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iiiii UNi'v'iLKbll I OF MISSESSEPPI IJBRASRY -,--,,:,,,.,..,z....c...'- - ' 5'-., 7, 'six L v.1W'Y5i'kv if 'sfm ' wk V51 I i.':.I'..I- :V . " 'Y M 7: -M HEL. P' 59? . kayak, 1,- r.,xvv WV - . 2'-v X P' ja , ,. .'k', 1 n PYP., ,nv 'If f-v.X .1 , www .X 1' "r. '- ,. f 1 V' 4, I, "r .a . f XXX, '. f XXX. 'X -P. X I ,.w--. XQX X-'Q X .,X. X ' I X, xx V... X .. '. X1 'Ziff '. ' . . .. ',r'fj" .J ' . .- 'X.:--..-jt' f"- . ' hx". , '. iff' " H. ,Wy X-. , , '!.j1.'X X. A-X r XX ""1 Nfl -', fi JUL' . ' "X, '.f . gj.:XX.1 Hut X X M.: T .XXXXJX XXX, .,. . , ",.1 .X .- fn X. ,,,LX'- ,' . JXJj5f"XX 9 I - .I .' , 'n r "v p' 'V A. r"1' 'M ,.X .. L ,flu GX' if X J . . .HX A .711-I. .X : I . '.,X.X,L ..X ' -F' '-iaith' 7.7.1 X A1291 X, Xri, lily.. 'H' ., ' -3 XM.-1. . , :X.fXX'X :X ,N i' ". ..,"-I F' ', ' 544:41 aw.-51 X - 1- .153 'X ilT7N::7,' wil: "mf A . ,juz ,lg-fW,"'f-7f1.,..'1' . J., " ".f7?!'rLs- f, "gif 'fmaf' .XQbi'gf,, u 'Nw .Tl,.'?"'1f X -Xu 31-.'-L' - I W, .,X.f-.,. 3 ,, X ,..,. .Xi ,N X X, , -J 4 , .' .ld JA In-X , rr. XX ia In X .'5 .XX?X., ,5X. MTA P 1,1 .123 - - :..:4... I - . "N A" ' ' HX N9 X . , f Xl. i-15, 'XY ,Y ' ,,t-, 4.f J. was -.J '-f- f N. X" H' ' .' . .,ya. .AX - L- xr, ,lp-X ..4.',.3X ' In .r "Alu 1".'., " J," A 51' fp, ' "wXX..,' X .XX -X '..X4.X? XX' .,., 4.'. I Q-'. H ' A I .N '?y.'. "ig-., 4,5-.X 'XXX' h z X f W X 4'-" '.".:'1 , - - gh . -X ,XX.i4'1-1. 3 .X XXX. -"2 Ii. wg. Q. - Xb, ,.X ...X .XI ,XX X lx !.X.:F'f1,. f l X ' ' H - L.-I X ' .-X V I ' X'X I' , Hu: lr. ,Xt 1 , 'W-. 5 H IX. XL. X... X VT, XX ,,.5f.5--f e V' +L: f'1':..'-f J 4 ' - 'ffl HM, "S'f'.Y, 3,'l'1' ' V .wap-N A, -Q A 1 ', ,2- L. '.'. ,,?-giw . ITL, 'LL ' .Rr XX A ,. 5- X J . 4-'X3X. ' 1:K.",'1'..L,1-. . X - . A"' fl" 'Z' 'a,"'1.u.J. X X . .v".'F sf' '-,'X '-- ' LHS. 4725.3 fm--X: :. .X w' . ,qi ,X jg 1 1 I-1 . 'XAJ'-XX-X xv.. .. -J: ,Ur xv 2 ' : '.'.V'-.'1f.f2 X . ':.:.'vg' ', . 1 -. - ,-'.,, , A. - Xx' u. ,, . XX., ,, .w ' - .. f ff""V'.?"',.' ' X . X .,"4'XX' A,-w, 1 1X fi. , LUX V- X 'iff' ' .' VX- Q 'ff' A - -' , .1 ' -- . . .J 'X . w. . X: ' X XX XX .X,- Sf- jf X-LL, . Xr X . .5 .5 XMXX, X, .IX ew. .1 ,WX .' X' . ' X ,..X-i.XX X . . XXX " ' . ff' ,X x'X v-. -J, T , n' f Y Af u ' XIXN 4 IXF, H. 4, '.' 'f F. X'-" -'..X.X I f 5 QV' va' ' ' - f ' ' - fa' x , , "NIV X! ' 1 9 g.X,,X' X X- :Xif -'.X X. - . fffzl .. . . . ' " ' . 'A-.QXQXXJ a X 1- 4 ' 1 'rib .'g",,.4 ,Y-' Ind, '- gfl. 'Puff . ' ' 4-lklrj' in H T ' ' -J M' q , . ww - . 'e5"'-111.-1 ' "T.f.w" ' "' .' '-ma.-' wi- - I X., AQ. SX' XJ X XJ 2, X H. X X 'Fifi' f'1:.f 'T '-L, ' f' . nf... y X- X . X, '..Qw1?.:.5e , . 'Z s' -' " ff- , ,. 'I .f 1 ,R.4X.,l ',K A ..,. . . X X f-ffzmy ' 'lu .N '-L1?',T::'.-v- .f.Q1 ' , ' X IX' X w r .,. , A -AX: , f , iz? vf- ' .- ' XX 1" .14 X X . V X X1:,:X.' ,. x ,' "1 1-Alf'-A-. ' Q.. 'f i". ' -'T' rw ' HACRZQX... x n 'A u A , O O I ' -.-1'--.."g.ns,f an u v A f F, .- n., A, A . H' K Nw, Ht i- ff. . , 13 r., I 'r-Vw '-F' 'K' .vt f A 'I-, 3 ., - X I . , . . WHL P. .XFX - 1 ' VT . ' 'f ' lv A X , if E A 0, , ', 4 4.. I 'W' , 'iw ' ' ' '. A ' I' f . , ,g ., -. Ag X - Q -, , ,Q '- If , xl .A N X". - f- ' ,- '- " ,a . 'fa-W . , -,A , r.. ' 'rx 51, .' 'I :fifty x .. ' A -. ' Aft. :.- hh, A 5' ' v ' 'U' 2, ' A h ,I J, ' 4 vw... ,Y,:',A'g'f::q ' A nuff. 1' ug, y f' If D' . 1 1 I, .t'4 1.4 -,V . .1- ...Ax ' , A aj .-Lf , ., .. A f .Li -Q .-,u ,J .." -I-'yy-1 f..,,'4,f1 "If-R, 'X Hx" .'..h'rII IV, L ' K, WNV! 'j""a j 'rr ' H' ,' Q. A . -r-:lr V 4 -.H V.,-A fain: TJ .',' V 'If-"-1 .JH v J YA., , yw- ,A,sf l, I - . , 1. . 'nr' 'ULJX ' , , -Q. ,CDN A.,-,,-!1,f9'-, I 4! .' ','JY".' lgmlv' .. -Q W, I sy -1- ' Ain.: W by t . 'J ' . J' ""QI' , . a, T- w ., f' ' ', af'L"'n,r.y f 4 .rw -4' Iff..f.- . N' Cf, ',,. A -A J.4.psh" ' ww ff f -'Pe Q4 w - .-ar -.Ar -,-L ' -4. , W ,W.'V?- 1 W 1 -".'ir'45 ,- +- 1 A! ". 1 Q 7, ' ny JK x - 7' 4 5,.x,,fi X .. ': :..j13: ' " J," 1 ' ' I ff' . A f - 1.'2La m4v ' - .A' ,ij , '--fmf1'gf' ' .' A " 1, ',. , . '- . -,4 .., LA xt. 1"."X "HIRE- -,, . . , ., . .'g - 9 ' .L f-5"2LV liz' .- ' . :Sava gin, ,gyiftz A 9-...,,, .,' .,'.'vN - I ,la 5--,..I:q?, ff! ' 35? 4f '-4f3 vi-.uf -f. ..,-,,.,- X.-1 - pa ,, .1 'N V . - -"A-'7'.f' , a 1 . V 4 . 1:4-' nf- : ' 'fi 'N r.- Vx f.'.'5'-"Wd 'V' ' fr? "'i' f'-' V:AF'.-4 'ln' ' ' 5.1 ","9' llfgwn, . .V ,1, .Z ,I .Y 'rl' ffqva jf' f .K 1 1 .94 MAL w -iv' ' P' .r Q .7 v -Q I N? 5 ,. W' f 'Q .nf '+R N. Ole Miss 1913 1914 Official Year Book of University of Mississippi 1'l1f1ff.s'fl0rf fry The Senior Class Gin Anhrenr Arinstrnng liinrannon who gave the best pears of hislife to the work of making the lllnihersitp of mississippi one of the greatest institutions of its kino in the South, we affectionately oeoitate this hook. CHANCELLOR KINCANNON 'J' PEABODY BUILDING. 'tOle Missn We clink no cups of sparkling wine With rosy wreaths about the brim. XVe gather not beneath the shine Of bright electroliers to twine A graceful garland fresh and fine To deck a regal diadem. Away with idle pomp and show! Away with cant of knights and queen! Away with gauds of long ago That every day but dimmer grow! Away with feudal overflow To guild this simple, guilelcss sc-cnc! NYith neither pagent nor parade, Nor clink of cups within thy walls- NYC gather in thy classic shade, In spirit, every youth and maid 'lhat ever as a student strayed Along thy happy lanes and halls. NVe gather at thy feet again XVith glowing hearts and kindling eyes. We feel thy iire in blood and brain! It thrills our beings to attain-f We hear and heed thy stirring strain- Our spirits pant for enterprise. We pledge our lives to lofty aims. XVith high resolves, we front the years Thy smile inspires heroic flames Within our souls to etch our names Among the fairest. noblest fames That earth remembers and reveres. Thou art our mother. true and tried. As such we love thee. not as queen- Away with regal pomp and pride. Yvith servile praise and alight beside That apes aristocratic stride, Or mocks at democratic mien. May Heaven crown thy brow with peace And make thy factions melt away! May all thy frail contentions cease, Till Scythia. hand in hand. with Greece Shall prove the pledge of thy increase From radiant to most radiant day. D. E. C. Brewer. .. A. B. Clark ...... Annual Staff' Fuicn B. SMITH, E. F. NICCALL, Editor-in-Chief. Business Manager. DEPARTMENT EDITORS. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Assistant Editor-in-Chief . . .Assistant Editor-in-Chief ...........Senior Editor H. Q. Leavell ...... E. NI. Livingston .... W. L. Hays ........ llliss Emily Hedleston. . R. H. Sliackleford. . . H. G. Johnston .... L. T. Chandler. . . D. R. Solomon. . . J. R. Dinsmore. . . E. D. Holloway .... . . . .Class Editor . . . .Class Editor . . . .Co-ed Editor . . . . .Art Editor . . . . . .Club Editor . . . ...... Athletic Editor ..............Litcrary Editor . . . .Assistant Business Manager . . .Assistant Business Manager i 4 1 1 l Editorial li are about to send this little volume, our humble effort to "edit a book." out on its .journey into the great world. VVe trust that whoever may ehanee to read it will realize that the task of eom- piling its eontents has eansed the midnight oil to burn low on many oeeasions, and that you will forgive the defeets and look only at the merits, if any there be. YVe have not attempted to make this little book a model of beauty and thought to be pointed at with pride, sueh has not been our ambition. Our aim has been to ehroniele a few faets about the University of Mississippi's glorious sueeesses in 1914-. And 191+ was a glorious year at "Ole Miss." But now, as the goal is drawing nigh. down the dim, shadowy paths of time on into the great unknown future the elass of 'I+ is passing. Passing from the mystic possibilities ot' eollege days into the realities of life. Years have marked the length of past friendships. but now as the end draws nearer days only mark the time till we must part, many of us never to meet again. There is a sad- ness in that parting: that severing of friendship formed by years of associa- tion: that leaving of seenes so familiar, so dear. But the great world out yonder is calling. and we must part. Out of the quiet harbor of childhood and college days we must pass through the portal on into the bustle and hurry of life. If ever in future days, when the battle is hard fought and almost lost, and the heart is siek, and the mind is weary, this little book should come as a reminder of the long gone, dream-riven past, of a friendship, of a love almost forgotten, then our ambition will have been attained, and our aim will have been aeeomplished. GOVERNOR EARL BREWER BOARD OF TRUSTEES. His Excellency, Governor Earle Brewer, ex-officio President .... . . .Jackson Hon. J. N. Powers, State Superintendent, ex-oH'ic'io ....... Hon. O. F. Lawrence ........................... Hon. Eugene lNI. Clark. . . Hon. Robert Powell .... Hon. J. W. Cutrer .......................,. Hon. T. B. Franklin ....................... Hon. B. F. Jones, Special University Trustee .... Hon. E. L. Brien ........................... . ...... Jackson . . . .Grenada C2lll10llIl City Hon. T. W. Carter ..... .... . . . . . . .Natchez . . . .Jackson . . . .Clarksdale . . .Columbus . . .Hernando . . .Vicksburg LIBRARY BUILDING. 1- A , ' f? 6. X . MY ff! ,ff N , X I , R V - F , ? - " ' -f- , .Af , . , , - I ,V I - , ,W- , I, J , 1 1 4 - . . , J' ' .Q , ' 5 , 1 -'ff 4 . ' X - lx Q ,- x 1 I . X , d' - ' '-" 3+-: , es 55ff55E:E51 z:'::f ' P- - ,Z f' .fs Q.. 2 -if 'Hg X3 sg-gi --,311-. -fzhssizzgiasfi-:Qfi-gif'-4z,gsg,g-Q:-. 555155,2-,..1!"!,:-ivlH',1g'i5!:!',w- f kai: W A Q1-J. K 1 :- g5m,iE51a::?,,g:kE5m155,.,g-.N- :1,Q53-E., Q,E.::g,n.u Wu! 5,5-.g,,,,.,-nn,1x :LQ 53 ,. .s..,,.w,',, a ff -N :tru aag!!uQ""ia ima-.3135--u imp:--pc ', -E5-ev" 'MR su S51-K QQ, n N- - 5-11-56-91:1 ' Rf-R31 H '-mu!-fra.-nf im -Aw rwfginfi!-----"Q-:avi --'-TT. .,--J Q, fl, - -1 N," fg . Q., 'rr i1".. ' if J-5: F rf. 1-.' .V . ' '-fa -Wlwmiitf! mkliig .Way--ggrgg,-gig-,.1,hE2 TT-a5',J-X . -,:',g.1n5f!l-K'!sa1! 1395989 .,,mg:g,gm .-, mi- fair 5 -tQ51f:3-:vir:gqg1-":2?44'- ,- ISN- ,Q sg-NQMYSS mia ' -- 1--1. ,mfr -" -- :S-- "f"- 5 ,:Z-- 2' ' - . 1.. X .- "is, N9 , ' 1 Hsu' ',l.p.,f5g .-nv, iz-k " 1,-ix-1 iff 'g:.:.'f: '- N ' ' ' . ' .' '. J W :sri -qw. .ixvggqqq--ESEQJQQSLQQRQXE fi:-qfzag XQgQ9gqkEfg,,xt'SNKQ'XQ.NaQM , f,. 'ig Qu ,-.T 9 .-tw .-7 1 XXL-LQ I skmql-J xefxw I X N ' Vlni 115. .wilh'.::g.xgg---1:-4: Egg . .. I X 'N W - N.CQ-2f"E'?52515Ys:'g52Qii-2i.iLW - K -Q ,gy - . - . , i wiv! 1 MQ' .o HQ-Q' ig. "ff fl3Q,g"- .: -1 V . K zh- Ngf-enslafb we ,- '5".-HKHRHQ'Q1-IIKE1-2. f .- . .N -'L' 'Nw if i'igE:1YEg'i'?fWii"?2:55'.Y!xs xx . ly .-sf ' ' 'QS' '-E'3LZ'5iiiiS'43Et YFSQQ- "EY,'f?1fw' 'Gif' As. mv- Q . Q I :yn 3. K X -. kkxya. .EH 1 pi-Q N . -xvx'-Q.-gkxs W SF-fiqskiszzerg-.5 --- - -- ,. .. .. , , ie, M , x - 2 -2:3 21Q.Hv,,wSs,'5ug. .,,-:-" 2""'i,'1lE-, N0 m '- X- wr '- b, ,- J-was1554315232-wwf,-xifigawiiS?Z1nNi'5 I-swawirif-a Q33 A FM'-SS N V --mx-xlgxw-..weg.,,-frpesgkiqwkwwf-ggi-, .-?xk'quQw:giwe:g3. .. YI My l N ' '- an-L 1 K ' , -' xx-5. gl. X 1.... I + ig!YWEMEQEas-fiaiziifxgifsixzifhsmw 2 1'Er-:SEM-5' QM ' , IP 5 4 K' WM., '2?M55"C' Y K H-ff -- Qin W xx' .EBI ,mt-'Qx Va - ' x - ' ,B x X - . 15 3, A , f Xlux-,gb .N --N3'...'f.,f,.K,,fQ X 'x xL'X-Z. . ll ' 5'fl3i'i-E2 12 'V 1 -- 'X K .lslmizw .XIINISTIIUXG liixctxxsox. .X.ll., NLS., l.L.lJ., fl,lfllll'I'llUl'. . , '. 1 .... . . c. I'iff'-fllllIllI'l'll1ll' mul Dmn of Iflrgirirfwiii-11. lx IC.. X nmli-rlmilt Univcrsiiy. 1S8Tg L.l'..,1f-1883 lD.Sc., 1890g V. , lr h. . 1. ,- vi-rsiiy. IQST-904 Professor ol' Mnthcinzltics l'niv1-rsily since IS90g Acting Professor of Civil Plnginecringr, l'nivci'sity of Mississippi, 1900-023 Vice-Chzincellor :incl Dean of the Dc- piiixncnl of Science, l,lll'1'JlllIl'l' :incl Arts. Vnivcrsity of Xli-sissimni, since H1051 llrofi-,sur oi' ,Xsirononiy :incl Act- in ' llllilIli'l'lll1l'. sc-ssion ot' ISHNE-UT. l"ItXNlil.IN l,. lRll.i:Y, ,X.l3., ,X.f1l.. l'rofw.w.vm' of lliSf0l'.ll. Y ,-LIS.. Mississippi Lfollcge. IS!-19g AAI., 1S9Ig l'i-farm' in His- ory, Johns Ilopkins l'nix'i-rsiiy. 189.3-904 l'li.l7.. 935'-ll: ,resiclcnt of Hillman Vollcgc. l5'l9fi-97: l'l'0ll'NW1' of HIS" orv. Pniversity of Mississippi. Siliffe N97- XV.xI.1.r:n S. 1.11.-XTIIEIIS, M.D.,'r of Biology and l'liysi0l0gy. Dean Merliml Depurlmzfnl at Oxford. ABI., Schools of Biology, Cheniistry annul Geology. Univer- sity of Virginia, 1891, M.D., 1894, Graduate Student of Johns Hopkins, 18955 University of Chicago, 1897, 1900, 1901. 1907 fsnnnncrsjg New York Marine Biological Labora- tory, ISSN fsinnnicrsjg Bll"lI1ll0l' liocky Mountain Scientific Iixpeclilion, 1S9Sg Stnrlent in ll2ll'V2lI'tl I'niversily, 1905-Oli fsrnnmerjg studied in Hospitals of Chicago, 19011. fsummerjg lirzulnntc Stuclcnt Hospitals of New York City during sinn- mcr, 1908, Instructor in Biology, University of Virginia, 18943 Assistant Professor Biology and Geology, University of Mississippi, 1891-9.5, Head of Department of Science, Miller School of Virginia, 1995-96, Professor of Biology and Geology, University of South Carolina, 1896-98, Pro- fessor of Biology and Geology, University of Mississippi, 1898-05g Professor of Biology and Physiology, University of Mississippi, since 1905g Director of Public Health and Sani- lution. . :'Zl"-Lg, A., ... , ALEXANIJER I.r:i-: li0Nl1l'RXNT, A.B., M.A., A' 'W Profes.-for of Lalin I,a11y:n:.qv 111111 Lilernlurp, A.B., H!lH1Jt0ll-Sllll1K'l' Cullen" 1881 I l ,,t.. 4: .X.M. fllrjg Illjil'l1l'- Q, tor of Latin and Greek. Hound ltoek lnstitute, 'll-xus. 1885-87, Graduate Student of Latin und Greek, llniversitx' of Texas, 1880-874 Grzulnate Student of University of Vir- ginia, 1887-89 Qholder of Carey Seholorsllipjg Assistant and Associate Professor of Latin and Greek, Universitv of Mississippi, 1389-fl-1, Professor of Latin, since 1895, Grand- uate Student of llurvurd L'nivei'sity. ISSJ-934: liolder ot Morgan Fellowship, A.M., Ilzirvarrlg Student University nf Pennsylvania, 1806 fsiumnei-jg Munich and lionie, 1905 fsummerjg Berlin, 1907 fsuninierjq resenreh work in Berlin l'nivei-sity :ind in ltnly, 1910-11. -1? 'F X A 1903. lhvin lloluvi: liisiiov, M.A., 1'rofg.vsnr of lfllhlllixll Lfnzyzmye nnrl Lilwrufllre. A.B.. liinory :ind llenry College, 18Sl1g MHX.. Vander- bilt Universitv, 1997, Instruetor in Vunderliil-t University. 1897-993 Professor of linglisli, Millsaps College, 1900-0-14 Professor of linglisli and Rhetoric and Belles-Lettres, Uni- versity of Mississippi, 190-ll-0.33 Professor of linglisli I.ZlI'lgllllgC and l.iter:1ture. l'niversity of Mississippi, sinen- l905. Prnf'e.Qsor of Phurrmicoloyy, lvIltl'L'I'Sif.lf 1,11-lfktfillll. 4, . -..' Q' Perrin XV. litonrxxn. M.D., M.lJ., Memphis Hospital Medienl College, 199' eu York Polyelinie. 1887, Special XYork in Pllysiezll Dmgno s Nortliwestern Dispensary. New York, 1997: Mississippi Medical Assoemtion, 199-1-5 Student in Pitsic ent Hospitals of Philzidelphizl, l99lig Menilier State Board of llm 1 Seeond lhngressional Dislriet, 1900g Menilmer St:1t1 Bomrd of Health. State at l,urgre, 190-L-19084 Student of Pill1l11'lC0 logy, University of Cliieugo, 1908 fSll11lI11Cl'Qg Professor ot Mziterin Medica Hygiene. l'nix'ersity of Mississippi sun 4 -1 3 .41-Qin Dean of Lau' D0prn'ln11'i1L. B.S., University of Mississippi, 18814, Superintendent of Education DeSoto County, 1892-96, Mississippi Senate, 1900-08, Professor of Law at University, since 19105 Elected Dean of Law Department, 1913. l,icox.xun .licnoxil-1 F.fxlu,i-rv, A s'riioNv Mouxxruii-: lllUCKlCNFlTSS, A.M., Ph.D. l'rnfw.v.vm' of fllllfll1iSfl':ll. A.lS., VVofford College, South Carolina, 1889, and A.M., 1890, principal Dalcho Iligh School, South Carolina, 18911-95, and Ph.D., 1895, Student University of Virginia, 1894--9.5, and l'bD., 1895g Student University of Virginia, 1893, llcrlin, 1895g Student in Chicago University, 1896- 98-02 Qsniunu-rsjg Columbia University, 1909 Qsnmmer' Professor of Chemistry and Physics, Millsaps College, Mississippi, 1893-94-, and 1895-02, Professor of Chemistry, 190-1--0.5, Guest of Pittsburgh Plate Glass Co., Milwaukee, Wis.. for ltcsearc-h Work, and Student at University of Wisconsin, 1911-122g Student at Karlsruhe Technical Col- lege, Germany, 1912 fsummerjg Professor of Chemistry, University of Mississippi, since 1905. C.Xl.1'1N BROWN, M.S., Ph.D., D.Sc., lJ1'0ff?.VS07' of Germrm Language and Literature. M.S., Vanderbilt University, 1891, D.Sc., 1892g Assistant in French and English, 1899-93, Acting Assistant Professor of English, University of Missouri, 1893-944, Student in Uni- versity of Paris and Liepzig, 189-1-953 Instructor in Eng- lish, Vanderbilt University, 1895-96, Instructor in English and Comparative Literature, University of Colorado, 1898- 19003 part of the time Acting Professor of German, Ph.D., University of Colorado, 1899, Acting Professor of Modern Language, University of Mississippi, 1902, Student in Spain, Italy and Greece, 1903-04, Acting Assistant Professor of Romance Language, University of Missouri, 1904--05g.Pro- fessor of Romance Language, University of Mississippi, 1905-073 Professor of German Language University of Mississippi, since 1908. .l0I1N C'l,.xluc Jouxsox. .X.l3., l'r0f0s.wr of 1f1ll'flH'lC and Oralory. . X 1-LB., University of Mississippi, 1S91g Teacher Mississippi ' Hiwh Schools, 1891-93g Grzicliuitc Student of I'IilI'VZlI'll fone 1 A teriiij, 1893-94g Profesmr of Aliltl1t'Illil1I1C'i and liloruiion, 'fab 1 Florida Slate College, 1991-95g Presidm-nt :ind Professor of ' , I English, Deshler Felllillt? Collvgv, Jxlllllillllll, 1895-96g Pro- P 'Sssor of English, Modern l.ung' and Orzitory, YV. Hulsel School, Indian 'l'crriiory, 1896-975 1,I'0fl'N50l' of Eng- Lsh, Modern Idlilgilage und Urzutory, Florida State Military College, 1897-1903g Profs-ssor of linglisll, Logic and Orzltory. St. Johns College, Annapolis. Md., 1903-064 ,x'wSi5tillll in lilietoriv, l'niversity of Missisbippi, 1906-08: l'rofc-5501- of Rhetoric :ind Orutory, since 1908. JOHN H. Donnou, BJC., ' l'rof0ssrn' of Jlunivipul and Sanilury Engiziwvring. J I f . Y . . . . . . , li.l'.., X zinclerlnlt University, 1903g engaged in the practice of l'l11gineering, 1903-004 Assistant Professor of Civil and Blunivipal lflngim-ering, 1906-093 Professor of Municipal and Szniifznry Iingineerinig University of Missiwxippi, Since 1908. 6 XVYNN DAVID HEnm.r:sToN, A.B., D.D., Professor of Philosophy and Ethics. A.B., Univcrsity of Mississippi, lhiiifig D.D., Central Uni- versity of Kentuckyg Professor of Philosophy and lifhics, Viiiversity of Mississippi, since 1909. 1111111111 NYIIIIXNI 'Slums H X l'lll7 I'm1r.v.wn' uf' H1'rf'l.' liuuyflulylf Illlll l1Hl'l'IIfIH'I'. 15. X.. ll1lYt'1'sllY ot' 'l'm-onlo. 18883 Instructor in Ure-ek mil l.:1tn1. liarrn' Collegiate Institute. Ontario, 1589-97-ig lallou' in iirvek, .lolins llopkins l'nivc'i'sity. 1898-93 l'li.lJ.. llu' sann-, 18993 l'rot'1-ssor of firm-1-lc ancl l,atin, limorv a llc-nrv Colli-gm-, 190010 1iohs n of liiulx lim tx of sslssllblii, slllfl' 1910. XXILIIAM l.l.l. luxsos. Mb.. l'll.lJ., I'l'1IfI'SSOI' nf l'liysir.v, lhflluyy ulnl .'l.vlromnny. ll.S.. Millsaps Follm-ge, 1900: NLS., sanlv. 19013 Professor ol' 1'lu'mislry aml Pliysics, lil-liliivlq' XVeslm-yan College, ' nlenl in Iolins llopkins l'nix'1-rsily. 1903-0155 ' ' - 'sn-y, :sms-ou: l'li.l7.. sann-, 19004 Inslruvlor in N1'illiains College. Mas- s:u'luisvlls. 1900-09g .Xssislanl Protl-ssor ol' f'lll'llllNll'j', Uni- lx of Mississippi, 1909f1lg Bla-mln-r ol' Ann-ric'an Physi- i nl Soc 1115 I'lolvssor ol' l,l15'5il'SJlllll .xNll'1ll1lllIly, l'nivc'rsily ol' Mississippi, sinve l9Ilg l'rol'a-ssor ol' Geology. lll1lYl'1'Nllf' ol Nlississippi. sinrc- 1913. : J- '.W. ' "..-Q "vel-Si Hizsnx' 9llN0lt lflxsilzia, PILG., I,l'0f.l'N.N'1Il' of l,lIl1l'IIIIII"ll. Phil., St, Louis College of Pharmacy, 19024 special work, same, summer of 19085 Mvxnlwr of Mississippi State Board of Pliarxnzlceiiticall l'lXilll1ll1CI'S, 1904-08g President of Board, 19124 engaged in Drug Business, fourteen yearsg Acting Professor of Plmrrnavy. University of Mississippi, 1908-104 Professor ot' Pliarin:u'y, University of Mississippi, since 1910. JAIWIES W.x11s,111' 1gl'I,1,. B.l'., M..X., Dean of U10 l,PlNll'fIlll'Ill' of Ilrlzlcrllimi. , W . J f nzjsn fe-xx -'V 1' ,if 1,332 ,: :wx 551 ' - , J 1' ' Q mix K' Professor of lft'0I1llIlIlt'.S' 111111 1'uIil1'f-ffl Sf-inure. I1 B.P., University of Mississippi, 11-1985 Principal of f - in 4 Schools, 1893-1903, .Xssociatc 1,l'01'L'iSOl' of I,l'l12lgI0g'y and Q' V , High School Visitor. University of Mississippi, 1903-045 if i Professor of B12l1llClllll1lCS, Mississippi 1IldllS1I'12ll 11151111110 ,459-u and College, 1904-074 Student of Univcrsity ot' Nllflllgfllll. 4 1900 fs11111111c1'Jg Student of l'11iVc1'sity of f'lllt'!lQ'0, 1908 fNlllIllllt'l'JQ Shident11t'Cul11111l1i11 L'11ivc-rsity, 1909 cNlIIIlIlll'l',: L711i1'c1'sitV of Mississippi, sincc 1907: 17K'Jlll of 1,t'lllll'llllt'Ill of Educotion, since 1910. lliszlmux l'i1'1'111c1c Juiixsox, .X. M., .-Issislunf l'rofcssor of Ihilfylislz. ' ivcrsity of South C:11'oli11:1, 1904, .X.M., 19013 l'11ivc1'sity ot' Cl C, ' ' ' ' l'11i1'c1'sity of Mississippi sincc 1909. Ro1z1111'r 'l'1111111:x', 15.11, .'lSSOz'ialc Professor of Jl4lfll!'IIlIIfi4'S'. SllIlCl'lll1f'll1lCllt of Schools, Yazoo City, Miss., 189.3-0.34 High School Visitor, University of Mississippi. 190.3-06g SII- pcrilitcnclcnt of SCll001S,Cilll10ll, Miss., 1900-075 Superin- tendent of Schools .1Zll'liSOIl, Miss., 1907-09, Slllillxllf of " Columhizi l'11ivc1'5ity, 1909 CSUTIIIIICPDQ Profcssox' of Pedagogy, L'nivc1-sity of Mississippi, 1908-101 ILP., Uni- versity of Mississippi, 1910, Associate Professor of Mzitlieinatics, University of Mississippi, sincc 1910. iiczufo, 19094 Assistant l'1'otcssn1' ot 1',llg1'll5ll I I lui' of ilu- Ilonril ul' 'l'rusl4-vs ut' ilu' l7nivc-rsity uf Missis- ilmlxig fIIlJlIll't'IIlll' UI' IIN' 'l'Ilil'cI .IlllIIl'IilI Dixtrivf of XII wl Nilipl X -- l'iinis'mi-:urn l,nwi:i's'i'. ll..X., 2' ,-lxxixlrrnl I'1'uf1's.w1' of Luliu. I . Ixllh I'l1ix'i-rxiiy. ISNIIWIIY-Ig SIIIKIUIII ol' l'liix'4'rwiIy uf Clliwlgo Iflllf-M10 KNIIIIIIIIUINDQ .XSNINIJIIII I'ruI'm-um' ui' I,:lIill. lIniwrQiI5 905, Drain: NI. IiINllHIUl'llII, .LIL I,l..I5., l'f'nj4'.v.wn' of NVIIIUI' I4lllI'. XII., IIIIIXUINIIQ uf Hiwivippig I.I..IS., l'llIYl'l'NIIj' uf mimi i rig NIl'lllIl4'l' ut' ilu- I.cgixl:uturv of Blisaimippig Mum- lIXlil'INi'lI I..xm-:ii.r: .xNIDlU'INVS. lib.. NLD.. Jrlinr l'rufr.v.wn' ll ' .1lHIf1lllH, ,I ,I ' "--sity. ISIUI-ig Stmlvnt Of .IO .' 1"lssIl11rg'. lic-rinuny, 1900: NLD., Johns Hop I I Xillu' ISIIIS. ' ISHN.. l'uiu-:wily of Bliwiwippi. lflllrlg 'I'e-:u'Ii0r nf l'IngIisIi in ilu' I'IiiIippim' INIJIIHIN, ISNII-HI: IllSIl'lIl'IUI' in ICIIIIIISII in .luimw Ilu :km l'nix'i-rsiiv. ISIUI-0.3: Siuclvnt in Julius Ilop- llupkins Nlvclii-:il Cwllikgl-, 19084 Student nt' Kniwr Wilhvlm kim Nlcmlivzil 5c'Imol, l.Il,3 House- Uffic'4'r .Icffc-rscm Surgical IIHNIIIIJIIQ linzniwlw. Yu.. ISIIJ-lfig l'nive1'aity ut' Nlissismippi ROSXVISLI. XV. lionuicns. l5.S., BLA. l3.S., Polytechnic Colle-ge, 19015, MUN., 1'nivcrsity ot' Chi- cago, 19115, Graduate Studcnt of University of Chicago, 19093 Ciracluatc Student of Univcrsity of Tcxas, 1907g In- structor in llathcmatic, Goodnight College, 1902-033 As- Nistant Prof:-sxor in Nlathcinatics, Polytcchnic Collegrc, 1905-07, l'rincipal of Hillshoro f'l'exaSj High School, 1907-12, l'i'f-wirlciit ot' John Tarleton Colle-gc. 1912-134 President ot' 'l'cxas 'l'cacl1c-rs' Cluh, 1910-T24 Conductor of Trinity Sunnncr Normal, 1912, Special State lixaxninei' C'l'cxasj 1908. l'rof0.s'sor of .llinor S1a1'yr'i'y. AJS.. Soutlnvcstcrn Prenhytcrian L'nivcrsity. 19063 31.17. q'111l1'lt1l1I1 for Nlimiski x ii 1911-13- l,l'U1il'NNH1' ot' Minor Sur gcry. l'11l1'Q'1'Sl11'0f Nliswiwippi. sincc 1.11, Blllfrox 'l'iioM.xs lima:-:ln'oN, .X.l5., 31.11, ,lf-ling I'rof0s.wr of IIJIIIIUIU-If-If mul lg1Il'f!'l'iUIUg.lf. AMB.. University of Georgia, 1908, Special Stuclcnt of Uni- versity of 'Il-riiicssec, 1908 fS1l111l11Cl',g Grafluate XVork. Johns Hopkins Ilniversity, 1909 Qsuinincrjg BLD., Johns Hopkins l'nivcrsity, 1912, Housc Ufficcr of Baltimore City Hospital, 1912-13, Acting Housc Officer of Johns Hopkins Hospital, 1913 fsulnrnerjg Acting Profcmsor of Patliology :Incl 11actr-riology, University of Mississippi. sincc 1913. .losizvu fl'l"l'1I11Il1fIlX Ciumgu. BLD., ' Associalv P'rnf0ssor of Plzysiology and Ilisiology. Phykiology and I 1 l1Zl1'111Zli'0l0'gy, University ot' Virginia 1912-133 .Xssociatc Profcsxor ot' Pliyxiology and Histology University of Mississippi. since' 1913. Yamlerhilt. 1909: Housc SlI1'1l1't'l111 l'l1'l2l11gIt'l' Hospital. Phat- tanooga, 1909-10g Xwistant Dir:-ctor ot' Puhlic Health anrl NLD., Univcrsity of Virginia, 1912, Assimtant in Physi- ologv, l'nivcrsitv of Virginia, 1911-12: Instructor in 5 l'lllIC Amizx lhwsow, ISS., l'rofr,v.wr of .llmlrru l,rl1rf1mlyr'. ILS., l'nivn-rsilx' ol' Alimimippi, l90Hg fll'IlKlll1lll' Stuclvnf, lfllli-Ilg ll'llllllHll oi l.lI1sx'illv lligrli Svliool limi-A-Uflg Prin- vilml ol' l'im'lxins lliggli Svliool, l9U9-ll:, Sluilm-nl of Uni- vvlxily ol' l,ill'lN, l"r:um'm-, lflll-llg .'XS5lhlJllll Profvssor of Nloilcrn Iningiiznggm-, lllllYl'l'xlly of Mishissippi, lfllii-ll. .Ixmlcs ll. lSi'u11.xN,xN, lib. ,l,v,vuri1rlr' l'rofw.w.vrn' of liilllllfljf, lib- Ulno llllXt'l'NIlf'. lflliig Mc-lnlwr of Ullio Sluts .'xi'Jllll'llly of SK'lt'lll'1'g Instruvior ln liiology. Uliio l'lllYl'l'Nlll', lfllilg l'l'im'ip:1l ol' l'o1'liilig: Iligli Svllool, ISN!!!-I0-ll. linwlx S. XY,xl,l,xc1:. ILL, ll..-X., , 1'I'Uf'l'SSlll' of f'lu'1ni.vfry. B..-X., XViHs-nlu-rg: Uollvggc. Springfim-lrl, Uliio, iflllg Fellow in Chemisiry, Ohio Shit? Uni- xviwily. lflll-llig Nl..X., Ullio Slllll' l'iiix'l'1'silj'. lfllilg .xxwlslilllt l'i'ofL'ssor of lllll'llllNlI'y Vnjyl-I-- ily of Mississippi, ginm- 1913. Mx ss NI.xnm:iuu4:1' Bl. lior'ni:m'siI. BMX.. HB., Dirwrlm' of Il0ll1l'Sfil' N1-imlfv' mul llfllll of lVon1r'n. l3..X., Nliwiwippi lmluslrinl lllStlfIlll" :xml i'ollvg4'g Sli.. L'lllYt'I'Slly of Vliicziggog Sludent of l'lmul:1uqn:u, N. Y.: Hall 'lll'lll'llf'l' of NI1-rirlinn Olivo Ilipgli Svlioolg Ilirvvtor of Donn-stiv ql'll'lll'l' of Uslilioxll. XVis.: of Miwissilmlwi, sim? lfllfl. l,lI'ffl't0l' of Ijoinmiiv Sciciivi- and Dean of XVoni0n. University Fficers of the University ,Q D. L. Ross. I,I,.I3., Sccrelury. I,I,.I5., L'nivcrsity of Mimissippig Svcretary of Univcr sity of Missimippi 5incc 1904 Ml:-as xl.XYlIS. l,il1ruriun. xx Miss xl.Xlll,l-I livxcu. SfI'l'I'llIl'.lf lu f,'IllIlll'f'HIH'. ftllss Rl"l'lI XV,x'rKlNs. islunl lu lhrf Sw'rf'lury of ilu' l'ni1'vrsify. ur Ospitzll worce MISS WARREN MRS. DOSSETT CAMPUS SCENE Ambition VVQ build our lives of brick alone. Tliat crack and crumble day by day. Too limp of arm to lift the stone That lies in lit-:ips along our way. Yvith tallow-dips wc tix-:ul tht- dark: Tlicy flicliui' palcg wc c'1'y for light. Too dull of nyc and bowcd to llIH.l'li The guiding stars that gild the night. VV0 wut to son with trcniblinff szlilsg l 1- With c1'zu'c1i lit-:u'tQ wc hug thu shore, , , . . . . loo taint ot soul to front thi- gfilvs And l,J1'ZU'L' tht- billows' l'1'2INll and rosir. XVith strength to do and will to flaw-. How bust- that wc should build of vlzly. Oi' with a tl-1-tile tzillow fare, Or, fcarfiil, shun the liim-aikt-ix' Nwziyl VVith sturdy purposc, lot us lvzlrn To shape tht- stonu to pci'ft-vt form. To nmrk the guiding stziiw that burn. And scorn tht- fury of tht- storm. 'l'hough limp our arnis. though dull our 1-yes, Though faint our souls, from sloth and sin YVO'll build of stonvg wc-'ll inarli thu slxiosg Wc'll sail the st-as-for wc are mon. D. E. G. D s JE .1-.J 'S 'Q ,fund . , 7- pm-47, 74- l'I1Hll .xll.K11S, 13.5. ............... lXOSC'Illhli0, Min. "Uh, .lupilmx hun' u-fury ure my xpirilsf' Y. NI. C. .Lg l'li'I'1l1f'l11l Litcrary Sovif-lyg Fooflmll Ream-rve, 1912 and 19135 .-Xrlnyg 'l'eac'lners' Cluhg l'lu-niistry Ulullg Class Historian. 1913-191-1. lilzrmgx W.vrsox 15ox'l1:'l'l'. 15.5. .... .Oxford, Elias. 'Lis mild a IIllllll1'0l'l!fI mam .ls frm' .w-ulllefl a xhip. ur cul a lhroalf' Taylor Medal m Chcmistryg Prcsidm-nt Chemistry Vlulu, 19121-1 lg Prcsimlc-nt Honor Council, 1912-13. Jussi: .Iosmu Burziuxxu, B.S. .... .. .Wiggins, Miss. "Ax proper a man as one may see in a summer's day." Phi Sigma Literary Socictyg Blackstone Cluhg '1'ram-1: '1'vam, 19115 Football, 1912-13g Presicfent Phi Sigma, 1913. Rrrrs Lu: Bnowx, B.A. ......... Pontotoc, Miss. "BImsing.-r be on him who first invented sleep." Y. M. C. A.g Tennis Cluhg Self-Help Bureaug Vanity Voice Staff, 1910-11g Mississippian Staff, 1911-12. ANDREW JACKSON BROWN, B.S...University, Miss. "The hand that follows intellect can achieve." Completed Course in Three-Year Studyg Student Assistant in Educational Department. Jos1cPH LEE Bumcs, B.S ......... Ackerman, Miss. "Had he been caught when young he might have been tamed." Phi Sigmag Teachers' Clubg Masonic Clubg Man- ager of Student's Boarding Clubg Taylor Medalg Footballg Board of Directors of Mississippian. RUTHERFORD BERNARD BURKS, B.A., M.A., Booneville, Miss. "'Thy face is the index of a noble mind." JAMES M. CARPENTER, M.A., B.A.. .Boone-ville, Miss. "He is complete in feature and in mind Wilh all good grace Io grace a genitlemauf' A.B., University Mississippi. 1913. l..xxr: 'l'n-zluuci I. ll1l.XNlll,1'Il1, 13.5. .... Indianola. Miss. "ll'lmr'rr ww-lx in u-hal lI'l' prize .-lpllrum 11 hrru in our r-y1's." Sigrum Ubi I"rutm-ruityg Prosiclc-ut liccl and Blue Club, 1911-3 Y. Nl. l'. .L Cillll1lt'l, 1913-143 Base- ball 'll-:uu. 1911-ll-13-1-I-g Captain Baseball Tezun, 191-lg Outlaw k'oiniuill1-0, 1914-g Athletic liclitor "Ulu Miss." ISII-lg 51-crm-tary lilackstone l'lub, 15111: Vluss lluskvl liull 'll-aun, 1911-11?-ll. .loux li. lllxsnolu-2. l5.S. ........... Mavon, Miss. "I 1,111-ff lllllllllllff I nm Ju low' will: Ihr' world." Della Tau Ilcltug .Xssislant Business Manager Blississippiuli, 1912-liig Llllillflllllll Junior Prom. Conuuitlcc. 1912-133 Class lluseball, 19134 Pee Wee lfuotbull, 19l3g CIN-cr Leader, 1913-143 Y. ll. C. .X. Cabinet. 1913-1-lg Society litlitor, Mississippisul, 1913-Hg Pre-sidcut Glee Club, 1913-1-lg Alllllilfjfl' lfuotball Reserves, 1913g Her- nu-an Souiclyg ltml and Blue Clubg Assistant Manager "Ole Miss," 1914-5 Bluvkstone Clubg Kurnca l'lubg Noxubce County Club. lluuu' 31. Dolmowsm. B.S. ......... Cruger, Miss. "VII have my Imnclf' PAM. 1'1nwAiuJ Fonn, B.S.., ...... Columbia, Miss. 'ifl,l'I' Imulfs I ronsume lhe miflniyht oil." First Sophomore Medal, 19123 Crystal Springs Chautauqua Medal, 1913. Miss HALLIE BIAY Form, B.S. ....... Oxford, Miss. "Knowledge and Irulh and 'viriue were her theme." Teachers' Club. Miss STACEY Funn, BMX. ............ Oxford, Miss. "Thy 'modesty is rc cumlle lo flly mm'il."' 'I'eaehers, Club. H.XliOI,IJ VV1-I1'rE G.xUTn:u. BA ,... Paseugoula, Miss. 'Must I work? Oh, wha! u waste of time." Sig-nm Alpha Epsilon Frutcruityg Hermeunzg Blackstone Cluhg Red and Blue Club, Junior Prom. Committee. NIISS EMMELINE GREEN, B.S. .Pass Christian, Miss, "Many fluuylzfrfrs lmre fllllll' 1'irl'rmn.wly. but llmu excellest Hmm all." President Frenc-h Cluh, 1912-13-1-lg Soeial Secre- tary' Y. NV. C. A., 1912-134 Class Prophet, 7 wir.-1::. llom-:n'r Mviiowx Goon, ILS ...... University, Miss. "lf lnnmr yirwx fll'l'llll1l'SS, he'x greal ax Il king." Phi Siguia l.i1m-rary Soeietyg 'l'eac'llm-rs' Clubg llouor Council. ltouizna' lllcxnx' lllxlinxuiz, lS..'X ,.... llarmlage, Miss. "l1'r1l1'l1 Tom Il1ll'llll'gl'.U Y. M. C. .-1.3 Phi Sigma: 'l'eac'hers' Cluhg Vice- Presiclent Senior Classg Y. M. C. A. Ca-biuet, 1912-13. lflnxl-:s'r Di'Nc'.xN llou.ow.n', B.A....Co1lins, Miss. "A jolly good fellow. wilh ull of llle virtues and none of Ilia fuull.s."' Phi Kappa Psi Fraternityg Teachers' Cluhg Red and Blue Cluhg Reserve Football 'l'a-aiu, 1911- 12-135 Captain Reserves, 1913g First Fresh- man Meclalg Phi Sigma Literary Sovietyg Honor Council, 1912-135 Y. M. C. A. Cahiuef, 1912- 13-1-lg Secretary Senior Class, 1913-191-tg Class Basket Ball, 1911-123 Class Baseball, 1912-13g Secretary and Treasure lied and Blue Cluh. P.u'I. IJICKSON HOI.1.01V.kX', B. S ..... Collins, Miss. "Oli, why should life all labor be?" Phi Kappa Psi Fraternityg President .lunior Medical Classg Honor Council, 1911-12g Y N1 C X ....1'. T1-ronms DANIEL JONES, B.S ....... Kossuth, Miss. :'P6'I'S0l'0l'flltFI' conquers all flzingsf' President Senior Classg Yice-President Junior Classg I-Ionor Couneilg President Hermean Liter- ary Society, 19124 Student Assistant in Physics, 1913-Hg Blavkstone Clubg Hermean Debate-r, 19123 Y. M. C. A. DAVID SPURGEON Hoon, B.A. .... YVest Point, Miss. "And zrlml is iliy l1islory?" "A lzlunlf, my lord." Hermean Literary Soeietyg Manager Glee Club, 1913-I-1-g '1'reasurer Herfmean, 1913-Hg Proetor of Campus and Buildings, 1913-Hg Honor Council, 1912-133 'feaehers' Club. JIM' CLAYT13 Kixczxxxox, Ju., BH.. .'l'npelo, Miss. "lImz've11 bless Uwe, Thou lmxl Ilia sn-eefesf fave I erer looked on." Red and Blue Clnhg Hermeang Karnea Cluhg Junior Prom. Committee, 1912-134 Chairman Junior Prom., 1913-14-. ROLAND QUINCIIE I4EAYlZI.L, BMX., M.A., Oxford, Miss. "His life was genlle, and llm elemenls so mired in him Ilmf 'mclure might slum! up and say to all the zvorlfl 'This is a 'lllflllyn Y. M. C. A.g Sigma Chi Fraternitvg Phi Sifrma Literary Soeietyg Football Reserve, lgostflgg Treasurer Freshman Class, 1908-094 Poet Sophomore Class, 1909-104 Treasurer Senior Classg Chairman Invitation Committee, 1913-Hg Senior Editor "Ole Miss," 1913-Hg Delegate to Y. M. C. A. Convention at Millsaps, 1909. Gizonuiz J.u4r:z l,EF'1'l!'1Cll, Jn., B.S.. .Abercleen, Miss. "0 wad some power the giftie gie us To see om-se1's as olhers see us." Kurnea Club, Blackstone Club, Hermean Literary Soc-ietyg Football Team, 1912-133 Baseball Team, 19134 Track, 1911-12-13. Miss BIARY liL1ZABETH Moss, B.S. .... Oxford, Miss. "What sweet delight a quiet life affords." Teachers' Club. Miss Rum' Nrcnorsox, B.S ..... ...Dickson, Miss. "1Vork, courage, honor, these indeed your sustin- ance and birthright are." Chairman Inter-Collegiate Committee, Y. YV. C. A., 1911-123 Vice-President Y. VV. C. A., 1912-13-143 Delegate Y. W. C. A. Conference, Columbus, 1911, Delegate Y. NV. C. A. Convference, Black Mountain, N. C., 19125 Senior Class Prophet, 1911, President Self-Government Committee, Ricks Hall, 1914. Snr HILI, Pr-zones, B.S ........... .Winona, Miss. "The heroes are not all sir feet tall. Large souls may dwell in bodies small." Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternityg Red and Blue Clubg Hermeang Y. M. C. A., Blackstone Clubg Junior Prom. Committee, 1912-13. Miss FLOREXCE Pic.-am, B.S .......... Biloxi, Miss. "A heart to conceive, an umlerslanding to direct, and lmnds to e.vecufe." Captain Co-erl Basket Ball Teaxn. 1909-10, 1912-134 President Co-ed Athletic Club, 1909-103 Class Historian, 1909-10, 1912-13, 1910-11, Assistant Co-ed Editor "Ole Miss." 1910-llg President Self'-Government Club Ricks Hall, 1913-145 Senior Class Poet. AI.EXANDER MCKEE Pown, B.S. .Hattiesburg, Miss. Hllen 'mm rome and men ma 0, .I 9 But I slay on f01'B'l'f'T.u Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Alpha Kappa Kappag Theta Nu Epsilon, lied and Blue Cluhg Track Team, 1907-083 Baseball Reserve. 1909, Gym- nasium Team, 1906-07-035 Varsity Football, 1907-08-10. IPRED Rawls, B.S. ,................ Norfielcl, Miss. "The lore of fume is the last 1l'0!lk7L6SS which even lhe 14-ise resign." Y. M. C. A. Cabinet, Hermeang Honor Council, President Seth VVard Bible Class, Teaehers' Club, Secretary Junior Class, 1912-13, Sevre- tary Herrnean, 1913-14. Jouiv Powsu. R11.EX', B.S. ........ University, Miss, "Go not illlllS!'I'l17llllllfl'I.Il fo classes." Sigma Chi Fraternity, Red and Blue Club, Golf Club, Blackstone Club, Y. M. C. A., Irish Club, Football, 1910-11-133 University Orvlmestra. IJi'ni,l':x' C. Snrrll. 13.5 ....,...... University, Miss. "1"ruugh! will: Il'llI'Ilillg.U llonor l'mmciI, 1913-l9Hg Invitation Committee, iillli-l9li'. 5i.Xl'Illl'l'2 I.Ei-: Roslzxswlsuz, B.A .... Columbus. Miss. "The mildesl manners, llm gcnllext heart." Red and Blue Cluhg Golf Clulig Tennis Club. Miss Jimu Sowmi.. ILS ...... Ilnlly Springs, Miss. "She has ll nulure lhat is gentle and refined." 'Treasurer Y. W. C. A., 1913-19144 Secretary and 'freasurer Teachers' Club. 1913-1914. .Ions I.1-:iz Svnxcrz, Jn.. BA. ...... Monticello, Ark. Hllrzizlioorl fused 11-ith female grace." Y. M. C. A.g Hermf-ang U. NI. A. A.g Mississippian Staffg Vice President Hermeang Secretary and Treasurer Hermean. Jour: ELLETT STEPHENS. B.S...University, Miss. "Whosoever finfleth a wife, findeth a good thing." Honor Council, 1910-1911, 1913-1914, Chaplain Hermean, 1910 and 1913. VV. R. BARKSDALE STEVENS. B.S..Hattiesburg, Miss. "Lel's have wine, woman, mirth and lauglzfer, Sermons and classes some day after." Delta Tau Deltag Refi and Blue Clubg Outlaws, Manager Football Team, 19133 Assistant Man- ager "Ole Miss," 1913. BENTON NICAXRTHUII 'I'AxxEn, B.A. .Sarepta, Miss. "Oh, 'wise and most learned doctor." Phi Sigmag Chemistry Clubq Teachers' Cluhg Fel- low in Chemistry. REECE ROBERT XVATFS, B.S ......... Columbia, Miss. "The noblest Roman, of them' all." Y. M. C. A.g President Junior Pharmacy Class, 1912-1913, Broad Jump, 1910, second placeg Track Team, 1910, 1911, 1912. Her deal .X lit-art of gold without a grain of dross, A mighty heart with sympathy divine, A heart that smiles upon scverest loss And speaks a silent language into thine. As constant as thc cliangeless Northern Star, As deep in dear dcvotionas the sea, A kingdom, whose frontiers extended far, Call for your rule of tender tyranny. Ol God of love and might Grant me but this to-night. A brain of potency and power supreme, An intellect of logic and of sweep And strength and harmony, beyond the dream Of Plato. or imagination's leapg For mind is master of the endless law That governs all from molecule to star, And every breathless nation stands in awe Of intellect, and worships from afar. Enlarge my mind to-day To please her. Lord, I pray. "A heart, a brain and truth-these are the three, The trinity of things we must possess, Before he enters in the lists for me And hopes for my affections Il10l'0 or less. The climax of this trinity is truthf' A heart I offer you-ahunger now-A A brain I hope to bring to you, in sooth. And truth, I swear I bring, God, hear my vow. And teach her, Lord, to-day, That this is truth, I pray. P. H. L. .Qu 0 f, 5.12 Q-. 'i hni ,Af f . 'i 17'-' - ' J J if f 'nf I - vpn.--24 , N 'Q 611 N, 0 X f fl' A f A fx 1,1 x . sk fy Y f flag . 72, JUNIOR CLASS OI+'I+'ICJ'IiRS. S. E. Owen .... .......................... J. T. Rechtin. .. . . . .President Vivo-I'1'csidcnt J. K. Unger. . . .... Su-1'ofa1'y CLASS. JUNIOR ACADEMIC In fDv1nnriz11n C511 GDM Erlnurh 5Frir11h zmh Srlynnlnuatr Zlark Mahhin Eirh April 27113, 1914 .4 A Q Q .v .,v 1 i v I ' "3 Q I o .yy .... s 'O P U I 0 . M w r' Y-:lf . 5.4" , WL - iw '-va' I' V ' Q I .1 f ' 4 Q J M04 Q,oJ A Q ,aj 'U W O O .O or ffua , f f !.' L' Amis, M. VV. Junior Academic Class Phi Sigma: C'hemistry Cluihg Business Manager Mississippian, Taylor Medal in Mallieniatiesg Phi Sigma Representative in A. and M. Debate. Baggett, L. 15 ............ ............................... ............... .... O x f ord Barry, Miss G. .. ...Oxford Bean, G. ..... ................................................. .... f J kalona Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Junior Prom Committee. Brown. Miss A. I.. .. ............................................. ...Oxford Brown, li. L. .... .. . Pontotoc' Burks, J. l.. .. .... Ackerman Cook, S. C., Jr... .............................. .... C 'larksdale Kappa Alphag Junior Prom. Cully, G. R. .. .................................. .... B Iadison Honor Council, Base Ball. 1913. Currie, J. XV. .. ..... . . . Dean, S. R. .. ...Eudora Evans, M. S. .... .... H ouston Farley, Miss N. . . ...Oxford Gautier, H. XV. . .......................... ............ .... P a scagula Sigma Alpha lipsilong Junior Prom. George, J. A. . . .................................. .... B atesville Phi Sigma. Guy, T. A. ..................................................................... Magnolia Phi Sigma: 'feaeln-rs' Cluhg Glee Cluhg Pentaganol Debating Team. Hamilton. G. NV. Harris. J. H. . . . . . . . .Hazelhurst . . . Houlka Y. M. C. .X. Cabinet: Voothall 'l'e:un. 15111. 1912. lfllfig l"rc-slnnan Medal. 1912. 1Xll'kW0Ol1, J. NV. .................................. .......................... . Leavell, U. XV. ...Oxford Sigma Liu- X. M. C. .L l'uhlim'ity l'onnnilh-eg l.yc'a'uxn C'ouinni11eeg Sl'Cl'Ctl1I'y Sophomore Class. Leftwich, G. J.. McCarley. '1'. 11. J r. ............... ...... .................. .................. A b e rdeen . . . .... VVestpoint Mill9I', J. C. ... . . .I-Iazelhurst Murphy, XV. IQ. ......................... . ....... ............................ .... G u lfport Sigma Alpha lipsilong Honor Conneilg Base Ball, 1912-1914. Owen, S. li. .................... ......................................... W hite Castle, La. Phi Sigma, Boy S1-out Coininitteeg Sc-ruh Football Teaxn, 1912-19l3g President Junior Class. Pegues, Miss J. M. ............... ........ . . ........ .................. ........ O x ford Potter, C. . . . ......................................... .... . Iackson Kappa Alplmg Jnninr Prom Committee. ltvchtin, 'l'. .............................................................. ....... . .Oxford l'hi Sigxiiing Vivo l'rc'sitlc-nl .lnnior Clnxs: Assistant Business Mzningvr Mississippian. Rc-chtin. W. ll. ...................... ...... ............ .........,.................. O x f ord fllN'llllSlI'f' Clnhg llcrnwznig Assistant Bnsiiwss Mnn:i,frer Mississippian. Riley, J. l'. ......................... ............... ........... . ............. U n iversily Svhlms. C. M. .. ........................... ..VVoodville llvrinc-:ing Tennis Vluh. Scott. Miss C. K. ....... ............... . .Vicksburg Smyth, I". XV. ............................................................. ........ . Sienna .-Xlpha lipsilong Football Tcznn, 1912-19134 l9l3-1914. Solomon, D. li. .................................................................. Meridian Phi Sigrning Editor in Chief of Mississippiang Taylor Me-rlalg Literary Editor "Ole Miss." Unger, J. lx. .......,................ ........ ................................ . Y. M. C. A. Cahinctg Honor Couneilq Secretary and Treasurer Junior Cl v Vi atts, D. ....... ............................ . Sigma. Chi. wYllS0l'1, A. T. ... ....... . . . . . Bramlett Gillespie, F. A. Patrick, E. W. Hermeang Y. M. C. A.g Freshman Medal. Honor Councilg Secretary Junior Class. Phi Si gma. West Point ass. . . . . . . .Indianola . . . . . .Oxford . Claxfkesdale . . . .Duckhill CAMPUS SCENES SopliomorC,s Soliloquy I lliirml Iln-Y fi-ti-li flu- wall-1' pail- - I drink fniy tliii-st is SIN-Vl'lI. I liiiiigm-i'W kfruiglil flu-Av find nn' food kr My llllllg'0l' is 2lII2l.Vl'lI. I'ni voldf ilu'-V fun flu- grnh' fo llmiivsg- My sliiu-rs C'l'l'l'lD zuvn-V. I'ni liof 'flwy living nic ici- :ind palms- I ll-cl thi- Inx-:Lili of May. I'ni lonclnx' K!llIl'I'lIll'.Y rm-:ul fo ins-kk Oi' sing nn- fm-mlm-1' sfrains. I'ni sick lu di-zifli -Hiv doc-fork sfraiglif .Xppunsc my flirilling' pains. IIIII faint for slccp-'flu-Av sprr-:id my In-d I drift fo ploaszuif drczuns. For L-:u'l1 ik-sin-ii I fm-vl, in sliorl, Fnlliiiciif waits, if su-ins. But wlicn I yn-:Lrn To hold your hands. Ur wzmrni your lips with lllIIll', Oi' clasp you fo in-V Ill,'2l.l'I' of In-arts In ccsfzmcy divinc 'I'lu-Iv bid nn- blush for vm'-V NIIFLHIOL But blood is red and warin: And if it's right to cal and drink, Tlivn priflicu wlicu-'s thc Imrm In fondling hands, inflsnning lips. Ui' kindling sparkling cya-s, Ui' scaling in onc wild CIIIIJFFLCO The peaks of paradi sc? D ' .LG ,X Q9 ci X . I Q. , 9' , x ' W X f . ' Q'- v-" N MEM m 2 ' J" P, . . N :N fl L SOl'I IOMOR1'I FLASH 0l+'1"If'ERS. S. L. Boone. . . . . . ..... ....... I 'resident Oscar Cil.l'l' ....... .... Y 'ice-President R. H. Shacklcforfl .... ..... S ecrutary 'F ': ' 'TTFTYA INT Lf: CLASS. SOPHOMORE ACADEMIC D. T. Allred ..... J. J. Armstrong .... Miss K. Baldwin .... . .. Miss VV. C. Blount. S. L. Boone ...... .. B. O. Bourn. .. R. L. Brooks ..... J. N. Brown .... R. R. Buntin ..... L. L. Byers .... O. Carr, Jr .... T. B. Cleveland .... O. L. Clark .... C. E. Colbert .... R. H. Crook ..... V. A. Crosby. . .. J. M. Curlee ...., H, R. Dabbs. .. H. S. Darden .... XV. C. Dear. . .. T. D. Dunn .... J. P. Evans ..... ...B.S ...B.S ...B.S ...B. ...B.S Sophomore Class B.S B.S B.S B.A B.A B.S B.S B.A B.S B.S B.S B.A B.A B.S B.S B.A w . S . B.S Miss L. XV. Forbns.. ...B.S J. T. Gaddis .... . W. M. Gillaspie. . .. A. C. Hargis ...... Miss H. I.. Hargis. ...B.S B.A B.A ...B.S J. B. Henderson... B.A I. L. Hodges ....... ...B.S Miss A. F. Hume .......... B.A Miss E. Humphreys.. .... ..B.A D. R. Johnson ...... .. .B.S D. T. Keel .... ...B.S M. D ..... v v ....Y.XN.C.A.... Chemistry Club.. . Phi Sigma, Y. M. C. A ..... l-Iermean Society, Y. M. C. A ....M.Dg'1.M. . . . .Ora, Covington .....Vaiden, Carroll . . .... Moscow, Tennessee .. . .XVater Valley, Yalobusha . . . . . . Pontotoc, Pontotoc .... Columbia, Marion .. . . .Clarksdale, Coahoma .. ....... Way, Madison . . . .Central Academy, Panola Vice Pres. Sophomore Class, Scrub Football, Fresh- man Baseball Team .... Glee Club .... . . . . . . . .Clarksdale, Coahoma ... . .Decatur, Newton .....Ripley, Tippah . . . . . .XVest Point, Clay . . . .Meridian, Lauderdale . . . . Kosciusko, Attala . . .. ...... Booneville, Prentiss Y M. C. .L Publicity Committee, Manager "Dabbs Qnartetteu .............. Varsity Football 'l'eam, '13-H. . .. Tupelo, Lee . . .... Fayette, Jefferson . . .Florence, Rankin .. ......... Oxford, Lafayette Honor Councilg Varsity Baseball Team, '13, Varsity Football Team, 'l-l- .............. Meridian, Lauderdale ....Y. M. C. Ag Chemistry Club Varsity Football and Basket Phi Sigma, Freshman Medal. v v u ....X.Vl.L. ...............Lanrel, Jones Ball Teams, '14 ............. . . . . .Duck Hill, Montgomery . . . . . .0xford, Lafayette . .... Oxford, Lafayette . . . . . .Pontotoc, Pontotoc . . . . .Booneville, Prentiss . . . . University, Lafayette . . . .Greenwood, Leflore ...........Batesville, Panola Lafayette Springs, Lafayette A. S. Kyle, Jr .... B.A .... J. li. Landcrdalc.. .... 13.5 I.. D. McCoy .... .... B .S U. C. McCoy ........ .... I3 .S W. l,. McCollough .... ll. C. M4'1.con. . .. J. D. Martin .... 'l'. H. Mitchell. . . C. 11. Murphy. .. li. H. Nason .... . lt. L. Oliver .... W. M. Recd. .... Miss L. llhodes. . . ll. 11. Shakleford. XV. ll. Sisler. .. U. l". Smith. . .. li. li. Spivey, Jr .... .... N. 5. Sweat ..... XV. V. '1'arver.... li. Ii. Triplett .... J. C. Tucker ..... .... J. J. Valentine .... .... Miss li. VVatkins .... .... Z. li. M'ilks ...... ...,lib B.A B.A B.A B.A 15.5 B.A ....B.S B.A 13.5 B.S B..-X B.S B.S B.A 13.5 B.S B.S 15.5 15.5 ...llatcr,villc, Panola Taylor Modal in llistory .... .... I Ivrdando, Dc-Soto ........................ ....Parc'lnnan, Sunflowcr ....1,lll'C'lllllilll., Sunflower .....l'olnnilnu, 1.U1Vllll1'h ... ..... ..... I Iattivslnirg, l"Ol'L'Nl1 Ulu' Cluli .... .... 1 "lo1'cnc'c, Rankin . . . ..... .... 1 lonlotov, Pontoloc ..............Mavon, Noxulwc Y. M. V. .Lg l'lii Signiag l'lic'inistry Clubg 'l'cac'lu-rs' Clnlr ................ ............ L ircnada, Grenada Noxulu-P llranliani and 1'1ug'lies Clulig l'il'CNlllll2lll Baseball Tm-ani lloulka., C'l1ir-kasaw ..................Oxford, Lafayette Scwililera' Clnlmg Class Baseball and Basket Ballg .Kn- nual Art liditorg Scvretary Soplioinorr' Classg Mis- xissippian .Xrt lxditor ................ Canton. Madison Y. M. C. A. ............. ...... 1 Vater Valley, Yalolmmlia 1'l1i Siginag il1l'lll'llUl'N1 Clnlig V. M. C. .X., Poplaryillu. Pcarl ltivrr ltc-sz-:wc l"ootliall Team .... . .... Canton, Madison ... .. . .. . .... .......... C 'orinth, Alcorn ...,M atm' Valley, Yaloliuslia . . . . . . .Louisville, Winston ..........,....... .....L'ulah0xna, Marshall 1'11'9Slllllilll Medal .... 1VCSt Point, Clay ....Newton,Newton . . .COllll1ll111l, Marion X -, '5'-x ,:--fin ,ff .f,--figs.. if v Q 'i c ng sZ7f.'.'Y S55 li" Q f l V gy' . . -jf'-qw W . 2 -X i '4 ' ' W: f ' ' J L ,Q . ' - HH, E ff' ' 4:- Q' 2 U , Ai " fij- 4 ,,, J Q M - - '- -li ' Y 1,-5,4 ,mmffwf I J Qi LM HN FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS. J. K. Hamm. . . ................................ ..... P resident J. A. Crisler, Jr. ..... . . .Vice-President Miss Marjory Yvufkinw. .... Seen-ta1'y ml . a v M. B. Amis .... C. Anderson E. L. Atkinson... H. J. Bankston, Jr ........ E. M. Barry ....... R. L. Bass ....... E. D. Beanland .... .... Miss NV. D. Bene.. J. 5. Billingsley. .. .. .. H. Bradley . .. E. P. Brown ..... .... G. J. Cain .......... .... J. H. Caldwell, Jr. E. H. Carnes ...... '1'. F. Catchings .... .... C. Cleveland .. L. R. Cleveland. .. I. NV. Crawford... J. A. Crisler, Jr.. D. DeWeese ...... H. V. Donaldson.. R. Dunn ..... .. . . F. J. East ........ . Miss H. C. Farley Miss R. Friedman. F. A. Furr ....... O. H. Cartriglit... J. H Gay ..... . B. D. Good .... lt. G. Grant .... I". H. Griffin. . .. ....B.5 ....B ....B.5 Freshman Class 13.5 B.5 15.5 B.5 B.A B.A B.A 13.5 15.5 B.A 15.5 B.A 13.5 . B.A B.A B.5 13.5 B.5 13.5 13.5 B.5 13.5 B.5 B.A 15.5 ....l5.5 15.5 B.A w w .5 .... rsity Footlm ..NIeridian, Lauderdale . . . Hattiesburg, Forest . . . .l1alcomlx, Grenada . . . . .1.earned, Hindes . . . . Benoit, Bolivar . . . . .Midnigglih Yazoo .....Uxt'ord.,'ayette .....4 lxford, Lafayette . . . . .1.yonn, Coahoma . . . lielzoni, Washington . . . .lioone-ville, Prentiss ...... Learned, Hinds Charleston, Tallaliatcllie . ..... Iiosciusko. Attala . . .Woodville, Wilkinson . . . . . . Union, Newton . . . . Union, Newton . . . . .Oxford, Lafayette . .... M 6lllp1l1S, Tennessee . .Pl1iladelphia, Neshoba . . . .Boonevil1e, Prentiss .G-reenville. AVZl51l1llgtOll . . . . . . .5enatoliia, Tate . .University, Lafayette . . . . .0xford, Lafayette . . .'l'occopola, Pontotoc' . . .'l'o4'copo'l:i, Pontotoc . . . . . . . .l'1cru, Pontotoc . .1'nivcrsity., lmfayette . . . .Pontotoe, Pontotoc . . . .Colu'mlmus, Lowndes ul... lt. L. briifin .... J. K. Hamm... lt. S. Harris ...... Miss li. lledleston Miss M. C. Hill-r. D. l.. M. James... li. l'l. Johnson .... ll. S. Johnson... B. Jones ...... .... M. H. Killaui ....... .... Miss M. li. Knight ........ I. Lacy ............ J. Lemkowitz, Jr. ........ . S. Lester ......... .... Miss E. Linder .... D. A. McCall. . . . . . . M. V. McLain. . .. V. B. McXVhorter. L. I. Mock ........ .... Miss M. Moss. B. Mustin O. F. Parker ...... .... J. L. Ponder, Jr ..... .... J. M. ltanch ..... '1'. G. Redman .... B. A. ' C. B. Smith ..... Miss M. Smith .... A. Stovall .... M. L. Street J. R. Thompson... . .... B.S Smith, Jr ..... .... ....B.b B.S B.S B.A B.S B.S B.S B.S u B.S B.S B.A B.S B.S B.S B.A B.S B.S B.S B.S B.A B.S B.S B.S B.S . .... B.S as ....B.S B.A B.A B.A li. li. Turner, Jr .... .... B .S M. NI. Walker... T. F. Wasson ..... Miss M. L. Watkins ...... L. M. XVilliams ...... . . . . S. B. Woodward ..... .... . ..... B.S B.A .B.S B.A .B.S . . .Houston, Chickasaw . . Meridian, Lauderdale . . . . . . . .Houston, Chickasaw . . University, Lafayette .. . .Oxford, Lafayette .... ,.... . . .Stratton, Newton College Hill, Lafayette College Hill, Lafayette . . . . . . ..lackson, Hinds . . . . .Hickory, Newton .... .. . . . .Oxford, Lafayette . .Boonesville, Prentiss . ..... Natchez, Adams . . .Oakland, Yalobusha .... .. . . . .Oxford, Lafayette Poplarville, Pearl Rive .. . . . . . .Closter, Amite . . . .Ackerman, Choctaw . . . . Natchez, Adams . . . .Oxford, Lafayette . . . . . . . . .Columbus, Lowndes . . . . Louisville, Winston . . . . . . . .Beach, Scott . . . . Edwards, Hinds . . . . Benton, Yazoo ... . .Jackson, Hinds . . . .Oxford, Lafayette . . University, Lafayette ..... Sardis, Panola . . . . .Corinth, Alcorn . . . .Shannon, Lee . . . . Eudora, DeSoto . . . . .Senatobia, Tate . . . . Kosciusko, Attala . . . . . . Newton, Newton . . . . . . . . .Prentiss, Jefferson Davis . . . . .Oxford, Lafayette C. XVoodhn ......... .... Miss M. E. YVOrd... U. S. XVillium5, Jr... P. G. Gragnon. .. B. O. Varner ..... H. H. Triplett .... J. U. Lame... ' 1 Mr - 21. ! ik. N C110 O a fm '-HQ 1' 550 ' Ag , 1 If 3, ii I oo rl fi 50217 hx 0 ao Dona' Li L' All Q J' Iii Q1 u 1 ads. 5 3? ' M N 5 K 'xi Y Q9 F . H Y? 1 Pg 3 ,,f X3 all W, i'.Jf..4.. H Okolona, Chickasaw . . . .Oxf0rd, Lafayette . .Eupox-a, Webster Okolona, Chickasaw , . . .Sanatohia, Tate Loakfoma, Winston Indianola N .4 3 f -LK nf! ' lv v eh fig, X "lag , ,, mn Es A Q ix S T f KU . M I x-1 45, GTM? ,H . Xi V X- FP! J - , ' -Y g ,f TKYFBMQTEBE TRXEWWFEE QS Lesson I. in Bugology Is your prof. a golnng shark? Knows he paint? Then lit-'s a mark. Bug him. Don't be turned by nasal lVHY'S P Ease him onto Greek-or flies. One ean't. fail until he tries. Bug him. Bug him. Has he edited a book? Bug him. Can lie Whittle? Can he cook? Bug him. Blake him blush, with fearsome lies. Overlook l1is countless 'I's." Make flu' eo-ed praise his ties. Bug him. Does he yearn to hasten back? Bug him. Keep him wandering oil the traek. Bug lnm. Nod assent when all is clark. Laugh at stories from the ark. Bug him! unashamecl and stark. BUG HIM! fHe-dlestonl flluekj 1 . Q1'ranklm Inj Qalilclenl Qliishj Q Brownj l'l'orreyJ 1 llawsonj lYaws. yawsl Qllueliananl fSmileyl QDittoj llfennonl QRamrodj Uvliole Faeultyj I i 'I 5 I gl- I.d' 'A 2' + ED ' W 'X Predictions of rofessor Astropophes Page from thc notebook of Professor Astropophes, the world-famed astrologer, given out thirty minutes before he died of astrologomitis: 3A On its green surface I can read the present, past and future of this world. I see and All Or, Or, Or, Or, Or, Or, Or, Or, Or, Or, Or, Or O r 9 9 Or, Or, Or, Ur, Cr, make note of the following things of interest and importance + lst-The world was created 32 million years ago out of nothing, 2nd-The world is round. 3rd-'I'he world will come to an end by exploding. 4ftl1-'l'his explosion will occur IF ie Hume eve1' gives a holiday, the Glee Club ever learns how to sing, Dr. Riley ever gives an easy examination. Caesar ever comes to life, "Hawkins', Dabbs ever weighs two hundred and fifty pounds, Fred Smith ever stops talking, uIV3.lHPllS,, Gautier is ever caught studying, the Gulf of Mexico ever dries up, "Red" Johnston is ever gray headed. "Chick" Green ever cuts a class. "Bad Alle-y" is ever perfectly quiet before 3 A. M., the I. C. ever extends its line to the moon, Roy John ever cuts off his mustache, g'General" Dorrah is ever reduced to the ranks, if they ever have a chicken dinner at Gordon Hall, the Mississippi River ever freezes on the ith of July. "Old Klan" Simmons ever whips ""l'ee lVee" Mills in a lil round bout. a Freshman ever fails to be ignorant, a mouse ever jumps over I'ike's Peak. . BI.-Looking 32 degrees north of the Pole-star I see the star Fate 'bd 5 Q vm' T1 Q'- 'v-N rv T751- ., as ',,'fY LAW BUILDING. M41 " QR an 5 'M 1f?!ff55-FWZ' f L JQNNJY James Lawrence Backstrom, LL.B..Richston, Miss. "His smile dolh beam, Even as the sun upon. a summer's day." Phi Sigma, Mississippi College Club, Y. M. C. A., Blackstone Club, President Y. M. C. A., 1912-13, Blackstone Anniversary Orator, President Phi Sigma, Anniversarian Phi Sigma. lfldward Cage Brewer, LL.B. . .Black Hawk, Miss. "So wise, so grave, of so complearecl a langue, and so loud wifhal that 'll'0'lllll noi 'mag nor .-:carve lie slill 'wilhoiut a fee." B. A. Millsaps, 1910, M. A. Vanderbilt, 1911, Kappa Sipgma, Sigma Upsilon, Hermean So- ciety, Blackstone Club, Member Athletic Board of Control, 19152-1913, Business Manager Ole Miss, 1912-1913, Orator Blackstone Anniversary, 1913, Orator Hermean Anniversary, 1913, An- nivcrsarian Blackstone, 1914, President Hermean, 191-1-, Treasurer of Y. M. C. A., 1913-1914, Law Librarian, 1913-1914, Delegate International Stu- dent Volunteer Convention, Kansas City, 1914-, Winner of Law Books Given by Southern Bench and Bar, Represented Ole Mfiss in the Ole Miss-A. 8: M. Debate, 19144, Associate Editor Ole Miss, 1913-1914-, President Seth Ward Bible Class, 1912-1913, President Hermean Anniversary Oc- casion, 1914, Inter Society Debater, 1913. l VVyatt Clinton Cliurchwcll, I.I,.B. .Leamsville, Miss. ".-llony fhe cool sequeslerecl rale of life- Ile keeps the noiseless tenor of his way. Phi Sigma Literary Society, Blackstone Club. Arthur Barnett Clark, LL.B ........ Newton, Miss. ':Not over serious, not too gay, But a rare good fellow." B. A. University of Mississippi, 1912, Delta Tau Delta Fraternity, Scribblers' Club, Red and Blue Club, President Y. M. C. A., 1914, Treas- urer Y. M. C. A., 1912, President Blackstone Club, 1911, Athletic Editor Ole Miss, 1912, As- sociate Editor Ole Miss, 1914-, Presi-dent Pan Hellenic Council, 1911, Board of Control Missis- sippian, 1911-1912, Karnea Club, Golf Club. Clinton Edwards Dorroh, LL.B ...... Macon, Miss. "A nd when a lady's in the case, You know all other things give place." Y. M. C. A., Blackstone Club, "General in Army", Noxubee County Club, Y. M. C. A. Publicity Committee, 1913-1914-, Chairman of Junior Prom., 1912-1913, Chairman of Outlaws, 1913- 19144, President Athletic Association, 1913-1911, Varsity Football, 1913, Proctor, 1912-1913, Sec- retary to Faculty Committees, 1913-1911. Wall Doxey, LL.B . ......... Holly Springs, Miss. "A voice more thrilling ne'er was heard In Springtime from ihe cuckoo bird." B, S. U. of M., 1913, Y. M. C. A., Phi Sigma, Blackstone Club, President Literary Class, 1910- 1911, President Law Class, 1913-1914, President Phi Sigma, Vice President Athletic Association, Class Historian and Poet, Chautauqua Repre- sentative, Winner First Sophomore Medal, 1Vin- ncr of Junior Medal, Member of Winning Inter- Society Debating Team, Business Manager Mis- sissippian. Thomas Hicks Elam, LL.B ....... University, Miss. "Noir, in fhe name of all the gods at once, Upon irhal meat doth this our Caesar feed Tha! he is grown so great!" Phi Sigma Literary Society, Blackstone Club, Ma- sonic Club, President Honor Council, 1913-1914, Secretary and Treasurer Masonic Club. Cornell Sidney Franklin, LL.B...Columbus, Miss. "I zrunf Io grow as beautiful as God meant me lo be." B. A., 1913, Phi Delta Theta, Scribblers' Club, Y. M. C, A. Cabinet, 1913-1914, President Senior Class, 1912-1913, Track Team, 1910-1911, Cap- tain Track Team, 1911, Recl and Blue Club: Junior Prom., 1911-1912, Outlaws, 1912-1913, Blackstone Cluib, Assistant Business Manager Varsity Voice, 1909-1910, Assistant Business Manager Mississippian, 1912-1913, Assistant Managing Editor Mississippian. 1912-1913, Owl Club, Golf Club, Pee 1Vee Football, 1912, An- nual Staff, 1913. XYilfred Alexamler flt'l5t'lllN'I'gIt'l', I.I.. ll. Nalelivz, Miss. "I-'irc in mu-I1 eye. mul papers in each hand, Ile l'0I7l'.S', rm'ilf'.s' mul rriaflclemr 'round Ihe land." llerniean Literary Soeietyg Blackstone Clulig Sec- retary Ilernieang Vice President lilaekstone Clulig Vive President Senior Law tflassg Sheriff Nloot Court. XYalter Galloway Green, I,I..l5 ...... Natelivz, Miss. "Be gone, my l'!l.'fl'.N', I yire you fo flu' wind." Delta Kappa Epsilon lfraternityg Blaekstone Clulig IlCI'Illt'ElIl Soeietyg lied :ind Blue Vlulmg Out- lawsg Social i'oinmittve Y. Nl. l'. .Lg Turkey Clulig Varsity l"ootli:nll, 19123 Varsity llaseliall. Hllf!-l9I'l-. Horatio Ogden Ilolt, LL.B ......... Rnssum, Miss. III'f,l'l' frllou' In walk lrilll, flown ,if-INN ,Il.fIlIll'lI.ll. ix .vwlrlom fUllIIlI.u Sigma Alpha lipsilong Theta Nu Epsilong Red and Blue Clubg Blackstone Cluhg Hernu-an Literary Club. Jerome Parker Jsnnes, LL.B ........... Alva, Miss. 'A man in zrhom Ihere llzrells all llml is honest and lmnoral1I0." B. S.. U. of Nl.. H1134 Alpha Tau Uniega Frater- nityg Masonic' Clubg Phi Sigma Literary Soeietyg Blackstone Cluhg Y. M. C. A.g Vice President Honor Couneilg Varsity Football Team, 1913. Henry Grady Johnston, l,I,.B .... Hernando, Miss. "I flare do all llzul 11111.11 become ll Illllll- Who lI!ll'l'S do IIIOIYC is II0IlP.D B. S., 19134 Red and Blue Cluhg Blackstone Club, Hermeang Y. M. C. A., President Herniean, 1912-19134 Vice President Hermean, 1912-1913: Anniversary Orator Herinean, 191-l-5 Vice Presi- dent Y. M. C. A., 1912-19144 President Junior l,aw Class, 1912-1913, First Assistant Business Manager Varsity Voice, 1910-19l1g Assistant Business Manager Mississipian, 1911-19124 Club Editor Ole Miss, 1913-191-lg Member Honor Council, 19144 Secretary Athletic Associationg Secretary Tenis Cluhg President DeSoto County Club. lidward Martin Livingston, LL.B..I.ouisville, Miss. huvllllf fl fine 1111111 Illlfll fllllf fllnlfllll' 111111111 flwcf' B. S., 19l3g Kappa Sigma, Red and Blue Clubg Masonic Cluhg Blackstone Cluhg Herineang Y. M. C. A.g President Blackstone Cluhg Vice Presi- dent Blackstone Cluhg Vice President Hermeang Vice President Masonic Clnhg Treasurer of Ath- letic Association, Class Editor Ole Miss, 1913- l914g Honor Council, 1912-1913. Sam Holden Long, LI,.B ........... Tupelo, Miss. "If lI0f air 11-410 music I zrould be 11, whole brass I1a1zfl." Delta Tau Deltag Blackstone Cluhg Herrneang Karnea Cluhg Basket Ball Team, 1910-11-12-13, President Sophomore Classg Secretary Blackstone Club: President Blackstone Clubg Vice President Hermean. Allen Dupree Shelton., I,L.B ..... Hazlehurst, Miss. "They Sfllll fll0ll url n lllll'-UPI' in fIlS.tlll1SP, 'Tis well, I zvoulrl no! suspect it 0fIIPl'1l'lS0.,, Blackstone Cluhg Herineang A. 8: M. College. 1909-19123 Millsaps College, 1912-19135 IXPIIIVQ Treasurer Senior Law Class, Honor Council. 1913-1914. IP-' l"red B. Smith, LL.B ....,.... Blue Mountain, Miss. "The fimvsl fi-nil earth holds up to ils Maker is a finished man." li.S.. Millsaps College, 19134 Kappa Signing Sigma l'psilnng lilavkstuue Clubg llernieang Y. Bl. C. .-Lg Vice President Tennis Club, 1913-191-1-g Her- xnean Anniversarian, 1914g President Hermean, 1913-191-lg Anniversary Orator Hermean, l913g lflditm' in Chief "Ole Bliss," 1913-19143 Vive President lilaekstone, 1913-19l1g Secretary and Treasurer of Scribblm-rs' Club, 1913-1911-g Inter- Soeiety Debater, 1913-lflllg Vive President Her- niean, 19133 Y. Bl. C. .X. Bible Study Cmnniittee, 1913-19145 Clerk of Moot Court, 1913-19141. James Warren Suuiners. LL.B .... .Marietta, Miss. "I mn ns- .mlwr as ll jzulyef' President Phi Sigrmag Vice President Phi Signing Inter-Society Debater: Blackstone Club Re- pnrterg Vice President Blackstone Club for two terms: XVinner of Prize from "Southern Bench and liar Review" for .Xrtiele on "Grandfather Clause"g Vice President Prentiss County Clubg President of Directors of Student C0-Op. Boarding Club: l.:iu' Reporter for Mississippiang Assistant l.ibrarian, 1913-191-1-g Distiizvtion. Hugh Lewis Sutherland, I..I.B .... Rosedale, Miss "A fave with gladness overspread, Soft smiles by human kinrlness bred." 13. A., 19135 Delta Psi Fraternityg Hermeang Blackstone Clubg lied and Blue Clubg President Tennis Clubg Vice President Red anfl Blue Clubg llerniean Urator. 1913g President l'lCl'ITll'.'l!1. .Xrtinius Frank Gardner, LL.B..Greenw00d. Miss. "Ile was a sr-holar, and a ripe and gurvl one, lg.l'l'l'f'lIill'If, fair .vpuken and per.s'1u1ding." Phi Delta Theta Fraternityg Vanderbilt, 1910-11 and 1911-12. v X ls W X I 2 ' K Q . :E-: --g Q 2 N Y' N325 4 lu M, x X + 1 V X ' xfflfxw I'f-'Q' 5' R Q guyz yXl.a'if,5f 3 '31, Q , N .. o 1 J' - : fx-L1 rl G EST- ' 9 Q20 lil-E-F I :S Q x lv? Y- Til- - 1 :T Y Y x z u X -r ff ,Q ' -3 xi . ' if 111 I: 'xx Am 5 o gfcfjig ffalx " , , , :W KW M Q 'S-11. C" ,X ? 4 , - 0 5 X431 X Q 5 5 yxffx x 'ilpf x'1."2?? I V. fr Yr QTJM J iiiw 'X SYN ' 1 j 4 L' ,-Ja Q 'wi-it-2 X z - I Q D J-Ttiii-i-L Pig f xiii! h 'r a 0 v ol- :- Q: l'L U ' c u sh, u QA JUNIOR LAW CLASS. VV. E. Morse. F. D. Gillelyn VV. L. Hays. .. Allen, P. VV. Breeland, J. J. .. Case, H. F. Chandler, L. T. Dinsmore, J. R. Dobrowski, H. M. .. Fora, P. E. .... . Gautier, H. W. . Gillelyn, F. D. .. Hall, L. D. .... . unior LaWLClass 1 OF F I C li li S. CLASS HOLL. Sigma Chi. Slglllil Alpha lipsilou. President l ice- President Secretary . . . . .Kelly . . .Wisdom . .Stonewall . .lndianola .....Maeon . .l.a-xiugton . .Columbia . .Pascagula . .Aberdeen .... ...Columbia B. A. Mississippi College, 19123 Honor Couneilg Hermeang Y. M. C. .Lg Glue Club. Hays, YV. L. .................................................. .................. Y Valtlulll Annual Staff, 1912-1913, 1913-1914, Freshman Medalg Sophomore Medal. Hightower, G. B. ..... 1 ............ ................................................ O xford Phi Kappa Psi. Hudson, J. K. .. ........................... ..... 1 Jxford Delta Kappa Epsilon. Jones, T. D. .......... ...................... .... I i ossuth Kincaunon. J. C., Jr. ... ..................... ...Tupelo Senior Acudeinic. Leftwich, G. J., Jr ..... ................. . ...Xberdeen Lewis, C. D. ....... ........................................... . Glee Clubg Blackstone Clubg Phi Sigma, Morse, VV. E. ..................................................................... Jack-.on Kappa Sigma, Sigma Upsilong B. S. Millsaps College, 1913: President Junior Law Class: Orator of Blackstone Club, Clerk of Moot Courfg Chairman Y. M. C. A. lieacl- ing Room, Hermeang Y. M. C. :Lg Blackstone Clubg .X. N M. College Debaior. Pegues, S. H. ............ .................,..................... ............. X X 'inona Sigma Alpha Iipsilon. Pul'j'Ci1I', L. P. .. ..................... . . .Svlliltulliil Riley, J. P. . . . .............. ,, ,University Sigma Chi. 1fThey Wcmulcl WI'itQ 'Kingx and IJlll'l'llN l Huw Mi-I." liamlmj' Ch-m'g'v llzunilfun. 'Cfussings I Ilan- Gui." .lulni Ball. 'Svlf-MzldvB11-n." I.:uI-Y Ivillim- I"0l'IDllS. "l'0l1-plnnn' Calls I Ilan' .Xiiswa-rvcI." "C'npid" fNIc'C'nIlongh. 'I'I1v CTlmnc'cllm"s Office: Insidv Infornmfiun." I"rosIninui Ilcwcm-sv. 'Grouping in I"i1'wf-Yi-ni' fIL'l'lll2lll or I"l'L'lll'Il.u Ilcvlliin N Boyctt. 'Nighfs Un Hn: Dining Hull." Frvslinizui .Ianni-s. How I BL-c':unc :L G1-i1v1':1l." if li. IIUVFUII. Lcssons in 'I'uss1nn IInnfing." llrivui' and Julnn. 1"l'0SIlllll'll I II:u'c IIllSIl'lI.N l+'1':uikli11 I,. liiloy. Ninn- Yolnnn-s. IIUJIIIIY Hints." Sun: Funk. Afoof Down Hn' 1.11111-." f'I?lIl'l' Blunnf. ' I'v1'fuincs :uid I,l'l'flllllL'l'.V.N "Soc"' Holloway. Sprinfing Hints." Guy N C'l:L1'k. VVHI1 :L IIIIZLPICI' on "Night Practice Indiana Law un Brv:u-Ii-of-Prmnisc Suits." J. Tlxoodorc Rcchtin. XXIII Q -.- Qi ix kfiii I K , 1' - 7. .- 4,q ,3g XXI. g,55"t1X? I 'x ij- 3.6 Av 1 if if n 2, U , GH -7 M 'W 7 " ' 'J - 3 C. 1 , W 1 Q - A4254 Z'nm1l.4 , QXQ u X, ff? ff, 'lfV:3 1 - ff' -L . 'Lvlg 'ff Q ' W " fl iii ' ." ' 5 ,4 1'-Y A ' -"Q- ' ew it X QQ 4 i if , Qing!!! 1,17 ' I, 5 'lf' "V V ":'- h wwf V W I X NNX, Q w ww X D F fff A fi -: E "" f '-4 -4. .- .. ,f-:Sf 351554 'xfki fl I 2 g fi , Q P f i A l'INGIXl'll'llilNG VIASS Ul"l"IK'lCliS. l I H 'll'llY ' l . . . u . .. . . . ...... ........... .... I 1 'Q-sich-xml R. Bock. . . . . .Yin--I'l'1-simlvllf IAiIlflS0y . . , . . .Scc'l'vf:Ll'y Karl Ross Beck, B.l'l .............. Merigold, Miss "The pm:-wr of deuliny 11-ilh vzumlmrs is a kind of clelfu-hed lever urrangcnzenl, bu! is usually found in ll mighty good u'ulr'l1." lt. C. J. A. Vlubg Student Assistant in Engineering, 1913-1914-4 Vive President of Classg 1Vaiters' Club, 1913-19141-g XViuner of Waiters' Prize, 1912. John XVill:1rd Haynes, l3.l'l .......... Oxford, Miss "IVlmn, I lmlzold lhix, I .s-iglred, and sairl within llzyxvlf. .vurffly vnorlnl man is ll lll'UUIlI-S'fil'k.v li. C. J. .-X. Clubg Instructor in drawing, 1912-1913. Robert Lindsey, 13.15 ................ Laurel, Miss. "Sl0mI-rl mul imlusfriousf' R. F. J. A. Clubg Taylor Medal in Math. Isidor Km-vwtim-, B.l'l ............ Clarksdnle. Miss. "Warp your face if it he sour, I can sparc u smile from mine." Tznylor Medial in Mec'h:inic'al Drawingg Distinction in Sophomore and Junior Matbematicsg Ii. C. J. A. Club. George Gray McClatchy, I3.l'I.Hnlly Springs, Miss. "Hy lime and toil H'l' .w'r1f'r Wim! slrzfnyflz and rage could m'l'cr." B. S.. 19134 Tavlor Mc-dal in Astronomyg li. C. J. A. Clubg Phi'Sign1z1. -an! 1' -Q... fk, .. x , 'Wi , xv " - Q- ...ff w'7 4. K - - f' ' 'A - .Unuii:""" - 7, E E .E , E A "fi" W ' 'Q 'gli' 2 Q Q E - , xigigg-,Q Q11 I V F 1,11 Z 3:41. , -1, 1, 41 . '41 .. I . . 1, 7 fff fin, in i KLM . V . tix f .inf Q' , 1 5 fri-.E .7 V ff f J- Q Nj fy Mr M K x WX." ,'if1'1.,' 'ffvxfzi ,I Q ' f ' ' Wx -3' s, WMM '11 ""W! ?P 5 fy -ff iff 51 'J 'I XX L1 ' ' J! 9 , E, ..r -,, v- Af. X x, ff. - . me E. , . E y ..LE,f1 ww E - E ' fm Q f. fy f E ' NQYX, 'yf 4,151 -f ,KAQ 1 f ' if! LL E, 'fi 17 'Z ff., I fp, if - 4 211.4 1 - THE LA ST 0F THE ENGINEER . ,. 'mx ' ' -f lax Ni Q! ' , - ,gi " im l EIHIIIIIMI -' ummm .4 uw! 4'u"',,. xc ' f ! C Q X.. sf, U ,, iw: 3 e. 5 f 9 Q V. ff'-N ASS. CL ENGINEERING UNIOR J Class Roll Alien, P. F. .. 1l.1ttivslmrg Ball. H. H. .. ......................... ....,............. . . .liaymoml Soruln l"ooll':nll 'lil'!1lllQ lluslwl liull 'l'x':um Beck, K. H. .. . ...,..........................,.., .... X lerigolcl Yin' l,l'l'Nlill'lll of Cluss. Breeland, D. A. . . ............ ..... X Visdom Brown, R. L. . Bunoll, F. XI. .. Davis, L. I. .. . . . Ponlotov . .... Yunuisi . ...Greenville Hardy, Ifl. J. . ..........,......,.................. ..... C 'olumlmus Dvlfzx Tuu Ile-ltug Presiclcnt of Clus Haynes, J. W. . ..,..... ..... ......... ..... .... O x f o rml Hopkins, G. P. .. ...Gulfport Howell, N. A. .... ....... l 'lr-ru Jackson, T. J., Jr. .. Hattiesburg Johnston, J. XV. . . . .lliiivvrsity Kerstine, I. ..... ..Clarksdu1f- Kirkwood, J. XV. . .... Oxford Lindsey, R. ..... Laurel Long, J. U. .. .... Blcfoxnlm City McCall, 15. F. ........................................,..... slmlm-rlfmu Football Tcain, 1911-12, 1912-13, 1913-1-lg Bnselmll 'l'C:un, 1911-12, 1912-13, 1913-11g Business Manage-r "Ole Bliss," 1913-1-Lg Captain l"ootlnull '1'c-um, 1913-14. McClafChey, G. G. ........ ........ ................,. ........... . . . Holly Springs Mulloy, R. L.. .. ........ I.uurcl Murphy, C. li. ........................ .... C 'lulfporl Scrub Footlmall Team. Priclgen, I. A. .. ..................... .... 1 Vigggins Ray. .L XV. . Scott, O. .L .. Sharman, J. li. Simmons, C. .. Simmons, D. .. XVilson, W. F. .. VVord, E. R. .. ....xl9l'lfll2lll ...Jlyrtlv ....Nlerinli:1n ...Nlngnoliu ...Magnolia . . . .Oxford ....0xforx1 MEDICAL BUILDING. , N I' ' . RW Hi li 5 yu Fl MXWL Mm , I yXQlLiNyiWj3fRH'x A,K ff fr ,Nw - Tj W ' fv f. aHwf .1 NM j Wi ,J VK k L35 5 :!Em11ill,-A -X ,Q -Pl 5,1 111 P,1i,,,H 7 x WW: xiffwr' X Q ml, ,A l I T575 WZQ tw Ilwtlxxfyq 1 X ,wk , , , af , gy Q 'P , 1. 'H W X ! 1 5 ? Hy M55 5 N ,A L A A :JJ-,, L ,,g,lfkf- ,wqlvii P x wxeil 1 x,-X I , ,X V, , 1 4 lx! X 1 a ' 1" W' .- Q' ' fmxaif V ,'pI I' fl 1:' ,H".J Q5 f el y VI ,ul n .X ' ' ' ' ix Mft! ' 1 Q AI M I X lx 'L -, ' .' ww W M J N X fl Wm. W 3 W www .. ff V wJ izffiwl W 9? H-+ X Vx l X1 x 6 gm Q wx M . l RA H I k 'W fe vwf f2 , f 'f HM? Xfgsfwmlligf k'Ix wr jf, 'f :I 'Wx W ! Fl ill I x,XX MW K 3 K . M 413 Wg 1, W 'W I ik X W. v w' r . YL M ff -5, 2 1, q wjqln K Wk vfm , 'Nth' xl itlsx Y!! IJ l'ni:n Aninls. M.D. ..,..,......... liosviusko, Miss. I "Oh, Jupiter. how u-wry are my spirits. ' Y. M. U. .Mg Ili-rmcun l,itCl'2lI'y Society: Football li1's1'l'x'n-, HH-2-lflg ,Xrinyg 'l'c':lc'ln'l's' Vining Ciwin- isiry Vluli. Clmrlm-s Aluxumlvr livmlvr, NLD. . .Mc-mpliis, 'IR-lm. ".l frzirlllrfxx 11011.11 and u bIll1r1r'lwxs mind." I'uuHn:lll, lfllfi. l'l1:1rl4-s D, lllussiiigniiu-, M.l7...l'lmIylw:itv, Miss. "Trim as ll nrrrllr' lu II pole, Hr us rf, dial In Iliff sun." ISS.. Mississippi Colle-geg Prentiss County Club: Y. M. C. A. Czlhinctg Mississippi Colle-gv Clulmg llnnor C0llllf.'iiQ Phi Sigrnizl. is-H' NiitC'i1f'lN'l' Boggaiu, M.IJ. .... .... ' 1'upvlo, Miss. lla' lllinlrs lon m:u'l1,' .vurli IIIFN- NTI' llflIl.Ij07'0'll3 in Ilwir II'iSll0llI.H l'residcnt Junior Mcclivul Class. 1912-iflliig l5.S.. University of Mississippi, 1912. boloinon li, Boykin, M.D ......... I':1uc'ketl. Miss "Rises early, slurlirs 111111, l'Vorks all day with book and slate." Phi Sigma. Literary Societyg Rankin County Club, Honor Council. John YV. Grcvn, M.D .........,....... XVesl, Min "Linked sweetness, long drmmz out. " Y. M. C. ,Lg Jef and Mutt Clubg Millsaps Clulm M. Irving Brewer, M.D ............ Xlicrclven Miw "Live man, wall man, dmd man, stiff, Dig 'Pm fup. out 'em up, wlzatis the diff' Ilunzfrus, fznnorous, blood and gowf. I'll be an JI. IJ. in fu-0 yvnrs iIlUl'f." Roger Pon Hentz ................ Coffffcville, Mim "IVF do not rounl years fill we lmrrf nolliing wlxf lo r'mmf." Masonic Club. F.- V P. fa l.on C. Johnson, BLD ............ University, Miss. "lVlmn rr man mnrrirs his lroublv begins." ll. S. G1-orge Robinson Christian Collcgeg L. I. Gvorgo Robinson Cln'isl'i:1n Collcgc-g Muster of .Xc'c'onnis. I1ill's linsinvss Coll:-gag VV. O. VV., B. K. of A. XVillie Frank Kronv, MJD ...... , . .Columhus, Miss. "Tim Imuuly of my form is my vonslanf joy." Chemistry Clubg Tennis Cluli. Isaac Simon Links, MD ........ Kosciusko, Miss. "There is some ill u-brewing You-ard my rest, For I llI'l'll7Il of mormy bags loniyhff' Thomas Randolph NICCZIFIEY, M.D. .0kal0na, Miss. "1I0 is vomplele in fenlurv and in mind, lVill: ull goof! .ljl'Il!'I', lo gram' a gmztlenlanf' Rr-d and Blur' Club. Maury Holcombe McRae. M.D......Cm'intl1. Mlm. "Dl1:i1h'11.v, IwH'm'r.' Tllix lurrl has hix l'.lf!'S upon 'lynn' .lunius K. Oath. BLD. .......... Buy Springs, Miw "Tulfw him for all and rlll, .urnfll noi fiml Dix lilfr uyluin ." l"noflm:1ll Reserve. 1912-1913. ,xlK"XZIl1llCl' Mvliee Pnwc, BLD, .H1lttlESl1lll'g. lliw "Men may come and men may go, But I go on forever." 515111121 .Xlpha lipsilong .Xlphu Kappa Kappa Theta Nu Epsilong Real and Blue Clulvg 'l'1'z1c'lx Tealu, 1907-19084 Baseball Team, 1906-1907 xY?ll'Slty lfcmtlmll. 1907-1909-1910. 11011011 1'1:11'1v Pllllllli, 31.11 .......... Tupelo, Miss. "Thr fillll' l'1'1f lox! in ironing. In lI'llfl'll1l1y and p1n'.s'uing 'flu' light Ilml firm' in 1l'0IHlll1,X eyrfs. Ilas 11011111 my I1mn'l'x llllllilillfjfi 13. S., l'11i1'1-rsity of Mississippi, 19133 171-1111 'liilll 11011211 112lN1iK"1 13311, 1911, 191-2-1913-191-13 Fill!- 121111 151141401 154111 'l'l'2llll, 191-1-g '1'en11is'1'c:1111. 1910- 1 19114 St1l1C'c1112lllllliU11119111115 191 1-1912gO11t1z1ws. 1912-19134 Gulf C'11111g 11011 and 111110 Clulmg 1 1i2ll'11K'2l l'l1111. 15011-121111111 1'l:11'c'11c'e Rush, 11.13. Mississippi fify, Miss. "Tul1'1' your llIl'lU!'ill-1' likw ll man." 1'11i Kuppzl .Xlpim 1"1':11c1'11i1y: 1'l'CSiK1t'l11 Svnim 311-1111111 Class. 111111101 C. Smith. 31.11. ......... lv111YC'1'h1tyQ Miss "l"I'llIl!jllf irilll ll!lll'HiII!l.N limim' CUlIllK'i1, 1913-Hg 111vit:11iu11 Clillllllittfi' '11-. F S ,-ig MEDS. ff' , 3 , Q, I -1 1'- u J I ,f f 'ff gg, f. ff 3 -' -' a ' 1 277? J, ',,.-:- ir Unfnglxx Sy! ii , 1 .-9 'vb bl JUNIOR MEDICAL CLASS Junior Medical Class O F F I C l'l H S. P. D. Holloway. . VV. C. VVebb. . . M. S. Evans. . . CLASS llOI.l.. Brunson, C. W. .. Burns, E. P. .. ......................... Masonic Clulig Urclicmtrxi. Cain, L. VV. .. Dean, S. R. .. Denson, W. S. Evans, M. S. Hall, M. VV. .. Harris, J. H. ....................................................... .... Football Tezun, l911-12, 1913-14-g lfreslnnzm Mcmlnlg Hoy Sw Y. M. C. A.g Hernnezm Holloway, P. D. .. ............... ... Phi Kappa Psi. W. E. Murphy .................. ..... .................................. Sigma .Xlplizi lipsilong Bnselmull Te-:nn. ISJIJ-Iiig IMA ll. lizuyburn, G. B. .. Roberts, A. L. .. Smythe, F. YV. ................................................. . . . . .l'1'p-siclcnt Yicc-Pix-siclonl . . . .SL'C1't'lFll'Y . . . .I,llSl'1l41fUlllil . . . llcmlvliff , . ..l..Cl2lllCl . ..... lfludom ....lS:uy bpririgs . . .Ponlolov ..,.liowiiisko .....,...Houlku nil lt'llllllllll,'l': ...L'ollinN .....Gull'11o1'l ...M':ilc1'v:ullvy ....l.onin .Me-nipliis, 'l'vnn. Sigma Alpha Epsilong Football 'l'e:m1, 1912-13g 1913-llvg llznskct Bull lmm. lflll-llig lfnlii-ll. Xvllfd, R. R. .. VVebb, W. C. .. ...................... Vice President of Clash. ...Shipman ....BJIllIlCl' College Alphabet A IS for Alliv, ill Mutll lll-'s :1 Sllill'li, B is for Bolldurm-llt, wllo givt-s :L good lllZll'li, C' IS for cill2lIllllt'l', lil-'s l4llUWIl vt-ry wt-ll, ll is for Dt-llt, no lil-s docs llc tell. li IS for IQVELIIS, tl midgl-t ill size, 1" is for 1"z1l'lcy, :L tcllcllcl' so wiscg G IS for Gauticr, :L Vvillllpllrl llc is, II is for Ill'Clflll'Sl0ll, wllo tcllds to llis biz. I IS for Irony, wt- will uso sl good bit. J is for Jolms, wllo insult- quita- a llit, K is for IilIll'2lIll10l1, Wll0Nl' lit-:ul is quita- bald, I. is for I.clivl-lls, sonic forty in all. M IS for AIllC'liL'llfllSS, H two SO four, N is for Nicllclsoll, :L co-cd of lorc, U IS for Uwt-ll wllosc lllCliIl2l,lIlL' is Bloody, I' IS for Pound, wlio always llas to study. Q is for i1LlL'Sl'l0llS. tllcy :1H'ol'll us no fun, R IN for liilcy, at History am gun. S is for Slllltll, llL' will talk till you arc dt-ad, 'l' IS for 'll2Il'VL'l', YVllOSL' lit-all is quite red. U is for llllgcr, llc llzls ZL good tllllv, Y wt-ll, it's just ill tllL'l'C to fill out tllc lillc. YV is for XXT21lSUll, just om- of luis kind, X is for X-anus, tlmt zlddlt- llll' lllllltl, Y is for you, wllot-vt-1' you bc? Z 15 for Zuro, wllicll oftt-ll wc soc. St-lull. ,2 .,. , A MN my mfft-QL MU Vffgl x I X WW Q XX X, xxsb-v Qkx X , X M mx Mx W fm- M MRM .R+ f- M N515 ,kind U' ' 7 X1 I 5 EQKMW 1 Ig WWW! if 563 V v , ffm? X mgfv ,t,,, Yyxy ,f ,jf"' "N X X X I ri, CY ll, 'A nw, H' yi, 0 My AMT F H CWNA? sw fl K w In , W," ml .yn W, , xr .M f lun V r .wxl N ,, K , x 11 ,v ', l:'Mlx X uh xXt.M JkjgM I '7s:l 3, 'W' 1M?'g 1 W1 'Li 1 J WU h .T fxqmllll W f 1' xi' Q V 'lllllllllllfi Ellison Avent, Pli.G. ....... Oxford, Miss. "When found, make a note of it." President Senior Plulrmaeyg Secretary and Treas- urer Junior l'l1z1rnmc'y, 1912-1913. .lznnvs 'l'. Colluin, PILG. ............ liupora, Miss. "Shorlly his forlfzmes slmll be lifted higher." Albert Tatum Dent, Jr., PILG. ..... Macon, Miss. "Grew talkers are 'never great doersf' Red and Blue Clubg Baseball, 1911-1912, 1912-1913. Fretlerick XN. Duckworth, Ph.G. ....... Soso, Miss. "None Incl himself can be his parallel." Southern Mississippi College, 1907-19093 Tulane University, 1911-1912. if C. Rankin Dyvss, I'h.G. .......... Stnncwall. Miss. "C'l1l'1'1'f1:I1z1'.vs and Cflllfllllf url' fllll1UllS prr'.w'rl'crs of good looks." .L X M. thru- your-. linlwn .xiKil'iIig1l' Ilnlv, l'li.U. ....... Oxford, Min. 'lflirollzm' yum! farnmr SINIHf'll.u Linns Parker Hull, Phil. ......... Rnlcvillc, Mins. "Oli, bliss is mimi, for inlo my juylvss life u 'woman has l'07l1f'.u A. SL M.. 15106-1907, 1907-l9UQg ,Xrxnyg 'l'cmpcr:mce Union. Gavin Ross Lott. Ph.G. ............ Rivhfon, Misa. Minds lluzl llflff' :milling In vonfcr, final little to pcrz'ic1'1'." Armyg South Mississippi College, 1009-1910. S" Cizirlziml XYl1iHivlml Mialrllm-lun. l'l1.Ki.M:ignnli:1, Misa. '.l fly .wil 'upon lluf umlrf of ll 1-lmrinl and rem-lrrillicrl, 'll'lurI a dust I flu l'1IlSI'.n " Mississippi Colle-gc, H109-1910-Iflllg C'.1sllo llvighis, 7 K J lflll-l9l.g Czlstlc llciglnls liaise-lmll, l.Dl.g Armyg 'l'4-inpm'am'c Union. lizllpli Mills, l'li.l'. ............. l,c-:ilu-svlllm-, Miss. "A Sf'Il!1f'Ilf, un nllfla lr, and u n1rm.', Fmillmll A. N M., l9l0-lflllg lizlsvlmll A. N M., l9l0g Busclnzill Univc-rsity Missishippi, lfllilg l-'emllmll lvlllVl'l'Sllj' Nlissimippi, Iflliig .XII- Slllllillxfll Fontlmll, lflll. llugli SUIIIIIIUS liaayiivr, l'l1.l' ...... lflirkury, Miss. "Il is S0l1l!'1iIlIl'S lurrrl Io hr'lir'r4f llml Ihr' Lord mrlrle ull mrn in, his own inmgvf' Howard Jack lrlltlllll. Pl1.G...W:1te-r Yullvy, Miss. "As idle as ru painful ship Upon. ll puiulwl of-wuz." Yivr' Prcsiclcnt Pll?ll'lllZll'y Class, l9l2-19133 F. U. C.. l9I2-19133 801-11-t:ni'y :md 'I'rc:1surcr Phar- IIIZICY Class, 1913-19141. Matthew Henri' Turner, Jr.. Pll.Cl..X'0SSlllll'fI, Miss. "Ile fu-as not horn fo .s-Imnzvg Upon his brow shame is nslmnurrl lo sit. For 'Iis 1110 flzrmu' irlzrfre honor may be crowned Safe 'monarr'h of lim Hllil'l'l'.Wl1 Earflrf' Heal :incl Blue Clulmg l". If C., 1912-lfig Class His.- torian, 1912-19134 Vice Prexidcul Class 1913-1911. Thomas Iiliuo XVz1llacc. I'l1.G. ..... Bcntoniu. Miss. "Ny drugs will wffecl .qrwuf cures." YVehlw School Clulrg Honor Council, l9l2-1913. Reece Robert VV:1tts, Phi? ........ fltllllllllllil, Miss. "The nolflcxl Rnnmu of lhcm all." President Junior Pllill'IIlilCy Class, 1912-19133 His'- iorizan Senior Pliarmricy Class, 1913-1914. Malcolm Earl YVilson, Pl1.G. ..... Batesville., Miss. "A quicf, f,IOIl.lf,lffHI, good, sincere lad." .Xlplm llunle-r In-mlnl, Jr.. l'l1.1:. ......,..,..,..,......... ..,.0x1urcl, Mlm "I 'wept ll'III'Il I was horn, .-Ind m'c'ry rluy .s-lun:-S why." Ralph Sl'1111lN'N, l' ....,....... , ..... ....................... .,.. 1 2 l't'llil1lJl, Nliv "I IIIIU mv rlfnrn In slfwp ll'if,I lilllr' curl: l1'l11'lln I' my ll'IllniIlff.Y fill!! nu' ln rr or ,lll'I'l'.D lloxmr Councilg lim-rl :md Blum' Clulng l". U. 0.1912-13. i' s 4? P N., JUNIOR PHARMACY CLASS VV. C. Hen Shaw R. J. Bennett. L. E. Caver. , . Bennett, R. J. .. Burnett, D. T. .. Caver. L. li. . Clark, T. H. . Henshaw, XV. C Howze, C. J. . . 5ICClearly, G. P. Pittman, H. C. . Rawls, I. C. .... . Reynolds, lil. Welch, XV. D. . Wiygul. l". BI. . unior Pharmacy Class Ul"l"lC'l'lllS. CLASS liOI,I.. Vive l'1'esi1lenl of flaw. SOL'l'l'lill'l' of Clwx. Pl't'5lllClll of Clam: Slgnm .Xlpllu l'l1lSll0ll. . . . .President Yiee-Preslclent . . .SCL'l'0tU.l':v' . . .New Albany ...Buy Springs ....l'uplarville , . .'1'yler, Texas ...Senatobia . , .Columbia . . . .Snnnnitt . , . .Coffeeville . . . .Poplarville . . .Sllubuta .. . . Pneket . . . .Shannon Sl'lIfl'IlI1N Calendar for HOle Miss" 1913-19144. 'l'. 17-Students pouring in on all trains. The "Ask me, I know" men are busy showing fhe new men the way fo and off the Campus. l8fA"'Ole hlissu formally opens her sixty-first session. The Chancellor, ill his ?lll.l,'Cfl0Il2lfl' style, greets the old men and lends words of cheer fo the faint-hearted l"resluuen, who, in their pitiable ignorance he- lieve! Dr. Leavell, more than fifty years a graduate, speaks. The sales on Campus tickets increase. l97K'ollege Night. In his characteristic way, Roy John butts into soeiefy with a few remarks that were meant to be amusing, but which were. in fact. subjects for tears. Freslnnan duel.-VVL-apons, pil- lowsg place, poleg distance, three feetg result, fun. '21-The wise ones matrieulate and line up for classes and chapel. 26-Lady Willie arrives. V October. 1 -Y. M. C. A. scores big hit in the first number of the Lyceum Course. Hays scores big hit with the lady singer of the company. 3 -Opening Ball where only the conservative steps of the barrel-house, kitchen-sink, closet-glide, monkey-wrench, tango, and Castle-walk were danced. Phi Sigma elects officers without '4Gun Playf, 8 -"Ule Bliss" loses to Y. DI. I. 144 to 0. Sorrow reigns. 11'-V. P. I. wallops 6'Aged Lady" 3-L to 13. Blore glooms. DQA. Rfs present to the University a bronze tablet taken f1'om the "hIaine." Senior Laws engage in a battle royalg Brewer, Franklin, and Suth- erland wounded, but General Doxey is declared the victor. 14--Rhodes Scholarship Examination. Y. M. C. A. President UNANI- MOUSLY elected. QNo one else ranl. Team wins from V. M. C. 7 to 6. Gloom dispersed. 15-Holiday to celebrate the victory. 17-fZ0-Interesting lectures and discussions on hazing by the Faculty lXIoot- Court. 21-Sixteen "I'ndesirable 1'lebs" are informed by His Lordsliip, Chane, from the Chapel platform that their vacation is due. "VVampus" takes suddenly ill and visits the Springs for a spell. 23-Coburn's Minstrels. Rag! Rag! Rag! Union falls, by seore 416-0. 31-The Prom. gets all of the boys out to the first dance, netting twenty "copees" each. Oates leads the first heat with his charming partner. November. 1 -Spook Night at the Coop, where a few timid freshies make their debut into Squaw Circles. 3M Decision of Faculty Moot-Court overruled by Board of Trustees and the Governor, and the "Undesirable l'lebs" are reinstated without 9. dissenting murmur from the learned lower court. 6'VVampus' im- proving, but not yet able to return. 5 -L. I. I. loses to G'Ole Bliss," 26-0. T -Hendrix Uollege makes two points over the Varsity, 8-6, Scrubs win from C. B. C., 19-0. 15-Arkansas falls from her high standing, 21-lil. 19-Editors of the "Annual" elected. Grand display of oratory. 22-Smith takes the pigskin over Cumberlands' goal for the only score. Special train takes students up for the game. Memphis takes notice of Potter's enthusiasm. Blany remain in the city over-night, having been detained by J. Blackbourne and Miss Yenessee. 27-Thanksgiving vacation. HOle Miss" takes the Hattiesburg game and ties Henderson-Brown. Ilcccmbccr. 1 -"VVampus," having recovered from his illness, returns from the Springs. -1' -Miss VVill'1'L'Il feeds the football boys. 5 -Outlaw dance-big crowd-big time-BIG PROFITS. 6 -A "Stickey" party at Bick's Hall fcandy pullingj. Lewis gets Green sweet on his shirt front. 13-First term exams begin-cuss, bone, and cuss. J zz n zz a ry. 1 -Basket ball begins with new term. T -Glee Club makes its embarrassing and hesitating appearance in the Chapel. l-1--Rainey House affords an opportunity of l1e1'ois1n to University fire department. All "eats" are lost, but furniture saved. 15-Shooting alfray in the Post Office, where many students and the tailor pick up the tune of uSpeed Away." 21-lllillsaps five beaten 29 to 13, by University basket ball t.eam. '73-Jonesboro, Arkansas, in a fast game, defeats the Varsity, 33 to 28. Junior Prom. Dance-a quiet. affair. 31-'Ole Bliss" quintette whip Union, 39 to 24. February. 1 -Self Eaters begin operation of "Hotel Economyf' N I VVitl1 nmch scrapping Memphis HY" takes a game by score 32-13. ll-Red and Blue 6'5" leave for a week trip. Eight games in six days, 20- losing only one. Outlaw Dance. The drag being heavy, some committee members, through remorse of conscience, weep, wail, and "cuss" after the dance. 28-First division of this publication goes to press. a 1 " ww-,ilu X, H wi l ul .1 "K f V 1 i fa2Z"i -qfffkiq, j lfxx 9, 4' 5, .l - 6 .??'.sQ 4 .ini f v 4 , : s-5 , 4 v - r . Q " .nj g lla. . f ffllif ft ' T " V, wif' ' li I I 1 f ' Qs' ' I Q D V - - ,xt , , . ' ' V ' ' N -- 'x N ' -It H , - A -- . Y A Q 'l'f'Nj,5, h",11 YL.: g' Y' L Y ' . Y lwf- 11 'T f , '1,'.:iLti',?l: w ' ' , -- ,. ,.. - FT-fL - - , , . ' " f,"'H' li' A . , 'R ' -jx ff " A A f " , N,-".'W' A' 1 Jw ' wiwf 5 fi ? ffp3?2E -x n- A ' f Li ' . F...f'-:,5'i :L ,f , Y- Y af' -' - A J'i1SQjf " fm Wi X54 5-gn M, if W ' ' X H. I :vnx f, fri, :fi 5-if ' v , 1 - -. if , f .J 2 . ji :Q 'I' hy' -V X 1' if-1-. 1 A Q ' ' 'K' Vxwx 4 N if - wk. 'gf' .97-, E1 Q 'W aw 1 - 'Nj' XlffizagiiiiifEwen w N " V' 9 ' ff w- K ,, w f A x v fl- Q ,ff ' ' Y 'WSWPWT'-9-'ha171 I W f v,,,f X ,-- A -V f f - wi-.H.s.Ql.tQ,,J.,, ff ' ' K ' Zsfkee-:WJfi4,.k N ' NXT 'f - A V ff N. 1 dl 1 - V. : , ny ' ,U X fl X - .,f,yf, is Lg 'W , ' - 2 1? fx Al! it' 7,57 1 XS?-ifff gwz '7 " "" -.5 K "Y, . -. -mt., . ' I f' JIM wif A Q- H V-1 'iff' 'fl 'q ll M W' . .jk , X '3fF7 '- A l , fy - -- x K H ' . . 1 -N f . , W f F Utah-. 1 W ' W 1' '357 4'-7 . X- M! A Q." - X 1 silica' J S In ' W ' ' l I I ' 0 ' lg! ,yt -'H' , K A V , ,J :X V Y ff 1 L X5 ' 'N ,I , 1 L f x N 1 f - nf 1 p nl, W ' 1 ' N I ll ',A x- ix . ' S9!0Jl'i'lff5A' "" X ,, f, fuk. ,f Q g 'if f f ' 1i5Hrfw- f wuf , Z ' 1 f" " ...,f --is in-5 W5 ,lfggfwx 1 X' ff: N of ff I , ,C Y 'Ll ' xp IM-f ' if! .fifx 1 x lfgk E, .-Z1 1 Y l 1 'X Lf 1 ' 43. r ', ' lb A E A vim. A, 'wa V b A' 'f 7 , -A 73 Rn. Y -Q VELL 4- . 1 ' " -124. , Q ' ' , ,Q Q, Q, .,, 'Q p,f'gijE'ff' if ' ' , :fm 11.4 - . ' V . 3 fawf . .1 , gi :. Wa' ,f f':.,..0f-'.-11 5. 14 f' Zf7','W'1-f5f25'3'?:'f- 1 Q . , "1 ' V .- , , -,I -, . J -f f f , ,A ,.,, ' . . . , g,,1.,QT ,g f ZQ A ,LQ X-'i!?'757?1 3 'x ""' 'Hn A N "M Q 31-if' " V ' '- I-'af 'N' Q QL- , ', Yf 'ff' if " ' x ' l ' ' V "' ' I K ' . -ww - A 11 : - ff.f.-4.114 1 raf1.'1.1 ' ' awn-sms zgrzzsr, Z5a".'f' I 'V' . ' V ' mean- . A W -, T' ' Ai-3 q, ni- 0,114 ,gy ,f ' 1 V-1 'ful 711 - x"1?if'gfn.:':3:x'Q' if-.-z'Lvw'1,-,':fr' '- ' A SIGMA CHI 1 Members of the Sigma Chi FI'21tCI'I1Itj AT THE UNIY1'1HSI'I'Y Ulf' MISSISSIPPI. 1"RA'1'l'11iNI'I'Y FU1'XlJl'1lJ IN 1855. FRA'l'li1'IS IX VHBIC. D1c.1'I.X. Lowl-3. IIN. A. A. YoI'Nu. L. P. I,14:.xv1c1.1.. Ii1c.xm.1-:Y IilMliROI'Gll. D. I.. Ross. I.. V. .XNlDllI'IXYS. .IAA11-:s li. 1.1-:.xv1-zu.. FRATRICS IX FAl'IfL'1'A'I'L1. D. M. IQIMBIIUUGII. 1"IiA'I'IiI'1S IN I'NIYI'IliSI'I'A'l'I'I I.A1Y. l'l..xss mf 15115. JOHN IjOXV1'ILL 1il1.1Qx', I.I.. B., B. S. I..xx14: 'I'1c1:1c1-31.1. cIlIANlJI.l'Ill. I I B SCII'1Nl'I'1. 1.I'I'1'IIiA'l'I'li1'l AND ARTS. Crhxss ov 1914-. LANE '1'121mr:1,1. C1r.xNm.1-in, B. S. .Immx 1'mv1-11.1. Rum-iv. B S RowI..xx1mQ. I.1f:.xv1-11.1.. B. A.. A. M. C'1..xss 011 1915. ' VVALTER C. DEAR, B. S. I,1I.I.1cN 1vII"l'N1CY 1.1-:.wlcx.r.. A B G. Illuvl-11: 1V.x'r'rn. B. S. PHI KAPPA PSI Members of the Phi Kappa Psi Fratermty AT THE UNIVERSITY OF INIISSISSIPPI. FOUNDED 1852. FRATRES IN FACULTATE. LEONARD .Il-:1coM1+: F.xRL15Y. E. S. VVALLACE. FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE LAYV. CLASS 19144. Glioucm G. IIURST, LL. B. CLASS 1915. Gmoncm H1GH'1'owL1c, LL. B. SCIENCE, LITERATURIC. AND ARTS. CLASS 1914. ERNEST D. HoLLOw.x Y, B. A. PAUL D. IIOLLOXVAY, B. S MEDICINE. CLASS 1915. PAUL D. HoLLOw,xY. SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON Members of Sigrna Alpha Epsilon I"II'dt6I'I1lty .XT 'I'IIl'I I'XIYl'IliSI'l'Y Ulf' MISSISSIPPI l"li.X'I'lilRXI'I'Y l+'0I'XlDl'lD IN 1856. FR .X'l'Rl'1S IN I ' li ISIC. IIHQII Y.xss.x!: Smml-:1:vll.I.14:. Ml'u1:.xY U. I".xI.Kx1 It I.14:xl l' .Inxlcs ST: NI IVII,I.I.XAl V. Al:c'll11x.xI.1m. .losuu I I II xx J. IV. 'I'. I".x1,14x11tu. Ju. l"R.X'I'Rl'IS IX I".XI'l'I,'I'.X'l'l'1. IIXYIID IIm:.xc'r: IIISIIUIZ I'IlIIK' A. Ihwsux I"li II.x1mI.1w IV. G.xl"1'11c1:. A'l'lil'IS IN I'x1x'1f111s1'1'.x'1'1c I..xw. c'1.,m ISPII. II. 0. Iimff. I.I.. ls. I'I..xss I9I5. I.l.. B. S.xMI'1c MI'II7II'INI'I. I'I,.xss I9I4f. A. M. I'owlc, M. IP. f'I..xss 1915. IV11.I.l.xA1 IC. M1'I:1'In'. NI. Il. I"1:.xNli IVARU SMY'l'u SVIIQNVIC. I,I'l'ICIiA'I'I'RI'1. AND ARTS f'I,.xss I9I-11. SAML7l'II.I'IIl.I. IIlCGI'l'IS,1I. S. II.xno1.n XV. cI.XI"l'lICII. Ii. A. A N IH 3 S Ulhxss ISII5. IV1I.I.I.xA1 IC. BIl'lll'llY. 13. S. IIICOIIGIC BEAN. B X PHARMACY. F' Cmss 191.1 IV. C. II1iNs1l.xw, I'H.G. I, I'III.I. I'l1:c:I'1 s I I B 1.3 i DELTA TAU DELTA AR J . Members of the Delta Tau Delta Fraternity AT THE UNIVERSITY OF BIISSISSIPPI. FRATERNITY FOUNDED IN 1859. FR ATR ES IN FAC'UI.'1'A'1'E. ANIJREX1' A1u1s'1'1:0NG Klxcuxxxox, A. B., M. S., LL. B. JOHN C. bJAN'I', A. B.. HI. A. FIIATBES IN UNIYERSI'I'A'I'E LAXV. Crhxss 1914. AARTIIUII B. f'I.,XRK, LL. B. SAM H. LUNG, LL. B. CLASS 1915. JOHN H. Illxsuourx. LL. B. SCIENCE, LITERATIIIIE, AND ARTS. CLASS 1911. JOHN R. Dlxsnoulc, B. YV. R. I3.xu1csn.xI.E STI-Jvlcxs. B. S. MEDICINE. CLASS 1914. ROBER1' E.xRL POUNU, M. D. ENGINEERING. CLASS 1915. Eucucxli J. H.'XRIJ1', B. E. KAPPA ALPHA Members of the Kappa Alpha Fraternity AT THE I'NIY1'1RSITY Ol" BIISSISSIPPI. 1"RATlCRNI'l'Y FOUNDED IN 1865. FRATRES IN FACULTATE. VV1I,LI.xM LEE KENNON, B. A., PILD. FHATRICS IX l'NIYERSI'I'ATE Sf'IENC'H, I.I'I'ERA'I'I'BI'l. AND ARTS CLASS 1915. J. T. G,xn1v1s. B. S. CH.x1,Mr:us I'o'1"rr:u. B. S. CLASS 1917. E. O. YARNI-ZR, B. S. J. M. STEEN, B. S. N Y 1 Membe rs of the Kappa Sigma Fraternity AT THE UNIYICRSITY UF MISSISSIPPI. FRA'l'l'1RNI'l'Y I"OI7NIDl'1lJ IN 1869. FRA'I'Rl'IS IN I"AC7I'I.'1'A'l'Ii. Amcxaxnlcla I,. BuN1amU1:.xx'1'. IV. I.. Illclvlcu. JUII N CI.IF'1'ox CLf1,L1aY. C. L. ,xN1llKl'IXVS FRA'l'RI'IS IN ITNIY1CliSI'l'A'1'l'I IAIV. CLASS or' 1911. IGINVARIJ I'.xu1-1 Blclcwl-Llc, I,I,. B. I11llXVAliIJ BI. I,1v1xus'1'oN. LI,. B. BYRICID B. SMITH, LI.. B. Claws OF 1915. VVIr.r,1.n1 I'1m:1+:N1f: BIons1c. I,I,. B. Result of the Election YYonian Sufi'rage lacing allowed. there were two hundred votes cast, and tht election committee declared the following results: .Xveragc age, 21 1 average height, 5 feet, ll inches: average weight. 156. Vhosen Vrofessionsa 651 Medicine. 581 l'harmacy. 26: Engineering. "1 ' 'l'e:u-liing. 18: Ministrv. ll. Sniokes-Ylfighty-eight do: 112410 not. l"avorite Occupation at School--'l'ie between dancing and athletics. Ilow Many lingagm.-dAHawkins Dahhs and 4-8 others were all that con- ft-sscd. Type ot' Girl PreferremlsBlondes had a slight majority over hrunettesh- "Peggy" l'egues preferring "any and all kinds." l"avorite Name for Girl-livery fellow voted for his girl, but Lucilc. Marie, and Elizabeth had a slight niajority. I'niversity's Greatest Need-More students, Y. M. C. A. Building, etc. Sixty-two have attended other colleges, hut all say "Ole Miss" is the best. Sixty-three are paying all or a part of their own expenses. Best All-Around Man-Joe Evans. Inlandsomest Manf"C'upid" Meffullough first, with Freshman Hamm a close second. Vgliest Mansllose race between Cook, Grant, and Hopkins, Grant lead- ing hy foul' votes. Most Popular Student-Lane Chandler beat "Pap" Pound, who was sec- ond, twelve votes. Best Student-Roberson received a handsome majority. Biggest Ladies' Man-Dinsmore leading. with "Chick" Green and Sam Long running a close race for second place. Biggest Grafter-H. F. Mcfall heat 'SBark" Stevens hy a narrow margin. Biggest Politician-Hd Brewer. Most Likely to Be a Millionaire-Franklin, with Brewer a close second. Greenest BIan+l'onder first, but every Freshman got as many as one vote. Freshest Freshman-Bay and Bass tied for first place, with 62 votes each, while llewesse ran a close second with 67. l'rettiest Co-ed-Miss Nannie Farley. Most Popular Co-edflliss Emily Heddleston. Most Likely to Be a Bachelor-"Soc" Holloway first, with T. D. Jones a close second. Most Popular Professor-Dr. Heddlcston and Dr. Milden got a majority eseio uo Somewlierc- out l'l1'0lli the loil mul work-f Somewlmere out l"1'om the shun :incl shirlc' - Smmu-wliere out. XVlll'l'E' flowers grow Fm' Xl't'2ll'y ones Oppressecl with woe- lfrom the push :incl pillage In tlirongs of men To thc joy of rest In the glElKlSOIllC Then 'lllll'0llgll the :unetliyst dusk' - Tlll'0llg'll the urgent flew - WIN-re the rose-sweet clrn-:uns Of lhe World emuc true. SUlllCXVllCl'f' Oni-A .Xml we who crmh l'he heart and Nfllll 'Mid the wm'lLl's mzul rushf Wllere life is shaped By cllslnnlk :'1ef'rl. lluve lillle care XVIK-re lhe roqul may leaulf Ur little c-hoiee Wlu-re the jIllll'lll"j' wslils, Su that it leads Past SOl'I'0lVlb guts-xg To the ruheweent 1'-:ul Or the :m1'll1ex'n SIIUXYN - 'l'u lhe sunlil wesf Or the southern rose. Hmm-wliere out l"1'om the love of selff Smnewliere out From where plez1s11re's To wlivre lhe winds Of the way may drift .Ks the farclels fall .Xml lhe clark slmclcs shifl: xVllBl'i'VC'l' the pence Ut' God may wait-- ,Xml love shall come To the glozuning gale peli' ,lllll'Ulll1'll the amethyst cluskff 'l'hruugh the ill'g'f'Ill :lew- XVllCl'9 the 1'use-5wc-el llrezlms Of the worlcl emne true. liA'l'lII,IlliN B.xl.nw1N Y. M. C. A. CABINET. Young Men's Christian Association A. B. Clark. .. H. G. Jolinsfon. . J. N. Brown. . . . IC. C. lil'0Wl'l'. ,. J. K. Hnnnn. . . C. S. Franklin. .. Cl. D. Blassingzlmc J. R. Dinsmorc.. L. D. Bagguft. . . E. C. Brewer. . . I.. T. Cliancllcr.. li. D. Holloway. . J. H. Harris. . . T. F. Mayo. . Fred Rawls. . A. G. Wing. .. ICEKS. CH XIRNII X Ulf t'0NlXll'l"l'l"l-'N . . . .President . 'icc- rm-sic cn N l' l t . . . .Sccrvf:11'y Y Y , . . . l rcasurcr . . .Bilmlv Sfumly . . . . .Publicity l'L-rsonzrl Yvork . . . . . . .Social Rr-:uling Room . . . . . .Finzmcc . . .BIL'llllJCl'Sl1lIl . . . .Devotional . . .Boy Scouts ..........iNIusic Mission Study . . . . . .Lycf-uni Roy Jolln .... . . .Gcncrul Sl'C1'L'l2L1'y al IW -. .ww ainnwiamb ff., HONOR COUNCIL. onor Council 0FFIl'I'lllS. 'l'. H. Elzun. . . ..... P11-sidcnt J. l'. Jzuncs .... . .Yicc-l'1'csiclcnl F. A. Gillespie. . . .... Sccrctary Ailsxinrzus mimi sicxlou .xcxxni-imc' mnxss. H. II. Good D. C. Slllltll B. M. TilllIll'l' Fred Rawls J. IC. Stcplicns Aiminrzus Plum sl-lxlon LAW CI..-iss. Iamcs 'l'. H. Elaln H. G. Johnston J. l'. . BIlCMlll'IliS lfuoxr Jrxlolc 1.,xw unxss. I.. D. Hall J. K. Hudson Mmiisrzias Plum JUNIOR Ac'.x1w1f:A11c' c1,.xss. G. R. Culley F. A. Gillcspiu xilcxxni-:us lflum sovuonourz .xc'.xnmx1c.: vnxss. D. T. Ki-cl J. P. lflvuns Mmlnl-:ics lfliom lf1cr:s11x1.1.N .xc'.x1m1cM1c' Cinxss. J. S. Billingsley Edward Beanlancl Mmlnlclzs Fnoxi Miqzimuxxr. m:1'.uc'1'mHx'1'. VV. E. Murphy S. H. Boykin Mmlulilzs Fuou 1'H.xuMAcx' ni-:1',xR'1'M1-:N'1'. R. S1-inmus F. M. lViygul Mminlans mum ICNGINIQICIKING 'l5l'll'Ali'l'MEN'l'. R. L. Mulloy E. R. VVo1'd dd ot' the Angel Lady of the angel ture, Life was void and vile and base 'l'ill your 4-yes enveloped me XVith their depth and mysteryg 'I'ill your fanltless features fair. ,Xnd your xilkm-n, sunny hzuir, Nlade me vassal to your grace. Lady of lhe angel face. Lady ol' the angel fave. ll' an :artist eould hut trace That :-ereiw and elassie hrow. l'la:'id as I sen- it now, Catch the seeret in your eyes, Haunting like n paradise, His should he the highest plaee. Lady ot the angel face. Lady of the angel fave. Neyer van I all erase From my heart the picture rare That your heauty painted thereg l'll'2llll6lI in golden memory It will hang eternally In my soul's mont holy place, Lady of the angel face. Lady of the angel face. Born of heautyk queenly race, Let my he-ing hunk awhile In the splendor of your Slllllfg Winter turns to summer then, Eden coins-s to earth again, Sunheams all the shadows chase, l,ady of the angel faee. Lady of the angel face. YVhat were being, time or space, VVli:it were wealth and fanu- to me. Sc-ienec, thought, philosophy l'onnnerc'e. war or governinent. Stormy strife or rahn content, If my heart could but embrace Lady' of the angel fave? -P. H. I 2106 1. -rrQ -JAN favs-R'n'al'9Qt'GnK:.-nr' Miss Miss Bliss Miss Miss Miss Mabel Bunch .... Ruby Nicholson. . Elizabeth XXY2'LtlilllS. . Julia Sowell ..... Clair Blount. . . Clyde Scott. . LADIES OF RICK'S HALL. f C 1 o 0 Q o OFFICERS. . . . . .Prcsiclcnl . .Yin-L--l'1'c-sicln-lit , . . .Secretary . . . . . . . . . . . . . .'1ll'L'1l.Sll1'Cl . .Illl'Cl'C0llL'g'l1ll'0 SCl'l'0f?Ll'y Chairman Social Committuc I L ,UA Jn. L .Q ,, , .,.?.f,, 1 :1 v , p i. -x- 4,9 nf" . . 1 ' . at X J. " ' 1 ' ,"""'b1n 5 ff H A ' :f:74if4f"T22I1'5i1Qfif5?4x3?i3f 1 x F- Y: ,Hi X 5 XQ- mx NQ X X XY ' il HQ ' TI? Hs, LITERH SOCIETIES Hermean Literary Society PRESIDENTS. F. B. Smith ..... .......... . . .First Term E. C. Brewer ....... . . .Second Term H. L. Sutherland .... ............... .... T h ird Term VICE-PRESIDENTS. F.. M. Livingston .... .................. .... F i rst Term J. L. Spence, Jr. .... .. .Second Term S. H. Long ...... .... T hird Term va A ' if f 'fag r 7' ,tt -I -4 x 1 X , V- , xi II V.. '.QQf'i ,W 'A' '?'f,fQf'f fg' -. 'f ' i Nm- ----' -A-A Q Y 'S'-1 'L ' U" ----- - A - --..n...,, ,vi .- .. . J- ... s ffl a I fr, X A ff-Af I 1 A J 'j l PROGRAM. 2 HERMEAN SOCIETY ANNIVERSARY OCCASION. I . . E A Oratlon. . . ......................... . . .H. G. Johnston A , "Education in Democracy" Oration. . . ................. . ................. H. L. Sutherland 1 "A Plea for a Better Child-Labor Lawn Anniversarian. .' ........... , ....................... . . . Fred B. Smith "A Plea to Young Mississippiansv 4-I . midi . 1 'f A .A Y" 'F -"7-Y-'T' '- 5.. e,ec fl A ,A I i ' 0 I H ki. 'rl ,cv ' M :-1 0 HERMEAN SOCIETY H ermezm Members Barry Bass Bramlette Brewer, E. C Hunfin Cain Carnes Case f'1'osby Dinsmore Dunn, R. East ciCiSCIlbCI'gCl' Griffin Harris, H. S. Hood Johnston, H. G. Johnson. D. R. c1?ll1tiL'l' Iiil1C2lIlllOI1 Livixlgston Blilldfill, I.. I Blorse Block McCall, D. XICLCOLI Pegues Rawls Reehfin, J. Sellloss Slllitll, B. F Spence Spivey SLlHlCl'l2ll1ll '1'1'illlL'tt, H Xvzmlker fi 'J i Phi Sigma Literary Society PRESIDENTS. J. L. Backstrom .... ............ .... F i rst J. J. Breland .... ..... S econd R. H. Hardage. .. ............... .... T hird v1cE-PRESIDENTS. T. A. Guy ...... .............. .... F i rst R. H. Nason ...... ..... S econd C. D. Blassingame. . . .... Third ,Y . ,,,, C W' L - Q Term Term Term Term Term Term T5 a SVI +f'94,' F511 1'i,,lii,i 1 Y Q ei' - . i I I V, .rn-1 . ,'.,' ' 3- 1 '4 BACKSTROM A if ' ' 1 '. PROGRAM. PHI slcmux S04'll'1'l'Y .xxxlvl-:lcs.x1:Y orcxxslox. Omfion. . . ..................................... . . .l'. YV. .Xllcn "I.i111itcd Ownorsllip of Lzlml in Blississippiq Urzxfion. . . ........... ........ .................. . , 'xHiillSIlll . "National Unity and the Stafc Ulliw-1-Sify" xxIlIliVC1'S1ll'iilIl. . . .... . .......... . . .J. I.. Ii2lCkSf1'0lIl "The Now South" H s rin K. rl- D PHI SIGMA SOCIETY. Phi Sigma Members Allcn, P. YV. VV Amis, BI. B. Amis, M. Atkinson Bzickstroin Blassingmnc I3l'0iEllld, J. Burns C'zu'pcn'c01' f'ln11'ciiwc-ll C'l:u'k, O. L. CIQVCIZIIILI Cl'2lWf0l'd Dunn. T. E l,llCkW0l'Hl Gcorgc J. TZIIIIICT Guy Goocic. R. BI Llfu-dagu Inlcnclcrsoii Hopkins IA-stcr Lcwis Nason Patrick Ponder Priclgc-11 Rainwater S1nifl1.U. I". Solomon Sfaifowi Sulnncrs HUNORA ll Y M ICM HIGHS. Roy John 1.- L! um! CALW Qi.Z1V.k..E lg 1 ll Q, in ,rf 1 - will , , '-Tldlfa . psi 1 if sis?- . ,VJQ 'iii' 175,-f .- 1 ,:-'N w- 4 -1 5, Q x' e' .-,- . .yy 1,4 ' . Ai: 4 -u ,. s -...V 3- , . F . Q' .Y YA, gf 1 2 f I, I if u, 3' . ' 3' ... 1' A . 1' a I r.,.- ' GORDON HALL. Qfficers and Speakers Blzlckstonc Club 1 NI I IXIH I'lil'fSlIrlIN'l' . ' gsfun. l,l'l'NlKIt'Ilf ..... I W. SllIllIlL'l'S., Yii'l'-l,l'l'SiIlCllf.. XBL 'I?ll'k, l'1'L-simlcllf ...... T Y SllIllIlL'l'S, Yin-L- l l'l'SitiL'Ilf. . S II Idlllg, l'1'cs11lv11f ....... W X f'h'iSL'lllll'l'Qt'l'. xvi1'1"I,l'l'Ni1ll'llf .XX Bzu-ksf1'o1n. . . S .XX ll Yln'l'I'l'lKl"Sllll'1N'l'N N H lzliN.XRX hl'l'. Xlxlullw. 1' flu ...lwrsf 1 w' rl! . l' ll'Nf 1 Sl't'lJllil 'lui S1-vollcl T1 .'l'lni1'1l 'IH .'l'llil'lI 'l'4 First Urn . Rlorsc. . . . .S1'i'0llli Orem 131-1-ww, . . ..X11l1iw1'sz11'lll1 Allm-11. l'. XV. li2l4'liNtl'0lll Bra-lzmml. J. J. B1'cwm-r. lf. V. Blll'll2lll2lll Vasu Ullzmmllx-1' l'l1111'c'lnwm-ll Ulzxrk, .X. H. l,illSIllUl'l' Uolwuwski Dol'1'ol1 UoX1'.V lilzun l"m'cl Fl'2l.lIliliIl CQ2ll'IliIlt'l' Gzuxfivr fh'iNl'lllll'l'gl'l' Gillv-vlm-ll fll'l'l'll MLM l!l,lCS. Hull llzrys Ili,Q'IlfllNl'l' Holf Ilurlsun Ilursf .Imm-s :I0llllNtUll. II .Iom-s Kimwulmlmll Imffwicll IA-wis l,lX'lllg'NfUll Lung NIUVNU l,l'g'lll'S l,lll'.Y1'Il 1' liilv-V Slll'Ifllll Smith. I". I3 Slllnm-rs SlltlH'I'lIlllli BLACKSTONE OFFICERS W 2131 , .,' 4 I 'I X . 54. A ,ff l h yi 1 '- - Q V1 A S in fe ' . SN! Xu Q Xx I, Q1 lla f V-H. 4. .m i ,al- 'gig' fy C' 'Pa l'lil'1SIlJl'IN'l'S' i'l,I'l3. I,l'tSi4Il'llf Stllitll' .X1':ulclllic' flaw.. ..'l'. IP. Join-s l,l'kSillL'Ilf Junim' .Xl-:ulmuxiv Flaw .... ...S. li. l,Wl'll l'rnsidv11f Snplmlnmm- .Xm':ul1-nlic V121-N.. ...S I.. Boom- l'1'msicI1-llf l"l'L'Slllll?lll .Xa-zulmmmiv Vlum, ,..J. K. II:umn l'1'msirh-:mf St'lliUl' I,:1w ............ .... X Vull lluxvj' l'rmsiclL-lmf Junim' Lam' ..... ...XV. li. Morm- l,l'lNitlt'llf SL'lliUl' Mwlivim-.. ....... li. if IRIISII l,l'lNiKiL'llf Junior H1-clicim-.. ...l'. ll. Ilullmvu-X' l'1'mimh-nf Stllitll' l,ll2ll'lll2ll'.Y. ,. ...... . .... .Xvunf l'rwich-:lf Junim' l,Il2ll'IllJlt'-Y. . ...XY V. Ill-nslnslw l'1'L-sich-:lf l'1llg'illL't'l'illQ' ...... ..., l C. J. I'IZIl'11j' l'1'1-sich-nf Ilmmr l'Ulllli'iI ...... ...,. ........... .,... ' l ' . II. lilaun l'1'1si4lL-Inf .Xtlnllftiv .Xmm-infiml ............................ l'. lf. l,Ul'l'2lll l'1'uimiL-lmfs of lIL'l'llH,'2lll ....... lfrvnl li. Smith. lf. V. liruwmx II. l.. SIIHICIJILIIKI l,l'l'NitlL'llfS uf Phi Signum ...... J. I.. B2ll'lxHfl'Olll. J. J. lin-Iamd. R. II. II2l.l'llilg'l' l'1'1si1lvnfs of l3l:u-lnhn11- Vlulx .,.. li. Xl. I.ivil1gsfml. .X. li. i'l:u'k, S. H. Long' l'nsi4lcnf Glu- Vlub ......... . .................... J. R. l,illSlIl0l't' l'rvsimlm-llf Y. NI, V. .X. ....... .... . X. li. C'l:L1'l4 V11- sich-nf lh-fl :uni Bllll' Vluln.. ...I,. 'l'. l'Immllcfr 4 L I Q ,ffy fgf FQ I T,,E, f f f f ,M ,r. HM' 5' M. IT! Q RIA be-Q lf' Q ,fi Sf - .967 1 XT wk J Rl Sfnzcnff 1 ' o L ,, MARGARET WORTHAM SPONSOR 1 JUNIOR PROM COMMITTEE f , Y' Q5 N KCCDQPJLLQJ QEULEJC' 5151441232550 .. P' ... I - ': 1 i U A V FY' P+' C '1 3 ... - C 74 'A C p- f ft Z3 -. - Pill ii 2 4 9 ... I-'D ,- D-I 4-P ... 0 -: ,bfiwmw 1 , V . , . J. 11. Ixmc-:umm1. C l1:u1'm:1n Min BI:u'g:u'4-f NVm'flmm, Sponsor S. F. Cook mf" M x . xr ,ya If' L, fig, .7 V jjj fl WEL! ,. . f 4 ', g R . Y 'QW 3' -8. .- , Lf','r7' IYWX WM, ' , -, H Wfolfaf iw I w w - . .I -, 1 'VI 53,1 . if -9. .f"" 37 " JVM, x 1- f- - I . 3 f J Af - , f w ,rf . , .JJ-.Qi "Z-saf 1' -'fr' ' 'J J uri. ,4 914. , 1,1 Uutlaw Dance Committee A V. IC. l,0l'l'Ull. filllliflllitll ins Hsu' "lll'l'ifL' Hafur. S mnsm' A I L. 'l'. lillillldlbl' Miss i'urinm- Smith. Spumor VV. G. Grccnv Miss Mary IA-u Swartz. Sponsor VV. R. B. Stow-m Miss Blzmnclu- f'llfl'l'l'. Spnnf evelry i mong the Fijis KTUIIIYING to custom. handed down from generation to generation among the secluded sect of Harbarianists, who inhabit the flourish- ing island of Fannotsee, the second grand ball was given last week, accompanied by the many surprises that are connnon only at these fetes. The ball was under the direction of the 'tBandit" Committee, elected by self-appointed and cast ballot. and due to their superhuman efforts the attair far outdistanced any previous entertainment staged on the island, pre- senting many new ideas and decidedly technique in program. The royal flock and members of court occupied seats in the gallery and throughout the evening claimed the attention of the passing rabble with their remarks as to the costume of this or that person, as to the bearing of Duke l'aughtum's or the beastly mould of Lady Sem-more's ankle other lines of con- versation that is peculiar to these seats. It was indeed an elaborate affair. As the tender strains of waltz and two-step floated from the bower of palms, behind which the royal orchestra was seated, and rasped the beating heart of affection as the soft hum of an angel's harp, the fair ladies and handsome beaux entered into the unforseen hours of pleasure and revelry. First appeared. in the grand march, Lord Highknocker and upon his arm the blushing yet very attractive Lady Lowneck, gowned in "crepe de sheen" with scant flashes of mosquito bar. They were followed by Duke Isqueezeutoo and Lady Highpocket, who wore a reconstructed Mother Hubbard with trimmings of potato pealings. Her ornaments were paste diamonds. After these came Baron Feeleum, accompanied by the Baroness Feelmy- cheek, who was elaborately costumed in a clinging creation of mousline of a pinkish purple design, and carried in her arms a large bunch of soup bones. Quite a ripple of applause and comment met the next couple, Lord Upto- snuff and Lady Letmesee. He was attired in a scissor-tailed corduroy with pleats at each end. Lady Letemsee wore a dashing robe of green, cut during high water. His Lordship and Her Ladyship then attracted the attention of those present. Her Ladyship was gowned in an Edenonic efteet trimmed in smiles and flashes of sun rays. Her stones were peach stones and her luxuriant hair was held in place by ice hooks and twenty-penny nails. VVhen the grand march had been executed the dance begun. The floor was waxed until it shone like the placid bosom of the Hellispont in the trans- lucent noon-day sun. Thus tangoing. fish-walking. tUl'tlll1g',l'2LStl0-WtlllillllifniL'll.V-lll'2llllIlg',liltl'llL'll' sinking, banana-peeling. angle-worming, hesitating, Irump-handling, Parisian- rising, lame-ducking, Boston-ciuivering, Texas-Tommying, Maxixing, mule- balking, cradle-rocking, bellows-blowing, and countless numbers of modest steps the merry-makers continued throughout the night, being interrupted on one occasion by a military acrobat occupant of one of the balcony seats, who, having embibed a little too freely from the cup of Hsee things," executed a few stunts of military bearing on the tloor amidst the feet of the dancers. A very interesting phase of the evening was the popular selections ren- dered by the royal singers during intermissions. The national anthem, "The Little Brown Bottle in the Pocket," creating much favorable comment. .F-fr 4. he - V fix 1157 L '13' f,- mas MISSISSIPPIAN STAFF 0 Oi O1 lr . X X X IX a -X 3 'S - .Q +iii'Es5 1,X-, 5 I-U ': Effgg3'T.Eli1E5Si?1f,, ,. 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Y--,,-,- M-: X102 5QLf55Kef,g1-',-',gg2:H1gs- v 'wg-' B 5, 5514l,74ig5,f"lf:11,'f7l'j'N- lk' -n ?:Ti'Ef i"' :Q 'EElEf:2?iLrf: '- X X,,,,,: '- ggiiififi'EF-2A,f3"s,iS2fff J X 'U 5':':i?TM?3:E -ifilfflefifif--1 XZ 0 HggA-f51i35Yifgzfg ifrfzegzuz z fgqffi-l7'rf1jr:F-':'fE,5:- li! -Q11-.i-'31 gf1':-f--gj,- :M '-ff'-if f- g gi,3:'k:g1Xfi: , A:Xf:149'+l 4 ' -- '11 GLEE CLUB. University Glee Club 1913-191-L 0l'l'IL Lua J. R. DlIlSIllOlt . . .President D. S. Hood .... .... lt Ianager L. L. ltlartin ...... . . ..... Secretary J. W. Buchanan .... .......... D irector Roy John .......... . . .Assistant Director Miss Sarah Hardy. . . . ...... Sponsor Maxim in First Tenor R. L. Bass VV. C. Dear D. S. Hood Second Tenor Cepllus Anderson L. D. Hall L. L. ltlartin First Bass J. R. IHIISIIIOFL Yvillialns R. H. Crook Street Second Bass E. F. McCall C, D, Lqgwig Roy John L. D. Martin Till the Dawn ,, , . . ,- llu-0 flu- nusf of flu- Nlgllf I v - lo flu- :lawn ol flu- Du xvll0l't' flu- sluulows slziff 5 - Allll flu- sunlu-:uns sfruv- YVlu-rv flu- flm-1-fingg forms Ol' flu- clark cle-p:u'f-H .Xml flu- Day l,l'l'2llllS cn To us. all-zu' HL-arf. lllt' 'l'ln'n' flu- miwf of flu- Now To flu- ligllf nf flu- 'l'lu-n, YVlu-n flu- lu-arf mix-su-lf Shall no umm- cry xvlwllf Yvlu-n flu- figllfs wifll l'L'2ll' lVill lu- laid :lsiclc-- Azul flu- lu-:wc of Gful Yvifll us zxfmulv. 'l'll1'o' flu- Twiligllf nl' Now To flu- dawn of flu- 'l'l1cn. lvlu-rc only flu- flow'1' Lit sluuluws lmvc lu-on- lvlu-rc flu- flu-fillg' f0l'lllS Of flu- clark cle-parfk Alul flu- Day 1311-:uns conu- 'I'u us, fly-zu' HL-:11'f. K. ll M5411- ZUQU A. s 5 5? lub Q' I O' s 'W'K0'p ihiwti- '-My " .g 3 K NU -IOD"l xx gf V I' J x ' Nc DPRK' 1 CALL, L Q T077 WW N . 1, 3 C9 A 5 , el W Q Q W FE ff "COACH" DRI V E R. "Bill" Driver is his name and it suits, for he does drive them, around the track aiiyway, voueh for who have heen around him long enough. T00 much eannot he Said as many ean ' ' " A t romisin in the way of athletics. for him, for when he came here he tound things not any oo p g Not only material, money and other things were lacking, hut the "Ole Miss" spirit had some- what died out. too. Now, to replace all of these in one year is a good year's work, and we must say that Mr. Driver has done a good yi-ar's work, for he has done all of these. He is the coach and the uianager. and he is hoth in the full meaning, and that is essential for a nueeessful eureer in iuauuging eollegre athletics. This year he has devoted mostly to getting things running smoothly, and next year we all feel Sure that :ithleties will enter on a new career ot' proxperity at the university. for "Bill" Driver is our eoaeh. NNNX'NNXC - XS X A fi' f Y N .3 - . if 1 - 5 , . , 4 .1-. 5 "ar ,, ' .q ' 7 I 'A 'IAI .f... ' A ,W W a A Q'-'W A Z ,VQI7 ff 4 my i - Jf fx- J . L - f r--is-'K . .-.,.,,:.-::l- , r'I 7 1 H 41- -""'- f "lf 3 Auf' F,-- .-:-ig fl 33321 Nj" 'X .X .,,,,.,.. W, A f' ' YY V- f-Q- Y , ' ..7., -ff-iitfrr -.,, ' Y - gfrfzffl- ew ,pn dh Ml, h V FOOTBALL SQUAD l'1..xYE1z Anderson James I, Dorroh I Mills I Bishop li MeCall U Slllyllll' Bender f Harris Gafldis Breland Dear Holloway Evans .... Oct. 8+ '6 1 1- " 15- " 23- Nov. l - " 15- -6 ijuj -f 27 ts .QT OI Football "M H Men apt.l FOOTBA LI. e Miss. uc e6 Totals. . . 1'os1T1oN . . . . Center . . . .Guards . . . .rPRClilCm . . .Ends . . .Fullbaek . . .Halfbaeks . . . ......... Line ....Quarterbaek Manager. Stevens Coaeli, Stevens SC'H1'1IJITI.I'1 A ND R111SI.'LTS. 0 ...1-L nf I ...+G ...26 ...2l nf . . 1 ...13 0 ...13-L Y. BI. I., Lexington, Ya. ....... 13 Y. P. I., Blacksburg, Ya. ..... 35 Ya. llefls., Richmond, Ya. ..... ti Union Univ., Campus .... .. 0 L. I. I., Campus ............. 0 Univ. of Ark., Little Rock .... 10 Cumberland, lllempliis. . . . . O Normal, Hattiesburg .... . . 'I' Out-liita, Arkadelpliia.. . . . . . . 0 Opponents. . .... 71 FOOTBALL TEAM. NW lwwf FOOTBALL SPONSORS 0 1 CAPTAIN M CCALL. XVhen the Ule Miss football team chose "Scotchie" McCall to lead them through the 1913 season they made no mistake. It seems natural for the captain of the Mississippi team to be named McCall. His eldest brother led the Red and Blue in 1910, the year when A. K M. got the 0 in a 30-0 gameg and, although this "Scotchie" didn't get a chance to lead his team against the Maroon and VVhite, he made a success, both as a player and as captain of the team. His ability as a player, coupled with his genial good nature and his knowledge of football. made him an ideal leader. His work shone all through the seasong he seemed to play guard, tackle, center and end with equal facility, having been known in an emergency to play all of these places in one game. "Scotchie" will be missed next year on both the field and the campus. BIANAGHR XY. R. B. STEVENS. In "Bark" Stevens, the "Ole Miss" team had a manager who has a way of accoun- plishing whatever he attempts. As an aid to Coaeh Driver a better man Could not have heen found. A great deal of credit for the Si1c'c'e'-aful season of 1913 ahould he given to the untiring efforts of Manager Stevens. His husinew ahilitv. coupled with his optimistic spirit and general popularity, made hiin an ideal nianager. Ci: 1111 Us A Nmznso N7C6lltCl'. For a Freslnuan to play "Varxity" foot- hall is almost unpreeedentedg for a lfrexh- Illilll to make an "BI" is almost unhelievanle. "Cephe" Anderson proved his right to he the exveption by hard, consistent work at cen- ter in practically every hig game of the beason. Blond. cheery. heavy, on offense he was sure and quiek with his passing the ballg on defense he was a trial and tribula- tion to opposing inen. He returns next year. CHARLIE BENDI-IRfFllllll2lC'li. .Xnother of the good things which the Yniversity fellows are wont to get from Memphis is Charlie Bender. At! full he made good from the very first svrinunage on the very first afternoon. Quick, lieavv. fast, he ripped through the opposing line like a sharp knife through vheese. 'Next Neason will find hini at full afvain for the lied and Blue. Z' 'L ' . J. J. B1n:1.A Nu-Halfback. .X living eontradietion of the statement that it takes a big man to play football is "Si" Breland. He is no giant in size, but hi-'s a inan every inch of hhn. Built close to the ground, quick on his feet, off like a flash. "Si" was unexeelled by any man on the learn as a consistent ground gainer last season. H1-'s like a eat in two ways: on his feet, and fm-xt seasonj he'll be back. W. C. Dl'I,tIl1HillfbHl'k. "Pete" had few ambitions along the foot- ball line until last season, but when he started he came with a rush. As a consis- tent ground gainer "Pete" was one of the hest of thi-in all. And the story goes the rounds of the fans that his playing helped to add more than one victory to the long string' in 1913. The fact that he returns next year means that "Ole Miss" has another halfbaek that may be counted on. C. E. Donnou-Guard. Away hack yonder in prehistoric times, when A. ik M. walloped "Ole Miss" to the dirge of 4446, there played on their team one "General" Dorroh. The "General," how- ever has seen the error of his ways, and last year his bulky form, his "pep" and knowl- edge of football, all placed in the center of the "Ole Miss" line, helped to win more than one game. He is one of the men who will he missed next year. Joi: Ev.-xxs-Quarterback. One of the most valuable men on the eleve11 last year is a product of Meridian High, Joe Evans. Coming out for the team only in the fag end of the 1912 season, he soon made it unquestioned that he W0lllll make the team in 1913. And make it he did: at quarter a cool and crafty general of the team, a lightning quick runner, hard to catch and harder to hold, sure in de- fense and deadly in oifense. His work was one of the features of every game in which he played, and he played in every game of the season. The news that "Little Joe" wasn't going to return would create almost a riot at Ole Miss, but, no fear, he's coming hack. JACK G,XIllJIS-HHlfllZlCk. Among the other things in the athletic line which we have heen so fortunate as to win from Millsaps is hlue-eyed Jack Gaddis. 1Vithin the first few weeks he had demonstrated his right to one of the hack- field positions, and at right half he was one of the mainstays of the team all through the season. He bids fair to do even hettcr in 1914-. E. D. HoI.r.ow "Soc" Holloway is an "if at first you don't again." After playing scruh up till last season, he made ood his claim .xv-Line. exemplification of succeed, try, try good hall on the in his senior year to wear 'ln "NI" There is ni hetter liked man who walks the U. of M. campus than "Socrates," and his graduation will he felt as a loss, not only to the team, but to the student hody at large. .l. ll. llxuuls l"nllIi:u'k :uul Vcntcr. l'up" llsnrri-, mu- ul' ilu- nlzl-linu-rs in lluullvzill, wlun lirsl nuulv for liinisclf ll rm'- ursl on llu- 'l'. Bl. l. Prep. Svluuvl lwnn. plnyml llu' luwl lmll ui' hix l'Jll't'l'l' in lfllli. liapmllx' gfuul in ilu? lv:u'k lu-lil :nul on llu- lnu'. lirsl :ul full :nul lallvr :ll 4-1-nlvr., lu- c-ll-nrlx' lll'lllUllSll'Jlll'il his Vljflll lu wa-:nr :L livml :nul llluu- "NL" ln llu' lH'l'4iiK'llUIlh fm' :n gluul le-:nn in l!lllf "Pup" lignrvw :ns mu' ul' llu- nu-n upon wlunn llum- prcmliclinnm !ll'l' lmwll. .l. l'. .limes Gnnral. 1 llvnllj lu- cli1ln'l nm-vll ilu' llll'liIlllIlll' ".lm-wif' .lnnu-N lu lunullc' hi- ni:in :il gnzlrllg wx'- vrnl linu-s lu' plzuyl-rl his nxnnl lirznul of gluul fmunllmll :against il nuin Hull clicln't crvvn luum' his nzanu-. N.lI'NHl'n ix il hip: nmn. :i -nrv, lll'fl'llNiYQ' Ill?ll'l'l', :nul luis that spiril llunl lll'XL'l' lnunwx clcfx-uf. 'l'lur lmig follow lllIlYl'll geuul lmll zlll llu' sc-:iwli llll'UllgIll :nul ln- Q,1'l'Jlllll2lliUll will lvnvc- il gap in lhc illll' ll'll'Il lu lill. Y - - w I'u.xNu 5MY'l'lll'1"I,f'fl lziul. l.:n-t, lull hy all IIIPJIIIN nunsl 11-rtzlinly not llu- lm-nxt. cunu-5 lfrzink Sinyllul., znurtlier Sli-inplnix prmuliwt. Lust wcanwon was thc H "lim-K" wvmul your on ilu- "varsity, and lu- vlczlrly pruvecl llult hc lwlfmgccl ilu-rc. right out on mul. One nf Hu' fP2ltlll'CS of ulnuml 1-wry gilllll' wus tlu- playing of mnytlu-, llu- ullllClQClQu of llu' tcznn. His llwully lnvlcling, luircl. low :nul surcg his :u'v1n'z1lc trapping of fm'w:n'cl pusscsg his -pm-ul :nul skill in gm-tling clown lllNlCl' Illlllthn cwnnlmnu-cl with his nzilurzll lpuilitic-s of lender- ship. vzlllwcl hiln in lu' vlvvlvcl Ulllltlllll nf llu- "Ula Slim" tcznn for 191-If. SMITH ISISIIOI'-T!1f'lilC. There was mw place in the "0lv Miss" lint' llllll' oppming flllIlI'l'Cl'i soon lezirnvcl to avoid- rigrlit tnvkle. And thc Mississippi Ima-ks sm-lclum fmuicl thc: way hlockcml when the signal Called for S. Bislmp, lisq.. to open up Zl lmls-. "Blah" hails frmn t':11'-:Iwzuy K:1nQ:1Q, and in this his first year :lt the Uriiyawsity hm- has made groml in :ull lil'IlIIl'llt'S ut' :utlulolim-Q. hut Qspf:c'i:1lly in football. Ile-'ll he 1lllUlllCl' vcfcrun un the "V:1imify" nc-xi ycrnr. , . li.xI.l'1I BIII.ISY1ilI'lilP. Somvrmc nivknzum-rl him "l'm- XYN-" lrcvnllw hr- lSll'l. MK-ll rm-1' six tl-vt in lnvighl, curry- ing river two llllIlIll'Q'll pnumls ut' lmm' :mul hnrcl llllliK'll', hm- was :z lk'l'l'tIl' lu uppmiiig 1:11-klm from the V. M. I. 2211110 in thc dawn of Thr- s1':1soii llirmlgrll 'l'ui'k0y Day. MIICC XVOW' landed an All Smiilu-rn ht-rth in 1912 hy thi- Nilllll' smirk uf fuotlmll that hc playa-cl fm' Oh- Min lawt wusmi. 'l'hv hfnin will fvc-l his luv zu wc-ll :xx will lhv stmlu-nts :nt l2ll'g1't'. 'X ur vis Ni siwswww K-,,w '-v--...,,,ssM -. q.?-v -v--v--...,., ---.- we 4. as..-r BEFORE THE FRAY AT ARKANSAS OUR FAVORITE. Oxford Rah! Oxford Rah! Varsity, Varsity, Rah! Rah! Rah! Oxford Rah! Oxford Rah! Varsity, Varsity, Rah! Rah! Rah! Hurrah, Hurrah! Hurrah! Rah! Hurrah, Hurrah! Hurrah! Rah! MISSISSIPPI!!! Razzle, Dazzle! Hohhle, Golihle! Sis! Boom! Bah! Mississippi! Mississippi! ltah! Rah! Rah! O Varsity of great 1'enown, Mississippi, U. of M., 'Twas founded in a Southern town, Mississippi, U. of M., Its men are found in East and West, Its lore and learning are the best, And every man can stand the test- Mississippi, U. of M. QChorusJ O, U. of M., thy sons we are, And faithful may we ever beg Our hearts, our hopes, our joys are thine, Mississippi, U. of M. The ties that hind us to thy fame, Mississippi, U of M., Will keep us from deceit and shameg Mississippi, U of M. Thy stalwart sons will ever strive To keep thy name and creed alive, And look to thee with joy and pride, Mississippi, U. of M. . -Q +7 s 1 .1-EN - , 'f- 1" '- fill-Eff 1 5,173-: ' 'QR :"ff'i:'7r5 x 1. 1? - 2.3, x 'X 1 ' l fy 'J "'P!1AfQ 3,55 -1-ff-, 54,5 .. -'- - , I , ' . C" A Y 1 f" X Q iifiif ' K ' EL A xx ' A ,PQ Q-A , ' l ik' Xx' z , Qlif X 1 xfzrfl yy , Q .f f ,Ulu 1 P L42-5215 ag f . 1,2-'f::1' '.. 1 1 4 ,ff ' -W ' '63::. , N 1 iqfgjfifh uf' V . y H ' N xv . A 2ig A 4-Q Q j' lf f Q 2542 if xl? L 1 4 1 ,f- RESERYE FOOTBALL TEAM, 1913. llinsniorc, 1IiIIl2lgOl' Hamm Holloway, Captain Lcavcll Oates Jones Fari' Murphey Smith StnHlm'cl Rainwater Adams Solomon Williams Brcland M ,,,,v Hr NYM V :gy V , wk 137- 1 :4 ff? A M1 -il. f ,nu ,F kT??':'r jg, ' fx V Ng' W y: ' f 5 4 'rf '54, . NW 21' 4 T5 'Wi -7 -' - -'lf' 7?vsAf.fmfEw--- 4' F f 1 J 4 '1 5 ,f , A , 1 V ' fl M A nz W I C 5 1' F ft Q, rvxaj if 'V " :-.1 " ' ik- 'rl' QM' J' U' ' ' -.-,Q X 1i1f.'k "JE . . M. ., X f xl 1, 1 X if W2 1 5 mx S 9,1 ,I I uv X: jf m rg xxx 11 ',z pw ff S5 A1 M f Qin 'ma 'f stu nv :ull l'XlDl'l'NN 11-g'l'4'ls wlwn lllllllilllg' of losing' fi LL L'.Xl"l'.XlN li. lf' l' , . , . Ul'ND. ln Lznptzun lounml of flu- lmslwl lmll lvznn wm- lnnl om- who was zu czlptalin in the lvcsl sex iw of ilu- worxl for ln- was illXYilyN in flu' gg: ln ilu- gnnu- Ill tln- lllCl'2ll wow, lunt lu- wn-. nnc ln two way-.. He wus not only always -1lw'u'+- tlmcrc playing' an good garlic. not for rring IN'!'NUl1Jllly, lxnf 1llXl'1lyN for lln- good of Hn- ti-znn. lqxponvnt to an standstill, :xml usually onlplnywl llnn Ilv .Xt center hc- always played his could always be clvpendecl on to clo tln Ilglllt tlnng .lt thc llglllt tnnc, :xml that lx llw kincl of c-:lptuin c-wry learn at "Ole Miss" wht llinl ,r to nlxmy. Ntllw to lmw. Ilxs mlm-:wc lx xnrc to lw fvlt lay the tm-:un next yl'ilI'. and BASKET BALL TEAM Basket Ball l'LM'1f:u l'usi'riuN Sniylln- Ball Bishop . , .l"m'w:n'als Jones Pound lC':1pl.1 . . . .... Cl-iilvi' Gadclis 1 McCall Muck 1 . . .Guurmls 1Ving "OIC Bliss" C C S Totals. . SCTHICIJIT l.l'I AN D lll'lSI'I.'l'S. 29 28 39 19 2-1+ 36 68 32 26 19 15 18 10 8 3711 Xs. Millsaps, on C'a1npus. ....... 13 JOIlL'SlJ0l'0 Y.lNI.C.A., Vzuiipus 33 l'nion, Jackson. Tcnn. ...... 241 Mcmpllis Y.l1I.f'.A., Mm-mpliis. 32 Millsaps, Jaclison, Miss. .... 18 li'la1'k Mum., Nvwlon, Miss... 18 Mcriclizm Y.M.C.A.. ML-riclizm. 20 .loncs Co. Ag. Svllool ....... 22 Juncs Co. Ag. School .... .. I3 Miss. Col., Vlinlon, Miss. .... Ill A. K M.. at Starkville ...... 68 A. N M.. af Starkville ...... 8+ A. X M., at lfnivc-1'si'ry ...... 12 A. X M., af Univursity ...... 20 Opponcnls. . . . .398 .9 4 x ,- X use D011 .qt r 'QQ C.Xl"1'.X1N l'I1.XNDl.1.1i. H..'."' f, .. . '. 11 ' N 1 s111'1'11c1 11:1 " U'illIll'.u 11111011 C:1pt:1i11 llfllllll is 1111 1111.11 111111 111 .111 111v1-iw 111 1111- " ll 11 11111111111 , Q11 1 1 U11 N11 :111111c1' is g11i11g 111 1111 11111 twi1'1i11g1' it is illW2ly. 1 - , 'sf' will 1'11111e 11111 11 1111- lllzl' 1-1111 111 1111' 116111. H1- hzu IHl'1lYl'll liix :111i1it1' 111' t111'1-1- j'1'ill'S' s111'1'1'm-f111 work 1111 the 1ss1M111111 pi11'11i1111' stuff. 116 1l'lN - " ' w . , C cr 1 ' 1'- Q 1 - 1, . .1 11.11 111 ll1NIl11'lllg1' 111111 1-111111111-111-11 lll his IIICII lllilt is S1ll'l' i11 X 11 'tt 111111 11111111 11111 11111 11ll1l f11111111 1'111 1111 111111 of 1111111111 1111 14 'Ole 11 '19 fi Nlixsu 11111111 10 vi1'1111'y 1112111 0111121111 1,11111- l'11:111111111'. His gIl'lll1ll 15111111 11:11111'e :11111 f1'ie11111y 111i1' 11'11'1'111'11- A ' ' ' ' ' 1 . .11 111111 .1 t111111'1t1'. 11111 11111y 1111 1l11' 111:1111111111. 11111 1111 1111- 11111111115 :11111 i11 the class 11111111 as Wl'l1. S1'1'c1':11 1121111-1'i11g 11t1'111's 111 plzix' 11-1111111 11111 11111 111111 11111-111 lHI1f1lCI' 1161111159 of his 111vc for "Ole Mis 'f' . - 115' C:1pt:1i11 5" :11111 1115 111-5i1'1' 111 51111 111 1'1111cge. -xx x 'X Sgt xg . 1 f"'!"1 'fff ff ff ff J A ,' BASEBALL SQUAD The Baseball Team THE SCHEDULE, 1914. St. Paul of American Association. -Mississippi College ....... .... . -Millsaps College .... . L. S. U. ........ . Tulane ......... -Millsaps ........ -Mississippi College. . . . Ouchita .......... . . -Union University. . . S. P. U. ...... . -Cumberland ..... Sewanee. ........ -Union University. . . A. lk M. ........ . A. K M. ........... . -Alabama fprobablej . . . NAME Anderson l Dent P . Ball , Allen Green Murphy i . . . Jones Evans l VVilliams N Dear L Powe 1.eftwiCh Chandler fCapt.j 1 Culley Vvilson March 20 and - " 27 and 6' 30 and April 1 and 2- " 3 and - ' 5 and 8 and ' 13 and - 15 and 17 and - 20 21, ' 23 and - " 29 and May and - ' and 28 and - Alumni ............ POSITION . . . .Catchers . . . .Infielders . . . .Outfielders . . . .Pitchers . . . ........ Campus . . . .Clinton, Miss. , . . .Jaekson, Miss. . .Baton Rouge, La. . .New Orleans, La. ..........Campus ..........Campus Campus fProbablej . . . .Jackson, Tenn. . .Clarksville, Tenn. . . .Lebanon, Tenn. . . . .Sewanee, Tenn. .........Campus . . Starkville, Miss, . . .Columbus, Miss. . . .Tuscaloosa, Ala. .........Campus Baseball Prospects at "Ole Miss, " 1914 Although the season is not yet under way to such an extent that we can foretell any certain results for the season, still enough has been done to get a fairly good idea as to the team and the outcome. One game has already been played with the St. Paul team of the American Association, and while they beat us 7-3, still that is not by any means bad considering the team we were playing and that it was our first game against "Big Leaguersf' and naturally we were "kinder nervous." Of last year's men who are back we have Evans at third, Murphy at short., Green at second, Dent catching, Captain Chandler and f'ulley on the firing line. Those lost to us by graduation and otherwise are Captain Foote, Bill Bailey, "Lena" Haxton, "Hobabe,' Oats, lNIcInnis and "Big', Rlills. Among those prominent who are to take the place of those gone we have Pete Allen at first, Jones for infield, Dear. Leftwich, YVilliains, Carr and Lewis for the outfield, and Anderson and Ball for substitute catchers. All of the old men have shown up much better thus far this year, both in hitting and fielding, than last year, and the new men are making a lively race for the other positions, as well as making the old men hustle to hold their positions which they have all winter considered their own. Although the team is not finally decided upon yet, still the regulars have been about selected by Coach Driver, and the middle of the season will find about the same men in the field as the coach now has in mind. The pitching statt' has caused considerable worry, owing to the absence of Mclnnis, who did such splendid work for '6Ole Bliss" last year in the box. Captain Chandler and Culley are certainties, barring mishaps, and who the other one is to be is still somewhat of a question, but everything points to "Freshman" VVilson or "Dusty" VVilliams to fill out the staff. The schedule this year is by far the heaviest that "Ole Bliss" has had in a good many years and is going to prove a strain on the team to carry it through, but we are all confident that with the training that we shall get that we will be able to go through all right. Although we want to win all of the games, still our main hopes are for the winning of the series to be decided when the two best teams in the State schools meet at the big track oratorical and baseball meets in ltlay. VVe are all going to work to this end, and may we not be disappointed is the hope of the team. RE X def THQ 13 13,25 55, I I 4 Xmlvrsun Dm-ni Hixllop l,Ul'I'Ull Bull IQYEUI5 lla-mlm-1' Gr m'1- n lgl't'l2lllll Cimimlis C lmmllvr Hollowaxy ullvy II2ll'l'iS lla-ur Jzum-5 .loin-5 Blills Alllfllllf Alvfzxll Pilllllfl SIIIYHIC Siem-ns YV i ng .-.X if gnc -J I L 9 ,Alu ,..'. 5"a,,, f-I -'S' +V ' I : TRACK TEAM Mx S Ep- --an TENNIS CLUB , I!! EN N I CL S In A X X x I fy' 'I 1 511 ..1, fu. I i X -1145 -' fl mf K ' X w ff'l""0'- X: 53" '?':'?' '-"fm I' Xb' P","'Oz'QzOgQ, '41 X ,,fl,,1,'0,,:,o digg ,L ' N 'I 0 0 0 I of yy. f f A 1 'o'0,'0 00' 'inn . ,' QQ 90000, .5fx . .1 ,O,'I'.qO' 5.05 f' ,' I i oi 5 Q' , fri glzlzzl' 202 Vi 'iw V ' 1, 79091 Q ,,, on 00 Q 4 V, Q." ' I . A lliwmfii' ' f . , .1 -,, ff Q O,,,J 72 ' it' :ZZ 'Q K', Z , n' , ' I .-L Znll I I XXX , IE? , n f 4 'Q .1 ' ff ' 0: I' -'wp Af I fy X f 1 'J - f X ml QI' , 1' ' 1 I' 7 Q ' +A- .,1 ,, x 4 P , 'ir JU 01 X aj IE3Gi,?,i-1,535 X5 +1 -+ ,,,, Y ' wg 1 Q59 41' N f' -ff 1ff"""' h - ,. lX"" fl -"X d 1, '1 f J W 4, 'Q,: SFX , : ..:Qf21Irf22 f 18131 " ' f' I Q . i....: ' 'W Mi n I ' ' l x Q X ' W , yo' xx X if O H. I.. SllfllL'l'l2LI14l Fred B. Smith. . . H. G. Jol1ns'mn. . Bishop Buss l,2lVi!Q Dolmldsoll Dinsmurc QW. 'vjfkxx 1151 1 ff NX ' ' X. iln' I - gi-25 f,Fl"Il'l'lllS. AIEMIQERS. Ilun-csc .Tolmston 1101-50 l':11'ks . . . . .PI'L'SillL'Ilt . . . . . . . . . .Y 101'-Pl'CSlilL'Ilf .Svc-11-f:11'j' :xml 'l'1'L'2lSlll'l'l' Smith SllfllL'l'l2lI1ll Slmloss 511:11-klufolwl Uliw-1' The Wiiiicls :mcl the Rosehucls "l'w:Ls :L ltost-hnal grow, llj' tho lVincls unsouglit. .Xml thv liosm-hucl km-w Ui' tho Yvimlk ways Ililllglll. Ilillllk' tht- South Vvimlk kiss From :L wood, iinscvn, And tht- Rose, I wis, lvas thu garclt-11's quot-n. 'Twas il Host-bucl grew, By thu XVIIILIS unsought. And tht- lioscbuml knew Of tht- VVincl's ways nzuight. Czunc thc lizist lVincl's kiss, Yvith its pois'nous sting, Anil tht- Bud, I wis, IVas :L withcrccl thing. And I saw a truth In thc d1'Zl.lll2iS thcrc: Thaxt. the Ross, forsooth, VVas :L VVo1nzLn fairg Tliat as Man cloth play, When he coincs to woo, Either IVinrl's wild way, VVhot,hcr false or true- . So the soul will bloom From the VVoman's hc-art, Or will keep its tomb As it dies apart. A. P. HUDSON, 'l3. CU NES T? I 1 M' fd An IV. I.. Kommn Frvd B. SIIIIIII A. I.. Bondul E. f'. IIYCWCI' C. S. Franklin 'l'. F. llayo LER LUB O1'g:1nizzx'fiou fm' flu- l'ur1ms1- of I,l'UlllllIIIlg' I,ifc1':11'y IQIILICHYIII' at the IIniv0rsi'fy. om-'1CEns. . . . ........ ............... I '11-siclollf , . . .St,'4'l'l'I2ll'y :xml '1Il'L'2lSlll'0l' FAVI' I,'l'Y M ICM ll ERS. 'auf IV. I.. Kcmmn II. I'. Johnson D. II. Bishop S'l'I'IbI'IN'l' MI-INIIZICIIS. I". B. Smith Roy John IV. IC. lIol's0 A. B. l,'IzLl'I4 li. II. 911:11-klcI'cJ1'mI IA-sh-1' Bzxggvff I 1 . 1 ' Y. ..9- o The Red and Blue Club Purpose: The promotion of :L spirit of greater unity in the student body of the University of Mississippi. the development of a stronger school spirit, and the fostering of good fellowship and amity. hlottoz It's always fair weather when good fellows get together. Colors: Red and Blue. oFr1f'E1zs. L. T. Clizuidler ..... ...... ...,......... P 1 'esident H. L. Sutherland .... ........... Y 'ice-President E. D. Holloway .... . . .Secretary and Treasurer Aimilxiiizs. I.. T. Chandler T. B. MeCarley A. B. Clark S. H. Pegues A. T. Dent B. E. Pound J. B. Dinsniore A. RI. Powe H. YV. Gautier M. L. Rosensweig E. D. Holloway J. P. Riley H. 0. Holt B. Seinines H. G. Johnston YV. B. B. Stevens J. C. Kineannon H. L. Sutherland IC. M. Livingston M. H. Turner Hoxoiuiu' ximinicizs. C. S. Franklin J. K. Hudson VV. G. Green T. F. lVIayo 1 N c CUL LOUGH KARNEA CLUB WARD-BELMONT FISH CLUB WARD-BELMONT FISH C qi i MNM, x v"- 12? ff Tim' , i C I U C -, X Q 5 55 7 E, C AQ- 'Q ff? + ,A N 1 mf- - i , Q ,Wi H ' , ,f u ,. 'JJ 4' ' f 1 " , 'N ' ' 4 , Ty , lf -X it' 71 65 ' '-9' -,f,, ijt, i 'J 'l - f , ,x X" 'fl 'IT . x - ' XX- ff ' 1 -jg-l'W'4-'X ,i XC - in CZK f Y 'QT' - 15 2 ' " ' 'N 5-: - Z, .fm jiz- ..,- ' -qv ai W f'f Q Tj 1' r ' p " M IC BI Il IC R S. 'Jcllyu Beau ....... .laybinlu Chamllor. . . Cliauncyn Dinsmorc. . . Ed" Bramlcftc ....... Cupid" McCullough. . Chick" Green ........ Groucho" Lcftwicli. . . VVatso" VVatsou 0Fl4'lC'IAI.. lloffo: YVQ dial, buf wi- cloiff any morv. Song: Tin- Cursm- of ,Xu .xl'ililIg' llc-arf. Colors: Bluc, IgI,I'l'Z, BI,I'l'1. Flowvr: Forgot-Mc-Not. Password : Hookvci. Cliivf Sourcc of VVo1'1'y: Iiiiipfy mail box. Mocfing Placc: Post Officv. Purposc: A in-th-1' "limi" by 4'0IllIl?ll'iS0ll. . .Shark ....fa'r . .VVl1ale .Sucker Qc'-I Alligafor ....Eci . . .Clam . I Clwmistry Club Ul"l"lf'l'lIlN. Y lifnyc-ffm-.. , . . . ...... l'rwi4lL W II lim-vllfin .... Yivm--l'1'1-sich I7 li lullmmu.. .... Sl'i'l'l'f2llN l1'.U'l'I,'l'Y All-251121-ins. lllil'll1'llNN. llr. Ke-nnon. Prof. vvillhll' .u"1'1x'1c Almlm-iles. Nl li. .xllllm V. .Mun I B. f1Il'Yl'l2 '1 N X. I ruslzv li U. BlllIl'lll glblllll' l R. YY. Buy!-H1- l,. Bvvrs 'l'. IIK. Griffin Il. R. Johnson J. YV. JOIIIINUII ll. II. Nason l'. YYumlfin W- - Pridgvn II. Rcclmfin H. Sulmnnn V. 'l'lli'kL'l' ll. KVM-In l". XVilmn 'YK 'C' Masonic Club Ul"I"lf'l'IlIS. D1 X I.. IIUINIIIVJLIII. .. .......... ... .. l'11 uh llI I1IYIllg'SI'UIl. .. ..,..,.... Xiu I Hxl1I4lIf Iilam ...... .... S l'l'l'l'I2lI'.V uni In 1 mu 1-'.xc'r'I,'rx' All-zxlnlclcs. Prof. J. VV. BI-ll Vlnsm .X. A. Iiimwullmll Dr. A. I.. BOIllIlll'2lllI' I'1'of. If Imllgm-sf Prof. J. If FPLIII Ilr. IV. S. IA'2lI'Ill'I Dr. IV. Il. Hccllm-stun Ur. I". I.. liih-Av JncI,qc D. M. IiIlllIll'0ll4,LfIl ID. I Russ 5'l'l'DlCN'l' .xl mx lil'.IiN. IC. Burns IC. KI. I.ix i11gsfm1 J. I.. Burks J. IJ. Martin 'I'. II. Iilmn A. I Iiuln-rfs A. I". G:ll'cIIm-1' J. l'. JEUIIUS 'I'. I D. R. Jolmson J J. I Sh-plum-Ins tru I l'1JllSlIJ1Il' Ivzlfsnll PRENTISS COUNTY CLUB Prentiss County Club lllottoz C'Advanee tlie interest of the University i11 Prentiss K om 1' ind the interest of the Prentiss County Colors: Purple and Wllife. Flower: Cotton Blossom. students at the University orivlenlcs. J. W. Sunnners. . .... President A. J. Brown .... .... X 'ice-President J. M. Carpenter. . . .... Chaplain J. M. Curlee. . . .... Secretary I. C. Lacy ........ .... 'I 'reasurer Annie Ball Franks ...... Yirgia Tays .... Miriam Crainer . A. J. Brown E. P. Brown R. B. Burks C. D. Blassinganie L. W. Cain J. BI. Carpenter Sponsor Maids of Honoi INIEMBERS. J. M. Curlee H. Y. Donalson J. L. Hodges I. C. Lacy H. D. lNICDonald J. YV. SlllIlIlL'l'S FARM ERE U NT O ix: QQ? W aj L v 1 . . 'N 3 ,LX N Cf ml WEA DIC? . wil? MUTTO. Slucl-x XVIIUII wa- lmw' llllillillj,1't'lNl' fu mln. FOIA IRS. lilac-k-slum and Um-1-11-lvznt. . . A x . 4 iil"Ql'lSl'l'l" POI! Ni HNlI3l'2IiSIlll'. 'l'u "Rini" in lfllllitj' OI"l"ICI'Ilib. "l,ivy" I,ix'i11,u'sim1 -First mum io "l3IlNf." "lim-cl" Julmnstun' C'l1:nrlcr Nlcmlu-r. lXSlLlnfl1 Q "Hwi11v"I,m1g , 'Elms Sllllll Q.. Qu Jzumw- 'I.llllil'N' Alllll. mrs- Sl'llO0llllJl5tK'l'. ".Iuclg:c" lqlillllu-l'1llgIiIlCCl'. l'l1um-Inu-ll-f 1"armc1'. "Ti V' Ilult-Y-Nlayur. ..', M 1 I I -n " 1- . . rw- , ' 4 .E Q U. -'?i. I ltlllf llllll lm 11,111 xx ml "l5unus" Clill'k-Q1,I'IlIllHtCl' of ilu- Pzmzunzn i':m:ul. C mm-ral" DlTYPf1llf'f'UllfClll'l'!ltl' Kiln" flK'iSCIll7Gl'gICI' Shylovk. H144 .lm-w. SMU't0I1--TgllI16'hi'!ld. lid l3l'CXYl'l'fIllSllI'2llll'C Agn-nl. XV:1ll IJOXCY-i'IlZlI'tIlCl' of Squire livzms, Ii' "lin" Fred twig SIllithiI.iZlI'. "' S1lfl1c:1'l:l - ' ' ml I llIlflI'l2lIl. f' mlixlll llk'-vfitlllx, N vis-1':m. LQJIFKIIICI' 'Dc-ltu l,l'4NlllK't. len I'xi"'llfl'l' "Chia-k" fil'f'l'll "c'lliK'i ' ,. I3:u'lnt1'o111-Hlfllrnislws Dignity for ilu- Wlmlm- Bm Nll U. G, Ilm-zlrsf. 'INIISICIRI1 wh. uf.,-y r-'f' ,,.- 94 Q3 fa, x uc z .Ir-ff, I. 'Im . .,-.ff .J "fb ., . V 4' ip, V 1' .. M., va Yo! CO-Operative Bozircling 'lub .I. Iiurks ......,, ....... .... N I :inn Xl. W. Amis .I ..........., ... ,.... Svvrmln .I. W. Sunim-rw. I,l'l'NIlII'lII I D. Ii. Sulmnmi .....,..,. - ..... Iimnrml of Hiram 1 it A. my ....... .... . I lid IIm':u'0 ..... I onli :mil Huiila--xx ls P. VV. Allen. NI. NV. Amis. BI. B. Amis. L'II.Xli'I'l'lIi Bllikllilnlib. I.. I.. Bye-rs. O. I.. flzlrk. I. filly. li. I.. Atkinson. ii. G. Grunt. J. I.. Backstrom. T. .-X. Gay. Ii. O. Bourn. Ii. II. Iiardzl J. I.. Iiurks I.. B. Ilzlrris. .I. C, D. Illassingumc. I.. li. I.e-stein Ii. IJ. Imwix. I7. NIl'I,lHlJli1I Ii. BIc'WI1m'h'r II. NHSOII. S. Iiniliwzller. II. Solmnon. YY. SIIIIIIIIPFN NI. 'I':mnPl'. 3.23. .-3 Qin n W' K -bn-AT ' 1 ', As- - 1 ,M ""-" 4- A 35 ' A.. Q' 3 ' : - f 5 ,... ix , Q ' " -,- A I ' gf' 99 Y A ', . ' A G x ' r. N .X. G. vVill4,Lf'I'Il'2lll YV:li Bunvll Vain f1lll'IL't' llu1m.R. II:1i1'sfm1 Killzun Mvl'Iai11 Waiters Club in-1' Uafus llzmyncr Rawls Sfz1H'o1'cl Swm-:Lf Yillvllfilll' YViyg'ul 900 1 51 .Avi . Y, A 1-,V in ', .. W X ,gf - f : 1 "if 'fb Ji U' 1 ...K V 5 k 'V unix J! 'I I X 'Eh by IF wb I ' , ,-1, I Pl ' W F ,fs 15552, 1'-ill , xx ' - - - 2 -:ff . 1 ' .1 1 XTTX 5 ' - f '- 11 IH he f '- A - 1 f' '-sf -Y - 514315117 . w I-J' K., L' f -, ' " ' 5 1 F ' flluxjfv 11551 -f??'qf'6-4,9112 f --y ' - ,f..:l L I ffm Nj, . 112- - .V ,,.:.4l-f-L -L ., x V 1? ,7 ,1 MDD fi' 5" ff - V -L- , E , V A N f ,riff 5.1, r A V - 4 , -f . , , , ff' ' V W, ,,.,.,-,,-- 'Y' H Y- Y -t , ,QQ f1L.fx ?Dbf ' ' 'gi E JXM If rw050fv 5 H3 'PDA ff0LL0wnY svlgllf - l?UBE'BOYE7Tf .g r fn ' f .B0m.CWK IIl'lBl'5 ., lf 'PAP'Pourvn '- ' 'wALL"0oxEr I K - Q'jRFD'J0fffv.s10N u w X4 baJEFf,506GAN J N f6"5ujr1fmnNo IX "C0Rfw5 FRANKLIN "-- "'r0Mm1E'r1n YO X "Soc "fiona war , h I . fi? N , , Q U ' I 5 F ,ff 5 Quit' Q ff- 0 wf 44 fg fx- .ff f J , 7 . 5 , - .L 7 QT' 'Tl Zz, 71 Ap MQ 0005 f NX X "-AF' 5 L VYv - fi. Z :W fjiign- f Q ,f an I f Mr? Y f K. K. K. CLUB. A FI'CSl'lH13H,S avings flVith :ill due apologies to li. X. l'oe, "Bones," "l,undie mtl J Olive upon il midnight dreary. when of ulllllllllgfu I wus weary, And my room-mute was an-sleeping with that now fzunilizu' snorc. .X.ll ut Onee I heurd :l tupping :ls of someone rzilnpiiig. ruppilig. like thc dull it my Lhunlni door. Guess it is mme ehzip who is wishing in my room to gain :ndmimiong I will rise amd let him in. though he he il Sophomore. So open wide I threw the portal. and hefore me xtood si mortal Sueh :ls in my hreslnnun drezuns I had never seen hefore. Ile had on that long white grzirinent worn hy that eruel vurmint Who ix feared hy ull the lfresluneng in mhort an Sophomore. .Xnd tho' they did not ery or holler, I would wager my hut dollnr '1'hut hehind him in the hull were some thirty more. In they ezune midst noise upprozneliing, rapidly' the room k'll1'I'tHli'lllllgI, And seeing an sleeping lfreslnnzui, the eover from :around him tore. V Ile awoke and viewed the meeting. hut he eouldn't speak 21 greetiiig, As he sleepily reezllled some hzlzinwf Iore, D But his thoughts were rudely hroken :us thone wordx were hzirxhly xpoken "l"reshm:xn. get up on that tuhle ere we eun eount four." Then to me they turned and viewed me, AS in ahjeet terror I was erouehing hy the door. Ah, how elezirly I rememher, ,tWilS the eighteenth of September. And the nineteenth ere they left us, and their little fun was o'er. But the next night when they eume, rapping. tapping. knocking., Did I open for that Sophomore? NOT FUR l'Xt'l,l'l Nl'iYl'2ltNlOltl 'I' i if I fl , Wi, vi l iff!!! 5- I ff ,Z , M! xg' I A at ,fx 'WN h.....-..-..- A-wlaw f?-JC 161 .I-wa! r, F' -3? ' "CWS FK. MILLSAPS COLLEGE CLUB .Inn- 0 'aiu glut-..,,"q.: 1- ,...............-- 31 av-01 we -3 MISSISSIPPI COLLEGE CLUB A, Y, ,,-- .L -V ,- 'lb-ff A. 81 M. COLLEGE CLUB ARTISTS' CLUB DABBS QI ' I N'l'I'IT'1'I5 The b W I f tl 'S b f h I ll I "Ol NI tl ovs w 10 mu IC hw" on o sinff. :mc wuccc v , iss" ou me musical map. MOTTO: Sin f, SiIlU', Siuff. FS 25 P1,Ac'1c OF Mlc1c'l'1Nu: Any plum-c wlu-rc flu-rv sux- "1-Ms." TIME or' M151c'1'1xc:: Most any timo. OFF1c'Eus. H. H. Dabbs .... ....... l x1'CSid0l1f 4'H:uvkins" Dzmlmlms. . . . . .Lvadcr "Cl1csty" Dabbs. ..Gv1u-ml Maumgcr Iluylv llnhhs ..... ."l"lunky" MEM li li ns. ' "Hawkins" Dabbs . ,, . "BubbV" Rlulov , w "Sm1ffb11'cl R1'll't1Il '. ' '4L1f'flc Juv" Lvzms 2' ' hlgObblL'u Crook pe 1 aug Afulxw Q, P' f ' 351: . 71-4 W X 9 4 1' ' A 1 ff ai- - ' " f f .15 1! " t1 M S 1 , CX kffff 5 M1 HB1 Rs O1 BOXING C II B .. Driwr. . . Instluctox Alla-I1 Amis Bzmksfnn livndcr Bishop lin-Izxml Ole Miss as She is Spoke Bone-One hundred cents. "Lost ten bones last night."--Army Initiate. Bug-Art. of getting something for nothing. Campus Course-Excuse for co-education. "How much credit do you get for campus courses?',-Freshman Bass. Co-Ed-Faculty in eampus courses. "Fifteen for co-eds."-John Dinsmore. Cut-Refuge of the unprepared. See VVritten. '4Let,s cutf,-Baby George Hamilton. Dip-The end of the trail. "Oh, Lordy, if I ever get this dip!"-Miss Picard. Ducks-The freshman's plea. "Ducks on the zip. Don't take it all."- Breland. Exams--Professional hunting season. Fresh-Deweese. "Aw, I ain't as fresh as Nuts Raylw--Ib. Gravy Train-Freshman Math???? "Get off that gravy trainf,-Gen. Dorroh. Horse Laugh-Ironie applause. Used: 1, Xvhen the joke is too deep to be understood: 2, VVhen a freshman tells a joke. "A-a-a-a-h!"-Student Body. Lab-The place where Rube Boyett makes those stinks. "I wish that darned old lab would burn down."+Bagget. Math-Freslnnan woe. "Lemme see your math."-George Leftwieh. Ovez-The national erv of the Scotch. "Ovez, oyez, the store is now open."l-Big Scotehy. Q i A Prof-Short, ugly word. "Profs is funny, ain't they?"-Bloody Owen. Prom-Yery prevalent among Juniors. Feeds on purses. And other things. Shipped-Two weeks' vacation. See Carr. Cook. Potter and Solomon. Shark-The man who sueeeeds in bugging Franklin L. Riley. YVritten-The best excuse for a cut. "Golly! He's got a paper, and that means a writtenf,-O. B. Smith. Zip-A friend in need is a friend indeed. "Shoot the zip."-A general cry. ALIEN 7, ' Y Y ,fYjirVx'xx l'THa5Lf?rA1S49o:gLg MgfS'Sy C H-' 'Q F' -'im' 1 , , ,. - I' I - -,.,.Q,4:. ..., MBE!!! , A M - -I g - ... 1- - ff A I - s I i W iii? fi s A T E 'W' W W i s 0 U N o R Y 1 W M Z . f I s 'I '-- k- H , Ar J --I t- 2 -ff is 5 p w e ,- 2 , , ffl f A hw , I I - 7f, 3 P: I gf K B if , - if ,J 'WS ffffrf 0FF1CERs. Bender . . . .... ...,.. P resident Bishop . . . . . . Vice-President Smythe . . . . . ...... Doctor MEMBERS. Bender, Tennessee Crisler, Tennessee Steen, Tennessee Bishop, Kansas Owen, Louisiana Smythe, Tennessee Spence, Arkansas DeSoto County Club FLOXS'EIi-DELiS5'. CKJLKJIIS-Gl'CCIl and XX7ilitL'. BY-YVo1cn-Fiddln-sticks. Miss Nzumic- Furla-y "Billion Donn "Rod" Johnston "Bu1my', BllHtiIl Hon. L. J. Farley. Sponsor Miss fiill'iSfiI1l' I":L1'lcy . Maid of Honor "l":u'11u-V" '1illl'I1l'I' "Kirk" Kirkwood "Jo" I42Lllllt'l'1i2Li0 "I.mvyQ1"' Allen . . . ,f'lm1'tc-r hllfllliltl f I 1 fs .fl :XA -X N'-Af NK, X nl X 94, 21 ,f 'fy' Q32 ' ' 411' X , Z' f WN T77 1' f ,nf Ai . , " x -4 , ?W':Qy. 1 X .- 1 '-', 441 1 t ' g Y , I " 7 ' , 1 C r + f ' , 1. I I I 'V XX I X XXX f , X f -' 1 'H , X ' ' y A I 7 :'- I i If I A . l M L 1 ' ', I - -, 1 , v.,. Q 1 53, - ' ff 9 g. .52 I g if L4 25M, .. O 5 Q. Q A Nl ' X I AAI vnu W u If f - f f ff' . 453' 1 'o QM' f r , I ' mfrick lill Nlllrphy. Bill U1 BIICMIKICIQS. ' v-V, Pcfc AIIIVIPII-Y, Cl1z11'lcs . ll'llll.V.. Clif Blount. Miss Cqflil Promises When the bee has ceased to gather Honey from the blushing rose, When the miser spend had ratherg When the river uphill flows: VVhen "in spring the young man's fancy Turns to thoughts of love', no more, VVhen no more to music dancy Young feet long to tread the floor, When at mid-day, high in heaven, Coal-black glows the noon-day sung When they say "twice two is seven", "Playing hands" no more is fung When the grass is scarlet growing: And the compass south doth veerg When my heart's blood halts its flowing- I shall cease to love you. dear. D. R. S. Fragmina A rose-covered cottage there stood by the sea VVhere the roses so sweet and so fair Sheltered the bird as she sang to her young, In the nest hy the swinging gate there. A rose-tinted Castle of Dreams I once had, Where e'en flower-lit shadows were rare- Only the Good and the Pure and the True And the Beautiful found entrance there. The rose-covered cottage has gone to decay, And the roses have faded to dust, Moans now the bird to her perishing brood, And the hinges are covered with rust. Oh, ashes and embers of heart and of hope, And of fires that my frail passions fed- Sheeted and shrouded, you'1'e mine, ever mine, Life has left me alone with my dead. K.A'l'HLEEN BALDWIN ,,' 4 'f . ll, l , . 'J :N AXA un .lei l-illll I, l l it L' . ffl r . I I m i lf A Q l , dll Prlufosiz . .. Morro. . . Comm .... Soxo ......... Mminiins. C '6Rcd" Jr. Dewecse. . . "Freshman" Goode. . . "Lawyer" Ford .... t'l'ip" Holt ....... 'Bigv Howell .... 6 5 "Red', Sr. Johnston. . Su "Sandy" Lester ..... "Kodak" Lewis. . "Mack" McRae .... ferric" Riley ..... s'Doe" Smythe ...... 66Bric-li" Tarver ..... S "Freshman,, Triplett. 'Sergeantv Adams. . . 'Pll3l'IH2'l.CCl1t,, Turner ,W 'Q 5 ff 5 .Q 1 ID 2 iff we i I 5 at l l lhii . 4 i V! ' . if l ,M I fy, 'i'll,l'i V . li.. 'jlfl ff I ill 'YQ lbs , n fl Lx I5 f F Ui CLUB Young Ramrodu Johnson .... E To rcl ibea re rs ..........Make the bark tly ...................Solid Red . . f'Redhead, Gingerbread Head" 1'iAVOItl'I'li Kxocxlxo PLACE. . . . . . . . .North Gable of Chapel . . . . .Door of Room 68 . . . . . . .The VVater Tank . . . . .Roof of Squirrel Hotel . . . . . . . . . . . . .Hospital Door . . . .Door of Chancellor's Room . . . . . . . . .Law Library Roof . . . .... Oak Behind Lyceum . . . . . . . . . . .In the Dining Room ...Grandstand on Athletic Field . . . .Door of His Postoftice Box , . . . . . . .At the Campus Store . . . . . . . . . .The Rainey House . . . .Gordon Hall Front Door . . . . . . . . . .Chemical Laboratory . . .Uncle "Top's" Soda Fountain Sea Largess fNo0N.j CNOIIIC quickly, love, to ine, On rosy wings of thought, And watch the noon-tide sea With flakes of silver fraught. Farewell your presence, love! Ere heralds of the sea Shall lift their horns above The ripples and decree The tl'C2LSLll'L'1'-tI'0VC the dower Uf lll01'lllil,lLl bride, I'll haste lie down, at even's hour, Across the sallow waste Of sands and steal enough CAS then it ine heseemsj Of all the gleaming stuff' To build our House of Dreams. fEvEN1xo.j Fly quickly, love, to me, On rosy wings of thought, And watch the evening sea With gems and gold inwrought. Oh, richer than the riches Of gennned and golden sea The radiant moment which is Bejewelled with thought of thee. A. P. IIUDSON, '13 Songs as They are Sung AS SUNG BY Tllli BVSINICSS MICN: "When I Can Read My Titles Clear to Property Ilere on l'1arth." "Rock of Ages Left for Me," for "I Make It All" hy the "Cold Hundred "l'll Stand for You." as it is "Simply Trust Deeds livery Day." "Blessed Insurance," "When My Money liolls Away." "Pass Me Out." "U Happy Pay," for "Why Do You XVait, Dear Borrower "All to Them I Owe," so "llc-init Ye" and Nlievive l's Again." AS SUNG BY THR I,AVl'YI'IR: "When My Neighbors' Trials Are O'er" I will not Mliesent Fee." "Nearer My VVad to Ile." for "I Defend Them All." AS SUNG BY THIC STL'Dl'IN'l': "M'hen Shall M'e liat Again" in "Gordon's Honiiny Ranks?" "There ls a Test for the Weary," so "Shirk, for the Night Is Coming." "Just as I Cram" to "Make Cp the Loss" of the "Pondering Boy." AS HCMMICD BY THE FARMER: .1 91. "What Shall the Harvest Be?" or "VVill There Be Any Crops on My Ground?" "Seed Away." for "Sowing in the Morning" is "Bringing in the Sheaves' "At the Frost "Throw Out the Plough Line" and "All Hail the Shower" of "Genuine Rain." NVHISTLIQD BY THIS TAX CUI.Ll'ICTOIi: "The Half Has Never Yet Been Told." for "They Love to Tell a Story." "Curst Be the That Binds" "From Ho1neland's Richest Domains to That Sorrel Horse of Thine." "They Heed Me Very Sour," hut "My Bounty 'Tis of Thee," and "I Ring Them Inf AS SHUNG BY THIC HIC-ICR-GOOD I"l'1LI.OW: "Praise Memphis, From VVhenee All Liquors Flow." "Reel Not to Temperance." for "Fill Me Now" with "Just One Dram." "Have Courage to Shay Yes" and "Pilot Me" to "Thy Old Kentucky Own. "Julep XVill Give Me True Zest" down on the "Soiree Liver." GHOANHD BY THE "HAPPY" HUSBAND: "There ls No Rest for VVillie." for "I'd Give My NVife Just to Be Free." "Creep, Baby, Creep," and then "R0eked in the Cradle of Sleep." "Rocking Today" and please "Cry Not Tonight? RAD as H. REED Huh 'J Q W I we Q42 ,, ,,f, '1'455J'5 .. fwvf-f, H Y I : L.. ' 1 . . , . x,.4 1,1 ,IH ay' , E appeal to every Loyal Student in the University of Mississippi gflfzfw to patronize those whose adver- tisements appear in this book. If you are interested in the success of Ole Miss and wish to see it the greatest University Hnnual in the South, you will do what you can forthe advertisers. The business men of the country know of the value oj our hook as an advertising medium, and we must hold this confidence by helping them in every way possible. We unhesitatingly recommend every advertiser, and we again ask that you help him who has helped us. "OLE MISS" BOARD, '14 ALEXANDER 81 ALEXANDER ATTORNEYS C. H. AI I XANIDICR lDcc'eus4'tll - - - I iw 9 CHARLTON A ALEXANDER - - I nb ,IAMES A, AI I XANIJICR - I vx ni I. P. ALLXANDILR - - - - I lla jackson. Mississippi VV. CALVIN WICLLS VV. CALVIN VVICLLS IR LAW OFFICES Olf' WELLS CE, WELLS Insurance Law a Specialty JACKSON Ji' MISSISSIPPI I N. FLOWERS '90 J. T. BROWN 'IZ FLOWERS CE, BROWN Attorneys at Law Merchants Bank Building jackson, Mississippi J. M. VARDAMAN Attorney at Law Merchants Bank Building jackson, Mississippi W ILLIAM HEMMING VV AY ATTORNEY Capitol National Bank Bldg. jackson, Mississippi WAT KINS 81 WATKINS Attorneys and Counselors at Law Watkins-Easterling Bldg. JaCkSOn, Mississippi University of Mississippi 1848-1914 'I' Six Depavtments Unlllplvfc' in l'iYt'l'5' l':l1'tin'11l:l1' Academic Engineering Medicine Education Pharmacy Law Imczmfiun Ivlltlllliliitli in flu- Sfllliil Iilcc-fric' Ligllf, Sh-:un Hi-at, Puri- XX7?li'L'l', Nm-W Builrlings. New liiquiplm-Ili Summer TL-rm Opens Juni- 9, 1913 NL-xi 1il'QUi2ll' Session BL'g'illS 'l'l1111'srlay, Sm-pf. 25. 1913 u A. KINCANNUN, c,1il2LllC'L'li0l' I'NIYlCliSI'1'Y. MISS Cotrell ll l,eonard gfllbany, N. Y. OFFICIAL MAKERS OF Caps and Gowns To the American Universities from the Atlantic to the Pacific. S. C. Toof 81 Co. Printers Stationers, Engravers Specialists in lligh-,qralleEmb0SSe1lStz1ti011e1'y Enggrzive-Ll lnvitzltions llllll0llllCClllt'lllS Proggmiiis Write for Samples and Prices 9 195-201 Madison Ave. CLASS CONTRACTS A SPECIALTY Memphis Established 1872 Excelled by None QMMLIQ U 'l11'11 qualify 1'ig'111rs UTI' 1011111611 1l1111'f f0r,g'1'f S111116l.s'1111'.s' T111l1'11111.s' 117111 Julia 11111 1'l0tt'1'.s', C111 .s'11l1' 111 1111 I fi1'.s'l-1'l11s.s' .s'1'111'1'.s'. QMMQ I E. A. W right l108 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia Engraver Printer - Stationer Manufacturer of Class and Society Pins, Medals Exclusive Designs in Stationery - Calling Cards Fraternity and Class Dance Programs, Invitations, Menus, Shingles, Leather Souvenirs, Certificates Engrossing Certificates, Memoirs, Testimonials 0 .O -I Wild Wave i ff: Chocolates and X X i . S FOR SALE AT THE University Book Store T R Y A B o X lanke enneker andy o. S T. L O U I S SPECIFY Crane Plumbing Goods All the latest s:u1it:11'-V plumbing fixtures Solid Vitroware Porcelain Goods Porcelain Enamel , . lulrs :xml lau'z1to1'1c-s that look good alw: X Xxyiltbl' vlosl-ts that stay right Crane Company Call and soc our sliow rooms Fourth St. and Court Ave. Memphis. Tenn. Beasley-Holly Co. tWain St., Corner Gayoso Memphis, Tenn. ll1'7llllIllJlI'll'l'N for The Latest in Haberdashery "WW man' not mzmlw CL1SfUllll'1'S of all our frivmlsg but wo do Illfllil' .- I Q. ll'll'llllS ot all our ClISlUllll,'l'S. lJUN"l' 1"UKGl','l' US. BOYS Knox Hats Majestic Theatre XYIN-n you urn- in .Inc-kson. l'L'Illl'lIl- In-1' flu- Mzmjm-sfiv. 'l'lu- most popular lllliblli-lilily lltlllhl' in H10 City. Sfric-fly Iuigln-4-lass. morsxl and oclu- cational. Vlnzungc of progrzun daily. Houston D. Bowers prop. and Manager f. F. C9 Co. WHOLESALE Commission Merchants Blue Ualley Butter FR UITS and PRODUCE . H Petting Greek Letter Fraternity fewelry 213 North Liberty Street Baltimore, Md. Factory 212 Little Sharp Street BIl'IIlUl'2'LllllllIll I'lill'k?lg'C sn-nf to any f1'Z1tl'l'Ilitf' llll'llllJL'1' Hlrougll 'fllc scu- rcfary of the cllapfcr. Special clu- signs and lfSfilll2LtL'S flll'lliSllCd on lIl4'll2llS, rings. pins. for zxfhlm-fic' lIlL'L'fS., 4-tc. THE LARGEST STOCK OF Bibles in Mississippi ls Carried lay The Baptist Record Send for Catalog SQ ......... P. G. Brands STARCH Our Own Brands til' Kelver Brands Q23 Alden Spears Brands Erkenbrechr Brands til' Gletten Milling Co., Arabold, etc. Supplies of all Kinds National Aniline 85 Chemical 232 East Pearl Street 9 Telephone Main 2789 C I N C I N N A T I Repriiintcd C- H- YARBROUGH, 158 Second Ave., North, Nashville, Tenn. aiioiipi-Bail!-1Ve .Nee-ii? 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Russell WW 0 . I , Dentist i 627 4? It Reaches the Spot That Dry Spot where lurks the Yearning Summer oFF1cE AT Dr. Wright's Old Stand Students' Trade Solicited Phone 122 Thirst. Sold at Fountains and in Bottles Q llfititllgy Q T T X Is Da'z'elo1J4'd and Inspired by llze A X Hc1l11't1lc1l Class-Room Use of L' ' X X T N - 9 'Q 4. ,A Wlthout ' 1 kW 'N , qv R I S f 111:19 Qo,+2i'Q a P e e r eguar, aety . P d and self-Filling A "' en Om T Y P 9 5 ' V I 0 5250 Q 'WN 1113111 Pell U P H Q. Ask Your Dealer for Waterman's Ideals l L. F. VYatermaVn Cornpany, 173 Broadway, New Yorli If H Qswali Barber Shop NEXT TO Cash jewelry Company 4' Students' Trade Solicited 4' Come to See Us, Boys OUR MOTTO.' "The very best value possible for your money. H T555 f. E. Neilson Co. Deparlmenf Siore Oxford, Miss. 9 The Very Best Lines Clothing, Shoes and Gents' Furnishings to be Had in the Country. .TCLU 0136? CI House Seaiing Capaeiiy 900 Four Reels of High-Class Moving Piciures Every Night F. L. TUOL, Manager OXFORD, MISS. johnson's Greenhouses 32 S. Second Street, Corner Monroe QA11 Kinds of Cut Flowers Your Patronage Solieited Q7VIernphis, Tenn. o Q Dr. Hargls fonn A.DLn1e s Sons Co Nlanufaclurers and -Iobbers of D iisi en Lime, Cemeni, Plaster, Fire Brick Qfce Vulcanile Roofing Over Nelson 's Tleparlment Slore Main Orme and Srofe Oxford' Mississippi 82 Soullz Front Slreei Phone Bolh Phones 41 f Memphis, T UNIVERSITY OF TENNESSEE WV R .flu KV X I V A -"g g fi 55 iff Q 1453" 7 .... - , ua, - if 1 if ' I I V I. f i, -t f .I1 . a I I. E H MQIW, . 2 1.IfffW"1aai Q5 ed IIILJL L21 4 ' Q xullm' I, il' 'H . 1. awww' .',.f"",f. -w e-In ' W wwe.. A uf COLLEGE OF MEDICINE, SCHOOL OF PHARMACY AND COLLEGE OF DENTISTRY, MEMPHIS Four medical colleges united. Ten all-time teachers. Twelve separate well-equipped laboratories for fundamental instruction besides several research laboratories. Twenty-two free dispensary rooms specially equipped for each department. More than 350 free beds in hospitals. Three new college buildings. More than one hundred in combined faculties of the three Memphis departments. Hereafter one year of college Work in Physics, Chemistry, Biology and French or German will be required for admission to the first year of the medical course proper. Beginning September 21, 1914, both at Knoxville and Memphis, a preliminary year in Physics, Chem- istry, Biology and French or German will be offered. The tuition charge for said course at Memphis will be 9'p100.00. At Knoxville the same fee, 5B100.00, will be charged to non-residents of Tennessee. To residents of Tennessee taking this course at Knoxville the tuition will be free, the State paying their railroad fare from their homes to the University and return. Registration days all Memphis departments Sept. 15th. to 21st. FOR COPIES OF THE UNIVERSITY OF TENNESSEE BULLETIN, ADDRESS THE REGISTRAR- BURSAR OR THE DEAN OF THAT DEPARTMENT ABOUT WHICH INFORMATION IS DESIRED rfs. illian White DAVIS MIZE WHOLESALE Cui GROCERS F Oxford, Mississippi For All Uccasions ALL KINDS OF Next Tour to Y. M. C. A. Write, Phone or Telegraph M empfzis Floral Co. Soulh Main Sl. Memphis, Tenn. f. R. DINSMORE Local flgl., Universily, Miss. 243 Madison Avenue Mempbis, Tenn. -ly,-xqgii ,N Xu, .fx X X, l Xs l X 1 g Q I ' N Q D 1 -9 - . 'I .' . 2: U .f-.,."i Q: .- va, I .' yu- -'xr P C ' U r. - J, Y 4 ' if Ili! ' K O 'O 1 'iq' 1 .'o 4 4 Q 4' .a' V. Li Q K v N-' 48 Q 1 P . 0 ll, . p I v "'Y I 8 O Q V s. , up Jn . t ,gf I .40 ar' Sta' 'F eq- - - 1' F 'a '- 45904 ' u up f . ' . ..' v H I, 'I . I v I 1' a- br v fr,-V 'Z ., . . ,, in 4 ,if ' . A .. .g,. 1 Q a ' YQ .0 v, l 'v T4 A-v 1 lf. I . 'W ,3- I- ,R ' I C 1. ' fx if ini? ' 0- wf Q' 1 Y . Q 'n U .D , Q 0 D I '-o P al : A O N -rf 'Y I 0 4-pw 0 I 4 . "5 0 1 fv' 1 , '- 4 Q ,. v . , Pdlll 8 DOIIQIZISS QOIIIIJGIW Qlnllrgr Annuals Gilman 151115 Jnuitatinna Q9 memphis X 1 . 'V 5 .4 O - 4 J 1,4 ana 1 1 5' 'Q . ,,, 9 5 I s .qu ' ,, Z' ip' . ' 5: No 'g 9 ' - Q u Ox: -...fnwvt 0-or 14? llvgbu' I-8 f Q' 1. 5, 7-Q, dui . ffm f bu! 129 ,ft s.-Q - , C ' A 'u'l"'.h'- gf . 5.1 1 , 4 lx 1 III,fIQ.-,IIII, , I I,-II I I F l"Q1f L'l- -,JIL 1-1" ' .-A J' ' . -,pin A I- i '-55,1-Ig' ,x w -' 3 M -I ,f .II I Ti' I:-2' ic ' '. gl T Y' -.' u' -' gg. 'I 1.'.l",1I I.'1'I4 .5 ', I .. 5. , g. '1 . I "". Je 4 'xl' 2 '. . ,I I.. Ibn! Q .. I, . 1 1 .- . . .I .I I .I I , v I, , V I ,r. s,'. 'I'f. . - ' I . I ,II .I V 1. . T' 1 3 " X , -9. 5 1 I 'fI .. . AI 1 :.I,'.- ' 1 1 '7.'I..a,, .' - Y ' 4 .. 5 J ," ' v '1"cr,.Tf,,-.a QV 4 'fn ' f ,ew -..fyr- . fy- . ' "fI:' 4. 'I- ,Q . ,I , I , ' Q F 9' f , '14 I" 'I - '.', ' .y A- I 'rx X . - 2. ' f U. w . 4 -I . I . v .. wx 4 ' ' .- . f 1 L' ' .' n I .QL 1 fr 1 I .. I - . . . 1 f . I .f, 1 1 x h,x' ' ' 1. I I ., . 1 I J ' . ' , . . I ' I. r . Y ., f.. - A 1 H .4 ' . P x I II-.I X I,II . . .'4' I gf-JI - I. - A 4 I.. 5, II.,, an . f.'f'4'.'..II.' w'.vJ-. 'v ' 5, ' I ' I ' 'I LM' - -'3---' f' 'gh' I " Im' fa 516: ' ' ' h' 'I 41-'.,-,ary 'H .,,, , . . JI. is I In -. 5.1 qwI,I,w.II, ,:.? L. ' .'J1,,: fry gr- ' 37,71 . 1 l.II . -.' u - '. ff . - ,I .'II ' L nj - ' - an I .. ,. .. . K N2 H1 f " ' 1- ' 1. . 'XF f . '23 , 'I I. I , - r -I g, 1 . I ,: - , I .I ,I .LI - ',' 1 ' . JI " "".4, 'r I ...vf, I 1 I f 4 ' I Y L- . , ,.. v- . A ,I 'I . I,1.I I ..II I III . Q I f",fX 'yu ' 1.'- wh. ' - If,-". .L .MN r IIVIM 4 r -19.1 .4 I 1 x o K - r 5 7 s v . A 'I' 4'x.'- W I 45 u . 1 Q TwX!Q,f-If V," Hs I E IJ Q L v It I 1 . I 1 H v ',"t'1' r -fr X, . gvm- A l s J 4 v ' 'al al ' l 4 1 . N I ! Y N gu..y7- r I I ' . . I , .:, ,1. K 4 1 'f i, 75, v 1 j 1 1 A, Ii! 4 .ff A 1. D A v ' 72 6' x q'-' - 1 w . 4 4 I' x " 4 S u . D N x j,',3 i , ,f , , v' ' A u . ,p 4 T 4 if ff I '. ' -41, r .A 1 A s . - 4' , X A P' 'U' O, n'3 I I . 'Agn 21 4 .bm VA ,I V . I 4 X .. "1" 'Q .' . . if " I ' If . ?"4'1 'nl ! . . gg- 'QI .' 7 V .'dbiQ'f' Q 1:- : .MVK .' -rv: .. '. 'J nu' "K If U,:A.',"'6 .,.. I 1 v. -.MEA - .. Ls--'-. V.. .!.,. ,. .. ff- , 1 A 3 Y-. ' QL. rf- ' ' 1 . '5 , x Ip. L. 4. -.- 'x I ,Q 'lf-14' .xc 'n . ..- j 1 'uint ,Q .4 xl I , . L, 1,1 wx. igig- . . 1-E1 "S'q'.f Q lfl, ' Y-74" 2 . ,Z '.:QQ.'?f ., W "Wi ' "-mir ?fn 'fili' ".','-x,-Q . Lcgl - '-.wifi . yy. ' 1:5252 L Q0 Q 1. - ' fx ' s M' xrfg' fm I 0 4, 4 A v V 11 f tl f ' u' 1 Q N I 5' ' , "Ep ' 1 rn, F ' X , 1. 'N I wc, I. Q J. -N V+ Xilg. f v ' WJ "' . . px I 'jug-Al-5 . ,f .rl . ,fxg ns' , J . ' if 1 f',-'abr 111 ""Z' 4 'f .. 'JS-fL'q'L 5 "Q 1 PQ'-Q . f ,Pa ,I ' . 'NL T71 . ,,Il H , .Il I ,' I yi .u U.. I' Au I. 4'- ,. '-' ff , x':. 4.3, I vii, .ttf gf. h If .. 5 L f .-..C' " , Q ...J A g 5 s xv, '24 ' .-'Ji-K ' +' 'Sys 'YK 1 3,15 1' r ' '41 ,At,fsf1f5rf,",'0 .M 5 4 ,, , W ?.,,,s'f-fs s?X'if1 :".f ' - -.,. A . -L 1' ' ' we . 1',gfG'yk: fn 1 1 1 ' 1 A' 'wi "4 ." H L ..1 , , , 1 ' '14 ' -4.4 1 1' If - ' M ,1l,, 1.14.-.-M.. 3 f,'. y :- :'19Q'fLa",'.f'L".f" . 'J 'H f L 4' ,'.'1.e,1 ,aa',.vA., . . x, .bpm 111l,,.- .. s - ',.A.v., U. Awl, - 1 1. 1 'pil I lf' 1' - 1 . lv-5 . Iwi, . 4.-,ff '- f , !MY7PV-1W7Tv '?'J'Q s- n'.1 A i1!11i.f-12" ' 11 1 1 ffwwwWvY+f:uf " J 51 " . . M .nJ.,.. ,1.My+r. 1 , , , r . ' . v' . , ."- .awJ5'.4 1 1fe "f'a - ,., ,' x1,.'v,-,1 11 1 -. ,1 , . wM+yAvg?hM1:942 '-"T. 'Mm--.' ,-.-1 ,I - 3 9, 1 1' -- , .' ft., - -1 ,. I 'fire' wh t -.I V, 1 sa' N . n , ' JSF. ' '.. - 'f A , W-5.,. -I.. K , H-1 . - M. I - r 1 5 - ,11 1 n , . 1 ' -i'f.1?1,,1 ' v 'Lf' a 1 - . 'fiw-:1'1 v'.,- ff-'f ' 4 ' ' . Lf , -ff, 1, , ' -'Y "..- 1 , . fa . 1, s IIS A1 X' 1, - 'hwy . . . a x 4 .v.r -I 0, 4,'- 5 . "1 r .' f." . v M. 1 f ' ' 'B-14.4 QL ' 'U-' l '. L ' , . 1"'i.'. 'f"f . ',-" ' , . f"y7!.'?1 ge' a f, .'5 t1 , ' ' -1 . -. lv. , I, V, A 4 V,!r,1f,APfL,',17",.u' -17.15 A ' ' 'V '- ' . 1 ', I' Qu' E ' 1 . ef. - 1, , , . s 1 1 ' I .Ax ,, V. .I Q U--M.. gin-13 - I--"I,,k' u , I f .54 1 I.-mA, V ,' .,g'--,Vh'wq- vi '. A -- . ' '... . ' ral.-5 K 'I 111--.?"1-1 -Y ' ' I ' 'I' 1 . x "' . .. . 3 fn X X. .- . 1 ',' Yay. 1,7 "U 1 y '-:.,,,j1 pm 1, 1' 1 4 1,,.,, ,1,.-A ,511 . . un..1,u- 1' ,f '1 .H,,,w lx., U H 1 , 4- fa H1 1.1+ , " nuf' ALL '.11'Y:.. fl ' 1, 1. x 4 fvyv., A. ,,1x.A4 H A H .-5h11g",,.L.',,'.' 4' . .wx -, M 1' nfl' .q-. MQ, 5- L' 1 x . ' , Y , , .'f . 1, '1 -T' ri'1f"n:g': 'fu' WE! ' .I I ,. .vg',,j3'1.!gb1 -1.--Q..-5.3. V - '11 1. .'f::?1m',.-114'-W' , 1 1U 1 . ' a 11' 1: 8 1 4 0 H. I '1 . , P-1: . 'pix . I, , , , 1-S -'Hy I Lfm ' ' Jr' . 'Fi ,. ,ink f 7 4-'v 4.I. 3 1.-Q .'.1.jy,x1,l gl... 1, -r-. 'wfgg 1 113 elf if It Ca- ,V 1 . . . ,, in 'K' 4 51 Zh., '-n' .. ,ni 1 nl L as .X I va r: Rn, . A' git A, 335- tv' ' "' 1. if 'xfH , 5-5'-1 's v, A 4 I' my gf-in 'VF . .lg r . A. ,547 .- A u w! . "'xY f1,j'.: 1 , 7 ,,W " I . .'-I-154 L5 . .IQ ' .fa .Q -5 I ' r 5 . I Qi' ' I ,1-. ... '.f 1ffNf waaf 1 1 ,1 1. h-ffQfE . J r ,I A W ,.A 1 e , 4' sl., Q Q Jqr, ' in . wr- .m1tn' ,- 1.95: 7 ,lil 5'5bf'f , J Nuns L , 5'-'1 j 1.4111 ffiw - 1 .32r"f' . v'."gx- A ii 1.5. 11' ' -'gif 3 I 5 "P ' gf' ' Fi.. ' 1 n "- 512' - , "ll .M. I 7 ' IVY. , J , 1 W ' 1 - . '- :gf 3 . I- I ' A ,'- . ' a,-. T ' 7- In V 1-' ' .V :qw W . . Y , 3 5 7 1

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