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 - Class of 1918

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Tum UxmY'r.2if5iAl'Y OF rfzssisszm LEBRARY THIS B007 TR! CT UTED IN ,I .ff X41 I !f,fb,'y!f if aff fy, J' 7116 V 1 Liga- , g:1Lv,f?.dll.Jzf Y arf' 7. ,. F .J , I .. !v1', , p V, I. . 44 F. 2-ng 1' 'K l i . ASI . . -.vs-g --V www 'L 'g'-'H film, 'J 'KWW J MW: Y n Sm ,- . ,. .y ,V WL- 'Z ' ' I Ewa !.., J- . dn., nfl' Sl, Sq' . ""T, Qi," .-N. Z. ,' fha" N-mf N 'rn ,,-4 6. . qg. ,. ,. .L .4 I... Q x , Qt . V, I VN. 5' N. ,,.,'. Mu.. -. V . Mig. f I .,-- -M N, ,I 4 1Q'. . ,if x s,, . , ,. Jil, '4 , pl, ,lil wr-'F-9 4, ' - 'i FL- z. Y If . '-. ,: -,lr 1 4 -4 N Iq- 5, 1-'. i 535' .fx ' d1'Q?!' VQQQ5' n 1- 1 .-yr, , 'f WA mf AY-, nl V 4 3 Vx r " A 4 . 1 In -..' ' LMP ,.,+ -vf, u - .,,- V , 4. -J' A . v . 1 1 V' u . A w' . . , ,"s,, , , ' .M - . t , . , . ni' '. ,h V, l H ' 1 J .C .' . l 2' 1' ' VIN . "' 1 - in ,' .,- - i xl-'x v in 4 ', . ' ,4 .F ' " 1. 'C Q, 4. L 1 A . 3-1. 4.,,,1. 4' .L , W . .A , , . - '-if ' "" ' " r. U4 "nl-,K .1 I ,, I -- -U .3 V. ,-. .. r n' U." ". , . p, I' . I' , . .tal Kr' -'- ' . T' .,1'--':,:, 4' Y 4 , , .'.,'. 5'-4 - Y ,3 5 . , n , 4'-1 21ir,. - if ,u, I YL - 1. V 4 . ..,, 1. t - ,1.-N '1' -- I . 6 . I ty h ,, " V ' u ' ' ' 1, 1 ' .1 vip-' if . ,.-- ' . 'vp ' I . m., ' 54.4. -,u, V. . 1 V,-HM ,T ' . .JI ."- , V . . . xxn 9 1, 70, 1' ., ,. V 3 5 . ., . , Q L'- ,X I .1 I V, 1.1, NI ,, A fig,-' " .tgf A ' 1 . . W km, -1 zu' . 'x f x . . gn ' .,l. L 1 , 1. , M A. v E E YQ S 3 IQ P yu- B -as D ff S X X 'X '1 u MW W1 I N ff ff "-f". I ,I It P Nl. ' . A -.9-' ix s Q0v,l I "csc I 4 .. ' o Q - Q ' fa f7T -fr nf . .4 .L4'?1 A .-'.g -1-V if o Q ' I Q J .0 ," . C . 'bbg .W . A . ' Q . 1' u.. v X, , K.. ' . . ' ,DQ " mf-. " " 4 - 4. s a 0 p.. 19. ' . A . l .x . Aa? A f 6' ' - 5 ,Q 1 J 'V A 'I Q .rf s I nk. 1V'1 0: , Q 4 til' C w T .Q -o QI -F1 Qld' f. RHAP1. I ,hx I I, I I Io I I EEE IEEI ,E I fr' ,fixgfffx Ifffi?iQLI.f'I5 ,E SSSS if ffyifx A' WT Migfx' I hu 'Tiny ,ff II'ggvImv X , kj If TN. -.ff af' IJIIII. E1 . yjgff I7 jc. ,, f My 'J IQ Tux PM .N ff1Im'yIUII ziggy' Ifssfif O figiw f If I JJ' Wgk PXP-511 5 I Slit:-7 fI , wp I 'gk iii! Vai V I Liv, II , fff15'PHf Tix, QQQTQLCTV I .I","I I I TWQilQ3i7f?ff"'I! '35ffS1:9i?? ' I f I .I I I I THE YEAR BOOK OF THE I UNIVERSITY OF MISSISSIPPI I I I I II Q. I VOL. xxll I I 9 I 7 I I fl 2 ' I F X III, III X I PUBLISHED BY EIC-HTY-FIVE SENIORS I FROM THE VARIOUS DEPARTMENTS OF THE UNIVERSITY f XIIQIIIXY IV! XTX ., Q NV fy' K III. U . 1 I XXX X PW A ' , I ' I , ,Eg , 03 f - E -MfgffhPI5N,ff,EsIfI IIIIEIIIII IQ ,,,mIfm4-M- X xx NVQ The Confecferaiefwonumenl I , ,f"' QT-- .. I ,---.,-- W V fha I' ----I I II II -,,,.'i?::f--,-gf II if--::E:i.T41-,iii I I ffWIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIWIWIWSS' I I - - ..-L .a.....,-,:. .--.. ,-,:.,.4....,.......+ --4 II II.I,.I,I.mIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII,II.I.IIm.-i,fMIIIIIIQImIIII,IIIIIIIIII,I,IIIgIIIIIIIIIIIIII lIl II .Y P-'gl-'mir rr 1L'1x7r 'Ln .lQTL'I!""D'.-Z!'Zl'.IL1I xrgrp-rg-zrgggljnmp-Q ' I I Q' ' Elf I 'II l -lj I IIEII lllfgw EEEQ EI EZQH I ,I '53 I I Il la DEDICATION +6 nfiihaigw 0 University of Mis- ,5 X sissippi men in the military service of the country who, true to the teach- XWQQ- ings of chivalric forbears for gener- and with devoted loyalty to the patriotic principles taught them as students here, have championed the cause of honor, home and humanity, and, while the world is at war' and crises hasten, are battling for broader brotherhood and larger liberty among the nations of earth, this book is affectionately dedicated by their brothers, con- fident that they will .add new glory to the already noble history of this beloved institution. xg! Ervin, gl g:4 fi ' -- , ations gone, ,,..,. ee--ec,1,,,,,e I WITIUWI E15 Ii I , I Es IEE!! I Iii I I 'LJ I I IIEAII,II IV gl' Ill? I P'?+l,2i- .l '5??El II l' T " " 'EFII'II-I"""IIIIIII'IIII'IIIIII'III'II'I'II'IIII,1III'II 'IIII I IIIII 'I"I'IIlIII'I'IlI'IIIIIIIIII I II I 'IIHIIIIII -I'I'I II' I I I 'I III I 'III I -'I'll'lll Ill Illifiil 'I II IIIIIIIIIIIII' IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIQI I I iLmQIhLUIII?535.1s-+132-gg-5321-:ff g. -I ' I-,I,,.I, 431-4I al, A fr- T- -v Y-Yffrta-V 'Q 15. - ff-1 , - ' ,A L? --:V A-Wi' Y -v u 3 t l ..... .... . .. ..... ..,... , ....... .... ...,........... ,.V. . mmm- I In TE :anis , Q FOREWORD i rg-. , 1 Q.. W 3 .N 4 . 4. is Q1 s N PLANNING the Ole - ',,- ' Miss of 'IS we have t not only endeavored to embody in it those things most represen- i Wg ?" tative ofthe University " 4' 6 life and those things most likely to be cherished in the memory of after years, but we have also tried to make it a symbol of the remarkable development of fel- fra "kid ' 'J g :za-1. H! ui wrmnf., fvf f Y- 1 f"' 1,2 , L gr WN plllll llwfln lllllilil 61.13, V c ni H, -1 - T..- cm- lowship and university spirit, for which this year's student body must be congratulated. 111 If we have pleased in any respect and there- fore deserve credit, we suggest that it be divided and a liberal portion extended to the eighty-five seniors who made possible the publication of the Ole Miss of 'l8. THE STAFF. 'il 'pg 'm""n" if iw"i"f 1 ' ygn 'I iifl 1,1 1 1 111,111,153 gif,-X.fA-1. W. ,i Q ,gi mm VN" i H V, Wm V , Iv, A ii i ni l' -...... . ' I. -' . jj .fl -Aziz! 1 -IH "f5L'z , 7 w... I had l .L -12... it km. . c 2-:L-1 4 ,Q i 4-74? ' ,AA : -..i, : AE-9 . ' fx: HT.: K -h ,,.., Tl',5,: Q 1' :gg V 12:5 iii: ralixlg Y Y ' V ,Y.,Li--,-..-.f Y V W -- --W -- ,x A Z ' K X E S 5 S 'Q' QWXIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIQIQIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIQII I II II III IIIIIIII IIE mi S I U. af S Iw ..T...Iun "II . TABLE OF CONTENTS 2 NEI -.- E ' BOOK ONE E :-.. Q E UNIVERSITY EK : BOOK TWO : E CLASSES 5 ,Z Ns S BOOK THREE Ig ME ORGANIZATIONS -EI TEL SN I 5 BOOK FOUR E YE ATHLETICS ' f BOOK FIVE E' E MISCELLANEOUS . I BOOK sux E' ,E MILITARY E I Ng EN 5 E ' -EI IIl IIMIIlIII IIII KQf QL? ' Q HHH i -...,,-., S 3 ' if-ffiflg "Cie Miss" to Her Sons in Khaki So good-bye! The luring mem'ry of the honeysuclcle Blooming by the footbridge oft shall call you baclng Dusk and dark and dawn and day be filled with longing For the fellows, campus, classroom, held and track. So good-bye! Before your face the world is lying, Torn and soiled and blurred with many learsg Ah! You'll long to be again a student, Free from cares and dangers, wants and fears. Still, when Honor calls, you question not, but answerg And the highest Duty's calling now, 'tis trueg Yet above the shot and shell and shrapnel, You'll be hearing songs your comrades never knew. Songs that drip their wordless music o'er the sunlit Days and starry nights of each remembered sceneg Souvenirs so fragile you would hardly think theyid Span the many days and miles that intervene! But good-bye! You have your Alma Mater's blessingg And you wear her Cross of Honor on your breast: She consigns it to your keeping, and your keeping She consigns to Him who doeth all things best! KATHLEEN BALDWIN, 'I7 I! V Q . ll 4 '-:f'KL.' L'ii. n W m :A' .xngvydl prnfv. l X . 52 4 5? g 21.1 1 . 5, 1 1 1 gli I I QQ! I ly 3917 - I L-Y-36-:LS -' -"-.wr 4--'friifff . ICOOIIEPP lllllll FRONT VIEVV, GORDON HALL -va' -f A-nw, I A ' 1,1 ' 4 ,fx Y 3 Q J' WINTER SCENE ON CAMPUS FACADE OF THE LIBRARY A SCENE ON THE CAMPUS LYCEUM BUILDING A SCENE ON THE CAMPUS A VIEW OF THE CHAPEL -..-H -M-.-if an .. r "' ! f M , ,M . , 155 , ff "H e.. . . ' fm g.w'Qg:."?'1.h 5 '. 5, ,gn 'W--ffs. L R If ,A ff,l'5,1 ,. , ,' n,,',.'x . , MIDWINTER CAMPUS SCENE YX uf '15-M MEDICAL BUILDING 4 CON FEDERATE MONUMENT THE LAW BUILDING rx ,1 5. Qi? K X S1 im, X J xg j I x J LE M155 l , , COVENOR T. G. BILBO 1353 5- -fm C?-. I-A' ' -I " ' 'f 'flffijf VT- '-if x f If YI Q f f , . TH - f ,f , X, x 5 W K gn ju ,P 'V Qkgg, .,4L-if- ,Iii-Q . -.-TI."h,: I: w.Q',xK 1 l X as 1 I ali 4 1-lon.RoberI' Powell Hon' ex-01625349 buff I-lon.j.l1J. Cuh-er uon.T.B.Frankliu l-lon,O.F Lawrence I-lon.E.L.Bz1en I-lon.J.R.Tiplon Hon.LU.C.11foH'el: I- on.J.5.+ cube: Pon BOARD OF TRUSTEES 1261 f F f. , ,A XX f J . ff 7IK Nw' 1 1 Y - . J J LA-iz MISS CHANCELLOR JOSEPH NEELY POWERS C273 x, Q A M rr I J EL ug 3 A OfHcers Of The Administration DANIEL Lvcuncus Ross . . . ,..... ...... S ccrularp Mlss MARX' Busy MAl.TBY' . . . . Scvrclarp to Clzarnu-llm' IWISS BRADY '... . . . . . Truim-J Num' MR. FRANK MATTHEWS . . . Amfslanl lu Seen-tarp C233 LJ E M1 5 5' W! xx I 5 ,L + F 0 Grp! .N lil ' X I W L . . WI' f I' n l jf FACULTY C J f 'i.T1':f'f7?fIl f:.3f'5Hffr "f!f?'f3 Q ,. , g5r.5 J1 pay B.. g g 4 7, ,-WA! jpg i Q Qgsgg Q-,-ww... 'X I 1A V, R- .. , B-M .XJ 0.-1 , i .-f vs-, Faculty I ALFRED HUME, B.E., C.E.., D.Sc.. Vice-Chancellor, Dean of the College of Liberal Arts, aml Professor of liflalliemalics ILE. Vuiimlm-liilt l'iiix'i-i-sitig NNT. UIC., lssxg l1.Sn-,. 1N1'1l1 F1-ll--ix' and Assistant iii 1'ix'il Eiigim-.-1-iiig, x'2lll'lk'l'll1lI l'iiix'e-i'sity, INNT-1141: l'i'-vivsswi' wi' Mutliiiiiailivs, l'iiix-'isily ol Mississippi sim-if 1N1111, .Xvting I,lkU1-l'SS41I' of Vliil Iillsiii--viiliiz. lkiixvisili' ol' Mississippi. 1111111-1133 X'i1----l'1i4iiif--iloi' :mil In-:iii of 11111 I1--p.ii'liiiwiiI 1:1 b1'l1'll4'l'."i.ili11-- ziiinl Ails, Iiiixwisily ol AIISSHSIIIIII, sim'-1 1:11103 I'i'1-I--ssoi' ul' Astiwmii- oiny :mil .Xa-ting 11illllll11'll4lI'. sifssioii 1-I 1511111-11T. ALEXANDER LEE BONDURANT. AB., M.A., Professor of Lalin Language aml Liieralure .X.1i. I1ziriipwlw-ii-Siflnvy l'1vlIw':1-. 1NN11 .X M. llviilg Iiislriii-in-i' ul' Iiaitiii :iiiil iii-if-fic. iii-uiiil lim-1: Institute-, Tvxus, INN'-NT, Gixuliizili- Simi:-iil ot Iiziliii :mil ilu'-'k. l'liix--rsily ul' 'l'1'XllS, INST: lliwiiliiziiv Slmh-iii :il Viiixw-isily ui' Yirgiiiizi, 1NNi-N111 11101-in iil Nziii-5' Svliiiiqiisliipil .Xssislnm :mil .Xssiwinlw 1'iwii--ssoi' ul' I.:1liii ll1ll1fi1'I'1'1i, I'iiix1-rsily ul' Mississippi, 1XN11-1111 I'i'--I--ss-vi' 4-l' Lailiii silim- IXUS. tlitiwliizili- Sllliivlli ol' llzirxaiiwl l'iiixvi'sity, ls11J-21123 Ili-Iii--i 1-1' Moruziii 1-U-Iloxisiiipi .X.M. ll:iix':ii111 Slilmivlll 1'iiix1-rsily ni' I'4-iiiisylvziiiizi, INZHZ msuiiiiii-'ing Milliivli :mil iloiiiw, lfillf- msiiiiiiii--rr, llviliii, l1H1T lsllllllllvlil lk-svul'c'11 XYUVR iii H--rliii I'iii.--rsiii :mil llzily. 121111-Il. WALLER S. LEATHERS, NLD., Professor of Biology aml Physiology, Dean lifcilical Dcparlmenl .X.M. liiixw-:sity ni Xirgiiiiai, 1N!11g M IP., H1113 11i':i1Iu:li-' Slmlmil -'I' .1-fliiis Hopkins, 151151 l'iiix'vi'sily 1-I 1'liic::i:.1o, 1Nf1T, 111110, 120111, IEHII isiiiiiiiii-rslg N1-w Y-vrli Maiiiiw Iiiologin-:il I,zi1mi'41lni'y, INEIN lsumini-V11 Mvlliinrl' Iliwlu Allilllllilill Svlvllllliv lilxpwsili-iii, INHN. Sliiwiviil iii H:ii'x':ii11 l'iiix'i-rsiiy, limi.-mi lSllll1lllv'l'iQ Sliiulviil in H1-spitails ul Vliivaigo, 121111 isuiiiiiin-rig Iiislim-I--1' iii liiol-'gig 1'iiixi-rsily ul Yirgiiiizi, 155111 ,Xssisixnit l'i4ii'+-ssor ol Mini-,gy :mil Hi'-111-gi, IYIIIYPVSIIX ul' Mississippi, 1Nf11-1151 ll'-:ul -vli I1--p:ii'tiiiviit 1-I' S4-ii-iii-1-, fXI1Ill'l'S4'il4i1ri nl Yllglllllll, ixfvf.-Em: I'i'-its-ssiii' ul liiolosay :xml 12111-Iopzy, l'iiix'--rsily wi Mississippi, lsfos-nf., l'i'1vl1'SS1+l'1v1' H11-limi' :mil I'liyspiIopi', l'iiixn-rsily ol Mississippi, sim'-1 1111131 Ililw-vlm' ol l'ulwliv Hvzillii :xml Niiiilzili-iii 11ii'11i-1 51:11-'ol Mississippi. DAVID HORACE BISHOP, M.A., Professor of English Language aml Lilcralurc A I5 Iqiywix :mil ll.-iiify imlli-gi-, 1s!01g M..X. Yziinul-iliili l'iiix'--rsity, M1172 Iiisli'i14-tor iii Yziliuie-rlvill l'iii- x,.,,,4,,3- 1sg.j,g,g.: l-,1.,,..s,.,,- ..1 l-jiiglisli, Millsaps mill'-L11-, lam:-4111 l'i'oI-fsswi' nl' l':IlLLi1SlI :mil livllvs- l,.-iii'-As, Viiixiisily .il AIis,:isgi1.pi. llllll-lifi, l'i4iI1-ssni' ul liiiglisli I,:iing:ii:ig-- .mil I,ili-i':iIi1iw- siiivi- 11105, JOHN H. DORROI i, Bli., CE... Dean of Engineering School, Profi-mor of Civil Engineering 14.1-I. Yziiifl--iliilt I'iiix11i'sily, lwiflg 1' 1-I. Yziiiilwilfill, 1111115 I-Iiip1:ip:1-41 iii lilo I'i'zi1-tivo of l'I1lililll'l'i'illf.I. 111113- mig Assislzinl I'ifiIi1ss--i' ol' I'ixiI :mil Munim-:pail l'Iiip.1iii1-1-iiiig, 1511145-usp l'i1il'vss-ii' ul' AllIll11'iI1Sll Jlllli Suni- Iziiy I-jiigiii.--siiiiu, lpixviisili --I Mississippi, 1ZH1N-II, i'14'1lSS41lA nl' 1'iiil l'Iiii.:'iiiw-awiiig sin---1 11112, IN-:ui Slllvv 11115. C307 f-X !' 17. ,Q 0- 11 1 LE ZXXISS ti ir il V i Faculty PETER W. ROVVLAND. NLD.. Profusor of Pharnzacologp. Unix-crsiip Physician 11.11. R11'1111111is 1111s1-11:11 A1111111111 1'11111'1:1'. INXI1 N1-11' Y111k l'111y1-1-1111113 107: l'1--s11l11111 A11SS1SSl1'l11 A11-1111-111 .Xssm-iz11i1111, 1N!111 51111111111 111 1111s11i1:1ls 111 1'11ii111l-+11111i:1, 1Ni11I. N11-11111111 111 S1.1t-- 121111111 .11 111'111t11, S1-1-111111 1'1111:11ssi1111z11 l1is1111-1, 11111111 S1111-' :11 1411:-1 1f1111-1111 511111--111 111 1'11:11111:1.1.1111:5, lwlll si111g- . ZZ. 111-5111 111 11111':1u11. 11111N 15111111111'111 l'1111-'SS111' 111 A1111-11:1 All'l111'21 llXLll1'111'. l'111x111's11x' 111 3119155111111 1 1'11l CALVIN S. BROWN, MS., PHD., DSC., Professor of Alodcrn LdllQlIGgL'.S aml Lileralurvn BLS. Yz1111111111i11 l'11ix1-rsity, 1N1111 l1S1'., M1131 .Xs41a1:1111 111 1'11-111-11 111111 1-2111115111 1Ni1J-ililg ,X1'111l1.L Assn :1111 1'1'-11'11ss111' 111 1C11:4Iis11, l'11i111's11x' 111 31lSS1'11l1, 1N!1I1-111. S111111111 111 I'111x1-1s111 111 P11115 1111.1 11.111111 1X"1'1'1' 111' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' . -.. , 511111-11-1' 111 1'.11!1lS1l, X.111111111111 l111x'11'r115, INE1..-H111 111s11'1111111 111 1-I11:I1sI1 111111 1'1111111:11,11ix 1,111-1:11111'1-, l'11ix--1'si1y 111' 1'1-1111'z11111. N111-11111111 .X1'1i11: I,ll111'SS11l'1l1 111-1111:111 llillf 111 111111-1 1'11,11 l'1111.11 5111111 1'11I111411111, lN!1f1L .X111112 1'11111'ss111 111 A11-111-1'11 1,:111:11:1:1-. I'111x'1'1s11y 111 BI1ssirsi1111i, 111113: 5111111-111 111 S1111111, Italy :11111 1911.11-, 1111122-1113 .X1'l111g4 Assistant 1'1'1111-55111 111 1111111111111 I.:111q1111:1-s. 1'111x'-1'si1x 111 RIiss11111'i, 111111-11T1g 1'11111ss111 111, I:111l1Jl111'l' 1,:111p:11:1g1s, l'11iv11s111 111 ll1ssisQ11111i, 151117.-11Tg 1'11111-45.11 111 111111111111 I.:111:11:1g1-s, 11111x-1111 1'1'11l11ss111' 111 M11111-1-11 1,1111:11:1g1-s si111'1- 111122. HENRY MINOR FASER, Ph.C., Dean and Profebsor of Pharmacy 1'11.11, St. 11111115 1'111111g1- 111 l'11z11'111:11'y, 111112, S111-1'i:11 XX'111k, 511111-, S111111111-1 111 1i11IN3 311111111111 111' 514111 111121111 111' 1'11:11111:11--11111-111 111xz1111i11111s, 171111-UNL 1'11-S1111-111 S11111 121111111 111133 l-I11:.1u--1 111 l'Il1iL 1111x1111 11111111-1-11 N1-:usp .X1-1111g 1'1-11'11ss111' 111 1'11a11111111'5. l'11ix1'1s1t1' 111 A11ss1SSi1-111, l1111X-1113 1'1111'1'ss111 111 l'11111 111:11'y si111-1- 111111. ROBERT TORREY, B.P., Associalc Professor of Afalhcnialics 11.12 1'11ix'1-1s11y 111' 1I1SS1!4S1ll1li, 1111111 511111-111111-111111111 111. I1ig11 S1'11-1111s, Y:1z1111 1'i1v, Rllss, INUT1-1!111.1 1111-111 S1'111111l Visi1111'. 1'11ix'1-1'si1y111' Mississi1111i. 111111-1111: 8111111411 111 1'1111111111i:1 l'11i1'1-1s11-x', 1111111 1s111111111'1'1 1'1'111'1'ss111' 111' I'1'l11lil'l!X. l'11ix'1'1'si1y 111 AI1ssiss111111, 1511113 Ass111i1111: 1'1'1-11ss1-1' 111 AI111111'111111i1's s1111'-- 121111 WINN DAVID HEDLESTON, A.B., D.D., Professor of Philoaophp ami Ethics A.14, 1'11ix'1-rsity 111 MiSS1sSi1'111i. 1NN3!1 11.11. 1311111111 1'11ix'111's1ty 111: I':P1111l1'k1'Q 1'1'111'1'Ss1,11' uf 1'11i111s111111x 1 111111 I'I111i1's, 1'11lY1'1'S11j' 111' Al1ssissi1111i, si111'-- lfflll. C311 FIX :G 7171 25111 f-'w , f 5 " 'Ki' 73 531 T gk X.3!,-.MfTJ ff: , fin' nf 'h'f,2'.':, 'ffffi S554 'blk ,'9P57 L' 1' 17? 'f'.J"5 ja? gfggiilli I I f I X I S I 5 S25 A. 0.-I4 :NX 'I' A"-17'!ff?'1'?2".01 " x,f..uw- ivc,5,31:,,l-0 HER" 1 . . f -cuz-sw f--f I-z-rf maggie.-ggiwvynsmw-'ff Faculty CHRISTOPHER LONGEST, B.A.. PILD., Assocfalc Professor of Lalin ILA l'11i1'1-1'sil1' 111' Mississippi, 110400lQ '1'1-:1r1,1f1' 111' 1fI11::11s11 111 11110 1'11iIippi11o Islamis, 1:0111-4113 111stl'L11-ini' 111' I'I11u1is11 111 .1111111s II1ipki11s l'111x'+f1'si1y, 110001-llf-1 Stuslvnl in .14-1111s Hupliins 1'11ix'Q-rsily. 110101-053 Sl1l11t'I11 111 1'111xw1'sily 111' 1'11ir'ug-I, 11010N-1010 1Sll111I1l1'I'SOQ .Xssisluiit I'1'l0I14'SSUl' nf Lgiiiii, I'iiiyQi-siiy of Mississippi, sim-1' 11010N3 I'11.Il. 1'11lx'1-1's11y 111 0'11if'u::4v, 110171. WILLIAM LEE KENNON, 1VI.S., P11.D., Pr'ofe.s.s0r of Physics, Geology and Aslronomp 14.5, 51111S2l10S l'Hll1'u1'. 1110111 M.S., 1111- sz1n14-, 1101113 1'1'1-I'-fssm' 111' 1'11l'll11S1l'j' 411111 1'11ysi1-s. 11+-11t111'1i5' H115- lvyun 1'U11f'Hl04 110101-402lg Sl11v11'11t in .luhns 111fp1ii11s I'11IY1'1'Sl1j', 1101011-l00i1 1'11,Il, 1111- s:1111v, 11000051 1l1sl1'111-Im' 111 NViIl1z1111s Vullw-pw-, 111411:-0503 .fXSsl:ilul1l 1'i'.if1-ssivr ul' C111-ixiistry, I'11i1'--rsity ul' Mississippi, 1101050-111 M1-rllhfii' ul .XlI11'1'll'211l l'111s11-211 Sm-i1-ly: 1'1-iilkissui' 111 piuvsips H1111 -Xstiwiiiuiiiy, 1'llIX'l'1S11y 111' Mississippi, siiiu- 110111 1'1'1,f1-ss-11 111' thriiluigy sinm- 150121. ' LEONARD JEROME FARLEY, BS., LL.D., Dean of Lam School, Professor of Law IIS. 1'r1iv1-rsily nl' Mississippi, lxxig I'1'10I'1-ssui' 1-1 1121113 1'11i1'101'sily ul' Mississippi, sim-v 1101111 l,l,.IT, Mississippi 1'u1Iv5.:v, 111131 IM-:111 4-1' 1.1111 Svliwwl sim'-' 110131. ALFRED WILLIAM MILDEN, B.A., PHD., Professor of Crcelg Language and Lileralurc IKHX. I'IllXl'l'SI1X' 101 '1'r011vi1l-I, HSM 111sl1'111't-01' in fliwvk 111111 11z1ti11. Iia11'1i-- l'1-11--pzizitv Insliluto-, llritsirivl, HMI-!0N1 14'-I11011' in Iiiww-14, .l1v1111s Ilnpliiiis I'I1iXI'1'SI1j', HHN-10101 1'111lr, 1111- 51111113 151010: 1'1'1vfvssu1' 1-li 11211111 111111 111'0'0'I-i, 1':1l11I1X 111141 II1'llI'j' F0111-gw, 1201140-1101 1'1'uIv'ss111 111 1111-vli, l'11i1u1'sil1' 101' Mississippi, S11ll'l" 110100. -IOI-IN CLIFTON CULLEY, A.B., 1V1.D., Professor of Afinor Surgery A IL SUIl1IIXYt'S1l'1II 1'10is1iyt:-111111 1'11ix'1-rsily. 1101061 31.11. Yziiicln-rlnilt 1'11i1'1-1'sily, 12010101 111-uso S111'i:,m-011. 141111111141-14 Iluspitsil, I'1lH1l2llI10403.L1I, 110400-1101 Assistant Iliiw-1-11014 nl' I'll1l11l' 11-A111111 111111 Szlliililiiwli for AII5' sissippi, 11011-II: 1'1111'1-ssui' 1-1 Miiim NllI'l.11'Ij', l'11ive-1'sily ul' Mississippi, simw- 1012, C321 wiv ,Fitz ! rrfri 1, ' 15271 if 453, !" ,iif Joy I , I S S 'ij x'7,T"T-"',s' 1 - ' waz. 'grffsi -'U'-V-.. "JL'1Tf-" lil. wzzmznsmu s':t-hzzrn'-1-H' ' USWIZE ,, 4 4 .:3,'3i"ZJ W i , EIEQ iii iw 'Qi L-:x--l3zz-51r:1-n-f1-.--F'Q-1-2lu-:'.uef-- .-1 -rQ-""- '1m-vhgxmi- Faculty JAMES WARSAW BELL, BP., M.A., Professor of Economics and Political Science B,I', I'nivi-rsity 141' Mississippi. 1R14sg 1'i'inf-ipal uf Sviinnis, 1N:4s-114023 ,Xssm-into Ill'Ul't'SSUl' uf lfwiaguiqy an-1 High S1-iiunl Visitor, I'nix'i-rsity 441' Mississippi, 1141434-144: 1'i'n1'+-ssni' 441' Mullin-iimtivs, Mississippi I, I. K ti, 11404-4173 Studs-nt I'iiix'vl'siIy nl' Mit-iiiguii, 114146 lsiininieru Siufivnt I'iiix'i-rsity nl' Viiivzlgii, 11444x-12 1Sllll1ll1t'l'PQ Studi-nt Vfvliiiiihia I'iiixw'i'sity, 154114-114114 lS1lI1lI1l1'I'PQ I'iiiV-Arsiiy uf Mississippi sin:-.1 11444T5 De-an ul' tho In-pzirtnwnl of Efluvutiivii, 114144-154153 l'I'l4ft'SSl4l' nl' iG4'44ii1,4iiii1's :intl Pwlilivul Svii-iii-v sinue 114144. DUKE M. KIMBROUGH, A.B., LL.B., Professor of Senior Low A.B. I'nivf-:sity oi' Mississippi, 1514913 I,I..Il., tin- sam--, 1Nt4143 l'iw41'vss14i' of Law, I'nix'n-rsity 141' Mississippi, sin:-Q 114121. ROSWELL W. ROGERS, B.S., M.A., Assocfalc Professor of Educalfon 12.5, Pulytr-4-iinic Poli--igv, 11414413 M A. I'nix'e-rsity of Viiivagu, 114115 Hrfuiiizlte Studi'-nt nf I'niv-Hrsity ni' 'IR-xas, 1144473 Instru+'t4n' wilk Mzitiif-nizitivs, tzmuiiiiiqiit s'nl1ei.fv, 114142-031: Assistant 1'i-im-ssiii' nr' Matin-- nigilipg, lmlyii-t-iiiiiv tmllq-gi-, 114145-14413 l'rini-ipul uf Hillsbmwi 4'l'ex:1s4 High Swiiuul. 114147-1153 i'i-psiili-ni iii' .lniin 'I'ai-li-:nn t'4il11-gn-, 11413-1113 1'i-4-sith-iit 1i1k'I'n-X314 'IH-uc-iie-i-s' 4'luli, 11010-13: 1'fimluvt4u' 441' 'l'rinity Suni- invi' Nnrinzil, 1912: Sin-vial Stzitt- Iixaininvi- fur 'Ft-xzxs, 114llN: i'i'uI'4-ssui' 1114 Eiltivzitiuii, l'iiivt-rsilb' of Mississippi, sintw- 114112. EDWARD JONES ERWIN, A.B., A.M., Assislanl Professor of English A.B. Davidson P14111-gf-, 15414013 ,-LM., 1141473 IHSll'1l1.'1lll' in Mt'4'ulii1- Sciinni, f'iiatt:1m4ng3, Teiinn 114147-0143 liixiiluatv Student, Voliiiiiliia 1'iiivi-rsity, 11410-133 lnsti'ut'tui' Il-'1Vitt 1'Iint14n High Sviimil. Now York, 11412-1-ig Assistant 1'l'1ll't"SS0l' ui' Iinglish, 1'nivi-rsity ol' Mississippi, sinvf- 11414. .IAMES EDWARD WINSTON. BA., MA., Ph.D., Professor of Hislory B.A. Vnive-rsity nf Virpfinin, 11444443 M.A., tin- sum--, 114011 M.A. Harrarei, 11414743 1'h.D. University 441' IH-nnsylvzinia, 114143 Instructor in Ilistury, Vnivt-:sity ol' Kvnturky, 11414:-IH: Insti'ur'tm' uf History. I'nii-pi-siiy ni' Toxggl 11407-053 Insti'ui-tor ni' Histury. Politics an-1 Ecunuiiiivs, Print---tun University, 11411- 131 1nstruf'tui' in History and Pwiitic-s, thi- same, 1913-141 I'l'c'4fi-ssoi' of History, L'nivi-rsity of Mississippi, since 11414. C331 fx 1 . 41 . 5X1 " 1 H ' A - is 71 . V I 'I r Ol "' 1p:'3E'1 Z 11 - ' . vw fW':f--13:3 1 -' l 79 ' 1 Q 1"f.fi1'7 al", 1 1, HXg,,f fr Lx Nha.. I li 2 . U ,,.A.. ,Q im. ..... ff K . , 0 1 1 U f 1 .ffl -.-.1 ..,. qv A-.ex-. ...-.1.7-.11-...F 1:acu1ty B11-1-Y S. CUYTCN, 1V1.A., 1V1.D., Profusmor of Pu1l1olog11 111111 Buclcrlologp VS. N11v15w111111 P11111-Q1-, 1'P41N, 1'1111111-:11 111-x1111' 111:11 S1-111-111, 11'1lN-11102 11.5. 1'11ix'--rsily 1-1 Aliswssilflvi 1'11Hg 511111--111 .Xfs15111111 111s111111:1. l'111x11s11y 1-1 111SS1fS111l'1, lt'111-11: A1,.X. 1'11111-1s11y 111' A11s41ss11-111 1-11, Al I1 1'11111s11y 111 X'i1qi111:1. 111131 1'11i 111411 1i2111llll, 1'111x1-lslly 111 Yi1:i11i:1, 1111212 I11111111- .11 l XI:11111:1 .11-I11'1:x1111 S.111:1l111111111, 151114322 1111111111- 111 1114111-'v N1-111111111 111'N1111'1l 111-111"1- Y 1 1"1" 11 .,,. . . 1. .N.....,...- 11111111-111 111' 12.111--1111111:5 111111 l':1l11--111:1, l'11111-1'si15 111 311ss1ss11111i, si111'11 11115. CHARLES F. DECARIS, AB., MD., Pr11f1mor of ,-1111111111111 .XI 11, 1X:1Q11i11:11-11 1'111111s1l1, 11113, 11111-1111-4 S1 I,1111is1'11x 1111s1-11:11, 11112-1213 1:1-Qi1l11111 1'1111111111gig14 Sl, 1 1111s1'11x 1111-1111.11 111112. .Xss1s1:111l 111 .X11:111+1115, 1'111x1-lsilx 111 XY1w11111s111, 111121-113 l2..X. l'111x1-rslly 1-1 1X1x1-11115111 11113, 111s1111111-1 111 .X11:11111111, 1111- s:11111', 11113-1132 1'11111-SS111' 111 .X1l1ll'1l115, l'11i11'1s111 111 N11ss1ss111111. s1111'1- 121111 jOSE1'11 OTTERBEIN CRIDER, M.D., Pl'0fL'55Ul' of Ph11.11'11I11g1.1 5111. 1111x111s111 111 X11g1111,1, 1'11J3.Xssis1:1111 111 I111N111111'-1' 1111- x111111 1"11 1"' l11v11111'11-1' 111 1'11xQ111111-'1 - N. -- . - -. 1 5,, 1111 N.11111, 1.11, 1... .1nN111111I1- 1111I1wx111 111 1111s111I11LL5 111111 111411-I11:x. l11lx11s111 111 AIISSISSIIFIII, 1511.1-I1 l'11.11NN.11 111 1'11xx111l111-1 1111111 1'111' JOHN NES1511' SWLLXN, .A.1V1., PHD., Profcamr of fxllclrlfmlrjl X11 XX1x1111111s111 11-1111213 1'-1111s11x:1111:1, 1 NN11, .X 11, 1111- 5.11111-, 1NN!1, 1'111l1-ss111 111' 4'111111isI1x 111 X1'1's1- 111111N111 I1-111-441, INN' 11. 11111. .111111s 11111-11111s 1N.1.., 111111-55111 111 1111-1111x115 111 XI11111111111111 1111I1q1', 1X'II1 l'Il.1, X1l111g I'11111-X111 1-I V11-1111x111 11l1Xl'IN11X -11 X11Ns1as111111, 1!v1.' 1.1, I'11111-sx111'111 1'111-1111sl15, 111- 5:1111-', s11111- 1.11.1. 1011 1f1l111'111111r1 N C1.AY'1-CDN 1'v1X.N'14. 1111 DH Dum of NIL' 561111111 uf E1l11c11l1oll, l,l'1JfL'5M7l' of S1'fm11l11ry ,X I1 1111111111 111111 1111111 1'1-ll-u-, INNHQ .X.N1,, 1111- s:11111-, 1'11.Kl., N1111' Y111'1i 1'11i1'1'1'si1y. 1N21f1g 1'1'1-si111-111 x1iNN1N-1Il1'1 51.111 '1'1-111-11-xx' Xfs1111:1111-11. 1!'1'1I. .X X1 I'111111:-111 111 A1is:1Qs111111, 11113, 1'11.1l. N1-11 Ywlk 11111-1N111 121122, I'1111-111:11 111 1'1111111 5111111-1, N11111111, Alma, INN1I112i. S11111-111111-11111-111 111 S1'111111Is, 111111-1' 1111111 Alisx.. 1X'1.1f112, 511111111111-11111-111 111 S1111-UIQ. A11f111l1:111, Alws, 19111 111111g 1'11111'ss111 111 S1-1-1111111111 l',11111'.1Ii1111. I'11jx1-1x1l1 111 NI1x.x1Qw111111, w11111 111111, 1'1:111 1-1 811111111 1-I 1'I1I111'111i1111 s1111'1- 11113. 1541 fx I1 "x 1 7'751f4?.5'f" 7,0 I 1 1 5x!iwJ:,5 I T1'ij-i2s12Qi.,'.-fy I 1 1 S Q5- .g1yqjg11f Svh-- 1 f I 1 N Facuhy GUY HAINES WOOLLETT, BS., 1V1.S., Aasfalanl Professor of Cfwcmislry 12.5. l'l11Yl'l'S11j' 111' BIi11111-Sola, 1501001 ALS., 1111- 2421111-1, 1201011 '1'1:11'111f1' 111' S1-i-11111f, High 511111-11s, 150110-143 l'lliV1'l'S11j' 111' Alississippi since 110115, RAYMOND MATHEWS, BS., Archileclurcg Amislanl Profcsbor of Civil El1g1!1CCf1'VIg I2 F., I'nix'1'1'siIy 111' 1'Q'l111SY1X'2l1112l, 110121 171'il11S1l1111l, 11011-122: 111511111-1111 111 I11-11111112 111111 .Xssislzml 1'111f I'1-sr1u1'uI' 10111141111-1-1'i11:.f, North link-11:1 A:.:1'i1'111l111'11l l'111l11q11, 151131411 1C11L1:1p4--11 111 I1'1l1'114'1'40l' .X1v111l1-1'I1l11- 111111 1'I111.gi11w1A1'ir1::. 1101-1-Ili: I11st1'111At111' in 111'11wi11L1. .Xu1'i1-1111111111 111111 A14'1'11illl11'7l1 4'11I11-go 111' 'l'1'x11s. 121111- 153 .XsQis1:111l 1'1'1111-ssul' 111' I':llL21l1I'+'I'i1ly1, l'11ix1-1's1l3' 111 Allssissippi, 1Z0lN. ARTHUR BOONE CROZIER, BS., Professor of Accounting ami Secrelarfal Hforlg f:1'1lf1LlHf8 Now .X1102lI1Y, Illdillllil, Businvss 1'11l1vg.1v, 1MT1 0111111111111 1'l1'XIll'l1 N 51111111111 Ihlsin-'ss 1'1111+ 1850113 D1-11:1rt1n1'111a1 1'1'i11vi11:11. 11114 sumv, 1N10T-10M ILS. i11 4'+-1111111111 1111-l 1"i11:111w'. In-1':1l111' 4'-vllvazw 111111 Institut'-, ltvlljg 1'1-111'1Jss111- 111' V111111111-1'1-iz11 fl'iI111"'. S+-11111 11111411111 :XL1kl'1'l111ll1'2l1 1'-111m-, M1111-1:'14I1 ,111- mitlr-al Uv Bal' in 51111111 Dilktrlll, 1101013 in Mfmtzllma, 1f01l1Q IM-11:11't111-1111 1,1'1111'1Il1l1, xxY1l'1l11ll Ilusiuwss t'11111',u'e. 15010-1-I1 .0Xss1wiz111- I'1'111'1'ss111 111' l'11111111111'1'iz1I Sl'14'11l'1', .1:1111-'S M1I111i1'11 I'11iv1-xxllv, 11111-175 lQ1'ill1- Late Html-'nt .Iz1m1-s Millik-111 I'11ix'1-1'siI5', 111145-17. l'111I'1-S4111 ul A11-1111111i11g' 111141 F--1'1'1'l111i111 XY1-nk, I'1:i- Xr'lSl1y nl XIISSISSIIII01, smce 11011. MRS. EDNA LOWE EATMAN, B.A., Dean of Womer1,' Head of Ike Deparlnzerzl of Hom: Scimce LEMMIE R. CLEVELAND, B.S., Aclfng Assocfale Professor of Biology B.S. L'nivf-rsity of Mississippi. 150175 .XS-lifiilllll in Iiinlngy, 11113 51111115 11015-lf, C351 X 1 ef slip is ZXX " I f E? IS S 2351 ta Brief Le Prix Today can only be f rom yesterday: The flower must die to yield the seedg Deserved fame is the offspring of toil, And painless ea p ce and rest the sulferer's me We purchase laughter with eventual tears' And hea p up sadness with each breath Of joyg buy knowledge with the pain of years, And give our lives to lc C365 now the mystery of De ed. alh. .gg 555,841 . K. B., I7 1 ff QR QI 'I I as 5- A- A , Ill Ill Q A .4 ECL Ill! f x 1. L P 13 'L-u 1. X I ,, 1' ' ' ..N. . , , f , fox-A ', I vi 5, x . , ' I A . f ' ,X ,,V, V 5 -?!"'.'l ,r gf C 1+ u ' . ' P' ' , .r Q L, 4 A , , ' ,1--.V y , -Ji ' 73-H' W, I' Lf .wr '. -,1 v' n", V ,deyl .V .. 1 1 ' "' .f"' . it fmft 0- - .,. . A -rx-r , ,pf ' . 111-"'f-".' I ,RM - 'L 49.1, . .f uv, ,',-.'. -1-A.-4. qw, -my 1,13-.:9,,., ', 'uw ' 1 f '1i,"IL. 1 . 'VK 'L' 1 ".' el.- , I .A 4 . , lf ..?'g.-'A . .Xf- ,Q " 'S' . ' , AL.: L1 P"'7':,l'jfv- ., v ' 4 -'1.'v' ' -1' r. .f'?q."'., . f 3 "fx 'w :,... pw f L ..,3u'g. I -iv' Tr nl-A if . -' .' QI' " ' ,.a.x " , ,.' . -W-,' ws 1, ' Y' D ,u' u' . I . ' 8 r.' ' -I. F - .J ' 5 .1 , 'U - p. . 4 'V - V ,x.. Y ., V, . .,- v-2 Liu' J. C if - 'ff-' vi 5 ,, I. ' r ?f"r - f " ' B 1 4 I Y . , E -X 'r:, '.' I-r ' .- . 1 ff 'I -n ,"'lv . ., 4 . A 4 , . a . . .. 'i' , .5 1 ' H wx , c, 8 s .FQ fb? v1'j5Kf4ff22G11 'fe"'5SN'11'f 1' 1:22259 ,f-V ' ' ' II cf P . 7 I. X .pw-123 wif: f -' ' 1 - -- x '- ' .Ji-i 'f?f:.-Wie 32153: . -P ' Y , ' ' : .... -10 I --.. 1 SENIOR ACADEMIC CLASS OFFICERS Officers of Senior Academic Class EDWARD S. Lawns, ja. . . . . . . . President THGMAS H. SWANN . ....... ........ V Ice-Presirlcnl Miss ELIZABETH MCDONALD . . . Secrcfary and Treasurer EUCLID R. jose. . . . . Historian K C393 " ,X7 ,S A ,I 2 fvy4f a Qfwwnw ffkb X f . ' 4.Ii-' 79 iiiff .7 I.S wW9?J I I I lx 113.-f:j'j.,4 ,A.,F - .rVlK?x .g-ig 1 f E is 5 . VI. A. K. BIRCHETT D. BRUMMETT j. F. Amvisrnoxc D. M. BLANKS R. G. BUTLER Senior Class IOE FLYNT ARMSTRONG. B.S., IVI.D. ......... . Water VaIIey, Miss. "'I'li4- xxliiiii-li pziiwlulii-il :ill I-xm-pt his I'zi4-.If llf'1vl'i-I-:ilv Vlulig XII-ilimil Vlulng Yi-llmv Img Ululig 1'mx'l-ui' Vlulv, IOHN ALEXANDER KLEIN BIRCHETT, IR., B.S., M.D. . . .... Vicksburg, Miss ",Xy4g vi-ivy iiivli ll kiiigfu Studs-nt Assistant in Tin.:-11-i'i4II1v23' :neil l':itIml-IQNZ liiil null Tiliiv l'IuIl2 VI4"'-I'lT'Si'I"llf s.ini.,r 1'l:iss '1T: lump Juggll-i's' Vlulig l'.,.' WM- Im.-tluill: Vlaiss ling--l-alll Mi-llivail l'luh1 Assistant NIQUIQIQLPI' lfmvlliull 'I'w-aim 'ITL 'l'. .-X. Il. Vlulri 4'i'wws' Ne-sl l'lulv. MISS DORA MAE BLANKS, B.S. ............. . Laurel, Miss "IIvr ways un- wziys nl' pl--nisaiiilm-ss, :xml :ill lil-r paillis :ire iwziw-." Yairsily ll:lsI4vlI.railI, 'IS-'141-'IT-'INQ V111-lziiii Iizislivlluill IIIVZIIII, 'IT-'INQ Y. XY. 1'. A. IVQIIIIIIIPI, IT-'INg '13-'ln:. MISS DALE BRUMMETT, B.A ............... . Oxford. Miss. 'lllvi' vnim- was iw-i' Sufi, th-iillv unrl lim' :ui vxf-I-ll.-nt thing iii xinni:1li," RAYMOND GATTIS BUTLER, B.A ............. Henderson, Tenn. "ilu-:ill-1' mn-n IIlllIl I muy iizix-A lim-il, lull I eluulil il." Studi-nl Assistant in l'l1ysivs, 'IT-'INQ l'lii Sipiiizu Y. M. U. A.: Yvlluw Dog: "Ula Miss" Stuff, 'IRQ Iiil--11-ulli-i:i:llv lu-luitm-r, 'lTA'lx. C403 CA. Y ,X , -- ,fir D .1 A2 .. -FN.. A 'Q ?'f"s QL' Nffw 'X ig. pat -.?::- - ' igfjkgi 5 vf L? ff ,Y 44 Qyzff , V' 1,5 Q- 4.3,-55' ' .5 -2,1-'ff -5 :Ag -f':.', f I 'Q-'11--.'ff-119.555, 17' 4. 1 5 ' V in i W V ,V Yi C. L. DowNER j. S. DUNCAN M. CAMPBELL j. R. DUBERRY E. F. FRIEDMAN Senior Class MISS MAY CAMPBELL. B.S ............ .Oxford. Miss. "A :swf-vt, ntliaiwliu- kinilir ul' grxiiw, A full xissillullim- givin I-3' lmiksf' CHARLES L. DOWNER, B.S ......... .... . Lexington, Miss. "Uv hulh imie-ml lwlia-iw-nl l'X1l4'l't2llilIllS " 4'll4'llliNll'Q Vlulip Assistant in 1'iiwmisl1'y1 Y. M, l'. .L JOHN R. DU BERRY, B.S ............... . . Snigler, Okla. "XVlmt is ri man, il' hi- is niit 11 niysti-ry." lhiiwlim Hall R-ward uf 1'i-niml, 'lvl-'17, 'IT-'IM Assistant Busim-ss Manug.1-r of "Missis- sippian," '101-'1T, 'IT-'lv Ibelmiing Vmim-il: Vim--I'i'esi1lviil ur' A. S, B. H.: Vaptain Vu "Bug T. A. 11.3 Ye-lluw ling: Iiusinvss Munagvi' ut' "1Ilv- Miss," 'IT-'lt Ile-rim-un. JULIAN S. DUNCAN, BA. .............. . Oxford, Miss. "All wisd-iin's I1I'Illlll'j' this man wiiflilsf' Hr--ek Vlubq II-brniifnn: Y. M. 1'. A. Vziliin--t, 'lT"1ig Vmisiii- iii' Hi-rmean: XVinner of Uduni Prize-3 Sm-mul 1Dl'1llnl' in llvrmi-:iii .XlllliY4'lFZll'X, 'IT-'Mg lint:-iwiillvgiule Ili-hateiy 'IT-'ISL "His Miss" Siiiffg Vhziplziin Ilvriin-un. MISS FLORRIE FRIEDMAN, B.S. ........... . Oxford. Miss. "But, at in-r smile, thi- In-lil in-rin-il again," C419 . x - QQ- . Ai, fd, " A K',f,,3,u1f Q, - 5 .T ,ff i l f , ,-'f-:K g V C ,. . LQSZ ii RRG!-1'gf'-'J CXLS W' ' J q'1'- ' ' Y, U. 1 L-w 5".,'. "sy" "-, A' -lr '- :Vw QD' JJ ' 1 4 As'---3. 271 '- ' -3 --Qi" ' 'V :SITA 'x , l 0 Ol . . . VV C. L. l'lESTER R. C. HOWARD M. HEMPHILL B. HOUSTON R. C. JACOB Senior Class MARTIN HEMPHILL, B.A ..........,.. Brookhaven, "I uns nut xilwnys Il maui -it' wmq' Assislauit in Binlupgyg l'lii Sigiiizi. . . . . . . . . . . Taylorsville, CLYDE L. HESTER, B.S .... "A yimlli -if lailmi' xxilli :iii aigi- nr' 1-:iw-," llv:i'liiiA1iii1 Vic-A-l'i'n-si.lviit llvriii-Aziii. 'lf-'lt Y. AI. l'. .L 1'-nimill Huiwlnii Hall linziiwl ui' 4'-vlill'-ll: 'l'. A, li.: .Mlx'vi'liSi1ip:' Rliiiizige-i' ul "HI-- Miss' '17-'IV l.:iw Vllilug Svruh l"1mI- lmllp liusiiivss Alllllllgvl' "Ali-:sissi1ipiuii," 'IT-'lN. BRAHAN HOUSTON, B.A. . . ......... Batesville, "I li-:uv my vliaiizii-wi' lu-liiiiii mf-." Sr'i'ibblv1'sg llvriiin-:iii Vritivg lliwiiii-ull .Kliiiiw-i's:ir'iaiii1 liilvi'i'ulli-gi:il1- lh-lviitvii llvml and liluu illlllll Svniur llziiii--A l'UlllIllillQ'r'Q Will- Miss" SluI'I'. RALPH CRAWFORD HOWARD, BS ......... . Durant. "A liuiigry, liuii-luw-nl villziiiif' l"i'csliiii:in lim-lziiiizitiwii Ml-wlzilg "3lississi1ipi1iii" ll--1ml'I--ig 'lTA'lNI liilviw-lille-gizitv im.-i..i1..rg l'lii Sigiiiug Assislzinl l,ilui':iii:iii, 'IT-'lN. ROBERT CURRY JACOB, B.A ........... . . . . Columbus, "A maui lllllllv in ln- lun-il," Yi M. 1', A. Uniiii--il, '15-'llig Uailriiivl, 'Ui-'17, 'IT-'Ng 'l'n-usiii'--i-, 'IT-'Hg Assistaiiit liilimi- "Mississippi1ii1," 'UL-'lip Si-i'iIihli-rs' Vlulil lin---la Vlulig 1'1'i-sinh-lil lliwiiii-xiii, 'lT3 'l'. .L R.g li-lil-ix'-iiifl'hi'-1' ul "wiv Miss", Yvllmv ling. 4429 Miss Mi ss Miss Miss Miss c wr- f4' ,q V-'Y I l s' " 4411- A W lj! ,HS ffxga KR V 1, J A V J : 7 Q I . ,FJ ,. 2 X I- ,:- r :fi -iii o-TX 4 N E. R. ,loss 5. H. KYLE E. JETER E. E. KLINGMAN H. LATIMER Senior Class MISS ELLIE JETER, B.S. ............ . Deeson, Miss. "Ifl'zlilt5', Iliy nauuf- is wfmnzxnf' Faptziin Vu-wil. liuski-tlmll 'I'f-ani, '1-l-'13, 13-'IOSL Y. XV. l', A, Valiiiiiit, '15J1vi, '16-'1T. E., R. JOBE, BA. . . . , ......... . Ripley, Miss "A littlf-, lint. 1-ily man wif Gini." Y. M. 4'. A. f'1vun1'il. 'lTA'1N: Vhi Fi:-.nmi S4'1'l'f'l2ll'A', '17-'liz I'i'e-side-nt Phi Sigma. 'IM "lYllSSlSSlDI!lklll'l Stuff, 'lfi-'1T: Nc-ws Eiiitfw, '17-'JN, "UMA Miss" Staff: Custodian in Chem- iSIi'y, '17-'ISL Vluss Ilisturizmg Ye-lliiw ljwgi lllIl'l'k'llllk',ifl3I1' Ilvllklllllpj lfuuni-il. '1N. E.. E.. KLINC-MAN, jR., B.S .............. blevp ln mv, ut all things wise, is il--ui: Rf-rl and Blue Vlubg Yrlllnw Dug Frat: Iflifrine-an: Y. M. V. A.. lf"-ni' Ywars Freshman Latin: Vowliiiy Vlubg N. N. N, HUDSON KYLE, BA. ....... . . . . Sardis, Miss. "Fil YO lrvfll' Tliff wvight of niighti-'st I!lfIIl2ll'l'l1l4.'S" Y. M. 1'. A. 41-uniil, 'Ill-'17, l.'illPlI'H'l. '17-'IM l3l'f'Sll'lE'lll Juni-ii' Vlass: Vresiilwnt Hrevlc Vluhg 1'l'wiiiisti'y Vlubg He-rinf-an: "Ul1- Miss" Staffg T. A ILQ 1'i'1-w's Nest Vluhp Yvllow Uflgl Ff'l'ihlilir5' Vluhg Heil and Hluvg A. S. li. U. MISS HOSFORD LATIMER, B.S ......., . Allisons Wells. Miss. "XYhnse liarshwst ills-as XYill to rnrsl-.rdy run." Y. XY. ff. A. R1-pi'Psen!atix'f' tri Foiivnntion. '16-'1T: I-Ionm' 4"wunc-il: Y. XY. C. A. Cabinet: "Ole Miss" Board of 1.'0riti'uI, '17-'ISQ Honor Rnll, '16"1Tg Bluesg T. A. R.: Chemistry Club. C439 . . Greenville, Miss. 1445? .AQ . SE- mfs ff-iesif 11 .- ffrw wiv- I C-. CTF? U f13?4'f, I S EMS Qagyff ,.x.,w,g , vm:--, 54:-.J Q, .3 . -,Ii -,,..4,-- -172 - wa- Li Q tgp' V.-.F-fi.-.Ju,?'--1,41 I l I as 'ff -?.':.. Slykwgf g 'rv I S S fi 2: 'pi 9. 3,-j..f4,' I ,,.. -A.: b, - .41 A O F. B. LINDER H. M. LoNc E. S. Lawns H. A. Loma M. Lows Senior Class E.. S. LEWIS, JR., B.S. .................. . . . Greenville, Miss. "Mmm nl' ro-ul mvvil Iirnl fuvm 4'Y4'l'j'XNIlf'l'l'I suvll is this man." View--I'l'f-si1Iw-:lt Vlass 'I-I-'ISL 'l'--unix 'I'l'2llllI S1'l'l'l'I2ll'j :mul 'l'l'v:lSul:-1' Vlass 'Ill-'III l'I11'l'11kvv Vlulvi NlllllIlf'l' l'lulv: Ilv-fl and llluv Vlulvi S4'1'l'f'I2Il'j' :mel 'I'l'f-zlslllvl' Ile-ll and Iflllf' Vlulvl l'r1-siwlf-nt Senior Vlnss, '17-'IM "l 'l'umm lima". Y. M. U. A. I'UllIlK'IIQ 'Wllv Miss" Stuff: Il-'rum-:mg t'rmv's Nlsl 1'lul-3 A. S, ll. U. FELIX ELIJAH LINDER. B.S., M.D ...... ..... . Oxford, Miss. HXYIIZII su'-rl el:-liglnl :I qui--K Iilk- :1I'I'nr:ls." Mr-rlicul Club, 'lil-'1T,'1T-'ISL Y. M. l'. A. Vuum-il, 'ld-'lT, 'IT-'IM HAMILTON A. LONG, B.A. ................. Hazlehursl, Miss. "Hull that IIHIII lun gnuns. null 1-xw-rylhillgr lmmlsr-:nv alum! him." 'IH-nnis Vlulmg Els-vt:--1 I41-sl lbauwf-1' in S4-lmul, 'IT-'IRQ Ill-rmr-nn: 1'h:1i1'm:1n 'A.IllllI1ll' I'rnm." IVYIIIIIIIIIIVVQ I'lw-simlvnl Iiilrlv Vluss. 'IT-'IM Y. M. V. A, Vnunvill HI-ll :xml Illm-I-llvc-tg A. A. A. II. HARRY M. LONG, B.A .................. . Ina Benn, Miss. "Iwi tha- mzm xxlm flmfs mv! ulsll ln iwllv, l':1Il in Inv:-." ll.-rm.-am: Y. Al, 12 ,xlg lin-I-li Vlulwg "Mississippian" Sl:lI'l', '15-'lvig YI-lllm lmgg tmwlmy Vlulvg "UIQ Miss" Stuff: N. N. N. MARGUERITE. LOWE, B.S. .......... . Oxford, Miss. "lu lllJlI4I4'll mwllluliwvll, l"uu1'y I'I'1'l'." Y, NV, V, ,Lg 1'lmin-man nl' Stmll-nl tm-1-ll. lluxw-1-nnl--:mtg "'1ln- llluvsf' C445 , ft? fx ff 'I' '1-:EF 'fifw K fl '-- X CTR ' . I Qjgzif K If LM Ngfllbp 77 KET, fd' N 9 C41 ' 'W' 'N' ' 9 ,, ,'jQ5 J ..:fi?i?'1' f'i E' TMI: -'1.. Jj LIS H l Y, 'I l O f .-r'-'Xjp ' l, .I --I. H. M. MCCAIN H. D. MCDONALD H. MOUNGER E. MCDONALD E. B. MCRANEY Senior Class HENRY MOUNGER, jR., B.S ......... .... . Columbia, Miss "St-lnvtliinzz In-txt'-vii :I Iiiritlrztlitw- :mtl at l1t'l1v." I'i Kappa .Xlplizi lfrtitwtiityz Il'-tl .mtl Ulu-I t'lul+: Sf't'i.ftnry :mtl 'l'ri-:istzit-1' of .Iunior Vlass, 'IT-'lm HUGH MOSBY MCCAIN, BA .................. Coldwater, Miss "ICU-l'Y Ninn tt' his HXXII trmlti Illl'Il uvttllil thi' wiws lit- uf-Il vztlw-il l'tn"' Ilftl fllltl Iilllf' 1'Ii1Iv1 Y. XY t', AX, t'giI1l11 all-1 Viitllivilv 'ltl-'IT. 'I"IN' x'i1'F1-IV'l'I'QllIt'VII Ftvplwlimiw- Vlziss. 'lac-'lT: 'liiyloi' Mt-dnl in 131'-i--In Varsity Bust-I-ull, '17, Ih-rms-ang "Ulf,- XIISSH Slilff, '17-'IRQ 4iI't'tIi 4'It1lrQ XY:-lull Ntlltml t'll1Iig 'I', ,L Ii, MISS ELIZABETH MCDONALD, B.S. . . . ....,.. Bay St. Louis, Miss "A Illllllllllt-I' nl tht- gulls, tlivinvly lull, Ami most tlixin--ly l'?lil'." Bvta Sigma Uzviir-iwtiig Yivt--I'i'f-siflf-iit Y. XY. t'. A., 'lti-'17, '17-'ISL 'I'. A, It.: "'I"Iw Film-s", Vlwmistry Vlulvi "Hltf Miss" Sturt, 'IT-'IM 'I'v'w-astzlvx' Stutlo-nt Iiwurtl ul' "1IIllI'Hl1 SF't'I'1'I1ll'j' and Tl'f'1lSllI't'I' vit' Fvllitrl' Class, H. D. MCDONALD, B.S., M.D .................. Wheeler, Miss ",Xntl Sri lvt lllt'lI f-nmlut-t 'lit-mst-luis in litt- 11,4 In lit- stt'zi1igv1's In tlwf-hat." Stutlvnt ,Xssistztttt in 1'I1ysi1vltvx45'. E. B. IVICRANEY, B.S. .....,............. . Collins, Miss "NIV tailor is t-ttrtaizilx' gt alll!-Ti I It-til it stivfztking f RMI and Blur- IIIIIIPI x'It'P-I'I'4'SIll4'llI lit-'I :intl Hlut- Vlulvl Law Vluli: IIt"l'l1IF'2lIll Y. M. 11 A4 4'fvuur'il1 .ltmitvr Plum, Vlmirmun tif .lIIIll"I' I'l'4iIll, 'lti-'ITL Stlnitn' Lmnw- twinnnitteeg Assistant Husinttss Alarms--r "AIlSSI5Sl1ilIIlill,A' 'lvl-'17, "I '1'appa Ke,-g", Xkhlfli Sc-hool Cluhg Assistant Businvss Blillliiglflk "tile Miss," 1455 fix. fi "- 00 Q' Y. 5,1 ,L ...T ff, V' ' K! 4' 'KN 5-fjw 3:3529 .L L, -- ff gg X. Q L il., XQT ,-W VN ' . I CSL" H'nl71'- :v xr -54 Y K- SK,',4L..,.fgf ,-' .A .QQ i'f!"'fF '3.b,I3':L'Ligf1' I2' iffii ,, Nj vga. '45 Lf" f-5 5931- " f- X1-' - T- ".j." an l '.,'Z5".5 ' o11"X 'X'-,gbilllio i G. C. MCKINSTRY M. RAM:-:Y M. E. MOFFITT NV. L. P1c.FoRD j. E. RIDGWAY Senior Class M. E. MOFFITT, B.A. .... .............. B lue Mountain, Miss. "IM-llf-ldin: lhr' bright wvuxntvn:1m-o- ni' truth in thi- quict and still air of delightful studies." Greek Cluhg I'hi Sifllllili Stud'-nt Assistant Ill liistury: Irntvrwallm-gizxte Dm-hats,-1'. GEORGE C. MCKINSTRY, B.S ............ . Laurel, Miss. "'I'ru1- us tha- m-mllo to thi- pulc, Ur thv dial In thf- sun." Stwlri-nl Assistant in 1'ln-mistryg f'llt'lHiSll'y Vluh: Svruh If-mtluall Team: '1'aylm' Mvdal in Gerrzmun. W. L. PIC-FORD, BS. . ................. . Lumberlon, Miss. "As happy as thv day is lun1:." '4I"+mtb:1ll Manugvr, 'IT-'IM H'-rim-ung .luninr l'l'lYIllI 1'rmx"s N1-sl Flulsg "I 'luppzl Ke-g"5 S4-pl14u1m1'v D-'clurnzltifm Mvwlalg Y. M. l'. A. Iii-ll and lilue-Elect. MISS MARVEL RAMEY, B.S ..... .... . Oxford, Miss. "ls shv- nu! lulssing fair?" l'v'r-Hia-:L Vu Fd '1T'1N' Vwrflbcl Iizxskn-tlrull 'I'4-ann. j. E. RIDGEWAY, B.S., M.D. .............. . jackson, Miss. , . , . 'ZX mam hi- sw-uns ul' 1-In-4-1'l'lll X'l'Slf'l'1l1lj'S, Ami 1-wllriilvnl Illlll0I'l'1lNV." X11'P-1l'vs11lQnt 1'1'u-Nl:-sl Vluss 'Jfi-'lip ixlVIiil'Ill Qtlllll. C465 5- if ISE: MISS 4 Ly H 1 A. SCHAUBER A. F. SIDES C. IVI. SCALES P. C. SCHREiER T. H. SWANN Senior Class CHARLES M. SCALES, JR., B.S. ,........ . . "His hair is iiist ,fi'izzlvd, As in gi-will --lil nigh." . Macon, Miss RMI and Bliit- f"Iuhg St-mini' Dalit-+1 lmiiiiiiiltw-1 If1lI'l11'l1 Vlulng Y, M.1', X: l'irifiil1itiini Manager "INIississi1nluiai1." 'I39Ili1 'AI 'I'zi1111:i Iii-:": Iilzis-Icsliiiiv Vliihg II-,nur lmiiiii-il' Iiiniui' Law Ulzlssg Assistant Hiisiiiims Mziimu--i' "MiSsissi1f1fi:ni." 'I3"l0Z. MISS ALICE SCHAUBER, B.S. ..,....... , "Sn 4IiiIst thou trnxw-l mi Iifn-'s vmiiiiiuli wny, In 1-In-I-i't'iil tlfitilim'-ss" Zeta Tilll Alpha: Y. NV. 1', .-X. PHIL C. SCHREIR, B.S. ................. . "NVQ-ry mm: is thi- :ir 'hit-'vt of his min t'ui'iiiiir." Me-dir-al Vhihg MII., '1T: Assistant in Avuitiiiiiy, '17-'hp Vlziss I'Iistm'iaiii. '16-'17 MISS ANNIE FROST SIDES, B.S. .... . ..... . . "I"z1ir as tlw tiny. :ind sim-wt :is Many." XVinnei' ut' 'l':iyIur Medal in Fi-f-iivli. THOMAS H. SWAN. B.S. .............. . . "A piwfpvi' imin, as uiiv shall sw- mi L1 siiiiiniwi"s day." Vhvmistry Club: Pre-sid-'iit 1'hi-niistry Vluli, 'ITJIM IIvi'iiit-aiu: Y. M. 1'. A.: o '13-'ITC A. A. A. H.: Vivv-I'l'vSielvnt Sf-ninr Vhiss: I'I1?llIIlliIl Ifle-rnwniig Stwniiil CO. "C." C479 . Laurel, Miss Vicksburg, Miss Moscow, Tenn . Oxford, IVIiss GIN- l"IUI,v, Ijvfiitviialit Q., .2 RX A ,Q L 2. ,f I x. J ff wfffgif C , K, 4 Qgr'fr'.'.'.'.1' 1 ij 'tl-'I,.1f'Q- i.t,'w'7. upsf. 'U 1 -', ,, - ,, U-. a-,f- sv L- ft, ,Q -,. '7f'ffU2M5L- ff Xa -"fy 'S Q ' - 'ffii 'JRE' I-3 5' E253 L'5f'E.s'I"fF iff ' ---53,31 X- 3L'l,Ws.... V. A. D TISDALE S. B. Woonwmm W. H. SISLER V. TOWNSEND D. S. WRIGHT Senior Class W. HORTON SISLER, B.S., M.D. .......... . Water Valley, Miss. "HH wus the niildi-st-iiiiiiiivfiwil main 'That f-vm' svuttlwl ship, in' 1-ut at thi-nat." Kappa Alpha: Re-tl and Illuo Vltihg "M" Philip Varsity Fmitliaill. ALFRED DENT TISDALE. B.S.,M.D.. . . .... . . . . . . Ellisville. Miss. "Dust thml Iuvr- life-7 'Flwn :In nut squzimlvr time-, for that is this stuff litv is nimlt- UIQ" Frm-shmaii Mississippi l'ulli-go, '12-'1-I1 AIIIIIIILZUI' t'ir-r'i1wi':1tix'e- Buuiwliiig t'Iuh MISS VIRGINIA TOWNSEND, B.A. .......... . Rich. Miss. "A form so fail' tlizit, likv thi- xiii: 'Tis li-Ss ot' I-zirtli than IIt'IlYUIl." Y, VV. I", A. t'zihin1-t, '15-'ltig "This Ulu'-s"3 Yia'vfI"i'e-sisl--lit "Blum-s"' Ifuiim' Unitime-il, 'lifltig 'I'i-i-usui'n-i- twililliiiii Vinh: Vit-Q--I'iw-sitlt-nt thu-Q-k Vluh: l'n-siilelnr Y. XV. t'. .X.. 'ltj-'ITQ F1't'I'l'I2ll'X Ilml Vruss, 'IT-'lSg 'I'. LX. IL1 I'l't-siilvnl int' lhw "Blum-s," 'lti-'IT, 'li'-'lN. SAM BEE WOODWARD, B.S., M.D. . . . ....... . Oxford. Miss. "Ile wus: ai man, Illkf' him fur :ill iii sill, I shall mit lmik upeni his liki- again." DONALD STEPHENSON WRIGHT, B.S-. . ....... Grenada, Miss. "His lift- was gi-iitli-1 :intl this I-li-mi-nts, Su mixi-it in him that Nzaturt- might staiml up Anil stty to all thi- wurlil. This was :1 lumix!" Y, M, fi A, t'titini-il, 'IS-'ltlg tlurrtmi Hull ll-uiiwl ul' Uuiittuvlp "til-- Miss" St:il't'. 'Ili-'17, 'IT-'Hg Y. ISI. t', A. I'1lI,llIH'I, 'lti-'ITQ l'l'l'SItI1'III Y. M. t'. A., 'INg l'i'i-siilt-nt .IlIllI1ll' l'l:iss, 'lui-'ITQ "Mlssissippizin" ljuuril ot t,'uiitrnl3 t'ln-rfiln-4- t'luh1 Nutiilu-I "3" Vinh: "I 'llilipgi li.-g"p Soi-ri-tury tiiirdnii Hall lliiarilim.: Vluhg Sifrihhlvrs' Vluhg ll--il :intl Illini- Vluhg Il-wiiii-:ilig 'I'i'i-:istii'vn- Ili-tl :intl Rliii- t'Iiihg f'l'lbXY'S Nt-st 4'Iuli. C489 1 Q- 4.9 - . - I., !EiZg5315!t,F.i H f , L, i -f 77 i'f11Tf 5.1 f sz:-T5-E3 K , .1 1 . '.'. ,L .4-L.-Iffsyfff :-,,-115.52 . I f EQ IS S f - ff'-,aw ' .- i . J ... . j. P. EVANS F. ADAMS H. C. YAWN D. R. JOHNSON Senior Class HENRY C. YAWN, B.S. ................ . . . Lumberton, Miss. 'AI-Ie hail but unc- iflva, :Intl tlizit was wi-img." 'lf A. R-Z "R0Drnbnte" Club: Sr-rub Footlinll, '14-'13-'itig Varsity Fmitliall, 'ISL Vlass Tlaskc-tballg Assistant Mamigvr "lilo Miss," '15, JOSEPH PATTON EVANS, B.S., M.D. ......... Meridian, Miss "He was ll main, tako him all for ull, I shall not look upon his like again." Rod and Bluv Vlnb: Y. M. V. A.: "M" Flnb. FRED ADAMS ............. ........... K osciuslco, Miss. ".Xlllifll'iij' as zigaiinst infill-sty will win liztltli- ox 'i' most m,n," DANIEL RUPERT JOHNSON, M.A. ........... . . University, Miss. "A patii-nt niun's pzittvrn for a king." ILS., LLB.: I'rt-Sidi-nt Hermi-an, '15-'1ti: Pri-sislent Senior Law Ulass, '15-'165 "Mississip- pian" Board ot' 4f'onti'ni, '15-'ITQ '1're-asnr,-1' Y. M. V. A., 'lil-'1T3 Sf'L'l'PlZiI'j'-Tl'l,'2lSUFSI' Ma- sonic- t'luh, '10i"lT3 Debating Vnunc-il: He-rini-zm l'ritic'g "Mississippian" Board of Control, '17-'IM "Ole Miss" Board ot' Fontrol, 'ITJISQ Sm-i'fAt:1i'y A, S. B, O.: Vive-President Y. M. C. A., '1T-'1R3 I'ri,-siclr-nt Masonio Pluh. M. E. MOFFITT, M.A ................. . Blue Mountain, "Ay, ninrry: now unmuzzle your wisdom." "Mississippian" Board of Control, '17-'Ng Taylor Me-dnl History, '17: Instructor in History, '17-'Ng Y. M. V. A, Vziliinvtg 1'hi Sigma Chaplaing Critic, '17-'ISL Intorcollegiate Debater. C493 Miss. .4 Lf E A IS S ' igliil Commemoration , QIFE is a river. We can only tell of some of its wanderings in the past, and ll ii only judge that in the future its course will be that of a wandering stream. lt The starting of this river was once a laughing uplet, and we can well remem- EQj!j?""'7 ,v, ber the playful murmuring of that little- brook and the winding of its grassy L i and flowery borders when we in childhood played upon the banks or mirrored our little faces in its silvery bosom. How delightful the scenes of childhood. The trees extended above our youthful heads, the benediction of rich blossoms and held within reach of our tiny hands the beautiful gift of their rich foliage. The sun, too, remembered us and cast about us his golden beams, at once revealing ten thousand miniature rainbows of promise in the trinkling dewdrops or painting the delicate shades of a blushing rose or a modest violet. The choristers of the wildwood vied with each other in smelling the glorious anthems of nature filling our hearts with strains of harmony enriched by the thrilling of a thousand notes which today are but the last chords of yesterday. But this much we know, our boat is gliding onward upon the swiftly Howing surface of life's stream. It happened that in the Fall of 'I6 there met a crew of thirty-seven young men who found that something was necessary for enlargement of life. They noted a change, a transition, that called upon them for a harmonious response. It was the change, the transition, from careless youth to careful manhood. Therefore in view of the change which was upon them and had to be met, these thirty-seven men waved a last goodby to their childhood days, which are still among the cherished recollections of the past. Sailing, sailing on the river of Life, the crew anchor their boat and disembark into the quiet city of thought, which was cut off from the rest of the world by massive walls of the Law. For two years we have adorned the walls of this most profound seat of learning, and as we are nearing the time for another great change in life's current we find our hearts sad because of the loss of many members of the crew and a feeling that draws us to our "Alma Mater," but we must be going, and now that each has made for himself an individual boat in which to sail upon this stream of life. we say farewell to each other for the river bears us on. What has been done well will stand as a monument to our names, what has been done ill, a broken slab of dishonor, and thus we must leave behind our joys and griefs. When we anchor next it will be to take the place of someone who has gone before, for the old are retiring and some have already thrown down their burden for a pillow upon which to rest their aching heads. The strong men of middle age are bending under great burdensg the plow of care is drawing deep its furrows over the faces, and the frost is beginning to fall upon their locks. Dear classmates, let us not be unaware of what awaits us. Few, if any, of the realities of life have been seen and none of its responsibilities have been measured. C509 'Qs of ' Q5 1.0 'X , ffa. C ' f -r 47 .ffw 'ji' ' I f ff' 75 " f Qi 1 '.2""?.ififf'- -Q L Q, I' " f ,K I ' ' ' - ' . ' .:t'. f' JUNIOR ACADEMIC CLASS OFFICERS junior Academic Class OFFICERS S. H. KYLE . . ...... . . President T. H. IVICELROY ........ ..,..... I f'Ice-Presiflcrll I-I. K. IVIOUNCER . . Ser-rclary-Treasurer R 5 1 , 0 X LII I C50 N .13 X 4 M351-H A 1 Q,' M U f . 1 I 1 C LASS 2 1 I I Y 1 I w JUNIOR ACADEMIC 4529 '3 'H gk If ,, " X I 3 J J 1 f A L' LE MISS unior Academic Class ANDERSON, L. D. BEALL, j. M. BELL, H. H. BLACKSTONE, Miss C. BRYAN, Miss G. CAFFEY, S. H. CAMPBELL, Miss L. CRAWLEY, j. T. CRENSHAW, j. NV. DoUcLAss, j. j. DUNCAN, Miss A. L. ROLL DUREEY. A. P. FANT, C. E. FARLEY, R. j. FosTER, Mlss E. FURR, Miss B. FUTVOYE, A. W. HILER, H. B. HoPKlNs, Miss S. SCHWARTZ, R. E SHACKLEFORD. W L SCOTT, R. NV. SIMRALL, j. SMITH, M. j. STOVALL, R. C. SWANN, W. O. TACKETT, j. R. HUTCHINS. Miss L. TANKERSLEY. T. KYLE, S. H. XXVEBB, V. T. LASSITER, Mlss G. M. WILLIS, W. L. LONG, H. A. MAGEE, Miss D. MELLARD, T. R. MITCHELL, Miss M. MONTEITH, Miss L MOUNCER, H. K. MURPHREE. E. L. MCELROY, T. H. RICHARDSON, j. R ROBERTS, C. M. RUSH, H. L. SALMON, j. H. 1531 ex fx 5' G x N7I' . -3, ! P-A NIXFNT' X3 'S F , Nr' ff K . X I I H XS-- 4 'V '-9411i-ig: 41 1 .V.- hy 4- ,L ,VIV41 .7 ,:. 'six J I f If? IS S -I 'ID-UTXKEH - . .. -:V -gg I--. ' . . 'Nav' . SOPHOMORE ACADEMIC CLASS OFFICERS Sophomore Academic Class OFFKERS II. Doxm' ......... ..... ......... P r csfmlcnl E. L. COCHRAN . . . . Vice-Prcsfllcnl Mlss E. CABLE . . . Secretary-Treasurer B. ENQIAND ........ ...... . Hislorian Im,.IL,q ilk: I I ZIQQ4 C547 4-1. 51-?ALf1'f an 0 -1- 'X l , , . 4.-.,, - ,f ' . -1-... r' 5 wx ,A C -WK, ,ff I., -if Q f fx P 1 U f K R, x 1 . , , 'vfz , Cb 1fNNwfQ?'r QQ .iQf9 ,K 1 . u Nh- jf r ,Q , L 1 I -50,-.-.,-J w KH 'ff-W f- ,..N CFZM x-'s.'4.T nm pq,-I A zu-1,1--5:-m-,Ni-P ,., f. , q . .W .Al x'."',1,'1rQ 212 'Q 1,5..'ff' ,ai fxul LE MISS J J 44, .,u ,-J' kv, C559 C LASS SOPHOMORE ACADEMIC -A Fx f' I I x U iqxr-,, . fx. N... ix? '!4.f K ,'wg1'i!" 71 ' Ni :, J no ZXXISS J . - 1. .f"r..n'Cr' Sophomore Academic Class ROLL AUSTIN, M. H. FRASHUER, W. E. NEwsoM, W. N. AWTREY, H. S. GEORGE, A. P. NIcHoLsoN, MIss C. BILLUPS, R. A. HAGAMAN, R. L. PARKS. A. M. BUTLER, S. H. HARcIs, MISS R. PHILLIPS, MISS M. L. CABLE, MISS E. HARVEY, F. T. PIGFORD. R. C. CARNEY, A. B. HAwIcs, S. H. RAY, E. H. CIIEEK. MISS E. S. l'iULL, W. W. RIVERS, T. D. COCHRAN, E. L. HUME, MISS M. Ross, H. C. COWART, E. M. HUSTON, j. R. ROWAN, R. M. CREEKMORE, R. H. IVY, VV. P. SIIvIIIIoNs, H. L. CROSBY. MISS L. E. JOHNSON, j. H. SIMMONS, U. CULPEPPER, S. C. JONES, I. F. STEIN, L. CUNNINGHAM, C. W. KIMMONS, MISS E. SUMNERS, C. L. CURD, H. P. KIRK, R. D. SI'LvERsTEIN, T. B. DAVIS, j. P. LITTLE, A. H. TANRERSLEY, MISS M. DEAN, MISS S. R. LOCKARD, j. N. TOMLINSON, j. R. DoIssoN, l. LoRD, R. C.. THRELKELD, j. S. DoxEY, H. METTS. D. M. WALKER, MISS A. M. DUNLAP, MISS N. MORGAN, F. R. NVALKER, F. B. ENGLAND, B. MCCULLOUGH. L. CI. XVHITE, MISS L. E. FORD. j. W. NAsoN, MRs. R. H. WOOTEN, NW. C. C565 I: ., Il fa W LB fXX155,' nu 6i OFFICERS OF FRESHMAN ACADEMIC CLASS Freshman Academic Class OFFmERs Louis JICCITTS . ..... . . President T. BROWN ,...... ........ V ice-Presfflcnl L. G. SIMMONS . . Sccrclary-Treasurer is Egg . :H . I ,: ' if if ,A In ufiff ' 6-1, 1 DN is 1 - , Q-41N NX , X , , af' Tri wa 1 ' ',', ' . lf 3 ' FRESHMAN C571 932 f4g,, fix ,fv4?2 O fzfziaii' 1- ' 'zfivignq 1 ' f""""WJ ' ' ' TCX?7f7f',4 2ynfMJmyQX mi-',3ffpi Q5 vm gy' '14- wu AJ M 'N 'N 5 'X LQ 1 , :-d.................. CD 5. Y ,ff Q,E,Ab 'Qf Cay 325.15 if ff 3E"".x'.i'N X , fx x N1 C , ,Na ..,4 .f' N, . A C ' 193 JV 'Nfl '-fs . I, lx . ' 1.111 ' 1'+i2i SS CLA FRESHMAN ACADEMIC 1 1 ' i' 1 , H33-441 'fi' A if 34 pi " , A 1 i ,A z ' ' I 1 n 1 1 ' 'm I C533 ax ,QQ J kg, ,Ag Q If If qw if ij if Q J J ff 125:21-ff tx. . . --AJ J . . X X 1-I-.1 'I ..y.g,1,,.g. .gh S , ....-.,. mu ,I g4':,3E'f " ,, J, V. . i. ,f 1.13 ., f.,,:--Q.:- ' - 'L 1' "A-' J I fd 31 6.2-?"?,'L,, fx. 'g5'T-wwf, , Lynn 1: M. if -'+I - fd gn Aww' ', ff-... 16:37 .s'Q,fff,f' . .ffl 5f2K,'liGZ?" '12 :ki-23:1 Q4',::I,,, 5.1, Iv K .34 . 1 5' ',f',f'f'5 wx Q ' W 'J Freshman Academic Class BAIRD, HAROLD O. BAKER, JoE M. BASINGER, ROSSWELL M. BEAUCIHIAMP, EMORY W. BREWER, JAS. F., JR. BILLUPS, GUY C. BLAKNEY, E. D. BOSTICK, T. F.. BoYE1'I', MISS CASSIE E. BOYKIN, A. P. BREITHAUPT, MISS I. E. BROWN, D. T. BURNS, MISS E.. D. CoNNoR, S. A. DAVIS, W. L. ROLL HERRING, G. B. HILL, P. C.. HINTON, C. O. HITT, CHAS. W. HODCE, N. C. HORTON, D. B. HoUcLANo, H. J. JICGITTS, L. M. JONES, A. E. KELLUM, JOE M. KEMP, L. KINCANNON, V. C., JR. KINCANNON, W. O. LANTRIP, D. B. LESTER, W. D. DUNCAN, MISS GEORGIE S. LEWIS, C, J, DUNCAN, W. B. ECKLES, W. G. ELLIS, R. P. FARR, G. C. FLAUTT, W. GIDEON, WM. C. GREEK, D. W. HATHORN, J. C. HATHORN, MISS L. E. IJEGGIE, C. E.. HENDERSON, L. C. LIDDELL, H. C. LOONEY, MISS H. C599 MADIJEN, C. V. MAULDIN, MISS J. W. MEBANE, MISS A. MITCI-IELL, D. MCCLELLAN, T. MCDANIEL, J. R. MCKNIGHT, J. G. MCLAURIN , MISS L. MCLENIJON, J, R, RIVERS, W. W., JR. ROBINSON, H. D. RocERs, PAUL RUSSELL, O. V. SASSER, MISS A. T SCHWARTZ, H. E. SCOTT, A. H. SHIELDS, MISS N. SHOEMAKER, N. L. SIMMONS, J. SIMMONS, L. C. SLOUGH, MISS J. E. SMITH, C. F. SMITH, J. L. TILLMAN, MISS F. L. TUBE, T. J. WILSON, PETE YOUNG, R. H. ff' 'Z' I . ' Yr, D- 3 I I ,L II 5 I ,-'T 9 I 'if K- ' U 5 E Q. Q! at M .:j,,, M . T " f ' ' I E E H , .V 'I fr J If R. j. FIELD KON VVYATT H. D. MCDONALD Cfficers of Senior Medical Class RICHARD j. FIELD . .... . . . ..... President KoN WI'ATT ....... ...... I lice-Presfelcnl HERMAN D. MCDONIXLD . . Sccrelary and Treasurer GEORCE H. EWELL . . . . Historian Lg-f -' -'- f Dffgfr ff fr ff I D DEQ " f :nl 4' f JA! X I I V 5 -' , ' I Lxfj 'QQ Y! k1f' I f!57f?:? I ig? Q3 Qi fiff if 49' If Wx N U IW VL jf? I Y 'ii--:W 1 -:rn '- 'H Y ff J- ,Y V 1605 l 1 T T s. T ,Jw f F T X ' zz 'ifwwfff ff'3'T L I MX. H R 8 if J + LJ E TS S ' O Y , , 'G i 'l is 4 I. ,E -Q an 4 .J Sr V .5 1. 'fx 1. . 'a T u '- Q T. L. BENNETT l'. E. DUNCAN j. F. ARMSTRONG W. T. Bo:.Awn G. H. EWELL T, Senior Class JOE FLYNT ARMSTRONG, M.D. .... ..... . . , Waler Valley, Miss. " "II Ihf- rnsf-:nl hun' 1:1-I mx- n Ill" II1l"li"Tlll', lu Illini" ', KIT- lun- IIIIII, I'II IH- Tl,lllLI"4T.4' T ll' pnflml-' Vlulvg lhxxlwy Vlulv: Y' llvvw Irv: "lulv1 M'-fliw':1I4'I11h. TERRY LEE BENNETT, M.D .....,..,...... . jonesville. La. UXYITQTI stu-nuvx lvuwraslplguxf- llmu il In-:ut u11l:lllxlv1l." I' Me-1114-:Al l'I11l,, 4 ' W. TILDEN BOLAND. M.D. ..... . . .... . Calhoun City, Miss. ' "XYi!ln :ull zllvlvlizillvvs :mul mf HIS lv lnmtj' 3 Mwlirwxl 4'lulv1 AT1lSHllit' Vluln, PERRY EMORY DUNCAN, M.D., B.S. ........ . Oxford, Miss. . "Hut I um wmstznut us il NlPl'IIl4'l'I1 SI:ll'. I HI' ull--sv 1111+--hx'-fl .xml ls-sting quality 1 'I'I11-rv is nn Ifll-vw in the- lTl'Ill1lllI"Hl." I' M--lun! l'Im.hg XX'--sl lminl Vlulv. n 1 GEORGE H. EWELL, M.D. , ....... . Carmllnon, MQ, . "All llf-ll I-wlw luusv' 1 X. M. 1'. .X 1 I'l1i lim-lu I'i1 Vlnss llnslvlrismnp Yr-llwxx lhgg HIH1-1 rs' Vlulvg First l,iw1twl1ar1t Vu V T , cw 6 I I 4 ,Q sbs 'fi Y F-hx 1 E Fiifgxxxx "few f"7-n.-f2 K1 '-5Nr?f ' ,,--.e , r . N ,.x I, X, X Q C.-4-3554, fx if gh 3 , 71 ff, .V ,I , ,ff J f,.-- :Law - - J i- w f '. -f :. fy- J 'I "' X A .F L I I my . g '- I R. j. FIELD H. R. FARMER j. P. EVANS JOSEPH PATTON EVA NS, AIEKIIC "BI" Vlulvi Ili-11 :incl Iilui Huskvllvull and liaise-hull. S. E. Fu-:LD I. M. GRAVLEE Senior Class B.S., M.D. . .... ...... . Meridian, th-i 1nx'l+1't mem uni! IIVIIIVIII ilu' lllDI'I2IlI," VIIIIIQ "I '1'zipp:i Iiigug l'rim's N+-st 1'IuIs: Xkllsily Ifiiiilligill RICHARD JENNINCS FIELD, M.D.. . . . . . .CentreviIIe. "If'x':nmi-il In maki- XYMIIIVII Izllw-" rf-1-rvl:u'p llziss Iv--111 I'lw-sulwnt Mi-iluuznl 4'I1lSi, 'IT-'INL Varsity llnslwlluill, Ifiu-Ilnlll und Ilzlsi-bull, IM- li, Ii- lk: "AI" Vluhg II111114-.m, NI.--Iii-:il l'luIvg tliixwlf-xi Hull lhulril nl SAMUEL EUGENE FIELD, M.D ............ . Centreville. lilwwt with In-niywu, xxhiisif ulwliimliiil rziy, 1 'zm make- l1PIllHI'l'HXY vlmv-I,-rlul :ls 1iiiI'1x' HARRY REED FARMER. M.D. ....... . Como. Iii-11 :mil Illuf Vlulrg Sw-I--l'irx' xx'lII'II'I:l'IIIl4lIlI Vlull, IKIQ M. CRAVLEE, M.D. .NI3 mxlx' Iimvks XX'vui- xxii1m'n's Ifmlcr. ,Xml I"1vIly' :S :III III'-5 IJIIIQIII mi-" , :mel 'I'ui-.ls1l1wrvil' M- illvnl 1'lul-3 Ya-livww I'H:L S1 rulf llzusi-Iiqill .Amory, "'l'lw5 lzuxglu Iliail um." C625 Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss I -I i I 1 I I i I I i I I l 5 'I I 4 1 I i l V x.. , Gs, ,460 ESQ! . .5 F17 1j'jjf3fjE9 QE? xf U 4' . K 7 X .,.-'fri .QTL ., . ,I W.:-1,.-. ,,,Q:f.1.f-,b "Quin rw.-fif-Yfi.a:Lf4T?.,, " -' if wi' Q-5' V- fl 2553 i - ,Jar I TZ. ,U agp 3- '13 - 4 , .ju uf' NYigAtfv:- I. 7522-' 'I ,ff fig 1-3-1" o-1X'l-v.?'- 3 ,-Jl:.gN""" W. W. Hicks W. N. JENKINS S. J. HARPER, JR. L. T. KINCANNON J. A. Lixzo Senior Class SIDNEY JAMES HARPER. JR., M.D. . . . . . . . Vicksburg, Miss. Ulbrink, pretty 1-iw-atlxiu-, ilriiikf' XTIPP-PI't'SI4It'!lI .luniur Mr-nlival Vluss, 'ITL liwl and Him- Vluli. WILLIAM WYNNE HICKS. M.D.. . . . . . . . Byhalia. Miss. MAN. that is SIu1ly's gmllikf- Iwi-iiii11wi1sv." Vive--I'i'eHimleent I'l'i--Mwlivnl Vlussi Varsity: IQLISEIJIIII. 'Ili-'ITL "Rl" 1'luli1 Yii'i"-l'i'--siclviil Medii-ul Vluli: "I 'l'app:1 Kms," LEROY TAYLOR KINCANNON, B.S., M.D. ....... . Tupelo, Miss. "Holds lllv Q14-I ul' Sl'It'llI'v Iii' llle lull." Delta Tau Delta: Presidvnt Mi-dim-ul l'luli1 Rl-ll and Hliii- Vinh: Emil-ll lil' lwiiiliwil iii' "HIV Miss," 'IT-'INL I'l'UXV'S Nvst Vlulil "I 'I'zi1ip1x K1-uf' WILLIAM NATHAN JENKINS, M.D. ......... . Crystal Springs, Miss. "Thou lmsl no siirrow in thy song, N0 XYIIIIVI' is in thy ye-ar." BS. Dvgieo at Alabama Prvsbytvrizin Vfill--tix-3 Y. XXI. 4'. A, Vmxlin-il: Y. M, 1'. A. Vziliimll, '17-'IN3 Masnniu Uluhg Medin-al Ululig "I 'l'ap1ia Kifgf' J. ANSELMO LAZO, M.D. . . . . ..... . Nicaraugua, C. A. "XYliy, lwrw ii :I vlizmgw-, inflf-i-ml!" Mn-mlivnl Vluli. 1637 lk S-45 2-. A L 1,139 155 011- X W. R. MAY S. O. Mossuav F. E. LINDER H. D. MCDONALD j. Senior Class FELIX ELIJAH UNDER, Bs., M.D. .......... . . "lTpnii his lirmv shziimi is nslinm'ii in sit." Mwiii-:ll Viubg Y. Bl. f'. A. C'ul1m"il. WILLIAM ROSS MAY, M.D.. . . . . . ".Iny arisvs ii mv, like ri sm 1 i 1 in M1-din-:ii 1'luir1 Srruli Rusk:-lliall, HERMAN DAViS MCDONALD, B.S., M.D. . . . . "A prmiipav of iwiriii Assistant in 1'liys1.ilugyg Mesiival Vluh. SAM OLIPHANT MOSELEY. M.D. . . "Hi- taikvs thi- strmigvst lilu-rtii Hut xivvi-i' laik.-s his lmiu-." Xursily Iiusi-iizill, lu- lig Mm-miivaii iluhg brriib I-imlimll. IAMES E. RIDGEWAY. B.S., M.D. . . . . , As pl.uii 1 ai pikifs sl ti C645 E. Rmcwmr . . Oxford . . Amory, . Wheeler, Cuaimora, Lora, . . jackson, Miss. Miss. Miss. Cuba Miss. s. ,ff Ska f 1--P' ' fifw r'f2ff'34'1! t 'TE - , I ti' S - " H wfiz- .J ,i . 9 if ?, -X . ,A -- J c-g.z??.'Y..:-' ,.L,..3,q-A .,:-4-37 J Q 4 f , ' .- " f1'.",7.f,f1h Q3-,tb U ., 1 x, 'iw'--',6S7 ,UQ 'M LC' -Q N. 1 .. , -M Mk ..-' - - f """' -. -ug f .1 'Q' T. P. SPARKS A. D. Tisnaua -O. .C. RIGBY W. H. SISLER W. L. WILLIS Senior Class OWEN COMPTON RIGBY, M.D ............ . Beach. "I am nrvt in thc- roll nf l'4lI11l'Il1ll'l iiivnf' Medical lfluhi Phi Sigma: Board of Cfviitiwil nf Students' Cu-opt-iativn Cluh. THOMAS D. SPARKS, M.D. ................. .,laclcs0n, All of thrl IN?l'fllll1f'S ut' Arabia will not sweet-ti-ii this little lail. Rr-fl and Blue Vluhg Kappa Alpha: Mr-rlit-al Club: tji'iiu"s N-ist l'llll'I "I Tappa Kf'g." WADE HORTON SISLER, B.S., M.D. ......... . VVater Valley, "Vl'tJrtli makes tho man." Kappa Alpha: Rod and Blut- Vluhg Varsity Fuothall, '17-'JN ALFRED DENT TISDALE, B.S., M.D. .......... .Sumrall, "Silt-noe is the essf-ntial f-unditimi of happiness." Manaxzvi' of Students' V0-0DE'l'3liX'C Boarding f'luh: Phi Sigma: Mt-diva! Vluli. WALTER LAFAYETTE WILLIS, M.D. .,... . Hamilton, A in-C, small Y1Iif'f'.1 Merlin-al Club, '16-'17, '17-'ll C653 Misa Miss Miss Miss Miss his ff: ll CTT' flgfglf 5, I I ' 'wry 1 I if-ar'-2' J .-1-34.3 1 X. N' V: -V ukpivf 7' I 'N Og-n A-' , .vi X9 . -f 07,-, :D , i. bw ,,4:,?':-f: ,. - ff pa. 1 W, 9,61-:IM-' 5, .I-A Q -mv, - ' . . .-,W .'.,1f. ew'-.A -,'4 H my-, -552754 1 1 -. ,amy 1 J ' af: 51, 'Er .Nici-5 bf' 'Q-'gif ' . - - mf.-5 ,- ,fx '-3, A-gf, Q. 55 . KON WYAW R. E.. ELIOTT S. B. WOODWARD F, ADAMS Senior Class SAMUEL BEE. WGODWARD, B.S., M.D. . . . . . . Mmlim-:ll Vinh. KON WYATT, M.D. "SlII'E'Z,lllilH.Z' llimse-lf likv Pl glT'l'll hay t1'rw," "XVhiIf- ilu-n tho wurlul's lHillD uySlw-V, XX'l1iI'h I. With Sword, will upvllf' Yivf--I'rvsid4-nt Rlwlivul Ulass: M1-dis-:xl fflubp Vnplzxixl Cu. 'lei-'17 R. E. ELLIOTT, M.D. . Oxford, Miss. East Auburn, Cal. .Smithville,Miss. Kappa Vsig Alf-Ili:-:ul Vlulv: Simi'-nl ur I'l1ix'f-Vsily I-I 'l'vnn, "II.n11 vrs un-In--x'--cl lan' vxv-mul llmsl- lh:1l nn- vlwalu-11 F. ADAMS, B.S., M.D. 1 ................. . Kosciusko, Miss. lmlulu' Vllllllul Lulu- uxxny wlml shm' mlixl IIUI gixf-," 1667 i I 9 I 1 I i I l i r 5 I r J i I 1 1 'X X. . ,f,., , fm- MN A- ' 2-wth I . if iff -f L' I is 7! ' . I 1 X3 ji rg-if Q, 3 I A I History of Senior Medical Class .gm v N the Fall of 'lb 'there' was planted in 'the Medical Department of the N University of Mississippi a mixed collection of organisms. The purpose S , X 1 was, of those who were sending this material here.. to have cultivatedby - the processes of the different memberslof the medical faculty. a medical ly- 4 ' student, well versed and thoroughly drilled in the fundamental laboratory branches of medicine. These protoplasmic masses were taken hold of by the different faculty members and planted on the various media of the different departments. By Dr. Leathers they were planted on the medium of "Histology," and their growth was carefully watched by himg the strains all adapted themselves well to this media, and at the end of the second term Dr. Leathers was able to say that each and every member possessed a very good knowledge of the subject By Dr. Robinson, they were first placed on a media of bones, known in medicine as "Osteology." On this media all thrived fairly well, and the professor then decided on a richer medium of "C-ross Anatomy," and on this media all adapted them- selves, as only one or two strains failed to show the best of growth. During the spring term he used for cultivating them a media known as "Neurology," On this media most all strains showed peculiar reactions, but at the end of the term they were all turned loose, and Dr. Robinson asked that no more strains be planted. Dr. Wollette in his department had several media, consisting of "Organic Chem- istry," "Toxicology" and "Physiological Chemistry." On these media all the strains grew well, and the doctor called for no new transplants. Prof. Hisaw used for cultivation a media known as "Embryology," This media proved the most unfavorable of the year, but in the end only a few transplants were called for by the professor. At the end of the 'I6-'I7 term the various faculty members got together and made a diagnosis, that as a finished Freshman Medical class they are recommended tc have further examination next year in the media of the department. Dr. Decuaris then took up the work of Dr. Robinson and finished taking observa- tions of their growth on "Gross Anatomy," "Cross Section" and "Topographical Anat- omy," and after a few months the professor was able to say that they had all thrived fairly well. Dr. Rowland then made use of his medias, "Materia Medica" and "Phar- macology," and he thinks that with careful cultivation he will be able to turn out a good growth. Dr. Cuyton used in this department for growing media of "Bacteriology" and "Pathology," some peculiar reactions were shown, but Dr. Cruyton thinks that by his careful methods of cultivation he will be able to produce good results. Dr. Crider's uphysiologyn media brings out several peculiar idiosyncracies, but the doctor will be able to overcome those by his thorough methods. Another diagnosis was made by the faculty, and that was that these medias were now able to go away from UU. of M." as another Soph Medical class. Along the halls and corridors of our dear old school the echo of footsteps of the Medical Class of '18 will be heard no more. Others will fill the gap almost as soon as it is made, all will tread the paths of lofty ideals, bringing new laurels, new hopes and new ambitions. HISTORIAN. C673 'R X W x f-filflixzl c I , 7! C K I f EQ Z X HS S A. P. DURFEN' W. L. SHACKELFORD B. E. BOOKOUT OFFICERS JUNIOR MEDICAL CLASS Junior Medical Class OFFICERS A. P. DURFEY .... .... ...... P r widen! W. L. SHACKLEI-'ORD . Vice-President B. E. BOOKOUT .... . . Secrelary-Treasurer 17' qf JP Il 1 5 -1 I 3, 1687 9 X A ax' . TX -. ,- .,,L ' eq QTNN jf33f'1Q4gr 1 csv-'TNffT , ff .. Q1 ,-if . 'Pwr' P . I "'-- 4 JUNIOR MEDICAL CLASS junior Medical Class ROLL AVENT. j. K. GARCIA, H. D. RUSH. H. L. BICGART, j. F. GRIFFIN, j. M. SHACKLEFORD. W. L. BOOKOUT, B. E. HAMILTON, j. F. SMITH, M. j. Cox. C. L. MELLARD, T. R. WEBB. V. T. DAVIS, j. B. MILLS, M. W. WHITE. H. R. DELEON. P. T. MCLILLLAN, W. V. XVIGGINTON, M. C. DONA, P. j. PARKS, A. M. WILSON, T. B. DOUGLASS, j. j. ROARK, j. L. WOODWARD, C. B. DURFEY. A. P. ROBERTS. C. M. C693 I .- X xy C ll X M- I j W 7 I ' I 1 LE MISS I .-igni f " E 'Min ' -2 ,I A 'I'. IQ. BOSTILKK IQ. BURNS .-X, P. I3oI'I4Ix .-X. I3. CARNEI' S. II. CONNER S. C. CULPEPPER I. If. BREWER VI. P. DAVIS XV. L. DAVIS MISS RUTH DEAN XV. If. IfRAsELIR I". T. IIARVEY Igre-IVIecIIcaI Class R. L. IIAGERMAN I.. C. IIENDERSON C. O. I'IlNTON N. C. IIODCE I. A. Iourvsox A. If. IONES I. I". ,IONES I. L. INZELLUM N. IQELLY R. D. KIRK D. II. LANTRIP C. I. LEWIS C703 A D. I - W NN A I I I I. NK O I 2 . II. LITTLE METTS R. IVICDANIELS '. II. IVICLARTY '. IXICNEESE C. NEELI' . C. I'IGI-'ORD I I. RAY '. XV. RIN'EPS V. RUSSEL II. Yourxc. , I.. Cow,xRT 11 Vx Bax ,6 . -, ff- L Nvx ,ff fp-A K ,.N,, f ' . Wa' .1 'pf '?ff'ff-' ,, x ffm' x Q 2 , Q. ., ,P X 7 VEEY? .,-' K. 1 L g: XV,4.,T.2g7, iggsgp Q ,W J .-fr' ffmzaawl. 'QQIIJ A -, ' .i -'-. Ugg" ,g3"".ag f '9?'T'rr'-Tiff? - -. Q., .ann . - C. F. PATTERSON j. C. SHEEDY A. Z. GOLDEN OFFICERS SENIOR LAW CLASS Qfficers of Senior Law Class CHARLES F. PATTERSON ........... President JOSEPH C. SHEEDY ........ .... V ice-Presidenl ALEXANDER Z. GOLDEN ..... ARTHUR STOVALL . ffr Jsuiiuiz. Wm s . . Secrclary and Treasurer . Historian iiia ij 11-Ei gil!! Eli! E X .4 , iiiiilil ' 1 E R 0-1- NS Q, .-" I-.r ..I EQ f 1 A N S2 -4 N QS ' ,Q ' ,J , , V - U " 'Ph 'b 45 SNL ,fv" c' si Mfr .3925 Qh4:N7'Ew5-:- f Ap H ,. 7 A 4 y:..,f'.Zf. i.-5 fg",,, +I E' v I J EQ Z X KISS o-- X5 X I ., L. C. BRIDGES C. DAvis P. W. ALLEN j. H. CALDWELL J. L. DUNN . Senior Class P. W. ALLEN, LL.B. . . . ........... . Mineral Wells, Miss "I know naL1p:,I1l save fl'Il'lllIS and duly." I'hi Si!-Zlllfl Ililvwiry Sfwie-ty: I'Iii Sigma Hi'atm'. 'ICI-'14: S4-s'lwftzi1'y-'l'i'o'asllr1-1' Masulile- Vlulv, 'IT-'ISL llvwaiwl ut' imiitiwrl 1'u-u1vf-ralixw- li:-m'fliriL: Vlulug l,:iw I.iln':ii'i1m, '17-'18, LEROY CLIFFORD BRIDGES, LL.B. . . ...... . . . Yazoo Cily, Miss "Timm art in-igrln-il in thu- I-zilzimw .Xml art Iuuml wzmIim.:." "M" Vinh: Vuzivli Scrub lfnmtiizill Tr-am, 'lil-'ITQ I'l'4'SI1I1'llI "M" Vlulv. '17-'lxg Uaptain Ifimliiilll Tvanl, 'INVIIL QXIIIIPIIG' Ununvil, 'IT-'INQ lY,Iil't'l'I1Il' nf I'Il5'SICZiI l'llIllll'P, 'IT-'lN: llvrrnf'an l.itr-rury Sm-ivlyg Y. M. l'. A.3 I'rlwtu1'g Urfliizirln-.I IIHIHIZIIIIQ Guulrni Ilall Board nf Control, '17-'1N, j. H. CALDWELL, LL.B. . ......... Charleston, Miss "I um suli-ri' as il judge-," Rod and Blue Vinh. CLIFFORD DAVIS . .......... Memphis, Tenn "lla-zu' yn nut tho lium Ut' miuiiiy won-kinx.:N'."' I'I'l'SIlI4'lll II'-rnwaiiig lille-iw-uIlvi:.iz1tv lhivxili-r. 'Ill-'IT-'INQ II--rliiw-:ni 1'i'ilim Law Vlulvg Y--Iluu' Imgg Yin- I'i'1-sid:-nt A. S. YI. H.: S4'l'l'f'l1ll'X livivsililig Vniiiivil, 'IN' t'nui't liwlilwi' "AlissiNsippi:i1l," 'IXQ "Hin Miss" Slziffg xvIl'l"l,l'4'SI1ll'IIl .Iimiur l.:iw Flaws. IAMES LESLIE DUNN. LL.B. ........... Meridian. Miss "IPumm-:I lu vu-i'I:istiii3.: fziiiu-." Varsity lfwvlliall 'I'vum. '17-'IRQ Iluswlraill 'IW-am, 'Ili-'17, C729 , , X ,A-0 ere.. if 'Lim' QQ fi fy uwggf f ,few H wwf., 5 -. w,,""'9 if J -...fe 'iifwii' 1-'Tm-ff 49 6 1 -aww-9 fD'+'L- 5 - 3'1" J" ,J 37 RQ1.ekL,slx SQA ' 4 ,yy-5.4 11414 ,If-fliyw ' ll W fffqfbfi- "nl 427 'hifi' 'J' 5-' lf'--'33 , ,. ,, , nj.. rr: ,., 4 Q J viking, x fi f If 'PQ -21' .fffg,2vG2s:9f . X ..-lf vvdxxjly -go R. L. GEISENBLRCER A. Z. Goi.Dr:N D. B. FRIED - D. B. HOLMES Senior Class DAVID B, FRIED . . ............. . Vicksburg, Miss "It takes courage to lie fl lawyer." Yellow Dog: Law Clulug Ss-crf-tary Junior Law Club. ROBERT E. LEE GEISENBERGER, LL.B. .... Natchez, Miss "VVlin thinks loo littl--, And who talks Inn mum-li." Hermf-ang Pee YVeeg'Football and Baseball, '15-'UIQ Deputy Sheriff Mont Court: Law Club. ALEXANDER Z. GOLDEN, LL.B. .............. Walnut Grove, Miss "The law, it has honored us: may we honor it." Secretary and Treasurer Senior Law Flassg Attorney-General Law Club, 'IT-'1S1 Program l Committee. I l l DAVID B. HOLMES, LL.B. ................. . Meridian, Miss I 'That man that hath a lmiguf-. I say, is nn man ' If with his tongue he cannot win a woman." Q President Red and Blue Cluhg Honor Council, '16-'17-'18, l W. MATTHEW HUTTO, LL.B. ................ Waynesboro, Miss "God mafii- him: therefore, let hiin pass for a man." ,Eb L .,... 12 f , V df ff L 'f .'fi2f41' L X ,:', I I . l l l l i l l 1 l I . I i I l l l l I fb. I if . ,-, -M K. 5, y! J , I I It I FST V173 f -1-ffgffl fn?" s "rig f 1 if kt 5 ' 'i Nj? QQAZ.-P , it f ' YQ I W2 I fllfgffj ,lvjfv-S g vufcifl W- A -':-g,a-5- -.Tags . . 7 LJ I S 2 5 gg 3-its-Ili ,-,, 'I' '21'x.ff'j,:f Akzo ' 0 -as 4, N. MosELEY C. F. PATTERSON W. C. MCLEAN D. Moons S. W. Pouc Senior Class Miss. WILLIAM C. MCLEAN, LL.B .... . .,.... . Grenada, Liucl ul thy pi't'sw11t'v, and no lxxnel lveslilvf' HS. Millsaps thllvgn-L Si-niur Inmw- l'ummilli'v3 Plesinlrlll ol' I.:lu' Vlulal Rn-il and Hltw 1'lulig l'uoxx"s Ne-sl: "I 'luppsl K:-.L:"3 l'i lixtlipzt Allnlian. NILES MOSELEY, LL.B. ................... jackson, Miss. "Il' lu' In- mtl fvllnxx nl' this lnsst killxs, llwu Shall Iiml tlw king of lwsl I'vllows." Iiwl :tml Iilut- l'IulvL llwxklli-11111 Hlatvlistmw t'luli: I-Iomrl' Vuunt-il: Annual Iluzlrtl, 'IT-IIN: Iiasvlmull Muiiztgvr, 'IT-'ly lfimtliztll Iii-sv-rxi-s, 'I1-'ISL t'u:n'l1 St-rulr Iffiutlmll 'I't-am, 'IT-'lsg Slit-tiff Mimi Vi-urlg .lvni-il' I'rum, 'IT-'IM Sf-nivr lbztlu-is I'4llIlllllIlh't', 'IT-'IN1 "M" Vluhg lhnll' Vlulip .Xthle-tic' Vuiutii-il, 'IT-'INQ Yi-llmx' lion: N. N. N 1 'l'. A. Il.: Kappa Alphat. DAVID MOORE, LL.B. . .... . . . . . Oakland, Miss. "Ali-nw smut- lu IIIISIIIVSS sumti- in pliusltri-, lnkt-." Iizippn PVILQIIIJIQ Ili-tl :tml lilut-1 Law 4'It1lt CHARLES F. PATTERSON, LL.B. . . . . .... . Natchez. Miss. "lIv nmkvs il sililutlv. :mil 1-gills it ln-:lm-," I'lt'SIlI4'Ill f-'liiiil' l.ztxx' 1'l1lSs1 Vit'vAI'l't-wiililll l.:tw tllllw, Ifllig l.:lw Itlllllj lit-el :llltl Iflllvj ,X .X. A, II. SYLVANUS WILLIAM POLK, LL.B. . . . . Hattiesburg, Miss. "IIi- lllthllfllll :is at Sago, Iiul l't-ll its an mam." ILS. In-gi.-i-, Nlississippi IH-llisgi-3 lristxi--t Alt-u-in-y ot' I.:tw It-ilizirtnwmp It--il :mil Illin- Vlulvg Xi-'i--l'uw-sul--lil I.:txx Vlulu 'I. .X II. 'AI 'lktltpai Iii-gf llvrmi-am: Ibislim-li-in. C747 QX, C - Af ," iXk 1"f,ff.",v A "'-fi-,V 55155 f ll 1:21:14 'RD - 1 't?"'11 ' I V54 qv Qazaf f L, 5 71 ia K .J ,. ' bjxga , F:7'g,2j.9 1'-ig ,g--.w "mff3',f,gr,gf.f'aIf!-4-'-'f 1-if QT N 1- A' 'iff ' ' ,-f"i"f?' .finefm :LQ 5 -fel.: 45,47 x.. - ,CMI , ' -1 ' ni. ., mf. ,043 .gs-Xilif -1 1 1 ,W 4 Y, X ,, f . "Q 1,g'.:.,X:,?-1:55 .,04,iYq', " - . Y. All - A b .I V . 0-Q Q- ' 1 . . B 'vw ' E. B. SAULS EDWARD D. SAULS, LL.B.. "As 1-211111 Law Club: He1'i11ea11. JOSEPH C. SHEEDY. LL.B.. j. C. SHEEDY A. STOVALL Senior Class il as quiet as a Sllllllllkl' vvllvllilll iiig .X 111.111s. 5111111 Ch11l'iu'lL'I' is tho u'1114I1l's 1-111111111111 If-gait-y." l'u-ope1'ative- l3oa1'tl of Voiitmlg Hunui- l'0llIlf'il S1-niiw l,21w Vlzxss, '17-'INQ ViC't'-1'l4l:'SiflHlll Phi Sigma: Vice-I'1'esiflent Law Clulm, 'Mig I'l'PSidC'lll Law Club, '17, ARTHUR STOVALL, LL.B. "Fair tr:-sses IIIZITIIS iiiiperial iam- 1-11snare. Aml beauty draws with a single hair." rook71aven. Weir, . Sardis, D. K. E.: Presiil--nt Jllllllll' Plass: Svc'1'eta1'y-T1'e-asurer Sopliomoro Class: Scriblwlersg Y. M C. A. Couric-ilg Historian Senior Law tflassg R111 and Blue: Seciw-ta1'y-Treasuroi' Scrihhlers. JOHN L. TOLER, LL.B. . . Ilwolxfrl to 1'11i11 or 1'11l1- the Stalin" livd and Bluif Vlulig IfL'l'lllCHllQ "I 'l'ap11z1 K1-g"3 Distiiiclioiig Bvta The-tai I'i. C757 . Biloxi, Miss. Miss. Miss. Miss. . ,fa - ff' f Nc "7 ll Cf me .. Q 2 5 N' j ,, Q,,,,,T:.lJ I, Q 3 Y t Y ' I 1 1'4'- .-V, V V, -,sy---,r ,N Cin' --,S,1,j,i wr., LJ E I S S Tl i ii !f'f:1f53 ig? V ' .'2s"fr -in y , History of Senior Law Class I A lorg trenuous years of earnest preparation for life s bulfetmgs and now while the world r swathed in the smok and fire of almost endless att e T last the Class of 'IS has come to the turning of the lane,.has completed lf 1 Y l A , 5 9 v l ' ' ' 's ' e b l - Lt gqfiirg- q fields, its members separate into the various avocations of life and become more actively "architects of fate." And on the eve of entering these new paths of exist- ence, before finally turning away from college life and its associations, some account of the deeds of this class should be made. But to him who would be so ambitious as to attempt this task comes at once the question: Which of the numerous achievements of these students shall be included in this memorial, which omitted? For, looking backward through the months and years of earnest endeavor, the eye is dazzled by a profusion of accomplishments whose brilliance is surpassing. And in truth, of such number and consequence are they that several volumes the size ol this would be required were they adequately chronicled. So the effort would be futile, and the historian is not so presumptious as to attempt the delineation of those scenes and incidents which are so vividly and permanently imaged in the minds of his classmates. But the fame of this group of students will not suffer by this defection, and already the faculty is realizing that with the graduation of 'IS "there has passed away a glory" from the school. Let the conduct of the members of this class but remain pitched upon the same high plane that it has occupied during these years, and no one of its own members will be called upon or needed to keep its memory green. So let us conclude with some expression of the thoughts that fill our minds as, these last few times in the capacity of students, we gather on the athletic fields, in the classrooms, the dining halls, in chapel, and in the various activities of college life. It is not alone with anticipation that we view the coming years marked by the development and application of the powers cultivated here, but there is a certain sadness, which, however heartfelt, is not depression, that arises upon contemplation of the realizations and disappointments that have befallen us, the friendships and associations that have been formed, which, all, are as lasting as life itself. Memories of these halcyon days will often fill our reveries in the years that are to come. "Tears, idle tears, I know not what they mean, Tears from the depth of some divine despair Rise in the heart, and gather to the eyes, In looking on the happy Autumn fields, And thinking ol the days that are no more." HISTORIAN. C763 'fha g U LE MISS!! I T CRAWYlE5 I B IVICRAND E XXARD umol Law Class OFFKERS -3- l I Q .W g W "1 JP I X C779 XX X , , 41 N 5 j 7! J mia MISS Junior Law Class ROLL CALDWELL, IVI. I". CARR, I. IVI. CRAWLEY, j. T. CRENSHAW. j. XY. IJENTON, C. I.. IIESTER, C. L. IVIAYHELD, C. R. IVIoN'rc.oMEm', I". B, IVICRANEY, Il. IS. PARK, I". B. PIGFORD, XV. I.. SQALES, C. IVI. XVARD, Miss Il. XVHITTEN, I.. D. XVRIGHT, D. S. XVOUNC, I". VV. C735 was wr E 5 P WSQQ. ,Tm A' Ars ,9f,f?5,r 7, T' lf 'I X -, in 'v V - I ma.. ., L , , elif' f L 71 f. ,. .Z r 2 Q' -f-TWP? K,-Slfjffzi -J'-y -,4--W' x . ' . , v, 'rv .J egg. 4,ff-AML. Jsffm. . 1 L ' .Q 4 -"wg "T ' ?1':11'ir11fJ -. 1-' -1 xx.wl,,:,1r r .,i"a-. L , . v L '1 - XX-.-,-, , ,L -I: ' .H Ag fi r 9 lh!Il??'l-L!'L"T" 19 . EL- '- ,. , f D. j. SIMMONS W. W. DUNN j. E. FONTAINE Officers of Senior Engineering Class DONALD J. SIMMONS . . , . . President WILLIAM WHEELER DUNN ..... .......... V ice-President JOHN E.. FONTAINE . . Secrelarp aml Treasurer L ,al I 3 5 . 5 pg "fa NG D 2222555-,isles r 0' E L QM Ei i sl-,fxizw R i ' I' , ...SE 'I' V :yi i N " f G , C797 gn' f 5159 Ni em , .T fl. .Q 55:1 sw- D-S55 FT? Zisli, 1. .5 1 5:5 1.4,-ff .Q .381 ,-. fb.. ., Q- f - K pf- Lg-'1' , TTT? fl Q11-"' . X' I . :rf-J Q52 Qimgj 3-I c.W-Q!fJJ-?fS 'LT 3:1 , Lf QL:-2 5.31 'S 3: Ui -.r3.": ' Hz fit-fs:-1 I I f I O 1' I ' 1 . 1 ' is 1 Kimi" - . 4, ...ik ..,x,s,,. M X 'mix-,VX ' "7"' My JI' I , "1 I I I . W. W. DUNN H. S. MCELRO1' XV. A. BONNE1' I. E. FONTAINE D. j. SIMMONS . Semor Class WALTER A. BONNEY, B.E.. ............... . Enlerprise, IVIISS. "'I'I1l111 wi-:11' 11 Iilv11's Iiiflvf Ill-IT It IIHI' sI1:1111-'Y ,X11iI il I1:111q :1 1':1It's sIi111 1111 tliiisli 1'.-11.-11111 limbs," 12111111111 lil lm, "Ir", Y. M,1'. .L 1m1111l-il, 'Ili-'lT, 'IT-'Iv l'1i11li.iy 4'l11lig N N, N, WILLIAM WHEELER DUNN. B.E .............., . Oxford. Miss. "I.i-NI, 11'-- kwin 11I1z1t 11'i':11'i-, l111l Ii11li11 11111 11I1:1I 111- IIIIIX lily' Yi-'I'-I'1l-sill-A111 Iimgizilil-111114 "lass, 'IT-'IN JOHN E. FONTAINE, B.E.. ......... .... . . . Raymond, Miss. "I'II 11111 :1 girdle- :11ll1111lI :1Ii.i11I lI1l- i1:11'lI1 I11 I'+11'ly 111i11111l-s." N.-11's Iilliliir "Nlississi1i1ii1111," 'ITQ lflllillvr'-I11-4'I1i--1' "AIIssissi1111ia111," 'IT-'INL .XSSISIIIIII ICiIi1l11' "Hhs MHS," 'IT-'INQ I'11-s1lI1s111 Fl-1'iIiIil--rs, IM1:11wI lil l'li11l1'lil lil' "1lIi' Miss," 'ITJINQ A. S. Ii, H., Iivll :1l11I IiI11-4 l'I11l1g I'I11 Sigma .X1111i1'l-1's:11'i:1r1g 'I', A. Iig Sv--1ll:11y 111' IC11p4111i-o-1i11g: Vluss, 'IT-'IN. HUBERT STANLEY MCELROY, B.E ....... . Oxford, Miss. "I'Z1i-ny lllllll is liiIlI," Sw1'11I1 Ifiilillinll 'l'v:1111g 1'I:1ss Ii:1sl-l1z1II2 'Il'1111is IIIIIIPQ SIlI1I"IlI Ill-I--u:1li' I-1 Il. S. NI. N., l,ii111s1iII.-, Ky.: Varsity If-I-illmll, 'IT-'INZ I. XV. XX. DONALD I. SIMMONS, B.S., B.E. ............. . Magnolia, Miss. "liI1, it is I-xl-lsll-'11l I-1 I1:11.- :1 p4I:1111's slri-11gII1." "I 'I'up1141 ling", I'1l-sill-,111 Svsninx I-I11x.:i111---1'il1p: Vlzxss. C807 I I J I I I I I I t I l l l I I I I I I I I I l I I I I I 1 . I I I I I I I I I I I F5 r Qs . , SX. 5355 sew rf-422,911 , , ima , J Q5 -.9553 ., vi. Q fee. N3 it 'ssh iff? alt v. we c , .,. .J s- Q 'sw f H:-'fs-..f:.ig":rags-114,-7 tag?-411311 rg -'f5'Jg5"' H1 lri'11?T'.f1A?' ' -fe-'3t+,"'5.fIi W.: if at-3.1151 Q, 1-,ixgss " .vi -,..-A,,.,fi,-25.95 s 'x -f-:L ff 3 E .N.41. History of the Engineers No proposition Euclid wrote, No formulae the textbooks knew, Will turn the bullet from your coat Or ward the tulwar's downward blow. -Kipling. if --F 7, E. are inclined to disagree with Mr. Kipling-in fact, we prefer to disagree with him-for it looks like war for the most of us-and after the years :i x X we have spent in the pursuit of the elusive formula-well, it would simply Ig.Jiki::g be what Sherman said war was to give serious attention to those lines. Ours has been no royal road to learning. For the past four years our path has not lain through the daisy fields where sweet singing birds or babbling brooks taught us our lessons. All that we know about babbling brooks we learned from Hydraulics: all that we know about songbirds we have learned from the music of Church and Malcolm and Turneaure-and we leave it to the Class of 'IS if that isn't some music. Assuredly ours has been no journey to Parnassus, for now that we are running our last contours around the summit of our education, we find no inspiring music or poetry to speed us on our way. All that we have to repay us for the lrip is a plentiful supply of formulae, an abundant amount of theory, a fund of dry, scientihc information-an education, in fact, which has more of truth than poetry in it, but which may enable us to at least add a little to the comfort of our fellows and bring one more smile to the face of the earth. We are only five B.E.'s to be. We-"Pinkey" Bonney, "Double Dunn, "Ole Man" Simmons, "Honorary" McElroy, and "jawn" Fontaine--have shared many more or less happy classroom hours and many other unquestionably happy expe- riences during our brief sojourn at Ole Miss. As all roads lead to Rome, so our paths, converging from many angles, led to Oxford. After graduation we will "hie us hence," after the fashion of engineers, to parts unknown and widely separated. We may meet again in the trenches and exchange a few reminiscences between shots. But wherever we may be, we will always be thinking of you-Ole Miss. We shall always be grateful to Dr. Hume-to the nth power-for the wonderful things he taught us to do with math: to Dr. Dorroh for not being as hard as his reinforced concreteg to Prof. MacLeod for what we know of babbling brooksg to Dr. Kennon for the shocking things he taught us about electricity: and to Prof. Matthews for our perspective. Who can tell what the future holds for us? No one knows. But whether it be war or business, "over the top, and the best of luckn is the parting message of your Historian. CSU v K U LE MISSUF L 45 4 S74 144 1 rn Q-I . CI 5 CD -U :s -A-I CID on C Z' CD GJ Engn C829 4 2 Scosn L. j. ER, LIND 1.9 UTHRE, G N,W.W UN D XV. A. NEY, BoN w Q SIMMONS R . :J fi ld m O E 4 F-' rf 0 U1 an 4 u -1 L.: I -1 UNN, D .S.H RS Bows HAREN. C. A. MCC N. M. ES EW H , XV. B. FLYNT BRYAN, G. D. TURFITT, T. gf.: WEBB, XV. T. " WINN, L. E. ' ig, .,l:fl5 ,fp ,,f N.l?4ha?Nf' lr xi-1 . 4,pw-Y A ' G75 P' u Lnov. H. S. MCE P. Il Hicks .E. J E. FONTAIN PBELL, W. CAM Ks, R. K. AR P I? Hom-uNs, GREEN, L. W. Dormol-I, W. E. X J X .fi FQ ,A f fxw 2 f'f4f T11 W CTT g ii K 1 X Y gi., .- I N. J Xx , r --,A .J C LE fXX1 55s ,. 1 C. . P, If E. A. MlxoN H. C. BAILEY H. E. Cox Offxcers of Senior Pharmacy Class EDGAR A. MIXON . . . Prcsfdcnl OSCAR G. ROUNSAVILLE .... ....... V ice-President HARTWELL C. BAILEY . . . Secrelary and Treasurer HERMAN E. Cox . . . . Hislorfan Eafifffwa a a a a IFC MH-F L 6 .L !il lava: - 1 5 Q Q I C833 A2 , W 1 GSE kf1f4?!fl QS? -- !ff33 .f My P " ?fi3f lvl www 'v"'2" I 1 'T' 1 l 33'-535' 'F' Wifi? 'KW '53 'Riff A 2'.sg- - . 5 , Yyfqaf NTT 57 ' if -.1111 FQ li S fig.. fx' flag. ,I Q. - ..g' ff fm is 3355 f Cin.. I A. ' ANI- ,lm .Q O I . Q' K . I . H. E. Cox E. A. lVllxoN H. C. BAILEY W. F. GRIFFIN j. A. PENTECOST Senior Class HARTWELL CARR BAILEY, Ph.C-. ,,... . . ...... Colleeville, 'ZX lift- uf Ivisiliw- :mil ll Iilk- nl' Iizippiii.-ss uw tum 1IIt'fI-ri-lil lllllll-ZS." I'r--sid--nt of I'nin-rsity 1'Iiui'imn-1,-Litical .Xssi-riutimig So-1-lwlziry :mul '1'rv:isul1-1' uf Se-uim' 1'lI1lI'llIlil'j' Vlzisas. HERMAN E. COX, PILG. ............... . Arlesia, "I vlzirv do :ill that man' If--4-Imnv ai mum: XYIHI Ilurvs ilu iiiurv, is IllDll1'." I'li:u'rmu'4-ii!in-ul Assn:-iaitiuiig ILS. at A. .Q M.: Mzlswnis- Vlulv: "UlI- Miss" Stuff: Ilutlziliuxi .Klljutzintg Fluss Iiisturiun. WILLIE FRANKLIN GRIFFIN, Ph.G. ......... . Olive Branch, ".hiulIi-fi' gwul 11lwu'Ii:1mI ruin-'1I." EDGAR ALLAN MIXON, Ph.G. ................ Heidelburg, "II1- was Su guml I14- we-uI1I plvur I'lIS4'XVZll1'l' on :L Iliad." Y. M, V, A. Vllllllvilj 1'1'a-simlm-ut Svnim' l'Iml'iiizlry Vlaissg I'l1ix'n-rsily l'llZlI'IIIllt'L'llli1'ill Assn 1-iutimi. JAMES ANDREW PENTECOST, Ph.G. ........ . Carrollton, "Hur vuiitmil is our In-:st I1zivii1::." Y 'XI 1' A f'nlll1n'll C847 Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss QL Qs 1 Q In d -' My I .155 EEE? '-' -42 xi-Eiga X11 5 amy' ' 111- V 'I J '.. Qgiyf 14l.Sw.? 5135. ,, 2i?3f X. Yi? gig, '1i5'fvf., 1.3.g,o- vfuxg-. J Qg,y,,. :rl-QM'-Q M Pqr- 7, iq.. ..: -7' M.,-V' .,,,.'. ci py r' rggfdfwf., vw .v .,,' ,. .., .1 mggu .-f f , Q, Q.,--, L ,Q , .. L.. 'N g3v,..a-, ,'s..w1 .-2-,.,v XR, O. -, uf, 5 A fx- -fl.. -fs,-er, 5.4 1, . '-L e'q'Pe.-we 57 " offzlhix 'f' 0--X-NH., x,JN,.li. I A. SIMON M. C. STOVALL RowAN LEON FRANKLIN ROWAN. Senior Class Pho ......, . "XYhy, man. Shv- is mine- own: Ami 1 um rivh in ll2lYil1Lf such fl ,in-wi-I?" Prvside-nt .Iuniur lV'h1ll'lll5ll'j Vlzassg "Al" Vluhg Varsity lfooll-all. '17-'lxg Vnivf-rs nmzuw-utim-ul .Xssuuiutimng SQ-rub lfuotlmll, '15f'InL, ABE. SIMON, Ph.C. . . . :S :.' I " "st :nude man." I.1m 1 tru Rx nntun hr Pe-fb XVQQ Ifmltlyallg Ph:1r'm:u1y .Xss1wiu1i1mg Vluss I'kusvlnall. WILLIAM RODNEY SISK, Ph.G ............. "Many dn-ummm! not to rind, ne-ith--r .IQ-se-rxvnl And yn-I zxlw- ste-egfml in l':u'm's," Varsity Ras.-hallg Varsity Football: l'hitl'lHHK'1'lllii'2il Asslwiatiwrw. MACK G. STOVALL, Ph.G. . "Il.- trmlg.-nl along. unknmving what hw sf-ug And whistle-11 as hm- went. for want ul' though r'h3l'l'I'H.lf't'UliA'1'l.l Association. C853 Baldwyn, Miss. ily Phar- Natchez, Miss. Ox ford, Miss. Saltillo, Miss. Q 2, , Sag - ef kde, T175 'T,w:'ff Q'--. ' L .r f C ,xiii-9 71 , -so istxfi 9 etifffr 'iff 'ts if is History of the Pharmacy Class N September, l9l6, we became a part of the life of "Ole Miss" ,X i with an enrollment exceeding that of any Junior Class in Phar- i Qxjl, , LL macy in the history of the institution. N' Jak " During the course of the year many of our number left us, some answering the call of the Nation, some the call of Cupid, and others no doubt "the call of the wild." Although this was our Hrst year at the Univer- sity, we took active part in all activities, and in academic work we were sur- passed by none. We also did good work in athletics, furnishing three men for varsity baseball and one for scrub football. Passing to our Senior year with a somewhat more dignified air, we again assumed our duties. Many of our number did not return, and as in the days of our fathers, there was a survival of the fittest. This year we had the honor of organizing "The University of Mississippi Pharmaceutical Associa- tion," an institution organized for the purpose of promoting the interests of our profession. ln academic work we have met the requirements creditably: in athletics we stand on a par with the other classes of the institution. We, as most Seniors, are looking with pride to the clay when we will receive our diplomas for which we have labored so hard, but there will be mixed with that joy a sorrow. We realize that on that day we must part, perhaps never again to be united, and shall pass into the greater school, "The World," to share the responsibility with those who have gone before us. HisToRiAN. 1863 A 12. SEX .. c:g?fN.- f'4'fQ L K f 159 - " .lf fl fliflr ,""z' W A J K I 9 ...Yr . g C V 11 X --.-f- LE MISS r-' XJ- . ' -..'5,,' ', K . 4 v.-C' JUNIOR PHARMACY CLASS junior Pharmacy Class OFFICERS F. NV. NOBLES ........ ...... . . Presfdenl Miss A. M. BIRCHFIELD . . . Vice-President J. H. ELLIOTT . . . . Sccrelary-Treasurer NoBLEs, F. W. BIRCHFIELD, Miss A. M. CARLTON , M. M. . A !3i A fa? rs. 5 gags W.: C873 CARTER, D. T ELLIOTT, j. H Mosan, C. S. V 1 I l K . r- -,-.Q ff' -,Tk 457' K I c X , - u lx AQ - , ' -' cxykx X - f ,3 ,iff J QQ' T' : L - J dj- xx .G-rpg., xg-':i.1,?'1- g+ ,.. " Qqfhgf f Q' ' ' -mf? Ufzfl -.. 1 f - A I f 'Jwgff ,-wfgw 'G P1 " if :Iliff 111 Qp'3:r'-fnj gr ggkigp ' V Q. ' ' I . l 3 .. - lvl C853 ESE. MSE W W me 1 ' 'V AK ' ' f ,. ff T' NB' M 35' A' 1 Afr -Y 1 x qf' 'iw "x 1: .1 5 ,v 4 K 4 I vm X H Jyw 1. 1 5 5 A W var W 1 I 512. 'fl L ne." --L .. f 25 qv 41.9 .1 S'-SQ - bw! -fhiffixi .' 'lc 1 L,-1. QQf,Q' cgi.: Mvgijf rx , r . . . hi: '-f-EQM QQ: "vm ki A v , 3 ,x , - S I xl 1 2.21. .-.'..1: a v 1 .F thjq. Qt. PUBLICATION S 'OLE MISS " "THE MISSISSIPPIAN " r 'X u in Cf! ,- X 3 E. LE MISS!! 1 fi' fi, I 2 if .-,bv .i Y'-an YT, if Nifigk gp.-,ax wg, wax, ' ' , x. 42.1. Lv 45:5 M. :f"y'?q ,A f,,., E. w HQ. fe r A4 ' fn .pi 2.24, Rig: ii Y Igrijffi 4 ,H wwf W , Q A-.'Y'gL Q rv. ref e , '2 E: 5. V H vi. I 3 , yawn fx ' EW hd' ' ,x.a,:v.1 , f",a' Y K "OLE Mlssf' EDITORIAL STAFF C923 R ,A V ' Af -fffsefwf Qiisfyw rj rf 'E ' 635.7 , , gifs-il! ... Efgifg 77 -.3f.1 P V7-:fl 9-55-53 Q5'ffZ1, '1.'T7'p J? 9 "f.:25,,. Elf-WH 's 'Qffxzfzf ,W rf' :fin w'A.1.' 4-' 'E Q Wim .swf wb,-,s..fLI wi sofa-, -A 5565 gmw ww z, N-.1--1.44-wi-fmtszr 'I' Q: ffm fs L ,,- A ' -W x . A '-a-'. Ole R. C. JACOB . . . .. ART DEPARTMENT j. E. FONTAINE. . MISS MYRA HUIvIE . . MISS ELAINE WARD . . H. M. LONG .... BOOK I-UNIVERSITY j. S. DUNCAN .... HUGH MCCAIN . . . BOOK 2-CLASSES HUDSON KYLE . R. j. FARLEY . . E. S. LEWIS ...... BOOK 3-ORGANIZATIONS D. S . W'RlCHT ..... MISS GERTRUDE LASSITER . . E. R. joBE ..... BOOK 4-ATHLETICS CLIFFORD DAVIS . . . E. L, COCHRAN ..... BOOK 5-MISCELLANEOUS R. G. BUTLER ..... MISS ELIZABETH MCDONALD . THURSTON RIVERS .... BOOK 6-MILITARY H. E. Cox .... R. B. HoUs'roN . . Miss Staff I9 33 s.. Editor-in-Chief . Editor . Assistant . . Assistant Photographer . Editor . Assistant . Editor . Assistant . Assistant . Editor . Assistant . Assistant . Editor . Assistant . . Editor . . Assistant . . Assistant . Editor . . Assistant eb. , A. BSE 2'T'ffx1' 'llff I k.,?x . I ' dv. - A -L V f fl? qivfgx' J , Q-'fir -TL ifzj-F3 ui gjf, ' 'fffi-,'f4Q""7'l : - T3-I-L. -' . ' .77 .f- , 4.- 1 Q:f:j'f,:,iY , 1 -.if V P . - . A '- - - . 'X Us wx! affix airs- C -gig DQS " , B.. ' ' '?:rm:'f n s. Lv.. f"-5iTfT'1'f 'J C6131 Vine- , '.'-,S ,A 'f X-33:,:.4.I,:g pf: 5-Lffgxxv? km, mfg tx 774, .. - - vip 9 'K I-54"-1 -- 1 i C943 ex A Lx Aff! ll GW N Q-230' f Jf C, Q X ff"iff9 7 1, Q' "'f",f . ,J '- , vxfv,-f-y fx '1 - - '-"V ' ' 1' 759 F , V .4 , . Y Tny, . X '-v:5?f5G.,AQ? Fig -My i i . 4 . 'x--'. C953 . ,Ti I . . 3 I for ' .fr mf P My FT 'Zz ' Y x , SSW' 3'f"Y"f', 'R F 1f7 I 1 t! QQsEZ5g'5i7xf5Eqa ' 11.35 eg, P GCN .fl 'fgrf 5' :HQ 19 ff' j. E. FONTAINE - , ,. :. 'A X 'fax-'11 Mississippian Staff . . . . Editor-in-Cl.ief E. R. ,IOBE ..... . . . News Editor E. L. COCHRAN ..,. . . Sporting Editor R. C. HOWARD ....... . . . Chapel Editor Miss C-LADYS BRYAN . . . .... Co-Editor Miss GERTRUDE LAssi'rER . . . . . . . Society Editor Miss ELAINE WARD ........ Y. W. C. A. Reporter . T. CRAWLEY ........... . . Military Editor Miss RUTH DEAN . . . . . . Contributing Editor SELAH HAWKS . . . . Y. M. C. A. and jolge Editor E. L. COCHRAN . . ...... Hermaean Reporter R. Ci. LORD ..... . . . . . Phi Sigma Reporter CLIFFORD DAVIS . . THURSTON Rivtans C969 . . . . .courl Editor . . Campus and Faculty News 'X K rf U , LE MISS .3 . ,lt 'ffy V! MISSISSIPPIAN EDITORIAL STAFF C973 X- JA vi- 15 -2 H P5 ,, Qililfx my f . I JJ I , . S c "'-'7'?a15"'ts" ' ' Y t-c y .., The Origin and the Growth of the A. S. B. O. Ms! began activities within the student body and have continued unto the present x vb day These student activities of the various kinds that have existed here in l years past were student activities, such as existed and do exist in all student J IROM the 'beginning 'of the opening session of the University of Mississippi, .1 'tl .. . . . . . Q t, ,ff ' Q . ' ,gi , . . . . . --A bodies of universities and colleges. They grew up around and were manip- ulated through definite organizations of clubs and fraternities. The wishes and mind of the student body were expressed by means of these definite organizations. They were the framework of the student body. These groups largely controlled and looked after the interests and welfare of the members of their groups, pushing them forward and encouraging them to leadership when they needed to be encouraged, and restraining them when restraint was needed. For more than a half century, fraternities and club organiza- tions stood as the framework or tent poles within the student body. When, by the act of the Legislature of I9IZ, fraternities and secret club organiza- tions were abolished by the University of Mississippi, the framework of the student body was removed. It stood in a tottering, unsupported and unsettled condition. The young alumni had become divided, athletics became disorganized, the Annual became disorgan- ized, the weekly publication wasn't properly supported, interest in the literary societies became demoralized, even the Y. M. C. A. did not escape its effect. There were strong factional feelings and prejudices among the students toward each other. Student activ- ities and organizations were left in a divided, disorganized and chaotic condition. There was left no organized way or definite channel through which the student body as a whole could express its wishes and desires in a clear, open and representative way. There existed within the student body a lack of co-operation towards anything-there being a general feeling of dissatisfaction and unrest. Men and women graduated from here feeling that there was something wrong somewhere. Some criticized the faculty: some knocked the good old institution, with its beautiful campus and grand and historic oaks, that had trained not only them, but in many instances their fathers and mothers before themg others felt like the grand old institution had gone to the dogs. Few, if any, really stopped and analyzed themselves and the true situation, and then tried to help reorganize things within and help boost and push back up the hill the institution that was such a large part of them, and that would largely shape their future. tlf any of these men happen to see these feeble lines, will they stop and think a moment right here?D Such were conditions for two or three years. A change had to come. With the coming of R. H. Legate to the University in the session of l9l5-I6, the Y. M. C. A. was taken from a chaotic condition and gradually reorganized, and has become well supported. In the spring of l9l6, a small group of students, becoming interested in the improvement of the Mississippiari, worked out a plan for its organization on a permanent business basis. It resulted in an improved publication and excellent support by the student body and University authorities. In the early part of the session of I9l 7-'l8, a plan for the reorganization and putting of the Annual on a permanent and more businesslike basis was worked out and adopted. Growing out of a misunderstanding between the student body and some of the officials of Oxford, it was definitely realized there was in existence no channel through which the student body as a whole could express its wishes and take concerted action C983 -. Ffh. .f J Q 3 -.ffififwf 7' is 'fif CJ lv? X ' fff,,V??T,iiZf' .E 4' 'uf-ffzff..' .f'f'f.ffv:fi3 J 1 I 1 E29 IS S 'A f..,p,.:,-:',,,,., V when it was necessary to do so. If it tried to lake action as a whole, there was no regular support for it to rest upon. It had been taken away in I9lZ. As a result of this realization, there was submitted and adopted, in November, I9l7, a plan for an associated student body organization, through which matters that were of interest and importance to the student body and University, and where concerted action was needed, could be brought up, discussed, deliberated upon and concerted action taken. The plan of this organization consists of four officers elected by the student body at large, viz., President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer: an advisory council consisting of the four officers, the presidents of the classes of the various departments in the University, and three additional members appointed by the President from the student body at large. The first work of the A. S. B. O. was the organization of the moving picture show on the campus, which has since proven an entire success. The next step was the bringing about of the reorganization of the Athletic Association and putting it on an excellent, substantial and businesslike basis, such that it is meeting with the best support and co-operation of the faculty and student body that athletics has had in years. Had the A. S. B. O. stood for nothing more, these accomplishments made it more than worth while. But happily it means a great deal more than the reorganization of the Y. M. C. A., the Mississippian, and the Annual. These have all been very good and important, but haven't and cannot take the place of the old framework that supported and consumated these activities for more than a half century. The A. S. B. O. is the one thing that can be built up to take the place of that which has been removed, and form another framework for activities of the student body. The framework and foundation is laid for higher and bigger things within the University, and for it the future holds the organization of a general honor system, and eventually student government, such as exists in many of the larger universities of the country. It thus lays the foundation for the organization of a liver, a more effective and interested alumni, with a greater reverence for their Alma Mater and a keener interest for the University in the success of its alumni. D. R- JOHNSON. 518 Suv I' ,B . P H .A Q :tram an C993 iff' 3 . fe?q?f1, XJ fn-X 1 1 XX ff- -Q., K 'l U f I jf' 3 4, g V . xx ,, grisgst f - ' 4 ff L Hr Q f .M 2f f"HSaS ' 1 13. -,Q OFFICERS OF THE A. S. B. O. CIOOJ r 1 'jq X S 1.4111 ,' o J' 1: " Cya.. ,wh I "A3SH'. 4.4.1-f"3'AYf?'B v.- -1- 'Ye gjbsovy J. T. CRAwLEY . J. R. DUBERRY . E. S. LEWIS . . R. J. FIELD. . S. H. KYLE. . MCKINSTRY, G. C. JOHNSON, D. R. MCRANEY, E. B. .:.f..:. , ,f 1 ,frf2Qfp PE I H ii A-531 ., b I,.f.T,,fjf3',q-Qg.'A2jg? . . . President D. R. JOHNSON ...... . Secreiary . Vice-President MISS ELIZABETH MCDGNALD . . . Treasurer CLASS REPRESENTATIVES . .Senior Lilerary H. DOXEY . Senior Medical E. A. MIXON junior Lilerary F. W. NOBLES . . . L. M. JIGCITTS ..... Freshman Literary STOCKHOLDERS IN ANNUAL MCELROY, H. S. ROUNSVILLE, O. C.. LowE, MISS MARGUERITE Sophomore Lilerary . Senior Pharmacy . junior Pharmacy PIGFDRD, W. L. RAMEY, MARVEL RIGBY, O. C. MOFFITT, M. E. DUNN, J. L. LONG, H. M. SAULS, EDWARD MOSELEY, NILES DowNER, C. L. LONG, H. A. SCALES, C. M., JR. BUTLER, R. G. LAZO, J. A. BONNEY, XV. A. JENKINS, W. N. BOLAND, W. T. HOWARD, R. C. DUBERRY, J. R. KLINGMAN, E. E. BRIDGES, ROY KINCANNON, L. T. DAVIS, CLIFFORD JETER, MISS ELLIE CAMPBELL, MISS MAE HEMPHILL, MARTIN BRUMMETT, MISS DALE GEISENBERGER, ROBT. L. BLANKS, DORA MAE HOLMES, D. B., JR. BENNETT, T. L. HESTER, CLYDE L. BIRCHETT, J. A. K., JR. C-RAVLEE, I. M. BAILEY, H. C. FRIEDMAN, FLORRIE ALLEN, P. W. FRIED, DAVE B. ARMSTRONG, JoE F. FONTAINE, J. E. DUNCAN, J. S. LATIMER, MISS HOSFORD DUNN, W. W. PATTERSON, C. F. Cox, H. E. MITCHELL. MISS MARY FARMER, H. R. MOSELEY. S. O. FIELD, S. E. SIDES, MISS ANNIE FROST FIELD, R. J. TOWNSEND, MISS VIRGINIA HICKS, W. W. MDUNGER, HENRY, JR. HOUSTON, BRAHAM RIDGEWAY, JAMES E. JACOB, ROBT. C. SHEEDY, J. C. MCLEAN, W. C. MCDONALD, H. D. KYLE, HUDSON GOLDEN, A. Z. LEwIS, E. S., JR. MAY, W. R. SIMMONS, D. J. LIDDELL, P. D. YOUNG, F. W. SWAN, THos. H. SIMON, ABE MCCAIN, HUGH POLK, S. VU. TISDALE, A. SPARKS, THos. P. JOBE, E. R. MIXON, E. A. WILLIS, W. L. STOVALL, ARTHUR MCDONALD, MISS ELIZABETH WRIGHT, D. S. SCHAUBER, MISS ALICE 1 I 0 I J 7' 0 C If ' -Sri X 3 Q 71 Q 7 5 LE MISS ,I 4- FT. ' J H ERMEAN SOCIETY OF FICERS C1021 wx. A2 , 'fl CM., C, 3:12 Kill?" 455-Lgvw: ..,- ffl . Q. fu- 1 -1 5,1 My UWi:"'! as 'JI .1 gli? AQ we 'eff Q54 f,,- Sym .A,'f,,,...E,,.I.I -"-2 Q' we rg Qfgggvflf' WP .TQ ff. ff' H QQ 1 .I 43 I J ED I 5 S .u Jn AQBAR-.ff - f, A SE in l X'-1 fl'-1 X vggu 1 Hermaean Literary Society H E R MAEAN kc, of LONG JONES YOUNG HULL CARNEY SAULS KIRK JOHNSON SCHWARTZ TANKERsLEY FARLEY DUNCAN LESTER BREWER Q '47 N4 nMi:79"f" Qfgfza 6 1. Hermaean HAWKS HEwEs HACAMAN MCCLELLAN PICFORD KYLE JACOB MURPI-IREE COCHRAN DOxEY HEsTER LONG MCCAIN OFFKERS R. C. JACOB . . . C. DAVIS . B. HOUSTON . . H. DOXEY . . j. S. DUNCAN . . . C. L. HESTER . . . C. DAVIS . . C. L. HESTER . . j. S. DUNCAN . . . BRAHAN HOUSTON . . CLIFFORD DAVIS l'lUDSON KYLE . . . j. T. CRAWLEY Literary Society ROLL .IICCITTS TUBB SWANN GILBERT DAVIS RAY HICKS BASINGER DUBERRY SCOTT HAMPTON FIELD WHITTEN 0031 President First Term . .Prcsidcnl Second Term . . Anniversarian . . Fira! Spcaffcr . Second Speaker President Third Term . V. P. First Term V. P. Second Term . . . . Debalcr . . . . Delualcr . . . . Debaler V. P. Third Term . . . . Dcbalcr SIMRALL POLK MONTGOMERY CRAWLEY DOBSON PARKS BRIDGES HERRING ELLIOTT GEORGE BEAUCI-IAMP FRAsI-IUER LEWIS F JT S-x, I Chg? r:'12j flv',.ff fi ,. 5? is? K 51513: 7 if ' ' K -3' f I J EQ XI S E5 , , fl' '4.f'ffmQ 'sff' .1 Gif ,A . x N . O 4 fs ,- ww - Qw- .mv--. ...I-. ,Q J ,fu 'if' HERMEAN LITERARY SOCIETY 0041 'N .fi 523 Q ' 'if:3'Fy , , V2 . 7' PI L67 .gif . ,r , ,J f if ,ffl-25-5 534' J I , , S ' Zjgz qi. .5 px I ng, , .gajlgg A ?f9Z,5g.o5',H , , . --. , , , ,, ,, , , x U PHI SIGMA SOCIETY OFFICERS 0059 Ex 1' 'ER '-I facie? If , , .Q -'-53:1 ' -. .',. . . f l 3'if?7-'fx 55'f2f,Q 's 5 Uqof-f.. Qxfg' ,bf-I '2 ' K' 72172 ggxilwgj 'fq2:l'3 fzf-'I ' E. in xqwff-ti 593 5213! wap' In X ' '.'Gp?4.5f"9N 'qxxvxj ' 'C 4.-. R: y5,I,'.f.. 5. ll. CAFFEY . j. C. SHEEDY. ALl.EN AUSTIN BAc.wEI.L BEAI.I. BLAIQENEI' BROWN BUTLER I-'ONTAINE CAI,nwELL CD2 Q -s Phi Sigma Literary Society OFFICERS Fins! Term Second Term . . . . . . . Prcsidcnl E. R. JOKE . . . . . . Prcsrdml . . Vice-Prcsfdcnl R. C. BUTLER . . VlCCPfL5lt1lllf R. G. BUTLER . . Daiwa! r M. E. MOFFITT , Dcfvalcr M. HEMPHILL . DI-balsr R. C. l'IOWARD ...... Dcbafcr AY1Ilil'Cf5dfjJ Spcafl-ers J. FONTAINE ..... Arzrzircrsariarz R. XV. BLAKENEY . Dcclaimcr MEMBERS DUNCAN DAv:s CUXININGHAM CAFFEI' DENTON MOFFITT SIMMONS LORD LIDDELL l'l0WARD JOURDAN ITIOUSTON RIVERS AIOBE SHOEMAIQER CLARK I IEMPIIILI, XVEBB CONNOR I IENDERSON SHEEDY MC'l11LROY MAXEY' LOCIQHARD RocERs 0063 R235 fi Qrvn 7 D 'way TZ 9 I' mfr sf. :yy .1 V ,J I ,M - 'Y 'xx ,- , x. I JFS. ,f fl I .- '5Z'1v?,9 , E -52519 If e-Tiff W wimfgnz '2 fJi4' ,I ff5f""w fe?f'i:1f 'W A-ff, Life' JL ' 'iw .-'F"',,. A Q ,1 4- V- '?Z3"3rv, .iv u ,G J "QB 'I'-' 3 - 2 ' -6 2,5 e I , Awe, . 4-M5325 - N 3 'ful 5 -f PHI SIGMA LITERARY SOCIETY 41073 C 5x !,-!'f- N T ' Lf ff x x AQ ' P X JMS- . A N U Q59 ' I , A, , ':'Pf:5ffg -1 , S uf x .' l-3.-2EJ"' ' 'Z 5-331' leg 1' f- '. C"':zU'F,13fQ- '- V '62-J.,-1.0 N. uoep fx.. A gg .1 C :lf 4, Jigxn ll f,,f ,9 v 5c!"'k,?l'2Wi!,Vw15.. 3 if , . .... WFT 1, - I F . J I-.w..1-.:':'xgMa:a, ... -Q. 5 -.7 ' ,. my g",n,:., -I H. I ,A-'z' '. 'f . . -' -1- ijgjci . 5 l i. Y. M. C. A. Cabinet R. H. LEGATE ..... General Secretary D. S. WRIGHT . . . . President D. R. JOHNSON . . Vice-President S. H. KYLE . . . . . Secretary R. C. jzxcoa . ....... .... T reasurer S. H. CAFFEY . . . . . Missforls M. E. MOFFITT . . ...... . . Bible Study H. M. MCCAIN .......... ......... M eelings H. L.. RUSH . . ...... Social T. H. SWAN ..,. Church Co-opcrafion W. N. JENKINS ..... Social Service W. L. SHACKELFORD . . . Lys.-um COUHCII AUSTIN, M. H. ENGLAND, B. HULL, W. W. MIXON, A. E. BONNEY, W. A. FIELD, S. E. joBE, E. R. NEILSON, F.. T. CARNEY, A. B. FRASHUER, W. E. KINCANNON, L. T. NEWSOME, N. W. COCHRAN, E. L. GEORGE, j. A. LEWIS, E. S. PENTECOST, j. A. CRAWLEY, j. T. HAwKs, S. H. LINDER, F. F.. PIGFORD, W. L. DAVIS, j. P. HEMPI-IILL, M. LONG, H. A. RIDCEWAY, j. E. Doxay, H. HLSTER, C. L. Loan, R. G. SMITH, M. j. DUNCAN, j. S. HAMILTON, J. F. Locmnn, j. N. STOVALL, A. DURFEY, A. P. Howmzn, R. C. MCKINSTRY, C. C. SWANN, W. O. 41095 .W.v'x-2 3, ,.. .. ,'. my . 17 4' .M Sig: V253 ,jigs fl f4iffix'1XN L-fy f xf Q J U an j X 35,51 '-H'T-'11 51 LQPAQLD QS flaw- '- M':-YQ gay' Haaifggfl. Q-,?:,w sv, ' A x ' Q fx"-1.2 if , awaits E3 ,G iz jf" -. - 6, 6, ew uf 'aj' .3 YN 'NX Q o-- X. X-fzagfx mop :J U Z D O U ff L5 2 lf' g' 54: L- -:.' . A 11 cs 1- A " N 1 -1 0 N LE MISS A . , w , I 4 A, X I gf. A 5 J ,J 1 -x B ,Ve-C fn '25 f ' 1 , X I I 1 fffh F 'fl !4 1 xy W , , T, ' , x Q, ff if ,Wi 1, X ' 2 ff SOCIAL ACTIYITIFS qu I up A fa .V ffggblg fr Xsilfi ff J YS H-Tiff' gf! 4 n iijgg vq?,fj1,' -3 wgirgfffq ry 'fi QTY ,U Tin ri! 1i?f?+1gf.'.f3f 'C.?.:f'-.1l.LfZ:' L, H-e.Z'4g',"f' + V 1,1 1:1-'1"' U .Lf-4245 f'-N3FkQA:',I,. -' " 'F"1'-"Hr, .ng-Q' ' o 1- h V I RJ W I A i Q RED AND BLUE CLUB 41123 Nw 7 S-fx, , P, C MD -S zf ,fiffr I 3 l Y f' I jf 9, ' -ll'-if ,, Q' mf ' I L l l f ED Z X X133 4 D J , , O I Il l l ll 1 XAI I INN Ii,:EtN P,,.f- XIX IX X l .XIX If I xi Red and Blue Club Purpose : The promotion Of spirit of greater unity in the student body of the Uniyersity of Mississippi the development of a stronger school spirit. and the fostering of good fellowship and amity. Mollo.' lt's always fair weather when good fellows get together. OFFICERS D. B. HOLMES, JR. . ..... . Prcsidelil MRS. D. B. HOLMES . . . . . Sponsor E.. B. MCRANEY .... . . Vice-Prcsitlcril D. S. WRIGHT . . . . . . Treasurer E. S. LEWIS, JR. . ..... . Sccrclary MEMBERS FONTAINE, j. E. KLINCMAN, E. E. MOORE. D. C. SCALES, C. M. FARMER, H. R. LEWIS, E. S. jR. MOSELEY, N. SISLER, NV. H. HARPER, j. S. MCCAIN, H. M. MOUNGER, H. SPARKS. T. P. HOLMES, D. B. MCLEAN, W. C., JR. PATTERSON, C. F. HICKS, W. W. HOUSTON, R. B. MCRANEY. E. B. POLI-c. S. W. WRIGHT, D. S. HONORARY MEMBERS j, A. K. BIRCHETT HAMILTON CALDWELL ARTHUR STOVALL L. T. KINCANNON JOE P. EVANS um l N fx .f.A X ,I :iff W 'iailig-'A' QS-'EN gf!! " ff? lu.,.-1 ' " . 2? it-i 'fh. flaw I 1 Ei f X S S M 'QSST' -' Y f'f.q1 I I -1 x ,X sf'-'K LN1. vw 1 Senior Dance Committee SPONSORS C. M. SCALES NANCY PATTY E. B. MCRANEY ELIZABETH GRAHAM R. B. HOUSTON DRUSLLA BRAHAN W. C. MCLEAN IKJATHALIE DEVANT N. MOSELEY MlNNlE BREWER fll4J fx ,fa '- -W-T fgi',Tx,,-N7 w L , ij' NC-f5fg'ff U Q- yup' wif, . 1 XIl'4sj1LJ,r- Nfx" L4 r E V Junior Prom Dance Committee SPONSORS B. C. STOVALL LUCY CARTER H. A. LONG ELIZABETH RITTELMEYER H. L. Rusl-1 -IANIE MEYER W. L. Plcrokn ANNA MARY' CAMP F. W. YOUNG LOUISE STOAKES may iff , ' 4. 4 w 'fig N QQEFN. F71 ff? as f.Jf.,2 i U f.sL,,,-,if ffm' 'ff ,. f w'-wwf.-f 1i""T:Qj.J - r ,- ' -of I f I S S 'f-ff' , , f xs2a,4,.3Lg,? ,g..Qg'1Q, '. , 1 .ec f ., 1 Mississippi Ladies V' ' OOR is the man indeed who has not at some time in his life become enamoured with at least one of God's fairest, most beautiful, most inspiring forms of creation-a lady. A me The very word brings to the mind of every true-blue Mis- sissippian poetic and ennobling thoughts. The man whose heart has been purged of profane thoughts and has been warmed by the love of a Mississippi lady fair knows naught but springtime. He "feels a presence that chastens and subduesf' She seems to be Cod's chosen means of lifting men to the holy heights of purity, and goodness, and happiness. Without her the world would be as it was before our Father Adam met his affinity. It would seem strange, indeed, if a book which attempts to lay bare the heart and soul of Ole Miss should not have within its own heart the pictures of at least a few of these wonderful creatures, for whom a Mississippian would give his all. Well, here they are-ten or twelve of them-not even half so lovely as they are in reality, but still sweet, pure, beautiful, inspiring- Mississippi ladies! Cll6J NATHALIE DEYANT LUCY CARTER 11179 LOUISE STOKES -IANIE MEYER MINNIE BREWER may V51 g:-'91, ' -'. I an acc ,try I gl ELIZABETH RITTELMEYER MRS. D. B. HOLM ANNIE MAY CAMP C1191 ES ,. '- '-'---fn'--A-4--Y--1--Y f'-" T-.lf 1- H '!'Lv:rf,'2':'7 fb 31.7 ,.+.,.,Y,,.- .,.,. , H,-Y. - j , ,.a....... ...I qv..- , , Aw- i .............,..M, . Lis, -a...-.....,.. , ...,...q....-,. ,, .,...,.......,- iI".I.'lfTIiT if CZ.','4'I'l...""-.... f,..a....... E... - '.L4.g.::f:i 3 -if NANCY PATTY DRUSILLA BRAHAN ELIZABETH GRAHAM qnzoy .,..- , , E 5 VN 4 6' ,W 'l 1, K 'I 3 C0 X S S K Q K 2 Lf E I X' 11,4527 x c 0-LDT Xin? 5 D 7 , V ,-:ffm ' I lr' I UZI cox XX f If ,f ,Z KL 4. j U R' 9 X Y 3 LE MISS V. . ' '. 4-13' , , . . , ' J, , 32:3 A . . A-, ," - 'xii' JC" ' x .. f ., "" fuzzy ze , ,XX S, ,M ,. , viii-3 ldv!! ,, ! N1 ' I 9 Q. QC' ' . '- . LE MISS ,,r. 1 , i.. . , , 1-, -Vila' 519313 ' ,L Uiijifgiw ,W U, fam! ,M HV s'YL,,xx 0. . QW 1 wx-'xflf if , gifw? I' 3 , S 4' A 4- 'f .eg -. .-w"f?1"""' fi' '- , ' '-1 Q '1 f- 97-1, ?":' 11- ' -. . Wrqgf-:QL-Q, r gy'n,Qv'l' . 1.0 . , Lx ,,'. -.,:f: 1 . -MK . 'T -A. "-f' J " I CO-ED STUDENT GOVERNMENT ASSOCIATION C1231 'N Qix J 6 NX -1 , 1- V C,ff'1-35N D! . L . v, x. ,fl H L. 7 XE 3 ' ' ! f - , ka I J EE, MISS L 6,4 ln 41. vs P I 4 Q35 J . W tug RJ J' I! - 3' . ..2?lS'QiL T1 R I , 'R , Mlss University Red Cross MRS. E. j. ERWIN . . . . Chairman Miss LUCY HUTcHlNs . . . Vice-Chairman V. TOWNSEND .... . . . . . .... . S crelary MRS. D. L. Ross .... .....,... T reasurer DR. B. S. C-UYTON .... . , Chairman Advisory Board Miss F.. SOMERVILLE . .... lnslruclress ACTIVE MEMBERS Mlss Hom-uws Miss SCHAUBER Miss JETER Miss LASSITER Miss MAQEE Mxss MEBANE Miss LowE Miss N. SOMERVILLE Miss PHu.1.1PPs MRs EATMAN MRs. ILRWIN U2-U f ' . ,fi f X X ff? ' ' fl f -F-N ff? 'I 5 rj If 4 gfxi Xk.,.lj'?J K f X . 1 -,, K . Y ' w I K. X , -K--0 - fiwx- -JA.-7 0259 f' ff1'Tff 7, X .swf x AYHA- lvvv V , - 4 E I S Sy, KU, P J Ole Miss Co-Ed Basketball Team, I9I 7-l 8 l. M. CRAVLEE . . . Coarli D. M. BLANKS . . Running Cuzlir M. PARKS . . . Forward M. RAMEY . . . .jumping C nltr JETER . . Fiwrivaril Loom-:Y . .... Cnard BURNS . ..... I-'armani DUYLAP ..... . . Cuard Ole Ole Ole Ole Ole Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss MCGEE . . . ..... Guard RECORD OF THE SEASON , ......... 35: 45: -10: I-11 253 qizop Oxforcl High School .... 20 Senatobia High School ....... Senatobia High School ....... Memphis Central High School. Oxford High School ......... I6 I8 I8 I5 4 7 ff N , 95 l x I --J 1. f .J LJE MISS Q CO-ED BASKETBALL TEAM 41279 'QM X' Q- gb-I3. ,, 474 - ' , .-"-' Qs-kv 1 -1 f 5,11 QQSJN .- -:iw ix K1 Q-A J ,x 1 I.: 1 Q 4, 753,-ff C .Sify G51 ffl , .X ":'TM,w:t.i " 1 k J fi-' J i'f".. Hi: vffr iff- - ' L :!1,.'.'Ex '.-- if 1 - I A .- f Wwe-98 91" Y H ' , ' if 'H 'ff' .. :4f3'?QLA'T-' 3329 Qlffliz ' L-J E I S S Yi 1 52 P35135- , - - V 535,19 ,V-a' x ' 'I L J 1? 'l . CIZBJ - .affix -f-- " EEL ' r' . 'R fm .gf J 3 f:,1L7 71 4 J Q b A L E 1 X X IS S AE K 41 'Lf f-r:r'1rx,'J ,. p J. s:f,..:1 vw 0,11 ,J , W , .,....,. b "!f.,ti",-:S nv ' w .,, - ,-X ww , U., Q Q, I x f.. X 13127-3 ,,-, af. A . Y, . ' X SCRJUBEBLHERS SIGMA SHLQNQ Fbundedafxfewanee X906 1 A. . ., n aman Exx Y fnaflm n n ' 1 nf f g , - fx n " n OFFICERS John Efonfaine. Presidenf Arfhur Sfovall, Secand Treas. MEMBERS A.I..Bondur-an+ ArH'1urSfovaH S.Hudson Kqle WL.Kennon John E. Fontaine R.C.dacob DH.Bishop Braham Housfon AP Durfeq Ed. Erwin D.S.Wr-ighf' Roberl' Farley C1291 ,A , f N Xxx-X X!!! fi' 0 I. N ll f I j -. jj ff' sg in , .---V ' LE MISS .- 1 x . ,V .N ACF .N .L 4., ..,,.w yv L ,. ,. -fn 94 PX06 B U 6591, f ' V1 770. OF mop 1 , f L LE ACXISSSH A EQ, l e 5 fki' 0 q 'Ks - ee: , HR. R 'BW Y l K ., ,""A If--N1 , 'J ln" ' 3 COWBOY CLUB The Cow-Boy Club Purpose: To lceep the cow in the Dormitory Mollo.' "Keep your eye on the cow that you love" Song: "The Hooking Cow Blues" Flower: The Cow-slip Sccrel: Who caught that cow? Drink: The Lacteal Fluid Meelfng Place: The Cow-pen MEMBERS HBULLH KLINGMAN "Ox" BAKER "Hr-1lFER" LoNc JBOVINEU FUTVOYE 'CALF" ARMs1'RoNc HSTEERH BOLAND UYEARLINGU WINN 'HI-ARUSH SCALES MR. TROUSDALE, Stockholder 11311 Pamllwnl : "lVloo' Color: Reddish NVhile "Cow" BONNEY MULEYH RUSH SooKEY" SHAcKELFoRD XIACI-IE" Hicks fx ,11 SN u' FQ J' CJ -.'f? lfP U aff: CJ K bff-5 5 --' if :av -' gfgiggkg 4 15 . ., Q Y I f S . -4: V '- Miyagi: , fI32J if-'11 fx- . ff? - . it 4? fiiwf -A - If less :QM 4. cf -L. nf CM- -'ff 7, 4"""".f, ,J L if 9 L Ni.-Aff?-A! . J 1-...J-331.1 I J E 5 S A ....'43t1 jfQ:H ' W, U, - x i I i I I F Greek Club ' OFFICERS 5. H. KYLE. ...... . . Prcsidcnl T. D. RIVERS ....... . .,.,... Vice-Prcsf MISS V. TOWNSEND . . . ..... Secrelary-Treasurer MISS RUTH DEAN . ...... fwississippian Reporlcr MEMBERS 3 DR. MILDEN Mlss N. GILES Mlss A. MEBANE Mlss A. SASSER Mas. MILDEN Miss L. HUTCHlNs H. M. MCCAIN Miss V. TOWNSEND H. H. BELL S. H. KYLE Miss L. MCLAURIN S. H. CAFFEY Miss L. CROSBY R. G. LORD M. E. MOFFITT Miss A. L. DUNCAN . Mlss R. DEAN D. LEsTER T. D. RlvERs JULIAN DUNCAN 1 5 fI33j 2 -.1 AT , QM wf'YA:' l,.II C31 gf-A 'Q M X '7 9 A gif. 2-4 ' LJ E S M . X m BONE DRY CLUB 41343 X x45-f Ssx. Af f j E11 f .ff Qfarx . .f ...Aw Q ,. If K' s'--1 If Gfwfizlwf 7 mf-49 XJ ' S . 9-1.4 1 fe T WW' .y "-TNT - I I 2661-'Q 'A-' xivnthvlri who 0 we 3. -as A - 1,f.1,1'. ' ' I." If -I'-uv' :ff I ' r-3 uf' if Lk' 'M-"e. . - ' j.'?-Qfffit ni T T 'W' 'Q".h'r,.'mi3 '-3 11 X: X 1.142 5 0 1 Bone Dry Club Organized at University of Mississippi Purpose: A funnel of fun for the sophomores Balllc Cry: Never again! Reminiscence: I never thought of that Mollo: Everybody works but father Flower: Four Roses OFFICERS H. DOXEY ....... Crand Caliphal L. COCHBAN . . . . . . Crand Suzerain W. HULL ..... ..... C rand Wizard A. B. CARNEY . . . . Masler of Ceremonies R. D. KIRK ..... . . Chancellor of lhe Exchequer R. M. ROWAN ..... ........ C rand Vizier H. P. CURD ...... . . ..... Crand Surgeon R. C. PIGFORD . . . .... Imperial Doorlfeeper A. B. CARNEY . . . Caplain Foolball Team MENIBERS A. B. CARNEY I. A. Donsox R D, KIRK R. C. Plcronn E. L. Cocr-IRAN H. DOXEY A. H. LITTLE E. H. RAY E. M. COWART j. A. GEORGE j. N. LOCKARD H. C. Ross R. H. CREEKMORE W. W. HULL E T. NEILSON T. D. RIVERS H. P. CURD R. L. HAGERMAN N. W. NEwsoM Cl35J I. fx'x fs? 7, '- --f -": ,fx - -Q' ,lv- .J S3 7' Hfffzf KJ X. new 'ff I -" , - 'ziyilrh Y5.f?T'1 -iii'-H 1 2 Q A g,.z:3g-:QE-413 ' 155 54. H3325- . -1 X B. ,- V L I wi I 1 15'-' rdf cxffs-':xHQV.Q? LI, ... x .- 'f y c.'g3,w2,7io may C . ff' 43 5 Siwg 'w I K-v 1 S 75 ff rifffi 2 f ' LE ISS UNIVERSITY ORC HESTRA University Orchestra MRS. BEANLAND .,........... . Dircflur MEMBERS COWART SCQTT CREEKMORE SISLER l'iARVEY MCLARTY' jrccrrrs Rocsrzs BASINCER 41373 - twi'-4' Z? N X '53-is-'OIXR FT' 45911 45 rf? " x.-:55i, KJ C Nga yy Q 9,6 D ,X K K , U2 ,f Xcwvr-3-'Qi' 1.fE,.,faJ ''.f,, fi I 5, J f- V, 5.1 f 7 ff A iffiffefffr 'lfii -eff? ' ' "1 .""', ,H 'A , , ,, OFFICERS OF UNIVERSITY LAW CLUB University Law Club Founded I9I 5 Purpoger The cultivalion of Oralory and dLba!Qng, th: cIiscJssiOn of Iegal qiesfons and cIriII in parlia- mentary Iaw OFFICERS I. C. SHEEDY . . ..... . . . Fira! Term Prmidcnl C. F. PATTERSON . . . Fira! Term Vice-President NV. M. IIUTTO , . . . Fira! Term Secretary XV. C. IVICIJEAN ...... .... S ccond Term IDYCDIJUIII S. W. POLK ...... . . . Scconil Term Vice-Prcaidcnl ELAINE NVARD ....... ...... S ccomi Term Sccrclurp D. B. IIOLMES . . . . Third Tcrm President C. L. HESTER . . , Third Term Vice-Prcsiderrl IC. B. MCRANEY . . . . Third Term Scan-tarp MEMBERS ALLEN IIESTER MONTGOMERY SAULS CALDWELL HOLMES Mcl.EAN SCALES DENTON IIUTTO MLRANEY SHEEDY CEISENBEROER IVIAYFIELD PATTERSON TOLER GOl.DEN MOSELEY POLR WARD may g, v far px. fj-f 'I , . "I ,v ..,V,..4N, ., xg BN- ,., 'fra x V 2 an 1-.W L. nf, :,"7 Hfif' 'L,.4f gf.-1" y. f. 4. . 4 t. 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"PINKlE" NEWSOM . . . . an LANDLORDU WRIGHT SUSIE" KINCANNON CAVE MAN" POLK FAT" MCLEAN "CHARLIE" SCALES OLD MAN" SIMMONS SWEETIEH FUTVOYE an an u u Founded in the sky, l65-1 M4'eli1Ig Place: Telephone Booth Favorite Brew: Hot Chocolate OFFICERS . . . . Official High Tapper Keeper of Sacred Funnel . Official MCGAIITCT of Drinks MEMBERS u EDDIE" LEWIS SUNSHINE" MCRANEY W'ILLIE" PICFORD TARBABYU YAWN U-IOHNNIEU FONTAINE BOBBIEH STOVALL PINIcIE" NEWSOM SHEEP" HICKS -A .- u 41413 . Bearer of Sacred Cup . . Official Walelier of llie Bung AUTOMMIEH SPARKS "LILAC" MOUNGER HBILLIEU .IENKINS "LITTLE JOE" EVANS FRESHMAN KINCANNON FRESHMAN BASINCER FRESHMAN RIVERS C M- Mo Qgxo vf Q I 7! KC I' ,gg .0135 9,29 I f Eff IS S, A. A. A. H. Aim: To promote good fellowship Purpoae To cultlvate a love for rambling and to provide mutual amusement and Instruction for members Motto: The world is our oyster Flower: Rambler Rose OFFICERS ALOWZO PI-IELPS GEORGE. . . .... . ' . . Chief Hobo EDWARD LOUIS COCHRAN . . . . Chief Yegg JOHN K HAMPTON. . . ....... The Topper HUBERT MCELROY . . .... The Cruh Moocher JAMES CRAWLEY . . . Delegate Inspector LOUIE KEMP . . . Delegate Inspector WILLIAM SWANN . . . Delegate Inspector MEMBERS ALONZO GEORGE LOUIS COCHRAN JOHN HAMPTON HUBERT MCELROY JAMES CRAWLEY LOUIE KEMP WILLIAM SWANN L. D. WHITTEN H421 HAMILTON LONG JOHN FONTAINE GEORGE MCKINSTRY REID MELLARD ROY BRIDGES THOMAS SWANN JOE EVANS . A9 'I f"S'Q'fw,f-fa ffifffgm 'W A X' U -. flip' it lr . 52555 :i.Qf2?!e -"' " 7 I f I S S lg-41 x-, H433 N F-by 5 . . Q35-Cxs Tf -fi ff fl -f 1-49 f J K I 'TQJ' 77 'iw' -99 Q fri., X-,:1':1j.r.l" 1 ' f x -W , , '-:f ji, , :gggg,'1:,45: :S 1: AQ-N-big., .W I 1 IS S WQYHEESSS' .fd .' 'E Si-ffqifx 1 in Q5 h. .-t. 1 . X'f'1'ffY1?s'1fefa.N 'iff -zff'.u:'-FSfs'4' 1-1x ,w.,Q.' xgdzrflil fl44j Q r I 14 QM ' ' fs-".'Q3Q', Chau .X LlaQnE J N .' Q6 ifxx .gfjjiad 0. , '-Man ww 1 V 23325, V22 lv , 'X w N Uv w Y if? :A A. 1 if- . ,hifi A1151 M L R-V .f I T, H3 o Nu Quiz DOGS ELLOW Y n-1-half. ! B 'Mui f f,!,, X35-'44!-,', .---- CI45j "A 1, C F 'L' N., ffl" '11 Q U f' l 2 X Q I J K LE MISS f: , NJ .. . .. vm 2 ,, M. . ' x K 'G'- V ,551 , , , 1. .1,,.,, - .. 15. Q " i 'wV'cLUB C1463 P- epa.. 15? . X f fl? - ff L-. I, '- . .-- 'IN ' "LD I' Visit' ff . 'fi XD ' D N' 4. x 7 I 1 K K If , 1 ..-H f- I .n,.... ' . .ff .,,, , Q, 5"f. YQ ,r',T1 'I'I.'f7 gf T, ,, -L ' 'f.,f .. J Q .Il I-. '--'. , , -x3.u..'.:. A--V-N 1 -YQAVI ng vT:.:g,.:f .--' I ' -." if I-7,93 Q1 LJ E AAI 5 5 L Ri 3 . 's.J'fl "M" Club OFFICERS ROY BRIDGES .... . . . .... ...... . Pr mlm! R. FIELD ...... . . Vice-Prcsidcnl H. M. MCCAIN . . Secretary -I. L. DUNN .......... ........ T r asurcr MISS MARGARET MOSEL ..... ........ S ponwr MISS ELIZABETH MCDONALD . . . Maid of Honor MEMBERS B. E. BOOKOUT j. P. EVANS H. M. MCCAIN W. H. SISLER R. BRIDGES R. j. FIELD C. R. MAYFIELD E. H. RAY E.. M. COWART A. P. GEORGE W. L. PIGEORD L. F. ROWAN j. L. DUNN W. W. HIGKS L. G. SIMMONS L. D. WHITTEN L. M. JICGITTS I-171 Q- fx P. f '. 5 C '--Gif' 7T A n - f jf 1 Q . 1 X ' I Y. U: .. my 1: Vx.. J University of Mississippi Pharmaceutical Association OFFICERS ll. C. BAILEY ..... ...... . President O. G. RouNsAv1LLE , . .... Vice-President Mlss BIRCHFIELD . . ..., . Secretary-Treasurer MEMBERS BAILEY, H. C. MlxoN, E. A. BIRCHFIELD, Miss A. NoBLEs, F. NV. Cox, H. E. PENTECOST, j. A. CARLETON, M. M. SISK, R. CARTER, D. T. STOVALL, M. C-. ELLIOTT, j. H. SIMON, A. GRIFFIN, W. F. XV1LKlNsoN, L.. G. FASER. DR. H. M., Honorary lwcnifwr A C1481 I KI ,, I LE MISS .1.fI . , I . 1:-V! 11, 5a':Lffi' 'mx ,. , ,MJ , ,, , 3 6 .f REQ . ' ,vw ' '1 ' -I Af PHARMACEUTICAL ASSOCIATION mop N F . x X EFT' ' , H ,I I J LE MISS Crow's Nest Club HnnII'.' URIIOSIH of Lyceum Prmslvormlf ncaw. Caw. Caw C'fI1IIr.' Crow Black U JUDGE" BELL "jaw" I3IRcHETT AIII4I" HARPER "KITTY" KlT'I'REI.l. Alnllu: "Birds of n feather flock togetherf' l.IT'rI,E NICGER jon" I",vANs 5fJ1llIAIll'.' Miss Jimmie Crow CROWS "KIRK" KYLE "KII.IuI2E" LEWIS "l,Iz1II3" MCCNAIN '.APPOl.ES" MCLLAN "C'AvIE" PoI.I4 UPUNCIIH l'oI.I4 fl soy Drfnlg: "Old Crow DOCTOR" KINCANNON FRESHMANH KINCANNON OLD CROW" SPARKS DON" WRIGHT BIC Bm" YAWN soon lou. Annmc: - 4,?d'-'- 5 if . 5' if , c rl 5 4 -v . 5. 1:4 4' -. 5, .nf 1 i'. I 8 R ,k 0, ,I . , " .Sv ' ""-'A Nt ii i E ' 2 J 'f f 'ff 4 A L if .. 's 1. I-,4v"!c 5 5313 'W' 1, V . .pwg .I GY X . ' V ZS,-B., '. . 4 j.. Q... Y 'N g'A.- . . ' . -- ' I ' r' - gi' ,i I., A ,, . .11 'br' u-g 2 4 u .1 35 5 u 'Q - 16 Q . 5 K , fv9Y, sh 5 nv. 'U if W ' 4. sw 0 '- ' I j J' s +5 .- , 3 I , ' Q E fv 2' if N 0 'C ,B 4 q ' , 3 4 I 1 Q1- 6 j, ' J .Ev-',,' is , , L r ' -' N . 5 ' 'J n 5 Q Y l,"5 1 'hsf ' 1 s . 'Q s J' F as r Q Q F' +- J: . f 'i .J I 1 5 i v ' 3 -I 1, .I r f ' J Q' Vr. 1, Q1 'Jf ' at . x ' 1 ,A J- I o :gr I V r-. g- "5 Q' 1 e Y 1 'J H 4 v 5 1 ' v X :ft 5 Y, 5 x .J is , Q 33 ' ' .' .4 ' x vf' f x JI 18- 3 .'V rv I 'V N" ' ru , , ,, .'. - as .sv -it TQ, qv I mi' ,,. 4A' , v.'. gifun. r SAY: ' ' I :rv '., f ' 1 x.. Q si' 5 :ei tm 3 s X I . Z A w. I! -4, L, 1 Ji" 'I I .V J i J. N. nv ,W .1 v. an , y 14 1 6 yr' Y A 1 'A xg 1,4 N 9, qv Y , ., 1 i. is H I ' V J. . 5 x A V -5 4 A K Q n. . 7 JN: ,N ar. - .- "9" I, v .ri 1 n lf , b ' v '? V -- ' , - -"V . .F V za . A , E J i ,I Ur N 4 ,DJ -9 ,' ,," , ' , ' Y -,- 1 J" '44 pf Q, u.. ' U Q fm I' I 'I I Q ,x'4' .f r ' w Q' 'Q " - , P "Q 'I gb . Q Mgv P '- ' ' . f , ' " O " 1 ' ,1'Wb:., .. ' 4 f LU' V- 's 'Q '-r ' ' ,AVEK-N 'Vw' .w v rj. 5 3- 5 'Wi Q' N Q. K6 v4 , ff U R -' s 'U 3 . 5 1 x If x7 L -N , 0 r . 5 V' L f - , .1 - f A Q A , ,- .' 19 I 5-V? V ','. Na . , . VI- '- ' PV 'Asp' 0 l l' Qi 3,4 1" , -5' ". Q, , Lf s ,fi . , ' -' 'gas' 5, fy, if H . ','2- . ' - ' r y .,g' ' 4' 7 Kaus' lik .qw . f 1 .. f an 1 'C x"'-.--. 5 fw 'y 4 ' . .3'-,wh .5 . N.. V' B Hi f we . . - ' , 1 ir: 1 Q 1' ' f-' 3 LB MISS!! 3 ATHLETICS FOOT- BALL BASKET- BALL BASE' BALL TRACK A 0535 e .1 C "E , iff .. ' - 5is3'ggf?33? I f E ff I S S 31 .1191 .gn DR. H. M. '22 .L QB was 522537. sf .' -. f 'Vey qQ3f', i -its Board of Control Frxsiza D. L. Ross. Secretary DR. B. S. GUYTON W. L. Picrorm NiLi:s Mossuzr W. L. PIGFORD .... . . Manager Football NILES MOSELEY . . . Manager Baseball C. R. Noam: . . . . Coach SCHEDULE October 6 . . ...... Arkansas Agricultural College October I3 . . . . Louisiana State University October 20 . . ...... Open Date October Z7 . . . . Alabama University November 3 . . . . . Mississippi A. Gt M. November I0 . . . University of the South November I7 . . ..... Open Date November 29 . . . Mississippi College 0543 Q1 49 QX ,!41,? L - Cfiii f f K vi'-G 5 76:1 w Kpilti-figs!! ,, w 1 ix :JL nib mslwf , f CQ +"1 f it s f -- r rv-s-cw ff f : .. 'sf v f - - 4-1 g,v75-J X-,1151':1j.'.x7' -V ' , , Yr' Q ,.""' !Q,Q,,'Lf."i '-'N V . V'j"Zf"Tgg: ff rfffrixs' 1 K if :fre 1 '-. I ix s Q 'I ' COACH C. R. NOBLE Coach Noble This is Coach C. R. Noble's first year at Ole Miss, but he has already entrenched himself deeply in the heart of the student body by his knowledge of athletics, his loyalty and faithfulness to duty. Coach Noble, during his college days, was one of the foremost athletes of the South. At Mississippi Agricultural and Mechanical College he made every athletic team put out by that institution for four years, being a shining star in football, basketball, baseball and track. In the fall of I9l6 he went to Mississippi College as athletic instructor, and more than made good, turning out strong teams in every department. Last fall he came to Ole Miss as Coach, and with only material of unknown quality to work with, put out a strong, scrapping football team. With such a man at the baseball helm, and such a galaxy of promising players, it is certain that the team will be piloted through to a successful close. fussy ,J T s 3 f as View ff fr- 42.-T29 sf i egiisf xg ' G-132522-,, 1- gmf-.fvgm ,yi I., , . qui.:-'--',f4' ,g V " ',f'f'! ie-"" O Review of the Season HE football season of l9l 7 was an unsuccessful one in regard to the number YN WE:-' I . . . . . . . of victories won, yet it was far from being a failure. Without a single if F 'iifff ' U , , l llama? "M man around which to build a team, Coach Noble had to take a squad of green, inexperienced men and mold them into a co-ordinated, lighting machine. All this took time, and the season was almost ended before the Red and Blue struck its stride. But even with this great handicap, the team, under the expert generalship of Coach Noble, upheld the honor of Ole Miss on all occasions. The first game of the season was with the Arkansas Agricultural College, and Ole Miss, being weaker than usual, the score was a bitterly contested 0-0 tie. The Louisiana Tigers was the second team that Ole Miss tackled, but the latter was too strong, and when the final whistle blew the score was 52 to 7 in favor of l... S. U. October 27 saw the Red and Blue at Tuscaloosa to battle against the "thin red line." Age, weight and experience were the victors, and Ole Miss was defeated, 52 to 0. The following Saturday saw the Red and Blue battling bravely against A. and M. at Tupelo. Undismayed by the long string of defeats, and handicapped as they were, Ole Miss more than once almost snatched victory from the hands of her ancient rival. For the first time in seven years Ole Miss scored against the farmer lads, and though the score was 4I to I4 against them, they received the praise which their gallant fight, against such overwhelming odds, merited. Ole Miss scored more points against the farmer lads than any other team in the South did, showing that the Ole Miss boys were showing up very good on the offensive. The lair of the mountain tiger, Sewanee, was next invaded, but to no avail, and the hnal result was 69 to 7, to Sewanee's credit. The final and best game of the season was with Mississippi College-on Thanks- giving, at Jackson. The previous hard-fought contests had done their work, and the Collegians were easily defeated, Zl to 0. Although Ole Miss won only one game out of six during the season, a steady improvement was shown, and a great fight put up in all these. What was at the begin- 0561 I 'X - Qfiffiifx M fifgq b if f15ff55'!', 7 1 521 ff? S it A K if .fvvm-W-WJ T, ' ,haw K' ff, f gui H .gf If IJ ff-Q' ul. I : Q '?f' ii" f' r i " .--, ' 5,2 5.-Q 5 ' ,' I , I S S 7:32 4 I 1 -V1 I t, x.w.. ning a bunch of undisciplined, inexperienced men became husky, formidable antagonists before the season ended. Despite the lack of victories, we feel that the season has not been a failure, and that the men who fought for Ole Miss gave their all, and we honor them for it. Hats off to our team and to our coach, for, through their efforts, we feel that Ole Miss has broken loose from the past, and will in the future enter upon a series of successful seasons. X 3 5 . X filb' I ,ng f 11 I 16 Blsrw qi 571 ff .A 41 71 X "v-'MX?ff.',1'.2:' vgkfifg v.,,-,.- 4f'Lf""lJ'2.N -Q .I , ","5f' Il? .If"3?3' ,.a?1'L.,y ,Hifi I2 0 ' YV "'?5f-'Fig QD I ',4-1. Q. .1 9 , 1163 x. . X ' 5 ' -- Mfrs-if 5775 SQL' I Q4-29,1 W' v rsz1'vS7'm.' wx-rg., Q1 wgffbl 4 55-fi... my J,'Qj,,..A,J f -'I-" K2 JV.-r , ' 'ff 15' xfrgti-IAS: '-5 ' ' x kdvaq o I. MISS THELMA HYDE 2. MISS MARVEL RAMEY The Varsity RAY ..... GEORGE, ROWAN ....,. BAGWELL, SUMNERS, CALDWELL COWART, SIMMONS, WHITTEN JICGETTS, BOOKOUT, FIELDS . MAYFIELD, SISLER . I . BRIDGES .... I sep . Cenler . Guards . Tackles . . Ends Halfbaclfs Fullbacffs uarlerbacff gk' 'fix P an t . A f f I ff . is 2' C i :?'ffT', A" ' A V "lf '. fi is J ifficfiid: ' if 'T 1- . .nihq-l ' .1 j I if A. 'V l s TF' cl. is . X .--..iX,?f,L L-Lb., E U i. COACH NOBLE took hold of the Ole Miss eleven for the hrst time this season, and he has more than made good. He thoroughly understands the art of handling men and knows how to make the most of green material. May he be with us many seasons yet to come. CAPTAIN ROY BRIDGES is the heady quarter who piloted the team during the past season. He is a hard driver, and his smashing off taclcle bucks have counted many gains for Ole Miss. Roy was ineligible last season, but worked faithfully as coach of the scrubs. As a reward for his merit he was chosen captain this season. WILL PIGFORD showed himself to be a football manager of the lirst water during the past season. His handling of the intricate problem of finances was more than adequate, and due to his expert management, the team financially came out successfully. l 0593 " ff N. V , .51 ' XX . Q55 j 1 .fy I I I 3 S QQ E1-Q--gisvfx .41 4-if . '45, , gn if X t I WQin"if3f?vse?ssi4t . i., JACK BIRCHETT managed the scrubs in fine shape this season. He always managed to save money for the association, because he caught early morning trains, saving lodging fares, and succeeded in convincing the scrubs that they did not have to eat as much as the varsity. '.COAT" ROWAN is a steady player and good passer. At center he performed in his stellar role. "Goat" always keeps his head, and with his weight is a valuable man to the team. SQUIRI-1 MAYFIELD came to us from the State Normal College at Hattiesburg, where he had been acting in the capacity of coach. Squire is a man of some avoirdupois, and whether in the baclcflelcl or in the line, is a most dependable man. DOCTOR BOOKOUT, like most of his teammates, enjoyed his first year on the varsity. He is a steady, consistent player, with the drive behind him which is hard to stop. Whether at quarter or at half, he is always good. C1601 Y-. 1" Q fb WN ' ,,,, g 215234-QI X fjqx 3 W i sa .f K se 4, i , -T1 1 'P-EIT Q- as ., A 4 X M' . l,,,..y., ,X .9 , . , ,J ss ,I '?g'QQf5i,, Q., Q - awe- Q 5- J -JF", "'?""7f3 -5' " "' " V f ,"'W ' gf!! ,rl-n?:.r-.. -rf--.V vw ' , . f - r -f V--'Kai' ai 'vi 1494-,Ta-.v'f1'.-fry ' ' K ' wr f '- ei - Q Y 'fwffi,5'..f2f'-,xfL3."'5i" ' 7 . 4 V 4. V W i s N J 13 Axvb I "' l , R. AN? I :bg I A , " V Y . 'if i.s.w....hxr wt is s '. 1 "SIS" COWART, another first year man, held down his position at end in a very satisfactory manner. Although light, he is fast and heady, and could always be depended on to perform in a creditable manner. "SANDY" SIMMONS, although a first year man, tore up things around his end this season. Though light, he is a hard, gritty player. Here's hoping that he may be with us several more seasons. HUBERT MCELROY is a consistent player at end, and at half. W'herever he is, he more than fills his place, and performs to the satisfaction of all. ALONZO GEORGE performed at guard this season, and proved himself a most formidable man in the line. He is a hard fighter, always on his toes, and ready to go. He is another first year man of whom we are expecting great things next season. 41613 fr v, 1. Q -L 149 :Eff C 'QHJJ 7 Y .J yi! X un 'J ,, XSQQQ. mfr! N-iff., SET' f"Z1:1rZ?1t2'M5- s-2:32. ,iff vm f-6' -Q wr f' "N . ,srggfgg ti 'exe-',sf:f."" 'S 'eff'-504, 5 Haw". .Q-lfelslnvc IE.. xiiilf..-I MQ, ',' h Q.. swf' - I fvifs .f'- ' "SPEEDY" JIGGITTS, although a first year man, proved himself to be one of the fastest, most reliable men on the team. At half, he frequently pulled off spectacular runs, and could always he relied upon for a gain. FRESHMAN TUBB is a first year man at Ole Miss, but, despite his inexperience, made an excellent showing. He is heavy, always ready to go, and with his added experience should malce a most valuable man next season. l'DlCK" FIELD is another speed merchant who performed at half. He is always on the job, and one of the hardest men on the team to stop. When Dick has the ball, a good gain is assured. "SLIM" SUMNERS is another hard man to stop in the line. Al taclcle he is a steady player and one to be reckoned with. 41629 K f-F f '- 624.911 -' if Jf saw U J asf' 1 7'Z,, K M-I . Q55 N QM J- ,, 1 919.14 .rims--sr :.-'ESQ A - -'G-.' J ,, ,,. wgmw ,.ytw1. ' I f e .:j..L,Qt: AW I X ,gg , "O: xr, -5 1 :X ' --'1 1751729 - 't 2 as.. .-qpu,...-,mr wg-.J V -- - 1, 1 . A im CHIEF BAGWELL is another hard fighter. At taclcle he has developed into one of the most consistent, dependable men in the line. "DOC" SlSLER'S work at full has been indispensable this season. He is fast, with great driving power behind him, and showed up prominently in every game he played. "RED" RAY came to us this season from Auburn. At center he has proven his true worth, and is a steady, accurate passer. "Red" is every inch a fighter, and with added weight next year should prove a power in the line. "HANDs0ME" WHITTEN from Memphis is a man who can play football as well as win maidens' hearts, and can always be counted on to do his part. He is not spectacular, but consistent, nor forward, but reserved, in all that he does. 0631 C X A z fs F Rexx P so f' -,q,Nr.f QQ fr- 55113: K u 'gl U is 1,e,i 5 I J EQ 1 X X IS S V i1f..J..f-, 1 1 , as , , in .M ,in . 1 4 " . ' fi. T,.fv','f ,eg f ' Xlxtsu 1 Q 1 Q - I Z, .A U 1 , ,hx .1 ,y 11,-iv-.Fe ft, V- 4 A , 25" Uifilnil ?.fflQim-l"i " ' A -, .- ,,- ' wt' jg 1 f We-. 0 :N l-,.,As ' ..,-.5 ' - .:....-nvzgpwt, V. J ,N ' '- ,-ai' -as N' ' . . - - . , ,R-ig. lg . 1 ,vu . if .M I -79' D Q .rs 51:-it . , Scrub Team THE SCRUBS did great work throughout the season. They took to their work with a snap and a vim, which promises well for future seasons. Not content with outplaying he varsity on a few occasions, they proceeded to go through the season without the loss of a single game. The first contest was a hard-fought 0-0 tie with Oxford Hi. Next, Greenwood was tackled and fell a victim by the score of 26 to I3, As a climax, the invincible Yazoo City All-Star team was downed, I3 to 0. 'Rah for the Scrubs! Without a single defeat on their record, and two notable victories. they stand convicted of having done well their bit for Ole Miss. C1641 ,45 'fs ,140 C' 2 TTT-'sw ff !! CFEQENN FTW Q 'f ' ' 'X K "' t JM? I . Ca X, Qt! 7I Q 1, , j A, . -f J ok PM vu-3,6-K,-3 r. , in , , - V J 'H ,aw fri r:3fi:e'1d:f21 N A 1. yib. tu 92-""4fr2fy 4 1 X-.,-,-A as -. s-.ff , ,. g,21?x,Qw:fx if? W x - 1-n ft A L 11' x-N- . 1 Y 14 -' sis 1' '97 ,. ' " .lvif 'figs , . ,X U D dv 'N ' ' 'ggi lab. f 1 I 'gl 7 Y-'Q' l L l ', Tr "FIR, , irq .u:.:- , . ' , ,fx fi,-'.iv'hl1 I A l 1 Captain Fields For several years Ole Miss has selected her captains from among the members of the pitching staff, and this year proved to be no exception, when Dick Fields was chosen to lead her fortunes on the diamond. No better qualified man could have been selected. Dick has always ranked in the forefront as a moundsman, and is an ideal man to lead Ole Miss on to victory. He is quiet and unassuming. very popular among his teammates, and can always be depended on to keep his head at a crucial moment. This, coupled with his experience and knowledge of the game, makes him an ideal man to head the team for the coming season. C1651 .li ff-lx ff' 'Qs was 'ifgffl QESN ff, ' se uraff C 7, 6' f.:.5T,, CM, 4 S 'f'!PfJ Spin .ffviff-1' 52453 'fi -1'-H -3- Tr:-If -vc J eff - wsw,,.w.:'f,r .. . , 1' 5 eng- 1 -' :ge-g.55'...,. Q V . '. :J g...v,j. . ,f,- J.-i1.,V. 1 '.-'r " 4.-Y 'f 'IQ , -i'j'g?,' 1."'T3-:D X .. ', V A-ix 11 , sggv. vm'-f The Baseball Outlook for I9 l 8 4 I HE baseball season has hardly begun and it is entirely too early to venture ' a prediction, yet it is evident already that Ole Miss will be represented I on the diamond by a fairly strong ball club. The first game of the schedule l Lf V is yet some weeks off and though this game is expected to show up whatever weaknesses the Ole Miss aggregation may possess, it is not to be especially dreaded. The season will open with two games on the local diamond, against the University of Illinois. After Illinois comes Millsaps, Mississippi College, and A. 8: M., none of whom are expected to be especially dangerous. The opening of practice revealed only seven men of the twenty-two members of the I9I 7 varsity squad. Around these seven men-Fields, Bridges, Moseley, Sisk, Dunn. McCain and Farmer-Coach Noble is laboring to build a smooth-working, well-balanced team. Bethea and O'Mara are sadly missed as receivers, but Coach Noble has three good men for this position in Bridges, Hagerman and Hathorn. The absence of D. W. Holmes and Hank Kyle may not be so keenly noticed, as there are such men as Benton, Holmes, Bostick, Caldwell and Sparks out for this position besides Fields, and Moseley, of last year's pitching staff. Both the outfield and infield suffered heavily from losses of last year's men, Sisk, Dunn, McCain and Farmer being the only old varsity men showing up at these positions. Although there is a bunch of green material to work with, under these conditions it is no easy task Coach Noble faces. A team of individual stars can hardly be hoped for, and our chances of winning depend upon putting out a well-balanced team, working together as a single unit. But under the direction of so able an instructor as Coach Noble, and with plenty of good material, the present outlook seems bright and alluring, and we feel safe in saying that the baseball team put out by Ole Miss for l9l8 will be a successful one. 41663 f Sh, fr' . ff' 11 Q 'gh . iff? ' K ' "' 5 vS?5"' J' 'w.Zw'h3 .1 Q, -51' . Q.,-r A Av., 'fra' "j,-If-:1 -, H li V '1,.lK.wfff-1.3 y..'QC, 4,,'-ggi-22,91 -iq 39139-ag . ff Q' 5f'fr5u-55: 705 ' ' x 'E CL' Q T U. o L SQUAD L BA BASE I8 I9 1 Ql67j 0-be .AQ A ' 123 -leffefxzz Q53 . .f-gg 'ifjf25.f f L, U cj? i -iv gi,-, 'X-v,.,-af.,..' Q x. 'P-5,51 "ifL'if",,Q nlfjl,-I Ufgffi. Tv':'I'f' vw--1.7, ,fr '51 --15:4 Q , I ,V 55.931,-i.4,.f..x v.'q.Q'J Qs-, QQ mhz-.1533 5 ggigg, ww . 6 . . ....-- 1 " , - -- 'J'-1: a'ff.f'f- a.v 1v5' x 4 x wield JG lf ov" I w ,, W. L. SHACKLEFORD RUSSELL Plcronn H. Doxsv W4 4. , ,q,A .. .. :ip '. ' Q is -. '- V :,.,- --- - Av- 1.w,.-7---.41 ',,- Af. V W . F:: .-ag! -J, , ' ?",.:1'i'1i,Q- 4 in" :gf-f -','.Ii'1f'f:f-4,.,. -. 1 ',g.- -rj 1 A K". :'4 ' A w .fvlf -4145 Li." , . WI xx ' :lx Ag 1:5 sf: , . s aqgwk lmw ,4,H:,.lL, w , .. ',-.. .e .g.. x . I: 114. ,- Qlvlfw. 23 Aff ,. ,r 915:75 , ' g ,- 3Q1gj, , Jxjk Tiifig I ifazpk. ' " i7aW3?1'5Q'?fS5i'7 f7?'5'P f , f ' ff.S'?zA.+:2wm-:m:: 'J:.'-4 :1wg1:'at3. " f'g.q,g.,:'51ya,w,Q' ' Vfi, cs. 7,,-i-'LL' A ' v -y,,- , ..', , ' .-ff -,'1'5'fi"7x'5:g ' -:-z.- 5:3-'Yfifg'-1. ri llumnl - If :,.ff' , I' A4 jf, ,'!-3 f!2'f".1 'gf LJ, fff-,I " ' 4 ' "":i.'Ii2,4f"'fHf.,-' ' TQ: " 'Z x..L f 7 ' , f57lff3?3i3??'T'1'-' ' , x ,,-, ,Xi v',H., ,i, 5' i., ' . 7':.-'fffi-J' 'A 9"1i : -'11 ' - - .ff.p.iv mf ' .L 'S'-,'!'l'5Ef1 , QV., ':,?"1, -Y-2:1 1 5 ' I i . , - ' 11,1 il-'.gpg:'g:':fw?':':TwEi3.'ia: ' -r W5 ,' 4. -' wa.,-aw"-.1563 QM5:-9 4- .e-.1-: ' ..,- f g5l..L,1,n ,jg ,,,5.',,5.,,,Z, 1 r-,L--,. .rv - ' uesp 1 4, 4 . - , I I I I 5 i i Q! 1 '1 1 w v 7 w v w w Q I I I I I I Home ze f f A- N 5 1 f H1 xv, . ','1'y.,.w5 g 'gn Q-r4 ' ,'9,rp.y: f'2..!'. X. -Ns - 1 -5' , .. . '-L' 1 - ,- if , Q After. fwhbi- X J,-gh." -Af' 5 Q. I - ,Q Q Y ,Q ,N . f V-.' -. I fa x 55' 'gt-Q61 ' A+ w -' ' :Y x ' ' ' ' W ,A ' , . , -J. ' . ' ' I ,.v. w 7' K- "4 'g '7 2 .-', 0 7 . i f ., A At -, Y .- A. ew. ff x ,Q 1 :n ,wfn -Q. :.,,.", . '4 yur' i'a:S!.K'.4T's:, 'ffxvi w 1. L 1 'f . ' 'Y 'J'Z..'2,',!.,'A, ,.. -4 1 - "ul gg' '. xg., xwixi ,. ' Q ' A Q ,d . -- tif, -: PU x V. QLDAWI J., 'U - lr -4 , -'.. 3. ,f 1 ' 4 '-ff ,' 'ir ,, A A, M., 4 ' 4, - 5'-A . -P vffx. ' , V2 ffl?-' 'ff' U1 1 " 'xv ' , 1 Ji- . F I ib' "U, A :Z 9, , 1 .45 , , I '. .Ji 5,9513 ,nj - . --' , 4 V .sf -.f A I .. ' .-A Q . wk I , I ' 1 '- 1 . I. : 4, ' QL. ' 15, v - ' MX ' , 0 i . . W 6 'V t 'adv 1,. ' . A v e ,'f ' I V-Fi, 'Uv yn , 'q x 'I Y. WFQ1' ml V' 1 X 1. 1 A M, M J' ,Aish v' Wi' 0 A4 v ""41'f-x.f- ' .1 'E .' 5" 9 fl A 5,5-, jg.: ' iw ,- 1"'2f, Qifxg. o 'Us . V r 'fin . 1, A fx Q", 'IQ X"l,f1:'.,f 'W w A v ' 'Aff'-'llf + w , ' I al 'f ' at U' . ' ' -'-J... . ,. 5 . . A .,. 3 4 .' P X A N 'RH .., , Q J , is ", s '5 ' V r .rl 4' .JS-zu . flhvll if 'Q ' - Q.-. 791 ,3 14 I, W .', "5- ' , J 'ffm , . Xffh, . fn J--H, B 4' 1 T4 .T'f,'QfTfm-',I 1 ,, . ,Av - - . . "! 't Q' Q' '-gfifl' U' 'I J. ' fi- " J.: L . .W .",','Hff-'I' '.,.. ' do ' ff, Z".1n.!-' 1 '! I' I, -lHf'lll"lIf' 'a ' M4 X X ,f - N f ,-A.A3.7. fi. C -K 'xl Yr f :K 1, j 3 7! J? S LE MIS 55 ' S 944. ,, f SNAP SHOTS um Af: A F Gig ve I. :OM I 5 - fy MDS .. "'1ii'ff ef..- - fi' fab? r.:???w , Q , ' T119 7, fvifitff, , ft C,-T59 65825, Xffmfsfw 5?-vis '31i'531fl,C .4239 'f'5y!,,. 9s23gf.g?ls Sz-'.gZ,J . ffrffjl afyf--Q9 Jfifffy' gfggsg gag ijffiig' 5.1.57 Cori!--5-..-1,f, If ws-E I 1 , g 4 5- -5 wr, ,, 4' 47- jr ,'-Q ' . o--'vvgwff I Voting Contest Prettiest Co-ed . . H3ndS0mESf Man , . Most Popular Co-ed . Most Popular Man . . Best All-Round Athlete Best Student .... Most Popular Professor Best Dancer fBoyl . Best Dancer fcirll . Greenest Freshman . Freshest Freshman . Ugliest Man . . Biggest Crafter . Brainless Wonder . Biggest Liar . . Biggest Politician . Biggest Crouch , Biggest Bore . CI72J MIss Miss MARVEL RAMEY . . MR. WHITTEN ELIZABETH MCDONALD . . D. S. WRIGHT . . DICK FIELDS . R. C. BUTLER . DR. HEDLESTON . . H. A. LONG . MISS MCDONALD . . . . . SCOTT . . . . . BILLUPS . . R. C. HOWARD. ULJNMERCIFULH HESTER , . . BILL NEWSOM . GEORGE EWELL . . . JIM CRAWLEY . L. R. CLEVELAND . D. R. JOHNSON U U LB MISS fffv -iw .. 5 . f.. 6 5,9211 Sv V g 'igsbgb 'aw e .ff 3 ,gm Vg -155 an 6' 150- '95 'Q N M5515 i . I. C1731 w ...W 57 a FN., - Y X pf- J ,, , ,i ' ' g ,I ug.:-at-A, Sk Q We-'39 cl ,. -. ,gif JT Q 7 f ,.':,35.' Y f- 1 w pegs., .Lmiyvh -lr, vw.,-16: 43 ' 'A . M.ii1"ifff1'3,7f,,g.1,J i i l J l IS S N. '15 'f-' tiff AE jg r- J " Q 'vc-11, "The Rivalsn 1 iRITZ MUELLER felt a vague uneasiness as he walked along Broadway. He had felt that way ever since arising. To begin with, the weather l f' was rather uncertain. The sky was leaden. A little rain had fallen l . during the night, and the sidewalks were wet underfoot. Occasionally a crowd might be seen gathered around some poor horse that had fallen on the slippery asphalt and was struggling to rise under the none too gentle persuasion of its driver. A brisk walk of a few minutes brought him to the entrance of the Alt Nuremberg Cafe, where he was the leader of a five-piece orchestra. The exterior of the Alt Nuremberg was not at all imposing. It was a rathskeller-one of those little restaurants tucked away in the basement, where the guests think more of talking than they do of dining. Inside, it was cozy and clean. The host's welcome was as wholesome as the food. The walls were covered with dark oaken carvings of German heads and mot- toes. The twenty or more tables were dressed in spotless linen, and the Hoor was spread with clean sawdust. Fritz tripped lightly down the flight of stone steps that led to the basement, and entered. A waiter greeted him pleasantly and took his hat, coat and umbrella. At the far end of the room a cheerful blaze was lazily climbing the chimney of the big, open fireplace. Pausing often to chat with friendly waiters, Fritz finally made his way to the fire and spread his fat little person in front of it. By one of those strange accidents that often happen in cosmopolitan cities, the pro- prietor of this German restaurant was a big, healthy Irishman, whose name was Jim Muldoon. He came across and greeted Fritz warmly: "Well, Fritz! How goes it today?" "Ver' goot, thanks!" Fritz replied, and continued to expose himself to the blaze. "What's new in the world, Fritz?" continued Muldoon. "Anything going on out- side today?" "Nix,,' Fritz answered, "only water. We haf a rain. Vere iss Rosie?" Rosie was Muldoon's daughter, and the cashier of the establishment. "Aw, she'll be here in a minute. She's just primpin' a bit before she comes in to see you!" Muldoon laughed. Almost at that moment the swinging doors of the kitchen opened and Rosie burst into the room, smiling and happy. She was a beauty of eighteen or twenty, with a splendid figure, pure complexion and rich, brown hair. "Good morning, Fritzief' she said in a sweet, full-throated tone. "Hello, Rosie-,U Fritz replied. "Gee, you iss pretty today!" And he squeezed her hand tenderly. "Aw, now, Fritz, none of your blarneyf' she said, and slipped away to the cashier's desk. where she began to arrange things in a mechanical way, looking at her German lover C1741 .1 11 if-iffli' R 77 1' ff:-55? U , ,' . H K, . av'-af: J' 7, I l... . I cf fam, af, 'A Yi ,fqm 5 'fs 3, fats: . 1" 3. .i1,:'-'rinse " ,I ,ggi If ., . half the time. Fritz looked up and caught her eye, then they both looked at the floor, and blushed crimson. They were in love, and knew it well. But Fritz simply could not muster enough courage to propose. His pleasant thoughts were interrupted by the arrival of his fellow musicians, and the little orchestra soon began to play to the late breakfast crowd. Waltzes, fox trots and one steps and, once during each meal, "The Watch on the Rhine," Fritz and his orchestra played for the half German, half cosmopolitan audience. At eleven o'clock the musicians usually took an intermission that lasted for an hour. Fritz and Rosie were seated, according to their daily custom, in a little booth in one corner of the cafe. They had ordered lunch, and were waiting. "Rosie," Fritz said, "I haff something to tell you, but I chust can't get id oudtf' "Aw, come on, Fritz-be a man," Rosie said, laughing a bit nervously. "Well," Fritz answered, after some hesitation, "I will! I luf you, Rosie, und I want you to be my wife." "Aw, Fritzie!" was all that Rose could say, and she nestled into his arms, laughing softly. Fritz was kissing her when jim Muldoon entered. Rose looked up and blushed. "Father," she said, simply, "Fritz and I are engaged." "Congratulations, Fritz!" jim said, good-naturedly slapping his future son-in-law on the back with his big paw. Turning, he shouted to a passing waiter: "Hey, joe, let's have a bottle of champagne here, quick!" At noon Rosie wore a sparkling new ring, and the merry frequenters of her father's cafe drank health and happiness to the lovers. There were scores of shouts to the orchestra for "Here Comes the Bride." which Fritz, although handicapped by embar- rassment, played accommodatingly and well. It was a very happy hour. But, in the midst of the meal, a newsboy ran among the tables, shouting: "Extry! Extry! England declares war on Germany! French soldiers are fighting!" The engaged couple was forgotten. The soldiers at the tables cheered a little and fell to telling how Germany was going to do the business. There were many Frenchmen, Englishmen and Irishmen in the crowd, and arguments were plentiful. The controversies would cool down in one spot, only to become hotter than ever in others. And all the time jim Muldoon kept circulating, like water in a radiator, cooling the speakers wherever he went. He held a large Russian while a small German made his escape, and when Fritz began to play "The Watch on the Rhine," commanded him to play "The Mar- seillaisen and "God Save the King," in rapid succession. Thus the anger of the diners was appeased. That evening several of Fritz's former comrades drifted in to dinner, gay, happy and boisterous. They forced Fritz to drink in honor of the fatherland, until he could scarcely navigate. He staggered home at eleven o'clock, with all sails set. He was as drunk as a crow in wild cherry time. He went to bed fully dressed in his little room, which reeked with the odor of stale tobacco and dirty clothes. fl75j ex ,ff , Xa "'i" KX? i fo-N., fx, 'J C ,J ff Quai' ,. g . E S f..:,Qf1rfi" iEifZQg J .,,,... J' When he awoke it was nine o'clock in the morning. He had all the symptoms of "the morning after" illnesses, but Rosie came to him out of the mist that slowly lifted from his brain. He had set today as the day of days, when he and Rosie would select the furniture for their home. He had saved a thousand dollars, and it was now reposing in the Hibernian Savings Bank-recommended by Muldoon-and he would draw part of it and call at the cafe for Rosie. He dressed hastily and rushed to the Alt Nuremberg. A few customers, mostly French and Irish, were there. A 'few Germans, who were answering the call of the fatherland, dropped in to tell Muldoon good-by. Fritz bade them farewell very sol- emnly, and asked for Rosie. She would not be down that morning, Big jim told him, as she was ill. So Fritz, feeling very lonesome and blue, sat down and ordered a stein. A mes- senger entered with a telegram for Mr. Mueller. Fritz took it, signed where the boy indicated, and broke the envelope. The message ordered him to report at once to the German consul in San Francisco. He showed the wire to Muldoon and got leave for a week. On the way to his apartment, he stopped at a German book store and purchased a framed picture of Von Hindenburg, which he hung over the bed in his stuffy little room. He wrote Rose a comforting little note and sent her some violets that he had bought from a street florist. He promised to return in a week, and that they would be married then. He was absent not more than five days. But in those few days what a change had taken place in the world! The name of St. Petersburg had been changed to Petrograd, and the Alt Nuremberg was no longer known by that name, but, in large green letters, on the windows was painted, "Tipperary Tavern." Fritz could hardly believe his senses, and rubbed his eyes. He cautiously opened the door and peered in, expecting to find himself in a strange place. But the carved heads were still staring down from their places on the walls, and the same old German mottoes were there. Catching sight of the familiar back of Jim Muldoon, he entered. -lim was seated at a table engaged in conversation with several Englishmen. The Eng- lishmen glanced up as he approached, and began to talk in lower tones. Fritz felt that he was not welcome in the party, and went over to the cashier's booth. A pretty little girl was in Rose's accustomed place. In response to Fritz's question, she said: "Rosie's got nervous prostration, or something. The doctor ordered her to go to the mountains for a month. She's gone to ldylwild. l'm Nora Stokes. Don't you remember me?" The poor boy murmured something in reply and stumbled out into the cold, misty atmosphere. He made his way home and sat down to think. The consul had told him that he might do as he pleased about going back to Germany, but he was in a quandary. If Rosie had been there, she might have helped him to decide. But as it was, Von Hin- denburg had it alone. Fritz looked long at the stern countenance of his old commander, and sat down to write Rose a long letter. He told her that his love for the fatherland was greater than his love for her. may , .f 3 A K ,433 W ff ffl 1 - " ,Y ' g q ' 71 4407, it . S -,""t'f?3 .A V 5.11- .,4f,, ' it ' l J E? IS S ' 11' vCqf',14f4"f33'iljf T-is f' ' ' Q' Zn' ' O ,,. Xml.-lf, He packed his few belongings, including his violin. He next drew his savings from the Hibernian Bank and bought a steamer ticket for Tsing Tau. He had one chance in a hundred of reaching Germany by this route, so the consul had told him, and he resolved to try it. His boat-the last one for many weeks to come-was leaving San Pedro that afternoon, so he could not spare the time to tell Rose Muldoon good-bye. As the long white liner swung out into the harbor, a chorus of whistles bade her farewell. The figure of a fat little man could be seen on the upper deck. He was waving a pocket handkerchief with all his might. A pretty girl rushed from a beach car out upon the dock and waved frantically in return. She continued to wave mechan- ically even when the vessel was out of sight in the fog. When she at last turned away someone remarked that she was weeping. E. F., 'l8. U-ng 1 'bile' gil' . ', " Tu rf .. fr i Higw-V' AX if . SN6f 'f.22 J' ",,' f ti it r cf' C1771 0 .0 rffzff.-1,11 'f Nr A' K 1 ,Jr KJ X fer: ur fyt my "LQ',1'..J gif V' '3 LE flflusg "Dante's lnfernon fcompletely Revised I dreamed a dream the other night- It made me laugh with gleeg For the scene laid out before my eyes Furnished unbounded joy to me. I found myself in the bottomless pit, Some thousand feet below- But Satan knew not that l was there- Undisturbed, I beheld the show. The "Old Scratch" was much too busy To pay me any heed, For there, in a brimstone office, Joe Powers was making some speed. An imp outside the ofhce, By whirling him on a fork, Was showing poor Willie Kennon New ways of describing a torque. I could hardly keep from shouting When, down in the grate below, Little Allie begged a holiday, The imps sternly said: UNO!" Grandma Torrey, in anguish, listened To a fresh imp with a goad: "Say 'Seven times eight is fifty-six, 'Cause the old cow crosses the road! Driving on thru the hottest fire- Enveloped in whitest heat- Old Bondy was steering the Buick Old Horace held down the rear seat A train loaded with boiling gravy Came rushing madly thru Hellg The cars were labeled "Pontotoc," Engineered by Uncle Jim Bell. That l saw the whole - faculty You have, no doubt, concluded: But, lest you o'erlook, l'Il simply add, Lemmie was also included. R. J. F. no may A9 . is 9 ' xx ' To Il lfxzilffs F? K f if j LD s,?fTi2"fF U 11?5?5, J eg? Q' Ir, 1 5 ' . 1 . Y 1 .As :iris-.21 ,,5'..,,.,...,i,, Lf.. H ' '- ,. "f1:1f1.f U.:-we f Lf Ex IS S 'iii Q' 'Qr'.g'f'f',?X5,'Caf1e'f f " .- V X ,JL A U ... . The Zoo BILLUPS General Billups, generalissimo, is absolutely the rarest of the entire collection. It is understood that from infancy he has had Mars as a constant playmate. In connection with his truculent and bellicose procliv- ities, some authorities think they can trace in him the evolution of the race-especially if the missing link were a chameleon, as some maintain. He is very much like such an animal in his changeable qualities. Besides being general of the University military forces, he is also rear admiral-when it rains-with special emphasis on the rear. BASINGER Professor Basinger, umbrella and all, was found in Gulfport, and authorities, not being able to determine his species, assigned him to the Faculty as the closest resemblance. And, truthfully enough, this remarkable animal has some traits in common with some members of the Faculty. He can make a gas attack and fascinate the coop. But, my! you should see him eat--but here the author must desist and apply the board of censorship. BREWER This is a life-size likeness of "Shoots" Brewer. He has been here for only one year, during which his presence has been heard-not seen. Yet 'tis rumored that he draws a princely royalty from Arm Gr Ham- mer Co. for the privilege of using the picture of his arm on their soda packages. To approximately cover this subject, the sketch must be exceedingly brief- Amen. 0793 " Q. f N Q5 Z.-4' 7, X Sf' 1' 4 5 3:34 2:-7-,-I v 14 V 'I Q .- .,.g. "fr f. .Viv Yi!! L - Je:-Z, 'ff' 7173.9 .W , , ' u"-.F ' .s , ' J- , .--Y -gg, . E.-fx-ff lbfeifg ,.,.W. - 3 'ffl' .f , v .I qv-L 4 K. 1- if 5 "sl Q 'f6ft'i'3.. Xjwfvm ,Q 5, L1 .az ng. .Z mf. iff: tffx' F S 5..- s i , Y 3 .21 ,3,x'v 3 .-fgri Q ' - ,', - if f .19-km , ,,,, A."-41.2.44 .9 'f 3 . , -r , "cf ' - 'bc k vs, J-' .M r S . s en. we ,. ,Q ,a f. ggi, .-vi ' Qf2i'di?::ilf'f if 1, . , . v ,p . . J. 1- fx V '-arf'P1E"' H The Zoo CLEVELAND Grover wasn't the only one to make the name Cleve- land famous. Look at this guy who put the me in ameba and paramccium. Although he's a great bot- anist and knows that bushes usually beccme trees, yet he is hopeful enough to expect one Bush to become a Cleveland. He has discovered why hens cackle and roosters crow, and claims to have established his kinship with the monkeys-it is an open secret that the photographer furnished him with the necessary proof. HESTER We got this specimen out of Sullivan's Hollow, but all the professors in Christendom can't get the "hol- low" out of his head. Therefore. he is called "irresistible" Hester. Without the least compassion to our feelings in the matter, he abruptly appeared among us four years ago, and we have had to bear him these many years. Accordingly he is known as "Unmerciful." We know his picture is irresistibly comical, so turn your eyes away before you laugh unmercifully. HOUSTON This would-be wonderful animal sleeps at all times of the day, will not stir for breakfast. He learned two years ago to eat anything fed to the animalsg makes much show of his disgust when he drinks waterg prefers to go untidy and will embarrass ladies unless avoided. wsop C T111 K' Giga L. 11154, ef Yffgjyy 71 ,J c, ,K ff ff P fs 1 ,j qiHEg,9:zf,,, j'.fjTf'r',ff, ,Q-3,3-51' si - ' S '- The Zoo KLINGMAN Here is another of our specimens-Sleeping Beauty Klingman. He has two distinguishing characteristics, viz., he has the distinction of never having missed a note in his vespers, and has never been to breakfast qn time since his captivity. Also, the fact that he keeps close company with Morpheus may explain why he has been subjected to Fresh. Latin for the past four years. NEWSOM "Brainless Wonder" Newsom. This is absolutely the most wonderful animal of the entire collection. This animal does not use or need a brain, and it is said that he seems none the worse off from it. Once he broke loose, and his keepers found him ranging at large at Mississippi College. The most interesting of his numerous peculiarities is that he lives entirely off of Sloan's Liniment. PIC-FORD, YAWN This is our comedy-featuring "Feet" by Tar Baby Yawn, and for once in his life, "My son Willie" has big prospects in front of him. Both claim Lum- berton as their home, and, without doubt, a ton of lumber was used in constructing their domes-human hatraclcs. Henryis voice is envied by every jaybird on the campus, and his future will be devoted either to singing or Sing Sing. Willie is a musician, being able to play the "liar" with the easy grace of a born artist, and without the slightest effort. He is also an orator and soars and soars till he makes the audience sore. US! ,i , X. . ,ff k I F, xiii! fa!-if", U New ' i Jokes All our jokes are so old they now hold professorships, and we call them "doctors" They have grown funnier with age, and sometimes we laugh at them so that they "bust" us. The censor won't let us tell you the facts about them, but you can see diagrams of them by looking in the front of this book. If we were to omit "C-in" our dear faculty, we would characterize them as they are, but this is the day of camouflage, so we are determined not to be behind the times. "C" them! HEP1 T.-IXO YI. A tortoise almost ran over me, a snail and her family darted by, a frog running from Lemmie Cleveland catapulted past, I looked up just in time to see Dr. Bondurant whiz by in his "Buickibus,', going at least 600,000 inches an hour. Speed? Well, I should snort! But then I thought of our snappy chapel programs, of our short and quickly finished exams, and how soon the papers are graded and returned. I thought of a certain Faculty-Senior baseball game in which I saw a ball bound nearly out of the inheld when propelled by one hundred and ninety-eight pounds of old Pontotoc bone, brawn, bluster and alas! nothing moreg and I realized how far wrong Dr. Kennon was when he said that the occultation of a star by the moon was the only instantaneous act, for on the spur of the moment I recalled these: Saying "good night" at !!:50 by "choppy," Postmaster Johnson reading a constitution. English B excused on time by Dr. Bishop. Eating breakfast in one minute and eight seconds by Dr. Kennon. Dr. Hedleston coming from the golf links. fAUTHOR'5 NOTE-This was written in such a burst of speed that my close flew up near the top, hence the brevityj H823 ' 41 ' the hirlfa Niall Glnurivr Vol. I. OXFORD, MISS., APRIL, I9I8 No. I, MEASLES CLAIMS ANOTHER VICTIM ONE OF OUR FAIREST FLOWERS SUCCUMBS TO FELL DISEASE. Ir was with moist eyes and saddened hearts that we Iearned this morning that Miss Gertrude Lassiter had been caught in the dread cIutches of the Pink PeriI. L.ike a thief, it came in the night and Iaid its sinister mark on her brow, and ere an hour had passed, ere our coffee was coId in our cups. she had joined the ranks of the MeasIy Mutts and was as rank as any of them. Come back soon, Gertrude, we miss you. Your presence would put an en- tirely different compIexion on the matter. THE LAZY LASSES OO TO THE GYM With their shrinking forms cIad in coats and skirts, the young people of the community reIuct- antIy wended their way to the REST ROOM fwhat a hoIIow mockeryID and for forty-hve weary minutes bent and twisted and stooped and roIIed and romped and jumped and genu- Hected under the stern combined tutelage of Mrs. Nobles and Miss Nxford. With a haunted Iook in their young eyes, they returned the same way that the pIowman did. FIERCE COMPETITION ON IN WALLS OF HISTORIC EOIFICE TABLES ARE CROWDEDfRCOM IN A BUZZ. Tonight at the witching hour of six a merry hevy of gay, but determined, young Iadies pro- ceded to the RE.-fectory, and there so successfully attacked the food that victory was theirs aI- most before they themselves reaI- ized it. As they marched out someone was heard chanting, uvve have met the biscuits and they are ours." Said Essie, a young Miss Im- periaI, With notions in dress quite ethe- real: "I reaIIy don't care A snap what I wear." She cIidn'tg 'twas quite immate- riaI. SPIRIT OF GLOOM OVER COMMUNITY TENSE NERVES TAUT UNDER UN- WONTED STRAIN. When the hands of the cIock in the I-IaII pointed to the hour of seven, like a cIoud over the sunny heIds in May. a pall of gIoom settIed over the members of our community, and an in- tense stiIIness pervaded the at- mosphere. We clasped our head feverishly with our hands, and there discovered an idea that soIved the solemn mystery-study hour had begun. ABOUT BY Y. W. C. A. The Y. W. C. A. held its bienniaI bout this exening, those in the ring being Miss Foster and Miss Monteith for president, Miss Blackstone and Miss I-Iopkins, vice-president, etc., etc. Miss Monteith was knocked out in the first round, and Miss Foster de- cIared bantamweight champion for the coming season. Miss Black- stone gave Miss Hopkins a knock- out blow in the third round, and came out victorious. ' i rn :- F A "A .YNXXATT7 I! '5 L .M Ui W I 2 THE CHICK'S HALL COURIER Eh? cllhil-K5 Qlnurin' LOCALS AND PERSONALS lANSWE.RS TO OUR The Official Organ of the Dormi- l CORRESPONC?5gS1+iONS tory yclept "The Coop." Published Every once in a While Mostly. 0000 Per .... Copy 0000 EDITORIAL STAFF ' Editor-in-Grief E. WARD ....... E.. WARD. ......... News Editor E.. WARD. ..... Business lllanager E. WARD. ......... joke Editor EDITORIAL As we go to press we are in- formed by our reporters of sev- eril juicy bits which should have gone in this, our first edition. But time is more to an editor than it is to a porker, and we find our- selves unable to include several stirring accounts which the public is entitled to know. On this, our maiden voyage on the unknown and trackless sea of editorship, we do not hesitate to start fear- lessly in perfect trust of our com- pass, which is Right, and in bliss- ful confidence of our Captain. who is Truth. We do not care for Public Opinion, and we will bravely and fearlessly speak ou' for R-r-r-right at any cost. We will put one foot upon the neck of the monster W-r-i-r-rong and O-p-p-p-p-pression. Wishing our readers a merry Christmas and a happy New Year, we beg to re- main, Yours truly, Ti-ii: EDITOR. Mr. G. L. Eatman decided not 1 to keep the dead squirrel he found yesterday. Miss Dora May Blanks is ini our midst today. Miss Hosford Lattimer is gain- ing rapidly by her gvmnastic ex- ercises. Margaret swept behind our trunk today. George Lowe bit Nancy's ear until she howled for mercy. Miss Kathryn Basinger was called to the phone tonight, but we do not know the name of the person at the other end of the line. Miss Lucy Hutchins is now nicely domiciled on second with Miss L. Monteith. Miss Townsend inadvertently put her clothes in the dressing room and some thoughtless soul snapped the lock on the door, Virginia! V-i-r-g-i-n-i-al! Miss Lucile Campbell is read- ing lbsen. Miss K. Basinger is readinf vi Turgenieff, as usual. 'iFirst Love is not the name of the book. i t t I Hosford-Will going without breakfast on Sunday morning re- duce my weight? Ans.-No, l do not think it will reduce you appreciably. Try anti-fat. Coralie-Does calomel injure the skin? Ans.-On the contrary, a gen- erous portion of liquid calomel rubbed into the skin with a ro- tary motion thrice daily will nourish and preserve the com- plexion. Answer to "Cutie" - No, clearie, dipping the eyes in Wes- son oil will not make your lashes grow. Answer to Blue Eyes-The best method l know of beautify- ing the eyebrows, and one much practiced and favored by my cor- respondents, is the following: Pull them out with tweezers three times daily after meals, and just before retiring at night. Also, if you do not see an immediate improve- ment, when you rise in the morn- ing you might yank a few. Band- age a towel firmly around your eyes to absorb the tears. The hymns selected this evening were "Onward, Christian Sol- diers" and one or two other mar- tial airs, concluding with "The Fight ls On." O x. , ew, ,f , xg .ff ' TN 'J lk ii KT j I 77 .J E ml S 5 THE CHICK'S HALL COURIER 3 WEEKLY BEAUTY CHAT Questions relating to Health or Beauty answered free of charge by Ima Looker, beaulicultural expert. flnternational News Agencyj Now that Spring is here with its wind and sun, so destructive to the delicate epidermis, freckles and tan, those twin evils, and bugbears of the Beauty-Seeker, are sure to cause havoc if care is not exercised in lime. An idea has come to us from overseas which is likely to prove invaluable to the great body of American women. Like so many of the ideas which have proved such valuable and material aids in the preservation of the style and chic of American femininity, it comes from the trenches. Briefly, it is this: Secure a gas mask from a home-coming soldier, and wear it faithfully whenever you go out. In two or three months your com- plexion will show a marked im- provement, and will have that dead-while appearance so much desired by all. Ink hasn't gone up. Neither have pens. Nor paper. They are staying Iow down right Like My Grades. RISING YOUNG SINGER ANOTHER VIGTIM UF PREVALENT DISEASE YESTEREVE SHE BURST INTO SONG -TODAY BREAKS OUT WITH THE MEASLES. Miss Gerald Eatman, whom her friends recall as the young lady who so sweetly rendered "Have a Heart" last evening, has hit the hot trail for the hospital and is now busy counting the measles every one a part on her face. Gerald, your place is hard to fill. Come back into our midst and intercede for Nancy. .. ggi I ni l""" HIP1 TNI ' I ji X an rur'1E J, H fl - ' 1? THE NEED OF THE HOUR The time has come to strike a blow for our rights, and all of you who have a speck of man- hood rise in your large white cravats and join in the fray. In these times which try men's souls, to say nothing of women'sg in this, the crucial moment, Iet us marshal our forces and take an inventory of our assets. Among those conspicuous by their ab- sence is one without which we are as sounding brass and tinkling cymbals, without which we are as the beasts of the field, I speak OI that divine attribute, that spir- itual grace, that blossom of in- hnitude which the poet has ranked next to godlinessf--I speak of a tub-once-a-day. Can we get it? No! Can we have one as often as every Saturday night? Per- haps. How long, Q Lord? Rise and demand hot water, my daugh- ters! Selah. Advertise with Us ' ' ' M 0 gr. ,ff f -.X I . I -f sux., MNA-itx Lf Q. ,,,. 5 It-' iw G fl 1 ittt ' . ,ss 'N ' M' , u,u mu"- lfiwms-"Papa, wouldn't you 'be glad if I saved a dollar for you?" PAPR-UCBFIZIHIY, my son. That would be fine." JAMES-"Well, I saved it. all right. You said you would give me A dollar ll I brought a good report rom teacher, but I didn't." Could N ot X. A- ft , .sex I ffm 4 THE CHICK'S HALL ooUR1ER CLASSIFIED COLUIVINSI -?-fT""s'-Y' " im, , - L iedf Q -4 Win: I . WANTED I LosT AND FoUND 'Tuned and BY E595-One more n W LOST-On the stairway, byl dress' Adelaide, her equilibrium. BY THIRD FLO0RfSome adee quate means of expressing their I-05T'BY S15 HOPIUUS' ai gratitude to Hester for her Infe- saver of Wednesday night. BY NIIKRGUERITE--A brand- new fortune. BY TABLE ONE-A derrick to get us upstairs after supper every night, BY EVERYBODY-That last bis- cuit. llllllll llllllllllll I IIII ll ITIUTHP. FOUND4By Dimple Magee. several mumps. FOUND-By K. Basinger, in her knitting bag, one object re motely resembling a sock. Owner can get same by identifying the holes in it. Miss Elizabeth IVIcDonaId Past Worthy Mistress of the Art of Avoiding the Measles, will Iecfture a E class of 31 to-night s Sleep I Says I Saved I-Ier Life! I Can Save Yours, Too! "ZIP" Three Times Daily for that Tired Feeling K es, f an H fff-5511 .' New Q 7. 5, js Q .-i, 7 Q 7, ' . W If i . 1 . ' ,ffifzff ,' 7 f it ' f' 1 il l LJ E l X S S if x t . A Profs lVlss. This is a thesis submitted for a degree at Helluva College, of Reno. It is easily seen by the language used that the author already holds a Bachelor's degree, and so this must be for original research. It was intended to be spoken, but the writer, fearing that his head might be in a similar condition to Mr. McE.lroy's, turned it in to the Annual for publication. We have no way of telling who the writer is, unless by references in the thesis itself. In it we notice no little amount of history, but can we, I say-can we believe it emanated from the history department? Ask Ricks Hall. Here goes: I think it was the grandfather of Diogenes who made the sage remark that girls are a necessary evil, but if Diogenes didn't have a grandfather, or if he didnit make the statement, I take the responsibility upon myself. The average girl attends boarding school just because it is the fashionable thing to do. She promptly purchases the requisite books, which she reverently places in the bottom of her trunk and, with vestal fidelity, guards against the profanation of a touch or look. She spends part of her time discoursing about beaux and clothes, and the rest of it in writing letters which contain one idea to every three epistles. Usually she groups in history falways if the teacher is unmarriedl, and, while her information is rather vague, she is quite sure that the Thirty Years' War lasted eighteen months, that Lafayette was a Seminole chief, while John Adams was father of the express business. She is interested in astronomy, and through the telescope woos the man in the moon. Her observation of it could well be entitled, "Luna viewed by looney." In the course of time she completes her course, and on Commencement Day, clad like a saint and plastered with paint, she reads a paper on "True Womanhood," or "The Advantages of an Education," and, notwithstanding the fact that she knows nothing of either or of anything save foolishness, she will captivate the heart of every gosling in the audience. The "sweet girl graduate" now enters the swirl of society, and her real usefulness is well summed up in the two last figures of "the 400." If Darwin had seen her monkey-shines, he would have cried "Eurekal" CI have found ity, meaning, of course, the missing link. She dances six nights out of every week, wears dresses too brief at both ends, and refuses to be civilized. As fools are made in pairs, she hnds her counterpart, and then what a wife she makes! The true wife may reprove her husband when he spills coal all over the Brussels carpet, but how much better that is than to knock him down and punch out his eyes with the pokerl What a sweet new TB. 'Tj J' "R CJT: 5 li Vxxfmi ed fp ,thing ,'U'f2Il U fl .- if- t iffy 1555 relief the Bible must hold out for her poor husband when it says, "Man and wife shall not know each other in heaven!" In conclusion, I wish to say that, after my own, there is no sex 'neath the starry canopy of the azure heavens, north, east, south or west, in air, earth or water that I adore more than your own, and I hope that, with Cupid's golden arrow, you will each slay a man and devote your energies to the amelioration of the human race. I N . ,I Xl - S f 'EE 5 '29 5 4 5 6 , x , fussy noon sm ' , HILIIIILY Q-1-ig-2g','f,-5 gr . .514-, is, 1 1 1- -5 1-1--.11- 1x 1- Pl., Ill' 'NIH LEX 3 . :N- F 1 n v X r , 1 .I,g -Y- .II .II-1 I 3 -.J 5 'P-Q,-.'.'-Q'.v,a','-p, I, 5 I VISKEQ-If-I I-?I",I-1'i,I' ,vi-I-3x 31 ---122. 1 I11',.1, '--,Y,",- . ,,I,,I.II -V., -- ,wI.I IIIAJ1 '11 .' -." 1-'. , Q . -,' H-I 1,3 rg.-I I n It' , .,I-.4. .l. 1 . -e. , I v " ' ' 2'.....-1,-.4-if-Z '1 wr- -- .I1.- ,.,,--sq - ,I .-. . , III. III . ,.II ,I 41151 -1- 5.1 Q-1 14-' - ' T5',"c-1, ' - .5 - - ' , 1- --af.-,. -1.-22 -- '- " 1 " "": 411121-.?'.'.--, 4-1 Q . . , nf' 1,1-"" '1,.f1.Q!'.'- , f,.v,', H ' , I .I I . . I j,3I,II.III I. jp--II IIII.I-Ig II 1 .Af . I 1-g-If I". ,gn I, II "1 ' ' ' 'Q' ' ., A V .-..-. Q V .41 I, I-, nf .- .' . 'cf' 1 - 'A , - "'u4w- ' 1:1- 11.1 UP. -- - 1 '-'FL -I -'f ':',f ' I . - . QI -f- - ,- . . 'rf' 1, ,f-11 . .5 1-L - 'I-1.", ,nap , II ,I. -I TP's.w1'1'- 1- F . -1 ' un . . 4 I 1."-1, I . ,-I-. . 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'25 wg- --,. 6.51 .5 1,"'f"" 'X 136.-K5 E4 Es 52.1, Y-:mg-if fi- 'ff wiff ', , N- :,1fff2s,:?::e,3v Q 1- ' "1 ,' - ., Q f . 3 .J 1 'iff '15 :rf sy '. P 9 Q A fi! ning' A . -4 if lx Q I -I If vf , of.. , '17 5'-.g 6 255,- Q ,ge It Q 1 I I 'll' .. ..-5 if -4 -C J I 1 3 uozy vo A COMPANY W f Y l 1 I l 1 I 5 i W, 1 F fx. .AQ X, ,,! CA-33: 1 :,,,3 I., S535 fffjgp nj j Q 9 , .1 U A KlgfV'f".2 C:'1HT'7? 'Nfl - ' W a' ""',, Elf fglgzf xp, -.f"4"uj3f'-9 ' Hjjfl., Un...-,: 3. . V n LN , . l.'.,.1'A'X'-1749! X. mygjg, ' 1 - 512 :H v W- Lk, -,-Q13 Q2 15-ufqg, H 1 A, - :fp fx-1-wel x A f f H Q- fff,w,15 J. - k 9 M 'd-.'-1 , w"' 4 -4 w f 1 Uris" , 42 l .153 .LJ is V 'r Z 'o ,"5if.f '-'l , 'C 'cn COMPANY ski, v iyfl ' x li. C1931 my 71 Q, as V Y' , L, 4 1 4 :N - .-'fa 1 R' 2 -vw 423311 .- cafe: n. gy, C '-25549 7 Q wi, wg Q,-,11T"' X .....,-, 23 :sf . 35: ' gf.: sl Q., i0 451-1 9, v , 'fir' : ,gag Q- ,.Y--1 qv- v wx -2 SU -JT-1 L 1 ' ' "' NJ ufflfflf hf'4525zf?'U 9:5 eg Q ?fJf2f" 14' -1.3 -T935 514:11 7 -amz?-'.r, 2.3 wwf, '. X-117.-f'.ni.w-, 3.3 fu -2,--,.-f,1.1-,.',y'Q 4 .lx JL.,-.. 'X xJLJ'I . r - 5, 1 'Q MM .' . ,l,... ' .,,.. , -"g 1 . " ,334-I 91 MPANY "C CO X k X X ' Q xf. -Q 'QQ f .fv- ,J T9 If fp, 1 .gp 0945 M- 1,-sm ffes-A fu 'N' F7 LE 155 N--X ,f My gl: 4' 'X .46 r'- 41953 D COMPANY 0 ,xfyn l1v"4!1. X f fig! . xxx , Nw - ,.:Q.,', Q in , . ,,hT5,,.i,3A5, ' - ' '5f?flf95fQ':1' .fy x A V F11 -' UN . I' X "J , sr I f , ,f , , m' 1 3 , VX '.X , f I ,f 1 .' N Q1 rl f pl - f' , gl If X 5 V 4 ,f , : ' .X I , " Z' . X , A I v, i X., V. ' I f' gf" 1 WRX 'h :xi A If Af, T3 'X N' qi . NL gf . Rf ' - 51 . , W X I ' - 1 X , n - ' ,' . ',f"x If 1 , X J-, , -,1 X, 4 9 , , A Y, Aix , I . , l , . - ', , .3-R.-. ' ' ' Q .- . ,si I A X I , -A4 -V it :Q ., L x x N , fi' H .. aff T ' my ya--. r . 'I .. V 'U 'H' w- .A ,4 . ,., ,Q Nt.. ' -. Nw .. ,- g...,,- - 'L ' ,. 'x I ,Q 3 , - - f: Mbqvk x. - - wg- Q '- J sl- -OLPX' '. ' -' , 4- .. x ann Q ?- an A ,,,,A, 1Q05.,,,gQxf -. .. - we 1" S - 'WL sq- .aye --, - ' , 5 5 hifi' ,, W ya' -4-as -4- ,,,.7- 4- ,v Alf 1,321-:AGP , X .. .. - f. .. 5 .. + ' 1- J. ,D 110 "XL 'ww 4' Y--Us --v'.1',f . Q tie,-9'?'3'Eg'1bi - M . . . ..- I .N Mi, 5 R-. fx Q ,. -1 ,r',".u4n-1"" UE- 'Q-Q ,, Y 4 FP., WX 7 4 ' . 'rAl,'t.',2E N-,A v ,H Ns - " f. "' N' -0' - al' .""Q"'5f"X.f ' I A . ' . " ki. ov : 2' A' - sn sm-ff. mv' X " f A 'ff . .ww v,-M 1. x ' I TEA -,,r.'.Llx"'4 W wtf Ji.. uk - 51:3 n".--"-U'4f5'f 1 'mfg ,ri ' 42 I 'A 1- 'W' Q . X lx? 1 as nv I , l , 3, Q ci fi' H ' 1 s N ion MISS e 5' F'7K7 3 41 5' K xi' X Q J K x it 'l 6,94 f itll' 1 i 5354 trait! I i " -i 'fill 1 'od M ' l 1 1 'W 1: QBMNSE M t -P-'NF .P-0--o--oooooouo ooaooloo qi: -sian ll-I ,,.,, lf'4E'Nl 41341 41451 A-A ll-I Q! Y? RACTICALLY all of thc men named in the following pages are volunteers. Much of the data in regard to them was col- v collected in january and February, 1918 r FW g'Ii 'l:' fsomc in March. While 'very possible ef- lf, I -hwy" fort was made to prepare a complrte and l' accurate list, it is a matter of genuine regret 43 that all could not be reached. The difficulties Q1 Q3 Q1 incident to such an undertaking will at once occur Q1 421 41 to anyone who considers the limited time, the il wide areas to be covered, the frequent changes fkvkg of addresses, the unsettled conditions, etc. .ul 51' ' lr being the purpose of the compiler of these , 'i , ..: y , 74' tg.-. Itttv C1 4514341 H117 ip ' N 41 -5141451 UTP 1 I Y YL 25:35 ll'-'Nl 41 421451 IQEINF ffl 51 ai. 0, statistics to continue the work, he will welcome corrections and additional facts which will help later in the preparation of a full and thoroughly reliable record for the University archives. ln working on this brief chapter in the Univer- sity's history. the writer has felt peculiarly privi- leged in being admitted to holy places in the hearts and homes of hundreds of parents, the names of whose sons are given here. He has handled with reverent touch many letters from fathers and mothers speaking with proud pathos of their boys in the camps, on the seas, or "over there," and showing strong and deep parental love, which, so far from seeking to withhold its best, gave with lavish hand and a spirit of willing and determined sacrifice. Many of the pictures entrusted to him for a season bore evident marks of woman's hands, wrapped with that care and tied with that tenderness which told in unmis- takable terms of the undying devotion of the mothers of men. "'f -15 ' e rf i .-15 - wf .-ei r e N.-ii - 4 et 2? Kewl? 71 "" 4 I it-ll if Zfmjif 11 41-6- 41 45143411 411 5145141 1? 43 41 lib till, O . 51513 d B A CN QR MQ, N 54,5 , V ,rs f. - gi fzififx 'we If ff: Rf' i N egg, if Q E IFEQUJ 7! Q-4-jgif K' Nj K j 1 olff, ,-E-me-sv i 'Lf-'f vi- lf, J Qing? i ,liiif 'Pg 'fiiiw 313 t,f3'J'i2T1S-LQQZIWQ7 Tuff -'P - ffjiki 11 ,fvslgf , ' sw, 1 1, l' V 4 " N. 9 . I ll ll H I H DEDICATIO H ,, ,, Y HIS volume has been dedicated to the sons of "Ole Miss" who have freely offered their services and, if need be, life itself, to defend the splendid princi- ples for which our country stands in the world war now raging. The brothers of these soldier boys still lingering in the old halls and tread- ing the campus paths alone, would pay them this simple tribute of heartfelt and unstinted praise for patriotism promptly displayed in severing family ties, leaving firesides, shoulder- ing burdens, laying personal pleasures, impor- 'N' ' Y tant business and proper ambitions on hu- P?-5' Q-gif' 1' manity's altar, willingly and gladly exchang- X ing peaceful pursuits for the perils and hard- ships of camp and battlefield, in order to uphold worthy traditions and national honor, to preserve the priceless heritage of a liberty-loving people, and to demand that womanhood be respected, childhood pro- tected, home hallowed, and human rights of every kind held inviolable. Our hats are off to these boys-these men! Our heads are bared as we see them march proudly away! Our hearts are bowed as we fondly call their names, and our hands reach out to clasp them once again as they go from us-eager, determined and unafraid! Bright be the pages which tell the deathless story of their deeds side by side with the glorious record of the University Grays! Sprung from the very womb of war, born of one mother, cradled amid the storm, in their manhood now they bear upon their brows her name, and her fair fame is forever safe in their keeping. W FU X K7 ff LE MISS ,H V V .N ,, , T no f.. ,-. - , f 'W' X. -, , 5 ,, a. r 1 g '-X -. y . GENERAL ROBERT KHNNON EVANS may Class of t872 AX grfe f",c.- 1-1 G 'ws '. '- 41:3 C U iff? I ':-gifs!! , , "S S 24.31, C -if ' " -. '-I C, f X if .7 "J Q 1 17"--7:1 .rfliia-1 l 1 lf - -L F- ,gf-'p,,tf:-2.f ,-q':..,.- 79 -s l J Ei! I S S tra -- . .ur-6 3-'d,t,,.,-3,3-,5 ' - .. .5 w 4 M a . . x"V4"' University of Mississippi Men in the Military Service of the Country BRIG.-CEN. ROBERT KENNON EvANs, United States Army. Command: Department of the Philippines. including one regiment of U. S. forces in China. Record: Following three years in the University of Mississippi, at the request of Hon. L. C. Lamar, he was appointed by Mr. Barry, Congressman of the Northern District of Mississippi, to the United States Military Academy, West Point, in l87l, where he was graduated in l875, and has been in active military service ever since. After passing through the grades of Lieutenant, Captain, Major, Colonel, and finally Brigadier-General, he was retired November l9, l9l6, but on the entry of the United States into the war he immediately re- quested active service and was assigned to the Department of the Philippines, where he is now stationed, with headquarters at Manila. General Evans has served in patroling the Indians in the West, has had various posts on the Atlantic coast. was stationed in San Francisco, served in the Philippines during the pacification of these islands, served in Cuba during the Spanish-Amer- ican war, was military attache to the American embassy in Berlin, l892-96. just previous to his retirement he was in charge of a section of the Mexican border, with headquarters at Laredo, Texas. About thirty-live years ago he was mar- ried to Miss Jane Shunlc, a daughter of ex- Governor Shunlc of Pennsylvania, and a grand- daughter of the Hon, Jeremiah S. Black. Gen- eral Evans has one son, Major Hornsby Evans, of the United States Army. who was, also, a student of the University of Mississippi. Class of l880 JOHN WILLIAM HEARD fAcademicJ was a cadet at the United States Military Academy from july l. IS79, to june I3, 1883, when he was graduated and appointed Second Lieutenant. Third Cavalryg promoted First Lieutenant. Au- gust 3l, l889g Captain, March 2, t899g Major. Sixth Cavalry, October 31, l907g Lieutenant- Colonel of Cavalry, September I5, l9l2: pro- moted Colonel of Cavalry, July l, l9l6, and assigned to Fourth Cavalry, September 29, l9l7. His address is Schofield Barracks, Hawaii. He was awarded a medal of honor April I9, l899, for most distinguished gallantry in action at the mouth of the Manimani River west of Bahia Honda, Cuba, July 23, l898, when "after two men had been shot down by Spaniards while transmitting orders to the engine room on the Wanderer,' the ship having become disabled, took position held by them and personally transmitted orders, remaining at his post until the ship was out of danger, while serving as First Lieutenant, Third Cavalry." Class of l 888 jot-iN R. TACKETT, Captain, M. C. U. S. R. Base Hospital, Camp Shelby, Miss. Born in Richland, Holmes County, Mississippi. December IB, l86S. Student, University of Mississippi, ISS4-IBS7. Graduated from Medical Depart- ment, Tulane University, New Orleans, La., ISS9, Three years assistant physician of the East Mississippi lnsane Hospital, Meridian, Miss. Physician in Biloxi, Miss., during yellow fever epidemic, IS97. Secretary Mississippi State Med- ical Association for eight years, and member Mississippi State Board of Health for five years. Appointed Commissioner by the Governor of Mississippi to study yellow fever on the lsland of Cuba, l897. Assistant surgeon, Spanish- American war, and stationed in the yellow fever hospital in Santiago, Cuba, during summer l898. Stationed in Ponce, Porto Rico, during American occupation. l898. Married Miss Juanita Ayres, Columbus, Miss., l902. Practicing medicine in Meridian, Miss., before entering war, l9l7. C1991 ex fl fx 'LK ffsie lx? I LQ 31 A ",,9"'., 725 5 Q54 5 -r fin? C-3.,, , x . C- - "Tiff 7! Q42 , J 2 ":'.f- Y rf-',g , vk ,J jf' 1-.Pj ci' iff-" "-'iivfnf' QQ., .gi 4 I "1 - i"'5PL:, AFP -ff.. n - '--J"Z3':iE": 232' .YQEJ .:,.l3, 7: LAST? .- ...fy w,A.Q,,g.g2Z.Q,2 is ii 'eager' x -3232: Q5 elif", 2' 'C"'W:T".-Q '44 - ' ' ",c'?i1f'f':X 2"-T ' V Fr" 'ff -"fre 199' V . -I N L--.if Y , Y YY , xvcgiw-lo CAPTAIN JOHN R. TACKETT 12005 .fa Q.: .4 'i4?fP1N Q77 'S' s,.41T .' W.. Q f.-,Q- Qi'-755 ,J C sees:-Y' 7, 'e' ' ff KJ f -13 6,499 .rcm'i1',-T' --,fx-"7 ' L.. -or " ' '. 'J Gif?-iI':t.a,r:..r2,,sz,!ga ' ' . , i a geagfg rg I , , S - . 1 1 , KU: ' v.,-'--52:51 Y. U ,x Q" 4' ff . Xi-i'st3'-?3S7Qisf9Q"" Y C- I -J : ' , Class of l 894 CHARLES GALE PETRIE fAcademicj is serving Dr. Thomas D. lsom, for six years a Trustee with the American Red Cross somewhere in of the University and for many years a leading France. Mr. Petrie is a grandson of the late citizen and physician of the State. Class of l 896 JOHN KU!-IL COWAN, B.A., enlisted at Savannah, Ga., March l7, IS99. Commissioned Second Lieutenant, Regular Army, lnfantry, February 2. I90I. Spent five years in Philippines. On Vera Cruz Expedition under General Funston, l9I4. Made First Lieutenant February 7, l906, and Captain july I, l9l6. Graduate at "Army School of the Line," class of l9l4. At present Major Infantry, N. A., Third Training Battalion. l53d Depot Brigade, Camp Dix, N. EPHRAIM GEOFFREY PEYTON CAcademicJ was a cadet at the United States Military Academy from june l5, 1895, to February I5, IS99, when he was graduated and appointed Second Lieuten- ant, Sixth lnfantryg promoted First Lieutenant, 18th lnfantry, February 2, 1901: Captain, l7th lnfantry, March 2, l907, transferred to l8th lnfantry, April l7, 19073 unassigned March ll, l9l lg assigned to l8th lnfantry, March 20, l9l3g promoted Major, 50th Infantry, May l5. l9I7g appointed Lieutenant-Colonel of Infantry, Na- tional Army, August 25, I9I7, now at Camp Lee, Virginia. ' ALDEN P. TROTTER fLawJ served as a private, Company K, Second Mississippi Volunteer ln- fantry, from May 26 to july 26, 1898, was ap- pointed Captain, 3d Mississippi Volunteer ln- fantry, july 27, 1898, honorably mustered out March l5, I899g appointed Second Lieutenant, 2d lnfantry, December l, l8993 transferred to Artillery Corps, -june l9, l9OIg promoted First Lieutenant, july l, l90l: Captain, january 25, l907, and Major, May I5, I9I7g now at Fort H. G. Wright, New York. Class of l898 CLARENCE ANncRsoN Douci-IERTY, B.P., was a cadet at the United States Military Academy from September l, l893, to july 4, 1894: private and sergeant, Troop G, l2th Cavalry, October IO, l900, to july 2, l90l, accepted appointment as Second Lieutenant, 13th Cavalry, july 3, l90l: promoted First Lieutenant, 9th Cavalry. December 25, 19081 transferred to 4th Cavalry, January 23, I909g assigned to Signal Corps, De- cember l, 1912, assigned to lst Cavalry, Febru- ary 8, l9l6: promoted Captain, -july l, I9I6g assigned to 16th Cavalry, October 9, l9l6: ap- pointed Major of lnfantry, National Army, Au- gust 5, l9l7. During his army service he was detailed to the Army School of the Line, grad- uating in l908. Also detailed to Army Signal School, completing that course in l9I3. While serving for three years as a First Lieutenant in the Signal Corps, was stationed at Valdez, Alas- lca, in charge of the first section of the Govern- ment Alaskan telegraph and cable system. He is now at Camp Zachary Taylor, Kentucky. Head- quarters 84th Division, Division Signal Officer, with ranlc of Major. LIPMAN MILLER KAHN, Department Diploma fM.D., Memphis Hospital Medical College, Fel- low of the American College of Surgeonsl, en- tered Medical Reserve Corps as a Second Lieu- tenant in June, l9l7, then promoted to First Lieutenant, and, after two months, made a Cap- taing now a surgeon in base hospital. with rank of Captain, Medical Reserve Corps, U. S. Army. Camp Taylor, Kentucky. JAMES R. MCDOWELL, Department Diploma, LL.B., l900g was commissioned December 6, l9I7, and is judge Advocate, 36th Division, Headquarters, Camp Bowie, Fort Worth, Texas with rank of Major. COLONEL WILDURR WILLING was born May I, 1876, at Crystal Springs, Copiah County, Mis- sissippi. Father, Robert Patton Willing, was a private, Corporal Sergeant and Lieutenant in the l2th Mississippi Regiment, Army of Northern Virginia, commanded by General Robert E.. Lee. Fought from Seven Pines until his capture on the breakaway from Petersburg just before Appo- mattox. 1200 es . Qxxkx 1 6391. 'f U f c' mf W ,ff 1 f2f1 Nf? aff? X f , ' 1,214 U 7 X ,wifi f , , , .sw j1g.f , ,JW --Nj . ' 3 , , Y X K , , -5,y,,3.Q I f ED IS S ' - P Y 1 f COLONEL WILDURR WILLING qzozp .. -SVNCSI.-. . I x I " ff'--3, Ki,-.-'L,,,ffT'1.f . Q3 ...F 4435 . . , .,.:- V' - '24 X C, 3 ' ' 2 'Sf CJ 1 Neff? Cp 1 , ', .. .1 fiwf gy .gi 51' E,-'iff-4' -g.,'q.::,,.,-d iq, 4-E4 1 -' , 5:-vp: 2 1 in .. f' ,,."'2fL"Q., gs. -5' J.. L" . j A 'sir 1,--. 'Q x.. 4 V., F2 .x r- X Q1 L, I '.-sniff iwsaa 0.5.1, I?-'iff ' n ' v " 1' 'G 0-'4 1 ,'.m9:,.s,'1f""- Q' 44. -"Wharf-Wt sfo . - .,4vA+:h..5-. ', xiii! I .I o x Nucl- Completed Sophomore course in the University of Mississippi. Graduated from West Point in the class of l90l. Assigned to the artillery and served at jackson Barracks, New Orleans, La., and at and in command of the sub-posts of Forts St. Phillip and Jackson, below New Orleans on the Mississippi River. Transferred to the Corps of Engineers and joined Company B, First Bat- talion of Engineers, at jefferson Barracks, Mis- souri, April, l902. From Jefferson Barracks transferred to Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, where detailed for three years as Assistant lnstructor of Engineering at the Army Service Schools. Promoted First Lieutenant at this post. Served in the Philippine lslands from September, l905, until November, I907, as Assistant Lighthouse Engineer and Lighthouse Engineer of the Philippine lslands, in charge of the administration of the service and the construction of new aids to navigation. Returned to United States january, l908, and placed in charge of improvements of the Fourth District, Mississippi River, with headquarters at New Orleans, La. Transferred to the Yellow- stone National Park, where for two years in charge of the improvements therein. Promoted Captain here. Ordered to Washington Barracks. D. C., in june, l9ll, and commanded for three years and nine months Company B, First Bat- talion of Engineers. ln March, l9I5, ordered to St. Louis, Mo., and placed in charge of the im- provements of the Mississippi River from Cairo, lll., to the mouth of the Missouri, and of snagging operations from St. Louis, Mo., to New Orleans, La. Also detailed as Lighthouse lnspector in the Department of Commerce of the l5th Lighthouse District from St. Louis to New Orleans. After the outbreak of the war, examined officers for the Engineer Reserve Corps, assisted in re- cruiting the l2th Railway Regiment at St. Louis, and was a member of the board to 'examine cantonment sites in the states of Colorado, Kan- sas and Missouri. Ordered to Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, in june, I9I7, and placed in command of Second Bat- talion, 7th Engineers fRegularsQ. ln September ordered to organize and command the 25th Engi- neers fConstructionj at Camp Devens, Ayer. Mass. Colonel Willing's regiment of engineers is composed of l,500 picked men recruited from every State in the Union. 'l'- ' .1 3 a J -, 2 2 1, 1 'E 3' , - 3 ."'ll 5 I 1 3 f 3 3 fi 4 1 2 I r LIEUTENANT C. TUCKER BECKETT Class of l 899 CLARENCE TUCKER BECKETT fLawj left the University in IB98 to enter the Spanish-American warg was in Regular Army with Company I9, 34th lnfantryg is now a Lieutenant, Sth Com- pany, l65th Depot Brigade, Camp Travis, Texas. lSAAC D. BORDERS fAcademicJ entered the Sec- ond Officers' Training Camp at Fort Sheridan, lll., having given up a successful city pastorate and having refused the opportunity of going as a Chaplain or in the Y. M. C. A. work, preferring to stand shoulder to shoulder with the boys in the trenches, at Fort Sheridan became known as the "Fighting Parson," leading in the long-range rifle fire with a score of 48 out of a possible 50, and winning a commission as a Captain of lnfantry, O. R. C.g sailed for France December 24, l9l7, and is now a Captain, U. S. R., in the Army School for Line Officers, near the hring line somewhere in France, and expecting soon to be in the ranks on the firing line. ' 12035 k 18 mei, MISS 'f 9 A -., A . . W , - .gy .,+".,a,,, 1 ' 5 X'-4,151 J s x mr, , f , - .' ' 1 A 'psf' '6'vs--1 ' M41 JAf'ff5, 'V- MC00 W4-'LL C'14PT L M KAHN 42049 X' J! ,- A tsgxix .L Q ,O-"7IiN9iN,'b:i 51 J eff-7 ,, K -L. .- l fiE:"'j"Lv'E-fjfj 5 ' "T" J .r '.5-jg' - 1 A , Qifaffgrs ,QP M0536 HORNSBY EVANS fspecial Studentj is a Major in U. S. Army. WILLIAM ALEXANDER MCCAIN fAcademicJ was a cadet at the United States Military Academy from june 20, 1898, to june 12, 1902, when he was graduated and appointed Second Lieutenant, Sth Cavalry: promoted First Lieutenant, March 5, I9ll, transferred to 15th Cavalry, February 1, 19155 transferred to 13th Cavalry, August 15, I9l5g promoted Captain, july 1, l9I6g unas- signed October 3, 1916, appointed Major, Field Artillery, August 5, 1917, now at Camp Sher- man, Ohio. COLONEL CHARLES ROBERTS PETTIS was born in Oxford, Miss., May 21, 1880, graduated "with distinction" from the University of Mis- sissippi in 1899 with the B.A. degree, a member of the Semi-Centennial Class, son of W. S. Pettis and Ada C. Roberts, who were married in 1878, a member of Delta Kappa Epsilon fra- ternity. Entered U. S. Military Academy in 1900, and graduated in 1904 as Second Lieutenant with first honor, having led his class each year for the entire four years, and being equally proficient in marksmanship, having I8 points higher marlc in that than any other member of his graduating class: after his graduation, transferred to Fort Leavenworth, and shortly thereafter entered the U. S. School of Engineering and graduated there- from: was promoted to First Lieutenant and sta- tioned in Manila, P. I., as Assistant to Chief of Engineers of the Manila Division: in 1906, while Assistant Engineer of the Manila Division, was awarded the U. S. gold medal for the best shot in the Philippine lslands. Transferred from Manila to Vancouver Barracks, Washington Department of Columbia. The war between japan and Russia demonstrated the military necessity of strong land defenses as well as water-front defenses, Port Arthur having been captured from the rear. None of the forts at this time had strong land defenses. He was ordered by the Commanding General of the De- partment of Columbia to make inspection of the forts on Puget Sound and make recommendations for their improvements to the War Department. This department paid him the distinct compli- ment of accepting his recommendations for the improvement of the land defenses of all the forts on Puget Sound. They gave him an engineer company and he made all the plans and specifica- tions for all this work. He was then promoted to Captain, and, for his thoroughness, was made Chief Engineer, Department of Columbia, and was. at this time, the youngest Department Chief Engineer in the United States. Transferred from Department of Columbia to Instructor of Mathematics at U. S. Military Academy, West Point, N. Y., and taught four years in that institution. Transferred from West Point to work on dam and locks on the Ohio River near Louisville, Ky. Transferred from the Ohio River worlc to Cor- regidor, P. I., which is the island fort of Manila Harbor, received his promotion as Major. Transferred to Washington, D. C., Bureau of Militiag promoted Lieutenant-Colonel in the lat- ter part of l9I7 and assigned to 30Zd Regiment Engineers, Camp Upton, N. Y., promoted Colo- nel 28th Regiment of Engineers. Colonel Pettis is a member of the Mississippi Sons of the Revolution and of the Sons of Con- federate Veterans. L CAPTAIN 0'l'l'0 M. LAWRENCE C2051 X I Ex zv4g C. ,X lf R dwxqq If H, 4 X T 41 gf, N S L YJ LQ MISS FOLONEL CIIARLI-I5 ROBERT PETTIS C2063 . 4 1- . CR -JU 7' -x '.,-"TP l ti' ll Ur .' At , LE flfkissn 'J ev'-f Class of I9O0 OTTO M. LAWRENCE, LL.B. fB.Sc., Mississippi A. Sl M. College, 18981. His class at the A. Sz M. was graduated six weeks in advance of Com- mencement that members might volunteer for serv- ice in the Spanish-American warg served as Ser- geant, Company K, lst Mississippi Volunteer ln- fantry, throughout that warg was for several years a commissioned officer in the Mississippi National Guardg attended Officers' Training School at Fort Logan H. Roots, Arkansas, from May IO to August IS, I9l7, and was commissioned a Cap- tain of lnfantry in the National Armyg now in command of l5th company, Sth Battalion, l62d Depot Brigade, Camp Pike, Arkansas. Class of 1901 SAMUEL SLAUGHTER CARUTHERS, Department Diploma, was among the first physicians to answer the call for volunteers for Medical Reservesg commissioned First Lieutenant, and spent several months at Fort Oglethorpe, Ga., promoted Cap- tain and transferred to Camp Fremont, Palo Alto, Cal. Class of 1905 jorm GEORGE QUEKEMEYER fAcademicD was a Military Academy cadet at the United States from july 3l, l902, to june IZ, 1906. when he was graduated and appointed Second Lieutenant, Sth Cavalry: promoted First Lieutenant, 13th Cavalry, October 31, l9I2g Captain, july IO, I9l6, unassigned December I4, 1916, trans- ferred to 2d Cavalry, june 22. l9l7: promoted temporary Major, August 5, l9I7g now with the American Expeditionary Forces in France. LIEUTENANT-COLONEL DAN IsoM SULTAN was born December 9, 1886, at Oxford, Miss. After graduation from the town high school and the completion of the sophomore course of the Uni- versity of Mississippi, he entered the United States Military Academy at West Point, New York, in june, l903. While there he made a splendid record in athletics, playing tackle and center on the football team in l905 and l906. He grad- uated from West Point in june, l907, ninth in his class of lll, and was assigned to the Corps of Engineers as Second Lieutenant. He was designated for duty with the 3d Battalion of Engineers, Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, where he served with Company L of that battalion until September, l908 when he was ordered to Wash- ington Barracks, Washington, D. C., to attend the Engineer School. After graduating from that school he continued to serve at Washington Bar- racks as Instructor and Secretary of the Engineer School Adjutant of the Post, and Member of the 5'Board on Engineer Equipment of Troops" until August, l9l2. His last year at Washington Barracks was spent on work for the Equipment Board, revising and designing new equipment, especially pontoon equipage and wagons. From August, l9l2, to july, l9l6, he was on duty at the Military Academy at West Point, New York, as Instructor in the Department of Civil and Military Engineering. He was also football rep- resentative and coach and member of the Football Rules Committee. Lieutenant-Colonel Sultan was married in janu- ary, I9I6, to Mrs. Florence Braden Mitchell of Highland Falls, N. Y., and in the following sum- mer was designated for duty in the Philippine Islands. His first year in the Philippines was spent on the great fortified island, Corregidor, at the entrance to Manila Bay. He was in charge of the location, design, construction and repair of all fortifications on Corregidor and Caballo lslands. All of this work is of a highly confi- dential character and included the construction of batteries involving enormous quantities of re- inforced concrete and the construction of elab- orate bomb-proof shelters for the defenders of those fortresses. From November, I9I7, to jan- uary, l9l8, he was the Senior Engineer Officer in the Philippine Islands. with station in Manila, and held the positions of Department Engineer and District Engineer in charge of all fortifica- tion work in the Philippine Islands and in com- mand of all engineer troops in the insular pos- sessions. In January, l9I8, he was relieved from duty in the Philippines and ordered to the United States. He was then selected for duty on the General Staff, with station in Washington, on which duty he is now serving. During the eleven years, promotion for Colonel Sultan has been rapid. He received his First Lieutenancy in February, lgll, his Captaincy in February, l9l4, his Majority in May, l9l7, and in August, l9l7, he was promoted to Licu- tenant-Colonel. 12071 H L Nik! LE MISS Qigflxw Kiwi 'UE wif?---f1,:.'iw'5' g52s?14G E S154- 9'417'!'.f MWF' A x V42 J -, '-' ' COLONEL DAN ISOM SULTAN 12081 ex ,fa fag " c -415 5 .A-tofflrr w' t ,if Mi -.ff 21 fy at if it Q- J x. ,X 1" ij. ' I E I k I E l j i 1 i, Jian Class of l 906 RICHARD CAPEL BECKETT, JR., BA. Senior Spealcer, Rhodes Scholar, graduating from Ox- ford, England, in l9ll, is Captain of Company A, First French Mortar Battalion, Coast Artillery Corps, Fort Morgan, Ala. Was under orders in january to prepare his company for immediate embarlcation for France. LIEUTILNANT E. REED, jR. jAMss ALEMETH FINLEY fLawj entered Oflicers' Training Camp, Fort Logan H. Roots, Arkansas, May l5, l9l7g commissioned Captain August l5, I9I7g attached to 347th Infantry, September l, l9l7, commanding Company L of that regiment until transferred and assigned to l62d Depot Brigade, january 8, l9l8g is now Captain l62d Depot Brigade, Camp Pike, Arkansas. jot-IN EDWARD joHNsoN, B.S. in Civil Engineer- ing, entered service at Paducah, Ky., April, l9l7, attended Officers' Reserve Training Camp, Fort Leavenworth, Kansas, .luly and August, hav- ing been transferred from Camp Benjamin Har- risong is now First Lieutenant, 309th Engineers, Camp Taylor, Kentucky, and is an lnstructor in Engineering Course for Officers in his division. GROVER CLEVELAND KIRBY, Medical Certificate, is in active service as a First Lieutenant, Medical Reserve Corps of the Army. PERCY Aucusrus Panicms, Medical Certificate fM.D., University of Virginia, l908J, entered service at Memphis, Tenn., as a First Lieutenant in First Tennessee Ambulance Company: was promoted to Captain and saw service on Mexican border, l9I6, is now with l66th Ambulance Company, 42d Division, somewhere in France, this being the first Tennessee company called to France in the Rainbow Divisiong sailed in Octo- ber, l9l7. CAPTAIN AMBROSE B. SCHAUBER C2093 x. 1 5 .- X ,Q 'Q' - V ' ,r - jx, -. f.. Citixz .1 ,jVg.-Y!! L I ' A ' K 1 7 7 ' , .Q N, x-if-i3 K-,rj.',: , x 1 I ,g .? -,lv .,,::,v .:'va::J.L, LE MISS Q. a. 4 ,, ,. Mlyzfg '.v-,riff s a .-- , Q , T. JA FINLEY L.. 'A L 1" ,' ."u!., R, . ...LL , QZIOQ Class of I907 W fm eats, feff 'fr 1 -,.., .af fr... . Q as ll fi, 5ff3 Q tif C, Q afiifff U '1 'E E- f .f 2 I wwffif :Yi ' as Q 'Eff' A A qi- X'-.--: -1 CHARLES MANN HAVERKAMP fAcademicJ was a cadet at the United States Military Academy from June l5, 1906, to june IS, I9I0, when he was graduated and appointed Second Lieutenant, lst Cavalryg transferred to 4th Cavalry, Febru- ary I, I9I5g promoted First Lieutenant, july I. I9I6g Captain, 25th Cavalry, May I5, l9I7, unassigned, October IZ, l9l7g is now at Camp Sheridan, Ala. JOHN EDWARD REED, jR. fAcademic and Lawj, is a Lieutenant in 326th Infantry, 82d Division. Camp Cordon, Georgia. AMBROSE B. SCHAUBER, B.A., M.A., 'l2, LLB. "with distinction," '12, entered Officers' Training Camp, Fort Logan H. Roots, Arkansas, May 22, 1917, commissioned Captain, O. R. C., August IS, now Captain, 3-47th Infantry Regiment R. C., Camp Pike, Arkansas. Class of 1908 ERIC ALLEN DAWSON, B.S., MA., 'I-1, has been in Y. M. C. A. work in France since Sep- tember, I9l7. LEONARD EUGENE FARLEY, B.S., "with distinc- tion," Senior Speaker, LL.B., 'l0, Rhodes Schol- ar, entered service at Memphis, Tenn., lst ln- fantry, Tennessee National Guard, February IQ, AM'-1? -ml' CAPTAIN LEONARD E. FARLEY l9l6g Federal service, Nashville, Tenn., and Mexican border, june IS, IQI6, to May 22, l9l7g Corporal. April I3, l9I7, Officers' Train- LIEUTENANT C. P. HUGGINS ing Camp, Fort Oglethorpe, C-a., to August I5, 1917, Captain Infantry, O. R. C., August I5, 9th Training Bat- commanding 33d Company, talion, l57th Depot Brigade, Camp Gordon, Ca. CZIIJ If Gs fb , ,I I xy, .4.f,,- ,rfv -L -. zz WR C 1 - if 77 we-.f 5.9 X. . so 1 i f. - -f ..,-,:'m .E ,,..,1 i.f'T'1'j?1 Y'F'f'12f .. 1259 "-' mais' ' i ' ., 3' CLEvELAND PAUL HUcciNs flingineeringj en- tered first Officers' Training Camp, Fort Logan H. Roots, Arkansas, and commissioned First Lieutenant, August l5, l9l7g with Company C, 346th lnfantry, Camp Pike, Arkansas. HAL GLENN JOHNSON, B.S., Medical Certificate, '09, is a First Lieutenant, Medical Reserve Corps of Army, in active service. Class of 1909 JAMES GORDON GILLESPIE, B,S., enlisted in old Company L, 2d Tennessee Infantry, at Memphis, Tenn., june l5, l9l7, as private: appointed First Sergeant of this company july 25, l9l7g arrived at Camp Sevier, Cireenville, S. C., September IZ, l9l7, the command becoming designated as llrh Company, 3d Training Battalion, 55th Depot Brigadeg following absorption of this brigade by the 30th Division, was detailed to assist in wind- ing up supply accounts of that unit: December I8 stood examination for Second Lieutenancy, making highest grade of the 20 applicants, and being assigned for duty to Company D, l20th lnfantry, December 27g appointed l20th Regi- mental Officer, February l8, l9l8g promoted First Lieutenant, April 5, and is with Machine Cun Company, l20th Infantry, 30th Division, Camp Sevier, S. C. f:Q:f:Q:I:j: :I I. gf.: I I 52:12 cl'-'1 2'l:2:1:1:5'i:f:525:E:f:2:5:f:g:i:2:7:2:?-'-A: 1:f:1:1:1:f'1' " . 1 '-:+:-:-xg-:-:-:z --1 -' :-:-:-:yr-1 .- ' ' .-1-:-:- 14-,I-lE1?j1i2"' :Dy'E1EI2:i':fE1EIE2E2i1" ' 4 - -:-'-:-:-:-:-:-:+:-:-:-:: ..g:s:z s?3:s:Qs:s:e:e53sgagsgagII, , .1:-:-:1:1' . - J5'5:Z5:-:Ri'l:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:4: . ...-My I. .f f -f.1.-.g4.I.5.g.-:.g.g.g.1.g.5.g.I.1 ' --:4-.-1 5 . . . ' -2f'-:-:-i-x-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-.-. 1 1-:2:If:3:l'5 : Qk5:T "1:5:!"'3:2:5:5:C:i: Yh5:5:3:7:5:l:i::i: 55,2555 1 2,5 , gzgsgzgzgig g gsQ..z5s5s5si.,: i. -:-:-:-:-:-:-:-'-' :-:-:-:-:-:-:-'-:- . 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'-1?-:-:-:-LA:-' -'55-:ir-. :-1" :-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-: " -:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-: -f:-2" -. 4"-' 2245:-:+:-:-:aim-'-:-:-.-.4.-: .w:-'mg:- :5:5:f:1:5:1:2:1:5:I: 2:5:i:?:2:3:5:5:5:'. - K-57 .l.,fS35:?:5:1:1:3:23f:57:5i5:f:1: -1532355-:I :1:1:1:5:1:5:1: :' ' 3:5:1:5:l:f:1:I:1:5. 3:':3:1:i'1 Q: 4:-zfzl:-:1:2:1:1:2 "IN-:1:1:1:5: .5-":C:1:2:Z:2 5-:4-5335535 ' 'I I35:-:I3::g55:g5::Q' .:.,:i5::E:3:-:c-:-:-:-:-gifs:-:4: :-::-' .- :-:-:-:-:-:-:- .A: -e:-: -:,-:v:-:- rzlzrzrzz- .-1 212221212:2:2:I:I11.1:1:::Q:za2::s-2:-.-511211:2:r:2:2:1:2:1?:5s:1gg:uz5' 2:51. .3.g:::f:,:I.I. :-:-:-:-:-:I:-:-:-.-:-:I:-:52:44-:-:-:-:5-:gg::::::1:-:g:g:g:,I.-Q:-' I:s+gs:3:l:-gg '11 -:-:-:-. ' '. '-:3:I:-1-:I11:I:5:112:52:512:53::5:::5:2:?:?gbj3:5E:55:::I:::::2:I:::::::I:::P I,::g515Q:I:,:fI: : : ,- ' . :-:-: .-:-:-'-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:':-:-:--- X. :-:-:-sz - I I ' -:-:-:-:-:-:h-:-:-:,:::::::::::3:::I:::::::::1:3:::::,:5:kI,Io 2122: . E25IE15IE2:1EIEIEIEIEIEIEIEIEIEIEZ5 :QF 1:7:2:- u 32:5:2:1:2:1 1:f'T'1"' I . '-.55:Ii:f'X:5:5'jT.g V' ' -1-:-:-5315555:55-:-:-:-:-:-:-: ':- i' F H - ' 5349.-:-:-:-:V i V' ' -5251513IEIESSIEISIEIEIESBEIES. . . . - ::-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-. 'f:fS:f:5:T:2:I??ff':fA ' '- 2+ ""1'2'T'5:7:i:I:1:1:1:f:..-. :-5:1-:-:-1'-'z -"- -. ya... ac X . ,--nf' .-:-:-:-:-:-:-":-:-':-:-:-:-:- -, I . fs' .-.- fig?:i:i:f:i:1Z'3:?:5:f?:J:1:f:T:3 :-'2: . - -. 1 .-:-:-.-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:5-1-:o:-1.13:-:egg-: v:-:-- I, " ' Ska 'Q552523552555ifE55555i5E35?5E1S5E5E?E5E5E5ErE555 555252: 1 Eggs 5"'i1S21E3EIEgIIEgi:E555E252I1:133555525Iji5EgE3E3E5:g:j:gEf'-I1 i-QI. ' 'i -51 ? Q55fii5i5?fi5i?f5f555ii15:55525f?i525i1iii5i5i5i5E .r -43' . -5 321 .l?15i'EIElE1 3-E2351222255122fZ1E1?fE"" ' :1:l,g-??"4k5.I. 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CILLESPIE CHARLES PHILIP HALL CEngineeringj was a cadet at the United States Military Academy from june l5, I907, to june I3, l9Il, when he '15 e 'tif LIEUTENANT THOS. C. NEWSOM was graduated and appointed Second Lieutenant, 20th lnfantry: promoted First Lieutenant, july l, l9I6g unassigned October 3. l9l6: promoted Captain, 50th Infantry, May l5, l9l7g trans- ferred to 23d lnfantry. August l4, l9l7p un- assigned, November 5, l9l7g is with American Expeditionary Forces in France. SAMUEL HOUSTON LIDDELL, B.S., Medical Cer- tilicate, is a First Lieutenant, Medical Reserve Corps of Army, in active service. C2121 V. X N , Fic: free- ffrlffei-fi FX. ,-'-- i I for 1 ,, ,I , cs 4, rj g,':'3.1'--9 6 - I7 br fl! 'Cf-'f1,Q"fff 55.7,-.F J gave 5-?e2is'f1ss.:1.z1 . . si - ig , V ,V I D V s 'Vial-1 I WILLIAM PERcY MCDONALD CAcademicj en- tered service in june, l9l6, with Chickasaw Guards of Memphis, Tenn., lst Tennessee, serv- ing on Mexican border until December, l9l6, when was mustered out, called back to colors in August, I9I7g Sergeant, Quartermaster Corps, U. S. A., Camp Sevier, August, l9l7, to -Ian- uary, l9l8. Since January 5, l9l8, Sergeant, Third Battery, Officers' Training Camp, Camp Stanley, Leon Springs, Texas. THOMAS C. NEWSOM, B.S., Medical Certificate, 'l0 University of Pennsylvania, l9l2J, 85th British Expeditionary Force, Paris, Franceg is in active service as a Second Lieutenant, Med- ical Reserve Corps of Army. BooTHE FREDERICK OLIVER fAcademicj enlisted in the second Officers' Training Camp. Fort Oglethorpe, Cra., September 5, l9I7, is a Second Lieutenant. French Mortar Battery, Headquarters Company, 3-47th lnfantry. Class of l9l0 ADDISON BROOKS BOYD, BE... entered service August, l9l7, at Los Angeles, Cal. Appointed First Lieutenant from civil life, training at Fort Leavenworth. He was with the 3l lth Engineers at Camp Cirant, Rockford, Ill., before being ordered abroad. Now with the American Ex- peditionary Forces in France, unassigned. JOHN ALLEN CRITTENDEN fAcademicJ is a First Lieutenant at Leon Springs. Texas. BARRY GILLESPIE, B.S., Senior Speaker, entered service january, l9l8, as Army Field Clerk, Field Headquarters, American Expeditionary Forces, "Somewhere in France." DANIEL HUNT, Medical Certificate fM.D., jef- ferson Medical College, Pa., l9l2J, entered Na- val College at Washington in the spring of l9l2, graduating in l9l3: commissioned an Assistant Surgeon, U. S. Navy, October 2, l9I3, with rank of Lieutenant fjunior gradejg stationed at Ellis lsland one year: served as Assistant Sur- geon on battleships Missouri and Floridag went with Atlantic fleet in l9l4 and was in European waters when war was declaredg during past year was in charge of medical ward in Naval Hos- pital at Washington, D. C.: now Passed Assist- ant Surgeon, U. S. Navy, with rank of Lieuten- ant-Commander, stationed at Navy Yard, N. Y.g probable duty for immediate future, senior Med- ical Officer on a large American transport taking troops to France. PHILIP STRINCER MONTGOMERY fAcademicJ en- tered at Hattiesburg, Miss., November 27, l9l7, in Quartermaster Enlisted Reserve Corpsg De- cember l5, l9l7, ordered to Carpp joseph E. Johnston, Fla., where he is now a first-class private, Quartermaster Corps. RooER MONTGOMERY, BA., entered Officers' Training Camp August 25, l9l7g commissioned C2l3 First Lieutenant, lnfantry. November 27, l9l7g now at Kelly Field No. l, South San Antonio, Texas. ELVIS LUCAS MYERS fAcademiej is an Army Field Clerk, stationed at headquarters of the Commanding General of the Port of Embarka- tion, Hoboken, N. JOHN R. CAMERON PEYTON, BA., is a First Lieutenant, Company C, 320th lnfantry. National Army, stationed at Camp Lee, Petersburg, Va. CLAIBOURNE MCCULLOUCH PI-IIPPs, BA., en- tered service August, l9I7, at Tampa, Fla.g went to Training Camp at Fort Oglethorpe, commis- sioned Second Lieutenant and sent to Camp Pike, Arkansas, as Lieutenant, 335th Field Artillery. Lieutenant Phipps is a son of Colonel Richard Vvright Phipps, a first-honor graduate of the University in the class of l852, a Confederate veteran who commanded all the Mississippi troops in the Army of Northern Virginia, three brigades in number, and President of the Alumni Asso- ciation of the University of Mississippi for over sixteen years. ROBERT JOSEPH WHITFIELD fAeademieJ entered Camp Stanley, Leon Springs, Texas. August 24, l9I7g commissioned First Lieutenant, Reserve Corps, November 27, attached to lst Company, lst Training Battalion, l62d Depot Brigade. Camp Pike, Arkansasg special duty as Assistant Range Officer: filed application to become a pilot in Aviation Corps. WILLIAM THOMAS WYNN fAcademic and Lawl entered First Ofhcers' Training Camp at Fort Logan H. Roots, Arkansas, May IZ, l9l7, com- missioned First Lieutenant, Infantry, Officers' Re- serve Corps, August l5: at Camp Pike, Arkansas, with Company K, 347th Regiment, lnfantry. J f. ,-.A I' , xx ,., jfffxvg K5 41 'Nxk L E M1 5 5" f 42143 1 ' x luv- ,fk ff f ff .Sea ,- ff rx ff - rr is Q ,I 5. -Q, yy , V tx 2 a .SW-1-wj y 1 -g . ,,,, .. .if-V J D' 1 f EQ TS S ETi3:i"1f.-iigffz 1' I ' Class of 1911 DAVID CLARENCE BUNCH, Graduate in Phar- macy, is in the service. THOMAS GROVER CLEVELAND, Medical Certifi- cate Tulane, 19131, is reported as a First Lieutenant in the Medical Reserve Corps and in active service. BAYARD LAMAR COULTER, B.S,, enlisted Decem- ber 12, 1917, at Memphis, Tenn. Entered the School of Military Aeronautics, Ohio State Uni- versity, january 14, 1918, as a cadet in training for a Commissiong received a certificate of grad- uation from 5. M. A., March 23, and commis- missioned Second Lieutenant, now at Taliaferro Field, Fort Worth, Texas. DAVID EPHRAIM CRAWLEY, LLB., entered first training camp at Fort Logan H. Roots, May 15. 1917, commissioned First Lieutenant August 15. 1917, now Senior First Lieutenant commanding Battery D, 334th Field Artillery, National Army, Camp Pike, Arkansas. PERCY ELISHA DUccINs, Medical Certificate fM.D., University of Virginia, 19131, is in the Regular Army. DAVID LABAUVE FARLEY, B.S. "with distinction," Salutatorian of Class, Medical Certilicate "with distinction," 1912 University of Pennsyl- vania, 19141, entered service in spring of 1917 at Youngstown, Ohiog sent first to Rochester Insti- tute, New Yorlt, for special training, and from there to France, now First Lieutenant in Med- ical Service, U. S. A. Base Hospital 31, "Some- where in France." JULIUS RAYMOND FERNANDEZ, Medical Certifi- cate Tulane, 19141, First Lieutenant, Medical Reserve Corps of Army, in active service. OLLIS ROSCOE GRESHAM, Bachelor of Pharmacy, is in the service. FRANK JOSEPH HEINTZ, LL.B., entered service August 27, 1917, at Fort Oglethorpe, Cra., Re- serve Oflicers' Training Camp, commissioned Sec- ond Lieutenant, Field Artillery Reserve Corps, November 26, being assigned to 81st Division, Columbia, S. C., and attached to 317th F. A.: transferred February 1, 1918. to 39th Division, Camp Beauregard, La., and attached to 140th F. A., Battery F. W. A. DEWIIT JAMES, Medical Certificate fM.D., Tulane, 19131, is a First Lieutenant, Medical Reserve Corps, in active service. BRINSFIELD KING, Medical Certificate jefferson Medical College, Philadelphia, 19131, entered service August 13, 1917, at Washington, D. C., a First Lieutenant, Medical Reserve Corps, U. S. Army, 55th Field Ambulance, B. E. F., France. ALONZO CHURCH LEE. B.E., C.E., '16, attended Reserve Officers' Training Camp, Camp Warden McLean, Chicl-:amauga Park, Cra., August 27, 1917, to November 27, 1917, commissioned First Lieutenant, Infantry Reserve Corps,- November 27, l917g attached to 51st Infantry, Chicka- mauga Park, December 15, 1917, transferred and attached to the 17th Machine Ciun Battalion about january 1, 19183, now First Lieutenant, Infantry R. C., 17th Machine Crun Battalion, Camp Forrest, Chiclcamauga Park, Cra. WILLIE FREDERICK LEIGH, jR. fAcademic1, is Assistant Surgeon, U. S. N., U. S. S. Massa chusetts. DEWITT MARsHALL LovE fAcademic1 entered Officers' Training Camp at Fort Logan H. Roots, Ark., May 9, 1917, commisioned a Captain in the Reserve, August 15, 1917, went on active list August 29, 1917, being assigned to 3-15th Infantry Regiment at Camp Pilce, Arlc., com- manding Company B. JOHN HILLMAN MCLAIN, Medical Certificate fM.D., jefferson Medical College, 19131, is in active service as a First Lieutenant, Medical Re- serve Corps of the Army. ABNER Porrs HUBERT SAGE, Medical Certificate fM.D., jefferson Medical College, 19131, is a First Lieutenant, "Somewhere in France." GEORGE RANDOLPH STORM, Medical Certificate tM.D., jefferson Medical College, 19131, is in service as a First Lieutenant, Medical Reserve Corrs of the Army. C2151 A Q. P X f 5 Al ,, X Q I -X., F . ' ' 1 1 K' ,'.f' srl--4' 5 - .V g .ix ' .VJ I-gfxw .lgjg 331' if L, N ' Qigfi? 1 8:45 Q31 515. LT emusneno - f ,--,-C j f Class of l9lZ 'F x J C k T ,. -..N rj, . 11 K 1 c 'W .ffm 'i ,SGS 4 A-A K 1 , Ag gh' 1- f. U ' JJ s A LJ E 1 X X15 5 . 5 .lu x -L. QUINCY C. At'REs, B.S. "with distinction," B.E. "with distinction," responded to the Presidents call for volunteers in France fcivil enginecrsj. By examination, he received his commission as Lieutenant in january, I9l7. ln April, after war was declared, he went to Fort Meyer, Va.. for special training, serving as instructor in the Sec- ond Training Camp, and being ordered to 'ire- port at port of embarkation for overseas service" December l, l9l7. On january 3, I9l8, news of his safe arrival in France was received. When last heard from he was a Lieutenant with U. S. R. funattachedj, American Expeditionary Force. France. JEFF lVltTcHENER Bocc.AN, B.S., followed by two years in School of Medicine, enlisted in Decem her, l9l7, and is serving in Medical Corps of Regular Army, now in the Base Hospital, Vlfin- chester, England. ALLEN BRIDGFORTH, B.S. "with distinction," en- tered December l3, l9I7, at Memphis, Tenn.. and when last heard from was a private, await- ing call to U. S. A. Balloon School, Fort Omaha, Nebraska. GEORGE ARNOLD BROWN, Medical Certifi--ate fM.D., jefferson Medical College, l9l4J, entered the service July 3l, l9l7, at Philadelphia, Pa.: commissioned First Lieutenant in Medical Re- serve Corps. He was four months at Military School of Roentzenology, Jefferson Hospital, Philadelphia, and two months at Medical Officers' Training Camp. Fort Oglethorpe, Ga.: now First Lieutenant, Medical Reserve Corps, M. O. T C., Camp Greenleaf, Fort Oglethorpe, Ga., Battalion S, Company 20. Assigned to base hospital wctlc in France. GUY ALvtN CALDWELL, B.S. CMD., Columbia University, l9I5J, volunteered under the French Government and sailed for France january l, l9l7. He is now in the service of the United States as First Assistant to Dr. joseph H. Blake, the noted surgeon, formerly of New York City, and stationed at the American Red Cross Hos- pital No. 2, Paris, France. He is a First Lieu- tenant of the American Expeditionary Force, and has been recommended by Dr. Blake for a Cap- taincy. THOMAS DUDLEY CHILTON, Bachelor of Phar- macy, is in the service. ARTHUR BARNETT CLARK, B.A., LL.B. "with distinction," l9l4, elected member of the Legis- lature from Sunflower County in l9l5g enrolled at First Training Camp, Fort Logan H. Roots, Arkansas, May II, l9I7g commissioned First Lieutenant in Oflicers' Reserve Corps, August l5g stationed at Camp Pike, Arkansas, from August 29 to December S, I9l7, ordered to Hoboken, N. J., to sail for Franceg promoted to a Cap- taincy january l, l9I8g sailed from Hoboken to join American Expeditionary Forces January, l9l8. Now "Somewhere in France." FORREST GRAHAM COOPER, B.S. "with distinc- tion," Cadet Aviator, Aviation Con. Camp, Field No. 2, Garden City, Long Island, N. -I., awaiting commission as Lieutenant. GUs ARNOLD DRAPER, B.E., entered Officers' Training Camp at Fort Oglethorpe, Ga., August 27, l9l7, Field Artillery Serviceg transferred to Sig. R. C.. A. S., Kelly Field, San Antonio. Texas, then to Call Field, Wichita Falls, Texas: while stationed al Wichita Falls was put in com- mand of Aero Squadron of one hundred and fifty men and was in line for promotion when ordered to France: Lieutenant Draper is with the American Expeditionary Forces, having sailed in February. NEWMAN SHERRILL FOX, Graduate in Pharmacy, entered service December l2. l9I7, and is a first- class private in base hospital detachment, Camp Pike, Arkansas. .IOHN ALLISON HARDY, B.S., enlisted in the avia- tion branch of the signal service, December 26, l9I7, at Memphis. Tenn., as a pilot, now a cadet, awaiting orders to report to ground school. ROBERT ARTHUR JORDAN, B.S.i LL.B., is a Sec- ond Lieutenant, Reserve Corps, 346th lnfantry. JOHN W. KYLE, B.A. "with distinction," Senior Speaker, LL.B. "with special distinction," 'l3, Rhodes Scholar, is in Third Officers' Training Camp, Artillery Section, Camp Pike, Arkansas. WILLIAM T. lVlCKlNNEY, B.S., enlisted in Quar- termaster Corps, December ll, l9I7, now on de- tached service in Reserve Officers' Training Camp, Infantry Company 2, Chickamauga Park, Georgia. STEVE FRANK lVltTcHELL, B.S., LLB., 'l3, at- tended First Ofhcers' Training Camp, Fort Mc- Pherson, Ga.g commissioned a First Lieutenant, Field Artillery O. R. C., August I5g assigned to 3l9th F. A. fldeavyj. Camp Gordon, Atlanta. Ga., August 29, promoted to Captain, 319th 1217, ,f ' Rx, A-4-9 FT? 1:1-'-39 1 H L H N ,I swf, 7 2: ,K j vafx-,jzlclicg ij -- f 3ff'f'15"5g' K . V ffl -, J, AQ, ',. , 10 Vx '-1 67511 CZISJ JOHN LILLY TRICE, Medical Certificate CMD., as A3 L- Ss. ff- ul I'--1 Qtr?-XS f-77 'J' W f v fits ' 'i-Le.. ' FL - rf' - ? 2 E " Q 5:l.': 11 x -. s C - - FRANK Ci. SPANN, Graduate in Pharmacy, is in the service. F. A. fHeavyQ, National Army, December 3l, l9l7: now in command of Battery F, 3l9th F. A. fHeavyJ, N. A. W. IRA MITCHELL fACademic and Lawb entered Training Camp at Fort Logan H. Roots, Arkan- sas: in little more than two months was commis- sioned as a Lieutenant in Regular Army: early in December was sent to Camp Beauregard, La., but shortly thereafter was ordered to New York, where he passed a rigid examination with honors and embarked for France: now with ll4th Motor Supply Train Company, "Somewhere in France." JAMES RICHARDSON fEngineeringJ is Captain of Company A, l55th Infantry, Camp Beauregard, Louisiana. HARRY SPURGEON Slsx fAcademicJ enlisted in June 4, l9l7: mustered into service August 5: mobilized at jackson, Miss., August 29: now a First Sergeant, Company L, l54th Infantry, 77th Brigade, 39th Division, Camp Beauregard, La. Tulane, l9l5J, is a First Lieutenant in Medical Reserve Corps. HUBERT K. TURLEY, Medical Certificate CMD., jefferson Medical College, l9l4J, entered service june S, l9l7. at Brooklyn, N. Y., and is a First Lieutenant, Medical Reserve Corps of Army. U. S. Base Hospital No. 37, Brooklyn: he was six months with the American Ambulance in win- ter of l9I6-l7, Hospital B, France. LOUIS WISE, LL.B., entered service August 5, I9I7. at Yazoo City, Miss.: transferred from Company L, Second Mississippi Infantry, to Company B, l-40th Machine Gun Battalion, No- vember IO, IQI7: now a First Lieutenant at Camp Beauregard, La. Class of l9l3 REUBEN ALLEN BARKER, Medical Certificate fM.D., University of Virginia, I9I7J, is in U. S. Navy THEODORE THOMAS BATsON. B.S., Medical Cer- tificate fM.D., Tulane, l9l5J, commissioned a First Lieutenant, January IZ, l9lS, in Medical Ofhcers' Reserve Corps of Army: assigned to base hospital, Camp Beauregard, La. PAUL ZOLLICOFFER BROWNE, Medical Certificate, fM.D., Tulane, l9l5J, entered service August IO, 'l9I7, at Fort Benjamin Harrison, Ind.: after three weeks' training there, sent to field hospital as an instructor: September 2l, l9l7, sent to base hospital, Camp Wadsworth, S. C., as assist- ant surgeon: january IO, l9l8, transferred to Rockefeller Institute and Roosevelt Hospital, New York City, for special course in surgery: now assistant surgeon, base hospital, Camp Wadsworth, S. C., with ranlc of First Lieutenant, M. R. C. CORNELL SIDNEY FRANKLIN, BA., LL.B., 'l4, entered the service August 27, l9l7, at Honolulu, Hawaii: commissioned judge Advocate General, National Guard of Hawaii, with rank of Major, December 6, l9l7. GEORGE YANCEY GILLESPIE, JR., B.S., Medical Certificate fM.D., University of Virginia, I9l5j, was commissioned as First Lieutenant, Medical Reserve Corps, july l9I7, and assigned to duty with 27th Engineers, N. A.: now with American Expeditionary Forces, "Somewhere in France." RICHARD MALCOLM GUESS, B.S., attended Sec- ond Reserve Officers' Training Camp at Fort Oglethorpe, Ca., September, l9l7, and is now doing Y. M. C. A. work in France. .IIM KYLE HUDSON, BA., LL.B. "with special distinction," 'l5, entered service at Fort Myer, December I3, l9I7, Quartermaster Corps: is now with Auxiliary Remount Division 329, Station 2, Camp Travis, Texas. CHARLES MICHAEL KENT, B.S., Medical Certifi- cate Tulane, l9l5D, entered service at Fort Sam Houston, Texas, August 6, l9l7, in Medical Oflicers' Reserve Corps: assigned to base hospital No. I, August IZ, with rank of First Lieutenant, M. O. R. C.: has served both in recruiting and in medical work. RICHARD CONNER LIMERICK, B.E.. "with dis- tinction," is a First Lieutenant in Engineer Of- ficers' Reserve Corps: was member of 3l2th En- gineer Regiment at Camp Pike, Arkansas: sent to France early in November, l9l7, on special engineering worlc, being the only man selected from his regiment: now "Somewhere in France." 12195 ,. Q zggfwx-X f-fN- 'w CL, si ,N . j C ' ' J LE MISS . J I l ..:.. Li s fl .,i . 'Q I - LT J PJTTMAN svoms 1'-ff: pl 11? - w - Lv. n..G.swzvsyj5J! 1 V , .- LT. PAUL ZLBROVJNEJ IGN C2205 tix a ' iff- 'r' ST 3 EEL J f ' fit . 4-, 1 ,, .. If 1 3 f J' LJ - " J R , ' . ' blfeff-fX'3i.'.:,'-.'fifit i -J I S S '7 x ' - WILLIAM T. MARTIN fEngineeringJ entered serv- ice at Camp Taylor, Ky., in February, I9I8, and is now training as an aviation officer, University of Texas. THOMAS FRANKLIN MAYO, BA. "with distinc- tion," Rhodes Scholar ftook B.A. in English Literature at St. John's, Oxford, England, in two years instead of the three usually requiredl, served during summer of I9l6 with American Ambu- lance Corps in Franceg entered Ofhcers' Train- ing Camp, San Antonio, Texas, and, after com- pleting the course, was recommended for a com- mission, decided to go into the aviation corps and was at Kelly Field, in training, when ap- pointed Ensign in the Naval Aviation Corps and sent to Annapolis for special trainingg is Liason Oflicer in the Naval Aviation, "Somewhere in France." ALVA BURTON MCKIE. B.S., Medical Certificate fM.D., Tulane, I9l5J, is in active service as a First Lieutenant, Medical Reserve Corps of Army. ROBERT EARL POUND, B.S., Medical Certificate. "with distinction," 'l4 University of Vir- ginia, l9l6J, commissioned July 26. I9l7, at New York City, attended Medical Officers' Training Camp, Fort Oglethorpe, Ca., from October 4 to November 26: since then at Camp Jackson, Co- lumbia, S. C., First Lieutenant M. R. C., As- sistant Sanitary lnspector, Slst Division. JAMES FANT ROGERS, B.S., entered the service at Okolona, Miss., as a private: promoted to Reg. Sergeant-Major: later made Second Lieutenant of Companv L, l54th Infantry, Camp Beaure- gard, La., Line Officer. ,lAcoB Ros:-LNTHAL, B.S., Medical Certificate fM.D., Tulane, l9I5J, is in the U. S. Navy. JOHN DOUGLAS SIMMONS, B.S., Medical Cer- tificate fM.D., Tulane, l9l5J, entered service at Medical Ofhcers' Training Camp, Fort Ogle- thorpe, Ca., December 5, l9I7g is now a First Lieutenant, Medical Reserve Corps, Junior Of- ficer Field Hospital No. l-4, Camp Greenleaf, Fort Oglethorpe, Cia. LLOYD GILMER SPIVEY fAcademicJ entered Of- ficers' Reserve Training Camp at Leon Springs, Texas, August 25, l9l7g commissioned First Lieutenant, Field Artillery, November 25: at- tached to 20th F. A., San Antonio, Texas. JOHN P1TTMAN STONE, B.S., LL.B. "with dis- tinction," 'l6, entered Camp Stanley, Leon Springs, Texas, August 25, I9l7g after three months in Ofhcers' Training Camp, commissioned a Second Lieutenant of Infantry Reserve Corps, November 27, transferred to the Aviation Sec- tion, Signal Corps, December 29, is now Second Lieutenant, Commanding Officer, 56th Recruit Squadron, Aviation Camp, Waco, Texas. HUGH Lewis SUTHERLAND, JR., BA., LL.B. "with special distinction," 'l4, enlisted as soon as war was declared, received his commission as Second Lieutenant at Fort Oglethorpe, Ca., and foreign service: now at the was detached for front with Battery B, l0lst Foreign Artillery: a son of the late Dr. H. L. Sutherland, a graduate of the University, Class of l870. IRENAEUS N. TUCKER, Medical Certificate fM.D., Tulane, l9I5J, is a First Lieutenant of the Medical Reserve Corps, Trans. lnftrmary, 3l6th E. N. G. and M. P., Camp Lewis, Wash- ington. WILL E. WALKER fAcademic and Pharmacyj, entered service late in l9l7 and is in dispensary at base hospital, Camp Shelby, Miss. MORRIS EDWARD WHITE, B.S. "with distinction," Senior Speaker, LL.B. "with special distinction," 'l5, M.A., 'l5, entered service in First Officers' Training Camp, Fort Logan H. Roots, Ark.: commissioned First Lieutenant, infantry R. C., August l5, l9l7: assigned to Company A, 3-48th Infantry, October 2: appointed Aide-de-Camp to Brigadier-Cieneral W. F. Martin, I7-ith Brigade, Headquarters Company, Camp Pike, Arkansas. Class of l9l4 JAMES HENRY ARCHER fEngineeringJ entered at Camp Pike, Ark., shortly after war was de- clared and was made a Corporalg is now a Ser- geant, Headquarters Company, 3l2th Engineers, Camp Pike, Arkansas. MATTHEW ARD fAcademicJ entered at New Orleans, La., May 26, I9l7g ordered to San Francisco August l5g to Newport, R. l., No- vember l5, where he is yeoman, U. S. Navy. KARL Ross BECK, B.E.., entered service March l5, I9I8, at Cleveland, Miss.: is now a Cor- poral, Company B. 5l2th Engineers, Service Bat- talion, Camp Pike, Arkansas. 12211 C S f 'B K N H J N Y J my MISS C2223 LE MISS rx jft V 1 C5 .sith 'I , 2 tb Z X aj: L JI 3,-1 g .eg X CHARLES D. BLAssINcAME, Medical Certificate fM.D., Vanderbilt, l9l6J, is a Captain in the lVfedical Officers' Reserve Corps, now stationed at Fort Screvens, Savannah, Ga. MALCOLM IRVIN BREWER, Medical Certificate fM.D., Tulane, l9l6J, entered service June l, l9I7, at Jackson, Miss., commissioned First Lieu- tenant, Medical Reserve Corps, was three weeks in Army Medical School, Washington, D. C., and two months at Fort Oglethorpe, Cra.g since then at the base hospital, Camp Shelby, Miss., with section of surgery of the head and as a member of board of examiners for aviators. WILLIAM C. CAHALL, JR. fEngineeringJ, is Sec- ond Lieutenant, 307th Engineers. LANE TERRELL CHANDLER, B.S., LL.B., 'l5, entered First Training Camp at Fort Logan H. Roots, Ark., May ll, l9l7g transferred to Aviation Section of Signal Corps June 20, com- pleted ground school course, University of Texas, August lg since then stationed at flying school, Kelly Field, San Antonio, Texas, training camp status until August IS, cadet flyer until Decem- ber 24, when was commissioned First Lieutenant, R. M. A. Signal R. C., A. S.: is now an instructor of flying at Kelly Field. JOHN R. DINSMORE, B.S., LL.B., 'l5, entered First Training Camp at Fort Logan H. Roots, Arkansas, May 7, l9l7g after three months was commissioned as Captain in the Officers' Reserve Corps and ordered io active duty at Camp Pike, Arkansas, where he was placed in command of Company l, 347th Infantry. Captain Dinsmore is the youngest Captain in his regiment. HARRY M. DOBSON, B.S., is in U. S. Navy as Chief Yeoman, Cost Accounting Division, League Island Navy Yard, Philadelphia, Pa. CLINTON EDWARDS DORROH, LL.B., is a First Lieutenant in National Guard. HAROLD WHITE GAUTIER, BA., LL.B., 'l5, in April, l9l7, helped to organize Troop A, lst Mississippi Squadron of Cavalry, being elected a Second Lieutenantg left with said troop for Camp Swep Taylor, Jackson, Miss., August 303 sent to Camp Beauregard, La., September 295 now Sec- ond Lieutenant, ll4th Ammunition Train, Caisson Company No. l, 39th Division, Camp Beaure- gard, La. WILFRED ALEXANDER C-EISENBEROER, LL.B. "with special distinction," is First Lieutenant, ln- fantry Reserve Corps, Camp Pike, Ark. 1223 A .,. JOHN WILLARD HAYNES, B.E. with distinc- tion," entered service in February, l9I8, is now First Lieutenant of lst Arkansas Battalion of Engineers, which will probably be attached to some engineer regiment of Federal Army. ROGER PAN HENTZ, Medical Certificate CMD., University of Tennessee, l9l6J, entered July l9. l9l7, Fort Oglethorpe, Cia.g now First Lieuten- ant, Medical Reserve Corps, 23d Engineers, American Expeditionary Forces, in France. JAMES CLAYTON KINCANNON, JR., B.S., LL.B., '15, entered training camp at Fort Oglethorpe, Cia., May IZ, l9l7g commissioned as a Second Lieutenant at Fort lVfonroe, Va. fArtillery Camplg now Second Lieutenant C. A. R. C., Fort Dade, Fla.: also Judge Advocate, Prose- cuting Attorney in court-martial cases. FRANK H. KING fAcademicJ is with General Pershing in France. WILLIE FRANK KRONE, Medical Certificate fM.D., Tulane, l9l6J, entered service April l0, l9l7, four days after war was declared, as as- sistant surgeon, U. S. Naval Reserve Corps. ROLAND QUINCHE LEAVELL, BA., MA.. Senior Speaker, entered Y. C. A. Army Service. September, I9l7, giving up pastorate of a church at New Castle, Ky., with American Expedi- tionary Forces, stationed in Paris, France, in the "All Paris Work" curing for soldiers on fur- lough. GEORGE J. LEFTwIcI-I, JR., B.S., LL.B. "with distinction," 'l5, entered training camp at Fort Logan H. Roots, Ark., May S, l9l7, commis- sioned as Second Lieutenant in Regular Army and assigned to 3d lnfantry: reported to regi- ment for duty August 29 at Eagle Pass, Texas: saw border service at Eagle Pass and Del Rio, Texasg since January 4, l9l8, on detached serv- ice attending bayonet section of lnfantry School of Arms, Fort Sill, Okla.3 now again with regi- ment at Del Rio, Texas. SAM HOLDEN LONG, LL.B. Calso AcadcmicJ,en- tered First Officers' Training Camp at Fort Logan H. Roots, Ark., May 9, 1917, commissioned Sec- on Lieutenant August l5, and promoted to First Lieutenant December 3l, l9l7g now First Lieu- tenant, Company D, 347th Infantry, Camp Pike, Ark., Reg. Exc. Officer and Adjutant lst Bat- talion. EPHRAIM FOREST McCALL fEngineeringJ entered as a private in Company C, 2d Mississippi ln- fantry, at Oxford, Miss., June l, l9l7: was 7 nf LB MISS Vs S C ' S H 'fNXJ 1 ,......-.- LT FRANK WARD SMYTHE X EUGENE J.HARDY ULLIN CLA , . .-4, . ,-1 4 7 ', 12241 ,' - 5 fijj T is 7, A R I A ,fn 1,1 K. 1 LL Vx I , f J made a First Lieutenant June 134 now a First Lieutenant, Company L, l54th lnfantry, Camp Beauregard, La., expecting to be transferred to Aviation Corps as a pilot. MAURY HOLCOMBE MCRAE, Medical Certificate fM.D., University of lllinois, l9l6j, entered service September Zl, I9l7, at Chicago. Ill., was a student officer at Camp Cireenleafg is now First Lieutenant, Medical Reserve Corps, Base Hospital, Camp Sheridan, Montgome,ry, Ala. HENRY ERLE MOQRE fpharmacyl entered service at Oxford, Miss., June 4, l9l7, as a member of company lcnown as "Lamar Rifles," junior, mustered into Federal service August 53 mobilized at -Iaclcson, Miss., August 29, as Company C, 2d Mississippi Regiment: transferred to Camp Beauregard, La., in November, l9l7, and now lcnown as Company L, 154th lnfantryg is now Company Clerlc with ranlc as Sergeant. JUNIUS K. OATES, Medical Certificate CMD., Atlanta Medical College, l9I6J, is in active service as a First Lieutenant, Medical Reserve Corps of Army. FRED EARL RAWLS, B.S. "with distinction," Senior Spealcer, was commissioned at Leon Springs, Texasg Second Lieutenant, Tank Serv- ice, and is now in training at Ciettysburg, Pa. MAURICE LEE ROSENZWEIG, BA., enlisted De- cember 6, l9l7, at Nashville, Tenn.g after two and one-half months' training as seaman, third class, promoted seaman, second classg is now on U. S. S. Montana, New Yorlc. ALLEN DUPREE SHELTON, LL.B., entered at Osceola, Arlc.. September, I9l7g is a First Ser- geant with 508th Engineers, "Somewhere in Franceng was with the transports when the Tus- cania went down. Class of I9l5 GEORGE BEAN, B.S., LLB., 'l6, is a Second Lieutenant, Infantry, Officers' Reserve Corps. CHARLES ALEXANDER BENDER, Medical Certifi- cate fM.D., University of Tennessee, I9I7J, en- tered service in july, l9l7, at Memphis, Tenn.. and was assigned to duty with Ambulance Service as a Lieutenant. ELLIS P. BURNS, Medical Certificate University of Tennessee, l9I7J, entered service October 3, l9l7, at Fort Oglethorpe, Ca.g on duty at lnlirmary Trains, 5th Division, Camp Logan, Houston, Texas, from December l0, l9l7, to February 20, l9l8, now serving with Field Hospital No. 30, Camp Logan, as First Lieu- tenant, junior Ofiicer. THEODORE ELBERT CLARK, Graduate in Pharma- cy, Base Hospital No. l8, American Expedi- tionary Forces, Medical Corpsg sailed from America in july, l9l7, and is now "Somewhere in France." SAM C. Cooic, jR., B.S., LL.B. "with distinc- tion," 'l6, enlisted in some battery of artillery of Mississippi National Guard, now stationed at Camp Beauregard, La. GEORGE ROUDEBUSH CULLEY fAcademicj was accepted in january, l9l8, as a pilot in the Avia- tion Branch of the Army and expected to enter a flying school when last heard from. HARRY CLARENCE FORD CAcademicj enlisted at New Orleans, La., May, I9I7, and went at once to Officers' Training Camp at Fort Logan H. Roots, Ark., was made First Lieutenant in Ord- nance Department fbeing offered same commis- sion in two other departmentsj, was sent next to Savage Arms Works, Utica, N. Y.g thence to Springfield, Mass., Arsenalg then to New Haven, Conn.: finally to Island, Ill., where ileparhnent Rock lsland Arsenal. Roclc he is First Lieutenant, Ciun JOSEPH ROYESTON GATHINGS, BS., LL.B. "with special distinction," 'l6, entered Second Ofhcers' Training Camp at Leon Springs, Texas, August 27, l9I7g selected for Provisional Second Lieu- Army November 275 now tenant in Regular Second Lieutenant, Regular Army. He applied for admission to First Officers Training Camp, May l5. l9l7, but was rejected because of phys- ical disabilities. R. ALDRIDCE HALE, Graduate in Pharmacy, en- tered service with Company C, Second Missis- sippi lnfantry, now Company L, I54th lnfantry, U. S. N. Ci., Camp Beauregard, La.: is a Ser- geanh EUGENE JENNINGS HARDY, B.S., took training in First Officers' Training Camp, Fort Logan H. Roots, Arlcansasg stayed there two months, when call came for volunteers in air service: finished ground school at Austin, Texas: now a cadet, Line of Communication Air Service, in France. 12251 Fw ,- . Ax X I 4 Nga Xxx? 41 'K LE .4 v. 1 f-9 LT JA5.K x f". .1 whim: mm., 12261 WRENNIE CARROLL HENSHAW, Graduate in seas service and was accepted and assigned to If 'Tx F XX "dry ffi' " 1 I 'ALI .- I'- I fQ,,f?Q-egi-t,t ' 7i " 1 ,' xci-o -A -- Pharmacy, enlisted at Jackson, Miss., August 3, l9l7, in Hospital Corps, second classg promoted twice, now Pharmacists Mate, third class, Naval Operating Base, Dispensary l, Hampton Roads, Virginia. -IAMES WILLIAM KIRKWOOD, B.S., B.E., 'l6, en- listed in Navy at Jackson, Miss., December I4, l9l7, as Landsman Electrician fRadioJg grad- uates from Naval Radio School at Harvard about june l, l9l8. ULLIN WHITNEY LEAVELL fAcademicJ entered service August, I9I7, in the Mississippi 2d ln- fantry Bandg is a Band Sergeant and acting Drum Major, Camp Beauregard. La. WILLIAM HOWELL MORROW CAcademicJ entered Second Officers' Training Camp at Fort Ogle- thorpe, Ca., August 28, l9l7: commissioned a Second Lieutenant, Regular Army, Company B, Sixth Infantry. JOSEPH ABNER NICHOLS fAcademicJ enlisted at El Paso, Texas, September, l9I7, and is now in Company l4l, Field Hospital, Camp Bowie, Fort Worth, Texas. CHALMERS POTTER, B.S., LL.B., 'l6, entered in the First Ollicers' Training Camp at Fort Logan H. Roots, Arkansas, May 8, l9l7g commis- sioned a Second Lieutenant and assigned to 345th lnfantry, Camp Pike, Ark.g promoted january l, l9l8, to First Lieutenant, same command: ap- pointed Assistant Aludge Advocate, l73d Brigade, February 20, l9l8. CECIL GILL SMITH fAcademicj is a Second Lieutenant, 346th lnfantry, Camp Pike, Ark. FRANK WARD SMXTHE. B.S., Medical Certifi- cate University of Tennessee, 19171, ex- amined for commission july 30, l9l7, at Mem- phis, Tenn., and made a First Lieutenant, Med- ical Reserve Corpsg attended Medical Ofhcers' Training Camp, Fort Benjamin Harrison, from September to Novemberg volunteered for over- Aviation Section, Signal Serviceg at present a First Lieutenant, Medical Department, 'tSome- where in Franceng will be assigned to Base Hospital No. 57, with Major Frank D. Smythe, Chief Surgeon. WILLIAM VICTOR TARVER, BA., entered Officers' Training Camp, Camp Stanley, Texas, Septem- ber 27, l9l7g was Adjutant, Battery B, Artillery Training School, Camp Stanley, December I5 to January 22, l9l8, thereafter commander Com- pany 6, First Corps Artillery Park, Camp jack- son, S. C., with rank of Captain. JAMES K. VARDAMAN, DIR. CAcademicJ, entered Officers' Training Camp, Fort Logan H. Roots, Ark., May I9l7, commissioned Second Lieuten- ant, Field Artillery, January l, l9l8g now First Lieutenant, Battery A, 335th F. A., Camp Pike, Arkansas. RUFUS VIRGIL WATSON, Graduate in Pharmacy, entered Second Oflicers Training Camp at Leon Springs, Texas, August 27, l9l7: commissioned First Lieutenant, Ofhcers' Reserve Corps, Novem- ber 275 now with Company H, 6-ith Infantry, Camp Fort Bliss, Texas. GEORGE D. WATTS fAcademicJ was appointed Second Lieutenant, 57th Infantry, August 30, I9l7g promoted First Lieutenant, same date and transferred to l3th Machine Gun Battalion, De- cember l-li, l9l7g now at San Benito, Texas. ZENO EVAN WILIQES, B.S., entered service at lackson, Miss.: is a private in Company B, 20th Engineers, Forestry Department, American Expe- ditionary Forceg in active service in France since his arrival there, Thanksgiving Day, l9l7. FRANK MITCHELL WIt'GUL. Graduate in Phar- macy, is in the service. EARL Roar WORD. BE., enlisted in 23d Engi- neers. Company Ci. November l9, I9I7. The 23d Engineers is a regiment for building roads in France and is now stationed at Camp Laurel, Maryland. Class of l9l6 IRA W. BERRYHILL fMedicalD is in the service "somewhere in France." GEORGE W. BOYETT, JR. fpharmacyl, entered service May l0, I9l6, at Hillsboro, Texas, with Company M, 2d Texas lnfantryg is now with l4lst Infantry, Company M, Camp Bowie, Fort Worth, Texas. HARRY j. BOYLE, LLB.. is First Lieutenant, Company D, l40th Machine Gun Battalion, Camp Beauregard, La., having had the honor C2275 Y E 'I ry LE MISS qzzay J N 1.-in , 4,523 X- , ' y 'fell Z, 'NNN , ---L Q ,f'!i3l,'fg'19 A T I I " fjiiiif ' K if .f I t..v--ii,-J.,-W - 4 ini A :J ' IQ? I S S N747 . it-1 .5 f-'Tiff' I I I I rr fr 7- -nk,-e - ' W f ,' ' , . of being the first Adjutant Of his command com- posed entirely of Mississippians. JAMES EDWIN BRAMLETT, B.S., LL.B. "with distinction," 'l7, entered service August 25, l9l7, at Leon Springs, Texas, and is now First Lieu- tenant, R. C., 346th Infantry, Camp Pike, Arlt.g attached to l62d Depot Brigade from Decem- ber I5 to 28, to 334th Machine Gun Battalion from December 28, l9l7, to january l0, l9l8g assigned to 346th infantry, january IO, l9I8. RODNEY LAWRENCE BROOKS, B.S., LL.B., 'l7, enlisted in Marine Corps about December l, l9l7. HARRY MEREDITH BRYAN, LL.B. "with special distinction," Senior Spealcer fAcademic, l9l2J, twice sought admission to Oflicers' Training Camps in the summer of l9l7, but was rejected because unclerweightg then applied for a position in Judge Advocate General's Department, but without success: early in September responded to a message from the Adjutant General calling him to report for "foreign service" fhe having made application for work in that departmentj, and entered promptly upon the discharge of the duties assigned him in Hobolcen, N. bl.: january 3, l9I8, was commissioned Second Lieutenant in the Adjutant Ceneral's Department, National Army. FRANK MARION BUNCH, B.E., Lieutenant Field Artillery, 83d Regiment, Fort D. A. Russell, Wyoming. OSCAR CLARK CARR. B.S., is in U. S. Naval Reserve, U. S. S. "Somers," somewhere at sea. NAPOLEON LEPOINT CASSIBRY, B.S., LL.B., en- tered service .Iune l, l9l7, at jackson. Miss., as Adjutant, Second Battalion, l4Ot!i Field Artil- leryg December I2 was assigned to billeting duty and attached ll4th Tr. Headquarters and Mil- itary Police, Camp Beauregard, La., with ranlc of Captain. T. B. CLEVELAND, B.S., enlisted August 25, l9I7, at Leon Springs, Texas, in Second Ofhcers' Training Campg held all positions from private to Major while in camp: commissioned a First Lieutenant, Field Artillery. O. R. C., November 27g ordered to Camp Travis, Texas, December l5, and assigned to Company C, 3l5th Ammu- nition Train, later transferred to Company F, same organization, Camp Travis, San Antonio, Texas. lvY WINFRED CRAWFORD, B.S. fLaw, l9l8J, en- tered training camp at Fort Logan H. Roots, Ark., May ll, l9l7, served with l0th Field 1133. Artillery, Douglas, Ariz., August to December, l9l7g now Second Lieutenant, 24th lnfantry, U. S. A., Columbus, New Mexico. ROBERT HALL CROOK, B,S., LL.B., 'l7, failing of admission to first training camp on account of defective eyesight, enlisted as a private, june 4, l9I7, at Oxford, Miss., in what was then Com- pany C, 2d Mississippi lnfantryg was made Sup- ply Sergeant, August 8, the day the company was mustered into the Federal service. The com- pany is now Company L, l54th infantry, sta- tioned at Camp Beauregard, La. VICTOR A. CROSBY, B.S., is a cadet in 6l6tli Aero Squadron, Kelly Field, San Antonio, Texas, and expects to be commissioned as a First Lieu- tenant upon completion of course. jOI-IN MCFERRIN CURLEE, B.S., joined Zd Mis- sissippi Headquarters Company at Oltolona, Miss., july I3, l9l7: now acting First Sergeant, Headquarters Company, l40th Machine Gun Bat- talion, Camp Beauregard, La. JOHN E. CURTIS fLawD is a Captain of lnfantry, 90th Division of the National Army, Camp Trav- is, Texas. JOI-IN CLARK CUTRER, B.A., entered training at Harvard Officers' Training School, Cambridge, Mass.: stood examination successfully there for commission in Regular Army: went to Leon Springs, Texas, in August, l9l7, for further training and entered service there as assistant instructor: has talten additional instruction as of- ficer in l9l8 at Fort Sill, Olila.: is now Second Lieutenant, Company E., l9th U. S. infantry, Fort Sam Houston, San Antonio, Texas. DANIEL A. DAWSON, LL.B., is Sergeant, l55th U. S. Infantry, Camp Travis, Texas. ELLIOTT EPHRAIM FLOWERS, Medical Certificate. entered Camp Pike, Arlc., in fall of l9l7, pro- moted to Top Sergeant, Company A, 508th Service Battalion: probably in France. ROBERT MAURICE FREEMAN, Medical Certificate, entered service May Zi, l9l7, at Newport, R. l., in Hospital Corps, Dispensary, U. S. S. Coving- ton, Division IO: had made one trip to France and was preparing for another in February. ROBERT CLAYTON GIBSON, B.E., entered service at Leon Springs, Texas, August 25, l9I7g dis- charged from that enlistment November 26, and enlisted in Aviation Section, Signal Enlisted Re- serve Corps, December 3, l9l7g now first-class C2291 3 Q N 71 4 7 lx J LE MISS qzsop "fi fbi? N. X", C -'eg ' 'Ti-wifi If RRG' Q tw 9 C-'QED' jr L4 c,f.E'Q-'7 ,, fi Tiif C 19 L 655-' -n.e---.-A .1- A' s f.. I 4 J .1-45:1 f'-2'-1-2.3.-f7 V A - Y ' QffL5i1'.'Q if 6',:.-'-"gig:-,v I , A.i.:,, X29-i'sifv'ifsJ:'?" I " 0.--XTVLHJJ private, School of Military Aeronautics, Univer- sity of California. WILLIAM GRAY HAIRSTON, B.S., LL.B., 'I7, en- tered First Training Camp at Fort Logan H. Roots, Ark., May l2, l9l7: commissioned Sec- ond Lieutenant, Company D, 346th lnfantry, R. C., Camp Pike, Ark. JAMES EDWARD HAMLIN, LL.B. "with distinc- tion," entered at jackson, Miss., june 4, l9l7, said to be the only private leaving Jackson in August for the Leon Springs, Texas. training camp: now a First Lieutenant of Field Artillery, 344th F. A., Camp Travis, Texas. ARTHUR CHANDLER HARGIS, B.S., entered Fort Logan H. Roots Training Camp May l4, l9l7g after one month, went to Fort Monroe for two monthsg accepted for Aviation Corps in Decem- ber: expected to go into training in February. SAMUEL WATTS KENDALL, Graduate in Phar- macy falso Academic and Lawj, is a First Lieutenant in Quartermasteris Department of the 2d Division of the Regular Army, and was on his way to France when last heard from. LEONARD O. LEAVELL, B.S., entered Y. Nl. C. A. Army Service September, l9l7, giving up pastorate of a suburban church, Louisville, Ky.: now with American Expeditionary Force, sta- tioned in Paris, France. in the "All Paris Work" caring for soldiers in Paris on furlough. JOHN D. MARTIN fAcademic, entered at .lack- son, Miss., .lune 3, l9l7: attended training camp at Fort Oglethorpe, Ca.: made a Sergeant De- cember l, l9I7, Sergeant, first class, january I6, l9lS: now Sergeant, first class, Quartermaster Corps, Camp Forrest, Chiclcamauga Park, Cia. LEONARD LEE MARTIN, LLB. "with distinction," was in the Citizens' Training Camp, Fort Logan H. Roots, Arkansas, doing clerical work in the ofhce of the Commanding Oflicer: was in Second Officers' Training Camp at Leon Springs, Texas: is now in Quartermaster Department, Service Company No. l, Camp Joseph E.. Johnston, Jack- sonville, Fla. WILLIAM LEE MCCULLOUGH, B.S., LL.B., 'l7, is a First Lieutenant, 348th lnfantry, R. C. THoMAs HERRON MITCHELL, B.A. "with dis- tinction," Senior Speaker, LL.B. "with distinc- tion," 'l7, was engaged in Army Y. M. C. A. work at Camp Wheeler, Ca.: now expecting to enter active service as a soldier. LIDDELL DAVIDSON MYERS fAcademicj enlisted November, I9l7, and is now a Sergeant in the l7lst Aero Squadron, "Somewhere in France." RICHARD HENRY NASON, B.S., LL.B. "with dis- tinction," 'I7, enlisted at Cirenada, Miss., June l, l9l7: was made a Corporal August 5, and a Sergeant December l5, l9l7: since February l5, l9I8, Sergeant Corporal in l-leadquarters Com- pany, l40th Field Artillery, Camp Beauregard, Louisiana. WILLIAM MCNEIL REED, B.S., is a Lieutenant of Artillery, Ofhcers' Reserve Corps. HARRIS DEWITT RILEY, Graduate in Pharmacy, entered as a private at Oxford, Miss., june l5, l9l7: promoted to Corporal August l5: later First Sergeant, Quarantine Detachment at slack- son, Miss.: now Sergeant Company L., l5-ith lnfantry, Camp Beauregard, La. JOSEPH CRAWFORD RIVERS fAcademicl is in Aviation Section. ROBERT HOFFMAN SHACKLEFORD. B.S., LL.B., 'I7, entered First Ofhcers' Training Camp and was commissioned a First Lieutenant in the C. A. R. C., now stationed at Fort Dade, Fla. ERNEST KELLY SRINNER, Graduate in Pharmacv, entered service at Jackson, Miss., December l5, l9l7: is a hospital apprentice, Naval Station, New Orleans, La. CLAUDE B. SMITH fAcademicl is an instructor in Aviation Corps, San Antonio, Texas. RECINALD EDGAR SPIVEY, jR. fAcademicl, en- tered Oflicers' Reserve Training Camp at Leon Springs, Texas. August 25, I9I7: commissioned First Lieutenant, Field Artillery, November 25, and attached to l0th Field Artillery at Douglas, Arizona. NOAH SPURCEON SWEAT, B.S., LL.B., 'I7. en- tered the service August 27, l9l7, at Leon Springs, Texas: commissioned First Lieutenant, Field Artillery, R. C., November 27: unas- signed: stationed at Leon Springs from December l5, I9I7, to February 2l, l9I8, when was at- tached to Battery D, ll6th Field Artillery, Camp Wheelet', Cia. SAM BEAUCHAMP THOMAS, LL.B., entered Of- ficers' Training Camp at Leon Springs, Texas, in August, l9l7: assigned to Company C, 348th lnfantry Regiment, 87th Division, Camp Pike, Ark.: took a special course in lnfantry School of 12313 S2 - .-'S fb. Qkfsbw VT' ei? Nl -. , fi,-lg ll n wi, 53 X, 623531 J Q wl 'f5'5f'7 65,52-fa '-Q"2""""-'. '?-Qizfa 6:3550 ,",,:,,,..f. 1.2-1,13 mNai,iA.Qgl',...:. fffi 91 A . sv-, -.,.. ' M, egg? 51 ,.- F ...Q-fp-lk.. f. W' W., ,ry ignym ,Z ...l .-X.. 5,11 YffkKQ Q diff L13 ,,wZIWfww1svg " XF??wgfq?f2 Hlv- -f"" n --' 1 J , ," C2321 'F I gf 5 H J L A I t I Q I , Arms, Grenada Section, Fort Sill, OkIa.: is a First Lieutenant, Infantry, Reserve Corps. E. RAY THOMPSON, Graduate in Pharmacy, en- tered the service at Fort Logan H. Roots, Ark., May I4, I9I7: is a Second Lieutenant, 347th In- fantry, Camp Pike, Arkansas. TALMAGE BRICE TUBB, B.S., LL.B., '17, entered Second Officers' Training Camp at Camp Stanley. Texas, August 25, I9I7: commissioned a Second Lieutenant, Infantry Reserve Corps, November 27: now at Kelly Field, South San Antonio, Texas: took special course in Aviation Section, N. '-'da' , Signal Corps, preparatory to transferring to that branch of the service. JOHN J. VALENTINE, B.S., served in the line in an infantry company frifIeJ: then with a machine gun company: Iater in the Ordnance Department: also, attended mounted service school: now Sec- ond Lieutenant, l0th Cavalry, U. S. Regulars, and is exchange and police officer at his post, officer of the day every third day, Naco, Arizona. JACOB SHALL YERGER, LL.B., is a First Lieuten- ant in the Signal Corps of the U. S. A.. and is commander of I76th Aero Squadron, now "Some- where in France." Class of l9I7 MARSHALL distinction," LL.B. "with special distinction," en- Officers' Training Camp at Camp and won his commission as First Field Artillery, Officers' Reserve WILSON AMIS, B.S. "with special tered First Pike, Ark., Lieutenant, Corps: is now Captain, 334th Field Artillery, Camp Pike, Ark., temporarily detailed as an instructor in the Officers' Training Camp at that place. VERNON A. ARENDALE fI..awJ, volunteered May I9, l9I7, and was called into active service Oc- tober IZ, as storekeeper, second class, being given charge of receiving and shipping navy yard sup- plies, New Orleans: after three months was, upon examination, promoted to storeman, ftrst class, and given charge of local transporation of all navy yard shipments: has recently been recom- mended for Paymaster. JONATHAN Jesse ARMSTRONG, JR., B.S., Med- ical Certiftcate, entered the service September 6, I9I7, at Camp Pike, Ark.: is now a "buck" private, Base Hospital, M.D., Camp Beauregard, Louisiana. ARTHUR PAUL AZLIN, Graduate in Pharmacy, is in the U. S. Navy as pharmacist: has made several trips to France. JOHN HOLMES BALL fEngineering and Academ- icJ entered service in October, l9I7. and is now Sergeant, I54tI'I Field Hospital Corps, Camp Beauregard, lea. HERMAN Jesse BANKSTON, JR., B.S., entered at First Training Camp, Fort Logan H. Roo's, Ark., and was commissioned as Second Lieuten- ant: now with Company 8, Quartermaster Corps, Camp Joseph E.. Johnston, Jacksonville, Fla. EDWARD BENNETT BEANLAND fAcademicJ en- listed May 27, l9l7, at Oxford, Miss., in Com- pany C, 2d Mississippi Infantryg called to colors August 5, I9I7, and mobilized at Jackson, Miss., on the 27th of same month: removed to Camp Beauregard, La., November I, the company be- coming Company L, I54th Infantry, U. S. Na- tional Guards: ranked as Sergeant since August 27, and now working for commission at Officers' Training Camp, Leon Springs, Texas. ERWIN COTHAM BLACKSTONE. B.A., entered service August 27, l9I7, at Leon Springs. Texas, commissioned First Lieutenant, Infantry Reserve Corps, November 27: assigned to 90th Division, Camp Travis, San Antonio, Texas: later assigned to Third Officers' Training Camp, Leon Springs, Texas, as instructor. HOWARD EUGENE BRADLEY, B.A., entered serv- ice January I5, I9I8. at Memphis, Tenn.: acting Sergeant, Aviation Mobilization Depot, Second Prov. Squadron, Camp Sevier, S. C.: expects to be transferred to censorship duty for overseas work. WILEY WILLIAM BRASHEARS, JR., B.S., entered service December II, I9I7, at Memphis, Tenn., and is now connected with the 214th Aerial Squadron, Park Field, Memphis, as a private in charge of motor parts room: expects to transfer to flying section soon. ROBERT MOORE BRIDGFORTH, B.S., LL.B. "with distinction," is a First Lieutenant of Artillery, Reserve Corps, Camp Travis, Texas. ROBERT ROBSON BUNTIN, B.S., entered the serv- ice December I2, l9I7, as a cadet pilot, School may xx I 5 far ff ff Cb f L fi- ,ffggw -GU? ' N , ,.., . ff' ' v ,-. gif 577.9 ,".if Q-Q p .,4 . ' S -Mc:-1if,Qs ,fg i Q,jifQ A 2-'a4,44yy-Qy ' . vs " l 12341 Qs xc ex -A 'ff fix? 'X 61: C X 'i'7'.'Q ,fi ,VY I Tr, 3 r at s -r 1 L. J J K' I I xii? ISS ' I HJ- L -1 xi. of Military Aeronautics, Austin, Texas: later at Camp Dick, Squadron I6, Dallas, Texas. WILLIAM LUTHER CLAYTON, LL.B. "with dis- tinction," is a Second Lieutenant, Battery E. 335th Field Artillery, Camp Pike, Ark. AUBERT CULBERSON DUNN fLawJ is in Navy at U. S. Training Station, Newport, R. I. WILLIAM LUTHER FINGER fAcademicD, a Rhodes Scholar, entered Second Officers' Training Camp, Leon Springs, Texas, August 25, I9I7: commis- sioned First Lieutenant of Field Artillery No- vember 27, l9I7: joined the 334th Field Artil- lery, Camp Travis, Texas, December I5. WILLIAM PRENTISS FURR, Pharmacy Graduate, entered service at Jackson, Miss., May 4, IQI7: after completing training at Newport, R. I., was sent to U. S. Navy Yard at Key West, Fla., and later assigned to U. S. S. Peoria: advanced in ten months' service in Navy from hospital ap- prentice, second class, to pharmacist's mate, first class. OBAIJIAI-I HOLDER GATHRIGI-IT fpharmacyj en- listed at Oxford, Miss., in company known then as Lamar Rifles, Junior, Company C, 2d Missis- sippi Infantry, now as Company L, I54th ln- fantry, U. S. National Guard, Camp Beauregard. Louisiana. .IEFI-'ERsoN KOGER HAMM, B.S., is with the Se- wanee Ambulance Corps on Western Front: be- lieved to be the first University of Mississippi man to reach France. TRAvIs L. HARRISON fAcademiej entered First Ofhcers' Training Camp, Fort Logan H. Roots, Ark.: after three months, transferred to Aviation Section, Signal Corps: graduated from School of Nlilitary Aeronautics, University of Texas, De- cember I5, I9l7: entered School of Aerial Ob- servation, Fort Sill, Okla., january I, l9t5, grad- uating from same February Zl, I9I8: commis- sioned as a Second Lieutenant, Signal Reserve Corps, Aviation Section, U. S. A., March 2, l9l8. JAMES BOYCE HENDERSON fAcademic and Lawj entered First Oflicers' Training Camp at Fort Logan H. Roots, Ark., May IZ, I9I7: in Camp McArthur, Waco, Texas, September: Camp Beauregard, La., since October I: in Company C, l55th Infantry: made First Lieutenant No- vember, l9I7: has acted as Commanding Officer of Company C, I55th Infantry, about two months. DAVID WARREN HOKE, Graduate in Pharmacy. is in the service. GEORGE PEARCE HOPKINS, B.S., B.E., entered training camp, Fort Logan H. Roots, Ark., May IZ, l9l7: commissioned Second Lieutenant, M. C., N. A., August IS: on duty at Camp Pike, Ark., from August 29 to December 6: since December I3, Second Lieutenant, M. C., N. A., attached at Supply Company No. 3I0, Block I-25, Camp Joseph F.. Johnston, Fla.: temporarily in charge of Supply Company No. 310. EDGAR EUGENE JOHNSON fAcademicJ entered at Oxford, Miss., August 5, l9I7, as Sergeant, Company C, 2d Mississippi Infantry fnow Com- pany L, l54th Infantry, U. S. N. C., Camp Beauregard, Laj: recommended and approved for commissioned officer January, 1918: now Ser- geant, Camp Stanley, Leon Springs, Texas. HARPER STEWART JOHNSON fAcademicl entered at Oxford, Miss., August 5, I9I7, as a Corporal, Company C, 2d Mississippi Infantry Cnow known as Company L, I5-tth Infantry, U, S. N. Ci., Camp Beauregard, Lajg made Sergeant janu- ary, I9I8: now at Camp Beauregard, La. JOHN WARD JOHNSON fE.ngineeringD entered Camp Cioidon, Atlanta, Cia., july 3, I9I7: en- listed first in Medical Department, 7th Regiment, owing to limited experience in track and bridge work: after about three months of service there, was transferred to Engineering Corps: now a private, Company E., l7th Reg. Engineers fRy.I, U. S. Expeditionary Force, "Somewhere in France." WILLIAM D. KENNEDAY, LL.B., entered at Camp Camp Pike, Ark., September 22, l9I7: was ad- vanced from second-class private to first-class private and office clerk: since October, acted as Regimental Supply Sergeant: is now Regimental Supply Sergeant, I55th Infantry, 39th Division. Camp Beauregard, La. GEORGE BENJAMIN LAMPTON, BA., after one month at Fort Logan H. Roots Training Camp, joined Base Hospital Unit No. 24, New Orleans, La., June, l9I7: in training since September I at Fort Oglethorpe, Ca., later: now a private with Base Hospital 24, American Expeditionary Force: when last heard from was expecting orders to sail. JAMES BERT LAUDERDALE CAeademiej entered at Second Reserve Oflicers' Training Camp, Leon Springs, Texas, August 25, l9l7: commissioned Second Lieutenant, Infantry, U. S. A., Novem- ber 27, I9I 7. LIONEL ELMO LEsTER fAcademicJ entered jef- ferson Barracks, Mo., September, I9I6, in the 12355 Fx X X A' .--s. X .fe ' X '4 ,T X. ,Lai-122353 ,"'T" all .i 3 Regular Army, Medical Department, serving as a chemist: had one month there, one month at Fort Bliss, El Paso, Texas. and one year of service in base hospital at Marfa, Texas: made a Sergeant, September 5, l9I7, in charge of in- fantry of l3th Machine Gun Battalion, Fort Sam Houston, San Antonio, Texas. LUTHER XV. MAPLES, LL.B., is a commissioned ofhcer at Camp Beauregard, La. JAMES MCCLURE, ja., B.S., LL.B. "with dis- tinction," entered Officers' Training Camp, Fort Logan H, Roots, Arla., May l2, l9l7g trans- ferred to Heavy Artillery, sent to Fort Monroe, Va., for training, and was there made First Lieutenant, November 27, l9l7g with Coast Ar- tillery Reserve Corps, Fort Dade, Fla., as First Lieutenantg had been assigned to Battery B, 64th Regiment Artillery, C. A. C., and, when last heard from, was expecting to depart soon for overseas duty. SIcIcEY NELsoN MCWHORTER. LL.B. "with dis- tinction," is in the service. CLIFF EUGENE MURPHY fEngineeringD enlisted at Mobile, Ala., in May, l9I7g went to Fort Thomas, Newport, Ky., September 22, l9l7g soon transferred to Camp American University, Washington, D. C., where, when last heard from, he was First Sergeant, Company C, 3d Battalion, 20th Regiment Engineers. awaiting transportation to France. CHARLES lVlcBETH MURPHY, LL.B. "with dis- tinction," enlisted in january, I9l8, as a private, first class, Aviation Section, Signal Enlisted Re- serve Corps. ALLEN RIPLEY PEEPLES. LL.B., is a Corporal. Company M, First Army Headquarters Regiment, Camp Greenleaf, N. C. NEELY POWERS, B.S. fLL.B., Millsaps College. jackson, Miss., l9l0j, entered Ofhcers' Training Camp at Fort Benjamin Hariison, Indiana, on Hrst call after declaration of warg ranked No. l in this camp and was awarded a Captaincy. but elected to serve as Second Lieutenant in the Reg- ular Armyg was assigned to the l0th lnfantry, Company D, and promoted to First Lieutenancy October, I9l7, now stationed on guard duty at Rock lsland Arsenal, Roclc lsland, lll. PERCY LEE RAINWATER, B.A., entered at Mem- phis, Tenn.. February 6, l9I8g is a private, first class, Aviation Corps, flyer. LEIGI-IeroN WEBB RAY fAcademicD is in the Radio Branch of the Navy, U. S. N. T. S., Newport, R. l. V- -f JAMES ALLEN ROSS, B.S., is a Sergeant at Camp Beauregard, La. j. ADAM SMITH, LL.B., is in the U. S. Navy at Newport, R. l. JACKSON ROGER SHARMAN, JR., B.S., entered training camp, Fort Logan H. Roots, Ark., May ll, l9l7: commissioned Second Lieutenant, Of- ficers' Reserve Corps, August IS: Second Lieu- tenant, U. S. Army, October 26, with 3d ln- fantry, U. S. Army, Eagle Pass, Texas. HOWARD HASTINGS TRIPLETT fAcademie and Engineering, entered service May IZ, l9l7, at Little Roclc, Arlc.g is an electrician, third class fradioj, U. S. Naval Radio School, Company l0, Cambridge, Mass. THOMAS FREDERICK WAssoN CAcademicJ enlisted first of November, l9I7g called to jackson, Miss., November I0 for exam- inationg sent to Washington, D. C., and stationed at the American University: was a private in Company D, 6th Battalion of the 20th Engineers fForestersjg went down with the Cunard liner, "Tuscania," which was torpedoed off the coast of lre- land about duslc, February 5, l9l8g was buried in Scotland with many of his com- rades. RALPH EUGENE WHEELER, Graduate in Phar- l'nZlCy, IS ll'l an'llJUl3l'lCe 5Cl'VlCe. CREIGHT LEMASTER WILSON, BS., entered training camp at Fort Logan H. Roots, Arlc.. in May, l9I7g served as Second Lieutenant at Waco, Texas, from September l to Octoberg now a First Lieutenant, F. A., U. S. N. C., I-10th F. A., Camp Beauregard, La. WILLIE FAYNE WILSON, B.S., entered service December 8, l9l7, at Norfollc. Va.: is a private, Company 92, Naval Operating Base, Hampton Roads, Norfolk, Va. ALBERT GRESHAM WING fLaw and Academic, entered Officers' Training Camp, Fort Logan H. Roots. Ark.: after three months attached to 3d U. S. lnfantry, Eagle Pass, Texas, as a Second Lieutenant. CLAUDE WO0Dt'IN, B.E., entered training camp at Fort Logan H. Roots, Ark., May 9, l9I7g commissioned Second Lieutenant August l5g now with Battery D, 336th F. A., N. A., Camp Pike, Arlcansas. 12363 X A Fr, ,A-45 c tw 3- -. 511 f..:7Wf"r. Q A I v . - :-1. I N I LN.. , 1 5 if 1. si -..'- A? 77 ,f 5 L f si-sq A If r L, .. ,,.. Vg Q- . ef- lj. ' As'E41f' if T S 5 is fisfsfii- , 3. , ,t .- Class of l9l8 PAUL F. ALLEN fAcademicD. Second Lieuten- ant, Infantry, "Somewhere in France." CLAYTON G. ARCHER flingineeringj entered in April, 1917, Camp Benjamin Harrison, Ind.: is now a Corporal, Headquarters Company, l50th Field Artillery, Rainbow Division, "Somewhere in France." FRANK L. BERRY fAcademicD. Forestry Serv- ice, "Somewhere in France." GERARD HAMILTON BRANDON fLaw and Aca- demicj entered service May l2, l9l7, at Fort Logan H. Roots, Ark.g commissioned Second Lieutenant, Field Artillery Section, R. C.g as- signed to 334th Field Artillery Regiment, 87th Di- vision, National Army, Camp Pike, Ark. ALFRED HUME BRANHAM fAcademic and En- gineering, entered service in june, l9t7, at Nash- ville, Tenn., and was sent to training camp for marines at Paris Island, S. C.g thence, after three months, to Quantico, Va., for intensive trainingg is now a Corporal in Headquarters Company, l0th Regiment, Field Artillery, U. S. Marine Corps, Quantico, Va. JAMES WILSON CARNATHAN fAcademicJ enlisted August 5, 1917, at Oxford, Miss., in what was then Company C, 2d Mississippi Infantry, now Company L, l54th Infantry, U. S. N. G., Camp Beauregard, Alexandria, La.: has been a Ser- geant since company was organized. ROBERT BLYTHE CUNNINGHAM fAcademicJ en- listed in the Navy at jackson, Miss., june l-4, t9l7g was entered as second class, Hospital Corpsg after serving in this capacity three months he was, by competitive examination, promoted to first class and stationed at U. S. N. Hospital, Portsmouth, Va. LEMUEL CLARENCE DAVIS CAcademicj entered first training camp in May, l9l7. at Fort McPherson, Ca., where he earned his commission as a Second Lieutenantg commissioned First Lieutenant November 24, t9l7, at Camp Beauregard, La., Com- pany M, l55th Infantry, died in camp of spinal meningitis, january 20, t9l8. WILLIAM WHEELER DUNN Clingineeringj en- tered service in April, l9I8, as a member of Signal Corps, at Camp Taylor, Ky. THEODORE BULKLEY FORD, jR. CAcademieJ, en- tered service at jackson, lVIiss., in May, t9l7, after three months at Officers' Training Camp, Fort Logan H. Roots, Ark., was commissioned Second Lieutenant, six weeks attached to Field Artillery, Camp McArthur, Waco, Texas: trans- ferred to Camp Beauregard, Alexandria, La., and promoted, is now First Lieutenant. Battery F, l40th Field Artillery, Camp Beauregard. La. HERMAN KYLE FULMER fAcademicD is in the Slst Division of the National Army, Camp -lack- son, S. C., being Supply Sergeant, 2lst Company, l56th Depot Brigade. JAMES CLINTON GATHINGS fAcademicJ entered service in Aviation Department, passed examina- tion for pilot and was sent to Georgia School of Technology, Atlanta: from there to Austin, Texas, to complete the ground courseg graduated with honors, being one of fifteen of a class of two hundred and forty making the highest gradeg now at Ellington Field, Houston, Texas. JOHN MITCHELL GOLDEN CLawJ entered train- ing camp at Fort Logan H. Roots, Ark., May 9, t9l7g after three months' tiaining, commis- sioned Second Lieutenant, Ofhcers' Reserve Corps, August l5: now with Company G, 346th Infantry, Camp Pike, Ark. ALBERT JULIUS CIUYTON fAcademicj entered service at Camp Pike. Ark., September lg, l9I7: with Machine Gun Battalion three weeks, with sanitary train short while, and at base hospital several months: now Ward Master, Ofhcers' Ward, Base Hospital, Camp Pike, Ark. JOHN JAMES HARDIN fAcademic and Pharmacy, in the Navy with U. S. S. Rhode Island. DAVID WARREN HOLMES fLawQ is a private in Signal Platoon, Headquarters Company, l55th Infantry, Camp Beauregard, La. BEN F. HOLT fAcademicJ enlisted October 8, l9l7, and called into actual service November l9g sent to Fort Screvens, Ca.: then to Camp Stuart, Newport News, Va.: at present stationed at headquarters, Port of Embarkation, Newport News, as a first-class private, Quartermaster Re- serve Corps. RALPH CRAWFORD HOWARD fAcademicl was or- dered by wire March 22, l9l8, to report at Washington, D. C., for clerical work in the War Risk Insurance Department. C2371 'N rx 1 Q O ' ll XT' sf 5 Q 71 W 1 LE MISS may A ,L , D,j??3g'f?t'if,ff 7, X H xg X . HOLLIS LAMAR TMES entered First Ofhcers' Train- ing Camp, Port Logan H. Roots, Ark., May l8, l9l7g transferred to Coast Artillery Corps at Port Monroe, Va., for trainingg commissioned as Second Lieutenant in Coast Artillery and sent to Port Barrancas, Pensacola, Pla., for further train- ing and instruction dutyg was youngest officer commissioned in Coast Artillery Corps at end of Officers' Training Course at Fort Monroe in l9I7g is now a Second Lieutenant, Battery E, 6lst Artillery, Coast Artillery Corps, Port Bar- rancas, Pensacola, Fla. HAMILTON ALBERT LONG fAcademicj entered Field Artillery, U. S. Regulars, in April, l9l8. JOSIE LAFAYETTE IVIAJURE fAcademicj, enlisted in the Aviation Section, Signal Enlisted Reserve Corps, January 28, l9l8. WILLIAM NTILLS lVlcDOwELL flingineeringl en- tered Officers' Training Camp, Port Logan H. Roots, Ark., May ll, l9l7g is now Second Lieu- tenant, 335th Field Artillery, Battery A, Camp Pike, Ark. JOHN SEYMOUR MCNEILLY fAcademicD, Second Lieutenant in National Guard. KEYES lVlITTS CLawJ entered First Officers' Training Camp at Fort Logan H. Roots, Ark.. May IO, l9l7g after three months, went to Camp Stanley, Leon Springs, Texas, where he took further training for another period of three months, when he was commissioned a First Lieu- tenant of lnfantryg December l5, l9I7, assigned to duty at Camp Pike with 43d lnfantryg now at New Orleans, La., as First Lieutenant, Com- pany D. lst Battalion, U. S. lnfantry. JAMES ANDREW PENTEcOsT CPharmaeyJ, entered the service at Memphis, Tenn., in April, l9l8, and is a Hospital Apprentice, Second Class. TAYLOR PHILLIPS fAcademicJ is now in the service. LAMAR FONTAINE PI-IYFER fAcademic and Lawj is a Second Lieutenant of Artillery, Ofhcers' Reserve Corps. ALBERT WADE RAY fE.ngineeringJ entered at St. Louis, MO., May l4, l9l7g appointed pri- vate, ftrst class, july lg Corporal, July 5: Ser- geant, September l4, and Supply Sergeant, De- cember 63 qualified as marksman on rifle rangeg is now Supply Sergeant, Company C, 9th U. S. Engineers, Mounted, Camp Courchesne fN. MJ, El Paso, Texas. JESSE LAURENCE ROARK flVledicalJ is in service, Base Hospital, Camp Shelby, Miss. GREEN FRANCIS SEALS entered Second Training Camp at Leon Springs, Texas, August 27, l9l7, commissioned November 27 First Lieutenant, ln- fantry Reserve Corps: has been with 64th ln- fantry, U. S. A., since December l5, Port Bliss, Texas: has applied for position as observer, Flying Section, Aviation Corps. CLAYTON LAMAR SHARBOROUGH fAcademicD en- tered Ofhcers' Training Camp, Camp Pike, Ark., May, l9l7g in December made First Lieutenant, Company M, 345th lnfantryg training others for service at Camp Pike. ALLAN BOYD SMITH fAcademicJ entered First Training Camp, Port Logan H. Rootsg was, at One time, a Sergeant in Machine Gun Company, lst Regiment, Mississippi National Cuardg is now a Second Lieutenant, l0th Artillery, American Expeditionary Force. WILLIAM FORDI-IAM THOMPSON f'lVledicalj, Ser- geant, lVl. C. Detachment, Camp jackson, South Carolina. CLAY BRAMLETTE TUCKER fAcademicJ entered service April 22, l9l7, at jackson, Miss.: the first man from his county, Wilkinson, to volunteer after war was declared and the President called for volunteers: detailed with part of company to guard transport at Vicksburg, Miss.: also for service at Camp Shelby and in the Oil fields at Edgerly, La.g is a Corporal, Company H, l55th U. S. lnfantry, Camp Beauregard, La. EDWARD B. TURNER fAcademic and Engineer- ingf enlisted in the Aviation Section of the Army, july 25, l9l7, and is now a Sergeant, P. C., of 54th Aero Squadron, "Somewhere in France." DONALD Y. WILSON flVledicalJ is in the Hospital Corps of the Navy. EDWARD YERGER. JR. fAcademicQ, was three months in training camp at Fort Logan H. Roots, Ark.: three months in training camp at Leon Springs, Texas: is a Second Lieutenant, Regular Army, 3d lnfantry, Company E, Camp Eagle Pass, Texas. 0397 149 41.- ' tiff? sf. . J .1 Q ,I Q'-N gy 4-Q-x 4 X 71 f , LE MISS C2405 X .41 .. r4'p.ig1.f 932255 QTY 4 Y, t JA' Q 'A "1 .3 7, 5-1'-i' f A ,J -. : . L 4'tgM,,.,.,if,.QjL-.J 3 I f:1jL51.f,. af fa Class of 1919 REGINALD MEYER BACOT fAcademicJ is in the service. HARRY HOMER BELL fAcademicJ enlisted early in April, I9I8, and is now in training at New- port, R. I., in the Hospital Corps of the Navy. MELLARD F. CALDWELL, JR. fLawJ, is a mem- ber of 23d Company: is the first assistant to First Sergeant, Jefferson Barracks, Mo. ALEXANDER HUNT COLE entered the aerial serv- ice December 4, l9l7, at Memphis, Tenn.: was promoted to rank of Sergeant and is now with 6l9th Aero Supply Squadron, Kelly Field, San Antonio, Texas. ROLAND WARD DOTY fAcaclemicJ entered First Officers' Training Camp, Fort Logan H. Roots, Ark., May ll, I9l7g commissioned Second Lieu- tenant of Infantry, August l5g studied machine guns two monthsg now in charge of Machine Ciun Target Range, being Second Lieutenant, Infantry Reserve Corps, Machine Ciun Range Officer, Fourth Training Battalion, Camp Pike, Ark. SAM WARD C-IDDEN fAcademicJ entered train- ing camp May 8, l9l7, at Fort Logan H. Root. Ark.g made Second Lieutenant, Infantry, U. S. R., August ll, now is with Fourth Training Bat- talion, I62d Depot Brigade, Camp Pike, Ark. FRANCIS MARION LASSITER fAcademicJ is in Navy, U. S. S. Mississippi. CHARLES RUSSELL MAYFIELD CLawj entered the Navy in April, l9l8. JOHN HUGHEY MOODY fAcademiqJ en- tered Camp Pike, Ark., December 3, I9l7g was a member of Company 8, Cas- ual Detachmentg died at Base Hospital, Camp Pike, January 8, l9l8, of pneumo- nia, which originated in the service while in line of dutyg his Captain wrote: "Pri- vate Moody was an excellent soldier, im- mensely liked by ofhcers and fellow sol- diers." NEWTON WEBSTER MILLS fMedicalJ enlisted December 3, l9I7, at Jackson, Miss., as an apprentice Seaman and was sent to Norfolk and Jamestown, Va., where he spent two and one- half months in training: transferred February 2l, l9l8, to U. S. S. Montana, and is now a second- class seaman. ANDREW MACK PARKS fMedicalJ enlisted De- cember 6, l9l7, is now second-class seaman. U. S. S. Iowa. GEORGE ANDREW PRICE fAcademicJ entered service at beginning of war and is now a private, Regimental Infirmary No. 3, Camp Pike, Ark. ALBERT DEWEY RICHARDSON fAcademicJ en- tered at Okolona, Miss., May, l9l7, in the Hos- pital Corps of the Navy, was sent to Newport, R. I., September 8 went to New York City for examination and then to the Naval Hospital at Portsmouth, N. H., where he was given charge of a ward: December I0 assigned to U. S. S. Leonidas, cruising along coast as a supply to a submarine chaser. FRANK RAY SCHUH fAcademicJ entered at In- dianola, Miss., June l, l9I7, promoted from pri- vate to private, First class, and then to Corporal, is with Company A, ll-4th Engineers, Camp Beauregard, La. JAMES HORACE SHOEMARER fAcademicJ enlisted May 29, l9l7, at Meridian, Miss., entering serv- ice August 5g first with 2d Mississippi Infantry in sanitary detachment, then transferred to First Lee Infantry, Medical Department, February I5g is now a private, first elass, Medical Department, l56th Infantry, Camp Beauregard, La. ROBERT CLARK STOVALL fAcademicJ entered the service in April, l9l8, and is now at Jefferson Barracks. Mo. SAMUEL POWELL WALKER, JR. fE.ngineeringJ entered U. S. Military Academy in l9l6: now member of Cadet Corps, U. S. Military Acad- emy, Company B, West Point, N. Y. GEORGE B. WOODWARD fMedicalJ is in Hospital Corps of Navy. C240 '52 .ini -IQ ala 'B' E' ', fin f 5 -:sf-ffl 4,6114 42,-.VX 7, X351-9 4f,QQ53s,wy Q35 .',-f 3, J. .g,,,. .X , 0 .- J fs7f?Ay?.'uf'fi,.-N' Q, -9: , ., 4, " x 'A 17 ff' ' MF' x ,EM ' qeaiff .sig SQZ, 'Q-:src-:,.., Q Q 3:2-21, 5-33310 ' Wefijfijg eiiiwn, 1 Q 'sity if o w ,Q -1. , 1 12425 9 X V . . 4 9532- 11 W w. 4:46 eewf QQ Tama 71 mae 5 were cg, ff , .., Bf5'f.1?Z Q. Yr' or fa rfrfrv- : ,..f: 5 wtf- 11' ir",-f we ., ,,fQQf,3.l.I 3' Q, ,A E EW I, ,ggi W We re 141' 1, ,Q 252 L, I f E f I S 3 tj 511 Zig .r ui -'A . -x' sg' 'f"'x ' -'I .r Qs X5i'g!f3'4?s2?-'f:b,'Q5'afi7' J0".fTi,4Vf5iK5e" X' - , ll . Y was :f Class of i920 SIDNEY BRYAN BERRY fAcademicJ, hrst-class private, l4Oth Field Artillery, Battery E., Camp Beauregard, Alexandria, La. fThis was originally the lst Mississippi Field Artilleryl. ROBERT ALLEN CALDWELL fAcademicJ was ae- cepted February I6, l9lS, at Memphis, Tenn., as a private in Ambulance Corps, a member of the Medical Section, Base Hospital No. 57, Major F. D. Smythe being Chief of Surgical Staff. BARRETT WHITE HOLLOMAN CEngineeringJ en- tered November l5, l9l7, at Memphis, Tenn,g until March I, flying cadet, School of Aero- nautics, Austin, Texas. WILLIAM CURTIS HOLMES entered service at jackson, Miss., May lo, I9l7, Sergeant, 20th Field Artillery, Headquarters Company: now in wireless school, somewhere in France, expecting to be put in charge of regimental wireless station. ARTHUR E.. SCRUGGS fAcademicQ enlisted in Hospital Corps, Del Rio, Texas, August l5, I9I7g is now with l4th Company, Medical De- partment, Del Rio. ANDREW HARRY SIVLEY, JR. ffingineeringj, en- tered Ofiicers' Training Camp at Camp Pike, Ark., May IZ, l9l7, commissioned Second Lieu- tenant, Artillery, in September was sent to Waco, Texas, as a reserve officer for three weeks, then to Camp Beauregard, where he is with Battery F, l40th Field Artillery as a Lieutenant. LIEUTENANT A. H. SIVELY, JR. ERNEST TUCKER fAcademicJ entered the service at Newton, Miss., August 5, l9I7g is now a Sergeant. Cias, N. C. O., Company C, I40th Machine Gun Battalion, Camp Beauregard, La. Class of l92I BENJAMIN INMAN TROTTER fAcademicJ entered service at Pensacola, Fla., january IS, I9l8, is a yeoman, first class, U. S. Naval Reserve Force, detailed to duty in Commandant's ofhce, Naval Air Station, Pensacola, Fla. C2431 'N este , , f .1 - .- Q. ,443 "fe f 1311 ff' q Q, J - A ' 155' 7, if1"f'7,e fc? X., j . A-Y. . - S - qygfri-V4 W... . -' . Q. -.. -Y 'ifgq .7l'1q3," ., . . , ,, .31-,,,,:..,3.! -,eg , 1' "A 'Si .L . x,'Ji':.,.-70 Students in the Enlisted Reserve Corps of the Army or the Navy Now On Furlough Continuing Their Studies FRED ADAMS, Second Year Med.g B.S. Senior, University of Mississippi. JOHN CHARLES ADAMS, Medical Certificate '12, Senior in School of Medicine, Tulane University of Louisiana. DEXVITT TALMAQE ALLRED. B.S. and Medical Certificate '16, Senior in School of Medicine. Tulane University of Louisiana. lV1AURlCE BREWER AMts QAcademic Ex. '17J. student and fellow in Chemistry, University of Alabama. JOE FLYNT ARMSTRONG. Senior B.S. and Second Year Med., University of Mississippi. JAMES KIRL AVENT, Graduate in Pharmacy '17, First Year Med., University of lVlississippi. lRwiN WILLIAM BARRETT, Medical Certificate '17, Junior in Department of Medicine, Univer- sity of Virginia. TERRY LEE BENNETT, Second Year Med., Uni- versity of Mississippi. STANFORD ERNEST BETHEA, B.S. and Medical Certificate '17, Junior in School of Medicine, Tu- lane University of Louisiana. JAMES F. BIGGART, First Year Med., University of Mississippi. JOHN ALEXANDER KLEIN B1RciiETT, Medical Certificate '17, University of Mississippi. JAMEs BAILEY BLACK, Medical Certificate '16, Senior Spealcerg was commissioned at Leon of Louisiana. W. rT'1l.DEN BOLAND, Second Year Med., Uni- versity of Mississippi. ROBERT L. BOWLIN, Medical Certificate '16, Uni- versity of Mississippi. CLYDE W. BRUNSON, B.S. and Medical Certih- cate, '16, Senior in School of Medicine, Univer- sity ol' Pennsylvania. EDWIN HAMMOND CARNES. B.A. "with distinc- tion" '17, First Year in College of Medicine University of Tennessee. CAREY CHEEK, B.S. and Medical Certificate cate '16, Senior in School of Medicine, Univer- sity of Louisiana. ALLAN COLLETTE, Graduate in Pharmacy "with distinction" '13, Medical Certificate '16, Senior in College of Medicine, University of Tennessee. JAMES FRANCIS CURRY, Medical Certificate '17, Junior in School of Medicine, Emory University. JAMES BUCHANAN DAvis, First Year Med., Uni- versity of Mississippi. RUSSELL BILBO DAVIS, Medical Certificate '17 Junior in School of Medicine. Tulane Univer- sity of Louisiana. JULiUs J. DOUGLAS. JR., First Year Med. and Junior B.S., University of Mississippi. PERCY EMORY DUNCAN, B.S. '17, Second Year Med., University of Mississippi. Rl-LLDA EARL ELLIOTT, Second Year Med., Uni- versity of Mississippi. JOE PATTON EVANS. Second Year Med., Senior B.S., University of Mississippi. RIC'HARD JENNtNcs FIELD. Second Year Med.. University of Mississippi. JOE M. FUNDERBURK. Medical Certificate '17, Junior in School of Medicine, Tulane University of Louisiana. BROOKS DAVID Coon. B.S. and Medical Cer- tificate '17, Junior in School of Medicine, Tulane University of Louisiana. CARL Ei.Lis CRANBERRY, Medical Certificate '16, University of Mississippi. ROY CitLMER CRfXNT, Medical Certificate "with distinction" '17, B.S. '17, Junior in Department of Medicine, University of Virginia. C2441 V. IW 1 ,N f XXX '21--T,?f.-"ml 'i dxf' 5 2 t t,,y.f- 1 Yi xt U i- I J 31. bg' W I S n - JAMES MCARTHUR GRIFFIN, First Year Med., University of Mississippi. JOSEPH FRANK HAMILTON, First Year Med., University of Mississippi. GEORGE G. HAMPTON, Medical Certificate 'l6, Senior in School Of Medicine, Tulane University of Louisiana. J. HARLEY HARRIS, Medical Certificate 'l6g B.S. 'l7: is a Senior in the Medical School of North- western University. WILLIAM WYNNE Htcics, Second Year Med., University of Mississippi. WALTER ROBERT HOLLADAY, B.S. and Med- ical Certificate 'I7g Junior in School of Med- icine, Tulane University of Louisiana. PAUL D. HOLLOWAY, B.S. 'l4, Medical Cer- tificate "with distinction" 'l7g Junior in School of Medicine, Tulane University of Louisiana. WILLIAM NATHAN JENKINS, Second Year Med., University of Mississippi. HENRY JACK KELLUM, Medical Certificate "with distinction" 'I6g Senior in School of Medicine, Tulane University of Louisiana. LEROY TAYLOR KINCANNON, B.S. 'l7, Second Year Med., University of Mississippi. CHARLES HARRY KIRKPATRICK. JR., Medical Certificate 'iwith distinction" 'l7g Junior in School of Medicine, Tulane University of Louisiana. JOHN KITTRELL, Second Year Med., University of Mississippi. JAMES OsBORNE LOWE, Medical Certificate 'I6, B.S. 'I7g Junior in School of Medicine, Tulane University of Louisitna. HERMAN EDGAR MASON, JR., two years in School of Medicine, University of Mississippig Junior in School of Medicine, University of Tennessee. WILLIAM Ross MAY, Second Year Med., Uni- versity Of Mississippi. HERMAN DAvIs MCDONALD, Second Year Med., University of Mississippi. WALTER VARDAMAN MCLELLAN, First Year Med., University of Mississippi. HUGH CARROLL MCLEOD, B.S. 'l6. Medical Certificate 'l7g Junior in School of Medicine, Tulane University of Louisiana. SAM OLIPHANT MosELEY, Second Year Med., University of Mississippi. WILLIAM EDWIN MURPHY, Medical Certificate 'l5, B.S. 'I6g Senior in School of Medicine, University of Pennsylvania. PAUL TALMAGE NEELY, Medical Certihcate 'I7, Junior in School of Medicine, Tulane University of Louisiana. OLYN FLOYD PARKS. B.S. and Medical Certifi- cate 'l7g Junior in the Jefferson Medical Col- lege of Philadelphia, Penn. WENDELL HOLMES PERRY, completed require- ments for Medical Certificate in University of Mississippi l9l7g Junior in the Jefferson Medical College of Philadelphia. ALBERT WILLIAM PIGOTT, B.S. and Medical Certificate 'I7g Junior in School of Medicine. University of Pennsylvania. JAMES C. RICE, Medical Certilicate 'l6: Senior in School of Medicine, Tulane University of Louisiana. JAMES EDGAR RKDCEWAY, Second Year Med., University Of Mississippi. OWEN COMPTON RIGBY, Second Year Med., University of Mississippi. CURTIS MCWHORTER ROBERTs, First Year Med.. Junior B.S., University of Mississippi. WALTER WESTBROOK ROBINSON, B.S. "with dis- tinction" 'l5g Medical Certificate uwith special distinction" 'l6, Junior in Department of Med- icine, University of Virginia. PETER WHITMAN ROWLAND, JR., B.S. 'l2, Med- ical Certihcate Hwith special distinction" 'lftg Ju- nior in Department Of Medicine, University of Virginia. PHILIP CHARLEs SCHREIER, Medical Certificate "with distinction" 'l7, University of Mississippi. WALTER LAWSON SHACRELFORD. First Year Med.., University of Mississippi. MURRAY SMITH, First Year Med., University of Mississippi. ROBERT W. SMITH, B.S. and Medical Certificate 'l7g Junior in School of Medicine, University of Pennsylvania. C2451 2 X . I Xi 'wzj-A fgjifiiyy QW -' 7 If use , C G6 I 1 EQ IS S 'sse?.s22sv:. f THOMAS P. SPARI-cs. Second Year Med., Univer- sity of Mississippi. ARCI-IIE JACKSON STACEY, Medical Certificate 'I6g Senior in School of Medicine, Tulane Uni- versity of Louisiana. ARCI-IIE TAYLOR, B.S. and Medical Certificate 'l7g junior in School of Medicine, Tulane Uni- versity of Louisiana. w'll.LlAM DERRICK TILLSON, Medical Certificate "with distinction" 'I7g junior in Department of Medicine, University of Virginia. ALFRED DENT TISDALE, Second Year Med.g Se- nior B.S., University of Mississippi. VERDO TROY WEBB, First Year Med., Univer- sity of Mississippi. WALTER CORBETT WEBB, Medical Certificate "with distinction" 'l7g junior in Department of Medicine, University of Virginia. WALTER LAFAYETTE WILLIS, Second Year Med., University of Mississippi. THOMAS BRYAN WILSON, First Year Med., Uni- versity of Mississippi. SAM B. WOODWARD, Second Year Med.: Senior B. S., University of Mississippi. KON WYATT, Second Year Med., University of Mississippi. University Officials in Military Service of the Country LIEUTENANT HARRY MERIDETI-I BRYAN, LL.B.. 'with special distinction," University of Missis- sippi 'l6g Assistant Professor of Law, Univer- sity of Mississippi, I9l6-l7g now a Second Lieu- tenant in Adjutant-Creneral's Department, Na- tional Army, stationed at Hoboken, N. LIEUTENANT j. WILLIAM BUCHANAN, B.S., As- sociate Professor of Biology and Embryology, University of Mississippi, l9I3-I5p now First Lieutenant of Infantry, Camp Lee, Va. JAMES B. BULLITT, M.A., M.D., Professor of Anatomy. Pathology and Bacteriology, Univer- sity of Mississippi, l903-'l3p has been recom- mended for Captaincy, but has not yet received commission. ERIC ALLEN DAwsoN, B.S., M.A., Instructor in Modern Languages, University of Mississippi, I9l3-IS, engaged in Army Y. M. C. A. worlc, "Somewhere in France." FREDERICK LEE HISAW, A.B., A.M., Associate Professor of Biology, University of Mississippi, l9l6-5 now in the Third Ofiicers' Training Camp. Camp Pike. Arla. RAY H. LECATE, B.S., M.A., Secretary of Y. M. C. A., University of Mississippi, l9l5-3 served in Army Y. M. C. A. worlc throughout summer and fall of I9l7 and until sent abroad to continue same worltg is now in England or France. LIEUTENANT FRED A. ROBINS, Director of Ath- letics, University of Mississippi, I9l5-l7g is now Second Lieutenant, Infantry Officers' Reserve Corps. ALEXANDER H. SCHUTZ, Ph.B., Instructor in Modern Languages, University of Mississippi, l9l5-l7g now with 28th Engineers, Company B: probably somewhere in France. RocI4wELL E.MERsoN SMITI-I, M.D., Assistant Professor of Anatomy and Pathology, University of Mississippi, l9ll-l3g is a Lieutenant, Medical Officers' Reserve Corps, Central Medical Lal:- oratory. American Expeditionary Forces, France. RAYMER W. TINSLEY, B.A., M.A.. Instructor in Modern Languages, University of Mississippi, l9l5-january I, l9l8g Instructor in Military Science and in charge of military drill, spring of l9l7 and to january l, l9l83 entered Depart- ment of justice, Christmas, l9l7, and is now at San Antonio, Texas. C2463 93A f-N f ix? f'fif'?fi'11 hwgrxpfini Qfwlf I ' f, . ,.""1, .f Lcjs 'J v xa..-.'-T. F, , Q!t,4fff ' l J I D I S S ' T-ff ,'.'f.1rQ5.'- 11- dw i Xsvv APPRECIATION 'lvl' Before sounding taps upon this section, we wish to acknowledge our gratitude and appre- ciation to those who made the publication of the Military Section possible. We desire to thank Chancellor Powers and the Board of Trustees for their interest and financial support. Also we especially wish to express our appreciation to Dr. Hume, who, as a volunteer, spent many hours of hard work in collecting the pictures and compiling and arranging the data which compose this section, for without his support we could not have presented a section half so interesting and complete. THE STAFF. C2471 X N P. f,n x F XY ' f 7,11 'f -Tri S' 3 X 5 C Y ,----. . .. , .. 'fv- LE fXXiss"s x ., ,J -V , I uw' , III:If:aweassswsms2SwIaIx"IweHM Wwnsswws-sslesafsaasaesse:seizeIsasesasasaseIIIIaasseassesaafsssaaewaszasssazsafiIssasasaeaamnzfesseg:aaa:IvsiIgsggggggggxgggggigisiiei .. :::: :::-:::--'-::.:':- ff X-:::-z-.--::-ae-:::.:.'....-:::'.:..:g5,,:,5,g,,,,,,,, ,:,,,1,, EEFEEEZE Emiii' 55!i':55i:'2i5i'.Z4.'-E5i5?f5.s'EE!!f' ii5S5iiE5::?:::x::I-":IeI:5:35gggg 555555, :azialiil :5::::Sigg:g,::g:::I::::2::-.::Im:: , A 'sg::12155255555!l'5g'!ii5E:5iI::I1 uygfee iiiiiasimaaIiasesasszasassa saasasa . me---I 'ii-:EVE F-NIIIIIIII' 'sr -I-e-'Iszzasi-In iiifsii fffiffiff iiiiiiiiijifffiilfiii iliiiiii iii-5.53 Zztiihgg'-gg--gf' iii5i'.52i:'.'i72fl 2221211 saisfmfisze N Eiifiifi Iifgmagz I:5g,r::::.::g I ll' X fgaqzgggggaz ggeigg Izzirafzr' agmmgb X 'E-bamii. :i:Ee:i: ,::::::I: g.....,:1,- -Eu-:Iggy ziameg ::::::I:: .:e:::.:sff 1I!:I::: ::I::::. ssssseagz- esaegggff 'ssszssa 1I!:ig12'i!Hi-- ' 351:25 a:..I::. IIIIIIIFI 5552 5355552 :III---" -.9-I " .,: .. .... I 0 C C Illllla S Wa III... I I we IIIIIIQ , I l:l25'L 13 ' I SC "ull" IIIIIEIP It t I 2633--5 R ' C , S Y Wg' ,Q epresentlng o eges ln eventeen -I 3--Ig , .I I I 1 :.:..fu s ' o R CI I fi I 1:1"!' In X f. XL I 1, 4-I tates IS ur ecor or uzltgg, I Iffkiyflt l 255535 Eiiiii: ,' 39" I ' A-ifalxlli--I1 s:aIgs' IHifj4ii1x Il11S SCHSOII ' l'sQSi.i fzgI3 ifQ,4Z.',513Q 55 C QQQ' Jii!5 :.:: . I 2' 7 'J 2-5,-,A-'AQ X ,. has-Q xx x x . 'SW zeielf i if,f13JfjgV,,,s.l" icilfisg EX ii'1' f f gf' 4'-aff-,X-s o X 7 4 , da- fi,gimfs..p . 2' Ii jf , fe I if .' , -' - ,ir 5R5""lEE.fE5!'- g,.'E.:':'E9E:.. , ff' ' .1:i'i5i?i'E!E:. 552453 fig!-1. 'ef-57' - ' V ii if 5 Q cp' 31,2235sziiies.'Haszsiefafiiisaifaeiiisfssasse ,f j?.lf:" .:ses:S::2i:a::sBIfffs?H - xgf'n:L'i?!5::a-F ixx ,l ft ffggsg-5-Ig-,I-'sas1's2: E' 'ft'525.11'?'i222"'2'2f!f'Zii"2s'iFsE Z2issueiI'i:aa'1aeas1ssaasfasfImaisssvk-Ieiifizizfs' .z :ET ? i 5 II , f 2555 ,I ,i if ffm I-. 'se 'VE . K IZI Sig its I. B fi! ' ' ' ' ' ' - 3. I I Ig! Benson Printing Company is a printing plant specially e equipped for every kind of school and college work. It isa .I 1 x if e i complete organization with artists and designers and work- I I I 1 I,, . X- I il' " men whose thought and inspiration is concentrated in the Z I 1 - d - Ili gi fy: production of College Annuals an School Literature. get if. ig iii N , I: . ii! ll Tim-h your .Xnmuiis uri' printed for sur-h institutions as: Vannierbilt, ", ' ll ', i, 'l'lll11l1L',- fmvziiis-I-, iiI'nlIIcky S-11110, 'Mississippi A. k iM.. LUXiiSikll'lLl. , ' l i 'I gi Sim-A l HlVl'I'FIIj', l,lllYl'I'SllY ot Alfllllllllll, Riciilnund Coll--go, 1 Ilznlvl -, Q if 4'iIllI'gg.,-, 'I !'1lilSjlVklIliZI I'oli--po, li!'l'IlIlll 1'IIllI-go, XYIII't'IIrd CIIIIL-at-, Rnaiiokip jg' 1 Poli.-g.-, l'niw-rsily of Mississippi 1f'III'IIi:IIi Urilxc-rsity. Asbury College, 5 , H1-sl Iiumptinn Vnlliigt-, llllilidlllll t'IxlII-gg.-, SL'XYZ1ilI'Ig Iililitary Avzimioiiiy, lx xi V W I 3??a IH-ni-v lnslituli-, lfzirs-In N NI-wIII:iII Vnllvgii, MI-ridinii l"0ll0gI-. AlL'i'K'l'I' 1: ly I ji ilillnmn i,'llllA'f.1'P, KI-Iituvlcv Null--go mi- XY0nN-H f"I,1um1,i-1 Q,,H0..,. 2 -' ,EI I 1 . , I .-. . if , i , 'V"llH"SS1'I' 1'+'llI'IIt-, liII:II1Ii:IIII N lllli-Zllt'S Svhiwfwl, 1':II'liI:1go High Svhmvl, llli Y ' ' if Hinilitnue lligh School, Sill--In IIi:.:h School, Trimble High School. fi II . , . , 1 4,51 I , ' , ' i' I' I Z 2 wi Iii? -?i- ii. rig I 'T 15.5 . ' I ,X ta fix? Samples and Prices EN College Annual l 3 1 I PRINTING co 1 'l Upon Request ' Expgrtg , -4 W 515 is s also p NASHVILLE. I I I 3 Qfcrvru. I Iii , , WI ' 911 W rl f . . g ' -fi, This Book IS a Sample of Our Work " If I ' EIN .I 'I' i l 51 -' I 9 U ' ' ' ' I I on -. I 'li ' I.,INqifIIIIIII I If IITIIIIIIIIIIHIMISIIIGIIIIHJZIIRIIIIIIYHIIIIIEIIJIIHIHIWII. I. WWW. I, I I 1' II III I II 'I'vI'II'f " If'fI'fI"1I 'IIIH' II., I new B- -f" '33-. iii! . li iil I ' I "I ' ' W "H If I mg 1, ,-In - -5 -ag , I ret- . ' 1' N ' Ivf.f.wS1?'4sfffg,::-.,'::yI M , f ....:eL,.,..Q!..effif'f,?2ffT," 'Q.:siYi . i is E XXX1 s si' i R L B ,President R L L C S J. A.SM1T I P d Compliments of Brown Coal Co Miners and Shippers of Steam Q21 Domestic CQAL Memphis, Tennessee ff? . Kb .-4' xx ,NN ff? A Q33 sr C-X -5 r A - I JE- -' pf 2 J X - . VV? Qi'a:?:QRP X J , :gp ,ww --,.-fa, A r, .Reg , cf A .5 'f ' 5 Q X' , , H vga- -'ew-Hw..l:'Qiij1p ' 'iris tit :riser . .er,, ,-A .uh , .1 - X"43s-y.',..'5" -., - .A 4 . "-,:f?tS5' , N Tatu to i HOTEL CI-IISCA LARGEST, HANDSOMEST AND BEST FURNISHED HOTEL IN THE CITY OF MEMPHIS Rates, sl.50 Without Bath and SZ Per Day and Upward With Bath Special rates made for during the day guests or shoppers. Splendid Lunch Room operated in connection with the hotel. Tell your friends visiting Memphis where to stop. 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When in Jackson, Miss. , M k Amerlcan Cafe a C Opposite the Edwards Hotel Ford's Drug Store and F0untain SMITH 81 PRINCE, Managers Your Headquarters JACKSON, Miss, Phone 465 Open All Time Trp Our Special Noon Dinners COMPLIMENTS OF A FRIEND 'T- N fi -if Il Ql3?QX+ -' "if?J? K 5 i 5 7 , egg w75,'ff'9 Q M A A I f ED Z X X IS S Safe:-. " "xk'v'3 -10? ' ALPINE FLAX STATIGNERY Pills every requirement for paper suitable to the use of her Royal Highness, the American Girl. Made of pure white linen rags in the crystal spring waters of the Berkshire Hills. This Paper is Ht for a queen. Get it in box stationery, tablets or envelopes at the stationery store. Made by IVIONTAGE BROS., Inc. ATLANTA, GA. CENTRAL CIGAR gl TOBACCO co. ioBBi-:Rs EI Toro, Charles Denby, Union Eagle, Permii, Kellyfs Bouquet, Porfina, La Prefereniia MEMPHIS, TENNESSEE IfVe Do All Kinds Of Marks PRINTING Rothenberger Co. "Except Badf Commerclal gp Print Shop High Class OXFORD, MISS. CLOTHING FURNISHINGS 1 We Recommepcl to Our .Friends ETC. Hirsch s Goodies "The Finest in the World" F39 Catsup. Beans and Pork, Mustard, Pickles, Vinegar, Etc. Qlality is the Key Kote Hirsch Bros. 8: Co., Inc. LOUISVILLE, KY. .I S I, U TTT? I IJ E J X IIS S I e Q PHIL A, HALLE EXCHANGE BUILDING Importing I'IaIoerclasI1ers, Clothiers, Booters, I-Iatters and Shirtmakers To at least 85 per cent of the well dressed college men In the entire Sou I1 MEMPHIS, TENN. Exclusive I-Iaberdashers of .Iohnson 81 Murphy Shoes Agents of Knox I-Iats COMPLIMENTS OF ORGILL BROTHERS 8: COMPANY WHOLESALE HARDWARE MEMPHIS, TENN. CLOTHING AND F URNISHING GOODS We Sell Hats Agents for Dunlap Hats If It Comes From olinston Ex Vance Co. It Must Be Good SI SOUTH FRONT STREET MEMPHIS, TENN. folmsfon 6 Vance Cow BEASLEY-HOLLY COMPANY HATTERS FURNISHERS CLOTHIERS Custom Tailoring a Specialty Main Street and Clayoso Avenu MEMPHIS, TENN. fi C LJ E MIS S' Compliments of The John Van Range Company i C 1 lim , WFT? . I 4 'f L L'nX E03 Cincinnati, Ohio xf 7 , TT ,,. , I Q 73 A -I CoIvIPLIIvIENTS GF A. F. DANIEL Of3I"1ciaI Photographer for the "I9l8 0Ie Miss A. F. DANIEL DANIEL BUILDING, JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI Most Up-lo-Dale ana' Modern Studio in the Slate ARMSTRONG FURNITURE CO. "We Open Credit Accounts" Write for New No. 20 Catalog, Now Ready FOUNDED I835 MEMPHIS, TE COLE MANUFACTURING CO. Sash, Doors, Blinds, IVIouIding, Sash Cords, Weights, Ready R Window C-Iass ing, Hardwood Finish, Etc. MEMPHIS, TENNESSEE COMPLIMENTS GF MEMPHIS FURNITURE MANUFACTURING COMPANY MEMPHIS, TENN. I'- .-lw i N. . 1' N- f n I- - .1 E E M1 s 5 E. A. WRIGHT COMPANY Office and Factory, Broad and Huntington Streets Central Store, IZIS Walnut Street PHILADELPHIA, PA. MANUFACTURERS OF Class and Society Pins, Medals Exclusive designs in Wedding Engraving, Calling Cards, Commencement Invitations, Dance Programs, Menus, Leather Souvenirs, Stationery Photogravures THE UNDERWOOD TYPEWRITER GO. Thanks the public for the favorable attitude taken toward it in the effort to supply Underwood Typewriters. It begs a continuance of this indulgence while the necessities of the United States Government and its allies are so urgent. These demands greatly exceed our production, notwithstanding con- stantly increased manulacturing facilities. In times of war the needs of the nation must come first. CARTER'S DRUG STORE "SlucIenls' Headquarters" C'arrying a complete line of tobacco, cigars, stationery and toilet articles MOST UP-TO-DATE FOUNTAIN IN NORTHERN MISSISSIPPI CARTER'S DRUG STORE DAVID CARTER, PROPRIETOR OXFORD, MISS. Prescriptions Carefully Compounded I X! 'X I fries I i if' "f,,,,s r f N F7 4 11-3 , . , P . Wy., ' C, as-'f - , ', 1' 1 - , 1--'4,,fy,,,, rl:-rc'-'f-I wk, ie" ,,-v, ig 'rf' , .'-UM - 4. by -gmg, ,Q , : A1 mi." ,541 ,iv ' . -L - 'J ' .1 .14 -v ', . 5' 1, .7 :sunt fi'--1 ALEX LOEB, Inc. "STYLE HEADQUARTERS" Outfitters to lVIen and Boys When you need anything to wear, write us, tell our representative or wait for our seasonable displays on the Campus KUPPENHEIIVIER CLOTHES IN SMART STYLES FOR SMART FELLOWS ABSOLUTE RELIABILITY Main Mem- Q and phig, G GREATER MEMPHIS' T ' Wa GREATEST sruruz I HICKOCK PRODUCINC1 CO. CoMPL1MENTs Producers and Distributors 84-88 Test Gas Machine Gasoline OF GENERAL SALES OFFICE 40I-405 Nasby Bldg. TOLEDO, OHIO Wedding Invitations Engraved Only Engraving Plant IN MISSISSIPPI TUCKER PRINTING HOUSE JACKSON, M1sslsslPPi BANK OF OXFORD OXFORD, MISS. K , T. N ll f 'Sf' Gee mis Sf' I Chambers Office Supply and Typewriter Co. Dealers in everything for your office and everything in typewriters EXCLUSIVE AC-ENCY L. C. Smith 8: Bros. Typewriter Co. "Bull Bearing, Long Ilfcaring RENTS, REPAIRS SALE OR EXCHANGE Edwards' Hotel Building jfxcxsow, Miss1ssiPPi Established I869 D. CA NALE 6: COMPANY FRUITS, NUTS PRODUCE WHOLESALERS IMPORTERS MEMPHIS, TENNESSEE THE j. E. PAINTS NEILSON CO. FOR EVERY Department Store EDWIN CLAPP HOWARD 61 FOSTER SH ES MANHA'r'1'AN SDHIRTS STETSON HATS WILSON! BROS. 'QZSSQNG TRUE-TAGG Circ Us Your Business OXFORD, Mississippi PAINT COMPANY MEMPHIS, TENN. K Q' rpexsgxx rx efwww if ff 'F-f'i,f" 2: ' E ' ' S' A ' 1 fp 1355 YOU CAN SHOP HERE BY MAIL This store, the oldest in Memphis, by the way, having been founded 63 years ago, will be glad to serve you by mail. We carry one of the largest Stocks of high grade merchandise in the South. Mail orders shipped the day they are received. Delivery charges prepaid. B. LOWENSTEIN 8: BROS., MEMPHIS I SELLS IT FOR LESS WHEN IN HOLEY SPRINGS STOP AT TYSON'S DRUG STORE MOST UP-TO-DATE FOUNT IN THE CITY Lime, Cement, Plaster Fire Brick, Sewer Pipe, Roofing JOHN A. DENIES SON'S CO. MEMPH1S, TENNESSEE Patronize Our Advertisers 'Y ' '7fR7K"9l P kj, i 'ii' .'Q I P ' u 0 'YQ - 1,'ltl' ' -l..- A n ! 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I ' 'ul-'-,. J f vu 'S .- S., -'f , f "v'?'i.-- If gan :fy-w 11' 4 N' . J. QF, ., .-- . :..,,V , V. ' A fb as ,K ' 'E fi' ' gi-. V h' vw! 1 -I -1 cfm . .55 ing, : "' ,f:,JO'f 4, ,,,,,,, ' , ., if, ,-:iff 15, K IH' I ,V .I . 1. l",V fi' 'h u ,r .x, . , , ...W 1 , , 4 . . I ,4 '37 U f".f-'-1 4 pi .L 43" V l ' 1 r . A .r Q wif! ' ' , ,gl VM:--1 1..I,'S -' K ' :. 4 ,V A, :t Q., M , !'r,'Q ,,.ls.,-"fi - ' km? '. :,t:' V. . f-,--3 ,Lim-1.w-, ,J - . -.-..p,rYl-,',-f 4 rf ' wk ,n..gG . 1 w wi' Lwf- M F, - Q.xktJ.v,L Jil. .-,.,,g. ' sm., .S . V .,,.,, Nu , 1, p "1-vffxuifi 1. .L -4, " ,-1,-rm . ,, bi-,-f" 9iff? " f 'Ja .+ 1f'm f- ' ' 'x,' !,.5b.ff . .L , -g ',,' v, 1, , 3-M.m:Wlf'. - I r' -A 314.9 , ', ' , vvfx - I ' 4 f, , , - . , .- 5 m1-gf ' f 1 H1, '- f 4 4 ' ' rm' ' J xqa-, . -+P. QW. .m.,:,,.4 :RYA F, . -I. T' -g1""-21 ' 'rf' 1.1 1.3, , , .1 , 4-, J, '.. Zn, si I ,, M- X . I ...-fl, J, J? ,L , .4 , . Al'fL ljiviig .,i.r"" f 1 I -1 -1- X'-4 ,+,K'.,.. ,- -Q Q .L Ir. 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P , . .. .341 VLA , viii' .' .1 -nw gfavli-h:?,Yg,fa4 ' f'W.1,,. 'rn ', 17

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