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 - Class of 1937

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Text from Pages 1 - 270 of the 1937 volume:

Q z .ff P. LJ F? F' nv' L, 1 . , ,4--4 4" F. 7 I -5' ,aw JJ .Ho 41,4 5. , r- .'?,:' 9, ' 1 V ,x " -- ' G! 'f ' A -:LI n X ' 'l. I I Y.--Q-fe-fs ' ' --JY QV-. , 4 -' 4. --:ew .1 4 - x - 1 , 1:-,., 3- x r ." ,.3-, w 4 5 I A -I f . In Sf' -vw " QL - 2, fl.- -. '- . ,. gk' -If f..- Q ' f .., , ', -14,1 5 '15 I ,mu .'.,.P 13 4 "Q s K an -I -. I. - X. ,A , ' .A ", L ,. I . 415 J ' 5 1 Isl- I . ' 1- I -.1 ,f O 1 . 1 u ' jg. ' . - . "V , , , -3- , 4' A -,l ' , ,. fy .rex -NI . -,Q 1' -.. a A 4,1 ' I 'J V 1 Wu "I, I' -' Q- 'fr I.. ,'l.4. I- I .edgJT-If-'i'E f Lv. ' 3' ft .Q -'QR ' 1 1'-. 'h s., -1 ' Li sl" I. 1 V -ask JI .x I 1 1 F "Li ..,l v 4. L 7 we , . f' -,...-'ix . 'Inf' 4 . ' ',. ,".- r .T ' , ': -N.-. - ' 1, - 'av 4 .v , . ,i,' N 136 1, V "' .4 'a 4. -- .,w 4 ' -1- " f , "r- ' C. '62 , 5-'r Q '-2 1. H.-1 lah xl v U K , L s I A ,'u I :II ., - 4 , A'f'7" -2 - - . , '..v .,-" ' 1 .J x' 4' ' 53,1 , s .. :, U. va. ' 51" 32 I rv-1 . 7' 'r 4 7 5 'I UQ 1 i- " . -Ar ,n I . Jw? if 'K 1 J. . 3 Q V . ,P I., I 5' 4 .'..' O o"' s. Q -- Pl I i f' Y Q 'Ji is 4 gy.. fn 1 1 .5 9 5 R 1 at A If is I' 5 14, -1: " Vu" I 1.5 , I W fn fgr. AKAI! .-ff-xt kr' K o '- I U . '1' ', Q' 45 Q 954 ,fn '1:'F' 'Qj o 'Cn' fi . 4, I ,, ' ' .., '- r f F f l ,f' '5- V ' I '4 . . J O - 1,'?-.1 . Qulgyl ,-. I sf' I b I ,Q Q, , ,will Fc' 4, . ., ' . X' if 'I 'X W Q Q ' J ft' 4 " ' ' .4 Q 1: 'W 914-3 'fi ' .Q ,Vg Q l5,' ' 'lhiff u , ' 'sg-ii . 'hi' 'k gf.: ' il ' 1., Q. Qu vi. --ani.. . , ! "' .mf--'n W' '--P " sw? q 'r 2 , 7 r -Hi? - - .,'Z1V!-..I.' A TA! l . n--54-fhfx. . 'Q--'MQ ...U Ll. gf, ,Dj :Plavix . QW. 'Q , 3 1' 1 ' as 'L if 'Z - . I D V5 94-, Ae' 3 Q."' -Tv I b -4.3, , ,L ',-' '-' ,, 4 QQ! 'if , f Q- -1. 'L :. " ".- nvwz' Q It xl. ' ' . 'Z t 5 ' A 1 G " -' q'.'- 3f"'- -Q,-' ' " S 4 , L Ma- '.J-'QWQ . - '-Q - '- Q ' 'Q - , iz f-,gm-. 3 " "lf: ., Q 'g -, ' lk, 5,8 9-1 2 .b gi' W . 1 5 . V' 5 y 'Al - ' ' .- 9 1 ' fb- -'QQ' ,'VPg -' -J. ' . ' . "3 Ag 'A 'F M35 -5. f'X':5f'3,"3 ' A J '4 1 H 5 -. L jf: -H' j ' b - if jfljgff -,-fl? if W' L5 o' A! h J ,a A. i 5 A., ls . . 2 it 1. rr' ' Q ' V' ,'.' 1 , Q Ah' ' wig' .0 gif? ...il4. 1 ' . as .nf -.-,L -ff. -4, - ..,"1.-if 1.3. . I ,jk-2' "-- ' ' - 'P' . -43 ,- f,: -s. v..- . , 4 f Q - , . Qu X' Sf. V- .sf-3x"r fp V S A f 'wg 6 '- ,fy .'T"'? '49-, .' ' a' 'D J In ,QA . 4 5 - 0 -, .' ' -, 3 ,.'?5'a1i,gf, .rf t Q , 4 , - ' ,. -0 ' 1' ff: V ' , rgf Rf 5. ,-if-.-, . f "fu ff -- ,. -Q ' . Lifts:-xr' Piggy- " 1 ' Y -0 J t, ' Q -A. ,'r-- AAIA ,:. ,O - .A .I-'T , Q' sl AN. , viii' l ! .,-- : . lv w, 'V L 'QV v - 5 c--if I -- .i1..'. ' Q xml Q. . , " A.. 5- ,fb " Q -5 1 'nz J.. V . ' ' gg ,Fr . N + - 1 G.. -Q , 4- q yi. N.. A. , - ,,, 1-.,j?,':.i,je.m1,', 7-5 5 , , Q 6 A ? 'i Rv au- ' H ii -fs ' - ix 1 x ' i . :hull Q' -." : - "- -7' X is 4 -' - I 0 r - 1. - - - -if ' r - 'L Ls- i Q 'Ai-' '. ti wr. .5-,fi , lm,',Q-' -nu - -. -. w - ,Ir in 5' 1- Nu ' . 5' V! ' ,-I I-, ' 4' g' 6' 55- Vicki? 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Q ,Q ' ' 1' 4, - I-lv.. ,mst , 1 K X, ., ,!,, ,.A. . , -I' X 1,-A .'.4 ., f 1 ' ' 1 ','w?: '. ,. .- ,,, 5 , , - - w ,n-J-, .- wi 4. -PHY ' : ." ,I 'jimi L3 ' ,1 ', QV ,,y 'zE.L 'Q -I ., fu, Jill 'Q' ,- ' N 13. L,.'4,f ,H :jf-. ' 'QCA-If W' ' .gow -- N , I wx I 4 .. S ' H' I1 .,.'1'. .. .g, ru' A 1.1, , ,h 1-, , . U' -.3 .1 1 In ,," L, ,-- I, , f -af , l1,5.,:l.s v e a . w - fu., . . ,....,4.uK':"5i- . - :',', , ' flnj. .,' U .h -' .P 7' iff' app, ,,,fLf. '. A. - Q5:f.'i.: -' fn' ' " x Jr ' I . , 4 . ,i . .,-,L . 4 . A- 4K x. - , R H xiii fi .ur 'P .' "'g1f-wg? r 'N ' 4 C1 ' ,JZ , 'n 1 v q. .f Rvf " " 4 ' L, 'HJ ' - - qw MATH . if-'-A . I . 1 W Q' ii-:ITN I W M 1 , 4 L' Q11 ' 1 .Ax .. . , fs.. 7 's . :' 1. -, '.. -fs., 1 ' 1. xx- ,-q'fQf'g'f"' ' 'K , , ,',1.a'i,ji A 8 Q K v IU "",': 'J' Q A Ami gi- x , 21' r' 'X V ' W -1, X ,rn , "Wo J Y 'l, as-. 7 ' 4 nf"Y 5' 'W 'fr aksvf. .. I U ' Q F" Q-.dll H 24 4 '- ' .LP .' . ' ' ' - I iv 4: 'SJW ' f l Lv ' 1 S 5 s 'J ' . - , x Z E ' ' . I I ' 'Q gi ., 7x ' - iafm ,",,4 , m 4 ,V M s 1 xX ,- I A -'ctr . 'Q v--'V ,rrfx-,pr My I -" 'I - " A , '- 'QS' . Q A ' I V hr- x 4, A - A xx! AL! 1 . 0 "' f f 1 W 5 1 .. ,w"" ff-ffl" Nz- 'R' + . , . , V- 1 v i - , , . sA .' Vit za , D ,.A Yr, .H hy, , VA Q ,Q , 1 v. , . - Les ,. - , - 'f -1 wi I. 'P nf F ' " 1 S, ' . I- :-cfflias. I 4: iivxzq. 1-.uf ' K U' L' X ' , - 4. :" 5 , f' ' - s 1 -' ' ' .. " fr .'f'f'ffiLs"11, if . 1 W " ' -."-vw 4 ,. ,WA . we Q .---- 2: lt- ' -. ' 8571: 3.f'i'Q"?j.f.Q f' A " .- "-:J H 'ZF'-V -wi'ff w- . - vi '. ' -Y' ' f' -',!'23a'i"'f? - .f.-99" .f1'T'43J"? . 4 . M '.,. .- A U , ,Z ' A ,...- U , ' , Q. 5-be -j ',e.,- ,, J, . A gpvnlff' , 'Y J 'f 4 ,1c':f..."i:Lj,Xj, f',, V !.w:,,Q'1." .-. , ,A 95- -- .- ' ' , "fi - ' "U-'C I ! tl pk . -Y L--fi?.h -JQZEI' fgbfn I 'V . ffoffa 'QQJJKWP' ' "fi . 3 ' :VE A 7 'I I L 1215.1 xv' Kyra- .'1. . f ., 3 -R. ,k-'fig " HW H ' 6 fg as AC' uf' N- 7 .4 ' 'v' - ! I .Ao- , ig :4 . 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U Kam UNIVERSITY CLASSES FEATURES EEATERNITIES ATHLETICS CDRGHNIZQTICDNS FIEUJ Fl U a a IN CDEEERING TI-IIS ISSUE CDE TI-IE CLE MISS TQ TI-IE STU- DENTS OE TI-IE UNIVERSITY, TI-IE SCDLE RURPCSE EVER- PRESENT IN TI-IE MINDS OE TI-IE MEMBERS CDE TI-IE STAI-IE I-IAS BEEN TO GIVE TCD YGU A RECQRID BY WI-IICI-I YCDU MAY RECAIJL, IN LATER LIFE, INCIDENTS AND ERIENIDSI-IIRS OF TI-IIS SCI-IOQL YEAR T i VLMEMORIAM God in bis profound wisdom bas removed from eartbly labors our beloved friend and teacber, Dr. Alexander Lee Bondurant. For many years tbis gentle spirit and classical master moved among us as a noble Magister, faitbfully performing tbe duties ivbicb befell bim as Latin instructor and Graduate Scbool Dean. Patience, modesty and intrinsic nobility of cbaracter won tbe love and respect of all tbose wbo call bis name in veneration. Dr. Bondurant is dead, but bis spirit, bis personality, bis splen- did virtues, live on in tbe bearts of all tbose ivbo bave come under bis influence. His presence is now a sacred memory, but tbe spiritual afterglow will kind le more brigbtly and beautifully tbe priceless traditions wbicb make tbe University of Mississippi-- Ole Miss. Wx Mk. M nivewlll RJ I M m , Win!! 9 Mm inn, 44 A ' .i V 7 A -' ' , xt? . W 4' V ' uh' ' - 91 "-41. . --. 'V'- Q .'J,"'w ' ' ' ' 0. , I . . ', ' Y . I' N .' V' , v-'xi Q f- l- ,f t ,l I. . ,r .,...,,. li llmiji. l.: ,x -v I 4 -i ' I. in Y, ' H-,.,1'l I K N ."1 ' I I ' ' 'N f" ' x s , A. x V .!-. -I, -.M - x . , Fw 4 "L N .N f ' . 15" - -'46 55.5 Q ' ti. .,. ' Q ht . Q V N '- -, V' ,L '.P"'s:." :' ' -. f Q xgqu A ' ' 12-ff' 4 1 if h 11- R M " h' j , 1 K ,.. U, v ' . ' - .-. .HQ A . V 5411 : .H , Q i - - ' H - , ., v g -V2 , -'fn J? 1 I 1 . -' Y x , ,'. 1 A' A 9. -. kit. x . in , Q.. . 4 i Y v. - ,. l N xx. T -,i.,.j if .K 'vi N ' jlib 'ii b' " '- ' 1 3 . ' W 1- . 1 R h . 5 HQ ' , . . , In ' ' ' . "L'Y'--- -2""' I Q ' 1' 1 . , 'f "f'!!"lM-'qv ,L 1 Q f 1 A, J- , ' Q 7. I ':'- 1 '-'- 1 1 ' 1:4 .4 .. ,,,. . , . 1 :Q 5 ' J- - HF , 5, ,xl i'4:ku.-. 4 'I --A' i. - ' ' I ' . - . 1 t 3:3-AQ' U' . f.. . ' V 'sir U.: . I Ao , X ljnja -A4 1 A D ' . 510-utzffu ,f -I M! ' Ti" '. I - I - 1- 11 -0 f-M .- , , Q ly Vs- IQQQ ' 3" 77? .1 xp? , " i w 'eq' sl -. g'v b -.5-X. lv' 'I . ' 4 f'Q .Je I . 'Pkg 1. R -5 -gn 0' 51 W if 7,1 Q Q . ,K1! n 1 ' - 0' - ni 4 . - o ' 'I ' '1 I Q.. . '33 Xia' ' A, -4 Q. 3 I-. 'Q' V .. . .2-4. . f- , I . . .A ,, -' .l' ' . v-W .-. .A s- I-.- ' V - x , Q I in .,. Q15 J.. 1.5--A' 'wffif X-:lux -ft J ..-s '1-I -bulb-...X .5 ,..,-.. V I A , , , , 1 W, Agp.. ,Q -1:1171 .-I V 1 -- ,,..fY-" . - - 'M' , ' -- V .- su, ,, - in L- I . .QAI-1 I , , I ' iw, ' " - j " ' V ' , 1 . , 4' 'J , ,, 5 ' f ' ' ' A 42-35+ 5'f"97-YY", - I --0-jg-Lwr V V , . , '-may 71, ,pn ' 4 :I , I ' 1 l V , !' .1 ' 4 I V- N ' A 'G-. V ' W. 75?-:flax 13,1125 aj .',-inf 4..,:,q 'V F lil N... ui 'Ik- 724 X SGW: of TRUSTEES GOVERNOR HUGH LAWSON VVHITE . . MAJ. Chairman Ex-Cjfcio XV. C-:ALVIN WELLS . HON. JOHN ALLEN ELLARD . . Clrairman Executive Secretary HON. RANSOM ALDRICH . HON. JOHN W. SAVAGE . . . RT. REV. XXVILLIAM MERCER GREEN . MISS HON l"ION HON HON HON MRS. HON lVlAR'I'HA CATCHING ENOCHS BELL GEORGE l'lAZARD . . OSCLAR F. BLEDSOE . . . JAMES EDWARD BYRD . . JAMES HECTOR CURRIE . . JAMES MCCLURE . . . SUSIE WAl.KER SMYTHE . . GEORGE B. WAI.KER . HON. GERALD VV. CHATHAM . Page I6 . Jackson . Jackson . Jackson Michigan City . . Gulfport . Meridian . .Jackson . Columbus . Greenwood Mount Olive . Meridian . . Sardis . Kosciusko . Stoneville . Hernando 2 I Q iff Vim '30 S51 , 'X xl K4 Y .1 ml V A ' n .f ' Q- , . 2 -.I 1 , 1 4 ' ei J, ,. ' - 5 if , , . I , fi g- . ss ., 5: Q . K T u 1. 3 1 2 I Q A ?' Z fi . ...f 1- ..,' 595 -5 1Jff' , XJ, ,MHA- - -4 .M ,,-4 , a 1 ' . M, '1f:"'f1Qg'!' . Lf fy A ff-115,525 .-.119-',,' " 3 , .,.. ' A 5 x ,, ,.,,.. 3' . 6. , 2 v 5 4' V 3 , My ,pw-f 'ffi - '51 ' ifs-rf, 11" ,ll 'F' Q - 5 T f. 1 ' 1 ' fm'- , v . iw . ' Wi . .3 fn' - , c ,. .. - 3 , ,Q- 'Ziff ,xi ,fr-Q -s .L , 4 .1 - 2 gf' A it -J, '1 .,,,.f 142' f 4 l GOVERNOR i HUGH L. WHITE Since his inauguration as Governor of Mississippi in January, 1936, Hugh L. White has done much to make the University of Mississippi a larger and better school. As governor, he is ex-ofhcio President of the Board of Trustees. It is with great anticipation that the students and University officials are looking forward to coop- erating with Governor White in making Ole Miss a still greater University. xi.. ,K 'yy' fx lu' ,rx JP H A, - . w' -' 'v Nu o Him I I b I, . A . . I, I Q' '1 8 s 5, N4 X X Lu A vi, l. -' ' Q Situ xN'.'? .2 .'Q,x ' 5, U . ,A . 'i ""f 'O' 'UI s 9 o 1 . . v.. . s 4 , I' , .. fi. ,Q 4 ' ' O. , ., ,JAg?' . I ,. 'ff-95fN' x .' .-'n--i l. '. A -v','. 5 4,866 - g'u Il , M, Y .,-.-1 , Q 'B Q gh . ' I 'Q' ' 4 V ' . 5?-fuk. fo I ' R. , . 4, O s ' A K . N A . A .'ff"M .:, .' V 1 - .:, ' Qf,"'g5i"' ?'j'mZg.l'll' ' ' ""' N N' :H!!M..f5 X1-' '- Y-at 'Y f , A , 1 A 1 5 W I A5 - ' vf:11Q9 - . ' 1 F.. z ,N ' ' 4 ' N ' . x, 1, f " ' , - -151933-4-:f 2--:1' v," - ' y ,l:1.l. vigil' ' l- zz! I N, A , WQ:'.-3-,j?f ,.,. ...1.-,-.,t,g3A: f 11-A QETFJYGQT-Y-L-::gg5Q , ui 'kEfL1iSa,: 17 ' V D + 31 .. f.lQ7,f .gf ' ' ' I ,. V 45. E ' :-"L-V , ,I,, ' ' , , w -.1 11 rf' ., ., , . , 4 . , . I. .. ,.- . 5 1 -'??g iv., - . LA 6 f E ' v Q! 'ln- Q..4f -- .y 0 , . , . 1 1 .4 o s ,J n mcg... L.. 1 J" 1 3. U .gl nl 1"! ,- il. , 1 . '43 Y -. n re A 14 - I 'i 1 1 '-3' I m . -. - , 8,1 Q f : ' 1 'Lp O - A Q. ., QL f ,,g...--- - "i' , 1 i., u 4 l l Dr. Alfred B. Butts is now serving the second year as the eleventh Chancellor of the University of Mississippi. Dr. Butts came to Ole Miss from Mississippi State College, where he served as Vice-President and Professor of Government. In all the daily routine which he necessarily encoun- ters, Dr. Butts has proved to the individual student, as well as the entire Student Body, that he holds their welfare foremost in his mind. In the multitudinous details as Chancellor, Dr. Butts has kept before him the betterment of the University in accordance with the needs and interests of the students. But he has not confined his educational activities to Mississippi alone, he has served on the faculties of the University of California, University of Virginia, University of Texas, Dulce University, and others. ALFRED B. BUTTS B.S., M.S., M.A., Ph.D THE CAFETERIA z'T1l."v" 'W ALFRED HUME, C.E., D.Sc., LLD. Chancellor Emeritus Alfred Hume, Chancellor-Emeritus and now head of the Mathematical Department of the University of Mississippi, has done much to make the University one of the leading educational institutions of the South. It was through his incessant efforts and his sincere devotion to Ole Miss, that it now holds its position among the leading schools. QAQADMI COLLEGE OF LIBERAL ARTS VICTOR ALDINE COULTER, B.S., M.S., Ph.D. Dean The college of liberal arts is the oldest and most inclusive school on the campus. The curriculum is widely planned, and a student may either take a general course or specialize in one field. It also offers preparatory work for Medicine or Law, and is considered as one of the strongest schools on the campus. SCHOOL OF COMMERCE JAMES WARSAW BELL, B.Ph., A.M. The School of Commerce was established at the University of Mississippi in 1917. Although not the oldest school at the University, the School of Commerce offers an incomparable curriculum to the making of a business career. Dean James W. Bell has maintained the high standards of work that makes Ole Miss proud of the School of Commerce. SCHOOL OF PHARMACY A ELMER LioNE1. HAMMOND, Ph.C., B.S., M.S. Dean The School of Pharmacy was created at the University of Mississippi in 1908. Since then, important steps have been made by the faculty of that division of the University to place the School of Pharmacy among the lead- ing colleges of pharmacy. Graduate and under graduate course are offered in this school. Page 22 I 1. Ulf, I J STRATION.. SCHOOL OF EDUCATION FLOYD EMMETT FARQUEAR, B.S., M.A. Dean The School of Education has as its purpose to train students who wish to become teachers in sec- ondary schools. The courses offered in the school are arranged to develop the student to a high degree of efficiency in the field of worlc that the student chooses. Many developments have been made in this school since its establishment in 1903, a very important one being the use of the Univer- sity High School for practice teaching. SCHOOL OF LAW THOMAS C. KIBIBROUGH, PH. B., LL.B. Dean The Law School at the University of Mississippi is recognized as the leading school of its lcind in the South. It is a member of the Association of American Law Schools. The regulations laid for entrance into this school are so strict that only the best of students have the privilege of entering. SCHOOL OF MEDICINE BILLY S. GUYTON, M.A., M.D., OPI-LD., F.A.C.S. Dean The University of Mississippi Medical School was created by a special act of the Board of Trustees in 1903. Since its foundation it has maintained a uniformly high standard of medical education. This statement is attested by the records made by the students entering other medical schools, having done preparatory work here. Courses offered by the School provide a general education of medicine as a foundation for graduate work. SCHOOL OF ENGINEERING ANDREW B. HARGIS, B.E., C.E. The University of Mississippi offers to a student desiring to obtain a professional degree in engineering, three courses, namely: Civil, Chemical, and General Engineering. Courses in Engineering were offered at the University as early as 1872, but it was not until 1900 that the school was duly established. Q Page23 Q46 ADM THE GRADUATE SCHOOL DAVID HORACE B151-1oP, MA., LL.D. Professor of English and Dean of Faculty The Graduate School of the University of Mississippi is highly recognized among the colleges and universities of America. Courses are offered to students who have graduated from Ole Miss and other recognized institutions. By an appropriation, the state legislature made it possible for the Uni- versity to have a beautiful and unsurpassed Graduate Building. Deserving students have the oppor- tunity to obtain student assistantships and scholarships. DEPARTMENT OF MUSIC LAURA T. MARTINV, B.A., B.MUs. Director The Music School was founded at Ole Miss in 1930, but it was not until 1934 that it was authorized. Courses are offered to students who want a bachelor of music degree as well as courses that are accepted in the School of Liberal Arts. ESTELLA G. HEFLEY, BA., M.A. Dean of lVomen Miss Hefley controls the conduct of the women students at Ole Miss. She directs their activities, as well as solve the daily problems that arise among them. Miss Heiley has shown her efficiency and willingness to cooperate with the women students in the daily routine of discharging her duties as Dean of Women. JAMES L. MEADOW, B.A. Director of Publicity Filling the vacancy left by McDonald Horne, James Meadow, and his staE, have most efliciently served the school as Publicity Director. Heretofore, little or no recognition had been received by Ole Miss, but with the newly acquired Director, news of the University of Mississippi is printed in all the leading newspapers. Page 24 RICHARD MALCOLM Guess, B.S., M.A. Dean of Men Dean Guess is one of the most valuable men on the Ole Miss Campus. He, as Dean of Men, worlcs out with the students, the problems that occur every day. He teaches the men students the value of college life and tries to put them on the right road to obtain this value in its fullest capacity. Dean Guess is also General Secretary of the Y. M. C. A. and heads the religious activities on the Campus. STRATICJN.. EDGAR LEE WALKER, B.A. Director of Athletics and Physical Education Every student who enters the University of Mississippi has to participate in some form of athletics his first two years. The Athletic Department super- vises this worlc and through a variety of sports they have succeeded in keeping the interest and cooperation of the students. JEFFERSON KOGER HAMM, B.S. Alumni Secretary The Alumni Secretary has many duties to perform. It is through this office that the alumni are informed as to the activities of the students. Further- more, the duty lies in this position to make all arrangements for athletic games the University participates in. W. C. TROTTER, B.A. Secretary of the University The Secretary of the University at the University of Mississippi is next in importance to the Chancellor. He has many duties to perform among which are the supervision of the Cafeteria and Laundry. All improvements on buildings and grounds are under his supervision also. Mr. Trotter has served most capably in this position. Page 25 0 Ae 0 ALMA MATER 'Way down south in Nlississippi, there's a spot that ever calls, Where among the hills enfolded stand old Alma Mater's halls. Wliere the trees lift high their branches to the whispering Southf ern breeze, There Ole Miss is calling, calling to our hearts' fond memories. Witli united hearts we praise thee, all our loyalty is thine, And we hail thee, Alma Mater, may thy light forever shine, May it brighter grow and brighter, and with deep affection true, Our thoughts shall ever Cluster ,round thee, dear old Red and Blue. May thy fame throughout the nation, through thy sons and daughf ters grow, May thy name forever walqen in our hearts a tender glow, May thy counsel and thy spirit ever keep us one in this, That our own shall be thine honor now and ever, dear Ole Miss. . 1-1 I '11, ,Q ,Vg -rg . Ula Miss PRESENTS . . As an essential part of the University Administration, the "Ole Missv Wishes to present the Student activities with their A various leaders. Eh sw .i 1 Johnson, Hart. Garrett. Baumsten STUDENT BODY GOVERNMENT OFFICERS PALL B, JOHNSON, JR. . ..... ...... P reszdent FRANK H.ART ........ . Vice-Presidelzt RI.-XRY EVELYN GARRETT . . . . . Secretary HERB BAUMSTEN . . . , Treasurer STUDENT EXECUTIVE COUNCIL JOHN XVARD . . JESS STIGLER .... O'DELL A. SANDERS . REBECCA BICCORMICK HLNTER COCHRAN . E. XVHAYNE CROCRER GEORGE DONOVAN . ALBERT RUSSELL . . ROBERT VV. XVALI., jk. . . LAWRENCE Amxxs . CEENE ALBERSTETT . Page 28 piy0llIl'l1,5 S . Plmrnzzzfy Srhool Engineering Sfhool Liberal rlrts Svhool . . Bll5il1?5SSl'l1001 . . Lau' Svlzool . . fllfdiml Sthool . . . . . Band . . fllississippimz . 011' flliss 4-Innual . . . "Ill" Club Iuzlent C:07,'f'l'IlIl1f'lIf STUDENT GOVERNMENT ASSOCIATION I I FOR WOMEN I OFFICERS GENE ALBERSTETT . . ..... IJITAIIII 111 if IVILLARD JOHNSON .... . . l'ilIf"1J,kl'5Ef!f!1If III.-XRIETTE IXICIJONALD . . !'Ll.f,'Pf-f,5if1l'11f HELEN LAMPTON . . . . Smwtary III.-XRTHA SUE L.-XNEY . . . Ywl'f'IlKlll'f'I' LEGISLATIVE COUNCIL LALR.-X BRADFORD BETTY AICC.-XBE LIJLIE EDDINS GUSSIE LEE BALDWIN CLAIRE MCALPINE ISIATHARINE L. CLARK DORIS HOLLAND MARY SPEED LOUISE HANEY ZELDA SIEGLE ADVISORY BOARD MISS ESTELLA G. HEFLEX' .... MRS. III.-XRY LEE DUNCAN Lampton, I . . . . . . . . . Df'Hll0flII0ll16,7l MRS. BLANCHE IIIATTINGLY Laney. Alberstett, IVIcDonald, Johnson It I 'K' i I Page 29 1 I I or THE CAMPUS BIG SHCTS Reading from left to right Marvin Hutson-Captain 1936 football team . . . Laura Bradford-President of Pix, member of Tassel . . . O'Dell Sanders-Business Manager of 1937 Ole Miss . . . Frank Hart-Vice-President Student Body . . . Howard Davis -Chairman Student Dance Committee . . . Bill Nanace- President Cardinal Club . . . Frances Furr-President Y. W. C. A .... Coleman Branton-President Freshman Law Class . . . Charles Pollard-President Law School . . . Margaret Treppendahl-Co-Chairman Student Dance Com- mittee . . . Frank M. "Bruiser" Kinard-1936 All-American . . . Scott Tennyson-Business Manager Mississippian . . . Melvin Dovith-President Interfraternity Council . . . Clant Teat Seay-Secretary Blue Key . . . Paul B. Johnson- President Associated Student Body . . . Norman Brewer- President Omicron Della Kappa . . . Robert Cain-Presb dent of Blue Key . . . Albert Russell-Editor of Mississip- pian . . . Billy Gates-News Editor of Mississippian . . . Kenneth "Foots" Crosby-President of School of Liberal Arts . . . Gordon Grantham-Editor of Mississippi Law Journal . . . Viola james and Charles Fair-Student Sec- retary and President of Y . . . Chester Curtis-Editor of 1936 Ole Miss . . . Alex Gilliam-President lnterfraternity Dance Conduct Committee . . . Herb Baumsten-Treasurer of Associated Student Body . . . Claude Coffman . . . Editor- Elect of Mississippi Law Journal-and Lawrence Adams- Business Manager of Mississippi Law Journal . . . Miss Mary Evelyn Garrett-Secretary of Student Body and Miss Ole Miss. ""1 "s.. E S FV' 111 12- '15 -"' K 3 9 XValI Sander L ope Hammond B I1 p R S eII 'Ien yon Hamm Bro n STUDENT AND FACULTY PUBLICATIONS COUNCIL MEMBERS Faculty DR A B BUTTS FA Offfzo Flzazzzrzarz DR D H BISHOI fhlllllllllll PROT HOR XCE BRcmx Jffmg Slllffflly DR I B LOOPFR PROF E L HANINIKJNID PROP VVEX M XLONE MR IEFI lx Hum Students P xu B IQHNSON A1 BERT RL SSELL SQUTT TFNNX soN QTDELL S XNDER9 ROBFRT VVALL Page 32 W .. V- -- ' 'ff T .2 'Vg U . ' 1 , ' I - I , V .Q I if - I ' ' I '- I if ' . . R - 1 I ' Q -M' . K ' 1 if 4 - l 5 1 1. 7. ' . I ' T- , If vfgfg I--, ' I 1,1-Jn L Q A ' JI" iw 7 ' I - 5' 3 4 5" I " J .. , ,C 1 1 . Y Ag ,rj , s. o r, , is o , u s , I n s , , w Y A , - l . 1 A 1 Q n 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 a 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 A 1 J - 1 J W ' - 0 9 o 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 s 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 I ' 1 . ' , . . . . . . ..... . . , Y . . . . ...A I . . jk MISSISSIPPI LAW JOURNAL .lflllflllll of fIIi.v.ri.s'.rifvfti Shift' lim' The Mississippi Lan' journal was founded in 1928. It is the Official publication of the Mississippi State Bar, and is published under its auspices by students of the Law School of the University of Mississippi. The journal publishes the proceed- ings of the Annual Meeting of the State Bar, articles by eminent writers on legal subjects, notes and comments On recent decisions by student writers, reviews of cur- rent treatises on the general subject of the law, and other matters of interest to the legal profession. The Journal is at present in its ninth volume, which includes four issues during the school year of 1936-37. LAXVRENCE ADAMS 13145111615 Miinilgrr FACULTY .ADYISERS R. GORDON fiRAN'I'H.-XM ...... CLAUDE T. COFFMAN . VVILLI.-XM N. ETHRIDCE . G. L.-UYRENCE ADAMS . ROBERT S. NEXVTON . ...gif BRUCE ALIIJIMAN FREDERICK C. BERGER EDWARD REID BROCK NORMAN C. BREWER CIIESTER H. CURTIS THE LAW JOURNAL STAFF if ' VI. S. MALONE JOIIN W. WADE --.A-J R. GORDON GRANTHAM Edilor-In-Chief EDITORIAL BOARD Edilnl' . . . ,I.v,vi.It1I1il lidilnr . . Noir.: and Clljl' Ei1'il0r . . . . lizzsizizgrjJlaziagrr . .l, liizsizirxs Lilftlllllfffl' ASSOCIATE EDITORS CIIARLES R. QT.-XI.I.lJVI'.XY DANIEL PENICR GPIOLSON CIIARLES A. POl,l..-XRID VVILL1.-XM NLIGENT SIIANDS ROWAN TI-IAYER TIIOMAS u 9 I T 5... ., f ' A -' . Aer, A , f-- -U I -I a. J. .1 i 'H ' . 91 R- 'I ' -If . L' 1 My V ug, if X -. t 5,4-qv: , 1 i XI Page 33 S-. -s V0 U O'DELL SANDERS "COMPLETION" ROBERT XVALL Edllflf Q46 OLE Realizing the responsibility which has been placed on them, the Editor and Business Manager, with the excellent cooperation of both staffs, have done their utmost to give the Student Body a yearbook that will justify the trust accorded them. Although the con- structive worlc on the book was de- layed for a month, due to the absence of an Editor, there are no apologies or excuses to be offered for this edition, it represents the best of their ability. Certain changes have been made in the compiling of this edition, and certain new features have been added. All the decorative features have been suggest- , .F . ed by artists. The Staff sincerely hopes that all meets with the approval of the students. s-sg PM-4-WI. ,,,.,,,...f- THE EDITORIAL STAFF Page 34 MISS-.. S T A F F EDITORIAL STAFF susmess STAFF ROBERT XV. VV,-XLL . LUTH ER fiRICE . . V1RG11, W. THOMAS LEi,iA TERRX' . , , BH,1.x'Hix . . . . EDDIE MACK lVlORCAN FRANK FORD , , . BOBBIE CRAWFORD . Louis AIAFORD . . B1LLx' GATES . . GEORGE THoMAs . . CLIFFORD ScHUi.Tz . . . Editor'-in-C!1ivf . glxsiivlant Editor , .-lsriitazzt Editor . . . . Srfrriary . . , .'1rfEditcr fJl'!fIl7!i2'llfi0I15 Editor . . . C111i5Ei1'i,or . Fratfrnity Editor . Compiling Editor . . Sports Editor , Jsiocialr Editor . .Jssorialr Editor Plzotografrlzcrs CHARLES HALL JOHN VV,-XRD OiDEl,I, A. SARDER Biiix' lNlOL'NCl-LR . CECELIA HOSEY , GEORGE R. NEBLET1 .Im CL'NNiNGHAM GEORGE Aixixsox JOHN Blll. CORNER JOE XVASHINGTON . HENRYHAYNES . LL'c1Ax COOK . EUGENE NEILI. . ERSKINE XVELLS . . ,1,,, TEAT SEAY n APPRECIATION To Chester H. Curtis, Editor of the 1936 OLE Miss, the Editor and Business Manager wish to express their deep- est appreciation. It was through his incessant efforts that the Ole Miss Annual was placed on the fee basis, and it was as a result of his remarkable work in making the 1936 OLE MISS the greatest annual in the history of the school, that the fee basis became a permanent policy to be followed in years to come. The Editor is further grateful for the helpful suggestions rendered by him toward making the Annual of this year a worthy suc- cessor to the book last year. -fi F, ,,l5hup- THE BUSINESS STAFF Page 35 ED ID.-XYIS . . S . . lfimm Mr . .Iii 0 . .1550 , gljfll . . .1550 1,. . . 330 , ,-1550 , A1150 . 15,0 . .1550 . A1550 v ,lfrlllzlfff lim. .lvflll Sri 11111743 lilly. Iliff' lim. ligne Hui. ftlgff' Hui. rlfflf' 13115. .Vyf Bus. .llflf Bus. .Uyr Bus. .Ugr Bus. .Ugr Bus .Vgr CHESTER H. CURTIS r .. r- THE EDITORIAL STAFF QM ISSI The Mississippian, official publication of the Ole Miss Student Body, has this year under the capable direction of Albert Russell as editor and Scott Tennyson as business manager, achieved its highest point of efficiency. For the first time in the history of University journalism, the Mississippian has received national at- tention. The paper was increased to a regular seven-column, eight-page publication with special twelve-page editions at intervals during the year. Its head style was revolutionized in accordance with the modern standards of college editing. Its editorial policy has been proclaimed the best-bal- anced in the paper's history. Its stories have won reprints in papers all over the South. Its news writing has shown thought and ability, and the news and sports staffs are to be commended on the clear, concise journalistic style which have been characteristic of the paper this year. The editors pay tribute to the staff for its cooperation and helpful attitude manifested throughout the year. Especially are the efforts of Billy Gates, John Kuylcendall, Mary Alice Triplett, Billy Hix, ALBFRT RUSSELL bill! n-Chief EDITORIAL STAFF OF MISSISSIPPIAN Al.BER'r Russert ........-......... Edilor-in-Cliivf Bn.1.Y G.-urs . - . . . Nffws Editor JOHN Kux'KeNnAi.I, . . Managing Editor Bn.i.v Hlx .... . A-Issislanl Editor MARY AI.ICE SIIRIPLETT , . Sorirly Editor H,-utorn Btrksox . . . Sporls Edilor SPECIAL LIONTRIBUTORS XV. D. Bennett, jr., Chees Stevens, Graham Hodges. IAISSOCIATES Fred Brownstein, David Hamilton, Frldie DeMilltr, Kathryn Clark, Dorothy Power, Ruth Fox, George Butler, VVilliam johnson, Ernest Dixon, Tom Gardner, llarold Uotthelf, Jimmie Emerson, VVulter Bi'idi1eforth, Roy Bass, Virginia Tliigpen, llenri Levi, Edward Rather, Claude Cnllender, joe Nlorton, Bernard llnlter, Iitlpjzir Stephens, Sam Olclen, Doris Bond, llelen Sexton, Catherine Clark, Iilmer Henry. Pa Q e 37 THE BUSINESS STAFF IPPI Harold Burson, and Katherine Clark in the news, feature, and sports department worthy of the praise and gratitude of students interested in college journalism. Professor McDonald Horne, who served as critical adviser to the publication this year, was a great aid to the staff in its work. But the efforts of these men would have been completely to no avail had not the staff as a whole been an example of perfect coordination and cooperation. The financial end of the paper was for the first time put on the sound basis of special audit under the supervision of Scott Tennyson. The present business manager of the Mississippian is responsible for the largest sale of advertising ever to appear in the University publication. Ir was through the work of the business staff that the Mississippian now has one of the largest circulations of any south- ern college newspaper. The worlc of Richard Watson, Prescott Sherman, and Joe Eddins have con- tributed much to the success of this important department of the paper. SCOTT TEN Nrsox RICHARD VVATSON JOE EDDINS . - TATE THIGPEN BILLY MOUNGER ED DAVIS . . XVALTER NIICHEL ARTHUR SMITH GUY STENNETT SARAH YVATKINS MARTHA VANCE SMITH . SAM GLICKMAN XVILLETTE DUCKVS'OR'l'H ..... JUDGE NoRMAx CRAIG BREu'ER,JR. . . , . . . - . . Bll5iIlI'55.T!llll1lfll'f .'155i5fl17lf Busifzfss fllalzagfr . . . CvlfflllllflllllDH'1'l'f0l' - . Forrign Cil't'll1!11i0I1 . Forrign Cirfulaiiozz . Local Cirfzzlarion . Local Cirrulalion . Loral Cirfulation . Exrhangf .Uanager . Tvrlnziml flssislazzl . . . C0-Ed jlllllllflfl' . .Jdw,'rr'tisi11g .lssisianf . .1dtw'lisil1g .Jssislant . . - . . Lrgal Crziuzsvl Jssorialfs: SIM KING, XVEBB DELOACH, JOE XVASHINCTON, JAMES XVOOD, FRED NELSON, RICHARD XVILKINSON, XVILLIAM CLANCY, CHARLES LITTI.EPAGE ARCHIE 7 DiCKsoN, HENRY HAYNES, BII.I.I' BAKER, CHARLES HIAIRSTON, NTORGAN RosEBoR- OUGH, RAMDN LITTON, XVALTER MICHEL, ROBERT PERRY, JESSE STIGLER. Page 36 MORGAN ROSEBOROUGH XVEBB DELOACH Jlfflildlll Drum .Majors QAQ BA NIR. R. N, XVHITFIELD Dnecror I-IE University Band is the center of pride of the University of Mississippi. Through the Band, the true spirit of Ole Miss is shown. At pep meetings, football games, and concerts, the Band inspires Ole Miss students and Creates the intangible feeling for the Alma Mater that only an Ole Miss student can appreciate. Under the direction of Mr. R. N. Whitheld, a man who has been on the campus only one year, but has shown by his incessant hard work that through him the resources of the O The Ole Miss Band ND On Parade be- fore th e Ten- nessee Game. GEORGE DONAVAN Head Drum Major Spf ., 'N-. ,fr 5 - Mb , . 1 .- Cle Miss band will be unlimited. He has gained not only the respect but the loyalty and cooperation of every member, which is the only requirement for the success of a band. On a recent tour, Mr. Whit- field carried the Band to Blue Mountain, Corinth, Aberdeen, Colum- bus, and Mississippi State where they played afternoon and night con- certs. Through Mr. WhitHeld's ellorts, a program is now in progress that will increase the Band from fifty-two members to approximately seventy members, which will malce the Ole Miss Band one of the lead- ing bands in the South. - iss D T BUTTS At the Game Homecoming Parade Mn BORO HY . X XV. DWIGHT XVENTZ DIYFLYLIY Ae NIVERSITY Page 40 SCENE FROM THE CHRISTMAS PLAY- " B E T H L E H E M ROAD." Q5 ' 1 . ' AY The University Players represent the in- terest of Ole Miss in Dramatic Art. The purposes of the Players are to increase the resources of the University in dramatic leadership, to raise standards and apprecia- tion of dramatic literature, to give oppor- tunity for an ever-increasing desire for dra- matic self-expression, and to develop leader- ship for dramatic work in school, church, and community. Many plays are read by the University Players in order to appreciate the better qualities of dramatic literature. Some out- standing plays presented by the University Players during the past two years are "Lil- iom," 'QThe Twelve-Pound Look," "The ERS-- Londonderry Airf, "To the Ladiesf' "The Bishop's Candlesticksf' "Great Posses- sions," "The Bethlehem Roadf' i'Grand- ma," "Old Style," "The Lost Silk Hat," and "Thirty Minutes in a Street." The current group of University Players, under the direction of W. Dwight Wentz, is composed of Scott Tennyson, assistant director, Lee Alford, stage manager, Emma Jean Arthurs, Mack Blackwood, Doris Bond, Margaret Brady, James Emerson, Sykes Hartin, Billy I-Iix, Dick Keye, John Kuykendall, Buchanan Lassiter, Charles Lawrence, Russell Lindsey, Louise Lindsey, John Parker, Mary Elizabeth Purser, Ar- chie Sturdivant, and Annie Lou Wall. To long be remembered are the of 1937, with the de- g t ul music la ci P V6 "Kay KY- ser's Way"-the climax of Ole Mid Terms li h f Miss' social calendar. KAY KYSER HOXVARD MARGARET DAVIS AND TREPPENDAHL LEADERS OF THE GRAND M ARCH Dressed in our best froclc-the one with shiny white stuff, all flecked with gold and bronze- and with the best smile that could be mustered -shaky, but a wee bit self-confident, we set out to take in Mid-Terms-all three of them. The gym was decorated with red streamers, in anticipation of Valentine,s Day. With such a perfect setting, combined with perfect music, it shall remain the greatest Valentine Day of all times at Ole Miss. The "Genial', Kay and his "Rascals of Rhythm" set a new high in entertainment here. As one Southerner to another-with a typical greeting of "evenin', folks-how y,all," the most successful of Ole Miss Mid-Terms got under way, featuring the O. D. K., PIX, Five Crown, MOAKS, and Blue Key leadouts. With a "Georgie Porgie, Puddin' an' Pie"- some fun, eh, kid? Ish Kabibble made his ap- pearance to bring the roof down with applause, D TERM only to be followed bv petite Nanci Nelson. XYlTO in lslcf OXYIT SXN'CCf Stvlc added lTTLlfll fl' fll beauty of every song she sang. Sully Mason. Bill "Smiling" Stoker. and Arthur Vfright als.- sang their way into the hearts of all. Two dedications---the only two-are not to be overlooked. The first of these went to none other than "Chucko, the Don 'luan of the Cam- pusf, Of course, Mr. Chuck Trotter was glad to see his talent recognized. The second was ac- corded to Professor "Long John Contracts" Fox. who with much gusto, as well as reserved dig- nity, danced to "I'll Be Glad Xvhen Youre Dead, You Rascal, You,', in such a manner that every Law Student shook in his shoes. So thus, for three delightful times, Ole Miss had its fun. Such Mid-Terms are to always be remembered as outstanding events in the college life of every student. DANCE S i fy- nj f4"'? Qf"'f:ffP fi!" "',,y E.- 1 Nw' MISS DOROTHY BUTTS SHOW T.I-XEGOVERNORSAROUN f 6 GOVERNOR OF MISSISS If E GOVERNOR OF LOUISIANA November seventh, 1936, marked a day in the annals of Ole Miss that is unprecedented. On that day, in the promotion of a truer and deeper spirit of friendliness, mutually cherished in the hearts of all Southerners, the University proclaimed its first "Governors, Day." The executives of Mississippi and Louisiana, Governors Hugh L. White and Richard Leche, respectively, were those honored. Accompanying them were their wives and military staffs. Outstanding, also, in the crowds that gath- ered for the occasion were the members of the Mississippi State Legislature. Nothing was omitted in making this initial Gov- ernors' Day one of the biggest campus events of the year. Inaugurated by a lively concert, a pres- entation of the Ole Miss Band, in the late fore- noon, "Governors, Dayn was acclaimed. Following this hearty welcome, dinner in the University Cafe- teria for the official party was in order. The foremost attraction of the day, around which the festivities of the occasion were centered, was a football game between the Rebels of Ole Miss and the Loyola Wolves of New Orleans, the former proving superior in spite of a courageous spirit evidenced by a gallantly fighting Wolfpack. Amid a throng packed in the west side bleachers of Mississippias Turner Field were seated the day's notables, an array of brightly spangled military colonels lending a harmonious background to the setting. Both on the gridiron and in the stands was there a real manifestation of true sportsmanship, thus carrying out the dominant motive of the day. Nighrfall failed to close the celebrations of "Governors' Day", rather, found an assemblage of students, Ole Miss faculty members, and visitors paying tribute to Governors White and Leche, their attendants, and to Chancellor Butts of Ole Miss, with a colorful and brilliant ball in the Uni- versity Gymnasium. Featured in the evening's en- tertainment was the grand march led by none other than Mississippi's distinguished chief executive, Hugh L. White. Such was the reception. It mer- ited the praise of everyone and will long be re- membered by those who witnessed the resplendent occasion. Successfully ended a memorable day in Ole Miss' history, bringing closer together two of our nation's greatest states, two of our most outstand- ing governors, and two of the South's greatest foot- ball teams, all supported beautifully by the sons and daughters of the University of Mississippi. Q IPPI 53"-5' nik! i E Q l""'lu N tm 'Id'-M Qi 9-an 9?-an rr..-V 31 M.-:':w .-,561 Russell, johnson, Fair, Knnard, Adams Nebletr HALL OF FAME To become a member of the Hall of Fame is indeed the highest honor that may be paid toea member of the Ole Miss Student Body. This contest is annually sponsored by the Mississippian, and is entirely void of politics. The members that are selected are those students who have done most toward making Ole Miss a better school in the estimation of a committee of twenty-five out- standing students impartially selected by Chancellor A. B. Butts, Miss Esrella I-Iefley, Dean of Women, R. Malcolm Guess, Dean of Meng Miss Frances Furr, President of Y. W. C. A., and Albert Russell, Editor of the Ilflississippian. QAz0n?A THE CAMERA LERNS L .. - .....4 -1 Q A, L? '31 x . ""',n. - i 1 we' " F J,-an -. 'viii' 'Q5",' if - I an-'Ng . M f 15,5-"fq'gy.4!f -"bf-':u,'i31a,Rf . 4-Y aw V 'A wwf: AJM if - ' ash " f'fWf::5"n x LQ "V '11, mf fgnly . EXW,-'f'f Rl mfg' ,, ,. : 5 -VM, 5 4. f 1 . . V W 1 al 1- , ,A X , "' 1A-Am 'va , Q . ' Iii s--.. ' ' wg, E5 1 I' P H vu, U. Y C XFP- l yi I ' 1,49 Q . Q V? I N . . 10 I 1 -5 I 9 'if ,A 1 . -4- ,s . 'I 9 R f .SM M fag, ' 1 f 4 1, 1 r ' Q x r' w 1 1 J If 5 Xl 1 s ,-,I - H. - x A"f I-1 f'.,,..e-cv' s W ' N K ai 'L S"1:Q"5" N X 43- f . ' K I - 4 D , Ll ,,, ., K L 9 . "ff i .4 ng' 4, f ,U N' ., 4. CAMERAMAN -1 an -P Q 3? Ill llllr. fr 4 Junior MOAKS following in the footsteps of their elders by shining it up . . . A homely scene, isn't it? . . . McHenry gettin' around . . . A coupla "Co's" looking for an "Ed" . . . The Frosh sup- port Eddie Mack . . . jolly and Booth just leaving Kimbrough Kennel . . . A strict prohibirionisr . . . Cunningham gets into the swing . . . The coaches lead the Rebels to Washington . . . "Scoop,' Mead- ow pauses . . . The sponsors get their bouquets . . . Now who could these two be? . . . The Crislers really monopolize Smith . . . He's trifling, Mrs. Kinard . . . Big Un watches a play . . . The Hapes Bros., Inc. . . Polk gives us a nice smile . . . A couple "jolly" Gals . . . The cafeteria car crew . . . The swimming pool on January 23. rj ' A ffl -' A r' . , 'SL 32'-A .5 tg, .x- - 5 x, .1 A P? , 5 ' . L. ,.- 1 ,, X x jg ,A I 1 is ii: .43 1 W , Q4 1 LFP ' 1' O in ' v 'Sm ggi' 9 3 K ,. F' F55- -. 1 Q Q .Q- "-1 5 W 95 . ,- IE, 1 :H Q 'li' 3 f wig 11 ,L .Av.,N . -,x..,, , .4,,- -- -H 4..-- D .. - I 3 ' c 1'7- K 'N xg ,....- K I' ,. f fi , K If x ' ' '4 I Q. 74' 'YQ 5 -,S ash - - Q N . ,-'M' 4- ,Q Xu 1' 9' ' PI 'gg' f.- . , 1 x H , V. 'Q ff 31' I . Y X ' 1 wa . -px 1' Q - . . Q ' 4 K 'I . H s ls -Q I 1 or 0 Y .A+ , 4 G Aw-.Q ,- ll 4 ' . b r . ' I elk al L lx I ge, 1 1, Q . 4, ,ga A xr I' if X I A' 2' A ." . A Ev 1 -. s F r 'EJ SQ iv P il 5 'J Q H 5 1 Jn NN' n , A' 92 Ta f X Sf 1 "Zn I ,QA fl? Yi G! Wi? 1 .' . 1, 1 P n f ff I Q . 'av Q i E 4- A D li 1 r! . ' is -2 2 - -2-fa if if , .- , w x, ,I X , 4 4 . vi i. ' Y, Q., ' 15: 3? xt.. ' , - 4 'e , ,Ffh ' I: 1 f 1 ' A J V' xv. fi 4 ,, A y f 4, ,ii S E I . 5 :J ' A Q ' Q . Q I . ,f Syg P 5 0 Q ' Q ':'- '- , 2 6 f ,L e ' . 1 " ' ip A , , . 5 ij 1 1 X' .- I r , A - -1: , 1 Q 1 Mfg: ' .X "4-2 1, 1 f"?fg45L' 4, l 3573? A S' . F :rv f .. 1 Ex du . ,1,.',. , W -,4F5f!? ,' 7-1 if-,' Eff 42' lg-iv! p N' i , s mf Q ' ' 4 ' ' .: 5 ii N r' T "3 4 if . A41- rg. -'V' . fy, We ' .x L.4. aw m Q I ' v 4 y 4 , I 5 I , e, Lv. inf ,f 'viii , ff y pn- ! KQW H- I.. :W ff Q Ciizddidi AVING successfully completed their undergrad- uate worlc, and in order to better prepare themselves for the execution of their duties to the vocation which they choose as their life's work, we present those stu- dents who have entered the Graduate School. GRADUATE SCHOOL ALMA CALDONIA AUSTIN ...... ,,cr,.r, P resident GEORGE P. Woon, JR.- .,,, ,.,,,,r,,, V ice-President .MARGARET JANE RISH ........ ...., S ecretary-Treasurer N 1 i -..Al I Q A5 ALMA C.-XLDONIA AAKQSTIN . . ..... Lafayette Springs, Miss. Gradzzalz' Eta Sigma Phi, President Graduate Club '37, Y, VV. C. A. Committee Chairman, Vox Stal? '33, '34, '35, '36, '37. GEORGE P. Bi.LfNnEl.1. . .... . . Yazoo City, Miss. Gradualz' President nf Philosophy Club, Graduate Assistant in Biology and Philosophy. BERNXCE Bosiwrcx . ..... . Vicksburg, Miss. Graduzzlf E..xRl.E DEAN BR.-XNNON, A A A . XVoodville, Nliss. C rad ll al 1' Pix. Fi.oRExcl: CAMI-nEi.i., A A A, ll I slr, A A A . . . Canton, Nliss. Cratlualf President of Ifta Sigma Phi, Alpha Lainha Delta, Glee Clula I and 2, Vox Staff, Latin Club. df Qu i 'Y i di SUE COMER . . . ..... . VICKSBURG, Miss. Graduate Graduate Assistant in Physical Education. HALLIE Ecc1.EsTox, A A A ..... . Carrollton, Miss. Graduale' HERBERT SAFFORD EMIGH ..... . jackson, Miss. Gradualr- Chemistry Assistant '34, '35, '36, '37. LUCILE j. FARQUEAR, X Q, slr B K . . . University, Miss. Graduate Aifra RAY CEAULT . ...... Lafayette Springs, Miss G rad ualr' Y. VV. C. A., Taylor Medal in Botany 1933, Graduate Club. NORA fiR,-XYES, li E 0 . ..... . Columbia, Miss i C rad nah' Graduate Assistant in English. , fir' 1 , A i-J ,, 1 J " 'ni Page 58 X f -x , A Ev ff f! 'f 1 X xv' 4- fx .AHS ! ' l MARION HAMBRICR, K E .... . . . . Brooksville, lvlisa. fi!-IURGE C. IYIIIIER . ,.,. . , . My rtle, Nliu. Graduali' Cratlzmlr Graduate Club, Y, M. C. A. NEWTON H. JAMES, A K E ..... . . Clinton, Miw. Gmduml, MARGARET JANE RISH . .... . lloumin, Mi-N. Graduate Club, Band. C"""1'f""' Member of Summer School Faculty '36, H.A. with Distinction, Spani-h Medal '34, Latin Medal '35, Honor Roll '33, '34, '35, '36, Y. XV. C. A. , '36, '37, Vox Staff '35, '36, Secretary-'l'reasurer of Graduate Club '37. Wn.1,iAM HAMMOND JONES ..... . French Camp, Miss. Graduair' Labofatofi' Asgsmllt '35, '35, '37- GUIOO RIZZETTO .............. Padora, Italy Graduali' Italian Student Exchange, Instructor of Italian '35-'36. GEORGE C. KEALHOEER ...... . Blaine, Miss. Gradualv Graduate Asmtam "' Pharmacy' JACKSON M. TUBE . ...,. . Amory, lvliss. Cjftldillllfl' FRANCES LEE, A A A . ..... . Laurel, Miss. Graduaw GEORGE P. VVOOD, JR ........ . Moss Point, Mm. Gradualv ' d .J Latin Club, Athenaeum Club, Senior Y. M. C. A. Cabinet, Assistant MAR' MCCRACKEN """""' Herman O' MHS' in Chemistry, Psychology and Physics, Honor Roll '35-'36, Phi Sigma Gfadllaff-' Literary Society, Taylor Medal in Physics, Graduate Club '35-'36, Assistant in Sociology Department. '36-'37, Vice-Preeident Graduate Club '36-'37. Page 59 F '- Y - 4 I I I A I K vf J. f I ., , I I I I I I Q9 J I ,I EQ. I 3? I I I I ' ,II I I Q I I 'E I, M +4 it -is ,ig 5 ...A--"""a-'l J ,-,A-4" 4- dll' -"4- Hossley, Crosby, Minor, Stigler, Mlrchell ZA e S E N I 0 R O F F I C E R S WILLIAM JACOB I-IOssLEY ....I.IIvvAI .I......... .........AI. ...... P r e sident of Pharmacy School KENNETH MCCORKLE CROSBY ,...AA .,,,I, P resident of Liberal Arts School LUCIAN MINOR OOOOOOOO.,OO O..,,OO ,v,vO OO,..,., P r e sident of Business School JESS QUALLS STIGLER, JR., ssss sssss,, .,,,. P r esident of Engineering School WILLIAM PRENTICE MITCI-IELLO ...L ,., . ,..., President of Law School 1 E CLASS OUR years have come, as many have gone. Those who joined together their hearts and interests just yesterday, as Freshmen, those who have withstood the test of four years' teachings, those who have faithfully served the best interests of the University, have come to their last college milepost as the same youthful but more sedate and wiser union. 'Tis true that some have left their ranks since the beginning, but others have united with them along the way, the latter number being com- prised of students from various other colleges, together with the Seniors in the Ole Miss School of Law. Although varied have been their activities, they have sought and attained an admirable spirit of unity, a spirit not to be broken by departure, nor crushed in disunion. At the threshold of graduation comes that inevitable feeling of meditation. Thoughts of bygone days envelop the mind. Those yesterdays which brought happiness as well as hard work steal their way into consciousness. Pleasant associations must be left behind to become nothing more than happy memories. These things it is that have made a college education worth the while. The period in life, however, that has been a cherished hope since days of childhood is now realized. New visions, new hopes, new expectations, now arise from out of the distance to become almost sudden realities. Professions and positions are to be filled. The real test is at hand. They, who now take leave of this great University, set out with determination to occupy those professions and positions for which they have so patiently and diligently equipped themselves. They are men and women of a new generation ready to meet life fair and square, face to face. We present the Class of Nineteen Hundred Thirty-seven. Y-sr ,565 9 19' Top Row: NANCY ABBAY, X Q . ...... . Tunica, Miss. Liberal .flrls Glee Club, 2, Philosophy Club, 3, 4, Y. YV. C. A., 1, 2, 3, 4. QifiORCE L.xwRExCE Aonis, 111 A 6, II K II, fb II E. H E fb, fir A lb ..................Natchez,Miss. Laiw Student Dance Committee, 4, Y. M. C. A., 4, Business Manager, .llissisrippi Lau- Journal, "M" Club, Tennis Team, Scribblers, Interfraternity Council, Blue Key. GExE A1.BERsTET'r, K A, K Z .... . . . Rockford, Ill. Education President, XVomen's Student Government, Treasurer, Pan-Hellenic Council, Y. XV. C. A., International Relations Club, University Chorus, hfiusic Club. j Ess .'xl.lJl'1RM.XN, II K fb ......... Brookhaven, Miss. lidumtion Boxing Coach, "Nl" Club. clIAKl.IiS Axnklaws, K I, fl' A 'If . . . Grenada, Miss. Lafw fiNN'ENlNJl.NN .ASIIFURIL A A A ..... . Pocahontas, Miss. Librral .AIrl.r Bottom Row: JAMES ASHFORD, K A ........ Business School SAM Aruncsorf, fb A 9 ....... Liberal ilrts Mississippians. N. G.-XINES AUGUSTUS, A XII . . . Librral .-Iris and Lafw . Pocahontas, Miss. . Drew, Miss. . Pontotoc, Miss. Mississippian Staff, Y. M. C. A., 4. JACK BAKER, A K E ..... Librral Arts GENEVIEVE BARBOUR, X Q, II M A . . . Liberal Arts Y. VV. C. A. NVn.i.1AM HENRY BARBOUR, A slf, fb A fb . Law Ocean Springs, Miss. . Yazoo City, Miss. . Yazoo City, Miss. Blue Key, M. O, A. K. S., Interfraternity Council, 4, 5, Student Dance Committee, Lafw Journal Staff, 4, 5, Princeton, 1, 2, Inter- fraternity Tennis Champion. ', ..:. ,ag - ' ,ii l iaii Q 1 , M x '-:Z Page 62 xk ' -L-... -'1'.D ' Q -aff ! - L . AQ , so , f A V-A , , I jf . - , X , -- 5 N if E -. X XA A Top Row: EDXVIX K, BARDIX, K E ...... . Flora Miss. Lilzrral .-Iris INEZ BARNES, X Q . ...... . Brandon, Miss. Liberal .-Iris VV1Ll,ARo BARNES, A T A ...... . McCool Miss. Liberal qlrfs RHonA CATHERINE Bass, A F, fb A A . . Hazlehurst, Miss. Lafw Y. YV. C. A., President, Phi Delta Delta. HERB BAUMSTEN, 111 E II ...... . Sioux City, Iowa Edumfion Football, 2, 3, .tg Basketball, 2, 3, .tg Baseball, 2, 3, 4, Treasurer, Associated Student Body. JOHN SIDNEY BEACH, A T A, dv A A . . Tibbee, Miss. Law M. O. A. K. S.g Assistant Football Manager, 1, 33 Hermean Lit- erary Society, 1, 32 Interfraternity Council, Gym Dance Committee, Lafw Journal Staff, Y. M. C. A., 2, 3, 4.5 B. S. C. Degree, 1936. Bottom Row: ELCENE T. BIEARD, I X ....... . C'olurnlwus, Miss. lI115if1r,r,v .NH lmnl Honor Roll, 31 Phi Sigma Literary Socic-typ Y, Nl, C. A., 3. I.t'T1E BELLE BEARD Libfral .-Iris Davin BENARD, A T A ....... . Baldwin, Miss Buxinfss Stlmol King of Mardi Gras, President of Junior Classg "M" Club. JOHN F. BETHEA, K E ....... . Laurel, Miss Busvinrss Sflfool ERIC B1EDENH.xRN, K A . . . . . . . Vicksburg, Miss Busizzws School M. O. A. K. S. FRED XVALKER BISHOP ....... . Pascagoula, Miss Erzgizzrwirig .llississippinrz Staff, 1, 23 Engineering Club, r, 2, Secretary, Engi- neering Class, 2, Vice-President, Engineering Class, 4. Page 63 l I . ...... . Oxford, Nliss. Football, 1, 2, 3, 41 Basketball, 1, 23 Boxing, I, 2, Catholic Club: OJ T Top Row: Hixns BLACKWELL . . . . . . . . Pharmacy Armin BOGCAN, A A A . . Libcfal .iris Pix. MARGERY Boxu, X Q ....... Librral :Iris VIRGINIA Booxiz . ..., . . Librral .-Iris RICHARD B. Boom, I A li, '1' K A . Lafw Blue Key, President, Hermean Literary Society, . . Laurel, . Tupelo, Miss . Oxford, Nllss. Charleston, . rAl12I'KlC6'Il,lbf1iSS. ,35Q Interfraternity Council, Student Dance Committee, Debating Team, 2, 3, 4, Annual Staff, 5. Jiuwss A. BORNMAN . . . . . . Pllarmacy . Summit, Miss. Miss. Miss. , 3 Bottom Row: GUION BOYX'IE, X Q ........... Vicksburg, Miss. Liberal :Iris Y. VV. C. A., 3, 4, Latin Club, 3, 4. LAURA BRADFORD, fb M, A A A ..... . . Webb, Miss. Liberal Ari: Pix, Pan-Hellenic Council, Legislative Council, Y. W. C. A. MARGARET BARRY BRADY, A A A .... . Oxford, Miss. Libcral Arts NORMAN C. BREVVER, JR., E X, 41 A fb .... Greenwood, Miss. Lafw President Omicron Delta Kappa, 6, Arrow Head, Dagger Point, Cardinal Club, M. O. A. K. S., Y. M. C. A., 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, Vice-President of Senior Y. M. C. A., -Board of Directors of Y. M. C. A., VVho's VVho in American Colleges, Interfraternity Council, 3, 4, 5, Student Dance Committee, 4, 5, 6, Interfraternity Dance Committee, 3, 5, 6, Activities Editor, 1935 OLE Miss, B.A. Degree, 4. ALEX BREYER, K A .......... . Meridian, Miss. Busimxss Srbool , Blue Key. ROBERTA C. BROXYNE, 41 M ...... . Oxford, Miss. Liberal Arts K 1.3. AWNB X x 'WV W ' 1 illlib f "ii ...Q mill All gl -, i .. ,, . IH Page 64 .I l l r l l l I I l l x Top Row: T. GUYNNE BRUNT, A T O ...... . Ethel, Bllflllfii School Y. M. C. A., Cardinal Club, LI, O. A. K. S. CARL E. BRrAx . ....... . . Ruleville, Lihfral .iris Y. INT. C. A., Honor Roll EARL BRyAx, A T A . ...... . Corinth, Pharmaty President, Junior Pharmacy Class. JIM B. BUCHANAN, E A E ....... Holly- S rings, . P Busifmrs School "M" Clubg Track, '34, '35. ANDREW' BULLARD . ..... . Sarepta, Education MRS. J. A. BULL.-XRD ....... . Sarepta, Edumliorz - -- -W - A--- Nliss Nliss Bliss. Bliss Nliss Miss lush... - Botlom Row: I.L'CRE'lI.-X BLXNLLL . ..., . Capt' tiirartlean, Mo. Lflutaliozz Lows H. BLRGHARD, A li li .... . Cxlintnn, Nliss. Plmrmary EVA NlAI BUTLER, K I T . ..... . Oxford, Miss. B11xi11f.v.f School Secretary of B. S. C. Class, '34, '35, '36, S. ROBERT CA1x, JR., A XI' .... . Canton, Miss. Lau' Blue Key, M. O. A. K. S., Head Cheer Leader, '34-'35, Dagger Point, '36, Arrowhead, ,372 President of Blue Key, Gym Dance Committee. XVn.LtAM S. CAIN, A AI' ......... . Canton, Miss. Liberal .iris and Lau' JOHN ELLZEY C.-XRRITH, B 9 H, 'If A A . . McComb, Miss. Lau- M. O. A. K. S., Boxing, '34, Interfraternity Council: Senior Y. M. C. A., Secretary, junior Law Class, Gym Dance Committee. A Page 65 Joins Emi CARIER Sarepta, Miss. El ig XBEIH CHAPNN X 0 Hughes, Ark. Miss. Miss. Ohio Miss. Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss mls f M I Il ,Q Pl f 'I I -I' i 'fs. C A ll ml we lf' l,'i"1, I I ,Q 111 Qifhlfd' . I l l , '- I Aix., W Top Row: Bottom Row: A' S. COODY, A T A, KI, H E - . Q i y Q Jackson, Miss' KExxE1'n M. CRosBx', A K li, 0 A K, T li A, li X NVQ-sr Point, Nliss. Larw Alabama, I, 2, Liberal Arts Degree, Interfraternity Council, 3, 4, 5, lnterfraternity Dance Committee, 3, M. O. A. K. S., Annual Staff, 5. JOHNNIE Coox, K E . ..... . XViggins, Miss. Eduraiion Boxing, '36, Y. M. C. A., '36, "M" Club, Hermean Literary Society. C. P. CRENSHAXV . ...... . Lucedale, Miss. Pharmacy Pharmacy Club. RUBERTHA BEARD CRENSHAXV .... . . Oxford, Miss. Liberal .-Irts CARL CRISLER, E A E ....... . Aberdeen, Miss. - Liberal .-lrfs Track, '34, Hermean Literary Society, Y. M. C. A., International Relations Club, Gym Team, '33, '34. ROBERT CRISLER, K A ............ Flora, Miss. Liberal Arts "M" Club Liluwzl .lrlf and Lau Nl. O. A. K. S., President of Senior Class, Prrsiulent, liziu Kgippii Alpha, Treasurer of Beta Zeta, Vice-President of ,lunior Y, Nl, C. A., Band Secretary, Dagger Point, Arrow llezitls, Debzning Council, Business Manager of "bl" Book, lntertraternity Council. ,lm CUNNINCH,-XM, I X .......... Vicksburg, Miss. lizzxilzrsx Sflmol "Nl" Club, Freshman Football, Track, 2, 3, 4, Boxing, IQ Y. Bl. C. A., I, 2, 3, 4, OLE MISS Staff, International Relations Club, M. O. A. K. S. CULLEN B. CURLEE, JR., E X ..... . . Rienzi, Miss. ' Liberal .iris CI-IESTER H. CURTIS, fb A 9, fl? H E . . . Clarksdale, Miss. Law Blue Key, Scribblers, Norris Trophy, President, Freshman Class, Executive Council, '34, '35, Football, I, 2, 3, 4, Basketball, I, 2. 3, 4, Track, I, 2, 3, 4, Editor 1936 OLE Miss, VVho's XVho in American Colleges and Universities, '35, '36, Hall of Fame, '35, Arrowheads, '36, .llissisiipjri Lafw Journal Staff. ELIZABETH DALE DABBS .......... Shannon, Miss. Plmrmafy XVATT HENRY DANIEL, E A E ..... . Tupelo, Miss. Businfsx Sfllool Hermean Literary Society, Cardinal Club. l Page 67 483' -A-Q J :R "9- Top Row: VV. fiAROl.lJ DAVIDSON, 111 H 111 . . . . Philadelphia, Miss. Lafw EDVVARD SHIRLEY DAVIS, fb II Kia . . . . Horn Lake, Miss Ezzgizznfring Senior Baseball Manager. HOVVARD Q. DAVIS, A T SZ, O A K ...... Indianola, Miss Lafw M. O. A. K. S., '34, Dagger Point, Chairman, Student Dance Com- mittee, '35-'36, '36-'37, lnterfraternity Dance Committee, '34, Inter- fraternity Council, '34, Annual Staff, '34, Publication Council, '34- '35, Y. M. C. A., 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, Y. M. C. A. Board of Directors 6 and 7. MARY LOUISE DAVIS, X Q ....... Crawfordsville, Ark Lihrral I-Iris MILDRED DAVIS, X Q . ..,... . Como, Miss Lihfral .flrls X. VV. C. A., 3, 4. BIIII' JACK Duns, K E ........ . Perkinston, Miss Iiusinrys Sfhool Glee ClIIb, Band. Bottom Row: JOHN DEGRADO, A fb A ...... . Paterson, N. J. Lihrrai Arls William and Mary College. CHARLES W. DEN'I'ON, K 2 ...... . Marks, Miss. Business School Engineering Club, 1, Y. M. C. A., Hermean Literary Society, 1, 2, Illississippiarz Sta ff, 1 . LUTHER DIckENs ........... . Oxford, Miss. Liberal .J rts President of "M" Club, Football, Basketball, Track, Baseball, Boxing. JACK DINRINS, E A E ........ Bzzrizzrrs School GEORGE DONAVAN, H K A, B K ..... Buxifzfss School Y. M. C. A., '34, '35, '36, Drum Major, Band. ROBERT J. DouGI.Ass, E X ......... . Moline, Ill. Blliillfjj Sfhool Tennis Team, Band, Basketball. f7-S .1 f fl"-F 1.5 kb sf si" X .9 Q-5 'oifyoggggagtq 4 :ZX 3 X 4 N L... LL. 'HAL A N , E A' .- Nl 1 ' I X ' I l ut.. 'Y ,ist ' E ' ' . .,,1' "' Xi' L r. 'I s ' +-- 4' l " W1 . , i'1in,4Z'?.v .3 ,A 12 5- fri! I -J f . - 1, -57 Page 58 . Canton, Miss. . Jackson, Miss. ff,J C T X, A 1 17 .f W Y V Q.. - . U ' ' I ,. . I I I 1 3 0 X A' l ' ' 6 ' K A x Q J MGT' xt Top Row: Boltom Row: MELVIN DOVITH, gp E H, T Ii A, 0 A Ii , . ' Rolling pork' Mb.. lNI1I.nREn IQTIIRIDCE flf Nl ....... , NI.-riilian, Nliu. La.-w l.iln'r11l .lrlx Track Team, '32, '33, '34, '35, "M" Club, Debating Team, '34, '35, Y- XY- C- A- 36? Debatmg Counclli l'Ce'P"fS'dem of Tau kappa Alpha: Trng' VVn.LiAM N. Ernkinmi, JR., I A li, fl, A 'If . , . ilXifZI'fl, Mis. urer of Omicron Delta Kappa, President of Interfraternity Council, Arrowhead, '36, Dagger Point, Chairman of Board of Directors of Y. M. C. A., Student Dance Committee, Senior Y. M. C. A., Stu- dent Honor Council. J. VV. DUCKWORTH, K E ........ Pharmacy President of Class, 2, President of Pharmacy M. O. A. K. S. XKVILLIAM ELAM . ..... . Edufalion CHARLES ELLIOTT, fb K Elf ....... Liberal .iris Hermea n Literary Society. EDWARD ELLIS . ......... Businrss Sdmol FREDERIC E. ENGLAND ........ Lillrral flrts . Booneville, Miss. Club, Band, I, 2, Greenville, Miss. Miss. . Ripley, Miss. Heidelberg, Manchester, Conn. Senior Y. M. C. A., Honor Roll, '34, '35, '36, Vice-President of Senior Class, Connecticut State, 1. Lafw Associate Editor, iWi5.ri.v.rijwjwi I.afw Jourlml, '35-'36, Note and C1156 Editor, lilzsszsszppi l.ll'U.'.10llfIlllI, '36-'37, fiEORCE MORRIS E'rHR1DcE, JR ........ Meridian, Miss. Lafw Chairman, Y. M. C. A. Finance Committee, Legislator from Lauder- dale County, Phi Sigma Literary Society, Assistant Business Man- ager, 1934 OLE Miss, Band, 2, 3, 4, Gym Dance Committee, Vice- President, junior Law Class, Secretary of Sophomore Class. GEORGE A. EVERE'l'T, fl, .A 9 ........ Intlianola, hiiss. Lafw Glee Club. CHARLES FAIR, 112 A 9, 0 A K ....... Louisville, Miss. Librral .flrlr and Lnfw Y. M. C. A., Secretary of Y. M. C. A., 1, President of Y. Nl. C. A., 5, NI. O. A. K. S., Interfraternity Council, Chairman of Interfraternity Dance Committee, Yice-President of Class, 2, Arrow- head, Dagger Point. MRS. FRANCES S. FAULKNER, X Q .... . Oxford, Miss. Lillvrrzl :Iris Pix. Page 69 rr ' -ap my '72-' l N! -3 LQ an "IV Y?" -6 lf ,, . ...dug Top Row: FRED FELDER, E 111 E ......... Business School Rox' FERRELL . ..... . Educalion JOHN R. FERR111., K A .... .... Bzuifzfss School Al.v1N El-1.1oT'1' FINK, Z B T . . . . Lafw Gym Dance Committee. BEN FiNR,fl'lifI . . . . . . . Plmrmafv . Summit, . Oxford, Meridian, Clarksdale, VVest Point, American Phu rmaceuticul Association. Miss. Miss Miss. Miss. Nliss. Bottom Row: BEN FREEFIELD . . . . . . . . Liberal Art: . Oxford, Miss FRANCES FURR, fir M . . ..... . Robinsonville, Miss Liberal flrls Pix, Chairman, Y. VV. C. A., ,34, '35, '36, President, Y. W. C. A., Latin Club, CHAR1.Es GALLOWAY, II K A, fb A A . . . . Gulfport, Miss. Lafw Interfraternity Council. RDBER1' E. GARDNER, JR., 111 A 9 . . . . Greenwood, Miss. Liberal fl rt: Track Manager, 1, 2. JOHN GoUI.D QEARDNER, E X . ..... . Columbia, Miss. Businrss School MARY EVELYN GARRETT, X Q .... . Oxford, Miss. i Liberal fl rl: JACK F0N'l'A1N"5, A ll' --'---- - - PUMOYOQ Milli Pixy Secretary of Student Body, Executive Council, Senior Y. W. Liberal :Iris C. A., Miss Ole Miss, 1937. .Qi l Q ' R . 1? , I. -44. 'f-, I ,jk 'Xf , l . ' . 4. XX i M R , ' f o I , l y v- - V! E . f A .., " '1-..,.. .f- ' '11 l M -le ' ' V h - . l I +- , N . Page 70 ,d igg ng 2 ',.l,-f' - -s . 3 0 i ' in K , J L' ,., . 'A - i i L ' , .2 ii f K W " .i xx 1 X fu B R' N 1 ,, N -, , Top Row: CHESTER D. G.AS1'0N, A T Q .... . Columbus, Bliss. Lau' BILLY G.A1'ES, K A, O A K ...... . jackson, Nlisi. Lillfral .1 rl! M. O. A. K. S., .lIis.fi5.vippia11, 2, 33 News Editor of .lIissi.f:ippian, 4, Sports Editor, OLE Miss, 2, 3, 43 News Bureau, 3, 43 Editor, "M" Book, 1937, Band, 2, 3. CLYDE GALLT . ...... . Oxford, Miss. Liberal Arts GILBERTO L, CS.-XVIRIA ........ . New York, N. Y. Elzginrering ABRAHAM CiELM.-KN, fb IRI E ..... . Charleston, Miss. . Liberal .flris Taylor Medal in German, 1936. LOUISE GILLESPIE, A A A ....... . Irta Bena, Miss. Liberal .-Iris Pan-Hellenic Council. Bottom Row: NIIXNIE IIAR1 Gnirisvnz, A A A . . , Inu litsnii, Miss lilfrnll .lrlx Y. W. C. A. LILLIAN GLENN, X il ....... . Uxluril, Miss Lilzrfal .iris JOE XV. QEOOIJXVIX . ,... . . . . .'xl1l1t'X'lllC, Xliss Lilfrml .elrls EDXYIN S. GRANTHAM, A K E ..... . XVest Point, Bliss Lillrral .iris ROBERT GORDON QiRAXTllAM, K A, sb A sb . . . Terry, Miss Lan: Blue Key, Editor, .lIi.v.fi5.fip,hi L!11L'.10lU'I1ll1, 19373 Business Blanager of 1936 .llzsszyszppz Lui: .lourmzlp Intertrnternity Council: lnterfra- ternity Dance Conduct Committee, Gym Dance Committee, Arrow Heads. XVILLIAM FRANKLIN QEIQYTON, I X, 111 II 2, E 6 II . Oxford, Miss. Educaiiorz Associated Society of Civil Engineers. 24? Page 7I ,, A rfnffg ,J r 4 .Qi Top Row Ll -U ION M HAI L B11 Spr1n0'N M155 Pfllll many CHAR1 LS Ewrksox H411 Hermndo Mus Llbflllf +1115 ruk N1'lll'lgCI' 3 36 3 4 Hermein L1ter'1rx bocletx 1 jxmss Dum Tlllhiib. HAM11 ION I A 9 I Mermdnan Mm Lzbual -1115 V11 szsxzppzzzn Staff Honor Roll X M C A I'I6fII1C"Ill L1ter'1rx CI'ddU'lIC Club lJ?b'lIlI1g'TS'lII1 Scrlbbler XAIIBUR C HXMIIN West Ponnt Mm Lau Studxnt lhme Commlttee Xue Prexnlunt Semmr C1152 X x Iousr Hun x A onestoun Mm Lzbnal Iris Ieg1sl'1t1xe COUDCII SCIIIOI' A YN C A Rl-NL! 1 42 x Carden Crow C1l1f BUIIIIIJA' .Sfhool orrlw lrophx 36 FUOIIYIH 1 omng Blseball .uk .-5 2429! Bottom ROW RBS HARRF11 4 A 9 IA Lafw MARXIN F IIAR1br1ELn A T A v 9 Lngzmrrmg Awocmted Socletx of C1111 Engmeers CHARIIF H-XIHORN Busmfss Sflzool Lucx Lo1rHa111oRN II Ix II A A A Lzbnal A115 M McComb Oxford O A K S Unn ermty bnn ers1t5 PI'CSldCI1f P1Ix'1ppa P1 Honor Roll 1 3 Senlor X W I'RAx1x LoU1s Hm mm A T A X anden Lafw Mason L1ber'1l Arts Degree HORACE Hfm KINS A '1 A Xanden Busxmss School -Nm N112 A Page 72 MIQS 1N11Ss Mnss Mxss A Mxss Mlss .' t ' fi Y Q ', l y.. .' . 1 . ........... gh' ' cj, . , K1 ' A 141, 1 ,U 411 V . I l . ' . 4 I 'K .. Q .,.,EAE. ...... . , '-,- ,f 1,- II ..... , . . ,'5,' ,.'37g Y. M. C. A., 1, 2, , 5 1 U 1 -' - if .' ' 1: ..... . . .H .Y . . ......... ' ' .. ', I , . 1 I 3 I 3 . .I .. .5 U . . 1' ' Socnetyg lnternauonal Relatxons Clubg Latxn Clubg Phxlosophy Clubg 5' . 5 . ' . g " S. Y x Q ' l i . .. A . v, ' ,A . I I . . v -Y . n . . . . r 1 .......... , .-. I ' 5 , K . - 5 ,-,- V .: ,g , ' '. 'g , ,2, g ' '. . C, . . 1: .':',l'V ......... J : ', H Y. ' ' ,. I . ' , 1' , ........ , . . , . . Cm gp 'a llfwzs, I' XII, ....... ' ' ' , . ' . A 1, Y 1 I v ' ' N 'Y .rr ' ' ' rvq 1 21 B r 1 21 if I 111 21 ' l .I l l ' I I l . l , Ir' -', 2, 3. ' ff -fx-K.,-... ' 'AQJQF ,f x, A f 1. H A T' LYS., 5 ,' IM 'na 1 Top Row: MARTHA HEIDELBERG, .ABNER HIATT . GRAHAM Houses . ,Ni ,ff U ' A3 , ff l ji E, 7 3 I K Nl," V " J XS! ..... Blljilltkfi Sfhool Business Sfhool i Liberal. Aris- DAvm J. Hocc . ..... . Engineering FRANK C. HOLLOMAN, 2 A E . . . Law KATIE HOLMES, A A A . . . . . Iblusic Hattiesburg, Langsclale, . Vvesson Vicksburg Parchman, Yazoo City, ! Miss. Nliss. Miss. Miss. Miss. Miss. Bottom Row: F. C. HULMER, JR., E A I-I ....... . llcrnanfln Liln'rul .slflj 1111.1 Lafw Baseball, 1, 2, 3, "M" Club, Philosophv Club, 35 Y. Nl. C. .-X 3, 4, Hermean Literarf' Society, 2. VVILLIAM j. HOSSLEY, fb K fb, fb II E . . . Vicksburg, Plzarmacy President of Senior Pharmacy Class, Treasurer of Pharmacy NIARVIN HUTsoN . ......... Brookhaven, 9 bliss r, 2 Niiss Club Miss 1 Bu.vinr.v.f School Football, 1, 2, 3, 4, Captain, Baseball, '33, President of Class, 2 lV1ARION INGRAM, K A ......... Bay St. Louis, Miss Lilltfal elf!! Y. XV. C. A. ROBERT JACOBS . ..... . . . . Thyatira, Miss Liberal Arts A, Bourne JAGGERS . .... . Pomotoc, Miss Lafw Page 73 fav ff! if M 'E' 3 1 .0 4-A .ri V ' S 1' Top Row: XVILLIAM H. JAMES . . . . . . Montrose, Miss. Lafw RAYMOND T. JARVIS . . . . . . . . Booneville, Miss. Lafw iViAR'l'HA JOHNSON, A A A ...... . Senatobia, Miss. Education P. VVILLIAM JOHNSON, 111 A 9, H E fl' ..... Senatobia, Miss. Liberal Arts Y. M. C. A., Mississippian Staff, 1, 2, Hermean Literary Societyg Philosophy Club, President of Latin Club, Treasurer of Eta Sigma Phi, Taylor Medal in Latin, Student Assistant in Greek. VVlI.I.ARlJ JOHNSON, K A ...... . Belmont, Miss. Education Vice-President, VVomen's Student Government, M. S. C. VV., I E. P. JONES . ...... . Jackson, Miss. Pharmaty Pharmacy Clubg American Pharmaceutical Association. f Q if Bottom Row: W. D. JONES . . Pliarmary Pharmacy Club. RALPH P. JORDAN, E A E ...... Business Srhool Y . M. C. A. MARGARET JOYNER, A Q . Liberal Arts HAROLD KANTER Liberal Arts CECIL J. KENNEDX' . . Liberal Arts THOMAS B, KIMBROUGH, E X .... Education Senior Y. M. C. lf ' ff- x t , . ll, A it r ' ' xyfxvlx' F B urg . Q l llii u: I '- i Q 1,-3 up-w11v"""' "' , N ' l l Page 74 . i' . , Jackson, . Columbia, . Tupelo, Long Branch, . McCool, . University, Miss Miss Miss N. J Miss Miss -'Yi -L.. ! Y-, -0-Q-qgv . Top Row: LoU1sE KITCIIELL . ........ . Tyro, Miss. Liberal .'lrI.f juuus L. KLAUS, JR., K A ....... . Macon, Miss. Busimxvx Sflzool LOUISE KNICFIT' . . ..... . Taylor, Niiss. Lilzvral .iris HELEN LAMPTON, A A A ...... . Magnolia, Miss. Liberal .-Iris Vice-President of Y. VV, C, A., 4, Secretary of VVomen's Student Government, 4, Belhaven College, 1, 2. MARTHA SUE LANEY, A A A ..... . Tupelo, Nliss. . Liberal flfls Treasurer, VVomen's Student Government, Senior Y. VV. C. A. XVILLIAM LASSITER, II K A ...... . Gulfport, Miss. Librral rlrls Band, University Players, '36, Mississippi College, I, 2. Bottom Row: Cn,uu.Es EDXSARIJ Inxuxuaxcr, I A Ii . . Nleritlian, Nliss. Lllnful .lfls Treasurer, International Relations Cluh, rg Presitlvnt, International Relations Club, 3, Secretary, llermean literary Society, 2, lixm Team, 1, 2, .llissisxippialz Staff, 4, Y. M. C A., 1, 2, 3, 4, l'ni- versity Players. PTITLLIP LAWREXCE, E A Ii .....,. . jackson, Miss. Bll5llI1'55 Srlmol T.-XX'l.OR LEONARD, li B II ........ , LaGrange, Ill. Brzsllngej Sclmol JUNE LEwrs, A A A . ...... . St. Louis, Mo. Libfral .lrlx TOM LEYDEN . ......... Long Island, N. Y. Buxizzfxs Sflzool Basketball, '34, '35, '36, Golf Team, School Golf Champion. JOSEPH ROBERT LTBERTO, fb H E .... . XYest Point, Miss. Lilzwral .-Irtr Catholic Cluh, 4 't 1 , 'I Top Row: RUSSELL LINDSEY, 41 K X11 ...,.. . Laurel, Miss Librral Arty Interfraternity Council, 2, 3, .ig Glee Club, I, 2, 3, 4, President Ole Miss Musical Club, 3, Gym Dance Committee, 2. NETTIE HELEN LITTON, K A .... . . Shaw, Miss Iidufalion Y. VV. C. A., 1, 2, 3, 4, Pix. ROBERT LOMAX, .A Il' ........ . Greenwood, Miss Bzzsiizfsx Srlmol JOHN Mll7lll.E'lON LONOMIRE .... . Vtica, Miss Pliarmufy Pharmacy Club, 2, 3, Secretary of American Pharmaceutical Asso- ciation 3, 4, Dance Committee, 4, Hermean, 2, 3, .ig Track, 3. JOHN DOUGLAS MAORE, 112 K KI' .... . . Ruleville, Miss Librral Jr!! Football, I, 2, 3, 4, Boxing, 2, Track, "M" Club, 2, 3, 4, Basket- ball, I. Houlka, Miss lVIARlON DARRELL . ..... . . Liberal Arts Senior Y. M. C. A. v -All Bottom Row: LOUISE MARION . ELSIE MARKS, X Q . WP Liberal .flrts Liberal .-I rtx' MILTON CROCKETT MARSH, K E . . . SARA LOUISE MARTIN LEON VV. MASHBURN, .ALTON MASSEY . f W X -8 F 'ill 'X -A ll s f I I lllllilll "ill AJ W' ', ' ll ,l . ll Page Liberal .-Iris I Lg.....,' .ag AE .... Busimfss Sflzool Track Manager Lafw Houston, . Jackson . Belzoni . Oxford, Clarksdale, . Ethel, Y Miss. Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss . Top Row: EMMA CLAIRE MCAi.PlNE, K A ..... . Stringer, Miss. Libfral .-Iris Senior Y. VV. C. A. REBECCA MCCORMICK, A A A ...... . Laurel, Miss. Business Srlzool Miss Ole Miss, 1936, Pix, Beauty Section, I934,-35: Publications Council, 1936, Secretary junior Class, I935, Listed in VVho's VVho iII American Universities and Colleges, 1936. Rose MARY MCCor, A A A ...... . Laurel, Miss. Liberal 1-Iris Glee Club, Junior and Senior Y. W. C. A., Cabinet. EDWARD MCDONNELL, E A E ........ Jackson, Miss. Business School Mississippian, 2, 3, Associate Editor, Mississippian, 3, News Bureau 3, Chairman Social Committee, Y. M. C. A., 4, President, Hermean Literary Society, 4, Student Assistant, 3, 4, Gym Dance Decorating Committee, 4. WILL T. MCDONNELL, K E ..... . . jackson, Miss. , Lilzfral Arts Transfer from Millsaps, 1935, Vice-President, Hermean Literary Society, Senior Y Cabinet, Tennis. WILLIAM T. MCGEPIEE, dv A 9 ....... Greenville, Miss. Liberal Arts M. O. A. K. S., Officer, R. O. T. C., Basketball Manager, 1. dine... Botfom Row: MAIJAINN IXACIIENRY, X 12, A A A . . . Lilzwral .lrls R. Al.N'IN MCKNICIII' . . . . . . Plmf ma fy HIT'E MCLEAN, dv A 0 ....... Libfra! .-Iris Senior Y. M. C. A. J. VV. MCLELLAN, K E ....... Libvral flrls Transfer Delta State. MARION S. MCLELLAN, B 9 H, Lp H E, H K II Libfra! flrls M. O. A. K. S., Band, Y. M. C. ANNIETTE MCMULLEN, X S2 ..... Librra! .iris CiI'ec'tIvillc, Ackermari, . Blaine, Cleveland . Sumner, A. . Sumner, Niiss Niiss Miss Miss. Miss Miss l Paqe11 vo '2 Top Row: Ii. J. iVilLl.ER, JR., E 9 II ...... . Lauderdale, Miss lingizzffrizzg American Society Civil Engineers, President, A. S. C. E. Lucmx iNilNOR, E X ..,...... . Macon, Miss. Bu.vim'55 Srlmol M. O. A. lx, S. HUGH M1'1cHE1.I. . ...... . Slate Spring, Miss Educaiion VV. P. Mi'1'CHEi.l., II K A, 111 A fl- . . . . . Guntown, Miss. Lafw Blue Key, Cardinal Club, Interfraternity Council, Y. M. C. A. Cabinet, President, Senior Law Class, Jlifiyxisiippirln Staff, INT. O. A. lx. S. liikmic OPM. iN'iO0RE ....... . . Holly Springs, Miss. llzzsizzfu Szlmol Lll.l.lAN lN'i0ORli . ........ . Smithville, Miss. Librral .I rls Bottom Row: FRANCES Moss, K A ....... . . Tuka, Liberal .Elrls Y. VV. C. A., International Relations. ROBERT H. NEILL, II K A .......... Geneill, Lafw M. O. A. K. S., Senior Y Cabinet. ELIZABETH NEVVELL ........ . Oxford, Libcral Arts JOSEPH B. NEXYTON, K E ........ . VViggins, Bzuizzfss School Boxing, 2, 3, 4g Mississippi State, 1934g Y. M. C. A. Cr1.xRi.Es Nll'llOl.S, Ib A 6 ....... . Swiftown, Bu.vinf.ts School Lrxusax' JACOB PACK ..... . . . Libr-ral .tlrts Page 78 l- Miss Miss. Miss. Miss Miss. . Senatobia, Miss. f .f . Q ,i 'Q ff a f tml-if-4-A gg 'R I-1' lim ii. t ,N nf 2 Top Row: . . NiCComb, Miss. PAUL PACE . . ...... . . Edufalion Mississippiansg Band. PERCY PARKER, fb A 9 ....... . Canton, Miss. Librral .1 r1.f Track, 1, 2, 3,' "M" Club, President, Latin Club, 31 Y. M. C. A. 1, 2, 3. LL'C1LLE PA1'rOx, K .X . . Eduration . . . . . ArlingtOn,Tenn. Ni.-XRSHALL PERRY . .... . Ackerman, Miss. La-w Class, 1934-35, Y. M. C. A., Senior Secretary, First Year Law Y. M. C. A., Cabinet. 1936-37. ROBERT E. PERRY, E X ......... . Rienzi, Miss. ' Buyimxvs School Debating Team, Glee Club, '34, '35, .llissisfippian Staff. Ii.-XTHERINE PITCHFORO ....... . Canton, Miss. Libfral -Iris Botlom Row: C u.xRLEs A. PUl.I..XRIb, .X I ir, tl' .X fl-, ll A li . , Qirttiiiwt-ti, Mi.. Lan: Prcsiilcllt, Lan Stliful ,I.xx1Es E. POOLE . ........ . Nlllfllfl, Mi.. lllzxillwfs .Ytlmol liontbnllg Basketball, B3-clwnll. XViLL1.xM H. PORTER . ...... . Oxford Mig. Ellyilll'1'l'iIly ROBERT D. PORTXYOOD, JR., -If A 9 . . . Greenwood Mis Libvral .-Iris Glee Club, 1, 2, 32 Quartet, 35 Y. M. C. A.. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. SANDEORO POXVELL, E A E ..... Georgetown Mi, Bllfillffi School KENNETH Asrox PRICE, dv .X 9 , . . . McComb, Mis Libfral .sl rl.: Page 79 wa-J Qfh. 'Q Top Row: SUE FALKNER PRICE, LIP M ...... Businrss Sflzool JAMES PRIESTLEY, A X11 ....... Liberal .iris . . Oxford, Miss. . Canton, Miss. Y. M. C. A., 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, M. O. A. K. S., '36, Boxing, I, 2, 3, Vice-President, Interfraternity Council, Annual Staff, '36, Phi Sigma 1, 2, 3, Dance Conduct Committee. MARY ELISABETH PURSER, X Q .... Libfral .Jrts University Players. J. PAUL Qum, K E . ..... . Liberal .J rts Nom RABB . . . . . . . . Liberal .-Iris ARHIUR EARL RM' Z2 X ....... D Pharmacy . Oxford, Miss. 7 VX ater Valley, Miss. . Memphis, Tenn. . Rienzi, Miss. v Bottom Row: ANNEI.LE REID, X Q ........ . McComb, Miss. Liberal .iris ARTHUR C. RHYNE, fb K XII ....... Pass Christian, Miss. Business School Freshman Football, '34 MAXKNE R1ocAN . ..... . Smithville, Miss. Educaiion SHED H. ROBERSON, A X11 ......... Clarksdale, Miss. La-w Blue Key, Freshman Football, '31, Varsity Football, '32, '33, '34, Boxing, '33, Assistant Freshman Coach, '35, President, Sophomore B. A., '32, Vice-President, "M" Club, Cardinal Club, M. O. A. K. S., Interfraternity Council, '32, '33, '3.,. HELEN RoBERTsoN, A A A ..... . jackson, Miss. Librral .-Iris Senior Y. VV. C. A. Cabinet, Transfer Belhaven. JAMES Al,NEX' ROGERS, K A ...... . Hattiesburg, Miss. Libwal .-Iris Hermean Literary Society, Y, M. C. A. N ,, N 1 , 2 " " ff x. . ., ' W 0, , Ts:-5 i t f b, 95919 'Stag i , A naps, N, .V fri: J fi ' "A" ' .UALCT7 Page 80 f ff sflx , os l' X' W- I I ,' , ,ff Q. K X Nr? f 1 ll ' l 3 w"'ieX l - ' - K X i J Alun- go Top Row: Bottom Row: LAND1S ROGERS, E fb E . . . . U. . . . . Shaw, Bliss. Nl.-XY0l.YN SANUERSOX .4..... . lltiutmn, Mist, E uwfwff z,iit-H11 .mt Millsaps, 1, 3, Northwest Junior College, 2, Band, 1, 2, 3, 4, Glee Club, 1, 3,4, Baseball, 1, 2, Graduation Second Semester. MARGARET SARTOR A I I A I u I . . unter valley, Mix Tor-:Y ROSETTI, H K fb ......... . l'niversity, Miss. Pharmacy Baseball, 1, 2, 3, Boxing, 1, Vice-President, American Pharmaceu- tical Association Branch, "M" Club, Pharmacy Club, Catholic Club. DAN M. RUSSELL, JR., K E, 0 A K, T K A, fb A A Gulfport, Miss. Lafw Scribblers, Tau Kappa Alpha, Phi Alpha Delta, 1936 Hall of Fame, Editor of the lldissixsippiang Arrow Head, Dagger Point, M. O. A. K. S., Debating Team, 1, 2, Secretary, Debate Council, 1, 2, Y. M. C. A., 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, Vice-President Freshman Y, Inter- fraternity Council, Boxing Team, IQ Member Student Executive Council, Hermean, VVho's VVho in American Universities and Col- leges, Faculty and Student Publication Council. lVlAT'I'IE RUSSELL ......... Lafayette Springs, Nliss. Liberal .Jrts ELSIE SABIN, X Q . ...... . Greenwood, Miss. Liberal .iris The Athenian. OlDELL ASA SANDERS, K A ..... . VValls, Miss. Liberal .lrtt Blue Key, 3, 4, M. O. A. K. S., 3, Hermean, 1, 2, Y. M. C. A., 1, 2, 3, 4, Student Dance Committee, 3, 4, Faculty and Student Pub- lications Committee, 1, 2, Annual Staff, Cheerleader, 2, 3, 4, Inter- national Relations Club, 3, 4, Arrow Head, 2, 3, 4, Student Gym Dance Committee, 4, Business Manager, 1936-37 OLE MISS. Businrst Stlmnl Senior Y Cabinet Nlember, University Chorus. CLANTON JONES Mclxxis SEM, E A 15, fb A .X Hattiesburg, Nliss. Lau' Blue Key, NI. O. A. K. S., Interfraternity Council, 5, Football Manager, 4, President of Hermean Literary Society, 3, Gym Dance Committee, Chairman, Summer School Dance Committee, 5, Chair- man, Blue Key Stunt Night, "NI" Club, .lIi.v.ti.t5ipjwian Staff, 2, 3, 4, Annual Stall, 3, Assistant Business Nlanager, "NI" Book, Business Manager, "M" Book, 41 Y. M. C. A., 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. EDXYARD ARTHUR SEEM.-XX, fb E II .... . Greenville, Bliss. Buxinfss Sflmol Cardinal Club, Gym Dance Committee, Y. M. C. A. TNEZ SEWARD, X Q . ...... . Philadelphia, Niiss. Liberal .Jrt.t E. B, SH.-XCKEROFF, Z B T .,..... . Batesville, Miss. Busirzfxs School Band, 1, 2, 3, 4, Nlississippians. Top Row: Bessie SHORT . ZELOA Sieom . . . Senior Y. VV. 'fl Bizsirzexs Sclzool Senior Y. VV. C. A. Lafw C. A., OLE Miss Staff, '36, Legislative Council, Secretary, Senior Law Class, JOEL A. SIMPSON . FRANCIS H. SIMPSON, li Jessie Slvmn, X il . ROBERT B. SMITH, K I A Lilufral .'1 rl: Liberal fl rts Liberal .fl rfs Lafw Toccopola, Sunflower, VViggins, Meridian, Inclianola, Miss. Miss Miss Bliss Miss. Bottom Row: WVILLIAXM G. SOURS, JR., K A, fi' A 41 . . Lafw . Jackson, Miss. RABON S. SPRATLIN . ....... . Vardaman, Miss. Liberal .4 ris BxLLY DAN STATHAM, E N, wb A sb . . Lafw . . Fernwood, Miss. M. O. A. K. S., Vice-President, Law Class, Committee Chairman, Senior Y. M. C. A. Ig Dance Committee, GUY L. STENNETT ............. Jackson, Miss. Liberal .Jrts and Lafw Gym Dance Committee, 3, 4, Missisyippian Staff, 3, 4, Treasurer of Associated Student Body, 42 Executive Council, 45 Vice-Pres- ident of Class, 25 Y. M. C. A., 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. Jess STIGLER, JR., I X, E 9 H . . . . . . Greenville, Miss. Engizzwrirzg Vice-President, Sigma Theta Pig American' Society of Civil Engi- neers, President of Senior Class, Misszsszpplan Staff, Duke Univer- sity, 1, 2. , ADDINE STONE . ...... . . . Fulton, Miss. D u Ripley Miss. Liberal .1715 University Chirusg Y. VV. C. A. 54. l I Rfb , -O-44 ' , l . ,XL 'XI , ' . 1 X il " 1 N1 1 5' Xxy , ' O 1 ' l J x f - . , X .- I .. N' , .qv-0 'l i "" -l -- "Y f 1 i, I - Page 82 SM fligip' . P 4. ' u If ., J A C 'C 1 ll Lx il ' Y . I W - ' L . T 'L x 2" -QQL1 R X -A ll, , I Top Row: FRANK STRODE . ...... . New York, N. Y. Libfrtzl .lrts EMMA VV. STROUD, K A ...... . Nlount Olive, Miss. Libfral .-lrts .ARCHIBALD Y. STUROWANT, JR., E X . . . . Glendora, Miss. Libfral .Iris Hermean Literary Society, 1, 2, 3, 4, Y. M. C. A., 1, 2, 3, 4, Secretary of Ole Miss Musical Club, Latin Club, President, l'ni- versity Chorus, University Players. JOHN N. SULLIVANT, E N ..... . Charleston, Miss. Liberal .-Irts Blue Key, Interfraternity Council, '34, l35, '36, Senior Football Manager, Vice-President of Class, 3, Annual Staff, 3. MRS. MARY FLOYD SUMMERS .... . Booneville, Miss. Education JOSEPH SURGALIA . ....... . Pittsburgh, Pa. Bzuirzfss Sflzool Swimming Instructor, Bottom Row: RUBER1 SXYI'l"I'ENBl:R4,, 'll A fl ...., , I.:-xington, llttiillfyy .Mfmnl Qili0RGE B. THOMAS . ,... .... l Iarperyille, Llllvral .lrli Y. bl. C. A., Basketball. ROWAN T. THOMAS, fl- A H .... .,.. B oyle Lafw .Misxisxippian Stall, '34, '35, Debating Club, Treasurer, Class, '35. FRANCES THOMPSON, dw M ..,..... Olive Branch Librral .-lrts lVlII,DRED H. THOMPSON, X Q, K Z .,.. Mountain Lake, Liberal Jrts Treble and Bass, Chorus, Y. VV. C. A. CHARLOTTE TODD . ...... . Oxford, Liberal :Iris 9 1 Miss. Miss. Bliss. Law bliss. N. Miss. Page 83 Top Row: MARCARE1' TREPPENDAHI., A A A . . . . Vlloodville, Miss. Liberal .Jrts Pan-Hellenic Council, '36, Legislative Council, '36, Executive Coun- cil, '36, Gym Dance Committee, '37, Secretary of Class, 4. MARY Al.lCE VIXRIPLETT, K A ..... . Long Beach, Miss. Liberal .iris Book Staff, Mirsissijwpian Stall, University Players, Senior Y. VV. C. A., Freshman Y. VV. C. A., Cabinet Advisor. Les TURNAGE, A fb A ....... . Lake, Miss. Pharmacy American Pharmaceutical Association. H. ARNOLD VIQURNER, fl' Z II . .... . VVebb, Miss. liusinfss Srlzool Louisiana State lfniversity, '34, ,352 Gym Dance Committee. Bottom Row: Hizwirr VV. VVALLACE, A T A ,.... . Biloxi, Miss Liberal .iris M. O. A. K. S. M. THEI.MA VVALLER ....... . Oxford, Miss. Liberal .flrts OPAL K. VVALLER . ....... . Oxford, Miss Liberal .Jr-is JOHN VVARD, II K fir ........... Darling, Miss. Cardinal Club, '34-'35, President of Cardinal Club, '36, Vice-Pres- ident of Class, 2, Interfraternity Council, 2, 3, 45 Band, I, 2, 3, 43 Dagger Point, '36, M. O. A. K. S., Y. M. C. A., Interfraternity Dance Committee, Gym Dance Committee. ELIZABETH VVATSON, X S2 ...... . Greenville, Miss. Liberal .Jrfs JEWELL ODELL VARNER ........ . Taylor, Miss. Catholic Club Bzuizzrss Srlmol ' ,IRAN ELOISE XVAVLE, A A A .... . Senatobia, Miss. GEORGE R- VVATSON, K 5 -----'- - Brandon, Miss- E,1um1i0,, Busizzrss School Y. VV. C. A., Northwest Mississippi junior College, 1, 2. Ciifdlllal Club. ff, fx, fs.. ti . f all A rf x 62" l I . rf J ' 2, I - : L' l ' A lh l Ann 1 Page 84 N15 , Wig? K' ft X, ff ! x ' if c, ,. V,,,,. Top Row: FRANTZ VVATTS, E fb E, 47 A A ........ Bogalusa, La. Lafw M. O. A. K. S., Interfraternity Dance Committee, lnterfraternity Council. J. W. WELLS . . .... . . Vllayneshoro, Miss. Education BioN VVENTWORTH ........ Liberal flrls President of Newman Club. PREsToN Wessow . ...... . Saltillo, Educalion Y. M. C. A. MONTY VVESTOVER, 117' A 9 ........ VVaynesboro, Business School GVVENDOLYN WHUTAKER, fb M .... . Aberdeen, Libcral 1-Iris Senior Y. VV. C. A., Sophie Newcomb, '33, '3.1.. . . Ocean Springs, Miss. Miss. Miss. Miss. Bottom Row: IS.-XDORE D. XVIENER, flf I ll, fb ll E . . . . . Tumiler, Mi-s. l.ib1'ral .lrlx Vice-President, Phi lita Sigma, Senior Y. Nl. Cf A. XVILL XVILBURN ,...... . Durant, Miss. Llllfflll .Iris DIARY LEMOYNE XV1l.K1Nsox, 'If BI . . . . Shelby, Miss. Liberal Jr!! Pan-Hellenic Council, 3, .rg Y. VV. C. A., Latin Club, Glee Club. CAULEY VVILUAMS, dv A 9 ...... . Clarksdale, Miss. Burilivss School Blue Key, M. O. A. K. S., Senior Y. M. C. A., Vice-President of Class, 2, Gym Dance Committee, OLE Miss Staff, 2, 3, 4. JOHN WrrHERsPooN, B 9 H ........ Meridian, lN1iss. Lafw M. O. A. K. S., Student Dance Committee, 31 Interfraternity Dance Committee, 3, Interfraternity Council, 3, International Relations Club, 2, 35 Latin Club, rg Phi Sigma Literary Society, 2, 3, Senior Y. M. C. A. Rosfx ETTA VVOLFE . ...... . Oxford, Miss. Liberal Arr: ORVILLE B. YOUNG, H K 113 ..... . Smithville, Nliss. Liberal .-Iris Page 85 IQ, 439 Zn. M' wa-- JUNIO' President of Liberal Arts School President of Business School W-cc,--cPresident of Law School S, ..,. President of Medical School U President of Pharmacy School President of Engineering School CLASS ' ND one small head could carry all he knew." Such is Goldsmith's characterization of a village schoolmaster of his day. We would alter this characterization only in meaning to distinguish a member of our Junior Class. In- deed, the work the members of this class have done in the interim of three years has enhanced greatly their stores of knowledge as well as their aptitudes. Yet, the accomplishments of three years seem small when the perspective of the future is scanned. As the ulti- mate attainment, however, appears less distant, the future grows brighter. The ardent zeal of Freshman days is re- awalcened. There is no time to falter now, nor is the pace to be slaclcened. There is still a great deal to be achieved. They must go on. Ar the end of the Junior year there is a greater realiza- tion that soon life, life in its truest meaning, must be dealt with. The glory of college days will be ended in only a short while. Character must be molded more firmly and foundations must be laid with greater strength to meet any and all conditions that lie ahead. We present the Class of Nineteen Hundred Thirty- eight, a class that has realized what the future means and are striving to prepare themselves accordingly. X144 OF 1938 MERRILL M. ,AIIERNATHXQ Belzoni, Miss. . . Educafion JAKE IXBRAHAM, Port Gibson, Miss .... . , . Liberal Arts JOHN VALRIE AINsxI'oRTH, 22 N, Bay Springs, Miss. . Librral Arts LEE AI.EoRu, II K A, Gulfport, Miss, EIvIME'I'I'E ALLEN, Silver Creek, Miss. . LoL'IsE ANuERsoN, X Sl, Corinth, Miss ..... Y. XV. C. A., 31 Uxliu-rsity Chorus, MALCOLM ANDERSON, Abbeville, Miss. . . University Chorus. JEAN JXRTIIIJRS, Cotton Plant, Ark. VVINNIE ASHMORE, XVoodville, Miss. . VERNON ASTON, K E, Jonesboro, Ark. Football, 1, 2, 3. BRUCE AULTMAN, Sumrall, Miss. . . . . . . "Mississipxui Law Journal" Staffg Senior Y. STIJART BACKSTROM, sb AI, Leakesville, Miss. . DELBER1' BAILEY, A T A, Union, Miss. . NINNA BAILEY, A A A, Coffeeville, Miss. JANE BAKER, K A, McComb, Miss. . . HARRIS BARKSDALE, 22 A E, Jackson, Miss. . GRAVES BARNES, 45 II sb, Homewood, Miss. . . 1-Iermean Literary Sovivty: Y. M. C. KATHERINE HOPE BARNES, Summit, Miss .... MARGARET AALLIE BARNES, Summit, Miss. . HIJBERT BARNETT, E X, Greenwood, Miss. , ROSAMOND BARTON, A A A, Jonesboro, Ark. . AIJELINE BEIJENBAUGH, State College, Miss. . LOUIS S. BEGIN, Lakewood, N. J .... Business Srhool . . . Law . Liberal :Iris . Liberal Arts . Liberal :Iris . Liberal .llris Business School ... . Law M. C. A. . Liberal .iris . Medicine . Liberal Aris Business School . Liberal Arts . Liberal Arts A. . Libr-ral 1-Iris . Liberal .-Irts . Engineering . Liberal .iris . Liberal .Jrls . . Pharmacy Pll2ll'Ill2L4'j' Vluhg Honor Roll, 1, 2: President, Junior Pllarmacy Class. W. D. BENNETT, JR., Schlater, Miss. . FRED BERGER, Port Gibson, Miss ....... Tennis Team, 2, 3, 43 "M" Vlub: "Law Journal" . Liberal .J rls . . . Lau' Staff. Av.-XRNER BIEDENHARN, E X, Vicksburg, Miss. . . Business School JONATHAN PAYNE BILBO, II K A, Picayune, Miss. . Biuiness Srhool l"0othall 1.2. Page 88 OL ISS V.-XSS.-XR BISHOP, X Q, University, Bliss. . Y. XV. C. A. FRANCIS S. BOWLING, A T Q, Newton, Miss. Ole Miss Band. 2, 35 Y. M. C. A.g l'll2lll'Ill3ll . 1. Coxnmitti-e. SIDNEY BOYARSRY, Point Pleasant, N. J. . NVILLI.-XM BRADFORD, 23 X, Itta Bena, Miss. OLLIE D. BRAME, A T Q, Madison, bliss ..., txin I . Libzral.JrI.v Librral .-Iris 'aint-e Ilei.-oiuitiiig . Librral .iris . Liberal .Jrts . Businrss Sfbovl Ht'l'lll9Hll Literary SOL-ietyp 1llI0l'fl'2llt'.'lllIX LX,unI.-il: 11IteI'I'I'1Iter1iity in Y 'II 1' -X Dani-If Conduct Coinlniite-eg Annual Sta' "1 JAMES BRIDGES, fb II 41, Oxford, Miss. . . LAXVRENCE BRISCOE, VVinona, Miss ...... Engineering Club: Y. M. C, A. . B1uir1e'JsSil1ool . E11girIn'r'iiIg EDMOND REED BROCK, fb K 41, sb A 42, West, Miss ..... Lau XVILL ROB BROOKS, Belzoni, Miss. . . . . . . Liberal .Iris Glee Club. 1, 2, L'lllY6l'SiIX Chorus '36, 'Sig Herinean Literary Society. 1 W 5 FRED S. BROXVNSTEIN, 111 E II, fb A A, Greenville, Miss .... Las.: "Mississippian" Staff. 3, Football, '34, Baseball. '34: M. O. A. K. S. VVILLIAM BRUCE, Newton, Miss. . . , . . . Librral .ilrfs FAY BUNCH, Taylor, Miss ...... . Education Y. XV. C. A. ARTHUR G. BUSBY, JR., H K 41, VVaynesbOrO, bliss. . La-1: Vie-e-President, Junior Law Class. GEORGE BUTLER, E X, Jackson, Miss. ....... Liberal .iris Cardinal Club, University Players: Y. M. C. .-X.: "Mi-sIssippian" Staff. GEORGE CAIN, K A, Raymond, Miss. . Band. CLAUDE C.-XLLENDER, E A E, Edwards, Miss. . Hermean Literary Society. VTRGTNIA CAREY, K A, Hickory Flat, Miss .... . Busiiirss Sfbool . Liberal -Jr1.I . . Liberal -iris li.-KTHERINE FRANCES CARLISLE, X Q, Aberdeen, Miss. . Liberal .iris XVARREN L. CARLSON, B 9 II, Corinth, Miss ..... Liberal .lr-fx Basketball, 1, 2, 3: Football. 1, 2. 3' " SIDNEY CARLTON, New Albany, Miss. . . EMILY JANE CARTER, A O II, Jackson Transfer from Supl ,Miss. . . 1. GERALDINE CARTER, Henderson, Tenn ..... JOHN CARVER, E X, Crawford, Miss. . FRANCES CASHMAN, Vicksburg, Miss. VVILLIAM P. CASSEDY, B 6 II, Brookhaven, Miss. Hermean Literary Societyg Interfraternity Council, . BI " Club. . . . Lai: . . Libi'ral.Jr15 Ie Newconib, Bu.finf'.r.f School . Business Srbool . Libsral .Jrts .....Lafu: '34 '35: Y. BI. C. A.: Student Dance Committee, '35, "Mississippian" Staff. '35: Annual Staff. '33g Vice-President, Freshman Law Class: Dagger Point. '35: Glee Club. '32g Band. 1, 2, 3: University Players. 1, J. B. CAULFIELD, A T Q, VVater Valley, Miss. . MRS. SARAI-I CHALR, Brookhaven, Miss. . . Page 89 . Liberal .-Iris . Liberal .-Iris 4.4 OF 1938 HAZEI. CHAPMAN, Oxford, Miss. . JAMES R. CHAPMAN, Oxford, Miss. . DORIS CHIPLEY, Carthage, Miss ..... . SHANNON CHRISTIAN, II K A, Amory, Miss. CATHERINE CLARK, X Q, Ruleville, Miss. G. L. CLAY, Collinsville, Miss ..... Basketball, Trai-kg Y. M. C. A. DARRELL JASPER COBB, Lambert, Miss ..... CLAUDE T. COEEMAN, Merigold, Miss. . MINNIE COLE, X Q, Monroe, La .... xi iv, C. A. LLOYD A. COLEMAN, E X, Doddsville, Miss. . . MRS. VV. DEJ, COLEMAN, 11, M, Natchez, Miss. . JOHN VV. CONNER, E N, McComb, Miss ..... Hermean Literary Society, "Ole Miss" Stall RICHARD E. CONNER, B 6 H, E 9 TI, Vicksburg, Miss Associated Society of Civil Engineers. HENRY COPELAND, H K A, Thyatira, Miss. . "Mississippian" Staff. CLAUD Cooic, El Dorado, Ark ...... ELIZABETH COOK, A A A, Columbus, Miss. Bon COVVAN, X 52, Shelby, Miss. . . L. H. Cox, H K A, Marks, Miss. . . MITTIE CREEKMORE, X Q, Jackson, Miss. JULIUS CRISLER, K A, Flora, Miss. E. VVAYNE CROCKER, Sarepta, Miss ...... B.A., Degree: Medical Club. Liberal 4rts Business School Business School Lzberal -Iris Liberal slrts Lzberal Jrts Lafw Lafu, Lzberal Arts Buszness School Liberal elrts Lzberal Arts Engineering Liberal -Irts Lzbrral Jrts Business School Buszness School Liberal 'Iris Liberal elrts lvledtczne JAMES H. CURRIE, sb A 6, CP H E, T K A, E T,'Meridian, Miss Debating Team. JOE DABBS, H K fb, Shannon, Miss. . EDD. H. DANIEL, II K A, Oxford, Miss. . . Phi Sigma. Literary Society. EUGENE DAWSON, Summit, Miss. . . . JAMES DAY, fb II fb, Decatur, Miss .... . . . Y. M. C. A.: Pharnizir-y Ululig H9I'lllt'Elll l4lil'l'ill' DOROTHY MAE DEAN, Cascilla, Miss ..... Y. XV. C. A.g Philosophy Club. Page 90 Liberal Arts Libc ral 'Iris Business School Liberal flrts Pharmacy y S0l'l9f5 . Ltberal Arts . Liberal Arts I.- GENE H. DENr, A K E, Lockhart, S. C ....... Liberal Arts CARL VVEATHERS DOBSON, II K slr, fb X, Wedowee, Ala. . Medirine Medical Club: B.S. Ilegree from L'niversity of Georgia. JOHN SHARP DONALD, E A li, dw A A, II K A, jackson, Miss. . Lafu: Debating Team, '35, YVARREN DORSEY, 47 H fb, YVater Valley, Niiss. Cardinal Club '35. XVILLETTE DUCKXVORTH, E X, Columbus, Miss. Band: "Mississippiai:s." 1. ROBERT W. DUNN, E A E, Hattiesburg, lN1iss. MARTHA DYER, X Q, Greenville, Miss. EVERETIE EATON, E fb E, Sumrall, Miss. . LULIE EDDINS, K A, Bay Springs, Miss. . Pix. LEON ELLARD, Pittsboro, Miss. . . VIRCXNIA EMBREE, A A A, Como, Miss .... .IULIAN ERviN, H K A, Crystal Springs, Miss. Y. M. C. A. MICHAEL ELZBANKS, K E, Lucedale, Miss. . L. BEN EVANS, A K E, Holly Springs, Niiss. . Football, 1: Track, 1. EUGENE LOVE FAiR, dv A 9, Louisville, Miss. . Liberal A ris . Business Sfllool Engineering Liberal .-Irls . Pharmacy . . . Lafw Liberal :Iris . Edufation Liberal Arls Liberal A rts . Business School Liberal .-Iris Football Manager. 1 2, 3: Y. M. C, A.: Hermean Literary Society. TRAVIS A, FILGO, VVaterford, Miss .... . Liberal .-Iris HARVEY LENOIR FLOXYERS, Kilmichael, Miss ...... Mediriae Medical Club: Secretary. Freshman Medical Class. R. BURNELL FLOXVERS, Kilmiehael, Miss ........ 'lr Iedirine B.S. from Mississippi State: Medical Club. JOHN THOMAS FONDREN, Forrest City, Ark. . SAM FoosE, JR., fb A 9, Tchula, Miss .... Officer, R. O. T. V.: Football, 1 2: Basketball. 1, 2: XVYNONETTE FREEMAN, 41 M, Laurel, Miss. . . ROY FUNCI-iEss, Osyka, Miss ....... A. B. FURLOW, JR., E A E, Brookhaven, Miss. Hermean Literary Society: Glee Club, 2: Y. M. Liberal Arts Liberal .-Iris X. M. C. A. Liberal Arts Liberal Arts . . Business School ' Vice- C. A., 1. 2, 3. President, Musical Club: Treasurer, Junior Y Cabinet: "Mississippian" Staff, 3: Vniversity Chorus: "Mississippian" Staff. FRANK FUTRELL, sb H E, Oxford, Miss ....... Liberal Arts Honor Roll, '35. JACK GALBREATH, fir A 9, Memphis, Tenn. . . Liberal Arts ROONEY GATES, K A, jackson, Miss ........ Liberal Arts Cardinal Club, '35: Vice-President. Sophomore Class, '35. MARGARET GATLIN, A A A, Laurel, Miss. ..... Liberal Arts Treasurer of Y. XV. C. A.. 1, 2, 3: Secretary Of Freshman Class, '34: Glee Club, '34. Page 9I "5 yd 4.4 0F 1938 D.ANlEL PENlCK GHOLSON, fb B K, fir A A, Holly Springs, Miss.La-w PAUL H. GOODMAN, A T Q, Iuka, Miss. . Cardinal Club. THOMAS M. GORE, Houston, Miss. . . Medic-ai Club. BONNIE LEE GRAHAM, Porterville, Miss. Football, 4, 5, li: Basketball. 4, . Liberal Arts . Medicine Business School HOMER GRAHAM, Prentiss, Miss ........ Business School GEORGE YV. GREEN, Irta Bena, Miss ....... Liberal Arts Glee Club. 1, 23 Honor Roll, 23 Y. M. C. A. LUTHER E. GRICE, JR., II K A, Crystal Springs, Miss.Business School Y. M. C. A., Hermean Literary Sor-ietyg President, Sophomore Classg "Ole Miss" Staff, 2. 3. NEN'A GRISHAM, Toccopola, Miss. . . . CHARLES M. CUCHEREAU, Vicksburg, Miss. . VIRCIL GULLY, Dekalb, Miss. LAMONT HAGAN, Kokomo, Miss ToxEY HALL, JR., E X, CID A A, , . . . . Columbia, Miss, LESTER HALPRIN, Greenville, Miss ..... EULA MAE HAMILTON, A A A, Business School Business School . Medicine . Liberal Arts . . . Lafw . Liberal Arts New Albany, Miss. . Education T, C. HAMMACK, Scooba, Miss. Lois ANNE HANSELL, X Q, K Z, Okolona, Miss. Y. W. C. A. RAY HAPES, fb K XII, University, Miss. . . . "M" Club, Football, 1. 2, 33 Track, FRANK L. HARMON, University, Miss. . Y. M. C. A. BILLY HARPER, 21 A E, Greenwood, Miss. . . Hermean Literary So:-ietyg Y. M. C GUS HARRINGTON, Houston, Miss ...... JAMES A. HARRIS, E X, Wlebb, Miss. . AAUBREY HARRIS, H K A, Shannon, Miss. . FRANK HART, Ile II sie, Picayune, Miss. . . . Football, 21 Vice-President, Student Body, '36-' Junior Y. M. C. A. CLYDE LITTLE HAR1'SFlELD, Oxford, Miss. . . Pharmacy . Liberal Arts Business School 2, 3. . Liberal Arts . Liberal Arts .A. Business School . Liberal Arts . Liberal Arts Business School Secretary of . Liberal Arts VVILLIAM C. HAYES, JR., Sherman, Miss. . . . Medicine Y. M. C. A., Medical Club. RosA HEALY, X Q, A A A, Il E dv, Natchez, Miss. . . Liberal Arts Secretary: Junior Class. F. LLEWELLYN HEARD, A T A, Biloxi, Miss. . . Business School Band: Mississippians. Pa ge 92 L E I SS ELMER HENRY, K A, Long Beach, Miss .... . . Lihrral .lf-ls CHARLES R. HERRON, JR., E A E, Canton, Miss. . Businrss Srhool TILLIS HILL, H K Q, Laurel, Miss ....... . Lau- M. O. A. K. S.: Senior Y. M, lf. A. EGBERT HINES, JR., XVILLIAM HINES, Q GILES G. HOFEER, Q K XII, Cruger, Miss. . . Give Club. K Alf, Cruger, Miss. Mathiston, Mis. O. T. HOLDER, A T A, Corinth, Miss. H. G. HOLLEMAN, ROBERT L. HOLLEH' . Businfss Sfhool , Liberal .lrix . . Edumiiofz . Businrss Sfhool . Engifm-ring Q II Q, Bay St. Louis, Miss. . Senior Y, M. , JR., A K E, Oxford, Miss. . . .ilffdlflllf Medical Club: B..-X. Degree. JACK HOOD, Biloxi, Miss ..... THOMAS ST.-ATEN HOPKINS, K A, Q X, Lula, Miss B..-X. Degreeg Medical Cluli. THOMAS G. HORNE, K A, Meridian, Miss. . CECELIAN HosEY, Q M, Laurel, Miss ....... Debating Team, '35-'36: "Ole Miss" Sta PAUL HOYLE, K E, Itta Bena, Miss. PHILLIPS IZARD, ZS Q E, Georgetown, Miss. S. EDWARD IZARD, Newhebron, Miss. .... . Y. M. C. A.: Biology Laboratory Ass CLAUDE A. JACKSON, Q A 9, Kosciusko, Miss. . Football, 4, 5, 63 K. ELLIS JAGGERS, Pontotoc, Miss. . . Pharmacy . . .llfdicirzf . Busirzrss Srhool . Lihrral.Jri5 .., . ..,- ff. Ah- oi. . . Librral .-Iris . Businrss School Lilzrral .Jrts istant. . . Libfral.-Iris Track, 4, 5, G. VIOLA JAMES, X Q, Q .A A, Gulfport, Miss. . , CLAUDE JENNINGS, JR., II K A, Kosciusko, Miss. LURLINE JOHNSON, Olive Branch, Miss .... Latin Club: Y. AV. C. A. XVILLXAM G. JOHNSTON, II K Q, Columbus, Miss. Band, 1. 2. . Libvral .-Iris . . . Lau' . . Llhrral .iris . Libvral .-Iris . . Librraljrls BILL JOLLY, Q II Q, Carthage, Miss ........... Lafw Phi Sigma Literary Sm-iety: Gym Dance Committee. KATHLEEN JONES, Q M, Clarksdale, Miss. . . . Liberal .iris CHARLES S. JORDAN, JR., E A E, Columbia, Miss. . Business School CLAUD LEARE KEIRN, Q K Elf, Keirn, Miss. . . Liberal .-Iris Cardinal Club, '35, RICHARD E. KEYE, 2 A E, Rockford, Ill ....... Edurafion Hermean Literary Society, University Choir, International Relations. Page 93 0.4.4 OF 193 . Business School Football, 1, 2, 3: Basketball, 1, 2, 3: President of Sophomore Class: Treasurer of Junior Classy Member of All-Amerii ROBERT KINCADE, A XII, Clarksdale, Miss .... 'an Football Team. . Business School Football, 1, 2. 3: Basketball, 1. 2, 31 Track. 1. 2, 3. WALDEN KLAUS, Vicksburg, Miss ...... "Mississippian" Staff. . . Liberal Arts JOHN M. KUH'KENDALL, K E, Charleston, Miss. . . . Liberal Arts Interfraternity Council: "Mississippian" Staff, 1, 2. 3: Managing Editor, "Mississippian," 3, Y, M. C. A., 1, 2, 3: Carcli Sports. 1936 Book. TOM LACEY, A K E, Holly Springs, Miss. . JOHN LANGSTON, Newhebron, Miss. . . CHARLES LENZ, II K A, Greenville, Miss. . . nal Club. 2: Editor . Business School . Liberal .slrls . . Liberal Arts Transfer from Mississippi Colltg -. WiLLiAM EAST LOTTERHOS, K A, Crystal Springs, Miss. . Medicine Senior Y. M. C. A.: Vice-President of Medical Club. TRAVIS D. LovE, JR., Pinola, Miss. . . JAMES Q. LOVETT, 112 K XII, Laurel, Miss. Medioal Club. HERBERT LUNCEFORD, Slate Spring, Miss. M. B. LYNCH, Marks, Miss ...... Transfer from Sunflswel' Junior CO BOB MAGRUDER, sb A 9, Port Gibson, Miss. . . . . Liberal Arts . Medicine . Liberal .-Iris . . . Liberal :Iris llege. . Business School Y. M. C. A.: Phi Sigma Literary Society. JEAN MAl.LlNC, A I', Lakewood, Ohio . . JIMMY MANSKER, K Z, Leland, Miss .... Dick HALL MARCHBANKS, New Albany, Miss. . JOHN MARCHBANKS, II K A, Shannon, Miss. . JAMES T, MASON, E fb E, Purvis, Miss. . Pearl River College. . Business School . Business School . Business School . Liberal .Jrts . Liberal .iris FRANK CAMERON MASSENGILL, E A E, Brookhaven, Miss. . Medicine President Medic-al Svhool: Mediral Club: Senior Y. M. C. A.: Glee Club, 1: University Chorus, 1, 2: President, Sophomore Business School Class. JAMES WAYNE MCCOOL, Durant, Miss. . Band. MARGARET GRACE MCCORKLE, Oxford, Miss. . HTLL ROBERT MCCORMICK, II K A, Hickory, Glee vitn., 1, 2. KIRK W. MCCORMICK, fir K XP, Yazoo City, Miss Catholic- Club: Pharmavy Clul LEO MCDONALD, Quitman, Miss ....... President, Freshman Law Class: I-lermean Literal' Miss. . . Business School . . Liberal Arts Business School . . . Pharmacy I. . . . . . Lafw y Soeiety: Senior Y. M. C. A.: University Players. E. F. MCDOWELL, K A, Oxford, Miss ..... RUTH MCELROY, Oxford, Miss ...... JOE A. MCFARLAND, E N, Bay Springs, Miss. . Baseball, '3-1: Treasuri-r, Junior Law Class: Int Senior Y. M. C. A. Page 94 . Business School . Liberal .flrls . . . . . Lafw erfraternity Council: LE ISS CLYDE MCGEE, E X, Leland, Miss .... HELEN LOUISE MCGEHEE, K A, Hammond, La. JULIUS MclLwAiN, B 9 H, Pascagoula, Miss. Cardinal Club, 2. O. L. MCLEOD, A T A, Pascagoula, Miss. . . "Mississippian" Staff. 1, 2, 3. BENJAMIN MCNEAL, Moorhead, Miss .... DEOLECE MILLER, McCool, Miss. RALPH MILLS, E if E, Drew, Miss ..... Football, 1, 25 Y. M. C. A.. 1, 2, 3: Assistant Coach, 3. DUDLEY R, MOORE, K E, Byhalia, Miss. . Y. M. C. A., Millsaps 2 IRRY MooRE, E N, Oakland, Miss .... PAUL MOORE, Oxford, Miss .... TOMMY MOORE, E N, McComb, Miss. . Enom MORGAN, K E, Moorhead, Miss. Head Cheerleader, 1. 25 Track, 1, 2: Club, Blue Key. KATHRYN MORGAN, A A A, Como, Miss. . MARGARET Mosnv, Canton, Miss .... Y. XV. C. A. VVILLIAM HARRIS MOUNGER, fb A 9, VVinona, Miss. , . Business Sfliool . Business Sfliool . Liberal Arts . Lafw . Liberal Arts . Liberal Arts . . Liberal Arts Freshman Football . Liberal :Iris . Business Srhool . . . Lafw . . Librral Arts . Business School "Ole Miss" Staff, 33 . Liberal Arts . Liberal Arts Liberal Arts "Mississippian" Staff, 1, 2, 3: Philosophy l'luh 2: Vice-President, Philosophy Club, 35 Hermean Literary Society 2. 33 Y. M. C. A. Pah- inet, 1, 2, 3, Vice-President, Y. M. C. A.. 1, President, Y. M. .5. MARGARET YOUNG MURPHEY, dw M, Ina Bena, Miss. WALLACE MURPHY, Calion, Ark ..... WILLIAMS NANCE, dw A 9, Jackson, Miss. . . Cardinal Club, "M" Cluli. . ilu: Aff! . Business Srbool GEORGE R. NEBLETT, 9 K N, B Z, 0 A K, 'iv A A, Brooksville, Miss. Lafw Drum Major: President of Band: Student Dance Committee: "Missis- sippian" Staff: Directing Manager. "Ole Miss:" VVho's Xvho Among American Colleges and Universities: President of Southern Region of National Student Federation of Americag President of Omicron Delta Kappa: President of Beta Zeta: Senior Y. M. C. A.: Dagger Point: Arrow Head. JAMES CRAWFORD NEILL, II K A, North Carrollton, Miss.Liberal Arts MARTHA ANN NELSON, X Q, jackson, Miss ..... Liberal Arts ROBERT S. NEwroN, K E, Wiggins, Miss ......... Law M. O. A. K. S.: "Law Journal" Staff, 43 Assistant Business Manager of "Law Journal," 5: Dagger Pointg Gym Dance Committee, 53 Senior Y. M. C. A.: Interfraternity Council, WILLIAM DUNNICA Orr, 19 K N, Osyka, Miss. . . . . . Lafw BENJAMIN F. PARKER, 2 fb E, Foxworth, Miss .... Liberal Arts Cardinal Club, 23 Y. M. C. A.. 1, 2, 35 Interfraternity Council. J. A. PARKER, Lucedale, Miss ..... .... L iberal Arts Y. M. C. A. GLYNDA PATTON, Water Valley, Miss. . . Liberal Arts G. T. PEARsoN, Macon, Miss. . . Medicine Page 95 I r A 0.4.4 OF 1938 JOE PENIX, K A, Jackson, Miss .... Senior Y. M. C. A.: Mississi ppians: Band. D. M. PENNEEAKER, Cotton Plant, Miss. . . . Y. M. C. A. L. C. PHTLLTPS, K E, Macon, Miss. . JOHN POPE, Collins, Miss .... BILL PORTER, B 9 II, Pattison, Miss. . S. VVINSTON PORTER, Tylertown, Miss. . VVILLIAM PORTER, Tylertown, Miss, . T. M. POSEY, A T Q, Oxford, Miss. . . DOROTHY POVVER, K A, Red Banks, Miss Liberal Arts Medirina . Business School . Business Sehool Liberal A rts . Biuirzess School . Businexs School . Pharmacy Liberal Arts Liberal Art: JAMES E, PUCKETT, fb H E, Crystal Springs, Miss. . Y. M. C. A.: Vive-President. Junior Class: Honor Roll, 1. 2. JAMES A. RAMSEY, Wlater Valley, Miss. MRS. STACY B. RANDLE, Oxford, Miss. . BUEORD RATLiEE, Baldwyn, Miss. . VVILLIAM C. REED, A T A, Jackson, Miss. Cardinal Club. ROMAN K. RICE, JR., f-iw K ilf, VVebb, Miss. . M. O. A. K. S.: Senior Y. M. C. A.: President JIMMIE RIEVES, K E, Marion, Ark. . FRED ROGERS, K A, Porterville, Miss. . LESLIE ROGERS, A XII, H E fb, Greenwood, Y. M. C. A.: Latin PETER ROSATO, JR., Bangor, Penn. . . Miss. . Club. , Junior Liberal Arts Liberal Arts Liberal Arts . Lafw . . . Lafw Law Class. . Pharmary . . . Lafw Liberal Arts Engineering ...Lafw JAMES H. ROSE, II K SP, VVest Helena, Ark. . M. O. A. K. S.: Student Dante Committee 1, 2, 3: President of Soph- omore Class: Trark Manager. 1, 2. 3. 4: Annual Staff, 2, 3. 4: Inter- .S -l Y M C A fraternity Count-il. ". : FREDERICK A. Ross, Meridian, Miss. . . ...Lafw Taylor Award in Sociology: Stati- Senator: Master Mason. C. G. ROTENEERRY, JR., II K A, Lambert, Miss. . ROBERT ROUNSAVTLLE, B 9 H, Cofleeville, Miss. H. THOMAS L. ROYCE, A T Q, fli X, Isola, Miss. . B.A. Degree: Medical Club. . Mfdirint' .- Eduration . Medicine ALBERT R. RUSSELL, dv A 9, 0 A K, T K A, H E fir, E T, dv A A, Oxford, Miss .......... ...Lafw "Mississippian" Staff, 1, 2, 3, 4: Editor of "Mississippian," 5: President Of Tau Kappa Alpha, 4: President of Debating Count-il 4, 5: Y. M. C. A., 1, 2, 3, 4. 5: President Of State Y. M. C. A., 5: Southern Student Coun- cil. 5: "M" Book Staff: Hermean Literary Soc-iety. 1, 2, 3. 4: 'Inter- fraternity Counvil, 4: Arrow Heads, 4: Daggt-r Points, 5: Chairman, Publications Count-il. GUY RUSSELL, TI K rfb, Clarksdale, Miss. . . Pharmary RUTH L. RUSSELL, Redwood, Miss ...... . Liberal Arts Y. YV, C. A.: Latin Club. Page 96 L I S MARGARET RIJTLEDCE, A A A, McComb, Miss. . Liberal .Jrts CLAUDE SMITH SANDERS, Harperville, lvliss ..... Liberal .Iris Cardinal Club, 2: Junior Y, M. C. A. HAR1'LEi' T. SANFORD, A T Q, Itta Bena, bliss. . Liberal .-lrts SEBASTIAN S.-KNTORA, Garfield, N. J .... . Liberal .iris CLIFFORD SCHULTZ, fb K XII, Vicksburg, Miss. . . . Lafw Boxing, 2. CHARLES S. SEGREST, E A E, dv X, Port Gibson, bliss. . Medicine Mernf-ai Ciuii. CLAUIJ SELBY, A K E, Vicksburg, Miss. Y. LI. C. A., 1, 2, 3: Cardinal Clulw, 12: VVILLIAM NUGENT SHANDS, dv A 9, fb A BAIN C. SHANNON, Pontotoc, Miss. . Sunfiows-r Junior College. Luci' VVEBB SHARP, X Q, Grenada, Miss. . MARGARET SH.-XRPE, X Q, jackson, Miss. OLIVER SHAW, University, Miss. VIRGINIA SHEFFIELD, Fulton, Miss. GILL SHELTON, E X, Ruleville, Miss .... Sunfiower Junior College. XVOODROVV SHELTON, Smithville, Miss .... PRESCOTT A. SHERMAN, E N, E 9 II, McComb . . Business School X'if'e-President. Junior Class. lb, Jackson, Miss. . . Lau . . . . . . Engineering . Liberal .lrts , Liberal .-lrts . Liberal .-lrls . Liberal .iris . . Business School . . Liberal :Irts Miss. . Engineering President, Freshman Engineering Class: President of Sophomore En- gineering Class: President of Junior Engineering Class: Yi:-e-President of Associated Sor-iety of Civil Engineers: M. O. A. K. S.: Blue Kev: "M" Book Stalf: Cardinal Club: Y. M. C. A.: "Mississippian" Stafff TOM SHERMAN, IP A 9, Meridian, Miss. . . Business School LAURAXCE SIEVERS, 6 E fb, Greenville, Miss ....... Lau Treasurer of Frcshmaii Class: Y. M. C. A. VVILLIAM SIMPSON, A K E, Sumner, Miss ..... . Lasw University of Alabama. DAVID SMALLVVOOD, E sb E, Oxford, Miss. . . . . Lafw M. o. A. K. s. DAMON BEAUVOIRE SMITH, B 9 H, Meridian, Miss. . Liberal Arts Band, 1, 2. 3. J. A. SMITH, A NP, Indianola, Miss ....., Business School Blue Key: "M" Club: Boxing Team. 2, 3, 4: Gym Dance Committee: M. O. A. K, S.: President of Junior Class. JAMES BARRY SMITH, dv X, Magee, Miss ....... Medicine PI'esident of B..-S. School, 4: Gym Dance Committee, 4, 5: Publications Council, 4: Medical Club: Y. M. C. A.: B. A. Degree. '36. JOHN D. SMITH, II K 42, Laurel, Miss ....... Liberal Ari: LANDON JEROME SMITH, A K E, Tupelo, Miss. . . Liberal Arts LOUISE SMITH, A A A, Canton, Miss ...... Business School MARTHA R. SMITH, A A A, Holly Springs, Miss. . Liberal Arts Page 97 Cbezeiei 0F 1938 NIARTHA VANCE SMITH, X Q, Grenada, Miss. . T. A. SMITH, K E, Tchula, Miss. . . Liberal .llrzs Liberal Arts Y. M. C. A.. 1, 2, CRENOLA SNEED, Pontotoc, Miss. . . . Liberal Arts IRENE SNYDER, A A A, Laurel, Miss. , . Business Sehool MARX' Fixx SPEED, A A A, Meridian, Miss .... Business School Legislative Council, 3: Secretary of Pan-Hellenic Count-.l 1: President of Y, XV. C. A.. 1. 2, 3. EDGAR STEPHENS, E X, New Albany, Miss ..... Glee Clulrg Y. M. C. A. Golf Team. LILLA CLAIRE STEVENS, A A A, Senatobia, Miss, , . SARA NELL STEVENS, A A A, Clarksdale, Miss. . 31 Glee Club, Liberal .Jrts Liberal .Jrts Liberal Arts .ALBERT N. STREETER, Derma, Miss. ---- . Medicine B.A. Lkgr-eg Medir-nl Club. TERRY SCBER, JR., Kosciusko, Miss .... . . Engineering EDWIN SULLIVAN, CID H Rib, Mize, Miss .... , . . Liberal .elrts Hermean Literary Soi-iety: Y. M. C. A. JAMES H. SKY.-XRTZFAGER, A T A, Hattiesburg, Miss. . . Medieine Vive-PI'esifl-aITt, Medif-al Svlioolg Y. M, C, .-Lg Alulvaixuzx. 1. 23 Millsaps, 33 rretlmii Club. JULIEN TATLM, A T Q, Complete, Miss. . FRANK K. TATL'M, II K A, Tupelo, Miss. . , JOHN ROBERT TAYLOR, A K E, XVesr Point, Miss. . SCOTT TENNYSON, E X, Columbus, Miss ...... Liberal .-Iris Liberal .iris Liberal .-Iris Liberal Arts Business Manager of "Mississippiang" Sec-retaI'y. Debating Council, Assistant Professor of Speesnhg Uiiiversity Players. LELIA TERRY, A A A, Laurel, Miss ....... Business School Pix: Cheerleader: Annual Starr. MART' BELLE TINSLEY, K A, DeKalb, Miss. . . YV. C. TRIGC, B 9 H, Xvaynesboro, bliss. . . . Herms-an Literary Soi-isty. KERMIT TRIM, Tiptonville, Tenn ..... EMMA LOUISE 'I'lJCKER, fb M, Batesville, bliss. . . RL'TH SAGE TUCKER, Ecru, Miss. . FLETCHER VE.-XZEY, K A, Coldwater, Miss. . JODIE VOYVELL, Carthage, Miss. . . EMMIE ELLEN XV.-KDE, Oxford, Miss. - . .ANNIE LOU XVALL, Drew, Miss. . ROBERT W. XV.-ALL, JR., fb A 9, Boyle, Miss ..... Liberal --Irts Liberal .flrls Liberal :Tris Liberal Arts . Eduraiion Liberal .-Iris Liberal flrts Liberal .ulrls Liberal .lrts Liberal .4 rls Blue Key: InteI'fI'ateI'ITity Council: "lIlSSlSSi1JJllRll" Staff. 1. 2: Editor of 1937 "Ole Missa" Yi:-e-President. JuIIior Y. M. C. A.: Dagger Points: Interfraternitv Dumse Conrlut-t Cfmmitteeg Annual Staff, 25 Debating 5 Team, 1, 23 Student Publication Couni-il. Q Page 98 OL ISS MARY JANE VVALLACE, A A A, K Z, Oxford, Miss. Bellislven C-illvge, 1. NTIRIAM XVAi.I.AcE, X Q, Biloxi, Miss. . DOROTHY XV.-XLLER, Oxford, Miss. . . MARJORTE VVARD, A A A, Cleveland, Nliss. SCOTT XV.-XRFIELD, K A, Gunnison, Miss. JOHN YV.-XTKINS, E N, Quitman, Nfiss. ERMA JO VVATSON, Bruce, Miss. . JAMES XVEBSTER, fb A 9, Oxford, Miss. . Y. M. C. A. ROBERT B. XVEEKS, Ackerman, Miss. MEi.viN VVELFORD, Leakesville, Miss. BETTY YVEST, X fl, McComb, Miss .... ALONZO S. XVESTBROOK, H K A, Jackson, Miss. . . Librral .iris . Lib z'r'11 l .Ir'1.v . Libfral .Iris . Libfral .iris Businfss Srbool . Liberal .iris . Lib f'r' al .-Irts Businfxs Srbool . Pllllflllllfy . Pllarnzafy . Librral .-Iris Business School "Mississippian Stair 1: Annual Staff, 1, 2 3: President Phi Sigma Lit- erary Society 2: Secretary. Frehman Y. M. C. A.: Treasurer, Soph- omore Y. M. C. A.: Gym Dani.-e Committee. 3: Interfraternity Council, 3: Golf Team, 2: Manager. Student Bank, 3. LEROY XVHELAN, Carthage, Miss ..... IULIAN XVHELESS, E A E, Hattiesburg, Miss. JOE C. XVHITE, Oxford, Niiss ...... YVILEY CORDILL YVHITE, K A, Canton, Miss. LUCILE XVHITEHEAD, fb M, Clarksdale, Miss. . . Debating Team: Y. M. C. A. EDVVARD XVHITTINCTON, Clarksdale, Miss. . . rarholif- Flulig Y. M. ft A. Rurus R. VVXGGIXS, II K fb, Kewanee, Miss. . Er.1zAsETH Wxuuxs, X Q, K Z, Grenada, Miss. MARGARET VVILLIAMS, K A, Itta Bena, Miss. . HARRY XVILSON, E X, Columbus, Miss .... Interfraternity Council. HAZEL WHLSON, K A, Itta Bena, Miss. . ANICE VVISE, Baird, Miss ....... MARY LANE VVOMACK, X Q, Jackson, Miss. . BESS VVOOD, X Q, Batesville, Miss .... GEORGE F. VVOODUEF, E A E, Jackson, Miss. . Businrss School Businfss Sflzool BIIJLIIFSS Sfbool . Librral .Jrls . Libfral.Jr1s . Liberal .-Iris . Lib z'1' al.1rIi Business Srbool . Librral .-Irts . Lafw . Librral flrts . Liberal .-Iris . Libfral flrls . Liberal .-Iris . . . . Lafw Blue Key: M. O. A. K. S.: Chairman Sovial Committee: Y. M. C. A.. 4: Treasurer of Y. M. C. A., 5: Vic-e-President, l-Iermean Literary Society: "Mississippian" Staff, 1, 3 4: Assistant Editor, 4: Vice-President. Blue Key, 4: Cardinal Club: lnterfraternity Council: Treasurer, Sophomore , Class: Business Manager of Book: Dagger Points. TOM BRAGG YANCEY, K A, Kingsport, Tenn. . . Business Sfbool Phi Sigma Literary Society: Y. M. C. A.. 1. 2, 3. Page 99 Mll k QA som-IOMQRE OFFICERS MACK T BLACKWOOD Preszdent o Lzheral Arts School WILLIAM COLEMAN BRANTON Preszclent o Law School PAT FARRELL Preszdent o Buszness School ERNEST W MCCRACKEN Preszdent of Engzneerzng School , f , ' ,1 De i er, McCrac en, Farrell, Blackwood, Branton . EDWARD A. DEMILLER L .,,,,,..,,c,.,,...,,, ,........,,.,,,L,c,.,,, P resident of Pharmacy School CLASS HE novelty wears away. The first hurdle is cleared. A spirit of independence is felt as the Sophomores come thun- dering back to school. New barriers of seemingly less emi- nence loom ahead as a new zeal to cross them evidences itself. Too, the inevitable air of importance assumes its distinctive- ness. The feeling of inferiority completely reverses its for- mer self. With possibly more, or even less ambition, the Sophomores resume both their curricula and extra-curricula activities and interests they began a year earlier. Whether that zeal be greater or less, they at least have a feeling of safety and self- reliance. With the first obstacle overcome, a vague appari- tion, that of finishing and graduation, settles within their hearts. Included in the presentation of the Sophomore Class is the class of first year law students. This classification is custom- ary, for it is these two groups who together will receive their proper degrees. Here, too, we see the fulfillment of the pur- pose of the University. Nineteen hundred thirty-nine will find a composite of many groups, representations of the vari- ous branches of learning, assembling together as another great Senior Class. With the ending of a second year, we see a change. The period of irresolution, the spirit of frivolity, the lack of pru- dence-all now begin to vanish and become indistinct. We see humble, steadfast, and zealous students emerging to fill the ranks vacated before them. Ar this juncture and in this light, we present the Sophomores. l l . i 'Y I6 --1 4.4 OF 1939 Top Row: jot-1Ns'1'ON COOPER AIJAMS, A K IC, Corinth, Miss ..... Lafw 1'i'e-sident, Fl'QSlll1I?lll Vlassg Y. IXI. lf. A., 1, 2 TI: Ijvliittiiig Team. Ijamxe f,'OllllllllIt'1', Ilaggt-1' Points: BI. U ROANE ADAMS, X fl, Natchez, Miss. lvl.-KRIE ADDISON, A A A, Laurel, Miss. . JAMES AALEXANIJER, K 22, Jackson, Nliss. Blue Kr-y. CHARLES VV. ANDERSOR, Z2 A 15, Okolona, Miss. l,.'kl'lD IANIDERSUN, II K A, Newton, Miss. . JUANNE ARMAx, K A, New Albany, Miss, Second Row: Rfllilikl A1 Rixsos, fb A 9, Drew, Miss .... Y. M. f'. .LQ "MississiyiDian:" l'll'I'Illf:'fIII I,itv1'nr'x' ANNA Axklis, X SZ, Alexzinclria, Lu. . . . K. s. . B.S.C. . 51.8. . Lafw . li.S.C. . B..l. . B..'I. . . li.S.C. Siivivly. . . . B..-1. Sl'I'INCliRl5ARNI'lS, K I, Helzoni, Miss. . . . . . . BJ. Y. M, V, A.g f':u'mlin:iI 1'Iuh, 'lili-'ZIT3 II:-rms-:in I.iti-ratry Soi-iwty. XVIII lit-QARDI-LN, K E, Okolona, Miss. fi.XRlJNliR liliNNI'l'I"I, li H II, Meritlian, Miss, . jfimtcs P. liIlilJIiNll.IRN, I X, Vit-kslaurg, Miss. M. U. .L K. S., Intl i'l'r:it1-rnily l'oum'1l1 I. M. f. .Xu MACK limcxwooo, I 'lf li, Drew, Miss. . Y M. tr. A. . . Lau' . l3.S.C. . . Lafw l,2,3,-1. . B..'7. Third Row: DORIS BOND, A A A, Greenwood, Miss. KIMBLE BRADLEY, Hattiesburg, Miss ...... XV. COLEMAN BRANTON, fl' 1' A, Greenville, Bliss, O. D. K., Phi Beta Kappa. JOE BREYER, K A, Meridian, Miss ..... VVALTER BRIDCFORTH, I A li, Yazoo City, Nliss. . Phi Eta Sigma, "INIississippian," 1 2 INEZ BROAIWVXIAER, Learned, Miss, . VIRGINIA BROCK, Marks, Miss. . B..S Bottom Row: MARX' EI.lZABE'I'll BURNEH, K A, Hollandale, Miss. GER'l'RUDE Bust-1, X Q, jackson, Miss. . ,ALFRED BUTLER, K A, Alligator, Miss. H. E. CAI.DwEl,l,, 22 fl! E, Balclwyn, Miss. JAMES CANFIELD, II K 111, Collins, Miss. . Y. M. C. A. GEORGE CANTIN, Leland, Miss. SAMMIE CASCIO, Leland, Miss. . . fiRAIJY CAS'I'II.I.0XV, Greenville, Miss. . Page I02 . BA. . B. S. C. . . Lwu . B.S.C. . . B..'l. . . . BA. in Plmrmzlfy . . 13.31. . BMI. . . B.S.C. . Pl'1'-illlrd. B. rf. . BJ. . BA. . Lame . B..4. Top Row: CHARLES CllANDl.liR, 22 X, McComb, Niiss. Y, Vailiilicl, 'Zhi-'IIT CARRIE FRANCES CTTAEMAN, Oxford, Miss, JANE SM1Tn CIIENAUIII, Kosciusko, Miss. JAMES A. CnERRi', K B, XViggins, Miss. Y. M. l', A., '36, EDWARD B. CHn.DREss, K A, Flora, Miss. Boxing Iiluxingn-i'. VVILLIAM CLANCY, K A, Jackson, Miss ..... . Y. M. C. A., llernie-an I.iter:11'y HAROLD N. CLARK E X, West Point, ies , M - . Hl'l'll192ll1 Litvl':u'y Socir-ty: Y. M Second Row: STEWART CLAYTON, fb A 9, Tupelo, Miss. . PHILLIP COBB, Eupora, Miss, . MAYES COFFEY, Myrtle, Miss ...... VVALTER DEJ. COLEMAN, K E, Natchez, Miss D. T. COLLINS, H K 43, Shannon, Miss. . Srivig-ly, -v .f.A. LUCY JANE CONNELL, A A A, Memphis, Tenn. . J. B. CONVVAY, E N, Tupelo, Miss, . l'I'r-Tumi, . ILS. C. . 1i..l. . li..'I. . Ii.S.C. . BJ. . B.S.C. . . B.S. P l'1'- Illed. . I?.S.C. . Lafw . BJ. . BJ. . B.S.C. Third Row: vlkflll. FOUR, I A li, Uxlorrl, Miss. Inu --xi" --nn., BRISIIAQR Cosxxuxx, I .X li, Al wr'i Tlwii, Miss. l1..I, iN1Il.DRliI3 CJRAN, X 52, XV:i5in-slworo, Niiss. Ii,.S'.I.'. ROLAND f'R.XNlURI7, A Alf, l.:iu i'rf l, Miss. , lf.,I. RL7'l'll C'R.xNl-Olin, A A A, i.ZllI l'i' l, Miss. . . Ii. 1. ROBERT CRAXXl"URll, E X, XVcsr Point, Miss. li 11. AVALTER CRUZ, A K li, XVest Point, Miss. , Bottom Row: ROBERT N. CRocRE'l"1', X sl' lil, Winterville, Miss. . l'r1-llrd. LOUISE CROZIER, A l', Erwin, Miss. . lf..S'.I.'. JAMIE CUMMINC, II K A, Price, Nliss. . . Ii..S'C. EDWTN JOSEPH CURLEE, E X, Rienzi, Miss. . ll.S.C. JOHN S, DALE, li H II, Prentiss, Miss. , li..S'.C. Br iiir 1, JACK DALTON, A K E, West Point, Miss .... . Pri'-Mrd. Fresliniali lfootlinllg Vzirililizil Vluli, JOE HARDEMAN ITANIEI., II K A, Oxford, Miss .... . HJ. EI,Ll0'I"I' RALEIGH DANZTG, fl: E H, T K A, Rolling Fork, Miss.LaAu' O. Il. K., Travk Te-ani, '35, 'Zlfig Boxing Ts-nm, 'illig IllIl'I'fl'2llt'l'l1ifX Counvilg "M" Clnlig Iiite-i't'1'z1te-rliity Ijzuive- 4'lJlIll1llItPF'i Senior Y, Cabinet, Chi Oiiie-ga Sfslirilziiwliip .-Xwurd, 193li: 'l'rvasui'er ol' Tau Kappa Aliihag Ijebatixig Tozun 1935-315, Lie-hating Council: Pl1il0S0- phy Club. Ulf OLE MISS l Page l03 M 0.44 CF 1939 Top Row En DAVIS, H K fl, Horn Lake Miss Annual Stan. 1, 23 "Mississippian" Staff, 1, 25 Latin Club Vive President 9 RICHARD DAVIS, Oxford, Miss ......., B.S., Pharmacy Vine Picsidtnt Sophoinoze PlllII1l'IlN tlass JEROME DEAVOURS, E sb E Laurel Miss JOHN VVEBB DELOACH, slr A 9, Greenwood, Miss .... B.S.C llernienn 23 Y. M. C. A,. 1, 21 Band 1 25 "Mississippian" Business Qtaft " EDXYARD IJEIVIILLER E A E, Biloxi, Miss "Mississi1lpiai1" Staff, 1-lerrneang Y. M. C. A.g President Sophomore Ph uinafy C11 s JEAN DENMAN, E N, Greenwood, Miss Cardin il Club ARCHIE LEWIS DICKSON, K A, Jackson, Miss INSINNIJJUZII S lit 116llllP3.Yl IlftI'1IX Sous Second Row Si iliomorr- Y Czillim-t' Phi Sifma Sw:-ie " Assovints Editor Mis sissippitn Ano DUNAr:xN, E N, Hattiesburg, Miss BSC I ootlnll LIOVYARIJ DYER fl' I' A Greenville iss Lafw NELI, ECKLES X S2 Cleveland Miss JoE EDDINS, K E, Rosedale, Miss BS C Issxsslppl in 1 at All EDDIE I21NuoRN Bronx N VVILSON ELIIS, slr H fi Port Gibson Miss Third Row JACR ERIRS lN II lx fl VVater Valles Miss EARL ESTES Blue Mountain Miss MRS MIRE EUBANKS Lumberton Miss JOHN FARESE H lx 111 Oxford Miss PA1 FARREII lx V Tunica Miss Piesident bophomole BSI Sshool VV1LL1AM H FEDRIC, 1' N Charleston, Miss oxing M'1n'1g,el M O X lx Gsm Dance n eltiateinltx founril 35 C CURIIS FERRIII II K CID Laurel Miss Bottom Row FRANR FERRFLL A 1 A Ashland Miss s ALBERT FLAMM Grenada Miss HENRY Fu X ll Jackson Miss FRANR H FORD JR Al Hattiesburg Miss 0 Lafw B SC Lafu nnnlttee 3 BSC BSE Lafw BSE onoi Countil N it President sophomore rlass Stmetus eshrnan Class Annual Stllt A L 1 ho c L R BRENT FORMAN JR sb A 6 Natchez Miss M isslssippiin Stiff 1 io lx RAi F051 ER, ltta Bena Miss Find RUIH FOX A l Lakewood Ohio ANNEIIE Gx1Nrs X S2 Greenulle, Miss A Page I04 : 1 ', ' , ....,.. B..-1. , , ......... BA. : . , y H' - r V O Yr ' lv fy Q--. ...... , , ......... BALI. A - s . f . Y, , xg. .t..... B.s. , , . ....... 12.14. v Y y y - ,,,,,,,,, I ' X 4 ,, v 4, . , nsf. .... . .... .R . . . .4 . , 3 ' 5, . .... . ' n ' ' "" B'S'1 Ph' B . 1 j ', . . f. '. S.: j . ' C ' . , '. 51 , I t ' ' j Q' 4' , ' , 'IZQSQ Y, M'. 7. A., '31. '3li. B 4 ' .., ' , , ....... . . . ', ,,,,, B.,-1. ' . , "gi: , '. ....... ... Ai " Str "3 ' , 1' V. ':'1ty. A- '- C- E- : . ' y y ss. . . . ..... . . ERNliS'l' IJIXON, A T A, Union, Miss. . . ..... . Burl. H -5 li 3, 'N i --------- Law ll . fn fx, ' ' ', " T- Y V 0 ' A '- 'Z -H . , -, -1 1, - , - . .... . . . Irl ' ' 'i, '35, '36, 'ij -- ' i." , " ' Q' . .gg . - Q 2 , ,,,,,, , , , Fl' s ,' . S 1 "3 . S. '. E.: Cat li' "lulm. n , , A ' B ,1 . , ., , , ,- ...... .. . Y, . C. A., 1, 23 Latin Vlulx, 1, 2: University Chorus 13 Hurniezui. 13 M . ....... , . . . ' ' ' "M 3. 1 " Sz . 23 llcn 1' 'oll, 1. - 1 1 ' ' '---s- BA- f W- , ............ ILS. "lN1'.':'.'." 'z " Sl: IT: Ss"'4-tzlry ol' Soplioniorr- Y V: int-l. " , -' 1, ' , ' ,.... .... B , , . Y. . ....... lm. z 5 , is 1' ....... 11.4. Top Row: BUCHANAN G.ARIDXER, E A Ii, T K A, II II A, Tom fiARDNER, E A li, Gulfport, Miss. . . Gulfport, Miss.l.afu' 13,.1. Y lfuhiiietg "MissisSi1vpiuii3" Sophoniort- Frrzitl-gill Mziiiziuv-r. CLARESCE GEORGE, B 9 H, Corinth, Miss. CARUTHERS GHOLSON, Holly Springs, Miss. BiLLx' GiLsER'i', II K A, Lambert, Miss. . ALEX GlI.LIAM, JR., E A E, Clarksdale, Miss ...... . BJ. Law . B..S'.C. La-1: O. D. K.: President Intert'i'ate-rnity Dance lfulimluvt Committee: As- sociate Editor. "M" Book. 5: Assovaie- Etlito Y. M, C. A.: M, O. .-X. K, Honor I-ioll. 43 Gl He-rmean Literary Society, 43 "Mississippian" E-ru. 1, Z. AVILSON GiLLiLAxD, E X, Nesbitt, Miss. . . "Mississippian" Staff. Second Row: DAVID GLEASON, K A, Nleridian, Niiss. SAMUEL GLICRMAR, New York City . . . V, "AIississi1i1viaii" 51 11' Llulv. 41 President. SHUT. 43 Soutliwwt- . B.S.C. . B.S.C. . B.S.C. Third Row: joiiw IIAHA, K I, lfriyt-ite, Miss. . . . . Ii..l. xy A1 1' A , ini ii.. .ni La r.-r.,r , i.-it CELESYE iIAl.I., A A A, iii' t't,A Iixwmti, Alisa , li..-I. PARKER HALL, K I, ilqllllifll, Mis-. , , l1.,S'.C. fl.-AROLD IIALIER, Gokontlzi, Ill ...... . Ii..'I. . li..S'.C. JAMES ROBER1 HAMJ, fl, A H, YAvZ1AIlC"lilll'H, Miss. Y AI i' x HAROLD HAREY, A K Ii, Oxford, Miss. . lgfigim-frirzg CHARLES GOLDBERG, fb E II, New York City . . BJ. . B.S.C. MARv1x GOLDBERG, Chicago, Ill .... Boxing Team. HAROLD GOTTHELF, JR., Vicksburg, Miss. . JOHN HANXOX, Ray-montl, Miss. . . . , . l!.,1. Bgieitl, Bottom Row: ELIZABETH HANSARD, A A A, El Dorado, Ark. . . .-1.8. NIARGARET H.ARDA', X Q, Columbus, Miss. . BJ. Y. W. C. A. E. :ARLIS H.ARREI.SON, Bruce, Bliss. . . . BJ. SYKES HARTIN, fb II E, Columbus, Miss ........ BA. I-Ierine-mis: Y. M. C. A., Ye-River Service Committee. HEL:-:x HARTSHORN, A A A, Greenwood, Miss. . B.S.C. M. PAL'L I'I.-XYNES, Belmont, Miss. . . Lafw Cardinal Clubg "Mississippian" Staff: Y. M. C. A. Calfiiiietg Phi Sigma Literary Society. M. E. GREEN, H K A, Amory, bliss ,... D.-win HALEY, Utica, Miss. . . PIT-Jlfd. . Prc-.lIfd. :ARVINE HESRH' New Haven Conn .... B..-I. 7 I F11-sliniaii Football: Basketball: Track Team, Y. M. C. A. Cabineti Catholic Clulv. R1CE GOLDY HENRY, H K fb, Darling, Miss. BA. OLE MISS Q 3' Y' a Page IOS Top Row: CHARLES BEER HIRSCH, sb E II, Vicksburg, Miss. Cardinal Club. E. H. HIX, '-ID A 9, Jackson, Miss .... "M" Boolcg "Mississippian," "Ole Miss" Staff, University P Y Cabinet. DOROTHY HOLLAN, X Q, Wynne, Ark. . . Sophomore Y Cabinet. HOMER HOOPER, sb A 9, Philadelphia, Miss. FRANK W. HUDSON, K A, Hattiesburg, Miss. THEODORE G. HUFFMAN, VVoodland, Miss. GEORGE SHELTON IREY, E X, Como, Miss. . Second Row: CHARLES JACKSON, Leakesville, Miss. . . HERMON GRAY' JOHNSON, E A E, Meridian, M Cardinal Club. LEE W. OHNSON Z A E Columbus Miss. 7 l l iss, Hermean Literary Society, Y. M. C. A., '35, '36. VAN JONES, Oxford, Miss ....... WAYNE JONES, A T A, McCool, Miss. . . aft .La J, -.Qv sq., .44 OF 1939 BA. BA. layers: BA. BA. B.S.C. BA. B.S.C. BA. Lafw BA. BA. B..4. B.f1. JOHN WILLIAM JOYNER, A Xlf, Greenville, Miss. Phi Sigma, 1, 2, Y Cabinet, 1. 23 Cheerleader, 25 Boxing. 1. BENJAMIN B. KIMBROUGH, A ill, Vicksburg, Miss. . . Pre-Med. Y. M. C. A. Third Row: SIM KING, II K A, Pelahatchee, Miss ,... 4 1- . . B.:I. Y. M. C. A., Glee Club, "lVIiSsissippiaII" Business Staff: Phi Sigma. STANLEY LAVNER, flf E H, Inverness, Miss. . HAROLD LEE LEVINE, sl' E H, Clarksdale, Miss. . . Band. '36, Ole Miss Musical Club, '36, Y. M. C Alpha Oratorit-al Medal. LOUISE LINDSEY, fb M, Laurel, Miss .... GEORGE LOCRHART, A XII, Pontotoc, Miss. . . Freshman Y Cabinet. CHARLES LOVE, E A E, Aberdeen, Miss. . . Hermeang Sophouiore- Y Cabil RICHARD MADDOX, Oxford, Miss ..,.. Bottom Row: B. F. MANDLEBAUN, New Orleans, La. . BILLY MANN, Grenada, Miss .... FRANCES MARKETTE, K A, Oxford, Miss. . W. M. MARSH, Ripley, Miss. . . BILLIE G. MARTIN, Jackson, Miss. . TROY MASHDURN, Pelaharchee, Miss. . . Y. M. C. A., Hi-rmean. KENT MASSENGALE, Hattiesburg, Miss. . . CAROLYN RAG MAssEY, K Z, Kosciusko, Miss. Paqel06 , A., 'img . . BJ1. . . BA. Tau Kappa . BA. . . B..1. . Pre-Med. . B.S.C. . BS. . . B.S.C. Pre-Med. 1 . Burl. . B.:I. . B.S.C. . B.S.C. . B.S.C. Top Row: JACK Ni.'X'l'lllEN s, I X, Ellst Nlnline, Ill. . JESSE JEROME MANWELI., I X, Drew, Miss. T. K. A. Fllllil. MCBEE, X 52, Lireemvnod, bliss, ISEITY iNlCCABE, A A A, Vicksburg, Miss. Y XV 1' X ' l"IIwlin-xl Vluli sp-uisrn' CARROLL lNlCCAR'I'IIx', E flf Ii, Baldwyn, Nliss. ffurdixial Club: Y. M. U. A. NIARTIIA MCCOY, A A A, Laurel, Nliss .... A'il'P-I'l'8Sl1i4'llI, Soplinrnoiv Y. ERNEST LICCRACKEN, II Ii KD, Hernando, Riiss. . lzirclinal l'lulvg lV'l't'SlkiI'llI, Eiigllii-vI'iIig Vluhg l-'1 otll: UST: Y. M. U. A., '36, '3T. Second Roar: :ALLINE MCCLIRRY, New Albany, Miss ..... l'resiIh-III. .-Xlpliu Lunihdn Iwltzi. NIARlET'l'E S. 1N1CDON.-XID, X 52, Memphis, Tenn. Vim'-PI'esiclvIIt, XY. S. G. A.: Y. XV. V, A. l'1IlviIIet L'OunI-il. SARA XNICDONALD, K A, Bay Springs, Miss. JAMES C. NICGEHEE, JR., B 9 H, Bude, Bliss. . Psi-Ning Tvnnig Annual Staff: Y, M. 1. A. bl. EDWARD INICLALVGHLIN, Liberty, Miss. . Catlioliv Cluli. DAVID IWCLEAN, K A, Meridian, bliss. Y. BI. C. A. EDWARD J. MCNAMARA, Amory, Miss. L ll . Lafa- . 13.8. . B..1. . BJ. . . . BJ. EIIgilIl't'l'il1y ill AI2lllZlgt'1', WHS, . B.S.C. . . BJ. I. 2: B. S. L'. . Pharmacy B.S., Illrdiczll . B.:1. . B..-I. . BJ. Third Row: NiARCARl.l Nil-Alll-,R5, Ii .l,xi1'll1PiliN, lk-nn. . RIYMOND NIliIlI.UCK, l.irrle Rf ek, Ark. . NIARY MELLEN, Srzne Uilhgi-, Miss. . . XVAl.'I'lik D. NIH YFR, I X, Ucvziii Springs, Miss. "AlIssIssI5vg-lui. Swii IZRNESI' MINOR, E X, Paulette, Niiss. VIII-l1IzzIl "lui-, 2, JOE B. iXilTCHlil.l., Corinth, Miss ,... ln-:nw-D Irwin x1lSslsiE1-lvi sin..-. NIALCOLM B. MONICOMERY, li A, Yayim Ciry, Mi Bottom Row: JAMES NIOONEY, Oxford, Niiss. . .IOHN L. NiOORE, K A, Sconba, Bliss .... VIRGINIA LOUISE iX1O0RE, X 13, Senatobia, Bliss. Sophie Nexxr-fuiilv. ERNEST BIORRISON, K ZZ, 111 II ZZ, Meridian, Nliss Y. M. C. A.: Herniean Lill'l'.ll'A' Sm-if-ty: Ullississim HAROLD MOSTROEE, sb li H, Rosedale, Bliss. PEARL INIUNDELI., A A A, Laurel, Bliss. . CHRISTINE BIIQRPHREE, fb NI, Shelby, Miss. l,'lln'cI'ln'1'11in'l'. TOM BHQRPHREE E A E ackson Miss. I I 1 M. O. A. xc. S. OLE MISS ' 3 'R " :S i 3' -lu "' um! Page IO7 'Y 1 'Q . . I!..1. . lgilzualinll . . lf..1. . lf.S.l.'. . lf,S,lf. . 1.41-.. . Ii..l, . l'!nu'1m1fy . BJ. . 13.11. Pf'li-,mIl'A,. Alun" Staff. B.S.C. . . BJ. . Edumtirnz . Law l f ' Top Row: EUGENE H. NEXLL, H K A, N. Carrollton, Miss. . . M. O. .-X. K. S.. 74: Herniean 3. 45 Iiite-i'fi'ziteri1ity Coui ness Staff, Annual. 3, 43 Senior Y Caliinvt, SAM OLDEN, JR., I A E, Yazoo City, Miss ..... Herinean Literary SO-Aivtyg Phi Eta Signiu O. XV. NORSWORTHY, E N, XVa5'nesboro, Miss. . Band. TED OLOFSON, E X, Moline, Ill ...., LAWRENCE A. OLSON, E X, Carrollton, Niiss .... if-il, 4: Busi- 4, . BJ. . B.S.C. . . BJ. Herme-an Literary Society, 1, 23 Band. 1. 2: Latin lfluls, 1 "' L. A., 1. lg lIlSSlSbl11Ill2lll start. EMMETT OMARA, K A, McComb, Miss .... A. LARRY PACiEiC, Bangor, Penn. . Second Row: JOHN MASON ORMSEEE, JR., Erie, Penn. . THOMAS PARKER, Vicksburg, Miss. . NEvii.1.E PATTERSON, Monticello, Bliss. ROBERT PA'l'l'ERSON, jonestown, Miss. "VON" Stuff, '35, Latin Club, 'Zio JAMES YV. PATTY, I X, Bigbee Valley, Miss. . ALEX PAYNE, I A l-I, Bolton, bliss ....... llerineang Vivo-Prcsidt-nt, Sophotnori- HSA' ROBERT PENNiNm'ON, II K A, Amory, Nliss. . . , .-. x. Ai. . BJ. . Lanz: . BJ. . B.S.C. . Lau' . Ii..-I. Ell!jilll'l'l'il1fl . . B.S.C. Edumlion .44 Lam' , B J. CF 1939 Third Row: NIALRICE PICFORD, K A, Bleridian, Bliss .... ELIZABETH PLEAsAN'1'S, A A A, Minter City, Miss. fili0RCE T. PRAM, H K A, Inverness, Miss. E'iHEi. PRICE, A A A, Tupelo, Miss .... Y. W. C. A. bl. AV. PRICE, ZZ A li, Oxford, Miss ,..... . B.S.C. , BJ. . B.S.C. . B..-I. Lau' Fiiiversity Pluyvis, '34, '35: ltr-iroiwttioli Voniiniiiwv Gym 1311111-e. ERNEST E. PL'CKE'l"I', Vicksburg, Miss. . . . . Vniiwliiiul Club: I'l1.ii'i1nzu-3' l'lulv: S.-v1'vt:ii'y, SUIVIIUIII flats: Cl.ll"liON RAivi.S, I X, Columbia, Miss. Bottom Row: CHARLES RAYBCRN, Pontotoc, Nliss. JOHN :Kl.l.AX RINCMAN, Chicago, Ill. . FRANCES ROOGERS, Hulbert, Ark. . . . . XVii.1.1AM ROBINSON, A K li, Clarkstlnlc, Miss. EUGENE ROGERS, K A, Porterville, Niiss. . SiiEi.isi' R, RCGERS, E X, Newhehron, Miss, Y, Rl. C. .X. SEYMOUR ROGOUN, New York City ...... . l"i'eslini:in l-'outluilli lizislivllnill. ROEER1' RoLi.iNt:s, K 22, Hattiesburg, Bliss. . Slutv Tl'il1'ilt'l'S. Page I08 Pllllflllllfy rv Pliai'n1at'y . B.S.C. . Pr 4'-. W Ivd. . BMJ. . B..-I. . B.S.C. . B..4. . Lafw lfngirwering . Law Top Row: J. T. ROTllCllll.ll, Oxford, Miss. . . . james I.. Rotsu, II K A, Unlfprrt, Miss. KERNIIT' LEE RL'sIIINt:, Pzidrn, Miss .... . josEPII .IAMES SAIIR.-I, df II fb, Meridian, Miss. . . . li.S.C. . . lam: P ,Ill r HI Il CJ' . l?.S.C. PI't-sltlviit, 1-'rrsliiiiaiii tflnssg Boxing Tvziing I-'iw-slimziii I-'wi'-tllzxllz 1':II'- Third Row: SAM SIIot'RI.Ei'. A 'l' 12, lnlta, Miss ......... B.S.C. l':II'nliII2Il "lull, Siwlifiyiltiit- Y, A1 IQ ,yi ll.,-mmm, I,,y,.,-Ury 50,g,.y:, liL'r:r.NI. llooRI.R SIxIIfsoN, K A, .lam-kson Nllss. , , Ch,-m, Eng, llrriiif-xiii, J, ".IIilIII:Il Vllllr J. Y, M. V, A., ZZ. DAVID SINtgI.IaIoN, I X, llattieslmnrg, Miss. . . 'l'I'zIIIsI'1'I' Tlllllllv' l'nix I-rsii y . BA. Iliirtl Vlulw. . I?.S.C. ERWIN SANDERS, Meridian, Nllss .... CIIRISTOPIIER SCARANO, New York City . . l'rr-Jlvd. fXR'llIL'R SMIIII, A 'I' A, -lacksoii, Alisa ..... . . . B.S.C. IEIISIII-'rs Stull' or' "MIsssIssi1i1wi:IIIg" l-'I'--sliriinii Y F4-1 rr-tary, Phi Siginst. BROOKS SMITII, 14 H II, Moline, Ill. . . B.S.C. CioRnoN SMITII, IS 6 II, Sidon, Niiss. . , , Lafw -IL'LEs SCIIWAN, Biloxi, Miss ..... Second Row: ELIZABETH SCOTT, A A A, Canton, Nllss. Y. XY. V. A.. '33 .Il XVILLIAM L. SIIARPE, K E, jackson, Nliss. AllX'ilIIl'l'1l R. 0. T. lf. FREDERICK XV. SHAW, E X, Davenport, Iowa . "AIississi1vpiaII" Stuff. DAN SHELL, I A E, 'IJ H E, Okolona, Nliss ..... Honor Roll, Y. M. l', .-Lg Hernieaii I,itI-I'atI'5' Sovit-ty: Vztrc Roi' SHELLABARGER, Oxford, Miss. . . GEORGE H. SIIELTON, I A E, Okolona, Miss. . . . . He-rmeziii Literary Sow-ietyl Y. M. 1'. A.. 1. GEORGE XV. SHIVERS, II K fb, Newhebron, Bliss. . . Band. . . Lau' . l3..1. La . L..I. . . BJ. linzil l'l1xl-. . B.S.C. . l?.S.C. . Law E. HARRX' SMITH, slr K Elf, Gulfport, Nllss, , B.S.C. Boxing, l, 2. Bottom Row: QIARRARD SMITH, A Alf, Indianola, Miss ..... Tl'illlSiAPI' SunHo-.ver Junior Colle-ue. . B.S.C. . . BJ1. NIUSELLE SMITH, X Q, Vicksburg, Miss .... Transfer All Saints College. BILL ALLEN SMITIIsoN, II K A, sin II E, Goodman, Miss. . B..4. Cardinal Cluhg Honor Roll, Baseball, 1, 2, Y. M. C. A. JESSE SPARKS, New Site, Miss ..... . . . . BA. CREATH SPEAR, A Alf, Indianola, Miss ........ B.S.C. "Mississippian" Staff, 715: Virie-Prtszirlent, Phi Sigma, '36, Chorus, 'SUI Treasurer, Sophomore- B.S.1". Gle-Q Club, '36, BILLY SPENCER, H K fb, jackson, Miss ........ La-w Carclinal tjlulix Band, I'I1iversity Players, Orvhestra. STEPHENS SPENCER, E A E, Red Lick, Miss ...... B.S.C. Y. M. C. A., 2. KATHERINE SPRADLEY, X Q, Okolona, Miss. . . B.S.C. OLE MISS l Page l09 1-3 'S r.9 Top Row: Dicx STAGGERS, A K E, West Point, M' ISS. . . C. C. STEPHENSON, JR., A K E, Holly Springs, Miss. . . PHiNEAS STEVENS, K A, jackson, Miss. . A. T. STOCKS, K E, Baldwyn, Miss, Hernican, 2, Y. M. C A. MYRTLE STONE, X SZ, Charleston, Miss. . . .ASA G. STRATTON, Liberty, Miss .... SAM C. SUGG, B 6 II, Calhoun City, Miss. . Second Row: HUGH M. SURRA'l"l', Oxford, Miss. . . P. S. SWINOELL, Slate Spring, Miss. . . CHESTER TAPSCOTT, II K A, Nettleton, Miss. . IOA TAX'LOR, X 52, Como, Miss. . . 'I'rziiisfei' Belhaven College. OLIN C. TAYLOR, E A E, Senatobia, Miss, . . l-lermtfan Literary Socivty. MONROE 'I.'A'l'E TFIIGPEN, II K A, Picayune, Miss. . GEORGE 'IQHOMAS fl' II flv, fb ll 23, Vicksburg, Miss. . 4.4 . B..eI. Lafw . B.S.C. . BA. . B.S.C. . Lafw . B.S. Engineering . . B.S. . B..fl. . B..I. . B.S.C. . BA. . . BA. Honor Roll, 15 "Mississippian," 21 Annual Stuff 'P OF 1939 VIRCIL THOMAS, fb A 6, Boyle, Miss. . Cardinal Club, 25 Y. M. C. A. FRANK TINDALL, A KP, Indianola, Miss, Phi Sigma. PATSY TiNoALL, X Q, Sunflower, Miss. . J. R. TIPTON, A T A, Hernando, Miss. . Cardinal Club. BILLY TOWNSENO, fb A 9, Kosciusko, Miss. . CHARLES TRAX'LOR, H K A, Biloxi, Miss. . . . BA. BA. B.M. B.S.C. Lafw BA. Catholic Club: Vice--President, Sophomore B..-X, Bantlg Y. M, C. A DOUGLAS B. TUBE, Smithville, Miss. . Bottom Row: HOMER E. TURNER, A XII, jackson, Miss. ...... Cardinal Club, P1't-sident. Phi Signing Pre-sitlvnt, l"1'esliinzin J. R. VANDERLYN, Hamburg, Germany .... . ELEANOR VARNADO, K A, Osyka, Miss. . B.S. B.S.C. Y. B..-I. B.:l. MARJORIE VEST, X Q, Jackson, Miss. . B.S.C. VV. BURNETT VVAITS, Leland, Miss. Lafw LAVERNE XNARREN, DeKalb, Miss ..... Lafw RICHARD L. YVATSON, K A, Columbus, Miss ..... B.f1. "Mississippian" Stuff. 1, 2g Nt-ws Burl-au, 1, 23 Y. M. C. A., 1, 25 Mississippi I.cgislntOi'. Page H0 Top Row: IJOROTIIY VV.-YI"l', X SI, ,lUllt'SIOSX'lI, Miss ..... . AB. HUNTER QPEORGE XVI-IDIJINCTUN, .E A I-I, Meridian, biiss. . B.S.C. Holt' 'l't':IIII. EDWARD VVEI,I.s, E X, Vicksburg, Miss, . . . Lafw ERSKINE XV. lVEI.I.s, A XII, sb II 21, jackson, Miss .... B.S.C. Y. M. C. A., 1, 23 Assot-inte Editor, "lVIiSSlSSilhlllIlll.i' MERCER XVHAYNE, A T 52, Lepanto, Ark. . . . Pliarmafy PlIaI'IIIzII-y, 1. BOBBY XNHEAT, 11, K slf, Enid, Miss ..... l'aI'diIIaI Clulr: Glee Clllll, 1, 2. LLOYD R. VVHITE, Oxford, Miss. . Second Row: OLA WHITE, X 52, Natchez, Miss .... FRANCIS VVHITIAIQER, sb M, Aberdeen, Miss. JOHN VV. VVHITTEN, IS 9 II, Cascilla, Miss. . . Cardinal Club: Phi Signing Y, M. C, A. lViARVEl. NVRIGHT, Billings, Montana ..... Uiiive-Vsity of Minnesota, Soutliwesteini. FLORA WILKINSON, fb M, Shelby, Miss ..... STEVEN R. VVILIQERSON, B 9 II, Lula, Miss. CHARLES C. XVILLIAMS, E A Ii, Okoloua, Miss. . B..-I. . B.S.C. . BA. . BA. . B..f1. . BA. . B.S.C. . BJ. w . B.b.C. Third Row: joIIN BELL XvIl,l,lAlv'IS, II Ii A, Rxiyinund, Miss. iillllll. J. DAVID XvIl.l.l.'XlVIS, E 'II Ii, Pelzilintclire, Niiss. BILL VVII.I.I.-IMS, flf li Ilf, McComb, Miss. LEN VVILLIAMS, I N, Tylertowli, Miss. . A.h.f. lu., X. 51.4. .X LUCILE XVILSFORD, X SZ, Lula, Miss ,.,. CLYDE H. VVOOD, 22 A IC, VVoodville, lN1iss .... . Lafw . Lafw . . Ii.S.C. Enginfrring . Ii..'I. . . Ii..S'.C. Hoi-miliui, '35, Y. M. in A., ou- ii ss Musi .-.. I vnu.. JAMES VVOOD, H K A, Gulfport, Miss .... . . li..-I. Bottom Row: MILDRED D. VVOOD, VVater Valley, Miss. . . . B.S.C. MIDDLETON LANE Woo'I'EN, JR., A IP, Columbus, Miss. . Lafw Assistant Editor, "Mississippian" CLIFFORD VVORSHAM, E X, Corinth, Miss ..... Engimfrring Eiigiiievrs Clulrg Y, M. tj, A. FRED VVRIG1-IT, Amory, Miss .... . Burl. L. A. VVYATT, H K A, Clinton, Miss. . . Lafw IQRUMAN YANCY, Pittsboro, Miss.' . . . B.S.C. VERDELL YELVERTON, Bay Springs, Miss. . . Pharlnacy gli 0LE Miss Page lll 12:1 71 CEDRIC LEE FEIBELMAN ,.A.. HENRY WILLIAM HAYNES E,EEE VIRGINIA KNOX POLK I EE.,EE..,,E EEEE I HUGH ALEXANDER SUT!-IERLAND v Sutherland, Feibelman, Polk, Haynes Q46 FRESI-:MAN 0 F FIC E R S President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer CLASS EW arrivals-fraught with new ideas, blazing with new ideals, burning with new ambitions, shining with new glam- our, and the Freshmen take their place on the campus. But what, exactly, is that place into which they fit? Is it one in the background, one of inconspicuousness and obscurity? Yet, need we even ask this question. Seniors may lose their poise and dignity, juniors their bril- liance, but are those who have most recently conquered that great beginning, the Sophomores, dismayed at these new ar- rivals? Nay. The battle for supremacy is just beginning. And who is the victor? We venture to make no predictions. Ole Miss presents to its Freshmen each year many extra- curricular activities in order that each and every one may take part in molding a stronger personality within himself. These varied interests, along with a broad scope of scholastic work, establish a sound foundation on which future years are built. Incentives of various sorts are offered to the Freshmen so that they may be instilled with a desire to accomplish those things that require meritorious service. In this light, the University is a great asset to them, and later, as upperclassmen, they can in turn prove their worth to the University. Thus, we wish to present, with proper emphasis and due credit, the Class of Nineteen Hundred Forty, one of the most promising Freshman classes of recent years. Varied have been their activities, notable their year's achievements, and persist- ent their ambitions. l Top ROW: STERLINE ABERNATEY, X Q, Greenville, Miss. . . LEO MAAs ABRAHAM, Port Gibson, Miss. . BEN ADAMS, fl, A O, Grenada, Miss. . J. R. ADAMS, Abbeville, Miss ...... JOHN KIRK ADAMS, A K li, Corinth, Miss. PEARL SCO'l'l' ADAMS, A A A, Corinth, Miss. BAARION IADERHOLDT, 'If AI, Shelby, Miss. Second Row: iV1EI.YlN LEON A1sENRERr:, Worcester, Mass. Louis ALEORD, K A, McComb, Miss. . . KIEORCE .ANDERSON, 22 N, Vicksburg, Miss. XV. C. ANDERSON, JR., Oxford, Miss. CiliORGE A'rKxNsoN, K A, Pickens, Miss. VVINKEY AUIREY, Hattiesburg, Miss. i7El.l, AUSTIN, VVinona, Miss. Third Row: ICDNA AVEN1, K A, Oxford, Miss. . liu.l.i' BAKER, flf A 9, VVinona, Miss. MDN'i'rO B.-xREA'l'l, Cleveland, Nliss. Sii.v1A BASKIND, Clarksdale, Miss. K' .44 OF 1940 Lilzvral .Jrts Libwal qlrls Librrnl .Iris EIIyill1'l'l'IIIy Ezzgilmrrirzg Libvral .lrts . B usin rss Lilzwrzzl .Iris . Businfss . liusinfss Ellyillfffilly Li lzrral .'1I'l5 . Businrss l.il1rral .flrls . Businrss l,IlH'I'11l rlris . Businrss . Businrss NORMA BEDENBAUGH, State College, Miss. . Ii.-XTHRYN BELK, Oxford, Miss ..... JOSEPHINE BLANKS, K A, Meridian, Miss. . Fourth Row: NEII. BLOCK, K E, Tunica, Miss ..... XVILLIE MAY BLYTHE, X 52, Lake Cormorant, Miss, PAUL A. BOENSCH, A K 15, Vicksburg, Miss. . JAMES WALKER BONDS, II K fb, Holly Springs, LE FRANCE BOx'E'1"1', KD AI, Shelby, Miss. . . J. C. BRADLEY, K A, Belzoni, Miss. BILL BRANNON, A Alf, VVinona, Miss. . Botiom Row: A A. H. BROWN, II K CID, Porrerville, Miss. . CHARLEY BROXVN, II K fb, XVest Memphis, Ark. LUTHER BROWN, Sherman, Miss, . . . HARRY M. BRYAN, I X, Oxford, Miss. R0sAL'iE BRYANT, Oxford, Miss .... . W. C. BUCKLEY, JR., fb A 9, Jackson, Miss. NORMA XVARD BUNCH, Greenwood, Miss. . Page II4 Miss. . Businrss . Busincss . Businrss . Business . Education . Pharmacy Liberal .flrls Librral .iris . Businrss Libfral :Iris . Busincss Librral .Jrts . Business linginefring Liberal flrts . Business . Businfss Top Row: l'I.EvIa BLTRKS, Dyershurg, 'll-nn. . RALIIII BURNS, K ZZ, Gulfport, Miss. FLIAM B, BURNS, Ecru, Miss. . . l1AROI.u BURSON, Memphis, Tenn .... . PAUI. M. BUSBY, II K 111, VVaynesborO, Miss. BARBARA BUTTS, X 52, University, Miss. . . CALVIN VV. BYRD, II K A, Gulfport, Miss. . Second Row: ERNEST CANNELLA, VVhite Plains, N. Y. . JOHN CANTIN, Leland, Miss ....... CLIFTON CARTER, JR., A K IC, West Point, Miss. JACK CARTER, E X, Oxford, Miss ..... EI.1zAIxE'rH CHAMBLISS, fb ll, Hattiesburg, Miss. LESTER M. CHANCELLOR, E X, Macon, Miss. . HAI.I.IE CHRISTIAN, A A A, Meridian, Miss. . Third Row: MARGARET EI.zIE CLAY, Collinsville, Miss. . . CHES'l'l'IR ALVIN COCKRELI., A XP, Hazlehurst, Miss. . MAURICE COITER, VVater Valley, Miss .... ELMUS H. COLEMAN, ZZ A E, Hollandale, Miss. . l!1z5im's.f 11'Ilflilll'I'l'iIlfl l.ib1'l'al .Iris Lilxrral .flrlx . Blliillfjj Liberal .Iris . Bll5i!If5J' Libwral .-Iris Liberal .-lrts Liberal .Alrfs EllgilII.'t"l'i7lg . Buxinfss . Business . Busizzfxs Lilzrral .iris Librral .flrlr . Busizzfss . Businfrs SCOI1 f'Ol.llNS, I .X I-Z, Okolonu, Miss. . IDIQVALIN CONXLRS, A 'l' SZ, Neuron, Miss. LUCIEN C'00KH, 22 .X li, llI'I'nziIitlo, Miss. Fourth Row: QHIORCE COOPER, Oxford, Bliss, . . . LOUISE COUR'l'NliY, fl, Al, XVziter Valley, Miss, VVII.1.IA1vI C. Cox, A K li, Oxford, Niiss. . DAVID E. CRAu'I.ET, 'If A O, Knsciusko, Nliss. CZLEN VVESSON CROCRER, Toccopola, Miss. . . VVII.I.1AIvI B. CROMXVELI., PZ X, NVest Point, Miss. , C. P. CROSBY, A K li, VVest Point, Miss .... Bottom Row: EUGENE CROVV, Oxford, Miss ...... RILEY CUNNINGHAM, K E, Booneville, Miss. DORIS DANSBY, A l', New Albany, Miss. FRANCIS MARION DAVIS, X 52, Como, Nliss. JENNIE DAVIS, A A A, Oxford, Miss. THOMAS DAVIS, Van Vleet, Miss ...... VVARD PYKIN DEATON, A K Ii, Batesville, Miss. ali OLE: Miss . lflllllltii I:ll.Yll1i,LI I.ilnml lily f.i,l1'I'Ill lrty ljbrm! lrlx I.i!n'ra! lrlx Lil: 1'1'z I I Irti 1.iI11'I'Ilf Iris . lizzsizzzgvy E Ilyi7ll'l'I'illg Liberal .slrfs Lilzrral .Iris . l3usi11I'J.f Liberal .-Iris I.il1vral flrlx Libwral flrls Liberal .-Irts Top Row: BL'RxS NTOORE DE.-U'OL'RS, I fi' E, Laurel, Bliss. NIARY DEAYOLRS, sb AI, Laurel, Bliss. . . LH.A DOROTHY DEDE.XL'X, Gulfport, Miss. LYNXVOOIJ DEES, Ripley, Miss .... KIARCARET LREXNIS, A l', Marks, Bliss. . . .ASHFORD RICHARD DENMAS, I X, Greenwood, Ni.-XRY DINSMORE, K A, Fort Bcnning, Ga. . Second Row: LILLLAN DOOLEY, Oxford, Xliss, HORRACE DOSSE1'r, Picayune. Bliss .... BILLIE LEE DOL'C1.AS, di AI, Tupelo, Miss. . TOM XVATIERSOX DLNLAP, I A li, Okolonu, Mi JACK Jouxsox EASON, XYalnur Grove, Kiiss. SARA REBECCA EASON, A l', New Albany, Miss EDWARD ELLIS, 22 X, XVaynesbsro, Xiiss. . . Third Row: JAMES XVITHERS EMERSON, A T SI, Gulfport, Mi 'THOMAS R. ETHRIDOE, fl' A H, Oxford, Miss. . JESSYE EVANS, X U, Greenw xmrm d, Miss. . Joux L. EVANS, Dorsey,.Miss. . Libvml Librral Libfral Librfal Lib 4'r'1 1 I Librral Librral Libfral 4.4 OF 1940 1 rls I rts il rrs 1 rls J ris rl ris .J rls J rts . Business Liberal .1 ris Librral .1 rts Libfral .iris . Business Librral .Iris Librral .Iris Librral .lrls Librral Iris Librral 'I rts SARAH EVERETT, A A A, Clarendon, Ark. . ELKIX FAYRE, K S, Oxford, bliss. . . JEAxE1'rE FEDER, Vicksburg, Bliss. . Fourth Row: CEDRIC FEIBELMAN, 111 E FI, Vicksburg, Miss FRANR M. FERRAN1 E, New York, N. Y. . ViROlNlA FITE, X tl, Columbus, Miss. . Toss Flrrs, K S, Byhalia, Niiss. . XV. E. FLOYD, E 41 E, Sardis, Miss. KENNETH FOBES, Booneville, Nliss. . . THOMAS PAL1. FORD, fb A 9, Taylors-ille, Miss. . Bottom Row: ROBERT FOS1 ER, ZZ X, XVesr Point, Miss. ANN FREEIVIELIJ, Oxford, Miss. . . WILRINS FL'i.LER, Abbeville, Miss. . . . JOSEPH Qi.-XRDNER, sb .A H, Greenwood, Miss. N. SLANLEY G.XRRO'I"l', JR., Port Gibson, Ark HERMAN GIAZIER, K E, Clarksdale, Nliss. BOB GOAD, B 9 II, Tunica, Nliss. . . . Page H6 l Libfral .J rls . Business . Business Librral .Iris . Businrss . Education . Businvss . Business Librral .Iris . Businvss Librral .elrts Libfral .rlrls Libfral .-Iris Liberal .-Irls . Educaiion Librral :Iris . Business Top Row: HAROLD fiOl.D5'lililX, fb I-I II, Benoit, Miss. . EDITH QQOODXYIN, Macon, Mi-s ...., xv.-Xl.'l'ER GR.-ACI-1, K A, llelenn, Ark. . BILLIE GRII-'I-AIN, Meridian, Miss. . . AR'l'llL'R GLYIDN, ZZ A li, Oxford, Miss. MARY Lou GLYIDN, A A A, Oxford, Miss. . . CHARLES C. HAIRSTON, ll K fb, Nav Augusta, Mi Second Row: LONCSTREET CAvE'1'T HAMILTON, S X, Oxford, Mi FREDERICK HAMMACR, H K dv, Flora, MI s. . . G. STIQART HANDY, fb A 9, Natchez, Miss. HARRDD H.XRIJlN, I A li, Calhoun City, MLA.-. HOXVELL H.ARDXN, E A li, Calh un City, Miss. . HOXX'.ARD HARDY, Ecru, Miss. . . . HALMAN HARP, Leland, Miss. Third Row: HlLLl.ARD HARPER, E A E, Greenwood, Miss. . BILLY HARTLEY, fi' H sb, VVaterford, Miss. GUY B. H.-XTHORN, University, Miss. . XVIXSTON HAYLES, K E, Cleveland, Nllss. . Eiillfllliflll . llixxillvss . IiI1,vi1Ir5.f Lib f'1' al Iris Lib 4'r'1 I I 'Iris Lib,-ral 'lrlx Librml 'Iris Libvral .J fix . Pbarmafy HENRY hVll.l.lAM llu Nrs, K A, l.urnin'rton, Mi fl.ARl-LNCIE HEARD, Il K -Ii, Oxford, Miss. , . SAM DAY l1Iil.M, K I, l-SrI.oT.sxiIlt-, Miss. Fourth Row: LENA HENDERSDN, A A A, JacltsoN ilk-III1 EI.sIE HERNIAN, A A A, Laurel, Miss. FRANK HOLBROOK, H::u.t.:n, Mi-s. . . BERTRON LiOl.l.OXYEl.l., Calhoun City, Miss. . :XRYAH NIANSELI. HOPKINS, E A li, iitillpfnrt, M ARTHLAR HORTON, Timpson, Texas .... Lib f'1' al .iris Libfral .iris Lib f'I' al .lrfs . Businvss . Businizfs . Busirzfss . Businms Librral .lrls Liberal .Iris NLARTHA HORTON, Tupelo, Nllss. Bottom Row: CLYDE HUGHES, Corinth, Nliss. . FRANK HYDE, A K Ii, Coffeeville J. GEORGE JACOBS, New York, N. , Miss. Y ROBERT JACOBSON, A T A, Vicksburg, Miss. EDITH JOHNSON, A A A, Tupelo, Miss. . . C.-ARL JOHNSTONE, JR., Calhoun City, Miss. FRANCIS HAVING JONES, Holly Springs, Miss. OLE MISS ss INN lzligfzrznyifrgf Izfzgifzf , ring I:.lI1InIIw1 1.lf11l'1lf .IHS l.Ibr'rzIl ,If-rx Lzbfful .1115 . lz'u.fi1Ir55 LIbrraI .Iris . Businrss . Busirzrss . Buxirzvss Librral .lrts Librral Jrts . Businesr Librral .flrts Librral .Iris Lib.-ral Jrls Top Row: GASTON C. JONES, fb K XP, Gulfport, Bliss. CH.xRl.Es BIARTIN KAMER, Port Chester, N HELEx KEI.I.EX', A A A, Tupelo, Misa. . SYKES SL':nMERF1E1.n Kexxox, K A, Oxford X i BERT KIDD, 111 K XII, Anaheim, Calif. . , Gexrvisvs SoL"i'HwoR'I'H Kmskouzn, X SJ, Q reenm MABE1. Owzx Kl..XL'S, fb AI, Macon, Min. Second Row: DOROTHY KNIGHT, CIP AI, Nlendenhall, Nlin. Hnum Gfurrix L.-XDXER, Ripley, Miff, . . .IACK LANE, A XP, Greenville, Miss. . FRANK M. LANEY, df A U, Tupelo, Misf. . jon LAIQIJERIJ.-Xl.E, A T A, Hernando, Mies. M.xRo.'xRE1' L.xL'rmERi1Ai.E, Hernando, Misf. . . HI L. LAWSON, Oxford, Miss. . . . . Third Row: llaxzsux L.'xx.xkL's, fl, li II, Glens Falls, N. Y HENRY Levi, Vickfhurg, Misa ....... CHARLES 'l'noMAs I.i'r'r1.EP.xr:E, II K A, Gulfport .44 OF 194-O Pllllfllltltj Bzzfzm 55 121151111- Lzbual 111 Bu mf 55 od NI: BUJIIIISV Lrbual 1115 Lzbual 1115 Lzlnral Irie BIIAIIII 55 Lzbual Iris bmlllltllfifill Lzlural 1115 lzngzmnzng Buczm ff I zlnral 1115 lzlu ral lrls Riwox Linox I Shan N1 XX xxxrs Locax Brue , Nh EPPIE jo Louie K A Belmni X11 IAC NI XDDLX X X Broo lmxen X11 Fourth Row LJRMCE Nhmix A I hclwhurg Mm X menu Nluzrix K A Binh ulle Ark Cno XIXXIIEID Tailor xille M1 bmi Pouzx N1cCLx1cm Red Bank N11 FRANK A 'NICCORD Rienzi X11 - XX AMER Lrr 'NIcCRxuIEx Hermndo Nh Bottom Row Niuuux NIeDoxxiu K A Balduxn N11 Dxx NICLFOD .IR II K df 'NIcLain X11 Xhiiiui R N1eLeon Bexlei Xin Hosni N1LNlXNLS ' X I bultporr 'kim jonx NIEMXDOR5 Nlemphi Tenn o ren XX in :ru 'vlicnrr ll AIA jack on M Niueolwi Nlllll-R II K I Oxford Mi N Page IIB BUSIIIIJJ Pllarlnafj BllflI1t5J L1111 ral 1115 Lzbnal 115 Lllzfral 115 Libr ral Jrl5 Lzlnral r 5 Bunn 55 lzugrm 4 ring Lzbnal 1115 Lzbrral Irl5 Lzlnral 1r15 Bu5nu55 Lrlural JH5 3115171155 lzugmnrmg 4. Q Q . . . , " I. .' "J, ii, ',IIss. . . . . . . . . " . Y. . . . .' '. . S, e I 'ss ........ . , ' . . . . . ' , ' , ' ', I sa. . . . . . . . . ' , I 1-55. . I " . 'S A. I I' '.', Q I', li I ' , I '55, ..... D ' . ' . . . . . 5- 1- 3 1 'F 5 A ff- N . ' I . '.', ', " , I ..... ' 'A J" - ---- ' ' I. .', ' , -' e" ,I ' .... . ' .Jn - - A 'V - A' . ' I , 'f . , -' 5" , ':S .... . . . . " I '. I ' I' . . ' ', '5, I Es. . . . ' ' .-I 1' - - Y ' I ' james McCoxmox, Amory, Miss. ........ Bu5im'55 - ' ' l 'A I' ' ..' ' I' I I , l l, I ....... I l I I , , N' v . , - . - - - - - - . . .. I . ., I ,I ss. . . , " - - ' ' I . 'A . I ' . , ' , I , I Es. . . . ' " . ' ' - ' - I . , ., ' , I , Ii ss .... ' .5 - - .I ' ' , .' ",I ..... " I' 2, ...... ' . . .' ' ." js: '. I J., , " , --s , iss. . . ' ' , Elks. .I " I' I . .' .. I ..2 , ' U, .' , I '55, .... ' ' ' ' I'op Row: RALPH Mll.I.ER, K E, Meridian, Niiss. RM' MITCIIIiI.I,, Pivayune, Miss ..... HARLAN DIXON MOORIS, II K slf, Santa Ana, Calif. . DOYLE MORROW, fb A 9, Greenville, Miss. JOSEPH MORTON, sb A O, Batavia, Ill. . . Timo MosELEx', A K E, West Point, Niiss. BERNARD MOTER, fl- 111 II, Olendora, Nliss. Second Row: DON MULLEN, dv K sIf, Oxford, Miss. BRONSON MUNDAX', A A A, Iuka, Miss. SUE MURPHEY, K A, Oxford, Miss. . . CHARLES M. NIURPHY, K A, Belzoni, Miss. NELXVYN NASON, Belzoni, Miss. . . . HARRY NEBLETT, E X, Morgan City, Miss. NINNABEL NEILSON, X 52, Oxford, Miss. . Third Row: CHARLES NELSON, Oxford, Miss. FRED NELSON, E A E, Jackson, Miss. . . EMILY NICHOLS, A A A, Swiftown, Miss. . JAMES E. NICHOLS, A T A, Vicksburg, Miss. . . . l3I1.vi11r.v.v Lilzrral .Iris . lfll.fIlIl'55 Lillfral .lrfy l,il1rral .ilrtx Ltln'1'al .Iris Liberal .-lr1.s . Edizrzzlirnz . Busirzrxx Librral .slrls Lilzrral .'lr15 Lilzrral .lrlx . Btzsilzfss Liberal .slrlx Lilzxral .-Iris . Bu.vi1n's.v . Bzzsinfss Libfral .iris LINION ID. NOKIII, li A, iifillllli, Miss. IIIOMAS Ill: Xhcxtus Oil, fl' A O, l-rank! .ALIOR D. Oxnncs, Maru-ttzi, Miss. . . Fourth Row: FRANK P.xt:E, ll K A, Ani fii- 5, Miss. ROSCOE I". PARKER, l.lll'Cfi1liC, Miss. . . Y1Rt:Ixi.x P.xx'I'0x, X 52, Greenville, Miss. SARAH PENIJER, fl' Al, Kosciusko, Niiss. MARX' PEOPLES, K A, Oxford, iuiss . CHARLES PEPE, Staten Island, N. Y. J. N. Peters, Dyersburg, Tenn. . Bot!om Row: JoHs: H. PETTEY, JR., 111 A H, Greenwood, RVELYN PIR'I'I.E, Lambert, Miss, ORBI'I"I- PITTS, Oxford, Miss. . . KNOX POLK, A A A, Inverness, Nliss. . JOI-IN J. PRICE, A T 52, INIC-ridian, Miss. RLIBY PR1'I'CH.xRn, Oxford, Miss. . . TIMS A. QLIINN, E A Ii, Louise, Bliss. ,li OLE Miss M' l,1l1,li1l .lrli I.Iillll1lf.llI.4 l.1lnml .lltx . lftzxiltrxi' 1 l,1ln'ral .Iris . ll11.fi11r,v.v l.1ln z'r1 I .IHS 1.1111 1'11 I .lui . ljtfmalinll . Iiu.vi111-.vs ljbrrztl .lrlr . Edtuuliolz l,iln'ral .'lr15 . B115i111'.v5 l.il1rra1 .-Iris Lilzrral .-lrls . Bllfillfff I ld l Top Row: JOHN EDXVARD RATHER, A K E, Holly Springs, Miss. HUGH RATLIFIF, Z2 A li, Columbia, Miss. SARAH RAY, A A A, Canton, Miss. . . MAC REED, E A E, Pinckneyville, Miss. . HENRY C, REICKLE, JR., E X, Columbus, Miss. . . GORDON S. RICKS, Booneville, Miss .... MONGAN ROSEBORDUCH, fir A 9, Greenwood, Second Row: IJONALD Ross, Grenada, Miss .... CAROLINE R0ssoN, K A, Jackson, Miss. . ROSE HONK'ARD ROVYLAND, X 52, Oxford, Miss. TULLTOS Rowxo, A 'I' A, Coffeeville, Miss. EVERETT RUSSELL, Sessums, Miss. , . JANE RUSSELL, X SZ, Tunica, Miss. . TED RUSSELL, Il K fb, Eden, Miss. . Third Row: W. Nocx RUSSELL, 23 X, Ackerman, Miss, BILLY RUST, fl' A H, Clarksdale, Miss. . FEA'1'HERS'1'oN SAMS, fl, A H, Meridian, Miss. Miss. . aaa 0F 1940 . Business Liberal .iris . Iidumlion . Business Liberal .iris Liberal .flrls Liberal girl..- Liberal .Iris Liberal .Jrls Liberal .iris . Busilzess Liberal .iris . Iiusiness Liberal .-Iris Liberal .flrls Engineering liberal .fl rts iAriAR'l'H.-X .ANICE SANDERSON, Houston, Miss. JAMES G. SCHOFIELD, JR., Ferndale, Mich. . Jo SEDBERRY, K E, Okolona, Miss .... MRS. CLAUDE SELBY, A 1', Vicksburg, Miss. . Fourth Row: CvRAVES SEXTARIJ, E A E, Philadelphia, Miss, HELEN SEXTON, A 1', Hazlehurst, Miss. . NLARTHA SI-IEFFIELD, Fulton, Miss. LUTHER SH ELBY, A Alf, Benoit, Miss. . VIRGINIA SHELBY, X 52, Clarksdale, Miss. HANSFORD SIMMONS, McComb, Miss. . S. J. SIMPSON, XVinona, Miss. . . Bottom Row: DAN STNGLEY, K A, Meridian, Miss. MIRIAM Sl..-XTON, 'Iv M, Joiner, Ark ..... . ANNA CATHERINE SLEDGE, III M, Parehman, Miss, . Al.l.I.E MAB:-:L SMITH, sb M, Oxford, Miss . . . JOHN LUCIAN SMTTH, A K li, West Point, Miss. . MTNNTE MAUD SMTTH, Oxford, Miss. . Page l20 Liberal Arts Liberal Arts . Business Liberal .iris Liberal .iris Liberal flrfs Liberal .iris Liberal .iris . Business Liberal Arls Liberal .flrls . Business Lib. ral .iris . Busifzesx Liberal .flrls Liberal .firls . Business I l I I I i I . l l l I I l l Top Row: FRANK STAINBACK, 2 X, Minter City, Nliss. I.il1i'ral Im RAY ML'RREl.l. S'I'IewAR'I', Picnynne, Miss. . Librral 'lrfx LLOYD 711.-XLLEX, X 12, Clarksdale, Miss. Libi-ral -Iris A. H. '1'ATE, 22 X, Greenwood, Miss. Libfral .Jrls HERMAN TAx'I.oR, 'lf li Alf, Oxford, Miss. . . Liberal .ilrts MARIANNE THAx'I'ox, 111 AI, Crystal Springs, Bliss. . Lillrral .Jrlx VIRGINIA 'IqHlGPEN, K A, ViCksburg, Miss. . Librral .elrfs Second Row: Siam C. THOMPSON, Aberdeen, Miss. Librral .Jm JAMES TILLMAN, Pontotoc, Miss. . . Liberal Jr!! HOMER B. TURNER, B 9 II, Crosby, Miss, Libfral Jrfx ETHEL WVALKER, Taylor, Nliss .... . Busirzesr VIVIAN ESTELL XVALLER, Oxfortl, Miss. Liberal Arn EDITH B. VVANDER, Charleston, Miss. . . Liberal .Jrts JOE XVASHINGTON, A T A, Memphis, Tenn. . Liberal .Jris Third Row: DAVID VVATERMAN, Greenwood, Miss. . Librral Arts SARA POPE VVATRINS, X SZ, Aberdeen, Miss. Lib.-ral .iris GALE XVATSON, Memphis, Tenn. . . . Businfss Kl.lNli XYli.iYlIlliRl0Rll, A li ll, lbozier, Ala. . N1.'Hll.ON XVEIIR, liflinhurg, Niiss. , . , AVOl.l-ORD XVIiIsI-.R, Osiwgzi, N. Y. . . L. DAVIS XVESSON, A K Ii, Tiipt-lo, Nliss. . Fourth Row: , l1IuIr1w,i,s l,iln1't1l .lrlt Lil: i'lt1 If .IVIJ l.il1n'al .Iris STYRON XVEST, I N, VV:I5IIcslioI'o, Miss. . Pflllflllllfj' JAMIE LOL' VVIIITE, Toccopolzi, Niiss. JOHN VV. XVHITE, Oxford, Niiss. . iVilLDRED VVHITE, Oxford, Niiss. . . MARY VVILEY, K A, Oxford, Miss ..,. , fiERTRLilJE XKVILKINSON, fb AI, Shelby, Miss. . RICHARD VVILKINSON, ZZ A E, Oxford, Miss. . Bottom Row: VIRGINIA LOUISE VVII.I.IAMs, fb Al, Como, Miss. . . MARGARET E. XVI1.I.IAMs, A A A, jackson, Miss. . O. B. VVINGO, Toccopola, Miss .... . . Ci.-KIL VVOOD, Tunica, Bliss .... TAALTUS VVOODS, H K HD, Oxford, Miss. . LEROY XNORSHAM, E X, Corinth, Miss. . OLE MISS . Ifzzsirzrn . llitlllltlllillll Librral .Iris . lx'u.Iim'.II l.ibI'ral .'1rfJ . Buxinfxs Liberal .Jrls . Edumlion Liberal .Iris . Edufaiion . Business Engineering WY-I gg ss- ?" 'iv 4 J- I fylfripilig. 2' ,ff , Lxpfiyyy ' wily' A", di lu 4' :A 'rffl ' ' 1 .x e . 2 . w , " L!-' I . - n2A.'wv :KN - 1 .l .I-XI ., 4r' " .. ,1 HK' I' x ., " I 181-qi'f'w ' E4 , 'VIH'--. t Q " "lj . nv! :A V xy x E tal' ' ,- V l . j A- X ' Y ' fl A, x, Q'e . '2 , F 'JfVf, :Q 'EFF 5 . 'n 'Q xm, .Qs . ,- iff CQ 6l1flfL'C6A mg. M- ,I JA. 1 f" a24.,, f XF r xjwl 9' if? W 'I' ,., I '3 iff: w!M , 1-u",f. 15.11. -,I il ... 'fi' s?-CC-'ii ',, Ygh .1w' Aff ffl A 1' 'Sf . I. - .1 1 , 1' ' x ,V L 1.1161111f112"'f1'1'415-'1'94if3r11?3111:-'ctw5W!4iL4NYSf'..1rf-519-45?-2:2qxym 12 '-11'-, ,,.. 1-'1'g.f1':1f-1 1' '1 511.1 .'-,,-f:,1- 1 ,A ' 1, ,, 11'-1 1 1 - 1 ' 1. 4 '- CV ' , 1',,'f1"'.' 1131: '31 1: 'I?Y."..y' 1 '91 111' ftlqme A 1 ' ', 1 ' ' I 1 H ' " ' 1' '.-1 ,x '1 xy! , 11,1-1111 11,'1 11' ' ' ' 1 . , . 1 ' " -1 I'1"i'11 K 1-, -4. 3" ' 'lx I ' 1, 1 1 ,.w 5 I., ,YV 11. A 17' ' 1 -. . .. 11-5 1 1 1 I 1 1 1 - 1 - . V 1 ,,' 1 -,, 1- ' ' 1" fw JI" ,1"-1,'1. .A ' 5. 515 . 1 1 "1 1' ' ' .4 . 3 1 'VL' , .1 ' D 1 1.- 1 v ' -. 1 I . ' A ' 1. 1 1 1 -lg 5,1 1 N 1 1 .11 l X . L,- . 1 - 1 sq' Q lf 1 Inu I X . ' '11 A 1 I rv 1 ,ft '.i A 111 1 . 1 11 , .1 2, 1 1 . , . .1 ' . A' ' .Ji 1,1 . :iw - I, 1 1 1 1 . ' - 11 f I ' 1 ' ' V . 1 1-' 1 +211 .1 1 N .. V Vs" ' . A -I . , 'T- . "3 1 w - ' y 1.1m 1x , 1 1'. W '1 1 1 1'. 'Y .Nur 1:1 1 Q x xb- 1 1 1 1 1 .X 131: FH. 1 1 1' " Jivf, ., :,1A, . 1 1 g""1H 1 1 . ,,. lil l'Ll 111!' '1"' I 1 11.1.- 141. 11 '1 z 1 1 1' -1 11. , 1,1 1 'A 2 1 1 1 n 1 1, .1-31 .1'. .1-7 1. ,411 VIL .1 .1 11. "'J'1sI 1""v11 ,, .. 5- 1f' V7 5' , .1 -.1 -15. 1 - y" -A 1, H .br Q. ' 11' L 1, 1. J.- "P y , .H nun 14.1-H551 .- .1-.-1--12. 1! ' 'left' 'fr ."1f.f '1'-123 'QQ- s1,..1e ' - 1 1 n -- 1- .'1. ..,.,111'!'Jp" J 91.13114-21:11. , 1. ., .t-11' 1.V:b',Q 11, A V ,- 'AH' ' 1 I -J .Ha-' c n- MR. GEORGE PETTY P . QJZILLTZ 1 labs ill Emilia,-- Evidenced by bis illustrations tbat be possesses the ability to not only produce beauty, but to also jud ge it, the Editor wislves to tbank M r. Petty for selecting the Beauties for tbe 1937 "Ole Missf' Wflreylre very glamorous, Colonel" 3 .- 1. as rd' Mr. Petty takes tlre largest moose out of Alaska tbis yearg be also likes to lmnt "dears." Reading left to rigbt: The guide, cook, and Mr. Petty. X Wag? if ww 1 'fry 'Q V Q 'wif 1 4 'i r eik f 19 r 'gil N X6 V l 4 1 I V 'K 1 l ' I -05 Jr' ll gl Vu Q 417 5 W9 It Q f SW i NELL ECKLES JEAN MALLING ELIZABETH COOK ROANE ADAMS QA E QWL VLA 5. My j 1 - 'f BETTY McCABE ELOISE WAITE LULIE EDDINS MARY WILEY DOROTHY KNIGHT BESS WOOD VOR DOROTHY POXVER VIRGINIA SHELBY FAY BUNCH ITES A .43- 4-ng Q-X :GNL 'nl' 'S' id CHRISTINE MURPHREE GENE ALBERSTETT MARGARET CLAY LAURA BRADFORD NETTIE HELEN LITTON ETHEL PRICE x S 1 X P 1 M F524 5 Hi if R0 The Coronation of iwiss fwary Evelyn Garrett as 1VIiss Ole bliss. ana' flflr. Robert Cain as King of Mardi Gras was the climax of social activity on tive Ote Miss Campus this year. NATICDN afefmifiw 'JU Q :ff 6 PAN-HELLENIC COUNCIL OFFICERS VIOLA JAMES ...... .... . . PI'!',flll'1'llI MARX' LEMOYNE VVILKINSON . . , l'ifg-P,-,giI1,',11 MARX' SPEED ....... . , Srcrflary GENE ALBERS1'ETT . .... . Treasurer MEMBERS Chi Omega Kappa Delta VIOLA JAMES GENE ALBERSTETT RosA HEALY LULIE EDDINS BEss WOOD LUCILE PATTON Delta Della Delta Delta Gamma MARY SPEED PHYLLIS CHRYST LOUISE GILLESPIE JEAN MAILING MARGARET GATI,IN RUTH Fox Phi AIU Delta Zeta MARX' LEMOYNE WILKINSON KIXTHERINE BARNES LAURA BRADFORD VIRGINIA SHEFFIELD CHRISTINE MURPHREE KATHERINE CLARK AXQXO Alberstett Barnes Bradford Chryst Clark Eddms Fox Gatlln C got sn Glllesple Healy ames Malling Murphree Patton Sheffield get-X? 5 to Speed Wllkln5OH Wood ww ls a A ol 1063066 on Q OQIQY Q0 A5059 TYR Ot 5 Q at ls a A5965 A e 90 mea DQ 2 Y In s E ma nks og 0 on ts 3 C QU Y eu t e fa 6 aCf.X k tt 5 ogxlng CO a 5 em Cltee 9,15 15 O C t X I 0 the e C atm charge are 6 owe W 0 thas t 6 cametaxy that s M mx X Q ga IC adv' cove X551 S W 110 ule 15 to 6 gh 1 3556 A9 :U rx mag Q 15 lj Q Wwat A ec S6350 1 ci he we S IS eats off the Y Page l39 l , ' -E A ,YJ "'- I S '. 0 . 'OX My 95- YI II " ln X -A dc Am ut Xoc. b ea on Signal ' - .X Th . YI h.g li 9 ' ' 9 rid ' ll E IA .Q it P '. E X, It . X4 ' 6 ' I 'A A Q Abbav. Barbour. Barnes. Bond, Bowne. Chafiin. Dans llwlldredi. Dawn: lN1arv Louiaei. Falkner, Garrett, Glenn. Held elbf.-rg, james. Joyner. Nlarks. NlcHz-nrv. Purse-r. Rend, Seward. Smxrh Cjessxeb. Thompson, W'atson 1E.l, Anderson Bnshop, Cole, Crcckmore, Hansen, Hz-alv, Nelson. Snbxn. Sharpe. Wallace. Vfnlknns. XY'omack. Vfood. Bush, Dver NlcDonald. Abernathy. Adams. Ayers. Blythe. Buns. Carlisle. Clark, Cran. Davis lfrrancesl, Pickles. Evans. File Games, Hardy, Hollan, Knmbrough, Mcfice, fN1cMullc-n, Moore. Nellson. Paxton, Rowland. Russell, Sharp. Shelby Smith 1Martha Vanccl. Smnrh 4TVlose-llci. Spradlcv. Stone. Tallcv. Tavlor. Txndall. Vest. Watson lS.i, Vfarr, Vfest Xvhlte. Vfxlaford. Page I40 FOUNDED 1895 SORORES IN URBE lVlrs. D, H. Bishop Mrs. A. L. lionduranr Nlrs. I. B. Brown Mrs. A. B. Butts Mrs. F. E. harquear Mrs. Herman Glenn Colors: Cardinal and Straw F.i0fbUl'l'.' VVhite Carnation Eighty-seven Active Chapters TAU CHAPTER Esfablishfd 1899 CHI GMEGA is 6 tact onax O is 1 nav br0 ref ai e an in 1 1' 30 Y' tet't100A is 15569 X cfm us :ou HX SIS an e low the 9 'Y tarts' to Y. toOk X out C ters S t X a Unit no SIS :uname or ioca 02' 6 O hal sia e 'Bal e 95 'Y asc Cat 0 iiars 'O Moxie in 9 st Dlilcani o out Y day O gui A Sttavii 93900 011 bxttih a 38 we cat beaten 5 Q etc ca, in te a w atb at Y 0 exec in 9' 5 anne 1 at S gave QXYD ei a?ietS o09 ot! ov '57 C X gov Ca Q trans 5 an 013 19657 Q' he-'g0S5 O the ix. - Q J l ..........,...,. . 1 , 1 , - . In . is "" iiiiiiiigiiijifijfi' i - i . .1 ................ .. , S I S tn Q ' Q I ' ..... Miss . . i sy r ....., 1 - 1,5 ' 2 ' ' 'O """ 2 2 if Y S ' A. V65-Hg. Ei! '1i1:3311i:1i131i32111.. 3 wi . C X , ' 3 5' - - it h 'H .................,..... .. , ' a YY 5 A A . Q una ........................ I, ' ab xx In 1 . 1 l A pax A M' 9 ,Y . ' 3 bflxh Page I4l hir lvll Nl: s. Amy johnson s. Ny. l.. Kennon s, W'cx Malone lxll- -. lxinia lxfleuk Mi Mi s. liri l.. Morgan s. ll. fi, Neilson Nliss Mary li. Glenn hlis, if, Nl. Pnrst-r Miss Irene Holloway l.n4.:. lNlavg.1ru Rowland Mis. XVarner Holt Miss lvliuy V, Rowland Mrs. jack Hume Mis. john li. Vxolle SORORES IN UNIVERSITATE Seniors Nancy Abbay .........,...,.,....... Tunica, Miss. Genevieve Daibour . ........ ...Yazoo Lity, Nliss. Inez Barnes ...... ..... B randon, Miss. Ivlarjorie Bond . .. ...... Oxford, Miss. Liuion Bowie .... . . .Vicksburg, Miss Elizabeth Chaflin . ...... Hughes, Ark Mildred Davis .... .....,.. C omo, Miss, Mary Louise Davis . , . , . .Crawfordsvillcg Ark hrances Scruggs hallzner ....... Oxford, Miss Mary Evelyn Garrett .. ....,. Oxford, Miss Lillian Glenn ,...... ....... O xford, Miss Martha Heidelberg . .. .... Hattiesburg, Miss Viola james ....... .... G ulfport, Miss. Margaret Joyner . .,..., Tupelo, Miss Elsie Marks ...... ....... ,I ackson, Miss Madalyn McHenry .. ..... Greenville, Miss Mary Elizabeth Purser ......, Oxford, Miss Annelle Reid ...... ....... M cComb, Miss Inez Seward .,... ..... P hiladelphia, Miss Jessie Smith ..... ..,.... I ndianola, Miss Mildred Thompson . . , . . . .Mountain Lake, N. J Elizabeth Watson .................. Greenville, Miss Juniors Louise Anderson ................ .... C orinth, Miss Vasser Bishop . ,. . ......... .... O xford, Miss Minnie Cole ...... ...,. M onroe, La Mittie Creekmore .... ...... ,l ackson, Miss Lois Anne Hansell .... ..... O kolona, Miss Rosa Healy ......... ..... N atchez, Miss Martha Nelson . .. ......, jackson, Miss Elsie Sabin .... .... G reenwood, Miss Margaret Sharpe ...... Jackson, Miss Nliriam Wallace ..... ........ B iloxi, Miss Elizabeth Wilkins ..... ..... G reenville, Miss Mary Lane Womack .................. jackson, Miss Bess Wood ,.........,.......,..... Batesville, Miss Sophomores Gertrude Bush ........................ Laurel, Miss Martha Dyer ...,.................. Greenville, Miss Mariette McDonald ............ .... M emphis, Tenn Pledges Sterline Abernathy ............ . . .Greenville, Miss Roane Adams ..... ........ . ..Narchez, Miss Anna Ayers ,...... ...... A lexandria, La Gussie Lee Baldwin . . ..... Hattiesburg, Miss Willie Mae Blythe ...... .... L ake Comorant, Miss Barbara Butts ......... ......... O xford, Miss Catherine Frances Carlisle ...... Aberdeen, Miss Catherine Clark ......... ..,... R uleville, Miss Mildred Cran ........ . . . .Waynesboro, Miss Frances Davis .. .....,. Como. Miss Nell Eckles .,..,................... Cleveland, Miss ,lessie Evans ...................... Greenwood, Miss Virginia Fire ......... Annette Games Margaret Hardy Dorothy Hollan Genevieve Kimbrough Ethel McBee Annette McMullen Virginia Moore Ninnabel Neilson Virginia Paxton Rosa Howard Rowland ane Russell Lucy Webb Sharp Virginia Shelby Martha Vance Smith Mosselle Smith Katherine Spradley Myrtle Stone Lloyd Talley lda Shelton Taylor Patsy Tindall Marjorie Vest Sara Watson Dorothy Watt Betty West Ola White Luctle Wilsford Columbus Greenville Columbus Wynne Greenwood Greenwood Sumner Senatobia Oxford e nville Oxford Tunica Grenada Clarksdale Grenada Okolona Charleston Clark d le Como Sunliower Jackson Aberdeen Jonestown McComb Natchez Lu a Miss Miss Miss Ark Miss Miss Miss Miss M s Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Mi s lVliss Ni s Miss Miss Mi s Miss Miss Miss Ashford, Boggan, Bradv, Brannon, Campbell, Gillespie 1l.ouisej, Gillespie lllflinnie Hartl, Holmes, Lampton, Laney McCormick, Treppendahl, White. Gatlin. Mosby, Speed, Terry, XX'allace, Ward, Addison, Bond, Connell, Hall, Mc Cabe, lVlcCoy, lWundell, Price, Scott. Adams, Bailey, Barton. Christian, Cook. Cranford, Davis, Eggleston, Embree Everett. Guyton, Hamilton, Hansard, Hartshorn. Henderson, Herman, Johnson lEditl1D, Johnson llVlarthal, Kelly, Lee Lewis, Munday, Nichols, Polk, Ray, Robertson, Rutledge, Smirh 1l.ouisej, Smith llVlarrhal, Snyder, Stevens fsallyl Stevens lLilla Clairej, Williams. Page I-12 FOUNDED 1888 FRATRES IN URBE Nlrs. Calvin Brown Mrs. David Carter Miss Mary Elizabeth Carter Mrs. Baxter Elliot Mrs. B. S. Guyton Mrs. Wfill Lewis Mrs. A. H. Little Mrs. Jeff Hamm Mrs. Branhnm Hume Miss Katherine Nlurry Miss Nlary Nvil IVIrs. Dan Roy Ihlts. A. Smallwnod Miss livclyn Stone Mrs. ll. l.. Sullivan Miss Elizabeth Nlifade SOROR IN FACULTATE hflrs. Louise Duncan SORORES IN UNIVERSITATE Colors: Silver, Gold, and Blue Flo1wf'r.' Pansy Eighty-one Active Chapters CHI CHAPTER Established 1904 DELTA DELTA DELTA Q0 35 A wax mga Wan NY O c095t Ve ei? 10 rx 1 E 3 O s K0 s W A 0 Ylx aware' to manic te m X99 age we 9 hal' cl he blue f YD H190 and X wet, Ol tagrical 6 S S S1 be rx A211550 as fm X love a new 2 rx Vie rn 0 WY u S9 av Les C t 1 6 s T- at ana it an ual seats io CX 0 '93 aqxbg S ea an T996 Q00 ' fi tw Ci.. oi 4 , ."..' .".".:.i.if.i.j.i.i.i.:.i.:.i,'.Q ,oi f '4.'i.'. .'I.". "."."."."."." . ' I. ".".'I fif-flff ff -A ,. " A ' ...... ' .'.' '.', '.'.'.' . '.'.' ,'.','. ' . 3.1 A - ,................. ' , 3. to j . he Ae h , .3 1: 1 K- U x , ,mx -- ..,..... 3 f ' nS- 1 ' 9066 Aiwa . E050 . ,, es, ' 9 AW' iii Q 51 ' Y ia x Q ' A it moi a lx.. Y V AQ X . YY lx . " Page M3 Graduales Earle Dean Brannon ............... Xvoodville, Nliss. Florence Campbell .............. .... C anton, Miss. Seniors Virginia Adams ..................... Corinth, Miss. Gwendolyn Ashford .. ..... Pocahontas, Nliss. Annie Boggan .... ...... T upelo, lVliss. Margaret Brady .... ...... O xford, Miss. Louise Gillespie . ..... .... I tta Bena, Miss. Minnie Hart Gillespie .. ...... Itta Bena, Miss. Katie Holmes ........ .... Y azoo City, Miss. Helen Lampton .... .... M agnolia, Miss. Martha Sue Laney .... Tupelo, Miss. Rebecca McCormick .. ..... Laurel, Miss. Margaret Treppendahl . . . . . .Woodville, Miss. Eloise Waite ........... ..... .... Se n atobia, Miss. Juniors Margaret Gatlin ............... .. .Laurel, Miss. Margarita Mosby .... . ..... .... C anton, Miss. Mary Finn Speed . . .... Meridian, Miss. Lelia Terry ....... ..... L aurel, Miss. Mary ,lane Wallace ................. ..Oxford, Miss. Marjorie Ward ..................... Cleveland, Miss. Sophomores Marie Addison ....................... Laurel, Miss. Doris Bond ...................... Greenwood, Miss. Lucy Jane Connell . . . ...... Memphis, Tenn. Celeste Hall . ..... .... G teenwood, Miss. Betty McCabe . . . .... Vicksburg, Miss. Martha McCoy .. . .... Laurel, Miss. Pearl Mundell . . . . . .Laurel, Miss. Ethel Price .... ...... .... T u pelo, Miss. Elizabeth Scott ................. .... C anton, Miss. Pledges Pearl Scott Adams ............. .... C orinth, Miss. Ninna Bailey ...... . . . . .Coffeeville, Miss. Rosamond Barton . . . ..... Jonesboro, Ark. Hallie Christian .. .... Meridian, Miss. Elizabeth Cook .. ..... Gulfport, Miss. Ruth Cranford . .. ..... Laurel, Miss. Jennie Davis ,... ...... O xford, Miss. Hallie Eggleston . . .... Carrollton, Miss. Virginia Embree . .. ..... Como, Miss. Sara Frances Everett Mary Lou Guyton Eula Mae Hamilton . Elizabeth Hansard . . . Helen Hartshorn .. . . . .Clarendon, Ark. ........Oxford, . . . .New Albany, Miss. Miss. .... .El Dorado, Ark. Lena Henderson ..... . .......... . . . . Jackson, Elsie Herman ....... Edith Johnson Martha Johnson Helen Kelly Frances Lee Lois June Lewis Bronson Munday Emily Nichols Knox Polk Sarah Ray Helen Robertson Margaret Rutledge Louise Smith Martha Smith Irene Snyder Sally Stevens Lilla Claire Stevens Margaret Williams . . . .Greenwood, Miss. Tenn. .. .... .Laurel, Miss. Tupelo Miss Senatobia Tupelo Laurel St Louis Iuka Swif town Inverness Canton jackson McComb Canton Holly Springs Laurel Clarksdale Senatobia ackson Miss Miss Miss o Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss 4 'lg ? Z.. ,Z J .vfx f l ,- 1 : 3 fs' -1 -Q - ,- Ti fUl1'5 i 'vi-'Q 3 Y -9 .f- L -'S Nt' 4 'fi 95 1 ..,ci'3-': ..,..,1. 9 145 S' Q 3 .-. 49 'i 5 for 'Q 65' A ? .Q... X z,. ., 'Z olg.0ll 0 Q o O H . 5 o O O 0.0 0.0 Foursmsn 1852 Colors: Rose and White Flowers: Rose and White Carnation Fifty-nine Active Chapters ALPHA DELTA CHAPTER Established 1924 PHI MU his 2 ui Q a 3091, gi 0 Ofc be we moths debate U be 5,5 ag S ans T0 es 0 QV we in is 3 My C as t we eSe onsia yttefs :hex 5 Y 4 au Qhax' 8 ci 10 11 teak 09 Y e ia 3 on QIOVQ S X Y OVB Q0 1 caim too oaih ve on Ou an www' sisters, 155. nc-13 rose S xencisi :SY e 015 0 Q0 Y gd, QCY5 c0 Qvln 3? CW' Cam ei 5 Q a De ta ns, 3 :Sign s X afnano '79 0 1555 3 M116 C g. he ? 65a Xo0ke ana Q b 3595 tos g best. 0 0 AB! am? of C Page l4S SORORES IN URBE MRS. Cixi Cows Mus. Hui Pinus Mas. H. M. Miiksr NiRS.f'.U.SMXlIIN1I SORORES IN UNIVERSITATE Seniors Hmmm' Harms . . . . Oxford, Miss. L,xL'RA Biuni-'onli . . . . Webb, Miss. FRXNCES I-'LRR ..., R-wlvliismivilli-, Miss. I-'iuscrs 'l'uom-sos . . Olive Bram-li, Miss. MARY I.iiMoxsrt Wu xissos . Siielby. Miss. GwEslm1,x's XVHIVI XKI-'R , .Xbsrdi-cn, Miss Juniors UECELIA Hosrx ..i... I.aurel, Miss K.X'l'ilEI.EFN josris . . Cliirksdnlc, Niiss LL'Cll.I.E NYHll'FllH.Xll . Clsirksdzilc, Niiss Sophomores LOL'lsE LIXDSEY ...,.. I,:iurel, Miss NiARCARE'l' NIDRPHY . , lim Iiena, Miss. CHRISTINE ML'kPuRriE ,... Slit-lby, Bliss FLURA XVII Kissos . . . . Slit-lhy. Miss Pledges 1NI.uuAx Anmuloi.n'1' .... Siu-lby, Bliss S'l'EN'AR'l' lS.xL'Ks'i'Rmi . I1-nksville, Niiss I.EFRANcE Boi'm"i '.... . Shelby, Miss Eiizsserii Ciimisiuiiiss . . . Laurel, Miss LOUISE CoL'R'rNm' , . XV:itcr Valley, Bliss Ni.-XRY Dmvouxs ..... Lziurcl, Miss BILLIE LEE I7oum,,xs . Okluiimmi City, Oklai ix1lI.DRED ICTIIERIIIGE . . . Meridian, Miss XVYNoNE'r'rE IFREEMAN . . . I,:iurcl, Miss M.-mis OWEN Kurs . . Macon, Bliss Dokoim' lixuzui' . . Mendenhall, Miss SARA FENDER .... Kosciusko, Bliss IWIRIAM Si..u'nrx . lovm-r -Xrk Xss x si Hui IX ii M xnir SMIIII ,'II'Chlll'lll Oxford nu xrssi In KXION rx st il Springs PMMH loUisF ILLM-R Bitesulle Fkxsus XX H111 uint Mu-rdien bnukuni XX n lxlNb0N Qhelhs X nu mx x VK iii i ms K umn .L .'.' ..'i::-:.. i. .l.i.: " .... ,Mfg- M.. .A .' .U J ' iwixf ,O Sty Q - A n . ,.. . . . . . . .. ' e- YO veg i nc tis YA i me - 6 1 h sf' Q A g b X a . . G 5 b A A A t V it A A ' - 5 is mx 5 H Ms . ? XC y Ch QAM 'gh . ix 5' is ' 5 My v1 Miss Iss INN Miss Miss Miss Albersrerr, Ingram, Litton, Johnson. McAlpine, Moss, Patton, Triplert, Eddins, Avent, Baker Blanks, Burnett, Carey, Chipley, Dinsmore, Haney, Henry, Horton, Lowe, lVlcDonalcl 1Saral, Mc Donald 1MarrhaJ, McGahee, Martin, Meaclers, Murphy, Markerre, Power, Peoples, Rosson, Stroud Thigpen, Tinsley, Varnado, Vffiley, Xwilliams, Wilson. Page l46 FOUNDED 1897 Colors: Green and White Flower: White Rose Sixty-eight Active Chapters ALPHA MU CHAPTER Established 1927 KAPPA DELTA C afS9 T' C Qi Q69 V QU SORORES IN URBE MRS. Ross ISRIIYYN NIRs. S. II. RonERsoN MRs. R. M. Guess MRS. fill' iiiIfRNBOXK' NiRS. XVII,I.I.xNI PIERCE NiRS. R.YI,PII XVII.sos: SOROR IN FACULTATE MRS. IZ. N. LowE SORORES IN UNIVERSITATE Seniors GENE AI,BERs'IE'Is'I' ..,.. Rockford, III MARIAN INGRAM . . . Bay Sr. Louis, Miss NETTIE HELEN LIT'I'oN .... Shaw, Miss XVILLARII j0IINsoN . . . Belmont, Miss CLAIRE iNiCAl.PlNE . . . Stringer, Miss FRANCES Moss . . . . . . Iuka, Miss LUCILLE PArI'oN .... Arlington, Tenn MARY AI.ICE TRIPLEIT . Long Beach, Miss Juniors LULIE EDDINS ..... Bay Springs, Miss. Pledges EIYNA AVENT ...... Oxford, Miss. JANE BAKER . . . . McComb, Miss. JOSEPHINE BLANIcs .... Meridian, Miss. MARY E. BURNETT . . . Hollandale, Miss. VIRGINIA CAREY . . . Hickory Flat, Miss. DORIS CHIPLEY . . . . Carthage, Miss. MARX' DINsIvIoRE . . Fort Benning, Ga. LOUISE HANEY' . . . . Jonestown, Miss. ELMER HENRY .... Long Beach, Miss. MARTHA ANN HAR1'ON . . . Tupelo, Miss. EPPIE Jo LOVVE ...... Belzoni, Miss SARA MCDONALD . . . Bay Springs, Miss. MARTHA MCDONALD . . . Baldwyn, Miss. HELEN LoUIsE MCGEHEE VIRGINIA MARTIN . . . MARGARET lVIE.-XDERS . SUE MURPHY . . . FRANCES MARRETTE . . DOROTHY POVVER . . . MARY PEOPLES CAROLINE Rossos EMMA STRODD I IRGINIA THIGPIN MARY BEILE TINSLEX ELEANOR VARNADO MARY VVILEY MARGARET w7ILI IAMS . . Hammond, La . Blytheville, Ark . Memphis, Tenn . Oxford Miss . . Oxford Miss . Red Banks Miss Oxford Jackson Mount Olne Vlcksburg DeKalb Osyka Oxford Itta Bena Miss Miss MI s Miss Miss Miss Miss MISS estefs 7 tx Etta my Sem axy u 6 5 VW an afmu S exact V W has 0 XQYCWQ nge 5 e 2 9 e Q3 Xeaies Wu Y vias th W st or uses is 'Q at t QU so 9 Y. N196 vw 2 7 e rx Co SS Q ext on og the ew t Ori aus e a Y C6 o5Sg5S Q 6 pf gethgi exxst t el nefs, ge! to Swings 3 fw Yniila 68 0 Kan Yes 'Y 6 9 eif C YW, Q Counox XB YS 3 5 dub 6 teen an Curt?-A X awe how S 0C C X003 3665 go 11? hue rose a Ok 0 YN A Q0 e 00 39 Page I47 HAZEL VVILSON Itta Bena Miss 'YY i A' --I :ff XL 3 ' ' ...... , A n . . . . , X Th RC . ..... , '. X ' Abi Q03 U ina de no Q X AX :CSC Xa- ? . Q as ii, X5 3 YY get O ' , I B . go Y ' 2 , 'YB ' AY' . sa-.JS '27 A!!!- 'fs 4 sg., 4 'S-uaflw if-x -v"'f 5 ,Q Chryst. Fox, Nlalling. Bass, Crozier, Dansby, Dennis, Eason, Eubanks, Nlartin Selby, Sexton. Page I48 '. in -.I figs? , Y-55 hx xv? FOUNDED 1873 Colors: Bronze, Pink, Blue Flower: Cream-Colored Rose 48 Active Chapters Established 1936 D E L T A G A M M A wee AS 05 1 1039 XS 9 a SD R the Qufrxo xhcaqrxij e931 o gi S goin D ot 9.11116 on md 0 6 e A As a I Ong his 0659 O o bonnet t e x 10 emma S 99015 YM U , 656 Xfiot A ea to na 05 Xe sg, a t S 9 t0iX'L?-a Qin cash cpxote beaflng at tha ct we Xaflies Page I49 SORORES IN URBE MRs. MRs. NlRs. MRS. MRS. MRS. MRs. MRs. MRS. MRS. MRS. MRS. MRS. MRS. MRS. MRS. I.. C. .-XNIIRI-us MARY IiI'lIi D.xx'III CARI I-.R, SR. I.. Y. CHUIIII DI. V. f'L'l.l I-,Y Ii. I-I. I,.XYll!SfJN I.II,I.II-1 lIEIII.IfsIrIx I.ll,l,lIi Illnsux lJ,u'IIm IIL'r:III5s I.. ll. Lomx IRENE McI.E.w DoRo'I'IIY OI.IIII,xM fiORN.X Oxuzxs DAIsx' PEGLIES BR.-XMl.E'I"l' RoIxER'Is HOI.I.ANn XKVIIKINJS SORORES IN UNIVERSITATE Seniors PHYLLISCHRYS1' . . . Dayton, Juniors JEAN MALLING . . . . Cleveland, Sophomores RUTH Fox ...,... Cleveland, Pledges CATHERINE BASS LOUISE CROZIER . DORIS DANSBY . . . . .Hazelhurst, . . . . .Erwin . . NewAIbzIny I I MARGARET DENNIS .... Marks, REBECCA EASON . . . New Albany NELL BASS EUBANKS . . . Lucedale GRAYCE MARTIN RUTH MCNEII, . VICTORIA SELBY HELEN SEXTON 7 v . . . Vicksburg, Ohio Ohio Ohio Miss. Miss. Miss. Miss. Miss. Miss. Miss. . . . . . Chicago,IIl. Vicksburg Miss Hazelhurst Miss , . . is U Eg ii' Y i' Xasgxe so Caine M g Qneif gp at AIG QNX .WY kg t Wo I gn A S u ,S Co O - xg A C' X 731 b ' 55 -6 i 4 tiki Q' 'uf' Barnes llfatherinei. Barnes flVIargarerl, Belk, Bostwiclf, Clark, Dooley, Nlorgan. Pritchard, Sheffield 1lVlarthaj, Sheffield fVirginiaJ, Sneed. Page I50 X Riff kxflf-Off' Jllllllll FOUNDED IN 1907 Colors: Olcl Rose ancl Vieux Green Flower: Pink Killarney Rose Established 1936 D E L T A Z E T A x65 che sow? 07 ss a 55 0 mt 31 e babll A xo t m Q xsbe 10 9 ailo ' sn as ta 1 Q el o e xt ao oiate Seo aste aes ec O6 1056 a X 116 Yougg 6 Sttking 6 n e Y es wffh Q Xlieux 85665 R056 ana Qld Page I5I SORORES IN URBE Miss MX'l.llRElJ l7l:RCLlSUN MRS. W. D. l'lL'SlI Miss CTGRRINNE IIII-Ps MRS. l,.llll. BRUMIII' SORORES IN UNIVERSITATE KATIIERINE HOPE BARNES MARGARET AI,l.E BARNES ANNIE KA1'llERlNE BELK BERNKCE STOKE BOSTNVICK ANNIE CARRIE CAMPBELL KATHERINE CLARK . . LILLIAN DooLEY . KATHERINE MORGAN . RUBY PRICHARD . .. MARTHA SHEEEIELD . VIRGINIA Sl-IEFFIELD . CRENOLA SNEED .... MARY E. MALTRY, ,-ldfvisor Summit Summit Oxford ickshurg, Belzoni Tupelo Oxford . Como Oxford Fulton Fulton, Pontotoc Oxford, I P Nliss Nliss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss. Miss. . - 'OC' li x . U X E Oi IA . XL XC? ' l 'YH y ' g . ' 2 051810 C5095 X'Ae11VBC ki 'c is l V If . A 09 ,, x . . col h . YK . Ci' C i A Bowling, Brame, Carruth, Conner, priestly, Barbour, Coocly, Beach, Crosby, Stephenson, Newton Kuykendall, Wall, Adams, Lmdsey, Brock, jolly, Hart. Westbrook, Neil, Ward. Rose, Booth W-'oodliff, Fedrnc, McFarland, NX'atrs, Parker, Sours, Grantham, Xwilson, Beidenharn, Danzig, Dcvith Page l52 INT ER-FRATERNITY COUN M ELVI N VV. DOVITH JAMES PRIESTLEY . . C. C, STEPHENSON . xllpha Tau Omega FRANCIS BOWLING OLLIE D. BRAME Delta Tau Delta STINSON COOOY JOHN BEACH Phi Delta Theta ROBERT XV. VVALL LAWRENCE ADAMS Pi Kappa Allpha OFFICERS MEMBERS Sigma Nu VVILLI.-XM FEDRIC JOE MCFARLAND Sigma Chi HARRY XVILSON JAMES. BIEDENHARN Beta Theta Pi JOHN CARRUTH RICHARD CONNOR Delta Kappa Epsilon ALONZO VVESTBROOK KENNETH CROSBY EUGENE NEIL C, C. STEPHENSON Greeks COC Q01 Oi tatuib O Z e Jun 61 e5 E You 9 in Q nowa te eaf wav ua Q ba QS. 019 et T0 in gm it Xeame V ecom as w X h XeS5 aS Q Cat uar I I wit Y am N05 6,565 9 xt Qafvc 'Gus bf mvxvl W S 1 the X meavmg of a 10 C ,153 0 ang ating tus 0 0 'C 6 A cum' PM s eei-I aavanxaietwtu es, 3 ax ,Q O10 s 201 te EWR o has ? mei T. 555 mat na rush A Oo tes ' a MIS 00 'IW E Page I53 g . . ' '. If - IJ Y E Us X g A Z 2. ho V ff E X XA -Io . I . 'I , 1 , 'N . Av Q X xx RX M ax? 5 3 ,O 10 7 X Q-A V fs- ' k. I S , b Q E . . . .Presidflll . . l'ife-President . Sefretary-Tr1'asIn'er Phi Kappa Psi RUSSELL LINDSEY NEIL BROCK Pi Kappa Phi JOHN VVARD JAMES ROSE Sigma Phi Epsilon FRANTZ XVATTS FRANK PARKER Phi Epsilon Pi ELLIOTT DANZIC NIELVIN DOVITH Delta Psi JAMES PRIESTLY YVILLIAM BARBOUR Kappa Sigma ROBERT N EWTON JOHN RUIRENDALL Phz P1 Phi VS ILL1 AM JOLLT FRANK HART Sigma illpha Epszlon RICHARD BOOTH GEORGE VK OODLIFF Ixappa Alpha WHLLIAM SOURS Lwoknors. GRANTHAM Burghard Crosby fKj Grantham Holley Sxmpson Stephenson Adams ICJ Dent Evans Lacey Selby Taylor Haney Staggers Weatherford Adams IJ KJ Baker Boensch Carter Cox Crltz Crosby lC PJ Dalton Deaton Garrott Hyde James Moseley Rather Robmson fffooperj Robmson lW1ll1amj Smxth fLandonJ Smxth lLucxanJ Wesson Page IS4 v - v 3 7 I 1 Y ' 1 y . . . ,.,... , . , , , - FRATRES IN URBE DAVID G. NEILSUN 9 DAVID G. Nl-IILSUN, JR. PIII SHINE XV. D. HEDIll.liS'l0N, JR. FRATRES IN FACULTATE F. E. FARQUEAR XV. DIVIGHT XVENTZ "'A' if FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE I "iii snuff! if-' Seniors Louis H. BURQIIARD .... Clinton, Miss. FOUNDED 1844 Colors: Crimson, Old Gold, and Azure Flower: Pansy Forty-six Active Chapters CHI CHAPTER Established 1850 DELTA KAPPA EPSILON d vllnxte beat ln O0 V05 ax bgags a Xu the Qoidatxona cxofue Q c lc eats oi Q t 0 etc s 2 wow Sects ew tee Y OX Smnda aiu vm 05 TSM bled gn m Soi, goia anvpgf als uqets are T e C6105 tocaii In mer!! e 5 O u den 0 mic usw ere tst u ot T 5 Cu The lava ho t co 06 W dat age osffn so Stein 0 u cieni M ve eefi C hueoui Sl C ,uni S 3 e 5 10 ans Q0 on Y, Sony SWK b3S5 Q0 s :S ca X mg ch2?te I S B , ln ' ' Y Y bthk A A ie , - I S .H I1 A .I ' Y' , . - A mane l YXQCS- h 2 ACA AY ct R 5h Ex E h lg YA- Y I1 EK 'O M , :X ' Y A ' Q Ik' . Page I5'5 KENNE1'H M. CROSBY EDWIN S. GRANTHAM ROBERT L. HOLI.EX' . XVILLIAM M. SIMPSON C. C. STEPHENSON, JR. . XVest Point, . VVeSt Point, . . Oxford, . . Sumner, Holly Springs, Juniors J. COOPER ADAMS ..... Corinth, Miss. Bliss. Miss. Miss Miss. lifliss GENE H. DENT ..... Lockhart, S. C. BEN L. EVANS .... Holly Springs, Miss. TOM C. LACEY . . . Holly Springs, Miss. CLAUDE H. SELBY .... Vicksburg, Miss. J. ROBERT TAYLOR . . . VVesr Point, Miss. Sophomores HAROLD E. HANEY .... Oxford, Miss. S. RICHARD STAGGERS . . VVest Point, Miss. KLINE WVEATHERFORD .... Dozier, Ala. Pledges JOHN KIRK ADAMS .... Corinth, Miss. JACK BAKER .... Ocean Springs, Miss STEVE R. BARKER, JR. . PAUL A. BOENSCH . . CLIFTON CARTER WILLIAM C. Cox XXV.-XLTER P. CRITZ . . C. P. CROSBY . JACK E. DALTON . . VVARD PIPKIN DEATON N. STANLEY GARROTT . FRANK E. HYDE . . NEWTON H. JAMES, JR. THADDEUS M. MOSELEY JOHN E. RATHER . . COOPER ROBINSON . . XVILLIAM VV. ROBINSON, LANDON J. SMITH . . J. LUCIAN SMITH . . I.. DAVIS XVESSON . . . . .TupeIo, Miss . , Vicksburg . XVest Point . . .Oxford . VVeSt Point . VVest Point . VVest Point I 7 I , Miss Miss lN1iss Miss Miss Miss . . Batesville Miss . . Memphis, Tenn . Colfeeville, Miss . . . Clinton Miss . VVest Point, Miss Holly Springs Miss . . Memphis, Tenn JR. . Memphis, Tenn . . . Tupelo, Miss . VVest Point, Miss . . . Tupelo, Miss --.9 39 -3 4? .M , 3 2 QPF.. ., Sr I ae- 'QQ 'Q I 9 'T' 1-QJ maj .41 il A. I 3 ff,- Augustus. Barbour. Cam lRobl:rtl, Cain lvifilliaml. Fontaine, Lomax, Priestly, Roberson. Kincade, Rogers. Smith 11.5. Cranford. Joyner, Kimbrough. Lockhart. Speer. Tmdall, Turner. Vfells. Wool- ten. Brannon. Cockrell, Lane, Shelby, Smith 1G.I Page I56 Q . Q1 i r 4 'Q . i 'Nff-L V T1 '-1 3' f -..-4.:- : z:.v. ,:',,'L ,wa - - 5 .-qi ' ' 1 ', "4f' '+-'-fi A - - - . '- ' ' I Q- gn '- "f:-c - 'I ' , f 1 sim? 76 is . If KM ' L, gt? . .5, A',,..-,.: : FOUNDED 1847 Colors: Blue and Gold Nine Active Chapters PHI CHAPTER Established 1855 DELTA PSI S QOW 5 9- X7 XL cha? Y. on Y def LE T0 p,As0I'ungagmZ un 00 e X not mg ac OVC! Q Q ese ggi '5 SA-7 6 on 5310 1 Cum I cr A0 s Smeg A 0 a a w ocai a O 16' an die Xue kd, mg xg use 01 :BC 9 3 Ve' gl is Q 1 3 uqeso a 9 mi Ago 6 OV S 5 3 sax O11 0 wc, an m ss Y 6 wi XS t W nga Q 6 00 ov Gino Vex Qin of Yhte 5 The 6 N91 'Nota t Xaaxsha 5CCtet' ,cello A an 6 s Staci P a g e I 5 7 gxxv X I ' N as l Shea ' A OSC R ' h . R hwwa ana ' i 9 X A 2 XA' I A: in . . b . neva, OO' ga E s X 5 A 5 . 'O a Z 1 , - 52:- . ' h 55 ki n . X Qimxaxe C1 I A to ms . Y. G f ' FRATRES IN URBE DR. ROI: ERT '1'ORR I-:Y Nik. I,OI IS PERKINS FRATRES IN FACULTATE DR. J. NV. III-II JI.Inr:E XVIIIIAM III:MINr:w,w FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE Seniors N. GAINES AUGUSTUS . . . Pontoroc VVILLIAM BARBOUR . . Yazoo City ROBERT CAIN . . . . Canton VVILLIAM CAIN . . Canton JACK FONTAINE . . Pontotoc, ROBERT LOMAX . . Greenwood JAMES PRIESTLEY . . . Canton SHED H. ROBERSON . . Clarksdale, Juniors ROBERT KINCADE .... Clarksdale LESLIE ROGERS . . Greenwood JOHN A. SMITH . . Indianola Sophomores ROWLAND CRANFORD . . . . Laurel JOHN WILLIAM JOYNER . Greenville B. B. KIMBROUGH, JR. . . Clarksdale GEORGE LOCRHART . JOHN C. SPEER . . FRANK TINDALL . . HOMER G. TURNER . ERSKINE VVELLS . . . MIIJDLETON VVOOTTEN . Pledges BILL JAMES BRANNAN . Ponrotoc . Indianola . Indianola . Jackson . . Jackson Columbus Liberty ALUIN CHESTER COCRRELL Hazelhurst JACK LANE Greenville LUTHER G SHELBX Benoit MARIIN GARRARD SMITH Indianola 1 Y Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss. Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss MISS Miss 14 73-N No' 'MTI' 'Nfl f 1 8 R Elliot. Lxndbev. Hapes lclarencel. Nladre, Brock. Hapes lRaymondl, Hines Ivfilliaml. Hines tlfgberri. Kexrn. Rhyme. Rxce. Schultz. jones, Kidd, Lovett. Moore, Mullen. Smith, Taylor. Vfhear. w'llll3l1'lS. Page I58 48 FOUNOEO 1852 Colors: Cardinal Red and Hunter's Green Flower: Jacqueminot Rose Fifty-two Active Chapters MISSISSIPPI ALPHA CHAPTER Established 1857 PHI KAPPA PSI 90 I in X851 ve cared Set Sai 1569 rc in 1 S ag O Shi? 0 ri gea at O17 as HX X05 5 I T 6 COX0ts xo 'C 6 gi OW CW er Y e C ,I Ori , 2 tc o P ra' Cixi YJCYY ikxsax C' R Exitjy till ggi t, YYxY?C, ovleveti oxlfse O aft W Xxeilt e 3 C M356 Q31 W XY C 3 te e in ti O sta 9 A QW gav I X e OSP C05 5 Ca s 10 6 Sea 0 e C e X t teca te S31 3 eV g 'OOOQA ig Q 20' Q S C S QW agl6 WW 9 X C of In an ffpl' In ? '. f f I Tis - ..... e ,IH- .' ,Ex . . I 62 ' if 5 0 ki? - Yi X yi In ,A ON J ., A Q 't - ly lb Q S Pl tv . A . ' 3 Phi I 592. X-Qigiiri S IIWG EW. xi Psgiwlc 'ri' - Page I59 FRATRES IN U RBE Q HON. C. A. ISRII ION Il'IJGli IAXIIJR Malin MR. Gm' Ii. 'l'.uI.OR MR. PR Rfii HJR S. li,xII.I-:Y IR, MR. la. ll Il"N1l'I I-' MR. DALE Nil I.I.IiN FRATRES IN FACULTATE DR. N. B. BONO DR. J. M. LENOIR FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE Seniors C. H. ELLIOT . . . . . Ripley, Miss. RUSSELL LINOSEI' . . . . Laurel, Niiss. PAULIQLOTZ . .... McComb, Miss. CLARENCE HAPES . . Garden Grove, Calif. JOIIN MAORE . . . . . Memphis, Tenn. LUTHER SEXTON , . Hazelhurst, Miss. Juniors REEO BROCK . . .... VVest, Miss. RAYMOND HAPES . . Garden Grove, Calif. CURTIS HINES . . . . . Cruger, Nliss. EGBERT J. HINES . . . . Cruger, Miss. CLAUDE KEIRN . .... Keirn, Miss. A. C. RHYNE .... Pass Christian, Miss. R. K. RICE .... . . . VVebb Miss. CLIFFORD SCIIULTZ . . . Vicksburg Miss. Pledges GASTON JONES .... Gulfport Miss BURT KIDD . . . Garden Grove, Calif JIMMIE LOVETI' ..... Laurel Miss RICI-IARO MOORE . . Garden Grove, Calif DON MULLEN HARRY E SMITH HERMAN TAI LOR ROBERT WHEAT BILL WILLIAMS Oxford Jackson Oxford Enid McComb Miss IN is IV ISN Nliss Miss Biedenharn, Brewer, Cunningham. Curlee ICJ, Gardner, Hall, Kimbrough, Minor 1Lucianj, Ray, Stigler, Sturdivant Wilson. Bradford, Butler, Carver, Coleman, Duckworth, Guyton, Maxwell, Perry, Tennyson, Wells, Barnett, Beard Clark, Crawford, Douglass, Harris, Irby, McGee, Minor KErnestj, Olson, Singleton, Stephens, Worsham fCliftonJ Biedenharn fWarnerJ, Bryan, Carter, Chancellor, Chandler, Cromwell, Curlee Uosephj, Denman, Foster, Hamilton Hughes, Maddox, Matthews, Neblett, Olafson, Patty, Rawls, Reichle, Rogers, Russell, Shaw, Shelton, Stainback, Tate Worsham lLeroyJ. Page ISO 2' K be . A Eli , ,,,, fill Fouxmso 1855 Colors: Blue and Old Gold Flo-':::z'r.' XVhite Tea Rose Ninety-six Active Chapters ETA CHAPTER Esfabliflml 1857 SIGMA CHI C1055 o QOYKW - 113' Qmgnt Ol this alto! thilizolots l fe o Yea - wa t E oc? 557, N 12919 95 OM: Yqxstea in X' atm, That M over I beatsa Call 10 X5 :W -ngtgflla Am tow' A Zo ,- Qofall 012556 a t e bwe an Their xBCantlY Y stands 2' aes. we. tw .te c?itioSe'wh1iKxs dlmtatgxgiilllea ana hit E gout. umxoets, A as had Y s 9 ' 9 , ' te s- xoiat Sami ox? tedulls oi 'be Clos large toxtucletxt stvlale s Page IGI FRATRES IN David T. Carter Branham Hume jack Elliott Dr. B. S. Guvton URBE Dr. .-X, H Little XY, Bl. Reed FRATRES IN FACU LTATE l.. C, Andrews R. Bl. Guess B. S. Gui-'ton R Grads' Guvton Dean T. C. Kimbrough Dr. .-X, B. Lewis Coach Ed Yfalker FRAT ES IN UNIVERSITATE Seniors james Biedenharn .... . ............. Vicksburg. Bliss. Norman Brewer . . ........ . , .Greenwood Blix. Jim Cunningham , ..,. Vicksburg. Bliss, Cullen Curlee . ....., Rienzi. Blix. John G. Gardner . ..... Columbia. Blix. Toxev Hall. .lr. .. .,... Columbia. Blix. Tom Kimbrough . . . .... L'ni'-'ersitv. Blix. Hughes Blendell . . . ,.., Vicksburg. Blix. Lucian Blinor ..... .,... B lacon. Blix. .-Xrthur Rav ...,. ....... R ienzi. Blix. -lex Stigler ........ . . .Birmingharn. Ala. .-Xrchie Sturdivant . . . . ..... Glendora. Bliss, Ham' Wilson . . . ....,..... ..,. C olumbus. Blix. Juniors William Bradford .....,............. Itta Bena. Blix. George Butler . . . ...,.... ..... J ackson. Bliss. Jack Carver ....,. ..,.... B loline. Ill. l.. .-X. Coleman .... .... D oddsville. Bliss. XY'illet'te Duckworth .. .... Columbus. Bliss. William Guvton .... .,... O xford. Blix. ,lerome Blaxwell . . . .,.... Drew. Bliss. Robert Perry .... . ..,... Rienzi. Blix. Scott Tennvson .................... Columbus. Bliss. Ed Wells ....,................,... Vicksburg. Bliss. Sophomores Hubert Barnett ................... Greenwood. Bliss. Eugene Beard .. .....,.,,......... Columbus. Bliss. Harold Clark .... .... YY 'est Point. Blix. Bobbi- Crawford .... .... Yi 'est Point. Bliss. Robert Douglas .. ........ Moline. Ill. james Harris .. ...... Vfebb. Bliss. George Irbv . .. ...... Como. Bliss. Clvde BlcGee . . ....... Leland. Bliss. Ernest Blinor ..., .....,... B lacon. Bliss. Lawrence Olson .. ..... Greenwood. Bliss. Dave Singleton . . . ..,. Hattiesburg. Blix. Edgar Stephens .... ............ N ew Albanv. Bliss. Clifton Yvorsham .................... Corinth. Blix. Pledges Xvamer Biedenharn .,....,.......... Vicksburg. Bliss. Har-rv Brvan ....... ........ ..... J a ckson. Bliss. Jack Carter ...... ..... O Xford. Blix. Lester Chancellor .. ..... Blacon. Blix. Charles Qiandler . ....... Bogalusa. La. Bills- Cromwell . .. .... Bvest Point. Blix. joseph Curlee . .. .. ......... Rienzi. Mix. Dick Denman ....,.. ..... Gr eenwood. Bliss. Robert Foster ......... .... X Vest Point. Blix. Longstreet Hamilton . .. ...... Jackson. Blix. Clyde Hughes ,...... ........ Co rinth. Bliss. Larkin Knox . ..,.. .... N ew Albanv. Bliss. Jack Maddox . . . ..... Brookhaven, Blix. ,lack Blatthews . .. .......... Bfloline. Ill. l'larrv Neblett . . . . . . Blorgan City: Bliss. Ted Olafson ..... .......... B lolirie. Ill. Xvhitewav Pattv .... .... B igbee Vallev. Bliss. Clifton Rawls .... ...... C olumbin. Bliss. Henry' Reichle .. ...... Columbus. Miss. Shelbv Rogers . .. .... .New Hebron. Mix. Bill Russell .,.. ...... . Ackerman. Blix. Fred Shaw ..... .... D avenport. Iowa Gill Shelton ...... ....... R uleville. Bliss. Frank Stainback .... Blinter City. Bliss. Gus Tate ...,... ..... Gr eenwood. Bliss. Leroy Vforsham . ...... Corinth. Blix. Booth, Buchanan, Crisler, Daniel. Hall. Lawrence fffharlesl. Lawrence iphillipl, lVlcDonnell, Nlashburn, Seay, Berks dale, Donald, Furlow, Herron, Johnson KH. GJ, johnson IP. B.l, Jordan QCJ, Jordan lR.l, Keye, Nlassengill Nlurphree, Wheless, Woodliff, Bridgforth, Cosnahan, De-Nliller, Ford, Gardner, Gilliam, Johnson ILT, Olden, Payne Powell, Price, Shell, Spencer, Weddington, W'illiams, W'ood, Anderson, Callender, Coleman, Collins, Cooke, Dunlap Guyton, Hardin fHarrodl, Hardin IHowelll, Harper 4H.l. Harper KXVJ, Hopkins, Love, lVlclVlanus, Nelson, Quinn Ratliff, Seward, Shelton, Taylor, Wilkinson. Page l62 FRATRES IN XV. l.. Archibald Philip Carnathan URBE ,lnhn lialknr-r Wlllinm Falkm-r Call Coers NY. N. l.1-vvll l J, XV, T. Falkner judge l., Oldham 1 VV. T. Falkner, IV lain:-s Stone, jr. i R. l.. Sullivan I FRATRES IN FACULTATE l, Dr. A. B. Butts ,ls-fl' K. Hamm Dr. D. H. Bishop XV, C. Trotter ' Dr. Nlathc-ws FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE Seniors 'Y li Founded 1856 il 1 Colors: Royal Purple and Gold Florwer: Violet ll One Hundred and Eight Active Chapters i MISSISSIPPI GAMMA CHAPTER Established 1866 SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON xanga Y e XQCQX C' netv ts 6559 Hg te t ea i my X 5? QS 1 Q 9 af Cab! at av numeix can Q0 one M00 5 et, het ist 1515 an A Q XS WN? e am n C S C fret sfx sou hem x0 cncouil to the wee Q Pd no ln aim swdea S 6 wget io els? be www! l ln' e h KKK, 0 The T, ti ve 0 Q gba owe ana 6 ehaxet ot rx K0 c 06 O awson abeaf the V gi o no sw g men o mass a Page l63 Richard Booth . . . James Buchanan . . . .,.. . . , . Carl Crisler ...,. Vfatt Daniel . ,. Charles Hall .... Charles Lawrence . .. Philip Lawrence .. Edward McDonnell Wadell Mashburn Clant Seay ............,...,. Harris Barksdale . Juniors John Sharp Donald .......... A. B. Furlow Charles Herron .. Hermon Gray Johnson Paul B. Johnson, Jr. ., Charles Jordan .,... Ralph Jordan ..... Richard Kaye ,..... Frank Massengill Torn Murphree . . . Julian Wheless .............. George Woodliff .,.......... James Alsop .... Walter Bridgforth Brister Cosnahan Eddie Deiviiiief . ' ' Frank Ford . . . Tom Gardner . . . Alex Gilliam . Sophomores Lee Johnson ...........,..,. Sam Olden ,l . . Alex Payne J Sanford Powell William Price Dan Shell Stephen Spencer Hunter George Weddington Charles Williams a ......Al1erdeen, Miss. . . ,Holly Springs, Nliss, . . . . . . ..-Xberdeun, Miss .. . . . . .Tupe-lo. Miss .. . . .Hernando, Miss ....lVleridian. Miss. . . . . .-lackson, Miss .. . . . . Jackson, Nliss ...,.Clarksdale, Nliss . . ,Hatriesburg, Nliss. . . .... Jackson, Miss . . . . Jackson, Miss. . . . .Brookhaven, Miss. .. . . .Canton, Miss . . . . .Meridian, Miss . . . .Hattiesburg, Miss . . . .Columbia Miss ... .Columbia, Miss .. . . . . .Rockford, Ill . . , .Brookhaven, Miss . . . . . . Jackson, Miss . . . . .Hattiesburg, Nliss ..... . . . Jackson, Miss . . . . . . . . .Cruger, Miss . . . . .Yazoo City, Miss . . . ,Aberdeen, Miss .. .....Biloxi Hattiesburg Gulfport Clarksdale Columbia Yazoo City Bolton Georgetown Oxford Okolona Red Lick Meridian Okolona Clyde Wood Woodville William Anderson Claud Callandar E H Coleman Scott Collins Lucian Cooke Thomas Dunlap Arthur Gu ton Howell Hardin Htlllard Harper William Harper Arvah Hopkins Charles Love Blanton McBride Robert McManus Fred Nelson Timmy Quinn O G Seward George Shelton Olin Taylor Richard Wilkinson Okolona Edwards Hollandale Okolona Hernando Okolona Oxford Calhoun City Greenwood Greenwood Gulfport Aberdeen Philip Biloxi Jackson Louise Philadelphia Okolona Senatobia Jackson Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss ,Jr . f l H ........ ..... . . U 1 I-Iarrod Halidin 'J 2 f f f f f f f f f f f f f f.ieQiii.L,i,,. ag Mgt A i 3 A X1 W a U I. .'.l. .1.1'1.1A1ti.1'1Vi.1.1.1-itini-ini.:ufpihf.' nl 5 Q i in 656. i' I ,Wg - . , r Q- ................. .. . ' w ii A - lo X PO A A ln . S . . he s , 1 ' 2 fe' Y an . wi Wm Xa X 7 ' . gill ie l Air SWA ol SD Adams fL.J, Atkinson ISJ, Curtis, Gardner QRJ, Johnson, NIcGehee, McLean, Nichols, Parker, Portwood, Price Swittenburg, Thomas IRQ, Webster, XVilliams, Currie, Everett, Fair ICJ, Fair lE.J, Foose, Hamilton, Harrell Jackson, Magruder KFJ, Mounger, Nance CEJ, Russell, Shands, Sherman, Wall, Atkinson KRJ, Clayton, DeLoach Forman, Hix, Adams 15.1, Baker, Buckley, Crawley, Ethridge, Ford, Gardner HJ, Galbreath. Hand, Handy, Hooper Laney, Morrow, Morton, Ott, Petty, Roseborough, Rust, Sams, Thomas QVJ, Westover. Page I64 J V'f'g2E222YE2Q2Q2Vr -i I A U ..'. I A'.'- .i-,'..i..'-.iI....i..'i.i,-.Greenvillei Miss Q1 ' y "" 'ljiinjviijijnjiiljiiififiiiiifiA jifa H t . A ' - ,..... .I , XS x S' 01 6 Ola 1 - XA' 5 CP' ,L A P . -,, iS 7 -xi . ew . - ' . tk A ' Ng U P, 'ti . kx xy sb XA P - Q Q 515 are fi ' - ' i X . Qi Y t xl. . -1-1, f '94 " 1' I f . Q I are Fourenen 1 848 Colors: Azure and Argent Flofwrr: VVhite Carnation One Hundred and Eight Active Chapters MISSISSIPPI ALPHA CHAPTER Eilablisllrd 1877 PHI DELTA THET sseiflbxc 7 ist 3 tnailons' a NY 6 ca gn A Q is t whit matene S Q Q6 gm secret! Q kxsjoecotn 3 ag o C and 3- 7 SWG u 31,056 X 1 WIP' V356 so u X04 0 egtwefll with 'Q mtifa' t P Q ts Y GQQQJS he te 7 xg Conque oi Sa Sucdiss 1 3 the" KQCYXCQ' a Q M2256 tgp? ma Page I65 FRATRES IN URBE Dt. Ll. lilv All XVIII lruls FRATRES IN FACULTATE James A. Carpenter ff ll flmallintf T. L. Lockartl, Jr. Ixlfliiinnlil K l'Imnr' FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE Seniors Lawrence Adams ., ,...,,,,., Natchez, IVIiss Sam Atkinson ,, ,..,.,,, . . Drew, Miss Chester Curtis .. . ,Clarksdalr-, Miss james Frith . ,. . McComb, Miss Robert Gardner . .. .Greenwood Miss William Johnson . . . . , .Senatobia, Miss William T. McGehee ..Greeny1lIe, Nliss Hite McLean ....,. .. ..Blaine, Miss Peter Nichols .... ..,. S wiftown, Miss Percer Parker .,.... .... C anton, Miss Robert Portwood .Grt-enwood, Miss Kenneth Price ...,. . . .McComb, Miss Robert Swittenberg . ..l.cxington, Miss Rowan Thomas .... ...... B oyle, Miss Eugene Vinson . , . . . .Meridian, Miss Pete Webster .... Oxford, Miss Walter Welty ., .... Jackson, Miss Cauley Williams . . , . . .Clarksdale, Miss Juniors Hector Currie .. ,........, .... M eridian, Miss George Everett .. . .Indianola, Miss Charles Fair .. ,,l.ouisville, Miss Eugene Fair .. ..l..ouisville, Miss Sam Foose ...., .... T chula, Miss David Hamilton . , .Meridian, Miss Kirby Harrell , . . , .McComb, Miss Claude Jackson ,... ,.Kosciusko, Miss Robert Magruder .. Port Gibson, Miss Billy Mounger . ,.., Winona, Miss William Nance . , . . Jackson, Miss Albert Russell ,. .... Oxford, Miss Nugent Shands .... .,.. I ackson, Miss John T. Sherman ..... .... M eridian, Miss Robert W. Wall, Jr. .,.,.....,.. ...,.. B oyle, Miss Sophomores Robert Atkinson .,....,....,......,,. Drew, Miss Stewart Clayton ,, ,... Tupelo, Miss Webb DeLoach . .. .Greenwood, Miss Brent Forman , .. ...., Natchez. Miss E. H. Hix ....... .... J aclcson, Miss Pledges Ben Adams Grenada Miss Billy Baker W C Buckley David Crawle Thomas Ethridge Paul Ford Joseph Gardner Jack Galbreath ames Robert Hand Stewart Handy Norman Hooper Frank Laney Doyle Morrow Joseph Morton Thomas Ott John Petty Morgan Roseborough Billy Rust Featherston Sams Virgil Thomas Monte Westover Winona ackson Kosciusko Oxford Taylorvrlle Greenwood Prescott Waynesboro Natchez Philadelphia Tupelo Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Tenn Miss Miss Miss Miss Batavia Ill Franklinto Greenwood Greenwood Clarksdale Meridian Boyle Waynesboro n L Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss .Qs 1 ZIP' 'X f 'R' Carrurh, Leonard, NlcLelland, nerr, Carlton, Dale, George, Goad Mccvehee Mclllwam Porter Roumavnlle Smxth KBJ Smlth JOHN ELLZEYCARRUTH . . McComb, Miss FOUNDED 1839 Colors: Pink and Blue Flower: Pink Rose Eighty-eight Active Chapters BETA BETA CHAPTER Established 1897 BETA THETA Ms A OI exec e r C W et 63 verogQx kunigf tgp! 10 ax C ERE S a Narnia Im? New IOC rxmeuesi Bat ve C 6 hun oi the ga e V gnu L s of 59 av W sm 6 S he a mg' ox bmah 375 6 Oi the na ugnit aex09a as on et I P I of n V009 ne O s0 T, OS XS 0 3 w an awning Q X5 QAM base Xa 5 XX Y, gi 0 151 S AW we 9 Yi gona Qoiw at ecuok ue to Xe ue 1 51 A rx gig roses Og 3 PO in 9- Iavot bafmets Pagel67 FRATRES IN URBE IMIID IIL'fpIII1s JIOIIN NIcC'R.InI -IANII-Qs McC'I.I RI. RICII.xRI,N1cciI.L'RI'. VI. Ii. RIMM' FRATRES IN FACULTATE XVEBB BURR DR. IXLIPRIZD HOME FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE Seniors TAYLOR E. LEONARD . MARION S. MCLELLAN JOHN VVITHERSPOON . . Juniors VVARREN L. CARLSON . . LaGrange, III . . Sumner, Miss . Meridian, Miss Rockford, III VVILLIAM P, CASSEDY . Brookhaven Miss RICHARD E. CONNER . . . Vicksburg Miss VVENDEL MCCORD , . Corinth Miss D. B. SMITH . . . . Meridian Miss Sophomore JOHN YV. VVHITTEN .... Cascilla Miss Pledges GARDNER BENNETT . . Meridian Miss SIDNEY CARLTON . New Albany, Miss JOHN S. DALE . . . . Prentiss Miss CLARENCE GEORGE . . Corinth Miss ROBERT GOAD . . . , . Tunica Miss CLAUDE MCGEHEE Bude Miss JULIUS MCILM AIN BILL PORTER ROBER1 ROUNSANILLE BROOKS SMITH GORDON SMITH SAM SUOOS VV C TRIGG HOMER TURN ER STFVE VVILRERSON Cagoula Patterson Coffees 1IIe Miss M s Miss Moline III Greensx ood Calhoun Cm VS as nesboro Crosbx Lu a Mlss Miss Miss Miss Mis Aabafx Kg, A2 f ...., ' I ,Q . ' ' ...... I, -s 6 L. . s . M3 Thy 1 g Y X in .cgi 25' . A .MT at tn. ,. I Q2 X Ig .- ki A sr? HI'.T,o 'M I. xx . 'X S .tx X? xg ESXSK . S? 3 .lg I6 'Sl' '3 1' '15 q , 4 Ak 543 -air.. if . il l 3 new N :H N.: 3 Barnes, Beach, Bryan, Coody. Hawkins YFJ, Hawkins lH.J. Haynes, Wallace, McLeod, Reed, Dixon, Tipton, Bailey, Bernard, Ferrell, Hartsfield, Heard, Holder, Jacobson, jones, Lauderdale, Michel, Nichols, Rownd, Swartzfager, Smith, Washington. Page I68 'ff 41 FOUNDED 1859 Colors: Purple, White, and Gold Flower: Pansy Seventy-five Active Chapters PI CHAPTER Established 1884 DELTA TAU DELTA wal 9 Q S baCk to XTQWSV Q aw ies a n me 'ce AS Q X5 C3 Q Sagas, Qms oi Wh! te on a tx WXSCQ C at dnb e as gxtgi? a O ses! Q5 t tl 'N one c0m9 e but 'Ea' Q 4 bein Aaiino FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE Seniors XVILLARIJ :XARON ISARNLS JOIIN SIDNEY ISEACII . . EARL XKVOOIJRON' ISRYAN . A. S. Coom' .... . FRANK Ii.xwRINs . . HORACE A. Ii.-UVKINS . MORRIS P.-XL'I. lI.xx'NI1S . . . Nicfoul . . iliihlwe . Forinth . Jzicksoli . VZliKiCll . Ylliiifll , . lielInOIIt HEIVITT VV. XV.-xI.I,.IcE . . Biloxi Juniors OTHMA L. MCLEOIJ . . . Pascagoula XVIILIAM REED . . . . . Jackson Sophomores EARNEST DIXON . . . . Union JULIUS TIPTLON . . . Hernando, Pledges JAMES D. BAILEY . DAVID BERNARD . . FRANK FERRELL . . MARVIN HARTSFIELD . LLEYYELLYN F. HEARD . OWEN T. HOLDER . . ROBERT T. JACOBSON . . XVAYNE JONES . . . JOE E. LAUDERDALE . . J. XNALTER MICHEI. . JAMES E. NICHOLS . . . TULLIUS C. ROWND . . JAMES H. SVVARTZFAGER . ARTHUR F. SMITH . . JOE C. XVASI-IINGTON . . . . Union . Baldwyn . Ashland . Oxford . . Biloxi . .Corinth . Vicksburg, . MCCOOI Hernando . Jackson , Vicksburg, Coffeeville Hattiesburg, . . Jackson Miss Miss ibliss Niiss Niiss Miss Niisi Niiss bliss Niiss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss. . Memphis, Tenn ' o A . na - X 5 A . X X , nw X if A ' Q 2 Q ii sin ' ii 'Y' . S ass W' in i X iw ii? Y' ' ca 9 se' X305 Y is vc simi at 90 mcax n NX SS W M905 i ate i s Seven Ca parm tfoo we ua of boxls aims iavoilw S? Qi Page lb? .45 '9 :K 1 '12 -5 1.1- -ali .-4 '93 Q-fl' :Q "Y Ad an cs? ? Biedenharn, Crisler lR.j, Ferrill, Gates 4W.l, Grantham, Hopkins, Klaus, Rogers 11.3, Sanders, Sours, Gates fR.l. Lotterhos, Penxx. Rogers lF.P, Veasey, Warheld, White, Gleason, McLean. Simpson KEJ. Stevens, Alford, Ashford, Atkinson. Bradley, Breyer QAJ, Breyer 41.1, Butler, Cain, Childress, Clanry, Crisler 11.1. Dickson, Grace, Playnes. Horne, Hudson. Kennon, lVlcDowell, Moore, Murphey, Montgomery, North, O'lVlara, Pigford, Rogers QWJ, Simpson CFJ, Singley, Wason, Yancy. Page I70 FRATRES IN URBE Dr. Frank Purser ,lnlm lee Carney FRATRES IN FACULTATE a .-ftzjiz? Dr. XV. l.. Kenmin Dr Ci.-mule Nitholson 0 'JK' o , . : I 5, f. , ", , 4 FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE A Seniors Eric Biedenharn .. .,.,...,. ..... X 'iclrsr-urg. Bliss R. B. Crisler .... ,...., H ora. Blass. ,l. R. Ferrill . , . ...Blerid1an. Bliss, H. W. Gates ..,. ,. Jaclcson. Bliss. R. G. Grantham . . ..... Terry. Bliss, Thomas S. Hopkins . . ..,.... Lula. Bliss. 1. Klaus ......... ....... B lacon. Bliss. J. A. Rogers .... ..... H artresburg. Bliss. Odell A. Sanders ........ Xvalls, Miss. W. G. Sours ..... Jackson, Miss. Fouxurn 1865 Juniors , Rodney Gates .........,......,...... I lr , Bl' Color-7-' Cr1m50n and ?Vi-IE.Pl.otterhos .... ...,. C rystal Sgrihcgrs, Blix . . enix ..... .......... J acl-cson, Bliss ' Fred Rogers ....... ...... P ortervll , Bl' Flour' Magnolla and Red Rose Fletcher Veasey ...., Coldwdrei, Miz: I ' Scott Wlarfleld .. ,.... Gunnison, Miss Sixts -eight Active Chapters Cordell Vifhire ..... Canton. Bliss Sophomores D. C. Gleason .,................,.. Bleridian, Miss D W McLean Meridian 'Nliss ALPHA UPSILON CHAPTER Esfablzshed 1900 KAPPA ALPHA ante 1 00" Q ts 19519 5 lg the cl S0 S0 th! c,ott09Xan 1 L the Ola Y ws :Robot a il CWC 1195 c 6 m Conga a Quai un mba 2 C s 0 xx O t ef vom' xvwa 'QM algal 1 6 56 1 thx las 1 s Y ai 6 aY q es X099 A Q ext wha O Slavery ha tawgea 0115 0 is 0 0 15 wa ui' ln X A raw Cha? cam? ILC 9' Page I7l E H Sxmpson Phineas Stevens George Atkinson Louis Alford James Ashford C Bradley Alex Breyer Joe Breyer Alford Butler George Cam E B Chlldress William Clancey Julxus Crxsler Archxe Dickson Walter Grace H W Haynes Thomas Horne Frank Hudson Sykes Kennon Ed McDowell John Moore Pledges Jackson Jackson Pickens McComb Pocahontas Belzom Nlerldlan Blendx an Alligator Raw mond Flora jackson Flora ackson Helena Merndnan Hattxesburg Oxford Jackson Scooba McBeth Murphy Belzom Malcolm Montgomery Yazoo C15 L D North Emmett O Mara Maurice Prgford Wxllxam Rogers F H Sxmpson Dan Slngley Richard Watson T B Yancer Belzoru Nlccomb Bleridxan Portervllle Merxdxan Mendian Columbus K1 ngsport Bliss Bliss 'xliss Nliss Bliss Vlxss Bliss Bhss Vlxss Bliss Miss Bliss B'l1ss 'Vlxss Ar Bliss Miss Mlss Bliss 'Vlxss 'Vlrss Bliss Miss Bliss Bliss Miss Miss Miss Mxss Tenn 1. . V .'i. '.'i.". ' 'Siftijifiiijifijifiiiiijijif. ,eff V 3 'iffffifffffffff'.ff'.'fify' if . . ' x- ,ffi'iff'f.f'fffffiffi.. I wi lx 1 . .. .'." . ':ffffffffff'.ff'fiA .3 ' L, 11 . 1 ., ol A ' Ex .- . yt 0 L as il xsefwfs. 0 56' O20 'S nh A u Q hi 2 Cn gn' A9 s . mn: , a .-9 .-Q .4-lg ' 'T' -92 r-3? "-4, an 1 3? ' 4-v -xg 1 wi' 4" B l q:'a , A --:r -- I ,Q pi ' 'xi ' -19 3. Am Andrews, Bardln. Berhea. Cook. Dees. Denton, Duckworth, Hambnclf. lVlcDonnell, Nlarsh, Newton. Quinn, Russell Snmpson, Smith GRA, Nxfarson, Be-arden, Kuykendall, Nloore. Nlorgan. Newton, Smith lT.l, Alexander, Barnes, Cole man, Eddins, Farrell, Hall, Nlorrison. Sharpe, Stocks, Block. Burns, Cherrv. Cunningham, Eubanks. Farve. Fitts Glazler, Haley, Hayle, Hoyle, Litton, Mansker, McLelland, Miller. Phillips, Rieves, Rollins, Ross, Sedberry, Meaders Page I72 -. sf Founmin 1869 Colors: Scarlet, Green, and VVhite Flofwrr: Lily-of-the-Valley One Hundred and Nine Active Chapters DELTA XI CHAPTER Established 19.26 KAPPA SIGMA ll occ out 5 it Owe 0 S 3 g 7 16 a??a ilglen Yeatsu s Vteietf Ca' THE DOA e base oi Coloqxext sue S Y ki mon in aaa e Q en e eo av 67 6 'N a W Vallee! was g X55 2 0 env a C gate ee ss Y- wa 3X9 Q S XQ Ce 51 ste? to Thee 9 2 Rolo: ob IC r S taken and ix usselv ers t a Oni N20 io a5 ng ting charm ii m0 I9 6 Page I73 FRATRES IN URBE IRA I.. Nlnkrpw Ri-i'. l'l.lXl'IiR Iil.i.mi'1' Roni Rl Sx1.iii.uf XX. R.'r FRATRES IN FACULTATE , . IDR. A. I.. li0NIJL'R.XN'I IDR. I. C. C t'1.1.m' Hill P. K. McC.xk'1lgR II. NI. Nlmtslc FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE Seniors Charles Comer Andrews .,..... .... G rc-nada. Nliss Edwin Kirby Bardin .... ...... F lora, Miss John Franklin Bethea .. ...... Laurel, Miss Homer Douglas Corley .. . . .Clarksdale. lhllss John Allen Cook ........ ..... X Viggins. Miss Billy ,lack Dees .,....,.,.. . . .Perkinston, Miss Charles Wlilliam Denton .... .....,, IN 1arks, Miss Joseph Vifilliam Duckworth . , . . . .Booneville, bliss Marion Nladison Hambrick .. . . .Brooksville, Miss XX'illiam T. McDonnell .... ,.... ,I aclcson. Miss Nlilton Crockett Nlarsh . .. ...... Belzoni, Nliss Joseph Benjamin Newton .,..... Wiggins, Nliss Paul Quinn ,,.......... .... W 'ater Valley. Miss Dan Prentiss Russell .. ....... Gulfport. Miss ,loel Alford Simpson. ..... Xviggins, Nliss Robert Bruce Smith ..... ..... R ipley, Miss George Russell Wlatson ....... .... B randon, Nliss Juniors XViII Ellis Bearden ,,.....,.... ..,. O kolona. lVIiss John McClain Kuykendall ...... . ..Charleston, Miss Dudley Rook Moore ....... ...... B yhalia, lVliss Eddie Mack Morgan .... .,.Moorhead, Miss Robert Stephen Newton ., .... Wfiggins. Miss Theodore Albert Smith ......... ..... T Chula, Miss Sophornores james Addison Alexander ....... ..... I acltson, Miss George Spencer Barnes . ..,.. Belzoni, Miss Walter D. Coleman .... .... N atchez, Miss joseph Albert Eddins . . .. .Rosedale, Miss Pat Henry' Farrell ....... ..... T unica, Miss Parker A. Hall ........., ...... T unica. Miss Ernest Edward Morrison . . , .... Meridian. Miss VC'illiam Lyons Sharpe ..... Jackson, Miss Argyle Taylor Stocks ...... ,... B aldwyn, Miss Pledges Gaston Ray Bass . .......... .. .Lumberton. Miss Neil H. Block ..... . . ..... Tunica. Miss Ralph Dallas Burns ..... ...Gulfport lVIiss james Albert Cherry ......,........., Wiggins, Miss Vlfilliam Riley Cunningham ......... Booneville, Miss Michael Joseph Eubanl-ts Lumberton Miss Elkin Brown Fame Tom Dewitt Fitts Herman Cowan Glazier R Haley john Winston Hayles Paul E Hoyle Ramon Litton James Henry Mansker I W McLellan Ralph William Miller L C Phillips James Rieves Robert Rollins Donald G Ross Joe Bradford Sedberry Gulfport By halia Clarksdale Itta Bena Cleveland Itta Bena Shaw Leland Cleveland Meridian Itta Bena Marion Hattiesburg Grenada Okolona Miss Nliss lVIiss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Ar Miss Miss Miss 1. . , -'.s'.'i.i 2 2 A 5, ,ae I1QQQQQQQQQQfffcQc?QisMw4Pi+SrfTm . - -y - ' V .............,........... V ' , ur Sig 3 XI n ................... . D XC S gil 5 ' """ ffQIIIQflQff1f f ' ,Y D . 'grew M' - Y 5 Oi t 3 .Th OWQ, we 11 A is A' e il X Ky . Rte? A- to 5 Y V is . 61' YD A a f QJQQ Y is '2' 3 l 1 l f Brunr, Davis. Gaston. Pollard. Bowling. Brame. Goodman, Rovce. Tatum, Caul- field. Convers. Emerson. Posey, Price. Sanford. Shocklev. XY'hayne. Page I74 QA 'Q sr 09' FOUNDED 1865 Colors: Blue and Gold Flower: White Tea Rose Ninety-five Active Chapters DELTA PSI CHAPTER Established 1927 ALPHA TAU OMEGA 6 0 'Q 611 K 65505 ev ,I will Y Cbfl 5 e9 S loft C. K ,N Qt fe 1 me it 0069 s Yea he 10 3 Q01 ce ca HER M, of O see we ,Q be Se xl am Qaft 5 W A be 6:66 6115 X86 ol 11 tam X55 g it as aXgQ,S 316 X0 a 1055 3x09 30 Xgafn 3 sigox Canto foam koi X hi: 20 t 8 OC 01 Q35 9005 fa 65 in etlsxe 1952? ese Yet in ecessai o 1, 11 0 X, eral and social not og 1 6 25' s uf' we Q00 the . ' . ..,. ,M'ss - ln 'tx bi k ' . - 1 ' E 'S - . Es ' S SG. li .1 . . ' lc 'Q lo b Vjhb ,G . Q max C 'ol . ' ,O in Ykio? 95 1 llakig tn MQS' -to Page I75 FRATRES IN URBE Xvklfilll l'.x'1'1Ox R. X. XX li.l.i.xMs DR. ll.. X. lSR.xMi.xc'l'i FRATRES lN FACULTATE DR. A. NV. iNlll.lJEN COACH C. M. SMHH FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE Seniors CIVVYNNE T. BRUNT ..... Ethel, Miss. HOWARD Q. DAVIS .... Indianola, Miss. CHESTER Gasrow . . . Columbus, Miss. CHARLES A. POLLARD . . Greenwood, Miss. Juniors OLLIE D. BRAME . . Madison, Miss. FRANCIS S. BOWLING .... Newton, Miss. EUGENE BATES . . . . . Liberty, Miss. PAUL H. GOODMAN . . Iuka, Miss. THOMAS L. ROYCE . . Isola, Miss. JULIAN R. TATUM . . Meridian, Pledges BARRON CAULE1Ei.n J. H. CUMMINS . DEVALIN CONYERS JAMES VV. EMERSON GEORGE KiMMOxs F. M. POSEY . . JOHN J PRICE HARTLEX SANFORD SAM VV SHOcRLEx MERCER VVHMRE . VVater Valley, Mount Pleasant, Miss. Miss Tenn . . . Newton, Miss . Gulfport, Miss . . Oxford, Miss Oxford Miss Meridian Itta Bena Iuka Lepanto 1 Miss Ark Ward, Busby fA.J, Dodson, Hill, McCormick, Rose, Canfield, Henry, McCracken, Spencer, Alder man, Bonds, Brown, Busby ll-7.1, Collins, Dabbs, Davis, Griffin, Hammack, Heard, Johnson, Miller Rosetti, Russell, Shivers, Smith, Wiggins, Wood. Page I76 ..l fix. .4 'xv , ff!!-hi , .Z 'Q 0. U FOUNDED 1904 Colors: Gold and White Flower: Red Rose Forty-two Active Chapters ALPHA LAMBDA CHAPTER Established 1927 PI KAPPA PHI c II In ovs ate St wot X tecxa :uf X a??ah m In I5 Q this can Q HE 0 Qui Q 6 iutil O on cayysea ag 09121 tea ot a C090 Wade! eV Wal as Ove' RI' 'Z ee an 'fkns QC C 35? S in me w ge 'Pm QCOIW an S WO 0 O :Sf Q P rx 6 Y New IOQIISI eau gwea' Y 6 otifl 3 o Q eSWa C T eV a SXQKLSYOCD in 1 Q15 gels nes Sifeam mixes ty unwetsi S12 1 af that 5810 Page I77 FRATRES IN URBE M. In. IJOOIH' J. B. h.x'IIIRII:III SOL'l.Ii NICIfl.RllY FRATER IN FACULTATE DR. J. R. SIMMS, JR. FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE Seniors JOHN E. VV.-XRD . . . . Darling, Miss. Juniors ARTHLR BLISBI' . . . XVaynesboro, Miss. CARL XV. DOOSON . . XVedowee, Ala. JOHN Tll.l.lS HILL . . . . Laurel, Miss. KIRK YV. MCCORMICK . . Yazoo City, Miss. JAMES HILLIARO ROSE .... Lula, Miss. Sophomores JAMES A. CANFIELD .... Collins, Miss. GOLDY R. HENRY .... Darling, Miss. EARNEST XV. IVICCRACKEN . Hernando, Miss. XVILLIAM H. SPENCER . . . Jackson, Miss. Pledges JESSE L. ALOERMAN . . Brookhaven, Miss. JAMES VV. BONDS . . Holly Springs, Nliss. HOWARD A. BROXVN . . . Porrerville, Miss. PAUL M. BUSBY . . . Vllaynesboro, Miss. DLIRIVARD COLLINS . . . Shannon, Miss. JESSE J. DABBS . . . Shannon, Miss. ED P. DAVIS . . . Horn Lake, Miss. CURTIS FERRILL ...... Laurel, Miss. BILLIE GRIFFIN ...... Laurel, Miss. FREDERICK VV. HAMMACK . . . Flora, Miss. JAMES STONE HARRISON . . Sarepta, Miss. CLARENCE E. HEARD . Oxford Miss BILL Jouxsox MAICOLM MII LER Tom ROSETTI GUI RUSSELL GEORGE XX SHIX ERS JOHN D SMITH RUFLS SMITH ALTLIS L VS ooo Columbus, Oxford BIIOXI Clarksdale New Hebron Laurel Oxford MISS MISS MISS MISS MISS MISS Miss . N Y. I' . . ' . ' . Y , I I K I b ,X h .VI i .I .i .i .i .I Iiewanee: Missi Qh , C, 9 Y . . I ..... , ' . Q. 16 . I0 ' 8 A Ta k 5' S ky e ' ln , Ir- Th X ll - ' A Gt kit to ' A O 6 H lo ,QNN9 OIR h , . I .D G . . ' , Fedric, McFarland, Sullivant. Statham, Moore ll.j, Sherman, Wfatkins, Conway, Chapman, Gilli land, Milner, Ainsworth, Anderson, Denman, Dunnigan, Ellis, Moore KTJ, West, Williams Connen Page I78 Q3 , 'Y W A S . . 'Q Ea' Q5-J Established 1869 Colors: Black, White, and Gold Flower: White Rose One Hundred Active Chapters EPSILON XI CHAPTER Established 1927 SIGMA NU ic stariea me ua Q' 369 the S its 0 ac in um 0 xo s W af e0 wa THE got break: na go he QWXA in 1 c 2199 vi We eS to E160 ciiiie ' at Di rash 'Gia W5 vat R Ven o 9. wow' 1 er Yen Y E oem e U 1 91 afxot ounge n scatte 6 X :wi is a at We X rx Oi Y E103 O S on :CA I 1 is Steno S one Vo X ers one h cts in ssX0n O Skxnn C6111 0556 he X eds age' 553 man b0S5 and 2 S it X ,R- k- . e- SE 3 id ' ' . is 2' - Na YK h i 1 u e Milk . ACA ' - 7, ' Y . . h giove. EQ- A ha . Y X . x D rg' ' Th Page I79 FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE Seniors W. II. i'ilil1R1C , J. A. NiCF.XRI Axii . J. N. bi I.I ivxxi B. D. S1'.xi'iiAAi , . K h.irli'stoii. . B415 Springs, Q huriestun, . Feriiwood, Juniors B. I. 5i00RE . A V A Onklniiii. P. A. SHERMAN . . . McComb, -I. XV. XVATKIXS . . . Qiiitmnn, Sophomores J. B. CONWAY . . Tupelo, joiixxi' PARRs . , Drew, En. CHAPMAN . . . Oxford. XV. B. QEILLILAND . YV.-XLTER AIILNER . . . . Nesbitt Ocean Springs, Pledges JOHN V. AINSXVORTH QEEORCE :XNDERSON JEAN DENMAX . Ano DL'N.iCIN . EDXV.-XRD ELLIS . THOMAS xiO0RE . STYRON XVI-IST . LEX XVILLIAMS . . Bay Springs Vicksburg, . Greenwood . Hattiesburg . XV:iynesbOrO . . McComb XVaynesbO ro . Tylertown i - v Mi Mi Mi Mi Mi Mi Mi Mi Mi Mi Mi Mi Mi Mi Mi Mi Mi Mi Mi Mi s x x -.n 7 'fa -Q '15 '-an M17 -A-up 'FP L3 Donavan, Galloway, Nlirchell. Neil lR.J. Alford, Cox. Ervin, Grice, Nlarchbanks, Nlccormicli. Neil 1,l.l, Rouse. Tatum, Wfestbrook, Daniel l,l,l. King, Neil lE.l. Smithson, Thigpen, Wfyatt. Anderson, Ball, Bilbo. Burkes, Chris- tian. Cop:-land, Cummins, Daniel IEA, Gilbert, Greene, Harris, jcnnings, Lassiter, Lenz, Littlepage, Nlann, Nlccom- mon, Page, Pennington, Peters, Pratt, Rotenbcrry, Tapscott, Traylor, Vfilliams, Xwoocl. Page I80 Fouxoen 1868 Colors: Garnet and Gold Flower: Lily-of-the-Valley Eighty Active Chapters GAMMA IOTA CHAPTER Established 1927 Pl KAPPA ALPHA C 10 P bac e0 meal Z ee 5 0 beer! 'bt on HE o Y Kali cl V' T X092 0 chan S hi an ai 595155, t tithe! tive Q00 ggi Sogg Q C 6,515 5 3 ' 6 race S? ea qui base ah a S cfs 19931 on eras ea Xecii o ex Wls That and hom Soi iw gxotr 00 a nga 0 31 Q00 won ve Cad' A hd X iortb P inet an gli the vi QV the se bw Page IBI FRATRES IN URBE jack Gordon lfddie Knight C. E Slough FRATER IN FACULTATE T A. Blckrrs :aff FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE George Donavan . Giarles Galloway .. William Mitchell .. Robert H. Neil .,,. Toxey H. Smith .... Lee M. Alford .. Leon H. Cox .. Julian Ervin ..... Luther Grice ....,. Seniors . . . ,.,. ..., ,l aclcson ... . .Gulfport , . . . .Guntown . . ..... Geneill .. Poplarville Juniors ...............Gulfport Dick Marchbanks .... . , . Robert McCormick James C. Neil ..... ,lames Rouse ..... Frank K. Tatum .. Alonzo Westbrook .... Joe Daniel .. Simms King . . . Eugene Neil .. Bill Smithson . . Tate Thigpen . . . Lon Adams xY'YZKf David M. Anderson Robert Ball ...,.. J. P. Bilbo ..,.. ........Marks Crystal Springs Crystal Springs ..New Albany . . . . . .Hickory . . . .Carrollton .....Gulfporr . . . .Tupelo . . . .Jackson Sophomore: ..................Oxford ....Pelaharchee Pledges . . . .Carrollton . . . .Goodman . . . . .Picayune . . . .Clinton . . . .Newton ......Richton. . . . . .Picayune, Cleve E . Burlces .... ...,. D yersburg, Shannon Giristian H. I. Copeland .... June Cummins . .. Edward Daniel . . . Billy Gilbert ...., Moorman E. Greene Aubre ' Harris y ..... Claude Jennings ..,. William B. Lassiter Charles Lenz ..... Charles Lirtlepage Billy Mann James McCommon Frank Page Robert Pennington George Pratt Chester Tapscott Charles Traylor Bluford Vanc John Bell Williams James Wood , . . . .Ponrotoc, . . . . flliyatira .......Pace. . . . .Oxford Lambert Amory Shannon Kosciusko Gulfport Greenville Gulfport Grenada Amory Amory Amory Inverne s Nettleton Biloxi Carrollton Raymond Gulfport Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Tenn Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Grice R.,.i...i,4..qiifil:ff':fff'.'.'ff.'ffi...i,ei.f Mi.. A ................... Y 1, i sa ....................... . A is li we r..r.ei.e Q P Q 5 i Vox. Qi h X Q Q A th. h . l the SY A15 A as . . vii! 1,3 f-ul r '7 fb gui' ..-f' 125 Davidson, Bridges, Hart, Holloman, Ellis, Sadlza, Thomas, Barnes, Clay, Davis Day, Dorsey, Hartley, Kinard, Jolly, Miller, Sullivan, Yancy. Page I82 FOUNDED 1915 Colors: Black and Turquoise Flower: Bluebell Twenty Active Chapters OMICRON CHAPTER Established 1927 ue Gfeeks, ID' an ai Q 6 3 Xasi, W et 0 the X5 a oih ufmg' Ive Yeat Q HX C an ge 9615 gl 8 wie X13 3 'Y Q Wo S 0 D0 5 is vet, IQ wad I I5 Mag 6 aim ' 9 owe va e t In 1891 00 Qhey Q a to 'O e otewth as beipl C a tetigxgbxac anas I . 10 twe 69,1 ke , ex' 5 uv . acc . 6 C aXked,cBwe gd cottedx bi PAX' mer I II It svmbo I ow-JS te IIA: Ioca 1 0 C . 0 1 S6 Ae 'C Iowa, I L N161 PP maukf they QQHH' xcan BIue Page I83 FRATRES IN URBE Ii. R. .XNIJRI-I5 FR.-Ixx IIEIRD NOEL HODGI1 -IL'I.I.XN H. LNLE5 XVILLLXM I.Yl.HS FRATRES IN FACULTATE DR. P. L. R.IIxII'.I'I'ER DR. HOR.-ICE B. BROXYN FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE HAROLD DAVIDSON , . .PhiIadelphia, JIMMIE BRIDGES . . . . Oxford, FRANK HART . . . . . Picayune, H. G. HOLLOMAN . . Bay St. Louis, Sophomores XVILSOS ELLIS .... Port Gibson, ,IOE SADRA . . . . Meridian, GEORGE THOMAS .... Vicksburg, GRAN ES BARN ES VVILL ARD BISBING GEORGE CLAI SHIRLFX DIIIS JAMES DII XVIRREII DORSEX BILL H IRTLEI FRAxR lux IRD DICR MCALLISTER E I MILLER EDIIIR SULLIY ax LESTER T X ANCX Homeu ood PhIIadelphI COIIIII IIlIe Horn Lake Decatur ater I allex VI aterford -Iaclwon MerIdIan Lauderdale M126 PIttSboro INIISS INIISS INIISS. Miss. INIISS Nliss BIIISS a Pa M19 1 NIISS IRQ MISS MISS M159 MISS PIedges ' .' .... ' ,Miss . A f:III-QS I. 5 'ifffw' f QM-Qi BILL JOLLY ....... Carthage, Miss - U In III Q. . n . A - - A S I X . III- a . . B .t ix I . A' ' go A Gab? II IIE kd Th I W hy ki X 7 PI xx QII 3 Smallwood, Watts, Izard, Parker, Blackwood, Caldwell, McCarthy, Crockett Davis, Eaton, Felder, Mason, Mills. Simmons, Trimm, Rogers. Page IB4 FRATRES IN URBE I"RED B. PA'I"I'ON XVILSON ROnIaR'Is C'II.XRI.IiS B. ROBI'iR'IiS FRATER IN FACULTATE G. M. BOIILER x FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE Seniors DAVID XV. SMALLXVOOD . . Oxford, Bliss. FRANTZ XV. XVATTS, JR. . . . Bogalusa, La. FOUNDED 1901 Juniors Colors: Royal Purple and Red PHILLIP H. IZARD . . . Georgetown Miss. , , BENJAMIN F.PAR' . . F ' h M' . Flowers: American Beauty Rose and Violets UR mm on ISS S' - A ' IXIY seven ctlve Chapters sophomores T. MACK BI.AcRwooD .... Drew RICHARD E. CALDVVELL . . Baldwyn CARROLL E. MCCARTHY . . Baldwyn MISSISSIPPI ALPHA CHAPTER Established 1928 Pledges ROBERT N. CROCKETT . . THOMAS BAKER DAvIs EVERRETIE E. EATON FR D F SIGMA PHI EPSILON AuQSa N09 e team is Gtee Y. OG K' ei O e PQ ge0Y DO' of Ye aS E E5 a made: Oi Q C 'ms Vw X255 aw o t 'win or Y csc Q 6 2 X gsflwt A ai the o usmg 2,9003 ab00 spew. Q :OW 1 C n Yew ave ora OW Eze gui D osci- C a I C59 gat ut I can weimet 106 xx ea nf. 5 Q C Q' C a 11151163 6 if 51S a Y. now 0 Wat 2009 uf ess, T. 61 Se XaA5 A and Q on 0 6 W9 it ws sew and mosh she Wen WX ' R is I4 ,, IX swab In If R' " It I1 A hm- hi A A . H ACN .TWYA YAAR.gsJ I Io .h YI Y bah I, Mrs' BR' A C O I mv A VR' as A. .Ie . Page l85 RALPH N. MILLS . . HANSFORD SIMMONS KERMIT TRIMM . . LANDIS ROGERS . VVinterviIIe Van Vleet . Sumrall . Summit, . Purvis . . Drew . McComb Tiptonville . . Shaw Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss. 'QB -G-in ,Q JL J 'rg --p 164' 'T' Dovith, Fink, Seeman, Turner. Weiner, Brownstein, Sievers, Danzig, Goldberg Hirsch, Levine, Baumsten, Fiebelman, Goldstein, Lavner, Lazarus, Mostkoff Moyer. Page IB6 PHI FOUNDED IN 1904 Colors: Purple and Gold Flower: White Carnation Thirty-one Active Chapters ALPHA SIGMA CHAPTER Established' 1935 EPSILON 2 We In A O oi t C QS VOX-In es ,t 1 Ye Xa ngvla A te C810 XI s e SU 3:10 un aw 0 1 XS S i Gwk ho0 atc ER NA C EW' 15 X X Khan te gilon 13 bro gms Z cam 1? C a ea we V366 QQ in a Qu em As In 0 e K0 go Y e5e 8 eafs ag 0 ana th Xovlshxv oge 'A S e 955. ogataeiia P0 ,Sac-'yea ougga the teceox' rx Y S 00 rx ex IOOTXW gout in svccessesent Nic VI QWZ 5110 ies xx u? :he O haw t and C39 W 3066 VH' woe 'X Q ,5 3 . . S Q D h S XY. A51 Q ' ia 2 - A G i , , NYKSWQQ ' . x A t A . 5 x1 Yi X, - fx ,W v O it . - Q Y 1 '50 ' I1 W Q c 'Xx- Page IB7 FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE Seniofs NIIiI.YIN XV. I7m'11l1 , , Rnlling Ifnrlt, Miss. BEN FINR ...,. Newton I-Hills, Ohin PIJXY.-XRIJ A. Sl-rxrxx , . . Greenville Miss. II. ARNOLD 'lil'RNliR . , , XXX-lila, Miss. Is.exDORE ID. XX'r1sER . . Tntuiler, Nliss, Juniors FRED X, I5ROIYNS'l'ElX . . Greenville, Miss, LALRANCE J. S1EvERs . . Greenville, Miss. Sophomores ELLIOTI' R. DANZIO . . Rolling Fork, Miss. CHARLES QEOLDBERG . . New York, N. Y. CHARLES B. HIRSCII . . . Vicksburg, Miss. HAROLD LEE LEVIXE . . . Clarksdale, Pledges HERB B.-XUMSTEN , . . CEDRIC FEIBELMAN . . H.-XROLD GOLDS'l'EIX . . STANLEY LAVNER . . HERMAR LAZ.-XRL'S . . HAROLD INIOSTKOFF . BERN.-XRDINIOYER . . . Corinth, . Vicksburg, Bliss. IN'I"' 1ss. Nliss. Mile City, Montana . Inverness, Glen Falls, . Rosedale, . Glendora, Nliss. , Y ' IMS. Miss. lNIiss. ., 'Y"fT?4',Q' fi 5 . '5 nf. - .1 ,,:,"w5 ' ' . , , u - '1'. -' - ,a. ..-. - F : xr L 'L-, -. o"'. 63 . I .. 'A' "r3A UP. 1 A 'r',1,. - I 'os 4 9 Ts . x s - .L-'. -,- x if u I A .gg -. . W' qi 4 v .v.J ,,. ,-, .' , - V. " ' '1i '3'3Q"v-i-,Y 5 "f. ln ','I'f"'IrF -" . ' ' ' Y 1 ,Jr .- S. 9'f 1 Tri, '4'v 1" v F , .421 Y-4 4 . . ' . 0 ' , .' ' .A.-i ., .gi , P ' . . 'C-5 ti IW.. 1. " 5 S 9 4 m 0 4 'R 4 IN Q7-lf!Jgfz6 - wa- -Af' 5 Y- , no 3x-A .Ll ,ry XV. RL' 11' 1 r Q" 4, .f .,. X ,V I ,242 'rin 4,1 ,J-, 'A' - ie' 1 ff' l 5.1, TQY' Lf, 1-,I '-r , ' I 1 v '4 1" ' ', 1,-. .. vqqflij.,-V :gf -33 15.-.5 Jylqlg , X ,Aft M. 1: ,y,31E-Ri l 'gb ,J-rng l 3-wr: 'J M . 'x' F ' " ' if ' 1 ' " J-'-Y..-J-qifvf'.-u'i,r"rvwV"'-N 'vu M- ?' W, 1' - V.. - '-,,1,.',.. ,Xu .' ' .- N .HH 1 ' --' -'i'4,' 'z .r ,. X ' x 4, .N -A-'fr ,ti r' ' 4 1 w X - 1 A ' x , -', . 1, , v 1 - 9 ' L S x , ,'-J -V x xi., U .qt , 1 , V- . X . 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N, 1 ,,"."f.,, ' I,--Lf" . j ,wt ., VJ - . nv v ...J un--, 8 , ", 1 ,4 , Q .', ' , ".F.f',"f ':. Q -'Ll 1' .f - , I- ,' 4 f ' ' ', ' , . ,, . , ,. 12. . A . . , - .--, f--if .4 :fj'1" 4 ',f, ' '1' ' ,IV A Q V ', , ' .. 1 'u "..! ' nm- f .'-svn, L .x, . I P-. , .A x. ilk in , r brlfiq ,F X J -u v f-4 V Q --34 ' z I i , , 1. 'MXH ' IQ.. - ,..j.,.Xf s ,L f 4, K. 1 -AA X. . 4 ,.s.!., u . "',' IW. .1 L-'-V. .-'l -l fr, - ,lffa Q Balanced in minds of the teams of ,96 and '36 was one central idea-win for Ole Miss. Those ancient warriors fought their battles alone and prac- tically unaided, however, but not so the modern version. The boys who charged through for the Red and Blue back in the good ole days displayed their talents minus all save a few scattered efforts at cheering, working their way to glory of Alma Mater with scattered and off-fashioned brands of equipment to accompanyment of no brass bands, special trains, accompanying functions and traditions- and no cheering section. With the scene changed to today's trend, a vastly different sight is pictured. Neatly clad cheerleaders, working be- hind tremendous spirit and enthusiasm, aided by a smartly clad, smartly marching band, and a volumage of spectators far over and above any ancient mark, rake sections of stu- dents and onlookers and make them unify their voices and actions to the extent the '36 Rebel is charged with far more backing and color than his predecessor. Eddie Mack Morgan directed cheers this past season. - - 7,.- W ,NX-,,,,,,, . -1 A - friggin, ,Q QP. '. .S XQLQ , . , , 4 n, we lm REBEL YELL Working with him were O'Dell Sanders, head cheerleader the year previous, Christine lVlurphree, Lelia Terry and Billy Joyner. As individuals they stood out, and as a unit, they had few equals from over the southland. I-611 11' HSN. Iron! mn: E. C. SAMRPE. LHR1s'rom4ER Los ossr. Govsnxox HUGH L, X'i'm1i'. 1. A Ri-mimu Bark mu: BEN Mc,F'xRLAsrm. XY. I.. X1-xTrHw.s. N. R MCDow'EiL, XY, N. HL'TcH1Nsox ...wi ' V 1' any I1 oi FAQA f LJ "K EH' il'-25: g C-: CHEERLEADERS Left to right: MORGAN Head Cheerleader TERRY JOYNER MURPHREE SANDERS 'A 1 I Page l9I 5 Q46 ATHLETIC BOARD T. C. Kimbrough, P. XV. Rowland, T. A. Bickerstaff. William Hemingway, Chairman, D. L. Fair, D. B. Rogers P B Johnson RESUME OF REBEL SPORTS FOOTBALL Five games won, five lost and two tied. Not a vic- tory season in any sense of the term, but one from which Ole Miss garnered the largest amount of pub- licity ever received by a Rebel unit. 1-lard luclc in its most manifold form bounded the squad, but, re- gardless, the 28-man squad traversed practically all important Eastern and mid-Western points in travel- ing 11,000 miles for the 12 opponents. BASKETBALL Ole Miss lacked height, had everything else, but still could not compete on anything lilce even terms with taller teams. Nevertheless, the Rebels ranlced third in conference standings, toolc 20 of 26 games, and saw a difference of six points separate them from the only conference squad able to talce a winning margin in the three encounters played. BOXING Again, a nationally publicized unit, with the gains received manifold. Matches with conference aggre- gations gave the Rebs two victories and three defeats. The conference tourney produced a conference cham- pion, and the National Golden Gloves and Intercol- legiates gave Ole Miss two finalists. A great year. BASEBALL The 1936 combine was not a winning one, but did show on the occasions it was blessed with capable pitching that mound strength was all needed in order for it to compete on even terms with even the loop champions. TRACK The thinclads moved through two opponents, lost to another pair, and won by a wide margin the team championship in the Southeastern A. A. U. meet in Memphis. One new school record was established by Robert Kincade in the mile run. Page 192 TENNIS Seven victories of nine matches gave the tennis squad the best year it has ever achieved. Capable talent displayed Red and Blue form throughout the south- land. s GOLF For the second successive year, a perfect record was established. No one outfit in the conference could point to the dual-match standards established by the Rebels in this Held. NX.-,ff . HEAD COACH ED WALKER an CO Still battering away at a near-deficit pocketbook, but able to check results made over a period of seven seasons with a deal of satisfaction, the six guardians of Rebel athletic desrinies can hopefully look to the future as one wherein tutoring efliciency will be matched with an abundancy of talent, and Ole Miss can keep its head un- bowed in competition. Goals of championship teams in all sports are the dream of Athletic Di- rector Ed Walker and his aids, they have a right to feel confident Ole Miss will climb the heights. Ed Walker, chief director of football activity and strategist extraordinary, receiving his grid background under the tutelage of Glenn "Pop" Warner, ACHING STA ll ,,,s -ll , R U COACH WEBB BURKE COACH CHARLES "CI-IUCK' SMALLING footballs Ole Fox, has successfully Ole Miss graduate. football line Coach and as- Stanford alumnus, Backfieid coach inf B ll B sistant coach in baseball. ing director, and track m applied Warner tactics to Rebel cam- paigns to the extent Ole Miss is a nationally recognized power. One of Warner's gems, Walker has set an example for per- severance and integrity second to none in Uncle Sam's wide-spread domains. The gratitude and applause of the University go to him for the untold benefits he has made possible for Ole Miss in athletics, and more particularly in football. Charles "Chuck" Smalling, another Stanford prod- uct, trained under Warner, has been a valuable worker with Walker as backheld coach. Knowing well the intricacies which make the Warner system click, Smalling has been of untold aid in producing men able to fir in the deceptive style of play unfolded. He came to Ole Miss in 1930 at start of the new regime, and since 1934 has handled track fortunes. George "Doc" Bohler, an athlete of the old school, who came to Ole Miss in capacity of trainer in 1935, but since has handled basketball, has made for him- self a niche unfillable save by his grulf but kindly personality and untold capabilities. This spring he was given the job of aiding with football. Relied on mainly for an uncanny ability to diagnose and treat every type ailment, Bohler is responsible to many extents for the upward surge taken by Rebel athletics. Good condition calls for improved per- formances and Bohler literally makes those words his Bible. In basketball he has brought the sport up to where Ole Miss is recognized a championship contender. Webb Burke, one of Ole Miss, most famed sons, has continued athletic prowess into a successful coach- ing venture and is firmly established as an integral part of the Rebel athletic staff in capacity of line tutor. Burke,s knowledge of football is vast, and his direction of forewall training for the Rebs has brought consistent improvements. Q Tad Smith is the send graduate of the University on the coaching staff. Freshman mentor, Smith has the task of working with raw, untrained talent, guid- ing it on its first stages of development at Ole Miss. His job is a thankless one, and added to it are the trials of checking his charges through daily scrim- mages with the varsity. Smith has given much to the University, and the institution owes him a full vote of confidence and thanks. Jesse Alderman has handled ring conditions at Ole Miss the past four years, and has lifted the sport from out its ruck to a place second in publicity only to football. His work has been continuous, lasting from first of school to the last. A word to his uni- versal credit can be listed: Ole Miss boxing teams have shown constant improvement since he first took charge. OUR TRAINER "DOC" BOHLER IN ACTION Page I93 F0 0TBALLazfOLE 0 vw AN Punctured at important spots by defeats, refused the benefit of the doubt when progress was hardest, and the recipient of small consideration for magnificent efforts, the 1936 foot- ball record turned in by a great band of Ole Miss Rebels nevertheless was proved the best ever achieved by the Red and Blue when all factors are taken into consideration. On the bare face of actual results in games won and lost-five victories, the same number of defeats, and two ties-and considering the class of beaten opponents, the Rebels were decidedly in arrears as a winning grid outfit. But if considering publicity garnered, checking actual results of all games played and reasons for close defeats, to major teams of the nation, figuring the twelve-game schedule and reasons for its arrangement, and benefits derived from that list, then the Johnny Rebs could be called nothing save a successful aggregation of gridders. The entire squad was called on to play body and soul for stretches of encounters simply because key members of the twenty-eight-man organization were often injured. They had to face Union, Tulane, Temple, George Washington, Louisiana State, Catholic U., Cen- tenary, Loyola, Marquette, Mississippi State, Miami U., and Tennessee without let-up. There was nothing staggered about that schedule. It was simply a case of drive and drive, with no rest for eleven solid weeks. A known football power, but not of sufiicient drawing strength and prestige to be scheduled by the larger "name schools" of the conference, who could not suffer defeats at hands of Ole Miss for the gain to be realized from an engagement, the Rebels were forced to take games where they could, and at locations best suited to the opposition. After inaugurating the new athletic sobriquet UREBELSH against Union University of Jackson, Tennessee, they lost to Tulane in a game two and three-fourths minutes too short, drove through Temple only to go under on last-minute passes, bogged in ankle-deep mud while tackling inferior George Washington, staged a desperate defensive battle against L. S. U. that found them shining even in defeat, smashed Catholic U., Centenary and Loyola by ever increasing scores, moved against a Marquette eleven gone wild behind a "have to win spiritv, found that State College could have a day, even if it did take ten years to "arrive,H came back against Miami U. and split even with Tennessee to close the campaign. The outstanding achievement performed individually by a Rebel was the winning of all- America tackle honors by F. M. "Bruiser" Kinard, 212 pounds of speed and charge, who was named to the two outstanding all-star picks of the year the all-America Board of Football Eleven and the Williamson System Team, selected by points systems from all units named. Kinard was unanimous selection for every all-Dixie and all-Conference team. Seniors who worked with Kinard were men who figured heavily in every Rebel maneuver, and in his success: Captain Marvin Hutson, center, James 'iBuster" Poole, giant end, Curley Dickens, tackle, John Madre, Dave Wilson, Alex Breyer, guards, and Dave Ber- nard, Clarence Hapes and Ned Peters, all backfield workhorses. Ray Hapes turned loose 41 from top lo bottom: C. Hapes, Bernard, Baumsten, Peters From left to right: Kinard, Poole, Hutson if if K4 Y ,gg " r-.Q . MISS... to early season runs of 96 yards for touchdowns before hitting a tough road when injuries and alert opponents cut down heavily on his effectiveness. Parker Hall, sophomore back, stepped in Ray's shoes to count heavily throughout the year. Country Graham, a self-made performer, Red jackson and Red Parker, sopho- more, came through well at the Hanks. Bully White, P. Bilbo, guards, Frank Hart, tackleg Kimble Bradley and Herb Baumsten, quarterbacks, Monk Aston, center, and Billy Mann, back, were others who played important parts in Ole Miss' "publicity season." Throughout the year, in a majority of defeats, it was a nip and tuck struggle be- tween Ole man hard luck and steady football opponents. OLE MISS 45-UNION 0 Save for occasional fumbles, the Johnny Rebs reenacted the battle of Bull Run when they downed Union 45-0 on the campus to open the season. A touchdown strut by brilliant running Ray Hapes for 96 yards proved the highlight of the game featured by constant driving by a benchfull of Rebels. Hapes' run came in the first quarter to start the scoring. Big Hapes crashed through for eleven yards and the second score. Big Hapes, again, climaxed a drive of 87 yards. Ned Peters on the receiving end of a lateral from Buster Poole scampered 50 yards to count. Dave Bernard plunged for the fifth marker and Parker Hall threw for ten yards to Billy Mann for the final score. Extra points were place- kicked by Bernard, 2, and Bilbo. OLE MISS 6-TULANE 7 Attempting to beat back a first touchdown by Tulane, Ole Miss pulled several strategical blunders, styled as losing mis- takes by experts, to bow in an upset decision to Tulane, 7-6, in an opening conference game in New Orleans. "Ole Miss' dream of empire shattered by Greenies" one streamer read, and literally it was so, for the Rebels had held pre-season hopes for an outstanding rating inside the conference. The Rebs were touted the favorite team, and from start to finish, they constantly plunged through on a ground gaining offensive, save for a disastrous part of the third quarter, when Tulane did its scoring. Tulane counted on two questionable decisions, and won actually on lack of proper timing on the part of the officials. The Greenies blocked a Reb punt early in the third quarter. Bucky Bryan had gone into the game to lead two goalward REBELS in ylclfian Reading from top to bottom: Bernard punts against Tennessee . . . Hapes for a touch- down against Loyola . . . Big Hapes plunges for a gain against Catholic U .... The Bench at the Tennessee Game. I' ' . 4 1 1 Qi. ?f'f,,frvfr ' 1 If . 5 .-n, lr a 1 is ..,,,, , 4,7 fi: Q11 1 9. 5?- SQQWJ ' .Q f 5 ig? -5 . xt, , W-- 'v.c? Q X-.Q 5 1 'ff gr-M I - 4 .aiflaff thrusts. Immediately before he tossed to Quarterback Bond for five yards and the points, Bryan fumbled the ball. It was immediately covered by an alert Rebel, but a fast whis- tle-much too fast-returned it to Tulane's possession. On the actual scoring play, the field judge started to call the play out of bounds on the one-foot line, which would have given the ball to Ole Miss on downs, but finally ruled against the Red and Blue. The play could have been called either way, and such was the manner in which Tulane scored. The whistle at end of the first half caught Ole Miss on the Greenie 14-yard line, it was a minute off. The whistle at the end of the game found Ole Miss on Tu1ane's nine- yard line, with one to go for a first down, it was one min- ute and 45 seconds off. Ray Hapes' scintillating punt returning figured heavily in the Rebs' three touchdown drives during the first half. Hard plugging by Dave Bernard and Big I-lapes were also important factors. Ineffective aerials and inopportune sig- nal calling hindered movements, however, and Ole Miss was held scoreless. Hard, effective pounding of Tulane's forewall, and short passes behind the line turned the tide in Ole Miss' favor as it drove downfield from past midfield to a touchdown. Culmination came when Big Hapes plunged for nine yards in two final attempts. Alex Breyer failed on the conversion. A gesture by Ole Miss which went for naught resulted when Kimble Bradley took a lateral from Ned Peters, turned downfield with a blocker and allowed Bryan, at safety, to bring him down. First downs went to Ole Miss, 11-5. Total yardage was in its favor at 205 to 108. OLE MISS 7-TEMPLE I2 Staging a last-minute Hurry on deep-seated luck, Temple's Owls, guided by Glenn "Pop" Warner, paid fluent atten- tion to aerials to beat Ole Miss, 12-7, in the Rebs' first intersectional engagement in Philadelphia. Playing at night, Mississippi scored by dint of a great run by Ray I-Iapes for 96 yards. Temple had counted via the air, and Hapes' magnificent jaunt pulled the count even immediately following. Bruiser Kinard's accurate place- kick gave the Rebels a one-point advantage they held until the last 45 seconds of play. Constantly on the offensive, Ole Miss held the upper hand throughout a big part of the contest. It was on the Temple 10 and 12 during the first half, and worked to three scoring chances the second period. REBELSZ14 elcfion Rrading from lop to bollom: Little Ray on a jaunt against Tulane . . . Big Hapes coming through a hole against Tulane . . . Hall makes a nice gain against Tennessee . . . The "Phantom Four" of the Rebels. ai LE MISS... Big Hapes, a counterpart of Frankenstein's monster, and Dave Bernard shot through Tem- ple's forewall time and time again to keep drives rolling. But their efforts proved in vain, however, when the Owls secured the ball after an ill-omened field goal on the part of Ole Miss, threw caution to the wind, but also the ball with it, and advanced to the Rebels' four-yard line on five plays. A line buck failed, but an end sweep produced, and Warner's pupils were victorious over those of his pupil's, Ed Walker. OLE MISS O-GEORGE WASHINGTON 0 A second consecutive intersectional fray found Ole Miss encountering six inches of mud in addition to a team of defensive mudders in George Washington U., to take half honors in a 0-0 result at the nation's capital city. Credit, if any was produced, went to George Washington, for the Colonels were touted an inferior team. They made the initial threat by advancing to Ole Miss' 17-yard line before losing the ball on an attempted field goal. Bruiser Kinard blocked that attempt, and was a main factor in the Rebs, drives to enemy territory. Two scoring chances were produced, but mud added to an alert Colonel eleven halted Ray and Clarence Hapes, Dave Bernard and Ned Peters. First downs went to Ole Miss, 8-5, yardage totals read 187-93, Ole Miss. OLE MISS 0-LOUISIANA STATE I3 Two early goal-line stands proved of no avail against Louisiana State when Ole Miss was unable to hold off a highly concentrated Bengal aerial offensive, giving touch-downs in the second and fourth quarters to lose, 13-0. Those passes proved Ole Miss' undoing, for L. S. U. was unable to stack up to the Rebs' ground maneuvers. Until they loosened up the tightly fashioned Mississippi defensive with throws generated by Pat Coffee, a really great back, the Bengals had places to go but no active means of getting there. A A fumble by Dave Bernard on the opening kickoff gave Louisiana a chance to chalk up a marker which it was unable to take advantage of. Ole Miss took the ball four yards farther up the field, and proceeded to rip off two con- secutive first downs. Bernard set the home squad back on its heels with a tremendous quick kick, but there the Rebels' advantage ended. A penalty for 15 yards gave L. S. U. the chance it needed to pass, and the first of several threatening drives was beun. Louisiana counted its first touchdown by a great pass and run-Coffee to Gaynell Tinsley -for 78 yards. Tinsley shook off Ray Hapes to pick up 64 yards for the score. Ole Miss followed in the second half, early, with an exact duplication of the performance, Parker Hall to Country Graham, but Graham dropped his chance after turning for a clear field. From lop ru bottom: Massengill, Mann, Jeffries, Kelly From left to right: Kincade, Aston, Hart Li 'P Q i-...11 -.H--v' I A A . L I 'H ' FO l l If the Red and Blue had been able to push over that touchdown, L. S. U. would never . OTBALLazf l I i l 5 4 A' have made its second six-pointer. The "if" failed to materialize, however, and, after passes had set the stage, Pinky Rhone darted through the Reb secondary for 16 yards to end scoring for the night. 9 Ole Miss' most sterling demonstration of strength came during the second half, when it stood off four potent Bengal drives from its one-foot line. OLE MISS I4-CATHOLIC U. 0 In a third intersectional encounter, on the campus, Ole Miss staged a reversal of form and fl. I l avenged an Orange Bowl defeat against Catholic U. by handing the Washington, D. C., Ei 1 l Playing before 8,500 Homecoming Day fans, Ole Miss counted twice in an eventful second period on sharp aerials to roll up a margin Catholic could never seriously threaten. Parker ' - Hall threw for 23 yards to Red Parker to give Ole Miss a 7-0 lead, after Bruiser Kinard Q had made good a placement attempt. Dave Bernard followed quickly with one for 37 l 1 4 A 5 ' yards to giant Buster Poole, who took it on the eight, shook off Irish Carroll and sped . across. Kinard's boot was again good. Mississippi had threatened early when Ray Hapes climaxed a 70-yard drive with a 12-yard scoring run. Called back, Parker Hall turned the same trick at the beginning of the second quarter, only to see his effort returned and another penalty imposed. Little Hapes was a punt-return terror all the afternoon. His 230-pound brother, Clarence, Hall and Bernard were others who performed well. Kinard, Poole and Captain Marvin Hutson were forewall stalwarts. OLE MISS 24-CENTENARY 7 Throwing a display of line smashing talent in against a rough Centenary eleven, Ole Miss cast caution to the wind in a wild fourth quarter to overcome a 6-7 deficit for a 24-7 victory in Shreveport. Playing before a "fair" crowd of 8,'500, the Rebels counted first behind steady plugging by Ned Peters and Clarence Hapes to take a short lived 6-0 margin. Capitalizing on a break, Centenary found an aerial defensive weakness on the part of the Reb secondary and made it 7-6 on Lee Stokes' accurate placekick. The first one-sided score between the two schools, the game produced a Rebel team on the rampage and an outclassed Gentleman outfit, as Herb Baumsten directed assaults during the eventful fourth period. Parker Hall, who took up Ray Hapes' burden, when the "Little Man" sprained an ankle, ended a 40-yard march for a touchdown to swing the balance back over in Ole Miss' favor. Then Marvin Hutson's interception at midfield generated another scoring surge. Mixing spinners with reverses and passes, the Red and Blue pushed Ned Peters across from the six-yard line. From lop lo bottom: R. Hapes, Wilson, Bradley, Hall From lefl to right: Bilbo, Madre, Jackson l ??:'f"'6w "-' if . ii! eleven a sound thumping at 14-0. ., MISS-.. Peters again climaxed a drive, running for 20 yards for the final distance after Parker Hall had started the Rebels goalward with an interception on their 25-yard line. The victory was disastrous, for Hapes' injury proved suf- ficiently severe to keep the "scoring genius" from an active part in four consecutive games. OLE MISS 34-LOYOLA O Meeting a team which had whipped Catholic U., 6-0, and held Alabama to a 13-6 victory in Loyola of the South, Ole Miss drew first blood with sharp aerials and went on to surge over the outclassed Wolves, 34-O, before Gov- ernors Richard Leche of Louisiana and Hugh L. White of Mississippi. An official "Governor's Day," the first on the Ole Miss campus, Ole Miss gave the crowd its money's worth by staging an opening drama in three scenes-two line bucks and a long pass-three plays after the game began. And exactly six plays later, Ole Miss counted again, Dave Ber- nard running for 27 and 4 yards to score. Parker Hall, a paragon of speed all day, turned left end for 19 yards to start a third scoring parade. His pass to Big Hapes and a subsequent six-yard dash made the third marker "all Hall." Driving 79 yards to Loyola's nine, immediately after the start of the second half, Ole Miss lost the ball on downs. Bruiser Kinard regained it by blocking a punt, however, and Ned Peters sped through for 11 yards a play later to make the count read Ole Miss 27, Loyola 0. Buster Poole took Big Hapes' pass over the goal line for the final touchdown. Kinard made good four of Hve points after touchdowns. OLE MISS 0-MARQUETTE 33 Looking for revenge after a one-sided defeat the year pre- vious, Ole Miss found nothing save a Golden Avalanche on the loose, and lost to those Marquette I-lilltoppers in Marquette at 33-O. Not as "off" as the score indicates, the Rebels were the victims of unfortunate circumstances and a situation which forced defensive football as their main line of play. On the other hand, Marquette, then a 'Qhotn Rose Bowl pros- pect, had been held to 7-6 the week before by Creighton, and had to satisfy critics it was not merely an early season team. The Golden Avalanche was the superior team, but it had to use questionable breaks supplied by officials to win. A REBELSZ14 ylcffan Reading from top Io bottom: Marquette tries a pass over the Backfield . . . Captain Hutson chilling Gueppe against Marquette . . . Bernard takes a spinner for a nice gain . . . Do: Bohler doesn't like the decision against Marquette. 00f6dX! blocked punt with disputed ownership of the ball gave Art Gueppe his chance to run right end for 12 yards and the first touchdown. A pass that narrowly missed interception, but bounded into the arms of a Hilltopper set the stage for the second score. A hotly disputed play on a punt when a Marquette player drop-kicked a loose ball out of bounds, opened the door for the third marker. The fourth "in error" decision put a punt out on Ole Miss' one-foot line, after it had hit the corner flag at the edge of the end zone. Ole Miss was all set for a big show by Buzz Buvid. In- stead, however, it was Art Gueppe, built low for speed, who turned loose the "heat', on Ole Miss. The Rebels could not counter with Ray Hapes, a bench sitter, since his Centenary mishap, and their cause was lost before the game started, as it was proved. OLE MISS 6-MISSISSIPPI STATE 26 A crazy-quilt mixture of shifting fortunes, the flip of a coin, superlative kicking by Ike Pickle, and a Mississippi State team, able to take advantage of breaks handed the Maroons a decisive victory over Ole Miss, 26-6, in its first in ten years in this annual classic. Playing at State College, before 22,000 fans, the largest in the history of the Magnolia State, the Bullyaps surprised everyone, even themselves, with the brand of play they produced. From start to finish, State's play was lauded and as action was produced, State earned the victory. But from down underneath, when all results were carded, it could be figured -and very easily-where State was sitting in the lap of good Dame Fortune when it won the ball game. The Maroons counted early. Pickle set Ole Miss back on its five-yard line, booting with a strong north wind. Ned Peters' return kick traveled to the 24. A pass, Hight to Gelatka, two line plunges by Hight and a final try by Bill Steadman gave State its first marker. Then, with the change of quarters, came one of the many breaks which favored the home team. Buster Poole, out in the clear and running fast, stuck finger tips on a long pass, only to see it roll off for an incompletion. State couldn't keep the Rebels away in the third period. Ray Hapes, still suffering from effects of a bad ankle, turned loose for 16 yards on a punt return. Herb Baum- sten followed with a 20-yard throw to Dave Bernard, who, fighting like a demon, dodged Dave Price and Bobby Har- dison and went for 18 more yards for the touchdown. REBELSZ14 alcfian Rfading from lop to boiiom: Yeah, That's All-American Kinard in action . . . Ber- nard makes a nice gain against Marquette . . . Peters outruns the Catholic U. team for a touchdown . . . The Homecoming Crowd. af LE MIS Came another break and for State. Bernard, who played the game of his career, which is saying something, flipped a long pass to Country Graham on State's goal line to ap- parently climax a touchdown drive. The over-anxious Graham let it fall from his hands, though, to keep the Rebs from taking the lead. It was the turning point of the game, for Ole Miss had rolled up three consecutive first downs to that point and State was quitting fast. The Maroons had Armstrong and Cross in on the last six-pointer. Pee Wee threw a pass to the waiting Cross, who sped for 30-yards to make it 26-6 as a final gesture. Good as State was on that November 21, and "off" as were the Rebels, no finer play had ever been produced on Scott Field before than was the brand displayed by Bruiser Kinard. He was magnificent. Captain Marvin 1-Iutson, Baumsten, Bernard, and Poole were others playing strictly up to par. OLE MISS I4-MIAMI U. 0 Ole Miss knocked Miami from the list of unbeaten teams, and did it by dint of unbroken marches of 50 and 80 yards, in opening and closing minutes of the game. The Brothers Hapes had a corner on the touchdown market, Ray getting the first on a three-yard pass from Dave Bernard, while Clarence battered his way from the one-yard line for the final. Bruiser Kinarcl made good both placement attempts. Elusive Ray, the huge Clarence, Bernard and Ned Peters stood out in those drives, with passes, spinners, and reverses featured as the Rebels went to town behind steady blocking. OLE MISS 0-TENNESSEE O A peculiar angle surrounds the 0-0 tie played with Tennessee December 5, in Memphis. The Rebels needed a minute more before they would have erased the "OH showing on their side of the scoreboard. They were the superior ball club, but had not proved it the way it counts at the end. Statistics showed the two teams played to an exact draw. Both had 162 yards gained from scrimmage, and both turned in seven first downs. Passes accounted for Ole Miss' final minute drive to the Vol hve. Ray Hapes had inter- cepted Wood's pass on his 45 and trotted to Tennessee's 34. Ned Peters picked up three more yards at left tackle, and Herb Baumsten passed to Buster Poole for five more. Dave Bernard threw to Country Graham on the Vol's 15, and Baumsten whipped one to Bernard on their five as the game ended. ' A Big Hapes, Bernard and Peters closed their careers in a blaze of glory as they pounded Tennessee's line time after time in a series of spinners which the Volunteers seemed unable to fathom. Bruiser Kinard, Buster Poole, Red Jackson, and Dave Wilson were shining lights in the Mississippi forewall. Captain Marvin Hutson, closing three years of great football, was one of the unsung heroes of the engagement. Time after time, he protruded his 210 pounds in the way of Vol thrusts to stop touchdown threats. From left to right: Breyer, Parker, Sullivant, senior manager From top to bottom: Graham, Dickens, White, Fair, j ' manager E PAY TRI Ca fain MARVIN HUTSON Marvin Hutson, captain of Ole Miss' 1936 football team, truly exemplified every characteristic of a real leader when he guided the Red and Blue through perhaps its greatest campaign in recent years. Packing 210 pounds, working aggressively through every minute of participation, serving both as an inspiration and example to Rebel teammates with type of play displayed, Hutson was truly one of the South's unsung performers of the year. Never outplayed, and taking turns round the cir- cuits of eastern and mid-western gridirons, as well as on his native Dixieland, Hutson shone even when playing alongside such aces as Bruiser Kinard, All- American tackle, and Buster Poole, giant wingman. A better than average student, the graduating cap- tain is scheduled to receive his master's degree in sociology this June. His work has been of such CAPTAIN MARVIN I-IUTSON high calibre he may be retained as assistant in this department, in addition to possible duties in the ath- letic department. Wherever Hutson goes, however, if his record as a football leader 'and player, and a gentleman and a scholar are criterions, he will succeed in life. Ole Miss wishes him well. an FRANK M."BRUISER" KINARD Given all-American acclaim for the first time to any representative of a state institution, Frank M. "Bruiser" Kinard as well became accepted as the finest tackle ever to come out of the south since in- ception of football below the Mason-Dixon line on a recognized basis. FRANK M. "BRUISER" KINARD ALL-AMERICAN I936 To the "Bruiser" go the plaudits of the university and the state. No more deserving honor could be placed at the feet of this charger. With heart and soul, he played the grand ole game of football, and with a 10.4 speed in a six-foot one inch frame, has made his opponents like it. Brains and undying spirit went far to make Kinard's efforts successful, but the sportsmanship which he carried into battle and the general good fellowship with which he surrounded his every move made him a standout in every respect. His playing record included competition for 713 of a possible 730 minutes, wfth 683 attained in suc- cession. He was given unanimous selection for all- conference and all-Dixie honors, and made every major All-American pick. Opposing coaches and players were the ones most qualified to name Kinard as the highest type per- former, and they unquestionably gave him recogni- tion as the player of the year. "Bruiser" Kinard,-a great football player, a line student and a still finer gentleman-I-Ie's a true son of Ole Miss. Page 202 BUTE TO r I l nt FUTURE STA rl. PRES Perhaps the best freshman grid squad since the days of Bruiser Kinard and Ray I-Iapes represented Ole Miss this past season. Certainly more capable from a numerical standpoint, the group possessed every talent known to football, and turned in an undefeated record as a result. A firm step forward was made when Coach Tad and Assistant Ralph Mills, allowed more practicing time through longer absences of the varsity, gave the Baby Rebs complete instructions in intricacies of offensive war- fare. One-sided victories over Goodman, for two years state champions in the junior college field, Z0-3, and Mississippi State's yearling aggregation, 19-0, were produced by aerials propelled by Williard Bisbing and Bill Fry, hard running by a dozen able backs, and consistently good kicking by Billy Kidd. Ham Murphy and Jack Ward figured in victories with their work at the flanks. Jack Lane, captain and center, Allen Young, guard, Monio Barbati, guard, Horace Dossett and Talbert Crowder, tackles, and Bill Schneller, back, are good varsity prospects. Winky Autrey and Kline Weatherford, centers, Ralph Burns, guard, were ineligibles who should prove to be of assistance to Coach Ed Walker and his assistants when September first rolls around again. fx x 5 x. 'i f JI? RS... HM 5"-Q Q? '1 EN TAD SMITH Cris.-F is .2 ED RATFIER BOBBY Nlchl.-'xN'LlS Frfshrngn .'lf.1r:.:gcr5 From Ron' mrmg lefr zo nghz: McManus, glfanagcr. Fobes. Johnson. Fry. Maddox. Tillman. Sutherland, Wfeatherforcl, Hardv. Second Ron' nnmg If-fl m right: Heintzman Xvard, Schneller, Shelby, Crowder, Bisbing, Cummings, Moore. Nlurphv. Collins, Burns. Back Run- .mznding left io right: Ford. Dosserr. Coach Smith. Barbatti, Autrey, Young. W'hite, Goldstein. Singleton, Rather, Nfanizger, Breyer, Aston, Page 203 Busby , Lazarus, E l if a l li v l V Vi l I 1 I 1 I CAULEY WILLIAMS llfunugrr Hhs smooth surface marred only by an Alabama dentl' -would be an apt description of Ole Miss, 1937 basket- ball season. Through the season,s entirety, the Rebels played twenty- six games, and achieved victories in twenty. Seven of ten conference encounters were placed on the win ledger. Mississippi State was taken for "rides" on three of four occasions, Tulane and Louisiana State were whipped 1 I ,f B affAeREBE twice each, nearby independent quints were handed vici- ous beatingsg in practically every particular, the cam- paign could have been called a complete success, save for that team of tangy 'Bamians. Using tremendous height to advantage, Alabama carved 38-34, 32-21, decisions over Ole Miss at Tuscaloosa. Not expected to slow the Rebels, considering its late start, the Tide took the "tips" and with them the games. As in the second scheduled encounter, where a foul shot in last seconds of play decided the issue, Alabama gained a free throw in the last 20 seconds of competi- tion in the tournament and made it good to take a third engagement, the most desired, 36-35. Six points separating Ole Miss from victory in three successive games. Union University, of Jackson, Tenn., and State College handed Ole Miss its only losses during the campaign. Union won, 37-22, and 45-43, at Jackson, the last an overtime battle. State took the second of four games, 43-34. Through the twenty-six game campaign, which began during Christmas holidays, the dual-mentors took a vet- eran squad of seven and played almost entirely through- out the year. Country Graham, Captain Buster Poole, forwards, George Clay, center, Bruiser Kinard, Tom Leyden and Cully Carlson, guards, and Robert Kincade, utility, did excellent work throughout to take Ole Miss to seasonal heights never before achieved. rf vvifgng , 1 is ,fi all If .19 '. 1 lf ,'I?r1r'3l i52u'Q Bradley, Graham. Bark Raw: gl Poole, Carlson, Williams. 1:70711 Row: Williams, Kinard, Lyd B A L A M P 0 o 0 Graham, performing in his usual style, hit for 158 points in ten conference encounters to take top ranlc in aver- ages for conference scorers. It was the second straight year Graham held this advantage, his last winter total was 192 points in 12 games, for 16 points per contest. Poole, the only Reb closing his cage career, served well as leader and kept the pace flowing with constant rallies. Clay was deservedly termed the "lcey,' man in the Ole Miss, attaclc by Coach Bohler. Leyden was the artist of the troop. A ball palmer, he was excellent on floor shots and unexcelled at getting the oval in for "crips." Kinard proved a giant on defense, with Carlson an all- round performer, versatile and aggressive, and Kincade making up for his short stature with speed and accurate passes. Bill Williams, guard, a coming prospect, Red Parker, center, and Kimble Bradley were sophomores standing out in the race for first squad honors. RECORD FOR THE YEAR Ole Miss ....,...,.,,. 36' Baldwyn ...,, 25 Ole Miss r... i . .47 Tupelo . . . . . Ole Miss .... .,,. 5 9 Memphis "Y" Ole Miss. . . i... 48 Baldwyn . . , , Ole Miss .... ,.,. 6 3 Fulton . , Ole Miss .... ,.,. 6 4 Tupelo . , Ole Miss i.,. .... 4 8 Memphis . . . Ole Miss .... ,,,. 5 0 L. S. U. A Ole Miss .,.i .,.. 4 0 L. S. U. Ole Miss ..., .... 3 3 Tulane ., Ole Miss ,.,. .... 4 3 Tulane . . Ole Miss .... ,.., 2 2 Union . Ole Miss ..,. 43 Union . . . Ole Miss .... ..., 3 4 State .... , i Ole Miss ..,. .... 3 4 State ....,,. Ole Miss .... ,... 6 4 Water Valley Ole Miss .... .,.. 8 1 Water Valley Ole Miss .,,. .,,, 6 7 Delta State , . Ole Miss .... . , . 46 Delta State . . Ole Miss .... ,... 5 9 Millsaps . . . Ole Miss .... ..., 3 4 Alabama . . , Ole Miss ,... .... 2 1 Alabama ii.. Ole Miss .... ,,.. 6 7 Doug Specials Ole Miss .... ..,, 3 5 State College Ole Miss .... ,.,. 5 0 State College Ole Miss .... ..,... 3 5 Alabama .,,. ffournamentj Top Row: Bradley, guard, Kinard, guard, Williams, center . Second Row: Graham, forward, Carlson, forwardg Clay, center. K de, guard, Third Row: Henry, utility, inca Poole, guard. Bonom Row. Parker, guardg Leyd f ward. 'T QQNJ 7 if il 4, 1 1 l inn-131 .M ff! f" o 0 c::, fea ina fda SQUAR Never an Ole Miss ballyhoo, given little attention as a major mid- winter sport, boxing at the University this year was second only to football as a means of publicity for the Red and Blue. The team organized by Coach Jess Alderman, although still beset with ill fortune and dame hard luck, turned back two of five opponents and displayed excellent form and well trained talent against the classiest squads the conference afforded. Paramount among the achievements, however, was the entrance of three Rebels in the Golden Gloves Tournament of Champions in New York City, the winning of Southeastern laurels by an Ole Miss senior welterweight and a participation with excellent results by this same senior welter in the National Intercollegiates in Sacramento, California. Clarence Hapes, 235-pound bomber, gained nationwide fame and pro- fessional offers with participation in the finals of the Glove set-tos in Gotham. Taking part in the open division, with only seven scraps be- hind, Hapes went through a Memphis divisional tourney and won from three opponents before losing an extremely close decision to joe Matisi in the championship scrap. JESS ALDERMAN Conch Raymond Medlock, who dethroned the defending featherweight champion, only to lose out in an "off form" trial in the semi-finals, and Marvin Goldberg, bantamweight, who gained the second round, were others who tri- umphed in the Memphis affair before charging national opponents in New York, with great success. Steve Wilkerson brought Ole Miss its first conference championship, taking also the "best boxerv title in the Tulane-sponsored New Orleans-located tournament. He went to the finals in the intercollegiates, losing the decision in a close engagement. Wilkerson and Ernest McCracken, bantamweight, proved the most successful Rebs in scheduled competition. A draw to Carl Inman, middleweight, who Wilkerson beat decisively in a first encounter, was "given" an even break at State College for the Rebel's only blot on an otherwise clean slate. Steve won from Louisiana State, Tulane, and Alabama representatives in other bouts. Entering late, McCracken held two State College wins and an initial decision against Alabama. Johnny Cook, junior welterweight, a crack fighter, johnny Farese, lightweight, a lethal puncher with his right, and Big Hapes were others who turned in successful seasons. Tommy Gardner, junior welter, Kenneth Fobes, light-heavy, Oliver Shaw, featherweight, and Erwin Sanders, heavyweight, were others who represented Ole Miss to an advantage. For the campaign, the Rebels finished with 5-3 losses to L. S. U. and Tulane, off the campus, took Alabama and State, 5-3, here, and lost a return bout to the Maroons at Starkville, 5-3. First row: Dickson, McCracken, Farese, Goldberg Q Second row: Shaw, Medlock, Turner, Cook, Cunningham Back row: Hapes, Wilkerson, Fobes,.Sanders Vp il gl 13" mn 2 ' V f 2 l f 'P ' B , 4 I-: ' 'ill' ISS RCLE Top row: Sanders, Cook Medlock, Goldberg. Middle row: Fobes Farese, Hapes, Cunning ham. B 0 I t o m row: Dickson Shaw, McCracken Turner, Wilkerson. 1 1 "CHUCK" SMALLING Cll.lL'l7 With the main strength in the hurdles, sptints and middle distances, Ole Miss' 1936 track team won two meets, lost the same number and walked away with team honors in the Southeastern A. A. U. meet in Memphis during the Cotton Carnival. With Melvin Dovith high point man, the Rebels opened their season by decisively defeating Louisiana Polytechnic Institute. Eddie Mack Morgan and Jim Buchanan tied for second scoring honors with 10 points each. Dovith accounted for 13 by virtue of his winning both the 100- yard dash and the 220, and placing in other track events. Morgan captured the quarter mile and half mile, with Buchanan taklng beth hurdles. Gaining other firsts for the Red and Blue were: Robert Kincade, mile, Elliot Dan- zig, two miles, Clarence Hapes, shot, Finis St. John, jave- lin, and a three-way tie between George Clay, Red Jackson, and Ben Evans for the high jump. The University traclcsters tasted defeat in their next ven- ture at the hands of a versatile Louisiana State University cinder aggregation. With but few points gathered by Ole Miss, Buchanan took the lead in scoring by winning the low hurdles and placing second in the high hurdles. Mor- gan, half mile victor, was second top-scorer. Nosed out by inches in the century, Ray Hapes had to content him- self with second place in his division. St. John made next best record in the javelin throw for another Reb second place. For the second straight week, the Ole Miss lumfnzries met defeat-this time administered by the University of Ala- bama's Crimsons. Kincade proved himself the hero of the day when he broke the school record for the mile with a time of 4:33.5. Danzig also broke the school record for the two-mile distance, clipping nine seconds off the old marlc, but since he didn't win his race, his record was not official and the old record still stands. Clarence I-Iapes VL fl.. placed second in the discus and Ray Hapes second in the 100-yard dash for other Red and Blue feats. Undoubtedly the most exciting meet of the year was with State, won by the Rebels by the scant margin of one point. Buchanan again turned out to be the shining star by win- ning both hurdle events, with Dovith and Morgan tied for second in the scoring. Dovith won the 100 and finished second in the 220. Morgan won the half-mile and ran in the runner-up position in the quarter. The Ole Miss relay team of All-American Bruiser Kinard, jackson, Kincade, and Morgan came through for another first place as did St. John, javelin, and Jackson, high jump. Second places were earned by Clarence Hapes, discus, and Ray Hapes, 100-yard dash. Climax for the otherwise mediocre season came when the University of Mississippi athletes came through for team honors in the A. A. U. meet in Memphis. Competing against some of the stiffest competition in the country, the Rebel thinclads showed their mettle with their well-eamed victory. Top honors were captured by Ray Hapes, who finished second in the 100-meter run, and Morgan, who finished second to Olympic champion "Slats" Hardin in the 400-meter hurdles. Strange as it may seem, Ole Miss entered three men in the finals of the 100-meter race. Harold Mostlcoff, Kincade, and Dovith were also instru- mental in obtaining points for the Red and Blue in addi- tion to Hapes and Morgan. Needless to say, the '36 season was not the be:t ever challced up by an Ole Miss cinder squad. In regular school competition, defeats outnumbered the victories, but a win over State and a successful entry in the A. A. U. spelled the difference between a successful season and one unsuccessful. The only new official school record was set by Kincade in the mile. 5- ITE ND WH :oss 1 -- i Q I E R P in ,ph-ll wffx we .-Q, f A ' f ,AM he 4 ffl.. QM VARSITY ST. JOHN, javeling WILLIAMS, wulrerg I-IAPES, weiglm DANZIG, two milerg Dovrm, :prints and broad jumpg KINCADE milerg MORGAN, half milerg JACKSON, higbjumperg HAPES sprinrerg CUNNINGHAM, hurdlesg CLAY, highjumper. 'Hr , 1' . . BAS WEBB BURKE AND "TAD" Coaches eanme O F Hampered by the lack of capable moundsmen, the Uni- versity of Mississippi's baseball team was forced to con- tent itself with but four victories against nine losses. Inexperience was the chief fault of the Rebel moundsmen, along with a personal weight-building campaign by Herb Baumsten, who carried the brunt of the Rebel hurling throughout the 13-game schedule. Howard McWilliams shared starting mound duties with Baumsten. Clark Holmes took care of relief duties. Starting the year here, the Rebel diamond combine got off to an excellent start by downing a scrappy Millsaps nine, 8-5 and 7-2. Steady pitching by Ole Miss hurlers featured the pair of games, with spectacular fielding often taking the moundsmen out of holes. Buster Poole, left fielder, and Clarence Hapes, first baseman, took top hitting honors for the setto. Rained out in their first game, the Rebels dropped their initial tilt of the year to the Crimson Tide of Alabama in a slugfest at Tuscaloosa, 8-4. Sporty hurling by Ole Miss pitchers, plus weak fielding at the hands of Reb in- fielders contributed to the Mississippi loss. Keystone im- provements featured the fray, and it was through the efforts of Jay Crisler, second baseman, and Tony Rosetti, short- stop, that several Tide runs were killed at the middle bag. Immediately following the Tuscaloosa game, the Tidesmen journeyed to the local diamond to split a two-tilt series. The Rebs lost the first, 10-2, but came back in the series finale to eke out a 2-1 win under the masterful pitching of Baumsten, his best performance of the entire campaign. Butit was Bill Neely, center fielder, who proved the hero of the day with his two home runs for both Ole Miss' tallies. EBALL af SMITH : THE SEASON Annual games with Mississippi State came next on the Rebel,s bill, and again ineffective pitching forced blemishes to appear on the nine's record. Two defeats, the first 13-4, and second, 10-5, were chalked up against the Rebel nine. A trip to Baton Rouge with L. S. U. as opponents proved a little too much for the already devastated Ole Miss nine, and again the Red and Blue team came out on the small side of the score. The Tigers captured the initial contest, 8-1, in a one-sided slugfest marked by another exhibition of weak pitching and poor fielding. In more of a track meet than a baseball game, L. S. U. took the nightcap, 28-7. With the psychological advantages of playing on their diamond to their credit, Millsaps gained its first win at the hands of the Red and Blue in a tightly contested battle, 2-1. But the following day the Rebel charges avenged the defeat, 11-5, and broke into the win column after five straight losses. Concluding games with State were played in Starkville with the Maroons sweeping the series, '5-2 the first game, and 12-9 in the finale. Tightly contested from five innings, the outcome would probably been different in the first game, had the Ole Miss pitching held up for the remainder of the scrap. The second game, which was the hnal of the year for the University nine, was a slugfest from opening to close, with State taking advantage of all Ole Miss' mishaps. Comprising the University of Mississippi baseball team were Rab Rodgers, catcher, Herb Baumsten, and Howard McWilliams, pitchers, Clarence Hapes, first baseman, Jay Crisler, second baseman, Clark Holmes, third basemani Buster Poole, left fielder, Bill Neely, center fielder, and Peter Gee, right fielder. Page 2I0 1 . LE MISS SSI F 1311 .sf Q0 4? Nfl -ff' 1:1- 3.iia"., '-Ei: WF.- sa-JAX' Around SI-IIRLEY' DAVIS . PHIL KELLY . . . BILL MCWII,I,IAMS . SAMMY BARTLING . BUSTER POOLE . . Tor-:Y RosETI'I . . CLARENCE HAPES . MITCIHI GRIssoM . SANFORD POWELL . JACK SAVAGE . . Manager Outfflder . Pitcher . Catfher . Outfrldffr Second Basz' First Basr Outfeldpr Third Base . Pitcher Center RAB ROGERS . BRUISER KINARD . BILL NEELY . JAY CRISLER . "' af . . Catcher . Oulfielder . Outfelder . Shorlstop Page 2II .I-. DOUCI 'Xb NOBLIN 23-ff' A Ap i FRED BERGER Ctzpmm Led by former state open champion Fred Berger, who alter- nated with Walser Prospere as captain, the '36 tennis team turned in the best net record ever made by a Red and Blue squad with nine wins, two losses, and a lone tie. Possessing a powerful backhand drive, Berger, along with John Noblin, at one time ranked ninth junior in the na- tion, set the pace for the Rebel racketeers to lead the ag- gregation to victory in all save three attempts. Other members of the team were Bob Douglas, number three, Prospere, number four, and Lawrence Adams, number five. Opening here against Mississippi College, the Ole Miss netmen proved too powerful for the Chocs and emerged with a 6-1 win. ..TENNlS Millsaps, in another home match, was next to bite the dust at the hands of the classy Ole Miss net team by another 6-1 score. First of the two losses came in the next matches, adminis- tered by Alabama. Taking every match to three sets, the Reba were not quite powerful enough, and lost 7-0. The matches, played on the Crimson's home courts, opened the annual road trip for the Red and Blue team. The Rebs, however, broke into the win column the follow- ing day with a decisive 6-1 victory at the expense of Birm- ingham Southern, followed by another 6-1 margin over Birmingham Country Club. Little Sewanee, up in the hills of Tennessee, next admin- istered the University netmen their final loss of their most successful season in the history of the institution, '5-2. Pos- sessing more experienced men, the Sewanee team proved superior to the Rebs, tired with almost a week's traveling. Closing its tour with matches in Jackson, Tennessee, the Mississippi netters completely outclassed Lamberth Junior College, by sweeping every match, 6-0. Avenging for its previous loss, the Red and Blue team took Sewanee in a return match on the local courts, 6-1, followed by a 3-3 tie with Alabama. Lamberth played the final set of matches on the campus, and again were outclassed, 6-1. Final matches of the year were played against Millsaps, who took the small end of a 5-1 score, and Mississippi College, defeated 6-0. Close of the '36 season left the Rebels but two lettermen on which to build a team for 1937. Although still enrolled at Ole Miss, Berger will be ineligible because he has played the allotted three years in accordance with a conference ruling. Prospere has completed his work here and like Berger, Noblin will also be ineligible. Douglas and Adams are the duo returning for the '37 campaign. 4 PILOSPERE QED ADAMS NOBLIN DOUGLAS BERGER AND Gol.F In its infancy as to organization, but standing on top, the 13-membered Southeastern conference in match play, the Rebel golfers representing Ole Miss for the second successive season garnered a perfect record, counting three victories against Millsaps and Tulane. Led by Captain Walter Welty, school champion and number one competitor, the Red and Blue blanked Millsaps on the campus links, sent the same aggregation down on the Livingston Park course in Jackson and trimmed Tulane's Greenies on their home course in New Orleans. Welty, George Buchanan and Jim Buchanan and Walker George represented Ole Miss in the inaug- ural match, with the Methoclical Majors here. No one Methodist was able to take a margin over a Johnny Reb. The score read 12 match points to none. In turning back Millsaps for the second time in Jackson, Welty, George, George Buchanan and Alonzo Westbrook fed par golf at the Purple clan, rendering a 9-3 count. The same unit traveled to the Crescent City to 1. if ' , I. '. ..,-.QL-all s . ., - - . Y X . ..,, A'..'.fL XVALTER XVELTY Cupmzn unexpectedly trim the Green Wave. Welty's 73 for a par 71 course was low score for the engage- ment, and aided in helping the Rebs to a 7-5 vic- tory. Considering lack of a coach and any attempt to organize a full schedule, the Rebs have performed well the past two seasons. Their full list of vic- tories included three defeats of Millsaps and two over Tulane. K Reading left to right: Leyden, George, Welty, Buchanan, Maddox. ss ' 1 'SIU'- . .4 KW '51 Qfiyw KE? Q46 NORRIS TROPHY The Norris Trophy, presented annually by the Norris Candy Company of Atlanta, Georgia, through its local distributor, Gathright-Reed Drug Company, is emblematic of the highest ath- letic achievement at Ole Miss. The award is made on a point basis of participation in athletics, grade and class requirements and student vote. O Its standards are such that to be chosen for the Trophy stamps a Rebel as outstanding in a field of above average athletes. 6 Buster Poole, football, basketball, and baseball performer, winner of the 1936-'37 award, stands out as one of the most deserving of johnny Rebs ever to achieve this distinction. Captain of the basketball team, honorable men- tion for all-America grid honors and a valued member of the nine, Poole combined these accomplishments with campus activity and scholarship to rate well in a field of Norris Trophy winners. Pg ZI4 QA CL B OFFICERS LUTHER DICKENS . . ,. President HERB BAUMSTEN , , ..... Vice-President JOHN MADRE . . . . ,Secretary-Treasurer The 1937 OLE MISS dedicates this page to the wearers of the "M," This organization has as its purpose the promotion of clean sportsmanship in all forms of athletics. MEMBERS LAWRENCE ADAMS JESS ALDERMAN VERNON ASTON HERE BAUMSTEN FRED BEROER DAVE BENARD J. P. BILBO LEX BREYER JIM BUCHANAN CURLEY CARLSON GEORGE CLAY VIRGIL COOK JIM CUNNINGHAM CHESTER CURTIS ELLIOT DANZIG LUTHER DlCKENS ROBERT DOUCLASS MELVIN DOVITH SAM FOOSE BONNIE LEE GRAHAM CLARENCE HAPES RAYMOND HAPES CLARKE HOLMES MARVIN HUTSON CLAUDE JACKSON PHIL KELLY FRANK KINARD ROBERT KINCADE JOHN MADRE EDDIE MACK MORGAN VVILLIAM NANCE VVILLIAM NEELY PERCY PARKER NED PETERS JAMES POOLE SHED ROEERSON JAMES ROSE JOHN SMITH DAVID VVILSON Adams, Alderman, Aston, Baumsten, Berger, Benard, Bilbo, Breyer, Buchanan Carlson, Clay, Cook, Cunningham, Curtis, Danzig, Dickens, Douglass, Dovirh Foose, Graham, Hapes lClarenceJ, Hapes QRaymondJ, Holmes, Hutson, Jackson Kinard, Kincade, Madre, Morgan, Nance, Parker, Poole, Roberson, Rose, Smith . aah xx J Q 74- ' 7.9 1' ' W - L, 1 - 4. -- -. - J ' - QM. ,. . L ,hs A 5.0 ., . . KN Bo gp. '- .ggr 91 - ,' f. ' S 4 . 1 1' .tir- Add :':, f .. .N'U ' .'.- v -' -9- C o-'It, -' J 'J 1 -4 s I' v 1 ' -o I,-. If , V a ' 0 K - - 'I ,A r I l t . . A . , 1 1 1 L .Y ' . gs , , X up ' ' ' qs. t x v 4 ,u, . 1' ...ra DI. .51 .. Am I' . Reg., J aa, H. vii wi' 1, M ' dwwf-X--Q , xg x-iff' 415 50144 if 'v1"11qAQ '-,ffib 3 5 .L 4-.E...i...:. tl Af: gi ff? ff ! if 'Y'-iL'51-5l'1'hi'M' - , . .,ewr+?3'f'i2::iSWi?39i ' ' 'N r H. . - - , - V , L I A . , ,., , . ' v I 'V n o 4.1-I 1 1 A . ' .Ay QM xx, .- lx.:-. Y if s. V. 4- 1 Q. 'Ii 'v T .x- I! 4 4' L, ,x - 1 , x . s o 'vfx A s n 5-S . . Q A n ... I' . ,A 'Q , . ' 5 Q' I, " f Alu. ,. . . 5 , . a 1 5 ' . . J ,,' X . J Q . n . . , , ,' X, 5 'if' v, -,P W' ' mi , ' .115 , hh u ' 'I ' , ,T Q., ' X I 5 1 . ,-I Ig' I ,ul '-Q 2 'x . ' ' . . ff' -L-4 .f-,-uf -vs, " H ' ' ' .' I 'fb' ' "Je 'IA 1' ' 4' ff" ' if. "Hy f 5 4 " , - ' ,V ,' 'N ' ' , ' . ' . -' - - " A-1, - if e-Ekffx' , ..n..l..,.. IW.-iff. -nl.-51 ,V -. , rlrwl. - . 1 1 - s , H . 1. . M Y. . . N N ,f' " '-4' .v- AW' , . tt .A Av. 1 F 1 "rin 7 4. I !.'7""'l, .- ' A ,"' ,,,v,.. I1 M ,. 'I' , ,V - 1,3 w,, .X VU! , wg. - rp, 11, ,- - Hr' QA. COLOR GUARD For the first time in the history of the University, students are presented with the opportunity for mili- tary service. Established as a part of the Reserve Officers Training Corp, enlistment is voluntary and not compulsory. The first year of this new depart- ment of the University has proved very popular among the students, and it is expected to grow in years to come. Q :' 'nfl i, 'll I It is through the diligent worlc of Major Charles S. Johnson, Inf., who reported here in April, 1936, after graduation from Tank School, Fort Benning, Ga., that the R. O. T. C. unit has come to be one of the most important activities on the Ole Miss campus. He is ably assisted by Major Hugh M. Evans, for- merly the commanding officer at Camp Bullis, Texas. Page 2l9 I 'E S il I ,l I s.,..- ,. 2 Q I .- hula-mf MAJOR CHARLES S. JOHNSON P. M. S. .md T. Major Johnson came to the University with the intention of organizing only the First Year Basic Course, but due to the unusual amount of interest manifested by the students, the War Department saw fit to broaden the scope of the proposed organization, and to also offer not only the First Year Basic Course, but the Second Year Basic Course and the First Year Advancefl Course. Plans are now in progress, and are al- most completed, to the effect of offering all four :ourses of R. O. T. C. training during the next 'lr MAJOR HUGH M. EVANS SERGEANT OSCAR FAGIN QAKUNITED school term. After a student has successfully completed all these four courses in military in- struction and attending annually a summer camp, are commissioned as Second Lieutenants in the Organized Reserves. Since the organization at the present is compara- tively small, only small steps have been taken toward the organizing of rifle teams and pistol teams. The students have taken it upon them- selves to compete among themselves. A Pistol Club has been organized by those students not participating in military training, and a Girls' Rifle Team has also been organized. Definite steps have been taken toward obtaining inter- college matches for the teams next year. H ' l i ,M in 9- ' ' K A 4. ,,- ,4"'ri . - 4 - fl" E, ag.. W, , 5 S T A T E S . . T. . +I +1 +1 The Battalion has gone through intensive drill- ing, and on several occasions have shown their ability in drill formation in parades. Several visiting oHicers have favorably commented on the worlc that has been accomplished by the or- ganization. It is with great anticipation that the University loolcs forward to seeing this unit of our school increase and become more efficient in years to come. Front Row: FIRST YEAR ADVAIYJCED CLASSfXY'vatt. Sharpe, Hambrick, Cox, Donald Back Row: Nlorrow, Foose, Nlcfiehee F! l i W1 l j . I lll, I i BESS XVOOD Sponsor COLIP.-KN Y "A" A MARY EVELYN GARRETT Ballalmn Sponmr COMPANY "A" JESSIE R. .ADAMS XVILLIAM H. BRUCE RALPH D. BURNS CHARLES D. CONYERS ROLAND H. CRANEORD GLEN XV. CROCKER XVILLI.-XM B. CROMWELL EUGENE CROW' BURNS M. DE.AX'OL'RS .ARCHIE LOUIS DICKSON JOHN S. DONALD CHARLES A. DUNAGIN FRANK FERRELL HARRY GREENSPAN SAMUEL D. LI.-XLEY JAMES H. HARDY CLARENCE E. HEARD SAM D. HELM FRANK M. HOLBROOK FRANCIS E. JONES JOHN XV. JOYNER BLANTON D. RICBRIDE SAM P. KICCLATCHY XVILLI.-XM T. BICGEHEE XVILLI.-XM R. RICLEOD JOE M. RIILLER JAMES K. RIOONEY JOHN L. RIOORE JAMES E. NICHOLS XVILLI.-XM D. CUTT .ALEX S. P.-XYNE TIMS A. QUINN HOLLIS C. RAWLS, JR. PRENTISS T. RUSSELL XVILLIAM F. SCHNELLER JO B. SEDBERRY EIYW.-XRD A. SEEMAN XVILLIAM L. SHARPE GEORGE H. SHELTON ARTHUR F. SMITH FRANK P. -STAINBACK AUGUSTUS H. T.-XTE RIONRUE T. THIGPEN FRANK TINDALL CALVIN S. TINSLEX' JOHN R. XY.-XNDERLYN ERSKIN XV. XVELLS CHARLES C. XVILLIAMS LON A. XVY.-XTT Page 222 I 3 E 2 I fi I N 4, COMPANY "B" JAMES L. ALFORD CHARLES NV. ANDERSON JAMES ALSOP GEORGE ANDERSON XVALTER R. BRIDGEFORTH ELIAM B. BURNS EARNEST A. CANELLA WILLIAM E. CLANCY BRISTER C. COSNAHAN LEON H. Cox VVILLIAM C. Cox ROBERT N. CROCKETT ERNEST A. DIXON EDWARD EINHORN GEORGE EINHORN SAMUEL J. FOOSE STANLEY T. GALLONVAX' BILLY S. GRIFFIN A HAROLD B. HALTER CHARLES C. HAIRSTON MARION M. HAIXIBRICK GUY B. HATI-IORN HENRY W. HAYNES GOLDY HENRY SYKES S. KENNON GEORGE IQIMMONS JACK LANE HARRY L. LAXVSON VVILLIAM VV. LOGAN TRAN'IS G. LOVE, JR. KAHN MCLEOD JOSEPH NV. NIICHELL DOYLE K. RIORROVV WALLACE P. TVIURPHY FRED L. NELSON FRIANK PAGE SAMUEL B. OLDEN HENRY C. REICHLE EVERETT M. RUSSELL NOCK W. RUSSELL LUCAS F. SAMS SAM VV. SHOCKLEY LEO R. STROBLE SAM C. SUGG CHARLES J. TRAYLOR HOMER B. TURNER JOE S. WASHINGTON RICHARD G. WILKINSON OLIVER T. WINGO ALTUS L. WOODS GLEN S. YORK ALLEN YOUNG FIRST YEAR BASIC CLASS Page 223 BARBARA BUTTS Sponsor SECOND YEAR BASIC CLASS tw- V . . 'k 'K X 9 . g el? i NATIONAL HONO T. C. KIMBROUCH -Adams. Alexander, Barbour, Booth, Breyer, Cain, Currie, Curtis, Forman, Grantham, Johnson Keye, Kinard, Mitchell, Morgan. Nance, Newton, Roberson, Sanders, Seay, Sherman, Smith Sullivant, Wall, Ward, Williams, Woodlig. B L U E K E Y R FRATERNITY Founded University of Florida in 1924 UNIVERSITY OF MISSISSIPPI CHAPTER Established at Ole Miss in 1929 MEMBERS IN THE FACULTY CHARLES O. SMALLING JOHN VVADE T. C. LOCKARD OFFICERS S. ROBERT CAIN, JR.. . . ,.....,..... .... P resident JOHN SULLIVANT . . , Vice-President C. SEAY ,......., ,,.4 S efretary GEORGE F. WOODLIFF . . . ....,..... Treasurer T. C. KIMBROUGI-I .... ,... F acuity Advisor LAXVRENCE ADAMS RICHARD B. BOOTH AI.Ex BREYER WILLIAM HENRY HARBOUR S. R. CAIN, JR. CHESTER H. CURTIS GORDON GRANTHAM PAUL B. JOHNSON MEMBERS VVILLIAM P. MITCHELL SHED H. ROBERSON C. J. M. SEAI' JOHN SULLIVANT OIDELL SANDERS J. A. SMITH. PRESCOTT A. SHERMAN C. O. SMALLING Page 224 GEORGE F. XVOODLIFF JOHN E. XVARD T. C. KIMBROUCII ROBERT VV. XVALI. CAULEY VVILLIAMS T. C. LOCKARD JAMES ALEXANDER JOHN VV. WADE FRANK M. KINARD EDDIE MACK MORGAN ROBERT S. NEVVTON WIILLIAM P. NANCE RICHARD KEYE HECTOR J. CURRIE RICHARD B. FORMAN OMICRON DELTA KAPPA NATIONAL HONOR FRATERNITY Founded 1914 ALPHA PHI CIRCLE Established 1935 MEMBERS IN THE FACULTY DR. A. B. BUTTS DR. XVEX RIALONE PROP. T. A. BICKERSTAFF DE.-KN R. M. GL'ESS PROP. H. L. QLIARELS PROP. ILICIDONALD HORSE RESIDENT ALUMNI MEMBERS LEE GAINEY ERiC IDAXVSON STUDENT MEMBERS NORMAN C. BREXVER, JR. NIELVIN DOX'1TH COLEMAN BRANTON VVILLIAM ETHRIDGE HOWARD Q. DAVIS BILLY GATES ELLIOTT DANZIG CHARLES FAIR ALEX GILLIARI DAVID l'l.-XMILTON JOHN IQLIYKENDALL GEORGE R. NEBLETT CHARLES POLLARD ALBERT RUSSELL DAN RUSSELL SCOTT TENNYSON DAVID WILSON KENNETH CROSBY I Branton, Brewer, Crosby, Danzig, Davis, Dovith, Ethriclge, Fair, Gates, Gilliam, Hamilton, Kuykendall, Neblett, Pollard, Russell KAJ, Russell QDJ, Tennyson. Page 225 I I I, 1 II I I I I I I a -:v I Adams, Andrews. Barbour, Brewer, Brock, Erhriclge. Grantham, Harrell. Mitchell, Newton Pollard. Shands. Sours, Statham. INTERNATIONAL LEGAL FRATERNITY Founded at University of Michigan, 1869 U MAYES INN J Established at Ole Miss, 1927 I I' I5 FRATRES IN FACULTATE , I 5, JUDGE T. C. IQIMBROUGH JUDGE XVILLIABI I'IE3IINGXYAY . PROFESSOR JOHN H. Fox, JR. IL. I .I GFFICERS IJ XVILLIAKI ETHRIDGE . ...... . .llagistcr L., SAM LACREY . . . . . . Clerk i LAXVRENCE AD.A3IS . . . . Exchequer JI CHARLES POLLARD . . Historian "I MEMBERS Q' G. L. ADAMS E. R. BROCK I S. E. LACKEY, JR. XIV. N. SHANDS C. C. .ANDREVVS XVILLIAM ETHRIDGE VV. P. BIITCHELL VV. G. SOLYRS, JR. I 3 XVILLIAM B.-XRROUR R. G. GRANTHAM R. S. NEWTON B. D. STATHAM Wh N. C. BREWER J. K. Pl.-XRRELL C. A. POLLARD PI Page 226 I I Rl. PHI ALPHA DELTA NATIONAL LEGAL FRATERNITY Founded at University of Chicago, 1902 L. Q. C. LAMAR CHAPTER Founded at Ole lWiss, 1929 An organization dedicated to the highest ideals of a noble profession OFFICERS JOHN ELLZEY CARRUTH . ...... . JOHN SHARP DONALD . . DANIEL PENICK CEHOLSON . BEN E. MCCOE '.... MEMBERS EMMETT ALLEN JOHN E. CARRUTH D.ANIEL P. GHOLSON EUGENE BATES CLAUDE COEEMAN TOXEY HALL, JR. JOHN S. BEACH VVALTER COLEMAN STOVALL LONVRY JOHN S. DONALID BEN E. MCCOY CHARLES GALLOWAY JOE A. NICFARLAND ROMAN K. RICE Allen, Beach, Carruth, Coffman, Coleman, Donald, Galloway, Gholson, Hall, McFarland, Rice, Seay, Simpson, Watts. , Page 227 . .lusfiff rf-fzzxticf' . Clerk fllarslml CLANT M. SEAY VVAI. M. SIMPSON I". XV. VVATTS 1k 'k ik Adams, Augustus, Aultman. Beach, Berger, Blundell, Booth, Bornman, Bremer. Carruth, Carter, Cole Crosby. Curtis, Danzig, Davis, Dovith, Fair. England, Ethridge IG.J, Ethridge IW.J, Everett. Filgo Fink, Galloway. Gates, Gilliam, Grantham. Hamlin. Hill. Hodges, Holmes, Jacobs, Jaggers, Jarvis Johnson, Kimbrough. Lawrence. Lenz. Lindsey. Longmire, Lotterhos, McDonald, McDonnell IE.J, Mc Donnell IVCYI, McFarland, Marion, Massengill, Massey, Maxwell, Mitchell, Moore, Mounger, Neblett Parker, Perry, Price, Rice, Rogers, Ross, Russell IA.J. Russell lD.I, Sanders, Seay, Seeman, Smith Statham, Stennett, Stephenson, Sturdivant, Thomas, Vfard, Nvatson, W'esson, Westover, WoodliH YOUNG MEN'S CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION OFFICERS CHARLES FAIR . . . . Prmidfnt GEORGE VVOODLIEE . . . . Trfaxurrr NORMAN BREVVER . . I'ifr-Prrsidcnz R. MALCOLM GUESS . . Grnrral Sffrclary GRAHAM HODGES . .... Srcrffary DR. J. C. CULLEY . Clfman, Bd. of Directors JLDGE T. C. IQIMBROUGH . Faculty Trmxurrr , RIEMBERS LAVVRENCE .ADAMS CJ.-USES AUGLSTUS BRUCE AULTMAN JOHN S. BEACH FRED BERGER GEORGE BI.L'NDELI. R. B. BOOTH JAMES BORNMAN A. G. BOWEN J. E. CARRUTH JOHN E. CARTER EDWARD COLE KENNETH CROSBY CHESTER CURTIS ELLIOT DANZIG HOWARD DAVIS NIELVIN DOVITH FRED E. ENGLAND GEORGE ETHRIDCE WILLIAM ETHRIDCE GEORGE EVERETT TRAX'IS FILGO BEN FINK CHARLES GALLOWAT BILLY GATES .ALEX GILLI.-XM R. G. GRANTHAM XV. G. HAMl.IN TILI-IS HILL CLARKE HOLMES ROBERT JACOBS BOUDIE JAGCERS R. T. JARVIS XVILLIAM JOHNSON TOM KIMBROUCH CHARLES LAWRENCE CIIARLES LENZ Page 228 RUSSELL LINDSEY J. M. LONGMIRE XVILLIAM LOTTERHOS LEO MCDONALD EDVVARD NICDONNELI. VVILLIAM MCDON N ELL JOE MCFARLAND VV. E. MARION FRANK MASSENGILL ALTON MASSET JEROME lVlAKXYEI.L VV. P. MITCIIEI.I. PAUL MOORE XVILLIAM MOUNCER GEORGE NEBLETT J. A. PARKER MARSHALL PERRY KENNETH PRICE ROMAN RICE FRED ROSS SHELBY ROGERS ALBERT RUSSELL IRAN RUSSELL O'DEI,I, SANDERS C. M. SEAT' EDWARD SEEMAN J. B. SMITH BILLY DAN STATHAM GUY STENNETT C. C. STEPHENSON ARCHIE Y. STURDIVANT GEORGE B. THOMAS JOHN E. XVARIJ GEORGE R. VVATSON PRESTON VVESSON C. M. XVESTOVER YOUNG WOMEN'S CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATICN GFFICERS FRANCES l'll'RR . . . l'rI.Ii,lI nr HELEN LAAIIDTON . . 17.1-l'fImlI1Il BESSIE SHORT . . . SI IIIIIHH1' INEZ BARNES . . , . 'I'IwIImIf XYIOLA ,IAAIES .... . Sfnflf nf Sill! m I MRS. XV. NV. JOHNSON . . lfniffliny llmn .II- MEMBERS NANCY ARRAY ftENE ALRERSTETT CALLIE AUSTIN CIENEVIEVE BARROCR INEZ BARNES CATHERINE BASS ANNIE BOGGAN FLORENCE CAAIPRELL PHYLLIS CHRYST li.-XTHERINE CLARK RIARY L. DAVIS AIILDRED ETHRIDGE FRANCES FCRR RI.-XRY E. GARRETT LOUISE HANEX' li.-XTIE HCJLBIES RIARION INGRAM X7l0I.,-X sl.-AMES HELEN L.-XMPTON KI.-XRTHA S. LANEY RIARIETTE KICIDONALIJ AI.-XRGUERITE MOSRY NORA RABB ANNEI,I,E REIO Al.-XRGARET RISH HELEN ROBERTSON ZALARGARET SARTOR BESSIE SHORT ZELIIA SIEOAL AIARY ALICE 'I-RIPLFTT ELOISE VV.-SITE ELIZABETH VV.-XTSON RIT-XRY LEM. XVILRINSON BESS XVOOO Abbay, Alberstett. Austin, Barbour, Barnes, Bass, Boggan, Campbell, Chryst, Clark, Davis, Ethridge, Furr, Garrett, Haney, Holmes, Ingram, James, Lampton, McDonald, Mosby, Rabb, Reid, Rish, Robertson, Sartor, Short, Siegal, Triplett, Waite, Watson, Wilkinson, Wood. Page 229 'A' T ,ern 47 Boggan. Bradford, Brannon, Eddins. Falkner. Furr. Garrett Litton, McCormick, Nlcf-Ienrv. Terrv, Treppendahl, Xvilkinson AN PIONOR.-XRY INTER-SORORITY SOCIETY MEMBERS EXNNIE BOGGAN FRANCES FURR EARLE DEAN BRANNAN IT.-XNTE FALKNER LAURA BRADFORD RI,-XRY EYELYN 63.-XRRETT I.L'L1E Eumxs NETTIE HELEN LITTON REBECCA AICCORNIICK RIAIJELYN RICHENRY LE1.1A r11ERRY I RIARGARET 'TREPPENDAHL RIARY LEBIOYNE VVILKINSON Page 230 as 'Y' FIVE CROWN AN INTER-SORORITY HONORIXRY fJRG,XNlZ.X'I'ION IfOR l"RIssIIxI,IN liIRl.S LIESSIE EVANS STERLINE ABERN.-XTHX' PEARL SCOTT TADAMS KNOX POLK LEFRANCE BOYETT GERTRUDE WILKINSON MEMBERS Clai Omega ,IANE RLSSELL VIRGINIA FITE Delta Delta Delta BRONSON ML' NIJAY EMILY NICHOLS Plai Mu RIIRI.-XM SLAYTON BILLIE LEE DOL'GL.XS X lRC.IXl,X bill-II.l1X LLOYD 'l1,XLI.EY ELSIE l'lERNIAN HALLIE CHRISTIA LOUISE COURTNEY XIIRGINI.-X XVILLIAMS Kappa Delta Delta Gamma RIARTHA ANN HORTON NIARY DINSRIORE MRS. VICTORIA FRANRLYN SELBY 15 .5 'T 5 Q' er- -Q4 Abernathy, Adams, Boyett, Christian, Courtney, Dinsmore, Douglas, Evans, Fire, Herman, Horton, Munday, Nichols, Polk, Russell, Selby, Shelby, Slayron, Talley, Wilkinson, Williams. Page 23l 'Ir 'k i' Atkinson QGJ, Atkinson KRJ, Baker. Barnes , Blackwood, Brame, Bridgeforth, Brooks, Bruce, Callender, Caulfield Chancellor, Clancy, Clark, Coleman. Conner, Conyers, Cock, Crawford, Crisler, Crosby, Curlee, Day, Deaton, De Loach, DelVliller. Emerson, Ford, Furlow. Gardner, Handy, Harper QHJ, Harper QXVJ, Hopkins, Lawrence, Longmire Love, McDonnell 1El, McDonnell KWJ. Nlosbey, Nlounger, Nelson, Olden, Olson, Quinn, Rather, Roseborough Sams, Sedberry, Shelton. Smith. Taylor, W'ilkinSon. VVorsham ICJ, Vforsham QLD. HERMEAN LITERARY SOCIETY FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF MISSISSIPPI 1848 OFFICERS ED MCDONNELL . . . .... . . . Presizlent NVILL T. MCDONNELL . . l'ir-0-Pr-esiflerzt SAM OLDEN, JR .... . . Secretary NVILLIAM NIOUNGER . . Treakurw- RIEMBERS GEORGE ATKINSON BOBBY A1'KlNSON BILLY BAKER SPENCER BARNES MACK BLACKVVOOD OLLIE D. BRAME VVALTER BRIDGEFORTII VVILI. ROR BROOKS VVILLIAM BRUCE CLAUDE CALLENDAR BARRON CAULEIELD LESTER CHANCELLOR XVILLIAM CLANCY H. M. CLARK E. H. COLEMAN BILL CONNOR LUCIAN COOKE BOBBY CRAVVFORD CARL CRISLER C. P. UROSBY JOSEPH CURLEE JAMES DAY VV. P. DEATON WEBB DELOACH EDDIE l,ElVlII.I,ER JAMES EMERSON FRANK FORD A. B. FURLOVV, JR. TOM GARDNER S'I'EVVAR'I' HANDS' HILLIARD HARPER BILLY HARPER CHARLES HARSTON ARVAH HOPKINS CHARI.ES LAWRENCE MIDDI.E'I'ON LONCMIRE CHARLES LOVE 'IXEIAD MOSELX' FRED NELSON LAWRENCE OI.sON TIMS QUINN Page 232 EDWARD RATHER MORGAN ROSEBOROUGH FEATHERSTONE SAMS JOE SEDEERRY GEORGE SHELTON LUCIAN SMITH OLIN TAX'I.0R RICHARD VVILKINSON CLIFFORD VVORSHAM LEROY VVORSHAM PHI SIGMA LITERARY SOCIETY OFFICERS ARTHUR SMITH . . . , , l,1'f'j'ifIf'11f ERSKIXE XVELLS . . l'iw-l'1-I'si1lmr BILL CIIPELANII . . . SI'I-rmu-y H.xRoLIIGoTTHELF . , I',-m5,,,-W MEMBERS CHESTER COCRRELL BILL CUPELANII ARCHIE DICKSON EARNEST DIXQN HI'XROLD CEOTTHELF BILLY JOYNER CH.-IRLES LENZ Il I I I XVI-XLTER RIICHEL ARTHUR SMITH BIARVIN SMITH CREATH SPEER FRANK TINDALL HOAIER TURNER ERSKINE VVELLS I, 3 4, I I H7 Cockrell, Dickson, Dixon, Gotthelf, Joyner, Lenz, IVIicheI, Smith IAP, Smith IMD, Speer, Tindall, Turner, Wells . Page 233 I I Blackwell. Dabbs. Dav. Eaton. Fxnk. Hall, Hossley. Kealhofer. Jones IEP. Jones IVVJ. Longmire, M D d R Il R' R A T g Y d I M1559 , IEVCS. OSEIYI. UH13 e. X'ar . THE UNIVERSITY OF MISSISSIPPI STUDENT BRANCH OF THE AMERICAN PHARMACEUTICAL ASSOCIATION Foznzzlfd IS52 OFFICERS JOE DLCKWORTH . . . . . . . . TONY ROSETTI ..... KIIDDLETOX LOXGNIIRE . . XV. J. HOSSLEX '.... VV. XV. JOHNSON . . .... . . MEMBERS HINOS BLACKWELL C. M. HALL E. P. JONES ELIZABETH D.XBBS IV. J. HOSSLEY, JR. XV. D. JONES J. M. IDAY DEAN E. L. l'l.-XSIBIOND J. BI. LONGXIIRE E. K. EATON G. C. KEALHOFER ' SARAH ZXICDCJNALIJ BEN FINK XV. VV. JOHNSON F. M. POSEY Page 234 . . . Prfsidwzt . Vive-Presidmt . . Serretary . . Treasurer Fafulty fldvisor H. G. RUSSELL J. F. RIEYES T. J. ROSETTI J. L. TERNAOE J. E. XVARD PROFESSIONAL RIEDICAL FRATERNITY THETA PI CHAPTER ESfll111iA'1lt'll 19.26 OFFICERS XVILLIAM LOTTERHOS . . . . . Prrxidnzf CARL VVEATHERS DOBSKJN . . ,CTEP-P!'F5iI16'IIf THOMAS L. ROYCE . . . . . Sen-rrfary ROBERT LEON HOLLEY . . Trmszzrrr MEMBERS CLARENCE YVILLIAM HAYS VVILLI.-XXI EAST LOTTERHOS THOMAS L. ROYCE THOMAS HOPKINS FRANK CAMERON RIASSENGILL CHARLES S. SEGREST ROBERT HOLLEY GLENN THOMAS PEARSON JAMES BARRY SMITH CARL VVEATHERS DOBSON D.-XX'ID RICBRIDE PENNABAIQER JAMES H. SWARTZFAOER 4 47 ,A "' "? Dobson, Hays, Holley, Hopkins, Lotterhos, Massengill, Pe:-nson, Pennabaker, Royce, Segrest, Smith, Swartzfager Page 235 I g 5 -in 1k 'A' i' Adams, 'AnderSon, Briscoe, Bryan, Crosby, Davis, Gaviria, Guyron, Hartsfxeld, Hogg, Lauderdale, Lawson, McCracken Miller. Patty, Porter, Rosato, Shannon, Sherman. StigIer, Suber, Worsham ICJ, Worsham QLD, White, Willxams AMERICAN SOCIETY OF CIVIL ENGINEERS Founded 1852 OFFICERS EDVVARD J. MILLER . . . . President PRESCOTT A. SHERMAN . Vive-Presidmzf JESS STIGLER, JR. . . . . Sn-retary M. F. HARTSFIELIJ . . Tnvzszu-rr MEMBERS J JOHN KIRK ADARIS W. C. ANDERSON LALIRANCE H. BRISCOE HARRY M. BRYAN CALEII P. CROSBY EDWARD SHIRLEY DAVIS GILBERTO L. LSAVIRIA XVILLIAM F. GLYYTIJN M. F. H.-XRTSFIELIJ DAVID J. HOGG JOE E. LALJJERDALE HARRY L. LAWSON XVALTER L. IVICCRAC EINVARI7 J. NIILLER JAMES VV. PATTY NVILLIAM H. PORTER PETER ROSATO Page 236 KEN BAIN C. SHANNON PRESCOTT A. SHERMAN JESS STIGLER, JR. TERRY' SLTBER CLIFFORD G. VVORSH.-XM LEROY VV. NVORSHA M JOHN VV. XVHITE LEONARD VVILLIAMS, JR E. LI. J. Q. P. E. M. F. VV. F. KIILLER, JR. STIGLER . . CHAPMAN HARTSFIELIJ GUYTON . SIGMA TH ETA PI A N.-X'l'ION.Xl, ENGINEERING FRATERNITY E.vlf1bli.I'l11'd 111 Ulf' fll iss in 1933 GFFICERS MEMBERS F. XV. BISHOP E. T. IQIMBALL L. H. BRISCOE F. J. RIILLER P. E. CHAPMAN S. P. ROGOVIN R. E. CONNOR P. A. SHERMAN NV. F. GUYTON M. F. HIARTSFIELD I 1 J. Q. STIGLER C. G. XVORSHAM BIshop Brxscoe Chapman, Conner, Guyton, Hartsfield, Miller, Rogovin, Sherman, Stigler, Worsham Page 237 . . Presizlmzl I'il'F-PI'F5illf,I1f . . SFfI'FfIZ7'J' . Tr0asI1n'r . Reporter nk 'k 'A' I 1 4 Adams, Begin, Bryan, Clark, Guyton, Hathorn, Hossley, Keye, Puckett, Weiner PI KAPPA Pl HONOR.-TRY SCHOLASTIC FRATERNITY OFFICERS LUCY LOTT HATHORN . ..... . . President KIARION BICCLELLAN . .... I'ife-President YVILLIAAI HOSSLEY . . Svfrftary and Trmkurfr MEMBERS IN FACULTY DR. C. S. BROXYN DR. XV. L. KENNKJN MISS RUTH RICNEIL MR. T. C. LOCK,-XRD MR. P. K. NICCARTER MR. G. H. MEADOW MR. M. K. HORNE DR. A. VV. KIILDEN MEMBERS CARI. BRYAN LAWRENCE ADAMS Lows BEGIN KATHERINE CLARK VVILLIAAI GL'YToN LUCY LOTT HATHORN XVILLIAAI HKJSSLEY' RICHARD KEYE Page 238 RIARION BICCLELLAN RIARY NEIL JAMES PIQCKETT IsAnoRE XVEINER PHI ETA SIGMA FRESHMAN HONORARY SCHUI..XS'I'IC l'-RATIZRNITY Eslflflfixllrzl 1920 OFFICERS RICHARD ISZEYE . ISADORE XVEIXER . KI. E. PUCKETT . ID.-XYID l'l.-'KRIILTON . CHESTER H. CURTIS . . R. KI. CEUESS . . MEMBERS LAWRENCE ADAMS ABRAHAM GELBIAN JOE LIIIERTO XVALTER BRIDGEFORTH NV. F. GUYTON RIARION BICCLELLAN HECTOR CURRIE D.-XX'ID HAMILTON EARNEST RIORRISON CHESTER CURTIS SYKES HARTIN SAM E. QELDEX BRENT FORBI.-XX XVILLI.-XM HOSSLEY J. E. PCCKETT ROBERT FCTRELL RICHARD KEYE DAN SHELL . ljffllllfllf 1'Irz'-l'1'z.viff1 nl . Sl'z'I'fZ111'3- . Trfaszzrvr Svnior Jzlfifvr Fm' , 5 Adams, Bridgforth. Currie, Curtis, Forman, Futrell, Gelman, Guyton, Hamilton, Hartin, Hossley, Keye, Liberto, Morrison, Olden, Puckett, Shell, Smithson, Tennyson, Thomas, Weiner, W'illi2ms Page 239 ulty if 1fi'1'xo '- BILL SNIITHSON SCOTT TENNYSON fYiEURGE THOMAS ISADORE XVEINER CHARLES XVILLIAMS 'k 'A' 'k 'Ik 'K 'K Bernard, Cannella, Carey, Crozier, Dedeaux, Farve, Ford, Gleason, Gughereau, Henry, Herron, Holbrook Hossley Johnson, Liberto, McCormick UO, lVlcCormick KRD, McLaughlen, McNamara, Michel, Milner, Parker, Rhyne Rosetti Rutledge, Smith, Trayler, XVarson, Wentworth, Whelan, Whittington, Wilkerson CATHOLIC CLUB The Catholic Club of the University of lflississippi was first organized in October, 1934, under the creative leadership of Father Hugh Taylor. Last year the Club was reorganized and is now afhliated with the Newman Club, a nationally-known Catholic organization. OFFICERS BION VVENTNVORTH . . . . Presidfnt ELIZABETH VVATSON . . Vive-Prcsidwzt VIRGINIA CAREY . . . Secretary WILLIAM HOSSLEY . . Trrnsurw- MEMBERS Auousrus ANDERSON DAVE BERNARD EARN!-IST CANNEI,I.A VIRGINIA CAREY LOUISE CROZIER l,lI.A DEDEAUX IELKIN FARvE FRANK FORD DAVID GI,EAsoN CIIARI,Es GUCHEREAU FRANK HoI,BRooR VVILLIAM HossI,EY CHARLES HERRON ARVINE l'lENRY HERMAN G. joIINsoN J. R. LIBERTO P. VV. KIMEALI, Page 240 KIRR MCCORMICK REBECCA MCCORMICK ED MCLAUGIILEN ED MCNAMARA VVAIXIER MICHEL VVAIJIER MILNER PERCY PARKER ARTIIUR RIIYNE 'PONY ROSETTI MARGARET RUTLEDGE IIARRI' SMITII CHARLES TRAX'I,ER EI.IzABE'I'II XVATSON BION VVEN'I'woRTII LERoI' VVIIELAN ED XVIII'I'I'ING1'oN STEVE VVILKERSON XV. P. NANQE DJAN SHELL . THE CARDINAL CLUB Ul1' Jfisy' ffm! In lnixifillg' . ' JULIUS TIPTON . . BETTYRICCABE . . JACK IDALTON HOAIER TURNER BOB XVHEAT . EARNEST RIINOR VIRGIL THOMAS JOHN XVHITTEN E. H. SIMPSON SPENCER BARNES itl1l1 111' 1111111 OFFICERS MEMBERS Dvlta Kappa Epsilon EARNEST RICCRACKEN. . Delta Psi GENE DENAIAN ,... . . Phi Kappa Psi BILL ALLEN SNIITHSON. . . . . . Sigma Chi JOE SAOIQA. . . . Phi Dalia Thvta CARROLL AICC.-XRTY . . . . Beta Thrra Pi CHARLES B. HIRSCH . . . . Kappa Alpha H.-ARQJLI7 fiOTTHELF. . . . Kappa Sigma EARNEST PUCKETT. . . lJI'l',SIllI'71f ,lil 1 -P1'1 .fi1f1 111 Slffl fill'-1' Sp 011111 1' . Pi Kappa Phi . . . Sigma .Yu Pi Kappa Alpha . , . Phi Pi Phi Sigma Phi Epsilon . Phi Epsilon Pi . . Sfl1df'IlfBOI1j' . Sfllfffllf Body M Page 24I mmf Ig -l 'k 'K 'k OLE MISS MUSICAL CLUB QFFICERS A. G. BOWEN , . . Prfsidfnl LAURA T. RIARTIN . . , Dirfczor A. B. FURLOW , . , I'iff-Prfyidfni A. G. BOWEN , , . .flcfornpanist :XRCHIE S'l'L'RDlYANT . . . Svfrmzry LEE :XLFORD . . . Smgv Managfr HAROLD LEv1NE . , , Tr'va5111'fr R. M. QIUESS . . Businr,f.v Jlanagcr RIEMBERS Fiflvt TFIIOI'.f Sffolzzf Twzors B1LLx' JACK DEES JEROME DEAYOIQRS TOM FITTS ECBERT HINES .ARCHIE STURDIYANT Cl.-ASTON JONES FRANK TxNDALL MARSHALL NTIQLHERIN BOBBY XVHEAT ROBERT MCCORRHCR B lll'if0 ll ef' B ass fl.,-XL'IJE C.-XI.I,ENllER 'THAN NTOSELEY CEDRIC FIEBLEMAN BOB ROLLINCS A. B. FL'RI.OXV LAND1s ROGERS H.AROI.IJ LEVINE HOMER TURNER I,ONr:5'1REE1' HAMH.'1'ON HANSEORD SIMMONS SAM OI.lJEN RICHARD XVILKINSON RCSSELI. LINIJSEY CREATH SPEER SHELBY ROGERS CQEORCE NIADDOX JAMES MANSR ER SAM A1-R1 NsON PAUL BOENsCH A. G. BOXVEN CLYDE XVOOD THE RIISSISSIPPIANS NIARSHALI. NTLTIIERIN, Dirrflor ROBERT COOK L. F. HEARD HOMER CORLEY PAUL PAGE LYNWOOD QQARRETI' JOE PENIX Page 242 THE MISSISSIPPIANS Composed of the outstanding students of music on the Ole Hi-A Cznnipus. this grmip was come to be recognized :is one of the best college orcliestrzis in tlie South. Tlitx furnish the music for all social activities on the Campus, and zum' an 1'ez1tui't-tl p1ll't of tlic rumual tour of tlie state made by tlie L'nix'ersity Klusiczil Club. PERSONNEL RIARSH.-XLL M L'LHER1N, Ilirvfmr SAM .ATKINSON . JOE PENIX . . PAUL BOENSCH . PAUL PAGE . . HONIER CQRLEY . LLEXYLYN HE.ARlD ROBERT Coox . . Lyxwooo GARRETT A. G. BOWEN . . . Saxojilzozlt' . . . . . Saxoplzom' . Szzxofwlzozu' and Ifolizz . Trllnzjwri . Trzmzpfl . Troznlmm' . Bass Violin . . DI'l1ll1.t' . Piano Page 243 'K Sk 'K ik I CAULEY WILLIAMS BILLY MCGEHEE . BILLY GATES . . ERIC BEIDENHARN JOE DUCKVVORTH BOB NEWTON . EUGENE NEIL . ROBERT NEIL . TOM MURPHREE , ALEX GILLIAM . JOHN VVITHERSPOON MARION MCCLELLAN . FRANZ VVATTS . DAX'lD SMALLYVOOD KENNETH CROSBY COOPER ADAMS . :B Williams, lVlcGehee, Gates, Beiclenharn, Duckworth, Newton, Neil IEJ, Neil KRT, Murphree, Gilliam, Witherspoon McClellan, Watts, Smallwood. Crosby, Adams, Brunt, Minor, Cunningham, Sherman, Statham, Beach, Wallace Smith, Barbour, Brownstein, Rice, Rose, Wlard M . O . A. K. S . MEMBERS . Phi Delta Thrta QEXVYNNE BRUNT . Phi Delta Thrla EUGENE BATES . . Kappa .Jlpha LUCIAN MINOR . . . Kappa .Ilpha JIM CUNNINGH.-XM . . Kappa Sigma PECK SHERMAN . . . Kappa Sigma BILLIE STATUM . . Pi Kappa .Jlpha JOHN BEECH . . . Pi Kappa .Jlphfz HEXY'lTT VV.-KLLACE Sigma .llpha Epsilon Sigma .Ilpha Epsfl, I1 . . Beta Thrfa Pi . . Brta Theta Pi Sigma Phi Epsilon . Sigma Phi Epsilon Dalia Kappa Epsilon Della Kappa Epsilon Page 244 KAYO SMITH . . VVILLI.-XM BARBOUR FRED BROWNSTEIN R. K. RICE . . . LUTHER SEXTON . BEN JOHNSON . JAMES ROSE . JOHN XV.-XRD . . Ilpha Tau Omega Ilpha Tau Omfga . . . Sigma Chi . . Sigma Chi . Sigma Nu . . . Sigma Nu Dflla Tau Delta Delia Tau Delia . . . Dflla Psi . . . Della Psi . Phi Epsilon Pi . Phi Kappa Psi . Phi Kappa Psi . . Phi Pi Phi . Pi Kappa Phi . Pi Kappa Phi I I I 1 i f 1 W x I 1 1 A J V 1 P 'f r ll THE TASSEL A SENIOR HONQRARY ORG.xNlz.xT1nN FUR xXf0XlE'N FYOII 1111611 1 Q37 MEMBERS GENE ALBERSTETT LAURA BRADFORD FRANCES FURR VIOLA JAMES RI.-XRGARET TREPPEND.AHL Alberstett, Bradford, Furr, James, Treppendahl Page 245 .,. E l 4 1 l I I I I I I I I I I Booth, Currie, Crosby, Danzig, Dovith, Keye, Maxwell, Russel IAQ, Russel CDD TAU KAPPA ALPHA I I, VV. IJVVIGHT VVENTZ fl JI T. lv Y ll H 55 liENNETH CROSBY . NIELVIN DOVITH . I ELLIOTT IJANZIG . In I R' ,. RICHARD BOOTH I F IQENNETH CROSBY I HECTKJR CLIRRIE un I il II J I U LA NATIONAL DEBATING FRATERNITY OFFICERS MEMBERS ELLIOT DANZIG NIELVIN lJOVITH RICHARD KEYE Page 246 . Faculty Sponsor . . . President . . . Vice-President . Sefrelrlry- Treasurer JEROME MAXW'ELL ALBERT RL'ssELL DAN RUSSELL OLE MISS DEBATING COUNCIL XX DDICHT XVENTZ . . nmfffrw JEAN .ARTHURS SYLVIA B.-XSKIND VV.-XLTER BRIDGFORTH KENNETH CROSBY HECTOR CURRIE JOE D.ABBS JAMES EAIERSON .ARTH UR GLYTON MEMBERS THEODORE G. HL'IfI' CECIL KENNEDY HAROLD LEx'INE ROBERT PERRY HANSFORD SIAIAIONS SCOTT TENNYSON CHARLES TRAYLOR ANNIE LOL' XVALL RICHARD XVATSON LUCILE XVH ITEH EAD RICHARD XVILKINSON .XI Arthurs, Basking, Bridgforth, Crosby, Currie, Dabbs, Emerson, Guyton, Huffman, Kennedy, Levine, Perry, Simmons, Tennyson, Traylor, XVall, Wason, Whitehead, Wilkimon Page 247 f.- STUDENT DR. W. L. KENNON . HOW'ARD Q. DAVIS . . . NIARGARET TREPPENDAHL EDWIN GRANTH.AM . . ROBERT CAIN REED BROCK NORh1AN BREWER RICHARD BOOTH LAYVRENCE ADAINIS JOHN CARRUTH Dr. Kennon. H. Davis, Margaret Treppendahl, E. Grantham DANCE COMMITTEE FLOOR COMMITTEE JOHN BEACH O,DELL SANDERS ROBERT S. NEWTON JOHN WARD W. D. STATHAM ALKJNZO WESTRROOK WII.I.IAM JOLLY FRANTZ WATTS FRED BROVVNSTEIN Page 248 . Faculty Chairman . ,Executive Chairman . Girls' Chairman . . Floor Chairman HOWARD JAMES VVILBUR HAINILIN GEORGE R. NEBLETT J. B. SMITH! NIIDDLETON LONOMIRE ALVIN FINR MRS. LOUISE BINGHAM DUNCAN Our Advisor, Friend, and Mother 'FSU' ' if , wr ' ,lf lf. .y'45 3 -f- H 5,6 I r .Q 311- , v'-gf- : A ' lfL'C PATRCDINIS niversity of Mississippi 1848 UNIVERSITY, MISSISSIPPI 1936 The University is composed of the following divisions: the College of Liberal Arts, the Schools of Law., Engineer- ing, Education, Medicine, Pharmacy, Commerce and Busi- ness Administration, the Graduate School, and University Extension. Splendid facilities for general and specialized education are provided by the Liberal Arts College and the Profes- sional Schools. SUMMER SESSION Six Weeks Term .... June Q to July 14 Nine Weeks Term . . June Q to July 31 Courses given in College of Liberal Arts, the Graduate School, and the Schools of Law, Business Administration and Commerce, and Education. LAW ScHooL TERMS i First Term ........ June Q to July 14 .Second Term . . July 15 to August 26 Recreation-with the new swimming pool available for use during the Summer Session, along with other facilities and opportunities for relaxation to be provided, the recreational interests of students will be amply cared for. Expenses are very moderate either' for the Regular Session or for the Summer Session. UNIVER ITY CAF ETERIA Every Student at Qle Miss YOUR FOOD IS OUR CARE SPECIAL DINNERS. BANQU LUNCHES J. AUBREY SEAY. ETS. AND PICNIC Manager K. A. ROSE She has two dreamy eyes of blue And a smile beyond compare Two ruby lips to kiss me And a wealth of golden hair. She,s the sweetest girl in all the world She,s the fairest flower that grows She's my sunny, Southern, sweetheart She's my Kappa Alpha Rose. AVENTS DRUG STORE FOR HOME MADE-ALL CREAM ICE CREAM MEET AT AVENTS NORTH SIDE OF SQUARE BANK OF OXFORD OXFORD, MISSISSIPPI Organized 1872 Capital, Surplus and Profits PHI DELTA THETA DREAM GIRL My Phi Delta Theta Dream Girl Sweeter than the sweetest Howe: that grows In my dreams you wander Happy moments squander All my life I've lived for you, Dear. Officers My Phi Delta Dream Girl G. F. HEARD, Presidenf J. K. Meade E v P d f ' H. E. DENION, vice-msiaenf J. T. oAvls, c sum Dawn Wfll Hlfd You far away . Dusk will bring you near me Directors , h J. a. BROWN H. E. DENTON GRADY GUYTON Memoffes t0 C CCY me ' GEO- F- HEARD J- K- MEADOW My Phi Delta Theta Dream Girl. ' Member Federal Insurance Corporation GEO. . BRODNAX, INC. 61067378 Main at Monroe MEMPHIS, TENNESSEE ENGAGEMENT RINGS, WEDDING RINGS, WATCHES, SILVER GIFTS "The Brodnax Name on the Box Adds Much to the Value But Nothing to the Costv THE WHITE ROSE OF SIGMA NU Like Ros'es rare shels sweet and fair 'I here are none that with her can compare To me it seems that Heaven beams when she is in mv dreams: round me her love is twinaing And mv fond heart is pin-ing For one I know whose love is true, She's the Xvhite Rose of Dear Sigma Nu Phi Pi Phi Sweetheart, Sweetheart. Sweetheart, Dearest of all that I love dear. You are my beautiful dream girl Flower without a peer. I will sing thee, old song, I will forever be true. Phi Pi Phi, you are a Swcethcart to me Dearest one I love you. OXFORD FLORAL AND PLANT COMPANY Since 1925 "SAY IT WITH FLOWERS BUT ALWAYS WITH OURS" GEORGE WOODLIFF-Campus Representative O Tri Delta Nlan so true I'm ever true to you I'm waiting underneath the Delta Moon He loves the Deltas true He's God's own gift to me TRI DELTA MAN He's waiting underneath the Delta Moon I'l l tell the world I love him I'm proud as I can be I know his soul is free For it's soaring down to me Fr om underneath the stars Of Deltas' three TOMLI so JEWELRY STORE eweiry and Gifts WEST SIDE OF SQUARE OXFORD, MISSISSIPPI PHI EPSILON PI DREAM GIRL Every college has its co-ed fair She' s the girl who has taken the sun for her smile Every town its village belle She has stolen the dew for her eyes Wfho has won acclaim and wide spread fame She has borrowed the tones of the nightingale's song By her charm and her wit as well. ,lust to hold one entranced all the while. I-very fellow on this earth of ours She has hair just as fair as the Flowers in May H35 mme girl 35 hig ideal And her loveliness never will die Though it onlv seems that she comes in his dreams Her nature is sweet as all nature itself Yct this mystical dream girl is real. SEICIS thc dream girl of Phi Ep Pi. Compliments o f CITY CLEANERS We Appreciate Your Patronage Oxford, Mississippi 1937 FIFTIETH ANNIVERSARY OF ALEX LOEB, INC. Meridian and University Mississippi CLOTHING FOR EVERY OCCASION ATHLETIC EQUIPMENT FOR EVERY SPORT GRADUATION CAPS AND GOWN S COMPLIMENTS OF ELLIOTT LUMBER COMPANY W. W. ELLIOTT, Omit-r All Kinds Building Materials, Lumber, Roofing. Cement, Plaster, Lime. Briclc, Laths, and Mill Work GOLF, TENNIS AND ALL ATHLETIC SUPPLIES The Finest Brands in General Hardware, Fixtures, Tools, Cutlery MY KAPPA SIGMA GIRL To a Kappa Sigma Sweetheart Let us drink a toast tonight She is loyal to our colors The scarlet, green, and white. PORTER HARDWARE iii Sieiff So raise a brimming glass to the sweetest lass oxFoRD, Mississippi My Kappa Sigma Girl' COMPLIMEN TS OF OLE MISS DRY CLEANERS OXFORD, MISSISSIPPI WE SOLICIT YOUR ORDERS FOR Surgical Instruments, Hospital Supplies, Laboratory Equipment MeKESSON-DOSTER- N ORTHINGTON BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA Your Friend- ROBERT X. WILLIAMS, JR. Owner and MdnGg6T 'V YRIC THEATRE They say that a girl, Dear, Is all in this world, Dear, That makes a man what he is. Now I have two queens. You'll see what that means, As I whisper soft and low:- DELTA GIRL OF MINE As the purple rules in my heart with its pow'r, and stands with you supreme As the white is sacred and pure each hour, so are you, Sweet girl of my dreams. As the gold renews my faith in life, and shines as my guiding star As each color reveals all my Delta ideals, so do you, Delta Girl of Mine. COLLEGE INN Enjoy the Charm of the College Inn Lower Prices Than You Expect To Pay For Such Quality Food Dance at the Roof TOM AND SPIRO Phone for Special Parties 173 Lawny grey owl Cardinal and straw Tiny gold pen set with pearls Whispering the call Mem'ries of Taw CHI OMEGA Carnation white A call thru the night Brings back those bright, Eternity-fraternity Chi Omega always Dear to the Dearest of Girls sunny days H. D. WEBSTER COMPANY Featuring a Complete Line of Hart, Schaffner 84 Marx and Curlee Clothes, Stetson and Style Park Hats, Manhattan and Riegal Shirts, Co-Ed Dresses and Nunn-Bush and American Lady Shoes. OXFORD, MISSISSIPPI WHERE QUALITY COUNTS LUCE PRODUCTS, INC. ASSOCIATED WITH LUCE FARMS Serving Mississippi with Vegetable Products REALPAK ' LUCE ' TENDERPAK ' GROWERS AND SHIPPERS OF PAPER SHELL PECANS O MEMBER N. C. A. LUCEDALE, MISS I I I I I I I I I I I I rI 'I is r, I 'I If I. ,, I -I in I 4 I 'II THE J. F. EILSO CO. Uxfordps Shopping Center Since1839 O MISSISSIPPI' OLDEST STORE PHI MU SWEETHEART Somewhere in the world sh: is waiting Some day you will find her there She's the girl you will lovc forever There's none other quite so fair. Her eyes are like the stars above Her hair like a moonlit night She wears ever loyal the heart and hand And her colors the rose and white. Her loveliness is beyond compare Her heart she has kept for you UNIVERSITY CAFE WISHES TO THANK EACH AND EVERY PATRON KAPPA DELTA FLOWER SONG Oh, once in the midst of Olympic days, When Venus came to Greece, Maidens of each Pan-Hellenic vow Were beauties devotees. Each brought the flower of her sisterhood And laid ir with the rest Venus chooses the white rose As the Hower she loved best. Nor to Rose of Zeta Nor Pansy Flower of Theta. Did Venus yield her favor As the fiower she loved best. But for gladdest hours, For its beauty Venus chose Queen of all the flowers Kappa Delta's own White The girl of your dreams is Rose' simply divine For Vou're loving a real Phi lVlu. THE ROSE OF Pl We Talce a Personal Interest In KAPPA PH, S'G EP GIRL All Students and Student As I Ear alone with my reams Sig EP Gif'-PWS SONY ' ' ' A is rf 1 ima I C0 ia See beaming Activities Andezuiiisiion so bright: came Sig Ep Girl-ever I'm To- me Ih!'0Ugl"l the nigh! dreaming XXf'ith my y dream girl I Of her dainty charming ' Oh hjferiaqygs tgrcbihe stars graces ' I of Heaven Of the dearest of all faces That shine 35 3 lamp 50 Of the girl that sometime H ll-'fight h , I will be mine- erA 'ips are t c roses peta s Sig Ep Girl-I love her truly T O M A P I R 0 XVI-um dggilgghihelr folds to She'll he to me forever true Her hair is the gold of sun. I've no fear that wc will set part on the Campus 12 Years As it gades in the western Since she wears that Sig Ep N Hs Y h . l.k h rt o ower t at grows is 1 e E ea A the rose EVCI' wgl 5 love mY S18 EP She's tlige Hower of Pi Kappa :ir . hi. FURR DRUG COMPANY Where Students Meet Drugs, Cosmetics. Candies, and School Supplies I Phone 134 We Deliver ROBERT TORREY GENERAL INSURANCE AND REAL ESTATE OXFORD, MISSISSIPPI NEILL"S JEWELRY AND GIFT SHOP Offers You the very smartest Jewelry, China, Silver, American and Imported Pottery Gifts for All Occasions Fraternity and Sorority Crests will be placed on any item selected OXFORD, MISSISSIPPI DREAM GIRL OF Pl K. A. When the night birds are singing their love so g And you sit by the fireside and dream There's the thought of a girl puts your brain in a whirl And her eyes like the bright embers gleam. She's as fair as the heavens above her She is true to the trust that she bears Tho, she is far away she'll be yours some sweet day Shc's the dream girl of Pi K. A. SWEETHEART OF SIGMA CHI The girl of mv dreams is the sweetest girl Of all the girls I know Each sweet co-ed like a rainbow's trail Fades in the afterglow The blue of her eyes and the gold of her hair A bl d f th t L ru a en o e wes ern s'y And the moonlight beams on the girl ot' mv dreams Shff the sweetheart of Sigma Chi. RITZ THEATRE Modernistically Arranged For Your Comfort and Pleasure 0 OXFORD, MISSISSIPPI A HOST OF ADVANTAGES 0 MAIN STREET LOCATION 0 SPACIOUS ROOMS 0 HIGH CEILINGS THROUGHOUT 0 AIR CONDITIONED COFFEE SHOP 9 IN THE SHOPPING CENTER 0 CLOSE TO ALL SHOWS 0 NEWLY DECORATED LOBBY 9 REASONABLE RATES Single 51.50 and up Douhle 952.00 and up HOTEL GAYOSO C. C. CARTWRIGHT Vice-President and General Manager MEMPHIS, TENN. FREE PARKING IN GARAGE "THE TINIEST REBEL" Cofielcfs Greatest Contribution to the "Ole Miss" Working With the Staff and the Students on This Important Undertaking Has for Us Been a Genuine Pleasure COFIEZLD'S STUDIO OXFORD, MISSISSIPPI We have on file all the Negatives made for the '35, ,36, and '37 Books, you may order Photos from any of these at your convenience. All Retouching Work on Annual Photos Done by MRS. H. PATTERSON, Fulton, Kentucky "Trusted Thousands of Times Each Year" GATHRIGHT-REED DRUG COMPANY The Rexdll Sf0f6' OXFORD, MISSISSIPPI VIOLETS IS. A. EJ DELTA GAMMA Violets. violets. vou'rc the fairest Shi has two :iii-ami Pit-S O rl Hower to me. .-X fmilc hr-xond tampa: Violets. violets, emblem of fraternitv. Trio rosv lips In reast XYith vour perfume memories come And a wealth or' ,golden Of Sigma Alpha Epsilon She is the sweetest girl g: l Dearest flower beneath the sun. The fairest Homer that moms luv violet Shi 's mi Delta Gamma Mi Delta Gamma Rose PRINTING FOR STUDENTS Dance Bids, Cards, Stationery, Programs, Tickets, Placards, Handbills, Booklets, and Everything in the Printing Line THAT STUDENTS MAY REQUIRE THE OXFORD EAGLE MORGAN AND LINDSEY OXFORD, MISSISSIPPI "WE ARE FOR YOU ALWAYSH I DELTA KAPPA EPSILON A band of brothers in D. K. E.. we march along tonight. Two by two with arms locked firm and tight! Our leaders signal with hats in hands. as we go marching on. Singing Delta Kappa Epsilon. So merrily' sing we all to D. K. E.. R Q i The Mother of Jollityr. Vyhose children are gay and free. 1 D I K We'll sing to Chi. and then weill sing to dear od eta appa - Epsilon. W fzolesale Only A. T. O. LOVE lhiany are the wavs in which lOve's been told QQWE Some mav 'eem new. but thev all are old 7 9, I tell my lgve in the sweetest way. E Three simple words, they are all I can say I love you. I love vou. that's all 'Tis a story our hearts do enthrall As it tells a man's love for the girl in his dreams 12 13 W'hile in her eyes dear love light gleams. F 7 LEISCI-IMANN S YEAST-FOR-HEALTH H M CI-IASE 66 SANBORN COFFEES TENDER LEAE TEA PACKING COMPANY ROYAL DESSERTS MEATS ROYAL BAKING POWDER PROVISIGNS STAND IJEDEJUCBSEQNDQ Inc. MEMPHIS, TENNESSEE ,INN fe ZLZIWVOQLK I ,. COME WHAT ZVIAY. CONFIDENCE is the heritage of youth .... it is also a fundamental requirement of business .... attained by long study, training and experience ' We have enjoyed the confidence of yearbook Staffs throughout the country for over thirty years .... an accomplishment for which we are truly grateful and justly proud . . . . Y HK' 'A' f X COLLEGE ANNUAL DIVISION ALABAMA E N GRAVIN G C OMPANY B 1 RM 1 N G HAM 5 2- U!- ua I." 3 CR 0 9'lSEl'l"1l ls PHIHTIHE EUMPAHYWHASHVILLE .L ., L. 0 sian slenuuq 626 Cgdifor an Lisilzess meager msn fo ghaizk The Administration for its cooperating with us in all our undertakings. Mr. David Bloom and George Stokes for their aid in obtaining pictures for the Athletic Section. Mr. and Mrs. R. Cofield for their patience in making the photographs of this book a success, as well as their personal interest manifested in this annual as a whole. Mr. George Petty for his acting as judge of the Beauties. Miss Cecelia Hosey and Miss Lelia Terry for their untiring assistance in typing. . Albert Russell and Dorothy Powers for their literary contribution to the annual. The Publications Committee for their excellent cooperation throughout the year. Both of the Staffs, for their unsurpassed cooperation in compiling this book. The Mississippian for the publicity given this book. Mr. Robert Faerber for his unceasing efforts to make this book a success. Mr. Ed Benson for his aid in the publishing of this book. Mr. Eugene Fitzgerald for his suggestions concerning the hnancial manage- ment of this book. file Editor Cnislzes fo Gfpofoqize fo Mr. Marion McClellan for the omission of his picture from both Pi Kappa Pi organization, and the Phi Eta Sigma organization. Miss Margaret Williams for the omission of her picture in the Kappa Delta sorority. These are the only two errors found at the time of publication, but in event any others occur, the Editor asks the consideration of the individuals con- cerned, for it is a near impossible task to make a perfect book. He has done all in his power to do just that. . I I I I I I I I A I L I I I . If - 1 gf. .- W., ,, Ai l,, A-n , Y T --Yi .K

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