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THE I '. l l -ii if XX Q x 7- W Q ,AXEX-LIBRIS , if -X X ! gil?-xx gg Q . X rl-HWY? ,Ali ed, ,W ,A--,-MQ! liz' 2 2 4 'rms BUCK musr ss ussogy ' Q W X R 1 w. x My xg X, Y , i ,g Q f l N X H ' VV m7q 'N'AAha-AAif' f X Q 5 352 W X .... , Q i N 1 L. X . 1 . x X Q R'-,K 1. X V-X, R A , , 3 ,gg ' ' . z . , ,M .. Q , st ,, X Q e ' Q vw X fl EX' 3 , gi? ,L .sq , ,, 'y TITIIHIIIIE IIDIIUIE IWIIIIISS THE ANNUAI. STUDENT PUBLI- CATION CDF TI-IE University of Mississipp UNIVERSITY, M SSISSIPPI Mana " vs-e J :Ta '21 , U., U45 AVE: 3. -,.7 ' . fgr- .M C' Wvv- . X IIIIIHIIIIE IIIQIIHIIZ IIUIIUIE NIHIISS EEzC111:'3'fLIiiIQ LJISIIVEIQSIW QF MISSISSIPPI yIIggI55,'gpI PUBLISHED BY TI-IE SENIQR CLASSES Vo XXXVI lit 4IDilQilEXWilDilQilV To prevent tlie memories ol tlie past being lost in tlwe dreams ol tlwe luture, to rellect tlie aspirations and ideals, and tlie activ- ities and aclwievements ol student lile, and to pre- serve a record ol tlwe vvondrous interlude vvlnicli vve liave enjoyed at tlie University are tlwe aims ol tlwis, tlwe 1932 volume ol tl'ie Qle lVliss. P I9 V. llglllllxl WIHIEN JN The College llwe Classes CDr9anizatH3ns fxthletics eFeatures 250203 IINSPIRED by tl'1e Ieelung ol orotlwerlwood and suncernty ol spirit tl'1at llves eternally ID tl'1e lweart ol every stuclent ancl alumnus ol tlwe Unlver slty many lwave glven their eIIorts that CLE MISS mnglwt regain lwer rlglwtlul standing among tlwe unlversltles ol tlwe Soutlw To tlmese vve dedl Cate tlwls record ol a college year IIUIIEIIIDIIIIIIZZIKIIIIIIIIDN UNT H IDF. W HD llf .IIT .1lF.41El14F4 mu H U 'I . A Hflx If A I, . X A '.', ,g:,,'. ww 'fb W' 11,-W, lv.- + .'rIl','.wk:i, .' . X gv,,,1' . YI . "il" nf, V . 1 'I I Ay, ..,Ix. -. s' . ' 'lv ,. .XI ,, 1.' 1' .L ,. ' ff,.eH, ,,.,'L:,3 J, ,.,., ,N .l I. ,N , 3 X .I Ll 1 . 'X' V, . X A 1, A . . .V 1 1 ..jlg:.'..:c 1 " V- X ,Q X I Agn'-'jf V m V 1 ' I 1-1 '-iw, .V . "ll .pg '51, xm L ,- "A mt I .., .. .Q-..' " W s, wx 1 ink x A. X ay Y, 'J1 1, w x 'Q . 'T FB+s f'1 ' 'yff 1 I as .a iz 1 5. , 2 'N 15 itat 1 w fQ .ii 1 5 I .Q ' l ,549 1 A J Cs A ,, .YJ 6 a xl 'tiff' 'xt' L 7' N' xg, N N 'fr Q ,ff --1. X M299 Oo fda. if QA. T TY ,M ,1 xr 4 Cris, ft 'x 1-.j,'?s.": 1, ,g-' 'A y+v,,, -L. 'Qu-r, Lf Mfg! - l1"'.,N","'m'f ' 3 H45 . .,,- 4, h"""" ' 5 ffrwgv' ' , , I 'Sm Q '53?'?f. 7 V ' Ml A-..'?d3, kk ,Mlm ',, I fe , ,A M! r ,ff L5'-Yff'.:A'+ "" A' ---42"':Q :".'1N'- 2 . ' Ere- ' ,K .H 4 I Q ,-, ,D . H l A if-1-13:-,fe ., . 2. e ff: ,:-. Q ,S t A, Q. fi, ' ' e. Q c 'T , , ,, , A Q. , .. - , , N, ,gi f 5.3 3 4-1 iq' ,rf L Q' jk, Q5 +3.41 f iff U V : :Qi 1 , Q ,, , A -Qzaikyp.-.5 2 ' is '- -- V.. . v- 3 x 4 KVQQ, A ' - ,. if A4 N F1 .51 'N Kg y- ., -'74 V ' ,rf ' v.P"'I.t ' A ' "W 4' -,mmf,: 'T 1-5.1 .M2Qf::31- A Sweet memories of southern days Are mingled with thy stately peace. ..s ,, of XFN- E N if-' 'ff W N "Y 'dai' X xy.: I :yy 1 s ' I RJ lfsh ,ffgxm lil liwiigux is '1 vm V ' JN-xx K mes' 7 ' I X 4 ? o Q 5 4 ii r V 5 5' Q R RW 'v-v,,xN fI And books we know are a substantial World Both pure and good." -nw: ,, ,' f,i':Ai! 11 we inf. if-vi' ' . :kg ' ' . , M1.-' .f - Fe 2 ,sis O DR ,pq aus- 'N-u 'iz "' NA' fr' a 'Q xii ' -- ,s .. f 4. ' ..--ff-.', " " ' ..,: s,. ., .f A A Nf,3,fefh- ,fs . . - - J .4 .. , . . F ,I . mfg, ' 1 --v -.. ' . J. "- 'YA' - ...V .-.. . -1 , '. . ", ,ps ..A- as 0. ,I Q 2 - 'fl-J' Liga! "J ' 'K-H., '- , ,,..- As., gf.. - Lai' - 4 t .vu ." ' I - 5 - I.. Roman gods could not surpass The braves who mee! Within thy halls. ,aux mv ' 'I' I ,xx 5 f JA -out I Oh halls of Wisdom far renowned Oh life and thought for future years. 1 wfg 4 2 1 14 3 7 1' . 1 3 , .,..J Q '-VH. A g, X, r... ..w.,. ,,,w,, .m ,N .. , "'f""""--uw-...M 1 ! a . L , , , z .A . 1 i ,' 'f L! - . :F V" .- q ' f , 5 Q 2 1 ,S ' 5. 5 I. f ., . .31 S i Q 1 5 'C Q lid ' "dr . L 5 -X x . H x N . 4 l 1 'Tx , Q N , M -s .. 1----x,: --aux---V -.... ' uv -,:..x.1.1a ' x.,,e.f.:., .4..... , -nnx xx ....., -.A.... If-'5 -:V-'lik7., Eli! ' ':.f"' IL..-ff..:cw i fa we ' F, A. .. A , 9 .5 X N una ' 5 1 i 1 vi-A -1 ' , ,. 1l! if 44 ...-, 'l, "ll :' . ,ygf , 1 . 4 on-xg l 4 4 L. 1. . . 45 , 52 Q ,, . gl: . 1 S A nr .1 4 : , . I. -N N-uw' fffil gf aff' 'f-Mm, '.,-5,97 --ww-v--v-r .fc ,.f-"' --f-P ,f- ...a 3-.qu--puavnuuq-.W .-. ' A Q 'Z - 'n-,ev-Q.. ,..f-,.,,J, A nr1,f,p" I ,275 4 ,gl--K -...-k,,.4K-.J . Here, too, dwells simple truthg plain innocenceg Unsullied beautyg sound, unbroken youth." 'vv he le iss ,ix , ."vxv,.,.Q f?.f,u',Q - - 2 ff , i 'ff f"' " .Q 2 xgllt' has A Q'-7 . i 5 . , V, . ,,,.,. ts . -., . Ae, - f "K, 'i vi,g':,23v , , fr A72 51 ,.:. ,JJ '3f'1Bcci,"' CHANCELLOR N. POWERS Whose vital interest in all our activities-whether work or play- has caused us to regard him as the students' friend, one who is always working for the best interests of the University, and a man of high character who has been an inspiration to the many who have known him. Nine-lc-ml Ihil-lu -I wa llu- 0 4- Miss --Y 1E5C1.a11rG1 of Dcaums JL'l.IL'S f'HRI5'l'l.XN Zlflll-XR, BD., ISA., DD. Ilvilll nl Alvxlg V1-41+ 4'!1:111v1-llul MRS. I,o1'1s1c I31xr:11.11x1 lhjxuxx, ISA, 11112111 nl' 'XX1111111 X1 111111 XV11.1.1.x:s1 'NI11,111fx,, Ph.l7 . T11nM.1s Cllmiwx G1..x11N1-iv, ISS., UIC., M S I 11 111 IM- 4 ..I!v:4- 4-I I,1l1.'1:1l Ali- lh':111 111 II11- Svlwwl -fl l'I.1:111--11111: Swv. ID1-,.xvn1'R5, ILS., l.l,.IS. ffI.IVIiR .'XIiHfJ'l'l' SHAW, I'l1.l5., LM. In-.111 1.I Hn- Sf-l1Iml ul l..1XX Il':ll1 ul III4' Fvlllml nl l'I1Il1w1I11111 I'1111,11' I,1a1: NlL'I,I,, B.S., MD. Ilwilll nl' 1114- Sm'l1m1l 1-I' AlI'llIl'ilI4' . w x - - 1.1511-.R I.1ux1i1. llnirxloxlv, Phi., 14.5. 111 Pl1z11'111:1vyg Mb. IP't'Illl lvl Il1-- N'l1-ml ul l'l1:1l'111:14'p j.1:x11is XVAR5.-HN' 151211,, A.M. . Q I . . . . 11.411, 1,1 111.1 rvlnfwl 111 "1llIll14'I4'l' :1111l I.11f1111'w .X1l1111111Nt1':1t11 Il Va? ,, .5 X ' v f ' q Q GQ G1 Q -3 , sis: , i . sfl 1' 'if A , ,Y ' Qu- I .. 1 ' ' 5 Fw, q , :TW 5+-' , M fi, -Q, M h H 'ff ' 1 1, Ei ' A 'X , A, ., Ai ,.. U 4 18 Ninn-I1-ml Ilnirl ll - Iwo rw 11 WW -fr lx 1 V1 4,j,fJzAfXfN LC w 1' ,Hy . X ww, 'Kgs . -516.7 1.1.2 '. 1 w P , - I H' I ff ,,. ,hu 'mi V wxlj W ,r .ffm 'w .uf xf, ' .. a,f,'I,x V 'uc UT' ',,,. P, ' nu I f Nw ,, w. 1,- 'Iv , '1 -w ,wr I1f'.', , 1 x . SINHORS AND GRADUATE STTUDIINTS 7 iff! K kg X A 1 if FN1 V :1rlf44lHH , l If 1 , W wg? I M 7 . ,v, I' I .Yi 'Aff A75 v- ff? fiflf , , f ' Al ...itil X The Gates of Succcss Arc Open 5 I IIN- lllv Miss XVIIIJXM li. XVIIIIIII III fill NI. IJJXI Rfllllll lm In Scmor fC.la55 fQfI'Iccr.S SQIIIIIII. III" I,II:IIIuI. .'XI:'I's l'f1.Ii.lI'11l ..... .... . . . .....,. XVII I IXN1 I XX II I UN l'i1r-l'n,IiIlI111 . . . .I7.xxII-'I M. l'IIIIu .Nhzflfzry , . .NI.xRI:.xIzaI ll.xxIxIfI 1'I'o'tl.IIlI'l'I l'1IgIi.I,11f ,wil 1'-1'I'I',x lIlI'3iIfI'1!I lvilf PIIQI' .xlrlrftlly TIIIIIIIIIII III, 111 iIII'Ilf .NU I II lII1"1'-'l'II'rl5l SQIIIIIII. or LII HPI' , BVIIIIIII, III-' NI I4,I1 22 . RrII1I'I4'I' SMH II XY I . IIUQII NI. I,fwI- . . . KIIRI. XVI-III, . l,I-Ir.II IIN NIIII1-QR ICINIQ . RIIIIIRI ISUSIXYIKLK . . . R.xI,IfII CRISS , . . .IIIIIN P.xxI5II XVIIIIXNI C. CJIIIIJI-X Nine-lc-4-ll Illirlq-Iwo In' I0 Miss 'km 'KT'- rxm Q-:alta " pw nsrmr IIARIMXU XV,xmz XV, 1':'uxn4.r- Wurxuu If. Bm' In Senior Cllanss Ufficcrs Scnmu, mf I':NGlNliliRING 'nxmlrrzl . .... ............ . . .jusrivu IIXRDINIC l'ivu-l'rr.vidn1i , . . . ..... I,lfSIIIi hm' rffafy-T1'r11.v11r'1'r. . . lfkxxl-L XVoRsH.xx1 Scrmm, mf l'I1x1u1Axcx' I'rf.vidr111 ....... . . . XVAUL XV. 'l'L'Rw,u:lf l'ifr-l'n'siJf1z1 . . . . , C. li. lhkvr-,1'1' Snnl-u'yfTrfmzufr , . . lixvllm .-Xkuti SCHUHI. Ulf LXUNINIFRCIQ .XNI3 l:l'SlYl1SS ,'xIlNllN'IS'l'R.Yl'lUN Impvilluzf ...,...4,. XV.x1,1.wr Ii. Brmmlfs I'i1 1'-I'rwJi.Ir111 . .... I.. A. R055 Sffrrlary . . 4 Urrmxrgr, SIMPSON Trra.vm'rr . . jlsrz-11 NIILI,l:R 33 Ninvlovn I Ilirlq - I wo Ihe le iss History of the Class of 119332 SV W' QIQOUR times the freshness of budding spring has called up within us ro- L mance, exuberance, and blissful laziness, enticing us from studies to the ' shaded clover patches. Four years ripened with rich experiences have WK slipped sylph-like into the past to enlarge the canvas of our memory on ' 6 which are painted with delicate skill and vividness scenes, in the shaping of our lives, which are deepened and hallowed by a growing perspective. The Class of IQ-Q2 is on the verge of graduation, leaving collegiate scenes to take its place in the state's and nation's affairs. The Class of 1932 has a colorful history, because within its short span of time Ole hliss has passed a very important milestone marking the close of one era and the prelude to another. To chronicle all the details of this class would be a formidable challenge to a more scholarly person than l, but the high lights of these four years may be briefly touched. Freshman days were full of thrilling, joyous episodes which no succeeding class can duplicate. "Thirty-two" was the last class to be domiciled in Old Taylor Hall. These Taylor Hall days with that heino-us crew of mischievous freshmen, the "Great Fireu Cof the railroad flaresj, the exciting raids from YVest Gordon's dreaded gang, four All-Southern basketball players on one team, co-champions of the whole South in baseball are clear flashes of a great year. As sophomores we saw a million-do-llar-building dream become a reality. The new gymnasium, graduate school building, field house, law building, cafeteria, six boys' dormitories, and Isom Hall for the girls were constructed to become a part of the setting for a "Greater Ole Bliss." A student body of twelve hundred was the largest the University has ever known. Ole llliss was vibrant in prosperity. The campus was lively and the worries were few. Another year the juniors saw a different Ole llliss. "The panic is on" was the popular by-word. Difficulties arose with afliliating associations. A quiet soberness be- gan to creep into us, and we realized that we were growing older as graduation thinned the leaders in the classes before us, and the Class of '32 began quietly to ascend to responsibilities and poise itself for actual leadership. VVithout the least disturbance of the even trend of student activity this class has assumed the leadership of Ole llfliss and contributed abundantly to its life. hlany faces have disappeared from the picture, most of whom we recall with de- lightful memories and associations, but the "Taylor Hall Rats" have remained loyal to an Alma lllater which seemed staggering under many trials. They have helped to steady, bolster, and begin to build anew a proud institution. The cohesive spirit of this class has been uplifting to Ole Bliss during days of depression and discouragement, and our sincere hope is that in the days of tomorrow we may, as alumni, direct our thoughts backward and be proud to visualize plainly our footprints in the Ole llliss path of progress. Nineteen Ihirlq-Iwo CECELIA AARONS . . . H241 SHELBY T.:ItIII Club. GIDEON STAFFORD ABERNETHY A T YF, A I II EUPORA TllTt'l'AI7'll'Hl f1bllH1'iIQ Trzmfflc, B.A. . . M.A. .., 3, 4. GEORGIETTE ANDERSON . . . B.A. ELLISVILLE .I-'III-Q 4'4.II.Ity .IIIIIIOV 1'r-llvilv. 1, 2. SIDNEY DAVID AARON . . . . Ph.C. PICAYLTNE l'ln:1IlnIf-y l'IIIlr, 1, 1, 31 1':IlIiII1-I PRYOR SPENCER BAILEY, JR. . . LL.B. fl' K 'I' OAKLAND Yiwv-I'I'vsi1IvIIl .L S IL. lg IZA., 4lI-- Miss, 33 Ilzmw- 4'nIIIInittn-I-, 1, 33 S"l'l'l'lZl!X"l'Y'IISIIIVI' IIIl1'IlI':It1-1'III1y VOIIII-'iI. 33 Y1+'f--l'If'Ni4l4'n1 E..-X. VIISN. 111 1':IhlIIo-I1 H.'I'III:I+-1111, 1, 2, fl, lg IIIII-I'l'1':It1-rluity IHIIIM- 1'..IIIIIIittw4, 4. SETH HUGH BARRON . . . B.S. in Medicine U K 'I' IIOPITVVELL WOODWARD DAVIS BEACHAM, JR. . B.A. Il.fX'I"lxHiSB URG NEAL BROOKS BIGGERS . . I X, A I II CORINTH . B.S.C. l""Tl'-"L 1. -. --- 5- '-'I't.u1II. 1. ll Ilull. M. H, A, lx. S, II.n4k, llu I X 21 1 .- C.-by A-Ti . ,gg pg. 9' 5 W.. A.,,f-Q IX' fi.. 5. 4 1 .1,.Q lg . . . R tr . .V ' ' 1. 2 I I '- ' . : in r - R. " J . Q w.. 55 f I-if :A 'H A E N "' N , Q -A , 44, I 4, 'N 3 I ,I I - . 3, ri I 7 I 4 X y A , ' , -3 5 . J -. X 1- - .A N 'J--" ' s F' INA BELLE BOGGAN . . '1'UI'FI-O IJ.-- Ulu- MINS ,Xvmunl ROBERT HENRY BOSTWICK . II U II, 'I' X LYMAN I'nvs11lf-nl billlrrl Blwlnzul 4I:as.N, NVALLACE EARL BOWLES . 'I' II II' INVIZRNESS I'l'1-sid--ll! Ii. S 4'., -IL I"mvtI1:lII, I, 2 fi imlmu-il, 'lg "M" Vluln, WILLIAM DARLING BUSH . 'I' II flf FIIISVILLE REGINALD BLUE CHANDLER . CALHOUN CITY THOMAS KYLE CHANDLER, R. B.A. Stuff. BS. in Medicine Mi-1I1u':lI 1'IuIv. . B.S.C. 43 'I'I'IIl'Ii. 153 Ilormitury ri, 1. . B.A. BS. in Pharmacy . B.S. in Medicine II U II, 'I' X VVEST POINT All-flivqnl 4'I11I1g Vziluim-t, I 2 3, 4, IIlI4'l'II'IlII'TIIIIj' l'Ounr'iI, -Ig Yin--I'lw'si4Is-Ill llwlivul 1'IllIb, 4. HOOKER MCDONALD COEN . . B.A. fi' II fb, A XI' I-I lIAZI.EIIURS'I' "Y' Vxnlvimft, '23, '36 '37, '20, '2!13 I'I1'l'II1!lP3I'I, '25, '26, '37, '20, '31g l-'11-st Sw-:ala--x', Hvrmmlzm, 11437, I'ubliPatinn Cuunf-il, '27, GEORGE BARROW COUs1Ns, R. . . B.A. L A IC, 'I' K A, fI1 A 'If BILOXI Ii:-IICIIIIILZ 'I'v:1m, I 121 Ihilnting' Vuunr-il, 23 IIl'I'ITlilt'IlIl, 1, 2, 3, Se-cond Spv1lIi4'l', 21 l':u'1lin:uI 4'll1Iv, 2, Ilwsulfnl, Zig Vivo-I'r'o'si1I4-wit. Illun- Key. 33 Vi'-I--I'n'vsi1IQ-111 Vlznss 2: "AIississippi:in" SUIIT, I, 2, A1-tlvitivs I'14IiInl', "lflIIl Ulm' BIISSHL AsSm'I:iI1' I'I1IIIInl' "IIOfI2 Ulm- Missng l'F1'Si- .hint 'l'qnu Iiuppu ,Xlphag Dum-U 1i,'UIIllIlIItl'4', 1, 2, 3. 43 Chairmml ll fmxutimi l'1m1n.ittu-4' 213 ICXl'l'llIIVO I'IIZlII'lHJIll 41 I'rvsIdv'-nt A, S. IL, Ig M-'nib--r .Xthlf-tiv Vwlnrmttf-wg I'III1Il'I1HllI Dnrmilnry wmlrwl 4'Innlx1ltI4-vp M. U. A, K Q 4 ..., . 'R aa' E 55 6,66 if-, ,. , '- 'NP' I 'ff . r , ,f ,M Q ,.. ., m., - 3'3" 'J M A ' Vw, - ' ' ,."r,:"' :G . .- -Q"-' ' , i' .. "I ' il,-, V X I '1 U .',aQ'.:,A 'P 4' 57, -. . ' -1, guy I A Aw., '.r.w.1 . f A ' 4 " I . H N, A -'-mf . 4' . g' .N J: 'TT ' -T. '- ' K " - , V 1 ' 5- 1, " - . - l - gg. . " b Q Ai.,-. . ' . -, ' ,, -4. ' A. ROBERT CREEKMORE . .Y K CALHOU N CITY Mississippi 1'nllI'gv, 5 MARY VIRGINIA CULLEY . K A GREENVILLE IRI'--Imu, 11 4,'lI --1' I' I.1-zul1'I', 2, 3. 4. JOI-IN MORSE CULVER . . . K E, fb A fi' JACKSON Millsaps, 2, ROME TURNER DABBS . . TI K fb SHANNON MARY WINIFRED DAVIS . A I' ' OXFORD MARION STOKES DICKINS . A A A CREENVVOOD .IUYISIIII Vullvxg'-, 1, 2. B.A B.A LL. B B.A B.A B.A NEWMAN MCCOY DORSEY . B.A ABERDEEN Base-hull, 1. 3. 3, 42 St'4'I'l'TJlI'j' S ni-I' t"IlviIIvI 1' Q.-II t IX lll'lklTl2il'Illl. I. JOSEPH SHERMAN EDMONDSON, B.S. in Medicine H K XV BARDAMAN M--divzll t'lIIh. ' ' hill' 5 -sg, ,, 4, - ,fn - -Q-M ,I , -. . I f , LQ' .MA . ,A ru 7 .4 . ,N ' if , 'gg' . ,. A- '- I W Q, L... . i'1flf'f'g' I ff ' 3 gg- ' I 19, . . -v . ,f j-eq. -I - , , .L.- A5 -lam fun? af- . ,nhl L , .i V k' ydlql- -A -,W I1 LJ? . MI, h 4 'H 1. fn WV' .1 ag., -J i'f'j .19 EJ, -.S 5' A ' . 4 . 1 - I V - 4 '41 - , 5 . x aff .. ,L ,I A S-111' LQ., '- -, -F PQFQM' 2 , - ui ' . Ig. , 'Q . V " ,wa 'Iv -ff-,. W- .H ' Yr- 5 ,l 'T I 1, ,F -ff. 2 S- A , 7fl.', , a..4.JL lg hifi -A :,.f I bl- 1 'P N- ' I 2 . in ill' of 4-.1 7- ' 'N -.QF I" 'Vx ,fy-4 1 'KWH- 'Qs arf' MARY RIVERS ELDER . . B.A. 'I' N1 COLD VSIYIIER wire-lwilxlzl Vulln-gv, 1, 2. FRANK EDGAR EVERETT . B.A. al, A gy' 4. A 4. INDIANOIA Im-sill.-nt "Y": Al. H, .-X, K S.: Illm- K--ygIvmf-'A1'fvrmviI1--41Vllrlvl- YII,Vll lull-1Il'xl--xvuilx lnlllm- 4'HlllllliIll"" lllh-I'lx:1lo'l'lxity Vuxln--Ill l"1vsl1m:uln lftnw-lmll, illw- Vlulv lg "A!iw'-N11-pi:nlx" Stnflj Amnuzul SI:-1I', Yum' l'.'-'sxwlx-nt 4':nlwin'+1, 12 I'l'l'5ilI"Ill Vnlvilnw-t, T31 l'l'1-sillvtll Slzlll- "X "'4 IZ, 1"lI'llill2ll Vllllv. ol-IN ALLAN FETTERMAN . . B.S.C. K A JACKSON Millszlyw, I. 2 ' ELISE Foss . . B.A. 'if Nl SliNATOBI,X Al, S. V. XXI, 1 Ig 1':llvi11'-15 Irlll'l'll2lllullIll I:-' Vlub. EVON ATHA FORD . . . . . LLB. -I' A H, 'I' ,X A 'l'.XYl,ORSVlI.I.E Miss fwimri 1'nlI1-ge-, A.Ii, RUTH ELIZABETH FORD B.A. X E! COLUMBUS XI, S, 1' XY. l',l'1'NllIll2l!l, Iixuwlllixhn- 4'f'll'll'IIQ l':ul1AllL-llvni 1 ll'lY'll. JACK FORMAN . . . B.A. YICKSBURC lllslitlltv nl Alusiwll Avi, 23 Swlvv'-I lhlllll 'Ill '31, 'fllfp Hlw- Vlllll. 'Z!l. 7112: AIiS'iSSfl'I!I'llS. HARRY GREENWELL FRIDGE BS. in Medicine I Y, U K 'I' IlATTIIiSBL'RC All-1l1f':1l Vlulu l"0'ftlv: TS "W 'HFS IH, l 2. xx 'N , .. 4 - A mi , I. . Rf, L z-,.,, . , A 4- ' 1. , - gf, - u- ' ' , ,J ., -45 fag- F -1 K' , 2 -ng "why, V N., 14 lv? va , : Q N: . -11, QU- ' .' " 'Sl ,-'QM V". .- 'Q "A, -A Air? , .A A A A A , . , -"f -A. " 'ff ., ..,gH ,, Q- . -U-S4 . . 'V .- Q, H :ARM .V R , I 3 - if Jig NORMA MARIE GEX . . . . B.A. K I T BAY ST. LOUIS M, R, 1-, w., lg lu.-Aiflvnr Y, W. 11 A. HARRIET LUCILE GILLESPIE . . B.A. A A A MORGAN CITY Xhiiwl-Ii.-1111--int, 1' Aniuuzil Stzlffg I'un-IIv'Il1-l1i4- 0 'fum-il. LILIAN ADELAIDE GLADISH . . A.B. RAYIVIOXU Ilin-Is .lunmr Pulls-ui' 31 Y. XY. l'. A. Vzilliliwt. LEO C. GONZALEZ .... Medical Certificate A fl TA MPA, FLA. Uzlixwrity I-I' l4'lm'11l:1, l, I1 PHX., Ula' Miss in IUIZH. JAMES CLIFTON GREEN . . . BS. in Medicine -l- A 0 TUPELO MARY JEANETTE GRESHAM . . B.A. fl' Af INDIAXULA New i-f1 mln 1. MARGARET HAMMOND . . B.A. A I' KOSCIUSKO Stmle-ut 1'u11n1'il, 21 .Nsiwpn S :n1-'1 j 'Ic'O', g " 'z n' -- X it ltxlhtll Xiilmt S+-1'ri-tzxrx' IZ, A., lg Inxitulifvn 4'4Il1lIUlffl't', Ig l'z1ll-llvllwluiw JOSEPH ALONZO I-IARDING . BS. in Engineering TAYLOR I'r--sid--nt Svnim' Nllkillf im: Flaw, 'ff 'W wi viii , . sf EQ? ? as--W - f-A 'wt-uv-6 :UW ,uv--. CDS AL, 'fi' ' .: ,- -5, 54 Y -fl 1 fv uf ewan P N- A R2 'Q' A --0-:adv we-niif JACK NVILLARD HARMON . . B.S.C. X X, A 11 Il JACKSON l':nlviln-I. l, ii, 11 I11tvl'rl:1Iiul1:1l Il:-lutiulls Vlulvg Annual Stuff, J. 11: "Al" Hunk Stuff. lg 'l'l':uf'k, l, 21 AsSist:1nt I-'fmthzxll AI:1n:1::n-r. 1. 2. ROBERT PERCY HUDSON . . B.S. in Medicine Fi K 'I' UTICA FRANCES ELIZABETH HUNT . . B.A. K X T COFFEEVILLE E. P. IRBY, JR. . . . . . LL.B. H K A OXFORD M. O. A, K. Sq Owl Cluhg Missrssippinns. CHARLES NATHANIEL JACKSON . . B.A. K X CLEVELAND WALLACE ATKINSON JACKSON . . B.S.C. SUMMIT Raymond Junior Vollwge. 1, AQUILLA P. JAMES ..... B.S. and Ph.C. MONTROSE Vnivvrwity ut' A'alv:xnm, 1. JOSEPHINE PORTER JOHNSON . B.S. in Pharmacy OXFORD N 1' tary I'l1urma1'y Vluh, 3: Historizxu Phzxrnxzufy Vluh 1: 4'l1l'lH- istry Cluh, 1, 2, 35 A. Ph, A. M6-dal, 3. . ..I . .2 -A 1 i n L ff, A- , - f -I ASW. M e S ,A LX 'J ' D 1 735 ' f ' ' 1 ' ' I . -' .H 'f" A f E ,r - A ' " ' ' "I x Q", V , E 1 I! ,, 5 -14 - up ., K A . an Q , if M I A lu ' " V . . j." " , ' fn' ' . Q43 , ETHEL CASTON KEESLER . . BA. X SI CRE E NVVOOD Hollins 1'1rIlv'e. 2: AIIIILIIII Stuff. 4: 1'lwmiStr'y Awisfullf. 4: "'1"H1f I- isfry Vlub, 3. -ig PIII1-III-Ill-IIiw Vuuxlvil. 4. THOMAS ACKSON LILLY . . . B.S.C. E A Ii, A ll II OAKLEY Pr.-sulffxlt A. S. B.: TI'f':IsurI-I' A, S. Hg I7!'l'SiLlk'llf Iflllv K1-yg VI---sb Iivnt 1':II'din:Il Uluhg 'I'I':u-k mmavlm. 43 Svvretary Hnlwlolx Hullg l'1l'l'SlI- man Fovvtluxll llllll TI':Ir'k. HUGH MARSHALL LovE . . . LL.B. K X, li' A lb YAZO0 CITY I'Iw-sul'-nt Senior Law Vlzxssg M. H, A. K. 45 Iralmw- Vmxmrnnln-4-, 4. 53 Ex'-I-Iltivp f'uIIIII1iItev 51 S4'l'I'1't2lI'y Plnss IZ: 1'1IrdiII:Il 1'lu1L Z IntvI'l'I'zItI-rxmity VUIIIIMI, 4 51 Bluv KI-y, MARY LEWISE MAYERS . . B.A. A A A BRANDON M. S. 1', XV,, 23 Sv:-rw-tz1I'y -ut' A. S. R.: uBIiSSiSSilDIliflIl" Stzlfl, Sf'lll'll f'2lhill6'IQ IIItvI'II:ItiuII:1l RI-lzntiwuls Vluhg lixvf-Iltnxw f'4'lIll1'lll 4'llPll1iSIl'y 1'lulI, CLARENCE BENARD MAYES . . B.A. 4' X COLUMBUS LEIGHTON SMYLIE MILLER . . LL.B. A W, 49 A 4' CLARKSDALE , , , . . M. H. A. lx. 5.3 flwl 1 luhg IIItvI'rI':Itf-I-nlty f'0llIll'll, Z1 -I, 53 l'r.fSi.l1-nt IIItvI'I'I':It4-I'IIity 4'uun1'il, 53 I'I-I-sid'-IIt Owl Vlulu, T123 Xvil'l"I'l'l'!4l1ll'lll Fl'vxhIII:IlI Law 1'l:lss, 'ROL S'-vw-t:II'yfTr1-axllre-I' Svllinr l.zIw Vlznsx, "EL IlIU'l'l!'Zlt1'I'llIly Dznlm- f"nIIInIi!ta-I-. RALPH AMES MITCHELL . . B.A. fl' H ff' GLOUCESTER, MASS. I'hi Sigma, 13 "VIA" Stuff, 1, 3, T23 Annual SIIIIT, 33 Eqilul- "11u::j Uh- Nliwu: lIII1-I'I'I':'II-Iwnty lmxuw- 1'IIIIIIIIiIt1-I-, 3, -I, WEBB MORSE MIZE . . . LL.B. '11 K 'lf FORREST Rllllszqm. lg lute-I'l'I'utw-rnity L'tllHll'll. -Hx H as ' W." - :I ' Y Y ' . 'V ,. .M . . ,EY . f Nt? wif '- A - , if ' 4' .,:g A ' 1 ,. S., -1 is-. I "' . - IL AA I 15: 3 .5545 K ,-Ve-I I , - .V ,F - ft f TL ff. 'A -A ,A ' 4-"'-.1 'r .x hr, - - ,S , - , 3-va, '- 4931 34? X' , g ,. ' ' - I- -,I . I' ,A -Q A , -' ' J- , -- ' . 'If -I., -I -A-. ,vl Hp- , -. .. ., . ,II . , A -7, 1 Q ,, ' ' - .r G' ' If ,f , '. I4 . . . -...V X '- -, .. .Q ,. i -1- IIII x N .l'g.N,.. . 1 PWC' .si ' 4 'T' . fl' i X ' BUCHANAN MooRE . . . . I A lf, 'I' A 'I' SEN.-X'l'OBI.K . B.A. Xl 1 X I' 4' Hln' Ii 'N' l'1t -Ill I-rwitx' l'nllIll'IIQ llnskn-tl..llI. I ,, , ',.,x.-.. 1 11, 1 Jn, I -11 Ilns:-lmil, 1, 2, 213 lull-r'mux'uI XlIllI'llI'S. BREED OLIVER MOUNGER . I 'I' If COI,L'MRlA . LL.B. Rluxmfslplfl A. :xml M. 1g Ixnflrtrznla-1'111ly funn ll Mlm- 4 lull: lhnml. '4l,:nu .Illlll'IlllI" Stuff MARTHA ORR MCCLIMANS . K .X OXFORD .X luluunzn Vnllu-Lg--, DOYLE AMZI MCCOOL . . . NOXAP.'xTIfR ' 9 lui I' 4'2tll zunl IIIINYII 1" lv LELIA BELLE MCILWAIN . 'I' N1 GREEXVVOOII fflxe'll1i'I2l, 2. JOE LAURENCE NETTLES . K I NNI!! . B.A. . B.A. . B.A. . B.S.C. LELAND WILLIAM EARL NOBLIN, JR. . B.S. in Medicine A 'l' A, 'I' X JACKSON M-divrxl I'IllIrj xml Vlulvg IntI'1'I'mv--xuxity' Irulv- 1 mmxttvvi M. U, A. K. S. RUEL GVERBY ...... . Ph.C. BRANDON S niwr Invituti--ns 1,'-vnmlniltve ALM . 1 . , I, . X l V fffaif 'A'-4'P"a,"RsL.L.v ,J I I 7 . I I E '- '-2E'Ig,f- V- , -Ev 1., Q, . ,Ev-"4 ,," -. qyigf 1 -ev . 1 1 -f' ' - . - 'fd' ,I A 1 - .-. -.,, , , , 1' ... . A , - .A N , - . ya, .,1 .- f . 1.4. 1 I , M 4,1 -.n f I, . ' ' U A -'ff '1f'.L.r I ' ww' lu A -IW AS A .7 . 9? R.. .I L HILDA MARIE PERKINS . . . B.A K X 'I' OXFORD WI. XY. V.. IZ I'1III-IIvIIr'1li1' IWIIIIII-II. DANIEL MCLEOD PETERSON . . . B.A A Ii I-I, 'Il III I, II K II BROOKSVIIIE 'l'l':I4-Ii, I, 23 IIIIIIII, 11 X'i1-I-PIIAHIIII-llt I'I:ws, lg 1':uIfiIn-I, ii, I I'uIIInI-anti-III 13111111-il. Ig VII--IIIiStI'5 Vinh, 2 'L CHARLES WORSI-IAM PHILLIPS . . B.A I X VVESSON 4'IIIviI1wtg "RInssissi11IIi:III" Slznffg IIItwI1'uIIe-:i:It-- In-lfulilwu 'I'--:um fllw: Vluhi I'il'l'?4IllII1lI1 'FVIIIIIS 'I'mIuI. OHN CANADA POWELL . . . BS COLIWV.I'I'ITR LEWIS EARL PERRY . . . . B.A RIEXZI Millizlu 1'OlI-'SIR 1. MARY LOUISE PUFFER . . . B.A A Z FXYETTE Vulvim-I, Ig I,I'giSIzItix'v 1'-QIIIIMI, Tig I'l'1-SIIII-nt I':vI1-II--III-Ixiw, I .-Xllllllill Staff, I'lSI'I2 HID Blissng 'I'l'1'1ISllI'I'1' ul' llfmm' INIIIII-Iil, I Drulllzltif- VIIINN, II. OSEPI-I GILMAN REID . . . M.A K I YAZ00 CITY IIIINIII-Ss Maxim:--I' "ISUZU UIQ- MISNHQ AI. H. A. K S., Ig IIIII-I'I'I':m1vI nity lIl1Illll'II, I3 l':II':IiI1zII 1'IuIv, I, BLANCI-IE REILLY . . . . . B.A GREENVILLE Cznlfillvtl Hwxpitul COIIIIIIIIL-I-. QQ 'I 555 .I E , , ...,f.-4-- ,,x i Aj - j Y -jx i. .. " - ff' 491 KC' ,aff Agfa- 4. :xi wg - A IfA .AR -, - ' w i JUIYBN Fu A 'L , -Sq! . , I' 3 ' 44' K . N , -v 'm MABEL DAUGHERTY ROBERSON . . B.A. ECRU Hullnl' Hull. JOSEPH BROWN ROGERS . . fl' Il fll, K 'I' NEW ALBANY l'l'l'Si4l1'lll l'l:ls:, 2: 1':x1'1li11:1' Vlulvg F4-mini' LENT ALEX Ross .... . Ph.C. Vup und fVlUXVll 4'rvnxlnitt1'v . B.S.C. 'if A fl Cl.ARKSIlAI.E I'1""tl'5'll- 1. 3. '7. 'WZ "Nl" "llll'1 Al. U, A, K. SJ Hlllx- K.-yg Yin-- l'rv-Hiwl--nt S1-nm: Virus.: Ii S 4'.: S nim' lnxiiutiwn Vnlulllittv--5 "Y' l'IlIlillf't. 1. 2. 3, EDWARD LEE SANDERSON . fl' ll fl' VARUAMAN 1"11hin1'-t. 4 LIZETTE NEILSON SANDIFER K A GREFNVVOOD I'11ix'e-nity Al:ulv:1m:n Hlllrllm-VA 'SHI' 'fZ1: 1 mall" Staff. SARAH EVELYN SELF . . I' 'I' H MARKS Slmrtf-r, Ig 4,hwm-In-r will WARREN WILLIAM SHERMAN E N MCCOMB Iiusim-NN IXl:1l1:l:4c'V "IXI1ssissip1ni:xn," 'lil Kx-xg '31, 'SZZL Svniur Full . BA. . . B.A. I. S. 42 NYM 2' "Mississip . B.A. . . B.S.C. '321 Yi1'P'I'l'vSi1lvI1I Hllll lm-tg Uwl Vluh. GEORGE NORMAN SIMPSON . . B.S.C. MEMPHIS, TENN l"1,..tlmII, Ig lizxskl-tlrull, 1, 2, Sl, 43 S 1-rn-lzlry S1-niur B. S. l', Plugs 1'11blic'z11iOn Council. -x, . 4 ' . ' ff' ', i wah. ' - 1 ,r ' . A E4 R-F4 'J 1. A.-if 'W "W--f if' ,' ' '. . Lv ' '-11 ' '- -'45 'ra F -. K - 4.5 T- ' ' idrflfw. .-I '. -I' rg. ',, I 1, f' E. A, 1- ,Q YA P' '. S f.L.,L " .A JQ?-ff-6A y..' ' ', :j " w 6 '51 n-Y 'S V, w 1. P11 I s'2,f-Q. Q29 'Q - ' " in ' V-35 I I' ' ,.'. ,V "lx . 'I N' , j ,M - P- Y . 4 -A: ' " .1 , 3 , fig, v" , - , 4 - "OC I. 11' N I KJ-'d '5"- 'If Q .3 f fx -,E .R qi ' '. gg .' ,A 1' -' -' -"" I . if U 1 v f.,' ' ' 4-if I ' A . ' F ' ' ." ' 5 1.-4 2 If WA A If ff rr F9 il 'R - ,- I ' ' 1 :Eff ., .,,, Q., ,' A' ' , A 1,4 -I . ,,-'M .7-,fi MARTHA ELIZABETH SMILEY . K I 'l', H AI 'l' LAURFL Buwlilug fQl'+'I'Il HusiIIvs.2 I'IIix'Irsily, 13 "II-MI Missng IIIII-I'IIz1tiOIIzII Hflzxtimns 4'IIIIIg SI-4If!:II'3 I-IIII 4lI:III'III1IIl ul lu. iw I. ANNIE DORRIS SMITH . . SENIYIOBIA Tntv Iwfllllfj' .IIIIIinI- Imllf-xv. ROBERT LEE SMITH . . . 'I' II 41 IUKA 4'aIwliII:Il VIIIII, 2: l'. II, I, Signrng INIIQIII-, 2g I' U II, 43 IIlTt'l'I'l'ilIl'!'llII5' I'1'IlI1-'il I, 'l'I'e-:msn ARNOLD ROBERTSON SMYTHE . X. . .. 'I' lx, 'If A A BAII-I5VII.I.E Owl Vlulvg 4":II'fliIInl I'lu1Ig IIIII-I-fr-:III-I-nity IIIIIII-U II':It1'I'I1Ity VI-IIIIf'Il, 4, 3, EARL S. SOLOMON .... CRIZISNVIIIE 1,'HI'4IIIl?l' 1'lIIIIg I.:Iw .lnIII'n:II, ig IIr'I'l OSEPH CULLEN STENNETT . JACKSON S4 4 l'1'I2llX 4':II'vt1-I i:l, MARGARET PAULINE STEVENS SEX.-ATOBIA N1II'tI1xx'f-sl Alississippl .IlIllIHl' 1'u'l-'u-4, 1, 2 ESSYE STINSON . . . A A A AVALON B.A VIIIIIII' III HIIITII 4 I I' I IIIII I'lul+. S-I B.A B.A. LJIQIIIIJIII . I LL.B. I, IIII.-I LL.B. LL.B. B.A. 'I'I-+-:mIIr.-I- uf PIII:-Ilwllm-:Ii--. 'lg AIIIIIIIII XYzusIIirIux4,H u'nlI1-uv 1, 2 , 'wr 11. an '11- JIM STRIBLING . . . . . .X 'I' A, 'I' .I .S l'IIII..XIlFfI.I'III1'K NI. H. A, lx. 5. Hu. 4 lub, ll1t1'lIr.It1-1-nity 1' llll1'II. LL.B. ERUSHA ESTELLE TAYLOR . B.A. . K IQ 'I' S'I',"IRKVII,I,Ii IZ! :u'- Mmnntzam l'1-Ilvuv 1: l':n.fil--II1-nn' 4'lnIlllllI. I,o.., 1110- Miss' Slnffg .-Xllnuznl Spnllsfvl' CHARLES MARTIN TOMLINSON . B.A. Y Y GLTITI-Il'0R'I Xl H, A. IS. 5.3 Llun- lv-xg I1ll'lIIll2iI llulvg IllIl'I'Il"lI"l'llllY 4'uunf'll -7. I, Stull--nv Imluw- l'ull1111iltI- -, I. I":utw-rnitx' lP'lll4'v 1'1vIIlIlllIIl'l' Il, 1, Alfmitm-, 1:3 I'IlJlII'lIlJllI Iwmnmt, :Ig "M" H.-I-k Slwff I GEORGE GRAY TOWNSEND . M I 'I' li, fl' X JACKSON KI1-1Il1':ll l'IHIsg Ii,.X. lhln- Mig-4 I AMES BENNETT TRULY . flf A U, fI' A .3 FAYF'IVI'E I'1'r'sirle-nt 1-I' I,1w S1-hm WADE WATKINS TURNAGE . A K IC, 'I' II I XVATFR V,'II.I.IiY Vlu-mistxx Vlulvg I'lui Sinmug l'In:n'1T1zu'y VI l'V'NiIl'-Ill Salim Vlzlss. WALKER FLEMING TURNER . II I U f2RIiIfXXYOflI7 .XII SIIIIISI, Ig linrkf-IIIQIII, 23 Ilwwu' l'flum'iI, iflcate LLB. PITC. Ivnt, ZZ B.A. " -I' "Y" 4"IIv1n1-I, Zi, I. I.: mslzntlxv Vmllu-ll I, IZ, l'n--ulwut XXIIIIN-11'S 'tml'-nt flllXl'!'IlITll'III I, Xxw'-I lvhufh-11x I XM' A.. I..m--:mx N XYJIMI, 21. .XeIxI.-my I'rn-sid'-nt ul' OHN WEBSTER WADE . . . B.A. 'I' II L, II L 'ln II Ii II OXIURIJ 'I':15Ifn' M1-11.11 in Iinulixlng llmn-fx In-Il I 3 fig 5e'IlI"I' l'zxIviu"tg IIlIl'Ill2lII1rlI2II I:.I-Timers Vllllvg I.gI11I Viulu I, 3 fi, l'1v'snI1'l1l 31 If+-l- 1..uA.I:llv 'la III-I1-lx l 4- 327434 5, 1 -4 " v as DJ! if! 'V 4. ' - f, 5' ' J. ' ' , Q- . .. M A U ,Y W . n N X . ., r ,,A. .V 4 '4 - . ' . I 4. M . , E- S, .Y a,f,+- . mmf Y jf -. If LQ, .V -. Hr-ev.: I, "NL ,256 4- I". 1-. ' gb' "-- - in " A - " ' :'-- . 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Tvxrs 40 Nineteen Ihirlq-Iwo 4 CIIARLES 'I'1xnA1.r. he le Miss . mmifor lCll.zI15s AUBREI' .ANSI.lilVl AIIEN, B.S. . , Valley Park AIMII--:Il f'lIIlI. lN1ARf:ARIa'I' RL"I'II AIzIus'I'Roxr:, BA. . . llfmstml K .X M, s, If w,, 1, 2 '-,gl L. .'xl'BRliY B.-XRNE'Ik'I', l5.S.E. . . f:I'QC'l1XNOUll A. :Iml Rl., 1, 2 XVQOIIARII IDAVIS BEIICHAM, jk., 13.8. . llnrricxlwurg M dull Vllllv. N1ll,ES RILEY BERRY, jk., H.S.C". . . C'r1luInlIi:I Vrvsillf-nt I-f .IIIIIIIII l'I:Is1g Hlllr' lil-yg mul Vllll RORI. P. BOXIJ, Med. Certif. . IIighl1IIIfl Park, lll A 'I' .X NUI'tllXK'1'SlQ'I'll I'lllVA'lkSlYj', I, 3, 52, I. -IE.xNxE'I"IE Bmxsox, B.A. . . . ColIIIIIlwi:I A. T. HRILEY, HA. ,,... . , cwilfilltll A 'ly A "Mi-:xissipIIi:III" Stuff, 1, 2 31 N ws ICIIil1vI' ftp "Al" Hunk Stuff 1, 2, liflitnr I1 I'l'i S gmsxg l,:ItiII 4'lIIlv, I IivlzItI1IIIs 1' lllll lilm- KI y. .ALVIN C'oI.LfMIzL's BRI1"I', . . XVI-Nmll V41-l.lll.llll1iI'rI' l'nllIg.1n', 1. :Q Iflullrilll. I fl, l31ISliI'l' lmll, 23 'I'I':II-lc. Z. TIIIIMAS PIERNDON BRISTER, B.S.C. . . Nnrflelnl zIlI. 1, -1 'RI' I lIIlI. MARI:AI1Is'I' CINIIE HRX.-Ix'I', BA. . , Khffecvillc .M-4 Supllil- NI-wwrlllll I'4I?lI'LZ", lg 1'2lllllIl'l RAE ISRYANT, HA. , .... . . Szlnforcl Iilul- KI-y: Y. All 4', A, 1':IlvIIIvt, 3 31. lmluw- INIIII- lllilfkvl Spur! IC1l1nI' "M" lwuli 2. CSFORCE li. C.-KMPBlil,l., I, , . , Yzmm City QQEORCE CIEMIENCE CAkI.sox, B.S. . . Quirnnnan lim: E. Cl,AY'I'0N, Ii.A. . . . , Meridian 41 im-le-en Illirlq-Iwo Wulf 'G- xi? ,- 93" Q ,rs i' 4-of '11 'J-" N7 he e 'ss J uni or IClII.2ll.SS KIHRRII-I I'1I.l7.XIll-Illl Duxxls, HA, KI S. 12 XY., ll Sruwlvlnr II-'nun' 1'-'un XV1l,l,1.xm1 DL xL.xx lloxmlm, 'I' II 'IL 'I' A A Iffwrlmll, 1. 3. 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Ifayette ll. - J. ll .lr Nlfmrmrchcad II, - .I 4. ln! nfl.-nt thun- HI-' Miss. fIl'6CllN'0UtI lIlIl'l'llSlII'PllilI ll lnl. QIIZIFI-QSKILIIC Ill 3l:1n:1g1-ry 21. . Perrin x . Crmlclwnter . Oxford mn, :L . Glendora Zig YivsA-l'rw-si- IMI'-Iigrm livin- ll Inn-r:1l'y SH- Coffeeville Ie iss Junior Qllass DAVID MARION FLEMING, jk., B.S.C. . C'levelaIId IL A 142 I.. S. T. 11, I, 2. VVIIIIAM DOu:I,.xs CZARDNER, B.A. . . Salrilln K X Fwvtlmll 1, 2 Zig I,I'f'Si4lt'IlI Vlnss 23 I l':IlviIIf't, 11 f1t'!'I'll2lt'1lH, 11 Hwl Vluhg 114 'Y 1, 2, ,,, v- JOIIN :ALVIN ffII,I,ll,AND, B.S.C. . . Ne-Nlwirt E N TI':lr'k, 1, He-ml f1h4Q'I'll'?l'lQ-'l'1 HI-I'III:Iv: III+-t, EVEREII' G. flRAN'l'lIAM, JR., B.S. , VVQ-Nr Point A K IC 1 HIAIIIIIIII 1 lulvg X CIIIIIIII-11 Meri JOE H.-IKDIN QQUYION, B.S.C. . . Blue Nililllllllill Y Y A I' II "YH l'zIlIilII'1. IVIIRIAM CSVVIN, B.A. . , . . I.C'XiIlgIHll Xi? XII-I--PID-sII1OIIt X. XX. I. A 1 Nl. tx 4 BROWN C. HAIRSION, LL.B. .... C'rIIwfIIrIl I X, A I Il Il--I'IIIzIvzIIIg HONIIIL: TI-:IIII, GEORGE 'I'IIOIs1PsON HIxI,I,As, B.S.C', , Ilazle-IIIIIANI A Xl' KIRK ENGLAND HAYNES, B.S.C. . . JOIII-NIODII 2 A IC I"uOllI:Ill, 1, 2 13 Iizlslcvllmll, 1, L! 21 FvIeRIi'I'I' M.-XNSIIIP IIARRISON, B.S. . . ILICIQNOD Q K xl: RAIIIII XV. HAWKINS, BA. . . Vaiden A 'I' A llul Vinh, SAMLYEI. BRIDGES HERRON, III., B.A. . . lyllfllllf K! Spnrts Iirlitm' "MIssissi111vi:III"g H AI'IIIzII-un, XVIIIIAM HAI,IeY HEWI'II'I', LL.B. , I X, 'T' A A Missi simwi Vnllvgv, Ii.-X., 'Rug 'l'I-I-:IsLII'1-I' .llllllHI' I.zIw Vlnss. . Jacksull 5 CORINNE HIPPS, BA. . . "' A Z . Oxford O:,IvIzR HOUSTON HOPKINS, B.A. . . llivkory K 'I B'IsI-hull. 121 I"OOtlInll. 13 I' 43 Nineteen hiruj -Iwo 'S' 1-57 Q' 'KE' 'Nur -an-H M.,-I h e Miss Junior 'CI.a1s.s lllrzn Sn: llm-mu, Ii..X.. . Lula li ,x 'NNI Vllllv, I!:1:.l..nll I, Nlnlllllul. Ilzvlxvtlvzull. U. lfnsxxk KIXIMHXN Iluzm-s, l'3..X, . KllNwIIIll 4, K ll, xV.XII.,Xk'F .Xxxmn lll'lI,, 15.9. , . 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'Will' Kllhru FIIIIKI tmknux li.xR1..xxn l,XI1l,l., l5.S.C'. . jnckwn A ull Xllllmnlw, I. Axx' NIM, IMAX, . . Sumner X if 5.1.1-.lgnx .llllllrll' 1'I:mssL xxlillll-Ilwlllllllll, I. Rnclmxlm .'XI,l'4lzR'Il Mxl,1,riR, ILA. . :note-on Ihirlq-Iwo . Drew Junior Cllalss Ii1.IzAnE'1x1 1N1oN1'5m', BA, . . fb B1 Hullms lmllvgv. 1. XV. H. INIUURE, B.A. . . . 2 'b H N1N.'x ELIZ.-XBli'IXl 1N'IARKE'Vl'E, B.A. . A Z Gmumox Lmcu Mokms, B.A. . fb K if I,r2s'1ER SOLYLE MCELROY, B.S.C. . ll K fb 0 0 Crea-lm und Kmcimkw . Oxfrml XV 1v11c ivillc' . Oxford VIQHOMAS L.w.xx'E'1"1'E MCHANEY, LLB, .1 Tupelo IX,ff'AA SAM Imvm NICILVYAIN, B.A. . , XVayne-hum B ew II Mirlsnslplvi Vullvuzf-, 1. 'I'HoMAs C.Ax1,vEk'r NixL'c1,r:, B.S. . . We-Nt Puim A K If Alwliw-:ll Vlulr. ,Imax XV1x.l,I.AxM Pxxmiu, B.S. . . 2 -if I-1, H K -If Mwlin-ul Vlulf. , Kll5L'illNk4l I,0L'IS VV. Paxxxxmox, B.S.E. . . Holly Springx A fi' IC IIHIIHI' 4"'unvil. 1, 2: Y, Al, V. A. 'Mviln-I I4 ilg 'FILl'2lSlll't'I' .Iumm I':Il2iIlf'4'I'IllL2 Vlzlsw, Vlve--1'1--'Binh-Int I-Engine: ring Vlul- 31, joux Hokxsm' PxcKI.E, B..-X. , . . . Aberdeen I fb IC H--xkvlmvrall l.it1-rnry' SH-iwtyl Gym 'l":nm, I3 lffmlf hull, 21 4':llvil1wl. 1 Z, 211 l11t--lllnimml livin- liuns Vluh 3, ZZ, LAvm.1.E C. Pxrzrorzn, JR., B.S.C. . Imnlwrum 2 N, A I ll Int:-1'l'rz1tn-rnity mmllllvil, M.'xRf:.AxRa'1' PRICE, BA. . . . Oxford A A A Vxcmk Bow PMNGLE, LLB. . . liiluxi I A IC. 'T' A A Il1tv1'I'l':1tv1'l1ity f'l'lll1l'II. Drxvln C'l,.,xRENcE PRHCHARD, B.S. , 1101111111 Lilllll. . lim: iSS ,P-h -1 ff -A 'Qs 2 SZ 71 I Q, LT ineleen Ihirlq -Iwo , df he Ie Miss ov- L.. 6 dk -40 ff'-Y .Fx 'Q .41 "2" if .,f' ...nn ,,e 11' -45' imlleen Jrumlifor Class XV11,1.l,xx1 JACKSON Pvma, BA. . . Iuka x 'I' " "1lI'lIIIlIlI Vlullg Yin--I'x'I-sirIn-:lt IIZIIIIIQ Inlr-rI'r:ulv'r'- nity 'H-un-'xlp I'IlI1l'4' Vnnllnitlr-'Q "alum-11 1'I1i SILQIIIH, Ihvxn INIUNRUE QUNN, JR., Ii.A. . . 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Tupelo X N Srutlluvslr-1'n 1'IllIr. 1, 121 Owl Vlulv, Owrfx Rowe, JR., B.S. ...... Indianola K 'II 'I Ifootl :lil 1: ":u'11innI 1"uh1 'I'I't"lSlll'1'l' JIIIIIIVII' "lurk AIl'1II1'21I I'Il1Iv. Lousri Nrinsnx SANIJIFER, B.A. , , Greenwood -I' B1 AI, S, V. XV., 1, 2: "MIssiSsi11pi:111" Stuff. K. Smgmnx SKINXER, JR., LI..B. . . . Macon S X Fontlmll. 1. LI, 223 Owl l'1uIr1 IiI'l'SId"llI iI'x1'l'SI1lll2lIl I,nw Plum, 'illg Intr-rl'r:rtr-rnity Vounr-il, l. 23 llumw- 4'-nnlxlittvvl Ixxte-:'t'1':rt"r.1ity IVIZIIIPQ' Vmnlnitlr-+'. J,mr15 '1'Ax'x,oR Slxfzruv, B.S.C. . , Meridian K A Uwl I'I1lID. Rnnukl' L. SM.-XI.I.VVO0D, JR., LL.B. . New Albany K V A S II ..., Jnnis Rxcrukn SMITH, B.S.C'. . . Indianola A NI' -, ., w ., '1r:1r'k, 13 hym '11-um, 1. .. AYALKER 1IAssEl.1. SMITH. B.S.C, . , Oxford A X Il I"1uII1:lII, 1, 2. XVOODHIRD XV. Sxmin, B.S. . . Lafayette Springs II K .1 Lwl Vlulwg Mr-di--ul Fluh. 6 hirlq -Iwo he le iss Junior Class BERENICE EIIJAIIEIH STEVENS, B.A. . Senrmmluizm A A A LELANII F. SUImII'I'H, Med. Cer. . PasaIlen:I, Cul. UIIiveI'sity Slllltlll'l'll I':1lifuI'IIi:I, Inn uml un -l.:1. yezII's. W' TOM KING SWAYZE, B.A. . . Yazoo City Fnmllrull. 1, Z, 31 12218 flrull, 1, 2 221 Tillie' Kwyg "RI" Clu II 2, 3-1. C'IIARI,Es SUMNER TINDAI,I,, BA. . . Illdiillllfll AAIf,fbH:,IIKII III-I'III:1v:IIIg Tl'PZl5lll'4'l' Juni-rr Vluss: Hun-1, 2. Valuixwt, 1, 2, Zig IIItIfI'11:ItI4ImIl Ift'lIllllIllS VIIII DON DAVIS TOWNSEND, LL.B. , . . XViIImm KE,41Afi','l'K.1 "MiSsissi1-I-izII1" Stuff, 1, 2, Blilllilllllg ICIIIIIII' H1-I'In:If-zIII, 1, 2, I'I'-esidvIIt Zig VIII-Ililmul l'lu1l-, IJ.-luItiIIg Te-mn. QQ 1,lrutnI'i--:Il Al1'4l2lI, l LEE HOWARD TRAPP, Ph.C. . . Nettle-mn B 9 II "M" 1'lllll Presieluntq Fmmtlnlll, 1, 3, 213 'l'Iw-:nsanr-'I A, S. B., 31 PhaI'IngIr-y Cluhg Imrlllirlll-y l'4,unI'il. Bflsvlulll. '30, VVM. THos. TRUSTY, B.S.C. . . VVnter Valley H K A Blissiisippi fqlll I4-gv, 1. 2 GUY TQURNBOYV, B.S.C, . . . BI'ookh1Ix'elI A T Q FU"'tlI:IlI, 1, 2, CLIFTON M. FIQYNES, B.S.C. . . Mnnticellfl E N Rusk:-tlvall, 1. 23 Rawlcf-tlmll 1':Ipt:IiI1, .., Ilul I lull, "M" Pluh, ROBERT VV.II.'I'ER XVARREX, B.S.C. . . . jackwn I X 1':IrIliII:1l Vlulu, 23 Ifi'I'lH2l"fl!l, 3, 213 A'AIlS4liSll!l!lllllN Stuff, l, 21 IIIIvI'IIIIIirIIIzIl RvlzIIiwIIs Vlull, II, Czlllillvt, 1, 2, fl. VVM. HARVEY XVATSON, JR., BA. . . Pelnlmzm-lmie K E .-Xllllllill Stuff, 'U HELEN LIEARD VVEST, B.A. . . Glzlfpfm A A A G. Q. W, fx, 1. JAMIE LI.m'II VVIIITTEN. LL.B. ..,. Cncilln 154-ill, fb A A K. IwlmtiII,L: Tvumg I'rI'zmIatir's 4'1ul,5 will-flilml Vluln, LIOVVARD S, VVIIIIAMS, JR., B.A. . . Hattiesburg 2. A P, I,AL'RA OISE XVIIIIAMS, B.S. . . Meridian K F. 'I' SI-I-I'vt:1I'y Jlllliill' 1NIwI1iv:II Vmss, 47 inet:-on hirlq-Iwo 34 in 1 '45 Q2 .SE 1-10" .af 11 he le iss 'Q fi'K4' Qi Qfllma Water 'Hay donn south in lllississippi there's a spot that ever calls. lVhere among the hills enfolded stands old Alma Mater's halls. IVhere the trees lift high their branches to the whispering Southern There Ule .Wiss is calling. calling to our hearts fond memories U'ith united hearts ne praise thee. all our loyalty is thine. A nd lllay Ou r flflay lllay iway ne hail thee. Alma lwater, may thy light forever shine: it brighter grow and brighter. and with deep ajfleftion true. thoughts shall ever cluster 'round thee. dear old Red and Blue. thy fame throughout the nation, through thy sons and daughters thy name forerer ualqen in our hearts a tender glow: thy founsel and thy spirit ever lqeep us one in this, That our own shall be thine honor non' and ever. dear Ole Miss.' 48 Nineteen Ihirlq-Iwo I-Ingnu--sx'111u S- hw-I. Junior 'Class Rx: mr lilsiiov XVIHDHRS, B.S.I2. . . New Album C'1,xuu' l'il.Il.XBI'.'IH XVORIAEY, BA. . . Oxford , 1 ZH.I.liR, BA. . . . Oxford K A X V 'I' N'll1ill!sl1lll rn Music, The-nr'-ll1':x! llnltitlllll nt Iinwxxn Fox ZWISGLE, B.S.C. . . . Nicfomh breeze, g7'O'D 1 I IX ll Int rt: I nity Veuu xl M SUPHCODNIOJRIES I-J' .. 1 K ,Z -'ff L ' -.353 ST pix i-,Zi f V 'K Z:-LZ: .fl :--ffiff gh 'Exim c 17. Still a Long Road Ahead 5 'IM Az.. is rbi I 'Y Y P 5, I gm 'ei ll 'v MQ , . . Q-N f., I K, I . . ., iw , 'Q J 6 if Q. I jf! !1 If I 1 .AE P1 Q? W 'Q :V . if . ig 5 EEE Ext K- ii V53 1 5 VQ3-FU JM '-Nga!! 3i4si?3f QW lggdif WEN --SSH -1l'.Qvi :1+f4gx" if ei Lifiif - Zlx, i I 1 1 1 . ',.., uf 411- 146. Mtn- ll E 'E ou: mss. 1931 - - 'Q 'i 1 I lots:-E, SM.Xl.I.VN'flflI!, Moxxwux, Sophfomfore Clllalss Ooifficocrs SCHUUL or LIl!l2R.XI, ARTS 1'ngvi4l1-zzf . . .,....o.... NA'm.-xN1E1, C. Ilousri I'iff-l''n1f . . NEO C'11ARx,Es CIASKIN .Swrwlary . . . . . LOUISE HERRON 7'rm.mrw' . . . Rlcrmkn A. Jfxcxsox Scfmm. UF L.-xw l'rfsiJw1zl . , ........., ROBERT L. SM.-u,1.wooD I'iff-l'rf,viJn1f . .... SIDNEY MM' .X'w4n'lm'y . . . THOMAS RIDER 7'rm.mrrr . . RICHARD NfII,I,ER Scuum, or ICNCINIQIERING l'r'r,vi.ln11 . . ...,...,..... EVVELL LAMAR I'in'-l'rf.viJ1'n1 . . THUMAS EDVVIN SEckEs'r .S'rfrrnzry . .... I'IUN'1'ER JONES Trra.v1u'rr . . FRANK E. LOWRANCE Scuool, or CUAIAIERCE AND Brslxliss ,ADMINISTRATION l'rwsidr1zl ....... ,....... S IIELBY MAXWELL lo'in--l'n'.vidr11l . . . XVILLIAE1 McC'AN'1s S'I'AI,I.VVOR'l'lI .Swfrrlary . . ......, I'IL'N'1'Ek JONES Tifftlillffl' . . . RANDOLPH BURBE'l'l'I5 P092 My 1 1 was ou: Miss. 1932 4 0 1.1 R. 2 QE fophromforc fC11.a1ss Lyxx 17L'X1,0P AB1:Rx1:'1'11Y, 15.8. 11 K A jonx IEDXVARIJ A1.1J111111:1a, B.A. . 11 K 1 INIiseissi1111i1111 SIz11'l', 1. C11.1111.Es 12111111111 ANDERSON. BA. K ll j,x1111as 111111115 Ak:11sT1u1xG. 14.8. . 111 1 11, 111 11 L C11.1k1,Es K1iXXE'1'1I ALfnER'l', 13.8 L fb L XV11.111.1x1 A11'1'111'11 13.1c11N, HA. . K 2 . '1'1'11y . NVi111111.1 . . C11:1r1cNt1111 . XvLl1K1CI1 . Gulfport . ,1Jl11'11l1I F1-1-5111111111 l1'11111l1.1l1g 1911-s11111z111 1i:1w'1v'1111 ":11'11111:11 11111111111 X 1 11111111 1711141 1 1'11111: "11:1i1-1111111 S111 13- ' 'z ' 1111211 McC'o1.1,L'M 1i,x11111,EY, BA. . XVLIICI' 1721110 11 K X N1-xx I.111'1s12 1i.1Rx13'1'1', BA. . . -1- A31 . G1'c1'l1w1x1111 1':1l11' M1111111:1111 4.1111-'uw 1. RAN11111.1'11 1i1'1'11Aw.1'1x 11uR1113'r1'1t, 13.8.12 . 111118011 ' X 1 1. M, 11 A.. 1 11,111111.111 1'1111-11111,1'11111111i111'1-, 3 S.1M1'1e1. R1c11.111115ox 141..1x11, 14.11, . . , 1:11-1111111 LN 11111 1'I1111g 415111 '1'11:1111. 1L 11111111211 S1:11'1', 1. Rom. 1N10N'1f'Z11M1'1RY 1io1'R111i.11'x, BA. . 1N1t'l'1l111l11 -1- A 1+ M1ss1ssi1111iz111 5111111 Y "'11v1lI"t. il.-111R11i1, 11111:11,xxn, B.S.C'. . . . Cryxtnl 811111115 fb 11 11' I'11iv1f1'sitp 111' ,X1'iz1111:1. l. D1'111.1fx' Ig1..XL'K BR11lfI1'0R'11I, 11.8.62 . . N1-111111 I X 4111-1' 1'l1111, 1, I 151:R111' 17.1115 14R11wx, B..-X. . , , . 81111111 11 11 11 V T , .., I . .1 I"1'f'S1lll12ll1 H1':1111111':11 311-11:11, 13 111-1'111:11-:111 11111111111 ' 11N 111111 1 S111'ivty. 1, Lg 1111--1'11:11i1111:11 111-1:11111 L3v'1HlI1ll1.L 'l'1'11111g 1,11-111111111.: 1'1lll1l1'11Q 11111111 1'l111-, Ig SIll11l11l1l4'1'l' Y 121111111-lg 8111111111-1s. 1im11'x11 j,-xcx 131'11K1:, 11.811, . . 1 '1' '- CV1R0V1iR S!v11'1's11N BL'RN1i'IA'1', BA. 11 11 11 w CAR1. 11.1w1.m' 11L"1'1.1'lR, jk., 1.I..1S 11, h 111 . . Rulcvillr 1N1c1'i11i:111 . . G111fp111't 1':11'11111:11 l'11111g '1'1'1-:1s111'1-1- 1"1'1s11111.111 IIA. 1'1:1sQg A111111:1l 811111, l, 3. XV11.1.1.1m 1x1.K1l1S1lN 11L"1'1.1iR, 15.8.0 . . -Axlligfltfll' K .X f'.XRRU1,1, M. f'.XRR, 11.8.0 . . . T1111i1-11 I .1 11 1'11IYl'1'S1Ij' 111 T1-111.1-ss111-, lg 1L111- 1'.11l-, IL11111, l J FRANK 01.11111 011111, 15.8. . . . P1111t111111- A '1' Gu' R.11'N1flN1l l'.,1s1f11:11, BA. .... 15111111111-1 11, K 11, 1"1111t11:111, 1 I, 1i11xi11L:. 1, IL 1l:1s1-111111, 13 '1'1'l1'1i. 1. M1LR1.11: CXIES, ILA. . . . , . . 131-1111111 K A ' I,A1'11,1xcH N. f'11.XX1l1,1'.R. 11.8.12 . . 191111-1111111111 .1 111 111'c11 VV11.1.111M C1.11f'1'. BA. . . . . 'I'11pe111 11 K 111 1'11ix1-rsity 111' 11111 51111111 1 Page ffly-one 389' 'X 4, ,gms 43' 4' T .4 vf .-9 fu 1 9 T41 .2 51 15? 1.111 ii 1., f1 X" ff ? 1, f 1. 11. 1 '. - 2 ,ze 1? E21 1.4 .111 T -441 -T 5? 3. 151 55 ? 1 YE A 5 4' I1 lk. 3' FQ 5.1 if Yi 1 .1 Biff k-. 111 5 '1 1 '1 "1 .zz ,va if 2' 1 X .1 R11 11 1 'v 44 5 L1 .- 1 1 F 1 I I Q I. .. 1 gl F 1' L: f . ig! 411 ,lr T '11 Jia!! K"UZ1'E1 A... , I... ,.,.,. .1211 1,3111 1- A . 9.1: -W11 ' 51 I '1 1 , E211 E: 51 f 111 . P1 3' 11 5 1 .11 LE. gi 1211.1 -1111: 8. : Mil fff f 1' il 2151 . ons mss. 193 Q Q sf ng, ,y 4' 5 af'- -of ,- 016. '?' '-I Sophomore fCz1l121l.SS .1 1.1111-zs IQIIIJY fxllli, 15.8, . . . . . 1.2l11111t'l'l 11 K A l I 151111 Nlslsnx f'01'.I4S, 15.8. . . . . NIL'1'lK11il11 I A 1'I YA Al, V, ,Lg .X111111111 514111, -. AA'11.I.1.1M 1111x141 011111, 15.5.61 . . . 1:11-1151111 11, K 11, 1':1111111't, 1, 2. G11o1z1:1-1 15.11cR1'1w f'01'S1NS, jk., 1.1,.15. . , 15i1nxi I A li, 'I' K A, 'I' A '11 111-111111112 'l'1-:1111, 1. 21 1114111111114 4'111111"11. 33 11111- 111:1':111, 1, 2. Zig S111-111111 S111-:11a1'1', 2, I':11'1I111z11 4'1ul1. V1.1-.1'1-.'Qi111111, 2. 1'111-5111.111 ::. V111--I'1--51111--11 111111 livyg Y11-1-f1'1'1-si111-111 Vlnsw, I3 A'AI1SS1SSIlP111.Ill" SI:11'1' 1, 21 .X1-Iiviriva 1'I1l11111' 10211 'W1111 MSS", .Xrs111'i:11-A 1611111113 15132 "I111- Mlssug I'11-S1111-11t 'I'. K. .X.g 11:1111'1- 1'.111111111r111-Y 1, 3, 12, 11 4'll2l1l'lll2111 11-11111111111 V15111- 1111t11-11, 21, 11Ix111'111ix'111'11:1i1111:111 Ig 1'1'-'si111-111 Assn' 1-11111-11 51111111111 1111115, 1g .Xl11I1-111' 1'11111111iI11-1-, 13 l'11:1i1111:111 l1111'll111411'1 1'1-1111111111-1', 1: N1.U..X.1i.S..1. N.x'1'11.1x 15. f'RAV1'1'0R1J. 15.S.i'. , . . 1Vc-ft I'11i11t I X Nlill. 11.xM1-'1'11x C'L'xN1x1:11.xM, 15.S.l'. , A111-r11ee11 I A ll '1'1'z11-111 11111z1111111':1l -AI11lI'l11 111m'.11u1 f2L'1'11M.AN DAVIS, 15.51, . . 1 '1' ff 1i.1'111.x1z1x1f D.w1s, 15.A. . . A 1' AVIl.1.I.11VI 1iMM1i'1"1' 1,1-INMAX, 15.A, . I N 1'.11'1. A1'1:Lfs'1'L's Dhxr, 1.L.15. . I X 1'1c'1'11k I,f1L'1S D11:'1111C11, 15.A. . 111 K 11, 111011 1 11111. Mun' Quxxx Dmcre, 1V1115i1- Certif. K A 'S. . 111cli:111o1:1 . .Uxford U1'ec'11u1'11111 . .M:1c1111 . 1f11ivv1'sity . C1ZlfkNl131C First 1'1:11'1- 111 S1:1t11 111 Y1111'1' IJ.-XVII! 11011111114 I,0N.A1,1J, 1,I..15. . . 11 K 1 M. M., 1, 3. CR.11K'1'0R1J CAIN 1211ix1f1c, 1.I,.15. . K .1 1'111 :4i14111:1. 1 2, 51.-1111155 R11maR'1sr1N 1Z1.1.1o'1"1', 15.S.C', . 2 X D:1x'i1151111 1'111I1-gw, 1. Mrmoxx RI.I,SVVOR'1'11, 15.A. . . . 111 K qf 1':11'11111:11 1V'l111l. 2: 1C11:1iQ11 1'I11I1 1, 1'1:1s4 151111411 fm' ,xllllllilll 1' 11 Gm' KENXHR E1.1.1s, 15.8. . . A '1' SJ l'1 Philzulc-'plmin . .Al1C1'd6'C'l1 . Oxford . 1A11Cf'111Il1w 2: Assistant IIIJIPZII1. . I.CX111gt0I1 l'211'l111l2l1 1'1u113 11NX'1 l7'1ll11 8.111.111 C. RA1:1,Axn Iiskkxncu, 15.A. . . OXfl1T4l AAA QIEURCE NIORRIS 12T11k111G1:, 15.A, . . Meridigm 11 K -1' 1'11i S1,u111:11 15211111 FRANK 1i111:.xR EvERm'1', I.L.15. , . . 11111iz111o1a ' 111 A 11' 111 A 11. 1'l'1'Sl111'1'11 M. U. A. K. S., 42 I51ll1- K1-yg 11:1111-1- l'11111n1ilt1-1-Q 1"11:111'111.111 I1111-1'1'r:1t1'r11ity 111111-1 V11111- 111l111'11: II111'l'11'2lIl'1'll11Y 1'1111111'i12 1"1'1 's11111:111 15:1s1-- 11.111Z Ulm- l'Iu11 13 "B11ssiss1p11i:1l1" SIHITQ .A1l1111J11 Stuff: V11-1--1'1'1-S1111-111 F1'l'S111112lIl 111111111-tg 1'1-1-s- 11111111 1':111i111'1, 21 1'1'1-s1111-111 St:1t11 HY" 13111111111 15, 43 1':11'11i11:11 1'11111. 1151111115 A1.13x.1x111:R EV1'IRE'1'1', 15.A. . . I1111i:111111:1 :Im A U Mrxxm Fmxcns Fmutrsrmx, 15.A. . , ,131-11,1111 A A A xr. s, If xv., 1. C11.f1R1.1E 15.111131 FERRIL1., 15.8.61 . . Me1'i11i1111 K .1 M.1'111f1.x'N 1'.0VV1.KliS FIOX11, 15.A. . . Im-kso11 X EZ ' N1-N1-1111111, lg .1111l1l:11 Stuff .1 Page iffy-tvwo 4 Q TH ,0LE,MlS3, i932 Sophomore Class BILLIE MCCLELLAN FRANCIS, B.A. . E A E Glee Club, 1. 2. HENR1' XYANDELL FRAISER, B.S.C. . . 41 A 9 S01Jl10I11OI'B Basketball lllilllilf-1 BAILEY OSCAR FRIDGE, B.S.E. . . . A T O GEORGE COVINGTON FUGATE, B.A. . . LAL . Nettleton Greenwood OI' . Magnolia Hazlehurst Snplionim-Q Foritlmll lxlilllfli-1 ---I LYNWOOD ALANZO GARRE'IT, B.S.C. . H K 42 NEO CHARLES GASKIN, B.S. . . . K A . Oxford . Aberdeen CaI'rliIIaI Club: Viev-President SO1Jlll"ll"""" BAA Class: Phi Signiag Annual Start, VIRGIL CLIFTON GILL, B.A. . . . . Meridian B O H . FREDERICK MARION GLASS, B.A. . . . VVIIIOHZI fi, A O Cardinal Vlubg FreslIIIIaII Truck TI-uni: "Mississip- pian" Staff 13 Assistant Editor 'dlissiwi I ,inn " "' . - Il , -Y IIIteI'c-Ollegiate Debating Team 13 HeI'III:IenI1 l,itA erary Society. HOWARD GOBER, LL.B. ....... Jacksun A 'I' S2 Owl Club. i LESLIE VVRAY GOULD, B.S.C. . . Anguilla E X Phi Sigina. BILLY BROVVN GRANBERRX', B.A. . . Hattiesburg Cardinal Clullg Phi Si,a:IIIa. LY'I"l'LE'I'ON TAZVVELL PIARRIS, B.A. . . Tunica L A lg He-I'IIIae-an I4ltk'I'1'll'j' Society: Travk 13 XXv2lHlllllgtUll and Lei- UI1iver'sitY. 1. RICHARD SEWALI, HA1'ES, B.S.C. . . fl' A O FI'.shIII:1n Football. Clnrksflale LOUISE HERRON, B.A. . ....., Durant X Q, A A A SE'f'l'f't15iI'X' SODl'OlHfPl'l' B.A. Clussg St'0l't'l?lI'j' Stu- dent G1IveI'IIIIwntg Latin Clubg Ansuul Stuff, 3. HUB HOSEY, LL.B. . . ...... Laurel l'lI'f'Sllll1l1I'l 4'Il'atOI'if-:Il Medal. NATHANIEI. COLLINS HOUSE, B.A. . . . . Enid ll K fb, fl-I H I C:II'diII:Il f"lubg Piwsitleliit SOyIlIOIIIOI'e Vins-3 Inter- fI'ClI6I'lllty ljuuncilg Annual Staff, 2' '4tnIlt-nt Ah:- sistant iII Zoology, DAVID VVINSTON HOUSTON, B.A. . V A F . Aberdeen Cardirial Vlub: Hf.'l'H1Hlt2lIl I,iteI':1I'y Suffix-tyg M. I. U, A. Reprvseiitzltive-, 1. GEORGE VVILHELM HOWEI,L, LL.B. . . Aberdeen lx A, IJ A fl Baseball, 1. 21 Crirdilial C ubg "MississippiaII" Stuff. 1, 33 TI'l'2lSUI'E'I' l"I'PslIII1ziII Clam: 1'I'exirlvIIt .Iuninr B.A. Class, IIIterr'I':1tt-I'IIity Count-ilg Dance 47111111- mittee: IIItCrfI':ItPI'IIity Dam-e I'OIIIInittvtJ' Y M C. A. Cabinet, 1, 2, 33 Phi SlglT'l11,' L A LEROY EUGENE HOWRY, JR., LL.B. . . . Sardis A SI' Owl Club. HURON HARRIS HUTCHERSON, B.A. . . Jackfon H K A PRATT IRBY, B.S. ...... . Oxford H K A, dw H E Cardinal Club: Band, 1, 2. RICHARD A. JACKSON, B.A. , .... Coahoma TI'PHSUI'PI' SnplIOInOI'e Fl't'SllIIl2iI1 Funtlmllg Track, 1. EDNA NAXDINE JONES, B.A. . . . Oxford K E T JAMES LEIGHTON KELLY, B.S.C. . . . Morton 2 fr E University Of Alabama, 13 Bm Page fifty-three Id, 1, 25 Trm-k, 1. K. ,+- ...f' 'bf ii 7- . LE MISS. 1931 4 4 91' .1 W.. 'f--1 1, 'in 'v 3 ophomozrc Cllalss l'.xt't. Lmcn Krotrz, B.S.C. . . 'll K All XVXCIII: Du'oL't:xti I,owrg, B.S.C'. . V tg, 1.- flu I Vlnls, Fnmxx Ii. I.0wR.xxcr:, B.S.Ii. . . ll K 'I' LowEl.l. lflWK'IN lNI,, . . A 'I' A Vauwlinatl l'lnlv. linoxk Ptfkkx' lN'lAL'I'lN, B.S.C. . . II o Il . lNlt'C'otnlm , Newton . Oxford Vivkslulrg . Rowdztlt- Sntitm' M. M.xxwm.t., B.S.C. , . . Port Gibson va A K II 1'nrtlin:tl Vlnlvg Phi siunmzng V11-14-l't'--sill.-txt ll. S. 11, 2: .Xnnnnl Stahl '" Stztffg lntvr- I'r':ttvrnily l'onn1'iI. I. Stnxrixt .'xl.l.EN MAY. LL.B. . . . Clarksdztle 'll Ii A, K fl' X XY:tf'l1ln::ton l,'lllX'4'l'FlIY. lg l'IHx'Il1:t'-:ting Vztlnint-l. B. T. lxlI'I'CIII-ILL, LLB. . ..... Guntown ll K A Atvlx I,.xvEt.1. lNIox'1'cos1ERx', li.S.C. . Longview . Senatobia l3u'ttAxAN NIOORE, LL.B., . . . X A li, 'lf A ll' M. H. A. K. S.: Riu-1 K--yg IllIPl'fl'JllQ'I'IllIV Vonn--ll. Ituslivtltztll. I. 2, Zig Ilnst-lmll I. Z, il: lIlI1'I'lllLlI'8l Athl-tit-sg 1'llQlIlIIIHll Svnlor I'2l1D :Ind Gown l'HIl1' mitte-f, Ummztz 'I'nomAs MQCLXXTOCK, LL.B. . Belzoni A 'I' S3 Phi Sigrnu. Nl.XI.YlN.X P.X'l'lIiXQIi McCooL, B..-X. . . . Canton A A A "Miss1ssi11pi:u1" Stuff, I, 2: Annual St:tt'l', 3: Y. XY. V. A. 1'nl-in'-t, 2: Se-1-1'vl:try Vlztss, 2. Rn Hx' ISARBER NlCll.Vl'AIN, ILS. . . Past-agoula Il H II RQBER1' IfMMIi'l'I' lN'lCLAL'CIll,IN, B.S.E. . Oxford 'll ll 4' IJOROIIIY NAFTEI., 13.8, . . . Vniversity Z II A .Xlztlvalngt Vollt-gt-, 1. DoL'f:1.As NVxr.1.1.-nts N.-xsn, LLB. . . jackson ll' A H DONXIS NORQL'IS'I', B..-X. , . . Lexington 42 M M. s, C. W.. 1, jotuux Booxe NORTHCROSS, B.S.C. . . Corinth I X IQLMER JACK NOVVIiI,I., B.S.C'. . . Cleveland A 'I' S? Ilvrlnntun. Ilnxkx' PLRNEI1. OLIVER, B.S.C'. . . . Tippo .E N Intrulnurztl I'lztslif'tlr:1ll, 1. Gr3xr.vtm'E KEl'I'II OsTEkx1.xx, ILA, . . Laurel A 'I' A 4'l11-ntiwtry Vlul-1 Y. XY 1' A, Vnlrixn-tg 'Fnmhling 'l'1:tm. NAI' Owrzx, jk., B..-X. . . . . . Gulfport .E X Missisiippi A. IQ M., 1. jonx Kxox l'.xT1'ERs0x, B.S.E. . . . Monticello Lows Iloutris PERKINS. B.S.E. . . . Oxford A Al' Iiarnnl, 1. 3: lrltlslim-4-l'i.1,L: Vlull, 1. 2. Page fifty-four 4 4 HE OLE M I A Sophomore Qllaiss HUGH SWINTON POTTS, B.S.C. . fb A O XVILLIAM BYRD POVVELL, B.S,C. A T S2 ROBERT LAFOY PULLEN, B.S.C. . K A JOHN KIMBROUGH RAMEY, B.S.E. B 9 ll . Kosciuako . Belzoni . Aberdeen . . . Oxford Engini-ering Club. 1 2: Honor 1Y'l'Ll'll,'ll, 1. 2: Var- dinzil i"lul,+. RAY RAYMOND RAMEY, JR., B.S.C. E X GEORGE XVESLEY RAY, B.S.C. . fb A 9 BOB RAY, B.A. ..,... . I A E Chapel Custnclirlri. HERBERT GiXRI,AND REEDER, B.A. A T A CLAUDE LEE ROBINSON, B.A. . 'lf IT fi' . . Oxford . Greenwood . Canton . . lndinnola . . Greenville Cardinal Clulwg Annual Staff 2. MARGARET VICTORIA ROWLAND, B. X Q JAMES PETER RUBY, B.S.C. . . A 'l' Q Football ,1, 2, Freshriiain li BEN VVARD SANDERS, BA, . . VVILLIE PEARL SARTIN, B.A. . A A A BEULAH DELL SHARP, B.A. . K S T MEI,VIN LOVVRY SHIRLEY, B.S. . . :L fb E GEORGE KINNEBROUGH SMITH, B.S A If Football, 1, 23 Truck, 15 Bzisl JEFFERSON DAVIS SMYTHE, B.A. . Cb A 9 XRVILLIAM CLARENCE SPEER, B.A. A Alf, fb H E Carflinal Flubg Frvshmari Football, Staff, 25 Traf-k, 1. VVILIAIAM M. STALLWORTH, B.S.C. E A E A, . . Oxford . . Tcliula um-li-ill. . . .Sardis . Hattiesburg . Oxford . Baldwin .C. . Indianola iffllilll, 1. . . Kosciusko . . Indianola "Mississippian" . . Meridian Hernizteang Foreign Relations Club: Annual Stuff, 23 Sophoriioro HY" Cfllilllvf. WARREN NICALPIN STEWART, B.S.C. . Charleston K Y EDVVIN GEORGE STONE, B.A. . EX JAMES VVILLIAM STRONG, B.S.C. . K A GARNETT LOVE STURDIVANT, B.A. X9 . Laurel . Columbus . .Glendora Gulf-Park, 1: Delta State Te-zIc'lIers' I,1Wll1'gl', 1. ZOLLIE ALTON SWOR, B.S.C. . . . . .Jackson Football, 1, 21 "M" Club, 2. Page ffly-fifue 'TKT' Lv-.5 V..-J Q 4 "-:F THE 0LE MISS. 1932 Q 4 2 ' d I . -o . IN 1- x- X , . 1' g. l X R " ,! ., 1 iff! f Q' ll'- I -f-av 6 xx ,T , lx "' 'C x f-3 I , , -sm 4 5' ,K-1 I Sophomore fCIIa1ss Vtvtok lluzo Tokktsr, jk., ILA. . . Mendvillc I 'I' Ii l"rt-slmmn Stunt Niuht: I"l'l'SIIIlIZIll Hans--lmIlL Intru- murvtl Ihslv-tltztllg t:t1'wltt1:1I 1IllIlI X. M. t. A. XVIl,t.t.xM Ii0IZI.IiR '1xRIMIII,Ii, B.S.E. . Brookhxtven A 'I' sz Stix:-'lfokn jmx VAI,I.IiRY, BA. . . Belzoni 'Iottw VVIQHSTER XVADE. LLB, ..... Oxford 'It II ll, II I 'IL II K II, I 'I' Iztylol- M1--lol lIl I'It1p4Ii.:I1: Honor Iioll 1. 2, Hg Son- llll' Vztlvimftp IIlII'I'Al2lIIl'lI2lI lit-Isntiolts 1'lulrg I.:etil1 l'lulv, 1, 3, Zig I4't-Ilowsltip in llistory, I.t'c1.xx RM' XVAnt,1xc1'ox, I.L.B. . . Bc-Izoni 11 X II"l'lllilt'llll Litvrnry Suviu-ty. N.x'1'1t.xxtrit. VVAt.'t'oN, LI..I5. . . . . Yazoo City I .X IC, KI' A 'I' Most. XVAxntaR, BA. ...... Chnrlwton , . , . . . Xltw--Il'vS1tIvl1T NUIIIIIIIIIIPIW' t Iztssg Y. NI, l'. A. Vuln- im-tg Sopltontort- Ffvotlratll 3I1lII2lHl'l'. Iiksxmfokn 'I'.x'1'E VVIIITE, B.S.C. . . Baldwin fIf II 'If Axxna INIIALIRINIQ VVEINBERC, B.A. , . Indinnola A 'I' .X Iiztslwtlutll I, 21 Ixttin t'luIug Y. XY. t'. A. tfztlnimft. 'l't1oM.xs R.-XI,I'II VVII.I,I.-IMS, B.A. . . Drew I 'I' IC I'1I'l'FIlIIl2'lll Bztsltt-tI1:'tII3 FH-shmzttl Bzlstflmztll, llwto Iirzx-yfxmtx XVILSON, B.S. . . Yazoo City K' Y ft, H X' tilt-.I Vltthg t"ht-mistry Fluhg "Mississippi:tu" Stztffg Vim--I't'vsi1It-tit I-'11-sltlllzttl Vlzlssi Uwl Vlulrg 4':t1'- flttml t'luIu1 Y, M. C. A. XVH1.t.s XV.-wxtta XVoom', JR., BA. . . . '1'chuI:1 K I lm.-mtgttiomtl Htflutions Vluhg Latin Vlttlng Ilztmlz tklluint-I1 IIt-rm:u':tn I.itvl:tl'y Sm-it-ty, Iklxcxtax' Mms VVRIGIIT, ISA. , . . jackson 'I' A O tilt-o Vinh: "Missiwsi1qtiztn" Stztffg I'I1i Sigma, Brix QIRIIIIN VVYNNE, B.S, . . Co!4Iwnter joux QISIIOL'RNli VVYNNE, B.S. . . . Mcrigold K I Hlclxtlmomzt .X. :tml BI., I: Boxing.: 'I't-um, 23 Amluul Stuff, 3. -Iottx Dnwtx Zttnzk, B.A. . . . INIeritIizm B U II Glf-v CIllItj Iiund. l?f---Yi 17 sri A ,ff7 iz- if ff!!! if 1 -S K N r-FE -3 +P ? 1-E "So This is College?" ,,,. 'Wiki' my , W QEQEZ 4 4 QYHIVIFR V1 RHS HTI'C.ShH1b1T1 'Class Ox-'1-'ICERS R CLKHQ . . . . . . . ...,. I'rrsLlfnf XV. R, Iiwlvi .... . . . I'ifz'-l'n',cfJ1'11f ORA I'iIIl.Xl!lilH liuoxmur . . . . Sffrwlury jmirfs Ii. IANIJ . . . Trfasurfr X- X QQ O Page ffty-ffghl ' ' HE ULE lFIrG:5hm.a1Im fCll.a1.S5 AVILLIAM IIENRY ALLEN, fb A H , . Iuka FRANCES AYQOQR, KI, Al .... . Oxford SARA EI.Iz.IIsE'I'II BAILEY, X S2 , Burewille LYPAI. BARNES , ,...... Ealwarfh JOIIN SIONEY BEACII, A T A . . NVQ-St Point CA'l'HIiRINl-Q BOYD BELL, A A A . . l'niverSity ORA ELIzAIzETII BOOROLII, A A A . Indinnola .AI.BIiR'I' LOUIS BORDELON, A T E2 . Guunumu MARY SUE BRANNON, K E 'I' . . . xxllllfillll NORMAN C". BREVVER, JR. . E X . Greenwood BII.I.Y ROSS BL'Tl.ER, K A . . , Alligator LEE S. CAINE, E X .,.... C'olumhuS BENJAMIN M. CAl.DVVEl,I., E N , Charlemmwu GEO. G. CAI,I,ICU1'1', fb II III . Blue Mountain A. C. C'APER'ION, A Al' ...,.. Tunica LESTER JAMES C'ARRu'IIII, A T 12 . Brookhaven HARVEY AVALLACE CARTER, A T A . Clnrksdale Pagc iffy-nine C'IIES'I'ER HARRIS Q'L'R'l'lS, fl, A O cllllI'lxNllillC' DAYIO PRL'nE DAERS, II K -If . FLOYO lN1lI,l.ARD DAVIS. . . . . Sllllllllllll Yun Ylect SILAS XVOOIIWARO DAYIS, E A li , , Juvluou CII.-XRl.l'lS U. DEA'I'ON, JR., A K I . lizm-wille HELEN DONALD, 11' Al . . . MoorlIe:ul .ANNA LYNN IUOOLEY, A Z . OSCAR SEHOURNE DOOLEY . JOIIN VVES'l'I.EY l3ORMAN , . FRANCES CIIRISIIAN DYER, X SJ JOIIN DAIL DYER ...,. HERBERI' SAIIIORO RMICII . . HENRY INICCOMY EUART, K E . JOIIN RICIIARO FERRILI., K A . CQEORCH HEY Fox, K E . . DAVE C. FRAISER, fb A H . JAMES M. FRANRS ..... CLAUDE OVNEAL f,lAI.BRAlTH, E 1 . UXf0l'Ll Rena I.:II'II . Myrtle lI'eeIIwOoIl Van VIE-ct Sc-u:Itol1i:I i'lIzII'leNton lNlericli:III cll1Ilflt'NtOIl CQrceIIwOOIl , XVll6t'lt'I' X , . flflfllllll NSY gnu 35553- 'Mig' M532 iiffif i.,.'L ,A ly? lil' ' f'Y lIQrl S7IfI"' 31.5-fR.'. l- 5.5 lfnlis .I "fm I lf ..' llly' ' 'If J V.. l I EA I "3 3' 3 li .I i , I llgic i I , l I I f I ,111 1 l 52,1 I l . , f pl ZAJUJ A-fjffl J .lwmyl QWAZA-J 1. , VNS. llzgffg .1-:aaa fliigff. Igwmyfgs ,5 ' 1 1 isle gf-3 Nfflvfr n.. 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' ' Gu11PUn Ifxixxs XVfnm 'I'1loRx'mw, I3 H II . , Ifzwlmutn DOROTMA RVSSHIII' KI, H n E V Q Oxford I'.xI.l!.XIIIi'IIYI XVIfII5I'IiIi XV.xmi, A A A., Uxhml I.u.1,I.xx Ii 1'x.x RL'55IiI.II, fIf AI , , , Uxfm-II sxl:I':irfIA'1 Xxx Winn" cl: A H ' c""Ji'Qf?"f'l C'1,.xf'r Mclxxls SEAY, E A Ii . II:ntie1Im1-g illflxlhxxvixlllxllkv KLRLT " 'h 'W 'I in MH?d'i1'H H- I'--WW SUV- E N - - - NEW Hfl'l""I HlI,I.IIi AIXXXYIEII. XV.x1,'1'nv, A K IC . Alwn-1IeI-In XVu.1.1.x:s1 Rrmrfm' Scorr, E flf Ii . . MI-gulx-iIIc I,L'R111x Armies XVIIKIXS . , . XXII-riIIi:m YVIIJAIAXM HILL SCO'1'I', A T I3 . . Ilfru mn XVll.I,1.xx1 XYIIIIIIHD XVATKIXS , , ,-Xlwrdeeu Pagf sixly-om' E . I EI I I IES 1 I 1 rl 11 ' I .11 I? I-. QI! -a I I, If Qx 'I I 'IT S Igf IQ I .if 11 I 1, I: 1. I I 1 1 1. I I1 r I I I I E. J' aff If. iw If I3 LI 1, ii? I kv: QV' E3 N I E251 if L15 PSI z .QQ aw "V Mfr M f 1931 4 Q Freshman Class IIzNX.XI!l'I, XVb'.l:5lr-R, A A A . , , . Oxford lun-Q O1 rvr-R XVILI-.Y ..... . . Oxford i'u,xR1,1r- Iixsrmx XVIILIAMS, li A . . . . Benoit YI-Sl XV. VVIIll.XN1S,: N . . . . Vedar Bluff L1r.rmRc:r, XV.xxxls XVIVIHR, A K IC . . . . Houlka lHARI,I'.S Ilr-rum XV1sr,, ll li -1- . . . Hughes, Ark. I-Rxxcm Iirxrzrrk XVIl'lY, X S2 .... . . xsvilllillll C rrmmi I'sR.XXKI,IX XVr1rm1,l11, I A Ii . , . juckmrm Page sixty-tfwo WIDIMQQASN IM AGIUVHUN S 8 V, S H wg 'Lf L: , 1 4 A ' if. .t ' 10 . 4-9' - dl- -"vc f F ' ' ' o v L O. 'A' , I. 1. A, .I ... 'ul . - " I n , 1 . .A I I Au . fxkfff ,xy 1 .'.:ff-'fvvf- A N I- 'x' Alf- - ' Q 1 , L .H ag. AJ. 'A N . f . uf-V . ,. TG. J - ' la.. I l gf 4 q I I 1 I I. ls "' , x .', . gm 1 'ggi' "'? in -' L"'L"" I 1. . v ff ., pf. . s, A ' 1 '..'r-.- D 'gif 1 ff, NT V 4 X ' FF, , I Ali! 'r 'IN' V 1 'v 'I I 4A R- lgg, '-fl , .Ffa-' "1 '.4-., ' 'v 'ln 'I' ' ' I 'I .31 ...' IFRATIERNIVIFQUES IllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII , wx WMM k my 1 ' ' x X2 X "Well, I Pledged Himf' 4 4 Q 4 Tl-IE OLE MISS. 1932 qs Delta Kappa Epsilon Colon: Crimson, Old Gold, Tm Hvrcnxxsox PHIL Sroxs D.xsrEL M. Psrevsox . XV. XVATKIXS TURSAGE RALPH J. Cnuss . . . XYVILL H. Lxcsi' . T. LESLIE DARDES . jcxrcs SL-KCGHTER . . EVERETT G. Guxrnasx Dossxw K. FELLOWS . AUBREY BARSEU . . THOSIAS C. XAUGLE . . SHELBY M. Sl,-KXXVELL HARVEY S. LEOSARD . J, XV. HILL .... C. KYLE Bkowx . . B1LL1E M. XYALTON . . Tnoxms P.x1'rE1Gox . . Founded at Yale, 1844 Cl-II R Established 1550 and Azure Forty-six Active Chapters FR.XTRES IX Kass F. H. ROEYLAXD D. E. Xsnsox XV. D. HEDLESTOS FR.xTr:53 rx l,'x1vERs1T.xTE Seniors Juniors' Sophorrmre Pledges Flmzrr: Pa ng' W. D. HEnLEsrox, jk. F. E. Faaovun - . Brooksville, . . Water Valley, . . Colfeeville, . Holly Springs, . . Hernando, - . . Meridian, . . Wives: Point, . . Coffeeville, . . Greenwood, . . W'est Point, . . jackson, . Coffeeville, . , Vardamon, . . Ca houn City, . . . Aberdeen, . . Calhoun City, Bliss. Bliss. Blix. Bliss. bliss. Ikliss. Miss. Mis. Miss. blip b:. Bliss. Miss. Nliss Bliss Bliss Bliss. Page sixty .nx Q K T. fp fi S" A ,f Q -,. . ,1 , 3, 0,47 L .A ,L, C.. - .. . mg." ' 4. ,Q k 23.5 ......k.M1,.,., , N. L,,u.x,,.:, .- ,.,.,..,.V... , , .t Y,1, 4 ,AX.,.v..,.,,,N. ,.Q......-,......,....-. QM "N R-4"-. YV' vw vyrf il' Ci! N 5' F If Y-' 1'-T23 xx' 9. , .XZ X Page sixty-sm,-en K Livfx :KH xx ,- ,Ll - f' Th J-'11 MQ-' YHA! DELTA KAPPA EPSILON PHHASOX, rI.LI?XXfII', IACIY, llxxmx UR xx I HAH, I'H IOXKN Hxr:xr5r1', Nxupxr, Nlxxxxurq, XYxI'1ox 1 1 5 x Z . A A 1 I E I I 1 1 , i' E. 1, x w sfo" 71? z, 1., yn: FIV -4.4,' mv, J. ,MV .3 M, af Hg!! K, ll 1' wimggzz VM L K ,fs P: , we limi? 4 Q THE OLE MISS, 1932 4 Q .,-rv .--J , . iiiiiii P A-E, I C 1 Tiff ' ' T-if li ', si '1 g, -5 -I - .J Delta Psi Founded 1847 Nine Active Chapters PHI CHAPTER Established 1855 FRATRES IN URBE Colors: Blue and Gold BARRY BROWN ROBERT E. TORREY FRATER IN FACULTATE J. W. BELL FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE Seniors LEIGHTON S. MILLER . . . Clarksdale, Miss. Juniors THOMAS KING SWAYZE , Raymondville, Texas JAMES RICHARD SMITH . . Indianola, CHARLES S. TlNDAI.L, JR. . . Indianola, Miss. GEORGE T. I'IALLAS, JR. . . Hazlehurst, HARRY C, ROBERTS ..... Canton, Miss. THOMAS A. ELDER . . . . Coldwater, EUGENE L. HOWRY, JR. .... Sardis, Miss. Sophomorfs VVM. CLARENCE SPEER, JR. . Indianola, Miss. LAURANCE CHANDLER . . Greenwood, OLIVER FRANKLIN CARR, JR, . Pontotoc, Miss. LOUIS PERKINS, JR. ..... Oxford, Pledges G. G.ARI.AND LYELL, JR. . . . Jackson, Miss. A. C. CAPERTON ...... Tunica, G. K. SMITH, JR. .... Indianola, Miss. SHED HILL ROBERSON . . . Clarksdale, ITAVID KINSER . . . Memphis, Tenn. WILLIAM HENRY HESLEP . . Indianola, JAMES M. GIBBS , . . Fulton, Miss. BYRON ONYX GARNER . . . Pontotoc, Miss. Miss. Miss. Miss. Miss. Miss Miss Miss Miss Page sixty eight 4 4 4 ,E 94:4 Gi-E 'DHI' 'Wfi ,IRW- ' F' wg up-fo - " -if , :alla .k i F' L an NAZH' R - G K nxm' 'fn " W7 '- 33 x fi P J, A . L V I n.7J ,A ,K WF' X 5' 'rl '01 x 4:7265 4 Q 1 If J . Z?" ww " in 4-f Page .sixty-nine DELTA PSI lN'11I.I,rfR, SVMXXZI4, 'l'1x:m1., Rfmmnxls, SM1111 II.xLl,.xs, Iullmz, llrmxy, SPILR CARR, ClIANIJI,IfR, SMITH, Klxsrlk, INQRKINS, l.x'l-im. Gurus, C'.wrcR'1r1x', Romkmx, III-'mI.l1I', Uxkxr-R Q' ,.,. gg 1 iw I A Swv' , H 311 1.1, J. f,, A ,E 'fs 5 s,., af "5 I 2 'fs ! Q 1 A K 1 , 1 E Y 'i 's I i 4 5 2 5 Q3 71 I i P .J v J 2 ,i ,W ,J Jw 1 ,W . 41 ..l , 3 V 1.,-5 , 'ei ,lt 'Ml ' 4 :Li X., , 1 U M. 3 ,Zi 1 ., , sagi- ,rf 5341? 'W fa 2 15 W 39, FN iff ,, , 1 .411 Rf? six? A-2 , -,H 5221 r, . ,ig U 55? as - - THE ous Miss. 1931 - - Phi Kappa Psi Founded 1852 MISSISSIPPI ALPHA CHAPTER E.v1aI1Iisl1fd 1857 Flofwer: Jacqueminot Rose Colors: Cardinal Red and Hunter's Green 52 AC'I'lVE CHAPTERS FRATRES IN URIIE DR. NATPIENIAL B. BOND HON. TAYLOR E. MCELROY JOHN CAIN FRATRES IN FACULTATE DR. NATHENIAL B. BOND HON. TAYLOR E. MCELROY JOHN CAIN FRATRES IN UNlVERS1T.ATE Seniors PRYOR S. BAILEY, JR. . . VVEBB MORSE MIZE . . CARL H. BUTLER . NOEL REABEN .... GORDON MORRIS . . . EDVVARD Fox ZVVINGLE . MORGAN ELLSwOR'IsH . . VV. HEMRY' COOK, JR. . AUBERY ALEXANDER . . GUY RAYMOND CASPER . VICTOR DEITERICHS . . JAMES CAPERS JONES . CHANDLER KLOTZ . LUTHER JOHNSON , GABRIEL BRELAND . MATTHEW HARPER . . IfVERE'l'l' COOK . . PAUL KLOTZ . . . JOE SANTA CRUZ . Juniors Sojmhomores Pledges . Oakland, Miss. , Forrest, Miss. . Gulfport, Miss. . McComb, Miss. VVoOdville, Miss. . McComb, Miss. . McComb, Miss. . Jackson, Miss. Long Beach, Miss. . Gulfport, Miss. . , Osage, Iowa . Gulfport, Miss. . McComb, Miss. . Jackson, Miss. . . Crystal Springs, Miss. . McComb, Miss. . . Columbus, Miss. . . McComb, Miss. . Gulfport, Miss. Page .sefuenty 4 4 'rn ou.: Miss. 1932 Q 4 gr- 'iw 17 -ul -Q 'mq if-'fffY1'7 414 "JJ CQ? X Q ,Q , 51? S -I xx, 2, . ,. F, -X rn J .PM .-.A t"""w V1 .ar '53 Page seventy-one 3 S. PHI KAPPA PSI BAILEY, INJIZE, BLWIIJER, Rmmsx MORRIS, Zw1xc1.H ELLSWORTII, Coma, CASPI-IR, Drzmsklclls, Kl,O'I'Z Jonxsox, Burimxn, IIARPHR, Coox, KLOTZ H 11 ig Hg EEK 54 it Q I .x U. i .13 ii sm-A Ui ' 1:32 A iifia. 25574 z AQ?" ii? :QW 242: l, 22352 215' V's,?ei i Q TT iz!! ifff.-"' :,1a-iii !g:.g?2i', 5?f2i?g uflfil, ':L.1t f S ffaiff' ...Qi 1121 f :ji , 1 if ,- 1-,1 1 1 .1 i' I if V, g, 1, 'I Y fl 2155 vi 4,496 ,., Ai 5.37333 'hgv 'aw' v' 'Q 5 w I 'YT5 5 , ' 1 1 ' 1 ' ' 1 t,,.Qf.f,J z , ..1 EF 5 -. 1 I 1 I - 1 1.2 ., E V+ ii. ilu 7 rg. ,-1 W Q ' A 'TV 1 .4 ., R, . A -1 Nh 'I s f1 , .TM 9 229: jzprff-,X iif,2v"...Q , Vmffg Hhwkg ,awww ,N W, iq, if if :NS 7' 2- if? ' . 3'-5 1' ,."-H' 4 li k l 5. H7 11 . in WT M I : l , I in , Q A 'run ous Miss. 1931 - - Founded I 855 L-. .i.- ei, . Sigma Chi Floq.cvr: Wlhite Rose HRANHAM HUME L. C. ANIIREW E. N. LOVVE GRAIJY GUYTON FRANK VVORSHAM, JR. JACK VV. HARMON . . FAY MCHANEY . . . K. SHELTON SKINNER . BROWNE C. HAIRSTON . R. A. CREEKMORE . . LUCIAN VVADLINGTON . NATHAN CRAWFORD . RANDOLPH KLYCE . . 0'NEAl. G.-XI.BR.NI'l'l'l . J. B. NoR'I'HcRoss . . LEE CAINE ,... RoIzER'I' PHILIPS . . . SAM lIousTox . . . ETA CHAPTER ljslablishrd 1857 FR-'XTRES IN LlRRE DAVID CARTER MAC REID FR.-XTRES IN FACLTLTATE A. H. LI'I"I'LE T. C. KIMBROLlGll FRATR ES IN L7 NIVERSITATE Eighty-nine Active Chapters Colors: Blue and Gold DR. B. S. GUYTON R. J. FARLEI' R. M. GUEss EDWARD L. VVALKER Seniors , . Corinth, lWiss. NEAL BIGGERS . . . . Corinth, Miss. . Jackson, Miss. CHARLES XV. PHILIPS . . VV-esson, Miss funiors . . Tupelo, Misa. RILEY BERRY . . . . Columbia, Miss . . . Macon, Miss. ROBERT VVARREN . . . . Jackson, Miss . . Crawford Miss. JOE H. GUYTON . . Blue MouIItain, Miss Sojmlzozzzorrs Calhoun City, Miss. EDWIN STONE . . . . . Laurel, Miss . , lielzoni, Miss. LESLIE XV. GOULD . . Bogalusa, La . VVest Point, Misi. RAY RAYME . . . . Oxford, Miss Plwlges . Corinth, Miss. SAM SPEAKES, JR. . . . . Benoit, Miss . Corinth, Miss. NVII.LIAIvI HEwI1'r . . . Jackson, Miss . Corinth, Miss. PAUL DENT . . . . Macon, Miss . . Columbus, Miss. ALAN JONES . .I . . . . Macon, Miss . . VVesson Mi.'s. NORMAN BREVVER, JR. . . Greenwood, Miss VVater Valley, Miss. rfHOMAS lh'iCKELL , . . Oxford, Miss. JACK ELLIo'I' . . . . .Oxford, Miss. Page se-'venly lfwo iwigb 3. 1 Di 'S Z 1 25 1, 3 Q BS. A iii ,sa .1 EL w . 4, A Qi is Sli Ki 4 E if 5 x aff 5? 1:31 is fa S55 f 533 52 fs! 5 ,- 233 i fl I .W in ,1 1 Eli .513 x 1 1 lf ,A 4 1,4 fi: 1 'ei 1 1 721 S3 all 1 , R 3 V 1 Q3 , '1 5 J-by . ff! 4' ,gm 5? iq jg . . ii fi F' H 1 4 Q Q Q THE OLE MISS. 1931 Sigma Alpha Epsilon Founded 1856 Colors: Royal Purple and Gold One Hundred and Three Active Chapters Flofwcr: Violet MISSISSIPPI GAMMA CHAPTER Established 1926 FRATRES IN URBE Miss Miss. Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss. MISS. Miss Miss Miss Miss L. OLDHAM CARL COERs JOHN FALRNER VV. N. LEAVELL PHILLIP CARNATHAM WILLIAM FALKNER W. L. ARCIIlB.ALD J. W. T. FALKNER MURRAY C. FALKNER FRATRES IN FACULTATE RAYMOND L. SULLIVAN W. C. TROTTER JIM STONE, JR. JEFF C. HAMM DR. HENRY A. POCHMANN FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE Seniors BUCHANAN MOORE . . . Senatobia, Miss. G. B. CoUsINs . . . . Biloxi, THOMAS J, LILLY ..... Oakley, Miss. Juniors GEORGE H. CAMPBELL . . Yazoo City, Miss. R. JONES FEDRIC . . . . Glendora VICTOR BOYD PRINGLE .... Biloxi, Miss. KIRK E. HAYNES .... Jonestown, HOWARD S. VVILLIAMS, JR. . Hattiesburg, Miss. Sophomores DAVID W, HOUSTON III . Aberdeen, Miss. JOHN WILLIAM ELMORE . . Oxford, NAI' YVALTON ..... Yazoo City, Miss. ROBERT DAVIS RAY. . . . Canton J, VV. T. FALKNER IV . . . Oxford, Miss. GEO, COVINGTON FUGATE . Hazlehurst, BURT N. COERS . . . . Meridian, Miss NEIL CUNNINGHAM .... Aberdeen CAROL M. CARR . . . . . Tunica, Miss. VVM. M. STALLWORTH, JR. . Meridian, BILLY FRANCIS ...... Nettleton, Miss. Pledges RANDOLPH BEREETTE . . . Jackson, Miss LYTTLETON HARRIS . . . . Tunica, KENT LOVELACE . . . Indianola, Miss. GEORGE F. WOODLIFF .... Jackson, VVILTON FULTON . . . Jackson, Miss. D. M. FLEMING ..... Cleveland, CLANT M. SEAY .... Hattiesburg, Miss. ALLAN SHOEMARER . . . Meridian, JACR MCINTYRE . . . Jackson, Miss. R. O. SHEPHERD , . . . Meridian, SILAS DAvIs 1 . . Jackson, Miss. Miss Page se-'veniy four 5 I Q A A - I :::1z:iffI:'fI' "Wm" ' gl - 1 IIHE -055 I I E -1- 1' ,-. Q rf ' ,4- 7-v wt..-r pgs! QL 175' Q , S ig, IRQ nw X ' --1 .M , - A ff iff. - Q XHQQJQI if R5 , 'va II 3,15 'fuf ' 6 U' ' A4 'gf-5 R T , ,ff '-.R :' g h - IJQIQI IQ EKQ 'iii Q' V ll C G as-' 5 1:7 'Iii li il, fr . Ziiivx- Aff xw XX Rs QQUKQ, ' vw-gal . v 7 A KQV 4, ul' 1 3' Page 5t"Uf'7lfj!-fi'UB ,- 335' -wr lil. .A SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON NIOURE, COIISINS, LILLY, CHIPBIQIII., PRIxr:I,H, FIQIIRIC HAYNES, XVILIIIMS, Ilonsrox, XV.xI,Iox FAIIQXIQR, CIIERS, CARR, RAY, FL'c:A'IR, CL'NNIxr:II,x:xI SI:-xI.I.woRI'II, FRANCIS, BuRRF'I'I'H, LovI:I,.xcE, FL'I,'mx, SEM' MCIN'I'x'RE, HARRIS, VVOODLIFF, FLI-Qmxc, SIIQIQMAIQHR, SIIIQPIIHRD, IEAVIS I 52 ,E It 3 I I 1 g . Q I I Ig UE .El S II I E Q A5 I QI I? I .I I II fr ,I I ri ,I Q Q 4 4 THE OLE MISS, 1932 .er ll 41 -'x , 5' s.fI?:'lfii Phil Dolltai Theta Founded I 848 One Hundred and Four Active Chapters Colors: Azure and Argent Flofwer: White Carnation MISSISSIPPI ALPHA CHAPTER Eslablished 1877 FRATRES IN URBE BILL HARMON THOMAS YATES SAM T. WATTS WILL LEWIS FRATRES IN FACULTATE STONE DEAvOURs GORDON SMYTHE J. N. POWERS CHARLES CHUCK SMALLING FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE Seniors JACK ATKINSON . . . VVater Valey, Miss. JAMES GREEN . . .Tupelo, FRANK EVERETT, JR. . . . Indianola, Misi. L. A. Ross, JR. . . . Clarksdale, EVON A. FORD ..... Taylorsville, Miss. J. B. TRULY . . . . Fayette, Juniors P. D. HOLCOMB . . Clarksdale, Miss. HAI. XVINDHAM . . . . Cleveland, WALTER DAVIS . . . . Kosciusko, Mits. Soplzomores JAS. HARRIS ARMSTRONG, JR. . Vaiden, Miss. FRED M. GLASS. . . . . Winona, ROBERT M. BOURDEAUX . Meridian, Miss. T. C. LOCKHARD, JR. .... Bailey, GEORGE A, EVERETT . . Indianola, Miss. GEORGE RAY ..... Greenwood, XZANDELI. FRAISER .... Greenwood Miss. J. D. SMYTHE . . . . Kosciusko, Pledges RICHARD HAYES, . . Clarksdale, Miss. WILLIAM ALLEN . . . . Iuka, DOUGLAS NASH . . . . Jackson, Miss. CHESTER CURTIS . . Clarksdale, HUGH PO'I'rS .... . Kosciusko, Miss. DAVE FRAISER . . . . Greenwood, VVII,I,IAM M. THOMAS .... Boyle, Miss. VVILBURN HOOKER .... Lexington, MIMS WVRIGI-l'l' . . . . Jackson Miss. GEORGE K. VVADE . . . Greenwood, Miss. Miss Miss Miss. Miss Miss. Miss. Miss Miss Miss. Miss Miss Miss. Page se-venzy szx . 4 4 W gffligrivc fx Ji "1 'N '-529 fi. -T 'I K ' f F " Page .fffz'fn1y-srwn XY PHI DELTA THETA A1'K1xwx', IQYIRISIIL, I-Nm, Uxux, Rvws, 'I'RL'Ix' Ilrxluuln, Dxvls, Amlflurfxnr, limkm xlx I'1X'l'Rl'll', I'-KXINFK, C21 x-Q, Ru' Sx1x1lH-,Ilnr-,Nm4,l'm1N.'1'11m1xi RIf'5lI'I', LXII,l'N, Cx Rus, I'xli.XlSl-R, llmuxrk, XV,xm- 'X , : U :af f 'W . W: A 4 :mf '33 51 1 BEA g ' irq .5 rw. 52 13 534 ET' ?'f W -M le 'I F 23 Q1 si E554 E3 Fig vi if If 39 , ga ,af fm? . . Fw ' ,, 'V V, wi rf . 9: Q, 1, wg W, ' 1 A JM AV kg iff l Llff A :A-, 55? Eg? 'f ml L, 5' ,. X 3,31 Lf 'S i. faivf ,,..,V 3355 ,-,Q ' 1 2152 fi H lf, my 5561 QA, , E35 .1 iii! F54 552' fd fl .A :4 '52 ,,, s-Y ifaifggf if Pin. W- 'ffm-2 ,Hn-1,561 V: sl' Wu f 5 1 i::"f? N 1 , 1 V If L 1 . Q w f 4f ' LE 3 , 1" - ,:2 I .5 'js HL, W li. 4 4 Q Q THE OLE MISS. 1932 Flofwer: Pansy Eslablislmd as VVILLIAM E. NOBLIN JAMES STRIBLING . . DUDLEY CoLL1Ns . A. T. BRILEY , BEN GUIDER . . . RALPH HAWKINS . NELSON Icou . BOB BOYD . . HERBERT REEDER . LOWELL MARsA1.1s . JOHN BEACH . . . CECIL SMITH . . . HARVEY CARTER . XVILLIAM GEE . . JOHN HOLLIDAY . Delta Tauur Delta Founded 1859 Seventy-five Active Chapters Colors: Purple, White, and Gold PI CHAPTER Rainbofw Fmfernify, 1848i Consolidated 'with Della Tau Dalia, 1886 SENIORS . . ...... , . . Jackson Miss. . . . Philadelphia, Miss. . Yazoo City, Miss. JUNIORS . . . . . . . . Corinth, Miss. . . . . Vicksburg, Miss. . . Vaiden, Miss. SOPHOMORES . . . . . . . . Springfield, Ohio . . Highland Park, Ill. PLEDGES . . Haynesville, La. . , Vicksburg, Miss. . . West Point, Miss. . . . Jackson, Miss. . Clarksdale, Miss. . . Memphis, Tenn. . Memphis, Tenn. Page seventy ezghz ' ' THE 01-E ,A W.. f"A ,A 3'-mx I .A.. A L , f ' Xfxx XTN5, X! .alv- HY? is Pagf srfvenly-nine N DELTA TAU DELTA OBLIX, S'1'R1m,1w, CYOLIIXS, BRIIPX Iflmxxlxs, Bow REEDER, M.xRs.xL1s BEACH, SMITH, C.xR'1'r'R, GBE ,Shin s . -an-W, K ""'4T-ITIL." Q 3 2 Y 4 ? 1 1 I is 11 :1.','f',I1 WS? -245 li? 24 :J - - 'rm-: ou: Miss. 1932 - - -:wi -A 1 -1 2 2 Kappa Ailpihia Founded 1865 Sixty-eight Active Chapters Colors: Crimson and Gold Flofwfrs: Magnolia and Red Rose VV. A. WARNER A. BEARD , J. .ALLAN FEITERMAN . . l'lUGH S. HOPKINS . . CRAVVFORD C. EIKNER CHARLES FERRIL . . VVILLIAM MADISON BUTLER . XVILLIAM Ross BUTLER . . JOHN FERRIL ..... . OLIVER HOUSTON HOPKINS . THOMAS STATEN HOPKINS . ALPHA UPSILON CHAPTER Esiablislmd 1900 FRATRES IN URBE MOTHERSHED DR.,F. M. PURSER FRATER IN FACULTATE DR. W. L. KENNON FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATIZ Swziors . Laure' Misz. GEORGE VV. HOWELL . . . . Jackson, Miss. Ross VVESTON VVHITE . .luniors . .Lula, Miss. ROBERT H. VVELLS . . Soplzonzorzfs Aberdeen Miss. NEO C. GASKIN . . . . Meridian, Miss. JAMES VV. STRONG . . . Plfdyfs Alligator, Miss. THOMAS S. MCWVHORTER Alligator, Miss. ROBERT P. POWELL . . Meridian, Miss. CHARLES R. ROUNSAVILLE . Newton Miss. JAMES TAYLOR SINGLEY . . .LuIa, Miss. TOM XVALKER , . . . Ark . VVILLIAM VV. WA'l'KINS . THOMAS M. KEIQSEE ..... Ilelena, CHARLES EASON WILLIAMS . , Benoit, Miss. Aberdeen, . BCI1Oit, . Jackson, Aberdeen, Columbus, Meridian, . Helena, . Tunica, Meridian, Meridian, Aberdeen, Miss. Miss. Miss. Miss. Miss. Miss. Ark. Miss. Miss. Miss. Miss. Page eighty fQifi, Q1 y WSH ww - ax -I Q-M, KN -W ff, J., 'N 45 -al Il 17 I XM Q, xxx- 1, I-X NMA ,,f ,X ku' '82-ez' E59-' 61" .-F' 6' f? 'v .al ,, .ar KAPPA ALPHA FHl'1'liRM.xN, Ilowr-:I,r,, Ross, Ilovmxs, IEIKXLR FERKIL, UASKIN, Srknxn, BL rmzx IIUPKIXS, HL"l1.FR, lf:-ikkll., NICXVIIURTER SINGLEY, POXYHL, Ilfmxxxs, IQHESEE, RnL'x5w1I,I.r-L, XV1I,l,I.xM5 XVALKHR, XVATKINS Page eighty-one QM-ff Wu- W gli' IE TEM? J u 2 . A 5 4 ,f ,4 U i ,! 'JE 142 Ugg, Meir: . -1' iiziiiivgi Egiuvf'-'i H WW' My ik? iifefgfiviz .Z-, 5 Eglgggl S3324 5151532 aiyzffvzbe 32164 Kfvgyaasw iiyiglf if B .fz SH' NWS. 4 i'5?i?gi vzfiixggf MET? lwfi' mi , ij-'iw sfgmii' , ,, , g ligfrff ' A-5,34 5 X1 QIQQT Q'Q.ArQf1i 315555552 f5ff3,xaQ Jplrfigq Mx' was isiiip ?5ii'.ff-ga ,Ax iw W 6:3 ff 2' 1. 5 ifikfivga 23'7Q.?'zr iswf' Z N252 2 .QQ Egggi, M832 Uitfellja 'fglpei R519 i ii '1-f.y,4 ijfifigfxs iggrrlif? 2535.5 .Hg r-1: 1552 ,r,. -E91 Zi. fi' 55 if Q23 HE, F4 1293? V2 9 .ggw i 5 A ff' P ,. ,1 3 M 1 X X 4 4 THE OLE MISS, 1932 4 4 .'N"?f r r f Y. i'12 , .Q .fx , I I 1 . iQ. , L ' ' l,' 14' ' C ,A ft. '. b ln. .gf , . av-'II' ' X Kappa Sigma Founded r 869 Colors: Scarlet, White, and Green Flofwer: Lily-of-the-Valley One Hundred and Nine Active Chapters DELTA XI CHAPTER Established 1926 FRATRES IN URBE IRA L. MORGAN BAXTER ELLIOTT FRATRES IN FACULTATE DR. A. L. HONDURANT DR. JOHN C. CULLEY DR. ZELLER DR. CHARLES S. SYDNOR DR. MORSE FRATRES IN LTNIVERSITATE Seniors JOHN M. CULVER . . . . Jackson, Miss. HUGH M. LOVE, JR. . . . Yazoo City, Miss. LUCIEN G. GWIN . . . . Natchez, Miss. JOSEPH L, NETFLES ..... Leland, Miss. CHARLES N. JACKSON . . . Cleveland, Miss. J. GILMAN REID, JR. . . Yazoo City, Miss. .fuzziors XV. DOUGI.As GARDNER . . . Saltillo, Miss. D. VVILSON LONG . . . . Saltillo, Miss. SAM B. HERRON, JR. . . Durant, Miss. DON D. TOWNSEND .... Winona, Miss. WILIE VAN KEES . . Magee, Miss. VVILLIAM H. WATSON, JR. . Pelahatchie, Miss. Sophomores CHAS. E. ANDERSON, JR. . Charleston, Miss. ROBERT L, SMALLWOOD . New Albany, Miss. WILLIAM BACON ...... Durant, Miss. VVARREN M. STEWART . Charleston, Miss. WELLS W. WOODY ..... Tchula, Miss. Pledges II. M. EUART . . . Charleston, Miss DAN RUSSELL . . . . Gulfport, Miss. GEORGE H. Fox . . . . Charleston, Miss ARCHER STARNES . . Brooksville, Miss. NEWT f'IOI.I.llJAY . . . .Tchula, Miss. COLLIER STEWART . . .Charleston, Miss. GUY HOUSTON . . New Albany, Miss J. G. WILKINS . . . Brooksville, Miss. HUGII L. REID . . . Yazoo City, Miss. JOHN O, WYNNE . . . . Merigold, Miss. Page eighty-tfwo I A Q Q N -.M . '? ii i? -if? A ffixf' wx ' - if S52gl2-Q if 2 ' Q if , f"" 'W 526494. A " :gf in Um: MJ 3 '-' ' 4.,,. N , ' 49- 'W 4- at ..g...f - Kb- Q15 'jf' ,-. '15 Page eiglziy-llzree ,gn- -of 0-194- KA, 2 fe E K .5 ,,,A w. - KAPPA SIGMA CULVER, jxclisrw, Invri, Nra'1"1xI,rfS, Run QIARDXER, Ixmxrg, 'I'owx5r1.xn, XV.x'1s0v Axmiksoxg Bxcow, SN1,XI.I.VK'fl0IJ, SIhXY.XR'IX XVOom, EL'.xR'1', Fox, 1lrmI,I.1mY HOUSTON, Rum, RL:ssrf1,L, SYXRNICS, S'1'rfwxR'1', XVYVQA, ,ds GN S? 1, ,, ,,, 3' Ei X IE if ' nm gig igijf? 3 Z j:.!,s1I ,ggjigqi igw'-151 -4i"S5' -,Y ,4 liffig Q : s f. I 1,5 t R 1 , . x f r r ,.,. .1 wr? 1-Q ,u .W V' I I , .g i4 t P11 I . . ' 1 1 1 3 , i ji i s .Q il . ,E la . '1 -E X1 Q L'-3 x? xii i 4 '1 X 1 1 5 Q 3 Q "1 ,41Yg 4 ,4 '3 af: fx! 'arg , 1 I e I 5 ..Kx, :ls T3 . ,Q 4 1-'5 .4 4 ye 2, rf! 2, ,jeux wt: s if-ff li , :Air '1 gn! sig' f- . ,KSN ,fn -1: 1 e 4 4 THE OLE MISS, 1932 4 Q ,I so 'o 'o 'v 1 gn., . .1 .A-.4101 .l. I :li N, Q D I '. 1 5 ,"-.-. H A, 32vu" g,.'1 1 -.A , N. ."!Qf,' Alpha Tauul Umogat Founded 1865 Colors: Blue and Gold Ninety-five Active Chapters MISSISSIPPI DELTA PSI CHAPTER Established 1927 FRATRES IN FACULTATE Flofwfr: VVhite Tea Rose DR. A. XV. lVlIl.DEN DEAN T. G. GLADNEY C. M. SMITH FRATER IN URBE HORACE XVRIGHT PA'IrroN FRATRES IX IJNIVERSITATE Grafluott' GIDEON STAFFORD AIIERNAIIIY . Eupnra, Miss. Seniors REID BINGFIAM DUNCAN . Greenwood, Miss. HAROl.D MONROE . . . Jackson, Miss. Juniors HOWARD VVARD GOBER . . . Jackson, Miss. VVILLIAM JACKSON PYLE . . . Iuka, Miss. JAMES HUGH KEX'ER .... Natchez, Miss. OWEN ROYCE, JR, . . . . . Isola, Miss. S0fJllClll0l'l'S HOWARD QUITMAN DAVIS. . Indianola, Miss. GEORGE TIIOS. MCCLINTOCK . Belzoni, Miss. GUI' KENNER ELLIS . . . Lexington, Miss, VVM. KOHI.ER TRIMBI.E . Alexandria, La. ELMER JACKSON NOVVELI. . . Cleve'and, Miss. Pledges VVM. RIDDICK ARMSTRONG . . Houston, Miss. AI BERT LEWIS BORDELON . . Cottonport, La VVILLIAM HILL Scorr . CYRL'S SHIPP .... TIIOS, JEFFERSON BUSBY . VVashingtOn, D. C. GUY N. TURNBOW' , . LESEER JAMES CARRUTII . Brookhaven, Miss. PAUL ROBERT TURNBOVV GEORGE XXLECK GUNTER . Kilmichael, Miss. Trios. HERNDON BRISTER JOHN EDVVARD IIOPKINS . . Louisville Miss IELKIN SIIELI. JACK .... Houston, Miss RICHARD A. JACKSON . . Frier's Point, XVILSUN BATES KIRDY . . . Houston lWiSs Miss XVILLIAM WILSON EDMUND JACK BURKE . BAILEY OSCAR FRIDGE . XVILLIAM BYRD POWELL JAMES RUBY .... . Ruleville, Miss. Houston, Miss. Brookhaven, Miss. Brookhaven, Miss. Brookhaven, Miss. Bogalusa, La. Ruleville, Miss. . Magnolia, Miss. . . Belzoni, Miss. . . Tchula, Miss. Page eighty-four 4 Q Tl-IE OI. RUSS, '-ed' w..-qv at-A 'fha 1:9 vi ,ga --'fed Page riglziy-fare ALPHA TAU OMEGA l7L'Xcxx', CQUIXIR, Vx Ha, Rmtrz ITAYIS, IC1,l,1s, NlL'f'I,IX'IUL'K, 'l'RmnI,rg NOVK'lfI,l., BURI3l'I,UX, f'XRRl"l'H, ffl'Xl'IiR, jxcrisok Hmm, SCUIIQ Iikmru, 'llkxnuw - - 'rms OLE Miss. 1931 - - Pi Kappa Phi Founded I904. Forty Active Chapters Colors: Gold and XVhite Flower: Red Rose ALPHA LAMBDA CHAPTER Establisllrd 1927 FRATRES IN URBE EDWIN MARVIN DOOLEY GEORGE M. KNIGHT JOHN' BYRON QEATHRIGHT WILLIAM R. PHILLIPS FRED ROACH FRATRES IN LINIVERSITATE Seniors A. F. CARAWAY . . . Gulfport, Miss. CHARLES HENRY DUNN . Juniors Roms TURNER DAmss . . . Shannon, Miss. FRANK HUGHES. . SOULE MCELROY ..... Oxford, Miss. Sophomores H, VV. CLIFF . . . Tupelo, Miss. N. C. HOUSE . . Plrzlges BEN E. CI.AY'I'oN . . Meridian, Miss. J. M. KELI.UM . . PRUDE DARIIS ...... Shannon, Miss. FRANK LORANCE . . fiEORGE M. E'I'IIRIuGE . Meridian, Miss. OLIVER YVILEY . Lvxxwoon A. fiARRE'l'l' . Oxford, Miss. J. H. VVISE . . IACK HOLMES .... . Oxford, Miss. JEFF D. PARKER . . . IOIIN D, DYER , Van Vleet Miss. T. M. LAMBERT , Laurel, Kossuth . Enid Houston, Oxford, . . Oxford, Hughes, Hattiesburg, Corinth, Miss Miss. Miss. Miss. Miss. Miss. Ark. Miss. Miss. Page eighty :xx Q Q ,Q 9:1111 UV ' if -.,,,f X "KJV u-0 3 1 if 11 Q5'1g..,W 3332? i .AV .fi wav- Pagr eighty-se-veil DA RHLLUM, I,m4,xxcr, XV11,r4.x', XVISIZ, Lu PI KAPPA PI-II Ilxnrss, Iluzmfs, 1XIL'FI,ROY, CLIIF IIOLSIT, f'I,,XX'I'7Y BBS, F'l'lIR1IN'2!Z, f9.XRRl'1I', Ilfmlmris, D XFR IIHRT 1 4 z , A . L43 :fag 'Sai 4,1 , ui ,gi ag A 5 5 y -, 3 1 I ' 4 I 5 2 1, YQ g . 'gif fr .MWA fi- if E 1 I 1, P vt Zig! Q 'Z Q 4 5, V:-., -1,5 2 as 3' 52321 E5 1, ks 92412 4 A THE OLE MISS. 1932 ' 0 , il .f,-'ons-',- If 4' 344: is I s I 'I if. Q! "sh: 'V - O Sigma Nu. Founded 1869 One Hundred Active Chapters Colors: Black, White, and Gold Flofwer: VVhite Rose EPSILON XI CHAPTER Estabiislzni 1927 FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE Seniors HARRY G. FRIDGE .... Hattiesburg, Miss. VVARREN VV, SHERMAN . . . McComb, Miss. CHARLES M. TOMLINSON . . Gulfport, Miss. Juniors AUBREY' A. ADEN . . . Valley Park, Miss. JOHN A. GILLILAND ..... Nesbitt, Miss, LEE T. COSSAR . . . Charleston, Miss. LAVELLE C. PICFORD . . . Lumberton, Miss. CLIFTON M. TYNES . . . Monticello, Miss. Sophonzores SAMEUI. R. BLAND ..... Jackson, Miss. WILLIAM E. DENMAN, JR. . Greenwood, Miss. DAVID B. VVILSON .... Yazoo City, Miss. Pledges DUDLEY B. BRIDGEEORIII . . . Nesbitt, Miss. NAT OWEN, JR. . . . . Gulfport, Miss. BENJAMIN M. C'AI.nWEI.I. . Charleston, Miss. LLOYD D. Rl'lVfER . . . Tupelo, Miss. PIENRY P. OLIVER ...... Tippo, Miss, XVARREN SCHMIIJT. . . Gulfport, Miss. EARNEST VV. VVILLIAMS. . Cedar Bluff, Miss. Page eighty-eight v 'A THE LE MISS. 195 - 4 1 'Tv -15 ,..-n- W,-4' ? 1 'P 4. A7 Pagir riglzty-nine it ,P 1 .Q , 'Y SIGMA NU PRlWIh bnLRxLxx, loxunxsnx, Xnrx C .- 3. .nr fa QW , ny 'ugsxx LHLHLANW PHHURUVYYXPX Drxuxw XXVILSIIX, lgRIIHIVl4lRlll, QYIHKDXNPI L, illlxw R, lJxvr4x llI1lWiR, Snwixiurr, XX'H.LLxx1e wkh ,. gn. W., 4 K5 . i' -an 51-'fi Fi 'gsr 3 Z .Aug J T fk Y-4 "1 f'a 'z AN 'a ti + . G Fi! 5 ,. ' bf 'I i -fx' "i N JQ1X FWS , H r 'E hgfgi I' 51 fi is I If 1 T Uii gi: A, E E 1353553 w "SE 1 'QI EF is fi H Mdry W?-4 3252 E ifj 91: 3nmE5 GZQLXH Q- ,sf :gb E551 ' S414 Emi 557 fd ,fkgi :SC AaS53?? Qiiid .Ke 155 iff" f193g4 HEX 355 yi 1v'i w 1.U , 3, rw' fifi 'r .3 .cj tag q,ml .,,g i '14 ,H4 I ,1 1 -'W 2 .13 .. 2 ' 4 ,a1f f 1522: 'T ' vJi'."' ngigv' igljjtfgg ilrw. 5 E5Q.w y 1 1 ,.-I Gu- ni my . Mg... AX W4 . V S!! V1 JMLQ L Ngleqluii f,s 1 ni4n1-.- . wg: , ,-Q. : 1 : ct 241 Jn 4 4 THE OLE MISS. 1932 4 4 O PII Kappa Allplha Founded 1868 Flofwrr: Lily-of-the-Valley C0101-,fp Garnet and Gold Eighty Active Chapters GAMMA IOTA CHAPTER Established 1927 FRATRES IN LTRBF C. E. SLOUGH JAMES R. KNIGHT JACK GOROON FRATRES IN FACULTATE T. A. BICKERSTAEE S. L. FORTENBERRY FRATRES IN LJNIVERSITATE Senior P. E. IRBY, JR. ...... Oxford, Miss. Juniors F. A. ANDERSON, JR. .... Glosrer, Miss. GEORGE RAMSEY RUSSEL . . Greenville, Miss. VV. T. TRUSTY . . . Water Valley, Miss. Sofzhomores JOHN E. ALDCIDGE . . . . VVinona, Miss. ROBERT L. JOHNSON .... Tupelo, Miss. H. M. GRAHAM , . . . Meridian, Miss. B. T. MITCHELL . . . . Guntown, Miss. PRATT IRBY . , .Oxford, Miss. VV. W. SNEED . . .Pontotoc, Miss. Pledges JAMES E. COE ...... Lambert, Miss. VV. A, SPEARMAN . Water Valley, Miss. HUGH M. BAODLEY . . VVater Valley, Miss. LYNN D. ABERNETHY ..... Troy, Miss. G. C. CARLSON ..... Quitman, Miss. HURON HUTCHERSON .... Jackson, Miss. BENTON HOFF . .... Gloster, Miss. D. H. DONALD . . Philadelphia, Miss. XVILLIAM SHOEMAKER . Hernando, Miss. Page ninety 4 Q HE - ' ...L w s 1 H? Q0 450' Q " I1 ' xv ' , H 'X A V.. X - 1 ,Ng I A K w'Qo3 , ' , 0 41' X, 'El ,X A f '7 ,-, ' 1 'in Y ,..f vi. Ki an-' fv- ws 'S-T OP' up ,h-.. Page ninely-one PI KAPPA ALPHA IRBY, Axunusox, Russu, TRL'S'I'X', ,LXIDRIDCIZ GR.xH.x:xr, Ikm' jolaxsfw, NlI'I'CIIEI I. SNEED, Cole, BADIJLEY, C'.xR1 s0x IIOFF, AAxBliRNliTHY, HUTCHFRSON, Doxxw, SHOFM.-XKER M M: , 4 ,S - ., 2 , gpg.: i Qg1xg,r igjyu, wflgffv W aqlfif, UVA EW nj N.. sffw A filsf ,A 4 ,. Gfg 1 M 03331 if :IIV5 .i!" ,IQU-wg ,' wg fx 3,2 F' ii xii! 3? Tiff -2 Lgffv 11 ifigeg Xllzif' 13255 ,ig 9145 f'gf5:iE5 fifggfif Fay? 12521 .,I I if u , ,,. A1 'LFE .'?f?. QMS' rag f 'ff QJ 91 fa si Q, - 51541 'ML fig g! ,ZHYZ1 ' gil. , 232 1 .Q j riff -233 Sala, fa 1, 1,153 ' 91311,- 4 lf: Q" , . if wiv 'wi 515135 L if :ggi 5.45-Q 1611? V1 "- xii Q23 'Q' Qi ff? BL if ,f z if? c 1' K, , r f viii? :IE .3 il V4 v' ' 'i H2 ' 1351 , S21 I 4' df, J- W Ji fs, F ill E' ef is if 15 E? A 4 iff! 4 3 5 I ll Q I , I 5 , I I V7 I III 'iilll w 15 f-If 4' I4 ti I I I HIII If I I In I I I A 'I 6 Sli! SII I. 'I I 'I 4 4 THE OLE MISS, 1932 ' 4 Colors: Black and Turquoise Bl so-goaonsq ogg 0.52, I5 - 2'- Pllmi Pi Phi Founded 1915 ue Twenty-one Active Chapters OMICRON CHAPTER Establislmd 1927 FRATER IN URBE FRANK HEARD FRATER IN FACULTATE PERCY LEE RAINWATER FRATRES IN LINIVERSITATE Flofweri Blue Bell Seniors ROBERT LEE SMITH . . . . . . . . Iuka, RALPH J. MlTClIEI.L , . . Gloucester, EDWARD LEE SANDERSON . Vardaman, JOSEPH BROWN ROGERS . New Albany, Juniors VVILLIAM D. DONALD . ..... . Moorhead, KENDALL G. RAYBURN . . . . . . Natchez Sophomore CLAUDE L. ROBINSON , .... . Glen Allen, Pledges GEORGE GIBSON CALICUIT . . . . . . Blue Mountain, HOOKER COEN .... . . Hazlehurst, WILLIAM D. BUSH . . . . Ellisville, ROBERT E. MCLAUGIILIN . Gloucester, BRADFORD T. VVHITE , . . Baldwyn, VVALLACE E. BOWLES , . . Inverness, JAMES PRESTON FUTRELL . . Oxford Miss Mass Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss. Miss Miss Mass Miss. Miss Miss Page ninety lfwo . .. ,nm kv 112' 'V' .,....- .1-ff' S. .M W- v ,V , . y,,, ,, ,X five? A. 404 5,1534 Xml A 5355! ffl- , , Lf MI f 'fax gxrff' -L, ' . ix, w- ,L f Q'- T I f 4 3 , 4 W vii . 0 1794 1599 5 . 3 V' A4 Q V 3 -if J .r 7 ' gf J S., 4' ,a +- en' .1 Page ninfty-threw nn' ,JPN PHI PI PHI l'III, NIHCIIIILI., Sxxlmriksox, Rum-,Rs Drmun, R.xYr:L'Rx Rfmxwsmx, C.xI.I,1cL'1l', CORN, BLSII IXICI..XL'GIll,I'i, XVH11 H, ISIJWIES nr 49 l 5 :rg Q H aw, vsdff iyjiifi, QQQKQW jgiqje I 'iff fl Qw,,i I ENV' ,i ECW . EEZ? 2 5 YI, iw! Biifxiffi Engl' ici 53129.- i,'f-w1s"1 'ixai " gfgiyi-I E':t.lQ'i 3,1 2543255 iw? , A., I-. 'Q' HZ, ig'-Zilffi ,Q V, I '4i5:'IU'5 gs?"Ef'i zfsfifli'-.i Wil-Qfvi libiiygs xiL'f5IK'cf I,.e' lx 1, , fi 2291 :Q Q1 is' 1' ' 2 EIEAL if ' A1393 Qui ' : i":'.:'g Vizifgs? Q 011 ,.,g j 5 Zz ,Z 53.13 'X ! ff? if iff 5,3 Ejiziiigg :M im Q-Qscflfiz JM.-W. - mi P A. H.V. +I52f?-i- ' we 112i'W-'15 VA: -5 ' H '- : 'ri 3' ff Qf, 335 t'?f' 'v' NIA. ff- 1 3 s' M- Lwfblffi L35 . f HQ fQEfV'? ,e ,,.,1 4- rf' gg 'QE f-n . WLZT-' Iiffffg-I :gin ,.,s . 4 '53, ihpsf M. 9. ffirf w?13w: Wi? H H,- ,. ,Y ' fiigm I iff: :YI V fr 'X 'iw 4 A ' uf' Meal., I Di 4 4 THE OLE MISS, 1932 ' 4 ':i"m4s.fIi" N . lb 1 Sigma Phi llfpsiillcoim Founded IQOI Colorr: Royal Purple and Red F101'wf'f5.' American Beauty Roses aIId Violets B. O. MOUNGER VAN VVILKINSON MYRL XVALDEN , EMMETI' RAY . G. T. CRANFORD M. L. SHIRLEY . W. D. Lows, JR. . VVILLIAM Scorr EARL HUTSON . DONALD FRANKS Sixty-seven Active Chapters MISSISSIPPI ALPHA CHAPTER E .vlablished 1928 FRATIER IN URBE FRED B. PA'I'roN FRATR ES IN UNIVERSITATE Seniors . . . . Co'umbus, Miss. A. R. SMYTHE , . . . Shelby, Miss. GEORGE TOWNSEND flnziors . . Booneville, Miss. VV. H. MOORE . . . . Kosciusko, Miss. J. VV. PENDER . . . . . . Seminary, Miss. T. M. DUNN . . J. H. PICKLE . . . . . Aberdeen, Miss. Soplzomores . . . . Baldwin, Miss. C. K. AUBERT . . V, H. TORREY, JR. .... Meadville, Miss. Pledges . . . Newton, Miss. JOSEPH SMITH . . . . Meadville, Miss. LEIGHTON KELLY . . . Brookhaven, Miss VVILSON ROBERTS . . . . . . Oxford, Miss. RALPH WILLIAMS . ADOLPH FLOYD . . . Oxford, Miss. Batesville, Miss. . Jackson, Miss. . Kosciusko, Miss. Kosciusko, Miss. Clarksdale, Miss. . Gulfport, Miss. . Oxford, Miss. . Morton, Miss. . Oxford, Miss. . . Drew, Miss. Page ninety-four - - -W .AM .. W. .,.v,MW .., xp A 5 K 11.4 5' 4 4 1 1 M- r fl 515 'ful' ,Af Q' "? 'mix Pl- -in GTB? , 'lf 1 FI ll' MI 31 ' if:f"'x,4"" , 'K 45? JT! !".."'.!" -4-,f 1 "'Z....' Pagf ninfiy-fifve wif' if' 'll' f---wf SIGMA PHI EPSILON NIOCXGER, XVILKIXSOY, Sx1x"1'm., '1'rm'x5r.Nn, Ru' Niookfz, Psxmfx, Huw, Plckua S1IIRI.u', .AL3liI:KI', 'l'mzRFY, I.0wF Scorr, KELLY, XVl1AL1.xx1s - - 'rms ou: Miss. 193: Q O Flofu:vr.' Red Rose R. H. BOSTXNICK, JR, . T. K. CHANDLER, JR. . . JACK H. EWING . IZERRY D. BROWN . JACK BURNETT . . G. XV. BILBO . . A. C. Cox, JR. . . VV. R. EWING . VIRGII. A. GILI. . . E, PERRY MAUIAIN . R. B. MCILWAIN . SAM D. MCILWAIN 1,7 -. -4 Beta Theta Pi Founded 1839 Colors: Light Pink and Blue Eighty-seven Active Chapters BETA BETA CHAPTER Extablislmd lQ28 FRATER IN URBE DAVID H. HUGHES FRATR ES IN U NIVERSITATE . . Lyman, . VVest Point, . .Gloster, D. M. QUIN . . .Sidon . Meridian, . Poplarville, . VVest Point . .Gloster, . Meridian, . Vicksburg, . Pascagoula, VVaynesboro y I 9 Seniors Miss. J. RICHARD MCCLURE . . Miss. JOHN PARISH . . . Miss. LEON L. WHEEEESS . Juniors JR. . Indianola, Miss. Sophomores Miss. J. L. MINOR . . . Miss. JOHN K. RAMEY , . Plwlges Miss Miss Miss. Miss Miss Miss Miss JAMES B. MCCLURE VV. A. MOORE . . E. VV. THORNTON . LEE H. 'YRAPP . . VV. M. BUSEY, JR. . JAMIE I.. VVIIITTEN . . . JOHN D. ZILLER . . . , Oxford, Miss. Greenwood, Miss. Port Gibson, Miss. . Grenada, Miss. . Oxford, Miss. . . Oxford, Miss. . Princeton, Ky. . Pachuta, Miss. . Nettleton, Miss. Hattiesburg, Miss. Charleston, Miss . Meridian Miss 1 Page ninety .wx ,. N, ,,'.-W . , , hw f ,- , , -...f ,. x, ,V ' , . N V 4 .f f 1 ' . + ff, - v .1 Q , ,, , wa! 4 x . , , .J 1-'f . fy ,3,Y,5,, 59 v3X,I'5..f.4 5 .QQ , ' ff f v Ha, Q29 -.A aA:vu,:,, vida 3355 inv- aas- ' 'fs at , 2 1 Q V.-M rv' .A .mp- Page nirzrty-.wifen BETA THETA Pl I-irmslwxux, Crlxxn! r-K, XVIH-,r-1.1-sm, QIQINY Iikowxg IiL'Rx'r51"1' fxmmg M.xL 1-lv, McIl,w.x1x', McII.w.x1x, Lim, lklormn, 'I'R.x1-P, XVIII! uw, ZIl,l.l'R gvhriw !Ei1!?2i76 ZZgl:,m?, 5Ea'16IeVX .s,,f.2,j N ups. W- !" '1 i' J," ' r :fr K . 1 4,4 , ' 41 1 11 Q 6' t , 2 f I , W . I W K 4 1 1 - i ,VI , W 1 'X N 3 4 f 1 I . . 5 :Qi J , ii, 1 ,VN i ix zffifl 3- E-Q41 igf-51:1 'L L, ?E3"':flQ iff" mx ? if Fw in I Lg fy vw' ,Qi- Eifc, ,,. 1 -,Nliivl ,. ag-,A figs Eid lf, 5 1, 1 -' I ,N .Lu QQ f-E Q Q? Q 1,12 ff' 4,- ,,f A P1 i '! I ,M nv in 4.5 "4 I E h , ".- L' , J "SI: ' fe.. x 6 1 -44 H. 4 , .em :HG , , - P-,,- 51-.wsr news-1 wm- i W fm. - Y ,, Q Q? if -M 1 "1 rf 1 ' If F , G 1 f if L4 f ,, 1 u if . :F I 5 E H Il: If ll 4 - S 1 ' 1 , 1. 51: ,Il V .U 5, fl Si! Mi H!! fl 1, 4 4 THE OLE MISS,1932 4 4 ,K ,lm- 'U Hmtcrefriaternityv Council! Dr' Ill Psi 1.1-,lfguwx 24. NIILI LR HXRIQX L. Rr11:Ek'1's .lljwha Tau Uniwyu Iliuaum Nlrwnarmw' Wrruxxi IS. Pmvlau. H1111 Thflll Pi Lum RVIILIVQI IS 'lf K. f'H.XXIlIIiR Drlffz Tau Uwllu jun SYRIRI Ixr: XVII uni F. Nfmnuw Drlla Kujvffa lijxilruz i.I:SI.Ili l5,UxllI'.Y Suri xxx' NI.XXVk'hI,I. Kafvpa Sifllllll liugu Iuvl- IEILMAX Run Phi Urlid Thrift Vvrw I-'man Ifzcxwx IiVlRIii'l' Phi krtlfffll Pfi I XYH:n M1112 Iilmyxlum Zwlxfpl ri Pi Kappa Phi IN. C. II0L'sE J. C. ,lows Phi Pi Phi Rmzram' Sn1'l'11 Kl1XIW.XL R.xxnL'Rx Pi Kappa .lljvhu Rmzf-,:4'1' jouxsuv l'. Iirmixr, IRBY, jk. Sigma .lfjwha lfpsiloll Vxcmk Puxxmrz liL'clux.4xx NHDORE Sigfma Nu CIl.XRI,I'.S 'I'fml.1x5ov C'L'1H1:ER'l' Pxcrrokn Sigma Phi Ifjvsilnn H. O. Mmxrzrix Axxmn Sx1x'THE Kafvjva .lljrhu Gmurzrz Ilowrsu, Ross XV. XVHITH Sigma Chi K. Smimox SKIXNER Ifuxx VVORSHAM SORUIPUITIIIES Q jx 4 4 THE OLE MISS, 1932 4 Q Colors: Cardinal and Straw .og ig- . L. 1- , Av- I.--"Z-v u, fs m., D I f ' Wg. .asf I . . gs: si' I X . ,, Af' .-J .1 , Chi Umegai Founded I 895 Eighty-seven Active Chapters Flofwfr: VVhite Ca rnation TAU Eszalzlishcd 1899 CHAPTER SORORES IN UREE MRs. D.-xvio NEILSON MISS IRENE HOLLOW.-'XY MISS MARX' R. GLENN MRS. H. GLENN RUTH FORD . .ANN MAX' . . . VIRGINIA DAVIS . LOUISE HERRON . REBECCA GEE . . HAYS GEE. . . ALICE PROVINE FRANCES HOLMES EI.IzAEETII BAILEY MISS ELMA MEEK MISS MARY V. ROWLAND MRS. FARQUA MRS MRS MRS. MRS. R. J. FARLEY MRS. LERADUATE HELEN JEFFRIES ...... Sardis, Miss. Seniors . . Columbus, Miss. ETHEL KEESLER , . NIARTHA MILLION . . . Brooksville, Miss. Juniors . . Sumner, Miss. LOUISE LOVE . . . Moorehead, Miss. CLYDE BRYANT . . Sophom ores . Durant, Miss. MARGARET ROWLANO . Pledges . .Carro'Iton, Miss FRANCES IJYER . . . . . . Carrollton, Miss. GARNETT STUROEVANT' . . . Grenada, Miss MATELYN FLOYD . . . . .I-Iernando, . . . .Batesville, Miss Miss FRANCES WITTY . . MIRIAM GWIN . . . MARY liEI.EN GlI.I.lAM . . Winona, Miss. ANNE BROWN A. L. BONOURANT AMY JOHNSON W. KENNON . Greenwood, . Yazoo City, . Coffeeville, . Oxford, . Greenwood, . . Glendora, . . Jackson, Lexington, . Clarksdale, Miss Miss. Miss Miss Miss. Miss Miss Miss. Miss Page one hundred 4 4 THE OLE MISSQ 1932 Q I . ,aff -ur ' -Q-rf' Page one hundred one q-'Y N is ...M 'f lli.... lllx V E mf!! s 4-5.,. -wx -Mr tv CHI OMEGA 'S ..- 'var Form, Kamrmk, Mug Ifmvrl, Dxvlm Bkxpxxr, Ilrxkrmx, Rfnwmvw, filih limi, Pkovxxri, IIrnr.x1l-S, B.XII,l'Y, Dx I" R S'1'Ukm,v.xx'l' Ifmylv, Uwlx iiIl,l,,l,xM, NV1'1'rY V v .ii EW Q Z .big-Q I :Wil ' MFE L, 1, .Q , A 2 J ,, Aga sl HW . ri! M 5715? E , 1 f fa-. if at I M e .15 , 1 ' A. j','.i 1 if 'by yi? KE WL, Vg! t gffaf q, i'f". i Q . Wg,-r w EVVQ ' ww ' w ,, .i4 ,wma ,Wig WNY? iw? 5,v- vf ' 'Y UT 25.4 Like: .V Q I fl 4 X M, K S, k 1 NN 5 '5 is U w Q . 6- K I I islij , U51 Cir ef.: viz' Y P I 5 A .iw 2:35 Q MQ fx 1 , faq ew x 1 gm ff A w 1 X . 1 Q K 1 9 I fa? . 3 5 ls ' 14 eg Q I J 1 ki ' I 5 Q xx W 3.4 5 ilk 1 ' f 1, 5' .+ 25,59 vi K5 1 A 'B :C ui 1 F yr' E ff: 2 fl is Ii 4 .3 F3 sw W 1 51" if flwbgli iii, 5151 VEV QQ1.. 552 'ffk-:Ag M QW-4 JZ T Ly 4 4 THE OLE MISS. 1932 4 1 Phi Mu Founded 1852 Colors: Rose and YVhite Fifty-nine Active Chapters Flofz.uers.' Ca rnations ALPHA DELTA CHAPTER Eszablislmd 1924 SORORES IN URBE MRS. C. R. COERS MRS. L. C. GWIN SORORES IN UNIVERSITATE Seniors MARY JEANETTE GRESHAM . Indianolu, Miss. ELISE Focc .... LELIA BELL MCILWAIN . . Greenwood, Miss. MARION WEATHERSBY . . Juniors ELIZABETH MONTJOY . . . Greenwood, Miss. Pledges DENNIS NORQUIST JUNE OWEN . . LILLIAN RUSSELL DOROTHY RUSSELL RIVERS ELDER . . Lexington, Miss . . . Chicago, Ill . . Oxford, Miss . . Oxford, Miss. . Coldwater, Miss NAN BARNETT . . FRANCES AYcocIc . . LOUISE SANDIFER . ELEANOR STEELE . HELEN DONALD . . . Senatobia, Miss . Decatur, Miss Greenwood, Miss. . Jackson, Tenn Greenwood, Miss. . . London, Ky. . . Moorhead, Miss Page one hundred zfwo S E 335 igg if gig Her if ,S f- ft ,., 4. K? gf: Su 1' 1 Ni 54 T i lg' fs? 12 '15 ?f S 1.1 4 fi 'S ff' ' 1 -- Q21 ' ga V -,V i Eg? L3 is is lfff? T' ,uv .Q 7 1 . , ,L L5 rf! Eg! '2- ,,- 1. -: E3 gf 2:91 in 1 K' L A. lf: pi 94 Ci gm ,T x. 'g. ' X, - .:. f 4 i. V 7 4:1 2 x. , ' . g. T., 4 1,-1? - fw w' Y -f '! 3' ?,5i ,,. ,H :Z 3 ,-x ,. g . ,. 5 ' v . u' Nt , rf ws .5E,3f sr .iw 5 'J '.'1 11314 .21 v y 5 5 i 'i QF: X., Az fl r-3 . 3 '4 -- gl .1 , fi I A-, YZ in vi' U J 3 ,a uw, ,E li '- rm V4 943 .kii .' :iff uf .2-Qi' 3-4 gf! Q5 xl wg' asf Q U' V, I, if :gf 55 Q5 if L3 A-N - - THE: OLE Miss. 1932 - - Founded I 888 I at , -lg I xt J X Xbxu lf I, .... ,-f Delta Delta Delta Colors: Silver, Gold, and Blue Eighty-one Active Chapters Floi-wer: Pansy Cl-ll CHAPTER Esmblishrd 190.1 SORORES IN URRE MRS. CALVIN BROWN MISS EDITH BROWN MRS. DAVID CARTER MRS. JOHN DENT MRS. WILL LEWIS MRS. ASHFORD LITTLE MISS LYNDA RAMEY MRS. MRS. MRS. MRS. MRS. MRS. MRS. MRS. R. L. SULLIVAN DAN ROY BAXTER ELLIOTT B. S. GUYTON JEFF HAMM BRANHAM HUME J. A. SMALLVVOOD J. G. SMYTHE SORORES IN FACULTATE MRS. LOUISE DUNCAN MISS ELISE WATTS SENIORS MARION DICRENS . . . . Greenwood, Miss. MARY LOUISE MAYERS . . HARRIFT L. GILLESPIE . Morgan City, Miss. JESSYE STINSON . . . . JUNIOR BERENICE STEVENS . . . . Senatobia, Miss. SOPHONIORES lvl.-UVINA MCCOOI. , .... Canton, Miss. WILLIE PEARLE SARTIN . HELEN VVEST . . . . . Gulfport, Miss. PLEDOES KINTIIERINE BELL .... University, Miss. MARTHA CiILBER'l' . . . ORA EI.IzAIxETII BOOKOUT. . Indianola, Miss. MARGARET PRICE . hlEANli'l'I'E BRINSON .... Columbia I K.ATHERlNE ESKRIDGE . . . . Oxford, MINNIE FRANCES FERGUSON . Jackson, Miss. MISS. Mis 55. EVELYN STONE . . ELIZABETH VVADE . . JENNABEL VVEHSTER . . Brandon, Miss . Avalon, Miss Hattiesburg, . Memphis, Oxford, . Oxford, . Oxford, . Oxford, Miss Tenn. Miss. Miss. Miss. Miss. Page one hundred four 45 LE R J A il! Q.-,Q 5129 Page onf hundrwd five A v ""' JPG-8 Q. m,0 4 ,f y Xi! if- Fi .,4 -'C .gx -Q-up 11" 1-f-nw DELTA DELTA DELTA DICKHN5, iiII.I,FSP1li, INIAxwRs, Sllxsm, Sruvrixs N1cl'um,, SAR:-lx, VVr1s1, Hrgu, IirmKrmL'1', Iixuwsux, IQSKRIIHCP, Ifl-.R4:Lsux, frlllmikl PRICE, Smvra, XV.xm-', XV!-.nsnik 2 M25 1 ,f. , 1 , , ? , Ai, v K .,. 5 1 gif Wal F52 Q , v.:m43 !,3,,,5.5aL gwmqfgl .'.d,v4' '11 f? wg.. Q," mx W rfmcfz ,rw ,,,5?g3:2ME fx"'tif8 H rid 1: xg- EIU-233,23 114145 ,fx 'fllgj iQg?QQff:j Mgwii W? lf wgff-if , . ff, ERLQQ 751 'ban 1.14 ff5Vl 1 " 1,7 -jx" Zigizgif' f,,- A 'P'fYf'1i1 l4'F".ii my i ,f,, A11 X sh if hz I, ,i gZ'L'ffW xi- fl I! 1 N, 4- ,Z Q ! ? WH Y Y. V I 1 1 4 1 , v D. -, 1.1 F ,, 5 . , , .1 I . LAW I . Q E. W Ins: ,A VV . 3 Q, ij, ,IA ayxf, if-'Aff iw , aw -MP- 1Q,m5fs iifffif? "i,x'f..'fi .Q 11 ,., 5,2-,,,.,, uegf, iisiiaia 5294555 H gij L 'v+ QF if f Ms E' E ls 2141 AIA W ml 5712 W 'i sw 4 4 THE OLE MISS. 1932 ' 4 x br X if ,Qt , 'Xxx ,, Kappa D-Oilttiat Founded 1897 . Colors: Green and VVhite Sixty-seven Active Chapters Flo-wer: White Rose ALPHA MU CHAPTER Established 1927 SORORES IN URBE MRS. Ross BROWN MRs. E. N. LOWE MRs. MALCOLM Guess MRS. RALPH W1LsON MRS. CLAUDE IRBY SORORES IN IJNIVERSITATE Postgraduate LO1'riE VERNON JONES . . ..... . Oxford, Miss Senior MARY VIRGINIA CULLEY . . . . Greenville, Miss Juniors MAYME LOUISE DAv1s . . . . . Hattiesburg, Miss CAROLINE ZELLER . . University, Miss Sophomores MERLE CATES . . . ..... . jackson, Miss MARY QUINN DOKE . . . Clarksdale, Miss Pledges LIZE'I'I'E SANDIFER .... . . . Greenwood Miss. RUTH ARMSTRONG .... . . Houston, Miss. MRS. MARTHA MCCLIMMONS . . Oxford Miss Page one 'hundred .wx 1- IT 3 q.,-UQ ,J'n 'D' E. ca AJ wwf Wy ,Q Q1 jj q ,M . ef , , L A, O 5 1'w'5 H LL-:fig-Z1 , ' avi! 'S .Q, A J. f,.. l V K . 'Q ,X ,K f ' L 1 5: A+, . A- fini. iiill 1---'fo nur hundrmi.wwwn .n-' 3-V-1' N., KAPPA DELTA CLlJhY,I3Av1N ZrILrR C'ATrs,l5uKv YDIIPR, ,XR51NIRHX1L NlkfwIININHUXS Y, 353 Um VV. ! 'NM 115 gg 1.4i I W I I L r s n I Y A L 4 4 THE OLE MISS. 1932 ' 4 3- A 13? "PI 'H s 'S- 'II-' , ' . If ' O Kappa Sugmai Tau Founded 1922 Colors: VVhite and Gold Flofwer: Yellow Rose GAMMA CHAPTER Established 1927 SORORES IN URBF MRS. BROOKS PATTON MRS. PAUL RAMEY SORORES IN LJNIVERSITATE Seniors Es'rELLE TAYLOR . . .... . . Starkville, Miss. NORMA GEX . . . Bay St. Louis, Miss. FRANCES l'IUNT . . . Coffeeville, Miss. ELIZABETH SMILEY . . . . . Laurel, Miss. HILDA PERKINS . . . . Oxford, Miss. Sophomore EDNA JONES . . ....... . . Oxford, Miss Pledges BEULAH DELL SHARP . . . . . . . Oxford, Miss LAURA OISE WILI.lAMS . . . . Meridian Miss MARY SUE BRANNON . . . . Winona, Miss IMOGENE LYON .... . . Pontotoc, Miss Page one hundred eight 4 4 Pagf' onf hundrfd nine xl 4' ' fri' 1 1 Kiln' I s 4 i E511-fg Tffi, THE f Mg ' , .. mf .W JW- ! Zffslc, i J . Q i f ,am W' TQ f 'f 3 Q , 5 .5 A A 3 If Sr L' A b' Q 4 :QI +0 J' ' fl ,977 0.40, 1 li qznw' w 1, 1 i 1 'fu i 5 gi 'ms' W F I 1 i KAPPA SIGMA TAU TAYLOR, Ghx, Iixx'1', Sxllms' Phzzxlxs, joxr-5 SHARP, VVII.I.l.XMS, Iiruxwx, Lwx n 5 Q 4 i P4 BM Hfqi 'zizigi Ei . J ii AE ' 32:2 l a 4 -H THE OLE MISS. 1932 4 . Delta Zeta Founded 1902 Flofu:er.' Killarney Rose Colors: Vieux Green and Old Rose Fifty-eight Active Chapters BETA BETA CHAPTER Establislzfd 1928 SORORES IN LTRBE MRS. CHARLES VVARr Miss LYNDA FRY PATTON Miss MARY HAZEL Mins Miss NELL HATIIORNE SOROR IN FACULTATE LYDA GORDON SHIVERS SoRoR12s IN UNWERSITATE P05fjI'flIlll!1fC' LUI.A MAE FOVVLER . . ......., . Batesville, Miss Seniors MARY Louise PUFFER . . ..... . . Fayette, Miss. Louise VVoo'1'EN . . . . , Oxford, Miss. iX'lARNliE Am-Aoko . . . . . . jackson, Miss. Pledges N1NA ELIZABETH NIARKETTE CHRYSTABEL Horsns . . . ANN LYNN Doo1,EY . . CARRINE HIPPS . . . Ei.1zAnE'ru VVORLEY . . . Oxford Greenwood, . Oxford, . Oxford, , Oxford, Miss. Miss. Miss. Miss. Miss. Page one hundred ten 23 YM Hb' 'fn 45 W' X 1' 11h 'SIS X. 09 if W .ifr ds XQDTIP, -L' .gn-an yr nm' l11lIlxiI'1'1i rff'i'r'11 P1 'xr DELTA ZETA ? P1 llI'R, Wrmllrx, IXIXRKI 1 ll llrvmw hum I Y 1 II11-1-S, XXuR1,l-x w FW L ,!. l11' 'w 4 1 N if L FU W ' 5 1931 3' .JSC- 36 1 Ui C77 1' 1227 uk .Av 14 'sf r lP am4HcMc1m1 C fflouncxl Urllfz Zflfz PM .1111 Nlxkx' I,fll'lNl P1 HI-R INI,xkmx XVrfx'l'ur-Rsm' Lol rs: XVum14x Mun' j.xxl-51"lri lik:-:slum IJHI11 Ilflm Ufllu Chi fllllfflll ,Irwin Slrxmx Rl"I'Il lfrnum llxkuul I.. iirruwuv Iinilal. liHfs1,riR lfafjnz lklla lfflfwjw .xliflllltl Tau Mum X'1m,lxlx V1 I.I.l'X 1851:-l.l.ri 'lfumu Blum: Dxus lllllmx Pl-Rxlxs 43 3- HONORARY AND SQHOILASTIIC 1FIRiAT1ERN1lTlI1Ii2Sk V KH?- fF0Yx QD AK STuDfN1-- YW?-SXVENT Freshman Dreams 4 4 TI-IEC OLE MISS, .1932 4 llll - U . N , A,-pg i lisa 4 . ,. Lis, , ' PJ Ye sc-gh 15,521 I Phi Chi Founded 1894. Colors: White and Olive Green Fifty-nine Active Chapters THETA PI CHAPTER Eslablixhed 1926 FRATER IN IlRBE DR. EUGENE BRAMLETT FRATER IN FACULTATE DR. PHILIP L. MULL FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE Flofwer: Lily-of-the-Valley Seniors ROBERT H. BOSTWICK, JR. . . Lyman, Miss. JOHN H. DENT . . . . . Collins, Miss. THOMAS K. CHANDLER, JR., VVest Point, Miss. CLARENCE B. MAYES . . . Columbus, Miss. GEORGE G. TOWNSENII . . . Jackson, Miss. Pledges JACK A. ATKINSON , . Water Valley, Miss. ROBERT BOYD . . . . Highland Park, Ill. JAMES C. GREEN, JR. .... Tupelo, Mi-ss. E. G. GRANTHAM, JR. . . West Point. Miss. GEORGE EUGENE LOWREY . . Elizabeth, N. J. ROBERT LEE JOHNSON .... Tupelo, Miss. WILFREO MIMs MORGAN . . . Crowley, La. WILLIAM H, LACEY . . Holly Springs, Miss. BILL NOBLIN ....... Jackson, Mis3. THOMAS C. NAUGLE . . . West Point, Miss. LEO C. GONZALES . . . . . Tampa, Fla. CLARENCE D. PRITCHARD .... Etta, Miss. AUDIE C. BISHOP ,... Harperville, Miss. OWEN ROYCE ........ Isola, Miss. W. D. BEACHAM, JR. . . Hattiesburg, Miss. HAL WINDHAM . . Cleveland, Miss. JOHN D. PARISH .... Greenwood, Miss. Page one hundred fourteen Q K-5 4 R L'9f4H4fEf1i43,A'-4.,b,A' 1 vm 1' -w-. Pagf om' lIIlllL1l'l'J Hflrnz oN .,.,-, ,....4-nr .- av- u,- .- PHI CHI Iioslwvlck, C'u xxlm+:, Nlxws, 'lkmwxs .'Xl'I-QIXSUX, fill!-.I-KX, Num IN, KQHXIXHN HH.xcl1,xx1, Hmm, ffll.XY'I'II.XXl, jfmrlwfox L,xcf:x'. N.XL'fjl.Ii, I'r:l'1u1.xRD, Rmcv- KK Angu- f"huo-v ,Si-n v-' 4 4 THE OLE MISS, 1932 4 Q Flofuqcr: Red Rose H. G. FRIDGE . . J. S. EDMONDSON . . JOE P. SMITH . . CLARENCE CARLSON . AUDREY ADEN , . . EVERETI' M. HARRISON VV. J. SI,.xUcH'I'ER . G. T. CRANFORD . . OTIS B. CROCKER . NV. A. HULL . . Theta Kappa Psi Founded 1879 Sixty Active Chapters Colors: Gold and Green BETA GAMMA CHAPTER Estalzlishrd 1926 FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE SF7Zi0l'.S' Hattiesburg, Miss. ROBERT P. HUDSON . . Vardaman, Miss. SETH H. BARRON . . . . Dossville, Miss. WILLIAM C. GOLDEN . FRANK A. VVOOD . . . . . Lena, Miss. Pledges Quitman, Valley Park, . . Jackson 7 . Meridian, . Seminary, . .Sarepta, . . Dekalb Miss. Miss. Miss. Miss Miss Miss. Miss. ARTHUR CLARK . . J. M. KELLUM , . . DOMINIC TUMINELLO . EMMET RAY, JR. . . . JOHN WILLIAM PENDER LELAND F. SUDDUTH . JOHN POWELL . . . RALPH J. CRISS . . . . Gholson, Miss. . . . .Utica, . . Hopewell, VValnut Grove, . . Houston, . . Gunnison, . . Kosciusko . . Kosciusko, . . Pasadena, . .Coldwater, . .Coffeeville, ? Miss. Miss. Miss. Miss Miss Miss. Miss Calif. Miss Miss Page one hundred .vzxteen . Q Q T' 6IQE 5686.19 2 F 1- R 69 ,ara un, 'lbw l' Pagr one hundred sewenirnz Q.... ,va-vv av ' fi ,Sa v THETA KAPPA PSI lfkxrmm, Flmrmxnsfw, Iltnsox lixkkrmx, C'.xR1,mox Amix, lI,xu:msrw, IIL'1,L K1f1.I.L'x1. Ru' Pl:XIJlR, SL'lJlJL"IlI, POWELL Fix 9.53:-Gs i 2 I f 1 lr-4 Q! f- HQ 521, 'els' 3 533: , :filgfgffll :Q':If'iQ" gif , ,Q-.-A !s ' IMS! 5' gfxgiifi :":,5?-W1 i:'f3?1i f1"x,' faivfi 59253553 iQ1iE'j!j1 7' was Qfffiffdf I-jgsgaiu ,taxi Q l V, 1 , i 1 'I .W .Ml I l I ,fe 3 iw 3 Q1 , 2 Q E. P K, ,1 Y 1 1 'n 3r5'T"If 3 ,Q 51 xii . ,L Ik? 42352 RE? Wfsid V565 ei A 'Si Q vi :M l K. + was LE Miss. 1932 Q Q aa-S 24 'Il cfv - '13- ' iv Q.. TPhiDc1ta Phi Fmxmlccl 1Sl,9 MAYES INN CHAPTER Ifxtzahli-lm-'fl 1917 I'1z.x'1':au IN l RHIC PHII, Smxr' l"R X'l'R!1S IY I'x.XL'l'I,'l'.X'Ixl2 'l'. C. Klxilzkuuzli l"R.x'1'1z1fs IN l'NlYIiRSl'I'.X'I'Ii 7:71111 City, Miu. Lmx I,. Wm-l-xl-ss . Imp: Gilman, c'l1lI'lxNd2lIt', Mix-. lil-Xl .Irrxl-S . . . . jglvk-ull un-x CI Gum .... Xntvlmw, MN. 1'f. ,1,,f ,f K , . XXYCNNUII, Sli-N. R, I.. SN1.Xl.l.XK'Utlll , , Nvu ,Xllmglnyy x x ,Im-kwn, Miw. Iiuzrxri I.. Iirnwky, AIR. , , Szmlix, lmx . C':mtun, Mi-N. 'l'mm.xs lil.m1R . . . . C'ulnlu:m'r, , , Ils . . . . . liiluxi, MN. iirrnuzr llrwwml , . , .'xl1t'l'Lit't'l1, ' xxxx Nlru -. . . fwmmbixl, Miv. I..XVS'RI-NCI: ISRVNIYI . vil'lxNl3lll',Lf, N xx- . , Uxfurd, Miw. NM' XK',xl,mw . . . . Yum., Vity, ,N 'l'msxsr- . . XYimu1n, Miw. Ifmxk I'1YFRl'lI'. . . . Imlizmulu, Q O -A Q E 1 L , :- ei N L ..- VE X .!' -L gig! 15? 4550 k . Z t' I 555: 'WH E W ff' . if q: r ?' g el, ur. Q-E llxrpu lmr. ,lR,. . -31 I.:-uzumx S. Nlurl-R. , 1 l. I'.I',x1mx Pl- R111 . lull VII 'IR . N1 ' ifxl mix . A 15 Ii U lv I Iilnll . nu Sa Inu I XII IR IJ: xn Mix- MIM Nliv Mlw. Min. Nllw. Mi-N. Nllw Klux Pngr nm' llzzlnlrful riqllhf 1 - - 'rum 0 mimi. ,lx I.-:Vx Pi Kaxppa Pi Ilnzmmry S1lmlu.v1i1 1-'rulffzzily I Iwxmu1u' IXIILXIHIZRS IX I".xcL1.'I'x' 5 C. S. likowx V. S. Swrxrm XV. I.. Krfwxrw Klmlnm IN laxcl rxrp :XII-Q.XIIiIiR IN I uma Pagr om' lllllltllffd nineleefl I.:-ON I vm L ioklux SIIIVIIRS MRS. XV. I.. Klfxvn Rlrcxinlflzs IN l'x1wilzs1'l'x' jmix XVAIJE II.xRKx I,mi Ilxvlm IMNII-.L M. l'rlrk-ox Dwm Qljlxw I.. C. S. ,IIIXIl,Xl.I. XV. XV. 'I'LRx mr I'I2fi,I iiigzf I IIIHI Iafgiif IV I, 51. I Iqf' II .. H I1I.5fI,I wgigi- 7Q'w MSE! Ig VH.. Ii TI fb: 4 I I ' I I - I .1 IL : F1 I I , ' ,Xi - .UI I I 'ffl I i'i:I g.: ma I Q! I 'V I1 l I 1 I II-55,4 THWSQQ Ipy:3?if?3 I.f1sI..a IIQEISII Iialaahgf Iiiiwfi .mg If I' . Mig, III?-Q: IVSIEE I,',Qi,i+a I :SM '9mS1i5ff3 ew-me Iffkfii Nw Irs A . .isis Isis ILIIIE' '-. R Ii?5r4 E' QI 552355, I ,Hifi 19515, Isiafgi 3523 '77 I III I- QT 5' 511 II jl.:1.n 1 LI xi .1 :gg ilivfi fi 1' K I T 5 Ni x P Q! 'I H I 4, l r W H r 1 cs3L! RHI. 'll' o 1 f X , . , 4 c X '94 o , . K . ,. 5 a -. I , fp. 1 . . A - I' . if . x . . 3 5 if E 2 f. Q f? pf Fas If, 'M i V. E P11 I F5 x l i. . 1 .I Q , w ' 'A . ' . ...F 1 Miss. 1932 4 0 13 7 '9' l if H1 ...Q Y Phi Eta Sigma -,au qw nik l"l'l'J'llIlIlIIl Ilnzmnzry l"n1lrr11ily Iistzlhlished 1929 DXNIIEI, M. Prcnzksrmx IIARRY C. Rnmskrs Iixkm' Momuf UR,x11,xx1 XV. F. Sl-:CLR N. C". Ilrmwrz 51. II. Akmslkkruvz 'I'. C". I.r1cKxRn I .xcL'1.'I'x' RIIZNIRIER .xxn ,ADVISOR DR. C. S. Svnxok FR.VI'RliS IN LfY1v12Rs1'r, xTE lfruwx XVORSHAM, Swzzinr .ldqfimr Suziors .5xI,IfRliD I,l'S'lkHl:RfI J lllliflfi' C. S. 1lND,XI,l, SUf7llUlll0l'l'S QEIQORCE RAY IJCROY PIERCE XYARREN S'rEw.xR'r VV.-x'1'K1xs 'I'L'Rx.xCE D.-xvm M. QLXINN 'II f3ARNIiR JAMES Bx1.I.xE GR,xNnEkRY Pkxrr Inns' R. I,. GENUNG Ihvm Wusox Page' our hznzdrfd lfwrnfy - - THE- P A -1 -...J 'L ,gav- R' 'Ri hr 'MC' Q-gr Alpha Iam ohl Dcitax Fm mded 192.1 Colors: Gold, VVhite, and Red UNIVERSITY OF MISSISSIPPI CHAPTER NIAURINE XVEINBERG . GENEVIEVE OSTERMAN . CATHERINE BELL . HELEN DONALD , . IWAM' H. fIILLIAM . RUBY MOONEX' . age one hundrfd lfwenly-one Su ROR I N Iixcl' I.T.X'I'li MRS I,r1L'lsE DLXCAFJ SuRoREs IN LINIYI2RSlT.Yl'l5 Smiorr IVIABLE ROEERSON ...... Iicru, Miss. SfIf7l10Il1flI'!'.C . . Indizmola, Miss . . .Lz1urel, Miss . K.X'l'IlFiRIXl'I IIAYIS . . IoL'rsE lllfnuwx . . Frfs 11 111 rn . Vlmiversity, Mass , Moorhead, Mlss . Clarksdale Ivllss. v . Oxford, Mlss . IzvELxx SIONIZ . , . KIARNET S'rL1Rl11vAx'1' ffXICE XVALKER . . . Ifnmxclis Wx'1'1x' . M, is Iistzllmlislwd 19:9 . Oxford . Iwllflllll . Oxford Glendwra . Taylor . XVIIIUIIH, n v Nilss- IN'Iiss Miss Nliss Bliss Nllss 4. E r u fi 1 4 H F 1 Y Q .4 E 53 w ,. L2 54 Fi? rf Q :F S3 4 'A s 3 r T in Z' Y v 'r 'S ,E r if fr f ,1 on P7 4 4 Tl-IE OLE MISS 931 ' ' , 1 The Uwll Clliuilb Established at the University of Mississippi in 1930 OFFICERS LEIGIITON S. lVlll.I.ER , . . ..... . . , President HUGH T, HOPKINS . . . . . . Secretary VVXLLIAM E. NOBLIN . . Treasurer MED,IIiERS ARNOLD SMYTHE . .Batesville, Mis WILSON LONG . . .SaltilIo, Miss. EUGENE L. I'l0WRY . . . . Sardis, Miss VVOODFORD SNRED . . Pontotoc, Miss. ROBERT SMALLWOOD . . New Albany, Miss. ROBERT JOHNSON . . . Tupelo, Miss. LUCIEN GWIN ...... Natchez, Miss. LEE COSSAR .... . Charleston, Miss. C. E. ANDERSON .... Charleston, Miss CHARLES TOMLINSON . Gulfport, Miss. NIILES RILEY BERRY , . Columbia, Miss SAMUEL BLAND . . . Jackson, Miss DUKE SRINNER . . . . Macon, Miss VVARREN SHERMAN . . McComb, Miss. RALPH HAWNINS . . . Vaiden, Miss. DAVID VVILSON . . Yazoo City, Miss. JOHN PARISH . . . Greenwood, Mis: HOWARD GOBER . . . . Jackson, Miss JAMES STRIBLING . Philadelphia, Miss FRANK VVORSHAM . . . Corinth, Miss ROBERT VVELLS . . . Jackson, Miss EVON FORD .... Taylorsville, Miss PLEDGES THOMAS DUNN . . . Clarksdale, Miss. W. D. LOWE , . .Newton, Miss. THOMAS ELDER . . . Coldwater, Miss DOUGLAS GARDNER . . . Saltillo, Miss. LAURENCE CHANDLER . Greenwood, Mins JAMES SINGLEY . . . Meridian, Miss. RAMSEY RUSSELL .... Greenvi le, Miss. G. KENNER ELLIS . . Lexington, Miss. EUGENE IRBY . . . . Oxford, Miss ROBERT BOYD . . . . . Chicago, Ill. BEN GUIDER . . Vicksburg, Miss. EVEREITE GRAN'I'HAM West Point, Miss. NVALTER DAVIS . . . Kosciusko, Miss J. NV. HILL . . . . Kosciusko, Miss. CLIFTON TX'NES . . . Monticello, Miss. FRED ANDERSON , . Gloster, Miss. L. D. RITTER . . Tupelo, Miss. Page one hundred twenty I-'wo WW ravi Q5 Q Q 33 MISS-P !9 32,, Y 4 Q.-1' 7- uv .4-0 ,Q for ,v pr ,as ,350 KW? ...,.J THE OWL CLUB Y XVIILLFR, HOPKINS, Nrmlms, Smvxurf, llrrwm 5 ui' fl SM.XLlAVV0IJD, ,ANDERSOX, BERRY, Sxlxxr-R, H.-XVVKINS, STRIBIIXC LONG, Syrian, jfmxsox, Cossm, 'I'rm1,1xsox BI.,-xxn, SHERMAN, XVIISOX, GOBER, XVORSHAM, FORD DL v NN, FLDER, C'H,xxmLEx, RussriI.I,, Imax' Tvxras CFARDXER, S1xC1.u', ELLIS, GR,xx'1H,xM, Axmgksox, RVVVHR Pagf our llllllxiffd Ifwfrzly-llzrw' 124 I .W , is ' ' A 1 . : ' 'V'''ffi-I'-,'Qi?fEJ-'-ii?"fi-15,'154,5i''Q.".v Citisfa Y CAI LM- 'V X"."w.. X V. V -I . , N '. v - .1 i,4Q'vuxh my N , ng : V J Hn N ,, 1 ,i A V V F . zfvwf QAQQQ O2 1 I f , H' 1 ,,' .rs 'Z' ,z s. V 1 R, 1 1 Y Y: af , J H w , ':. 3. . ? Q Y fu fl if I I 171 1 r . l 4 W M- -- - W 'E W w ' l-W3 MESS, Q1! ,rl U H A i K 1 1 r . ik w N ,u ,: w -W -1 'N v 1 w I L 1 - r 1 1 s 1 3' X . Q Q e MA 1 1? .F 4' 9 "1 fax Fw 1 'Z fi 19' I! ,. fy KI, n 1 ' x In 1 n ! 1 ', .1 fi? -i 1, 4 as s-U' PY 3. I :X I ll xlx' I . it ! r I 'q r! R g 1 Y' .,f Z 1 f ,1 'ls ,., P? V it ,H 1 K. L. f B,. A 1 ,L nv ,xr 4 21 lf? E1 Kg 3-1- i A A, ,. in 4, L . i Y K3 QE f4 , X. ,. z 4. R, 3. A' , " v fl K. rv, ,., ,, 1 ,1- 1 I, si. i P , r? gf 5. v x, S ri 3? 54 S fi Sigma IUPSMJOIUI Nallfnml Ilrnzomry I,ifr'ra1'y Fralrrllily Fruumled 1906 1932 4 4 '5- I.qUllll'5.' fIl'l't'Il :xml Gold 'l'hirty-three Active Chapters "THE SCRIBBLERSH l"RAx'1'1uis IN l".XL'l'I,'l'.X'I'li 'N XV. I.. Klcxxox A. I.. lioxm'R.xx'r Iinuixkn McCR.xm' P. I,. R.XIXVV.YI'FR 5 , . Zi I'R.x'1'Rl-'s IN l wn'laRs1'1'.x'1'12 gl llwlu Muxknn Qrlww . . Indinxmlzn, Miw. jmlx Xvllili . . . . . Oxford, Miss. '1.llflMAS Clxxxrik jfxmris . . Gulfport, Miw. Hlcluu' D. likrmwx . . . , . Sidon, Miw. ' -,ACK II. Iiwlxrz . . . A Glmter, Miw. C'l1AR1,1-'s S. 'l'INlJ,kl,l., jk. . . lndianola, Miss. V N 11 . I I i 4 l i 1 1 9 , , A I I Paglf our lzundrwd Ifwvrzly-four ,riff ' 4 THE 0 E Q rua' Nu-.f ,-.- IEEQ1 Phi Ilnzmrary Clrlsyifal Fmfrrnily Founded 192.4 1 Cnlmxn' Rwyal Purple :md COIL LAMBDA CHAPTER Exlzllzlixhrd 1037 FRATER IN LvRBE TOM SPICUT II1xEs FRATRES IN FA-CL'I.TX'l'IZ N r A. W. MILDEN A. L. BOXl1L'RAX'l' SOROR IN FACL' l,T.x'r I3 EVELYN XVAY OFFICERS THOMAS A. RIDER. . . . 1'n'siJn1t EI,IZAIHi'I'H SMILEY . . . .Svcrrrary JOHN VVADE . . . . 1'zrr-l'rfsidrzzt D.-xvm QUINN . . . . Trm,v1n'rr RIIEAIRIZRS LULA MAE FOWLER .... Batesville, Mixs. NORMA CYEX . . . . Bay St. I.Ouis, Miss. Cfxkomx ZELLER . . . . Oxford, Miss. CEcxr.m ,AARONS . . . . , Shelby, Miss. GEIJRCE HOWELL . . . . Aberdeen, Misa. Page one hundred Ifu.'enly-fi-'uc 3, I H :ala :kinase Es 3-Na 'rl' -M15 'ga '51 is 1:5 u- NEP! x3'Z"1 "1"3yV ' A r. "-1, ' Fkghl ilf Hgh r,'. 1 957- .n, Efillj' Wii E '4'. flip-1 vh- t.:.lE1 4 I' i31 !.. i. g, I. L.. L ,. , 5,5 el A- F-U. Ehiiv lgfjcxt 5, 5 . 5. .Q x" L 'Jw rQF.1 1' 'J I , .ful i 'I I. , ' 'ffh lvffi LIE: "fu, . f,.Qf Lwgif ."Ld f'jQ.'?'fi lfiffiff PFW! Pfifa ?,'1Ef.'f lil J kJQ'w 'THU Wi: ,LW MISS, 1932 4 Q if '9- ..- VII XRI 1-.s 'lillkll lxs XV XRRIQY Smmixx QIIINIXN Rlflll. . 1.1 yux tiulx' , tI.l'i.C'ms1xs. . H1 cnxxxx Nlmnu IQRXXK XX'rnuuxx1 Nl XI Hlmzralk-. . I.. A. Russ . . Iauxx Iixllu- l'I. 33.13 5?-' M. CU, A. llfnznmry Snfirly fm' Srf1Ir1l'.x Klnxlnuks 'ax' . Slgllllll Nu . . Sigma Nu . . Kappa Sigma . , . .Kappa Sigma Sigma Alpha lip ilun Sigma .Xlpha lap-xhvn . . . . Sigma C'hi . . . Sigllllll Chi . Phi Delta Theta . Phi Delta Theta I.. S. NIIILIPR , . , . , Della Pxi Glnlutl' Ilrmlfll. . .Kappa Alpha Russ XVHIM . . . . . Kappa .Xlpha XVll,rl.xM Nr1n1.lN . . . Delta Tau Della ,Inns SIRIULINC . . Dclta Tau Dvlta I':lf5lzXI- lam' . . . . Pi Kappa Alpha I.rSl.Ir. IUARIQIN . . IM-Ita Kappa Fpxihnn jamls Kr-Quik . . . Alpha Tau Omega Lrnv Wm-.1-1.1-ss . . Be-tn Theta Pi jnux Puusn . . . BQ-In 'flu-ta Pi Pllfll' nm' lzumlrrd ."1'.'f11ly-Jia. ww A it '?4 1' -p it-3 in Blue Key 3 ,vfllfnllrlf Ilflllllftlfy Ifnllffzlily IiNt:IhliNlIeml :It the I'IIiA'eI'sitA' of Mix-iwippi in Iqzq The obieft of thix fratcrllitx' is tu PIWDIIIIIIC' ZIIIX sc-I'viI'e for the l5L'IIt'l'lIICllI of the wluml. I'.lw'tiuI1 to IIIeIIIheI'shIp is lmsecl flll 1llIINI1lIldiIlg.1 lmclcrxlxip III vullcggc :I1'tivitiw. FRAYK XVORSIIAAI, jk. JACK EwIxr: G. B. Cmvsws, JR. GEORGE IIowEI.I. A. T. BRILEY TIIOAIAS SVVAYZE NEAL BICCERS LEON XVIIEELESS L. A. Ross FRANK EVERETT Page one lzundrfd luwlly-smwn BIFMBERS R. M. Gugss, .III-fix,-r T, G. GI.AIIxEA' I v. V S. I.. FOKIIAQKIII-ikkx' S ,muff-I 'U S'I'L'I1IiN'I' MIQAIIIERS IZLTZPQNPE Ikm' I.EE CYIISSAR NVARRI-'X' SIIEKAIAK I.EsI.II2 DAKIIIAN KIRK lIAA'xEs BL'cIIAx'AK NIIIIIKE RAE BIu',Ax"r LEE IIIIAAARII TRAPP Dax 'I'mA'XsExII IIEGII I,m'E l'llIl7I'f.Y CI II- mx TA xl-Q 4. 'bel IIARIIA' NI. tix AIIAAI RIIIA' ISIRKA' BYKII 'I'kL'IA' HARRY Rr1IzIfR'Is jaws ITIQIIRIL' DAX PEIIRSON XVII I IAAI Num IY CIIAIII Iis VIQUNII IKS RIIIIIQRI' ,IIIIIKEUK HY . 'gig ,. Ugfigfi silg it :gg ,. IE? 4:3 lj I3 2 NV. rzf-+ H... wk, I-. ?'x :Ml 3:'lQ. iiqfli I. it , I.,- LI 'I 11 i. ll .. lt," If VI., il I 1 i I .I S, 4 A Li, Ing: H! fzjif I '. 5 igjg 52 7"Fg E' gg: 5 'X2 4 i. If II 5 gf? 'M I2 I Ia ,bf 'II 1 .' 1 115 Q35 5335 . 1 1 1"' - .1 4 4 - 1 453 3 . MQ- QW-- "JS als! --Q lv0lfll'.f.' light lilue 111111 Purple Ci.xRx1V.R -1.1111 N Tau IK1app.11 Alpha .xvllfffllllll llo11o1'r11j1' l'IfI1ft1'lIifv1' I'1111111i1-:I IUOS I,lll7IitllfIUll.' The Speaker MISSISSIPPI CHAPTER I'sR.X'l'RlzS IN l'1.XL'I l.'l'.X'l'I'. I7w111111' XVIXII P. I,. R.x1x11,x'11f1a l"1z,x'111z1as IX l'x1v1i1zs1'1'.x'1'1i Nrflifn' CIHJRHI4 Ii.C'r11w1xx, DIR. J Il 11111111 'l'r1x1 I.1N111 I1 XRITI x V11 11:1 I-S XV. P1111,1,1Ps Snf111n111m'1.1' N 'lkmxxl-x11 1514111 M. lilwis lM1'111Ilr11w111x Illlffr' nm' l111111lr1'd tfwrnty-riylll 4 4 TI-IE GLE 555359 1332 4 Q l in luv- lI1nItcrIm.a1ti Qnall 1FrIa1tcrzmity W""7 .Q 0- 75 'H y- .J ,-1 of Delta Siglml Pi FoIIIIdeIl IQO7 Colors: Purple and Gold 1flnu'I'r.' Real Rn l:.I1ul1!i5l11'.l 10:7 fjIfFlL'IZRS MILES RILEY BERRY .... ..... JACK HARMON .... LEE T. Cossm .... , GIIJEIJN AI:ERxA'IIII' , GRAIIY GUx"I'oN . , RIENIBIZRS L. C. PIGIORIJ, JR. JOE GL'Y'I'ox DUDLEI' BRIDGEFOMII HUGH PoT'Is JIM SINGLEY Page one hundred ffwenty-nine se . . . . . PV'1',fiIf1'lIl . . I'fu'-I'rr5iJe'11I . . . S1'crl'lal'y . . . Trnlxurrr . ,,lIi-z'i.wr CI,IF'I'0x FIQYNES JOHN GILLIIAND ARNY RIIOIJEN XV.'XL'l'liR BIIRLOWE RAY R.-KMEY 1? fb'. .l CS. . . l.' .' iv 'a.-i , Kg, bs-.w.,x - ., . 'NAQPWFYQ . vt,-A 'N 'K iS-'gf' P f PY . lf' s 'a THE MEu1c.,xL BL'1LD1xG J' 98 A, 'L I .Irvi . v ' I d E In 1-4+ III fbi? .. -'s QI Ia I 4 . I. . .J v pr Il . 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ARTIILIR CLARK RALI-II JACKSON CRISS IIARVEA' ROIIERT CLMMINS JOHN HLNRI' DENT ALEREA' ANSLEM ADEN ALDIE CLADE BISHOP XVOODARD DAVIS HEACIIIXNI, JR. ROIIERI' BOYD QIEORCE CIARICXCIC CARLSON KQEURCE TI-IOS. CRAXI-'0Rl!, JR. fJ'Ik'lJIiR BRAZEL CROCKFR BEN FREIIfELD IfVIfRF'I'l' G. fVQR,X'i'l'II,XM, JR. KI EAI IIERS Class of '32 JOSEPH SHERMAN EDMONDSON IIARRY FRIDGE CARI, NTACPIIERSON FRYE VVII,LI,wI C'OIA'N CIOLIJI-IN LEO CAO CSONZAIIES JAMES CI.IF'l'0N QQRFEX ROBERT PERQA' HUDSON GEORGE FL'r:ENE LOVVREY ALFRED LL'S'I'IsERO fffflss of 'jj FVIQRIVIVI' NLXNSIIIP HARRISON XVAILACF IXRNOLII IILILI, ROBERT LEE JOHXSOY JOIIN MORGAN KliI.I.l,7M VVIIIIAAI II. LAQEY SAM I,EvINI-3 'IQIIOMAS CALVER I' NAL'GI.E JOHN XVlI.I.l.XM FENDER . . I'il'!'-Pl'l',YiLil'I1f . Tl'l'H,YIlI'l'I' CLARENCE BEN,-'ARD MAYES VVIIIFRED IXJIMS INJORCAN XVILLIAM EARL NOIILIN JOHN DAIIMER PARISH JOHN CANADA POWELL JOE PATIJOX SMIIIEI GEORGE GRAY 'IQOWXSENID ANDOR .ALVIN VVFISS FRANK ALTON XVOOIJ NIISS JHSSIE MACDONALD UIARIQNCFI DAVID PRICH.-XRD FAIAIETL RAY, JR. CJVVISY ROYQE, JR. XVILLIAM JIINIIIS SI,ALfOII'I'ER I,EI,.XND SL'IlIll"l'lI DOMINXC 'I'L'MMlXEI.I.0 I.AI'RA UISE VVILI,IAIvIs HAI. VVIXIJIIALI FRANK XVFXSS Pagv om' !IIll!liI'l'I:i tlmly nv ' -rg is '-'Q 4.23 C" 2 5' 1' ' S , ,1 1'A 7 4 'Q mmM...,.., W., .... ,, .M C -wx 5,-3' ...1-..-W, vw-Q ,qw ,fed .wan ,pf s- 4. n. 9. 'QM' pu. ,q-S!-iw -o 'U' Q .Ae Paye one lzundrrd tfzirly-,rmwz .nv 1 'J' PN .of 5' nb, 'in v e5 2 L .41 . bl Z 52 A ,J sf fl fg: Ni I5 1-I we 5 -a V.. 22 H9 Q2 ii vi 1.1 . f v3 31 S2 H ,rf .He fre 2 ,rs A 1 1: :L 5? S E :S :Q U? A 5 W E I 23 V , , ze 5 f J . 5? 53 . L? -an 5 gg, .ii Xe! 5 Q. 2533 fr' gg, Pf' , W w 'Mi lx 545 Vi gi fit. 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DONALD PRYOR S. l5A1r..m H. G. BROVVN F. E. FAROURAR 4Ql . - w f 5 W.: " gn 4 Q ll hc lYll1.s51.s.s1pQpmn.S lil ul XI lam, Ilinvlnr C ll. 171 XY lll lllmx lll lllllxwx l'.C'.ll1lll4xRll Sul IU. Rfllxl- lluli l'l4DRXlXX lfllll I' llllll' ml lull Rll.l.XX Elma SNIIIII l- lf l'l'l lllis l,l llllll plflllxwx, I.'llflfm11i,ll -lllllx lb, Zll,l lll, .Yylnplmnr Ole lVll1.s.s lVllu51Cal 'Club Nl ll. Rrulxl . . A l'rlli.ll111 li, ll, Nlfll xlzl-ll , , . . 'l'n'1l.lln'fr C XV, l,lllIlll'N . . l'lll-I'r,pvi.If11l R. Nl.XIlHl,N Kill-Ss . . .llumzgfrr lflIlX ll, ZIIIIR . , , .Nffllfff .lflllllllffl l.Xl Rl l'. NlXRllY . . Illrnlrn' llllllll-N ll. llrxx . . , , .Nlflllllry Rl Ill Nll'Nl-.ll . . .lffrmlpllfzisl w- -' Glcc 'Club NX. ll. lilllll-Hxl Xll lilllll Nl. llRXXk'IN li. ll. Nllll'XlQl-R llllill l,. Rl-.ln Il ll. lillllllal-lrullll lllll V. lfllll-llc lllllhl xx NXNII XY. XV. 'l4l'RX.Xlll'. C llllml l. 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I.lff1 rr' lhkm-N IJlili.X'l'lNC 'l'1a.x.x1 '1'110x1xs Uxkxrix .I uns Miss Umnxr- Ii. lhvxxlx Blixkx' D. liruuwx -Ixcx XV. ll xanax Ifkrau M. Clmss lhx M. RL'SSl"I,I. XVl1.1.1.m A. Bxmx blnllfs Y. 'IQRI'5SI'I.I. j. tloknox Smvlxxirf Uscw S. l74m1,rfY JOHN D.Zu1.rfk .Imax LI. .'Xl.IJRIlVIF Page one hundred forty fifvl 'Q x ' b Jef, fi? A-'1 . 3 In mv1nnriz1111 fin Us ff! X I- iilru.. illlinulir Euhh Eulrr iflautruu uf lluiurrsity Tlhuw' Euarhing Qlluh as tix rl? 1 -L.: A. L': A PUIBj1lj1IQATlIONS H DME' X21 W nw, vu an ri uni' .N wz' 1, J- .A-T H J' N l WI' r ' - ':n'Ll ' I ,JI 'I P 'I I V 'Q AQ ,, ',x g , SRI 'l' QJJQW Emir 4 fl 33 s- m , A 4,1 J is Q. Iyfllnlllll-f.flI1'f . ,lumzfzlf lufllm . Cu-wJ lmfilfll . 414511111111 . .liflxfllllf . Al,u1.1lm1l. . . -D X-, X2 fs .lflllrzllfu Ii.lil1u' , . .,.UiJfll1If. . ,l,x,si.x!11l1!. . lffllu infflnl' . XVI x --A. 1., lu I. IXIIIVIIIII. The 1932 "Ole IVIIi.s.s ' ' Rx: I mmm xr, 5 Il I XIIIVIHII. I l' .. lnnkm- ll fill N INN I'.1I!XlIl-KIII Mmm I Q2 t,H'll'l1ll .xlllnlllll Stuclvut I'llwlu':lInn -rl the l IIIYUIANIIX uf Mi-Niwippi '1' uf If .xxfylrlllf . lxxljlrlllf . . .x'A'f,x'l1l11l . . . Iilmxxrmla Nlllll. lllffrlzf I:.l1!ffr I-All-111' VIAXXIHR l.5jk1JlllUl . , A IXIXIFINX lwmlw lxxixlufzf. IIXRRN V. RfPlll'Kl'i l'lmfm1n1N1i1 ILJ I I um Sul INUDRIII lijijftlllf . . . lm IRI' lmr l.ui.mn1l . . . XVII 1 1 xxx lf. XVII km lax I.Jilnr. . l,x.mlr11If l,L1m-R -IHIINYS nupxx l'2I.lSXVlR'lll lx.x lil-'1,1, liurpxx , Iwuxx I',VlHRI:ll C1 .xl m-, Rfmxxsux . SHI-1Il!Y M.xxwr-ill , M,x1v1N,x Nifcwfbtll. mfr. . , I',llHaIA hr4:r.s1,r.k MX . l,r1L1sr-3 PM H-.R . . Sims Unis , juuw Nlflikxlwx' nn., vs I5 q-Q avg 2' W- 419 Payr our flumlrl-J forly Hgh! 4 '-. C'- LD f' KF f:"'!',fH5+ 1. L , ., , c...4, C. C222-4' ' ,J --Q tl. full xx xx Rl-11: hc 1932 "Ulu Miss NIAN xm.1:1Ax1. S'r.x1fl-' lh1xi11,,v,v ,1Im1agfn', . . . . . , AI. 1rlI5I.XX Rl um, ju. Virfrzfflliull ,llfllzrlgffr . . . . XVIISHX INV? Yfwfml ldrpnyfzzlfzlixw , XVIIIINNI XX'.x1wx Npfmifzl Rwp1'r,w1z1f1lia'w , .IKHIX Ifkl hx!-R Spffiuf Rrpf',gvf1m11im',- . . Rmzrxl lim RDI' Xl x Sfwdfll Rwfw,gvnzlzlli-iv' . . .IHIIX U. XYxxxl- .Y'r'rI'fl1ll'j' ,,.. , . ...,...,... ...,.,. I ,HL lxl- Ill-RUN l'hc mg: "Uk NUM" Illlxt'N this uppwrtulnity In tllqmk thv Tullmxiug llIIll't'l'I1N fur thru' gnttcntiwm In flu' lIK'IQlilN wi lIl1lIIllflll'llIl'k' .ut rhix u'g1l'Klw ki lil-vox Pklxllvz Uvxwxxx, Xgnxlmxillv, Vvmu. . , . , . lhizzlillyf , . . .-Xlxnxxlx Ixxw:k.xx'1xc: QQHNIPXXX, lrll'IlllIl"ll'lIll U1 I lim mx S S11 mu, NI ,.,.... III!!! 1l'I'I7Ilf vlnphix, ,l1L'IIIl. . . l'fml'fffH1pl1y wif T!! 'nf' 40' hx I Inge' om' lunzdrfd forry-zzinf' -X3 SX '12 1'-F' 5. A -4-I 4 4 Dox D. 'l'rm'xQ' Xiu The K. fl' 3 -D UH'i1'i.ll Xvrrkfj' Stvinlwul l'vxlv'ia'.iIi1fIl Hf Ihr I'!1ixrl'Nity uf Xlivi-Nippi If111'1m:1x1. ST wif LK II. Ixuxx-, RULIRI lfS1wmw'.1x Nlwx S.l'Sxxx'v1x limxfzrg XVAUF Dfw Iv, lmxxxir xx' Xlxzxxxx NLP- H1 1".TKIX'.IX!K T. IZ. Con X lk. limrrx Xlxm I.. Xlxv-ax INN RLNQIT. IAXY .Xm,Rv,x'1HY xx'-IILIIIQ-x'1X,AfK. hzsxxxx Rum iles. Rxx.wf1wK1xqr Dxw FRXZHR N "m Xlxxurrr. Mxuixx Iifmv KI. XY. Kim' C'r'cI1.Sx11T1I lun 11: be Hmm C'.Rw.1x1f ,If 1 L' lil -my jx. Umxrar XYfPflIll.IFF XX. CI Smm Ixxxgzi XY:11x' XY1:1zxx1 .Xmxxmrx-2 1 4 Q" 1 vi Page one hundred fifty Q A .g,,., 4 ., .1 C- K-9 CRQ CNR. XVARRHX S11ERx1.xx The Nl1.s51s,s1pQp1an 1I.xN.xc:121z1.x1. S'l'.XlfI-' XV.x1cR1cx S111 xnxx, ..... .llumzffrr IM1111 XVII wx . . . . ,l.v,vi,1h111l 1111111111111 lI.x1c111 Nl. f1R.XllXNI . . l.'izv11lu1iw1 .llmmfffr 1,111 1s15 .xxn 1.111 l'II Sxx11111,1a, ,I.l-:uv-11.111111 .1lf11111,ffr ,IUIIX .'Xl.llRlll4Sl, I511x f'XlllXX'H,I, 1151.114 l7f1111.1-Y, .l.v.v1x11111l.v :XIlSSlSSII'I'I.XN l'3m1.xR11 111' C11N'1'1w1. 'l'l1c 1'1111t1'11l 111 thi- p11lwlim':1ti1111 ix exc1'ciw1l th1'1v11gl1 xhix l111Lll'Il, uhivh is ulwtmi fl'lIlll tha- six wlwulx :mal tl11'cc 111r111lw1'w11 the fllL'llIlf'. DR. Ilrxkx' l'm'11x1.xx . . . . 1"m,11l1y JUIIN I'.1R1w11 . . . .Nllmfff of .1I1.Ii1i11,' DR, J. XV. HIAII . . . . I'f11ully C1l.l XIJIR DI-XXIS . . . , Mlmnl nf hm: DR. P. I.. RXlXW.X11'R ....,. Fmlzflj' 1.11115 PI-XXINILIHX , . .N'4f,m1l nf- l111,fjz1,',1'j1z1f I5xx111 P111-Rwx . . .Xllffml nr' l.1!frm! .lrl,1 D. li. lf1 1 IHXKN ,... .Ndhffffl nl- l'!111rum1y li1-.r1R1:1- S1x11'sr1x, .Nllffml nf li11.1i11.',1.1 .l.f1r1i11i.1f111lif111 1111.1 l.'nn1n1fr1,' ff-'C '53 -av .aq- ,s x fs. 3 ,of As.. if ... Pzlgfv nm' l11n1.lr1'.l fifly-nm' 'X ji T33 1 'T 1115 ELJYI 1:42311- QLEIPQE: .i 1 x 1. af - Q, ls! 1,1539 ' -2.4. L A J f E.: 1,5 LVL: 1'n 1.1, 1, gif Y Tie si ' L-2' 1 Y' 3 . 55 ,j 1 . Ai L 'Ni If if . 1, 1,9 2. 2'-x .111 . gf. .nf X: .TT-i' . Q3 .Ziff-1 3.1 if K S Q 4 THE OLE MESS. 1932 ' 4 1--' XY11ma1.1s DARIJEN Ml.S.S15Slpp1 Law JI0ur1ma1Il .lourzml of flu' ,IIi.v.vis.vifvjvi Stair Bur .'I.vsm'i11lirn1 BAR CONIMITTISIQ HON. XV. XV. VIiN.NIH,Ii, Clfairman HON. J. J. BRra1.,xNn HON. R. L. DIQNT IION. AI. 'll BROWN IION. 1.01315 1r:c:1'1-'ls HON. R. XV. I'IE1miI.BURG I':I'JI'I'URI.XI, BOARD LEON L, XVIIEELESS . Ifxiifflf-ill-fjflil'-f XVARNER Iili.xRO . . . . . Czur lwizfnr . . Noir lzllimr I.P1sl.1r: lj.XRIDliNI . . . . l?zz5im'.rs ,Vanagrr J. BENNBV1' VIQRLIY . B. O. N10L'NUliR P. P. PERRITI' HUGH LOvrz, JR. ASSOCI.X'I'IZ ITDITORS KARL Xvlill. IEARI, SOIOMON FYUY FORD . mn 1, MISSISSIPPI L AW J O U R N A L Al'GL'ST, IVJI M... 1, UNIVHLSITY OI- MISISIPPI LKW . Ill IOL MlxiLY5II'l'l SIUYH1 IKM! A X IKTI ruocutnmos fwmrrv slrrn Annum. Murnuc MISSIS IPP! STATE BAR ASSOCIATION ,,...n Ibm. vw.-M M -...nn an-'.un--.-.nsu. , mvnunnm H you IYICIXTOSII PAT HOLCOMB NELSON C'.,x1"1'11EN ZAWP H IIL Iii TIT III 'U S IFU TBA lL a ' '?'L 'N' 5 x f NX 5- -3 i S -5 ggi" ri .-v - -TX - 79 3' - . 9 15 sf a-:T L?-4 4 1,1 .N Gryff- ,af i 3ly,f' Captain Neal CBiggers V f if ff?- tUll Xlo l ,4- . l-f ll Coach Ed Walker T H llllljllllj a tlllllt'IIll sehedule ol llllll' KIIIIIIJS, the IQSI loo thall llilllll won two, tled one Jllltl lost NIX. Ule Mlss offers no lllllll lor its lost gallles. Vl'in or lose, slle extends her lleartiesl t'0llL1l'1lllIlllllllIIN to the l hoys wllo tough! lor the Red illlll lilue. lo Illt'lll goes the gloryg they' ltllljllll-Hill or lose-they ltllllllll. The heavy' sehedule never onee lllllllllttl lllt'lllQ they entered suieitle row with a t'tHll'2IlJ,l' tllat never he- lore has lN't'll shown hy all Ule Miss Nflllilll. Persistently' eonlrontetl Nllll tllat lllVllll'y jillx, the '31 lflootl stuotl always rl-gltly' on the lit-ltl ol llattle to lll'lt'lltl its lallrels. Always t'lllll'lll.fl'Ull5, always serappillg, always ill the ltest ot spirits, never down-hearted, never disgruntled, llle lflood l'Ilt'Ulllllt'l't'll toe after lot' ol the tollgllest t'lllll5l't', llll-illlll lts hrealts as they eame. ll ever a K squad should leel llllU'll'llt'1ll'lt'Il, the QI l'lood shzlultl have, Stal-linI,g the season Ill.fZllllNI the llCJlYlt'Nl ICZIIIIS was enough to tllNl'Ulll'Jll.ft' even the hest. Injuries added to tllis, and they were loreed to take defeat lllt'll' pay. tor It was a great spirit tllat the hoys on the tealll lllilllllilllwtl lllftllljlll' out the season. It was all that eoultl he lloped tor. lhree good, all- round, elean-playing lllt'll will he lllissing from the ealllpus N'lll'll t'oaeh XYallter sounds his elarion for grid praetiee next fall. clllllllllll Neal ggers, tllat haelt Illlll Nlillllllwl his lllllllt' ill "l"llzod foothall history," will he ahsent. 'l'ohe Bowles, the lllilll who was llXY1lfN ill llllll lille tiglltillg for a eause, has played his last l.fSlll1l'. l.:lst, hut not least, eollles llllll ever-depelldallle quar- terhaelt, I.. A. Ross, who was always trying plays to push the Flood lurther down the field. lt llllly' he a long wait for loeal llllltllllll hetore they possess more men of the prowess of these, tor they were a hall ot tight rolled illto a ray ol en- FLIQLCIIIVIII lor the l'l'lllpll'll I-lootl to earry on. Spare does not IHCl'llllI us to give all the lIlL'lI on the teanl their just praise, hut yy e eannot pass witllollt lllt'llIlIlllllljj,' that lllall in the line whw was always hot to tight and ealne out ot ey ery play with a smile and a word of f'llt'tlllI'llj1l'lllt'llt for 'ery player. ll nw ard 'l'rapp, guard, was regarded as one of the lnost eapahle llllL'IlIl'Il ill the stlllfll. ln every' Contest ' shined liflllllllllly, and lor his efforts he was awarded hy' lTC'NIHHllljL llptlll him the position of Captain for next season. ng with lrapp t'Ulllt'N 'l'olnnly' Sw ay ve, that Ulltl who hails lrolll VVest lexas. lle was a Lfllilftllilll of a wing post wllo oulll lllll he thwarted in his efforts to IIIUU flown the opposing offense, lle gave a splendid exhihition ill every CJIILIQILIC- ' t ill whieh he took part. 'lille toes eould not draw llllll out or ill, Sllltl he was :l eonstant IIlCll1ll't' to the opposition nun lt all IllIlt'N. XYithout passing lurther we IININI give to tllat powerful 'liurnhow the pl'aise tllat is his. Ile was the one who helll e late ot AX. S M. ill the pallll ot his hand lllltl drove IllI'tllll,fll the lille for any' gain he wished. lle was used as :l tulllyaek part of the tnll I I I I I ' 1 ' ek of tiihraltar to ltnoelt off his feet, and his keen eyes St'l'llll'll to lead lliln through holes as though they' lllltl IN tht Ro were a guiding.: lil.: ' ' e and in the line the other wart. At hoth Mists he mroved ff ually' ademt. Ile was as tough and ht. lark liurlxe, the lllall wllo ran 1011 yards through the entire vlglllllil team, played his hrst year wltll the Red llllil lilue eleven. Ilaek not only lllade lhla 47 run, hut also lllllllk' 5I7L'CtZll'lllIll' plays and I'llllS 99 'Q . al.5ainst every other opponent he met. lle exhlhlted F. 4 'X a stellar, jalll-up lifllllll of hall. lirafl XVhite and Q Q .'xlYlll liritt, two of the hest tigllters on the tealll, proved to he a power ill the lflootl lrollt lllll' ol I T-15" lf Q P Team Starting i SS PP UCD attaek with their feroeious taekling and eoek-sure hloek- wx , , ing. They' were adept at hringing the haeks down to 5 4 Y earth and preventing the opposing linemen from hreak- 31, ' je, P fi ing through hy' them and nailing the lflood haeks. kim- QQ I . 'C' Raymond Qglept-r, who was the star of the Ifreshman Y t squad the previous year, was a steady' stay in the Flood T ry' 'R V if haekfield until his injury' in the Tulane game. Ile was ' - ' 5, a heavy' loss in the Ole Bliss offense. liven with his ' H ' K injury, he was ahle to stay on the squad and win his YV, 'V X' letter, Ti" 4 Ole hfliss won her opening game with XVestern Ken- tueky' Teachers hy using all strategy' and hard fight- - ing. ,laek Burnett outstepped the lientueky' haeks with ' ll D 1 a 27-y1ll'fl sprint off right taekle for the first tally. ' L, Kentueky' eanie haek to tie the seore when t'asper's Y., rl 7 pass was intercepted. Fasper then returned the kiek- ff M, Q k 7 off with a 50-yard run from his goal line. Brad K I ' yVhite, the hardfdriving half, tore off several gains ' K. pt Gatchell, Trainer through taekle and.fumhled within a few feet' of the ..Chuck,, Smalling, Coach goal after a sensational run with a short pass from Casper. Captain Neal liiggers reeovered the hall and rolled over the goal lille for a touehdown and the end of the game The seeond game of the season with Tulane's Green XVave was not sueeessful for the llood, hut Tulane found a stiff opponent in Ule lkliss and was lueky' to hand up sueh a seore. The tile hfllss squad gave a good exhihition of defensive foothall hut laeked offensive power and reserve strength. The Mississippians fought valiantly' in the first half and held Tulane seoreless in the seeond quarter. The turning point of the game was reaehed at the heginning of the third quarter when -laek liurke, quarterhaek, eaught Tulane's kickoff and raeed through the entire Tulane squad for 104 yards and the glial line. The referee ea'led him haek and put the hall in play' on Tulane's 45 yard line where he ruled that klaek hat stepped out. After this disheartening ruling, Ole Miss never seemed ahle to stop the pounding attaek of Tulane, and the Green XVave was ahle to pile tis a seore of 31 to 0. Ten thousand speetators witnessed the game in whieh a hard-eharging Alahama line pushed the lflood haek for solllt niee gains. 'Bama got off to a good start with three touehdowns in the first period. ,laek liurke, Heet Red and lilue half, made the longest run to he made in a foothall game, when he returned the hall IOQ yards from a kiek-off to make the only eounter for the Flood, Ole Miss realized the value of a strong reserve and it was due to the laek of suhsti I tutes tliat the results were so one-sided. Through the sueeess of tneir aerial attaek and some niee line gains, .Nlahama fame through with a 55-fi seore over the Flood squad. The Ole ihiiss eleven journeyed to Knoxville to eneounter the strong Tennessee squad, alter having played the un , defeated Greenies of Tulane and Alahama frimson Tide in eonseeutive games. Nevertheless, the fighting Red and Blue showed superhuman strength in holding the Tennesseans to Il points in the ' . first half. The Mississippians threatened the Tennessee goal twiee. llnee in M' Y the seeond quarter the Ole Miss men, led hy Tommy Dunn, earried the hall 'Q Q C9 to the IO yard line only to lose possession of the hall on a fumhle. The Ten- Si. . . . . .., nessee eleven seored three touehdowns in the final minutes of the last quar- "':' i ter to win hy a margin of 38 to 0. Iii. ' - a Again the lhlississippi team displayed smart foothall taeties in the first 1540-PA half'of the game with a w'e.aker.T,ynx squad to ehalk up twenty points. X T, 5 B f Again, TXlI'li llaynes showed his ahllity' as a hall earrler hy weaving his way' f 5 - Q a . 3 A. and M. Swor Turnbow End Tackle LS .,X i . '1Q.,,,g., '- Bilbo Tackle NY sf . X - tl11'1111gl1 the I.y11x for lung gains. Burt llarring- tf111 :11'1'111111te1l lnr the f.f1llllN tl1r1111gl1 the line. The I.111x c:1111e l1:1cl-1 in the seeuml half huw- ever, with 1111 aerial :1tt:1rk to tie the score zo-20 when the whixtle blew. .X l1:11'1l-f1gl1ti11g l1:1111l of Real and lilue Suuth- , t'l'llt'l'X heltl the 5II'UII1.fl'I' 5llll'Qllt'IIt' eleven tn the "'! . . rlme 11111111111 111 13-6. Kirk liZlj'IlC'N, shifty half- l1:11-k, threw ll scare into the XVi-c'f111si11 multi- ? 'V.,sfl 1 -. x , 1 little u'l1e11 he took the pigskin 011 the opening Wfhite lxivk-ntl, rvuiteml for perfect inte.rfere111'e, and Halfback ' uenverl l1lN way Il1l'f.1llj.fl1 the entire Marquette aquzul lnr IO4 xartl- :md :1 tr1uch- tl1m'11. The Ole Miss men were all over the Marquette squzul from l1egi1111i11g tn eml, s111euri11g play after play. The Mismissippiarts ,"+ cgi' Casper Quarterback Lf' Ross Fullback Vt 'rg .v.Q. A??. PH?-'fly Tlxe punch that u'ins.' Bilbo tears ii! -E' f I A, 6? M. line for ffleen yards. ' I V .rs . i, , we A -A, 1 -, 1 if: ' 'll 1 lui '71 H 'lf . , . , , I ' .ls FH- XX :gs-.3 . K o ,V .l v h 1, i 'V . 2"-1 . . , fy-afexfps..-11,3547-,X.4fi"-f.: hug?-, ' ' 'iv' 1 - ' 1, -.a,4--12-1:51 -,gg-If-.',,-,-.,TE-.'L m asv - . A I . 4, ""v .. ..-'V-e1.1:.-'-.-,..-f',,:'-g'1 '.f- "Gr .1 . -. ' . -'bl A G .- . ,Ibis -.i.,,'N.,Nv-, - .f,,.n3,.., ,L-.-D 'fo Q 6. Q N p- Al I I. .,,- -, 4,5 , .w if -gui wg , -,, w 2, 1 . 1.- I., VQ5-4 ' A 5-5-xi" H91 I If 1 -' ' '. 4 .S 'Ml b..imI-:gg-by , we :fr-l1ief?.g 4. V . .er D ,-:. 'a! L.. ,l" .'.eq..t'1- as 4 . -'X r 1-V -' ,, . 1 qi vga 1 K 1 - 1 'nl I AL "v - 'Q ,, 13A5'.Q?' 1 1 1 N ' N , ' , N V . . , , z 'fx ,"' put on an exhibition of fight and Courage that will long be remembered by all those who wit- nessed the battle. In the Chief attraction of Home-coming Day, the Ole Miss eleven played the Sewanee squad off their feet, yet they were on the short end of the score, 7-o. The battle was a bitter struggle from beginning to end. The Red and Blue was within inches of the Sewanee goal tive times only to lose the ball on downs. The half ended with the ball in lN1ississippi's possession on Sewz1nee's two yard line. In the final quarter the Sewanee squad began an attack that netted them a score in the final minutes of play. On November nth, the Red and Blue met the L. S. U. BALL Flows-rs Reeder ffuanl I tjfgvn I. W'ils0n Canter Fvrril Cvnlvr Burnett Tackle End .-Q, .'42 Hayes Tackle Haynes plmrs off tackle for a substantial gain. 1 4 it wtf ' -. ' it .- ,sv 1,153 ,v in lg! 1, 1 'A En A il.-9 .K .., ,gi Q M ., V L 2' Q 'liigcrx in vliltiltxtull :tml wvrc met with tht- Nurpriw ut the NVIINUII. .Xttvr tlttwzttvltttig thc- Inga-1' glial illlt' twivc in tht- hrxt quarter :mtl lillillif twnttpru- mixing with lgllI'ixl"N pvrtwt ltivk fur ll field gfwztl, thu Rui :tml Blum' I'Itmtl was turvvd on the tlvtrlt-tx'e'. , iliillllljlh :tt time- tlixplnying at Hzwhy ztttzwk with pu- ll telltiztl pHw't'l', the Iflwful trffm-me tzlilrtl XKllt'Il Nlturt gains wvrc tlevcleti. Htlrlw, Cltspcr :md llllllll shtiwrtl the he-t A wwvrk for tht- Illmmti flH:t'llNlYl', 2l'fIlllj,1'4ll'i mrs QLIIIIIN Ill und- . held. Aht lllh1ll'j', Smith, :md BUXYXIIRIII wvrc in tltt-rr for tht-'l'N :mtl pu-hctl raver twn IIllll'ixt'l'N in thc wruml quztrtcr, The I-'loud made :1 dwpcrztte effort to Vlllllt' hack in tht- dy hr' Q ...V if ing tniriutw, t':li'rx1l1g,f the hall dvep into the' 4,!'zf: . af -A a -tw Y 'x 1. C' .9 1 'Vt 'X., i '1'ig.ft-r territory on zt wrirs ut lint' play, hut we-rt' hrld tux' the w histlr, c wore 26-3. . 'lil11lllixN1.fiX'iIlg,f D115 w':tN the stem' ll. uf thc mwt impnrtamt hgtttlt- that ' e Rt-ti :mtl lihtr cvvt' haw tu ell- N t ll 1 T ,, t t Qi l i I if t , Montgomery End E 40. l 43"xQ:' . i gage in. This fight was with the Aggies from Nils- sissippi A. S M. A mighty and smart Ole Miss baek- field, led by Guy Turubow and Brad VVhite, plunged its way through the Aggie line and skirted the ends to win the premier gridiron Classic of the year. It was the big, powerful 'furnbow who ripped the Aggie line to shreds and plaved the oval in scoring position. Brad VVhite turned in the most sensational run of the day when he sprinted 60 yards around left end for a touchdown. The Aggies were not able to stop the smart aerial work be- hind the line of scrimmage, and it was on one of these triple passes that VVhite brought the ball into scoring po- sition again. The Aggies tightened in the second half, but were unable to mark up enough to bring their score within the clan- ger mark, and so the game ended with the score 25-14. ff' writ, .45 t V' , if at ,A Sf Y' ll if . sr 1' f x N W . i 1 +.'.: ...H--' -ft""' .,-u.!'- 'zffffv ' 'WG E. A. I 'Yif"'-'Nggwlfg I 41 D N... -vu' 4- wv .,,.,,,. , ET' .lj -. 'TW 'Kid RIJXYIN XX'. IIf1I'lKl'R 411111141113 A. C11'rv11.R S. I.. II9L's'1r1x . XX'.x1z141Lx B. 801111111 . C111i5'111: II. Cl'R'l'lS Exyxxs XV. T11r1Rx'rr'1x . A1111-,14'1' I.. l411R111i1.0x . ClI.XRI,Ili R14.x.x1.11r1 :Xl,I.l"Y C. SCIIUI-QM.XKIiR v C11xR1.11. XX 11.1,1.xx1s R. 'I'. RL'f111E1c1-0R11 CD11 IXI. Anus . I,.1w1c1.NcE II. Fl.I.l:llfIIZ R11111.1:1' O. S111i1f11ER1m . A ICI ll L' R A. IXIQORH Iz.1R11-. lx. llcmlysmx I.1-1-5 IC. jo1c11.xv . . f,l'IUl1t'I' 16, IQ-SI, f,l'IfllXt'I' 19, 1931, Nflw-111lw1' 6, 1931, NllX't'llllWl' 1 1, 1931, NflX'L'lIllXl'f 31, IQQI, lFr'c5hm.a11m lF100tlb.a1llll M.xN.xG13RS -A A I K, , . . gl.',,g 1a'1'iL5LA', - ' .fu ,,.'.f1Q.'! - ' Y , J '11K,.,f W 4 , U 1 no V. 1. BIl.I.Ili Ross HL"lxI,I-'R -I1'111N S. 1513.101 NL'X11i1u1. IXIEN . Hack XX'x'.1x'1"1 Ci. NI.-XPP . . , Iiafk IlRL'li'l"I' McP11.x11. , . , limb 'I'11rm.xs lXIcXX'11r1R1'1:R . . llaflc 19111111111 I.. ,I.xcK511N . . Ihuk J. L. f'.XRRL"l'II . . . . limls lX1.XRl,IiY XX'. S:111'1'11 . . . limi- P.xL'1. R. 'I'L'1zx11r1L'r:11 , liaflc f'II.XRI,IiS I.. ROL'NS.XX'll,I.F , Iiafk SHE14011 L, RlJBl'.RSf'IX , . Bark F1.m'1m Pokrak SM1111 . . Ball: .IOSEPII A. S.-xx.x'1' CRUZ . liafk lIn1,11s B. IIUFI-, jk, . . . Baal- A1z'111L'R li. BAKER . . . . .liafk I51ixk1.xX11N M, C.XlDXX'liI.l . 1.inrnmn II1avR1' C. S'1'.x'1'1-LN . . . l,iIIl'lII!llI I"1z12sHX1.1x I"u11T11.x1. Ole Ole Ole Ole Ole Nliw Miw MLN Klux Nliw jfmx R, FHR1z11.1. . I. SCHEDL Ll? .XXII RIISCLTS 59 I9 7 23 I3 I'11ir111 .... , . . I.111w1l11 j1111io1' Cnllege . .Xlnl1:1111r1 ...... I.. S. V. . A. Zlllil IXI. . O. O. 4. .Z In 1- ' .- . I.I7l1'llI1lll . I.IlIl'llI!U1 . LIIIVIIIIIII . LIIIFIIIIIII . l.i11r'l11u11 . l.i111'111r111 . Linrnzazz , LIIIVIIIIIII . Linfnmrz . 1.IlIl'IlIIlll . l,i111'm111l . l.IIll'llIIHl . l,i11fn1an . 1.111 'man . l,1111'n1r1l1 , l.i11rm11n Here Ilere Here 14. c'l2lTk5ll2llC 1 Stark-ville ASKIETJBSAILIL . 154 1 X-A ,..- 71 . 1 j. ,I , - . f' , '- ,.4..,,,,.,,., , V A. -Q 13'-, higg-gp H a I . ' " 'ff'-L..,.. - ' f r' 5, .1 ' I' --...--' f ' lf ,i K, Y M ?:"f55" ,,f ,, f',a,. LJOA Captain Clif Tynes 4 N 9:3 1 i..r.'1iJ: 1 I 4 X V , L5 C5 : i pg-,q N- I -it P'!""i , f , ,mms WWE l7lzRRII, f Hn xns C xcir XVU KI it Tyxfs SWOR IIERRIYCTOX Basketballl, 31932 Ir would be hard to give enough credit to Coaches Walker and Smalling for the splendid quintet they produced in 1932. Beginning the season rather slow, but adding momentum as the season progressed, the Red and Blue quintet enjoyed a brilliant schedule of games against the finest basketball teams of the South. En- gaging in twelve conference games during the regular season, the Ole Miss bas- lceteers can point with pride to eight victories, two of the four losses being by a margin of two points, and one by only three points. Ole Miss and her stalwart stars were a sensation wherever they played. Coach Walker built around the trio of goal-tossing veterans, Captain Cliff Tynes, "Pep- per" Haynes, "String" Simpson, a team second to none they have played. The Mississippi goal was guarded by Montgomery, Herrington, and Britt in a very capable manner. The Red and Blue won a 77-30 victory in a pre-season game with the Ecru Indians. The locals outclassed the visitors from the beginning, both on the of- fense and defense. Captain Cliff Tynes proved his ability to toss the ball through the net by turning in a high individual score, with Haynes and Swor running Z1 close second. -41 un fa 'Qi If 5 I,-ani, ., Q' V 7-' ".:. 3' - -1 V iz Ull MISS M H155 .,!""'3, . . 5 Qtr M155 M ms QU M55 .142 Qrwifox ii Jx it SM.xI.I,xxG lXl0Yl'I'IflNll-RY lfouwixlzrzkkx' Hkrrr Ole Miss allowed L. S. U. to escape with a 37-34 victory in the first con- ference game. The Mississippians were olf form and couldn't seem to get the right foot forward. The Red and Blue squared the series by capturing the second game, 24-22. The locals held the edge throughout in a bitterly fought game, with only a few points separating the quintets at any time. The Mississippians then journeyed to L. S. U., where the Tigers nosed them out in the first of a two-game series by the small margin of two points. The lo- cals played a good game, but were on the little end of an unusually high score. The Red and Blue came back in the second game, and the closing whistle found the Tigers on the small end of a 34-32 score. In all the games with L. S. U., the score was close and to win required plenty of alertness and head work. The local cagers won a decisive victory in the hrst of a two-game series with Tulane. The Greenies came back to win the second game. Ole Miss struck its basketball stride to swamp Mississippi State, 37-19. The Red and Blue five looked a great deal like championship contenders, as they held the Maroons scoreless for the first quarter. The uncanny goal tossing of Haynes and Tynes gave Qle Miss the lead which the quintet held throughout the game. The local cagers made it two straight by winning the second game from the Ag- gies, 31-25. The game was sensational and the score very close at times, but the Red and Blue proved themselves superior, as the results indicate. 4554 flu' ml uit mss, Ulf N55 f'll.XL'll SNl.XI.I,IXI2, Tixhs. Ii.xx'xi1s, IfoR1i1xl4r.Kki, Brazil, 4'u.xcii XV.xl,m-.R Nloxirpmimu, Smvsux, Swan, l'lhRKII., Illrkxiscsiox, XV1I.I,1.xx1srw Alabama succeeded in holding on to a small point margin to win the first of a two-game series by a score of 23-21. The Red and Blue spirit was not to be dauntedg pulling themselves together, the Walker squad came through with a 33-30 victory in the second game. In the last sec- onds of play, Haynes and Swor marked the counter that sent the game into an overtime period. Two clean-cut triumphs over Mississippi State rounded out the sea- son in a fiash of meteoric brilliance. The traditional Aggie rivals were unable to cope with the uncanny ability of the Red and Blue quintet, and, as a result, the Maroons again saw the Ole Miss men go off the field of play the undisputed conquerors. The Red and Blue hoopsters, spurred on by the idea of matching will and strength with an old rival, displayed basketball technique that was unquestionable. In the first game the lo- cals got an early lead and held it throughout the game. Swor was a men- ace to the opposition, both on offense and defense. In the second game the local men piled up a high score in the first half with Swor leading the offense. Throughout the season the work of Captain Cliff Tynes was note- worthy. "String, Simpson was a great asset to the Ole Miss quintet, his loss will be seriously felt next season. The playing of Swor, Haynes, and Montgomery was most commendable. With the freshman available, prospects for 1933 are particularly bright. 11,11 . y , A I li . I O l ""7rrf '..'1':E,"f'i' ' UC' 9 5 ,...., , M . it 1 if rf' L W, 1 y . . X f 1 1 V ' L -Q A ' . I 7 " f ' Q ' . ' .3 A . ' y A X. ...Avg .i'V"' ' 'et Domrxx, Scumurr, Sasrx CRUZ, M. Smriri, STAHQN, COACH Srurru CLTRTISS, Wixorks, HOI.I.I13.-XY, F. SMITH, Cixkkuri-1 lFir'e:shm.aun1 lB3.aslke:tlb.a1llll,, 11932 A star aggregation, such as the Ole Bliss Freshman seldom before have boasted, made possible one of the most successful basketball seasons this year that the Freshmen have ever experienced. liven before the season opened, it was evident that the Freshmen had a team that could not fail to produce a sen- sation. Observers who watched the new court men were unanimous in the prophecy that the Freshmen were due an eventful season. After meeting some of the strongest teams in this section of the state, the Red and Blue neophytes came through with a perfect record of five straight victories. Early in the season the Flood Freshmen made a trip to Tupelo, and returned with a 28-21 victory over the strong Tupelo Quintet. In their return encounter with the same team, they again emerged with a victory, 43-32. Two more vic- tories followed soon after this, one over Charleston, 4.4.-25, the other over the Hickory Flats Quintet, 4,0-25. The season closed with a Hashy victory over the powerful Senatobia basketeers, .to-30. Throughout the season the Freshman eagers saw much strenuous action in their scrimmages against the Varsity. Among the promising prospects for the Varsity, Curtis, Xvinter, Floyd, Smith and Dorman stand out in prominence. hluch credit for the success of the season is due to the able guidance of Coach "Tad,' Smith. Ole Ole Ole Ole Ole Ole Ole Ole Ole Ole Ole Ole Ole Ole Ole Ole Ole Ole Ole Seasomfs Results State. . . . State. . . . Alabama . . . . . . State. . . . VARSITY Bliss . . . 77 Ecru Indians . Bliss . .29 Baldwyn . . Bliss . . . 34 L. S. U. . Bliss. . .24 L. S. U. . Bliss. . . 53 L. S. U. . Bliss. . .34 L. S. U. . Bliss . . . 52 Tulane . . . . Bliss. . . 43 Tulane . . . . . Bliss . . . 37 Blississippi Bliss . . . 31 Blississippi Bliss . . .21 Alabama . . . . Bliss . . . 33 Bliss . . . 35 Blississippi Bliss . . . 38 Blississippi State . Total . . . . 541 Total . . . Freshman Bliss . . . 28 Tupelo . . Bliss . . . 43 Tupelo . . Bliss . . . 44 Charleston Bliss . . . 411 Hickory Flats lntl Bliss . . . 411 Senatobia Total . . . . 195 Total . . 30 38 37 22 55 32 29 42 I9 25 23 30 25 26 --433 21 42 25 25 30 I-1-3 ASIEBAILJL ff E. is SP fb" E? 1 F X A if N Hg J - Q5 I-L Z: Xfi- Q- A , -P N- - .-15" ,','f' JA x 2 Wx K4-515 'I L 1- I I KRW t' . 1. , fn -- . .1 X, , """ ez!! 7 f uf f f , ' x , 4' 1 fi ff-,Q if ' 1 f ,f ra -lvl' " s7'!!l, 0. 4 x,-- .f- x A , ..,f xx , :I IL, 1 Q' ff U f ' f- Rm " 1 ' f' -J ax, i. ' iff . f ff' ! 1 V 15 V IJ . ,' f' Kif vw .f, H, I A uf: I t Lv X' A W l I .V fri g 4-. 1 , F W 'fi' I A' I,- fgifl' fr f L3 1' 1 gl 1, JT " I' yi. J: Si ' -' 1. 1 47. ,af ., L11 . It QL, . , v.,A.: , .-Q1 -'11, -vs Y A M .. -in I-S -n K. ' . " ez. Egfl-'JW Y, J My ' wr ' ' Q J. -in ik! I v iii.. ,4,...,-i,y,,-13' V. P5, ali.: .ff xfqqk,-H I ,-. , 'I 1 W . Z, , 4141? 1 . - , N.- . .99 ,r .- . ,J jkihvvyr at J' , ,. , , I A F Xi H"-' ', f 1 + ,.-W' 1. wi" .f'3 ' , 4 ' 2 4.4i,J:.'- ,, Q f. ,wif C6'J.r2.2'E'-- 'B M,"' JAN! f- I ' If f N14 -' V ' r w 1 Y I, 3, ff' N,wf'f we .,5.25:1f4rf' ' H :li-, f V I.. r . I 1 f Captain CRube Wilcox Moore Peeples Barnett .-5, Trapp Wilcox Faser DeLoach Smith Haynes .AS K -. - , r .sw- 53 GL'-we Him Tf"" 1 tfliia , e ' as -.f ". E- P f" ,Q . l :Q ,.. A t, a . , . 1- f- M, r P s., -,Z if I 1.5.7. w -. N L 5 ' , ,Ani .I .. . L xi-F0 ff' , .. vwlk. WW ' v n , I fi farsiiwty Baselballll, 119311 ..N1,,,,, 'I'.w1'wAXs'- The Red and Blue baseball team had a rather successful season despite the many handicaps which confronted it. Unfavorable indeed were the prospects facing the men who were to carry the Ole Miss colors to victory. Coach Pete Shields, however, recruited new ma- terial and filled the vacancies of the previous year by very competent players from the Sophomore ranks. Realizing their weakness, the Red and Blue men fought hard to win the praise and esteem of Ole Miss. Ole Miss opened the season with spirit, winning two out of three games in a series with Minnesota. Rain pre- vented the completion of the scheduled four-game series, thus giving the northerners a break. Minnesota took the first game in easy fashion by 5 to o. The Gopher pitchers took advantage of the weak batting lineup of the Ole Miss boys and won a well-pitched game fr om Dick Peeples. Peeples al- lowed only seven hits, his downfall was due to errors. ln the sec- ond game Ole Miss turned the tables. Tom Swayze, sopho- more pitcher for the Red and Blue, made his debut and brought the home boys a victory of 7 to 3, Ole Miss started things in the first inning when Haynes went to First on an error, and Rube XVilcox sent the ball to left center for a home ASE I 9 : 1 run. In the third and last game of the series, George Boutwell, veteran pitcher of the Red and Blue, pitched one of the best games of his career at Ole Miss, allowing only five hits. A chief factor in the Red and Blue victory of 4 to I was the batting of Kirk Haynes, right fielder, who secured two home runs and a double to win the batting honors of the day. Illinois came down for a series, but on account of weather conditions were able to play only one game which the invading team won by a score of 6 to 1. The Red and Blue men attained still more glory by winning a two-game series from Michigan State. In the first game Ole Miss won 4 to 3g Dick Peeples allowed only eight scattered hits. The second game found Tommy Swayze on the mound, which enabled the home boys to keep the Spartans under control with ease. The Ole Miss boys went on a ram- page of hitting and easily proved their su- periority over the Spartans by the result of 5 to 2. Harvey Burnett and Newman Dorsey, outlielders, won batting honors for the day with three hits each. The Ole Miss Nine then invaded Vandy territory for the Hrst conference game of the series. The Vanderbilt team managed to break a three-all deadlock in the eighth inning and secure a victory of 6 to 3. Had it not been BALI.. 6' gli Va? 43. ,, .V Sn - '1 as-f,f ',,,.--"" C3 9' K, 'I wg. M ah ax W1 'sv Webb Tuminello Hopkins Redhead Boutwell Ewing Dorsey Berry Swayze 4 , . A . ,K 3015 1 BASIEBAJL , to ll for the good fielding of the Red and Blue boys, especially that of IIen1'y Minor lfaser, outfielder, and "Sngar" liwing, second baseman, the Vandy boy- could not have been held to the slim margin of three runs. Bucky Moore, first baseman, and Rube VVilcox, third baseman, led the hitting for the home boys. This loss of a conference gatne opened the eyes of the Ole Miss boys, and next day they defeated the Commodores with a crushing victory of IO to 6. The Ole biis- men then journeyed to Alabama where the Crimson Tide won two close games, 5 to 1 and 9 to 7 respective'y. After this, despite good fielding on both sides, Alabama took an even closer game on the Ole Miss diamond. XVhen Duncan Redhead, pitcher, and George Berry, catcher, scored on a long hit by Haynes, Ole Miss almost gained a victory, but finally yielded to the foe with a 4. to 3 defeat. The wave of the Red and Blue was checked in thf first game wiih the Milsaps Majors, although Ole Miss shared equally in hits with the Majors. Skeeter VVebb, fiashy shortstop, di-- played excellent form in batting as well as taking them off the turf. The home boys invaded L, S, lf where they took a two-game series, 5 to 3 and 7 to 5. Coach Shields used two of hi. veterans, Redhead and Boutwell, to excellent result. Faser, VVebb, Berry, and XVilcox led the attack for the Red and Blue. The Aggies came over and took two hard-fought games from the Red and Blue, scores 7 to 5 and to to 7. The first game was an array of hitting, led by George Berry, for the home team. ln the second, Dick Peeples pitched a good game and did spectacular hitting, particularly his home run in the seventh which tied the score. The Milsaps Majors invaded the campus for a two-game series, in which the Ole Miss men displayed their skill and won both games, 4, to I and 5 to t, These games marked the last exhibitions on the campus for the season. Peeples pitched a wonderful game to end his appearance on the home diamond. Skeeter NVebb topped off three hits, one of which was a home run, to win the game which stood at a tie. The second game was won with a fine display of talent by the Ole Miss men. The work of Kirk Haynes at outfield, Moore at first, and the batting of Swayze and Berry were factors in the victory. Then came the breath-taking moment when the Red and Blue men invaded Aggie Town for the last two games of the season. Ole Miss won the first game by a close margin, 7 to 6, because of their improved hitting. In accordance with the custom before the last game of the season, Coach Pete Shields an- nounced the lettermen, and they, in turn, elected as captain, Rube XVilcox, who has starred on the gridiron as well as on the diamond. The Aggies won the series in taking the last game by a close margin, regardless of the hitting of Nloore and Boutwell, 5 to 2. These men deserve particular mention: Skeeter VVebb, flashy shortstop, led the Red and Blue batters for the season, llenry Minor Faser, outfielder, ended the season with a perfect fielding record, and "Sugar" Iiwing, second baseman, turned in only two errors. The leading hitters were XVehb, Berry, VVilcox, Peeples, and Burnett. The truth in summing up the Red and Blue season is that Coach Shields and the team per- formed exceptionally well and exceeded the anticipation of even the most optimistic. .1 VVHITE, TUMINELLO, BURNETT, REDHFAD, SwxYzE, Ewxxc, FASEQ, SMITH, VVEBB, DELOACH HOPKINS, TRAPP, VVILCOX, PEEPLES, BERRY, BOLTTVVELL, MOORE, DORSAY -3 1 COACH PETE SHEILDS ff' z Ole Ole Ole Ole lliss . . Iiss. . Bliss. . Bliss. i I X4 Coxon "'I',m" SMITH llvrfoslmnmaln lB.a1slolb.a1llll, 119311 SCH 1ioL'L12 ..2Uj l.lXI.l 1 ..I1,rl.M.I . IQ Tate Countv Ir. Colle-gc . . . 55 Tate County jr. College. . Nun ER.-XL XVINNIQRS Pitflzfrx GLEN I'IOLI,INCSWORTH IAIERTORD VVOLF TOM BRUNSON ALLAN JONES Calrlzrr PE'I'E Rum' 1llfl!'!11I'I'.Y VICToR '1'oRREY HARVEY I.oNmNo VVILLIAM Bfxcox D. VV. lN1CCl.0LTIJ ROBERT GILDER QSEORGE A. EVIiRli'l"l' JACK BURKE A. N. HARROWM' CjIlffil'!IIt'I'5 A. L. lVl0N'lAC0MIZRY CLA um: ROBINSON C. IE. ANDERSON XAYARREN STEWART D.wm KTNSHR ALBERT M. C.'XMBIil.l R.fxI,PH VVILLI.-XMS C'l.1lfx-'ToN Houck owzef sfo PTS J K Y, L i - - 'rm-: ou: mss. 193: - - H FRESHNIAN TRACK Fricshman Tirnaifclk, 119311 The- miiisliwxr-tir'iii ut' ai iiww trnc-lc ut Oh- Miss I!Z1Yf'd the way fm' tht- I'1'iIlNf1ll11lli0Il nl' a mzijur sport which has hw-ii iivgli-vt:-rl for :i numb'-r ul' vi-airs, their-li Ki-mic-th Gaitvlwll wzillvcl ezirlv in tht- vf-:ir for fi-1-Slimlln who wislii-il In chiiilwtt- for lilZl"f'F ini the 10211 trarsk ts-am, The Rr-il :mil Iilue me-n ri-Spoiifli-cl to tht- will aiiil he-galil wwrk in 1'-:ii-in-st with that tlvteiwiiiiizitiuri to win, so 1-l1z1i':1f'tv1'istic uf Ulu- Miss zithlptvs. lie-:iliziiig the task ht-I'm'i- thvm. thi-so iievei' fzilts-riiigsg zispirzixlts of tht- Ri,-il and Blue devotl-d th:-ir :itte-ntiuu In 1-niisistf-iit trziiuing tu r'zu'i'y the lilo Miss r'ulm's to higher pi-ziks. Attviitifui was 1'-4-rits-iwml nu thi- fri-Sliinen as thi-y wvrv tu hs- the frvllhdzitiwii ut' the futurv tx'z1r'k squad. I'fi:ir'li Gzitvlivll. with ai numb--i' of HSIUITIIITF most nf whom wviw iIlt"XI'bl'l'il'!l4't'1l muldf-d 8 ti':u'k squad. Sfum- ineiiilivrs of whim-h broke rw-nrcls nt lwxiiw :uid thrrwuf-Ihout thi' vountry. 4 X - V V - . , , Thr- Iii-fl :xml Hlih- li-1-sliriivii wnn the hrst mluzil in--rt ul thf- Qc-:islln from Ruymfviifl Jlllllfll' ffrllvzv. .Iaivlc Iiuriio-tt t-:isily mitste-plwfl his imp'-sitiuii flll thi- SIH'lIlIS, wliih- Brzul XYhiIv lizimllvfl thi' wvights w.vliisiv1-ly :ind wuii ull an 1-:xsy mzirgiii. fit-'Illlllg won the high jump and I"luwei's all-vhiiilti-il fur uurii:-i'uus points Hll the- liurdlvs :ind pnlt- vault. 1' , 4 4--v Pagf one lzurzdrrd .fefventy-six i l l m I 4 4 THE OLE MISS, 193 4 ' XNHITE BURNETT FLOWERS Two southern c:0nferen4:e records were equaled and two vainpus rvcords were broken in the dual the 100 yard dash in 9.3 ser,-onfls and thi- 220 yard dash in 21.3, while Brad XVhite threw the javelin ITS feet four inches to be-tter the 15429 vampus record by 3 feet. l9'lnwers took high honors for the freshmen by scoring two first plaf-es, a tie for first, and two second places. White, Burnett, Flowers and Mt-t'ullough went to New Orleans to enter the Sfvuthvrn A. A. U. meet. Burnett ran the 100 yard dash in 9.8 and thu- 220 yard dash in 21.2 to tie all reworlls in the history of the south. Brad VVhite took first plam- in the shot put, third in the disvus throw, and third in the javelin. Flowers aceounterl for himself in winning ser-ond in the shot and st-c-mul in the discus, while M1'Cull0ugh took fourth plaei- in the three mils- run. ln the senior day m-vents Burnett won second in the 220 yard dash and XVhite took third in the- shot. Jack Burnett entered the National A. A. U. nw:-t in thu- summer. He lrroks' tht- rw-ords in junior meet by stepping the 100 in 9.6 and tht- 220 in 21.3, which tied tht- thi-n existing senior day l'l'L'0l'd. This year's track men gave a splendid zu-count of tlii-inselxwfs and are expevtvd tu do even greater things in the coming season. VVith the support of other Capable Red and Blue ini-n as Glass, Cunningham, Burke, Rc-eclor and .lZlIQ'liS0l1, Ole Miss has a very bi-i,f:ght outlook for future trac-k teams. meet with Copiah Lincoln Junior College which the Ole Miss frushnubn easily won. Jack Burnett ran Page one hundrrd se-wnly-sewrz 4 4 THE OLE MISS, 1932 4 " fum! B! gg ' ' W Atgf'-6' cgi' ' Ff' 5 4, 4 LQ I 'WY Gym Tcalm - - .-51' A . ' x f , ZH ez, 1 f vfffs gif 2 5 V an E ,Y 3 Rrlmms Rim-QI I. Pngz' our lllllldlfd smffzlry-figlzl QE 'Q if f T43 T "5 K3 LF? 3523 , 2 ' " I I411 "ai ,. KD Q. X 'f2 X J r 1 , , . lu Lunch SUHIYZIII .mml 5.llI 1 l Vila! c Q Eta EH Sm KUAR Boxi1mg,1l1931l QR? 5,2 212 fx, 2 Af, i . M, I. id V.. x I 1 u Q 3 I 1, 1 1 7, 'I Ill M, 1. Xe V v. 1-q ASQ , w 4 :my lxlyflll' gms the crulit for the m'g:u1if :tum ut the 2 W .i J first boxing fC'lllI1 tu fight fm' the Rui :mal Hluv. Lust yvzir Sammy took mx-1' tllc task 11 of Cflilfhlllgf flu- ENJXIIIQ tn-:lm :mal wllvn lu' gut thruuglm hu had Illlltlt' .1 llllllli' fm' - himsvlf :uni Ula' Kliss. Tha- l11llfl'I'i1ll hc wm'kc'ml on had IICYUI' bccn in ll ring against g x zm oppmu-nt until the iight with rlillllilill Iiylill' was the only unc to NYill in this I, Ei' fight, but won by Z1 knock-out. 'lilwn two fights with A. and KI., both of which 5: Olc lliss Caine out x'ictm'ious. Tlwy won tha- first fight by 11 count of flllll' tu two - :tml thc sccunal by Zl count of fhl'k'l' to two, with mu' draw. Kyxzu' s tlll won hx' 5 E 1 knork-cults. Ir is ilupussiblv to silk You much of IQYZIIT, thc coach :mal also um- of tlu' '. S tvzim, as he was thc' only llll4lCfl'1lfi'tl Illitlllli' wvigllr in the Smlthcrn L'0I1fCl'K'I1L't'. Ir '- is this first tvgun that gots the glory of blazing thc way for OIC lliss into thc' buxing il ring :md the zuimlition of :umthcr spurt to the activities on the Ole Mias Czunpus. we A. Q. Nf.XY . . . jollx If.xL'l,KxER , jfnlxxlrs INIAY . . Sxuomix' Swuuz . Bm: Ilokmx . . S,XN'lMlE Kuna , Ifkxxx Sc0'1'1' . . QQRAIJY H.x:s11l.'l-ox I,.'XN'RI'fYCli BfJL'I.INl Pagfw our lnnzdrzul ymwzty-zzilze 1930 liuxlxc 'FIZXNI . . lianfam . . Frafhn' . . FI'Ilfllt'f . . Ligffll . . , . . lf'r'flwr l,'7Idr'f4'z1Ir'J ,1IfJAH1' . , .Liglzf 111-fl-'cy . .llra-ry , Liyzlzl ll' Il' ll' ll' ll' ll' Il' ll' ll' . 'lgfllf ii' 'fglhl 5 'iylzl 'iffllt Y' 'ifflzl IL., 1 .' 5151 'lflllf 3 ka 'igffzl 'igllf 'fyfzl ff S SES? IEEE g l il A rt 4 4 THE OLE MISS,1932 4 ' XD qi CA Pr. VV1i.soN Mo rerjoy Tennis, 1149311 A fast and competent aggregation of Ole llliss netmen were selected to carry the Red and Blue for 1931. Playing all of the matches away from home with no cheers or ovations from the spectators, the Red and Blue Racqueteers relied solely on skill and talent to win when defeat seemed inevitable. Due to weather conditions and the cancellation of several matches, the Ule bliss Tennis Team was not able to play all of the proposed schedule, which included trips to Southwestern, A. and ill., Birmingham Southern, Howard, and the A. A. U. Tourna- ment in New Qrleans. YVilson hlontjoy, captain, Sedgie Grilhth, Dean Faulkner, John Faulkner and lra Boswell showed their superiority as net men in the elimination tournament, but met with a temporary halt when they invaded Aggie town. The Aggie men took the matches five to two by winning all the doubles, but the Red and Blue Racqueteers came from behind to take two of the singles. The Red and Blue netmen then went to Southwestern for a series of matches. The home boys, seemingly not recovered from the defeat at the hands of A. and ll., allowed the Soutlnyesterners to split the matches three to three, Ole bliss winning one single and two doubles. The Ole bliss Racqueteers then journeyed to New Orleans to take part in the A. A. U. Tournament, where Dean lfaulkner, lra Boswell and John Faulkner went into the seconds. The Red and Blue netters continued to put up a hard fight, but were unable to equal the skill of the rival raequeteers. Page one hundrfd eighty 1 i l i i l i i l 8 , f Q- Vi ie Q Q .ei 51 5:4 .bswfl 4'1sin9 ilfeiakizekfi s4wJ5'Q21 Q-sw! W9 ' Q aa 1 61 M X K -A J t Q 'sf Qs GEORGE BCL"I'XVIiLL Norris Trophy Winner For the past several years the Norris Candy Company of Atlanta has pre- sented a trophy to the most outstzinrling athlete in the L'nix'ersity of Klississippi, through its local agents, Cizithright-Reeil Drug Co. To he eligible for this award a Inan must he seleetenl on the following hasis: First freshman sport partieipateil in, 2 points, with one point for each athlitionzil sport: first varsity letter, 5 points, with two and a halt points for each atlilitional letter in that sport: io points tor a varsity letter in a second sport, with two and a half points for eaeh siieeeeiling letter in that sport: IS points for a varsity letter in a thiril sport, with two :intl a half points for each zirlclitional letter in that sport. The selection as eziptain of one of the major Varsity tealns Carries live extra points with it, anal a majority vote of the student body afltls IO points. It is also required that the inen eligible for the trophy pass at least seventy per eent of their work ihiring the year they are selected and that they he seniors in the liniversity. Last year the trophy was awarileil to Clemgtf XV. Boiitwell of l,:iiirel, lllississippi, who starred in football, haskethall, and hasehall, earning a total of fifty-six and one-half points ihn'in,q his four years at Ole llliss. To be awarded the Norris Trophy is to receive the highest honor that can come to an athlete at the University. Page one hundred eighty-one U lil 3 1 i f X I -Q Q om Miss. 1931 - - GILr.n,.Vxxn, C'ur,Lm' Qlhezeir Leaders The success of any team depends largely on the spirit of the cheer leaders. Theirs is the duty of showing a team just what the school believes it can do, of encouraging when inspiration is needed, of cheer- ing when the goal is reached, and above all else to lead the student body in expressing its appreciation and support. This job of leading cheers does not involve the mere yelling of a few practiced cheers, nor does it cease when the game is overg the job requires courage, loyalty, spirit, and the ability to inspire all three in the minds of the students, and that is no hour's workg it necessitates continuous effort and re- sponsibility. VVhatever success Ole bliss has attained by her cheering section this year is due to the enthusiasm and untiring efforts of its Cheer Leaders, Virginia Culley and ,lohnnie Gilliland. They have done their best to help the Red and Blue: they have worked when the odds were against them, and they have never failed to show that the spirit of Ole bliss is instilled in their hearts. They have rendered great service to Ole bliss, and for that service there is no adequate acknowl- edgment. IVF 1lEAJJU1U HQ IIE S .X X1 1 P I 0 1 ,IX 11 XX1 Q 1 lf I ' 1 ' L Ig' 5111 .X 1 1 1 .111 1 P45 . 1 ' I 1 In 1 1 1 U ' so X' 1 . ' W 1 ' I 1 1 1X X X '1 ,X-.X.'XXXl1X V , XX 1 1 1 , 1111, 1 ,, 1 , , 11X .X - ,. .1 .11,. 1 X , 1 , , 5 1 1 . ,JM 1 X1 1, 1111 1 xi' 'I' A1 X 1 ' "lily ' x S31 ' Vw ' ' "' X X X 1 3 L11-'Ei I'a " 1 4. , .X, '- ia-QQ, X .l,J--:Fa H- 1 XfX X 1 X X '1'.X . ,11,1 -11 1 .1 . 11 ,X ,, ... . . 11 I 'u -1' ' X 1 1', I '11's' 1 11 1 1 1 1 11,'.1.,1' X1 1 111 X1 X11.X XX 1XX , 1, 1, ' 1 , ,,N , XX 1.X.1 XX, XX1X11,X1 1 311 . M X. 1 1. .1. 1 1 1 11 . . A 1 XX . uf X " 1 '1- , 'X : X' XX 1 1.X,, 1 . X 1 .., X. 11,,X 1 1, .11 X X11,11.' 1.-5 111. 1,'1, , 11X 1XX1,X X X11 X X.X- X 1 ,XX X 1. - "11111 - 1 ,XX1X 'X' 11 1' XX1XX ,,, X11 ' 1, XX X1 1 H' x ". l11x"f.1 113 1 '1 .1 1 ' 1, X1 " 'HNX '.7.- X- 1 41'.:,1 X1', ,X .11 '7.--.." 1, 1 1.' .,',. .'. - x 11 1 ' 1 . ,Q X X 1?L.1'X .1111-MTX..-1 1 1 X X,,l,X ',:. 11 f-,1rX1'11,1 11 ' '1X Q! 1:11- X XX .Vg .X -1, 71XX, .1, 1 X X111 XX,X.X 1 1 '1' ' -1' -1' 3" 1, .2 , 1 " " ' ' 1-'1,.1v1::ir1, 'gf'-1,1 X 312' . 1 X, .-1. '1 1 X1X 1. -1' :X11'X. 1 -1 1- 11'.1 11: 1 ,. - 1 ' 4' 1 1,11 .111111- 1'f111'E'11'-.- 41,1 ' 1 '01"'- .1 '. '14 1 .1X1"1.X:XL'1"'01 15X-gr, 1 X1QgYH'QC!11 '- 11 p.X- 111, 1,-1, 1 X 1 .gy X1 . 1 " -1 '1-X1. ' 1'.1"1 -'1 '1,11, 11 '1' '1' , , ,. . .,., . ,.1,-1,1. X... 1, .1 , ' ' 1' X' '11 '1' 1 ' X, X,,X1XXm,X:1Xf111j1 ,1.' .X,111X-,' X1Xr, 3,,XX ' ' X " 1 ' ' ' 'UI 11 I'1. 1 1 . 1 1 1 1 , 1 1 1 1 l. 11 1 X1, 1X, ,, '11 X1 QV, 11--' 1 1'1 .1 11 'I '1'.'L 'IN 1. 11 1 1 X11 ,X1X 11. AQ' , X, 1' 1'11.,1XX'X1X ..XX1 1XX U 1 11 'f'1' .1X 11,1 11' .1','1.f 1 "'1' XX .X1X.r4 ',1'.'1' '- 1 1.1,-. HIIIII-I 1,11 .. 11. XX I ' ' '11 -11iv.X'11X11 ' 11' ,1X1.-1 X,1,, 1 ,1---.1 1., , 11 1' 1 .'l.'1 11X 1.111 X 1 , . X1.. ., , ,. ,., X. 11 1 11.11 . 1. 1.1. hh, 111, 1 ,-gf 1 1 X X XX . X .,11n1X WH .H 111 "1 '1.1U17"7 , . 11, 1, 1 - -. XX X 1 1X1X.1 111,1- 1. '1 S," .1,': 'L' 1X .XJX X.,X.XX, .X 1 '1 111: 1,..1.1. X 1- 1.XXX.X X.XX .XX 1 X. X., X1 KX ' 1 ..'X1' X1..,,- X,,X. 1 , .X ,XX1,X '11 . '1..:.QJ 31" QXXM' VSZYZX ZXgV THE CORONA TION Y LEWISE SWA JVIISS WAR 511155 OLE 311155 M Q. , An 1 , 1' . F' "TQ" ' 4. ihl-svn YERS fl UVIISS FRANCES WH A35 HOLMES nz -, .. Wl. ,li , , ' f . 5,4 V .Q . iw Xi, :Si ,Qi K 2 .pw x- fl . I 4 I 53 - 'WL 35, 321 . V U if , X M", . it Sei? ' ii A. Q ,A Sa ,51gmi1.g 5- ?,ffM,5,Qs:1 1. SVIISS ELISE I-'OGG , , , 1 f'.,,,, Ji, fzgai-2 El- 1 1? ggi: u f 4 ' iw. if ,Viking fgigf.-1 ei-f 'Eg'-.v ' f., ., Sify" 5,14 4 532 9' fffg, 3613,-. X . HA . 1,-. , , z A-.g .W 'Q ia'Qv" V 1' .Q I 9,0-c., 4 xr 1 ,A ,. , 1 - -s , A -an, . '10 F' . 4,535 QSM Y' ' Lf A 4 1 1 L , ' I QW? ,111 ' , R -' I Q 5 xg Q g I " 1,4 af' A , .A-4m,.iah,,g,f. SWISS ?UNE OWEN awww" 11,8 SVIISS CRUTH FORD gif ,, , W., M .SWISS QALICE vv-W TROVINE ,L,,.1,, ,L ..4 ,MIM gif s' V A 9 , , ' - fi?-,,ffh '-uf ' f 5 Q , ' .,,-3.x C lg. 'fl-if 6 ' JA! ffmfx 'ff " wif. , f' ," ' 451353- 1,5 -gf Q' , ' ,Q .E-'P f Awikff' x JVIISS ESTELLE TAYLOR SPONSOR "T 4""'f 'fl' im "Y3ur' 0411, 'I I Q1 1, 3 411111 z Kc , Ply' K1 if Jgczw C ffaafc Q rf '31 1 142411 .fkfcly 1201 zz Cfggfdbc A2 . ffaaioaf ffjfd' QHCZLE' . ycffl mx' '21 c Li' 1 if L JH fl! .- 11111, 7,1 Q13-" flax gY372 ,'.2YkZz.Mf!2f1!'9f .4 J.1'I'J'fjt4,l' 5 41' lax 47.25262 Ziff' 37441 gf ,Mari k vw, My """.,W, "Kaul" X ui--" ,xx 6.11118 .f37"5,'1'Z72c? " -f-,gnw Lfplr 'I m J 'r :I 9 if '. 7 Y 4: fl U W 1 J 1 I lnwlx my W 'Evil g:' fri!! 1-' 5? I V.- f,-. 'Y 7. J 'f!' C 1 ' 'U ' 5 ,w I3 A1 ,141 :Ji gif ,fi 62: W i QS vi J J, X' ii' .?,, h Q iw' H 1" " Ar nf Wi l"1 x',.' 1 4 ,wr V C 5. X1' uv jk, r M' N34 rig -"Ci 3- 'ii 1 V1.1 ,, in L'-: Q. off M5 I-, I.. VE gil 'f ? -4 9 S. ,. Edszsp f'M 1 1. 91 QQH W' 92. kiwi 4 Eli S v 1.1 5 U' iff? lv: WI f I Q: lflh .li if iw fx: f, WI, 5- S5 .1314 'I ,.' 1 ' n I v"i E x .Ll i hw -1.1 A l YW-i 4 44 f "TE- 1lf' ygwr "wn1xf T' '4R :fi2e an -0 , im E151 nyfif.'2. f H 'X V 'A -V . M W,-W-F--N -1- A-,,,, , .,., ,.,,.. 'T fl 'WT . , , M, h may 11rc3 1 1m L-, fvwf fy f f ff ,Cl L, ' m 1' ' f"' My 2 x , ' ' I Y . ,1 ?.kXWff , .fyj rf V . 1I1': f.f""7 "L ,Qfwl ,Y I , 'Inu 4 TVT' C' 2 Q3 12 m-Lk + Ll-1 Page our lzznzdrnl llillI'fj"5ix 4 4 THE OLE MISS. 3 ' ' Forum and Against: 9 ml S. A. E. Salvation Army Employees "Listen my children and you shall hear of the midnight ride site." This liunvh used to lie 1,-alle the army for the simple reason they wanted quantity not quality. This year their goal. ainlntion, :inc hearts desire failed them even as good whiskey fails to be had froin Uxford bootleggers. They have only the small number of twenty-nine members. How- ever the glories ot' their past will still echo througli the halls ot' tile Miss and we will still think ot' them as having more members than the Biy Svouts ot' America. and more chapters than Sears- Roebuck and Montgomery-YVard com- bined. They are the men who have made Ole Miss. They now worship at their shrine the luminaries. G. D. Baby Ray. Custodian of the chapel, sc-renades the coop nightly. singing over station G.I.N.. "The breath ot the boys ot' the dormitory." Stall- wortli goes madly on seeking to be an- other Cousins and tryin: to win favor with our Chee NVQ-e. .Inst another S. A. E, trying to he a D.D.D. tfoers , . . ttfeiisoreilj, .Tones Fl-drie takes lie-e Collins' post and the army goes madly marching on. And last of all we have Cousins, the man ol' many keys. But I presume too niur-h, I promised to leave him with a. question mark l?l and le you dear readers till in the rest. P.S.-Cousins just dropped in and said to lf-ave Steamhotit Nloori- out o' t ': write-up. u......-I:-"':::""""I"H:"' fillllllilllll' '7'--::':i:Hnuu" alilullunuuunmllhnuulullll' llllllllllllllu-45. llllllllllV I lllluunllunnu' lllllllllli llllllllll!" --nun. 'uuuv 'u- il ,.u -.llll Jnvllf' lllllll uglull. ,unullllll .qnllllllllll .alllllllullllll lunlllllluull llllllllllllf nnsununnn nlnllllllnr .l.. , lllllluuu nun 4.::::l'llllllllllll. .noun-nnnnuuuulln f alasnlulloliillllllllllll. -ull- ---nusulsllllllllllllllllllllllll' 1ill!-I2:22.1"""""'I'lIIIIIl" . -- lllllllun I '-"-"" - fir ull.4nunulul llllllllllllll llllllllllllll ---unnuunl 'zlllllllln ,lllllllll lllllnul, Illllllllt 'lllllllf lunn. 'li- ' llll lllllll: 'llllluu -nu .llllluugl llllllluur lllllllll lllllll.' Illlllll --.......-.Eh 'lllllllllll illllllllll. Wllllllllll Ylllllllll llllllllli llllllllll' .unuunni . llllllllllllll unnnlllni lnlnllllllll , ,,,,..nnnun llllllllllllllls f---------:::::a. nu !::::lllllllllll Illllllllllllllf nnuuuinu llgulllluuu 'unuunl liIiI2"" 'llllI::::. -uunun 1 'uunni 'lllllill 'lllllll iluv lll nn ill! .mst-f-15 :9VIen who made Ole Miss ... .. , Ill I ull V Il . 1 - X wild Q1 Ill? 5' . i 0 t ll not . K i t his Is it powverfor whatfthat the Five Mules have in rushinax? I"'Vh1'1lis it's just "look over last year's annual at the XVho's XYho sectioii to sei- how we late." 'lhis year, though, they had to wi help from their good friends t'?i Tri D.-lt to railroad in xi hill' dozen of their 21112. Mari' -l"1lHl'IT' and Mae gain pulilivity for the ehapter by their well known little est-apade. and they all do thin hestgrnueh to our disgnistgwith suth sorry material. to rate like H--, They elaini earnati-ins ls their flowers. This year it should have been lilies. 'l'h- 1-om'--it of Barnett and the eaotisni ot' Donald and Ayeoek add muvli to the prestige ot this group. I"oL1'!, Owen and Norquist llriltl loith in i desperate politieal effort to at least make the existeine ol' the Cii2lllIr'l' KIIHWI1 till UN' Vililllllla- M115 we suggest that this chapter be dul-lied the Five i-- rather than the Five Mules? They have li one redeeming tai-tor, Steele. How they ever lured su'-h a prize into their midst is niorf- than ui can tigure out. P. P. P. And, now Comes the BIG SHOT grouh. Please, dear reader, don't consider these little ll-llows in 1 serious frame of mind, 'Phey were never eapahle of havin: a serious thought. However, they did f their share of the freshmen last falls-poor little fre-sliies. Mitchell tries very hard to edit a sum.-esst'ul annual, but with Taylor on his mind he was able ti do very little. As editor ot' the annual he sponsored fl yearbook free of politics no l'l'5Illli, and lan GIHCUOUSS and-for ont-e the "Ole Miss" emnes out without any polities being eoiiiierfteil with it isays you. you fat. overstuffed prune! l ! ! li BIG SI-IOTSfDonald and XVilroy. Ot eourse when the editor got ready to release this hook tht-si two BIG SHOTS told him that he would do so. The wart, XVilroy, eontinues to glow sparkle, :liste and shine. as one with that title is ac-eustomed tu do to oe notieed. He had to nm-all-et his torn pOSiti0n as President ot' the i-lass in order to supi"rinti-nd the yearbook. Donaldfthe p.ilitii-ian. Thx BIG BOY. YVonder it' Ole Miss will eontinue to remain open atter he Qradnates? The Pi-earlier, Ii-in ever, seemed to be able to hold Bill in his right plat-e most ol' the year. Fortunate for the l'nivi-rs' though, that no one ever paid any attention to either of thi-se BIG SHOTS anyway, Just for refers-nf-e in future years we would like to herewith ret-ord the tact that Bi: Ilill Dong and Tobe Bowles were the originators of Sex appeal on the tile Miss e-impus. Bob Smith, the only Sensible and quiet hoy in the group tried very hard to hold up their aver. gr with his bare but studious attempts. Bob will lie president ot' the Iuka Silicon Mines, In.-.. it he yan stay away from NVilroy long enough. -YS Drotessional men think that this "band of jolly good fellows" would make a fine group ot' 11' fessional tarmers. in tart that is about all they are anyway, XVe prediet that Tohe Bowles will he thi first one ot them to get married. He made grave and promising attempts during: his senim- y.-up tt, raise the standing ot' the fraternity at the coop. Page one hundred ninety-Jcfven d I i i i y F41 N 7 l ' i . i K 1 I ' ' ' i ' .Q ' lj 1' . , ,S f ut 3 f E iii ill 1, .pit lx ' Q Q, .-,. ool ig i w -is s i f, ' - 1' if iii S l 2 .3 . 3 ., ,. n, A Q. Ivl' " . il '- i 5 533 tty, -.V 'IJ ild -' J 'i Q i o- '50 - - 'run ou.: Miss. 1932 - - XVith the passing of the BIG SHOTS we know that the fraternity will be the campus. Uh, yes, we forgot to tell you that the name of this group of slim, under- quicl, reserved. refined, unassuming, unnotieeable and otherwise unheard of as the Phi Pi l'hi'se-the Three l"s. tPJroperly tPJron0unc-ed QPJ1-osperoug, 1932 "Ole Miss." DELTA PSI forced to withdraw from nourished, sickly-looking. group of boys are known since they took over the Ah. but just the name ot' Delta l'si takes us into the realm of the grand and the sublime!-VVhat every Delta Psi imagines! But when we ol' the earth beneath look upon the members of this most exclusive order we recall the old adage, 'Tonceit is a characteristic of only the most ignorant-but you. good readers, should have the greatest admiration for these boys-they are making a very brave :ittempt to be nonehalant under a very great handicap-Delta Psi. Th-e fat-t that one of their exclusive erowd had the misfortune to "get his walking papers" rather upset them for a while. But they do come down from the pedestal now and then-This matter of fraternity houses! These boys made a brave attempt to start things off in this line-but seemingly forgot their old motto "Only the best". However this was during the summer-and you must remember, good readers, that this hot weather sometimes causes us to throw discretion to the winds! But this is certainly a poor excuse! Last year these boys did have a little weight in campus activities-but they do not cut such a figure this year, having lost some of their big men last year-notably Jim Vollor. who, they say, is directing affairs from New York City. They also lost Lent Smith, Calvin VVe1ls and Henry Bobo. and we must admit that these men gave the chapter a bit of prcstigeebut this was last year. However. they still have Red Miller and the Smith Brothers-They should be able to initiate this year if the rest of the chapter will do a little studying! And there is Harry Roberts-he should have obtained a little more advice about fraternities on the Ole Miss campus before he came here. Harry, with his uncanny power ot' hypnotism, should be a great asset to the chapter, especially during rush week next year-lt looks as it' hypnotism will be the only means they have left to keep from becoming extinct! ALPHA TAU OMEGA Czar Gideon Abernathy, the pride and joy of dear ole A. T. O., is still polishing it up about the campus. XVhy don't you and Gober give up college life and go to the old veteran's home? The University is looking forward to such a treat. "Doc" Monroe? Nvhat do you think? The matter must be dropped. Fair ladies of the coop you will now be entertained by Howard Gover singing you a bar- rooni solo with his whisky tenor voice entitled "Oh How Dry I Am." Rooster Royce hasn't been running around much this year. Guess the medicine has him down. This strong silent man of the south, Guy Turnbough. has been quite a big figure about the campus. Now Guy, why didn't you tell us you had a daughter of marrying age? The idolized Jack Burke is a fine example of an A. T. U. scholar. Guess he has been going to school all his life to learn how to run. The pitiful part about it is that he over-realizes his greatness, What a shame! But the ole A. T. O. brand just will crop out. Kenner Ellis hasn't got any power-it's just that some girls like to see a show when they havcn't anything else to do. Never could we forget Billy Pyle--he's so cute, and to think that he is a typical A. T. O. ta big nubj. Father Time John Hopkins was a freshman twelve years ago-and still only a pledge. Ah. the successor to Shoe VVilliams! Just charter members of the Royal Order of Perpetual Pledges-the R. O. P. P. The pledge button must be cheaper as the majority of A. T. O.'s wear them. Heinous Jeff Busby seems to be trying to follow after some of the A. T. O.'s-Gober, for instance. The entire A. T. O. bunch is as near nil as possible, so how could you expect this to be readable. DELTA TAU DELTA The whole Writeup could be concluded by just stating the name of D. Collins, by popular vote the Biggest Liar in school, and by popular consensus of opinion the man with the least amount of pure intelligence living. However, out of a sense of fairness, we feel that there are a few more men in this chapter that deserve the notoriety of an honorable mention in this paragraph. Take for instance, Noblin, the man who has the unknown charm for the women which no one has yet been able to discover. Noblin has been known to say that the dumber they are the harder they fall and we know for a certainty that some of his girls have fallen mighty hard. Then, also there is little Hawkins who for the past four years has been trying to get a college education-ther-e is little hope for his ever becoming educated to the extent that he can figure out for himself that he is not good looking and hasn't got 'IT'. There is really so little to write about this club that the writer is more at a loss of words than overflowing with facts. They have done nothing this year that justifies their existence here. In fact they have not even been thought about enough to be talked about. BETA THETA PI Get a load of this. brother. The Beta's have the intellectuals, the Beta's have the athletes, the Beta's have social lions, the Betafs have the best fraternity on the campus.-OH, YEAH? And three rousing Bronx cheers. XVhat with Jack Ewing, the stormy little editor of the Mississippian, who had a thought when a mere child. and since that time has been resting on his laurclsg and Leon VVheelis, who walks around like he has just layed an eggg and the Mc-Illwain boys: and Perry Maupin. who thinks he is the worst little boy in school and is slowly going to Helly we might add another cheer from the Bronx. VVe sing the closing number, and if anybody wishes to join Beta Theta Pi fjust anybodyl will they please come forward on the last verse. They say their colors are pink and blue, Pink and blue, tcarry on above. falsettosj Doesn't that sound sweet to you? They used to have some darned good men, But they haven't had one in God knows when. BETA THETA PI. Page one hundred ninety eight - - 'run ou: Miss. 193 - - PI KAPPA PHI In looking through the list of fraternities on the Ole Miss campus, we End that there is one here by the above name. Not knowing whether or not it was simply a local, we turned to Baird's Manual and find that it is a national fraternity, After a very diligent search we find a few men on the camnus Who wear the Dill Of Pi Kappa Phi. we had at ni-st thought that these men were s. A. EAS. due to the similarity of the badges, But unlike the S. A. E.'s these men believe in quality, not quantity. Butgsuch a quality-Clayton, etc. Each fraternity has long striven to get a hold in M-eridian, but with this stronghold, fraternities such as K. A. and Phi Delta Theta liaven't a chance with dear old Pi Kappa Phi tD911I' to the hearts of all the COUNTRYMENJ getting all their men from here. After looking thoroughly and carefully over the student body, we find that the-re is a great lanky, lean, long man who bears the name of Archie Carraway. XN'e wondered what fraternity this man belonged to, as he was a transfer from Tulane, and after a private conversation with him in the deepest of confidence. we tind that he is one of those Pi Kappa Phis who was sent to aid his dear little brother Ethridge. that big man from Meridian who is in quest of social prominence for the fraternity on the campus. To these little boys, we suggest a good dose of salts and a prayer that Santa Claus will bring them a nice big package from Meridian next year. KAPPA SIGMA TAU The name of Kappa Sigma Tau somewhat brings to mind an old adage. "B?3UfY troll bl'2li11S Seldom go together." It is a matter of conjecture, though, whether or not we could apply this to them at all-YVhat do you think? Vile must not forget, however, that the Gamma Chapter is a member of a sorority that has been bravely trying to gain a foothold since 1922, and has just succeeded, VVe leave the judging of the outcome to your own opinion. good readers. During rush week Estelle Taylor and Beth Smiley used Norma Gex's Blue Heaven roadster to advantage-or was it? Several rushees succumbed. But we understand that some of the good work done by this group of girls has been all for nothing. For some reason tone can only eonjecturei two of their pledges were dropped from the ranks. They either could not get along with the girls, or was it that the girls couldn't get along with them? It must have been the latter! YVitli their town crier and news agent, Judy Mauffray gone, the K. S. T.'s do not get as much notoriety as formerly. Then. too, the fact that their dark and mysterious lady, Boots Compton, did not return this year was somewhat disheartening. Therefore, in conclusion, we bid the Kappa Sigma Taus farewell and hope that they may hold their own next year!!-May Brannon go rolling on. KAPPA DELTA But they have a good chapter at L. S. U. And it is certainly pitiful and heart rendering to realize they had'to call in several alumnae to keep the pure emblem of Hava-Tampa on the heaving breast of dear little Mayme lwe used dear replaced for Red's adjective-expensivel. Even for them to think that they have the slightest chance for the overcoming of the Ole Miss campus in greatness, is purely a misinformed idea placed in their beautiful little dumb heads by some ardent and for the present admirers-and even they are limited to a small number of unknown personalities of the campus. VVith the departure of 1930's Miss Ole Miss. Kappa Delta took an extreme slump from which it is doubtful that they will lever ascend. And this C-ulley person, you know, the Rah Rah Girl-she might solve a part of the problem to the extent that they might see daylight within the next ten years, but that, too, is doubtful. Mary Quinn Doak-but why bring "that" up? In fact, the whole bunch and situation is a deplorable problem for which we see no solution at present, It is a perfect example of trying to and car1't. PI KAPPA ALPHA Oh, yes, there is another group on the campus, a supposedly fraternity, which through courtesy we cannot overlook. They are commonly known on the campus as the 'tPo0rly Kept Arphan" boys, but their real name is Pi Kappa Alpha. These boys forgot that there was going to be a rush season last fall, but they had so many transfers that they had no need for any new men anyway. This crowd lost their "big shots" through the graduation of one Nolan Fortenberry and Jesse Graham last year: however. they seem to have gotten along just as well without them. However, their oldest man in the faculty, their only strategic politician, their only official shiner, their only chance at the coop, and in fact about all there is left of them. Simon Leviticus-, still continues to haunt the campus and vex the co-eds. C.-Xnd you must admit that this is not saying very much for them.J "Bean" Irby tried very hard all of this year to keep the chapter going on the DTOGI he made on the Mississippians. Skeeter Webb wanted to build the chapter a new house out of what he intended to make on the bank. Yet. both of them found a hard job before them. and in an attempt to fill the place formerly held by Fortenberry and Graham while they were at the helm of the '-Mlgglg- SIPPIAN". Anderson and Irby were a complete "flop", Hardy Graham tried very hard to fill his brother's place, both in the chapter and at the coop. Just keep on trying, Hardy!! Russell Y00m9d all year with Snecd in order to keep Sneed's mind off a certain Delta damsel Tough, Ramsey. VVe can't h-elp but wonder whatever became of this Johnson-Fulton aff'iir't Chatham and his "sweetheart of Pi K. A.," were also missed from the campus this year. lVe wonder if he still smokes nickel cigars? ' And, remember Children, "The Shield and Diamond" still publishes pictures for heartsicl' l'1ds"' Oh- yf-IS, we f0l'g0t to fell yOu dear reader. that this is the Gamma Iota chapter of Pi I2 more easily recognizable as the Dam-ma-I-Owa Chapter. ' ' " Page one hundred ninety-nine - - 'rim ou: Miss. 193: - - KAPPA SIGMA The so-called Kappa Sigma fraternity is believed to have been founded by a bunch of Greek Thugs while enjoying a brawl on a starry night. We wonder if thc Kappa Sig's will livc up to their old custom ol' prohibition dances and have a whiz' bar at the next onc. Some of the lodge boys have bei-n trying to k--ep up these traditions by staying in a spirited atmosphere. To dig into all the truth about the chapter at large, would cause this article to be censored. It is best to take the members scparzltcly. These are just a few of the shining stars in the Kappa Sig's Hall of Fame. ".Iuny Roy" Love's political inilucnce and power is credited to his smooth incandescent shining' his Valentino actions with the women, his polished manner of a dignified senior, and those big blushing red ears-"careful, .luny Boil don't bend your fenders when going through a door". "Chi" Reid has the campus fooled. but we are wise. YVe know he is only a "pill" trying to be a. big "shot". It's a shame the poor annual assistants have to work und-er such a nub. "t'hi", have you been in the annual office this month? Ah. Don Juan Townsend seems to be trying to lead some ot' the freshmen girls astray with his diplomatic voice and his innocent face. Really. lion isn't so important. its just his imagination. llc is not Napoleon. but just a little poodle being led around on a chain. Eh, Vvitty? Dear Billy Bac-on tries to uphold the high ideals of the club. llis "Y" work at Columbus almost was a bust. NVhere is the sign with minus 'WVU-"? VVHEUII Long? Nuf said. Say, Billy YVatson, was it the spirits or the sorrows that enticed you to L. S. U. after the game? C. E. Anderson and VVarrt-n Stewart along with the rest of the freshmen have hopes of becoming real Kappa Sig's some day. .lack YVynne's power is unknown, so he thinks. Hc really lives up to his name-Xvindl SIGMA NU The only reason Lee Cossar hasn't been on the blacklist is that they just can't tell wht-ther he is drunk or not-or when he is and when he isn't. They do agree unanimously. however, that his incandescent shining is a definite trait--and refer you to the psychology department to determine whether such action-presumably passed on to him by the blother of last year-and doomed to remain in the family as long as there is a Cossar on the campuseis inherited or acquired. Little Gilly loves to buy cigars-though we must admit that with VVcathersby hanging on his coat-tail his popularity has been greatly diminished. To XVeathersby we must give the credit, however, of changing him from a good ole country boy to the most conceited, fashionable. and worthless specimen the Phi Mu's have been able to produce. Cuss Pigford, after various attempts in other directions. has tried to run dear little Carol Carr away from the coop-and judging by Elder's actions he is doisg a very good job. However, Elder makes three demands of his-if not more-that he quit wearing boots-they show up his old cow-punching days too noticeably-that he at least try using some hair-grower-and that he cease his associations with Pee-Petsy-VVillie-Williams, To the freshmen we give this advice, knowledge, or whatever you may wish to call it. They pledged six menfevery one of them the last night of Rush NVt-ek, when they knew the other frats had shunned them. Excuse us. Charlie, but they blamed it on your order-the rest of it wasn't so bad. And while we are on the subject. don't overlook the opportunity of meeting Mr. Linson-Mr. Charlie Tomlinson-who braved both XVynne and Fogg to win the race in the style show. Just when XVynne seems to be settling down. Fogg changes her mind and starts the Wynne blowing all over againiwtsre for you. fellow. VVe make these consolations-Cossar hasn't but one yearQPigford will scrap his boots-Bland will quit rooming with Ray-and he really is a good boy-if you don't know him-Billy Denman will quit school-and Sherman-thank heavens-will NOT be business manager of the "Mississippian". Gentlemen, we love you-love you dearlyebut the further we are separated the more we love you-and not, we assure you, merely because you ane termed the sig-Manures. CHI OMEGA fCows, Oh My, "The moving finger writes and having' writ moves on." From the storm-lashed coast of Maine to the golden sands of California, from the fog-bound shores of Vancouver Sound to the orange-laden trees of Florida I've been called on at many times to do many things. I've herded sheep on the lofty mountain tops of Montana and wrangled horses on the burning sands of Nevada until at last I've got a job punchin' "Cows", so please bear with me for just a moment. Founded in the wilds of Arkansas. the home of the Unger Boys and the Dalton Gang. they say that they have grown ever since. Nurtured in the State of Slow trains and Wild Cows we mustn't think too hard of them all alone in the cold, cruel world. Every fall they take down their trusty hardware and oil up their old riatas and swing into the roundup with burning descriptions of past glories and seeking to brand new mavfericks. Say! and what a bunch they do tangle in their snaky lines: Gee and Gee who might he called Cossar and Mt-Haney, so we'll just leave them there: Holmes and Provine who heartily endorse Octagon Soap to keep that school girl complexion, and Sturdivant who wavers between Nowell and Dee Fedric, Dyer is the one who can talk a goat out of his hide and horns and make him throw the hoofs in for the bargain, just a little sheep in Cow country. Ford is an Old Timer who after singing the Cowboys Lament was able to call back a Don Juan of the past season. Herron -- wait a while. Love -Q, giddy, girlish Love. just the pride of the Bar X. O. Ranch, Kcesler stays at home and dangles hier lariat for Coers, Davis takes the train for Kay Cee, i. e., Alabama, and tries to shoot up the town. Some people ain't never gonna larn we got civilized. Society ain't everything. VVe wonder how she gets along in the Old Home Town. Foe the rest just ??????'?. I ain't so good at this job of Punchin' Cows so you'll have to imagine the rest, dear reader. DELTA KAPPA EPSILON And now, we come to an illustrious fraternal organization-one of the Big Ten!-But there are forty-six chapters, and Chi Chapter is only one of these! If anyone doubts this, the boys of the chapter will be only too 51011 K0 bring forth that tby this timej well-worn heirloom of a charter, Page tfwo hundred - - 'rmzlous Miss, 1932 - - which by its rusty appearance strongly indicates that they are a member of this most exhausted order. But even with thc name of D. K. FJ. to back them up the results of Rush XVve-k must have discouraged even the members of the chapter-but the illustrious founders of the Ordvr must have turned in their graves! The loss of Fugatv and Cheatham seems: to have given the chapter as incvntive to pI'OS.'I'6SS-At least, there is not so much talk about Prohibition and the Volstead Act among the would-be admirers of D. K, E,-not gpyaking of Chi Chnptvr. But we must not overlook that publicity man of thc chapter-Yearger Moss. VVe did not mention his name with tho otln-rs because he dues have some redeeming virtues. Cheatham and Philips, however. contributcd a great deal tfrward keQping the chapter on the Social RL-gister-but this activity seems to have boon very ably taken over by Lai-ry Fellows and Shelby Maxwell. Girls, bc-wvare of these two men because we cannot advise as to their tactics just yet! Ah! we almost forgot tn mention one Leslie Darden who has sucldcnly concentrated his fr-minine magnetism on one of the faire-r sex-Be careful, girls. and rlon't tie your string tori tight because Leslie must keep his mind on Law another year. Since the boys took Vvade Turnage into the fold. tha-re has be-on an upward trend in their average-and with the help of Dan Pvtlrson the prospects look briirhtel' for initiation this ye-ar, Till' status of the chapter would have certainly fallen even lower if they had not managed to invieiglv a little intellectual material into the group. Ancl, anntlim' thing, if they can just live flown that old reputation of being prcjudic-ed against Prohibition, they might he able to thrown off their handicap and at least come to the surface! DELTA ZETA VVhy doesn't the name Dnlta Zeta bring to mind somo more invigorating train of thought-Ulfli endless cycle of books and the library. tlw library and books! Someone might wonclur. however, if these girls always go over to the library to study. This is a question that has :L lirornpt answer- yos! This is not a large group. In fact it seems to be diminishing each year, NVQ wamlvr what could be the reason for this. Is it due to the fact that intelligent girls are becoming inon- sczu-cle, or that girls are becoming morn intelligent each year? The chapter lost a ggrrlat df-al of prestige when Mclfarlaue was graduated. It was she who put the chapter On a firm foundation-but with her graduation the props became somewhat shaky. XVe wonder if the Delta Zetas are going to do any rushing next ye-nr? The results this yvar werv nut so 1-nc-ouraging: but we must remember that the depression probably kept the rushn-es at homo-at least the Delta Zeta prosper-ts. But cheer up girls, butter conditions are around tho corner. And Louisu Wooreii-tlle social possibility-Oh but never mind! They at least have old alumnus Patten to help out. Delta Zetas just remember that evvry cloud has a silvvr lining, and that in the process of evolution through the Centuries, the order of things may be reverse-d-and the-n, Delta Zeta, thy name will stand at the top!-Perseve-ranr-v is the thing. PHI DELTA THETA This sid group is judged generally by its three most prominent branchesg the group itself. its faculty members and its national sister sorority. Delta Z6-ta. This group, who is housed under the guiding proportions of Judge Deavfiurs and his rlaughtvr, Liz, is headed by the big, had boy. Evon Ford, of Sullivan's Hollow, Evon is 11 good old 1-ountry boy. He rooms with his fraternity brother, Miss Douglas Nash, lato u non- Mrs. Martin as Dean of the Music Svluool, Thus. we tain- a lllok at roll reflected in them. Governor Bilbo, feeling so sorry for this group in tlwir Q-ffm-ts to prestige on the Ole Miss campus decided that he. as Governor of the the best he could for them. Replacements include Chancellor Pnwvrs, frat lady. who has slivcveflm-cl these boys :md sue the vntirie climb the ladder and to gain State of Mississippi. would do Deavours, Dm-:ui of the School of Law, and Coach Smalling, 9thle-tif: Diref'tol'. They are proud of their alumni and justly so, for Governor Bilbo recognizvs them. To show their appreciation In Bilbo, they have offered him a bid. but he states hastily that his deed was merely onv of inorc-y. Beautiful and blissful is the bond that is never severed between Phi and its child. Delta Zvta. But these dear children. fed from the breast of their mother, Phi Delta Theta. are fast growing into the buxom, blithe, and mlebonair likenchss of their parents. But parents in this nmflvru clay, in their efforts to keep up, frequently need assistance from their offspringings: this having lwcln noticeably ?h0Wn by their lat? avhievement, the winning of the scholarship vup. VVe commend you, Delta Ze-ta in helping your mothor. Phi Delta Theta, "who we-nt into the arms of death to give you birth." DELTA DELTA DELTA lDoodle Doodle Doodle! If you have rod hair or an approach th-ereto. if you are personally acquainted with the All- Americ-an-Pryor Bailey. if you want to get into a chapter that is absolutely free from the mire of campus politics, and if you have an unpvnc-trable defiance for all men, then you, too, f-an be a Sistvl' in this great organization that for years has so dealt with mankind in general in such a manner that it is dubious just what the ideals and standards of the sister-hood really are. The pure uncanninoss for men of popularity is within itself enough to stamp this bunch as one which is seeking personal popularity and pleasure. If. while observing them during the hectic plea and attempt to make them- selves the largest club in existence, you will kindly pay attontinn to the Mighty Stinson lwhy fresh- men 80 Chi OYUPEHJ. the iHGXh0F3bl9 HIHYQT fbiggei' and better Miss Ole Misses'J the indubitable Stevr-ns Qin hibernation this yearl. Martha Gilbert fthe tee hee hoe gi:-IJ. Tearful Dickens 11 ain't got H0 blltt"-3915, and Mal MCCO01 'noted for hal'-D0pularityf?J J. you will have no wundvi-mont at thu fac-Q that they. are the most renowned group on our campus. They are as individuals and collectivelv typified by be-mg geniculatc, incommensurate, omnivorous and immisciblra among themselves. A Page lfwo huundred one 4 4 THE OLE MISS, 193 4 4 PHI PSIS "Ile that tooteth his own horn. the same shall remaln forever ln a. state of untootinessf' Yes, so say we all in one loud voioe as big, bold, he-man Ellsworth breaks out in another of his fancy goose-steps and groans in the ears of his victim, "Our boys are not worried in the least over the house problem. Oh, deah, no. We already have sufficient funds in our treasury to build a lovely house, etc." Pardon me, girls, for bringing that one up again. But then there is Pryor and Yvebbie and their interests must be taken care of by someone and you know they don't want to be bothered by a bunch of meanics running around over the house raising whoops all the time, so let us drop this fraternity house business. Now and occasionally there comes to my ear the rumor that this McComb club of misfits actually pledged a MAN for pardon us. maybe we should have said a freshman? during rush week- this year and maintained high hopes of misleading another innocent victim until that mean old bunch of Delta au Delta tuffies rushed him away to parts unknown until rush week was over. Ed Zwingle tor is it Elmer Zilchl still maintains that they should have pledged at least ten men if the sassy old garage man up town had not been holding Klotz's tQuick Henry the flitl ear in pawn for a gas bill overdue from last year . . . we are in good spirits at present at the prospects of not lliwiflg this uf. of-well YOU Cl2lSSify them, I've only had three years of Zoology-with us next year. We understand they are all applying for positions posing for the pictures used in Ballyhoo and we see no reason why they should not be used. Anyway we are hoping for the best because the more we see of Phi Psis on the campus the less we believe in fraternities. SIGMA CHI XVith the last straw of the famous false pride broken, what else could they do but steal away to places of solitary confinement-It must be terrible on Skinner after all these years-Our hats are off to WVorsham, that diminutive leader of minority opposition, for his heroic efforts in attempting to keep this group from completely flying to pieces-Associated Student Body meetings afford a glorious op- portunity to display "sour grapes"-Fay McHaney, that would be bad, bantam, battling baritone from Tupelo-They are even making a desperate stand against U10 possibility of losing their last claim to notoriety on the campus. ehief and leading consumers of fermented juices-Oh death, where is thy sting-VVhich one of their lot of moron pledges will they hold up as having bumped the whole campus off??? NVoe are we! we are in the land of our enemies, and our sins have caught up with us ,... Picture Biggers at each meeting offering fervent solicitations and prayers that the Republican party, in toto, will stump their toes, break out with the rash, or ev-en drop dead, bet'ore'tho spring elections-Their entire chapter, all six of them, join in the chorus. . . But "not tonight, Elmer," some other day . . . yes, yes, of course, we understand that these are your trying times, and you have heartfelt sympathy. . . . . S. P. E. Hark, hark, the dogs do bark. The Sig Eps are leaving town, Some in rags, Some in tags, The freshmen turn-ed them down. Under the able leadership of Mounger, that crooning fool and Arnold Smythe tAmcrica's greatest lover, and ask any lawyer why they call him Angel Childj the Sig Eps were too weighed down with the troubles of this all too material world, to be bothered with rushing Freshmen. On pledge day, freshmen were too well up on the subject to be bothered with S. P. E. The gods are indeed good to freshmen as well as drunks. KAPPA ALPHA Admiral Byrd, Mike Conner, General Robert E. Lee, and George Howell-four of a kind that beat the color flush of Phi Psi. According to all we can learn from Worry lVart XVells. this order is round- ing out the most successful in the history of the chapter. There is no doubt to this fact if an observer will recall Beard, Dean of the Law School. Howell of pugilistic fame, the poker faced Eikner. a student instructor of straight stud, Hopkins. who is president of the all-famous 4-H club. and Singley IP. PJ who is janitor of the Elite Club. Although the Tuxedo Plan has gone out of existence on this campus as an aid to rushing. the K. A. chapter finds that-well I shouldn't say that they could make a man a member of the Cardinal Club. And to think that such an organization as this has to confine itself to the Sunny South when so many good wind-blowing, lanky, uproarious and illustrious pledges are available in the iceberg regions of Greenland. The chapter sorely misses the all-powerful influence of the Mighty Thompson, last year's powerful candidate for the editorship of the "Mississippian", as they have no one upon whose shoulders can be cast the worries of the whole chapter. However. sum- ming the whole outfit up, I can say that it is a fairly remarkable feat to pledge seven out of sixteen "little brothers." Page two hundred two 4 4, THE-OLE MISS, g 5 Ulle Miss in 11950 Sue was busyl The bed had to be folded back into the wall, the gin bottles con- cealed, and the low desk which was the remaining piece of furniture in the room dusted off before turning on the radio-vision instrument for ole Doctor Kennon's class. She sighed enviously as she recalled how simple it had been for her mother to attend classes way back in IQ32. But here was Sue on the 22nd floor of Ward Hall getting ready to tune in on a class being broadcast from Dr. Kennon's country home fifty miles away from the noise and bustle of Oxford. And the heck of it was that the professor could see her every move as soon as she tuned in on the class Even now Fred was sounding the claxon on his Autogirosubmaero CStraight 325 on the roof. Ah! An idea! She would put a dummy ther dressmaker had insisted that she buy onej before the radio and trust to luck that she would not be called on .... And now we Cand Fredj have Sue in Fredls new Autogirosubmaero. As they flew near Dr. Kennon's home, Fred tuned in on his class, being careful to detach the reflecting screen as it was a serious offense to attend classes outside one's own room. Besides, it might give the professor quite a jolt to see Sue in her own room and in the Autogirosubmaero at the same time. Those things weaken one. Dr. Kennon was saying, "lf this isn't plain, just drop by my office and l'll explain againf, At exactly that moment the engine began to sputter and Fred realized that an immediate landing was necessary. The Autogirosubmaero seemed to remain still for a minute and then made a dive toward the house below. With a crash it tore through the roof and Sue and Fred looked down upon a bewildered Dr. Kennon. Sue swallowed hard, thought fast, and-announced, "You said we might drop in so here We are!" "So you are," repeated Kennon intelligently, "and I'll give you IOO for your prompt response." lx x iii. N 1 .: I 25 , XXX Z l A' if ddr. . f f 2 2 , i , ,K ,kfbefs e'ee s, .ff .- ...Wy ff? W 1 if fri? f s Q ,i K XL? ie 2 ,gi l r i Q ,- fHl,rxtltA1 i- M 4xiQ N IS0 ,2T1:, 1 i 'QQ--is Q- 1 ty tulip -lil yiffrg y Q T l llll ez f-Hair' Mfllf ' if is -x U 'l'l"" 'f ix , I l i l SQ a t ati f in if' l ll l I 1 X 'TX A l J, I s. .fs-c. 7 i if Q L ,X g ,i "Aw, come on and cut that class." Page Z4-wo hundred three liilllll lilyfit Lilly ,l lrlj i If. li? t z - ' l m I, 1. ll A V, I. V K if, tw' if 2 5-ls Q l -, r E , E. V 11. if i 9. l l l t l I i i t m v L g. I i l .gTF?lME5S.193Z 4 4 l , e. CJ . .1 Till, eynieal, antl yyith the peculiar gait that marlo X greatnev. 'l'hiN gait nNnal'y tlireets him into the ulliee e thirtl rate pnhlieatiun lor want nt wmething 1 yynrw tn mln. llwtuwetl hy' wine nl the lever fraternitiex nn tht eatnpnx, he hax nevertltelew entlearetl hnnxell tw the Nttitlentx in Nneh a yyay' tltat they yyill Nigh with ttltcl 'tyhen thix Nell-awtnnetl and stuclietl gait nf 'rv itnpnrtanee lyevmnex :1 yhahhy' limp antl they may give him another gate! l7nn't tell ynnl Yun kneyy' it :ill the titnel XVhn mnltl tail tn itlentify thix tnemher nl' the intelligtntxia? ller 'tay un the eatnpnx hax heen wr hriel, yet htr ineterrr-like awent into a per- nianeht pn-ittnn in the nttntlx nt het' tellrm Ntn- tlentx leayex het' Ll little lll1lliL'IA than she wax fYt-N, Nye think that! pnwilmlel, :intl lnreex tix tn smile Nmngly in a enllege-in-tlifferent-lr1rm-high- wltnul-I-gtte N wrt nl yyay. '53' x '31 S. Y. my limb Qluxt a little lfreylnnan Prive Iiahy-hu-htnn -with a rnyxterimis Ntnile strangely remi- niwent ut Saclie Zileh. This little enttntry' gal hay ennie to town antl Hanntetl her Ntthtle eharrnx lyettwe the eyes of Ule Miwes' male populace-to no avail, She ix qttutecl ax Nay- ing: "I never yywvn an election thrnugh pul- itieN." tSayw ynttlllll ."Xnyyy'ay "Beauty is only Skin deep." Ule Nliw expanclx the yyell kmmii ehext, yyith the prnverhial pride and is limiting tut'yy':1rtl tu getting her money' again- er-yye mean-having her with tix anuther three yearx IITSEITTCSN THE CAMPUS DRIFT I THANK Goo IWHO WROTE THIS? I ,yy ,yy yy yy QTHE UNBALANCED PAPER, L ,- Volume 0 University, Mississippi, Sunday, May 34, 1932 Number 00 WEATHERSBY-IJUIIIEY SIING BRILLIANT HUP .S F SOCIAL CLIMAX OF THE YEAR HELD GREAT SUCCESS. Friday evening marked the social cli- n1ax of the year when that inimitable young twain, Miss Marion "Red" XVeath- ersby and Oscar "Get-Hot" Dooley danced their respective ways into the hearts and feet of their fellow-students-- again we say, respectively. The evening was unmarred except for a bitter exchange of words between Nlessrs. Dooley and Iohnny Gilliland, the latter hissing dire threats to Dooley un- less he promised to cease flaunting his ir- resistible personality at Miss Vllcathersby. A soft glow suffused ,Iohnny's eyes at the mention of "Red's" name, and none present could deny that his was the action of pure and unadulterated love. Dooley was indeed the lion of the hour, his abil- ity as a host leaving nothing to be de- sired. During tl1e first no-break, which the couples danced to the tune of that lilting song-hit, "And Now You're in My Arms," Miss IVeathersby seemed lost in the mel- ody and strong arms of her male peer in the terpsichorean art. Not a girl on the fioor was able to stifle the green attack of the Demon Jealousy. Indeed, the secret of Dooley's charm lies in his elusiveness. No woman could safely give her heart to this super-man, for he laughingly professes his motto as regards the weaker sex, "XVomen, like birthdays, are here today and gone tomorrow." But what can the world expect from a gay youth born into the world with the gift of laughter and a knowledge that the world was mad? Dooley, miId-unas- suming-unpretentious, frankly admits that he is not a piece of the Cross. At twelve o'clock the charming host and hostess bid their hosts of friends and ad- mirers a fond farewell, saying off and on such original things as "the pleasure was ours," or "do come again," and "invite us to yours sometime," and "we are open for election again next year." POLITICS INTRODUCED ON UNIVERSITY CAMPUS Cousins Appointed to Head Committee of Investigation. I'niversity, Miss., May 34, 1932-Vl'ith a scowl that would take the purr out of any peace conference the student body looks upon the unheralded advent of pol- itics on the campus. The sons of Ole Miss may well rise up in righteous indigna- tion against this demon, Politics, who has so subtly slithered his way into the hither- fContinuecl on Page .tj UNIVERSITY LAUNDRY RETURNS SHIRT BUTTON Investigations Under Way As Play For Publicity is Suspected. l'niversity, Miss., NIay 34, IQ321 Strange have been the events to occur on the I'niversity campus this year, but never before have the authorities and students been so bewildered. Baffled, that's the word. Our reporter has studied the mat- ter and can think of no adequate way to prepare the unsuspecting students for the iolt thev will surely receive from the knowledge we have recently gained. That is why we Put the crude facts at the head of this article. Alack and alas, and alas and alackl A pity that such a mignificen' record should be broken in its very prime. Detectives have the following information to report: For fifty years the I'niversitv Laundry has had the distinction of being the only institution on the campus which could con- sistently handle the dirt on the campus without outside help. The .IIirri,r,vipjviar1 has tried and failed. Statistics prove that the .llirsisrijvpizln has a slight edge on the Laundrv as regards the filth put out by both. These statistics do not include the figures for 1931-32, as the printed com- parison might result in a bomb outrage. But we digress. Back to the returned but- ICH. VVhen questioning XVhite and Montgom- erv at the Laundry, cflicials noted the sig- nificant fact that employees suspect foul play. The manager of the Laundry is quoted as saying: "Before washing the shirts, mv men al- ways carefully pull off all the buttons VVe do this for various reasons. Some of the employees are button-collectors just a' some of you are stamp-collectors. Also. the buttons make excellent toys for the children. They fthe buttonsl are simple ro string into necklaces. bracelets, ear- rings. and other forms of iewelry, to sav nothing of their effectiveness as artificial rocks in the bottom of fish bowls. There- fore, I can see no possible wav that one of mv men could have overlooked one of the shirt buttons. It is mv opinion that someone stole a button and sewed it back on the shirt. thinking to put us in a bad light with the students." QUOTATIONS "I think we will be able to effectively curb the evil influence of Politics on the Ole Miss campus by 1950. I intend to take a post-graduate course in order that I may still be here to see the completion fContinued on Page ll CAFETERIA SERVES REAL STEAK Wilroy Solves Heavy Mystery Surrounding Campus Luminary. I'niversity, Miss., Nacenber 40, 1931- For the first time since that vague epoch referred to as the "good ole days" when Simon Fortenberry was a mere bristly- pated freshman upon the campus he has since brought honor and distinction f--of having the world's original "perpetual Peter Pan" in the form, guise, behind the wax moustache, etc., of an ordinary hu- man beingl to, REAL steak made its un- heralded arrival upon the tables of the new cafeteria. Like a sinister snake fnot to be confused with steak this timel, the individual cul- lets lurked behind the proverbial "wo- man's skirts," in this case represented by hits of surprised parsley, waiting to strike ilead-with surprise-the first student to detect its presence. Imagine the awe that filled the hearts of those students, who had for years depended upon the cafeteria steaks in half-soling their shoes fthe T- bone variety is the only one unsuited for shoe repairl, making useful door-stops, key-ring covers, patching holes in the roof. and numerous other things requiring the use of hard, durable material. "Hunk" Roberts, with his never-ending supply of appropriate ceremonies fhis most notable performance being that of the XVilted Blotter in the burial of the lilackinkusl. was the first to sense the strange phenom- enon. Leaping dramatically to a position of lofty, though perilous, importance atop a nearby chandelier,-and there are always those 'unkind souls who will say that such action was premeditated-, Roberts GX- plained in a few well chosen words that this was no ordinary event that the stu- dents of this decade and l'niversity were favored with. Immediate plans were 'nade for a ceremony. Simon Fortenberry was the first man to speak, he being as mentioned before, the only man present who had ever witnessed a similar occa- sion on this campus. Fortenberry Reveals Sensational Clue. VVith his customary carelessness and disregard for the feelings of others. For- tenberry wandered off the subject, relat- ing the following anecdote. ,As is usual with all speakers who want for soriiefhlllfl to say, he began with a weather discus- sion, to wifi ' "XVell, it used to be the custom in my younger day, for all those in need of a for coat to man the family gun fthe one used at Aunt lflettie's weddingl and dis- appear into the forests where the. city square is now located. Sayt five minutes later, he would emerge in a fur coat." AI this point a few previously instructed Eco- nomics students tittered appreciatively and fC'ontinued on Page 4l Page Two e ampus rift Brough! forth neakly and ininillingly by the family pl1ysici11n. l11111Hy 11.l111iH1'.f 115 QWIIQVI 1l11.v.r 1r111H11' Ilf l'111'1f1m1111 l"11r'111. Staff I. N, ll ni ...,. llinlflfll' 111111 I.'!11'11jw I. Nl. liiffii , . lz11l11111fl1'r of I-i11111111'.y Editorial Staff I. Iil Rl' . ..,.. ,l.Uf.vfllIIf lufilrn' If lit vu- .,..,. .loiylfizzf Ii.Ij1111 XVII I ll lil Rl' ,.,. ,ll111111!fj11!, Ijaliflfl llxl N. lil Ill' . .l.v,yiyf1111l .Il111.'1111in1f lftfilnr U1 io lil lu' .,,.... Kms.: I1'.fi!11r "li, U." Ill lu- , . .Y1'qe.v Ifililnr' rlii in", Special Correspondent Hi 1 iosis Hi 1 i1.i-sxieks Reporters liysxn lllllll tlriii-,l,i.y l1Ro.yo Ift ri rr: XVvsv Business Staff IIARKII' kV.Xl'l'l' . . .1.v.ff,ll11.y1111'.v,v,'lI11l11111,e lost IXIt'l'Rl'L'K . pksst. Iiusiness Nlanager l,yos.x Soi-.y . . .l.v.vl. lf11,vi1111v,s .1I1111111f1'r 1ll'ilf1 flffllfllfffhl In ffn' .lIi.v,i'i,v,vif1fii1111j THE MISSISSIPPIAN It has recently come to the mind!yes there are Sflhlli editors of college papers who really have this nnich-discussed and coveted thing commonly known and care- lessly referred to as a mindMof the Edi- tor of the fjflffffft' Drift that a word must needs he devoted to hlessrs. liwing, 'l'own--end, liriley, and Ilerron, v ho this year have courted the efforts of the gar- hage collector to maintain his rlifiicult 'oh cn the Vampus. kVhy these four elusive youths feel that then' own particular dehris, thi' .lI15,v1.f- :'If1fi11111, should not he allowed to 1:1-cipy .l a place along with the other trash scat- tered ahuut carelessly on the campus is a question awaiting the attention of llerlock Sholmcs. lt is indeed a commendahle concession on the part of the hug-hearted collecter tl even volunteer his services il' . , , , I the removal of tlns nonentity of pu p and press Ile-the g. c.-is running the ri--k of spoiling to the point of lleelessness his odious collection which evokes some small plttance from the farmers who are care- less ahout what they feed their hogs. 'lille discerning farmers would hesitate to pur- chase a load hespotted with ,II1,v.ri,v,rifyfw11111.v It seems strange that knowledge of this -shall we call it a puhlication?-should have leaked outside the realm of the cam- pus, hecause the students have shown un- laltering loyalty and watchfulness in their efforts to keep this, their own sin, to them- selves. 'lihe liditor docs not intend this as :1 reprnnand to those students who once heralded lack liwing as the much-needed hackhone for a iellyfish puhlication. VVe only have pity and sympathy for them in this LLIUNN deception. l.ike the tight rope walker who, tripping gayly and hlitheiy across Niagara lealls. suddenly rememhers that he has forgotten his umhrella, which THE CAMPUS DRIFT served as a halancer. In truth, liurns must have known the astoral form of -lack Ifwing in another life when he sagely oh- seryed, "LX chieI's amang ye takin' notes. And, faith, he'll prent it." Vredit must he given to the little force for their matchless wit and suhtlety in the way they handled the incident of Hugh I.ove's election to the position of "Bach- elor of I'gliness". No one donhted for a moment the editor's fFwing'sJ ahility to understand the true origin of the title given Mr. I,ove, As a matter of fact, Mr. lining has taken ahout every linglish course that the school can offer and his true interpretation of the "Bachelor of l'gliness" cognomen could not fail to he the one so universally recognized hy all who have had only half the work he has covered in the departments of Literature and Iinglish while at school. XVith the true stroke of genius, Mr. Iiwing pn'- l1'111l1'tf that he thought the title a literal In fact, he went so far as to insert a facetious statement to the effect that no student would want to he referred to as the Bachelor of I'gIiness. ln this particular editorial just men- tioned, Iiwing reaches the epitome of his vast storehouse of knowledge. How lim- ited is the numher of editors who would have risked the puhlication of such a supercilious sentiment regarding the high- est honor that can he given to a man on the Ole Ihliss campus! XVe salaam you, I'll say we'll slam you. f'Iihat crack was indeed worthy of don townsent himself.l Then, to top it all and show you that he was the veritahle Prince Charming willing and ready to pluck the seven hairs from the tail of the XVahoo fish in order to win his fair lady, Iiwing comes out with a forceful article a few weeks later he- rating the Clarion I,1'1f1f1'r for "writing something they knew nothing ahoutf' flow superh! To have the stamina of spirit to seriously discredit one editor for doing something he himself had done not a month preceding. Of such stuff are hlown-up paper sacks explode, they make a don't worry, lack, we tory I.uhricant. 'l'he lfditor of the Cullfgr Drift trusts that there are no super-sleuths amongst us who think that he is prejudiced in any way against the staff of the 1'lIi.v5i.s'.vij1pi1111 The men who puhlish it have always heen mist kind and considerate of the ft'f'IIl1fl'f of all connected with the l.'u1f1'111' Drifl ind the Ulf' .Iliff staff. VVe are firmly convinced that Ifwing, Townsend, Iirilev, and Ilerron can carry the mail across the desert. It is with a catch in our eyes and a tear in our throat that we do not cor- respond with anyone across the desert. filled. Once they lot of noise: hut use Srnith's Audi- Quotations fC'ontinued from Page tl and success of the ideals for which I have fought." -G, B. C'o1'sixs. LI lllllfflllllf fi1111rr in tl11'.K'111i'11lin11 .lrmyl "lf placed hutt to hutt, all the cigarettes which have heen f'IIlClCRl"I'I.I,Y given me hy my friends and others who didn't like me would make a line as long as from 1,y1-gum In the Postoffice. Un the other hand, if placed hutt to hutt, all the cig- arettes which have heen 3 Drinks Later given me hy my friends and others who didnt like me would make a line as l ceum to Oshkosh, Main -I Ilftfilur nf "lff1f111'r llllfl 111111 of I.'i1f11r1'Il1' li111l.s ong as from I,y- c." Icon lloi-kiss. Ilrllrr l'1'1'.n'r'1'11- in .llIIl'l'ililIIIj "After carefully consit from all angles, I think lering the matter I can truthfully' say that I have never deliherately set omit to make a girl fall in love with me. One is either endowed with a sonallty such as some o scintillating per- f my friends are fond of saying I possess, or one acquires Zl l't'l'i1llll ZIIHUIJIII of .HIT nil' fain' through ,. contact with one's inferiors. -ti11.:y1.yx Rein. flftlilur of "lineto I llitf lllzzmnly Snul"j ll .lflcf lfffllg "'l'hey used to call me "Moping Mary." Now they call me "f'heery Chee-VVee." I can truthfully say that I was never so surprised in all my life as when they told me l had heen nominated and elected." --Minn' ffllisx Ulf Lonisiz Mfxveks. Miss for 1031-3.22 "It is my sincere wish that this rumor ahout my heing dropped a child he corrected. on my head when It makes Mother appear so careless. I have nothing more to say to the puhlic-until the next time." -Mnvts VVRICIIT. ffvllfllfllflj "I am thankful for my significance of guns and 1 knowledge of the ither army equip- ment. An ignorance of and disregard for these often causes a few the wedding." minutes' delay in -I.1EL"1'. VVn.Rov. 1.1 big .rlmll "I will stay until the its feet." ll'1'ry bury rzofuz school is hack on Btfxk Ronriers. lfill you 'LL'IlIf.?j "I'm through with Spring and all it ever meant to me." -Oscfut Doortiv. KIV1' r1'fr11if1I N A TAIL- 1 rr'5 N A'SH NO -X ALWAYS SPOT, 912 Shmo LIGHT X -A 1 f Tab IVWWE Z -P We U CAMPUS REPRESENTATINE LEE' CO SSRR X Q I ii- i I Il X Z .g HITS me 'YF if :Z . 'f '- ' ,- I I I ' O. Q Page Three 10 Drinks Later Sunday Comic Section 'lr 'k 'Ir if T BUNKER I-NLL .JR. ENTERQULE MISS' -r Ana M Q, Mm-:I wem.x. HH-L A6 Yowvz ALAS ALAS ALLAY YOUR TEARS, HERE You ' Y ooo ' Neveni HAS Souo ANDIIPRQYUSED L Mwrvxerz DEAR! Yovw. AH' ME! 'FEAR ' SHALL DROP GEOMEVVLY, I WOVLD MY PEFNl,DEMU ii" sow ss-mu. MAKE -me FROM SHEEP- EXHAUSTQON paver.: NOT Apuqgli You -ro Mamma THM- axpomo NAME OF. HILL SHKNE -rms He,-:vac y2ef3xs1AhTxON x C ENT?-VL THE ENGXNEEVL- nwouno ee: ....... 5 CQMPLETL , gg Bgpva Qumxgmf mar Sam:-om. IF xou ARE A pgfwoufs """c AT -'on.E. M855 'ff '90-QALL A A L A . , ALS? 5-TZNXCT ENGKNEER.. g Hpwe: nas INTRP-C scuoox- ff - ' ' " "' , ' ,. OU 0 . 'cgser AT MY FEET! fr ij FooT BALL. LIKEJONES, ff u '-2 , gf u 1 1, i , E 3' ff "' N N " X N -- f' 2 X ,ay--Z 5 , I Q- I . ,.. ' ' 42, fr mn I , , 5 : A, M z. 1-' .-- ' , MW- ' f -iff 601 v fm- 21,44 .1 Q E -.. 2- f -42. ' "z.,,fff.- - QM? , ' You sE.El pac-ron, IINTCND T0 'IAKE THR COURSE. IN SECONDARY EDUCAToON ANP MAJOR IN PSY- CHOLOGY, AFTER. THE. FWRST Two YEARS lNTE1'f2.S?CI19lIOC1' 'THE REG- Au, Me! Mv mamma UE-l-YCIHT wS me camomflow SPov11'! GUY TURNBQW HAD SEITTER Loop: To HBS L.AuREl.s, QR HE'L.L FlNp HQMSELF ovLl15HPhOcw- ED. THERE xs AN gxcCu..EN1' Puwrj V FROM AN AESTNETIQ xgtv-J Pour-:T , DR, ZLLLEIL! EQNSTQU-vs New THEORY Sui.- PASSES THE. c-1.0 PRINCIPLES oFASrRoNomY A: DOUQN BY QOPEQP-we-JS on Qvm, Psyqqa-x.oQ44A1.n.YlHow5uE-0-, IT Does' Nor sgvoa QF THE MQOEILN 'DEH 06 L,aF'l! LAKD DOWN BY KANT vvhfl ROUTHQE vukfki Busxr-M255 X ' A 'A'f ' " A AND Fgguo. sue,,Jem's ,., v - -- ,., L., I Q fx vw X- f 89. .. -' ' 'X F H 1, fl-:Zi qu ' 'Iii L,.- HMM-THE mo Fir ri: " ' A- ' ' .1 Q 1 Hs- -f ' 12,-7 3 E "" ? MM' Kal? Q ' 5' Kev ' M ' - 'ix f . - 1 I " A X - - ' fl l 1 fr N - 2. JO fi I- -fs! I ' Q L' 'T " -P - "ff-fmi f -.- f cn- f 1. . X mug 11. F1 X , QLQBCH 5 - .f - . f ffgi . . L 1 Ag, How 5:-RQU0 My MOTHER"r Tv-AE "Nx15S13sxP9xANs' SUPEP-G ' 0H,MY ANQLL, 1CANNoT 1 No, gummy, T Mus-r BE QQ: me ,wouoj BUT Towfcn-nj MY swzir? oo of-1 Wm-uovr You, PLEASE. ,C-AN NOT HK IAM Q-,pawovner wcmzx wav caww' wc ovhsuwqi SAY THE "-'OWU 'WM 'N""'- MARRY wok. E gp CARRY'hjQ 5, MANY 4 so os-'T AND emayk, YQJQE MAKE You MRS QUT VM, BE E KEYS- vm Beam- , THE moo'-I -.xemv AN., A UA'-L"'c' BUNKEQ "W A swsrca To NINCT To x.0oK LAKE I-'5T!N T0 THF- L-ll-TQNQ' orccguejg How HAPOY' You, , Menooqesg - W A ' gouge mm-me YE WJEE. BEE LOUSINS X-,,,... . ,,,...f-Xffv ', 'A 5199! AH, wE1.1,, Ins 4 ,: .1 MI'-A f . ! ,Q A - ' ' f R' .' 7 S FHNNE-v I L Qu, : I - ,I , -x' 5 -, A' - ff , - PA N--X-X-ZELLJ .yu ,914 6 - 4 v 44-in 1 5511. Q ,Q ,,. -ff S I WW: -. '. .l,. 5 -1 W :P LA - EY V '- Z .L ' X WHOOPEE'f l'l.L Snow 'EM AI-L I 04,633 NO woman cm-1 SPUQN THE. Love OF BUNKE9. r-Hl.x.,J9., I Yer, Qumwleuuom, u AOFXIT M1 X C,uu.T. SINCE You SAY yfvxusr C-10, l SLJPPOSE. 'THAT IT IS BEYT, How-l,os-x HO'-I, LAN xi-:ACE NN Oi-IAQ. MoTHEP.,NOv-1 ? To -rr-ur-us ltr-Aouvb come -ro -ru-ue, Awven. ALL THE POND pugf "HE l 1 ! E .SHALL Leave. su-nom. ww- H095-S SHE NAS cv-newsweo Pop. Mes : MEDIATELY-OH, How MY ITAINK xsumd. cmwefa W " "' ' - e A ag! A ' MV NAME To Some' l . C - - l POOR H HD LH . M- gh , -1-H,NQ-y IAKE HQLLQKX Q . - f g -Y if T 1 , - 5 -X -.. 5 ff on HKL.L.E'.N wafer S' ' """' 5 ' 53- AND PLAY FGQY BALL. V E- s Q 2, LYS Ex ' X pow. 50A-NE EASTERN A 6 - ' XX X! " UNNLKMTYI V-'HO WM- hht' . ' Xi-Q -- - 7:1 VA-f fvxe v.bEL,L.4 No 1 Z q-:'--T ' 0001311 P ,appz -Q f -5--Eiga 11. sv' - -- ' x K f f" 42- A ' Q Z. ix ' W! f X' ""j ffuifl I li A? . -" 419 W, ",,,-ggi" , , N N , --- " 'Wm nnvocuif 4 fig -1 I f f - -X -re QE econ Page Four Cafeteria Serves Real Steak IkIlllllllIlll'tl Il'tllll I'ap.1e ll the Qltlllllllllg jlIlNNt'l'llILf Q.fIt'llll ill l'ilII'lK'lI' llt'lI'y'N eyes slloweal great lll'tlllllNt' ol .Ys .lllkl ll 's lor the Nt'lllt'Nlt'l'. Ile slliltetl llis aluial to another t'lll'Ill'l' ol Ilis IIIIINNIYV .iaw Jllltl t'l'llllllllt'll. tlne alay Ullllt' lI'1lt'Ixlll,LQ lllftlllgll tlle wooals lll Nt'ill'l'lI ot lllt' Il coat, I t'll1lllt't'tl . ,. upon a whole jllllljl ol 1lllIIll1lIN. XX ltll th.- ll'll sly rille llllll hall lltlllt' such a gooal ioli on l'lla'le .kllll'lllSt'lllLllI lyklllll llettit-'s hu-f llanall I anna-al, lll't'll once, a lal IIYK' lleasts lell. lour ol them were illllxt' so I NlillIllt'll lllt'lll lol' my coat. 'l'lle other Illllllllll was 'l lleautilul, stripeal, lIlINlliX'lllIlt'tl animal. I took it hack to school lllltl Illlll the cook Io prepare it tor Illy supper. ln a'o'lclu- Flllll, I wish to say' tllat it is llly sineere hope lllill llllN llll'ill ltllllgllf wlll lIll'2lll as lllllt'Il to you ill the future as llllll mea' has to me." Much applause-laal hy Simon lTtll'lt'lll1t'l'l'l', Iiolloweal ill the lllaill hy Slllltlll I'itll'fClllN'l'l'l. Detective lumpeal tlp :lllal announceal llllll Ile lllltl a NllIlt'lIll'lIl to make to the newspapers. Wilroy Solves Famous Mystery Mlftll' years, aleteetives tllireal ll: the l'uhlic Salety' Squaall have lN'l'lI striving to tinal the real reason llellinal the mystery' stlI'IitlllllllIlIf.f l"ortellllerry's inahility' to ge. .l tlate on the Ole Miss l'llIIlllllN. After lis- tening.: to the lllll'lIlj.f ZIIICCIIIIIC Ile has just tolal, I lllll now' prepareal to presellt to thL worlal my solution wllicll will explain the w hy's, wllerefore's, Illltl in-as-much-as wllicll's of tllis man's alateless existence. l"ortellllerry' confesses to IILIYIIILI t'2lI8lI 1' IIIUNI llllalesirahle allal ullappeti7inl,f ani'na' whose name sllall not nlake its inalelieatf mark on the pages of tlle Ijlllllfllll' llrifl. lt is a XYCII-IQIIINNII tact tllat clotlles may lle llurneal or lWlll'lL'tl llllll no lll effect: lllIlllIl1llIIt'll. Ill tllat case, we alelluce that . . . .., , ..., ..,, l'ortellherrv can not Ilope tor rellel unit' lla IN pushing llll tlla PIOXYIIXIII llll 1 s' Politics Introduced On University Campus lkltllllllllktl from Page ll to ullpolluteal polls ot popularity. No one as yet has lleen ahle to 1lNl'Cl'l1llll the al 'FIA Ylllltlll of Illls element III the Vllfllllls elec- lllllls oll the campus. Several ot lllt' hig lllt'll on the campus are Nllllllg to give tllelr lllllllVlllCll atten- lltlll Io tlns work lllllll the school IN lvlck on the stanalarals Zlllll hehillal the principles ll supporteal wllell l'IN'SQ' "Big Shots," as llllfl are lonally' relerreal to hy' their ll'lK'llllN, IIIWI came to schaol. ti. li. Cousins has lleen placeal at th heaal ol the t'fllI1YIllllt't' to illvestigate th matter illltl rollt out tllis corrupting ine lllIt'llI't'. lt may Ile well to note lllzl' ktlllxlllh has lleen t'llll'lINlUlI Hllll flllllf : lew posltlons ot llllpt1l'lllll4't' on tll- l'IllIl' pu s illltl no one is lletter suiteal to llllt'1ll'lll the lIlltlt'I'lylllj,I principles which lII1!llX'ZlTt' men to stoop to thc aial ol politics. 'lillk Iact lllill Ile has attaineal his present pl- sit ltlll witllollt the aial ot any foreign ale- YIt'f'N is aalefluate prool ol his llllt'ILl'l'Y lo quote c4llINlllN on the sltuatloni 'tXYe IIIIINI plll Illl t'lltl to the inllu nce .lea-I-tt-tl lly IJIIIIIIVN, II we alont, lll llll' alll ler la-ll years wa-'ll final llllll even ollr fraternities lllltl sororities will lleconle in- vollaal lll the IIIIFIVIIN' mesh ol fIt'l't'l'lIlll :lllal IF1llltI.H TI-IE CAMPUS DRIFT Bettonia Bettlesnicles Drscusses City Slickers lNole: 'l'llls illll'lt' Is resin-llllllly XXI'lll"Il Lllltl slllllllltt--tl lll the IUIIII llopl- tllat ll ll.Il Il' len-I lly any LJIIIP who llllly Ile so llllIol'tllll:ltl- as not to Ile zllllt- In get tllll III Illlyllllg :l -late XXIII! kkIll4lIlI I,ollu, Ilow- .ll-I Hola-l. lava' l'o,s:ll, IIollel'l Xtllll'--ll. N ll- Ily iklllXlXlll, :llltl lllllvl SIIVII llla-pl lllukll RluKlllfRSI XVile ill the lllialst of a lleautv lllt'1ll ol IN'llll.fl'll soap wrappers, I chokeal a little Illlll llethought me of several important hints I lliltl for you which will ellallla' you to alevelop Illlll a llllgllly' mixture of Ninon ale l,'lflla'los, Cllee-Xvee lylayers, tno, Cllee-XVa-e, we llllllll charge Illlyllllllyl lor the lIlt'I't' IIICIIIIIIII of the Il1llIlCl lltllll- paalour, Saalie Zilcll, 'AReal" XVeathershy ltllat I't'llllIltlS me, you lllllsl rellew your 1-olltract witll lllt' or your name will not appear ill any' of llly' other articlesl, llllll Iilsie l,t'lI5lIIUl'C'. lfirst, let lllt' XTIITII you .lg1llllNl the sort of lllllll wllo continually' plies you with gin, lllack cigars, allal veileal or ullveileal remarks :hout Ilow Ile llll5 a hook ill his 1lpilI'llT16lll Ile wallts to show you lin his apartnlentl. Despite your I'Ullj,':ll exteriors, olal llettonia knows .hat you wotllal he telllpteal hy' almost any' means tal get away' from the llltllltlltblly of a slnall town lllltl the llrutal fft'ZllII1t'llI of l llK'1lI'llC'NN step-lnotller. Keep ill llllllil tllat I wallt to grow up to he a Illllll like vou, alaalaly. On witll the alance, Coquin, what aloes the public Cafe if Minnie has the croup? I aligress. 'l'o the point. lirust only those lnell with pale pfllk tl'ltlllSlZlt'llt'5. lialitor's Note: VVilraly"s lnoustache is RICD. To UIIIIIIIIICI The worlal is full of the tlllelnplalyeal Zlllll fatherless chilalren, the former lleing hroke :ls the Ten t'ommallalmellts Illltl latter hroke the salne 'llt"ll. The only' alillerellee is tllat the sale of apples remealies the un- employment question. Now, the question is, alo all these llllIiIl0XS'Il Illlll llllllZU'l'1t'll Fathers just ll2lppt'll to alislike apples or 'Jill we hlame the superfluous population lll the aloerors? tRef.: Gray, Ealwaral- 'An apple a alay. . ."l Anal now, mall aleahs, my' carriage awaits without Iwithout me-heh-hehl lllal l Ilave Zlll appoilltnlent with my' tailor to try on my' new IIOII-ClllllllllfslllllC hustle. 'lememher tllat when your hair is silvereal, 'Jlal liettollia's heart will still heat for ou allal also for the aalalitional purpose of 'peeping life ill her hotly. lfarewell tllltil the next isslle of the Hc'Illl'll'PllN Drift". "MCDU T I-I -I ADPINESS ,X W' 5 Q Qlzltl-alll? ...W . tr ..-4 STORETEETH COMPLETE f.-3ETCa-weesb Flzela wma EACH sun' AT -X- Lobemf' Passed Out N.X'I'l'R.Xl. tits ,Iessye Stinson alitln't Nt't'Ill to take atl- Ylllllilgt' of Mr, li, Ii, 'Iones' gt'lll'l'4lllS Zlll- lllllll tlllllillltlll to the SUICICIIIN at tlle I ni- versity. VVe wollalel' it the olal aalage ahout the "apple" illltl the "Doctor" IIIIKI 1llly'llllllj,.f to alo lkllll this? NH flax X X l I l-IIQQXRIJ .XT 'fllli .AI,.Xll.XXl.X IJXNCIZ V.: "l'm going to Paris next summer for my' clothes." 17.1 "l was lust wondering where you were keeping them." Real: "Does your girl smoke?" Ralph: "XVeIl, almost." 'e hear tllat rl-IHVIINCIIII WYZIIIIS the Ole XX Miss hanal to play' at his lllllt'l'1ll-lltll he- cause he XYLIIIYS a military' funeral, hut he- cause Ile XYIIIIIN all tllose presellt to leel saal. 'e wonaler whv tllere are more asses alll XX D this campus lllilll tllere are horses. C.: "l hear you llaal a hot llate last night." li.Z "N1lXX'l I" ti.: "VVlly' not ?" li.: "Dial you ever enjoy' a hook witll the last cllapter llllNNlllll?H WANT ADS XVAN'l'l'fl7-A tactful soul who will whisper ill Hurt Coers' shell pillk ear the awful trlltll ahout wllat Ile fonllly' calls a varice. Applicants for position lnllst not he cllickell-llearteal if tllis t'l'fHK'lllj.f is to cease. XV,-XN'l'IiD-A young illvelltor to tell us Ilow to utilize sonle of tlarlanal l.y'ell':l superfluous feet lnot ill the eelltipealial sensel. The ialea ahout t'l'Cl'llIlI.I Zlll aerial alll one of his ears has already lleell patenteal. VVAN'l'lil7-lalalgillg for a stray' alalg. llN'lIt'l' will remunerate witll a lavish share of her good will allal affection. JXIINXVVI' aal llllllllillillfly, as the eoalp is ga-ttillg crowaleal Zllltl Ifogg can't take care of XVy'llll IINICII longer. I 2 a , 00J 0.l. l 51' Dlllll' V ,, Q U10 e fo ,fl R 09115, 9 V9 0' ng or QALITOM 1' T OA vuuwmuklis x Am LQ Q M ., mc, Qs QA Q X Q V Oy Llfe h Q' US nfs m w 0 cndenfal pleasures 'fl A O Hcres Sassy f Les-Vo 69 'fo 5, X n 12 Q S Oxrx 94 1 T1 Wv S ,AFM O Q9 6 ooo ENTH ul. x S xx. -N .Q 9 x sf The xx MV C 5 Pg Q I TIGQCY 9-Lx Q- J-Q5-O' I' 4: C' Is. Q9 fa, -as Q04 0 G5 Q O SW 0 fc A ilk XSXX Q Q' Q9 F I , Q o o lb "MI cz? 31 Here IS th i- Chr! A V e Convenient E A All O conomlcal ay N0 2 5, H70 Ing moment Oubxe gef 1 M ONE 9 x'-7 R C5 o Ochong TALK' EQQEACOQ VX Tepcmlclson J. Vxxeoxe A 2,5 4 NO 'E ff Q0 X Nmoncly ll aq 9 6 for rl exenmgs Z Q A S 3 "SIMON, A I N0 f Q0 I vi 40 F ab 5 was vixoxbx '01 dx 0,200 Q 0 'ag PERFQ-r '01 a 'KO' Q Q liqrik ,l'l," 'Off N I f I kl f "' " "0 P 0 THE SAF V61 4' , , JN E WAY Y' 9 ff ll w Honra A JN lo REDUCE S. A 4,341 I f? 2 05? Y All about the Weddangl A I C E L E C R I C 1' S 1' R O ? . ' - J . y ., X 0 QQ x 9 A 45' Q I xi A61 f 1 00: '55 X' ' ' 04 ft? fs 3 u ' - O ' : I 'ofzol '34 by "' KQV QP' J . f 67' 36 1- 'Q Q Z ' ' fx 'QV lj -OI' 411' .4 Y, Q90 QL X 2716 4' D ' " V 9 ' .l!J X G S K -N 1 I Q Q f I' Q ' 'I xx Q A 'O 5. 4 4X A ' y MM nn - A W 0 .yfx Q A tk xt 3, D, , Q 6 fl v O o Y Q ,N ivy v f no e 4 4 ' 1' s W 9 A 1' 0 K 00 s 1' 4 Q 0 I 9 44 46 ' f 0, Cx it . cs' 6 x .1 ' ' I C K X Q 5 - . so A ss' Q X ' I' 0 "' I, I , f ' A ' E 6 E F"0 Q 2' I 5 W :E or r"0p Q r ' 2:2 f ,, ,a A Xu Q ' Q 5 :E 2 ' 0 g L 1 L X 4 s ZX v' f ek Mu. OW' I r x'4eJ I , Q3 j 71 - 1 ' X1 Q Jul' fig-r A W! ' DUN 1 . UA Q J X 3 47 H Sf 2 'S' ' 6' ' ' W 3 xqir Tl, Q 4af,"'s- ' 5 Q' g 3? 2 B Q 8" q Q 2 - f' y as . ff S 9 6 fr af Q ve e xx . l P , A E- - if 7. ,P ' Q V' . s Q' 1' X' ' , . as S -, - 6' Q 5 Af. 4 Y I nfl 4 3 59 Q L Defi L ' - 'I . "' OW' 9, ,Q O 9-QU A 55-M O XR' do u V XS 48991 . f courSe Je 'il . A .- You mai' U50 my Q50 xx . ..' I name . . - Pfivahrl V!" fi-ru? : Q' i.,, f EH Sim 'MAJ' Q'-il lji F. 'Sli I THE OLE MISS. 1932 J 4 4 i -, 'I ZIC a "-' Psa 3' f s,45 'S- ,I 2, ' Dzmzbext Ea' . Dzimbest Co-Ed Noixiest Ed - . Noisiest Co-Ed Biggest Flirt - U'orst Boy Liar Hallll Of Shiaume X - OSCAR DOOLEY - MARTHA GILBERT . . .TOBE BOXVLES - . - - DONNIS NORQUIST MINNIE FRANCES FERGUSON . . - . - . DEE COLLINS Mos! Conceitea' Co-Ed - - . ORA ELIZABETH BOOKOUT Most Conceitea' Ed . ----. JOHN GILLILANII Ojfcial 'Shiner . . .---. LEE COSSAR Biggest Bluff . - XVILLIAM E. WILROY 42' Y? A sgiiw 1:42l2 7.f2'gTFi- EAWL I-fran? f'?i2'lI JU' 4 I.!.r' I.-ga'-:I ','f?'j .V E I Pllgf 11:0 liznnlrril irn Q -af, Cutest Co-Ba' - - . Baclvelor of Uglirzexs Most Popular Boy - Most Popular Girl - Best Boy Dancer - - Best Girl Dancer - Most Perfect "34" Vanity Fair .-.- Mlh O'S h O ,K FRANCES HOLMES - - HUGH LOVE - . - LEE TRAPP MALVINA MCCOOL - CSCAR DOOLEY MARION XVEATHERSBH' BERENICE STEVENS - - . ELISE FOGG God's Gif! to WOIIIEH - . XVILLIAN1 NOBLIN Campux Faslvion Plate - . G, B, COU51N5 lagc 14:0 llllfldffci l'lt"L'l'll Q. arm HU Nfl I - - THE out mss,w3z 6 - - S eff! ex -H -igugi 8: I . 'V 4 ,fzvxv M1 ,"' 1511 'VIW "H :1 4 , 1 .."1! .. K .Ni 1 1 -v, 71 A, fmy ml l ...M N. 'w IN , 'w 14, 1 PU. iw A , 1 , . :Vw -.Q-ffl K,, VW a Q., .M-, ,:1-, I :UH L1 r r 1 ' 1 1: qi! lu 1.1 ew .A f ln hide Looking Out xx Soy It With VI 0 we P :5 'f If Must Be Love" xx F'uqQy H 'Www Curxed With Sxx f:5Oi"kle5" Boqcwx V5 DQIWIM5 Y ! AQ Four- Whcfolg, and Ywermby H0Qls Pugr lfwu llllllJI'l'1i Mm wg- 7354? e wfii-QL 'ifw fw 1,3 .,,,,, ,ll ,ggi ..-frm , ....... , N., ' ,V 1' fr? if gm 'tl W Q Q W sf I is 'B' L 1-- -.-..-.+.m,.,,..,-...-..-.., -M- ,W M -vw The Annuals 4.-nv-' - Viewpohwt LOVQ, In HCS Simpleeb Forrn Politics in-. HIL., Gul ity Conuemfe Q-YQ S, EH.L+ Vxfhy . - - . , i i Tell ni: -EO fetternnun 1 T 2 Page lfwo fllllllffllll lffirlm-11 Fame We Ove rw look THQ Sanuk'-1 1 i gl :P if "f Eid' MEF' ,Q Wm' HMV 'Q 5 JRE d'.l'ceZZc7zCy flff . J"Z'6f2 awd "ChacxZ" V .7!ze ffzake flzlzcc' HOMECOMI G AY .7zzr1z.60 203' .Dchyc-fa' .364 cwi .Ze .72'y1zf qfike Cfayrfcf I ,Q , .7aar' Good Csffd' THANKSGIYI G DAY .fifanz 786-CJ' JZUZZQNO liaffef .Zac 63411240 A iff?-AT mg, L, .1 s ,F 4' - he Jwnforf bzf-"mfs-.f cam, Graazed G' ffx 07226 lfdf-EGZCHZPPJ' 62?!y J"?zzk-f?4zh,.f W 3 , r 5 Q hw li 4. ATM p 'l 1 . I I I V 1 S VHIWK ' r 3 I , , 2 1 1 a 1 V: Wksilkf A Lui? 5: -V ,,.. ,. M., bg . ci J 3 AN' --. 'I ...itil- if . - s ' L-1--1-: b! Fx. -,N W d E? ' E fl 3 r-1'-1-" Y ? , .Q E 1 ll 9, F ll' nl 1 PM ,uv Y ,..A ., 'XI h Q' KWHSQ. X932 Q Q uh. 'Wifi 46 i' H122 lJr'xhUly W KWQQ MOI nLlf lffovfi Pfyovi Checks Thcd: Pg.-,S ln The Niqht Three P'Ic2n47J-1411130 MON Page into IIIIIIKIITJ sixlrw . -. K V - ,. ' 'uw J 51 , w ms-4, ., , .V 4, Q fad iii 1 . -J .A "N ,a.I'w.. ' x' 2.1222 Q1 K' E "WZ-1 iam AVE 2 534 Q V, fb 4 ---9-4' Cnod Help The Fcocl Four Sofa Snakes ,.. 1 f if is af' Jw" ' Iso mQ E t rl C Pllflf' lfwo hzzminul ,nwunllfvll Hlqh Life A.-"V Q . fi XXFYQCRIQS " 5ut15fQLCEncJn Pevwsomfied For NO Good EJQQSO:-4 34 's 92 3 4. s .. if 25 5. J .fm n, ga 'Q 3:?f?' i 14 2,14-' 'x 3, .3 :Z f if fa .,. 1 J -1 Q n i 'z .S W s i 5 .1 3 'i 1 .Q :Su N11 1 .N Lx, .1 1 yfz - .fi i.. fm .fi A Ax HT 'J Lv. 2' T- F111 . . Qi is V31 5595 Y Si? 1315 .."1 Kfi ' 5 iss 'kwa f? kt, S U ,U li' 'Q W. 1 Ulf x' 's sf L, , 'VU ank- r' 1 JE!! si 5 n 44 STL it fl i, . 1 4 1 1 ,Z 4 I N., M.: H 3 . mmf 4 Q 3' . f,. Q ,Ev I M 'f , fx.. ,lwkg , V iii! ' nf .hw 1 fzifh' 5 s f I-D ,i ' W 'f f A . E I ,E CDH, s BRXLEY 41 ' i T ,- 9 f X , aeff4,.,ifrcf 'Z H V221 1 . . X 1- ox 4- ? mmssmssxvvy C f - t OFFEQE A? " L 'Z--ff .Jaw ,f ps W ff- 'P ' D2 , q gk X V-4 eg, N -ai. - Wi X l ,fi ' ,Q .wa XX N ... , N y 1 'YY E 39, X Q . ui L-Z, , 7 is If I X LX ,hivwg v A M . f QQ K i-Nyce if 1 f ff Www x. 'N I I Q, s 1 J was 'wi ' I M u V I uw Wg.-ig lVe gratefully dedicate this page to the Mississippian in remembrance of its many courtesies throughout the year. A 'YN -"1 X'-kk-fr ' URITUQ LL :ig Q ea HE OLE MISS. 1932 4 4 1848 1932 UNIVER ITY of MISSISSIPPI T115 LlN1v121zs1'1'Y CONIPRITHENIDS N1N12 D1v1s1oNs As Fo1.1.ows: The Coflrgv of Lihrrnl Arts, founded in 1848, embracing work in more than twenty departments leading to the B.A. degree, The School of Lute, founded in 1854, offering a course requiring three years for completiong The Srhool of Ezzgizzrerizzg, founded in 19oo, covering four years of a standard engineering course, The Srlzonl of lfllllfllfiflll, founded in 19113, meeting the needs of all who intend to teach in the schools of the Stateg The Srhoof of flI1'fli1'i11z', founded in 19113, providing a thorough course of two years, constituting the first two of tlie usual four years in llledicineg The Srhoo! of Ijllllflllllfjf, founded in 1908, offering a three-year course leading to the degree of HIJl1ZlI'Il12lCCLlfICZ1l Chemist," and a four-year course leading to the degree HS. in Pharniacyg The Srhool of Cv0llllll!'l'l'a" llllll Bzlyizzsss Jzfnlilzixtratiozz, founded in 1917, offering a four-year course leading to the degree of B.S. in Com- merceg The Gmdzuzfe Srhool, organized in 1927, offering work leading to the KLA. and RLS. degreesg And a Dizfixiozz of Uzzifurvsity .EX1'f'lI.1'f0ll offering correspondence courses and class work. The location of the University is unsurpassed in point of liealtlifulness and beauty. Ifquipment, buildings, a11d grounds, prior to 1928, valued at JSI,QO0,000. Appropriation of JSI,6O!'J,OOO by the IQZS Legislature for 11ew buildings and other permanent improvements, to a large extent already completed, will make a total valuation of QS3,jOIJ,UOlJ, Ifxpenses are very moderate. VVrite for catalogue. 4 - 'rms ou: Miss. 193: - - COMPLIMENTS COMPLIMENTS OF OF Dinlcins E97 Wilroy Attorneys at Law T176 Oxford HERNANDO, MISSISSIPPI Hospital Compliments of George E. Taylor GD GENERAL MERCHANDISE STARKVILLE, MISSISSIPPI COMPLIMENTS Oxford OF Service Station D. CANALE 425 South Lamar Gas, Oil, Washing, Greasing, MEMPHIS, TENN. punctures COMPLIMENTS 2 Miles Free Road Service OF Ph Gorton-Pew 565 - - one F1sI1er1es Company A GLOUCESTER, MASS. A - Tm: ou.: Miss. 1931 - - ONE CLEAR FACT . . . Out of a tangle of claims about gasoline . . . one clear fact stands out . . . THAT GOOD GULF GASOLINE is bought more places by more people in Gulf's 27 states because car owners buy on performance . . . the only fact that counts. GULF REF ININ G COMPANY GOLFQTENNIS AND ALL ATHLETIC SUPPLIES Diamond Edge Tools and Cutlery LSGLE MISS" PORTER B HARDWARE Co. eaufy 0PPe OXFORD, MISSISSIPPI Phone 183 COMPUMENTS Gafhright-Reed of D C Boles Shoe Shop rug O' 401 jackson Avenue "Trusted Thousands of Times Phone 89 Each Year" W. R. BOLES, Proprietor OXFORD, MISSISSIPPI BRING MOTHER, DAD, OR THE DATE TO DINNER AT THE PALACE CAFE Prices Reasonable VARIED MENU OXFORD, MISS. FTE I Q 4 THE OLE MISS, 1932 ATLANTA-SOUTH ERN DENTAL COLLEGE Four-Year Course, Leading to the D.D.S. N xx I 11 Bull I ll NI 1 1 I 111 111 Ill X1 ple F11 '11 1 1 Illll 1 1 IJ III I 1 ll 111 N 111 t Il III lI1l1 111 ll th E ti e- 1 1 I 1 1 1 IIIIIHII I quz 1 III IH1 I 1 1 1 I 1 1.,e XX 11. he 1011 up ll 11 t 1 1 F11 t lor Catalogue and Inf rnmtmn H nie DR. R. R-. BRXNEN Dean COMPLIMENTS CITY CLEANERS COMPLIMENTS OF Neill Jewelry Q37 Gift Shop OXFORD, MISSISSIPPI COMPLIMENTS OF DAVIDSON'S VARIETY STORE OXFORD, MISSISSIPPI "Everything or Students" Compliments of OXFORD CREAMERY CO. Where Co-Ed Ice Cream is Made PHONE 185 Memphis Coal co. Incorporated Mine Agents and Shippers 0 COAL AND COKE MEMPHIS, TENNESSEE "Growing With Mississippi" OXFORD. EA-GLE ENGRAVING, EMBOSSING PRINTING DIPLOMAS, INVITATIONS, STATIONERY "Your Business Appreciatedu Compliments 0 O E99 O BEAUTY SHOPPE "Beauty Headquarters r Ole Miss Co-eds" u. ..M.e-4+ -'4 -I S., -o-. hh e 43' 'M 8? ' ' A TF ' ,-F7 'TTT A -in 1, , ,, e or 77 fe ffiiigi' Q ':TTi:Eiii'7....:ifi,I E .......,...,..,.l1e....1e.-,::Ti,.T Tinf wg as . . 'run ou: Miss. 1931 THE J. E. NEILSON COMPANY OLDEST DEPARTMENT STORE IN MISSISSIPPI SECOND OLDEST IN THE ENTIRE SOUTH ESTABLISHED IN 1836 L. ..- -- WTO-OO www "P KW" 'ff 433 if ' .1 ' . , .-m..,,,-,., .. .. --11.- 14 Box of Our Flowers Always Thrills Her OXFORD FLORAL CO. Phone 500 OXFORD, MISS. R. TOH11iHSOH Combliments JEWELER OF OXFORD, MISSISSIPPI . OXFORD, MISS. VlCtTO1aS and Records EER? 11. ml' -I, laffq ' 'gals -is i I 3' 'a if w ,E 'S ' :ki , .,., -s 5 , , ,rl 5. 1 1 i -4 X fs Q1 2? , A4 :fy ,F fi iz if , Q Q 5 gg .1 lif f 1 ,I si :Q L7 l1?!'5.i ' F2 22.202 N JU' rf' ' L , K1 ., ,4 'f ff! ..r,,+ H ri N -3 U22 ,W s .:' 'fu?:.::'f! Jyw 4127065-' mm, 1,-few yi: QQTKL, ,,. QLWSEVK iff 5. , 9, ,fig '1 , M6 QQ e Y ,s I I .j .il .151 P I r :I I .f V . r " I. ., I Q ,u v"' 3. -K' 111 V2 5-Ui' 'Wig 4 , fgiizg' nz!! zz, - x 5552 al J, 'I js- ifl "Z L5 e.. ,W-1' UL -4 ,V , .1 W 'SSI 1-EPDM .- ,, 8442" :Jian mm' I LN . .,, Ivmi, ,551 pb. Eur- il p.,g', Q., .:L,.,,. s . , I ' . ii. I . 1 KU' 'N I I'.f' 1.7 r " rw viii-Q5 ,,,g.+, ,,, , if!! V ri-,Ag - -1 A '1 WL! 1,1 f 1, 'sl .Flifigi 'gm ny. ,lglm ajlfqli, 'ski I-my-I gqififh I . 3.,zg't. .IAW4 ffggv ,.i?yg,M I'Q!Z"'u ' I ,,,,. l.k1!' .vim JI, 5:9494 ,-figfdi Ei 55 , I ,, l 'xi . ati Ia fa 55, 4 4 THE OLE MISS, 1931 Q 4 Service and Quality FOR OLE MISS STUDENTS SMART CLOTHING, HABERDASHERY, HATS AND FOOTWEAR For Particular College Men Alex Loeb, Inc. "On the Campus" Clothes Made lo Measure By M. MOSES 86 SONS GLOBE TAILORING CO CARL COERS, Manager CONVENIENCE! SERVICE! SKILL! Food Prepared As Only Long Experience Can Dictate. Everyone Eats With Tom and Spiro! They Know How! SANDWICHES, SHORT ORDERS REGULAR MEALS-MEAL TICKETS UNIVERSITY SANDWICH SHOP "On the Campus" ' ' THE QLE 153552 E353 ' OUR CGMPLIMENTS to QLE MISS WHERE LIFE-LONG FRIENDS ARE MADE We Shall Continue to Serve a Greater Ole Miss With the Best in Pictures THE LYRIC THEATRE Webster STORRS- BROWN Co. Incorporated 1 Makm of DEPARTMENT Beau Brummef STORE A ' . . 'iegcan Indmdually 9' Y Stgrle and Quality Tailored Wzthout Extrava- fW AND Llothes gance American '00 Gentleman Phone 170 lu Shoes OXFORD, MISS. It ,E A P ,. A 15 'J QJJQ 1 , a I 1 r L 5? f, g T W 1 1... ii L av 1.1 . "7 1Zf!'S..1?f 1fg?'P'1f YZQSW, we M-- IQ fi P22-r ff Z 5.61 .!E,,f if we 2,523-.5 21314552 I , K i ft .151 . I . , 6 - THE OLEMISS. 1932 PURITAN CHEMICAL CO. Manufacturers SANITARY SPECIALTIES EQUIPMENT AND SUPPLIES SOUTHERN COAL CU. INCORPORATED Coal and Coke MEMPHIS, TENNESSEE ABRAHAM BRGS. PACKING CO Q 13.0.1-W' - Compliments of I", I A 5 I Yates Auto Meats, Provisions Memphis, Tenn. Phone 3- OXFORD, MISSISSIPPI Q 4 Co -' THE OLE MISS. 1932 Q ALPHA When in Need of Fine Shoe Repairing, Send Your Shoes to 137 South Main Street MEMPHIS, TENN. OMEGA CLEOS 'Where Service To You a Pleasure" 395 Hernando Street MEMPHIS, TENNESSEE Southern Surgical . Supply Co. is Hospital Equipment PHYSICIANS' AND SURGEONS SUPPLIES 893 Madison Ave. Memphis, Tenn Ole Miss Headquarters at Memphis Dc-:Soto Garage Combliments OF SPOTLESS CLEANERS 5 3 THEY I ig 5 f - gi S ., -.1 2:-x: . ,, ff 2. lug M HI' ll i f' ': , ,J ... "Needle-Molded" Clothes PARADE ACROSS THE CAMPUS DAILY Measures Taken at "Ole Miss" by ALEX LOEB, Inc. Tailored in Cincinnati by n THE GLOBE TAILORING Co. l., -i mon Q wfgavmfmzfunmuumm . xanax-.m . .I H1 I s 2 Y I I I Q ll 1 H Ei I. 32 4 THE OLE MISS. 1932 4 4 DE Always Ask For STUDIO Mfssfssfbbfys Elfte photograph ers MERIDIAN, MISSISSIPPI ITEN FAIRY CRACKERS and GRAHAM CRACKERS And Get the Best Iten Biscuit Co. Combvments Combffments OF . OF - Gooclw1n Crockery Clultons Drug Store Company MEMPHIS, TENNESSEE Complimenfs The Covers for This Book OF MADE BY Elisabethss Plce Transportation To and From Meals S. K. SMITH COMPANY 213 Institute Place Chicago You wflf ffncl cfancfng, clfnners and cfffferent clfversions THE clelfghtful at TEA HOUND -Q THE OLE MISS. 1932 ' ' New Hotel Monteleone Compliments of New Orleans, La. 600 Rooms 500 Baths .CLEANERS Altering and Repairing Cleaning and Pressing Radios in Rooms Garage in Connection-Also Free Parking Grounds J. D. KENNEY, Managing Director A. F. SPATAFORA, Manager Pl-10119 390 Compliments of OLE MISS TAXI COMPANY , of F raz1er and Coeurs Telephone 150 Bookstore CARS TO RENT COMPLIMENTS Headquarters at Y. M. C. A. C OMPLIMEN TS or Aberdeen Creamery Company ABERDEEN, MISSISSIPPI Plione 509 V. E. GASKIN, Manager 1 . H I 4 iff T7-iq lx U N 9 4 , tk ,Y Si Y i 1,4 I E gig: lp' cf iff E5 v e. we Q 5' I :cie- llifff Pi . Y I sf R.: .EEA fi ve' Iifj. .ig 'iii-i I xgffilii UL ggi 11 Al 534 lifyilfsf Elliifgai fi: JMS l'l 'f 2 NI 3-49.22 1uT'ffef' iiililfii 'Haig X375 I .iw 592 W .lk E U11 A lil ll rar I J le ' A, N N552 CBOLTO is STL DIC? Ifqiiippt-tl with mzuw yvzirs of przlctivzil t-xpmiciicc' :mtl cn- tlmvwl with Il Sim't'1't- tltwirc- to Illillit' tht- OL!-1 INIISS thc mctlium of c-xprt-Ssimi tm' Il pliutugtzipliit' zittistry that czumut ht- Sur- p:iSSwl, wt' lmw ggwun our hast cflurts in :mit-1' rlmr this Yfllllllll' cuiiltl hut pmtrziy thc' l'iiix't'i'Sity mul its Stuclcnts at tht-ir best. UH- Sllzttc with the Stuff their ciitliiisirisiii for tht- complt-tt-tl hook. l,l'lIIlill'lly thc hrniii chiltl of the Staff, wc fccl that this vuliiim- ut the fll.l-. IXIISS will in no Small 1lIl'IiSllI'C merit its pianist- ba-cziim' ot our cxirc-ful zittciitiun to tlctzul :mtl our tlccp thmiglit of tht- l't'l1lllI'L'I11CI1fi of such :1 work. 119 MADISON AVENUE MEMPHIS, TENNESSEE Official photographers FOR THE 1932 OLE MISS Nothing Missirzg But the Voice ALL NEGATIVES ARE KEPT IN OUR FILES FOR FIVE YEARS Annual pllotogragihy a .Specialty brighi pcgeslul E. i N, ,5 I gf X ff, 'X W'--a....., ,4J:hc:1: raflaci Hwoscz happy corefrczcz days has been our QOCII .1 .1 .1 .1 COLLECE3 ANNUAL DIYIfQI QQIfl N TI-IE HEART IMIE S UTI-I THIS BOOK PRINTED BY ...... IIHE WORLDIS LARGEST PUBLISHERS or COLLEGE ANNUALS EN sonl PRINTING CO. NASHVILLE KTEN N C0 LLEG E AN N UAL Il EADQUARTERS fzfyfeSf,Q1c1AQf1fIvfzffzzafzfaffa ,690QfZlbI'Z C5LS1Q1fzo1Da -ffewzcef V7 THE OLE MISS. 1931 cfqutograplvs 4 4 THE OLE MISS, 1932 4 4 HE book is ended, and with it my labors. fls the year draws to a elose we look back upon it with memories only of that whieh was pleasant. The pain is forgotten, the worry and struggle hidden beneath the glory and happiness of something areomplished and aeeomplished well. To my staff, and to the students of my fllma llfater, I extend thanks for assistanife and support. l have tried to record the pageant of 1932, the drama of the sehool year. If within these pages you hnd something to bring a smile, something to provoke reminiseenee, something to lzallow memory, my work is more than rewarded. To the students of Ole llliss I present the 1932 OLE-llIlSS, with the hope that it will in some measure serve to represent the year now ending. RALPH MITCHELL, Editor-in-Chief. LIDC-SX? N appreeiation of the eo-operation and aid extended me in the eonstruetion and management of the 1932 Ole llliss, l wish to thank all those who so kindly and diligently gave their time and eforts to the sueeess of this work. I wish to thank the staff whieh made my labors possible, the students who gave moral and jfnaneial support, the business men and business firms who showed their faith in our publieation by advertising in it. I wish to thank each and all whose under- standing and willingness to aid lightened the labors of myself and my staff. It has been a pleasure to serve in this eapaeity. I only hope, as I close my books, and you close this one, that it has not been in vain. J. GILMAN REID, Business lllanager. jr LL. 4 N. X '-ff. 'Nl g '1 WTP? , V, if ---- A. ..,f QL - If X19 N 'Q '. 1 A, xxx ,fx -A , lx' JV, X XX I ',N, S if!! R X ffgxm J '. X 'f'-T"-"""- - - -N---"'-'f'-gY-- 'Y A 53-f I 'f , x 'xx ,fit 1 A ' 'ww' " .- ' A ,.f"'. ' ' vt, X! ,Y 'Nl tv N' .fri 1 ' , V ' - ' "3 , pk' 3 ' i ii uf mv, I xr ,ix---1' '. ..-. KX, Q "A, ' j, . 1 . K by P .Q Y X 'x N , - , . t Q 2 4 2 1 .Q K s R K ' ' " ' ' ' xx ' ' N . MX X N , Nl . ' . 1 ,5 . 1- , XX X ' f ' . . . I ' .S A h ' , 4 . 4 . , 4 5 4 R 'W s.

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