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 - Class of 1935

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University of Mississippi - Ole Miss Yearbook (Oxford, MS) online yearbook collection, 1935 Edition, Cover

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KEESEE EDITOR BERRY D. BROWN Business MANAGER IIIH .. . 5 W I'9'B'5 O I G U U 'K 4. ' f, ,, TL, -. Lg i The Senior Classes of the University of Mississippi at University, Mississippi Present Volume XXXIX oftl1eir Year Book v VU ISS 493107 Foreword The staff in presenting volume XXXIX of the Ole Miss to the student Body feels nothing of regret, prays no forgiveness, asks no quarter. It does so with the full assurance of an obligation justly met and consoles its attempt with a somewhat sel- fish feeling that it represents the best that was in them. We have attempted to commemorate something of the priceless moments you have all lcnown so well. To what extent we have suc- , ceeded you alone shall be the judges. lf, then, in years to come, this hook will aid in bringing baclc fond rememhrances about Ole Miss, of the hard and yet happy days, then the staff shall have indeed fulfilled happy obligation. s n n 1 HY: '- ','S""l n 1A:.JH '--- Qi I .Kf2121!"3sX.l'Ei'iD'H2':J?'i?. 1- " "' ui Szil K.-.-flaw, np- r.-,-sf'-.Wiz -V Dedication T o ' William Hemingway 9 . r ln recognition of tlre credit that ' lwe reflects on tlris, l1isi'Almaf i Mater, as a scholar, a' teaclxer, v an adviser and, above all,' as a true Christian gentleman, p xl tyrrfim 1 1 nga v-raft. s.-rf: r F'i!l:il1iJE1f,WFF5L4i3lll'!2lK?'J',?'3145.1 'Ei7r".f A ' , . if - 1 1 'I . V1 A L V , 1 l , w, . ,. w 1 .hi g 1 w ,Q 2 t ' "Y ' '4 rr " ' 1 F I rd 4 A I '51 X Z 1 4: a 1 1 4' X f 'J if W' .m , VI, ?' ffl ' P uf-y E Q: ' l" J 2 nl! i' . 'wg r 'if 'vi . F. . E4 ' . .w M. . ,. ...,.. .. H -20. .- "'WBl,. fm' A . J 'A .-: ' .'x' !'?1,'PJ7 ' ' if ' ' 1 I 1 1-.+..-eslfw' at ali'-5!2,4l'gfCEfl! HA '-'ig-of? F7 . QHKY' 9' ' .'t iiWi:fdH'U..2kCi:f'.5f.' L 4.5 Tvl ' 0 ,fi ,'Q .-.'.?.f"Ql'l'.Y'.fl' '3' .. 1.1-fnnuan4-v.. -4.-.. s.- . ,- 4A -..- xn- 'A- G x 'UA Q ul, nl Contents is Administration The Cla F O A I1I F IN MEMCDIQIAM ,I - ---'v ' If 1 V - 1' f , f r 134 Y 'Tv fn? if-' ' A Q' .J -L' '. -. Y 'fa A ' Y n V1 : . N ! ll film' h..,:!f'b"1!Y.T fl..- Q LA x J if .x , mfJ3 " .zen-..:...g:... ,J v .-w1guc.tLe.- N . 1 . I - I , . 1 .V ' Pj T, K l i n , -'A.':.,,,yfgQqp'1' QAIQ . a77.'w. -"9 ', tg .lx .H -QW.-ilxlw I .43 3 . 'UH an -.5 .Il LI ' -I '5' 3, 5' ' at I tl -sux' ' ,Q N M gp " p as U dxx I ' 1 V I "3 - M' 0:1 A 4' 1 -24 M I "WW 'SWF ,Ks"',' "-N. - vg",3',q4 1,1 . My :A 'X A 5 3 1 t 4 ' , nm 1 s :Y 8 , J . Q 5 . H t N-KL ., tm 8,33 5 ln! f 'Ox ',. 'II WWXKX 1 .-I N r w,1N ' -4 N Q31 'S-Q? 'X X . ':...A . vi! J Y 3 x i ,. LYCEUM I X I 91 x.. 4 , '4 flgii 15 ,f f,,f,, 41. 451' 4 . 1 51' Ii, . ,y f A. I ,.,'y .4 7" . 'J- i ,n 1" 'Wil JZ 1 11 . .'- 7, lj' 'IL-C .' 41 ,. rx. A.- . gf . . c. :Lg- '-fs-f' J-'.l , 'rn Hvj fljx '- ,' " .Q I A ,Y Q-if 'X R ,, f'w...U-' ' ' ,I . G J 14 4, -Ai? I' -., 4, ,N vm ,ijzrfi-' ...sf . ,.. .. ,.. 'Ax-RM' gffff. ,Nw J f ,V ,L-w , 3-.I1 r.-+..... , '. -7? 'ix' , . P luv- RICKS HHLL GRQDUHTE SCI-IOCDL GYMNPISIUM ,, . , . 1 x K " o ' l , A N .0 .x , , P K 5 X-mx ,ff ., , iq v- .I ,. t qui' 1 ' . , 'r- ' ' v . . x,'4g p ,WF 3 ' x ' qiw qyl' rr'- y Q ' -1- VV VJ I . . K.. Mfx , I I 1 I' kv QF . n I y ui - J. If u 1 -V , , l lv. . -If -' X I 5 x ' 1,'g'f F' ff, 5-.' "In ' ' Q: A" " " '.'u 'X' ff" ', r F: W: . . l "I, K 1 ' ' ww ' .J ' v : , - , mr- V - t ' ,E AI? 5 . ' v A . X. I , v In Q- I! ' ', Q . lx .I-. -1 v' ' ' .1 .v.'!-J-9, - .- -vs x , .-I ' . I, ,, , I, wr V. Y V fvf- x ' ' x 'ih,'I.l'v' "w X xx I s 'Q-.' Q Iac- " '-440' 17 'Q ,U -- . I . , Nu. " 5 . ' .f '-'F :'Q:2'f-'r'5s'w'- A 7 X , f '3' 1 NJ! ,.f I r ,5 ,V .. x ' , , . , - , X ' , rf' ' "H H 'X' ' Mx' gs n I . - 5 4 , , x -P-V ,' , lb. 4 , x x I, . m " A X ' ax r :lr 271' ' 5 11' :""'- 1 q MH., l - -' Z .gif . "" Sze Q- ...Ying -, Qs- H X Q 511.5 .N 'N J F' B r KJCX7' 'R ' an If I' dl "V 1 "', 1 Q .-' 0 I ... .A . n Q 433.1 ," . . ,. C . F r I . 4 I win In 1. k ,xys ,,., I , . ,. N. ., . , QL X ,. 1 . -A " A-Jr " ' F"' ' V' f -Q , :.- M - 1 -rf" , ' R ,g.":,g g,Y.f ,r aj, . s , x . 1 5 ' xv N X fx ,. I I D XF' . I i ., W 1 Y X I I. - u . H"l'. - 13' ' f-"H J xr 3 gd' " , L- " W- f' We-f 1. '1iE'.142..-1"?'1L..g.' - " ' riff' r Z W... .l, , , .ai 't 1 vu J V . . ,, .. - ,,, 43 I - . 1 ' 5, , , --2 sl 1 -'V . h TF 1 -Q .1 1'-, -7 ' --Y ' A n. - . , 2 f x'2'?'E , .' H - I - ., r 51- ., ' 'H f .i VF! x'5"2"i':' ----ggi ,- . 4 N .1 5- - - , . - L,-x4m 33Q1 U X -LP: ,. ug S331 j, -f 1 ,S -Y-a CHFETERIQ 5 5 ,u ' , 'r 'in' s , . . .. ' , A X . . S A . I 4 'l v ' , s ' X' 4 - .fxxv N x i 1' x .J .' X I , . yf. . 4 Q L J ' Q L n , gt R' ' ' 1 ' I , - 3. ' ' 1 0, -v I .Ati Ax vsp '- I vial" , 4 ' f,, 4 1 ss V t ' , ' 1 Q :Ro 5 , . Q .. 4 ' ', , I . 5 , . ' . , .9 ,:? PV' ' . . Y' Q: .' 3 . -I. ' . I -"'-. 3' ' -I Q. A L , fx . 1 , , . . ' ,'N'.,x ' A ' H 1. . . " K x ' - z . . x I x ' 'I , u f Q ae- - 'U . - , . l 1r'v . AL 1 L H .f 1 A "" "' ' Q. I . ,. . . 9' ' - . ' 5-j , I ,iuv,r,. V 103- .4. ', fu 4m I 'I' L v4 Y V x' . . . , 1 -1 1 f - . A " lr .y 1..ll' n -'t , A- .UI x ' Y ' ' 4 ' . - . . JB, -ff.. - A 1 . e, .fl 4' . I - ' - '-n ,' 0 .,.., , , fx., l 'Y , ?. 5 g 1-Q, .x .hx x , 5, I . . . . sq ,i 1. . jx? x v 19 A 3 nv ' .1 , ' ' ' - -f ,f , ' ' 4 2- Fndgf 4 ,' . 'V .nh I' ,.I. r ,J , . fr, , K 4 I1 , -'fs' .' l . A v Q I , ' ' " . - . . ,,,.,,, ,, 1 Q n, - ,.-LN. ffl .:,.f:, 1 "" :'j,4 U-fn O.. . ' ' 'W1 .!.. . 1 . pq 535, 5 . . ' .5 .5 . i I X , l 1 C , ' A 4 I DFW - 1 I ,,.f3e,L ,. I 5. .qu g D T M., E - I , "' ...L .-IQ'Il'? 5 N- n--,k..,..v...- .. . ,.,..,,,...,., . ..- ff N 1 I . -M v "s,,i- if .iw I-x' ' 1 . eff-E. . Qiw.: ' . ' aj f, -. l - an-nav 4 ' ., .nl . .A .. ',,,.,7, Z' .5 ,nm -f., . A., .1 1, 1. , W av 1- if . ,G - my-,A -",1'f""W.-f-Nm-,. . ., +,- Y . , , . ' ' ggi 'ii' 'f YM" A Vx- - f h '- 4 - "'-5 X '1" "' : - 1 -5' NP- 5 ' ' V-1 " 'F "'z9-,- 1 vi u -Wd, Wy.. '?Y,q. X air- 5 .M J . 13' M J '- M C bw. my 'ads lVv s 'P Yu. W FULTON CHHPEL Ur Cv V9 els l mv in CHANCELLOR ALFRED HUME ln recognition of his being one of the SOUti'l.S foremost educators. Brilliant, magnetic, scin- tillating, he brings to the administration of the school a lceen mind, a thorough-going efficiency, a virile integrity,and a genial friendliness which captivates student hearts. Q9 Q l - i ir, 31-rwiizll 5' 'iowa Q 'ca I BOARDS OF DEANS C DAVID H. BISHOP, M.A., LITIZD. .... . . . Vice-Clzanrellor RICHARD MALCOLM GUESS, B.S., M.A. ..., . . . . . Dvan of Studvnis ESTELLA G, HEELEY, B.A., MA. ......... . .... Dean of Womrn .ALEXANDER LEE BOxIIUR.xN'I', BA., MA., Ll'l"I'.D., LL.D. . . . . Dum of Graduate Sfhool AI,FREIJ VVILLIAM MILDEN, B.A., PILD. .......... Dfan of Srlzool of Libfral .iris CDLIYER ABBO'r'I' SHAXY, PILB., M.A. .... . . Dean of ilu' Srlzool of Educafion FIQHOMAS CHARLES KIMBROLYKIH, PILB., LL.B. . . ..... Dean of Sflzool of La-w PHILIP LEE MULI., B.S., M.D. .,.....,... . . Dran of Srlzool of Mcdifinf JAMES VVARSAXV BELL, PH.B., MA. . Donn of Sfbool of C0l!llHI'l'fl' and Businrsx Administration ELMER LIONEL HAMMOND, PH.C., 13.8. iN PIIAR., M.S. ..... Dean of School of Pharmary ANDREW BRO.-XDUS H.-XRGIS, B.E., CE. ....... . Dum of Sflzool of Enginn-ring tg-" C' -I H K ' L Ny., 1 sy- 5.311 111 'g-'. E Al. . .- vi V ,. ry Su Hg 5. 1" 4 , Y SVU in u , L is E51 :V Yi ,S 1 J ...J 35 'WWWXMJII "I :S bl 9-'i ,J 'u at V4 gc F? Q ii :lt Mi 11 4 Y 'Q' -z f-fx WJ 4 Li fi fi is u E 'E 'K F, If-3"fl.?l F713 E"l'.i:1.u'1 H1 " h:ni::.x:":::.'::i::2:n:n11:1:1n'xz,-. ,LA . ' 1 :'1sf:-' 4 1, in w ,,' . I W if, i , 1 1 E1 ,fi 4 4 E 5? 5' 1 V x L Uri F 1 'I . V V. 'x :Y 1If, -Tfgifv, A:n,f1Qf,'i'f,f,"Ig'I5'if' at I ' v .sf T it Mil if Htlviiiqrljzd .jlst ' 4 ', ,I - ,X ., I.-' Y . . I U: .V m, 1 " 4 ' 1 ,N Ag -,u - ,u .- n . I o 1,,-v . AHF T3 'Q n ' I Iv .13 .4 A-'f - - 0 .' xv - X, in . - 1' .w-'l' A '1 41 n ' ' 'vf..e'f"4mnf.Htx-.UV. g W 'pf' '4 ' , ' 1 N. . "p 'v , ., 'I X44 -, VI, nl ' U - lv, 4' fr -' gr- . ' Y. all 4 4 , X 'g, .- h V N if u K' A V4 , 'ND' if wiv, 3 I V' Q' I .-'I' A pff.. ',4 , '1 gf" f ' K '.',.'f' "" WM' . Xu' 'V ,' '1'lLn5r.4' LI.. ' ' - --af .-Nm .L 'M' ' ' In Y bn" 4 Q , 'D " I. J- N 6 'A ', 5 .4 I ,' 1 ,Q-2 5 '.,ff,"v.. lv ', A ,. 4 . Nw 1 'Y 1' .5 If a , .' , . Q ' '. ' x 4 ' .5 1 'Hn sm 'qv' U v ' , l at 1 U' ' ' ' ' I ' ,I wx.: fwfms I 1 A , , A s 1 n an "' 5 ' ' 4 Vi' ' 4 . A,-,1 m.4 ' 1 s 'u ' . npr ,n 'A-' -.Eh .' ' . "1 Ax" 1 .I . 1 . 'D A.. '. v ' . ' ' . 'n'- ' ' .' .rf K "Ill 4 D: i K' , - If 5 ' l1a1'. , ' M X1 i A 3 l 1' ' 1' N ' Q ." " tg' I R H , X K -.1 A' A ' 5'-E, I ll'-f 1 .'l ,4 H. 8 Y v . , . U, A X " 'et ,ll v . U rl. ,KH Vx L I If .' I . . ' u -ll 'noir K I .vf CCCC CC-'ICCCCC CCCCCCCCCC SENI R C PRESIDENTS EBB JAMES FORD, JR. . . . . N. C. HOUSE .... BEN CALDWELL . . . THOMAS MCWHORTER . R. O. SI-IEPHARD . . C. K. SAMPLE W . . . Law . . Medicine . Liberal Arts Business School . Engineering . . Pharmacy MARY POXVEL ABBAY TLNICA, Miss. Lilzrral .-Iris XYLXALD llll X 1,.1l,-lnwl, -L J. E, ALFORD, JR. MCCOMB, MISS. Businrss Sflzool K A KATHRYN PARIS ALLEN 1xm.xNo1..x, Miss. Librral .flrfs .x .x .x, .x -x A XVILLIAM RIDDICK ARMSTRONG u0L's'l-UN, MISS. .xf1'di1'ilIn' A 'l' SI, H K XI' "Mississ1ppEnn" Stuff: Ht'l'Hl8'1ll rm1tl1xx'vsrex'11. 1. 23 GI.-v Vlul,-, 2, 4: Sen- SENIORS HERMON ADAMS RIPLEY, MISS. Law K E ANNIE LA FRA ALLEN HOUSTON, MISS. Lfllrral .-IH.: A A A Nvc1'etux'y of Sophoxnore Class, '33-'34 -J1'1'eta11'y uf Junior Cubilu-t. AI. H. ARMSTRONG VAIDEN, Miss. .Ufdifinf 413 A 9, nb H E, qw X Assistant in F'l'I2ll'lll2'll'Lll0f-'l'1'Q Dance Cum- Nlillevl Xvil't'-Pl'Sil1K'llI Freshman Med Vlassg Assistant Zoology, '30-'31p Secrv- tury M. O. A. K. S. ALMA CALDONIA AUSTIN oxrokn, MISS. Libfral .Iris M-'n1lwr I.:1tiu Pluh: "X" Cabinet Mem- Ivor. VVILLIAM PRENTICE AVERILL BR.-1 NFORD, Cox N. Lafw B 9 II Tl'P21Slll'l'l' Svniui' Law Vlassg M, O. A K. S.: I11te1't'1'ute1'11ity f'0llll1'iI, 'ZH-'35' I11te1-fran-r11ity I'illlC" 1'u111111itt1-ez Presi- I 4It'llI Sz-vond Yi-ur Law Vlass. JOE N. BAILEY, JR. C01'FEEV11.LE, MISS. Liberal .lris A K E IlllE'l'fl'8.l6'l'lllIX t'ou111'il3 Dau:-v C011duCt k'0n1111ittee-. S. LYLE BATES CLOSTER, M ISS. Lafw II K A l"a1'di11:1l Clulr, '302 I11ti-1'f1'ate1'11ity Coun- vil, '30, '33, '31, Baseball, '3Ug Call- inet, '29, '30, '33, '34, '35, T11-z1Su1' 1' As- sociated Student Birdy, '34, CHARLOTTE BLACKSTONE VYATER VALLEY, Miss. Libfral .-Iris AAA Alhenaeium Club: Svnior Cabinvt. fu' '-ncv n SENIORS XVILLIAINI A. BACON 11L'RAx'1', Miss. La-1: K E, 'Ii A fil, T K A M. 0. A. K. S.: I'Ii't'Slllll?lll Iruntlrzill R2kS1'lv1'1ll. 1, 21 "YH Vzilwillet. I. 12. Il. l 53 Vi'-1--I"1'rsifle11t I-'1wsl11111111 f'11l.i11 1 I'I't'Si1If'lll Sfllllllfllllfrlf- Vzilvlllvll l':il'1lll1ll Vlulfg Il-'lieitiiig Tv11111, 3, JI. l: If l-atin 1'uu11v-il, 3, 41 Yin-fI'1'1,-siwliillt Junior Vlnssg M 1'Iulv: fjylll Ililllfx' 4'lIIllI l. I11tPI'f1'z1l1-1'11ity Imliw fllhllll 11itt-1 11itt-1 l: "Law JlflLll'llHlU Stuff. 4. 3: H111-1111, I,itv1'z11'y Sr-viety. 1. 2, 125 P11-sicl1A11t H 1 11111111 Litw1'z11'y Sm,-if-ty, 3: Ring K.-y PEARL BATES 0x1 ORD, Miss. Libfral .iris HERMAN L. BERRYHILL LEARNED, Miss. Libfral .-Irlx CI' II CIP Friotl-alll. Il, 4: Bzwliellmll 3. 41 Tra 3, 4: Boxing, -lg "M" Vluh, ZS. 43 T11- urvr Se-11io1' Ulassg Phi Sigma. ORA ELIZABETH BOOKOUT INDIANOLA, Miss. Libfral .lrtx A A A Miss Ole Miss, '3-l. JOHN C. BOXVEN sEN.x'i'oBiA, MISS. Liberal girls fI1 A 9 llerniean Literary Sin-iety. 2, 3: lreliat- ing Team, 3, Vie -Plesidellt Class, 3' "Mississippian" Staff, 2, 3, Assoeiate Ed- NORMAN C. BREXVER. JR. GREE NXYOOD, M ISS. Librral .iris 2 X Hlue Key: M. O. A. K. S.: Student Dance I . , 0, 4'uni1nittee, lg Iiiterfi'ate1'nitv 1'4l1Ill'il " 4: Illft'I'l'1'1lIl'l'llltj' Dance V1-inniittee. 31 lILIl', 31 Honor Roll, LI, l.'zil.1inet. 2, Il. 4"ar4linal l'iLllv' 2: Aetivities Editor '34 "tile Miss", Valminet. 1, 2, 3, 43 SLC- retary Junior Cabinet, ZZ: Llllill Vlllb- 1- EDXVIN Nl. BROOKS TL'Pl'Il,O, MISS. Librml ,Alrlx EX VV I I,I,I.-XM MADISON'roR, MISS. liuxilzrsx Szlmol K A BUTLER SENIORS , '1n"..-.-.V ' - '- v . - 1 ' -1 -..wa-fw.':'-'we' S L' li BRANNON wixoxA, Miss. Lafw K V T ... "Mississippian" Staff, 11 Annual Staff, 13 I-'rmtlvall Sponsor, 4. i nt'DL12Y B. BRIDGFORTH A XESBIFT, MISS. Bu.rim's5 Srlzool S N ulee klllb, BERRY D. BROXVN swore, Miss. Lau' B H II, I T, T K A Rlue Key: Debating Team. 1, 21 Seeref tary Debating Council, 2: Freshinan Ol'- iH.ul'ieal Medal. 1: He-rniean Literary So- 1-ietyg Stull ut Tvanee f'OllllllEtlt'l', 2. 3, 4, liiterfrateriiity Council, 2, 33 lnterfra- tt-rnity llanee Committee, 33 Int rua- Lional Relations Club, 23 XVinner Odom Prize, 23 Cabinet, 1, 2, 3. 4, 55 Dra- xnalies, 2: Latin Cluhg Business Manager 19135 "Ole MiSS"3 Student Assistant in "4 History, 3, 4. 5: Treasurer Tau Kappa ""' Alplia: "Ole Miss" Correspoiident "Mom- phis Coniniereial Appeal? Assoeiattd Press, "Jan-ksun Daily News," 3, 4, 5. BEN CALDVVELL CHARLESTON, Miss. Lilzrral .Iris EN J M. 0. A. K. S., Blue Key, Vardinal - Vlulv: "lXIississippian" Staff, 15 "M" Rtmk. 25 Annual Sta1T. 3, 43 l+'i'eshnian Flwzllizllli Y. RI. U. A.. I,l'PSlKll'llf, 1, 2, Yi--e-l'i-esialeiit, Zig f."h2!ll'lllZ1Il Building l'1-inmittee, -lg lnterfrat rnity Council, 3. -I: Student llanec Uoinniittee, 3, -lg Inter- Iklilll'I'llllX Ilan:-e Coxnmillee, 31 Presi- dent Senior Class. 4".4x 1 v 1 ...D .A.'.,. " A 4 A 1. D K " . ,- An- - 1. - 1 T 4 , .T . x , g - ., -'.'u .1 'J' .4 - . ' 5 ,. 5 1 f ' ' . v .4 -A .I C qi 4- ' l I Lf' .Rf I..-, , A. C. CAPERTON TUNICA, Miss. Businfxs Sflzool A NI' ODESSA CHISTON COCKERHAM GUNNISON, MISS. Libfral xlris dl K XI' M. O. A. K. S.: Mississippi College, 1, 2. JESSIE MAE CROSBY NORFIELD, Miss. Librral flrls K A, H E 111 Senior "Y" Cabinet. CHESTER H. CURTIS CLARKSDALE, MISS. ,xr Liberal Hrls 'P A 9, 4I9 H E M. O. A. K. S., Blue Key: Surilnblcrsg "M" Club, President Freshnian Class, '35: Norris Trophy, Football. 1, 2. 3, 41 Bask tball, 1, 33 Track, 1, 2. 3, 43 Chair- man of Honor Committee: Iuterfratern- ity Council, Senior Advisor of Phi Eta Sigma: Honor Roll, 1, 2, 3, "Y" Cabinet. 1, 2, 3, 4. s 2,1 , gl .s ,-V ' -'a . 1 -1 .' 9. f- ' I - . . ' . .. i ' .' ' - J. It 'J ,f .- i 1' . . fs., SENIORS OFFA LVNSFORD CASEY inwkisi., Miss. Libfral nlrfs II K fb M. O. A. K, S.: Band, 'ilu-'itll Glee Vlulv. '30-'Slip I-In-rinezing S nior Czilvinsft, 'ZH-'351 'ALaw Journal." '24-'351 BONNIE Teniu, '33-'34, Librriry Assistant, '34-'35. MARY COOK DENVER, COL, Librral .iris K A S1-Ilior HY" Cabinet Chairman. NEXVTON L. CROSBY Picfxruxs, Miss. Businars Sflmol fi! II KD Fu,-sliiiiuii Track, Basketball, Fggtball '3f- 331 Trufgk, '34, S inhomore and Jun ior Cabinets, '33-'13-l, YV. M. DABNEY CRYSTAL SPRINGS, MISS. .Vf'dic'f7u' K A, -if X MARY ELLEN DALIER GUI.FPORT, Mxss. Libfral .1 HJ KI! M .Xuuuall St:1!'I41 Cabinvt: Pan-IIE-I I--ning P. I. X. PRESTON MORRIS DAVIS 'I'UI.A, MISS. Lilzrral .-I rls fl: H :lx ERNEST EDVVARD DEMATATIS XYASIIINCTON, D. C. Lilzrml .Iris mlm H QI! f'IlIPIIlf'l: Plmto lllclitor Anuualg Itoxinzg 'IH-nm, 'ZITI-'ISL KATIIARYNE DENTON l1I.YIIIIIiYIl,I,li, ARK. I,il1rral .Iris K A 9 SENIORS COURTNEY DAVIS MAGNo1.m, Miss. Libwra! ,-Iris X Q MABEL DEAN CLEVELAND, MISS. Lilmral I-his ALICE VIVIAN DENMAN GREENVVOOD, Miss. Librral .-Iris fb M I'1'psicIvl1t nl' XYmnL'n's Studm-nt Guvcrn- lllvllt, '34-'352 Vive-PresifIu1t XV. S. G. '33-'ZH: FZIIJIIIQI, '31 '33, '3-I. '35g Exw-utivu Couuvil, '34-'35g Drumatia Club, '34-'353 Assistant Society Editm 193 l "Ole Miss." NEVVNAN MCCOY DORSEY ABERDEEN, MISS. Lafw KI? II 'I' - M. U. A. K. S.: Buss-hall. 1. 2, 3. 41 Sw'- rw-tury l'2lIDIllt'I, 4: S1'l'l'0t2lI'y Hvr- IIll'ZlIl: "M" t'lul1: I11tm'rI'rnts-rnity Dance l'ummitt.e ., . Q'- L , .LA - - , VARDAMAN S. DUNN GREENXYOOD, Miss. Lafw A T Q VVILLIAM R. ELLIS, JR. LExxNcTON, Miss. Busirzfss Sflzool Il K A ETHEL ELISE ENOC-HS yxcxsox, Mxss. Librral girls B E 0 LUCILLE FEDRIC GLENDORA, Miss. Liberal .-Iris X Q Le-gislativv Council of XVOIIIZIIYS Govorn- ment: Cabinet, 2, 3, 43 President of Sophomore Cabinet. 'A' . riivv , . ini r .-E.. SENICRS JOHN DYER VAN YI.E'l'T, MISS. .llrdicifzf H K fb Prwillvnt Medical Club. HERBERT SFFFORD EMIGH owoxn, Miss. Librral .iris MARY ALICE FATHERREE QuTM.xx, MISS. Librral ,lrts XQ Bt-llmvf-11 College. 1, 2. CHARLIE B. FERRILL MERIDI.-KN, Miss. Bufirzvss Sfhool K A DALE SALLIS FLEKIING YORREST CITY, ARK. Lillfflll .Iris ERB .IAME5 FORD, JR. P.xscAcoL'1..a, mss. Llllu' I X, 'If H If, H K II l'1-sid.-nt ur' Semi-In 1,112-.' 'NIZLFFI "I.:1w J1rl1I'l12lI," 1, 2, IZ: N xvman Vlulyg livr- lllvilll Lit:-rzuy Sn- I-fly: 'I'--11115 Clulp Latin Vlulv, 1, Zig Y. M. V. A., 1, Ii, 4. 5' II'-Imtilmgz 'IH-11111, 4. 52 L'llInII C"'llI,gL-, 2 LE ROY GALE MEMPHIS, Tuwx. Libfral glrlx ll' M FREDERICK MARION GLASS u'1ww.x, Miss. L ll QC 'I' .X H, 'If A III, T li A Illu-E Ii 53 I'1'-'sim-11: Iilung K4-yg Enlilnl "NlISrIrrllrlvI2lII"Q IMI-zltillz. I. 21 IP--I-:lb ln: "w1nIIIl, 2. 13. I: I-'1wsI1111zm 'I'r:u'kg "11l"lIIl:1l '4-llI'1 Yil-'-I'n-sill:-ur 'l':lu Kup- lril .XI1-Im, I'lvs.1I'-III 'l':xll Kzxppau, 43 "YH Vgnlrxml, I, 3, II, I, 5: "Mississippi:ll1" Slznllf 12, Xf5I5ILlIlI l':4llIlrl', 2. Nc-us liwli- v-fr, Ig II-mm-nun, I, 35 "I.:1w J'lllI'Il1li" Sl-III. 1. XI H. .X. Ii. S.1SllinL:lm'Vl11lvg Stull-ni If:mI.1 Vfmxluill-'vg Assistant .Nv- 'HIIIN l'l'1"'+I "HI MISV: Im.'rxmrimml II-l:w'1fmx"IvnI1, 2,123 lidilvl' "M" Iimuli, II. SENIORS -'K . l ' .li-' WILLIAM M. FLY XY.-XTER VALLEY, MISS. Businvsx Sflmol DAVE C. FRAISER GREENWOOD, Miss. Businrss Sflzool 'IP A 9 I-all xlllllllgkf, 1, 2, 3. HAYS GEE C.xRRox.m'0x, Miss. Busilzvss Sfll00l XQ l'. I. X. S. EARL GRIMES, JR. sAx.x1oR1L'M, Miss. Businrss Sflzool E 'I' E k'UlIllIlII lift. Vullilnetg Glee Club, 1, 2, 33 Basket- Hlve Vluh, 2, ZS. I, Sovn-l:xl'3', -I: 1'2ll'dIll2ll Vluh, 23 Illft'l'l'l'11I4'l'lliIQ' K'num'il, 2, 3, 4. S1-I-re-Km'y-'l'l'c-:xsul'vl', II, I'rQ-simln-ut, 43 Ilcrnn-:xn, 2, Zig Vuhim-lg Sllldvllt Immw- Voxnxxxiltm-3 lllU'l'fI'2lll'l'lliIj' Imnce P -I .' v 4' - 1 .. " 1' -"T . - wt' , 13: - -:gr -. O '.-Ji' -a - . - : .I . - . I Q 4' H--Sir' I 1 .Ov n . ' . Y 'I' .- ' : R-v -' - , - . . 1- .wf.z,: I.: - I I-11.5 l n fd ANN L. HARDIE HAZEL RIVERS HARRISON MONROE, LA' JACKSON, Miss. Libvral .'Irls Libfml 'Inj X Q A A A V, I, X5 l'gihiiivt3 Exw-ulivv Courifil. THOMAS LANG HARVEY MA'I'HlS'l'ON, Miss. EARL B. HARTZOG jp1fl1jfi,,,. LAUREL, MISS. H K QI, Lfbffal flff-' 1s.m.1, ':::, '::::, '31, '::5g fm-Q Cluh, '33, Southwestern, 1' 2. 'ZS-1, T251 liludirzil Vlulrg SL-iiior "Y" Cab- illvi. EDVVIN HAYMAN MCCOMB, Miss. JAMES EDVVIN HARVVELL El1gilll'i'I'i71fj TULA, Miss. , Q B' S11 :Th 5 00 , ui,-'ne J fl BI. U. A. K. S.: "DIiSriSSi1rlli2lIl" Staff, 1. fb H 'If 33 Annual Stuff, -I: Boxing Manager, 4. LOUIS HENGEN B1L0xi, Miss. Lafw ARTHUR V. HAYS S1-vi'vtzii'y uf "Y"p Sef'l'.ta1'y Senior Law HATTIESBURG, MISS. Vlass, Phi Sigmag Preside-nt Phi Sigma, Meliicine '32-13 Gyni LHIIICE Committve. 2 A E, fp X Medical Clubg Senior "Y" Cabinet. SENIORS N:-J'J 1 - 4 4'- yiwhk. Lnik - in '4 DENISE HIGGINBOTHAM PASCAGOULA, Miss. Educaiion M. S. V. W., 1, 23 L. S. U. ROBERT L. HOLLY, IR. oxrokn, Miss. Librral flrts A K E ROBERT CLARENCE HOLMES oxromm, Miss. Liberal ,ilrls H K fl' D. VV. HOUSTON ABERIJIQEN, Miss. Lafw 22 A IC, T K .X Hlnm- Ks-yi M. U. A. K. S.: C':1rclinnl Vluh: M. I, U. A. Ill-pr:-si-iitativcg Senior HY" Vgqllilll I. SARAH HIGHTOVVER smzms, Miss. Lillfral :Iris B. S. U. Counrilg Blue Mountain, 1. FRANCES HOLMES HERNANDO, Miss. Liberal flrls X S2 Sevretary A. S. B.3 Vi:-v-Presidvnt Girls' Glove Cluhg Sec-retary Pan-Hell' nic- Coun- cil: Senior Cabinrtg President Chi Omegag P. I. X. EDWIN WILBURN HOOKER LEXINGTON, MISS. Business School CI, A 9 M. O. A. K. S.: Cardinal Clulr: Assistant Football Manager, 1, 24 "Y" Cabinet, 2. 3, 4. FRANK K. HUGHES K0ssUTH, Miss. Lalw Tl K fl' M. O. A. K. S.: Phi Simnu. '30-'31g Sports Editor "Ulu Miss," '35g Vice- Presidunt B.A. Srhool, '32-'33g Vire- Prs-sidont Freshman Law Class, '33-'Zl4g Int:-rfrzitcrnity Count-il, '33-'34: Senior Cabinet, '32-'33g Intcrfraternity llzuivc Committee, ' 3-4 - '35, , 1,5 - . 5 v Y 4 Q E . fvf . 'ATL' 1vT.1knLv.?n LQA1 l 1 .- lung! l I , JAMES LOVVRY INGRAM PICKENS, Miss. Pharmary K E Hs-rmeang Pharma:-y Cluhg Prfsid nt of School Pharmacy: V31-Q--President of Pharmacy Club. JAMES RICHARDS JOHNSON, JR. SENATOBIA, Miss. Graduate Srhool JEAN JACKSON CLEi'EL,xxD, MISS. Lilzfral .iris X!! "YH Cabinet. '34, MRS. DOROTHY RFSSELL JOOR OXFORD, Miss. Librral .iris 'If BI C17 A 9 F ITHIT B. A.. 3: Annual Staff, BILLY JOOR ROLUNC FORK' MISS' GEORGE C. KE.-XLHOFER Law BXAINE, Miss. A K E Pharmacy M. O. A. K. S.: Interfraternity Council. Rand, '33-WH. '34-'35: "Y" Cabinet 3, 4, Vice-President. 4: Treasurer B. S. C. School, 4: "Y" Cabinet, 3, 4. 53 Phi Sigma, 3. 4. THOMAS NI. KEESEE B. VV. KEATING LULA- MISS- smzms, Miss. Librral -iris Liberal Ari: K A Senior Baseball Manag rg B. S. U. Coun- M- O- A- K- S-I Editor-in-Chief of cu, 3, 01-2 Miss." K ON -. -.-.l J i4,:i1rfF' 'Cf " A Q X1-"-'bg Afvl'-K0 f 1 , , ,A W , x rv S E N I O R S TOM KINZER YOKENA, MISS. Libfral .iffy 111 H fb Pliilosnphy Plubg Intei'fi':1ti9i'nity Couuc-il. E. H. LATIMER, JR. 0K0I.0N.x, Miss. Enginfz-rilzg K E MALCOLM R. LIVINGSTON xNo1ANoi,A, Miss. E11-0illl'l'l'IlZg E O H Pulvlicsati-ms Vounrlilg Senietury Senior Class B. S. E. MONA GRAY MCCARTER RANDOLPH KLYCE CORINTH, Miss. Businrss Srlzool EX JOHN S. LEWIS wooovimn, Miss. Liberal .flfls E A E BILL LYLES OXFORD, Miss. Liberal riff: KP H CIP GEORGE THOMAS MCCLINTOCK BELzoNi, Miss. B.-x'1'nsvii.i.E, Miss. Lllfw l,if11'I'1lf .1115 A T 52 A :Z "Law Journal" Staffg Latin Flub, 13 Phi A A' H KI, Sigma: Tl't'i1S11l'li'l' Junior Law Classg Latin Vluli, 1, 3: "Mississippian," 15 Svc- Ti'vusui'ui- Phi Sigma, 1g Cabinet: l'L'lill'X Latin Vluh, fig fi'Z'llIiI1L'f,. M. O. A. K. S. I ' . v J-.. ,-, f 1' ., .. ' 1 - .' , - f I 4 . , aL3hLA'ix:4.I .P-'1y,1'r I . . .4 .2 px' . 'L' 1. . Bt-dn. LAVRENCE H. MCDVFF IIATTIESBURC, MISS. RIlIil1l'.f5 Srllool E A E llvrlm-ang SQ-nim' Calrimtg IVHIIK Iles-oration Vulnnmitt--v, 23 M. S. T. C.: Student Assistant. EDITH XVIGGINS MCLARTHY XVATER VALLEY, Miss. Lihfral ,iris JOSEPH RICHARD MCLFRE oxroxn, Mxss. Lafu: B 9 H Pulvlivations Pouncil. '32 33 B..-X., '32 Intvr11'ntI-rnmty t'nnnr'il, '33-'3-1. L. VV. IVIASHBYRN, JR. CLARKSDALE, MISS. Businrss Sfhool E A E .3-. .3 4-ag. f . SENIORS ELIZABETH MCGEHITE XYOOlPYII.I.E, XIISS. Lfllfral Jrly K A I'. I. X. MARTHA JANE BICLARTY XYATER Y.-XI.I.FY, MISS Librral ,-Iris Iln11-I-vlpll-Malwjm. Ig 1jnl.i11.'f- Latin lfllllv. THOMAS MCXVHORTER, JR. MERIDIAN, MISS. B1z.2im'J,r Sffmol K A 421111111111 lfllllll M, O. A. K. S.: Presiwlvnt QI-niwr B, S. 11.3 I-'1,mthall, 1. .,, HARVEY EDXVARD MASON BL'CATL'NNA, MISS. Lau' II K KI, I'x'vsiIIm1t Junior Law Class. 3-'3-l. FRANCES HELEN IVIAXYVELL PICKENS, Miss. Librral .iris XQ, KZ Glen- Vlulr. 3: Svnioi' lqzilvillvt, 45 Mu- siw Cluhg Tn-zisiiiwfi' K. Z., 4, RICHARD ALBERT MILLER DREIVI Miss. Graduate Sflzool H K 'IJ Grmluatv I-'vllowsliip iii Matlii-iiiativs. '33-'RVIQ ILA.. TIS. with :listiiivtioiig BLA.. 'Sig Vir.-if-Piwsinleiit C:I'kldlI8.U3 Club. YV. VV. MITCHELL como, Miss. I3u.fim'J.v Srlmol Z' X Iiitvi't'rzit1-i'iiit3' Clussg Vziliimftg Uni' w-l's'ty ul' Ti-iiilessm-v, 1. RVBY CiER'I'RI'DE MOONEY UXIURIJI MISS. l,iln'ral .Iris .x .x A, ii K H N-vlw-t:il'5A'l'i'1 zisurvi' ul' Pi Kappa PEZ l'li:uirm:in 1'liui'f-h I1--lution Vniiiiiiitti-ri 01' Sm-iiiur 1':ihiii1-ig H. U. Council. ,4 SENIORS -vqnuw THOMAS S. MAYHER CIYLFPORT, Miss. Bizsinrss Sffmol KI' K NI' "XY" ff'1 ' - 'I . Y 1 .ilmlll I, 2, Q. -I. Glen: Cluli, 2, 2, -1 GLY XVILLIAM MITCHELL 'l'L'PEI.O, Miss. Lau- E .I E, -1- A 4, Blue! Kvyg Piwsideiit Y. M. C. A.: "Law Jnui'nzil" Stuff. CHARLES HILL MOFFAT, AIR. SENATOBIA, Miss. Lillfflll .Iris S A E Si-iiiur HY" Vuliin ti "Mississippian" Stuff I:4'1I"l'Il"I', Il, Assn--inte Editor, 4 Ili-riiivun'ai'y Swvie-ty. MARY SI'E MOREHEAD i..xL'kEi., Miss. Lilzrral ylfls A .L A Hliin Stun-, 1: Iixi-1-ulix'u mmiivil. '33-'34 l.zitiii Vluh, '122-'SIL 4.3 , . , LA. 1,9 C - . ' ' ..- O 1. O Ag.r- - .. -. - -' l'A',14- .v .-1447. EDWIN C. NEELLY cRENAn,x, Mlss. Librral .Jrls MARY C. NEILL oxrokn, Mxss. Gradualc Sfhool A A A LO UISE PAGE xxxzoo env, Mrss. Librral .-Iris 119 M Annual Stuff: P. I. X. JANIS VEAZEY PERKINS SENATOBIA, MISS. Libvfal .Iris A A A Exe:-utive Vuunc-ilg Juniw 'Senior "Y" l'abi11e-tg Nurtllwestvrzl, 1, Z. SENIORS GERTRVDE G. NEEL rar. DORADO, ARK. I.iln'ral .'1rl.v A A A ERNEST E. O'NEAL SAUCIER, MISS. B1l5iIll'.f5 SCXIOOI E KP E "YH f":llrill"f FRED PATTON oxfokn, Mxss. Lafw Sl IE T. POINTER COMO, MISS. Libfra! Arts A A A All Saints College, 1. 25 Sun or 1 lllvt. C. S. RAND, JR. sUMMir, Miss. Pharmafy A K E President Pharinafly St-hool: vVi4fE'-Pl'QSl- dent Junior Pharmar-y Class, lT'?tl'flll12ll Vluhg Intertraternity Vouncilg M. O. A. K. S.: Pulilieations njuunf-il. STOKES V. ROBERTSON. JR. JACKSON, Miss. Lafw KA,OAK,2T,l'IKA,fiJA'1P Int'rfraternity Comm-il, 5: Interfratern- ity Dane-Q Folninittee. 5. '51 Vlmirman Board of Directors of Y. M. l'. AJ Shingle Clnli, G5 Chairinan Yesper Com- mittee: B..-X. D4'gl'P9- Oli' Miss- 4' JAMES EDXVARD SAMS Msaiomx, Miss. Jllrdifinr 119 X CLANTON JONES MCINNIS SEAY HATTIESBURC, MISS. LiII1'l'l1l ,Iris E A li M. O. A. K. S., Blue Keyg Hernu-an, 1. Prvsifl nt, 32: lfmvtlvzill Manager, 1. 2, 3. 'Ig M4-nilu-r l'ln:iiwl I70l'l1llI0l'5' K'olltl'0l5 "Mississi1qli:iii" Stuff, 1, 2, 3, 43 Studvnt Honor Voiiiiiiiir i--' 1 l'h:iirin:in lllfl'2lllllll'!'ll Athle-ti-s, Zig llusiiiess Mzixingm-r "M" Book, 'Ill-'35, 'Sill-'Iilg Senior Valh- im-I Assismiit. SENIORS EARNEST DARDEN REYNOLDS HATTIESBURG, MISS. Mrdifinc r Y B..-L. Mississippi College, '33. SHED HILL ROBERSON CLARKSDALE, Miss. Libfral .J rls A KI' M. O. A. K. S.: Blue Key: "M" Clulig L'?ll'd1l1?il Club: President Sophomore Vlussc Vit-e-Presidint Senior Class, Vive- Presiclont "M" Clubg Football, 1, 2, 3, -l: Boxing, 2, Interfrziternity Council. XVILLIAM HILL SCOTT HOUSTON, Miss. l?u.rinr.f.v Sflzool A T Q Vzilwiiiot, 2: Ole Miss Collegians Or- 1-in-slrag Ht-rmean Literary Society: Uni- versity Band. 3. R. O. SHEPHARD MERIDIAN, MISS. Erzgirzwrirzg Z1 A ic, 2 o II Fuollizill, 11 Tl'11I'k, 1, 2, 3. 41 l"3I'dillal l'lllIlj Pi-osicleiit Freshman Class: Presi- vlzissg Presid nt Senior Vlassg President Ole Miss Engineering Club: President Vhzipter of A. S. C. E., "Y" Calminvt. 1. 2, 3, 'lg "M" Club. Q I 1 lv 1 ' xl, il fL.., - .fri . - , . N 5 1155..- . - .., .. .aM,L4.,f --.L iii-nt Sophoniore l'l:1Ss: President Junior M. C. SAM I SHINE NY.-XTER VALLEY, M ISS. Bu.fim'.vs Srlzool SIMMONS GRENADA, Miss. Graduate Srlzool MILDRED SMITH SENATOBIA, Miss. Librral flrls A A A Senior Cabinet. LENA FLORENCE SPIGHT Ecnu, Miss. Librral .-Iris M. S. C. XV., 1, Chickasaw. 2, Glee Club, 3. JAMES COLLIER STEVVART CHARLESTON, MISS. Graduafe SIIIOOI Kz,4:H:,HEf1a,HKH President Eta Sigma Phi, 4, Blue K y: Scribblers, President Latin Club, 3, Ed- itor of "Vox," 3, Editor Book, 33 Senior Speaker, 3, "Y" Cabinet, 1. 2, 3, 4, President of Junior Cabinet. 3, Vice- President Senior Cabinet, Honor Roll, 1, 2, 3, Hermean Littrary Society. 3. Y . Wy vibf-pffahurz XSENIORS VVILLIAM M. SHOEMAKER Hskmxoo, Miss. Buxinrss Srlzool II K A lntl-rniural Baskt-tliall, '21-'32, Cardinal Vluli, '32-'33, "Y" Cabinet. I. T. SINGLEY MERIDIAN, Miss. Lafw K A, A E H M. O. A. K. S., Owl Club, Student Coun- cil, '33, Track Manager, '31, Shingle Cluh, President of Fr shman Law Class, '32, F. L. SPIGHT TUPELO, MISS. Law l'I K A M. O. A. K. S., President Law School, '34-'35: Cardinal Club, '30, Duke Univer- sity, 3, 4. I. ARCHER STARNES BROOKSVILLE, MISS. Liberal .iris K E M. O. .-X. K. S.: Blue Key, Cardinal Club. 3, 3: President Cardinal Club, 33 "Y" Caliiin-t, 1. 2. 3. 4: lnterfraternity Coun- ifil, 4. LEE T. STOKES MERIDIAN, MISS. Libfral 1-Ir!! o K N, H E 41 Millsaps, 1, 2, Band, 1, 2, Glee Club, 1. 2. 3, "Bobashela" Staff, 2, Lamar Lit- 1-rary Soviety, 1. 2, "Y" Cabinet, 3, 4. JOHN EDREN STONE NEVVTON, Miss. Lafw IIKA, draft, Senior Cabinet: President Junior Law Class: Associate Editor "Ole Miss" '353 B.A., Mississippi College, '33: "Law Journal" Staff. HAROLD EDVVIN THOMAS MOBILE, ALA. Librral .iris A T Q CHAS. SUMMER TINDALL, JR. INDIANOLA, Miss. Lafw Aqf,II1i1I,fbAf1w,2T,4w11E M. O. A. K, S.: Blue Key: Shingle Club: Latin Club: Track, 1: Gym Team, 3: Senior Advisor Phi Eta Sigma: Senior Speaker, B.A., -1: International Relations Club, 2, 3: President Pi Kappa Pi. 4: Calvin t, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5: Secretary Sen- ior Cabinet, 43 President Senior Cabinet, 51 Chairman Freshman Cabinet Advisor, 6: Taylor Medal Math- ematics, 4: Business Manager "Missis- sippi Law Journal," 5: Editor "Law Journal," fi: Hermean, 1, 2: Honor Roll, 1. 2. 3, 4, Student Dance Conduct Committee, 1 Chairman Studs-nt Honor Coniinittee, : Hall ot' Fam-, 5: tSee Last Year's Annuall. U' G an RUTH E. TUCKER Bl.YTHEVll.l,E, ARK. Liberal flrts A A A FRED JOE VANN, JR. MERIIDIAN, Miss. lizuilmsx Sfhool B H ll Tennis: 'I'rm-asuri-r Senior Class: "Y" Czllzim-t. -gpg., ---- -...5.-l+-- -V, ' -- P----f7-'--'-'-1-.- jfggt- ,,r..L.v-.-Juli: fill lx N JAMES W. STRONG COLUMBUS, MISS. b Lafw KA Cardinal Club, '31-'32: M. O. A. K. S.: Hermean Literary Society: "Y" Cabinet, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. 4 DOROTHY THOMPSON GREENVILLE, MISS. Liberal Ari: 'P M President of Girls' Glee Club. MARGARET H. TRUSTY GRENADA, Miss, Liberal Arts X Q G. VV. VANDERBURG WATER VALLEY, Miss. Business Scbool K 2 HELEN CORINNE WAGNER NVATER VALLEY, Miss. Liberal Arts A A A P. I. X.: Senior Cabinet: "M" Book: Annual Staff, '34-'35: Pan-Hellenic, '34- '35: President Pan-Hellenic, '35. I ,f - -gr 4" ,a-:" 5- x'.l3 455 .ssh fi . i , ,, . -. A .Y f . . .Y 1 A gf -- , U Q , l wh, X ., '-4... ua-,, QA- -Q, 'ga 'wtf Q 4 .hx w. I I . I N Li., fl . fill SENIORS R x , - X 0 DAVID WALLEY JACKSON, Miss. Liberal Arts K 2 Glee Club: 'Millsaps, 1, 2, 3. MARGARET WEBB WEBB, Miss. Liberal Arts X SZ Converse, 1, 23 "Y" Cabinetg Latin Clubg P. I. X. ELIZABETH WELCH MERIDIAN, Miss. . Liberal Arts K A THOMAS RALPH WILLIAMS DREVV, Miss. Liberal Arts 2 fl? E Baseball, 1, 2. 3, 4: Baslctball, 1, 2, 3. 45 Secretary Club. FRANCES EAGER WITTY wiNoNA, Miss. Liberal Arts XS2,IIKII,AAA "Mississippian" Staff. VVILLIAM VV. VVATKINS ABERDEEN, Miss. Medieirze CARL WEEKS ACKERMAN, Miss. Pharmacy fl, A X Class Sec-re-tary: Member Club, Senior "Y" Cabinet, N. L. WHITWELL LAMBERT, Miss. Liberal Arts Baseball, Hvrme-an Society. C. H. VVISE HUGHES, ARK. Pharmacy II K 'If Vif-9-Presiclent of Senior Class. S U E VVRIGHT column, Miss. Liberal Arts X Q University of Tennessee, '31 dent Y. XV. C. A. 1 I L,-. ,,--- 1 . l ,, - -, .5 ,gs aus, - .U f --1 -Y- in-ng--, L , ,I ,, .,j,Lf.4.,.....+---.4--s--A:-fr L- A.- Q "fa- jr 5 jj ei if 3' 6' -'J ""' 5 J x x SENIORS ,-he Ez, ,. .bfiii-1' 1:A,crX,1IKH,fpH2 Cabinvtg Harm ang Me-dir-al Club: Treasurer of Senior Medical Class. Pharmacy Pharmacy '32g Presi- . ,114-1. as.. ,," A.. ,. V .'aL ...E . my Q 1.5! . . N . 4 s.:.:ff. I - IN MEMORIAM LEE SIMRALL CAINE Class of 1935 BORN JANUARY 31,1914 DIED DECEMBER 2,1934 I Dedicaied by The Members of Eta Ch pt fSlg a Chl I I U N I R O PRESIDENTS JOHN E. STONE ..... CHARLES S. NEAL . . HUGH CUNNINGHAM . . SYDNEY CAMPBELL . EMMETT D. KEMP . . GLEN I-IOLLINGSWORTH ....Law . . Medicine . Liberal Arts Business School . . Engineering . . Pharmacy u X -Fix 4? K? f I935 CDLE MISS JUNIORS ONr:A :XLDRIDCIQ fb M, A A A, E E fb . XVinona, Miss. Lzllrral .-Iris lfi'--sitlt-iii Alplm Laiiil-ilu Delta. :Q Dehatixig, 1, 2, "Mis- FISFIIIIVIZIHH St:itT. 2, 3: Annual Stalf. ZZ, 33 Editor "Vox " 'T: l'r-sim-m Soplionxoiw Y, XY. F. A.: XYll"Q'Pl'l'S'ClPlll lrlit-'Sllillilll Y. XY. V. A.: Se-f'retzu'y Senior Y. XY. l'. A.. 3: 'Fri-zisurei' Latin Vlulv. 2. 3: Si-1-re-tary Legislative Vouni,-il XY. S. G. C., 3. KVM. M. XXLEXANDER, E X .... . . Como, Miss. BuJ1m'5.v Srliool KQAIXES AL'GL'srLfs, A X11 . ..... Pontotoc, Miss. Librral .iris "1li:sissippiziii" Stuff: Sophoni1ii'e-Junior "Y" Vzilrinet. HUGH M. B.xuoi.Ex', II K A . . . VVater Valley, Miss. Lafw Mist- Not. Editor of "Law Journal." Elmo KEYES BALLARD, JR., E A E . . . Chicago, Ill. Libfral .iris Boxing Ts-ani. N'lCNIEIl, BAR'ri.lNc, JR., K E . . . . Itta Bena, Miss. Busnuxvs Srlzool lffiorlizill. 1. 2, Zig Baseball, 2: President of Fr-Shinan Cass: liite1't'1'1itwi'iiity Vounvilg Cabinet, 1, 2, 35 "M" Club, HELEN OLIVER B.n'1'.xn.E, 41 Q . . . jackson, Miss. Liberal qlrtx J. B. BELL, jk., A XP, fb II E, If 6 II , Greenville, Miss. lzrzgznevrzng Bluif Key, Vanliiiul l'luh: "M" Vlull: -xIl10l'l4'liIl Society l'ix'il Eiizim-ers: Vzilviiwt. '32-'33-'3-lg Engineering vlulig Rumi, 'liiig Svliolzirship Voiiiiiiittve, '33, '3-lt Vieu- l'i't-simlviit Engin e-ring Vlziss: liitei'I'i'atei'liity Danve Con- iluf-t l'0IIll1llIlxz', 3, I: Trai-k, '33: Freslinian Trzu-kg Ath- l--tiv liilitor "M" B-wok, T331 Assistant Athletic Editor '35 "Ole Miss." Eox.x Rein HExxE'l'1' .... Crystal Springs, Miss. Lilzrral .-Iris Give l"lul1. I. D, BENSON, I N ....... Anguilla, Miss. La-'w '1'i't-.isun-i' Juni'-r Vlass Business Si-honl, '33-'ZHQ Tri-insurer I-'re-sliiiiziti Law l'luSS. '33-'3-li Villllllvfl M. O. A. K. S. G. H. BERGol.o, E 41 E ....... Osyka, Miss. Liberal .ilrtx ,lniigs BiEnExu.aRx, E X ..... Vicksburg, Miss. l.zl1e'ral .'1rl.r Vzilvim-t, 1, 2, 3: "M" Bulk Stuff, 2: Latin Club, 1. 2 QIEORCE PHELAN Bl.L'xnEi.i. .... Yazoo City, Miss Liberal .rlrtx Ugirililxzil Vlnhg Band, l. 2. 3: Tl't'ilSUI'l'l' Snpholnorv Vlass f'll."lKl.ES R. BR.xm, jk, TI K .X . . . Learned, Miss. Busimzvs Srhcol M.-xRr:ARE'1' BREVARD, 'lf Bl .... . Dundee, Miss. Lilzrral .-I rf: D.xvm BREXYER, E X ...... Greenwood, Miss. Bzuinrss Srlmol 1'zir1linzil Vluhg Yin--l'i'vsiclviit Junior Husiniss School: Vailnin t. 1. 2, X'll'Q-pl't'Slllt'IlK, 1. llL' fi.-Yl'HKlGH'l' BRr.xN'r ...... Oxford, Miss. lhuiniw Sflmol G. M. BECIAANAN, Ill, Z2 A E . Holly Springs, Miss. Librral .1 rl: Vail-im-tg Golf: Hermean. 4 Page 46 b . ll JUNIORS GEO. BUFFALOE, if A 9 ...... Oxford, Librral .lrfs Miss. Gln-v Club, '34-'353 Glen Flnlm Quartvtg "Y" Cnllinet. GENE BUI.I.oCK, X Q ....... Columbia, Lillfral .Iris LOUIS H. BURGHARIJ, A K E . . . . Clinton, Pbarmary JACK BURNETT, B 9 H ...... Meridian, Librral .lrlx GERTRIYIIE HURT, fb M ...... Gunnison, Busirzrss Sflzool ARTHUR G. BUSBY, H K 112 . . . XKYZlj'l'lCSbOTO, Librral .Iris PAUL H. BUSBY, B 6 Il ..... Hattiesburg, Librral .iris THOS. IZ. CALIIIVEIL, fb K Alf, A A A , Meridian, Liberal .J ri: "Mississippian" Staff: H6'l'!ll9Hll LitPl'1lI'5' Sof-is-ty' Produvtion. COLIN CAMPBELL, E A E .... Yazoo City, BIISLIIFJS Srlzool Miss. Miss. lN1iss. Nliss. Miss. Miss. Miss. Play Nliss. HQTIHHIIIQ SODII0lTIUl'l'-JUlli0l' "Y" lY'1'lhil'H?tI Frosliinnn Footl-all. NI.-XRY ALICE CAMPBELL, K A . . . Denver, Col. Librral .iris Give Club: Colorado XVOIHHIYS Collogo, 1, 2. NI.-XRTHA CARNATHAN, fl! M ,..... Lula, Eduraliorz Miss. Glev Vlulm, Legislativv Council, 2: AVOIUPIYS Student Gov- L'l'lllHk'lll Council Tl'l1ilSlll't'l', 3: Annual Staff, 3, Y. XV. C. A., 1, 2, 3. O. L. CASEY, II K fb .... . Laurel, Lafw XVILLIAM P. CASSEDY, B 9 II . . . Brookhaven, Liberal .iris ARTHUR MILLER CLARK, A T Q , . . Ruleville, Bll.S'lI1l'5.f School JAMES A. CLARK, A T Q ..... Ruleville, Mrdirinc Medir-al Club. JANXCE CoI.QUITT, QD M .... Liberal .iris President Freshman Y. W. Cabiiictz President . Beulah, omore l'ahin1-tg Latin Club, 1, 2, 33 Legislative C of XY. S. G., 2, 31 "Mississippian" Staff, 1. MILTON CooK, E A E ....... Oxford, Librral .ulris VIRGII. G. CooK, E A E . . . . Oxford, Law Miss. Miss. Miss. Miss. Miss. Soph- ouncil Miss. Miss. 1 Page 47 D l935 OLE MISS 639771 'si' I935 CDLE MISS I Nswg' Aka? JUNIORS Libfral :Iris Liberal .iris Businfsx School CIIAS. G. DEATON, JR., A K E . . . Batesville, Libfral .elrts S9l'l'l-:LHVY-Tl't'i1SUl'El' Inte-I'fI'ateI'nity Count-il. RAMEI.I.E EASON, fb M ...... Hernando, Liberal .iris P. I. X. L. A. EATON, E di E ....... Sumrall, Pharmacy VV. S. EMBREE, JR., E X ...,. . Como, Bu.-iness School Caliinetz Varsity Baseball: Club. BERT STEVENSON ERVIN, E X . . . Crawford, Busimzvs Sfhool CHARLES FAIR, db A 9 ...... Louisville, Liberal .-Iris D. L. FAIR, fb A 9 ....... Louisville, Librral .-Iris SUE FALKNER, CII M ........ Oxford, Buxizmvs Srhool EDWARD NIAYES FEDRIC, E N . . . Charleston, Librral :Iris XVII.I.IAM FEDRIC, E N ...... Charleston, Libfral Arr: Boxing M?lIlZlg'l'I', '32, Y. M. C. A. FRED FEEDER, I fl' E . ...... Summit, Librral .4 rls LAVYRENCE FELDMAN, fb E Il .... Brooklyn, Librral .-Iris Pliutogiuiiiliir' Editor of Annual. '35, MARGARET FINI.IeI', AAA, E Eslf . Holly Springs, Libfral JI rl: WM. THOMAS CRAWFORD, K E . . . Mathiston, Miss. VV.-ALTER VV. CRAWFORD . .... Tylertown, Miss. ED. CUMMINGS, K E ....... Brownston, Ind. Librral flris ROBERT H. DAVIS, E A E . . . . Okolona, Miss. Engineering DoUGI,As DEAN, E N ....... Cascillia, Miss. Miss. Miss. Miss. Miss. Miss. Miss. Miss. Miss. Miss Miss Nliss N. Y Miss Bi-lliuveii, 13 Latin Club: Glu- Club, 23 Junior "Y" Cab lm-t, 3. Q Pago 48 Q JUNIOR S JAMES S. FIS.-XCKERLY, E A E, db X . . . Blaine, .lfnfin'fr1e' Band: Medic-al Clulig Svnior Cul-ineig Music JL'll.-X FITZGERALD, X Q .... Lilzfral .vlris . Clarksdale, Hollins College. 1. O. K. GEE, JR., II X ...... Carrollton, Busirirss Srllool ALEX GiLLi.xM, JR., E A E .... Clarksdale, Libfral Jrrs Southw stvrn, 1, -1 Bxrx Goss, jk., E di E . . . . Columbia, Lau' J. F. HALL, -IR., E A E, 47 ll E, H K II . Tupelo, Lilzrral .Iris Art Editor "Ole Bliss." '30, M. M. H.-XMBRICK, K E, E 9 II . . Brooksville, Edzxratiorz Axxu-: LACRIE Hxxcis, df M . . . . Oxford, Libfral .wlrfs I935 OLE MISS Qsfaff lee-2-9 Bliss. Plulf. Bliss. Bliss. Bliss. Bliss Bliss. Bliss. Bliss Girls' Glee Club: Second Vive-Presicleiit B. S. TQ. Cc-un--il. Mxrr l'l.-XRPER, JR., fr K slf , . . Blcfomb, Bliss. Lau' Cardinal Club, '3'-'33: Gli-is Cluh, 1, 2: llll6'l'fl'21Ivl'llllj' Dance Committm-, '34-'35: Junior B..-X, Pi-Q-sideiu. '3::-':H: Hermean. 1, 2: Freslinian Kll'lll0l'lk'1ll Medal. '31-'33. MARVIN F. HARTSFlEl.IJ, A T A . Librral .iris A. S. C. E. T. I.. HARVEY, fb K KI' ,... Jlrdirim- PAUL M. Hnx ES ...... Liberal .iris BIARGARET HENDERSON, K A . . Libvral .1115 BLoxoi' S. HENRY, II K 41 . . . . Libfral .iris . . Oxford, Bliss. . Blathiston . . Belmont, . Lumberton, Phi Sigma: Int rfraternity Uounc-il. Louise HORNE, X S2 ..... Librral .iris . . VVinona, "Mississippian," 2. 3. JOHN Eno HL'NTER, jk., II K fb . Libfral .iris JAMES FENIMORE J.AcKsox, K E . BLONDIE ALDEN JAGCERS . . . . Liberal :Iris . .Lucedale . Rosedale . . Pontotoc, Special Representative: Annual Staff. v Darling, 1 u Bllss. Bliss. Bliss. Bliss. Bliss. Bliss. Miss. Miss. 1 Page 49 D ,lb sl I935 OLE M ER 5 if IZ JUNIORS XYIOLA JAMES, X 52 ...... . Gulfport, Liberal .iris JOHN ANDREW JOHNSON, B 9 II . . Leland, Business School Miss. Miss. Phi Sigma Literary Sovivtyg Junior Villrillvl VVALTER ROBERT JONES, K E .... Belzoni, Bll5illt,55 Sdzool Junior Bust-hull Manager, President HI-rin:-an Li Suvii-ty, HUIlll0lTlOI'P "Y" Cahiiiet. E. D. KEMP, JR., K E, 11111 E, E 9 II . Sanatorium, Bzzsirzvss School 1'I1rtliIIal Vluhg Vlf'k"IJI'k'SidlJIlt Phi Eta Sigxnag "Y' Miss. lvl'fU'3' Miss. ' Cab- inet, 1, 2, 33 Vive-Prositleiit Solihfiunore Vabinetg Vim--Piesitlvlit Junior Vabinetg SCCl'Qlll'l1'j'-'Tl'l'ilSl1l't'l Sigma The-ta Pi: Vii-e-President Sigma Thi-ta Pig Pre-Si - llwlll Junior Vlassg Vive-Presideiit Engineering Uluh, 3: "1N'Iississip1IizlII" Staff: Hernie-ang B. S. U. Countfil. NI.-XRJORIE KING, K A ..... Mt. Pleasant, Librral .-Irts ADELE LANGSION, A A A ..... Blytheville, Busimfss School ANNE LIGIITCAP, A A A ..... Yazoo City, Lillfral .Iris TONEY H. MCBRYIJE, E fb E . . . Sumrall, Pharmary ELLEN MCCORMICK, X S2 .... VVaynesboro, Liberal .-Irts Uheer Lt-adn-r. JOE A. NiCFARLAND, E N .... Bay Springs, Librral .iris L. DEANE MCGEIIEE, Z T A .... Meaclville, Liberal .-Irts MARY LII.I.IAN IVICCEINNIS, fb M, II E sb . Sardis, Lzbrral .lrls Vi:-e-Preside-IIt M. S. G. U., 35 Latin Club, 1, 2. 31 V. A. Vahiiiet, 1, 2, 33 Ch eI'lezider, 13 l"l'K'Shlll1lll Night lfulniiiittvv, 3' Ijllll-Ht'lib'Ilil' l'OllIll'ii, 35 Pre Lutin Club. 3. LENOIR lVICfi0Xl'EN, X Q . ..... Rosedale, BUJIIIFJJ SFIIOOI M. S. P. XX., 1, 2. WIIIARO L. McII,wAIN, B 9 H . . Batesville, I.Il1rral .iris Annual Stuff. 23 "MissEssippi:1II," 1. 2. LEE DAVIDSON MCLEAN, III A 9 .... Blaine, l.l1lt'l'l1l .iris Miss. Ark. Miss. Miss. Miss. Miss. Miss. Miss. Y. W. Stunt sident Miss. Miss. Miss. llzinal, 'azz-'zz-I. '::I-2:53 GI.-0 Club, '33-':II, '::I-'zzsg L'Ziilllll'l. DII.I.,xItn lW1ClY1Ul.l.AN, A T S2 . . . . Lake, Miss. lS1l5ilIl'.U' SIIIUHI M.'xRmItI:'I' MACNICOI., K A .... Memphis, Tenn. 1.llIl'l'llI .-Iris MIxIu:.xRE'I' M.xR'I'IN ....... McComb, Liberal .-Iris 1 Page 50 5 Miss. AA JUNIORS FRANK C. LI.-XSSENCILL, E A E . . Brookhaven, Liberal .-Iris C. L. iNI.XXlYEl.I., E A E ,.... . Pickens, Busizzvyx School Mississippi State-, 1, 2. POLLY MEAOHAM, A A A ..... Senatobia, Edzzfaiion M. C. W., 1. 2. THOMAS Y. 1N1lNNlliCli, K A .... Meridian, Lafw Busint-ss Manager "Law Journal." ROBERT D, MORTON, E X, CIP X . . Brookhaven, Mfdifinr XYIVIAN ELAINE MOSS ...... Ackerman, Libfral :Iris Y. XV. C. A. Caliiiivtg Fire Marshal Of Ricks H MARY' JANE NAIL, X S2 ..... Horn Lake, A Liberal iris ROBERT NANCE, fb A 9 ..... Clarksdale, Businrss Slill00l Cabinet: Ht-rmean Literary Soeielyi Senior Manager. CHARLES ROBERT NEBLE1'T, Z X . Morgan City, GEORGE R. NEBLE1i1', 9 K N . . . . Pickens, ROBERT S. NElK'TON, K E ..... VViggins, Librral .iris FRANCIS NOLAN, A A A ...... Canton, Liberal .iris Miss. Miss. Miss. 1NI1ss. Miss. Miss. ull. Miss. Bliss. Track Miss. Miss. Miss. Miss. Seerc-tary Freshman Class, Sec'I'e-tary Junior Class. SARA NLINN, K A ........ Blytheville, Ark Librral .-Iris KEMP PACE, 112 K AI' ........ Pace, Librral .lrts JOAN PERKINS, A A A ...... Senatobia, Liberal .Alrfs M. S. C. XY., 1, 2' "MisSissippiaII" Staff. M. M. POVVELL, K A ...... Coldwater, Liberal .alrls V. XVALSER PROSPERE, A T Q . . . VVashington, Liberal .-Iris Bon RAT, 21 A E ..... . . Canton, Lafw Miss. Miss. Miss. Miss. Miss. Q Page SI D si l935 CLE MISS 393:17 -'F ittxlgb i935 OLE MISS Nssa2' T 'Sala JUNIOR HUGH L. REID, K E . . . Liberal .-Iris fiEORClA ROBERTSON, 'fb M . Liberal flrts LOUIS M. ROCKETT, E A E, E 9 II Enginffring EIH.jil1E'U!'iIlg Ciuhg A. S, C. E.: TI "Y" Cabinet. TIIOMAS ROYCE, A T Q . . Liberal ,J rls Al,BER'f RICHARD RUSSELL, db A 9 Liberal :Iris "Mississippian," 1, 2. Assistant TI-amp Debating Count-ilg Ht-rm an MARX' RUSSELL, K A ..... Libfral .iris HERMAN VV. SANDERS ..... Libfral .-Irts JANE SAUNIJERS, X Q . . . . Liberal .-lrls NETTIE SCHMIDT, A A A . . Libfral .irts FRANCES SCRUGGS, X Q . . Librral .Jrrs HELOISE SEGURA, X S2 . . . Libfral .-Iris Newt-Oinh, 1. FRANCES ROGERS SHEFFIELD . Libfral .Al rls S . Yazoo City, Miss. . Corinth, Miss. . H attiesburg, Miss. 'easurcr Junior Class: Isola, Miss. . . Oxford, Miss. Editor, 3: Debating Y. M. Ii. A., 1, 2, 3. . . Carthage, Miss. . . Sallis, Nliss. . . jackson, Miss. . Shaw, Miss. . Greenwood, Miss. . . Jackson, Miss. . . Fulton, Nliss. Miss. ROBERT CARLTON! SITELBY, E A E . Clarksdalc, Businrss Srhool ln-1-fwatiiiz filhilllllilll ut' Gym Dam-es: xYif'1'-Pl'l'Sifll'l1t O I"l'1'SllI'llilIl Class: writ?-Pl't'SidK'lll S0lbh0l'll0I'l' "Y" Vzlhinot. lVlliI.VIN L. SHIRLEY, E fb E Liberal .'I rl: EMMA KATHERINE SMITH, K .A . Libfral .Iris ROBIQRIA SMITII, A A A . . Librral plrts VIRr:INIA SMITII, K A . . Librral .-I rls Gull' Park Coll Klil'l'll SOMERVILLE, ll B 42 . Musi Q Page 52 D C Pl-Zl', . . Baldwyn, . . Ellisville, . . Cleveland, . Gulfport, 1, 2. . Cleveland, Miss. Miss. Miss. Miss. Miss. I. JUNIORS JAMES LUTHER SPENCER, lb A 9 . N. Carrollton, Librral .-Iris Miss. Sevretary Phi Sigma: Baseball Manag r: Y. M. C. A. KVM. J. STAOGERS, JR., A K E . . West Point, Liberal .iris C. C. STEPHENSON, JR., A K E . Holly Springs, Librral .iris ETHELNNAYN STEVENS ...... . Jackson, Libfral .iris J. R. STEVENS, JR., K E ...... Mathiston, Businrss Srllool H. S. STEWART, E N ...... Popularville, Liberal .iris Wir.i.iAM A. ST1ci,ER . . . . . Inverness, Lafw Treasurer Freshman Junior Class: "Law Journal" ViCe-President R. S. U.: Calvinet. HAROLD A. THOMPSON, K A . . . . Summit, ' Libfral .lrts COURTENAY TINDALL, X Q ..... Indianola, Libxral .slrts EVELYN TODD, A A A ,..... Cleveland, Librral .iris Vmcixifx TOOMER, X S? ..... . Tupelo, Librral .iris in. s. O. w.. 1. 2. SUE TROT'fER, X Q ,.,.... Columbus, Librral .lrls ELsiE M. TRULY, X Q ..... . Fayette, Liberal .iris MOSE VVANDER, A M ...... Charleston, Lafw Miss. Miss. Miss. Miss. NIISS. Nliss. Staff: Miss. Miss. lNIiss. Nliss. Bliss. Miss. Miss. "M" Club: Manager Football: Manager Traek: Executive Vouneilg Honor Count-il: Treasurer Y. M. C. A.: Board of Directors Y. M. C. A.: Treasurer "M" Club: Vive-Pi' si- dent Sophomore-Junior Cabinet: Dance Coniniitte.-. 1, 2, 3, 4, 53 Assistant Editor "M" Book: Treasurer Soph- omore Class. W. B. VVATKixs, JR., E A E . . . Aberdeen, Miss. Libvral .-Iris F. VV. XVATTS, E fb E ,.... . Bogalusa, La. Liberal .elfls MARX' ELIZABETH XVEENS, K A . . Tylertown, Miss. Libfral .iris FRANCES VVEST, K .A ..... . Shaw, Miss. Librral .J ri: 1 Page 53 5 I935 OLE MISS A-lrfaff 5 l935 CDLE MISS SS-9271, JUNIORS JAMES XVESTERFIELD, E X ..,. . Columbus. .lffdifillf IAYE XVHITEHEAD ,..... . XVe5t Point, Lillvral .lrlx THOMAS HOXVARD XVICGIXS, E fb E . . Merigold Busimgvs Sahool 31, 0. A. K. 5. LoL' XV11.1-uxs. X Q , ..... Clarlndale, Libfml .Iris Axxin XV1L1.1AMs, 111 M ...... Raymond Librral .Iris B. FRAXK XX'II.l.IAM5. I A E . . . . Gulfport, l.ib1-ral .Iris Boxing Tram: 1.91,-lf: Gym Ttullll Y. M, C. A.: Ihr T. H. XV1LR01', 41 II II' ..... Hernando, Libvral .Iris N-,-1-111 XXX-51 Mis5is5ip1-i Junxor Uollegv, 1. EVELYN S. XV1x-Q, X Q ,...... Laurel Lillrral .Iris T011 XVOOD, I A Ii . .... XVoodvillc, Librral .Iris Grgoruzn F. XV0on1.1rF, I A E . . . jack5on, Librral .lrlx ".ll'1llll2ll l'lUlv3 "5li5s1ssippinl1" Staffg HvI'lllv1llQ invti '1'1'1-axsuu-1' Sopliorilun- Class. XV1e1,1.s XVAX Sic XVoom, jk., K E, 41.3 4, . Tchula, Lau' Q Page 54 5 NIIEE. 31155. 51155 11155 Xliss 31155 lllvall BH55 Bllri RHS: M155 Call- M155 U ' wake U X 55.21 SCDPHGMCDRES PRESIDENTS ROBERT B. SMITH, III ........ Law JAMES ROSE ..... . . Liberal Arts MARVIN HUTSON . . . Business School ALBERT MCLAURINE . . . Engineering JOE DUCKWORTH . . . Pharmacy xx J f l935 OLE MISS SOPHOMORES NANCY ELIZABETH ABBAY, X Q . . . Tunica, Liberal flris JOHN R. ABBOTT, 4- A 9 ,.... VVest Point, Librral :Iris Phi Sigma Literary Societyg "Mississippian" Staff, ball Manager. GEO. L. EAD.-AMS, fb A 9, H E di, fl? H E . Natchez, Lafw Joint Sports Editor of "Mississippian"3 Tennis, 13 dent of Junior Cabinet. LORENZO H. ADAMS, K E . ..... Ripley, Liberal .Jrts VVM. H. ALLEN, fb A 9 .... . Iuka, Enginfrring JOHN N. AANDERSON, E A E . . Holly Springs, Business School CHARLES C. ANlJREXY'S ...... Grenada Lafw GWENDOLYN ASHFORD, A A A . . . Pocahontas, Liberal .vlrts 1 JAMES EASHX-ORD, K A ...... Pocahontas, Bzuinrss School ROBERT H. ATKINSON, dv A 9 . . VVater Valley, Liberal .iris HI rmf an Literary Society. MALCOLM BAXTER, H K A .... Hernando, Buxinrss Srhool Cardinal Club. JOHN F. BETHEA, K E ...... . Laurel, Busnirss Srhool FRED XVALKER BISHOP, B 9 II . . . Pascagoula, Enginfrring "Mississippian" Staff, 1, 2. VIRGINIA BOONE ........ Charleston, Liberal .iris RICHARD BOYD BOOTH, E A E . . . Aherdeen, Lafw Miss. Miss. Vir-e-President Sophomore Cabinet: Vice-President Base- Miss. Presi- Miss. Miss. Mi s. Miss. Miss. Miss. Miss. Miss. Miss. Miss. Miss. Miss. Ive-hating Te-am: Treasurer S0DhOlH0l'P-Jl1l1iOl' Cab ini-t: Vice-President llei-Im-an. LAURA BRADFORD, A A A, fb M .... VVchb, Librral flrfs XVILLIAM A. BRATTON, fb K All . . . Pontotoc, Librral .iris .ALEXANDER BREYER, K A ..... Meridian Y Businrss School Football. NORMAN C. BREAK ER, E X . . . Greenwood, Lafw WILLIAM BRINSON, E X ..... Columbia, Businrss Srhrml DOROTHY BROADFOOT, X S2 , .... Jackson, Lzbrral .-Iris Millsaps, I, 2. JIM BRIGHT BUCHANAN, E A E . Holly Springs, Bizszrlrss Srhool Hoi-nwmi. iViARl0N LOUIS BUTLER, K E . . . . Natchez, Librral .-Iris S. ROBERT CAIN, JR., A Alf ...... Canton, Lafw Snphornors--JuIIior Cahinetg Clit-I-r Leado VVILLIAM S. CAIN, A All ...... Canton, Librral .-Iris 4 Page 56 D Miss. Miss. Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss. Miss r. Miss. Miss. FLORENCE CAMPBELL, A A A . . . . Canton, Miss. Liberal :Iris CLAIIOE T. COFFMAN, E lb E .... Merigold, Miss. Liberal .4 rls JAMES PLEMON COLEMAN ..... . VVeir, Miss. Lafw Presidfnt B.A. Class. 23 President Herinean Literary Fo- eiety, 33 Vice-President He-I'nIf-an, 23 Debating Team: -Ire- hating Council, 23 International Relations Vlubg PUilill'3- tions Council, 3. DANIEL Roi' COLLINS, JR., E A E . . . Tupelo, Miss. Business School ELIZABETH F. CONLEY, A A . . . Memphis, Education Tenn. HOMER CORLEY, K E ...... Clarksdale, Miss. Business School GXVINN S. Cosr, A K E . . . Liberal flrls Band. CARL CRIs1.ER, E A E .... Librral .iris Hermean Literary Soc-ietyp Y. M KENNETH M. CROSBY, A K E . . Lihfral :Iris R. D. CROVV, A 111 ...... Librral .4rls . . Aberdeen, . . Colfeeville, Miss. Miss. . C. A.: Gym Team. . VVest Point, Miss. . . Grenada, Miss. Cardinal Club, Phi Sigma Literary Sor-ietyg Cabinet: Baseball Manager, 1. JIM K. CUNNINGHAM, E X . . . . Vicksburg, Miss, Business School Cabinetp Freshman Football. ELIzABE'rII DABBS . ....... Shannon, Liberal Arts MERIAM DALSHEIMER, K A .... Hattiesburg, Libcral Arts SEYMOUR DALSIHIEIMER, E N . . . Hattiesburg, 'Liberal .-his Band: Baseball Manager, 1, 2. VVATT H. DANIEL, E A E ...... Tupelo, Business School Cardinal Club. HOVVARD QUITMAN DAvIs, A T Q . . Indianola, Law Miss. Miss. Miss. Miss. Miss. Dance Committee, 45 Exec-utive Dance fjomniittee. E. E. DEMATATIS, 42 II 111 .... Washington, Lafw CHARLES W. DENTON, K E . .... Marks, Business School JACK C. DINRINs, E A E . . . . . Canton, Busincss School Y. M. C. A. JOsEPII VVILLIAM DUCKVVORTH, K E . Boonville, Pharmacy President Sophomore Pharma:-y Class: Pharinaey Band. HOW'ARD WAYNE FERRELL, dw II fb . . Pontotoc, Business School JOIEIN R. FERRILL, K A ...... Meridian, Businrss School ABBOTT L. FERRISS, E A E, fb H E . Jonestown, Lzhfral .flrls D. C. Miss. Miss. Miss. tiullg Miss. Miss. Miss. President Freshman Class. '33-'343 Basketball Manager, '33-'34. ALVIN E. FINR, Z B T ..... Clarksdale, Lafw Dantz- Committee. - JAMES D. FRITH, JR., fb A 9 .... McComb, Pharmacy Treasurer Sophomore Pharmacy Classg Pharmacy Miss. Miss. Club. Q Page 57 D l935 OLE MISS S Q PHOMORES FR.-XSCES FL'RR, 1-If M ..... Robinsonville, Lzbfral .iris Chairlnim Sophomore Y. NY, C. A. R. C. Ci.-KRDNER, fb A 9 ..... Greenwood, Liberal .Jrts NIARY EYELYN G.ARRETT, X Q .... Oxford, Libvral .iris Set-rttary of Sophomore Class. BILLY GATES, K A ....,... jackson, Lilmral Jrls ED VV. CS.-XTLIN, fi, A 6 ...... McComb, BIIJLIIFJS Srlzool "Mississippia1i" S NIINNIE HART GLLLESPIE, A A A . Liberal .elrts Cabinet. Lousr: GILLESPIE, A A A , . . Lilzrral .iris LILLLAN GLENN, X Q .... Libfral .iris PAUL M. GOLDF.XRB, A M, fb II E Librral .lrlx taff. Morgan City, Vit-e--President Phi Eta Sigma. EDwxN S. CSR.-XNTHAM, A K E . . Librra! ,iris R. GORDON CSRANTH.-XM, K A . . Lafu: B.A.. Millsaps. CHARLES EMERSON H.XLl., E A E Liberal .iris KIRBY HARRELL, fb A 9 .... Lafw "Mississippian" StaFf. 1. 2, 33 S110 piauj' 3: Valvilit-t LUCY Lorr LIATHORN, A A A . Lzbfral .-Iris TILI.lS J. HILL, E fb E . . . Lafw ECBERT HINES, fb K AI' .... L111vral .Jrls FRANK C. HOl.LOM.AN, E A E . Lafw F. CLARKE HOLMES, JR., E A E . . Hernando, Libffal .1 rls Hermian Literary Sofvietyg Freshman Base-hail: man and Sophomore "Y" Cabins t. KA'11'iE BELL HOLMES, A A A . . Libfral .-Iris Musit- Club. ORYAL N. HOOKER, A K Ii . . . Rolling Fork, Librral .Jrls Freshman Trark. Lorise HOXYARD, X SZ, A A A . . . Meridian, Bu:infs.r Srhool Logislutivt- t"r-una-il: Sophomore Cabinet: Vonimitti-eg Treasurer S0lJh0l'Il0l'P'JUlli0l' Vzxlwilwt. XV. E, IRYINE, II K A ....... Leland, Liberal Jris Miss. Bliss. Nliss. Miss. Miss. Miss Morgan City, Miss. . . Oxford, Miss. . . Vicksburg, Dfliss. . VVest Point, Miss. . Terry, Miss. . . Hernando, Miss. . . McComb, Miss. 1-ri liditor "Mississip- i ui Bxford, Miss. . . Laurel, Miss. . . Cruger, Miss. . Ruleville, Miss. Miss. Fresn- . Yazoo City, Miss. Miss. Miss. Honor ELIZABETH jsrr . . ...... . Dockery, Liberal .J rts Miss. Miss. Louise jOHNsoN, A A A ..... West Point, Miss. Lilzfral Jrls ' Glee Club. BiLL JOLLY, fb II fi- ....... Carthage, Law Transfer from East Ct-ntral 1 Page 58 L Junior College. Miss. THOMAS M. KEESEE, K A . . . . Lula, Lafw MARGARET KIRK, X Q ...... Greenville, Librral .Jrls PAUI. KLOTZ, fir K XII ....... McComb, Businrss School HAzEL LACKEY, E fb E ..... . Forest, Business School Miss. Miss. Miss. Miss. Mi'RI. LARRIEU, K A .....,. VVOOdville, Miss. Liberal Jrls CHARLES LAWRENCE, E A E .... Meridian, Miss. Liberal .Jrts GEORGE LIDDELL ....... . Rockford, Ill. Libfral .iris NETTIE HEl.EN LITTON, K A .... Cleveland, Miss. Lilzrral .iris Gln-e Club. THOMAS SHIRLEY LIi'IxGsToN, K E . . Tunica, Miss. Pharmacy Svc-I'eIaI'y Sophoniore Plmriiia--y Mass: Plmriiiar-y Vluhg HHl'l1l9Elil Lill'l'ill'j' Society: Caliinet. ROBERT LOMAX, A KI' ...... Greenwood, Bliss. Librral :Iris f3ENEVIEVE MCBEE, X Q ..... Greenwood, Miss. Libfral .1 rls BECRY MCCORMICK, A A A . . . .Laurel, ' Businfss School Rose MARX' MCCOT, A A A . Librral .iris Glev Pl EDXVARD MCDONNEI.L, E A E uh. Businvss School "Mississippian" Staffg Herlnenii: "Y" ANN LUGRETIA MCDOYW'El.L, A A A , Librral .iris VV. T. MCGEHEE, 111 A 9 . . Librral .Jrts Basketball Manager, 1, 2' Y. M. L. A., 1, - Niiss. . . Laurel, Bliss. . . .JacksOn, Miss. Cabinet. . Oxford, Miss. . . Greenville .. ., JULIUS C. NICILXVAIN, B 9 II . . . Pascagoula Libfral .iris Cardinal Club. SAM D. MCILWAIN, B 9 II . . . . Batesville, Lafw v , Nfiss. Miss. Miss. Man- M. O. A. K. S., illt0l'fl'8t0l'IliXX Council: Business agar "Ole Miss," '333 lI1t+-I'fra1eI'IIity Dance Coinniitt v. '33 DORIS MCLAIN, K A ....... Glosrer, Business School CHESTER A. MCLARTY, fb A 9, 112 H E . Oxford, Lrbrral .iris Bandg "Mississippian" Staff: Y. M. C. A.: Tono Orc-he-stra: SUl'l'8l2ll'Y of Phi Eta Signing Annual Honor Roll. ALBERT H.ll,EX' MCLAURINE, E A E . McComb, Engnzfrrnzg Y. M. C. A.: "Mississippian," 1, 2: President of Snpho more Enginn-ering Classg Engineering Club. 1, 25 A. S. C' E GEORGE HITE MCLEAN, fb A 6 . Liberal .-lrls Glee Club. MARION S. MCLELLAN, B 9 H, dv Librral .elrls Band. JOHN MADRE, -I2 K XII' ...... Ruleville, Lzbrral .-Iris Football: Baseball: Basketball. EDVVARD H. MAGRUDER, A Alf . . . Vicksburg, Lafw . . Blaine, H E . Summer, Mississippi College, 1. 2, 3. Miss. Miss. Lindo Sta Hg Miss. Miss. Miss. Miss. Miss. 1 Page 59 I l935 OLE MISS SCPHOMORES GEORGE H. MARTIN, A K E .... Anguilla, Liberal flrls Cabinet, Student Honor Committee. Lafw 1, 2. 3. JOE SYIJ IVIIZE, 417 K XI' ..... Liberal .Jrts Ch ei' Leader: Cardinal Club. . Oxford, MAROARETE MOSBY, A A A ..... Canton, Liberal flrls TOM MURPHEE, E A E .... . Jackson, Librral .4rts CHARLES G. NICHOLS, JR., fb A 9 . . Swiftown, Busirzms Srlzool Sophomore HY" Cabinet: Hermean. EUGENE H. NElI.l., II K A . . . N. Carrollton, Liberal .-Iris JAMES C. NEILL, H K A . . . N. Carrollton, Liberal .iris ROBERT H. NEILI., II K A . . . N. Carrollton, Lafw D. G. NEILSON, JR., A K E ..... Oxford, Business Sfllool BEN H. NELSON, A XI' ....... Tunica, Businvss Sflzool E. RANDOLPH NOIILE, K E ..... Fayette, Business School JOHN NOBLIN, A T A ..... . Jackson, Liberal .iris Tennis Team. MILTON CROCKETT MARSH, K E . . Belzoni, Lzberal .iris Hermean Literary Society. B. F. PARKER, E fi: E , ..... Foxworth, Lzbrral .-Iris MARSHALL PERRY ........ Ackerman, Lafw K.A'l'llERlNE MAGRUDER PITCHFORD . . Canton, Liberal Arts CHARLES A. POLLARO, A T Q . . . Greenwood, Lafw J. VV. PRICE, E A li ...... Hattiesburg, Librral .Jrls llIAI'IIII-Im l,llt'l'2lI'Y Sovit-typ Debating: Der-nration mittw- for Gym lmiu-og University Play rs. KPINNli'l'li ASll'l'ON PRICE, sl- A 9 . . . McComb, Lilzrral .tlris M. ELIS.-KBE'l'll PURSER, X S2 ..... Oxford, l.ibrral .Iris PAUL QUINN, K 21 ...... Water Valley, l.lll1'l'lll .Alrls G. P. RAPE, B 0 II ...... Moss Point, EllyllIl'l'flllg Engiiit-eriiig Club, ALLEN R.i1'I.IIfF ........ Columbia, Iiusines: School Q Page 60 D Miss. Phi Sigrna, 1. 2' Vice-President Sophomore B.A. Sf-hoolg Cardinal Club, '34-'35, Freshman "Y" Cabinet, Executive Committee Ot' Fri--shman "Y"g Sophomore-Junior "Y" JACK R. MAITHEWS, E N ...... Nugent, Miss. Engznrfrzng A. S. C. E.g "Mississippian," 1, 23 Y. M. C. A.. 1, 2: Sec- I'ota1'y Class. VV. P. 1VII'l'CHELL, H K A , .... Guntown, Miss. f,'ill'dillHi Club, "Mississippian" Staff, 1, 21 Cabinet, Miss. Miss. Miss. Miss. Miss. Miss. Miss. Miss. Miss. Miss. Miss. Miss. Miss. Miss. Miss. Miss. Miss. Com- Miss. t'nI'Illn:Il Clulvt 'l'rI-zistirvr Sophoniort- Czihiiiet. Miss. Miss. Miss. Miss. E. E. READ, JR., 412 II 411 ..... Liberal .J rls JOHN POINDEXTER RICKS, JR., A XII Businfss Srlzool FRED ROGERS, K A ...... Businz-ss Srlmol JAMES H. ROSE, II K fb ..... Libfral .-Iris . Picayune, . .-Jackson, . Porterville, Miss. Miss. Miss. VVest Helena, Ark. President Sophomore B.A. vlass: lmnve lR'l'l'0l'2lillT2.f F0111- mitte-eg Annual Stal? Sqiliomnrv JAMES L. R0YAI.s, E A E .... Liberal .-lrts LINDSEI' VV. RUSSELL, fb K Xl' . . . Liberal .Jrls Trac-k Nlilllilgt-'l'. . Meridian, . .LzIIIrel, Glee Club, 1, 23 IIIteI'fI'nte-rnity l'nIInt-il, Gym ffonixxiittmlg Hvrnwaii, 1, 2. HARRY L. SALMON ....... Jonestown, Liberal .iris HAVIS H. SARTOR, II: II III ..... Pachuta, Libvral :Iris C. J. M. SEAT, E A E ..... Hattiesburg, Lafw CHARLES S. SECREST, E A E . . . Port Gibson, Liberal Jrls INEZ SEVVARD, X Q . .... Philadelphia, Liberal .-lrls LUTHER S, SEXTQN, fb K X11 .... Hazlehurst, Libsral .lrls ZELDA SIEGEL . ...,... Sunflower, Lafw JACK SIMMIONS . . . .... Hattiesburg, Liberal .iris JESSIE SMITH, X Q ....... Indianola, .Liberal .Jrts J. A. SMITH, A XI' . ....., Inclianola, Business Sfll00l R. B. SMITH, K E ....... . Ripley, Lafw WILLIAM GILBERT S0URs, K A . . Jackson, Lafw Miss. Miss. Dance Miss. Miss. Miss. Miss. Miss. Miss. Miss. Miss. Nliss. Miss. Miss. Miss. DELLIE SPEED, A A A ...... Meridian, Miss. Business Sfllool St-I-retary of Class: Sophomore-Junior Cabinet. PAUL E. SPRICHTS, E N .... Business Sflzool BILLY DAN STATHAM, I N . . . Lafw GEROLDINE STEXVART, K A , . . Liberal Arts ADDIN E STON E ........ Liberal Jrls Y. NV. C. A. ARCHIBALD Y. STURDIVANT, JR., E X Liberal .-Iris ROBERT SWITTENBERG, lib A 9 . . Business School . Monticello, . Fernwood, . Poplarville, . .Fulton, . Glendora, . Lexington, Miss. Miss. Miss. Miss. Miss. Miss. 4 Page bl 5 I935 OLE MISS S 0 l PHOMORES GUY B. TAYLOR, JR., 41 K XI' , . , Oxford, Lilzffral .-Iris Band. VVILLIAM THAMES, E A E . . . . Jackson, Libfral :Tris Miss. Miss. ROWAN T. THOMAS, fb A G . ,.... Boyle, Miss. Lafw Heruwmi Literary Sovietyz Re-portorial Staff "Mississip- pi:in"3 Soplionioi-4--Junifii' Cnliiiivt. FRANCES THOMPSON, fb M . . . Olive Branch, Liberal flrts Miss. MARGARET TREPPENDAHI., A A A . . VVOOdville, Miss. Lilzfral .-Iris T.f-gislativv C'Ouni'il Of XYOman's Student Gnvvrnnif-nt. CHARLES VVALKER, E N . . . . . Monticello, Miss. Business Srhool HEWITT VV. VVALLACE, A T A . . . Biloxi, Miss. Lzbfral Arts JOHN EDXYARD VVARD, H K fp . . . . Darling, Miss. Pharmacy Cnrclinal Clulag Intf-1'f1'ate1'Hity f"Ounf-il: Xvlt'f'-Pl'tfSlfl9llt Sophnmori- F'l'l?ll'lllfllfy Class. CLYDE ATER VVATKXNS, K A . . . . Aberdeen, Miss. Lzbfral .iris f'nphOn1Oie-Junior MY" fA'Hllll1f'tQ C'ai'dinzil Club. FISHER VVATKINS, X Q . .... Minter City, Miss. Lzbfral .flrts ROBERT VVATKINS, E A E . . . . . Aberdeen, Miss. Lzlzrral .ilrls ELIZABETH VVATSON, X Q , .... Greenville, Miss. Lzlzrral .ilrtx GEORGE VVATSON, K E , . . . Pelaharchie, Miss. Busznfss Sflfool 4'arclinHl Club. JOE VVEST, L11 A 9 . ...... Clarksdale, Miss. Lzlzrral .-Iris CHARLES VV. VVESTERFIELD, E N . . Columbia, Miss. Liberal .-1 rls Carrlinal Clulig Se-f-rOtnl'y SOpl1OmOi'c--Junior "Y" Caliilic-t. ELOISE VVILKINS, X Q . ..... Grenada, Librral .-Iris MARY LE MOYNE VVH.RiNsON, fi: M . . Shelby, Liberal .flrls Glecff Club, Latin 1' CAULEY VVILLIAMS, fi, A 9 . . . Buszrzfss Srllool lulw. . Clarksdale, Football. 1, 2: Y. M. C. A., 1, 2: Vive-PIR-Sidellt Of Annual Staff. JOHN VVITHERSPOON, B 9 II . . . Liberal :Iris BERNARD H. VVOODHARD, JR., A K E . Enginrfririg JOHN WOODBRiDOE, A Xl' . . . . t Lib1'ralv.elrl5 Phi Susanna: 3. M. C. A. lVIIDDl.E'l'0N LANE VV00'li'l'liN, JR., A Xl' . Columbus, Libf-ral .-Iris M. E. YATES, X S2 ...... Lilzrral .'1rt.f JOHN SULLivAN'1', E N ..... Librral .-Iris HARPER JOHNSON, JR., A K IC . . El1gll1I't'l'1Ilg Miss. Miss. Miss. Class: . Meridian, Miss. Spring Hill, Tenn. . . Tchula, Miss. Miss. . Shelby, Miss. . Charleston, Miss. . Senatobia, Miss. v 5 Ellgllll't'I'lll! Club: .-X. S. L.. L. 1 Page 62 L PRES HMEN OFFICERS COOPER ADAMS ........ President FRANK HART . . . . Vice-President MARGARET GATLIN . . . Secretary SCOTT TENNYSON . . Treasurer -ffx fx U , U , I935 OLE MISS voseza FRESHMEN JAKE L. IABRAHAM, JR. . Port Gibson, JOHNSTON C. :HIL-AMS, A K IZ . Corinth, D, B. :XNlJIiRS0NI, JR., A AI' . BEN TOMNES BA11.12x', fl' K AI' . Oakland K.'XI'I'IERINE BARNES . . . . lNi.ARCARE'l' BARNES . . . . JON.fYl'IIAN P. B11.1sO, fb II KI1 . Picayune V.-XSSER BISHOP, X S2 . . . 01.1.15 D. BRAME, A 'I' il . VV11.1. R011 BROOKS. . . . .Belzoni C, VERNON BROWN, K A . . Hickory, filiR'l'RljlJIi B1is11, X S2 .... Oxford VVA1.'1'oN Ross BUSII, I A E . Jonestown, RO1:RR'1' D. CARNEY, 'If A 6 . Meridian JO11N M. CARY!-ik, III, I X . Crawford Pontotoc, Summit, Summit, XVM. E1.1.1s BEAROEN, K E . Okolona, . Oxford, VVM. IJAYIIJ BRAIDI-'ORll, E X . Itta Bena, . C:111tO11, Miss. OSC.-XR QL'1NN CLINE . . . Indianola, Miss. L1.oYn A. COLEMAN, I X . Doddsville, bliss. .AMORETTE C01.EY, K A . . Memphis, Allis-. MARTHA L. CONNER, K A . Mt. Pleasant, Miss. J. VV. CRAN, JR., E N . Yvaynesboro, bliss. JOE DABBS ....... Shannon, Miss. A. F. DAN'1'z1.nR, I A Ii . . . Biloxi, Miss. CARI, B.xR'11.1NO, K I . . . Itta Bena, Miss. GENE II, DENT, A K Ii . . Lockhart, Mi ss. .'XR'I'IIL'R DERR1C1c, JR., II K A . Goodman, Miss. XVARRI-IN IJORSEY, fit II fl' . . Aberdeen, Nliss. KVM. ROnc1iR LDOIVLEN, B 9 II . Corinth Mirs- C. XV. I7L'CKAYORTII, E X . Columbus, Miss. Rom. XV. DUNN, 2 A IC . Hattiesburg, biiss. NAS DYER, X Q .... Greenwood, Miss. BEN L, EVANS, A K I2 . Iiolly Springs, Miss. IiL'c1:NE Lore FAIR, fl' A H . Louisville, MARY A1.1c1a FARR1s, A A A . Canton, Miss. 1 Page 64 L Miss. Miss. Tenn. lVI1s S. bliss Mi Mi Mi 5. QS -5. S. C. biiss. bliss. Mi 's. Nliss. Mi 's. Miss. Niiss. bliss. I935 OLE MISS 839371-V FRESHMEN W. LAXVRENCE FERRIS, E X . . Macon, SAM FOOSE, JR., 117 A 9 . . . Tchula, A. B. FURLOXY, JR., E A E . Brookhaven MARTHA H, GALBR.Al'l'H, X Q . Corinth MARGARET L. GATLIN, A A A . Laurel, RODNEY PUTNAM G.X1'ES, K A . Jackson, CLINTON L. GEE, JR., E X . Carrollton MARTHA V. GRAHAM, fb M . Corinth, GEORGE VV. GREEN ,... Summer, H. H. GUNTER, JR., E X , Columbus, WM. FRANKLIN GUVION, E X . Oxford, VEIT AULL HAIN, JR., A AI' . . Lyon, CHARLES B. HALL .... Columbus, J. D. T. HAMILTON, fb A 9 . Meridian CLYDE A, H.ARBlN, II K 111 . . Drew, JAMES A. H.ARRIS, E X . . . VVebh, MARJORIE HARRIS, A A A . Baldwyn hiiss Miss Niiss Miss Miss Bliss iNIiss Bliss hfliss Nliss Nfiss Miss Niiss lVIiss Miss Miss. Miss FRANK E, HART, df II fb . . Picayune, ROSA HE.AI.X', X Q .... Natchez, ELLADIE HEISS, sl' AI .... Nieridirm, CHARLES HERRON, E A E . . Canton, CURTIS HINES, fb K XI' , . . Cruger, HOMER L. I'I0OPI2R,1iPl 9 . Philadelphia, THOMAS G. HORNE, K A . Meridian, JAMES NV. HOUSE, H K fb. . . Enid, CARROLL S. HUDSON, E X . Columbus, PHILIPS D. HL'Gl'lES, K A . Meridian, R. JOHN INORAM .... Hernando, P, H. IZ.-XRD, E A If . . Georgetown, A. D. JACKSON, K A .... Oxford, H. G. JOHNSON, E A E . . Meridian, LURLINE JOHNSON . . . Olive Branch, ROBERT M. JONES, H K LIT , McComb, ixd.-XRGARET Jm SER, X S? , . Tupelo, BILL If.-XHLMLS, K A . . . Meridian, Miss. 4 Page 65 5 Bliss Bliss Bliss Bliss Bliss Bliss Miss Bliss Miss Miss Miss Bliss Bliss IN-Iiss Miss. iN'Iiss Miss. . 9 77 OLE MISS J Jeanie F R E S H M E N RICIIARII EIJXYIN Km Ia, E A li . Rhckforil, Ill M.xRG.xRE'I Kms, X S2 , . . lndianola, f'l,ALllHi KIERN ..... Cruger, Joi-IN KL7X'liENlJ.AI.l., K I . Charleston, 'l'0M,C. I.ACIA', A K li . Holly Springs, ALIUE A. LIGIITCAP, A A A . Yazoo City, JUIIN XVAIIE LONG, K Il . . . Sullis, lIEI.IaN fiRACE LUKE, Ib Al . . I Inon, C'I..xRIcNcE XV. MCCORII, li H Il . Corinth, K. XV. MCCIJRMICK, H K fl' . Yazoo C'ity, Rom. H. MCCORMICK, II K A . Hickory, MII.nREn McCoy, A A A . . Memphis, lflDXK'ARll Mcl7owEI.I., K A . . Oxford, C'I,vnI-: MCfilili, ZZ X .... Lelanrl, NI.-Xlllil.YN MCIIENRY, X S2 , Greerwille, R. II. M.xr:RI'IIER, KI' A 9 . Port Gibson, DICK Il. NJARCIIBANKS . New Allmany, A. C. RIIYNE NI iss Nfiss Bliss Nliss Niiss Miss Bliss Nliss Nilss. Miss Tenn Niiss Niiss Niiss Bliss Nliss 'I' K H. R. N10N'l'Gf7M ERI, E A li Hermanville, IRBY NJOORE, E X ,... Oakland, EDDIE M. MORGAN, K E . Moorehead, TIILIRMAN F, IAAORRISON, I X , Tupelo, VVM. H. N1OL'NGER, JR., IDA H . Oxford, XV. P. NANCIC, fl' A 0 , . Jackson, VIRGINIA NUNN . . . Blytheville, NORRIS OYERRY, II K 'I' , . Branclon, J. S. OVERSIREET, A K li . . DeKalb, K.'X'l'llRN'N PARQIIMAN, X S2 . Clnrksdale, Joie H. PENIX, K A .... Jackson, RonER'I' ELIEI. PERRY, .E X . . Rienzi, G. Y. PE'I"I'Ex', JR., K A . . Magnolia, HARRY F. PIERCE, JR., Z2 A li . Vicksburg, HELEN POIRIER, flv M . . . Gulfport, JIM PRINGLH, I A li .... Biloxi, BREVI' QUINN, E X . . . Greenwood, Xl' . Pass C'lIristi:In, Miss. 4 Page 66 D Miss Miss Nliss Bliss Niiss Nliss Ark Nliss Miss Nfiss Nliss Miss Miss Niiss Miss Miss Miss I935 OLE MISS Asp, E -gf - in W FRESHMEN BILL ROIIERTSON, K E . . . Corinth, BILLY RUSSELL ,..... Tunica, KAY RUSSELL, X Q ,.... Oxford CLAUDE H. Slil.BY, A K E . Satartia, 7 ANDREIY B. SCHMIT'I', K E . . Shaw, CLIFFORD SCIILILTZ, 111 K II' . Memphis, OLIIIA A. SHAW ...... Oxford, VIRGINIA DARE SHE!-'FIELD . . Fulton, JOHN T. SHERMAN, fb A 9 . Meridian, PRESCOTT A. SHERMAN, 22 N . McComb, CHARLES R. SMITH, A T S2 . Corinth, JACK SMITH, B 9 H . . . Meridian, TEDDY A. SMITH, K E . . . Tchula, ASHTON SUMMERVILLE, X Q . Cleveland, MARX' SPEED, A A A . . . Meridian, STEPHENS S'I'IGI.ER, E X . . Greenville, TRAvIs TAYLOR, E A IZ . Friars Point, Miss Miss. Miss Miss Miss Tenn Miss Miss. Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Nliss ROBERT XV, VVALL, fl, A 9 . . Hoyle, MIRIAM LENDRE VV.-Xl.I,ACE, X12 . Biloxi, J. VV. VV.-YI'KINs, ZZ X . . . Quitmnn, CAROIXN XVEBB, X S? . . . VVebb, JAMES VVEBs'I'ER, Kb A 9 . . . Oxford EDVVARD D. VVlil.I.S, E X . Vicksburg. ROBERT VVM. VVIIE.YI', 111 K Alf , Enid J. A. WIIELESS, E A li . Hattiesburg, VVILEY CORDELL VVIIITE, K A . Canton LUCILE VVlll'l'EllEAD, fb M . Clnrksdale, NEAL D. VVHI'I"I'EN, II K A . Coldwater E. F. NVHl'l"l'lNC'l'ON, JR., A T Q . . . . . . . . . . . Clarksclzile HELEN A. VVIGGINS, A A A . Indianola JENNIIE Co.YI'Es XVILKIE . . . Sardis, G. SAGE VVOOIIIYARD, JR., E X , Oxford EMILY JANE XVRICHT, X Q . Corinth, TOM B. YANCEY, JR., K A . Kingsport, Tenn. 1 Page 67 5 I I Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss. Miss Miss Miss Miss . ln Memoriam a We Arrive ff A Cycling We Go 44 One on Another ff Lawyers K A Rest ef To Class- es 44 Bread and Milk for Bancl 44 To Chapel ff The Thinlcer 44 We Depart f P 5 , V. A ' .4 'h , . fy Q .Q 4 I M EI-'3' -.5 1 Y ' ' if. " 6 sc' TZ"-37,51 4-L!:z:r5.':x:':.:Tf. i"r3:i4-igf' 1' ' w'-, in: 1-gy'-.1 V'-' l HN I . x , ,- .fin-. - if ,xi-' ' F1 V A I935 OLE MISS 'i3s:f7'7': - DRLQJ' PAN-HELLENIC COUNCIL DE LTA D E LTA DE LTA H ELEN VVAGN ER Pwxidfrzt ORA E. Booxom CHI OMEGA FRANCES HOLM ES Srcfvlary FRANCES Wnn Pm MU MARX' E: DALIER Trraszuwr' MARX' MCGINNIS IQAPPA DELTA ELIZAE ru MCGEIIEE I"ifz'-Pwsidrlzl MARGARET MCNICOL ...L .K 4' Page 7l 5 CH Colors: Cardinal and Straw IOMEGA Foznidfui 1895 Flofwrr: VVhite Carnation Eighty-seven Active Chapters TAU CHAPTER Eslablishrd 1899 SORORES IX UREE MRS. IJAYIIJ NEILSON MRS. MISS IRENE IIOLLOWAY MRS. MISS MARY R. GLENN MRS. MRS. II. Qil,liNN MRS. MISS FLMA MEER MRS. MISS lViARY V. ROLANII MISS MRS. F.-XRQUER MRS. MRS. R. J. FARI.EY MRS. SORORES IN LlNlVER9ITATE Seniors MARY ABBAY . ...... Tunica, Miss. CUURTNEY DAYIS . . . . Magnolia, Miss. JEAN JACKSON . . NIARY AI ICE F.-YIIIERILE. . Quitman, Miss. FRANCES MIXXXN'EI.I. , LUCILLE FEIIRIC . . . . Glendora, Miss. MARGARET TRUs'I'Y HAYS GEE . . . . . Carrollton, Miss. MARGARET VVEBB . . K.X'lilll.Ii E N IIODGISS FRANCES HOLMES Jl.7l.XA FI'l'ZCliRAI.lJ LOUISE IIOYYARII . LOUISE IIORNE , . NANCY .ABBAY . . MARY EYELYN UA ' - Y LILLIAN GLENN . RRIN GIYINN .. . HELEN BA'I"I'AILE . VASAR BISHOP . . fiENE BULLOCK . f,iliR'l'RUDli BUSH . NAN DYER . . . RR E l"l' MARYIIA II. fiAl,I3RliA'I'l1 .ANNE IEIARIIIE . . ROSA IIICALY . . VIOLA JAMES . . . lViARfI.fXRI-TI' KEYS . lVl.XRCARli'l' KIRK . . LENOIR lViCCi0N'AN lNi.Xlllil.YN MCIIEN RY.. K 'Ylill lzlll N li PJXRCIIM .NN . . Okolona, . llernanrlo, . Clarksdale, . Meridian, . VVinOna, . Tunica, . .Oxforfl, . Oxford, . Greenwood, . .Jackson, . I'niversity, . Columbia, . . Oxford, Greenwood, Corinth, . . . Monrm . Natchez, , Gulfport, Indianola. Creeneville, . Rosedale, . Greenville, . Clarksdale, Nliss. Miss. FRANCES VVITIY . SUE VVRIGHT . . Juniors Miss. Miss. MARY JAN E N.-XII. JANE SAUNDERS . . AN N E B ROVV N A. L. BONDU RA N'I' ,AMY JOHNSON XV. L. KENNON IRA L. MORGAN GERALD EATMAN E. L. EATMAN FRANK PURSER . Cleveland, . . .Piekins, . .cil'6llZld8, . .VVebb, . YVinona, . Corinth, Horn Lake, . .JaCkson, Miss. JESSIE SMITH . . Indianola, S0fJ,lOlllOI'l'S Miss. QHZNEVIEYE MCBEE . . . Greenwood, Miss. ELLEN MCCORMICK . . . XVaynesboro, Miss. ELIZABETH VVATSON . . . Greenville, Miss. ELOISE VVILKINS . . . . Grenada, Miss. Miss. Miss. Miss. Pledges MARY EI.IZABE'I'lI PURSER . . . Oxford, CATHERINE RUSSELL . . . HELOISE SEGURA . INEZ SEWARII . . Miss. ASHTON SOMIZRYIILE Miss. VIRGINIA CLUOMI-IR . Ie, La. SUE TRO'l"l'liIi . . Miss. ELSIE 'IQRULY . . Miss. Miss. Miss. iN1lRlAM WALLACE FISHER XVATRINS . CAROLINE VVEBB . Miss. JANIYI' XVlll'l'lElIliAD Miss LOU XVILRINS . . . Miss. JANE VVRIGIIT . . . . Oxford, . . . Jackson, . .Philadelphia, . . Cleveland, . . . Tupelo, . Columbus, . . Fayette, . . Biloxi, . Minter City, . . . VVebb, Nvest Point, . Clarksdale, . .C'orinth, C Paqe 72 5 Miss Miss Bliss iN'1iss Miss Miss Nliss Bliss Miss Miss 1N1iss Miss Nliss Miss Nliss Niiss Miss Nliss Miss Miss lN1iss Nliss Miss Miss Miss 1N1iss Miss I93 5 CLE MISS S3977 CHI OMEGA ' 4 is X X XVitty, Holmes, Gem-. Feclric Tindal Yail Q NYri-1ht NI XV ll I ' . , . , .. 5 , . , rw. IZIYIS XYatson, E. Wilkins, Jac-l's0n Fitz'1" " --i " - - A ' x , lgtldld, baunnlsiw, blum llmxzud Nlav well, Trusly, Gaim-tt, J. Smith, Mc,-Cornmick, X, Ahliay, I-Jzitlivu-e. JIQBQQ-, Horne, M. Ablmy, Bush, Battaile, Bullock, Dys-r, Galhruitli. Mc-Gowan. 1-laldlf, Healy. James, Keys, Kirk, IVIQ-Henry, Pnwliiimii. Pursvi' Ruqsell Joyner, Svwarfl, Somerville, Toonwr, Bishvp, Truly. U, XX'lfbh. Segilra. XX atkins, L. XYIIKIIIS, XVhit1-head, Yates, Trnltnr, XYallz11'u. XVl'ight. 1 Page 73 L 4 4 Q J baeebb I 9 OLE MISS iseeep' P HI MU Founded 1852 COIUIIYI Rose and YVhite F101L'l'I'5.' Ros Forty-nine Active Chapters ALPHA DELTA CHAPTER Esnzlfliylfrii 1021 SORORES IX LQRIZE MRS. CARI. COERS MRS. MORSE MRS. CIIUUR SSIALLINO MISS ELISE FOCO SORORES IN L'xII'ERSITATE Swziors POLLY COPPAOE . ..... Rosedale, Miss. DOROTIIY JOOR . . . Bl.-XRY ELLEx DALIER . . . . Gulfport, Miss. LOUISE PAGE . . . . .ALICE VIYIAN DENMAN . . Greenwood Miss. DOROIIIY THOMPSON JIIIIIUVS ONITA AI.nRInOE , . . . . XVinona, Miss. SUE FALKNER . . . MARI'IIA CARXAIIIAN . .... Lula Miss. M.ARY BICQTINNIS . . IANICE COLQLITT . .... Rosedale, Miss. LAURA BRAIIFORO . , Soplzc nzorvs LE ROY G.Al.E . . . . . Memphis, Tenn. FRANCES FLRR . . FRANCES FIIOMPSON . . . Greenville, Bliss. Plwlgfs MARGARET BREYARII . . . . Dundee, Mis-. GERTRUDE BURT . ..... Shelby, Bliss. HELEN POIRER . , . RAMELLE EASON . .... Hernando Bliss. CiEORGlA ROBINSON . AxxIE LAURA HARGIS . . . . Oxford Bliss. Bl.-XRY LEMOYNE XVI ELLE D. HEISS . .... Meridian, Miss. ,ANNE W1I.I.IAMs . HEI,EN LUKE . ..... Lnion City, Bliss, LUCILLE XVHITEIIEAO . . .Oxford . . Yazoo City Greenville . Oxford . .Sardis . . webbf . Tunica . Gulfport . Corinth LKERSON Shelbv, . . .Raymond . . . Clarksdale, L! 1 Page 74 b v V e and VVhite Carnation Bliss Bliss Bliss Bliss Mis- Bliss. Bliss Bliss Bliss Bliss Bliss Bliss PHI MU l935 OLE MISS 8397717 Vw:c i DWIIHHII, P212-rv. Dalier. Jour. D. Thrwmpsun, Carnnthrm. -Xldridgv. McGinnis, Burt, Bradford. Colquitt. Brevard, Eason, Iiuhertson. I-'ul-r. F3lllkl!,I'. Wilkerson. F. Thompson, Gale. Luke, Graham, Poirier, XV1lliams. Hargis. XYhEle-head, Heiss. Q Page 75 D I935 OLE lvllSS DELTA DELTA DELTA Colors: Silver, Gold and Blue Fozuzdrd ISSS Flower MRS. MISS MRS. MRS. MISS MRS. MISS SOROR MRS. CAI.yIs' BROXYN EIJIIII BRONYN DAVIII CARTER VVIIIS LEWIS SAIIA' CIIMMINC A. H. LIT'I'I,E I.YNn.i RAM EY Eighty-One Active Chapters CHI CHAPTER E5flllIli.S11I'd IQO.,l SORORES IN URRE MRS. MRS. MRS. MRS. MRS. MRS. R. L. SULLIVAN BAXTER EI,I.IOT B. S. CiUYTON JEFF HAM BRANHAM HUME J. A. SM AI.I.wOOn .' Pansy SORORES IN IJNIVERSITATE IN F.XCL7LT.'XTE G1-adzmtv LOUISE IUUNCAN MARY NEII.I. . . Oxford, Miss. KAIIIRYN PARIS ALLEN . . Intlianola, Miss. C ll iRI O'It'I li l5I.ACKS'l'0NE . VVater Valley, RX L:l.IZABIi'lll HOOROUI' . Indianola, I VII RIVERS ll.XRRlSf'lN . .jackson, mi GRAY lVlCCAR'I'l5R . . Batesville, Miss. Miss. Mits. Miss. . . .SenatObiz1, SUE POINTER 'TAYLOR .... Como, MII.nREO LUCII.I.E SMI'I'II . Senatobia, RUTH EI.ANOR TUCRER . , Blvtheville, M xRi SUE lNiORlZlIE.XIJ .,.. Laurel, Miss. EI.lZABE'I'l'I XVAOE . .... Oxford, I RIRUIJE GARRARO Nlill.I. El Dorado, Ark. l1El.EN C. VVIXCNER . VVater Valley, .llzzzjors lViARCARE'l' E. FINI.Ex' . Holly Springs, Miss. A III L.xNCS'I'ON . . . Blytheville, Ark FRANCES EI,IzABE'I'H NOLAN . . Canton, A N I,IoII'IC.xI' . . Yazoo City, Miss. ROBERT.-X SMITH . .... Cleveland, Sojrlzonzorm' FLORENCE CAMPBELI, ,... Canton, Miss. Axsi LLICRECIA MCDOwEI.I. . Oxford, Miss, lVIARCARE'I' TREPPENOAIII, . VVoodville, Asst AnEI.E SPEEIQ . . . Meridian, Miss. IQATIE BELI. HOLMES . . Yazoo City, I ltfdgrs t,IyINnoI,rN ASIIEORO . . Pocahontas, Miss. BECKY MCCORMICK . . . Laurel, IzIc'I'II CONI.Er , . Memphis, Tenn . . . . Moorhead, M xIsII IJEAN . . . . . Memphis, Tenn. POI.I.x' MEACIIAM , . . Senatobia, MxRx AI.ICE FARRIS . . . . Canton, Mis-. lVlARCARl'l'E MOSBY . . . Canton, xRt xRE'I' fi.-Yl'I.IN . ,... Laurel, Miss . . Senatobia, UISI ciIl.l.liSPlE , , . Morgan City, Miss .. . . Shaw, lVlINNlli llAR'l' fiIl.l,ESPlE Morgan City, Miss . . Meridian, lVlARIORllZ HARRIS , .... Baldwyn, Miss. EI'EIA'N Toon , , . . . Cleveland, IOIS JONSON . ,.... XVest Point, Miss . . . . Indianola, ICI I.If:II'I'CAIf . . Yazoo City, Miss, Rose Mary McCoy . . . Laurel, 109 4 4' G Page 76 5 Miss Miss Miss Ark Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss. Miss. Miss. Mies. Miss. Miss Miss Miss Miss. Miss I93 5 CLE MIS my DELTA DELTA DELTA 5, Egg ,57-X XX '- ,Q-VO' f Y 3 .3 JN ' 'Ei I Rx it Q 9 Q Y 1 ,px -.3 . If X9 , Kos X X Q Qnibod AN 5 v- EE' Allell- LiShiCall- BIQICIKSIOHP, Fi!1l6'y, Boflkout, Hi1l'l'iS0ll, Langston. A. Light- Cap, Mc'C2u'te1', Mc-Dowdl, Mourvhead, G, Nvill, Nulaii, J, Pi-rkins, Pointar. M Smith R. Smith, D. Speed, Treppeimduhl, Tuvlwr. Yx'21Ql1l'l', f,'21111l1b4:'ll. H C'1l xlie Holme-S Iiieill AShfox'd Conlev, Fruiis, Gzitliv, L. Gillespi , M. . 11 Q-:1 . ' J. Harrii Johngon, A. Ijightcab, 1NIf'Cu1'n1im,-k. Mr'l'uy, Meauliailn, Mosby, 'Perkins Schmitt, M. Spi-ed. Todd, Xwggins, Il. M. IXILLU3. Q Page 77 I I935 OLE MISS Y . MM, QS-sag! KAPPA DELTA Founded 1879 Colors: Green and NVhite Flofwff: VVhite Rose MAY STEVENS COOK . ETIIELWYN STEVENS . MIRIAM DAI.SHEIMER , M.ARY ALICE CAMPBELL LUCY CONNER . . . AMORE1'1'E COLEY . . MARGARET H ENDERs0N . MARJORIE KING . . . MYRL LARRIEU . . . SARA NUNN . . ALPHA AIU CHAPTER Established 1927 SORGRES IN U NIYERSITATE Swziors . . Denver, Colo. JESSIE MAE CROSBY .... Norfield, ELIZABETH MCGEHEE . . . Woodville, Miss. Jlllli0I'S MARGARET MACNICHOI. . . Memphis, Tenn. . . jackson, Miss. ELIZABETH VVELCH , . . Meridian, Sophomores . Hattiesburg, Miss. NETTIE HEI.EN LITTON . . Cleveland, DORIS MCLAIN . ..... Gloster, Miss. Pledges . . Denver, Colo Mt. Pleasant, Miss . Memphis, Tenn . Lumberton, Miss Mt. Pleasant, Miss. . Woodville, Miss . Blytheville, Ark VIRGINIA NUNN ..... Blytheville, MARY RUSSELL ..... Carthage, EMMA KA'I'IiERlNE SMITII . Ellisville, VIRGINIA SMITII ,.... Gulfport, CSERALDINE STEWART . .Poplarville, MARY ELIZABETII VVEEMES . Tylertown, FRANCES WEST ....... Shaw, 1 Page 78 L Miss. Miss Miss. Ark Miss. Miss Miss. Miss Miss Miss KAPPA DELTA I935 OLE MISS Qs9a2"T"T 59250 f 1 ta., Q' Ill .' l . M X 1 7 v gf, NU! 'T Mc-Ge-hc-0, Cook, Crosby, Mar-Ni:-hol, Stvvens, XYQI1,-11. IVl1lIShQil11Q!', Litton, McLain. C'an1pln-ll, Conner, Coley, Htnderson. King. Lax-rivu, S. Nunn, V. Nunn. Russell, E. K. Smith, V. Smith, Stewart, XXX-erns, XVest, 4 Paqe 79 D I935 OLE MISS PI KAPPA ALPHA L Fllllllaifd 1868 Eighty Active Chapters Colors: Garnet and Gold XV. D, D.u'1s . . VV. R. Fins . . H. G. FLOXVERS . . S. Lira Buss . . IICROR IICTCH ERSON COLOR INICNE.-ISE . . MCRM: An.xMs . . U. E. DONOYAN . . C. R. G.u.1.owAY . . S, Ii. lSu:u.xM . . C. R. BR.xm' . . ROBERT Cora . . A. A. DlcRRlCK . . O. I.. HOLMES . . XV. R. lIurCluaRsO:. . XV. Ii. lRv1Nli . . . N. Ii, KING .. . . R. II. lVlCCURMlCK J. C. lVlI'l'CIIlil.l. . . GAKIIXIA IOTA CHAPTIIR liyffzlflislzvd 1927 FRATR ISS IN Crum JACK GORDON JAMES R. KNIGII'li C. E. SLOUGH P E. IRBY, JR. JAMES INICCHAREN A FRATRE IN F.xCL'LT.xT13 T. A. ISICRERSTAFF IJRATR ES tx L'x1vERs1T.xT13 Swniors J. E. Al.nR1uGE . ..... VVinona, Miss. . Kilmichael, Miss, E. H. Nl.-XBRY . . . Lexington Nliss. VV. H. Shoemaker . Smithrlale, Miss. F. L. SPICIIT, JR. JIIIIIOVS' HLlCIl M. BADDLEY . . .Glost6r, . .Jackson . Sumrall . .Jat'kson, . Jackson, . Gulfport, M. D. B.-xxx Pontotoc' . . .Learns-tl, . .I.amhert, . Goodman, . .I.cxie, jackson, . .I.elancl, . .I7urant, . .IIiCkot'y, . Tylcrtown, la. II. Nran.l. . . . . North Carrollton R. II. NlilI.l. . . North Carrollton 1 v Miss. . VVater Valley, Miss. H. A. IVIOORE . . Miss. C. L. NEIL1. . . . Miss. RALPH Sxmzn . . Sofvlmnmres IN'Iiss. L. T. KENNEDY . . hiiss. XV. P. lNII'I'CHEI.I. . Miss. J. C. NHL1. . . . P1..1,,.'..- LR . .... Hernando, Miss. Miss. M. A. Ousrm . . Miss. J. I.. PENNY . . . Miss. 'I' R. PRI'l'CI'I.fXRD . Miss. J. L. ROUSR . . . Miss. F. P. SIMMONS . . Nfiss. 'I' H. SMrrn . . Miss. J. E. STONE . . . Miss. F. K. 'l'.fx'1'uM . . Miss. XX I.. I'NlJIiRU'00Il Miss. A S. hvliS'l'RRUllK Miss. N D. hVIlI'l"l'EN , . Miss. G XV. XVINTER , Q Page 80 L . Goodman . .Neshitt, . .TupelO, . .Hattiesburg . Ellisville Lafayette Springs Natchez, . . .Guntou'n, North Carrollton Ciootlman, . .I'ontotoC, Uxforcl, . Gulfport, Grenada, . Poplarvillr, . Newton, . . Tupelo, . Amory, Jackson, . .Colclwater, . .Houlk-s, v t Nliss 1NI1ss INI1ss Miss Miss hfliss hliss Nlissi Miss Miss. Miss. Miss. hrliss. Nitss. hliss Missf Miss. Miss. Miss. Miss. Miss. I935 OLE MISS S8924 'mek PI KAPPA ALPHA Ellis, Shoemaker, Spi R. C. Neill, Baxter, ght, Bates. Baddley. Mitchell, J. C. Neill, E. H. Neill, Brady, D l'l'lC'k, Irvine, ML-Cormiuk, Stons, XVhitten. Q Page BI L .4 3 l935 OLE lvl ISS 83933 QRSQJ SIGMA NU Colors: Black, VVhite and Gold BEN M. CAI,DVK'El.l. . DL'Dl.EY BRIDCFORTH U. K. Qilili . Joris N. Suxi.n'AN'r RAl.E1c:u BAILEY . . J. VV. CRAN . . . lin CUMMINCS . . SEvMoRE DEI.si11MER Blu. FEDRIC . . . lin M. FICDRIC . . LAvEl.l.E JonNs'l'oN . J. A. lVlCFARl.AND , JACK lVi.'Yl"I'llliXV . . Founded 1869 One Hundred Active Chapters EPSILON XI CHAPTER Esfablishrd 19.27 FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE Flofwrr: VVhite Rose Seniors I. D. BENSON, JR. .... Anguilla, Miss. . Charleston, Miss. R. HUGO NEWCOMB , , . . Richton, Pleasant Hill Miss. JAMES VVESTERFIELD . . . Columbia Juniors . Carrollton Miss. DOUGLAS D. DEAN . . . . Charleston Sophonzorfs .Charleston Miss. CHARLES VVEs1'ERExELn . .Columbia Plvrlgvs . Hattiesburg, Miss. IRBY Mo0RE . . . . . . Oakland VVayneshoro Miss. 'ISHERMAN MORRISON . . .TupeI0, . Brownston Miss RUBER1' ROGERS , . . . . Tupelo, . Hattiesburg, Miss. PRliSC0l"l' SHERMAN . . . . McComb, . Charleston Miss Pixul. SPEICIITS . .... Monticello, . Charleston Miss. BIl.l.Y D. S'l'A'l'llAM . . . Fernwoocl . . Richton Miss Sco'r'r S'l'EN'AR'l' . . . . Poplarville, Bay Springs, Miss Cll.-XRl.liS XVALKER , . . . Monticello . Gulfport, Miss Joins W. W.x'rR1Ns . 1 Page 82 5 . . Quitman Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss. Miss Miss. Miss. lN1iss Miss Miss Miss I935 OLE MISS SIGMA NU Benson. Caldwell. Briclgfforth, J. wesrerm-1aA GL-Q. Dean. suuuvam, C. XVestertivld, XVatkius, Cram, Matthews, Dalshimc-r, Morriswn, McFarland. Sherman, Statham, Sp,ights, XValker, Moore, Fedric-, Cummougs, Fedric. 1 Page 83 L l935 OLE MISS K A P P A A L P H A Foruztlrd 1865 lfulnrsx Crimson and Gold Flo:u.'rr's.' Magnolia and Red Rose Sixty-eight Active Chapters ALPHA L' PSILON CHAPTER E.vIz1I1li.v!m1 1900 FRATRES IX L'RIaE VV. A. MOTIIERSHEO DR. F. M. PIQRSER FR.-XTRES IN FACULTATE DR. XV. I.. KENNON DR. ELKIN C. XVILSON FRATRES IX LVNIVERSITATE Srniors J. E. ALFORO, JR. . .... McComb, Miss. NIADISON BUTLER . .... Alligator, Miss. ROBERT L. PULLEN . . . . Aberdeen, NIONCLRE IJABNEY , . Crystal Springs, Miss. STORES V. ROBERTSON, JR. . . Jackson, JAMES EATON . ..... Gulfport, Miss. CHARLES L. ROLINSAVILLE . . . Tunica, CHARLES FERRILI. . . . . Meridian Miss. JAMES SINCLEY . . . . Meridian, HUGH S. HOPKINS . ..... Lula Miss. J. XV. STRONG . . . . Columbus, THOMAS M. KEESEE . .... Lula, Miss. VAUOHN XVATRINS . .... Jackson, 'IPIIOMAS S. MCXVHORTER . . Meridian Miss. VVII.I.IAM XV. XVATKINS . Aberdeen, Juniors THOMAS Y. lNilNNIECE . . . Meridian Miss. PYIIOMAS HOPKINS . . . Lula, Sofvllcnzores ERIC BIEDENHARN . . . . Vicksburg, Miss. AI.Ex BREYER . . . Meridian, Miss. FREII ROGERS . . . Portersville, ROBERT CRISLER . . . . . Flora Miss. JAMES ROGERS . .... Hattiesburg, JOHN FERRILL . . . . . Meridian, Miss. OIIELI. SANOERS . . . . Walls, Hll.l.Y GATES . . . . . Jackson, Mi s, XVILLLXM G, SOURS . . . . Jackson, CIORIJON GRANIIIAM . . Terry lN1is-. CIAOE A. XVATKINS . Aberdeen, Pfrrlgfx JAMES ASHFORD . . . Pocahontas, Miss. l':INYARI7 lWCDOH'EI,l. . . Oxford, VERNON BROWN . . . . Hickory Mi-s. JOE PENIN . . . . . . Jackson, Ronggy G',xTES , , . . Jackson Miss. f'l.Al'DE PE'I'l'EY . . . Magnolia, 'INHOMAS HORNE . . . . Meridian, Miss. iVllNOR POVVEIJ. . .... Coldwater, PHILIP IIUOHES . . Meridian, Miss. il.XROl.Il 'IPIIOMPSON . . . . Summit, DAN -JACKSON , , , . Oxford Miss. CURDILI. XVHITE . . . . Canton, BILL KAllI.MllS . . . Meridian Miss. TOM YANCEY , . Kingsport, Q Page 84 D Miss Miss. Miss Mis. Miss. lVIiss. Mis 1. Miss. Miss. Miss. Miss. Miss. Miss. Miss. Miss. Miss. Miss. Miss. Miss. Tenn. I935 OLE MISS N V , in f- , See' W1 af' X - KAPPA,ALPHA 1.-0 ,W ' A ffm TA gg! -6hi'g ggfeaes A . ' if-if out ' K? as X IR ,,: Kvnnon. Siugley. Mc,-XYl1orte1'. Alford. Butler. Robertson. Snr.,-lug. XV. NYM- kins, Dabney. C. Ferrill. Keesce, B. Gates, Rogers. C. XVnrkins, L:!'3lllhlllH, Sours. Breyer. J. I-Trrill, Yancey. R. Gales, Pettvy. Jam-ksou, My-Dowell. Penix. XVhitc, Brown. Poweli. Horne, Thompson, Hughes. Kgxhhuus, Ashford. Q Page 85 L I935 OLE M ISS KAPPA SIGMA Founded 1869 Colors: Scarlet, Green and VVhite Flofwrr: VVILLIAM A. BACON . XVILLIAM H. BRADEN LAWRENCE P. CTXVIN LOXYRY TNCRAM . . MCNEII. BARTLING . THOMAS CRAVVFORD . MARION i'iAMBRlCK . PEYTON IRBY . . . VVALTER R. JONES . EMMETT D. KEMP .. HUGII NICIIOLS . . MARION BUTLER . . IIOMER D. CORLEY . CIIARIJZS DENTON . . JOSEPH DUCRWORTII VERNON ASTON . . . CARI. BAR'l'l.INC , . WILLIAM BEARDEN . JOHN BETIIEA . , . JAMES A. CUNNINCII FENIMORE JACKSON . . JOIIN KUI'RIsNDAI.I. . JOIIN VVADE LONG . !vIII.'I'ON MARSII . . One Hundred and Eight Active Chapters DELTA XI CHAPTER Eylablisfled 1926 FRATRES IN URBE IRA L. MORGAN BAXTER EI.I.IO'I'T FRATRES IN FACVLTATE DR. A. L. BONDURANT DR. JOHN C. CULLEY DR. CHARLES S. SYDNOR H. M. MORSE A M FRATRES IN L' N IVERSITATE fyflllfllllfl' Student COLLIER STEXVART . . . . Charleston, Miss. Seniors J, HERMAN ADAMS . .... Ripley, Miss. . Durant, . Natchez, . Natchez, . .Pickens, . Itta Rena, . Matheston, . Brooksville, . .CiI'Cl1Zlfl1l, . ,HelzOni, . Sanatorilim, . Lexington, Miss. Miss. VVENDEI. H. KISNER , , ELLIS H. LATIMER , . Miss. ARCHER STARNES . . Miss. DAVID VV.-ALLEY . . Juniors Miss. Miss. Miss. Miss. Miss. Miss. Miss. HUGH REID . . . . DAN M. RUSSELL . . JAMES R. SAMS. . ROBERT B. SMITH . . . JOSEPH R. STEVENS . . DOUGI.AS VARDAMAN . . VVELLS VV. WOODY . . Sofwho III ores LORENZO ADAMS . ..... Ripley, Miss. Natchez, Clarksdale, . . .Marks, . Booneville, CHARLES AND . Hattiesburg, . Itta Bena, . Okolona, . Laurel, . . Booneville, . .ROseclale, Charleston, . .Sallis, . .Belzoni, Miss. Miss. Miss. Miss. T. SHIRLEY LIVINGSTON RANDOLPH NOBLE . HENERX' PATE . . GEORGE VVATSON . Pledges REVVS Miss. Miss. Miss. Miss. Miss. Miss. Miss. Miss. Miss. . . Grenada, Miss. EDDIE MORGAN . . . ROBERT NliVi"l'0N . CHARLES NEI.SON . DILLIARD IRIII' . . . PAUL QUIN , , , Lily of the Valley . . Natchez, Miss. . . Okolona, Miss. . Brooksville, Miss. . Jackson, Miss. . . .ChicagO, Ill. . Gulfport, Miss. . Meridian, Miss. . . .Ripley, Miss. . Matheston, Mi-s. . Rosedale, Miss. . Tchula, Miss. . . . Tunica, . . Fayette, . .JaCksOn, . Pelahatchee, . Morehead, . .VViggiIIs, Brownsville, . .Crenada, VVater Valley . . , XVILLIAM ROI1liR'l'SON , , . . Corinth, ANDREW SCIIMITT . . . . . Shaw, JACK SIGLER . . . . . Ilattiesburg, IIIEOIJORE SMITII . . . . . Tchula, 4 Page 86 L Mi's. Miss. Miss. Miss. Miss. Miss. Texas Miss. Miss. Miss. Miss. Miss. Miss. I 9 3 5 O LE MIS S '5S2f'f'i 'svgff KAPPA SIGMA I X15 Kb H. Adams, L. Adams, Baron, Bartling, Butler, Corlry, Crawford, Duck- worth, Ingram, Jones, Kemp, Latimt-r, Livingston, iflanihrick, Dt-uton. Noble, Reid, Stevens, Starnes, Sams, Smith, XVul1t-y. NVatson, Vanderburg, Xvoody, Andrews. Bartling, Bethea, Jackson, Long, Marsh, Kuyiccndall, Cunningham, Newton, Quin, Smith, Schmitt, Morgan, Robe-rtsou, Stewart. Q Page 87 D ll A I935 CLE MISS Colors: Pink and Blue BERRY D. BROXYN . . JAMES B. MCLURE . . PAUL H. BUSBY . . JACK BURNETT . . . . SAMUEL D. IVICILXNAIN BENJAMIN CAVER . . WAl.TER G. Dl'l"l'O . WILLIAM R. DDWLEN NIARISNCE W. MCCORIJ . . . Corinth, BETA THETA Pl Tl 9. Foundfd 1839 Eighty-eight Active Chapters BETA BETA CHAPTER Eslablislzrd 1897 FR.-XTER IN LlRBE DAl'IIJ H. PIUGHES FRATER IN FAC I' LTATE DR. ALFRED HUME FR.-XTRES IN Ll NIVERSITATE Flofwprf Pink Rose Seniors VVILLIAM P. KXVFRILI. , . . Branford, ConII. . . . Sidon, Miss. J. RICHARD MCLURE . . . Oxford, . Oxford, Miss. FRED JOE VANN . . . Meridian, Juniors Hattiesburg, Miss. XVILLIAM P. CASSEDY Brookhaven, JOHN A. JOHNSON . . . . Leland, Miss. Sophonmres . Meridian, Miss. MARION S. IVICLELLAN . . Sumner, . Batesville, Miss. JOHN XVITIIERSPODN . . . . Meridian, Pledges FRED VV. BIsIIOP . . . . Pascagoula, Miss. . Meridian, Miss JULIUS C. lVlCIl.Vt'AlN . . . Pascagoula, . Greenwood, Miss VVIILARD L. MCILWAIN . Batesville, . . Corinth, Miss Miss. fiRAIlAM PE'I'I'EI' RAPE JACK SMITII . . . . . Q Page 88 L Moss Point, . Meridian, Miss Niiss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss . BETA THETA Pl 5 OLE MIS uni Averillj R. MCLu1'e. Cass dy, S. Mc-Ylwain, Yann. Busby, Burneft. McLellan, Johnson, XVithe1'spoon, Brown, XY. lviollwaiu. J. Mc-Ilwam, Dowlen, McCord, Smith, Rape, Bishop. 1 Page B9 D S I935 OLE MISS fee? P I K A P P A P H I Fourzdfd 1901 Colnff: Gold and XVhitc Flnufr: Red Rose DORIC HAKES . . FR.xxIc HUGHES . . D. PRCIIE Danss . OIfI'A L. CASEY . J.xsIEs RosE . . IIARVEI' MASON . 'l'IIoM.'Is L. li.-IRVEI' JACK IloI.MEs . . IIEROII XVISE . . JOHN IIL'x'I'ER . . JOIIN Buses' . . KIRK lN'lCCORMlCK XV.-Xl.'l'ER BOi'ET'r . . Forty-two Active Chapters ALPHA LAMBDA CHAPTER E.vt11bli5l11'J 1927 FRATRES IN LYRBE JOHN BYRON GATHRIGHT NIARYIN EIIWARO DOOLEI' 5OL'I.E KlCEI.ROY FRHITR ES IX FACL' LTATE DR, J.xxIEs R. SIMMS, JR. RICHARD A. NIILLER FRATRES IN LvNIVERSITATE Snziors . . Catchings, Miss. R. TL'RNER DABBS . . . . Kossuth, Miss. Jonx DYER . . . . , . Shannon, Nliss. HAI. SHANKS . . . funiors . . . Laurel, Nliss. Ilrowm' S. HExRI' . . Xvest Helena, XVayIIeshoro, . . . . Mathiston, . . Oxford, . . Hughes, . .Lucedalc-, . . XVaynesbom, Yazoo City, . .JaCkson, Sojrll 1, nl fi Ark P11 llfjlhf Nliss. Nliss. Bliss. Ark. Nliss. Nl iss. Bliss. Nliss. 1 Page 90 . Shannon Houston Taylorsville . Darling , Miss. Bliss Miss , Mis-. r1'5 .IOHY XVARIJ . . . Darling, Miss -JOE PARKS . . . . . . Oxford, Miss XV. B. HANEY, JR. . . . Oxford, Miss CIXIIE A. IIARBIN , . . Memphis, Tenn Nl0RRlS JONES . . . . McComb, Miss .JAMES BROOKSIIIRE . . . . Bc-ldon, Bliss :XLLEN CoI.I.INs . . . . Shannon, Miss JEROME SII.-iw . . . Calhoun City Miss NORRIS OVERBY . . . . . Brandon Miss P PI KAPPA PHI Rf X. Casey. I, Mason. U avg-Hr I935 OLE MISS 'mica I935 OLE MISS PHI KAPPA PSI Fozuzdfd 1852 Colors: Cardinal Red and Hunters Green Flofwvr: jacqueminot Rose Fifty-two Active Chapters RIISSISSIPPI ALPHA CHAPTER Esfzlblifflvd 1857 FR.-XTRES IN L'RI:E CARI. BR.x'I'rox VVIIIIAM TEMPLE How. T.-wI.oR E. MCELROY Roixxl. Iwi.-X'l"l'ICE . . 'IQIIOMAS S. MAYIIER M.-x'I"I'IIEw HARPER RLfssEI.I. LINIJSEI' . . joins: MAIJRE , . l5II,I. BR.,x'1"I'oN . . . f,lJESSA COCKERII.-IM CUR'I'Is IIINES . . . ECIIHRI' PIINES . . HENRY JONES . . f,ll.AUllE KEIRN . . I',xIfI. KI.o'I'z . . . IJAI.E MuI,I.I-:N . . FRATRE IN FAC L' LTATE DR. J. J. LENOIR FRATRES IN LINIVERSITATE G I'llI1ll!lfUS . . Oxford, Miss. VVALTER VV. MLIRPHEI' . . . Oxford Miss Seniors LEA COCKERHAM . .... Gunnison, Miss. Gulfport, Miss. CiORDON KEITH ROGERS . . . Belzoni Miss Juniors . McComb, Miss. T. E. CAl.DN'El.I, . . Meridian Miss Safwlzonzorfs VV. H. Coox, JR. ..... jackson, Miss. . . Laurel, Miss. JOSEPH SYDNEY MIZE . . . Forrest, Miss . Memphis, Tenn. SIIMUEI. PACK . . . . . Laurel Miss. Pf.'1lg1'.v BEN BA1I,Ex' . ...... Oakland, Miss. . . Oxford lN1iss LAWRENCE POPE . . . . Collins, Miss. . Gunnison Miss A. C. RHYNE . Pass Christian, Miss. . . Cruger, Miss. HEMI' PACE . . .... Pace Miss. . . Cruger Miss. LUIIIER SEx'roN . . Ilazelhurst, Miss. . Merigold Miss. fll,lFl-'ORD SIIULTZ . . Memphis, Tenn. . . Crnger Miss. GUY B. rIiAYl.0R . . . Oxford, Miss. . McComb, Miss RICHARD VVALKER . . Meridian, Miss. . Oxford Miss. Bonmn VVIIEAT . . . . Enid, Miss. 4 Paqe 92 L I93 5 CLE MIS Q59-23" 94-azz PHI KAPPA PSI I Q Q I ,a N 5' 2 '- 1, - Q J If 5 a if '1' 555- "1 as :ff :.g:Z.:'. - A .-'::--1- A 'Qi-II , RAP? ,w.. M1 h r Murlhey, Cald ll Halpe- L md Xlxlre, Mir B l B nt L0 k 1h'1x C Hines, E H11 k Q11 klot 1 1 vm-, Pu Sl ult 'w t Tax lor XX he'1t Q Page 93 L Ol I935 OLE lvl ISS ass? 'see-ZZ ALPHA TAU OMEGA Foznzdrrl 1365 Colors: Blue nml Gold Flomcrr: YVhite Tea Rose Ninety-five Active Chapters DELTA PSI CHAPTER Emzbiisllfii 1927 F1z.xTREs IN L'R1sE Hox. XX'RlCH'I' P.-XTTOX HON. R X. XVll.l.l.-XMS DR. EUGENE BR.1s11,ETTE, JR. ROBERT L. KlRKXX'OOD, JR. FR.-1TREs IN FAcL'1.T.1TE DEAN A. XV. M11.nEx COACH C. M. SM1T11 FR..1TR1is IN L'N1vERs1T.xTE Srniors XV11.1.11s1 R. Arzsisrkoxrz . . Housrnn, Bliss, XV.-XLSER V. PROSPERE . . Washington, LESTER C.xRR1"1'11 . . . V.-1Rn.xM.1x S. Drxx fiEORfIli T. lNlCCl,lN j.1MEs A. Cmkx . . UWYNE T. BRENT . lloiyuum Q, D.1r1s . CURTIS G. liOx'E'1'r . . . 01,1.1E D. BRAMI-I . . N1lI.l.ER C1.A11K . . . fiEORCE A. G1:x'1ER ll. lNlClN1L'l.l.AN . . Il.x1uu' N1co1.L . . . Brookhaveii, Greenwood TOCK . . B1-lzoni . Ruleville, . . .Ethc-l, . Indianolzi, Miss. XV11.1.1AM H. SCOTT . . Miss. H.xRo1.n E. PIQHOMAS Miss. T11oM,1s CIAINES . . . .1 ll Il iors' Miss. jiaisow P. T.-X1'L'M . If ,ff lil fx Miss. C11Es11a11 D. GASTON Miss flli.XRl.lfS A. POl.l..XRll l'lulgrs Nl.-XRCL'S BEIHJINCI-'llil.ll . . . .Shelhy, . Canton, . Ruleville, . Kilmichael, . . . Lake, . Meridian, lvliss. hfliss. Nliss. N1 iss. lVliss. Nl iss. . Mcrimlian, Miss. 'l'11o1s1.xs I.. ROYCE . . JACK SCOTT . . . . Cll.XRl.ES R. SM1T11 . . Ifmxx Y.1x DEVENOER EINVARD F. XV111'r'1'1NcToN lJ0l'Cl..XSS XVRICHT . . 4 Page 94 b . .Houston . Greenville New Albany . Meridian . Columbus . Greenwood . . .Isola, . Kosciusko, . . Corinth . Meridian, . Clarksdale, . . Houston, 1 I M is s. Miss Miss. Niiss. Nliss Miss. Miss. Miss. Miss. Miss. Miss. Miss. Miss. U A t 1g, J. Clark, D D M Fl U Th me B1-ame M 1 1 M M ll I935 OLE MISS ALPHA TAU OMEGA QWWQQ ,433 U ug esp lx. Pollaxd, P1 1 S t R 've Smith XVI I935 OLE MISS 3977177 SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON Colrzrsf Royal Purple and Gold lfnznzdrd 1856 Flofwfr: Violet One Hundred and Eight Active Chapters RIISSISSIPPI GARIKIA CHAPTER E5I1Ibli5ln'tl 1926 FRATRES IN LTRBE L. OLDIIAM VV. N. LEAVELL VV. L. ARCHIBALD C.-ARI, COERS PHILIP CARNATIIAN VVILLIAM FALKNER J. VV. T. FALKNER MURRY C. FALKNER J. XV. T. FALKNER IV JAMES STONE, JR. JOHN F.Xl.KNER R. L. SULLIVAN FR ATRES IN FAC L' LTATE JEFF C. HAMM DR. DAVID H. BISHOP FRATRES IN UNIVERSIT.-ATE Seniors BERT N. COERS . . . . Meridian Miss. CLYDE V, MAKWELL . . . . Pickens, Miss XV. M. ETHRIDGE . . . VVest Point Miss. LAVVRENCE H. MCDUEE . . Hattiesburg, Miss DAVID VV. HOUSTON Ill . . Aberdeen Miss. GUY lVIITCllEI,I., JR. . . . . Tupelo, lN1iss ERNEST L. JOYNER . .... Tupelo, Miss. VVILLIAM D. SEALE . .... Jackson, Miss JOIIN S. LEWIS . . . . Viloodville Miss. ROBERT OVVEN SHEPHARD , Meridian, Miss Jllzziors RICIIARD B. BOOTH . . . Aberdeen Miss. VVADDELL MASHBURN . . . Clarksdale, Miss. CoI.IN CAMPBELL . . . Yazoo City, Miss. FRANK MASSENCILL . . . Lrookhaven, Miss VIRGII. COOK . . . . Oxford Miss. ROBERT RAY . . . . . Canton, Miss. MILTON COOK . . . . Oxford Miss. Cl..-ANT J. M. SEAY . . . . Hattiesburg, Miss ROBERT H. DAVIS . . . Okolona Miss. ROBERT C. SHELBY , , . Clarksdale, Miss JAMES FISACKERLY . . . . Blaine, Miss. RUEUS SIMPSON . . . . Meridian, Miss ALIBREX' B. FULTON . .... Jackson Miss. VV. B. VVATKINS, JR. . . Aberdeen, Miss. ALEX CIILLAM . . . Clarksdale Miss. B. FRANK VVILLIAMS . . . Gulfport, Miss JAMES FAY HALL . . . . Tupelo, Miss. TOM VVOOD ...... VVoodville, Miss ARTHUR V, HATS . . Hattiesburg, Miss. GEORGE F. VVOODLIEE . . . Jackson, Miss S0f71I0lI10l'c"X JOHN N. ANDERSON . . . . Memphis, Tenn. ALBERT MCLAURINE . . . McComb, Miss. ELMO BALLARD . . . . . Tupelo, Miss. CIIARLES H. MOFFAT, JR. . . Senatobia, Miss ROY COLLINS . . . . . Memphis, Tenn. TOM IVIURPHEE . ..... Jackson, Miss. NVATT DANIEI, . . . . Tupelo Miss. JAMES VVILLTA-M PRICE . . Hattiesburg, Miss ABBOTT FERRISS . . . Jonestown, Miss. JAMES L. ROYALS . . . . Meridian, Miss CI.ARKE HOLMES . . . . Hernando Miss. CIIARLES SEAGREST . . Port Gibson, Miss Plwlgvs GEOROE BUCIIANAN . Holly Springs, Miss. CIIARLES LAWRENCE . . . Meridian. Miss. JAMES BUCHANAN . . Hollv Springs, Miss GEORGE LIDDELL . . . . . Rockford, Ill. VV. ROSS BUSH . . . Jonestown, Miss. EDWARD MCDONNELL . . . . Jackson, Miss. RENT CAEFEY . . . Duck Hill Miss. H. R. MONTGOMERY . . Port Gibson, Miss. CARL CRISLER . . . . Aberdeen Miss. HARRY PIERCE . . . . . Vicksburg, Miss. ALFRED DAN1'Zl.ER . . . . . Biloxi Miss. HOWARD PIOEORD . . . Meridian, Miss. JACK DINKINS . . .... Canton, Miss. VVILLIAM PORTER . . Memphis, Tenn. ROBERT DUNN . , Hattiesburg, Miss. J.-AMES PRINGLE . , . . . Biloxi, Miss. A. B. FURLOVK' . . . Brookhaven Miss. LOUIS ROCKETT . . . Hattiesburg, Miss. CHARI.ES HALL . . . . Hernando Miss. JACK SIMMONS . . . . Hattiesburg, Miss CHARLES HERRON . . . . . Canton Miss. TRAVIS TAYLOR . . . . Friars Points, Miss FRANK HOI.I.OMAN . . . . Ruleville Miss. NVILLIAM THAMES . .... Jackson, Miss IIERMAN CRAY' JOHNSON . Meridian, Miss. EDWARD ANALKER . . . . Picayune, Miss. PAUL B. JOIINSON, JR. . . Hattiesburg, Miss. ROBERT M, WATKINS . . . Aberdeen, Miss. RICIIARD KIIYIC . . . . . . Rockford, Ill. JULIAN XAYHELXSS . . . . Hattiesburg, Miss. ll I935 OLE MISS 839774: 'Saab SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON -Y 17 'P' Houston. Lewis. Maxwell. Mi-Duff. Min.-llell. Sln-phard. Booth. Cainplmil. Y. Cook. M. Cook. Davis, Fisavlcerly, Gillam. Hall. Hays, Mashlvnrn. Mnssengill. Ray. Seay. Shelby. XYaLkins, XX'illiamS. XX'ood. XYoodliff. Anderson, Ballard, Collins, Dani l. Fei-1-iss. Holmes. Mr,-Laurine, Moffatt. Murphee. Prine. Royals. Seagrest. G. Buchanan. J. Buchanan. Bush. Crisler, Dantzlcr. Dinkins, Dunn, Fnrlow. C. Hall, Herron. Hollo- man, H. Johnson, Kvye. Lawrence, Liddell. Mc-Donnell. Montgom ry. Piurce. Pringle. Roc-ken, Simmons. Taylor. Thames. 112. XX'atlcine. XYheliSS. 1 Page 97 L I935 OLE MISS NR my df Colors: Royal Purple and 5. LARI. lmmlis, -IR. . . Enwix II.xx'M.xN . . iXL'lll.ER Iiflmx . . T. bl. Nlllklilllijll . . XIIil.'.'lN SuiRi.u' , fiHlRCE ll. liERf:m,n C1..xL'nr: Cor-'i'M.xx . . AR'l'llL'R CROSS . FRHJ FFI.IlIiR . B. J. Goss, JR. . . '1'u.l.1s I. IIu.l. . . PIlII.l.lP l1.xRn . . iIL'N'l'liR juxvs . . ROBERT I.1vixr:s'l'oN . . SIGMA PHI EPSILON Fourzdf-J 1901 Red Flon:-1'1's.' American Beauty Rose and Violet Sixty-seven Active Chapters BIISSISSIPPI ALPHA CHAPTER ljslalzlixllud IQBS FR.x'rREs IX LYRBE BR.xs11.E'r'1E RomgR'rs XV. H. R0BER1s i'iR.XTRlfS IN L'x1vERs1T.xTE St'7ZiUl'5 . Sanamrium, Nliss. FRED Pniox . . . . . Oxfurd Miss . Blcfrnnln, Miss. RALPH XVILLIAMS . . . . Drew lNIiss J zzniorf . . Sumrnll, Niiss. D.xx'm Sx1.xl.l.u'o0u . . . . Oxford Miss . Pzirclunnn, Miss. VICTOR H. VYORREY, jk. . . . Nleaclville, Miss . . Baldwin, Niiss. Ilouixkn XVmGlxs . . Merigold Nliss l'l.flg..v . . .Osyka Mis-. TOXEY NICBRIDE . . .Sumrall, Miss .hlerigrmlcl Niiss. Hum Mclslrsxzuf . . . Forest Bliss . . Forrest Miss, l'i.KZEI. LACKEY . . . . Forest Bliss . McComb, Mi s. FRxns'r 0'NH.u. . . . Saucier Miss . Columbia Niiss. li, F. PARKER . , . Fuxworxh Bliss . .I.:iureI Nilss. limvix XV.x'r'ls . . . Sumrnll, Miss Georgetown Nliss. FR,xx1'z XV.i'l"ls . . . . Bogalusn, La . Mcriguld Niiss. j. ll. XYu.1.i.xMs . . Pelahatchic, Miss . Prentiss. Nliss. juz XVILSUN . . . . . Oxford, Bliss Q Page 98 D I93 5 O Q39-?f'7'-1 SIGMA PHI EPSILON ".-6'2"-S 224 rffbQEf5+?EE'7 -1 , as 0' Cum Human Patton, XVili'm Ewton, Shirll XX ll Belsrold C ffmm Fllel Gos Hill, Ildld MpBrvde, Lal x OX 11 P'x1le1 1 Page 99 5 i935 OLE MIS easy: 'nsegza BILL HARMON JAMES H. ARMSTRONG JOHN C. BOVVEN, JR. CHESTER H. CURTIS . . DAVE FRAISER . . . QIEORGE LAVYRENCE ADAMS . Natchez ROBERT H. ATKINSON . . SAM C. ATKINSON . . JAMES DAVANT . . ROBERT FINLAY . . JAMES D: FRITH . . J. KIRBY HARRELL . . WII.LIAM H. ALLEN . .... DOUGLASS M. BRAMI. ROBERT CANEY . . . EUGENE L. FAIR . . SAM J. FOOSE, JR. . ROBERT CIARDNER R , J . . . lin VVESTLEY fiA'l'l,lN . . DAVID HAMll,TON . , IIOMER L. HOOPER . CLAUDE JACKSON . PHI DELTA THETA F0llUL'1Fd 18.18 Colors: Azure and Argent Flofwfr: VVl1ite C21rI1ati0rl One Hundred and Four Active Chapters MISSISSIPPI ALPHA CHAPTER Eslablisllfd 1877 FRATRES IN LIRBE VVILL LEWIS BEN PRICE THOMAS YATES FRATRE IN FACULTATE CHARLES O. SMALI.ING FRATR ES IN UN IVERSITATE THADIJELIS C. . . Vaiden I . Senatobia, . Clarksdale T . Green wood, 9 Grazlzlatc LOCK.-XRD . . . . Bailey, Miss. lNIiss. Miss. Miss. Seniors EDWIN VVILBURN HOOKER . . Lexington BENJAMIN F. HANK? JAMES R. JOHNSON , , VVaynesbOro . Senatobia FRED M. GLASS . . . . VVinona, GEORGE BUFFALOE III . . Oxford, CHARLES V. FAIR . . . Louisville, DAVIS L. FAIR ..... Louisville, WALLACE H. LIVINGSTON, JR. Santa Fe, LEE MCLEAN . ...... Blaine JOHN R. ABBOTT . . . Miss. PETE MCCOI' . ..... Meridian Miss. ROBERT H. PEGRAM . . . . Tupelo Juniors Miss. ROBERT B. NANCE . . . Clarksdale Miss. ROBERT D. PORTVVOOD, JR. . Greenwood Miss. ALBERT RUSSELL . ..... Oxford N. M. VVESTON H. SEGURA . .... Jackson Mis . JAMES LUTHER SPENCER, JR. Carrollton Soplzomores . VVest Point, Miss. , Mis.. CHESTER A. MCLARTY . . . . Oxford VVater Valley, Miss. . . . Drew, Miss. . . . Jackson, Miss. . Glen Allen, Miss. . . McComb, Miss. . McComb, Miss. Pledge SAM H. ALLEN . . . . . Iuka, ETT . Woodville, Miss. Miss. . . Meridian, Miss. . Louisville, . .TChula, , Greenwood, . .McCOmb, . . Meridian, Philadelphia, . Kosciusko, Miss. Miss. Miss. Miss. Miss. Miss. Miss. WILLIAM T. MCf3EHEE . . Greenville CHARLES G. NlCPIOI.S, JR. . . Swifton, KENNETH A. PRICE . . . . McComb, ROBERT R. SWITTENBERG . . Lexington VVAIXIAER A. XAVELTY . CAULEY VVILLIAMS . . J . . .Iuka, Miss. ROBERT MAGRUDER . . GEORGE H. MCLEAN . . VVILLIAM H. MOUNGER, WILLIAM P. NANCE . . PERCY F. PARKER , . , JOIIN T. SHERMAN . . ROXIYAN T. THOMAS . ROBERT VVALI. . . . JAMES PETE WEBSTER JOSEPH E. VVEST . . . 4 Paqe I00 D J . .Jackson . Clarksdale Port Gibson . .Blaine R. . . Oxford . . Jackson . . Canton . Meridian . . Boyle . . Boyle . . Oxford . Clarksdale v U 9 Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss. Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss. Miss Miss Miss Miss. Miss Miss. Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss. l935 OLE MISS isgpff' ' PHI DELTA THETA Armstrong, Bowan, Furtisc, Frasier, Glass. llookvr, Johnson, R. Nance, SlDtJlll't'l', Swittenlu-rg, XVill:ums. Admins, Abbott. li. Atkinson. Allen Buffalm-, Varn-y. U, Fair, Il. Fair, Frith, Foose, Gan-lliit-1-, Gatlin, Harrell, Hamilton, Houpvr. L. lvlvL4-nn, lvl:-Lzxrty, Mc'Geln-e, H. Mn-Lean, Magruder, Moungvr. Nichols, XV. Nance, Price, Russell, Sherman, Thomas, XVaIl XVebster. XV9St. y Q Page lOl D I935 OLE MISS CQAZM DELTA KAPPA EPSILON Colory Crimson, Old Gold and Tm Hcrcrnxsox Pun. STONE JOE X. B.xn.Ei', -IR. . . ROBERI L. llOl.l.EY, JR. .. . . tiuxx S. Cos: . . . Krzxxrrin M. CROSBY Enwix S. GR.xs'l'il.xM ORVAI. N. llooxrgk , . j. COOPER ADAMS . . Lous ll. BlQRtIll.XRll . C2r1srill.lJr:x'l'.. . . Hrs L. Eiyxxs . . . . Azure Foznzifrd 1844 Flofwfr: Pansy Fortyrsix Active Chapters CHI CHAPTER Exlzllzlishrd FRATR ES IN 1850 LvRBE F. H. RONVLAND D, E. Nsmsox FRATER ix FACL' LTATE F. E. FARQL' EAR FR.-XTR ES ix L' NIVERSIT.-XTE Swziors Coffeeville, Miss. XVILLIAM VV. JOOR . . . Rolling Fork, Curtains S. Rsxn . . . . Summir, Miss. JlHllOI'S CH.xRiEs G. Drxrox . . . Bare.-ville, Miss. Oxford, Nllss. C. C. STEPHENSON, JR, . Holly Springs, Supl: Ill rfgv Colfeeville, Nliss. lili0RCE H. M.xR'riN . . . Anguilla, . XVest Point, lxliss. lhvin G. Nlfnsox, JR. . . . . Oxford, . XVest Point, lxllss. XV. sl. S'l'.XGCER5, jk. . . . YVest Point, Rolling Fork, Mi . . Corinth, Mi Clinton, Ml . . Lockhart, S. C Holly Springs, Mi Ss XV. D. HEDDLESTON W. D. HEDDLESTON, JR. Miss lNll s Miss Nfiss Miss l4ifRN.xRn H. XVOOII.-XRD . . Spring Hill, Tenn l'luly1'x 55. SS. 1 55. ll.XRPER jonxsox, JR. . . . Senatobia, TOM C. LACEY . . . . Holly Springs, JAMES S. Oi'ERs'rRr:f:'r . . . . De-Kalb, Ciuxrnie H. SELBY . . . . Snrtartia, 4 Page I02 D Miss Miss Miss Nliss I935 OLE MISS left! DELTA KAPPA EPSILON W fu? M Jour, Rand, Bailey, Deaton, St phvnson, Holly. Martin, Neilson, Crosby, Grantham, Cost, XVoodard, Staggers, Hooker, Svlhy, Evans, Lacey, Burg- hard, Dent, Overstreet, Johnson. Adams. 1 Page I03 D l935 OLE MISS Sssgfa' PHI PI PHI neon -aaa 0 Q 0 A ,Sys I 'Ah . '-PA. VF' X , .Sw 3 KES I L' ' 2? .615 ' K :P-1 3' W --95 3' I ef: :-9: 1 Founded 1915 Colors: Black and Turquoise Blue Twenty Active Chapters OMICRON CHAPTER Eslalzlislzed 1927 FRATER IN URBE FRANK HEARD FR.-XTER IN FACLI LTATE PERCY LEE RAINWATER . IN FAL L L I FRATREE 'ATE F. E. FARDLI EAR Flofwer: Blue Bell RALPH J, IVIITCHELL . . . OxfordREs IN UNIVERSITATIIONE . . . - Sledge, Seniors I PRESTON M. DAvIs . ..... Tula, Miss. WILLIAM KINZER , . . . Yokena, NEWMAN C. DORSEY . . Water Valley, Ivsn . .... Sum F. LYLES . . . . Oxford, !!t'1afv.7lJ XVILLIAM H. REEVES . . . jackson, Miss. T, LAKE XVILROY . . Hernando, Sophc m 7 res ERNEST E. DEMATATIS . . VVashington, D. C. KEND.KLL G. RAYBURN . Pontotcc, Pledges HERMAN L. BERRYHILL . . . Learned, Miss. HOVVARD W. FERRELL . Pontotoc, FLOYD P. SMITH . . . . Carthage, Miss. DAVIS H. SAR'I'oR . . . Pachuta, NEXVTON L. CROSBY, IV . . Picayune, Miss. HUGH H. HARALSON . Harperville, BILL JOLLY . . . . SEcREs'r TIDWELL . . . Edinburgh, Miss. . Batesville, Miss. BENJAMIN F. JOHNSON, JR. . . Jackson, J. EDWIN HARWELL . .... Tula, E. SHIRLEY DAVIS .... Horn Lake Miss. Miss. , Miss. OLIVER VV. ULMER . . . Picayune, 'IXHURSTON E. XVILKES . Picayune, EDWARD READ . . . . Picayune, XVARREN DORSEY . . . Water Valley, FRANK HART . . . . .Picayune, J. PAYNE BILBO . .... Picayune, Miss. 4 Page IO4 L Miss. Miss Miss Miss Miis Miss Miss Miss Miss. Miss Miss Miss Miss PHI PI PH I935 OLE MISS as-9921: xg-:lf N Dorsey Dans Kmzer Lsles, XVi1xo3 Dem1t'1t1s Benxhill Crogby Jolly Halwell Ferrell Saltor, R ad XX Dorsex Hart Bxlbo 1 Page l05 D I935 OLE MISS 'es,g4,zZ Foiuzdrd 1855 Colors: Blue and Old Gold Flo1u'rr.' VVhite Tea Rose Ninety-six Active Chapters ETA CHAPTER E.Il1ll1li5lIz'd 1857 FRATRES IN LlRBE DR. B. S. CTUYTON D.-XN'lIJ T. CARTER XV. M. REID BRANIIAM HUME JACR ELl,IOT'l' FRATRES IN FACULTATE DEAN T. C. KIMBROUGII L. C. ANDREWS DR. A. H. LITTLE DR. R. J. FARLET GRADT CTUYTON COACH ED. L. VVALKER DE.-XN R. M. GUESS FRATRES IN LJNIVERSITATE Scniors NORMAN C. BREXVER, JR. . EDWIN M. BROOKS . . . LEE SIMRALI, CAINE . . EBB JAMES FORD, JR. . . DAVID J. BREWER . . . JAMES P. BIEDERHARN . . CULLEN CURLEE, JR. . . CHARLES NEBl,E'l'T . . . HUOH CUNNINGHAM, JR. . WII,I.IAM R. BARBER . . VVll.l,lAM BRINSON . . . . J. GoUI.D CiARDNER . . GUS MAXWELL, JR. . . LUCIAN MINOR . . CIIARLES PllIl,I.lPS . . SCOTT VIQENNYSON . . . CiACl-I XVOODARD . . . . VVILI.E'I"I'E DUCKVVORTII . . HENRY LTUNTER . . . CARROLL HUDSON . . . JIM K. CUNNINOIIAM . . FRED P. SHELBY . . . . VVILLIAM VV. VVHITIfIEI.D LAVVRENCI5 FERRIS . . . ROBERT PERRY . . . . fili0RGE BUTLER, JR. . . . Greenwood, Miss. . .Tupelo . Columbus . Pascagoula T v Miss. , Miss. I Miss. HOMAS MCKEl.l. . . . . . Greenwood . Vicksburg . Vicksburg Morgan City' . Corinth . Gulfport Columbia Columbia . .Macon . .VVessOn BIRNEY IMES, JR. . . RANDOLPH KLYCE . . VV. VV. MI'l'CflEI,I. . . . . R. HUGHES MENDAL . . Port Gibson, Miss. funiors , Miss. V I Miss. Miss. lWiss. , Miss. VV. S. EMBREE, JR. . . BERT S. ERVIN, JR. . . HIKAM ELLIOTT . . ROBERT MORE'l'ON . . . JOHN Q. POINDEXTER S0f7ll0Ill0I'l'5 Miss. ARTHUR RAY . . Columbia, Miss. Miss , . Miss. , Miss. v Miss. 1Jll'll'gl'.V BILL fiUY'l'0N .. . . . . Columbus, Miss. . . Oxford, Miss. . Columbus, Miss. . Columbus, Miss. . Columbus, Miss. . Vicksburg, Miss. . Shelby, Miss. . . Picayune, Miss. . Macon, Miss. . . .Rienzi, Miss. . .Jackson Miss. BAXTER KNOX, JR. . . . New Albany: lVliss. JAMES S.-XRTIN . . . ROBERT SCOVILI. . . . ROBERT STEPIIENSON . . HARRY E. VVILSON . . Columbus, Miss . CoriIIth, Nliss . . Como, Miss . Vicksburg, Miss . . Como, Mi'-s . Crawford, Miss . . Oxford, Miss Brookhaven, Miss . . Macon, Miss . Rienzi, hfliss Hattiesburg, Miss Hattiesburg, Miss . Lexington, Miss Columbus . . . . ., ARCIIIRALD STURDIVANT, JR. . Glendora, . . Oxford, Miss. ICD XVELLS . . . . . XVARNER BIEDENHARN . JAMES HARRIS . . . . SISEEIIEN STICLER . . BRENT F. QUINN . . LLOYD COLEMAN . . NORMAN SARTIN . . . CLINT CTEE, JR. . . JACR CARVER . . CLYDE MCfiEE . . . BII.I. ALEXANDER . . WILLIAM BRADFORD . . 4 Page l06 5 . Vicksburg, Miss Miss Miss. Vicksburg, Miss. . . VVebb, Miss. Greenville, Miss. Greenwood, Miss. Doddsville, Miss Hattiesburg, Miss. Carrollton, Miss. . . .Moline, Ill . . Leland, Miss . . Como, Miss . Itta Bena, Miss SIGMA CHI I935 OLE MISS S3977 Axmzzf Qzx :TIN II' 1-s':'ik 3 I Z-5 2- 12 f or 'Y A .-:L Vt 2' ,- ,or Xllfiic r axncszs Guess, N. Brewer, Brooks, Ford, Klyee, Mitchell. D. Br--we-r, Bis-da-11l1z11'11, Ne-blett, Emhrec, Ervin, Moreton. Brinson, Guyton, XVoodard, Duckworth. Gunter, Hudson, Cunningham, For-ris, Perry, XVells. Harris, Stiglvr, Quinn, Gee, McGee, Alexands-r, Bradford, Sturdivzmt. Colm-zmxn. Q Page I07 D I 9 OLE MISS ABRSQZZ INTER-FRATERNITY COUNCIL OFFICERS EARL GRIMES .... . . . ..... . ........ Presidrnz CS.-XRLAND LYELL . . . . ..... Vice-President CHARLES DEATON . . . .... . . Srfrctary-Treasurer NIEIXIBERS IJ lpha Tau Omfga LESTER CARRUTH SVALSER PROSPERI Bda Thrla Pi w7Il,l,lAM AVERILI. WILLIAM CASSEDY 4 Page l08 5 Dalia Psi SHED ROBERSON GARLAND LYELL Della Kappa Epsilon CHARLES RAND CHARLES DEATON Dflia Tau Dflla A. S. COODY HARVEY CARTER Kappa I-llpha J. E. ALEORD THOMAS MINNIECE Phi Kappa Psi VVALTER MURPHY RUSSELL LINDSAY Phi Pi Phi VVILLIAM LYLES THOMAS KINZER Pi Kappa fllpha LYLE BATES W. P. NIITCHELI. Phi Della Thria CHESTER CURTIS VVILBURN HOOKER Pi Kappa Phi JOHN WARD BLONDY HENRX' Sigma .fllpha Epsilon DAVE HOUSTON VIRGIL COOK Sigma Chi VV. VV. NlI'l'CHEl.l. NORMAN BREWER Sigma Phi Epsilon EARL CIRIMES VICTOR TORREX' Sigma Nu BEN CALDNVELL ORMAN GEE PIII Epsilon Pi MOSE WANDER MELVIN DOVITH 5 CLE MIS l93 " ee-220' Pl KAPPA PI Honorary Sfholasiic Fratrrnily BIEMBERS IN FACULTY fr 'I' DR. CALVTN S. BROWN Miss RUTH MCNEIL DR. VV. L. KENNON DR. A. WV. MILDEN OFFICERS FRANCES E. VVITTY . . . ..... ......... P resident COLLIER STEWART . . . . .... Vice-Prf.fidrnt RUBY MOONEY . . . . . Secrrlary-Trmsurn' MEh1BERS ERB J. FORD . . ...... Pascagoula Miss. RUBY MOONEY . . . Oxford Miss. T. C. LOCKARD . . . . Bailey Miss. COLLTER STEWVART . . Charleston Miss. CHARLES TINDALL . . . . Indianola, Miss. FRANCES VVITTY , . .VVinona Miss. GORDON MEADORS .Ellisville Miss. oPaqe Ill! 5 935 OLE M ISS essay' i'nseQ.e'4 CHESTER H. CURTIS . ABBOTT L. FERRISS . . PAUL M. GOLDFARB GEORGE L. ADAMS . . JAMES H. ARMSTRONG J. B. BELL, JR. . . . CHESTER H. CURTIS . . J. W. DORMAN . . ABBOTT L. FERRISS . . EEE. J. FORD, JR. . . PAUL M. GOLDFARB . JAMEs F. HAl.L, JR. . PHI ETA SIGMA Freslznmn Iionorary Sf,l0!IlS1iL' Fraternity Establislled 1929 FAC U LTY ADVISORS DR. C. S. SYDNOR DEAN R. M. GUEss OFFICERS . . . Senior .Jdfvisor CHESTER A. MCLARTI' , . . . Secretary . . . . President WILLIAM J. HOSSI.EX' . . . Trrasurer . . . Vice-President VVILLIAM R. RUSSELL , . Hisiorian MEb1BERS . . Natchez Miss N. C. HOUSE . . . . . . Enid Miss . . . . Vaiden Miss. VVILLIAM J. HOSSLEY .. . . Vicksburg, Miss. . . Greenville, Miss. EMMETI' D. KEMP, JR. Sanatorium, Miss. . . Clarksdale Miss CHESTER A. MCLARTY . . . . Oxford Miss . . . Myrtle, Miss MARION S. MCLELLAN . Sumner Miss . . Jonestown, Miss L. S. PEARCE . . . . . Falkner, Miss . . Pascagoula Miss XNILLIAM R. RUSSELL . . . . Tunica Miss , . . Vicksburg, Miss. .JAMES C. STEWART . , Charleston Miss . . Tupelo Miss. WILLIAM W. WATKINS . . Aberdeen Miss Q Page II2b I935 OLE MIS fi 'FDR 3 ALPHA LAMBDA DELTA Founded 1924 Colors: Gold, VVhite, and Red Established: 1929 UNIVERSITY OF MISSISSIPPI CHAPTER LOUISE HOWARD . . FLORENCE CAMPBELL ONITA ALDRIDGE . . ANNIE LAURA ALLEN LAURA BRADFORD . . LUCY LOTT HATIIORN SORORES IN FACULTATE MRS. LOUISE DUNCAN Miss ESTELLA HEFLEX' OFFICERS . .Presidrnt GALE NOEL . . Vicz'-President LAURA BRADFORD . Winona, . . . . Houston . . Webb, Canton FLORENCE CAMPBELL .. . . . . . . University, MEMBERS Miss, LOUISE HOXVARD Miss RUBY MOONEY . . Miss GALE NOEL . . Miss Miss DELLIE SPEED , , FRANCES VVITTI' Q' Page II3 L . . . Sfcrrtary . . . . Trvasurrr . Oxford, . .Greenville, . . Meridian . VVinona, Meridian, Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss 9 O L E M IS S Pewccza MEDICAL CLUB Cfronfv t'0llIf'CXl'lI of flu ll1lJll11ll'I'5 of ilu' Sflmol of Jffdicirlf OFFICERS JOHN D. DYER . . . . . Prfsidrnl JACK ULMER . . ED X1 XBRY , , . . I'iu'-Pn'sidn11 J. R. PRIEST . . RIEMBERS J. H. :XRMSTRONG XV. R. :XRMSTRONC H.ARX'EX' CARTER E. S. CHAPEL J. A. CLARK H. L. COCKERHAM BERT COERS EM.-XNIQEI, COHEN R. T. 1,3885 XY. M. DABNEY JOHN DORMAN JOHN D. DYER H. R. ELLIOT L. H. ECBANKS I. C. FARMER MARY E. FATHEREE J. S. FIS.-XCKERLY FRED GEISENBERCER :XLFRED H.XBEEB BEN HAND T. L. HARVEY A. V. HATS F. H. HOOGES X. C. HOUSE JOE HULL LORENZO JAMES JL'I.IL'S LEVINE C. M. LOBRANO I. E. LOBRANO I10NYARlJ KISNER T. E. NICKEl.I. COLON DLCNEASE G. T. NICPHAIL EO DLXBRY 1 Page II4 D . .Srcrrlary . Treasurer R. D. DIORETON GENE NIORRISON C. L. NEILL LEROY PEARCE MRS. DIODEN.-X PETERSON R. H. PECR.-XM J. R. PRIEST DAROEN REYNOLDS G. K. ROGERS En SAMS RL'EL'S SIMPSON RALPH SNEED JACK VLMER R. P. XV.-XLKER XV. A. XV.-XTKINS JACK XVILSON J AM ES XV ESTEREI ELO si I935 OLE MISS 5,35 'mx gd JAMES LOUIS PHARMACY CLUB ' Group rczfzpcswl rf 11117 llIl'lI1!N'l'.Y of Ihr' Sfhool of PllUI'llI1lt'J' GFFICERS LOXYRY INCRAM . .... Prf.vidrn1 CIEORCE C. KE.XI.!iOP'ER . .... Sf-frfmry A. EATON . ..... I'ifr-Prwidfnz JOHN N. BI.AI'LOCR . ..... Trvasurfr ELMER LIONEL HAMMOND . ...... . . . Dmn of Ihr Srlmol of Plmrmary AIEMBERS N. J. BLAYLOCR J. G. HOI.I.INGSwORTH J. L. INORAM GEORGE KEAl.HOFER C. S. RAND V. E. XVATTS CARL XVEEK5 VVILLI.-'KM XVILSON C. H. XVISE J. B. CAVER J. A. BORNMAN J. T. BROOKSHIRI-3 L. H. BURGHERD L. A. EATON C. N. ELEY G. C. FLRR O. C. GRIOSBI' T. H. NICBRIDE T. J. ROSETTI C. K. SAMPLE H. E. SLIMNERS HINDS BLACKXYELI, E. XV. BRYAN ALLEN E. COLLINS CHARLES CRENSHAW JOSEPH DLICRIVORTH J. D. FRITH CLAYTON M. HALL XV. J. HOSSLEY, JR. THOMAS S. LIVINGSTON C Page II5b J. M. LONCMIRE ARTHUR RAI' JOHN XYARD CECIL L. JXLLRED VVILLIAM E. BEARDEN L. F. HEARD J. R. HOOD R. M. JONES K. W. NICCORMICK T. L. NIX O. E. PE.-XRCE C. V. PETTY, JR. H. F. SALSBERI' F. P. SIMMONS if L 9 E PM IS S gagw 'vggf 19 1.7! BLUE KEY NVIIIUIIIII IJOIZOVIIVJ' f"I'llfl'l'l1ilj' Established at Cniversity Of Nlissisrippi in 1929 OFFICERS FRED M. CQLASS . ....... Prrsidrnr CIIXRI Eb S. 'I'1xOALL . . . . I'ic1--Prfsidrnl XVELLS XV. VVOOOY . Corrfgponding Srcrrtary XX u 1 nu A. BACON . . . Rvfordizzg Sun-tary DAVE XV. HOL's'1'Ox . ..... Treasurfr AIEMBERS VVILLIAM A. BACOR LYLE S. BATES J. B. BELL NORMAN BREWER BERRY D. BROXYN BEN CALOWELL LESTER C.-XRRUTH HARVEY CARTER CHESTER H. CL'RT1s FRED M. GLASS EARL KIRIMES I A r?L C -,W , I E,,. E ,QSM I 1 Li ,I M sy .E . 4 Page II6 5 N. C. DAVE HOL'sE W. HOUSTON III T. C. LOCK.-XRD, JR. SHED CLAN .ARCH COLL! CHAR Gu' XVELI H. ROBERSON T M. SEAT IE STARNES ER STEXVART LES T1xOALL VV. MlTCHEI.I,, .s W. Woom' J I935 OLE MISS Rza O. K. QTEE, JR. . . GUS lVIAXVVELL GYN'X'NNE BRUNT , , DENM.-KN CROW' . . VVATT D.-XNIELS . . . SHIRLEY DAVIS . . . H.AZEL LACREI' . . O. K. GEE, JR. . . GEORGE MARTIN . . GUS MAXWELL , . . JULIUS MCILWAIN . . THE CARDINAL CLUB Host to fisitirzg Jilzletic Trams OFFICERS M EMBERS MALCOLM BAXTER . Alpha Tau Omega . . . . Delta Psi Sigma Alpha Epsilon . . . . Phi Pi Phi . Sigma Phi Epsilon . . . . Sigma Nu Delta Kappa Epsilon . . . . Sigma Chi . . Beta Theta Pi . Pi Kappa Alpha JOEMIZE.. . .. KENNE1'H PRICE . . VV. C. REED . . . EDWARD SEEMAN . . JOHN VVARD . . . CLYDE XVATKINS . . GEORGE XVATSDN . . . MARVIN XVATSON . . CHARLES XVESTERFIELD C Page lI7b . . .Prrsidrni Trm.vurf'r . Phi Kappa Psi Phi Delta Theta Delta Tau Delta . Student Body . Pi Kappa Phi . Kappa Alpha . Kappa Sigma . Student Body . . Sigma Nu I935 OLE MISS THE PIX Irztz'r-Sorority Sofiety MEMBERS ORA ELIZABETH BOOROUT MARY ELLEN DALIER RAMELLE EASON HAYS GEE MARGARET MACNICOL HAZEL HARRISON ELIZABETH MCGEIIEE FRANCES HOLMES FRANCES NOLAN LOUISE PACE FRANCES SCRUGGS HELEN WAGNER MARGARET VVEBB Q Page II8 L BIRNEY IMES . . l935 CLE MI QS99'?:A SS S I ARCHER STARNES IDAN RUSSELL . . M. O. A. K. S. Ilmzorary Sofirty for Seniors . .Kappa . . .Kappa THOMAS S. lVICXVllOR'l'ER . . . Kappa THOMAS M. KEESEE . JOHN AI.DRIDCE . . LiNDsEY SP1OH'1' . JOE BAILEY . . . C. S. RAND . . . NEXVMAN DORSEY Blu. LYLES . . . JEPTHA HARBOUR SHED ROBINSON . GEORGE MCCl.lN'I'0CK . . hVAl.SER PROSPERI VVH.1.1AM AX'ERILI. . . . GORDON DITTO . . . .Kappa . . P1 Kappa . . Pi Kappa RIEMBERS Sigma Sigma Alpha Alpha Alpha Alpha Delta Kappa Epsilon Delta Kappa Epsilon ....PhiPiPhi . Phi Pi Phi . . Delta Psi . . .Delta Psi , . . . Alpha Tau Omega Alpha Tau Omega . . Beta Theta Pi . Beta Theta Pi O. I.. CASEY . , FRANK HUGHES . BEN CAt,DwEi.1, . . I. D. BENSON . . CHESTER CURTIS . XVIIBURN HOOKER O. C. COCKERHAM XVALTER MURPHY NORMAN BREWER . . ED HAYMAN . . E. M. VVH,t.iAMS . . . A. S, COODY . , HAROI.IJ MOUNOER D. VV. HOIlSl'ON III . . CLANT SE.-XY . . Q Page H99 . Pi Kappa Phi . Pi Kappa Phi . . Sigma Nu . . . .Sigma Nu . Phi Delta Theta . Phi Delta Theta . Phi Kappa Psi . Phi Kappa Psi . . .Sigma Chi . . .Sigma Chi . Sigma Phi Epsilon . Sigma Phi Epsilon . . Delta Tau Delta . . Delta Tau Delta Sigma Alpha Epsilon Sigma Alpha Epsilon Tucci, ' I935 OLE MISS Qs-Baz kwa? HERMEAN LITERARY SOCIETY FUlll1l!t'III1f Lvzziiwrsity of Jlississijwfwi 1848 OFFICERS XX XI IER JONES . . . . Prvsidvnl JIMMIE JOHNSON . . . Svrrflary RICIIIRII BOOTH . . . . I'iw-Prwidrfzl JAMES ROx'ALs . . . . Trmsurfr BIEMBERS SHIRLEY LIVINGSTON KEBlP PACE XV. E. BEAOEN RICHARD KETE IDAVID HAMILTON L. E. GRICE TR.XX'I5 TAYLOR HOMER HOOPER QIENE FAIR LEMOCNT HOGAN GEORGE XVOODLIFF ALBERT RL'ssELL GENE CAl.DXX'EI.L ABBOTT FERRISS CIIARLES LAWRENCE CORDELI, XVHITE XX'ILLIAM A. BRATTON BILL ROBERTSON MILTON MARSHALL GEORGE T. LIDELL JOHN XVAIIE LONG BILL DENTON MARION XX'A'I'sON BILLY RL'ssELL PALI. QCINN JOHN KL'X'KENlJ.AI.I, L.XXX'RENCE NICDIQFF XX'II.I,, ROBERTSOX BROOKS .-XITREII DANTZLER FRANK IIOLLOMAN TEIIIIY SMITII JIM PRINCLE PAUL JOHNSON ROIILIN THOMAS 1 Page 120 D ROBERT XVALL CL.-XRKE HOLMES BOB C.-XRNEX' JIMMIE DEV.-XNTE JACK DINKINS CHARLES HERON ROBERT DUNN JCLIAN XVHEELESS JOHN BOIIBEN BILL CASS!-IDX' XVATT DANIELS ROI' COLLINS R. D. JACOBS, JR. CLIFFORD SCHCLTZ lj,-XLE S. FLEMMINC En MCDONNELI. I935 OLE S If QS-Sag! PHI SIGMA LITERARY SOCIETY OFFICERS JOHN ABBOTT . . . . . . . Prfsidfnf LAKE XVILROI' . . . Trrasur,-r BILL JOLLY . .... I'icr-Pfwidrfzt SCOTT TENNYSON . . . . Critir IXLONZO XVESTBROOK . . . . Sfrrclary LUTHER SPENCER . . . . Reporlfr AIEMBERS BILL NANCE R. D. CROWE RODNEY GATES ERNEST DEMATATIS XVILLI.-XM BRADFORD KEITH ROBINSON FRANCIS SMITH FRANK TATUM VVILL BIDDEN HERMAN BERRYHILL AXRTH CR D ERRICK HUGH RATHER M. L. WOOTEN ROBERT POPE JOHN XVOODBRIDGE JACK BENNETT J. P. BILBO B. H. NI.-XRTIN ED READ CLAUDE PETTY BEN JOHNSON BOB MCCORMICK SAM ADAMS Q Page I2l D E. C. OLIVER GLA' SENNETT SAM .ABBOTT TOM SHERMAN OLIVER INIACRUDER HUGH CCNNINCHAM AL IYIOORE JOHN XVITHERSPOON SHERMAN HAECcOL'IsT XVARNER HARMON E16 CL S I935 OLE MISS SSS!" in Coi,i.1ER S'l'Ell'AR'l' . Louis HENCEN , VVEI.I.s VVOODY . John Aldridge Billy Bacon Joe Bailcy Lyle Batvs I. TJ. Bvnson John Bowl-n Noi-nuln lire-wi-r Edwin Brooks Br-fry lirown Jac-k Iiurm-tt Rr-n f':ililw1-ll llzirw-y Parts-r O. L. Vzisvy Jarnc-s A. Vlzxrk A, S, Vomly Henry Cook Y. M. C. A. OFFICERS GUY NII'l'CHEI.I: , ....... Prasidrnl . lf'iu'-Prrszdrnt R. M. GUESS . . . . . . . Sm'rrf11ry DR. J. C. CULLEY Cflmn. . Trrnsurrr DEAN T. C. KIMBROLlGlI . RIEMBERS Cliestcr Purtis D. P. llzilihs l1'r:1nk llzivis Howard lmvis E. E. In-nmtzxtis Osrnr Tlonlvy Gvorgo Etliridgi- Jarni-s I"lSIlI'lil'l'lj Guy Fislic-1' H. G. Flow' rs Auhroy Fulton Frmd Glass S. E. Grimvs Thomas llnrvvy Arthur llays D. XV. Houston Jimmie Johnson Nevin Jouvs George Kvalliofcfx' I.. T. Kvllllwly Ln wrmif-v Mr-Duff Burch-tt Martin Toinmy Muylis-r XV. XY. Mita-hull 1'. H. Moffatt! Alfrmfl Moors! Sum Pzwlc 1'liur'los Phillips Holi Ray G. K. Royle-rs Stnkcs Rolwrtson Dan Russvll Q Page I22 5 . Gfnfral Sffrrlary Board of Dircclors Fafully Trmsurer Tvat S1-ay R. 0. Shepliarrl Floyd Smith Arvhie Starne-s XV. A. Stiglc-ir Lev Stokes John E. Stonv J. XV. Strong lla-rliPl't Sumne-rs H. E. Thomas Vliarlm-s Tinrlall Mase XVand+1r Furl VVPG-las T. N. Xvil-U-IillS George' XVintvi's E. F. Yerhy AA AA I93 5 OLE MISS Nw?-ef' I-SOLAR Y. W. C. A. OFFICERS SUE NVRIGHT . . . . . . . President ONITA Al.DRIDGE . ....... Srcrriary HAZEL HARRISON . ..... I'iu'-Prfsident FRANCES XAYITTY . ...... Treasurer MRS. V. A. COULTER . ...... . . . Chairman, Board of Dirctlory SENIOR CABINET MARY ABEAY CALLIE AUSTIN CHARLOTTE BLACKSTONE ORA ELIZABETH BOOKOUT MAY COOK JESSIE MAE CROSBY ALICE VIVIAN DENMAN MARY ALICE FATHEREE LUCILLE FEIJRIC FRANCES HOLMES EMILY HOSMER JEAN JACKSON Q Page l239 ELIZABETH N1CQ:EHEE JOAN MAUEFRAY FRANCES NI.-XXXVELL RUBY MOONEY GERTRUDE NEEI. JANIS PERKINS SUE POINTER JANE SACNOERS MILORED SMITH DOROTHY THOMPSON ELIZABETH TOYYNSENO MARGARET XVEBB First Ten or l935 OLE MISS OLE MISS MUSICAL CLUB OFFICERS E. F. XYERBY ......... Prrsidfn! THOMAS S. MAS HER ..,. I'irf-l'z'fsidI'1z1 MRS. LAURA T. MARTIN ..... Dzrnlor S. EARL GRIMES, JR. . . Srcrrlary-TrI'a.fIzI'm' Mk. R. M. GUESS .... Businrss Managrf CHORUS JAMES WALLACE GEORGE H. MCLEAN EDWIN W. BROOKS ROBERT LOMAx ROBERT D. PORTWOOO RUSSELL LINDSEY HUGH L. REID GEORGE KEALHOEER GEORGE BUFFALO, III NORMAN E. KING Second Tenor SAMUEL BIGHAM ECBERT J. HINES, JR. First Bass THOMAS S. MAYHER ROBERT SVYKTTENBERC Sfcoml Bass LEE D. MCLEAN W. L, VNIJERXYOOD S. EARL GRIMES, JR. ROBERT VVHEAT A. Y. STURDIVANT ROBERT H. MCCORMICK BEN T. BAILEY GEORGE VV. GREEN ZENO L. MANCUM ROBERT E. PERRY A. G. BOWEN ........ . . Pianisi ROSENDO CABALLERO ............. . Violinin MISSISSIPPIANS ORCHESTRA HERBIE HOLMES, Dirrdor and Vnralisr F E YERBY' . . , Snxoplfonf and Clarinft HOMER CORLEI' . . . -, Trumprf RIvEs HUTCHERSON . Saxoplmnr and Clarinfi JOIIN HAERLE .... . . Trombonr JOE VVEILER ...., Saxoplmm' and Fluff HURON HCTCIIERSON . . . l'iamI MCRAE AIIAMS .,...... Trumjwr "CHUCK" LIAERLE . . . . Drums JIMMIE VVEILER . . .... Trumprt JACK RIGGIN .... . . . Ban Q' Page I24 D I935 OLE MISS SS-sag' OLE MISS GIRLS' GLEE CLUB MRS LAURA T. MARTIN . . . ..... Dirvftor MISS RUTH N1CNElL . MISS YIVIAN HEARD . . OFFICERS DOROTHY THOMPSON ...... FRANCES HOLMES . FRANCES NOLAN . JOAN NIAUFFR.-KY . MARY ,ABBAY NANCX' ARRAY NAN DYER FLORENCE CAMPBELL ELIZABETH CONLEY MABEL DEAN MARX' ALICE FARRIS MARGARET G.kTLIN ANNIE LAURIE HARGIS ROSA HEALY KIEMBERS VIVIAN HEARD FRANCES HOLMES NI.-XRGARET KIRK ALICE LIGHTCAP NETTIE HELEN LITTON MARGARET MCNICHOl,, JOAN MAUFFRAX' MILDRED MCCOY ROSE MARY MCCOY Q Page I25 D . .jrforrzpzzrzisi . Pianist . . .Prrsidfnl . I'iu'-Prmilivrzt . . Sf'z'rft11ry . . Trfasurfr FRANCES NOLAN HELEN POIRER DIARY SPEED DOROTHY THOMPSON NIARY L. XVILKERSON FISHER XV.-XTKINS LUCILLE VVHITEH EAD DIARY ELIZAB ETH YATES NIARGARET HARRIS NI.-XRGARET JOYN ER 935 OLE M N. C. HOUSE . STUDENT DANCE COMMITTEE DR. VV. L. KENNON ...... MISS ORA ELIZABETH BOOKOUT HOWARD DAVIS . . . R. C. SHELBY . FLOOR FRED STONE FRED GLASS GUY MI'I'CIIEI,I, BILLY BACON CHICK TINDALI, JOE BAILEY LOUIS IIENOEN I. E. LOBR.-XNO NEVIN JONES EARL CSRIMES 4 u Exvculifuf Chairman . . . .Fafulty Cllairman . . . .Gi!'l5,C'1lllil'l7lIlll . . Floor Clzairman Drcoraiion Clmirman COAIAIITTEE Paqe l?6 5 NORMAN BRETYER BEN CALDWELL JOHN ALIDRIDGE S'I'OIc ES ROB ER'I'sON OSCAR DOOLEX' ALVIN FINK HARVEY CARTER GUY FISHER I3-III. AVERII.I,L RUSSELL LINDSEI' I935 OLE MISS Asif A Tessa! TONO LINDO ORCHESTRA 'lllusiu it Its Best" Bois RAY JIIZIIIZQFI' and Dirvvlor BEAN IRBY, Saxojahonr . . SAM IXTKINSON, Saxoplmm' . . JOE PENIX, Saxoplzom' . . . CHESTER MCLARTY, Trumpel JODIE SM1rH, Trumpvt . . Bo GR,XF1', Trunipvf . . TINY HE.ARD, Trombonr . . LEE STOKES, Piano . . . Lrxwoon Ci.-XRRE'l"l', Drums . JACK SMTTH, Bas.: .... EI,rzABE'rr1 CONLEY, I'omli.v1 lN'1ARCARET TRLTSTX', I'ova!i5l . . PERSONNEL . Oxford, Mississippi . . Memphis, Tennessee . . Jackson, Mississippi . Oxford, lNIississippi . . . Oxford, Nlississippi . Rolling Fork, Mississippi . . East Bangor, Pennsylvania Q Page I27 5 . . Meridian, Mississippi . . Oxford, lklississippi . . Meridian, Nlississippi . . Nlemphis, Tennessee . G renada, Mississippi OLE MISS N92 'RJ 'IQHOMAS M. KEESEE . HATS GEE . . . . MARTHA CARNATHAN MARGARET NIACNICOI. FRANCES HOLMES . . . TIIOMAS HOPKINS . . ONITA ALDRIDGE . . CAULEY VVILLIAMS . . ALONZO VVESTBROOK . J. F. PIALL . . . . DAN JACKSON . . VVALTER COLEMAN . . BERRY D. BRONVN . fil:0RGE ETHRIDCE . . EIIWIN HAYMAN . . ELIZABETH NICCHEHEE MARX' E. DAI.lER . . KEESEE BROVS' N THE I935 "OLE MISS" Offieial Annual Student Pulzlieation of the lfrzifvr-t'sity of Mississippi EDITORIAL STAFF JOHN STONE . . . Assoeiatr Editor . , Coed Editor . . .Assistant , . . . Assistant . Actifvities Editor . . . Assistant . Assistant . Assistant . Art Editor . Assistant . Assistant IVIANAG . Business Manager , . . . . Assistant Adfuertising Manager . . . . . Assistant . . . . . Assistant BILL CASSEIIY . . . . Cireulation Manager ERIAL STAFF . . . . . . . . . Editor-in-Chief . I-lssofiate Ed.t.,r VVESTON SECURA . . . Class Editor CHESTER MCLARTY . . . . Assistant SIIIRLEI' DAVIS . . . . 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JIMMIE JOHNSON THOMAS CALDVVELL GEORGE VVOODLIFF I'l.-XRREIIL SAM ABBOTT PETE LEBARRE ROWAN THOMAS EDWARD MCDONNEI.L ROSA HEAI,Y' JOHN ABBOTT BILLY GATES SIIIRLEY DAVIS . . .'155i.fllll1f BIl5i7lt'55 Illanagfr . . Forrign Cirfnlafion Managers . . Loral Cirrulafion Managfr: . . ..-Idwrtmny Managrrs ASSISTANTS PETE MCLEOD PRI-ISCO'I"l' SHERMAN HARRY PEARCE ALONZO VVESTIIROOR BILL INORAM 4 Page I30 b I935 OLE MISS sS9a'7 l l 4 THE MISSISSIPPIAN STAFF XVitty. Nail, Bowvn. Horne, MCLarty, Moffatt, Johnson, f,'HlflXYl'll, XVOOtE'll, Agustus, Moungvr, Adams. Harrell, Kuyhendall, Hamilton, llusse-ll, Thomas, Mubonnell, Healy, Perkins. Matthews. Neill, Bishop, Sherman, Piercu, Aldridge. McCoy. Moore. 1 Page l3l 5 A A f I935 OLE MISS STUDENT GOVERNMENT ASSOCIATION FOR WOMEN ADVISORY BOARD MISS EsTELI,A G. HEELEY MRS. MARY' L. DUNCAN MRS, LOUISE B. DUNCAN OFFICERS AI,lCE VIVIAN DENMAN . . .... ....... P resident LOUISE SOLOMAN . . . . .... Virr-President MARY IVICCIINNIS . . . . . 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ROY COATS ..... . ...,............. Director GEORGE NEBLETT ........., . Drum Major and Student Managvr MARION OUSLEY AND RAY HOLDER ...... Band Sergeanis KENNETH CROSBY .... . Band Secretary NIEMBERS Tru lllpffi' Clarinfts MCRAE ADAMS BILL CASSEDY ISZENNETH CROSBY Bass BOYCE COLLINS HIIRO HOMER CORLEY SEYMOUR DAI,SHEIMER JIM XVEILER JOE WHITE .films GEORGE BLUNDELL J. E. AVENT C. G. BOYETTE 7'l'0lIlb07Il'.Y GUINN COST JAMES FISACKERLY JOHN HAERLE JACK SCOTT N HUTCI-IERSON . RAY HOLDER MARION OUSLEY JACK SMITH Bzzritmm CLYDE HARBIN J. L. BLACK Srzxofvlzazzfs REEYES HOTCIIERSON DAVID NEILSON JAMES MCCOOI. . Rflls JOE VVEILER I Page I34 L VVILLIAM JOHNSTON CLYDE MAXWELL LEE MCLEAN GEORGE KEAI,HOFER JOE PENIX JOHN VVARD ECBERT YERBY HENRY MCKENZIE Pwfllssiofz GEORGE DONNOVAN vVlI.l,ET'I'E DUCKVVORTH BILLY GATES CHARLES HAERI.E SCOTT TENNYSON . . . Pirrolo and Flulf' 9 35 CLE MISS S3977 OLE MISS BAND M I935 OLE MISS Fascia AMERICAN SOCIETY OF CIVIL ENGINEERS OLE MISS CHAPTER QFFICERS ROBERT OWEN SHEPHARO . . ...... ..... P rr5i.1r1zl J. B. BELL ........ . . . I'icv-Pn'.viIiv111 HL'BITR'l' F. PATTERSON . . . . . . Secretary C. L, SEMRALE, JR. . .... Trvasurvr A. B. HARCIS . . . .... . . laculiy .Jdfvisor RIEMBERS Seniors ROBERT OWEN SIIEPHARD C. L. SUMRALL fllniorx J, B. BELL H. F. PATTERSON C. V. hIAXXK'IiI.I. CUEORGE L. KOOMOS Snfwlzonzorvx HARPER JOHNSON, JR. DAVID J. I'I.xcc HENRX' IVI.xEl.1.ER M. F. H.XR'l'SP'lEI.I7 IIL'N'rER JONEs JOYCE Cox AI.BliR'I' McI..x1.'R1NE 1'yl't'XllllIl'll M. H. ALLEN P. A. SHERMAN N. F. GL'YrON IIOWARO I.lNnEN ll. H. R.x'mER JOHN R, INORAM 4 Page I36 5 P mm ' , L :.- .rs zuzaznsv -1-1-4--- , ,, ..Y.- ffl- .L - 1 li .J'S'.31'T"HH 1 ":gk:..: 'I' , . , i 1 1 1 I 4 5 l I 1 . I 1 'f 1 1 1 I , i 1 1 1 , 1 l U I P 1 I1 1 l , J 1 1 I 1 1 1 1 1. I 1 L ,- -" ' 1 1 , 1 1 1 - ll 1 1 I L I . 1 i J ,,, ,,,,, , I 41-i-l'. H- 1 A - " A 1' .521 'iii " .LZEL ' A1-Za..'r..,.1.- . f?i4f' ' '12, 1 " Q, sf' ?l1iE"'2E'GIB?i?F331. 1 lv"-,,-xl . -,v I . I . 1-3, 1, 5, l ,, . EQHQ ' f' 'C' ,. 3 Tw t,,'. !'1-.RUN . , !'- ' J ' rx ,I -' g'.uK L .. I .- . , '-' 5 ', I N , V X n ' ' 5.5, I' ' X. ' 4 ' 't ' 'I 4 'Ln Q ' I-I N ' l I ' .' ' ' ' ffl , 5 pf .4 fi - ' I I I . ' ',0' 1 l 'ii ' u 4 Q u " ' - ' V ' ..- . 54 1- 08440, .914-Q15 1.43, ?'u3l,,tJ'qn'1uM ,' lv - ,A - Sw! ' - , 'P' rt, I D I H 1 . .1 '.v', Q : 1 " ' 4 C .1 .-T l, u ,Ny . 315 ' u "5 . 1 ' '-'Vg' . , .V , 4 . Y K A ' s ' 2 o ' 1 ,J-hub -NH nan F ' 1 , ' ' N Y.. ' v 1-,v Y- 1' , . .ilu I IK A M : U' . '. 2 1 1 I' . ' - Q 1 .5 , s 1 If A I . '4 I , ' J? '. 1 ' J I v v. 'H ' -' r W r . . , ., l I I 4' '.A -. " ' - - , . , , . -4 1... ' 3 4 ,N .. ',- .,' N K ..,- A - . X. , A . , - .3 Q . f,.,. -A , '-. X, ' . ' 3 ' ' I it XL. 'H' ' N ' 1 4' : 'f ' .,-'If f '. 'gl' F , .B bo.. v ,tg if ' ' .- f f 11 w .1 I ' I I -- ' 'f ' ', . ' 'Z' I ' Y - y JN' ' mg. 1 , .I , . ' qv- 9 ' . . I, .-5. ' a'l .4-H94.' ' J . Y if ' - ' .U ', ' - , ' . I' . ' , " 'N I' R ' ' ' 1 3 , - ' 4, I A J, , ' ',. X Dj' T' -1 le 'vu' ,,'. X Ll,., DI f41x ' ' YV lv. . . - .IQ '-I' ' ,. . ' .N , ,,'fl, xl ' , I ' . 1' H' N K . I., ., ' kg' Y ': 'inf' ,v .1 ' I-js: -- , ' g fff.'f'f'. ' 2 f WI 5 ' .1 I u 1 3 T' , ' PH' ff! fl ,." . ,v,.l. 4 4.. F, me x l."1' .' 13 ff .,,':' Y 'uv' ',4 ' 4 . . ,I KJ , ' 8, I ' Q Fu' Q' ' t 1 I 1 . 'a 'l Q 1 1 J CHEER LE.-xDERs ROBERT CAIN, Hrad Clmer Leader ASSISTANTS ODELL SANDERS ELLEN MCCORMICK Jos M1zE FCDCDTBALL RESUME OF THE SEASON After having had in 1933 one of the very best years Ole llliss has ever enjoyed in her gridiron history, great things were expected of the team that gathered at the call of Coach VValker in the fall of 1934. Everything that was expected of the team did not materialize, in fact most of us failed r f it .Q , we vnu- ,. ' . ' ., E 1' , -e A to see his dream of a championsship team consummated and ' w.4l""""" . . . the record of four victories and five defeats along with one ,K - tie does not look so well when written upon the record. In t Eg spite of the cold figures, Ole Bliss had a good team in 1934, W, Vs in :H is .,f and although some of our defeats should have been victories . Kp irq jj Q, - Y' V A and in spite of the fact that many times our worst playing was against teams from smaller schools, we often played superb games against the best teams of the South. We believe in the boys who compose our team, in the coaches who are HEAD COACH ED WALKER guiding our destiny and above all the spirit that dominates, not only our team but the whole campus. We are looking forward to the Ole llliss team which we feel sure is in the ofling. The season started with a game against State Teachers College of llilemphis, on our campus. Ole llliss easily rolled up a score of 44-O against their S. I. A. A. opponents. The Teachers had a good team, but they were simply out-classed and could not withstand the mighty attack of the Ole lyliss team. The game was played in the mud from beginning to finish, and by the end of the game there were no numbers visible, only moving togs covered with mud. Gunter, Rodgers, Ber- nard and Shoemaker scored touchdowns to place us far ahead of our fondest expectations for the game. Every man on the team played part of the game and played mighty well, too. It was in this game that Dave Bernard, the flashing fullback, rose from Sophomore oblivion to fame, scoring in the last minutes of the game three touchdowns for the Red and Blue. After the victory over the Teachers the team traveled to Clarksdale to again win a brilliant vic- tory over another Memphis aggregation. This time it was Southwestern to the tune of IQ-O, before Curtis Circles End With Rounsa- S 'X' " . . 4 I n so A ville Leading Interference. W . It Carruth "Shoe-Stringsv Simon of Tulane With Gill Rushing a capacity crowd. The Lynx did some mighty good playing but they had lost the rabbit foot which had jinxed Ole 'bliss for so many years. This victory more than any other in a number of years was taken as a good oinen and from it the team and student body set out with great desires, high hopes, and perhaps overmeasured expectations. Southwestern was at last beaten, after so many years of playing over their heads at the expense of Ole Nliss. VVe had at last won a victory over Southwestern that more fairly showed the strength of the two teams. Next came the game against Tennessee, in which we suffered our first defeat, 27-O. Coach VValker did not get to make the trip because of "Hun and Dave Bernard did not get to play because of questions which had arisen concerning his eligibility. ln spite of these handicaps along with the fact that Bill Richardson received an injury during the earlier part of the game which kept him out for practically the rest of the season, Ole Miss held Bob Neyland's Volunteers to a scoreless tie for the first half of the game. The team played brilliant ball the Hrst half and did themselves just as well the second half. The injuries received during the first half kept practically all of the regular players on the bench most of the second half. lf Ole Bliss had had the reserves that Tennessee did, we feel sure that the second half would have been equally as brilliant as the first half. Next came Howard and our real up-set of the season. During the second quarter of the game, Howard scored after a 26-yard run through the Ole Miss team. The extra point was converted and Ole Nliss never did catch up. Gunter scored in exactly eight plays after the kickoff, but we failed at the extra point, and after the Howard touchdown and their extra point we never had the winning spirit. Howard played a great game and played "heads up" football the whole afternoon, somehow Ole Bliss just could not get going after the Howard touchdown, although in the closing minutes of the game Shoemaker tore through the Bulldog line several times for substantial gains, but before the closing whistle Howard had taken the ball on downs. Ole bliss got possession of the ball once more, but a pass from Hutson to Rounsaville was intercepted and the game was over, 7-6, in favor of Howard. It took lots of speeches from alumni, students, friends and coaches C, 0. SMALLING for Ole Miss to get the right spirit for the Homecoming game against Assistant Coach Sewanee, after the defeat at the hands of Howard. The IQ-O victory 9 'W'- 'X'-.A ' X S COACH TAD SMITH Bryer, Robertson, M. Hutson, Hapes, Bernard on Homecoming restored in a great measure the faith that was needed by both team and the student body. At times during the game it had looked as though it might be a repetition of the preceding Saturday, but Ole Bliss came through with a great victory against a scrapping team from the University of the South. The Flood traveled all the way to New Orleans, carrying with it Blind Jim, the band, and many students and alumni on the special train, only to suffer a defeat at the hands of the Green Wave. In this game Ole Miss played the best defensive game of the season. At the end of the first half, Tulane was leading only by the narrow margin of a safety, which was scored after a bad pass from center. Time and again Ole lVIiss held the Green VVave when they were just a few yards from their goal. It was indeed a great defensive game, played against an outstanding team. Several times during the game Ole Miss really threatened to mar the record of one of the South- eastern's undefeated teams. The final score was I5-O in favor of Tulane, but Ole lNIiss had played a real game against one of the finest teams of the country. After the Tulane game, the team again went south, this time to Florida, and although they outplayed the Alligators in every way ,H Curtis Hutson Wilson, Poole, Shoemaker, Peters, McWilliams possible, they could only get a I3-I3 tie. Florida scored her two touch- downs in the first period of the game, one of them coming by way of a 98- yard run through the whole Ole Kliss squad. In the same period Rodgers and Gunter marched with the ball for a touchdown for Ole Bliss, coming 60 yards after a previous threat had been repulsed. ln the second period, Bartling tied the score with another touchdown. Several times Ole bliss threatened to turn the tie into victory, once marching as far as the 4 yard line, only to be held for downs. lt was yideed a tough game to go as a tie, when the victory really should have been ours. Next came Huey Long's Bengals. The game was played in Jackson with practically the entire student bodies from the two schools there, to say nothing of the Kingfish himself. The score was I4-O in favor of Louisiana. The L. S. U. touchdowns came after Ole Bliss had made several bad plays and if it had not been for these two blocked kicks, the tune of the game could have very easily been different. Hapes, playing at tackle for Ole Bliss, played a great defensive game. In the fourth quarter Gunter dropped a pass, and with an open field ahead, this closed Ole llliss' chance to secure a marker, and the game ended in favor of his excellency, the Kingfish. ' r yx I s f l N WEBB BURKE X ,- .,-AZ-.-R .. X, 4.B""" IL., Gill Gunter ,'1'l"" Wilson Neely, Smith, Williams, Madre, Dickens The game against Centenary was almost a repetition of the game against Florida. Wie outplayed the Gentlemen in every department of the game, but the breaks were against us and so, for the second time in so many years, the Gentlemen went off with a narrow victory. All afternoon Ole Bliss knocked at touchdowns door, but after the first response the fair maiden didn't live there anymore. Ole Iliss fumbled four times within scoring distanceg somehow we had everything except the scoring drive. The game showed Ole lliss in one of her more aggressive moods, and the running of Rab Rodgers was the most brilliant ever on a Shreveport gridiron, accord- ing to Centenary fans. Rab handed in a most spectacular game, running, passing, and blocking in a very superb manner. The score was I3-6, Gun- ter making the touchdown for Ole Bliss. . Then came the game against llississippi State, and what a game it turned out to be! Playing against State in Jackson for the first time in many years, the Floodmen played one of the very best games of the season. The stadium was packed with friends and alumni from both schools, the cheering was great, the players were great, and the game even greater. For three quarters and up to the last few minutes of the last quarter, the two A iwsi- 1'- -, 'A A -. Rounsaville ,ft--ii is . Richardson Lackey, Baumstien, Aldman, Thames, Seay teams struggled up and down, back and forth, tirelessly playing for the break that everyone felt was coming. lt came in the last five minutes of the game when Klississippi State capitalized on a position to kick for a field goal. The goal was good and it looked as though Klississippi State was at last going to make good the boast we have heard for so many years, but Ole Bliss staged a comeback the like of which has seldom been witnessed by football fans anywhere. After States goal, Bernard and Rodgers, in the closing minutes of the game, lugged the pigskin from the shadow of State's goal across the Ole Bliss goal line and added a spectacular victory to Ole Bliss football history. Not satisfied with the margin which they had attained, Hutson crashed the line for the extra point and the game ended 7-3 for Ole lliss. Although the season had not brought all the victories that the Ole lliss students and enthusiasts had wished, the brilliant ending was indeed a panacea for whatever fallen hopes might be harbored. llississippi State played the best game of her season, and though we failed to play as we should, we won and showed llississippi State that even when their team plays over its head and we do not play up to our quality, a State team is not equal to an Ole Bliss squad. Rodgers 'T- E N1 OXg.,,!"" Battling Y , . r 'l 1 'l ,:,'. -' 5. I, , Carruth .ff Q X 40155 'O Q 4151 as Q. Gunter Scores Against Howard Rounsaville Takes a Pass in Sewanee Game Bernhard Gains Against State Breyer Leads Rogers Against Sewanee Tigers Wilson Drops One Watcn Your Eyes I935 OLE MISS 7 FQSQZZ - A ABQ an 4 49152, A Q A. FRESHMAN FOOTBALL At the beginning ot school in September. Coach C. HI. Smith issued the first call for Freshman football players. ln response to this call a very large group went on the field trying tor positions on the squad. From the fine aggregation answering the call, the Freshman team will certainly send some players up to the varsity in the coming season. Although permitted to play only two games under the new Conference ruling, the Freshmen made two stellar performances in their appearances on the fieldg and con- sistently afforded the varsity the competition needed in their daily practice. The two games played by the Freshmen showed the capabilities which they possess. The first game was with the first year men of Southwestern. The "Bobcats" gave the Ole Bliss Freshmen only a mere chance to show their capabilities, and the Little Flood came out of the game in fine style. Qn Thanksgiving Day, while the varsity was preparing for the game with Bliss State in jackson, the Freshmen were playing the yearlings of the same school. In this game the entire squad showed what they could do, and came out of a hard fought game with a 7-O victory. It was the 6o yard run of Raymon Hapes through the entire opposing team which gave the Little Flood their victory. Those trying for the Hrst year squad were: Foose, Brownstein, Jackson, Bogard, Shaw, llarion, Kinard, Kincade, Bilbo, Aston, Cranford, Hart, YVaits, Hapes, Har- rington, Uayis, Hain, Green, llills, Uyerby, St. slohn, Carlson, Fvans, Harbin, john- son, Schmitt, Kelly, Rhyne, lvhite, Cailfey, and Savage. Q Page l48 5 S N X w if : " : , A, of ' 7- 1 111 'P . '33'-f ? fi K f, fff w f X X '11 RN ff? 1 if ,,,,, Z!- 1 X 4 ii I X Y 3 A ' A lx. LA3 - G e... G VS THER X ,f BASKETBALL The Ole Miss basketball team emerged from the 1935 season much more success- fully than it has in many of the previous years. During the duration of the season, the Red and Blue baslceteers played twelve conference games and four non-conference games, of the former, they were victorious in five, of the latter, they won two. The initial series of the season was played against the University of Alabama at Tus- caloosa. By the score of 38-26 and 42-27 the Tide quintet emerged the victors. The next encounter was a non-conference game with Millsaps, in which the Majors won by a 17-point margin. The team then departed on an extensive trip, playing a number of games in fine style. They first met the Mis- sissippi Teachers at Hattiesburg, and the Teachers were talcen in by the score of 40-38. Fresh from this victory, Ole Miss played Tulane in two games at New Orleans. The first night turned out successfully for the Mississippi boys, the game ending 43-30. The Tulane five avenged the first loss the follow- ing night with a 41.-23 victory. While in this temporary slump, the Red and Blue team moved up to Baton Rouge, where they were defeated in two successive games by the L. S. U. Tigers, 47-32 and 47-33. From Baton Rouge The Flood traveled to Starks- ville to meet the traditional rivals, Mississippi State, who gained one-sided and decisive vis- tories in the two games p'ayed on their cam- pus by scores of 60-31 and 55 37. The team 'htm came back to the campus for two games into iiii n-conference foe, Southwestern. Ole Miss still fed a 50-43 defeat in the first con- test, anu 1 it-rged as victors in the last game of the series, 42-13. Whatever may have been the outcome of previous games, the Wuxuk, C't'R'iis, Pooi.E, Tn AM ras, B Emu Novi Eur, CALDWEII N155 3 1 ' 3 J VVn.i.iAMs, BAUMSTEIN, Roocaks STEVENS, Lfwnsx, FRAISER K BASKETBALL University quintet redeemed themselves and closed the season with two of the most thrill- ing games ever witnessed in the Ole Miss gym. In return for the trouncing handed them at Starlcsville, Coach Walker's boys showed complete mastery of the ball and de- feated Mississippi State by the narrow mar- gins of 35-33 and 40-38. It is indeed fitting that due credit be given to those men who loyally performed on the Ole Miss basketball team through the sea- son. To Coach Ed Walker goes the credit for the commendable showing made. "Buster" Poole, who played at center, deserves special recognition for his ability to hold down the tip-off position. Even though he was play- ing his first year on the team, Buster did some creditable work, and played well in every game. "Speedy" Williams, a regular forward, showed his prowess as a speed mer- chant and as one of the leading scorers of the season. Chester Curtis lived up to the reputation he had set two years previous in his brilliant playing, closing his athletic ca- reer in a flash of brilliance. "Rah" Rodgers, who is the recent recipient of the Norris trophy, played in every game of the season with the same abilities which have gained for him the recognition of being the out- standing athlete at the University of Missis- sippi. Tom Leyden, a new comer on the varsity, distinguished himself for his dexter- ous and sleight-of-hand manipulation of the ball. Marcus Beddingfield, another out- standing sophomore, held down one of the forward positions, gaining recognition for his shooting ability. Other men who saw action during the season were Thames, Baumstein, Stephens, and Bernard. l935 OLE MISS paw.. - EX 115751-lim". L:-il go Ole O lc OIC Ole Ole Ulu Ole Ole Ole Ole UIC OIC OIC Ole R11 Mi Mi Mi Mi Mi 11155 . . . Mi Mi 11155. . . 3114. . . RIMS . . . Klub. . . Klux. . . SEASON SCORE BOARD 26 27 zu 411 43 23 3 2 3 3 3 1 3 ,f 43 4,2 3 R 411 :Xlab:1111:1 . . ixlilbfllllil 1I1lls:1ps . . State Teachers . . . Tulmw . . . rlilllilllff . . L. S. Lf . . I.. S. lf. . Kliss State . 11155 State . SfJllfllXYL'SfCI'I1 SfJllfhXVCSfCI'll 51155 State . llim Stzltc . 1 Page I52 L 38 42 37 38 30 41 +7 47 60 55 7.0 13 33 38 l935 OLE MISS SS-Bai atcha FRESHMAN BASKETBALL The basketball season was another of Coach Tad Smith's first-year outhts to go through an undefeated season, finishing their four-game sched- ule without a loss. In each of the games played by this squad new poten- tialities developed, and by the end of the season some of the men showed that they were going to give some of the varsity players a hard job landing their positions for another year. Coach Smith's quintet started the season off in a tilt with the cadets of Tupelo Military Institute. In this, as in every other game, the freshmen showed their superb ability in handling the ball and pass work. The fresh- men won this game by a score of 41 to 19. The team next engaged the fast Senatobia outfit, and won a decisive victory over them. The score: Freshmen, 38, Senatobia, 24. Following this game the freshmen engaged the C. C. C. camp of Abbeville. The shrubbery boys were defeated by a score of 35 to 15. The squad then played the T. M. I. cadets again, this time defeating them by a larger score than in the first encounter. During the season there were about fifteen men qualifying for the team, and this enabled Coach Smith to put a strong lineup on the floor in every game. Those turning in outstanding performances during the season were: Kincad, Kinnard, Graham, Hart, Bilbo, Carlson, Selby, and Foose. The performance of the first year cagemen was one of the most encouraging features of the freshmen athletic program, and their promotion from the freshman ranks next year will enable Ole Miss to have a vastly improved varsity squad during the 1935-36 season. U 4 Page ls: p l l935 OLE MISS Sis, iafifga TRACK RESUME Although facing an unusually hard schedule, with the additional handi- cap of the loss of several top-notch performers and a change in coaches, the Ole Miss trackmen turned in the most outstanding record that the school has ever had, losing only to Louisiana State University, the national champions of the summer before. Facing three opponents, Southwestern of Memphis, Louisiana State University, and Alabama, the Red and Blue cinder artists turned in an imposing victory over the Lynx, two well-earned wins over the Tide, and had the record blotted only by the great aggregation at Baton Rouge. Mis- sissippi State was the other school on the schedule, but they withdrew from the competition. Southwestern, the first opponent, proved to be a true "warm up" oppo- sition, furnishing little in the way of competition. The red-shirters from Memphis tied Reeves and White in the pole vault and broad jump and also turned in victories in two other events to garner most of their points. The Lynx also won the only hotly contested race of the afternoon, this was the relay which they won only by inches. Jess Flowers was high point man of the meet with a total of ten points. Curtis, Bell, Smith, and Gill were others who turned in winning performances to gather points for the Re'l and Blue. Facing the Louisiana squad the following Saturday, a squad that held top rating among collegiate traclc circles in the nation and had proved their fitness by trouncing the Indiana Hoosiers a short time before, the Missis- sippians naturally held little hope of victory. The squad was badly handi- capped by the illness of several of the best performers, however, the Red antl Blue came through with a fine performance and on several occasions came near upsetting the highly touted Louisiana stars. Bell, White, and Gill were among the individual Mississippians who came near marring the L. S. U. record. Curtis was ill and naturally failed to turn in his best perform- ance. The meet with L. S. U. evidently served to whet the appetite of The Flood for revenge, and so the next Saturday Alabama fell by the score of 63-54. For a part of the afternoon the honors were just about equally 4 Page I54 D , I935OLEIv1ISS U U U U U U U U U U CCCCCCCCC CC IC TRACK RESUME divided, but The Flood swept several events and thus established the lead. Curtis emerged the winner in the feature race of the day, taking the 880 by inches and setting a new school record of 1358.5 in the event. White and Gill easily took the weight events, with Dovith and Ames doing the same thing in the century dash. The climax of the day was the relay, won by Ole Miss in the record time of 3:28. Curtis-Shepard-Smith-Bell were the four men who broke the former school record in this event. With Mississippi State breaking her scheduled meet with the University, another engagement was arranged with Alabama. This final meet was very near graduation. The Mississippians started out badly, facing a deficit of twenty points when time for the track events rolled around. However, due to the record-breaking performance turned in by Bell, and the fine point winning efforts of Berryhill and Shoemaker in the hurdles, and Gill in the javelin, 'along with the aid of the other cindermen, the score when the last relay was reached was Alabama, 58, and Cle Miss, 54. Facing several new men of the Capstone relay quartet the Red and Blue four came through in victorious style, winning the race and in a great way setting another school record. Ole Miss won the meet by the margin of one point. In almost every way, the season could be counted as a very successful one. From the standpoint of competition faced, and the victories won, it was the best that the school has ever experienced. Records that had stood the test for many years went by the boards, while several competitors erased marks that they themselves had set the year before. The team was recog- nized as being second only to the Bengals of Louisiana in the Southeastern Conference, and in addition many of the individual performers set time for their respective events that were equalled by very few men in the Association. In all a total of seven school records were smashed. Bell took the old mark in the 440 down three notches to 50.1 time. Curtis lowered his own 880 record to 1:58.5. In both of the hurdle events the time was lowered, Berryhill taking .1 of a second off of Shoemakeris 15. mark, in the 120 low hurdles to make it a 24 flat. Gill erased his old distance in the iavelin 3 feet to set the new length of 183.3. White added quite a bit of length to his former mark in the discus to stretch it to 143 feet. Q Page ISS 5 I935 OLE MISS 83922 sag" TENNIS The 1934 tennis season was a big one for the Ole Miss net aces, in fact, the team has been very deservingly called one of the very best in the history of the school. Led by Captain Lee Hines and RESUME Blue aces. So one-sided was the match that Millsaps gathered only 11 games in the seven matches. The Ole Miss team was "hot', that day. Hines defeated Cross 6-0, 6-3g Graeber toppled Jones 6-1, ably assisted by Graeber, Berger, Klyce, and Prospere, the team started off with a bang against Mississippi State in the Ole Miss gym, rain having forced the match indoors. In this match Hines won from Kronimous with little difficulty, 6-2, 6-1, Graeber likewise disposed of McCor- mick 6-1, 6-1, and Berger outsteadied Weathersby to the count of 6-4, 6-2. Pros- pere also won his match by the margin of 6-4, 6-3. The outcome of the match hav- ing been decided, the Ole Miss boys "let down" and lost the remaining matches. Millsaps was the next victim to fall be- fore the terrific onslaught of the Red and 4 Page 6-03 Klyce won from Smith 6-1, 6-1, and thus finished a great day in tennis history for Ole Miss. The team then left on a two-day trip, stopping first at Starksville, where they again turned back Mississippi State, Hines, Graeber, and Berger winning their respective matches for Ole Miss from McCormick, Kronimus, and Wyatt. Pros- pare and Klyce dropped close matches to Wyatt and Cratin. Hines and Graeber clinched the match with a 6-2, 6-1 defeat of Kronimus and Wyatt. Klyce and Prospere dropped close ones to Cratin and McCormick of State. It may be added asap U . that in both matches the Mississippi State team reversed its line-up in order to avoid a seven to nothing trouncing. The next day the team journeyed to Alabama where they dropped a heart- breaker to the Crimson Tide 4-2. The Ole Miss boys came within a point oc victory on seevral occasions in the match, I935 OLE MISS as-se- "- "- '4 Qeega Alabama's day in the tennis matches. On the return match against Millsaps Ole Miss was without the services of Cap- tain Lee Hines. Rain interrupted the match to add to the discomfort of the sit- uation. Graeber defeated Jones 6-1, 10-8. Berger trounced Cross 6-2, 6-1. Klyce won from Smith 6-1, 6-2. The Ole Miss boys but could not quite make it. Lee Hines, playing Andrews, Southern ranking star, and Alabama's best, ran Andrews "ragged," displaying beautiful form to win 2-6, 7-5, 6-0. Graeber, with his net game going in an excellent fashion, seemed headed for victory when Simpson rallied to win 6-4, 2-6, 12-10 for Alabama. Berger and Glant were engaged for long time in a base line battle, three times Berger was at the match point, but failed to make the last point, and so another went to Ala- bama 4-6, 8-6, 7-5. Prospere dropped a 6-0, 6-1 affair to Hamilton, and Klyce lost a close match to Mitchell and it was :Tau i i " were leading in the other matches when the rain halted the playing. Next season the Ole Miss team will miss Lee Hines' services. The opposing teams were loud in their praises of this lad. He possessed a sound all-round game with beautiful ground strokes. In addition to his excellent playing qualities his ability as a leader was unequalled. Graeber, Berger, Klyce, and Prospere will be back for next season, thus assuring a good and well- rounded team. In addition to the vet- erans, Noblin, a first-year man, will be playing and Ole Miss bids fair to have a great team for the season of 1935. 4 Page l57 D ,QQ I 9 OLE MISS like-ego yung fiw fi . -5 , if wah BOXING TEAM The Ole Miss boxing team experienced one of its most successful seasons in recent years under the capable direction of Coach Jess Alderman. From the beginning more interest was manifest in this sport than in any other indoor activity. To Coach Alderman goes the credit of bringing this sport into the spotlight on this campus. During the season the boxing team met four opponents, and fought two battles with the tra- ditional rivals, Miss State. The season opened here in an engagement with Alabama. The Tide boxers could not match the skill and training of the Ole Miss boxers, and Ole Miss won this match 7-r. Next the team journeyed to Tulane, and there they lost 5-3. The team then came back home and met Miss State the following week. This was perhaps one of the most exciting boxing matches ever witnessed on the campus. VVhen the final bell rang Ole Miss and State had won an equal number of the fights. The team then went to Starksville and met the State boys there again, this time they lost the match 5-3. After a rest the team went to L. S. U. and there met some of the best boxers in the conference. L. S. U. won his match by a margin of 6-2. The boxing team this season was composed of: Rossetti, bantamweightg Ballard, feather- weightg Smith and Holder, lightweightsg Lackey, welterweightg YVest, junior-middleweightg Levine QCapt.l, senior-mitltlleweight3 Dickens and Curley, light-heavyweightsg and Hapes, heavyweight. 1.'agcl58 b 5 l935 OL HORATIO VVESTON S ECURA W. B. BROOKS O. D. BRAME XV. D. COLEMAN CARL CRISLER JACK DINKINS F. E. ENGLAND E. L. FAIR -get... GYM TEAM RIEMBERS Vin GRANTHAM li. L. HOPPER F. VV. KALHMUS N. E. KING C. E. L.-UVRENCE Hms MCLEAN G. L. LIDDELL E. H. NEILL I. S. OVERSTREET K. A. PRICE 4 Page I59 5 Z PERCY PARKER F. F. SMITH H. F. SALSBURY R. VV. VVALL XV. B. VVATRINS B. F. XVILLIAMS JAMES ROY.-XLS Instfurlor E M I935 OLE MISS QW-:PZ sea? THE NORRIS TROPHY Ronouks The Norris Trophy is presented each year to the most outstanding athlete in the University of Mississippi by the Norris Candy Com- pany, of Atlanta, Georgia. This award has been made possible through the efforts of the Gathright-Reed Drug Company, agents for the Norris Candy Company at Oxford. Robert D. Rodgers, of Tupelo, Mississippi, has been selected by a vote of the student body as the winner of the trophy this year. Al- though a junior, Rab has done meritorious work in three branches of athletics and justly deserved the award. He was one of the most outstanding players on the football team, and was selected by his teammates as being the best offensive player for the year. On the basketball court, Rab has been one of the best players, holding down the position of forward. He played catcher on the baseball team, and did well both in fielding and batting. This award is indeed one of the highest bestowed by the student body, and they have done well in selecting Rab as the winner. 1Paqe l60l U -n-v1- --'- I . e??,.V A ,,..,-. , E 'ii Xi ' -e 0 ' . I 14 t , ji u ,Lv 3 is 4 1 f , 5 ij 4 e-F ' 5 .P a Q' i fg 'V +51 ' f ' P 1. 5 ws V 4 . .4 ,ill .I g ., ei 1 32 i LS 2 gv Q 1 ,, in F ,, , lxs4..: .A.g.xt1l.Y:.t.n.3o.::. 1.,. L: .L 14 ' '1 Oliva 4 .L ' ' U U Il' WE PRESENT EGR YCDUR E HPPRCDVAL 1 w oy e o THE CCDRCDNATICDN Miss Frances Ho mes "MISS OLE MISS" f,,f+ ' ,kv '.. z'-' -u Miss Haze Harrison Miss Mar c1retTreVVen C1111 ' 4 1 fu 'Ir ff , 'A 'Qizqql was b n in A A -Q9 tflf mlfllfflgmr, 4,1 Miss Mar Ellen Da ier Miss Rebecca McCormic: Miss Mari LSMOIJHS Wil inson Miss Hays Gee SPONSOR QI 'if Q 7,1 .Z .,' tg 1 A I 25 4? ,gk 7 'T T W I f . Ii1,lz.xBE'lu NICGEPIEE, CEEXE BL'l.I.0CK, R.u1El.1.E EASON, EVELYX VVIXX, KATIE HOLMES. MAxGARE'1 ,IxRL'S'I'Y, NI.-XRC.-XRET Klux, NIARTH.-X C,xRxA'1HAx, SLE XVRICHT, NIILDRED MCCOY. LE MISS --QQ'-L R W, ,ak U H H Ill NETTIE H. LITTON, MARGARET BREVARD, FRANCES Nous, J.-XNICE CoLQu11'T, MARY E. QE.-XRRETI GER1'RUDE BURT, ONITA ALDRIDGE, Ni.-XRY ARRAY, FRANCES VVITTY, JANE PINNIX AVCDRITES MRS. M. J. KEESEE Sponsor EDITORIAL STAFF MRS. NAOMI S. BROWN Sponsor MANAGERIAL STAFF THE l935 HALL OF FAME CHESTER H. CURTIS . , Clarlcsdale, FRED M. GLASS SSS,,.. , . , .Winona, GUY MITCHELL, JR... .E., ,Tupelo, GUY FISHER ..,..... . . . .University, In the annual contest sponsored by the Mississippian, the above stu- dents were selected as the most outstanding at Ole Miss by an impar- tial committee appointed by Dr. Alfred E. Hume, Chancellor of the University, Guy Fisher, President of the Associated Student Body, Guy Mitchell, jr., President of the Y. M. C. A., Chester Curtis, 1934 Norris Trophy winner, and Miss Ella Somerville, representative of the social element of the University. Miss Miss Miss Miss 5141152 1' X V' X N 4. - 5, ,' 1, uf Q 2 I ? xi if 8 xX I A N: Y 'f 16. FRESHMAN STUNT NIGHT VT" 1,0 i L., .qv ,', 1 , ' .11 "' 'H 'Q " . - ' 5-a-'nf Q x WB' W' I K T24 Muay: A , ' rr- , 3 Q Q 4' R '97 A P zz, 'x 'lr ,!, V L-W!" eq- ' u -Y Q,.1 1e f-Vi? Q, 1 ' I Q! is .I Y u I rl. I '- u r R W 1" .. ll, Q , . , .. -L' " . -..., J-A -' ,'7r Z 4 I' .15 49.11 1-1' uc, K ,Ib 4 A, Y iyifn- qxQ':fL'. ff Q ?., . f' ' -. , ,,... ...Y-.x." 1. - 4,74 -.If . U xr . v Yi 0 ' y - .. 9 'P , . wx ' ,.'g-. . In . r 'vs V V+? 1, E' I. ',.- J. '.' 23.3K I 5331 L5- 7 x . 0 Q Q N 4' ,on L -vfv' .' ,f N ' ' f 4.9 i' I I. x. A . is J. .- ., ,.j, 1 ba 's A NA A ' 'A ' l f 1 5 "' , -I. X i AJ. A .V , - , 5 4 A 'X 6, ,- 'W i X If If A f if ' " f A 4 5 -N fx' I , ,5 .I V Lf' - I 'J' W 'sv A ' 4 ' - 4' N' X ",x., D .hh qu' 'in' git? J' if 5 W -9- ,J ' I ,Qt AI 18,247 qs, R-9 . N xg. ' -' ' ff. 'L i ,f ' A Xt- - fl aff YH. . '4 o in QVNN 35 4 ' I, . QNVOI gg, - N ' f 4 , V. if Q.. -2: 155 ', ' ny' '-I ' I -f an 1 I lil? 1 ,A A - 'vhlxfzyyfn Z ,ling Ie." ' .. X' . 4 I U N .41- :N iw 1 NJ, -viii.. THE BIGGEST SNOW IN 25 YEARS C LYCEUM o OUILL CLUB IN ACTION o SOME OF THE BOYS o SLIM o MUS- SOLINI ON HIS ASS o BLIND JIM 0 PHI EPSILON PI BANOUET o CATCH- ING A NAP o TOM AND SPIRO JOIN THE LODGE. II FOR THE FIRST TIME o THE KING o BETWEEN CLASSES o MITCHELL 0 CHEERLEADERS o BOOK- OUT o RAY o A NEW FAD o FORD o THE TU- LANE GAME. OLE MISS PASSES o CALDWELL o A LONG WALK BACK o HUTSON o I0 O'CLOCK MAIL o DR. HUME o THE STANDS o OFF THE SPECIAL o NEBLETT o L. S. U. GAME o UPSIDE DOWN. I 9 OLE MISS Baez' 1335? THINGS YOU WOULD NOT KNOW IF I DID NOT TELL YOU Perchance in our more reflective moods some of us have chanced to muse upon the possibilities of the origin of the appellation "Ole Miss," which our Alma Mater so proudly bears. Mrs. F. Cappleman suggested the name for the first annual published on our campus. The annual was published in 1897 and had for its first editor Judge Garland Lyell and for its first business manager Judge V. A. Griflith. This publication was put out by the nine fraternities and two sororities then on the campus. "Ole Miss" is to typify the mellow and reverential respect that' the slaves held for their "Ole Marster's" wife, commonly called "Ole Miss." These terms were slave adap- tations of "Ole Master" and "Old Mistress" to distinguish them from the sons and daughters of the family, who were called "Young Marster" and "Young Miss." Being in the heart of Dixie, surrounded by rhe many traditions of the Old South, hallowed by the blood of the Confederacy, and pregnant with the memories of all that is dear to Southern history, no name could be more in keeping with the University of Mississippi. Dean A. L. Bondurant has the longest record of the professors, having been con- nected with the University for the past 46 years. Dr. Bondurant coached the first foot- ball team at the University in 1893. At this time he suggested a union of the Crimson of Harvard and the Blue of Yale as the colors for the football team, and since '93 these have been the colors. Jim Ivy, alias Blind Jim, Dean of the Freshman Class, has been on the campus for 36 years. Starting as a mere peanut vender, Jim has now become a travelling merchant. The first woman to enter the University of Mississippi after the Board of Trustees sanctioned the "co-ed movement" was Miss Sallie V. Hill, later Mrs. R. W. Jones. Miss Hill entered the University in 1882, and graduated with highest honors in her class. The football team received its nickname, "The Flood," in a contest conducted by the Mississippian several years ago. The Mississippian sent letters over the country soliciting suggestions, and from these suggestions a committee elected the name of "The Flood." Mr. Quarles received the first diploma awarded by the University of Mississippi. Mr. Quarles graduated in the class of 1851, and there were 15 in this class. This diploma was lost for 60 years, later found, and is now preserved in the Chancellor's office. Q Page I82 L l935 OLE MISS QS-B77 See? ofllmu efflater 'Way down south in Mississippi, there,s a spot that ever calls, Wlvere among the hills enfolded stand old Alma Materis halls. Where the trees lift high their branches to the whisper- ing Southern breeze, There Ole Miss is calling, calling to our hearts, fond memories. Witlr united hearts we praise thee, all our loyalty is 1 thine. And we hail thee, Alma Mater, may thy light forever shine, May it brighter grow and brighter, and with deep af- fection true, Our thoughts shall ever cluster 'round thee, dear old Red and Blue. A May thy fame throughout the nation, thru thy sons and daughters grow, May thy name forever walqen in our hearts a tender glow, May thy counsel and thy spirit ever keep us one in this, That our own shall be thine honor now and ever, dear Ole M iss! U 4 Page las p 1 ONEYBRITCHESH WEATHER A Nomparusan T H E The Usual Unusual - ' Weather Has Been All Revealing M l S S Y S L I P M More Unusual Than Newspaper ' Usual Ggioirwn I TAA I 77 Printer Of AlliB0ll1 Good and YV irw ir Y 7777 YNO' 09 LITTLE ALLEY CRO K. 422 if I 'lc ,ls 4713: 454' X'W:1 If A li "Jill W- X i . e will I lffwfl ff wrt, , zffft. Q.. 1 ,,,.,. lj .4-- I A I I-tfnlmtttei-I , Wilt -. ' W t is lily ti li lfiligb fl f if ' I 'I llllll I I fifiz r ll' I l 'lllltll T?- U it l lvl ll W 'I , 'i 'd iff 5 I VII"-3 I X I I its ll' f l l X LAUNDRY AND CAFE GIVE NEW SERVICE The I'niversity Cafeteria, under the management of "VVash Tubbs" Seay, second Corporal to Mike Con- ner's 'fYess Man," Colonel Musso- liLEE Gainey, is having a very de- lightful year. A gocd time is had by all who do not eat there. It has been going forward with a marked degree of failure. A considerable uproar was caused when the Exalted Manage- ment found out that one of the cash- iers had been charging only QMC for a glass of milk. Speed and Service, the motto, has been stead- fastly adhered to-it takes one only 55 minutes after getting in line to get to a cashier and I5 minutes to get away. One never has to watt more than to minutes to get a table cleared. The whole Cafeteria is shrouded in a deathlike silence which prevails at all times when the students are eating. The silence reminds one of a cross between a boiler factory and a riveting ma- chine. The prices have been cut to the place where the competition of the Peabody and Chisca can be very adequately met. One can go to Memphis and eat at these places. add the price of his expenses to fCOIlffII1lFd on Pagr 3.2 Roig-ILTY Gib Crowd Jams Gym to See Annual Event Amid all the pomp and glory which would accompany the crown- ing of one of the royal heads of European thrones, last night in the gym Miss Ole Miss and the King of Madi Gras ruled supreme. The crowd came pouring in at about two pints and continued to do the same the remainder of the evening, some passing out before the main event of the evening. Herpie Holmes and his band led in the musicals and were followed by the remainder of the congregation. At exactly IO o'clock the band started playing the Battle Him of the Republic and the court began staggering in. First came the dainty little Ann Hardy, who was dressed in a mere egg shell model, and then the ceremony got under the weather. Accompanying her was the man who thought he was the king of the evening, N. C. House. Next came the illustrious MISS frances holmes. MISS holmes was gowned in a slim green pea num- ber thrown about her in a most fas- tidious manner. She was accom- panied by Vllinston the third, Then happened what was per- haps the most unusual event of the evening. Ole Yvarhorse Bell came stumbling up the aisle with Mal- colm Y Y Guess at his side. It was said by some of the bystanders that Y Y explained the matter, say- ing he had gotten his horses mixed up, and was leading this one to the wrong stall. Following MISS holmes came the alluring Jane Saunders. And did she look good? fSee Shine Hop- kins.l She was dressed in one of the latest sport numbers of bath- ing suits, and the crowd went wild. After having to support her escort practically' all the wav to the throne fCon1inuz'd on Pagr 3.1 THE MISSY-SLIPPUM THE MISSY-SLIPPIUM UPRINTS ALL' Edited IVeekly at tln' L'nifversity of Mississippi Subscription Rates Single Copy, Nickle Yearly Subscription, Six Bits Special Rate, Two Bits Entered as First-Class Mail-The Post Office Exploded LOTTA VVYNN . . . I, M. BEZZEL . . ....... Editor . Business Manager EDITORIAL STAFF LITTLE VVYNN . . I. FALSIFY . . U. B. SNOBBISH . . LYONA SOFA . . ATHLETE FOOTE . . LETTER SOUEAL . . KANT B. QUIET . . . ..... Nefws Editor . Associate Nefws Editor . . . . . Society Editor . Associate Society Editor . . . . . Sports Editor . . Scandal Editor . Campus Editor BTANACERIAL STAFF I. STEEL . . . I. O. U. MONEY . . OPHELIA BROAD . . CARRY A. ROUND . . LORD HELPUS . . . . . . . . . Assistant Business Manager . . . . . . . .Assistant . . Special Represenlatifve . . Circulation Manager . . . . .... . . .Censor Address all coinmunications care Missy-Slippium, University Orliees in base-- nient of the Y. M, C. A. Cathedral. In the event you are not receiving your paper regularly, please notify Mr. I. Getright, Associate Circulation Manager. THE "MISSISSIPPIAN" "Ex Nihilo Nihil Fit"-from nothing nothing is made. This thing, called the 'Official Publica- tion of the University of Mississippi Student Body," is Hlmmedicabile Vunius"-an incurable wound. It has to be taken "Cum Grano Salis" -with a grain of salt, each week, with some allowance, yes, the feeble-minded editorial staff. This staff fills its columns with anything. so long as the columns get filled, done "Ad Captandumu--for the sake of pleasing. The EDITOR-IN-CHIEF, cam- pus big shot, is on the other hand "Anguis in Herba"-a snake in the grass. His editorials, conceived by his infant mind, expressed by his feeble brain, and executed under the influence of delirium tremens, pollute the enlightening environ- ment of the University like one among the strong does those ready to do battle, and serve as "Brutum l7ulmen"-an ineffectual display of force. f'DamrIant Quod non Intel- ligunt"-they condemn what they do not understand. The FEATURE EDITOR, that infernal, infinitesimal, mendacious, self-satisfying runt of prolific hu- manity, handshaker, and back- slapper of political fame, bears no malice toward anyone, limits his spineless ability to jellyfish propor- tions. VVere it not for his already too prominent display of mental cerebrage his illustrious, venerable, and infamous name would long ere this have been numbered among the galaxy of stars. Now students, watch this small, greasy, snooping, nose-prying individual take a smack at this. As a whole, this prognostic week- ly epistle, foretelling the dawn of something worth while after this year, maybe, is dissipated in make- up, "Flux de Paroles"--a flow of words: meaningless and absolutely rotten, deserving only the con- demnation of the elite and the ap- proval of the sacriligious. NOTES Successful bridge is a triumph of mind over chatter. v I t t Tom calls his girl Brown Su- gar," sweet but unrefined. v Some men grow under respon- sibilities, others only swell. v He who laughs last seldom gets the point anyway. v It takes jacks or better to open a Pullman window. v The stork is the bird with the big bill. v Did you know a dog perspires through his pants? v A liar is one who has no partition between his imagination and his in- formation. v Flattery is soft-soap, soft-soap is QOQJ lye. v He who laughs, lasts. CORRECTIONS With profound and numerous gestures of regret we admit the falsity of the report that the well- known Higgs" Neblett was carried to his room and poured into bed after having been found in a gutter in a drunken condition. This re- port was untrue. "Jiggs" was able to get to bed without help, after spraying the terra firma around his window. This paper wishes to take this op- portunity to correct the statement made that Chancellor Hume lost 336.98 in a crap game at the faculty meeting the other night. It was later understood that the money handed over was a part of his split, and that he had taken too much. NOTICE! Though mistakes might not have been corrected, the paper wishes to take this opportunity to apologize to those with reference to whom mistakes have been made. Papers have always made mistakes, like other human agencies, and his- torv always repeats itself. fHas the Mississippian efver gotten anything rightfl However. there are several causes for mistakes: Natural ani- mosity people have for those prying into their affairs: the innate se- crecy which governs the lives of many men and women on this cam- pus: and the evident reluctance with which thev admit the truth the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. " 1 F I I I SURE SHOT INSURANCE AGENCY "life Insure Anything" SPIC AND SPAN, Managers Wfe Will Insure You That Every Week the "Mississippian" Will Not Be Worth Reading A NEW PRODUCT! The Bright Polish Company, Inc., wishes to announce the creation of a new and more lasting polish. The NEW SHINE POLISH, guaranteed to give a gloss that will not wear off anytime in the near future after application See Our Local Agent. HUGH "SHINE"' HOPKINS, Campus Agent CROONER Anyone desiring to engage a very good ffor noth- CTOODCI' please SCC H7716 BCltI17'OOTfl C7'OO7'l67',H Charlie MOHat, Howry A'5. WHISKEY I have the following hrands on hand now: Cream of Kentuclcy. Ten High, Crah Orchard, Four Roses, White Horse, Gin, Beer, and others. J. D. P. S.-I ALSO HAVE SOME FINE MISSISSIPPI CORN. THE MISSY-SLIPPUM SEE 'EM IN THE MOVIES I AM A TIIIEF . . . ............ Lee Gamey THE BEST MAN VVINS . . . Portwoocl, Brooks, Rounsaville, Massengill GIFT OF GAB . . . ............ The Lawyers MENACE .... . . Messrs. Baggett and Black TIIE GOOD FAIRY . . ........... MR GUESS LOVE IN BLOOM . . . Ben Caldwell and Margaret Brevard READY FOR LOVE . . . . Collier Stewart and Lucille Fedric HAPPINESS AHEAD . . . . . . The University Under Dr. Butts THE LEMON DROP Km . . .,........ Dr. Bishop LITTLE IVIEN . .... . Bacon, Tindall, Mitchell Robertson HIPS HIPS HooRAY . . ....... Dorothy Broadfoot Now I'zvI A LADY . . . . Ora Elizabeth Bookout THE GILIJED LILY . . . . . Frances Holmes EVERGREEN . . . . . Ramelle Eason M. Q. C. CBIISSISSIPPI QLYILL CLUB, The Deeper the Quill the Baller the Grade Molto: VVe love our teachers Passfword: Bull Offirial Flofwrr: Daisy Ojifial Stimulanl: Absinth OFFICERS OFFA LUNSFORD CASEY . ..... Royal Eminent Confabulator BERRY D. BROWN . . . . Prz'-'varicator Extraordinary BILLY SEALE ....... Exalted Quill Sharpener CRIPPLES IN FACULTATE CI-IINNY BISHOP PAI.EozoIc MoRsE XVILD BILL KENNON PETER RABBIT MILDEN Scour TORREY' XNARHORSE BELL EvoI.UTIoN SHAW Goorv GUX'TON KING KIMBROUGII CRIPPLES IN U NIVERSITATE ALAN SHOEMAKER MoRGAN EI.I.SN'0R'l'H HAZEI. HARRISON MARGARET TRUSTY FRANCES Wll'l"l'X' IMVIII HAMll,'l'ON ERIN GXK'IN MARY ARRAY EMME'l'l' KEMP THE AGE or INNocENcE . . ........ Frances Witty Y , ..--. ,.L.......-- ...k..-..--. - MA- THE MISSY-SLIPPUM . . . SPORTS PAGE . . . FACULTY WINS IN FINAL EVENT OF INTER-MURAL SERIES Defeat Varsity in a Surpris- ingly Strong Finish Kimbrough kicked off to Curtis, who dribbled through the whole Faculty team, but was stopped by Calvin Brown's left jab to the back of the court. Hutson singled to his own forty-five yard line, but was out when Jockey Rainwater was caught jumping the gun. On the next play Hapes sunk a clean basket from the bleachers, but he had over- looked the big casino and was dis- qualified for underweight. XVoHe made a carom off the red, and moved the King's castle seven, but because he failed to declare, he sliced into the rough and had to set 'em up in the other alley. biilden paid 13c for every 53.00 straight ticket. His batting average was io minutes, 7 3-5 seconds. Longest re- covered and bid two spades as the period ended. A double play, Hull to Swan, fell short. Deuces were wild, so were the stands. Another pass, Heming- way to Bell, would have tied the score had Kennon been caught re- neging. Foul on "Baby" Rounsa- ville. It was his fifth personal, and the score stood two strikes and three balls. He dropped back to his own three-yard line and with a clean left to the pooch caught VValker in the stretch, got the scis- sors, recovered, and holed out in the six for a birdie. The stands were already wild. On the next play "Vap" Adams bet on Farquhar to win. He was taking the hurdles with ease, but jockey Sackett was forced to use the whip in order to get a grand slam. He was penal- ized for a double-dribble, but did not change from the breast stroke which he had been using all the rubber. It was the end of the third race. By a series of forehand drives and lefts to the body Farley was ableato gain two inches through the varsity's five man defense. Horace --.N 's. Z. , 1 -SQX 4 .,.- 5 ,C 5 I ,. , ' . Ki, Us ' . 7 " X. xvifllv rig. V AV- In ,FL , f I "Ze, if X , 7 xl f Nl TU ,, 72 bf 1" l i L X, In XVAU-:ER is Acrzox Brown went in for Calvin Brown at the net position. Carruth ran back to take a Hy with his bare hand, but was forced to punt. He credited himself with three in the swan dive, but should have had high, low, jack, and the game. VValker won by a nose. It was Gladden's bid and the fans carried him from the field. Bishop fouled Gunter when he tried to crowd him to the rail. He had the fiash two up and three to play as the whistle blew. Bondurant opened with a beauti- ful three-rail in the corner, it was the most outstanding service of the series, being from his own 45-yard line. The stands "hoo-ed" him for his conduct. Fox hit a line drive to the goal keeper. He was leading bv two lengths. Thames broke up his dribble, but it took him three sets to get out of the rough. He held three honors and the deuce of spades. just as the barrier was sprung, Rodgers fumbled, but man- aged to worm his wav through the rough to score one of the handiest grand slams since the days of Dempsey. He was well ridden by jockey Torrey. Green singled to discard. Hammond was sent to the showers with a bad head. The stands are still wild as the set came to a close. Sydncr throws a curve, but is in- tercepted by Guess who lays a full house on the board, and cleans the track. ln a great line drive around the last post Gondolf shot a low one to the catcher, but he was put out on account of running with the ball. Smalling led with the king of clubs, but "Speedy" iVil- liams came in walking ahead of th: whole field. The Faculty sends in a substitute. lt is Shaw, who does some mighty nice dealing, but is called out for running out of bounds. The stands are still wild, as there is only one more second to Dlay. As the bell is ringing Hume is caught behind the 8 ball. Final score: Faculty, 33, varsity, 76,'i- Referee-Blind Jim tMiss. Statel l'mpire-Strawberry tMiss A. X M.l BROVVN TO JOIN BARNUM 86 BAILEY Well-Known Student to Hit Sawdust Ring Berry Brown Receives Offer to Take Position in Freak Side-Show of Circus One of our most prominent stu- dents has recently received an offer from Mr. Barnum of the Barnum and Bailey Circus to be in the great sideshow of that organization. He is to occupy a spacious cage, or- namented with beautifully colored glass bearing the title, "The Only Living Man VVho Can Talk Indefi- nitely VVithout Saying Anything." His salary is not to exceed one dol- lar a week, since his upkeep will be enormous because of the great amount of food needed to supply this human machine. His only ac- tivitv will be to sit still and look as important as he thinks he is, which in itself is an easy task, while he rambles on. The hardest thing he will have to do is to keep his mouth shut and try not to ren- der himself obnoxious when the per- formance is not going on, for the management fears that this might lead to the other performers resign- ing their positions. It is generally known that Berry has the awful habit of talking when talking is not desired, and it is thought this will be the hardest thing for him to do. However, this job will not fConfinued on Page 5.j HILL HALL DANCE ENDS IN BRAWL "Say, Trai, did you hfar about the dance las! Saturday night?" "No, Jlary, what about it?" "It was simply stifiiingl During the second no-break, while the lights were low and everything was quiet, Bully Nance climbed up to the root and began working the spotlight. He shined it up in the northwest corner of the east end where David Brewer was doing the Delta hand- in-the-air shake-down with Tante Scruggs. David became raging mad and hurled a pint which he had in his back pocket at Bully, and missing him the bottle hit the nearby fuse box, and threw the whole place into darkness. Then things began to happen so fast one could hardly keep up with them. Jimmie Armstrong looked very slouchy for the first time: Billy McGee smiledg Lyle Bates beat Tom out of a dimeg Portwood got stuck with Harrisong Miss Heffiey rushed out into the crowd and was immediately overcome and re- pulsedg Berry Brown stopped talk- ing for a few minutes: The Missis- sippians seemed goodg student did not worry about the results of the wild oats they were sowing: "Bear" Demarche, feeling his importance, climbed through a keyhole, and has nrt been heard from since. About this time, two hours later, the lights came back on, and on the fioor thcre were some hundred men who could not stand the frayg chair- were broken and windows knocked outg and in general the place was in an utter state of confusion. The hospitals filled immediately, and none of the Country Club boys have been heard from since. "Damit.' Nlary, I -would mist Ihr' mor! rxriting thing of the year." "Yrs, Trai, you fu.'ould." LITTLE ALLEY CROWNS ROYALTY fCrmtinufd from Page IJ the having faded out on account of the great amount of excitementj she made it up to the region of the throne. Vpnn arriving at this point Shine was revived, mounted old Traveler, and made a mad dash to the throne. The attention of the crowd was directed from the floor to one of the dark corners of the fioor where a great amount of noise was coming THE MISSY-SLIPPUM from. There much to the surprise or the students, to say nothing of the faculty, some tall cutting-up and stomping was taking place. l pon investigation it turned out to be Peter Rabbit Milden tearing through the very difficult movements of the new Continental. He had as his partner dean Hefliey. Critics say that they were headed places when last seen disappearing through the crowd. Following in the wake of the Saunders-Hopkins march came Frances VVitty. She had as her man, for the evening, Kirby Har- rell. She was Fairly tripping up the aisle when she slipped on some- thing Galssey. Harrell, however, made a quick recovery, and then thev proceeded to the throne. fBody by YVitty.J All began to hold their breath tfor the usual reasonl as their royal highnesses began to enter the place. Miss Janie Neil had been selected to fill the shoes of Miss Ole Miss, and this she had quite a time doingg accompanying her was the well-known lightweight Clarence Hapes. After having to push sev- eral of the bystanders out of the path they made it up to their places. Little Alley there intervened and proceeded with the crowning He gracefully walked up the rostrum and after giving one of his usual boreing speeches, laid the baseball bat, specially made for the purpose of crowning, over the heads of the royalty. The crowd was again in an uproar as they started the march around the Hoor. After dancing 'till dawn the entire outfit was in- vited to the Chancellory to have the morning pick-up. LAUNDRY AND CAFE fciflllfillllfd from Page 1.1 Memphis and the cost of his meal, and the whole amount will be the price of the meal in the Cafeteria would have amounted to. VVe wi h to highlv commend the Cafeteria and its management and hired help in cooperating with the sttldents and securing their opinions before mak- ing any changes in the prices charged for the food. Be it said to their everlasting credit that it took two freshmen onlv fifteen min- utes by the use of a knife as a coal chisel and a salt shaker as a ham- mer to divide one of the very tender pieces of meat which are so fre- quently served. For some unknown reason the University Laundry sent out the laundry of a student this week in which there was absolutely no mis- take in the clothing returned. VVe must admit that we are very sorry indeed to see our very efficient laundry break its time old custom and send out one laundry in which every pair of socks matched, and every shirt returned was the one sent out. Be it said in favor of the Laundry, though, that they did suc- ceed in removing from the clothing returned all the buttons that were there when the clothing was sent out. The student who was the recip- ient of such extraordinary service has been taken l0 the hospital in a coma. He has been unconscious ever since he ascertained that he did not have to figure out just who had the sock that matched the one sent him, or the pair of shorts returned to him. XVe sincerely hope that the student will soon recover from the severe shock, and we feel sure that the Laundry will not render such ungentlemanlv service again. BROWN TO JOIN fC0l1fil11lt"d from Page 3.2 be so hard, since Mr. Barnum has consented to permit Berry to con- tinue to be correspondent for va- rious newspapers. lt was agreed, of course, that he was to put noth- ing in his articles concerning him- self and his ability, as he is often known to do. You may doubtless wonder why the circus management consented to this. VVell, through their long dealings with such freaks of nature as this one they realize that they will have to have some diversions and pets in order that they will not become so bored with themselves that they cannot put up with life any more. Berry will have a chance to pick up quite a bit of side money while working with the show. The keeper of the monkeys of the circus has hired Berry to entertain them with his antics, and it is thought that he might even make friends with the heretofore untamed babboon, since he looks so much like it. The student body of Ole Miss. through this paper, wishes to extend their hearty congratulations to Mr. Brown for the noble and uplifting contribution which he is making by accepting the kind offer of Mr. Bar- num. -It is the sincere hope of everv one that this noble person will make a success of this adventure, and spend the remainder of his days entertaining those having never heard him. P 1 e a s e R e a cl t h e Advertisements SOUTHERN COAL COMPANY INCORPORATED General Office MEMPHIS, TENNESSEE V For Over 30 Wars Shippers of High E Grade Steam and Domestic Coal in the Mississippi Valley V Branch Offices at Dallas Kansas City St. Louis Fort Smith Minneapolis Birmingham Omaha Louisville Nashville New Orleans Chicago T e Neilson Co. E one young or not so young . . . be one rich or far from rich . . . masculine or feminine-one finds at Neiisonis everything one neecls . . . and finds it so styled, so made, that wearing it is an enjoyable experience, even a matter of pride . . . however much, or little, it costs. V 99 YEARS IN QXFORD niversity o Mississippi SUMMER SESSION June 5 to August 2 1935 ONLY Institution of Higher Learning in the State offering such a variety of courses leading to undergraduate and graduate degrees. LOW expenses. EDUCATIONAL work offered in the College of Liberal Arts, Graduate School, and Schools of Law, Pharmacy, Commerce and Business Ad- ministration and Education. MANY courses of unusual interest. INTERESTING social and recreational features. SIX weeks term and nine weeks term. SAME faculty as in regular session, with the addition of a number of edu- cators of high rank. For Detailed Information IVrile to F. E. FARQUEAR, Director UNIVERSITY, Mississippi This page is given to the University of Mississippi Summer Session with the compliments of THE LYRIC THEATRE, Oxford, Mississippi. R. X. WILLIAMS, Proprietor PRINTING FOR STUDENTS Dance Bids, Cards, Stationery, Programs, Tickets, Placards, I-Iandbills, Booklets, and Everything in the Printing Line That Students May Require OUR W'ORK IS FIRST CLASS, OUR SERVICE PROMPT, AND OUR PRICES MOST REASONABLE Printers of "The Mississippian," the Ogicial Student Body Publication, and the "Ole Miss Alumni News" THE OXFORD EAGLE Phone 108 We are cooperating at all limes with the University and Oxford for the best interests of Ole Miss, the pride of the Stale. "Trusted Thousands of Times Each Year" GATHRIGHT-REED DRUG COMPANY Tl-ze Rexall Store OXFORD, MISSISSIPPI ALL ROADS LEAD TV GOLF, TENNIS AND ALL ATHLETIC SUPPLIES OXFORD The Finest Brands in General Hardware, Fixtures, Tools, Cutlery f THE X Home 0 "Ole Miss" Porter Hardware Co. AID THE OXFORD- MISSISSIPPI COMMERCIAL PRINT sHoP WY. S. ROBERSON, Manager niversit Cafe S skilled artists in the prepa- ration of iine foods and as interested supporters of all stu- dent enterprises, the proprietors of the University Cafe have merited your patronage for ten happy and eventful years. Your interests have never ceased to be ours, and we take pride in your attainments. And to all of you, whether you leave via the sheepskin route or return for another sip of Wis- dom's rare cocktail - we extend you our appreciation for your business and our greetings anew. TOM AND SPIRO NEILL'S Jewelry and Gift Shop The very smartest Jewelry, China, Silver, American and Imported Pottery-Gifts For All Occasions OXFORD, MISSISSIPPI OLE MISS TAXI CO. Incorporated CARS FOR RENT Phone 150 R. L. SMALLWOOD, JR., President "STUDENTS" Keep within your budget. We have just the things you want at the price you want to pay. A thrifty store for thrifty students. GOLDEN RULE oxfofdu Low-Priced sim THE QUICK REPAIR SHOE SHOP Since 1899 HA Sure Cure for Sick Solesu W. R. BOLES, Prop. OXFORD, MISS. COPIELUS STUDIO Many years of practical experience, the finest of photographic materials, painstaking care, and a sincere desire to make the 1935 OLE Miss portray an interest and an artistry unsurpassed have been important factors in our efforts to portray for you Ole Miss and its students at their best. It is our hope that this volume of the OLE Miss will in no small measure merit your commendation because of our thoughtful and careful attention to every photographic detail in the composition of this book. Working with the staff and with the students on this important undertaking has for us been a genuine pleasure. OFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPHERS FOR THE I935 OLE MISS ALL NEGATIVES ARE KEPT IN OUR FILES I We Specialize in All Types of Photography Snapshots Developed promptly OXFORD, MISSISSIPPI ' CDX points with pride to its educational facilities--the State University-the finest system of high and elementary school education in the State-its low tax rate of 16 mills-its municipally-owned light and water plant, a paying investment, by means of which light and water rates have been reduced one-third and tax assessments one-fourth splendid system of paved streets and the broad connecting highways which join it with all sectors of Mississippi. County seat of Lafayette and located at the center of North Mississippi is proud of its industrial facilities-its markets, and the opportunities for commercial and agricultural development. Home of many of Mississippi's most illustrious sons and famed for the national leadership which it has developed, is proud of the character of its citizenship, the cosmopolitan atmosphere in which its citizens live as neighbors. XW11 THIS SPACE CONTRIBUTED THROUGH TH O i 4 3 f 5 H O M E fel R. . ii -its l I l OQD ' DLE MISS UR Mayor is proud of its age and tradition. Incorporated shortly after Lafayette County was created, will be the center of the county's celebration of its hundredth anniversary in 1936. Is proud of a progressive business leadership-its service organizations- Rotary, Kiwanis, Business and Professional Womenls Clubs and others, actively engaged in promoting civic enterprises. Boasting one of the most healthful locations in Mississippi, is proud of two modern well equipped hospitals, six churches fostering a wholesome religious atmosphere, and of the splendid facilities for recreation and entertainment in the city. Winner of a State award in 1928 as the cleanest city in Mississippi, is proud of the interests of its citizens in keeping the city healthful and preserving the scenic beauty of one of the most naturally beautiful cities in the country. Extends you a cordial invitation to take advantage of its facilities while visiting at Ole Miss or in the city-invites you to take advantage of increasing business opportunities and educate your children in our schools and at the State University with the minimum of expense. Officials will be glad to communicate with you in regard to establishing a business or residential location. OURTESY OF THE CITY OF OXFORD A Box of Our Flowers Always Thrills Her GK9 OXFORD FLORAL CO. me Phone 500 me OXFORD, MISS. QKQWQ Q UE: Estaolrslzecl 1869 D. CANALE AND COMPANY FRUITS. NUTS. PRODUCE Wholesale Importers Mem ph ENGRAVING LITHOGRAPHING BOOK BINDING EMBOSSING INTERSTATE PRINTERS. Inc. P. O. 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SPATAFORA, Manager PIDGEON THOMAS IRON CGMPANY MEMPHIS, TENNESSEE Heavy Harclwaree-Railway, Mill, Contractors' Supplies Steel Products 50005 STRUCTURAL AND MAINTENANCE SUPPLIES OO.fQ......f.....f9..... 00.00.0000 1 lease patronize Cut Advertisers ' V, 0000 00 0000 00000 000 0 0 000 00000000000 , briglfmjc pcgesuuee lz I 37 1 E e:e lldzhoiz reflec'c Hwose happy, A carefree days has been our qoclgggg X v N w YY 'llr NE eee 3 QCOLLECEQ ANNUAL DIVIJIQN 'Z E ff V V V ., .,, Q Y Q , . N- X- X, V v7 v v 4 v wr v V 45 ,,:4A G Q ,AZV M , , , 1 N ff we l in I J X yu Rx xx.: K V .Kgs if' . X V ,, ', , X , X -W ...X ...'x,X.,f. ,f kwa 47 N TI-'IE I-IEART OF TI-IE SOUTI-i gTI-IIS BOOK PRINTED BY ...... TTHE WORLD'S LARGEST PUBLISH ERS OF E COLLEGE ANNUALS EN sonl ' PRINTING CO. NASHVILLE KTENN C0 LLEGE AN N UAL HEEADILUAIBTEIIS Omlzgnfm!62lrlA'191fgfjnfrA1nr1l1AAln, Efgllywzlcyb C,SL'fef2OLQ,2 Nfwzijflcgj V7 ,-, Y - -r -4. ,Y 4 . "A Party for Any Reason and Every Season" T H E T E A H O U N D WE ARE ALWAYS GLAD TO H. SEE YQU SHOP OXFORD' MISS' MISS CAROLYN WILLIAMS Featuring a complete line of high Pmpfiemf grade wearing apparel for Particular Finest Quality Foods and Considerate ,dressers. Service +L AUTOGRAPHS '+ .2 ' AUTOGRAPHS 33333333333 rf 33333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333 wQ3333331 33333333333i fi333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333i33333333 333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333 3333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333 3333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333 4333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333iE' E 33333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333g?is3QJx M 33333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333 LM 3 gg. 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