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 - Class of 1925

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, X N eff, x or ,,,, K' '73 - . W Qifg' jj ' 265 .A 9 Wllkws ! . if E ' ,Y I .6077-'F Q f 7 Q?' wha" -N Nxxffxllx kg vlbvx,-Y 21 I, " X Nb , K ivglagk I 6 0 Myxxsv' 37,4 k -F -1: Xx , rg -., 1 f .1 X ' 55: RKKN, "Q, -1 5 lit. X' --1:1 gs-I 21,1 g . ' I n --1 r --2 J1- Q .4 i' 1 1 Q '1v'-f I--:-if? J Ji '. ':. 'B '90 .1 3 -1.43 s ur-:K 'Q' I' N N un' u ',,v hr V wv A Q , i L 1 L-. I . . D ,, Z. . . k -fgff .I .L l '61 . .,.?, - x ,J h ,q,..rL x,- Nf,.4.: . ' ,f..-Q f V I' iufx '-Ik. - V U , ,. 3 . . v ,.-,,.. . - Q, "' wr 0 Al 1 gr fr wx 1u'U'5Q' L- 1-a- "za-as-E WM LATE '-4 - S' M4 ' TI:'EE1'?x: wg-3X:, M ! if fsgze-E522 WI' I T .Sgfbbq T B V vw fy 1, QI , ,y7X!II g f' K I bit'-. 'L 'L En A l k w.i,2l'S 55 'L-?I'l, W IIZ' - p l II I cf? 14? Q1W3'5C,f1.qi,+.i-12.55 If I Qin I Ig 4.1 ,jf L-:'1 C7 - ,Z fn I H 1- - ESQ--4 -M W? s.vXf'k1'Z3-'IA CQH 1 m 5' ,,L IIE Ti: QTIQQ-JE - E E ,Q E 771 ghc' W IM III 1925 Year Book of the UN IVEIFRSITY MISSISSIPPI Published by the SENIOR CLASSES in the SEVENTY EIGHTH YEAR L OF THE UNIVERSITY OXFORD , MISSISSIPPI f VF II' W III . ww , ff . - ' W -, I , ' 11121212 K ,II I by if Fla I AI 531513:-3 E sages.-.ez X X 2225-ss WV M v A W K 'fx 1 1 5 'M 1' 1 H1 n5 'Vex wi' , P ry, I! 'VL ll . 'I' M ,M j 3 , ' y 1 I N I 31 In K! 4 M ripf My W WU f v 'W' ' 'W -:-"M H f' ' WWX' W ' V fL J'iif f" , - 'f I ' A N x ' N 1 . 1 . 4 N M Y w f WI" ,, V V x f W ii???3???'1K?33?33W f 'Y' f Mm O i gl 'f N 1 "55!!'2i QM' six AI", 'M' X 1 I N W I v w L . 4,- g , I , K , F ' " hm Qs' ff ' - .Q 1 ,xx V Hem! b y I ' 2 A' ,Vi i 'MM , lk Ny M, N lm V1 W jf: M li. W WL wi!MIr', kkN'. 'g1w 'I U N'JNLWl'x , ff-- vc P4 I V Qt' KV, 1 .M TU Um k' If 6 I I f XIXN K mf : 1 gsm w 0 1 'hi.MgJHfI vxl I, Hi f' ff, f ' f 'L M I H' L W' WH U ' 1 - ff W V W V f I 159 3 ah ,f l m Xcgf K , 1 Eih 1 itlvm', Lk I i 'IH 'W IQ' 1,4W1 ! Hmmm M , U 'ffllplllllfvjl 1! W, w' I nf lx , Y, V I I i ,V ' w w -iw ll M , lim MW Y ' v f. fu + M 1 J A INK iq 7: ' ' 2-Aw-Mi. 'Vf , X N "QI H' li-Q w'-N 'al " -6?-Sr W Xi'-" I 1 -H 1 A 1 -. x fr Q5 - ,F1"!?'!!f6L 1 'ml' QM lmil 'NWI 4 . gf 4' ,fa 1 .4 . X 1 f . Figx ,g Q xg "" , 'f fn ' ' f , - 'S Z ff Wm 2 if W' M -' 1'4J""1a,,:t,mH , yi 1, , '54 KM ' ' - Vx , ' fIrQn!"Q wb Mfsfff mis ssaiszihk N 'Md NX xw r i i ,'i I i'The Lost Causen "There was Il South of sfafuery and sf't'1'ssiorz,' that South is zlrrztl. There is I1 South of union and fI'!'l'llOIlI,,' that South, thunk God, is living, breathing, grofwing every hour."-HILL. ET me picture to you the footsore Confederate soldier as, button- ' 'h'fdd'k h l'h"h" b ji ing up in. is 'a e Jac et t e paroe xv 'ic was to ear. testi mony to his children of his fidelity and faith, he turned his face southward from Appomattox in April, 1865. Think of him as-ragged, half starved, heavy-hearted, enfeebled by wants and wounds, having fought to exhaustion-he surrenders his guns, wrings the hands of his comrades in silence, and lifting his tear-stained and pallid face for the last time to the graves that dot old Virginia's hills, pulls his gray cap over his brow and begins the slow and painful journey. VVhat does he find when, having followed the battle-stained cross against over- whelming odds, dreading death not half so much as surrender, he reaches the home he left so prosperous and beautiful? He finds his house in ruins, his farms devastated, his slaves free, his stock killed, his barns empty, his trade destroyed, his money worthless, his social system, feudal in its magnificence, swept awayg his people without law or legal status, his comrades slain, and the burdens of others heavy on his shoulders. What does he do-this hero in gray with a heart of gold? Does he sit down in sullenness and despair? Not for a day. Surely God, who had stripped him of his prosperity, inspired him in his adversity. As ruin was never before so overwhelming, never was restoration swifter. The soldier stepped from the trenches into the furrowg horses that had charged Federal guns marched before the plow, and helds that ran red with human blood in April were green with the harvest in June: . . . from the ashes left us in 1864 we have raised a brave and beautiful cityg somehow or other we have caught the sunshine in the bricks and mortar of our homes, and have builded therein not one ignoble prejudice or memory. -From "The Ne-zu South," GRADY. , if-VY fihtbdramn Llljligii , lil' " Daw. of Mina. UN"f"'e ll Mloblbolr If To 'human Glharlva 'Kimbrough Commander of llie llfississippi Division of United Sons of Confederate Velerans Who, as Dean on the School of Law, has held ever true to the ideals of a greater Ole Missg whose career as a student, lawyer, and instructor has been marked by vision, genuineness, and sa- gacity: whose high ideals and positive character make of him the highest type of Christian manhood-a true Southern gentleman-we dedicate this, our volume of the OLE. MISS, as a token of our esteem and respect. llic mfH --fm . I . V' . 1 -1 v x CQ x N f' V , F A - f f i,?,,m ,wx ,W zmvisf, ,H , W-, .T- - -- za ' 3 gf I ' 1 i V I , 1 2 , 4 I + W N1 i W JM LLM AW ML f PM ul' Fxrvlw My MA -- A 'W iii , F 1 E. at Ole Miss have as an heritage the grand and glorious traditions of the Old South, with its slumberous atmosphere and its jovial life-moving as though there was a pe- rennial existence for those who labored here. There was peace and prosperity in our southlandg but out of the shadows there came the rumblings of war, and from the fields and hamlets of our sunny Dixie our heroes came, offering their all for ideals handed down to them by their forefathers. Ole Miss, with its University Grays, made its contri- bution to this, our cause, and for four years closed its doors. Yet, no sooner than the hate and wrath of battle had ended the remnant of this "once proud and mighty band" began its work of reconstruc- tion. and. today, the Alma Mater of you and me, and of those illustrious sons who offered their all in the bloody days of '61, stands as an uncrowned memento to their undying devotion and zeal. Upon a foundation of ruin these noble followers of the Stars and Bars builded a greater life, and it is to their memory that we would call your attention in this little volume and ask you to consider the story that is written here as the result of their tireless labor. UNIVERSITY CLASSES ATHLETICS ORGANIZATIONS COLLEGE LIFE 3111 HHPIIIIIITEIIII HHultvr CE. lCirkpatrirk lflrufrummr uf iiluniripul EllQiIIPPI'illQ Birh Mug H, 15125 'f 5522.5 .H V. ' fi-:!', I 1 rfr' .1 H 1 ' Qi? ,::'l...""':- 1 ' 1ff 2 . "' 1 . 1 -'.1i..-Q.: +...... ... :J- . - ..- ,..-... .-..v -..9,,., - gZ -:,."23- -- - -3 :.,- f-ig... ,,, ,...,. -Q.,,,.. .1-. --iw, -si-1 "-5 ,Q.,- ,.--... .,,,'-. - 4' 5- C--,i., i.4..1 5 : Eg ...- -.. I 1 'l E 24 -A-- ' . . . nf-.-:.-.2-..... 12755.51 553, 3 ., '. 1-Y. -- i : ,,, A-r:-.- -in----"? -- E m " .T 2 2. 19 5 N 12-'Z-vga 'T' 1 ' 'Q 1 17 m A1 Q.. 'if QL 9 .. -2, .v .Q fr .: .-1 1 I g 21 v v K jv. FQ 1, . , m , 1' W . P .-"jst-3 " '1-H 1 . h' M1 1, Til. ,. 1 . J A 1 '1' f A 1 31 11 1' f'...' ,J ' ' 1 X W ' W HU .I h . . 5 f M 1 11. . , . , +?.-ss' ' 1 1 ' 1' 1 ,:---T1-1-W 1 . . I.. ' - A ---- .X 2 -Shi' ' ' E: -+ K ' 1 f .1 .11 f 'N 1 1' l . -. K' Q ,il . 2V I V I aiu ' I: 1 WJ li grfk ' '11-ml F ff' rfai. . E A EW 'A -'B 9 .is gq..'lQgix. 5245-.yall I E' E152 ::. --.-'23 .G ,: qi fi-L1 iv, 'lf 3,21-..-'i-za.: IUTHF E NC ' 5l ..2-i" 'E'-2 2 l Ks.--Q-52. 5r n3?:-1 5 X 5:-Q. Q . '15 -1 -- s U H112 IF' i 1 fini? 1 5 U - ' ZA? 3513? Wm V""""""'lf'g- ' 5 ---J f:'li-.:-... Z I.--2 '9 if 1. df- 1- 25" 1535, A: 3 KMNIVERSITY 1' 1 2-QIIIIUII-lllllllll:-I X I!-lll lSl1-E! gllllllllllllillli 1l -:I y . 1':-- L. i .,9. ,.. -,-1- --:- L : ' -.- A MN .N an , NV , N- - . iq F., :, .'. 1 7 :IW ff' S2"a1 --11-1: WE '1 :? Si- , -.. 13 - 2'-Q ' - 1 , .' 1 If 11.-1' "-'ff " ""l'5Wx fx"-Z . 1 L: .':"' - . .- . ...... 5 . r .94 uislfilflll. .tum -. -- 1 , .." Q... , X, .LI- I - x :nga 11 Z ' Q X: 2: I .--A1 ' -' . .. .N , A -I. ,l ' 5.11 Q S . ,4 :I , -,,,,,, I- ,.a...... .I 1.4 4 g .flora ska , 1 - """"' r' "-1" , f if .. 'Q ' 1 I gin - 5 1 x -l 111' ,----. -. .5 jh , 1 V .... 1 3- A:..:::':...- : "-1'-Q' .--- 2., AF .. . N - N- , wg -.5 -.- Li. .... .:::. ,.:. .... . ' lm:-1i,X,., 1- ..1 gang- 'E 1:1 1 E.- -4" f?:.i': I -1 Y "" ""' 2 A- '-5 1 1- 51,-1'-'4i'..' ' -' 1-fp , ' 215' 6 . ., .,.. " 11 . . I 'Q L,'-1.f1..',1:"- " ' ' . . ,Y --was 1, , . . . .f . . 1 1 11 A.-ar-:F --- 1 1 R123 . 51135. ,, -. 1- N- 'j..g11,.. , .N 1 i -...Q --- -.. .1 A1 W ,.L b 1 Q: , ,1 1 " ", --7-: .,...... 1 X 1 1 1 Q , its 'I V' in I A 1 . 4': : 1 . , 1. 1. --E "',,. . " l .... .1 tg. 1 J fL........-, ,-Aw' ,' ,Z-. 5-,QU N ,. , .. N1 122 ' T ll. r' .' f , Illia .xg 51I,Fg',, .1-131 K :"f.1 41" I , -- V ' ' rlqq -yn Ak-.,.PQt.bEAGAw54,2-4,A:A.,.., in 1 . 1..k-'.!,I,- VA.. I 1x W 1 . , 1 , ,w 1.'.'-'x1s'115f1-1 ".'. " .. ' 1 ' 1 ww. 51-1 11g 1.14:11f.1,1.:,..,:r ., .1 . 1 ,LM v ,Q1:R"1'f41!:f3Q5ffl?".fy3.'1.1'1Qs'f'-'WV'1 ai '.'.f1' " ' 1 . 4 1 1.61: ..1:1.1v1b9"5'i4'1,',.1- .ff..gQ.,11i'-mf. 'f-'L-1 1 1 1 1 A . 1. I.. r. -- 1... .1., - ' 1 1. 1 ' 1 MQ? 413- u 1:':'-5-.mia is-5.jk.x::L'u..-1.1-. - 12 .. 1 ' -Q. U, 1 I 1115111 1' """ 1 .11 , .. u... jsgj q , L W . I I V . . ":'ivI' z-.K f 1 -- .1 qw 1 1 . 1 1 . ' ' ' P. f:l,x.'iZff.n:11:.::.wna.'.-:.5z.-:.:c xi-.-CI:-"QQ ,rx 1, X .1 ll'-1 llrf A':'ll-4' ,fL5l',1'Zg' -lux 1".'r l , , Q! ' 1 u A . . ' 1 , , 1. .15 11 .h AL, .4, . 4' I 1 ,1 M 15.1,-9FfT'.:Lf'Zvi'-92.51 , L., ' , 1 V1 ' . 1, . '17 ml 'Va " 1f"'1' 2. , ---11 1 - v 1 1 111-V, ib 2,3 1 1 1 1 1' 1 -3551! 1 1 -1 1, '11 -1 tn, 3,1 ,AI111 6.1 1 1 1,,, 1 1-1 11,1 1 UK 4.1l11f',-1-. 1 11-1,11 11'-1z111f1-11 1 1 M! M Y-,i ill,-567,141,611 , 1.1 1., 7.1401 1 1 " 111 '11, x'f1'1.,- . 11,11 1 1,,.'r 1,?5.f-0-1-c .1 -1',f,41111 W 11, 1- 1 ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 , 11,, 1, 41.1. ,1 ' 11. -1 1'j1"9,'-ff, '1 .1 ,,1.- , , 1 1 1 1 1 '111" . W , .11-.,, 1 .- ' Q 1 111 11, A ' 11 11 1, 111'1'1, 1 1.11. 111' I '1' , 1, 1, 1.1,-, ' 11 .,.. 111' , 1 .,'111. .11 1. 11,,1 1 1 ,. 1 1, 11,11 11 1' 1 , 1. 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 -UT 1-111 '51 1 I-1 1, J"1'11 H., 111 ,1 1.1 '1. hi 'X Q 1111'1 1'11,.1, 'J1 ,. 1,1 1 , 1 1 1 I 1 . ,W 1 11 1 1 11 rw 1 1,1 1 11:11 I' , - F: , , 1 1 1,1 '1 ' 11,'. 1' W 1,. 1 1,,11.' 1 1 1 1,1 I ' v'l 1 1 1 ,, 1.- 1 1'11 '. .1 1, I . 1 -V , 1 ,L-"1 I 11, A .1 1 ' 'Ax , ' I 1 . ,111 1 I . 1 1 , 1 1 1 1 .4-'1 1 . 1 E 1 ' .4 11 1 1 . ' 1 1 - 1 1,1 V1.1 , r, 1 11 P11 11f1 1 1-1 1 1 .11 .11 V 1 1 1 111 1 1 1 111111 1 '1 71" 1 11 15, 1 11' .1 ' I' I 1'11, ',g',, 1 1 1,1 1 1 1. 1 1 1 1' ' , 1'1" A 1 1 11 11,1 . 'll 5 ', , -. ,,l 1. , : '1' - 1 . 1 1 11,1 U 1 1 '.'11!, N1 , 4 1 1 1 1 ' 1 I 111- '1' . 1, ' 1' 1 1 11 ,1 '- ,V ,1111 .j'1 1 1 11,111 ,1 'I 111, , Y 1, 14 1 1 1 1 , lu! 'f' 1 1 1 1 1 1 ,1 1,1 .1 ' 1' , 1, .1-, 1-1, .114 V 1 -1 1. 1 1 1,1111 ,. ,. 1 I , 11 'HL' ,A 11' 1. ,1, 111 1 y,! 'lWA14. H! 1 :, 1 1 C 1.1 " ',' 1 1, 5,11 1 ,,, 111 .11,1,,,111 1 1 11.1 r ,1jI1 11' 11 I f I' ll s ' f 1118114 111 I' 11. .. 1 1 1,1 1 1 11", 'I' " 11 '11 1" ,1 H ,11- 11.11 '111 1 :"'f11." 11. M' 5 1,1 v,,.'H.,1, V, ,111,l sl ' 1'. 1'1 1 1 A 1 1 1. .A I 1 . 1 1 . 1 1'A C .qi 1 117 '1 -1 I 1 .15 111 1 1 1 I , . , X., 41? Y 11,1"',. ' 111Q 1f 1 1 ,. 1 ' I N, 1 .11 '1.:."" . , ff-1.','.', 1 11 15 1 117 "1-'-11'f12-41,11,1f:11'1-92 111 41' A' 'I.1 1 1-I 11,-1 1,-,I1,1,1H.v11,'111x,'.,',A Q 1 '14:,, 41" ",, '1-1,131 A 111, ' 1 ' '1 "' .1'1 31111.111-'.1111-""1-,1-,111 X1 1, 1 ...,,M,11, 11 1 ,1' .--1111 1.,',1 ,'1x!,.1 11311131.11 '1' x1,',',1"1'..f,I'1vXl4,-is - 1 'L 1- .11 1 11 1 1 j 1, ,11111l' ,5I,,j,J,,,.,J.111,v, .1101-,N .l1.r1,j,11!.I1f .I K .'U1',,,!1 , ' , 1111" 'Q ','l-11 ""',1-' 1. 'L- f1'11".11! -0 g.'JK'l ,, -111 1 l1'1-111411.11141 '11, 11- ,, 4111. 1 N ll 31115, x., uv' 'g 'f-,1111u,-Jm1'1,"",-A'e'1l-14,-1' In ' H Q' 1 11M V1 Q.f,.1 ,7.'.11','1111 ' "g1,-I... ,V I IHI1.: V1, , ,, 1,'u1,,,,,1Z1r ,f ,A 1 .F . V 1, 1 I ,Hx Vu rl' x " . ff 1 114, -1 1,1- 1121111115145 111111111111 111 1 4 , I Q. 4: i, IN Q, I 1" 1 A 1 ,X F ki, rw' I 5, Vi. V' AAL A hfr ,lk Q si L. 41, .. ,Ai W 1 ,QQ ffw- ' .' .Q y U I JI: M. afgav V vm -.s YAP 'X . -R-5? 1 ,yy 'Sf r'T ,Vw 2 4 '6 ALFRED HVMLK Chan frllnr I9 , , , rl - Q h HE.l925 OLE. MISS Deans of the University ALFRLED XV1Ll,l.1.A1 RIILDEN, BA., Ph.D. Dfan of Ihr Collrgr of 1.i1H'fl1I .'lrI.f JAMES NV.,xRs.fxw BELL, B.Ph., MA. Dwan of ilu' Sflmol of Conunfrn' HENRY Mmou I".-xsmx, Ph.G., B.S. Phar. IJVIIII of ilu' Szlmol of Pllarmafy josm-H f,'l'Tl?RliElN CRIDIZR, NLD. Dran of ilu' Sflmnl of Jwlfculxillt' JOHN H. IJORROII, IHC., CE. llwan of lin' Srlzool of 1:'11yi111'f'l'ir1g KBLIVIER Al!lllb'I"I' SHAVV, Ph.B., KLA. Dran of Ihr Srlmol of Ezlllflllillll 'l'1mrxl.vxs Cn,xRl,1zs KIAIBROUGII. l'h.B., I,l,.l3 Drun of llu' SIIIUUI of Lrlfw , MRS. ICIJNA Lowla I':.-X'I'MAN, ISA. . Dran of Il'omrn 20 , Ap-. . . . A flafcbj E Q DI I I lllll I IllOICICICIQIQIOIOUCICIII IO OIIIQ .OICIIIOIIIOIOIIIIIOIOIOIOIOIOIOIOIIIOIOIOIOIOIOIOIOIG THEl9Z5 OLE MISS . Board of Trustees I QIOVERNOR H. I.. VVHI'll"Il-lI.l3 ....... .......... l ix-Ojifio l'rmi.lrnt HON. VV. F. BOND . ......... . Siulf Sujvrrirzlrlzdfwl, I:'x-Uffirio HON. J. R. TIPTON HON. J. VV. T. F.-Xl.KNl'IR, JR. MRS. BLANCIIE RAI.s'I'ON HON. J. S. HOWERTON MRS. DAISY IWCLAURIN STEVENS HON. I. VV. Fox HON. A. B. SCHAUBER HON. I.. NEILI, Faculty . ALFRED HLAIE, CE., D.Sc., I.I..D. f.'lIt1IItl'H0f,' Profrssnr of Altlfllflllllfili ALEXANDER LEE BKJNIDKRANT, A.B., M.A., LL.Il. Pf0f'I'550f of Latin Lllllflllllfll' and ljfrraiurr PETER XV. ROLAND, M.D. Profrssor of Pllarmarologfy IDAVIIJ HORAQE BISHOP, M.A. l'rofr5sr1r of linylisfz Lzlnguagf and l.ilrraIurr C.-Xl.X'lN S. BROWN, M.S., D.Sc., Ph.IJ. Profrssor of Ilflmlrrrz 1.ll7lffllIlyI'5 and l.ilrral11rr5 THOMAS HL'GH SONIERVILLE. LL.B., LLIJ. Emwrilus Dwuz of I.l1"LL' Srlmol .IOHN H. IXIRRUH, BE., C.E. Dfan of tllf Sflmol of E!lflil1fl'fillfl,' Profrsxor of Cifvil Erzgiflwringl HIENRX' BIIXOR FASER, Phil., B.S. Phar. Dran of Ihr Srllnol of l'lIarmary,' l'rofr55nr of Pllarmary .IAAIES XV.-XRS.-XVV BELL, B.Ph., A.M. Dvan of llzr Sflmol of f.'nn1nIrl'1'r and lI11.finf'5s .ldmirzislralinlzg I'rnfr55ur nf b1l0lI0lllil5 and Polilfrx XVINN IJAVID HElJI.ES'l'UX, A.B., IJ.IJ. 1'rofr.f.vrn' of Pllilnsnplly and lfllzirs JxI.FRI2ID XVILLIANI AIILIJEN, B.A., Ph.IJ. Dfan of Ifn' Crzllfgf of I.iln'ral .lrlsg l'rnf1'x5or of Grrrk l.ang1I1agf1' am! Litrralurf xVlI.I.l.XM LEE KENNON, M.S., Ph.ID. Prnfr'.fsnr of Pllysirs and .lsfronomy -IOHN NIESBIT SWAN, A.B., A.M., Ph.IJ. Profrsxnr of Cffrnzisfry LIOSEIIH f3TTERBEIN CRIIHZR, M.D. Dfan of Ihr SIIIDUI of Iwrdifimy' Proffxvsor of Physiology ARTHLR BOONE CRUSIER, B.S. Profrssor of .In'oIn1IafI1y and Srzrriarial ll'ork XVALLACE C. AIURPHY, A.B., A.M. Profrssnr of Ilislory RAYMOND LEONARD SI'I.LIvAN, Ph.B. Proffxsor of Physical Iifiumliolz and Ilirfrlof of .lflzlrtirs CHRISTOPHER LONGEST, B.A., Ph.D. Profrssor of Sfllllijflj Rrgislrar THOMAS CHARLES IQIAIIIROLGH, Ph.B., LL.B. Drun of ilu' Sflmol of Lau: Prufrssor of Lafw OLIVER ABBOTT SHAVV, B.Ph., A.M. Dvan of ilu' Sflmol of Edur'alion,' Profrsxor of Sffondary lidufaliorz - 2I CIOIUIQIOICIOIOIIIUIOIOICIC 3 .IIIQIUICICICIOIOICICIQIOID I nQv OHM fl - .62 by lllllllilOllltlllllQICIQICIOIQIOIQIOIIIIIOIIIIIIIC ' - ' IOICIOIIIIIIIOIIIOIIICICI!!llQIOIOIDIOIOIOIOIOIOIGIOI0 T H El9Z5 OLE MISS XV11.1.11-1x1 Hm11xGw,xY, Ph.B. Prnfrssof' of Lafw . -. 1 w W I' 1.11111 ILNINIIETT I2-XRQL EAR. Bb., KLA. 1'rnf1'.f5or of lI11:11'a!in11 IJ. M. R1's's121.1. Prof1'5.ro1' of 1,11u' 62121111015 L. I3L11Ro1'G11s, PILG. l'1'11f1-,v.v1n' nf .Uf1r11.v1'npy IZIIA1 1'1111r111111'o1f11'15y l'1111,111 1,1212 M1 1.1., Bb., BLD. l'r11f1'5.1nr of .-111111011131 A1110 C. KI,xss.xC1.11x, KIA., MID. 1'1'11,,"1'55c1' of If111I1'1'f111n11y 111111 1'11I1m1u11y XVx1.'1'131: G. Ii1R1411.xTR1c14, RLS., C. Ii. l'1'r1,'1'.v.v01' of M1111i11f1111 l:'1111f111'1'1'i1z11 I,1.m'1m Ifxixxs TH.-xTcH121z, AB. 1Dl'0fI',SJOI' 111 lliulngy 111111 lL'111111'yf11n11y lu. X. I,1mw1I, Ph B, NLD. 1'1'11f1'xx xr uf llrnlngy. .111lll'1'fl10flj', 111111 12111111131 Ru111QR'1' 'I'o1z1z1sx', l3.P. .1.v.m1'i11l1' l'r11f1',c.m1' of 111ll1ll1'Illl111l'5 v w G. H. VVoc11.1,1i'1'T, Bb., RLS., Ph. U. .l.Y.YlIl1I11l' I'r11f1',f.ror uf C11111111.r1ry 1311.11 S.'1-v1e'3'rE11 G1'Y1':nN, MA., NLD., Uph.D. .1551-1111l1' 111 Pll1!1fI1llff-1' 111111 1i111'l1'ri111n1fy ART11L'R P,x1.A1ER Hl.'lJSlJN, HA., MA. 11.v.m1111l1' P1'of1',v5n1' of 15111111511 Ioux C. C111.1.12x', AB., M.IJ. .1.U1X1llII1 l'1'nf1'.v.m1' of .Wizmr S111'11r1'y 111111 1'11y,v11111 1Jf111f11115i,s Mus. I':l7N,X L1m'12 1':.XTNl.XN. A.B. 1117111 nl' ll'0llII'II,' .lsjiylanl I' nf 11111111 llqllllllllllilj Y1c'1'n1z A1,111x12 COL'l.TIER. Bb., Mb., l'h.IJ. .15.V1.i1llll1 1'1'of1'5.fn1' of C111'1111.vI1'y I,1zuxn.R1m IJ12Luxc: XV.x1.1..xc12, BA. 115511111111 l,1'l1fl'55lI1' of f1.!Ifl11.flI ICRIC A. Ilxwsox, KS., KIA. .ljfijlfllll 1'1'11f1'.1.ru1' nf g1I11111'1'11 L1111111111yf1'.v I'f1,x11aR Y. l,1av11z, PI1.l3. .1.r,vi.vl1111I l'1'of1'.f.vo1' of lliylnry KI. R. bums, AIR., lib., 31.5. .1,1.11511111l 1'1'uf1'5snr of f.'111'1111.rI1'y limuxx 1':XGl,.XNlJ, ISA. l11.v11'111lor 1ll 121111111511 'los1f1'11 .1XN'1'11oxx' 5.1111111111 13.111103 Ali. ll1.'i1I'Ill1lll' 111 15111111111 A. Ii. 1,1-iwls, KA. l11.vlr1111111' 111 l'11y.vf1.r 111111 .1I11l111'n1111i1,w -l,x.x11as ID. Il.x1:m'. ILA. IIl.Y1l'Ill1lII' 111 I'11y.r11.r 111111 .'l111l111'l1111l11,c 1 1 - v l. lx. XN11.sux, .' ,1I,'1I1fl .1,LY1.Y11ll11 1,1'Ilfl'.HIll' of llixlnlugfy 111111 l'11y.1iu1nyy TH OIOIQIOIDIIIOIIIIIOIOIC llll!IOICIOIIIOICIOIOIOIOIOI AG! -6- E Q El925 OLE MISS M HY fXfff"' N X 7 "ln honor ol' those who. with arrl-'iit valor :intl pzitrloiiv- lli'X1IYlIII In tl11-1 lvll XX:11'. s.11'1'lt1f+--l tht-11' lix-is 111 fl--lvris-1 ol lvrliiwilfl--s inlir-rt-nt lronl illt'll' l:1tl11-rs, :intl stiw-rigtlivii-'rl lq tln- l1'Il"lllllL1S or their .xllll.l lViili1'l', Ill!S 1111-111o1'1:1l is lovingly al-'tlrwat--rl. 016 Miss in the Sixties The l'niversitv of Mississippi is rich in it ' ' s heritage from the soldiers of the "I,ost Can-e." Around Ole Miss traditions of the Uld South are ever present, and the campus atmosphere re- flects the influence of the men ill grey. The ties that hind the university to that glorious period of the sixties are more than mere tradition, for students of Ole Miss made glorious manv a battlefield in that menioralmle struggle. Un the field of Gettysburg lie the hon throughout Northern Virginia are mute e. of lwis wlio formed "The l'niversitv Greysf' and testimonials to the hraverv of lads from the Vniver- sity of Mississippi. On lfehruary 28, 1801, this historic cornpany was organized under thc command of XVilliam B. Lowry. lt was assigned to service in the Old Dominion, and the sons of Ole Miss were under fire at the vation "The I'niversity Cireysu served w first hattle of Manassas. Through suffering and pri- ith a heroism that challenges the admiration of every loyal soul ill Dixie. XVhen the drums heat the last tattoo, only twenty-four of the original one hundred and thirty-five were present to speak the final farewell. "The Vniversity CIre5s" were not th e only sons of Ole hliss who went to hattle for the rights of their state. lt is estimated that fourflifths of all the young men who enrolled in the university from its foundation up to 1861 portion of these, much larger than the under the Stars and liars. Could more he for a chalice to wear the grey through sorrow. Guided hy the teachings of their NVhile her students were lighting on themselves were witnessing the horrors 1 served under the uC0ll1llll'I't'll Banner." A large pro- average of C'onfcderate 5'lllliCl'N, sacrificed their lives 1 said for their valor? Men ahzlndoned hrilliant careers four years of incornparahle suffering, privation, and Alina Mater, they gave all ill devotion to duty. nianv far-flung hattle lines, the university huildings mf war. lfarlv ill the struggle the line of citlllfCtlCl'illC defense was flung across Northern Mississippi within a few miles of Oxford. After Shiloh the 33 OIOIOICIQIOIIIIIOIOIOIO IO IIOICIIIOIOIOIOIOIC onion i 0.0 fo uwl Nll' -K vliti ,ll WU ,,a,,,,,,,,,, ,, . 1 3615 Q , W 3 ' IQIIIOIIIOICIOICIQICIQIQICIQIQICIOIOIQIQICICICIQIO ' fl.I.ll.llOlOlllClllOl.lClOIOIOICIDIOIOIOIOIDIGIOIOI0 THEl9Z5 OLE MISS town was startled by the 11ews that l'lllIHil'6ClS of XVOUlldCd Southerners were being rushed to the university b11ildi11gs which were to be converted into a hospital. This was the first of the many war sce11es that Oxford witnessed during the remainder of the great confiict. People of the town worked unselfishly to provide the new hospital. Homes were stripped of their bedding, and hundreds of cots were placed in the chapel. Even the galleries were lined with beds for the wounded. llere ill this historic old building hundreds of soldiers lay suffering from their NYOUIICTS. The small brick residence on the circle which is 11ow occupied by the Y. NI. C. A. secretary was used as the morgue, and thus came to bear the name of "The Dead House," a title which has clung to it through the years that have followed. The Lyceum was used as the dispensary, a11d there such drugs as could be obtained were stored. ln the observatory Doctor liugene XV. Hilgard distilled alcohol for the use of the soldiers. Molasses and other local products were used in the manufacture of this rude product. Many gallons of blackberry cordial were supplied the physicians by Dr. Hilgard during the period of the first Confederate hospital on the CZIIYTPUS. The I'niversity buildings served thrice as a war hospital. Grant invaded Oxford dllfillg the period of the first Confederate occupation and fought a victorious battle i11 the streets of the town. The Confederate wounded were sent to Gre11ada before Grant's advance on the town, Zlllli all escaped safely. Grant later retreated to Memphis, and General Forrest occupied this territory. The second hospital began with Grant's capture of the l'niversity, while Forrest's advance marked its end a11d the beginning of the third. ' just off the campus is a small cemetery in which sleep seven hundred gallant warriors who died here fftlln wounds received in battle. A fire some years ago destroyed the markers over the graves, and tl1ese heroes sleep unknown to the passerby who looks with admiration upon their resting place. A simple Illtllllllllflll stands as an inadequate memorial to their deeds. The Vniversity buildings were well protected in this period of occupation, evacuation, a11d re-occupation by the hostile ar1nies. Although Grant burned Oxford o11 his retreat, he spared everything o11 the ca111pus. The influence of Professors Barnard a11d Boynton, who were ill the North, Zllltl of Dr. llilgard, wl1o guarded the l'niversity property, was sufficient to save the institution fro1n the ravages of war. This courtesy o11 the part of the Federal commander has preserved tl1e observatory and physics building, the Chapel, the Lyceum, and "The Dead llo11se," all of which are 1n11te witnesses to the suffering Zlllll sorrow that 01108 stalked this beautiful campus. Ole Miss re-opened l1er doors as Zlll educational institution ill 1865, rich in a glorious heritage. As students have co1ne Zlllli gone they have felt the unbreakable ties that bind the l'11iversity lo the best ideals of the days "befoh de wah." Across tl1e years there seems to extend a hand of brotherhood i59iN'CK"ll those first alumni a11d tl1e students of today, and gl'illltlS0llS bow in homage to the deeds of grandfathers ill tl1e very building where they died. The ideals Oll which their lives were b11ilded are still taught ill Ole Miss, Zlllll the students of 1925 glory in the valor of the boys who followed Zlllll jackson. VVhe11 l'11cle Sam issued the call in '98 Zlllli 1917, so11s of Ole Miss sought to emulate their fathers i11 deeds of TICTOTSIII. 9 1 Y 44 l CIQIOICIQIIIOIIIOICICIQIOIC T 011101010 o1o1o1o1o1o1o1o1o .. A 'Q' 1' 0,1 K M W-. . H-. IZQQQQ Q81 OUOIOICIOIIIOICICICIQIQIQIQIOIQICIDIQIQIIICICIQIQIQ ' ' ' ..l'I'l.l.l.l.l.l.l.l.l.'.I.I.l.lM.l.l.l.l'l.'.l.l,' THEI9Z5 OLE MISS "' ' , Ve se The Alumni Association 4 . I.. A. SMITH, '99 ...... .... I 'rvzrztlrrll I..ANnkuM P. I.H.'xvA1,1,, '99 . . 1'ifw-I'1'wxi.1n11 J. K. HAMM, '17 ..........,. . .S'r4rrlr1ry REG1ox.x1. XHCE-PRIQSIIDIINTS Stewart M. Jones '98, Laurel, XV. T. VVynne '01, Greenville, Gerald Fitzgerald '03, Clarks- dale, VV. Pi. Stone '05, Charleston, j. H. Varruie '08, Meridian, J. U. Tyson '09, Holly Springs, David E. Guyton '11, Blue Mountain, j. M. Vardaman '11, Memphis, Tenn., A. F. Gardner, jr., I 7 14, Greenwood, D. Vi. Holmes, '20, Hattiesburg. Exncvrivia Cosmirrnn L. A. Smith '99, Chairman, Holly Springs, J. K. Hamm '17, Secretary, Vniversity, Thos. Brady, jr., '94, Brookhaven, VV. Calvin VVells '99, jackson, A. B. Schauber '07, Laurel, A. M. Foote '08, Hattiesburg, VVall Doxey '13, Holly Springs, C'halmers Potter '15, jackson, N. S. Sweat '16, Corinth, J. P. McC'ain '17, Rolling Fork, Thompson Mcflellan '21, VVest Point. Alumni Representatives on Vniversity Athletic Committee: I.. A. Smith '99, Holly Springs, Niles Moseley '18, Jackson. By action of the Board of Trustees of the Vniversity and Uolleges in the fall of 1923, an all-time alumni secretary is 11ow maintained at the l'niversity, to cultivate relations between the University and its alumni. Mr. Jefferson K. Hamm '17, formerly of Meridian, Mississippi, is the present secretary. It was decided tl1at one of the first things necessary to be done would be the complete reorganization of the old society of the Illlllfllli, which, although it had been in existence for a number of years, had become inactive, and was not regarded as a representative organization. The work of bringing this about was undertaken by Mr. Hamm, and at a meeti11g of the alun1ni during the 1924 commencement, at which there were about one hundred present, new ofhcers were elected a11d the actual work of reorganization begun. One of the first acts of the DCKS' president was the appointment of an executive committee and a number of regional vice-presidents. The work of the organization has been carried forward through the alumni ofhce under the direction of the executive committee and with the co- operation of the regional vice-presidents. Several alu11111i clubs have been formed in the state and vicinity, and others are 11ow in the process of formation. XVhen present plans are carried out the Vniversity will be able to boast of an alumni organization second to none. Aside from the reorganization of the alumni, the Alumni Office has co-operated with the administration of the University in getting the sentiment of the alumni on Vniversity matters, brought about class reunions, aided in bringing about a re-organization of the athletic committee of the l'niversity, secured alu1n11i representation i11 athletic control, established a11 annual home-coming of Illllllllli to be held each fall duri11g one of the home football games, co-operated with student organizations wherever possible, tried to keep the alumni in touch with the l'niversity and its activities, and co-operated with the various departme11ts of the Vniversity wherever possible. Thus far pleasing progress has been made along all lines, and the work has already begun to bring results to such an extent that the future of the Alumni Association of the l'niversity is assured. Other activities are anticipated and the ge11eral belief is that the time is not far distant when the organized alumni will become the real power in University affairs that they should. 25 is :CEE B Q IOIIIQIOIOIOIOIOIOICIQICICICIC I OIOII OICCCICIO '- .IQI.lllflllflllflOICIQIIIOlllilIIIIOIOICIOIOIQIQIOII THEIQZS OLE MISS I Ii!1:i'i 1 l l l I l I l l l ' 1 The Reunxon of the Class of The Viiiwrsity C'uiiiiiezweiiiciit Iixereises of the spring of Ifjll, were fezltureml hy the reunion l ul' the Vlgtss of 0299, the first gathering ul its kintl heltl un the Ole Miss Cznnpu-. liratluzxte- l ol tht' vt-iiwzilwle iiltl Mississippi institution of twenty-live years ago Came from far :intl near tn pau lirunzleft- tn their ixllllll lXlllTt'l', :intl tht' lnen1xn'i11l exercises in which the Class pnrtieipntecl were ll lwznitilnl trihntt' to th use srlinnl tlzlys of hy'-gone yezlr-. ljlSIIlIll't' playa-cl little pzirt in tleterniining what menihers of the olzl Class would he present tn V iiflelwmte their Lfffltlllllilllll ul :1 lllllll'ft'l"l'i'Ilfl1l'y hefore. Lilllllll' llilfkly, uf New York, returned ti, his iigiiitrt- still- hir the iwvgii-iiiiig Hugh ll. Pnsey, of lmvzl, alrnve through the Country' to meet his nhl rlzissnizite-. uzivi- nmrc. llimnzis Dirk Davis, l'nitetl States Consul to Calais, lrfilllfii l4illIt'll his nltl lrientls rin the vannpns hir the event. l lht' first l11u'tinp,f ul the nlunnti ns-enzhletl was tnr the pnrpnee of pt-rleeting the alumni Hl'1.fLlIlil1lll4lll. l,. .-X. Smith, nl lliillx Springs, uns elevtetl presitlentg I.. l'. l,e:lx'ell, ul' Uxfurtl, , n H r xim--pn-sitlt-iitg :intl il. K. llzinnn, ul l'nivers1ty, permanent sevretnry. NV. XV. vt'Il1ll1lC, of Clnrlts- ilgihf, spiiki- In tht- gihnnni, uhili- AI, Ii. lliilines, ol lVleniphis, also mzule n fitting :uhlress in intrn- tllll'lllj,f Nlr. lenzihlr. I liht- rvinii in was iittingli vlusetl hi an lmnquet nn the final night of the cmmnencement exer- 'ist-s. ilht' eu-:ning uns gin-n In plt'SlSllllI l'4.'HlllllNi't'lll'C'N, 1llVI6l'-lllll!H'I' speeelles, :intl tn enter- .iinintg insists. .Xnwng the Illlllll-X-lllllt'l'N pri-sent were: F. P. Still, ul St'll1lIIll5i1l: l.. P. l.eavelI, -it Uxlurtlg XY. cl1llXlIl XYvlls, nl xlgivksnlig XY. l'. linggzxn, of lllpelog Mui. C. R. Pettis, nl' XV4isliiligtfwi1, ll. l'.g XV. sl. Hex, ul lizly Saint lmnis, :intl Prulessnr U. A. Shaw, of l'niversity. l l l .Zfn unuuuumuu 3. ' 4d47"iC, ' PTVU kv I I I,1 ., ,, 61111 fgxuwg ' "- -f. ,Q -:I I I :IInI.IIII.IIIf I'I "fIII I I 5 I 'LA , I II II, ,III 'IQ'-p AI I' pw' ,I 1 Il ' n- N - II , I ' -J .N lc, QI II 'I ,'4 uMIN, 5 N w w ,I I II I' I 1 'N I 1 53LfiiT?ii'.1?33 'fl?i51if'2Z-'-5: -,ss L .F w ,! VX NII'IIIII!'r1 ! II I :Iv I II 'I IIIaI, IfI,d2IffI MMIII I A H 3 1 ,IX LL f I QI I I W W MI - 4 In 6 H' I. , - II III a4.I , ' -rs' ' Y . , , f- . . 1 w . .NI ,-. II I- ,N ,- " ::.-' N'.",: I' I'-'v , ' L ' 1 , .f, . ,. 1',' ui , I X-' .. . " ' ," ' w ,. " , ' .'f " H ' ' ' , " H ' M' II I If I I A .,,1' ' .III I I I .I I, x- V , 'I I, ' UQ, I N :IA I" ,- ' " IIB '-V' 1 A . , , .- II I ,' . I I' I f ff! My . . r II 1-"' . rl , - , y',, ,. I ,, I gh... ' I c . 4 -, II I , ,w , f - 1 1 I II., X, . xv 1, wwf - ' ' 1 I X -' ' ' Xu I ww I -I1!II.,. ,' , . II ,., II I , II I I ' , I .I , 1 ,I , I I i . + :In . H Q ilk ! ilfn -A I .X ' " " 1' I nl' 'N , W " , 1 : ' 1 w ' C , . . I 'sill' I I b Mu J W ' w'1 X v'. , 1 ..I 1, , K , , . 4 ' 1 r 1 w u xy' 1 E f 1: 64 u -mf . XIII I I . I H EI I . ' . I I I I II I 5 . ' , w ' , 1 i . ' w .' K W " 1 . , M ff Ala, V1 In 1 M ' 14, 'Y WV i' Lf W K I1' ww fj'm f ' If t V hw QI Jill HHILILU '1IIg 'WW II " ' ' 'z J X M F MII ' I 9, -, uk- H xl 1 I w ,A w ,K 'u ' . N A H K ,, flfw I i I W I, jf 1,' . II , ! ., I I .. v x,, v . v lnl. "l1 T ' - If If ' 1 IW L , II II 'I !f1,II I I I IIII II ,N , l i54 H1 .'A ff isiw f5 "lL Yum-A ' Ai A V . ' 11 f'7M 1 4 f ' A! ' l ux? ' ff ' N I 1 QW 1' N J w ffl v 'f ji I"I 5I'IWQ2Q,:7'Igf! Ip FQIUII I+ I Q J l'7 'l, bi W M ff f + ? wlfz f" M I ' 1 MIM I IIQIQIIII L II , f 'V W N , 4 Jr I ff? lk 1 1 'II'ISI IIII IIIIIIIA 5' I U ', I I Il I I I It QIIINII WX I XI A X III III, u I - X X XX , RH " -5 ,XMIM HI' -1II ..III SP' . IX X ' I- X N NVE? ' xXx ,AX ' ' I ' elf? J ' ' VX 42 5 -Y'-Q vt Y -ei, X50 f' , f Q ff 1 aT V X 4 KU ll 4 KIM l I V Ls, 1. -v f ilmwfwrsfd- SENIQRS Postgracluates ' FRS :Xl'l'I.liWlIl'l'lf, fl' .ll ....... .blzicksoin Klississippi M.XS'l'l-Ill HI" .HITS Blillsznps Vulli-gi-, 1, 2, Iig ILA., l. I XVlii-ii ui- thiiili nl' ll Lxirl uhh is su---t :iiiil pri-liy. xv- :it min- think uf llixi-rs. Shi- :ilw:uS ills Iii lil- si, Iiiiuhl :mil lrippy ii-ixhiiiq XX1il'l'l:-4 llvl' nm 1-xi-ii liiiiilqs. NUIXXllllNI1lIl4llIly1. Ilixi-rs 1 in --x-i-Iilimigllli :mul stu-I1-lil, :ill-l shi- zlluzixx liixilv-S Ilia- xrmli- xxilh e-:lsr-. N K' V I V , . , , . V. . lun-.s lhxii-1, llxizm, lx I., Il lx I . . . .Ciiiltpmn Mississippi M,XH'I'l'II1 Ill-' .Xll'l'S 4 iw-lx Vlul-, 1, ig Ilviiiizii-xiii, 1, f-g Int: wiillvuiziti- li--I-:ill-V, lg ll.,X., lg 'l':iyInl' Mi-ilail lll Asllwiliuliiy, I Ilislrilil-ii' in I'lig,si4is, Mllllli-lxiilllix, :mil .XsIi'i.iimiiy, I, 5. lim.-s is .mil ill thi.s.- uh.. .- iiil--:iilx :mil xx -in iw-zifiiiii-il iinixiiliiiiis stauul .is gi li.i--lxliiiiiv I-ir Ul XII.-s limi-, Su--h :is Iii- li--ll' li. li.---if IIN iiii lhi- 'mth luxxziiil su--1-ss. .Xs iii--liilwliii' :null sllul--nl, Ii luis xxiiii his uzix li, thi- lin--iiilsliip nl ull, .X stimuli :iiiil 4-iiiisisli-lit xxiwlxi-i', zi ui-lv axxxzilw giml 1 uri- Illl .sluili-ull gin-I qi milling tin-iiil iiiwlv- .lqiiiii-s Uni- iii thi- li--sl lh:il Hli- Miss 1-imlll-1-s. M ,fs ' g ' 'W' "" " " N - l Q.. 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Studelnt Sf'I'l'9tFlI'y. fig Student '1'l'f'8Slll'f'l', 53 liiteiwollvgiate IVN-'iHlflfl', 4, 53 Mississippian Stuff, 2, 3, 43 Nvws Editor Hermavan Issue of Mississippian, 43 IJOfll'1iL't'Dl'l' Hi-rlnm-am, 53 131-li-gzitu to Blue Ridge, 45 Instruf-tor in Physif-S and Mzttliernzltivs. Students may vomr- and zo, but "De-un" wff havf- with us always. And, in far-t. this boy has 11111110 himsf-li' a part of Oli- MESS. Iluring his e-xti-nrh-il stay livre- hs- has dlStiI1LI'l1iSi1"Ii himsi-lf in m6St Pu-ry lint- of' stuili-nt ai-tivity, and vLilf'l'QVQl' he 1-hose to Pxpeflid his laliors, he was si1f'i'vsst'i1l. Philosnphical, hulf cynical, and widely Henri, A. B. possvssf-s eu-ry potvntinlity and promise of success. LEW VVALLACE . . . . . . . Laurel, lilississippi I7ilZll'IlllU'1,'UiiK'Z1i Assoc-iatimi, 2, 3, 4. D0 not wnndvl' that ht- I'i'H1illY1S quie-t and apart: mvn such as lit- uri- prime- to 1'i-llv-vtifill and thought. But bvnoath his qui--t, IIIIHFSIIIIIHIIZ IU21IlI19l'. tin-rv is at liiemllini-ss that ons: si-lmlorn linda: in one of his type. Hvturning to Ole Miss 2Lf-IPI' several ye-ars in an-tive life-, Le-w took his plane on the czunptls with at quiet and :aimt-re dignity and has made for himself quite 2. :narlx ot distinction in his work. l X' I ' i l il ,f1::il.5liYl'Pf.f'.- . 4 Vi, . ,- . - X ,, i. l it i w QQ .s "1 ' .W .-L 5 'Af -- 1 gl 'ff' 1' .' .. ,fi .2 -7.11, .fir f -' ir -- . f ' f 3 16, '25 l "History is a lie Agreed upon," said Napoleon Bonaparte. Henry Ford thinks "History is Bunk." I'udd'n Head VVilson-or Mark Twain-declared "The very ink with which history is written Is liquid prejudice." lt is harsh, Revealing, eruel, unrelenting, it spares no man. Then why write history? Ole Miss was hut a stage, XVhere Fds and Co-eds were merely players: They had their exits and their entraneesg Ifaeh one in his time has played four parts- Some had even more. At first the Freshman, XVith open faee and elose-cropped head. The Soph'more's work of art and standing joke- But more important still, his errand hoy. And then the Sophomore himself- That all-wise hut foolish personage- Loud-mouthed and all-important Cin his eyesl. The third age shifts, and we hehold The jovial ,lunior's stride that gives the ladies joy. Then, last of all, the scene That ends this strange, eventful history, Is Seniority and all that it infers- Uf dignity, and ease, and of sophistication. To yy rite one story and eall it that Of the Class of '25 would he Vnfair, for there are many stories VVithin that story whieh would he Forgotten. Then, 'tis enough to say That in these four years we have heeome A part of you, Ole Miss, hut today we stand XVatehing the "Sundown" on our College fareers XVe've played our parts, and now the eurtain's eall The audience tiles out the aisles- But next year they will eome again , Io wateh another, hut not our, play. , -R. ll. M., '.z5. 32 ed .4"' .. X Q y Q. e 'M f 'K-ilk. ' I V3.5 2 - . 77 if r ' I -3 A X kb ' ar- I . , 9 + tr " Q If-55 . ., .A.. L - , ' . ff , ,,.. " ,., 7 v I Jy. 'Q f fm ' H I , ,J P , , ,ii :B V . tl. G. .4 . Ia' A' I' t V: X. ' it 'I , ' M... ...H . SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS COLLEGE or I.mERAL ARIS SENIOR LAW E. XV. Lyon ......................,, I'rc-sith-nt IC. II. Iirnnrlun ................,., .. I'l'l'SI4Il'lIl E. Tartl .......... ...... N 'iwr--Pxwsitlvnt Ii. M. Boom- ,,. ....,. Vim--Pr:-sicle-nt Josephinm- Ste-ve-nx ,,., . S1'f'r1 t:try-'I'xw-nstnrvr rl. Ilusw-ntlml .... .. S4-1-nftalw Tre-asun-1' R. II. Millm-r ....................,... Ilimtnriun IG. K. XX'in1lh:xn1 , .,................. Historian SENIOR Iixclxrguklxzc Sriram IVIEDICAL R. Hunw ............,...,......,., Pr--simit-nt Ii. II. Xx'2IIIil'I' ............,......... Prvsident VV, V. Brvwe-r ......,,,..... . Vim--I'r1-sialvllt V. 1'. Ilzmtvlifl' .. ........ Yirw--PM-siflvxlt M. G. 0vf'l':-:tract . . . . . . 'I'I't'ZlSllI'6'I' T. A. Gibson . ., , . , Si'l'l'l'filI'j"TI'Q'2lSUFt'T P. U. liohe-rts .... .. .. SI-:'1'e-t:u'y l"1'nl1Ia I.uI'1w-stu .,................... Historiall P. II. Alnlght ................., .. IIIFIUII-III SENIOR COMMERCE SENIOR PHARMACY XV. B. Smith .....................,.. Prvnident J. Morris ....................,...,.. Prf-sidvnt H. lznrfl .... ..,.,............. X 'wo-Presirle-nt R. A. Dt-an ..,,.............. Vim--Prn-siflvlxt l'. I.:-gm-tt .. . Ser-rotary-Tr+-asurf-r Form-lin Gnrrott .. .. Suu'-,-t:try-Tn-asnnw-r Flyrlo 'Pays .. ....,..... Historian F. NV. Potts-r . .. .......... Hi:-:tnriun 33 ,YL . s V, , A 1- 'Q-1 1, 1 ' "nf" " ', -. '. L- - ' -,- Y. . i'A..:-.-" , N. QQ- Z , . , gi' 5 A: on Pl.. Q' 3 eniors-College of Liberal Arts REECIQ O. BIQKIQRSTXI-'if ............... 'I ishomingo, Mississippi l4.X1'lIl11l.Hlt HI' .Xl-i'l'S3 l2.Xf'lllfIl,0ll UI" LAXVS Ania-i'i4:i11 I.:-gihii, 1, 2, Il, lg Post Adiutanil. 2, 223 Masniiii' Vluh, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5g Sw-1-1-i:u'y, RQ l'hi Sigiim, l, 3, 12, I, 53 lllzivlislwii- Vinh, l, 2, Il, -I1 Sf'l'l'l"l2ll'X, 21 film- 1'luh, Il, -l, 5: S.-vr.-tary, Zig Lgimrre-114-, IZ, I, F-3 i'l'l'Silil'lll, Hlv Miss Musa:-:il Vluh, 51 A. E. lf. Vlulv, 1. 2, 3, -lg Et!ll1'1lliflX1 Club, 2, 3, -lg XI M. l'. A., l, 2, Il, l, 53 l,l'Ullllilillll Vmniiiitti-v, 2, 3, fig Vzihini-t, 4, A .. ,',.f- I lt lull hzis 1-xi-1' stu!-li--fl singing, it was to l:iug.:li-I-ut on-ii his lziugh is musivzil. lli- speaks nl' "his fri-sh lllilll y-':ii"' us shui-A In-Ulilv iw-is-:' to thi-ii' ihilnlhoml. hut still, pnpulziriiy grows with YGZIVS. IlARoi.n Runiziw BAXXRRER, A 'II E, B X A, I Y . . . . Gulfport, Mississippi llAl,'llIiI.OIl 01" ARTS lliriniziweiii, l, IL l':irli:iimfnt:ii'i:ui, 21 Grill: Vluh, l, 2, IL, S-Ai-I-4-Iaii'y-'l'1'--:isiiiw-i', 2: Illississippizin Smfi, I, St, f'll"lli2lil"l1 Stzill, Alississippiam, lg i'ii'i'iilutmii Mziliug.:1r, 23 "wiv Miss" Staiff. T1 Assistant I'InIii1-i'-in-I'hii'I', 223 Siipliwiii-vim lrisvipliiii- Vuiiiiiiitli-1-, 31 Y. Al, 1', .-X. l'rm1miiun Vmiiriiiili-.-, 13 Pah- iiii-I. I, 133 In-Mul:iy Vluh, 2, 523 Thi- l-'m'um, 221 lh-lvg::ilv to lilui- Ridge. 31 fl'4'l'Q'l1ll'y, M. l. P. A., rl, XX'i1iii--i' lli-i'm:i1-:iii-l'lil Sigma i"l'1'SillllRlll lim-hziii-, ll .-XSsist:liil Ifldilnr, lli-i'm:iv:in Issuw, Mississip- pizizi, QI 4'ilIlllllllHlISillll llilrzimiirzil l"1wilv:ill, 2: ilillfp-ii't Vluh, l, Il, S4'l'l'4'l1ll'X4'i'I'l'2lSlllil'l', Zig lnlvr- mill'-5gi:ntv Ililnilvr, 231 Stull--iii .Xssisiziiil ill I':lli.2iiSil, II. llnr'-'lil has il--nv in Iliiw-if yi-:u's what mi-st im-ii :ln in foul'-avi :i lil--iwiry all-gi'f-v :in-l niaikv zi llfirfl wil Hillvlzi- Iii'-mls who will stuiul firm in yi-:urs In rwmin-. .X iilin- Slll4ll'Ill, ai g:il'l--al ll-mlm-r, :lull si lmpiilzii' iiiuii, hi- If-:iw-s Uh- Miss xxilh thi' lwst ul' ri-z'ui'ils ln-hinrl him. -I.XXIl5S IJ.XX'lI! iill,liS, -IR. . . ........ . Summer, Klississippi ll,Xl'lllCLl'Pll Ui" .XHTS l'i'4-Xl-'1li4':il Vliih, 1, 2L Svriili Ifimlh:ilI, lg Vlziss l"rmtl-gill, lg Vnlilliivli Vinh, 1, 2, Il, 'lg lh-rmgivun, 1, 3, 11, ig Ex.-1 llllxv Wmiiiiiiiw-, Q1 1'i-nsiir, :ig Xkirsily 'l'i':ivli, Il, lg "Al" Vinh: X'ii-i--l'i'--sill--lit Buxim.: Vluh, 1'g Xlississipliiziii lil-quill nl' Vfviiliml, Il, liiiiwiliiiirzil lfmiihaill, 12, l. .X priiiii- nl' gmnl lk-Ilfixxs, zi maui th hi- mlvlu-lull--l ulmn, :mil 1-x'vrylmily's l'i'i--ml, .Iiiiimy xxill hi- hni-I ii- ri-plzi-1' in Hill hwiils .-I ilu- iiusls lil' I'i'ii-mls :iiiil 1liilllll't'I'S lu' lwixws In-liiml iii his pursuit HI in--ilifiiizil lu-iiiws, ll.x'i"i'ii2 IXIXY iii-'xjuiix . . . ........ . McComb, Mississippi ll.X1'Ill'ZI,1il2 lil' .Xll'l'S Xxliiilgliiill, I, 33 "IvI1- Miss" '23 Stull, ig l.1-gislzilixv Vwiiiiwil, 'lg l'l'l'Si1i1'ill, Y. XV, U. .X., 'lg I,ziliii iiiih ' 1' si---riflwix X N Is i li, 1,11 ill.. L-,H-1, 1,1 ivl.- Miss, thmv is Him-' uhh is :is 1-niishiiii, lwxzihli-, :ilnl trui- :is llziiliv May. shi- lg .vi r r-willy lu :nv :I hi ll-im.: ililllli tn sill. .X i.:ii'l uhm slillwn-i's Inu-, i.l'il'IlliNililP. :1,iiml 3.10011- ih as Q11 :ill xx hi, 1-I-ini in uviitqu-I xxilh hi-V. Shi- has iiiziiiy l'rn'iiils :it till' Miss uhm will miss' hm' ip-xl y"fi1', V o , eniors-College of Liberal Arts JAMES DANIEL BOXVLES ............ . Inverness, llississippi IZAVIIICIAPIL 'll-' S1'Il'1Nl"l-I IC1lm'atifrn Vluhg Ift'I'lIl2l"llIl. Jim has :always In-vu :i ,hilly gmail l'vlluw, thi- lili- nl' thi- p.Z:lIlH.. :mil --nv nl' "llllllll'v"S llnhlelllenf' Thr' rgznw-S and lruuhl--s ul' this lull- rvst I-aisily 'Ill his hruznl slwillel--l's. This Vlltn-l'y lumm-koi' ul' thi: hluvs will lw Iluril lu 1"-lvlnml. ,I.'XlVIES L. BRli,xZEAI,I5 .......... . Philzulclphia, fliississippi li.M'lllf1l.HR Ulf' S1'Il5Ns'lC Musunir- Vlllh, '12 Phi Sipzmzi, 1, U, 213 l-11111-'ntl-in "lull, 22, 4. i:l'l'iiZ+'2lil' is il quivl, ih1ll1Stl'i4vus slulln-nl. mlm, xxlth his l'rli-mlly :V +-1A ring and plmisziimt l1l1'llllll'l', has Wim his new h:11'li int-v thi- h1'zlIIS lvl' lhi- Ulm- Miss stumli-his :ilu-r :in gilnsvlnw- of llll'--Q4 3--urs. Ilv is il:-stinml lu lu-1-nliiv um' nl' Alis.sisS1ppi's IUII'lllUSl 1'1ll1r'1xIwx's. ,ANNE BROYLIZS . .......... . Abenlcwrri, Klississippi ILM Ill-ILIPII UI" ARTS M. S. V. XY., l, QL Plnlilvzltiuli Vluh, ZZ, lg Y. XY. V, A. Vullim-l, Zig tin'-'li Vlulv, lg lp-:isl:itix'v Vuum-il, 43 Misslssilwpiun Stull, I. Annu- is zi p.:--rulllxlw girl. Shi- has ulwaux ln-vu xxlliinu to nl-1 hi-I' luirt In mulci- fl lwltvl' ull- Miss, um! has pl'-vw-:I llvrsm-ll' Villlllilil' :mil f'fnl'lf'lll in :ill wnll+':41- anliviti-ls, us xxvll :is in hvl' vlussl-s. Wlnxlti-vvr shi- stains wut I-l ilu, shi- ililws, :md :luis wvll. R. RI. CA1.I.rm'.xY . . . . . ...... . . Oxford, Mississippi IEA-'lIl4II.lPl1 Ulf .XIITS lfiwlilraxliull Vluh, Il, 43 Phi Sikilllii, 45 Hrvwlc Vinh, -I. .X 51-ulh h-' vaumv-1 qi main hw- ln-zuws lui' Iiillls -ll 1l'+'lil'I' l'umw-, Ili- ll-.luis ln us lhi- llli'Illnl'Y nl' 11 fri-'ml :mil LQl'llill'lllIlll. llls has hi-vu qi qua-ft lil'-, in uhhh lu' hllllgill in ::--L thw lf-lst that Uh: Miss haul tu ullvr, 'GJ eniors-College of Liberal Arts SAA1I3R1i1..1N11C11L'Rc11w1i1.1. . . . . ..... . Lcukcsville, lIiss1ssippi Ii.-X4'Ill'IlAlIl 1114' SVIICNVIC Phi S1:4111:1, M11s111111' "l1111g XY--:nu-1' 1'11lIv:1- V111-11l1y, '32, 'SCL '25, 'A1'!Illl'l'Il" is 411111 nf 11111 11- V11-'111:1l sl111l1111ts. II1- 11:15 11111, 111-111111113 1-1-111 l111'1- 1-x1-ry yn-111' Sinn' 151117, 'I'l11- 11l1il11s1111l1y 111 "I1111 111111 111 I111"' IN 1115 111-1111. H11 is Ll ll'llA' 1111-1111, g11111l Slllllvllf, und :111 11111sl:1111l111u 11l1:11':11'11-1'. 8.114111 :XI.XRC.XRE'l' C,1kN11T11.1x . . . . . . .f3Xf0I'll, Mississippi ll.Xl'lII'Il.4lll UI" .XIITS 121-1-wk 4'llll1Q I-211111-:1ti1111 ftlllll, Slll' l1:1s lin-rl 1111 In 111111 1111111113 'l'11 I11' :1 :IHHI s11111'I, "I'11:25'," 11:4 SI11- is k1111x1'11 ul Ula- IXHSS, l1:1s L::11111-11 II11- 11'1.1111ls11i11 -11 1-1-11-1-111+', 11111 11111-1111-1 il 1':1111s 111' 11111-II11-1' II11- Sllll shim-s, sl11- is :1I11:15s 111 1111- s:1111f- :111111 1111111-111 -. N . . . . j1111x j1111xs11x L11R1,1ss . ......... .C11'c11zulz1, M1ss1ss1pp1 ll.Xl'lll'1I.UIl UI" .Xll'l'S l.:1ti11 1'I11l1, l, L', 1g 42111-lc 1'l11l1, 1, 3, 21, ll--1'111:111:111, 21, lg M1ssis411111ia111 121111111 111' l'111111'11l, 41 11151111 111'-1111 111 A111111-111:1t11's, 3, l11s11'11-I--1' 111 M:1ll11111:1I11s, ll, 13 Y. Xl. l'. 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W A'fv.i ,Q . s N ' . 211 D " 'xiilii--Q Q' ' q 2.11, f ,A i I A.. ,O . 4 I Q-W .,- W Y i i ' . , '- 'K' gf- eniors-College of Liberal Arts SARAH K.X'I'HliRlNF SXIiXI.I.XYUUll ........ . New Albany, Mississippi I1.X"lll'1I.Hl1 UI-' .XICTS Vo-1-il l1:1sk1-llmll, 1, L, .lg 1211-i-li Vlulig l'1'1'11i'l1 l'Iul1g I,i-:isl:l1111w- r'111111i-il, lg S.-1-1-1-t:11'y-'I'1'1flsuror, E011--11111.11 Vlul.. 1, K111.- him lu-111 :1 lmslg--rluill slqii :111-l :i stuilf-ur. N11 1111.1 nhl. has si-Q-11 11.-11 gpm-- lziiuhir :11111-hh: -11' xxhn has ln-11 111 h-1' wlnss-s xx1ll 11-lui-t thi- i11il-i1111t:ll1l-- will sh.- pilssvssi-il. g111.l 1l1.- spl--11iliil Sll'l'llP-llll ill hi-1' 4-lnzlluvl-1 Shi- has hi-11 l':1ll- in hv1' HHH hunils, Huy shi: ali. xximill'-ills rhuigs with 111 .-XVIII, KIARIEIZ S.x11'1'11 ......... . Crystal Springs, Mississippi lLX1'IIl'lHl1 UI" ARTS IC4111f':1v1-111 Vlull, 4ll'1'wk Vluhg Y. XY. ". .X. 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Senatobia, Mississippi B.U'llICIAPIl HI" AIITS Ilnski-thull, 12, Ig Vgiptgiiii, llziski-llizill, -41 Swviv-t:ii'3-'I'i'4':1s1li'i r, Si-iiiwi' 'vI2lSS, 41 Ili' i'v- li I'luh, -ig Iiiliivzitinii l'lub. Tfiwilii thi- limi- that ".If,w" In-1-:iinv :iii U!-i Miss iw--id. shi- has slliiwii mzlrki-fl zilvility on lim F li:iski'lliaxll I-mirt, :uid liars zzuzlrili-il llii- UIQ- Miss :wil liiiiii l'ui'i'igii iilvzisinn Ilii' Uni yiuvs, ln i sluili-ut uvtivili--s she- has lilivwis- slinuii hi-isiill' i'wiiIy tu Iuka- :i iiiwiiiiiiiviil iuirl. V, , . . . . REBECCA STOKES . .......... .cJl'CI1ZldZl, Hlississippi B.M'ill4lIAlIl HI-' ARTS Iizislqvtligiil. 41 14111111-:iiiiiu Vlulip firvlliltiil f'1ilIi-g.:v, 1, I, Il, Ili-In-ri-:i has ai rule- xxliivli illllllll'S ti: liiith llAll1li4IliIlil :iiiil stiiiliiisi Nivvr. iiwxw-r miss thu giizil yiiii shmit nt. Anil shi- li:is.i'I missml iiztlii-i' :gmail Shi- has iiigiili- Iiifrsi,-14' gi ri-gil ulw Miss 4-W.-il i in the' slmrt spain-i' uf mu- yiur---thzil sin-:iks tlii' Elsiflif 1 V 7 7. . . . . I.x.xiEs IDEI,f7.XCIfi 'I HAMIZS. Blix.. 7 lx .-1 . . . . . X icksburg, Mississippi HA4'Il1CI.HIl UI" .HITS M411-iiiiiwx.-,q, 1, 3. Ili 1'ii.Qi.1--iii. 223 I.:iliii Vlulig Hin-wk Vinh' iili- Misw Il'-piwisiiitziiixp 31, I, ii, Ay, lg Mgeeissippixiii Slillii, 31 Hizivlcsiiiiii- Vlulv, ,ig 'I'hi- Vlvriiiii, 4, ilu thi' stfifz- :mil will .liiliiliiv is iv1'i'!'f'IlA Ill 11"U1'1 uvlfil his liliixmiiil in-'rs--iirility :mil iii-pilrizii-gil piiwi,-rs, hu is sure' In liiiil :i ri-zi1l5 xv-Ii-iiiiiv xvlivi'-N"i' hi- si-lllis, Seniors-College of Liberal Arts Ei,NATH.xx 'l'.AxR'rT, blk. . . . . . . . . Gulfport, Mississippi RA1'lll4Il,tiR Ulf ARTS Viti'f'-l't'f-sidvtit S-viwr Vlziss, lg Y, M. 1'. A. 1'z1liin-t, 2, Il, -l: llc-ports-l'. Mississippiztii, 3, 43 Greek Vluh, 1, 3, ll, lg ll:itin Villll, l, Z, RL S4-1-rf-tut5'-'l'i'e-:is11i'w'i', -11 lli-rmm-ati: Vliziplzxin, ll, 41 lfldtlvalirln Vlub, TI, 4. Thi- strlkiiiu thing.: :ilitiut Nt-tl is that hu viiiitilitii-s ta luv an zivtivv lvztdi-1' in llllllly' tirg.:niliZz1l'imis :intl ai t'UllS1'l1'lllllIllS :intl lllllll'lIll.Z stiiilvnt without szir'i'itl1'ilig mtv whit his ulwility tu hold en- thralltitl thi- hi-:ti-ts nl' thirst- wh-im hw ifliilizf-s, the lmtipzlitvrs tit' tht- Smith. . r , , Y Y, . . , . lpi.iz.inErit Xtxklmximx . . . . . ..... . 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Bailey, Mississippi IG.Xl'lll-21,111 Nl" IDXXYS l'hi H u.ii:i l, I1 liI:i1'lqsliilii- Vluh, 3, IZ, lg Uulilii--11 Vluilv, 1, U, Il, -lg .Kill-ii'iv:ill l.i-giim, 1. 2, .L ll '.lu1Ig-"' vi-illil 1'wllXll'l his slil-ilxinu .ilvllllii-s mln 4-lmliii-ii:---, ui- xx-iulil preilivl lul' him svnszi- ti--xml siiiwwsr: :il lziw, l.ii1 pin rain Il1'Xll' till hi- may IQIIHXN :is muvli ul lain ns ul' nmiuiliglil :A5.l'ulllihl!. SSHiOfS-'fSChOO1 of Law IRVIN XVILLIAAI STIQNNETT .......... . Burns, Mississippi H.XI'lllCl.1lll Ulf LAXYS Phi Signing Hl:u'lsHlfnii- Vluhg Rlziswiiiv 1'liih1 Yi 1'r' -l'1'i-siilwiil. l'hi Siillllll, 4. Thmiuh ax quivt :iml iiniil:tl'11six'v I'v-llvlw, "Ili-:iw'1vii" has 1-iviixivtiniis :xml uill slailiil up for thi-m in thf- fziiw- ul' any mlrls, A trui- t'ri-'nil :in-I :i IIIPIISIIIIK 1--vriilixiiii-ui, and ai mann whiwsi hzlml is as goml us his word. I. XY. uill hi- miss--il hy lllllllj' iiiimls. 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Hi' is what ui- mitmzilly will :in :ill1'zu'tlvi- I'f'lluw. .lmilis Illuxnuif NVHITIS, jk. .... . . .lVcst Point, Mississippi l2A4'Ili'Ii,4lll Ulf ILXNYS fmiiiliie-1'I'i:il Vuli, 1, Z: lllzivlzstiiii- Vliilv, CI, I, ful .Xlthiipy-Hui--1.11, 151 Viv-i--l'i'i'siil-fiil. lip Vim!- l'i'i-sicli-nt Jllllilll' I.:iw Vlnss, 13 1'li:iirrii:in Iliihur i"'llll4'li, l.:1xx' Fi-lmfill 3. XYh:il is gi gi-ml iizmiv I-Ir, il il i-:ihnwt hi- vnxiili-nsi 111' Sui "r'hi iii" it is. Ili' is :i quivt, l'llSj"jl'llllLl . swirl ul vllgilr, Xxlifl s.x5s lillle-, lvlll limnxs luis, lllli- uf :mr luilili' hllitlgiti is 11.1, CI1iO1'S-'SCIIOO1 of Law , x .Q KY ,V 'VV ,,, . V '. . ILSKl1R Is.i1.xRi,i4.x XX ixmimi, lx -, - l , I lx .-l . . . Bounexillc, Mississippi l!,X"lII'II.1Pll HI" l..-XXYS l'l1i Siumii, ltlrliilirtiillil Vluli, 341111-1-lilly Si'1'1l.liIi-rsz, 213 1'i-us:-r, l'ln Siumzi, '23lg .Xnliivi-rS1u'y Slwakfiv, '21, Piisifl-iiil, '21, Init-fx--iill-:Islip ln-lf:it"i', '21, 'ITIL l'1'i-siflwiil .lilliiiir I.:ixi 1'l:1sS. '34- His- g..1-l,l11 Swnxfil' l.iixx Vlziss, '23, AIIIISJYIIS, '2lP, '21, '22. "Eli," lllll'lll1-1 luis lluii-i--yuan' P1'lI1llIl'll :it Millsaps, ::irlii'1'1'il :ull 1111- lllllllll' 111:11 IllSlllllli0ll :11'l'ol'ils. Siuliin: 11-1' ii--xx xx-lilils 11, iw-111111-'l, lu- pin-lin-il rump :il Hll- Miss. IIJIYIIILZ lvzirii---I :all llii- Lain and ,ull glglllllg, lli- iuyii li- ilu' I--gislzililiw tw uiailw suiiw lll"I'1', lla- llzis lnaulv zu I'--svlxzitinii ini' his 111111 .in lfzimi-'s vtwlnizil "iIllll'IllLL qiwiniil, 'l'iimi,xs filfRS'l' AnisRNii'i'iix' ..... .... . Iuiiporu, Mississippi Ii,X1'lll-YIAIII Ulf ILXXYS l,l,ll, 1'iiml-wrlziiiil, '21, 1'..11l'l:il1 Vluili: .Xl:ilizim:i, '21, '22, Jil. 'l'll..iii.gli ,xliliy luis 111,-H :il 1111- Bliss IHI Iliis yi-zu' imly, his 'lrnll 1111 :mil m11is1:il11 g--ml hummi- lizix- si-1-uinwil limi :i liiwsl 1:1 1'i'ivli1lS. lfilllwizu musl lw ai XN1llI1l"lllll plum-, twig il1'1'1ll'lllllL2 In All, uutlxing sv-xi lim liizivwl ul SIII44' Ili-1 xxilxlil lu-will is min In 111:11 lllllSll'l1!llS 1'll3. ,'L','.g?i- vm. ing. ,..... eniors-School of Engineering PHILLIPS HENRY IABRIGHT, ,I 'IP E, I I ..... . . . . McComb, Mississippi I1.U'lll-Zlxfll Ulf ARTS: li.X4'lll-Il,Ul! Ulf ICNHINI-Il-IlllN4l Ilurnmi-an, 1, 2. Zi, 43 lie-pnri--ix fl: Sm-iw-1:il'3'. 32: 'hw---li Vluli. I. 3: l,:itin "lull, 1, 3, Ill S'-c-r-tary- Trvasnri-r, R1 llc-Mnlny Vluli, 2, Il, -lg Si-vifi-t:1i'y, A. S. f'. I-Z., Zig I'i'f-sill'-nt, lg Sw-iw-lz1i'y .luniur liliigiiif-012 ing Iulriss, Ill lllSIfll'l1lll, 4: Thi- llrniiizi, 11 'l':iylni' Mi-llzil in 4':ili-nlus. il, Stull--nl Assistant in Eng- lish, 3, 41 Mississippizin Stuff, 2, ZS, lg Sa-ri-:nn Stuff, lg "Hli- Miss" Stuff, 2, Il, 13 I'utillinn Vlub, 3, 3. 41 Ilnivirsity Hi'w'li+-stiwi, lg Ula- Miss Hzinnl, Sl. ig Si-"iw-t:1i'y, 113 l'iv'siilv-iit, l. Phil is :in liwnfri' n1:in I'l'lllll wlirini Ulf- Miss is l'XlH'l'Illl1J, 2..Yl'l'2ll tliinus. Ili- is lll'Y0'l' suiislii-il with ni'flili:il'y rw-skills, zlnil tli'-1-i-I-iw ilu.-s :ill Illllll-15 4'Xf"'lll'llll5. An 4-M-4-Q-cliiii.:ly lmrilliziiil Il-Ilnw wliu lil-- lic-vvs that doing is ln-ttf-i' than Silyllli-Z. lVli,i,mAi CLARK BREVVIZR . ...... . ..... Black Iflziwk, Mississippi lZ.U'lllCI,1lli HI" lCN43lNlCI'2RIN1l lla-rin:ii-zin, I2-l'lll!4lllr'1'l'll1:1 Vliili. x'll'4'-l,l'f'Nlflf'llI Siipliniiimw- Engim-4-i's, 33 Y, M, V, Au 1, 3, 2:1 43 Viw--Pri-siili-iit, Studi-nt Vlisipti-r Aine-rivan Sw-ii-ly Vivil l-Iiig.:'iin-I-is. 41 Yi:-1--l'i'i-sifle-iii Si-niur Eiigini-+-iv ing Vlaiss, -ig The- flu-nina. "Slwi'iy," lvl-Imw-il of l-'fwtiinf-, his ri-mly wit lll.llil'S hini ll priini- luv:-i'iti-. ln 1-xw-ry Iii-lil, ln- it classmiwiii ui' love-Vs lane-. hi- is ai nizin or nn ni--un ability. Emirxn B. BO,-XTNER, I1 K .-I ............ Potts Camp, Illississippi l1.U'llEl.llIi HI" ICNISINI-IICRINH Illinois, lg 'lll'f'1lSlll'l'l', Stuilint l'li:i1uti-i' Ani'i'i1':in Filvivly ul' Vixil l':ll3.1llll'l'l'S, lg l'1ilillir'ii1 Vlulv, 531 Grmnzig I14'1Hvl't4-i', 4. XYlin-.1 tlie- r-ill ul' Sunil li-lluws is 1-zilli-ul. "l-'li-p" will :inswr-r "l'ii's.-nl." "Flop" is tliw liinil nf zi fill:-xx' that is linunvl tw suvi-1 i-il. Ili- lms :i lilii-I hi-girl, ii fini- pi-i'siil1:ilily. zinil is the- nwiii-r of suvh il gi-nizil sniili- as is siunili:-:int nl' :iniizilvilili in its tru--st S"llSt'. ARTHLR STANLEY I-low, .1 A, I .1 ........ . Oak Park, Illinois ll,X1'llICl,Hll HI" l'INl1lNI+Jl+IRlN4l Illinois, lg l"l'E'SlllUHll Fm-tlvzill, 21 Varsity lfllllllliill. fl, 43 Varsity Rxiskvlllzill. il, 41 'IR-nnis, II, 41 Prf-sinli-nl, .lnnifvr l':llF-Klll0"'I'S, 323 X'if'4--l'ri-siil--nt. Hle- Miss l'lllfIlll4'4'l'lllL1 l'lnlv. ll. liniwluii llzill li'-urd uf f'nnIi'ril, 43 Ulf- Bliss Buggrql mf 4'ii11ll'ul, 11 Fritllllirn Vlllllg Muglihllll Snwii-ly, ll "M" Vllllig Thi- Grmnag S--rw-t:ii'y, 43 lflxr-r-iitixv Urminiittiie-, A, S. R, 31, Ole Miss will QLINNHNS IH- inilvlite-il K0 Illinois I-vi' "All" llis urwk on ills- zitlilwtii- li:-lil :ind in Ilif- vfrullcil hall has hi-lin-il us in ai gn-:ii way, In ailililion lvl tlwsi- ziltrllviilvs, hi- has il likoahlre sluili-, :i fiur- personality, zinil zi li--url of grflrl. , , i 1 eniors-School of Engineering RITLTHEY HLNIIQ . .... . . . .... .L'11i1'C1's1ty, lllisslssippi ILXVIIICIAIII HIV ICNliINl'IICI:INli Hr'1'111:11x111g 'I':13I11z' AI-'1I:1I 1:1 I'Iys1-sp .X. S. It 1'-11111-fil, Ig S---imlslrx. I1211ui11-1-14111: l'I11I1, 31 SCCTC- t11l'3', JllIl1I' I'I11g,111-'11'i11: Vliisa, Zig I'1'-isiiliiil. S-111111' I4Z11gi11--1-is, I, 'I'I11- l:l'IIlI'll, I. Tliv 1-11441111111-i11Lg 111'r1I'1's:4i4111 is lIlll"l'1l 1-11'll11l:1l1' lll l1:lvi11: liltvlivy 11111-11 IIS 1':1'1IQs. III- I1:1s bgnln :1 juvwl Slllllllll :mil is uvll lik-II I-5' :ill tlms-1 1111-1 Ixlxwxx I1i111. 'I'I1-- shy is lI11- l1111iI ol' SlIk"'L'SS NK'Illl SlIt'lI us I11-, E.-NRI. fJ.XKI,IEY . . . . ......... Nurtli L'ZlI'I'0llIOIl, Illisslssippi IIXVIIIGIAIII UI' I'TNfi-INIGIAIIRIXH II11'111:11':111, I, 2: IIII- NI15: I'I11:111- iw, I. J, Stull--11t "I1:111I1"'. ,X1111-111':111 si-1-i-ly 111' 1'1x'il I111gE111-1-Vs, SI, I1 'I'l'l'2ISllI '13 Ig flllll' f:I'IIlIILl, 'I'1'-'.1S111--1', lg Y. RI. l'. A., I, 3, Il, I. "I'l11111Ii11I1" llIIllllN'I'S :is luis l1'1-'mls llIS 111'q11:1111I:1.1w'S, Ilis I':1111-111: smll-4 :1111l 1'l1"1'l5' xrvvl- 11154 v111I1-:11' llvlll In .i11-- :111-I :1II. XXV- 41111 .I-1 1.-I Iv--111-1' lI1:1:1 I-1 1x1sI1 lI.IlI 1:1-111 S11-'-rss 111 llii- l11i1'S111I nl' his p1'r1l'1'ssi4111. Kluxsisvllmiizimzmx Uv1f:11fs'1'1z1212'1' ........ . . . . I.CXIIIQf0lI, Mississippi I!.Xf'IIICI.4'I: HI" I-INIIINIIIICIIIXII II11111g11:111, I, I. 111 Vlvtllliim l'llll', l, J, Zi, I1 Ili-Nlwlriy l'.lIlI, II, Ig H111 Bliss Vlisiliti-1' ,Xllll'l'It'2llI 54,.1,.4y ..y' 1'ix1I I-Z11:i111-Ars, 22, Ig Iuiswlwiil, lg 'I'1'+-:1s111'i-1' S1-111111' l'I11g:111-41'1'i.1g l'I:1.:-1. lj Vlllll' 1lI'llIIIil, 1'l1:1111p.I+1:sI111- Vlziss Ifimll-gill, I, l'I1:1111111-111 I11I1':1111111':1I Ifmvtllzill 'I'1-:1111, I. Xxvllvlllvl' M1111s1'y 11111 In 111' plziy- I11- mlm-5 Il 11ilI1 51 xxlmlv-I1--:11'l1-II 11111 ll1:11 sp-Ils fin' 1 '. II1. Illilllj' st'-1I111g llIIIIlIlI4i lIlrlI'4' I11111 41 I11"II1:111l 11111111-, l'.xI'I, O. R0l1lZR'l'S . ..... ...... . Holly Springs, flllssissippi Iiiiulxiifvyiiiu 1'I11I1. I. 3 X'11wI'1'v'si1I111l, ii, II14111:11-1111, I, fl Y. XI, V, .X., I, 3, lig Sw-1'--t:11'5' :Il 111111- I4111:1.111-1'111L, l'I:1-5. ZZ. 'l'I11' liI'lllll1I, ZIL S-vi'--11115, Il. S4-011 :1Il1-1' I1i.N:11'1'11:1l :it MII- Nlifw, I'. H. I1.11I:1+'4l11i1'1.I Im' I11111f1-II' :1 1'v11:1l:1li-111 111' g--1111i11v i11I-'rvsl III his 5111111-51111-I 11111111112 .11v1- 1- 1.1-111 111 11111 11,I1 li- l111111iI I-1 11, Xml 1xI1:1l's 111i11g ll1.:: 1'I1111l:1l1Hl1 is still 11114I1sp11l--il. Ilis 51:11-ws is 11111-stil IIA lils -4111111191 an I! IC. 111 11111-1' 5-ms. 11 - --------1-W----4 - 4 4 - 1 1 1 -Y' 'aff .Q-fi 1" ' 'A' '-1' ' A' f - , 1. - 1 - 11 .vii .- .1 .,iDQ.11,,: . 1.1.1 ,.f"-7 Y - 1 ' --:W ' f 1-2-.A " 'i' 5 iff' ' " Q , ' '1 N . 1- . , ' . 1 , 4 1 ' 1 1 e--- -1--M -V 1" -" 551' 3 gg.-.--f' -ff ,Q .ef 3- in , iwii 1" -, -- ff - - - - 1' . 1 1 1-231 ,WW , ,, -,-, fini. W ' ' '3Qf2,Q?LTEL.g::'-22:-Lkfgf-37.5'Ter -"1-?ggg1:4.Q43sQ.z.iEs 2955:-T 4 gf-.. u , .1 11, - fd- - - - - --------A -- --- 1 1 'L 9? 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M. f', A., 1, 2, 3, 4: Cabinef, 3: , V' Q 1Stu2fsnt l'lia1Jtt-r .Xma-i'it':in Foci 'ty nf l'ivll 151121111 vrs, Il. 43 Vim--l'1's-sitlvlil, 23 l'uli1li0n t'lulJ, 12, 3, 43 I 1' '1'i't-asurt-r, 43 Mississiyipiaxii f'iY'f'l1l1l1lUIl Stuff, 13 t'ii'1-lilatiuh Alziiizigtw, 23 Assistant Busint-ss lvlzimlger. 3: - ' Business lvlzinage-r, 4, Stuth-nt Assistant iii tl--ul11:.:y, Ii, 4: RIVITIIJVI' M. 1. P. Ag D1-Alolay Vlub, 2, 3, 43 Vie-e-Prlsitlt-nt, 33 l'1'esitltnt, 43 41111 Miss Staff, 2: Mziiiziut-r l'nix't-rsity Theatre, 43 Vigilance tjmn- ' '. mittee, 45 The tiruina, -lg Vit-1--I'1'1-sith-nt .luni-fr lillgll1l'l'l'S, 33 Gulfport Club, 4, 11 S. A. is fine- of thfvst- l'--lluws that e-x'--1'yr1i1v lumws and whu lcnuws i'V9l'yllllf'. l-lv has tzilct-n ' ,-1.3 his work. his frir-mls, his ui,-tivitits, :intl tht- Vi1ll1lrllS with his sinilt-. 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All--li-'zil 1'liil-, Zi, 1, Si--'ii-lilly-'l'i't1isul'i-V, l'l'1'-All-ilivzil Vluh, 2. "Sli,-.-ily' 5, 2, .-li-ti, ,iiiil ut-ll-lilt---I li-lloxx I-5 "'l'li--mix" :is ui-ll us hy his 1-laissiualli-S. .Xl- tlittiiuli Sli-----lx sul'li-rs txilh I-iuiiii stliriiis xxhi-ii Katt- is aiuzig, ln- is tht- typm- ul' lllilll that wlll "gt-I thi-i i-," ,,. . F, lf" ' Hr JOHN Cox . 'M.'edi1-:111 1'l1111, 2, 41 Religious :11'1ix'ili1-s 1'-nerg1-111' a11x'111'11t1- 111' glltld st111111111, ll 111y:11 SHED H11.1. Dwis Varsity F1111111:111, 1, 111-rv is Il 1111111 w1111 e1'liO1'S-SCl'lOOl of Medicine 11.51, 11.19 Falkiicr, Klississippi 11 511.111l2l, -13 RI:1s111111- 1'11111. 13 1. 31, 1 ,X l'1111111111, 4 11 1111- Bliss 11111 1111-1 11 11is1i111'1 111ss 111111 11111 Il1lSSI11g 111' .1111111. AS an 111 111:11 s1111111w 1111' 11111 11+1s1 111 s1'111111 1111 1 1x 1111s 1111111- 111s 1-11111111111111111. 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CEIBSON . . , . 13110111-ville, Mississippi A111 l'l1l't'l' 1,1-11111114, 113 1111-11 1'11111, 113 S1-1-11-11115-'1'1'1111s111111', S1-111111' M1-1111-111 1'l.1ss, 1, ILS., l1iss1ssi1111i A. li M. 1'11111-:.:11g 1'111i11i1111 V11111. l111r1- is ll 1111111 x'111'Sa11l1- 111111 1:111-111111l- ll 111111111 111111111 11 S111114 1111'1l, :1 s111111-111. M1-1111'i111- is 1111- only IDl'l1ft'SS1lI11 111'111111 1-1111111411 111 111-1'11111 s111-11 :1 1111111 111 11111111111 1115 1111ss111i111i1-s. S111111- 11115' 111- 11x- 'C 11 1-1 I .. Q 1: .. ,L 5 F. F. i 113 . nl 5 1 M1 1115? , 11 , .,:g', 11"'1 .131 'hh Ill 153, ij 'a N f 51 1 .:i'R9"'f1!f' j 'Af 1 :ffl ' W, ' 11.1 , 5 M'-'- Q, '. ,...., 5 F' J 6I'liOI'S'SCl'100l of Medicine YVILLI.-ui IiI1'ZGI?R.XI.IJH.-XNI'J . . . . . B111-th, Mississippi ILS., M.D. A. .Q RI., 'SIL Si-riih I-Himluzill. 'ZZ1 Varsity 'l'1'1ii-lx. 2, Il, -I3 "AI" Vlulig Ngipiziin 'I'l':ii'k 'Fi-urn, 2: Prq-shll-111, l'1-I--M.-:ln-:ul 4'l-iss. I1 Slllilvlll Assistant in Ili:-liigy, 33 l'i'1-siili-in l'i-I--Mi-.1 Vlull, gg Phi Sigma: Iliixing Vinh. Q11 Si-4-iw-l:1l'5'-'I'iw-:isuwr, 33 Sllltlvlll I-Ixm-villixw l'iil1ni'il, I3 Mississilipizxn Staff, 2: Y. M. 4'. .x. l' Vfllllllliili-i-, 3: Milli..-1. 22: In-.-.ii-iliiis :si-I-1-I-tiixw, -1: Minimal--r 'l'i-in-li 'IR-inn, 4: M--ilivnl Vluh, 11, -Ig Assistant in .-Xllillllllly, 4. In his lliur y--:urs :il llli- Miss, I'e'li- has missi-il iifmi- Ill' his nlipiirliiiiiiia-S. .-Xltlimxgh nur- oi' ilh- liuiwh-sl sliiili-his .in thi- i-zihipiis, hi- hiis xml huruiii himsi-II' I'1'im1 his many l'1'ii-mls, His ililllivxlm- has allways lnvll i-gist ini' thi- li-si in viilli-gw lii'i-. - s . . . . CLIILI. Ci. IJOLI..-XNI7 . . . . . . Amory, IXIISSISSIDIUI ILS., NLD. Viv.--I'i'i-siili-iii Vlziss, 31 I'l'--sill-wil, .lilliwr llulivul Vlznss, Zlg Vigilxiiivi- lf.-niiiiillvi-1 A, S. IE. 4'4llllI"Il, Zig Viiiilli-iii Vluhg Mi-:Iii-:il Vluh. 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I, Q, lil'1'ill'5ll'LlA lg Aliiliiiil Vluh, II, Ig Uh- Miss .I--sl'-us, 223 Nlississippizins, I, 1'l'ilfL'511lN1' lui mlisi-' is -.lily wx-'i-Ili-il lay his Ie-xv liil' his l'lll'Sl'Il lilwnli-ssiwll. .llllliillgll In- lll'Yl'l' ,I,,m,,.d ,mill hi uns sm-.1 -.1 gui hi- zilxxaiys Illini:-I limi- In niziki- hims--II piipiilnl' :lL Ihr- plfllm. .4 Sl i-L-T "' -n 1 DQ 1 'll 1' .n ,V A 1 -Tirifr f'AT.f,-,js ,,,:v,..g :' ' 5 , ' lit- 'l.:fg,- "I ' I V ff- i,M. 'fis it an 1 - . 5 t Q ,g J 9 ,' ' ri i 1 i ' I ' ' ' 'Lili -i-- ' :Tl . " . 2 -1 - A . . 4 -5, ' -. W: - A '- -, ,S 7,-fin' t I- T1 K CI1iOI'SiSChOO1 of Medicine FRANK LO PRIZSTO . ..... . New York, New York ILS., ZXLD. "Uh: Miss" Slzlff. 13 AiiS5l?4SilPI'12lIl Ilmxzd nl 1'-mix.-I, lg S.'viwl:ui3', H1-iiiizuf-nm, l, l'nIlllwl11'luln, 3, 43 Histurian, Svniul' Mvilivzml 4'l:ifS, lg Stuli, "Sin-.un.' lg M--h-'nl Vluhg Il:-piwtv-l', I. Thr- "ln1hmm" 1-.nuns ti- us irum iiiw-1-iixxivlu Villain". Fu-h is his xw-rszilility that with Equal f2l"5IilB' hm- f-:ui "iii-win" his ugly i'I'Ulll :in wxsunixiizili-vii rmnn Klll1viISI'l'Xl'Ii, :irullfi ilu- mv-rits nt' l71lVWill'S Yill""'3'. :mil uvlllully foul lily '.llliP'I' into In-li:-wing that he- is :nuulw iluring ll physi- ulugy quiz. - 1 . .1 A . . . . LLLIS Lou Aims Mookii . . . Carthage, Mississippi M,Ir. i5.S., lliHSiSSilv1ri .X. N 11. Vlliifi-Z", 'lT'1 MJISHIII1' l'illir, II, Ig NI--1il4'z1I Vllllu. Ii, I1 lirwliigqvglly, Nlmwri- is klwxxii lf- his illilllj' lrnwiifls :us 11 gmul, I-'LL-Inf-:nrlwi svmit. ills pi-rgfmality :xml his i2lSlilILL clvlf-i'nlihzili4ni will -'awry him lu thi- hviaqht nl his 4-Ima--in piwl-ssifvii, 4 Luxxiii Iilosizusv, lx .-1 .... jackson, Mississippi ILS., BLD. Pyw-sifla-nt Supimiimrv Vlglss, Ig mmlillirm Vinh, 1, I, Il, 1, l'vfliii+'llhi:1h, 211 M1-ilivzxl Vinh, 51, lg Stuff, "Sl'l"'JllIl." 4. 'l'ii4- i11mun11n:1r:llul.-, 1-ww-I1ll':1-. xxllty, r'ul1w4'iIw'li. zliul x+'il-:uclllllllvwily llillnisulllv. Nl' llI'Yl'I' Irvs! il lvzilth- mln nit, :xml ilu-iuazh hf- mznh- l'l1l1 ul ml-nyl-mix, h-- u,ns mit iiiiimy-rllnr. I'--SSVSSHI' -rl' l'll4Il'4' turn shirts than :iinyhmly --ii lhi- vziiiilvlis. gzuim- In th-' wifi'--, hv uns li--xe-1' hm-ull to lmvli wut. llig lufuri- is gl pxmiiisiiigg mmf. ROBERT T. :XICI,.XL'RIN . .... . . Pzlycttc, llississippi ILS.. MJD. M4-.Iii-:il Vluh, ZZ, lg Assistant Husihfss Alnvizuui-i'. 'l'h.- "S1rn:uh." 1. "Mm-" nllvixlvs his limi- If-'tw'--ii th. ".-4,-lp" :uni lhv I'lns4lw,--111. Ili' hug 1,1-iw.,-41 his :ihillly Ln lvnrn ixiwliviiiv ulliwut thf- -vw-1'-vx-'1'ti4l11 uhh-h N- Illllllj' 1-xiii-i'i-rivv. Hn- xxmihl sell :in iw-in-rg to an ESKIIIIUQ lhn- fIlTlll't' lnuks lllkl'IllISiilg vmmgli IMI' him. in 4 f "fI":ke7i3 fi ' f K x - ig , "1 ?' 'i -- Y HQ J Q' mx . , iii I ' I G FL! LQ,..,, . " 1 ' 4 ,iv ' f ' -2 -11, ' WA ' W - --7-.g A '32 'X ' '- I' , ' S71 V WLS' M? 2 .gn ' .T ' ' ,I 'cz' ' -i kdm. , QW, u L .P-vm 2? ,QS ...A .L 61'1iO1'S1SChOO1 of M6diCif16 R. CARTER U'Fi2RR.ii,L, K ,si . . . jackson, Rlississippi M Ii. BS., Millszipsg All-Ilivzil Vliilu l'ii'si4li'iit, lg Vulilliun l'luli. liwul-iiziliilw-il :mil pill-iilzir, 1':ii'ts-i' is iisiizilly' lkwiihil liairil :it wwrk. His Zlilliiif' :xml Pfvpuiarify arf- shmiii by his eil-if-limi iii ilii- pi'-Asiili-iiiy nl' ilu- Ill--rlivuil Vluli. As ii phisi--mn, l'iLl'It'l' is surv to hc ll sucuiss. Ciwimia CllISllULKI R.i'rci,iiflf .... . McComb, Mississippi ILS., Al,IJ. S-4i'r'wl:ii'5-'I'ii-zisuiiiiy l'ii-'ll-i-I11':iI Vluiig Hlwiiizivziiii l"i'i-sliiiiiiii Hi':ilHi'i4':il M1-ilul. 11 Se-1-mimi Spwzilwly 21 I"ii'sl Sp'-:ilu-i, 1, Yi-A---I'i'i-sill-iiit, Sviiifvr M4-ilivail Vluss, I1 Mississipliiuii Iiivnrd ol' l'IIntrul, lg Si'-'i'vl:iiy, lmlillmii tlllili, sl. "ll:il" is ihl'llll-iqllli ul' Illll. :iii-l yiil, si-rilvus whi-ii lhi- si-iimisiii-ss is iiifwli-il. His 'IH-i'psir'liui'm-:iii ailiilily is iii-wmip:ii':ilvl-', his uit is iw:i1l3'. his iiili-II--1-1 is stiviiig. Hi- is vi-ry pupiilur, :iml :it thi' s:im-- limi- viiry stiiiliiiiis. llf- will mzilii- ai grunt liliysiviziii :iiiil :iii ililliii-iitiul maui. xVII,l.l.XNI Ihxiizi, Rusiiokuicii . . . Sciizitobia, Mississippi MJD. ILS., '17, NilSFiSSll'IIl .X. A' Mg Hlmlviil .Xsslslaiiit iii Aiizilwiiiy, I1 lXlwli1':iI Vliili, Ifmi miiii lifixv :im-Iii-il lliiiii.---lu-s :is diligviilli :is "llnsi-'," XYh4-ii X011 niiiw- li-:urn him, you W kiww ai piiiiii- ill' :i If-llww. His qiiii-1 :mil llll1lSSllllliIl5.1 mzimivi' luis gaiiiii-il him mziiiy liiviiils. Qil.YlJli CXRLUS Rot Sli. If X .i ..... . iirookiizivvii, Klississippi ILS., Mill. fllississiplllgill Slgill' Q1 dyssiwliili- Idililivl "l li- Miss," , Y. ll. V, .K. Hull' i'illiiQ Vivlliliiin Vluhg 314-fllvzil Vlllir, llli HINN I!n.ll4I lvl l'4illll'Hi, i. "IN'lf- Hill lv-' will.-iiilliii--fl lui" xiii :is mil- 'il thi- mi-sl lmpulzir mvii :vt his vlgiss. XYilIi his plm-ziszilil iiiqiiiiivr :iiiil his ililiuiirifi- 'is :i sliiilviil, "limi t':ii'Ius" liais viiilwziiw-il liimsi-ll In :ill who kimw him. 'i -' ' 3 ' -, 9 ifkiv ,V - ' I U - IP 'i i . . 1 . - 1 ' ,ii 1 . :A fi 1 Q- i 'f iff. wi . u l . .3 l l , . A. 6I'l1OI'SZSC1'lOO1 of MCd1C1DC JACK RZFLL STRANGE, 2' N ..... . 111111-111-11111-11c0, 1,011isia11:1 HS., 31.11, .Mcdh-111 V11111, Il. 11g f'11111Ii1111 V11111, 11, 1, 1,1111is1.111:1, 1, I Jaffk 11:1s 111111 1111 1111- 11111s1 111111111111 11111111s 1111- M1-1111-111 S1-1111111 113lS. :11111 111:11 is 511111111 :1 grbat df-alg f'llll1P1l'l1 111111 111:11 11111111 is 11111 .1l11l111 111 1111111111- 21 S1111-1111111 11111s11-11111. 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S111-1:1-ss is z1ss111'1.-11 111111. -11111111 IYORNIAN XVILKINSUN . ..... . f1111fp111't, llississippi ILS., 31.11. M1-1111-111 1'I1111, CI. -13 1'1'1--M1-1111-111 1'l11l1, 1, 21 11111111:11-:111. 1g 1'11l11Ii1111 V11111. "Sl1111"' 1141115 1111111 1111- IX1issisf11111i 111114. 111111 I111' 111:11 1'1-:1s1111. il' 1'111' 1111 l1I11l'1', 1111 1-1111111 111- 11-1'1111-11 Il 14111111 1'1-111111. XY1- 1111111 111:11-11 11 5:1111 111:11 1111 in 11111111 :1 4'I:11111-s' 111:111" '111 1111- 1-1111s1, 11111 111- s111-111s 111 1l'21Yt' 11151 1111111111-s 111 111111 111111 1111 1111111 111- 5111115 111 51-111111l. 111- 1111s 111111111 g11111l 111 1111- Miss. 55-ff? 1 ' u ii 1 ,.... eniors-School of MCdiCiI1C RICHARD lllixiu' lV.xl.KiaR. JR.. 2 X . . . Hattiesburg, Mississippi l!,S,, Mlm. l-'rirslimnii If-mlliqill, 11 Varsity lfmvllvsull, 3. Ill Vlitillimi Vlulu Ilznivv 1'-vinniillf'--, -lg l'1'i-siilvnl, Sl'lllllI' Mifliiwil Vliiss, l, Mo-rli1':il liilllll "M" Vlulv. "Ax iyliii-gil 4-iilli'p,v iii:i1i" il:-si-iil--s Iriwk hi-llwi' than :my wvlliwi' plirnsi- uliii-Ii wi- miuhl aSsign vii limi. llv luis lzilivii hurt in :ill Sllllil'Ill aiilixilu-s wt' any llillllllh lu limv hi- will Illb ilniilit'pli-,sv ml.. gi ilisliliuuislii-il elm-Ihr, , . . ,. . . . . R.xY.xmxii liizyxxi' ZISLLICR, .sl 'll lu, I .1 . . X :moo Liry, Mississippi 31.11. lmlillihli Vlul-3 Nl-wliwil Vlulvg Illzisiinin- Vlulvi Ilviviwli-1' .Xml-riwm l,i-gimi, 31 lmiii-lg.-.-pi-r, Il. s..'rit:il'y 312151-Ill" Vluli, T., lllsslsslplvlzlll Stull, Il. ILS., 113 "1vli- Miss" Stull, lg lililitnr, "'l'liv S--ri-zulu." T-, HI-i Miss lliiziiil iii' Viiiilli-I, Y., ll--liailing Vwiilivll, fig Vminvillllzin, A. l'. l-I., f-3 II--rmsiv-xiii, Z, 21, l, fi lvilillliillll, Sig l'r1fsifli-iil, fig Aim-i'Ii'iiii Iii-gi:-ii, 2, Il, lg Vwlilliwii Vlulvg 1li'v'4'k Vlullp lintin Vlulv. I1:iymfiiiil is si I4'iij' Ifilhm linvilig :is his pm- li--lilly ihi- mzikiiig of "'l'l1i,- Si-r-':un" il sun-1-1-ss. Wlizuiiii.-r xi-ii in-ii think :il his mi-Ili--lla, hw- is illl rililstanliiliiig vxaiiliplr- ul' uhzat zigpziw-ssixi-liilss :mil 1lvI'l'llllllLlll4rIl "itll il-I in l'Illlll'll.4 lil.-, lVii.i,ilxixi HAXIJSISRT iXI.lR'l'lN . . .... . Puckctt, illississippi ILS., M.ll. Mi-iliizil Vllil-, 21, l, Mississippi X N M, Viilli-uv. lxqziiii xx- sau lh.ii viii 4-siiiiiul lliwp zu "gm-il iiinii ilfmnf' I--1' A, K' Xl. wnilil vw! liwhl zu mxin .il llzilliiilk Iii'-mfliiwsw. Ili' ls ai liui- :mil siiivi-iw I-ul, xxliusi- im-iiiiiry his vlaissiiizxtvs will loin: llifllpli, I E l Z rs-QR -Q 5 C? ii l d --Q CI1iOI'SiSCl'1001 of c:OITlI'I'161'CC 'CAVRTER VVILEY LEGGETT .............. . Charleston, llllississippi BAC'I-IICLOH OF SVIENVE IN CUMMERCE Commercial Club, 2, 3, 43 Y. M, l'. A. Proinution l'ommitt-fe-, 223 SI'f,'l't'l2lI'Y-'l'1't,'21Slll'El', Senior Com- Iilerve Class, 45 Reports,-r Voiniiil-1'f'iul Vlnh, 4, Slllllvlll Assistzint in Spziuish, 4, A'Sple'm1id stuwlvnt and :1 likvzlblr- man is l'ai'li-in As a studvnt nssislnnt in Spanish, he is ef- flvieht, anal tlwre-i'm'v sum-1-sslill. 1':u'tv1' is quiu-t in disposition, uorisuieiiiioils in his work, and liuwsistcnt in all his efforts. BILLIE PAM IZARD ................. Georgetown, lllississippi BA4'HEI.Ul1 OI" S4"IICNr'E IN COlNIMER4"E Varsity Basklthall, 3, 41 Y. M. U. A. ihillilivt, -lg Goiwlrm Hull Bofnwl of Vmnlrol, 4g t".-.mmg-1-.'-im Club, 1, 2, 3, 4, Vnvv-P11-sillmit .Iunmr l'UlTllll"l'l'4' Vlnss, L13 Vil--1-Piwesillmit Se-nior 4'.mii1'n,-x'cw- Ulngs, 4, Yvlljt'-1'l'ldSlLll'Ilt Stullwnt Body, 45 "M" lflubp Assistant in Coziiiiwru- Dvpartnient, 4, In Billie- wi- lincl that rzuw' combination ol' gi pgvrillilio stndwnt :ind su-Ilnr zithlvll'-. In the lY'0l'l1ITl4"l'L'l' Scliuul, lZ:ir1l's sa'liulz11'sl.ip won lol' llilll sr-vvlxil zlssislzintsliips. AH ll lnuslivtlizlll playin' he has taken his plum' w1Ih Alississzlllris gn-artist. .. HENRX' CLYDE TAYS . . . . ...... . . . . . . .Booneville lllississippi BAf'l'llf1I,4'lli OF SFIENVIC IN f"UMMIC1:f'E f"omniervi:1l Vllllv, T. 7. 41 D1-M--lay Vluh. 3, 4: E'1ll"1lll4'l1 lllllll. 42 llislorigin Svnini' 1,'UITlI1ll?l'f'1f ' Class, -l. 'Pays is likv tha- 1---put'-ml Nil,-tho inoiu- you know him. thv lwti-Jr you likl- hini. II1- ti-mulls daily at Z1 gait that he- can Sustain mul is fn-as from spzxsiiiomlll' swells, ln- has llV1'll0llSlI'f'lfif1l El L'Ol'llIHt'IltlZllJlt,' c'onsist--nvy. VVAYNE BUTLER SMITH . . . . . . . . . . .... . Amory, lllississippi BA4'lflEl.Ul-l Ulf' SVIENVE IN 1'UMMEl1l"I'1 Gm-don Hg-,ll Bonral of nwnilrol, -lg "M" Vlubg Sm'1'vtn1'3' :ind 'l'l'l'llSLll'Hl', ft, tw-tillion t'Iul,+g Ifyvg, id:-nt Junior Ulasf in 4"1lllITll'I'l,'l'. 33 PV"Sl'l4'l1l SUIIWI' ""I11l'Ilf'l'1'H "Hifi 41 Varsity Football, 1, 2, 2, -lg A. S. C, ljouiwilg Y, M, V, A. l'lYIlllTllllQ'P, 4, 33 Pri-si-ll-lit 4'HlHl'lll'I"'l1ll Vluh, 4, VVa5'ne is il hzlrnl ilghivi' who livvrl' give-'s 11111 ln' has won in foollunlll it Sw-ins that he has non in the Co-ed tryouts, and Wu' an sun- that hw will win in husin--ss lifv, Xlhyiie will he grveallb' missed on both thw nthlmil' til-lil und thi' vo-eel stnnuping gflllllltl. I of-' Pri-sid.-lil Ilinim Ihiiiiii x 1 tlurrlui n eI1iOI"SiSChOO1 of Pharmacy YVIl.I.1ixxl I'ilDWIN .AKlN, 'IR ............ Aberdeen, Mississippi 4ill.XlPI'.K'l'l'f IN l'll.XlxM.X1'Y Varsity I-'mill-ull, l, 2, ZZ, -ll All-Stziiv lfullh-i--k, Z1 Varsity 'l'i':il-li. 313 Pri-sieli-lil UM" Pluhg ' ' 1 ' :vi 'l:lss, Zig l'll:il'lii:l-1-llliizll Ass - ri lzlllull, Xl,.ll.ll1I'v Vullllllillvn-, A. S. fl., 4: i ll'ill Piiziiil nl Viiiiliwilg Y. M, l'. .L l'1'uiiiuii4iii luiiiliiltt ,.,. F-ri' lkvili' vvziiw "IH--Il-3" has I-iii-li till: .il lhi- iiiiisr ull! liiiihii iiiiii 1-f thi- Uh- Miss l'-mthull li-:im Iuzivli 5'-iii' h.- hzls hi-.-ii gi strung wiiili-stnlil I 1 .XII-Stin limiui's. This yi-:ir Ulhvoli-y" vlwsml his vain-i-i hx lwlllg ills---ti-il thi- iii-Isl 1---1-iilzii maui :il Uh- MISS. Cilfrikcli XVARRIZN B.n' ............ . Columbia, Mississippi llIl.Xl1l'.X'I'lC IN l'H,Xl M.X4'Y I'h1ii'iii'ii-.-illivzil .Xsfmiqllii-lip Swii-tziry-'1'i'--iisiiiwiig I. lizivhs is 'lil iiilliisllminis. hziiil xx-iikl-i'. .xllillilldil hi- is lwli- Llvllllll his slzirl. hi- has within him lhiisli 1-li'iiAi1'1w-lisllvs Hilllil :ir-' sill'-' In lI'Sllll iii slim-i-ss iii lllv. ,'XRTHl'R CLAY Booxii . ..... ....... . Corintli, Mississippi 4lll.Xlrl'iX'l'l-I IN l'H.Xi.M.Xl'Y I'li:ll'lil'i-w-illl-':il Assliwiziliuil, 21, 1. 1'l:lx 1 lm lu us lil-iii I,li5iil:l, -iliil lu- :lin iiiiii-i-il L,l:iil lhail hi- wh--l-limi ln mist his hit with uurs. ll is gi gil-'-isiiiv lv hii-lv l'I:l5. Alllj hi- zilxxzixs hi- llllil .is pl:-:isiiig in thi- ih'ii:4uisls' vii'i'li-. XVII.l,l.X.NI XVI-isl,liY l3uu'1'li .......... . . . .-Xbvnlccii, Klississippi Hll.Xlrl'.X'I'l'I IN l'll,-Xl.M.U'Y i'h:illim----illlvzil .Xssfii-izill--li, IZ, 1. Will l..,.ilh, 1.1 thi- ll.iiiiiii: Il.izi, lhw ii--ilvligilzliil Slllll, quill lil lllllf siiiih-, :iii-1 lhl- vlivi-i'y 'l,,.ll,,v" lull limp: hi- ii-iiiiiiil---i--.I hy thi- I.ixx5l-rs :ls xx-ll .is lhi- "I'li:il'lilqu'iillIn-24" :is the- hi-sl ul' ligils glylil gl "i'lilpllli" gil-lil li-Ili-ix. XVIII iwilllll hllxv null his lzlillii i-I1 Ilia- zilhll-lil- livlil, hui hi- lly-.-ll-iilil I hwiilq- Illx iiil'L:B I-i lh. mllxllig nl th-' iiix lvrll-S lil plrirliiziiy, , 5' ."5',' ' . l ,li l .M -l f N ,M ..- , --wg M fs, Q 'I W 1- ' x I .. f A pl sl: K , ' ff ' la A 'V 1'-A ' 'lx '4' . . Q i i 'gs - . ii' L . TWA K M A 7" . ,,,-3,4-' . ZA- . , , . .'-A . 'Zi ' 'Ps - A W.: 'Y' ,,,,,W ...WM , --ff CI1iO1'S'-SCl"l0O1 of P1"l8.1'I'fl3.Cy PRICE CAIN . ............ . Kusciusko, Klississippi f'IliADl'A'l'l1I IN I'llAliMAf'Y Mnslrliif' Vluh, 43 l,ll1lI'YTl2l1'!'llKi4'2ll .Xssm-izitiwii. 43 Y. M. V, A.. 4, Alihungh l'I'i1-H hns Iwi-ii with us only nm- 5.-ur, h.- has In---n fnunil lu pusy-ss st--rling qualities of Tmililiuml. llis smilf- is 1-iiuzlaaiiig, ainil his pi-iwniizilily i-wi-i-iliilpzly ulli-gn-tivz-. llf- I-.mimi but Sl1QCg-vii iii his 1-husf-11 pg-n1'1-ssiunk ALDEN F. CR.-xxrokn . . ....... . . . . . Smninary, Rlississippi fill.-XllI',,X'l'l-I IN I'll.XliM.Xl'Y Mncrmim- Vlulrg llistorixm. Si-niui' Pl1:il'ln114-y Vlziss, 43 Millsaps Vnlli-gn, '31, '33, 4'l':ilil'wi'4l sp--nl tw-I y--urs :it Millsnl-s Vfvllv-::v ln-t'frx'v hi- vziini- In Hli- Miss. His llrsl yi-gir hi-rp XVZIS tak--n up in thi- 1rlll'3llII nl' his ILS. lll'!I'l'l', hut lust ye-411' hi- linill-rlnnk tha- slumly nt' pliziriuui-y. llc- has slmwn hinisn-ll' tu hun- innny ul thi- iinulitil-s xxhiih nmlci- ini' sin-wi-ss in any pi-nik-ssinii. ROY ANLJRIEXN' IDE.-XN . . . . . . ...... Senatobia, Mississippi 4ili.Xl1l',X'I'lC IN l'llAIiM.U'Y T'l111l'nl:u-willivul ASSu4'i:1li0ll, II, lg l'i-1-sill--nt. -lg Viv'--l'1'i-siilf-lil S--niui' 1,il1ll'lll2i4'j' Vlaiss, 4g Hu'- xnaf-un, Cl, 43 Xx'llll1l'l' Ili-i'imii-:iii 1irutn1'i--ul vniili-st, Cl. BL-siili-s ln-ini.: zi gi-ml stullv-lit in thi- pliaiiwiizivy ill-puI'tx1n-iil. IH-:in has zilsu thi- makings nt' 11 gnml on-:uni-. H+- nlnnys hns :i snxili- and Ll gnnil w-11-il ini- i-vi-i'yniif-. Wi- kn-in' that S11--.-.455 awaits hini in thi- drugirisls' 1-in-li-. YVILLI.-UI ALEXANDER FIFE .........,. . Herinz1nx'illc', llississippi lili.XIPI'A'l'l-I IN Pli.-XHM.U'Y Phill'lll8f,'t'Lllil'2li Assni-intimi, TZ, 4. Fifa- is uni- uf nur stuslinus plm1'iii1ii-5' Stull'-HIS. :xml his tkiitlifiil wnrk is bringing.: in in-turnsg aftf,-1' hi- has Iinishwl :inil hug lewzllvlj in :1 ms-rl--l'n rlruu sim'--, muy his 1-niitiliuwl faithlnl win-lg 1,1-ing him grunt I'l'NV1ll'll for ull his lnlmr. r MQ Um T s-- -1:- Cl'1iOI'SZSCl'lOOl of Pharmacy EDXVARI7 ST.'XN'I'I.EY F,-XRR ............ . llemphis, Tennessee' 4ll:AlvI'.X'I'lC IN l'Il.X!IM,xm'Y Phariiim-1-iitimil Assuvizitiiiii, 12, lg Studi-iii Assistant in l'llIll'lll!ll'1', 43 lwilillifm Vluh, H, 4: 'Herrrxai-un, Ci. Farr is une- ut' tha- uulst:ihilihp.1 stuili-nts ul' thi- l'lluriii:u'y S1-huulg lm is fiilmil lqikiiig gin ur-givc pzirt in --vvrytliilig that gm-s nh iii-iiiiiiii him, XXX- --xpi--'l him Lu I'4'tlllill ln his liiniii- uh.-ii hi- riiiislivs , :iml svn-iiiw as INISIIIUII 111 the- I.lutl llly. JAMES CLAIR I"r.owi2Rs .... ..... I iilmicliael, Mississippi 1lll.Xlll'A'l'lC IN l'HAKIlM.X4'Y Mgisimii- Uluh, 41 Pill!!lllLll'4'lllII'1ll .-Xssiwinliuii, ZZ, 1, Qui:-1 in his llIlllll'l', ililiuvnl in his uwrk, :mil in-lsisli-iii in his pullwsv, I-'lnxu-1's is uni- xxhu hiilivxvs that "1liwili14" is ll1'll"l4 than Hlzillaiiig :ilmul duiii.L:." joux KITLVIN F1.mvl2ks . . ...... . .... . Kilmichzwl, Mississippi l2H.XlPl'.X'l'l'I IN l'H.KllM,XV-T Phul'nin+'vuli1-:il Assrwiziliun, 4. Juhn is ifxe-iiipliim' ul' thi- nhl :ixinm lhxit "Siill w:iti-rs run eh-vp." Ili- thinks mu-'h. mlm-s mum-h, unil vIxlll"'SSe'S muvh in I'--xx xuvrmis. Uh- Miss liusvs :i gnmi Stu-lvnl in Jwhh. XVlx,I.iixA1 fiI.IiNN FI,ONN'liRS . .......... Kiluiichzicl, Mississippi 1II1.Xlll'.X'I'I'I IN l'll.XliM.X1'?Y l'llJtl'!lllll'l'llII1':Il .X5SUl'i1lllUIl, 4. "HMI" slinulil haixv lhn- urxxxlil prim' fin In-ing thi' must qlliil Sliiili-nl :ll tr1.- ylggg, H,- ,uns on lh-- aissuulliliun lhul "ni-l w-,irils, hut mlm--ls shim wxh:il's iii Ihi- mam." Wzilvli him silivvvii. Q-:DO ' 514. ,Q ,- 4. Q - J 1' ' H Aff ' 1 ' fi , 2 f :ar :Q 1 " P 2. , ' s . '11 ' Q ' f ' -B I ,l ,-In -Q, Via. ' CI1iOI'S'-SCl'lOOl of Pl'1afTDaCy HENRX' H0w121,1, G,X'FES ............. . Fayette, RIississipp1 GILXIII .X I li IN l'Il.XliAl.X1'Y lx1lSSl.4SlIlIll .X, K 111, 1'1vll1'L11-, 'lilg l'l1:11'111:11-1111111111 Vlulu, 521 I-'1'1-sl1111:111 Ii:1s1fl1all, II. If H1-my is us 11111111 :1 "pill l'llllI'l"' lx 111' is El lms1'11:1ll pit1'l11'1', l11- xxlll l1:1x'1- l1ttl1' trfrublv in bl'f'1llilllL1 11l1:11'111:1111-11111111 l'l'l'lll'4lS. 'IVIIIS l1:1111ls111111, l1l11-:1l1l1- 1'l11111, 1'11111m1111ly k1111w11 as "JPlIy,' ulll l11- l1:11'1l lu l'1-11l:11-1- ill ll11f 1'1-l1t1'1' 12111111111 1411113.54 , Yi V, , . . . Q0RxI1l,111l1.xRR0TT . ........ .... . C11'ee11w00d, IXIISSISSIPDI KZILXIDI Xllf IN l'H.Kll1Xl.X"Y I'l1:11'111111'1-11tif':1l ASS111-1z1I11111, 31, lg Sl'l'l'1'lIll'j'-'l'I'4'2lSllI'1'l', S1111111' l'l1z11'111:11'5' "lass, 4, 'l'11 1111 I11-1' 111-sl 111111 Ill-11 11111 xx1111'5, 111 lu' lnyul 211111 l111'111g to 111-1' l,l'lf'lldS. but 111vt 111-- l'1'111l1'11t llllllll 1l11'111 ls ""1'111-lizl. NflRNl.XN l3.G11 fXlill'e11l1r4 1'1vIl11s.:1' T3 Y. Nl. l'. A. 1:llllN is 111' tl11- I1111-xl :1:11l 1'!11s1st 1' 111 lu- 1l.-1-111.-1llv 1111l11'11l11z1l1st11- 111111 1'111'1'r'sp11111li11L:ly 1-l1:1rmi11: 111 111-1-Q1111'1l1tx .I.IS, 11 K A ........... . Fayette, llississipgu 4lIl.Xlvl'.X'l'l'l IN l'll.XllflI.Xt'Y l'l1:11111:11w'l1t11-:ul Xws111'iz1ti1111, 27, lg llist1+1'1:111 .l1111I1v1' Pl1:11'111:11-1' Vlass lypv- 11ill1 wl111111 il is l1:11'1l lu I11-1-1111111 :11A1111:1i11l1-1l 1'1-:11lil3', but who 111:1li1' tl11 1111111 1111+111 ll11- lll'Sl tl1111 xo-il IS lil'l1'1l. llv 14 '1 11111111 lll 11111 sf-11 x11n1'1l. XX1 11It1'11 111111111-1' why l11- l1111l1 10111111111 S1' ul' Ill! XVARRIZN l.1AlIiS GLN' . .... . ....... KIz1g11oliz1, llississippl 1lli.'XlPl'.X'I'l'I IN I'H.XllMA4'Y l'l1:11111111-1.-11111-111 .Xssm-111I11111, 12, I. 'l'11 tl111s1- that 1'1'11lly IQ111111' lhllllllilljf' ln- 1r us li111- :1 llxlllvw 11:4 ww-1' 141111111-1l I'1'1-111 tl11' 11111'tz1lm 1-1' III1' Blnss. .Xs ll 1Jl,'Il"l'2ll 1'11l1- l11- IS 111111-1, lvut WI11-111-V1-1' tl11- 111-1-11511111 urisvs, 111' 11111 1111,-1-l it full :1l11'v:1st. 3- l"'Y"f1?'75-2531 -.fx-. ' -4- 45 Fix l l l ' vo 'n , . I-r ' gf, 5,- .-1 -vi 1 l 4 1 fra A . J , A .-'.' 6I'liOI'S"SChOOl of Pharmacy ALBERT IIALEY ............ Crystal Springs, llississippi fll2Al'll.X'l'l-I IN I'll.XliM.X1'Y I1hflI'Ill2I "l' l1li1':il .Xss fvr' isillnli. ZZ, -1, Ilnlry lwpis in gi- l-:uh tu Ilii- lriivkiiig ilistrii-t uf thi- stzitv unil mzikc Ihvm ii rirsn-class phul'l1'lIn-ist. He-1'i's tu his sua-I-iss, llll' hi- hzis thi- ullilily lu ilu su. jixxiias Dcicx HixRRl21,l,, jk. ........... . McComb, Mississippi 1iIIAl1l'.X'l'I'I IN I'll.Xl2A1Al'Y In-Mfilziy Vluli, ZZ, ,lg lkililliuii Vluli, ZZ, -ll I'l1:i1'm:iv-'utli-:il .Xssm-iulinn, Il, ll. .limmlv is :i IlI1'IlliP"l ul thi- lziiui- Al"i'lIllllI ill-If-ggiiiuil :il Hli- Miss. :mil IS nu smzill pgiiq tlivlw--i!', villwlt Ili- Viilllv lil ill-' Bliss in ai llllIlY, illll si---ms in Illl liurrp I-I lvalxi-, Ili' ls CHIIUIIQ this milsl uhh-ly IxllllXXIl ul' this uh'-lv l'l111r1mivy Vlziss. Illuuox Ihzxmaasos IRM . ........ . . . Oxford, Illississippi i2l1.Xlll'.X'l'l-I IN l'll.XllAl,U'Y l'l1:ii'ii1:ii-williw:il .Xssm-intl-iii. Irliy :ill--ml'-il Uh' Miss lm' fini- yiwir, IiI"ll Nlvlll lu Xiiliilllllil, :null has iiiiw ri-lurnml ln 7.Il':1liu:llv:il Ulf' Miss, his .Xlmzi Mull-V. .Xllliiiululi h-1 is :i lixwitliwi' ul Vrzilt, xxhusi- musiviil llllvlll luis lulii-in Hhs Miss liy slilrm. Rluriiili ili.i'sn'l il-lliiiiiistiuulv musi--:il Izili-nl. Nvxiitlii-li'ss. hi- is gi 1-umllau' lvllim im lhv 1-umpus. ICRYLST i,iX'I'Il.XAl . ........... . Liiiiihertmi, Mississippi 1ll:.XlIl'.X'I'l-I IN l'll.XlIM.U'Y I'lu:illiigwiii1l1:iI .Xss-i1'l,il1Hl1, 21, I, l':l'll1'Nl f.imv til Uh- Ml--s in 'Ill lin' his lirsl yizir 1-I pli:ir1xi.iiy, :illvr llillillli sp--nt lun yi-:urs :il Mississippi iwilliiw. lll uns mil 4-I svhvn-l in 'IL lint hzis l'4llll'lll'1i this pun' In vulllplvlv his 1-iiiirr-ii. lYliilwx'vi' l'Slwm-zix," :is hi is Ixmrwh, svtlhs, hi' will mzilui gniiil, P517 CI'lIOl'S'SCl'lOO1 of Ph31'I'1'1aCy VVILLIAM CL'RT1s LEE . ........... . Biloxi, Klississippi GllADI'A'I'IC IN PIIAI'tMA4"Y Pharmaf-1-iltirzll ASsuf'i:iti1in, 41 I"l'vslini:in Bzislicftluill. R3 Varsity Rusk:-tlizill, 4. LPG XVZIS uni- of the- stars til' the- fr'-shn-an lizislwtlvzill tv-:im nt' '24, and hns 1-nntinur-il his revfrrd by starring on thf- varsity this yt-ar. You know, hr- hails from rx vummunity willt-rl XVooI1na1'kf-t, north of Biloxi, wha-rc thi-y play Iiiiski-tt-all ull tht- yi-nr us it nmjur :intl ininiir spurt, Imth. LEE LORICK . ............ . Ecru, Klississippi tlIlAI,lI'A'l'I-I IN I'IIAIZMA4'Y Ilvrinar-ang Mlm- Pluh, 43 Fri-shrnan Iiaske-thall, 33 l'h:irina--i-utit-nl Assn:-izitinii, 11, 4, Lrw- is Z1 gum! sport. It was nut until his si-1-:intl your that Iii' ilist-1-xi-rt-tl thi- arlvzinmgf-s of l'3h2ll'IllPU'5'- LN' fIIliShffS this yrzir :intl gm-s fwrth into thi- uwrld ns at tit-sipzliutml "pill rull0r" fm' the puhlic. CLAFDE L. RIARRON . . . . . . . ..,.. Fayette, llississippi HH.-XDl'A'l'I-1 IN VIIAIIMAVY Y. M. V. A., 13 l,il2lI'IIlilI't'llIll'2il Vluli, 3, 4, UIYYIIZIIYIIQQU' is gi puzzlt- that is lizard lu si-lvl-, ln his 1-lasst-S Vlainclv has Iii-wmiio an authority Un nmtti-rs ot' 1lh11l'IlHll'y. Ili' knows :intl hw knows that hc- kniiws, JAMES T. RIORRIS . ..... . ..... . Pascagoula, Mississippi ' till,-XIlI'A'l'IC IN I'IlAItMA1'Y Imuisiunii Stun- Univ:-rsity, '21, '!2. 'IIIQ I'ri-sith-nt Si-niur l'hztrinui'5 4'l:tsS, 4g tilt-v Vluh, R, 43 Viva-- I'rvsiilf-nt I'll2lI'lIl2ll'l'Iltll'1ll Assiwizltmli, Zig Vutillivvii Vluh, Il, 4. .Iimmiv is ai :wiiist-iviitimis stud'-nt who 111-Y-'r allows lli1'2lSlII'l' In Vllllllift with his iluty. He is fine nt' tht- lt-ailing mt-lnlwrs ul' thi- like Vluli, and has znlflwl grf-utly lu its su'-i-Q-ss. irq-1 ,Q fe' ii' 'fi' Q M- if ,,i,,, f3'5'v-"" nf? CI'liOI'S-'SCIIOOI of Ph8.1'l'I13Cy t Tom Hnxrmizsox McM11,1.1oN .......... . McComb, llississippi GIi.XllI'A'I'I'I IN I'llARMAt'Y L'h8l'YIlJlt'4'llllt'Hi Assovizitiliii, 3, ,lg 1N'Mnl:iy Vlttli, Il, it. Tuliiiiiiv 1-:tiiiv tn its his first 3'--zu' with thi- intl-iitiliti ot' making at tits!-rlatss l'iHll'l1lZli'lSf. In all his work hw' has niault- :.:vml, :ind his dvsirv tu i'i'zi1-li thc- Illll is living ,urziiit-tl hy tliv 1-urntist lzihur un his part, XVQ wish him all the' sunt-ws in thc 1il1zii'iimt-t-Litiifzil work. FREDERICK VVESLEY POTTER ........... Lumberton, illississippi Gil.-XIPUATE IN PIIAIIMAVY Phurmzn-vutif-:il .xSSt'll'iilIl'lIl, IZ, lg Hist-vi'i:iii, Sviiitir Vlaiss, 'lg llistnriziu .luniwr Class, 31 Ili-rniiuizmg Igtlilbllllilll Vluh, 'lg Y. M. l'. A., 21, 41 Mississippiziii 4'iri-illzttiun Stuff, II. Fri-tl 4-iinivs tn tis l'l'ulii tht- hills ut' Suiilil Missisxippi--tlutvti xxlivi-v thi- wintl whistlf-S lilfhllgh tht- sviutlit-rii lllllt'S"l'l'tlIll ai Iitllt- szitvmill tuwn. lltitx't-vcr, you txmiltl lll'Yt'l' liiiuw that thin from :in 1-list'i'x':itifni ut' lfrml liimsw-lf. llti lists tlitg ability iii miiiy ilimugli auiytliing that lit- untle-i'tz1kcs. S.,xA1L'EL Sunwicx Rmmiss . , . . . . . . . . . . . Pclzthatchic, Mississippi t?Il.XlDl',X'l'l'1 IN I'll.XllM.Xt'Y l'liariii:ii-Q'-titimil Assiwizttimi, 11, -t. In tht' slmrt Illllt' thzil Sum In-vii with us. ft-W h:ix'0 rm-:ally giiim-tl his Hit-mlsliip, lrtit tllusr' fmt- liau- ht-1-n rn-hly rvpzii-l tm' thi-ir 1-t't'm'is. Ili- is tht- lyllt' ut' fvllmv tliatt ywu liaivo to know in mth-i' tlmt ytiu lllilj' zilvlliwwfaitt- him Iully. XVILLI,-XM Ijimcuz Ronmxs . . . . . . . . .... . flluiirmsc, Mississippi t2li.XlJl'.K'1'l'I IN l'll.XllM.Xt'Y I'li:u'iii:it-4-tilivzil .Xsst-i'i:ttiun, Il, I. W. IC.. iii' "Hill," :is lit' is lit-titr ltiimxii, is si iunii nt' srtrliiiu 1'li:ii'ui-tvi' :intl :i1liiiii':1l-lv pvrsoii- itlity, llv is vim- ttliiviii tw' :ill l'Sjit'v't :wal ziI'l' xlml lu 4-ull xt Irivml, I-ii' lli-'rv is tm titii-it I'i'it-iid than ht-. XYith his iiiflustry ziliil slivltsiliiltty. ht' is sure- ol' Sllt't't'SS in lilly livlil. 1, eI'liOI'SZSCi'l0O1 of Pl'l8.1'I113Cy Conv ALEXIXNIJER SANDERS . . ........ . . Columbus, Mississippi lill.-XIJV.-X'l'lC IN I'liAHlNl.-XVY Culillinn lrilllb, Il, 43 I'll1ll'lllZll'l'lllil'2ll .Xssm-i:IlirIIl, Il. -l. P. A. is fl qui:-I, llIl2l.4SUl'HiIlLZ, Il-'in-Iiilzilflv ll-ll'-xx uhh I-:III hi- I-iiiiillwil un tw mukf- his mairk :Ifrvr he lvilvut-1 Ulm- Miss. 'l'lII'uIIgl1wIIl his slmlvril lili- hi- has l'X'l'I' slir-WII liimsa-ll' in hi- itll imlnstrious lVllY'kf'l'. ll luyul lvl'il'llli, :I 'ls-will-Il slmlf-III. :Iml :ilmxw Iill, :I g-JIIIIIIIIIIII ut' thf- highest typv. JOHN KING SESSIONS . .... . . . . . . xVlJ0liN'iIlC, Klississippi fllIkIJI'A'I'I-I IN I'II.XliMA4'Y I'lI:II'III:If-wuti-':Il Assuwizitiim, Sl, l. Full ul' grit, hum-fI', :mil vlvruliil-'Iii-I----1hail's "lining .IllllIl""ZlllIi i.n-- nil' thi- lvst all-I'oIInil fvllnws W0 h:Ix'I- nn thi- l'll1llllllS. Il' ynu 2ll'1' I'uI'tIuII:IlI- I-Iluuuli lu XYill his fI'iIIlIIlslii1v tlu-rv is Iiiilhiup, lim small in' tim gn-:It lui' him to ilu l'l1l' yrvu. OLIVER G. 'VANCE . ........... . Conihattzl, fllississippi HIiADl'A'I'E 1N PHARMACY I'l1:II'IiI:I--I-utif-:Il Assoi-lution, Il, bl. Vunm- IlI-sir--s In givv tlw pulilif- !hI- lwst ul his si-I'x'iI'I-s :is :I pli:II'III:Ivist. Fri-m thu wiirlc that he Img Illini- while :Il tha- l'IIivr-lsily. wi' know that hi- will in' :'IhlI- In givu Ihvm his hi-sl, T. C. XV,xLIJRI'If . ...... . . . . . . . Louin, Mississippi l:liAI.ll'A'l'E IN I"IlAIiMA1'Y I'lI:ll'III1Ir'I-Illi1':Il AS:'m'i:1liI'Ill, 3, -l. xYlli4il'lIll vnim- livin- rm-uily lui' qi iiuht. llllii hzis hi-vn putting up that light that only a winner can put up. Alu.-I' hw has left us. muy li-A win that sum-I-ess that hr- so fairly fought for. vihx- . . 7. A get X -Z, ' I F ...f-..1 L" " I ' .. I Q I 'M' 7 ""' I " .,-v- ,yi ,-as '- + af,-., . "Z, 'f'."e-. . . ,, . , - I " 5 ,If-'f 'I f ' 1 I . .X -Nl .fp .4 ',- . . .- ,pipe ,.4e5,,-fu' I ' X 'W' "MW ' "3 IHA A., . -..f ' " ' - K 5 .Q I W, " Asif? A,-i ' Lnffv 53 ' 1-A QFJM' b l 'ffi' f if I i l , Xi 1 'g Lg, ' - ' ,, L' Lil, , I swf' .V,, A Q1f.. .'1 fl'g.v:P's 'T' '. V C1'1lOI'S'SChOOl of Pharmacy RUZELI. Rtmxxx XVALKIZR ..... ..... . Bzildwyn, lllississippi 4ill.XlYI'.X'l'l-I IN l'll.-XlZM.X4'Y T'li:ii'ui:t4---titit:il Avi,--lzttinii, 131, bl. Oli, 5.-S' llf' is it gmnl pli:tiiii:u-ist, but :tt lliut li-' slmul-ln't w:1Stv- his ltmks in 11 drug store. 'l'ltf- nimit-s ii-.ultl Sw-Ill umm- ZlllIlI'1lIIl'l2llA' Int' him, lint siiivi- lit' pi-vt'--i's 1ili1n'litai'y. wi- tt-t-I 1-vrtuiii that lit- will mule-' :i su'-it-ss wt it Tim Ztll.l.lCUlfIfl2R xVHl'l'lfIIlilXlJ ......... . Tcliula, Mississippi 1iIl.XIPl'.X'l'l-I IN l'lI.XllMA4'Y l'li:iliiiiiwvtittt-:il ASQ-wiaill--ri, 31, l. Vrlllll. :i iw-lutixi' tit tluif Zulllwiittvt' liiwmtw nt' t'u1'iiiwr' ilqtys :it Ulu Miss, is wi-litinuing In hiiltl up tliw tzimily Sllllltiillll xxltlu iw 1iiiw'l't:t11i slit-4-t-ww, '1'l11,4 is only ingiilv lmssililt- liy 'l'1im'g ll.-wuiiiitigly quivt ptirsmiatluly. fiFNRY A. XVlt,KINstmN . . .......... . Pliilzulelpliia, llississippi 1IllA1ll'.,X'I'IC IN l'll.XliNl.V'Y l'lliHlllltl"'llllILtI .Xssm-lattiutt, ll.-riry, ltr "l'tf'-lfzti'-3" :ts ln- is lnrllm-I' kllttllll, i-iitvtwtl Ulv Bliss in tli-i tatll wt' '32, drwppi-il out tlil- t'ivll1-wtrm 5-wir In --nutty qi p-'uw-till vxistf-mv in u lazy ltttlv t-'wit tit N--slmlm Uuunty, :mimi suvli :tn mttmtt-111.1 lizitl lust its ztmwail int' him, :intl tum luis ivturtii-tl lu wi-iiipli-tv tlit- task lit- slxirtwl N-in in- siiplmsi- tli:it lit- nill stztrt wut SKIIIIVNKIIHIX' tu mzilu- his mzuli :ts it itruggist. . l Uxx.. I 3 M X X F' aff fff f 1 Wal pA,M,.,.,mz.J..A 12,- LILINIORS X, X 1 ff rf - Q ,, .cr -6. ro IOIOIOIOIOICIDICIII QIQIQICIQIQICIQIIICIQICICICIQIO' I ' .CIQIQIQIUIQIUIIIQIIICIQIII.IOIIIOIOIOIOICICIDIOIOIOI TI-IE.l925 OLE MISS G. A. MCLE:KN J. 0. I5AsTLANn Literary KA'mRx'N PIENDERSON . URM' N N E Downs Omo MACEE ' . H. Lwscoms . G. SCHIERBAUM Law Junior Class OFFICERS fllczliuzl . President T. T. PURSER ........ Prfsidcnt Ififl'-Pf!'5idt'Ilf I'IARnliN VVOOD . . I'ir1'-Pl'c:iJf'n! . . Sffrrtary A. H. YVIIITE ' . . . . Sfrrrfary . llisforian Ellgi71l'c"l'i71g Prenfidfnt L. L. XVEST ........ Prwidrnf l'in'-Prfsiflnzi H. L. SMALLVVOOD . . . Fire-1'n'sidr11! . Sfcrflary XV. N. BAXTER . . . Snrrtary 78 NN. .V" , if jcbj E 9 i III IIIIIOIOI IIIOIOIQICICIOICIOIOICIIIIICIQIOIQIU OICIOII OIOIOIIIOIOIOIQIIIOlIIOIQIBICIOIOIOIOIOIOIOIO TI-IEIQZ5 OLE MISS Juniors . l'0lIl.l4IGI+I UI4' IIIISEIKAII .HITS 42 1,Ar'zcA AILXANDIQR, BA. 'S' P !iRIiIEXVII,I,Ii, XIISS. 'A 7? I ff SUPIIIA ARM5'1'RoNc:, HA. ,ff IXFVI' IIILIIRUX, INIISS. S' 4 ' if VIRGINIA ARIlINCi'I'UN, IS..'X. L'I,kKIi5lJXI,Ig, Miss. -E IAMIZS V. ISUIJTII, IIA. ,, sMI'1m'1I.1,r-I, mms. ICIJITII ISRUXVN, li..-X. L'NIYI',R5I I Y, MINS. 'YL RI"I'II HRUXVN, IS..X. COKIXIII, Miss. INIARY UH' BASS, B..-X. Mm NI III,IX 12, Mm. I"R.'XNCIiS CA I N, Ii..-X. KIJSCIISKII, MISS. f BUNNICY M. C'OI.Ii, I3.S. Mc umm, Miss. LIQUN I,. CUMIZR, Ii..-X. I'IJI'Ii, Miss. RIiIiIiC'K'.X COOK, Ii..-X. Cl,.XRKSIl.XI.I-., mms. ULADYS K'OXVAR'I', ISA. L'II.IRI,IiSIIJN, miss. 79 N X Kyo E.I9Z5 OLE MISS Juniors lULl,lfIGl+I Ulf' LllSl'Ili.KL ARTS vi U IUIIN A. CRAXVFURD, jR., HA VVEST POIXI, MISS. NUI..-X DIZNTUN, B..-X. mgr,,xx', miss. l'RI.YNNIi DODDS, HHN. n:RHiwv11.l,r1, mss. XVILLIF XV. Dl'Nl,AP, Ii..-X. L'NlYI4RSl'lX, Miss. rl. O. liAS'l'I.:XNl7, ILA. I'0RliS'I', Miss. P.'Xl'l, R. CIUUUIC, HS. liflUXlzYlIAIAl'f, Miss. GICU. XV. IIITAIX, VIR., li.A. N.YlL'llIil, MISS. A. ll. IIUIXIIC, KA. Y.XRIl.KM.XN, miss. I. ll. llUl.l.0IXl.'XN, EIR., lS..'X. 'l' li A IIl.X m-.x.x, Miss. , ... , P. ll. HI N1laR, UIR., lr..-X. xlxmx, miss. SARA KIVNKIN, l5..X. X.X'l'L'lII'l, Miss. YlQ"l'UR I.. KI-il.l.Y, ILA. nxmu, Miss. c.u.4.4LJ1r1nrxr1r1 H UUb grJUI5 CF I FQ Q I -94 Q Ea ' ' ' E : DIQIOIQIOIOIQIQICIQICICIIIQIQIQIQIQICTQIQICIQIQIQIO ' I ' 'QU'l.I.l.l.l.l'l.l.l.l.IQl.I IIIQIUICICICICIQI ICIO 0 TI-I EI9Z5 OLE MISS Juniors FOIIIIEIIE Ulf' LIIEENAII .Xli'l'S A. C. KIDD, ILA. A fI1 IC ASIIIUXNIJ, Miss. MATIIILDI2 KII.I.INGSVVOR'I'I I, I3.A. F.XYIi'I 'I Ii, MISS. RAI,PII I,ANI3RI'M, Ii.A. Koscltsxo, Miss. JOHN I,Al'DI2RDAI,I2, ISA. sHN.x'mm.x, Miss. FRANK S. I.I2If'1'VVlC'II, I4.A. .-xnrgkmnax, Miss. DORIS I.IiNOIR, I5.A. Mcumn, Miss. ISYRD P. MAI'I,DIN, I5.A. mx mmc, Miss. MARY INIQBRAYICR, I5.A. NEW A1.n,xxx', miss. MYRES S. INIQIJOVUAI., ILA. A III E I100NI',VII.I,Ii, MISS. VIRGINIA MCLSVIRIC, ILA. IL'I'I1I.0, Miss. 'UI I' 'mp . -11 .3 4 ' ",. If"'F' 41 'wnx 41I',Iz A. INIcI.Iz: - , . A fl, IC wlxoxfx, Miss. AR'I'III'R M. NIIi'I'O, Ii.A. IA ESPIQRANZA, IIONIDURAS S1 N.- 'inf' AJ 'Q If Y . . :Q E A IIQIQIQIQIQIQIQIQI.l.l.lCl.l.lQlQl.l.lCl.1'IQII " I ' 'll'IQIOIIIOIOIOICIOIOIOIOIIICIOIOIOIOIOICIOIOIOIOIO 0 T H EIQZ5 OLE. MISS 'Wit .if R: Jumors 1'ol,l,l+:uE ov 1,llsEluI, .-xlws MARVIN C. MOODY, BA. I.0L'ISVILI.Ii, Miss. MARY O1ZERSCIIMID'1', ILA. nkooxn.-xvlfx, Miss. ALTUN P. PERKINS, B.A. A III Ii BISLZONI, MISS. .IAFK RAMIQY, BA. 0x1-mum, Miss. MRS. IZDITII RUIZIQRT, B.A. rmxmkn, Miss. . -, .,,.N I-.l.I.A P. RU.,I4..iIb, B..-X. N100 crm, miss. MA'I"I'IIE ,IICAN SAl'I.S, B.A. BROOKIIAYE N, MISS. CUNNIER MAIC SI'0'I"I', BA. xuxxu co:moR.xx'1', MISS. M.'XR'I'II.-X ,IANIC S'I'lCXVART, B..'X 1-'.xx'1a111a, mss. li. II. STRONG, li..-X. Anraxnrirsx, miss. XVlI,I,Ili li. S'I'RUI'D, ISA. Amuxl r11,lx'rf, Mm. . , V.. ,.,v. I-.. XX. bl IzNINI-.l I , ILA. nucxs, miss. LURAINE TEAT, ILA. yxcuscm, Mrss. W. my AQ Q61 E Q I-IEI925 OLE MISS Jumors 00l.l,lf1ulf: mf' LIISICIRAII .xwrs AI.I.EN AIKEN XVALKIZR, 13.8. .-xmcknEEx, Mxss. I.OI'ISI2 VVIIIIAMS, ILA. IUKA, Mxss. JOHN XVINDIIAM, BA. CI.IiVIfl..XNIl, MISS. G. IIARDICN XVOOID, I4.A. B.-YIIiSVII.l.Ii, MISS. SCHOOL OI" LXXV IIZPTHA S. ISARBOVR, I.I..I3. YAZUU CHX, Miss. I. VV. BIQLI., IR., A fl, lu L'NIVliRSI'I'Y, MISS. O. I.. BERRY, I.L.B. NEW uuzkox, Miss. JOSEPH IZCKFORD IQROXVN, LI..I3. Nxlcrlrzz, Miss. CHARLES S. CAINIPBIZII., I.I..B. wlfmz, Miss. - LOVIS XV. CVTRIER, I.I..Ii. M.xr:xoI.x..x, Miss. -IOIIN IZ. DAVIS, LI..I3. A HIP li MC comm, Miss. FRANK XV. GAMBLIN, I.I..B. XV EST, M ISS. L. A. SMITII, JR., I,I..H. HOLLY SPRINGS, Miss. 83 O'l Oxy Q L L oi Q61 5 TI-lEI9Z5 OLE MISS A -- 111'-raaf ' -7 Jumors SCHOOL OF LAW' STANTON A. IIALI., I.L.B. B X A 11.A'1"1llisBUu:, Miss. IIIENRY R. KING, LI..B. new .x1.n,xxY, Mlss. II. VAN KINCANNON, LLB. vlfkoxx, Mlss. lII'BER'l' S. LIPSCOMB, I.L.H. K E, ZZ T, A 11215, I 21 NYA'l'Ii R VA Ll.IiY, M ISS. OTIIO MAGIQE, JR., I,I..B. 'I'YI.ER'I'OVVN, Mxss. PAI'L D. MONTVIOY, EIR., LLB. fzkmixwoon, MISS. VIOSICPII P. MCCAIN, I.I..l5. A fl' Ii, 'l' K A ROLLING YORK, MISS. GRICFK P. RICE, JR., LI..B. Rosunnlc, Miss. GFORGI2 XV. SCIIIICRB.-KVM, LI..B. sum.Bx', Mxss. ORMA R. SMITII, I.I,.li. CORIXTII, Miss. l'l.AI'DIC 'I'. SMITIISON, l.I..R. KIAVKSON, Miss. DICIZS S'I'RlI5I,INlI, l.I..l4. A 'I' li l'HII.AlIl-II.I'IlI.X, MISS, orc . ,gre ' , 9 . AQ Q61 5 OlIIOIOIOIOIOIQIOIIIOIQIQICIOICICIO OIQIQIOICICIQIC " - ' . llOIOIIIIIIIOIIIOIOIOICI IOIOI I ICIOIOIOIOIOIOI THEI925 OLE MIS P Juniors SVHOOIJ Ulf' LAYV ROBERT TIIOIWPSUN, LLB. A -If 141, 12 T, '1' K A, I 2 x.uMm1R'10x, Mxss. SUPIUUIA UI" ICNKIINEICIHNG VV. NICXVTUN B.'XX'IiI'.R, 1512. I.l,'MB!iR'l0N, Mlss. l 1 RUISICRT N. l5Rl'f'I'., HJC. Acxriumxx, Miss. ' - K JAMES P. NIAVNIQY, l3.If. Ru'1,m', mss. II. I.. SlVIAI.I-VVUUD, 13.12. xr-iw .x1.r:,xxx', Miss. LUVIS L. XVHST, JR., BJC. M.xLfn, mxss. 5 . 1- SFHOOL Ulf' Ml+1DlC'lXI'1 ROBIERT D. DICKIENS, ILS., MJD 7 fzklslixworm, Mus. E OSCAR CS. FVBANKS, Ii.S., MJD I.L'C!ilJ.-Kl.E, MISS. w aff' I GIEORCIIC F. HAND, BB., MJD. MICRIIIIAX, Miss. . ,ju I YVIILIAN1 J. IIIQBICRT, KS., M.D. ' 1..xr',u'r:11re, 1..x. I FDYVARD VV. HULINHCS, KS., M.D. I w1xox.x, Mxss. 3 N ROBERT II. JOHNSON, B.S., BLD. 4 PITISBORO, Miss. .I N i 'J ou - 'I' 0515 I I N i 42, Qi TH Q . f :GM 5. w IOIIIOIOIOIOIOICIIICI OICIOIQ I I III IQIQIQICII ' -- 'l l'IOIQIIIIIOICIIIOIOIOIQIllIIOIGIOICIOICICIOIOIIIOI EIQZ5 OLE MIS af: nl "JA . ' 'A H4-. I us. 4' 51394 1 1919 , nt W if 5: i .fp ,1 .. Lflfg 26 Jumors svnom. 011' MEDlf'lNl+l LOVIS M. MAGEI2, RS., M.D. xmx'11cr:1.1.o, Miss. ROBERT Ii. MCLITAN, B.S., M.lJ. IIRITNXYOOID, MISS. '1'IiMPI.IC MOORE, KS., M.D. RROOKH.-KYICX, MISS. THOMAS PVRSIQR, HS., M.D. Mc Conn, Mxss. SHIZRRILI, SEVIICR, BS., M.D. 1.xL1,L'1.,xu, LA. FRANK S'I'I'ARD, JR., KS., MD. kmcxsox, mxss. XV. IIVDSON TVRNFR, KS., M.D. XYXIIZR VAI.l.liY, MISS. ALVIN XV. XVIIITF, B.S., M.D. I-lsxs.xcoI..x, H,.x. XV. 'l'. XVILKINS, H.S., M.D. OLIYIE RRAXCII, MISS. Sl'HOOl,Ol+'I'OMMlCRl'I41ANlD lSl'SlNl'1h's A DMI NIS'I'I!.K'l'lON KA'l'lllCRlNlC ATKINSON, li.S.F. jwxsox, mss. OICOROIC XV. Bl"1'l.IiR, lS.S.C'. .xl,'l'oR, mlss. GROYICR C C'OI,I'fINiAN, li.S.C'. XVI-'.X'l'lll'fRSliY, Miss. HQ W S - 'IQ 361 5 H mnmn nmu mumonsummonauumonomamaeonnn ' - - ' IICIOIIIOIUIOIIIOIIIOIII IOIOI IOIII TI-IEI925 OLE MISS Juniors SFHOOL Ol" l'0MMI4IlH'E ANI! ISYSINICSH A DNIINISTIIATION JAMES F. CONGIZR. B.S.C'. LAKE CORMOKANT, MISS. MORRIS IFRIEDMAN, B.S.C'. cl..xRKsn,x1,r:, Miss. ARCIIIIS M. FVRR, IS.S.f'. POYI UIUC, MISS. MAISIZL M. MOON'IiY, Ii.S.C'. Oxmmm, rnxss. IRA L. MORGAN, B.S.C'. B X A Mrmkmimlm, mms. THOMAS C. MARSHALL, B.S.i'. xuw', Mlss. JOHN XV. MI'S'I'IN, B. S. C. mux, miss. IAMIES XV. IXIQKI-IIE, B.S.C'. L.Xl,'RI-QI., MISS. RICHARD R. PI'l"l'S, 15.5.51 I'ON'lO'lOC, MISS, AVBRICY I.. SI'IiIGIl'I'S, B.S.K'. MON'l'IL'lil.I.0, MISS. HONVARD G. VVOODXVARD, B.S.C'. CA1.HoL's cx'1'Y, Miss. S 4-I gf 'Rm ix 'I x .4 TIIII L'HAXl'IiI, is 'zl I I. I r 'l'Hl-. .XIlfIlIk'Xl, IH ll.Il SS ff I I E I4 wa iw 0 if f'x X SZAX Xfx X XQQRJXQRX Lf f jr, f,f"Ri I f 'x JK N E 'XQN pp FB 'QKT "x 1 .. , ,X x I " X 'W 1 5 I N w, 0 j f 'gi' V 1' X N lk 1 N I ff X Hx ' xwwx-' 1 V XX I f 'XX J! X X j Sf XS KX f ! 1 'N- , x ' ff M N9 KE X X + f A W ij ffj LN fb! Qfxk I Q 1 A 7 ' U' X J I X' SOPI-IOMORES TH 'AQ fb- QNX ' IQIIIOIQIOICICICIDIQIQIIICICIQIOIQIOIOIQICIQIQIIIU ' I ' . I.I.IQIQIQIQIUICIllll.IQlQIIIQIOIDICIUIOICIUIOIQIOIO E.l925 OLE MISS Sophomore Class OFFICERS Litfrary CARL COERS ........ Prrsidcnt Ross BARNE'1'r R0sA TATE .... . . l'icv-Pm-sidrnt C. B. ALLEN . NfAR'SHAl.l. DUNN . . Srzwmry-Trrfuurrr Dm' OLDHAM . Lau' . . . . Pl't'.Yimil'lIl . . . I'ir'r'-l'n'5iJz'lll . Svn'vlar'y- Tl't'lLf1ll't'I' AxxA KIERSHY RosAM0xu . . .llislorian HERBERT FAN1' . .... llisforian Enginrrrs l'rc'-JIz'11'.v C. VV. SHERMAN . . ..... 1'rvsi.lvn1 PAUL jAcRsoN ....... Pn'siJnzt C. E. JONES . . . l'ir1'-l'rf.sidr11t B. VVARH . . . . I'ifl"I,l'l'JicIt'l1l F. G. ERSKINE . . Srrrrmry-Trra.v1u'fr J. P. XV.-mn . . Svrrriury-Tr'ras1n'rr 1,ll1U'lIlllL'jF j. C. Comns ..... . . I'n-Jidfnt E.A.FURR . . . . . l'irr-I'rrJidrrz! A. A. VVALKER . . Swcrrtary-7'rrasnrrr I.. C. jsxwxxczs . .... llisforian 90 c' I I I IOIOICIOIOIIIOIOIIIOI QIQIOIOIQIOIIIOIOIOIOICCCIIIU ' OICICIOIOIOIOIIIIIO IOIOIOI OIOIOIOIDIOIOIOIOIDIOIOIDI 0 .. L Q I AQ -6. Qx x THE.l925 DLE. MISS School of Liberal Arts .ANDIiRSON, IAPPI.EVK'lII'l'E, BARNES, BIaANI.ANII, BERRY, BILES BONNEY, BRUMIOIILO, CAICIIINGS, CLARK, COcHR,xx, COLBERI' DAY, COLLINS, COLVARO, CRAIG, CREEKMORE, DUNN ELMORE, CIODBOLIB, GOBER, HAMILTON, IIAGAMAN, HASTINGS HATI-IORN, HY.-I'I'r, JONES, KAPLAN, CASBURN, EIKEL . 9 I 5 Y: :QQ E W nu IOIOIOICIOICICICICIQICIQIQICIOIOIIIQICIIICIQIO union llOlOllllllIllOllIOlllCI lllOI0lOIOlOIlIlQl0Il TI-IEI925 OLE. MISS School of Liberal Arts I.INIlSl-ZY, l.Il'scrmMn, I,wsuoMn, l,cm'l':xmiru:, l,LfcKlc'1'r, N10N'I,l0Y IN'll'RP1ls', N1L'f'AR'l'llX, O'Nl-:,x1,, l'Rlr1'r1', Rxcuxknsox, RIS'I.Xl! Rrmlfkrsuw, Rus.xMoxn, Sc.x1,ris, Smrn, SHlfl'llliRIl, Smx rm: S1'l'n:l1'ls, 'lq.X'l'l'I, 'l'mwr.l.l,, 'l'llu:r-lax, 'l'urm.xs, 'I'lmMvsoN WARE, Wnsox, Zlillll-IR, S'1r:xxm"1', Mxnuax 92 :Rv 955 , M, if h . Q .62 -CQ-J' 55 OIDIIIOIOIOIIIOICIOIOlDICIOIOICIOIOIIIOIIIIICICIQIO' I ' .OIUIOIQIOIOIOIIIOIOIOIOIIIOlIIOIOIIIOIQIOIOIOIOIOICIO TI-I E.l925 OLE. MISS Pre-Meds PIERCE, l'IIiVVES, ROnER'1s, CRIMES, AANDIERSON ANDERSON, Bu'1l.ER, BUNYARO, McA1.I,1sTER, 'FEMPLE LEVVIS, HAM, XVALKER, HOOGE, HOGUE 1VICDANlI5LS, FERRELL, JACKSON, R.-XNKXN, VVARO APPLEW'lIl'l'E, MAOEE, BALTGH, NOBLIN, D.-xvls HOWARD, VVINTERS, GOODMAN, SHEELY, NIAR'l'IN 93 ff 9 IDI ICI IOIII IOIOIQIQICICIOICICI IOIIIQIOICICIII IIUICIOIOIOIOIOIIIOIOIOIOIOIOIIIGIOIOIOIOIOIDI IOIOIO M .Q :ggi E i TI-1121925 OLE MISS School of Law 'l'll.KMliS, Iilaxxrfnng l'x1u,u-s, RISIIICR, Fxxl' Rum, l,,I3lf'IXYICII, li,xRxlfl"1', S'na.xm1.xx, lhzxsnx C'm'1lR.xx, Ross, x0l.l.IiR, Ixf.XR'IlN, llul.1.lfx lSx.xnsll.m, NlL'f'R.XlN, Nl.XL'l.lJlN, A1,l.lax, INInm.m' 94 0111110 UUQQUQIQZL3. A K , .Wm . If - . m b- : TI-IEIQZSOLEIVIISS SC1'lOO1 of Commerce VV1LsoN, MILLER, SKEIJON, SMITH Bruxsox, NEELY, PRICE, DJCCABE Gfxnms, SHAMAN, QQRISHAM, MILLSAPS JENNINGS, Ram, CAPERS, COERS, HOWARD 95 ' ' ' ' fd ' Os! A 1 :1 . . JA M' . . . lil Ill IOIOIOICICICIQICICIOICIOI IOIOIIIOII Cllll QIIIOIIIUIOIOIUIOIOIOIOIOIOI SQIOIDIOIOIOIOIOI I I0 TI-1121925 OLE. MISS School of Engineering joxlas, Bxowx, BROVVNIYG, Gonwm liksxglxr, l"I,IN'l', DAVIS, 'l'fm1,xxsoN Cixulol N, W11,1,1.u15ox, j.xlcM.xx SuHRM.xN, Ufuxus 96 .. , V 'AQ 561 5 Q , LV lil IOIOI IOI ICIOICIQIDIOIOICIDI IOIIIIICIOCCIQIU ' ICICI! IIOIOIOIIIOIOIO IOlOICIOIIICIOICIOIOIOICIOIO TI-IEI9Z5 OLE MISS os. fl' l ...JT 35' -u-H 4', . an 4-:F 'iii -AR?" SCl'1001 of Pharmacy FURR, IiI,I.ZIiY, .'xRMS'lRUX1T, ,lows XVlIl'I'.KKIzR, M.xxwl11,1,, likxxsumxlri, I.ljlriR SL'LL1v,xx, AMPS, xll:NXlY1IS, I'AR.XSIl:R llwuf, Comms 97 OIDIIIOIOIOIDIIICIOIOIOIOIC ll-UIIIIIOICICIOIOICIOIOIOIO Y LIISRARX N x Ill! I IH SICS RDI QS l,I1 VIN 7'7fx.,z.,4,,L,-,L 'ax FRESHMEN - , 1152 5 9 - Ill IOIOIQIOICIIIQIQIQICICIQIOICIOICIIIQIQICIQII ' I ' 'DICIQIIIUIOIOIUIQIIICIQIIIOIQIIIOIBICIOIQIOIOIQI CIO THEI925 OLE MISS N k FI'eSl'll'I1aI1 Class CDFFICIZRS lI0w.xRn XVliS'l'I3RO0K . .... ..... I 'rvsidfrzl LOUISE Cox . . . . l'ir1'-Pr'rsidrrzt R. Sl'REIi'I' . . . .... Svfrrlary R. MCCUOI, . . . Tr'ra51n'fr f MW 'R n, wwf NA mv av. V fff. W f' ' ,f , 0 Q M kv r,',WJ, fr '1' xrk A yea f xv 1 A H Q, 1 xx L.. 1, lv 1 W Cfxiw fy l I X ,Y J HX L.: K ' Y i ,N . T' -f' Af' 9' ., gil 'X XM! ,wrt k -1 -.TJ f . 1, 'u N -quirk ' - loo 'AQ -6- EAN DIOIOIOIDIOIQIOICIIIQICIQICICIQIQIQIIICICICIQICIQII ' I ' ..l.l.lll.l.l.lll.llIIIOIIIOIOIQICIIICIUICICIUIOICIOIO TI-I El9Z5 OLE MISS F1'6Sl'lI'I1Cl'1 BICKERSI1-XI-F, C'.XXIJI,liR, .AI.liXANlllzR, Iimcn, BARRETT, Cox ADAMS, CANIXARO, Cox, CARR, liovlmis, AAxRRING'lUN CL'Nx1xf:H.xM, l.l'1"1I.ri, BROWX, Cox, Booxri, CLEXDENNIXC Asluaw, BROXYN, .AxIJ.XMS, CR.XVS'l-URIJ, C'.xMPE1.I., AALFORIJ C'.xNA1m, AABliKNA'I'llY, liusu, CRYMES, BROVVN, ANDREWS BROVYN, ISAIIX, BL'I,I..KRD, CRAVVFORD, BUSH, BARR IOI llllilllililllOIOIOIOIOIOIO 'Z UIUIIIIIIIOICIOIOIOIOIOIDI ' Y A A y IQIOIOIIIOIOIOIQIOIllCIDICICICIIIDIOIOIIIOICICIIIU ' IIUIOIIIOIOIO lllll IDIOICI OIIIOICI DIOIOIQIOIOIOIOIOI 5 :615 9 TI-IEl925 OLE. MISS F1'CSl'lI'I16l'l IRM, D.xN'1'xl.laR, limes, l-'xluraur-:I-1, lfmuzusnw, KTRISILXM lfklnm1.xN, l'iIJlH.liM.KN, Ifokn, llokx, Iixocxls, D.xRk.ul H.xxm', DI'IN1.'XRCIlIi, licmnoln, llucm. llmakxs, l'1l,I,lS lI.u11l,'mx, IIl4:x1.rix', lhnns, I-'lal.'mx, Iixls, llolmrts IfRrfrfM.xx, llonsox, llrm'oR'1u, Gmc, DL'xc.xx, II.-xwxlxs lluunax, lI.u'maxr:, l7ux,x1,n, l'sl'l,'lS, l7.xY, If0R'l'1axnlaRRx' IO2 -' T I-I m e- : E I925 OLE MISS , ,., 7155 I '9 ,ai 13 Sic lafi ma- Vr- '.'a A. J Q 1 - af"-x Q 2- 'H ' R 'n f"'- x 1, rv- 4 "' + . 'L z ir . ov fa ' , N - " 'T ' ' A V 'Alai ii? 4 , W ,gf F Q .. R A 'N 4 N- gg AQ: . gf I ' ' ' F 5 9 1? V H V' 'li J f :fl A '. X. 'U 5. :ff 3 I- L A I " A: 5 it 1 :-,ixx 2 if lu ff 5 . '.:f '1" in if A , ' , , ga QQ 2 a, , 5 1 A Q -SL ' 4 47, 'P , ' ' qi ,v H. 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"Art" estahlished his claim to the trophy as an athlete of versatility and ahility. ln three forms of intercollegiate athletics he represented his institution against other teams of the South. Un the gridiron he made a record for his hard liglitingg and consistent work. Ile was equally at home in the line or the haeklield, and his playing was one of the outstanding.: features of the team. Hoff! laurels in haskethall are in r.o way inferior to those won on the football tield. Ilis playing at forward has plaved many gaunes on the safe side for Ole Miss, and he was a leading liggure in the Red and lllue play at Atlanta. Hoff was Con- sidered the lwest tennis player on the campus, and he repre- sented the institution in the state tournament. "The liightin' Yankee" is more than an athlete. for he is one of the most honored students of the university. He is universally reeognized as a representative of the highest type of honor, student citizenship, and clean athletics. His record at Ole hliss has heen one of honor, a memory that will bring pleasure in the years that are to come. Graduation takes him hack to the North, hut he shall ever find a legion of friends in the state of his college days. Noruus CUP 107 TI-I af - .62 -5- I-SNA ' IDIIIOIOIDIOIOICIOIUFQIQICIOIOIOIOIOICIQIOICICIIIO ' I ' 'IIUICIIIIICIIIIIUIOlllllllOIIIOIOIOIOIOIOIOIOIOICICIO EI925 OLE MISS The Club CJFFICERS XV. E. AKIN . . ...... .... P rrsidrnl BOE JOHNSON ..... . I'ifr-Prfsidrlzl FRANK LliF'I'XYlClI . ..... . Srfrelary RIEMBERS BOE JOHNSON HARIIEN XVOOO FRANK LEE'I'wIcH O. R. SMITH EARL JOIINSON CIIARLIE ALLEN G. C. 'TOTTEN S. H. DAVIS ARI' HOFI-' A. P. PERKINS G. W. IARMSTRONG J. E. DAVIS BILLXE IZARO ED SHIRLEY REII VVHI'I"I'lNG'l'0N JOHN MUSIIN XVILL WELLS LONNIE BROADWAY ISUSIER KEAION BOB THOMPSON CLALIIIE SMITIISON DICK VVALKER XVAYNE SMITH SIMON ROSENTHAL SOLLIE UR.-UN JIMMIE BILES TIIOMPSON BEACIIAM VV. F. HAND SHINE MORGAN DAVE XVILLIE JONES O. P. fIOBER T. T. Ross DOOLEY ,ARIN HOWARII XVOOIIWARII QJASION lIEwIaS DI'I'I' HRIIIIIS MISS SAI,I.I' DORCII, Sponsor 108 SQ.-'71 LACEY BILES DELMA SIMMONS En REID XVEESTER BURKE JUNIUS JARMON VAN MARTIN J. VV. ELMORE Bon DAVIS OSCAR EUBANKS DRANE LESTER MARVIN MOOOY - 1 9 Ac: ss H El9Z50LElVlISS THE "AI" CLUB 109 SQ - :bi E W - IOIOIQIOIOIQIDIOIIICIDICICICIIIOIDICIOICIOIQICICII. ' CIQIOIIIUIIIOIIIOIOlllilll IICIIIIIIICIOIOIOIOIOIOIOI O T1-1121925 OLE MISS Z.. rt 1 Q13 LX 1 1-'of ' i v g 4 J L 'F'-E I Q .1 il ' by 253416: 1 " 4 1 1 J 'K A I Z 'lk' K' K fax . ' The Spirit of Ole Miss lt was 1111- 11111-111111111 111 1111- g1'111i1'1111 c111ssic 111 1111- 1111191111111 511111-. 111-1111111 1111- 11111111- 111 1111- 17111 C11pit111 1111- Sllll 111111 1111'1-11111' Q1Y1'l1 11 g111111-11 1i11g1- 111 1111- W1-511-1'11 sky. 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A season which had been a failure ill Hlfllly ways came to a conclusion amid well earned victory. Practice began on September 1 with a new coach i11 charge, and the squad filled with unbounded enthusiasm for a winning eleven. An autumn un- rivalled for its heat and drouth retarded progress to such an extent that the candidates were slow to get in condition for the first contests. Physical con- ditions, together with Coach l5arnard's lack of knowledge of his squad, combined to give the Red and Blue a11 unimpressive beginning. The ,lonesboro Aggies, who had been scheduled , with only a practice game in view, came near up- setting the dope, and Ole Miss barely emerged with Smitlusou. f':111t11i11 a IO to 7 victory after the visitors had pushed over Hriuus. Mallauel' the first touchdown. Akin scored first for the Red and Blue with a drop kick, and llorl added a touchdown to win the game for Mississippi. Southwestern Presbyterian l'niversity proved lI1llCl1 more determined on the defensive than ever before, and Captain Sinithson's eleven succeeded in putting over only one touchdown at THE sQL'.yo or '24 IIS "" ' .W 'M-ev . N. -...,,' . , L Wi.. -... U Yin .6353 QL' i.. 2 it 2,1 .J 0 f4i""f .5 .. .A uf ' " 1 ng ' if , i ,Ia Vv ,1,, ery V - 'fm if A: lil.: " W l . f"'f.i 4 ' is?-moi-an, - if A. an -'qyQr '. 1 .h R ' l L 'QM . .' r .U 1,134-' M A W . ., , , , - 4. . Q.. Pa A-2,5 . "' .M 'Q' H tl-' fa, " ' M pfj 4 ,ei Horr MAKES 'INOUCHIJOVVN-.AREANSAS GAME the expense of the Red jackets. After Ole Miss had failed to score hy inches, Hoff received the S. P. l'. punt and ran forty yards for the only touchdown of the game. Akin added the extra point. Again A. X M. proved too powerful for the Red and Blue, and the Ole Miss eleven went down before the Aggies, 20 to o. The game was hard fought by both teams, with Ole Miss continually on the defensive. VVhile Ole Miss lost the foothall game, the impression of l'niversity spirit displayed hy the student body o'n that occasion will linger with the eight thousand spec- tators forever. Followers of the Red and Blue proved themselves more loyal in defeat than in victory hy the undying support given the team throughout the game. The University parade was proclaimed hy jackson citizens as the best college demonstration ever staged in Mississippi. ,Q '. no ' - K ' . Axis Cnfux S. DAvxs W. SMITH 1 14, T 1 I i VVE How A. 8 M. ox THREE-YARD LINE The Maroon game proved to be the first of a long string of defeats which tore the hearts of Ole Miss students and alumni. Arkansas administered the same score to the Red and Blue at l.ittle Rock. However, Ole Miss played a good game and did well to hold down the score against a team which was doped to swamp the boys from Oxford. It was the first time in football history that Arkansas triumphed over the l'niversity of Mississippi. The frimson Tide rolled high at Montgomery and left many marks on the battle-worn Red and Blue. VVallace VVade's team had an easy day and scored 61 points during the afternoon. The playing of Shed Davis was the only bright spot for Ole Miss in the Alabama fracas. A week of practice seemed to have removed the effects of the Alabama disaster, and the team went against Sewanee in high spirits. On a muddy field the Tiger walloped Ole Miss ,-Qs' Hswes LEFTw1c1f1 HOFF ALLEN 115 . ,K ll' .mu .iii mas ,Q PRESHMAN "M" zo to 0, as the Red and Blue defense was powerless. This of the year for the Mississippians. The tide began to show signs of turning in the Furman deserved to win. After gaining more ground than the Hornets, to accept ll 7 to 2 decision. The Ole Miss offense found itself which concluded the season in victorv. was indeed the worst exhibition game, a contest which Ole Miss the Mississippi eleven was forced at Greenville and began a march The defeat of the Mississippi College Choctaws, after their 7 to 6 game with A. S: M., was the greatest feat of the season. Dope ran true to form in being upset. Conceded only an outside chance, the Red and Blue tore through the Mississippi College line for twenty first downs. Charlie Allen scored the ten points for Ole Miss with a touchdown, point after ,rag 'qv 1- Smmoxs Kii.x'1'oN M USUN Il6 40 f, . .-.. V BILES .19 f' L, . N1 L 'wil P il " V V . 4 . 2 . U! .M .ALLEN THROUGH FOR 'TYVENTY YARDS-M1ss1ss1PP1 COLLEGE Game touchdown, and a drop kick. Berry received a long pass and ran for the Choctaw touchdown. The IO to 6 victory of the I'uiversity over Cy Parks and Co., was the best football exhibition of the year in the Magnolia State. Ole Miss took a whirlwind start to defeat Millsaps in the Turkey Day game at Jackson. On the first play after the kick-off, Lacey Biles went around end for seventy-eight yards and a touchdown. The scoring for the day was over, and the two elevens battled desperately for the other fifty-nine minutes of play. As the last scene was concluded on Thanksgiving afternoon, Ole Miss found herself entrenched in second plaee in the state title race. For the first time since IQIQ the Red and Blue had vanquished all state rivals except the Aggies. The grand finale was a glorious comeback, all the more glorious in light of the many disappointments that greeted the Ole Miss gridders in I924. 'J ,-. C? , 19 V, -'117' ua-ww' Jr- 'Y' 'rf-,ze PERKINS J. E. DAVIS O. R. SMITH lV1AR'T'IN 117 I IALZ1 lr Campus . . Campus . . Jackson , . Little ROCK Montgornery Memphis . Greenville, Campus . . Jackson . . S.C.. .. 'l'o1'ennowx-M1ss1ss1PP1 Co1.1.EoE fi.-XMH R125 Ole Miss Ole lVliss Ole Miss Ole lVliss Ole Miss Ole Miss Ole Nliss Ole Miss Ole lV1iss -no 1'1.Ts or THE Smsox . . IOQ Jonesboro Aggies . .- 7 . . 73 S. P. U ...... . 0 . . og Miss. A. 8 M .... . zo . . og fniversity of Arkansas . . 20 . . og Vniversity of Alabama . . 61 . . og Sewanee ...... . 20 . . ZQ Furman . .... . 7 . . IO: Mississippi College . 6 . . 75 Millsaps ..... . o K I .gift 4.1, ., 'l'o1'1 I-ZN JxRMS'l'RONli MWCTF Rlilll B. Dfxvxs IIS Sept. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Nov. Nov Nov. Nov c Football Schedule, 1995 26 3- IO' I7- 24 31- 7 I4 21 26- .X' Iizulcrllmll 110 NIISS INICZ XVICLSII .,. ... +11 nn-ml-un-nulml-nn:lnu:nn1un1nn1uli1uil1nn: ir-nn:un:nll:uu:l1ln- :Ilan 1 In-nn-uni i-nninu-nn ul: l ' BA KETBALL I QQ..-....-...-V..-N - -.-,-,,-.-..-...-.-,- -. -,-, ., -. - - ,,,-. -,,- - -,-,, The entire Southland felt the prowess of the Ole Miss hasketeers in 1925, and th: qiintet returned -we 1 from the Southern Fonference '1'ournament at At- ' teams of Dixie. Only in the semietinals did the Red lanta in possession of third place among the cage and lilue five how to another. Fourteen Uonlercine teams had become "also rans" before the Mississip- pians were eliminated from the tourney. The many mishaps which had attended the Ole Miss squad during the playing season were well known to sport writers in Atlanta, and the Red and Blue was conceded little chance at the tourney. lt 75, vi was an upset of dope when the Oxford team de- trv' feated the Virginia Military Institute in the nrst ll. 5' game. Mississippi took a great step forward th: ' . following evening in defeating the l'niversity ot ,EP Virginia, conqueror of South l'ar.ilina arnd Aulvurn, ,ji 'fav .. ' Q 4' hy the decisive margin ot eight points. l'ulane was Julimmli' m at lm too fast for a crippled hlississippi tive, and Ole hliss Iwlmlwll vim was eliminated hy the Greenies in the semi-hnals. The Red and lilue did not wait until the tournament to cover itself with glory, hut the term had amassed an impressive string of victories in its regular playing season. ln a total schet e of twenty-five games, seventeen victories were lwrought home to Oxford. Only three of the a v . . . and H... 'X ri , .whey 4 '25 SQUAD I2I 4 fdfvf fak- Tl-lEl9i25 OLE MISS 1-4- QP 'J'- PZ '?l. JOHNSON H OFF HFLZJ IZAJPD LEE feats were by more than four points, and only one opposing team was undefeated at the hands of the Mississippians. No Mississippi basketball team has played under as many handicaps as the squad of '25. The loss of Captain Earl johnson early in the season was a terrific blow. The withdrawal of Smith- son and Reid just after the holidays depleted a squad which was already badly in need of reserves. Then, just before the last A. and M. game, carrie the illness of "Bob" johnson, and the services of this stellar forward and center were lost for the remainder of the season. llad Ole Miss been able to play johnson at Atlanta the record of the Red and Blue there might have been even more glorious. The wonderful record made is a tribute to the spirit of Coach Sullivan and the men who com- posed the team. Amid disheartening reverses they never gave up, and, imbued with a love for Ole Miss, they strove on tn greater accomplishments. In tim:s of di trss men rise to greater heights, and this occurred with the Red and Blue basketeers. The season opened very auspiciously before the Christmas holidays, and the quintet took two one-sided games from VVill-Mayheld College and the Bemis, Tenn., Y. M. C. A. On a Christmas trip the team lost to the Memphis "Y," but won from the Meridian Athletic Club and the Laurel A trip through Tennessee and Kentucky just after the team returned from the holidays was unsuccessful. Games were lost to Vanderbilt, Tennessee, and Kentucky by margins of one. two, and three points. The return to the home cage started the team on its road to victory, and Tulane was the first to fall before the Red and Blue. llowever, the Greenies took sweet revenge the second night. l'nion dropped two games to Ole Miss, Centenary was defeated, and YVest Tennessee Normal bowed twice. Two games were taken from Millsaps, in Jackson, on the next trip, and the Aggies defeated Ole Miss at Starkville. Memphis was decisively beaten on the campus, and two more games were won from Millsaps. A. and M. defeated the Red and Blue in the final game of the season before the tournament. IZ2 A If ' .Q -G' QA- IIOIIIOIOIOIOIOIDICIQICIOICIOIDIOIOIOIOICIOIQII ' I ' .OICIOIOIOIOIOIIIOIOIOIOIIIOIllOl0IOI0l0!0l0l0l0l0I0l0 I-lEl925 OL EIVIISS 3:9 'S' R' .4 JUG! -if . CU TPE1? BURKE TH OMP5 ON BI? YJ' ON The scores for the season follow: Ole Ole Ole Ole Ole Ole Ole Ole Ole Ole Ole Ole Ole Ole Ole Ole Ole Ole Ole Ole Ole Ole Ole Ole Ole Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss . . . 563 VVill-Mayfield College . . . . 563 Bemis lTenn.J HY" . . . 173 Memphis Y. M. C. A.. , . 423 Meridian Athletic Club . . . 433 Laurel MY" . . . . . . . . 183 Vanderbilt .... . . . 233 Kentucky . . . . I3 3 Tennessee . . . . 353 Tulane . . . . . , 1 53 Tulane . . . . , . 383 linion Vniversity . , . 283 Vnion Vniversity . . Centenary . ..... . - - 35: , . 523 VVest Tennessee Normal . . . . 453 XVest Tennessee Normal . , . 353 Millsaps ...... . . . 283 Millsaps ...... . , . 303 Mississippi A. and M. . , . 383 Memphis HY" . . . . . . 313 Millsaps ..... . . . . 253 Millsaps ..... . . . . . 283 Mississippi A. and M. . AT STJPTHERN CUNFERENCE TULRNAMENT . . . . . . . . . . 273 V. M. I. . . . . . . . . . . . . . 323 l'niversity of Virginia . fsemi-finals! . . 233 Tulane . . . . . . 123 Y OIOICIOIO O lllll UIOIOIOIQ Vt. OlOIIIUIOIOIOIOIOIOIOIOIOIO 4 0 .i"' WIN TEE . 24 . I6 - - 35 . . 8 - 3-1- . I9 . 26 . I5 . 31 . 30 . I9 . IQ I7 I9 14 . 28 . 14 - 34 . 27 . 20 . 16 . 38 . 20 . 24 - 44 -XNNIIC PEARL MARS! IALL Sponxor Tru rk 1.24 4. ...-Y ...W f.. ....:...f ...CMV :....,,..:....W.-..1...Lt ----- ..--..g. 1 ' 4 ff! fi irgzin, Vaptain TRACK 1 1 1 1-uu1uu1 uufuuiuu in an 111 ufuuf uw-Yun uu Varsity Track, 1924 Track made its bow to Ole Xliss students as a major intercollegiate sport for the first time in 1924 under the direction of Coach K. P. Vinsel. Hitherto no comprehensive track and field program had been undertaken by those in charge of Red and Blue athletics. Coach Vinsel scheduled meets with neighbor- ing colleges, and launched his team on a sound basis. An inter-dormitory meet early in the spring gave an impetus to the sport. Over a hun- dred athletes took part in the events of this first intramural track carnival. Center Gor- don took first honors with 59 pointsg Lamar trailed a close second with 50225 VVest Gor- don ran a good third with yuh, and Odom took fourth place with 2723 points. : 1-lvl' The winners in the dormitory meet made good with the varsity squad, and Coach Xinsel soon had a nice-sized group of likely cinder path and field performers. For E, S if--ff - I 2 as I THE SQUAD 125 . 1151 :bg Q Q OIOIIIDIOIOIOIOIQICIQIQIQICICIQICIOIOIOICIOICIQICII ' 4 ' 'QIQIQIOIUICIOIUIQIIIOIQICIOIOIIIQIOICICIOIOIOIOIOIOI TI-lEI9Z5 OLE MISS men of little experience, the candidates made good progress, and the team hung up a creditable record for a first year aggregation. WVest Tennessee Normal came to the campus for the first meet of the season, and lost to Ole hliss by a score of 78 to 39. Only four first places were taken by the visitors. Barnett, of Normal, took high honors for the meet, while Captain Smithson of Ole llfliss came second. Ole lvliss trouneed Normal 73 to 36 in a return meet at llrlemphis. Captain Smithson again starred for the Mississippiaris. Tulane brought a fast squad of sprinters, and superiority on the track gave her a 63fA to 48M victory over the Red and Blue. Ole lNiIiss took the lead in the field events, but her runners were too slow to cope with the Greenies. Although a de- feat, the meet was a credit to the university squad in all respects. The university entered five men in the conference meet at hlontgomery, but the Ole llfliss representatives failed to take a first place. Inexperience failed when pitted 126 'AQ Q61 Q 9 me olnlo on aaoamoumouon museums. -- .ommnnono muon: l noun :onion om mac T H EI925 OLE IVIISS N rF1T Y? -. HKIN GWOODHIQD JOHNSON OPHIN , JONES against the stars of the South. The eonferenee meet brought to conclusion ri successful season, and the results of 19.24 presage victory for 1925. Ole Ole Ole Ole Ole Ole Ole Results of dual meets: Bliss llliss llliss Bliss Bliss llliss llliss Cat New Orlennsl fCampusJ ...... lat Clintonl . Cat Clintonj . Q , es ennessee , orma 79 ' XV t T W l 73 g YVest Tennessee Normal 48163 Tulane . IQ25 REsL'1,Ts 40 3 Tulane .... 86jfQg A. X ll. .... . 60 5 lllississippi College . 60 5 llllillsaps . 127 QQQ C t I K ol VC' Ty 39 36 6312 72 - f 253: S2 I9 RA XVlll'l"l'INli'l Sfwllyrfl' Hzlfrflrlff 1 138 4 4. ng, : :. .... K ...-..,.,,. -...-.,..:.. Z 1 ,.:, .,. ,...... 5 P:.5.5..5 i Baseball, 1924 XVith Coach Pete Shields in charge of the team for the entire season, and with a squad re-enforced hy very promising recruits from the freshman nine of the year helore, hasehall prospects were very en- couraging last spring. The largest squad of many years reported, and the players were enthusiastic over the chances of the university team. The results of the season very largely justified the confidence of students and players. Ole lxliss ranked among the leaders in the Southern Vonference last year, and had she won the series from A. 3: hd., would have had a clear title to the Vonference flag. The championship of the South, as well as the state championship, was decided at Oxford. Although ranking well in the Conference, Ole hiiss dropped from her usual standing in Mississippi circles. Losses to hoth the Aggies and hiisslszsippi Vollege comhined to detract from the state standing of the Red and Blue. The season opened very anspiciously with a one- sided victory over Mississippi College, score, iz to 3. The Choctaws took revenge the next day in a game featured hy the had playing of hoth teams. The final score was xo to 8. INCOHNIII optned the northern invasion, only to he turned hack the first dn wit tt 1 eat it the hands of the Red and Blue. l.ike the C'ho:taws, the Cardint illlied the seto y to 'Ike '1 o decision. Illinois profited hy the errors of the Mississippi infield 1 e to ln asv noh, score 7 to 3. x SQ txxn or l2j 129 ,LL 4- , THE l 925 OLE. MISS Sun-jim, I.'mu!1,' XVn,sox, lkfoxnzomtfkx, Cox lit-iwhs, XVIIIVIIXIQIOX, BRIGGS, .'XI.l.liX Nliwivippl Vollegc wan out for scuilps, :intl :iftt-r lllllllf' years, stn'c'cctletl in winning at series from tlic tiitivci'sity. liriggx :intl Clztrlw ?lIQ.Q1lQLCll in zu pitvlicrs' battle :it Ulinton, with the C'l1ot'tnw sontlipziw getting tlw lu-at of ll 1 to 0 svorv. Lztinlirigllt twirlccl lwississippi College to Ll 2 to o xivtory the next day in jalcl-.5on. After itx rvttirn to Uxfortl, the Rt-tl :intl Blue l'lllllC ont of its batting.: slump, lllltl took two t-my g1lllll'N from S. P. lf 'lilw svores were 4 to o :intl 5 to I. Vazixtltwliilt invattlctl the I cznnptix the Nunn- we-alt :intl loxt to Ole Misx, I3 to 3. 'l'lit- two-gznnc at-ritw with 'l'uInnc on lNlotlicrC lilly was split. The Grvetiics got the first gznnc, ig to R, wliilc Ulu Miv took tht' lust, 7 to i. 'l'l1c first 'l'nlnnc gznnc wus featturetl lw tlit- ln-:tu liitting of lsoth tvannx, :intl the outfit-lclcrs wrre given at good :tf'tt'rnoon of practice. In at tritnnplizint swing throngli A1'cinnw-cc, the Rell :intl Blum- won six straight guinea. S. P. l'. ft-ll in two gziimw, iz to 1 :intl 5 to o. Vnntlcrhilt inzinzigt-tl to lioltl Mississippi to :i 5 to 2 tll't'lNlUll tlw firxt tlny, lint tltt' Ulu Mi'-N lvnttcrw ponntlvtl tlit- lmll for 34 runs to Xaintlys 5 Ill tht- lnxt t-nt'otn1tu-r. 'l'ln- liiiivciwity of 'I'eniit-N-cc was no inattvh for thu Shit-ids tcann, and Ole Nliw zltltlrtl two llltlft' to tht- string of vit'torit'w, svortw of ll to 4 :intl 4 to o. 4 l'l1c font-gznmt writ-5 with A. tl M. opt-notl :tt Stalrltvillc. 'l'l1c first flush wt-nt eleven innings ikgo trcruouuuuuot 5 Yokizcnocicliirj VX ' 6Y,'U s 'AQ 3693 E Q .-- 1 mnlomloisuololanQrilllllouololololonolsloaomn ' - ' 'llOIOIOIIIOIOIIIIIOIIIOIIIOIIIOIOIOIOIOIOIOIOIIICIOI THEl9Z5 OLE. MISS V1'oon, S111Rl,li1', jonxsox, lMlL'E'llX XVklr:111', l4ko,x1m'.w, Rowe, Phkkxss before the Aggies puslieil over the run tl1.1t gave tlieni ll 3 to 2 victory. A. X M. won again the following lllICI'llOtlll, 6 Io 4. Ole lN1i-- opened well :it Oxforil by tfileing il 2 to 1 pitching duel between Briggs llllll llolt.zn. The Aggies einalieel the shite :incl conference titles the next clzly wiili victory. Results ol' the season: Ole Miss 121 Miss. Follege 3 Ole Miss 'linlnne . Ole Nliss 85 Miss. follegge . . IO Ole Miss S. l'. l'. Ole lxliss jg XVisc'ollsin . 2 Ole lNliss 5. lj. lv. . Ole lNliss 25 XViseonsin . 6 Ole lxliss Yzinclerliilt Ole Miss gg lllinois . . 7 Ole lxliss Vginclerlwill Ole Miss og Miss Collegge 1 Ole Miss lll6IlllL'S.sC'L' Ole Miss og Miss. College 1 Ole Miss ,Tennessee Ole Nliss 45 S. P. lv. . . 0 Ole lNliss A. 3: Nl. Ole Bliss 5: 5. P. lv. . . I Ole Bliss A. X Nl. Ole Miss . . 135 Vzmnlerliilt . 3 Ole Miss A. X M. Ole lNliss 8g 'linlune . . I3 Ole lNliss LX. X lNl. I3l -4 . H Y. 'le Q61 Dxs j mnuuuomuomuoionmmmouauouonmonoeoimc an ' -' 'll'ICIOICIOIOICIQIOIIIOIIIOICICIOIOIOIMOIOIDIOIOIOIO Tl-lEl9Z5 OLE. MISS Outlook for 1925 X5giNQl S the annual goes to press, students are optimistic over the approaching base- ,,f' Agn . ' t ll. hall season. Numerous indications point to a successful year on the diamond. "' Through the efforts of the "KI" Club, Coach Shields has been secured to direct the nine again, and his prc sence will he a great factor in developing a winning team. Though weakened hy the loss of several former stars, there is a strong squad of candidates fighting for places on the team. The pitching staff appears to be strong, and if the batters come through, the teazn will enjoy a successful season. The schedule follows: There Ole Miss . . 1 Millsaps . . 1 There Ole Miss . hlillsaps .... . 7 llere Ole Bliss . . l'nion liniversity . . 2 llere Ole Miss . . i l'nion l'nii'ersity . . I llere Ole lxliss . Crain Illinois . . . llere Ole Miss . . XViseonsin . 2 Here Ole Miss . VVisconsin . . o llere Ole Miss . Millsaps . . . . 4 llere Ole lNliss . . I hlillsaps .... . 5 There Ole lxliss . hlississippi Vollege . . 3 'l'here Ole Miss . Nlississippi College . . o There Ole Miss . Tulane . .... . 6 There Ole Miss , Tulane . . 4 There Ole Miss Alabama . . 6 There Ole Miss . Alahama . . 4 llere Ole lNliss , A. K Nl. . . 2 Ilere Ole Miss A. X M. . . 4 lireenxxood Ole Miss . -, A. S M. . . - 'lihere Ole Miss . -, A. X Nl. .... . - There Ole Miss - A. S Nl. .... . - llgrq Ole Nliss . -, hlississippi College . . - llt-re Ole Miss . - Mississippi College . . - llere Ole Miss - Kentucky . . . . . - llere Ole Miss ........ - Kentucky . . . . . . . . - Cliditor's note: lfill in the remaining lmlanlt spat' plete record of the se:ison.l 13 es with the scores and CUC Cries.. - jgffu 1 will have il Cf 1111 +,,,,,,7 k 7 7 1, 1: .- 7 1 1 1 - 1 1uu--nn-nu--mi -it---uri-un-un-tug. +,-,,-,-,,--,..---......-..---------L----.---1-.,.i. gb-al The Reel anal Blue Misses took place as one of the most victorious teanis of the university session hy winning seven of their ten games. Injuries at re' , the entl of a gruelling season were all that preventecl is xr, 'K the Ole lxliss sextet from winning the state title. l '1 Despite the loss of Captain Stevens :intl Nola Den- ton just before the championship trip, the team con- Clutletl its final foreign invasion in a very cretlitalwle manner. Coach XViseman hegan the season with an excel- ,, ' lent record for the previous year antl with several veterans hack trying for their olcl places. Varsitv players of the year hefore who reported for practice were: Captain -losephine Stevens, lilivaheth Vartla- man, and XVillie XVehh Dunlap, at centerg Kate Srnallwoocl and lftltlie Gathings, guartlsg anal Nola Denton, forwartl. These were inainstays of the sextet in achieving.: its envialmle record. ' n t ll t tin Sit-xv S. 'Q iz' - N - - wk- 1 ' in In Bessie Powell, loaeh XVisenian touncl a tor- 'N'l""" "" ll ward who possessed an ahility for cagingg the hall that has rarely heen equalletl among girls of the South. Reheccn Stokes proved her worth at forwartl, antl in her lirst year atltletl many points to the Retl anal Blue scores. Sarah fusper provetl xi consistent player at running center. Kathryn Ilentlerson, Louise Cole, lflizaheth Dixon, anal Cora Katherine McClellan were all strong reserves. is "... -Q e ' , .. , Q X A.-ff-"TA 'sly Flaw!" ix 'N ,M -Q ft ' as e - FV , MXINX D CO-ED ILXSK IQTITITRS 133 'D IQIQIO IlllillllllIOIOIOIOlQIOIIIIIOICIOIOIOIOIOIOIC - V WY i i :L 1 E 9 TI-1121925 OLE. MISS UO ig ' 'O Q X . 2 s..pun-v 2 . DuNLAP STAKES l .R ,L W POWELL ll' .. 'T 1? .z" D1 CASPER Thr wziwn upcnctl early iii Nuvclnlwr, wha-11 tht- Miva nxzilllpctl the Mill-alps 'Niijuie N hy' Il 31 to 7 wmv The Rt-tl :intl Hhic dcil1umt1':itctl unnplctc- NllIN'I'iUl'ilf :md CXl'l'iIl'IlI Il lllll .5 in their initial t'lll'0lllllt'I'. fil't'Il1ltill follcge, umm' ll lllllllt' to he lilAt'1lli6'ti hy thc Nliviwippi girly cziirled no tc-rim uilh it thix sexiwli. The illY1lliCl'N it-ll hctnrr the Rad :mtl Hluv rmiixlziuglit hx thr sauna' svurc th it in ll the Nlillxnpx Lflllllt' ot the mock lwfl '. PIX i Iillillll lilliYL'l'NilX' px'm'rd ziiwtlici' can X'ii'Iilll. 'lihc Ole Miw iiUl'NN1lI'tiN thrcw XIUIIIN hum Ill l,'0l'IlC'I'N ui the K'lllll'f tu XXIII :1 44 tu S Lit'K'lNl0Il. lirciizidgi Vullegt- Nlimu-cl ll xurprixilig I'i'X't'I'N1lI ui harm on thvir lmim' vmirt, hut llgllllll tht K lc Miw wxtul um vit'turif111s. .X Nllliiillll spurt in tht- tilizll rninutvs furgctl the Nliwisxippizniix 1 C'rr:u'h XViwxn:m xwlit tu Nlvnipliix im' l'L'X'l'lIjLt', :md XVQNI 'lik'lIll1'NNt't' Nlll'IllJli paid tht pin ul iwrinrr Nl4'IHl'lt'N. Plzixing in Nlllll'l'l1YI' turm, tht- Uh' Niiw tvalm Ntltlll It-it tht- Mt-lliplmizilix Ill 1 Y tzlr hehiml. liuwit' Pmwll Nt411'1't'cl for thc lllliYl'l'NiIf xix. At Blilfl-xNllIl, lhimi um Xtill no rimtvh hir tht' Rui :ind liillt, xxhivh iielcaitt-tl them, 5' to H 'l'hiN unix the illl'1,ft'NI worm' ui tht- wgiwil for tht- Uxhvrtl tczllll. Nlillvips imwml will :ilu-:ul ul Uh- Miw hx nm' point uhrn thi- Inn lcznns met in tht ixillti vzlgv. Thi- luv ul Nolan IJUIIIUII 2,'QI't'Sllij vripplul tht' llI5'NIJltr' lw:ulwIm'cr'w. lht- IIIUNI NL'X'l'I't' mlvivzit ful tht- xvilr l'llllll' ill tht- iIIllNiN ui tht- iXllNNlNN v v ippl XXnrn.1ll a lulhht on thi' Y. Nl. if A. fhmr :il llzinxitwlniuu. .-X IVIIIII v1'lPPh'tI hy tht- luv wi Cllliillill Sta-xrm tml Yu IM-litmi um unznhh' tu wil-1' with thc ight tc-:im ut Vzuplziin Uzimllx. '14 li 'L'-7 'G'1' iM,jU!QQQfE!3QEE2 ff? U xc, the new M , 361 2 9 T' ll El I 9 Z 5 CD L. li BA I S S , -K l -Q CQ-' 'xii cf 3 VXRDAMAN 4- 4? it 156 , if " .,fl SMA1.Lwooo GATHINGS VW ., ,L+ . he 5- x ' -. Damon Alter defeating XVest Tennessee Xnrnml, gg in za, nn the Ole Miss vznnln th I 1 s, e Misses. inet the lenlmcly quintet in the linnl gznnv of the si-zismi. The teznns plziyeml nnalei' the new rnles lnr girls, which allow nnly twn mlivisions ul the vnnrl Illlll only live players on the Hour. lvllKll'l' rules, 1 incl lj.,llIl withnnt Vzlptzlin SIUYUIIN :incl Nolan Denton, the Ole Nliss team wus nnsecl out in a thrilling.: QIYIHC, 21 to iq. Ole Miss was gglnrinns even in clelf it incl lwrunglit nut the lwst play of the sezisun. The SCZISOIIYS results lnllnw: Ole Ole Ole Ole Ole Ole Ole Ole Ole Ole lVliss Nliss Miss lN1iss lNliss lN1iss Miss . lwiss Miss lN1iss 313 Millsaps .... 313 iirenanln C'nllep.:e , . 441 llllllll IIllYl'l'Nll-N . . , JQQ iirenncln C'nllege . . . . 393 XVes! '1lL'llllt'sst'k' Nnrxnzll , . S41 l'ninn l'nix'ersity . , . . 133 lxlillsilps, ..... . . ing Mississippi NV1nn:1n'sf'nlle XSQ XVest lenm-ssee Nfll'lIlZll . . 193 l'e:il1mly ....,. '35 cfN F270 'z , 1 the gznne 'Y I - 7 ., A . iq . zo 23 . , IQ ge . . JI, . . 35 11 If - Tl-lEl925 OLE MISS FRESHMAN SQLXXD Freshman Football, 1924 The first-year eleven of 1924 was prohahly the hest of the three excellent freshman teams that have represented Ole Miss on the gridiron. l.ike the frosh of '12, the team was undefeated, and it had the added distinction of a I3 to 7 victory over the Red and lilue varsity. lligh school elevens were run over in easy style, and most of the games were so one-sided as to evoke pity for the opponents. The freshmen did not give evidence of their later prowess against the T. M. I. cadets, and the Tupelo team managed to hold the Mississippi juniors to a 31 to 0 score. The Lafayette County A. ll. S. was trouneed 55 to o on the l'niversity Held. Armistice Day hrought varsity and freshman together for their first real lmattle. The Hrs' year men proved too strong for the hattle-worn regulars, and Cohen led his team to a well deserved vietory. The game yy as a rt-:il light, one of the hest foothall exhihitions of the year. Tlianksgiving morning the freshmen worked up a good appetite for ' turltey liy scoring I.l,fJ points at tl1e expense of the Tunica Founty Aggies, whi failed to crass the goal line of tl1e Red and Blue. This was the f lltost onessided game ever seen on the uni'.'ersity campus. A Coach Vinsel was ahly assisted hy lloward XVoodward in the de- v velopinent of the freshman teznn. 'l'o these two i- due mueh of tl1e credit lor the excellent record of the lrosh. Results of the season were: l"reslnnen . . 31g Tupelo Military Institute . o lfreslnnen . . 553 Lafayette Vounty A. ll. S. . 0 l-'rt-slnnen , . 135 Ole Miss Varsity . . . 7 lfreslnnen . . 146, llilllllfll County Aggies . . o lfreslnnen . . 2452 UPPUIICINS - 7 Wnntlyxziiil, Vogt.-li 136 nl Q TJ ,, t , THE l925 OLE MISS Freshman Basketball, 1925 Coach Barnartl had a gooil squad out for practice for the first year quintet, and the men rounded into excellent form for the first games. :Xt the time the annual goes to press the freshman cagers are untlefeatetl, and it is likely that they will con- tinue so throughout the season. The frosh had great iliiheulty in ohtaining games, due to the fact that the high school conference passetl a ruling forbidding its members from playing college fresh- man teams. As a result of this ruling, eight successive games were cancelled by high school teams of North llississippi. Games with private schools and Tennessee high schools were all that Coach Barnard was ahle to obtain for his quintet. Ar forwarml, Cook, Bush, Gresham, lllinltllehroolts, anal lfatheree showed good form. Lee and Andrews were the hest performers at center. Simmons, Uantzler, lXIcCharen, Pennington, and Sullivan starred at guartl. The team was a fit representative of Ole Kliss, an institution famed for its first-year teams. Several of the performers will make strong hitls for varsity herths next session. 137 'DH71' Af ow :1 X" fx 3 ,1 rf, -L, ff' 4 Ji 13. 45 YN-mag. if fig. df ,1 vm 1 1 'a M4 14 -2 IN JACKSON 138 F J, i z' -AQ .. 'I'1.'Af "init P' . ' if-A,1fi.','l17' 1 11 1 1- ?-, I ' if!-?:V 1H - .- . g Z, fgyxgg. 11-W' A -Kd . ff 1' . T 'j15":- 1 4 " F1 NSF ,4'f"ffs! ffl-I 11' 111 - ,, , 1- 1 1" 1'1f.f,1,4 :1i " '11-1l:VlLxj'W" if - " 1 "4 x X' 1 .'1 1 4 I1 ' , , 1 ' 1 1 W A 1 I ', '. , '- 1 'a1-"1.'1'1-"vE'1f- '1' H, '1-' , ' X ferffbp 1 ' 11,' "X" P- ' fl. ' ' ' 1 1, 11. ,, 1 " -1 11' 1. 11 111 2.11. 1:1111 :p--11 '- . 1, 1.. .1 1 11 111 , , .4 1r.1- 1,-u.Nx1vIY.f:-. Q 1 . .1 . , 1' 1 -- -' ,f p,'1,'qN Joy 329.1 1,1 ca 1 . "lYf,M-'-3 17 11bx 1, - I. if HA! Y J.. 1 1 11.11. ,1 A 1 w 15519, ...1 ,bfi 1 , F A ,,' 1 1 af It .A., iy 1 X L L V w ' 1. '1"' W ff W :ifff-j'f1i':'9'.f-217':?gfZ,210P Z7E", .T- v ,, :..11a1:.:::v::R9pc,5xt."': ..- ,H 5 ' ' ' ' -- - A f- ., H Q 'fQzfij-5Ag1fg:5f4,-f.g,1y5i:Ji'-L':'1SI--.A::-1?x:':':b .:::+::1':v::f:v.o1c:'.4xi".T1s.':.jpfZCf QQLGLTZE'-cz - ' k Y , -1+ -- .,1. i ' .. A, -gi J, 41.,W1, fi. ., . - S V . i . . X 1 ,1'Q'f'.11' ' If-wwqn 'Uh , X1 l .U 1 '1"f'1 11 ' V ' 'Il' 1 e ,1,'11,131111. 1:11 . 1.11111 Y 1. 1 IRI!" '1 f 1 1 ' ' N .J u 12 q':1."fw"l,1f" Yyqzgf' 'J' 1' fx 4 X X 1 Y W , t,1,lf1,1,1..:l I lb... 1 F 51:0 K fi, I f X 1 1 ' I 15, ' 3,-LNQL-g 1 W1:.g1'f ' 'fl 111 H ' .11 1.1 11" M' . ' f' f 1 1 15 1"l.'1rx I R" 111- H 'U 9' V. "1 1' ff? ff W y I 11 111 1, 11 1- f 1 ax 1 1 1 ,ff 1 11 L M X xt X f js A f V, f ff 1 f 7 X 7 L 1, x 1 ' 4 1 N Q' 11 I f X ll ' , 1X f I 1 1 W W f f '15 1.1 1 511 "'1' ' 'Jfw'-" 'lf' 7' "1 '13 ' '-." 'n- T- 12' I 1 1 ' '1 1 9 I" " 1'F I ' ','1,1,1",- ',7':"':"' -1 -' "'4l'.-E' ' ,QQ 1 11:15 1,-QQ.-1 1 f 11 3 'ji' 'Q' 1, 7 1 1 . 1 1Q1g1'515p-?'Q?g:i25+2Q3Y.W WF411 1111512 1 1 115 1 'f-fFE'1 ,' 1 -1 1- 1-'nYX12'5iig12-11"1asiaxfgg'K,i'A3X .1 'Tim' 'if"" 15.-gT?7AJfg 'Q141 1 I ,X M1 1- -1 .11 1 K. ' ' f1,'5jf-'J,'.:1Af" ' T - 1 24 11 'rpg-' -fa "1:f1fl1 'yRfgf 1 ffm? L '," 1 ' E 1 1 1 1' X' ' if If N ITS-'xg' Ll-45,5 "1 I',i'G',x R1'.',' 1 1L'1f'4,L'-.161 Xl'f-7l4','15"'l1 1' 1' 'lf ' " 1 H , X ,' A 1 "1 , ' : 11111'1.1111--f11-111111111151 1' Spw 1s11. - 1 1' ' 1' 11 1 11 ,yf ,ff 1 1' 11 1 :f'i521"Q3i 'S.1'X1g1"'?gj.. i1 :fQ'1.11'Sf'i51'1':i,:j3 ',,Z'fi'11f1'12: ' 'J ' ' 1 ,Qff ,QV 1 1 ' 1 " .Q 1 ' 12111411120 239' 11111'1131212:1"2111-1+1 1 1 I ,ff 1 1 1 ,ff ' 1 ?715'7"1i'- " -'An 'Fx"'i'1 '-9.ff17'1"1f"95""c"'-i"."' -3 -- ' "" ' 31 1 fC 1' 4' ' 'fl 1 ' 1r'1111,':51o.. -. -331111-11-1'sm-1111-'1111111-121-1,4-:. 4.51 3 111 1 ,ff 1 1,1 . 11 1 1 vw Q :,bfX,.,iP:igi1,.11. x Ni J. ,S:,'1.A,.1i14t-,-Im:11,3 E 1 i Y . 7, X, '71 I f- 1 1 -1-Lu "1 .' 31 - ' '1 ' -.'21f'i?'-' -9"-1" ' iz- ff' '1 f',I Kylix .D x I i:l.??,bf,Q.-P 11115 I 111111 :'1f,.,t2.g?,1:fg7 . L N I I f 1 ff,-A u I Ml, f I 135' W. 1 , 'Qgfj ff yi 1' . 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I , . 1 X W L V1 1 1 . 11 f ' y' G f 1 11 1 2 1 , H L l 1 1 51.513111 sl -'P Af, , 1 17 . . , 1 M1 I ' I ,'1w1 1 i'1b1,'1a:If11'I"' A A M' i 1'1.i:Z1,ff PM ff 1 1 1 ' ' X, 1' ' 1 f I M I N I , f 1 1 1 1 1 , M.. -' 11 , . -1 112.1-' 1 '1 1 ?21z44'jff7 fyf' " ' 5.-5 51 1 I 5' .s,',,,:1 A, 2,1 A Y I 1 1 X 11! 1' 'X 1 11 JT! V 1 '11 if 1, . 2 1 1 'N XI I k A B 1 ' If . V 1 111' J M 1 YL' 1, ,1 1 , 1 1 1 1 1 V f f ' img IM 1 1 X K ,X ffl I X J-- ff 'g "fl XI 'H I f L ',-f' V f' "' 1:' x"".. ' ', Q 1 1 ,f-Mf',?W 1' A L. 11 1 ,X 1 1111 111 .. 1 . , 1 1'111 1 111 9 1211111 1111 11111 . . . , , ,I W 1 1 I ,,,vf, 1-1 A fa TL, 11 111 ' , 5 ' 11 nur' 1 1? gf U IM? ! . 2 X X 1 111 mc:-' nil nf1 X 'N 11W .li 1 'F f - Llfl CN 2-'S 11111 H, 1 . 1l -T' 2411 gf "1 ' - 1 H1 1 ' '1 "ai, I ' gif? 'eb ,QI I ' W1 1 ff- 1 . -41, 1 f' 1 , K ' . 1 fm! , if 4211 X ' ' 1 ' 1 I ff 2 1111 s, A, - 1 ,Q N , 1 Z X. 11 4 'WH-'f'1A ' V 1-4:7A5f'7 t1i'T'Q'11'If-1',fl 1 1 cikzeczcr .ck :f1f2'CU.1?3-F 11 f1'.13' ,111 14' V I 0552. NX ' -if I EEF iff-?V ,If , f . ,fu ,-asf QT mgcw STUDENT ACTIVITIES 141 Q K 1 363 E 9 THEIQZS OLE MISS I Ff1i'lff'- 2 Associated Student Body Uifiicijits Rom-ul XV. 'l'uomu-sox A . ..... .... P rr,vit1'fn! lliriiu-, linux ,...,. . . . l'i1r-l'n'.vi.lf1zl ll.XlllI-, Mu' l-ii-x1 xmx . .... .N'r1n'lary XV. If. li.Xlll.l'. . ..,... . . . . Tn'u.vurn' lluriug tht- lnttcr part ot thc hrxt 'L'lllt'Nlt'I', wvcrzil L'll1lIljLC5 were mndc in thc 0I'f.f1llllZ1lfl0ll nl the ,-Xwwiaitul Student lifldj. .Xt the prewnt time the lixecutivc ihimuittee is Composed of tht- prc'siclc-rits of tht' Scuior clzlxwx of tht- uuivcr-ity, Zlllll of the prefidcut of thc Co-ed Student tiovcriuucut. 'l'lic prwidcut ol tht- or1.5z1uiv:itio11 ix :lu ex-rrlicio im-inhcr ot thc Athletic Council. lhc .'Kssori:1tc'cl Stud:-ut liody Nupportw thc' hziud, voutrols l't'l'l1llll studcut puhlivzitious, fosters Ntudc-ut aictivititw, :uid cxirriw on its work through aisacsaiiiciitf ou its lIlL'llllK'l'5, :uid through the lllN'l'2lllUll ol ll picture slum' on thc l'1llllpll"'. l'lXl'1'l"l'lYlZ Cotxcu. I li' XV, Lynx , ......,... l,1lu'ral qlrtx lf. ll. liiuxoow . . . . . . .. .Lacs Rllflllil llr'xu1,. - 11'fI111f1f'rf'i1zg1 R. ll. XV.xi,K11R . . .llrdnirzv -lmmrp Moiuus . . l'fI11f'1Hmy XY. 13, 5511111 , . f,lIIllIlll1'f'll' l.flll.XlNl'. 'l'r.xi . . . I-'11-mls XX 9 1.1: N i' 0575 AQ E Q QIOIQIOICIOIQI.l.l.lQlQl.lQlQl.l.lQl.l.l.ll ' I ' 'l.l.l' . THEl925 OLE. MISS G lei. ,... , 4- Q,- j L 5 A ,ark N .v w I'XILl'llXl L INLII 143 95713 ff Q 4 Tl-lEl9Z5 OLE MISS The Magnolia Society OFFICERS GENERAL XVILLIAM HEMINGVVAX' ..... . Clmirman E. XVILSON LYON ..................... S1-rrftary Founded in 1924. An organization which honors seniors and graduates who have made worth-while contributions to university life. Memhers are not picked for excellence in one activity, but for their achievements in general. llllmmnns Pam-'nssok G. I.. Buakourzus A. S. l-Iolfr Du. XV. D. llliorlssrox R. XV. 'I'HoMPsoN Dx. XV. C. MLIRl'lIX' J. l'. McFA1x M. URAIN A. B. Lewis J. Suuu,EY 14+ TH M ff . Q E. 1925 OLE MISS Student Government for Women Exlfcl'T1VE COMAIITTIZE LORAINE THAT. . . . ....... . . . . . VIOLA Lmmssrmx . .... .... I 'xifif I'ifr-Pr IVIAR'l'H.'X JAN:-2 S'1rzw,xR'1 . . Snn11.1 l'i4f-l'rw.viJrnl VIRGINIA 'ITIIOMAS . . . . . . Snrrlary FRANCES Smir-llrakn . . . Trfamrn' I,EG1s1.AT1vlz COL'NclI, Ii.x'1'mf MAY BIQNJAMIN Vmrsxxu 'IXHOMAS .ANNE BROYLES Mmmm JACKSON Nom DENTON I2L1z.,xnn'1'H VARIMMAN FRANCES SIIHPHERD Huh SMALLWOOO VIOLA Lawmssox POLLY APP1,Ewm'1E VIVIAN LOCGINS T45 - ' ,O 0,0 K M.-nu HA JANE S1 EWAR1 fxrnlf Prrsidr nl 'nl TH - :GQ E 9 ' IQIIIQIOIOIIIQIQIQIQI.l.l.l.l.lQlQl.l.l.lCl.l.l.ll ' I ' I I.l'l.l.l.l.l.l.l.l.l'l.l.lIlIlCI.I.l9l.l.l.l0ICICI E.l925 OLE MISS IN Y 5 ll Young Men"s Christian Association OFFICERS E. XV. LYON . . . . ..... ....... I 'rfsidvlzl j. SHIRLEY . . . ..... I'iw-Prr.viI1enl VV. F. HAND ........ . . . Rrfording Sfrn'lary . Prlkxxxs ............ Tl'1'll51lI't'l' ll. R. BARBER . J. j. C'OIII.Iss . joux COX . . li.A. IIL'GIlliS . . . CEIQOIIOI-1 A. N1L'l.IffXY G. M. JONES . . TAIIII, ju. . . l..xKIa CA!w1I'IIIfI.I. . RI'ssIzI.1. II. MII.I.IaII JOE IN1L'C.-HN . . R. M.xI.cOI,M Grass, GI-zzrral Srzrvtary CiJBINllTT'IiE CHAIRM ITN Rrligfiuux .a1t'l'fill!l5 . . . liiI1le'SlI1Ily . liajvliyl fjflllflfl . .llffllllaiijl Cflllflll Pl'l'5llJ'f1'I'itll1 Cflllflfl . Episaupal Clzurzlz Uflzfr Drnrnnirzatiuzzs . Flying SQIIIIJVOII . . . . . Slltilll NV. C. R. O. S. M. NIQWMAN CIIAIN . . ll. E. RISIIER . . A. C. Klllll . . li. P. M. S. N1CDOL'C.Xl. lzmum . . j. A. CIIIIWFOIIO . li. II. BRANDON . BICKICRSI .Xlflf . Fffffllllflll ll'nrk BO.-XRD Or IJIIIIQQTORS C'IIANI'IiI,I,OII .'xl,I-RFID IIIMIQ, Clmirman PRO!-'. J. XV. BICLI., Flllllllj' Trnuzzrrr -lI'Imr:Ia XV. A. llm1:I1Ixc':w.w bllfllllli D. M. RIIssIeI.I. IJII. XV. D. IIFOOI.Iis'IOx IDR. l'. NV. ROwI,.fINn MII. j. Ii. NIaII.sON MII. R. R. R.-Imax' Dk. j. li. lI.IIIu:Is RI.v. li. J. MOORE li. XV. LYON tl. li. SIIIIILEY W. lf. HAND A. P. Plakxxxs 146 . .'lIiui.v1f'rial . . . . Mixxionx . . . Boys' II'ork lh'lir1qur11I S1I1Ilz'1II.I . . . . Ilospiml . fUf'frIlu'r.vl1ip . Club Room . . Corzfrrvrzufs . .-Irtisl l.'uur.u' , ff he- 9 , , .62 - ' - 55 OIOICIOIQIIICIDIOIOIOIQIOIOIOIIIIIOICICICIU ' I ' .CICIOIQIIIOIOIIIOIOlllllllOIOIOIQIOIOIOIOIOIOI H EI925 OLE MISS OFFICERS AND CABINET OF THE Y. M. C. A. I-I-7 ov: 5 OIDIOIOIOIOIDI I I IOIIIOIO T Olllll IOIOICIOI IOIOIOIOIO Y vin , ,Y 0 T IIIIIOIOIOI OIOIOIDI Ol CICIOICICIOIOIDIIIQIQICCOIIII llClflllllllillllllIIIOIIIOlQIOIIIIIOIMOIOIOIOICIOI 0 i :Qi E : H EIQZ5 OLE MISS YOLIDQ XNYOITICIIQS Cl'lfiStiaH ASSOCiatiOI1 1,1-'FICFRS ll.-111111 MAY li1fN.1.x:s11x . . . . . . . . N1.XR'l'H.'t -l1xx1-1 S'11aw,x1u- . 1701115 l,1av11R . ...... . . . . j1cNx11i INIl'..XI1l'R5 I'L111s1':1i ....... . Tr . Inf'-Pr . .S1'rl'1'l1ll'y 'f'LljIll'4'l' M,x11111,n1a liII.l,lNf.'AX'Ill4Ill, l'111!w1'gf1'111I1111l1' llufnw-r111111.z'1' CUNl.XIl'l"l'Iili LWILXIRMICN ANNA KI-IRS!-Y Rm.xx1ux1m ........ l'WK.'KNICI:S 8111111111-.1um. . . Iis'1'1-1,1.14, M1'C'ou1. . . 5.114.111 H1'N'1' . . Axxui l'0RlJ. . 1.18 . . . Sminl . liilflr Slrnfy Sm ill! Stl'-1'fr 1' . .'li1.v.viur1m'y . .l'1'ny1'u1r1 uuggnnnrxnfxnnrxri QUO- ' '-"i'Q7XQJ - 5711 . Pr 1',vf11w11l - A' 1 1111111111 1 1 1' Fgifg 12 E' X ' Q A XNQQ iw! f 51' "7 U"- , lr' 1 , CQ 'u' X JY A Ill! . I 'Amy N' 1' ff! :RM 'SHT 14 lY',!1 i 1 fp if W FM A Affm f 'M I- F'-n 'g1" 'x ' . K N wx, aff? X 5 ff-Q Mu W .11 1 m ,lf vw ll :"kH1yM I X, M1 1, Id ,X A V, , W ll I " - 'X y f fffv f'- ' .. ' 'J e ,ff g 1 'If A fu, trf,,v,i,f,:l-',7L!1,C+,, -- R ,E r, va 4 ffm H y n, 'H at-P.,- Vx- Fm , 2 N If 4? , 1 W lx s ix Ku 'f wi An !! Xa w 4 ,- 4: ' n 1 !5 L1 In "fu ' 'L I X ,,u1 'lj W 1 - i T ,, -fn 15, 'if -- lt! 'f YN ji, N if-lr ,eg A K X V , ,TW ii, f JH N! !lf L 'h-,11 A K ' I 49 T -M . - V- - K.. 1 :61 - aunuououuomnuonummm:mnouuouoeoamonosu ' - - 'OIUIOIIICIOIIIIIIIOIOIOIllIIOIOIOIIIOIIIOIOIOIOICICIO H EIQZ5 OLE MISS Sigma Upsilon Fraternity II's0lllllIE'LI :lt Sewanee in IQOUI SCRIIEISLICRS CII.-XI"I'ICR Iistulslished, 1909 I 71" I-'IC FRS II. S. I.1PscfmR . . ..,.. ...... . I'r1mf11i R. II. IN A. B. 111.1.1,R . . I,Rw1s I.. VV. lwox M. .IONFS K. XVINIJIIAM M ml IHCRS II. R. R. R. IIRANE l.rLs11iR l".wLR l.'l'Y M ml R Q I1 I7 . . Snrfmry-Trruxzzrrr S. l,1Pscm1R J. If.-xR1.m' II. M11,1.FR NV. VIIIIUNIPSUN IRS R. A. I.. Box111'R.xx1 R. V. S. IIRUVVN DR. XV. I.. Krixxu I7 R. D. II. l51s11u1' BRYAN ICx1:1..xx11 X A IIIIIIUIIZII IlHlI1ll'lll'f Iraxtcrllily IIlIVIlIj,.: :lx its 1lIlll the rv4'og11iti011 oi Iilvrzlry' me 1 IVICIII rxhip in Ihr IFZIICFIIIII' ix lilnitccl, and l'0llNC'IIlll'l1IIf iw ft'l'llj,QllI1t'KI :III the 111nr1: zu one 1 nt mlistillvtivc ui stuclcnt IIUIIUIAS. ISO mmiun. L uuuri ' ff,'U h . W I me -6- as QIOIOIIICIQIOICCCIQIO ' r ' -.I-IQIOIOIIIOICIQIIIIIQI THEI925 OLE MISS R 'gs Gs 17 W- X-v NIENIBERS OF SIGMA UPSILON 151 Q IOIOIOIOIIIQIQICIIIQIQIQIQICIDIQIOIOIIIQIQICQCIC!! ' .IUl.lll.l.l.lll.IIICIQIIIIIIICIOIOICIOICICIOIOIQIOI0 - Q-, 'AQ 361 E Q T H E I9 2 5 O L E MIS S tv Aere LV Kpaxezif 'i . asf O Alpha Phi Epsilon lllonorary Literary Fraternityj EPSILON CHAPTER Estahlizhed 1918 lOne Of live charter chaptersJ CJFFICERS R. B. ZELLAR, National f.l0II1ll1lffl'l'llI!l7I ' llL'BER'l' IJPSCOMB . . .............. ..,, P rfgidpm Duns STRIBLING ..... , ..... I'ife-Prfsidfnt H. RISHER .... ...... . Reporirr F. J. BUCHANAN .,..,.. Srn'r1z1r'y-Treaxurer M ml BERS G H . M. JONES . R. BARBER E. H. BRANDON XV. C. lNlURPHY XVM. HEMINCWAY R. M. QiUESS . I.xPsr:OMn . VV. 'IQHOMPSON H U R. VV. flRlFFl'I'H R. B. Zla1.1.AR S. A. 'l'O:vn.1NsON J. P. MCCAIN I.. I.. I.Ot'KARn DR.-xxli I.r:s'rr:R A E. VV. LYON VV. BELL, JR. R. VV. rIlll0MPSON P. H. AABRIGIIT VV. C. NRWMAN F. J. BUCHANAN H. RlslneR, JR. DEES S'l'RlBI.lNG J. E. DAVIS . B. LEWIS J. A national honorary fraternity which recognizes excellence in pnhlu spmltlng or clehxting Membership in the hotly is elective, and since the fraternity's organization on the Campus, mem- hership, revognivetl hy the significant "Ape" key, has held an high place among student honors 152 - A 9 OIOIOIOIQIIIOICIIICIOIIIOIOIOIOIQIOICIIII!! ' L' OIIIOIOIOIOIOIIIOIIIOIOI IOIOI I I I I I OI I-I E.l925 OLE IVIISS MEMBERS OI-' ALPHA PHI EPSILON 153 Y muon l I IOIOIOIO OIIIOIIIOI ICI I lo QIOIOIO N . '- , e W in za Q - Ill! DIOIC OICIOIQICIQICICICIOICICICIQIOICICIQII ' I ' ' IDICIIIQIIIOIIIOIOIOIQ ll I TI-I El925 OLE. MISS 4Q P5 C 4 R 1 Q. fl xx?- 1 ,fi .. Q .. . 7551! 'WQ 154- . - . K X NS.. fl . . ., . .Q :cbt 9 A OIOIOIOIOIOIIIOICIOIQIQICIDIOICIIIOICIQIQIOICIQIQIO ' -- . IIQIOIOIOIO olononuo lol uonmononououomuonou TH E.l925 OLE MISS First Tfrm E. H. BRANDON . H. E. RISIIER . A. C. KIDD . F. LoPREs1'o . T. T. Ross . . C. S. CAMPBELL J. D. BILES . E. TAR'IT . . H. H. FUQUA . A. C. KIDD C. C. RA'l'CI.IFF ELNATII.-'KN TAR11' E. S. CAMPBELL J. O. EASTLANIJ LACEY BILES A. S. HENLEY Drswlax' DEN'I0N R. B. ZIQLLAR R. VV. CIRII-'FITH J. A. CASBLIRN J. D. BILES, JR. E. H. BRA'Nn0N V. L. KELLEY T. H. BARRETT H IZRMAEAN HALL Hermaean Literary Society I.. J. A. U. S. J. G. J. OFFICERS SFKOIIJ Trrm . . Prf5iIlf'1zl . , . R. B. ZIQIIAR . l'i1'f-Pr'e'5iJ1'IIl . . T. T. Ross . . Trvaszzrrr . . Sefrrtary . . . .Crilif. . . . A. C. Ixllm . I..-xcm' HILFS . J. P. VVARII . Parliarmwmrian . . . . J. J. I.I2NoIR . . Crnsor . . . J. D. VVALI..-XCF . . Cvflllflfllill . . . S. A. HALL . Door Krfllvn' . . II. BRANDON RIEAIBERS D. HARDY Ii. I.. l.II'scm1R I. B. TRAPP ll. SELBY IE. BRINSUY B. CRocRIeR I.. IVIL'RI'IIY J. LLNOIR VV. TIIIIMI-SUN II. JIJIIOMPSON J. P. VVARII LIILORGE 'I'oMI.INsoN S. E. F. P. .L E. A. 'I10MI.lNS0N, JR. M. ANDERSON R. HORN H. ABRlCII'I' D. VVALLACIQ E. FERGLRSIIN I R. A. DEAN R. R. BARNIaI"r M. C. Moom' OIIIO R. SMIIII J. J. CoRI.Iss Ia VV. G.xMm.IN If.-IRI. 'IQIIUNIAS T. 'l'. Ross S. K.xL'IM.xN RIICIIIQI' HLME XV. C. BI-1ARIm Ii. C. MOORE RIIIIRRI' ORMONII N. H. NIALONE OLIVER CAIIIEI' ,N Y . CARI. I.0I'I2R VV. IJ. DAVIS S. A. HALL II. D. NICf'Ufll. PRENTISS IY1l'I.l,IFJS J. X'0I.l.IiR R. F. IIIIWORIII B. G. I.I'x1PRIN Ii. S. CLARK J. D. BARR S. I.. FORTENBERRX T. J. FA'rHHRR'Ia II. E. RISIIER J. J. DONALII ' IOIIIQIOIOIOIOIQIIICIQIQICIQICIQIOIOIOICICIQIQIQII ' .IQIQIOIOIUIIICIIIIICICIIIOIQlll0I0l0l9lOl0l0l0l0IOI 0 - .V f N .47 . 'AQ 3691 Qks i THEI9Z5 OLE MISS Hermaean Literary Society OFFICERS First Sl'lIIF5f!'l' Sl'l'Ul1IlSc"ll1l'Xff'l' H. BRANDON R. B. Zni.1,AR H. E. Risnuk I T. T. Ross zAxNNlVERS.-XRY SPEAKERS R. VV. GR11f1f1'1'1r C. C. RA'l'CI.IFF R. A. DEAN , llermaean Literary Soeiety is the oldest literary society on the campus, dating its existenee hack to 1848. The society has two student representatives and one faculty representative on the Mississippi Board of Control, and the same numher on the Delwatinpg Council. Each year the society has an anniversary day and program on lfehruary 22, and holds a Freshman Oratorical Contest, awarding a medal to the winner. i 156 I I I IOIOIOI CIOICICIBICIOIOIOIOIO OID! IC OIIIU OIOIOIOIIIDIOIIIOIIIOIOICIOIOIOIQIOIOIOIOIOIOI IOIO 6, , ,,,Y , ,,,s P AQ:b1 . TI-IE.l925 OLE MISS Phi Sigma OFFICERS First Term Srfronfl Term E. K. YVINDHAM . .- ..... Prcsidrnt G. M. JoNEs ........ Prrsidmi I. .W. STENNETT ..... Vin'-Prrsidrrzt M. S. MCDOUCAL .... Via'-Prcsidrzzt flnnifvcrsary Speaker Third Trrnz E. W. LYON ...... flnnifvrrsarian M. Sq NICDOUGAL ...... Prfsidrn! M. S. MCDOUGAL . . . First Spralevr O. L. Biziuu '... . Vice-Pr-widen! VV. H. ANDERSON . . Sfcond Spcakrr A literary society as old as the university itself, Phi Sigma appeals to those students seeking training in public speaking or in debating. Membership is voluntary, and a large group of students each year take advantage of this opportunity for training. 157 OIOIOIOIOIOICI I IOIOICIOIO '24 ,IQICIIIOICICIOIOICIOICIQIQ U V' E: gQ1 S Q J l.l.l.l.lQl.lQl.l'l.l.lQl.l.l.l.l l.l.l.l.l...l.l' ' ' I '.'.l'l.l.l.l.l.l.l.l.l.l.l.ICICIal.l.l.I.l'lfl.l.lClQ THE I9Z5 OLE MISS .il X .Q-Q Uffffl' President . . . Vice-Presidermt . Secretary . . . Treasurer . . Censnr . . Critic . . Reporter . Doorkeeper . VV. II. .ANIIPRSON XV. C. I'IIiASI.I-.Y IIOMFR F. IIFZNFIIN KExImI.I, BERRY O. I.. BERRY R. U. BIcKI:Rs'I'.xI-'If XV. O. Buzczs R. M. liormwi XV. J. IIIIWMAN J. Ii. BRIIWN J. I". BRONYN J. S. l'IRL'MI'II'.I.II NEWLANII I'IL'SlI DoI.:r:I..xs IiAI'r:II Rom. BROWN II. I.. Ii.-u'I.Iss Monm' C'AI.I.Im'.n' C. Ii. f'ARMIL'lIAI'l. I.. V. C'R.I'IIr: J. M. I7I'xt'Ax PHI SIGMA HALL PIII Sigma Literary Society OIPI-'IcI5Rs lfrrrl Trrrn Ii. K. XVINIIIIMI . I. XV. S'IIixxE'I'I' . .J. IC. BROVVN SIMON RosEx'III,xI. . NYM. II. AxIII:Rsox Ii. XV. . . C. Ii. Q'ARxIIcII.AuI. R. M. Brmxu . . M Jrmw Fox R. Il. Cox C. S. Cox XV. M. CROCKFR I-I. C. C'I'xxIxc:II,xM IXIAKK Ihrms I.. J. DARROVV C. M. DHHS I.. J. I,0RROII C. II. IivIaRI.'II' S. I. Iixrs .'xR'I'IlI'R I7RIfmI.-xx U. P. IIOIIFR J. II. Ilrmczu P. II. IIL'N'I'IiR A. P. II.mII.I0x XV. If. IIANII A. S. IIliNIlIiRSON I.. I-'. IIYIIE A. II. IIr1m:H .S'rIrnIIl Trrrn G. M. Joxvs . M. S. INICI7oI'c:.xI. VV. II. IANDHRSON S. ROSEN'I'II.XI. . I.. P. SMIIII . . I. NV. S'I'IexxIi'II BEVERLY Alanis . E. K. XVINIJIIAM Ii3IIIIiRS J. I.. IIfII.I..XNlD A. ID. III'R'I' G. M. Joxlis ZIEKE JI':s1PIfR II. I.IP5L'0MB I Ii. XV. Ixoxs Rm' I.II-scrmn J. P. INI.-ILNIQI' XV. VV. MII.s.xI'S M. b. INIulJuI'I:.xI. Joh IVICVAIN R. T. MoIzI.IeY XV. C. Nriwxux J. D. OI.II'II.XN'I' A. M. UVNEII. P. R. OAKS D. II. PRIQIQ II.xwcIs QI'.AIRI.Iis F. If. R.xIcI.IIfIf G. P. RICH Thirrz' Tfrm M. S. INIcDoI'c.xL O. I.. BERRY JOIIN Cox S. RosEN'I'II.xI. D. II. PRICE VV. C. Nnwxux J. O. Sxownux G. M. JONES J. F. ROBINSON S. ROSISNIII.-XL O. IJ. SMIIII IJ. IJ. SMIIII I.. P. SMIIII S. A. SMIIII J. U. Sxowrnnr-.I I. VV. S'I'I'INNIi'IMI' J. C. SI'IiNNE'I"I' IC. W. S'I'ENxE'I'r B. II. SIRONG lion SI'I.I.Iv.xN G. XV. 'I'.-n'I.oR A. C. 'I'IIrmPsoN XV. U. 'I'Ium.xs Ii. R. XV.xI.I. II. XVIis'I'nRO0K J. XVII,I.IMIsox IE. K. XVINIIIIAAI I.. VVRIc:II'r - 1 9 if TI-IE I9Z5 OLE MISS "Off N I . QW: 159 . 1 Q in -6, fa - IIIIIOIOIDIOIOIQIIIQICIDICIOICIDIOIOIDIIIOICIQIIIU ' - - union Olllilllllilllllllilllll 1 IIIOIOIQIOIOICIOIOIC TH E.l925 OLE MISS II. R. BARRIER F. j. Iila.xNl..xxn J, XV. Bram. J. V. Brmonl J. A. ikxwrfonm A. U. Ilrwrfs Bk.xxlm.x:u IILMI- P. ll. lI1'N'Hak LN! X xx ,E A in , 1 "l"7 'ff' ' I ?5 f 937 1 ' -fiif' ' - :af S , I '. vl ,' 1 X 1' f' ' 7 . ! Ri 2 .L. .I ' EL Rf The FOI'lll'I'1 IXIIQMIHQRS -lmix II. IIr1r.r.m1.xx G. K1'rc1ll-il,I. A. li. Imiwls Rm' I.IPscm1l: Srfuml-Qs l.l'CKl"ll R. II. NlH,I.l1R Ci. A. Mvl.r-:xx ll. In. RISIIFR, jk. A lirc'r:u'y srwisty orgzlnizccl mluring thc' full nl' 10.24. PAUI, 1NlrN'x-ym' I.. Y. 1Nlmu2lHf.xn A. P. PERKINS j. ID. Romilus Ii. Ii. Slllilil.Y J. I I. S'rla.x1m.xx j. ll. IIIANIISS R. XV. DIQIIOMPSIJN l'ullcm'ing thu- llllikllli' systvln ut having nn alvhnm- niHvv1's, Tha' lfm-um has mlm' to fill .1 lllSflllk'f plzlcc' 1:1 IlI'K'l'1lI'Y mrlvtx' zxctlvltx' :lt Ulm- Klias. fXIn'n'riwf on thc szum' nivht czlcll wvvk that tha' 0fhK'l' H I'- sucivtic-s L'Ul1YK'lll', rllix 0l':.fZll1iZ2ltiUll is now l'l'UOQIIlill'll in l'Yl'l'y way :ln vquul of thc two nlmlvr bmlivs. 160 - 1 9 L IAQ .69. Q manummm:onmelanoma.:ououomuommmn ' - - OIOIOIO OIOIO H El925 CLE MISS MEMBERS OF THE FORUM 161 Y OIOIOIIIOIOIC llll ' QQQ x I ' nl , - 9 mc: -6- fa 0IQIIIOIOIIIQIQICIIIQIQIQIQIQIQIOIOIOIQIQICICICIQII ' I ' .OlQICIIIUIUIOIIIQIIIOIOIIIll IOIOIOIOIOIOICIOI IOIO 0 Tl-l El925 OLE MISS University Debating Council PROFESSOR VV. C. MURPHY, Clzairman Ilernzaean j. O. EAs'rI.ANO R. B. ZELLAR PROFESSOR A. P. HUDSON Phi Sigma SR. O. B1cKERs'rmfF G. M. Joxras GEN. VVM. IIIQMINOWAY The Forum A. P. PERKINS P. H. HUNTER 162 OIOIOIO . , Ol ll . - -3- .qv K ! - . . . ,, .. I ZQ :bi QN X I I I I ICICI OIOIOIQIQICIOIQIIIOIOIDIQIOIC Cllli ' IOIOIOIIIIIOICIOIIIOIIIOIOIOIOIOIOICI ICIOIOI IOIQI TI-IEl9Z5 OLE. MISS A Intercollegiate Debaters E. K. VVINDHAM J. P. MCCAIN R. VV. 'IQHOMPSON ' R. W. CIRIFFITII H. I.. LIPSCOMB A. C. EVERETT H. R. BARBER VV. C. Nrfwzvmx SIMON ROSENTHAL J. H. fiOLLOM.-'IN ALTERNATES F. VV. GAMBMN j. J. LENOIR M. S. MCDOUGAL G. A. MCLEAN T. C. CUNNINGHAM 163 OIIIOIOIOIOIIIOI IOIOIOIOIC E lllllllll OIOIOIOICIOIOIOIO N I ' ,Q W' Co' -,., U- Q TI-IEl925 OILE. MISS Tau Kappa Alpha .lore P. N1CCAIN . . . ....... President j. H. IIOL1.rm.w . . . Srfrrfary-Treasurer MIZMBERS H. E. RISHER E. VV. LYON J. 17. 'IXHAIVIES A. li. LEWIS XV. C. Mukvm' NV. C. NEWMAN R. XV. 'IQHOMPSON E. K. VV1xn11.xM NIIYAIBERS OF TAL' KAPPA ALPHA 164. Ummm. - - 'Z' WI Dal QR Q K f- naw! mx '55 X Xfi u L f f l TNQ in!-i-fb!! " "' PUBLICATIONS ' AQ sb- E IDIIIIIOIIICIOICIOI on CICIQIOICIIIOIDICIQICIQICIQII IC ICIIIOIOIOIOIQIIIOIIIOI OlOIIIOIDIOICICIOIQIOIOIOI o TI-IEI925 OLE MISS V . . w 016 Mi5S l1ORACE E. RxsHrgR, JR. . . . . . , .... Edilm'-in-Clfirf OSCAR P. CIOBER . . . . . . Businrxs Managrr H. R. BARBER . . . .... . . . Edfmr-ir:-Clzirf S. A. IIALI, ....... . .lsxislanl Alllllllflfl' Hfx'1'1'1u 1N1.xx' BENJAMIN . ..... Co-m1EJilnr IJEPARTAIENTAL EHHTORS R. H. M11.I.ER ............, . Ifmlurrs G. XY. 'FIIOMPSON If VV. LYONS . . G. E. FIQOMLINSON P. H. LABRICHT . . SHINE NIORGAN STAFF . Claxxrs . .-Iflflrlizx Pholograplzs 1 ....Ir SOL K.Xl7PN1.'XN Boa Nmsox VICTOR Kmufx' 166 1 , iff' ,Iwi , T3""'T' ' -I N M llllllilIIOIOIIIOIIIOIOIOIO :Q OIllllllilOICIOIOIOICIOIOIQ K rl , . , I I-I E. 152 58- I 9 2 5 O L E M I S S A , , 2' 'Q . x . uf? ' , ali X 4 5 ,, i 1- f ff . VA- ,f ,R - 4.-1:54, ' 1' x, x ' ' X , -K ,, N Icy .Z Q lp. gif W fe' K A6 I AR F5 Q.- .1- STAFF or "OLE Miss," 1925 167 III IIIOIOI OIOICIOI ll CICICIOICIOIOIOIOICIOICIClllO CIQIOIOIUIOIOIOIOIO lllilll OICIOIIIOIOIOIOIOIDIQIOIOI0 'AQ :cbt E 9 TI-lEI9Z5 OLE MISS fflk.-XLTl.l' M. jowris . S. A. 'I'oMl.IxsoN, ,IR R. II. 1VIII.I,IiR . . M. S. lN1cDm'cA1. IE. I.. I.1PscoMn . MISS DORIS LPQNIIIR II. R. BARBER . . C. Ii. C'ARxucuAF11. J. II. SIIEAIIMAN . Ii. 'l'AR'1-'I' . . F Y , . 1 G. XV. Tuompsox S.A.IIA1.l.. . . . CIFORCE DAVIS . . XV. li. ,ANDERSON . T. II. BARRIJIVI . . The Mississippian ISIJITORIAI. STAFF 1ff'f50I'ft'l'S . . . Editor-in-Chief Buxifzrsx Manager . .flssixtzmt Ifditor-in-Chief . . . . . A'f'fu.'.r Editor . .tlssistant Nruuv Editor . . . . Sorirty Editor . Staff E.'K'lI,IIlllfll' Editor . . . . U11 tln' Cirflr . . . Sports Editor . Drpartmrntal Editor .. XX. Lmx, VX. P. II.fXlK1ll.'l'UN, Cy. XV. II:Al.x', Mrss Axxra I:ll0Yl.ES, NIISS Susxs NIAH I.Aw'mN, G. H. XVOOD RIANQXGIERIAI. STAFF CIRQLLATIUN STAFF . Qlfffllillft' lfuximw Jllanagfr . .'lJ5Q.f1!IlII 12115111415 tllanagfr . . . . Cir1'11lution nlllllllyfl' .lsywmlr lfirfttlzztzotz Illamtgrr .JJSIXIIIIII lfirutlatrorz fllztrzzzyrr Sum I.. ll.xRm', C. CR.-XVYIVORD, E. Nxllox, IS. Russ .i.. 168 K i. Q AQ 561 5 CIQIQ I IOIIICIOIOICICIO r' - - OICIOIO OlllOlUIllll lOI llll l ICIOICIOIOIOI THEIQZ5 OLE MIS , f F5 ,cv- 'KC ,'f"'4'f-Y Age' 'ff i 'SISS1l'Il,XN YI U I 169 T lm jigj 5 9 IIIIIOIOIOIOIOICIIIOIQICICIOIQIOI IIOI IOIQCOICIO ' I ' .OICIOII IlllllllllllilllllIIOIOIQIOIOIOICIOIOIOIOIOIC Hole Miss., Board of Control Plcru-1-issrm XV. C. lN1L'RPm' . . . ...... . . . fflllliflllllll Pmnl-ssuzz I,. Dm.. XV.XI.l..XCli . . . .A ..... Smrrrary li. XV. Lwmx limes Sl'RIBI.IYG A. S. Ilmxlf R. B. Zr21.l,.xk C. C. Rousrt Ilu- 5i'lllUI' Q lzlssbuuk IS lTlllTllSIl1'll 0:1011 vczu' umlvr thz- elm-ctmn ot an mlltor :md . . . . - . . . f 1 mlm-cn-fl hc-:mls urn' supm-lwiwml in rlwir work by ll liozml, tha' stmlvnt llR'lllbl'l'S bm-ing INN-11 by thc Class, :md the f2lk'lllfy 111c'111bcl's by thc five SflIlll'llfS chosvn. 170 OIOICICIO IIOIOIOIOICIOIOIC IIIIIIQIUICICIOIUIO QICIQIC Y f . . PM H E. I 9 2 5 O L E Nl I S S Sllll'b5 I111i!l1lj,fl'l' clc-crm-nl bv rlu- scnxurs m thc' sprlng of thru' jumor YL'1ll'. lh4-se w of A - . w -Ao: -6. so IOIOIIIOIOIOIOIOIOIClQIQIQICIQICIOIOICIQICICICIC!! ' - ' .UIQIQIDIOIOIOIUIQIIIOIQICIllIIIIOICICIOIOIOIQIOIOIDI TI-IEI925 OLE MISS Mississippian Board of Control PROF. A. P. Hunsox Pkor. W. C. MURPHY J. J. Conuss W. C. NEWMAN J. D. BILES HUBERT LIPSCOMB MR. B. Iixcmxn FRANK LoPiu2s1'o C. C. RATCUFF The fllississipfwimz, the official publication of the student body at Ole Bliss, is pub- lished weekly under the auspices of the Y. NI. C. A., Phi Sigma, and Hermaean Literary Societies. These three bodies exercise their control by means of a board made' up of representatives elected annually by each body. For the past thirteen years the Board of Control has governed the destines of the campus newspaper. 171 OIUIIICIOO Ol I I OIOIOIO ':. IIIIIIIIO OIOIOIOIOIOIIICIC v - A rQv my T H . 'AQ :bg Dk- ' lolololololslolclllslllllllcllltlhlololllolclcliu' - ' IllillloltlololllolololilllOlolololololcloloiolomio:o E.l9Z5 OL EMISS The SCI'C3.I'I'l R. B. ZELLAR .... . FRANK GAM1xLiN . Jssofiate Editors FRANK LOPRESTU f3EORGE HEALY HLTBERT Lnlscoixm P. Hzzsizzrsx Staff R. T. lxICl,AL'l!lN S. S. Ii.'xLiFA1.xN En Lnfscomiz . . . . Editor-i . lJ'11si11f'.v.v fllunager xfrt Staff RUSSELL H. BIILLER A. R. EIDT FRE1zL..xNo RIAGRIQDER H. ARR:GHT IJUllfI'i!1llf07'S Lowxnz AIOSELY R.-xCu12L ZIELLAR llL.'BIERT CRE13K1x1oRE L n-Chit' Tha- humorous publication on thc Ole Miss campus. The pages of each monthly issue are filled with campus humor, cartoons, take-offs, and other material appealing to thc lovcrs of wit and good humor. 172 . . V , 563 .gy px x IDIOIOIOIOIOIClOIQICIOIQIOIIICIOICIOIOICIIII ' I ' 'OICICIIIIIO I-IEl925OI.. SCREAM STAFF 173 uovuouuouo - OIOIIIUIUICIC - - fy .Qv Q.: NAM' -f . 'AQ Q61 QRS . ' IOIOIQIOIIIOIQICIIIQIQIQIQICIQIOIQIOICIQICIQCCIQIU CICICIOICIDIIIUICICICIQIIIIICIOIOIQICICICIUICIOIQIOI0 THEI9Z5 OLE MISS Beta Alpha CHonorary Annual Fraternityj OFFICERS OSCAR P. QEOBER ..... . , . . ..... 1. . .D Prrxident RUSSELL H. MILLER . . . . . . . 1'Il'l'-Pfffldflll HORACE E. RISHER . . . . . Snrrlary-Trrasurfr HONORARY KIEMBERS DR. A. IIUME PROP. L. D. XVALLACE PROP. VV. C. MURPHY M EMIIERS RUSSELL ll. MILLER S. A. 'I'0MI.INSON, AIR. HAROLD R. BARBER I. L. MORGAN IIORACE E. RISIIER CiEORGE E. 'IQOMLINSON OSCAR P. CIOBER S. A. IIALL CLYDE C. ROUSE G. VVALTON THOMPSON . Beta Chi Alpha is a national honorary fraternity composed Of members Of the staffs of College annuals. lt has as its purpOScS the binding together Of the various departments of the staff, both managerial and etlitorialg the creation of a better Spirit of morale in annual organiza- tionSg and the fostering of the better college annual movement. 174 f 65 N ful 5xQyZ.1 . f"""f., I 5 V ' 2 in 1' 5 'F ' 'X X 4 8 I . aw fra? Z X , 0 mgomf I Q1 1 3 ' 'W' 7 "9 v 9 "2 f Z' 4' 2 714' Q f f f f 1 I 0 1 f f 1 f ' 4 f 5 f 9 42 2 e Q Q 5 5 I 7 Z Z ,. Z 4 ,,' ,4 Z W T 4' 4 wg f f f W ' ' I ff 1' QL, I , w L N P r I 'SY 'M ff.-fu? ' ag, Q, 'l g if .winvglfg 'f QW gf ? ' l XX' K 1 Wx V 1 5 x N 1 X X K Y , Xnx I i W N 1, 5 x j X 5 jx XJ X . ' A. '75 'Y T H M :QQ E 9 El9Z5 OLE. MISS Russxu, II. N1Il.I,ER . Rom 'l'.-ur: . . . XVEBSTER Nill,I.S.KPS . . '1 Marionettes QUFFICFRS Miss 121,14 Su1vu4:Rv11.1.1z . VlRf:1xm ARR1xf:'mx MARY Lou B.-xss j.fxRR,Ax'1"1 Hrc,xNx.Axxn Bon C'm.1.1Ns lIL'miR'1' CRFICKMORIE .IUHNNIF DAVIS Iirm XVRM DAY S'r.xx'mx ll,xu. ll KIFMBIERS VELMA Il,xs'1'1v:s NHRIAM jxcxsox Sm. K.fXl'l4'Ni.KN DORIS I,r:x01R Vxvmx Imzrzrxs Ihvr: 1N1clbfm'ncl.l, V1Rc:lxl,x NlCffL'IRE lil-IR'lRl'IbE NIILDIQN DR. C. S. HROVVN DR. D. ll. BISHOP BARS. II. M. lf,xsrcR N1AR'l lu lm XVISFMAY NIRS. l'u':RRra RomfRT XVM. l'y.'H'I.KNliR rnzornry J1!'lll!ll'l'S . . . . . . . Pr1'.fi.1n1 Sn rrlary- Trraxurrr . . Prrxs qlglrnl Dirrrtor Russrim H. N1lI.I.ER XVl'IHS'lER XV. N1Il.l,SAPS Ros.-x 'lfugn lion 'FERRY V1Rr:1xm 'I'um.1,xs RUBFKT 'IXHOMPSON llrmzxkn XVHSTRROOK R.XL'Hlil. ZELLAR I Thr Ulm- Mix lyfllllllllil' Clulm, :ln orgzunivutirm u'l1irh has won muvh recognition, not only an the UIIIIIIHIN, hut over tha- xtzltr, with its c-xvcllvllt pa-z'1'r1rl11:ll1c'cs. X76 ws., U 1 9 , 462 -5- E IOIIIQIOIIIOIOlQllllllllIIOIIIOICIIIOIIIOIIIO ' I ' .OIIIOIO O H EI9Z5 OLE. MISS TH E MARIONETTES 177 IOIO - OIIIIIIIOI - - 'gf .qv Q.: Q' YOl' AND I 4'-new--N L .Wi "-' " ' Q, ..1.,.. RY'1'IIIi'l'IIIRD fl -Y .- Y , - Y ,- .63 Q51 T H E I 9 2 5 O L E Nl I S S ,ic N1 af, 5 Q A we E 1 'J b, 1. 1, Le Theatre Francais ERIC AALLEN DAWSON, llirnlor ARTISTES 111111511 XXRRINCTON GI..f1111's C'0w,1R'I' S.'1RA1I HUNT IfIlI'l'll BROWN Iinmu G,1'1111NGs V1O1..1 LIc11,I1ssON M,1Rc:.R1R1:'1' McL12.'1N l1I'n1:R'I' CREERNIORE l':I.l.A ROr1ER'1s ERIC DAWSON ANNA K. ROSAMONII GARLAN11 lI.R1RR15 P1I1:1..f1N l'1uN'1'ER G1R.11u1,'1' JONES ROBERT I,1NnsE1' ,'xBBO'l'I' INLXRTIN .ALLEN VIQHOMPSON XV11,1,1I1M VESE1' PI,,11's l'Rc111L'C1211 Lil SIIp1'iNQd'ls11l111'e IXIZIYXOY, Fc'1'111c 1,11 Porte l,'A11glz1is Tcl clllyllll L0 Parlc L21 L1-cO11 d'.'xlILfl2liS Rosalie Red H0311 Quzuul Il Plvut l'1'Of:I11c L1111' I,'HO111111c Qui l'fspuI1s:I Um' 1901111110 Klucttc ISO Cnlnnuu 34 CDDB ' f ix gf E 1LZ'1:iIP v Xf 3 S , Q if S N35 is f M 5 A 2. JDJ V M '. Z if I Cotillion 9 -Q 7 A62 :cgi E i TI-IEI9Z5 OLE MISS A Qs ,Q favuvg gi' Cotillion Club c7I"I"lL'liRS lima Slkmmxrz. . . ..... .... I ,fl'.Vimi4'!1f CI li. Aruix, ju. . . . . . I'ifr-l'rrsi.lrr1l C'l.x1mE R.xlcI,lHf .... , .......... Sl'l'l'I'fl1I'j' S. A. 'l'rml,xxsow. JR. .......... Tn'a.mrrr VIUIIN A. fxZ!.XKN'lllRlI, lfnzzrzfilrluuz 181 cnc 9570 T I-I I1 pf -'. Q .e ra E.I9Z5 OLE MISS lg. Abernathy H. Allriglmt . E. .Xkin li. .Xlvxzxmll-r, Jr. B. Alle-n, Jr. E. .-Xpplr-XX'I1ilv XV. Armstrrmg, Jr f'. .Xskvw I., Iizlilvy S. I'I1ll'ID0llI' XV. H:-ll, Jr. 11. Hill-s f'. Bnune XV. Iiradshaw . XV, Huntlx . XY, Iiurke, Jr. XY. liulll-1' 'ivv Vain S. Vznnplnf-ll .I. l':1l1lZ:u'u . XXI 421111-1's H. Parr ll. 4'lurlc . S, Ulzirkv Ii. 4'1rvl's, Jr. HI, fnlf' I XX'. Vnllins A. l'rz1wI'm'lI XX'. Vutxw-r . E. Lbubbs, Jr. ll, Dun-:len J. lrurrah N. XX'ilkinsnn E. Davis Miss ELLA ROBER'1s, Sponsor' Cnfillinn Club Members of the Cotillion CIuIJ V. IXI. Ilunn. JV. 1'. I-I. Jun:-S llf-nrv Iiilu-l, Jr. II, XX' .Ionws ll. Fun! Ii, Ii. Jun. s IC. I'IllI'I' XX'. li Ii--llnmly lf. Ifnltnn A. If Kulll Il. Ifluwl-rs XV. I'. K1lIim.:sxxwn'll1 XV. Iflynl Ii. Ii. Iiillllnullt-ill XXI. Ir'4IIIl1lll II. Il. King: Il. l-'uqnn XX'. S Lxunpt-In, J1, ll, lI1lllIt'S rvuit I.:xn1I1'u1n II, XV1lI:'S .I. XX'. I.:nn4Ir-l'1I:xIn- 'I'. lIiIn14uIll IC. I., I.IllSl'4llllIl N, lllllis I'iI'LlIlI I,uI'1w-stu I'. Gmllzv XV. I, Im! ivk XV. Guy .I. ll. lwlt V. II1lf.1Jllll1IlI U. NI. 2I1lIII'j' S. Ilzlll H. l'. Maxulrlin A. llzlr:nw:ly ll. ll Alillwl' .I. llurrvl XX'. Q .X. AIIIIP-'I' .-X, Ilzlrrls I'. IP. NIHIIIIUX' Il. IIQIXXIQIIIS XX'. Il Allnlliny li, II:-zlly, .Il'. I.. Y. Almwlml-:nl A. Il:-we-s I, I.. Murzzzzln .-X. Huff Il. Ii. IXIUSI-Ivy 4'. Holland XX'. .X Iklutllvrsllvzul .I. Hull-unzln, Jl J. XX', Muslin .l. Ilupliins I". 1' MI'.Xll1st-Ir I'. Hunln-r, Jr. Il. l', All-Vnul, JI' A. I'Illl'l I.i:lvn- Mvlmwvll, Jl'. Z. .Im-nnings J. XV. Mvlilw Iizurl luhnsnn Ii. li, BlvI.+-an .X. XX'l1ilH XX'. lf N-nblln. Jr, ll. YYUUII XXY. S. XXX-I.S, .Il I ' 'Il Y . ' 'O ff' U ,. G. mrx'vr'stl'w-t P. I'l'IIiIIlS I'. Phillips I.. Ilzunl-, JV. 'Ii Itllln-y V. llzltwlith- H. liislm--r, Jr. Ii. Illst:uI IP. I14vIn-Vis 1' Iinlnsfm III. ICUSS 1'. Ilunsv XX', S-'hir-1 haum II. sn.-n.y I., Snntlu B, SIIIIIII Ii. Slwir-:Iris IC, SIVIIIILH' .X. Stn-vt lr, SI1'ilIlin:: l', SHIIII--III Ii. 'l'--rry Il. 'I'Imln--S, .Ill l'. 'I'l1mnpsur1 n 'l'l1fnnps-In II. 'I'I1Innlm1n1 XY. 'I'I1wll1l-snll A. 'IIllIllIIll'4lll, J: Il- V4-.41-y .X. XX':1lk1-1' II. XX':1IIin I' P. XX'url1 B. XX':ll'c H e AQ -5. m x IDI IOIOIOIOI IOIOIQIIIQIOIOIQIOI IJIOIOIOII CIOIC. OICIOIIIIIDIOIOIDIOlllllilOIOIOIIIIOIOIOIOIOIOI IOIOI THEl925 OLE MISS v 1 w 1 N R Cotillion Club Dance Committee Cjfffllillg Ball P11n.1.1Ps IXBRICHT Tom T. Ross, Clunn. Rxc11ARn H. XV.-'KLKER fllizl- 7wl'I'IlI DIIIIIAF ALVIN XV. XVHITE IRA L. MORGAN, Clzmn. R. B. TERRY Final Ball fflillkllli SCIIIERBAUM S. A. HAL1., Chinn. C. G. HOLLAND 184 CMM? 1.3.4 C'U'l'lI Caafifrz fff ,4 Leif! .LION K'I.I'l5 D,-XNVIZ Si'HNSl 185 .. , , . 9 III IOIDIOIOIOICIOI Ol IICIIICIQIOIOIIIIIQIOUCICIIII OlCIOIIIOIOIOIIIOIIIOIIIOI Ol IQIOIOIOIOIOIOIOIOIOIOI THEI9Z5 OLE MISS HNF' Dance Committee T. 'l'. Ross, fjlilliflllllll C. B. IXLLEN .ART S. Ilolflf Poms jollxsox Miss l'i.xl1llcR1xla A'l'k1xsux, Sfilllljlll' 186 . -E-H,,f- ... ............................................................ ...... .... . . . . ....... . . . . ..... ..... . . .. . ........ ....... ....... .... . . .... . . . . . ...I .u-nn-nn......u....-.------...... --................. ..... 1 -u n - U 0 1 -1 ... . fn ...-.--nn llllll u u i n Ill u Ill n as I lluuusll """' I' "' ' ..... .......... . ........ .. .. . ......... . . .... . .. . .......... . ............. .... . . . . ..... ..... . .. .. . ulllllluluuunuuluu uununn 1 an o lla: 1 Q u u 9 nl also 0 s noun :nn l I I vu- .nu o ...-... . . ... .. ....... ...... -... . 1 .. I .. . . . . . . . .-.. 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H Q'-9 4- pm:-A ' ............. " , I f ..,,, .. ....:.:::::::::. ..:-5,5-,., U ,H , ,,,,,, ,,,,,,, . ,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,, . ,..,,., I Q ,.,-A, .. .... .......,...............,........... . . VUL, .................. ............................ . "- . J-n--- """"""""""" ' z. nm:::::::::::::::::::. .................. ......:::::::::::::::::... ,- -. mix:3::3:3:..:::::::::::::::::.,.. V --. ..-.-.--...-...........- .-.. ............. ---- ............. . """""""""' """""""""""' " ' 'l -un..---..-...-..... ,jx ...:........... ...-... ..............:' I""""""""""' """"""""" -L '1' , ,,,,,,,,, ,duyi - .Nunn-.U ,,., l-'Nunn' .. . ..... ..-ng R ,... ...nun .. -M:-1572" --I .--- - - -....-nuI--.-U-........... ................ -... .... . .. "' " ""' """""" - ' I H-- -. - -.---..-.....--...-.....-.... -- ..... . V ...Y.. . ' Y -- - x U - ' - - 157 T fa x I - : 2: 5 ' IDIIIQIQIOIQICIQIQICl-l.l.lCl. I .l.l.lCl.l.l.l. ' I ' .IIIIDII IIOIOIOIQIOIIIIIOIOIOIOIGIOIOIOIOIOIOIOIOIQIO H E.I9Z5 OLE MISS I , 4 .us -,figlu 1 , M4 Latin Club U1-' HQ Islas NIIRIHS S. Mcliuurxl. . .... .... P rrsidrnl Suuu IILN1' ..... ....... I 'iff-I'n'siJrr1l I':I.NAIII.XN' IIIXRII . . ..N','1r,'n1r'y and Trrasznwr Susuf MM,'mx , . . . . Rf'pm'lf'r' lXIIf,XIIIliRS l..x1'k.x IXl.rx.xxnl4k XV. N. CYRIICKFR LXNNII-. XY. KINIBRUITQII XV1l.1.l.xM S'rEwAR'r I'xru:lx1.x Ankxmsmx .lrmx H. CARR Mun li. LMA IQMMA ll. SHEPPARD l.m'lsli LXRKINKIIUNI f'.IRI,XI.I-i f'R.XXXl-URI! A1 Ik'l-I l.m'K.xRn .lL'1.1.Ax SMITH Cfxkmli LH. Asn:-uxum Axxua I-'mum INI.xkc:.xRl41 l.I-ll-IIXICII IiI.x.x'Hmx 'l'AR'l"1' I. D. BARR XY1l.l..xkn QIIIIDIIHIJI Mks. I-Inxx II. lmsrg IIIIIELM.-I 'l'kL'1.Y S. I.. BI'f.XL'II I'IfR.x QIUIIIZHLIJ ISIN 1.1 mvmw I.oIs XVILM' lI.XllIl'. Mu IiIaN.I.XN1lN :XI.XRlI.XRI1I Urrf l,.xx'1Il.l.1f IXIk'I,,XNlI'I. Ilxzl-tl. 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I',HRfIL'SON Axruuz Fruam1.xN VERA Gonnom Ifllllll-I f1A'l'liIXCS ffIiR'l'RL7DE N1lI,IJEN RAQHEI. ZELLAR GM ulxfzs ..... RIENIRERS R. R. IIARKINS ffIl.HER'l' Hxmi Suuu M. IIL'Nr Rum II.xMH,'mN VVlI.I,l.XM IIAMIIIIFIN ci. M. JONES IJ,xvr: VVu.1.1r3 ,loves VICIUR I.. Kun' h1.'X'llIlI.IlE K1l.1.1Nr:sxm ICLMIRA Kumoxs IZITWARD I-xPscm1rc Srslr: Mu: I..xw'mN Ii. W, l,mN. R.x1.P11 l..xNn1zL'M Mxkx IEm,I,E I,,r1Nz Vm1.,x I.m1,xssoN DR. A. XV. N1II.IlliX 189 le Miss Greek . . . . . Prrsidfnl . I'if'r-Prrsidrnt . .Sffrffary Rff!0l'lt'f KNOX 1xiCCHAREN Bxmxa IN10NT.IOY M. S. IN1CDOL'G.-Xl. U. A. NICLEAN A. C. IVIARTIN VV. C. IXIEVVNIAN TOM FIQROTIAER R055 .ANNA KEIRSEY RosAMoNn IVIARII-I SMITH XVILLIE B. S'l'ROL'lD rl. C. S'1'ENNE1'r Rom. A. SECREST Ii. 'IT-xR'1'T, JR. .ALLEN THQMPSON Iir.1zABE'rH VARDAMAN VVu.I,1Ax1 VAN SAYIEN Buffs' SCALES J. D. XVALLACE K QI: TI-IE ' IOIOIOIOIOIIIOIOIIIClCIQICIOIQIOIOIOIOIDIOICICIQIU ' .CIO ICIOIOIOIOICIIIOICIOIOIOIOIOIIIIIIOIOIOIOIOIOIOIOIQ l925 OLE MISS FA Q V 'Q .f a S , Q-'lwel' V4 J- . ' , F W ,x,,55 Q, j vii.: f Q, XXI, xx T, ' 2, t LJ?" "Tr-A A u A lr X f 1 , 5 5 E ,AY he ip S ' -In I ll ' ' ,,-f -Q , 1, .ng--ft' +- W . 'Q f 1 The GI'Ol'I1a OFFICERS VV.'I1I10MPS0N . , . .... .... P rrsidrn! M. G. fifVFRS'l'Rlilil' . . I'if'r-l'1'r,fiJrr11 P. U. ROB!-,R'lS . . . . . .S'frrflary I2.xRl,0.xKI.m' .... . . . Trramrrr li. B. I'irx.x'rxriR . . Rwfworlrr Rlmlnlflxs P. ll. .'xIlRIlIIl'l' IZARI. U.xKI.Ex' XV. V. Hman 1-R M. G. UYl1R'S'lRI-llzl li. H. l5o.x'l'wR P. U. Rrmmikls Rllcmax' lllmli G. VV. 'lhmwsox .-X. S. 1101-If S. A. 'l'rm1.1xs0x Ihc- hrmnu um urgzxlmwed nn Alzlmmry, 1915, hy thc' ll C purpmc-N ni thc mgzlxlifzltiml lIl'K' the hrn:lch'l1ingnf it ICIIIIVCFS of thc Senior Clzur- of Engineers. N nwxnlu-rs, thc 2ldYllI1l'ClIlt'l1K of engineer- mg, 4-clurzlllmm, :md the lllSlIIllL'll1llll'C of ll high Nl1lllll'lI'Kl In Ihf. ln lCfllllNlIlN im lllllllhtl hlp um INIIITIIIIX Pllllll ' - C gginccring School. The pre- , 2 ' ' "- 1 '1 5 'z t, ': "':1lity, :xml intcllcvtuulity. 190 N uno ,m'T. 5Kk,g'O2fXfU TH .. ' IQ Q61 Q 9 nnuomnmuon nouoaumuououmuo ononomnommn -' .IICICIO OIOIOICIOIOlllllllllIIIICIIIOIOICIOIOIOIOIOIO EI9Z5 CLE MISS 1 1 F. 4 1 l 1 l l. ,ll X' fl! lilliixil ' , F It Eil ill li 5:5 X ii 552117 1 . " fi " 1, 2:1 1-1 ' ,lilo vi 'fl 'L ffl? lil lg 11 :fl -it L1 -J 14:2 Si-51' f,g.1.,,, it lc- -51 anemia all 1:1 fill lift! l ii iw uE:ll5E55l Tifl Ml f Q A E1 5219211 WS' HSE. 21 1515 1, 71111 A l I l A I A 'L 'ii , 1' , 1: hiilllfl . l 1 1 1 H 1-112' ::i. :Il :I W ,I -5215: ' :Ii --1 yl7.1gjLL 1' :nl 1' -ll 5V lviml 1-1 11:1 :Ii 2-ls' 13:1-1-.if ,:ll::ll :Sf ll? EjE'f."1fl 4 E-1' .I ,n:'3 X wif' :s+la:1t:51i:,1i1 11,1 nfl , i2:"l :" ' lf- -V 1 fill 1 .5 ' 5 7,l xl' ill: ' n:ll rliilmlflc gE5EE::: 1 lifiiifqiliis, n:"-I Wing ll' -Il' : Ilan' 4' I ,ill tlpllq, ' 1 f lllll'! '15 4 1 ,. L ::,,.-1 fl',.Q:f, 1 gun' : nun: 1 V Vwry 3 . ,I l 2222225153111 sal- 5:4 SIZES.: 1 Vi' .Q5 333' 211:15 'dill E12 2152221 f' 1-fi ' "" JW' gaiuhl' nlll' tl "1 Lg::::5 ggi- . iiggigfligi A . ' 1 ii fill is 2 iigwem xy Ag 'alll :Vliw f!lll1,l:w,l.s1 Ole Miss Engineers ln IQI5, in order to bring the students of the School of .ngfinuiing into a c osu relationship, the faculty of the school orgzuiizetl the Ole flliss lfngineers :is Ll part of the course of engineeringg. The orgzuiization functioneil :ls 11 successful loczil orf ganization until IQZS, when it joined the JxI1'lL'l'lL'Zlll Society of Civil lfngineers as il student chapter. This was Il alistinct step torwzuwl, since the American Society of Civil Engineers is the outstanding 0l'Q'2llllXZlfl0ll for civil engineers, :uul is the nucleus from which the many engineering orgzlnizzitions have grown. Since its entrance into this society, the Ole Bliss Student Chapter has hzul :in unpzirzilleletl growtli. It has entered into many phases of czunpus life and is contributing much to the knitting to- gcther of bonmls of friendship zuuong ineinhers of the stumlent hotly. 191 T I-I 'MA 'nz ffifflifffflrifg E I 9 2 5 0 L E IVI I S S IIIIS ENGINIQIQRS IN JACKSON Ie Miss Engineers Student c'II1Il'lIt'I' of .-Xlnerivzlll Snfiety of Civil Ifllgillce-lx fiifff Tfrm P. H. AHRlf:H'r . XV. C. BRI-IXYIER . . I.. I.. XVESI' . Ii. IIAKLIQY . . li. B. DAVIS . K.. M. Amms P. II. AABRIGIII' VV. N. B.xx'1ER If B. B0.x'1xER R. M. BROVVN XV. C. BREWER R. N. IIRITIZ P. C. Bl'I7fIRIT Ii. I.. Bkowwlxcz VI. If. CAI.IIfIL"Q I.. I.. C'.xMl-lsH.I. C. Ii. CRAVICN U. B. lhvls QI. M. I,I'.INI.XRCIII' A. II. I". ii. IQRHKIYF XV. I.. Ifmx'r IJFFICITRS Srfrzlhl Trrlll . . I'rr5i.lr111 . . . M. G. IIVERSIREITI . l'im'-l'rwxi.1'w11l . . . . P. 0. RUIZICRIS . Suu'rlary . , Trw1.v11rfr . . R1'f7IIl'lr'l' . IXIIYNIBIQRS XY. P. IIRI-ZXCII ii. W. Gxxxnss U. R. QIINN R. II. QIOIWYIXI XV. I.. IIIKXRIJ II. K. IIICREY A. S. IIOI-'I-' R. IILME I. '1'. KIARMON VI. If. -Imlxslnx C. IC. ,Irwlfs G. M. Rxmur 'l'. QI. I.ll.l.Y II. CK I.m'RE I. P. IYIAIINIEY Ia. II. NXIIOY me . Ci. XV. G.x1xEs . Ii. B. IXIOYIYFR . V. If. ,IUNE5 Ia. O.-xRI.Ev M. G. fIX'IfRS'IRFF'I' I. 'I'. PEr:f: P. O. RUBIZRTS 'II lf. Sclrrx DI. II. SFLBY C. XV. SIII-RNIAY II. I.. SM.Xl.I.XYOUll V. K. SNIITII VI. R. -I'II.YIL'IlIiR U. Ii. 'IIUNil.INS0N Cl. XV. 'I'urmPsov I.. I.. XVES1' I. I7. XVll.l1.x!s1s0v R. B. XVHSON DR. AI. II. I,lI'IRUII DR. XV. G. KlRIiI'.XI'KIL'K R4 yo ff my x 57 If H I f : E I 9 Z 5 OLE MIS 26 f F' IU' 'b' ' Q ,,' .,x,,,, . .. .,,.., 2'3- 1 's. . Wy, Q 1 . f ,, ' Y .- 3',Qec,,f,g OLE MISS ENGINEERS T93 CN '1' pw , G- AQ -6- 55- IOIOIO CIOIOICIDIOIQIQIOIOI IQICIOIOIQII ' I ' IOIOIOIOIII H E.l9Z5Ol..E. SS NI ISS IZNCIN ICIZRS 194 f ca n s ..,. .,,,, ,Y -W :a ft i T l-I E. l 9 Z 5 O I.. E lVl I S S -if The Medical Club OFFICERS R. CARTER O'l7ERRALL . ..... .... P rrsidnzt VV. C. EIKNER . . . ..... I"ife-Prfxidvnf VV. O. BICCS .... . Sfrrflary-Trfasurfr FRANK LoPREs'ro . . . Hisforian Ilislury-Depends not on its past, lwut on the present :tml future. Purposr-To give Mississippi more ellicient cloctorsg to set an example for other schools of the Universityg to aid fellow members in climbing the rocky road that leads to an M.D. degree. Proplzffy-That the Law School will always be jealous. Il nl i' l 'ii v na- hi 1 5 1 195 3 , . , 'ZQ:Qj Q N IOIQICIQICIDIQI .l.l.l'l. l0lQl.l.lQl.l .IQ ' ' ' ....l.l.l H E.l9Z5 OLE MISS AI ICIJICAL CLL' li 196 -, f Uni-'l Y A9260 'AQ 'Gly 55- l.l.l'l.l.l.l3lllm3l.l.l.l.l.l.I .lCl.l.l- I ' ' 'QICICIU H EI9Z5 OLE MISS MEDICAL CLUB 197 'gy' OIOICIOIOIC - llllllllf - - 'g' .qv 0.0 m e 3591 ox ' OIOICIQIIIIIOICICICIOICIOIOIOIIIIICICICICIU ' - ' 'OIOIOIOIOIOIOIIIIIOIOIOIOIOl I-I 15.1925 OLE MISS MIEDIC.-Xl. Cl.L'Ii 198 X A K If Q .cz -5, ON. OIOIOIOIOIOIOIOIOIIIQIQ QICIOICIOICIIICIQIOICIQICIO ' I ' .OIOICIIICIOIOIUIOIIIOI IllOIOIIIQIOIOIUICICIOIOIOIOIO T I-IEIQZ5 OLE. MISS R. A. Pharmaceutical Association DEAN ..... L. M. VVIII'I'I'ARER . G. VV. BAYLISS A. F. CRANEORD . W. E. AIKEN IREME AMES J. B. ANDERSON S. K. ARMSTRONG, JR. G. VV. BAYLISS A. C. BOONE VV. VV. BOOTH D. A. BRANSCOME J. VV. COMES, JR. A. F. CRANEORD PRICE CAIN M. A. CLARK R. A. DEAN A. P. DYRE ROY ELLZEY R. F. EMBRY W. A. FIFE J. C. FLOWERS W. G. FLOWERS J. K. FLOVVERS E. S. FARR H. R. FRAISER E. A. FURR OFFICERS NIEMBERS R. VV. FORD H. H. GATES N. B. GILLIS WARREN GUY J. B. f?UY'I'ON AI.BIaR'I' HALEY J. D. HARRELI. F. T. HAMMACK M. H. IRBY L. C. JENNINCS C. E. JONES VV. C. LEE H. D. LITTLE J. S. LUTER J. LISTENBEE E. H. LATIIAN VV. L. LORICK CORNELIA GARROIT T. H. MCMILLION MAX MILLSTEAD L. N. MAXWELL W. A. MOTHERSIIED, JR. J. T. MORRIS 199 . . . . . . Prfszifnl . . l'iz'f'-l'1'fJid1' . .S'n'1'rlary- Trraszzrrr . Historian C. L. MARRON C. F. POLK S. F. PETIIS F. VV. POTTER J. XV. QUINN, JR S. S. RHODES VV. E. ROBBINS J. K. SESSIONS J. G. SIIANKLE C. A. SANDERS BOE SULLIVAN A. C. VIQIPTON BEN THOMPSON O. G. VANCE T. C. VVALDRUP R. A. VVALRER llf T. Z. VVHITEIIEAD H. A. NVILRINSON L. M. VVHITTAKER J. K. XVEEB A. A. VVALKER H. T. YOUNG LEW VVALLACE OIOIOIOIOIOIDIOI Iololololo v IIIIOII OICIOIOIOIO n QIQIC - 'Q' .,v -il- . O .,.c2f' rf g lil lil ICICI Ill!!CIDIQICIOIIIOIOICIOIII ICICICIO OICIOIIIOIIIOIIIQIOIOIOIOIOI lOI0l0l0l0lllOl0l0l0l0lO , : ,YT -Q :cbt E i TI-IEIQZ5 OLE MISS ,XIILXIIKIVRS Ol-' 'l'HIf PII.XRNI.Xl'l5l"l'IC,Xl. ASSOCl.Yl'ION 200 r-N " . ,.. ' r ,f 1+ I Il 9 -53 :gy 5 I-IEI925 OLE. MISS NIEMRERS OF THE PHARNI.-XCEL'TlCAL ASSOCIATION 2OI N F 'Qffo ff X .Q -6. ra. . - IOIIIOIOIOICIOIOIOIClCIQICIOICIOIQIOIOIQICIIICIQII ' - ' 'OICICIIIIIOIOIIIOIOICICIOIOIOIOI IOIOIOIOIOIDIOIQIOIO T HE.l925 OLE MISS Education Club OFFICERS HOWARD G. VVOODWARD . .... .... P reridenl A. C. Kino . .... . Vzre-President KATE SMALLVVOOD . . . Sent-tary-Treasurer MElX1BERS Mary Adams Nola Denton B. G. Lumpkin Mary R. Salmon Laura Alexander Rivers Appl:-white Virginia Arrington J. VV. Elmore Annie Ford A. M. Furr Susie- Lawton U. M. Lagrine Virginia McGuire Louise Smith Katherine Simpson Lovenia Smith P. R. Arrington Mildrt-fl Fairlt-y Margaret McLean Julia Smith .l, IJ. Breazf-aio Rosalie- Fri--dmnn T. C. Marshall Lore-na Smith R, O, Bic-kerstqiff M. I+'rit-finuui NV. E. McDaniel Martha Still Ruth Brown f'llll'3 Godbold M. l'. Moody Elsie Stevens Anne Broyle-s It. W, Grirlith Davt- McDowell Sara Stevens IG. R. Barnes NVillartl Gotllmold Main-l Moonvy L. S. Smith J. D. Bowlvs Eva Gaim-s G. A, Mcllt-an S. F. Smith Mary Lou Bags Elldit- Gathings Estellc Mm-Fool E. XV. Ste-nm-tt J n me- s V. Booth XY. t'. Beasley H. U. Bivke-rslaff XV. M. Burke ' Susif- M. Baird Jvssit- Bramlc-tt W V. Beard v I.. N. Craig G atlys Vowart .l. F. Pongt-r I., I., Uonnt-r .lost-phinv Uolln-rt Moy Volvurcl I- rum-t-s Vain lit-ln-1-vzx Vook Kathryn He-ndvrson G. F. Hyde- Mt-lville Hunt A. II. Hodgo Vt-lmn Hastings Luc-illv Huthorne l't-rry Hathornt- Elsie- Hyatt Annit- V. llargis .I. H. llolloman Mrs. l'. H. liookvr Mary llumt- B. l'. lzuril lh'ul'gl' Hllrtii Il. VV. Joni-s W. P, Nt-wmun llc-lc-n Newman A. M. Nic-to lb. 'I'. Oakes .I. lb, Oliphant Dorothy Oldham Mary Obvrsvlirniclt li. li. Pitts .l. ll. Prlvc .ls-nnic M. Purser A. P. Pt-rkins lillzi Rohr-rts Mrs. XV. l'. Robert 'l'. 'l'. Ross l"l'illll'E'S Robt-rtson Virginia Thomzis ll. l'. 'Pays .I. G. Thomas XYiltl:i Thigpt-n Loraine Tn-at Rosa Tate 111. 'l'artt J. ll. Thomas NV. M. Taylor 'Phi-Ima Truly J. E. NVintlham S. H. XVnlts H. G. XK'ootlwairtl Ib. M. NYrip:ht Maury YVilliunis llulwrt Cox mllllllll. Johnson Nora Lt-v Ray l-'annie NVilson J, E. Cox Surat .lunkin Itlarizaret liowse-y Florrah XN'lngo S. M. Crain Matilda Killingsworth Annu K. llosumoml Lois XVllx-y J. J. Vorliss Murgnrt-t 4'nrnuthan VV. M, f'l'0l'kl'l' lt. M , Unllowuy Q.. XV. Imvls Willlv W. Dunlap l'rlvnnt- lbodlls Eliza he-th lllxon Jost-ph Johnson V, ll. Km-lli-y Elmira Kimmons A. V. Kldtl Annie- Klinllrougli Iflliznln-th IQIIIIITIUIIS ltulmyt- Kziplun Doris In-noir ll. E. Rlshe-r lit-tty SCMI1-S Martha Ste-wart t'nnllt'r Mau Svott NVllli0 B. Stroud Sara K. Smullwootl l"rznic'es Slim-ppnrd Mattie J. Suuls J. ll. NVQ-bb A. l.. Spa-ights O. IJ. Smith D. ll. Simmons Yiulii Le-musson Mary M4-Bray:-r .lulin IJt'lfl7l1i'll Dvw vy Denton W. l.. Davidson 202 ,, Y ,, If - .Q 36- QA- QIDI OIOIOIQIQIQIQICIolQIQIQIQIQICICICI.l.lClC4QlQlO ' ' ' .'l'l.l.'l.l.l'l.l.ICICIUIUICIGIOICIQIOIUICIC TI-lEl925 OLE. MISS W 1 1 ri f ,- gif ff Ei 203 OIOIOIQIOIOIOIOIOIOIOIOIOIC T OlOIIIIIOIOICIOIIIOIOIOIOIO X .T , - Cel 'IQ Q61 Q - I no IOIOIIIOICIOIOIOIQICIOICIOIOIIIOICIOICOCIDII ' - - .IICIQIIIOIOICIIIIICIIIIIIIOIIIOIQIBICIOIQIIIOIOIOIOIG TH E.l9Z5 OLE MISS COTHTDSTCLQI CUFFICERS VVAYNE B. SMITH . ...... ..... P rrsidrn! BILLIE IZARII . . . ..... I'irr-Prrsidrnt I. L. 1N1ORCAN . . . . Srfrftary-Trrasurer C. LEGGETT . . . .Rrportcr AIENIBERS CATHERINE ATKINSON NV. li. BAKER T. H. BARRli'I"I' Tuos. liICKERsTAI'I-' R. I-I. ISLANKENBAKER W. F. HoI'LEs Tuos. BRADFORD A. BRINSON XV. XV. BURKE KIRO. VV. BUTLER VVALTER CAPERS O. CATIIEY CARL COERS B. P. COLE C. G. CI.II'T0N R. P. COOK 'I'IIos. DAN'I'zLER R. S. DAVIS S. R. DAVIS Y. lif:cI.Es'I'0N H. IEIKEI., JR. IDERWOOID IfEI.'I'oN HAROLD FLOVVIQRS S. L. FoR'I'ENRERRI' MoRRIs IVREIIIMAN A. M. I"L'RR W. 'I'. GAIIIIIS CIHIIRA Ci0IIIsoI.n FINLEY QYOING B. GRISIIAM A. IIAHN A. HARAWAI' A. I'IARRIs IE. XV. lloPs0N M. C. HOLMES . li. HOWARD XVM. INZER ISILLIE IZARII XVALTER JACOBS Z. D. JENNINGS R. S. JoIINsoN HOIZBIIE JONES R. Kli.'XRNliX' R. R. KIMIIRIILVGII XV. KNliZlI'l' VV. XV. LAKE XV. S. LAMIYION IZVELYN I..-no UARTICR I.Ec:I:E'IT CARI. LOIJER JIMMIE I,oT'I' D. A. MCDONALD MALRICE NIARCUS 'l'. C. M.-xRsIIAI.I. li. I.. MAYI-'IIaI.Im SAM MCCAIIE C C. IN1CDE.-KRMAN J. A. IVICDUFI-'IE JIMMIE MCKEE RUSSELL MECOM T. MICHAEL CIIEsTIsR MILLER J. J. MILLsAPs MABEL MOONEI' E. O. Mo0RE I. L. MORGAN Lows MLILLER P. MILLINS JOIIN MCSTIN lin NEELY R. I.. VVILSON JESSIE VAN NICIIOLS J. R. NUNNERI' H. B. O'NEILL J. H. PARKER RoLANn PITTS 'l'. J. PRINCL H. M. QUARLES ICVIERHIHI' QUINN I.. R. QUINN WM. RAINE, JR. IZIIWARII IREID MILIJRIQII ROBERTS l.0wELI. SALMON H. K. SAUNDERS O. SEAMAN J. L. SHIELDS H. S. SIMMONS J. L. SKELTON C. M. SMITH L. L. SMITH L. P. SMITH XVAYNE B. SMITII A. L. SPEIGHTS N. H. STEWART MARTHA STILL. PALIL STOVVERS A. C. SUDDITH H. C. TATS B. T!IORN1'0N A. C. 'IQIPTON ANDREW VANCE 1. F. XVILSON J. R. XVILSON N. WEATIIERSIIY BETTIE C. WISE 'IQOBE Woon II. G. WooImwARu FOSTER VVoo'rEN A. M. XVRIGIIT NV. G. YATES Ac: -Q. fa 2 III IIIOIQ OIIIIICIQIQICICIDIOICICIOIQICICICIQIU ' ' ' ' IQIOIIIUIQIUIUIQIOIIIC ICIII IOICIIICIUICICIOI ICIO TI-l E.l9Z5 OLE MISS l , ...- Q I r 3' V L . W... vm L i L I , , ,,,..V, X ,, 1 1 4' -05 . Mr Ol OIOIOIOIOIOIII I IOIIIOIOII ,315 OI IOIUIOOOIOIUIO OIIIDIO T E. II. 02 -6- S Q Ill IOIOIOIOIOICIIIOICIQICIOIDIOI IIIIIC CCOUQIU ' llQlilllllllilllllllllilllllblllDIDIOIOIOIOIDIOIIIIO H El925 OLE MISS BRANDON . B. A. HUGIIES MHSOHIC R. IS. lIil.I..KR . P. B. ARRINC'I'0N VV. H. ANDERSON REECE O. BICKERS'I'AIfIf A. C. BOONE JAMES L. BREAZIQALE R. N. BRUCE Ii. Il. BRAN PRICE CAIN I OFFICERS . . . . . . . . . . . . Prfsidfnl . . . . . I'irf-Prr.viI1'fnt . . . . . Srfrriary-Trfasurfr RIEMBERS SAM B. CIIURCIIWELI, PARTEE DENION JOHN Cox SIIED DAVIS ROBERT Cox JAMES C. FLOWERS G. C. COLEMAN J. C. FLOYD L. Y. CRAIG OSCAR P. GOEER A. R. CRAVVFORD G. E. GOODMAN R. L. DAVIS R. VV. GRIEFITII DEXNE DENTON R. M. GUESS XVM. H E MINCVVAY Ii. E. IIOLLEI' B. A. IIUOHES JONES, JR. KING P. Z. II. IIIIDERT IJPSCOMR JOE MCCAIN R. CIAUIJIE MARRON IRA I.. NIORCAN E. C. MOORE D. II. PRICE CLYDE POLK S. F. SMI'I'II JAM!-IS P. MAUNEI' JOE LEE SMIIII J. 0. SNOVVDIEN IE. XV. STE N Nl-I'l"l' I. VV. STE N N Ii'l"l' J. ROBERT 'I'IIA'I'cIIlsR R. VV. THOMPSON I,Ew XvAI.I.ACE RORIN VVEAVER D. M. VVRIOIIT D. M. VVILSON RAYMOND ZEI.I.ER 206 T I-I ' If ll -4- f 4 Qi 7 E? AQ :cbt 5 N I nnmmuomuomuususummonmonmonousnomeonauu r' - - 'IICIOIOIOIOIOIIIIIIlilllllIIIIOI IIIOIOIOIUIDIOIQIOIO TH E.l9Z5 OLE. MISS DeM0lay Club Q,FFICERS S. A. TQOMLINSON, JR. . ...... ..... P rvsidmt ISD REID ...... ..... I 'im-l'rz'.vidv1It BAx'I'ER XVII.s0N . . ..... . Sffzrrlary-Trrasurer :XIIZNIRERS P. H. ABRKGHT C. li. JONES M. S. RACDOUCAL H. T. REEVES J. L. BAILEY SOI. IQAUI-'IHAN I.EvI N1CCAK'l'Y J. H. S'I'EAmIAN T. H. BARRETT V. I.. KEI.l.liX' XV. E. NoIsI.IN A. C. SUnnu'I'II H. R. BARBER N. I.EwIs M. G. UVERS'lREE'I' J. H. SELBY C. E. CARMICIIAEI. G. N1OL'NCliK R. P. PIIII.I.IPs Ii. E. SIIEELY G. B. DAVIS T. II. N1CN1ILI.lUN A. P. PERKINS C. XV. SHERMAN C. M. IBUNN J. J. MII.I.s.xI'5 Ii. F. REIII B. E. KFHORNTON H. EIKEI. H. R. FAZER I.. ID. IIARDY j. P. HARREI. S. A. HALI. A. C. HEWES J. R. j.xcKsrIN D. XV. JONES MISS FRANvIss XVRII:II'I, Spnmor 208 . .2-N W S. A. 'FOMLINSON G. E. ToMI.INsoN V. C. TEIwIPI.Es H. C. 'lfns R. B. XVII.soN J. W. XVINTER I.ERm' XVIII'I'I'I::I:'Iox M. G. YATFS rf - IQ 'Q' E H E.l925 OLE. MISS NIIENIBERS UF THE VNIVERSITY DENIUIMXY L'l.l'B 209 TH El9Z5 OL A IQ :bg QN X nnlouolololololonouslalolcloualolololoullolcncllu' .OICICIIIOIOIOIIIOIIIIIQIOIOIOIOIOIOIOIOIOIOIOI nom: V EMISS P. H. AI:IIII:II'I' . . Il. H. FUIJUA NV. H. Cnrnfts- XV. H. TLFRNER P. H. ABkII:II'r G. B. DAVIS H. H. FLIQUA XV. F. Bm'LIes Tr0ml1on1'J- j. C. FLOYD N EFI Ole Miss Concert Bancl OFFICERS '1'LIRxIfR . ........ . j. C. FI.ox'u, Dirrvlor PERSONNEL Clarirzrls- DICK MCCOnL W. M. ADAMS IC. H. NATION . S. B. CAIIu'I'HERs- C. MAEK Iiczssws- C. En JONES X. I.. lxEI,I.Ev H. Clonwm 'I'. C. CUNNINGIIMI XV. E. NOBLIN llnrns- Fluff' and Pifmlo- jmrs: I..-Xl.7Dl' A. M. HAIIN R. R. B.xRNIc'I'I' "But memory, XVZlliCll by lUllSiCiS art lixpressed ill simplest Ill1IIll5Cl'S, Siilnluc-Il the aternest Yallkec-'s heart, Made light the Rehelk SllllI1llt'l'5. "Anal fair the form of music shines, lliliill hright Celestial Creature, XVhn still, 'mid w:1r's t'Illl52lUlCCl lines, Gave this one touch of II:ItIlrC." 210 Prvsidfni l'ic'r'-l'rrJidf'1zI 7 . . Sn rffazry- Trfasurer Drurns and Cynzlmls- J. A. MCDu1fI'Ex' B. M. COLE G. N. R.AIxEs ' BOB 'FERRY Saxoplzonrs- FIIEIJ BRAIISH.-xw VV. I.. FLYNT, jk. CARI. LOPER W. E. 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IMYIN, Crrrnet Cgllllfffffl' II. Xxx, R. U. Hlklxl-R5I.XII. A. 5. III-xmksux, I. I'.XX.x1mK Sflfflbfj' QXKIIII K IIr.xln1Rswx, Iiurmmcg N. IW. II.xr:.xx1.xx, Iiurlumcg I. C. Iwmlw, 'lkwullmm-' I-. 'I. IIAKVI-.m, Xmlm SfN'1'f1lffIr'.I' BUNNH- C'm.I, ,lun Pianist :xml IXITUIIIIWZIIIINIQ I. I.. Nlmugxx uml lim: AIIIIIK, Yzlmlvxillc Iintu tzuincrsg Ifkr-s11x1l.v HILRIRHIXII nml CMN, "Specials" ZII N . 0949 v 'Asa -5- ro f , , 9 ll IOIOIIIOI ICICI!!CICICICIIIQIOIOIOIOIOII CID! OICICIIIIIOIOIIIOIOIOIOIOIOI ICIOIOIOIOIOIOIOI TI-IEl9Z5 OLE MISS The Gordon Hall Boarding Club OFFICERS Mus. M. C. 'IQIIOMPSON . . ..... ........ M anagrr S. M. CRAIN ...... ....... S nrrlary DR. XV. L. KENNON . . . .FazulIyMrlnbrr l11iNlRERS B. P. IzARn Bon jonxsos A. S. Iloxff W. B. Smmi J. Ii. SHIRLEY OIOIQICIOIOIOIOI llllllllli T llIICIUIUIOIIIOIOIDIOIQIDI ua '- Col ,A- ik , X -235' 310 di "5 L.: Avsmmf-zw-If-v "'3":9':" 1 7 fa !ffff4 f if-W i.. '1::,- W' 'Y Wiz I xiii ' .. 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Nliw Maude Broun e Nent our Nweethezirtw to the wair, Hut, dear girls, never nund, lhe Noliher Ind N the lad tor nu-, I'rn the girl he left hehincl. d now, young inen, Il worml In full, If you would win the fair, 1 to the field where honor full-, And win your maiden there. flfroin :in old war Nongj 4 7l-X,! ax :ig A Y 1 1 1 w o W Y WI P I 11 ,I Q, is lg? ,V Nw Q Fl 7 'Ffa X y fwymyak ,g,,Igf, 4. ,A its Y 1 4 1 x L f Uhr 0910 Minn will tim.. X.Q.C. Fot'NoEIJ 1925 No. I STUPENDOUS GRAFT BY YEARBOOK HEADS MADE PUBLIC .Yl"l'ENl PTED ENCA PE PROYES lfl"l'Il.E Inv:-stigation Still Going On TY'llllll'lll1ll1'ly following flip f-ata. f-lysmiv f-harge-s ln-oIII:ht hy tho Blvd SI-hool, govoriinwiital invvsti- :ation was institute-d to hring In light thi- farts llt'l'l'l0ff3I'f1 nn- known in 1-onnt-I-tion with allegi-d fliS4'l'l'II:InI'ies in tht- puhlic-ation of this yi-:Ir's Annual. A :Craft scandal whit-h would dwarf tho TI-:I Pot Iioint- into in- sigiiinvaiice by f-oinparison has just het-n llTlPZll'lll6-tl. This yefai-'s Editor and Busint-ss M:IIIagt-I' had so stu-I-I-ssfiilly pull:-fl thc- wool ow-I' tho oy:-s of nine- hundred :Ind threw- stud:-nts that the-y Iiex-PI' susp.-vtf-d that thi-so nie-n, t-n- trustt-d with this puhliv-ation, wt-rw :-XIH-f'tinI.: soon to main- a quirk ,fzot-away' from tht- I-ampus, with fortunt-s made. Sint-lair, Dohi-ny, and Ilaugh- 6-rty wi-rv arnatt-urs, I-oInpaI'I-d tu our hoys. SI-I-rI-t I'4lllll'3l.'lS we-rv lvt, involving millions of dollars in lvrihi-s. Instant-vs ill'I' prove-d wh:-rv lHt'Zll'lS uf vioh-nt intimida- tion we-rv us:-d to fih-h pf-r,iI1r:-d r-onfvssions and tt-stinionials from at least a dozen studvnts for pull- lii-:Ition in tht- "IXlill." G. XV, Thompson. :Iwi-ording to ht- l'lHll'Et'S, sup:-rintt-ndt-d th-- huyinf: ot' vemi-nt Zllld the ron- strut-tion of the wood:-n fraint-s for tht- st-nior pant-ls, upon whivh dt-al he- is known to hart- rt-I-eivt-Il It "rakI--off" ot' 311000, lfY'0llllYlLll'd on Vllgl' 3' 1,000,000 DONATED BY ALUMNI Fon MISSISSIPPI STADIUM PLANS FOR I'0NS'l'Rl'l"l'ION MAD E KNIHYN Most Modern Strut-titre in Ain:-rica Ono million hui-ks! YI-s, ov:-n ont- thousand thousand shi-kr-ls wort- shi-ll:-d down :Is :I donation for :I nv-w stadiiini :It Uh- Miss hy the- Alllllll-ZHlll1ll"ll l'nion ot' Mississippi Alumni :It yi-ste-I-d:Iy's I-o:II.-Iiilation ot' said hody. This :If-tion lllIll'lCS tht- l'llllllll'lllll0ll ol' thf- tll'l'3lll1S of I-+-IItIII'i:-s. the ,I-fy of tht- f1l'4'21Sl0ll ht-ing lll2tl'l'Qtl only by a fo-w studs-nts, 1244 in nuni- ht-r, who had he-I-n :-xp:-t-tant of not li-ss than two million, coni- mitting suividt- in disappointins-nl. Thi- r-ollter-tion was taken up hy SPI-rf-tary Falkner and Hon. E. K. VVindham. Thr- I-hir-f donors we-rv thu- firms of Smithson K Hash- and Goher R Rishf-r, with an addr-d donation ot' Slfiovooo from lit-v. Stanton Hall, who ran th'-m :I I-lose st-cond in altruism. ll,'0llllllUQ'd on P:II.:I- 61 B I'liINI'lI'.Xl.S iN HRUXYN Mlililildli VASE BROWN'S MURDERER OT G ILTY, B T AL- TRUISTIC, AYS JURY 4l'I1litI'il"S Nutt-I l'1lll'lS ill Allll'IlI-I' Vast- As First ll:-port'-d.J I.:Ist night lloldwn Yan liiiiran- non, alias Ski-I-t Kin:-:Inno.I, shot llllll kill-d .lost-ph I-1. lirown iII thi- lllllX'4'l'S,lj' gyInn:IsiIIIII during.: tht- prov:-ss oi' :I h:IslcI-tliall Lfilllll' ht-twI-I-II l'nion 1'ollI-go :Ind lill- Miss. Tho sliontinig oi-I-III'I'i-tl ini- llll'tllillt'lj' :It'tI-I' Ihr- hi-I.:iIIIIiIIg of the sf-I-ond hall, throwin:-I thi' :-rowd into :I pziniv. Mr. llrowii was sm-I-n to :IIlx':IIiI'i- in thi- diI'I-4'- tion of Kinf-annon, who I'h:II'I.:I-d, tiring on Brown with :I pistol whit-h hi- pi-odurt-d froin his pot-kt-t. lirown t'I-ll instantly, shot :Ihovv thi- llt':ll'l. He rose- lwfori- tht- hystzxiidvrs vould rush to his assistzinm- and ,'.:ax't- :I voiivtxlsivt- luri-h toward thf- door through whii-h Mr. KiII1':IIII1oII was 11-110- lliiflllkl ll hasty re-tri-at, Iirown. hrt-:iking from thi- grasp of thosi- who I'llillt'tl to his :issistztnw-, LZZLYG' il wild h-ap into tho air, fallinx.: l':II-I- 1l0XVllXY1ll'll on thv llooI'. llllil hh-t-ding prot'IIs-'liz Thi- spI-I-t:I- tors were- thrown into Zlll instant paniw, Zllltl wt-rv quit-tt-d only upon lllt- I-Xt-I'I'iSv tif Iliv 1II't-St-lllw Iii' Inind of Mr. Shine- Dlllllfiill, who lllllll"l'4'll, "Sli Ilowll, it'S jt1Sl Evliv' l5lilHS'I1." Mr, Brown was rush--d to th-- I'IIivI-rsity hospital hy Mr. Ili-nry Mitt-hell and oth'-rs. It was ini- IIII-di:ItI-ly announi-I-d, upon :I hasty I-x:InIin:Ition, th:It Mr. llrown would not livo, wlii-I1-Ilpoii Mr. l'll-'lll'y lirt-wk Mitt-hi-ll was lll'lil'll to vursf- horrihly, niott--ring.: soIIII-tliing' :IhoIIt Brown owing: hini Illll'lX-l':lVl' I1-nts. "Ho shot llll' down like- :I dog," gaspt-Il tht- dying Brown to his wt-oping hridn- of two wi-I-ks. 'I'hv aw:-d spt-rtators to this piti- ful sr:-no wort- shot-ki-d to llt'ill' the- we-I-ping hridt- sr-In-ain, "If yoII'd only haw- gott--n that ll2lll'l'lll.U Mr. Brown liri-d si-x'Itr:Il hours attr-I' tht- shooting, f.Ll'U?lllIllLf in thu- most pitiful lll2lllll+'l'. llis ilrief-strif-ks-n hridtf l'lflYt'l"'ll soliri- tously over him, imploring him not to ll':Iy'I- owing.: .-vm-I'ylioIly, I'pon hi-Ing askv-d shortly ln-l'uI'v his lll'2llll it' tht-I'o was 1lllj'lllllli-2 he- wisliw-di Mr. Brown was lll'2ll'll to tl..-lily ri-ply, "Just il litth- piou- ot' that roast I sin:-ll Iiookiiigf' "Not :I hit ol' It, toll Ianni!" shrit-ki-d his hrido. "wv-'I'I- saving: Ih:It for your hloody wulu-." lt is l'lllll4rl'r'tl that Mr. liin1':III- non, iinniodialt-ly upon shooting Mr. Brown, rushvd ln town, wh--ri: lli- Ilruwllt-Il his ICI-Q-lilv 4-nllsI'iI-Il:-v in :I root lit-I-I'. This lllllllvl' will ht- lookt-Il into hy thi- svhool Hlllll1ll'illt'S, :Is 1-vw-II thi- lN'l'llPlI'5l- tion ol' :I lioniividf- is not I-I-I.::II'IlI-Il :Is Slll'Tll'll'lll t-xvusv for suvli protligatn- lll'llIill4'llt'l'y. END OF SENS.-VPIONAII TRIAL Thrilling St-4-m-s lCIIIu'tt-Il in Court- Room. Thi- wasp ot' thi- St:It.- of Mississippi Xl'l'SllS lloldw-II Yan Kinvaniion wt-nt to trial at nint- o't'lovk this niorninp: III :I I-ouI'tA rooin Il1ll'lU'l'l :Ind i:IInIII+-Il with I-ag:-I' sp.-I'l:Ilors. 'l'hi- Il--tt-II+laIIt was I-ronght into thi- I-ourtrooni hy Slit-I'iI'I' liust-9r lit-I-ton and his lllltllvlt' dt-plltlv-s. llaltwaiy down thi- aisli- tht- tlI'l't'llllZll1l :Ind his r-shorts wi-rv tok--II llll4ll'l'NXl'lil'S hy thi- oiitragt-d widow ol' thi- dr-- rt-asi-d, who :Itt:If'kI-d liinrzinnon with gill uf thi- xitgor ol' :I widowod spousi-. ll.-t'oI-o Mr. lfllllilllllllll I-ould Ili-ff-iid hiinsi-ll, Mrs. Brown strut-k hIIII :I h:Ir'klI:Ind lilow that n-'ai-ly dixorwi-d thi- tit-It-IId:IIIt from his sf-ant wits. Tho strug- gling pail' wt-rv iinint-diatt-ly sI-p- aratsad hy Shi-riff lfl"'IlPll. Mrs. flrqyxyii won tht- synipathy of tho +-ntirI- Iiourtrooin hy d:II'IIIf.1ly pop- ping lit-l' gum in tht- vi-ry fare of thi- slit-rift' and thi- di-I'1-nd:Int. An :IhI1IIIl:IIII't- of ti-stiinony Was offered hy linlll sidos, whiwh pro- I1'oIItInII--tl on Paw- 'lr RESULTS OF THE SECOND PRIMARIES ARE ANNOUNCED l-'inal IRYTIIFIIN 'I':iliIIl:il:-tl Give- Dvlllllllillll Majority of Two Ylrlrs Orrr Ntrihling l'.kNlllID.Yl'ES lSSI'I-I N'l'A'l'pj- MICNTN li. T". ll.. liiiniit-Villi-V Afigsl. Novwiiilu-r 15, lllits-.Tho i,,.p,t,,,1 ox-hart l'i'tlll'llS 2ll't' :Ill in. :Ind UWB' KIM- E. li. NYlllfll'l?llll :I ll'2lll of two votn-s on-I' his oppon,.mv Iioos Strihlintz. lll thi- f' sional Ia:-o. NNYlllllll8lll'S avow--d position troin the- nlllsr-I was limi lit' was loo por I-I-nf for tip, ptfoplt- and wort' no man's l'llll1ll' --not I-vi-n his own. Strihling stat:-d to thi- puldii- that hi- was loin, pi-I' vvnt for tho pi-oplo - that should hi- ln- :-lo-rti-d In l'IIll,2l'1'SS hi- would favor 21, p-'I' vt-nt hi-I-r. Ht- adniitti-d that ht- oi-I-:IsioII:Illy wort- il I-ollar. rlllll' Vounty l-Ili-I-tions 1'oInnIIt- tw- lllts Zllltlllvtl llie- liiioks lin-pt in NN'lllI1ll2llll llt'1ltltlll2ll'lt'liS and milli- pilvd thf- following statistif-s ot' thi- l'2il'Pf Iiuring tht- voursi- nl. thi' I-ainpztign ht- III:I1lI- four hIIII- llIil'll spot-I-li--s. kiss:-d thirtt-on lIIIIIIlI'I-d ll2l.llIl'S, ,L::IvI' :Iwoy tlirw- lhouszind Slugi--S Qlllll four lllllltll't'tl viiows oft' his pI'Iy:It-' plug, and :It- tviislvd forty lI:II'ln-vii:-s Zlllll tt-n pit-oivs. A vlosi- audit of his ox- pi-ndi-IIIIw s shows thi- followim.: lll'lllS1 Vigzirs and l'lil'1l'4'lPl8 hrihi-S, Slsug I-in-ItinI:'and-spIttiIII.: tohai-I-o, 315002 do:-tor's 11-o for llvillllli-Ill or vast- ul Illi'2lSl4'S voli- tI':II-tiid whilt- kissing il ward liiiss' hahy, S301 paid out in 1-ourt 'Ill1lf.1lllt'llTS ri-sultiniq from llillllill-fl' suits on uheroot I':IsII:Iltiw-s, Sfloog lllllllllltbll ft-Ps and dui-s iinposi-d hy tht- t'ollowin,: orI:,aniz:Itions join--d at thi- ll1'LZlllIllll,'I of tho I':IInp:Iign: K, l'., K, K. li., I. ll. U. l"., Masons, ll. P. U. IC.. ivontiiiui-d on I':IgIf TJ FRYING SQUADRON GETS lN ACTION ONCE AGAIN lil'll'0lill I-'l,llill'l' UN 'l'lIlS 'l'R,Il' lligh Fil'lI00l Stilda-nts Le-:urn of Riotous Lift- :It l'nivt-rsily O 'l'h.- worldftiziiiii'-l lfryin: Squad- ron again we-nt into at-tion last whom the-y ,iouI'I1I-yi-Il to Trot to tt-:Ivh the unsus- wt-I-li. l'tiSSllll'l juv:-nilt-s tln-rv tht- Illillly bi- had :It tht- I.'nix'I-rsity. The-y wt-ro lllvl at the- station lib' pt-I-ting ,Iuyg to --ld lllllll llaysi-I-d hiinsvlf, with his ox vart, and Ih-- lllilil was knot-kt-d out of tht- tirst kr-I: of hm-I', VIII'-r-I' la-:idt-I' ljuvss did :I Ujoiitiiitii,-Il on 1':Igv Tj 2 THE OLE MISS MILL EW FICTIO FRESHI-LOCKS A TENSE TALE OF TERRIBLE TIME 4.-X Sequvl to Goldilucksj YYht-n Goldilnc-ks, having os- wapvd tht- ravenous jaws of the 1'I'vdfiiP?1 hvar family, was once more- safe at home, she missod no time in Milling a highly vol- orf-fi tale of her ariventuros in the wide, wide world. Immvciiatt-ly. liulp t"ui'Iiim-ks, hm' twin hrothvr, his lisping littiv voim- higlwi' with Px1'itn-rn:-nt. and his little lmsonl tille-ti with the- spirit 1s'?l whim-h must haw- avtuatf-fl Ptwsvtis, or Volstt-ad, ur Galahad, full on his - ,' H: hit I 1 ...,.-, kI1l'9S tliltl lwSvi-l'l1t'd his Yiiotiivl' In it-t him trzivc-1 in the world :uid sew some of tht- sights of whivh he had heard so much. So tht'- df-ai' old muthvr patted and kiss--ti his vurly head, untied tht- apron strings, and with scalding ts'-ars rar-ing down hbr dear old face-. ploughing little furrows in the rougv, she- bade him goodbye. So, with some of that zulmirablu: r-lefansing agf-nt whiz-h always Hunts, his S--urs and Rm-htiwk vatalogm-, his Emily PfrSt's "Eti- qus-ttc-," and his Bible-, he svt forth, hravc- to the last. Ami he was brav--1' ew-ii than the knights ut' ulmi, who kill'-sl i Q K J t.., ,, dragons, for ht- ruth- unw- vain ugly, smoke- bcflvhing, fii'1--1'21Yl'I', ilviflllg' ing to the Dt'f,'Uli2lI' 1-hu-f-hu spa-vie-s. Uno day hs- UHIIN' tu :i spot whrfrcr then- wore' vurls likn' his, and pc-uplv, and fuirit-s, and vas- tlf-S. livre he- is'zii'n+-11 all uhuut thi- rriit-l world, :incl lim-rt--IJILI:-Iii. kind r'e'zule-r, ha: hw-ziiiie sophisti- t'3tf'fl'8lIHUSl. But his was ai happy wurlli, saw- ful' :in flf'l'?1A siwiuil r-Imstisvrm-nt hy :in 1-vil um-. Now, as thv tims- iii-zirwi ful' him lf' 11-:uv thi- happy spot, his kin- iiri-d m'lii'Iy4iin-ads, tht' ynungi-st nf all the' youth, uiinli-I' thi- lvzulvfr- ship ul' till' ffill' Willa wats thi- must qu, il 'SLI' J - i El". b in V P ' 4' , 7 . 'r . 'W - , I 5' T' Y ' I -'t- " fL.,,., v-hiiclish, plziinin-sl :a ni:-v iiltlv party. Nu of whilst- If'1's-siiilu.-kg :this was an IIIIIUIIS nuinv whivh hi- wus Irnwv-ml to :iliswwlw wus tix1'r1', his hnir iimiw- hvslutiful than f-vvr. :intl :it his suis- wus thv lnliy nl' his hf-nrt. Hi' vnllmi ill-I' Sheba, and bought 'I'ai'e-ytmis for hffr. But he-1' presezict- did not prevent dark mar-hinations by the ovil and disc-ontvntf-tl pf-ople who inhabited the spot. Thuy rudely interrupted the party signin and again with miniature thundvr and lightning and rihald shouts and hoots. They brougllt 21 gn-at beast into thv iwwnn, not quite- ahashvd Pvt'-n whvn the-y mot "tho Rulei' of them all." The next night, the olds-1' rhil- dren, the LPTliIlL'S and Lwkis, thor- oughly aiwvusr-d that children should show suwh forwartlnoss, and angvrvrl hy the px-nrnptings of tht- "Spirit of tht- Mob," dv- rgidml in dn-ad vnunvil that an awful punishment must be mt-tc-d out to those who had bezuwivd them in the-ir very dvn. So in the dark of night thvy 1-rf-pt out, Sunni wort- masks, probably to inspirv tht- I'I1lil'l' tm-rrm' into thr- "Fi'oshics"-surely not because- they WGN- ashamed or afraid. And in their hands the-y c'ai'i'ied, i-vt-n as Dt-liiah of Qld, scissors! At thv door of 4-vs-ry child did thvy strip, and nh, 1'-vying shame-I part from him his lmfks. Somv, it is true, esvaipetl into thv dark wnmls. It is rumorvd that two uf the poor things died of hunger, sweetly holding hands. and that thv little birfiit-s wuvvrvd thcm up with in-avi-s. Thvy tlraggs-d pom- Fre-shilovks out from under the bed, and, grasping thirk hands- fuil of 1-urls in une hand, they whacked and slashf-ti and tore at thvm with the otha-i'4and with the svissors. Toward morning Frm-shilovks dragged himself up from the tloor and washed his ti-ar swollm-n ceyes. Tu r-omfurt his mothcr, ht: presvrved the vestiges of his formor glory, Then he dnslis-d his now usfhlvss Sta- t-muh on tht- hrivks amidst tvars of l'?ll-T9 and sm-row. The Ruin-r, hows-vf-r, banished into the Outer wurld the om-s who had vom- mitts-tl the outragv. Um-e more- our iittli- htlrn was rm tht- dragon. Thr-n, still firvam- inf: of se-t-ing Mother and Goldi- Ioc-ks again and tho "girl hm- is-ft lwhindj' hm- sit-scvnde-d. "Taxi, Sir?" "Ye-re, :md stvp on ther gas." S'l'l'l'END0l'S GRAFT ttwmtimis-tl frfmi Page- U Following the opt-ning of thv- in- vi-stiifutimi, thv :assistant-efiitm' is nnw rt-stim: in jail: tho vriitui' himsvif c-multi nut iw liivzitwl in the- statt-, whilt- the business mun- agwr has bw-n sit-tnim-d hy tht,- f-mmsulzite at lining Kong. win-iw hi- was hs-aiding for tht- iiitt-rinr, S. A, Hall and Shim- N1Ul'gHI'l. business assistants, nrt: known to have dffpositmi 3i2U1,ti53.l50 to privati- zu-1-:aunts Sinn' tht- Ht'- tw-nth of Fiihrtiury, for whivh they 1-:in givv no irivuim- tux rt-- vvipts lu i-uw-1'. In thv zirt uit-- lizirtiiii-nt 4-iiuugli xwtriulis mu- le-riuls wt-rv lxiirc-iiztsi-ci tu huvv stipplit-rl Full-s Phillips :intl Arthur XVilli:im Iirnwn thu' rt-St nl' thi-ir live-sfllullv uf Vt'lliL'il l'LlIl ILUW lu- Inuit.-ml. 'l'hi- lust 1-vi-it-in-v In-uiipzlit to light uns ai diamond tizirai :tml 21 full-lt-ngth vrmim- fur mutt fmiml in tht- w1irnii-uiw of thi- 1-ufwlitur. Hr:-:tt l'Xl'ill'lH1'lll hats in-vii s-:mist-tl hy IIN-sv stzil'tliiip:. l'vx'vlzitiims. l"u1'thm-V iilYl'Slii.Z:Ill4llIS wmiri- pi-mling :is the- "Mill" govs to pr'-ss, .tttwwii--ys Rum-iitliul :uni XVilsuii will prulmhly ha' pill in c-ii:ii'g.:v ul' tha- .lll'lbSl'I'llIitIll, :ls tlivy lHlYl' in-vii l'l'lllilll'1l Ivy thi- Slilil' tu ilivt-stigntv thu- mantle-r to tht- miuutvst :lf-Iziil, lu iw-vm-ui ull tht- iuvi's-tn1'un- liiilumwu sw-ri-t work- ings ni' thi- puhlir-:ilinn's slztff. WHAT EVERY STUDENT SHOULD SHOW HVith Apologies to DP-un Lewis and the I'Jm-yclupedia Britannica! Pla-use address all inquiries to Dr. Y. Uuulter, B.B.D.D.,' and all gmierul information to Ili: Tox'roy, E.B." Exhibition I--C0-Eds 1. Enough to amusv the curios- ity, but not enough to satisfy. 2. Thi- slizipoly lim-s and lovely curvt-S to whit-h mon are nt-ver aSympt0teS. 3. The kmu-k of harmonizing the "oatinf'ul bob" with a nose like tht- pons asiiiomium, 4. A blissful ignorzmve of eyes, squirrels, jumping from limb like to limb. 5, Two and thret--Pighths invhc-s above thc first roll, argcui-fling to Roberts' Huh-s of Oi'dui'. 6. An ability to determine not how much mum-y EWS pa has. but how much of thc pa's money the Ed has. T. A sense of moral gramiuur in dark nooks. S, An aestht-tiv apprvciation Of thc- be-auty of thv male form as exemplified in Ilefuly, Millsaps, and Guber. 9. A devuut i'Pvv1't-iicw for the rfonve-ntinnziiities and prnprictit-S of tho ageinf Bnhemians. Exhibition II-Eds. 1. Effa-minute manm-rs ami dis- position zulorriihg 21 1biiXSiQlll" un- UlZ'll'k4't'l by thr- Svurs ot' dissipa- tion zmd 1-lotlu-d in thv claintif-st of m-,fzgligt-v selof-tt-11 and urramlod ac'cnrding to the dictuts,-5 of Hum- iug'w:1y's code. 2, A In-V11-q-1 ht1l'l'0l' of "XVillP, XVoms-n, ami--XVol'k." 24, 'IH-4-liiiivzxl klmwlvdgv nt' thP time arts-such as thi- tt-ac-hint? Of ht-nt-h astronomy :uni Ivarning anatomy at the sumi- timt-. 4. A blast- air of suphistirzttmi im:-1-:loin in thv audition of Dl'0- fossoriul ilisst-rtzitiuiis. 5. A11 honorable nzuiw and iii- viulzttv wnrd in vampus politics :mtl "vo-wiitionS." IS. Svvvii. T, An 1-xzu-ling tiisvriminzltiun in tha- s'l'iti1'ism uli Mzivk S1-nm-lt ur Vale-s Phillips Art Guilt-rivs. N, A tt-rrm' ul' 1-Xziggn-Hitt-si fullsi- tivzttifm that would 4-Iwi-1' tlw In-nrt ot' Analnizis or llr. lfvlllllill. 9. iCliIil'v nbliviull ul' till' tie-llllf tzintm- slnuvh that innkvs ilvvhi-' wauit tu .lm-hiv. 10. An unlimitwl 1-:mimi-ity in HSTZIIIIU-ililigv' suvh vziiiiinls uni- muls :ls tho Uwhitv mulvf' il. BIHHIIIIIIHIIUIIS niudt-Sty in tht' mu'r:xtiUii ut' lluw you st-on-sl that willy tvlllvliiiuwli whit-h nun thi- Llilllll' in thi- lust lizill' ul' thv ninth iiiiiilig. 12. ln vzisv nl' illl :ivvitli-lit im! iiimw- lhziii tom' :it-vs, 'lit-aiu lirummcl, lli1't--'lnr li.- l.lixt-, "iilivyt-lopcrliai Ilrittuiiit-al. A COMPLETE COLLEGE COURSE Evory man sots out upon a Course of study at Ole Miss. Snmo pursue their Choice to tho final and logical objvctivo, but long f-ro tho sheepskin goal is attained, their education has bm-en quite materially supplemented by nu- merous '1-xtras" in Collegv life. all of which are included in "Ole Miss"' complete college course. "Our Hero." first initiated into the intricacies of mati'ic'ulatioli, soon adapts himself in som? strata of vvllege lifflfhe becomes either "Stvwm-fi." Ol' studvnt. studs, Tho tutorial system of the Humv-n Regime instructs him as a freshman in the way that he Should gn and paths he must trod. Before long: he acquires frwm various sourm-s that "Sc'hool Girl C'0mplnxinn" and gt-ts thu air. H0 is hurled through tho mill in XVaila-we-'s English, is run through it in Tm'i'ey's Math, and walks through it in Hemingway's Bible. He takes it few cuts at a cat in biology lab. while spoiling a pant or two with HZSO4. His first visit to the Chancellor fm- faiiing work marks his initiation into the gentle art of spoofing. H0 smvlls a cork ur two, learns that all dice aro not madfl in Germany. and that all dates don't grnw in Siam, some bving profit- ably cultivatvd in the Shatlv of the Chapel. In his sophomore year he boards the gravy trains of 1,0ngest's Spanish. Eric-'s French, and YVild Bill's Physiques and comes into I-L realization of the underlying SigIliHl'2lY'll'l' of thu term "All- Amt-i'ic'un." Hu learns that the correct answer is not found in hooks, but about two seats to the right. It first dawns upon him that the world was made fm' him and not he for the world. He buys an hunt-st-to-goodnvss stwrv inside- suit for a start in the "4-hickt-ri" busiut-ss and sutTt-rs thv inexorable pangs of that first dzxtv, afterwards washing his sins away with the tirst deep draught of that good old Lafayette County e-iixir ut' life-. It is dist-ovt-rod that dunf-ing: is shimmied bc- tween thc sexes fm' tht- amuse- mvnt of thv mall' of the Spevics when drunk. Ht- even gyrutes old friend 'I't-i'psic-lmre 21 few totldles himsa-li' whvn Ht-1-hiv f'0IlIl?l'tS with Jvelllu. In his ,iuniur yt-ui' all classes before 10 a. ni. and aftt-r 12 aw positively taboo. Hu ma- jors in H4-tlrllt-stolfs Psyc-hology, Murphy's llistury. and l"i't-slxnizin Hnglisii, I,iSillllSitlllL'd by dis- iiuxiumlile expulsion from the l.ihi'm'y Uluh, hi- l'Ulldt'Sl'0lldS to us-1-vpt an limi-vi-ary im-mhvrship in those SL'4'l'1'l 4-nits whivh :LII gmui students Iuvt-. iii' wins 1-ve-1'l:istiu,::' faiim- by playing gntmlstziliii on tht- mis--bull tvztni and by taking rho grid out nf gridiron with ai no-hit gzniie- ut' vuriis, llt- untvrs pnlitivs with 11 muiw as white :is SIIUXV. 1-mixing wut il 4-uiitirim-tl holslivvik with ai humllt- as x':xi'it-gills-mi us .Inst-ph's t-nut, lit- bells his unliics, parts his haiir nn at rusino tu his lvft t-ur, tiist-urils Inrii for Stun-uiuh. und iw-plzu-1-S the ole!-fasliionvd undivs with svnrivt pzyiuiiizis. llc sut't'oi's ai in-rvotis Inu-zikdnwu and quits sa-huol un ill'l'lHlllt ol' his ilvultll, in his Svllilll' yi-zu' ht' vnliipls-tvs his an-auionliv l'2ll'1't'l' with 21 two- hour 1-uiirsv in Shziw's 1-slut-ation. Ih-mwmiiiif.: inc'ut'uhly zuitiivtcd to gt'niitihut-ti on Page- Gi THE OLE MISS MILL 3 , 'GJ f ,'53' fs- ' il , X' wil ' -YEA' - "W . 5? v i! 5. willy. H ' l '1 gii ff ' " V ,QM In 2 X A at if 1 .MZ f A-X K f .45 :Z ,F ks ,X '11 ' f- , ,,, .... QV" .X ui?-ff? fn. -1-"' Y 1 1 I -s -, 1 ,mp ' ,iw X? if I , NC SOCIAL REFLECTIONS The University, which is the social Mecca of the State-'s future four hundred, began the season with a gay whirl of balls, bridge parties, luncheons, tea dansants, dinners, mah jongg parties, wed- dings, theatre box parties, and numerous informal affairs. Society has been at its height, and has been continually "on the go." and never once has the excitement waned. Hearted, Gertie. the Queen of the Circus, Soto, the Society Clown. At midnight there was profes- sional dancing by the Duncan Sisters-Alice Mayes and Cornelia. Vrutcher. Then the Ziegfeld Follies girls took possession of the stage and frolicked for a glorious time while the six-course supper was being served at the cafe tables. The dancers passed to and fro among the tables, dis- Uotillion Club Gives Dance The Cotillion Club ushered in the social season by giving a tributing kisses and the like. After this the stage and general dancing Never was there liant assemblage of four hundred, and such beautiful costumes been seen was removed took place. a more bril- the younger never have brilliant supper dance in the spacious ballrooms of the Colonial Hotel. The Club found it quite in keeping with their ideas to offer on each succeeding occasion something novel, and their diver- sion this time was "Le Cirque," which was presented under one of the largest indoor tops ever seen. There was plenty of space in the three huge ballrooms in which was presented this up-to- date circus. Around the ballroom floor were placed cafe tables, where many of the elite sat and supped laterg while grand tier boxes were filled with onlookers. The note throughout in decoration was one of brilliant gaietyvred, white, and gold dominating the color scheme, A gorgeous eight- eenth century band wagon de- signed and constructed by a group of famrjus artists-Harrison Fish- er, Coles Phillips, etc., was drawn by horses modeled and executed by Ek Windham and Dit Briggs. In the way of decorations there were all sorts of grotesque figures tRaymond Zeller, Sugar Camp- bell, Oscar Gober, Dean Hasie, Henry the Greeki, and cages of "wild beasts" ldonated by the Med tflubl from the jungles near Oxford. And of course there was a large stage in the center of the floor in the forin of a real circus ring, where many of the acts were performed. Shine Morgan acted as ring- master, and his assistants includ- ed Horace Risher, S. A. Tomlin- son, Stanton Hall, and Buster Ket-ton, all these preceded the grand entree, thus formed a cir- cus parade-"Marclie du Cirque" --that included some of the world's champion equestrivnnes- McDutli1:, Frog VValker, Bill Nob- lin, and Charles Allen: a congress of comical clowns-Dees Stribling. Paul Blount, Joe Hopkins, and Johnnie Davisg "Gardes munici- fa.ux"eHardin Wood, Doc Sim- mons. Joe Roberts, Skinny Wilson: and the circus performers-Sinbad the Sailor, Louis the Lion- in the state of Mississippi. Society was certainly at the gorgeous af- fair "en masse." Among the purcliasf-rs of the boxes and calc tables in the main ballroom were t"hancellor and Mrs. Hume: Dr. and Mrs. Pat Murphy: Miss Alexander, with Messrs. YValk+-r and Landrum: Miss Tate, with Messrs. Roberts and Butler, Miss Purst-r, with Messrs. Vlfood and Hume: Miss Rivers Applewhite, with Messrs. Mcljowcll, Vesey, and Mothers- hedp Miss Kaplan, with Messrs. Allen and Schiebaum, Miss Mr'- Guire, with Messrs. Simmons and Davis: Miss Henderson, with Messrs. VW-lls and VVebb, Miss Polly Applewhite, with Messrs, Smith and Hopkins: the Misses Godbold, with Messrs. Miller, Street, Carr, and Strange: Miss Scott, with Messrs. Martin and Dawson, Miss Hastings, with Messrs. Perkins and Armstrongg Miss Brumflelrl. with Messrs. Richardson and Healy: Miss Rosa- mond, with Messrs. Strong and McLean, Miss Ga rrott, with Messrs. Blount and Simmsg Misses Hunt and WVilson, with Messrs. Tomlinson, Vreekmore, and Thompson: Misses Fairley and Junkin, with Messrs. Lester and Millsapsg Miss Sarah Stevens and Messrs. Russell and Keaton. Delightful Bridge Party At the Tea Room Miss Viola L1-masson and Miss Elizabeth Yardaman were host- esses at a large bridge party at the Tea Room. The place was most attractive-there was a pro- fusion of Columbia roses and ferns placed at every vantage point, and the soft glow from the rose- colored floor lamps added much to the beauty of the scene. Dur- ing the game, the players were refreshed with cooling punch and bonbons. After several hours' spirited playing, Miss liar-lit-l Zeller was found to be the win- ner of the first prize-a bt-autiful pair of nude hose: and Miss Frances Sheppard cut the con- solation-a unique cigarettw- hold- er. At the Close of the game the hostesses served a delicious plate luncheon. Among the guests were the fol- lowing: Misses Maree Smith, Martha Still. Elsie Hyatt, Frances Vain, Mary Lou Bass, NVillie Bee Stroud, Sid Smith.. Matilde Killingsworth, Eddie Gathings, Marjorie Jackson, Miriam Jack- son, Eunice Clay, Julia DeRouen, Kate Smallwood, Sarah Stevens, Mae Colvard, Rubye Dell Kaplan, Laura Alexander, 'Williard God- bold, Polly Applt-white, Kather- ine Henderson, Anne Broyles. Betty Lou VVise, Anna Hagaman, Sarah Casper, Martha Jane Stewart. Julia Smith, Louise Arrington, Rosa Tate, Jennie Mead:-rs Purser, Rivers Apple- white, Junior Dancing Club Organ- ized Members of the Freshman Club held an important meeting in their rooms tu organize a Junior Dancing Club. They decided to give a dance every week, and to invite upper vlassmen to all of their functions, Foster YVooten was elected president by acclama- tion, Evelyn Lato, vice-president, Sol Kaufman as sect-t-tary. and Dick Street as treasurer. Mrs. Edna Lowe Eatman, tfhancellor Hume, Judge Hemingway, and Miss Alice Il'IaYf'S were ailiwinted as official chaperones. The dances of the Freshman Flub have ln-cii lovely attairs, and have been en.l0YE'll by all S0 fUl'fU' nate as to be included among the ,elaq-Q group of guests. Their functions have all been ve-FY l1I'1l- liant and lavish, and have added much to the I'l'liYL'l'5ity'S l"3'P'-lm' tion fryy' wonderful dances. Co-Eds Entertain at Unique Dance Young "she-iks" on thc campus found out what a thrill there IS in being "broken" l'V6'l'Y fl'W Steps during a dance, what a feeling it gives one to smile sweetly at 8 "stag line" and receive the "Stony stare," and how mall! Him-W fix' rust-s can be found for eSC21lHllg a boreil looking partner, because it was the girls this time WHO PH' tertained at WW Of tht' most unique dances of the season. In- gpiring music floated ll'OIT'l the windows of the L5'l'lf',Hall, and Outside 21 group of unmvited en- ched the IUFKY wllwws who had been clit-f'ks'd. SUCH In with their girls- 'I , A line of Hunattachefl 8'lI'lS viously Wat trilllied gaily in to form a "l9Ht,'-'h of posit-s." if one may be S0 filli- Dant, in the center of the ballroom where usually there is 3 blafk and white blur of conventional evening drt--ss known as the stag Uni.. The middle of the dance floor was quite different on this occasion as the girls ill Sally 001' ored frocks moved about whisper' ing, "I want to me-et Hasiej' or "Please break Sugar-I'll come get you!" or "I must do my duty and dance once with VVilliam Ross." The boys smiled a trifle anxiously and looked, oh, so re- lieved when a girl came their way. One even admitted that he fllled his clothes with pins so that he'd have a good excuse to escape it' ht- were really "stuck" -figuratively speaking! The boys who went out for a smoke on the balcony occasionally did not find it so easy to get started again, but stood along the side lines and "Blossoms-d by the wall!" The chapcrones for the dance were Mrs. Mary Duncan, Mr. and Mrs. IJ. B. Holmes, Mr. and Mrs. Jetf Hamm, and the Reverend Bradner J. Moore. The personnel of the checking list was: Miss Polly Applewhite with Mr. Joe Hopkins, Miss Rivers Applewhite with Arthur S. Hoff, Miss Katherine Henderson with John Holloman, Miss Velma Has- tings with Gaston Hewes, Miss Mattie Jean Sauls with Lonnie Mosely, Miss Rubye Dell Kaplan with Dick Walkei', Miss Louise Cole with Tom Ross, Miss Julia Smith with Ralph Landrum, Miss Jennie Meade-rs Purse-r with Clyde Ratc-liff, Miss Rosa Tate with Glfflfge Butler, Miss Ella Roberts with Scott Landrum, Miss Rebecca Stokes with Elnathan Tartt, Miss Virginia- Arrington with George VVells Armstrong, Miss XVilda Thigpen with Jim Vlfhite, Miss Conner Mae Scott with Abbott Martin, Miss Linda Brumfield with Gayden Richardson, Miss Sarah Junkin and Xvehster Mill- sabs, Miss Cornelia Garrott with T. D. Allen, Miss Lottie Vernon lVhite with Tom Abernathy, The Stags. or hunattached girls," for the dance included: Fannie NVil- son. Mthl Hunt, Mary Z.-Q Adams, Julia DeRouen, Puggy that-nathan, Doris Lenoir, Hattie May Benja- min. Elsie Hyatt, Louise Fox, Alice Lockard, Margaret Gag' Mildred Fairley, Elizabeth Dixon, Sarah Hunt, Lorraine Teat, Vivian Lflggins. Elizabeth Alexander, Vrlrnm- Dodds, Virginia Mr-Guiw. Ek XVindham Gives Dinner Party One of the most notable and elaborate affairs of the entire sea- son was the stag dinner given by Ek Xvindhain at the Oxford Hotel. The banquet room was converted into a place of lovelin-ess and the tables were set for the distin- guished guests. A seven-course dinner was faultlessly served by the beautiful French maids, while YVatson's Band furnished delight- ful music for the occasion. Later the tables were cleared for the Dffl'f1.1t'niam'e ot' the professional dancers and singers-Al Jolson, Gilda Grcy. YVill Rogers, Anna Pavlowa, Irene ffastle, Marylyn Miller, Geraldine Farrar, Ann Pennington, Mae Murray. Among the dinner guests were: Messrs. Paul Bount. Charles Allen,,Jolin- nie Mustin, Russell Miller, Claud Smithson, Brister VVare, Toni Ross, Dees Stribling, Tom Aber- nathy, Dave McDowell, Clyde Rouse, Tommie Gibson, T-Boy Wilson, Bobby Jones, Robert Thompson, Carl Coers, Sonny Bell, Walter Capers, Van Dyke Haga- man, VVayne Smith, G. P. Rice, Bill Mathews, Bill Vesey. 4 THE OLE MISS MILL Uhr 0312 illlimt illlill A XVEAKLY JOYRNAL OF COLLEGE LIES "We grind out the news exceedingly refined" Published "Annually" at "Ole Miss" "THE "MILL-HANDS" itrssi-31.1. M1l.LEit, Editor l"li.XNK I'ltES'l'tl tlEt.tIiGE HE.-Xl.Y lll'BIQli'l' liIl'St'UMl'3 A, Ii. LENVIS I'It'KFtJliIfD HIUJXYN .IAVK S'I'li.-XNGE Bllil. il,xM1l,'l'QN YIYIAN I.trt:t:lNs IIIVEIIS A1'l'I.EWlll'l'E tzllt.-xl'l.'I' .MINES IIHANI-I I,ES'l'ICI'! AIYIU-IS AIeIull't:.xI, IlI'BEltT 4'IiEl'CK3ittItli VIRGINIA AHlilNti'l'tlN EDITH BRUXVN MAl'ltll'I'I XVEICKS FRI-II-Il..-XXII MrtiIiI'IJI'Il1 IiUl.lilNS ICIDT THE ltl11Ar-BON WHY In the shadow of overhanging water oaks and grey syeamores, near the head of a clear running stream, nestled against a drab hillside covered with emerald-like coat of green grasses, stands the "Ole Miss" Mill. It has served its purpose and now sits idly bywneglected. Grey and green grow the mosses over the mill-wheel that in days ol' toil ground out this news for your edification and mine. About the shady, aged building there hangs a mystic shroud of sentiment and romance. It is become a story--tradition+but we, its faithful "Mill-hands," pre- serve you the argument of its legend. The year of 1924-25 has been an eventt'ul one. During the nine long months numerous things have happened which have changed the courses of many lives. It is not our purpose to view these occurrences with the eye oi' a chronicler, for formal history is not our t'orte. Not the least portion of our lives is devoted to en- joyment. Deeply embedded in every human nature lies a love of play that will not be denied. It is our purpose the distorted eye ot' the humorist. VVe are the jesters for the amusement of Ye to view these incidents with Princes and Queens-and this is our MasqueA"The Ole Miss Millvfa humorous burlesque-a year of college life. Ot' course, we understand that this is the best part of the Annual. We really should have written the whole thing, but the Editor, in his jealousy, hemmed us within these sixteen pages. Never has such another group of tunsters been associated together upon such an enterprise, and the result is proof thereof. VVe know we're about the best there is, but still we're considerate and not eonceited. We are not responsible---outside our editorial capacity we are deaf, dumb, and blind to all entreaties. The revelation is writ, and being writ, the Mill grinds on. These Mill-hands are like the Fates, their work is in- exorable, it is done, it must stand for all time, it can- not he erased. NVQ- are not responsiblef-you are entirely to blame. It was the ltlditor who fed us the opium- -this "Ole Miss Mill" is l-ut the resulting pipe dream. Il' you do not like it-well, then you should not have played the fool, for we can but record events that we have seen hei'ore, and as they return to tis in our dream. And no man can tell a lie when he is dreaming or uncorscious. THE INTIMATE AND IMMEDIATE "THINGS" NEUESSITY OF A psychological application of those nemonic attributes so commonly associated with this all-important subect has heretofore failed to convey to the cerebral vicinities of our subscribers' anatomies even the most minute sug- gestion oi' the proper interpretation of this momentous question. Such is to be deplored, since ulteriorly, it is the policy of this publication to mitigate, through various and sundry processes of alleviation, the viseious conditions under which our beloved readers labor. For that reason we carry, editorially, this simple dissertation, which pro- pounds explicitly and concisely matter. Before stating our opinion in the matter, lnay we say that the evidences set forth herein for the propitiation of such in-bred idiosyucrasies are derived, not from the icon- oclastic estimation of Spinozism, but rather does it have its nascence in the sincere profundity of individuality as necessary to the proper connotation suggested by the sub- ject. And now we give our editorial opinion, trusting that its persuasive influence will dominate the individual ideas of our l'9Zl.d9l'SZ VVe hold that the tleceptiveness im- plied by the zealous refutation of a certified proposition is sufficient proof that the opinion is bas-gd to some degree 011 the unfounded belief in fetishism. In other words, it is simply this: Unbiased prejudices have never dom- inated the policy of this publication, and under such cir- cumstances, it is necessary that we state it to be our firm belief that the maladjustment of the process of evalua- tion of things has heretofore been the center of discon- tent with those parties who have been holding that the revisory irocess is within itself too elemental to be af- fected by things. Of course, all this is merely our opinion in the matter: a man has a right to his own ideas, even though they conflict with ours. our stand in the vital shapes, and distortions, ot' the U human eranium than a proper, t-lose ent XVrinkl'um llaireut. And I some this style did bent-tit, en- 'lvay beck I" tm' -'t"1'l1H"1'20H' haneing their manly beauties. Age. when Og, the Ape-man, slew But to must-let Us draw the the Duck-billed Dinosaur, there m,,,.,.i,-ul Shadvs nf SH,.m.,, OU.,- thrived and existed many strange lhpsp um'0,-lmmu-S, and unheard of customs. lt WUS 'I'hereal'ter did man evolve, even thought right and meet to split at so do the Scientists assure us. and times, young squawling infants to he did become eivilized, and these the honor of their heathen gods. Ulll'lJlll'UllS relies ot' the savage And SO' at ,,U,,,,- linlvs' il was state were relegated to the serap- thought even right-er and meet- heap, along with the ltodo, and er to shear the heads of those ppg.'l',,l, '1'i-oust-rs, Slylefl "l"l'USll-" Wh" l"h3l'll"'l And all nas pt-nee and harmony l"'ll"l4" "2""l'l'S"S' And SU' Us the in the lluman Family until the vt ii xi ixtd oldti inl th mi m nl ' 'R 'V ' 2 Q 1' l ill l"elnale ot' the Species began to limp lHD'i.lh1H'H'I'lt to MHA 'ulllulli' exhibit signs of Atavism. and tu t it-se un or una es were ex :et - ,, , . . . .' -4 ' tt l -r w I. 'ks. Si it tlouslv :ind violently separated sh' H U H U H Ut , ' ', ' eame gilmul through suasion, from their llll'NllIt' adornmentS. wh,,,.,,,,,- ,.,.,.,, ,W ,,,,,.S,.h',.s pm, moral or otherwise, that one must bear ztltumpmi witm-gg, ,vnu needs look tar and wide to find weird and wondert'ul-- but mostly' Une 4'o-XVed oll the l'1lHlltllS Willl weird-were the results produced long and untrimmed locks. And thereby. one must have 1-are lo distinguish 31111 lllt' f"'llill" Ui' lllt' Sl"'f'l"S- lrom Il rear or side view whether Genus llomo, sometimes Sillllvllsf hp nl,l,,-,,n,.h,.lh his ,-,,,,m,,mI,. in Sl""'l'As' ""'w"'l' was ,wont 'U dire need ot' a haireut. or his l,n'Sl wus. wmlhy and hlmlmll mm' girl with a new onp, And In wailing. to gnash her teeth :it the , , , lost beauties ot' her youthful sheik. sun", HHS 'ww uuumlul Sllrwlk was u-lh,n,,,,- n,.,,S,. that sm-i,m of un. passing kind and helpful, enhanc- gugpsi --Uh' w,.,.l, fm' ,.v,p,nis,h.. ing their former beauty. And in is quad!" I-'or th,-5' gli-ping-rl it like innnner, to some others ibut better that their man should be let us draw the merciful shade:-t dead in :ill reality than ln look ot' a kindly silence again over Su, Nothing does better serve to those unfortunate ones. Thereof reveal the shot-king, unheard of, arose that old saying of the Sages, and hitherto eoll1"':tlt-tl, peeuliar- "'l'he l"em:ile ot' the Species ls lllt-S, unexpet-ted bumps, hollows, more lleadly than the Mule." THF OLE MISS MILL 1 r ff C. h K xxx K" Y !4 ' l f74 J L I Q fi -5 K ,119 my - J . Lil" LX '25-"' EQ, , Q fx Q5 f ' 5 1, g V -2:-,Qffi ew WX f 11, FS : 111145 SMU! 12,2 Xl-w J!! j A 11 x - Q' If FS K X fw 4 ' Vx XX 4: A ' X K I WN wx. t ,Y VX ' X 17 fx 'gx X ' Q I ' '61, Af h J XI: NX Z . D ,mf 1 'R f ' 4 , - ,A , - 5 BN 1 ' fo UNA , m fyq A W , s 0 1Q,f r 1 Q fc wk ,A iii Q , H' ,f K X 1 - W wi 1,5 W! Lf' gf X f-X JK? I X 'QT' -s ' ' f ' f ' , fl 'YF' 1 1 V- 7 'r1'Y t 1 - 4 my f lg! will 4 If D: ' A' N' K? , fi ff' 11 'Nj jf" XNWK X 1 X ' 1 1 Ai R ,, o f -N Q YG! QE 'V Xxx si E -9 .3 O X K U! , ' X , K. A 0 4 , . ,-,x i Q - , f X31 gxfx rg , QN y kfqgx I Y-,,.,A firlx ,ff f-5 in -f-V f ' Q ,f 'IL mzffev' Y . YYY i K X X X 'I 4 f ' XX f+i+f : - H j ' if .. , 1 ,-.... .1 qu En tlgr Gln-tha W D I t lhis Pagv, For "lYe l,f-urnvd About N'0nu l Il tt Tl-IF OLE MISS MILL wmt SECRET tg FRATERNITIES t gt 'if V .. , , ,gf :J Thtl Alrtt-:tn ft--lt 'l't'-uruniut-tit ,W Will l-P ht-Itl :ts usuztl this Slll'lllL1'. t 'l'ht- links hztvt- ltt-- n rt-wttrltt-tl :tuti Rf all tht- grt-t-ns nrt- in t-xt-t-llt-nt 0 "tx r-ttntlititiu. Ttty XYt'igltt. tht- win- l ,' f 4 xl lit-I' -tt' lust yt-:tt"s ll't'rllllY. is :t:':iin t , y ,tt V --0 st it twtntlitlntt- l'ttr tht- t-tilt, :intl will f' l l 0 tl-Aft-ntl his pttsitit-n nuztinst :ill . ff Q, l 0K t-ttttt-ts, 'rtttt ttttttls tt-tit tw R - 'sf h . . -. ff-" i V , tt-ztvht-tl tlurtng tht- nittltllt- ttf "':'LJ M2151 flrt-:tt intt-rt-st is ntnnit't-slt-tl Q, this st-ztsttn, THE MIRROR Ol FASHION Tht- llttlslifhvilcs. thztt t-xt'lusivt- llillwllll ll'-Ulilllii ill l"'l' llflll "ll t'r:ttt-rnity. tht- tilt- Bliss t-h:ll'ltt-r gulli S'A',"ltf':U Ml S "" 5"'U lllwp H tit' whit-h is Vt-ry strttng, ttnnttuu-'--s mtllt-ttltiiltl-hilltlushinut1 "tihI XYltt-rt- that Hwy hull" l'l"'lg"'l S"l"'r:ll dwg It Shun?-. nt-w int-n who wtll ht- tttlct-n this Fi sltring. Atnttng tht-in nrt- St-tttt At HN. Dum... l.antlt'unt, Sintttn lit-st-nthxtl, Jutlgt- NIA II4, k all that MMR 'IWSSH Ganihliu. 'l't'tin Ilttss, .It-t- Rtthv-rts, nl mm-I S ,A,, it. Sunil, I-,.It,,w .Ttthn tfttrliss, :intl Elnztthttn 'l'artt. hzts his :tint ntl-tutttl h--r. -fw- Tht- ,xlllllil lfilltllll Vluh has rt-- ff fuSt-tl tt- tltt'ul,L:t- tht- uaiut-s tit' its 1 :ttltlitittns during this st-ttsttn. lt N is tllvi' lntltlntist- til' this grtiltli ltr ,fit :ttlx'ztut-t- tht-ir UXVI1 intt-rt-st hy l lzthiztl ztltplit-fttittn. All ,--,, I I w .lt '-, fl! Tht- I-lug I'ttlt- Squutl, nlthttul'.:h x starting its st-ttst'm's :it-tivitit-s 'N 'K' with tlt-ltlt-tt-tl rztnlis, hats suv- Hvnutii ,.H.m,y mllltuinu, is U t-t-t-tlt-tl in t-tuning thrttuglt with a tittt- l't-llttwl ltt- has :t ht-:trt ttt' must Su"'l"SSt't1l st-as-tu. Stunt- tit gttltlf' tht- tttttstzttttlittg :ttltlitittns ttt this 1"--11 HYVS' .mul I think 'lr SU YG-:tr'S I-t-rstrnnt-l :trt-2 Misst-s Yir- tttigttlittl ttl hint ttt httxt- tv'-ti ttt gimu MVHHIIVII' Bully? lnlll Klub L t- ll" , , ml .tx lan, XYtltlzt 'l'lllF,lN'Il, :intl Mt-ssrs. ,tl Shlnt- Mtttg.::tn, Ht-ttr,gt- St-hit-rhztutn, untl lit-ltnztr Sintntttns. 'ff 'tr-V' ,Y , lm? 'l'ht- ttlu Miss t'h:tlttt-r, Lihrnry " Vluh, ttt tht- Nzttitntul l-'rzttt-rtUty t A it ttt' Mt-l't'y-Multt-rs, wats ,lt-rltt-tl :tt ' tht- ht-gtnning ttt' this yt-ttr. 4,7 , Tlirttugli tht- t':tl'l1t-Sl t-tit'ttt'ts ut' Mis: .Kll'lkl Xltty-S, th- Iztvulty ".lust think' 'l'hrt-t- thttus:ttttl Nl ' 4, i - Ill. ll' 1 lv l st-:tls wt-rt- ust-tl ttt ntztltt- Illll' vttnts null' 'll 'll llm 4' ml' ll' ' MTA lztst Bt-Qtr." tklt, llztwsttltt. ht---n rt-slttt't-tl. 'l'h-- f'ltIlr 15 "Istt't it wtttttl-rt'ul that tht-3' pl--atst-tl tu ztttnt,tuut't- tht- t-lt-t'tit-u "HH IVIHH 2lHlU'1'lN l" 'l" S""ll ttf Miss l.intl:t lirunttit-ltl as t'hit:t' nulllif Lllsll1l'ltt'l' tri' tltt- l't-ttt't-, zitlll lllt- LLL rt-turn ttt this lt-:tt"s Ittltl ttt Altsstfs l Mplttllumi 'WI 'lnwn HH Mlm M--Ittllr lluut ttntl lfttntttt- tkitsttn. illt'l'S. ll! t'i-t-t-lqlllttrt-3 "I t-:tn'I. lt's :ill l t-:tit tltt ltt tittt tlttwu ttii nit llIllH'l' 'I'ht- Nl'-'UI-'VS' ltl'2lPCll1'. 1lS1'l'-Wil! ltltf' ttt tlt-tt-lttlt t'tt-ltltl lint-s, wzts t-s- tzthltsht-tl this gt-att' :tt Ult- Miss, 'l'ltt- lttitt- sltlit is ttu tht- XYJIIH' 'l'lit- t-linttt-I' int-tttlmt-t's ttl lCt:t l't ll! l'F"'s- Vttgtlttt-r :trt-1 l'IIiz1tht-th Yttrtlu- tts, its t-hit-tlt ttu tht- httw- man, Hlmus lwmml' lltrmuws lttggt-tl ill .Xlltt-lit,t, Xtttuht, I-tttts l.t-ttttlr, l,:tltt'tt Alt-x- , :tntlt-t, Al.ty 1'tttx':irtl, .lt-st-ltltitiv Q S . rtt-tt-us, Xtrgitttzt 'l'Iitttu:ts, Matty f,'g Alt-ltratp--t', tittlttutlt- ll:tttht-rg, :tutl l ,W V Nlltly Ulu-t'st'lilitttlt. X ' , tl' l fi lv Y 'l'h- hats ht-t-u tis- Nt 'tif WIVJ i l ' N A .nt I is-Ax t-tttt-it-tl ttt ht- st-tit-tly ttltti.i int, ,Lys .tu tht- tht- Miss Villlllllli. ltt-wus , l.:tut- Ht-st, llttugry Huy, llt-:in llstztt-, l-tt shntttn Samui--tts, .lt-hu 'Viv' l'll1:I-t't-ll- uint- l-'tttt-t-:tst 1':tl't', :intl Sttl li:tut'tu:tu ltztvt- ht-t-u sttts th. tzttls :tit ltttsttt- tit: :tunitt st-t-it wt-tttlup: tht- t-tlltwul ltIt-tIgt- :ttttl lltt- tit-it .tt-t ntztttng pg.tittrs hulltttts EXCHA GES Stunt- t-tt-t-tls tltt htttl things, tht-y't't- str gutitl :tt it. hut Jimmit- Lott: "Intl yttu set- tht- nztsty ltwttk that him just gave- ine?" Malt-ttlnt llnlntt-sz "Aw, sht- ditln't givt- it ttt yuh, yuh had it all tht- titnt-," "'l'ht-5' wtin't lnnkt- a lt1'it'kluyt1t' out til' nit-," sttitl tht- ht-n :ts sht- shtwt-tl tht- ltttrt-t-lain L-gg tittt of ht-r nt-st. Stantt-n Hull: 'AHt-rt-'s at snap shttt tit' my girl." Ft-t-shtnztu: "Huh? I'tl t-nll that :tn t-xltosurc-," Mtinkt-3' ttu :1 litnh. looking at photo of Zt-llt-r: "'l'h:tt :guy Imr- win hzttl tt ht-lluvzt nt-rvt-." llastt-: "'I'hnt wtts stunt- wrt-t-k up tht- strt-et. A tnzttt in :i rt-vs PY'lP l'2lll lllltt ll NY0lll2ill lll il lllll' trumf' tVzistt-: "Rt1:1lly'? And wt-rt- tht- tnztt-hint-s batlly tltunztgt-tl?" l-'rtlshz "Ginnnt- at t-ttmh with- out Dyl'I'llUt'1l." t'lt-rk: "XVliudtlyn int-nn?" Frt-sh: "Unt- whttst- tt-eth wttn't fall ttut, "VVhnt zt stttl stttrt-," "YVhy? Rt-t-:itisv it has punt-s ln tht- wintlttws?" "No, tht- httttks art- in tit-rs." Sl,ll00,000 DON.-X'I'l'Ill BY ALPMNI FOR S'l'tKllll'Bl tt'ttntiuut-tl trtnu l'ztgt- ll It is Vttnittrt-tl thztt wttrli will ht-gin ttn this t-ttlttssttl strut-turt- ltl'Ulllll'l5' nu tht- tlitrty-lirst till nt-xt l-'t-ltrttztry. ltt ttrtl--r ttt lat-t-it this gl,L::tutit' sttttliulu in tltt- l':1lSl, it hats ht-t-tnut- ut-t-t-ss:try ttt uittvt- tht- ht-tl til' tht- Misslssiltiti ltivt-r wt-stwztrtl atlttiut tht't-t- tluztrtt-rs ttt' :t iuilt-. 'l'ht- Iiriu til' llttfl' :intl 'Vlltttuitsttit hats ht-t-u t-utltlttyt-tl tttr tltis Illll'lltiSt', 'l'his hrillittut nt-w :ttnpltitht-:ttt-r will ht- li:.:htt-tl with t-tut-ratltls l'ttnn tht- S--uth St-at lsluutls. at sttt'tt-ning tittt ht-ing turtiisht-tl hy .tlziskttu ruht--s, 'l'ltt- :tt't-hitt-t-turt- will ht- Hlyliilitnii, tht- st:ttu:tt'y nutlt-, :intl tltt- lt4tintiul.:s furnisht-tl hy t'ttlt-s l'hillilts. 'I'ltt- tt-tultt-r- :ilurt- ttt' tht- huiltliug will ht- rt-g.:u- lzttt-tl hy .l:tlt:tnt-st- t-ttttlit-s with ltttulitvlzt I':ins, l'Itt-ry httttth will ht- lztrgt- t-uttuglt t'tu' at stutlt-ut, his XtlI't', :tutl titt- t-hiltlrt-lt. 'l'ht- t-:tust- tit' tht- lltllll'4lXl'llll'lll is thztt tht- 1lll1'l'll ttt' tht- tllt- Miss Ylllllltlllll lyl-lttttnt t'txllllIlllllll'tl ttl' nt-t h:tt'inr.: t-ut-ugli rt-ttni in tht- lttst ttturntttut-nts tttr drastit- anmurs ht-cztusv of tht- intet't'e1'- t-nt-t- of tht- C'l1Pl'lil'l' lilayt-rs in tht- st-ini-tinnls. Also, in our last gatnt- with Yztlt-, at Ctllllllll huntlrt-tl tll0uSIH1tl tit' nur students wt-rv ftitrt-t-tl tn stantl in the rt-ar of tht- fllll staitliutn whilt- wt- platyt-tl 11 winning tttnt- on the svnlt- ot' T3 to U, 'I'ht- only tll'uwhnt'k to tht- prop- nsitinn is that tht-rt- is at lPl'tlX'lS0 ftttztt-ht-tl, that :L full fttvt- litirtrait ot' Z--llt-1' ht- hung' tit tht- tf-utt':tnt-e ht-t'tmrt- gzttnt-s. lt is szttlly tt-nrt-tl that tht- tnttrt- t-hivztlric ttf tht- t-0-t-tls will vtitt- tht- tltttttttitnt tlttwu in ttrtlt-r tn in-t-vt-nt gtn t-pi- dt-ntit- txt' hystt-rizt ntuttng' tltt- niurt- tiniitl malt-S. BR0lYN'S Ml'RDl-ZRER NOT Gl'll.TY t1'ttntinut-tl trtnn 1'aif.:t- 'IJ t-t-tlul't- tmtttllritltl tht- t'tttil't- tiny, Atttlt' it hrit-t' rt-t-t-ss fm' SlllllPt'l', tht- t'tllll'I Utiltvt-lttwl ftllt tllt- til'2l- ttiry ttt' t-tiuust-l. 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It ttmlt tht- tittt-tn' :intl all ttt' his tlt-ltutit-s tts wrt-st this prizt- fvt' Batt-t-hus trtnn I-h'it-t- Alt-xuntlt-r, fttt-t-intiu nf tht- jury, whtt swort- ltiutlly thut sut'h at dt-nittl haul nt-vt-1' ht-t-u t-nt'ort't-tl :igttinst thirsty tztlisntt-tt tlttwu at Rolling Ftirk. Sztitl tht- vitritilit' llttttnt- in his :ttltlrt-ss ttt tht- jury, L'NYt- tttiglit ttt givt- ti Ylltt- nt' thttnlts tti this littttr htty, this tlt-t't-ntlttnt, t'ttr kill- ing :tntl ritltling tht- t-ztntpus nt' suvh at niztn :ts tht- tlt-t-t-:lst-tl. Xt'ttultln't any tit' you tttttlt-r sltnilttt' t-irt-utustttut-t-s hztvt- tlttut- tht- sxtnit-? .lintnty Bilt-s, 1 :isle you, wttuItln't yt-tt haivt- tlttut- tht- saint-? 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TIDDLEDYWINKS CHAMPIONS TO BE HONORED ltillllill' llall J1-II, 'l't-ants tt- Rt-t'1'i1't- Vit-tt1r's 'l'rt111111 I1:1l11:11' IIz1lI's ".I1-lIits" 1111- ltt- ing htt11t11-1-tl 111 tht- llt-Xl t-h:1111-I 1111-t-111111, 11'ht-11 tht-1 11111 1t1t-t-i1t- 3. 111-:111ti1'11I 1'1111l't11'11111 lt-1111111 :ts ll 111111-11 ttt Athlt-tit- .111tht11'1t1t-s' :11t111't-t'1:1ti1111 1111' 1111-ii' 11t'ttt1'it1114 1-1'1'1t1'ts i11 :111 i11t1':1111111':1I t-111111-sts tIll1'l1ll-T tht- st-ssrttn. Ill 14111111-s 1111 t11t-11t'1t-It tli'1111t11111 1-111111, 111111 Li1'itl11'tt11, t':1111:1i11 .1111- 1Itt11ki11s It-11 1115 ".l1-llit-s" ttt 1111- q11:1l1I'1t-11 t1'i1111111hsg 411111 tht- I1z1111:11' s1111:1r1s, :ts :1 11httl1-, 11't-1'1- t'1-ll1-1'tit111s 111' tht- git-:111-st glutli- z1t111's t111tsi1lt- tl1t- 111:1i11 tt11t ttf 1111- t'l1111:1x 1-1' lIl4'il' 1:11111 11111 1tt- 11-:1t'l1t-tl with tht'-ii' t-1-1t11'11111u :ts kings 111 vztrsity 1-11111111-t11it111, 111 1111s 1't-1111111-1111-111. 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I', 3It't':1111, 11.1s IRIBIIILI t-l:tI1tt1g11-- 11I1111s ttt 11111 1t11' tht- t't111:1t-ss1t111:1l 111111-1111.1 1211-1111 111' t'1111t1'--l tlll at st1':11Al11 11111-I 1.11 1111 tish. S INTERVIEWS WITH FAMOUS FOLKS IIIYICICF-I IIYNS ON An lntt-rvit-w tYith Miss Roving Rivers Apple-wltitt-, tht- -lax--n linot-kout. Uhtaint-tl hy Spet-iul l'trrrt-spontlt-nt lla, ha, slit- lztusht-tl, in tlrtt m--llow tont- witlt whit-h slit- Ltnuhs. :t tont- so wt-ll known to tilt- Miss stntlt-nts, as I intorin--tl Miss ,-Xpl-lt-wliite that I was tht- intt-rvit-wt-r, Then, with that t-:tlm st-ll'-possession with whit-h slit- has matlt- ht-rst-lf so pttpttlat' with us all, slit- st-ttlt-d lrtt-k anions' tltt- pillows of lltt- lonn'Z-' to rt-late to mt- tht- talt-s ot' h--l' w:tntlt-rings. "Yes, pt-oplv do think I am flllltl' :i elttht--trotlt-r, it st-t-ms. Ilut, rt-ally, I tlo LU-t so mut'h out of my travt-ls -:intl l tlo en- joy tht-m so, Now, for inst:tnt't-. on tht- l.usitani:t, wht-n wt- wt-re t-rossing last summt-r, I mt-t a p--rft-t'tly darlintg tmltl ntan from Nt-w Z--alantl. Ilt- was vt-ry yy:-gqlthy: ht- tiVt'llt'il St-YtAl'!lI Iill',LZt' pint-:tpplt'- plantations in tht- Art-- ttt- t-ottntrif-s, or pt-rhaps it was t-ot-oanul pzrttvt-s--I'n1 X'l'l'j' Illllll' at l't'lllt'lllIDt'l'IIlI-I details. "lVt- Iantlt-tl in Matlritl. I lv-- lit-vt-, antl he t'arrit-tl mt- to s-t- the hull light ht-lwt-t-n Kin! Al- fonso antl XIV. II-alle-Z. I Iwlivyt- it was Mr, lhant-z that playvtl tht- part ol tht- 'hull,' I l' lt immt-nst-ly, :tntl kt-pt the r'tin t'het'lts for my mt-inory hot-It - wtttlltl you Ilkt- to st-t- II1t'lll'."' Antl til' t'ourst- I ass--ntt-tl, ht-- t":tust- I knt-yv that this wotlltl ltt- only :t way of lt-atling.: on to mort- intert-sting thin:-ls. "Uh, yes," slit- rt-sumttl tht- tlirt-:ttl ol' t'ony-t-rs:iliti.i, "ht-ie art- ottr opt-ra stuhs from llit- Ft-ll1"S Iit-r3.:t-rie in Paris. I Ilt-Ilt-Vt' tht- t-ttmt-tly that night was Gloria Swanson in 'I":iust.' Ilul I'nt so hzttl at rt-mtmht-tinir tht- tlt-tails. I visitt-tl tht- shops wliilt- lht-rv :tntl purt-hast-tl my t-rt-ninll I-ZUWIIS tor tht- sot-ial s--:ist-n at tilt- Miss last fall 'l'ht- t-rt-:ation till salmon t-olort-tl t-rmint- tttr whivh I wort- to tht- 4':trniv:tl liall was tlvsitqnt-tl lttr mt- t-spt-t-ially hy lltt- former t't-own l'rint-t-ss St-hwartsltzxy. tif l'olantI, who h:ttl tht- tlarlingt-:Qt ltttlt- tt-:t shop in :tn Apavlit- tlt-n tlown in tht- 1':tl:tt-omlts, only at'- t-t-ssthlt- fr--in tht- llons---htt:tt on tht- Styy, or was it tht- 'l'li:tmt-s, I tltl gt-t so tntxt-tl up on nty tit-- tails. "ln l-Inulztntl I tountl lltt- l'rint-t- tal' yY:tlt-s tt-ry t-ttnt-t-ilt-tl antl not nt-arly as llIl'1'-Ititulilllyl as somt- til' onr lllt- Bliss slit-tks. Anil that lttttxitl Ali. Shaw! llt- t-ottltl say tht- Illtisi foolish :tntl st-nat-ltss things, :tntl l:tui.:h :tl lhtm :ts il' tht-y wt-rv ltmny. I tlo not think Stn highly ot' Mr, Sltnwp ht- is tt-ry oyt-I'-i':ttt-tl, "tt'liilt- in Italy I was t-nlt-r- taint-tl hy tht- Illllit' til wht. t':ll'llt-tl int- gontlolit-ring tlown tht- t.r:tntl -anal in ltt-nit-. it was tt-ty ht :tttttl'uI. with Yt-rsttxttts growling on ont- sitlt-, :intl lltt- I'nll Illtutlll shining down on tht- olht-r I ltzttl lit-:irtl :i lot :tht-nl lltt-so l.:tlnt It-tt-is, hnt I was it-:tlly tlisappotnlt-tl in Mr. Ilt- was so silt-lty, Ilt- st-t-mt-tl tt-ry instpitl all ht- lztlltt-tl Jllntilll wats wars :tntl IIILIIIIIILL. l t-onltl n--xt-r nt:ttiy at man that lalltt-tl lllrtrlll things Iiltt that in lht- mttttnliuht. "I sloppt-tl ttll' lIttt-t- tlays ttt visit tht- lmrt-in ol' Sultan .-tmtt Bad Mann. who was at that time THE OLE MISS MILL EERIE ERIC the Kht-div-er ol' I-Egypt :intl con- sidered the Mt sopotamia prise, I was appt-arant-t'- inovies tht-y turt-tl as lovely tlamozt-ls, while in rating SIIPIIK ot all . To my greztt sur- disillusittnt-tl hy tht- tif his wives. in tht- wt-re always pit-- Being a press story foret-d from Mr. Erie Dawson, who is so mod- est he positively refused to re- ceive all representatives of the press. Our rt-porter t-hast-tl Mr. Dawson for three whole weeks rt-ality. I fountl tht-m lt- ht- mostly fat antl ugly, :intl tht-y ust-tl too mut-h paint: howt-vt'-r, I tlitl pit-k tip st-ve-ral nt-w st--ps to introtlut-e in parlor tlant-ing upon my rt-turn to the States. "It was ttuitt- thrilling rushing !lt'rt-ss tht- snows of Russia. get- ting away from tht- Bolsheviks, who trit-tl to makt- mt- tht-ir queen, I-ut. unt't-rtunatt-ly. I only t-arrit-tl my sumtnt-r wartlroht- antl t-ould not stand tht- t-linialt-, and ht-sides I tlitln't have any Itt-tl tlrt-sses. 'ttiur t-aravan through Asia was ht-ltl up hy t'http Suey, tht- Vhint-se lrantlit, I-ut wt- wt-rt- pit-ltt-tl tip in tht- mountains hy a .I:t1t:tnt-st- at-roplant-, whit-h t'art'it-tl tis safely to tht- Ilawaiian Islantls. Ilert- tht-re was ttuitt- a polilit-al tlisturhanet- at-t'oin1-anying tht- in- tl'otIut'tit-n into tht- Il'pllSI2lIlll't' by an Ethiopian minister of a hill to rt-t'tuirt- tht- hula tlant'-t-rs to put mort- t,rass in tht-ir skirts. as statistit-s show that yt-arly a large numht-r ot' tht-nt tlit- from pneu- monia and other eontagious tlis- t-ast-s t-aught hy t-xposure whilt- tlant-ing: for tht- :tniust-ment of Amt-rit-:tn mt-n on the ht-at-h nl XYaiki Kiki. "I rt-turnt-d hotnt- hy way of the new suhtnaiint- st-rvit't- route, es- tahlisht-tl ht-twet-n Ilonolulu anti Iios Angt-lt-s. It was my first ritlt- on tht- sultway. antl I t-n- joyt-tl it very mut-li. XVht-n I Iandt-d at Los Angeles, l't-t'iI B. Dt-Mille was waiting on the wharf to sign mt- up to play in Para- mount l'it'1urt-s, but I'ola Nt-frri tlirt-att-nt-tl to t-ommit suicide tht- momt-nt I set foot on tht- liasky lot, so, in ordt-r to keep from t-omplit-ating tht- l'ort,-ign rt-lations ht-twet-n the l'nitt-tl States antl I"-land, I turned tht- offer down. How--vt-r, my photograpli ap- ps,-art-rl on tht- t-over tif tht- Liter- ary Iiigt-st, I-'ilm Fun, and Vanity Fair that month. But I hopt- you tion't t-onsitler mt- vain for tt-lling you all this: I would tt-ll you mort-. hut I'm so poor :tt rt-- nieniht-rint.: the tlt-tails." hefore finally t-ornt-ring him in his dressing room in I.a Petite Theatre Franeaist- at Ole Miss, wht-re he is appearing: in the hrilliant new I-'reneh fart-t-, "Dumb Belles." After fort-ing tht- door of the drt-ssing' room with the aggres- sion of a pillaging Uossaek, 1 tlnally found myst-lt' in tht- pres- ent-e of tht- almost trembling Mr. Dawson, who hutltllt-tl in tht- silk- en folds of his long and elab- orately emliroidt-red dressing robe before tht- make-up tgthlt-, Ht'- was vt-rily frightent-tl at my ap- proach, not that I am so awe- inspiring a personagt-, but the fat,-t is that Mr, Itawson positively is afraid ot' puhlit-ity. His frit-ntls have told me that he eonsitlt-rs his reputation one of tht- ft-w valuable possessions he retains, and that he positiyt-ly rt-fused to have that tilt-hed from him by some noto- rious and unst-rupulous fet-der of the st-antlal t-olumns: therefore he wlll st-e no interviewers, retains no prt-ss agent, hut depends upon his pt-rsonality alone to atlvf-t'tise itst-lf. Unly a few st-anty fat,-ts could ht- gotten from Mr. Dawson. XV:- learnetl that ht- is not really tlee-ply intert-sted in dramatit-s, hut really- partir-ipatt-S therein for tht- uplift of his fellow men. llt-'s so altruistit-, His interests lie elst'-whert--he toltl me as he gazt-ti away in spare, with his wistful smile, from behind whit-h I t-ould rt-ad the dt-ep thoughts antl profound pliilosophit-al mus- ings. His ambition is to beet-me a grt-at tipgurt- in tht- world of politit-s anti govt-rnment. He craves artion ratht-r than words. I finally stit-t-et,-tlt-tl in turning the eourst- of our etmversation to- wartl Frant-e and Paris. I It-arnt-d that he had bt-t-n in l'a1-is on one ot-easion-but rt-ally, ht- dot-s not like Paris, nor tht- pt-oplt-. ln fat-t, he has quite an aversion to everytliing that is l"rt-nt-h. I learnt-tl that during.-: his stay in Paris that Mr. Dawson had a date with the Qut-t-n ol' Roumania. but was vt-ry disappointed in her intt-llt-t-tual t-apat-ity-"so shallow, the Balking peoples," he t-x- prt-sst-tl it, SE D US THE MATERI L XX hut It our X ears At Van 'IJ F- kg- IQRE .4 12. ISIC l"0lllC XVI-I IiE'I'llIiN YOU ' 'l'I-IIC l'li0Dl'l"l' Ole Miss lu , r l I A l"'l' E R l'NIYElISI'I'Y OI-' MISSISSIPPI A. lIl'ME, Clmnt-1-llor He is very satisfied with America. and states that he will never return to Paris. The life there is too fast for his taste. he says. He is in line for big things-his t-apac-ities are unlim- itetl-if only he t-ould reeeive the int-entive to develop them-some day he may be Seeretary of State or a great movie star like YViI- liam S. Hart. HOW T0 KEEP WELL By the Strange Dr. Strange Yesterday I gave mut-h valuable advive as to how to remove ex- et-ss hair on tt-eth, tot- nails, and nose. In reply to the many re- ct-nt requt-sts, I will t-lose my st-ries ot' articles on a ft-W gen- eral hints as to how to gain beauty, 111 To t-ultivate a Ze-llt-rish I-Out, the following t-xt-rt-ises should bt- followetl faithfully for zt period of thrt-t- wet-ks and ten days. Inst-rt the tt-n tingt-rs of holh hands into tht- t-orners of tht- mouth and strt-tt-h vigorously before rising.-J. Then praetit-e put- ting large ohjet-ts into the mouth, beginning with an orange, and ending with a watt-rmt-lon. 121 To obtain a nost- like Hazit-'s tGrat-t-ianl, Henry Miteh- ell suggt-stetl that the :tspirant try tht- following formula: Slt-ep far-e downwartl On a t-orn mattress, ruh it vigorously with sand paper ht-- fore washing the t-ountt-nant-t-, al- low llte otTt-ntling part to be mauletl hy Shed Davis, bathing It aftt-rwartls with Norman Apple- white beauty lotion. XYith a pretty mouth antl nose, one is ready to enjoy perfect ht-alth. 'I'lit-re art- minor dt-tails whivh ont- should eultivatt-: Do not allow your et-nstilution to be rtin tlown hy hurryint.: to rlasses, ehapel, or Y. M. l'. A. vespers. tl-'urtht-r tlt-tails on this point t-an be ohtained from tValter Capt-rsj. Take good t-are of your st-alp, that you may some tlay hoast of your t-urly loe-ks as Tommy Gilr- SOIL Nt-vt-r t-onsume at one sit- ting tor a dant-t-J more than a quart of Lafayt-tte t'ounty Moun- tain llew-"tlioug'litlt-ss waste hrings wot-ful want"-ask any Mt-tl stutlt-nt, night watt-hman, or tht- janitors. Tht- following preparations shoultl he found on all stutlt-nts' shelvt-sz 411 Etl I'inaud's lotion--for ex- ternal use only-t-xt-t'-pt ht-fore a dant-t-, on failure to ht-ar from ont-'s ht-st girl, and after tht- dis- appointint-nt on ret-t-lving only "Ii" in I-'rt-shman Eiirrllsli. 12- Alt-oruh-also for t-xlt-rnal ttst---when unwise-ly partukt-n of, it irivt-s tht- soothing effet-ts ol' lyt- or washing soda. tilt Ht-t-t', Iron, and XVine tttmit-1-tnttstly I-ttll, t-St-1-vittlly the 25 per t-ent part tfor the el'- I't-t-t, st-e Itot-tors Iiatt-Ilff, Lo I'rt-sto, tYllkinson, Strange. and Itoherts, who t-an give llrst-hand information rt-gartling tht- t-lft-t-ts ot' IFOIIJ. Ui l.t-mon l-Zxtrat-l-givt-s vlin antl vll-tor. 153 .Iamait-:t Gim.:t-t'-starts the tlny oft' right. itll Mum- rt-movt-:-i all ohstat-les. t7J Mayhrt-:ttli-ht-tore every tlalt-. Tht- ft-w simplt- suggestions givt-n ahovt- will aid In kceplllg you tlt. Photogravure Section' I Campus Favorites E','iif,g-:',E"l-g.f-ffjul-up ff -, ' -' ' Z V .' " - ,V E' 75' fy: Q.. 5.1, ' 5 jr: ,'w,jjj I-75 -. '. V. Q' f'.',," " 'z - .1 k X . X K ' , 4 M f, . MM,,,,1vff'-'Mww,,, fa ff' ' W-4-13 Wq1?5?4Q1gqmfzfQ0pu!aK - -N . Q E V -Q! .jf ...IV ' 1 i f i QCZzrZon2a,DrqQ1.r.f0Q+ if dwjtfpqmjaf I F1 I fzhce fx Qf Kwdfes ,P .-,.-M-4, 1-xx . .1 "f ' II ULIC MISS NIILI, 1 01 e z's.r. 74571115 GP Zzgfgesf 5P500I2'!fD 1, THE OLIC MISS IX 1 , . , , . 4, ,A - W., ,,,,, ' 1z'sy,.44uav4'.,v,.s.0,.q.4ulam:,zwe:su., H... 'Y' . , ' ' 1. IIII II gpgesi' i jffuf ,v1 4, W AW' 'fir C ' 4 'V"""" " ""f'Y"f1f,n,,,gws-nk-wfa'sazv:.'r1 Q . A' ,.'. ,"M'f'm f 2-'Q -1,-H ' .4 , A N 5' .lf ', V' -' Y A V L4 '. V. + -, f Ju..'..ff -' ' - . ' . 4 . MMQH Wdiff 1 THF OLP MISS IIIII I E D' Goff! Dzlggers w 'Q WEGA! ' ' mf., W . f sv i 4 n .VL z JZDoZz'fficaZ 23055 gnffqgfe Humor TAILOR S WIVES A dark glow suffused the room and showed faintly the outlines VERSE AND WORSE THF IRJCI' OI THINGS " , what 's 3 flu today?" She asked ot' the vendcr passing Literary Section 1 hp Gal? mmg ! Poetry and Fiction -l O ry .CD 1 4 . . 3 4. . . . I p I Wh i the pine of te QI of a couch and a tablel fI'0m an adjoining room came the steady click-click-click, and then a silence. Suddenly a voice called out. "Hi-eee? There, take thelirons off'n them new pants." This ominous and dreadful shout was answered after a few minutes by a smell of burnt cloth and a low voice saying, "It wasn't my fault. I can't press everybody's breeches. I do my best with them boys as goes at it in the right way!" Then a slow hum of a machine crept in through the open door and hovered about the sofa. A head popped up from a body re- clining there, and from the mouth drifted these words, "Damn it!" II. The old bent man sitting cross- legged on a table surrounded by strips of cloth sewed and sewed and sewed. All his life he had sewed. First it was wild oats, and now it was clothes. He had sowetl so much that he himself was sewi-d-unib, he did not ever use his tingerbowl. And he wished to proti-vt his innocent daughtm' Mit-ha from such a fate. He called out to her from his table. She appeared in the door- way wreathed in smoke, the paint and powder of youth showing on her face. "VVhat is lt, father mine?" "Did Mr. Hayseed want belt straps on his pants?" asked the father. "I think not so, father mine," replied the innocent girl. "He wears galussi-s." "Does he want his coat lined?" "Uh, yes, my dear parent!" cried the pure 4-hi.d. "lt would be too cold with Beevydees and an un- lined coat." The poor father was astonished, He straightened up like a giratie from eating hay on the ground. He cried, "How do you know he wears Bet-vydt-es?" "But, O parent mine, he wears bil5-bottomed trousers!" replied the eredulous girl in an astonished and btwildered manner. "U my child!" walled the father. "My child! VVhat have you seen? VVhat have you seen?" "Why, father mine-" began Mit-ha. But the man interrupted, "Don't tell it! You are ruined! You are no longer pure and innocent. Uh, Michal Michal" he sobhed. "Mit-ha!" He was choking with tears. "Michal" His last por- tentious words were sca audible, wrung from the bo rcely IIUIH of his tortured soul. "Micha!" "Michal" III. Micha. gazed at the lofty t of the court house. For the ower first time she was out alone on the street of the big city. A wagon rumble-d down the street and sud- denly tilted in a hitherto un- discovered mud hole. The bus- tling life made her dizzy and dimmed her senses. Three men , it l I 7 ' fi We tix, 40 V1 ,xl X W l ' r it fl 5 I . t f 1- o 4 x 4 . . ly ,fi fl. 'asf r Xe Q 'lg f--s At 'T fo' U ' q Nl . .Vs r 5900 MISS M ,X RMA It ICT HIIYA N Sponsor "The tile M iss Mill" Most Popul a r Ma OFFIUIAL ltlilSl'L'I'S OF 'PHE 1925 "OLE MISS" l'0l'l'Ii.-lIil'l'Y Elil'lt"I'ION Il ,. Most Popular Girl Adonis Himself . Ole Miss Vinus . Favorite- Professor Prince of Wales Most Studious .. Indispensable .. XVt,man-Hater .. M in-Hater ... Political Boss .. Vollege Humor . Biggest Nut Ananias ..... The Th ree Gold- Iifggers ..................... . "Dooley" Akin ... Ella Roberts ,... Harold Flowers . Kathgiiine Atkinson .. Ilr. XV. L. Murphy . . .. Hob '1'el'i'y .. XVilson Lyon Hazing Frank Leftwia-h .. Miss Alive Mayes In-es Stribling "Shine" Morgan . llowaid XVestbrooke Rayniond Zeller ....Rivers Applewhite, Katherine Henderson, Polly Applewhite Biggest Shooter Biggest Two-Timer .. Habitual Parasite ....... . . .Francis XVright .. Buster Keeton .. Med Si-hool WE-re Whittling by a store, and ware ol' strangers, and sailors. and four rows came stalking down the l'Ulli-'ge boys She must not be sidawaikl led astray. yd. She must khan hm- Sbnsagg Even as she thought on this, the hy. "Two hits a dozen," the fruit man said- WVhereon thi- r-hiid ln-gan to cry. YVhen the child grew up, in her childlike way, Ear-li new disappointment taught her why That lots ot' times the girl has to pay, For nowaday's dates do come so high. Vlur little girl then, is a hig girl now, But still sometime her dates has to buy Ut' 'bi-ans, sheiks, and Olllvr mah? freaks- It's another kind of a date, that's why, "Uh, what is the price of a date today?" She asked ot' the jellyhean pass- ing by. "Uh, 1-ash and carry" as for taxi DMX: "I'laiii'ing' feet and a twinkling eye." "Never a thought in your neat, liohbed head, Nor i-ver an old-t'aslviioni-il maid- enly sigh- But bl'ir:ht red lips that smile and spread VVhen pressed, and the revels are running high." Thvfl the flaillwr laughs at such a price- It's another sort ot' a date, that's why- xVh2iI'S the US1- UVNI' trying tg be nice, vvllvll the V+-riders ot' dates are passing hy, -,,- R. ..a. 'IWVO SONGS K I. It love were only golden coins, Then I shiitiltl never starve no more, For I should have ten millions' worth Ot' you to be my grocery store, II. It' golden coins were only love, I might be happy for a while To give my vaults ot' goltlon coins For some loving woman's smile. H. H. V. VYIIICN I CONSIDER HOW' MY TIME IVAN NI'l'IN'l' When l consider how my time was spent, ICN-r hall' my days in this ilri-ar world and drali, t'oni'oi'tilig gooey llll'S:4t'S in the lalng And all niy inon--y for 1-lieese hisi-uits wi-nt To ht-lp persuade that i-o-i-d In fre-iitii-tit Both ,uxtriie and shim xxith lllv as llt'l' t'St'ul'f, ' XVliile all around tliert- gf1lll+'l"'d a cohort Ui' Shvilts i'ollt',LCiixIv', t'Yl'l'X :irdvlit gent. NVith llainnel bags 1'-iirasiiiir l'UlHf'lY li-'fs ,,. And 'sloticliy hat drain-d over woozy eye, Asking for dates, why then to me it seems- 'Twixt in-of and girl and all the riral eggs My life at college was I1 lon!- drawn sigh. A haunting pageant of "'ii4-"Nils Her father had told her to be- tt'ontinued on P11514 14' dreams! -l-I. B., "Ti, II 'VIII-i IILIQ I KEYHOLE KON FESSIONS Hp lllv 'l':lHI1'l' III-' Alxxx :III-IIIIIIIQ xxIIII IIIIXII-I5 .IIIII QMIIIIIIII' I'fxI'II IIIIX Ilzls IIIS 5.5, IIIIIII--IIIII4 'I', II .X I. :IIIII --II-II LIII IlI'l' SI' II--lIIIIIIII', l. I' I. 'l'lIII 'I':IIII--I I-4 III IIII- IIIIIIIIIIII xII.xI IIIII MII: NIIIIIIIII III-IIIII-1 IIII Il--xxI-Is "III IIIIINII IIIIAIII-II," IIIII QIII-xIlIl IIIIIIII- IIIII-IIIIIIIIIII-uIIIII.I11IIxlIIII IIIIXI I-IIIIQ :IIIII IIIII IIIIIIIII IIIIII--Is I"I III II-II III :III IIII ll' IIIIIIIIII, SIxI'II lx IIIII IIIIIIIIIN- 1'xI1IIII II.x-4 IIIIIII-Il :I IIIIII III'-IIIIf IIIIIIII I.:IxI III IIIII' I'.IIII1IxIs :II IIIIIIIS IIIIN .xI:IsIIII Xlxxx li. I'. Il. lI:Is IIIIIIIIIII- M15 .I, .I,, IIIIAIIIIILQ IIII II--.III I-I :I IIIIIIIII S X l-I IIIIxx- -II I. III- IIQIIII IIIIII'l III:IIxII' IC. IIII IIII- IlI.xsIII Qlvll, IIIIIIKXIIILI III IIIII IIIIII l-Illwl-IIIIIIX SIIII IILIII Iw- IVIIIII IIIIIII IPI, II , :IIIII XII X-II S IIIIII I" , IIAII- IIIQ III' III,Iy III-I IIIIsI-IIII- xxzw IIII IIIIIWI, IIIIIIIIIIII III IIIIII:IIII Il.IxxI' lI1.IIlI II, IIIII .IIIII IIIIIIQI III IIQI' .IIIII IIIIIII III-II-I IIII-'I :IIII III IIII' I-I,III,II pxlxs. .XII-' I-I II III. "XXIII IlIIlIx'I IIIII I,IlI IIII IIIIIII III.II IIIIIIIQ lII.xII IIIIII III 1.,Ix IIIII IIIII IIIL:III"" IIIIIIIIIIII I'II IIQII "IIxIl. .XII,N. I'I, l.l IIII'I IIIIIII III,II IIIII xI.IxII--Il III II. IIA. II," IQ X, I 1111 IIIQ -IIII-IIIIIIII-I III III. I-I III-- ww! III IIII- IIIIII Vx- I-,IIII I,IIII IIIIIIII IIIIIIIIII xl X., xx ,IM ,,,,,I,,,,,g IIIIIIIIIIII lI:xIx III IIII I,I-I IIIIII II- xx.x.- ,I :IMI II.II. III III- IIIIIIIVII. III I'III I.I:II INI:lII NIIIII-III III.II IIIIIIII' III-I Il-IIIII I-II 'I XYIIII IIII-Ixxsf' IIIIIII ,IIIMII Il Q I.ILII III Illllwll' II,I5 IIIIIIIQ-Il IIIlII.IIII III III- I.xxl I-xx IIIIIIIIII- II-IIII "I'I-III I',IIIIIIII"' III 'XII XI-IIII H I' XI In HXNIIIII xzx I1-IIII::',"' IX. IC. N "I'II IIII III.Il'I"l II-IIIN " I' XI lx 'I IlIIlII'I I,IxIIxx IIIII I,-.III .I IIJIIIIIIII, III.III " XX I-1 X 'IIII II-II I'III I'IIIIILg III III- IIIII,IIx " XXIII, IIIIII, l1IIIIxI-I I! XX 'I' --IIII' x',IIII III' '.xIIIIIIIIx -IIIIII III ,III IIIIIIlf III II ,III I'IIxIlI-I' ll- III IIII II,.II xxx .I IQIII IIIII1'I,II IIIIII.xlIIIp3 -III III. I,IIIII.II: I VI II Ix I.IIIIIII' III I--II " II- I-I I III I-IIIII IIIIIII XI-IIIII,III -.II II.II XXI IIIIIII IIII IIIIIIII I, Xl,III'I-I., IIIII IIII III- I-III-I IIIIIIII ll IIIIyIII III Il,IIlII' "J, I.. must III' III-' I.IIxxfIII's NIH" "XVIII sw?" "III"s SI- ax-I--I-I .II I'l4'IIlllLZ IIII IliII," I'-I-Il' IIIIII- Ii Il IS IIIIIIIA IIIIIIQIIII. SII- IIIQI IIIII III I-'II :III IIII- IIIIX- SIII- 'III-I IIIII INN' .XIIII XX, I:xII 'III1 IIIII IIIII I--xfIIII xIIIx" IIII' IIIIIIIIIIIIIQ ZIIIIIUNK, IIIII III- I:IIxI x1IIIlI'I4I.xIIxI IIII- II,IwIII xxlIx" rlIIII IIIIIs XY. 'VIIII IIIIIIIIIIII: IS .III -xII'.II'I Il'4'lll II II-II-QIIIIII "IIIxI IIIXI IIIIIIII IIIII rIIIIII, I.IIxxi5I-. VIIIIIII II:IIl4 IIIIIII I"lIII1Il:I. li.xlII- :IIIIIII :IIIII I'III:x IIIIIII all-WINNIIII. "II, II. IIIlI.KlIIS" IIIII- III IIII- IIIIIsI SIIIIIXN-III I'-I5 IIIIIII IIIIS sI':x,NIIII lI:Iw IIIIII IIIII QI.-I-IIIIII IIIINxIxIxI IIIIIIIF I Ir f.IIIl II. I -IIIII I., XX li IIIIIIIIII ,II,IIII.I.- this IIIIIII III :IIIIIISI-III--III. POETRY IN PICTURES ,, I I I ,, J If I. 10' I I,A x F -1,' '-Z.-,-.--iw I' V... ,I III 'x- I' I ',,,.,f1r"., ,I - . .,- I I I II J 'I I 'III' ' I al-f , I VI 1 ' ' 4 '1'II IIII- I'I-QlIIII.III SIIII L1IN'Q ll lIlilll"I', I "W- I ' 1 I, , 4. I, K4 I I. I A , ,I 'I 7' lxl' JA ' 'J 'III IIII NIIIIIIIIIIIIIVI MII' un.: :I I'IlIIxQ I 5 if ' II-I X , I 7 I Iv I-I IIII IIIIIIIII XIII- :LINII-I :I IIIIIIII--, :L- I , IIII , I ,III J. . XIII! III IIIII :.IIII-II MII gnu-Q IIII IINIA MISS MILL NEW BOOKS Rt'1't'llfIj' lima-in-al By the Lilnrury "I-'IIIIIIIIIII :xIIIl IIIIII' II," Ivy IIIIIIII .IiIII, III XX':xII-II ICII7:Il-IIIII Y:II'Il:xIII:xn IIII "IIIxI- llIIIIIQ,IIxII Hays III I'lI-:ISII :I Hus- II.IIIIl, "lC:It :x:IIl IZVIIII VIII." III' NIIIQI I!I'IIxxII SxI:xyzI- :IxIIl YIIIIII 14,-mug. SIIII. "XYIIIIIIII:: :I XVIII-," :III-III' KI:xIII'x', :III -'Ss:x5'. "I.IIx'v I'III1xIIII-rs All," III S, ,X, Ilzxll. "XIV Y-I:II'i 'III IIII1 SI:xLl-3" III .l. IP. 'I'IIIxIIxI-s. "1':xI'I' :IIIII I'r-I-,Q-Ix:xIiIIII III' IIIII lI:III1" III "I'lIII MI-IIIIII'IxIs -II' I'IIII' .l. XY. III-ll." "".II'xIQII's XII-IIIIIIIsII1 X'IIiI'I- VIII- -IIIIIII-II." :I IIIIII-I III' SIIIIII- AIIII- ,1::III. "XYlI:xI ls XYI'IIxI: XYIIII I:I.-I- "IIIlIa4" lIx X:xII IMI-I.- Il:I::xlII:xxI. "IIIIxv I-I IQIIIII YIIIIIIL: :IIIII IIIIIII- I":xl1IIi,- IIIIII, III IIIIIIIIW' IYIlsIIxx. III 'IIISI IIf1lIIlIl." I,IIIIl:x IIIIIIIIIIIIIII :xllxl XYI-IIxII-I' Rllllszxlm MODERN YOUTH ' I 'IL ff II, V W' 4 , 1 I II. au . I 'I ,' I if . I I , I I I! 'l'lw Sha-ik ul Home A 1 , , I ' I , V I I aff" I MILA ..,. I I I I I ' . . 6 IA . I I II :III - , J' gif' Tin- Slu-ik ut Ole Bliss "FI-IIIIISIII-IIIIII1I," III' ll'-IIIIIII IIIIIII, -- - - - --- -- - "I1.xIII-III: zxIIIl II-xxx' III IIII Il," Ixx l'IIxIIII'I' XI:II- SI-IIII. -'IQIIQIISII II:I-I-IIIIII-IIIIIIIS, III IIl'y.lll I'IIl:,l:xlIII, "RIysIIl," III Ilx:xIxI- I,I-QIIII, G III':xIIx:I III IIIII- :xI'I. i i "XYlI:II IIIVI-ry I'I.II'IIssIII' :4IxIIxxIIl K,,,,u'-I 1,5 MVA Iamllx TIIIIIIIII' II:xIl III-I-II III IIIII Miss "I'--1sIIII:xliIx," III l'II:xI-lx Sxllli- IIIVIII- IIIIIIIIlxs, III- IIIIIII I-Inglislx VIII' Q IIIIIII-I' XII: XY:xlI:xI-I-, III' was III-I-gh "IIIIIx l'I'IIII-sw-I',: NI:IIII- IIIIVI-," 1 , - Q M .hulk wmllmlnl II I-IIIQIIINSI-II III :I IIIII-II III Ixlxxlu- SIIIIIIII-:Il I-Ipzxv. :IIIII his lIrIIw wus xxx'IlIl:lI-Il III I-IIIxI'I'IIII':xII-Il IIIIIIIHIII TAILOR'S WIVES P. . Imxxlxslzxlrw III llII- IIiII-IxI'II his IIIIIIIII-I xuxs sII'xxL:I.:lIlxg with IIII- II'IIIxIiIIIII-Il II'IIIII l':IL:I- III! Iil'I'. Il:Ixli SII:IIxI:xI-Il IIIIII II:lIIIxI:, I':xIx- "'l'IIIxIIIIy," s:xIIl his IIIIIIIII-I', lIIzxx'I- Y. llI'I'z, :IIII-l'IIIxI'III-Il III'I "lMII-II IIII- :I SIII-Ii III' yxIIxIIl" :IIIII sp-IIIII. SIII- uns III:lIII-II--Il. ".XlI, IIII-III--xg" II-IIIII-Il 'l'IImxxIy, :IIIII III-I IIIIIS xxxuul-'-I "IIII- gI':xIIIIII:xIiI':xl IIIIVII-III IIIA your MMI I'lIIlII," s:IIII III-, "I xx'IIlllII IIIxII':xIIIIIx lxzli III-I-I1 SIIIIIX' IIVLL- IIIIII III :Isla 5IIII :I IIIIIISIIIIIIU' IIII-IIIII. YIIII slII-xIlIi szxy, "I'lIIIIII:xw. HI IIIIIIIIII sIII:xII III s:I:IIxpgI- IIII gun, II-gIIIsIIIIII IIIIIII 11,31 rI-- IIIIfIx," sIII- :IIIsxxI'IIIIl xII'IIx-Ixxrly. IIIIIIIII-III I-IIIII-I'IIIIIx III' I-IIIIIlIxIsIilIII- "I:III II-II IIIIISI II-ll HIV." III: IIIIIII-I'I:II IIII IIII- IlII'I-SIIIIIII III' this s:xxIl. "YIIII II:xxI' NIM l'I"llN IIlIliI'I- IIIII- III' Ilxusx- I'xIIl:IilI'II rx- I'III'-lIs, VIIIIII- IIIIII, :IIIsxxI'I' " IIISIII-IIIII-s III III-IxIIII'I III,.g"' "lI 5IIxl IIIIII'l SIIIII, l'lI MII-III," l'IxI'lx:IlIg:I'. sII.- IIIIII:III'lIIIIl, "I xxill I-:Ill IIII- I"""I" I"""" :Is sllxl II:Ixl s---'xx gills III- in III-IIIIIS, "lI:I"' IIIIIILIII-II 4':IlxIlI:IxI- Y, FIU, Ixmmmll Umm I'TI""'SI5' Im' 'Im I' INT I':xxIllI:II'I- Y, ll--Iz sIIplIIIIII-Il II1'l' l.IlIIIIg :I II:xIlI" , r. , III Ixus slnxnxg III.:lII :II'IxI, :xxxIl, Ill- , .XIIII Nl:I-IIII, IIIIII III-lIxIIlIIIp1 , I II-III IIII IIIS :I1IxI, xxlxxs1IIxlIIIl, III-.Ix'I. I'-III-IxIIIIII'I-Il IIIIII It xx:xs S:xlIII'II:Ix. "Sir IIIIIIII II-I IIII- pix-.s," SIII' "ls Ilxy IIlIIIl'I', IIIII l:IxIIII', ill his ' sIIIIlI'."' ' I A QIIII-IIII NIEI'Ix:x III-IIvIIx'I-Il, :xIxIl I- I ' . IHHHHIIII' xx'IlII IIII- Ill IIl'l' IIII-, x:IIIl, "IlII, "XIII IIIIIII NIIII :xIIQxxII Ill4'. ' ... ' IIIIII. :xIIII IIIII :x Sllll HS : I - I ' J I " 3 I .. , IIIII IIII IIIN IIINIII, sIxI Ihlhu luhzhlluu :I Vlxalllvtllll SMU I '. I - l "I : . : ' - . IN I' " "H 'IH I I 5"'mI' 'I' sII'IIllI-Il Il-Ixxxx IIII- slxw-I-I xxlxxsllnxg, 'UNMIK IMI' I hmm HIIIIIIHII UI "'l'III IIIII SIII-llI.e III' IIII- III-svrl IIII' xxqxxw III IIII- xxIIIlII, I.I'I IIII- , , ,, I.IIIxx IIIIII. gn," "I-III IIIIIIII III IIIIIII- IIII-," s:IiIl . . SIGN" '-IIII' I III-I-x xII.IIIIIl3, UIIIII xxxll I XXII X H1 U-I, 'INN UH Um Ixllplx "12I':IiII," llxxx I'I-x'I-:Il sIIIr3 III' IIII- ! ' " IIII'Ix-lIIIl NIIIIII-ly III' Iluskyxillx-. .X III""" sIIII'y IlI':IIIIII.q IIXIIIIIIQ XXIIII IIII- "I'I:x5. IlII Illll I,IxxIII IIIIIII- Ixus 1I:I4sIIIIIs III xxxx-II :IIIII wIIIIxx-II. with Mm' lllxlnqwlx Uh I tum SI:II'IlI-Il NI-xx IIIVII. I'II'II' Ivzxxxsun, ' A .IIIII llxIslIxII'kIIII.:, IIIIII IIIIIIIIIII :INA IVNISI III- IIIIIQ-'I I :IIII IIIIII-:xxI'II 'VHSIXN' llushpsh M. HIluSi,,H,4, mx-,.,-y lII'lII"' ,XIIII IIIIIIIIIIIIL III IfsI':IIII- IIIIIIIII-I' IIIIIII-IIIIII :IIIII IlllI'l'llSUl'l'1I. CARNIVAL You have road stories nf the ,-zreat If-e and Snow Parnivals of the North, of the Cotton Farnivals of Texas. of the Corn Carnivals nt' the Mid-VVOstern States, and of the Orange Carnivals of Southern Falifnrnia, hut none of these- 1-onld outshinn thr- Carnival of Ole Miss in its dazzling splendor. XVQ have nvither ice, nm' snow, nor Pottnn, nm' f-orn ftirain Vario'-ty mr-anti, nm' oranges, but nevvr- thz-lvss, we have C'arnival. It has her-nmo an "Annual" Institution at our llnivvrsity. This Carnival season crwrnvs immediately follow- ing the mirl-tt-rm vxams, and al- though it tt-rminatt-fl in disaster last yflar, this yoans cvvnts wvre fret- from 1-asualtifls. The various Cluhs, in ordur. threw parties tn ct-le-lu'atv thee passage of this milestfino in thei- yoar's Dli0gl'f'SS. The Latin Cluh. unclf-r thff pnidanve ot' Pat-sax' Mr-Imnfral. lf-fl ont the list with a Bar-c-lianalian orgy that wmllil han- done r-rr-rlit tn Nvro. Although the Fidtllvr was not pre-sont, tlw ,HWS WPW' unr,-onfined. Sarah Hunt. avtinfl as hr-stt-ss, pullvcl tht- stunt in a fashion r-reditalxlv to Mrs. f'at'Sal' herself. B6-forv the night was half snr-nt Elnathan Tartt be-vamp so c-nr-briatvd bb' thi- puni-h spiked with Vrwa V018 tlvli he' snatclin-fl frfim his faun-likv form tho tr-amme-ling' 1.:i'anQvinf's whit-h em-nmln-rf-tl his nmve-mt-nts and led tht- plxn-1-ssifni through the Saturnalian rt-vets, cl0S1'l5' followed hy Susie May Lawton and the romainde-r nf tho cluh to the plaintive strains of Guadfw amus Igitr-r." On the sw-nml night tht- Grovlc Club held forth in trns- Hnmerir' fashion. E. XV, prmes that it does not rt-quirv a tawny mane tn be a social "I,,ynn." 'l'hPi'r- wvrv- nn black faves arnonat tht- Gro-1-k minstrels, but that rliel nut ham- pcr their eminflnt sum-1-ss as bartls and barkers. Although Henry Mitvhel is Ostrar-iz:-rl from this club, they he-ar no gl'lHig'x at-fainst f-aff-s and eating in grim-ral, as Ralph Lanrlrum and Viola Lvmas- son attest. The "M" C'luh entertained thr- following aftf-rnoon with an in- formal tva in honor' of Little Frankie Mr'Allister, who made his "M" in Pathc-tic rlanving. Hubert Crcfekmore and Herbert Fant pro- sided at thc' tc-a fmt, whih' Bonney Cole and It:-h Follins passed thf- rakv, all of whom made their "Ms" in music. That night the Svrihhlt-rs' Flub gave a vt-ry dvnmcratir- hanqubt. Almost evt-ryhotly was invited. Between stir-c-1-ssivv t-nurse-s tho guests were entertained hy a He'-ehie Jr-ebiv SP1,'f'lHl by Russell Milli-r in his usual grat'w't'ul style, an vssay by Jug Jfvnvs on "VVhy the Y Does Not Dominate 'The Mississippianf " and Dram- Lester told how "we" us'-d to do at Oxford in rc-al haysr-ml fashion. Thv one regrettable im-irlehnt of the evt-ning: was the favt that Raymond Zeller was arrzfsted by tho doorkoc-per, who believed him drunk, as hr- was found peeping in the keyhole. Thursday turned off fair, and everyone was hilarious nver the prospects of thr- Y. M. and Y, W. I". A.'s Lawn Fvtft. The Musival Fluh was emzagvfl to provide the music for the or-f-asion. "Little Bobbie" Millvr was to do a special song and danve ac-t for the bvneit of the C0-eds. The Quartette was unable to function bovause a washout up the Cro:-ek had delayed the bootlugger and THE OLE MISS MILL IS the quart had not a1't'ivr-fl yvt. Rnd WHS g1'f'l'tPfl by rviinul alt--r f'0lllltl'Y Vinh, Si-vt-ral spvvial Joe Lee Smith and Freshman Malone wvre sf'hvrlule-d tn apps-at' in their stead, but while rvhvars- ing that morning .loc siiaggft-al a vocal vnrd on a sharp C' anti had to bf- rnslicd to the hospital im- mediately. Gwrirze Melvin was drafted at once to rvat-li tht- high note-s. so thi- duvt was finally ar- rangt-fl. Tho event began auspi- ciously-thri two r'ahine-ts formvd the long rv:-eiving' line, and the twilit varnpus was quite- lwauti- ful illuminated liy the .lapaii-'sa lantf-rns strung fruni tree- to tree in most artistir- tashinn. llarnltl Barber lm-d tht- Ywspt-r Hymns in his det-11 snprann, while Pets: Hand played tht- ar-rfmnpanime-nt on the lvasso. The gtlvsts snon ft-ll into the nmnd nf tht' uw-asifm and starts-el a Email gann- of drop the liatidlcviwliivf, Ed. Shirley living "it." But L-very nit-niv has some- thing to mar its mirth, and this was nu wxveptifni. .Inst wha-n thtl revcls wvrv running high :L heavy Shown-1' Villlle up and tlrnwnt-tl it O ll round of applansi-, his lfiw-livli iw- ing perfectly iliitlmwstnml liy all, That 3llt4'I'IlunIl Ilia- Vnfillinill Vinh threw a lair: inatinm- -lant-f- in tht- Vhape-l, tht- st-:its nt' wliia-h had been removed vsp.-f-ially ful' tht- ncvasinn. 'Fhv vlialwl is known to have witns-ssl-tl sunit- iw-- mnrkahle histtwit-al sf-t-mis, hut none- that vnultl surpass ihtf ex- hilvitiun that was gin-n hy th-- l'0tillir1n. In-vs Strilrling Sat on the stage with thy Vnp tw vall dnwn all imprntwi' tlatn-1-ri: and aid in tht- expulsion ut' all thrust' in polluted mwntlitiwni. 'l'hv lllllSl" VYRS l'Ll1'niSliml lay tht' llniwlwii Hall wait--rs annl was vrasliiiig Jazz. Sugar Vainlrlwll and Mai'- jorie Jarksnn ltqcl tht- Granfl M:n'r'h tlirnuxli a lun: lint' nl' intrivato annl t'lllIll'l2,illl3.', tignrm-s. Stanton Hall anal lit-I't14nllt- Mildvn li-tl tht- Favor Mart-li, wln-rt-npun Katln-rinv Henderson lt-tt tht- tlantw- imme-cliat-'ly tlirnngh ptlrt- it-NIHLISY. .Inhnniv Alustin aan- a slit-vial Qxhilwitinn tlalivt- 1-alll-d at 'CZ .5 P, J Siiillwilt 1- K ' x M' if ' , davit J:QQ4Qg ' , , of th.. ,m,...d Rel ,..i,-' Ti.. .,t.,..,- whereupon the rvvt-ilP1's rvtirt-tl temporarily to th-: l,yc'vum Bnilnl- ing, l-l'4'Hl wht-nt-.- tlit-5' rf-issn.-d in a shurt tilllf- 1-lad in stunning ns-W hathing snits, for the- nnani- mous vntt- had ht-1-n to turn tlw m'c'asirm into a Hain Party. uf 4-oursp thv rest of tht- evening was rather dull with nmst nf tht- lights nut. John IW-x gut some- thing in his 4-ye, and Alton Pwr- kins was Inst in tht- dark tm' a long time, but finally lfiratml in Safe hands. Ev:-rylnnrly was glad when daylight finally hrr-kv up thv party sn that thvy 1-unlfl gn limiiv. Tho Inlllll' Arts Vluh entertained the' nt-xt :lay with a lunrlienn in honor of their nvw ITlQfI11lNl'S- Fharlvy Allvn, H. L. Bt,-rry, and tflay Boone-. Thi- rt-fri-shine-nts vonsistf-cl mostly ut' ti-a and talk. served in lanyo piwiprwt ions, 'Fh ff vhief mit:-rtainnu-nt was provided by Hodge Thompson, who xnmlffst- ly discourst-d at lc-n,S.'th on th? 'Glorivs of South Mississippi," Little Major Millsaps was able to gt-t in a word edgt-ways r-vt-ry now and then about how they taught French at Princeton. Abutt Mai'- tin introduced the new members tina- of thv mwfiiiiig was tht- Blaratlion Ilanm- wliivli wus wnn hy 'l'4llIll'lllt' l'ni-'sw' mill Virginia Arringtnn attt-r tittw-n ininnttts, a I'l't'lll'll Illllt' nn fllrf ll Ss f'vIlll'IS. An intl-1'iniSsinn nl' ti-n ininutf-S was wallt-ul following' this tn al- lnw Mr, St-a1'lun'-inuh tu patvli tht' llmir wlit-rv Miss .xrriiiaztnii hail stmnl, Only a ft-w lllllllll' vzisual- !i4-S wvrt- l'e:-ni'tlml at tln- tlanf-4-. XVZIYIH' Smith will have tn wvar glasses tht- rvst ul' his litv, rlnw tn vyv Strain, Iinhyt- Ihtll Kal.- lan has taken up skating In kmrp in trim fm' futuiw- sti'u,Q,:lt-s, Vlytle lflalvlilt wt-nt in thi' travl: In gift his wind hat-lt, whilt- .Inhnniv IV1- vis was laid up fm' tht' ws! ol' th.- wf-vk. Drs. T, A. tlilisnn an-l I. XV. 'I'ranp Xvvlw- pri-sn-nt in 1n'nt'4-ssiunal ratln-1' than snvial vairaw-ities. 'Flirty pruviflf-rl instant rvlis-t' fur tht- wnunrle-tl and inanagt-il thtl amhulanm- fmwt- arlmiralily, Dirk VValk:-r assistvrl Mr, Strihling in alle-viatingr tha' f-fnigt-stitni in thc Patrfil St-rvive. Thrust- who snrvivt-tl the after- noon were r-zlfzvl' fin' tht- ann:-rmvll of 1-vi-ning. and tht- one-mninit Masqut-i'ac1c Bull given at the tl't1llPyS lllltl In ln- ptlt nn thc- SllllA in-han lint- tu zifwiiiiiiintlatt- thu largw 1-rnwtls. 'Flif-iw liltff In hams ln-vn a wr.-1-lc wht-n Hula-r, H. li. Smith, anil Fatty l'iv-r'4'v all sat nn ont- Siwlt- ul' llie- saniv- var, lint flnlwl' tiluvf-d nntn tht- rithvr 51.1.-l and H. R. strvufl in tht" aisl., sn as tn hal:ili4-f- tht- lilann-fl thing. Aftt-1' having liravf-tl tht- pt rils til' tht' f'lvnl'L:f- Hall snlrnrlian tht- Qum-Sts wvrt- all Lziw-vtwrl at thn- tlwn' by tht' innlatvs nt' tht- Woun- UT Vinh, a nilrl anul wnnlb' Innk- ing lfwt HI' l'0llIlll'Y linysg lint unilt-1' lht-ir rnngh nxt.-ritn' tlwy'i't- nut Q0 hail, attvi' all. Fniiw nt' thr- 'rustninvs wvrr- lnnszt 1-t't't-1-tivr-:tml rr-prvst-litzutiw-. 'l'h-Arr was H--nry llnnkei' l-'nqua as "I.ittli- Huy Rini-" with his nt-w swxuplifni--, l'lllll'llF' lainir in liatlirnlw anti tlashli,a:hl was Dingt-m-s up tn tlatvl .lrwlinniv XYilkiiisnn 1-ainv as tht- Iirtiuli Ut' l'T:ll'XYlll'S tlnvnryi whilt- lit-In-wifi Stnlws playi-sl "I,ittlv lin-IH'-Ali." Hi-n Lumpkin was Iloln--fi, and .Tn'iwt was Eliz- alwth Yatwlaniztn. l'4ill V1-S1-y vanio as Sm-ratvs lnsing his new night- shirt ini' a 4-ustinm-l. Anni- Hrnylvs was l'l-fuliatlri, and T. TD, Allm-n, Nap'-ls-1111. Put thi- prizs- vivsttlinf-s wt-r-f Bill Nnhlin as l'llIlltl, lIiS 1'nStl1l1lt- vtinsistt-11 nf gt anrl a hnwg Sarah Qnt-1-n nf Slit-lm, Ruflnliili Valpntinfl. as Mi-pliistnlilis-lvs in Fa1lSt. 'l'ht- rural lads vntvr- taint-rl with a lhilll' nr' wings .Innkin as the- sht-tl Iiaxis as :intl Rilo 'I'--rry lnarn rlanml whit-h wax V"l'X :ippi-nln'i:itv for tho ni'- 1-asinn: IC. K, XYintlli:un1 1-allml Thu- It'X't"ll'Y vzune tht- lllllllln-VS. ln :1 1-lnsv at Q-ight tfvlm-lc tu al- lfiw tht- wiillitiw' l-nys tn gt-t tn lu-ll up anml niillt in thv in tinit- tn ut-t innrliilig' lwt'm'o 1-nniiin: to lirvak- Iawt. Mililrt-tl F'ait'le-y anrl llattiv May Irivllhllllllill miss:-tl the last trullvy. lint saifl thvy 1litln't niinal that. fm' th- 5' wt-rv um-tl to wallc- ing ltavk honiv. Fatniwlay :iltviinnnn tht: ntfivial 1'Hrnix'al liararlt- wav htflwl. 'Phd- tlnats turn- largt- antl 1-lalioratf-, :UI nt' tliv-in slinwing niuvh varr- in prt4p:iratimi. Th-A lCnginw-1-rs harl :i large- sqnart- ot' vi-iii-l'vtv Llllfill whivli S. A. 'lhirnliiisuti pvtvlivml, displaying luis majt-stir Sllllltff wt- N'Ibl1lll'I' at the snlitli- si,:nifir'ans'v Ut' this Thx- lawyvrw flisplayt-fl tht-it' prmlm-ts in thi- linishml stati- anri thi- raw matt-Vial ln' a hnpfv Sf'alt1- fvf instim- hvltl np lay Bllillll' Km-ton attirt-tl as lliws rmlninliiql ln tho- finishwl prmluf-t sitlv of tht- Svalf- st-'mel llivl: Rnuiit-, who has just 1,.1'nx't-tl tht- law nt' Gnivitzi- tion unvwnstitutirvnal, whilv thu raw matt-rial siflv was r'f-pits'-vit'-il lu' Frank la-l'twir-h. Thr- l"lu-ii-- ma-'hutm-S had .init nt' tht- r-lvx'f'i'- 1-st llnats in the XYlluln- parafli- It iviviw-st-iiti-tl a largt- glass l'i'l Ilnttlf-, insiflt- nf whivh Huy It-Lan. Nnrrnan Gillis, 4'in'iivlia G:ii'rntr, .limmiv Harri-ll, Lw- l,nr'i1-li and .linnniv Mnrris, Ilntl llnnrqry Huy iw-ptwst-iitm-il tho pills. Thi- Hivlt- nry Nut 1'lnh haul a paQ,'1-ant in whit-h Virginia Dlf-thiiim, XYilfl'1 'l'liig'lwIl, XXW-lib Rl1l'li4'. and l"ri:'t- Vain wma- tht- sqniiiivl tmirl. In the- Mc-fl Iluat P+'-tv Hand anal E. t'. Mrinrv wmv "lit-t'ni'v" :intl "Afte-1"' taking: Me-tlfnitt-, 'l'h4- "l,it" Svllnlll Ilfrat twink tht- valcw, with ln: Ilnmt' rlisiu-nsing "light- :-l'x4" out ol' lmttlvs fiwnn ht-liincl tht- hai' to t-vt-1'-tliirstiiig stutle-nts until thvy wviw- iw-ally "lit." Thrl l"at'nival Ball was ht-hl that night hy tht- Lilvrary Vinh in tho Spgqr'inllS lnlnliy' :lhul I'f'31lllig room of the' IvlllYt'l'SltX,irai-y. Miss Lee 1'i'utvl1t-1' nwt tht: gut-sts at the dmii' attire-tl in thc- can and hc-lls of tho medicval ,iw-Stem'-slic tC0ntinut:c1 on Page 1151 16 THE OLE IVIISS MILL ENIGMA OF THE AGES SOLVED Blackstone tluh in Heated De-ha-te Settles Momentous Question !Yhi4-h Has Perplexed the Great Minds of Earth fSper-ial to the Mill? Eventide. The sun has sunk slowly to rest, and the shades of night are beginning to lower on the peaceful campus of the Uni- versity. The students, one by one, are returning from the evening rf-past and leisurely winding their way to their respective rooms. Such a setting as to move your humble scribe, contemplating the death of another day, to elegiac grit-fs. Suddenly emanating from the sanetuni sanetoruni of the temple of justice a booming, as of distant thunder, interspersed with shouts of approhation as well as de-rision. A hurried run to the scene, and what does it reveal? Locked in the throes of mortal forensic 1-omhat, six grizzled veterans of many a well fought argumentative encounter, arrayfsd three to the side, sat faving each other an-ross the table. That great and long- meoted question, whose solution is frauulit with so much destiny, "Resolved, That at public elec- tions, the votes of faction should predominate by internal sugges- tions as opposed to the bias of jurisprudeneej' was at issue. The far-famed and refioubtable Me- Vain, the silver-tongue-d orator of the pampas. was launching Thf' atta:-k for the aiiirmative. Im- huerl with a proper sense of the gravity of the burden rf-posing upon him, and on fire with a holy zeal for the cause of internal suggestions, he drove the antivi- hated contentions of his adver- gglril-5 bi-fore lllf' hligllty 3V3- lanehe of his logic like mist be- fore a sea-born gale. He IJT0' flirted that. should thi' bias Of .ll1l'iSDl'lldQIl1'Q ln'e1loIniI1illP, U19 marble-hearted marauder might seize the throne of 1'iVil allUl0l'ifY, and hurl into thralrlom U18 votaries of rational liberty. Thrice :lid he inilrlore the chair that he might he permitted to go on. till the last vt-stige of doubt in lm. ,mulls nl' llle judges might he lnluttefl out, At Init, with tht' swezit of lnitle on his nohle hI'UW, :intl the husky rattle of exhaus- tion in his throat, ht- SXVU0lll'd into his 1-hair :imid a pavan of praise shouted forth hy the pro- ponents of internal suggestion. Iiohust Roh-'rt 'I'llfllIIllSUIl, the rough and ready warrior of Ba- shan, aslvanw-ed to throw his lusty voice and great hrain into the seals-s in lu-hzilf of the bias of ,iurispruflenr't-. 'l'hvi'i- he stood, powerful man that he is, with should:-rs 1-rvvt and great ponfler- wus arms swingin:.: in firfiwe- ges- tures :is he strove to luring homa- Hfvllil' all-iinportant lnoinl. tlrouperl about him were his volli-zil.:i1vs of slight :-itaiture, and from among Ili:-rn he stood out like the in- iniiinhle Vliwops among the pyru- lllvllii Hi- slioutvd ilvllauu-e tn his zillvi-l's:iry, 1Nlwl':tili, and pr:-dit-ted that shoulvi the intl-rnzil siiggt-rv lions Ihr-wry pri-vziil the hands of civil soviety would he tliSStllV4'l1L the strong would tyrannize over the weak: the poor would plunder the rich: the servant would rise above the master: industry would S0on desert the land: Commerce would cease: arts and sciences would languishg and all the sacred relations would be dissolved, and scenes of havoc, dissolution, and death ensue, surh as never will visit it until mankind learn to repose their destinies upon "those suggestions emphatically termed internal." He hurled out the challenge that from all these evils there is a secure retreat behind the brazen wall of the bias of jurisprudence, and with a tri- umphant tiourish, resumed his seat. Then followed in order the well- known Roberts. another champion of the cause of suggestions, who likened the progress of his doc- trine to the speed of the ray of light which encircled the globe seven times in a serond. Just so fast would the light of his preach- ments penetrate the thought of every darkened nook and corner of the philosophy of mankind, Dir-k Boone, lineal descendant of the pioneer Daniel, ran the whole gamut of human emotions in pleading with the judges to raise aloft in victory the banner of the bias of jurisprudence. But, quick as a Flash, the ordinarily friendly and peaceable Berry, with the glint of the Bengal tiger in his eye, sprang forth from his seclusion and, unsheathing the battle axe of his logic, hacked away at the doctrine of Boone till at last he laid it low in the earnage of verbal f-onfliet. Then, in turn, arose the formidable Cox, who declared that the question was paradoxical and should not be diseussedg that upon giving OX' pression to internal suggestion. it eo instanto lost its character as such and became external. HP painted a dismal picture of what would result should internal sug- gestions prevail. The shrieks of women and the screams of chil- dren would be drowned amid the elash of swords and the can- non's peril: and Liberty, mantling her face from the horrid scene, would spread her golden-tinted plnions, and wing her flight to some far-distant land. and-but in the beginning of his lwroration. Vox sprained a tonsil and had to be carried from the fray. But his mighty effort was lost, Amidst a breathlessness of suspense the chair announced a two to One decision for internal suggestions, and thus was put to rest forever the question that has baffled the centuries. The sleep login' of those famous arguments will roll unceasingly down the corridors of time. De- seription fails the writer. Print is cold and lifeless, while that his- tory-making debate was alive with the divine heat of eloquence. As compared with it, the little dispute hs-tween Douglass and liineoln was as a mere dialogue between Alphonse and Gaston. Uh, that we had the power! NVe would place one foot on the loftiest peak of the eraggy llovkies, the other on the tower- ing Alps, we would pitch our tongue into the lurid lightnings and our voice into the fathomless oem-sins, and we would proclaim to all the world the thrills of that glorious conflict. HISTORICAL SCENES OL.. ,D N, ,..t. 'A , 5'-L I. ,, iii-Li ??I'l' J- 1-ff ,X THE TENNIS COURT OATH CARNIVAL 1Continued from Page 151 played the part well. None of the campus celebrities were missing on this oecasion. The Party be- gan when Clyde Rouse and Freshman Voller descended from the balcony in parachutes and gave Greek interpretive dance called "The Rainbow." Mary Zee Adams delivered an oration on "VVhy I Am a Man Hater," and Tom Trotter Ross upheld the masculine side of the question with "XVhy I'm Off the XVomen Forever." Elmira Kimmons and Puggie Carnathan called the house to silence while the line was formed for the Dress Parade. Linda Brumfleld, social secretary of the Library Club, and Judge Gamblin. led the parade, while the judges gave the Debutantes the once over in selecting the Queen of the Carnival. After the final count Miss Alicia Mayes was almost the unanimous choice for this oflicei Polly Applewhite also ran. Judge Brandon delivered the crown and Gus Smith made the Coronation speech. All the 8UPSts were then seated in za. circle On the floor, while Freshman Quinn passed the napkins. Im- mediately following this Hezekiah served the refreshments as the band struck up "'l'here'll Be a IIot Time in the Old Town T0- night." Vvhen night's candles were spent Mr. Butler abruptly broke up the party, woke up all those who were found behind the SUWKS HSINXIW. and locked the front gate. Thus the sun rose on H10 Close of Ole Miss Carnival week. It was one of the most strenuous weeks ever known ln the history of the institution, and all the students are looking for- ward to next year's eelehration. llarohl Flowers went in retire- ment for a whole week to catch up his beauty sleep, and I1 Lenoir and Virginia Thomas took diet treatment to regain their natural weights. Otherwise life ran on in its usual channel. TO A BIOLOGICAL FROG O, dire misfortune for one to taste, ' Vlfho late had in a, watery waste Of reeds and oezy green old slime Th-at hung on slick thick grasses, Lived among the weeds and thyme FOV many a month, O. dreadful fate for one to gl-ow To short maturity and onlv go From out a dirty stream of life To some workshop of spectag-led people , And be Cut up by their sharp knife- To see inside. O. horrible destiny to be Sawed through by men who see Vvhill One has never showed be- fore, To have one's Vitals Chopped so vilely Arid scattered on an unclean floor- O terrible 1011! -H. H. C. URECIPROCITY IN THE GREAT BEYOND" Inside a Center Gm-dun mom' One cold December mm-ll, I Stood beside a radiator Tfyillt-Z to keep warm, My roommate lay upgn the bed, Slkllvly fwpzing there' And every word that he sroke Frozc upon the Chilly ah.- Sflfily he whispei-pd to mo- tPoor fellow, he was going fastl. I swore to do as he hid me, For I knew that it was his last. "'1'l'll the dear old Proctor That as I lay upon the lwd' Freezing from the tips 0' toes i To the hairs upon my lwml, That I was thinking of him, And to my heart there was a. prayer E That when I get ln llwwpn ' XVhere all is warm and fair, i And Whvll I look and see him In the regions far below- I'll say. "St. Peter, don't burn l him, i Just cover him with ice and snow '," 1 And tell him, dear old Reommie, That Paradise it will he- To wateh him freeze and suffer As he froze both you and mc. l --Empty. f X KK... W K ki M 1571 , X K -4 XRJ ,ff x X 5 .-.. ' - 1 H fi! T1 f J A fa JN ff n - ff 1 - as . ix 2 5 s 2 P A f 1 z : 5 5 : 5 T f ffff fm Q' E iii g . :X 3 5 5 Aw 5 X -- R E zlffzli 3?-3' X - ' ffg'--N-L s ie sm N WMM IW mmm mmm IIIWIIIWN W Q "" WWI I 7 M W fl I Sf 1 WM,WQm MhM,,,M11111 UNIVERSITY OF MISSISSIPPI The University comprehends seven divisions, as follows: The College of Liberal Arts, founded in 1848, embracing work in more than twenty departments leading to the B.A. and M.A. degrees: The Law School, founded in 1854, offering a course requiring three years for completion: The School of Engineering, founded in 1900, covering four years of a standard engineering course: The School of Education, founded in 1903, meeting the needs of all who intend to teach in the schools of the State: The School of Medicine, founded in 1903, pro- viding a thorough course of two years, constituting the first two of the usual four years in Medicine: The School of Pharmacy, founded in 1908, affording a three years' course leading to the degree "Pharmaceutical Chemist," and a four years' course leading to the degree B.S. in Pharmacy: The School of Commerce and Business Admin- istration, founded in 1917, offering a four years' course leading to the degree B.S. in Commerce. The location of the University is unsurpassed in point of healthfulness and beauty, Expenses are very moderate. Eouinment. buildings and grounds valued at 5El,500,000.00. Write for catalogue. We Mean Business Ours i s the Greatest Business THE CHURCHES AT OXFORD ARE AT WORK FOR THE Students at the University S of Mississippi THE STUDENTS AT THE UNIVERSITY ARE AT WORK IN THE CHURCHES AT OXFORD They Mean Business In the Greatest Business 1 THINGS THE CHURCHES DO FOR THE STUDENTS Special Departments and Classes in the Sunday Schools Inviting to Membership in the Young People's Societies THINGS THE STUDENTS DO IN THE CHURCHES Teach Sunday School Classes Lead in Young People's Work Sing in Choirs Special University Chorus Visiting Writing Personal Letters Auendcssxiageifxggl and Consultations Flying Squadron Work in Special Services Countrl' Churches Socials Usher Added Building Equipment Serve on Committees l. C. SMITH, Pastor, South Street Presbyterian Church ' " h h T. H. DORSEY, Pastor, First Mctlwtltst C urc j E WALLACE, Pastor, First Presbyterian Church BRADNER MOORE, Pastor, Protestant IfpiSc0pal Church P , Uxfortl Baptist Church FRANK lVl. PURSER, astar MEMPHIS COAL COAL COMPANY AND COKE MEMPHIS, TENNESSEE COMPLIMENTS OF D. CANALE COMPA Y MEMPHIS. TENN. PRINTING OF THE BETTER KIND THE lVlississippi Educational Advance is :A sample of our work. State Plant Board Quarterly is .1 sample of our work. University of Mississippi Catalogue is .1 sample of our work, Parent-Teaclier s Year Book is a sample of our work. Parent-Teacl1er's Minutes is A sample of our wurk. A. 6: IVI. Quarterly Catalogue is .1 sample of our work. G. C. IVI. A. Portliglmt is a sample of our work, State Geological Bulletin is .1 sample of our work. T are orhers. The best designed and p d publncauons in Mississippi are ours. I.t us help YOU with your Printing Proble TI-IE "DIXIE" PRESS GULFPORT, Miss. Better Athletic Goods and Money Saved BUCKINGHAM-ENSLEY-CARRIGAN COMPANY 8 North Main Street MEMPHIS. TENNESSEE l Wholesale and Retail Sport and Athletic Goods FREE CATALOGUE Mention That Y A e an Ole Miss Student Al mnus- I S es You Money A hl P d f the Greatest Makers LOOK for the Sign of the ORANGE DISC THERE YOU WILL FIND "THAT GOOD GULF GASOLINE" WHICH GIVES MORE I'OWER AND SUPREME AUTO OIL GULF REFINING CO. OF LOUISIANA STOP AT THE ' p ,.- - Qx E E S S Colonial Hotel - "On the Square" ii llllmg . My Mas. A. M. M1LsTEAD, Prop. :,: 5 . 1 E ' ilisg' I .f i "Let Us Serve You and Your Visitors' ..:1 J OXFORD' MISS' THERE IS A GREAT RESPONSIBILITY ON YoUR sHoULDERs As guarantors for the great heritage of our illustrious South. Upon your shoulders rests the responsibility of making the future years shine even more brilliantly than the deeds of your forefathers. Make yourself worthy of the grand old State of Mississippi and do your part to make your future even greater than your past heritage. THE HESSIG-ELLIS DRUG CO. MEMPHIS LITTLE ROCK "Gifts That Last" A A . ' G R GE CO Robert l., Tomlinson Complete Line of Automobile Accessories JEWELER RepalrFESeff:f5xeBef2Er:f:ed by Victrolas and Records PHONE I0 OxFoRo, Miss, OXFORD. MISS. JOSEPH NEWBURGER, President D. W. BROOKS. Vice-President W. H. WILLEY, Vice-President NORMAN MONAGHAN. Secretary-Treasurer N EWBURGER COTTON CO COTTON MERCHANTS MEMPHIS, TENNESSEE Branches Throughout the Best Cotton Producing Sections of the Belt Let Us Serve You THE WHITE HGUSE OWNED AND OPERATED BY A PoRMER ous Miss STUDENT Everything to Make Your Vacation a Pleasure TENNIS ooLP1Nc. SWIMMING YACHTING DANCING THE WHITE HCUSE THE BEST OF MUSIC BILOXI, MISS. STYLE IS THE MARK OF QUALITY Be guided in your choice of clothes by our simple rule: Look for Style! It is the mark of quality. That is why we handle SOCIETY BRAND CLOTHES Known for Their Style K ' I Y sfJ1c:zmv.f G01wnf1fr.rr0,Qf A fag 1 f ., , .,f X ' ' , f ' -" " There Are 60 Ways to Serve ufrmourk A flll f STAR HAM "The Ham What Am" WRQM ,ae A You'll Llke the WO' ARMOUR EBCOMPANY CHICAGO Rwvffft 4 X T Get Thus BOORICI-AFREE 'y ' 'V Write to the Department of Good Economics, Armour and Company sy Chicago, Ill., for the booklet, U60 Ways to Serve Star Ham." EARL FUDGE STAPLE AND FANCY GRGCERIES WE APPRECIATE THE BUSINESS FROM THE CAMPUS Phones 165 and 93 OXFORD. MISSISSIPPI No Fresh Toggery of Any Kind BUT CREATORS AND DESIGNERS Of ultra smart Clothing, H.iht-rtlnxlmerv. Hats and Footwetr tor partirular college men. PHIL A. I-IALLE Exchange Bldg. Memphis COMPLIMENTS OF THE ANK OF OXFORD Biggest Oldest Strongest OXFORD. MISSISSIPPI COMMERCIAL PRINT SHOP W. S. RKJIBIERMJN, Manager VVI' DO ALL KINDS OF PRINTING "I xtcpl I'n.nI" OXIORD. MlSSlSSll'l'l lllllllllllll' Said President Coolidge: "If the practice of economy is not popular. the results of it are viewed with tremendous satisfaction." Ihatis why you should hustle around and see the new spring and summer models we are showing for campus or dress-up wear, and let us take your measure. We'i'e showing the very latest, in- cluding the smart English lounge models. single or clouhle-breasted, and an assortment of woolens never more colorful. more heautiful. Every college man looks and feels hetter in tailor-made clothes. We guarantee perfect ht. a real saving of moneyeancl that "tremendous satisfaction." Come lodayl TERRY 8 MUSTIN Lottll IJCUICVS Four Authentic COLLEGIATE STYLES Direct from Princeton, Harvard and Yale SEE WHITE 25 HOLLAND REPRESENTING AMERICAN ART CUSTOM TAILORS CINCINNATI LET'S GO TO THE GREAT SOUTHERN HOTEL GULFPORT. MISSISSIPPI 200 ROOMS The Every Season Resort FOR YOUR VACATION THE MISSISSIPPI GULF COAST! :AY-E-S!! Under New Management GEORGE STURMI MUHUQQF CABELL-IRBY COMPANY WHOLESALE Electrical Supplies JACKSON. MISS. We Sell Everything Electrical RADIO PANTAZE CAFE In Connection With THE HOTEL ROYAL JACKSON. MISS. LEE M. RUSSELL REAL ESTATE GULFPORT. MISS. Pecan lands. Satsuma orange lands. choice beach front prop- erty. Land for general farm purposes, trucking lands, poul- try farms. city property. Dependable Real Estate Investments WATCH CAT ISLAND YOU GET THE BEST DRAWING OUTPITS FROM D H6 Camp Street New Orleans, Louisiana R. L. HOLLEY, President WILFRED GOLLADAY, Sec.-Treas. 1 Lincolns .9Fm' Fordsons Our Motto SERVICE AND QUALITY TO OUR PATRONS ,I Accessories Parts Cfieneralj Tires SERVICE 4 Repairs I Cars Washed Gasoline . Oil OXFORD, MISSISSIPPI , A of 1 +17 1 , jf, , ,clzza Qgfkygidnidqy 7 GRENADA ICE CREAM CO. PURE ICE CREA "Eat Ice Cream Every Day" It's Healthy Food GRENADA, MISSISSIPPI stands for Sportsmanship ci us we-ll us Q tespaldingvv 1 - x y U 'I'lie-re is no fulmlilute ' for eillivr u I dj num: HAIR l30 Carondt-let Street, New Orleans "MY OUTLOOK" I may not be a statesman. And I may look like a tough, But, man. I know my stuff. l've called the signals for the team, l've kicked the winning goal, l've won six letters in my time. Even tho l've lost my soul: l've danced with Princess' daughters l've led the Junior Ball: My name has been a password In every college hall. l've rated every honor. And now that I am thru, I have a college education, But there's nothing I can do. l've bummed along the Rio Grande. l've roamed in fair Peru. But with my water-soaked degree There is nothing I can do. --Life. To the Class of 1925 Greetmg To the class of 1925 at Mississippi and a hundred other universities the nation looks for leadership in lndustry science commerce and art in the years to come range of Crane products to serve you Fixtures of enduring beauty and charm for your homes And for the factories refineries and laboratories of your industries and the ships and locomotives of your commerce dependable fittings valves and piping bearing the Crane mark of excellence CRAN E CRANE CO 254 COURT AVE MEMPHIS TENN BRANCHES IN ALL PRINCIPAL cl'rlEs ' 1 - U . . . - . . . . . , , . As home-makers or as business builders you will find a wide 1 . .u , n , I n l 0 , , , . ., ., , . COMPLIMENTS OF Gents' Furnishings COMPANY Exporters and OLE MISS BOYS Let Us Fit You in CLOTHES Importers J obbers Our Stock is Always New and NEW ORLEANS. LA. the Latest Styles ENOCHS LUMBER AND MANUFACTURING COMPANY MANUFACTURERS OF High Grade Millwork and Interior Finish JACKSON. MISSISSIPPI WE SPECIALIZE IN THE EQUIPMENT OF KITCHENS AND DINING ROOMS OF HOTELS, CAFES, RESTAURANTS AND SCHOOL CAFETERIAS THE LOUBAT GLASSWARE AND CORK CO., LTD. 314 CHARTRES STREET NEW ORLEANS. LOUISIANA Agm' DENTIST THE COMMERCIAL-APPEAL , I . Students Work Sollcnted See Him in the Lobby of Gordon Hall OfIice Phone No. 122 UNIVERSITY AND OXFORD Residence Phone No. 312 MISSISSIPPI OXFORD. MISS. TWENTY-FIVE YEARS FROM NOW WHEN YOU TAKE THIS AN- NUAL DOWN FROM THE BOOK-SHELF AND LAUGH AT THE FUNNY CLOTHES THEY ARE WEARINC, WE HOPE YOU WILL REMEMBER PLEAS- ANTLY WHEN YOU BOUGHT THEM FROM EIL ON S At Oxford Since 1836 E! E1 CLOVER FARMS ICE CREAM "The Best" D. B. HOLMES, JR., BOOK STORE ON TI-IE CAMPUS Exclusive Agent rd I FU RTI l'I'l 0 I IT! l'I1 FU VJ 'Tl o "1 F? :r 0 Q4 Off! 25.3. EY: 35 go. III ff-2 U E2 32. l in PDF! :fo 13 Q QQ.. 'LE' E? 5: si? -l :r Q' A fl.. 'l CC'x I iii", "WH WR V "Needle-Molded Clothes" Tailored to lndividual Measure : in Cincinnati by THE GLOBE TAILORING CO. Give every undergrad more than quality garments: more than excellent woolens and .1 satisfactor fl ' ' 5 "Ill :rc 'vo 'TE 2.1 'E' UQ-4 PE' 'Q EZ ...E :E ... rm. Q2 U3 CQ 2.41- 5- 30 yfo :- 2 oi 1:r 9-71' :- 5, vast C 9- FW f-:s :oo I-1 3 53'-l :- --vu 3-4' Make your selection NOW At Your Service! ORMA R. SMITH 8 CLAY BOONE STUDENT REPRESENTATIVES zz EAST GORDON PLANTERS CAFE BEST OF EVERYTHING MISSISSIPPI SCHOOL SUPPLY COMPANY JACKSON. MISS. T0 EAT SCHOOL SEATING - EQUIPMENT Next to Planters Hotel AND GRENADA MISS. IVIACGOWAN'S BEST GOLF, TENNIS COFFEE AND TEA BASEBALL Truly Delicious SUPPLIES PACKED IN SEALED CANS ONLY Roasted and Packed in Mississippi ASK YOUR GROCER FOR MACGOWAN'S BEST Macgowan Coffee CO. JACKSON, MISS. All standard Safety Razors and Blades, Dia- mond Edge Tools and Cutlery. Porter Hardware Company OXFORD, MISS. STANDARD OIL COMPANY CKy.j "CROWN GASOLINE ALWAYS BETTER" STANDARD OIL COMPANY CKy.J DRAUGHON'S ENGRAVED BUSINESS WEDDING CGLLEGE INVITATIONS Mississippi's Largest School of Business JACKSON, MISS. Positions for Graduates Graduates for Position Catalog Upon R q Only Steel and Copper Pla Engraving Plant ' Mississippi TUCKER PRINTING HOUSE JACKSON. MISSISSIPPI WE MAKE THE PHOTOGRAPHS For More Colleges and High School Annuals Than Any Other Studio in the South We Do All Mounting, Grouping, Art and Scroll Work Without Cost to You Get our complete proposition before you close your next contract for photographs. We will save you both time and money. BARNES-ECHLIN PHOTOGRAPHERS TO THE "OLE MISS." 1925 CONWAY, ARKANSAS HOTEL GAYOSO "OLE MISS" When in Memphis, choose the l-lotel that for years has been the favorite spot of "Ole lVliss" Students Situated right in the heart of Memphis' amusement center, Hotel Cayoso is ideally locatecl for the student who spends a Hlveelf enclu here. HOTEL GAYOSO MEMPHIS Ja!!! ICE CREAM Co. ypu :Arif :nm A swf JACKSON. MISSISSIPPI PHONE 1346-1347 STUDENTS . I . . . , BRAMLETT AND Of the Umvcrslty of MISSISSIPPI and their parents are always welcome. Druggists "We are in Business for Your Health" HOTEL CHI SCA OXFORD, MISSISSIPPI THE BEST-LITERALLY--ABSOLUTELY 3' X 1 be , ,f f Q I D QQ ,' A is X ,ff ALL-CREAM ICE CREAM Made of Pure Cream-No Artiiicial Makeshifts Fortune's All-Cream Ice Cream is made of pure Z0 per cent butterfat cream. which is pasteurized and viscolized before entering the freezer. It is absolutely the best product that can be obtained from the use of choice. selected and standf ardized ingredients under the direction of a thoroughly qualined and trained corps of experts, in a sanitary plant. There are plenty of cheaper creams but none so good. EXCLUSIVE AGENTS IN OXFORD ROWLAND DRUG COMPANY "The Store of Real Service" BRAMLETT HOSPITAL AND TRAINING SCHOOL FOR NURSES OXFORD, MISSISSIPPI Hot Water Heated Specially Equipped Electric Lighted Sanitary for X-Ray Diagnosis Graduate Nurses in Charge Best Service i i THE BAND IN JACKSON Palace Sandwich Shop COMPLIMENTS Everything Sanitary OF QHN SEXTQN Ed CO Ou' Mm J ' SERVICE AND CHICAGO QUALITY lbl East Capitol Stree JACKSON. MISS. A WARM SMILE OF WELCOME S 5 Walla from Your College Men Will Cree! Tlicsc s gs N London Type Suits it For you are the ones who have made this style so '- J' f f ! . , . . f' popular in every university and college in the country. l V' I The high school boys have followed your example, I -X mp XX, s . l7,g l,l3, l, N l and have taken to the London type as a duck takes :L fm L to water. llilmiy Xe Drop inftoday-and we'II be glad lo show you ri ka i-"i' the keen sparkling lightweight fabrics for spri g all ,4 1 fall, 1925. if Are pleased lo tell you that we are exclusive dealers at this-University for The Storrs-Schaefer Company, Cincinnati. HALL '25 RISHER Campus Representatives Capital, Surplus and Stockholders' Liability CQVER ROYAL HOTEL Sl00'000'00 WHERE YOU mst B1X1:IEoNAL AREOIQEQQED JACKSON. MISSISSIPPI OXFORD. MISSISSIPPI DAVISHMIZE AND COMPANY WHOLESALE GROCERS PRODUCE AND GRAIN DEALERS HOUSES Memphis, Tenn. Holly Springs, Miss. Oxford, Miss. Grenada, Miss. New Albany, Miss. J. R. PEACOCK White SHOE FIRM All Kinds of Shoe Repairing E. D. LIPSCOMB Student Representative Our Work Guaranteed OXFORD, MISS. Ever Have Your Garments Scorched? NOT HERE We Never Burn, Scorch or Gloss Clothes We Press With Hot, Dry Steam. Sterilize Your Clothes and Make Them as Good as New TI-lAT'S SERVICE STEPHENS Ed HUDSON Dry Goods, Shoes and Notions SPECIALIZING IN Shoes, Neckwear and Belts For Young Men OXFORD. MISSISSIPPI We allow 10 per cent discount on all purchases made by Uni- versity of Mississippi men. Stein-Bloch Clothes Stetson Hats Manhattan Shirts Drop in. fellows, and look us over while in Jackson. Cleaning. Repairing and p X High Class Tailoring H , 1 CALL Us WELL CALL S l XP CITY PRESSING Store for Men 108 West Capitol Street PHONE zz OXFORD, Miss. JACKSON, Miss. THE OXFORD HOSPITAL AND TRAINING SCHOOL FOR NURSES For Treatment of Medical and Surgical Cases Fire-Proof-Steam Heat-X-Ray MISS OLIVE WEBSTER, Superintendent Nurses OXFORD. MISSISSIPPI Service-Quality FOR OLE MISS STUDENTS DAVIDSON'S VARIETY STORE By Former Ole Miss Booltsellers Students Stationers Opticians Students' Headquarters If you say we have helped to make it so. we shall be satisfied. OXFORD. MISSISSIPPI Gathright-Reed LET Us SUPPLY YOUR Drug CO, NECESSITIES ' OXFORD, MISS. PHONE I I I I .MA n ,I - go 4 r Q.,--1-1 A ,fl L, . :T '. X W. N ,. . 1 I 5 , .,-. 5 I N 3 Q -- .- - N ., ,E ,1 s :n 15' Q in ..u. . , . '-,- 11' P 1 1 Y . ,U, Q -is--E 'A 1' 1- .1 ,,3 1 w -- la - .. n , W .L ,S 1 ' E1.1,..,f, , 'V 'Q 5 ,ex 4: n..n ,swag .E E ' .. ,. ,. ,. . .. . ' lm- JH' e or ff: '- - 5 . 0 '-e4 44 i ala- i 9-uflufuyimmzix-JM1i ,t9AQ7A.'eJ Aww? f '1 , 11 , , - . nw ,Q Hmvxw '-' wx-Jneyx-Jxevlemvaz-.yxymuq 1 .,.:., v-.v ...F , fi .. ,,,, Q 1 ' v -1 'vlgai , ,v,1 " ,il T353 ,....,...,, . "' ,1 .,.W . . . 1 - 1 P ' :A- I ' ' 1 . ' 1 1 1 1 1 " 1 I 1 f 0 5 l ' 3 ' ,,.. ' , X 0 , 125 f ogg X E 1 'X f Xl A 1 4 r -' i Q.Q1.. l 5? ! 0 " ' if if 9' QQ 1 IH 4 1 1 , L- ' 1 -: 11 3 ' 1 ii J 5 4. 6 1 '..' A 2 , ' - H 1- 51193 - Z :.. f Fw 51, 1 1 ' -1 0, E y 1 ' 21 11-11 l g , y , 1 1 ' N X ,Q i-e i H d ll' ' 'V W 1 ahn an ler aln vp ev l 1 5 , , " ' " W HE largest personal service school annual engraving house I l , ix in America. More than twenty years of successful experi- l E ' . V,,, f .,.A: , ence in Year Book designing and engraving. Three hundred V , , E ::' I , . . . . , , ' p craftsmen, specially skilled in Annual production. Over 40,000 l 1 i ' ll. l square feet of operating space in our own fireproof building. f i 1 ll A specially organized system of production that insures indi- 1 X I vidual attention to each Annual, efficient manufacture, and IU f p l , on-time delivery. The personal co-operation of a creative and M' g g Q X research service department with a reputation. ' "ff rms ANNUM esomivco Ev i f as N X .f Q ' X 1 Q , , ..a.y A, JAHN 8 OLLIER ENGRAVING CO. --a-1 . i J ..4. x l -xv -g ..: Q 'Photo fapners, Artfsts and Makers of ,1 X f7ne nntmg Pfatesjbwlack Of Gofory I J g b g img-12. 2 3 f f ' 15 fg - , - 1 f- ,ff 5 4 , . 817 Washington Boulevard Clucago Emi " 11' 4 fCO"G1ffNS11 Q ,ffw H . 1' " : .i if L' v Q 1' in 1" .l- ' f X vi i 4 X . L..-0 ' c'9'5 sf' 2 G .J n X ' 1 A N Fi ., ,f i 4f:'. iljhailllilliiiil- "T :T iff . A -. " ff amw-f ""'.: N D1 A .Q . p. ' .-. ,-. .- 'f .-. .-if .- " 3. .- .-. .-f. .aa W, .Q " ,. . ,. .-. -. .- ".-. .-. ' ff l 3 ... V 7 U V. ll Qgg,LL-- -, .-- , 1 THIS BCOK PRINTED BY BENSON EEE! EE LARGEST COLLEGE ANNUAL f PUBLISHERS IIN THE WORLD HIGHEST QUALITY WORIQMANSHIP I .SLIPERIOR EXTENSIVE SERVICE ,ENSODI 1 PRINTINGCO. A 1 ENN. CGLLEGE ANNUAL HEADQUARTERS . A L . ,Y . - - LM- ., .. ...J Acknowledgments The staff of the '25 f7LIi Miss wishes to express its appreciation: To the students of the L'niversity, whose support and hearty eo-operation has done much to alleviate the work of the stall. To the .lahn X Ollier Engraving Co. for their prompt and ellieient service in delivering engravings and their contribution to the art material of the hook. To the Benson Printing Company for their excellent work in the printing. To lllr. R. li. Fruit, of .lahn X Ullier lfnglaying Co., and hir. lf. XV. llenson, of the Benson Printing Company, for their helpful suggestions and hearty eofoperation with the staff in its work. To the Barnes-lfehlin Studios for their photographic worlg, Afterword VVhen, in your garden of memories, Among its petals and pistils, You wander, after the years, VVoyen into its inmost soul, Gathering flowers and roses May you greet the friends and tiomrzules Of the dreams of hygone years, You trusted here trl old. May you turn through our little volume Then after the tears and the heartaehes, And find it a rose as fair After the joy and the pain, As any Cherished mem'ry . May you walk with the Ole Miss fellows That huds and lwlossoms there. And he a hoy again. I,il'e's isles may have heen quite twisted, But here in this rose- so fair, May you find a friendly greeting In the faces that meet you there. Not for its grandeur or splendor, Not for its hrillanee or goltl, Not for the hours of lahor That made it and gave it a soul. But for its plaee in your garden, YVhere we planted it years ago, May' it he the fairest of roses That in your garden grow. ffl!! 'C 16,551 ,A . V ' 'fffx ,Q ' ' P 4 " A .QL mug mgdifllfgj Spam? smMmDNua,sbmWm2soU6uQ1f, UH, if H 5 S ,WB ,ME ' - f EBM? wU,f f2,s,qaHnG51Ac5ssPm11W,m:wi ik? farm W3 MM mm iw , EiffQ1gnzrEQHz,v:HvQH sslnwpimg gww26,S ?1f sa!:m mi? s3E,5J?li?,E'l5L ' Q' ' 1 :Huw Q,:D9Hiv,gWQa4:Q1rUl5v Wwsyibg b!.'lfQ315??F ,Qi lm iwif ff ,Q , X -22 W 5 'Tx WW 'W 6 X Vg ' . , U 1,8 - 4 ':ff'v'3f? 4 K1 "f0f?r M133 I,af:'SiJun:f R s Q' ff A- ,,., .EA- Mika H . - ag Q P+ A-'tr'-----rm. ' 5Q,23f'ff?41Q3Q'.XkvQl1H It up My ,.., D 4-'J' L. fa. . -V Y 4 1 v

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