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 - Class of 1928

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.DA jfq 5 4. 1 x - ! a .v' '35 IL ,arf ,L,. .- QQ I .Aft 4' , Vw, "'k"' -Af A wtf, 1 G 'A , 5 Q7 57 W.- ff A. 'A ,Q z . 1' . JB . , 1 V 1 A- ' ,K 3 1 3. ,. lu, 4' .3 5' ' -s JH 2? QE'-QW' 5 . . Q F. -6 ' ' 4 ,V 3 I 41 .Q ' V I ,QV I , jr 3 Pj, x r Q F af . , A 3 . 1 ..- ,u -,-X 1 . .1 'Q' '-FQ . ' , .r .-.A-57 fl 1' If P, X, x 7 .-A4 YV ,I S1 f Y O rl K 'WG IDX? 'N OLE 5 A "XA -N -M x .,..--1' im... ,u?.--J x , """"""""'K 5' y,,.,....... A W N l - - , --g M as f X-. f" ,ds f , Q7 , 'ff' ' Q' vxll XJ K, , gif' Xb 'N , f, Lf!! N ' fx -. QLQQQ 0 'Fail , 1 'w l H I ill' 1 m..Y J -7 " If Qopqlight 1928 VV. B. HAMILTOINJ Eixtor CARL H, EVERETT Blliinlifzr rV11ll'lEQlk'9f L ..,o . 5 L HL .X I4 fume IQQS OLE MISS M6dHmmm. vW Yew- Book The Urvivwsify of TN-ffississippi ' -'fm fr' , 'J V- - N . IJll5Q7Blil'lGfl by rlwf ffwesmm XAuuMrXXXH -,.i',,..-.. YN S 12 I R l l -- p.-.- 'ff if 'VH5 'NZD I r -.- - --4 Q H , Jw N1-J-f' f O16 Q16 I' , 1 1 fmx fftvmj fvum zfwu ummm fm V ' . ' . . HM'QMHVVwfM znuwwxnw Nun j'1 '1f!-L55 UP XMHK' Ll Sglnjflll CU7Il I7llllff I Ulihg uJurUwn of Haus UHJ H fwwxT,HLMvnukcupLn1Annum! 'I - - - f-v ff'-v mfmgfzfpznyg' Q1 nmrzf, 'CCL Hmi.?u1m pmxunwnmuxiwuuwh I . w I zu Lfm.1,'.f ffm :Jul 171 fvzfffklm 1 . , v , 4X :N f!ilf4 fWH'?f-Q, :Hilti flrlll' L'7lCIUQl1'f77'L'L! U 'x V, ,. ,, V . ,,.. ., nf Hhjm H Lwnpfnnmf mfuJH .1 M," , f. N . xfnh QPR Qxlux Jzzxqun F 1 -h JA! 190 lfalllf UI SU Lzfllllgx lu fihll L 71l1Cl7lLfLYl zfx l'cl!?fL' 11fvQ Lfln' 'H1fv' f xL?Affn' lafliyfu I1 liclw f21fLw1.fxQf ..I., - , . to IJICAUII IIN LHHUK NLM! lla alll n1ruTcxrh1g4vnLzn21L1,z:1LlzzLx11ffuI flfffcf Lax fc vv1Lwr1f1um4zf fflv' iff, fumm'If1uz f11v1qsZfmn zff fwm., 171 ff1Lf fZflZI71' f1Lzjvj,N ff1Lf1fff, ' N 1 ,.-1.1 ...-..-.A JET? S9557 -4 A-1 rzf Lzsxfzkvfwzzlyvmxx Llnlfl zzz 1 Q 5 clL,lfC1'L'77lL77llS mf ffl 5 Ui 'H1'ifl 51,617 U1 Zfh' l HIM! JN ' I Bi -' iii . - Alma Mater Way down south in lllississippi, there's a spot that ever calls, Where among the hills enfolded, stands old Alma lllatefs halls, Where the trees lift lzigh their branehes to the whisffring Southern breeze, There Ole flfiss is falling, calling, to our hearts fond memories. With united hearts we praise thee, all our loyalty is thine. And we hail thee, Alma fltlater, may thy light forever shine,' ilfay it brighter grow and brighter, and with deep affee- tion true, Our thoughts shall ever cluster 'round thee, dear old Red and Blue. llfay thy fame throughout the nation, through thy sons and daughters grow, ilfay thy name forever wahen in our hearts a tender glow, May thy counsel and thy spirit ever beep us one in this, That our own shall be thine honor, now and ever, dear Ole Miss. I Q , f 0 A ,! L Li' -, .,-- i-.-1Q..,--1 Y, ., 1-L , ,,,Y . N I OnlQn iS . , I n 5 mix W W MQW: a . i, gl gkuwh f I -i Q f',fi.Ci 0,417,745 'A W, A ". Ml 1. .4 ,U --I '1 A fly! - fn- ffffyffw t if Kffff' jf 2-4 ,ff -'W' -1' :W 'M 14 . Wi 'f4'Af1'fZ"f1H'f' HfM"'f ' ,gf H in "" - i it wc, V,4f ,V .I xx We M n,,,,' , af f. ,.t4fZfi..- I , MWC f ' 'if-gf- w .--. -Z..- ia .Q,2'gZf: ...... .......... ..,, 'ffq F ii i i it i in ' awe' EEE if V a e ' t in . - 5 f 0, FF FF Fi M t if W e .....,,, -,,, i i E i MQ' Y g Hf J V i I Q, ii df i 4 l -2-N .+ 3: i f , Mi Z., 5 j i .. izzwl .,'. UHJ rbi" ffegw N it .Q 4 X f' 'lf XXL' I fx :ni 9 X "WT: ' ea i s if e 51 ' in N i si it gift gy tug f i i rfb nie 1 FU A ' ft J fl l The -L' 5 it University 117 N-'L-1 iz? llf ? V1 5 if M.,-L-1 3 i V f 5351: aff l??Tf ' i-V fd' , f 1 My fx ive? I L ' I' f e., hx if ,gig MPQHLQ 'T' f' we X tk +0 IIIII lllllll- iw e ii HX . 'Q W 'mpg e he 'Ny lf' in XL M tx 1' fl ' -'H iilfcixeee p,g i -5 it 1 - K i i i i Nt e e if kia-ee-'iigrihi fQ? ?mfff'A" Will 5' i , HQ1-XQT, A i LJ '- '--' ' ----- ' X J ,fifgffiiiiilfif QX The Physics and Astronomy Building was erected with plans which 'D -1' would have made the uniw7ersity the scientific center of the South i The War Between the States interrupted their fulfillment. 'O Q9 v N C FULTON CHAPEL M -1 NQIQ I r-:lr ,A mqm . , Y 2 'wx,9r,Vq.' , 11' mi x?' . J 2, W 41-lim x,.,,,,,' Ind, . . ,K . 1 .hr l , 'irflt if ' 185 Wu vnu mi iilrzm UYIIIQQ? --ri M... w 1' , 4 , 5499175 -pf Q A " DI ' s u'1,,,,. LVWIS' 4 4 Hxjxui Hmfsl-3 gag. , N U , 'V ,fi A s 'ly 1' ,:'n' 2 1 , 1 :V 6'1ig,! .3, 4 5,1 i 4. :"i.xkff ' ' HIP. ' D """4v wg, , nr... W.-...mwnmqpn THE LIBRARY QN 1 V s ' 1 5 :ir , 3-1 hz . V' LYQI-Lml, WHICH 'l'YPIFuis Tllli l'Nlx'1aRs ITN 5,1 -Xvf' , .K 1 fd." - ' in inf'-it . ' ' """""' Gwyn. ,4.,,.g 4..., 4.45, M'-f'-A f"V9 4 ., A V, 4 Q R 111 '-ff ...,-,.. 4..,, , , E -I U A-. Qu A. H .'q5',.hb1Yx4 I fn X .1-'x:"" ,mv...' -qy-.--Y. SIIJI-INCIQ OF T111-2 DEAN mf Iixcslxlilclclxcs A W , MM, 'N V -A ..., .,3,, ' N - - 7 ,har ' ei? ' S.. . xc- -- , , A . ' "' NL: f Y -1 . X Y "."'.' I '- 4' . ' I 1' . ' .vat ,A THE ANCIENT LAW BUILIIING, FROM TIIF GLAIIE Q, gs 49 ' 'Un' ' " L ve, 'Z l . . 1 Q, ..4-.'. -HL T HE HOSPITAL 0 qc S542 MQ O Em O22 Q69 v 'AN f 'x , A l W il I . I ...Qin "f'fI"51 ' 2 Q Uri' X Gra0e of Augustus B. Longstree the Oxford Cemetery PQ Q O O we gf T331 QQ 500 M065 C3865 QC C30 Q 0 Q .9 1 550055 i QWQD ,gp dlmzinzis zlzmtziwn F 1111 ilHv1nn1m1n QD H1155 Hitnnw Mruhg 1 O 0 4 ., 7 'fb rg ff ' 90 s .Q ' 1 'dx 1 1155, 1. r R I Ill Q Q 6 ' XV. F. J. S. MRS. Board of Trustees of the University EX-OIfFICICJ GOVERNOR 'IQHEODORIZ G. B1I.11o, Prr,viI1rnl BOND, State Szzprrirzffndvni of Iidumliorz ....... TERNIS EXIJIRE IN 1928 HowER'I'0N . ........... . .... DAISY MCLAURIN S'I'EvENS . . J. W. Fox C. L. TERMS EXIJIRE IN 1930 NEII.I. ..... . JZICRSIIII . cTllllIOXVI1 . Brandon . . Scott . j:u1kSoI1 MRS. ROBERT S. RA1.SToN . . . Conhomn j. R. TIPTON .... . Hernando TERNIS EXPIRE IN 1932 JAMES S. SEx'10N ..... .......... , Hnzlehurq ALBER'l' B0I.1.INc KEI.I,X', M.D. . . . Yazoo City THE ATEN WHD HAVE GUIDED THE UNIVERSITY 18.18-184.9-GEORGE FREDERICK Ho1.MES, LL.D. . . 1849-1856-AUGUSTUS B. LoNcsTREE'I', LL.D., D.D. 1856-1859-FREDERICK A. P. BARNARD, LL.D., D.l7. . . 1859-1861-FRED A. P. BARN.-XRD, LL.D., D.D. . . 1865-1874-JOHN NEw'I'oN VVADDEI1, LL.D., D.D. . I874- 1886-GEN. ALEXANDER P. STEVVART .... 1886-1889-EDVVARD MAYES, LL.D., F.S.C. . EDWARD MAYES, LL.D., F.S.C. . . . 1889-1891- I892-I89z-ROBERT BURwE1.1. FULTON, A.M. . . . 1892-1906-ROBERT BURVVELI, FUI,'1'oN, A.M., LL.D. . 1906-1907-ALFRED HUME, CE., D.Sc. .... . ANDREW A. KINCANNON, LL.D. . 19074914- JOSEPH NEEIA' POVVERS, LL.D. . . 1914-1924- 1924- -ALFRED HDME, C.E., D.Sc., LL.D. . 21 fjlllliflllllll . - I IU'- . . 110'- . I'1'f5i11'r11l . I'rI'5iIlr11l . PI'1'.fi1I1'!Il l.'l1a1Iu'Ilor Cfzanfrllnr Clzarlfrllor of Fufrzlly f:,lt1I1lWl'H0I' Cflarzfrllnr Clzamrllnr Cllarlfrllor Cllanfrllnr Cllzllzfrllor Cl1a1zfrllor 2 'HRQVGHOIWI' all its history the l'niver- sity as with Hlliillll'lIlNf1tLlt'0IlHU'LIlLllllN h is 4 s s f rv :',', . ' 3' 'z 'J' Q :gi "1 Q. I had an atmosphere, a spirit, a life all its own. It has ever been, and it is today, not so much a factory as it is a field, and not so much a field as it isa force. lt is not a place where machinery works with dead material, but rather a place where living beings are in process of growth and development, where mental and moral forces are moulding character and shaping destinies both of individuals and of states. It is confidently believed that the l'niversity is one of the state's greatest servants in building up and perpet- uating all that is really worth while. Its province is to lead rather than to follow, and to serve rather than to rule. But in order to serve best, it must be most free-- free to expand, to develop, to see visions, to breathe a clear, pure atmosphere, freed from the suffocating smoke of commericalism, and to live a life which, while in close and sympathetic touch with every interest of the state, is yet untouched by the mercenary spirit of the utilitarian extremist. Vnhampered thus, it will prove more and more an invaluable power for the ameliora- tion of unhappy conditions and a mighty force for the uplifting of the people. CH,xNci2l,1,oR Hiwiiz. 23 THE COLLEGE OF LIBERAL ARTS Ili lhatix Mnhrix Thi- twill--gh til' l.iltt-rail Arts has hull n lung :intl lnnmrt-tl rt-1-ard in tht- liistnry nl tht- stzitt-. Starting t-ii.:hty yvurs :Agn with s-ighty stutls-nts, within txxt-nty yt-:irs it had :ivitit-vt-tl 21 liutinmztl rt-putzttiun, l'Illll'l' tht- lt-:ulv-rsllip nt' snvh Illvll :ts '.llZlll4'4'lilll' IgHl'lHll'l1, uSsiste-1,1 hy nn nhl-1 Invlllty, :tn-I with tht- ht-:arty I-ufuptiutitiii nl' tht- pt-nplv uf Mississippi, tht- --ulltmli uns intlt-t-tl hriuht. Hut wnr ilitm-rr--nt-tl. 'l'nrl:i3' tht- 1'nllt-Lgt- ni' l,ilu-rail .Xrts s1'rx'+-s at twin-Iiultl IllH'lI1lSl'I In tw-lzitimi tu tht- prnl't-s- sit-nul st-linttls it pr--pztrt-s stutlt-nts in Iii:-st' sultjt-I-ts that nrt- t-nnsitlt-rt-tl nmst ht-lpllll in thi- pursuit nl' Mt-Ilivinv, or I.:tw, nr tht- utht-r prUl't-s- sit-ns, hut tht- ln-st wt-rk it tim-s is t-v furnish fc-ur yt-urs tif t-nnst-I-utixu stntly thrttuuli :t I-innpi't-lit-iisixt t-urrit-uluin Ihr tht- tlt-vt-lnpint-iit tit' st-lt'- i,-li:tiivt- :intl nl-ility tt- ust- iiitl--psflnlt-iitly and int+-llii.zt-ntly thu tu'-ts whivh hxtxt- t-hint' intn tint-'s pnsst-ssinn. Thv tint- uhm grzuluntt'-s with u Inir nit-zlsurv nt' Ilistinwtinn has I-tnxiv th kll'PXl' what svlmlzwsliip nit-uns, :intl is :tt tht- sztnit- tiint- nn strztnggt-r to trut- vulttlru, In in spttnst- tt- Il nit-inf-rinl prt-st-ntt-tl hy tht- Ptuztrtl nt' Trust-:t-s nt' th.- l'hixt-rsitx, tht- lt-gislaturt-, :it its 1't'l4'llilll' st-ssiun in 1554, ivztsst-tl an :wt :tint-n1linu the- thztrtt-r f-I' thf- i'lliY0'l'Sil5', tlit-rtiliy t-stztlvlishinx: a I't'lt2tli!lllAl1l --t Inu. llnn. XYilli:tni F. St--urns, L1,.Il., ut' tht- Holly 5ltl'iliLlS I-ztr, Nils 1-lt-1-tt-tl In till tht- Vhztir tit' Law and Gtwt-rnmt-ntzll slit-n--v :hns --rt-:itt-tl. 'l'h-- l'ixil Wnr wins.-tl tht- Law St-lmnl. tngt-tlivr with tht- It:tl:tni-t- nt' tht- l'nix't-rsity. In IMZT tht- Law Sclmnl was rt-- -irgztiiizct-tl with lla-n. I., 4.3. 1'. Lztnizir :ts Prf,Ift-ssm' nf Lnw. 4'ul. Lztniur st-rtt--l in this --zipztt-ity Ihr thrt-v yt-ars, wh-'n hr- rt-slgnvtl tn t-ntt-1' wttugi-t-Its, 111 lx?-l, Jutlgt- litlwurd Maiyt-s, il must distinuuisht-tl alumnus, sit--I-t-t-tlt--l Ju-luv XYaltnn antl st-rvt-tl with clistint-tion as Prnft-ssor of 1,:tw Irwin 1874 t-I INEII. Jtniut- Alhtlrt Hull XYhiif1vlsl was then wlthvtt-ti nt tht- Vhztir nt' I.nw :intl st-rr.-tl Ihr zi pt-rind nt' twn yt-urs, wht-n hts uns t-lt---tt-tl m'hit-t' Justivt- ut tht- Stipiw-iiiv twturt nt' Mississippi. Jutlirt- 1Yhltli1-ltl uns tlillt-w-'Il in tht- Svln-'rl nf Iiziw hy Gt-vt-1'1wr Garvin II, Shnntls. lhtxwiitii' Shnntls lzttt-r rt-signt-tl nntl l-t-t-ainv Dtnn ot' the 'l'ul:in-- S--lint-l ul Law. Thf- utli--v uf Ilt-an ut' this Swlintil nf Law was -'iw-:tt--tl :luring th-- ztfltninistrzttinn of 1lliX'+'l'llOl' Shztntls und he lwt-:ixiiv tht- first :lt-ein. llnn. Thus. ll. Stunt-rxillt-, of XViin.it1zi, Miss., in 1890, wits s--It---t--tl I-y tht- Hit-trtl ul' Trustt-t-s tu fill mit- nt' tht- Vhziirs ut' Law. :intl upnn tht- in-singtirttiui nt' Gm'-t'iir-1' Shunds lttwniiit- clt-an, I"i'oft-ssni' Swrlif-rvillv s'-rxt-tl until :thnut 1910, when ht- rt-sigin-tl In t-nt.-r im., H"liYf' lIl'Pll'Ii-'Q' ul Uxff-rli, Miss. HP is In-tm Enix-ritus at this timt-. ltr. I,t-1-iuirtl J. l":1rl-'y lvtffatnit- thu nn-xt 'lt-an of the S,-hnftl, Jutlgt- D, M, Kiiiilvrt.-uuli rt-tirt-tl Irwin tht- S+-lmnl gf Law in 1920, wht-ii Juqlgt- T, 42 Kiniltruugli, nt' XXX-st P-Jint, Miss., was t-lt-wtt-d in his plain'-. Ili: Fzirlwy 'lit-rl tlurinu tht- suninit-r uf 1921, and Judge T. V. Kiinltrnugh was -lt-I-tl-tl by tht- Rnai-tl uf Trust.-t-5 its Ilvzln. HOU. Xviililllil Ht-ini11L:wzt3'. ttf J1H'liSUIl. Miss.. was tilt-vt'-nl Prntk-ssui' of Law in 1921, and is still swrxing in that pnsitinn. Ifruin 1921 to 1928, tht- S--houl nt' Law has :rttwn t't-iisidt-rzthly in tht- numht-r of studvnts, and its work ami rt-tluirt-int-nts grvztlly vnlnrgt-tl. It nnw rt-quirtls thrut- years rt-sidtant-Q wurk tn .3--wuw tht- lH-g:rt-t- ut l.I..H., and heforw the studt-nt is t-ligihle tn wntwr tht- St-hnol nt' Law he TIIUSI hnvt- to his 1-retiit not less than twti full yi-ars ttf f-ull:-ge work, Tht- Sr-linnl of Law is now in all l't-slwt-ts fully altrtfztst ut' the lt-atling law sthouls of the nation. SCHOOL OF WOME Hy Dux EAIM.-xx i A1 at nit-t-tin: nt' tht- Buartl of Trustt-vs in June, 1552, it was dv- I -ill.-fl to up'-n tht- clt-his ut tht- l'nix't,-rsity to wr.-men. The year 1885 iiuinl-4-rt-tl wuint-n in its grxttluuting vlass. and a woman won first honors in that y--ur. Th-- typt- ut' wutnnnlitind prufiut'-emi by co-r-duvatimi at the l'nix--rsitx' tit' Mississippi is nntnltly suns- nntl przit-tif-nl, :is wtfll as ititlalistiv and unst-ltish. In ai rteceiit surxt-5 nl' pulilit- I-tlti--:ttiuii in Mississippi, 1'rut'e-ssnr M. V. O'Sht-a has this th say of 1-0-educ-ation at tht- l'nix--rsity: "lt st---ins thzit tht- prol-Ivins arising: nut of co-t-duvatinn would he lt-ss serious in Missis- sippi than in sftnn- I-tht-r stittt-s l-t-1-uust- ul' tht- vliivalrif' uttitudt- whit-h Mississippi mon assume toward ttnnit-n It ztpp.-gtrs that Mississippi wr-ultl prttltzthly dt-rive all the advuntugt-s without suftit-ring any nt' its tliszt-lxitlitztu-'s." Tht- lJt-:ui ut' XYuint-ii i't-1-tniiim-lids that girls ents-r the Univ:-rsity ut' Mississippi in tht-ir fr--shinztn yt-ar. 2+ SCHOOL OF E GI EERI G By Dia.-xx Dmuwit In 18055, at t'h:1ir of Physit-s, Astrtnnunty, anti Vivil El1LZillt'l'l'ill! was oruztnizt-tl in tht- l'nii't-rsity, :intl th-in-rztl AI--xamti--r V, Stt-xxxtrt took t-h:u'g't- as its ht-lid, Two yt-:tts lzttt-r this wttrit was tiixitit-tl qtntl Gt-nt-rttl I-'Vztnt-is A. Shoup wus plzt 1-t1 tl in t-iizti-tgp ut' Vixil Idn- irinwt-rinu. Un tht- rt-signntinn nt' tit-tit-rail Shoup in Ixus, tht- nttrk was tlist-ttntinut-tl, but was rt-suznt-tl in 1872 :tt tht- instttnvt- tit' Vluutlius XV. Sh.-airs and t-ttntinnt-tl fur thrw- yt-urs, ln thvst- t-:ttlp tiztys tht- t-tttirst-s in Engiiit-t-ring: nit-atsnrt-ti wt-ll up tu tht- stztntlttrtis nt' tht- tinit-. The stlltjt-1-ts ttt-:ttt-tl intluth-tl Itrztwititg. Sturt'--iinu, Mt--'hnnit-s, Msttt-riztls tit' I-Imzittt-t-rilipz, l"I'lllll4'tl Sti'ut'ttnw-s, Mnsttilry. Highway Vmislrut-tittn, t-tt-. Nu 1-fr urs--s in l":Ili-ZiIll'H'l'ilU,Q txt-it tit'- ft-rt-tl aftt-r INTS until INEHI, nh:-n tht- prt-st-nt st-lmtfl uns Ul'lJ2llliZt'll untit-r tht- dirt-t-titvn ul' ltr, Alfrt-tl Huntt-, l'i'ut't-sstn' tri' RI2ltill'IllIlIi4'S. Frtnn tht- ilfplillllillil' tlvis st-huul hzts sttmtl for high t-ntt':tn 1-:- re-- quirt-int-nts, strtuig: t-trtirst-s hast-ti tin tht- ntzttht-nizttit-:tl st-it-n :'4- s, :intl tht- hight-st stuntiztrds ut' st-htilztrship in tht- pursuit tat' tht- l'tillI'51'S. Prztt-tit-ztlly :tll ttf the nmtiuxttt-s lntw- t-ntt-rt-tl tht- pmt-ti 1-1- wt' t-ni.1int-t-ring' :intl iillt-ti pnsitiuns ul' i't-sptnisihility. Many h:tx't- :tt- tatint-ti tlistint-tiun. l'ttn1plt-tw t'ttttrst-s in t'ix1l :intl I-Ilt-4-trit-:tl l':lll.Qillt't'l'iIIl4 mu- :in-HV SCHOOL OF EDUCATIO Iiy 17:-,AN Sn.-iw 'I'ht- S-'lttml ni' Ifltlttwattitm haul its tirigin in lxflfl, xxht-n xt vhztit' --I IH-tlztunuy wats t-stnltlisht-ti with JRIIIIUS XY. I-Eztinatiul :ts piwtlt-sst-tx 'I'h-- t-stztl-lishnit-nt nl' this tl--pztttnit-nt tutint- :tl-nut :ts at l"Nllll til tht- gt-nt-1':tl tlt-inxtntl nxt-r tht- vntilt- wttuntry tml' pi'tttt-ssittnztllx trztint-ti tt-:tt-ht-rs. lfruni this lu-giilllimg tht- St-Iimtl Ht' Ifltitit-:ttitvn uns fully t-vtulxw-ti in 19021, :intl lit-t-:tniv tant- ut' tht- prttt't-ssittnui st-httttls ttf tht- I'nixt-rsitp, tit xxhit-h tht-rv art- mm six. Its t-hit-1 tunt-titin is tht- pi'--p:ti'attit,n nl' tt-:tfht-rs for st-t-mitlztiy st-llufvls. This st-html hzts stt-:t-lily grnwii in intluvntt- :intl i1nptn'tunt-t-, us is :tttt-stmi by its rt-i.gul:v1'ly in--rt-:tst-ti --nrttllnit-nt, At pit-stvnt tht- t-nrttllnit-nt is nittrt- thztn twu linnthw-fl. nhit h is :tn iltwrtxtst- tat' ztppruxiiinttt-ly lltur hun- tirt-tl pt-1' tw-nt tilll'illLL tht- ixtst stu-n yt-urs, l-tiring tht- Inst txt.. vt-airs niurt- thnn 4-iuhty pt-r :'1- nt tat tht- HA. urzttiuztt-'s hztw- lnztjnrt-ti in Etlltt-zttimt tint! I -t--'1 fmt- :iss +--- izttt-tl :ts t-:tvht-rs xtith th- Nl'lltHIl24 ul' tht- stzttt-. l'4vnnt-t'tt-ti with this swhtml the-rv is at Iltxurish- ini: Etltlt-attittn Vinh tit' nitwrt- thatn :t huntirt-ti int-niltt-rs :tntl ztlst. :t hiuhly t'I'l't-1tiXt' plzt-'t-nit-nt lrlll't'2lll. SCHOOL OF MEDICINE By DEAN CRIDER Tht- I'l1ivt-rsity ot' Mississippi St-html ot' Mt-dit-inv Nuts t-stnltlisht-ti by tht- lmznwi tit' 'l't'ustt-t-s nl' tht- I'nix't-rsity in Jnnt-. 19011, lt hzts ht-lti ni--ntlvt-rship in the .Xssftt-ixttiun ut' Antt-rit-:tn Mt-tit:-:tl Vttllt-:--s sintw- 190-i, und is t-Iztsst-tl as pqrzttic- in tht- st-ht-nw uf 4-In:-silit-:ttiutl tit-vist-tl Ivy tht- .Xin--Vit-:tn Mt-tlit-nl Assnt-izttiun. Tht- st-lm-tl gin-s tht- first two yt-:tts uf tht- rt-gnlnr t'ut1r-yt-:tr In--tilt-:tl l'lIlll'Sl', ztntl has tit-partnit-nts uf anatomy, hut-tt-riology and pztthulouy, hitwht-lnistry, histology ztntl t-rxiitiyulttux, phztrnint-ttlnp:y anti mzttt-1-in lllvliifil, physiultmy, physit-al liiZlLfIltlSiS :intl niintn' surgt-ry. Tht- work :iw-n tn tht-sv 4-tturst-s is rt-t-tfgnizt-ti by all ot the stan- lit-t'-nstnu btutrtls tit tht- I'n1tt-ti Stut--s. 25 THE SCHOGL OF PH RMACY liy IM-.xx lixsrx 'I'ln S1,I"IIl'I1 l'h:1ll11:n-'X lnml llr lmvplxwln in lin- Izlll UI ltlvfi, uh--11 mn vlntlnlnwlzmlu llhllllvvl U: 1111- prnl-'sfnuln vllllstml 1h.- mx.-IVS1 ..1 1 : llwl-'vw ln 'xml-Iwlllnu thu M l11...l, ,xx Ill. 1.441.101 I1 than! llllln- llu-lw xx-rv 4-mill:-A11 rw-ml' 'nf ff. 1111- Pmqnwl, :xml :n lll2lKlKII'llX sluullu--I lllvll xxllllnun-M In :nhl rhv tiv'!'3llllIll'IlI In lln- l'11ix-rslly. 'l'ln-- -hlul, In ull pn ,I-znlnlity, xxuuld Imx-A Il-vu .-Nt:nllliflnwl ln IEHPT, but Iwi' l:nf'lx -rl I'lll"N. .Xl :1 lm--flilnag nl llnv Iimunl ul' 'l'1'1lwlw-s llll .ll1l3' I liilbx, ll-- S--Iuul UI l'!I:xl1n.m-'y xx.m- vluxlf-sl, :uni un S.-pl-'lulwr 2I I-l ilu- funn N:-:nl llnl mmm UI lln- sxluml xx--11' v-In-:ami Im' Ihw lm- 1.-lltmll 1-A 5111111-1:11. 'I'll-' ..Ilunn1 ul lllix sllwwl 11-mx llllIlI'N'I' :nun- tlnzm thu-Q' hlllllllvll, 'lllel th- 111-In llx-x :111 r1':lII:-lwl In lln-- 1IilI'v1'--nl Ninn-5 ffl llw l'mm1, thv ur-ent lxmymlly :uw Im-:ul--4I in Mlxsissippl lily .lulln Vzlrslllw Alvmlwxxs an :uw lnnnlx, "'l'l1-- lfllnvliu lls ul .u hI.lIn- ' znrlnm-x -.I lun-'rwllx " hm! 1h.- 1..l14.xxim4 n.. ,mx .rl ilu- S-lmul nl Il: Hll- AI:ss", "'I'lu- l'1m1xv1wlIy, Illlwmull its S1-lmul ul 5 '-- ' ' : -' A f -w. -' ': lllpi aluwh-ills lu! hm :nfl-lui 1 1lvl111ltf Mun- In H11 lat. III Il lm I'lu:nx'm:lf'5. 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'l'l1.-Swllrml nl 1'--xnm--r4-V :nn-I Iiusin-'ss .hlruinislrzlliun was uutlmrizwl Ivy tlng Imnnl 4.1 'l'ruft--.-5 in S.-pn-111!--L1', 15017, :md is thus in its 1-l--xwlllh yn-zu' F12ll'1lllL1 I4I'1IIIl :1 small lYl'1..Q'illIlillH, thv svllunl has hml an flwuly urmvtlu In nts pwsf-nt l'lll'1IlIllll'Ill ul' ulmut tw-I llunflrwl and lilly Im' flu- 1'l1l'I't'lll S1-swinn, Sv 11414.15 nl! this tylw, fuulnl ill prgu-iii-ally :ull thu- 11-gulimg 1-wl1+u1'4 :mel unix--rsilin-Q ul' the- lzxml, lmxw qu-im-n in lwmpmxw-A tu ilu- tlA'lll'!YI4l ut' :x rapidly vl1:mz.:iug vixilizzxtiuxl, I':Jll'll nga' lux 114 11-:uliur 11--mls Ihr lvanflvlsllip. This ugq- is walling Ihr :x typv nl l"xul1-rsllip wluivh 1'1lllllUl M- fxlrxnimllmi by tht- old me-tllmlx ul' ll'Hill- mu. XX'l11-ilu-1' lux' xxwzll 01' um-, Illls is un Q-f'm1m11i4' :um-. HM must Flux. il I.-:uh-1'sl1ip lrzxinf-nl in ilu- "lun-" ul' Ihr- lrllSilll'SS wurlml il' wa- :uw- In vs'-:llw ilu- rm-ks. Ul1Sill"NS IS znlrvzndy' an lvzu'lnvm1 plmtk-ssiull. 'Vhv zeppnvlxtll--sllrp lm-Illml ul' llllillilllg in this In-W l"ill'lI1'li prul'vssim1, just IUIIQUI' sullil-1-s. Nu zxmnunt nf tminim: in thv svlwml vnu vlillnimm- tln- nw'-ssity wr' plzwlivzll training: in ilu- pru- ulw' than ill any nth'-I' 1u1'1rf1'ssiul1, Hut no lllllrvlllll nt' p1':wtim'-- wan talu- tln- plum- ul' Ihv wurli ul' this sl-lmol. 'Flu- lxxu fm,pI+'1m-l1l 4-:wll M111-1', mul, Irum the- Tlllllll't' 1-I' tho- 1-asv, thu Illlllllllli nl lin- N-'lun-l must prmbf-ml, 'l'l11'1--'I'1'z-.3 thvsw In-W swlmuls, or un-l vxw'1'vxxl11'1'v 'l'h-A l'lnixwr'mIy ul Alissisxiy-yu, Iul'lh1' pus! 1l1i1'tyyv':nxN In xx mum 'H x 'Z v 2 1 1, I A :ms I1 gill llsl 4- sllnllw 1 1 ll nllxlhl unmxul l .mgh I , 1 1 I xml.-uns hun- Minimal.-11 tlmw AIA. 1I1-ur-'1' xxluvh wr 'u numlur ul I: 1' 4 , ,.,, - , 'W' ' , unxlllxlvuxl4vmI1l1.1l.mlx HI I-snlfn x--:nf Ill' llllllllnvl' nl ulkzuiuzlt. stu-ll-ms has In-1-11 slw: . IFUIIIIL. th- 1.151 nn mu :xml :nl ilu- lust .1-nnm--11.-1-mn-llt tlu- 1l1'g1w.f uns vmlla-l'l'.-41 lllbllll nil:--. ll'---vnrly ilu- lirav-lu:nt-' Svllmul has lu---In fwuzmlxiz-fel mx A vpn 1:1-V 4l1xiwi.m ul thw IIISIHIIIIIIII, :mul :rw-zulu' Q-11-ul11':lu'lnvl11 lx Lulu In u1':nlu:1l1- xxnrlx Hmm t'Xl'l' ll-'lun'--. 'l'l11- I'11lx1-rsity mm has :A xumrmr' fvllll Hllllll Lmliullls wx--filmlt nppmwlnlnili--5 iw: gluluulf urli. lfurmu thf- lznsl SlllllIIl"l' lvxm, t'm'1y-ulnv L:r:ull1:1tv ximlvuls "l'l' in 1'--sim!--nw-. This llllIIllll'I', with :nhlml luvilitivs at th- Im 'N ' -I - j ': K 1"-asv. le-:lwln--Vs ill ill4'l"'HSillil xv: HN ulll ulnfl ulmxllx llmrllx lll 14 llllHllH'l'S :uw 2llnIlI'l'l'IJlflllL1 II1-1 IllllNbI'l3llll'l' IHI' znrlflltl-mul slmlv Iw- r X I ml Ilan- l1:u'l1wIm's lla-Lglwv, :xml lln- lh':nvlll:ut4- S:-lmul nt lhe llll 'slip uilulfls Illvlll this 1,ppm'tl1111ty 26 Faculty ALFRED HL'AIE, D.Sc. fVanderbilt L'niverSityD, LL.D. Clzzlzzrrllor ALEX.ANIJER LEE BONDURANT, A.B., A.M. CHarvard Universityb, Litt.D., LL.D. Draft of fllf Graduan' Srlznolj Profr.f.vor of Lalin Lllllfjllllfff' and Litfrafurf PETER VV. ROWLAND. NLD. Cxlelnphis Hospital RIC-diczil Collegej. Profvsmr nf Pharmamlogy IJAVID LIORACIZ BISHOP. A.M. fVande-rbilt UnivcrSityJ. Proffssor of glflndurlz l,1111g1z111g1f.f and l,ilrralurr THOMAS HUGH SfJNIERVII,I,E, LL.B. fX'V3Sl1iIlgf0ll and Lee L'nive1'SityJ, LL.D. l:'111m'itz1.f Dfan of I,lll'LU Srlzoul JOHN H.-XZARIJ IJURRON, HE., CL. fVanderbilt L'niversityJ. Droll of E7lyi!lI'l'l'ill!1 Srlloolj Prrzfrsyor of Ci-1'il Ifl1g1i111'1'1'i11g HENRY NIINOR FASER, PILG., HS. in Pharmacy CUnive1'Sity of Klississippil. Dum of flu' Srlmol of Pl1arnzn4'y,' Profrsnnr of Plmrmmy JAMES VVARSAW BELL, B.Ph., A.M. CUnive1'Sity of Mississippij. Dmn of flu' Srhool of fjflllIllIl'l'l'1' and I311.vi11w,v.v .ldll1i!li.ffl'l1fi0Il,' Prnfrxxor of lirnzzozzzifx ann' Pnlifizx VVINN DAVID ITIEDLIQSTON, A.l3. CL'nivcrSity of Mississippib, D.D. Prnfwxsor of Plliloxoplly and Eihizs ALFRIZI7 VVILLIAM NIILIJEN, A.B., Ph.D. fJohnS Hopkins L7niverSityU. Dau: of flu' Collrgr of Lilffral ,-lr15,' Pl'flf'l'.f.f0l' of Grwf'L' llllllffllllfll' and Lilfralurf VVILLIAM LEE KENNUN, RS., BLS., Ph.D. CJohns Hopkins Lvlliversityj. Profrssor of Pflysifs and qlsfrnzmmy JOHN NESBIT SWAN, AB., AAI., PILD. CJohnS Hopkins Universityl. Proffsmr nf Clzrnzislry JOSEPH fjTTERRElN CRIIJER. M.D. flfniversity of Virginiaj. Dum of ilu' Srlmol of A'Irdif'irzr',' l'rofr5sor of Plzysioloyy ARTHUR BOONE CROSIER, 13.8. CJ:nnes Millikin lfniversityb. l'rofr.rsor of .lffounlzzzlry and Snrwfzlrizll lI'ork RAx'.x1OND LEONARD SLLLIVAN, PILI5. CMiSSOnri State Normalh. Prnfrssnr of Plzysiful lzllzzffzlion CHRISTOPHER LONGEST, AB., Ph.D. fUnive1-sity of Chicagob. Profrssor of SfVlllf5lI,' Rrgfislrur THOMAS CHARLES ININIBRULGH, PILB., LL.B. Qlfrmiversity of Mississippij. Dfzzn of ilu' Sfllool of Lafwj Profrssor nf Lam' OI.lX'ER ABIRIJTT SHAW, Ph.B., All. fUniverSity of llississippij. Dvan of flu' Sfllool of Edzzraliolzf Prnffzvsor of .S'no11flar'y Edluatiorz VVILLIAM I'IEAIINGVVAYV, Ph.B. QUniverSity of Mississippib. Proffssor of Lafw FLOYD EMAIETT F.-XRQUEAR, A.M. QL'nivc-rsiry of Chicagoj. Profvssor of Educalion GEORGE L. BLYRROLGHS, Ph.G. Cllasszxchmnsetts College of Pharmacyj. Professor of Mirrosfopy and Pharfnamgnoxy 27 Faculty PHILIP Llili HILLL, KS., 1XI.D. lKentucky School of Klcdicincb. Pl'0fl'550f of qlnaiomy l':I'HRAlM Nonua LowE, PIER., M.D. lTulane Universityj. Profo.r.for of Geology I,1.ox'o EVANS r1'HA'I'CHER, AJS. CUnivcrsity of Missourij. Profrssor of Biology and Embryology RDNA LowE IC.-XTMAN, AB., A.M. lUniversity of Mississippij. Doon of Il'omrn,' Profrsxor of Homo Efonomir: CHARLES S. SYDNOR, AB., Ph.IJ. ljohns Hopkins Universityj. Profrssor of Ilislory GLW' H.-XINES XVUOLLETT, HS., NLS., Ph.D. lUniversity of llinncsotaj. Profmsor of Physiologiral Chrmistry VICTOR AI,l7INE CoL'LTER, B.S., M.S., Ph.D. lllniversity of North Carolinaj Proffssor of Physifal Chomislry GRADY CQUYTON, HS., A.lVI. lColumbia Universityj. Profrssor of Economics CHARLES NEWAIAN VVLNDER, B.A., M.A., Ph.D. lUniversity of Virginiab. Profvssor of Ma!l1f1natiz'5,' Dirfflor of Uni-vvrsify Extfnsion XV. G. ROBERDS, B.S., LLB. CUniversity of Rflississippij. Proffssor of Lafw DEXK'ITT H.-XMRICK, A.B., M.D. lUniversity of Virginiaj. Proffssor of Baflfriology and Pathology ARTHER PALMER HLTDSLJN, M.A. lUniversity of Chicagoj. l'rofz'5.for of English Languagf and Lilfrature N.xTHAxN1E1, B.-xTsoN BoNo, B.S., M.A., Ph.D. lTulane Universityj. Profvxsor of Sociology Ro1zERT TKJRREY, PILB. lUniversity of Klississippij. .lssocialc Profrssor of Mathomafifs BILLY SYLVESTER ciL'YTON, A.M., BLD., Ph.D. lUniversity of Coloradoj. .-Issorialr Profrssor in Palhology and Bodoriology SIAAIES BURDINIS LOOPER, B.S., RLS., Ph.D. lL'niversity of Virginial. .llssofialr Profrssor in Ilislology and Embryology LEoN,xRo DEI,oNG NVALLACE, AB. llientucky State Universityj. .-Issoriaff Profrssof of English LEWIS STEPHEN EER.-XNDY, B.S. in EE., EE. CUniversity of Nebraskaj. .lssofialr Profrssor of Elf'f1rifal Enginrrring ,IAMES R. Simms, JR., B.S., M.S. llfmory Universityl. .lxsislzzizt Proffssor of Baftrriology and Physiology in Ihr Sfhool of Pharmafy jmllis IJANIIZI, Il.-XRDY, A.B., A.M. lUniversity of Mississippij. .ilssislanl Profrssor of Physifs and .lsfronomy IQENNIETH P. VINSEL, AB. lGrinnell Collegej. .'l55lJlllllI Profcsxor of Politifal Sficnfe and Economifs 28 Faculty .S., Ph.D. CUniverSity of Iowaj. H. FRASER JOHNSTONE, M Assistant Profrssor of Chrmistry .A., LL.B. CUniverSity of lllississippiy .Jssistant Profcssor of Lafw ROBERT J. FARLEY, B GARLUNER PATRICK HENRY' FOLEY, M.A. fClark Universityj. slssistant Profrssor of English RALPH E. GRIBI, Ph.B. CYalc Universityj. flssistant Profcssor of Grology .A., KLA. fUniverSity Of Illinoisj. .lssistant Profrssor of Modrrn Languagrs P. L. RAINEWATER, B.A., M.A. CUniversity of Chicagol. flssistant Professor of History K NNETH B. DEMAREEJ, A.B. CUniverSity of Southern Californiaj. E Instructor In English RAYMER VV. TlNSLE!', B , RIA. fUniversity of IowaJ. LAL'RICE V. KLOSE Instructor in English ALFRED HUME HODGE, B.A. fUIIiversity of Nlississippij. Instructor in Physics and .Jstronomy JOHN THATCHER ATKIN, B.A. fSouthweStern University, Texasi. Instructor in Mathematics ORD, B.A., BLA. lUniverSity of Texasj. FRANK HALL GAFF Instructor in History ABBOT C. NIARTIN, B.A. fUniverSity of Nlississippij. fl ssistant in French IVIARIE-ROSE TIZON Assistant in Frfnch E VVILSOIN BE fUl1iVCf9itV of 1NIiSSiSSippiJ. Assistant in Ci-vil Enyinccring MURRAY C. FALRNER RICHARD BIALCOLM Gl,'ESS, B.A. Srcrrtary and Busincss Managcr Gfnrral Sfcrrtary of the Y. M. C. pl. MISS ALICE NIAYES JOHN C. CULLEY, A.B., M.A., M.D Librarian Unifzfrrsity Physician J. K. HAMM, B.S. MISS L. LEE CRLYTCHER Alumni Sccrctary .-lssistant Librarian HOMER HAZEL, B.Litt. MRS. V. A. COULTER ' Sfcrftary to thc' Chancrllor Director of .slthlrtics MRS. E. N. LOWE Srcrrtary to the Registrar MISS MARTHA IDA NVISEMAN, A.B. Secretary to the Business Managcr and Diroctor of Jthlctics for IVom1'n JOHN DEW'ITT FLYER. B.S., M.A. Supcrintcndent of the Pofwrr Plant 29 3111 iilivinnriam llinmnnh iilllntlyvrahvh Glam nf 1931 eu I I v -A e f ,ffew c wffffj ' c . llfllljl flugp gwwf f If He e1g7gWgf eexf c eff! ff- If Mg 2 im ! 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A.: Promotion Vomlnitirrv, 2. 33 Cab- f' im-t, 3, -ip Masonic Club, 1, 2, 3 45 Grc-ek Fluh, 3, Eduru- 'Rl N' ,Q I lion Vinh, 2, 3, 45 Student Assistant Phiiosoplxy. Q If -.9 VU wc' QD Q5 'js Bisssni G. MCINNIS, 'l' A ........ Gulfport If Candzdalff for Masirr of .flrls II K., my JV "Y" f':IbiIIf-1, 23 Xyif"0-I,l'f3Sil10lit Y. NV. F. A., 33 Prvsiclmit, 41 .JV QA Sflldvllf, Gov:-rIIII1PIIt f'Ull!'lf'il, X3 Edur':ItioII Flulm. 2, 35 Pun- ,X 'xv Hvilf-Iiic. ' I , K I .51 1 'I U gi . 1 , 3 josIEPII BAILISI' PRICE, 2. T . . . . . Quitman If N , . ' QI Q Lzindzdair' for Mastw' of .-Iris N II V FI-Ilmx' iII l'lIemistI'y. ,VW Jw C 50 'If 'I IQ W Q AI,IcIa VVATKIXS VVQLLS, X-I2 .,,x.m,fZ '. . . jackson - I ,X 3- Um-,-,,,.I.4.. II, 707 ' 2.5 Caggififviii fm- .IvIfI.fIZfIIf.'IArrI H.: . "x I I1 QIIII if 4' Q ', 33 .M ILM III I who I I I'i'I I I I IW .I F I '-Lip TIIIIIPEV' f K K , .- ' I I ' , ?f4Lg,I1rIr:,ruTl,V II, ,gn 1 VIE: ., ,, jzfj - Sf I -if?-,'fiII'12Sa? Of. .I I , rfhfanfxffi Wg. , .' 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MAR1ANxA BRINSON f .1 1 ,113-11111 1 1 11 my '1 1 '. 1 .1 11 YV. 111. il " 'Il' 1 71 11,11 1 V ,, 1 My 1 ,K g, , H117 , Hx 4 X Y 1 1 .f-'1-f1 -1, -'1'f1f?' . 1- '- ' X 51, 1 L X I ,gui V 1 U U1 1-' f 52'1QLL':Zfr' "dy" 7 1 11-n 1 me 1LU':f'1,-. 1' . 1 . ,.,, 51111. 111 - 11.-.J - 11 ,1- ' 1 .ALJ 1 , 1 - 1 1. 1 1.11453 11' f 1 1 11516, I fl I 11 fy-713 1.311 , 1 4,13 1 .111 -N1 ' .,,1 ' ' ,111 11111 'nl -11 fr --1- 1 111 'I L11111111111111 1 'rrfuwg 111, Founded 1848 or THE Samoa CL.-xss Pfr'5i11'r'lIl SvU'1'lary Trmsurrr 1 1 I u L 1 1 1! 1-5,1 33,1 111-1111-gt '11iJ' 111111 I ,I , 1. 1 1111 . W 11,151,111 1 111 ig1j,1.1iU3 Q 161 1,111,:1113 l'1.11 11" '1 .1'1. 1 W" ' 1 1f'1 1 T551 1 1155 ,VIN ,,,,,..f1 ,H , 1 , f -fm, fu, Y,.:- - 1' 1 - ..-Y-X., -XV , r wfbf-. 1 1- - -,.1 . -f--x V. ,1- , ,.-.X I.-,-1. . . N- -1 . f Q:-hi, J 4,',,Q,1 I JK ex-.T 1 ,I , , .x,-.,, ,1.1x1x '.',,1.xX.,,,.,,. 5, 5 If .,., . , 5, U IVERSITY -0 .. MISSISSIPPI SCHIOI' Class .'xl.l!liR'l' XVllI'l'IfI!-.l,D .Al.EX.-KNDER, 22 A IC . . jackson Camiidafr for l1..'l. XVll.1,l.AxM IIOMHR ,ANDERSON .... , Collins Camlidan' for I3..I. tilm- 1'Vuh, 1, 2, Mnsnniv Vluh, 1. 2, 14, 4g l'Ill'lllISll'y As- sistant, 12, 43 Prfgsirlvnt SV. Il. L., 4. XVIIUAM HUMPHRM' ANDERSON, A A M, A fb Ii, Ripley Candidtlir for I?..1. Phi Sigma, 1, 2, 35, 1. 1'1-nsor, Svvlw-t:u'y, Vir-4--I'1'4-siele-111, l'rn-s- ifiv-nt. lbmmrlu-vlmm-r', 1'riti4', Ss-1-nlui AllI1iX'l'l'SZll'j' S1w:1k1'l'1 "Mis- snssxg-pi:u1" Stnffg ll:-pvwle-11 f"irs-ulutinn AI1lIlIlgl'l', Span-ls Enl- itur, .XSSi,LIl1I'lU'llI Idditfwg Y. M. 1'. A. 1':1hix1Pt, 23 lim-orrling Sc'-rf-tary, Zig Ilmtvwullvgiutm- Ln-halting Ts-um, 24, IiM1N1l'l'l' Roscmz ANDREWS, 'I' ll fb . . Oxford Candidaic for B..AI. I"l't'SI1lI1Zlll Funtlmll and Bzxskvthallg Studvnt Assistant in Vhvnnistryg H"I'YIl21lI'8H, 1, 2, Doorkeepvr, 3. CHIOI' Class NELL BARxE'1"r, B E 0, II A Z . . . . Corinth Camiidatv for l?..I. Pi Dcltu Sigmag U1uivvrSity of Alzlhquuzm, 1, 2. f THOMAS ALTON B1cKERs'1Ar1f . . . Tislmmingo Camlidafz' for BNI. Gigi- Club, 1, 115 f.Ql12'lI't4,'ttt', 2g Erhlm-gltirm Vluh, " 2 -lg Phi Sigma, 2, 3, 4: Gm-vk f"luh, 2. ALLIE VVARD B11,LxxGsl,EY, K A . . . XVinona Candidalf for BNI. Prvsiflent Vluss, 43 Imgislntixw 4'nun1-il Stufh-nt Gow-rnnl--llt for XVOIHUU. 41 Y. YV. 4". A. l'ulviI14"t, 1, ZZ. 'l'1'1-usl1I"-1', 43 BI8.I'illl1l'ttL'S, 3. 43 Latin Club, lg Iiduvzltiml Club, fl, -lg I':u1- He-lh-nimi-, 4. MARIANNA Bklxsox, A A A ..... . Ackerman Candidafr for 1?..1. Gr:-nada College, 13 Latm Club, 2: PJYILIVJIIUWII Uluh, ZZ, lg Y. YV. W". A. Cabinet. 31 Lu-gislutive rj.s11m'iI, 43 liistvvliun ol' Class, 4. U IVERSITY -0 - MISSISSIPPI P l ,, ,MN 1, -V -T , , '52f.,,g-9 Q4 Q,-:irq ,',f-,- , f -,Q ,AGA 'n.w,fF f f 7 .g,,j-,vfrxy ,V.1':- .JV 3 .gh gl,-fig ff7Z1A-'i ,.gf,,:QHv.N,qQ. r 1 A , x - f 1. 1 1 " ' ss- "T X' 1' v ' ' ,-..-"1 X 1" F'-1-1 :I N . " 1' x ' -4.4! 1. -.' 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Clarksdalc S . ., V ,N Candidate for B..-I. n ,. TLD If I111g-1'-dm'n1itury Football, 1, 2, and Baskm-tlmull, 1, 2, 33 Mun- 5, 2, '-l :nge-1' Lalnax' XYl'l'Sl1lIl,'I Team, 23 Latin Flub. 1. 23 Cotillimm lf' if ., . - ,v Club, 13 Inter-dormitory Tennis, 2, 3, 4. KH' 1 JN Nl, .1 "Rf, Af Y, ,, .yj'k. .fl f f ,X t .f l J, lk fx ,J """l .'i'HQ.," jf gl uf Q. gf: 3326 V51 fl' A - WF ' 63,1 111 w flfw if 1 iff' f fit If ff UK' H25 gl r' ff Nj 4. 3 g,f,1?1 fill u . l -A 1 if -1' - f- 55.42-:"f' Ji 1 .- -I Imifxggfg I V-S-xii:-.,.:fz'A: ix -IA ' V 4 'V' lx'f14L'y-,123-T?" T'--mu - ' ' fu ""f"' JJ., X Af' . .f,,i'Qa7,fi7--.'.-- . A.. ,U -17? . ff ,l 5 ,K-. .Ii 1zE,n.'9 YW ,I fix .3 ig jf lx' 0.,'--lyrliz-uw we 4 4 x. ,. .,'a.-2,111.11 .zfqv 'U 'Q 'fi -if Iqjffi' -'cf-5 H' , lr ff, L77-fxf 1715 . " Aff f "f G-I.. iff H':'-nhl, ,,,..1 '1'll'T,4'lurq,B , fy f -- - v'4d.f,:-V' . .. 1. , , ai. gf A-1 -1 w ,,l,.'.l37 1 yi- "lu 1, ' - II I-,, 4. ,, ." X . ry ff.--F!,1u-xv nl H f , f . i 1 u .V , . 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Cnffeevillc I,'u11Ji.IaIf' for lf..l. hr--1-k 1Il1lv 1' I'llm Vlulv I llllwl'-4101nliinl'X' lfsmtlmll 1' , Int-'I--Iu1'1nltIuy Iiznsvlnxll, I, 23 Phi Siunlng Fulk Lure- Sn- rivly, 'MMM f'.XRIAISl,Ii CYRAVYIAURID, X X . . XVQ-Nt Point I.'amIi4Ialr for li.. I. N H, A. K, H, I,lil,1,l5x C'l'M1xr:, .X A A ..... . Pace CIIIIJIIIIIII' for 12.51. llr1'n1ui,u Pull.-gm-, 13 tix'--1-lc Vlubg I'hl11c-ulilm Vluh, 1, If4'I,NlI'fI'l'. "NI1ssixsimvi:uln" S!:nI'I', Zig Viilrillvf, ,ig "M" Iimllc Slantf, 4. I'5'IHVR Iinmk llwls, K A .... . Ilnrtieshurg l.'a11.IiJ11rr for I!.,I. Xurqinigl lnl+-rmmul, 15 Stutw 'l'l'1l4'IIl'I'S' f'Ullv:4n-, Z3 ICc1m':nlifm vluh. ,ffff x S6I'liO1' Class MAY DAVIS, X Q ....... . Como Candidalf for B.:1. Education Club, 43 Latin Club, 3, 41 Marionette-s, 3, 4: VVes1eyan College, 13 Grenada College, 23 Cabinet. IRA C. DE'N1'0N, E K ...... . Marks Candidate for BJ. Hc-rmae-an. LUCIE EVALINE DEWEES, X Q . . . . Pocahontas Candidaff for B.,-I. M. S. C. XV.. 1, 2: Classical Club, 1, 23 Education Club, 3, 4. MARGARET GLEN Fox, K A .... . jackson Candidatf for BJ. M. 9. C. YV., 13 Millsaps, 23 Pan-Hellenic. UNIVERSITY -0 .- MISSISSIPPI r - 1 W SCI'li0I' Class Aucr: Fun-inxvmx .... ,.,, Candiflalz' for lful. Xn'XYl', 3. MAY l'xUl.MER, A X S2 . . . . . Cllflcfiafllfi' for lf..AI. l!l'C'llIlll, 1, 2 Xlflm Ii1ux'1'I.laY QZODROID, X EZ, ll E fl, Calldidrzif' for lf..-I. Ein Sig-nm Phig Latin I"lul1. 1, 2, 2, 4v'wt'n'x' ui' Flaw " v . fr , 1... ... Q f ,x. ,, . Oxford . jackson . llezlthmzm lirm-lc Vlub, lg Dux,-un S'I'RIiE'I' HALL ..... . . Hattiesburg Candiduh' for I3..'1. Band: H'1l'll1fiP21ll. P . ,,, , 4 I A I 1, ',:' -', b qggf ' P M4 5 H Eye 1:1 I iz' SQ: 5 1 V' , 'U-X, fl I ' W5 :Q Vw, A 1 1 yi- f '2l', I In llfjz' U IVERSITY 'ffl .y,, , wgg. 5, Eg71:f1': 2 if 5 - 0 - wwf f Q 1 x 1 "X"-xff' -NI zqf M f 1 X 1- ' M331 ,.,. -. .' 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Gulfport U 'X if 1" mi, in ,fx Candidatf for B..-I. 'flf' Hermaean. 1, 2, 3. 4: IHCQI'-H1Lll'3I Football Cllampimis, 15 Dv- "ff Qin Molay Club, 1, 2, 33 "Mississippian" Stuff, 1: Varsity Tennis f. lx Team, 3, 4g Educ'-ation Club, 43 Inter'-collegiate Dvbater. 3: Q A5 47 Track, 1. 9177 C79 Cl: CJ f '. X- V' 'N f 'V gf XJ f 1, 'I If v . . ' "' ', Q1 JESSIE MAE HATHORN HYDE, T A . . l inversity H Q' sxlfw Nwlx, J M1 Candidalzr for BJ. fvx A in .YY Greek Flub, lg Teavhers' Club, 43 Basketball, 2, 3 4. -..1:'j1 ji i Ii fx lk 1 'R 11 lx' I tk fn . , 1 C17 'E-J RUTH HEARON, X Sl, H E 41 . . . . Inclianola 'f - fr ,, . . N vt, X Candzdafr for B..-I. lf Q' i , 1 1 Eta Sigma Pm. 15,1 '12 M' XJN 'f 'A f'xf ,,y'l:, A' ' 1 "1 x 2 1-11 ,X ,, S 1 .vg"1'fz'M""r' W4 K: Q! Ni' 1121, 5-11uni: 1 1-, 3167 we V 1 CJ fx 1.1-Via" i K z I' lil? 11 I gui", iff i1 if '. '1 Z- 1 . Q, -,I 'if if nge 11 . 1 ' Ax, 1',- fi'fi'L I .il Iv, 15"-' , I.lf-iffffli' - '1-' 3- fif- ,1yn',-,,.'g35ii12f'f .11 ' ' ,. 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' l O - Q 1 ix!! 4 1 "'if:QgfjE32j 1' I' I ig 'wr I 'Y xirtifnz' li 'ig lil?" "-'i " A1 MISSISSIPPI 'XP Q11 'I 4 s ' N. ,li 11, R f' fi 1 ij' gf x ,J Y f., ,f l'P'f7':.-.,j::Lv ,.:'1Z'41l2'. 1??7e.,f.Y 2 -QQ,-:ICTQ ,'."ZfJ?-,,.g,'.g. .Qij,.1f1Tf6:-, fir, ffiiw- 1, Qr -IQ :L,.ffQ'K'iw. .-Z1771.,-5? 5 4147- 115723,-Ag Aj, QTlg,,ff1'ST, 'jg oJxss:+'2f'z f-P-sig'-.1' me:--'1 vis---14.1.1 -Q-ss:--f is Li Q Q cis--11-1411 use ':- 4' m-.:1ff'? S c"'L"i1f:.:-41' UD UNIVERSITY -0 - MISSISSIPPI SCIIIOI' Class Viiuzixm llrekkixrz, K A ..... , Courtland Candiilalz' for 1f..l. Grr-nnmlzl f'llll1'gP 1, 2: Iflrlum-ation Clulig G11-vk tjluhg Y. XV, C. A. Rosr: LEE Hocxx, A A A ..... . lndinnola Candidalc for B..'I. 1"0nv0l'sc Cullvgv, 1, 23 Pan-ll:-llr-nic Cuuncil, 45 Emlucutirrn Club. HL'BER'l' B. llrns ....... . University Candiflaie for BSI. Gln-Q Club, 35 fIvl'l'Uk Club, 11 I':dl1f'2lfl0ll l"luh, 4: Iluskvl- ball, 1. EMMETT LAMAR Kixcmn .... . Drew Candidatr for B..I. Mississippi College, 1, 2. CIIIOI' Class Micnfiei. HANLEY LAwi,Ess, II K A . . Columbia Candidate for B..-I. Herman-:ing Studs-nt Assistant in Bifvlogy. 2. 3, -1: Educzitioii Club. ALICE LOCKARD, X '52, Il E fl' . . . . Indianola Candidatf for B..'I. Treasurer nf Woman's Student Gfwm'nnif-nt. 23 Y. XY. f'. A. Cabinet, 31 House President of YVard Hall, 33 "Ole Miss" Staff, 3, 43 Legislative Council of Student Gnvvrninclit. IDOROTHY MYRON MCNHL, .X l', X A fb . llnzlehum Candidatf for B..'I. Reports-r Iicluf-zition Vluh. 1: Y. YV. C. A, 1"zilJiiivt, 2, 13. -l: Legislative l'nunviI, fl, 45 Chi Delta Phi, Vice-Prcsidmit. 3, President, 4g fjhmnistry Assistant, 4. BYRD PRENTISS MAULMN, II K fb . . . . Pontotoc Candidatr for B..-I. and LL.B. Treasurer Y. M. C. A., 43 Masonic Club: ISlZ'U'kStl3lll'Q Y. M. C. A. Cahinfift, 3, 43 Inter-fraternity Counr-il, 3, 4: Inter- dormitory Trarrkg Hermaean, 1, 23 Building l'orninitt4-i- ful' Az-tivitif-s Building. U IVERSITY -O - MISSISSIPPI A l X, f p x N I N f 4 ,' fx 1f""TiN rffif-1-QM' Q -I.-'CQXN ff"F'1hf J -L- Q, L15-4500 ff?-vxk 1+ -Q .pk-ffm F72-fu. lv qtgfn ffV'fz4X9g,f:wm . R, l y Ar x K. Q' H " 'f 5 'T 1 'S iv' N-xr-"E Nr v1-Qu' wr:-l"f' S f 'YY4.4ffcLH---5:-'-'f t- f YW'-id!! wb.v4f'n f 'P'i'4fl 'xxx-N4"5f X71-1111 .lf ,Nix Y' ji, emor Class lf '5 I R If .V fx l ly ALTA MAURINE MASSEY, K 22 T . . . Kosciusko ,XM JV Carzdidatr' for l?.zI. 'XIX 1 lg fl PAULINE HARRIS M11,Ls'rEAn, K E T, ll E flf . . Oxford lx If I 53 Candidate for B..fl. I li " li Y. XY. K". A. Cabinet, 31 Latin Club, 1. 2, 33 Education Club, , ,x ,lin 2, 33 Greek Vluh, 23 Latin Playvrs, 2, 3, 4, 'Frm-asurvr, 25 vig, Pan-Helloniv Count-il, 33 Blue Ridge Club. 23 Y. NV. V. A. 'X Fimmve Conmmittee, 33 Eta Sigma Phi, 3, 4. ,A 'gif :rg l 1 FQ Gl,ADY'S Mossy, df M ..... VVhite Haven, Tenn. l 'J Candidate far BMI. 1 -v 'gl Grclialla College, 1. 23 Education Clubg Greek Club: Philo- ' 'M mathoan. , ,V .Iv 5' 92 . fx If JULIA KATHRYN PARKS, A F .... . New Albany I, Candidate for BA. lyfl lf ,V ,X ,N x, I WY .Lx fl fl f-, Af., A -pn, V -. tx A mr S -A-1 wldfffe X va ,,,f.Ql-"""' 'W '1 .,f,.f I-.fl uixvi' fi-U3 , -1 if' 'f -T -11, ff V. ' C. ffifff ki ui 5' it 2? fi' li 'Ii-'Ii7:'fl" 1 x 'W I i I V+' " 4 , ' ,':-:gf , -' ' 'N ,fuk mf.. 1?pieg,i M f , H X.Y.! JL-f ,' xilllllfhi -:-L1iN"""Qi-,i, "'i-L1fff,fffr'f" fi 'v V 2f5'5ffr,11Vv 1urf1xx-mgfjg psf? Cx. Al -ff.. S- f 1 W fl i' i ' 1? gg 'gratify' ff! I' I VMI . 47' II2'j,5gj'g7'?- I l 21.3 fir -fi 'fffvffi I ff? .I uff, 4, 'g ,.r, 1 QV I ,:f,.5Z2t"g ' gf!-.,. ,f 6. - v'.?f-l'r,iLLl si l !i:1rA2LJ',lnnI'I,1 ,Jinx H' W' ' "L -u"'g , ,k"',f'i ' T ' sp H l ' Us ff, 7.2. " 06.4. 'J' ' l " - fn. fs.. .film mmf mm -V'-X 1- - ,' I ,' ' 1 ' W 11 A 1 ' 1 ' ,NYJ .ine - 4 -' ,wg ' X . .N liqlw' i,9T1'1f:X,.: my I wiv' 1 .Q J rf, -I' ' fifff 'P f- S A , 2 H 4 -fm Nw lf ,,'. I 'L , N' IN 1 fl' M ull 4 ,y.,l i Q V in ' 7 wr in . X 'FAI I "W 1 l .- ll in 1,29 f 'Ik I if , 1 ,Q Q: UNIVERSITY . +1 '4ifZcn-. il I .I I - ' l af'-'q ' ' ,l C I ,I V1 A 'Q if -- 0 T ' i l W' 1-.p4.1g:-:g1f1-. 5. MISSISSIPPI . f " 1 . 'fl ,Q f, f' 2 f"'1-"ff .. ' gg Yi, 'f."S-N ff-7'-" ,qi my, fs?-.y fr"",, A ,, 1, g,,,f44'-IU,f7A41', ,ft ',, Q -',,,g-27.7-.X ff?:q.,,g ,fM1.j,,--:Fig 1?7f'v1.,5:Jg,g L,.::'?Yy f- ' ' '- - --' N. f-. " L Ni M - r F' 3 ' I Vu:-f'f 'PC' Twzggl Rig-,.:4"'? P6 'f'f..g44Jl,-Jw'Hspf-'-"1 iff Gi rf-f ',:f' '-13.2121 f-'C :"'4L.g.fl Kt-.::P"'f"'- C SP4-142' Q61 f B Nl yi I all 1 7. -l XF 'll' I I cv- 05 5, . Q I ly, 'J x if Q 1' UC. Q0 2 ,X 1, -J x '5 f . Q f G QL f 5 ll 1 ! .ll ffl. I' Zi it w I G 'D - l wx 3. I 17 W Fi lk I1 'uf 'W If li ff. 11 Y I UT 5 lf if r" .M Ju A K' Q 'L 'x X J T, ,, :il l wi' f I w LY: as M .1 cb UTD t It K 1 X 1 Y v 1 l x ff 'W fs , fl 'S f N li N 1 if if J V '. r-, 1' xl' u 'N fl it ,L- L L' ff' r., PJ Q ,xv N fx . nxt. , ll t V' l , F 1,5 LIL! C T, ,, .X Wy ,. XJ KJ N13 . W X., n 'tx lg If x ,,m ,MJ 7' 75 f 'il 1' y , i . !,. J xi: "N f', wir, if ll li L X M I .-iff! QD -, NN gf -i V i Ki JL, xr, ,lxykq as . ,G gfl ,fl 0 Ll lv' 'r Q, .x ,, J .K . f. f l A: i,: Z, ,1 fl f. LJ 2 'ff li y Nil,- My -I V, M It it ig gl 1' T13 TE X I QL JM' fifx ,Img it Q 9 X. J G3 Uiif ff7'fixf, Q' 'L 2, fl'73'N F771 AL J wg j,:S'1-Ex fifiltz, Q Q Q ,pf--TTA QQ .H77-1, L ,Q 1, 2,:fT xx fY72x A 1 ,w -X ', I--TTNN 1f77'1-I J' kwpiff T- S' T'1:1:g' K1LL.v'T 5 6 'l 'lair' X- -:f"" f- f i"'11Q'! LJJ'-X11--"7 5 " VX --iiff 'wz:"'E 'F -' WQ24! NDA'-P"1' Ti eI'liO1' Class I'IENRIE'l'I'A PA1'l'oN, K A . . . . . Jackson Candidalf for B..'I. MAK'l'HA JOSEPHINE PERKINS, A A A . . Senatobia Candidatf for BJ. Grenada, College, 15 Latin Clubg Education Vlulm. Bussuz PowELL, K E T ...... . My'rtle Candidatf for BJ. t'o-ed Baskvtbzill. 1. 2, 3, 4. Captain, 35 Gm-t-lc Vlulig '1'l'n'1lS- nrer Education Club. HIRAM A. RANKIN, E A E .... . Gulfport Carzdidaie for B..J. United States Military Academy, Wvest Point, lg Inter- clnrni- itory Football, 22, :mtl hast-mall 3: Hvi-mat-an, 3, 43 Ill-lNlolgty Club, 23 Greek Vlub, 43 Educ-ation Plub, 3, 43 Boxing Squncl, fi 3, 4, '45- .yz A- ,, ,X .V N ,,...4 --'- --- ,,, 1,. dw'J.f.'1f5-m gl if 'fl ' J',v?: flu' Hu.- ,47 A i Q A yt ' lf , 15,3 V , if-H 'I 'T 'I ' ur A 'HW 'Ei--ll 'il - X4 if .IH " " ' b gv.,,5,E5,-- I i Ninn Y ,,-V V ,, , -.f 1 1, ly: Ekliiilifxiiii-1,1-:uU1z1n.'1it-,,Qf,l,ld' HW: Q. 01,4 ,,, , H P f-llv. - -f . , M-i'i:ffTZe. W "!vlvt4F7 , QQ 1, 1 "f " '1:7Lx'C"J'!f- V N i ny ' ' m ' ,. 1 Y'-I 1 -,I-, ,f'L5:.'l51'Cfy Min - ,f ,' 11514, 11, ' HW Y ' "5"-5Z"'43' if , V .v, Y --V , . , x,f.i , g, 1 u , l .- ' , -T I,-Af Y A . 5 -uf.. . Af mil J t 2 t- sw , 5, H . - A D.,-,.xA.,,i ,,U. I ii' Q ffl' LV- -.::L1'Jl"'y' ' ff- """'i'l'blf f L get 'fy--Ct -ff'-P 'W - f si X , ai , ,-e ' fnvxh-Pa JH-'IJ' ' "Villa lg,--' H' 1 I Wllll lmllllil i lbw., 'Wi , J Kiki? walt, N , V Y , , , A 1:-'E '.' 'F' ". ', li sl l i A lf it f 1 ll! ' . it.i l l l '- 0 '- ' ' MISSISSIPPI 1"'ffu4,'-N 1. pffff- rV?2':-si J-fQ,4,4::.+, ,ff,1:f,.Q,, Q- f1,,:111mciO-'Wms 9 Q Lgfff- ,GWQA 9.3 J,.4-QQ"-x ,-wat, Q, KXl.i?"'f'T' 'f"TQi.fg:-' N:ggf"fY'3- C 'HNLLLQ' X.-,-QL:-'?'jp Ci" ,754 y lvlgj xx gf-f' Tp f'5X'Xa1,L14,,' K.i343f:"f:'p cf Xfilgl-.51 X-,43,g,:-'F' U IVERSITY -0 .. MISSISSIPPI SCDIOI' Class Dmcorm' Rriuwi, fb ll ...... . Shelby Candillalf for B..-I. l'unflIvll.-niv Nunn--ilg Legislaltive li0lllll"Hj Enluvatiun Vlnh: Grvlmllu Vullvgv, 1, 2. jonx FRAISHR Roaxxsox, E X . . . . jackson Camlillalf for B..1I. THERESA SC011' . ....... . VVinonn Candidale for B..1I. President Ut' Siudvlli Gmw-rnmf-nt for XYomen, 41 Y. XV. P. A. Cabin:-1, 1, Trwasurfr, Se-on-tary, 41 Blue Ri-lg-9 Club, 32 Baslu-tlnall, 31 Latin Vlub, 31 Education Club, 3, -1. EMMA SHEPHERD, A A A. Il E dw . . . Greenville Camlidatr for B..-I. S.,-L-rg-tary ,-KSSOf'll1tPd Stu-lent Body, 31 "Ole Miss" Staff, -11 Latin Vlub, 41 Eduvution Club, 3. CHIOI' Class LUCILLE SEAY, QI: M ...... . . Laurel Candidah' for B..-I. Agnvs Sc-ott, 1, 2, 3. ETHEL SNEED, K E T ...... . Ecru Candidate for B..-I. Gremulu C0111-Rv. 1. GEORGE FRANCIS SWHNAM . . . . . Vaiden Candidan' for BJ. Univvrsity of South 4'zu'ulina, 1, lf: L'niva-rsity of Alalhzunrl. 35 PLD., Columbia TIN-ulugiq-al S1'IIliI'lill'y. FRANCES SCHUMPHRT, A l', X A LI' . . . VVest Point Candidalr for B..-I. M. S. V. VV., 1. 21 'Faylm' Mvdnl in English, 3g Education Plubg l'a11-Hvllvxmiv Vuum-ilg Y, NV. 1'. A. UNIVERSITY -0 .- MISSISSIPPI UNIVERSITY ...O - MISSISSIPPI SCHIOI' Class I,x'n,x CIURDON SHIVERS, 'I' A . f.'am!i.1aIv Mu Viuln-I lm-S3 lC4lu1-:ation f'Il1Il: lv1tn-l'f4-.ull.Agi:1h- XVILMA II.-xRI.INr: SMITH . . Camfidafz' J. Goknfm SMx"1'm:, JR., fl' A Candidate Joux AnoLP11 SANDERSON . Candidaie' Phi Signm, 1, 21 'Fzlylor M4-dal 35 Tl11'L-0-YA-:1 . . . . . Puplurville for li..'l. lllw-:Ak Vllllrj M. XY, V., lg Ibvlvzlt--l', Il. . . . . New Albany for 13.41. 9 . . . Kosciusko for 13.11. . . . . Vardaman for B..I. Greek B1 Fellow in Physivs, Grxxduatv. CHIOI' C1855 Uruo K. SMITH, A T A . . . . . Chunky Camlidatf for B..l. XVILLIAM JOHN VAN SANIEN, li E . . Vnivenity Candidan' for BJ. 1-'rl-slinmu Villllllvf. 1: Latin Club. 1: Gl'cPli Vlulv. 1. I1 Latin 1'1glym's, 23 Phi Signui, 3, 43 Tennis 'IR-mix, Il, 4. JAMES VVn.l.iAM TXEIJDER, H K X . Sumrall Candidair for BJ. Millsaps l.'1Illvg1'. EARL T. r1'HOMAS .... ....... I ndianola H ls, .x 11, 12, II li H, T K A, 1 E Candidatf for 13.51. Presideiit of Assoviatf-ll Studi-nr Birdy, 43 NVinn+'r uf Missis- sippi IIIUFI'-L'0lI0gi3ll' U1'ah+i'l4-ul Medal, 33 Pi-vsiilf-lit Class, 33 Amiivn,-rsai'ian Ilvi'i1iur1aIi l.itvrary Sw-ivty. 33 Presillf,-lit Grecfk lqlllll. 33 PIN-siflvnt Frm-slinian Class: 1"iv-Eliitur "M" Handbrmk, 23 "Mississippian" Stuff, Luvuls, 13, Nvws Editor, K3 Manziuvr of 1'lif---ring Sw-limi, Jig ll:-rnmwiln, 1, Iif'1lUI'tk'I', 2, Editor-in-lfliief IIt'l'IIl2'U'ZlIl Issul- "Mississim1izin." 2, First Spf-akf-r. 2, XYinnf-r ll:-rma:-an l"rl-slimzin 1'brz1tm'i"ul Medial, 13 l,'Il3ll'lIlZlll Senior Iiivitzltifms Cwviiiiiiilt--a-. 43 Vniu-rsity .ktlilvtimf f'uunCil, 43 Fuiversity lloarll of Atlilnftiv' 1NIz1iiz1g'3l'S. 43 I'iiiw-1'sity DL-lmziting Counr-il, 43 "OIF Miss" Staff, 4: Dv- lmting 'I'v:im, 2, 3, 43 liniiui' Itull, 1. 2, 3, 43 Y. M. V. A-. 1, 2, 33 Bfvard of I'lll!llf.'2lti0YlS, 23 Education Vluh, 2, 3: Intf.-r-d1u'mitury 'Base-bull, 2, 3: 1'hairn1a.n R+-ligiuus Cmn- mittefa 2, 3: Assistant in Libi'ar'y, 33 Student A5sistant in English, 43 Inter-frutl-rnity tmunvil. 3, 4, S+2wrret:u'y, 3. U IVERSITY MISSISSIPPI UNIVERSITY -0 .. MISSISSIPPI SCIIIOI' Class MARIE-Ross Txzon ....... . Meridian Candidair for B..'I. MIGNONNE FRANCES YVALKER, X fl . . Crowder Candidalc for B..'I. Y. XV. A. Cabiiuti Eduvation Ulub: M. S. lf. VV., 1, 25 "Ole Miss" Staff, 41 Marioneltcs. RUTH NEAL VVALKER, X Q, E I X . . . Columbia Candidate for BJ. Belhaven College, 1, M. S. C. W., 2: Marionettes. LILLY PEARL W7Hl'l'fEN,d'RI . . . . . Batesville Candidate for B..fI. Grenada College, 1, 2: Latin Club: Education Club. 4 1 I A I l l i v l I 1 1 eI'liOI' Class LYLE A. XV1x.I,mMs, JR., fb A G . . Greenwood Candidafv for IZ..fI. llisiissippi l,'ull"g1'. l. VVILLIAM R. XVILSOX, fl, li . . . . . Batesville Candillalf' for B..-I. ILE., Ulm' Mixa 1111221 Fzxvulty. FLOYD VV. CUNNINGHAM, K E . . . Booneville Czlndidair for 13.11. Bluukstom-3 Edllvutiml Vlulug Alullsapg Coll-egg-, 1, 23 Ill-nmlrix Vullvgv. 3. R1CHARn AALFRED DARDEN, dl A 9 . . Clarkbclale Calzdilizztf' for HMI. Pm-simlc-nt Class. 21 H1-mum-an, 21 lutpx'-Frzltl-rllily l'llIlll4'll, 3, 45 Assistant l,iln1':n'i:1n, 4: Svnior llwvltutirm l'Ul'llITllll4"'I Su'1'1-tary Class, 4: M. O. A. K. S. U IVERSITY -0 - MISSISSIPPI C 71-' If AL GL's'1 IX M.,xGRL'nER XV. XV. BURKE . . L. L. HARRIS . JACK C'.xN1zARo . School of Law Ifuunded 1854 IQERS UF 'rms SENIUR CLASS , . . l'n'5iJn1t , . . I'ir'r-Prrsidrrzl . Srfrrlary- Trrasurrr . . . Historian CI'liOI' Class E. C. Boxxsr, K 111 . ...... . Enterprise Carzdidair for LLB. OLLIVER VVENDELI. CATQHINCS, fl' E . . VVoodville Candidalf for LL.B. Phi Sipzrna: Frvshman Basi,-hull: Int131--fmti-1'nity fV'0Ul14'il1 Y. M. C. A4 Blavkstoneg Dormitory Haske-thalii Intrzi-mu1'al Fimthall FhZllTlDiOllS, 23 E1ill4'3lillIl Vluhg Intra-mural SOl"l'Pl'- JACK PETER CANIZARO, fb II YP . . . . Vicksburg Candidalr for LL.B. Historian Class: Hi-rmavan. ROBERT XVIIELESS COLLINS, A T A . . . Yazoo City Camiidaff for LL.B. t"0tiI1iun Wlub, 1, 2: 1I11l'i'H1t'ff4'H, 2, 3, 4, 51 Business Mun- ziger, 31 "Si'1'P:un" Staff, 2, Il, 4: Blur-kstiinwg Junior Vile-f-r T.e'-zuiwl', 3: Blzniug--r Varsity' B:iswh3ll, 43 "Al" Vluh, U IVERSITY -O .. MISSISSIPPI U IVERSITY -0 .. MISSISSIPPI -H" L ,-Q',,-ftf.-,fn l X. 1 l w - Lf -,IK-V'-I 'nf , --4,3 11' V, .' I 1 f 'l ALI rf, L lx! 1' vi. , . -'V' CIIIOI' Class Q' gi. 'Q fy V1 , ,. l Romain' 1.owRY Dr5N'1', JR., K A, E .A lx . . hcksburg 1, If l 1 I Candizlaiz' for LL.I3. fx, 'Nr' Studc'-nt Puiwlivntinn ffounvilg Tilnvkstwm-, V x Ill T, .M ,, , 5' .1 fl JAMES LU'rmsR Exocns, jk., K .X . . . jackson my A 7 gl Carzdzdaiz' for LL.B. Y, fl lmml'-l'1'z1tm'11i1y f"nunc-il, 43 M. O. A. K. S.: V. M. I., 1, 21 -WN Freshman Baseball, 2: Sf-rub Baseball, 3, 4. JL Kr. .5 -,,. L ' l gl if, gi VVll.l,lAM BARKSDALE FONTAINE, K A, flv A fl, . Lyon -LJ X1 u 'C . Candidntf for LL.B. 2 X' J .1 y '- Intwr-I'1':1tvr11ity lfuum-il, 43 President Class, 33 M, O. A. K. S. V' . , V, K- l fill ll Louis LYNN HARRIS, K A, fb A LI: . . . Tunica 'Q Q' ll X , lx f .,f for LL.B. si A J . Fu-shman Football, 1, lllarionetu'-s, 2, 4, 5, 6, President, 5: C f lfniversity of the South, 33 Soc-rf-tary Class, 63 Cotillion W: Club, 1. ,J wr s I .S s Ill' .ff I .K A ' E .54 Z, 1 Q L' . lg 5 ix, r YA? ' l,- VQ xg 3 SQ ig I' Q: M W t Lf if if ff N v' iHf':, .5 Y. 'gf ' in " 'N fin 'X " .ll 3 5. ,,,f.3f, ,qi V, ry 'lv. :N f .ffvlhf ' Jr, f'i"fll1J ,lf l W' yell Ik- M L 'I I fx , J :T I J . ' X L! Ju fu' ,IV 5.5 'fx x I N. .1 , ',f-TPv, N317-,xc ,Q jg..-f?ixNr"'3 54,1 msg.-'fi Sf Xf11LfJkQ'J ll Ci , . s 1, ,f i li, .Y ll 1 f ,V ' 1 ll X 1 1 1 ., -, Ii 1 .I I f i 'l 1 3 K' 'J .1 :E i, ,i .' 'J D IA" ,lx 1 l 'l . ," -N 1 'f' J I, .N if i . .J li lv. It i 4 I M I v ,v 1 i 1, 'l 'i f I K q gi ' I. l L if .VV 'N lui fl I 1. Q., Nl , i K.. ,I .,, in 4. G w.- 6I'llO1' Class MARGARET HERNEY JONES, A I' .... VVater Valley Candidaff for LL.B. Tfniversity of TC'llIlC'SSf?E', 1, 2, 3 RALPH LLEWELLYN LANDRUM, fb A 9 . . Kosciusko Candidafz' for LL.B. B.A., 19263 "Dirty Sevenug I-Ieriiiavmig Y. M. C. A. Culiiiiel 33 Blackstone: Politics Assistant, 4. 5, 61 Cliairmzm S1--nior Cap and Gown Uoiiiiiiilte-Q. JOHN VV.LAUDERDALE . . . . . . Senatobia Candidaif for LLB. Band. 2, 3, 4, 5: Greek Clulyg French Clubg Etlucntioii Club: Art Staff. "Son-zi1ii"g Blackstone. WILLIAM AALEXANDISR LOMAX. A il' . . Greenwood Camlidatr for LL.B. Eclituwiii-tf'liifJf "Mississippian," 4, Managing Editor. 3, Associate Editor, 23 "Ole Miss" Board of Conti-cil, -lg M. O. A, K. S.: Int91'-do1'ii1ito1'y Football, Baslu-tlvall mul SUl'i'l'l'I Phi Sigma: Iiitfi-1'-f1'ate1'1iily Council, 3, 4: Pix-sident Missis- sippi Iiitei'-collegiate Prvss Assm,-iatioli, 4, i l n .fl W i ., VV.. i . ..i1 l" 1 r" .:l .J i" .- 1 1 .i ullniil . ., 1 qYl,.g-qfix ,.-. ulz '+g,:fl"F'?' 'ff-1g,L-:J is -. X U IVERSITY ...O - MISSISSIPPI IVERSITY ...O - MISSISSIPPI SCIIIOI' Class Irzx.-xiirs SHMMHS I,L'cKig'i'i', A 'I' A, fl' .X -If . Yazoo Vity IIIIIIJIKLIIIJ' for LL.lI. 1"lll'lllIl, 23 GV:---I: Vlub, 23 131:11-lcxtuiiv Vinh, R, 43 Viw4-l'iw-si- :hint Vlziss, 33 I'hi Sigma, 43 Intvi'-l'l'zite-i'iiity f'UllIlf'ii. Zi, 4: 'i'i'i-usurvr, 113 Hnnur ll-ill, Zi: M, U. A. K. S. .AL'f2L'S'lIN iNiAfIRl'llFR, E A Ii, A lb Ii, E T, li E fb, Starkville Canifidutr for LL.I3. ILS.. Viiivi-rsity of Virginia: BLA.. Li-land Stllllffjlxli I'ni- vi-rsiiyg Student Assistant in English, 2, 33 Fi-llmv in Eng- lish, 43 Phi Signin Vritiv, 2, 3, 43 Presidvnt Si-nim' Law Vlzissg l'r1-siileiit "Sr-rihblors"3 Pri-sid--nt Latin I"lzxyi-rsg Piw-sidi-iit i'1i:L Signm. Phi: Latin f'iUilQ Blackstone- Lziw Vinh: Editor "'l'hi- Sv1'vun1," Zi, 4 tlie-Sigiis-1111 Assrwintv Editor "Missis- sippian," 23 I-'n,-utilrv Iiditor, "Ohh Miss," 4. VVII.l,IAM H. MON'l'j0Y, E A li, fi' A 115 . . Greenwood Candidaff for LL.B. Rl. H. A. K. S.: Inti-i'-f'i'atm'iiity f'ounc-il, 3, 43 Tiiavkstnm-, Ii. i, 53 Grevk Vluhg Herrnai-an. IIHRBERT Nuxxiekv, A T Q .... . Jackson fIllfldIlIllIt' for LL.B. .xssrwiiitff Businuiss Manager "Mississippian," Business Man- xigzwi. 43 Sevrvtary-Tre-asurvr Clams. 3. CHIOI' Class ARTHUR MORSE O'NElL ...... . Poplarville Carzdidalr for LL.B. Phi Sigma, 2, 3, 4, 51 VVasl1ington und Lee l'nive?1'sity, 13 Football Numeral, 23 Y. M. C. A. Vzilmirict, 33 Blackstonv, .b 3. 45 Som,-rctzu'y Gordon Hall Boawding Club. Euwlmn FRANCIS Ram, ZZ X . , . . . Hattiesburg Candidah' for LL.B. M. O. A. K. S.: Frvsllmzui Footlrall, Base'-hall. :mil Buskvllmll Numerals: Varsity Footlrall. 2, 3: Varsity Basvlmll, 33 "M" Club, Uehlolay Club, 1, 2, Jig Blackstone, 3, 4, 5: ffotillivu Flub, 1, II: Comme-rre Club, 1: Forum, 2, 123 Intramuijzil Bus- ketball. 33 Scr'rr:taI'y Class, 33 Intvr-l'I'uie1'nity 4.V4OllIlf'll, 4. OLAN O.VVEA'ri-1ERsBY , ..... , Taylorsville Candidatz' for LL.B. SCCFOI1ll'B'-Tl'E'Z1Slll'l'T Blackstone Law Club, 43 Law Lil11'a1'ian. 5. U IVERSITY ...O - MISSISSIPPI School of Engineering Founded 1890 QJFFICERS mf THE Samoa CLASS V. K. SMH II ............,. II. VV. Summliks Ii. H, NATION . Nl. M. DEMARC1112 . NV. L. Hman . . P!'1'5idf'IIf I'il'1'-Pl'l'5id1'7ll . Sa'U'f'fal'y . Tl'l'll51lf1'l' . Rvporlfr V N 1 6I110I' Class J. M. DEMARCHE ....... . VVater Valley Candidalf for B.E. Dormitory Baseball, 2, -ig Engineering Club, 1, 2, 3, 43 A. S. C. E., 1, 2, 3, 4, Treasurer Class, 3 and 45 Junior Basket- ball Manager, 33 Varsity Basketball Manager, 4. EDGAR HUBBARD NATION, H K A, A fi, E . VVater Valley Candidalr for ILE. Senior Manager Track Team, 43 Track Tc-nm, 1, 2, 3, "Mis- sissippian" Staff,, 13 M. I. P. A.: Engineering Club, 1, 2, 3. Treasurer, 45 Svcrc-tary Engineering Class, 1 and 3 and 4. President, 23 Band, 1, 2, 3, -13 Librarian, 1, 2, Secretary, 3, 41 "Ole Miss" Staff, 35 Orchestra, 1, A. S. C. E., 1, 2, 3, 4. H. KYLE Hicxar ..... . . . Oxford Candidate for B.E. UNIVERSITY -0 .. MISSISSIPPI --' -ss, ' - -..- -x , . i r -. z t..Lf-' -1 ' V - X V-- ..-,Y,f-,-LQ..-' sf CIIIOI' Class V..xRimlw1Ax KIMBALI, SMITH, 9 B, I 22, A 42 IC . Laurel Candidafr for B.E. A. S. C. E., 1, 2. 3. 4: Svvrvtary, 3: Vice-Prc-sidvnt Class, 23 Pu-siflent Class. 3: Frvshnmn Football and Track: Varsity Football, 2. 3, 4: Varsity Traok, 2. 3: All-Statr Guard, 2, 3: All-Southvrn Guard, 43 Dormitory Baskotball, 13 Honor Roll. 21 Laptain 'l'rack, 45 I'rc'sidvnt A, S. C. E.. 43 Pre-sidcnt Flass, 4: Sc-crm-t:il'3'. A. S. K". E.. 3: Gorrlnn Hall Board of Control: Puhliwulion Board uf Control: Treasurer Iota Sigma, 43 "Ole Miss" Board of Control, 4: Sports Editor "M" Book: Finance Committee Y. M. C. A. ldlERM.-KN W. Summaizs, 41 H if . . . . Nesbitt Candidate for B.E. Vice-President Engineering Club: Vice-Prvsident Class. 4: Phi Sigma. J. ROBERT THATCHER. 9 B, .X fb E . . Yniversity Candidate' for B.E. Intvr-fraternity Council, 4: Ole Miss Enginor-rs, 2, 3. 4: President. 3: University Masonic Club, Vice'Prt-sident, 4: Ulf- Miss Musical Club, 2, 3, 43 University Band, 3, 4: Gruma, 3. 4. 1 l 1 l f l ll, .wiv , " l. .V lv' , f gf: 1, I 11:5-, 23,14 3 gk I I ., ,I - if-1 .5 1 'f ? ?i'l,,i1' law S ff 2' ' wil U IVERSITY l?li,,,,3,QSs5! f1jy,. lil? +41 515123534 'I J -'- O -4 2-I 5 1 'rl ii M h4':faisQg.-:qgg qi-,ff"' ft" MISSISSIPPI ,Vff s ' I ' f D ,xx f r 1 I 1 l A 2 -..-.x.-'. ' fpns -4-aa. -. - . :5-'?stG'." A - thi J:-spy School of MediCine FUlllldt'd IQOS f,FI"lCl2RS Ulf' TH If Slixlmz Clhxss VAN 'IXEMPLE . . . . l'rf.viJw111 C'u,xR1.Es VVAR11 . . . . l'in-lfrwsi11'f11f ESTFII-ik KIRK . . Sw:rrlary-Tl'rz1511r'w1' XVIQSLFY lIAI.L . . . llislwiafz U IVERSITY ..O .. MISSISSIPPI CUIOI' Class lVll.l.l.XM NIIIQION Aimms, 0 K Xl' . . . . Ripley CIIIIIIIIIIIIP ful' ILS., IlI.D. Musivzil Vlulv. l, ff, Ur:-lu-st1':i, 1, Baml, l, 2, Viv---l'r+-sicli-nl, ll, l'n'si4lv-iii, 43 U-lim Vliiiiv, th-in-r:i.l Surg-'1ui, 3: All-:lil-:il Vluli. Sl. S-fvri-t:1i'y, -lg Hlv Miss Mnsnliii- Vluli, 4, llrixkx' S. liuL'Rl.,xxn, H K il' . . . . . Fulton Czzmiiduh' for Ii.S., IlI.D. Yii-l--Plw-sill.-iil Assf-visits-11 Studf-nt Birdy, Il, I'ulrIi1':nti4n1 Vfmiii-il: Assistant llousv I'hysif-inn at l'nivi-rsily Hnspitulg Assistzuil in Blur'-ri:i Mi-llivu :mil l'l1urinzu-nlH:.Zy: Mwlii-:ll Vlulug lritrzx-niiirul F4-utlvnll Vlmriipiuri Te-am. 1, 2: l'lii Sigma: Y. M, 1'. A. lircuxiz S. Busny, H li, fl- X .... . llattieshurg Candiiiafr for ILS., .'lI.D. M1-ilimil Vluli, 71, 4, Intifr-flm'mitHry Football Tv-ann., B. C.'XRL"lXllHRS, A .3 M, H K XII, II K II, Duck Hill CZIIILIIJIIII' for ILS., NLD. Hiiimr Sllllltlllll T11 ensure-r Pluss, 33 U10 Miss Buncl, 1, 2, 3. Yip.--1"i-,-gill.-ntl 4: I,a1'yng0l4igi5l', Gvorge- llllll Nuilwlrlllllllll. li, l'iw-sillf-iit Pi Ku1v1Izll'i1 Slmlm-nt Assistant in Rau-tvriwlugy. 4. CIIIOI' Class RUBERT H. CHRISTIAN, II K A, 9 K NI' . . Smithville Candidate for B.S., M.D. Vim'--Pix-siderit Class, 31 Pro-Mvrliczil Club, 1, 21 M1-mlirnl 1'lul'n, Il, 45 Fri-sliman Football, Golf Plulsg Cotillion f'lub, 1. Romani' LAVELLE DONALD, E X, fl' X . . Quitmun Candidalf for B.S., Ill.D. IDIl'l'-lll'Z1ll'I'l1ltY Uounvilg Vil"e--1511-silleiit M+-di:-gil Ululr, A13 Gym Tc-:img Mississippi A, K M., 1, 2: Hviwiiavzm. CARI, HENRY EVERETT ..... .... L aurel .X A M, 0 K XII, T K A, A fl' E, I Z1 Candidalv for B.S., .M.D. Plii Sigiiia, Oi:1toi'if'z1l Mi-dal, 1, Repoi't+'!', 2, xvlf'l"l'l'1'Slllt'lll, 3, Pi-vsidviit. 3, Anniversarlzin, 33 Iiitei'-vulllvgiatv 131-hating Temn, 1, 2, 3, 45 Medic-al Club, 3, Presidi-nt, 45 Y. M. l'. A. Pziliilil-t, 23 IfIoi.or Roll, 13 UIQ Miss Re-pres'-ntativv ml' "Hui Polloij' -lg Ss-crf-ta1'y Inter-fratfwiiity C'Ulll'lf'll, 4: 'l'i'zu'I: Squad, 23 Business Mzinagf-1' nf 1928 "Olu- Miss." lilunmu' F1.Ukiu', 9 K il' ...... , Vniversity Candidalr for KS., iV.D. Alfltlllwfll Vluli, Z-Z, -lg Mzismiil- Vluli, 2, Il, -4, U IVERSITY -0 .. MISSISSIPPI U IVERSITY ...O - MISSISSIPPI N ' i W SCl'liOI' Class hVliSl.liY VV. II.n,1., jk.. K 22, 9 K XI' . . . Shelby Candidalf for ILS., SLD, Al.-iii.-:il Vinh, 3, 4: Intrzl-nillrnl 'll-nnis 4"li:1mpiun Donhli-s, Zig llislnrizin Svnior Class, ILA., B.S., Mississippi Cnllm-1.51.3 Chairman "Mi-il Nile-," 4. r l .ARUIIIIL-Xl.lJ C. IIEWES, E A li, fi, X . . Gulfport Candidatw for ILS., NLD. ll--rinni-nn: Fnriiiiip ITM-Mnlny Vluhg Gulfport Vinh: Votilliun Vlnb, 1, 25 Inirzunnrzll Football. Vluiiss LEi.Axn I'I0l.l..-XND, 63 K N, 111 X . . Meridian Candidan' for ILS., NLD. HA.. I'iiix'vrsity ni' Mississippi, 1142611 Millsaps, 1, 23 M. U. A. K, 9,3 Mwlii-:il Vinh, 3, 43 1nti-r-dornlitory Tennis, 33 Intvr- ilnriniinry Bnselmil, 2, Phi Sigma. 1, ZZ. A. DABNEY l'iUR'I', K A, lb X .... . Corinth Calzdidair for B.S., Ilfl.D. M--dical Clnh, , i i N I K l i I ,JI ' .I , v 1 1 ,i f , X ,.. , J l ,-,-4 , 5' ,i ,:'! i 1 1 w .qi- i !".l . . ,gl MII., f ,H A ,l . l g. , 4 ' l,H NL, -Y,,.ir ,, .i-,- l ia-'gui--, A il, 4 i I --. . ,. V-, ,.,-. f--. , .--.- , ff- , , 1'xl 7 1 fx- 'iff f -W --xfrw - 51, J f I X . .Ji ,. , , SDIOI' Class ELGENI5 VANCE jose, 6 K II' .... . Kiimichael Candidalf for B.S., BLD. ! Phi Sigma. 1, 2: Medical Club, 3. 4: Sl?"l'6Ul.l'5' Vlass, SOL STEIN KAUIIMAN .... . . , Yickfhurg Candidalf for ILS., NLD. Mariana-tte-S, 1, 2, 35 "SCl'PH1'l1" Staff, 1, 2, 35 Mwlit-:il 1'lI1li1 Assiviate Busintss Muxlagvr "SI-iw11aIII." 35 "ole Miss" Staff, 1. Es'I'I-IER KIRK, K E T .... . , . . Fearn Springs Calzdidntr for ILS., ILI.D. Mississippi XV41III1iII's 1'0llf-ge, 13 PI's---M13-rlivzil Vluhg Sl:'4'l't'I2llfI' Associated Student Body, 43 St-Cre-taI-5'-TI'eaSIII'vI4 Vlass, 4. NORRIS C. IQNIGHT, 9 K X11 . . . . . Memlenhall Candidaif for I?.S.,, M'.D. I'1E'1'lHH6'?ll1. 1, 2: Freshman Bust-bzillg Me-divul Club, 3, 4: PI'-,--M1-clival tfluh, 1, ?. I I U IVERSITY -0 - MISSISSIPPI we ef UNIVERSITY -O - MISSISSIPPI Senior Class Levi B. MCCARTY, K A, fb X . . . . . jackson Candidate for B.S., M.D. M1-dir':xl Club, Tennis Team, 3, 43 Captain Tennis Tm-nm, 4. DICK C. McCooL, JR., fb A 9, fb X, I E . . Canton Candidaie for B.S., M.D. Treasurer Class, 1: Member "Mississippians," 1, 2. 3. 4, Member Ole Miss Band, 1, 2, 3, 43 Director Band, 3, 43 M. O. A. K. S., Medical Club, 3, 4: President Musical Club, 4, Member, 1, 2, 3, 4. joe XNALLACE MAY, fb X . . . . . . Lambert Candidate for ILS., M.D. Medical Club, 3, Treasurer Medical Club, 43 Inter-dormitory Fgorball, 1, 23 Inter-dormitory Baseball, 1, 2. Aacms JAMES Plcxcmuxc . . . . . Collins Candidate for B.S., M.D. SCI11OI' Class GEORGE NEELY RAXNES, E X, fl, X . . . . jackson Candidalr for I?.S., M.D. Univf-rsitv Band, 1, 2, 3, -13 Ola Miss Musical Club, 1, 2. Il, 4, Se-Gretary'Trfr:1SurQ1', 43 Tln,- "MissiSsippianS," 1, 2, 3, 4. Manager, 41 President Junifu' Mads, 33 Me-dical Club, 3, 41 Intor-fraternity Council, 3, 4. Diwm Mmuox SEGREST, fl' E, 9 K Xl' . . . Port Gibson Camiidaff' for ILS., IW.D. IVIQCUC211 Club. Isix.-xc GERALD SHELBY, K E, fl, X . . . . Rosedale Camiidalf' for I?.S., M.D. Guorgc? Hall Clinic: Y. M. C. A.: M. O. A. K. S.: lihgfliu-:xl Clubg Inter-fraternity Council. HILARY GROFTON S1MPs0N, flf X . . . . Pickens Candidaff for l?.S., M.D. B.S., Millsaps College. 19253 Medical Clulig Assistant in Anatomy, 4. UNIVERSITY .wo - MISSISSIPPI U IVERSITY -0 .. MISSISSIPPI CYIIOI' Class Vw C'Ak1,'mx 'l'lcMv1,r, H li, fl' X ..., llzmieshurg Camfidalf' for ILS., NLD. I"l'm-Shlllzlll ISJISUIIHIIQ Snphumnn- Fnutlrglll Al2lIHlLfl'l4Q Int'-rf II'1lU'l'!lIly illllllvll. -ug illu- A1158 Iluurd 1-I tnntml, 41 l'r1-sl- nl-nl S--niur Vlussg llnn-nr l'uun:'il Svlluul ul' Mn-elivixnv, -I1 Mmlivlll Vlllh, Il, -1. c'll.XRl,lzS EIJXTARIJ XVARH, H K XII, II K Il . . Tupelo Camlidalf for ILS., IILD. Ilunm' Ilnllg Al"lli"1ll Vluhp Yi1'sf-l'l'1-sid:-111 Vluss, 13 Pu-- M1-.liwnl Vlnlvg 'lhylfvr' Mr-flzxl in 1'hz-uxistry f"g SYUIIVIIK As- sistuni in 4'I11-n1ist1'y. 3: Slum-nt Assistant in Anutnmy, Ig Ti.-41 fur Anutumy Prizv. 55. llomr-.R A1.rfx.xxnER XVul'x"uxc:'1'ox . . . Buda Calzdidafr for ILS., NLD. P111 sligmw, 1, 3, ZX, 15 Hxfmwl 1'l1m'ul Club, 1. 23 Y. M. l'. A. Vzmlnim-t, 3, 12, -lg A'S4'l't'il1llU Staff, Zig Ms-divxnl Vlulr, Zi, -4. f'I,.KL'Dli FHRkr:1,1. Vxkxrix, H li Xl' . . . . Senatobia CNIIJIJHI4' for ILS... IWJJ. M.-.ln-nl Vluh: lIlfI'ilAllIlll'2il 'I'--:mia In-ul'l"S U 551 I'l'1'-M4-dia-ul 1"IulJ. SCIIOOI of phaI'I'l'l8.Cy Fmmded 1908 QJFFICERS OF Tlili SENIOR CLASS VVILLIE KEEN . . . . . . 1'rf,vi.l,'nl A. P. DYRE . . . . lvfu'-l'1'f'yfJ1'rIl R. F. KFARNEX' . . Snrrfary-7'1'r11x1zn'f' Conuxs Tmwrau. . . . . Ilixmrian K . UNIVERSITY -0 .... MISSISSIPPI SCIIIOI' C1855 llnl.i.1s I.. CRECINK, 'lf li, K Xl' . . . . Meadville Clllllllidllfl' for Pl1.C. 'l'x'1-zisiin-1' Class, 41 A, P. A.: l'li:u'm:u'y Vlulmg Mississippi A. Q M., 1. juli livkn GL:Y'l'0x, K YP .... . Blue Mountain Canflidalr for l'l1.C. Pharmac-y Club, IIAI. j.-xcxsnx, df .X X . . . . . Liberty CtllldI1ldf1'f0f Pl1.C. AlIlSOIllf' Flnhg Ph:1rni:ir'y f'l11l1. Russmi. KEARNEY, K ill . . . . Money Canrlidalr for Pl1.C. l'1'e-Sidi-nt Vlass. 41 1"l1a1'1nucy Club, 1, 2, 35 Publication Coun- f-ilg Imrmitory Footbnll, 1, 23 Buskfltlmll, 2. 3. CHIOI' Class MELv1N M. MCFATTER, fb A X, A 41 E . . McBride Candidaif for Pl1.C. President Plmrn1:1f'y Club, 4, Secretary Y. M. C. A., Phi Sigma, 1, Sec'i'et:il'y, 23 Reporter Senirwr Class, Y. M. C. A. Cabinet, 2, 3. IDA C. Newsom, T A ....... . Poplarville Carzdidafe for Pl1.C. Executive Founf-il Pliarmavy Club, 2: SQCl'0t3l'3'-Tl'H8Slll't,'l' Class, 2: Ser-rvtary Class, 3, Pharmacy Club, 1. 2, 3. CARY L, PH1LL1Ps, Q B ...... . Meridian Candidalr for Ph.C. Baseball, 1, 2, 33 Basketball, 1, 2, 35 YYinnf-r l"rvsl1iu:m Pvnthalon Pup: Sevremry Pliurinafky Club: "M" Club. JULIAN O. RUSH, K '41, K 'If .... . Vvaynesboro Candidatc for Pl1.C. Mississippi A, k M. College, 1: Ole Miss Band. 2, 3, 4: 1'llH1'I1lf1f'Y Club, 2. 3. 43 Intra-mural Baseball, 2. 3. 43 Intra- mu1'zxlBaskPtliull, 2, 3, 4. U IVERSITY MISSISSIPPI U IVERSITY -0 .. MISSISSIPPI I 1 1,-I enior Class juli S'In,1.. A 'I' Sl, K Klf ...... . Newton Candidalr for Pl1.C. f'llZlI'llHl4'Y Vluhg Pu-sidvnt Vlass, 2: Inta-r-fratvrnily Vonn- vil, 1. 2. Pvc-sidvnt, 3. Co1,1.1Ns Tnwvnu., K Xl' ..... . Holly Springs Candidalr for l'l1.C. Vim--Plwsicl--:lt Flzlss, 31 Pharnmavy Vlulx, 1, 2, Rf-pnrtf-r, 2 ALLEN AMN VVALKER, E X .... . Aberdeen Carldidatr for Pl1.l,'. J. K. XVEBB, fb A X ..... . . Neshoba Cazzdidatr for Pl1.C. Pharmnvy Fluhg Phi Sigma. I 1 .., . ,.,, ,,, 1 1 x -.-, s The SC1'lOO1 of Commerce and BUSiHCSS Administration Ifmlnded IQI7 f,FI"ICIfRS UI" THIf SENIUR CLASS S, L. FoR'rExBERRY ............. . . I'ngvi.1'n1l DEXTER BARR . . . . Ivift'-Pfl'.fidf'llf J. V. NICHOLS . . Sf1'rrI11ry T. J. LILLY . . Trmsurfr U IVERSITY -O - MISSISSIPPI SCI'l1OI' Class JACOB DEXTER BARR, A 22 II .... . Vllest Point Canciidalr for B.S.C. Hr-rmair-an, 1, 25 Latin C'lub5 Comrncrcial Club, 2, 35 Vico- Prcsitlmlt Class, 4. THOMAS H. l5ARRE'r'r ....... . Gulfport Candidalf for B.S.C. Freshman Track, 15 Relay Tcam, 15 Intra-mural lfootlnill, 1, 25 All-dormitory Football, 15 Intermural Soccer, 2, 35 All- ilormitory Soccer, 2, 35 Secretary Artist Course, 25 Ti-chnii-:il Manager, 2, 35 Business Manager, 35 Cotillion Club, 1: Stago Managcr Glee Club, 35 Marionettes, 3, 4: Tcchnical Managf-r 3, 45 Stage Director, 3, 45 Business lklanager, 35 Asssitant Manager "M" Handbook, 2, 45 Assistant Chapcl Custodian, 45 Hermaean, 1, 2. 3, 4, Parliamentarian, 2, Vice-Pri-sirlent, 35 Dc-Molay Club, 1, 25 Circulation Manager "Mississippian," 15 Assistant Busincss Managcr 1928 "Ole Miss." NEWLAN B. BUSH, A E II, A KID E . . . Laurel Candidatr for B.S.C. Freshman Football, Baskotball5 Latin Club, 15 Phi Sigma, 1, Treasurer, 2, Vice-President, 35 Commerce Club, 1, 2, 3, 45 Scrub Football. 2, 3: Scrub Basketball, 25 First Spcakcr Phi Sigmag Captain Intcr-dormitory Basketball. STORY LOVVREY FORTENBERRY, A E H, A fl- E, I E, Oakvale Candidah' for B.S.C. Treasurer Class, 2, Vice-President, 3. Prcsident, 45 Hcrmacan, 1, 2, 3, 4, Critic, 2, Secretary, 2, Vice-President, 3, President, 35 Sports Editor "Mississippian," 3, Managing Editor, 45 Vice- Prcsidcnt Alpha Phi Epsilon5 Studcnt Assistant in Account- ancy and Commercial Law, 45 Publication Council, 45 Sco- rntary Debating' Council5 Commerce Club, 1, 2. 3, Sf-ore-tary, 2, Vice-President, 35 Junior Football Manag9r5 Dormitory Football Manager. CIIIOI' lass L. L. CIOOIDVVIN, A E II . . . . . Macon Callcfhlfzlf' fur 13.5.11 lj1w1nxmfr.-1- "lub, VV, H, jmons, Z Ii . . . . . Pace Canllidafr for lI.S.C. 1'm11111I-l'l'-- Vlulv 1 4' 'I I l4'1luf'z1tim1 Vlulw, 2. 1'H0M.fxs j, I.Il,I,Y, JR., E A li, A I II . . Greenfield Calzdilialf' for li.S.C. Sw-zw-tul'y und 'l.l'l'IlSllI't'l' Vlaxss. 1, ig I"1w-slnuzlxl l"m-Uuull 1111.- ung 'l'1'u4'k 4'.v:1vl1, CI, -41 Fmutlvzlll 'l'l'2liIl"l'. 3. 311 'l'l't'JlSlll'0'l' XSSUVILIII-tl Stull-nt limly, 41 Hulwlfvn Hull Huznlwl wx' thmtrul, 1 Intl-'r-I'1':lts-V11ity f'nun+'il. 4, .-XsS1St1nnt Ik5iI'Y'4'lUl' nf.-Xtl1lwti1-s, 4: Nlllne-rzxls I-'rn-shmzln Fumtlmll and 'l'rzu'k. ARLE HARRISON I.1xnsEx', A E Il . . . jackson ljllllllitiilfl' for II.S.C. erxnzui-zm, 1, 2, 3, Repfwtvr, 1, Sw-lw-mary, 33 S.-.-1-.-lm-y- T11-usur.,-r Mus:-niv Vlub. U IVERSITY ...O .- MISSISSIPPI N 1 . . , 1 ,v Q. Y3f,.' 3,151 f,'.7'f5,. K wil- JL1,",,f'-TTQN f7'7T5x1k QHldgfT5 HVQTLXS x fi Nr, rx -' 'I X f 71"-'Af' L, C A 21:-77' 3 C lx'-114' Y-Sffff 1 In "ff44f! Xx,5::'7 54 Eiga, Senior C1855 VVILLIAM PRENTISS MUl.1,xNs, A E II . . McCall Crzek Candidafc for B.S.C. Vie-O-Prmicll-nt C"l'Lss, 2, Hermaoan, 1, 43 Comnwrce Club. 1, 2, 31 Scvretury Delta Sigma Pl, 4. jiassla VAN NICHOLS, A 21 II . Candidate for B.S.C. . Rich 'l'r1-:xsuror Class, 4, 1'ommcrclal Club, 1, 2, 3. JOHN HOWARD PARKEX, A E II Candidafr for B.S.C. Historian Class, 45 Com . Tula merce Club, 1, 2, 3. ROMAN LAFAYETTE SHAMBURGER, A T Q . . Candidale for B.S.C. M, O. A, K. S., "M" Clubg Frvshman Numeral, Varsity Baseball. 2, 3. 15' T 1 Am--- .wwf '73 x' 14. 'Y .. ,,,, l I gif, , O lglifgff V - fir , f' '- A . 1 , 1.v,j'x'Ylnfj',,.,-.yCf21'fK,111114, I r --Y ,f?""f .1 'I X7 ll My 'U A ,'f..vwr'. ' A ..i' al'W-,H 'S' I ' 'fl 'lvl'-' Q Q1 47, I.- C. K, N' . ,IIHH Q Aveghufjf , ,f g1,"r'ZE5 X22 V. . 1 1,'. fm ' I IIWUNYVZIY5 V, .3 6,3 riiluhl Y :JY I Qll if ll mf' ' 1 ns ' 'P Q7 , UNIVERSITY I l1'i',3lIfW-M , ,,,..-.-.., ,R 44. ' , Ju iv 'W?.11-f- 5 V, lb 1 , A -.fillq "Y", . ' -lf, .1 I r.vvwirLy-will I-,5 iw , ,-,VV-ilkwrwrlifjf' - if 'w er ,V .Y Newton Baseballg ,rm um J" 'J 1, 14 J JT 7212653 S41 'Z I " Y Q :H1"l"1+g' . . nkwlvl-Ui' AI, -fl 7 Muir? Y. In ml I' I ' will ' f' '- ' "4"d. Q 4, Mm Llfrfplf I' UQ V Y, Nth, I wi . ,ll , ,I , NEW, , - l 0 L'mEmHlgH-.jr'l55-fjfzap-Mk I I MISSISSIPPI - .-, , ,. mi -1'-.-,cl jy ,O ' ,- ',.f':'-in ffsv,-...,j , .,, L,..1-rn, ,,':1-.f-Q4 9 .,,, barn'-:N I K --.,,..'J "- A- 1 "f K -:.1 1 Cu Xb,,N1"cA Tw -5 -"f-agua! K3Lzl?:"f W -T 7X"'1.f.Lf Xxx:-f' T5 CWIX1-..vJ UTD CG? GD , 3' NNY V QI 95 if 1 Xb-' 4.1111 Mx.- QC I 03 UD T ' l -XL .JL 'xfl ..-V A. ll U U UC U9 m 3 5 .RL vb 'lf M Q5 J as O3 I V- SX, Ar Tv 9 Q2 in OO I F V x, A A , ,. ll Q 2 S fl 553 UE? 7 3: Qjf QA -'X f J N. 5 B, . 24 f' 5 5 3 55: '29 5 fp X ,Q all I, I v l 5 I r I is fl .1 xl ' lx .X-, . .3 ll Y I N' ,, K . , .X ., , J, "H f K. . W , .ff x , J l'7 '. fx . if , ,x I 5 ,, 1 uw 31 N 31 1 N7 ll' .F JV 'x :xx l X Ir fl - I W f L I W ni 4,7 , ,I 1 wi ,J 7' lf. I.. l I X . C3 . Q F 'F . I Z I AXA , 3' I 'Y' x Q My '-,Pl X. w ,YI X fl! , ,X ef ' J f xx XA 'J 'V .Fw -- .u 4 X, ,K A lk Q1 X J U J u 1 ,,g -fx ,--, N '-2""r "Ai . lk 1 SCIIIOI' Class JOHN T, XVATKINS, A T A, A E II . Candidale for B.S.C. Pre-Medical Club, 1, 21 Commerce NORMAN XAYEATHERSBY, E X . . . . Candidate for B.S.C. Y. M. C. A., 1, 2: Advertising Manager 1927 1928 "Ole Miss", President Class, 35 Commerce Club, 1, 2, 3, President, 33 Business Manager, Marionettes, 4. CHIOI' Class E. S. SAMUELS ....... Candidate for B.,-I. Superintendent Schools ifof Enid: Entkexjgd University, 1:4103 Varsity Football, 1tj-1O,,j'fi,911w:----Phi""SLg4niVzg.V'Litex'ary Sm-iety. .v,1' , 'A Q -li: in :pil . :ff-.33 I xi? 1-K'd'5.k." I ' I K .l H. l , we . I . ,.,, . f I .ff ,,. l il., ll 'ff . McComb Club, 3. . Liberty "Ole Miss" and . Enid VI, ,v5,lff'w,,, f 1 J- -. my -' in, VA. . , l ,,T- wi? y .,.Jl-,313 bv., 4- Q: VI, ff" Ng.. :,3'1eg-'-'fs ,Y f V1 ' 'rv V f - f ms'ffV i 1 ' ,. f. 4.'f"' --. 7 A V """fx ' .1-L 14.-. , . . ' lf 2,.me-:f1ff,sf-,-ff liffil'-'P iq 4"'Uu: " My ..z,,ff ?,igi'a5t5L .I , . '1 ui"'v:i5- fi, 14- 1 U :' .wwf 1 -I L 4 rw Y l 'll ff .,f.1l' . N, -P ll 'fi' +' ,f ff 1, We ' l WWI fwrl w 1: ' w ,u.',.,: qw' V ' ' U IVERSITY ,gglgflgm-vlql f 1:f.l 'llliflvl'-"fff'! ' ,'iiYi'5g4MTfg l T. , .- 0 - MISSISSIPPI f?'7'F:.Q 3 1, , , :-FTW, ,'.f'f'Pvx,'. 'I ,Vj,,1c"-'13, fifiif-5 ,rf - ' r,f,1fI-3, 5:-I A, ,f-111-., 5 a-,rl-:FT 5. 1" 'f'j+3,,-1. Q, ,ff 4 A ffm 'veg fi ' ' I ' N -.--2 -'----V, ,. .Q "-. , . . - - . 1 . .. -- 1 -"2 I "Ng C' K-..:-3-' X fx 4 X-.141 L 'g ' ' ! XaL'f, si N Vv,,.Y Y. U - L, A , . ir Y, ui I".-xc,xDE I"L'L1'oN Al'lJl'I'tJRIl'SI Jmnzims X -9 K A gi A X x Z ...?..i.- 1...-, '- I II. l.xm. . . . . . 9 The 1928 Ole Miss ' f xy D 8 Qffxcers of the Junior Class Cm.1,1ac:1a mf I,lmf1:x1. :XRTS lxmris F. Ilrwklvs ...... 1'rfsi.1wf11 '.XI.'lIiR P.'X'I'l'X' . . . I'i1r-l'1'r,vi1Iw11.' H.xR1.sllf .'XNl1r1Rsux . . . .X','1rrlury Sermon. UF I..xw 'I'rw11.v11r'wf' SCIIUUI, or Ifxclxlslzruxc ir. IZ. XXXXRXER ...,... I'rr.mlr111 XX. II. HOUTII . 1'i1w-I'rrJi.1n1l '1 l5.N1ewX1.w . . . Sffrrlury S. I XX' '.,f'RI1S'S . . Tf'fa.r11rrr S. lixfmwx . . . . . llixlnrian I xv Umsrw ......... l'n,vi.!f111 SKIIIJUI. ol-' KIICIJICINIT li. C. .Xnxms . . . . l'if1-l' XX. T. Ii.xRl'r3R ....... PI'1'jiJl'7If Rlfrclli IIuf:.x1z1,ruoM . . . Sn1'rIary A. I7. l7L'c:f:l',k . . l'iff'-I'n'xi1lrr1l XX'. A. GI sf: ........ 7'n'a.v1znr Ikx P. Brknxvli . .... S 'nrrlary I IIJ.X 19. SIIIXTRS . llfnmr fjfllllllif Rl'f"Xl'll'fii'f IFRANK I,.x'l'H.u1 . Trmmrwr 82 'T The 1928 Ole iss LlI'llO1' Class C'OI,I.IiC5Ii UI? IJISICRAI, ARTS AURORA Loulsri 1xI.l"URll. X S2 . . S-wl'-'t:lly Vlzvfs, 33 Y. XY V. Ill-Ellvznlifm "1ulug I'uQfl1Y:1l ty 1' Clmklslri QXNIBVRSUN, X il, II K II . II. S. V. XY., I . 'l':U'l1vV Al1'llIl Vlzlss Iinvmun li.xu1A.xxn ...... . l'lll Slillllll, Iiullvfzltiml 4"lll-Q A 1.llvxIl' I, jfxmfis Num, liliI,I,, flf II 'If . I,:mP'1'ox lilamw, 21 X . IIliIAr:xBl'l2r,R,B210 . , . . . livlllznxn-n 'Null-1.1-, I. Mlssifszpl lull--uf: 3. M,xl,s1ra IS0oKoL'1', A A A . . All muntb 1, - Brgsslrz l4oUR1,,xNn, A l', X A Klf . . HIIIAN . . . Grace A. l.ll1I.l4 I. , , l . C'l1:1rlestun S -1-lwtzllw . . Bilflllllll M V. A. Xvlllkl' Valley . C'ululnlviz1 Ilolly Springx Syllmln :ml . lmlizmulzu . . . lxlllflfj' l'iI'l"Slllll2Ill Ii-'plwlsl-lulzltixw Y, XY, I' .X,, l, 'I'r--zxslxrvl' l'l1u lrwltsx l'lui, 33 Y, XY. 1'. A., I, 2: Yum--I'1'1lsifl'-111, 11g S.-wrwizllx' xVulll'll'S Stuclvut flux-'x'1xl114-llt, lg llmzsl- l'n-sullm llh-hs llull, 21, c'A'lHliRlXE Cilucr-1 lilmwx, X if . li'-lllnxw Il I"'lI-'um l. XV. AAIXITJN BRx'.xx'l' ...... I.-lllwl x u....u1,....,x, C'ukls'1'1xrc linens, A A A . . A . ljllfli llill . Szulfurcl . Sc-lmtulnizl xxilfll-lf' llllunl. l, 12:4-11.e1l:u 1'Hllv:-- ' AVILIIAM S. C.xMmmN . Slllllllllll 83 I 41, 95 is if I si 1 1 X 4' v The 1928 Ole Miss LlI"l1OI' HSS C'UI.I.IiGIi OF I IISIZRAI, ARTS .'XI.Ik'li Aslimix' i'AR'l'lsR, A A A , , lmurql lirnwnrlx' C.-xL'1.rlla1,1x, K A . . Mc'C'omlw ' Q 'lf D. CIARK, fl' ll 'I' ....... , l,m1isx'illc' C ni -' l"fVl"I' l'lli SiPYlIl1l Illdilism UAIiN'4i'4SHI1!i2lll.H Z1 YK' 'Al'bSI'Si1PIIiJlIl" Fizuff, I, Ars: 1-intv lfjeliiur, X' 11, IXI'1sm1ir- Vlulvg lqlllllillillll Vinh, lluzu Nnwmx Cl..-xvlox, A A M ..... Ripley Iirluu-zxilmn Vlulu, 2 Zig Iinml, 3, 511 H11-'Ak Vlulu, Zig Alissisrippi l" :Anvil-tyi Ftlltlvlll As- ! - V .. H ., -. szstznnt Ill lilstwry, ..g lm-an llmlml, 1, -, .., fvlabll, Q. CUI'lil..-XXII, A A M, H K XI' . . Piave ICMMA RLVIH CWRHAN, 'I' A . . ..... Fayette Y XY 1' X 4"uli11f't " Q-l'l't'l'll'X' l+'1lu1"n1i1m . ,....r, -..v.. . 1 . l1lll'P,2, 12. IJ, C'U'l'IRlil.l., 'lf A H . . . . . . VVest Point l', S, 41nx:f1'11nu-Ili :Xl'2Il1"lllj' nlg Nvw Alvxiwf, 1, 2. I,xI,1,l.-xx Cox, X SI, II E fl' ...... Indianola I'It:1 Signm I'hi1 1Cxn-1-lxtixw 4'nlm1'il, 33 'I'Vvus- 11l'11', 13 Lgltin 1'lllll 1, 2, 31 14111114-:xtiml Vlul., CX f'IlARl,IIi lllsxkx' Cox . . ..... Rmebluom VIH Simnau lfhluf-:itiv-11 Vlulvg Y. AI, 1'. A, 4'f'mlnltTv'v'. xllil-l' C'L'xxxxf:1mM, II K A . . . Corinth Blillsnlml 1, Z. jAx:m'.s I'r4.x1:I.r.'1-fax DALE, E N . . . Mrmtfcello "NlusQisQippi:ul1" Stuff. 1, 2, N1-xx: l'IdI4rl', T31 lzutvx-l1"nlvl11it5' 1'nun1-ilg 1511111-ntifm Vlulv, M4-n1lu-lg Al. I. I'. A. Ifilllizll RPI!! Dr1x'mN . MTHIKS 94 A The 1928 Ole l.1I'1iOI' Class COLLEGE OF LIBERAL ARTS MAYLISE DOCAN, X Q ...... . Charleston EdIIczIti0II Vlubg G11-I-la Vlulvg M. S. C. YY.. 1. MARY LOUISE IJORROII, X -S2 . Vniversity IANDRAL F, DUGCER, f-J B ...... SteplIeIIwII If'I'eSlImaII BIISI-bull. 11 Varsity Bzlsf-Mull. 3 4'ZllllZlill, II. joux TIIOMAS Duxx, K II- ...... Meridian Hle- RUSS Musival Vlulug IC4lIII'zItion Vluhg Phi Sigmag IlltK'l'-Ivl'Zllt'l'lliIj' l'1IIIII4'il1 MIII'iwm-tl--s. MARY ELIZABETH EASON, A 1' . . New Albany Slllllf'l1t 4'lPlIlll'il. AI.I3ER'I' ROLLINS EIn'I', fb E . Nntclmu MEI.vIx ELLIS, K E T . .... . Gnudznun f1l't'!l2lLl1l t'nllI'2", 1, 2 SARAII HAMILTON Exocus, X 12 . . jackson GrmI1ulu l'ullI-ge-, 1, NIARY FRANCES FARMER, K A . . Itm Benn EUGENE BROOKE FERRIS, JR., E X . . lN1:II'oII lJoRAI.n RAYIIURNIE ITRASIIR, H li ..,. Colunxlmx Y. M. V. A. Vulvilu-t, 1, 23 Suywlwmmmxw- Mun- 2l,L1Q'I' in li:Is1-hull: -IIIIIIHI' Al:IlI:1go'I' III I"1vutlI:Ill. LXRIIIUR C. FREEMAN ..... Thibodaux, Lu. H11-1-li1'IIIlI, 1, 25 IIzItiII1'IIIlv, Ig Phi Silllllil, lg 1FUl'l1lll, 23 EIlIIv:Iti1-II Club, 32, Ss The 1928 Ole Miss L1I'liOI' Class 'S 'N' .sz i'UI,I.liClli 01" LIBICRAL ARTS NflllN1l'fR I.lcic Cill.l ..... . . . Rude Ili-i'mn1'ui1g lilllu-zitilili Vluln, lllsusx Kimi, A A A ...... Chicago, Illinois Sf-1:1-Inry Vhi ln-ltzi I'li13 l':lllll'2lil4ill l'lul-, VVlll'l'NliY S1 LTAK1 IIARRISON, fl' ll fl' . . Fayette l'lui Siszinzi. NHLLH llA'I'll0RN, 'I' A . . . . . . . Ilniversity HV:-1-li Vlnlig Exim-zilinii Vlulvg lizisk--llvull, l, 2. Vnplznili, Il, Amcis iAlllil, II1r:n'mwiaR, K A . . Sardis Rlississilvlvi XVniiinn's Vnlli-gi-, 1, 2 R. Mlxxsm. lIn.1,, A A M . . Iillisville l.l41s.'x ll0I.ll"llil.D, A A A . . . Laurel A,LZlll'S Svuti, 1, lf. JAMES FRANKLIN Horiuxs, -If II il' . . . Nnxapater l'l41'Sl4l4'Hl ,llinilvr Vlaiswp l'l1i Fipxumg V1-1--l'r4-S- iilvnl lflllm-:itimi Vinh 121 linnwl, l, 2. Zig "Mis- sissippi-in" Staff, 3. lNI.Ax1,crn.M P. llnusiox, li Z1 . . . New Albany 1'l1i Signing firm-lc Vlulvz lfuluvntimi Vlnlr. lkllxkx' I.n,l,r3x' Ivm', X S2 . . Muldon C'I,lH'oRn JACKSON . Meridian Bl..-wclng lN1,xRf:Aius'i' jonxsnx, li E 0 . . Nettleton li.-lliuvvn, l, 2. 86 The 1928 Ole fss 'LIIITOI' Class COLLEGE OF LIBERAL ARTS CAMILLE KENNEnY,1!1 M . . . . IV'l'USlddIll Puii-II.-ll.-nil' CHARLES EDWIN KNAPP, 112 II 111 . Sports E-litor, "MiSsissippi:IIi," 3 All-Dorxiiitory Fuuthall TI-ziin, 1, 2. qw . . . Shelby Ollflvil. . , . Fayette g Football, fl: lg 1'hi Sigmsi, DOROTHY LAMB, K A . . Courtland ROBERT DANIEL LAMBERT, K E . . . . Charlenon Phi Signia, 13 Latin Vluh, 1: Y. M, I". A. Vnlp inet, 1, 23 tjlw14'luli, 2, SYDNEY LAWSON, E A E . . Hazlehurst JESSIE LEA, X Q ......... Clarksclale Hollins Viilli-ge, 1: Eduvntion Flulig I'li-If-r Le-zidm-I', 2, 3. TRAVIS MCCIIAREN, fi, H LII . . Toccopola BIRIJIE LowRY MCCORIJ, K A . . . . Tupelo Virginia Iiiti-rinont. 1. CATIIERINE NAOMI MCFARLANE, .... Aberdeen TA,XAfI',HKH,IIE1I1 Lvgislzwtive Vounvil, 1, 2: Vif-o'Pi'I-sidi-Ilt 4'hi Delta Phi, 35 Si-I-iw-tnI'y Phi Kzllrlizl Phi. 31 Ser-Iw-t:iI'y Ein Sigina Phi, 33 "Mississippian" Staff, '33 Alteriiate D"'li21llllg' Te-am, 2: BIISI- Ile-ss BIIIIIGKPI' Bziskf-thull, 1, 2, Hg Vi1-I--I'Iw-s- id:-nt Latin Club, 3, OLEAI-I MAUFERAY, K E T . . . Bay St. Louis M. S. Q", YV., 1: Y. XV. C. A. lwahiiiet, 3, MYRTLE VVILSON MASON, T A .... Brookhaven Latin Fluli. 11 Y. XV. F. A. Vaiviiiot. 33 Pun- Hvllenic Vuuxieil, 2, 3: Eflui-ation Vluln, 33 l.v1llVk'l'Sltj' 4'h0I'llS. VVATTINE MITCHELL, A A A . . Como 87 Q! O The 1928 Ole Miss x I x 'o L1I1iOI' Class C'0I.I,liiilC Ol" LIBICRAI, ARTS .'xXIlRl"H l'. lNlL'l.l,lNS, 22 X . . .... Mncfn. I-'onnung lllll'l'llllll'Sll Atlnl-:tivsg lllwfvk Vinh. Mum lfxllox, li .E T ..... . Oxford l'n,nu,ras Al,l'RliD Pnnokn, I A IC . . . Meridian Ill: :Sli-Llllll l"ra-slnmnn All-clnlislp ,Xll1'l'llIlll' Yur- slly IM-Imnlv, lg Assistant l'l1m-V l,o:ulI-r, 2: kl.XXL'l,A l,0I'l'liVl'IN'I', fl- M . .... . Shelby Hull l'zll'lg 4'oll1-:Am 1, 12, 1' , I,l1cY l,lJ'l'IS, A .X A . . . . . . . . Koscinsko l:4'lllllX"'ll l'oll-'g--. l, 23 Howil-ty' lillllul' "Mis- snsslppiznlmf' 113 liflluwznti-.11Vlnh, Hn-wk Vlnlu. ,Innes llrixkx' PROPST, jk., flf .X H . . . Columbus xYlISl1lllPll4lll :null Inq- I'luiv1-rsity, 1, 2. K v y v llrswkx' f.XYE'l'l' Romam, Z. X . . , . Macon l"nl'm:un l'nivvrSity, I, 2. ffgfl XV. T, Sl'liNCli ...... Monticello, Arkansas ll'-una:-1-nn, fl: l.IlTllI llnh, 15 tjrw-k Vinh 13 Xl'l"ll1N'li 4'olln-"4- " . x. .., r-.-. L H 5 Nl.KI5Ili SPKAGIYS, X if . Aberdeen A - g ' ' ..... . Houston ' '.' pg 1, , 21 ': ': e lla' ' '1 SIU' -X, Ig A ssistnnl ' SIHHIISII, 2,1 Y. AI. 1'. , . 1-.,. Q ' ',... ti, XV. 'l',u'l.oR, fl' II -If ..... . . Brooksville X ' ' :, , 2, 51, '-mor, 23 1'in-ulntion Mun- su " 'r'.".'Sll'lllHll,l' 111 IIllvl'-1ll'l'lUltUl'y l"""IA . ... 9 .. 'I ' 'g A . .-. 1 . v '- -..1l:S '. " , .' ........ Gulfport :. gg , , LQ . :sis ont in Physie-S. 88 The 1928 Ole Mfss llI'liO1' Class C'UI,LIiGE OF LIISIQR.-Xl. ARTS VIRGINIA AV.-XRD, A .A A . fjIEVL'IZllId VV. CALVIN XVE1.I,s, ju., A XI' . ..... jackwn "Si'l'l'ill1l" Staff 1, 2: Lrxtm Vlulv, lg Iflmlnwn- tinn Vinh, 23 lutvr-I'1':It1-rmtx Vnnnvil, CZ. GI,Am's VVIIIIAMS, 9 A . . . . . . . Oxford Latin Vluh, 1, Ig I'l1iI:um:1Ih1-nn. Ig Illrillvxntnnln Vlulu, 22. MARY AVINIHIAIVI, A A A, X A fi- . . . Cleveland I'zm-IIvll4-ni4- f'UllllI'll. HARRY C. VVINTER, H K fi' . .... XV:uer Valley lTllI'lllItlJl'Y I2:1s1-ball, 1, 21 All-1ln1'11IiIIn'Y Sm-Y 4-Q-r, Z: Bzunll 1, 2, 33 lFUl'lllil!ll'A' Iinskl-Il-ull. 25 Vnptnin Tumbling 'lk-nm, Z3 llflriznntnl 7 Bal' 'I'wg1n1, 1, I. . llI1101' lass SCHOOL OF LAXV BEVERLY CARODINE ADAMS ....... Pachnrn A A NI, T K A, A fI1 E, II' A fl' Y, BIA C, A.. Vim'-PI'f'SillPlII, fig A'i1'1'-l'l'1-Sidvlll Sw-uml YI-:Ir Law Vlassq Bunn! nl' Vmltr-II --1' "Hl1- Missmg I'r1-sidvzlt Tau Iilllillll All-lm: N21- tirmzsl 1'ULll1f'illIl1lII nf Alpha l'l1i Ifillsilnnl Phi Sigrmlzl, 1il'lHll'tt'l', 21 PI"-sifivnt, Zig I11tI-1'-4'nl- lf-ginrv IN'li1lfb'l': Igiiflllllillg' 1'HlIll4'll IAOMER F. BENSON, II K fb . . Fulton .ALEXANDER j, BRLININI, fb A fi- . Yiclslwnrg ROBERT BURNS, jk., fb A 9, flf A fl' . . Brandon GEORGE SCo'1"I'LANDRLfM, fb A H . . Kmcimkn MAURICE Louis Ni.-XRCLTS, 9 IS . . . JOIICSUIXVII 1'0InInv1'r-1- Vlulv, 1, 23 Blzmvkstnna-, Zlg Snplm- more Bzmsl-bull NIill1il!.L't'l'I Junior liaise-lmll Blan- agr-rg SI-ninr Base-ball Manugl-rg Ilumn' Roll, 125 IIlU'l'fl'EltPl'Ilit5' Fuuncil, 2. 23, 41 I'r1-siulmlt 1 lurllxllvxww- Flaws, L, PAUL R. OAEES, K E . . .... . . Chiirleston Phi Sigmag Blackstone Latin fjluh. 89 The 1928 Ole Mfss LIIIIOI' Class SFIIUOI, Ulf I.AVV . 4 .'M.'mx P. l'i-iiuiixs, 22 X, A fl' IC, I B . . , lielzoui l'l'1'SI1ll'Ill Vlziss, 2g I'rvsi1lw-nt Alpina l'lll Ep- " silun, 423 "Mississilwpi:ln" Illlxiral ul' l'1vnIi'nlg "llI'- Miss" Stuff, lg l'r.-sinlwlit lnlzi Sigma, Gig l"uullr:ill, II, fl, lg llglgvlvgill, 2, 3, lg "Y" l'1iln- me-l. I. C. S.'Xl'IIiRFllilIll, Q Ii, 'If A 'Ig A fll li, Tl T, Port Gibson ILA., Millsaps fmlln-Lil-1 Pr'-sill'-nl Mississippi Sigmzi, l, 'l'1w:isl1i'n-l', UQ Assuvizltl- Illilitur, "Mis- NlS24lI!lPl1lIl" I3 ICv'l1:uug4.- Idslitur, 21 l':X4'll1lIll-U' l-.llitlfr "Svl'1-zum," lg Y, M. t'. A. Vulnim-t, lg ll--lmlillg 'l'n-um, l, 2. Iixxrfsi I.. SHEIJVON .... . VVater Valley U. Duzxs Sli.-ixns, 'If A H, 'If A fb . . Cleveland AI.I.IiY Tiiomvsox .... . . Vuiversity 2 X, A fl' la, II 2 fb, -if A fb, 1 3 I'r1'si4l1-nt .lunilvr Vlnssg Mississippi Stzilv 'l'l'lllllS 1'li:impi-fn, 120120-'LIT3 Stull- Ir1t4-r'-4-ul- l"l-lllllrf 'l'l'IIlIlS llllllllllllllll, 23 lie-Iziim-V, 33 Y, M, 4', A. Vzilrimft. Il, -lg Vi.-4--I'1'vsifln-nl Y. M. 'A V. A. l, l'rwsi4i1i1t, 33 Msirinlil-t!4's, 2, ,lg I'hi I SIMIIIII, I, 2, 21, -1. 'l'n-zislirn-x', Zig Vutillinn Vluh, I, SL lhlslwtllzill, 23 "M" Vlulw, 2, 3, 4: Alpha l'l1i lipsulwul, II, 4, S1 lil-pwl't1'r, 43 Ifra-n1'l1 l'lzl3'u-rs, Z3 Assistant in HH-1-li. UHIOI' Class SUIIUOI. OF HNGINEIQRING Illxxuiim F. liuxsux, Z2 N . . jackson VV. II. BUUIII, JR. - . Smithville ' XV. S. liknwx, JR., A A M, A fl- IC ...... Iuka lflliuirii--r'iilf.g' l'lulv, 1, 2.2, 31 ,xIIll'I'lf'1lIl Swvi-'ly l'ix'il l':IlI.flllt'l'l'SQ S1'1'l'l'IJll'j' Class, Ig His- loriaxn, 3. Sxmiuzi. Iifiki. Ckoss . . . .... Hernando Tian I,. FIJVVARIDS, A .A M, A II' IC, A fi' li . Gulfport lil--1 Vluh. 1, 23 Idrlgim-f'-x'ing Vlull, 1, 2. Tig . ivl'u-:in hlwiilly mul Iurnulilw-:sg Iii-purtf-l'. Z1 Sa-1-I--tz1l'y, fig II:-Villain-un, I, 2, ZIQYIH-INI1vl:15' Vluli, 1, 2, 241 .Iuniur Iiluuug--1' lfozx "Ulu Miss." 'l'ii.-xnuiars XV. jmumx, jk., A 'l' 12 . . Gulfport BllsSiSSilrpi Null.-gv. 1, 2 y 'l'. ISALUWIN INlI'IVVMAN, JR., II K fb . . . . Learned r Stil-lmwt Vlizllvtl-1' A. S. I". IC., l. 3L l.'l:lSs Sw'- rl-tury. 3. 90 The 1928 Ole Miss l.1I'li01' Class SCHOOL OF ICNOINICICRING 1 X PAUL A. RAMm', Q X Oxford IRA A. R.-X'I'HBL'N, II K fl' . , Charleston SH,.-'ss S115ra1.E Semi' ....... . Lucednle I"I'l'Shlll2lll 'l'r:u-k, IL Vnxsily 'l'lz1wk. 2, C21 IGH- p.1iIl1'fI'ilH.ff'llllP, 1 3. 11, 43 Huml, l. 2, 221 l.ilH:1- 1'l:ll1 2.12. I.xNco1,N F. SHERMAN, E N, A fl' ll .,., Ikicffunh I"r4-sl'n1'm Y. BIA 42 A. Vzllvirln-tg Tlldlrulruy' 4'lHh 1, 13, fl, Sturlwul 4'l1:11vt1'1' A, S, V. IC.. 1, I, Zig Vim'---I'l'e'si1lvl1t Vlzxss, 2. QQEORCE Ii. XVARNER, A fb Ii . . . . . Hmmun l'r'f-sidvxnt Vlass, 71: tlrmnng EllL1ilI4'1'l'illL1 Vlulv. llI'liO1' Class SCHOOL OI4' MICDICINIC JOHN II. .ARRlNC'l'0N, JR., E N, 0 K XI' . Mfmticelln llv-ll1.1l fluh, AL1r:L's'l' VINCENT BIiI,0'I5'l' :ut'flll'lll Vllllng Vullvy 4 ul AIHI IRA PRICE BURDIXE, H K EUGENE A. BUSH . . . lfrn-shmun Fmvtlmlll 1'l1+-H1i:'tl'y, IIUN'lkIiR CAUSPLY, H K A M:-nlivnl Vluhl TVIIHIUIII ,: In I 1 ll' I ELYYOOIJ lIL'x'1ER Cox, 'If Il N-1-lvtzlm ., . . XVest Orange, N. J. . , -1 . ., ., nllvflv. 1. 3' l'x1lvvl'sitx' llll l Nl' Amory 1 lHs4 . . . . Flliwille Stmh llf Ass'sl:mt IH f lu :lub . - . . . . . Cluster ASSISIHII1 ill Phys ulugy Htvvry. 'l' . . Ilernzmdu 91 Q! 0 Th e 1928 Ole Mfss T5 8 U.I1IO1' Class SCIIUOI. OF MIEDICINIC lion: C' I'1llVk'.XRDS, K E, flf X . . . , Iackeon ILS., Mtllsups 1'1vllf'::1', 15021. XYl11.l.xx1 'l', IIARI'IiR. U K tl' . . . , . . Fayette I'lnu Suunto 1, 3, 211 Vit-1'-I'n's11It-Ill KQVIINJIII VIHI' 2. S-'tl--tzwy :tml 'I'I't'IISlll"'l' Sopltoxxwro l'l'--NI-'ls 2. I'r--sitl-'nr .Iuniwr Rival Vlass, 2:3 M.tSutlI:'1'lllII I, 2, I'I't'SIlIl'IlI, Sig Alwlivul Vluh. C. P, IIIIRRIXIIIUX, A 'I' 22, H K XI' . . 'ferry KIissisQi1up1 I'oII4-Li.-, 1, Lf. tim lQR.xu,xx1 Kllcmila., fl' X . . Greenwood KIIWIIVJII Vlull. lfmxk A. I..x1u.x:u, II K 'Ig 111 X . . . Pontotoc ll-flu-:nl Vlulr: 'l'l'1'zlSul'1'1' l'l:1sS. XVIII-.Y llulnsrtx l..IiVK'IS, II K A, 112 X . VVoodland l'l1i Numa, 2. M-wlit-al Vlulu, 51, 43 Intf-rmurztl Atlnlvtivs, 3, Sl, I. XVu.ll.tx1 R. INIQCIHIHQ, JR., II K A, 9 K XII, Gloster lltssissllvpi 4"oIIn-ge-, 1, 2, II, 'Ifxxm' C. RICE, K I ....... Charleston RI'-diva! Vlul-1 IIIIOV-I.l'1lIt'l'IlItj' Votlm-il. Vlxmas G. 'I'urmPsox, H K XI' . . Carthage I-'Ill-joux XVPLUDHI., jk., KI' X . . A. S M. College Nltesasilv,-i .X, N MH l, IL Medi--ul Vlulr. LIIIIOI' Class SCHOOL OF PHARMACY Iiouxxkn N1.XXX'K'IiI,I. C1.oRH, K XI' . . Camden U, P. CEARNLR . . I'm1tutmr 92 The 1928 Ole Miss 1lI1lO1' 355 SCHOOL UF PHARMACY ARc111E XV. IIEMP11111, 9 I! ....... liunle 'z 's y -'nn 1: , 2,213 '1 's' 4' ns:-1: 2. ". , . D.-K, 21.,A..1.l,v 1'-vw :1 J' 1 1 "1-:14 '1-' '2S4, I1 ' :1 -' ' 1. , I. JO11N E. LOVE , . Xxvtil' X11 lt J tl1Il X ll 11x P 1111 I Ill Nl 1111 XI I 11 VV, B. HOPSON, II K flf, K XI' . . A V . Flnra s IllN llll I1 llll II1 II1 1111 1 1 llll 1 ROY L. ROSS, A XI' . . Cleve-l:111d Junior Class SCHOOL OF c'OMM1iRc'1i AN11 1a1's1N1iss ADMlNlS'l'RA'I'IUN ROGER XVEx111:1,1. A1,1'OR11, A 'I' Q . . M1'C'O111lw JO11x RL'ss1:1,1, B.1RRE'1"11, A XI' . . Mex-Iflizm 1- ,-.4 S111-Am vluss. JEAN NI.-XRSIi.XI.I, 151155, A '1' S2 . I.il1e1-ty VV. II, B13R11Ox, JR., A Xl' . . Nurclmcv JOHN L. Bm1x'1ON, A T 12 . Rulcvillc IDAXIEI, XV. BRINSON, JR., A E II . . NIHIIYJCEHII 1' f,111111.'1-.N.- 1-1111-, 1, 2. XV11,1.1.xM J.,11s1Es CAI.IlXX'hI,I1, JR., A 'l' A, YLIYOO City .- 1 .y 11:u11lsO11 lrullvgv, 1, -. RU1'1.1:11OE lf. GRAY, II Ii -I' . . xKvllJllQNhUI'll 93 The 1928 Ole Miss LIHIOI' Class 3 SFIIUOI. Ulf i'UMMliRC'li AND BVSINIZSS .'Xl3MlNlS'l'RA'I'lON y Q, ul. NV. llmcmox, fl, A H ....... Ackerman A. N M., lg "SLT:-zulu" Stuff, "HI-' Miss" Stuff. K .'Al.'lflX S. IIHNHQY, ll li A, A E II . . Olive liranrh Inlvr-I'l':1lvr'n1ty t'oul1f'il1 I"rvsl1m:n1 Hzlsn-lmllg ll1Il':1-lllllrul lfmntlvzlllg IIIIVH-IIl1lI'Ill Illnskvtlmllg Ile-rmm-nn. iiR,x1l.n1 llraxxnox llxcxs, CI' I2 . . . jackson Millsaps 1 -vlllgv, I. 2, Ilunel, .Ig hull flulv, .l, Nl1Il'lUIIl'lI1'S, 3. f'llARl.Ili Bum, IIUVVARD, II K A, A E II, Blue Mountain Ilrnm Mn,1o1'. fl: Sf-rnlu lizlselvnllp Golf Vluhg 1'onun1-r- I- Vluln. SALE Truck I,n,lA', A E II . ..... Greenfield IW-ollmll I, 2 Il, Iinse-lmll, I, 23 Yi'-1--IH-.-sill:-:lt 1'lnSs, 1, 3. l'4liRfIL'5 I.. I,l,OYll, E N . . . . . C'o'umlwn- Y. M f'. A. 1'z1lvinvt, 13 "MisSissip11i:xIl" Staff, 25 Sl'l'l'l'lill'A' IUZT Mill- Miss", N1-ws Iirlitwr Hl'l'III2l"ZlIl "Mississippian," 21 In-Molny Vinh, 1, Svvlw-I:lry-'I'rI'z1sl1rn-F, 2: Assistant Iirlitor- ln-Vhivl' IUZIN "Ole Miss." XV. I.. NICIN'l'YRli, A XI' ...... Brookhaven Voxllvxnenw-lf Vluln, 1, 2, 33 IFI'l'SllIII1lIl Y. M, 11 A. 1":1lninvt. .Iorix 'l'. McIx'1x'kH, A E II . . VVest Point K- A, J. IXIARIIN, JR., A All . .... Vicksburg 4'1-xllllwrw-v Vlulv, I, 21 Y. M, V, A, l"r4-sllmnn Vnlnlllittm-, Ig Gym 'l'n-um. 1, 4':11vtuil1, 21 Stu-llnt Asxistnnt in I'hySif':1l Ifllllwamtion Z Iinuxxkn Cixkm' OWEN, A A Al, A 22 II, New Albany 'l'--nnis 'l'n-nm. Y. IC. O'NlfIl. . Poplarville .Alu C. l'llIl.l.II'S, U ll . . . . Meriflinn - l'QIl'SIlIIlIlIl liznslutlmll, lizlsv-lmll fmfl 'l'l':1-'kg AIJIVSIJA' lizlfslu-tlmll. I, 21 YulS1ty Hass-lsalll, I, 2, X'i1"'-l'1'--aiflm-nt JLIIIIUI' lflzlss. 94 The O76 MiSS ll1'1101' Class SCHOOL OF COMMERCE AND BVSINIESS ADMINISTRATION CHARLES F. RATCLIFFE, E X . . . . . . Natchez Golf Toamg University RDpI'I-svritzmtivv South! ern Inu-rvolli-giatl: Golf Vliniiipifliislxip. GEORGE O. RICE, K A . . RIN-Ilzilc ROBERT ALLAN SELBY, A .X BI . .... Anguilla IIItQr-fI'atf1rI1ity Counm-il, 3: I"I'v-SIIIIIIIII Num- V vI':.1lg Basketball, 33 Trai-k. L. ROY ALLEN SIIORE, A XI' . . . . Lexington, N. C. 1 I f L'nivf-rsity Of North Cui-oliIi:1, , L, il. EDWIN D. SIIROPSIIIRE, E N .... Rolling Fork Cl'DI1ll11i'l'I"O Club: Di-Moluy Vlulr. I R. YV. SLAY A T A ..... Purvis Mississippi Follvgv. , -. CLAUDE SMITII, A T Q . ..... Brookhaven V8l'Sily FUOHJQII, 2, fly "BI" Vlllllg VlI'I-4I'l'1'Si- dent vluss, 1: FIWSIIIIIIXII NllIllt'l'2ll in Foot- hull, Baskf-tlmll and Bzisvlmll. C, B. VVALKER, JR., A E II . . . Monticello li'l,rlllHit'I'l'L' Vluh. OTIS DONALD HANNA, A T Q .... Ilattic-Nhnrg Fiwsliiiizni Ifoollvzill Rusk:-tl,a'l and Ibis.-lizxllg ,X Svruh Football :Ind Rziskq-tluill, 2' II: 12:51-luill, 2: I"I'L-slIIII:LII Y. M. 1'. A. lQ'oIIIIIIitl1-I., unior Class COLLEGE OF LIBERAL ARTS VIRGINIA IEENTON, B E 0 . . . . . Oxford I'IIiv1-rsity Chorus, 2. 95 Kxj The 1928 Ole Miss '- .. ,, S ' 1 , ,f I I ! 96 Sophwmmes The 1928 Ole Miss Ca f xj T' van. Officers of Sophomore Class CQLLEGE or L1m3R.LxL ARTS 'I'mm.xs Mmm . . . . l'1'miJn1l VIRCIXIA XV.-rfklxs. . . Sr'r'I'f1l1l'j'-Tl't'!l51H'I'I' Rm' Sokkus . , . l'1ff-l'rrsz.1r111 Rfmmu' JACKSON . . . . . lliyfnrian FIRST X'E.XR L.xw I,Eox.xRn Nmsrwx . .,... l'n.fidn11 N. H. IXI.xmxE . . . - I'ifr-Prrxidfnf O. NI. NI.XRS.Xl.l5 .... Sm'n'l111'y- Trv11y1u'rr Scwml. or ENGINEERING XV. L. x1LxNIL'l.l.l'Y . . I'r'wsi.11'11l jmix IQDXXIXRIJS . . I'ifr-l'1'r.viJm11 Rum' I..u1.m . . .Sffrftfzry Fxxs N1u'IN'IYRE . . .lliylnrian PRE-RIIZIJICAI. PAL! Pr-lnasnx . . I'rrsi.In11 .XRCIIII-Q f'.'kR,XXY.XY . . - I'iu-I'n-.fidrzzl .'X!,l,IE Maid xr-i . . Swfrrlary If. S.D1xfrN. . . . . . Tn'a.fz1rr1' SCHUUI. Ulf LRPKINIIQRCIS Dux l'1.r1-1,115 . . . . . l'n-,vidrzzl JAMES .IENKIXS . . . I'irr-Prfsidnzl INIARY lfRAxcr.s CLARK . . Sfwrfary KERRY S'1'uv.u.r. . . . Trrasurur 98 -IJ I 1 Tig 1928 Ore Mass Q K ' Q A v Y .,,, P A - I 5 'fwh A 6 A z- I 4 'H . N 1 SOpl'lOl'1'lOI'6 Class FIRST YEAR LAXV EIWVARD JOSHUA BOCEN . . Greenville LEONARD Ii. NELSON, A 111 li . X uk bux HARRY BRINSON, E X . . . Columbia JAM:-is N. UODEN, 111 A 9 . . . Nqtqheg T. H. CAMPBELL, E A E . . . Yazoo City JAMES J. P1.EAs.xx'1s, JR., E X . M ico JAMES GUTDRIE DONALD, A T A . . Quitman J. Qi0RlJON RoAc11, E N . . . McComb JASON H. FLOYD, E A I2 .... Senatobia 'FERRY S. Sw.xi,M, E N . . Hiookhwx en GEORGE H. HILL, JR., ZZ N . . . Tupelo J1M A. r1i0RREY, fb E .... Meidulle F. R. HORSE, A KIA Ii, A .A M . . . Carrie-re CHARLES H. XVESTBROOK, A fl' IC Meridian N. H. MALONE, A A M . . . . Darling H. EDWIN XVHI1-E, K E , . . Iexmqton 99 'X The 1928 Ole Miss C-"V fxj Q1 IS'- G 9- Q . -S A ' K V. .-X. .-Xnxucrlr, A .X NI Rxlxlrikxxrj All-,uxlmrzk Ihxxua C'l,.u' .Xsrlmxn R. I,.Al'K1x5ux, II Ii A NIARY M.xRrz.xkr31 ,x'IKIXiHX, A I'kwR S. Ii.x11.u', IR., A .X NI . XV. A. I4.xRwr.'r'1, ll' II -I- jrmx Ilrmmi I3.xRRrm', U It . Hx Rn Iiwl IS .,.. . Iixuxxcu Iimrnm'rmll1 . NIARVIN R. Iioxns . . llxfr-1. KIRK Iixmvx . Q --.. Izl mx!-1 XI'.N.x1zI.1-3 I5R.xx11,rfl1 . XVII Sophomore Class . M13C'mnIw . . Laurel . . Tlltwilcx' S2 . . Pivkens . Mzldixfm . . IIIIIKIJIIILI . . Ripley . . QVLIIIIUII , . CYIIIIIIIIITISI . . Vawilln Holly Spriugx ' . . .Uxfurcl I7ur:mt Iwi- CRIJIIK, I . IOO KI' RfJI'SI.Rl' WI. I4Ixfm'x, A A NI . . I.fll'L'llIi ISURKI-'. li 2 U . Kr ' 'K ' "- .xxrzlrl I,. IsL1l,u-. . . Ihlzxr-.Y Cxksfm, fl, II . . SAM P. C'.xR'1'IfR, Z N . . IfR.xxur1s C.xRL'1mRs. li A NIXRY Ifkxxcrfs Cluxkk . CL.-XLIHIC I'. C mx mx, E. .I Hum 'l'. CI,Ii.XRNI.XY , . w . 'IIVIAX l'nxERl,Y, 'I' A . . Gamusra I',xx'xIs C'oss.xR, Z N Izuzlixri f0I'K'IXIiY, II lx fI -IfISIiI'IIlNIi Ckxxrz, li I H . . . .Nlcridizm m , . . Illkll . .Ruleville Red lg1lIIkN C'l:xrkvI3le . .Quitmcm fllzlrlextrmlx . .Biloxi . Tupelu . Sumrnll . Lyman Chznrlestoim XVater Valley . . . Cmnw The 1928 Ole Miss xp S 5 ,'--393 , 5 a ' gh 4 Q J .ju X A X ,. U 'F no 'QW Q' ' -F I ii". l 6 ' .l- X S K L. O. C'Kosm', jk., Z X , . S.-x1.I,x' E. C'L'Mxxc:, A RALPH Ii, Ihvls, E N ..,. SOPhOITlO1'6 Class . PICZIXIIIIC . . . . Pace IXIL'C'mnIw -I.G0ku0x Duns . . . I'l1iI1uleIphia,Mix-. RLHIII Draxsox, li I 'l' Fluxcls S. Dlxox, A JOHN R. EIJXXIXRDS, II NA'1'HAx Iixmrinr-gurz, 7 I' j,x:s1r1s RANDUIPII IVAN. . Amuoxx' FHm'ccl.x lhvm Frlri . . . Ifm F. Fuimxxrz, jk., N' I I' DI. C. Fmm, Ix Xl' . . . . Columbia , . Natchez . . LIIIIIYI . cNlE'X'SlZIlIll , CNIZIFLQHIIIIIC . c'lE'X'6'lIIIIII 'l'utu'ilcr . . Clarksdulc . . . . Tzlylolvillc' lH,1.x C. I'1R.XNKI.IN, I3 Z U . . Ruleville I.. I". Cixlxlfs, fl, l-I . . . . Sardis XX, 'I'. lkxlxhs, 111 II fll , . , Iuka Lol' I'.I.I..X lf.XRRI'.II, 'I' A . . Surdis I7. XX'. iIR.XlI.XM, li A . . Bolton Ins:-3 II. GR.xrl.xm, II Ii A . . IXIeridi:m xrix' I'.I,I,lS II.xl,I,, A A Xl . . . Shelby 'XIIUIPII IXIlo1,1x HAMPIIIY, Ii E, Meridian M. II.xR.xwM', fl, II fl' . . Olive Brunch Rumi IIARKIS, Ii A .... cwhZlI'IC'NIUlI I.I.l!.XIIIflII II.XXX'KIYS, A A A . , Gulfpurm Ikxxx Ilrgxrum, jk, KI' II fl, .... Oxford I.I'II XV. IIIZNRX, II K 'I' . XX'z1te1' Yzllley IIAMMOND II. IIINTUN, jk., fl' A U, I.umlwertun IOI Q! 'XRI 'M The 1928 Ole Miss f xy 'Y .v. n'5D ,.r' V i., EN 'nl A y X ,, ld. Q' 'R I fx I , f , , ,T .A I Qi 7 - R "W V R ,QA C., is V V 'N tl S- : I lie , r 1 Q -'C 47 ,al ' U. 1 9 1, 1 ,, lf? S0pl'1OI11OI'6 Class NlUIIl'.X.X llflllfllh ....... xxvt'NNIIIl l,I,Iz.xI:I1'III Kxlxm' . . . . lfayerte IUIYIRXI. IIIIIAII-,s, li A .... Nlffllllllll xxII1 l3I..xcIi I..xImIJ, fl' l-I . . Oakland ull. li. lllIRNl-.. -lk., Il' A 0, A -I1 li, xvllllillll IN G. I,H:I:E'1'I', I X . . N'1l'cl0llll5 C'IIxI'Iw Vl. Ixmg 2 X ..... lXvlL'l'lll-llll IIIINRI' I.. I.I-,wIs, -lk., H I3 . Street l7lXIl-. bllxvxmx, 'I' A ..,. XXVZIYVI' Valley -lxcx I.II,I.x', -I' A I+ . , . . Tupcln Inn-s Sluslu .llXKlN5, .X 'I' if , f'I'L'llNll1lW lll-RVliY R. I.I,mIm . . . Meridian lfll'lS ll. lflllln ...... KlllIlll'lI1lt'l XV.xI,'IIfRIxIc I,ocK.xRIm, X 52 . . lIIdi:IIml:I 'lllk H. QIIIIINSI-I, I A I-I . . C'IIriIItlI QIIIRRN li. kIIIIIvsIIx, A 'l' 12 C' ll. ,luv-is . . M jnxrs, .E X QXXRRUI I, KI' Nil' , 'Kmxn ll. .luv-X, JR l5rmrlxlI:Ix'eII . XXvIllKlYll lr XVImIlx'illv l'lI'0IIl-xll1lX'CII llillvllllll'-I XVII I lXKl l.. NlI'NlI 'P -A-,-. flll.XRllXla I,rIv':Ixn, lx A . . . llznrnalxlmnv C'III,sIIR l.rIwI1.IxcI3, I X . Mc-Inplmi-, 'Venn llll,DRl1'lll llrIw.xRI1 Lmx .... l7IIr1IIII IXI l,ll-1 NlL'f'L'Xli .... . . Richmn l'INll:R S. Nlclxnkk, I X . . XVI-st Plpizn X. , . . lxlll RX I,. Nlk'l..Xl'RlYlf, jx, .. A II., Mft mmm lllN A A Xl xvlllililil 101 , .9 The Ole M588 - ve ,- 'K - 1, v. . LM I . . :wi LQ' s 5 . uf. G , - A . lr , ' .,Q Q? . . I. U , X 'ef .A e 1? I. ,Q w L R 2 A A R we e A A To .. i pl. 4 1 1 3 , SOphOTI'l01'C Class J. M. INIAGRUDER, 111 A 9 . . Port Gibson JIMMIE EARL O'S'I'EEN, A T Q, A E II, D'LO E, O. NIAJURE, li, II CII ..... Madden SAM V. PACK, A A M . . . . . Laurel VVILLIAM I. MARSALIS, A T .A . Centreville HAROLD II, PARKER, I N . . Lyman ROBERT C. MASSENCILL, A AI' . Brookhaven FRED B. PA'1"1'Ox .... . Oxford VV. L. MATTHEWS, K KIA ..... Oxford EVlZRE'I"I'E L'. PEEPLES, 9 B . . Boyle VVEBB MORSE NIIZE, A A M . . Forest PAIQI, PE'1ERsox ..... . Pickens HAROLD MONROE, A T Q ..... Lake J. FRANK Ponds, JR ......r A ckerman HERMAN MORRIS, 9 B ..... Amory Dzaxsox M. R.XXIJAI.l,, II K A . . . Uloxrer THOMAS M. MOSBY, E A E, A E H, Sunflower CERAYSON RAY, A I' ..... Rosedale A. V. 1N1LTRRY, A A AI ..... Ripley LEILA Rm-H RHODES, A I' . Horn Lake, Miss. CQRAXVILLE S. N.-XPIER, A T A . Aberdeen M1L'1'Ox L. ROACH, E N .... McComb ANDREW' K. NAUCEL, JR .... XVest Point LEROY ROBERSOX . . .... Ecru MARY EVELYR ODOM, K A . . . Houston LEE S. ROGERS . . . New Albany VIRGIL L. ROGERS . ..... Purvis x03 .Q .X 0 The 1928 Ole Mfss J J Q Q J X v- ,W . 'Q -f ! 6. 95 ' , '91 . . . 9,4 J 5' 'K 4. ,,, I VA V ff ' L.. wi- S, 'if 4, , X , . V I' 5- Ha. . R , , 'X I f ' in W 2- Q A ' n , - .I , f SOpl'10l'I101'6 Class XV. Ii. Slum . . Btllllllllf IJ.xx'u1 Illnxkx' IIKIIURXIIIII, A A Nl, Plfllfllllk' ll4m.xR'1 SHAW . . . . tiulfpnrt l.uL'Isli 'l'k11:l:1,lc, 'I' A ,.... Oxford lil-vrxlx Swirl, A A Nl ,.,. Liultpml l'1Il'lql'KIl'.X, A Xl' . Cnlduzxtcr mmm Iivuxx Sunni, -l- Nl . Ililllmnm llolw-5 'l'LRlrfx, A Xl' Ilrnukl' A. Swim, Il Ii A A NL-xx .Xuy.5mt4n lfl5l'.I'llIXI' XVAII . l,. U. SMIIII, jk, A NI' . . , -lm-kwn Ilr-I.:-ix' XVAI.I.AL'I', Ii L l . . -Xkxmn R. Sxn lm-, fl' Ii . , lintuwillv Ylkfzlxu XV.x1'x1xQ. A if . . CVJPIJXYIIICI' Svllzltulmiw Chlurnlmixl N1t'f'rblI'lir I. U. Sxfmm-x, fl' ll -I' A . llirlwry Sui 'l'. XV.x'l'ls, fl, A H . . Tupelf. Rm XV. SUkRI'.I.S, I X , . lin-Imni R. Li. X'V,xLr:u . . 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Sarclis , Urn-nnmlzl AVCNY POIIII I,IIlIll5CI'lllII Snrclis , Vzmton . .-Xlwcrmleell l'lI'lllI'N Point . , Leland l IIIVCIWIIA . llulfpnrt Xvumlvillc Cnffeeville O The 1928 Ole Miss N5 C. -'L ' .1 . l ff' H C A "" ,k .. , Q. V S ', tk- Q1 ' ',,,w, 'Mas T. D. Kwc . . . Iinusx I..fxx1wRL'M, A A A . HERXARD J. lnxsxx' . XV, P. L.xw'1ox, JR., U I, . . R. T. I,liICll, I X . . ll. S. I.r2oN.xRn, K -I' . I, M. I.II'scrmn, K I C. I.. I.oMAx, A NI' . J. '1'. I.oxr:xxn, jk, . lluzu I,m'li. JR., K .E xl. V. I,ovE, fl' l-I . . -I. S. I.ovr5, E X . j. 5. Imskv, AIR. , P1I'CSl'lITIaI'l Class Potts Camp . Kf'JSL'lllSk4l . .'Xl1c'rclevl1 Grcenx'illC . . liuporn C'ol"fceville cll'Ct'llYlllC cVll'Ct'llXY001l Jonestown Yllztm fully KfJxt'lllNkfl . hlzwkxnn Greenville IIO F, T. Arms, K Z1 . . . Corinth P. K. lN'1L'CAR'I'ER, K E . . . Batesville 13120. lN'lARCARE'l' McCoor. . . . Durant I.. L. lYlCl7OL'GAI., K Z2 .... Booneville F. BICIIANEY, E X . Pzlragould, Arkansas II. li. Mclxrnsrr ......, Collins CARI, McKriI,1..Ak, E A I-I . . Columbus J. A. lNIcI.ri.-xx ...... VVest Point lNl.xRr:.xRH MCLURE, A A A . . Oxford Kwox lXlL'lVlL'l.L.-XX . . . . Sylvarena G. S. lvl.-'KRSHAIJ ,...... Moorhead W. Ii. lYl.XRSliAI.I., KI' II fb . Memphis, Tenn. ll. XV. lxl.XYES ...... New Albany Ll The 1928 Ole Miss 4 'X 4 --2 . 'E 8 1 4 'W " I 'b If s Q ff. 2 . , L. NIILLER, A II f... . G. P. MITCIIELI., A XII . . LEM MoN'I'GoMERx', K E . . ROXIE MOODIE, A A A . . ELIZABETH Mosm., fb M . . S. G. MOUNGER, A III . . . C. M. NELSON ..... MILDRED NEWELL, K E T . F. L. PARSONS, E X . . . LYNDA FAYE PATTQN, T A . . PORTER PETEEI, Z1 A E . . . SYBIL PETTUS, A 1' . . Little DONELSON PI.EAsA:cTs, 21 X . I Q. X If 1 K ,A I Q we ' I Y X X in ., eg 5, , If . . 'Q' If " I L V ' Q- . FI'6Shl'I1aI'l Class f'lil!'l'iNllllIk' fLI't't'IlViHI' Yazoo fity Bl'0UkhilVL'll . LYIIIIIOII Greelxwnud NYiCk5bllI'LI . Pmltotm' C'olIIInhIIs . Oxford Q?l'C't'llXX'UINl Rock, Ark. . Mzxmn III , ,V w Ia. ll. PIIIIE, - A IA, . . XV. B. PRuIII.I-JI', 11 K A X1 NIIRWINIIJ RIfI1IIE.xIu, K .. NIARY LEWIS RI-QIQII, A I' . . Kflslillxkll Bxltesville Coluxnlms . Amory J. T. RIQILIA '.., Ureellvillc R. l.. RIIUIIIS, E X . . N1Z1C4Hl SYKFIS RIQIIARIJSIIN, X S2 . Oxford J. KIiXXli'lWI1 RIIIQQY, A A NI Newlmelmm ICRIQ RUIIIIIXS ..... Szmznurimn bl. R, RUIIIARIS Nlcrignld II. 'l'. RIIGERS . . . xxYiIlllNl10I'0, I.:I. -II-.SSII-L I.. RVH' ......., I Ilckwll SL"IIIIcRI..xxn RLSIIIXC, I+ li . . Nlerignld .-.JJ The 1928 Ole Mfss f ki F me 'Tr' FI'CSI'lI'I1aI'l Class VK. U. Rl'll lvlmril-, -IR., A A M . . NIm'l'omlw I U, S.xxm1.Rs, IR., fl' A is l M. S.xxn1FriR,,IR..1I,A ll . . . . . JLIUAQSUII . fQl't't'llXN'0Ud I Li, Sxxslxrp ,... Plmilzulclplmizl l 'l'. S.xx'l.Ia .... Ilighlumlulc ID C. SlIliI'lll-.RD, IR., A XI' .... Pace U. SrI.x'r3Rnl.m1 . . XX. I. Sl..xL'r:nll-lc, Ii -I' I nu, Sm.rm.xx . . I li.S'1Hvl-'xsnx . . . Inns SIRIULIXIZ, A 'I' A 1 mmm. Inlfm ..., Imw 'l'mml-sux, I X . . Rnlevillc , NICl'illillll , Cilfellvillc . . Nx'w.'Xll111l1y Pl1iI:uIrIphi11 . cll'i'CllXX'lllNl . . . llnvc-rxltx I.mJ1sra 1KL'1,1., 1 A . .Ima '1'L'RxER, X' Y II. R. XV.xf:w2R, H li . Cirf,R.xl,11 XVAIKPR N' X RICHARD XV.xRk1xlaR, K 22 . Rnnnlis XV.x55nx, Z A li . . s,v " 4 . . VVebb , Ilzlttiealuurg . Stephenson . llattieslaurg . . Corinth . Greenfille I':lDI'l'H I.r3Rm' AVXIKIXS, A A A , Aberdeen Slcm1.x ROSA XVl5INlil:RG!iR . . ANN VVI"SlIiRlIIiI.ll, li A . J. M. VVHVI' Nm, 11' II flf . XV, II. xVHl'l'lI,l ,,... I. M. AVIIIIX .-X. Y. VVnnn. um, .. A I, . Alilil, XVR1f:n'x', 1l'll . . . Coffccvillc II2 . C'l:u'ksclale . Cnlurnbizl . VICk5l7llI'I.L' . . Union . Greenville . Luuisville The Urgfamzizcutzioms 'SFT F" what is nov? Dr. Heclleston's home was formerly usecl a student boarding club. A' 4,-1, 'K Q P o , + 'W O O v Q' ' ' 4 'vi ,-v v 5 'Z- fd an i, 6 I D1 . .Yu f o s ., 1 o h ' Y ! Y The 1928 Ole Miss Associated Student Body IZARL T. 'l'u0xus ....4....,... . . llrmilinzl II. S. ISOLRIAXD . . riff'-PI'1'XiJl'llf FSTHER KIRK . . .Q1'1'I'1'l11?'j T. -I. LILLY . . Trrafzzrrz IIS -,-ii' O The 1928 Ole Miss 0 xy G' 'Q ,5- 1 1. 'll' fi Young Nlenhs Christian Association R N1.XI.L'UI,M GU-.5S, l:l'IIl'I'lll Sl'1?'l'fIlI'J' QJFFICIERS N 'I'mmP5r1x . . .... . . . . . Ii. V. Amuxis .,... . . . I'il'4'-l,I'l'5in M. M. McF.x'l'1'HR . . . . Snrvlary B. P. MAULIJIN .......... . Trw115zu'rr Rrvmjm' lirxxs H. Ii. li.xRI,.xxn V, K. Smrm R. P. XVl11m HL'BliR'l' Srmxriks I.. V. CR.x1r.: QxUNIKIlT'I'EE CHAIRNIIZN II. A. XVlII'l'llXlI'I'flY Sm, K.KL'l4'NI.XN Goknox Roxen Im. Iimxxxxns RM' FURR AL'r:L's'1'IxH M.xr:RL'm5R II6 ROBERT DEW' 'Ihxlcx' Il.x1.1, Wuu,-m Ilurma :5AI,'l'OX liRx'.xx'r KHRM11' C01-RER II. S. B0l.'Rl.AND K' ,..i....1- f l'n'5i11r11l 1'w11I The 1928 Ole Miss 9. 'P' ' QP, il Young Xvomenqs Christian Association BESSIE Mclxxls .... BESSIE l3oL:R1.Axn . rIQlIERlf5.X SL'0'I'l AAI,I,Il'Q XX .AURORA Auokn EMMA RLHHI Coram.-xx MYRTLE MASON MRS. 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P, Kmn Ii.-xRI. C. N. F0R'l'ENlH-RRY M. K, HORYF, JR. Hms.xR'r SHAW ll. M. FASER, JR. llfj VV. T, SPENU P. b. B.xl1.m', JR J. D. GREENE T. JEEP llwxs R. G. XV.xLr:H A. LEE 'JOHN I.rm'Rx, J. T. CL'IiI.FY C. M. Cook JOHN E. XV:-I 1 N J. K. NFVYI-.I,I. XV. T. MQML I I 5 x G. B,xI.1..xRn C! The 1928 Ole Mfss XJ f"i1'.vf St'lIlt'A'I'l'IA C.S.lrwx .. Phi Sigma Literary Society 0111-'lciliks . . . . l'r1'.fiJr11l . NIIVIHXN BLNII . , lzrr-l'rr,mlr11I . 1. IJ. C'l.,xRK . lx. R, VHVFR . A. M. N1.VQRLIll'R I.. XV. SIFXNHI Rx' S'1m'x1,L lr, V. .'Xn.xMQ . . . S,'rrrIrll'y . . . . fjflljlll' . . . , Cffffl . I . . . IjIlIlI'A'l'l'f7I'l' . . , Rrpnrfrr . ,AN N IVIZRSXRY Sl' ITAXlx IZRS Nrlwxx Hull , . . . . A J 1 ur-s lf. llumxxxs . , ,X'f-1011.1 IZO Sfrfnzzl S1'l11f'.rt4'1' . . , T. D. C'l,.1.RK . CARY S'1m'.xxAl. . O. M. N1.XRS.XI,lS . lIL'm2R'r Smlxiriks XV11,I.1.xM Awnhusox . . . . C. S. Cox . SAM PACK . . . ln llIi'1'l'.Ytll'Itlll lfirxvl .N'fn'aL'rr Sjwzzkra' The 1928 Ole Miss B. C. ADAMS PIENRY BARLANO VV. A. BRYANT JAMES BRENT K. R. CO!-'ER I. V. CRAIG C. H, EVERIYITE O. G. EDVVARD5 GEORGE VVOOOS SEMMES LLfCRE'1'r 'TRAVIS MCCHAREN VANCE MURRAY HUBERT SUMMERS J. VV. SHELTON AMOS SMXTH L..-.- 4 I 1 Phi Sigma Literary Society RIEMBERS VV. H. .ANDERSON YV. H. BOOTH XV. P, HURT ROBERT BURNS C. S. CON VV. DODSON M. R, ELLI0'lP'l' H. FRLUTMAN VV. T. HARPER A. M, MAGRLIOER A. K. NAUGLE SAM PACK R. N. REID J. C. SAT'1'ERF1E1,0 I2I J. D. C. .ASHFORD C. S. BROVVN, JR. N. B. Busu . D. CLARK R. H. COX H. DICKSON O. SNOWOEN C, V. FERRELL JAMES F. HOPKINS M. M. MCFATTER CHAS. NELSON F. B. PA'IVl'0'f BRAM1.E'1'1' ROBERTS CARY STOVALL R. P. VVEBB T 6 Q! Q 0 The 1928 Ole Miss 1 xj Musical Heacls Pkol-rjssok T.l,UNlb li. kl.lI.XlL'lIl'R . . . . . llirwrln Mu.col.M Grass .... 4 . .Jlunayrr DKK Mcfoox, lk. . . ,, . . . . . l'rf'.viJwrzf Miss Run XV.Xl,Kl"k . . ..... .S' Cl. N. RAIYLS . . . . . . lblfz'-Pl'1'5l1f4'lll T. Drxx . . Snrrlury-Trraszzrfr Yllllc' Ulc Nliw lN'l11Nic'11l Clulw lll1llit'N :ln zllmuzll tour of Nlississippi. This year they visited Alfll'lxNllIl, Gulfport, Men-iflizm, Colulnlwus, Tupelo, llolly Springw, and Hzltticxlmlggf. I'mlc-1' thc zxlulc direction of Profcssor Lloyd rlllliltfllff, the Vlmiversity of Miwiwippi ix nlwlc to lwozxst of one of the lu-at musical clubs in the South. 122 The 1928 Oie Miss THUSE F.u111L s "M1f3s1ss1111f11xNs 61,11 l'1.L'11 QLAR11-Q1'1 11 FIQHF QDLF Mus M1 s1c1x1, CLI li N. Aw A C.f , 8 X xj ' The 1928 Ole Miss Q Medical Club fJIfIf'IL'IiRS C. II. I.x'r-.RHI , . . .... . . . . . I'rwr1Jf R. I.. I7ux.x1lm . . . . l'irr-I'1'r,viIlrzzI XY. Nl. .Mums . . . . . S1'lI'1'fllI'j' j. VV. NIM . . . Tr'm.v11rrr KIIi.XllSIiRS XV. Ii. LXKIX I. R. Iixrmx l,r:l,.xxn IIflI.I..KXIl I.. A. msn jfmx I.. llxvxf I. P. BKRIIIYIE IlLx1r.k Crux RI'5SIaI.I. Nluiil-min IILNHQR Cfxur-x C. I'. II:-Rkxxfzmx I'.II'f-,IUIIY Xvlalblll-.Il A. 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BROVVN, JR. , CATIIERINE MCFARLANE .IOIIN F. XVELLS . . SAIILIE CLIMINO ALENANIIER, K.X'l'lIERIXIi BALLARD, E. G. BENNETT, ETIIEL RLTII BROWN, HAZEL BROVVN, CALVIN S. CAMERON, MARY IZEEIE CARR, JOIIN CALTIIER, NEISON CLIMING, SALLIE Cox, LILLIAN CRAWEORII, fN,' DAVIS, MAI' DODSOX, J. RAI' FWINC, JACK H. Latin Club Organized in 1920 OFFICERS ROI. L GRAVE, T, O. GOIIBOLD, VERA HALL, MARGARET HEARON, RLTII IFIORXE, MCDONALII LAMAR, ZENA MAE LAWTON, PAT LOCKARD, .ALICE LOCK.-XRD, VVAI.'I'ERIXE INJCC.-XRTER, PETE KYLE MCDOCGAL, LUTHER N1CFARI,.-XNIE, C.-XTIIERIXIQ MILDEN, DOROTIII' MURPIIY, SPENSER PETEIST, PORTER PORTER, G. VV. T26 . . . . Prrsidrm . . . . l'iI'v-Prf.fiIlI'rzt Srnwary- Tfl'll5Ill'f'!' . Rrjnorlfr' PROEILET, XVILL SANSING, GILBERT SHEPHERD, EMMA STANTON, JOSEPHINE SWEATNAM, GEORGE THOMAS, IIIA LEE TRLYLL, LOUISE VVAIT, JOSEPHINE XVATRINS, VIRGINIA XVELLS, ALICE XVELLS, JOHN VVOMBLE, NIAGGH' MAE WALLACE, HELEN YOUNG, ORMA GLENN HEARII The 1928 Ole Miss N qyiani 1 u is . American Society of Civil Engineers Firyt .X'I'1rIf5fn'. V. K. SMITII . . II. XV. SIMMERS . . O. I.. EDWARDS . F. H. NATION . . J. R. TIIATCIIER . . J. C. 'FRIBBLE . . L'IIix'e1'SIty Of IXIISSiSSIppI StIIIIcIIt CIIZIJHIUI' OFFICERS . 1'n'.vidr11l . . Ivffr'-P!'4'.fiIf1'11l . .X'rIrwl1Iry . . 7Ifl'll.VIll'I'I' . . . lfrifia' . . Rffworlwr . INIEINIBIZRS .X'wfn1I.1 SI'r1Iw.vlrr. . . . H. XV. SLMMERS . CIFORIII-I XVARNER . XV. I.. INIL'INIL'I.I.IEX . . J. R. ICOWAROS . , XV. I.. IIEARII . . JOIIN 'IIIIOMPSON JACK LLXXIJERSOX XV. H. IIOOTII XV. S. BROWN C. M. CONWAY G. T. DARX:XLI,, JR INIARVIN DOOLEY J. R, EDWARDS L. L. EXVING V. P. FINGER G. M. GREENE H. K. HICREI' XVILLIAM HL'X1E GEORGE KNIOIIT XV. L. IVIA'I'HEXX'S LEM MONTGOMERI FRANK L, PARSONS I. A. RATHBKN EARL BELL IRA BOSVVELL K. L. BKZBEE EUGENE COI'R'I'NEx' I.. E. DEATON JACK IJORROII O. L. IIIIXXZXRIJS D. S. FALRNER DEH fVI.XIXI-URI? S. C, QICESS II. R. HIN'I'ON T. L. JACKSON J. R. KNIOIIT XV. L. MCML'I.I,EN VXVILSON MONUOI' JOIIN T. PEGO LEROY REEII J. R, BENJAMIN R. J. BROWN ALTON CALHOUN S. E. CROSS J. M. DEMARCIIE XV. A. DLINAGIN H. H. ELLIOTT J. XV. T. FALRNER FRANK GOOLSBY 1:7 X'. M. HI'I.I. . XV. DIORILXY R. T. LAMAR Ii. C. INIILI-IS F. H, NATION P. A. RAMEI' J. R. REII,I.x' ECII. K. ROAQII 5. S. SCOTT V. K. SMITII . R, TI'IfX'I'CIIEK IEORCE VV.-XRXER . O. S. SANDERS, JR .. F. SHERMAN XX'. E. SNEEI1 JOHN THOMPSON F. M. ScO'I"I' C, H. SMIIII H. XV. SUMIVIERS JOI-IN TRIBBLE MAC. YOXVELL T C ,I 1 ,I I The 1928 Ole Miss I 8 fC iii 5 1, The O76 M533 129 C.f O The 1928 Ole Mfss The Marionettes Ulflflclslu IIIIXXILIJ NIIHUY . . .... , . . l'rf'5ifIr1 Mu' Ihvls ....... ...... . .S'f'n'rlary Nuursfxw XVL x'1'nl'R5m . . . . Iiusinrss Mazzzzyrr 'l'mm.xs li.xRkr:'1"r . . Trrlnzirzzl llirwlor NIAKY M.xkcg.xkr-il Armxs .'Xl.I.Il-I XVARID li1I,I.1x'4:sl.lfx If1,oK.x LH' C'R.x1mm'K Tun DLNX L. L. llnuus SUI, K.Xl'l-MAX ,lm l',xv1s M.muA. Srflufzfglxs limmkn XVl'.S'lRRflfJK Imwls Mcl,.xl'Rxx CQURIJUY Rrucu AIIZAIBIERS HX ru Pxlkluu llrxm' lwmrrx l'kr,nf1'.m:k QLXRIJN1. Q DiI'c'1'Il1!' 130 I..wlm.w ,l'IiI.l,liR Noklwux XVri,x111rfKsm 'I'nrm.xs B.XRRli'I"l' Rrmrzru' VV. f'0I,l,I'xS Mn' lhvxs I,1jl,.x IfR.xxKl,Ix G. Ilnxxnrmx lllcxs I,mN.xRn Nllimrmx I.1l1.x Cirnumfmx Snlvlfxs ,'xI.I.liY '1'HoMl'50N N1IlINflXNIi XV.x1.KrR O ll The 1928 Oie Miss I C9 HP' : O The Ole? Miss 7-X. aj f Q! XNJ C W Sf C N R Qle bliss Fiasonic Club UI I'Il'IiRs YN 1 Hum - - 4 - lr ill Il I b.I71xNx, .... l'i 111111 15.11. 1.zx.+-fx . N ffff 11113-Trfu I5XC'I'l.1Y l'++!w+4 .X1?iIXr ,linux 'I L1 Kxxxmm IM. UI. XY. Heil. DR. Vim Iflrlim IJ WMI Dx. A. I.. Iifwuiaxxi I'r4f'H-W P, L. Rx: X's,X'1s!R IM. 11. I.. I'iLRRf'L"3:5K Dx. P. XY. Rm uw IN, A, IS. Cxffxzrx Alrrwgr XX' H. Rflnrxnf IM Ii. NI. Ifwx DR. U. biixw IN. XY. IW. Iiri-:nfs x I'Rf'fEff0 I.. E. 'llixrwfx .IU-I+ XXK1. Ilrxixvivxvxx I'RHH::fw ROHM 'Imaam Ifwfuiwa .X. P. lim-Hx lwfvrrssfy K. P. YN-H IW" R 31XIUWIX1lQLEQiS N1x.i mx .s NI. hui N, rf,L zry I U C I l'1'f,ftor 132 6 -,,-,,-.- The 1928 Ole Miss . Amms Axmzx, JR. XX H. .ANDERSON .APPI.EX'X'HI'l'l'I ASHFORD T BURNS CA'1'cmxr:s CLARK COLEMAN C'0PEI..xxn Cox Cox CRAIG CUBLFX' IXIEIXIISIQRS R. S. D.-XVIS F. S. Dxxox R. L, I7ox.xl,lm Lxsmx DR.XL'1IHN H. C. EDXXKXRIJS Jmmlrz F,xr.I. N. J. FJXRRIS H. FI.L'RRX' XV. XV. H.-xl.r., JR XV. T. IIARPLLR HAROLD j.xcRsox Ii. I.. jERwxc.xv XV. XV. jouxsnx C'. P. Kmn '33 XX'. A. LHR Ii..xRI.ri II. Lxxnsm' Ii. O. XXIAJLARH B. P. 1X'f.XL'I.IllN XV. D. PL'Rvxs AI. A. Rooms Al. C. S.fX'I'lIiRl-ll-11.11 DI. XV. bmzlxuw II. A. SMHI1 J. O. Sxownkx II. B, Sm HERIHXYI1 If. S'1RL'RBs ROBERT 'I1ll.X'ICHl-IR ul. G. DIQHONIPSOY The 1928 Ole Miss Go. Gordon Hall Boarding OF!-'ICEIQS MRS. HESTER ..... ...... ......... M a tron Miss HEATH ..... ....... A ssisiant DR. VV. L. KENNON . . . . Farulfy fldfvisrr A. M. O'NE,xL . . Svnwiary BOARD UF CONTROL SOLLIE COHEN UPIEH VANN "TUE" Llux Bon DAVIS V. K, SMITH '51 Gx . GL.-- -- ..- 9 The 1928 Ole Miss Cardinal Club 1 I I.l1,IY, JR, I A li . . Rm' SflRRliI.S, I X ..., . ' jlxmn' 'lI'XKIXH, A T12 , . . . ' CARX SlllY.XI.I., A 'I' A . . Tff'11.v111'r1' I'.I!X'S'.XRIJ CQRI-II'X', Ii I ,Inns tirukrpr., Student I5nN.x1,l1 Mclnxlx, li A ii. ll. Nlurnuv, Stmlc-nt XV.Xl.l..Xk'Ii CYRUUK, I A I-I QX. R. Sxlx IH A ii. ISLm'.xss, fl, A H Ll. R. IQITNARIYS, ll K ll' ll. M. R.xNlw.x1.1,, ll li A ti. i'. QYUSFXR, I N M. R. lioxn, li 'lr N. I.. Iixrzlrlzrmz R. V. NIASSPXIZIII, A XI' Ii Nl. Il.xxumx'.u, -I, ll H.i'.Sx11l1l, A A Xl VIIXININ llrurv, 'I' ll jmxn Hum, H li ISR I'r,f1l Ill lifr-l'rr.viJwr1l . .Nnlrfzlry liudy-:lt-l.:1 liqmly-:xt-1.111 1 ml! The 1928 Ole Miss T N1LRPllY, AIR. VIANII-5 HIIPRINS . ICNIAIA RL III CYIRIIAN . KIRAIII' R. CYIII-QR LI' I.l,IwX C'IIARI.sIIi ANIIERSIIN I'.I.1l.XBIi'l'H .'XI.l:X.XNDIzR .'XL'RUR.X .'xLI'0RIJ IILLLN BI'I'zER CHRI5'l'IXli HYERS -IOIIN BRL'Ml'HiLlJ HAYEI. BRUXYX G. If. BYARS FANNIE BARLANII BYRII HAII.Is T. A, BICKI-1R5'IAII IJRALE BRUVVN A. S. BRISCO NLIII2 BARNIVIII' l5IssII-3 HHIQRLANII AI I II-3 WARII BILI INI-RI I I ISI ANQIII. BI.ooIm'nR'I'II :XLICIE CARRIER IQUQENIA CIINIPIII-I I, SI L COOK I,I:LI,I:N CLAIINI: XV. I.. CASSADY '?. -fa Ed OIII-'ICERS AIIQMISERS NORNIER LHLL GILIIIYS HILL RIISA LEE HOGAN NELLE HAIIIORN HCBERT LiYDE NIRS. HL'BER'l' HYIIE RL"I'II HIi.'XRON L. IJ. IIARDY JAMES IIIIPRINS N1YR'lI.E HARRIS BIQNA HL'R'I' LESA l'iOI.II-'IELIJ VIRGINIA HERRING B. H. HARIIACE NLXRY LILLEY IVY Z. A. JUMPER BIANCHE JOIINSIIN CAIYIILLE KENNEDY IiI.I7ABE'I'II KNAPP MIRE H. L.AVK'I,E5S, SALE LILLY ALICE LOCK.-XRD Igfy I ucation Club . . . . PfF5 . l'in'-Pn'.riI11'1zt . . .S'rfrrIary . Tl'1'l15IlI'1'7' . R 4'.1lofI1'I' EMMA SIIEPIIERII ELLEN SAMEELS J, R. SPEIGHTS FRANCES SCHUMPERT RUTH SVVARNER E. E. SANDERS H. D. SIIAW DR. O. A. SHAVS' TI-IERESA Sco'I"I MAISIE SPR.-XGCXNS LYIIA G. SHIVERS G. XV. AINAYLOR IIIA LEE 'ISHOMAS E. F. TUCKER VIRGINIA VVARD RLv'I'II XVALKER NIIGXONNE VVALKER VV. C. XVELLS, JR. J. C. XVII.soN VIRGINIA XV.-XTKINS LILLY P. VVHITTEN NIARY XVINDIIAM fi idflll The 1928 Ole Miss X9 f I f 1 R. II. COFER D. R. CO1-'ER J. T, CUBLEY L. V. CRAIG FLOYD CLINNIXGIIAM EMMA RUTH CORBA x T. D. CLARK J. VV. CRAWFORD, JR. JAMES P. D.fXI.E MAY DAVIS C. M. DAY EVA DEWEES MAYLISE DOGAN A. ROLLINS EIIIT ETHEL FINCH ARTHUR FREEMAN R. H. LEICH JESSE LEA DOROTIIY LAMB OLEAII NI.XL'Fl-RAY F. S. McD0xALn DQROTIIY MCNEII. .ALTA MAssEY J. T. MIDULEITROOR CATHERINE IVICFARI.. MX'RTI.E MASON FIQRAVIS MCCIIAREY BESSIE NICINNIS S. L. MURPHY, JR. MARY FVELYX OIIOM MARTHA PERKINS JANLLA POITEVENT 127 XXI-I - .1 LILAIIYS XX Il.I.I.XNlS J. H. XVODYG VERA RIIYAI. LEROY ROIIERSUR LJRAYSON Ru' J. D. PICREXS BESSIE POWELL MYRA PATTON PIELEN CSOE LYXELLE GUESS N, E. GILLIS XV. T. Cs.-XINES R. A. FL'RR E. V. FERRILL F. E. FARQUEAR JULIA K. PARKS -...,.,9 Lf 9 The 1928 Ole Miss 5 Q 'A' 1 X Pharmacy Club flI'Lf1lIIiYk'll IQOS fjlfl-'lL'I5RS ww M. N1L'F.X'l'll"R . . . l'nyviJ1'11l f'.XRY I.. Puu.I,ws . , Snrrlary-Trmx11i'rr RIHIN IiH'u.xNx . . . I'i1f-l'n,vi.1,-111 Q'f'lIl.IYS 'l'mwri1.1. .... Rrpnrlrl AIIEMISERS lIr11.1.1s I., CYRITIYK JXRCHIIS XV. Ilrixirnlxu. Allmxx A. XV.xI.Krik RL'ssrs1.1. F. Kmawzx' Ill-:NRY Y. Uxxl Miss lux C. Nriwgml NI!-.IXIX M. McI7.x'lk1liR VARY I.. Pu11.1.1vs vlfllf Ii, CiL'Y'1'nv AIlr.I.xx O. Rlslf Dux Ii. iirmkmx ,Ima M. S'I'II.I, l'mr,I.1xs 'l'll1WliI.L lI,xI, K. -Ixcxsox J. H. XVEBB 138 The 1928 Ole Miss I Y II.1R1m1N BIQTII.-XXX' IQIJXXIX M. CLORE J. B. fI.'X'lIIRICH'lX XV. II. IIAYS R. B. BALL B, H. Boo'1'11 T. J. BOGGAN IT. A. HURT, JR. B. T. CLEARMAN XV. IS, IIURSON U. XXI. LONG J. D. R1:.x111' A. B. SOXX'IiI,,I. 1 NIHRS FR ITS H IKE M. I':llXX'.'XRIJS CL'R'1'1ss P01411 A. P. JAMES X'.1N LADXIER H, XV. Nm1E'1'z XX'. R. R1.1:1'Es I R. I.. XX'11,1.1,xN1s A111-11 L'R M. IS U1 N. J. I-11141415 U, P. i1.x1cN15k J. I.. Hrcxs .XIEN LYONE1. SIiN'IxIiR Ii. A. XX'11.50N J. XV. C0113 C'11.11cLEs FERRIS I.. R. HARRIS IIR XV. XV. JOIINSOX, JR, 39 A. II. Joxns f'Il.XRI,IiS J. O11 Rm' L. R055 I. O. SL'x1RA1.1, -JOHN LOVE IXI1ss E1.s1H J. PORHR II1iR111:R'1' Ii. RLPS11 r' 1511.11 M. 'FRIPLI-I J. C'. YOUNG Q T116 076 Miss gn C-f f gj 'Q' Student Government for Women EXECL'T1VE CULNCIL 'I'm,xus.x Scum '.... .....4... . Pn'si.!wn1 lirsslri ISOLRLAND . . . .... Ilousf Prrsidwnt of Rick: Hall I- xmnmu Ilxsox . . House I-'n'5idfnt of lI'ara' Hal! S,xL1.Y Cnmxxc . . ...... Treasurfr DOROTHY CAELFIELD . Sefrelary 140 Q bv "1fNf,"'x V' f il 1 .' ,I dw- .. h A .T V 1-f-":"5Z4 ,, . Iiav , ' ! w :' Xi "n 1 I 'Q it ' ' l I x.. - . ., Fmztemziztzies I Q I-ax v' ' - l 'U U a O - 4 - The 1928 Ole Miss INTER-FRATERNITY XV. H. MONTJOY J. G. ROACH . , VV. H. LOAIAX . E. F. REID . . . R. A. DARDEN . I. S. LUCKETT . J. H. LENOIR . . R. GRAY .... SOL IQAUFMAN . JOE STILL. . . V. C. TEMPLE . E. P. JONES . . GEORGE RICE . . . . . FLOYD CLNNINOHAM . . T. DUNN . . . Jfxs. HOPKINS . . . O. VV. CATCHINOS . G..:..- COUNCIL ......S..l.Ij. . . Sigma Nu . . . Delta Psi . . . . Sigma Chi . . Phi Delta Thrta . . Delta Tau Delta . . Jlpha Drlfa fllu . . . Pi Kappa Phi . . . . Sigma fllplza . Jlpha Tau Omega . . . . Theta Betta . . Pi Kappa ,llpha . . Ktlppa Illpha . . Klzpjva Sigma ...D.K.E. . . Phi Pi Phi . .Phi Epsilon The 1928 Ole Miss J S DELTA KA I' PA HIJSILON I"m1mIc'mI :lt Yale' L'11ix'c1'sity, 1344, lrlrn U QI Ciulml, QIFIIIISUII, :md Avure Flrmul Pinsx CIII CI I.-XI"I'I-IR Ifstz1IwIiaI1:-II :lt tht' l'nivc-rsity, 1850 FRATRIQS IN l'RI5Ii Ihvln Nlimux Dk. IIERRON ROWLAND Pun. A. Smxk IfRA'I'RICS IN FAC'l'I.'I'A'I'I2 IDR. If. IC. IQXRQL mx DR. XV. I7, IIEDULESTON IDR. IIINRY M. Iixsrik Prior. VV. G. ROBERDS FR.-X'I'RIiS IN I'NIVIiRSI'I'A'I'Ii .N'f'11ifn',v Iixns C'.xRRm. Ifuxxm' -IOIIN I..'xL'lniRn.xLE f'UXIX'IEI,I, Sllfllfl' Swqlis 'Irmx 'I'u0M.xs DUNN .IL'I.I.XN Ons Run .lu Hin rs Vins. Smm' N ms Sflf1hIllIIfll'l'j IHXIIR S. I-'Rr-larww XVlI,H,xx1 NI.X'I"I'IIIiXYS JUSIAPII Ilursmx Plfni II.xm'H S. I.:-oyxkn I fffl' 46 Mmcvlx II. Iioxn Crus. IIOW.-um XVIES'I'I3RUUK Romfm' NEAL Vxxcrg jonx MCI,li.xx XV. jl'NI0l'S SI..KL'!2II'l'IiR The 1928 Ole Miss C-L... Huxxrv, Xfxxuf, D1 xx, liuxn llmsmx, 1,1-uxxnux, lX1vI,rxx .Xlllll-'XXs, Slufpnlrk, Run, XVI-NIILRH 1-w Q! The 1928 Ole Mfss 49 f J v 'sg 1'-.5 DIiL'1' A 1' SI 1'i0lll1llL'll at Columbia l'nivcrsity, 1847 PHI CHAl"l'ICR Ifstzlblisllc-ml at thc l'11ivc1'sity, 1855 FRATER IN VRBE QLICURGE M. Krauss FRATRES IN FAC'I'L'1'ATE luuzrg W11,I.1,xm1 IIlix1xwc:w.xx' PROFESSOR ROBERT 'IQORREX PRO!-'rsssOR ,Lmlcs XV.XRS.XVY BELL ITRATRIES IN I'NIVI2RSl'l'A'1'E Sfllfnf' XV11.I,1,xM A. Ju lziory XV11.1.1.xM II. BERUON, JR. J. RLSSELL BARRRIT x XVll.l.1,xM I.. McIx'1'x'RR ROY Ross XV. C.,x1,v1x XVliI.I.S, JR. A. J, MARTIN, JR. ROY A. SHORE SoNmmorv.v R. C. N1.-XSSliNfCIl.I, I'.lJVV.XRD TURLEY F. S. Dxxov PIFJQFS LEM 0. Smurf, JR. HOLMES TXURLEY CQEORGI-Q N1X'l'CIIIiLL f'I.Il"I'ON LOMAX S. Ciwlx IVIULIXGER DOx,xr.n SEIEPIIIZRID LE1m1'1ON 1VI11.I.r:R 148 ..,. .D The 1928 Ole Miss XV. I,rm.xx, Hr-Knox, B.XRRI'll', Mclx 5' s INR!-, Russ, XYlfl.I.i, NIXRIIX, Surmr, NIXSSFXIIIII, Ii. 'l1lRI,l-X, Dxxux, SXIIIII, Il. '11 RIM' 1'cHhl.1,, C. l,fm,xx, Morxrzrix, S111-.muikn Xlllllh 149 The 1928 Ole Mfss I'O olorf: Blue :Ind Gold T4ilZv , ...lvff S I G NI A C H I llllllCll at Bllilllll l,vlllX'CI'Slt5', ETA CHAPTER 1855 Establislwcl at tlIe L'IIivcI'sity, I8 DR. AsIIIfORD LI'I'II.Ie LANDRLM XXXDREXYS FRATRES IN CRBE DAVID C.'4R'll:R R. M. Rlzfill FRATRES IN FACl'L'1'A'I'E JUDGE 'I'. C. Kl51IlRlJL'Cli MR, K. P, VIXSEI. DR. B. S. CivL'Y'IOX ml. T. NIIIDIILEBROOKS, JR JOIIN F. ROBINSON ROIIERI I.. DOXAl.lJ A. P. ML'LLINs E, B. FERRIS HARVEI' XV. XVALKLR PAUL RAAIEY ROI' SORKELS lfI.NIl-QR NIClY1'YKli K. S. SRINNER HARRY RODOERS I.. O. CROSBY, JR. 'l.xcR BARKSIP.-Xl,l-, ul. S. LOVE, JR. llL'Y B. l3liVS'l'1l-.5 RAI RIIIME5 PROFESSOR QlRAlJY GL'x"I'ON l7R.A-PRES IN VXI YIIRSITATE Sv1zinr.r . NORMAN XVEATIIERSIII' R. H, LEIOII EDWARD F. REID XV. B. HAMIIJION, JR. Juniors LANIPION BERRY A. C. CIQHONIPSOX A. P. PERKINS S0f!h0I7l0!'l'5 flHliS'I'FR LOVVRAYCF Plfdgfs FRANK PARSONS DON PLEASANTS f'llARLliY FERRIS -lUlIN EIQHOMPSOY XVILLIAM HIML C xvIL'I"I' ROBflR'lS M. T. HARVEY ,IOE 'IQIQRNER ISU Flofu'1'r.' VVh ite Rose BRANHAM HIME R. NIALCOLM GL'Ess MR. RODERI' J. FARLEY DR. E. N. LOWE U. N. RAINES A. C. CRAWFORD .ALLEN :AIKEN XVALKER H. H. ELLIOTT R. BLANRENBARER VV. E. .AIKEN CHARLES F. RATCLIFFE HARRY BRINSON JAMES PLEASAXTS FAI' NICHANEY GERALD XVALKFR VERNON HL'LL ROBERT LEIOH KYLE CHANDLER RANDOLPII Hlcczs ,IOSEPII CRISLER The 1928 O76 Miss Rim, Rrualxwx, Hum mx, Iwxxlln, Rxlxl-x, XX'14x1HrRx1:x mmm, A. XVAI Kr-R, NlL1.l1xN, A. ldlmxrwx, li. IWRRIN, l'l-Mlm, R liriruzv, RXICIIIIV, SURRIIN, Nlylxl-wr, lmxkxxfrf, bl. P1 rxexxlf lixlxmv Vlzmlzx, lixkkwxlr, lxwl, Dlxxu-N, Rmwx, I'xRwxs . , , . . IJ, Ill uxxlx, Q, l'IRRI', -I, lnwxll--wx, H1 XII, RHIEIRIN, Ilxxxlx l1Rxrnz,McIIxxlfx,i,. XXUM-R, lll1.x,, R. l,ln.11, iznxxmuc, Hum ISI The 1928 Ole Miss A 4 .1 SIGNIA ALPHA IIPSIIWON 1 J lfuxxmlcd at the LIIIIYCINIII' Of Ixlllblllllli, 1850 1 ms I 8 md Gold IXIISSISSIPPI GAXIIXIA CHAl'TIfR Ifstziblislmvml at the L'nive1'sity, 1866 I"RA'1'RFS IN I'RBI2 -IOHX XV, I7.XL'I,KXIiR XVIl.I,I.xM ARCHIBALD VII,-XRI,IIi .'XI.I,IiN juwma L. Ii. OI.m1.xM vIIil7I-'IiRS0N K. IIAMM 'IAMH5 SIONE INIL'RR.'IY I7,xL'I.RxER I"RA'I'ER IN If.M'I'L'I'ATI2 PRO1-Esr'OR Ihvm BISHOP ITRATRES IN I'NIVIfRSI'I'A'l'If .S'rr1iur5 lxRCllIH.XI.D C. Ilriwras XVII,I,I.XN1 INIONIJOY 'I'HOx1.x5 I,II,I,Y A ITEIXIUY .IOIIXSIUY XV.xIx1+iR IJ.X'I"I'Y 'l'uOm.xs C.XMI'IIliI.I, CII,-XRl.IiS PIr:rORn I:.XRRI5 I'Il,I4MIX1i 'l'11Ox1,x5 Mosm XV.XI,I,.XCIi CRIJIJK I'IOw,xRlm Vl'II.XXlI'lS lhgxx If.xL1.Rw.R l'I.xl, S. R.XPIfR WILSOX IVIUXINIOX PRzwla NICSIIANE I511.I.x' I7L'xx1G.xx Rmwxnxlm Ifl Hwxf: Ruom-.5 XV.xs:Ox 'X Juniors IRE EIIVVARIDS Sophonzorrs ,'XR'I'IIL'R jouxsm' PlrJgz'5 lixRrw I'. II,xRR1+Ox, IR. .'XR'I'IIl'R IIL"1'cll1ws 152 BRYCIS .ALIQXAXDER .LXIBERT A1,Ex,xxnER IIIRAM A. RANRIX L'r:L's'11x INIAIIRLIIJER IIARVIQY I,. MORRISON I'IOR.xc'E KINNEY Smxm' Lxwsox JASON FLOYD PRI-ISION Iilmoxns II. R. HENNES CLAUDE CLAYTON LEWIS INICL.-XI'KIXE Rrzymix XVILCOX IRA Iioswuu, PORIER PE'I'IiE'l' HILARY BARRIER VERROR BERBE'I"I'E CARI. NICKELIAR I-Inwlx P0'l'I'S AIR!-.R'I' XVOOIDXXIXRII UN Fl0fu,'1'r'5.' Violets The 1928 Ole Miss lv 'R i- aukg . URUOK, CI,.XY'l'0N, 'l'u.x:s1Iis, XVf'bflI5XY,XRI1, VV.xsmx, Hxkklrfk Blaknr:1"l'r:, l,lillzla'I'H, l'.xx1m:r.I,I,, lfr,m'n, lhxwsux Fwxilxcz, Pxrzlfmum, Mrmsm, RAYKIY, .'xI.l'X.XYlHfR liriwrss, 1N1Axr:kL'1niR, I,ll,l.x', Mrmxlgym, jrxllxsrix' P0'1'1s, McI,.xL'Rxxr1, NIL'KFI,I,.XR, lixxxrzxx, Ilxkxxsux, liusulll, 153 Q1-- -..,.D 42 Cx s. fb .f t 0 The 1928 Ole Mfss 91 AU ., If 4 T- T' .LJ 1 la 2l-EI. P iff! Is'-Sly ' . . 91. W.. .4 " Q A Q, -lf.. . r -, -: 1 I' I-I I D Ii L 'I' A T I-I If 'I' A FOLIIILILWI at IXIIZIIIII l'I1ivcI'sity in Oxford, Ohio, 1848 Colors: Azure and Argent Flofwrr: VVhite Carnation MISSISSIPPI ALPHA CHAPTER Established at the LIlIIVCl'SItJ', 1377 FRATRIIS IN VRISF MR. 'IIIIONIAS II. Y.x'I'Es MR. XVILI. LEVVIS FRATRFS IN I'N1VERSITA'1'E Srniors R, L. I.ANDRL'M DICK C'.xLf'rIIEN MCCOOI., JR. RICH.-XRD A. IIXRIJEN JAMES GORDON SMYIIIE, JR. Lx'I.E A. WII.I.I.INIs, JR. Juniors ROBERT BIRNS, JR. fIEORCE YERGER HICRS, JR. Ki.xRvIN Duc.-Is SH.xNDs J.wIEs H, PROPST, JR. QIIQURCE SL'0'l'lA I..xNDRL'NI VVILIIIM J. HARMON S0f1h0IIIOf1'5 J. N. KJCUFN XV. II. I,O'I"1' .ANIJREXY G. III,'MP.XSS JOHN G. I,II,I.x', JR. JOHN M. IN"IACRL'IlER JOIIN S. FAIR FRANR FAIR, JR, CI..'Xl'IHi FAIR, JR. RICHARD CLARK, JR. PERCY L. DEID.-XCII, JR. M.-xcDON,xI.D K. PIORNE, S.-INI T. XV.I'rI's, JR. II. H. IIINTON, JR. PIz'dgf's T54 RUDOLIIH I-I. I-IOLMES, JR CHARLES A. JONES HENRY MINOR FASER, JR IIAVID C0'IVl'RIiL XVAIIIICE CAMPI3EI.I. FRED M. SANDIFER, JR. J. O. S. SANDERS, JR. The 1928 Ole Miss ,ng M. R. Ihxxnkwx, 5. I,.xxmzL'xl, IHELOXCII, I.1LI,x', D.xRmsx BURNS, C. FAIR, If. FAIR, J. FMR, I-ixsrsk H1x'1'0x, Pkovsr, Ilmzxrf, Ilomuas, MQCOOL, Iiumox XV.X'IV1'5, VV1LL1.xx15, Ommx, SIIAXDS, N1.XCRL'IlER Clhxkx, C'o'1'1'RraLI., Sxxnsks, S.XXlJIFliR, Sxnwlla 155 1 Qrblit P A J is O The 1928 Ole Mfss 2 XX -T - xj x ' ""' n DISLTA 'lf-Xl' DIQLTA l'l0llIIIlCll at l3c'tl1:111y College in 1850 Colur.v.' Purple, XVhite, :md Gold Flour: Pwnw PI CIIAPTICR Fuumlcml ut the l'11ivc1'sity as Rainbow l"1'z1tc1'11ity in 1848 Consuliclatccl with Ilcltzl Tau Delta in 1886 FRATRIIS IN I'NIVIiRSITA'I'I2 ROBER1' XV. Cn1,1.1xs JAMES G. l70N.k1.11 w XV11.1.1.m C .-1.1.1111 IzI,I, SCIYIHI' I I.-x'1'1 1014 x E G1uxv11,1.1c S. Nxrxuc CL Sfninrs I. SEMMES I.l.'L'KF'I'II jour: 'I'. Wnxxxs S0f5fIf1lII0l'l'5 1'lu1'gff5 JAMES S'rR1BL1Nc 156 VIZRCIAI, j, Gum f,'I'lI0 R. SMITH Cixxx' S'1'ov.x 1.1. XVEYMAN H. Cox VV. I. M.xRs.x1.1s ROBERT I. SLM' The 1928 Ole Miss l7r1x,x1,1m, IAQM11, Q .Xl.llUl-I,I,, SXIIII XIXKSXLIS, Cox, 5lHX'.U.I, SIKHIIIX4, SLU, N.Xl'II:R, COLLINS, Wnxxxs 157 0 The 1928 Ole Miss X5 JE? KA PPA AL PHA l4l0LlllLlC'fl at lVz1sl1i11gt011 and Luc l'11ix'c1's1ty, 11 35 nlors: Cfllllbflll and Old Gold Fln4u'4'rx.' lx1lj.,llOll'l xml Red me ALPHA LPSILON CHAPTER Established at the Lvniversity, 19011 FRATRES IN VRBI2 REV. FRANK PL'RSliR REV. T J I1L1L111x5 FRATRES IN FAC'I'LTATIi DR. XV. L. KEXXOR MR. A113011 IYIXRIIN FRATRIZS IN I'N1YIiRSl'1'A'l'E L. I.. LIARRIS J. I.. Exocus, JR. R. H, STREE1' R. H. Trlomfsow, G. O. R1CE ll. XV. LiR.x11.xx1 Dl'IJl,liY XV.x'1"1's Moyr flI.,XY'I'0X A1's'1'1x lxfilfcl.-Xil.IX 'l'11E01J0RE YOL'xcg Gradzzalf' VIR. lj. E. VVILSOX Srlziors R. L. DEx'1', JR. A. D. IIER1 L. Ii, McC.AxR'rY j. li. CARR XV. B, l'l0Xl.XlYlz Juniors R. S. Almxwzs Sup I1 n nz UIT5 17. ,l. MQLEAN Pf1'1ffl1'5 Dox.x1,1m K11c111x1 llu:11 G1L1.1',s1f11-. -Io11N DEN1' Brgxsox M.xR'1'1x CHARLES IQEXXEDY 158 The O76 M535 xi 'lm 'IW 1 JDS 1 'if fs wld H. xkR1s, R. I7I2X'1', Iixuclls, lluu' McCxR'rY, RIQF, FXRR, l9k.xu.xx1, FONIXINI-1 flXXlHX, N1L'f'.XSI.IN, -I. l7l'.N'l, Kr-Lxxrm, KIICHIX1 159 The 1928 O76 Miss .0"'s ldf'X M I -Q, Q.. 3: Q jc' 9 , Af' nm.. - wu...,.,4i nf' ' KAPPA SIGINIA Fuumlcd :it thc- lfrlivclsity of Virginia, 181,19 Colors: Scarlet, VVhite, and Iimernld Green 1"lo1u'4'l'.' Lily-of-the-Va DIffIf1'A XI CHAPTER Ifstzlblislmcd at thc l,'IIIYCI'SItJ', IQ26 FRATIER IN IIRBIQ DR. I. C. l'L'I.1,Ex' FRATRES IN FAFI ' I.'I'A'I'Ii DR. A. L. BONDURANT DR. C. S. Sx'DxDR CHAPTER MOTHER MRS. Ii. D, BIf.fXYI,.XNlJ FRATRIES IN I'NIVI2RSI'l'A'I'I'1 Sl'IlIOV'.Y H,xx'1'ER O. ELI.xo'1' FLDXD W. i'L'xx1xr:n1.fxn THOMAS JEFFERSON D.-wls VVII.I.I.f'-.NI J. mx SANTEN XYISSLEY W. lI.x1.1. MILTDX .ADAMS CIERALIJ SIIIELIIY Juniors MAl-cDLM P. Ilousmx ROBERT LAIN1BIiK'l' PAUL R. OARES IIIARYER M. Mclvrosu J. EDNVARD CIREEN 'llxxnx' C. RICE BOYD C. EDWARDS Sojrlm nmrf.r II. I-IDw1x VV111'1'E C. M. SVVANGO, ADOLPII H.n1P'rox LUTHER MCDOUc:.x1. ROBERT JONES PETER KYI.E INICCAKIER RICHARD VVARRINER Pl,-dgvs NORVYUOD REIJIIEAII Qlnxx' ELLIOI CHARLES LIRAEBFR J, R. BR.-XXNOX I.:-LE IJPSQDMD 1 60 JR. LEM IN"ION'ICOMERY ISAAC P.-X'l'I'ISON, JR. IIUGH LOVE FRANK MCAMIS R0l'lIiR'I' SM.xI.,I.vs'ooD The 1928 Ole Miss rvmsu, C'L'xx1xr:l1,xx1, Dxvlw, GRM-ix, Sxxyxxrgn, .AIPXNIS Ii III.IU'l'l', Nl0XlfZflMl'.HX, fQK,XI'I!l'.R, my S.xx1'lfN, I,xMmiR'l' lhkris, XVNVII-, SHl'l.IlN, Rlcrf, llnL's'mx Il.XI,I., lI.XMl"lfIX', XX'.xkRrxlfR, INlcI7oL'r:.xI,, MCAMIS xkrlck, lilmxmms, Rl'IDIIl'.XIJ, l,m'vf, Iwsvrmrm, Sxmlln-non 161 -,..9 The 1928 Ole M lSS 'u'ggLo'r . U W Q 21. Q - f wg 0 I' ,"' '. gl i . . ' ALPHA 'IQ-XII' UNIHGA Ifoumlcml :lt the Virginia Xlilitnry Instituto, 1865 olors: Gold and Sky Blue Flnfw,-rg XVhifg Tm Rmg I7I'fIfI1A PSI CHAPTER Ifstablislwml :ut thc' l,'11ivcr'sity, H127 FRA IfRA'1'IiR IN VRISIQ Rrcv. INIL'f'I,.XIN TIER IN If.-XC'l'I.'1'.X'I'I2 DR. A. XV. INIII,IJIfY FRATRIES IN I'N1VERSI'I'A'1'Ii joa MC. STILL joux I.. Box vmx C. M. SMITH Rmzlax Amfokn JAMES J. Imxlxs ,Ir-'Rm jmixsox Cmlmh LAXIJI-IRSOY Jlzssfz Fox I.licK I7R.XI,liY C. P, I'I.XRRIXI2'I'0Y XVRIGIIT P.x'1'l'oN Sfninrx III-'kraram' NL'xvfRx' .lllllillfi QIIZXYIZI, Pr-,rzrz SllfTlllIl!107'l'5 l'Iru1g11'.c 162 B. I.. 'l'n.mL's Yxx Y Ons II,xxx.x I. M. Ig.X'lkIfS K. j. Swla.x'1"r Ciraokmz NVOLI-'15 S1I.xMnuRr:riR Il.xxm.u Moxkmz .Irmx T, Ciunun -Inmm O'S'lIiEN XV. J. Cf1.xPM,xx 'I'. XV, EIORDON The 1928 Ole Miss i 'FQ' . 4 2' xxmug STILL., Bmxiox, Sl1mnLR1:r'R, joan,x, XVOLH1, jurxxsnx, jrixklxs Ii.-xus, SMH11, .'XI.l-URID, FOX Nluwms, 0'S1rHx, FRAxI,N, Y,xx'x, H.XRRIXC1OX 163 0 The 1928 Ole Miss S I G BI A N I7 l'iUlll1lll'Ll at xrlfgilliil llilitzlry I11st1tut4', 186 nlnr.v.' Xxvllittx Iilzlck, :md Gold 1101111 XX hue 11 e - w ILl'blI,UX Xl CIlAl"l'I'fR I'f5tz1blisl11-11 :lt thc l,'11iA'c1'sity, 1927 If R A 'HCR IN FACI 'I,'I'ATI2 DR. II. Flhlfli J0llYS'IflXIf FRATRIIS IN l'NIVICRSI'l'A'I'I2 Juniors J. 131114110X RDAQI1 I.1NuD1.x FAIQRAR S1111u llA1u11,D lilnxsfmx JACK DA1.1i Ci1r11u:1a II. ll11,1,, DIR. 'l'1-.lam S11A'1:x SWAIA1 IOIIX II. .'X141z1x1:'1r1v I+1a1u:L'5 I,. I,1.m'11 Snplw nz HITS 191111111512 P. Vrussxlc Ru11121z'1' I2L'1:15x1c joxlis SA M L' ISL PA 1: 11 li 1: CAM li 1: Buaxs Exocus Joux G. Lncc121'1' EDVVARD SEWARD IS1's'1'1z1z S1:A1RA1.1, XVAL1 1511 Iircowx IIAxs1zN II1x'1'ox CI..XL'IJE IRBY SAM joxus 1'l1'dg1z'1 f'll.XRLliS 1N1Milili COOK 16 M1LToN L. ROACH RALP11 DAVIS INIALCOLM XVATSON SAM CA1N Gunss HAROLD PARKIQR JACK 1301411011 IiDw1x D. S11R0Ps1111an The 1928 Ole Miss Illxrox, Him., I.!iGCIi'l'I', Sxsxxmr, Gwzss, BROWN RROII, SHERMAN, SIlRf!I'SHIRlz, DAVIS, G. R0.xC11 M, Rfucu, PARKER, juxrfs, Ilzlw, Cusixk COOKIE, lirfxsnx, D.Xl.I'., C'.xR'H5R, .LXRRIYCQTON 165 O The O16 Mfss xy I' I Ii A I' I' A .X L I' I I A I'uumIc'mI :lt tlw I lmlwlxltx' of X Ifjlllllll fl!flI'X,' cI1lI'lIC'f and Gnlll lfluq x 1 il X 1 MR, Iircw CIAKI KIA II ITA C I I A IYIIICR Ifstzmlwlisllvml :nt thc I'11ix'c1'sity, 14127 IfR.'X'I'RIiS IN If.fXC'I'l,'I'A'I'Ii ru' IIAMIAQRICK MR, jrmx 1 Maxx lfRA'I'RES IN I'NlVIiRSI'I'A'1'IE Srzziors Iinmk II. Nxllrw MIKIQ IIANLEY I..xvsl Romckf f'IlRIS'II.XX XV. P. IiII,I.IXlISVK'OR Jzuziorf IIL'rvH-:R Awworm C.xL's1ix' Iikxlfsr P. joxres IXIXIUN S. Illfwm-px' C. B. IIOVVARIJ -IIilI' CL'xxIxm1.xx1 Drixsox M. R.XXD,XI.I, HENRY R. CONN R0 UAS IIrf.x'1u II0n.xR1 SMITH .'XRNOI,Il ,IL'x1PriR .IISSIIC II. fIR.XII.XM Ifkrn A. .'xYIlI'RbUY, jk XVII I lui Rljssur, Md tix-,muzlz A. fI.XRRI-.ll S0f5fl0ll1llI'f'5 MA l.'I.I1IX C. Tum I. M. ANDERSON IIVRT .AIKINSON 1'!n1gr5 IIIIII, IR. VXI 166 Liar: XVOOIJR L' lflf lirLR,x1.n f'IIA'I'II.XM 'I'11ou,x5 Our: Gmu Am w K lf.,xR1.m Ia. 51.01111 v I,I.I.XNI IS. Pam-11 Il Izlunmkla XV. Lim mu' Smxm' Du The 1928 Oie Miss IR ii.xRRli'11', RANIIIAI., IIlfx1.rY, INIQCEIJIIHQ XYXRIP, C1 xxlxrzluxr, Ill-un, Vlfkmlxx, I.xx A'1'Klxwx, Axnrxmx, SNIIIH, NXIIHXS, Cfxl wx' t iirmlmy, liR.xl1.xM, Umm-', I'Ro1-11.1-.1', Dr-.xx 167 rv qu.- The 1928 Ole Miss xi PI KA PPA PHI FOIIIIIICII :It tlIz- College of ClI:II'lcst0II, S. nlnrs: Gold and XVIIIII- Ifstzlblislwal in the L'IIivcI'sity, 1927 ITRATIQR IN I'Rl5IS DR. A, XV. PIGGII' FRATICR IN FAC'I'I,'I'A'I'I2 MR. JAMES R. SIMS I"R.AX'I'RIiS IN I' N I Y IiRSI'I'A'I'Ii Srninr BI Rl? I'RI5x'I'Iss MAL I.llIN .1 ll II I rx IIOIIER F. BENSON BYRON fI.X'I'IIRIfIII'I' lfR,xxR I.,xTII.uI XVILEY D. LEIYIS 'I'. Ii.-xI.ImwIx NISXYMAN RL'TI.EImGE F. GRAY IRA A. lt.-X'I'IIRL'N .Im IIL'GII 'l'.InB XVILLIAM R. PIIILLIIIS S0f7fl0lIlUl'l' joux REEII IZDWARIIS Plrdges VVIXFRED CLARK MARVIN DOOLEI' RALPII HENRY J. B. Ilrmsox CIEORCE KNIGIIT CECIL ROACII II.-IRRI' VVINTERS j.xxIEs INICCIIARISN I68 EUGENE COLYRTREY C., IQILI Flofwfr .' Red Rme The 1928 Ole Miss CouRTxEx', XVIXTER, HENRY, CLARK L.xTH.xM, Buxsox, NIAIQLIJIX, 1i1m'.xRns 169 FIABB, R.X'IxIiUL'X, GRAY, Nrawxlxx, Lawn , O The 1928 Ole Miss P111 P1 Plu l'i0lllNlCll :lt NllI'fllXVl'Sfl'l'll lvlliYi'I'..ifj', lfjli nlru1v.' lilzlrk and '11lII'flllUiNi' Iiluc- llnfun Blue' Bell UBIICRON CHAl"1'IfR Ifstzlblislwml :lt thc lYlliVl'l'Sity', 11127 FRATRICS IN l:AC'I'I,'l'.'Yl'If. Ihunsssnu A. P. Ilumsox I'R01fras5rJR I Rxlxu x lfR.-XTRIZS IN I'NIVIiRSI'l'A'l'l2 Sfrziors Ii. R. JXXIJRIAQXYS V. S. Cox I.. Y. C'R.xlr: II. XV. SUMMERS J. P. C'.xx1f.xRu Jzzninrs lIL'N'1r-:R Cox V. Ia, KXAPP jxmrps If. Ilopmxs XV. S. IIARRISON bl. N. l'r11.I, 'l'. D. ULARK Snplmnznz rs XV. A, l3.xkxE'1r K, M. II.xkAw,u lfluxx Ilr-1.xRn,,IR. W. T. lmlxrzs Plmlyrs F. O. M.xjL'Rr2 II, S, D,xv15 'l'R.w1s NICCILXRYQX Ia. D. DAVIS C. VV. '1'.xYLOR -I, O, SNOVVDEN XV. li. N1.XRSlI.XI,L J. M. XVIIVILNEY B. R. DooI.1' 1 70 The 1928 Ole Miss kj X 11 'A' os... v... 'lb- Dorn II ll 1, XVllIIYlzY. Sxfmwnrgx, NIL'f'H.XRl4X, NI.XjL'RIC lI.xRAm.xx', Lxxxrs. II:-man, H141 kvxvv, Ilxxxrmx, Ilrwmxs, lhvxs, CIXRK II. Crm,SLx1x1r-1Ri,C.4'wX.CN 171 xxx uw, Vx xuz, Axnkr-xxs in The 1928 Ole Miss rx C J I I J f ALPHA D ICLTA KI l' Ifourldcd at the lhivcrsity, IQ26 olor.r.' lilzlvk lllld Gold Flolun Suaet PFIN FRATIER IN FA C' I 'LTATE DR. N. li. BOND FRATRES IN l7NIVI2RSI'I'!YI'E Snziors S.IMI'EL BROOKS CIxRL"I'IIERs CARI. II, RV!-1Rli'IAT DON IE. CIORTON BEVERLY C. AOIIMS XVILILIM S. BROWN, JR. C liL'Il, Q. KUPELANID FRANCIS R. I-IORNE EDWARD CAREY OWEN R. M.-INsEI.L HILL J u n i n f5 XVILLIAM lIL'MI'IIREY ANI URVILLE I.. IQDWARIJS NOEL H. MIILONE ROBERT ALLEN SELBY Sophomorrs C'II,IRI,Es ARQIIER AI3RIGII'I' PRYOR S. BAILEY, JR. VANCE ML'RR,xx' ISEVERLEY Ii. SMITII ROBERT J. BROWN IIENRY II. JONES, JR. XVEBB NIORSE NIIZH IIORITIO H. PE'I'II's XVILI.IAM L. MCMULLEN D.-Ivm I-I. TIIORNIIILL TOXEI' HALL Pledges IIARRY H. CQRAVES CIIARLES P. KIIJD SRM VERNON PACK JAMES KENNETII RILEY VVII.I,I.-XM 0, RL"IkI.I-QIJIIE, JR. Q.- 172 1 llL'r:II NEWTON CI,AI"I'ON ER The 1928 Ofe Miss wx gyms. CIRAVES, joxxs, IIURNIQ, RL"1l,r3nm1 ADAMS, SELHY, Iirmwx. QTVVEN B.-m,m', Copmuxxv, IIu.x,, Pixcx Rruey, CI,.XY'l'0N, '1'1muxH11.1,, M125 173 as mi- C.! O f xj The 1928 Ole Miss Ifu I.'nInr1-': Purple :md Urvld Phi Epsilon umlcd at the L,'IIIYCl'SIfX. IU I-RAII-IR IN If.-XC'I'Ijl'A'I'IC Ii. L. XVu.s0N FRATRICS IX I'NIYIiRSI'I'A'I'E Swninrj U. XV. C.x'1'cr11xf:s IIr1I.I,I5 Ckriclwx JIHIIUIAS I.. C. XX R1m1'1' Rrix KIMIIRELI. .Ima ALs11x Iinmk lixlxris jmlx LOVE FRED Iislts IIIQXRY Qi.xx'1' Snjwfm 111 any ,Im 'I'0kRm' lilfxifffj 174 26 F!fliL'f7'.' Red Rose A. R. EIIYI' D. NI. SmRr:sT LI. I. L,.xLL.xsm' A, R. Suvmn c..II.II1cKs Foxxm Bl..-xcx Ii. II. BL"I'I.IiR -Isssu Ilocxaxxiremrgk The 1928 Ole Miss -if 'Q-T-'01 HICKS, 'I'm:Rm', Smvlllrli, Uxlxrs Srvcmlzsl, Cxlcrllvps, I'1lIiI', VR!-CIXK L'KlzXlIlzlMl1R, Iislrs, l,m'r., IAIJIJ, ISL1 175 The 1928 Ole Miss 'Q Naam T H E T A B E T A Founded at the lfxxivcrsity, IQZD Colors: Pink and Blue Fl0fwrr.' P nk ROSe FRATRIZS IN FACI'I,'1'A'I'I2 DR, .ALFRED IIIQNIE FRATRES IN I'NI VERSI'1'A'IIE VV. C. IEMRIE VI. R. 'fII.X'I'CIIIiR ICARL TII051.XS J. I.. HICKS, IR. A. F. I3L'CC.XR CARY PIIILLIPS IARY PIIILLIPS E. I'. PEIZPLES J, D. ISARRDN CQEORGE BOUTWEIL HENRY LEVVIS V. P. FIxGER E. N. BUTLER IIERBERT RUSHING SU'I'HERI..-XNIJ RUSIIING A Srniors Juniors Snpllornnrrs JOIIN BARROVV Plwdgfs VV. P. LAWTON I76 U . XV. H EM I1IIII.I. CDACII IIDMER IIAZEL E. S. BUSBY V. K. SMITII A. H. .APPLEVVIIITE IDAVID IIL'GI-TES J. I., DAVIS XV. XV. BURKE, jk. J. C. S.-XTTERFIELD DUMP BURNETT Amos SMITII RICHARD VVAGNER D. R.-'IYBURNE FRASER JIMMIE DRAUGIIN C. H. NIORRIS SAM KYZ.AR J. H. EWING ' C. PnlLL1Ps, S.x'1"1'r:k1f11zLn, A. Pu1I.I,1Ps, Iimivulu., Fw The O76 M535 Dream, 'I'1u1'CHPR, TEMPLIQ, 'I'u0M.xs, Smmi, MORRIS Lrzwls, I..xw'r0N, XVAGXER, S. RLSIIIMI, I'1cnP1,rzs liuruzx, Busnv, BARRON, BXRROVY, DR,xL'm1x 177 1 GENE, . INF The 1928 Ole Mfss C- .. 78 The 1928 Ole Miss W C1xM11.1.1iKrzxxram' . . ROSA L1a1a Horzlx MARG.fXRIi'I' C ALICIE LOCKARD . CAMILLE KENNEDY . . ROSE LEE PIOGIN . . . MARGARH11 QELENN Fox Rsrnak KIRK ..-- Brzssxn B0UR1,.xx11 . JOSEPIIINE CRAIG . . C.-x'1111ER1NE MCFARLANE SLENN Fox Q ,H v 1:-9 1 45 . 115. ' , my z I Oz OITIGII sS PaD'H61lCDiC Council . C111 fplllffltl . . Plzi 111111 . . ljlflfll Dflfll Dfflzl . Kupjwa Drllzz . hrllffll Sigma Tllll . 1111111 fillllllllll . IIVI11 S11111111 fllllitfllll . . Tau Drlla . 179 . , . . P1'11v1Jw111 . , , Sr1'1'1'l111'y T1'1'11.v111'r1' NIICXONXIZ XVALKIER , . DORO'I'IIX'Rl2liN'Ii . . MARY XV1xm1.xM A1.1,1E XVARIJ B1I,1,1xCs1,1ix' .1 . f1I,li.Xll M.w1f14R.xx' , I1R.xxu1-'S 5k'IlL?MPIfR'I . I,r.1.1.x l'1R.KNKI,1N . N1XR'lI,li Mxsox The 1928 Ole Miss 5 Qplfl- I , ' '0. - ' fr Q ' - I-IQ 1- -I I ,- 4 U-Lfff fxyf .' P6 ' . ff Rmvlf . ,'..,. 3.1, ' - Sigh'- '- wr- 10 J , ff " 1' -., ','----va' 'r"'ms-Y ' ,IMI JJ'-,.. X 4.51-N' ,.- -, 'ex . :. All-3511, 6 . 2521 F wr" CHI UNI EGR 150111141611 at the l'IIivc1'sity of Arkansas, 1895 Hffff-ff Vllvlilwl and Straw lf'lofwfr.- White Cam mon TA U C H APTPI R Fstablislxcd at thc Lfniversity, 1899 SURORES IN VRBIE MRS, I'II:RsI.xx Unix M155 INIARY GLEN Mlss MIIRI' V. RowI..xxIa IVIISS NIARY I.ouIs1: NEII.sox NIISS FI,xI,x MMR BARS. J. B. BROWN MRS. ll. G. NI3II.Srmx MRS, H. M. F.-XSER D. II. BISHOP MRS. XV. L. lirzxxux N1RS, M Rs. AMI' jon xsox SORORES IN ITNIVERSITATE Sl'lIifll'.S' Mxrzxoxw XV,x1,RIcR Mn' D.-Ivls Rm-11 VV.xI.RI:R l.IxIm.x l3RL':vIIIIfI,I1 VERA LlonIzo1.n lim DRwIf1is .ALICE 1,ocR.,xRII RL"1'I1 HI:,xRox Juniors F1.oR1:xc1c QIOIDFRIEY I,II,I.1.xx Cox INIXRY I.m'I5Ia DORROII .AURORA I.0L'1sE .ALI-'ORD C'11.IRI,sI1a AxI1I:Rs0x JESSIE LEA SARAII II.xMII.'1'ox Iixocus Soplzonmrrs MARY M,xRI:,IRE'I' ATKINSON VIRGINIA KVIIIRIRS IXLXRY I,,1I.I,x' lvx' A111015 XV1a1.1.s MIIIIRRII C'o1,1.Ixs l'Ifdgr.v Srxrcs RIQII.-xRnsoN I 80 W,xI,'I'HRIxE LOCRARII M.Ix'I.IsIs llomw MAIsI1a SPRAGGINS CIRACE BROVVN GIaR,II,n EATMIIN ..- ,.....9 The 1928 Ole Miss xj N I, I R. XV,xI,xHc, liRL'mlr1l,n, Ilwls, A. I,m'K.xklm, Ilrgxkrnx Gum-Ru, Cox, Dmuum, LEA, Armun LXXIWRSUY, Iixuuls, XV. I,m'K,xRn, QXIKIXSUX, CQIIIJIIHIIH Iirawl-.rfs, RICIIARIDAUY, Svkxrznlxa, f'flII,lXS, llmpxx VV.-x'1'KIxs, lvm, Blum N, XVLLL5, I':.KIM.XX, M. XYALK N 1 IRI 1 I I The 1928 Ole Mfss f X5 1' H I NI lv FULIIIKIUQI XYcslc'y11l1 Cullcgr, 135.2 alarm R0scumlXVl1itc' lflnzcrrx cvllflllll :XI,l'Il.AX IJHI.'l','X L'll:Xlyl'IfR lfstzmbliwlml zlt tlu' l '11ix'c1'sity, 111.261 SURURIQLS IN I'NlX'liRSl'1'A'1'Ii Srninllv llmzmm Rm-.x'v1 1.1u.x' I'mR1.E XVl111'1 LX iimms Musm' .lu nin rs C'.xx1xI,I.r2 Kvixxnm' DOROTIIY NHLDIZN Snfwlfnzzznrf I'iYl'I.YX Sxmu Pf1'11f11'j jAxNL'l,,x Prnln-.x'r.x'1' NI.XR'IlI.K XYE.x1l1l-Rs IfI,IZ,Xlil'I'II Mnsxl. llxnxrix' CARSOY I-'I.ox.xmaI, XVRICH1' I.L'cI1, SEAY Suu Lois Cox 181 0 The 1928 Ole Miss X., 9 hmm, Kvxxvm, XYHIIII-N, Mnsnx Run, I'umxnxn, Nlnsxl, Cwwx Vox, XX'lxl11lu:N, XVKIIIIII, Sl xx 133 The 1928 Ole Mfss Ofllfjf Silver, ff' ' 'N-Ax. . Q ,.:' I. - fp X. I 1 X If N-X swWm'n',.- D Ii L 'I' A D Ii L 'I' A D Ii L 'I' A I'xUllIllICiI :lt Boston I'l1ix'c1'sity, In lmlrl, :md Iiluc CIII CHAI"I'ICR Q88 Flofu:1'r.' I'.stz1I1I1sIu-:I at the I r11x'c1's1tx', 11311 SORURICS IN VRISIZ MRS, V. S. lixbwx Mas. W. II. XV4x'1K1xs M155 NANCY I".xRI,lix' SORORIES IN I'Nl YIiRSI'I'A'I'Ii INIIxRl.xxN,x IIRIXNJN Ilosrf I,r.E Ilomv Iinuix Uma Mum XVIXIDIIAM MALSHQ Iiomi0L'T CIIRISTINE liwks Amcra C'.xk'rriR Sulfur.: IZMMA SlIhPIII-LRID .IIIIIIIIIIY Suffflnnznrf' - S,u.r,1E Cmilxrz l'I1'Jg rs I'II.IZ.XI4Ii'l'II IIAVVKIXS III-wx I,.xxnRL'M Roxua Ikiomml I S4 -I- Mxss JACK XVISHMAN M155 Aura MAY If.xRI.u MRS. XVIII. LEWIS I,H,1,hx Crmxr: IN'I.xR'1'11.x Prinxlxs VIRGINIA XVARD XV.x'l'1'1xra INII'ICliEI,I, Lucx Poms CII.XRI.0'l"l'E S. xxmaRs Hmm XVHKINS I,nsIx IIOI.II-IIiI.ll INl.xRr:.xRm Mclxnua Pansy The 1928 Ole Miss Monmrz, 1NICf'I,L'RIf, PUIIS, I,.xwRL'x1, lIm,mELn IIAWKINS, i'.xR'x'FR, lixuzs, li0mmL'T, HRIXSOX I.. Cumlxc, Ilocux, PFRKIYS, Smmiakn, Goh uw, XVINIDIIAM, NIIl'CHI"LL, S. C'l :mx4:, XVA1 mm 185 0 The 1928 Ole Miss is r Ix A 43' Vfli' 4 ,I Id , -.1 -4 PPA DI+LI HX A Ifoumlcd :lt Virginia State- Normzil, 181114, olorx: Olive Green and XVhitc I'lnqurr,' VS lute on ALPHA NI lf C H A PTIC R Ifstablislwd :lt the lvlIIX'C'I'SII'I', 10.27 SORORICS IN VRBI2 MRS. J. O. CRIIJIER Mas. Ii. II. Inwra MRS. M.,xI.c0l,M fVIl'IfSS MRS, RAN-11 XVII, SURURES IN l'NIYIiRSI'I'A'l'Ii ' Sfniors MIxRr:.xRr:'1' Unix Fox AI,I,IIi XV.xxn I5II.I. VIRGINIA HHRRINQ: ICSTIII-:R DAVIS I.01"ma IIFRNON joxr-s Juniors IIOROTIIY Ihnm Drnurmlm' C'x1'I1-Irfllw Ihxvrinx IIm.:v1 FS I2I.l7.XBE'l'II XVo0n IIExRxr1'1'1QA P.-VITOY Al,xc1f Ilrmrmwlan S xxx lfmwlfs f'l'RR INI.XRI.Iu C0x,m1,xx ANN XVES1 IZRFIELU Iimmri Iflwl-'RY INlcC'mm S0f?llllllIlH'I'.f Mx'R'lI,1i IIARRIS INIARY IivE1.s'x' Umm l'lf'Jyf4's INIARY I7R.INCIfS FIXRXII K f'Il.XRI,IYI2 Inxnlxfm Il'lIIfRi IVIVIXX l'.xsl.rfx' 186 U1 fu ll ITIIURXIE LIOSISPIIIXIL C'ru,m1.xx The 1928 Ole Miss I'I1G11'mwER, MCCORIJ, XVOOII, Onfm, XV14s1'111z11l-:Ln, -In HII,I,IYfISI.IiY, IMXNIII, M, C'mlax1.xN, Al. f'fDI.I'Nl.XX', Ili me Ilxlllfwkxla, f',XL'I,I-Il'I,ll, Ilxklclx, l',x'1mx, Huw l311.I.1wGsr,m', Fox, I'Ixm111.R, l,fmxf,1xo, IIfJl.NlVi 187 Q , NFS IXIV ...JJ The 1928 Ole Miss Q A N xj KA 1' PA S I G IXI A TA U Ib ' umlcd :it No1'thwcstc1'n Lfnivcrslty, IQ22 nffn'5.' Gold ' V ' .md XX lute Izstzibll FIHMUII' Yellow Rose GAMMA CHAPTICR S A f had .it thc' l IIIYCI SURORICS IN Iisrrmz KIRK AIQIIK Mxssllzx' OLEA11 M.xuH-my IXJABEL CONN Q- I'NI V ICR Sr1zim'5 Lunar, Sxriran Julzinrs IIIQLEN XV.U,I..XCIf S0I7flflllIbl'l' RUTH Daxsox P!1'rfyl'5 MILDRED NEWELI. 188 -sity, 1927 SITATE PAxL'L1xE II.xRk1s N1ILS'l'Ii.XlJ lirassxri PONYELI. N1YR.-X P.x'rTON MELVIN ELLIS The 1928 Ole Miss M.xssm', l'r1wriI,r., KIRK, Nl1I,Sl'l'.XIb M-ww, 1NI.KI'H'R.XX, P.x1"mx, XVALI ul Drzxsox, IQLLIS, Coxx, Nl',VS'hLl, 189 9 The 1928 016 MISS D IiL'1'A GA M MA l4'0llllKlL'll :It thu' l,o1IiS School :It Oxford III 1874. nlur.v.' BI'oIIzc, Pink, :md liluc l"luf1.c1'l'.' CI'c'zIIII-Colored Rose ALPIIQX PSI CHAPTIQR IfSt:IbliSlIn-Il :It the LTIIII1-1'Sity, 1927 SORURIZS TN VRBE NIKE. MRS. MRS. MRS. IJ. I. 5L'l.'I'.XN II. F. XVILRINS 1.II.I.IE IILIIISIIN UARNER Uwlix MRS. MRS. MRS. MRS. MINNIE CARTER JEAN DAVIDSON NELLIH IIAYNES JULIA LOGAN MRS, I.. Z. Comms MRS. XV, D. HEIILESIUN MRS. DAISY PIaI:uIfS MISS Lou NEILSON MRS. J. C. CL'I,I,Ex' MRS. L. C. ANDREWS MRS. L,S'IIaI,I,Ia O. FRAxRI.Ix MRS. XV. G. ROBERDS MISS lJoRo'I'IIx' OLIJIIAM MRS. NoI.AN S. DICKSON MISS IZSISIA CVIR.XL'Ii JOIIXSOX MISS MARY LOUISE PEGUES SORORIES IN UNIVERSITATE Snziors IloRoI'IIx MLNI-'II. I7RAxcI-S SCIIltMI'l'.Rl' BESSIII lioL'RI..xxII QIRAYSOX RAY IfI.0R.x 1.EE f'K.Xl1DOCK N IIII. PIfI"L'S .lznziors .N'r1fAf1r111Il1r'I',v RLIII RIIIIIIII l'fr'I1'f1f's IQO JULIA KATIIERINE PARKS MARGARET GEE HI.IzAnE'I-II EASOX NT.-XRY LEWIS REEII NTARCARIYI' ,IoxES DoRo'I'IIY KI-ixxlim' The 1928 Ole Miss lnxmx, INKNI-11, Rncxlvlwmk, Ru lw11clxxlv,R1lrmu, lil'xxlm,Sclllx11vM 1,.Xlilx5, ,luv-s, 1'1.11Ls, Run IQI The 1928 Ole Miss BIi'1'A SIGMA ONIICRUN F1 J umlwl :lt lvllixvxxity uf Xlirsuuri, 1888 nlnr,r.' Ruby :md Pink Hofu'u1'.' K unex Rn e IiliI.EX lillflfk 1.li1.l,x I-'RAxxKl,1x l'il,lLAllI:IlI ,'XI.I'X.XX Ia1,1L.u:r ru j.XL'K:0X ALPHA IQAPPA Cli.-Xlylqlf lfstzlblishwl in 111.27 .llllliflfi VIRGINIA Dux mx Sflpllll llllll't'5 JOSEPIIINE CR.x1r': 1'l1'Jyf1'J DICK Rom Mfxuu Smrqnles 1' IQ2 IJ ID x Bmxcnli jun xsfmw I.nL'c1I.1,r3 Brxula Nl- Ll. lixuxlal 1' IA xlfl I. Uuebs The 1928 Ole Miss I5I'lfIiR, jmnxsnx, Drixxox FR.xxKI,xx, Brkxla, CRAIG lixkxl-11, Ar,rfxxxlu-R, jxckmx 193 -...9 O The 1928 Ole Miss xy Foumlcd :lt the l'1lix'c1'sity, IQQ6 Colors: Rainbow 1"loavrr.' Su ect 'ev SORORFS IN I'NIYFRSI'I'A'l'Ii S' F II f 0 rx Iilrcrixu C.XMI'RIzIII. Im Nriwsrm -Irissxri MAH IIYMQ I,x11.x Cirmnox Slllvlfm .III III!! ry EMMA RUN! CORIIXY NFI,I.Ii Ilxluokx .Ifuv COXIERLY ALUREY BI,0CKsm1 Lx'xn.x PAYE P,x'r'1'0x Q--- S0f7!lllllIIll'l'.S LOL' IiI.1.,x CL.xRRE'1T Plnfgfzgv I 94 C'.x'1rm41xr My Ihxni -IACKSOY I.0L'I5H 'I'RL'L1. LOUSE 'FRIBHLE INIx'R'1II,lf Nhsov I' x RI The 1928 Ole Miss CL... CA xrPBE1.I,, N uwsmi, I Iwr: SHIYIERS, llxlrmkx, t'rm1z.xx, MASON NICI'1.XKI,.XNI-g, C'0xrfkLx', lf.XRRE'l'I' Ixcxsox, Pxwnox, 'l'RL'LI,, ,IQRIISIZLF T95 C,! The 1928 Ole Mfss f ,J If' , IF' .. . if lv Zi '-Q-. s fa- ,. 196 -4 ', 0 ' fgg'-ff v 1 -Q. , buzz. '. '2- I din... ' 2 The 1928 Ole Miss qbrofessional Honorary Scfzolasizc Liierary and Forensic Fraierniiies Q- The 1928 Ole Miss xy I PH I C I-I I Ifoumlcd :lt I.ouisx'iIIc Hlwliczzl Cullcgc in 1894 nlurs: Olive Ure-cn :xml VVI1itc 1"lo-u'fr.' Lily uf the Vullei' 'I'HIf'I'A PI CHAIYIIQR Ifstzlblisllcd in 14126 FRAIICR IN VRISE Ii. If. IIRKNlI.Ixll, M.D. IfRA'I'IiR IN FAl'I'I.'I'A'I'I2 P. I.. ML'I.I., M.D. I"RA'IIRIfS IN If N I VIiRSI'I'A'I'Ii A'l'llIf1l'.Y QI. I.. Iirmlmxn A. C. Iirawss D. C, INIcl'om. Ii. S. Iirsnx' A. D. IIuR'1k AI. XV. Mn' G. N. Ilxxvrs I.. li. INIcC.xR'l-Y R. I.. l7ux.xl.n II. G. SIMPSON V. C. 'I'lix1P1.E I. G. Sxxum' J ll ni :.- rs 'II C. Rlcli XVu.m' Lewis F. I..I.'III.-X31 Pl, mfflfj XV. R. 'I'H0x1Pf0x XV, E. IIXKIN J, R. Wusox J. E. Wmsox A. II. APP1.riwm'r12 H. A. CAUSIQY F. J. XVMJDELI. A. P. II.-xM11.Tox R. A. SILXLE ii. G. KITCIIELL J. R. BROVYN 198 he O76 M588 fffx . 3' News Qs Q13 199 The 1928 Ole Miss R ,l 0 K4 .J I 4 T H If 'I' A Ii A I' I' A I' S I FOIIIIIIQII :It the RIIRIIQIII Cullcgv Of X'iI'giIIiz1, 18,9 0!0fJ.' Green and Uulcl l"luu'rr.' XIUEIICJII Beiutx RO e BETA CIAIXIIXI.-X CII.-XPTI-IR Ifstzlblislwcwl :It tlw lvlIIX'l'I'SIfX', 11.320 I-RA TIER IN ITACVI '1"X'l'If DR. QI. U. CRI! DLR PRATRES IN I' N I VERSITATI2 D. M. SFGRIEST I'IL'I3IiR'1' FLURRX' C. E. XV.xRIa H. S, HOL'RI..xxI1 N. C. IQNICIVI' C. II. I'IX'IiRIi'I'I' AI. II, ARRIRIQIOR T. H. R.xxAnL'Rx G. T. CI.-XI.I..XSPX' XV. T. HARPER H.-IROLO MONROE C. P. HERRIXGTON H. Ii. SOL'TIILRI,.xxn C. Q. COPEIHXYD I.. H. JOBE IU. S. II.xI.I, Svzziurs XV, M. AIIAXIS Ii. V. JOBE R. II. CIIRISTIAN XV. II. XVICGIXS XV. XV. HALL S. B. C.'XRL"I'HIiRS C. If, X'.xRxLR .lzuziors I-I. A. BL'sII I. E. TATE I. P. BLROINE R. E. SH.-XNDS I. G. THOXIPSOX Plfdgff C. M. IXNDERSON O. L. HILL J, G. DAVIS A. V. IYIIQRRX' T. E. HALL R. B. DAVIS XV. R. NICQIEIIEE ZOO if Q n 9 The 1928 Ole Miss "iff The 1928 Ole Miss xj olnrir: lilzlvk :lm ICI Dk DR. XV E. V G J. . A DIiL'l'A1'HI IQPSILUN lfoumled Old it th l'nix'c-rsity, 14323 Flnfwn Red RO L FRATRICS IN FAl'I'L'I'A'l'IC Du. J. H. DORROH AILFREII IIL'Mri U. N. XVLNOER Dk. YV. L, KENNOY FRATRIES IN I'NI Y IiRSI'I'ATE S. BROWN H. NATION K. SMITH Ii. VVARNER C. TRIBBLE 202 O. I.. EDWARDS I.. F. SHERMAN J. ROBERT TIIATCHER J. R. EDWARDS XV. M. INICNIL'LI.EN ...JJ The 1928 Ole Miss I , PHI DELTA PHI I's0lll1lIClI at I'11ixc1'sity of IXIICIIIQIIII, 18619 IXIaycs' Inn was vstztblishcel :lt Ulm' KIiss CONWELI, SIIOLP Symis . . UFFICICRS on Xcwcumbcl' 3, 1132, . . . . . . . . . ..1'r1'.viJw11! I'ifw-l' ll HJ TI'l'll.Y11l'4'I' CHARLES Srllfvmiks Cox . . , . . . M FY Wm R lw ..... .Skvrrtary VV1l,1,1.xM . AITILSIIX IUJGF '1'. C. KmnRr1L'. A 4, I,m. ..,. . I7RrLEI,.xwn INI,xr:RLWlu',R . IN OXFORD Pun, STONE . liijfllfillll IN I'NIVIiRSI'l'Y IfACl'I.'l'Y Pram-. XV. 49. Rnmikns . ru Itmzs XVx1.l,1.xM Ilmilxfaxmx Pram. R. UI. l-.uu,m' IN l'NlVERSI'1'Y SVIIIOIIS' 1 4 CHARLES SHEPHERD Cox XX1Ll.l.xM AI.r5x.xxm-LR LOMAX XVILLIAM l5,xRKsn,xLE I"0X'l'.XINli :XL'fIL'S'lIY I'IRli!iI..'XYll NIACRUIJER LEw1sI.x'Nx IIARRIS XVII,I,I.XM IIIiMlYfIVV,XX Mr1x'r.1m' COXXYIiI.I. Suonv SYKHS Juniors Iiuvxeku' C.xR,xn1xE Amms Rrmram' liuaxs QAMUEI, BRYCLL Al,rix.xNmLR jrmx Cnrflmrlov S.X'l"l'liRl4lIiI.Il :xI,EX.XXIJER JEROME BRKXIXI Duaxs Sruxns f'H,XRI.Ii5 Sc0'1'1' SYKIQS Iinwxkn G Q Pll'Lifl1'5 REEN SISMMHS I.,L7CKE'lk'I Aura N C,xv1a'1'1' T1 mm PS 203 OY C! 9 The 1928 Ole Miss f 5 C. Q, Q Q, 1 in ,6 7L Q A 5 b v Y! K:Xl'l,rX PSI 1'I-IARNIACIQI 'TICAL FR:X'l'I'lRXI'1'Y Ifstziblimlu-11 ut llmiiczll Cullcgv of xvil'j,lilliZl, 18719 BI-ITA RHO CH:Xl'TI'fR Ifstzlblislwd nt thc lf11ivc1'sity, 11120 I'lfmcwr'.' Red C':1r11:1tin11 l,'nlm'5.' Svzlrlrt and fvlldtl fNIIz1NIHIiRS Far ully DR. Il12xRY NIIXUR 151511: S1'llillI'j -lor. Mui'.11x S'lII.I. W11,1,1,1x1 f'0I,I,INS V1-IINKIII -1111. 1511411 Ci1'1"1ox ,I1 1 11x U11e R1js11 H111 1.15 l.14.1cm' f'RhL'IXL'K R1ss1f11. I'iR.XXKI.IN KI-.XRYI Y II1ix1u' Y.xx1m1-1,1, UAW M.11c1'1x Rrm'1,.1x1m I-Irwns .lllllllllf I5.'1.w H1411 S1x1x11-14x1.1, j,xx114.s 1,1-r1x,1R1w II1c1is I,!1'1Iffl',Y bl. I.. Luv: tl. Y.-111115 XV. li. Ilrmfru H11 1, XV. XV, VIOIINSOY Ii. M. C'1,f11c1f IKP, IflJX!,XRll5 lI1a111:1R'1' R1'e111xrz V1 14115 IN11111 lf1.Rk1s -I 1,w151, f'0I,If I..x11x1f1z 20.1, The 1928 Ole Miss SIGMA VPSILUN Poumlcd at Sewanee. 11306 SCRIHIRLICRS CHAPTIER F.-xC1'L'1'Y MIQMHIQRS Iwowissrm D. ll. Iilsrmp DR. XV. I.. Kuxxox DR. CAININ S. lixowx PRO!-ESSOR P. I.. R.xlxw.x DR. A. I.. BOXIlL'R.XX'l' Pam-'rissou R. J. FAR1,Ex' MEMBERS AL'cL'sT1x NI.-XCRUIJER -I. C. S.Ax'1 'rHRF1r:1.n C'0xwE1.r. S. Swans ABBOTT N1.-XRTIX XV. B, H.xMu.T0x joswu B. PRICE T. J. DAVIS 205 Q...- The 1928 Ole M iss fx"! n C9 44, Qu 19 fn CJ? kc 'I an 134, .41 UI. is gl IV , I DELTA SIGNIA PI I'IUIIllllCll at New York LvIIIVL'I'SlIJ' School of Commerce, Accounts and FIIVIIICC Colors: Old Gold :Ind Royal Purple Flofwrr: Red Rose ALPHA PHI CHAPTER Ifstablislled :It the University, IQ27 FRATER IN FACUL'I'A'I'E MR, A. li. CROSIER FRATRES IN UNIVICRSITATE Snziors JACOB DEX'I'ER BARR IQEVYLAN B. BLSII STORY LOVVREY IIORTEXBERRY LAWRENCE I,ES'I'liR QIOOIJVVIN, JR EARL HARRISON LINDSEY XVILLIANI PREN'I'Iss INILFLLINS JESSE VAX NIeIIOLs JOIIN I'IOVS'ARD PARKER VVILLIAM LEWIS RAINE, JR. Juniors fIl.IFI-'ORII EUGENE BALL DANIEL VVEBSTER BRINSON, JR. JESS DOBBS KIREENE, JR. IALTON STEVENS IIENLEY CIIARLIE BELL IIOXYARIJ DEXN'I'I"I' LAIRD SALE 'IIRICE LILLY THOMAS JACKSON LILLY, JR. JOIIN 'IIAYS IXICINTYRE VIRCII, EDWARD O NEIL IQIJVVARD CAREY OXYEN ROBERT ALLEN SELBY SANILEI. IXIOXTROSE ,I'.KPSCU'l'lJ CYRLS BENTEN VVALKER, JR. JOIIN 'I'IIox1.-As XVATKIXS Soplmmorfs JAMES INIOSLEY JINRINS VARY S'l0V.Xl.I. Plnlyvs ROBERT SIDNEY I7.-AVIS ILEY PAYNE PIIIIOLI,-XS lxl.-XTIAIIEXY MOSBY IV.-AI.L.-ACE CROOK JIMMY EARL O'STEEN ALUMNI IN TIIE UNIVERSITY IIIIJVVEII ADAMS 206 TERRY STEPHENS SVVALM The 1928 Ole Miss -is 3 'Zn 207 The 1928 Ole Miss Q PI KA PPA PI IiUIl0l'2ll'y SchOl:lstic Fl'2lft'1'llil'y HONORARY MEMBERS C'n.xxcr-1.1,OR AL1fRrsO Ilmus DR. XVxLl.mM LEE Krzxxox DR. C.-XLVIX S. BROYYN C'n.xR1.slr1 .AxXlJIERSOY C'.u,v1v S. BROWN, JR. SAM BROOKS C.XRL"I'lIERS Iimxu Run l'ORn,xx 'I'uOx1.xs J. Ihvls NHL IIATIIORN MEMBERS CHARLES E. VVARD zozs IC DR. C'f1.xRI.Es S. SNYOOR M.xxsEu. H11.L XV. L. HEARD W. '11 HARPER C'.x'1'HER1xE McF.xRL.xxE I,Yn.1. G. SHIVERS EARL T. 'IQIIOMAS s .-...-rn.. The O76 M558 9 0 The 1928 Ole Mfss f Xi Hom I.ra1,.xxn lIOI.I,.XYIJ W. A. Lmux Rxcrnxkn IMRUEN Ii. I". Rram f',XRI,XI.F CRXXSTORD sl. l,. Ipxucns, jk. A. Il. .'XI'PI,lzXK'Hll'Ii Sm lx QYJIIFX Q.-- M. U. A. Ii. S. Jl'Zll'j' Scnim' lntcr-l"x':1tcmity Orgzlnizzltiun F0lll1lll'll 1026 2lO H1I.1,Y N10N'l',IOY XV. li. I70L'X'I'.XIY Drcx MuC'om., .IR VliRL'l.XL iifuilix fri-kR.Xl,ll bIilfl.lZY B. L. Sli,xM1u'Rf:r4.R XV. XV. Hl'RKix I. S. I,I'CKE'l'l' The 1928 Ole Miss 0 ALTON PERKINS IOTA SIGMA FRA'1'IiRNITY Honorary Activities lfrzltcrnity Founded in 1924, lfnivcrsity of Tennessee L'NIVERSITY OF AIISSISSIPPI CHAPTIQR Ifst:1blislu'd in H325 UFFIC'IfRS l'n'5i11'r11t XVEBB BLRKE ...... ..... . I'ifv-l'r,gfiJn11 Y. K. SMITH ...,. . Smrrtary-Tnvzszzrfr S. I., FORTENBERRY .....,.., . . Rrporlrr MEMBERS IN FA1'l'L'1'Y G. I.. liL'RRoLfc:us G. II. Fmrfx' l.1.m'n Ii. '1'l1.x'lcm1R VILVIUR A. CIlL'l.'l'PQR R. J. I7.xRr.m' MEMBERS IN l'NIVIiRSl'1'Y VV. Ii. AIKEX, jk. S. l.. FoR'1'r3x1:hRkY V. K. SMITH Emil. 'l'nm1.xs AL's'1'xx .APPI.EWHI'l'E CARI. I':VERlz'I"I' D. C. MQCOOI., jk, A. P. Pmuuxs XVHBB BURKE ALLEN Tnmivsox II The 1928 Ole Miss Q ALPHA PHI EPSILOX FRATERNITX HOI1OI'Hl'f' Literary Fraternity Founded 1918 Colors: Garnet and Green I'-10Q.L'Fl'.' Red Row EPSILON CHAPTER Established IQI8 OFFICERS B. C. .ADAMS . . . ...... . National Counczlor A. P. PERKINS ..... . . Prf.fid.'n1 S. L, FUIUEXBERRY .... . . I''fnt ALcL's'1'1N INI.1.GRL'mLR . . J. C, SATTERFIELD . . MEMBERS B. C. Aux:-15 A. P. PERKINS S. L. ITORTEXBERRY AL'm'sT1N M.xGRL'nER Ten Erwukni FR.xNe1s HORN M. M. MCFAHER HOw.xRn VVESTBROOK Cum. EYERETT XICDOXALU HORN. JR. R. NIALCOLM CUSS 212 . . ..Sf1rfIary Trra.v11f'fr' XV. HL'x1PHREx' .ANDERSON I, C. SATTERFIELD EARL THOMAS ALLEN THOMPSON Leovxxn NELSON JEFF Dxvxs X11u'1..xN Brin E. P. JONES C. S. CON jenna VV11.1.1,u1 H 0 EMIXCVYAX The 1928 Ole Miss Qs. , f '71 , H+,-r Q! O The 1928 Ole Miss ,Xj :Rn ND 'Uh- 1 C HI D IQLTA PHI Foundcml at thc L'r1ix'c1'sity of Tennessee, Iffjlfj IJUKUTIIX N1L'NIH.lI,, . . Ilst CHI CHAPTER ablishc-al :it thc LvlliVl'l'SiQ', IQZS OFFICERS i'.x'1'm-,RIW1 1NlcIf.xR1.xxr. . . ..... , . . . I'i1w-Prfyidf Ilurix time ,,... . , . Syn-rfary S.xl.1.1rf Cnmv: . . . . . . Ilixlnriarz lirssxr. HfJL'RI..XNIl . . . . Trra.vur1-r VIRGINIA XVARD .......,, .SU-z'g1ra11l-111-.Inn.: MRS. Iznvx Inwu Ia. .xnmx MRS. A. L. li0NlvL'R.xX'l' Ht JNURARY MIZMISFRS M155 I'.I.L.X Sm1raRv1l,l,u MEMBERS lirasme HuL'Rl..xxlm C'X'IlIliKlNIi N1Cl7.fXRl..XNl-1 VIRIZIYIA VVARU Iifmkmm' NICNEII. ,IOSlzI'IIIYIi CRAIG 21.1. Mus. D. H. B1s1mP Mus. Rrmum' '1'oRRr1x' l'iEl.Ex Gob: Fmxclis SL'lIL'MPER'l' M.xRx' I.. XVINIJIIAM Q-.Ai --.1 --J P!'f5i41'1'lll 'nl The 1928 Ole Miss "oLE Miss" IZUARIJ or eoxTRo1. The "Ole Bliss" lioard of Control is elected at the same time that the Editor-in-Chief and Business hlanziger are elected by the six junior Classes. The photographic work was done by Aiine Dupont, New York City. The ,Inhn X Ollier Engraving Coni- pziny, Chicago, and the Benson Printing Company, Nashf ville, engraved, printed and bound, respectively, this the thirty-second volume of the "Ole Bliss." 215 0. The 1928 Ole Miss The 1928 "Ula Missqs . . , . 11111101 Ill Clm XV1I,I,l,XlVI IS. II,xx111qmx, jk. . f CKRI, H. IQYLRI-,Il . , I'r,lu.1,5 I,. l,I.m11 . . Auui I.m'KARn . SIIIEPHIQRI! . . Mlfzxoxxra XV.u,Kr1R . :XL'fIL'S'I'IX 1N1.u:KL'maR I,raoxARn Nusnx . . Cxus. IC. KNAPP . lima, 'l'rmM.xs . SAM joxl-is . . XV,xxy1 ma BROWN . . jrmx QfII,l1ER'I Sxxslxc VVIl,I,I.fXM bl. IIXRNION Svlmxl-.Y Ivxwsnx . . 'l'lmM.xs H.XRI?'.'l'l' . U. I.. Iilmixxlms . . . Noxxmx XVr4..xll11fR5m' L. 0, C'1:usm', -IR. . - - - lifiuvl-ix' L. 1,1,rn'lm . SAM V. PACK . . . Q.. . . . . .I31z5iz1r.v,c ,llamuffr . Alifijfllilf lfdiffll'-ill-fjflil'-f . . . . Co-lids . Cn-lilly . C0-Ed.: . . Frallzrvx . f1ffftlIIiZIlfi0lI5 . . .llflfrlifi . Clasnxr . Classrs . ,lsxislanf . .lssislanl . . Alrl '1 Imislmzf lf11.vin1'.v,c ,Wanugfrr . . . , .lunior ,1Illll1lfjl'f , . AIffq'rrli5i11g .11!llI1lffl'l' . lssislarzf .l1i'Z'I'7'fi.fillff ,llllllllfjff . . . . . . .C'i1'r11lalin11.Vanaqn The 1928 Ole Miss 92 j - - Lrm.-xx Nuxxlim' LLIAM A. l,rm,xx . . . ,.... 11vtI7if0I'-ill-Lvfli Iirikmiwl' NL'NxuRx' . . . 1iz1.vi11w.r.v Jlazzugrr junis P. I7.x1,r-1 ...... . . .Ymcy lzlliffn' 51L'DON.XI,IJ K. llzmxn . . ....... ,,vm11f JOHN 'If Cifmlik . . . . .lijijftlllf Illzxilzrsx Jltlllllfffl' 217 .fb P fan ! 'lain 'I FH U' 1' 5 2' 3 -1 9 4 4 G- . v 0 4 'c ,og .J 'lr' ll U I 1 My ,I ', l', NWN ' Min 'ffl' , , , fA4 , ,,gff,w'isQ, n ? A I If 'IA ,,4lf,,, If 'Q sW1f,'ff,,'5'x, fW!f f '1' I 5 W , ,,, mZ4ffW??f M ,Rm Ja, 'ff, gf' ' A f.m"fs" ' 1, l ,4!f2!1""h V , , , ,t f s frs s, Jdlvlluwl s F V W -xT6 .............................................. .. .... . ........... .. ........... p1j .I12,. ,, ff ,414 s A l ij! M L f M - . Q ya V" i ii J ,F s y s yff lr-, 5s-sQ, X' iZ25 '?s-v 1 Y-: 7'f s ' ' , ,,,,,, , , 1.,.,,. afJZ57zr 'ii 5' in 'xr V ., 1.711'fz"'Al3'.1.LQ, HL- : ................................................ ...... . .............. ....... ..... . ..... ......... M ..... . - I 'ff k f 'V 4 A E 3 + M. s X ws s N! f gn , A s sr JI,-,V A s sliii 1" WJ 'Nw QMWWS 4? :Q 13 is C765 f Q ' 'MX ' V dnNQ :5iQQ1ff Q, Illll mm ff J J- ' N H 'ww' ' fsligiil X Raf i W ngr 5 I Lff4 f 'Ez - W s s s UQ w f f f 3 if '---- ' --'-- '. ' J s-55: ' 'V I 9 9 I ' V is 23 5 X Old Taylor Hall, landmark of Ole Miss, which progress E , V' ill soon recluce to a memorv W . v JU Ol . L ,QE u 9 o -1 Q. Nfiss Alice Loclfard Miss Flora Lee Craddoclf Miss Roxic Moodie va, Miss A lice Carter Miss Virginia Watlfins 3, 3 Miss Vera Codbolfl V V., ,gk M. Il w Y VM i, . il , Ax Q . L 3 1 5. ?A if V, ,'!e.'2: 'hail 14 La ab fwiss Mary M. Atkinson Miss Emma Shepherd Miss May Davis Miss Elizabeth Mosal 0.1 5. W., , gg,- 1 1 1, ,, "QL, . ' 2.. ' 24 X if 'GRLQ , Qi , 1, 1 5,4 5 ff 41 H ,S E f 1 ,X 4 5, 1 if r :Q me ,gh . 'A Kaffe , , Miss Hilda Howie .Y ,yi 3' .anwi r .1 , - ' 1114? - I ,JJ I ,'fr'I!l 4,9 Y xrfxx ff 1 f, 271 ,, ff 'gf' 7M' ffl' , 1' W ffc!f"W if y' 7 M Wy!! ,I W 4' f0f',!4fff'.f f"! f.a'f,'f: f fm ,Mzmf K ,s,i,4f3,!ffV!j . Wfjwglllzl Y , 'Zag H1fff-vfgfig 5-Ga l-L-L-flfmiggfa ....... .af,ff'4 ,.f' ' p FV , . PF ZH + rflfii ff c 'M' F' + W6 ----J -i 1 1 fr 1 E , U , , ,g122ff,ffy,'f.rbfnfrjvi 7'A,6,r,'alMl,1 5 . 'W H iiuid f i ' -f - K , N ' R: WW- - Lx ' , , I qx ............................................................................................................. ' gig L 1 1 MIK NX " Q ff K3 Q LW ' 4,151 X 1., , ' 'Y " H ...., - Y X' . J ,X 57,7 1- - - i m? f Q 1 ILL! 1 f f TU 5 L? 4 TWWZIQIQS f, i 132 :J 1gg iE I - , ' ff! A C3 f I M We ff 'L ' l :QJ4 Pax W 1, J l - A1 li-1' '1 W' f i f W' Ti-r:iliJNNlVg'JN1:H N ll ' , ax' a gf- --- M ----- - k 5 L3-F V XX The Universitfs first gymnasium, in use in 9 if . . . the early elgl'ltle5. 5 fx The Ole Mfss 11 . lfifrox, Uvifh Colzrzfs I2zfc'1'f61'f'111'1', Ufzinilzy in Cllllllt' flyllillif fl. Nl. 3'-35 C.f J 0 The 1928 Ole Miss S 9 Q limiiik II xiii, Coach I-Iflrrlel' Hazel This is tht- third yczii' of Honwi' Ilzizvhs tli1'ct'tuisliip of zithlctics :it Uh' Kliss. 1 4 1 I 4 i tix hu 'lun him tht fl lin i llc-ing All-,'Xiiit-1'1t':ii1 twlcc in lm CfI'lll'11l1iU' thus :it Ruta", If 1, " ' 'z A . . .. , V. 'Q . .. ng wluuli hzu so visibly shmvn itsclt in tht- 111.27 aczismi. lht- iiiviitui' ut tht- QIl'll1ll'Hl7 has rziiwtl the stzliiiliiigg of Uh' NIB! p1'uu't-sy in nrlilt-rits frum uhsciirity to zunmig rht- stiwiiigwt in tht- Suuthcrii Crnifvrviicc. Tha Oh' Xliss ziglgrvgjz ' 'l ' ' ' itifm timhul tht i I wwnth plum' iii fflllfhllll, tht' chzimpiuiiship iii haake-thzill, :mtl Il YL'l'j' ggmrtl shmviiig in h:m-hull. XXYUHIKI that we crmhi hziw huzistvtl of rhix sou-1'zil 5K'ill'5 algo! Ifiiipluyiiigj ll new aymtviii in Qmicliiiig, Hzixvl hziw :ls his Zihisfilllfs fUl'I11L'l' stiitlciits ut Ulf- Kliw, xXYl'h5fl'I' Hiirkv. Ruhcrt Uzivim, :intl T. bl. Lily, who :irc partly rvspmi- uhh- tm rht- siia't'n'ssc-5 uf thi, tuuth:iH sczisrrii. 256 P 411. The O16 M588 M iw... 1 ' ' J .,,imv" 1' " vfpff 'V L VVEBB BURKE BOB DAVIS "TI'rE" LILY 337 The O76 M558 Lily in f1l'fl0I1 lfgflilhff thc' liolx FOOTBALL Registering five victories, three losses, and one tie to accumulate a total of 177 points to their opponents' 80 during the 1927 football season, the Ulllighty lllississip- pians" completed the most successful grid season that has ever been enjoyed at Ole Bliss in the history of its athletic activities. Not only did these mighty gridsters, who so dauntlessly fought an uphill battle to climb from a zero conference rating, as a result of successive losses to Tulane and Tennessee, to the pedestal C-n which they were automatically placed by defeating L. S. Li. and A. X KI., two of the Confer- ence's strongest teams-not only did they establish a record of which Ole Bliss is proud, but they gained for themselves, their state, and their Alma Klater, Southern if not national recognition. Truly have they established their worthiness of the designation, Hlllighty lllississippiansf' Opening the season with a regular landslide, the Red and Blue completely over- whelmed the College of the Ozarks, taking as remuneration for their hour's work the big end of a 58 to o score. But only a week later fickle fate transferred her smiles from the Red and Blue ranks to those of the Green VVave Clfgad, the Old Lady must be cclor blindl, and the Tulane lads won the tilt by a IQ to 7 score. 238 The 1928 Cie Miss S9 r . I lfooflruff Gaining nlgailzst J. Ill. On probably the muddiest gridiron that a game has ever been played and still called football, the Hendrix College eleven was able to hold the lN1Iississippians to a O-0 tie. Jupiter Pluvius was not as friendly as he might have been. The University of Tennessee, one of the strongest teams ever produced in the Southern Conference, handed the Red and Blue gridsters a defeat to the tune of 21 to 7. CAt this point exeunt all unauspicious gods.J Then came the climax or turning point of the 1927 Ole bliss grid season. Shut- ting out the Southwestern Lynx by the impressive score of 39 to- O, the "lNIighty lWississippians" apparently hit their stride-and the Bluff City was "took,' by the jubilant Red and Blue students and supporters. Sojourning for a day or two in the cool breezes of the Cumberland lNIountains, the llflississippians attacked the Sewanee Tigers in the very center of their lair-and the fierce talons of the angry feline were not sharp enough or alert enough to halt the fighting lvlagnolia boys in their final ruth to victory. And the victory was Ole Nliss, 28 to 14. Coming to the campus for our Home-Coming celebration, and acclaimed one of the highest bidders for Southern championship honors, the L. S. U. Tigers met the same fate as did the Tigers who preceded them by a week. Ole bliss handed the Purple Tigers a I2 to 7 licking, allowing them two and taking for themselves fifteen first 239 The 1928 Ole Miss downs. "Those damn Ole bliss boys just played football, that's all," said Coach Donajue. The following week in -Iackson the Chicago Loyola aggregation managed to eke out a 7 to fi victory over the Ole bliss eleven. Finally, in the classic of the state and one of the outstanding classics of the South, before a crowd of some 14,01 i0 people, the "Mighty lllississippiaiisn fought like demons to defeat for the second consecutive year the lllississippi Aggies, by the score of 20 to I2. ln this tilt the Red and lilue gridsters attained football perfection par excellenceg and nothing more need be said than the phrase much quoted by exponents and oppo- Vi nents: "Ole Bliss just had the best team, and that's all. THE CHEERLEADERS Charles Pigford, head cheer leader, Cary Stovall, assistant, and Freshmen Riddell and Uorroh have kept that indomitable Ole bliss spirit going in our darkest minutes as well as our most enthusiastic hours. Ole bliss Ole bliss Ole bliss Ole bliss Ole bliss Ole Bliss Ole bliss Ole Nliss Ole bliss 58' 7, O 7 39, 28 I2 6 zog 1927 Schedule College of the Ozarks Tulane University . . Hendrix College . . University of Tenn.. Southwestern . . . . Sewanee . . L. S. lf. . Chicago Loyola . llfliss. A. 8 NI. . 0-At University . . . September 24 IQ-At New Orleans . . . October 1 0-At University .... October 7 21-At Knoxville . . October I5 0-At Klemphis .... October 22 I4-At Sewanee .... October 20 7-At University, Home- Coming Day . . . November 5 7-At jackson .... November 1 I 12-At University . . . Thanksgiving 240 1 The 1928 Ole Miss il W, Q Captain Austin Applewluite In closing his career on the gridiron, "Ap" closed the Career of one of the greatest ends to ever don the Red and Blue. Our opponents will rejoice while we mourn the loss of Captain Austin Applcwhite. 241 O The 1928 Ole Miss '5 X ' ,fu , 1: V s 4 'Y " 4c,,f,s1"'t'ef, xy., Q ' J gi ,' we nd as is 1, N , wp- Sollie CO1'lCI'l I ' ' LL rlhe tact that jew" was selected on the inueli-heralded All-Southern Ssnior team, and K that he was winner of the Norris Trophy be- speaks his importance on the gridiron. Al- ways a demon on leading plays and a stone wall on defense, Crhen was one of the out- , standing fullbaeks in Dixie. 'N so M 242 P The 1928 Cie Miss VAN N mi X 1 tickle X mn "HK" popularity ix zlttcxtsal liy hix luring cfwtccl tu captain thu 1913 tc: . N 1 1 " , has few equzilx :md no Niipniul'-f. NVQ- iUl't'L'?l'-f Il :run year for him in liix l'k'Hl1liIliIlLf year un thc team. SKI ITH Ax :I fic-lcl captain, "Smittic" has no pwr. Uuriipletvillq liix gricl cillfvi' tliix yL'1lI', V. K. bm wax IlCl'.1liIDEli by spurt uriterx zu our uf th: Svutlil his ZIIYNCIICE' in the Ifjlg grid gxnnw. grvzitest Qllllllix. Ulc' Mi-N will Nuff Av 343 The 1928 Ole Miss fi LAIRD Despite a more or less serious injury throughout the season, De-VVitt was an outstanding center. VVhenever Called upon for service, Laird never failed to give a Commendahle aecount of himself. BLANKENBAKER XVith one more year to play, "Lodi" already has ahout as good a reputation as a guard as any man in the Southland. Built low and ufrom the ground up," lilankenhaker has the statue of a formidable guard-and a formidable guard he is. 244 The 1928 Ole Miss u ,1e,,'K 5? , 1-4541. K v.k ,, -at tr if W-.fs tiswvssi HERIPHILL Archie is one of Ole Miss' most valuahle athletes. Playing on the varsity for his first time this year, Hemphill played the first four games like a veteran tackle. Then he was hurt in scrimmage-and Ole Miss was loser. ENOCHS A goml, hard-fighting, capable Center describes Enochs. XVearing the Red and Blue for his last lime, this stalwart center was a strong factor in winning many of Ole Niiss' victories. , ' "Yau 3'-45 G...- The 1928 Ole Miss , L., C I. . f if ,Q A.. .. .-.. .1 XVALKER "l1nhhy" XValker is one of the greatest all-round athletes ever developed at Ole Miss, and his ability on the gridiron is hy no means execelled hv his ahility in other athletic activities. Cool, collected, and possessed of uncanny judgment, he xvas an invalnalwle asset to his team. SMITH Versatility is "Tad's" chief attrihnte. Brokenlield running, passing, and serving as quarter- hack seem to he second nature with Smith. Although hnrt most of the season, he got in shape to render service in the Aggie-Ole Miss game that only "Tad" could do. 24.6 The 1928 Ole Miss .A us.-an I3 LT RNETT "The best tackle I ever saw in a uniform," is the description one man who is a good judge of football players gave to "Dump" Burnett. And "Dump's" playing doesn't belie this statement. LILY Speed, "guts," and ability-that's Sale Lily on the gridiron. As a haliback, his llcetness makes him with few peersg and as a quarterback his ability to run the team and his judgment of plays stamp him an outwtanding player. ABDO Perhaps the smallest man on the squad is Abdo, but his size is his only handicap. As a re- serve quarterback, Nick was ever ready and rcarin' to go. MORRIS A sophomore of speed as well as size, Morris is a guard who is dependable and capab'e. Participating in nearly every game the Red and Blues played, Bill has performed in such manner as to warrant the speculation that he will be a regular next year. KNAPP "Duck" was an obscure reserve until necessity placed him in action at Sewanee. It was then and there that he made his crown of glory on the gridiron. His playing was consistent and reliable, so watch out for Knapp in 1928. 347 0 The 1928 Ole Miss W mn, . . . . s-V., . -E, ' ,. ,.. . , . f . " .Q ' " 421- . -, ?.., I., K 1' 3 - ' ".'.:J:"'u3 sf iii?" fl, si- rf " I i -. 8 0's' 1 XVILCOX Although "Rube" is only a soph, he was among the leading Conference scorers this year. Punting, passing, and running, XVilcox played like a man who had seen several years' service instead of one who was playing his first year. PATTY Seizing his opportunity, "Pete" took advantage of his heing shifted from the hacklield to end and earned a regular herth on the eleven. He turned in many good performances for the Red and Blue. XVOOURL'FF One hundred ninety pounds of hrawn, unusual speed, and plenty of stamina is "Cowboy" 'NVoodrulf. One of the sensations on the gridiron this year, XVoodrutf has developed into one of the leading hacks in the South. His out tanding contributions were in the L. S. l'. and A. S M. games. J L' NI P14312 Spunky, consistent, and speedy is an apt characterization of jumper. Playing his first college game against the College of the Ozarks, "Zeke" was one of the strong faetors in the 58 to o victory. 243 The 1928 Ole Miss k i 'F is A x., x -.. x.. N N Z -X. X. - x 'Q ws C C l " V l I 2 N X s N x L, I I 'i S lu i I I I 249 li lr N 2 P sy. I I 5 . 4. I -Q 'm . E Clflrxfll fxI,I.IiN The Freshman Football Squad NVent through a most successful season, and among their ranks may be seen some of Ole Bliss' stellar players next year. There is quite a bit of most unusual ma- terial in this group, as was evidenced by several sensational players. Coach Charley Allen, a former Ole Bliss stu- dent, put them through a season of no defeats and had as so-me of their oppo- nents the freshman classes of Louisiana State University, Southwestern, lllem- phis, and the Tupelo aggregation, T. KI. I. The 1928 Ole Miss X , 2 Atnglu- 1 oiiv-Fm 2 ' . e v. Ng-5 Q " QV.. X, !"L nf I -' Yi? , ,fl X T7 S K ,f Q85 ' ll 027083 , .xx if P .. 4? 2. l .Vt i ,hx f V1 ..,..A. 1 D ,Q We gbawf i f Xt 4' " fat , X N I if p Q .ZW . Zin. lim' N C 616123 W -2, . ,,A- 43:1 ---- i'1,f::.f"lL- "sa: - ' ' A " L ll ,Xt 9 O' 'Q M'-fUte,41LiigQii3Sou1H6'2N Qgffhaf . J AN 'sf 'r - 2 . iz ",,::,g:-15 vf .H RENCE- sl? , Ishii' S -.1-lm. - ..,,:.r:' ' inf- I HI ' v -, Q55 Ns-A --f- ,,. it . ' . ,Q H4 -f f.?ff.ft4 1 Q ' 'S-is 2112: .,,,, .e "3 . -- ee' ,ff st L X- Erfffj ' 1 U e fi W HUBUQN " fsgeif , ' ' e Team of Destiny Wins It-Great Rally Turns Tide Iiy Mokuxx limkh Ole Miss, the Teatn of Destiny, is champion of the South in hzlskethull. A fighting clan that refused to surrender when the clouds were hlzlckest today is king of the great indoor game. tl title for Ole Miss after Auhurn lt was :in :nnuzing and courageous eomehztek that won me had taken il twefve-point lend in the second half and seemed as sure of winning as anything ' this uneertzlin world ezln he. The score :lt one stage of the second half was, Auburn 25, Ole Miss 13. The thousand UI more Auburn student 150 Ill s and alumni in the lllllllfllfllllll were in the seventh heaven of delight. The O16 Miss ,gf I v4 'F sn SoL'THERN Cox1fERENcE CH,xA11'IoNs They smelled the bacon frying and they knew the feast was for them. The Tigers had been outplaying their enemies all the way through, and were marching on to glory and fame. Some of the spectators were yawning a bit. Many were a bit sorry for Ole Miss, and hoped they would make just a few more points so as not to be humiliated. And then-Captain Robert M. Lee, the long, lanky leader of the Mi-sissippians, rallied his clan for a final desperate drive. It was the last charge of the old guard. l'p the slope they came, snarling, growling, fighting their way through all obstacles. The Tigers, surprised by the sudden fury of a team that had been so docile, wavered before the charge. Doggedly they fought back, but the storm engulfed them. The Team of Destiny was on its way. Two points, two points, two points! Wlith monotonous regularity Ole lkfiiss was sinking them. Now they are just two points behind. Now they are even. Now they are two points ahead. And it's a minute and three-quarters to play. Captain Lee fouls, and Auburn shoots a free throw. Now it's Ole Miss, 31, Auburn, 30. The seconds were about gone. Down the floor comes Auburn with the last spring left in the Tiger. A desperate try for a goal that goes wild. The pi tol cracks. The game is over. The Team of Destiny had won by one little point, which, however, was as big as Stone lVlountain so far as the effectiveness of it was concerned. The grim gods of fate who had given Auburn one-point victories over Clemson and Georgia Tech in the early games of the tournament deserted the Tigers in the big crisis, and smiled upon the opposition. The grim gods often do things like that. 251 Fl The 1928 Ole Mass' OLE MISS WINS CONFERENCE CHAMPIONSHIP! 192SECOnference Basizctball Championfhip THE RUNNING SCORE OF THE FINALS First Half Auburn. ...... oo113557911111315 OleMiss. ..... 1224445555688 Sf"C07lI11ffllf Auburn . . I7 I7 I7 I9 I9 2I 22 24 25 25 27 27 27 27 27 29 29 29 29 29 Ole Miss . . 8 IO II II I3 I3 I3 I3 I3 I7 I7 I9 2I 22 23 23 25 27 29 31 31 252 The 1928 Ole Miss TH E NEW CH.xx1P1oxs Ole Miss unquestionably made the best showing of any team. Our victorious march was as follows: Ole Ole Ole Ole Total-Ole Niiss Miss Miss Miss Miss . 405 North Carolina State . . . 553 Louisiana State . . , 4,15 Kentucky . . . 313 Auburn . . , I67Q Opposition . - 35 . 28 . 28 .30 IZ! THREE QDLE Miss ATEN ox ALL-STAR rfE.X.Xl Flzoxi ToL'RN.uiENT fThe Atlanta journal, Atlanta, Georgiaj The following is the all-star Southern Conference team picked by four members of the .lllanfa Journal staff as this paper's selection for the best men in their respective positions during the great struggle for supremacy. Cary Phillips is named captain of the team. CARY Puu.1,1Ps lCnpl.j . . . Fomcard . . jEi,1,YAK1N ..... . Fomcarii . FR.-xxx Dcnoss . . . . . Cwnffr . DEXV1'i'i' Limo . . . . Guard . . ARY PHiI,I,1Ps ........ . Guarii . . . The Journal Sport Staff men who agreed on the Butler, VV. C. Monday, jr., and Morgan Blake. Ole Miss . . Auburn . Auburn Ole hfiiss Ole' lxfiiss abwe selection were O. li. liee'er, Gu F I of N C. L Lia 44158 L .5 U. i""'ll' Ole Mfff 55-28 ole Mfff. NC If It Ole MU! 40-55 . . 5 e A l'-'i . --' 016 um 41-25 ll M I N Q Gear 1.947-36 QCOFQJZ- 1' A'efzfuc!cz55-I6 ! Ken fzfclig IL ffeufucku .56-40 .Sill ' - ef01'f'2 1 0!e!WfJi31 30 Mfr . A.ana'M. W JL L !4flil'!A317o'l5'f 4-6 -26 an . . ,""'. ' ' 'J Mu: f4anJM 7-4-28 Vu- IHIZ A! 6 WFQIDIQ 42-28 a aura ' '-'i zfuzium 42-371 72:16. il'-'-' , koi 50-24 Florin? Auburn 50-29 Auburn , Auburn 2 7f26 Cfemfou 'll' Li..-iii? 253 The 1928 Ole Miss 'rf CAPTAIN ANDRAL D IQGGER 54 L v The 1928 Ole Miss X? fx! X . -nn' ,Pu Q 3 9""'iQ 1 W3 is 44 , I f . S 3 if 4' rx ' . .ff '7 , I V R P ,s . if I x 5 YL' 'Q . ll gk 'i w E xij X 3 If' :','a A ,V Y 5 Q! The 1928 Ole Miss f xy Q6-... f.l, ,. 4 tj, '.N.- -4 L bw- f- - . fi A , ' r xx . 1-, . 4 gf ,Y '4 Y 451 'A"'x -- .. .f.q..- -." " 1"2.Kf , , :f.'x".Y 4 ' f ' lf 1 -1: .' - .x f . 5 ' Q . 1 1 rx .I K R sr-. Q . ' 1 256 Q X w. Tma NIICHTY NIISSISSIIWIANS UI' 1927 Q ,..---f" The 1928 Ole Miss ,ag- Wk .. fw4ffg,,51z . , 4 y 'K 1 Ex-12,3 ' ,-4 -jg h ,N 'W A 0' V .. .V "f.'f .sik"i 1: --4, .... nh- ' - - V- , V .l "A H, mf . ':Z'Z'- ' ""-. , Y'f:f1 , 3, -M , -.1 , , g f -f '.1-1..w2I1 'W E5 JI.-Ulf Jliss Srorf' Boarzl. Tommy Jlarxlzzzffs 1101116 Run Jgrlilzst J. 111 Cro1c'a's on Ijlllllplli' for Ihr C lr1111f'.r. T116 Ole Hliss Banff. Grazzzlstznzzls. 257 The 1928 Ole Miss K2 J init. RIICHTY Kllsslssllflmxxs 3 K lu lm' lfnuk Urllfllgl Ili! 1,4'll:'l' lfrr IH, Iiumlfzmfzl, lfrmflz. '1'm: Um 'l'r4..xx1 Ol" '98 .l11.I'g1r IX'ilIIlII'llllff!l, Cllffllill, SfH'11A'iIlfl lf- F5 -L. Hia The 1928 Ole Miss The acting editor regrets very much that there was no type matter, cuts, or material of any sort available for this Track Section. The following composed the Track Squad: CAPTAIN V. li. SAIITII DIANAGER T. J. LIIA' O. E. COLLIER "DUMP" BURNETTE SoI.I,IE COHEN SAAI KYSAR JIM HUGH TAIIII H ERVEY L. LI,oI'n SALE LILY WAI,I,ACE Cizooii DICK STREET Goiznox SAIYTIIE BEVERLY SIIITII joHN iNIIlJl7l,liliRU0li 259 Qui: The 1928 Ole Miss 1 E . - ,Q vw fi S ik .fxdg-: ,L W,, ' ' E, , -if -'I R 3 ,,,f -' f, , K ,ual - K 5 1 Q . '- f ' QA? E W-fs' TISNNIS TE.XAI 'v. 449-L' CAPTAIN I,Ev1 MCCAKTY 260 ALLEN r1'IIOMPSON Misxissippi Staff' Clzampirm Tlzrre Years The 1928 Oie Miss CL..-. COACH SL'l,1.1x1xx Dirrzlor of ffn' Drfwlrllflfni of Pflyjillll Eclzualirnz 261 ozt ziu the Curriculum A place which has servecl as an observatory for polar magnetxs Deke House, Morgue, and Home- l' The 1928 Ole Miss Theta Beta I-lere's one bunch of rowdies that hasn't scratched yet. They are as many miles from a charter as A. X BI. is from the football championship. A few more years and they will give up hope-if they ever had any. They're still loo per cent athletic, their only social outburst being the recent altar-ation of one lllr. "jelly" Collier. P715 Pi Phi Not satisfied with llr. Levie, they had to take llr. Hudson. One mistake often leads to another. But at least they got a charter-though that may have been a mis- take, too. Certainly that sputtering name was a mistake. These boys ought to take Apollo as their patron go-d. Then tllC1'C'Ll be something worth looking at in dear ol' Fy Py. Kagiba Sigma XVith the passing of the great lXIcl7ougal, this has been a docile herd. Kloreover, they seem to have lost the good old Craig enthusiasm. ln fact, they seem to have lost hope. Certainly there's been no rumor of a Kappa Sig candidate for student body president. Alpha Tau Omega These newcomers have become the Don .luans of the campus. VVitness such heart busters as "Tadpole" Smith, Roger Alford, and .lesse Fox. Denton House belongs to them-if there's any satisfaction to be had from the ownership. Friendly with the Phi lNIu's and not hostile to the Kadies. Sigma Nu Another of the Big Four-or was it Forty? Anyhow, there's Gordon Roach, newly climbed into social prominence, and very well liked about the Dorroh mansion. These are the boys who gave a formal banquet back in the fall, at which there were three Tuxedos, four overalls, and sixteen pajamas. Pi Kaiba Alpha Introducing Adelbert Crisler, gents. Little Adelbert, the dashing transfer from L. S. U.-or was it Raymond High? But he's not the fault of the local lodge, so why blame him on it? These boys rival their namesakes, the lowly Kappa Alpha, for the best blood at A. 81 M.-if there is any. 265 The 1928 Ole Miss Alblza Delta Mu XVe have it on good authority that these lads have formed a conspiracy to seize the political throne at Ole lliss. Already they are getting men into high places. The great Adznns-lfverctt combination, working in cahoots with the Horne-Pack combina- tion, promises the dumb brothers political glory for years to COIIIQ. XVith bared head, the ancient Fortenberry battles against their intrigue-but in vain. By the way, they're still petitioning something or other. phi Epsilon Catchings brought this about-and still holds up his head. Fonnie Black Ladd, the Indian love caller, is the great activity man. Ex-freshman Gaines is runner-up, with a fair chance of supplanting Blind -lim as Dean of Freshmen. All considered, this is a deserving bunch of fellows, but we hope they really don't get what they deserve. Pi Kappa plzi The more they come, the worse they get. This would be bad, though, even if it had come first. Byrd Prentiss llauldin, the High Klogul of Pontotoc County Social Life and barometer for the trend of International Politics, .Iudas of the Y. KI. C. A., is the only man who sees any good in the organization-and he's the lad that invented it. Byrd really isn't non compos mentisg he just acts that way. Delta Kappa Epsilon These are the boys who do things. Not ordinary fellows, y'understand, but real KIEN. Deeks, y' know, Decks!! Now take f'rinstance, there's llarvin Bond. He lives in Holly Springs. That's exceptional, y'know. Not everybody can live in Holly Springs. And Tom Dunn is over six feet straight up. That's quite above the ordinary, y'understand. Best of all, though, there's Conwell. Exceptional? Hell, yes! By the way, Dunn's henchman, NVestbrook, is a Deek. Oh, boy! Delta Psi Excerpt from the conversation of VVilliam A. Lomax: "That's very true, of course, and I'll grant you all of that, but Delta Psi . . . because Delta Psi . . . and Delta . . . Psi. . .if Delta Psi. . . but Delta Psi. . .although Delta Psi. . . then, too, Delta Psi . . . therefore, Delta Psi," etc,, etc., ad nauseum. This is the secretest secret secret society on the campus, for instance, they don't let their pledges wear pledge buttons because they're ashamed of them, etc. But they make up for that after they have been initiated by making them put their pins in their mouths when they are nude-as if someone wanted the pins that bad! 266 ll The 1928 Ole Miss Sigma Chi As Jimmy Lott so aptly telegraphed the chapter a week or so before pledge day: "Congratulations on getting so-and-so." Ur as the fllixxissifijiimi just as aptly said: "If pledging unsuspecting freshmen the first day or two of school makes a good fra- ternity, watch old Sigma Chi roll l" "lVe rush for numbers-not quality," says Alton P. Perkins, and he ought to know, because he was the "Eric Dawson" of good ole Sigma Chi. Sigma Alpha Epsilon VVeep for Eric, for he has gone! These boys really do need their god-mother back again. They've completely forgo-tten that a frat is supposedly secret. "VVhat's my business is thy business,'l they remark to the whole dern world. Besides trying to get a good majority in the Freshman Class, so as to cinch the presidency of said class, they are trying to get twenty million S. A. lf. voters by IQ32 for the national Presi- dential race. plzi Delta Theta Introducing lleesta Bobbee Burns, who, having set Klississippi College on fire, now comes to the L'niversity to duplicate. The self-appointed savior of the morals and minds and likewise the spirrut of the Ole Kliss student body. "I do not choose to run-now let us give fifteen rahs for Burns." Then there's dear, plump little Scottie, who's here to prove that a man can be down but never out. "Uh, yes, we have the two mo-st popular he-men on the campus, Ogden and Lott." The pride of olil Dhi ' I s Delta Tau Delta This is a club of individualists. No two alike, and we guess that's fortunate. Yet they hold their own, figuratively, at co-edding. Wlitness the following successes: Green-Brumfield, Luckett-Johnson, Caldwell-Brinson, and Hathorn-Anybody. Sto- vall, the affable and graceful assistant cheer leader, is their great activity man. Al- though weak in numbers, watch our dust! Kappa Alplla Now that we have a big green car, our prestige is picking up. Dick Street is the big bad boy of this outfit. So far as records go, he's the only activity man in the club, unless you count Dudley VVatts, who fortunately took to travel and kept it up. In Harris and Fontaine, this set of Greeks have a pair that would make any fraternity proud-that they belonged to li. A. "VVe are graduating all of our active men, that is those that are initiated, but our only pledge shall come back and carry on." 267 Q... The 1928 Ole Miss xi i Beta Sigma Omicron This used to be, and still ought to be, a junior college sorority. As well as the records show, Louise Arrington is responsible for this. Louise always was starting something reckless, and then not staying around to see how it came out. Anyhow, Louise, this isn't doing too- well, thank you. lfyen lfonnie Black turned down a bid. Tau Delta This organization takes the rainbow for its color-and is just as exclusive as to membership. Bessie llclnnis lends a religious element, Lyda Gordon Shivers an oratorical, ,loan Conerly a social, Catherine lNlcFarland an intellectual, Nellie l-lathorn an athletic-and dashing young lllr. VVinter lends prestige. VVe hope to be firmly established with a national some day-it doesn't matter which one. b Delta Delta Delta These are the activity girls, who glory in bringing on Alpha Theta Chi-whatever that means to them. Now just for instance, who set VVard Hall on fire? VVasn't it a Tri-Delt? Sure, with a little light bulb! Theyfre just as prominent in other respects, though it's a little hard to recall them all at once. Kappa Delta Organized by the intellectual Kliss Lellar, these girlies show their appreciation by getting on the Faculty Black List. But they've really got better things to do than niull around over dull studies. If you don't believe they're sociable, take one outl That is really their strong point. Page Klr. Patty!!! 268 Q . The 1928 Ole Miss Kappa Sigma Tau As the great philosopher Hegel remarked for maybe it was only Ur. Kennonl: "It is not what you are that countsg it's what you think you are." And therein lies hopes for these lasses. Of course they're new. -lust founded in 11222. Nlaybe by IQ4.2+lJllt why be critical? Delta Gamma The pride of Oxford. Half the ladies of the city belong to this clubg otherwise it might languish for lack of membership. Ar least the Dee Gees have a glorious past, whatever its present prospects may be. lllargaret -lones, the lady lawyer, is the most outstanding pledge, viewed from any angle. C715 Qmega Oh, dear me, no! How utterly absurd! YVhy of course we did not rake Klrs. Eatman for her influence! XVe took her for her-hervwell, anyway, "when better cars are built, Buick will build them." Yes, and when better girls come, Chi Omega will take them. Humped seven times? Yes, but you see, it was this way- Phi Mu Formerly the House of Denton, till they started checking out. First went lllartha VVeathers. jesse Fox just couldn't hold her. Then went Dabney Carson, Queen of Clarksdale, now married to Hon. Pinkie Bledsoe, planter. YVho went next we didn't notice-nor care. Hut back comes Carolyn Newsom-and under such sad circumstances! YVe are led to ask the question, XVhat won't a Phi Blu do? 269 Q-,,,,,,,,, J. -J? O The 1928 Ole Miss xi l':.NXlU,,l1.rIiHUXI.XS Ifurl T. ,1QIlOIllZlS, clcctc-J by popular stmlcnr nm- :ls Tlw Stuulm-nr XVII!! Has Klczmt thc Klost to Ulm' Bliss. In other wonls, lu' has bc-vm sell-mul :ia thc moat 0llfSfZll1llill,, on the l'lliYCl'Sifj' czunpus. The Stualcnt Body has plum-al on hix Vllpilhlk' Sh0llICll'l'S flu fnllmving responsible positions: P1'L'SillCllt of the .lXSSOk'i1lU'41 Stuclc-nt Holly Pre sidcnt hlllllifll' I,itc'1':11'y Clam Plvsidcrlt I"l'l'Slllll2lI1 Class v l'nivc'1'siry Athlvrin' Lwlllllldl. Ho has won tm' hun of thc' l'l'CSllIll2llI f,l'2lUJI'lk'2il IXICQIHII thc I,i'b1iflllQI IUZIIII. :md has lllfl'l'l'Sfl'Kl lnlmvlf in :Ill wr:-rthwhilc' :lctivi sf-lf thc Klississippi llmtclwmllc-giznfc f,l'!lfUl'ik'ill Kfvmlzllq winm . . f 1 . . UPS. 270 The 1928 Ole Miss .9 Popularity Contest for "Ole Miss" Ilullf' Sfllllfllf llvlzv limi RI'fv'I,I'I11l.I' Ulf' Jliss. llvlm llzzx Dom ,Umt for llrr lf'I'lfrII'I . . Jlosf lulffllllil' ffzrl ..... . . . film! l'nfI11l111' lg!!-1' . . . .Uoxl Sfyllxll Girl . . . . ll11rIfl.mmI1If ,llllll ......... . I -Hoyt lxI'f7I'I'.fIIIfrlll?'I' UlI'J1'I.I.I ..... Illosf lllfrllrr flllll Illfllf' ...... KICIJIINAI. Jlmf llzffllrffzml li nmlf' . .... . l"z'IyIl1I'.I'l f'.1'l'XlllllIlI1 . . . -'UI' Jlosf flflffllllll . . . lm'lf1yI'.vf l'l1ll1f7 .... . flu' Uzlixtfzzzfljfzff ,'lll1lIfI . . ,IIOXI Sf1j1lllsIlI'11lI'1l ffl:-ffl . flllftif U0-lfzl .... . . l the 1928 . ICARI. T. rl HUXIAS . . .AIESSIIE LEE . . TIIo.xIIxs Mossy L'II.xIzI.sIE Axnnksox . .lIxIxIEs PLEIISIINTS CHIxRI,sIE ANIIERSIIN ll liEI,su HIIRNI2, AIR. . XYIRCINLX XVIVIIQINS IN fIII,IiER'I' SIINSINC . . . XY. sl. H.'XRNIfJN . . NIINQY FARMER . . S:II,I.Y CIIHEN . . Mun' XVIxImH, xIxI . SYIQES RIQHIIRIISIIN The 1.928 Ole Mfss j , XX V- PERS ONALITY PLUS X Q- ., PGPULARITY WINNERS St-1'fi,xl1 ,Host ljflflllflll' ,llrm HH! I flflkilll Um! ljflflllllll' fo-ffl The 1928 Ole Miss -.. gg. MESS. NANCY FARMEFQ MISSMARY WINDHAM Miss NANCY F. xRx1 ER liigge-st Vamp Miss KIAXRY XV1NnH.xx1 Nirmst Supllistifilted SOLLY QQHEN Bl LL HARMON Sm,1,Y Comix Outstanding Athlete BILL HARMUN Nhat Original The 1928 Ole Miss Xj III' I MISS VIRGINIA WATKINS FRESHIVIAN SANSING MISS VIRGINIA IVIFIQINS Stuclinlls l"IzI2sH,xI,xN SANSING Ifrwllc-t I7ruNII MCDONALD HORNE I MISS. SYKES RICHARDSON 1IIcDIIx,xI.II HURNE IIIteIIigent MISS SYIQFS RICHARIISIIN Cute-st T77-6 O76 M583 i INI'lXlA'I'lON or MEDICAL Fkosn INTO IXIFIJIC.-XI, CLUB 275 Fi 0 The 1928 Ole Miss YS Jolces "Have you heard the new traveling I I' salesman joke? "Yep, heard 'em all." "Naw, you haven'tg 'cause this farm- er lived by himself." NV A sign was posted on the door of Dean liellls otliee which read: "Back in half an hour." A few minutes later a student added a line: 'Wvhat for ?" STEPS OF SUPH ISTICATION Freshman: "l don't know." Sophomore: "I am not prepared." junior: "I do not remember." Senior: "I don't believe I can add anything to what has been said." SK-55256 N- -'f' 2-bi Cneat gosh, in an impenttia e for- estf' murmured the inebriate, as he eol- lided with the same lamp post for the third time. She was just a tailor's daughter, but she gave me a fit. He whose laugh lasts, has told the joke. Reformer: "Young man, do you real- ize that you will never get anywhere by drinking?" Stewed: "Ain't it th' truth? l've started home from this corner five times already." She: "Stopl" He: "1 w0n'tl" She Cwith a sigh of reliefl: "All right, I've done my dutyf' Vfe have just heard of the absent- minded professor who turned on his wife and kissed the ignition. "The only two who Can live as Cheap as one," says the cynic, "are a Hea and a dog." "Rastus, how Come you live so lo-ng?" "l.awd, nigger, coz ah's bo'n so fuh lNIary Lou: "George broke up my party the other evening. He started to tell a naughty story and l had to send him home." "VVell ?" llary Lou: "But all the rest followed him home to hear the end of it." ,,..,,.JD The 1928 Ole Miss jokes It isn't only the bootlegger. who is cashing in on prohibition, but a lor of his customers as well. "Sir, I believe YOLIITC trying to kiss me!" "VVell, now that you understand, sup- pose we quit assaulting each other and co-operate a little." Inscription on a Tombstone: "Here Lies an Atheist. All Dressed lfp and Nowhere to Go." "IVhat made you laugh so at I3ob's funeral "Bob didn't believe in heaven or hell, and he was terribly dressed up not to be going somewhere." D" Catchings: "XVho hit you in the nose ?" Dick Street: "Hit me hell! I got drunk and thought I was a woodpeck- ll er ale They say that a single oyster will lay from one to eight million eggs a year." Nancy: "GoshI Think of the mar- ried ones!" CL..f,e,, There was a young lady named Cassy, YVho thought she looked pretty classy. An impertinent sot Said, "0h, look, you forgot IVhen you dressed to put on your-Oh, my goodness gracious!" Ruth: "Do you still run around with that little blonde?" Dave: "She's married now." Ruth: "Answer my question." KIen are getting more virtuous every day. Some of them even require their stenographers to be able to write on a typewriter. History Professor: Hxvho sunk the battleship lNIaine?" Frosh: "I don't know, sir: I didnt" Prof.: "That will do for you." llember of Board of Trustees Cvisit- ingj: "IJon't let him off, I believe he did do it." Young Husband fto nursej : "Quick, am I a father or a mother?" T Lady: "Billy Sunday is marvelous. He has already converted thousands since he started preaching." Gent: "He isn't in it with Henry Ford. He shakes the hell out of mil- lions every day." 0 , Q! The 1928 Ole Miss K2 XX . J Wvhixz "XYhat ish a triple threat ?" "rl'lia'sh easy. XYine, women. n' song," lice : y ou should drink milk instead ol whisky, Klr. Hatbornf' "lVhy do you shay that. doctor?" "1Iilk will make blood." "llie-well I ain't blood-thirstxy' mx' Trina Six Aces or XVox1.xx Safety Pins. . Hair Pins. Clothes Pins. Fraternity Pins. Diamond Pins. Rolling Pins. 221 An Irishman and a Frenchman were disputing oyer the nationality of a friend of theirs. "1 say," said the Frenchman, "that he was born in Franceg therefore, he is a l"renehman." "Not at all," said lat. "Begorra, if a eat should have kittens in the oven, would you call them biscuits?" 3 S. A. Cbeginning a storyjz "They were both deadly white as they lay there together under the tree. For hours, they-H Chi Omega linterruptingjz "ls this story nice T' S. A. lf.: "Sure, they were a couple of snowballsf' Q- okes 278 "A fellow wrote a letter to me and said rlmr he would kill me if l don't stop flirting with his wife." "XVell, you'd better stop flirting with his wife." Mllhat leaves me in a terrible fix. He didn't sign his name." liashful: "Do you mind if l kiss you?" lNo answer.D Bashtul: "VVould you eare if I kissed you?" XVise Sister: "Say, do you want me to prr:-mise not to bite T' A young married Couple started out with the baby to buy a baby Carriage. They purchased one, put the baby in it and were wheeling it along the street, when they became conscious of the :smiles ot the passersby and wondered th:reat until they got home, when they notiesd that the Clerk had omitted to re- move the sign from the carriage. It read: "Our Own llakef' sludge: "VVhat is your name ?" "l'luto": "Donald" -ludge: "I mean your full name." uto": "It's Donald, just the same as when I'm sober." "Pl "lf you were my husband, I'd give . ,, you poison. "lf you were my wire, I'd take it. O The 1928 Ole Miss Xj - UN X f ff I K v' I TDP! A 2' x f - . ff f 4 fb ., xx , ' ,f r x x XV, , X a I x fix A-d,v5..g'."lQ"' R-JB A 1 H 'df -l,' , V 1 Li 1 ' ' 2' ' kr in C.! The O16 M535 1 kj University of Mississippi The University COITlp1'6i'lCI'1CiS SCVCI1 divi- SiOI'lS, 3.5 follows: The College of Liberal Arts, founded in l848, embrac- ing work in more than twenty departments leading to the HA. and lVl.A. degrees, The Law School, founded in IS54, offering a course requiring three years for completiong The School of Engineering, founded in l900, covering four years of a standard engineering course, The School of Education, founded in IQO3, meeting the needs of all who intend to teach in the schools of the Stateg The School of Medicirie, founded in l903, providing a thorough course of two years, constituting the first two of the usual four years in Medicine: The School of Pharmacy, founded in l908, affording a three years' course leading to the degree iipharmaceutical Chemist," and a four years' course leading to the degree BS. in Pharmacyg The School of Commerce ana' Business Administration, founded in l9l 7, offering a four years' course leading to the degree BS. in Commerce. The location of the University is unsurpassed in point of healthfulness and beauty. Expenses are very moderate. Write for Catalogue. The 1928 Ole Miss THE UNIVERSITY OF MISSISSIPPI ANNQUNCES TI-IE SUMMER SESSION JUNE ll TO AUGUST IO, 1928 Courses Will Be Crm In Moss LAW QQURSES of the Departments of the Wm Be Offered COLLEGE OF LIBERAL ARTS A in I FINE ARTS Special Emphasis Will Be I Given in I Courses in COURSES PHYSICAL IN EDUCATION EDUCATION Boarding I'IaII and Dormitories Open For Bulletin and Other Information, Address THE DIRECTOR SUMMER SESSION UNIVERSIW, MISSISSIPPI The 1928 Ole Miss KIRKPATRICK COAL COMPANY Mammals, 'l'ENNEssm1 QUALITY COALS FROM ALABAMA AND KENTUCKY FOR DOMESTIC AND STEAM USE Goals at prices GUI' Mines' Capacity40ver l50 Cars Per Day Assures a Regular and Dependable Supply at All Times Freight Rates Quoted Wrllc or W1r'e fodrly for Pm es VODERN EQUIPMEN T-WMODERN SER VIC E CLEANING, PRESSING TAILORING OLE MISS PRESSING SHOP UNIVERSITY SANDWICH SHOP uf Jn IIIL' f'urnpu.x" TRY OUR SPECIAL DINNER AND QUALITY FOODS SANDWICHES A SPEUALTY LJNIVERSITY. Miss. O 5 The 1928 Ole Mfss xj HWHEREVER YOU ARE .Say It Wfth Flowers Flowers at Nature' Best OXFORD FLORAL COMPANY Phone I I5 OXFORD. MISSISSIPPI Wearfng Apparel for Young Men and Young Women Hart-Schaffner and Marx Clothes Manhattan Shirts, Nlansco Underwear, Stetson Hats, American Lady and American Gentleman Shoes Complete Stock of Dresses, Coats, and Slippers R. W. REED COMPANY ".ll.H'.-HIS OX Tlllf SQt'.blRlf" -WHEREVER SHE IS" Q3 Ax 0 The 1928 Ole Mfss Leonard Delong Wallace Fi Say It Flowersn SZDIADXIHN Ku 1-yxwx 'Nvlul us thc' lun :xml uv l't'llIl'Il fill! tlw mam. .- Miss llmurrrix' Rlflsvls Nllss Nxxm' lfsxlullflz fft'lll'I'1ll l'jIL'l'll'il' l,l'0KllIl't Bmly by lwshcr. I.x.xH1s XX AXRSXXX' lilfu, 'l'ucnt.x- ' -1 . n. ss Mun' KI. .ATKINSON my .md 44 lUO'r Pllfl'-lilll, nh, t mulm In llll . . ' llltle ir'u'tmn Q-.. -1,17 The 1928 Ole Miss MISSISSIPPI SCHOOL SUPPLY COMPANY JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI SCHOOL SEATING EQUIPMENT AND SUPPLIES THE STYLE SHOP I MEMPHIS, TENNESSEE ' I I FEATURING INEXPENSIVE g I GOWNS,FROCKS f ' I COATS AND SUITS OF ' UNMATCHABLE fwx Milky.. , ,A ll I H I 1 , I lt I fr llt QUALITY Authentic, youthful modes in all the newest 1 colors and materials. Always at Substantial savings. r ,I 0 tl f I X Wi :Q i if ' 1 X v I it ' I "CASH WORKS WONDERS AT STYLE SHOP" The 1928 Ole Miss QCA' ,419 CGMPLIMENTS OF Goodyear Yellow Pine Company MANUFACTURERS OF LONG LEAF YELLOW PINE LUMBER PICAYUNE MISSISSIPPI "Every moon is a harvest moon fn the land of pfcayu The 1928 Ole Miss We Believe That Thinking People Should Ponder These Truths Public Utilities render services that are essential to modern living standards. These services directly contribute to the convenience and com- fort of people hourly each day. They have raised living standards, brought us up to a new plane of material existence: and are, in fact, the agencies by which modern living standards are maintained. Without these services, present-day conditions would be turned backward half a century, and we would revert to the days of the tallow candle and the ox-drawn cart. ln addition to their contribution to the convenience and comfort of people so constantly, utilities are economic factors of important worth to their communities-stimulating channels of trade and business activities with their large pay-rolls and immense purchases of supplies, as well as being large tax-payers helping to defray ex- penses of government. These are facts that educated people should understand. ESQ MEMPHIS POWER AND LIGHT COMPANY Q2 0 The 1928 Ole MISS My The SoutI1Is OnIy PureIy IVIutuaI Life Insurance Company EXAMINE OUR NEW ECONOMIC PROTECTION POLICY COLUMBIAN MUTUAL LIFE INSURANCE CO. LLOYD T. BINFORD, President MEMPHIS, TENN. EMBARKING FOR BARCELONA? OR WHEREVER You Go- You Will Remember The Tea-Hound Monroe Adding CaIcuIators R. A. WALTERS, Representative 228 DERMON BUILDING MEMPHIS, TENN. HEverytlzfng for Every Sgiortn Sports Lovers of Many Sections Get the Best of Sporting Goods and Athletic Equipment From Us. VVE RESTRING TENNIS RACKETS Ambrose Sporting Goods Co. l325 MMN STREET PHONE 6-2402 MEMPHIS, TENN. The 1928 Ole Miss LY R I C THEATRE OXFORD, MISS. ROBERT X. WILLIAMS, JR. Owner and Manager The 1928 Ole Miss xi XVC wish for each 016 Miss student 8 plCaS8.Ilt SIJTIITTICI' V8.CEltIOH aI'lCl Thank YOU fOI' the business yOl1 l'13V6 f8.VO1'Cd US REMEMBER, WE FILL ORDERS FOR ANY BOOK YOU MAY NEED IN VACATION. ' DAVIDSON'S VARIETY STORE OXFORD, MISSISSIPPI THE PLACE TO BUY Is the store that sells only quality merchandise and backs it up with guaranteed satisfaction. Forty years of experience-with satisfied customers our greatest aim-has made us state headquarters for service and style in Wearing Apparel for Young Men Luggage and Athletic Goods Schoble, Dunlap, and Stetson Hats, Crawford and Bates Shoes, Society Brand and Braeburn Clothes, Manhattan and Allo Shirts, Interwoven Hose, Mark Cross Gift Novelties, Spalding, Wilson, Stall and Dean Athletic Equipment. ALEX LOEB, Inc. UNIVERSITY, MISS. MERIDIAN, MISS. 0 The 1928 Ole Miss THE COMMERCIAL PRINT SHOP OXFORD, MISS. ALL KINDS OF PRINTING CEO. W. BUFFALOE CAFE "An Appealing Place lo Ea!" WE WELCOME THE OLE MISS .. Except Bad .. STUDENTS W. S. Roszasow, Prop. and Mgr. OXFORD' M'SS'SS"'P' IOARAGE CO INSURANCE CO. O ' Complete Line of Automobile ESTABLISHED 1852 Accessories COLUMBUS' MISS' RepaIr'Department Operated by 150 AGENTS IN MISSISSIPPI F"S"C'aSs Mechamcs PHONE I9 OXFORD, MISS. Golf, Tennis and Base- lnall Supplies Porter Hardware Company OXFORD, MISSISSIPPI All Standard Safety Razors and Blades, Diamond Edge Tools and Cutlery uTrustecl Thousands of 71577165 ECZCZI yearn Gatliriglmt-Reed Drug Co. Qxforcfs pharmacy OXFORD, MISS, The 1928 Ole Miss Newburger Cotton Co COTTON MERCHANTS MEMPHIS, TEN N. 'TKUQJF Branches Throughout the Best Cotto P cl S r f 1 ro ucmg ec lons o the Be t LET US SERVE YOU 71.47 The 1928 Ole Miss X9 4 I ELECTRICITY--THE GREAT EMANCIPATOR No wise husband allows his wife to do by hand the old, heavy tasks of washing and sweeping and pumping and sewing. With cheap electricity, and with electric lights and power lines reaching far out into the countryside, we have learned that it is bad sense and poor economy for any woman to co any work which electricity can do for a few cents an hour. Broader Use of Electricity Lightens Burdens and Increases the Comforts of Home Life MISSISSIPPI POWER 89 LIGHT CO. 'iHe715fng Build Mfssissippiii GENERAL Orricssz IACKSON, MISS. Qi- C,X The 1928 Ole Miss X9 Capital. Surplus and Stoclclioldersi Liability Over f5100,000.00 Boi First National Bank OXFORD, MISSISSIPPI Call for Grenada Ice Cfeaffl HIt,s puren Grenacla Ice Cream Company GRENADA, Miss. DINING ROOM SUPPLIES China, C-lass, Silverware, Kitchen Equipment, Utensils and Cutlery The Loubat Glassware E3 Cork Co. Nl-:w ORLEANS. LOUISIANA COMPLIMENTS OF 0. H. Douglas CO. If lt is Solcl in a Drug Store BRAMLETTS Has It Your Trade Always Apprecialed Bramlett Drug Co OXFORD, MISS. The 1928 Ole Miss F. L. LINKER jAs. STONE CEO. F. HEARD PHIL CAR I Presxcfcnl VIce-Preszdenl Casfuer Asmslanl C h BANK OF OXFORD OXFORD, MISSISSIPPI ASSETS TWO MILLION DOLLARS EDWARDS HOTEL Mississippfs Greatest One of the Soutlfs Best C,X The 1928 Ole Miss kj ROBERT L. TOMLINSON jeweler Qrthophonic Victrolas and Records "GIFTS THAT LAST" OXFORD, MISS. CARVE YOUR OWN FUTURE You can make yourself just what you would like to be. But it is up to you. We can give you a formula for success that has never been known to fail. You must apply it: "Work faithfully. spend wisely. and save regularly." just common sense the cornerstone of all success. Open An Account Willi Us Today Guaranty Bank E5 Trust Company OXFORD, MISS. Dixie's Creates! Entertainment PANTAGES MEMPHIS High Class Vaudeville Selected Feature Pictures Matinees, I5-306: Nights, 20-50C Saturday and Holiday Matinees, I5-5Oe. COMPLIMENTS OF D. CANALE COMPANY THE Housa OF A HUNDRED FRU1Ts" MEMPHIS, TENNESSEE The 1928 Ole Miss Bramlett Hospital and Training School for Nurses Oxronn, Miss. l-lot Water Heated HIGH AND DRY Specially Equipped Electric Lighted Sanitary for X-Ray Diagnosis GRADUATE NURSES lN CHARGE Best Service NO FREAK TOCGERY OF ANY KIND But Cannons AND DESIGNERS of Ultra Smart Clothing, Haberdashery, Hats, and Footwear for Particular College Men PHIL A. HALLE Exchange Building MEMPHIS, Tl-INN. WE OFFER The Same Quality, the Same Styles, Plus Courieous, Personal Service For Less Money Golden Rule Store OXFORD, MISS. Athletic Equipment Wliei'e Quality is King Tennis, Golf, Baseball, Basketball, Football, Fishing Tackle, johnson Outboard Motors, Boats, Camp Equipment, Guns, Ammunition. Ensley Carrigan COIIIPHHBT "Been There" Service 7l UNION AVENUE Phone 6-ll55 Phone 6-ll55 MEMPHIS. TENNESSEE 0 The 1928 Ole Miss ts' 'J Q9 I y 1 N m ' I I ffg ixtt . .,.. ,,.. Copyright 1027 Halt Sotraffuer 6: Mari From the founding of the University of Mississippi in I8-14, this store has 1encIerecI continuous service to its students. The fact that the patronage given us this year by the young men and young women of the University has been greater than ever before is proof of the satisfactory service we try so earnestIy to give. We are sincerely appreciative of this demonstration of your favor. and grateful for the patronage you have given us. mlm i SINCE I836 OXFORD, MISSISSIPPI Q... The 1928 Ole Miss , 1 ,, ' 5525555552514 W ' '5'T:f:f:':f:1: 43555555555-11'15 W' -5:5:5:E5I3E5Ej , xg W 2 ' V.-v-A , Ax? ssl 'ta ,, '5 gf 535122152525 ' W' ' 'Q Fil?-famfffflf 3' www A 3 f-QPWQ .5 emi '3:f:f:f: 'W .f?'ff" 3. v 4 511311:-:MW N I 'y 'y .,.. ' " Af im 3 3' 033- 3 5 N U , 'tlzfzlz-zvzf. --' 7' 5. ' f ii I -x , I J " '6 'P MM - ' ly 2 W3 A I K Q x 1 s M, aa.. Q' 'lf , , , W gi' M , gf , 1 ws K 4 ' 5.5155555555 , .t , ,, 11 E jg I if ,af , my :5 1 ' emo 1 5 3 1 I: ,lswasawv 43 5 I ""?,? ,X VI 1.-any-M I 1, 1 , -5 . 5 1527 fiiffijiij-' , .5-',-3-'3:3.1:3:f 53.-.f: 52-25255:51:523:Q:j:f:f:Qff:f'5'-"'f7ii7'3:ff.-:f:f:f:5:f '2f'3ifQ:3t2fQiffE9" '1f'ffif5, 'IfflfQ.f':l!!1i-i-zfzklilzliizis, A :FE if ii:- "-'-1-:57-:-.v 5' :-: 5-.'517:1:6'2:ff33f7g2:f:f:f:f:f:f:j:1:1:i:3:3:?:':':L51535151f:7:7:5:3'5'5'3'5:7:53'1" "" I'"I'""''Z''''ZifQiQff:''15if5EgQSSEif22fif-f-.f":f5f:7:EElil"E'4- V' i - .. .. -W. v'-k t L .. . . .-..42"d:'?2 Y Q U " -. w:.'..a1x-sf. 5 THE EMPORIUM blHCliSOI1,S Greatest DCp3ftH1CUt StO1'C The .Secret of -Success There really isn't any "secret" hack of the Emporium's twenty-seven years of growth. conscientiously conducting its business in a manner that wins the confidence and good will of customers is the reason why this store is so deeply rooted in the preferences of lWississippi's shoppers. And with each new clay our energies are bent to new efforts, new purposes. to justify anal strengthen that faith. MARE OUR STORE XIOUR HEADQUARTERS NVHEN IN jAeRsON Use our conveniences for your comfort-call on us to serve you--we are anxious to make your visit pleasant. Our rest rooms. our telephones and every conxenience in our store is at your service, SEND YOUR MAIL QRDERS TO Us. ABSOLUTE SATISFACTION GLTARANTEED. The fact that it may not always be convenient for you to talce time to shop when vou'd like to, need not prevent you from getting your shopping clone. just send an Order to us. Our Personal Shopper will "shop" for you. --7-A-A.. i l -- D M cA'4C?J'0!lf'JfG2EP1Z."0'?:JJ7U.Q!' gjgfvfjf if f -.Ai Qs.-.2 --m Q The 1928 Ole Miss -J - Q9 I Nlodern Gloverized Cleaning CLEANING, PRESSING, TAILGRING Selvicc Uncxcelled CITY PRESSING CLUB PHONE 22 OXFORD, MISS. PALACE CA FE W' SLFOMQQ Nm to The Colonial Hotel A P efso M1 Phofogmlphef for Particular Try Us for my Food and Peo lc Years of Experienie in Annual and Commercial Photography OXFORD' Mm' :f. J5f You THE BooTERY es qo . 7 A I ll X tothe 0 ROC0glIIZOd Al1Ill0l'llyI The C011e?eNi1if1S'h5h0e Shop o emP IS I30 CARoNDa1.r-LT STREET ng. NEW ORLEANS C-L- The 1928 Ole Miss SOUTHERN HOSPITALITY There are many traditions and customs of the Old South that have been handed down from generation to generation. These traditions of the old are cherished and are part of the new. Among those traditions that have been listed on history's pages is that of Southern Hospitality, and truly no other tradition can portray the Southland in a more glorious way. NUNNALLYS, to commemorate this tradition, have created "The Southern Hospitality Assortment," the choicest selection of fluffy nut rolls, tasty pralines, tempting orange brazils, creamy fudges, and many other delicious bits of the old-fash- ioned candies and confections. "Southern Hospitality" is packed in a beautiful metal art box, decorated, denoting the period when Nunnally first began the art of candy making. It may be obtained from your dealer in the one- and two-pound sizes at one fifty the pound. "The Shack" A SODA PARLOR AND SANDWICH SHOP UNIVERSITY, MISS. .O The 1928 Ole Miss 3 THE OXFORD HOSPITAL AND TRAINING SCHOOL FOR NURSES FOR THE TREATMENT or MEDICAL AND SURGICAL CASES FireprooffSleam HealiX-Rap-Ultra Violel4DiallIerrny Mrs. Nl. Billingsley, Supl. of Nurses Miss Hattie Mae Burt, Business Illanager OXFORD, MISSISSIPPI THE Chas. H. Elliott S0U'fl1e1'11 Coal Company Company The Largest College Engraving House Incorporaled in the World Commencement Invitations Class Day Programs Class Pins and Rings Dance Programs and Invitations Menus Dance Favors ancl Novelties Fraternity Stationery Calling Cards Sevenleenlli Sl. and Lehigh Ave. PHILADELPHIA Miners and Shippers of High-Gracie Steam ancl Domestic COAL MEMPHIS, TENN. 0 The 1928 Oie Miss OUR SOUTH You, who are students at "Ole Miss," have a glorious opportunity to uphold the traditions of the South and to take your place in the remarkable de- velopment that is taking place here. The eyes of the world are focused on the growth of the South-its development industrially, agricul- turally, and intellectually. No section of the world has taken such rapid strides as our own South. Con- sider the weight of the responsibility on your shoul- ders in upholding the culture and traditions of the Qld South and in preparing yourself to take an active part as the sons and daughters of Dixie in the glo- rious future that is ours. Mississippi and the whole South expect to he proud of you. THE HESSIG-ELLIS DRUG CGMPANY R. R, ELLIS, President MEMPHIS LITTLE ROCK The 1928 Ole Miss 02 .ms .I Nc CHRYSLER MOTOR VEHICLES WHOLESALE GASOLINE AND OILS OUR IVIOTTO: Service and Quality to Qur Patrons X Accessories Parts fGeneraD Tires SERVICE IQ Repairs Cars Washed I GasoIine I Oil A f Mm, f OXFORD, MISSISSIPPI -1--fs, I ff-'-'-'O The 1928 Ole Miss L3 9 THE BEST-LITERALLYW ABSOLUTELY f ' S S::f'V.? 1 f-'reef V' f f Eiga fer jf fy f 4 E T . ""' '!l 'X - iff' T ' . ufwofv A7' 1 f'Tl ' 'T 'T fn ' TTY" 'TJ Q 5oM5x2vfLL.5 f gf' I ' ' I ' P Q X ,ff If X .xX. - 1 " "" 'siiztxfgie Q "" T f --'xe1xsQsQas sX XF-f f X AIAAXQFACTUQEQS QF "'xxxA 43529135551 4 Q5 Q! .cyjfenxjzglsu Enzo. flffatlc of Pure Crcaniffvo Artificial fllulfesliifls Fortunes All-Cream lee Cream is made of pure Z0 per cent butter-fat cream, which is pasteurized and viscolized before entering the freezer. It is absolutely the best product that can be obtained from the use of choice, selected and standardized ingredients under the direction of a tborouglily qualified and trained corps of experts, in a sanitary plant. rl-l'iere are plenty of cbeaper creams, but none so good. EXCLUSIVE AGENTS IN OXFORD ROWLAND DRUG COMPANY "Thy Store of Real Service" S, I I TQSN COLUNIAL HOTEL I I I A I I ,I OXFORD, MISSISSIPPI I I4 H U NEW ANNEX NOW OPEN will . . 5 TO PATRONS We Serve Bolli "Town and COD'n,' A ' Established I879 YORK ARMS COMPANY Successors to X'0RK-AMBROSE ARMs CO.7KLlPFERSCHMIDT. INc.fPHiLLiPPl-Wlsii,xRT Co. If lfs Sporting Goods We Have It Phone 6-0068 I6Z SOUTH MAIN STREET MEMPHIS. TIINN 9 The 1928 Ole MISS tj N9 ROSENBAUM-ROBINSON COMPANY LAMAR ROBINSON, Mtznager OUTFITTERS TO MEN AND BOYS 2217 Fifth Street MERIDIAN, MISSISSIPPI "Chevrolet Cars for Economical Transportalio " MERIDIAN, MISS. EAST M CHEVROLET CO PAN-ANI CASOLINE MerfJfan's Best: One 5CfViCC of the Magnolia States Finest" OXFORD MISS The 1928 Ole Miss Our Seventy-first Annual Greeting To the Student Body and Faculty of Ole Miss Nearly Three-Quarters of cz Century of Untfring Service May Our Relations in the Future Be as Mutually Pleasant and Beneficial as They Have Been in the Past CHILTON'S Super-Service Since '5 7 The C. 699 R. Stores "ln Soulfi Mississippi" See Our Complete Stock of Fine Clothes For Young Men and Young Women STORES AT PICAYUNE, CYBUR, Row1.ANDs BLoDcE1'r, PIAVE, AND BLUE RIDGE HOTEL GAYOSO MEMPHIS The Leading Hotel of Memgflzis 0 C.f :J A X The 1928 Ole Miss IN THE SOUTH DIXIE PATCH outseIIs because if Is the best patch for tube repairs. For more than eight years DIXIE has proven Its superiority to thousands of users throughout the South. Today more Southern motor- Ists choose It than any other patch. 5-7 Senszlble I lfabif ' gf' W uf - 2 ll ' f f 5.1:- ., KEEP A 2 . voun cm! '-e6 'Q , C0 i fgfyff CAN IN DIXIE PATCH costs you no more than ordinary patch. To use It yourself or to specify its use In having your tires re- paired is positive assurance that your tires are receiving the best materIaI ob- tainable-at no increase in cost. PRICE: FIFTY CENTS AT GOOD DEALERS Throughout the South The 1928 Ole Miss J 'GQ AIME DUPONT STUDIOS 509 FIFTH AVENUE AT 4ZND STREET NEW YORK CITY, N. Y. DID ALL PHOTOGRAPHIC WORK FOR THE 1928 'OLE MISS" Nxj F- K nc ' , -FN 1 5,70 5 Cf' cm., The 1928 Ole Miss Va- QF ' 1' 'T M352 J gy .llahn dt Ulllier Again 610B are America's largest school annual designers and engravers because We render satisfaction on more than 400 books each year. Intelligent co-operation, highest quality workmanship and on-time deliveries created our reputation for dependability. JAHN 8: OLLIER ENGRAVING CO. 'T'botogmpbers, Artists and Makers of Fine Printing Plates jbr Black or Colors. 817 W. Washington Boulevard - Chicago Telephone MONROE 7080 g311'V:.:i".""' g'.':g55i,g"fW mi' T1-ns Boox PRI TED BY B12NsCN -X - . .. . - Y W , x " - W, , 4 -A .....,, V , , ,, -44... ,-.,, ' ,,. X "' , "" ' f' v zsxfi-1-mm. Y I v X it r-A- Z5 1,1 in ,Q .J I U. xv' 1 ,I ,rd-.,..... W ,smug In ,. fr""' , 1 fl ll 1 nl ,nfl r," 'VSV A4 I I I :Hu 1""" fm 3 COLLEGE COLLEGE' '1N HTH5 W0RLD , f i k 4 1qAsHmL ' KTf""4 ANNUAL 1-nzADQuAR'rBns f The 1928 Ole Miss Autographs The 1928 Ole Miss Autographs The 1928 Ole Miss Autographs The 1928 Ole M Autographs The 1928 Ole Miss FINIS

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