2, 3, 4 WILLIAM MOON .......... Gulfport, Miss. Liberal Arls Q7 Ilii Sw If -I Wi lllw if lllf Hr ll iii iuiill 3C1'1is51' li I. I li li L35 ' , C91 tksx. II I. Ili fi i A f rw iii i, Bird -6- Kr TOP ROW RAY MORPHIS ,........ Calhoun Cily, Miss. Business HAROLD MOSTKOFF ..... . . Rosedale, Miss. Busfness 'I' If II 'MH Club, Tracl 2 3. BERNARD MOYER .,,,..... Glendora, Miss. Liberal Arts sb IC II Carairal C-sb, Treasurer ci Siiplrcrricre, Traci Man' axirl 2 3, '3'.r"'1-i Ciuc 2, lr'ra'iiural Bo-Inq HARVEY ALLEN MURPHY .... Halfiesburq, Miss. Business Fo-.lbal I, Z, 3, 4, "M" Club, Traclf 4, Allernale FQCII.3l Capfain -I. ELEANOR MEYERS . ...... . Meridian, Miss. Liberal Arls A .X A Pin, Triads 2. LOUISE NANNEY .,...... . .rupeia Miss. Liberal Arls A I' Y. W. C. A. 2, 3, 4, W. A. A. 3, 4, Five Crown 3 Fl' I"I'll'f' '3 4 ,, 5 irii, , SARAH ELIZABETH NASH . . . . .Tupelo, Miss. Liberal Arls A .3 .X Bfflliaven Ccilleqe Ig Y. W. C. A. 2, 3, 43 Sri-crelarv of Junior Y. W. C. A., Vicerlwesidenl cf Wc-r".a'i's Sluderir Goveriimenl 3, Presldenl of Worrian's Slu- ui' iEiJvernrriei'1 4, E-eiulive Council 43 Erlucaricin Cut 3 4, Reporler lc-r E-lucalion Club, Horne Eco- nomics Club 4, Cliairrnan of Campus Service Coni- rriillee 4, Hazen Fciundalion Group 3, 43 Senior Y. W. C A. Cabinel, Wlno's Who 4. NINNABEL NEILSON ...... . .Oxford, Miss Liberal Arls BOTTOM ROW CHARLES L. NELSON .... . Education FRED NELSON, JR. ..... . BUSIHSSS . . Oxford, Miss . .Jackson, Miss ZIAEQASIT Mississippian Slaff I, 2, Annual S faff 2, Senior Y. M C A. Cabirierg Herrnean, Hoods Brigade, Captain R O. T. C., Y. M. C. A. l, 2, 3, 4. JAMES E. NICHOLS ...... Liberal Arts .5 'I' .X . .Vicksburg, Miss I-lciods Brigade, Y. M. C. A. I, 2. LINTON DARDEN NORTH . . . Liberal Arls K A Classical Club, Varsity MADGEORR Liberal Arts A I' . . Belzoni, Miss Boxing 3. . . . Fulton, Miss M. S C. W I, 2, Y. W. C. A. 3, 45 Mississippian b 4 W 3 san 4, oifis' oiee ciu FRANK PAGE . . .... . . BusineSS TI K A VicefPresidenl of Business Sclwo Business School 3, Senicir Y. Track 3. VIRGINIA PAXTON ...... Liberal Arls X Q Y, W. C. A. ALEX PAYNE . ..... . X tr, A .x A, 3 .x 1 Busmess . . fl A If Universil, Chorus I, 2, 3, 43 Treble and Bass I, 2 3 4' F"ir Hwlfnif 4 M ,1 54' ,.A.A.. . .Amory, Miss ol 4, Treasurer o M. C. A. Cabinet . .GreenvilIe, Miss . . Bolton, Miss . O A K. S., "lvl" Club, Baseball Manager 3 11-sr 'G i zfitifg, i -of Ole Miss Has Its Glamour Boys Tool FIRST ROW SECOND ROW OZELLA PEARCE ..... Liberal Arts MAX PEGRAM ...... . . Liberal Arts lib A 9 NATHAN TILLMAN PETERS . . Liberal Arts IT K A TIMS ALFORD QUINN .... . . Louise, Miss. Business S A E, A I. IT Cardinal Club 2, M. O. A. K, S, 3, Glee Club 3, 7 4g Cadet Maior 4. CATHERINE RAND ..... . . Hammond, La. Business K A Y. W. C. A. 2, 3, Southeastern Louisiana College. L 'mM 1 Cardinal Club 21 Band lg Classical Club, Interna- tional Relations Club, Intertraternity Council 3, 4 Y. M. C. A. I, 2, 3, 4, Student-Faculty Commi.tee JOHN PETTEY, JR ........, Creenwocd, Miss. Liberal Arts db A 9 "M" Club. EVELYN PIRTLE ........ . . Lambert, Miss. Education Y. W. C. A., Senior "Y" Cabinet, Honor Roll 2, 33 Treble and Bass I, 2, 3, 4, University Chorus I, Z, 3, 43 Treasurer of University Chorus 3, W. A. A. 2, 3, 4, Home Economics Club 4, Education 4. VIRGINIA KNOX POLK . . . . . Inverness, Miss. Business A A A Pix, Senior Y, W, C. A. Cabinetg Triads 2, Girls' Chairman Student Dance Committee 3, 41 Missis- sippian Starl 35 Secretary of Class I, 3, 4, President ot Class 2, President Pan-Hellenic Council 33 Treas- urer 43 Five Crown I, Faculty Student Committee on Fraternities, Lyceum Committee 4, Favorite Sec- tion 3. NANCY POTTER ....... . . . .JacI:son, Miss. Liberal Arts Z T A Panvlqellenic 4, Senior Y, W. C. A. Cabinet 4, W. A. A. 3, 4. JOHN J. PRICE, JR ......... Meridian, Miss. Liberal Arts ATQ,AEA,fbHS,T'EE German Clubg Gym Dance Decoration Committee Ig Treasurer Senior Y. M. C. A. 35 Pre-Med Club, Medical Club 3, Treasurer of Gamma Sigma Epsilon 33 M. O. A. K. S. RUBY PRITCHARD .......... Oxford, Miss. Liberal Arts A Z, A A A Honor Roll 35 W. A. A. 2, 3, 43 Archery Team 2, 3, Home Economics Club 45 Archery Club 3, 4. JOHN EDWARD RATHER . . . Holly Springs, Business AKE,AEIT,fifHE Senior Football Manager: M. O. A. K. Sq traternit Council 4' Executive Council from B. Y . Headmaster of Delta Sigma Pi 3, Missiesippia 2, 33 Vice-President of Junior Class of B. S, OLAN RAYBURN .......... Wiggins Business Senior "Y" Cabinet. BERNARD REEVES .....,.,. Gulfport, Liberal Arts TI K A, fl' 9 K DOROTHY REEVES . . .,.. . .Jackson, Liberal Arts 'll ill Millsaps I, 2, Senior "Y" Cabinetg International lations Club: W. A. A.g Sponsor ot Company R. O. T. C. 3. AILEEN RICKS .......... Boonevifle, Education A A A Honor Roll 2, 3. Miss. Inter- S. C., n Statl C. 3. Miss. Miss. Miss. Re- HB.. Miss. GORDON S. RICKS ........ Booneville, Miss. Liberal Arts BRYANT RIDGWAY ...,..... Jackszn, Miss. Liberal Arts K A s I . , r ek' 4' . . 4-s, , . New Orleans Is a Great Town, But- FIRST ROW GEORGE BURT ROBERTSON ..., Jackson, Miss. Liberal Arts K A Cheerleader 4. EUGENE ROGERS ......,.. Porterville, Miss. Liberal Arts K A ROSE HOWARD ROWLAND . ,... Oxford, Miss. Liberal Arts X Q Pix 43 Battalion Sponsor of R. O. T. C. 33 Univer- sity Chorus I, 2, 3, 43 Treble and Bass 43 Cheer- leader 2, 3, 4. EVERETT RUSSELL ......... Starkville, Miss. Liberal Arts 22 N NOCK W. RUSSELL .....,.. Ackerman, Miss. Liberal Arts E X Captain of Company "A" of R. O. T. C, 43 Hood's Brigade P. T. RUSSELL . . . . . . . . . Eden, Miss. Business IT K fb M. O. A. K. S.3 Y. M. C. A.3 Intertraternity Dance Committee. BILLY RUST . ,........ Clarksdale, Miss. Engineering fl' A H, 'Il II X, S 0 TI Honor Roll 2, 33 Business Manager of Band 33 Vice- President of Band 43 A. S. C. E.3 Student Executive Council 43 Band I, 2, 3, 43 First Lieutenant of R. O. T. C.3 Rifle Team I3 President of Sophomore Engi- neering School 23 Secretary of Senior Engineering School. ANNA KATHERINE RUTLEDGE . . . McComb, Miss. Liberal Arts X U GRACE SARTIN .......,. Hattiesburg, Miss. Liberal Arts A A A SECOND ROW WILLIAM SCHNELLER ....... Springfield, III. Education O A K "M" Club Presidentg Football I, 2, 3, 43 Basketball 33 Football Captain 4. JOE B. SEDBERRY III ..... . .OIroIona, Miss. Business K Z Scabbard and Blade3 M. O. A. K. S.3 Track I, 23 Lieutenant ot R. O. T. C. 43 Hood's Brigade 33 Business Statt ot Mississippian I, 23 "M" Book Statt 33 Freshman "Y" Cabinet I3 Hermean Literary So- ciety I3 International Relations Club 31 Rebel Busi- ness Statt 3, 4. HELEN SEXTON .......... Hazlehurst, Miss. Liberal Arts Al',AAA,EAI Tassel3 University Chorus I, 23 University Players 2, 33 Honor Roll 2, 33 President ot Sigma Alpha Iota, f'Y" Committee3 Treasurer ot Tassel 43 Taylor Medal in English 23 Mississippian I, 2, 3, 43 Rebel Statt 33 W. S. G. A. Legislative Council, 3. MARTHA SHEFFIELD ....... . . Fulton, Miss. Liberal Arts A Z Home Economics Clubg Classical Club: Pan-Hellenic. DEWITT SHIVERS ......., . . Bagulasa, La. Business fb K NI' Football I3 Track. FRANCES SIMMONS ........ Magnolia, Miss. Liberal Arts S. JOE SIMPSON ....... . .Winona, Miss. Business Y. M. C. A.3 Track Z, 3, 43 "M" Clubj Secretary ut "M" Club. DAVE SINGLETON ........ Hattiesburg, Miss. Business S X, U A K President ot Associated Student Body 43 Member of Athletic Couh:iI3 Faculty-Student Committee on Fra- ternities 43 Student Employment Committee 43 Publi- cations Committee 43 Varsity Show StaI'l3 Who's Who in American Colleges and Universities3 Senior Y. M. C. A. Cabinet 43 Junior Y. M. C. A. Cabinet3 Pres- ident of Freshman Law Class, lntertraternity Council 3, 43 Gym Dance Committee 2, 3, 43 Intramural Middleweight Glove Winner in Boxing 23 Football I, 23 Baseball I, 2, 33 Hall of Fame. ANNA CATHERINE SLEDGE .... Parchman, Miss. Business Q M TOP ROW CATHARINE SMALLWOOD . . , . Oxford, Miss. Liberal Arts A A A ALLIE MABEL SMITH . . . . . Oxford, Miss Education fl' Bl University Players 2, 3, 43 Archery Club 3, 4, W. A. A I, 2, 3, 4, Horne Economics Club 43 Senior "Y' Cabinet, Treble and Bass 37 Education Club 4, LUCIAN SMITH . . . . . , .West Point, Miss Business .X K Ii MARVIN G, SMITH ...,. , . lndianola, Miss Business A SI' A V II Football 2, 3, 4, 5, "M' Club, President ot SE-rior B. S. C. Class. BOTTOM ROW L15 HANS KARL STAUSS . , . , Port Gibson, Miss. 5' C T1 T L 0 Liberal Arts Il0lI,.Xl11A l' N X I' I' lrile-rnaticirial Relatiifris Club 3, -lj Presiil-ir' Sq Pris ' I ly ll i-if-nt igit be-rrnan Club 3, -1, Mississigigiiari 2, 3' Ar riual Stott 4, Swrigr Y, M, C, A Hue-H STEPHENS .,,, . . New Albany, Mass. Liberal Arts S X, A li A Rillf Tiifri I, Missis.iip:iJr SMH I Z IONE STEWART ..,.......,. Osyka, Miss. L-beral Arts XS? CHARLES Suoouri-i ,... . Tupelo, Miss. Business CAMILLE SUMMERS ..,,,. Hushpuckena, Miss. Liberal Arts TAT SMITH . . ,,., Hattiesburg, Miss. A A A Business , Cheerleader 3, 43 Beauty Seijfiijiri 33 Anrual Stott 3 K A 4, Rebel Staff, Y. W. C. A. President Wesley Foundation 4, Editor, Glee Club' Y W. C A j I-lzizen Group, Rifie Team TOM SYKES . . ..... . . Jackson, Miss. Business BERNETTE SNEED ...... . . Ponfotoc, Miss. , A K E Business A XII Q, fl, 9 K EDWIN TATE . , ...... . . Picayune, Miss. Assistant Editor of "Crows Nest," Athens, Ala., President ol Le Cercle Francais, Athens, Ala, Buginegg ll K A TAMAORA SPANN ,,,... . . , Raymond, Miss. M O' A. K' S' Liberal Arts A l 'I' M ESTHER STUART TAYLOR ..... Vicksburg, Miss. ,,, 1 Liberal Arts . SAMUEL RICHARD STAGGERS . . West Point, Miss. K U lf! Liberal Arts A ,, Millsaps lg M. S. C. W. 23 Rifle learn! WIWPV fl A K IMI, .X 1, I-1, 1, II II Ritfw Cup 3, Fri-niiri Club 31 Ei'llJ'f4iil'f'lU Ciob 3 4 Y. w. C. A. 3, 4, W. A. A, 3, 4: Serirzr Cab' Q "M" Club '3Bg Traci '37, 138, '39, Glee CLI: '36, inet, Hilmar Pill 4. J 'A 1 lm ,i V ir 5 i' '5 ,J l " 1 TOP ROW HERMAN E. TAYLOR ..... . . Oxford, Miss. Liberal Ar+s fb K Xl' M. O. A. K. S.: Direclor of Ole Miss Colleqiais 2, 3, 4, Band I, 2, 3, 43 I-Iood's Brigade 3, Second Lieufenani of SC-abbarol and Blade 4, Faculty-Siudc-nl Committee on Ortneslra 2, 3, 4. MARIANNE THAXTON .... Crysial Springs, Miss. Libf3r3I Arls 45 M Y. W. C. A. VIRGINIA THIGPEN ..,..... Vicksburg, Miss. Liberal Arts Ix.X,A.XA,IIKII Honor Roll I, 2, 31 Trioiils 23 Secrelary of Triads 21 Y. W. C. A. I, 2, 3, 41 Prnsidenl of Freshman Y, W. C. A., Presidenl of Sopliorncirc- Y. W. C. A.: President of Junior Y. W. C. Ag Presidenl of Qi-river Y NN C. Aj Pan-l-Iellirriir: 2, 3, 4, Tassel 43 Smrelary of Tassel 41 B S U. Council 2, 33 Seim- fary of Pi Kappa Pi 4, Mississippian SMH I, 2, 3, W A. A. I, 2, 3, 4, Reporlm of W. A. A. l, 2, 3, 4? WI Vs Wlwii in Arif-rifari Ciilleqes and Uiiiversiliffs. JAMES TILLMAN ........ . . Oxford, Miss. Business "M" Club, Foolball I, 2, 3, 4, Baseball I, 2, 3, 4. CALVIN TINSLEY ,.......... Oxford, Miss. Liberal Arts GLEN TRUSTY .......... Minier Cary, Miss. Liberal Arls ff' K Xl' Viii' Pre-sidcril of SC-riior Class, M. O A K S., fwni Dance Cornmifieeg Inlerfraierniiy Dance Cornrriiliec. ELIZABETH TURNAGE . ..., Wafer Valley, Miss. Liberal Arls A Z I W. C., A. 2, 3, 4, Uiiivi3rsiI,' Cliiiriis 7, 3, lvliyfl Clulv 4. ROSELLE TURNER . . . . . . .SI'1aw, Miss. Libs-ral Arts A A A Iiilifii C..iillr-lie I, 2, Hiiiisrf Iirf-siilv'-nl wi Bfiriiiril Iilill 4, "N, fs fiv. Ag Y. C. A. 3, Sririior HY" I.-itiiw-lj Lririislnllvf- Cuiiiiril 3, 4, Ili'-WW Icfiri.-wi iff, I 'ull 4, cWY"I'Y'I41T,' .II Eiliifiriiiii Cluli 4, Cfiiiiiiiillof' fl IOC' II.iwn fvifiiiiis, Crirririiiilw- iii 50, Ira-slimiiii Q. 17 3 I' BOTTOM ROW BONNIE K. TYLER ....... Wafer Valley, Miss Bisiness JEANETTE VAN ZANT ..,.. . .Jackson, Miss Liberal Avis X Q Millsaps I, 2, 3' Eavigiiiie Seclii:-n 4. ELGIN WALKER . . . . .Wafer Valley, Miss Lifiiifbss HARRIET WALKER ...,... . Lamberi, Miss lvmrnragy A Z bfyqrpiqry iii Sijgliiiri grf- Pliarrimig, Slim ii, Sfifriihir. .il Jiinior Pharnmcv Classg A. lin. A. 2, 3, 4 is A. A. 3, 4. WAYNE WALKER . . . . . . . Laurel, Miss Business WILLIAM HENRY WALKER .... Meridian, Miss. l.iL3Cf3l Arls X X Mississippi Slalc- I, 2, 3. EDITH B. WANDER .... . . .CharIesIon, Miss. Education S"f1rL'l0ry W. S. Cv. A., Y. W. C A: E-1"-iiilivv COLIN W lil A. S B.: I"IPGi.I uf Bnslu.-lL.nll, W. A. All LC'Qv'9 lnlivc Ciwiricil of W. S. C. A., Si'-fri-Iary ill .lowisli Club. GALE WATSON . . . . . . . Memphis, Tenn. Business Diys, Mississippians I, 2, 3, 4. FIRST ROW A. C. WEBB, JR .,....... . . Houlka, Miss. Liberal Arls B 0 II Senior "Y" Cabinet Educafional Club. RUTH VIVIAN WEIS ...... . .Vaiden, Miss RICHARD WILKINSON .,..... Jackson, Miss M. O. A. K. S., Cvlee Club 3, Debalinq Council 2 OLE MISS Shri Z3 Mississippian Sian 2, Tennis ian? 3 C ri Jr C nirriarnlr-r I I f 41 Senior Y. M. C. A., Herrne-an Sociely, President 3 I LAMPTON WILLIAMS ....,. Poplarville, Miss Liberal Arls Z T A, H I fl' Senior "Y" Cabinef, Secretary of Classical Club 4 LEONARD D. WESSON .... . .TupeIo, Miss. Business .X K IC, 'I' H I, A ll II Band 2, 3, Honor Roll I, 2, 3. STYRON WEST . . ....... Waynesboro, Miss. Pharmacy JANIE LOU WHITE ..... . .ToccopoIa, Miss. Business W. A. A., Y. W. C. A. MILDRED WHITE ...,.... . .Oxford, Miss. Liberal Arfs A A A lrilernalicirial Relalions Club, Hfinigr Roll 3, WALTER W. WHITE, JR. ..... Moorhead, Miss. Liberal Aris K E MARY KATHERINE WILEY . . . Oxford, Miss. Educafion K A F-iyiririii, 2, GERTRUDE WILKINSON .... . . Shelby, Miss. Liberal Arls KI' M Pix, Five Crijmri, Pari-Hoileniij Trials. Greai Oalrs From Liifle Acorns Gro I Miss. Miss. Rebel Class, Miss. IRENE WOODRUFF ....., . . Bafesville, Miss. Pi-g Tassels, Triainsg Sfrireiiir, of Assoiiinlnfl Smflfif Body, President of W. A. A. 3, 43 Presiderii of Mis- sissippi Federnlion of W. A. A.: Carnpus Fayorirn 3, 4, Pgn-Hr-l.L-r.3 3 4, 'if W C A. 4, E.eC1iIiyC' ALTUS WOODS . . ..... . .Oxford, M'ss. LEROY WORSHAM ........., Corinfh, Miss. Honor Council, Engineering Sciicfl I, Viiiif-Presidfn' nf S-iipnomore Efqines-rs Z, I-lciror Roll I, Z 3 A. S. C. E. I, 2, 3, 4, Secretary 3, Treasurer 4, Tm' lor Medal in Malhnrnaiiizs 2, Se-ire?-nry of Cnr En silon 2, Treasurer of Chi Epsilon 3, Presiden? of Chi nrisilw 4, Tirifiserfi-i cl Pi Kiiiipu Pi 4, Prfsijenl QI Srfriyir En-girif.-ers, Sfndeni lrisfrnigliir in Drawinq 3' C sfudizruf Insiriiclor in Surveying 4, Pnpcirler ol Sigrnn ROBERT L. YC-UN3 ...... . .Corinfh, Misz. rriifi' Clin 3, B S. U. Ciiuf-iii 4' U"i.f'fiSl OI ... A ""S"r -' . - . HE JUNIOR year - and fhe sudden realizafion fhaf fhere's iusf one more year befween you and fhis hard, cold world. Resolufions really fo malce somefhing of yourself are made-and broken many fimes. Good fimes seem fo have a way of inferfering. Comes Chrisfmas and fhen, ouf of nowhere, fhose midferms. Long hours of cramming and everyfhing is under Confrol for fhe momenf. The remainder of fhe winfer goes wifh dances, bull sessions, fha? second somosfer love affair and suddenly spring and exams again. One more year and youll be ouf-buf somehow you're nof come plefely happy abouf if. llllllll . Q E -qv...-..-f.. V- . y SMITH, COX, MCCORMICK, KINARD 15 5 I Z 'ig ' V I VI I I X Iggxxxx ' x ' 7 ,,I J if U P P I II E H S , I 'IT If . I X I JIM WILLIAM COX . Presidenf of LiI3eraI Arfs School : III' -Z ' X lk .1 I-IENRY KINARD .,.. PresidenI of Business School V j I I LLOYD SMITI-I . . . PresIdenI of Engineering School IRWIN McCORMICK . . Presidenf of Pharmacy School 1 I I, 2 'Ir ci!! I LIU CG I bil 'li T x 3 1 X 'E' f I -'I KRQ ,1 Q ' Y 4. IJQ Nay -f X- f. in MN 11" 2 Q 5'-'wi' 1' HUGH ALEXANDER K A Greenville, Miss. L i b e r a I A r t s Band, I, 2, 33 Mississip- pians, 2, 3. EDWARD ASSAD Clarksdale, Miss. L i b e r a I A r t s ROBERT BARNETT Z X, A E A Greenwood, Miss. L i b e r a I A r t s Band Executive CounciI3 Treasurer of A. E. D.3 Y. M. C. A., '37, '38, '393 Finance Committee of Y. M. C. A., '39. FOREST BOWEN X T2 Tupelo, Miss. E d u c a t i o n Y. W. C. A., I, 2, 33 Home Economics Club, 33 Ole Miss Chorus, I, 2, 33 Girls Glee Club, 33 Music Club, I, 23 Hazen Foundation Group, I, 2, 33 Education Club, 33 Treas- urer of Girls Glee Club. JAMES BROCK E N, 'P H E, A E A McComb, Miss. L i b e r a I A r t s Band, I, 2, 33 Mississip- pians Orchestra, I, 2, 33 Vice-President Sophomore Class. JOE BULLOCK Brandon, Miss. Liberal Arts Varsity Boxing Team, '38, '393 Y. M. C. A. Cabinet, '37, '38, '39. EARN EST CANNELLA White Plains, New York Y. M. C. A., I, 23 Cath- olic Club, I, 2, 33 Foot- ball, I, 23 Treasurer Jus nior CIGSSI lntertraternity Dance Committee, 3. NOEL ARTHUR CHILDRESS O x t o r d, M i s s. E d u c a t i o n TOM COLE. JR. H K A Amory, Miss. Business GRIFFIN ALFORD TI K A, A E H, 42 H X Gulfport, Miss. B u si n e s s Y. M. C. A.3 Phi Sigma. GEORGE BAILY Alexander City, Ala. L i b e r a I A r t s JACK BAUGHN Greenwood, Miss. Engineering A. S. C. E.3 Secretary Sophomore Engineering Class, '373 Treasurer of Junior Engineering Class, '383 Freshman Football, '37 EUGENIA BRADFORD A A A Vaiden, Miss. L i b e r a I A r t s MARTHA BESS BROWN X S2 Grenada, Miss. B u s i n e s s WALTER BULLOCK K A Columbia, Miss. Liberal Arts Mississippian Statt, I, 2, .13 Rebel Staff, Z, 33 Track Manager, I, 2, 33 Gym Dance Committee, 33 Vice- President Junior B. A. School3 Photographic Edi- tor l940 OLE MISS. JACK CARTER E X Oxford, Miss. B u s i n e s s FRANCES CLARK A I' Lauderdale, Miss. E d u c a t i o n TOM HUNT COLE 2 X New Albany, Miss. B u s i n e s s Y. M. C. A., I, 23 Phi Sigma, I, 2. ANNIE ANDERSON X Q Grenada, Miss. B u s i n e s s ROBERT BALLARD E A IC Tupelo, Miss. Liberal Arts Vice-President Ole Miss Musical Club, '38, '39, Mississippians, '37, '38, '39, '403 Band, '37, '38, '39, '4O. SARA PAYNE BELL lb M Newton, Miss. B u s i n e s s International Relations Club3 Annual Sidiij Y. W. C. A. MARY LEILA BRADLEY X H E dv Yazoo City, Miss. L i b e r a I A r t s JIM BROWN K E, A E A Iuka, Miss. L i b e r a I A r t s FLOYCE BURCHFIELD X S2 Ruleville, Miss. L i b e r a I A r t s Holton Arms, I, 23 Class- ical Club, 33 Y. W. C. A., 33 Megaphone Club, 33 Home Economics Club, 33 Mississippian Statt, 3. LePOlNT CASSIBRY A A A Cleveland, Miss. L i b e r a I A r t s NORMAN CLAYTON Crenshaw, Miss. B u si I'I 8 S S ROBBIE COLEMAN X Q Clarksdale, Miss. B u s i n e s s Rebel Staff, 33 Y. W. C. A.3 Secretary Junior B. S. C.3 W. A. A. MARTHA ANDERSON Abbeville. Miss. L i b e r a I A r t s JEAN BARKSDALE X Q Jackson Miss. B u s i n e s s Mississippian Staff, 33 Y. W. C. A., 2, 33 W. A. A., 2. ANCE BLACKWELL Monticello, Miss. E d u c a t i o n Footballg Baslretball3 "M" Club. JAMES BRANIGIN B Z Canton, Miss. B u s i n e s s Y. M. C. A., I, 2, 33 Band I, 2, 33 Business Manager Band, 33 Vice'President of Sophomore Class3 Annual Staff, 2, 33 Gym Dance Floor Committee, 3. DINAH BROWN K A Lauderdale, Miss. E d u c a t i o n VAN BURNHAM A Klf Ruleville, Miss. L i b e r a I A r t s PAUL CHAMBERLAIN K 21 Shuqualak, Miss. L i b e r a I A r t s JOHN COATES, JR. X X Memphis, Tenn. L i b e r a I A r t s Episcopal Club: Hood's Brigadeg Sergeant in R. O. T. C., '393 Varsity Show, '39j Junior Y. M. C. A.3 Sophomore Y. M. C. A. MARY FRANCES CONNER A Z Jackson, Miss. L i b e r a I A r t s WILLIAM ANDERSON .E B ll Oxford, Miss. Engineering American Society of Civil Engineering. MARY BARNES Columbia, Miss. E d u c a t i o n GRACE BOLIN A Z Greenwood, Miss. L i b e r a I A r t s ROYAL BRANTON df 1' A Greenville, Miss. Business HENRIETTA BRYANT Z 'I' A Edwards, Miss. E d u c a t i o n BROWNIE BURTON A A A Canton, Miss. L i b e r a I A r t s Coed Drum Maior, '37, '38, '39. JOHN SUE CHAPMAN O x f o r d, M i s s. E d u c a t I o n W. A. A3 Archery Club. 1 JAY DAVID COHEN New York, N. Y. L i be ral Arts MARY ELIZABETH COOK KA Utica, Miss. E d u c a t i o n Triads3 Pan-Hellenicg Y.W. C. A., W. A. A. PALMER ANDREWS K A Memphis, lean. B u s i n e s s Freshman Tennis Team. HORACE BARNES P u r v i s, M i s s. P h a r m a c y CECIL BOLTON H K A Corinth, Miss. L i b e r a I A r t s Won State Contest ir Piano and Organ, '37, '38, '38 and '393 Vice-President of Treble and Bass Music Club. WILLIAM BREWER E X Greenwood, Miss. B u s i n e s s International R e I a- tions Club, 33 Ole Miss Bama, 2, 3, Y. M. C. A., I, 23 Secretary Y. M. C. A., I3 Phi Sigma. WALKER BUEL AKEWashington, D.C. Liberal Arts JOHN L. BUTTS 2 X Miami, Fla. B u s i I1 E S S JUANITA CHESTEEN Kilmichael, Miss. L i b eral Arts FRANCES COLBY Memphis, Tenn. Liberal Arts DAVID COOK New Albany, Miss. Liberal Arts U1 CII Z Ili D f-1 5-CQ -3 'l T . f fr. ? 2 7 -3.23 1 iwaiffff ff 0, ui T 1 I , . A 'E -' P CALVIN COOLEY A XII Clarksdale, Miss. B u s i n e s s HARRIET CRABTREE Z T A Lynchburg, Va. E d u c a I i o n ROWLAND DARNELL K A Lombardy, Miss. L i b e r a I A r I s SouIhwesIern, I, Philosophy Club. LESLIE DODSON E X Columbus, Miss. L i b e r a I A r I s Foofball. ELON E. ELLIS E A E, X E Jackson, Miss. E n g i n e e r i n q ASCE, Hermean, YWCA' Rebel, Dance ComrniIIee, Hood's Brigade, Sr. Color Sere geanI. Miss. SIafIs, Gyrri JUDSON FITE Grenada, Miss. L i b e r a I A r I s JOHN M. GARDNER E A E GuIfpcrI, Miss. L i b e r a I A r I s JAMES GOLDMAN H K sir Meridian, Miss. L i b e r a I A r I s BURNELL GUSTAFSON BGTLEGH . Rockford, III. Engineering Secr'eIary Freshman Class, PresldenI Sophomore Clegg, JAMES HANEY fb K si' PonIoIoc, Miss. Liberal ArIs FAYSSOUX CORNEIL K A Vicksburg, Miss. B ur s i n e s s RUBY CRAIN X S? Wilson, Ark. L i b e r a I A r I s MELISSA DEAR X Q Greenwzod, Miss. L i b e r a I A I s r Mississippian SIaIf, Rebel Sfalifg Glee Club. STEELE DOLLAHITE E.N,AEA Oakland, Miss. Liberal ArIs Y. M. C. A., I, 2, Phi Sig- rna, I, 2, InIerfraIerniIy Council. ELEANOR ERIKSON WaIer Valley, Miss. E d u c a I i o n MAY FLEMING A I' Grace, Miss. E d u c a I i o n JANIE GAVIN A 1' A Sfaiiord Springs, Miss. L i b e r a I A r I s JOHN W. GORDON Vossburg,Miss. P h a r m a c y Presidenf Junior Class, HELEN HULEN HALL A A A Tupelo, Miss. L i b e r a I A r I s Honor Roll, I, 2. LOUISE HARDIN K A IIIabena, Miss. B u s I n e s s M. S. C. W., Commerce Club, Y. W. C. A. ZULA COX A A A Marks, Misa. B u s i n e s s JANE CROOK CrysIal Springs, Misa. E d u c a I i o n JOE SANFORD DEATON PIanIersviIIe, L i b e r a I A r I s THOMAS DONALD S a I I i s, M i s s. B u s i n e s s InIernaIional RelaIions Club, I-Iermean LiIerary Society. RUTH ERVIN X SZ CrysIaI Springs, Miss. E d u c a I i o n Pres. YWCA l, 2, 3, Vice- Pres. WSG-A, WAA: Tri- ads, Chorus, IRC, Treas. Educ. Club, "M" Book SIaI'f. EVA FOLSON O x I o r d, M i s s. P h a r m a c y GUS GERARD X -X Grenada, Miss. L I b e r a I A r I s Presidenf Episcopal Club, Band, I, 2, Hood's Bri- gade, Cardinal Club, Ha- zen Group, Y. M. C. A., I, 2, 3, Infernafional Rela- Iions Club, I, 2, 3, Phi Sigma. REGINALD GRAY, JR. 41 A 9 Hafliesburg, Miss. L i b e r a I A r I s Mississippian SIaIf, I, As- sisfanf EdiIor Rebel, 2, Eclifor Rebel, 3, Y. M. C. A., I, 2, 3, Ole Miss Playmakers. ELEANOR HAM II B sb Clarksdale, Miss. L i b e r a I A r I s Triads, MeIoikoi, Annual and Miss. SIafIs, WSG-A Council, Treas. YWCA, WAA, Varsify Show, Hazen, Classical Club. DAVID HOWELL HARDIN Calhoun CiIy, Miss. B u s i n e s s CARL COX II K 4' Oxford, Miss. P h a r rn a c y RILEY CUNNINGHAM K E Bo-nville, Miss. L i b e r a I A r I s GOLDA DeCELL X S2 Yazoo Cify, Miss. E d u c a I i o n ROBERT C. DOW E A E CanIon, Miss. Business Band, I, 2, 3, I-Iermean S-ociefy, Rifle Team, 2, Y. M. C. A., 2, Dance Corn- miIIee, I. EDWARD FANT 41 K NP Coahoma, Miss. L i b e r a I A r I s Mississippian SIafI, I, 2, 3. GEORGE FRIZELL 41 K 'I' Brookhaven, Miss. L i b o r a I A r I s NELLA GILMER Toccopola, Miss. B u s i n e s s DAVID GRIFFIN 'IP K XI' Meridian, Miss. Liberal ArIs Philosophy Club, 3, Com- paraIive Religion Group 3. ELIZABETH HAMILTON A A A Mcrfdian, Miss. E d u c a I i o n Y. W. C. A., W. A. A., Rebel Sfafl. MARILYN HARRISON A Z MaIhisIon, Miss. L i b e r a I A r I s JAMES W. COX E X Columbus, Miss. L i b e r a I A r I s IRC, Hood's Brigade, Pres. Soph. B.A., Junior I B.A., Miss. and Annua. SIaIIs, YMCA, ROTC, E. R. DAVIES GuIfporI, Miss. E n g i n e e r i n g CHARLES F. DIETZ K E, B Z Memphis, Tcnn. IE n g i n e e r i n g A, S. C. E., Bssiness SIaII, Annual SIa'rl, Bgrnj, I, 2, 3. MARTHA JANE DOYLE X S2 C'.3r':da!e, Miss. L i b e r a I A r I s A. LEWIS FARR A XII Edwards, Miss. L i b e r a I A r I s JEAN GAMMON X 9 Como, Miss. L i b e r a I A r I s JOE GLENN 'IP A 6 Winona, Miss. E n g i n e e r i n g Y. M. C. A., i, 2, 3, A. S. C. E., I, 2, 3. HIRAM B. GRIFFITH B 9 H Hazlehursf, Miss. B u s i n e s s FARMER HENRY HAMILTON KLASII Shuqualak, Miss. B u s i n e s s Herrnean, lnIernaIional Rea laIions Club. RICHARD KENNETH HAXTON. JR. fb A 9, 111 H 22 Greenviile, Miss. L i b e r a I A r I s Scribblerg Honor Roll, Mis- sissippian SIaII, I, 2, 3, FeaIure Edifor, 2, VarsiIy Club, Rebel SIaII, Y. M. C. A., Classical Club, EdiIor Papyrus, 3, SIunI NighI CommiIIee. WILLIAM C. COX A K is 01111, Mm B u s i n e s s TOM DARRAS ChaIIano:ga, Tennessee L i b e r a I A r I s DAVID T. DOCKERY Hernando,l.Iiss. B u s i n e s 1 WILLIAM THOMAS DUNN S a r d i s, M i s s. L i b e r a I A r I s ANNE FERRIS A A A Hally Springs, Miss L i b e r a I A r I s ALBERT GARDNER E A E, A X IT Yazoo CiIy, Miss B u s i n e s s Colf I, 2, InIerIraIerniIy Champ, I, Miss, SIaII, Baseball Manager, Band, YWCA, I-lermean. HAROLD GODMAN S dl E Oxford, Miss. L i b e r a I A r I s Cardinal Club. BILL GURNEY II K A Ripley, Miss. L i b e r a I A r I s Mississippian SIaIf, I, 2, 3, Y. M. C. A., I, 2, 3, VarsiIy Show, 2, Phi Sigma, TOM HAMMOND di A H, fb H 2, H .Y fb AIIanIa, Ga. L i b e r a I A r I s Managing EdiIor Mississip, pian. FREEMAN C. HAYS Sherman, Miss. P h a r m a c y PresidenI A. Ph. A., 3, Treasurer A. Ph A , 23 Treasurer Class, 2. LIU L32 Z lil S f-1 KENNETH HEARD Oxford, Miss. Liberal ArIs EVELYN HILLIN Z T A BeaumonI, Texas L i b e r a I A r I s Pan-Hellenic, Triads, Y. W. C. A., LegislaIive Council, W. S. G. A. MARGUERITE HOLMES X S2 Vaiden, Miss. Pharmacy SecreIary American Phar- maceuhcal AssociaIion. JOE HOWELL E A E EgypI, Miss. B u s i n e s s Y. M. C. A., I, 2. CAROL M. JAGGERS PonIoIoc, Miss. L i b e r a I A r I s ELOUISE JONES A A A Belzoni, Miss. B u s i n e s s FREDERICK KELLY A T Q BaIesville, Miss. L i b e r a I A r I s GEORGE KIMMONS O x I o r d, M i s s. E n g i n e e r i n g A. S. C. E., "M" Club, Baseball, I, 2. CHARLES T. KNIGHT UniversiIy, Miss. L i b e r a I A r I s DORIS LOFLIN Z T A Bude, Miss. P h a r m a c y Pan-I-lellenic Council, Vice- presideni Z. T. A., Sec- refary Junior Pharmacy Class, Y. W. C. A. HILARY HENGEN Biloxi, Miss. Liberal ArIs PATRICK GALVIN HOGAN, JR. Columbus, Miss. L i b e r a I A r I s Mississippian S I a I e, I, University Players, 2, 3, Philosophy Club. MILLER HOLMES II A E Yazoo Ciiy, Mizs. B u s i n e s s Mississippians, 2, 3, Band, I, Musical Club, I, 2, 3, Hermean, I, Collegians, I. MILDRED HUBBARD A A A Blyiheville, Ark. B u s i n e s s GEORGE PHILIP JOEST K E Rosedale, Miss. L i b e r a I A r I s Tennis Team, I, 2. MARVEL JONES T a y I o r, M i s s. E d u c a I i o n Y, W. C. A., 3. EVELYN KENNEDY df M Columbus, Miss. Educafion Y. C. A., Home Eco- nomics Club, EducaIion Club. HENRY KINARD A T A Jackson, Miss. B u s i n e s s "M" Club, Football, I, 2, 3, Presidenf B. S. C. Ju- nior Class. BAE KRAMER AAA McComb, Miss. Liberal ArIs Cardinal Club Sponsor, Sociefy EdiIor Mississip- pian, "M" Book Sfaif, W. S: G. A. Legislafive Coun- cil, SecreIary Sophomore Y. W. C. A., Vice-Presb denI Junior Y. W. C. A., Hazen Group, Pix, Triads. JOHN JOSEPH LOGAN A T A Lawrence, Miss. L i b e r a I A r I s ROBERT HENLEY A K E Rosedale, Miss. I L i b e r a I A r I s JERRY HOGSETTE iFIa Miam, Liberal ArIs FooIball, 2, 3. WENDELL HOLMES II K A TylerIown, Miss. L i b e r a I A r I s FRANK W. HUDSON HaIIIesburg, Miss. B u s i n e s s ADA JOHNSON X S? Lexington, Miss. E d u c a I i o n JACK JORDAN 2 A E Columbia, Miss. B u s i n e s s BEN KEY K E Meridian, Miss. L i b e r a I A r I s Band, I, 2. JACK KIRKPATRICK A K E, B Z Clarksdale, Miss. B u s i n e s s WILLIAM LAMPARD K A Cleveland, Miss. E d u c a I i o n UniversiIy Players, 2, Vice- presidenI "Y" Cabinef, I PresidenI EducaIion Club I. R. C. MARGARET LOVE X S2 Jackson, Miss. L i b e r a I A r I s W. A. A., 2, 3: Y. W. C. A., 2, 3, Rebel SIaI'i, 3, Home Economics Club, 3, EducaIion Club, 3. LEROY HIDINGER K A, A 2 Il Memphis, Tenn. B u s i n e s s Cardinal Club PresidenI, Treas. ASB, Pres. YMCA, I, 2, IRC, Mississippian SIal'I, Freshman Days Com- Treas. Phi Sigma. Head Drum Maior, 3, Band I 2 3 2, SecreIary Phi Sigma, ROBERT HOLLAND B 6 IT Meridian, Miss. L i b e r a I A r I s EVELYN HOOD T u n i c a, M i s s. L i b e r a I A r I s ROBERT HUMMEL A T A, B Z Warren, Ohio Liberal ArIs Cardinal Club, Band, I, 2, 3, Collegians, I, 2, Mis- sippians, 3. EARL JOHNSON E N Clarksdale, Miss. B u s i n e s s PHILIP KANTOR 1I'EII,I'.Y.E Clarksdale, Miss. Engineering Y.M.C.A.,I2 3 Hood's B C. E., 3. ALBERT rigade, 3I, si KIMBRIEL Drew , Miss. L i b e r a I A r I s BYRON KISNER WaIar Valley, Miss. E d u c a I i o n VERNON LASH A T A WesI UniIy, Ohio Business HARRY LYNCH TI K 412 Waveland, Mbs. P h a r m a c y American Pharmaceufical AssociaIion. MARY EDITH HILL Booneville, Miss. E d u c a I i o n WILLIAM HOLLIS Derma,Miss Pharmacy SIDNEY HOPKINS K A Hickory, Miss Liberal ArIs Mississippian, Phi Sigma I, 2, Y. M. C. A., 3 Classical Club, I, 2, Ha zen Group. POSEY HUMPHREY Lexingion, Miss. E d u c a I i o n RAYNER S. JOHNSON DecaIur, Miss. L i b e r a I A r I s C. BRENT KATZENMEYER E N Vicksburg, Miss. L i b e r a l A r I s FRANCES KIMBRIEL A I' Drew, Miss. L i b e r a I A r Is LUCEE KITCHING fb M Shelby, Miss. E d u c a I i o n Y. W. C. A., I. R. C., Educafion Club, W. A. A., Belhaven, I, 2. K. C. - LEGGETT A NI' Laurel, Miss. L i b e r a I A r I s GORDON LYON E A E Indianola, Miss. L i b e r a I A r I s STELLA HILL Ellisville, Miss L I b e r a I A r I CHARLES HINDS HOLMAN, JR. X E CarroIIIon, Miss Liberal ArIs Hermean Liierary Socieiy Y. M. C. A., I, 2. ELMO HOWELL B e x a r, A I a L i b e r a I A r I s LAWRENCE HUTTON O x I o r d, M i s s. L i b e r a I A r I s P. W. JOHNSTON TI K A ShubuIa, Miss. L i b e r a I A r I s lnIerfraIerniIy Council, 3, Presidenf Phi Sigma, 3, PresidenI Junior Y. M. C. A., Treasurer Junior Class. IRVING KELLER Newark N.J. Business "M" Club' All SouIheasI- ern BaskeIbalI, 2. LENORE KIMBROUGH X T2 Greenwood, Miss. L i b e r a I A r I s W. A. A., l, 2, 3, Y. W. C. A., I, 2, 3, Home Eco- nomics Club, 3, Classical Club, 2, BeauIy Secfion, I, 2, 3. MILTON KLEINMAN New York, N. Y. B u s i fl 8 3 S SARA ROLLINS LEWIS A A A BaIesviIIe, Miss. E d u c a I i o n Rebel SIaf'l, Mississippian Sfafi, Y. W. C. A. DORIS CLARE McCARTHY HaIIiesburq, B u s i Miss. h 0 S S S UU Z iii P-1 ROSELYN IRVIN M. ELSIE McCORD McCORMICK McCOY qv M Tupelo, Miss. Heidelberg, Miss dr M Baltzer, Miss. Liberal Arts Pharmacy Education MARGUERITE HUNTER WILLIAM C. McHENRY McKENZIE McREE A A A Monroe, La A20 Michigan City, Mi.s. L o u i n, M i s s Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Business Cardinal Club, Junior "Y' Cabinet, Tennis Team, I OLE MISS Staff, l, 2, M O. A. K. S., 3. BETTY RUTH MORTON H. JANE NANCE MAYO MARTIN MAXWELL E X Hattiesburg, Miss. Dundee, Miss X52 Pickens,Miss. Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Belhaven, l, 2. ARCHIE C. MALCOLM CHARLES MILLER MILLER LEROY A -if Hazlehurst, Miss o X f 0 f a, M i I s. MII-L5 Liberal Arts Business IIKQ TupeIo,Miss. gnterfraternity Council, 2 B u s i n e s s EDMUND W. BETTY ROBERT MONTGOMERY BEALL MAYO K A, B Z Yazoo City, Miss MOORE MOORE' JR' L i b e r a I A r t s A A A McComb, Miss. K 2 Prichard, Miss. Band,l,2,3,Mississip Liberal Arts Liberal Arts plans, I. ROY T. VERNON JULIAN NICHOLS NICHOLS, JR. NOEL K A Faust, Miss. 41 A 9 Canton, Miss. II K A, A E II B u s i n e s s Llberal Arts Greenville, Miss. Band,l,Y.M.C,A.,l Business 2, 3. ANN WILLIE V. JAMES DUDLEY PARKER PERSHING OWENS Lucedale, Miss PERRY X Q Jackson, Miss. B u s i n e s s E X Rienzi, Miss. Liberal Arts B.S.U.Council,Y.W Education C. A. DAVID SARA CAROLYN PUCKETT RAINER REED A K E Tupelo, Miss. A A A, E A I slr M Oxford, Miss. Business Ya1ooCity,Miss. Liberal Arts Lib 0 I' al A r I S I. R, C., "M" Book Staff Pan-Hellenic Council 3 Mississippian Staff, I, 2, 5-lee Club, 3, Rebel Staft 3, B. S. U. Council, Triads. ROBERT M. LILLIE DONALD ROGERS ROSEBOROUGH ROSS CIJAB Bogalusa, La. Senatobia, Miss Grenada, Miss. Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Glee Club, 3. THERESA FRED MERRYE SAUERS SCALES SEAY A Z N East St. Louis, Ill. 2 X Tupelo, Miss. 'Il' M Oxford, Miss. Liberal ArtsBusinessBusiness MARGARET McCOY X 9, 2 A I Greenville, Miss. L i b e r a I A r t s Class Secretary, I, Treble and Bass, YWCA, Chorus, Papyrus, Rebel, Mississip- pian Staffs, Glee Club, WAA, Home Ec. Club, Triads, Varsity Club. TOM MAGRUDER 'PAQ Port Gibson, Miss. B u s i n e s s Y. M. C. A. RICHARD MENDROP K X Duncan, Miss. Business CECIL MITCHELL sb II fl' Red Banks, Miss. E d u c a t i o n HARRY NEBLETT E X Morgan City, Miss. B u s i n e s s Football Manager, I, 2, 3, Y. M. C. A., Track Manager, 3. ROYAL EARL NORTH K A, H249 Belzoni, Miss. L i b e r a I A r t s "M" Club. EVELYN PEVEY Z T A Jackson, Miss. E d u c a t i o n OLE MISS Staff, 3. ROBERT REED Lowellville, Ohio Liberal Arts Cardinal Club, Annual Staff, 2, 3, President Cath- olic C I u b, Philosophy Club, Gym Dance Com- mittee, Mississippian Staft, Baseball. HARVEY ROSS qw A 9, B z Clarksdale, Miss. L I b e r a l A r t s Band, I, 2, 3, Collegians, I, 2, 3. IRWIN M. SEBULSKY 41 l-I H Clarksdale, Miss. E n g i n e e r i n g Cardinal Club, Band, I, 2, 3, A. S. C. E., Inter- Iraternity Dance Commit- tee, Hood's Brigade. MARGARET McDOUGAL K A Jackson, Miss. Liberal Arts WILLIS FRANCES MALLEY A A A, II E 'I' Merigold, Miss. L i b e r a I A r t s l. R. C. JEANNE ELIZABETH MERRILL K A ltta Bena, Miss. B u s i n e s s M. S. C. W., I, 2, Spec- tator Statf, Y. W. C. A., I. R. C. F. VIRGENE MIZE A A A Forest, Miss. L i b e r a I A r t s Randolph Macon, Triads, Mississippian Staff. STELLA ELAINE NELSON O x f o r d, M i s s. L i b e r a I A r t s GEORGE E. OLSON L o m b a r d, I I I. E d u c a t i o n MARY JANE PRESSGROVE X Q Charleston, Miss. L i b e r a I A r t s LAKE ROBERSON L I b e r a I A r t S A ull Lyon, Miss. "M" Club. HERBERT SANDERS A X fb, B Z Amite, La. Engineering A. S. C. E., Band, l, 2, 3, Engineering School Honor Council, 3, Hood's Brigade, 3, Y. M. C. A., 2, 3, Interfraternity Dance Committee. RAPHAEL SEMMES K E Grenada, Miss. B u s i n e s s JOHN McGlLL II K ilf Kenosha, Wis. E d u c a t i o n LOYD L. MARTIN E X Starkville, Miss. L i b e r a I A r t s ELIZABETH MIDDLETON A I' Florence, Ala. L i b e r a I A r t s RAY MOFFETT B o g a I u s a, L a. B u s i n e s s WILLIAM NEWTON. JR. EN,A EH Drew, Miss. Business Interfraternitv Council, 3 JACK O'NEAL Clarksdale, Miss Business Band, I, 2, 3, Collegians I, 2, 3. BYRON PRICE K A Crystal Springs, Miss. B u s i n e s s NICK ROBERTS Y-XE Y .,, asoo City, Mlss. Liberal Arts WILLIAM SANDERS Magnolia, Miss. P li a r m a c y THOMAS B. SENTER F u I to n, M i s s. Pharmacy American Pharmaceutical Association. U1 1 P1-4 PJ GARLAND SEWELL Hattiesburg, Miss. B u s i n e s s JOHN D. SIMMONS A NI' Cleveland, Miss. L i b e r a I A r t s Phi Sigma, Classical Club, I. R. C. NANCY SMITHSON Goodman, Miss. L i b e r a I A r t s MARIANNE TAYLOR Friar's Point, Miss. L i b e r a I A r t s JESSE VANDER TURNAGE A T Q New Hebron Miss. B u s i n e s s JUANITA WALKER A Z Lambert, Miss. L i b e r a I A r t s Triads, OLE MISS Statf, 2, W. A. A., I, 2, 3, Y. W. C. A., I. PHIL WHITAKER fb K XII Brookhaven, Miss. L i b e r a I A r t s SALLY WILLIAMS X S2 Jackson, Miss. E d u c a t i o n CLAUDE WOODWARD fI1A9Kosciusko, Miss. Liberal Arts "M" Club, Band, 2, 3, Track, I, 2, 3. WINIFRED A. HAROLD WILLIAM S. CLIFTON SHAW SHERMAN SHIPMAN, JR. WALTER X 9 Tl Oxford, Miss E N McComb, Miss. A Alf Jackson, Miss. SHIRLEY Engineering Engineering Liberal AVIS Meridian' Miss. A. S. C. E., Mississippians M' O-,A- K- 5,2 PIII SIQ L i b e r a I A a ts I, 2, 3, Mississippian Statt, EGG Rifle gedfgi I. gi o ua 3 ee u , l' 2' 3' Mississispian Statt. NICHOLAS F. LINFIELD LLOYD R- ONIE sLursKY smiri-I SMITH FRANCES Passaic, N. J. Gulfport, Miss. WI"''. M.l55 SMITH Liberal Arts Liberal Arts ENQIHEEVIUQ Ripley, Miss. L i b e r a I A r t s ED EDMOND LUCILE CHARLES SPAIN STEVENS SULLIVAN TANNER K E Booneville. Miss. 'P A 9. A 3 U A Z Eupora, Miss. M eridia n, Miss. Pharmacy WestPoint,Miss. pharmacy Liberal Arts American Pharmaceutical B u s i n e s s niiiagizsig. B5+l'i+', lj ii "M" CW BaSeba"' Vice - president Pharmacy School, Y. M. C. A., Gym Dance Decorating Com- mittee. RUBY KATHERINE JAMES LOUIS TAYLOR TENNANT THOMASON TRANSOU A Z Grenada, Miss. K A Vicksburg, Miss. E N Charleston, Miss. A T SZ Jackson, Miss. Business Education Liberal Arts BuSiheSS H , O I 3: Ph. Sgma: Y, M. C. A. Football. Manager, I, Bfflff 'fin ' I mais' f::::..::m.z Dance Colmmittec. ARLIS ELTIS CECIL E. FRANCES VANLANDINGI-IAM VANLANDINGI-IAM VARNER WALES Oxford, Miss. Vardaman, Miss. TGYIOY. MISS- Sehnalobla- MISS- Businessausiness BusinessLiberaI Arts Y. S. EDWIN A. F. ELBERT LAVOIS WARREN WATSON WEBB. JR. WEBB IT K 'I' Benton, Miss. A K E West Point, Miss. H .K A Gulfport MISS' K E l Helena' Ark' Liberal A,,+s Business Liberal Arts Business Cardinal Club, Intertre- ternity Council, Phi Sigma, Executive Council. JOHN W NEIL JOHN T. COOPER WHITE ' WHITE WILKINSON WILLIAMS g x , E A E Memphis, Tenn. Philadelphia, Miss. O'xfo.rd, M'iss. Athi. GuIfport,Miss. Liberal Arfs B U S i n e ss Engineering Liberal Arts TOMMYE THOMAS K. LUCIUS MARJORIE ALLIE ' WILSFORD WILLIAMS WILSON WILSON WING X Q Lula, Miss. I A Ii Jackson, Miss. fb K SI' I K A Oxford, Miss. CISAQ Greenville, Miss. LiberalArts LiberalArts B"?0rT"aVe"-'M'55- Business LiberalArts Y. w. C, A., I, 2, 3, OLE Miss sian. E " 9' e e ' ' " Q Treasurer Y. W. C. A., 2, W. A. A., I, 2,3 Home Economics Club. VAN JOHN M. BERNAR MARCIA RUTH WOODWARD WRIGHT YAFFE YATES YOUNG G u I t p o r t, M i s s. E A E Hernando, Miss. Clarksd Miss. X S2 Shelby, Miss. H S fb Aberdeen, Miss. LiberalArts Business Phailmacy LiberalA ts LiberalArts Track, C ss Country, Classical Club, 2. Y. M. CJR. MARY DEAVOURS SIMMONS 'If M Laurel, Miss. L i b e r a I A r t s RANDOLPH STEWART SMITH E X Birmingham, Ala. Education Football, I, 2, 3, Track, Vice-president Sophomore Y. M. C. A., Business Manager "M" Book, Pres- ident Hazen Club. HERVEY TATUM A K E Tupelo, Miss. E n g i n e e r i n g A. S. C. E., Treasurer of Sophomore Engineering Class, Secretary Junior Engineering Class, Honor Council. WESLEY TRAYER Freeport, N. Y. B u s i n e s s BEN N. WALKER Jackson, Miss. Liberal Arts EDITH WELLS X Q Crystal Springs, Miss. B u s i n e s s BROWN WILLIAMS A T A Philadelphia, Miss. B u s i n e s s Football. FRED WITTY, JR. QA9 Greenwood, Miss. L i b e r a I A r t s Treasurer Y. M. C. A., 3, Glee Club, l, 2, 3, Band, I, 2, 3, Univer- 't Ch I 2 3' sly orus, , , , Mississippian Staff, I, Hermean, I, Hazen Group, I, 2, 3. FELIX ZAREMBA Port Washington, N. Y. B u s i n e s s Golf Captain, 3, Golf Team, I, 2, 3, Band, l, 2, 3. lS HARDEST year behind him, fhe sophomore furns his full af- fenfion fo making himself a big shof on fhe campus. The upperclassmen have nof as yef realized fhe personalify fhaf he is, buf fhings like fhaf fake fime. l-le impresses fhe fresh- men wifh his imporfance and gives fhem fo undersfand fhaf nofhing really maffers where he and his fhoroughly likable disposifion are nof included. l-le is fhe frue Joe College and sfill likes fo show how fhings are done af home, buf he's gradually geffing over if. The fufure is sfill rafher far away and he gives if very liffle more fhoughf fhan does a fresh- man. llllllllllll A. DAVIS, PALMER, F. DAVIS, MORGAN OWEN PALMER . MINOR MORGAN GEORGE I-I. DAVIS ALDRON DAVIS . . . 0 Presidenf of Liberal Ar+s School . Presidenf of Business School Presidem of Engineering School . PresicIen'r of Pharmacy School ffm I Rf CX ff ff? I I LII? I , J I fi I If I, 1' I I x 1 ,I If , III A , I X I V I I :I f fc II J .III JI JJ I 0. Fix 12' KY 6 r Iff' ?'?425'Q: FFS! ' w"if3??i?fl7'9 353 fi ,I .'1, Cf 1-4' 0-- E- R JOHN T. ABSTON. JR. E X Hickory FlaI, Miss. L i b e r a I A r Is MARGARET ARNDT HousIon, Miss. E d u c a I I o n MARJORIE BARBER Yazoo CIIy, Miss. Business VIRGINIA BRADING A I' Rosedale, Miss. B u s I n e s s HUNT BURRESS E X Baldwyn, Miss. L I b e r a I A r I s HARRY CAPELLO Milwaukee, Wis. L I b e r a I A r I s Togfball, I, 2, Baske-Iball, ALEXANDER BAYARD CLARK ll X Byhalia, Miss. Business PAT COLLIER Corin Liber WARREN BOLES CRUZEN II K fb Ih, Mlss. al ArIs Memphis, Tenn. Business Cardinal Club, '39-'40, ln- Iernafional Relations Club, '38 '39 '40' S h m re Y M C bl , op o o AJ FooI al Manager, "38, I'39g Fresh- man Days, '39. GRACE ADAMS 'I' III Tunica, Miss. L i b e r a I A r I s Mississippian, l, 2, Y. W. C. A., I, 2, lnIernaIional RelaIions Club, 40, Epis- copal Club, 25 Vice-pres- idenl' Sophomore Y. W. C. A. Caloine-I, 2. ADA JO ATKINSON X S2 Pickens, Miss. L i b e r a I A r I s Belhaven, '38-'39. LEWIS J. BARKSDALE fb A 6 Marks, Miss. B u s i n e s s ROBERT BRADY II K fb WaIerbury, Conn. L I b e r a I A r I s Csmallc Club, l, 2. JOHN BURRUS 'If K 'I' Merigold, Miss. L I b e r a I A r I s Mississippian SfaII, I, Z5 lnfernaiional Relaiions Club, l, 2. GEORGE CARTER K A Meridian, Miss. B u s I n e s s ARTHUR CLARK A llf, fl- II 52 lndianola, Miss. L I b e r a I A r I s Y. M. C. A, I, 25 Glee Club, I, 23 Smdenf Dance Commifiee, 2, Ole Miss Musical Club, I, 2. VIRGINIA COLLINS O x f o r d, M I s s. B u s i n e s s HAROLD CUNNINGHAM K A Meridian, Miss. Business BILL ALLEN K E Jackson, Miss. L I b e r a I A r I s Vice - presidenf Freshman Class, '39, Mississippian SIaII, 23 OLE MISS An' nual SIaI'I, 2, THOMAS AVENT E A E Oxford, Miss. L I b e r a I A r I s FRED BEARD at .. . Oxford, Miss. B u s I n e s s OSCAR BRITT Brookhaven, Miss. E d u c a I i o n ELLEN BYERS A Z Taylor, Miss. E d u c a I i o n CLIFFORD CHANDLER I A IC Okolona, Miss. B u s i n e s s I-Ierrnean Liferary SocieIy MARTIN COHEN New York CiIy, N. Y. L I b e r a I A r I s RAYMOND K. CONNER K A Columbia, Miss. B u s I rl e s s WARNER CURRIE fb A H Meridian, Miss. L i b e r a I A r I s VERNON G. ANDERSON ll K 'I' Moline, III. B u s I n e s s JOSEPHINE AYRES x 52, 'l' K A Alexandria, La L I b e r a I A r I s JOHN BELL M o I I n e, I I I L I b e r a I A r I s LUCY BROWN A AA Holly Springs, Miss. L i b e r a I A r I s Sophomore "Y" Cabinei. RICHARD CALLOWAY ll' K All Oxford, Miss. L I b e r a I A r I s MARYDELL CHANEY Anguilla, Miss. L I b e r a I A r I s LYMAN COKER E N Vicksburg, Miss. Educafion Y. M. C. A. Cabinet Uni versify of Georgia. JACK COX FL X Greenville, Miss. L I b e r a I A r I s EUGENE DALRYMPLE II K A Amory, Miss. L I b e r a I A r I s MELBA ANDERSON O x f o r d, M I s s. L i b e r a I A r I s MRS. KATE BAKER O x f o r d, M i s s. L i b e r a I A r I s RICHARD BEVIS K A Memphis, Tenn. B u s I n e s s HAROLD BROWNSTEIN lb IC II Greenville, Miss. Business Sophomore "Y" Cabinefg Treasurer of Business School, 2, Phi Sigma, Mis- sissippian, I, 23 Rebel SIaIf, lg lnframural Boxing Champion, I. FRIDGE CAMERON Wiggins, Miss. L I b e r a I A r I s FRANCES ANNE CHASE X SJ Memphis, Tenn. L I b e r a I A r I s SecreIary of Sophomore Class, Pan-Hellenic Coun- cil, 23 Mississippian SIaH, I, 21 Sophomore "Y", 21 Classical Club, I, 2. JAMES BARTLEY COLEMAN O x I o r d, M i s s. E d u c a I i o n KATIE CRACRAFT A A A Helena, Ark. L i b e r a I A r I s SAM DALTON WaIer Valley, Miss. P h a r m a c y MARTHA ARANT A I' Universiiy, Miss L I b e r a I A r I s JACK BARBER X X Memphis, Tenn B u s I n e s JOE BLYTHE fb A H Lake Ccrmcrani, Miss Business Sophomore Traclr Man M C A I 2 ager, Y. . I-lermean, I, Z MYRTIS MARGARET BURNETT K A Hollandale, Miss Educaflon DOROTHY ANN CAMPBELL A A A Mobile, Ala Business CHARLES L. CHRISTY, JR. Pa ALLEN COLHOUN ducah, Ky Liberal ArIs A K E Vicksburg, Miss Business ELIZABETH CRANFORD A A A Laurel, Miss Liberal ArIs CHARLES DALY Meridian, Liberal A Miss rIs 3 5. 5- C, ev- 1. mv., 4 se' , , mf, af, f-gy, AH '4 Mix L" ,Xa K4- I :af AL FRED DANIEL A T S? Jackson, Miss. L I b e r a I A r I s Rebel SIaI'f, I, 2, Rebel Club, OLE MISS Annual Sfaff, I, 2, "Y" CabineI, Phi Sigma LiIerary SocieIy, Rifle Team, I, Cardinal Club, 2. CHARLES DAY Brookhaven, B u s i Miss. n e s s DAVID DUNAVANT PonIoIoc, Miss. Lib e r a I A r I s LIDA MEEK ESTES Tie PlanI, Miss. B u s i n e s s EMMANUEL FOKAKIS HaIIiesburg, Miss. B u s i n e s s J. PHILLIP FRYE F I i n I, M i c h. B u s i n e s s Foo'Iball, '40, Baseball, '40 JANE GURNEY A I' Ripley, Miss. E d u c a I i o n Y. W. C. A. MERLE HAPES sb K NI' Garden Grove, Cal. E d u c a I i o n WILSON HAYNES Ellisville, Miss. Liberal Arfs VOORHIES DANIEL A A A, A A A Holly Springs, Miss. Liberal ArIs Freshman and Sophomore Y. W. C. A., Mississip- pian SIaff, 2. MARTHA DEAN X 9 Jackson, Miss. B u s i n e s s DEXTER DUNAVANT PonIoIoc, Miss. Liberal Arfs WILLIAML. EUBANK Winona, Miss. B u s i n e s s DUANE FORMAN 42A0,d1IiE,E'I' NaIchez, Miss. Liberal ArIs Hermea-n, I, Rebel Club, I, 2, Mississippian, I, Glee Club, I, Honor Roll, l. NORMA GALE AI' Gary,Ind. B u s i n e s s Triads, '39, DALLAS GRANTHAM fb K 'If GaIesville, Miss. E d u c a I i o n BILL HARGRAVE A K E Memphis, Tenn. B u s i n e s s ALDA LOYD HAYS A Z LiIIIe Rock, Ark. L i b e r a I A r I s J.W. DAVIDSON Memphis, Tenn EducaIion ANSE DEES A 'I' A Philadelphia, Miss. L i b e r a I A r I s FRANK DUNN E df E Jackson, Miss. L i b e r a I A r I s VY! CabineI, 2, Band, DOROTHY FALKNER dv M Oxford, Miss. Business Mississippian SIaI'I, I, Y, W. C. A., I, 2, Varsify Show, lnfernafional Rela- Iions Club, Pan-Hellenic Council. S. K. FOSTER O x I o r d, M i s s. L i b e r a I A r I s GEORGE GILLESPIE A 'I', 'I' II E Jackson, Miss. L i b e r a I A r I s PresidenI of Freshman Y. M. C. A., Phi Sigma, SecreIary of Sophomore Y. M. C. A., OLE MISS Annual Sfaff, I, 2, Glee Club. MARY MARGARET GRASS A Z Friar's PoinI, Miss. L i b e r a I A r Is Triads, 2, Y. W. C, A., I, 2, Mississippian SIaII, I, Pan-Hellenic, I, 2, Home Economics Club, 2. DONA GEAN HARPOLE Jackson, Miss. B u S iness WILLIAM HAZEL B 9 TI Marshall, Mich. E d u c a I i o n GEORGE H. DAVIS K A Meridian, Miss. E n g i n e e r i n g PresidenI of Freshman Class, PresidenI of Soph- omore Engineering Class, Freshman Boxing Team, A. S. C. E, CALVIN DIETRICH 11 -Iv IC, fl' H Z, I. R. C. Reading, Pa. L i b e r a I A r I s OLIVER EASTLAND K A Meridian, Miss. L i b e r a I A r I s DRURY FISHER fll A Ifl Memphis, Tenn. B u s I n e s s MARGARET FOWLER A Z Yazoo CiIy, Miss. B u s i n e s s MAX LOVETTE GOLDEN E A FI Laurel, Miss. L i b e r a I A r I s RUTH HALL X 12 Tunica, Miss. L i b e r a I A r I s "M" Club Sponsor, '39- '4O, Cheerleader, '39-'40, JACKIE HATHORN Columbia, Miss. 8 u s I n e s s LARRY HAZEL B 9 TI Marshall, Mich. EducaIion ALDRON EUGENE DAVIS fb K Xl' Merigold, Miss. P h a r m a c y PresidenI oi Sophomorf: Pharmacy Class. JOHN DODSON Z1 X Columbus, Miss. B u s i n e s s WILLIAM EDMISTON HaIIiesburg, Miss. L i b e r a I A r I s DOROTHY FLEMMONS Bafesville, Miss. L I b e r a I A r I s JACOB M. FRIED. JR. -if ic II, fi, ii 2 Vicksburg, Miss. L I b e r a I A r I s Phi Sigma, '38-'39, Y. M. C. A. CabineI, '38-'39, Honor Roll, '38-'39, SporIs Edifor, "M" Book, '39"40. JANE GORDON X SJ lndiancla, Miss. L i b e r a I A r I s ROBERT LEE HAMILTON A T A PorI Gibson, Miss. L i b e r a I A r I s InIerfraIerniIy Council, '39- '4O, Jacob's Club, '39-'40, lnIernaIional RelaIions Club, '38f'39. ELEANOR HATTEN GuIIporI, Miss. Liberal ArIs MARY KATE HEARD A Z Oxford, Miss. E d u c a I i o n PHILIP DAVIS BeImonI, Miss. B u si n e s s Mississippian Business SIQII I, 2. NORMAN DUBERSTEIN PoinI PIeasanI, N. Y. L i b e r a I A r I s Phi Sigma, InIerfraIerniIy Dance CommiIIee, Ole Miss Playrnakers. VIRGINIA ESCH K A Memphis, Tenn, L i b e r a I A r I s JANE FLOYD A A A Cleveland, Miss. E d u c a I i o n JAMES FRILICK E A E Meridian, Miss. L i b e r a I A r I s NED GOTTHELF 'I' IC TI, 'If H E Vicksburg, Miss. L i b e r a I A r I s Treasurer of Sophomore Class, Cardinal Club, PresidenI of Freshman Y. M. C. A., Treasurer of Phi EIa Sigma, Freshman Track, Phi Sigma, Missis- sippian SIaI'I, Rebel SIaI'f, Freshman Days CommiIIee, Honor Roll, OLE MISS SIaf'I, 2. JOE HANEY II K A Gulfpcrl, Miss. L i b e r a I A r I s ROWLAND HAWKINS sb K il' Clarksdale, Miss. L i b e r a I A r I s ROBERT T. HEYER E X CorInIh, Miss. Business Y' 3 , ,Q n 'Y 5- aa S Q, , . , -J' ' T' .f V ' , A Q . X. + : 11 E144 53' L- ...- i -A .nr ' 'O 1 ,Z I v 4 ' .' f ' .x " I K 5 , .4 ,, u ' . 5 . f .AA -var E Rm' 5 -vi, Q, .gs-. Q.. la - 1 s P. ,7.w,V .cy J i 'ttf ik ,1 'I 3.4 K X73 , Ck: rw n 351' i 47? hi T7 . ML'-My Y X 1 Y ,- J WARREN A. HIATT S. N McComb, Miss. L i b e r a I A r t s NANCY OLIVIA HOPKINS Hickory, Miss. L i b e r a I A r t s MARTHA I-IUMPHRIES Olive Branch, Miss. L i b e r a I A r t s HELEN JENKINS X S? Natchez, Miss. B u s i n e s s JOHN JORDAN K E Hollandale, Miss. B u s i n e s s EDWARD LAND Houston, Miss. L i b e r a I A r t s LANELLE LONG A Z Brandon, Miss. E d u c a t i o n TED McFADDEN O x fo r d, M i 5 5, L i b e r a I A r ts SAM MARASCALCO Grenada, Miss. L i b e r a I A r t s Cardinal Club. WILLARD MILLS IS 9 II Lucedale, Miss. L i b e r a I A r t s ROBERT HICKEY O x f o r d, M i s s. E n g i n e e r i n g A. S, C. E.g Vice-president of Sophomore Engineering Class. JAMES HILL T y r o, M i s s Engineering A. S. C. E. ELIZABETH JOHN A. HORNE HOVIOUS. JR. A Z Gulfpcrt, Miss. A T A Vicksburg, Miss. Liberal Arts Business LYLE GOLDIE HUNTER ISAACSON XE? La Grange, Tenn. Clarksdale, Miss. 8 u s i n e s s L i b e r a I A r Secretary of Archery Club, 2, Y. W. C. A., I 2, W A. A., l, 21 Legislative Council W. S. G. A., WILLIAM WALTER JOHNSON JOHNSON K A Crystal Springs, Miss. K E Jackson, Miss. Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Rebel Statf, l939. HENRY JAMES E. HUNTER KING JQRDAN Heidelberg, Miss. A XII Kosciusko, Miss. L I b e I 5 I A I B u s i n e s s ROGER LAVONIA L. LANDRUM LANTRIP fl' A H Koscuisko, Miss. O x f o r d, M i Liberal Arts Liberal Ar Hermean, l, 2, Y. M. C. A., I, 23 Debating, I. J. RICHARDSON EDNA LOUGHRIN OPAL B 9 II Park Ridge, Ill. LUNCEFORD L i b e r a I A r t s - - Ole Miss Plavmakers. inte u Scpriangi i Molssrg JUNE ELMER V. McINNIS McINNIS, JR. A I' Collins, Miss. B 9 II Brookhaven, Miss. Business Liberal Arts Y. W. C. A.g Classical Club: Megaphone Club, W. A. A. SIMON S. BERNARD MARKS MARTIN K E Jackson, Miss. K E Dundee, Miss. Liberal Arts Engineering A. S. C. E., Rebel Staff, Annual Staft. MARGARITA W. RUTHE MILLS MINOR O x f o r d, M i s s. A A A Paulette, Miss. Liberal Arts Business HARRY HOFFMAN fl- A El Hattiesburg, Miss. L i b e r a I A r t S Hermean, I, 2, Y. M. C. A., I, 2, Rebel Statt, 2, Mississippian Staft, 2. HUEY HOWERTON A tl' University, Miss. L i b e r a I A r t s W. R. JACKSON B 9 II Liberty, Miss. L i b e r a I A r t s BURDETTE JOHNSON Rockford, Ill. L i b e r a I A r t s IRIS KLEBAN A A A West Point, Miss. L i b e r a I A r ts Archery Club, Ig Y. W. C. A. Cabinet, lg Secre- tary Sophomore Cabinet, 2, Archery Team, lg Hazen Foundation, lg Freshman Days Committee ' C., 23 Delegate "Y" Conference, I. , 2, T. R, to State WILLIAM A. LENGOUIST B 9 II Rockford, Ill. B u s i n e s s VINCENT LUONGO B r o o k I y n, N. Y. L i b e r a I A r t s CLARIBEL MclNNIS K A Brookhaven, Miss. L i b e r a I A r t s GEORGE MAYNARD -IP A 9 Tupelo, Miss. Business Sophomore Basketball Manager, Y. M. C. A.g Hermean. FRANCES MONROE A I' Batesville, Miss. L i b e r a I A r t s Archery Club, lt Missise sippian staff, I, 23 Y. W. C, A., l, 2, Favorites, I. THOMAS W. HOLMES A 'I' A Winona, Miss. L i b e r a I A r 2, Freshman and more Y. M. C. A. inetsg Varsity Clu Band, I, 23 Cardinal Club, Soph Cab b PEGGY HUBBARD Jackson, Miss. B u s i n e s s ANITA JACKSON M a r k s, M i s s. B u s i n e s s LENA EUGENIA JONES Memphis, Te Liberal A LEONARD KLINE I' fl' E II Anguilla, Miss. Liberal A I' Mississippian Staff, I, Phi Sigmag Freshman Days Comrnitteeg Y. M. C. THEODORE LEWIS A XII Batesville, Miss. L i b e r a I A r t s ROBERT McARTHUR M a r k s, M i s s. B u s i n e s s GEORGE L. McLAUGHLlN II K A Gulfport, Miss. Business lg Ole Miss Musical Band, I, 23 Mississippi Club, I, Varsity Club, I, 2 LEE MEYER sb E II Meridian, Miss. Business Cardinal Club. MARY VIRGINIA MONTGOMERY A A A Inverness, Miss. Busine S S GENE HOPKINS X if Gulfport Miss L i b e r a I A G. C. HUDSON, JR B Id II Calhoun City Miss Business JESSE EARL JAGGERS Pontotoc Liberal RAND JONES II K A, T K A Pass Christian Miss Business Y. M. C. A., I Deba in Council, lg Phi Si ma 2, Mississippian a 23 Boxing Mana er Hazen Group. HENRY J. KORNEGAY A K I-I West Point Miss B u s i n e s s EDWARD D. LOCKARD KA,sIDHE Meridian Miss L i b e r a I A ANGUS McBRYDE S u m r a I I, M I s s L i b e r a I A r ts MARY LOU McLEAN A 1' Tunica Miss Business Y. W. C. A. BARBARA KATHALEEN MILLS Denmark, Liberal GEORGE MONTGOMERY EAI-I Yazoo City Miss Engineerin Hermean lg Y. C I 2 , . A 7 X 'K 3' 3 QS 21 1:3 1 4, AIN? .nel ., . , cf, - f ', S vl Q zjif .5 'P' 1 Q 3- 'Z gud' QQ- ai 7, ..., x is M if 15? I' Y if .J .L 'Q 'fl-5 L ,. 55. 'T N 'Q' , 'Nd f-:r .-2 - A' ..+ 2 fx 1... J 2 IIT. 35' , -Av ,, --r -fv- Xa I EVELYN MOORE A I' Amory, Miss. B u s i n e s s GLADSTONE MORTIMER K A Belzoni, Miss. B u s i n e s s VIOLET MULVENNA 42 M Red Oak, Iowa L i b e r a I A r I s Band: Home Economics Clubg Annual SIaII. BEN NEVERS B o g a I u s a, L a. E d u c a I i o n GRIFFIN Nokoulsr E A E, 45 H E Yazoo CiIy, Miss. Liberal ArIs Cardinal Club, 2, Her- mean, I. HUGH PENDARVIS Hammond, La. Liberal ArIs RICHARD PRENDERGAST 411 K XI' Valley SIream, N. Y. Liberal ArIs Phi Sigma, I, 2. HERBERT REINHEIMER 'T' H 2 New York CiIy, N. Y. E n g i n e e r i n g Chi Epsilon Engineering Award, May, '38. JOHNSTON ROWE 'IP H E, T K A Winona, Miss. L i b e r a I A r I s Phi Sigma, Y. M. C. A.: Mississippian SIaIfg Debai- inq Squad, Honor Rollg Mail Librarian, Hisforian fb H Eg Treasurer Soph. HY... DORIS SEAT X S! Jackson, Tenn. L i b e r a l A r I s JACK MORGAN New- York CiIy, N. Y. E d u c a I i o n Firsf-Aid Assislanf of FooI- ball Teamg Head Lile Guard in Charge of pool. MATT MOSBY 2 A E lndianola, Miss. B u s i n e s s EUGENE MURPHEY A K E, sb H X Long Beach, Miss. L i b e r a I A r I s Cardinal Club, '39 '40' Y. M. C. A., '39, '40, Mis- sissippian SIaH, '39, '4Og Rebel Club, '40g lnIerfra- IerniIy Dance CommiIIee. MARGARET NEWSOM A Z Wafer Valley, Miss. B u s i n e s s BENJAMIN OWEN li? A 9 Columbus, Miss. L i b e r a I A r I s PHIL PERABO A K E Tupelo, Miss. E n g i n e e r i n g WILLIAM JACOB PROPST E X Columbus, Miss. L i b e r a I A r I s Freshman Baseball Team, InIramural Tennis Singles Champion. MARK RICHARDSON K A Macon, Miss. B u s i n e s s HELEN RUSSELL X Q Tunica, Miss. L i b e r a I A r I s PresidenI of Triads, Treas- urer of Chi Omega FraIer- niIy. ROBERT SHARP 41 A 9 Grenada, Miss. L i b e r a I A r I s MINOR MORGAN H K A, fi- H 1 Greenwood, Miss. B u s i n e s s Collegians Orchesfra, l, 2, Cardinal Club, '39j Phi Sigma, lg Presidenf Soph- omore B. S. C. School, '39, '40, Band, l, 2. DOUGLASS MOSS E A E PIeasanI Hill, Miss. Business TRAVIS NASH K A Jonesboro, Ark. Liberal ArIs ETHEL NICHOLS Tie PIanI, Miss. B u s i n e s s HARRY HAP OWEN Jackson, Miss. Liberal ArIs Rebel SIaHg Mississippian Slafi. PETER B. PERKINS A NI' BaIesville, Miss. Business Band, I, 23 Mississippian, l. ARCHIE QUINN E X Greenwo.d, Miss. L i b e r a I A r I s DOUGLAS HUGH RIDDELL fl' A 6 Swiffown, Miss. L i b e r a I A r I s Y. M. C A., I, 23 Her- mean LiIerarv SocieIy, I, 21 Mississippian Siafig Glee Club, l, 23 Cardinal Club. MARGARET RUSSELL Redwood, Miss. B u s i h E S S ALICE SHARPE X Q Corinfh, Miss. L i b e r a I A r I s CLARENCE E. MORGAN, JR. A sl' Ko:ciu:':o, Miss. L i b e r a I A r I s ROBERT M. MOSS B 9 Tl Abbeville, Miss. L i b e r a I A r I s Cardinal Club. J. B. NAUGLE A K IC WesI Poini, Miss. B u s i n e s s JACK NICHOLS Hernando, B u s i Miss. n e s s OWEN PALMER AKIi,fI,HE,TKA GulfporI, Miss. Liberal ArIs Presidenl' Sophomore B. A. Class, Y. M. C. A., lg Vice-Presidenf Sophomore Class, lg Secretary T. K. A., Secrefary 'll H X, DebaIing, lg Mississippian lg Phi Sigma, Honor Roll, I, lnIernaIional RelaIions Club, 2. HAZEL PIGFORD A A A Meridian, Miss. B u s i n e s s BeauIy SecIion, '38. VERA NELLE RANKIN Z T A Tupelo, Miss. L i b e r a I A r I s SecreIary of Triods. WILLIAM ROANE O x f o r d, M i s s. L i b e r a I A r I s BILL SAM Vicksburg, Miss. B u s i n e s s BROOKE SHAW A Z Oxford, Miss. E d u c a I i o n UniversiIy Chorus, '38, '39, '403 Mississippian SIalI, '3l3. '39g Treble and Bass Club, '38, '39, '40. THOMAS EDWARD MORRIS. JR. TI K A GulfporI, Miss. L i b e r a I A r I s WILHELMINA MUCKELRATH sl' M Bay Springs, Miss. B u s i n e s s lnIernaIional RelaIions Club, Woman's AIhleIic AssociaIion, Y. W. C. A.: Triads. WILLIAM A. NEELY Tl K A, -if II 2 Banks, Miss. Liberal ArIs Gold Medal On Frosh Rifle Team, Medal Ior Ougfanding Frosh in R. O. T. . WILLIAM NOEL KEJIP 21 CorinIh, Miss. B u s i n e s s DALTON PARKER H K 'IP Lucedale, Miss. L i b e r a I A r Is JACK PIGATT E N McComb, Miss. L i b e r a l A r Is EDWARD RAPPAPORT Clarksdale, Miss. B u s i n e s s Band. DAN ROGERS Collins, Miss. L I b e r a I A r Is Vice-presidenI of Sopho- more Pharmacy Class '39- '4O. JAMES S. SAVAGE fb K XII Leland, Miss. L i b e r a I A r I s Cardinal Club, 23 Fresh- man Foofballg Phi Sigma Liierary Sociefy, l, 23 ln- Ierna'fional RelaIions Club, 23 Mississippian Sfaif l, 23 Ole Miss Playmakers Busi- ness Manager. KATHERINE SHEFFIELD A Z Jackson, Miss. L i b e r a l A r I s GENE MORSE K 22 Jackson, Miss. B u s i n e s s Cardinal Club, Y. M. C. A.-ag Phi Sigma, Annual SIaIi4a, bg Rebel SIal'f-bg Dance Commitlee-b. CORA MULLIN 41 M Grenada, Miss. L i b e r a I A r Is ESTA MAE NELSON O x Io r d, M i s s. L i b e r a I A r I s D. A. NOEL fb A 6 Greenville, Miss. B u s i n e s s MARIJEAN PATE A A A SenaIobia, Miss. B u s i n e s s OLE MISS SIaII, 2. JOHN PIVARNIK BridgeporI, Conn. E d u c a I i o n PAUL TRUETT RAY X X CorinIh, Miss. L i b e r a I A r I s SIDNEY ROTH B r o o k I y n, N. Y. B u s i n e s s Freshman "Y" Cabineb Mississippian Ecliforial Slang Mississippian Busi- ness SIaII, 2. WALTER SCOTT A T Q Jackson, Miss. Liberal ArIs WALTER LEE SHELTON 2 A E Greenville, Miss. B u s i n e s s 5 X "-,A , I . 5 AE x X T ,Q , Q yu W ' 1 13:1 S f 1 .4 93 ,. , , N It .N if "3 hd K 9 - 5 N5 , X 'N' ., 03" -ev ? 265 cv - Q, l I -.1 ,f 2 -va: ?'Z Nw I 5, . X Ji 7 - - Q' Y. , A V - I, 9 H- J., A A I ..- X ,J x G fri 'x i 'K . . ,N ', v.,,. ,- y, .ur uv E' 6 A E 'YJ' mf I? ' A J ': 'C' BRYSON SHIRLEY K 2, 4: H 2 Baldwyn, Miss. L i b e r a I A r I s TO M S LATTE RY Liberal J.E. STICKNEY KA Jackson, Miss. Engineering WILLIAM B. TATE Brooksville, Miss B u s i n e s s ALEX G. TOUCHSTONE K A Meridian, Miss. L i b e r a I A r I s CHARLES T. UPSHUR K A, -if H 2, A E A Greenwood, Miss. L i b e r a I A r I s Mississippian SIaII, I, 2, Y. M. C. A., I, 2. EDWIN WASSERMAN Y o n k e r s, N. Y. B u s i n e s s Phi Sigma Literary So- cieIy. VIRGINIA WHITE O x f o r d, M i s s. B u s i n e s s YVETTE WILLIAMS Philadelphia, Miss. Business HUNTER WOOD Z N Sardls, Miss. B u s i n e s s Memphis, Tenn. ArIs J. C. si-IIRLEY E N OuiIman, Miss. L i b e r a I A r I s Cardinal Club, Phi Sigma Literary SocieIy, Missis- sippian Business Siaff. JOHN PAUL SNEED A 'I' A ColdwaIer, Miss. B u s i n e s s HARRY A. STONE K A Columbus, Miss. L i b e r a I A r I s Y. M. C. A., I, 2. EUGENE TATE Picayune, Miss. L i b e r a I A r I s FARAR TRULY IT K A FayeIIe, Miss. B u s i n e s s BROOKS VANCE. JR. K E Batesville, Miss. L i b e r a I A r I s SIDNEY WATSON dv M Walls, Miss. L i b e r a I A r I s CURTIS WHITTINGTON E N Bude, Miss. L i b e r a I A r I s DOROTHY WILLIAMS Memphis, Tenn. L i b e r a I A r I s PAUL LEE WRIGHT lb K All GuIfporI, Miss. B u s i n e s s FooIbaIl. OLETA SHOWS Z 'I' A Soso, Miss. L i b e r a I A r I s DelegaIe Io SIaIe "Y" Conference, Freshman Days CommiIIee, 2, Religious Education CommiIIee, l, 2, Mississippian Staff, I, Triads, 2, PresidenI Soph- omore Y. W. C. A., 2, Y. W. C. A. CabineI, I, 2, Hazen FoundaIion, I, 2. ELAINE SNEED A Z Oxford, Miss. L i b e r a I A r I s HENRY STRATTON -in A 9, A 2 II Memphis, Tenn. L i b e r a I A r I s SAMUEL MAXIE THOMASSON D e K a I b, M i s s. B u s i n e s s JOHN ASA TUCKER A All BaIesviIle, Miss. B u s i n e s s LOUISE VINES Toccopola, Miss. L i b e r a I A r I s JOHN WAX K A Amory, Miss. L i b e r a I A r I s Mississippian Sfaff, Y. M. C. A. BILLIE WIGGINS A A A Indianola, Miss. Business Cardinal Club Sponsor, Megaphone Club. -COLLINS WINDHAM Oxford, B u si Miss. n e s s FIELDING L. WRIGHT K E Rolling Fork, Miss. B u s i n e s s Mississippian SIafI, Ig An- nual SIaIf, I, Mississip- pians OrchesIra, 2. NORMA SHUFORD fl' M BaIesville, Miss. L i b e r a I A r I s SecreIary of Phi Mu, Treasurer W. S. G. A., '40, Vice-President Triads, Mississippian SIaII, I, 2, Y. W. C. A., '39, '40, Classical Club, '39, W. A. A., '39, InIernaIional Rela- tions Club, '39, '4O. MARY LEE SNEED fb M, E A I Oxford, Miss. L i b e r a I A r I s HUGH STUART H K A Savage, Miss. L i b e r a I A r I s DOROTHY THOMPSON A A A Laurel, Miss. B u s i n e s s JOE TURNER A AI' Philadelphia, Miss. B u s i n e s s ROBERT WAHL 'IP H E New York, N. Y. L i b e r a I A r I s SecreIary Freshman "Y", Debafing Council, I, 2, Mississippian SIaIf, I, 2, Gym Dance Decorations CommiIIee, I, 2, Phi Sig- ma LiIerary Sociellyg Meg- aphone Club, 2. GEORGE WESTERN CIP K All Brookhaven, Miss. L i b e r a I A r I s OSCAR WILKS Vicksburg, Miss. L i b e r a I A r I s CATHERINE WINN X Q Laurel, Miss. L i b e r a I A r I s Mississippian Staff. AL WYLIE A K E Tupelo, Miss. Business LOUIS SILVER sb Il .E Rolling Fork, Miss L i b e r a I A r I s Y. M. C. A., I, 2, Or-ggfr izalions Editor "M" Boolf I, Mississippian Stati, I 2, Phi Sigma Literary So c:ieI I 2' R bel St II 2 Y. . . 6 5. Freshman Days, '39. A. JACK STACY, JR. slr A H Tupelo, Miss L i b e r a I A r I s Band, Glee Club. DONALD SUMMERS N e s b i I I, M i s s B u s i n e s s BARBARA THORNTON O x I o r d, M i s s L i b e r a I A r I s BURRELL TUTOR E 41 E PonIoIoc, Miss. Pharmacy C-lee Club, Y. M, C. A. I, 2, Cardinal Club, Sec- retary of Sophomore Phar- macy Class. DOROTHY WAIT A Z Oxford, Miss. L i b e r a I A r I s LUCY CARL WHITE A A A Newton, Miss. L i b e r a I A r I s ELGENIA LEFTWICH WILLIAMS X Q Ellisville, Miss. L i b e r a I A r I s Mississippian SLaII, Mega- phone Club, Y. W. C. A. HUBERT WINSTEAD Brandon, Miss. E n g i n e e r i n g HARVEY YAFFEE sb H E Clarksdale, Miss. L I b e r a I A r I s Honor Roll, I, DebaIing Team, l. HARRY SIMPSON A AI' Lake CormoranI, Miss. Business FRANCIS STEVENS K A Jackson, Miss. L i b e r a I A r I s C. P. SWINNEY L a u r e I, M i s s, B u s i n e s s BARBARA TINSLEY fi- Ai, A A A Oxford, Miss. L i b e r a I A r I s Taylor Medal in French, Triads, 2, French Club, I, 2, lnIernaIional Relations Club, Y. W. C. A., Mis- sissippian Staff, I, Honor Rail, I. NELL UPSHUR A I' Greenwood, Miss. E d u c a I i o n HENRY EVELYN WALL O x f o r d, M I s s. L i b e r a I A r I s ANNA BINION WHITE K A Poplarville, Miss. B u s i n e s s PATTY SUE WILLIAMS A I' Philadelphia, Miss. B u s i n e s s CANDLER WISELOGLE 'IJ A 9 Memphis, Tenn. L i b e r a I A r I s Hermean, Y. M. C. A., President of InIerIraIerniIy AIhleIic Associafion, Ser- geanf R. O, T. C., Rebel SIaIf, Hood's Brigade. MURPHY YOUNG E A I5 Aberdeen, Miss. B u s i n e s s HE freshman year--so deeply dreaded for i'rs ordeals a'r Jrhe hands of 'rhe upperclassmen. Rush week, shaved heads, lun in general, midlerms, 'rhal final drive, and lhen anolher year gone . . . Mislalnes made are easily ignored and worry for 'rhe lulure is lell 'ro Jrhe upperclassmen. The life, slrange al firsl, becomes second na- lureg yel il remains alfraclive, The freshman gradually learns lhal 'rhe Things which he dreaded so were moslly imaginalion and lhal college is noi such a bad place aller all. Bul he slill can"r grasp fha? his freshman year is his besll llllllllll -:in-:sg lr- 'ae-'f-"r..-4-'f-4 w:""lll: m 1i- Manuva Wilt! y 1 gf an q ff? fm,-. A W . lt! Y-35511 Sw ...X vs M WN 1-'f -fw in CAIN, GRIMES, KIRK, swam in 1 r M KI? x 7 23? ac? Q2 j M ,QM ww X , W M 5 I 45 1 ,X 1 1' E' i Sgr' x UPFIEEHS X. 'Y 1 JIMMY CAIN ..,. . . . Presidenf Cf i ,fin SPURGEON SWEAT . . . . Vice-Presidenlr 5' MARY QRIMES . . . . . secfewfy K X JOHN KIRK . . . Treasure Xw X 2:-XS-LX V Z Lil U1 LI-1 FIG LI-4 ."'7V,f D , n,o ,1. ,. .J y-at X4 1 , 1 , ' U 32, -If .' .Qlrkq .A Q egglgelllcgf ,ff-f-1 wi Q31 'g ' R ' i' JU ke ,A Q1 E, A L45 figim png, 9.3 'av fd a 3' x .xy-v U -5: i 'J 6 I' Q' 1 cur- k ...Q ! r r . I AQ 31 .fs 7? . N 1 I , 2 U ri -:Q vv-rv' qi .Ja f4,3, OA ' r .Q-I 3. . 1 . v G? f 3 -sv I fgm, I,-, '27 A A S 'W' .af r A g : R I 7 A24 2 Nw f -.:- ,4 2 x x. P wi' 3 N, -.4 ' .ff-1 f-4 x ' -I' 4 ,. . K an 4 bf' --9, uh I' '1 v YT ' Q "f L A pg ga fa 1 5 il 'EI' V' 'C , . . 4 I l I I I l I I I l l l I I I I l I I I I I I I I I I I I I l MARSHALL ADAMS 21 X Tupelo, Miss. B u s i n e s s SAM M. ANDERSON I X Greenwood, Miss. L i b e r a I A r I s DAVID BENNETT H K A Ripley, Miss. E n g i n e e r i n g LLOYD BINFORD .Y X Memphis, Tenn. L i b e r a I A r I s BENJAMIN BOWIE Vicksburg Miss. L i b e r a I A r I s HERBERT BREEDEN Medical Lake, Wash. Educaflon JOHN SIDNEY BURKERT B 9 II Lynch, Ky. L i b e r a I A r I s ROBERT CALDWELL K E Baldwyn, Miss. L i b e r a I A r I s ABRAHAM CHEIKER L a r a m i e, W y o. L i b e r a I A r I s WILLIAM ELLIS COCKRELL M a c o n, M i s s Business JOE S. COVINGTON E X Meridian, Miss. Engineering THOMAS ADAMS O x f o r d, Miss. Engineering CLIFF BAILEY fl' A 9 Grenada, Miss. L i b e r a I A r I s PRESTON BENNET K A Meridian, Miss. E d u c a I i o n JAMES C. BISHOP E X CorinIh, Miss. L i b e r a I A r I s DICK BOWMAN 21 N McComb, Miss. E d u c a I i o n BETTY BREVARD 'If M Leland, Miss. L i b e r a I A r I s LOREN BURNETT Dodge Cify, Kan EducaIlon KATHLEEN CAMP A m o r y, M i s s. L i b e r a I A r I s REUBEN CHRESTMAN, JR. Calhoun CiIy, Miss. L i b e r a I A r I s IRVING W. COHEN fl' IC II Rolling Fark, Miss. L i b e r a I A r I s ROBERT LEE CRAWFORD B 9 ll Vardaman, Miss. Business VIRGIL S. HOWARD S. ADKINS. JR. ALLEN 'I' A 9 Clarksdale, Miss. K A Belzoni, Miss. Engineering Business NILES EARLE BAKER BASINSKY C i n C i n n 6 ii Q i, 5 0 sl- E II Vicksburg, Miss. Libe,-ai Aris Liberal ArIs LOUIS ROBERT J. 3ENOg5T BERNACCHI 'I' A Q NaIchez, Miss. K 9 "I 0 5 h 5 W I Business Enqlneefif' FRANCES WILLIAM BOLTON BOOTH .x A .x Tupelo, Miss. I 'I' A 9 Q Tupelo- Miss- Liberal ArIs Bu5'n955 Reulaersl w. EUGENIA 'lf A en Greenville, Miss. 'I' ,M O""'d' MISS- Liberai Aris Liberal ArIs HENRY C. JERRY E. BREVARD ll BROOKS A ni O i Y' M i S S' A Z Clarksdale, Miss. Engineering Liberal ArIs DIXON DON BURNS CARLOS E c r u, M i s s. BURSEY Liberal ArIs Winona, Miss. L i b e r a I A r I s ALBERT A. JOHN CANNELLA CANNON WhiIe Plains, N.Y. Memphis- Ten Engineering Liberal ArIs SAMUEL GEORGE W. CLARK CLAYTON H o u s I o n, M is s fb A li Memphis, Tenn. Business Liberal ArIs MABEL TRENNON M. COLE COLLUM 'ERS 'Monte' ka' G o I d e n, M is s. 'e'a 'S Liberal ArIs TYLER ARDATH CRISS CRUMPTON E X Coffeevllle- MISS- A Z Greenville, Miss. Liberal Arts Liberal Aiis DeWITT WILLARD TALMAGE ALLRED ALLRED fl- K ll' Hazlehursi, Miss lIKfl' Collins Miss. Libefd' Affs L i b e r a I A r I s HERMANN RUTH BAXTER AUDLEY Bay SI. Louis, Miss, BELTZHOOVER Liberal ArIs Naichell Miss L i b e r a I A r I s BRADLEY D. MARGUERITE BERRY BIGGER B i I o x i, M i s s A I' Memphis, Tenn Liberal ArIs Liberal ArIs CARL WAYNE BIRK BOTELER BOSTICK H 0 I I, A I a BelmonI, Miss Educailon L i b e r a I A r I s FARRIE KENNETH BRATTON BRATTON O x f o r d, M i s s 'I' K 'I' Oxford, Miss Liberal ArIs Business WILLARD E. MARY BROWN ALICE K A Lauderdale, Miss. BRUMMETT Liberal ArIs Ai- Danyillellll B u s i n e s s BILLY JAMES REESE MANNING BUTLER CAIN PonIoIoc, Miss ANI' CanIon, Miss B u s I n e s s B u s i n e s s MELVA ORVILLE CARTWRIGHT CASTLE A m i I e, L a Louisville, Miss EducaIion Liberal ArIs BARRETT AMELIA CLISBY COCKE 2 X wen Poani, Miss A l' Memphis, Tenn. Engineering EducaIion DONALD MARY COMSTOCK COURTNEY P e n s a c o I a, Fla fb M Oxford, Miss. Business Liberal Arfs LUNSFORD J. C. DAVIDSON DAVIS Oxford, Miss. CarIhage, Miss. Business Liberal ArIs I SY' T' B' 1 3 4' gp. aa Q4 ,, D I A I X ' vs N-..-' fy ..... , . , Ah K :Z ' Y X " 354 P ' X' 7 3? ' z X , , Af, W3 fi Q fx, ' ,f 3 4 -1 xy, 5 f 5 " V ' . S N, T2 , ,A 1 rv- . , uONlVh QV' ' .J G ' s - 'Ut ' , an Q K+ x we Ifsf J v X , 'Z' XY? y. 7 wr" Wil' . ,V 'D' N, ' Y Q1 2 'EY If " v . b-A F- 4 5: Wx ,wt 1 'T r A A .0 5 an fn., fr' t ,K 3 i Q7 ... I . 4' . 9' S ' A 5 , f N X '4, Nfl' Q 5,1 K - me .1 Q f A I 0 2.4 G gn- fr' fx, I F .... P ,, , 4' , 'J 1 nv-' . , V V' P ya - . - 1' Y J ' . . xc' .. . . ,gf Q' f r- 'Q r ' ' X 5-21 - ff V i. M' n' ax . I 'Q j csv f V -'Q fi' Q ,A I .. Q 11 f f QQ in hwy , ' V . 1 " Q . A 1 'NC '11 ! -I "1 ,Tv sly' W, , ,' 'f M Q - . , ' a'?5-QM - J fe. f I im? . "Q ' 4' 4 ' WILLIAM DEAN O s w e g o, N. Y L i b e r a I A r I s MARTHA ANN DORMAN A F Jackson, Miss. B u s i n e s s PAUL EASON fb A 9 Tupelo, Miss. B u s i n e s s PAUL FERGUSON Moorehead, Miss E d u c a I i o n JAMES FREELAND A 'I' A Somerville, Tenn L i b e r a I A r I s FRANCES GARRETT A A A Boyle, Miss. L i b e r a I A r I s PATRICIA GOLDBERG K A Memphis, Tenn. L i b e r a I A r I s ARTHUR GRAY T a y I o r, M i s s. B u s i n e s s CI-IARLES F. HAILE fb A 9 NaIchez, Miss L i b e r a I A r I s CHARLES HARRISON, JR. Philadelphia, Miss. L i b e r a I A r I s ROBERT HERZOG Y o n k e r s, N. Y Liberal ArIs GORDON DeYAULT LafayeIIe, Ind. B u s i n e s ELIZABETH C. DOWELL fb M Holly Springs, Miss. L i b e r a I A r I s BOB ELLIS X N Waynesboro, Miss. B u s i n e s s ANNE ROSE FINNEY dv M Grenada, Miss. L i b e r a I A r I s FRED MARTIN FRIEDMAN si' E TI Oxford, Miss. L I b e r a l A r I s CORA GEE X SI CarroIlIon, Miss. L i b e r a I A r I s GLADYS GORDON A I' Belxoni, Miss. L i b e r a I A r I s HARLEY GREENICH ColdwaIer, Mich. E d u c a I i o n MARJORIE T. HALL A I' Memphis, Tenn. E d u c a I i o n JOHN HARRY E X Columbia, Miss. B u s i n e s s JOHN HOLLEY A K E Oxford, Miss. Business MERLE DICKERSON O' x f o r d, M i s s. L i b e r a I A r I s CHARLES GIBSON DRENNAN Mendenhall, Miss. P h a r m a c y I EDWARD EMBREE E X Como, Miss. L i b e r a I A r I s FRED FITCH A T Q Oxfcrd, Miss. Phar macy BYRON FURR PonIoIoc, Miss. P h a r m a c y GRAYDON GENGE O x I o r d, M i s s. P h a r m a c y HUGH LEE GOWAN fb A Q Kosciusko, Miss. L i b e r a I A r I s MARY GRIMES X SJ SanaIorium, Miss. E d u c a I i o n CLARENCE HAMILTON Jackson, Miss. L i b e r a I A r I s I DOROTHY I HAWKINS O x f o r d, M I s s. L i b e r a I A r I s I MARJORIE DEE I HOPKINS X Q GuIfporI, Miss. L i b e r a I A r I s MILTON DILLARD Tupelo, Miss. Liberal ArIs KENDEL DUKE Oxford, Miss. Liberal ArIs HENRY FAIR 'IP A Q Louisville, Miss. Liberal ArIs RICHARD FOWLER Marion, Miss. Liberal ArIs FRAZIER FURR Aberdeen Miss. Liberal ArIs JOHN TERRY GIBBS K E Leland, Miss. B u s i n e s s MILDRED GRAHAM Oxford, Miss. Liberal ArIs JOHN GURAK Cleveland, Ohi EducaIion LAMAR HAMMOND Hazen, Ph a r FRANKLIN HEBERER Ark. macy CanIon, Miss. B u s 1 n e s s ULLIN LEE HUDSON B '3 II Calhoun CiIy, Miss. Business JAMES DIXON II K A Shelby, Miss. L i b e r a I A I' AMY WINIFRED DUPES 'I' M Vicksburg, Miss. L i b e r a I A r I s JOHN M. FAUST E N McComb, Miss. L i b e r a I A r I s EDWIN FOX F a I m o u I h, a L i b e r a I A r I s JAMES GARDNER Miss. Liberal A Greenwood, EDWIN C. GILLESPIE I' A KI' LamberI, Miss. Business WILLIAM GRAVES Jackson, Miss. Liberal A I' J. D. GUYTON, JR. 'IJ A 9 Kosciusko, Miss. L i b e r a I A r I s PAT HAMMOND fb A 9 Kosciusko, Miss. B u s i n e s s HARVEY HENDERSON fb A H Sumner, Miss. L i b e r a I A r I s ALEX W. HULETT K E CharIesIon, Miss. L i b e r a I A r I s THOMAS DOOLITTLE II K A Jackson, Miss Business J. D. DYE Crenshaw, Liberal ALBERT FENGER Oxford, Engine ELIZABETH FRANKLIN Oxford, Miss ArIs Miss ering Miss Liberal ArIs THOMAS YATES GARDNER Greenwoo Liberal RALPH GIONNONE M i d d I e b u d, Miss ArIs ry, VI Liberal ArIs ROSELLA GRAVES A A A BaIesviIle, Miss Business HELEN HAAG A Z Minden, La Liberal ArIs TOM HARRIS fb K NI' Vicksburg, Miss Business SARA HENLEY A A A Macon, Miss Business BURWELL HUMPHREY K E Ebenezer, Miss. Business sd K 3 Q Q V -is ' Q, 3 wif' 48 . v 'Qi Lf' 1 -Q ' 4' if - jg Q 4 1 h i V' , f 5 7 1 ,A LX., -llr 4 ' ' 'W' it 7' iq f 'K . Q ' cr 1 ,,, -- .J if i J ' A X:-' ' O 'vi V J 'Cf' f- .39 A 4 1 , . , 'Z za 5' ,r ,qs A V N6 1' . l K .1 J x ,,,. Q v 1' x - X A -L A A sfl zfsiisff MW 'A ff? 'fa z -N2 K T .2 fa. ' ' 'a ar: xl 5' 1,-A W 4' 2'-Ljyqf E Rza 54" wa R A Al A . , An if 1 W42V -iz' .AA, W' Q Q E Q Q 4 115 f, 185 ,F , gg QL' , ' - 1 I- A I I I I 1 I I 1 I 1 1 I 1 1 I 1 1 I I I I I 1 CECIL INMAN K A Jackson, Miss. B u s i n e s s EMORY LOIS JOHNSON FayeIIe, Miss. L i b e r a I A r I s LEONARD KATZENMEYER E N Vicksburg, Miss. L i b e r a I A r I s WILLIAM C. KNIGHT Oakland, Miss. Engineering JAMES LEWIS SaIarIia, Business MARK ITELSON New York N Y. Busi JIMMY JOHNSON Lamar, n e s s Miss. Business HELEN KENYON Clarksdale, Busln JAMES LUTHER KOGER LamberI, Liberal L. LAURENCE LITTLEJOHN Miss e s s Miss ArIs Garden Grove, Cal. E d u c a I i o n BILL C. L. D. McCORD McCOY 22 N- Tupelo, Miss. fb K All BaIIzer, Miss. Liberal ArIs Business CLARENCE E. RICHARD McLANAHAN MCRAE K E Okolona, Miss. E A PI Jackson, Miss. B u s i n e s s B u s i n e s s HERMAN GLORIA MANNHEIMER MARTIN fb E II Cary, Miss. K A BIyIhevilIe, Ark. B u s i n e s s B u s i n e s s DOROTHY BERGEN S. MAYNOR MERRILL Oxford, Miss Olive Branch, Miss. Business Engineering THOMAS B. ELTON L. MILLER MINCY Jackson Vicksburg, Mis B u s i P h a r m a c y CHRISTINE HERMAN MOONEY MOORE, JR. O x I o r d, M i s s. A XII Ruleville, Miss. BusinessBusiness KARL JABOUR Vicksburg, Miss B u s i n e s s KATHRYN JOHNSON A A A Universify, Miss. L i b e r a I A r I s VIRGINIA KILGORE E I I a, M i s s B u s i n e s s CHARLES RAY LANGSTON C o c k r u m, M i s s L i b e r a I A r I s PAUL LOCKETT 4' A F! Grenada, Miss. L i b e r a I A r I s DEWDROP McDONALD D u n d e e, M i s s B u s i n e s s RALPH MACKEY fl' A H Oxford, Miss. L i b e r a I A r I s JOHN MASON .E A I-I Jackson, Miss. 8 u s i n e s s PHILLIP RUSH METLING Brooklyn, N. Y. E d u c a I i o n IRVINE MITCHELL A KI' Oxford, Miss. L i b e r a I A r Is MERRIBETH MOORE K A Poplar Grove. Ark. L i b e r a I A r I s VERA JENSEN O x I o r d, M i s s L i b e r a I A r FRANK JOHNSTON I X Greenwood, Miss. B u s i n e s s RAY KING E N WaIer Valley, Miss. L i b e r a I A r I s BILLIE LEGGETT E I I a, M i s s P h a r m a c BEN L. LYFORD Helena, Libera GEORGE McDONALD R a I e i g h L i b e r a DARWIN MALONE Lucedale, I' I' Miss. I ArIs Miss. Business CARMEN MASSEY A X Clarksdale, Miss. B u s i n e s s MARION M ETZGER. JR. flf IC TI Vicksburg, Miss. Business MIMS MITCHELL, JR. H K A Magee, Miss. L i b e r a I A r I s FRANK J. MORGAN M a r i o n, M i s s. L i b e r a I A r ANNIE-GLENN JOHNSON A Z Bafesville, Miss L i b e r a I A r I CHESTER JURWIAK Kalamazoo, Mich Business STANTON KIRCHMANN K A Jackson, Miss B u s i n e s MARION LELONG GuIfporI, Miss Engineering WILLIAM McARTHUR Marks, Miss Busines MARGARET AUDREY McKEE Picayune Miss Business MAU RICE L. MALONE Lucedale, Miss Business JAMES MATLOCK Jackson, Tenn EducaIion DALE MEYERS Freeporfu III Business ROBERT MOFFETT Il K A GuIfporI, Miss. L i b e r a I A r I s WILLIAM JOHN MOSBY .E A IC CanIon, Miss. L i b e r a I A r I s S CHARLES S. JOHNSON, JR. K 1. Universify, Miss. L i b e r a I A r I s THURMAN JUSTICE Pascagoula, Miss. L i b e r a I A r I s JOHN KIRK Ii A Greenville, Miss. B u s i n e s s FRANCISCO DE LEON, JR. Camuy, Puerfo Rico P h a r m a C y ELEANOR MCCABE A A A Vicksburg, Miss. L i b e r a I A r I s HOWARD McLAIN Z N Oxford, Miss. E n g i n e e r i n g JACK MANN ll K A Jackson, Miss. L i b e r a I A r I s ROBERT MAY E A IC Jackson, Miss. L i b e r a I A r I s KATHARINE MILLER T u p e I o, M i s s B u s i n e s s NORMA MONAGHAN X Q Memphis, Tenn. E d u c a I i o ALBERT MOSES Vicksburg, Miss. Business ,li 'J 1 . 'A Q 7, KN! A4 ' 'Q 1 f , f "lf X , 'I Q 1' nf i , .. , . L.: was . -' I- ffX--.ff . I 41 Q aim Q Q' J ' ., "' ,.. ,LJ 4' . W4 ELKQ , w b 1 ue ' Quai xl +-.bfi HW 7 P- cw 'J-T I 9 ., fs' -, 'P- .J ,, .JJ , ' Q 3 r 1,'x ' 'MRF ,Qi fs J 7 s 3'- 4 N E ,:, ...- 9 'S df .J ,Q if-.1-rf X -...v 'Q 'V Q Y V , n f fb, was 5 .H . 11" Q 'U -A '? X 4 7 8 x A f " .. ". - H,-Lbgi ' Y W ,, f .I ,M - V .V -E. , . 33,1574 . U I V . w - sd' E 'X . I A? . . fs 'U S, X srl A I RICHARD MULLETT F. N QuiIman, Miss. Business HENRY ODOM dl A 9 Greenwood, Miss. Business ROBERT PERKINS, III K A Belzoni, Miss. Business ROBERT P. PIGFORD K A Meridian, Miss. Business SAMUEL PROVINE Grenada, Miss. Business ROBERT REVERE E N McComb, Miss. Liberal ArIs MARY KATE RISH HousIon, Liberal ArIs J.D. ROSS LamberI, Miss. Engine MARTHA SARTOR UniversiIy, Miss. Busi HAZEL SHEFFIELD A I' FuIIon, Miss. Liberal ArIs EDWARD F. SMITH LiIIle Rock, Ark. E d u c a I i o n HARRIET ANN MURPHY GulfporI, Miss L i b e r a I A r I MILLARD E. PAGE fb A 0 Clarksdale, Miss. L i b e r a I A r I s MILTON A. PERRY T u p e I o, M i s s L i b e r a I A r I s SAMUEL T. PILKINTON E X ArIesia, Miss L i b e r a I A r I s JAMES O. PRUDE, III A m o r y, M i s s L i b e r a I A r I s RUTH REYNOLDS O x I o r d, M i s s L i b e r a I A r I s WILLIAM ROBERDS A K IC UniversiIy, Miss. E n g i n e e r i n g ANN ROWAN A I' Baldwyn, Miss. L i b e r a I A r I s MORTON SCHIFF Y o n k e r s, N. Y B u s i n e s s DOROTHY JO SHUFORD fb AI BaIesviIle, Miss. B u s i n e s s EUGENE F. SMITH S A R Jackson, Miss. Business ROSAMOND MYERS X Q Sewanee, Tenn. L i b e r a I A r I ETHYL U. PARKER, JR. Bay Springs, Miss. L i b e r a I A r I MILTON S. PERRY 'I' IC Il Tunica, Miss L i b e r a I A r I CLAUDE PITTMAN, JR. HaIIiesburg, Miss. L i b e r a I A r I s RALPH RAGLAND O x f o r d, M i s s L i b e r a I A r I s WILLIAM RHED A T A Somerville, Tenn. Liberal ArI HENRY DANCY ROBERTS A1 A IC Yazoo CiIy Liberal ArI HENRY C. ROWLAND E N Hickory FlaI, Miss Busine CURTIS SENTER B y h a I i a B u s i S S Miss nes S , Miss. s 5 JAMES SHUMATE Meridian, Miss B u s i n e s s F. MICHAEL SMITH E N Vicksburg, Miss. Liberal ArI S FRED NABERS fl' A U Louisville, Miss L i b e r a I A r I s WILLIAM W. PARIS O x f o r d, M i s s E n g i n e e r i n g RICHARD J. PETTEY E A I-I Greenwood, Miss. L i b e r a I A r I s LUTHER DAVID PITTMAN R a I e i g h, M i s s L i b e r a I A r I s RUTH RAY A A A CanIon, Miss. L i b e r a I A r I s ROBERT L. RICHARD J a c k s o n M i s s B u s i n e s s MARY GLENN ROBERTSON fl' AI CorinIh, Miss. L i b e r a I A r I HARRISON RUSSELL K A Jackson, Miss. B u s i n e s s MARTHA SESSIONS A I' Clarksdale, Miss. L i b e r a I A r I s WILLIAM DAVID SIMS Kosciusko, Miss L i b e r a I A r I s SUE SNEED A Z Oxford, Miss L i b e r a I A r I s WANDA NICHOLS A A A CanIon, Miss. B u s i n e s s HAROLD PARRIS AL X HaIIiesburg, Miss. B u s i n e s s JACK PHILLIPS T u p e I o, M i s s B u s i n e s s BOBBIE NETT PORTER K A Gulfporf, Miss. L i b e r a I A r I s LETITIA RAINER A A A Yazoo CiIy, Miss. L i b e r a I A r I s HOWARD RICHARDSON 'I' A F3 Louisville, Miss. L i b e r a I A r I s OLIVER ROBINSON Holly Springs, Miss. Business WILLIAM SAMPSON E A IC Jackson, Miss. B u s i n e s s C.MONETTE sEv1ER , BaIon Rouge, La. P h a r m a c y HOFFMAN SHACKLEFORD E A IC CanIon, Miss. B u s i n e s s JEAN STACY A A A Dell, Ark. L i b e r a I A r I s GEORGE WILLIAM NOEL 'I' A lr Greenville, Busin WILLIAM W. PEARSON 'I' A U Sumner, L i b e r a I A JAMES M. PIERCE Vx e- Miss S S Miss r I - . reenwood, Miss L i b e r a I A r I JACK PRINTUP K I Memphis, Tenn Busines VIVION REED A I' Dyersburg, Miss Liberal ArI ERNEST T. RIEMANN, JR. Gulfporf, Miss Liberal A CASEY RODGERS rI Woodville, Miss Busines BENJAMIN B. SANDERS CarrolIIon, Miss Business FRANCES SHAW UniversiIy, L i b e r al CHARLES SLOAN Miss rIs Greenwood, Miss Liberal ArIs JEAN STANSBU RY KA Long Beach, Miss Liberal ArIs Z M I In LJ-il CTI LI-4 ' P X . 'L r m .3 Is! .49 'J , RW W :- . N Q' ' FV A N? L If fkfeifg. .4 ff 5 xg H -ff Q A YA A! If QL 15 ff 'S gi 5' ., wp ..,,,f A - 4 . , 9 A . 555: F' , ""?' ' -1 - A in V S . ff 2 cv 'X K 'fi X a- 'IF 9- 3 2 f 'Sl' 5.4, .f , DOROTHY STARNES Denmark, Miss. B u s i n e s s GEORGE B. STRYKER, JR. M e m p h i s, T e n n Engineering JUNE ANN TANN K A Memphis, Tenn. L i b e r a I A r t s JACK N. THOMAS K A Amory, Miss. B u s i n e s s ADOLPH TREPPENDAHL Ii A Woodville, Miss. B u s i n e s s JAMES VAN DEVENDER IT K A Jackson, Miss. B u s i n e s HARVEY H. WALLACE, II Carthage, Miss. L i b e r a I A r t s DAVID WEST St. Louis, Mo. Liberal Arts JOHN WILEY University, Miss. B u s i n e s s EDGAR WOOLFORD WILLIS fl: E TI Vicksburg, Miss. L i b e r a I A r t s ROBERT WOMACK , KA McComb, Miss. B u s i n e s s RAYMOND MARIANNA CARL H. ROBERT WILLIAM E. STASIAK STATON STEPHENS STINSON STONE B u f f a I o, N. Y. T i p p o, M i s s I X New Albany, Miss. K A Yazoo City, Miss. A K IC Oxford, Miss. Liberal Arts Business Business Liberal Arts Business JACK LAMAR SPURGEON WOODROW W. HALL STUBBS SUDDUTH SWEAT SWEENEY TACKET K ri Walnuf Q,-Ove. Miss. 1' u p 9 l 0, M i 5 5, 22 X Corinth, Miss. W i g g i n s, M is s. E A E Jackson, Miss. Business Liberal Arfg Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Liberal Arts GEQRQE ALINE JACK MAX RAYMOND QARTLY TAYLOR TAYLOR TAYLOR TERRELL TAVEL C 0 m or M i 5 5, I L A Ii Glendora, Miss. Flo r e n c e, M is s Water Valley, Miss Memphis' Tenn. Libe,-al A,-95 Liberal Arts Pharmacy Education E n g i n e e r i n g WILLIAM C. FRANK ALBERT CHARLES ALLEN L. THOMPSON THORSEY TILLMAN TILLMAN TOOMBS MOTION. MISS- BI'idQ2P0fI. Conn IAIC Vicksburg, Miss. Oxford, Miss KA Walls, Miss Liberal Arts Education Liberal Arts Education Business ELLIS ANNE I HUDSON BETTY MARY TREVILION TULLOS TURNER ULF LIDA Marks, Miss. AAA Pace, Miss. Sturgis, Miss. Gulfport, Miss VANCE Business Business Liberal Arts Liberal Arts All 5afe5viHe'MisS L i b e r a I A r t s OSWELL HARRY SAM DeWITT JERRY F. VANLANDINGHAM WADSWORTH, JR. WAGGONER WALCOTT WALL Oxford, MISS, qaKxpWe5+Helena, Ark Carthage, Miss. AKE Greenville, Miss. Bay Springs, Miss Liberal Arts Business Engineering Business Liberal Arts WILLIAM L. CHESTER ROBERT E. WATTS R. GEORGE WALLACE WARD, JR. WARING WEBB WEBSTER Coldwater, Miss. EX Hattiesburg, Miss. I X Vicksburg, Miss. Gulfport, Miss Roc kfo rd, I I I Liberal Arts Business Business Liberal Arts Business I DAVID JAMES MARGARET PEGGY ARTHUR ANNA WHITAKER WHITE WHITE WHITE WHITTEN FRANCES K X Leland, Miss. O x f o r d, M i s s. N atc haz, M iss. O X f o r d M i s s. X A IC Columbus, Miss. WILEY LiberalArts Business Bus ness LiberalArts Business Oxfordliwiss B u s i n e s s I DAVIS CATHERINE G. EDW RD JOHN MURRY EVELYN MHOON WILLIAMS WILLIA S BRYANT WILLIAMS WILLIAMSON WILKERSON A I' Byhalia, Miss. Clarksd Ie, Miss, WILLIAMS, JR. A 'I' 22 Taylor, Miss. M a s o n, T e n n. B911 Lula.Miss. LiberalArts Libe aIArts HK.xGulfpo,.fIMiss- Libe,ralArts LiberalArts LiberalArts Business ALBERT A. J. RALPH MERLE ROY RAY THOMAS M. WILSON WILSON WILSO WINGFIELD WISOZKI WITHERS Lambert, Miss. .EN Oxford, Miss. Oxfo d, Miss. Pascagoula, Miss. JanesviIIe,Wis. Jackson, Miss. LiberalArts LiberalArts LiberalArts LiberalArts LiberalArts Business CLINTON B. J. DAN JOHN . H. WILLIAM DAN H. HELEN WOOD WOOD WRIGH WROTEN WYLIE YATES II K lb Memphis, Tenn. M a r i a n n a, A r k. K X ardis, Miss. E N McComb, Miss. A K IC Tupelo, Miss. A I' Philadelphia, Miss. LiberalArts Business LiberalArts LiberalArts Business LiberalArts Wnqm ws if W Y x 1-4' ' . ' mx M nTering iTs TourTh year aT The UniversiTy oT Mississippi, The Reserve OTTicers' Training Corps has each year Through The unTiring eTTorTs oT The insTrucTors and The cooperaTion oT The enTire corps oT cacleTs aTTainecl an excellenT raTing in iTs annual inspecTion. lVliliTary insTrucTion is elecTive aT Ole Miss, ancl because oT iTs volunTary na- Ture high morale and pride on The parT oT The cadeTs has been evi- olenT. This year's senior class reTurnecl To The UniversiTy Trom carnp aT ForT McClellan wiTh The l:ourTh Corps Area ProTiciency Cup de- spiTe The TacT ThaT iT was The TirsT Tull class To aTTend camp. Corn- peTiTion Tor This cup was lceen among TourTeen SouThern colleges and universiTies. all oT which have miliTary cleparTmenTs much older and more experienced Than ThaT aT This universiTy. PHSSINH ll llllllll ll N "', T f X g -fb S ? MAJOR CHARLES S. JOHNSON UNITED STATES MiliTary insTrucTion aT The universiTy is in The hands oT lvlaior Charles S. Johnson as proTessor oT lVliliTary Science and TacTics and lvlaior l-lugh M. Evans. VeTerans oT miliTary experience and Training worlq, Tvlaiors Johnson and Evans have builT an eTTicienT uniT which has meriTed an ex- cellenT raTing on governmenT inspecTions annu- ally. The policies oT These Two men are reTlecTed in The rapid grovvTh and equally rapid improve- menT ol The cadeT corps. Under Them, There has nifr n a comprehensive undersTanding oT relaTionf uhipf, TpeTvveen men and Their oTTicers. ATT Y UTTTCETTS Campus inTeresT in The miliTary deparTmenT has been proven by The large aTTendance aT The an- nual miliTary inspecTion and aT The GraduaTion Parade. SergeenTs W. W. Ellioi and Oscar R. Feagin ll24l UNIVERSITY Il. .l. E. STuolenT work oT The BaTTalion oT lnTanTry aT The Univer- siTy oT Mississippi is carried on by The following cacleT oTTicers: RALPH D. BURNS ........... LieuTenanT Colonel TIMS A. QUINN . ARCI-TIE L. DICKSON JAMES L. ALFORD . FRED NELSON . . CLEVE BURKS . lCornfnandinql llfxeculivel lAdiuTanTl lInTelliqencel lPlans and Trainingl lSuppliesl James L. Alfor , re eson, lvlaior CapTain CapTain CapTain CapTain BATTALION STAFF ln. RALPH D. BURNS Lieutenant Colonel KATE JOHNSON Baffalion Sponsor d F d Nl T Quinn, Cleve Burks, A h Dickson T E L if 3 sf ,.. :A S.,-45 , 'TIS 2652- J. T. Abslon Marshall C. Adams S. M. Anderson Berlfeley Allrinson T. W. Avent E. N. Balrer L. J. Barlrsdale Horace Barnes F. L. Beard F. W. Bell James C. Bishop W. B. Boeleler William T. Boolh Beniamin E. Bowie Roberl S. Brady ..-1-3 ' --111 - -ral ill +A.-is NOCK RUSSELL, Co D. N. Burns D. C. Bursey Richard Callaway W. C. Chandler A. B. Clarl W. E. Coclrrell Warren Cruzen Charles W. Daly Al Fred Daniel Sleele Dollahile Thomas V. Donald C. G. Drennan David Dunnavanl James D. Dye P. B. Eason James Nichols, W mpany Commander W. K. Edmislon R. Ellis John M. Eausl Emmanuel Folralris James H. Gardner J. D. Guylon Tom Hammond T. B. Harris Kennelh M. Heard H. O. Hollman Waller Johnson C. R. Jones Charles L. Kalzenmeyer Henry J. Korne-gay J. J. Logan G. D. McDonald Howard McLain R. E. Maclcey Marion Melzger lrvine Milchell A. E. Moses Travis H. Nash Griiiin Norquisl COMPANY STAFF IRENE WOODRUFF, Millard E. Page Billy Pearson P. L. Perabo Roberl Piqiord Samuel T. Pillfinlon C. F. Pillman Jalne W. Props? Ralph K. Raqland William A. Rhea Roberl Richard Billy Roberds Nick Roberls G. C. Roberlson O. T. Robinson William Roane H. H. Russell Billy Sampson Waller Scoll C. R. Senler Carllon M. Sevier Cr. A. Servell C. l.. Sloan F. B. Sieve-ns aller Bridgforfh, Jesse Adams, Roberf Crockell, George Anderson Com pa ny Sponsor George B. Slrylcer Donald Summers J. N. Thomas S. M. Thomasson J. B. Tulor C. B. Vance T. G. Van Devender Cecil E. Varner H. H. Wallace W. L. Wallace J. l. Willrinson Oscar Willrs Murray Williams Edgar W. W'illis Alberl Vifinq H. H. Winslead Candler Wiselogle T. W. Wriqhl D. H. Wylie Harvey M. Yalle l 5 Y 5' I rl. 1 xl ! i ' . X pg it ' , .., . E J bl. I rr .jfggl ' vj 0 .. ' 5 if ? f 2 ll26l -n-hai 1-M J. C. Adams E. Griffin Alford B. H. Allen D. T. Allred V. G. Anderson D. B. Berry S. E. Birdsonq Royal L. Branlon Roberl S. Caldwell Alberl A. Cannella G. T. Carler Jimmie Cain A. B. Clarl: Jolin R. Coales Lyman H. Coker D. R. Collier J. W. Cox Eugene Dalyrymple H. L. Davidson G. Davis E. M. Dillard K. A. Dulce Elon E. Ellis Naihan A. L. Farr A. C. Fender Donald Feibelman Duane Forman J. O. Gardner J. T. Gibbs F. C. Gillespie NF-fl Gmnhelf A. W. Gray Charles Haile C. G. Hamillon H. L. Hammond J. Haney J. E. Harlslield George Heberer Roberf Heyer J. R. Holley O. S. Hoplrins U. L. Hudson L. R. Hullon Karl Jabour CHARLES J. TRAYLOR, Company Commander 1 rs r Ili I in COMPANY STAFF Pe e , Tom G een, Wi 'am Gr'ff' , Jo Sedberry, Alex Payne Jesse Jagqers W. J. Jolinson Percy Jolnnslon J. E. Land Cnarles Langslon J. Lewis B. L. Lylord R. M. lVlCArll1ur T. McFadden Clyde McKee R. B. McRae Herman Mannlweimer Reber? H. May G. R. Monlqomery C. E. Morgan T. E. Morris W. E. Morse R. M. Moss Riclward Mullell William A. Neely W. E. Noel Robeir Rerlins L. D. Rillman Jolnn J. Riyarnilf R. T. Ray Herberl Reinlieim r Douglas Riddell G. C. Roberls C. J. Rogers Sidney Rollw Herberl Sanders Fred Scales W'aller Lee Slnellon William Shipman J. C. Slwirley James Slwumale H. Simpson W. D. Sims My 'Viv W. F. M. Smilli L. S. Smilli R. R. Slasial W. E. Slone Eugene F. Tale J. R. Taylor A. G. Touclwslone R. Turner Roberl Waring J. B. Williams H. C. Windlnam Clinlon B. Wood J. H. Wood W. H. Wrolen A. Vlfylif? VIOLET MULVENNA, Company Sponsor -my Tl27fl Ellll T. J. Adami H. S. Allen Earl M. Bapinsly L. A. Benoi-.T C. B. Bozliclc H. M. Bader H. C. Breward W. L. Brown l-lariirld Brownzlein B. P. Boller J. L. Bufh W, L. Carfihinq A. Cheilfer C. L. Cnriply S. G. Clarl G. W. Claylon B. Clisliiy J. B. Coleman J. C. DaviS C. Cr. Dielrioh John Dodson J. W. Ellison E. lf. Fox J. E. Freeland J. M. Fried J. W. Priliolm Samuel W. Pu H, W. Craulier M. L. Golden J. 0. Goldman P. H. Hamillon P. L. Hamilfon P. Hammond C. H. Holman RICHARD WILKINSON, Company Commander C. lflfrlfin M. H. lrleson Charles S. Johnson Franlf Johnslon T. T. Juslice Philip Kanlor John W. Kirk C. S. Kirshman Leonard Kline J. L. Koqer Roger C. Landrum M. P. Lelong D. N. Lennerf E. D. Loiliard W. P. McAr'lhur C. E. MigLanahan COMPANY STAFF CAMILLE SUMMERS, Company Sponsor B. MoCord C. D. Malone M. L. Malone T. lff. Mann Simon S. Mails L. P. Meyer Ellon L. Mincy C. R. Moliefl W. J. Mosby C. D. Moss J. B. Nouqle B. L. Gwen Robeil Pierce Richard Piendergasl G. M. Riehardson G. B. Poberlson J. D. Ross H. C. Rowland Waller C. Shirley C. H. Slephens P. M. Slevens R. H. Stinson Sam McCIafchy, Altus Woods, Henry Haynes, Charles Hail-51011 H. A. Sluarf F. L. Suddulh M. R. Taylor R. C. Thompson W. C. Thompson A. G. Tillman A. L. Toornbs Lewis C. Transou C. T. Upshur Arlis Vanlandinqh Bm M. O. Vanlandinqham H. Wadsworlh S. W. Waqqoner Edwin A. Walson J. C. Wax D. S. Wesl P. D. Whilalcer J. H. While Curlis D. Whillinqlon T. K. Williams A. A. Wilson T. M. Wilhers W. W. Wriqhl H281 l i r." H. A. Slone l 952 3? X 'H 3 T 'S 3 V. S. Adlrins Clill K. Bailey Reuben Boyell James E. Branigin John S. Burlrell J. A. Cannon lrwin Cohen Joe S. Coyinglon Tyler Criss Charles F, Dielz Thomas A. Doolillle Roberl C. Dow Franlc Dunn Henry Eair Fred M. Friedman Byron Furr Frazier Furr Thomas Gardner COMPANY STAFF Gus Gerard, Billy Rusl, Herman Taylor Grayclon Genge William R. Grave, Jerry F. Hall, Jr. Harvey Henderson Thomas W. Holme H. B, Hrlwerlon Alex Hulell Jarilr Kirlpalriclr Warren R. Larreur Paul Poclrell B. M. Marlin Mims Milchell Herman Moore T. B. Miller Minor Morgan Edmund Monlgomery Fred Nabers William Paris HERMAN GLAZIER, Company Commander Harold Parris P. B. Perlrins Millon S. Perry R. S. Relly Jael Phillipg James M. Pierqe J. O. Prude Reberl Revere Edward Rappaperl Harold Richardson E. T, Rieman Henry D. Roberlz LePOlNT CASSIBRY, Company Sponsor ll29l Irwin M. Sebulzlry Roberl Sharp Winlred A. Shaw Tom Slallery Edward Smilh Eugene Smilh Hall S. Taclrel Chealer War'd Walls Webb Arlhur A. Whillen G. E, Williams Ralph Wilgon HHNll Ina if XJ Qulrslancling social lunclion ol 'rhe year is fhe an- nual Mililary Ball. Scene of Jrhe allair is lhe Uni- versiiy Gymnasium, which is decoraled along novel mililary lines. Full uniform worn by mem- bers ol Jrhe corps adds fo The gala air of Jrhe oc- casion. lnvilalions Jro Jrhe ball are exlendecl +o The Governor oi Mississippi and lo his Slraii and MLLILHHYI Hill lo Fourlh Corps Area mililrary aufhorilries as well as To a limiled number of slrudenls. H is on This occasion lrhar +he sponsors ol ihe Miliiary De- parrmenlr are presenlecl +o Jrhe Universify. Climax oi Jrhe presenialion is a grand march in which lhe sponsors and escorls pass lhrough Jrhe saber arch. fail", . -, ,. il' .55 f"'47i'a?j'ifCn'1Q' nd? +- A Qi are -.iilizizff i T K. ,f .ali i, i i '11 ii " ' is- , s . , 4 . ' H-QT?" , is-J!" S APSHUT5 UP HMXVLIPE I. Wednesday and il's drill day again. 2. The por calls Jrhe lcerlrle placlc. 3. Traylor pops oil again. 4. The Maior shows no mercy. 5. l-le's lhe man who rells us how. 6. Taclical problems puzzle Wilkinson. 7. lnspecrion day-Jrhe acid +es+. 8. Berry prepares lor a lilrle hike. 9. Keep your eye on The gun, Haynes. IO. Salurday al- lernoon plus Alford plus clean uniform plus An- nislon equals Funl II. Dead-eye Diclc gels his man. I2. They're earing our loday. I3. Ready for K. P. I4. Keeps you heallhy, wealrhy, and wise. I5. They're ready lo meer 'rhe camp doclors. xr aw- in-s 17 SIHHHIIHI HIII IIHII Officers LIT ALFORD . , . . CapIaIn TIMS OUINN . . . EIrsILIeuIer1anI CLEVE BURKS ..., . Second Lieufenanf WALTER BRIDGEORTH . . Eirsf Se-rqeanf Members JESSE ROLAND ADAMS JAMES LOUIS ALFORD GEORGE ANDERSON WALTER ROBERT BRIDGEORTH CLEVE EDWARD BURKS. JR. RALPH D. BURNS ROBERT NEWTON CROCIKETT ARCHIE LEWIS DICKSON GUS GERARD HERMAN C. GLAZIER THOMAS KEENAN GREEN, JR. WILLIAM SAM GRIFFIN CHARLES C. HAIRSTON, JR. HENRY WILLIAM HAYNES SAM POWER MQCLATCHY FRED L. NELSON, JR. JAMES E. NICHOLS ALEX SNODGRASS PAYNE, JR. TILLMAN NATHAN PETERS TIMS ALFORD OUINN NOCK W. RUSSELL WILLIAM EVANS RUST, JR, JO B. SEDBERRY HERMAN E. TAYLOR CHARLES ,I. TRAYLOR RICHARD G. WILKINSON ALTUS L. WOODS. JR. O I'irsI Rffw' Jwssf- RoI.gmII AI mrvw s, Luuis Alior-I, C :--wv qv AIM:-vsww, WHIIIIV Rf3II,f-'I BfIIIqIfIrIIw Sf-Qc 'vvI J RI-w' Clfivv EIIWIVII BIIIIQ, Ju, R,IIy.Iw D BI nvvw 2, PDL If-r I Nv'v.foH CM-iI'iII, ArII Iwv' Li-me DI Iswr- TIIIIII RIQIW 'lm I'.'-v'4 rf mv-. I, H f':vv+,1vI T ffIn:Icr, Thw vwI.1 1 K "IIv1f'ra l7rf'vim JI, WIIII.' mrww S IIIII fQFruIIIn, II IIII III RIM CImrIf:-s C IIAIISIQII, Jr, H+-nr, WIII IIIIII Iimvwfy S .1v'I I'wwr MfCI,1IIIvy, Er-id I Nf'Is-:wry Jr. EIIIII RTW J Imrvrr' s E NIIIIIIQ, AIM Swxiwxmss Pay 'If-, Jv, TlIIvvfm NAIIIIJV1 PI-If-rs, T Ivvy Q AIII-III Q1 IIIIII SI-III R-ww NNI, W Russ'-II. WIIIIJVU Evma PIM! Iv, Jw B Sf'III1 flrr v, H1 -vvvw Inu E. I.1yI .Iv, SPVIIIIII: Row: CII,Irum I Iv1,II1v, RIIII.u.1nV- W-ILIIISIIII AIIIIQL WIMIS, Jr. Lg- nusvu-Ew -v-f' -M I ,A ,.....f......,4.-...... WI E U ... . 1 If I ITL.: 13' I I 'fri I QI :i l I ,1 'fn JI: -I ill ', -- PM-D ..-5. , , I I I , . 'flfflilin w--"--'-- -f ju gf, -I ,,,1'ITTB'!Tf,LQ31'11"E'7TT' Q' an X ."', T HUUDIS BPIIIHADE HONORARY MILITARY ORGANIZATION FOR JUNIO Officers LEWIS TRANSOU . ..... , . . Commander BILLY FULLER . . , . Vice-Commander ALLIE WING ..44 . , secfefaf, JAMES BRANIG,-IN . . .... Treasurer CLIFF SHIRLEY . , Serqeanf-aI-Arms Members E. GRIFFIN ALFORD HORACE J. BARNES JAMES E. BRANIGIN ROYAL L. BRANTON STEELE DOLLAHITE JOHN R. COATES JAMES W. COX CHARLES E. DIETZ ELON E, ELLIS DONALD FEIBELMAN SAMUEL W. FULLER TOM T. HAMMOND WALTER 6. JOHNSON, JR. PERCY W. JOHNSTON PHILIP KANTOR JACK P. KIRKPATRICK R. WARREN LARROUX HERBERT S. REINHEIMER NICK B. ROBERTS G. CARSON ROBERTSON HERBERT C. SANDERS IRWIN M. SEBLILSKY W. ALDRIDGE SHANV WILLIAM S. SHIPM AN, JR. WALTER C. SHIRLEY EEIMC-NEI M, STEVENS LEWIS C. TRANSOU ARLIS VAIXILANIJINQHAM CECIL E. WWIQNEIQ ELIWIII A. Wmsom THOMAS K. WILLIAMS ALLIE Wwe ITAIIQIIEII WISELOGLE RS E , ,,o09'a'v . -,. I ' WN Y? ' Q -.d,,,, N fr, ms-,...,on-s... 's'Y -,nf .E ' ., J , Z0 A -w fu, ' 'Q-'X,,'q aQt"',f3-+ 'L' rw K . 1 4 ' ' ' w YW Y .hw , . W, A, M , 1' - 741 ' ",x11.'g T" ' -. :gp 4 ' Lf .J at . f kg., V gf, g r.. wx XF l" . 4 75' ,.'-H.: 1- ' 1 14 XI dy .0 M . IZA- - " ' .sf A h S ' :gf Q I ,U I I X . 1 1 1 L . 4 i Q E- Algllif, l 'X 9 I "lo 'J I 1548 Viiior Drive, Hollywood, conf. I iii yi lille-R C January.5, 1040. PICTURES. INC. WEST COAST STUDIOS BURBANK. CALIFORNIA Kr. Harold Gotthelf, Jr., University of Mississippi, University, Kiss, Dear Mr. Gotthelfz I enjoyed the honor of choosing the six most beautiful coeds on the University of Kississippi campus. I regret that I could not have made my selections in person. I have tried to visualize as much as possible the personality, coloring and Photogenic qualities of the girls. In judging, I looked for the typical whole- some American coed, whose intelligence is as appealing as her beauty. In considering these things, my atten- tion was focused on Ruthe Minor as first choice. I would like to impress upon you that a single photograph is quite limited in showing the many sides and expressions of a person. Bearing this in mind, I offer the following names as my choice. Ill Ruthe Minorg 121 Go ellg ISI Kate Johnsong I4l Norma Galeg C59 erg C6l Irene Woodruff. GEH:SK George Hurrell ,4.t, 2: 'I f . ,f T' X, R. GEORGE HURRELL, in+ernaI'ionally lcnown pliolograplier for Esquire and Warner Broihers Sfudio, selecfed 'Ihe following beau'ries from 'rwenfy-five girls nominafed as favorlles by popular vo're of l'l'1e sl'uden'r, body af 'rlwe annual- N53 ' f ' Nigggl I sponsored Parade of Favoriles. By virfue of +l1eir being selecfed by sludenl' vole, +l1ese girls are personable as well as beaufiful. Charming and up-+o-dale, ready for any sporl' or formal dance, lhey are a faclor in 'rl1e Ole Miss man's social life. Mis: BAE Kramer is Miss Ole Miss and ADO Dunagin is Colonel Rebel - --1. MMA Rae Kaamea In 6 I MARY LEILA BRADLEY l-IE lavoriles wliose piclures appear below are from lefr lo riglil Miss Mary Leila Bradley of Yazoo Ciry, a Junior in llie College of Liberal Arlsp Miss Jean Burnliam of Magee, a Senior in The College of Liberal Arfsp Miss Mary Elizabeflfi Cook of Ulica, a Junior in Jrlwe College of Liberal Arfsg ancl Miss Zula Cox of Marks, a Junior in 'llle College of Business and Commerce. JEAN BURNHAM MARY ELIZABETH COOK ZULA COX Q W 1 L Q I My ali. 77'IfQv X N X 7 IRE MISS HUTHE MINUB STUDIES EUMIVIEHIIE ZINII IS XI NATIVE UF PIIULETTE, MISSISSIPPI Qs, i 4 , W Y' X I . N 'rhe order of Jrheir appearance from leff +o righf The iavoriles piclured below are Miss Melissa Dear of Greenwood, a Junior in The College of Liberal Arfsg Miss Palricia Goldberg of Memphis, ' y gr I, Tennessee, a Freshman in The College of Educafiong Miss Rufh Hall of ,fs r f 1 K, I Tunica, a Sophomore in The College of Liberal Arfsg and Miss Joyce Il Hoffman of Memphis, Tennessee, a Senior in The College of Liberal Arfs. l I tj MELISSA DEAR PATRICIA GOLDBERG RUTH HALL JOYCE HOFFMAN 34' if 1:7 KN 3 W -ig.-Jf4 L-ff--if i- fiuaoqg-Q, gina-- W' vi' Y 'wi , 'lwpguw wil' MISS SIILII!-I IIEIIELL STUDIES EDUIIZITIIIN IINII IS A NATIVE Ill? YXIZIIII CITY, MISSISSIPPI Cs ROM lefl +o righf The favoriles piclured below are Miss Elouise Jones of Belzoni, a Junior in The College of Business and Com- merce: Miss Lenore Kimbrough of Greenwood, a Junior in Jrhe College f A iw 1 C l of Liberal Arlsg Miss Sally Kirlc of Greenville, a Senior in Jrhe College of Liberal Arlsg and Miss Bae Kramer of McComb, a Junior in Jrhe College of Liberal Arfs. ELOUISE JONES LENORE KIMBROUGH SALLY KIRK BAE KRAMER 'V 49 'Q' ML W1 il I. 7 MW! wp ,Iifg' ,'J-no-.sms MISS HATE .IUHNSIJN STUDIES LIBEII!-II. ARTS AND IS A N!-ITIVE UF UNIVERSITY, MISSISSIPPI Q 4 3 S? ISS JUNE MCINNIS of Collins is a Sophomore in 'rhe Col- FYY ' . I, X X lege of Business and Commerce: Miss Louise McRae of Laurel is a f X X x . . . Q . . so Senior in The College of Liberal Arfs, Miss Frances Monroe of Balesville L is a Sophomore in lhe College of Liberal Arlsp and Miss l-lazel Pigford l avi? L xx jr ol Meridian is a Sophomore in +he College of Business and Commerce. K ji i fry - l l i i f1V"5'. JUNE MCINNIS LOUISE McRAE FRANCES MONROE HAZEL PIGFORD 7 wx. n.h.Q 'll Wh f f A lf if - -- ff '52-if -- .1 Sala-4' - '.4:i, 2-11' '1 .g3l:f,.,:.a....v.i"'-S:- Y Y --- -li - -4'-- JK- 3 A - - - - -- -- -- - -1.,,,...-,,:- W -'T-, 2- 4 IVIISS NIJHIVHI SALE STUDIES IIIIIVIIVIEIIIIE X-IND IS A NATIVE Ill? S!-IHY, INIIIZINZI HE lavoriies wliose piclures appear below are from lefl gf lo riglwl Miss Camille Summers of l-luslipuckena, a Senior in 'flue College of Liberal Arlsi Miss Kallwerine Tennanl of Vicksburg, a Junior in flue College of Physical Educaliong Miss Jeanelle Van Zandl of Jackson, 7 a Senior in Jrlwe College of Liberal Arls: and Miss Julia Marcia Yales M of Slielby, a Junior in flfie College of Liberal Arls. X ,.f " l CAMILLE SUMMERS KMHERINE TENNANT JEANNETTE VAN ZANDI' JULIA MARCIA YATES Y . M K.. Y f'-X27 I 6 N igfff' yfigf f J 1 1 ,I X1 QI IVIISS IHENE WIIIIIIIIUFF STUDIES IIIJIVIIVIEHIIE ANI! IS A N!-ITIVE l UF BIITESVILLE, MISSISSIPPI n xl", AT, f""9i 4 g ., f UUISE .IUNES WAS UUEEN UP MAY Q' mf ynfg- G32 N, Vo+""' Firsf sfep in selecrion of fhe favorifes and beauiies for flue i940 Ole Miss was 'rlwe Parade of Favorifes sponsored by H'lis year bool: To +l1e sfralns of sweef walfzes played by +l1e MISSISSIP I1HHHHl Ill lHl lHVUHIilS P- I' .z .-Q "S v an--,,c,,' , x X Q 1 ff Y ,Q-1 fhe fairesf ladies of 'flue campus, 'rhe cream of fhe crop, so 'ro speak. And five co-eds, Misses LePoin'r Cassibry and Jane Gurney, dressed in from 'rhis number, fwenfy-five of fhe mos? ex+remely comely and popular shori-slcirfed French Maids' cosfumes handing our programs. And lassies were selecled by popular vo're of Hwe sfudenl body from among Hue big momenf for +l'1e gals was Movie-Sfar-fo-be Arvine Henry, Ill, confesfanfs. An innovafion flwis year appeared in flie form of fwo diminu- who graciously assisfed Hne parficipanfs down 'rhe slairs. E Qc Z. .zz at -3' 1" www , up ff we.-nf, -' . ' ' 1 W ,W 4 i 1. , .,...-... U 1 .V 2' ZV1! -aux .. s .Y - Yrs... 3 A sis Qur lasT years suiT back Trom The clegmefsl W5 Over To The coop and on To The dance, Tor haven'T you heard? -Qzzie Nelsonls in Town, and heis rarin' To go Tor The Qle lvliss Mid-Terms, All Three oT 'em we Take in, and aTTer They're over, were a TriTle Tired-and jusT a wee biT sadder-'cause Ozzie did righT by us and gave us The show ThaT makes mid-Term dances midfferm damgggl ELSU NoThing sensaTional This year-iusT Three good dances -buT Things like CoTield exploding Tlash bulbs, Trailed aT Times by Bullock we'll remember eTernally-and JiTTer- bugging EdiTh Wells To The leTT OT The band sTand- JiTTerbugging Poochie Summers To The righT-and The golden voice oT Warren Larroux as he ioined in wiTh Qzzie and The band To render ThaT ever-popular "NighT and Daym- 'lhe rush To The 'ibarii aT inTermission, when doggon- ill all They serve are nabs and cokes-and Then upsTairs To Those hard balcony seaTs only To Tind ThaT The ol' roommaTe has beaTen us To The dark corner where noe body usually siTs-maybe we shouldn'T have Told him- Ozzie l:epT everybody amused . . . Dence CommiTTee d Band mix iT up . . . They were swell abouT playing requesTs C .. . There's always inTermission . . . And moon-sTruck dancers I V A A -' aX""1g y 1 . . . yn- A VA- ,-- .J-. -i-.., I . ve . 1 . ' . ' . .' ..-P.-..-.'.......... V, .. . .. xl: . 's -4, . ,.. - ,. ' 4 , ' 1 eiijitgj y Lim, H N- ,- , U. j -- . -ggu , ', , f if V if ' if-+: 1 Q Q A ff . M " 'A - -"ff, 7's'."f 7 'M T Q-'Jr''g:fF"'J"?feVfvT'11f fu?-4 fs-55 M it , -' 'W '5 1' 1 ' ' 4' ' f .' - ,"- " 3' ',.'71T-rf, 'r 19' ,Y ' 44 -Q 532 " . . --- NW .1 'vm q d , 63,5 .c ' V .My . 'V Q A Q ? tl .., J. bf I t ,L T Pr , . 'Q i f Qi., J 1' ,L r Y I x ! , -M. , , I U K , M vw" , '51, 72?'f ,. 'Mu I Q X -fr 'Im A KW f'T"ft iA . - - A 7 N ' 2. 4 ,A ' ' N P. Vi' ' ' i . . V Q Av l X X ' , 1 3 T V f'lw MILLER HOLMES , WARREN LARROUX BOBBY BALLARD . HAROLD SHERMAN EUGENE SMITH EJOTSY COHEN . A HUGH ALEXANDER GALE WATSON , . FIELDING WRIGHT WARREN LARROUX T, B. MILLER , , BOB HUMMEL , CARMEN MASSEY A. G, BOWEN . , PERSONNEL THE MISSISSIPP 1- Uirecfor and Vocalisf Hroph :mph ,Aw MWVTLT ,Am . Vocalisf . Trumpei . Trumps? , Trumpef . Trombomi' and Clarimef ami Clarinei mme and Clarmoi LTTTL und Clarvmi-T and Clarinc-T Drum-, . Bn N . . PTBIWO IAN IKIJIE P E R S O N N E L CARL JOHNSTONE I-IERIVIAN TAYLOR . , Vocal Trio MARY COURTNEY MARY LEE SNEED BETTY ULF BOB HENLEY . . . CARL JOHNSTONE T. B. MILLER . . HARVEY ROSS , . BOB HENLEY . . ROY NICHOLS . . JACK O'NEIL . . JACK PHILIPS. . , HERMAN TAYLOR MINOR MORGAN . DICK CALLOWAY . LYNWOOD GARRET BILL PARIS . . THE . Direcfor Manager . VocaIi5+ , VocaII5I Saxophone Saxophone Saxophone Saxophone . Trumpef . Trunnpef Trurnpef Trombone . . Piano . Drums . . Bass IIULLEIHIZI w I 5 '91 Ib' , i ' narf"" z'Q 'A V 'Wi nn. 4 2 x E Y 5 0 3' 5 G pa Q -. Q 2 ,A X 4w"""'i 4 . 3 Q P an 4. db ll' f""5 ,'r'4 5. if? ge gi. U' 910 S, X Q X f -4 I' ,i-'fy ni, 'li' 'Q " 'in'-' rw' H xfn, ,,. 'Y' ev -1 17" .ra Q 4. 3 9 n 6' 1 X. .am ,Vi ri? - -1 a I I v I BILL SCHNELLER ..... Presidenl ADO DUNAGIN . . SEIQEm.E.I.AIIHIHI. I VVALSER PROSPERE . . Vice-Presidenl ERNEST MCCRACKEN ,.,... , Y JOE SHXAPSON I I ' - Secrefary . . . Execulive Council RE-pre-Senlailiya RUTH HALL . . . ,.., Sponz-:r I GEORGE ATKINSON WINKY AUTREY ANCE BLACKWELL I RALPH BURNS I HAROLD MOSTKOFF ERNEST MQCRACKEN DAN MQCLEOD RAY MEDLOCK J. W. DAVIDSON LESLIE DODSON HAM MURPHY R. E. NORTH HORRAGE DOSSETT 7Ae ALEX PAYNE APO PUNAGW HAROLD REERLES BURNELL EGGER JQHN IDETTY TOM GARDNER ROMEO RORR CHICK GLADDIISIG WALSER PROSPERE MERLE HARES ED RATHER GUY HATHORN LAKE ROBERSON BILL SAM BILL HAZEL HOMER HAZEL JOHN HOVIOUS MARVIN HUTSOII IRVING KELLER GEORGE KIMMONS 19 J is BILL SCHNELLER OLIVER SHAW, JR. CLIFF SHIRLEY JOE SIMPSON MARVIN SMITH ' DICK STAGGERS GEORGE KINARD X ED STEVENS HENRY KINARP JAMES TILLMAISI CHET KOZEL LLOYD WHITE MISS RUTH HALL SAM LILES 5,,,,,,s,,, CLAUDE WOODWARD I Firsf Row: George Alkinson, Winlry Aulrey, Ance Blaclrwell, Ralph Burns, J. W. Davidson, Leslie Dodson, Horace DOSSGII, Ado Durnigan, BL:rrII:-ll EQQEV Tom Gardner. SGCGDCI Row: ME-rle Hopes, Guy Hafhorn, Bill Hazel, Homer Hazel, Jolwn Hovious, Marvin Hufson, Irving Keller, Ge-Diige Kirn- rnons, Henry Kinard, Sarnniy Liles. Third Row: Ernesl McCracken, Dan McCleod, Ray Medlock, Harold Mosflfofl, Ham Murphy, R. E. Norllw, Alc-.4 Payne, Walser Prospere, Ed Rafher, Lake Roberson. Fourlh Row: Bill Sam, Bill Schneller, Oliver Shaw, Jr., Cliff Shirley, Joe Simpson, Marvin SrrIillI, Dick Slaqgers, Ed Srevens, James Tillman, Lloyd While, Claude Woodward. I Ugg -x , ,ir A I 'W i I .X . 'A il'-YT I . A ' A r I I Q' 'Q' ' 'SR - Ia- ,Q A " . SF N fs I , V, ,1 f w . 3 l-,, .1 , - -. . g if -1 K v, 'I A ,Tub I . , 'fff A iii K . .r 1 f -3 . I W? , N I YQ - r I 55,5 A . au, A -. 'Q XI' ' If ' ' E nb , 'I 1 'I NI 'I A4 xx , I .- ,. ' in I A I g' t . . 'A 5, I 5 4 g l cg-, 1 . 5: ' A ' , N I s - : --.L 5 ' i I Y . I L I . , 1 T, L 4. 'FT' ' 33. R .vw 5 Rx. 49, Q. iw S r. .8 1 nz, L f II-.J I ,jx I' t- 'CT' ,y I E 19 ws- S 1. ,S ' A I 'C Y , I f., I if A I A F X OTBALL -g jisice HEAD COACH HARRY MEHRE lllllllllllllll No Conference Champions-No All-Americans-No specTacular Triumphs which caused naTion-wide acclaim. ln The way oT aThleTics, iT was an average year Tor Ole Miss, considering all elemenTs-buT aT The same Time remembering ThaT The Ole Miss average oT Today is Tar diTTerenT Trom The average of noT so very long ago. The pasT year proved one Thing more Than anyThing else. lT proved ThaT The UniversiTy ol Mississippi is in big-Time TooTball To sTay. IT showed ThaT Ole Miss Teams are respecTed, even Teared. in all branches oT aThleTic endeavor. This TacT sTands as a TribuTe To Coach l-larry Mehre, The old NoTre Damer who came here from The UniversiTy oT Georgia To give us Two of our besT grid seasons ' hisTory. No more is Ole Miss in The class of The pushovers-wheTher The baslceTball, baseball, Tennis, or golf. AlThough wiTh numerous deTeaTs ThroughouT The period deTeaTs were in mosT cases only aTTer The biTTeresT The parT oT The opposiTion. abouT one change in coaching sTaTT personnel. To a swap wiTh The UniversiTy of SouTh Car- Ole Miss' parT of The bargain came Vernon lCaTTishl All-American end who has been placed in Red and Blue Tlanlcmen. To SouTh Carolina wenT Frank , who came here wiTh Coach Mehre Two years ago. SmiTh meanT ThaT Weems Baskin would serve as line QluTor Jaskwhich as baclcfield coach and Ted SmiTh as and Edwin lGoaTl Hale as chief scouT. was awarded in several insTances To Missis- ln TooTball, CapTain Bill Schneller, Red and Blue unanimous choice Tor a place in The All-SouTh- baclcfield. Given honorable menTion were ' BO NG ' A E ALL.' TENNI ,A 1' Z x ,, s x ' ' in P1 N -f f' -ET! , L !,, - I it n i ,sxf .v,u. i ,-arf' RAC ll lllllll lllllll Seniors l-lam Murphy aT end, Winkey AuTrey aT cenTer, Ado Dunagin aT Tackle. l.isTed among The ouTsTanding sophomores oT The year were Lill Junie l-lovious aT halT- back, Merle I-lapes aT Tullback, Larry Hazel aT guard. PosThumously came The announcemenT ThaT The laTe Jesse Ward was well on his way To a place on The All, Players All-American sponsored by The LiberTy magazine before he meT wiTh a TaTal accidenT early in his cam- paign. Going back To The spring sporTs oT I939, Guy l-laTh- orn produced a new record in The Two-mile evenT wiTh a Time of IO minuTes and 7.2 seconds To shaTTer EllioTT Danzig's mark by some I2 seconds. QuiTe TorTunaTe indeed was The baseball Team of The same spring. All-Conierence honors came To Three men: Ike Pearson, piTcherg Dick lvlcAllisTer, caTcherg and KenT Massengale, ouTTielder. Pearson wenT direcTly To The Philadelphia Phillips Tollowing graduaTion. AcTual sTaTisTics Tor The year gave The TooTball Team a record of seven wins, Two losses: The baskeTball Team a record oT nine wins, nine losses: The boxing Team a record oi one win, one Tie, Tour losses: The Tennis Team a record oT nine wins. eighT losses: The golT Team a rec- ord of nine wins, one loss: The Track Team a record oT Two wins, Three losses: The baseball Team a record oT eleven wins, eighT losses. LefT To RighT: Baskin, Hale, Jaskwich, Johnson, SmiTh. ig 3-'Sk' 7fne Rafah Wm Swan, .fade 7am Two I8 To 6 scores mar an Ole Miss TooTbaII season which should have ended midway beTore The real Tinish. IT was an evenTTuI year Tor The Rebels in maTeriaI Things-in games won and IosT-because Tor The second consecuTive year under The guidance oT I-larry Mehre The Rebels IosT only Two games. Psychologically, however, iT was a deTiniTeIy bad year Tor Gle Miss-and The diTTerence came swiTTIy, suddenly, quickly Trom nowhere aTTer The Red and Blue had pushed Themselves OTT To a Tine sTarT. Tragedy-grim, sTarIc, horrible-rode alongside The Team one nighT and re- moved Trom iT one of iTs beTTer members. IT Toolc away Jesse Ward-and wiTh him wenT The spiriT oi a ball club ThaT had Ioolced Truly greaT unTiI ThaT disTasTefuI momenT when big, bruising TooTbaII players Tound iT hard To swallow, harder To realize ThaT Jesse Ward wouIdn'T be There when I-larry Mehre was To auTomaTicaIIy say The Tollowing Wednesday, "Ward and Murphy on ends." ThaT happened The nighT aTTer I-Iornecoming, when Ole Miss had scored her TourTh consecuTive vicTory-a 42 To O decision over ST. Louis U. BeTore ThaT Louisiana STaTe biT The dusT I4 To 73 SouThwesTern wenT The way of The wind 4I To Og and CenTenary, 34 To O. Tulane produced ThaT TirsT I8 To 6 score, buT The Rebels bounced baclc and Toolc VanderbiIT I4 To 7: STaTe Teachers 27 To 7, and Then Memphis Teachers 46 To 7. And Then To Top iT oTT, Mississippi STaTe adminisTered The second I8 To 6 score-closing a TooTbaII season ThaT was Truly good and badl TO THE LEFT AND BELOW LeTT, Top To BoTTom: AuTrey, Bailey, Blackwell, Capello, Cooley. Below: There were many Tense momenTs in The Till' wiTh Vanderbilt Ng. -'E V 9 x , AA.. .mi Xa., 1-11 V- Q LEzf'T-itiiw. Tillman of Ole Miss recovered a fumble by Simes of L. S. U. in firsT quarTer. Ole Miss ....... I4g Louisiana STaTe . . . 7 A year ago lasT SepTember, l-larry Mehre carried a bunch oT inexperienced TooTbalI players down To BaTon Rouge and bumped a Louisiana STaTe UniversiTy Team severely and soundly. lT raTher sTarTled The enTlre TooT- ball world. ln TacT, l-Tarry Mehre laTer admlTTed iT sTarTled him. One year laTer This same T-larry Mehre carried a bunch oT TooTball players-This bunch a liTTle more experienced -down To BaTon Rouge, and The Bengals-The veriTable Boys oT Bernie-knew wiTh varying degrees whaT To ex- pecT. They goT iT, and when Ole Miss leTT Tiger STadium wiTh The scoreboard reading I4 To 7, everyone was willing To admiT ThaT lasT year's game was no Tluke-ThaT iT was genuine, real, headsfup TooTball. The Rebels didn'T sTarT Their season by playing greaT TooTball. They goT a couple oT good breaks and capiTal- ized on Them wiTh Two Touchdowns-one more Than L. S. U.-and aTTer all, Touchdowns are sTill deserving oT The greaTesT amounT oT commendaTion when iT comes To addf ing up The Tinal score. Wild Willie Schneller-The Mississippi capTain Trom Illinois-sTarTed The scoring parade when he wenT over on a guarTerback sneak, ThaT was in The second guarTer. Lllilililiillll By halTTime, iT looked preTTy bleak Tor The Caians, and even Ol' Mike The Tiger could bear iT no longer. l-le roared, scraTched and screamed-iusT a heck oT a com- moTion in general, and They removed his presence Trom The Tield oT ba++le. More sTripes, however, Took his place aTTer The second halT sTarTed, and Ole Miss was oTT again. This Time iT was climaxed when Chick Gladding sliThed over The goal line on an end around Tor The score ThaT really made The diTTerence. LiTTle Junior Hovlous kicked The exTra poinT, and oTTensively The Rebels packed up and wenT home aT ThaT parTicular momenT. Holding To The old saying abouT noT being able To keep a good man down all The Time, The Bengals raised cn one elbow and goT Their only Touchdown when The reTi3ree blandly ruled lnTerTerence on The Rebel Two. Leff To RighT: Davidson, Day, J. Dodson, L. Dodson, DosseTT -uit-3 .Sr fu. 5. any There ere many Thrills in The Cenfenary game Ole Miss ....... 4Ig SouThwesTern ...... 0 The Rebels Took advanTage oT every scoring chance and humbled a loosely organized band oT SouThwesTern Lynx 4I To O Tor Their second vicTory in The TirsT oT Two Memphis games. Chick Gladding, Jesse Ward, Wobble Davidson, Romeo Popp, Johnny WhiTTingTon and Erm SmiTh were re- sponsible Tor Touchdowns-wiTh SmiTh Taking plaudiTs Tor The aTTernoon wiTh a 26-yard run Through The enTire SouTh- wesTer,n Team. Junior l-lovious, Lee Dodson, Paul WrighT, SmiTh and WhiTTingTon added exTra poinTs. Ole Miss ....... 341 CenTenary ....... 0 lT was one week laTer ThaT The Rebel grid Team hiT iTs sTride-Tlashed everyThing iT had and reTurned Trom Shreve- porT wiTh a 34 To O Triumph over CenTenary. Ole Miss was a greaT ball club ThaT nighT, and Coach Mehre came back singing The praises oT a Team ThaT looked "unbeaTable." Les Dodson led The Mississippians wiTh a Touchdown, Two exTra poinTs, and his besT game oT The year. OTher markers were made by Erm SmiTh, l-lam Murphy, Jimmy Tillman, and Chick Gladding, and poinTs aTTer were added by SmiTh and Junior l-lovious. THT HTHTTS Hll HUT Hlllllllllllll an dam shew.: ww FiTTy-Tive hundred loyal sons and daughTers were ready To go ouT and sing The praises oT a wonder Team. They had seen The Men oT Mehre Take advanTage oT every scoring opporTuniTy ThaT had presenTed iTselT and push a hereToTore unbeaTen Team Trom ST. Louis UniversiTy inTo The mire To a deprh oT 42 To O. The nighT beTore The game They had agreed wiTh Tormer Ole Miss Coach l-lomer l-lazel, RuTger's greaTesT TooTball player and The TaTher oT Two members oT The presenT Rebel grid squad, ThaT Harry Mehre's men were going To "rock 'em and sock 'em" and win The game. Many of Those TiTTy-Tive hundred visiTors had noT re- Turned To Their homes when The Ole Miss I939 TooTball season came To a real climax. Nor were many around when iT happened. For iT came in The dark oT The nighT- unheralded, unexpecTed--grim deaTh in slashing sTeel, screaming brakes, shaTTered glass. Jesse Ward lay dead in an auTomobile accidenT, and Ole Miss never wakened To The TacT ThaT he was gone. l-lis TeammaTes only Too well realized ThaT one of Their midsT could never reTurn, and Their spiriT TalTered To The end. And if FaTe would have iT ThaT way-iT There is any such Thing as FaTe-deaTh chose an opporTune momenT To call on Jesse. Because Jesse had played whaT many believed To be The besT game OT his career. l-le grabbed one oT Les Dodson's passes Tor a Touchdown. l-le seT The sTage Tor anoTher by Taking a 50-yard pass Trom Merle l-Tapes. And beTore The aTTernoon was over, he had crashed Through To block a punT which placed his Team in scoring posiTion again. ThaT was The lasT Time Jesse Ward played ThaT kind oT TooTball-iT was The lasT Time his TeammaTes worked as The impeneTrable uniT which had allowed only one score in Tour games. IT came-a sTroke in The nighT-and The per- son who says iT didn'T rob Ole Miss oT a real wonder Team has Taken The burden oT prooT on himselT. Ole Miss sTarTed TasT againsT ST. Louis, pushed over The E. F39 ,I W4 We Ole Miss pushes Through The Billikins HEHTH UEIIHSIUN WML .fail af Jian TirsT Touchdown less Than a minuTe aTTer The kickoTT, when Junior l-lovious covered a Tumble behind The goal line. Johnny WhiTTingTon wenT Tor ll yards Tor The second Tally. and Ward made his lasT scoring conTribuTion Tor The Third when he caughT Dodson's 43-yard pass. And end-around wiTh Bubber NorTh carrying The ball sTarTed The second halT scoring, and The Rebels made iT Two more on an inTercepTion by Tackle CheT lflozel and a 30-yard dash by Dodson. LeTT To RighT: Dunagin, Eubanks, Furlow, Hapes, HogseTTe '45- in 1 v f Yifwgt. ' 1 -M., "lsr .112 4, .. + A Q -me if I T287 y 1 .gi Gil.:-51: tak' 4 as ...A Til A f .X , -2 4 L . ,,,, 1 T T , 1 slam 1- 9-N I Lett to Right: B. Hazel, L. Hazel, Hovious. G. Kinard, H. Kinard llltltll lllllll lIllHNl ,ami '7fze Rea Ga as Ole Miss . . . .63 Tulane . . I8 By WALTER STEWART The Commercial Appeal Sports Editor TULANE STADIUM, New Orlears, Oct. 28.-Mississippi! hero clan placed a rumpled wreath upon the grave ot Jesse Ward today-struck a vaunted Tulane detense with recl-less fury and left the field with honor piled about the half-statted banners-with all the wounds in tront. The Rebel cause was once again a lost cause, for Ole Miss won all the battles and was defeated I8 to 6. But in the final quarterf-.vith seconds talling fast--the Red and Blue stormed forward over 50 valiant yards until at lost little Junior Hovious drifted to his right and gunned a pass straight irto the teeth of fortune. "That's for Jesse," he mumbled between battered lips. But Jesse wasnt there to take it as he had taken so many. He was tar to the north beneath a carpet ot raw earth. Jesse died last Saturday night in a tangled mass of steel, but Chick G-ladding was there-Chick Gladding was in the end zone with his arms shaped into a loose net. The ball stuck there-for six points which were earned as desperately as six points -were ever earned. It was an ott day tor the Mississippians, and they went home with deteat treshly smeared about their bruised tingers. Returning with them-as staunchly behind their gridmen in that particular deteat as they would have been in victory-were some 400 members ot the student body -many who were just realizing that they had gone to New Orleans to see a tootball game, and the lost cause which The Commercial Appeals Walter Stewart so poet- ically described in his morning-atter story. For really it was a superior team which Ole Miss placed on the tield that atternoon. But everything went wrong -went wrong the same way they always do in times ot despair-and Tulane won a ball game the Greenies didn't deserve to win. They got the brealcs-capitalized on every one ot them-and therein lay the margin ot victory. Erm Smith of Ole Miss went ott tackle tor tive yards in the Tulane-Ole Miss game. N lHllll MTTUITLJTQHMTS Ole Miss ............. I4g VanderbilT . . . .... . . .7 Undisrnayed by Their TirsT loss, The Rebels bounced baclq inTo The SouTheasTern C,onTerence vicTory column wiTh a I4 To 7 win over VanderbilT in Memphis. lT was The TirsT Ole Miss Triumph over The Commodores in 45 years, and iT Toolc The Rebels' specTacular sophomores, Junior l-lovious and Merle l-lapes, To malce iT decisive. A 50-yard pass by l-Tapes wiTh a 30-yard run by l-lovious was good Tor The TirsT score, wiTh a shorT buclc Through cenTer on The parT oT l-lapes suTTicienT Tor The second. Ole Miss ............. 27, STaTe Teachers' College ..,.... 7 KepT on even Terms The enTire TirsT halT and leaving The game wiTh The score lcnoTTed, Ole Miss bursT TorTh in The early minuTes oT The Third guarTer wiTh a Three- Touchdown barrage To send Mississippi STaTe Teachers' College inTo deTeaT 27 To 7 in l-laTTiesburg. The l-lub CiTy had a greaT day planned Tor The invasion oT The Rebels, and The Three homeTowners on The Ole Miss squad, l-lam Murphy, Ado Dun- agin, and Winlcey AuTrey, didn'T leT The home Tollcs down. Ole Miss ..... ....... 4 63 Memphis Teachers ......... 7 Ole Miss Toolc advanTage oT WesT Tennessee Teachers College To The exTenT oT a 46 To 7 score in a campus breaTher game prior To The annual engagemenT wiTh Mis- sissippi STaTe. Seven Touchdowns were regisTered by Franlc Furlow, Les Dodson, Merle l-lapes, l-lam Murphy, Billy Sam, John Dodson, and Raul WrighT in The Red and Blue Triumph. TO THE LEFT AND BELOW Leff, Top To BoTTom: Liles, McGill, MoTfaTT, Murphy, NorTh. Below: Bill Sam of Ole Miss made a dash for an opening in The Vandy line. 1 'Q Lv' OLSON PIVARNIK 7Ze 7939 L LI A M "VYI L D-B IL U' S C H N E L L E R -'N .- ac- x., xj ,.... Ole Miss ....... 6: Mississippi Shale .... I8 ll simply wasn'+ in lhe record for Ole Miss lo win Ihal' day. More Than 20,000 souls, in Iacl, could have I'Old you so soon aller Mississippi Siale had made Ihal' firsl louchdown in lhe second quarler lo equal Wild Bill Schneller's relurn of an inlerceplion before five minules of 'rhe ball game had elapsed. As +he Commercial Appeals David Bloom so apily pul il in his morning-afler accounl o1CSlaIe's I8 +o 6 Iriumph, as long as Ihe sun shone il was Ole Miss' ball game. Bur when Old Sol Iurned back under Ihe clouds, he 'rurned back for lhe aflernoon: and Ihe Rebel advance was dopped. Pushed around in lhe firsi quarler, harassed by a quick Ole Miss Jrouchdown, goaded 'ro desperalion by easy Rebel gains, Jrhe Maroons were lransformed info raging. Iearing demons of men. Led by I-larvey Johnson, a 'rruly magniiicenf back, Ihey laflered Ihe Red and Blue for a Iouchdown in The second quarler, forced Ihem everlasl- ingly back lhroughoul lhe Ihird, and pul Ihe ball game away beyond all recall wilh Iwo 'rrips 'ro Ihe promised land in +he final. Slialie '7ecam i4 Recf Jfali 'WJMK' if f ff' ff' ' -jdE'..,F5,x,- I aug' Wild Bill had made iT Tough Tor The Maroons when he ran 35 yards wiTh his inTercepTion oT John- son's pass inTended Tor Dog CarTer. BuT Johnson apparenTly didn'T TorgeT his miscue, and he spenT The remainder of The aTTernoon making up Tor iT one way or anoTher. STrangely enough, he didn'T Tigure in The TirsT Touchdown, buT he did Tigure in The remainder oT The game. ATTer Arnold Moore Tied The score on a pass Trom Billy JeTTerson, iT was Johnson who banged aT Ole Miss Tor The second Tally, and iT was Johnson who scored again when The Maroons covered a muTTed lciclc on The Rebel I6. ATTer ThaT ball game, The blades who represenTed The TradiTions and ideals oT The STaTe Univer- siTy had no alibis To oTTer. They had given all They had in Them, and They had been beaTen-no more could be expecTed. In deTeaT The names of Two Rebel gridmen sTood ouT-Bill Schneller and Junior Hovious. Schnel- ler was everywhere aT once: and aTTer They carried Hovious OTT The playing Tield in The waning minuTes oT The TirsT half, iT was Schneller who carried The Rebel cause. And when They did remove The liTTle Tellow, l-lovious, iT can be said--and perhaps wiTh rnore TruTh Than poeTry-They removed all of Ole Miss' hopes Tor any lcind oT a vicTory. For Trom ThaT poinT on The Rebels were impoTenT. They had had Their say. Playing Their Tinal game along wiTh CapTain Schneller were Anse Blaclcwell, end: Winlcey AuTrey, cenTer: Ham Murphy, end and alTernaTe capTain: Erm SrniTh, halTbaclcg and Sammy Liles, guard. And Thus Tinis was wriTTen To an Ole Miss TooTball season ThaT had possessed all The earmarlcs of being unusually successTul unTil FaTe made her enTrance wiTh a Tew hasTily said lines ThaT made T C T H E R l G H T all The dil:'l:eFer1Ce in The world. Top To BoTTom: Roberson, Sam, Shirley, M. Smifh, S. Smifh. Forfy Thousand eyes were focused on This play. 4 4-Q in BaTon Rouge. On ThaT score, iT's a case oT wheTher a Third Time can be a charm, and The Rebel gridmen are 7fze!Le'4 rqlwaqet ,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,Sw, nne, ,,,,.,,,,,W,,g,,, lllllllllll llllll Under The guidance oT l-larry Mehre, Ole Miss has rockeTed inTo TooTball prominence These pasT Two years. Never beTore in hisTory had grid Teams wearing The Red and Blue been able To keep down Their number oT losses To as liTTle as Tour Tor Two consecuTive years. IT iusT wasn'T done. ThaT's l-larry Mehre as a coach-a glance aT The l94O schedule reveals The man as a power per se in The TooTball world-a person ready To show The world ThaT he's ready To Take on all comers. l-Tarry Mehre will have on hand nexT Tall The besT Team since he became head oT The Rebel aThleTic seTup. l-le will need iT, because l-larry Mehre Takes 'em on Trom MassachuseTTs To Miami by way oT PiTTsburgh in giving Ole Miss her mosT ambiTious schedule in hisTory. Union UniversiTy in a campus game on SepTember 2l is The TirsT oT Ten games. RaTed in The "breaTher" class, Union is one oT a kind on The Mississippi slale, which really begins To roll The Tollowing SaTurday wiTh Louisiana ST-aTe ouT To show ThaT iT can. Two games away from home Tind The Red and Blue in Memphis Tor The SouThwesTern game and in AThens To Tace The UniversiTy oT Georgia. And Then-iT's l-lome- coming Day on The campus, wiTh The biggesT "name" Team in hisTory Turnishing The opposiTion in The Torm of Du- quesne on OcTober l9. ThaT closes The campus schedule. BUT ThaT doesn'T keep iT Trom gaining momenTum wiTh every passing SaTurday. Arkansas in Memphis, VanderbilT in Nashville, T-loly Cross in BosTon. Three in a row beTore an open dale inTervenes. And Then The TradiTional Tussle wiTh Mississippi STaTe Col- lege on November 23 in STarkville. Followed by an aTTer- ThoughT wiTh The UniversiTy oT Miami, in The Florida winTer capiTal, on November 29. ThaT's how The schedule TiTs inTo This deTiniTely new era of Ole Miss TooTball. Also on The crediT side oT The ledger is a new sTadium, capable of packing near-25,000 crowds. A Team, a schedule, a sTadium. Ole Miss as a TooTball power surges onward, Torwardl The sTadium is always crowded for The STaTe game. R E. U . U l J A l f l A4 4 N ffwwqmve l Q. l' ng... " - They've said iT 'round here Tor a long, long Time-buT This Time They really believe iT's True. lT's abouT The Tresh- man TooTball Team-The Rebel RaTs-and when They say They have The besT bunch They've ever had aT The Uni- versiTy who will be eligible Tor varsiTy compeTiTion nexT Tall, They more or less mean iT. Working as decoys Tor The varsiTy squad The pasT Tall, The Trosh piled up a raTher enviable record-even Though They did lose Their game of The year wiTh Mississippi STaTe College. In Their opener, They beaT a usually powerlful SunTlower Junior C.ollege Team 8 To O in Moorhead. ln Their only campus engagemenT, They came Through wiTh a 27 To O Triumph aT The expense of SouThwesTern's Bob- caTs. Then came The Mississippi STaTe disasTer-a 26 To I3 seTbaclc. BuT iT wasn'T The record of games won and losT which broughT TorTh The rousing plaudiTs ThaT heaped Themselves upon The yearlings. lnsTead, iT was The way They handled Themselves in scrimmage sessions wiTh Coach l-larry Mehre's varsiTy-day in and day ouT-learning The eccen- TriciTies OT every Team on The Red and Blue schedule in order ThaT They mighT be able To parTicipaTe in an oTTen- sive scrimmage session The weelc before The game. TuTored by Coaches Claude lTadl SmiTh and Lloyd lBullyl WhiTe, The l939 Treshman Team had Tew individual sTars To oTTer-none so ouTsTanding as Junior l-lovious or Merle l-lapes oT The preceding year. They did, however, have Two dozen well-rounded TooTball players, many oT whom will see a greaT deal of service wiTh nexT year's varsiTy squad. ln Charles Demos, Coach Mehre will have an excellenT wingbaclc. Pep BenneTT will sTaclc up wiTh The besT oT 'em as a quarjrerbaclc, and Tor all-around baclcs, he won'T Tind a much beTTer selecTion Than Ray Terrell, Max Green- ich, Gordon DeVaulT, James MaTloclc and Orville CasTle. For color, sensaTionalism and all The oTher necessiTies oT The specTacular side oT TooTball, he has Jumping Jaclcie Flaclc. ln The line, Dan Wood, classy cenTer, probably should be nominaTed as "mosT lilcely To succeed" member oT The Torewall. l-lere again, however, we have Teamworlc raTher ill. i Eli iii Coaches Tad SmiTh and Bully WhiTe. Than individual specializaTion. AT The ends were Loren BurneTT, John Guralc, ArThur Goodwin and Franlc Thorsey. AT The Tackles were RoberT Bernacchi, Paul Ferguson, l-larry Breeden, Charles l-larrison and Tom l-larris. AT The guards were Dale Meyers, Lee SmiTh and Dave WhiT- Talcer, and alTernaTe cenTer was Roy Wisozlci. The Freshman Foofball Squad. 4 -'Qs .K ik We 'li A I I i I., I mf,-u--p--.--1.-tive. i L , .ifiim M p 'i.f?2si'UsgE.1 ill "'1"?'f f7s.'Z " .TIE 513 5v3CfK l . : 1 F f-:is-'muiiiiiilbil ' I 1" lf? EEST? 3 f- -"" .id ' cf' um I .,-,.., -L ,. . Q . qw..-Y , sv. , .. 3" -xl' MT?" " ff' 43-465 - we 4 ' s , . bg". Q , ,- Q. .Wx sil 55356 a- . . ' - as- c f ' Ute 1940 14 Mem The year l94O produced whaT mighT IaTer prove To be a new era in Ole Miss baskeTball. IT didn'T bring TorTh a championship Team ThaT wenT Through an undeTeaTed season. Nor did iT un- cover a sophomore who is likely To burn up The league in years To come. IT did, however, inTroduce a new sTyle play which Takes Time To develop, years To masTer. Newly appoinTed Chuck Jaskwhich learned his baskeTball aT NoTre Dame as a sideline To The many Things he was TaughT as a quarTerback on The TooTball squad. NoTre Dame baskeTball, like NoTre Dame TooTball, requires accuracy, Time, precision. To Those Irish cagers, iT is iusT as much oT an arT as a perTecTly execuTed play on The gridiron. ThaT's The sysTem Chuck Jaskwhich has Tried To insTill inTo his Rebel quinTeT The pasT winTer. ThaT iT was noT a Tailure is evi- denced by nine vicTories. ThaT iT was noT a howling success is evidenced by The same number oT deTeaTs. ThaT iT has poTenTiali- Ties could easily be seen by The Type ball The club played Through- ouT iTs I8-game schedule. The Red and Blue quinTeT was oTT To an excellenT sTarT. In quick, rapid-Tire order iT disposed of Mississippi College, Mill- saps, WesT Tennessee STaTe Teachers College, and Mississippi C.ollege again. Then came The TirsT Thorn-a 36 To 32 loss To Millsaps in Jackson, eased somewhaT by an easily-gained Triumph over SouThwesTern. This was Tollowed by The TirsT of eighT losses in The SouTheasTern Conference To Louisiana STaTe. On The vic- Tory side, The Mississippians Took The Lynx inTo Tow beTore em- barking on a disasTrous road Trip. The Tour Through Alabama and Georgia was marked by games wiTh The sTaTe universiTies oT boTh commonwealThs, in addiTion To a like Tax-supporTed insTiTuTion-Georgia Tech. IT is needless To say ThaT The Rebels losT on each occasion. Likewise They made iT Tive in a row in a seT wiTh Mississippi STaTe in Vicksburg and STarkville. BuT somehow, This down-Trodden club bounced inTo iTs own wiTh Triumphs over Louisiana STaTe and Tulane, inTermingled wiTh a loss To The Greenies. Then some sorT oT revenge was gained Trom a convincing 64 To 5l win over Mississippi STaTe College. To spoil The comeback, however, Alabama Took The Tinal game oT The year by a 28 To 25 counT. Individual honors Tor The season were Taken by CapTain Burnell Egger, sTellar cenTer, who led The conference in scoring. In eleven games, he was responsible Tor I76 poinTs-an average oT beTTer Than I6 poinTs per game. Second in The line oT individual perTormance Tor The Mississip- plans was Irving Keller, an All-SouTheasTern ConTerence Torward. OTher regular posiTions were Tilled by I-larold Peeples and l'Iarry Simpson aT The Torwards and Junie I-lovious, Anse Blackwell, Chick Gladding, and J. W. lWobblel Davidson aT guards. OThers who saw a considerable amounT oT service were Larry I-Iazel, I-larry Capello, and C. P. Swinney. Top To BoTTom: Blackwell, Davidson, Hazel, Hovious, Keller, Peeples, Simpson, Swinney. l i l I KS The Ole Miss-L. S. U. game was fasf. BASKETBALL RESULTS Ole Miss . . 503 Mississippi College . . . .26 Ole Miss . .453 Millsaps . ....... . .29 Ole Miss . .4Of Wesl Tennessee Teachers . . . 29 Ole Miss . .493 Mississippi College . . . .43 Ole Miss . .323 Millsaps . . . . . . . 36 Ole Miss . . 542 Soulliweslern . . . . 43 Ole Miss . .473 Louisiana Slale . . 5I Ole Miss . . 513 Soullwweslern . . . . 4I BURNELL EGGER Ole Miss . . 393 Georgia Tech . . . 5I C'-1P'fdlf' Ole Miss . .3l3 Georgia . .. . . . .35 Ole Miss . . 403 Alabama . . . . . . 50 Ole Miss . .463 Mississippi Slale . . . 50 Ole Miss . . 353 Mississippi Slale . . .47 Ole Miss . .453 Louisiana Slale . . 33 Ole Miss . .343 Tulane . . . . . .36 Ole Miss . . 373 Tulane . . . . . . . 30 Ole Miss . .643 Mississippi Slale . . . 5l Ole Miss . .253 Alabama . . . . . .28 iirzi The mafches wiTh Mississippi STaTe were colorful. Hllllllliilll find a. 7aag,fL Spud' 'Rx l174l Boxing wenT The way oT The wind as Tar as The oTTicial SouTheasTern ConTerence is concerned The pasT winTer. And according To The record compiled aT The UniversiTy while The ring sporT was singing iTs swan song, The move undoubTedly was Tor The beTTer, Tor Ole Miss boxing Tor The pasT year or so has been on a sTeady decline-so much oi a decline ThaT The pasT season The Red and Blue miTTmen were able To gain buT one vicTory and one draw in six maTches. And records oT ThaT kind are hard- ly iusTiTiable in any sporT if an insTiTuTion wishes To mainTain aThleTic respecT on all TronTs. When several oT The conference schools Taced The same problem, boxing wenT-buT noT wiThouT some of The senTimenTaliTy which usually wends iTs way inTo a deparTure oT This sorT. Names like Those oi S-Teve Wilkerson, Ray Medlock, Ralph Burns, Clarence T-Tapes-To menTion a Tew oT re- cenT years--woniT easily be TorgoTTen. Their names will lasT long amongsT Those oT The boxing immorTals, and Their records will sTand among The ouTsTanding oT any collegiaTe boxers. Wilkerson broiighT Qle Miss mosT oT her ring Tame. l-le was NaTional lnTercollegiaTe cham- pion--and The year beTore he gained The TiTle, he had losT a close decision in The Tinals. l-lapes wenT Tar in The Golden Gloves-all The way, in TacT, To The Tinals in The TournamenT oT Champions in Madison Square Garden, New York. As an all-around boxer, Medlock was hard To beaT. He, Too, wenT Tar in The Golden Gloves-Tar, loo, in conference ToiirnamenTs. And as a 'ldark horse," There was none beTTer Than Ralph Burns, who copped The heavy- weighT championship in The SouTheasTern ConTerence aTTer a series of quick knockouTs. l-le reTired undeTeaTed. BuT Those days are gone. Ole Miss had no ring hero This year-no one who could puT on a show like Mule DocTor Burns: no one wiTh The courage and sheer deTerminaTion oT Johnny Cook, no one wiTh The Tlash and brilliance oT Kayo SmiTh. Those boys are gone. There were a Tew possibiliTies Tor replacemenTs in sighT, buT They looked remoTe. The Rebel boxing Team reTurned only one leTTerman This year -CliTT Shirley oT Meridian, a man who had The courage oT a collie, The abiliTy To "Take iT" wiTh The besT. Three exceedingly promising newcomers were Mickey Wilkerson, ElaTs Davis, and Bob McArThur. Two more who did exTremely well were Ernie Cannella and CheT Kozel. And Tor sheer gameness, Jimmy Gold- man couldn'T be surpassed. The Mississippians opened Their schedule wiTh SouTheasTern Louisiana lnsTiTuTe in LaTayeTTe, Louisiana, and came ouT on The shorT end oT a 7 To I score. As a sooTher, however, Shirley was awarded a vicTory in an exhibiTion bouT. ThaT was only The be- ginning oT The Tour, because iT did noT include Louisiana STaTe UniversiTy, and L. S. U. will be remembered Tor a convincing 8 To O pasTing. Back on The campus, The Rebel boxers Took Their only vicTory aT The expense oT Mississippi STaTe College, in a maTch which saw boTh schools TorTeiT Two maTches each. ElaTs Davis sTarTed The winning Tor The home Team when he Took a Technical knock- ouT decision in The shorT space oT 24 seconds. Then Ernie Can- nella scored his vicTory, and Tinally The veTeran Shirley. To Tulane wenT Mississippi, and alThough The score managed To sTay The same, Ole Miss was on The shorT end. Coming Through Tor The Red and Blue, however, were Jimmy Goldman, Bob McArThur, and Ernie Cannella. And Thence wenT The Team To The UniversiTy oT Alabama in Tuscaloosa, where The Rebel miTTmen added a Tie To Their cause. WiTh The score knoTTed aT Tour-all, The Mississippi Tally-book Tound The names oT ElaTs Davis, CliTT Shirley, Bob McArThur, and Mickey Wilkerson on The crediT side oT The ledger. The Tinal maTch oT The season wiTh Mississippi STaTe College in The Maroon's own arena in STarkville Tound Ole Miss again The loser, and gave The Bulldogs an even break in ring acTiviTy Tor The season. The score was 522 To 216. Adding poinTs wiTh Tri- umphs Tor The Rebels were CliTT Shirley and CheT Kozel, The laT- Ter by The Technical knockouT rouTe. The halT-poinT was achieved by virTue oT Ernie Cannella's draw. The lineup Tor maioriTy oT The maTches ToughT was as Tollows: BanTamweighT, Jimmy Goldman oT Meridian: EeaTherweighT, George lElaTsl Davis oT Meridian: Junior WelTerweighT, Bob Mc- ArThur oT Marks: Senior WelTerweighT, Ernie Cannella oT WhiTe Plains, New York: MiddleweighT, Mickey Wilkerson oT Lula, LighT l-leavyweighT, CliTT Shirley oT Meridian: l-leavyweighT, CheT Kozel oT Kenosha, Wisconsin. T O T H E R I G H T Top To BoTTom: E. Cannella. Davis, Goldman, Lockhart McArTl1ur, Shirley. Sneed, Wilkerson, Jaggers, Sfickney and Dwyer, Kleinman and Jones, man- agers. 4. -F 'Q T I M741 an-f J. In -. J r I' r, I ,. , is ' x- O ,...s L Q n r i l , lii 1 r's i L, iw- -SQ -. kg! J ' 'e.AI 5. 5. fails. nqf' W' 4 ' u q, AH,-fo "" Q t M413 AA ,wk .. Q p iam- l-1+ , 6,,i,f,, ,lf Riff -'if' his ' 'J - .. ' 'V' fu g..,,, 5,4 r.. s . ,M . ' 'W' 52:1 ' "' "ff!3'Lgi I 4 ,.s. . ' . - '-- '-'ru . ' -r n-- ' wwe- -. '.'-- sa ' 1' . E' IA- QW ,tic , ,- K 2 N- , ' - , ...Q .,, ,. .,---- a 1. ,Q 404 flfineleen 7fu?al'q-fvzlne There are limes when one pays lillle allenlion lo The number of wins and losses when allempling an evalualion of how much has been accomplished by a given alhlelic 'ream during a given season. The I939 'rrack year al Ole Miss lrulhlully falls in lhis calegory, because The 'rwo viclories regislered in five allempls are in no way iusliliable ol The aclual amounl accomplished. l+'s The case of The slory behind 'rhe slory which is more inleresling Than The real slory ilseli, and il ills perieclly info The Ole Miss 'rrack year for I939. Weems Baskin is known nafrionally for his Track honors, bolh as a parficipanl and as a coach. When he siepped info The Ole Miss piclure, he found himself slarling al scralch-Trying lo develop info a squad a bunch of alhleles who had never lhoughl seriously on The subiecl of Track and field endeavor since They had enlered college. Baskin wenl 'ro work from The ground up. He slarled building for fuiure years, and whefher his squad won or los'r every T O T H E L E F T Top +o Boffom: Wing, Whiffingfon, Siaggers, Yaffee. Godman, Mosely, Woodward, Shivers, Norfh, Williams, Hafhorn and Simpson come in firsf. maTch made no diTTerence. l-lis purpose was To insTill in his TracksTers Those principles which are recognized as paramounT in imporTance by men who are considered au- ThoriTies on The subjecT. The '39 Track Team, ThereTore, is The ToundaTion Tor whaT mighT be The "golden era" Tor Red and Blue cinder and Tield endeavor. CapTained by Billy Mann oT Ore- nada, a sprinTer, The squad losT Three meeTs To Alabama, Tulane, and Mississippi STaTe College: won Two in a dual meeT wiTh SouThwesTern and in a Triangle aTTair wiTh Millsaps and Mississippi C.ollege. The Alabama meeT in Tuscaloosa opened The year, and The Rebels wenT under 98 I-2 To 27 I-2. Only Two TirsT places were earned by The Mississippians, Claude Wood- ward winning The 220-yard high hurdles and CapTain Mann Taking The 220-yard dash. Seconds were Taken by Dick STaggers in The mile: Mann in The l00-yard dash and The javelin: Bill Williams in The shoT puT: E. B. Burns in The broad jump: Jesse Ward in The pole vaulT, and Woodward and Frank Furlow in The low hurdles. Tulane opened The campus season, and The Greenies wenT away wiTh a 78 To 48 margin. l-lowever, The TaTes were kinder on The home Track and Ole Miss Took Tive TirsTs: Bernard YaTTee in The mile: Guy l'laThorn in The Two mile: Woodward in The high hurdles: Burns and Red Jackson in The high jump: and Ward in The pole vaulT. Seconds were gained by Thad Moseley in The halT mile: STaggers in The mile: Simpson in The Two mile: Bubber NorTh in The high hurdles: Ham Murphy in The discus. Then The TirsT oT The Rebel Triumphs, wiTh SouThwesTern biTing The dusT 73 To 58 in a second campus maTch. FirsT place men were plenTiTul wiTh Mann Taking The l00: De- WiTT Shivers and Johnny WhiTTingTon The 220: Moseley The halT: l-laThorn The mile: Simpson The Two mile: Wood- ward boTh hurdles: Burns The high jump: and Ward The pole vaulT. Shivers added a second in The guarTer. Climax oT The season was The STaTe engagement which The Maroons capTured 79 2-3 To 50 I-3. For Ole Miss, TirsT place winners included l-laThorn, Two mile: Wood- ward, low hurdles: Williams, shoT puT: Ward, pole vaulT: and Mann, javelin. Second places were Taken by Mann in The IO0 and 220: STaggers, mile: Murphy, discus: NorTh, pole vaulT: and Burns, high jump. LeTT To RighT. Furrow, Jackson, Burns, SmiTh. V .14 n.ipvnl 1 CAPTAIN BILLY MANN ,M A. - A-f M ,.v-am... 5 .... .L Q, 5 ' "S", ,ifrg ' ij , ,. x V. j .0 -- 2,279 1 j xg -if , . .. ., U . V ,I ,af 1. . , . Eagan' 4 - ' A "s.1wXe.w.'1vrs. .X V , . A , ' .. Q'-52,4 Q .if , 2, i gl A p we N iff - Q 1: :' -'Tin ' '. "QQ-' ' " vi ' 7. '12--. I- -was - - ..-J mf- 4 . --'how ..' 4 '.. ,. ' ' ' ' f Q . ,1 'im j ,M M . . 'T .,.,5.s V, A , , '. X 1:5515-??'ik,d,g., A Aj,-f v,. X as .,,.. Fun ,j WL Mix Q2 :uf A 'J' -C00 'i N IV Y' nys- 'i .., ., , T ' 7 11'-If . . w"i'-'iv-3-z ' ,, , , ' 2 uf- ,. ,, Qs... N..- - - - ww, 2:-sjM.L.V-.f. ,, , -, G X, . M f ..... f' gs-'G 1 ,,,,,, - '..':"'T"'2. ,.,. 4 , ,. -. r..,,,y.' ..f...s:-,Q A 5 V... , Q-W -' if - . A V . 1 'W ,,,.,.. gms- , 5f f:,,,i. , , . ' ' , Wy, -I -U-F bv. , ppprfi ' , , :V f J n W .N - , l- , . - , ,. . , '01-J' ygc- 'FX 5?.Y'suc'f' 4' , . 4 Wi! U.,- - v' .5 Q' , f'., ,M fit' 'i .-1 . - .. . HHH HHHTHIN Wad a Speecfq adam Second Ole Miss vicTory was in Jaickson againsT Mill- saps and Mississippi College, wiTh The Rebels adding 62 poinTs. Winners Tor The Red and Blue were l-laThorn, mile and Two miie: NorTh and Ward jTiej, pole vaulT: Mann, IOO: Murphy, discus: and Woodward, low hurdles. ln SouTheasTern ConTerence compeTiTion, l-laThorn Tin- ished second in The Two-mile evenT: Burns Third in The high jump, and Ward TourTh in The pole vaulT. iifi l -k Ill ill lillllllll IIHSHN A mound corps ThaT delivered in The pinches, plus a well-rounded defense, gave Ole Miss one of iTs besT base- ball seasons in years for The I939 campaign. I-lopes for a winning Team looked none Too brighT for Coach Tad SmiTh when he began working his '39 diamond aggregaTion. For The mosT parT, he had To depend on rookies To fill key posiTions which had been vacaTed by graduaTion The preceding June. I-Ie did, however, have coming up one of his besT piTching sTaffs in The hisTory of The insTiTuTion, and iT was on Thaf mound corps ThaT he laid all his hopes. The facT ThaT The Rebels were able To Take I3 of Their I9 games shows ThaT The hurling sTaTf came Through mosT of The Time-several Times when baTTing punch would have meanT vicTory insTead of a defeaT. Included on The sTaff were Two seniors, Ike Pearson and Gordon SmiTh, boTh righThanders. Pearson is probably The ouTsTanding piTcher ever To enroll aT The Universify. AfTer Two highly successful seasons here, he wenT To The Philadelphia Phillies, where he did much relief work- Tinally earning The righT To sTarT several major league games in his firsT year as a professional. JusT as depend- able as Pearson was Gordon SmiTh, a member of The Rebel mound sTafT for Three years. In addiTion To his consisTenT piTching, he was adepT aT The plaTe, and hiT- Ting power meanT much To The Red and Blue baTTing aTTack. Jimmy Tillman, a IefThander, was playing his second year of baseball for The Rebels-his firsT as a sTarTing piTcher. I-Ie came Through quiTe well and should be of considerable service in his final year of acTiviTy. PiTching find of The campaign was Dan McLeod who lacked only experience. McLeod is anofher holdover and probably will mean much To The squad. Dick McAllisTer compIeTed his senior year behind The plafe, afTer working wiTh Red and Blue moundsmen for Three seasons. A good cafcher, a beTTer Than average hiTTer, he wenT wiTh The Meridian club immediafely fol- lowing his graduaTion. Developing an infield was one of The problems which conTronTed C.oach SmiTh mosT of The season. I-Iurlers Gordon SmiTh and Pearson worked on firsT base when noT on The mound. George Kimmons proved To be The spark plug of The Team aT second base: and Irving Keller, only IeTTerman in The infield, worked well wiTh him aT shorTsTop. Sammy lKiller-Dillerl Liles delivered exTremely well in his firsT year aT Third base. The ouTfield was well-rounded from The beginning. Builr around KenT Massengale, The cenTerfieIder who signed an opTion wiTh The BosTon Red Sox afTer The close of school, iT included Paul Busby in Ieff and Son Shelby in righT, boTh hard hiTTers. The Mississippians opened The season by dividing a pair wiTh Louisiana STaTe, Taking The TirsT 8 To 5 and drop- ping The second 8 To O. ReTurning by way oT Jackson, They Took Millsaps 7 To I, wiTh rain forcing cancelIaTion of The second game. In Their firsT home engagement The Rebels Took NorTh Illinois Teachers College inTo sTride 6 To 3, as a warm-up To polishing Alabama for Two SouTheasTern Conference vicTories 6 To 5 and IO To 6. STill riding high, Millsaps wenT under 5 To 4 and 6 To 5 before The Red and Blue Took To The road again. In Their firsT off-campus series, They were downed by Auburn, dropping nexT Their Third sTraighT game To Ala- bama in Tuscaloosa. Tying loose ends TogeTher, They came back in The CapsTone nighTcap To win I8 To I l. The firsT Two of four games wiTh Mississippi STaTe College produced Two Ole Miss vicTories, Il To 4 and 3 To O, To climax The road Trip. Back on The campus, The Rebel nine Took The measure over Mississippi College I2 To 2 before The ChocTaws sTruck back wiTh a IO To 7 Triumph as The Red and Blue made preparaTions To enTerTain Mississippi STaTe College in The final games of The season. The firsT of The Two-game sef produced a I To O vicTory for Gle Miss and gave The Reds a Three-game advanTage in The IQ39 series. 5TaTe, however, came back and Took The second by a 7 To I margin. Leff To Righfz Pearson, Tillman, McAIIisTer, Smifh, Keller. N R O, v, N, 515:71 . 1 in f4'xA. ,. , '25-.F'.. y ' , - ,,., sql-rim-'i?,ggr 5 gf Lbs? - , f':'h' .T i :lfyi -I' i ,T . . I - M:-i, . inn-I rm Ole Ole Ole Ole Ole Ole Ole Ole Ole Ole Ole Ole Ole Ole Ole Ole Ole Ole Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss THE SCORES . . . 8: Louisiana Slale . . . . . O: Louisiana Shale . . . . . 7: Millsaps . . . . . . . 67 Norlli lllinois Teaclwers . . . . . 67 Alabama . . . . . . . . IO: Alabama . . . . 57 Millsaps . . 65 Millsaps . . . . 3: Auburn . . . . 2: Auburn . . . . 5: Alabama . . . . .I8g Alabama . .ll . . . ll: Mississippi Slale . . . . 33 Mississippi Slale . . . . . l2g Mississippi College . . . . 73 Mississippi College . . IO . . li Mississippi Slale . . . . lp Mississippi Slaie . . Top fo Boffom: Shelby, Pefers, Liles, Busby, S+evens, Massengale, Reed, Kimmons, Smi+h, Bradley. L. .SS .1 ' 3..w.',viue.., M A . .., --.+ gf ibgkffftf W , ,.... . -n .. f, .. . .n- , A . . , vm ..-, s - , Q . 919: . I . A -. 'mf ' - Sf -..- ,., , , 4... , -, 5 f - 4 , A ' 4 -... , , I A i , up I' 5 K "' A l ,il .H -3 -. w.,-'- i - . , , 'f "' L" f ' , . ...' ' , ' M25 .' ,, mv- . 5 -s A. dgej Gr- ' at ' ' 5 .Q . "1 71-4 ,.:v N. , 'I 5 " ',s ::w "" ' 4'-B, Lew, s N 1' A yi ' " 'ZV1."'i2' ,4.,-.r.. . 0 ' V , A -K I 5 i . 5 . 4 X Q Q iigv I5 . .- -Q A 4. N 4 Z ,, , N . :wr X N a iss. fe'5v'q,'i ip. v Q, ., -V Q .qu A ' Q.. 1- I we ff' , f - 1, -we sv,-,f A ftfvfsv- 1 A ' . - . ,,.. .. A , .g,J.s,:.+-we m, ., - ' , L .gud 6 ,,...s W t LJ.. A ,Li is L.. fe-11 ff, '-i , bs.,,..,Mv,s-. . si'4q,y-"g1a'l,i4 'Y .I 1,ve,,t, t ,A ,lug .,,, .,4 5,4 V :Q ess., r-'ll O V . ., .gf-X ., 1 V+, , .- V vf ,H-'a i s- rdf- .X A ,,-,g,,.f:Aw,g,w-1"- 5 . , . xv -. " f ' - . 5 ' - ' As. s, v,4,,u.-H, . Q V 'i ii A iA""f"'i K 'i'ic':-N f , P A ,, t .. ..,A, J ,, j-ieagga., flijs. 9, '-A i i' ' M: 1 -...uw m ifwatii n J if I , A Q 51 r Y V ii! '- ?i '?'I1z5 . if ,, - 2417, A - A- -14--1,4 f -,f +L-H 1' :MGE 9 "' -L T ,wat ., ,525 vi , Q' 4: 's' "' 1 ' .5 ikfv-6'5" 1 "'ie""'-4T'Zi ' . U ' ""?"'l" u ff..g"?-f'?55"'-' AQ. . M 'L .i-ws.. .J -V i.' ,'4E'-f ' 'gk M Ze , '-'.-.Hy Y A 'f. -- 'Ak ' - - 'i ig -,:E:.q,. J 4' ' . . uf' ess' '. . . I... ,qv i Q . 1 fi! I i I ' , . - If f . Y li . - , R - . M , X 'v ' L ",Li'!f12 "2 if Q"-. g' I-nr-.j:f ' l .. t F' 'fu-,G-b.e'f-. .. 'fir If: e- I' i:'a':f5-.Q.-T I . A-:y,,L.,-. , ,Mi . . Y"e-s - .xi gf'-eff, 'I -QQ.. 955 , ' hl'L: .g 51 L A? " A-14 f l f'?"fC WH. ' -' - , - X f Q K, V -T M .nl , 11 'i U Q." L "l"K.' X V-I yr J ,M xx. ' r 2. vi. Q , - ef' B 195 ELJ ,wg of didn' -6 Q K -f:Tw,,3"l'iN . 1999 .wg --04" r.. 1- 'Q ' F .lv 'Nm 0 1. 'ea My Q - : Ogg -"' --so arg 4. .y, 3- M v .f...,,f , I 0 W fnBaancffVew Gaudi! The I939 lennis season will be remembered lor lwo lhings al lhe Universily ol Mississippi: lirsl, an admirable record ol eleven viclories and seven deleals-admirable aller a nel droughl ol several years: and second, lhe dis- linclion ol a schedule which look an Ole Miss alhlelic leam lor lhe lirsl lime oll lhe Norlh American conlinenl. , , , ' The lrip lo Havana, Cuba, where lhe Red and Blue 'T .- . , . played lhe Universily ol Havana, was lhe highlighl ol 41.51 4 one ol lhe mosl ambilious road lrips in lhe hislory ol lhe inslilulion-even lhough lhe Havanans did llash lhe Cuba s Cup leam on lheir visilors lo lalce a 5 lo I viclory. however, hardly mallered, lor lhe Mississippians greeled lo lhe islands by lhe presidenl ol lhe c in person and had allended a lunclion in lhe American embassy. lhe squad, which was coached by Prolessor Ralph Miller, George Joesl, Billy Balmer, n, and Lesler Dannenberg. Aller being , Max Pegram served as manager. ns opened lheir campaign on lhe cam- 6 lo 4 lo a superior Davidson squad. lirsl lwo viclories over Michigan Slale Universily ol Alabama 4 lo 3-bolh cam- wglaa '?igwewu,s alla: Spring Hill, however, slaged lhe nexl in- , , Wvaion. and lhe Rebels wenl under 6 lo I. Bul Soulh- ,,,-.1'i-',,Q,'W,eieirn in Memphis ollered some sorl ol consolalion a day or so laler as lhe Red and Blue loolc a 7 lo 0 lriumph. Rain greeled lhe leam on ils lirsl malch on lhe road- al Mississippi College-and cancellalion resulled. ll cleared up sullicienlly, however, lor Alabama lo win a 7 lo O malch, and lhe Rebels conlinued lhrough Georgia lo lalce Emory 4 lo 3 and Tech in Allanla 5 lo O. Florida and Slelson ollered anolher pair ol viclories, bul lhe Universily ol Miami ollered loo much lor lhe Mississip- pians, and lhey wenl under 9 lo O. From lhere, lhe leam wenl lo Havana, and lhence lo Louisiana Slale, Tulane, and Spring Hill lor lhree more selbaclcs. Their lasl malch away lrom home wilh Millsaps ollered a 6 lo O viclory, and lhey closed lhe season wilh anolher over Mississippi Slale College, 5 lo 2. Top lo Bollom: Joesl, Baller, Pegram, Ornslein, Miller, Dannenberg. TO THE LEFT .ff fi Zaremba, Maddox Boyd The winning ways possessed by Ole Miss golf 'reams in years pasf refurned fo fhe Red and Blue linlcsmen for fhe season I939, wifh nine vicfories regisfered in fen engage- menfs. Only a flashy aggregafion from Tulane was able fo conquer fhe Mississippians. The Zarernba brofhers-Felix as Number One, Sfeve as Number Two-formed fhe nucleus for fhe squad, which confained also Pefe Boyd, Alberf Gardner, and Dick Mad- dox. Dr. John B. Wolfe served as coach. The school fournamenf, which creafed more inferesf fhan any held fo dafe, was falcen by Boyd, who scored a close vicfory over Gardner in fhe finals. The innovafion of grass greens fhis fall was fhe ouf- sfanding irnprovennenf made on fhe course since if was builf. Several holes were lengfhened, and a par of 35 if s Q . ,fy :Q is il ,, ,kg -.I .ig TO THE RIG G ardner. Zarem HT ba is The Ole Miss Par-Busfing Golf Team for I939 ,hi-ar was esfablished for fhe nine holes. 3 "3 A. iv .ii l , 1 . ...- E ,.. 7'W!"lfa' 'g-6 , - SJ4'vy,' .4 49-'Q ,.. 4 Y: u 1 ls The big dogs of flue lnframurals program . . . Weafluer is a minor concern when fennis is played indoors . . . Sluuffleboard is popular af Ole Miss . . . And pifching horsesluoes is fun. ULE MISS I An oufsfanding acluievemenf of flue pasf year in flue way of aflulefics was innoyafion of an organized Infra- mural Aflulefic Program. Sponsored by flue Deparfmenf of Aflulcfics and Pluysical Educafion, flue lnframural pro- grfurn waz under flue immediafe supervision of Coaclu Clfuuflff llafll Smiflu, wluo worlfed wiflu an lnframural f Con r"l fail luc-adcd by Candler Wiselogle of lvlempluis fo flfrlorminrf policies for flue now acfivify. lluff lnfranruuural Program worled luand-ineluand wiflu flue , filfl lnffrurfriulornify Aflulefic Program, alfluouglu if widened THA UHALS ifs scope and allowed for compefifion wiflu dormifory, fown, and faculfy represerufafives. The program mef wiflu immediafe response from members of flue sfudenf body, and very few were flue affernoons fluaf some pluase of aflwlefic compefifion was nof in progress. Tlue year's worlc was divided info fluree seasons-fall, winfer, and spring. Included on flue fall calendar were soff ball and volley ball. On flue winfer calendar were baslefball, fable fennis, foul flurowing, boxing, and bad- minfon. Cn flue spring calendar were soff ball, golf, fonnis, swimming, volley ball, and fracl. ln selling up Jrhe new sysiem, Coach l-larry J. Mehre, direclor of aihlerics and physical educafion, poinled our The need for such a program al The universilyz "ll is of viial impor+ance," he said, "Thai you exercise your body as well as your mind while al Ole Miss. Wholesome recreafion is lo be derived from parlicipa- lion in The various acrivilies scheduled for your Team and for you as an individual. New friends can be made, a befler college spirii realized." Eraferniiies which enfered 'reams in mosi of ihe sporls were Delia Kappa Epsilon, Della Psi, Phi Kappa Psi, Sig- ma Chi, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Phi Della Theia, Bela Thela Pi, Delia Tau Della, Kappa Alpha, Kappa Sigma, Alpha Tau Omega, Pi Kappa Phi, Sigma Nu, Pi Kappa Alpha, Phi Pi Phi, Sigma Phi Epsilon, and Phi Epsilon Pi. ln addifion, a facully Jream was eniered, 'rwo Town Jreams, and several Teams from +he various dormilories. Throughoui Jrhe year poinls are awarded 'ro each group +ha+ parficipaied in +he several sporls on ihe rec- reaiion program. The sporls are divided inlo minor, inlrermediaie and maior classificaiionsp and The number of poinls given lhe winner in each is based on 'rhese groupings. In fralerniries, The group having 'rhe largesl number of poinls a+ Jrhe end of rhe year is awarded 'rhe Universily of Mississippi Rofaling Trophy, 'ro be lcepi by Jrhal fralernily for Jrhe ensuing year. When The lrafer- nily wins 'rhe Trophy Tour limes, il becomes +he perman- enl possession ol Jrhaf group. A handboolc issued a+ 'rhe opening of school in Sep- iember was prepared lo inauguraie 'rhe program. Pre- pared by Billy Gaies, direcfor ol afhlefic publicify, if will be published annually. Among olher Things, if will coniain rules governing each spori, poinls 'ro be awarded and records made from year 'ro year by various indi- viduals and groups eniering 'rhe compeliiion. NebleH swings a wicked swaf! .ef- 6' 1. 8 T' , gi' - i .n. 1- Jumping for baslrefball. . . Playing ping pong . . .volley ball. 'S - af' .s - - H. ., V , -, ii qt. 1 ,.,. ""'f' HI? ,,-4 .Q , fwe f i -f 'n '9eg':9f M-Ye ,x ..... , ,-,,.., And Noel drives some hcl ones' n gYAf.Q f. f Y AW 4 . Guia? :QQ I , --- N Tl, 'em Q, T s 5 ......w T U gf' X . 3 T if 1. I, . 1 f I i l ,,'!,,,.--as CN ---, .f N Hu 'Q xx' 5 , 'Q rx xx 'sv lr x r r MEMBERS SHOWN BELOW Erin Privy: Annie Andersen Marrha Andi-rsrin, Melba Anderson Mary Maraarer Barnes, Marauerife Bigger, Frances Ballon, Henri- erra Bryant Laura Bryanr, Elayce Rule Burchlield, Myrfis Burnell, Nancy Cazhrnan. Second privvi Melya Carlwriqhr, John Sue Chap- rnan, De-rl Chaney, Frances Clarlr, Marrgaref Clay, Amelia Cocker Eranriea Cnlby, Erancezr Conner, Eayzsour Cornell, Mary Elizabelh Cfrcvlr, Juanita Cox, Zula Crm, Third Row: l-larriel Crablree, Jane Crrj-.Q-l, Lila Dedaur, Virginia Eley, Rurh Erwin, Anna Rose Finney, Marqarer Fowler, Eranfei Garrefl, Parricia Goldberg, Jane Gur- ney l-lelen Haag, Maririrrie Hall. Eourlh Pow: Eleanor l-lam, Elizakrelh l-lanwilron, Marilyn l-larrison, Sara l-lenley, Peqqy Hub- bard, Goldie I-gaariz-sn, Annie Glenn Johnecrn, Ada Johnson, Lenore lfinwbrrtiuqh, Sally Kirlr, Lucie Kilchinqs, Iris Kleban. Eillh Row: Sara Cooper Lear, Lanelle Lang, Marrgarer Love, Minnie Maud May, Margaret Meadows, Frances Monroe, Evelyn Moore, l-larriel Ann Murphy, Eli-anriir' McCabe, Doris Mricarlhy, Elsie MCCGy, Elevrdrrirp Mriflrirnal-il. Sirrh Rrirwz Marqarel M3Kee, Marqarel h',1,keT5' Newsom, Wanda Nirihrirlz, Evelyn Peyey, Doll Porfer, Ruby Prilch- rDuXl"-fexle ard, Purh Pay Viyiern Reed, l-laiel Sheffield Karlwerine Sheffield, 'Ya-nnanl are lflrjrrcrlhy Shulrirrri, Qnie Snrirhu Seyenlh Row: Gene Slansbury, Vir- Pevexi and V izinia Thiiroen, lfarlrg-r'ine lerrnanl, l-larriel Wall,er. Juanila Wallxer, Edilh Wanilcir, .lame While Anna B, Wlrile. 'lornrnye Wilslord, lfirm WOOdr'ull, l-lrj-len Yalrgg, 1 ,Q ' ri. iw rar M ,I ' 1? 9 if Fi .A -Q I Y i E 'W' ' A . X W ' ' 35,1 '95, Y QA! ' M gi f d rsflli v- Q' ag gg. G 'QQ A . ' rf' A X . b W V , f 'G .fn , . , gf . 4' i 4 - Q. F I, TJ 1 I A.-, A -- 1- , 'J' Q, li- V . sa ., rx ' 1 .Q ,V A :V if - Q7 5 . ' -. . A x . .fl " Vi , ' ' -"' r Ky y, 'V 45 : J ar uit, , ,I-ul, K -,511 ,f , . rw., 7 .3 3 F a , Q ,T .f-I 'X 3 -, f 'Q .r., . 15- , , -8 -l G .5 -- x 5 17 -3 rj: ' , N' Q V : 5 ,-.Ab D - fQ. l I , .7 , 5 M 1 1: fi .. 3 r I .. R 'J cv 1 X r Q xx ll XT- ' r' " " -vw + . PM 'E " is 4 fr - - Y V E if My E '- if ri rg 4, ' Av t Q 1-' NL in ' ,. N tl, 'Y S, N I ' , '1 . Iv ' L "lift N - link' :li I ,lr N N . ' 4 mi' ,1- WUMENS ATHLETIE ASSUEIATIU The Women's Afhlefic Associafion again proved one of fhe oufsfanding forces in defermining coed exfra- curricula acfivify af fhe universify. An all-round afhlefic program including compefifion in baslcefball, badminfon, darfs, shuffleboard, declc fennis, bowling, and fennis was sponsored. Trophies were awarded fhose organizafions compiling greafesf number of poinfs, and pins, emblems, and leffers were awarded oufsfanding girls. Hamllfon and Woodruff af ping pong. Badminfon is a good game. Ole Miss coeds ca Officers of fhe W. A. A. were lrene Woodruff, pres- idenf, Margaref Clay, vice-presidenfg Sue Chapman, secrefaryg and Laura Bryanf, freasurer. The group is affiliafed wifh fhe Mississippi Federafion of Womenls Afhlefic Associafions-of which Miss Woodruff is pres- idenf. The organizafion comes under fhe iurisdicfion of fhe Deparfmenf of Afhlefics for Women, headed by Miss Rufh Whife. . n pifch em z e W S N V i 4-:ug ..h 2 , 3 1 3, Q ., .1-...-z.-as -- m' -4, I .-.l""" l ,, f , ,,, 55? 5? ki., - 1 ' 14 V' 's 5' -s. A av e . gi I -J .. ,, 1 ,,e,.:. 1 'Sf 4' '3' 1 , X , .21 r . . ay wg? T 'Z' 5- I 1 X . ,141 L. Q16 sl' rr' 7 ws- 6 , fy ai 5 ,I First Row: Anne Chase Sally Kirk, Ninnabel Neilson, Sara Lewis Knof Poli, Sarah Rainer, DIJVOIIM' Faiillrier. Second Row' Mabel Klaus! Gertrude Wilkinson, Mary Elizabefn Cool, Jean Lifiiepaqel Virginia Thiqoen, Rebecca Eason, Norma Gale. iliird Row Louise Nanney, Mary Margaret Grass, Mary Kale Heard, Irene Woodruff, yn I-Iilliny Doris Loflin, Nancy Poiler, IE EUU EIL AN-HELLE VIRGINIA THIGPEN . . SALLY KIRK .... OFFICERS MABEL OWEN KLAUS I KNOX POLK Chi Omega Anne Chase Sally Kirlr Ninnabel Neilson Della Delia Della Sara Rollins Lewis Knox Poll: Sarah Rainer MEMBERS Phi Mu Dorolliy Faulkner Mabel Owen Klaus Gerlrude Wilkinson Kappa Delia Mary Elizabellw Cool Jean Liillepaqe Virginia Tlwiqpen Della Gamma Rebecca Eason Norma Gale Louise Nanney , . , . . . Presielenl . Vice-Presiclenl . . .Seererary Treasurer Della Zela Mary Marqarel Grass Mary Kale I-leard Irene Wofdruif Zefa Tau Alpha Evelyn l-lillin Doris Loflin Nancy Polrer .J QQ -Af W ,V iiixiwi V f uf . F- -6 . N, . 9' IIBQI E ,, -A ,Q as 1 X -qv 4 ft- My 'f 5-G-' vi var . L - ix 5' 5- gg uv A p I' Nm., 9 5 , LM. Zig? . 6 4 , 6- 1 2' M.. 1 -4 . '1 fx 2' ii ,af K W GT w 'ff ,r an ' 'W 7V 1 v -3- 6:1 , .u ' T 4? 4, .9 bf' cy t J' A 3 wx , eff ,cs 'SLT 10' Q' 75 ul Q. vs , 1 3 u T O ,- . fi' P 4 1 'B 1 ' a. 'x M A' f? -' 9 QA -F C ar 'L ,,-,, ui f X , . Q 4 ' ,,, , 2.133 S X 1 ' -f '54 Furs? Row: Elsic Hannnrinr, Jnsfrna Brown, .Ivan Bnrnnaww, Frances Davis, Marina Ann Dywr, Jwan Fairly, Francns Fanf, Cv-nrrnffy Gairhvr, Mary Hriabv-th Crnnn, Sally Kirk. Second Row. Sara Cooper Lcar, Annie Fay Lrrrnar, Mary Eirxabefh Mrfrghnlr, Nrrnmrn-I Nf-llsrrn, Varquriva Pa- ton, Rrfsfrburi Rnwianri, Anna Kainerlne Rurlcdqe, lane Sfcwaff, EsTher Tayirgfr, Third Row. Joanoffv- Van Zandf, Eiifh Winn, Jean BEiYkSliJIC, Ffrrrr-51 Bvrwz'-n, Marfna Bess Brfrwn, Rfrbblv Qonarrrarv, Junv Dwiyhr, Ruin Eryrn, Marque-rrffz Hrflrnes. Fmurfh Row: Ada Juhnson, Lvnore Kim- krmuqn, Marqarfe? McC:,vy, Tornrnyc Wnlsforri, Marcia Yates, Jasc-prnnc Ayr:-S, Francns Ann Chase, Rmb Han, Hr-Man RLASSQN. Fifth Row: Doris Swv, Alice Sharp-3, Annie Anderson, Ada Jo Afkrnson, Ru1h Audley BC-Hrhrgmyr-r, Mary lm-lla Brarilr-y, Floycc Burr.lrfIQH, Ruby Crain, Mar! Tha Ur-an, Srvfh Rnw: Mf-lsssa DQ-ar, Gal-ia Dfrcfg-ll, Jvan barnrnon, C,r'r.1 1-r-fl, Jfrnf- C vr,- I-'i-rn, Mary Cjrinn-S, Eh-an-Jr Hath,-n, Evcryn Hood, If-an Hrrpkrns, Svgfvflnrn Rn-wi Maryurln- D00 Hopkins, Posvy Humphrey, Lyn- Hnnrv., l'4f'M3n LfrurSv Jf-nkins, HHH-n Kr-nyrmn, Mariy Love, BOHy Janr- Mfmrhn, Rmb Ma-ww-II, Nrrrnm M-rnaqhan. fzlrzlrih R-Jw' RUSan1fwn1i Myfrs, Ann Unrilw,-, Owv-ni, Mary Jam- Prf:S5r1rfvvf', Ann? Taylfrr, Marr annr- Trnylnr, lrinh W1-NWS, M.nfgfn:'? Ann WPrrIf'A, born: Wrlllams, Salllf' WnINr4r:rrs, C'1H1f,-rirw Wrrmrw. ALU M NAE IN TOWN MRS. D. H. BISHOP MRS. AMY JOHNSON MRS. J. B. BROWN MRS. A. L. CANNON MRS. A. B. BUTTS MRS. IRA L. MORGAN MRS. F. E. FAROUEAR MISS ELMA MEEK MRS. HERMAN GLENN MRS. D. G. NEILSON MISS MARY R. GLEEN MRS. F. M. PURSER MISS IRENE HOLLOWAY MISS MARGARET ROWLAND MRS. WARNER HOLT MISS MARY V. ROWLAND MRS JACK HUME MRS. JOHN B. WOLFE MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Graduate ELSIE MARKS HAMILTON . . JUSTINA BROWN . JEAN BURNHAM . . FRANCES DAVIS ..., MARTHA ANN DYER . . JEAN FAIRLY ...,. FRANCES FANT .,,. COURTNY GAITHER , . MARY ELIZABETH GLENN . SALLY KIRK .,.,.... SARA COOPER LEAR ...., ANNIE FAY LOMAX , . . . MARY ELIZABETH MITCHELL NINNABEL NEILSON ,.., VIRGINIA PAXTON ...... ROSEBUD ROWLAND . . . ANNA KATHERINE RUTLEDGE IONE STEWART .,..... ESTHER TAYLOR .,.. JEANETTE VAN ZANDT . . EDITH WINN ...., . JEAN BARKSDALE .... FORREST BOWEN . , MARTHA BESS BROWN . ROBBIE COLEMAN JUNE DOYLE ...,, RUTH ERVIN , . . . . MARGUARITE HOLMES . ADA JOHNSON ..,. LENORE KIMBROUGH . . MARGARET McCOY . . TOMMYE WILSFORD . . MARCIA YATES . . . JOSEPHINE AYRES , . , FRANCES ANN CHASE . RUTH HALL ..., , HELEN RUSSELL . . DORIS SEAT ALICE SHARPE . . ANNIE ANDERSON .... ADA JO ATKINSON ..... RUTH AUDLEY BELTZHOOVER MARY LEILA BRADLEY . . FLOYCE RULE BURCHFIELD . RUBY CRAIN ......... MARTHA DEAN ....... MELISSA DEAR . . . GOLDA DE CELL . . JEAN GAMMON . . CORA GEE .... JANE GORDON . . MARY GRIMES ,... ELEANOR HATTEN . EVELYN HOOD . . . . . JEAN HOPKINS ...,.. MARJORIE DEE HOPKINS . , POSEY HUMPHREY ..... LYLE HUNTER ....... . HELEN LOUISE JENKINS . HELEN KENYON ...... MARTY LOVE ...... BETTY JANE MARTIN . . RUTH MAXWELL ,... NORMA MONAGHAN . . ROSAMOND MYERS . . ANN DUDLEY OVVENS .... MARY JANE PRESSGROVE . ALINE TAYLOR ....... MARIANNE TAYLOR . . . EDITH WELLS ...,.,.. MARGARET ANN WHITE . . GENE WILLIAMS .... SALLIE WILLIAMS . . . CATHERINE WINN . . Seniors Juniors Sophomores PLEDGES ll9lI . Jackson, . Hattiesburg, . , . Magee, . . . Como, . Lexington, . . Hazlehurst, . , Memphis, . Moscow, . , Oxford, . . Greenville, , Yazoo City, . Greenwood, . . Oxford, . Oxford, , Greenville, . . . Oxford, . . McComb, . . Osyka, . Vicksburg, , Jackson . Laurel, . . Jackson, . . . Tupelo, . , , Grenada, . Clarksdale, . Clarksdale, Crystal Springs, . . . . Vaiden, . . Lexington, . Greenwood, . . Greenville, Lula, . . Shelby, , Alexandria . , . Lucy, . Tunica, . . Tunica, Jackson . Corinth, i . . Grenada, . . Pickens, . . . Natchez, . Yazoo, City, . . Ruleville, . . Wilson, . . , Jackson, . Greenwood, . . Yazoo City, . . . Como, . Carrollton, . . lndianola, . . Sanatorium, . . Gulfport, . . Tunica, , . Gulfport, . . Gulfport, . . Lexington, . La Grange, . , Natchez, , . Clarksdale, . Jackson, . . Dundee, . . . Pickens, . Memphis, . , Sewanee, . , . Jackson, . , Charleston, , . . . Como, . Friar Point, Crystal Springs, . . , Natchez, . . . Ellisville, . Jackson, . Laurel, Miss Miss Miss. Miss Miss. Miss. Tenn Tenn Miss Miss Miss. Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss , La Tenn Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Ark Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Tenn Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Tenn Tenn Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss '-vfrjvx, . .:...:,. I 4 i.. f.2f..7Z3?iQiEiE--f ., F555-1, ' 5251: 'fi 'AR ' imiifjiifz,-,f':'i,' ' ,ji5iif5EE1'.' 'I 'Hs .. "iii-i5l'55 . :.:zf:. 1, 2: :. I ".-. .L ..i.' Q .. 41252 I"- ia, ""-A lj: I-fic. :Iii .322 ".'I 'L '45 ll" ,1'iA5i5'C1f " " ij-' ' - I Q, fl' t'Q5lQ5I'5E 51, Y 2.4. ff ix - -3 '1' ey im' , asf' ii-2 135255171 r 5k.s5S,L'LLI1 " Ijhi Umeqf-1 Founded I 895 Colors Cardinal and Straw Flower Vifhite Carnation Eighty seven Active Chapters TAU CHAPTER Established I 899 3 , .lu ' 4- .1 Q. y V v , J - x 5- 6 6 I as - if -5 Q ta N' X 1 i lx I 4 ,- IV' 2 af v 4, J I . s Q 1- fo' E r J. , X ' , xv ' Q rs 55, ii. ws , is , sz Ks D 9' . ' ' ' 5 9' I P fi . "SCA K I N 1 H ' . - - ' S, fl. 5 ' ' X , , fi 3 V ti Q Q, Q fi - 5' -v a x, V Y , 'Tri I . ,F Q , ' ,.., gg-1, 9, -U 5: -..I . - 4' ' 5 1' fffa , ,- , X 3 -1 Tx' ' U Y r Furs? Rnw Mary Ashwy, Mau-jc BQHQ-rv, Jenmo Davis, Eiswe Herman, Joyce Hoffman, Mudred Hubbard, Jane Huqqins, Bery! Jordan, Sarah Lewns. Secono Row: Eleanor Myers, Euzabefh Nash, Knox Polk, Camille Summers, RQSCIIQ Turner, Lucy Whnfe, Euqenua Bradford, Brownie Bur- wn, Ann Ferris. Tnurd Row. Elllabcrn Harmlfun, Elouisc Jones, Ba? Krarnvr, Vwrqmm Mrze, Gram' Sarhn, Voohrir-s Danreis, Rufhe Mrnor, Mary Mrrnigonmry, Mynjnnn Pure, Fwurfh Row: Francns BoHon, Lucy Bmwn, Dorothy Cnmpbely Lv Point Casswbry, Mnbfil Cole, Zuia Cow, ,Q L Kahf Cmfraf? Luk! Cmnl-mi, Jann Finyri. Fnffh Row' Frances Garraif, 5- Rr,-sr'IN.1 Gmvf-s, Surah He'-nh-y, KAW Jnnuson, Eleanor McCabe, Marque ' rlrfr MrH0nry Batty Bra!! Moorr-, VV.andn Nirhok, Haze! Piqford. f V' Sr-Hu Rfw. Lnimn Rmnf-r, Rurh Rm, Onnm Smirh, Jvan Sfacy, Ann Tnmvwpswvw Annf' Tull,-s, Mary Vsn-iff, BIIMP Wiqqins. F 5 Y -limi- ' -wr 5 4 Il . is n 14 in-5' Au' ll br W .41 MEMBERS IN FACULTY MISS IRENE SNYDER MISS ALUMNAE IN TOWN MRS. MARGARET BRADY MRS. MRS. CALVIN BROWN MISS MRS. DAVID CARTER MISS MRS. BAXTER ELLIST MRS. MRS. B. S. GUYTON MRS. MRS. JEFF HAMM MISS MRS. BRANHAM HUME MRS. MRS. WILL LEWIS MISS MRS. JACK LILLY Seniors MARY ASHLEY ...... ..... MAUDE MAGEE BOLTON . . JENNIE DAVIS ......, ELSIE HERMAN ..... JOYCE HOFFMAN ...,.. MILDRED LOU HUBBARD . . JANE HUGGINS ..... BERYL JORDAN ..... SARAH ROLLINS LEWIS . ELEANOR MYERS . . . ELIZABETH NASH . . KNOX POLK ,..... CAMILLE SUMMERS . . ROSELLE TURNER . . LUCY CARL WHITE . . Juniors EUGENIA BRADFORD . . . . . . BROWNIE BURTON . . ANN FERRIS ,...... ELIZABETH HAMILTON . , ELOUISE JONES ..., BAE KRAMER ..,,. VIRGENE MIZE , . . GRACE SARTIN . . Sophomores VOORHIES DANIELS ....... , . RUTHE MINOR ,..,.... . . MARY VIRGINIA MONTGOMERY . MARIJEAN PATE ,,...,.... PLEDGES FRANCES BOLTON ..,.. .,.... LUCY MATTHEWS BROWN , . DOROTHY ANN CAMPBELL . . LE POINT CASSIBRY .... MABEL COLE ..... ZULA COX . .... , KATIE CRACRAFT ...,. ELIZABETH CRANFORD . . JANE FLOYD ..,.... FRANCES GARRATT . . ROSELLA GRAVES . . SARAH HENLEY . . KATE JOHNSON .... ELEANOR MCCABE . . . MARGURITE MCHENRY . . BETTY BEALL MOORE . . WANDA NICHOLS . . HAZEL PIGFORD . LETITIA RAINER ..... RUTH RAY ......... ONNIE FRANCES SMITH . . JEAN STACY ......... DOROTHY ANN THOMPSON . . ANNE TULLOS ......... MARY LIDA VANCE .... BILLIE WIGGINS . . ll93l MARY JANE WALLACE A. H. LITTLE KATHRINE MURRY MARY NEIL DON RAY J. A. SMALLWOOD EVELYN STONE R. L. SULLIVAN ELIZABETH WADE . Hollandale, Miss. , . Tupelo, Miss. . . University, Miss. . . . Laurel, Miss, . . Memphis, Tenn. . . Blytheville, Ark. . Waynesboro, Miss. . Hollandale, Miss. . . Batesville, Miss. . Meridian, Miss. . . Tupelo, Miss . . . Inverness, Miss. . Huspuckena, Miss. . . , . Shaw, Miss. Newton, Miss. . . . Vaiden, Miss. . . . . . Canton, Miss. . Holly Springs, Miss. . . Meridian, Miss. . Belzoni, Miss. . McComb, Miss. . . . . . Forest, Miss. . Hattiesburg, Miss. . Holly Springs, Miss. , . . . Paulette, Miss. . . Inverness, Miss. . Senatobia, Miss. . . . . . Tupelo, Miss. . Holly Springs, Miss. . . . . Mobile, Ala. . . Cleveland, Miss. . . . Monroe, La. . . Marks, Miss. . Helena, Ark. , . . Laurel, Miss . . Cleveland, Miss. . . . Boyle, Miss. . . Batesville, Miss. . . . Macon, Miss. . . University, Miss. . Vicksburg, Miss. . . . Monroe, La. . McComb, Miss. . . Canton, Miss. . . Meridian, Miss. , . Yazoo City, Miss. . . Canton, Miss. . Ripley, MISS. . . Dill, Ark. . Laurel, Miss. . . . Pace, Miss. . . Batesville, Miss. . , lndianola, Miss. , .mm -, , --'.f12'?,fft ziiiflttz.-.. -' 1 1112: 1" M, ':1.,1iZ1f'1 Z gi .,,,:..-:lv . -g::.g51z..3s .. gun - ' .. " sf -- ' - 'I' .E '- I5 - .1357 lf! 'fl "i.faa':2..?ifil1i'i-P l lf' isffiszltzzwe 1 " T .'ii.15"gi.'.' Ni .5 Q, W., I . ' I T , 13115: 4 :-' Della Hella Della Founded l888 Colors Silver, Gold and Blue Flower Pansy Eighty-seven Active Chapter s CHI CHAPTER Eslablislted l904 if , su 'N ii- Q , ,W f C R X, "' W 2 4 13 1-1, - . Yr? 1 TE - , , .ff ' M, ""' i, g , , A ,X " . 'ST A Q .. V 6- A A 13, -. ' Q ,., ty ' 'V . xl, .',- 1' , mi I. we 'R Q 19 iw. N -iv . ,. ' w N, I! J 'j x v - i K x iii: as 'J J" - uf S libs 9 , 1 IG: fd . ,ix 'S' E 3' . 'T' X: V Q Jaw' -1 ,W f l Q' 7 -ry I V ,f Fnrsl Row: Carolyn Buglr, Mabrrl Klaus, Louise Mgllav, D-'rralhy Reeves, A, C. Slerlqcf, Allle Mabel Srrrlllr, Tarrrura Spawn SCC'Jllll Row' Mari- anne Tharlon, Gerlrudc Wilkinson, Carrrlyn Reed, Mary Srrrmrons, Grace Adams, Durcllhy Fallncr, Vlolcl Mulyonna, Tlmlrrl Raw: Nrrrma Slmuford, Mary Sneeml, Barbara Tinslf-y, Sara Boll, Euqrg-nla Brarnlcll, Belly Bre- yar-l, Mary Courfney. Fourlh Rfrw' Erhlyn Daly, Eliralw-llr Dlgrwf,-ll, Amy Durw-S, Anna Finney, Evelyn Kwnrwdy, Lure? Kulrlvinq, Rrsf-lyn Mlforrl. Frllll Row' Elsie McCoy, Wlllrolmlna MLltlr,'llr'llll, Com Mullin, Mary lhrborlsrrrr, Dorrrlhy Slmforrl, Sirlrnw, Walsr-n. ALUMNAE IN TOWN LOUIS PERKINS WILLIAM PRICE C. O. SMALLING ED STONE MRS. GENE BRAMLETT MRS. MRS. CARL COERS MRS. MRS. H. W. GATES MRS. MRS. l-I. M. MORSE MRS. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Seniors CAROLYN BUCK . . MABEL OWEN KLAUS . , LOUISE MCRAE . . . DOROTHY REEVES ..,.. ANNA CATHERINE SLEDGE ALLIE MABEL SMITH ..,. TAMORA SPANN . . . MARIANNE THAXTON , GERTRUDE WILKINSON . CAIROLYN REED ....,.. MARY DEAVOURS SIMMONS GRACE ADAMS . . DOROTHY FALKNER . VIOLET MULVENNA . . NORMA SHUFORD . . MARY LEE SNEED . . BARBARA TINSLEY , SARA PAYNE BELL . . EUGENIA BRAMLETT . . BETTY BREVARD . . . MARY COURTNEY . . ETHLYN DALE . . , ELIZABETH DOWELL . AMY DUPES ..... ANNA ROSE PINNEY . . EVELYN KENNEDY . , LUCEE KITCHING . . ROSELYN MCCORD . . ELSIE MCCOY ....... WILHELMINA MUCKELRATH CORA MULLIN ....... MARY GLEN ROBERTSON . DOROTHY SHUFORD , . SIDNEY WATSON . . Juniors Sophomores PLEDGES I 1951 , . Jackson, . Macon, . . Laurel, . . Jackson, . Parchman, . Oxford, . . Raymond, Crysial Springs, . .. Shelby, . Oxford . . Laurel, , . Tunica, . . Oxford, . , Red Oaks, , Bafesville, . Oxford, . Oxford , Newfon, . Oxford, . Leland, . Oxford . . . Prenfiss, Holly Springs . Vicksburg, . . Grenada, , Columbus, .. Shelby . . Tupelo, . . . . Balizer, . Bay Springs, . Grenada, . Corinfh, , Bafesville, . Walls, Miss. Miss. Miss. Miss. Miss. Miss. Miss. Miss. Miss. Miss. Miss. Miss. Miss. Iowa Miss. Miss. Miss. Miss. Miss. Miss. Miss. Miss. Miss. Miss. Miss. Miss. Miss. Miss. Miss. Miss, Miss. Miss. Miss Miss. .-Aiiffgiirvlzitriiiily ii-rig. 0, ,f-,fisii,Q-'flZI'25 I5,s2f.,.1gi1pg Jin. 1.2'I1'4fif-f'fr':r:'e.f:'-4 '-Iiiiuisl 5522 II..-. 1' ' " I. ' " lf'2Ili"'fi'i' " 'U alt :s7:f::?i1I','- Sgr: g113'.A.-I. i - -4 4'-. rqvzzfgifllihiyfi II i ii!! ,ILL Ii . ...Ai-.5 , 'Si 'IQEIFESQA''j:':.,.-.':-Nutz: I-12I.4r:5:r:.':' i'E7'i?fi.::i . I . . 533153561 i'La- f ' '-.2i?f5zg1r.:a22g:.i.i . 'I s .Q :. "Lii'15' :- -2'S"iiiIiegii'1i ns vii." :H Q '.-.-Jfiis. '1z':':m :. -, . ..,iir...l5.i in V, - i.1....if,ip i , uni fu .ff 7-of 3.23 ig,w.:g,:3s:: 7 :Zim ' -.f:w:w?'-," ffff-ijicklzrr. i f 'wifi' si Leaves: ?f!i:i!i':.if5 ' .3 -- 1:35 TNF? .sIi:i:.xiQ:E:,?5. i gf. I " '-'1i'i?iE'l'i-r"'fL -' .riff - I 'QM -1-'-1-pf:-:f ., ,. 1, i. 1 V s .,.,. . .:.:.f ,:. . Hr' I "I"5ifiq' ' , ' f ., Q,i:i!!igQi2igE" ::Li:Q'-ixiiuigif. 'iE.215i'iifwi'iT2,1 , ,?sgi.1" I '. 125' "EGF, , ,ttzzrikl gnff 'A A95ff?iiillgiigijifgfiifiiiiifu Phi Founded I852 'Colors Rose and While Flower Erichanlress Carnafion ALPHA DELTA CHAPTER Esfablished I924 i ' gf' U ,,,. i I ri L I iL X. x ff' M if ' 1 dui 5' Q, R T '1 ' '73, K i i Z2 QQ A, If 2 4: 6? S Z ' 2 " sf' y . if . M ' ,- I 1 . I Y I .X W ,Q , b. Q K 4' Q I in . Q, F " 1 'vw V if x, ,I ' ' 'Ji .- x Q , 5 1 " -4,,,,. M rr fl 'X , r ,,- ,fi u. hi is v x GW! X 'S' S. x 'R -3 Pu- X Q Firsr Ruw' Miriam Mnlis, Nancy Cashman, Rurli Gash-ii, Marqarer Hawes, Frames Hopkins, Martha Howerfon, Jean Lirriepaqn, Sc-cond Row, Marfna Lofr, Margaret Meaders, Catherine Rand, Lorrainr: Smith, Virginia Tniqpen, Mary Wiley, Mary Eiizabefh Cock. Third Row: Mar- iarn- Wiison, Virqinia Es-Ln, Mary Barnes, Myrtis Burrwff, Frances Co! by, Fayssoux Corncii, Pa1ruc,i.a Goldberg, rrrirfiii Raw' Louise Hardin, Claiikwi Miinriis, C-Iwria Martin, Jnannu Mc-viii, Me-iibeiii Moore, Bob biris-Y Purim, Jvan Sfansbury, Fifrn Raw: June Ann Tanri, Kaiherinf- -"WX, Ivrinanr, Anna Binian Wriiiv, Evulyn Wiiliarrisrwri, Anna Frances Wilvy, Mr-:iv Wilsan, MISS EDNA AVENT MRS. ROSS BROWN MRS. RALPH BURNS MRS. R. M. GUESS MRS. E. N. LOWE ALUMNAE IN TOWN MISS MISS MRS. MRS. MISS MRS. RALPH WILSON FRANCES MARKETTE SUE MURPHY DAVID NEILSON, JR. GUY TURNBOW MARTHA KING WILEY MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY MIRIAM MILLS , NANCY CASHMAN . . RUTH GASKELL . . MARGARET HEWES . . FRANCES HOPKINS . . MARTHA HOWERTON . . JEAN LITTLEPAGE . . MARTHA LOTT .... MARGARET MEADERS . . CATHERINE RAND , . LORRAINE SMITH . . VIRGINIA THIGPEN . . MARY WILEY . . . MARY ELIZABETH COOK . MARJORIE WILSON . VIRGINIA ESCH . . MARY MARGARET BARNES MYRTIS BURNETT ..... FRANCES COLBY . . . FAYSSOUX CORNEIL . . PATRICIA GOLDBERG . . LOUISE HARDIN . . . CLARIBEL MCINNIS . . GLORIA MARTIN . . JEANNE MERILL . . MERIBETH MOORE . . BOBBINET PORTER . . JEAN STANSBURY . . JUNE ANN TANN ... KATHERINE TENNANT . , ANNA BINION WHITE , EVELYN WILLIAMSON , ANNA FRANCES WILEY . MERLE WILSON ...,. Graduare Seniors Juniors Sophomore PLEDGES ll97I . Brookhaven, Miss. . . Vicksburg, Miss. . , Memphis, Tenn. . GuIfporf, Miss. . . Hickory. Miss. . unavefsify, Miss ' ' . . Hattiesburg, Miss 1 'viii Ii I I . . cofsnih, Miss. V' Q . Vicksburg, Miss . . , . Amife, La 1 ,V A . Haifiesburg, Miss T I . Vicksburg, Miss I . Oxford, Miss 'A . . Utica, Miss. . Oxford, Mass. E ai PD D an . Memphis, Tenn. D E H. . Columbia, Miss , . HoIIandaIe, Miss , . Memphis, Tenn , . Vicksburg, Miss . . Memphis, Tenn , Iffabena, Miss. . , Brookhaven, Miss . . Blyfheville, Ark . Iffabena, Miss. 4 V Marvell Ark Founded I897 , Gulfporf, Miss Colors ' GUIIPOII' MISS Green and Whife . , Hickory, Miss . . Vicksburg, Miss Flower . Popuiafvaiie, Miss Wwe Rose Sevenfy Acfive Chapiers . . Mason, Tenn . Oxford, Miss ALPHA MU CHAPTER . Oxford Miss. EsIabIisI1ed I927 3 J l I 2 3 2 'fl ' 5 1:2 -- s- ,-4 . -. T' G' fi- Q9 -0 Aw 1 591-1 YV Q 50 N. . v tix 31 'H ' j , Nix f ks ' , fa , 3 f 'T 'S ' A fa :J -J Q . I '- Sv , -C-12 x -' T7 N. . ' 'T 'av I ft' 4 V N, f W .Q fr 3 6 135 , 9. -- 1 'Q-"N, " 4 X ' A A .S .6 . 67 , f S2 I ?, " 'elf 1 5 F A l ,-53, 3 I' 6 .1 f 5 'MI' .pu 1? , 1? F .A Q t 'qv .W, . ,,,,5f 1 Q ,i W W, iw N- .X " W 'tv K, - 9 ,ff A ff W --1-' nf Z.. O W A , , Y , E ' , J!! , , I Furs? Row' Marflm Gryrliurwl Evvwn Buss, Doris Dinnslw, Mqrqgxvfft DL-rmus, Rwlwifu E15-yn, Sarah Hmwfi. Swwvd R-Jw: Luuisf- Narvrwyl Maxiqv' Ury HHIPI1 Se-Mm, Mx1r?h.J Arqxrw, Nnrnm C-JM, Mau Lum 'V1CLP1lH, Vafiug Sue- WiNll.1rr:S. Third Rww' Marque-riff' Bikmf-r, Vuvqirwia Brmiuvm, Mar, AM-Lv Brummitf, Mvlvn Cnrfwrlqht, Fvav:-'f-S CWAYLN Armin COIL' F-mrfh Row, Mmflm Arm Dwrumn, May Fiwwirwq, K'-Nmiw Gurdwrw, Jam' , 1' mxwy. M.1rjQvu- HAH- Frmw,-Q Kfmlxrfwll Juw- Mglvms HHN Rww fx EM.',1l,wfh M1d1iM-hvrwi fv.1:v1+-Q Molwrxwx Evwkyrw M.wrfg Vwiwn Rm-li .,f vv A"'f'l"L""' LIUM- R051-lw,y1wu41lw. Aww Rvvw.1v1, Sf-Wh Rfww' M.'5v1'vm Sf-ggmvly RIMM-I " Aww Imwvwu N-'ll Upfiwv, Frnwivj-f. W.1N:-sy Carhwriw- Wn,li.1nls, Yw-iff I Q , WuNN1,'1r1n9N H'-M-vw Y.1?f'S t N 5 It "N- Y Af' -fi-I u ii. A MEMBER IN FACULTY MISS RUTH MCNEIL ALUMNAE IN TOWN MRS. L. C. ANDREWS MRS. DAVID CARTER MRS. L. Y. COBB MRS. J. C. CULLY MRS E. E. DAVIDSON MRS MRS MRS MRS WILLIAM FAULKNER BILL HARMON MRS. MRS. MRS. MISS MRS. MRS. MRS. DAVID HEDDLESTON MRS. LILLIE HUDSON MISS MRS. HOLLAND WILKINS MARTHA GORDON . EVELYN BASS . . . Graduafe Seniors DAVID HUGHES J. H. LOGAN IRENE McLEAN DOROTHY OLDHAM GARNER OWENS J. E. PEGUES MARY LOUISE PEGUES BRAMLETT ROBERTS MARY STONE . Jackson, Miss. Hazlehursl, Miss. 54' f"+ se? a Umm AP K I if DORIS DANSBY . . . MARGARET DENNIS . REBECCA EASON . . SARAH HAND . . LOUISE NANNEY . . MADGE ORR , . HELEN SEXTON . MARTHA ARANT . . NORMA GALE . . . MARY LOU MCLEAN . . PATTIE SUE WILLIAMS . MARGUERITE BIGGER . VIRGINIA BRADING . . MARY ALICE BRUMMITT MELVA CARTWRIGHT , . FRANCES CLARK . . . AMELIA COCKE .... MARTHA ANN DORMAN MAY FLEMING . GLADYS GORDON . . JANE GURNEY . . MARJORIE HALL . , FRANCES KIMBRIEL . JUNE MclNNlS ..... ELIZABETH MIDDLETON FRANCES MONROE . , EVELYN MOORE . . VIVION REED ..... LILLIE ROSEBOROUGH ANN ROWAN ..... MARTHA SESSIONS . , . RACHEL ANN TILLMAN NELL UPSHUR ...,., FRANCES WALES . CATHRINE WILLIAMS . YVETTE WILLIAMS . . HELEN YATES Sophomores PLEDGES II99Il , New Albany, Miss . . Monroe, La . New Albany, Miss . Philadelphia, Miss , . , Tupelo, Miss . . . Fulfon, MISS , Hazlehursf, Miss . Universily, Miss . . Gary, Ind . Banks, Miss . . Philadelphia, Miss . Memphis, Tenn . Rosedale, Miss . Danville, III Amile, La . Lauderdale, Miss . Memphis, Tenn . Jackson, Miss , . Grace, Miss . Belzoni, Miss . , Ripley, Miss . Memphis, Tenn . , Drew, Miss . Collins, Miss . . Florence, Ala , Batesville, Miss . . . Amory, Miss . Dyersburg, Tenn . . Senafobia, Miss . . Baldwyn, Miss . . Clarksdale, Miss . Meridian, Miss . Greenwood, Miss . . Senafobia, Miss . . , Byhalia, Miss , Philadelphia, Miss . . Philadelphia, Miss I' 44 I 1 in ,, I III fjfg 2. ,lr Iggy ., 1: '41 ,ill 'I I 1 2'-' If ilgi I., .L . ,Q 257-,iiii55IIl'Ii' iiFIi1l'gi fi Iv' - - 'liriy' -- VE mils. .sw i gl .1 Q 4mffff1affe!ff-'ieffifi '- 2 vi- , Hi, S ,Lt I . S, .. Ir,..q. a 41 Q Wiz-325'fglJus.1alH e4 I . .i2I.z,...:e2fI5s ffl l,2FIiQi1fIQ?sl'Wl'l . ' sa2is11i.1iiiIlIlllIiii A iifiifll " ugisfv FlI?2f',fQguIEsa?? . Q i55g1wi42iIif.5EI il Q,!i.lIIf"Ikiff'-Ifffiig a 1 ,1 wel ,fg"rgg,l I5 'fifHd4'2l'i2?:lWi I 'ei -I wil liifiliiaailieg' I 'll if ,+7ig'BfIi' I - lb if il' Ii ,II 7 v ii Iii I1 I .4 " '- .ig ' L, gig I.,, .IIZL ik!! I fig 3, fvlg.: .afiylfzslgsigeg li' I I .Q ' r-114.15 :fi-'hi fi XI if I 'HS guys 'I UI ,Elf ' . 5.-I -1 ' fd ' , if !,.' XQ?:?S'S'ffiliflilililisw1A22lilfz22iiQlzz2fI 'QL?3,22'122955teigefligiiliiifsgif' Hella Gamma 4 Founded IB74 Colors Bronze, Pink and Blue Flower Cream-colored Rose Fiily Acfive Chaplers ALPHA PSI CHAPTER Eslablished I936 w V N , I "' X 1 r , . ' 'Z 'IT - 'W .1 X xx L ,, , , 4. y .., g L- Ea- rf- 5- K l- ur' ,gf-X arfdb i . v . .M 21. N 'M X- SN 1 Q ' Y 2 4- gs x Q XR if X I 5 'R' N Q 'P 'S' Q fi' 4' "ul , Q I RJ R. my Q7 Q - - gf ' v x 0 "M xi V 1. in-' 2 N ,5 J'-4f,2,4?, - 4 -Q? 5-'51 , 'M L . P., , I , - 'f 'R Q ,,,, 1 -A ' sie' ,W Fi W' -n,oJ 'V , cr' i fi, ,f . A uqyi' I? 1 ' ,J F' 1..,,,.,W v. Q X f SM If fl -LA l, ..- 1 Y , .,. 5... ., .Fai First Row: Milxirb-ci Chadwick, Liliian Dooly, Ruby Prlfchard Mar Cl Sheffnc-ld, Ireaml Wcww1'i1uH, Lu-Lnllu SuNlv.1rw, Ruby Tnylov. Second ww Juamm W.'1Nl-rr-r, EW-vw Byxrs, Mary Grass, Kafc Heard, Bro Le S w Dwr-,Hwy Waif, Third Row Grate Solen, Jerry BTQQLS, Francns Coumr Ardnth Cmmptwn, Marqqvv! F-wma-v, HUM,-rw Hgfaq. Fmudh Rnw A Ha-,S, Mardm Harms-w, Eluxabf-th Hume, Anniv GM-nn Jnhnson Lime D ., lung, Mqrqqrfg? MQKM-, FIHM Rww Mqrqard Nvwsmne, VVBMLYLVIL uk.-. , , i".,0,," , e- L '- ki Y .L A v ., - ' 2 1 ' 4' , f 1 1 1 i Pr'U', Terry Sinuf-vs, Hnxvl Shmr-NWN, KQHN-wmv SIMHM-'l1i, Elan Sumo Hixrricf W.1Nkm"v. MEMBERS IN FACULTY MISS KATHARINE CLARK I MISS GRACE KING ALUMNAE IN TOWN MISS MYLDRED FERGUSON MISS MARY BETSEY MALTHY MILDRED CHADWICK . LILLIAN DOOLY .. RUBY PRITCHARD . . MARTHA SHEFFIELD . IRENE WOODRUFF LUCILLE SULLIVAN , RUBY TAYLOR . . JUANITA WALKER . ELLEN BYERS ...... MARY MARGARET GRASS MARY KATE HEARD , BROOKE SHAW . . DOROTHY WAIT , . GRACE BOLEN . . JERRY BROOKS .. FRANCES CONNER . . ARDATH CRUMPTON . MARGARET FOWLER , . HELEN HAAG . . . ALDA LOYD HAYS . . MARILYN HARRISON . ELIZABETH HORNE .. ANNIE GLEN JOHNSON LANELLE LONG .... MARGARET McKEE . MARGARET NEWSOME . WALTERENE PRICE . TERRY SAUERS . . HAZEL SHEFFIELD . . . KATHERINE SI-IEFFIELD . ELAINE SNEED . . . HARRIET WALKER . . MRS. S. B. PRETZ MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Seniors Juniors Sophomores PLEDGES T201 J , . Jackson, . . Oxford, . . Oxford, . Fullon . . Balesville, . . Eupora, . Grenada, . Larnberl, . . . Taylor, Friar's Poinl, , . Oxford, . . Oxford, . . Oxford, Greenwood, Clarksdale, . Jackson, . Greenville, . . Yazoo Cify, Miss. Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss. . Miss. i X Miss. ASA, ,J W I .gf.. Miss. Miss Miss, :D I Miss. E Oli H Miss. Z Q I a Miss. Miss. Miss. Miss. Miss. . . Menden, La Lillie Rock, . Malhislon, . G-ulfpori, . . Bafesville, . Brandon, . Picayune, Wafer Valley, . Greenville, . SI. Louis, . Fulfon, . , Augusla, . . Oxford, . Lamberl, Arlc. Miss. Miss. Miss. Miss. Miss. Miss. Miss. Mo. Miss. Ga. Miss. Miss. Founded l907 Colors Old Rose and Vieux Green Flower Pinlc Killarney Rose Sixly-one Acfive Clwaplers BETA BETA CHAPTER Eslalolislned l927 4, in 1 I il P. 1 I ig -X 1 ru, K 'WS ,gi 36 'Q' t' '? F. E M, 6i xx 'Pars fin fm' M-,P Q '61 Q vi ,- I 4 i?lllm .,, -in. 4125 ii? ii. ll IH lin Fm? Po 1 Vx W Laura Bryant Evelyn Hillin, Marqawf Jackson, Nanc P Her, Sefond Row: Ruin Weis, Doris Loflln, Vera Nelle Ran ,I-4, onrnnif.-1 Bryant Third Rfww: Harrie? Cvabfree, Jane Evelyn Pevey, Olcia Shows. in ALUMNAE IN TOWN MISS G,-ERTRU DE EGGLESTON MISS CLYDE LITTLE I-IARTSFIELD O MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Seniors LAURA BRYANT . . . . Edwards. Miss. EVELYN I-IILLIN . . . , Beaumonr, Texas MARGARET JACKSON . Mooreiwead, Miss. NANCY POTTER . . . Jackson, Miss. RUTH WEIS . . , Vaiden, Miss. O Junior DORIS LOFLIN . . . . Bude, Miss. O Sophomore VERA NELLE RANKIN . . TupeIo. Miss. 0 PLEDGES I-IENRIETTA BRYANT . . Edwards, Miss. I-IARRIET CRABTREE . . . . Lynchburg, Va. JANE CROOK . . . . . Crysfal Springs. Miss. EVELYN PEVEY . . . . Jackson. Miss. OLETA SHOWS . . . . Soso, Miss. L2031 "'i fiiiy. ,,. Izsziii 1...-V . Q-"Y:-ii. ,. .a.....,v,..H.,:,-- 11" -11131-21111 LM '-VEI' iIIii:Ii5I.f!'i I ' q'E"'ii'f'iI!i1If-1 Iimrksgxi It -I gp- 6 ' A 31,1i'I1l8'i"'- '-12,3 '-7-is-Hi: 5f':.'.v11C13g'i' 1 I we . ir '.,4,Q.'gq L:'gf'.,:1 215112 EW?-aifiii i mera:-aw isifzgmfi A . I I. .,, s 3 .ii ,. .,i .Jr ..x . if,-.sims A-V S.. lu. I-.S-qi!--r 11-.1 .,.vg'i. - -'igiig .... ' 7 1-4-454 I --Y ini I L J. i.sgg-.iigfiggs Iifffggfa . . if v -272211 'Z' if." - :fs .. 5-2 .!:.::. . fi? in A,+f' gr.-fif f, 2 2325135 ' A?'i1f2?'EiZiiifEif2,. 1' f-ifwfi : if firm. iiisizifaiiiii-4QIg,3 M ,,,, g:g,g:1:C'- if! m?Z'i5i,'4-f"f:i1X ' 'Hif:', ,w ' 'szuiur E" ' 15 iff - ri! 'A' 5 "iii: 'FQ i 1.1 :rs -fbi: 1 I rzhifii rr'IL1,'25if-E , ff i i 1. -.fA,,,, ii . . .sms-:A Llyr. .V .L ' il' IIQI II' I I ' EE I 1.134 f ,4g1a.a,2s.'gi.3,fi'S,:1+' Zeta Tau Alpha Founded I898 Colors Turquoise Blue and Sfeei Gray Flower Whire Violef GAMMA DELTA CHAPTER Egfablislwed I938 12" iz, si? R 'C-3 W Wilkinson, Sfevens, Hopkins. Riff' ' ' 11h A, . 171-ei .p- A , Firgf Row: Phineas Sie-vens, Louie Hopkins, Richard Wilkinson, Ed R5Il'i1HY'. Second Row: W. S. Shipman, Glen Trusfy, Clyde l-luihes, Fianlv Laney, Burnell Gusialsfvn. Third Row: Bill Allen, Ffainnn Lillon, Francis Bowling, James Richardson, William Niii-.Ili-fi, Fi-iiilh Rfiw: Nafhan Palms, Hunfer McKenzie, Bob Crnflwil, Harald Levine. OFFICERS G PI-IINEAS STEVENS . . . . Presiclenl LOUIE HOPKINS . . . . . Viccaprczidenl RfCI-IARD WILKINSON . . Secrelaryfreasurer O fi! 'fliiiin ii MEMBERS ED RATHER . W. S. SHIPMAN . . GLEN TRUSTY . CLYDE HUGHES . , RICHARD WILKINSON FRANK LANEY . . BURNELL GUSTAFSON LOUIE HOPKINS . . BILL ALLEN . . . RAMON LITTON . . FRANCIS BOWLING . JAMES RICHARDSON WILLIAM NEWTON . NATHAN PETERS . . HUNTER MCKENZIE . BOB CROCKETT . . HAROLD LEVINE . . IZOSI Della Kappa Epsilon . . Della Psi . . Plas Kappa Psi . Sigma cm Sigma Alpha Epanaa . . Phi Della Thela . . Bela Tlaa+a Pi . . Della Tau Della . Kappa Alpha . . Kappa Sigma Alpha Tau Omega . Pi Kappa Phi . , Sigma Nu . . Pi Kappa Alpha . Alpha Sigma Phi Sigma Phi Epsilon . . Phi Epsilon Pi Inter- Pralernil Council ' 1 3 ' X -vs gs I F Lx' . 'K i i A J.. 4 , 5 ""' A ', fwf- F , fl b tf -. . 0 i i ,Y ' N .A I i i , ,X JL, H ' Tv w . "' V' 4 N , , I S1 J A ix V 4' .. , li . fi Q 'i K 'i M1 4 ,ri i x S.-Q gg- Y fi A pa fl .X 1 gg-I lk' Q A , 1 . A ' .g.. T, . 'ii V tr. it W Q-71 , 1 E ir- , J l 'FF' " N '5 ii i Q s 5 4'-P N -7- .1 ". Q 1' 0 i i ' X ' , E , J f jg i and i tl 1 f fl i x P ' 55 i CD' ' Ms" .x E ' ' ww, I , .4 - I , i 1 , J 4 . :W A, f I E 2 -7 W . ii i 4? gi S1 I li f' ,' First R-Jw Ariiiur Dqviisfiri, Joiim Kirk Adams! Shw' R. B-JVLPTYI Wil- ,ifwi Fijishyr, Cimrivs Liiviqiri-i, Efiwnri Raiiifr, Ciimiifg' Sviby, Sficorwfi R-iw Luuirm Smith, Rii hard Sfnimvrs, Thomas Sylifs, Davis Wesson, W,'iiLv'-r Bm-ix Bnliv Civ- iiuiiii Row Jail Kiring'-Jiri-'L David Q, pilijkfyiix Fifvxin Wixfiiiril Nvii Wiii?v'N Wiiii.'1vvi H'iv-Dave-N Civ-iw Murphy. FOUHN FJ. A ,I B N.'' UM' Fa rw--v A: Wiif-,X Aii.-i Qair' i.ii in B 'lil'-, Hi mir,-,V xliiiw P Hi-iii, Fifth Riiw Jail- Kiirfif-qixyx VMI P1-ralw, Biiiy Viliir-1-,x ,Iwi Sfiiiw Hfirvm iiiiiivii, iii- Wifi VVJIQ iifix Ufm VVMIQ i l DAVID G. NEILSON F. E. FAROUEAR ARTHUR DAVIDSON , JOHN KIRK ADAMS . STEVE R, BARKER , . , WILLIAM M, FOSTER CHARLES S. LCNGINO EDWARD RATHER . . CLAUDE SELBY . . . J. LUCIAN SMITH . RICHARD STAGGERS THOMAS M. SYKES . L, DAVIS WESSON . . WALKER BUEL BILLY COX ,.,.. JACK P. KIRKPATRICK DAVID O. PUCKETT EDWIN WATSON , . NEIL W. WHITE . WILLIAM HARGRAVE GENE MURPHY . . . J. B. NAUGLE . . OWEN PALMER . , AL WILEY , . . THOMAS ADAMS . . ALLEN COLHOUN . BOBBY HENLEY . . JOHN R. HOLLY . JACK KORNEGAY . PHIL PERABO .. BILLY ROBERDS . JACK STONE . HERVEY TATUM . . . DE WITT WALCOTT . DAN WYLIE . . . ALUMNI IN TOWN DAVID G. NEILSON, JR. MEMBERS IN FACULTY W. e. ROBERDS C MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Gradua?e Seniors Juniors Sophomores O PLEDGES l207l PHIL STONE W. DWIGHT WENTZ . , Greenville, . Corinth .. Tupelo . Wes? Poin? .. Clarksdale Holly Springs, . . Vicksburg . Wes? Poin? . Wes? Point . Jackson . Tupelo Washing?on, . . Oxford Clarksdale , . Tupelo Wes? Poin? . Gulfport . . Memphis, . Long Beach , Wes? Poin? . . Gulfpor? . . Tupelo . Tupelo . Vicksburg . Rosedale . Oxford Wes? Poin? . Tupelo . Universify . Oxford . , . Tupelo , Greenville . , Tupelo Miss Miss. Miss Miss. Miss. Miss Miss Miss. Miss Miss Miss. D. C Miss Miss Miss. Miss. Miss Tenn Miss. Miss. Miss. Miss. Miss, Miss, Miss. Miss. Miss. Miss. Miss. Miss. Miss. Miss. Miss. x film! " 'yllflslfiiifflfliiasz .ffl lgf,,5E':.1I-iufil,.:.-,. . f:rsf2f.s'iefz:2-212. if 1- jffgi. :ijriiiillfrizf-yr ff" 1-'::7f','.f Q S risr :. ff 5.11 '7ii.f.53i' ,gf :ig'k'f- Cf+i,, 'ggi , Eff. 3555 1--if 1 EXW- f. 2 11. ' . . . Gr... Della Kappa psilun Founded I 844 'Colors Crimson, Old Gold and fzure Flower Pansy For?y-six Ac?ive Chap?ers CHI CHAPTER Es?ablished IESO in it .z AK . q , ,m W2-lf' A D 5 YP 5 if 5 . x Q .Q . X Lf STS ff 'W' A' QV 1 i 11 IG' fi.: Q 438 uf!" ' vu X 1 ' s, K Q17 ,I .bjfi 'O . ,Q , WA 5 ' .- ? 9 f ' 53 P , qi, ' ' ,I ' A xxx 3 Q50 ' L. hy 1 fe X , Wi' A S Q . A if J. 4 Ax. 1' :Q 'I -ue M -- .L 453153. y new wflfffwn ,Qi Hrs? Raw: Jwrwn Cream Spa-cr, Ersiino WCN5, Fred BhaqkvveN1, Wimam Cain, Ciwgstpr CH-lreN4 Erm Smlw, Sncond Row Calvin Comey, Byron Fwvwif, K C LHQQPH, Bubbfr MMNM, Lake Robe-rslmnl PQTQ Shipman Tnwi Pyw Jwnn Swrwvons, Arfnur Chr!-, Georme CiHwspiP, Hum' How- "'N ', C .rnfnfw Morgan, Pnw Pffrkins, F-Dudn Rww' Harm Smwpson, Jnhv Tub-ru Jw- Turn-xv, Van Burnnmm, Jimmy Cain, Lvwis Farr. Fifin PMA Byrwn Fnvv, Emiwnn CwI!0spir-, Hvnrv Jumiarx, T. T. Lewis, lrwnf MwhhvNN Hr-rrvmn Mwvw, I ,l i li I I Fu I I I l l , l l ALUMNI IN TOWN G. C. BEANLAND G. M. KEYES J. C. BROWN ROBERT TORREY 0 MEMBER IN FACULTY J. W. BELL 9 MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Graduafes JOHN CREATH SPEER , , ERSKINE WATKINS WELLS FRED BLACKWELL ,..,. WILLIAM STERLING CAIN , , ALVIN CHESTER COCKRELL , MARVIN GARRARD SMITH . CALVIN LEIGH COOLEY . WANZA BYRON INMON . KEARNEY COTTON LEGGETT . ARCHIE CARLISLE MILLER . . J. LAKE ROBERSON .,,, , WILLIAM SMYLIE SHIPMAN, JR, JOHN DOUGLAS SIMMONS, Ill ARTHUR BARNETT CLARK . . GEORGE EDWARD GILLESPIE . HUEY BLAIR HOWERTON, JR. CLARENCE E. MORGAN, JR. . PETER BENTON PERKINS . . HARRY EDWARD SIMPSON , . JOHN ASA TUCKER ..... JOE KENNETH TURNER, JR. . VAN ROBINSON BURNHAM . JAMES MANNING CAIN . ALONZA LEWIS FARR , . BYRON EUSTACE FURR . . EDWIN CYRIL GILLESPIE . . HENRY HUNTER JORDON . T. T. LEWIS ......... IRVINE GRISSOM MITCHELL . HERMAN MOORE, JR. . , . Seniors Juniors Sophomores O PLEDGES I2U9I , . lndianola . Jackson Laurel , Canton Hazlehursf lndianola . Tunica . Ponloloc . Laurel . Hazlehursf . Clarksdale . , Jackson , Cleveland lndianola . Jackson . , Universify . . Kosciusko , . . Bafesville Lake Ccrrnoranf . . . Balesville . Philadelphia . Ruleville . . Canlon . Edwards . Ponloloc . Lamberl, . . Kosciusko . . Batesville . Oxford . Ruleville Miss. Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss. Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss. Miss. Miss. Miss Miss. Miss I 2' fini' K I ' I iisfflliffl.. . ,.-si . . r -v - A. 4 -.G - . i f H -gum, xi I I 2 i,s,1.?s ,W I eg l'ilE"ifIE!1' -i ,J2IS-Illilliliiwilg I A. N V.. . M.: ' I 1 3 52551. '- -'EF T' E . a6'Efif ' f 'ififlif V 1'. Q-Ifl fl 13:3-5 i . , 47.3.1 .sr l f, - ' .J -I-'V-- - ...Lg 5 ' ' ' .NS L ld.. 7i'5IilflIi"s'iIi5' Della Psi Founded I 847 Colors Blue and Gold Nine Aclive Clwaplers PHI CHAPTER Eslablislned l855 6 Ya- vvf. lj . 1 - EM U!! I UK- i' pw-xr, , 0 5 . pm- ng, ,Y 8 I1 L. A 7 0-x , "' 3 o 1 fi- A f 5 A 1 ' w Lea. b 4 -2552 lc- Y , 1 fx . if "S ' ,15'1ff,,.-1-I , 6 m f , X - as v Gr- V I ' 'Q V J . ' ra in Q' if X b' W I Q ,.i V ' IL kv I' F 5 , -,A . . X' 1 I' A 2 .V Z- i Q , I Q , IU! I f PI J , ' ! " ! X 4 1' 1' 56 Fire? Row, Gisfwm Jvrwfjls, Gvifim L-'i'ilWf'VL Gbwnn Tmsm, CNIWHVJ Schulf DVWIM Shuvf-rs, Exiwnri Fanf, Dsvfd Criffm. Sfmjwnxi Rww' JAH: Ham-y Riyharxi Pvv-u'i+1r1,1g5T, Jann-S Sqvnqp, Pam Wrixqhfv W'iN.avJ AH lfwl Kfwm-Wh Bmifwm Third Row. Richard C:dMC'Wdy, Qhnrh-5 DNN AN ifwm Uxwuy ', '-'4 wmv- FHJQU, DJHJS Cffrmwfhmrvw, Jnmf-S Hamw Fuuvfh PWM' M-3-VNU Hqwsl Exiwarxi Hmpvi-r, T-gm Hqrrwsl Warrnxru Larmum, Clif Mm lrflxv-H, B-'M LM Afvx i Hffh Rww L, D. MCCJ. Curtis Sf-'Mr H f-vvv iw TMVV Hur. W,,i1,fSw.r?Fw! xf-Q-wuzv VVQSM'-rn' PM' WMM Lucms WHS-Nm. ALUMNI IN TOWN C. A. BRATTON DALI MULLEN JUDGE I. H. McELROY WALTER MURPHY GASTON JONES . GRIFFIN LADNER . GLENN TRUSTY . . . CLIFFORD SCHULTZ . . DEWITT SHIVERS . . EDWARD TANT . . DAVID GRIFFIN JAMES HANEY RICHARD PRENDERGAST JAMES SAVAGE ..,, PAUL LEE WRIGHT . WILLARD KENNETH RICHARD CHARLES ALDRON GEORGE ALLRED . . BRATTON . CALLOWAY DALY .... DAVIS . FRIZELL . . DALLAS GRANTHAM . JAMES HAILEY . . . MERLE HAPES . , EDWARD HARPER . . TOM HARRIS .... WARREN LARROUX . CLIFFORD LEGGETT . BEN LYFORD .... L. D. MCCOY CURTIS SENTER . . . HERMAN TAYLOR . . HARRY WADSWORTH . GEORGE WESTERN . . PHIL WHITAKER . . LUCIUS WILSON . . E. E. TEMPLE O MEMBER IN FACULTY DR. R M. MOORE MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Seniors Juniors Sophomores O PLEDGES I2lll . G-ulfporf, . . Ripley, Minfer Cify, . Vicksburg, . Monficello, Coahoma, . Meridian, .. Ponfofoc, Valley Sfream, New Leland, , Gulfporf, . Hazlehursf, . Oxford . . Oxford, . . Meridian, . Merigold, . Brookhaven, . G-afesville, . . . . Memphis, . Garden Grove, . . , McComb, . . . Vicksburg . . Bay SI. Louis, . . . . Allen, . Wesf Helena, . . . Balfzer, .. Byhalia , . . . Oxford, . . Wesf Helena, . Brookhaven Brookhaven, Brookhaven, Miss. Miss. Miss. Miss. Miss. Miss. Miss. Miss. York Miss. Miss. Miss. Miss. Miss. Miss. Miss. Miss. Miss. Tenn. Calif. Miss. Miss. Miss. Miss. Ark. Miss. Miss. Miss. Ark. Miss. Miss. Miss. V ' Ei A 5' s- ',i'.'.7" 'r' 4 .. um, g i. .Iv r- i,i:. Phi Kappa PSI Founded I85? Colors Cardinal Red and I-IunIer's Green Flower Jacqueminol Rose Fiffyrfwo Acfive Chapfers MISSISSIPPI ALPHA CHAPTER Esfablished l857 , v. ' ,fi .5 A yy, 1- ' I P ,QA i K X x J -1, in K? A sr' X I U i l f' 3 , 1 1 'x I . ' , 3- rr .,,w,,, . L X :,.v 1 A m x J ' f 5 f' E, ..... if s.- , . A 34 ' 15 ' "1 , ,gi ' ', K' ia 'T'-' 'lx , 4 ' ii N? E 1 V ' a X t ' Q l , -5 ' .' Y fr '57 r .1 is - A ff D E j x V 2 'fl' 2 'sp F '. I " if " 'S - ,2 i' A ki Q ' ' . wk is ' , fi -2 Ng ' - I ' ,ji . 'TJ K l -. r A ,, 4 1 , , Q.- '5"t , 'P' 'W Q "Era '7-, fa no in 'ig 5 D-15: Jw l ff 'uf i l , is 3' I ag, ld X...-Q V 'U 4 X Ky, , A F- si? A ' , .9 Q 5 K Fr ' 3 fs! C- A M ' J J ' i , .y 'fry 4:1 , X "' jp if if Q 4,4 ia p , WX 'Q 3 3 ' ,, gi K A ' W as i 5 V V . i 1' t' 1- le' H ef- -ff - .f 4 .. , . I A fig 6. ui x 1 P Wifi ,J 'Q ,.x.. 1. -'J , . "' .- ' ,X ""1-.:".".' 0:31, -""' ',4 df-f t- 5'-3, ,' , , rv" . .L..'f"i1',1.fff' I-'gif' ' 1 'F-"TI" ,1ii"K'.'.:fv-Li", 'T' I' First Row, Edwin Brown, G-eorqe Buller, Jack Carter, Lesler Chancellor, Dial. Drgnrnon, John Freeman, Clyde Hughes, Les Jaco, Lloyd Marlin. Sr-cond Row: Jerome Maxwell, Goode Monfqornery, Hurry Neblell, Bill Russell, Dove Singleton, E-ilqar Stephens, Hugh Slephens, Leroy Wor- Slmrn. Third Row: Billy Walker, Robe-rf Barnell, Bill Brewer, John C-wales, Gaines Coolc, Jim Cox, Leslie Dodson, Gus Gerard, Charles Holman, Fourth Row: Slewnrr Sniifh, Fred Beard, Hunt Burress, John Dfrflson, Brill ll-,-yer, Jann-s Perry, Marshall Aiimns, Dempsey Allen, Flllh Row: Soni Anderson, Jfulc Barber, lloyd Binlorrl, Jimmie Bishop, J-rlrrr Bulls, Bayard Clrirl, Bnrrcll Clisby, Tom Hunl Colo, Joe Coy in-glon, Si-lh Rirwi Jaclf C0-, lylvr Criss, Edward Erribree, John Harry, Fmnl Jrvliruslun, Riiyrnonrl Kirnlnlr-, Morlon Mayo, Harold Parris. Sf-vi,-rrfh Riiw' .lqrrujs Pir-ro'-, Did Pilkenlon, Jake Propsf, Archie Quinn, lrwl Sifilf-s, C-Jil Ste-pln-ns, N, S. Swvaf, Bobby Warinq, Roy Wingfield. ALUMNI IN TOWN JACK ELLIOTT - JESSE Q. STIGLER DR. B. S. GUYTON DR. A. H. LITTLE BRANHAM HUME W. M. REED ED. STONE O MEMBERS IN FACULTY DEAN MALCOLM GUESS JUDGE T. C. KIMBROUGH DR. B. S. GUYTON DR. A. B. LEWIS DR. GRADY GUYTON DR, A. I-I. LITTLE DR. ROBERT D. MORETON O MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Seniors EDWIN BROWN . GEORGE BUTLER . . JACK CARTER .... LESTER CHANCELLOR DICK DENMAN .... JOHN H. FREEMAN . CLYDE HUGHES . . . LES JACO ..... LLOYD MARTIN . . . JEROME MAXWELL . . GOODE MONTGOMERY, JR. . HARRY NEBLETT . . . BILL RUSSELL ..... DAVE SINGLETON . . . EDGAR STEPHENS, JR. HUGH STEPHENS . . . LEROY WORSHAM . . BILLY WALKER . . ROBERT J. BARNETT WILLIAM BREWER . JOHN COATES . , . GAINES COOKE .... JIM WILLIAM COX . . LESLIE DODSON . . . GUS GERARD ..... CHARLES HOLMAN . . STEWART SMITH . . . FRED BEARD . . . HUNT BURRESS . JOHN DODSON . . BOB HEYER . . . JAMES PERRY . . MARSHALL ADAMS . . DEMPSEY ALLEN . . SAM ANDERSON . . JACK BARBER .... LLOYD BINFORD, JR. . JIMMIE BISHOP . . . JOHN BUTTS ..... BAYARD CLARK, JR. . BARRETT CLISBY .... TOM HUNT COLE . . . JOE S. COVINGTON, JR JACK COX ....,.. TYLER CRISS ...... EDWARD EMBREE . . JOHN HARRY .... FRANK JOHNSTON . . RAYMOND KIMBLE . . MORTON MAYO . . HAROLD PARRIS . . JAMES M. PIERCE . DICK PILKENTON . . JAKE PROPST . . . ARCHIE QUINN . . FRED SCALES . . CARL STEPHENS . . N. S. SWEAT . . . BOBBY WARING . ROY WINGFIELD . . Juniors Sophomores PLEDGES E2131 . Siarkville, .. Jackson, , Oxford . . . Macon, Greenwood Greenwood, ., Corinlh, Booneville, . Siarlcville, . . . Drew, . . . Laurel, Morgan Cify, . Ackerman, Halfiesburg, New Albany, New Albany, Miss Miss. Miss Miss Miss. Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss . . Corinih, Miss . Meridian, Miss Greenwood, Miss. Greenwood, Miss , Memphis, Tenn . Coffeeville. Miss. . Columbus, Miss . Columbus, Miss . Grenada, Miss. . Carrollfon, Miss. Birmingham, Ala. , Columbus, Miss. . . Baldwyn, Miss. . Columbus, Miss. . . Corinth, Miss. . . Rienzi, Miss . . Tupelo, Miss. . . Bogalusa, La. Greenwood, Miss. . Memphis, Tenn. . Memphis, Tenn. . . Corinlh, Miss. .. Miami, Fla. . . Byhalia, Miss Wes? Point, Miss New Albany, Miss . Meridian, Miss . Greenville, Miss Coffeeville, Miss . . . Como, Miss . Columbia, Miss Greenwood, Miss . . Greenville, Miss Haffiesburg, Miss Haffiesburg, Miss Greenwood, Miss . Columbus, Miss . Columbus, Miss Greenwood, Miss . . , Tupelo, Miss New Albany, Miss . . Corinth, Miss . Vicksburg, Miss Pascagoula, Miss Sigma llhi I 4 Founded I855 Colors Blue and Old Gold Flower While Rose Nineiy-eighl Acfive Chapiers ETA CHAPTER Eslablished I857 K. - A I l l x Q vii A Q ,, , at , wr as 9 ,, , 1- .9 -J ' - ' I A A P+ 'R 1- Hwy K: L S' J A ,- 5 I Q.. ' u A V54 ,Q ' Q tw ws, ff or , i 'N f ' xi A . .i , A E ' 2 , W , 'tif Rx , qu - -.43 if gg: , Ng, 1, A , 5. l . ' . 1 5553. , V ' A . T n ' j ,f fa' 9 "fr f 4 I 9 if A X . 1 , 'fo .' Q W4 1 . , ,, F X - lx fl t l 9 X? 5 fi .gi f me , - i 'Ld ' 'A ,A ii , ,X A g l , 1 A 1 4. . 9 '94 f 6' , ci Cl ,i ,, A 4. sf X ii , 'X x -W N '-.57 -M, 2,77 1 ' F B A . .e. Ab A - 4'-A . 'Il 57 ,, Q mr V - B 1 , .' , ' ' ' 2, ' L 3,9 J 1 4 , Yi . UV W , , , , , lx any 34 ' . Q lvl if if i L Q 0 I x 'B . Xi Z1 ,- 91. r if-Kia iv, rr-P x 'H Flrsl Row: Wiley Allislon, John Becker, Waller Bridgforlh, Elnius Coleman, Millon Cook, Tom Dunlap, Billy Fuller, Torn Gardner, Lee JohnSr,iri Second Row' Paul Johnson, Richard Keyc-,Tod Lalhrorn,Ch.Jrl0s Lee, Fred Nelson, Sam Olden, Alex Payne, Howard Pigford, Tirns Quinn. Third Row: Shirrrfll Rogers, Dan Shell, Dick Thomas, Carl Wal- ,V .1 in lain, Jmrws W,1Il.1i,fe, Richard Wilkinson, Charles Williams, Bobby Bal loril, Rob Dow. Fourlh Row. Elon Ellis, Alberl Gardner, John Gard- niir, Millrr Hnlrns-S, Jon Howell, Jack Jordan, Gordon Lyon, Nick Rolofirrli, John Wilkinson, l-lllh Row: Tommy Willianis, John Wriqhl, Clillriril Chunillc-r, Mm Gold:-n, C-eorqr' Mijinlqorne-ry, Mall Mosby, Griffin Norqulsl, llii,-rims Averil, Henry Brevard. Sixlh Rivwi LCSls'r Frginllin, Jim Frilirgln, Rirlmrfl McRae, John Mason, Bob May, BULBS Mosby, Douglass Moss, Spot Polluy, J. O. Pruijr-. Scyc-nlh Row: Henry Rotrfrls Billy Sampson llol' Shaclrleford, Waller L95 Shcllon, Euqcinez Si ll llill Tfiilrill, Jul Taylor, Albr-rl Tillnmn, Arlhur Whilfi,-n, Murphy Young. ALUMNI IN TOWN W. L. ARCHIBALD ' J. W. T. FALKNER IV PHILIP CARNATHAN WILLIAM FALKNER CARL COERS W. N. LEAVELL EUGENE B. ETHRIDGE JUDGE LEM OLDHAM J. W. T. FALKNER R. L. SULLIVAN MEMBERS IN FACULTY DR. D. H. BISHOP MR. M. B. KING DR. A. B. BUTTS DR. J. J. MATTHEWS MR. JEFF HAMM MR. W. C. TROTTER MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Seniors WILEY ALLISTON . . JOHN BECKER .... WALTER BRIDGEFORTH ELMUS COLEMAN . . MILTON COOK .... TOM DUNLAP . BILLY EuLLER .. TOM GARDNER . . LEE JOHNSON . . PAUL JOHNSON , . RICHARD KEYE . . TED LATHRAM . CHARLES LEE . . FRED NELSON . SAM OLDEN . . . ALEX PAYNE ..., HOWARD RIGEORD . TIMS OLIINN .... SHIRRELL ROGERS . . DAN SHELL ,.., DICK THOMAS . . CARL WALLACE . . , JAMES WALLACE . , , RICHARD WILKINSON . Florence, Miss . Jackson Miss Yazoo Cify, Miss Hollandale, MISS Clarksdale MISS . Okolona Miss . . Laurel Miss . Gulfporf, Miss Columbia Miss Hafliesburg, Miss Rockford, Ill . , Macon, Miss. . Laurel MISS , Jackson MISS Yazoo City, MISS . . Bolton MISS , . Russell MISS . Louise Miss . Jackson MISS . Okolona MISS Senatobia MISS . Gulfport, MISS Memphis, Tenn , Jackson MISS CHARLES WILLIAMS , Okolona Juniors BOBBY BALLARD . . , .... . . Tupelo, ROB DOW ..... . Canfon ELON ELLIS ,.... . Jackson ALBERT GARDNER . . Yazoo City, JOHN GARDNER , . Gulfport, MILLER HOLMES , . Yazoo City JOE HOWELL . . Egypt, JACK JORDAN . . Columbia GORDON LYON . Columbia NED MURRAY . . . . Oxford NICK ROBERTS . , . Yazoo City, JOHN WILKINSON . . Memphis, TOMMY WILLIAMS . . Jackson JOHN WRIGHT . . Hernando Sophomores CLIFFORD CHANDLER . . ........ . . Okolona MAX GOLDEN .... , . . Laurel GEORGE MONTGOMERY . Yazoo Ciry, MATT MOSBY ...... Indianola GRIFFIN NOROUIST . . Yazoo City, SAM SMITH ..... , , Louise, PLEDGES THOMAS AVENT . . ...... . Oxford HENRY BREVARID . . . Amory, LESTER FRANKLIN . . . Jackson JIM FRILICK .... Meridian WALTER LOEB . . . Memphis RICHARD MCRAE . , Jggkgon JOHN MASON . . , Jackson BOB MAY .... , Jagkggn . . . ,,,, Canfon DOUGLAS MOSS . , , Pleasant Hill ...... , Greenwood' J. O. ....... , , , Amory' HENRY DANCY ROBERTS , , . Yazoo Cify BILLY SAMPSON .... , , Jackson HOFF SHACKLEFORD . . . , , , Canfon WALTER LEE SHELTON . . . Greenville. EUGENE SMITH . . . . . Jackson' HALL TACKETT .,.. , Jackson JACK TAYLOR . . . Gge,-,dom ALBERT TILLMAN . . . Vicksburg ARTHUR WHITTEN . . Columbus BILL WRIGHT . . . . Jackson' MURPHY YOUNG . . Aberdeen L2l5fI MISS Miss Miss MISS MISS MISS MISS MISS MISS MISS MISS MISS Tenn MISS Miss Miss Miss Miss MISS MISS MISS Miss MISS Miss Miss Tenn MISS Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss MISS ,,.. ..I. . -1I','.,'I15.,,.....I, ":l1. 1"-1-'21 A-Lssizfa-IL-'II Sigma lphz-I Epsilon Founded I856 Colors Royal Purple' and Gold Flower Violef One Hundred Ten Acfive Chapfers MISSISSIPPI GAMMA Founded l866 I 3 A' Q ,ua dv - 7' -W A -Q - f, qs va , 1 9 ' L 3 Z A -x r X X ,Z . f ' 1- .71 - i N 'r . r ws V . ,Avy , -.W xx. R J " F 6 'P J fr 'sr 1 '-F V Q Q Il- :Q 1.-v ' -' 1 , ' -' , 'V . 'f ' 7 I fi , 14 ' " X .jam IS- -.L . I 13,4 . 9 1' Q, W I tr x ml r' g , f" +3 ' 322, 21 Q., ' .A S 21,15 .Q x , , ' 5 Q., J I p A A J Q . ,R X 'G' 'F '3 f 25 ,- ' -g, z 'vm ar 1 y 49' . 3 fr q .5 ,A A " gf - , ,, A - - V t, ff.- I, 133 , gy A I A: Q 1 s. Q s .- ' K' ,R 4 -J fr J ,Q A-M N , X X 43 '37 'YS' , ., '4 fi X . .N x 1 s if ,. K F, D , f 3 F' ' " --ff w e 4 f . 4 Q 2-'F 4 J p A , n , 4 F, tv .. , I O ,rfb Qi ' F wr ' 'F ' F Q' 'L--' ' fl, ,- , 1 rf, 'r v , ,, I! ,gif 11' ',.,v"' --.4 "-51' 'Y IFA- Frrsf Row: B11-n Adams, BNN' Baker, David Crawley, Tonrrny Erhrrdqe Brent Forman, Joe Gardner, SH Giilcspie, Torn Green, Siuari Handy. Sfrfond Raw: Orrnnn KrVT1bVf'rLH1fV, Frank Lune-y, Juhn PeHy, Owen Rob- 'yr?S, Bully Rnsf, Rubs-If W.3lW, Lev? Cirrdnrvq, Jrn' Glenn, JFUI C-raw, RQ-qinald Gray, Third Row: Tom Hanrnmnd, Kvnnoth Havdon, Tom Magruder, Vernon NrchoNs, Max Poqmm, Harycy Ross, Ed Stevens, Allie Wnng, Fra-ri Witiy, Chandra Wr:rQr,i-warri, Fonrih Row: Louis Bnrks- riale, Jvc Blyihn-, Duanc- Furman, Roger Landrum, George Maynard, D. A. Novi, Bnn Owrn, Dnuqhas Rlddcn, Bobby Sharp. Fifth Row: 1.1-.L Stmy, Hwnvy Srmrrorr, Cnrmfirf-r Wrsifl-,-rqlr,-I Vlrqi! Adi-ins, Cllffurd Haney, Lours Bvnoisi, Bnly awry, Rcuba-n Boyvif, Gvorqw Clayion, Warner Curriv. Si-fn Row: Paui Edson, Henry Fair, Drury Fisher, Urnrrras Cygwin'-r, HMM: Gr-mnrw, J. D. Cuyfon, Charles Hana, Pa? Hrarrurrnrrni, Hnrvr-y H--rnicrsurm, Harry Hoffman, Scvcnfh Row: Pau! ln. Lf-1? P , Ralph Mail-.3y, Fred Nabels, Bllly Nm-I, Hvnry Odom, Milrard 'mn-, BNI, Pc-Jrsnn, Huwarri Ricnardswn, Rnbort Rndqvrs, ALUMNI IN TOWN DR. JAMES ARMSTRONG WILLIAM HARMON GEORGE BUFFALO WILLIAM LEWIS WILLIAM ETHRIDGE C. O. SMALLING GENE FAIR PETER WEBSTER Q MEMBER IN FACULTY A, G. BOWEN 0 MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Seniors BEN ADAMS ...L BILLY BAKER ..., DAVID CRAWLEY , TOMMY ETHRIDGE , . BRENT FORMAN . JOE GARDNER . , SID GILLESPIE . TOM GREEN ,.,. STUART HANDY . . ORMAN KIMBROUGH FRANK LANEY ..,., JOHN PETTY ,... OWEN ROBERTS . BILLY RUST ..E, ROBERT WALL . . LEE CATCHING . JOE GLENN . . JIM GRAY ...., REGINALD GRAY . . TOM HAMMOND , , KENNETH HAXTON . TOM MAGRUDER . . , VERNON NICHOLS , , MAX PEGRAM . . , HARVEY ROSS ,,... ED MILLER STEVENS . . ALLIE WING .,.... FRED WITTY, JR. , . CLAUDE WOODWARD . LOUIS BARKSDALE . . JOE BLYTHE ....E DUANE FORMAN , ROGER LANDRUM , GEORGE MAYNARD . . D. A. NOEL ...,, BEN OWEN ...,. DOUGLAS RIDDELL . . BOBBY SHARP . . . JACK STACY ..,,. H EN RY STRATTON .... CANDLER WISELOGLE VIRGIL ADKINS, JR. . CLIFFORD BAILEY . . NORMAN BB-XRDON . LOUIS BENOIST, JR. . BILLY BOOTH ..... REUBEN BOYETT ,... GEORGE W. CLAYTON WARNER CURRIE . . . PAUL EASON ..... HENRY FAIR .,.. DRURY FISHER ..... THOMAS GARDNER . . HULEE GOWAN . . , J. D. GUYTON . . , CHARLES HAILE . . . PAT HAMMOND ..,. HARVEY HENDERSON HARRY HOFFMAN . . . PAUL LOCKETT ,... RALPH MACKAY , . FRED NABERS .... BILLY NOEL ..,,. HENRY ODOM, JR. . , MILLARD PAGE ..... BILLY PEARSON . . . HOWARD RICHARDSON' '. ROBERT Rooeerzs ..., Juniors Sophomores PLEDGES I217T , . Grenada, , . Winona, . Kosciusko, . Oxford, , . Naichez, , Greenwood , Ilia Bena, . Nalchez, . . . Nalchez, . Greenwood, . . . . Tupelo, . Greenwood, , , Cleveland, , . Clarksdale, , . . Boyle, . Cleveland, . Winona, , Dublin, Halliesburg, . , . Allanla, , , Greenville, . Porf Gibson, . . Canlon, Tupelo, . . Clarksdale, , Wesf Poinl, . , Greenville, , Greenwood, . Kosciusko, , Clarksdale, Lake Cormoranl, . . Nafchez, , , . Kosciusko, . . . Tupelo, . . Greenville, , Columbus, . , Swiflown, . . Grenada, . . . Tupelo, . Memphis, , Memphis, . , Clarksdale, . . , Grenada, . Porl Gibson, . . . Nafchez, . . . Tupelo, . . Greenville, . Memphis, . Meridian, . . . Tupelo, . Louisville, . Memphis, . Greenwood, . Thomasiown, , Kosciuslco, . Naichez, , Kosciusko, , . , Sumner, . Hailiesburg, . Grenada, . . , Wynne, . . Louisville, , . Greenville, . Greenwood, . . Clarksdale, . . Sumner, . Louisville, . Bogalusa Miss. Miss. Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss. Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Ga Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Tenn Tenn Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Tenn Miss Miss Miss Tenn Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Ark Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss , La Phi Hella Theta U 4 Founded l848 Colors Azure and Argenl Flower While Ca rnaiion One Hundred Six Aclive Chaplers MISSISSIPPI ALPHA CHAPTER Eslablished I877 .. I , ,fv,,,, V -N- fp. 3: .F 'E' A ' Q' K, .., can I fx r 'V' ' T if y 5 .- "f it .- XP 3- W' .Q J V I wry? 40 2 '53-l"' in . 42 ., f 3 Q K' 97? ' 5 gi ' r --., 'K Q ri 1 f . . 'M y 4 ' - "V ' W V4 'Qu Q n rt 'Q . .Ky fe x V' A Y? ' f Q 1' fi V G ' -Q 7 N 'gf I M .. 1 . . R are, , .. - , ?':"j,, 1' , E 1 , QQ 'A First Rm.: Wa,-rro Elirsfrn, Robert Horland, Carl Johrwsfone, Hans Karl Srarrss, Sam Suggs. Srrcrunci Row: A, C. Webb, Johnny Whifren, Hiram LwrrHiH'r, Burma!! Gusfafs-Jn, Sfnrmy Sarwriers, CaHrQNl Sfaplcforx. Third P-rw. VV. R, Jfmksorw, Rglrvrt M. Moss, Jvhn Burke-rf, Roberf Crawford, J. E. Harper, BMI H-1ff'N. Fvuffh Row: Homer HGIPN, Arvirwe Henry, 5. C Hrrrisrrrw, UMW l r-1- Hurisrw, Did Lnuqhrirw, Bri! Lcnq-quisf. Fifrh Rcrw Hrvvr-r Mrlrwus, Darwin Mrmkrnri-, WlN..xrd MMS, George Wcbsfffr, Mid-wr Wrblorsc-n. HIRAM B. GRIFFITH. JR. ALUMNI IN TOWN DAVID HUGHES ' ROBERT MILLER RICHARD MCCLURE JOHN RAMEY I O MEMBERS IN FACULTY DR. ALFRED HUME MAJOR HUGH MCC. EVANS MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Seniors WAYNE ELLISON . ROBERT HOLLAND . . CARL JOHNSTONE . . HANS-KARL STAUSS . SAM SUGGS . . . A. C. WEBB .... JOHNNY WHITTEN . . BURNELL GUSTAFSON STANNY SANDERS . . CATTRELL STAPLETON . W. R. JACKSON . ROBERT M. MOSS . JOHN BURKERT .... ROBERT LEE CRAWFORD JERRY HALL .... J. E. HARPER . . BILL HAZEL . . . HOMER HAZEL . ARVINE HENRY . . G. C. HUDSON . . ULLIN LEE HUDSON . DICK LAUGHRIN . . BILL LENGOUIST . . ELMER MCINNIS . DARWIN MALONE . . WILLARD MILLS . . GEORGE WEBSTER . MICKEY WILKERSON . Juniors Sophomores O PLEDGES IZI9: , Greenwood Miss. . . Meridian Miss. Calhoun Cify, Miss Por+ Gibson Calhoun Cify, .. Houlka . . CasciIIa Miss Miss Miss Miss . I-'IazIehursI, Miss . Rockford, III. . Sidon, Miss. . Clinfon, Miss. eta . AbbeviIIe, Miss n P1 . CoIumbus, Miss. . Vardaman Miss . Desofo, Miss . Indianola Miss . . MarshaII, Mich . Marshall, Mich New Haven. Conn Calhoun Cify, Miss. Calhoun Cify, Miss . . . Chicago, III. . . Rockford, III. Brookhaven, Miss. . . Lucedale. Miss. . Lucedale, Miss. . Rockford, III. . . I.uIa, Miss. Founded I839 Colors Pir K and Blue Flower Rose Ninefy Adive Cha pier BETA BETA Esfablished lB79 ,gr ,A . R' N V N ,X 6? Q ' - 5 KA 5 ' 1 , , gqf .Sf F795 ' rx 24 2 YA M, n ' 'R' ' J' . - vu G' ru If J Q J, , I .4 ., 'gi' , .... A X - i Q-if... Q gif sf rx W-M-p Jr 3330 mx .rg - x A if C 1 D' WCW Frrst Rrgwz John Ewing, Ben Buchanan, Eugene Harrison, Louie Hcp kirrs, Joe Lauderriak, Bob Logan, James Nichds. Serrvnd Row: Wi! L-urn Houma-5, J. C. Buuldffy, Don Bursly, Anse Does, James Freeland F? 'lr-'fri Hwrrnwrn, Third Row: Churhns Harrison, Juhn Hovious, Robi-f Hurvrn'reN, Hrgnry Krvmrri, James Karger, Vmgrnon Lush, Frvurfh Row: Jo, ' '-, 1, Lr vnu, CN.,x1Jif3 Piftrvrun, WrNNianr RPM-a, Arfhur RIQD, John Srwvd, Frank f':1f'3' 53' wang 1. B. Wrwliunws, .""?ff' A . -"J 'ETC' H' -x 4 LN W ' L 1 -- may . -1 Q 'At ARUMNUS IN TOWN M F. I-IARTSFIELD O MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Graduafe JOHN SHARP EWING . . Vicksburg. Seniors BEN BUCHANAN . . .... . Housfon. EUGENE HARRISON . . Maihisioni LOUIE HOPKINS . . . . Lula. JOE LAUDERDALE . . Hernando. BOB LOGAN . . . . Lawrence. JAMES NICHOLS . . Vicksburg. WILLIAM W. REYNOLDS . . Meridian. Sophomore WILBURN HOLMES . ....... . Winona, 0 PLEDGES FRANK BELK . . ...... . Oxford J. C. BUCKLEY . . . . Newion DON BURSEY . . Winona ANSE DEES .... Philadelphia JAMES FREELAND . . Somerville. ROBERT HAMILTON . Pori Gibson CHARLES HARRISON Philadelphia JOHN E. HARTSFIELD . . Oxford JOHN HOVIOUS . . . Vicksburg ROBERT HUMMEL . . , Warren. HENRY KINARD . . . Jackson JAMES KOGER . . Larnberi. VERNON LASH . . Wes? Uniry. JOE LOGAN . . . Lawrence JCI-IN MOODY . . CLAUDE PITTMAN . WILLIAM RHEA . . ARTHUR RICE . . . JOHN PAUL SNEED FRANK WILKS . . . T. B. WILLIAMS . . If221QI Miss. Miss. Miss. Miss. Miss. Miss. Miss. Miss. Miss. Miss. Miss, Miss. Miss. Tenn. Miss. Miss. Miss. Miss. Ohio Miss. Miss. Ohio Miss. Boqalusa. La. Harfiesburg Somerville, . Sfarkville, . . Oxford . Vicksburg Philadelphia Miss. Tenn. Miss. Miss. Miss. Miss. ..1.i."il'5?E1I :1:"' ' ' P fi. Delia Tau Delta Founded I 859 Colors Purple. While, Gold Flower Pansy Sevenly-live Aciive Chaplers Pl CHAPTER Eslablished I 884 xiii at l ' F. V 2-,api in ,.' Q 0 is F 4- V Y f,P . nl , . It A, s ,M y 1 - 1 f A A , A if K' Q are 4- 'H' ' 52, G ,. . ., . , of . w g, ,, f ' ' - A b 5: 1-.: In J v, 135 ,yi lx: K S, 0 ri A it if v -I I 4 - . A "i ' f ' snr f -Qs. . '+ ,Q N ' Q 'V f 'S A" . 1' 4 V7 , 'sf Y ty , ' 4 - ,, V , I A . . .v 45 i 6:3 1 ,LL 'iw K, 7 " ff J f ' ' -l - A 23 fb X A ss Q ' Q 1 1 3 A , ' -J G' 4. J , .. - 'Y 'lf' 3 1 4 '5 1 A A i 5 i -Q A ,KJ .l 9' -,lf -. ,. we an " sa-,f , ' A 1 xi., - . r Q A , A 1: it Q, . - I ' 2 ' f , J . Y ' . Y as ' ' A I gf, - I' 'Z 'A 1 .Q . f , F i ,,--' Firsl Row: James L. Alford, George Allcinson, Wir? Beard, Owen Bowen, J, C. Bradley, Allred Buller, Roberl Cunningham, Archie Dick- son, Billy Ford. Second Row: Alex Gordon, Lee Colley, Henry Haynes Jarnii- Johrisllj-ln, Charles Milchcll, David MCLr-an, Malcolm Monfqorn- ery, Billy Neville, Linlon Norlh. Third Row: Bryan? Ridgeway, Carson Roberlscn, George Robcrlson, Lee Rogers, Willard Rogers, Billy Ross, Phinras Str-yi:-ns, Flelchev Veasey, Richard Walson. Fourlh Row: Bill Allen, Huqh Allen Alexander, Palrner Andrews, Waller Bullock, Row- land Darnell, John Gordon, Leroy Hidinqer, Sidrlf-y Hopkins, Bill Lamp- fard, Flllh Rrlw' Ednuunll Monlqornery, Roy Niy,hols, Royal Earl Norlh, Ru-.-rwynl Conn.-r, Edward Loclarll, Travis Nash, Francis Sfevens, Joseph Sflclnf-,, Harry Slone. Si-ln Row: Charles Upfhur, Howard Allen, Pep Bennr-ll, Rnhard Bevis, Willard Brown, Robert Cannaala, George Car- llr, Wnlli.'irvi Coilrrell, Harold Cunningham. Sc-venlh Row: George? Davis, OllVf'f Easllanll Cl,-lgil lnrrmn, Billy Johnson, Slanlon Kirchrnan, John Kill, C-lallsl inf' Mlirlinnir, Robcrl Perlins, Roberl Plqford. Eiqhfh Row: Byrrln Pure, Buddy Russell, Roberl Stinson, Jack Thomas, Allcn lluvlbs, Alr- lllul llsfone, Adolph Treppendahl, John Wax, Bob Womack. ALUMNI IN TOWN JOHN LEE GAINEY DR. FRANK PURSER MEMBERS IN FACULTY DR. W. L. KENNON MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY JAMES L. ALFORD . . . WILLIAM H. ALLEN . . GEORGE ATKINSON . . WIRT ADAMS BEARD . . OWEN B. BOWEN . . . J. C. BRADLEY ..,,.. ALFRED BUTLER ....., ROBERT CUNNINGHAM . . ARCHIE DICKSON .... BILLY FORD .,,. ALEX GORDON . . . JOHN H. GORDON . . LEE GULLEY . . . HENRY HAYNES ,.., JAMIE JOHNSTON ...,. CHARLES B. MITCHELL . , . DAVID WILLIAM McLEAN . MALCOLM B. MONTGOMERY WILLIAM D. NEVILLE .,.. LINTON D. NORTH . . . BRYANT RIDGEWAY . . CARSON ROBERTSON .. GEORGE ROBERTSON . . LEE ROGERS ..... . WILLARD ROGERS .. BILLY ROSS . . . . . PHINEAS STEVENS , . FLETCHER VEASEY . RICHARD WATSON . HUGH ALLEN ALEXANDER . JAMES PALMER ANDREWS . WALTER BULLOCK ..,, ROWLAND DARNELL . . . LEROY L. HIDINGER . . . OLIVER SIDNEY HOPKINS . BILL LAMPARD ....... EDMUND W. MONTGOMERY ROY NICHOLS ,.,.... ROYAL EARL NORTH . . RAYMOND CONNER . EDWARD LOCKARD . . TRAVIS NASH .,,.. FRANCIS B. STEVENS . . JOSEPH STICKNEY . . HARRY STONE .... CHARLES UPSHUR . . HOWARD ALLEN . . PEP BENNETT . . . RICHARD BEVIS . WILLARD BROWN . . ROBERT CANNADA . GEORGE CARTER .... WILLIAM COCKRELL HAROLD CUNNINGHAM . . GEORGE DAVIS ..... OLIVER EASTLAND . . CECIL INMAN . . . BILLY JOHNSON .... STANTON KIRCHMAN . . JOHN KIRK ....... CARY MIDDLECOFF ..,. GLADSTONE MORTIMER . . ROBERT PERKINS .,... ROBERT PIGFORD . . BYRON PRICE .. BUDDY RUSSELL . ROBERT STINSON , . JACK THOMAS . . . ALLEN TOOMBS . ALEX TOUCHSTONE ..,, ADOLPH TREPPENDAHL , JOHN WAX ...... BOB WOMACK ..... Seniors Juniors Sophomores PLEDGES l2231 HUGH W. GATES GEORGE NICHOLSON . . McComb, Miss. . Belzoni, Miss. . Pickens, Miss. . Jackson, Miss. . McLain, Miss. . . . Belzoni, Miss. . Alligalor, Miss. . Jackson, Miss. . Jackson, Miss. . . Taylorville, Miss. . . Jackson, Miss. . . . Belzoni Miss. . Brookhaven Miss. . . Lumberlon, Miss. . . Berilon Miss. Slarksville, Miss. Meridian Miss. . Yazoo Cify, Miss. . . Meridian, Miss. , . Belzoni, Miss. . Jackson Miss. . . Jackson Miss. . Jackson, Miss. . . New Albany, Miss. Porlersville Miss. . Memphis, Tenn. Jackson Miss. . Coldwafer, Miss. . Columbus Miss. . . Greenville, Miss. . Memphis, Tenn. . Columbia Miss. . Memphis,I Tenn. . Memphis, Tenn. . . Hickory Miss. . Cleveland Miss. . . Forresl, Miss. . Belzoni, Miss. . . Yazoo Cify Miss. . Columbia, Miss. . . Meridian, Miss. . Jonesboro, Ark. . Jackson, Miss. . Jackson, Miss. . . Columbus, Miss. . Greenwood, Miss. . . . Belzoni, Miss. . Meridian, Miss. . Memphis, Tenn. . Lauderdale, Miss. . . Edwards, Miss. . . Meridian, Miss. . . Macon, Miss. . . Meridian, Miss. . . . Meridian, Miss. Kappa Alpha . . . Meridian, Miss. , . . . . Jackson Miss. Cryslal Springs, Miss. . . . Jackson, Miss. . . Greenville, Miss. . Memphis, Tenn. . Blezoni Miss. . . , Belzoni, Miss. Meridian, Miss. Cryslal Springs, Miss. . , . . Jackson, Miss. . . Yazoo Cily, Miss. . . . Amory, Miss. . . Walls, Miss. , . . Meridian, Miss. . . Woodville, Miss. . . . Amory, Miss. . McComb, Miss. Founded I 865 Colors Crimson and Gold Flowers Magnolia and Red Rose Sixty-eighl Aclive Chaplers ALPHA UPSILON CHAPTER Eslablishecl l9OO X H, l - is ' F' 4 -J ' ,' A x K ...,,. . E., +7 ' Q . 1 bak W s-, A Y sf m"'l"5fs X l - l l r ."'f ' X , "F -' . N g. 6' , x Eff' L s HA , if ,. in X 55? 'Q A f 'NNI +3 , . 4' ' E. , -ng, .' 496' ' 'Q' Q gi- - , , N C5 , .. X in , 4 F -. T, 5 , ,X ..-.. - "' t "' its . 4 'il if V , K A il ' ' if ,Il , A 1 as. W- ,-I ' ' 21, 5' -7 'f -J - . : V '4 l an ' Q3 I '5 l- l M1 'x'f- , A X Q E, - f' Ii 1 H A ' l Gi 0 f J fy .ay ., J M Q, X X, . Q tsl, H7 , "1 J' , Vr , N, ,. l '- l 1' l Frist Rvwi Juky Kuyke-rldall, Joe Efidlns, Herman Clqzner, Wunsllln Hnyles, Raymonli Lilfon, Billy Qulnn, Jo Sedberrv, Charles Cllrlslor Spun:-i Pww: Rllrfy Cuvminqlmm, Clmrlcs Dielz, Bob Ellis, Gcmrqf J-lr-Sf, Br-vw Kvy, Maw, Moore, Blll Allvrw, Waller Jolmson. Tlwlrli Rww Slnmm Murlfs, Emqvnr- Morsff, Bryson Slwlvlcw, Brooks Vanrf-, Faq-lllmq Wriqlul, Wallf-r Wlwiif-, Robe-rl Cal-iwm-ll, Jwlwn Gibbs, Fourflw Row: Alfi- Hul-fll, Burwvll Hurvlglluey Bllkwlw Jml-S-lu, Jlgllw Jurvllm, Clmrlz-S .lwlm swn,Dl1l Menflvllp, B M. Murllvl, C.. E: MQClmmlmrl, llfll1Rl,m Wrl Inn: Nm-I, Jmilf Plllllllfl Harm R-lllme, Rnplmr-l Svrvlrw-Q, Lnvlj-is Wu-lwll rlqlml, UAW- Wlwllfnlu,-r, is l Q ALUMNI IN TOWN BAXTER ELLIOT ' IRA L. MORGAN REV. WILLIAM M. GREEN EDDIE MACK MORGAN REV. W. R. LOTT ROBERT SMALLWOOD O DR. J. C. CULLEY JOHN KUYKENDALL, JR JOE EDDINS .... HERMAN GLAZIER . . WINSTON HAYLES . . RAMON LITTON .. BILLY QUINN . . JOE SEDBERRY . . CHARLES CHRISLER . . RILEY CUNNINGHAM . CHARLES DIETZ . . BOB ELLIS , . . GEORGE JOEST , . BEN OLIVER KEY . , MAYO MOORE . . BILL ALLEN ..,. WALTER JOHNSON . SIMON MARKS . . , EUGENE MORSE . . , BRYSON SHIRLEY, JR. . BROOKS VANCE . . , FIELDING WRIGHT . , WALTER WHITE . . ROBERT CALDWELL . JOHN GIBBS .... ALEX HULETT ..... BURWELL HUMPHREY . BOBBY JACKSON . . JOHN JORDON .... CHARLES JOHNSON . . DICK MENDROP ,. B. M. MARTIN , . . C. E. MCCLANAHAN . WILLIAM NOEL . . . JACK PRINTUP . . HARRY ROLLINS . . RAPHAEL SEMMES . . LAVOIS WEBB . . . JOHN WRIGHT .. DAVE WHITTAKER . MEMBERS IN FACULTY MAJOR CHARLES S. JOHNSON PETE KYLE McCARTER I MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Graduafes Seniors Juniors Sophornores O PLEDGES l2Z51 Charlesfon . Rosedale Clarksdale, . Cleveland . . Shaw, . Jackson . Okolona , , Jackson Booneville . Memphis, . . Drew , Rosedale , Meridian . Prichard . Jackson . Jackson , Jackson . Jackson . Baldwyn Balesville Rolling Fork Moorehead . Baldwyn . . Leland Charleston . Ebenezer, Cleveland Hollandale . Universify . Duncan . Dundee . Okolona . Corinth , Memphis, Halfiesburg . Grenada . Helena . . Sardis, . Leland I I I I I I I I I Miss. MISS. Miss Miss. Miss. Miss Miss. Miss Miss Tenn Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss. Miss Miss Miss. Miss. Miss. Miss. Miss Miss. Miss. Miss. Miss. Miss. Miss. Tenn, Miss. Miss. Ark. Miss. Miss. Kappa Sigma O Founded I869 Colors Scarlel, Green and While Flower Lily of The Valley One Hundred Ten Aclive Chaplers DELTA XI CHAPTER Founded I926 4 x SR R' V 19W Firsl Row: Roberl Royce. Francis Bowling, Ollie D. Brame. Jolwn J, Price, Walser Prospere. Second Row: Louis Transou, Al Fred Daniel, Kendal Dulce, Fred Filclw. Third Row: Graydon Gender, Fred Kelly, Roberl Leach, Bergen Merrill, Joe Morgan Fourlh Rc-wi Waller' Scolr, J. V. Turnage, Murray Williams. ALUMNI IN TowN WRIGHT PATTON R. X. WILLIAMS MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY DR. EUGENE BRAMLETT COACH CLAUDE M. SMITH DR. A. W. MILDEN ROBERT KILLIAN ROYCE FRANCIS S. BOWLING . OLLIE D. BRAME . . . JOHN J. PRICE . . . V. WALSER PROSIPERE . LEWIS TRANSOU . AL FRED DANIEL . . KENDAL DUKE . FRED FITCH .... GRAYDON GENGE . . FRED KELLY ..... ROBERT PAUL LEACH . BERGEN MERRILL . . JOE P. MORGAN . WALTER W. SCOTT . J. V. TURNAGE .... MURRY LEE WILLIAMS BUCKNER B. TRAWICK o Graduafe o Seniors o Junior o Sophomore o PLEDGES l227l . . Isola, Miss. . . Newlon . Madison . . Meridian Wasliinqlon, Miss. Miss Miss. Miss. . Jackson. Miss. . . Jackson, Miss. . . Oxlord . . Oxford . . Oxford. . Bafesville, . . lndianapoli Olive Branch, . . . Flora, . . Jackson, New Hebron, . . . Taylor. Miss. Miss. Miss. Miss. Ind. Miss. Miss. Miss. Miss. Miss. lpha Tau Umeqa Founded l865 Colors Slay Blue and Gold Flower While Tea Rose Ninely-six Aciive Clwaplers DELTA PSI CHAPTER Eslablislwed 1927 'gg-4 s ha! is 5 ,".!'a, el sr' "Iwi N Firsl Row: Ernesl McCracken, James Riclwardsnn, C. J. Davis, Joe Friend, Billy Grilfin. Second Row: P. Tad Russell, Pele Warrc-ri, Vernon Anderson, Warr'en Cruien, Dallon Parlxer. lliird Row: lJeWill Allred, Edward Beeman, Roberl Brady, Bill, Bullr-r, Carl Cox. Fourllw Row: Jolrn McGill, James Jolrnson, l-larry Lynnli, Raymond Medlork, Clwarles Mills, Clinlon Wood. ALUMNI IN TOWN MARVIN DOOLEY FRANK E. LOWRANCE BYRON GATHRIGHT LESTER S. MCELROY MEMBER IN FACULTY DR. JAMEs R. simwis 0 MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Graduafes ERNEST McCRACKEN . . .... . . JAMES A. RICHARDSON . . Seniors DURWOOD COLLINS . .... . C. J. DAVIS .... JOE NELMS FRIEND . WILLIAM S. GRIFFIN . . P. TED RUSSELL . . Junior YAN DELL SWAYZE WARREN .... Sophomores VERNON GEORGE ANDERSON . WARREN CRUZEN ..... DALTON PARKER . . PLEDGES DeWIT'I' ALLRED . . .... . . EDWARD BEEMAN . . ROBERT BRADY . . . BILLY BUTLER . . CARL COX . . JOHN McGILL . . JAMES JOHNSON . . HARRY LYNCH .... RAYMOND MEDLOCK . . CHARLES MILLS . . . CLINTON WOOD . . L229l . Oxford, . Garrieii, . Shannon, Greenwood. . . Sardis. . Meridian, . . Eden. . Benion, Mol: Memphis, . Lucedale . . Collins Tyleriown Waierbury, . Ponfofoc Miss. S. C. Miss. Miss. Miss. Miss. Miss. Miss. ne. Ill Tenn , Miss , Miss. . Miss Conn , Miss . Oxford, Miss . Kenosha, Wis Memphis, Tenn Waveland, Miss Liiile Roclc, Arlc . . Tupelo. Miss Memphis, Tenn. Pi Kappa Phi Founded I904 Colors Gold and While Flower Red Rose Foriyeiwo Aciive Chapiers ' ALPHA LAMBDA CHAPTER Esiablished l927 Y x in 6 in , A 2- . GL 1 '1' ,f A r , - ' . ..:. r , f i Q L ' x 3 2 ' t' ' x , ' ! , . ' 1' ,f ,Y gsm. g fi? 1 V f, 51 'QQ' 4 me , ,- 6 'Q vs? F1 . 71' LX 'S ! fr Y ll 0' , 4 x' ' 'S ' ' , Q Q J 4 ""' -. 'W ' 7 S' ' i 0 V- A sl ,bb V ' Q Q w N ' 1 iffy," 1, , X , , ' 4 A s ..., Z ' ' ss. W . 1: 5. , ,W ' 5 A ,lc , . 4 x ,. Q? - Qixfmy' ' Y if X " '- ,X V ' .f if-J I ' In ' W " E 'r 9 5 0 6 X. Hrs? Rww: My-orqfa Ami:-rsurw, if-swrrlc Cm,-5'-Pr, Edward EWS, WilNiarv H Fr-Lirwj, DwUQNJ Fffil+1Nmgnn, Evfj-rc-H RUSSMNI Twrurrmiq- WaNkL'r. SL'-:ond Rwwi James Bmik, SM-'AN Doihhwr, Earl Johnsvrw, Blum? Kaflcnmeyor ,-Mon, Jarvu-5 Thorrmaswy John Absfon. fhlrd Row: J. C WMNH1 Nz irlf-y, Hferrwvarw Bader, Ri-,hard Bowman, Lyrrmm Coker, Robcrf EIMS Juhn Fausf, Warm-ra Hiarf. Furmth Row: Lcmrmrd Ka?.'c-nmcyert Ray King, Carrvmvl Mnsiey, BH? MCCMJ, Huward McLain. Ridmrd Mullcff Jsfk Piqmt. Hrvh Rmw: Rubcrf Rove-rv, Hvnry Rowrarri, F. M. Smiih rfls Whifimgiorl, Ralxh WiYswr1, Huuiwr Woo-is Vvilliqm Wruferu. GEORGE ANDERSON GEORGE E. COOPER EDWARD ELLIS . . . WILLIAM H. FEDRIC DONALD FEIBELMAN EVERETT M. RUSSELL TOMMIE WALKER . JAMES M. BROCK . J. STEEL DOLLAHITE EARL JOHNSON ..... C. BRENT KATZENMEYER . . MARION MELVIN . . WILLIAM H. NEWTON . JAMES G. THOMASON . JOHN ABSTON . . J. C. SHIRLEY . . HERMAN BAXTER . . . RICHARD O. BOWMAN LYMAN COKER . . ROBERT ELLIS ...... JOHN MORGAN FAUST WARREN HIATT ,.... LEONARD KATZENMEYER RAY KING ........ CARMAN MASSEY . BILL C. McCORD . . HOWARD McLAIN . . . RICHARD F. MULLETT . JACK PIGOTT .... ROBERT REVERE . . HENRY ROWLAND . F. M. SMITH .... HAROLD SHERMAN . CURTIS WHITTINGTON . RALPH WILSON . . HUNTER WOODS . . . WILLIAM H. WROTEN . MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Seniors Juniors Sophomores I PLEDGES L23l1 . Vicksburg, Miss. . Senafobia Miss Waynesboro Miss Charlesfown Miss . Vicksburg, Miss. . Orange, Conn . Meridian, Miss . McComb Miss. . . Oakland, Miss. . Clarksdale Miss. . Vicksburg Miss. . . Camden Miss. , , Drew Miss. . Charlesfon Miss Hickory Fla? Miss. . . Quifman, Miss. Bay SI. Louis Miss. . McComb Miss. . Vicksburg Miss. Waynesboro Miss. . McComb Miss. . McComb Miss. . Vicksburg, Miss. Wafer Valley, Miss. . Clarksdale, Miss. . Tupelo, Miss. . Oxford, Miss. . Ouifman, Miss. . McComb Miss. . . McComb, Miss. Hickory Flaf, Miss. , Vicksburg, Miss. . McComb, Miss. . Bude Miss. . Oxford, Miss. . . Sardis, Miss. . McComb, Miss. Sigma O Founded I 869 Colors Black. Gold. Whife Flower Whife Rose One Hundred Aclive Chapiers EPSILON XI CHAPTER Founded I927 sv f 3, 7' 9 ' 4? K lj? 3 4 3 Q bg A 1, 5' J A -' ,ri Z. 'T ' -I . x ' 1 , f rf Q 1 f If T Zi: yt-E I in V D 0' r, in '. lf' . Q. car 5- 5 a ,P , L -. -wg, - X hwy G T 'ft' ,sk 12' ,' 'f -1 N SJ xA-T an X T -0- i- Q' ,Q G- , in at 4 G. , , 'I . V L. QQ, Q , ., i -.- fl 5. 4 J, 1 ET-" H -v 3' 1 . . i rp js", f , , i 6 X , ,Q 4 . x -5- j 1:91 5 1 'L . 4 , h. A , .Q . iv, , 0 -V f , ., V 'S f we ' V . ' Q ,J If 1: '7 V " f. Y' U: V '13-4 , N, ,,. 4 E , iffes,-lvl "':ir QW- X41 'Q' ful", i -'A' 'iq . V, , I 'M Y, - AJ 4 TQ., i T Xl F 'T T 1 'r i X 1 A 1 , if ' 1: 4 gb' C4 ', 1? A qw r, Q AT 951 :Q 11 J lr:-'Q rs? ' f? ' 6, 'D A A 4,3 First Row: W. G. Tabbs, Everc-H Truly, Cleve Burlrs, Bruce Causey, Jae Danicl, John Evans, G. B, Flagq, Richard Lord. Second Row: Kinluch McCollum, Clyde McKee, Frank Page, Nathan Pefcrs, Bernard Reeve-s, Grice Rafenbcrry, Edwin Tale, Larnplon Williams, Third Row: Rnbffrl Younq, Grillin Alford, David Andcrsrm, Cecil Bollon, ThornaS Curlci William Gurney, Frank Horlon, Percy Jvhnsfon, Fourlh Row: Julian Noe-l, Charles Trnylor, Thomas Williams, Rand Jones, Minor Morgan, Thurrias Mvrris, Auquslus Neely, Hugh Sluarl, Farar Truly. Fillh Row, Daviil Nval Br-nriefll, Euqem- Dalryniple, James Dixon, T. A, Doolittle, Jun Hans-y, Byron Holrncs, Jack Mann, Irvin Mauldin, George Muhiufghlin, Sidh Ruiw: Minis Mitchell, Charles Mollell, Ted Riemann, llalr- Slonv, Javvirfs VanDfgvc-rider, Frank Wvbb, Walls Wa-bb, Gilvs Williams, John Williams. ALUMNI IN TOWN SCOTT GILMER BLACK ' JAMES RILEY KNIGHT JACK ELLIOTT GORDON CEARLEY EMIL SLOUGH O MEMBERS IN FACULTY COACH OLIVER WEEMS BASKIN, JR. THOMAS ALTON BICKERSTAFF O MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Graduates WILLIAM GRANVILLE TABBS, JR ........ . . Greenwood, Miss. EVERETT GEOFFREY TRULY, JR, . . . . . Fayette, Miss Seniors CI.EVE EDWARD BURKS . . ,,... . Dyersburg, Tenn BRUCE COKER CAUSEY . . . . . Shelby, Miss JOE HARDEMAN DANIEL . . . . . Oxford, Miss JOHN WILLIS EVANS, JR. . . . . . Jackson, Miss GEDDES BROADWELL FLAGG, JR. . . . Gulfport, Miss RICHARD GUY LORD ....... . . . Winona, Miss JOSEPH KINLOCH MCCOLLUM . . Long Beach, Miss CLYDE VERNON McKEE .,... . . Jackson, Miss FRANK ORVILLE PAGE . . . . . . Amory, Miss TILLMAN NATHAN PETERS . . Dyersburg, Tenn BERNARD Reeves ..,...,.. , . e-airport, Miss CLINTON GRICE ROTENBERRY . . . Lambert, Miss EDWIN TATE .A......... . . Picayune, Miss LAMPTON O'NEIL WILLIAMS . . , . Poplarville, Miss ROBERT LEE YOUNG ...,,. . . Corinth, Miss Juniors EDGAR GRIFFIN ALFORD . . ..... . , Gulfport, Miss DAVID MOORE ANDERSON . . . Newton, Miss CECIL MAXWELL BOLTON ..... . . Corinth, Miss THOMAS JEFFERSON COLE, JR. . . . . Amory, Miss WILLIAM CLIFFORD GURNEY, JR. . , , . Ripley, Miss. FRANK COLLINS HORTON .... . . Grenada, Miss PERCY WALTER JOHNSTON , . Shubuta, Miss JULIAN RAY NOEL ...., . , Greenville, Miss CHARLES JOSEPH TRAYLOR , . . Biloxi, Miss THOMAS MARVIN WILLIAMS . . , Lexington, Miss Sophomores COLIN RANDALL JONES, JR. .,,.,,. Pass Christian, Miss. MINOR LATHAM MORGAN . . . . Greenwood, Miss THOMAS EDWARD MORRIS . . . Gulfport, Miss WILLIAM AUGUSTUS NEELY . . . . . Banks, Miss HUGH ALFORD STUART . . . . . Savage, Miss FARAR MARTIN TRULY , . , eayeffe, Miss BERKLEY ATKINSON . . . , DAVID NEAL BENNETT ,..... O PLEDGES Pass Christian, , . . , Ripley, EUGENE CORNELIUS DALRYMPLE . . . . Amory, JAMES MADISON DIXON ..... . Shelby, T. A. DOOLITTLE ,......... , Jackson, JOE SANDERS HANEY .... . . Gulfport, WENDELL BYRON HOLMES . . . Tylertown, JACK KENNEDY MANN .... . Laurel, MANSEL IRVIN MAULDIN .... . , Ripley, GEORGE LYELL MCLAUGHLIN . . . , Gulfport, MIMS MITCHELL, JR. . ...,. . . , Magee, CHARLES ROBERT MOFFETT .... . . Gulfport, ERNEST THEODORE RIEMANN, JR. . . . , Gulfport, HOKE STONE ........ . . . . Lambert, JAMES GORDON VAN DEVENDER . . Jackson, FRANK ELBERT WEBB, JR ...... . . Gulfport, WATTS RANKIN WEBB ...... . . Gulfport GILES EDWARD WILLIAMS, JR. . Clarksdale, JOHN BRYANT WILLIAMS, JR. ..... . . Gulfport, l233T Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Pi Kappa Alpha , D Founded l868 Colors Garnet and Gold Flower Lily ot the Valley Eighty Active Chapters GAMMA IOTA CHAPTER Established l927 -LA N inm- 1 Firgl Row: Reber? N. Croclcefl, Tom Davis, Harold Godman Ramsay Qilxleal, Beniarnin Parlc-1. Soigoncl Row: Niles Balmer Ralph Camf-mn, Calvin Dielrich. Frank Dunn. Third Row: Wil linnw Fclvniuliw, Rdy F f"i -Jer. James Gardner, John Johnson Clmilcu Lanfislon. F 1"i mth Rrfw: Angus McBride. Hanslord Sim rnons, Burrell Tulor. I ALUMNI IN TOWN 4 BRAMLETT ROBERTS FRED PATTON ROBERTS DAVID SMALLWOOD I I O MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY ROBERT N. CROCKETT Win'rerviIIe, Miss. THOMAS B. DAVIS . . Van Vieei, Miss. JOHN T. GILBERTON . . Memphis, Tenn. HAROLD GODMAN . . Oxford, Miss. KELLY RAMSAY O'NEAL . Saucier, Miss. BENJAMIN F. PARKER . Foxworfh, Miss. I I I O I PLEDGES E. NILES BAKER . . . Cincinnafi, Ohio RALPH F. CAMERON . . Wiggins. Miss. I CALVIN DIETRICH . . . Reading, Miss. I FRANKE DUNN . . . . Jackson, Miss. I WILLIAM K. EDMISTON Haffiesburg, Miss. RAY FOSTER . . . Greenviile, Miss. JAMES GARDNER . Greenwood, Miss. JOHN JOHNSON . . Travis, New York CHARLES LANG-STON . . Cochrun, Miss. ANGUS MCBRYDE . . . Sumrall, Miss. HANSFORD SIMMONS . McComb, Miss. BURRELL TUTOR . . . . . . Ponfoioc. Miss. If235fI I Sigma Phi psilun Founded l9OI Colors Purple and Red Flower Violefs and Roses Sixfy-eighi Aciive Chapfers ALPHA CHAPTER Esfablished I928 1 ' ,.,.v's5' r mf? Q ar -6- 1' A, . l ,M , ' AH - 3 I Q Q 'Sh Q , D. "'- 5' 'ri X x ,ri ':, A A , ii 1, i A 1 . N f . N A X N " Q - .al A 5-. 'N 0 , A fr A V W , 15- -' g , r 'fa K ,Ab 7 . g J L V -rv r si , cz 3 . ,Q in 'A' l 3 i lr li' t r fl f' 0 E an d lx L l u X. fu-...Mb Y 'U' ---..,. .ff "'---v-.z"' .-" ...jr V I' X r If r Fir-,T Few: Hrrrrild Burifwn, Cedrif Feibplman, Slanley Lavner, Harrrld Levine, Harold Mosllcoll. Second Row: Bernard Moyer, Philip Kanlor, Irwin Sebulgky, Harold Brownslein, Jimmy Fried. Third Pnw: Lwonard Kline, Leo Meyer, Earl Basinslcy, lrvinq Crrlwr-n, Freldrlif- Friedman. Frvurllw Row: Nerd Golflwelf, Herman lvlrrnnlreimr-r, Marinn Mwlgqnr, Millon Pr-rry, Edgar Willis. MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY HAROLD BURSON . . CEDRIC FEIBELMAN . STANLEY LAVNER . . HAROLD LEVINE . HAROLD MOSTKOFF . BERNARD MOYER . PHILIP KANTOR . . IRWIN M. SEBULSKY . HAROLD BROWNSTEIN JAMES M. FRIED . . . LEONARD KLINE . . LEE R. MEYER . EARL BASINSKY . . IRVING COHEN . . FREDDIE FRIEDMAN . NED GOTTHELF . . . HERMAN MANNHEIMER MARION METZGER . . MILTON PERRY . . EDGAR WILLIS . . Seniors o Juniors 0 Sophomores o PLEDGES I2371 . Memphis, . Vicksburg . Inverness, Clarksdale . RosedaIe . Glendora Tenn Miss Miss. Miss Miss Miss Ciarksdale, Miss. Clarksdaie, Miss. GreenviIIe. . Vicksburg. . AnguiIIa. . Meridian, Vicksburg, Rolling Fork, . . Oxford, . . Vicksburg, . . Cary. . Vicksburg. . Tunica. . Vicksburg. Miss. Miss. Miss. Miss. Miss. Miss. Miss. Miss. Miss. Miss. Miss. Miss. -f 1 1e..a2. 'f' ,. ..i.. z.l' 3f"' - - Phi Epsilon Pi Founded I904 Colors Purple and Goid Flower Whife Carnafion Thiriy-iiiree Acfive Chapiers ALPHA SIGMA CHAPTER Esfablisl-ned I935 .Z 'R Firsl Row: Roberl Hyilcen, Marlin Kaplan, Rainlord Sumner Josepln L. Wilson. Second Row: William R. Allen, Edwin C Bramlell, James Ira Elslon, Minnie Maude May. Third Row Royal L. Branfon, Janie E. Gavin, Eleanor Harn. ADVISERS MRS. VITA s. DICKINSON, K K 1' Miss EVELYN L. WAY, rr B -1: 0 MEMBERS IN FACULTY Miss REBEKAH DEAN, A A rr DR. PAUL B.FOREMAN,1Iv r A MRS. VITA S. DICKINSON, K K I' DR. RALPH L. SACKETT, Q I' A MISS EVELYN L. WAY, 1'I B Q MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Graduaies ROBERT M. I-IYTKEN, K N . MARTIN D. KAPLON, T A Q . . RAINFORD E. SUMNER. Q A K . . JOSEPH L. WILSON, A X A . . Seniors WILLIAM R. ALLEN, A X A ...... EDWIN C. BRAMLETT. Q I' A . . JAMES IRA ELSTON, Q I' A . . MINNIE MAUDE MAY. II B Q . . Juniors ROYAL L. BRANTON, Q I' A . . JANIE E. GAVIN, A I' A . ELEANOR I-IAM, II B Q . . . . Cleveland, Miss. . New Orleans, La. Asheville, N. C. Colorado Springs, Colo. . . Jackson, Miss. . . Glenside. Pa. . . Marlcs, Miss. . . Sumner. Miss. . . . Greenville, Miss. Slafford Springs, Miss. . . Clarlcsdale, Miss. 'L I 1 1. 1 Meiuilani Eeeling fhe need for an organiza- 'rion of sfudenis who are mem- bers oi frafernifies wiihouf local chapiers. 'rhese siudenis have banded Ioqeiher. Founded I939 and esiablished I939 by Ihis charfer group. O Colors Wine and Silver Blue Sophomore Flower ABE NETTER, JR., Z B T ...... . Meridian. Miss. SWSBIIIGBVI' Rose l2391 ,,.w-'..Lfatl'11B , 'J -K" 2' , z . . A Tggggsssfu ig H. M. Faser, I. C. Knox, BriH Rogers ALUMNI ASSOCIATION Membership in The Alumni AssOciaTiOn is Open TO all graduaTes OT The universiTy and all Tormer sTudenTs who have aTTended The universiTy Tor TwO semesTers. AT Homecoming Day in The Tall, The associaTiOn holds iTs annual business meeTing Tor elecTiOn OT OTTicers and Tor TransacTing oTher business. Dr. Ilce C. Knox, '08, OT Vicksburg, Mississippi, is presidenT OT The assOciaTiOn3 I-I. M. Faser, '24, OT Jackson, Mississippi, is vice-presidenT3 JeTT K. I-Iamm, 'I7, OT UniversiTy, Mississippi, is alumni secreTary. The acTiviTies OT The assOciaTiOn are direcTed Trom Mr. I-Iamm's OTTice in The universiTy gymnasium. Mr. BriTT Rogers, 'I7, OT Tupelo, Mississippi, repre- senTs The assOciaTiOn On The UniversiTy AThleTic COmmiTTee. The cOnsTiTuTiOn OT The Alumni AssOciaTiOn was published in The gen- eral buIleTin OT The universiTy Tor I928, wiTh amendmenTs made since ThaT daTe being carried in The I93I and I939 bulleTins. The Alumni News, OTTicial publicaTiOn OT The assOciaTiOn, is issued quarTerly. l2411 J. K. HAMM r 'i OMICIRON DHTA KADDA l l l , ic: A 'W , . f, :fr -an v.. N l FZ . P Cr L IH, t A ' 9 A "::' ' A . I I f if ,, QSMZQ' " Q. K I ' 8 a K P' sa' 'l rr A is -J . I ir ' " I 13 , Q .ff Q 4 5,53 F by av, V X . ltjim iq.. 'ffl v r ,H+ .,, ww: ii Bul , Eve , Pod, G d . S Q d Row: G Hhllf, J hr o , Ke , K lrendall, McCracken. Neville, O G l J Pi Si Y A J is Eoshelge, RolwEirSl1hnqenIler, grrrrgle1ilr'i,mBipeer4e B-jllievens, Tabg, lrayloii lillfgll, Wilwlll W5'll5' Nafional Honorary Frafernify, Founded l9l4 ALPHA PHI CIRCLE Esfablished I935 i Members in Faculfy T I' T. A. Biclrersialf Malcolm Guess W. G. Roberds A. G. Bowen T. C. Kimbrough J. W. Silver A. B. Buffs Harry Mehre John Wade Hugh Quarles Q F F- I C E R S Members George Anderson Paul Johnson Dave Singlelon DAN SHELL -'-' ' ' Premdonl Francis Bowling Richard Keye John Crenlh Speer PICHAPD WATSON . . . Vice-Presidenf Harold Burson John Kuylcendall Phineas Stevens JAMV W SH-VER Secreiary George Buller Ernesf McCracken W. G. Tabb John Evans Billy Neville Charles Traylor , -rw. , li, lljfillfll BOXNLING ' ' lmdluror Bill Ford Sum Olden Roberi Wall l 'loin Gardner Wralser Prospero Qichard Waison Hrnold Gollhell' Bill Sghneller l-:slime Wells 12421 U 1. Senior Honorary Organiza+ion for Women Esfablished I937 MEMBERS MARY OPHELIA CRUISE REBECCA EASON JENNIE DAVIS HELEN SEXTON VIRGINIA THIGPEN IRENE WOODRUFF MEMBERS IN FACULTY MISS CATHERINE CLARK MISS HELEN NEWSOM MISS ESTELLA G. HEFLEY MISS EVELYN WAY MISS RUTH WHITE First Row: Cruise, Davisl Easonl Semon. Second R ow: Thiqpe OFFI MARY CRUISE . . JENNIE DAVIS . . VIRGINIA THIGPEN HELEN SEXTON , . n, Vxfoodruff. 3 THE IA CERS . Presud I Vice-Preside I cref . . . Treasue di- -QS! ,W I 'Yfj,Z SI SSEL I I B. DI KADDA DI 45? r, '57 I 6 I my fi Q - - 1 ' ii ' I 6-1 'eq , F -9 If Lw--, Emu I anew, OFFI IPPNV' IANEY . . If IIIII IVAN2 . JIIWJIIIIA IIIIGIIN IIIHIY INIIPUIIAM Nwrs CERS VII .- In- .IIIIMI I I 1 .J Mm, AIfI,,r'1 Se-QLIIII1 P AIIM Cfmwe, Cruwse H h.,rv'. Imrq R Ik K MQCLIIII Rmrs, W.1IerfvI Honorary SCLIOIBSIIC FraI'erniI'y MEMBERS IN FACULTY DR. C. S. BROWN MR. P. K. MQCARTER MISS KATHERINE CLARK MISS RUTI-I MCNEIL DR. W. L. KENNON MR. GORDON MEADOR MRS. GORDON MEADOR DR. A. W. MILDEN MR. JOI-IN W. WADE ACTIVE MEMBERS GRIEEIN ALEORD MARY CRUISE WILLIAM R. ALLEN GUY I-IATI-IORN DAVID CRAWLEY RICI-IARD KEYE SALLY KIRK FRANK MCCORD LUCY AILEEN RICKS DAVID WATERMAN 4 I I I I I I I Il II I. II II 'I I I I n Freshman Honorary Scholasfic Fra+erni+y GRIFFIN ALFORD WALTER BRIDGEFORTH JIM BROCK LEE CATCHING ARTHUR CLARK GAINES COOKE DAVID CRAWLEY CALVIN DIETRICH JOHN EVANS BRENT FORMAN DUANE FORMAN JIMMY FRIED GEORGE GILLESPIE NED GOTTHELF TOM HAMMOND GUY HATHORN KENNETH HAXTON CLYDE HUGHES RICHARD KEYE FRANK LANEY ED LOCKARD FRANK MCCORD 1 Esfablislwed I929 Members MINOR MORGAN EUGENE MURPHY WILLIAM NEELY GRIFFIN NOROUIST SAM B. OLDEN OWEN PALMER JOHN PRICE ED RATHER HERBERT REINHEIMER JOHNSTON ROWE WILLIAM RUST DAN H. SHELL BRYSON SHIRLEY LOUIS SILVER CHARLES UPSHUR ROBERT WAHL DAVID WATERMAN DAVIS WESSON RICHARD WILKINSON CHARLES WILLIAMS LEROY WORSHAM HARVEY YAFFE O F F I C E R S DAVID CRAWLEY .... . . . Presidenf ARTHUR CLARK . . . . Vice-Presidenf OWEN PALMER . . . . . Secretary NED GOTTHELF .... . . Treasurer JOHNSTON ROWE . . . . . Hisforian SAM B. OLDEN . . . Senior Advisor R. M. GUESS . . . Faculfy Advisor Furs? Row: AIford, Bridqeform, Brock, Catching, CIarIf, CooIe, Crawley, Diefrich, Evans, B, Forman, D, Forman, Second Row: Fried, GiIIespie, GoHneIf, Harn- wwnd Hafhorn, Haxfon, Hughes, Keya, Laney Locbard, McCord. Third Row Morgan, Murpriy, Neewr Noruuish OIden, PaIrner, Price, Rather, Reiriheimf-r Rowe, RUST. Fourfh Row: SheII, Shir:-ay, Silver, Upsmr, Wahf, Waferrnan, Wesson, Wilkinson, WiIIianus, Worsnarn, Yaffe. ' . , T SW - . , G' N' 'x " 5 ' ' pb- 5 - W ' ' ' 5 f 'Il' f , Q ' .,,, - pau' r 5 H , '- f , . , f . 4 49 5 . ., .,,. 1 'R' K. '7 ' Q Y 1. ' it A I 5 ' it , t, I f ii:-V ' ' 'I fo ai -P f J-1-I sr' , ' V -J 5-no ' t' Q ' 'J . yn z , . 1 ? I 1 1 A r B S I S- B 1' .2 ,, A sr ws .X 16' - -:I I D T' dp - - rf f L, YI' . if 4 E' if W I 41 Q 1 G' za I 6 N F' -. P td , 3 L ak .9 gx . T 9, N, 1 Y -1 PIII LTA SIGMA DHI DELTA DHI U? FMS: P W BMIM I rhwsl DPHLILHIN F' ILILQ A131 S, AIILQLL I. Sffigfmj RLJW AIIISIMIX WJII, WQIIS, WLIILQWIS, lr f' 4:51 K 'G' ' Q 7 HHH, KuyIf3rILiL3II, MJ-We-IIN Quuvm! SL1ImIIz, Third RLW' SIM-II Infernafional Legal Frafernify Members in Faculfy JOHN H. FOX T. C. KIMBROUGH W. D. ROBERDS Members in Universiiy BEN ADAMS LIT ALFORD O F F I C E R S WIIFY ALLISTON CLIHIJOE BUTLER . . . . m,f5if,I.-I GLQRGE BUTLER IIVLAI' STEPHENS . . . . I4iLmLiILL JUL DANIEL IIII ILAIIIII . . . . Iw,ILL:LLL1':I IEDPIC UIII LLILIL, CIL-LI BILL HUFF JOHN KUYKENLJALL l246l CHARLES WILLIAMS JEROME MAXWELL BILLY OUINN CLIFF SCHULTZ DAN SHELL EDGAR STEPHENS FLETCHER VEASEY BOBBY WALL ERSKINE WELLS EDWARD RATHER . Firsf Ro Professional J. W. BELL HORACE BROWN BILL ALLEN BILLY BAKER PETE BRAMLETT CLEVE BURKS WALTER CHANDLER RAYMOND CONNER WAYNE ELLISON IRA ELSTON Business School Fraiernify Faculfy Members RALPH SACKETT Ac+ive Members C. F. DUNHAM GRADY GUYTON ALBERT GARDNER SID GILLESPIE FARMER HAMILTON LEROY HIDINGER FRED NELSON D. A. NOEL JULIAN NOEL TIMS OUINN MARVIN SMITH CREATH SPEER ED MILLER STEVENS JOHN TUCKER OFFI WILLIAM NEWTON DAVE WESSON . . GRIFFIN ALFORD . FRANK MQCORD . Rather, Newton, Wesson, AIford, McCord, AIIerw, Baker, BramIcfI. Secwid Row: Buds, CI1andIer, Cannery Ellison, EIS ilIon. Third Row: Hidinqgr, NeIs-pn, D, NoeI, J. Noel. Ouimm, Smi?Iv, Speer, Sfevens, Tucker. 6 'Qs J 5' 4. 3 K-I , ' . L , , 4 'I , W5 EQ Q.-as A ww- 'R I 12 1 l J I l A 5 I T 75' ws. or f' ' K ' I I E, . 4 ' I W, ' 1 . I L 5 1 . 'B' A f R-'S ., DHT A J' C ERS . HeadmasIer Senior Warden . . , Scribe . , Treasurer . . I-IisIorIan Ion, Gardner, GIIIespie, Harn- ' xml 7 qi L, 'S I ,AL iq ' Y ,fc .1 ' l .. J X--" 6 SIGMA DI DHI Clll . 5 L I gg , Qi gf nu- in .. 'H ., .. V sa ' ' ag .Q I in el 'Q' 75 I -1' 1 "".T' - ' ' 3 ' xii J fi 41, 1 5 .i , , Q,, 7' 3 an 'fi' er if 'EW' 1 ., F fi ' .5 ' F . . . ix -,K A A A. X 'r ,. ' i 4 N.. X, ,A V ' , T v 4 fi" r Q1 I . fs. I is Q ,I my H4 6, -W xy 5 fx-ag., . uf K te ri: E vi Q I? di 1 13.7 X-'tr 918 i f 4 , n 1' fs . ,A -A a -3 1 ' L I 5 ' ' " ' up OFFICERS lll POGERS ..... . CHAPLIF MITCHELL . I. F. WHITE . . . "JUS BYNUM .... . . l B. Wl'PlflflFlSER . . . ',l'l NCQI P BAI-'NES . . Presiding Senior . Presiding Junior . . . Secrelary . . . Trffasurur Judqe Ai'lrfic.,ili,e Cliiiplvr Irdilfir' f Y' . K-A 1 ., .. , ' ' ! A . I ,a A 'gi is First Pow. Baines, B,ri.rri Evars, Ewing, Gordon, Milchell, Rogers, Sheffield, We-rkheiser. Second Row: While, Bonds, Cook, Cooke, Cunningham, Davids Ei is, Flaqg, Ggilner, Third Row' Ciarrelr, Hendrick, Hollernan, lzard, Johnson, Lalhrarn, McLean, McRee, O'Neai. Fourth Row: Rogers, Rollings, Roy Tabb, Taylor, Wallace, Warner, Wilson. Professional Medical FraI'erniI'y THETA Pl CHAPTER Esfablished I926 Members in Facully Dr. E. S. Brarnlell Dr. J. B. Looper Dr. Eugene V. Bramlell Alumni in Town Di. Jarnes Armslronq Dr. A. Spencer Barnes G. A. Bynum Jake Evans J. W. Bonds F. M. Cook G, L. CODES R. E. Cunninqh-:rn A. C. Davidson I. E. Ellis G. B. Flaqq J. E. Gardner l248I Aclive Members Jack Ewinq Alex Gordon Charlie lvlilchell Lee Rogers Pledges J. M. Garrell Jim Hendrick J. E. I-lollcrnon S. E. lzard Lee Johnson M. W. Lalhrarn David McLean J. T. McRoo R. R. O'NeaI Dr. Robert D. Morelon Dr. J. R. Simms I-l. Phillips Ed Sheffield E. B. Werkheiser E. F. Wliile R. S. Rogers I-I. E. Rollinqs Robe-rl Royce W. G. Tabb. Jr. I-larold Taylor J. A. Wallace W. C. Warner J. L. Wilson O Honorary Pre-Medical Fra+erni+y I MEMBERS BOBBY JIM BARNETT JIM BROWN JIM BROCK RICHARD DENMAN O F ' F I C E R S REBECCA EASON REBECCA EASON . . . . Preeiderw JIM BROCK ...... . . Secrefary BOBBY JIM BARNETT ....., Treasurer HUGH STEPHENS DR. R. P, WALTON .... Fagulw Advisev If I Rfw Eason, Barmft Brock, Bro.-.'ru Second Row Denman, Gray, Sfephems 19 75" If 1 AIDIIA EDSIION DIQIIA I I I .-PM , 3 -gg A 1 S gan- r 4"' 4 Q X, 'Q I1 li! 7' , ij I 'QNX R 'J C I , -fe ' ' f x I I, '+W - 'WG ' 'I I af.,-9 ' ,f.2fs,f- '." b I - I R 1' S la. X C WN--' F I I7 Hays, SuIIIvan, H Irvws Lffqan, H mond, Barrws, Bwzmarw Secifmd Row' Dmnrwan, EdmIsIon, FIQ-mmf H 'I J IW ' L L Iw Th j Rfw' Mavfidi, I?IIcImrIisIm, Roqms, Sewer, WaIIQr Wwsf, MEMBERS HORACE BARNES LAMAR HAMMOND FRED EDWIN BEEMAN W. W. JOHNSON CHARLES G. DRENNAN J. W. LOVORN I WILLIAM KELLEY EDMISTON HARRY WILLIAM LYNCH DOROTHY MAE IZLEMMONS CATO MAYIZIELD O F F I C E R S JAMES A. RICHARDSON FIJIIIAAN C. HAYS ...... PIII IIIMII VIIIII IUCILLE SULLIVAN . , Vice-I'Iff.ifIQnI IAAPGUIRITE HOLMES . . . . Swv'-Iflry NIA. INAYIIE LOGAN ...,., Ivfrfiuurf-I I I, I, IIAMIAHIIID . . A F11fuIIyAfI.I'frv 1. STYRON G. WEST l2'50l Members J. R. ADAMS ELON ELLIS VIRGIL ADKINS ALBERT C. FENGER W. C. ANDERSON JOE GLENN JACK BAUGHN ROBERT HICKEY HENRY C. BREVARD J. T HILL LESLIE JACO GEORGE KIMMONS SIMON MARKS ALBERT CANNELLA LYMAN COKER JOE S. COVINGTON GEORGE HAROLD DAVIS GEORGE MONTGOMERY PHIL PERABO HERBERT REINHEIMER W. E. RUST HERBERT SANDERS W. A. SHAW HAROLD SHERMAN EDWARD SMITH BERGEN 5. MERRILL, JR. O F F I C JOHN KIRK ADAMS . . JOHN WHITE . . ERS . . . Presidenf Vice- Presfdenf L. R. SMITH JOE LAUDERDALE. . . Secrefary ' R HE VEY ENUM LEROY WQRSHAM . . . . Treasurer Irs? Row: J. K. Adams, Whife, Lauderdale, Worsbarn, J, R Adams, Anderson, Bauqnn, Brevard. Second Pcrw CanneIIa, CoEer, Covinfgf Davus, EIIis, Fenqer, GIenn, Hickey, Third Row: I-IIII, Jaco, Kimrnorrs, Marks, Merrrll, Monvqornery, Perabcr, Rc-rnhmrncr. Fourth Row' Rusf, Sanders, Sha rftrrnan, E Smrin, L, Srrrrrn, Tamrn, A3IEIn5 ,fan , -ea ,Q 'ff ,- 5' n R .- . an Q? 4 I . I n - i ,gr . ' 'S' - U if - ' gl I b QR 0. , 'F , L . H I 4 , 1 9 -I: 'I-7' , ' ' AJ R I 'zrll ' I I ' 1' . Sf' If' Q f' ,, ' df I ., A K' gf, - ' F' K av. 9 Q, ca I., r. , hw g. A EQ' ' X I '4 ' X .- 4 ' A 12:2 A x if . r .. Q A f c ' .Q f , Q A 3. ,' 'V W si ' Ss 'F Q , ' ' ' N 1' E A , S R, E . A 1 Z i cj ' AMERICAN SOCIETY OE CIVIL ENGINEERS I I I 1. SIGMA TIIETA DI as - if ' 'fv- Qu'- Q z 2 I I 55 f I F I R AI A I SON. Buchanan, Freeman, Gustafson, Second Row. Rust, Shaw Sfaqgers, Wofsnan Honorary Engineering Fra+erni'I'y n MEMBERS JOHN KIRK ADAMS RRGE. W. D. DICKINSON W. C. ANDERSON JOHN HOWARD FREEMAN BEN BUCHANAN BURNELL GUSTAESQN I: F I C E R S G DEAN LEE I-I. JOI-INSQN LIPUI WORSI-IAM ....... Fr'-vific-HI IIICK STAGGERS . . . . . VICe-I'v'i-'.ifIf-nI W' BIII BUCHANAN ..... . . Sf-frvi-Im IilJI"NI'I,I. GUSTAFSON . . . . Ir::f1',uvf'v IPM?-, "N, II. IIIVEVINSON pl'I'fffIIf'I LEROY WORSHAM lzszl a'I'lonaI Honorary Engineer g F a're nuiy ACTIVE MEMBERS JESSE R ADAMS ELON E ELLIS JOHN KIRK ADAMS BURNELL GUSTAESON W C ANDERSON PROP A B I-IARGIS PROP W D DICKINSON DR. ALFRED I-IUME DEAN LEE I-I. JOHNSON GEORGE KIMMONS JOE LAUDERDALE W. E. RUST W. A. SHAW LEROY WORSI-IAM F I R J Ad J h Ad A d rson, EIIIS, Gusfafs Y' I I I I I 1. GAMMA SIGMA IEDSIIOII .-4. x , -W is .X my W w '47 f . , 3 N I f S A S. , I L 2, 'Q -. 5 ., -.4-'H an Q, QM, A-gow '4 Ye 'cr --f' F I pw' BIVWII BIWIHIIJFI CWM' EII E I S I R H H I J ,Kanhv TIwfI Row MCCIQIQIM, McCraEI-ew, PYIQPX SIaq OFFICERS BLI1 BUCHANAN . CI APEIICE HARVEY JOIIII I, PRICE, JR IIfQrAmfIrIII IHIIES woffhy Alf II Rf-f nydpy V10-mI III Arm' Pgrf MUGS NaIIonaI Honorar Chemical Frafernif Y Y HONORARY MEMBERS DR. G. H. WOOLLETT DR. GLENN W. PARSONS ACTIVE MEMBERS ROBERT JAMES BARNETT CLARENCE C. HARVEY JR BEN B. BUCHANAN KENNETH HEARD GAINES L. COOKE WILLIAM HAMMOND JONES ROBERT S. ELLIS PHILLIP KANTOR JAMES RAY FOSTER I25-11 MALCOLM LIVINGSTON SAM P. MQCLATCHY ERNEST W. MQCRACKEN JOHN J. PRICE, JR. DICK STAGGERS ISAAC NEWTON WILSON W. H. ALLEN RAND JONES Honorary Debafing Frafernify Members GEORGE ATKINSON RAND JONES JOSEPI-IINE AYRES RICHARD KEYE WALTER BRIDGFORTH GUY RANER HANSFORD SIMMONS CHARLES TRAYLOR RICHARD WILKINSON Debafing Council LEE CATCHIN6 THOMAS DONALD H. W. GAUTIER, JR. JAMES HAILEY WARREN HIATT ED LOCKARD OWEN PALMER, JR. BILLY PEARSON JAMES SAVAGE, JR. HANSFORD SIMMONS HARRY WADSWORTH ROBERT WAHL DAVID L. WATERMAN WATTS WEBB HARVEY YAEFE OFIFI LEE CATCHING . . WILLIAM ALLEN . . OWEN PALMER . JOHNSTON ROWE . Eirsi Row: Cafchinq, AIIen, PaImcr, Rowe, Atkinson, Ayres, BrIdgeIorII1, Jones. Second Rav.. K-eye, Raner, Third Row. Lockard, Pearson, Savage, Wadsworfh, Ward, Waferman, Webb, Yaffe. SImrrwr:rrvS, Travimr, VVIII-irvsmr Don -sr , 5. fa 2 I ff 1, fi I F in m"'5'M ' T- qt .5 7 W' 'Y f 'V I " f 5:2 A Q 'h A 'X 'Q' ,I 6- Q C , ,gb X5 V 4 X , 'oil V154 . K , .H I: Q ,lk I """ , . 1 V, 3 YQ,-H ' 'ji , ' V 5 ,V lv VM K 2. ."'n , ,Jak ,L . A Liv, 7 . A IAU KADDA CERS . . . Rresidenr . VICe-PresIdenI . . SecreIary . . Treasurer sld, Huxley, Hwaff. or ' 4 45 . i sy ,R L . . -rv.: l -.L avr 9. .R Md, LDHA I I I I x 1 5 "' 'wvu Q I si P 1 Nfl I K R A , A ' , fs- al, -A-Q -A-. .. , A. ' -9 .Av ' -J , b I . 9 1 S' . A A 4 Q X If A , I 17 A R A I ' Rf ', G? , bi 'P ' "' , xg I R :I 1 f '67 A ' "-3' .Q 5' A Q A 5 I ' ' . 1 21 ' f A Fw' F' A B,I.vr-'N Burr-ry! Br .Rm Buffs! Cir., C,3IIIweIIN Cinnx'-IIC! Sfiirxrwi PCN CrIJwIE,N D3Ir,rwIpI9N Frlidfvwar, Girard! HamIIfon, HQII x Larwqstg I II'1vI Vw. Maru MIHIII, Iw4Ev99.1VI, Mcrqgfrr Pr1rIer, Pfrry, Rnihnrci, SMIrvmfr3. EQurII1 Row Srmfh, Shmc, Sfrwor, Swcaf, Thorrwp n Van Dew d V3rII.j1rIjIvnqh3vrI Members ' HERMAN BARTER JOHN REID HOLLEY JAMES BISHOP CHARLES LANGSTON WILLAREI BROWN HOWARD MQLAIN LQIXON BURNS JACK MANN I JIMMY CAIN BERGEN MERRILL BOB CALDWELL BOB MOEFATT ALBERT CANNELLA FRANK MORGAN . DAVILI CRAWLEY EIHYL PARKER GENE DALRYMPLE HAROLD PARRIS WILLIAM DEAN MILTON A. PERRY O F F I C E R S FREDDIE ERIEDMAN ROBERT RICHARD 4 GUS OERARD JAMES SHUMAIE AIR CRAWLEY """' Q I"'YI"'II JERRY HALL EDWARD SMITH IMI! MANN - - - V'Ce'f"'d'I"I CLARENCE HAMILTON JACK STONE IIMMf CAIN . . . . Sf1fir0Iarr,f I"OIiFIJT RICHARD. . . . THQ-aiurc-r GEORGE SIRYKER II ppf HALL .-,,, Wmfiflm N. SPURGEON SWEAT I. :NNI IAFJKER ...., ff,I'I.'mI,.m GARTHY TAVEL I IIIAIAII "JAN IJFVENDER P+'y,r,fI.Er WILLIAM THOMPSON JAMES VAN DEVENDER OSWELL VANLANDINGHAM CHET WARD ROY WINGEIELD I2561 Q. HOWARD ALLEN DeWlTT ALLRED SAM ANDERSON NILES BAKER EARL BASINSKY DAVE BENNETT HAROLD BROWNSTEIN JAY COHEN MARTIN COHEN TYLER CRISS NORMAN DUBERSTEIN FRANK DUNN PAUL EASON ROBERT ELLIS Members WENDEL HOLMES HUEY HOWERTON PERCY JOHNSTON RAND JONES BILL LAMPARD MARION LELONG MARION METZGER EDMUND MONTGOMERY GENE MORSE DICK MULLETT FRED NABERS BILLY NOEL OWEN PALMER DALTON PARKER TED RIEMANN HENRY ROBERTS OLIVER ROBINSON JOHNSTON ROWE JAMES SAVAGE LOUIS SILVER CARL STEPHENS ALLEN TOOMBS ALEX TOUCHSTONE HARRY WADSWORTH ED WASSERMAN PETE WARREN ROBERT WARING ELBERT WEBB I OFFICERS RICHARD FOWLER BOBBY PERKINS WATTS WEBB JIMMY FRIED SPOT PETTY CURTIS WFIITTINGTON PFRCY JOHNSTON E - - . Prwdenf GEORGE GILLESPIE MILLARD PIERCE BILL WRIGHT OWEN PALMER .--- - . Vice-Pre-idenf DAVID GRIFFIN JACK PIGOTT CLINTON WOOD WILLIAM LAMPARD . . . . Secfefdrv WARREN I-IIATT HOWARD RICHARDSON PETE WARREN . . . . . Treasurer First Row: AIIGD, AIIred, Anderson, BDI-Gr, Basmsiy, BEDDGII, BrOwrIsTE'm, J. CrirI'IEr, M Cohen, Crrss, Dukirrirrsrmrr SQCC-no ROW: Drmrr, Eascrrr, EIIIs, FEIWIM, Fried, Gillespie, GrIffIrI, HIGH, HOIFTIES, I-IOwerTOrI, JOrIrIsTCrT, Thlro Row JOrIr?S LarrIpr3rEI, LEIIETDQ MFTTQM Mrirrtgorrrery, Morse, MDIIEII, Nabers, NQIGI Pgrlrrrer, Parker, Perkins EOuITI'I ROW' POTW, Prerce, PIQOH, RIr1VTardsOI1, RIE".3r,r, Ricrerfs, Rcbrrrsrirr, Rowe, Savaqi, Srlver, STF'LTIE'I'IS FIHH RCW Tofirnris, Tr:ruriITsTOrrE Wauswrzrrh, Wass-frrrrgrrr W3rrEr, W3rIrg, E. Webb, W WF-Et Vvhrwrrqfnrr, Wright, VVDIEJ. , , .Gy mf M-I L Q.. FQ -fs :E W7 Eg, ff . 41 FR R7 Q A Q A , tk 4 S , V -Q2 if :W 3 S., I5-'. SE N I Q , 4: I T -:gr 7- T A -4 'J' S A is El , 2, X Q, ' 1 ga I a I A ' J' . I, E: ' '-'T .T F-' TI - r C- F mr rv ' E' -4 1 I '-1 J af 1+ 'sl- lg. . ,K P I M, K I A ' -4 ACE? sy 3 i 4 1" . I J ' 'QA h ,' . 5 .1 J 549 V, F1 I4 f, fy ? I ' ' ' ' I 3. Rv E- , Y ll ' . 42 4 , -. 1 , , xl' ' ',,k ' IS"1'.' K , I I fa-J if 5 1, 1-If 0 4 .s fi, .F r. 1, I I --f Ns , , T J, mf- .- ' 5 7 X :J ,sa ' -1 , A r , A, ', , Q ..,. ,vi ,ff I rx L, ,, , P t . 4+ e ' if Q, PIII SIGMA IITl2I2AI2Y SOCIETY A l . Q., nn .- r '. if 'Q is Q: . t, i' Q I ' ' U A 1' rf 5 " A 4 ' i L sr'- - ' , ie 9.1 7: .1 ,I Q ,L ,Q Q. 3, Q. ei. , I. 'bf t- ' ' : ' ,X I -. . r N " if L L ., . . A f . :' 'is Q f Q. i ,, , 6'-,. v. .5 ,- ,, Q-ig I.: Q- ' 1' 1- V C. . , ' .' if ' 9 X 1' 15- L . iff. if s rv' rr f -r he ' i ," "' i . i V -is 1--i 'if' 4 F4 Y: "P, : 1P,i- v-. ' 0' ,r , 'O . K 'df' " Q-I-5 " i 3' .S Ff- v- 1 ' l f A 0 L' 1 ' . 1 , .4 'X 'WN G, :lg -I ui, I, - .5 J X Q ' 4. K X: ', jg- Q . 1.93 , 2' ' si 3 X ' ' N ' ' ' . ' 'r . QI 4. x .v iv' is he . li f, P- fr ll.-ill-1 B,wlrn-g, Brilfr, Price, Ailgrrrs, Arrrligrsorr, Austin, Barnes, Beard, Bradley, Braniqir., BJrson, Coleman, Crawley. Second Row: Croc ef? Liu rr Liifrrs -n Drrisrrr Erlirs Erlrrrdqif, Evans, Fedric, Flaqq, Forrrrari, Foster Fowler, Fuller, Third Row: Slazier, Goflhelf, C-riffin, Handy, Haynes f' 1- f: H." l,"1r1 J 'ns r .liifs'rifr, Larrroaul, Larfv, Levine. Fourrh Row: Logan, Lord, McClarchy, McLean, Maxev, Maxwell, Mirchell, Monfqom rr, 'li : rr 'fi 1-rr Pair,-, Pr-THVS, Pr spare Frilh Row Raiburn, Richardson, G. Robertson, C. Robertson, Roberts, Rogers, Russel, Shell, Simpson, Singleton l lwrul 'fr 'firrrrl Srrrff, Sririss Sr-Th Rrrw Sir-virrrs Srewfirr, Surrrrrer, Tale, Travlor, Wall, Wafscri, Webb, Wells, While, Wilkinson, Worsham, Wright Members John K. Adams Stuart Handy George Roberison George Anderson Henry Haynes Carson Robertson Dell Auslin Louie Hopkins OWEN Roberfs Spencer Barnes William Hull L66 Rogers Wirf Adams Beard Edward lzard P. T. Russel J. C. Bradley John Johnson Dan Shell ' James Branigin Gaslon Jones Joe Simpson Harold Burson H, G, Ladner Dave Singleton ' Llrrius Coleman Bill Lampard Lucien Smilh ' David Crawley Frank Laney Slewari Smiih ' Poberl N. Crocliell Harold Levine Crealh Speer Joe Daniel William W. Logan H. K. Siauss C E R S Arthur Davidson R, G, Lord Phineas Slevens O F F I Archie Dickson SGW lVlCCldlilW Ray Slewari N L NEVILLE Pwfidpm Joe Eddins David McLean Rainford Sumner rrifsricrs BOWUNG. . . . vrCe.r1r..i.r.ri,irri lO""'W Elh"d'W T' H' MMV Ed Tale J , BAKER CW V If V, John Evans Jerome Maxwell Charles Traylor llll ' "" J c f wrrirsm rein. crimres ra, Msrcrieri Roberf wan llrllll l . . . . lrr'-rrxiiriir W D I CUU-E+ ' ' G. B. Flaqq Malcolm Mon?-iorrio R. L. Walson 'i ' Ch , "" B' 'J' f' IM' ' Bren? Forrnan Fred Nelson A, C, Webb I U I I Off' il Tllii ill Rav FOSi9I' Sfsrrr Clden Ergliine Wells l l 'l 1" ' 'l 'V limiuliil O. T. Fowler Franlc Poqe F F While l" lflfil K l ll M i'Ul IU GLW l 'l Sill "il"l'i Billy Sam Fuller Nalherr Pelers Riqliard Wilkinson Hi'-rrrran Glazier Wailser Prospere LeRoy Woi-sham Hnrrrlfl Rdybllffi Billy Griffin J. A. Richardson l2581 I B. EVELYN BASS KATHRYN BELK MAUD MAG-EE BOLTON JUSTINA BROWN LAURA BRYANT Members LOUISE MQRAE MIRIAM MILLS MARY ELIZABETH MITCHELL LOUISE NANNEY ELIZABETH NASH JEAN BURNHAM MADGE ORR NANCY CASHMAN EVELYN PIRTLE MARY CRUISE KNOX POLK I DORIS DANSBY NANCY POTTER MARTHA ANN DYER DOROTHY REEVES REBECCA EASON HELEN SEXTON FRANCES FANT ALLIE MABLE SMITH RUTH GASKELL LORRAINE SMITH MARY ELIZABETH GLENN TAMORA SPANN JOYCE HOFFMAN IONE STEWART FRANCES HOPKINS ESTHER TAYLOR MARTHA HOWERTON MARIANNE THAXTON MARGARET JACKSON RACHEL ANN TILLMAN O F F I C E R S JEAN LITTLEPAGE ROSELLE TURNER , ANNE PAY LOMAX EDITH WANDER VIRGINIA THIGPEN . . . . . . RTE-zIdQHI MARTHA LQTT RUTH WEIS .IENNIE DAVIS .... . . Vice-PTE-sadem JANE LOU WEHTE MARGARET MEADERS , . . . SHEET... MTLDRED WHITE LY KIRK T EDITH WINN SAL ...,... . . masurer IRENE WOODRUFF MRS. V. A. COULTER .....,..., . , Chairman Y. W C. A. Board of DITECIOTQ FITSI Row. Thiqperw, Davis, Meaders, KTrIf, Bass, BfII-, BQTIIQTT BIOWVIN BTTTJTTIX Burvmgm SETJQTTTTQI Plywg C,g,5nm.3TT' Crmggi Dgngbyl DTE-T EgxsTgTrT, FTJTTT, GTJSIQII, OISWTI Hoffman, Hlppkms Thmu RTQTN Hfgfwerrgn, JQTCISQTT, LTHIEQJQG Lcma-, LLLTIT McRae, MTTIS, MTTQITE-II, Nmmey, Nash FOLJIIEI Row Orr, PTTTIE, PETII, POTIEF, Reeves. Sedan, A. STTTITIT, L. Smmh, Spawn, SIENQTI FTITTT Rfpw T-3,'Ior, Tharfom, TTIImam, Turner, Wgmder, Weis, J WTIIIE, M. VVITIIE, WITTTT, Wcwdruff I I R w ' sb 5' TT R .V C Q. 3' I I 5 .V I -jf My 'W S I C ' 'IAA , - 3 T K ' if, A ITA Q . 4 Y vfx, S ' 'T A . ' 1 V T 'er' ., 1: rv 15. 'ff' A . 'asa , 3 Q 6. 2 4, 6 E+ ' F' '51 3, 4 4: ' A , 1 . i x . f L .if A ag A A F if " " T I ' 5 'TT ' T T 'I '. O Iv ff - ,fqlf 5' , ,-9 , ' ,Inf SENIOR Y. W. C. A. CABINET I I If I I I I fi , . ' Q- -I I ,I Y 7' ' -f if I Arg? 1 I .N I . IQ :aw I - G' I .qs M3 Sn 2 3, L I , 17 Is I Q 4 '-an N QI: I :sq if 95' ' ' ':' :I 'dl x - ig A ' I iff' F' Q-n.I III N 1 Q' Qs 5- 4,14 :L A I Q' -NIA 3 lag I 1: R, , 9' K ea- " I' Az. 5 Ayfx B' BI'--fff BJQI BuII1'.'mI BIIrmS SI2I.OnIj ROW CrI.I:6'rI DIQIIIQII Gerard HAIIQ HOOLIIS, lsaacsgm KIICITIDQS, KIeOaII, Thira M FI' Mg I, MI-fII I-A IRIN-I-,I Mmm' MIM MIJLIHIIQIR Fcmfm Rcw PaIrm-r, Parker, Prenderqasf, RLQJ, Reefvrs, RIQQI Sway, Shuford, FIM If S S Sf uss, SNIIIIIR-r, TIIISIQI, Webb, WIIIIQ, Stephens. Members GRACE ADAMS ELIZABETH MIDDLETGN GRIFFIN ALEOREI GENE MORSE SARA RAYNE BELL ROBERT MOSS WILLIAM BREWER WILHELMINA MUCKELRAIH CAROLYN BUCK OWEN PALMER VAN BURNHAM DALTON PARKER I JOHN BLIRRUS RICHARD RRENDERGAST WARREN CRUZEN CAROLYN REED CALVIN EJIEIRICH DOROTHY REEVES O F F I C E R S HAROLD GAUTIER ARTHUR RICE GUS GERARD MERRYE SEAY IIAIIC fARL STAUSS JAMES HAILEY NORMA SHUFORD I,M,I, MCRAE I D D D I viCe,p,HI,idm, MARJORIE HOPKINS JOHN SIMMONS GOLUIE ISAACSQN HANS-KARL STAUSS If IIIII HWPU5 - - ' ' I 'I IUCIR RIICHINOS HUGH STEPHENS I I ,'.I.I ,I III I.-I I I, T,,,,I., ., IRIS VIEBAN RAINEQRD SUMNER B. LCIUISI MfRAE IPANCES MALLEY JLAN MERRILL l260l BARBARA TINSIEY A. C. WEBB MILLIRED WHITE FLOOR COMMITTEE DELL AUSTIN JACK KIRKPATRICLK WALTER BULLOCK JOHN KUYKENDALL JAMES BRANIGIN JOE LAUDERDALE DAVID CRAWLEY HAROLD LEVINE BILL FEDRIC JAMES MCCRACKEN HAROLD GOTTHELE, JR. SAM OLDEN EDWARD IZARD ROBERT REED BILL SCHNELLER HANSEORD SIMMONS DAVE SINGLETON GLEN TRUSTY ERSKINE WELLS FRED WRIGHT CHAIRMEN wJ L. KENNON . , . . FacuII'y Ch FRANCIS BOWLING . . Execunve Ch Kwox POLK .... . . e-ms' Ch JQHN WHITTEN CHARLES TRAYLOR .... Floor Ch KF-nmym BowImQ POW TI'3yIL'WV ga: STUDENT DANCE COMMITTEE H+ ""IlIi: II 1'3a fu' "1 fn? 'I' ri. "iII:23I,I?:,-f. I I Q ."' I 'I' 5" I 'JW' I uw'-L I IIIIV I rI'.III3IIIIfII" PIII. 1 -,-, LJ: 'X t '14 'L ILE. I-I WI- .lqliqqv ,III IIII 4 ,51 'I I " It l,,,,,,fiII"I . 1 1 6 62 V 4 ,' f .ug Y F I' R B ham, Hoffman, Howerfon, Kirk, Klaus. Second Row: Kramer, Lifflepage, McCoy, McRae, Myers. Third Row: Orr, Polk, Rowiand Woodruff. H o n o r a ry JEAN BU RNHAM JOYCE HOFFMAN MARTHA HOWERTON In+er-Sororify Sociefy MEMBERS BAE KRAMER JEAN LITTLEPAGE MARGARET MCCOY SALLY KIRK LOUISE MCRAE I- 'IITIW ' MABEL OWEN KLAUS ELEANOR MYERS MADGE ORR KNOX POLK ,IIIi IIIrYY L262J ROSEBUD ROWLAND GERTRUDE WILKINSON IRENE WOODRUFF Wilk Sophomore Honorary SocieIy MEMBERS VIRGINIA BRADING LANELLE LONG LUCY BROWN RUTHE MINOR ANNE CHASE WILHELMINA MUCKLERATH NORMA GALE POLLY RANKIN MARY MARGARET GRASS HELEN RUSSELL PEGGY HUBBARD OLETA SI-IOWS NORMA SHUFORD ELAINE SNEED DOROTHY ANN THOMPSON BARBARA TINSLEY NELL UPSHUR SIDNEY WATSON YVETTE WILLIAMS CATHERINE WINN OFF HELEN RUSSELL . NORMA SHUFORD LUCY BROWN . . POLLY RANKIN . F I Row: Bradnng, Brown, Chase, GaIe, Grass, H b ro, Long. Senwd Pow. Mmm, MUIII th R Ii R II Sh sw, Tmsm' U psmr. Wafszny WiIIiarns, Wmn. ICE . . . Pre d I . . . . Vice-Pre d I . . . Sec I y . Tre lm, 1.1558 , ows, Shuford, Thnrd Rfgww' SURE-d TI 3 Y 4 'A IQ '7' 4'-C' "' .3 ,57 ' N 6: 1 -IN - '45 , -4 'd I , I K' A -. .I 'E Y 'C' -3 gs 55x rf' Q5 4 V Q- ru r f .JN 'I E' 17' K ,.,,,,,. C -iwflzfg lfgx , - 1e,,,,, I 4 ,W,,jV.,,g H, TIZI .,.. -,. ...f f . . I ,f AD R S M. 0. A.ll. S. .L . i 41 - ll E 'C' 1 P K 1 L, , , K A I T Q- - G. W - 9' , J Io- 1 A ,. L : ,rb i V .Q-Q 'I K .. , A Q 4:33 111 'fl xi' 'Q' 'V I X , Q ' . Q 1- Wrfff k- t t- ,I . fr A I ' . S r ' . 3.3 Y 6 ' E' Q. 's',xi F2 r N , 'N f 4- vfx A- z Q 5 - ' Plz' A ' 'E gg 1 Ralh h p nl, Tiusly, Chancellor, Denman, Second Row: Quinn, Wilkinson, Crawley, Gillespie, Johnslone, Buchanan, Lau- rd Roberlsor u nn Sedberry, Price, Royce, Griffin, Russell, Anderson. Fourlh Row: Newlon, Tale, Williams, McKenzie, Crockell, Feibelman, Levine, Senior Honorary lnlerfralernily Organizalion CHARLES LoNeINo , ED RATHER ..... PETE SEIIRMAN , I ERIVI SMITH . . ED EANT . . . . . GLEN TRUSTY ..., LESTER eEIANcELLoR DICK DENIVIAN . . . TIMSQLIINN . . I . RICHARD WILKINSON DAVID CRAWLEY I . SID GILLESPIE ..., CARL JoHNSToNE . BEN BUCHANAN I JOE LAUDERDALE I . WILLIAM ALLEN , CARSON ROBERTSON BILLY QUINN ..., Io SEDBERRY .... JOHN PRICE . . ROBERT ROYCE . . BILLY GRIFFIN , , . TED RUSSELL I . GEORGE ANDERSON . BILL NEWTON ,,,, EDWIN TATE . , . . IAMRToN WILLIAMS . HUNTLR lv1fKENZlE I . BOBCROCKETT , I CEDRIC EEIBELNIAN . IIARoLD LEVINE I I l364l MEMBERS Della Kappa Epsilon Della Kappa Epsilon . . . . . Della Psi . . . Della Psi . . Phi Kappa Psi . Phi Kappa Psi . . . . Sigma Chi . . . . Sigma Chi Sigma Alpha Epsilon Sigma Alpha Epsilon . . Phi Della Thela . Phi Della Thela . . Bela Thela Pi . Della Tau Della . Della Tau Della . . Kappa Alpha . . Kappa Alpha . . . Kappa Sigma . . . . Kappa Sigma . Alpha Tau Omega Alpha Tau Omega . . Pi Kappa Phi , . Pi Kappa Phi , , . Sigma . . . Sigma . Pi Kappa Alpha . Pi Kappa Alpha . , , . . Phi Pi Phi Nu Nu . . Sigma Phi Epsilon . . Phi Epsilon Pi . Phi Epsilon Pi Hermann Baxler Roberf Bernacchi Roberf Brady Alloerf Canefla William Condon A. C. Davidson Lila Dedeaux Charles Demos Gordon DeVaulf Phillip Frye Rulh Gaskell Ralph Gionnone Hugh Lee Gowan John Guralr Members Margarel' l-lewes Elizabelh Horne John Johnson Chesler Jurwialc Brenf Kalzenmeyer Leonard Kalzenmeyer Raymond Kimble, Jr. Chesfer Kozel Roberl W. Larroux Roberf Leach Berry L. Lylord Doris lvlcCarlhy l-larrief Ann Murphy Sam A. Marascalco Griffin Norquisl Phil Perabo, Jr. John Pivarnik Romeo Popp Richard Prenderqasl Roberi Burns Reed Roberl L. Richard James A. Richardson William Ross Terry Sauers William F. Schneller Cliff Shirley Lee Smilh Raymond R. Sfasial: George Bernard Slrylrer, Jr. Wesley Trayer Charles Traylor LaVois Webb George Websler sf Row: Baxler, Bernacchi, Brady, Canella, Davidson, Dedeaw, DeVanll, Frye, Second Row: Gaskell, G-iannone, Gowan, Gnral, Hawes, H me J l son J r nak, Kawenmeycr. Third Row: L Kalzenmeyer, Kimble, Larroux, Leach, Lyford, Mgcgrfhyy Murphy, Mgyaggglggy Fourlh Row NO gn 51 Pea Pivarnik, Prendergasl, Reed, Richard, Richardson, Ross! Sailers. Fiflh Row: Schneller, Shirley, Smsiai, Slrylrei, lrayer, Traylor, W b W sl 4: A 9 Q R? 47 N 3 F st- ? , L1 I -4. tg S- ' -1- ia . ' .- iv ai , i dl xl A i 5, gmt 5' ', 5- R .. :.,- LZ' Q4 :.. R' .. 4. - nw ' ' 'J . - - ., I g -" 'H M1 1 V - ' .... -V C' l n , J . , .TA I Q . ' 4' 1. "' 'L' ' .f ff. '- -C . Q "' ?., . .1 gg 5 g i l ' -r . ,J ' x 3 I if I. it R ' Y 'Z up wr f '. " 9 G , 'R K 'R 3 ge 9 f. ' i I1 , 11 ' 1 ,, if -L 7 - V 4 in r 4 V I 4' , 1 , -fs pl, .3 4 G . . . - L X V - ', '-1 , Q5 TD fu? 4 Q -. ,- ' 1- Qt L 1 .. wi- . ,, f ,- 4 , f Q " ff ' 1' . A 1' CATH OLIC Q, l CLUB 4 IIOML ECONOMICS CLUB C 5 A - - , 3. CT R F' ' ' L, ' T' , 'i L . 4 -a ki- - v 7 -v A 9 , Q9 v U G -, 1 - T A i .J f I , 1 ,, , l , i 1 I , 4, 'fx A 6- , .V ' . 1. I, S 9.4 6' , Q, av 'J Q'- ' a ,X sv' ' ' V , P- 'T A - 6: ig- .N T -1 M, T GT LC T A F: 1' 1 K Q ,gJr I i, 2 -Q7 v1 1 1 gp I3 j G " 3 5 A h , .5 5' 3 "a rf 'J' 5- Q z G 5 9 Y 9' ' ' -J 9 S A 1' 6A 5 3 Y "six 4 I .- ,. . I ,A A .K . -" 41 i 94 5. - . 2 ' . ' F 1 , Q , 9 1, L fs f, an I rf Y if F1 , , -N. " y Y ,1 fy, gxgbx - If rx- rr.. 2 ' ' J 'i 7 "-' J' " 2 F- f "' F T Q - , - -. f - - J , - .9 er -'- ' . is ' T7 L ' K? 1 Q v F , , . . - ,ECE Q Frril Pon' A Arrrlerson, M. Anderson, Allfirrson, Ashley, Bass, F. Bolfon, M, Bollon, Bralfon, J, Brown, L, Brown, Burchfield, Burnerl, Burnham, Cassibry. Sec ur I Pzw' Chadwick, Clrirlf, Conner, Cocie, Cox, Cracraff, Cranford, Crook, Crumpfon, Dale, Dansby, Dean, Dennis, Dowell. Third Row: Davis, Fairly, Ferrs Flnrrr-,, Gwirlrer, Gavin, Goldberg, Glenn Graham, Grass, Graves, Hall, Hawkins, Ki-rrer,r Kid, Kirvrorrguqh, Klaus, Love McCabe, McCord, E. McCoy. Fifth Row: :i'C'S53V'll'Q' Pirie Puflezlqe Seal, H. Sheffield, M. Sheffield. Sixth Row: Shuford OFFICERS .IULIA MARCIA YATES . . . . Pri rlr-nl C UOFIS SEAT ..... . . Vicf' Frrfsil nl rr- ANIIA POSE FINNEY . Srfrelriry ,f-llllll AIIIJFRSON TYf'l'll I Vance, Wallrer, Wilson Annie Anderson Melba Anderson Ada Jo Afl-cinson Mary Ashley Evelyn Bass Frances Bolfon Maude Magee Bollon Farrie Braflon Juslirra Brown Lucy Maflhews Brown Floyce Rule Burchfield Myrlis Burnell' Jean Burnham LePoinl Cassibry Mildred Chadwiclc Frances Clarlc Frances Conner Arnclia COCICG Jufinila Cox Kalie Cracrall Lila Cranford Jarm Crrirol Arrl.illi Crurriplon Tir Dale Doris Dansby Marllra Dean Marqarel Dennis Tlimbelh Dowell C2661 .1 Hays. Fourfh Row: Heard, Herman, Hood, Humphrey, I-lunler, Johnson M. McCoy, Mifchell, Monroe, Mullin, Mulvenna, Nash, Neilson, Newsom , Smallwood, Sharp, Smilh, Summers, M. Taylor, A. Taylor, Turner, Upshur , Wall, Yales, Members Frances Davis Jean Fairly Anne Ferris Anna Rose Finney Courlney Gailher Janie Gavin Palricia Goldberg Mary Elizabefh Glenn Mildred Graham Mary Marqaref Grass Rosella Graves Mariorie Hall Dorolhy Hawlrins Alda Loyd Hays Mary Kale Heard Elsie Herman Evelyn Hood Posey Humphrey Lyle Hunfer Annie Glen Johnson Evelyn Kennedy Sally Kirk Lenora Kimbrough Mabel Owen Klaus lvlarqarel Love Eleanor McCabe Rosalyn McCord Elsie McCoy Marqaref McCoy Mary E. Mifchell Frances Monroe Cora Mullin Violef Mulvenna Elizabefh Nash Ninnabel Neilson Marqarel Newsom Mary Jane Pressgrove Evelyn Pirlle Anna Kalherine Rulledge Doris Sea? Hazel Sheffield Marlha Sheffield Dorolhy Shuforcl Cafherine Smallwood Alice Sharp Allie Mabel Smifh Camille Summers Marianne Taylor Aline Taylor Ro Selle Turner Nell Upshur Mary Lida Vance Nila Walker Merle Wilson Dorofhy Wail' Sham Yales MEMBERS Sopranog Firs'r AIIOS Elizabelh Franklin Courlney Gaifher Mary Elizabelh Glenn Lanelle Long Marqarel McCoy Helen Sexlon Brooke Shaw Margarel While Fdilh Winn Second Sopranos Jean Barksdale Margarel Biggers Foresl Bowen Melissa Dear June Doyle May Fleming Helen Haag Gene Hopkins Rosamund Myers Bobbie Rorler Mary Courlney Golda DeCell Helen Jenkins Frances Kimbriel Ninnabel Neilson Le+i+ia Rainer Sara Rainer Calherine Rand Rose Howard Rowland Mary Lee Sneed Rachel Anne Tillman Belly Ulf Sally Williams Second Al+os Ado Jo Afkinson Marlha Howerfon Flizabelh Middle+on Mary Elizabelh Mifchell Evelyn Pirlle Tai Smilh Barbara Tinsley Anna Frances Wiley F sf R , Franklin, Ganlher, Glenn, Lonq, McCoy, Sedan, Shaw, While, Winn, Barksrialf- Seward Row lr S My'rs, Porhir, Courtney, Third Row' DQCQII, Jenk' 5, Kirnbriel, Neilson! L, Rainerl S, Rainer, Ra liarns Alkinson Hfwfmrfcrn Mikllelfrn Mitijhel x OFFICERS MARGARET MCCOY SARA RAINER . . NINNABEL NEILSON FOREST BOWEN . . LAURA T. MARTIN . R, MALCOLM GUESS RUTI-I MQNEIL . . . Buqqcrs, Bowen, Elgar, D . . . Rresidenl . . . . .Vice-Preaidenl . . . Secrefary . . . Treasurer . .... . . Dureclor Business Manager . . . . Accompanisl Lyra Flfrninq Haar,1 Flvpe 1 Riiwlaniil, Snryjd, Tillniar Ffjfigrllw Piw UNF Wil- sley, Wiley. i' , . 2 S A 4. ' A ina 6 ' I I 3 1 Q I y N - I ' 3 I v . . 1, - x .- v V Z L 1' ' ' , . ' I 'S' ' f , 1' Q ' mf .- I' .4 , B- ,. , W 9 wr I . -1' f 4 i ' A' T L, A 'V ,gh na? 4 f' T swf? I .V V -gs s va ' v V K 3 Lg, U fr.. 3 N , Us r T I 2 5 fa: I .U , .Q - ' K 5 W J. 1 2 - , 1 ., ' f' ' f "ii 'in A I 'T I Q7 ggi!! V f- . Q 36 Q 'J .es 11, 1 4 - 6' A' -S -JI -J " ' 5s in .S i W' W Q f -v f' ' q T7 1- M. , I ' X I ' ' I ,, I V. 'Fi' f - 5 T1 1' ji. ""i'LfL'.1,tg4m Sa 5' , I on ' R f GIIZIS' GIEL CLUB MEGA PHONE CLUB 0,-.f. gwwm 1 . , '1- -anal..-. OFFICERS 5f+'J" ES MONROE . . . I '-All--nl CMAOND MYERS . . . Vice I' 5-r 'VWMES ..... Secreffw, I"-1 :wr my: l lf -"' f VF , y.,.,,,,,l.., pulh Blillllhfwlilmr Mfarlquf-vile Bl41'l9V BPH, Bvmard ,li-My Bmrwl-5 Maw, Alifio Brunwoll lilf'-yffl Pulf? Burflhliwlfl Myllll, Burnfi-H lNAE'l,l1CfHlwlIl1l1l FI11VW'V"l Clml Alllvll Vi CFNOLI' Avllfalh Crllmplfln Mmlhlz Ann lslfwrvnan fyllyqkw-fll llfwvvllll Fmnn-1 Gam'-H C"1Yfl G5'V' Cvlfvlly, G' lr-'lwn Pfrtl-llfx fs!-1.-wi lvlfny Grirn: llnm- Gurnff-,-' H1-l.'nH.1.n3 Nl allmif- lllxll lllflfu- llf1Thh' 'vm lib!-Bl Members D""OllWy Hawlwnf, Sarah Hanley' M5Y'lOYl'P D99 l-lfnlplnin' Pnscly Huvnphrcy Annif- Glenn Jflhnsl ln Hfllwn Kr-nynn Lannllr' Lnnq Juno Mfilnni-3 Mary Leno McLain Belly Jane Mavlin Rulh M.,-well lliifalw-flm Mldfllf-ffm Nornm Mrwnaqlmn FIJV1'I"l Mnnvfm Bn,-lh Mmm? Cnm Mullon Rmnrrmcwrmd Myers Wanda Nifihnl-3 Uiroflw Plifff-r Lclllm Rulnffr' Rulh Ray Vmwn P+-ul Rulh Rflynwldl, Mau 6. Roberfscn Lillie Rfivaobovouqh Ann Rowan Marihn Smsinnx Hale-l Sheffield llvrolhy Shuford Jnan SldCy Joan Sfansbury Alina Tmlor' Anne Tnllos Nr-ll Upshuf Mnvy Uvla Vanf Frnrwfw. Wf'ylQ1-Q fliifh We-ll5 lNAl1l41-1V4'lWl1ll!' fall wlfv Inv WilliavwwS llwr-Tlllwy Willinnm G1-nn Williams PM WIlll.1rv1S Yvvllu Willianu Mello Wilsorw Helen Ynlcs We, The EdiTor and Business Manager, especially wish To Thank our sTaTTs Tor Their excellenT cooperaTion and Tor The hard work They have done in meeTing discounT daTes and geTTing This book To The sTudenTs on Time. We Thank in addiTion These individuals and organizaTions Tor Their eTTorTs To make This book a success: The PublicaTions Council Tor iTs Time spenT in ironing ouT Tinancial prob- lems and oTher maTTers oT general policy: The Cardinal Club Tor iTs ap- propriaTion To help cover cosT oT padding and improving our covers: The Mississippian Tor The publiciTy given This book: The STudenT-EaculTy Com- miTTee Tor TabulaTing balloTs casT aT The Parade oT EavoriTes: Mr. George l-lurrell Tor selecTing The beauTies who appear in This book: Mr. and Mrs. J. R. CoTield Tor Their excellenT phoTographic workmanship and Tull co- operaTion wiTh The sTaTT: Mr. Joe LedbeTTer, Mr. Dan Eadie, Mr. R. G. Benson, and Mr. W. A. Benson oT Benson PrinTing Company and Mr. RoberT Eaerber, Mr. Roy I-lickman, and Mr. Eugene EiTzgerald oT Alabama Engraving Company Tor Their personal inTeresT in This book: Dr. Dudley T-luTcherson Tor assisTance in correcTing manuscripT copy, Eormer EdiTors John Evans and RoberT Wall Tor assisTance and advice: Mr. David Bloom oT The Commercial Appeal, Mr. J. B. C5asqueT oT The ShreveporT Times. and Mr. Billy C5aTes oT The Ole Miss AThleTic PubliciTy DeparTmenT Tor some sporTs picTures, and Memphis PhoTo Supply Company, GaThrighT- Reed Drug Company, CoTield STudio, Alex Loeb, Inc., BuTTaloe-l-larmon, and The STudenT Union Grill Tor awarding prizes in The snapshoT conTesT. As This book goes To press, no errors have been discovered. In The evenT ThaT errors are Tound, The EdiTor oTTers apology To The individuals con- cerned and asks Their indulgence. I-le has exhausTed all means in his power To secure correcTness. I-IAROLD GOTTHELE, JR., EdiTor. CHARLES J. TRAYLOR, Business Manager. i691 Alhlelics . . Baseball . . Baslcelball . . Boxing ..... Coaching Slall . Eoolball .... Inlramural Alhlelics. Tennis ..... Traclc . ..... . Women's Alhlelics . Band ...... Beaulies .... Board ol Truslees . . Campus Personalilies. . Cardinal Club . . Chancellor . . Classes ..... . Advanced Prolessional Freshman Class. . . Graduale Class Junior Class . . Senior Class . . . Sophomore Class. . Collegians Orcheslra . Colonel Rebel. . . Dramalics .... Execulive Council . . Facully. . . . Eavoriles . Fralernilies ..... Alpha Tau Omega . Bela Thela Pi . . . Della Kappa Epsilon Della Psi .... Della Tau Della . . lnlerlralernily Council Kappa Alpha . . Kappa Sigma . Meloilcoi .... Phi Della Thela . Phi Epsilon Pi . . . Pi Kappa Alpha . . Pi Kappa Phi . . Phi Kappa Psi . . . Sigma Alpha Epsilon Sigma Chi . . . Sigma Nu .... Sigma Phi Epsilon . Olee Club .... Governor. . . Hall ol Fame . ln Memoriam . . May Ouecn. . Schools INDEX I 60- 52- l40- 4- 12701 Mid Term Dances . . I52 Mililary . . . l22 Mississippians . . . I54 Miss Ole Miss . , . I39 Organizalions ..... . 24l 268 Alpha Epsilon Della . . . . 249 Alumni Associalion ........ . . 24I American Pharmaceulical Associalion . . . 250 American Sociely ol Civil Engineers . . . . 25l Cardinal Club .......... . 38 Calholic Club . . . . 265 Chi Epsilon .... . 253 Della Sigma Pi .... . . 247 Gamma Sigma Epsilon . . . 254 Girls' Glee Club ..... . . 267 l-lermaean Lilerary Sociely . . . . 256 l-lome Economics Club . , . 266 lnlernalional Relalions Club . . . 260 M Club ......... . . I59 Megaphone Club .... . 268 M. O. A. K. S. . . . . . 264 Omicron Della Kappa . . . . 242 Phi Chi ...... . . 248 Phi Della Phi ...... . . 246 Phi Ela Sigma ...... . . 245 Phi Sigma Lilerary Sociely . . . . 257 Pi Kappa Pi ....... . . 244 Pix .......... . . 262 Sigma Thela Pi ..... . . 252 Sludenl Dance Commillee . . . 26I Tassel . ......... . 243 Tau Kappa Alpha .... . . 255 Triads .......... . 263 Women's Alhlelic Associalion . . I84 Y. M. C. A ........ . . 258 Y. W. C. A. . . . 259 Publicalions. . . . . 27-32 Law Journal . . 32 Mississippian . . . 30 Ole Miss ...... . 28 Publicalions Council . . 27 Rebel ...... . . 33 Snapshols. . . 44-5l Sororilies ..... . I 89-203 Chi Omega . . . . . I90 Della Della Della . . I92 Della Gamma . . . I98 Della Zela .... . 200 Kappa Della ..... . . l96 Pan-Hellenic Council . . . l89 Phi Mu ....... . . I94 Zela Tau Alpha ..... . 202 Womens Sludenl Governmenl . . . 25 H HHUSHHS 3 gf 4 5' Nas my -... 4 -0 f . will .,.,, X , I X, x .. A . V Y. - , .. Y, ... ,,x....A.--V-----M. .- -.....,N V N- Q. .. 4 ,, ,, , an - 't ,UQ .D ' V W- 1 -- ,mgi S' Q a"'-" p-W "------""",,,,, .--., V ,Nu . 4? ,U """"" " ' " ..-. N --..,, , ,, 1... 4..- Av .. 5' 1,- , p,.., hu, . ...rv " Mfg.- A. A-2, A i Yugi ,xr gi ,wa .. w 'DEF T2'f.'E?:'- x' 4- s Q ' Y -.'- ,. .Ag - 1 UNIVERSITY OF MISSISSIPPI I848 I940 Universi+y, Mississippi The Universily is composed oi Ihe following divisions: Ihe College oi Liberal Arls, Ihe Schools oi Law, Engi- neering, Educaiion, Medicine, Pharmacy, Commerce and Business Adminisiralrion, Ihe Graduale School, and Universiiy Exiension. Splendid Iaciliiies for general and specialized educa- lion are provided by The Liberal Arls College and The Professional Schools. SUMMER SESSION Six Weelcs Term .... June 5 I'o July I6 Nine Weeks Term. . . June 5 +o Augusf 3 Courses given in The College oi Liberal Arls, Ihe Graduaie School, and Ihe Schools oi Law, Business Adminislralion and Commerce, and Educalion. LAW SCHOOL TERMS Firsi Term ...... June 5 fo July I6 Second Term . . . July I9 fo Augusf 24 Recrealion-wilh Ihe new swimming pool available lor use during Ihe summer session, along wilh oiher Iacililies and opporluniiies ior relaxaiion Io be provided, Ihe recrealional inleresls oi sludenis are amply cared for. Expenses are very moclerafe eifher for Ihe Regular Session or for Ihe Summer Session. I R. W. NAEF ARCHITECT ATCIIIIQCIS for IITe IoII0wiITg new IJUIICIIITQQ reCerITIy coTISIrUcTed af The Univeraiiy of IVIiSSi2SipI3i. MS " o ern urni In ui m n b W br Ir" M d F SI' 95 and EQ P ei Y 95+ oo FOUR BOYS' DORMITORY UNITS TWO GIRLS' DORMITORY UNITS WESTBROOK STUDENT UNION BUILDING PHYSICS BUILDING MANUFACTURING CO. OBSERVATORY BUILDING Makers of AII Kinds of SIOFG Equipmenf and EUrniSI'IiI'IqS 0 STATE LICENSED JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI One of The CounIry's OIcIesI' Sfores Iv . f-T'-kv. I 1 ff- . ,'.""' "T """"' '--W-S----1... . DependabIe Merchandise for All Ihe Family THE J. E. NEILSON CO. Oxford, Miss. SPECIALIZING IN COLLEGE STYLES 'fw- is J. gl 17, F I . . '., ' by 1 I I r : ' vo S' ' - ly! 'i 'gms J' 4 '. 'P I ' ' A scene on fhe picfuresque and hisforic Back Bay of Biloxi, Mississippi, showing oysfer schooners af anchor. Biloxi is Mississippi's chief resorf cify, as well as fhe principal shrimp and oysier canning cenfer of fhe world. As fhe cify is sifuafecl on a peninsula exfencling info fhe Gulf of Mexico. if is also a verifable par- adise for sporfs fishing. Phofograph by Anfhony V. Ragusin. WI-IEN IN JACKSON VISIT TI-IE EMPORIUM Mississippi's Leading Deparfrnenf Sfore in fhe I-Iearf of fhe Capifal Cify BILOXI WELCOMES YOU Biloxil birfhplace of Mississippi, is also fhe Sfafes chief resorf cify and mosf inieresfing place in fhe Ole Magnolia Sfafe. Biloxi is rich in hisforic appeal. Seven flags have flown over fhis cify, which was once fhe capifal of fhe vasf Louisiana Purchase Terrifory. Biloxi has many hisforic and ofher poinfs of inferesf, including llBeauvoir,l' fhe lasf home of Jefferson Davis: The lighfhouse: fhe Coasf Guard Air Sfafion: Unifed Sfafes Veferans' Eacilify la Nafional Soldiers I-Iome wifh over 700 acres of beaufiful freesl and lasf, buf nof Ieasf, Benachi Avenue, fhe cafhedral of oalcs leading fo fhe Gulf of Mexico. Biloxi has fhe largesf shrimp and oysfer fisheries in fhe world. Over SOO fishing boafs claim fhis cify as Iheir home porf. In facf, Biloxi is 'rhe groalesf porf in Mississippi in number of boafs. Biloxi is a mecca for oufdoor sporfs, including fishing, boafing. and golfing. There are numerous enferfainmenf spofs. l"lofeI and ofher accommodafions are reasonable in price. Wrife fhe Biloxi Chamber of Commerce for liferafure. Cify of Biloxi Biloxi Chamber of Commerce Louis Braun, Mayor Dr. R. W. BurneH', Pres. F. A. Tucie, Commissioner Anfhony V. Ragusin. Secrefary John A. Swanzy, Commissioner UNIVERSITY ' LAUNDRY To Jaclxsonians "The Emporium" Spells "Our Purpose ls fo Serve OUALITY and EASI-IION me S+Uden+S" 0 JACKSON, MISS. 0 R. B. TULLOS, Manager IHI SIUIHNI HHIH "Cen'rer of Sfudenf Life" THE MOST MODERN CAMPUS GRILL IN THE SQUTH , dm- M .5 V V iii Al, I .V.. . .Q 'iq ,Q 3 -E . 2 i X A N ff ,. 1 1 LYRIC THEATRE ROBERT X. IBobI WILLIAMS OWNER AND MANAGER OXFORD. MISSISSIPPI Highesi' Qualify Coals COIL COAL 81 MINING COMPANY INCORPORATED MEM PHIS, TENNESSEE T. C. COLLAS AND COMPANY Hiew GRADE rooms Coffee RoasIers Specializing for InsIiIuIions Gold IVIedaI I:Iour IVIEIVIPI-IIS, TENN. COAL COAL COAL YOUR HEATING REQUIREMENTS IN OUR BUSINESS We Feafure: Genuine Beech Creelr, a High Grade KenfucIry Coal Monfe-VaIIo Red Ash, from Alabama, None Beffer Genuine BriIIian, from Alabama, Sfandard High Grade Coal SenIry, a High Grade KenIucIry Coal IWashecI and Waxollizedl BriIIianf SIoIrer, fhe Besf SfoIrer Coal on Ihe MarIreI BIacIx Creek, from AIabama, Wifh High Heaiing Qualify PROMPT DELIVERY SERVICE JONE PRODUCE CO. Phone 95 Durley Jones, Owner and Manager T. J. O'CONNOR 81 SONS, INC. Makers of Leafher Goods for NearIy Three- Quariers of a CenIury O'Connor BeI+s and Purfees Balrimore, Maryland .1 "Ole Miss Cafeferia Serves Luce VegeIabIes" WHERE QUALITY COUNTS LUCE PRODUCTS, INC. . Serving Mississippi Wi+I-I Vegefable Producis Q LUCEDALE, MISSISSIPPI Members NCA p L inc I"- L V , Not only cheaper ibut you can! 7 ,..-F7 i V i H """'i EVERYWHERE . AmefiC3 here m enl- n 50 anyw ffer irequ gon Cari-Stale Coachesngo schedules to us. . Ex TR I-STATE COACHES ys3V . k 538. devendabxe mimi Louisiana' ArTaiine5. ' 15 throllghou 5 parts of e OUR W- - 1 fm -1. other W Ml55'Ssg.p:!, connectwns Kxxzlerica. Next LOCAL 3 in S-fe , 11 PO' . hes' lmes xavzx vga Tn-Stale Coac time . pa? less' Complimenis Oi CITY CLEANERS WE APPRECIATE YOUR BUSINESS Oxford, Mississippi FURR DRUG, COMPANY iiwed Thousands of fm Where S+uden+S Me-e+ Each Yea", p,,Wx Qm,,,,,,, CMMS, and GATHRIGHT-REED DRUG Sami zumff- COMPANY . . Phone na-4 We Deliver The Rexall swfe oxford, Mississippi COLLEGE INN Lower Prices Than You Expecf 'ro Pay for Such Qualify Food W Hi i I' IJ i , H ,IAF Piworwf- fur Spociai Pariivs, 173 TOM 8: SPIRO Complimenls of ELLIOTT LUMBER COMPANY OXFORD, MISS. All Kinds Building Malerials Eor Every Need Lumber, Roofing, Cemenr, Plasler, Lime, Brick, Lallis, and Mill Work In Clojrlriing, +I'ie Three Prime Eaclors are STYLE . . . FIT . . . VALUE You'Il Eind Tlwese Essenlials in All Suils, Coals, Sporlswear, and Accessories al Alex Loeos O ALEX LOEB, INC., TI-IE CAMPUS STORE Meridian, Miss. Universify, Miss. THE 1940 "OLE Miss" is Bouuo in A KINGSKRAFT COVER D -d find Erfiduffd By E-'iqni KINGSPORT PRESS iciNesPoRT, TENNESSEE AVENT'S DRUG STORE Eoi2 I-Iome Made ' All Cream Ice Cream MEET AT AVENTIS NorI'I1 Side of Square 4 Complimenls of OLE MISS DRY CLEANERS Oxford, Mississippi '- .-fr' The "sI'io+s" +aIre II1a+ pause +I1a+ refreshes. COCA-COLA ALWAYS A FAVORITE ON THE OLE Miss CAMPUS H. S. COCA-COLA BOTTLINC-3 CO. G. G. I-IILL, Manager McKESSON 81 ROBBINS, INCORPORATED Surgical Insrrumenfs, I'IOspi+aI Supplies, LabOraIOry Eguipmenf, XeRay Apparafus Birmingham, Alabama Complimenrs OI TOMLINSON JEWELRY STORE Oxford, Miss. SINCE I867 PRINTERS TO TI-IE STUDENT BODY OE CLE MISS Engraving, SIa'riOnery Iiems, L. C. Smifn and COrOna Typewrifers THE OXFORD EAGLE DISTINCTIVE WORK DELIVERED PROMPTLY Confucius say: He who pafronize adverfisers can'+ go wrong. I ., ,1 .i MEMPHIS and MISSISSIPPI iw,l 4' Y Are Linked More Closely WiIh The Low Priced Luxury, CordiaI I IA Comforf, and Thoughfful Thrih' of Your Convenienf Memphis S' I' 0' ,z .h iii " . ' -1,-I .,vH,H,f w T , 1 ufvgfrlwgil ' J II VQAX -.-1' i2I'Myf' I -, S, Ly, C --if Ms? ' I fs. Iiifffi 42 '- ew. 'QfIIV'Q.1' 'W E if, - ...i f ,I in f -y 'pitif- nb N ilu Pe hi i "5f4l,j7 I Headquarrers C. C. Car+wrigh'r, Vice-Presiclenf and General Manager Memphis, Tennessee 300 Rooms-52.00 Up Tasfe Tip-Dine Chen in The I-Iolrel Gayoso Coffee Shop Free Parking in Garage Home of Radio Sfafion WMC RITZ THEATRE Oxfords Mosf Modern TheaIre SMART GIFTS X and J .Mffzj FINE JEWELRY BEAR THIS - I I.'!f.I'l'G'ff'5 MARK Er FraIerniIy and Sororify Pins and Cresfed Giffs OXFORD "FIa+s" Davis and Complimenfs oi FLoRAL COMPANY for Flowers Thalr are AIways Beau'riIuI Clyde Hughes, campus represenfafives TELEPHONE 500 XJ: ,iw-mv-v X OV? Mafia W ,. ,. CQME WHAT JVIAY. CONFIDENCE is the heritage of youth .... it is also a fundamental requirement of business .... attained by long study, training and experience ' XVe have enjoyed the confidence of yearbook Staffs throughout the country for over thirty years .... an accomplishment for which we are truly grateful and justly proud . . . . ir we -k ir wk COLLEGE ANNUAL DIVISION ALABANXA ENGIQAVING COJVXPANY B I RM I N G HAM ...I l l l I IT IS OUR HOPE THAT THIS VOLUME OE THE "OLE MISSI' WILL IN NO SMALL MEASURE MERIT YOUR COMMENDATION BECAUSE OE OUR THOUOHTEUL AIID CIAREEUL ATTENTION TO EVERY RHOTOORAPHIC DETAIL IN THE COMPOSITION OE THIS BOOK. Drop in 'ro See Us When Uplown ooFlELD's STUDIO OXFORD, MISS. Phone 35 'Nole sluderwrsewe lwaye on lile all neqalives made from any Volume zimco '35, you may order olwolos from any ol Ilmese al your convenience. II lwaz been a genuine pleasure working willw your slall on Ilwis imgoorlaml unolerlalcinq. 4 ALL RETOUCH WORK ON ANNUAL PHOTOS BY MRS. J. H. PATTERSON, JR., FULTON, KY. P P X li i 1? ' F. . IHI S I I II I SS IINIIIIISIII, MISSISSIPPI I O

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