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4 1 . .v rn 1 ,..,', -' LD . A , I LW.. 14, I . , v ffw ."' gffiff f , 'Q 4' -. ,H A , 'rf ' . gf' -Er g' 6 ' . .: 4' " AN. '. .. 1. 2 ' , tw I , xg' 1 " 'A ml! , ' N 'll I-vi .y -'uh . . ,mg , 4 X -pg, 1' N "v 4. . ,, A' ,A , . aw. 1. V V.: I. KAN-41. ' . . ,, ' 'n .J ' . ,' 1 , i I C , "gn fu. 1,,fg,4, jg., , . HL ' I . . ,A 1' 3' ,V .Mi-11. -,'r1,..Q1x 4 :.":.1k,', , V ' A X ' "I-L -, ' ' A 9.x ,- ' . ,'f.".-, X f 1 1906 1191515 Mllgvif 155315159 g5.g?5EN1aAm1sw iHEA'GliEiKNIlGiTgigSlf9'QiQBE?lG15IES, mwnmimsilmugifzaanssnssmmail, C 53r.hir111i11fu, 'Qu mar Brnriuus rivals fur rulings lgunufrs, Hgcmn klgul bring smislginc in mu fnllcgc life, mic M-hirnkr Huis xeruirh uf Hlgc fulimr gem, , , , Y Eu Mgr Qfufehm, I M.C. ! L D 54- I8 i905 me v. I0 C- 3 la'-5,234 V, ,QQ1 ,!bH3v JQFQ 2? , uv : L jg U'5f',v'If xv? ,-A M, 250150 lsf X , "' QRSOYW 4 ,x n UI I 4 I 1 C, ,' G 'fi- .? 4 if r x ir?-.4 . fr-F.-1 ' . 4, V - '1 1 'ga if ,?, A -611 1' .. fffvi QQ - V 1 N E . ' r A Retrospection. In the dim, uncertain future, YYhen my locks are white from years That have felt Life,s dreary winter, IVith its pleasures and its tears, May the moments-golden moments- That I spent in idle thought Be forgotten-lost to memory- For when recalled they must be fraught XVitl1 the pangs of dire regret. I would of memory I were masterg XVould that I could e'en forget, As the moments fast and faster Bring to mind the many hours Wasted by me in Life's springtide, XYl1ile I gathered only flowers. 'Yr ii- 6? '35 2 Yet, in this garden of the living, XVhere are fruits and flowers dear, At the feet of a God forgiving I'll offer all I've gathered here. -MARVIN HOLLOMAN BROXVN, '02 Dr. Richard Watson jones-An Appreciation. The subject of this sketch is a native of Greenville County, Virginia. Here his people have resided since the early days of the colony, and the members of his family have ever borne an honored part in the aifairs of this ancient commonwealth. Dr. Jones was graduated from the University of Virginia with the degree of Master of Arts. Soon after his graduation his State seceded, and holding, with the best men of the South, that the cause of the Confederacy was a righteous one, he espoused it, and followed without faltering the Stars and Bars for the four years of the Civil VVar. In the service of the Confederacy his worth was appreciated, and he was promoted several times on the field for gallantry, and at the close of the war he held the rank of major of infantry. Many titles have come to him since, but of no other is he more justly proud. The war over, like his noble chief, he turiied from the profession of arms to the all- important duty of instructing the youth of the South, and for forty years has followed this calling with notable success. The first academic position held by him wasthe Pro- fessorship of Mathematics in Randolph Macon College. Later he was chosen President of Martha XVasliington College, lccated at Abingdon, Va. In 1876 he was called to the Chair of Cheinistrv in the University of Mississippi, which position he held, with the exception of four years, until his voluntary retirement in 1905. During the four years of his absence from the University, as its first President, he organized and launched upon its successful career the Industrial Institute and College of Mississippi. He was induced to accept the Presidency of Emory and Henry College, Vir- ginia, in 1888. This position he held for only one year, and in 1889 returned to the Uni- versity of Mississippi, having been chosen for the second time to fill the Professorship of Chemistry. Dr. Jones, during all his years of service here, was a most efficient teacher, and in administrative matters a wise counsellor. His standards were high, and he exacted of his students thorough work, but they ever found in him a kind and sympathetic friend, and no member of the Faculty was more sought by those in need of advice and counsel. But his influence reached far beyond college walls, he was an earnest and active worker in his church, and a frequent delegate to church courts, and a public-spirited citizen, keenly alive to the best interests of the community in which he lived, and of his adopted State. It was a source of keen regret to the Board, the Faculty, the students of the Uni- versity and the citizens of this community when it became known that Dr. Jones had decided to sever his connection with this Institution. After so many years of service D1'. Jones has earned the right to spend the remainder of his life care-free. But inactiv- ity would be distasteful to a man of his nature, and he resigned his position here to accept the Presidency of an important business enterprise in the southern portion of the State. This important position will fully engage his activities, and the friends whom he left in this connnunity wish for him abundant success in this new work upon which he has entered. A FRIEND. 6 W.. YY DR. R. XV. JONES. '52 1 .- 1' v :W ' 3 Ehitnrial Baath nf H0912 Jillian." K 1906. Editor-in-Chief. EDBIUND G.-XINES HIGHTOXVER. BAE SECRETARY OF BOARD: ATHLETICS: ELI.-XS ALFDRD ROXYAN, JE. ORMAN LANIER IIIMDROUSH. A XI' dv A 9 LITERARY DEPARTMENT: ART DEPARTMENT: JOHN BOYD XYEBB. ALBERT H. XVHITFIELD. 4: K :If R A MISS LOUISE ANDRUS. MISS DDUIQLASS MAXXVELL. X Q A A A QUIPS AND QUIRKS: STATISTICS: WILLIAM LEWIS XVOOD. PRATHER SONDHIEM MCDONALD. A T A E X BUSINESS MANAGER: RICHARD CAPEL BECKETT, JR. A K E 8 I ff 'W 'rig . L Z EDITORIAL BOARD. 1. McDonald. 4. XVhittie1d. S. XVebb. 2. Miss Maxwell. 5. Beckett. 50. Miss Andrus. 3. Kimbrough. . li. Hightower. 111. Rowan. T. XVo0d. A 4 5.1. Youtlfs Hour. Perfumes rare now fill the air, df J The crimson poppy blushes, 50 The birmls now sing a chant to spring- List to the merry thrushes. Tents of blue, the sky's own hue, J XYe greet on every side The heather bells, in every dell, U The dove now woczes his bride. Gladsome hour in every bower, in dx Sunshine glad now meets us: K , G Spring's happy morn-forget the thorn! gl' W The rose's blush now greets us. sf E l,et's away-'tis youtlfs fair day, - ' The burnished dove's now cooing- Q S Come, letls go-high-ho! high-ho! f 1: NVQ' too must now be wooing. 3,F 4 L f B S' 5 N Us ., 31 ,lf Z N r us!! I L fl: lim gi iid". pg ? xXXu 'dug F :fl F .--' if, "" 'aye - 'QU' wig' or -- Q ,gf ,1 gk X- ! fi -? ivy I " QL, If G! : Co gli' 10 CHANCELLOR FULTON :f"f"' L I 0, s . v sv x' " .z. yi - . ' r IA. Aw 4.', ,Pd . - . 'ul , ffm N., . ' -af, ", 1 ,'- , . L '- eQ3 F5 J 5 ,X f f ff .ll -Q.. .H- 5x o uf C L f,- -.. ' w V ,- - May Song. Twas in the month of lilies fair That thou wert born on earthg Each flower its chalice lifted there To greet thee at thy birth. And thou didst see each snowy gem lYith grace and beauty rare, Didst touch them with thy baby hands, And thou becanfst fair. -MARVIN HOLLOMAX Y f I t , JV, - X' x 14 BROXYN, fo X NL EX 31 natrurtnra anh Gbiiirrra. ROBERT BIIRIVELL FULTON, M. A., LL. D.,'X- Chancellor of the LvllIV6I'Sit3'. ROBERT BIIRWELL FULTON, M. A., LL. D..-- Professor of Astronomy. ALFRED HUME, C. E., D. Seat- Vice Chancellorg Professor of Mathematics. RICHARD MARION LEAYELL, M. A.. LL. D..' Professor of Mental and Moral Philosophy, of Logic, and of Political Economy CHILES CLIFTON FERRELL, M. A., Ph. D.. -,. Professor of Modern Languages. GARVIN DUGAS SHANDS. LL. D.,Xe Professor of Law, Dean of Law Department. ALEXANDER LEE BONDURANT. M. Af Professor of Latin Language and Literature. JOHN GREER DEUPREE. M. A., LL. D., if Professor of Greek Language and Literature. FRANKLIN L. RILEY, M. A., Ph. D.,' Professor of History. THOMASH. SOMERVILLE, LL. D., -A Professor of Law. - JOHN VVESLEY JOHNSON, M. A., Ph. D., - Professor of Physics. 16 VVALLER S. LEATHERS, M. D..' Professor of Natural History, Dean of Medical Department. EUGENE CAMPBELL, B. P., M. A.. A Professor of Electricity and Electrical Engineering. WALTER HUGH DRANE, A. B., M. A., -A Professor of Civil Engineering. JAS. B. BULLITT, M. A., M. D.,o Professor of Anatomy, Pathology and Bacteriology. THOMAS P. BAILEY, Ph. D., Professor of Psychology and Applied Psychology, and of Pedago DAVID HORACE BISHOP. M. A., - Professor of English and Belles Letters. A. M. MUCKENFUSS, Ph. D., Professor of Chemistry, General and Analytical. HUBERT A. SHANDS. A. M., Ph. D.. Instructor in Elocution, and Professor of Rhetoric. HON. JEHU A. ORR, M. A., LL. D., HON. J. NV. T. FALKNER, LL B., Lecturers on Common and Statute Law. P. H. ROIVLAND, M. D.,.. Professr:r of Materia Medica. ROBERT TORBEY Associate Professor of Pedagogy, and High School Visitor. EULA DEATON, M. A., -A Dean of XYomen, and Head of XVoman's Hall. STARK YOUNG, M. A., Assistant in English. E. N. LOWE, B. P., M. D., Assistant in Biology. 17 gy IRBY C. NICHOLS, Assistant in Matheinaties. CALVIN S. BROVVN, M. A., Ph. D.,b Professor of French. C. W. MARTIN, Assistant in Chemistry. HOXVARD VV. ODUM, M. A., Assistant in latin. B. XV. BOND, A. M., Ph. D., Assistant in History. D. H. MILES, Assistant in Rhetoric. J. GILIIAN REID, E. A., Assistant in Mathematics. R. H. MCNEELY, Assistant in Civil Engineering. ROET. H. POXVELL, Director of Gynmasiuni. JAMES B. BULLITT .... .... S ecretary of the Faculty MRS. L. M. HUNT .... ............... L ibrarian,,,, D. L. ROSS ........ .... B usiness Manager F. H. LEAVELL .... ........ S ecretary J. E. CALHOUN ..... ..... S ecretary 18 9 THE FACULTY ", -'Irv .gf A J 0 ' X NX . f v ' 5 ' , F Q . Y"fYq .5-flsl v 1-4. - - q Y Y --+3 ,-,L -:.' 1 1 ,, 1 ' U l, . .V . . 1 - un 5 A-1 T! , O x l ' l .1 Q .1 J v I V 0. qw' . o ' 1 06 I vxfkkt' -' Y 9 . o - ,-4 o lf' 1. . ' is p I v . .YW C .Eff J 'Lo 544' on H on Hon Hon Hon Hon. Hon Hon Hon 'Hon Hon Hon Hon Hon Hon Hon His Excellency, C. Kendrick XV. A. Belk ..... John L. Hebron A. T. Roane .... NV. E. Baskin .. J. H. Jones R. H. Tliolnpson J. YV. George .. F. O. Holmes .. M. M. Evans J. XV. T. Falkner E. D. Stone ..... C. M. AVilll3l1lSOI1 . J. D. McKie .... J. T. Senter Hon. J. M. Acker .... Enarh nf Elruatma State Superintendent, H. L. Wliitielcl, ex-officio ..... TREASURERS. Hon. XV. J. Miller .... ................ Hon. VV. D. Porter .................................. SECRETARY TO THE BOARD. Hon. VV. D. Porter .... ....... 21 Gov. J. K. Vardanian. Ex-Officio President. . . . . . . .Kendrick . . . .Holly Springs .Greenville . . .Grenada . .Meridian .XVoodvill e . . .Jackson Yazoo City . Herna ndo .Ht Olive . . . .Oxford Greenwood' . . .Jackson . . . . .Biloxi . Colunibus . . .Aberdeen . . .Jackson . . .Jackson . . .Oxford . . .Oxford Z, L.,- Simplicity. Alwllj' with the weurying, wnrtliless wish l-'ui' gg-lld, itb fullies and cares! -l.wz1y with the tlwuglit uf lmardetl wealth. And its inifemble. sickening snures! Away with tlle-se dztzzlillv dreams uf cnqgg C' 'lluese visimis ut pageant and puwer! Aunty with cfzistlcs built frilly in air, Tlmt crtnuhle and fade in un hour! l'll lmre this arm tu toil and task: 1'll lnlwt' in lione-sty's field. And an lmneft name is all l'll ask XVl1en the Harvester gathers the yield. MARVIN IIOLLOBIAX BROWN. '02 22 5 R v 3 X 'ag K Xt M- NQXXXQXXSAZNA, W X ,X F swf? X Si 4 Q Y W 1 XX .-2 Qi-X Z 5 . m f G Y .n uf 9 6 J I P Z 4' O' J ul .fa . gk? 4 o v- 2' A ' ' ' ' ' 'A ' . . - ' " 'qw "-N ' ' aff 1'1S"': . v . , .- rv' I . - I. ' - ' 'A - 'Q , K ' . Ava 1 Q i"'w,g fa 3. 14 4 -- ' " ' .,.- . f -' ,V v LAW -, F-t-I ,S 14 . ' ot'1gi' 5 ' . Q f -. ' ..,, -'F 1 . Q "ta' lzJ.4 - 5 . of 6.4. ill I Q U 4 ' W 2. - 9,-ev g -- -ft: .i ' T fa: K L ' e 'Nh nilst-u Q!! :lf 0 h .. - - ' , ' 1 F 'H F A4 .gil 1 J!--I . 5 xr: 'inf A 5j"u- ,":1j 1. .-+0 .,'f ' g t' Cya 0 A a F ig! -n -.-' Y. .0 A 51-I? Y V . FQ N, ', 'J if Q--4 u A -'VG 4 4 'r l 5 ' '1- -. .5 4 .. a tx ,.. , vc . - - . .. , -,-W x :-",'.'.. :.4 1, I .'- v . ' Lf u - . f , ,. .,, j-2 fa , ,g ,S .ll xii, -L -I-'tis .P nr, I w i ,Q', -xl. f' vf-'. f.-xuvwtvgg 1.-1 J,,- ' "Ari "ie 5:33 .,v . ' . A vi v 5:24 5 1 g-. gr.. H nf. , ' . rv Q . 3 N 'wt -0','.! ' vfqq, - .'Z'g..f e?fff'?i 'f'5:1'i5z'-' ' . ureifdxl V" ' , . . ' . . .ln A1-X Sas h . . . V, ' T' '9 Z . . , -,E Y " '- ,4.. X N. .- -.1 . Min L ' . ,VN .4 5. A L -I V I A - -. - ., .1u,, .5 ffm ,X 'V , '11 F ,- W .6 V-r-..?y,,..I 5 , - L'VQ0'1' .f tk- ,uw- .,.a,T .' .lf ,5 ' ' . -' -'45 .k Ag:k1Pl,i5 r - ' "'w-.g', . , v - 'f 1' . . ' 1 7 V A I . . f .- -5, - . ff .- - " " , LL:r7.wJ'V - l 4 , ,N 4,4 ,Q 5 . -." 95:11-Q. ' 'Ayn 1 :"5'J" 1 . 1,4 , , ., up Y ,nt .-XY . V f,..,. ,,w ',.Cv.. ' Y A l' V'-, PQIU1 : as . .I-afar' . .1 . - me "V 1" 1 .'1 " x ,. -L fxw A- ,. ' .. . '4-V '-, 2, ' 4 - - up V. - g, - A ' .A- U' J, , .3 ."U -., ' ' '. g' . 'I X v - . y V- - -rua ' f-'qw' . Q-, J. . 'f'U.1 J 1' hir , .-.7.- V ' I. 1,3 , ..- - 'A -, ' txls: V .a X Q' .A V- .I . gl -wi . . , Q ., . Y si ll' 1 ,rm-1--f -.' g.."' " 14 fn- .. 4 - 41+ 3-' ' ' 4 u . --, ny- s, n ,. .n .-.' 44:01 ' f 'D 1 H 'af 'Q '.!' ,-r." ' ,- -.'f'-51. . "1 ,c. 1.50 .5 ' -s U 'lgfk . .Ag--1w..' 1 x -.-Z7 Y. . .'l .a .srl ,-,su I . ap A u , I-. 1, 7. 4 X DELTA KAPPA EPSILON FRATERNITY. Johnson. McCur1ey. Beckett. Edwards. Acker. Montgomery XVOod. Campbell. Gary. Oglesby. 2 K o l'- I 1 r 1 fo I . .'x1-Q 1 N Y. nf Xl 4: . Kilt' 1' "" 0 . -. lr . Q I . K. . Q' -QV ' 'fo T' -. 9 "gif I 'tx E A 'fos'.e T1 r ,lf is O! . ' ' 1, ' rv."-. S ' Q ' VP!! A- n f N . CG. sv' ' A 6 '- 'o 4 7 ' A5 '3 ,Q 'I f xx ' 'Ig' 1 FQW I In -s ' n ' vl " , - - Q . P , 'f-:'n' v ' ul" 1 ' U eel 2 JA 3 1. z ,O I i'! Q 'ni' isp! 1'-33 'V . qa I-.fx ax-: 1- 5-. O -.1 .57 W 'J n s 1 Jg 4 Q" .-N -c- .- v,'Qf gi... .xl T1 g 4 ' 1 . 'fs ' A ' '. - L, f',,l.?,. nl A' '49 5 1 pn. WJ t.-Jn 5,1 Y N.v 5. Evita liappa Epailnn Fllrutrrnitg. Chi Chapter Established April I4, 1850. FRATRES IN URBE. REV. XYIXN DAVID HEDLESTON, Ph. D. PROF. BENJAMIN ARCHER Tl'L'KER, B. A. FRATRES IN FACULTATE. EUGENE CAMPBELL, M. A. HL'BER'l' ANTHONY SIIANDS. Ph. D. FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE. LAW. Class of 1906. JAMES ALEMETH FINLEY. Class of 1907. ELBERT JOHNSON. FRED HOPE MONTGOMERY. WILEY ALEXANDER BLAIR. HUGH L. GARY. SCIENCE, LITERATURE AND ARTS. Class of 1906. RICHARD CAPEL BECKETT, JR. THOMAS Mc-QI'IS'l'UN SYKES Class of 1907. ROBERT LEE CAMPBELL. THOMAS EARL EDWARDS. JAMES MILTON ACKER. HARRY INSCOE HILL, JR. JOHN ALLEN SYKES. Class of 1908. CHARLES GWIN OGLESBY. THEODORE TRIMMIER Mc-CARLE1. ANDREW WOOD. 27 1521121 ltappa I pzilnn Illratrrnitg. FOUNDED AT YALE IN 1844. COLORS: Crimson, Azure and Gold. FLOWER: Pansy PUBLICATION: "The Delta Kappa Epsilon Quarterly." Roll of Active Chapters. Phi, Yale University, 1844 Theta, Bowdoin College, 1844 Xi, Colby University, 1845 Sigma, Amherst University, 1846 Gamma, Vanderbilt Cniversity, 1847 Psi, University of Alabama, 1847 Upsilon, Brown University, 1850 Chi, University of Mississippi, 1850 Beta, University of North Carolina, 1851 Eta, University of Virginia, 1852 Iiapp, Miami University, 1852 Lambda, Kenyon College, 1852 Pi, Dartmouth College, 1853 Iota, Central University of Kentucky, 1853 Alpha. Alpha, Middleburg College, 1854 ' Umieron, University of Michigan, 1855 Epsilon, XYil1iams College, 1855 Rho, Lafayette College, 1855 Tau, Hamilton College, 1856 , Mu, Colgate University, 1856 Nu, College of City of New York, 1856 Beta Phi, University of Rochester, 1856. Phi Chi, Rutgers College, 1861 Psi Phi, De Pauw University, 1866 Gamma Phi, XVesleyan University, 1867 Psi Omega, Rensselaer Polytechnic Insti- tute, 1867 Beta Chi, IVestern Reserve College, 18138 Delta Chi, Cornell University, 1870 Delta, Delta, Chicago University, 1871 Phi Gamlna, Syracuse University, 1871 Gamma Beta, Columbia College, 1874 Theta Zeta, University of California, 1876 Alpha, Chi, Trinity College, 1879 Phi Epsilon, University of Minnesota, 1890 Sigma Tau, Massachusetts Institute of Tech- nology, 1890 Tau Lambda, Tulane l'niversity, 1898 Alpha Phi, Cniversity of Toronto, 1898 Delta Kappa, University of Pennsylvania, 1898 Tau Alpha, Metiill University, 1900 Sigma Rho, Leland Stanford University, 1901 Delta Pi, University of Illinois, 1904 28 Alumni Annnriatinna. A K E Association of New York City-President, Hon. XVhitelaw Reid. A K E Association of New England--President, T. Morris Strong. The Northwestern Association of A K E-President, XVilloughby G. XValling. Association Association Association Association Association Association Association Club of the of Detroit-President, Fred. XV. Hodges. of the Pacific Coast!-President, T. B. Bishop. of XYashington-President, Col. John Biddle. of Rhode Island-President, XVillian1 Allan Dyer. of Bufi'alo-President, Sheldon T. Viele. of Kentucky--President, Thomas XY. Dudley. of Cleveland-President, Rev. J. D. AVlllli1lllS0l1. Northwest--President, Rev. P. Ingersoll, D.D. Eastern New York Association of A K E-President, E. XV. Arms. Delta Kappa Epsilon Club of Rochester-President, Dr. J. XV. XYhitbeck. A K E Club of Connecticut-President, Col. Jacob L. Greene. Mississippi Valley Bunini Association of A K E-President, Scott H. Blewett. Chattanooga Southern Association of A K E-President, Elwood XV. Mattson. AAv6St61'I1 Michigan Association of A K E-President, John Patton, Jr. Harvard Association of A K E-President, XVhit1nan XV. Symes. A K E Association of Central New York-President, Xvilllillll Nottingham. A K E Association of Indiana-President, Jefferson H. Claypool. Mountain Association of Delta Kappa Epsilon-President, Henri R. Foster. XVestern Massachusetts A K E Alumni :ASSUC'lil.lSl0ll-Pl'6SlLl9lit, XYalte1' S. Robinson Wisconsin Alumni Association of A K E. A K E Association of Central Tennessee-President, Rev. James R. AYlI1Cll6St6l'. A K E Association of Melnphis-President, Percy Finlay. A K E Association of Texas-President, Hon. R. R. Gaines. A K E Association of the State of XX'ashington-President, Rev. F. XV. Keator. Ohio Valley Association of A K E-President, J. P. Ernst. 29 -. ' , x , 4 1 I - Q W- . I? Y-.jen ..... -R' ' -1 . - , 0 Q I filtsn, -'Q ' 11" fb! ' 1 - ' 01 ', 1- . ' ' I ' I I ,0 JL: - 5 ,' 1.15.4-" vJf +l'-V155-A.: -'1ci'Hir124 ' 1 ' . 1' .L , L, x. or' " , . . . D ,Agp fxgvggzqc 4gw!, A u l ,' '. . ' 9 J AI ,f .4 x - a 1. "Z, P11 . , - ' J! ,,- -. Sv, 'A I ! f ,,- ,T ,VZ-gr - '-,Lys ' - ' '.. -" 2 - A f'fp- f-ff fQf'.,y-'- EJ- ." 'J 1 "K-,' '-.MHWQAV , X, , 0 . fs- of , ly-A, . fra.. lg I -' '-- 0 - L " -. . - Y .- v, 'W ' I . 4- v,.1-, .5, '13 ' .' r , I .I o I . H' " - I 1 -1- - A .v-.A 5 Q , - ' A S 1 nivrlvsq. g., ' ' : . 'I 4' 'i . - . . L 1 5. , - '. ., fr ', .4 ' , . f-,A ., ur in -zvtx I ' " nv- . '- '. ' ,,, t I " ' ,,f,. 4 , K dxdqzlalu 'f . rj ,.. . ' ' v . 1 , - .' Vg -af , O s , A" l A I 0 ' ",,'-- Q , . , .. ..-nk' , - "O , , 1 r A X , W- p ' l - I ,. ,:.f:.Af ,,- ',- , . , ,, L D -V .. A , - -. A I . '2'."'g ., v",., 5.55. . . A .,, , . ',' A 1315. - 'J - . v Q o ' ."r . A 'I .. -'- . . . -1 ' "jj: ' 'S .I ' 5 -5' ,? ' Y " .fs ""l ' 1 "I , ' , 44.-. tio -, :Jig a Q ' .,,'. Y ' ' 5 "U 1' A - A' 1' 4 . 'N 4 N4 . - ,,, U i 5 n u f 5 -4. V, . ' .L,.,.3,:' rx- -. , ZR 'I r .I .',,. , ia .-,,, v f DELTA KAPPA EPSILON CHAPTER HOUSE. ,.-' ft 1 'US vs s L A vs -11' Q v F'12,' l' .U sg 'fs -o ssh! 1 A '4 1 .V lf' '- - .. x af, " "q5 . .2-Q . -c- . qt Q4 I I -0 1. fl 6 OI U - . l - X . 1. L I '. ' 5. ,' 1 9,5-'I ' ' Q '-1'5" s 1.4 ' Q tb . 5 UV , -. ' o .1 ' 3' I , Q".J I 'r'."r . 0 . V f .uf-Q . 11. - '41 fr . - Q .f ' 1, u oi-in lfff . . 'U " P , xii mi s O- -X .g.:'. P O V Q -.-sw. , ' -'fc K I I' Q K 4.41,-' J .41 N V Gr! I 2 . ' J . ' J ,fri W If Wu! AH! f I f U X .- 'Jw 1- xx HI ,- pEi1'g'n' 2 2 1353 I -' xr. . ,, y 1 , -9 QL-:fa i huoff Fun. . -5 QI A -5 . 1 -YN 1 A 'A .- 1 . A ,u ' p ui '1f'p 1 'C I 'Yb. ,. ,ww 'Ft .71 .-'P' 11 pas . . d I . rfb., ,v 'Wh ,f. 5 4 -. i r 1-1. I . 'xg ' S .-..f., . 'V .A, xl ,. .A u . vs-H q Jr su I Vsb 1- fr- ,4 4 say'-w it v A-1 num, ,XI D u N fr v 1 fifth H? N .16 raw:-.Kiwi .QQ -fi. x bf wr. K 5 un ,Q pr. , .il Ps! ,A 'I 53.4 Q:-' s I 4. P- Z -, ... 3 1 -4 -. -4 -. ? 4 2. 9 11 'qi s G' n 1 'va - , ',..g.i! r'-Y W '- .45 ' .' U ll 1 n Q4 . I n . ' ' 'Q J . ,- ' X .ff ,. ' V . I n if K ' 'Af A v"'.11j"r'K l', ' I-.., F.. A 5 - 7 .vf.,9 ... ' wif. -..' 15: 'i','. , . - ", -of , ,- u . --.:r4.,.".-'i' uh r , ln-A i , ' ' .L 1 -- nl ' g.- 4g,' ' , ., I.. TK . 'I' s '..kv 8. - - 'NV , - , A' ' Q '.:.,L. 'I J wb A- ., .1 I.. I5 ' Q .- . J' I4 3 , U . . 5, -. - - .fre-.-w 'M A go ' .. .E ' 't - '- .,:rH3'!4' 1 " " V' I5 -0. ' ills- 9 I,-A .- A I ' 7.1 ' Y' ' . '-1' -Y 3, ' " 1, l'c.'.4'A1 I 4- 14 .. .V a3..' - ,SW . . .'. .r,'Y ,- t ' A A kll I ',-' Vs : N 0. ' 'fr J 'a' ' 1' 1" . , - Xa.-4' L7 J14'-f 'J' I- QT? 4 -1, Q' DN " , 'ag g' .r 5'-aj. 3' ff.. ' ' '.' -1' ,Sf Q.-Q uv. 5 . ,v -- , 'qv ' , L. Rl' .V I Q ,r -l.'.,.:4'1!-d 'r :ball A .1, vyij K. - -. . o,' , ls: Hn. , - r ' ' Q . 'fx' f'- -', 1 ' s' -x? Tre' D y Vg. 'rx .-w4 I P A1-'. ,Q Bella ISM Efraivrniig. Established in IS55. Phi Chapter. FRATRES IN FACULTATE. RICHARD MARION LEAXVELL, M. A., LL. D. ROBERT ARCHIE TORREY, B. S JAMES E. PORTER. JAMES MCL. BAIRD. JOHN R. STOIVERS. FRATRES IN URBE. WM. VAN AMBERG SULLIVAN. D. PORTER. GAYLE C. BEANLAND. FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE. SCHOOLS OF SCIENCE, LITERATURE AND ART. Class of 1906. ASA CALDWELL 'l'I'C'liER. Class of 1907. JOHN EDXVARD REED, JR. VVALTER SIDNEY BOBO. GEORGE HARVEY, JR. SHERMAN M. MCNAIR. EARNEST A. BUFORD. ISAAC PRICE CARR. CLARENCE R. BOLTON. ROBERT HAMILTON CHARLES CLARK. Class of 1908. WALTER SILLERS, JR. JAMES LA KE ROBERSON ADDISON BROOKS BOYD SCHOOL OF LAW. Class of 1906. DAVID ALOYSIUS JACOBS. POWELL. ELIAS ALFORD ROWAN. JAMES MQWILLIE. 35 ALPHA DELTA . EPSILON LAMBDA UPSILON PHI .... SIGMA . TAU .... Brita IBM Zllratrrnitg. Founded at Columbia College, I847. ACTIVE CHAPTERS. . . . . . . .Columbia University . . . .University of Pennsylvania . . . . . . . . . .Trinity College . . . . . . . . .Yvilliams College . . . . .University of Virginia . . . . . . . . .University of Mississippi . . . . . . . .Yale-Sheffield Scientific School . . . .Massachusetts Institute of Technology DELTA PSI CHAPTER HOUSE 21' 1' .qu - 'i n . 11, Q Q 5 .. .,. A Lv o pK.-- .Y 1. ..- 1 Q .q' 4- ,I .-Q " 'Es -1 . .We J 'JZIM Vg C 4 L Q3 Q , Ax 24 A . ,A , , if' '- rw-em K - - - -- ,' . 7' ,Y I Y . ti," ' f .-.. . QS. ' 'I I. U -. - Q 'X' 1 K ... . ' I -v J 0 4' .-, .' A ' . . K V , . .' . . JZ. f ' f' J. J Q I 5 - n A , .. , -I " uf 1 ,' L v 1 - p . Y I Q '. ' 1 -' N: I 545.1 Q .ek L40 1 ' :I .- if 1' 1. -I . I- 5 5 L--W. .ay . ' Irs- u I U- a 1359 ELLIS TT 3213.1 5 x - 2 . 9 - 4 -. 9 J',. , . -s.,,,.x'ft ' il. Q '.- . lr.-'I .-., k. A A.. - '-. 4 -sf,-ts. U s L .. N- .1 - v K., 5 - 1 Al 'Wf- ".:7' 11 in 1 5 . 'Lf ff :Ryu Y v 6 4 L. .... Q .' .'S ns ' ' r'-rf' , .v -. ,rvwf-". V .,, -. Q.. . A. 1 Q. k., :xlr 8 rms- . f . 'hi' ' 44 -1 -7' ' I " ix' h ' '11 'M Y . ., . ,' -1 4, .2 5 il- 'f "Y-P -.1 'L -' ' 'f . 1 ' Ak' , ,I - K. . 'v-. fxk . Y Agnu- 41-3, ,qv -:A . , mg., 'i D. ,T ,. 4 . v .-L' ' rx , 2 " Q , . -, . : '- ar' n, 'vs- . ',V .K 33 . . Q -.,' " v lo .D -4. . if .V 'Af' . A'A:"v f rl-SU: . ., . . sqm 4 avg. . H, .. . - .'.'f:,. , '-A 4 , 9. "i'w ' wifi Q ,-V H ' x. T ' . -1"+ x i . ,xl 1 I I. '- nl Ar G. f li PHI KAPPA PSI FRATERNITY. 1. Farley. 3. Strickland. 5. Johnston. 7. Taylor. 9. Temple. 2. Webb. 4. Lemler. ' 6. McPherson. 8. Williams. 10. Hampton 39 r 4- . I U ' 14 .sql -Q .3 . . Q N 1' Akva 5 D -1 1 Y F' -' J A I 9 Q., 2- ,Q W r ' 0 '92 n .op u si.. -4 . 1 .fx 5? 'F 0 .L 0.9.10 p ': 0 0 , Y-"df 'flat' o . Y ,fbi abiy x L "- ll Pl - 'k4s.-st 1 4 ,fr 1 I- f I . 9 1 r- x Y ' -11 1 " IAQ . Dv' 1.8. 5 ,--1 ' ' A 0: K O 3 .-..o gnu l .- 4 'T ' . so ' Le oJL V ' 5 'Q A illlliauimiippi Alpha nf lBhi lfappa Hai. FRATRE IN FACULTATE. BEVERLY NYAYGH BOND, Ph. D. FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE. LAW. Class of 1906. RANKIN SCOTT DORSEY. SCIENCE, LITERATURE AND ART. Class of 1906. RANDOLPH 'IUCKER STRICKLAND, B.A. BENJAMIN HOWARD DURLEY, B.S. MED. Class of 1907. JOHN BOYD WEBB, B.A. MEANS JOHNSTON, 13-.S AUVERGNE WILLIAMS, B.A. Class of 1908. JULIUS A. LEMLER, E.E. XVILBURN EDGAR HAMPTON, B.S. LEARY VV. MCPHERSON, E.E. XYILLIAM ALEXANDER TEMPLE, B.S. LEONARD EUGENE FARLEY, B.S. JAMES MERIXVETHER TAYLOR, B.A. 41 will Mappa 1551 iliratvrndg. Founded at Washington and jefferson College, Washington, Pennsylvania, February 19 1852 PL BLICATION: HThe Shield." COLORS: Pink and Lavendel FLOXVER: Sweet Pea. CHAPTERS. District 1. Pennsylvania Alpha, XVashington and Jefferson College Pennsylvania Beta, Allegheny College. Pennsylvania Gamma, Bucknell University. Pennsylvania Pennsylvania Pennsylvania Pennsylvania Pennsylvania Pennsylvania Epsilon, Gettysburg College. Zeta, Dickinson College. Eta, Franklin and Marshall Colllege. Theta, Lafayette College. Iota, University of Pennsylvania. Kappa, Swarthmore College. ALUMNI ASSOCIATIONS. Easton, Pa. Meadville, Pa. Johnstown, Pa. Philadelphia, Pa. Laneaster, Pa. Pittsburg, Pa. Sunbury, Pa. District II. New Hampshire Alpha, Dartmouth College. Massacliusetts Alpha, Anihesrt College. Rhode Island Alpha, Brown University. Ne w New Ne w Ne w Ne w York Alpha, Cornell University. York Beta, Syracuse University. York Ganinia, Columbia University. York Epsilon, Colgate University. York Zeta, Brooklyn Polytechnic Institute. ALUMNI ASSOCIATIONS. Boston, Mass. Buifalo, N. Y. New York City. Syracuse, N. Y. Washington, District III. Maryland Alpha, Johns Hopkins University. Virginia Alpha, University of Virginia. Virginia Beta, XYashington and Lee University. NVest Virginia Alpha, University of XVest Virginia. Mississippi Alpha, University of Mississippi. Tennessee Delta. Vanderbilt University. Texas Alpha, University Cf Texas. ALUMNI ASSOCIATIONS. D. C. Baltimore, Md 42 Chicago, 111. Anderson, Ind. Indianapolis, Bucyrus, Ohio. Cincinnati, Ohio. San Francisco, Cal. Denver, Col. Minneapolis, Minn. Duluth, Minn. District IV. Ohio Alpha, Ohio YYesleyan University. Ohio Beta, XYittenberg I'niversity. Ohio Delta, Yniversity of Ohio. Indiana Alpha, DePauw University. Indiana Beta, University of Indiana. Indiana Delta, Purdue University. Illinois Alpha. Northwestern Yniversit Illinois Beta, lfniversity of Chicago. Illinois Delta, I'niversity of Illinois. Michigan Alpha, Yniversity of Michigan. Y. ALUMNI ASSOCIATIONS. Cleveland, Ohio. Columbus, Ohio. Newark, Ohio. Springfield, Ohio. Toledo, Ohio. Ind. District V. IVisconsin Alpha, University of VVisconsin. IVisconsin Gannna, Beloit College. Minnesota Beta, University of Minnesota. Iowa Alpha, University of Iowa. Kansas Alpha, University of Kansas. Nebraska Alpha, University of Nebraska. California Beta, Leland Stanford University. California Gamma, University of California. ALUMNI ASSOCIATIONS. Kansas City, Kas Iowa City, Iowa. Omaha, Neb. Portland, Ore. Seattle, IVash. 43 ' - ",L1'?.i .4 JY" . x A I f. ,. x. '6- -. . t .1470 .5 'n 1 . I, 1, f. ., V4 '-Aj-' , V O , Q .!. ,.- ff '-s . v v . . . w Y 'wi ' 4 ' ' AC. . dig, , -. aj , ' s,... A T- ' Q-4 "ff rf" ' .10 I " N- W n ' 4 " 9 'ken Q 'inf Q 7-- s . , 4 ..- n f.-,274,sa'g1Z . .A . 1 ll Q .'l x- .-ul As 'J.y. -.1 1.-aff? ' -' '-' g, "T: -.-Q?'- xx ew :sq x 1' I w., 4 .-lo .X ,Z ' , '13 . -r.f!" -A ' . .. ' H A - I-.if Q O 1 . .gf 5 .5q,'. tv? ' 4-1 4-' xfxafg -. - -1 rf . '. i, ' i Q.. 4 ' ' - I. Q , ' .-' ' ' , v- . 173- 4 , ax Y.f,f --- rg -J ,. -T. :I 'j ffv-I" Q-f . ' ,'. 'Q..' L- , - 'v A -4 5 . 'uf 1. - L -v-5la7' '-fs' f, Vt. Pt. 5 '54 - - Y V ' Y - " xt - " J-T." '1. " u .T ,v V Z' .ox 'NY 'X' "-JV: 'g4'f'.' '-:ls'4 'vb - , 9.. . j.. " 1 -4: 33- 1 A-2 l" . ' -: . ' -I Y.. nm, f,- , ,fi 0- .. , . . Q .0 .' jfgll ll " '- ,, . ' - .4 'IU . .14 ' ,' 1 ' .V fly Q -' -' L... 1 ' . " dz. s'. Q v'b -'s - 4' Y A lo , - . Q - -. . , , 1, 1 . Lu ..'. . U . 9 -,'- , . - -4 A S.. .J .1' Q --A.. 11: V .2 Q: , A mx Ml lu. J G . 5 V ,, . . H - "1- ' , "'N?"tr ",w-TJ -. .. r 'W "' ' 'QQ' ' E' . .N W ,' , ' n P, A -- '- .. " f :"'Q"n" gf-A ' ,,, N A: , 2 . I b in ,N 'l'.+U, .. V A Fjflfyggf .1 .A ,, P1 .wfif .1 -1 ' .1 ' - fl " ,NJN asf' hh-V .'.,! ... fn-2'4'2'5"t,4A,1" ' -.'.z:'7"'1.1.f.- f- HX. 151- N ' . ,y -A , .fajb ' , . . --1 ,ng .f'."' b , If 1. V' ' I 1 ",.r,"'LW -,!, .A-1'ww:f"f3'!f--,ne'N1- . .,,gQ4s.1v,'l,-1,4 .I ,v,-5.,-- fr. W. ff 3941 - ,- 'auf' :W-f ln , .ffm v'..'g.,--fr. 5 7 1 'fl-5.:j'n'5 , .-ivk? x4fj'51.'1 Y. bf' ,qi :Wm A., 4- u' -my-: f Mr: 78 'FM 'H - 'N ,WIT ,--'M,.'5:j.-1?-, " ',,hi:Q:U1QZ. Z gbmg, 37.34 ,LW- MLM.: V- tl ' . 1'-. ff',.4?my'-' ,Ni Li!-,.-'1.-,, gg vigil.: " '. - .s r v,' !'l 'X I . -, "4 W ,- . Q, ' . -I' 7 ' s., , . A,4v . sn ,a,'- -,T-,.',':1! 1. k '- 7-L vyffjfqp 14 -A -. x. Q..- SIGMA CHI FRATERNITY. Sanders. Staton. Hathorne, Brewer Knox. Rawles Ford. Evans. 'Q i Q U L .., 1 -x 'I g-. , 1 A .54. ' s S 'QL ' 'W 4. ' ., ah fn . . , . o pls' :NTU - n 43 O . , . v. 4.5. i -39.9 1" Q A X . V C A . Q 1f.f- .fi A ., . ,Q Y 'r C .w J'n!+'. , d, 1 . . . 1. l 1. C' ',N QL" s -ls h A A. zff: A 42 ' ' ' . . 'J 0 .- . kit . .. ,., Q '4 Y J --',, - 1 1 .ff , 1 . 7 G , ga - ' x w L acl' .A 31.1, I xi -'rf-e 4-- JQ- 4 Eta Glhapirr nf Svignna Qlhi. Established in l855 FRATRES IN FACULTATE. STARR A YOUNG. ALA. E. N. LOWE, M D. FRATRES IN URBE. BRADLEY KIMBROKGH. DR. A. A. YOVXG. L. P. LEAVELL. D. 11. KIMBROUGH. CA PT. XV. A. ROAXE. FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE. ' LAW. Class of 1906. T. A. EVANS. R. D. FORD. D. L. ROSS Class of 1907. Ll. C. RAWLS. F. C. HATHORN. H. W. SAXDERS SCIENCE, LITERATURE AND ART. Class of 1906. P. S. MQDONALD. Class of 1907. G. XY. LEAYELL. L. C. AXDREIYS. Class of 1908. X. C. BRI-IIVER. I. C. KNOX. J. IS. CALHOUN. F. H. LEAVELL. CASA COLLIER. E I.. MEADERS. A. L. ELLIS. J. A. OSOIXACH. C P. HTGGIXS. D E. STATON. -1? Sigma Glhi illratrrnitg. FOUNDED AT MIAMI IN 1847. COLORS: "Old Gold and Blue." FLOIYER: "The XVhite Rose." PUBLICATIOXS: "Sigma Chi Quarterly" and 'gBulletin." ROLL OF CHAPTERS. First Province. ALPHI i'HI, Pennsylvania State College. EPSILOX, Columbia University. THETA, Pennsylvania College. KAPPA, Bucknell University. OMICROX, Dickinson College. PHI, Lafayette College. PHI-PHI, University of Pennsylvania. ALPHA-RHO, Lehigh University. Rl-IO-RHO, University of Maine. Second Province. ZETA, IYashington and Lee University. TAU, Roanoke College. GAMMA-GAMMA, Randolph-Macon College. SIGMA-SIGMA, Hampton-Sidney College. ALPHA-TAU, University of North Carolina PSI, University of Virginia. Third Province. BETA, University of XYooster. ALPHA, Miami University. GAMMA, Ohio XVesleyan University. MU, Denison University. ZETA-ZETA, Center College. ZETA-PSI, University of Cincinnati. LAMBDA-LAMBDA, Kentucky State College. MU-LIU, University of XVest Virginia. ALPHA-GAMMA, Ohio State University. Fourth Province. THETA-THETA, University of Michigan. LAMBDA, University of Indiana.. RHO, Butler University. CHI, Hanover College. DELTA-DELTA, Purdue University. Xl, De Pauw University. Fifth Province. OMEGA, Northwestern University. KAPPA-KAPPA, University of Illinois. OMICRON OMICRON, University of Chicago. ALPHA-BETA, Beloit College. ALPHA-IOTA, Illinois IVesleyan University. ALPHA-LAMBDA, University of XYisconsin. ALPHA-PI. Albion College. ALPHAVSIGMA, University of Minnesota. Sixth Province. ALPHA-EPSILOX, University of Nebraska. ALPHA-XI, University of Kansas. Seventh Province. ETA, University of Mississippi. ALPHA-MU, University of Texas. ALPHA-OMICRON, Tulane University. ALPHA-PSI, Vanderbilt University. OMEGA-OMEGA, University of Arkansas. Eighth Province. ALPHA-BETA, University of California. ALPHA-UPSILOX, University of South Cali- fornia. ALPHAAOMEGA, Leland Stanford, Jr., Uni- versity. Ninth Province. ALPHA-ALPHA, Hobart College. ETA-ETA, Dartmouth College. NU-NU, Columbia University. ALPHA-THETA, Massachusetts Institute of Technology. ALPHA-PHI, Cornell University. 48 Boston, Mass. Baltimore, Md. Chicago, Ill. Cincinnati, Ohio. Columbus, Ohio. Denver, Col. Indianapolis, Ind. ALUMNI CHAPTERS. Kansas City, Kas. Los Angeles, Cal. Milwaukee, lVis. ALUMNI AS SOOCIATION S. Nashville, Tenn. New Orleans, La. New York, N. Y. Philadelphia, Pa. Peoria, Ill. Pittsburg, Pa. St. Louis, Mo. St. Paul, Minn. San F rancisco, Cal Nllashington, D. C. State of Wfashington. Detroit. lVestern New York. 49 0 3 Y'-' V .l , 1 Q . 4 l'n, ,vvq I I .--.: .05 5,32 -0 IJ, 9 -ff, on L ' . A 6 1 E5 A f ' Q6 A ,- N -. 0 :Q I, ' . A ' e s 0 5 , YV . - v fg x- - -v- . f- 1 4 ' 'QC ' . 5 . N v . -v A '. .J v ,J 0 lv ui' .'U Q.. . , J I 1 ' 'L . .f ",i'Qs " 4 4- W VP' .- Q . if J 6 .Y Ox, .Az . ' ,,. Q-L ' ' . - - us - 5... n " Q, 'a,o :Q L '44 AJ ' 4 'l 1 r'L'E,1 Q o , r . ' - , Q . in -r ,- Q- is Q, . .1 ',,o c"O r' .. -'- 155 Inq? Q '.v:g . . pgfiglfxr . :I .Qs-,,, oo T.4'..iQ.-ll. - -. 715 .', ,sf F' .j ava ' -vin s r Mft-Q1 - .6 9923 -. 13. ni A' S.. N I 9 ,in .H A 3-11 I 'a 4' - Q11 . . IQMJ 3 -..I I '- Af' -VX,1x,j' s We gi' ', ' MMS. 1 I 1 1 1 '.'!' 4: " -1',V1 -. 11. 4'-' -' 1' ',,f.. I V. -, 15.3 !..'1'l ,l"vY 'ftn Y" 1' 1 4 5 . vt., " ,V 1 .. 1 11 ' ' 14 I -f - Y 1- A 1 ,1 1 . "'5 ?ii'?13'- 7, 1 A' 1 ', YV", -:. ' 4' -+L 1 '1 1' 11 , 1 - nv-., 4.3595 "1 f 1 - - . 1 lj' A11 151' .K , My ,, -1, 1 .1 ,fs -' 1 ,gn-,gag 1 11,- 1 ' 11 f,-5-15, -5. 1 1, .1 I 'l " V-p'vf,-vw.. '. 'fi' 1- ' 'f'5,"25"1 -,.x' K '-H1 ' -Qffff 1-ff. 1- , 1 0101 . "V ' -I In .'1'n,iff1-- - "J',.AxLj,- , 1-p11 , .L , -. l 1 . 1 . ,gg u.. Q' "-11 1 n 1 x I .4l.N1. N 1. -g.o,.- 1- A .1 ' 11" ww! ..,. . 1' 11, , Q1 ,rr . ' Y-1 'u W ,lx I", 1 'wx 'x 1 - 11,4 ' 1 1 1 411 , .1-1 1 x 19- " A 1- ' 9.-5911, 5- N", 1 .1 - 1.1" 1-- afgf' ' ' WY 'N 1 K R ' ' QH711. 4 ff-Q ' gf,-'1'QV" 15 1 f Y 1.-N 1 I1 uf IRAQ"-V ,fvf 'rw M11 1 U '1 ".1L!'Slf"'Q1,'! 1 ' '-- "- ' 1 Y f .1 ' 1 'v ll' -1' 7' -. 1 115: 1 ,Q , ' 'f .I z- 1 L 11 j- '411'n 1' 1. 1 ., I .11 1 1-5 -151 , ' ' M 1 1 ' Y' v 1 , VL . ' 'JI ku 11lxk1!, In '51 VI' ' 4 . gf amy 11 ' A u1?f'- 1 ' , T, ,I 1,41 1 'Q ' 1' I . I I f n FRATERN IT Y. SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON nv 1' .ey Mfg '..aMf. JUDG1-, B. T. KDIRROIQGH. XVI Sigma Alpha Epailnn. MISSISSIPPI GAMMA. Established in 1866. FRATRES IN URBE. LLIABI ARCHIBALD. MURRAY C. FALKXER. NYILLIAM LRAI'EI.I,. DR. J. T. CII.-XXDLEII. H. Y, SOMERYILLE. LEM E. OLDHAM. FRATER IN FACULTATE. DAVID H. BISHOP, M.-X. FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE. LAW. Class of 1906. WILLIAM IRVING McKAY. JAMES OLLIPI GILLESPIE. JAMES STOXE, JR. JAMES CIIIESTRR ELMER. Class of 1907. TH EU! 31 IHIC MCKXIGHT. SCIENCE, LITERATURE AND ART. Class of 1906. HOSEA RIMNER COYIXHTON. JOHN EDWARD JOHNSON. LAVELLE CU'l'IlBliRT PIGFORD. liD3Il'ND GAIXES HIGHTOWICR Class of 1907. PAUL PVRC1-ZLL LINDHOLM. PERVY AL'GI'STUS PERKINS. Class of 1908. LOUIE NAPOLEOX MITCHELL. ERIC ALLAN DAWSON. XVJLLIAM REID Mc-BRIDE. JOSIAH ROWAN HAXEY. CHARLEY LUIQXCE HIGHTOXYER. 53 Sigma Alpha Epailnn illratvrnitg. FOUNDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF ALABAMA IN 1856. COLORS: Old Gold and Purple. FLOXVER: PUBLICATIONS: "The Recordm and 'KPhi Alpha" fSecretl. ACTIVE CHAPTERS. Province Alpha. Boston University fMassachusetts Beta Upsilonj, Boston, Mass. Massachusetts Institute of Technology qhlassacliusetts Iota Taul, Bos Harvard University flllassachusett Gamlnaj, Cambridge, Mass. XYorcester Polytechnic Institute Qlllassacliiisetts Deltaj, XVorcester, Ma Trinity College QConnecticut Alphal, Hartford, Conn. University of Maine LMaine Alphaj, Orono, Maine. Province Beta. Cornell University fNew York Alphaj, Ithaca, N. Y. Columbia University CNew York Muj, New York, N. Y. The Violet ton, Mass ss. St. Stephens College fNew York Sigma. Phil, Annadale-on-Hudson, N. Y. Allegheny College QPennsylvania Oniegaj, Meadville, Pa.. Dickinson College iPennsylvania Sigma Phil, Carlisle, Pa. Pennsylvania State College 1Pennsylvania Alpha etal, State College, Pa. Bucknell University fPennsylvania Zetal, Lewisburg, Pa. Gettysburg College QPennsylvania Deltaj, Gettysburg, Pa. University of Pennsylvania fPennsylvania Thetaj, Philadelphia, Pa. Province Gamma. George VVashington University qXYashington City Rhol, Washington, D. C. University of Virginia 1Virginia Omicronl, Charlottesville, Va. NVashington and Lee University QVirginia Sigmal, Lexington, Va. Unversity of North Carolina fNorth Carolina. Xij, Chapel Hill, N. C. Davidson College fNort.h Carolina Tlietal, Da.vidson, N. C. lVof'i'ord College fSouth Carolina Gamnial, Spartanburg, S. C. 54 Province Delta. Case School of Applied Science fOhio Rhoj, Cleveland, Ohio. University of Michigan tMic-higan Iota Betal, Ann Arbor, Mich. Adrian College fMichigan Alphal, Adrian, Mich. Mt. Union College lOhio Sigmal, Alliance, Ohio. Ohio VVesleyan University QOhio Deltal, Delaware, Ohio. University of Cincinnati QOhio Epsilonl, Cincinnati, Ohio. Ohio State University QOhio Thetal, Columbus, Ohio. Franklin College llndiana Alphaj, Franklin, Ind. Purdue University Qlndiana Betal, Lafayette, Ind. Northwestern University flllinois Psi Ornegaj, Evanston, Ill. University of Illinois flllinois Betal, Urbana, Ill. University of XVisc0nsin OVisconsin Alphal, Madison, VVis. University of Minnesota fMinnesota Alphaj, Minneapolis, Minn. University of Chicago llllinois Thetal, Chicago, Ill. Province Epsilon. University of Alabama t.Al3,b8.1Il3, Mui, University, Ala. Southern University f.Al2Lb3.1'l'12l, Iotal, Greensborough, Ala. Alabama Polytechnic Institute CAlabama Alpha Mui, Auburn, Ala. University of Georgia fGeorgia Betal, Athens, Ga. Mercer University lGeorgia Psij, Macon, Ga. Emory College 1Georgia Epsilonl, Oxford, Ga. Georgia School of Technology fGeorgia Phil, Atlanta, Ga. Province Zeta. University of Missouri fMissouri Alphal, Columbia, Mo. VVashington University QMissouri Betal, St. Louis, Mo. University of Xebraska fNebraska Lambda Pil, Lincoln, Neb. University of Arkansas lArkansas Alpha Upsilonl, Fayetteville, Ark University of Kansas lliansas Alphaj, Lawrence, Kas. University of Iowa flowa Betal, Iowa City, Iowa. Province Eta. University of Colorado tColorado Chil, Boulder, Col. Denver University lColorado Zetal, Denver, Col. Leland Stanford, Jr., University lCalifornia Alphal, Palo Alto, Cal. University of California lCalifornia Betaj, Berkely, Cal. Colorado School of Mines fColorado Lambdal, Golden, Col. 55 Province Theta. Louisiana State University 4Louisiana Epsilonl, Baton Rouge, La. Tulane University QLouisiana Tau Upsilonl, New Orleans, La. University of Mississippi fhlississippi Gammal, University, Miss. University of Texas fTexas Rhoj, Austin, Texas. Province Iota. Central University Qlientucky Kappal, Richmond, Ky. Bethel College CKentueky Iotal, Russellville, Ky. Kentucky State College flientucky Epsilonl, Lexington, Ky. Southwestern Presbyterian University QTennessee Zetal, Clarksville, Ten Cumberland University CTennessee Lanibdaj, Lebanon, Tenn. Vanderbilt University fTennessee Nui, Nashville, Tenn. University of Tennessee CTennessee Kappal, Knoxville, Tenn. University of the South QTennessee Oniegal, Sewanee, Tenn. Southn'estern Baptist. I'niversity fTennessee Etal, Jackson, Tenn. ALUMNI ASSOCIATIONS. Boston, Mass. Augusta, Ga. Chicago, Ill. Knoxville, Tenn lVashington, D. Denver, Col. Louisville, Ky. Philadelphia, Pa Atlanta, Ga. C. New Orleans, La. Mmnlifhis, Tenn. Dayton, Ohio. Little Rock, Ar Shreveport, La.. lc . Alliance Ohio, Cleveland, Ohio. St. Louis, Mo. Greenville, S. C. Tallarlega, Ala. Pittsburg, Pa. Kansas City, Mo. San Francisco, Cal. lllilxvaukee, XYis. Little Rock, Ark. Lexington, Ky. Mailison, lYis. XYashington, Ga. Adrian, Mich. 56 New York City. Schenectady, N. Y. Savannah, Ga. Chattanooga, Tenn. Detroit, Mich. lVorc-ester, Mass. NYilmington, N. C. Macon, Ga. l"lorcnce, Ala. Cincinnati, Ohio. Birmingham, Ala. Ainericus, Ga. Indianapolis, Ind. Los Angeles, Cal. II fx "' PM: 4 1 'ul Q- JB J' O. .Y . . . ' X rv.: " F' 1 ,J ., 'll' ' ' 'lo 'Jun " 'I N 'atv fW.V', If." 4 1 A I' 'Ly' ' ' 'Q J , n 1 , A a 1 x o 4.'- ly 1 . ' I , r 1 ,' I a '7"x 3. iff' .J-' Y , 1 4 v, Wi? if mn ., ., ..,, W 11 A. A . - 4 - xg' ', 'fr H. wwwltqln a v ,. Mr , 1... . n . , .. v, ' 42 :XM '1 1-1'.r.,.' J ,I x, J 1 H' In ' M i A. s 'A 1' ! ' '!..-."' 'Vu q ,y.. . ,. N, QK11 fn-4.f.' 'N H .q ., w' .Cn V . , I f N- Fw-ei ' .' , wi' f c v' r la' ' 'J- -fr ' 1 1 'u 0. 1 , :Q dn .w ,n .HI .I l VH : 1 I ..l- H :J -4.1 ,QV I. i MX5. PHI DELTA THETA FRATERNITY 57 1 so 5 n an ,--f if x 2,5 .', . . 5 ,g ls v Q Q PVT -'.,'Q1f! " .V 41 pg" ' x!f?v A-. , 'L -,. ,. ,v- Ins f,-7 '51 I . . 4 . A ' .511 vin , 0 , I 0 , .... --- A -lui I V . , -. 5., .sf fn. ,- l:4-ar " A.' . 4 t . A gg 'B 1. 9 . 'lx 1 . .5 Q Q . Q ' ' 'sf 0 .lr , 'vp' '5 lr Minainaippi Alpha nf lihi Evita Flhvta. FRATRES IN URBE. T. XV. YATES, '87, O. L. SIVLEY, ,93. RELBUE PRICE, '94, FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE. Class of 1906. ALONZO LEXVIS YATES, LL. D. ORBIAX LANIER KIMBROFGH, LL. Class of 1907. O TONEY ARNOLD HARDY, LL. R. EDWARD QLARK COLEMAN, R. A HENRY CLAY Mc-CADE, JR., LL. R. FRED MARSHALL YVITTY, R. A. -JAMES ANDREW' DRAXE, LL. R. MAUHICE RRAY. QE. ROBERT SOMERYILLE, JR., B. A. Class of 1908. JOE HALLIDAY ALDRIDGE, B. S. JASON ADAMS NILES, B. P. HUGH THOMPSOX BUCKLEY, B. S. CH.-XUNOEY LOVELACE DEXTON LEMUEL DUTY JACKSON, B. S. CL.-UID P. HENRY, C. E. 59 Phi 4 ella I hem illraternitg. FOUNDED IN 1848 AT MIAMI UNIVERSITY. FLOXVER: XYl1ite Carnzititxn. COLORS: Argent and Azure PUBLICATIONS: "Sc-roll" and ':Palladiu1n" fSecrel:l. COLLEGE CHAPTERS. ALPHA PROVINCE. Quebec Alpha,-lNIeGill University, Montreal, Canada. Maine Alpha-Colby College, lVate1'ville, Me. New I-lzunpsliire Alplia.-Dartinouth College, I-lanorer. X. H. Yerniont Alpha-University of Verinont, Burlington, Yt. Massueliusetts Alplia-IVillia1ns College, XYilliainston'n, Mass. Massacliuietts Beta-Amherst College, Amherst, Mass. Rhode Island Alplm-Brown L'nive1'sity, Provirleiice, R. l. New York Beta-Union L'niversity. Seheiiectiimly, X. Y. New York Delta-Colninbia University, Xen' York, N. Y New York l-fpsiloii-Syraellse Tfniversity, Syluic-list-, N. Y. Pennsylvania Alplm-Lafayette College, l-Iastoii, 151. P9llllSj'lV2ll?l' 5:-tn-Pennsylranin. College, tiettyslmiiig. Pm, P6llllSf'lN'3ll.l Gnniiim-XYashington and -lellerxon 1 olle-gs-. Wawluington. Pu. Pennsrlvnn 1 Delta-Allegheny College, Meadrille, Pai. Pennsylvaiiia Epsilon-Dickinson College. Carlisle, Pu. Peniisylvanizi Zetakllniversity of Peiiiwylrmiin, Pliilmlelpliiax. Pu. Pennsylvania lite,-Leliigll lfiiiVei'sity. South Betlielelieni, Pu Pennsylvania Theta-Pennsylvmrin Sttite 1 ollf-ge, Mare Lollf-ge, Pu. BETA PROVINCE. Virginia Beta-University of Virginia, Llmriottexxille. X 11. Virginia Gaininn-Ranclolpli-Mac-on College. Aslilanal, Yu. Virginia Zeta-NVashington anal Lee l'niversit.x'. Lexington, Ya. Bortli Carolina Beta-L'11iversity of Xorth t'm'oli'm, tlmpel llill. N. C. GAMMA PROVINCE. Kentucky Alpha Delta-Central l'niversit.y, Danville, Ky. Kentucky Epsilon-Kentucky State lollege, Lexington, Ky. Tennessee Alpha-Vanderbilt University, Nashville, Tenn. 60 DELTA PROVINCE. Ohio Alpha-Miami University, Oxford, Ohio. Ohio Beta-Ohio XVesleyan University, Delaware, Ohio. Ohio Gamma-Ohio University, Athens, Ohio. Ohio Zeta-Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio. Ohio Eta-Case School of Applied Science, Cleveland, Ohio. Ohio Theta-University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, Ohio. Michigan Alpha-University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Mich. EPSILON PROVINCE. Indiana Alpha-Indiana University, Bloomington, Ind. Indiana Beta-lVabash College, Crawfordsville, Ind. Indiana Gamma-University of Indianapolis, Irvington, Ind. Indiana Delta-Franklin, Ind. Indiana EpsilonfHanover College, Hanover, Ind. Indiana Zeta-De Pauw University, Greencastle, Ind. Indiana Theta-Purdue University, NVest Lafayette, Ind. ZETA PROVINCE. Illinois Alpha-Northwestern University, Evanston, Ill. Illinois Beta-University of Chicago, Chicago, Ill. Illinois Delta-Knox College, Galesburg, Ill. Illinois Zeta-Lombard College, Galesburg, Ill. Illinois Eta--University of Illinois, Champaign, Ill. Wisconsin Alpha-University of XVisconsin, Madison, XVis. Minnesota Alpha-University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, lN Iowa Alpha-Iowa IVesleyan University, Mount Pleasant Iowa Beta-University of Iowa, Iowa City, Iowa. Missouri Alpha-University of Missouri, Columbia, Mo. Missouri Beta-IVestminster College, Fulton, Mo. Missouri Gamma-lVashington University, St. Louis, Mo. Kansas Alpha-University of Kansas, Lawrence, Kas. Nebraska Alpha-University of Nebraska, Lincoln, Neb. Colorado Alpha-University of Colorado, Boulder, Col. I ETA PROVINCE. Georgia Alpha-University of Georgia, Athens, Ga. Georgia Beta-Emory College, Oxford, Ga. Georgia Gamma-Mercer University, Macon, Ga. Georgia Delta-Georgia School of Technology, Atlanta, Ga.. Alabama Alpha-University of Alabama ,Tusca1oosa, Ala. A Alabama Beta-Alabama Polytechnic Institute, Auburn, 61 Iinn. Iowa la. THETA PROVINCE. Mississippi Alpha-University of Mississippi, University, Miss. Louisiana Alpha-Tulane University, New Orleans, La. Texas Beta-University of Texas, Austin, Tex. Texas Gamma-Southwestern University, Georgetown, Tex. IOTA PROVINCE. California Alpha-University of California, Berkeley, Cal. California Beta-Leland Stanford, Jr., Universitly, Stanford University, Cal lVa KAPPA PROVINCE. shington Alpha-University of Vifashington, Seattle, XVash. 'XVaterville, Maine. Burlington, Vt. Boston, Mass. Harvard University. Providence, R. I. New York, N. Y. Syracuse, N. Y. Schenectady, N. Y. Pittsburg, Pa. Philadelphia, Pa. W'arren, Pa. Baltimore, Md. VVa shington, D. C. Richmond, Va. Louisville, Ky. Lexington, Ky. Nashville, Tenn. Cincinnati, Ohio. Akron, Ohio. Cleveland, Ohio. Columbus, Ohio. Athens, Ohio. Toledo, Ohio. Hamilton, Ohio. Detroit, Mich. Franklin, Ind. Indianapolis, Ind. Crawfordsville, Ind. Lafayette, Ind. Elkhart and Goshen, Ind. Madison, Ind. Chicago, Ill. ALUMNI CLUBS. Galesburg, Ill. Bloomington, Ill. Peoria, Ill. LaCrosse, VVis. Milwaukee, NVis. Menasha, Wis. Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minn Sioux City, Iowa. Mount Pleasant, Iowa. Kansas City, Mo. St. Louis, Mo. Hutchinson, Kas. Omaha, Neb. Denver, Col. Columbus, Ga. Atlanta, Ga. Macon, Ga. Montgomery, Ala. Selma, Ala. Birmingham, Ala. Mobile, Ala. Meridian, Miss. New Orleans, La. Austin, Tex. Fort Smith, Ark. Oklahoma City, Okla. Salt Lake City, Utah. San Francisco, Cal. Los Angeles, Cal. Portland, Orc. Spokane, lVash. Seattle, VVash. 62 T DELTA 'FAU DEL'l'.l FRATERNIT Y 1 I. Edwards. 5 Ferrell. 2. Holmes. G. XVo0d. . 3. Brooke. T. Perkins. 4. Anderson. 63 S I 'C 'O 5 u 'Y' A A I 4 - , AX' ' A rd I --.lf-.5 14 0 - VAT 2' -' -. , okst ' nb- .451 ju...-. ,, .Ff5gL.i,.--fa 1 T -h ,4I9uL,E,. ' -J wrgl,-iafz I ' I' ' ,P A a " '-., I ', ' . . .J .J 0 ' ' v. . .I . . x. V - ' A ,, ' ' . 1 Q I ',-.g, 4 ,- A , .,,.-3 .. ,.,A --Q. dl S .fs Q R' . - ' '.-- uv- -"Qt Fr s .' , ' JJ' J A .ay - '.. '...!', w , .x . af.. ' I' . 4, ,,, 5 I 'Q' -Q .5 . , .95-u.. ' "J 31.25 ' .44 5 4 'L . ' .lery-4, , ' 'f ' Q' Jvr 'lt 4.'f."f A. 'n ' I ' F Q :qi -' ' "Ln b.'.' ""Q Q: 1 ' Jlilliftrl t U I W o 4 v ' sv -'-' Y ,.- Q., Q ,i -1,':.-,-:xt g. b ,- 157 'lwxxaagifxy '. . aio K' 'I W -1- .- - H - 4'--of g.'.,'L,f.-f' ' 5-Q1x.' . ,. 3: ' - - -.:--f p, W " - A . i ,""' 'QA J- I ,. ,A Y ' 0' . ff' avr' J - 'f Lf fx Y. ,. - . . CJA , i31".': fifvrl, ' H 4 'tg - 0 - -w. .M '. -r-1,,:, . , - , .. , 0 ' Ns,Y,'.' jffqgnx ' I.. f Ju LJ , , ' . ig! l . . A v-' wg, A 'ali vt' 1 , Z Lv J '- 'n'5I,tL". ' ' ' ' ' ls N' . -el .S-h,I-lt: .- I, I lm. ' 9 Au 7 , 9 " N-. s a e - .'L rg 3- min'-' Q I ':vzp4',1Q, . ""'fiS, sg ,f X xii hx , lgijgg. X bi 5. fisiiiig i i mn Ill. ' rt If t 11 li. X X 'M AJ 4 X 1, QRS xx Bkx X X X 1 3 N XX XXLQ55 e , X X 4 i . 'IWW ,, ' I X V 1-T XX. B A, 'NH' ll- 1 , 1 V .',.a. 1 I 'fi U , wig' 1 9.4 hw' '.l -J-. L - :My ' a 1, l.:q I lh k,l X 4 . I. I A 1 . f g ,v,- .. A A . , -- A s 4 4,5 . l rf .1 Y' V x n r-' ev. I 4 :,. 'Q ' -s A'.j,,' Spf All 11. A 1 v "'s. ix.. .' ef' Jung? ' ,,,.....,- .. I QA, nl i All x ' 4 u .-Ag . -I o 321. - 4J1 ' ' ' . ' Ps' . 4,IlG.0'w!,Q:-. '72 .?' ."x,' us' o,'. A 4 I in 1 'NA 0 h.. . .34 . Qipw. ,pfyl Hi Qlhaptvr nf Evita Eau Brita. Chapter Founded as Rainbow Fraternity, 1848. Consolidated With Delta Tau Delta, 1886 FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE. LAW. JAMES GARRETT HOLMES, '07, JOHN BOLIVAR PERKINS, JR., '07'. XVILLIAM LEXYIS XVOOD, '0T. SCIENCE, LITERATURE AND ARTS. Class of 1906. JOHN BOLITAR PERKINS. Class of 1907. JAMES GARRETT HOLMES. Class of 1908. HENRY BEASLEY EDXVARDS. ARIN BROOKE. CHAILLE FERRELI.. CLAYTON ANDERSON. I 65 Brita Ian Evita illraternitg. Founded at Bethany College in 18605 Rainbow Founded at University of Mississippi in 1848. Consolidated in 1886. COLORS: Royal Purple, Old Gold and IYhite. FLOXVER: Pansy PUBLICATION: "The Rainbow." ACTIVE CHAPTERS. SOUTHERN DIVISION. Lamba-Vanderbilt L'niversity, Nashville, Tenn. Pi-Lniversity of Mississippi, L'nive1'sity, Miss. Phi-XVashington and Lee L'niversity, Lexington, Va. Beta Epsilon-Emory College, Oxford, Ga. Beta Tlneta-L'niversity of the South, Sewanee. Tenn. Beta Iotaifniversity of Virginia, Charlottesville, Va. Beta Xi-Tulane University, New Orleans, La. Gamma Eta-George IVashington L'niversity, XYashington, D. C. Gamma Iota-L'nirersit5' of Texas, Austin, Tex. WESTERN DIVISION. Omicron-L'niversity of Iowa, Iowa City, Iowa.. Beta Gamma-L'niversity of XYisconsin, Madison, XVis. Beta Eta-Lniversity of Minnesota, Minneapolis, Minn. Beta Kappa-Tfniversity of Colorado, Boulder, Col. Beta Pi-Nortliwestern I'niversity, Evanston, Ill. Beta Rho-Leland Stanford, Jr., l'nire-rsity, Stanford L'nive1'sity, Cal. Beta Tau-I'niversity of Nebraska, Lincoln, Neb. Beta Psi-L'niversity of Illinois, Champaign, Ill. Beta Umega-L'niversity of California, Berkeley, Cal. Gamma Alpha-L'niversity of Chicago, Chicago, Ill. Gamma Beta-Armour Institute Technology, Chicago, Ill. Gamma Theta-Baker L'niversity, Baldwin, Kas. Gamma Kappa-L'niversity of Missouri, Columbia, Mo. 66 NORTHERN DIVISION. Beta-Ohio I'niversity, Athens, Ohio. Delta-I'nivei-sity of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Mich. Epsilon-Albion College, Albion, Mich. Zeta-Aclelbert College, Cleveland, Ohio. Kappa.-Hillsdale College, Hillsdale, Mich. Mn-Ohio IYesleyan I'niversity. Delaware, Ohio. Chi-Kenyon College, Gambier, Ohio. Beta. Alpha-Indiana Ivl1IVGl'SItj', Bloomington, Incl. Beta Beta-De Pauw Iv1lIY9l'SItA', Greencastle, Ind. Beta Zeta-Butler University of Indianapolis, Irvington, Ind. Beta Phi-Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio. Beta Psi-IYabash College, Crawforrlsville, Ind. Gannna Delta-IYest Virginia lfliiversity, Morgantown, XY. Ya. EASTERN DIVISION. Alpha-Allegheny College, Meadville, Pa. Gainnia-XYashington and Jefferson College. XYaQhington, Pa. Rho-Stevens Institute of Technology, Hoboken. N. J. Psi-Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, X. Y. Omega-I'niversity of Pennsylvania, Philadelpliia, Pa. Beta Lambda-Leliigli I'1iiversity. Betlileheni, Pa. Beta Mu-Tufts College, Tufts College, Mass. Beta Xu-Massacliusetts Institute of Teclinology, Boston, Mass Beta Oniicron-Cornell l'niversity, Ithaca, X. Y. Beta CliihBrown I'nire1'sity, Providence, R. I. Haniina Gainnia-Dartinoutli College, Hanover, X. H. Hannna Epsilon-Columbia University, Xen' York City. Gainnia Zeta-IYesleyan l'11iversity, Middletown, Conn. ALUMNI CHAPTERS. Chicago. Toledo, O. Xen' York. St. Louis. Cincinnati. Detroit. San Francisco. Philadelphia. Indianapolis. Boston. Cleveland. St. Paul. Pittsburg. Manila, P. I. Aurora, Ill. New Orleans. Atlanta. Richmond. Jackson. Mich- IYa shington. Los Angeles. Columbus, O. I' I ' . '1 P' J I f? '1 ' 5 9 O 1 ' :J ' 1 .Q 1 g , n r ' . Q 1, 5'o V 4 ' 1 w J b .IA 'YK a -Q 1,0 W X Ng I XXXXXUW iff xgaik 4? , IW ff Qxiix' 7 'CQ -:ZZ x sz 'fx 'SW rg' Wi 'wk Pu n k gl'-Q Q ' M351 If ff-f f if P44 W1 I ml V, Y , 'MQ XXV! M IH" 'W fx , .X KQKRMX W,'JfLM fy! wx X 'Qu ' W df ?3,, W ,Sf Sxwxxrmgswxm Wj,,, 4 Z, , Q XIX ,V ,-y,lx.K, w 2.1 ' "A v?f,,Qf' 45,1 ,V X M5.xww, N, ,WI Z iff, X 'N fi 15 if -- Qfifpyfr 1, g:QX NX ' n V' 1 4577 S -f f ff 'ia i 1 ' 1.'l'!,.! 1- ig QQ' E ,N X T 6,1 i" , 1, . ' -'S " 0 if A, A x x5?Y,,, k 5 V . I , ' . A k,.'-.1l.3V ,' .A, f 15" ' . 'XA -'I g l? A V - . . ,ef Q f-+8 il 1 -, ' .- . of ' . . 1 7,4 I V, t.ZAi"Q!4i 'l 7 ,.f!!,. 1, ',. 'Wi' 'ffo' 5' X' -Ru , N Y I ya., fl . N YJ11. ' fi- " J' Q 5 x' xvi' -Q , ,ini 44' .f f I .. X -A . 316.1-4,2 , X? , F Q if 10' .i . xlxl I r 1 .snuff-I-n X' fe' '-'lb T' 'IAQVIQ A'-irr- s 41513 .4 ., . A Q v vt' .1 +A .ly , ,I 1, gy . ' we wg H Q-- : . f:r .f .fH22'ffff 1--'A- " .1-fu' .7 'f - ' , 1 1 aj !.,' . 4 4. ? r r I 5 A' 1 ' 1. vm ' A , fax ll KAPPA ALPHA GROUP. Hill. 6. Conner. Street. Vlfhitfield. T. Gaddis. Chase. Williamson. S. Newell. Lampton. Neville. 9. Sparkman. Bramlette Foote. 10. Robertson. Canfield. 69 A "9 s "Y 60" -5 ' '14 -.25 0. F' 3' Q f uf.-f :wp - 5 lixj .d L' In il-O. W., 4 Q". J N 1 'LQ 1" ft- 5.2 ' .1. 'r ..,g '.' S 11. .-,P':.. M ' if' ' ' . vi- ..r!' -'mf ' , Q- x ' r X . , Y,s 5 . 1 Axh s :L It , L ff' 4,2 . 4? L dll ' 0 Q f .r F 'X' , . . , . gfg. '4 -'J1 5 3 1 : .sly Q . Y-- Lfw' B .,, .q,,4fZ , s Q.- f,.l,- Q - v 1 F' ' 2 Q QV " 'XQVX Alpha Hpailnn Qlhaptvr nf liappa Alpha. FOIIXDED AT THE UNIVERSITY OF MISSISSIPPI IX 1900. FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE. LAW. CLYDE RAYMOND COXNER, '07, LAFRIE MARION GL.-IDDIS, fora. ABEL J. STREET, '06, SCIENCE, LITERATURE AND ARTS. Class of 1906. SAMUEL IYILLIAM NEIVELL. ALBERT HALL XVHITFIELD, JR Class of 1907. JAMES BURTON CAXFIELD. CLYDE R. CONNER. ALFRED BROXTXE SPARKMAX. CLALDE E. HILL. JAIXIES PHIPPS CHASE. ROBERT B. LAMPTON. Class of 1908. DAYID CLAY BRAJILETTE, JR. ANDERSON M. FOOTE. JAMES H. XEYILLE, JR. CHALMERS NEEK XVILLIAMSOX, JR. GEORGE HOLCOMB ROBERTSON. 71 Kappa Alpha Ellratvrnitg. fSOUTHERN.J FOUNDED AT 'WASHINGTON AND LEE UNIVERSITY, 1865. COLORS: Old Gold and Crimson. FLOYVERS: Red Rose and Magnolia PUBLICATION: "Kappa Alpha Journal." ACTIVE CHAPTERS. Alplia-Xllishington and Lee University, Lexington, Va. Gamma-University of Georgia Athens, Ga. 7 Delta-XVofTord College, Spartanburg, S. C. Epsilon-Emory College, Oxford, Ga. Zetas-Randolph-Macon College, Ashland, Va. Eta-Richmond College, Richmond, Va. Theta.+Kentucky State College, Lexington, Ky. Kappa-Mercer University, Macon, Ga. Lambda-University of Virginia, Charlottesville, Va. Nu-Alabama Polytechnic Institute, Auburn, Ala. Xi-Southwestern University, Georgetown, Tex. Omieron-University of Texas, Austin, Tex. Pi-University of Tennessee, Knoxville, Tenn. Sigma-Davidson College, Davidson, N. C. Upsilon-University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, N, C, Phi-Southern University, Greensboro, Ala. Chi-Vanderbilt University, Nashville, Tenn. Psi-Tulane University, New Orleans, La. Omega-Central University of Kentucky, Danville, Ky. Alpha Alpha Alpha Alpha Alpha Alpha Alpha Alpha Alpha Alpha Alpha Alpha Alpha Alpha Alpha Alpha Alpha AlphalUniversity of the South, Sewanee, Tenn. Alpha-University of Alabama, University, Ala. Beta-University of Alabama, University, Ala. Delta-XVilliam Jewell College, Liberty, Mo. Epsilon-Southwestern Presbyterian University, Clarksville, Tenn. Zeta-William and Mary College, XVIlll2l.l11SbU1'g, Va. Eta-Westminstel' College, Fulton, Mo. Theta-Kentucky University, Lexington, Ky. Iota-Centenary College, Jackson, La. Kappa-University of Missouri, Columbia, Mo. Lambda-Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, Md. Mu-Millsaps College, Jackson, Miss. Nu-The George VVashington University, YVashington, D. C. Xi-University of California, Berkeley, Cal. Omicron-University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, Ark. Pi-Leland Stanford, Jr., University, Stanford, Cal. Rho-University of West Virginia, Morgantown, XV. Va. 72 Alpha Sigma-Georgia Sc-hool of Technology, Atlanta, Ga. Alpha Tau-Hampden-Sidney College, Hampden-Sidney, Ya.. Alpha Upsilon-University of Mississippi, l'nirersity, Miss. Alpha Phi-Trinity College, Durham, N. C. Alpha Chi-Kentucky YYesleyan Ifniversity, lVinchcster, Ky. Alpha Psi-Florida State College, Tallahassee, Fla.. Alpha Omega-N. C. A. S: M. College, Raleigh, N. C. Beta Alpha-Missouri School of Mines, Rolla, Mo. Beta Beta-Bethany College, Bethany, XV. Va. Beta Gamma-College of Charleston, Charleston, S. C. Beta Delta-Georgetown College, Georgetown, Ky. Beta Epsilon-Delaware College, Newark, Del, Beta Zeta-University of Florida, Lake City, Fla. Beta Etawflniversity of Oklaholna., Norman, Okla. STATE ASSOCIATIONS AND SECRETARIES. Missouri-John H. Penix, Louisiana, Mo. Georgia-Carl F. Hutcheson, Atlanta., Ga. Kentucky-J. Nathan Elliott, Lexington, Ky. Alabama-John H. Skeggs, Auburn, Ala. North Carolina-R. S. McGeachy, Raleigh, N. C. Louisiana-T. XV. Holloinan, Alexandria, La. Arkansas-H. F. Daniels, Little Rock, Ark. Norfolk, Ya. Raleigh, N. C. Petersburg, Ya. Alexandria, Va. Hampton-Newport N Va. Jacksonville, Fla. Hattiesburg, Miss. Franklin, La. Baltimore, Md. Jonesboro, Ark. New York, N. Y. New Orleans, La. Richmond, Va. Macon, Ga. Talladega, Ala. Jackson, Miss. Chattanooga, Tenn. Montgomery, Ala. ALUMNI CHAPTERS. ews, Shreveport, La. Mobile, Ala. Kansas City, Mo. Little Rock, Ark. Nashville, Tenn. Memphis, Tenn. New York City. Lexington, Ky. St. Louis, Mo. Atlanta, Ga. Augusta, lla. Staunton, Va. Centreville, Miss. Dallas, Tex. San Francisco, Cal Anniston, Ala. Selma, Ala. Knoxville, Tenn. Houston, Tex. 'WTI .gg ul. .. ,1 v 4- 1 U .' Y Y - u 1 - ,iz - 1 I .f-f.- 'rg-'Q N. .EAA 1,5 W , . ,, s fi. , . 1 ' IA ov-, ' - - I - 1 v ,vu 4 1 ig' si . ,-.5 .3 . .- ' ""'f." W . ix. ':'," ' ' 5 A' N , 0 .-. ' -:V E ' L V .. A - 1.--11-- gf, ,.- u .i .. -5 -1' ,453 Av - .' . -'d.Q, I' 0 . ,X ,W . .' . -V i B . I "S 'Q , . , -V ."a ,,, o- if .Q 1-D . ol it 'f N i?,i5v".,, V .O f ' .. ,J - .:,J-.,.a..-,--5 4, ' PLJATP ' A 11 .15 X I ' 2 r I ' " x .5 Y - , K - - - 1 v - ," 1 -Q4 - . . . . Q . 'I 4 --- uw 1, 4 '2 Q Q f I , 4 L O XDA. . . 6 7 4 g f ' ' , h' ' 0' - 5 9 ' ' ' F J- - . 4 c Q, 5: 4' Mvv. 3' "wa , 'W Q ' N...-L f ,Q j.,..- . --..., ""W"'1" CHI OMEGA FRATERNITY. Miss Childress. T. Miss Hightower. Miss Rowland. M. V. 5. Miss Humphreys. S. Miss Rowland, M Miss Andrus. 6. Miss Hedleston. 9. Miss Glenn. Miss Sultan 10. Miss Kimerer. 75 K '--1 50 , 4 A I , 4 I 0 R A 1 an I- -,r --wr' ,' ' 04-4 v 4 s31'f, v . 5 Q 'ii-if QP- . - "' fog ' V. .A ' Nr :Fa .4 JI' f r-'ff' "H" . . .rg bs: 2 'so 'J,-,Q sg K' '.' A 4 4- 1 . y' ' P ' P -Aj ,Way T . ,-. 'f.A 5f?"'45 ' Q - Q Q l .. -g- S1 ,L 1 b ,f 575- wsu: B ."1 ' .. 4 ' 'JL nv-. V E13 . , I. " 1 1 '1,1- Q i , A n o I . 1, ,Ln- . yd, , 1 v. 13 r an H- O 1 r .ff 1- .7 1,1 .r Eau Glhaptvr nf Qlhi Gbmrga. CHAPTER FOUNDED AS SIGMA TAU, 1896. CONSOLIDATED WITH CHI OMEGA, 1899 SORORES IN URBE. SALLIE BURNS. KATHERINE BCG.-XRD. ANNIE CHANDLER. BIABELLE SMITH. JULIA COMPTON. EDITH XYARDLAXV. MARY LOUISE XEILSOX. MARY HARTXYELL SOMERYILLE. ELMA MEEK. MRS. I-IUISERT THOBIISOX. SORORES IN UNIVERSITATE. Class of 1906. MARY HELON CHILDRESS. LINDA SULTAN. LUCILLE JOSEPHIXE KUIERER. NANCY LOUISE AXDRUS. Class of 1907. SARAH WALTON HUMPHREYS. Class of 1908. FLORENCE HEDLESTON. MARCELLE ROXYLAND. MARY VIC ROXYLAND. MIXNIE HIGHTOXYER. Class of 1909. MARY ROSALYN GLENN. 77 Glhi Iwmvga Elirzdrrnitg O Founded April 5th, 1895, at the University of Arkansas. COLORS: Cardinal and Straw. FLOXYER: XVl1ite Carnation. CHAPTER ROLL. PSI CHI ..., UPS ILON TAD ..... SIGMA . .. RHO . . . PI ......... OMILTCVIX XT ....... ..... XL' T III, ..... I.-XMBD.X KAPPA . PHI ALPHA .. .... lf.'l'I'A . . . THlC'l',X . IC 1' A .... ALUMNAE ASSOCIATIONS. FAYl9IT'l'lCYlLLE Al.I'MXAli .... . NY.-XSIIlNl1'l'UN CITY -XLL'MNA.lf.... .-X'l'LAX'l'.-X ,Xl.l'MN.XlC ......... .. l,EXINf2'l'ON AI,l'MX.XlC .... OXIVURIJ ALl'3IN-XlC ..... KNUXYIILIC .Xl,l'MN.XlC. .. 78 I'nive1'sity of Arkansas University of Kentucky . . . . .SUlltllXY9St9l'1l Baptist I'nix'e1'sity lvlliY9I'SiiLf' of Mississippi . . . .Rilllilillllll-Bl2lC'OIl XYmnan's College . . . . . . Tulane, I'nive1'sity .I'nive1'sity of Tennessee . . . .University of Illinois NOl'IllXX'GSt9l'll University .I'niv01'sity of XxviSC'UllSill .I'nivei'sity of California, . . . .Viliversity of Kansas ..I'1iix'0i'sity of Nelmraska Columbian l.vlliY0l'SiIj' . . . . .I'11i'i'0l'siIj' of TCXRQ XYest Virginia. I'1iix'e1'sity ..I'nivvrsity of Michigan . . .l"ayett1-ville, -xl'li2lllS1lS ....XXasl11ngtu11, D. C. . . . ....Xtl:ll1tzl, Iii0lll'Q'i2l ...l.e-xingt: n, lic-ntncky . . . .Uxfo1'4l, Mississippi . . . .Kiinxvillc-, 'Vvnm-ssec .' -1 C J-rnrclr' 29L751n : .Lfn:.n:,.L,f?,1fn.-ntl,-f ....,.n ,Y 4 1 ' 1 I . . , I I' hy. 4, . '.f I .u, 1 .4 mr':'-- Q A ., if 'J , ' - .AV:f.n N Jfsfpfl 2 ' A" Q . A , x - I 4 nn .., - '.!11 1 . .Jig 1- , r'- Y "U I . L. x 4 r ,ga 'ii" '-Vw ' ,H ' .'a ,' Q ,Q ,. x .lu v . H r -,g. . .. I v Q ,Rf 4: 1 41: aff! x- - ' M-M' 'L' L rg "gk 'au . M-..'4 ,Q " V -M I r l I I -I , ,A 'NYY' Q'-QQ DELTA DELTA DELTA FRATERXITY. Miss L. M. Johnson, 5. Miss Miss Richmond. 6. Miss Miss C. Johnson. T. Miss Miss Robertson. S. Miss ' 79 Fulton. Ford. Maxwell. Kimmons. ,j. Q L D ' I .jfs . 1 f Ll 5. -WJQQ 3,' . Ag 1 1 1 .V L 5'-e.? Vi: utr, u A" - . '36 1' ' gr '-sq, , .4 'I 4 L H 4 1 L' . .'-1 " "Wi 'Fil' 4' 'I xs.?"lq It D 'V It ,I ,rs v. 4 9 . ' f' Z. " -nf Y' Glhi Olhzmivr Brita Evita Brita. CHAPTER FOUNDED AS TAU DELTA THETA, 1896. CONSOLIDATED WITH DELTA DELTA DELTA, 1904. SORORES IN URBE. SARAH OLA PRICE. NORMA XYILKINS. SUZANNE BURT. DAISY BELLE PLANT. RACHEL XYHITFXVAY. SORORES IN UNIVERSITATE. Class of 1907. JEANNETTE FORD. CHRISTINE JOHNSON. DOUGLASS MAXWELL. ROBERTA FULTON. LOULIE MAY JOHNSON. BESS RICHMOND. Class of 1908. NELLIE KIMMONS. LEWIE ROBERTSON 81 Evita Brita Evita Zllratvrniig. Founded at Boston University, Boston, Mass., Thanksgiving Eve, 1888. COLORS: Silver, Gold and Blue. FLOXVER5 PSUISY PUBLICATION: "Trident" ACTIVE CHAPTERS. ALPHA PROVINCE. Alpha-Boston University, Boston, Mass. Beta-St. Lawrence University, Canton, N. Y. Eta-University of Vermont, Burlington, Vt. XI-XXIOIIIRINS College, Baltimore, Md. Omicron-Syracuse University, Syracuse, N. Y. Rho-Barnard College, New York, N. Y. Sigma-IYesleyan University, Middleton, Conn. Tau-Bucknell LIIIIVGTSIIZY, Lewisburg, Pa. Psi-University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pa. Alpha Xi-Randolph-Macon College, Lynchburg, Va. BETA PROVINCE. Gamma-Adrian College, Adrian, Mich. Epsilon-Knox College, Galesburg, Ill. Zeta-University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, Ohio. Mu-I'niversity of IYisconsin, Madison, VVis. Nu-Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio. Upsilon-Northern University, Evanston, Ill. Chi-University of Mississippi, Oxford, Miss. GAMMA PROVINCE. Delta-Simpson College, Indianola, Iowa. Theta-University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, Minn. Kappa-University of Nebraska, Lincoln, Neb. Lambda-Baker University, Baldwin, Kas. Pi-L'nirersity of California, Berkeley, Cal. Phi-University of Iowa, Iowa City, Iowa. ALUMNAE ASSOCIATIONS. Boston, Mass. New York, N. Y. Minneapolis, Minn. Canton, N. Y. East Orange, N. J. Middleton, Conn. Adrian, Mich. Inclianola, Iowa. Denver, Col. Burlington, Vt. Galesburg, Ill. Syracuse, N. Y. Cincinnati, Ohio. 82 Grvvkz Zllrnm Gbthrr Hrnuirlrva. ln Facultate. CHANCELLOR R. B. FULTON. CHI PSI. Prof. A. L. Bonclurant .... Kappa Sigma Dr. F. L. Riley ...... Dr. C. C. Ferrell .... Dr. Alfred Hume . .. Dr. J. G. Deupree Dr. J. B. Bullitt ..... Prof. T. H. Somerville Prof. C. XV. Martin .. Dr. C. S. Brown .... C A. Alexander . . . C. M. Havercamp L. R. O'Brien .. L. D. Reed .... J. S. Rhodes G. F. Warren .. D. G. Wettlin . . . J. G. REID .... H. C. Maxwell .... Beta Kappa .....Beta Theta Pig Phi Beta Kappa Beta Theta Pi . . . .Phi Gamma Delta . . . .Phi Gamma Delta . . . . . .Chi Phi .Kappa Sigma . . . .Phi Beta Kappa IN COLLEGIO. .....Pi 83 .Kappa .Kappa .Kappa .Kappa .Kappa .Kappa .Kappa Kappa Kappa Si ma Sigma Si ma Si ma Si ma Sigma Sigma Alpha Alpha THE BRIDGE. VANITAS VANITATUM. Tllie life is full of policy and Ulltfllth, And we are seldoni what we ulvpezlrg But f1'r,+m the sincerity of our youth XXv9.l'6 delmrtiug year by year. Step by step as we older glwm' Vie learn to deceive and to lie- The more into the wmld we go, Faster dues true limie-,ty fly. Is it right to Hatter and gush and pl In lziiieiiaae of ffreat subrietv I? Q If n And till with falleity all our days? Yet this of today is Society. 84 'aise E L XX ll-1 -- ' 4 , f,-ff-' f 9 X Qi Q-E isis-QQ fmwif i ? CLUB. ED TESTIFIES AT THE TRIAL OF THE GERMAN Tell me not in moanful numbers German's clubs ain't allus goodg ShuCk's! dey's real, dey's genteal, And gwine do jus lak dey should. Yas, suh, F5 de gen'lemens' lteudant, I sho is, an 1'm am dere Fum de time dey fus come trippin' XYid dem ladies up de stair. Dem's genlemens, dem is, truth too! I done watched 'em an, I know. Drinkin'? Xaw suh-ugh ha-naw suh- Xot a drap-dainit a one ud be so low. Dey des stan' aroun' polite lak, Sayiif, 'How do' an' 'So au' Sof Ceppen when dat Gooshy nigger Done struck up dat, 'Navahoef Dey couldn' tell de sight Q' xrliisl-iey. Sho C'OlllLll'l.+1lNlCll less 'bout de tafez If dat nasty truck was brought dere, Lor, Boss, hit jes ud go to was'e. You cant' tell who de cliapeimoiies imw Lak a prayer-meetin''Z-sho, dat's rightg 1, W Now, dat's what I tale dem niggers gi At dat Colored dance las, night. , -.1 ,- m,1 .-11, fi Ain't dat funny? l , y , , ff f XX-if Xou and ine done greed bout dat? K' ' R Hitfs as plain as white fum black, ' vf Dat German XV2I'11,t nothin' but a sorter if fl, Circ'lating prayer-meetiu', dat's Il fac' 7 'A - .-A WEN X -Extract From Faculty Minute-B001 ,ms A fl .Q ,er " F N T-i -W ,J i .i Luk, N A , .f r M W , ff 'J , x r:"f G ,i , Q X fe at T X-my E E 415 . gif. f if Xx - x , . A f X L ve, - we if, , 8 6 ,xv ,,, A A X -fQ ,-113, , X 1, xv J J if 2 wfwk fs- , Liv.-.-Q...,- f 37 ,J-x ,,, K-YEA K x 'rf-,lf . X , ,,' Xl' QR I LA f XZWAX N ff M Wgffjf X mx XX xx nl ' 1 y I 1 Z , . - My .42f2pi?'vQWMLX: V 41 4 1 1 I V 7 Z X --fir!! Q XXX? 1133? f lfjWQ X Mf I fy ff aWMm5k 5gM ., -A , f wq N .X hw, xx me Mx ,J 5 g .X 1 '1' X SNQXX XX hifi X X W bw N I ,I Y IW, XX 'x V W X M 11 XX M ,, 2 lily ' Y W ff i"f,,2,: , ' Y ef .' -Y"1.fX 'S ,xv-4 1 , x . l x -. -X I :JFVQTF A M -,, my In . - .,-A-MMU' ! E321 , 49 ,- . E -7 .?9zl',:'n! Y -I i I 9 . .br .I A ' L 3 wogg m1'lDmmvm-- --mm mm' 71 Z War mud Qtvlh tbnr5vrnnzIi Qrhrings Uhr ofhn-3 umm-in Hassion, kts!! Anqlhia ilu xmuri-Afferhunf' '6t15!" OFFICERS. T. M. Sykes ..... ............... ...... P 1 'esident L. C. Pigford ...... ........... .... I ' ice-President Miss Louise Andrus .. ...... Treasurer H. C. Bculwtf, -Ir. ...... ..... S vvr'et:11'y Miss Imcfilc- Kinwrvr ..... .... ..... I I istorizm Bliss Maury Ile-Ion Cl1il1l1'vsw ....... ........ I Duct 88 Roll and Statistics. Andrus, Nancy Louise ............. . . .Little Rock, Ark. "But to see her was to love her, Love but her, and love forever." B. A.3 X Q3 Historian Class '05g Class Treasurer '06g President Athletic Association '06: Associate Literary Editor of "Ole Missi' '06g Tennis Club. Beckett, Richard Capel, Jr ............. NVest Point, Miss. "Mysterious love, uncertain treasure- Hast thou more of pain or pleasure ?" B. A.g A K Eg Hermaeang German Clubg U. M. A. A.g Treasurer Y. M. C. A. '04g Secretary Y. M. C. A. '06g Football ,053 First Freshman Herinaean Medal: Freshman Rhetoric Medalg Eng- lish Prize '04, Track Team '03, Magazine Editor-in-Chief '04-055 Editor Magazine '03-043 Editor-inChief "Ole Missl' '05, Business Manager Magazine ,055 Business Manager "Ole Miss" ,05. Childress. Mary Helon ............. . ..... Batesville, Miss. "Thy face the index of a noble mind." B. S.g X Qg Associate Literary Editor "Ole Miss" '04-05, Class Poet '04-osg Sophomore Rhetoric Medal '05g Class Poet '06g President Parthenic Literary Society '05g Y. M. C, A. Cochran, Charles Banister. . . .......... VVest Point, Miss. "I would rather excel others in knowledge than power." B. A.g fb Eg Y. M. C. A.g President Sophomore Class '04g Presi- dent CIP Z '05g Doorkeeper Class l06. 89 Covington, Hosea Riinnier ................. Canton, Miss. "A man he seems of cheerful yesterdays and confident t0ll'!Ol'1'0XVS.,, B. S.g S. A. E.g Science Club. Dodd. Allan Peeler ..................... Kosciusko, Miss. "Whose power shed around him a constant influence." B. S.g Hermaeang President Hermaeang Captain Football Team '05-065 Manager Baseball Team ,06. Furr, Esta S .... ......... ........... T o ccopola, Miss. "Thus let me live, unseen, unknown." B. A.g KP E3 Y. M. C. A.g President fb E ,065 Y. M. C. A. Hall, Samuel Claude ............. . .... Blue Springs, Miss. "I think not I ani what I appear." 112' Eg B. S. Hightower, Edmund Gaines ............ Hattiesburg, Miss. "That all softening, overpowering knell, The tocsin of the soul-the dinner-bell." B. A.g E A Eg Vice President, and President Hermaeang Ath- letic Editor "Ole Miss" '03g U. M. A. A.g Orchestrag Athletic Editor U. M. Magazineg Editor-in-Chief "Ole Miss" '063 Vice President Freshman Classg Y. M. C. A. 90 Holder, James Hardy .................. University, Miss. "It is by the Yicaris skirts that the Devil climbs into the belfryf' B. A. Johnson, J. E ................. ...Oxford Miss. "If she undervalue ine, lYhat care I how fast she be ?" E A Eg C. E. Kimerer, Lucille Josephine ............... Tutwiler, Miss. "Nothing can be as true as fairy wisdomg It is as true as Sllllb83.lllS.,, B. A.: XSL- President Partlienic '05g President Y. XV. C. A.g English Prize '053 Class Historian foag Y. XV. A. A. Lauderdale, Douglas Clifton ...... ...Hernando, Miss. "Divine tobacco? B. S.g Hermaeang President Hermaeang Y. M. C. A.3' Science Clubg U. M. A. A. McDonald, Prather Sondheim ........ Bay St. Louis, Miss. "Honor pricks me on." B. S.3 E X3 fir' Z5 First Phi Sigma, Freshman Medal '033 Secre- tary and Treasurer German Club 'O65 German Club '03-06g Chairman Floor Committee 3 Associate Editor "Ole Miss" '06g Vice President 112 Z 106. U 1 9 1 Mounger, Williaiii Harris ............... University, Miss. "The gracious dew of pulpit eloquence And all the well-whipp'd cream of courtly sense." B. A.g Y. M. C. A. Newell, Samuel XVilliam ................... Oxford, Miss. 'fl am the very pink of courtesy." B. A.g K. A.3 Baseball Team '05g U. M. A. A. Nichols, Irby C ........................... Eudora, Miss. "The power of dealing with numbers is a kind of 'detached lever' arrangement, which may be put into a mighty poor watchf' B. S.: if Eg Y. M. C. A.g Secretary and Treasurer of Sophomore and Junior Classesg Chaplain Class '063 President CIP 2 '06, hav- ing previously filled all lower oificesg Vice-President Y. M. C. A.g Assistant Editor-in-Chief of Magazine '06, Assistant in Mathematics '04-,063 Delegate to Y. M. C. A. Conference. Pigford, Lavelle Cuthbert .............. Lumberton, Miss. "I have a heart with room for every joy." E A Eg Baseball Team '05 and '06g B. A.g Vice President Senior Class. Schauber, Emma ..... .......... .......... L a urel, Miss. "lVhat sweet delights a quiet life affords." B. A.g Chairman Intercollegiate Committee Y. XV. C. A.g Vice President Kodak Club, Teachers' Clubg Vice President Y. XV. A. A.5 Tennis Clubg Manager Tennis Clubg Glee Club. l 99 -.4 Strickland, Randolph Tucker ,... ...Oliver Branch, Miss. "Thou drifteth gently down the tides of sleepf' 'Iv K 1115 B. S.g Football Team '04-'05. Sultan, Lynda Katrina. . . . . .Oxford, Miss. "Eyes that displace, The neighbor diamond, and out-face That sunshine, by their own sweet grace." B. S.: X Q: Associate Editor "Ole Miss" 'll5. Sykes. Thomas McQuiston ..... . .Aberdeen. Miss. "Cares not a pin Xvllilt they say or may say." B. A.g A K Eg Hermaeang German Club: President Junior Promenade '05g U. M. A. A.g Y. M. C. A. Tucker, Asa Caldwell .. ...Courtland, Miss. "There is no art To find the l'llilld,S construction in the face." A Xlfg Science Clubg B. S. Vllebster, Edgar. . . . .......... . ......... University, Miss. 'SHOW well red hairs become a fool and jesterf' 111 E: Editor Magazine '05g 'Varsity Football Team '04-059 Ex- President, Vice President, Secretary, Censor and Doorkeeper of CIP Eg U. M. Minstrelsg Orator Senior Classg Representa- tive of U. M. in M. I. O. A.g Franklin Hall Club, 93 Xilhitfield, Albert Hall, Jr. ................. Jackson, Miss. "A man-with firm, yet tear-dimmed eyes, He murmurs under breath- Before temptation-sacrificeg Before dishonor-death." B. S.g K. A.g Y. M. C. A.g Junior CI' E Medal '05g Representa- tive M. I. O. A.g Associate Editor "Ole Miss" ,06g Millsaps '01-03g First Freshman Medal '025 Second Sophomore Medal '03g Vanderbilt '03-04g Commencement Orator '04g U. of M. fb Eg Junior Orator Medal '05, NVindha1n, J. C ........................ University, Miss. "He that hath a wife and children, wants not business." B. A.g 'IP E. Burley, Benjamin Howard ................. Oxford, Miss. 'tHe only is a well-made man and has a good determination." B. S. in Med.g CIP K X115 Vice President German Club '05. Guy, Pearl Lorraine .................... Booneville, Miss. "She has a nature that is gentle and refined." B. S.g Parthenicg Y. XV. C. A. Herman, Maude V ....................... Kossuth, Miss. "So womanly, so divine, and so meek." B. A.g Y. XV. C. A. 94 Herrington, John Corne n l' is ........ . .SZl11Ll6l'SVlllQ, Miss. "The hand that follows intellect can achieve." B. A.g YP E3 X. ll. C. A. Kirby, Carl D. .......... . Carrollton, Miss. "Toil is the lot of ull: but none for nie." 1 C. E. Neill, Virgie Louise ...... Oxford, Miss. "Silence is more musical than any song." B. S. ,Pg 'X rg- "' .-. ff" 5 it j ' .-j+' --'fl ..-fr"ff'....." -,,,-.--4 ff' 3 ,ff ,.,:ff r - .4 ,. . -" ,H .,..- L-jj: 95 Swninr 0112155 Eiatnrg Une fais, en el annus dix-neuf hundert y uno, une classe des etudiants de premiere anne-e, sich versannnelte ut organizase. Erat init craindre 3' avec trepidatione que nosotras anfangen l'ascension der Leiter farinae. Il seinbla esse tres hoclil Iter lag' por niedio des Latein, de la Grecque, durch niultos dios der Mathe- niatiks, cuin fragnientos des Deusches, de la Francais 3' del Espanol. Pero nun nous reiclien la suniniani et starent ici. despectens a coniino real difiicile que noso- tros ont voyage. Lal Arbeit est un Ding du passe: La celebridad nous attend. Las nieinbres de cette classis haben ganado pour sese farinain sur llHLlG1113S. et sur la parrillas. Ils liabent leurs noinina inscrite en la volunien des honneurs. Last editors des Maga- zins y des Annuaires haben sorti ex notre ordine. Yllir no negainus dass nous ont en unos errones. aber quel procesion tri- uniphalis non hat? Und ahora nous quittons la chere Universitate. ewig, prohablenient Nosotros irainos, unos ici, unos la. und vielleich nunquain nous nous rencontrons encore' Bientot. nostra vita a l'l'niversitate erit como ein revel Dass es la pars plus triste des Lebens: dass bientot nian obliviscatur das Alter y s'accoutunie a die Xeuheit. Meloncolico, aber vera. Vllir recordarainos toujours die Freundlichkeit de nos praeceptors und iinitarainos Vexaniple de nobilitate que ellas habent nous Qegelaeii. Erit avec les pensees des Alina Mater que nosotros nehnien unser pars de la fordeau des Lebensg que nous defendireinos das Recht, contre l.1llJllSflCl? y contre 1 'oppression C 'est con les cogitationes der Trauer. ut nous quitterons la escena vestrum quatre annoruni der Arbeit y des Spiels. Probablenient nunquain otra vez revertenius, a inarcher dans la Gasscheu do las Ainantes, ou regarder les esciuros petites. Si ich erani le prophete de cette clase, je prophezire famam jedem et omni: y ich ne doute pas ut esset trauc. Mais ich suis no le prophete. und je dis sola- mente ut meine altiora. Vllunscli para nies confreres ist ut ils font tan wohl en la future como haben dans le passe. -Historian. 96 Senior Class Poem. Our happy old University days Have passed away forever. The year's procession still displays Some ties Time cannot sever. But joy of life so full of trust Can nevermore come back to us. The pictures from our college room VVill be heaped up, dusty, broken Trophies, moth and rust consumed, The pledge word rest unspoken, The songs and cheering will die away lVith the last hand-clap on Commencement lVhere will they be, our jolly clan, lVho every whim directed, Free from cares of mortal man- Seemed like the earth's elected? lVith anxious thoughts they will withdraw Into the outside world and law. One will hold down an office stool, One squint at lines and angles, One will run a mill, one teach school, One ravel legal tanglesg One scold the soul deep-dyed in sin, One mend the house he lodges in. And yet the Soph. and Junior heart lVill keep on warmly healing, Attachments gaily formed in part, In earnest now completing. The shell alone is cast away, The kernel will last for many a day. Oh! Alma Mater! Youth has flown, And still the years are flying. Thoughts of old college days alone Must prove unsatisfying. VVe beg thy spirit's impress still Thy loyal Clllldl'9I1,S heart to fill. -Class Poet. 97 Da if Q X S 'Q s S 5 fi 4 , -H li N I 1 fa . 4 i iq .: nf' X gf' f-I 6 A A 'Q ,jf-3, ii fs 4 ,vi 12 fff- M M Y i M E yi yx' VHA ', -X ' U zzfjfif, 'il Ax. Ii' 'i f fl-' ,- ' Cyl. ,I V: '1"'3'.L. nh ii if ff 5fgN fQs-XDAQ-in., X71 f- 1 ' . ' A i- h 'gf3ff?f.'i?Q3i I .ii if , fx ' . 'y' L' fx ', if 'XS - fff'X"3-K i 3 aw Q11 2 - jfg '1 M M f iii M 1, M M x .ifig1Q a5 ,jRt A1 lFg!lEK5'5Ol' it h 6 6 I 1 -. x, J, F ' . - -.-AV., .x ii V. XX N AQ , ' , ,il ttyl X if , Wi- ,f , fx f ai fi Nw rg, ' ,pf Q N .JJ -, ,fp 1 'wi-0- X, , Xwi N , A , V 11,1 - ef M , l rw 5 1 fi iw A AQ .. C , -2 13- ""5 ' ff ,Q ..4 "' N .-I' HFFICEHS. J. E. M0Cm'lzlie. .. E. C. C!liGIll2lIl ..... Miss R1liJCI't2l Fultmi .... Miss Jcmiette F01-fl. Miss Maithilclv Lmfvy JUNIOR PROMEXADE COMM ITTEE. Rubvrt Suiiiwvillc. JF. John Edwnnl Reed. Jr. . . .Prcsidelit . . . Scc1'etm'y . . .T1'eas1u'e1' . . .llistorizui . . . . .Poet Jaincs Phipps Chzisv. 98 Roll and Statistics. Acker, James M.. Jr. ........ . B. S.: A li E: German Club. . .Almerilevix Bailey. R. C ......... . .................... . . .Lexington B. S. in C. 12.3 Plmi Signiag lllietorie Medal '04, Bobo, XV. S ............................................. .... B atesville B. S. in C. A rifg C. M. A. A.: Secretary and Trezlsurer C. M. A. A.. Science Club. Braden. NV. H .... . . . . . . . . . . . .Logtown B. S.: fb E. Bray, Maurice ................................................... XVinona B. S. in C. E.: 'P A 9: Hermaean: Oreliestrag Kodak Club. Magazine Editor. Cate. C. F .................. ............. . . . . . . .Coldwater C. Chase, J. P. ........ ........................ . . .Men1pl1is, Tenn. K. A.g B. S., fi9l'lll2lI1 Club: Junior Proinenacle. Coleman, E. C., Jr. ............................................. Kosciusko B. S.: CID A 9: Herniaean: Orcliestrag Quartette: Class Secretary: Y. M. C. A.g Magazine Editorg Epsilrn Mu Epsilon. C ,C R H rr b G onner i. C .................... .................... . ......... a ies urff B. S.g K. A.g fbfg Blackstone Club: German Club: Executive Connnitteeg Football '01, '02, ,035 Baseball '01, '02, ,032 Sub. All-Southern Tackle '02-023, All-Southern Center '03-04. Dedeaux, O. J. . . .... Delisie B. S.g 'P E. Duncan, I. G.. . . . .Oxford B. S. Edwards, J. E. ...................... ........ .......,... . . .Memphis B. S.g A K Eg H8l'lllH9illlg Second Herinaean Fresluuan Medal '04. Ford, Miss H. J.. ......................... . ..... . . . . .Columbia B. A.g A A A: Partlienieg Y. XV. C. A. Fulton, Miss A. R ................. .. .University B. A., A A Ag Parthenicg Y. W. C. A. Gill, H. I ................................... .... S enatobia B. A., A K Eg Franklin Hall Clubg German Club. Hardeman, Miss M. M ....................... B. A. Partheuic: Y. XY. C. A. 99 . . .Magnolia Hargis, W. I., Jr. . . .... University B. S. Havercamp, C. M ...................... ...Yazoo City B. S.g K Eg German Clubg Baseball Team. Hill, C. E ............................ .. .Hattiesburg B. A., K. A., Hermaeang U. M. A. A. Johnson, M. ............................ . . .Sunny Side B. S.g 'P K N115 Phi Siguiag Sophomore Liar. Lacey, Miss M ................... ................................. J ackson B. Chairman Music Committee Y. XY. C. A.g Critique Parthenicg President German Clubg Manager Glee Clubg Y. XY. A. A.g Poet of Junior Classg Chills, Leavell, G. W .................................................... Oxford B. S., E X5 U. M. A. A.g Vice President Y. M. C. A., Manager Tennis and Track Teamsg Manager Lf M. Minstrels ,03-043 J. M. C. Club. Lindholm, P. P ............................ . . .Lexington Z A Eg C. E.g 'ID E3 lf. M. A. A.3 C. E. McCarley. T. T. ......................... ........ . ..Okolona B. A.g A K Eg Y. M. C. A.g U. M. A. A.5 German Club. McCorkle. J. E., Jr .............................. .. .Oxford B. S. Maxwell, Miss Douglass ........... . . .Canton B. A A A Y. XY. C. A.g Partlienic. Mecklenburger, A. F. ............................................. Okolona 111 Eg First Freshman Medal '04: First Sophomore Medal '05, Taylor Scholarship Medalg Orchestra, U. M. A. A. Meriwether, E. G ....... Medical. hliller, D. C .... C. E. Miles, YV. H. .. C. E. .M1tchell, L. B. ............................................. . B. S.g Terasurer Hermaean '05-06, Hermaeang Y. M. C. A.g C. H. A. Morris, R. C .................. .................. .... . . . B S.g Hermaeang Y. M. C. A. Newman, J. A ..... ....... . . . B. A. 100 . . .Hernando . . .Oxford . . .University .... . . .Rienzi YY. A. . . .University . Union Church Reed, L. D .... B. S. Roach. J. B.. Jr... C. E. Schauber. A. B. ................. . B. A.g Phi Sigiuuz l'l1'iUllillll Hall Club. Somerville. R.. Jr. ...................................... .. B. A.: KID A 9: Hermaeunz 'Yursitx' Eleven 'O-L: .lunior Prmueiuule: uf C. M. A. A.: liQl'lll2lI1 Club. I . . .Yazoo City . . . .Oxford . . .Laurel . . . .Gif-em'illo Bwzllkl of lYi0lltl'Ol Sykes. J. A ................................... . . . . . .Aberdeen B. A.: .S K E: l,ie-rniuii Club: ll M. A. A.: Y. M. C A XVebb. J. B ......................................... ..... C 'oluiubus B. A.: 4211 XII: fb E: Editor-in-Cliief lf M. Magazine: lf BI. A. A.: Y. ll. C. A.: ciifllvll' fb E: Football Squad '04 mul '0.3: Assistant lialitor "Ole MFC' Wi- I-'1fiQc-ul-uliuii Club. Vllilliaiiis. A. ............................ .. ..... Eupora B. A.: YP K WP: fb S: Histolizlll S0lDllUI!lO1't' lla-S. Vllitty, F. M. ..................................................... lviuouzl B. A.: KID A 9: 115 E: Se-Goml Fffiilllllilll De-Claluzitioli Medal 'O-L I' NI A A I' I Nw mx ullxll x -7, U jf ,M 'SZ Q 6 X!-X fs W f ,D .i X 'f-' -2 Q Z ...TX.Q. flu. .f ,fix 'lv "'XlXf1 !'f -5 J Q- l fill' ,-' l .Q .15 I f SX xx! ,X -f v BZ ow 571 Zluninr Gllaaz ihiatnrg. To tell nf all 'UTS dnings were a task better never begini, but even their humble histuriaii ean reeurd all that they've not done. As Freshnien. they never attempted to do tl1e abnormally greeiig they never let Sopl1e111o1'es rule tl1en1. nor be Soplioiiierieally nieanz they 11ever permitted tl1e Juiiiors to snub them on tl1e street: they IIEVCI' looked up to a Senior unless lie exceeded six feet. So many decided that i'F1'USlll1l6ll'l was a name that had been niisapplied till 'OT eeased to be Freslnneii, XVllQll they laid this idea aside. As Sophoiiiores. ne'er were they careless i11 teaching' tl1e Freslinien their place, nor feared til? etfeets of cold water when dashed i11 H11 'US's faee. They did not sueeuinb under HB011LlY.N they IIQVCI did anythiiigr wruiig, till every une tlinuelit a Soplimnnore was as brave as the heroes ef soiig. As -luiiiurs. they'1'e nut IIIUPG eoneeited nur wise than tl1e Junior should beg they're leaders tl1e best of tl1e seascni. i11 praise of their HP1'O1ll.', all agree. They never have bnasted uf wisdtnii. IIOI' valor. nor ,freiieral worth. they know. but Clflllif say. they are modest, and the very best class upon earth. S0 every one thinks that a Jlll1l0l'.S the pink of perfeeticm boiled down: but the Seniors will grain that disti11c-tin11 XVll6ll 'OT wears eap and gowii. -Historian. KL EAST DORMITORY. 102 unior Class Poem. For tlirfle long yt-urx we-'re workwl 111 And noni- thus fur iiiQ hrziin has spoilefl As u result wt- t't1n't he foiled. Brilliant Juniors. ll'e lezul XYll0l'6'6I' we go, "Junior Prom" is wins, you know, And wore tliere, wlmtg-'er :nay blow. Hanglity Junifrs. In al ine-ufuro wore athletic, lYlu-n one-'s hurt we'rv Nyinpathetic l,orc tm us is tlieoretic-. Stuclious Juniors. XYP can stunil the liunlest tests, XYQH1- just lining our nestv AYlli'l1 wt-'re Seniors wQ'll take rests. WY-u1'y Juniors. Now we lmve to study lute. But wlavn we-'ro Seniors, you just wait: XVQ will slet-p from eight to eight. Sleepy Juniors. But we areu't Smiifws yet, And that name is lunwl to get, But we'll win thro' toil and sweat. Ambitious Juniors. XYhen exanis are on us thrust, I trust none of tis will hust, And Seniors he, we simply lllllSt. Aspiring Juniors. -flzlsx X X L INN K of Z' Xt mf 'f ,N ffiilhn' -,A ' fy- X bfi 1 i -Ziff itil' 5173 I . J 1 XQA 'film N- A to 61' 4 f ' v 3 in 1' xii ' l f A i iw' lf' 2 l X .g f l- ff- 91 'EQ??.v. - , .if lg 1441! ,-:iv iff F? 5143 " Y xii--1 g l U' U x lil toil. cl l'oPt ,...-N' 0,,,...,....q.n-.....-., .v- in ,elim ...ul .. Rl in ll.f-""' F' mlllHmf"' K H Svuphnmurr Eitvrarg Gllaza. C. C. Hightower .... A. Brook ............ Miss Sarah Huniphreys C. P. Huggins. ........... Miss Florence Heddleston.. Miss Lynette Kimmons ..... OFFICERS. 104 . . . . . . . . .President Vice-President . . . . . . .Secretary . . .T1'easu1'e1' . . . .Historian . . . . . .Poet Roll ancl Statistics. Alai-ige, J. H. ........,............................. . B. S.g dv A 93 German Clubg Science Clubg Sophomore Dude. Allen, H. L ........................................ B. S. Bailey, VV. M ....... B. S., Phi Sigma. Ball, F. M. .............. . B. A.g Y. M. C. A., 119 E. Bates, G. C ........ B. S.3 Hermaean. Beall, B. S., Jr ......................... B. S.g U. M. A. A., Sub. on Football Team. Bew, Miss Ella .... .................. B. A. Bolton, C. R ............................... B. A., A X115 fb Eg L. M. A. A,g X. M. C. A. Boyd, A. B .............................. B. S.3 A X113 Y. M. C. A., Science Club. Bramlette, D. C., Jr ................................. B. A., K. A.g U. M. A. A., German Clubg Episcopalian Club. Brewer, N. C. ........... ........................... . . . B. S.g E X. Brooke, A .................................................. . . .Estill . . . Vicksburg . . .Lexington . . . .Rexford . . .Oxford . . .Lexington . .Greenwood . . .Pontotoc . . .XVater Valley . . .Woodville .Black Hawk . . . .Meridian B. H., A T A5 Hermaeang Vice-President Sophomore Classg First Freshman Hermaean , Medal g Lifters' Club. Buckley, H. T .................................... C. E.g KID A 93 U. M. A. A., Epsilon Mu Epsilon Club. . . . .XVinona Calhoun, J. E ................................................ Atlanta, Ga. B. S., E X5 fi! Eg Y. M. C. A.g Second dv E Medal 1905, Science Clubg Marcus E. Taylor Medal '05, Secretary Phi Sigma, Sec-ond Term '05-'06, Campbell, R. L. . . . . . . . .University B. S., A K E. Canneld, J. B... .... Columbus B. A.g K A. 105 Collier. Casa .............. .... O Xford B. S.: E X: Kodak Club. Coon. J. B ............. .... X Voodville B. S.: Hermaean. Cresswell. Miss E. M... .... Oxford B. A. Crowell. Miss H. . . . . .Orwood B. S. Dawson. E. A ....,.......... . . .Okolona B. S.: E A E: Kodak Club. Denton. C. L ,............ .... B elen B. S.: 'iDA9. Eades. XV. R .... .... O xford B. A. Edwards. H. B. .................... . .Shuqulak B. S.: A T A: Y. M. C. A.: C. M. A. A. Ellis. A. L. ..................... . . .... Florence B. A.: Sigma Chi. Farley. L. E ............................................ . . .Hernando B. S.: CIP K XII: C. M. A. A.: Y. M. C. A.: Secretary Heriizaean. Ferrell, Chaille .................. . ................. . . .Ashland B. S.: A T A5 Y. M. C. A. Foote, A. M. .................................................. Hattiesburg B. A.: K. A.: C. M. A, A.: Captain Soplioniore Football Team '05. Huston. Miss P. I ...... . .............................. . . .Harinonton B. A. Johnson. A. B.. . . . . .Batesville B. S. Johnson, H. G .................................... . . .Bright Y. M. C. A.: Science Club: Chaplain Franklin Hall Club. Johnson, Miss L. C. .............................. . .... University B. A.g A A A. Kiminons, Miss L. . . .. .Fort Smith, Ark. B. S. Kirby, G. C ....... .... C arrollton B. S. in Medicine. Knox. I. C ...................................................... Pontotoe B. A.: Z X: Y. M. C. A.: 'Yarsitj' Baseball Team 'o4"o5g C. M. A. A. Lamptond R. B .......... ....................... ......... . . .Magnolia B. S.: K. A. 106 v Lauderdale, NN. A ...................,................ . B A. The niost dissatisfied, llOlllE'SlCli man in the l'nix'ersity. Leavell. G. NV .... B. S.: E X: Q E: Y. M. C. A. Leavell. F. H .................................. B. S.: E X: Q E: Y. M. C. A.: First Q 2 Medal 'O5. Leniler, J. A .................,............ . B. S.: Q K XP: Q E: Y. M. C. A.: C. M. A. A. L1I1dSEy, E ................................................... B. S.: Taylor Medal: Q E: Franklin Hall Club: Science Club: C. H. A. XX McPherson, L. W .... B. S.g Q K XII: C. M. A. A.: Y. M. C. A. - Q Maxwell, H. C ...... B. S.: P. K. A.5 Q E. Mitchell, Louie N .... B. S. in Medicine: E A E: Orchestra. Glenn, Miss M. R. B. S.: X Guinn, E. K. .... . B. in Medicine. Gunn, D. R. .................. . B. S. in Medicine: Science Club. Hampton, XV. E. ........... . B. S.: Q K XP. Haney, J. R. .................. .. B. S.: E A E: Episcopalian Club. Hardy, B. F. ................ . B. S. Heddleston. Miss M. F. ...... . B. S.: X Q3 Class Historian ,O6. Henry, C. P. ....................................... . . . Q A 95 Herniaeang Y. M. C. A.: Epsilon Mu Epsilon Club. Herron. Miss R. C. .......... ................... . B. A. Hightower. C. C. .......................................... . . .Hernando . . .Oxford . . .Oxford . .Greenville . . . . .Laurel . A. . .University . Brookhaven New Albany . . .Oxford . . . .Haliday . . . .Okolona . . .Oxford .Hattiesburg . . .Hosey . . .Oxford .Yazoo City . . . . .Oxford .Hattiesburg B. S.: 2 A E5 Hermaeang Baseball '04-'05g Mandolin Club: President Sopliomore Class: U. M. A. A.: Sub. Football. Hightower, Miss M. L. ........................................ Hattesburg B. S.: X Q3 Y. M. C. A.: Parthenic Literary Societyg Secretary Class '04-'05. 107 Hudson, Miss A. .... . . .Central Academy B. S.g Y. XV. C. A. Huggins, C. P. ................................................. Scranton B. S.g E X: Treasurer Sophomore Classg U. M. A. A.g Captain Baseball and Football Teams: Board of Control ,05',06Q Baseball '05g Football '06. Humphreys, Miss S. NV. ...................................... Greenwood B. A.g X Q: Class Secretary l05',06Q Vice-President Y. XV. C. A.g Parthenicg Y. W. A. A.g Tennis Club. McBride. AV. R- .................................. .... O xford B. in Medicineg E A Eg U. M. A. A.g Baseball '05, Meaders, E. L ................................ . . . .Grenada B. E Xp C. M. A. A.g Y. M. C. A. Middleton, Miss P. M .... . . ....... . . .Yazoo City B. S. Miller, M. V. B. . . . .... Meridian B. S. Newsom, T. C.. Jr.. . .... Independence B. S. Nichols, J. L. .................. .... E udora B. S.: Phi Sigmag Y. M. C. A. Oglesby, C. G. ............... . . . . . .Tupelo B. S.: A K Eg German Club. Osoinach. J. A. ............................................. Bay St. Louis B. S.: Sigma Cliig Membersliip Committee German Clubg J. M. C. Club. Pate. Miss T. A ................................. .............. C offecville B. S. Perkins, P. A .................. . . .Colliervillc, Tenn. Medical: E A Eg German Club. Reed, J. E., Jr .................................................. Meridian B. S.g A NIIQ Y. M. C. A.g C. M. A. A.g German Clubg Junior P1'om '06g Class Pres. ,03. Richards, Miss M. B. . . . ........................................... Laurel B. S. Richmond, Miss B. . . . . .Hermansville B. S.5 A A A Robertson, Miss L .............. . . . .Corinth A A Ag Y. XY. C. A.g Parthenic. Roberson, J. L. ............. ...Pontotoc B. A.g A Xllg German Club. Smith, A. H ..................................................... Sumner B. S.g llermaeang Y, M. C. A.g U. M. A. A.g C. H. A. Clubg Science Club. 108 Smith, F. P. . . .... Coifeeville B. S. Solomon, W. A .... . . .Hernando B. S. Stark, R. L. ........ ...Pontotoc B. A.. Y. M. C. A. Stubblefield, S. P. . . . . .Deasonville B. S. Taylor, J. M. ......................... . . .Como B. S.g Phi Siginag fi, K Nlfg U. M. A. A. Therrel, Miss M. K ....... . . ....... . . .Ackerman B. A. Watkins, J. P .............. . .State Levee Phi Sigma Literary Society. Williamson, C. A. ......... . . .XVHYIIQSBOFO B. S. Williamson, C. M., Jr ................................... . . .Jackson B. A.3 K. A.5 German Clubg U. M. A. A.5 Episcopalian Club. Willis, A. W. ............. . ......... .............. . .T ylertown B. S.g Phi Sigma. Withers, C ...... ..... L ove B. S. Wood, A ..................... ........................ . ......... A berdeen B. A.5 A K Eg Hermaeang Y. M. C. A.g Captain Bunker Hill Squadg U. M. A. A. Wood, C. G .............. ............... . .. . .... Brookhaven B. A.: H01"'1:1P:ll1. f :Ps'i'Si:51:'-f"-2L- . ::. ' ..,7:if'3?"iiEf3lf9:" 'Ii f .fi-"ffl f.-' : I-11'.'-'." -'-' 'Qt'-'1'-'f AEE: ..I.'! z14LP?gEEfE5:535z.. -1 f5:i5: ..3- .n T51:-3Lrq1?.E.Zfi5.:.ifp'..5f'-Zfiiiiiieiili :sill -jf-15-Si'-:-l:2?FiSQQ27:f5fff155. J , H i -is it iQ s:::::::g's:.i 3 P551 ' , GOOD ,-. 'af W. .55 N sem' 1: A , XL ,J 522 f" iff' .iiii2EHxH:5x-v,1xfQ1agggSsssnsa. :seg 95552111-.1,::g1i' wi' '::51a1ai:Es1E1-Kax-qu.-,iq--fss5f:sas: gist ezmszgfzfif t v X i Eirzwtilggzr-QggggieQigguiffiis :sell . v'fl:as:'EEf- Qiifiisfzmffi- , E ff: - X- - X P ' Q1 . z'-"'-x.'i'l2?!:"-f2fe':E P! ,N A X iessiiimimiigillliillliiiiiiigifI!!i fix flv- X 'iii vSIu'2-e-isnt -K. X f . 1-rzziiilzfca -5 Nlnlrilwll l S -Q ,, 'F-:sagem Iqlwliuiiagv I 5 4 gf -.w IQ!!!!!'T?'32i Eglin sa.-eq ir j,:::::1..wa3xAxNM in 'Slit " ' xll'?55557f-5753 RVN i H ' ' A35 is -itgitznzli' N I A" "':' EH: ' Eff' WJ! IF" Annu ,A nom-AR 214 .mlm H' .nl A 10 0'ci.oCK SCKQUW- N Snphnmnre Ollaaa igiainrg. The annals of the class of 'OS are so illustrious that the historian is tempted, contrary to all precedent. to tell the truth. She is respectfully conscious of the fact that the historians cf other classes will raise an outcry of undue advantage, because they wouldn't have anything to say if they told only the truth. yet she holds such protests as of no value. The class of naughty-eight is remarkable. Its existence has been loud. fresh and conclusive. and the magnitude of its achievements is only excelled by the complete impartiality of its self-appreciation. In 1904. at the allotted time. its members first united themselves. and, in spite of difliculties and envious remarks of outsiders. perfected a faultless organization under the fearless leadership of President Blair. The importance of the occa- sion seemed to be in some degree realized by the members. for they selected as their colors elephants breath and naw' blue. and under this banner chose to see their rights vindicated and their victories achieved. Mr. B. IYatson was intrusted with the portfolio of the treasury. and to his credit he it said that the accounts of the class always balanced perfectly and at no time was there a deficit of more than the ten cents expended by the color committee for ribbons. Desirous of furthering the interests of athletics. the Sophomores were chal- lenged to a friendly football game. but that class ignominiously gave no answer, and it remains to be explained why at that time no Sophomore could be found willing even to discuss the subject with his fellows. At a later time in the session various upper classmen forgot the dignity of the class of naughty-eight and tried to increase its tribulations by impertinences of various kinds. In particular. one Abie Colm, by obnoxious references to the inexperience of the class and other vexatious trespasses, rendered himself culp- able. Sufhce it to say that the offenders room was surrounded and stormed, his trembling room-mate given safe conduct and a kick. and himself sufficiently chastised. Toward the latter part of the session even Chancellor Fulton, ordinarily so conservative in his expressions of praise. was constrained to state publicly his heartfelt pride in the class. not in size. not in appearance. but in the glory of their achievements. 110 NY111111 11111 RI211'1'119 Elvis '1'z1yl111- 3111111111'iz11 311111111 l'f1111l' 111 111- 11111111111-11. 1111-111- 411-11,1 21 ,111-111111 11i1'1i1gu11y 111111111111' 111' 11111 1111 s1- ll1El1i11lQ' EI !'1,'111'1'.l1 ilx-v"1'l1Ql' 111 1111 1111,'11' 5t114i1K1N 11 lV11N1xv1,j 111111-1y-11111 s111111111 1111 1-x1'111111111 f1'U111 111l' 1-111111-sis 11 11-11s 11ll2l11Q' 112111111 111111 111115' s111111111 11111, 111 vi1111' 111 11111 f'1l'T 111211 11111111 111 211l.Y 11111111' 111z1ss S11l'11 u'1'111111s 111111111 1111 Z1 s111g11 sign 111 i11sz111i1y. 111 111is 1111111 if Wlls 111111 111-1 111111111 1f1L'1f 11 1111111111111111 W1111,'1i 1:11111 11111 111'11111ss111's 11-11111 L1'1YlllL1' Q1111ilA '11 11111111 :1 111111111-1111. When 111v 111z1ss of 'US 11e1-z1111e S11111111111111'11s. 111111111' 1111- 2111111111111 111 1'1'11si1111111 11iu'1111111'e1'. 21 1z11w 1'i1'11111 11l'Ci11l1ff i1I1l1f11'l'11t. '1'1111 1-lass 111 'US is 111111111s1. X-11111111 117111111 1111111 11111112111 if. 11c1'z111s11 111 its p1'11Yi-11s1-Xis111111,-11111111 'i1171111f' 11'z1s 111-V11111111, 11111 111111 is 1111 111'l'JUf 11f 11s :111s1111ce. 11111,111s1y is 1111151 11111Vl111111L'11t. 111111'11v1f11, i11 111111 111111111111 of 111e lf1219N 191'11l11Ci111f' 1611111111 111-S111111111111111'1fs. It 111111111 1111111111 11111 11is1111'i1111 11111z1s111'11 111 1't'11U1'i 11111 12111111 11-i111111111s 111 1111s 11111s11'i1111s 1'1z1ss. 11111 11111 V11 11' is 11111 1111556 11 1' 21 111111111111 111111s11e1-1iY11 111111 11111 s1111,i111-1 11111 Vast E111' c1111111111p111'a11'y 1-111111111'11111111si1111. Ill 011111-111si11111. 1111 11 119 511111 111111 if 11111111 111 11111 11a11:111s f1'11111 11111 1,1111 111 111-1 1-hiss of 191118 he ever f11111111 1111111111i11g' 11111 11a1Q11s 111 1101111111111 11is1111'j.'. the 111115' 1-1111- 11111 will 111, 111111 111111 11'111'e 2111 11111 lVN111tff' 111 11e111'ix'11 11111 11111111-s 11f 11111 1'ii'sT 11'i11"1'. -1Iis1111'iz111. 12 111 Sophomore Class Poem. This poem of mine Is a poem divine, To be told of Sophomores onlyg Of great achievements And no bereavements To make us sad and lonely. It is a story Of fame and glory Won by the Sophomore Classg For we are it And have made a hit, Even in the misty past. Everyone reads Of our noble deeds, And to praise them one needs but to name them, For we Sophs divine Have need of no sign, No "camera brush" to proclaim them. Very good in a way, Let me pause to say, Are all the other elassesg But we Sophomores shine In a sight more divine Than the sun which daily passes. --Class Poet. .Q N v'v. f 'F' 3 X an ff ,X I -M A35 Q ,Q .ffeggfix 'ri W' fake, i ,fl 67.719 fx WW 7 f A C 6 W' Iv K ' E73 Igxx F1 ' . X9 , Qx M E .N WXfI6'qf7 . G f 5 . ? N , N X N . , S . ' d llll ,155 mv 593.8 .fffff'f -i:1?:a?2Q5?E2???zQ, 42 freshman illitrrnrg Qilawz. OFFICERS. C. P. Hall ............. ....... P resident Miss Margaret Sherman .... .... V ice-President Sivley Rhodes ......... ....... S ecretary Miss A. McCain .... .... H istorian Edna Bufkin .... . . . ..... Poet 113 Roll and Statistics. Aldridge, J. A ...,........,......,..............,.................. Estell B. S.g German Clubg A. 82 M. Clubg U. M. A. A., Y. M. C. A.g Epsilon Mu Epsilong Chaplain Freshman Class. Anderson, C ............ .... T upelo B. S.: A T A. Ashford, Miss E. L B. S. Ayres, R ......... Y. M. C. A., 112 2. Bell, J. S ........ B. S. Benson, Miss J. H. B. A.g Parthenicg U. M. A. A.g Y. XV. C. A.g Treasurer Class Bigham, C. S ............................... ............ B. S.g -'IJ E. Boswell, H. P ..... B. S., Hermaean, Bramlette, Miss E. B. S. P .... Brannon, W. L., Jr .... B. S.g Y. M. C. A. Broome, Miss M. . . B. S. Browne, H. Z .,.. B. S. Brown, Miss J. C. . B. S. Buchanan, C. C... B. S. Buck, DeWitt . . . B. S. Bufkin, Miss E. G. ........ . B. s., Y. W. o. A Buford, E. A ..... B. S.g A XII. Busby, E. L. .. B. S. .5 Parthenic. 114 Hattiesburg . . . .Natchez . . . .Columbus Water Valley . . . Pontotoc . . . .Koseiusko . . .Oxford . . .Coifeeville . . .University . . . .Kosciusko . . .Oxford . . . .Collins . . . .Acona . . .Ellisville Whitehaven . . . .Arcola Cannon, J. P. . . B. S. Cannon, L. C .... B. S. Carr. I. P .............. B. S.g A XII, If. M. A. A. Charling, Mrs. M. B .... B. S. Collier, Miss M. O .... B. S. Cunningham, J. IV .... B. S. Currie, J. H .... B. A. Dickerson, L. E ............... B. S., Phi Sigma Literarv Societv. Duncan, Miss I. H ............. B. A. Ellis, E. . . E. E. Ellis, I. N., Jr... B. S. Friedman, M.. . . B. S. Furr, W. C.. . . B. S. Gillespie, J. G..- ............................ B. S.g Hermaeang German Clubg Lf M. A. A.: Y. M. C. A. Grantham, D. R ................................ B. S. Grantham, O. F .... B. S. Graves, VV. R. B. S.g Hermaean. Haddon. Miss M. E... B. S. Green, M, .......... . B. S.g German Club. 5 . . .Greenville . . .Dubbs . . . .Pontotoc New Orleans. La. . . . .Oxford . . .Lexington . . . .Meridian . . .Blue Springs . . . .Oxford . . .Florence . . . .Hazlehurst . . .Cleveland . . . .Oxford . . . .Greenwood . . .Oakohay . . .Oakohay . . .Kosciusko . . . .Harpersville Hall, C. P. ,......,............ . . Charlestown C. E.g President Freshman Classg German Club: J. M. C, Clubg Freshman Clubg Epsilon Mu Epsilon. Hall, Miss D. E. . . . .Koseiusko B. A. Harvey, George ................... .... C anton B. S.g A X115 Herniaeang German Club. Henry, H. C. ...................... ...Yazoo City B. S., Hermaean. Holberg, L. W. .. ..... Macon B. S. Holman, J. MCC. . . . . . .Hemingway B. S. Holland, M. . . . . . .Maben B. S. Hudson, E. C. . . .. .Bassiield B. S. Hunt, D. .... .... L lniversity B. S. Jackson, L. D. . . . . .Kosciusko B. S.g 'il A 9. J ohnson, Miss L. M. . . . . . .University 11. S.. A A A. Jones, L. P. .............................................. Sallisaeo, I. T. C. E., Baseball, Freshman Team, Captaing Freshman Clubg Glee Clubg German Clubf Class Dudeg Epsilon Mu Epsilon. Kinimons, Miss N. S ............. .. .Oxford B. S. Lake, R. P. . . . . .Memphis B. S., 4. zz. Lester, W. C. ...... .... G untown Medical Student. Liddell, S. H. ...... Blue Springs B. S.5 Y. M. C. A. Long, S. P. ................... . . .Shannon B. A.5 Phi Sigmag Y. M. C. A. McCain, Miss A. ............. . . .Water Valley B. S.g Y. XV. C. A.g Parthenic. McBride, Miss A ............. . . .Oxford B. A. McCorkle, H. C ..... B. S. McDonnell, A. H.. .. B. S.g U. M. A. A. McDonald, W. Percy ........ ......... B. S.3 Kodak Clubg fi, Eg Gerniau Club. . . . .Oxford . . . . .Okolona . .Bay St. Louis McGehee, A. S. ......... ..... .... B I eniphis, Tenn. B. S. McLeod, VV. N. ............... .... B rooksville B. S.g U. M. A. A., Football Tezuu. McNair, L. W. ..... ....... .... B 1 'ookhaven B. S.g A XII. Magee, Miss H. .... Clinton B. S. Magee, Miss M ........................ .... C oluinbia B. A.g Partlieuicg Y. M. C. Massey, Miss F. ..................... .... O Xford B. S. Mauldin, Miss A. G. .... MeCool Maxwell, C. R. ..... ..... L eirnar B. S.g J. M. C. Club. llleriwether, T. W. . . . .Hernando B. S. Miller, A. W. .... Indianola B. S. Moore, N. A. ................... ........ S plinter fb Eg Y. M. C. A., U A. A. Morrow, Miss M. C ........... ..... X Vest Point, Ga. B. A. Morrow, Miss M. M. B. A. Moss, Miss M .... B. S. Neal, S. F. .... . B. S. Neville, J. H., Jr.. .. B. S.g K. A. . . . . .VVest Point, Ga- . . . .Oxford . . . .Winona . . . . .Gulfport Niles, J. H. .. ...Kosciusko B. S.. CIDAB. O,Brien, L. R... .... Terry B. S.g K E. Oldham. B. . ...Kosciusko B. S. Oliver, B. F. ........ ...Men1phis, Tenn. B. S.g German Club. Orr, R. L. ......... .... O rwood B. S. Pegues. C. E. ...... .. .Pontotoc B. A.g Phi Sigma. Pilkinton. S. T ...... ...Mayhew B. S.: F. M. A. A. Puckett. E. F. ...... . . .Galtman B. S. Rhotles. J. S. .. .... Jackson B. A. Renshaw. P. E. ........... ...Helm Herinaean Literary Society. Robertson, Hanson ........ ,,,,, L aurel B. S. Robertson, G. Holcomb ........................ ...Hattiesburg B. S.g K. A.g Hermaean: First Freslmiari Medal '04. Rowland, Miss Mareelle ..................... . . .Oxford B. S.g X Q. Rowland, Miss M. V. . . . . .Oxford B. S.g X Russell, A. E. . . . .... Dallas B. A. Scales, N. B. .... ..Columbus B. S. Sherman, Miss M. . . .... Memphis, Tenn. B. S. Shields. J. R. ................. .... J ackson B. S.g 'Varsity Football Team '05, Sillers, NV. Jr. ............. . . . . .Rosedale B. S.3 A XII. Smith, J. T. . . ...Barlow B. S. 118 Smith, R. . ................................ B. A.g Phi Sigma: lf. M. A. A.g Fresluuan Club. Somerville, A. D. ................. .... . .................. . . B. A.g Herumeung U. M. A. A.g GOYIXIQIII Clubg l"reshman Cluhg Epsilon Stall. Miss R. .. . . B. S. Storm, B. H. ......................... . B. S.g HQl'lll2l92lllQ lf. M. A. A.: Y. M. C. A. Temple, W. A. B. S.g fb K XII. B. Phi Signing Y. M. C. A. Tindall, F. M. Tiudall, B. . . . . B. S. Treloar, M. . . . B. S.g X. M. C. A.g L. M. A. A.g H9l'l1l21Q2lllZ C. H. A. XX. A. Trotter, VV. Jr. B. S,: Hermaeuu: U. M. A. A.g Y. M, C. A.: Freshman Club, Epsilon . . .Vicksburg . . . .Greenville Mu Epsilon. . . . . . . .Oxford . . .Brookhaven . . . . . .Oxford .Vlfater Valley . . .Mistedon . . .Orwootl Mu Epsilon. Tynes. YV. A., Jr ................... . .......................... Summit B. S. Tyson, J. O. .. .Holly Springs B. S. XVarren, G. T. . B. S.5 K 2. Welch, Miss V. I. ........... . B. S.3 Y. XV. C. A.g Parthenic. W1lli1HS, E. E. ............ . B. S. Williamson, S. F. . . . . . B. S.g Kodak Club. Winn, D. W. ....................... . B. S.g KP 23 Kodak Club, Episcopal Club. Withers, Mrs. B. A. .............. . . . B. S. Wooten, W. A. B. S. Wright, Miss Pauline . . . B. A. Young, J. K. . B. S. .Union Church . . . .Toonisuba . . . .Duck Hill .Pleasant Grove . . . .Laurel . . .Oxford . . . .Como . . . .Oxford . . . .Lexington Zlirvahnmn 0112155 igiainrg. These things they call Freshmen are indispensable to all phases of university life. YVere it not for them the big Sophomores would have about seventeen-six- teenths of the enjoyments of his new pinnacle taken from him. The Junior is a better Junior for having once been a Freshman. The Senior who was never :1 Freshman misses some of the joy in getting his diploma. The Athletic Associa- tion draws its fresh, vigorous recruits from the ranks of the Freshman class. And though at first we may have been somewhat green, somewhat blue, and somewhat white Qwhen we first faced the professorsj, you 'll End that these colors all rub off easily. And though that first morning in chapel we may have sat wide-eyed, wondering and quaking-Seniors to left of us. Co-eds to right of us, Juniors behind us. Sophs without number: Preps beside us, Faculty in front of us, Law Students beyond us-oh. there were hundreds-still we lived through it all, survived and thrived. until. by the 2d of December we were able to have a very good class election. despite the fact that the Sophs tried to "phaze" us. I think their real object was to get some new points about parliamentary rules of order. NYe hope they did. This class of mine, it is so fine: The Halls of 1-'anne its names will line: Its lights will shine when others cleclineg Its inemhc-rs all finish in 1909, -Historian. A Q A-if .iv . .m fffiiggffa , , vivid N f' pm ly",F'?.'im"lg E CJ J 'L' Y jf' f", ,!: fvBv5 HI f D Q 54, ff V! 4 fi ! . I wtf' ' gif- ' .ff 1 ' J ef , i N '4' . 4 1 " A vw 3 -t 1, '-' pw 'TLA HQ., I Q CJ President ....... Vice-President. . . HiSto1'iau ...... OFFICERS. 122 J i , Y, JI ff - 44, " -, '- t 2 l "SJ-iw .....C. E. Slough ......A. L. Yates , . .James Stone, Jr. Roll and Statistics. Charleton A. Alexander .............,. .. . Jackson, Miss "I am not in the roll of common men." K E: Millsaps Club: Editor from Blackstone on U. M. Magazine Norman Rudolph Allen ................. Carrollton, Miss "The strangest minds are those of whom the noisy world hears least." Charles Clark ......................... Cleveland, Miss "By breeding sliarpg by nature c-::nHdent." A X115 Ski-Hi-Hoopsilon Clubg C. H. A. Club: Tennis Champion- ship Doubles '03g Blackstone Club: Junior Prom. Com. 1055 Turkey Club: Second Leader of German Club '05, Rankin Scott Dorsey ............... 1..Xatchez, Miss. 'A man of mark. fb K X115 President Blackstone Club, second term. 123 James Chester Elmer ...................... Biloxi, Miss "A lion among ladies is a most dreadful thing." E A E. Thomas A. Evans .................... Mount Olive, Miss 'Talking is one of the fine arts." V Y ..4-. James A. Finley .......................... Tupelo, Miss "I will praise Heaven by making earth a hell." A K E: Blackstone Clubg Football 304. Roscoe Douglass Ford ................... Columbia, Miss l'The man who knows he knows, he knows." E Xg B. A.g '02 Senior Debaters' Medal. Laurie Marion Gaddis ..................... Bolton, Miss "L'Etat, c'est moi." B. A. 'O-Lg Associate Editor "Ole Miss" '0-lg Vice-President G. S I. O. A. '03g Old English Prize 'O-lg German Clubg Quartette James Ollie Gillespie .................... Gulfport, Miss. "The noblest study of mankind is woman." E A E. Charles Tucker Gordon ..... .... .... G i llsburg, Miss. "Rises early, studies late, XVo1'ks all day with book and slate." David A. Jacobs .......................... Beulah, Miss. "A man to be depended upon." A X115 German Club. Orinan Lanier Kimbrough .............. Greenwood, Miss. "I am sure care is an enemy to life." CIP A Gp Freshman Editor of Record: Second Freshman Medalg Editor Magazine: 'Varsity Football Teamg Champion of High Julnpg Manager Track Team '0-lg Manager Football Team '05, William Irving McKay ................. University, Miss. "Even a single hair casts its shadow." 2 A Eg B. A. 'O2g M, A. 'O-Ig Bryan Medal '01g B. Accts '05g LL. B. '06. 125 James IXflcWillie .......................... Jackson, Miss. "Had he been caught when young, he might have been tamed." A XII, Blackstone Club. Robert Hamilton Powell ................... Canton, Miss. "A smiling countenance is no small advantagef' A X115 Y. M. C. A.g U. M. A. A.5 German Clubg Minstrels and Glee Clubg Junior Prom. Com. ,035 Manager Field Sports '03, GylllllE1Sillll1 Directorg President Hermaean Literary Societyg Assistant Football Manager ,045 President German Club '05g President Blackstone Clubg Business Manager of "Ole Miss" ,Ong F. O. X.g K. K. K. Elias Alford Rowan ....................... Wesson, Miss. "Not over-serious, nor too gay, But a rare good fellow." A Xllg Tennis Championship '03-'045 Assistant Editor "Ole Miss" '06 Caulder Evans Slough ..... ............. O xford, Miss. "Let me have men about me that are fat." James Stone, Jr. .......... ............. O Xford, Miss. "Go not freely nor indiscriminately to recitationsf' E A E5 Editor "Ole Missy" Junior Prom. Committee '05g Substi- tute Football Team '03. 126 Abel J. Street ............................ Street, Miss. "I have neither wit, nor words, nor XYl'2l'tll.l, K Ag Blackstone Club. A Alonzo Louis Yates .................... Columbia, Miss. . "Xone but himself can be his parallel." ' CIP A 9g Blackstone Club: Vice-President Class: Prosecuting Attorney Blackstone Club. John Henry Price ...................... Noxapeter, Miss. "He passes his hours among his books, You find it in his bleary looks." Daniel L. Ross ......................... University, Miss. "Marriage is a matter of more worth than to be dealt in by attorneyshipf' E Xg Business Manager Ifniversity of Mississippi '04-'05-'06. J oe Sheffield ............................... Albin, Miss. "Nature herself stood back when thou Wert born and cried 'The work's not n1ine."' YVilliam Frank Thompson ................ YVinona, Miss. "Thy countenance proclaims thee a wine bibberf' NYilliam Dow Conn ................... . . .Co1'inth, Miss. 'Steady and industrious." hase Medrick Laurendine .............. Scranton, Miss. "His heart as far removed from fraud As Heaven from the earth." 127 Miatnrg nf Ssrninr Emu Gllaaa. The members of the Senior Law Class would much prefer to leave their history for the future historians of our country to write, as they realize that they are to take such a prominent place in the affairs of our State and country and that their achievements will be of interest to every one. But as it is the custom for the Senior Class to leave something as a guide to the Junior Class, I for that reason shall try to put before them in a clear light, the lives and characters of some of the most brilliant members of the class of '06, so that they may follow in their footsteps and in the end reach fame and fortune. It will be well for you Juniors to notice carefully the exploits that made famous, such men as 'LR-ed"' Yates, the man noted for his attendance-s0me- times when the subject was hard, or Uncle Tommie was cross-half of the class would find business elsewhere, or a circus would come to town and attract a goodly number of legal lights, but at no time was "Red" ever included in the number-law was his only duty. So prompt was he in attendance, that he was often called into the private office and thanked by the Doctor for being present, and giving such careful attention. Old Sheff, who could sleep through the whole lecture, and not be dis- turbed, by the continual stream of "Extract of Drummond" spat upon his feet by "Judge" Dorsey and "Squire" Gordon. Lorandine-or better known as "Big-un',-not only carried two courses of law, but carried out faithfully and conscientiously the duties imposed upon him as President of the Shooting Club, which met every morning in the library. McVVillie, the eminent jurist, reached the top round of the ladder of success by his famous discourse on "Tea as a Beverage." "Wi11dy Jim" Elmer was the man that could intimidate the Doctor by his wise look and pouting-pigeon expression. "Deacon" Street it was who never let law interfere with his religion, at every religious gathering he could be found-, until collection was taken up. "Spotter" Finley, who by chance had spent two hours on the several questions asked him by the Doctor, could quote law verbatim. And many others there were, too numerous to mention, whose names and 128 achievements will ever he remembered by the Senior Law Class. At examina- tion time as we strolled up to the leeture room, we could not help but murmur: "ye who enter here, leave hope behind." Still we knew that we were "loaded" better than any other Senior Class had ever been. Space here, however, forbids a more Complete review of the worthy mem bers, and of their trials and achievements, and I respectfully refer those erestecl in the members of this noted class, to the future histoiies of tht int United States and the pamphlets advertising' tobaeeo. -Historian. f I I 5 The Seniors adopted the Cane, And strutted with might and with main, And during the session Made quite an impressiong They Certainly did look insane. C, B, 129 Sluninr Emu Gllzum. OFFICERS. L. L. MCLEAN ............. ............ I ,l'PSil1QI1t M. II. MCCABE .... .,....... X 'ice-I'1'esidvnt H. C. RANYLS ..................... .... S of-11-ta1'y-'l'1'vas111'G1' F. V. IIATIFIOHN ................................. llistorizln JVNIOH PHC IMENADE CUMM I'l"l'HE. XViIvy Alvxzm del' Blair. Fwd II. Mu11tg'o1ne1'y. Roll and Statistics. Blair. Wiley Alexander ................. A K E: If M. A. A.g Jr. Pronig German Club. Cannon, Frank S. ..... . . . . . . . . . Coleman, A. J. . Drane, J. A. . . 112 A 9. Ethridge, T. K. . Gruber, C. C. . ...... Hathorne, Fleet C. ................ . E X3 German Clubg Blackstone Club. Gary, H. L. .................... . A K E. Hicks, H. A. .. Hill, G. H., Jr... Johnson, E. . .. A K E. Holmes, J. G. .................,............ . . . . A T Ag Sewanee t'lub: Herman Klub: Blackstone: Senor B. S. Kisner, H. XV. ................. ......... .... . . . Leak, H. C. ....... .................. . McCabe. H. C., Jr .......................... fb A 95 U. M. A. A.g German Club, Xl. C. Club. McKnight, T., Jr ........................ E A Eg Presiclent B. S. Club. McLean, L. L. ............ . Montgomery, F. H. . . A K E. Perkins, James B., Jr. ......................... . A T A5 Football Team '04g Blackstone, K erxnau Club. Rawls, Hollis C. ................................ . E Xg Blackstoneg Secretaiy and Treasurer of Law Class. Tucker, D. D ...................................... Walton, E. R. ..................................... . President of Y. M. C. A. and Blackstone Clubg Treasuier 112 E. VVettlin, D. G ..................................... K Eg Blackstone Club. Wood, W. L. ........... . A T A3 Editor "Ole Miss." 131 . . .Tupelo . . .Greenville . . . .Emory . . . .Natchez . . . .Meridian . . . .Jackson . . . .Columbia . . . .Rosedale Bellefontaine . . . . . .Tupelo . . .Senatobia . .Yazoo City .VVater Valley . . .Vwloodville . . .Vicksburg . . .Vicksburg .Naples Tex. . . . . . .Oxford . . .Starkville . . . .Columbia . . . .Engine . . .University . . .VVoodvil1e . .Brookhaven Eiatnrg nf liluninr lllam Gllaaa. To indite one 's own obituary is a rare personal privilege: had the custom obtained in the sixteenth century, XVilliam, the immortal Bard of Avon, would hardly have penned Hthe evil that men do lives after them," and that "the good is oft interred with their bones." XVere the prerogative allotted us to play post- mortem press agent for ourselves. few skeletons would be exhunied from the Ubivouac of the dead." On the other hand, graven in characters in bold relief, the shafts which pierce the empyrean blue of the lowly, simple slabs which stand sentinels o'er the mounds in the silent cities of the quick and the dead would nearly all bear this inscription. "Requiescat in pace." And so, to begin with, I say of each individual member of the Junior Law Class of 1906, "Requiescat in pace!" For God knows. peace of mind and peace of body were rare during the tenipestuous period from October to June. While this must necessarily savor of an obituary, the man who knows can tell you that we are not dead ones. fIt's true that we have many a time and oft tremblingly gazed upon the brink of a yawning chasm, opened in our path by the Governor: we have also sat and shivered as he hurled upon our defenseless heads a withering Ufusillade of eighteen Q yea. one hundred and eighteenj shots" of sizzling shrapnel, alias quizzes, and as the smoke cleared away, we could imagine our worthless torsos were being borne away to be dumped into a ditch -of oblivion with other cumbersome, cumbering relics of the dead past. Thanks to our nerve and energies, and to the fact that the Governor was more kindly than cruel. more bluster than brimstone, and withal, helpful and eager to have us "make the rise," we can almost see the beacon light of Knowledge beyond the Rubicon, gleaming and beckoning through a one-time forest of Ignorance. The Junior Law Class is composed of "all sorts and conditions of men." XVe have seen men who delve deep and get it all: men who don 't get it all, but 132 who, like "the poor, benighted Hindoo," "do the best they kindoof' men who adorn society, men who win laurels on the diamond and on the gridiron, men who sing and men who laugh Cwe also have some gentle-faced, beardless youths -and some sage-visaged Benedictsj We have embryonic jurists, statesmen, authors and bards, and taken in its entirety, the personnel will stack up worthily with those that have gone before. The men, as a bunch, have been studious-have striven honestly to acquit themselves honorably and to reflect credit upon their alma mater. Our lot has been a pleasant one: the exams seemed hard, but the venerable dean was reason- able, after all, we must admit. I hope each and every man will return and be a senior in '07, when we, too, may Hourish with tantalizing gusto, silver-tipped, bright-varnished class canes. In the meantime, may the beneficent and gracious Deity direct the destinies of the Junior Law Class of U. of M. of 1906. -Historian. .. N , f'?,v-f L, r X X n?! i s PM l 'f i if 1 X,-45570, LM. lldu ' cmcxfm jgafssms ill .f- .Q 555 55: 1 - i i V f ' J fazii? i - 25:21 ' , W 55:22:22 i , X ,'. li' Z 1 i Q N X 'ffgxl ' gif ,L 50, xff i Eif K, 2' ::55' I f' ' 'fn' 112' X 'X I -I f :"'11' lx i ' ii" Eg' 'N Xf' E' X lx X X .' 1 X ill ull' 15 T " Halls of Fame. There is XVall street, you know, XYll6l'9 the tides come and go, And the waves carry soundings of glassg YVhere the 'icornersv in lead Send you under your bed, And the cry comes 'ilieep oil' of the grass." Then tll81'6,S Tammany Hallg It's quite different from XVallg It has kept up its name this past year. There's the sound of convention, XYith rough voting contention, And the soothing old drip of the beer. Now, old Jacksoifs a rep. None can beat, not a step. An explorer discovered the game. It is now called Hume Alley, From that famous 11l21Il,S sally. XYhat a shame that the game changed the name At the last, but not least, Down the drive to the east, Lies the Taylor Hall crowd in the bed. Some are sick, some are wellg They'1'e good fellows they tellg Of the Hospital Corps they're the head. Oh, we must not forget, lVe are not through as yetg There's a Hall of the greatest renown. It's dear inmates are fair, And the boys all go there, For the Co-eds are Miss's bright crown. A ,071 134 4 v,p"L' . QV .I f:L 2 l. "f '51 .. 1 ' ' . D U . .1 A' ,' - L' -uf 4 , 75 xv, ' X. 4 -Q " x 1 1 Q I r r, 7-1' .,g 'J . +-YJ 'Q "xi-79" ...I f '- 4 ': 7 ., -v l -.Z , .- . D L71 . , 5 . 2 11" Vt " F: Jfaf' - vffiv L A Y. - .ACSJ 'QS 4 .,., s - . 19 . - ' ' lit' . Q1-'40 5 l 'S 5 -' '. - 1 ' -1 s 1, gf I 1- x'fr n,-' 'lt 'Y' '- 'l 'll O' 2. y . 1'-ffffw .5 '5 .1 .' .., 4- 1 ,f - on 0 n .l- t I qt. . . 4 4 - ""sf- 7? 'ZMSSY A1"g' .' 'IOJ - 'fra i lr V - - - . A, .i, . n. ,ZX ' 0- 1 Y' ,g . ':", 5 ,B Q K--1' 1 QS. - 1 I P1 There Young Fellow, Don't Swear. flVith apologies to the late Eugene I"ield.l There, young fellow, don't swear- They've copped your coin, I know- Anml your aces and kings lYere very small things Against that bold t1'io. But better hands are in the bunch- Grit your teeth and give ,ern a hunch- There, young fellow, don't swear, don't swear. There, young fellow, don't swear- They're topped You again, I knowg Your little "pat" tlush Just melted like mush lVhen it came to the cruel show. But you may catch 'ern yet If you'll only smoke up and just wonit fret. There, young fellow, don't swear, don't swear. There, young fellow, don't swear- Yonr mcn's all gone, I know. Every buck you had Has gone to the bad, But the mint holds lots of dough- So just smoke up and cut the fret, If you keep on Staying you may catch yet- There, young fellow, don't swear, don't swear. lre'Q1?Hef , V ll' ll ' l.g ?Ml 'fp W .l j-ol H Ag' ht. fl f'9"'l'5 it "tQl?li :I da' Il" ' il X TAX' ii H i fl f I ll' vu ' 'ff' 'il' 'ETH XL' Ax Zn' f-- I- L. 'W . i .a. I N si tl To o.. X . Al-I jog--ai .HBE P -9 uric, fTTH5fWm,1N'r"'ALL i f I in SPAN! T. o ut me Rv, IPL LLSEJ, H. XY. S Svtnhenta Iinrzning illlrhiral mark in Ihr B. H. Durley G. C. Kirby . . J. M. Furr . . . E. K. Guiuu G. T. NVarre11 H. P. Boswell A. H. Smith . . Hniuersitg nf illlizfzisazippi. OFFICERS. 136 President Vice-Presidem . . . .Treasurer . . . .Secretary . . . . .Editov . . .... Poet . . . .Historian Roll and Statistics. C. C. Buchanan . . . . . . . ..... . . . . . . .Collins Y. M. C. A. H. P. Boswell .................... . . .Kosciusko Y. M. C. A.g Hermaeang Class Poet. J. E. Calhoun ............................................... Atlanta. Ga. Sigma Chig Phi Sigmag M. E. T. M. Medalg Secretary Freshman Classg Declamation Medal '05g Secretary Phi Sigma., second term, '05g Y. M. C. A.g Students' Science Club. B. H. Durley ..................................................... Oxford Phi Kappa Psig President of Classy Chairman of Executive Committee of German Clubg Vice-President German Club 'O5g Assistant Demonstrator in Anatomyg Phi Sigma '96g Historian of Class '05, I. G. Duncan ................ ................................... Q lxford J. M. Furr ............................. . ...................... Toccopola Y. M. C. A.3 U. M. A. A.g B. A. '0-lg M. A. '06g Treasurer of Classg S. S. C. E. K. Guinn ......................... ............................ H ouston Y. M. C. A.g Students' Science Clubg Secretary of Class. D. R. Gunn .................................... ..... E gypt Students' Science Club. ' C. C. Hightower .............................................. Hattiesburg E A Eg President Sophomore Classg Baseball Team '05g Sub. on Football Teamg Hermaean Literary Society 5 University Orchestra. J. R. Haney, Jr. ................... ...Hattiesburg B. S.g 2 A E3 Episcopalian Club. G. C. Kirby .................. . . .Carrollton Vice-President of Class. W. C. Lester ........... . . .Guntown E. G. Meriwether ....... ..... I Iernando L. N. Mitchell ............. .... N ew Albany B. S.3 Z A Eg Orehest1'a. S. F. Neal .............. ........ X Vinona T. C. Newsom ............. . . .Independence U. M. A. A.g C. H. A. Club. J. A. Newman ........... .... I lnion Church Y. M. C. A. J. L. Nichols ......................... .......... E udora Y. M. C. A.g Phi Sigma Literary Society. P. A. Perkins ................................ ...Collierville. Tenn. E A Eg German Clubg Football '04g Sewanee Club. A. H. Smith ..................................................... Sumner Y. M. C. A.g U. M. A. A.g C. H. A. Clubg Hermaean Literary Societyg Editor of Class '05g Students' Science Clubg Historian of Classg Baseball. E. P Smith ................................... . . .Cotfeeville Y. M. C. A. D. E. Staton ........... ..... S wan Lake Y. M. C. A.5 Sigma Chi. G. T. Warren ............ .... .... I l nion Church Y. M. C. A.g Class Editor. 137 Qiatnrg nf the lkrnaaa Qlitg Glaruing Glluh. Only three years ago it was the popular idea that a medical departinent con- nected with the University of Mississippi would be quite an addition to this grand and noble institution. VVe now have this addition, and as everything is running along smoothly and success becomes more and more apparent, it is accepted as an increase to the honor and reputation of our institution. The class of medicine of '06 is nearly 60 per cent. larger than that of '05, This alone proves that this department is growing and promises to be one of the country 's best medical institutions. A Notwithstanding the youthfulness of this department it is doing excellent work and is surely, if not rapidly, climbing the long ladder of fame. Students who have taken the tirst two years of medicine here find it easy to stay at the head of their classes in the colleges they enter after leaving this institution. We have here a. thorough course in the branches taught in the first two years of the best American Medical Colleges. Some seem to think we haven 't the proper facili- ties for the best results to be obtained. Some even think we haven 't subjects for dissection, and that we trace out the different organs of the body on a model. I assure the doubter that we have had them and they are the real ones. Oh, mercy! yes. In Bacteriology we have the privilege of studying how the unsophisticated freshman Med. begins his non-contaminated existence in the larval stage, or rather as a bacillus, and finally emerges from his habitat a full-fledged M. D. The reader will doubtless be surprised at the new light thrown upo11 the cir- culation of blood as seen by a certain member of the class. The following defi- nition is of recent introduction: Circulation begins just beneath the pluribus unum and gravitates along the anterior concave erifulous benesection and winds its way consecutively along the antiquated conglomeration and is iinally refrigerated into the multiplarious halluciation. But things rather reached a crisis in materia medica when a student was asked the definition of idiosyncrasy. A very enthusiastic inexperienced gosling tried to answer, and so get all the praise by saying "It means idiot." If you want to know who was the author of this unauthenticated answer just watch for a tledgeling who is stricken with malignant oedema, has a very characteristic gait, 138 strutting around witl1 head held high and eyes fixed on the heavenly bodies. On closer inspection the victim presents a self-satisfied air. If you should happen to strike his craniuin you would probably be surprised UD to hear a hollow, tyni- panitic note. On listening closely after the vibrations have ceased a sound some- what resenibling the buzzing of wheels inight be distinctly discerned. The fol- lowing letter, written to one of his chuins, will contirin the statenient that the unfortunate one is in a pitiable condition: University, Miss., Feb. 21, 1906. My Dear Friend Billy Ruben: 1,111 calyniene bluinenbachii, a trilobite, one of the crustaceans related to the entoniostracans of the Phylum Arthropoda, but looking more like a tetradecapod, but always your affectionate BILLY VERDIN. WVho of the class of '06 will forget being disturbed froni his slunibers by the rats making their niidnight ranibles through the bones of the hunian skeleton in the closet, the dreams of the origin and insertion of the Extensor Ossisnietacarpi Mininiidigiti and whether it should be capable of adduction, abduction, circum- duction, flexion, extension or all combined? VVill you forget that dark night that we started to the dissecting hall not a bit frightened, but just a little "scart, " got about half way and one fellow decided he had forgotten his tenaculuin and had to go back for it-but we didn 't wait till he came back-and when we got to studying the lights went out? But all this was soon left behind. Don 't for- get who that fellow was who said his Merdooler Oblongooter was in his Calcis. VVe sincerely hope that next year 's medical class will be as prosperous and will derive as niuch benefit froni the medical department of the University of Mississippi as has the class of '06. -Historian. IN? fig! ."i ull X i Y, vrxnll - x' l . l A lf, ff" C, J fa ve ? 5 lp X J l i 7 M J , I 1 :Y n xi I . ill l l Q tw it o X Xxx lt 'Y V X ng, ' , -'GTX I l' he f i 'NN l x I A F X. veg '..- - ' - , .2 ,N N nba- x X x- gf- X .tx .f ha ll- -- ,4 139 ,ew , K y , gf wk, 41 - :Q5gfi::g::, ' ,." -1" Jf W3g:'1f'1gTffff' x S ff f " 'f' l wif." ma X ,N-lm X' QQWW Y A Q1 fam XX X ' wx 1 - N x N ff WWW llybgy X IL. -mms I , rl Fi I f K I ' I 1 ' xg 1 NN X ,Z 1 'Hui , "VX I lk l.,: V',g,,sAl ff fy 'f ,, 1 '1"fm Jfwlrw-56 ,J W' '. My. 'W 1' an 1 . ffm : , 5, 1 1 A J +I K N xxx B N 1 mm' 1 Ax President . . . Vice-President Secretary . . . Treasurer . . . Censor .... Critic ..... Chaplain . .. . Doorkeeper . . . Bailey, R. C. Bailey, XV. M Ball. Bigham. Braden. Calhoun. Cochran. Dedeaux. F urr, Hall. Herrington. Johnson. Lindholm. ....... lihi Sigma ifiitrrarg Svnririg. First Term. . . . E. XVebster, P. S. McDonald. . . . . P. P. Lindholm. C. Hall. . . . . F. M. lVitty. . . . . J. B. XVebb, . . . . I. C. Xicho . . . . C. B. Coch ls. ran. C A Second Term. E. S. Furr. I. C. Nichols. J, E. Calhoun. S. C. Hall. . A. XVillian1son. . B. Schauber. N. A. Moore. lf. ll'9lJSlf6l'. MEMBERS. Lake. Russell. Lindsey. Schauber. Long. Smith, R. Grantham, O. F. Smith, J. T. Maxwell. Tindall. McDonald, P. S. Tyson. McDonald, P. XV. lYatkins. Moore. lVebb. Mecklenbnrger, lVebster, Mounger. lYhitf1eld. Nichols, J. L. Williams. Nichols, I. C. llPllll2IlllS0ll, Pegues. Willis. 141 Third Term I, C. Nichols. G. XY. Leavell. F. M. Ball. S. C. Hall. J. L. Nichols. F. M. XVitty. Ben Tindall. E. S. Furr. XVitty. lvllldllillll. lYinn. Taylor. Ayres. Puckett. Leavell, G. Leavell, F. Cannon, L. C. Young, J. Hardy. Dickerson. President . . . Vice-President Secretary . , . Censor . . . . Treasurer . . Chaplain . . Critic .... . Doorkeeper .. Beckett. Boho. B' swell. Bray. Brown, Coleman. Coon. Dodd. Edwards, T. E lgvrmzvan illiterarg Svurirtg. First Term. Lauderdale, D. C. Edwards, T, E. Bray, M. XVood, A. Mitchell, L. B. Morris. Dodd. Higlitoxrelg E. G. Farley. Friedman. Graves. Henry, C. P. Henry, H. C. Hightower, E. G. Hightower, C. C, Holland, Hunt. OFFICERS. Second Term. Edwards, T. E. Rol mertson, G. H. Farley. Coleman. Mitchell, L, B. Gra res. Higlitower, E. G. Lauderdale, D. C MEMBERS. Lauderdale, D. Miller, M. V. Mitchell, L. B. Morris. Renshaxr. Rhodes. Robertson, G. H. Smith, A. H. Somerville, R, 142 Q1 Third Term Morris. Bray. XVood, A. Mitchell, L. B Henry, C. P. Trotter. Rhodes. Edwards, T. IL. Somerville, A Sparl-zman. Storm. Treloar. Trotter. XVood, A. XYood, C. G. Igarthenir Eitvrarg Svnriviy. OFFICERS. MISS TYNA PATE ........................ MISS EMMA SCHAUBER .... .... I 'ice MISS SARAH HUMPHREYS ..... MISS EDNA BUFKIN ......... ..... MISS MATHILDE LACEY . . ........ .. Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss EXW- MEMBERS. Emma Ashford Jennie Benson ' Edna Bufkin Ella Bew , Mary Helon Childress i "Ng Jeanette Ford Pearl Guy May Haddon Donie Hall Maude Herman 5 Mary Hardenian Pearl Huston Anna Hudson Sarah Humphreys Minnie Hightower . , Lynette Kinnnons ' " Lucille Kimerer . Mathilde Lacey ,N Douglas Maxwell f Anna McCain Mabel Morrow Ii' Margaret Morrow Maude Magee L Pearl Middleton V Bess Riclnnond Melne Richards Lewie Robertson Ennna Schauber Marnaret Sherman Virginia Mfelch Deaton Choncr ary inemberj. X l'resident -President Secretary Y 1 l reasurer .. .Critic 2 Elarkutnnv Qlluh. OFFICERS. First Term. Second Term. President ...... .... E . R. XYalto11. R. S. Dorsey. F. Vice-President .. ...... A. J. Coleman. XV. S. XVo0ds. A Secretary Tl'921Slll'Cl'.C. T. Gordon. T. Mc-Knight. H Sergeant-at4Ar111s . . . .A. L. Yates. C. M. Laureudiue, A Editor of Magazine ........ ....... C '. A. Alexander Third Term C. Hathorn. L. Yates. C. Rawls. I. Street, DRIVEXVAY BY LYCEUM. 144 1g.ft1.o1.A R. XYALTOX ...... XV. LEAVELL .... K. GCIXX ...... NYOOD ....... XY. XVILLIS ..... P. BOSXYELL . . . J. L. Nichols -T. B. AYebl.m F. XV. Cox H. C. MeCzilie. Ji F . M. Ball L. XY. McPherson XY. R. Graves YV. H. Mouuger Earle Lindsey C. A. AVilliamsou L. B. Mitchell H. G. Jolmsou OFFICERS. MEMBERS. D. NY. NVi1i11 Ben Tiiiclzill C. R. Bolton Dr. Alfred Hume C. AV. Martin J. A. Lemler X. A. Moore Dr. J. AY. Jolmsou M. Treloar A. B. Boyd A. H. Smith J. O. Tyson 145 Sl . . ........... .........1m1'951 dent . . . . . .Avl4f'P-ll'1'L'SlClLl1f , - Ref-ortliiiu' Sevre l'oi'1'n-xpurlltlilig' 5t?1.'1'Cf lilivzi -T. C. Il1?1'1'll1Sl'f1I11 NY. A. I.zmtle1'4.lzile J. M. Fl.ll'I' Il. NY. Vhluni R. B. Mlilliei' ll. Z. Brown lilr. 'l'. A. Somerville B. R. Broome Rielmiilsoii Ayres B. L. Coulter A. B. Selmulner .T. A. NQNYIHHII 111 tux Ill I D. D. Tucker H. C. Maiiwell XV. D. Conn Dr. R. M. Leayell Dr. E. N. Lowe C. P. Henry Prof. A. L. Bondurant H. C. Henry J. A. Finley E. C. Coleinan C. G. XVood XV. C. Pascliall J. H. Price Dr. A. M. Muckenfuss J, G. Holmes R. L. Canipbell Paul Renshaw J. M. Acker R. C. Morris R. C. Beckett XV. S. Bobo A. F. Granthani W. A. XVooten A. VV. Miller E. S. Furr 'W. H. Miles J. M. Taylor B. N. Storm J. G. Reid T. McKnight S. F. Neal J. P. Watkins J. K. Young J. ll. Holder H. C. Buckley F. P. Smith S. P. Long Prof. David H. Bishop H. B. Edwards E. A. Rowan, Jr. W. Trotter C. H. Alexander C. C. Buchanan Herman Holland XV. H. Kissner B. F. Hardy H. L. Gary A. H. VVhitfield J. E. Reed, Jr. Dr. W. S. Leathers S. H. Liddell A. E. Russell L. A. Wallcer D. E. Staton D. H. Miles VV. R. Allen S. XV. Newell E. G. Hightower J. M. Holman J. A. Aldridge E. F. Puckett H. C. Leake J. B. Coon E. L. Meaders W. L. Brannon N. B. Scales J. E. Calhoun T. W. Merriweather B. Oldhain Dr. B. W. Bond, Jr. L. WV. Holberg T. T. McCarley C. F. Cate G. T. Warren D. C. Miller A. P. Dodd E. L. Busby B. F. Oliver Dr. G. D. Shands D. R.. Grantham M. V. B. Miller I. C. Knox VV. A. Tynes, Jr. L. C. Andrews I. C. Nichols F. K. Etheridge D. G. NVettlin C. E. Slough P. P. Lindholni E. A. Buford L. E. Dickerson T. M. Sykes C. Ferrell Maurice Bray L. C. Hall R. L. Orr R. H. Powell J. A. Sykes L. C. Cannon C. B. Cochran ' f , """' C -ff -- 'CQ f , -,EWR-Q. 1 ' V' gt ' M' bw' W: Q . . L7' f C- 1-, M Jw . K! tl. I V yvi 'fi L7 T4 -- I 4 4 146 Huang lmnnwrfu Qlhriatian Aaanriatinil. OFFICERS. MISS LIICILLE KIMERER .............. MISS PEARL GUY ..,......... .... I 'ice- MISS SARAH HUMPHREYS . . . MISS LEIVIE ROBERTSON .... MISS ROBERTA FULTON. MEMBERS. Miss Ennna Ashford Miss Mathilde Lacey Miss Jennie Benson Miss Douglas Maxwell Miss Edna Bufkin Miss Anna Mc-Cain Miss Ella Bew Miss Mabel Morrow Miss Mary Helon Childress Miss Margaret Morrow Miss Roberta Fulton Miss Maude Magee Miss Jeanette Ford Miss Pearl Middleton Miss Pearl Guy Miss Bess Richmond Miss May Haddon Miss Melne Richards. Miss Donie Hall Miss Lewie Robertson Miss Maude Herman Miss Ennna Schauber Miss Mary Hardenian Miss Margaret Sherman Miss Pearl Huston Miss Virginia NVQ-lch Miss Sarah Hzuniphreys Miss Anna Hudson Miss Minnie Hightower Miss Lynette Kinnnons Miss Lucille Kiinerer Miss Deaton Chonorable ni 147 eniberl. President President Secretary Treasurer . .Pianist CAE- had the Zinn Sain. -'I lrlll the front of the NYoman's Hall over the pertico. at the foot of the flag- statf, is a lio11 head. Ou only une occasion, faithfully transcribed below. has the lion been known to speak. Whether his silence is due to a continual state of horror and stupefaction at what he has been forced to see and hear remains a matter for conjecture. One frosty night in January. when the moonlight was gray and pale over the campus, and the poor. bare trees were stretching up imploring arms to the cold sky, a stray owl perched himself on the IVoman's Hall not far from the lion head. The lion 's eyes were staring unblinkingly and his snarling mouth was open in a most ferocious manner. so that he seemed indeed scarcely hopeful material for a chance acquaintance. But the owl was a sociable fellow Cas most melancholy animals are who would seem wisel and he moved nearer the lion 's head and spoke into his ear. The lion seemed really glad to have some one to talk to-poor fellow. he has to look all the time-and readily entered into conversation. The owl proceeded to draw him out in an amazingly psychological way. t'From your great experience." quoth he. Hprithee. tell me a few things which you have seen and heard." "I've been here only about three years and a half now." said the lion, "but many strange things have I seen and heard. Many of them I am unable fully to understand, but that is only natural," he continued. 'tsince the co-eds live here. The co-eds have a gay time here alone and keep that little blue-eyed duenna con- stantly on the jump. "I,ve become very well acquainted with many of the men, too: some of lfl19111 are here nearly all the time, but I do11 't believe they board here. I suppose the chairs are more comfortable than their own, or the view fron1 the parlor windows specially fine. There is one whom I see very often who is very tall indeed. I am sure he has to bow to enter the door. His hair is black and curly and he has a. distracting dimple in his chin. He is generally standing around the front steps and seems to be in a continual state of leaving. One wary eye is always focused on the door and one ready foot always kept pointed in the direction of the Delta Psi Chapter House. Another. who is familiar to us. from long acquain- 149 tanceship, is a youth of somber and discontented aspect. who wears a very trim derby, and has been accused of carrying a cane. I generally see him after physics on Saturday morning or after Sophomore Greek. "There is a lad in whom I feel a deep interest, partly on account of his ex- treme youth and partly because I see him so often that he almost seems one of the XVoman's Hall fixtures. He walks with his hands in his pockets and giggles con- siderably. His eyes have a strange, glassy appearance which seem to be effica- cious in winning co-eds' favor. Indeed, so wonderful is the effect of his eyes that he keeps them confined to his person with a little gold chain, lest a jealous rival should steal them. "There is a bold young man who comes to the hall nearly every day, but who does not linger fearfully on the steps. VVhy he is favored I do not know, but I hear it rmnored that he is welcomed. and given as many cups of tea as he desires, with domino loaf sugar in it. You would think that any man who ven- tured within during the week must be stark mad, and I have noticed a wild gleam in his eyes, young as he is. "But there are occasions when all the men come over and stay after 10 o 'clock, too. I remember one occasion last year, especially. The co-eds issued little blue slips among the student body, and when the eventful night came most of the students and a few of the faculty presented slips at the door and were admitted within the sacred precincts. I don 't know what it was all about. I heard Mr. Young say something about fart for art sake,' and the girls went about labeled with 'Peach Cream' and 'Orange Sherbet' cards: but the only exact statement I heard and one which seemed to bear directly on the case, was made by Dr. Durley, who said it was a 'cutilaneous game.' " "Is that played with cards ?" asked the owl. "No, stupid!" snapped the lion. f'Don't you know they don 't play cards on the campus I? It's played with catalogues at 10 cents apiece, and 5 cents back, if you don 't keep them." "And the peach cream and orange sherbet?" HThey're all in the game," said the lion, shortly, for he was tired of being interrupted. 'tIt was that same night," continued the lion, 'tthat some of the students built a great bonfire out in front of the hall, and took turns addressing the crowd. It looked like an experience meeting to me. But I heard afterwards that it was in celebration of the football victory over the A. and M. t'The boys often come and serenade the coeds, and it anmses me as much as any of them. One night not long ago a crowd came and sang. They had good voices but tit was early in the morningj they couldn't agree on a. song, and so each one sang the one he liked best. The effect was peculiar and striking. 150 "Speaking of serenades," and the lion laughed till he choked. and the owl had to fan him with his wing, "the night of New Year there was a serenade! The serenaders were all attired in rather short white garments and seemed deeply imbued with the spirit of the occasion." "Is that a pun ?" demanded the owl. "Not meant to be," said the lion. "They sang and played and then went away: but I think they must have saved the coeds till last, and didn't go any- where else, for the accordion which had been wielded with such masterly effect was found in the yard the next morning. A cow or something must have stepped on it, for it was dreadfully battered. "The funniest thing of all, though, was the Delta Omega Club. I say was, for, alas, it is a thing of the past. It was a crowd of boys who came forth only at night and performed for the amusement of the coeds on the lawn beneath me here. 'lhey were always swathed in sheets, and had white hoods over their heads. They had the most blood-curdling yell which they would emit whenever there was the slightest excuse. They would come over and march around single file and stand in a circle and bow to each other, and once in a while they would lift up their voices and-sing. I was nearly scared to death the first time I saw them, and found it hard to realize that they were not beings from another world: but ere long I heard some of the coeds talking, and they said they were Univer- sity men. Six of the girls were the specially favored ones to whom the A Q's sent fruit, candy and magazines. The girls prepared a lunch for the mysteris ous one, one night, and placed it on the front portico. Some of the other girls put on sheets and stole out the side door and carried the lunch to the cedar ring. It was very exciting. One of them lost her slippers and another her sheet. They all came tearing madly back very shortly, for the investigating committee seemed to start up out of the very ground and the cedar ring was almost sur- rounded when the girls escaped. The mysterious part of it all was that the tray was unharmed. " The lion seemed to have forgotten his companion and was lest in thought, when the owl, after a long silence, nudged him, and asked: "But what became of the A Did you say they had disbanded?" "Yes, oh yes," replied the lion: a broad grin relaxed his features. "They are a thing of the past. and are living now only in the memory of their six ccnfreres amrng the co-eds. "It seems that the K. K. K.'s, a club who figured in last year 's Annual, and had adcpted the sheet as their uniform when on dress parade, became indignant that their dress had been usurped by the Delta Omega 's, and determined to exterminate them. They found out that the A Q's were planning a trip to the lawn in front of the Wciiiiaii Hall at 11 p.m. 151 a few nights ago, and laid their plans accordingly: the A Q's had not kept it a secret tcontident of their propriety of conduct at all tiinesj and still another crowd of nien decided to have a little fun with thein, and laid in a large supply of Roman candles. "At 11 ok-lock exactly a coiiniiittee of A Qs caine. placed a basket of fruit on the front porch. and retired around the corner of the house where they remained concealed. A minute or two later the Ku Klux Klan canie up. dreadful to behold. and read a threatening document. by the light of torches, on the lawn. They pledged themselves to catch. bind and niistreat in general, the usurping A Qs. NVhile standing reading this docunient. the other crowd. whom I shall call the Investigating Connnittec, canie around the corner of the chapel and tired their Roman candles at the K. K. K. thinking theni to be the A Q's. "The K. K. Kfs thought that the Investigating Connnittee were the A Q1 and started heroically to fuliil their vow. "ln the struggle that followed one of the Investigating Coinniittee was ?aptured and bound and laid on the porch, after his comrades had fled before the superior force. The coeds discreetly remained quiet. and the K. K. K.'s inally had to coine and set hiin free. or he would have stayed there all night. After the confusion was all over the A Q 's issued from their hiding place and went peacefully on their way." XYhen he paused. the lion saw that the owl was fast asleep. so he turned away. and silence again reigned. -L. J. K.. lO6. ' 152 University of Mississippi MAGAZINE. Published Monthly during the Collegiate Year by the Phi Sigma and Herman-an Literary Societies. Subscription, 251325. Single Copies, 150. J. B. XYEBB, Editor-in-Chief ............. R. C. BECKETT, JR., Business Manager ....... . . . .Phi Sigma .Hermaean I. C. XICHOLS, Assistant Editor-in-Chief ...... Phi Sigma F. M. XYITTY, Exchanges... .......... Phi Sigma G. HIGHTOXYER, Athletics... .Hermaeau MACRICE BRAY, Local ..... .Hermaean E. C. COLEMAX, Alumni .... .Hermaean MISS LCCILE KIMERER .... ...Parthenic C. A. ALEXANDER .......................... Blackstone University QP. 0.1, Mississippi, HOW THE GAME ENDED. It was a lovely morning in early June. The S11lll10'llt e in a blaze of glory down the vast wastes of Benninv on Valley, Idaho. Over the house on Snake Rn er laneh, its splendor gleamed softly, softened by the en 153 MAGAZINE GROUP. 1. Coleman. 4. VVebb. 7. Bray. 2. Miss Kimerer. 5. Beckett. S. Nichols. 3. XVitty. G. Hightower. 9. Alexander 154 SOME NEW VERSES T0 "TAMMANY." Oid XVall Street is had enough. so is the Avenue: There is a place called Hume Alley, and that will never do, But there is a hand of etudents that can always lie: On every Tueeday afternoon this is the c-ampue ery: Tammany, Tammany, You ean't fool the faculty. they can hear what they ean't ste: Tammany, Tammany. Look out. look out. get your hook out. Tammany. Tammany, Tammany. Better wait till two or three. that's the heat time for a spree: Tammany, Tammany, Too mueh whisky makes you frisky, Tammany. They live in the dormitory by the water tank. But this tribe a drop of water never, never drank: Something nice the silent Osborne in a sack would bring, Then the jolly chaps wtuld pass around the cup and sing: Tammany, Tammany. You ean't fool the faculty. they can hear what they ean't see: Tannnany. Tammany. Look out, look out. get your book out. Tannn any. Tammany, Tammany, Better wait till two or three. that's the heat time for a spree: Tammany. Tannn'any. Too mueh whisky makes you frisky, Tammany. XVhen professors think it's time to show activity. They blame everything that's had on poor old Tammany: All the instructors think poor Tannnany caused paor H-f's fall They say when a bad man dies he goes to Tammany Hall. Tammany, Tammany, XYhen the faculty is blue, they put all the blame on you: Tammany. Tammany. On the level, you're a devil, Twnmany. ,.v"X ' e Wi e : lx D , 5 3, if 3. ,X b X 1? , xl X 1, N 'T' E lx I., V X 155 '?i" P , I x 1 6 ,. A -f Q 2 - -f---a-.---weQafz,-v 5 f Q :Q , ' Rx S? z.. ,. .ll , -'E q 51 2.1-14g:-',,2:f:11:-:-- Af 'xg P ,- fx f L 6 xml f' Ti K a Y . .QT l ,1- I I 11 I: , f. . 'ot . ' 1.1 ' I- -', - I "S'.'.'.-3 If - 3.0. ' 'W NGN I . - m - . .2- ..z I 5 ' :31-27, -X i, , 749 1 ' lf, 1 117 P Z X N l . ,Z - 2 I f ff, -2 E I 2 K I w ,-. f an ' S252-:Rx XX W 1 Q I 4 ' ' ix Xa -, . ' FQ, o , . 1? - . F? I 5. ---:FT 'S v .Q-, N Q- 15205 x uk ' :S-- A-' ,- .'n Q n v.'. - -- . 7' .' ilfshg n H i- -Km, ' .,.. rv. 5 1 . 'al Y J' 11 Q. ' . . K N,i W f '.'-4.'v"' 1 u Ss .f - .r . , . ' . . - .'.'f r - P A 4. " 'J ' 5 Q.. z I' - va-2 . 0. , 'Q -, A .f" s V' Q7 Q . ' AQ' f F' I. x , . ' X r ' 1 A n 5. 5 'n-.J -A D K 'A- v gn, U vi 6' ' - U I J., s 5 x t . ' 1 .LED ro. 4 J qw. X Q .A '. dv' ,-5.sN . f H ' 2. . 5- n:- 25546.91 ' LA.. .V P i - ' 7 Ju I ' eh ..g - fr ,. .. L F' "' 5 -'eq 0 i f-.Y- V5.5 ..- 4 ". -f ' I ' 1 . O , 'C-If 4 . A D. -0 . Q 0 -.A ' r . ' i J ' W .f 0 8 B' OUR FATES. The Freshman sadly sighs and says: "How happy would I be Could I but live always at home And never have to study." The Sophon1ore's been off before. He's homesick? Oh, no! no! He likes the University lifeg He loves to study so! The Junior dreams all day and writes A love song to his girl 5 So when in class he's called upon His head is in a whirl. The Senior's fate is worst of all. ':The worldls a little trickf' He says. 'Tis strange this little thing Can give so hard a kick. CONSULTATION HOUR. In the hour when we have consultation There sometimes occurs consternation. XVith their manuscripts neat The Freshmen retreat And go out to seek consolation. They recover from their pertubation And have quite a pleasant sensation. Vlhen out on the street Some Co-eds they meet, And a1'e thankful for Co-education. 157 B., 'ov "Svprunig." Some of us have honors thrust upon usp whether or not such was the case with our friend "Sp:-unty" I must leave to your good judgment, as soon as you shall have heard the evidence. The Co-eds say he is an "awful story teller," which reputation he has fully sustained by being several times honored as the most profound pre- varicator on the campus. Even that obstreperous Ethiopian, famed for ver- bosity. would stand with mouth agape at his outpouring narratives. Unparal- leled in all the annals of Sophomorical feats, he stood triumphant, unconquerable in his department. I was in his company on one occasion when returning from a football game in Memphis. It so happened that our seats in the train were directly behind those occupied by two very attractive young ladies. This was 6'Sprunty'sl' opportunity. and none knew how to utilize such occasions better than he. "NVhat do you suppose happened as I was going up on the trai11 this morn- ing?" he began. I assured him that I had not the least idea and I am sure our prospective audience would not have liked it if I had known. "You know," he continued, "there was a large crowd on the train, and after the students got on at Oxford it was impossible to get a seat in the ladies' coach and many were standing. VVell. sir. when the train stopped at Abbeville there was just one passenger waiting to come aboard. She was a peach, too! And my. but you should have noticed how mannishly she was dressed, and above all she was carrying in her arms a diminutive pug dog, which she was fondling in 'the most affectionate way.' " Our friends ahead were becoming interested in the narrative and at times threw wondering glances over their shoulders in our direction. "Sprunty" rat- tled on: " She was unable to obtain a vacant seat in the ladies' coach. so she proceeded to the smoker and there found one just behind a large, Hoi-id man who was leisurely puffing a cigar. Our lady began to sniff and made it quite evident that the smoke was distasteful to her. Enduring it for a time she finally became unable to contain herself further and leaned forward and said sharply: 'A gen- tleman would not smoke in the presence of a lady.' The big fellow did not heed the remark but continued his smoking. She repeated the assertion, but with no more success than before. At this point she reached for the cigar and threw it out of the window. The gentleman still said nothing, but complacently opened a case and took a handsome Meerscham pipe, which he filled and lighted and soon had a cloud of smoke encircling his head. Our lady, now quite exasperated, shrieked out: 'I said just now that a gentleman would not smoke in the presence of a lady,' and for her trouble only received an indifferent stare from the gentle- 158 1112111 witl1 the smoke. Then. like an eniaged tigi-ess. she tlew at him. sumti-l1i11g l1is pipe from his lips. sl1ipped it out the same route which the eigar had taken. This was about as inueh as tl1e patience of the offending sniolier eould endure. so he arose Zllltl turned toward this lady from Ahheville and though he seemed at a loss wl1at to do or say, he nevertheless grabbed up that ugly pug dog and threw it out of tl1e window where l1is pipe and cigar had gone." By IIOXV our young ladies just ahead l1ad heeonie interested to such an extent that they did not try to conceal it. 'WVell, sir," whistled "Sprunty." getting l1is hreatli. "then lll6l't? was a scene. I guess. 4Sirl l1ow dare you throw niy pet out tl1e window 3' 'dliltlilllh how dare you throw llly pipe o11t of the wi11dow 3' At this juileture the con- ductor appeared a11d was appealed to by each of the belligerents, each denianding that tl1e other be arrested. He atteinpted to quell tl1e Sf01'l1l. but could o11ly hear. 'iny pug' Rlld '111y pipe.' So, in sell-defense, he wired tl1e sheriff from tl1e next station to 111eet tl1e train at Holly Springs a11d arrest both of lil? Coinbatants. Ill due time the train rolled into the station at Holly Springs. The sheriff was Ull hand and a crowd having heard of the diiieieulty had assembled to witness the exeitenient. Vfhen the train stopped the sheriff plaeed both tl1e 111311 illlfl the wo111a11 1111de1' arrest and started with thein through tl1e tl1ro11g wl1e11-what do you suppose happenedlln " Sp1'u11ty" stopped a 1110111G11t as if to rest and to get a fresh start. Naturally I could 110l guess what next. The young ladies. no douht. had already guessed a. thousand thingsg but they fainted away XVh611 "Sprunty" announced: HA little p11g dog ran up with a pipe in l1is 111o11tl1 !" Did 4'Spr1111ty" achieve it or was it thrust 1115011 hini? Surely no 111311 could have bee11 born with sueh as this. 1- XY.. 'll-1. , , V' I V I l ,. fl X75 f'. ' ' I J ,L . QL- 'fx , ali X . g7lQ f '. ' ll f W1 fi ' .. , 4,1 I, 4" I , , Il fa 1 1.5 5 '+ I all ' f' 9 H1 , ff 01. I 'dl 1' ef' . Q . 4 -" ' A WM, 159 Hniuvrsitg Q9nz11'1rI1e. Gaddis. Alexander Coleman Mont omery N? 475 5 1 4 2 gg C -lgrug 5 51261 Q afwvif-2eff' f KM gm' J,-WXQVQZEX4' ,fy-kxw, ' f iffrlfix' , 6-ff-Q 'qi f '1 ' J g -4, Af W 5 LQ 5 , f' H X 5? - ' Q1 " f l tl , . 22234 Gi? 13 M' ' ,, fx f 217: 15 ,644 1 m x VU , I, 'vi Y V, I1 -' 5'fg1,g,.17 '-'wk-ff .f...Qi7, iff 1 '11,-41 if-i.lllf.'-.L.-4u1:.m2W:l1T!l 'f"J if Q Qlkjlg f - i ' ' " fY'i yr ' H 'ff Th E Qu a'r-t-efte., THE COURSE. A maid, a man, a hammock underneathg A talk, El kiss, two vows doth love bequeath. A precious ring, a curl of golden hair, Another kiss. But we don't care. The melody of bell rings loud todayg Love's consummation peals about the way. A minister, a wedding march, and they Step into life and smile along the way. A yell, a squall, a baby with a voice Much like unto a monster iife's loud noise. At two A. M. no cease in baby's pain. And Papa. walks at three and four again. But bye a11d bye the oldest's otl' at schoolg The youngest's learning Latin grammar's ri And Pa and Ma grow lonely sometimes now But my! they've seen of lively life enow. Two tickets bought, a train two hours lateg A rocking ride, a town in which to wait. Another train and ride, and then two sons, A Senior and a Freshman, paragons. Commencement morn! Behold the Senior's lle 1'O XY "There XVillie is," cries Mag "I see him now." The President stands forth with austere lip, And XYillie walks across and gets his "dip," Then home again they go in family gleeg A son so great and educated! See? And now, ere long, white lights the lJl'0XV11,S And soon, some years, two graves rise, gro 'K' 'X' ii- brwht sheen, wing gl een -lb Now YVillie in his practice grows quite poor, But fortune soon comes slowly to his door. He's all alone, and life seems sadly cursed. He's going to marry. Turn back to the fir st. VV 161 A lgagrhnlngiral Iwi. It was a scene of mingled sentimentality and seriousness-a dainty boudoir, filled with the many things dear to the feminine heart: Mirrors, tall and wide, silk curtains, vases innumerable, pictures galore, easy chairs, and a glowing fire. In the window alcove hung a cage of funny little birds, who twittered drowsily, in happy content. Letitia Lovingworth, sitting before her tire, completed the sentimental side of the picture and embodied the serious. She was a maiden lady, of the age popularly styled 'tuncertainf' Her brown hair was coiled low on her neck, and two coquettish little curls bobbed at the left side. Her feet. thrust toward the fire, were clad in slippers of won- derfully high heels and most amazing bows. Her dress, and the expression about her eyes and mouth, proclaimed her to be of that style of sentimentality known as native and unavoidable, The serious part of the scene is represented by the wrinkles disturbing the smoothness of her fair forehead, and by the book which she was reading. It was a. book, whose title had best not be given, or there are some who might sug- gest that Letitia was only Hreading upside down," as the children say. It was a Psychological book. containing all the regulation information concerning neu- rones and reflex arcs and mental attitudes. and the different kinds of attention, and Laws of Dissociation. and everything else. This was Letitia's hobby, she prided herself on being very psychological, and all the family Cwho knew nothing of the subject themselvesj respected her knowledge very much, but did not encourage her to talk about it. Tonight she was reading the chapter on Relationships, or Association. The statement was made by the writer of the book that if two people were together, and both were under the influence of some mutual emotion, or spell-binder, that one of them could, with malice aforethought, if desired, intiuence the mind and- feelings of the other one, who would be unaware, and susceptible to machinations of almost any kind. After reading and thoroughly digesting this startling information, Letitia closed the book and became lost in thought. She was think- ing of Dr. Ralph Hazelden, who had lived close by for several years, and for whom she had long cherished an ardent, if concealed. affection. It was ardent, inspired by his handsome eyes, thick, wavy, blond hair, and his white. well-kept 162 hands. It was concealed. for she had always considered it in vain. The young doctor had always seemed absorbed in his work. T rue. he often canie to the house, but she couldn't feel that his visits were meant for her alone. She knew that her niece, Evelyn, pert minx. had attributed his calls to her own charms, but Letitia felt that this was not true. Glances can say much, and she recalled times when Dr. Hazelden's eyes had spoken unutterable things when looking deep into hers. At this thought she blushed faintly and a delicious thrill started from her heart, spread and lost itself in the roots of her hair. "I will win him !" She uttered the words aloud. Then she devised her scheme, laying the plan in details. as a general would map out a battle. Letitia. decided that the only way to do the deed was to work along the lines advised by the Psychological book, namely, to catch him at a time when he was carried away by a strong sentiment and by sympathetic suggestion intlu- ence his mind a11d coerce him into proposing. How was it to be managed 3 She was eager to try. , Just then the slow. sweet strains of a waltz, played by an Italian band, came to her ears. The serenading musicians were coming up the street. stopping at the houses which they knew by experience to be appreciative. She hastily rose. a plan for immediate action already developed in her mind. called a servant. and instructed him to hire the players to stop at the gate for an hour. and play the slowest, saddest. most love-inspiring music i11 their repertoire. Then she went to the telephone. called up Dr. Hazelden and asked him to bring to her. if he were not too busy, the copy of Swinburne that he had promised to lend her. He agreed to bring the book at once. delighted to have an excuse to come. Letitia went back to her room. much pleased at the fine way her plan was moving otf. She thought of how the moon was Hooding the veranda with her pale light, and of the night air, sweet and heavy with the fragrance of early spring blossoms and dewy greenness. And she thought of how the music would come thrilling, throbbing across the lawn. and was sure that the soul of Dr. Hazelden would respond to the call from hers. She decided to allow him to wait for her for a little while, that he might become thoroughly under the iniiuence of his seductive enviromnents before she made her appearance. She pictured to herself with what a grace and lightness she would float softly down the broad stairs, and he would be sitting there watching her come, and perhaps even then the prompting voice of love would speak to his heart. The musicians had come. In her trepidation at hearing the gate opened by Dr. Hazelden, she failed to notice that her orders had been only partially under- 163 stood, and that, while surely slow and sad enough, the first tune played was the "Dead March in Saul," and calculated to inspire blue devils, if anything. After placing a white rose in her hair just above the little curls, she started, after about ten minutes had passed since the doctor came, on her triumphal pro- cession down the stairs. Her tread was stately, her gaze fixed modestly on the ground. As she neared the lower steps she heard what caused her to stop and waver. Then she moved on. but stealthily stepping, as if anxious to make no sound. She had heard voices. They belonged to Evelyn and Dr. Hazelden. The music had changed from the Dead .llarcla in Saul to Chopin 's Funeral March. All was still now. The voices ceased. She reached the door just in time to see Dr. Hazelden take Evelyn in his arms and kiss her several times. Letitia was paralyzed for a while, but iinally stole back up the stairs. Not a sound disturbed the happy lovers, except the sudden falling of some- thing heavy on the glass roof of the hot house, which was underneath Letitia's window. In the morning the gardener brought in a book which he claimed he had found in the hot house. and which must have been thrown with much force through the glass. It had fallen on a tiny orange-flower shrub, which, covered with its white blossoms. had been the gardeners pride. and had totally demolished the plant. -L. J. K., 706. ff? WX K-si T eiftmlm' J fif-Rd 5 f 52 'ai ff W W1 Lg if 0417 Q lrlkssfr W A Co-ed named Margaret was bothered by rats XVhen living in one of Miss Deaton's new flats, So she concocted a plan to destroy their clan, And surely you'll think it a dandy. She bought her some traps fin the city, perhapsl, And baited them all with candy. But Minnie then said with a wink, "Now, Margaret, you know I think XYe'lI catch them a still better way. XVe'll lr,-ck them soon In the dining-room, And starve them to death in a day." -Collier. 164 Elnkma. Tindall says: "Mecklenburger is so fond of arguing that he will not eat . . . . - - 1 Hllytlllllli he likes for fear it will agree with hnn. ' Law Student-"Sheffield, where is the .aliinentary canal Shef.--"Oh, go on! I don 't know nuthin' bout gogaphy. Foote-"Is NVettlin going to play football this year I" llolcoinb Robertson-"No, he is not lf'gI'bIf'.H Fresh Long-"NYhat that ballot box for at the postoffice'?" Gunn-H'l'hey are voting for a new Chancellor. ' Fresh McDonald Cto a Senior in full evening suitl--1'Do the Chinanien put 7 r 7 those pearl things in the front of your shirt every tiine you have it laundered First Coed-"I hear that Mr. McBride is going to run for the ugliest nianf' Second Coed-"XVell, he will not have far to run." History Prof.-"Blix Acker, what was the great differ- ence between the Grecian and Persian culture ?'l Mfg f Acker-:'The Agean Sea." g rae - , gt ,j L. P. Jones, in filling out his blank for the statistical A f n vote, placed after t'XVanted, some brains," "Jian" ,Ffa fir? r jigs Hector Currie Cniaking out his history for the statis- f tical votej-l'Say, niust I put down in iny history that I 'VW ' v PQI- 4 AI'-"f ani a ineniber of the Presszug CZ 11b."' ,,gf' ' :'.4.f Haney Qniistalring Dr. Bailey for one of the boys anrl throwing his arins about his neckj-"Say: you ought to 'tiff have see11 ine hit Dr. Leathers in physiology." Q'-" I I V' In contradistinction to lYall Street, ' Against whose noise it is useless to compete, lYe now have a Hume Alley, ' YVithin whose bound seven-up cannot rally. -A. H. Smith. 3255 f r? Q' 1 165 , U... 9 'S liniurraitg nf Qliizmiaaippi Athlrtir Am2snriatiu11. DR. J. B. BULLITT .,.., .... .....,.... I ' rcfidcut DR. LEATHERS ..... .............. Y 'ice-President XV. S. BOBO ........ ..,.. S ecretary and Treasurer BOARD OF CONTROL. C. P. HUGGIXS. BOB SOMERVILLE. J. B. PERKIXS. XY. BOBO. A. P. DODD. JIM ELMER. DR. BULLITT. DR. LEATHERS. Snuthvrn Jlntvr-Qlnllvgmtr 2-Xthlvttr Aaanriatinn. XY. L. DUDLEY fVa11derbiltJ ...... ...... ............................. P 1 'esident EDXVARD T. HOLMES Qvlercerj ................................. Secretary and Treasurer XV. M. RIGGS QCIQIHSOIIJ ......... Senior V. Pres. and First District V. Pres. QN. C. and S. CI E. T. HOLMES lllereerb ................ Second District Vice President qGa., Ala. and Flay T. B. BOYD QS. S. L'11iversityJ .......... Third District Vice President flliss., La. and Tex.J B. L. XVIGGIXS fS9WilIl69i ....... ...................... 1: 'ourth District Vice President 167 O. L. KIMBRUL'l3H, 013 A. P. DUDD, '06 ....... XYIIBSTER. 'mi .. DUDD, 'mi .. MQLEOD, 'HY' ...... STRIljKL.fXXlJ, 'UH XYILKIXS. 'US ..,.. BATES. 'OS BEk.'Ii1i'l'T, 'llli. .. FINLFY, 'HG .. SHI1-ILDS, 'UT ..,.,.. PERKINS, J. B., 'HT. .. ,.. Huamxs. "W ............... SllI.P4.iRl2lil'. WFT. Nun lf. XX. LILAY LLL. -Hi., ll. . . .. Lf. W. LILAX LLL. JL.. H. . . .. Zlinnt 'Bull Gram, 19115. LINE UP. erville, WIT: Cllllllillghilill, 'Mig C. Higlitmx'ei', 'OSL Ru FIELD DAY SPORTS, 1906. -1- i - 12. TENNIS. 168 . . . .Mmmger . . . . .Captain .... .Left End ...Left Tackle . . . .Left Guard .......CQl1tQ1' . . .Right Guard . . . .Right Tackle . . . .Right End . . . . . . .Quarter .Left Halfback Right Halfback . . . . . .Fullback bertson, '08, . . .Ma11mge1' and Captain . . . .Managei -.o,Q' ,- 'il' 'O g E ll 5 H n I' 'nil' 'ff ,9 Av I :L ne ' -71.- 'rf' I 5 1 . 5 W I 0 - , n. 14 x I FOOTBALL TEAM, 1905. C. R. CONNER ...,... O. L. KIMBROUGH.. A. P. DUDD ....... J. A. FIXLICY .... C. P. HUGGINS .... P. A. PERKINS ..... R. T. STRICKLAXD. BOB SOMERVILLE. . T. B. PERKINS, ,I 1' EDGAR XYEBS'l'lCR. . R. C. 13EClilC'l"1', ,ll CHAS. CLARK ..... . E. A. ROV AN, -IR. .. NEXYELL .... . . DEXTOX . . . KNOX ..... P I G 1" O R D .... MCBRIDE ..... HIGHTOXYER . . . HAVERCAMP . . . SHUCLDS .... fxIcl,EUD . . . XVILKIXS ... 13.-X'l'l'fN . , . so f' mrarera nf thc HH . . . . . . .Footbal1, '01 and '02g Baseball u ....T1'uck, '03 and '04g Football, '02 and Football, ,02, '03, 'O-1 and ................1"ootbz1ll, '04 and ....F0otImll, '04 and '055 Baseball, .......................F00tbz11l, A ' P '. 2. 459 . 5. B ,Q 7 HQ X. . UI X C - X- Ely- -197. as - A 4' L .5 Q N -7724: .. gi? NN 5. 5 .59 2 'P 170 . . . .F00tlmll, 'U-L and ...... . .Foutbz1ll, ..........Footbz11l, . . . .l"ootlmll, '04 and ..........Footb:1ll, . . .TG1111iS, . . .TGn1liS, . . .Busebz1ll, ....13zlsebf1ll, . . .Bnsvball, . . .Bz1seb:1ll, . . .Busebaw, . . .Bz1seba1l, . . .Buseball, .. .FUOtbnll, Q 9 02 O3 05 05 05 04 U5 04 05 05 05 03 04 05 05 05 05 05 05 05 06 . . . .F0otball, '06 . . .Footbz1lI, . . . .Footlmll, Q Q 06 06 lp-1-LA -lb-- :Fa " H.-A i . wyanfb-g X Sf xx W Q i f P W, F f .5 I 'n lf ' rf, -'ni'-. ,J-2 W9 x ' va n x r , K 4 1 ,lr k'q IU, 4' x, o it I. 5.4: .."'LX! 1 ylflll fl 1 I ffl! , ' I 2 'fu fl If ffylfffffli 1 Z . x Z' 'LQ .Z 1 1 t., . v :f , 'yr J, v--A 1, I .Zh -' .1 ,F I 1 A Q , 3. hk'TiI7f' -ai A. . 1. -: ' '..:.- ,- , 1, .,L- Y., ... J . , , . I I ,.J 451, rw ' n .,4J . ' , 1 f,w . 1 GI 5, . 2'.,1 Q 'AP' Se I 7 ff! ' 'ZX A 'L A no 1 ' In F Vi, k . . I. sq 1 J 5 . ' ' Q x A. 1 M.+n,!4- ll ' Wf' fs :Y "A-fs' N. 1 ' 'x f 1 nys 'l-f ' s- , - ' 'Yr . if Q .if 'Baseball IHUE A. P. Dodd, 'ms C. P. Hllffffilis, '0S... CC' J. C. Elmer, '06, .. Edgar Moss . E. XVehster .. Newell, '06 .. Huggins, 'OS . Jones, l09 McDonnell, '09 .. Pigford, '06 . .. Roach, ,OS Miller, f09 McBride, '08 .. O'Brien, ,09 Hightower, 'OS H?lX'6l'Cil1ll1J, '07 . Knox, 'OS . . . . . Maxwell, '09 SCHEDULE. April 9, 10, 11-Mississippi vs. Tulane .................. April 19, 20, 21-Mississippi vs. University of Nashville .... April 26, 27, 28-Mississippi vs. Mississippi College ..... May Blay May Ma y May June 3: 10, 16, is, 21, 11, 4, 11, 5-Mississippi vs. University of Texas. . . 12-Mississippi vs. A. and M. College .... 17-Mississippi vs. Jefferson College ........... 19-Mississippi vs. Louisiana State University. . . 22-Mississsippi vs. Tulane ....... .... . . . . 9 1-, 13-Mississippi vs. Memphis Collegians. . . 171 . . .Munagexz .......Captain. Official Umpire. .........Co:ic-h. .Ufticial Scorer. . . . .First Base. . . .Second Base. . . . .Short Stop. . . . .Third Base. . . . .Right Field. . . .Center Field. . . .Left Field. . . . .Catcheiz . . . .Catcheix . . .Pitcheix . . .Piteheiz . . .Pitcheix . . .Pitchexz . . .University Park . . .University Park . . .University Park . . .University Park . . .University Park . . . . .Xatchez, Miss. . . . .Baton Rouge, La. . . . .New Orleans, La. . . .University Park a 'HA 1906. BASEBALL TEAM, waxy'-'f v. . ., .A , J..-Avy, .,: Q 817' T. S. HAMMOND, Coach, Season, 1906. C. P. HUGGINS, Captain, 1905 and 1906 lgnung 1lHnmPn'z Athlrtir Aaanriatiun OFFICERS. MISS LOI'ISE AXDRFS. .. ............... President MISS EMMA SCHALBER. . . . . .Secretary and Tieasulei MISS BESSIE RICHMOND ............... .... B Ianager of Tennis Team MEMBERS. Miss Louise Andrus. Miss Lucille Kiinerer. Miss Eniina Ashford. Miss Mathilde Lacey. Miss Jennie Benson. Miss Douglas Maxwell. Miss Edna Bufkin. Miss Anna McCain. Miss Ella Bew. Miss Mabel Morrow. Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Mary Helon Childress. Jeanette Ford. Mary Hardeinan. Pearl Huston. Anna Hudson. Sarah Humphreys. Minnie Hightower. Lynette Kinnnons. Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Margaret Morrow. Maude Magee. Bess Rielnnond. Melne Richards. Lewie Robertson. Ennna Sehauber. Margaret Sherman Miss Deaton, Honorary Meniber. Y 'U' il ' . ,f ,flf 65l.4f " f 27 .X J 7,' I' Psysgslsxl - if ' es ? i' , gf, 12 -A XA .iill is S' ,- J ge., 2. sf. L 55554 W Q iwfffy' X l x , ffhzjl ff pf' W, N Y - 1'95- 5 C .,,...n..- Dr. Deupree: "XYhat's all that you have there, Hume .729 Dr, Hume: 'Tliey are some suggestions from the 1-'reshman Class as to lion to tu-. an angle." 174 Girlz' flvnnin Glluh. MEMBERS. MISS ROBERT SUN. MISS KIMERER. M ISS CHILDR ESS. MISS KIMMONS MISS PATE. MISS MQCAI N. MISS MAGEE. MISS RICHMOXD. MISS F ORD. MISS SCHAUBIER. 175 MISS RICHARDS. MISS AXDRKS. MISS BEXSON. MISS SHERMAN. MISS HIGHTOIYER. MISS HUMPHREYS MISS MAXXVELL MISS LACY. Jin fdiizm Gilman. JIU-JIISU ROBERT H. POWELL ...... ...Instructor ' GLASS MEMBERS. MQOABE. OSOINACH. P. MCDONALD. OLIVER. r E. G. HIGHTOWER. B. A. TUCKER. Q E JACOBS. J. B. PERKINS. ,x . P. W. MCDONALD. J. E. REED, JR. ,gZ2'Qy COON. M. JOHNSTON. .N AYRES. JOE ALDRIDGE f pf 3,4 HARVEY. HUGGINS. W1 J,- ITG MY LADY NICOTINE. I sit before my glowing grate And gaze on its crimson coals lYhen the hours are growing late And I steer from the dismal shoalsg I fill my pipe with the fragrant weed- Fancy this charming scene, As I give in praise, 0 many a mede, My Lady Nicotine. XYe drift along in a barque of love On a sea of many tints, lVhile halos of smoke are formed above And the coin from many mints I pour at the shrine of my lady fair- Picture this cheerful scene, As sweet incense doth fill the air To My Lady Nicotine. lVl1at comfort it is to woo her, This sweet-mannered maid divineg lVhat pleasure for yon, if you knew her, This mythical maid of mine. How sweet when she's beside me- Fancy this charming queeng She ne'er sees fit to deride nie, My Lady Nicotine. -H. XX. S. v Sump Zllnnrka. Gus McDonnell Cwriting' to his fatherj :- Dear Pa :- 330. Gus. P. S.-Quick. G. Howard Durley says-t'Ben Hur is a good actor." Dr. Ferrell-"Herr Maxwell, what is the Holy Host mentioned in this verse?" Herr Maxwell-"It's some kind of a little animal the priests carry around in a, box." Sophomore-''Friedman, did you make the rise in Latin 'Q " Friedman-"Yes, I just did make 70." Soph.-' ' 70 combination 'Z " Friedman-' ' No, 1-10. " English Prof.-"XVhat are some of Dante's works?" Pupil-"Divina Comediaf' ' Prof.-"Yesg can you mention another?" Pupil-' ' The Divine Comedy. ' ' 177 itatiatiral 151112, 19115. Each Student and Professor in the University of Mississippi was allowed one vote. which was required to be signed. Two hundred and thirty-five votes were cast, with the following results: 1. The Prettiest Coed .............................. Miss Marcelle Rowland The race closed with Miss Rowland far in the lead. Miss Benson came second and Miss Hightower third. 2. The Biggest Flirt .............................. Miss Margaret Sherman Miss Linda Sultan made a good run on her former reputation, but Miss Richards was not "fll1',, behind. . The Laziest Man ........................................... Osoinach There were two dozen candidates for this place, but Osoinach received many times the combined votes of all his opponents. 'fHead" Perkins also ran. 4. The Handsomest Man .................................. Silvey Rhodes Rhodes easily led the race for first place, with J. G. Reid one vote ahead of Elmer for second. Alexander came fourth on the strength of his fashionable feather-edge. 3 5. The Most Popular Girl .......................... Miss Minnie Hightower Miss Lacy came second, with Miss Heddleston a close third and Miss Sherman fourth. 6. The Ugliest Man .................................... D. C. Lauderdale It was useless for anyone to run against Mr. Lauderdale, except Prof, Miles, who came out only a few Votes behind. No other man out of twenty-three candi- dates reached the first tally. 7. The Freshest Freshman ............................... Percy McDonald XValter Trotter put up a good fight the first day. G. Hansom Robertson was the favorite of many. 8. The Most Popular Man ................................ .. .A. P. Dodd E. G. Hightower ran a close second, with O. L. Kimbrough third. 9. The Best Bugger of Profs ....................... Miss Lula May Johnson A large numher of Freshmen came in for a vote, but no one, except Miss Roberta Fulton, caused the friends of Miss Johnson any uneasiness. 178 The Biggest Dude ....................................... F. S. Cannon Mr. Cannon made a clean sweep. Even Joe Aldridge, with his nose glasses, and Jamie Acker, with his "taus," were lost sight of after the first count. The Hottest Supporter of Co-Education .................... Joe Aldridge Bobo, who ran hard for this place, came out only five votes behind, .lack Rowan and Prof. Bond also received a large vote. The Biggest Liar ............................ . ..... ...Means Johnston Jim Stone was the only opponent Means could fear. Means made the statement that he didn't think Jim Stone could lie, which statement made him at least Iifty votes. The Best Football Player. .......................... . . .C. P. Huggins Dodd was an easy second, with only a few others in the race. The Best Baseball Player ......... g .... . ................ C. C. Hightower The race f1'om the Hrst was between Hightower and Huggins, who was close in the rear. The Loudest Singer Among Profs. ..... ..................... D r. Johnson A complete landslide. Prof. Martin, the sole opponent, received only five votes. The Most Conceited Man .................................. J. P. Chase Chase, true to his name, "ran some." receiving more than double the number of his next highest opponent, who was Dr. Shands. Gaddis and Yates both sprinted well. The Most Ardent Supporter of Athletics .................... A. P. Dodd As of old, the friends of Dodd rallied to his support for this place, though Dr. Bullitt was such a close second as to cause him to look to his colors. The Most Popular Prof. .............................. Dr. J. B. Bullitt Though missing the target in No. 17, the BULLET hit the bull's'eye here. Dr. Bond, who, through the mighty power of his Co-eds, made the rise, received just seventy votes. Dr. Leathers held down third, while there were a number of shortestops. O The lllittiest Man .............................. .......... F red Blitty And still they say "There is nothing in a name." Sanders won second honors, but, owing to the refusal of the Freshmen to vote for a law student, he could not win. The Biggest Bum ........................................ J. A. Sykes There were twentyeeight entries for this soft snap teach man apparently voting for his "old lady"l, but Sykes was a clear winne1', while Canfield, by a big vote, showed he could also take life easy. The Most Graceful Dancer ............................ C. M. Havercamp As in last year's election, Havercamp was again successful. Miss Maxwell was a very close second. The Greediest Man ........................................ A. J. Street- The winner here, as at the table, cornered everything. A. C. Tucker, with the solid vote of the McPherson House as a. starter demonstrated that the dentists could look elsewhere for patients.. 7 179 A. Finley The Vtlindiest Man .... ................ . ..... ....... This was the closest vote of all, "XYindy Jim" defeating "Cyclone Storm" only four votes. Yates made a. good start, but lost on the home stretch. The Man NVith the Most College Spirit ................... R. H. Powell The winner here, owing to his leadership among the rooters, had no trouble. Geo. Leavell, by doing his "level" best, beat Dodd one vote for second. Express your sentiments in short, original verse. Annual, Annual, Annual- Quite the dearest book of all its kind. YYhen the wear and dust of years shall settle on't, YVe shall all these days of fun between its covers find. -J. B. YVebb. Dr. Durley on the witness stand Most frankly did declare From the U. of P. he had his degree, But. Dorsey Hstumped" him fair and square. -R. T. Strickland. Now is the time to prepare for exams, 1' or tomorrow you may not be. Make use of your opportunities, And great achievements you will see. -Ernest Puckett. XYQ all love the U. of M., And that's good and wellg But as for the A. and M., They may go to --. -L. D. Jackson. There is a house at which we eat, It is of fame well known, And all we have is half-cooked meat And biscuits one-fourth done. -Clayton Anderson. Here's to tl1e school we love so well, Long may she prosperous beg May we e'cr rejoice to hear ' Good things from the 'Varsity -E. G. Hightower. To One in Abbeville. I ani sorry for the boys that have left us, YYe are sorry it caused them pain, But what a spree there is sure to bc YYhen they come home again. -C. A. XVilliamson. Some may fight And some may play, But Jin Jitsu ' lay. -XV. L. XYood YYms the L 4 180 Of the funny things at the 'Varsity The funniest seems to be The Co-eds have Dr. Bond up a tree. -F. K. lithridge. Live today-think not of tomorrowg 'Save your coin-what you spend, borrow. Eat when lnmgry-drink when dryg If truth won't win, tell a lie. -H. XV. Sanders Of all the fellows with no head, The worst is A. C. Tucker, And when he gets a letter from a Co-ed It is addressed fa true storyl to a sucker. -C. F. Cate. The Coeed strolls and strolls and strolls, The "Ed" he strolls some, too, And then they stroll together Till the stars come into view. -T. A. Pate. To Jackson one Sunday night A little prof. did sallyg He caught three playing seven-up- Now Jackson Hall's Hume Alley. -H. C. Henry. There was a Co-ed named Sally, lYho got on the good side of "Allieg" She sped down the path of Sophomore Math, And always lllilllagell to tally. -Jolly-l-You An hundred millions of water, Q Backed by Yates' sand, Makes a millionaire In this happy land. -C. M. Haverkamp Here's to Ole Mississippi, So great and so grand 5 Above all others Ever will she stand. -L. XV. Holberg Before the profs a Freshman stood And pleaded all in vain, But he had to pack his little trunk And take tl1e very next train. -H. Z. Brown lYhen baseball time has rolled around XVe'll be there with the goods. If Harvv does not watch that herd The cows will hunt the woods. -F. M. YVitty 181 - . X x L I Y ' W is ,m JUNIOR PROMENADE CODIMITTEE. 1. F. H. Montgomery. 3. J. P. Chase. 2. YV. G. Blair. -1. R. Somerville 5. J. E. Reed, Jr. antvh. A 5 ew 1- ace ............. A "Jack" to Soph. A B urse ............. A X0. 13 Shoe .... A wig ........ A Haircut .... A Cigarette .... A Fishing Trip ........ A Square Meal ....... Rise in Freslunan Math. A Ticket to Abbeville . Some Concrete XYalks . A Girl to Love ...... A Box of Hllf'l9l"S . A Check ....... Some Brains Math. . . . . . . . . .Prof. Miles . . . . . . . .Joe Aldridge . . . .Cornelius Henry . . . . . .Prof. Miles . . . . . .McKay ............Ben Beall ...............Caniield . . . .Gunn and XYillia1nson . . .G. Holcomb Robertson ......,......Toui Sykes . . .,............... Dr. Hume L'nivc-rsit y of Mississippi ...................Bob0 ............Co-eds . . . .My Father's Son ...........Yeates A Xap ..................... ........... B ray A Chance to Tell a Lie ........ .... F . K. Ethridge A Visit to the XV0lllR1liS Hall ...... ..,. ............ ...... I , i udholm WHAT YOU NEED. XVhen the world looks dark And the clouds hang low, And the boys look sour- Even those you know- And they glare and stare And give you a frown, XYhy, you need to see a circus, XYith its funny, painted clown. YVhen the coHee seems muddy And the steak charred and tough, And the waiter acts chesty And the boarders act rough, And they gas and sass And give you a frown, XYhy, you need to see a circus, XVith its funny, painted clown. 'Taint worth while to argue 'Bout the fellow's politics, 'Bout his very queer religion And his strange, unusual tricks. XVhen they scowl and growl And give you a. frown, Just hike it to the circus And see the painted clown. 183 -H. XV. S. "mr, the Qlurgf' Having frequently been reminded of his likeness to one of the "Profs," and on niunerous occasions addressed as "Doctor," this student thought he would make use of this similarity and decided to attend Faculty meeting. Shortly before 4 o'clock, arrayed in his "glad rags" Cunlike most of the "Profs"D and most dignified manners, with a most religiously long face, he quietly walked into the Chancellor 's office. 4'Chans" was busy, so, without looking up, he merely said: "Good evening, Doctor, have a seat." Presently the Profs. began to come in. The first Qas he is in all good movementsj was amiable Bondurant, with his arm locked in that of his friend, HTommie" Somerville, next came the childlike, simple Ferrell. Just before entering he stopped to look at his watch, and, as it was three seconds before the exact time for the Faculty to meet, he waited in the door. '4Chans" insisted that by his own watch it was 4 o'clock, but "Bat" said: 'tllfine is a German make, so I am correct." After obstructing the entrance and looking at his f'German watch" thirty times and six more to be sure, "Bat" came in and straightway took his seat, as he had no overcoat to hang on the rack. Ancient Alley Hume was the next to arrive and immediately seated himself beside his better half, f'Bat." As he took his seat he pulled from his pocket a batch of inspection excuses, among which were several cards which he had captured on one of his expeditions and had failed to leave at home, where he was making a collection for family use. Several others entered. Then came Famously Lenient CDU Riley, clad in the most antique style of paleolithic garments which had been preserved in the Smithsonian Qhaving been handed down from the glacial periodi. His overcoat Cthis being a modern inventionj was of the neo- lithic style. His walking cane was made of petrified bone which Schlieman dug up at Troy. Since he can find no suitable hat, he always wears the historic- looking family heirloom which has been preserved at Hebron for several centuries. Next came the Royal Magister Leavell, who quietly floated in as a pure angel. Suddenly a great noise was heard. There was a sound as if something empty were being dragged on the Hoor. The air was filled with smoke Cthough there was no firej, and queer noises were heard. Then the figure of a huge monster clad in his 111ost beloved football suit entered the door. To the rear was the humorous Shands, and another rhetoric teacher, Miles, behind. Then came the Great Dean Shands, Sultan of the Lengthy Liars' Department and 184 Expert Trainer of the Beginners. Then Jim llullitt and the other Welcome Section Leathers from the Medical Department came in, followed by John 'Westley Johnson and the Merry Minded Makeafuss. Presently, Dreaming Ilar- moniously Bishop waltzed in alone. At this time "Chains" called the meeting to order, and after going through the proper ritualistic form of prayers and purification, they felt themselves in proper 111ood to attend to the students. Chancellor Fulton, in his ever genial and business-like but courteous manner, said: L'Gentlemen of the Faculty, I have to submit to you a petition CG1-eat Shands, leaning over to Ancient Alley, said: 'If that is anything from these crazy students we must not allow it to be favoredf and as in all eases of similar origin,.Allie replied. 'Yes, I can easily make up my mind on that with- out praying'j, a petition from our students asking that we"-thy this time Great Shands had risen in his wrath to be recognizedj-''consider granting the Friday before Christmas as a holiday, that those who are going home may not be forced to travel on Sunday." "Chains" had not finished when Great Shands burst forth in one of his furious passions twhich he saves for such occasionsj, and spoke with such force and so rapidly that no one could understand what he meant. Shands spoke most vociferously for several hours, after which he was so exhausted that he was forced to take his seat and revive himself. Ancient Allie arose and in a few choppy words denounced the petition: "These students are the most immoral, inconsistent, brutal beasts I have ever encountered in the form of human beings. I think they should be forced to remain here and attend church or some form of service all day Saturday, Sunday and Christmas day." This idea so amused the student in the corner that he thought Allie was speaking sarcastically tthough had he thought he would have known that to be impossible? and gave himself away by laughing. He was found, and what would the Faculty do with him ? Great Shands gave the law on the ease and moved that the Faculty try this student for not showing Dr. Hume the respect due a professor. Great Shands. Ancient Allie, and Famously Lenient UD were very glad to act as the prose- cuting attorneys. It would be unjust not to have professors to take his part. Therefore, two of the boy's friends kindly offered their assistance: so the trial began, with Bondy and Dr. Bullitt, assisted by Prof. Bishop and Uncle Tommie, as the attorneys for the defense. That trial- "That scene-but why attempt to show it? The most inventive modern poet." They decided that Hthis infamous fac-simile inythe form of a student, in laughing at Dr. Hume, had failed to show the proper reverence and respect for the little Vice-Chans, and that he must be sent to Hades for two weeks, and must leave the campus within twenty-four hours." 185 Having been obedient through all of his school and college life. and having never before been punished in any such manner, this ill-fated student, with heavy countenance and sad look, started on his journey to the Lower Regions. He had traveled for some distance when he became so weary that he fell asleep by the wayside. Later he was awakened by some monster passing and looking toward Hades, and far in the distance through the dust he saw the familiar ligure of his old friend, Great Shands. XVhen our boy arrived at the Styx, Charon carried him across the river. and passing through the Elysian fields he saw Bondy and Ifncle Tommie riding iiorsebackg Dr. Leathers making love to a sireng Prof. Bishop dreaming of past pleasures at the University. and Dr. Riley dancing with an houri. As he approached the huge iron doors at the end of the road a voice from within asked : t ' XVho art thou I? ' ' He replied. "I am a boy." , "From whence comest thou?" "I come from the University of Mississippi." Then he heard the Boss inside say Cwhoni he recognized to be the Great Shandsl : UNO, No. Xcrcr! For the sake of law and good order, don 't let any of those students in here: they will commit any act of vandalism. One night less than two weeks ago, at the unearthly hour of 1 o'clock, they fired a volley of twelve shots in front of my house. which reminded me of Pickett 's charge at Gettys- burg! I have everything here just as I want it: I tried to get the University this way. and they defeated my plans." The student felt better. and thought that he would escape, when a guide stepped up and took him in through a side entrance. As he entered, a drunken, ragged fellow, who seemed to be asleep, asked him: "Are you from the University of Mississippi? "Yes, sir." HIV-e-e-well, d-did y-o-you study rhetoric there? "Yes sir.', Then the drunkard stretched himself, while rubbing his eyes. He looked at the boy closely and said: HI am Edgar Allen Poe. Didn't that Ph. D. in the Chair of Rhetoric give me 80 on an exercise that one of you boys handed in as your own?" "No, sir: you flatter yourself. It was 68, folded lengthwise." "XVell, he must be bright enough to light this place. I want to meet him when he comes down." The clanking of the empty radiator awakened him, and to his sorrow he was not in Hades. but was in his room, and must get up for an 8 o'clock. EX-LANVYER MACK. 77 77 186 A illlnhern linlnniua. lHamlet, Act I., Scene 3.5 Yet hear, my son! Aboard, the train has come! Remember what I tell you now, and you'll Get on O. K. I guess that Oxford is A great old place, the 'Varsity something swell. Just watch your corners, son, and look Before you leap. Good luck to you! If someone wants to run with you, if you Find out that he's all right, then take him up, But don't fool round with folks until you Know what sort they are. And now mlon't hu11t a scrap. Beware of entrance to a football game, But, being in, just break your 'ponent's ribs And ram 'er down his throat. Fix him And he won't trouble you again. Live up to what you've got and look your best. There is no need, I say, to buy four suits A month, like Jamie Acker does. 'l'hat's bosh. But keep your clothes in trim and press. Just let The Durley Pressing Club attend to them. Some styles will do O. K., but of all things, To part. the hair right 'bove the ear and brush It over in the other eye, is most Ridiculous. Don't you come home with yours Fix'd up like "Speck" Aldridge has his. The train Is moving now. Remember, son, I want My boy to stand in with the best. Be sure To do as I have said. Good-bye! Good luck! SHAKESPEARE. Dr. Leathers-"Mr. Tucker, what are the feelers of a grasshopper called?" Tucker-"Tin-taeklesf, 1Teutacles.J Co-ed fTo A. H. McDonnell, who has a very broad mouthj-"Mr. McDonnell, I believe you could whisper in your own ear." Haney-"Dr. Bullitt's dog was unanimously voted the uascotu of our Episeopalian Club." Prof. Miles-"Mr, Friedman, make a sentence using in it the word 'delight' " Friedman-"De vind came aroundt de corner undt plew out de light." Freshman T.-"Uncle Bob, you are burning that grass as black as you are." Uncle Bob-"Yess, boss, an' it will come up next spring as green as you are." Bob Powell fat Dur1ey's tablej-"XVell, boys, I am going to auction off Jacobs-who will take a chance ?" Sanders-"Nobody wants a chance on 'Jakef " Jake-"I'll bet Miss Somerville will take one." Miss Blanche Margaret Maxwell-"Say, Mr. Sanders, what is your given name ?" Sanders-"Hall, and my greatest ambition is to be the VVomen's Hall." 187 Sperimrn Svninr Iam 4 xaminatinn. T 1Hlurihua Hnum. Cite all the cases in both law and equity adjudicated in English Jurispru- dence since the time when the memory of man runneth not to the contrary. tal Give the names of the parties, the character in which they litigate their rights, their privies, and their respective places of residence. tbl Give the facts proved. Ccj Discuss fully the points of law involved in each case. Cdl State literally the decision rendered in each case, and show how it com- pares with the other decisions on similar principles. tel Give the subsequent proceedings of the court in each case and the grounds therefor. tfh Give reasons in support of your answer. State the Federal Constitution verbatim ef litcratim ct pzclzctzmtim. tab And give the several amendments made thereto, with the full historical foundation for each. Q12 Give the different opinions entertained in regard to these questions, with the names of their respective holders. tab In particular, give the views of Mr. Tucker and Mr. Cooley, and show the correctness of their opinions as compared with those of Mr. Hamilton and Mr. Black. Give the changes made in the common law by subsequent statutes. especially in the United States, and the reasons for the enactment of the same. Can a man marry his widow's sister? Give fully the reasons in support of your answer. s X,- 'fwfr A lf Uhr Gln-vifa Cliwrman Glluh. MATHILDE LACEY ........ .,..... P resident DOUGLASS MAXXYELL . . . .... ce-President LOUISE AXDRUS ....... .4... S ecretary SALLIE HUMPHREYS . . . ..,. Treasurer BESS RICHMOXD ..,. ..........,............ ..... L e ader FLOOR COMMITTEE. Ennnu Sc-lmlilneiz 1IiU'Qil1'Ct SilQl'lllilll. Lynette Kinnnons. Jennie Benson. Mary Helon Cliilelress. Jeannette Ford. MEMBERS. Melne RiCil2ll'dQ Jxx W1 W Z 33 'DJQ J V1 H?-J - ,U -f 3 JI' 'J I ,J f 190 Minnie Hightower. Lucille Iii11l8l'E'l'. Lewie Robertson. N ww 'Nw .p :JIT gi-,fx NI SXRLS ....... L IXINIBROLJCIH . S NICDOYALD ..... B H-U ERKAMP . Aeker. Alrlrillge, -J. H. Al1l1'i1lge J. A. Beckett. Blair. Branilette. Chase. Clark. Conner. Durley. Finley. Gill. Gaddis. Gary. Gillespie. Hall, C. P Hathorn. Halrmly, T. ea OFFICERS MEMBERS Hziverkamp Harvey. G. Holmes, J. Jackson. Jn eobs. G. u . . .President Vice-P1'esiden: Secretary and Tren surer First Lemler . ..,... Second Leader Osoinaeh. Perkins, J. B. Perkins, P. A. Reid, J. G. Reed. J. E. Jones. Powell. Johnson, M. Roberson, J. L. IilllllJ1'0llgll. Street. Lampton. Sykes. J. A. Lake. Sykes. T. M. MeCarley. Sillers. McCabe. XYilliamson. C. M. McDonald. P. S. lYoocl. XY. L. Mc-Donald. P. XV. Somerville, R. rxlontgoinery, F. Somerville. D. A. Xiles. Ogleebjr. Oliver. 191 Scales. Sanders. CLUB. GERMAN ltuhak Qlluh. . . . . . .President Yice4P1'esident . . . . . . .Treasurer OFFICERS. CASA COLLIER .... ............ . MISS SCHAUBER .... .... MISS M. ROIVLAND .... MAURICE BRAY ..... ............ MEMBERS. Miss Collier. Miss Mareelle Rowland. Miss Heddleston. Miss Mary Vic Rowland. Miss Lynette Iilll1ll10llS. Miss Ricllards. Miss Magee. Miss Schauber. Beckett. Coleman. Lake. Bray. Dawson. Long. Collier. Hunt, lYitty. 193 . . . . .Secretary UllCIil'1S'l'1ZA. IVERSITY TN I Stuhrniz Srrivnrv Qlluh. OFFICERS. R. T. STRICKLAND ,... ............ E. K. GUINN ........ R. L. CAMPBELL ...... DR. J. XV. JOHNSON ... ........ .... MEMBERS. XV. S. Bobo. H, R. Covington. C. J. H. Aldridge. A. B. Boyd. H. Z. Browne. J. E. Calhoun. C. F. Cate. A. P. Dodd. XV. A. Eades. D. R. Gunn. J. R. Haney. P. Henry. J. C. Herrington. C, C. Hightower. H. G. Johnson. J. E. Johnson. D. C. Lauderdale. E. Lindsey. H. C. Maxwell. D. C, Miller. 195 ..............Pl'6S1dQI1t .........Vice-Pr esldent Secretary and Treasui 61 Professor of Phwice R. C. Morris. YV. H. Mounge I. C. Nichols. C. Pigford. P A. H. Smith. A. C. Tucker. E. R. Walton. E. XVebster. J. M. Furr. 1. A. B. Schauber, . , - ,f. 4,x. arm ' Qui: .Ag pig Q S C is 1 ' .-ffW l l'-ll .l i , it i f ll, Il l G Q x X ' N X ' ' , ' V ! Wk . e - e e e f i . , - i,5,13ju,, f f . f f- 4 ,I g.- I fy' ' ' I l O Q , it 1 '. i V, ' i , f f A A " suse Q yy ' A " , c in ' A 1 ' ' X 6uSrivnmC1 11 1 - if if 4 X 1 ' , U . X 'r--2 3 e?Yife . ' ii 'Y .1 - f ' K s V' rl 1' i ' ' t .f ' S aiu X X. , ' ' f ' ii 37 '-Di ff i ' I ft' a'f1-Enix I : A ' , Awww abviLf4.,4 ' N Mwyfifwdczlaw, Wi ,K J' Z - 4' if GMI Qflfww-1,, 4714LW,,.,,t, .W - .f r.:?3. 4406 L 1 V ' ftp, fm May ZYLIML' " , ef ,f i 1 -.X A V p J H f 1 EL: A . m ga- . li V i E mi -,nag .mia ' K dy-P, V, V FL. ' , ,ii ..r:53Iv5SVfi?tQfii5isNr- lx 1 . X ' f':i"lf3-QL" wi ill X' 7: - -- f4:1's-' . 32 Zig..-'. 't -i " QQ- ..,:k . -. t - if i ff :fi 1 K I ,,.f-2:5 Q2 'i ' X, 4 K V , 'f ,Lf n -Y 1 A- 'ff' ,1-fa" 9 Ellie iKv1uarh nf nur 1 nheaunra. Tne "S-tudents' Science Club" was organized by the most learned men of the age, ,teeped in the love for truth and adventure. The purpose of this Club is to solve and explain the many phenomena that have battled the skill of the most renowned scientists and physicists of the Twentieth Century. Ordinary manifestations do not appeal to the genius of this Club, but only the intricate and complex problems of the universe. The requisites for membership are as follows: Members must have some knowledge of the laws of falling bodies, and said members must be suticicientlv versed in Mathematics to copy correctly Trigo- mctric formulae, and also be able to explain the equation of the spiral of Archi- medes. Since our Club has been organized the progenitor of the vellowjack germ has been captured and caged. and by means of the R-oentgen rays are found to propagate in straight lines, especially when in contact with the opposite sex. In our well-equipped observatory many of these monsters have been dissected, 196 111111111n11z011 211111 S1'l'll111l1ZU11 111111 51'111111111'f111 1'1'S1111S. 11 is 1111111111 111111 111115' 1l11g'l'i1tU 111 11111'110s s11111011'11111 11110 1110 1J211'1l211'1ll1lS 111 11111. 211111 111211 1111-50 1111-111-11111s 11011s1s 111'0 s111111111' 111 1111101' 11111111111111111s 211111112115 111 1'111311'1f'l11'. 1111111-1-0111110 0111111111110 1110111111111-111111sis. 111111 111150 1111 1110 11l'CK'SS11l'5' 111111x 111111 11111011 111 111111111112 1111 1111-11' 11111101115-1111111. A111111101' 111111111'11111t 1111111111111 112lS 1,i1'l'1l 0111111'111111011 115' i'l1l2l1j'Z111L1' 21tll111S 115' 11101111s of 1110 S1T01,'11'US1'OP1?. I1 1111s 1101-11 1101111111-11 115' 1-x1101'11110111 111111 1'Y1'l'j' 11111111 is 11111111111011 115' 11v111g' 110i11gs just as 1110 1f111'111. 111111 111111 1111-S11 111-111110 111151 u 55+ 10111 111 1'11111'111111s 111111 1-1111111s, 11s011 for 11-1111s11111'1111g 11lU1l' 1f1111111101'110 111 11111-1011 111111111-ts. 111111 111111 11105' 11111101110 111QlllS111Y1'S k'X1V11111'111g' 1111- 1111111110 111-01111 111 S11l'1l'lf W1lCl1 1111-5' 1111'11 111G11' tQ10SC11131'S 1111 1110 11Q111'l,'St 11111111s. 31i'1llj' Of11l'1' 111111111-111111 1111015 111150 110011 111111011 111 801111100 s11100 1110 1I1'2'Z1l11Z2l- 111111 of 1110 "Sf1l11Gl1fS' S0101100 Club," S111-11 11s 1101-1111 11'1111sp111'111111111 211111 S1111- 101'1'1111011u 1111v1g1a111i111. B111 sp111-0 111115' 1101'11111s 11s 111 S115' 111211 21 011111111010 s1 1111- 111111 of pG1'p1?1l1i11 111151111111 1111s 110011 1101-101-1011. 111111 W0 1'l'f1'111I1 11-11111 g.1'1V111g' 11011111s 1100111150 of 1110 f1101 111111 1110 "C'11111" 1111s 21 1111111-111 1111 11. 111111 1-xp001s 501111 1151 S011 11118 110111 111 1110 1'1115'01's115' 1111111111-1111-s. 111 111' 118611 111 lIl211i11lg.1' il 11-ip 111 31111-5 111111 1110 31111111 1111- 1110 sa11sf111i-111111 -111 1110 C11-Eds. 1C1111111111011 111 N0x1 ISS11Q.11 415 'ft 11241 471. f' . K ff' -1 N ,,.,, 1"21"1' 111 ' 11 ,aff 1 ff 11 1- 1- ,P 1111 1 3111-9 11 197 D J? 5'FCRm1Nb R-LL-L3foAfQ1f .f '.'.D!. Y' uvgffnN,g, g VY"N'D'Y inf 0'T?.'M -S.-T i, Q ii if X if, " X rf- J' - V . X , , fy I 1 D Qi Mn. 1, K 'Qw 0 I ll ,l' IC. 'Q my ff? C ' I TQ lp f . . L O C, ' ,F A , 'G ' ' - si: Q 'X Ns' - ' " 3 . 2- xl x o y T -L ..,-,- 2-luv-1 5 R - ML. " n LIOIFRLJJ Gfylyplrypsl 0 H 1, 4DnUl MAG 'Gfgo IRMQ 5,:v4 m. 6 521 Pe xv li' H55 Q Jw: mqqfgfen YHVS6' PREP U Xvfcelbligm. ' 4: 4' 4:1 "1-L -:Sl - -I 1:12-1 - 'V-4: if ,, is ,A ,f -12 5 3 fg M 0' FIBNSLATION -:FM frvo Y -'Hr WND D055 fvvrpfg MQW? W EPSILOIJ MU Epsl LAN P vf 'A N '- '- " Ass ORD, byoomuouno. Morro,-cfs M--wL.v SHALL lV0f,'f5T" CH L ff-fm so r Q t' 06 gorfr 664' A F ix SP L1' 'YZN4 4-,L 4 sc wif 470, nsfvlq als 0+ A I u C, 1 ,Y KX -P v, 0 'Q ' of be UW1, Q, 1 ax I P1 YURKEY WILL N01 HQLLC., .15 !l,f1N77 9 uf' Q ., o Z fl Pnfvfqnr- ' x 6- 2. S P Qu- oqls E .5 W J 1 Q H .x r Q C ,, rs v- fig, 2 5 ., 'V I AN., 1-15,-45512 fzufvxnvq 1-,N A Q no 'Q 1 Q U' 5: Q. 'A 2 J- ,1 : 3 "' funn S'4LL Dr' Svsvfnpfo F00 ,x Q .fn 75 4 as Q Q I Vu, D fx- "' '73 5 0 ONE Nofvrrf- ' " 5 IS. S Q 1- Y 2, s A f P J, 'T' ' " 9 3 '5 f .Q 15 as 9 -22,1605 :ft 5- Q ml- AMEMGER swan Nov v'-'DER 2 fx 3, if 5-1 , 1, ,L .v.,q1,'-43 X," Q. I? ANY 7:1-1P7n1,y,,f greui -pu' V. 6 FW ,V Ab . 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Holmes. D. A. Jac-obs. C. XY. Martin. Jai. MC-Wvillie. J, A. 31185. 201 ......P1'esident .. . . . . . . . .Vice-President .St'C1'l'till'f' and Tl'Cfl5lll'E'l' C. XV. MARTIN. P. A. Perkins. N. R. Sledge. J. B. 'Webb D. G. XYQ-ttlin. C. A. AVilllJllllSOI1, C. M, XYllllHlllQOll. Jr. D. XV. XYinn. A. L. Yates. Ill. CID. 36. 5. HH. GI. Glluh. ifomm: "Old Gold and Black." R. S. Dorsiy. 1.3 xl A. ll. Yates. B. F. cmlavol-. 111512H,'l1,'4l,'1l, J. Et. J.,111'm,11 T. A. I'IZl1'lly. iw ll HHN C- R311 C R. lllaxxxell. 1' ' ' -I A 05011151011 T2 0 2 Hniurraitg Evnrhvrz' Glluh. f'And now they sit on moss-grown logs Teaching other little frogs." OFFICERS. HOWARD XV. ODUM ............ ....... P l0Slll9I'lf, S-XNILEL C. HALL ........... .... X 'ice President WIISS TXNX PATE .. ............... ..... N QCIQIIIN MEMBERS. T. P. Bailey. XV. Leathers. B, XV. Bond. Anna McCain, Mary Helon Childress. Hattie Magee. J. G. Deupree. N. A. Moore. Eula Deaton. XT. H. Mounger. L. E. Dickerson. R. C. Morris. Pearl Guy. I. C. Nichols. E. K. Guinn. H. XV. Odom, O. F. Grantham. D, R. Grantham. Danie Hall. S. C. Hall. May Haddon. Marv Hardeman. B. E. Hardy. Anna Hudson. Maude Herman. Lucille Kimerer. ff ,N' TFQ 'X Ill T yna Pate. F. L. Riley. Emma. Schauber. A R R R E V . B. Schauber. . L. Stark. . Torrey. , B. YValker. . R. lValton. irginia XYelch. J. C. lYindham. .fi 5? B 1 " . ' ' T . --i" R 1 A , gl SVRVEYI PARTY if I WW W Q ..... l...m N f f ix A A A Zi V fi V " 1 H Fl Y f ' H af Y Q2 . f f Z.: Ni Q4 . . Q IN f I, W f Q A 7 G ll I 6 1 1 X KK . . Q N Xi F S l"'rfi'x 1 N - Y ' 3 X V, 9' 5'A iff, f . H --4 .71 D I f I 5 I' 6 ,IH , f , f 2 I 2 C Z1 Z ' ' If Qf fffgif , QV f fl "' Qf f 1 4 1 f ' f, gawk , - Q?X41Z2Q' M if Q 1 Wffm f f l ' W lpffffgf. ' I ,Z QQ f ff f All fl W fvzf if ll 4 wr N .' ,N-' "Wi Z22ii35y2n?3'5if2'..Q' f I ',f:Z'-f- if 'fill i' f" 'g'mltlUM"l1w f ruff. A. if ll ii ' ,lisa .Mi , . 'il . ' -if-1 A .ki EM," 4 . '- ,Lf ,. -of-,, ' ' ' . 1 ' J - F 9 of ,bow if x ' 3 Q7 CORXELIUS HENRY ........ CHALMERS IVILLIAMSOY urzvrg Glluh. Motto: Now, you tit it! Yell: Ma-ma! OFFICERS. HARRY GILL ......... C. A H ERIC DAXVSOX .... i i BUBBER IN DE FACULTY . . . .Head Bawler for Milk . . . .Keeper of Play Pretties . .Rider of Hobby Horse . . . . . .Midnight Squaller STARK YOUNG .... .............................. ..... I i imlergarten Instructor BUBBERS IN DE COLLEGE. Allie Somerville. Percy McDonald. L. C. Cannon. DeYYit Buck, Jolmie Aldridge. XV21lIQl' Trotter. Anderson Foote. Aikiu Brook. TISTERS IN DE T0-EDS. Elumzl Ashford. 204 Julius Lemler. Edna Bufkiu. '7 W A Q ,V f F qw. 0' L f nf, m'Q4.IU WI . 'W Lx 'W Q,.c,,T'!' J , ,mu Vlfviw , 'gif W1 ix N V' I 7 ,naw : -------url 'lm".Ty.rf11 1 ' f ' ""'f6"n,1 ff f J i 1 ' fr1V'f' ' flirt 4 ' !,ff'1l. ,L NN, , ,f 1 !'I I t I ' W W' 1 rv I -- -I-f v XNN ' " Li' I ". ",1'1lv ft' 'rw 'NXX f' ' 4 ,ffl N' 'V' .Im 1' 'N 4 f' V by,a-"nb 'W f 3 If ff , .qjXI,rMf,'. N q I f f z xl -1 ' ,H 2 4 Z Y Q 915. - ,J 5 ,Q x g gun ' ff 4 f 4 t f ,-4' g I . 0 Wm , 11, PM J? 'WWII fuu,.wm,.,. "MW ,'X4lQy 6 1 of 10,1011 If 4, g N f. W ffwm 0' M ' 51-ay. THE 205 ENDQ 'V Q P gf 'A- . , . GWB 0 5 Q :'T:. ns. ', '-. 1 41 0 I .3 - .11 I ' A F s 4 "- . 5,2 . '- gov 'A-"4gAL4"?" - 4 I3 .sg-X. W. . Y ,L ,Q Nr Q' 13' -fb , x -'Q T-Q 0 . ,' X4 '. 9-J: ' 6 'F' .: --ug O- :gg --I p. , ' . A . 51. izg ,J " g . f .- . Q ' z . J I ' , "a,. . x ,jon . 1 . . . .bn .. ff A 4.1 . Q AFX!" 4 . 'W .P S git . ' '. . '- .' J -4 4 ., 44 , --V 9- ' r 1 "g'l'a.': ,Wi 2..- . -D- ,, :-v A-'F -,- SJ' L-'-'b"-- x b ,-.-'AA '. ' il lV"'1"f X O .AJ fesrx. f o-' Y F 1 .J - ' Ar- if W ,J ig: - at A . I . .fi I. 4 - . 'H' 3 4 Q A - , .f PVS ,Q . ,- 'I-- q '- s's .4 ' u a ",', ' L AP ,. -"l , gf. . nA I. - - fa, Q- 6 Pi- 6 .Z' 1 4 . -cl '.- -,- 4 J-C' . A 1 A a --'P+ . '-arif . s,".9 .H4gA' - A,5, I N J' ' o B1 4- 'S' :- at I-- 0 P 'H " n 2" -4 . . -vn- 1-aye 5 .9 ' , at-' iv 2'- , , I nil' ' v J' - 0 q 3 'O' 4 'pk o . V -S an .Qi -- ---' " "" . ' " "WAF- -4-' A X4 0' 4 mv s .' b N6 5,0 J I 5.17 . 5 7 an I . l I' . 1 J -.2 rf' . ' ' O Q' 'A ' dll N' ' 1 . - D - .dunk 4' Hu' 'in A .V .A . n I. 1 ' f , . ,4 " 'f J ' .I-' 0 4' 4 gm ' -w 12, S' ' 5 . mf' r 5, 2.3! Q .s I ,oi is Go ,, h. .n 5 as ' j.4 . vb" .N 'U' .t-vwull. If.:-42" ns Qi ' o 'fl .'v Z? . Z9 .,4 O fs li Q I .U I 1. O I :Ui Q x , .-1' ' IZLRK u.Hg 'ik'-r dm-KO!!! Kai 0 not Sxyyifxx U. Mau? b . L. LQ r ' "iff f Y fy- fu' bfi- N K ,'7'w iff f -,:3,...- '-'?'-'ff' 1,- 1'-""' Y 'j .,-..:-,11 1 Q M ,-' I ,- 2, -M - - rms' '7 :Q i ff Y --- --f-.....g....,, iff:-i-jd " -I li'--.Tag 1 Q f ,-,4f1"...."Li.1'.' -' -' -, -"""g5T'i"' 'Q' 'W' 3:5-'SAI'-N Q-3-,.i?2' -ff 'H ' ,,lj H f'3,.i"+ f ' " r .cgi 5 -- AD VER TISE MENTS. 13:14- vn-.11 1 . 'fur ATTE D TI-IE BEST Capital Stock, Established 530,000.00 I 895 Endowment Incorporated 350,000.00 I 900 I have known Prof. N. J. Harris for ten or twelve years, consider him, in the fullest sense, a Christian gentleman and worthy of the utmost confidence. I know several young men who received their commercial training under him, and they are sustaining themselves Well in the business world. I consider Harris Business College one of the most thorough institutions of its character, and most heartily commend it to all seeking a Commercial Education. H. L. WHITFIELD, State Supt. Education. Harris Business College jackson, Miss. 5371211111111 Qlnllvgv NATCHEZ, MISSISSIPPI Select chartered school. Located in high healthful region. Patronized by a number of distinguished families in Missis- sippi and Louisiana. Beautiful grounds, modern appointments, bountiful fare, judicious supervision. Three high-grade literary courses. Art, Elocution, Piano, Voice Culture, Shorthand, Modern Languages, and Stringed Instruments-each under a specialist. College Annual issued by students. For catalogue apply to J. K. MORRISON. PRESIDENT ELHAVEN COLLEGE JACKSON., MISS. Select school. Chartered 1894, Full corps of high-grade, experienced, successful instructors for Literary Department, Art Elocution, Piano, Voice, Stringed Instruments, Modern Languages. Location and health record unsurpassed. Ten- acre campus. Steam heat and all modern appointments, The new management solicits patronage from those seeking first- class advantages at moderate cost. Best care and thorough instruction guaranteed. J. R. PRESTON, A. M., PRESIDENT BRODNAX lt is really more convenient to buy your jewelry by mail than it is to come to the store and select it. YVe issue a large catalogue that is well illustrated, and you can take this book and study it at your leisure and be able to make a most satisfactory selection. You buy your goods by mail from us just as cheaply as they can be bought in the store. and everything is shipped, express prepaid, and we take all the risk of transportation. The boxes in which our goods are shipped are unusually attractive. YVe buy the very best that can be had. for we want our packages to be a credit to you, and also a good advertisement of our house and our methods. You will never be ashamed of any present that comes from BRODNAX. Our Guarantee is a Broad One Every article is sent with the direct contract that they can be returned at our expense and the full amount of the purchase price refunded if not satisfactory in every way. The decision is left with you. Let us send you a copy of our Catalogue. GEO. T. BRODNAX. Inc. Gold and Silversmlths MEMPHIS, TENN. COLLEGE ANNUALS EXECUTED PAR EXCELLENCE 1531111 Sc Bnuglann 6511. PRI N TEES 111 TO 115 ADAMS STREET MEMPHIS, TENNESSEE .. QORRECT HATS Especially Selected for Young Men - L 5,-'fni I , . V! A . ij- 1. . 'Qt .-::, :.3. . 'L 3, ss' '::.-It-1':5:3'..,x Tig. N ' '5,',"f1:.: '-':I'1 FG .:3,3t'."'.' : .-g xp 1.1.31 - -.4 , 5-r ,-Q. I-:.-' 55, AYl'fh1'!Ig bvllur la be had in quatify or sfylc. Furn1'shz'ng gnad: in Me latest idfas Our line zfclotlzing is all hand iailored and appeal Ia men -who know LTLOTHES. WORTHEIM, TAYLOR SL LEWIN 45 souTH MAIN. MEMPHIS, TENN. FINE SHOES IN S WAGGE R COLLEGE STYLES WRITE FOR CATALOGUE ZELLNER SHOE Co. MEMPHIS Uhr Cbxfnrh Eaglv MRS. E. A. THOMPSON PROPRIETOR SI.0O A YEAR FOUNDED I876 OFFICIAL PRINTER OF LAFAYETTE CO.. MISS. JOB DEPARTMENT COMPLETE A CONTINUAYION OF YOUR PATRONAGE SOLICITED R. H. Chilton or Co. WHOLESALE AND RETAIL Bruggista aah Glhrmista Prescriptions filled with the purest and choicest drugs at all hours of the day or night NEW, BEAUTIFUL SODA FOUNTAIN from which is dispensed all kinds of fancy drinksftemptingto the gods" FULL LINE OF WRITING STATIONERY niver ityof Mississippi Fouwnian IN is4s The Summer Term Open! une, 1905 The Department of Science. Literature and the Arts includes work in twenty-one schools, with undergraduate and graduate courses. The Engineering Department includes courses in Civil Engineer- ing, Electrical Engineering and Mining Engineering. The Department of Law includes a course requiring two years for completion. The Department of Medicine includes a thorough course of two years constituting the first two of a four year'S course in medi- cine. The Department of Education meets the needs of all who propose to teach in the schools of the State. The location of the University is unsurpassed in point of health- fulness and beauty. Tuition free to all students in all departments excepting the Schools of Law and Medicine. A greatly enlarged equipment in Scientific Department. Three new buildings. Dormitories for young men and young women. WRITE FOR CATALOGUE WINCHESTER SHOTG UNS and SHELLS Winchester Repeating Shotguns and Win- chester Shotgun Shells are just as relia- ble and satisfactory for t-ird shooting as VVinchester Rides and Winchester Cartridges are for big game hunting and sportsmen know this means as perfect an equipment as can bemade. Winchester"Brush" Shells re something newand desirable for bird shooting. They are so loaded that, without the sacritice of velocity,penetration,or uniformity, they will make an open a nd even pattern at from 25 to 30 yards in choke bore guns. Winchester Guns and Winches- ter Shells are sold everywhere FREE: Om'lar5fi'HZ1r5!nz!nz' Cizlfzlogzn' Winchester Repeating A' ms Co , New Haven, Conn A. I-I. FETTING Greek Letter Fraternity ewelry fi TEXPIPORAR 1' LOCA TIOJV: 213 N. Liberty Street. Baltimore. : Maryland WT Memorandum package sent to any fraternity member through the secretary of the chapter. Special designs and estimates furnished on class pins, medals for athletic meets, etc. Geo. W. Buflaloe, r. C0 FECTIONER All kinds of fancy Cakes, Bread, Fruit and Candies. Pure Soda Water and Creams. Stu- dents' trade solicited Oxford, Mississippi RELBUE PRICE DEALER IN Hardware, Tinware, Qeensware, Stoves Cutlery, Barb Wire, Builders' Mate- rial, Saddlery, Harness, Wagons and Wagon Material, Sash, Doors and Blinds. Agents for McCor- mick Harvesting Machinery, Moline Agricultural Implements. Oxford, Mississippi Mississippi Synodical College HOLLY SPRINGS. MISSISSIPPI The most beautiful, handsomely equipped, up-to-date College for Young Ladies in the State. Steam heat, electric lights, electric bells, telephones, and all water facilities. Library, gymnasium hall, art studio, music rooms, chapel with grand piano and a 32,000.00 pipe organ. Highest and healthiest location between New Orleans and Cairo, Ill. Superior advantages in Literary Departments, Conservatory advantages in Music, Aft' and Elocution' I T. W. RAYMOND, President. ACCOUNTS OF STUDENTS SOLICITED Mvrrhantn auth Zllarmvria Earth Under Commercial Hotel OXFORD, MISS. Drafts Caslied and a General Bank- ing Business Transacted B. T. KIMBROUGH. Pres. S. H. PLANT,V-Pres. W. D. PORTER, Cashier. The Oxford Dry Goods Company FOR HANAN 8z SON'S lFINE SI-IOESei.-. The Latest in Clothing, Monarch Shirts, Upto-date Collars and Ties, Underwear and Hosiery, and everything usually carried by a first-class dry goods store. N. W. COR. PUBLIC SQUARE OXFORD, MISS. Davidson 8: Wardlaw I I Books, Stationery and je w e I r y Headquarters for High-grade Goods at living prices. Orders by mail receive prompt attention All the latest miscellaneous books, newspapers and magazines XVATCEIES. CLOCKS AND JEVVELRY SKILLFULLY REPAIRED SCIENTIFIC OPTICIAN W. A. Stinebeck Eruggiat Neatest and Most Up-to-date Drug i Store in- Mississippi BEAUTIFUL SODA FOUNTAIN and ICE CREAM PARLOR Headquarters for the University Boys OXFORD, MISS. Lewis 8: McKee HARDWARE 8 Pocket Cutlery, K at z o rs, Etc. OXFORD, ll'flISSlSSlPl'I 1. E. NEILSON WHOLESALE-RETAII- Students' Headquarters for Everything in Men's Furnishing Goods i A ,, vB' Fine Custom Made Clothing Edwin Clapp Shoes Athletic Goods A Specialty Oxfo 1' d, Mz',v,cz'.f.v zjvjv z' Bramlette 6: Sons FIR 5 T CL A SS Bruggizia Neat and up-to-date S 0 d a Fountain. Courteous At- tention a n d P r o m pt Service Students' Trade Especially Solicited U NI VE R51 TX TRAINING SCHOOL OXFORD. MISS. This Military Training School is now well and permanently established. The location, buildings and teaching force give it rank among the best schools in the country. Every effort made to start a boy right-physically, mentally, morally. Courses prepare for college or business life. Catalog on request. J. M. WYA TT and J. K. M ORRIS ON. who want to get a start-who must earn a living and would like to make more-should write for the 1CATALOGUE OF X1 PAYS T0 U 3 WTHE BFl'jgCli004 OL.. POKEEPQSIE. NY" "The Best Practical School in America." We prepare more than one to their liberal education and thus thousand young people for busi- get promptly to Work in some ness pursuits every year and ob- profitable and congenial employ- tain desirable situations for ALL ment. If any young man should graduates of our read this who wants a Complete Commercial Course. Position Tl ' l ' h ' l . . forcglfocourse appea S Wit Specla let hlm write to us, for we can fit him for business-and find busi- College Men nessffor him-as 44,000 graduates testi y. who would add a practical finisli For information, address: CLEMENT C. GAINES, M. A., B. L., President 29 Washington Street, Poughkeepsie. New York. -llMA.XI1' GOOD SCHOOLS CANVASS LARGELI' IVITHOUT 0l'ERFL0Il'l.X'G.' 1 Blue Mountain Female College has a larger boarding patronage than anv ovher private Female Seminary lu the no canvassing, and yet overflows largely every year WH! fflE llff'-1'Efx'E.X CE .' Ask those who know our work. ADDRESS LrOWREY Gt BERRY, Proprietors ll vflhfl Prrw1j51b'jm' Cxrllrlftfgilt' Blue Mountain, Miss. Knox uns ,,,...:.f-.EEE Fine Furnishing Goods. ,gl ,gl All Mail Orders Given Special Attention FALKNER TRANSFER COMPANY OXFORD. MISS. WILL FURNISH YOU WITH GOOD TEAMS AND GOOD SERVICE. CARRIAGES AND BUGGIES AT ANY TIME. STUDENTS' TRADE SOLICITED JOHN FALKNER, JR., MANAGER C. D. BENNETT. PASSENGER AND BAGGAGE MGR. Dr. P. H. Wright I I 1. L- Brutal Surgrnn SPECIAL ATTENTION GIVEN TO STUDENT PRACTICE. Office next door to photograph gallery Leavell Building -T-TELEPHONES :-1-- Residence. 119 - - - Oliice. 122 g . STANDARD AUTHORS ! DIRECT FROM PRESS TO LIBRARY iNO MIDDLEMEN'S PROFITS- We are able to supply a limited number of the following Standard Sets at remarkably low prices. This is an unprecedented opportunity for you to secure De Luxe Sets at manufacturing cost, which means at Iess than one-third the regular puIisher's prices. Place a cross fx, opposite the authors in which you are interested. IVIaiI at once. We will then send you full particulars of these extra- ordinary boolc bargains. I cur our couPoN-MAIL TO:DAY I Gentlemen:-Kindly send me full particulars regarding the sets op- posite which I have placed a cross This implies no obligation on my part whatsoever. . UNITED STATES HISTORY THACKERAY DICKENS RUSKIN scorr ELIOT SHAKESPEARE RALZAC FIELDING-sIvIoI.I.ETI' O T Huoo PI.uTARcH's LIVES DUMA5 oIBIsoN's ROI'IE PEPYS' DIARY HAWTHORNE I DEFOE -T IRVING I EMERSON .Name ..... Slreet. . Czly .. ............... .. ....,.... Slate .... ....................... . .. .. IOI-IN D. MORRIS 8: COMPANY IZOI Chestnut Street PHILADELPHIA, PA. "M.'06" Paid-up Capital - 560,000.00 Surplus ---- 530,000.00 Bank of Gxford Genera! Banking Bzzsifzcsx Sndems' Trade Sfwefi The E. M. llaflley Livery to 'T Fine Horses and Buggies al ways ready for the boys. ff Carriages fur- nished at all times upon order N! SQ N2 .T. CARTER. Pres. jets. Storee, V.-Pres D. Mgr e O D Xli s i S. H. Lomm, Cashi r Ramey St Bro. E Furniture Dealers O.X'FORD, ,41ISSfSSIPPl ximz , . ssl sim' E. D. BEANLAND MERCHANT T A I L O R Suits from S20 up Pants from S6 up ll! A nice stock always on hand to se- lect from. 43 Dress Suits for Rent 45 Cleaning. Repairing and Altering while you wait TERMS STRICTLY CASH' Til E . SECURES A-.3 2 . FMU Cenff 0 Volume Lzbrary E want you to become acquainted with the " Makers of American His- tory, " a new library of popular biography which contains more interest- ing and instructive reading than any other work of its kind ever published. In these 20 large and beautiful volumes will be found the life stories of forty- one great Americans-men who moulded the history of the Nation. Each bio- graphy is a complete story in itself, written by some eminent authority, such as John S. C. Abbot, Captain lVIahan, General Wilson, Professor Sparks, Fitzhugh Lee, and others equally well known. In these lives is inverwoven the narrative of American history from the earliest times down through the I9th Century. Every hero and patriot is written about, not in the usual dry and technical form so common to biography, but in a simple facinating style that will appeal to all who enjoy good, wholesome reading. AMERICAN HEROES AND PATRIOTS. To read these volumes is to be grandly entertained, and at the same time to come into intimate contact with the great heroic characters in American History. The lives and deeds of our National heroes and patriots enrich and illumine His- tory as nothing else can do. This is the only work which covers the whole field and is at the same time of distinguished authorship. F or an hour's pleasant read- ing or serious study no other work will compare with it. There is not a dull page in the entire 20 volumes, which are beautifully printed, bound in cloth, and illus- trated with portraits. SLIGHTLY RUBBED EDGES. We have on hand a few sets of this splendid library which have become slightly rubbed from handling in our stock room For all practical purposes they are as good as new, in fact, an expert could hardly tell the difference. Ordinarily we would simply rebind them and sell them at the regular price, 540, but the lot is so small we have decided to close them out for 50 cents down and 31.00 a month for 15 months-a total of 251550, for 20 fine, large, handsome volumes which usually sell at 540. Our clearance price represents merely about the actual cost of print- ing and binding. EXAMINE IT FREE On receipt of the accompanying coupon we will send you a complete set, express prepaid, subject to return at our expense, if you do not find it the greatest bargain ever offered. Can you atTord to miss this grand opportunty? The work will be a valuable addition to your library- Q lininvrzitg Svnrivtg 78 FIFTH AVE., NEW YORK. INSPECTION COUPON. The University Society. 78 Fitth Avenue. N, Y. P!ea.rf :mul me, prffuz1'1r',far rxaminaizbn Il complrte se! rftlw ",VIaker.v IfAlII!VI-C11 n Hrlrlavgf, " in 20 vulumrs, lfsalzyaciofy. lrvilr jfayyou 50 cenfs rirrzvn ll nd Xl oo fx month lhurnwerfor 15 month: lf not .ra!r'.rfudorjf, I ruirz' na.w'y01z so thai you may arra ngcfar its return at no ex- jfrnsz fo mr' whatever Oli'-00. Nitrile... -------- ---- A l -- Azldrzxs ,,-4 0'ft's New ffs He1'e QWQQUUEEQUQ ONE- PRICE Clothiers, l-laherclashers, Hatters. Mal? Orders I-filed. C33,!'ggL1L'3gg3L-.te M6Illpl1lS,T01lll. -Ii ew Crleans The Most Popular WINTER RESORT i n A m e r i c a Continuous Horse Racing French Opera Golf Hunting: Fishing Boating Comfort Health Pleasure ...4lTI-IE NEW- . St. Charles Hotel Modern Fireproof First-class Accommodating one thousand guests. European and Ameri- can plans. Turkish. Russian, Roman and Electric Baths Luxurious Sun Baths and Palm Garden. ANDREW R. BLAKELY 81 Co. fLt1t'.i i- PROPR1ETORS -A l.-5 Fountaln Pen For at bn-thday A prlze Or A presentation WhtCI'll1OITS Ideal . I 0 K I f.. - 1255. WE make on orvaer 14-kt .ili . gold lountun pens Ill maunted with emblems of any Society, Order, or Club. DQR, appropriate for presenting gg.. to graduate or teacher. zz.. x i , ' ::::- Qiyfti . Qatar - - - l , ' l Q a USEFUL BEAUTIFUL LASTING 'A Further information. book- + "'A" lets and list of local dealers E 5 furnished where requested. :gf l E WATERMAN G0 i ff 173 Broadway New York K1 ,fr W' ii 'F 'i ll T I i' T "N TN WT 77' W" 7" 'PT' K u- A, Y fr rd' -A A- W e by to Plame all our Czzfiomem' Now we can give them any color in finished work they desire. White and black finish ,' pure S ep ia Carbon we especially recommend onaccount of the price, 315.00 per dozen. D E R S Oxford. 4,-,I X Efisfissgg 4 WARD SEMI ARY :lint nung mailing ...i- .-1x1 ASI-IVILLE, TENN. EDUCATIONAL AIM The policy of the school is to do serious, honest work. The purpose is by quiet, earnest eflort to make of pupils cultured, Christian women. COURSES OF STUDY Seminary and special courses are offered in Language, Literature, His- tory, Science, Music, Art, Elocution. Certificate admits to Wellesley and to The Woman's College of Baltimore. PHYSICAL CULTURE Every opportunity for physical development is afforded in tennis, bowling and golf. Beautiful subur- ban campus of twenty-five acres ADVANTAGES OF LOCATION Nashville excels in climate, healthfulness, and social culture, and is in the educational center of the South Nashville affords unusual advantages in lectures. recitals, and opportunities for practical education. PUBLIC EN DORSEMENT The enrollment for the season just closing is the largest in the his- tory of the Institution The school has been filled to its utmost capacity, and many applicants have been re- jected for want of room. ::W'ard Seminary his an ideal -Christian home.' The work done ln Ward Seminary is of an un- usually high order. the home life ofthe institution is sweet and considerate. and the religious tone h h f ' I ' t ct r the a e ear est Christian the best. The teac ers are more t an pro essiona ms ru Q sg y r n , workers striying to build character. The school is not sectarian, but pronouncedly Christian. Parents sending daughters to Ward Seminary may know that they are under the best influences." For catalogue. address, I. D. BLANTON, LL.D., President. NASHVILLE, TENN. . . .4-,. ,.-...,, lv- -L If You Want to Make Either a Friend or Yourself Happy Buy 3 P rker"Luck Curve"'S2,3'ma'n 'Q ,mga A USEFUL ARTICLE WHICH WILL LAST A LIFETIME 0 3 , ,A 1, g 'C AIMS AND BE A CONSTANT PLEASURE 0 p,.c.....,,8I A J Kilwf TO THE OWNER ceo s ISARK fn hde 'sn If SWQUARKER EY skx R "" A++ u"'7'fPen ewrmale F ,rdxi Q. 1. 'am XA ri ss u ce 86 Bn,-fel, BFIJS Q IIIaId nm, V th '?'0fPealI I.. ,h S 'Q-lugs. N0 00 X4 1 82 ,, ' fact IC J Sameas N I 0 0 Myth 02 Hd ht 0 Jolntlegg, pi Ion ofgold Pan and 00 N1 20 S GEOS p asmh Many other styles ' "UW John A j ARKER fl Every hand can he suxted Nou Pnces SI 50, S2 oo, S2 50, S3 oo, Bufffffge MIM, - - S 55 oo S6 oo and SIO oo Palmer Pens SI oo 'J fmed F-.L 4 00' 5 ' , U' mfr: 1135 Each purchaser of the Parker Pen In T3 wx H I nreeenred mth an Accident Pohcy N0 better ,HH makmz hllll a member of the Lucky Curve Club II hlCh IDSUYCS the foIInIaIrI agamst break Vg Pen made age A wonderful guarantee IIn f, X The Parker Pen Co., 35.'lEi3L'lIZ 9 C "-3L'vNrrA- wx' - " LT -A :I :S -' -' A -A T+L Y,- 'NI 5.3, X '55,-I . . '- ro. ' 'j 5.' - - N 1-bf.- . " X 'S v J.: . ' 'P' , . , J A x sl -it ,XX I. , : X ,L , . V , F , ,' :Q Al1,A.',. , J 0. -. P A-..4. . " C S- -3- --fx-'M Y f---F x -" ' I - , I ' 4 U I ' .,'? r',p3 ,. . g.,g , I 7-L' I ' "N 1?-ai-.X S.',s , . g . "- V . U ' ' X . ' ' -vs, .-, ., 5'-Y A Ro. 12, P ' bulhnotlzingcb ,I T T' - T - - A A LQ, . - , - , nr , . . . . q Y Q ,I on ITIL. 'jing ' Y-2 'I , ' I I, -sry ' , ,I liz: , r lj! .' S"'7I1fIaIII's , ' ' s - I' "' . p . all, , "- '7 v No. ' V I" , 1 r. . - ' ' I .JF . - , ' - , XXL ' . ' Lrve , . L- , 5. Sfsolrip, . 1 .L..' . . PO. 4 . W n h I S . A. -- ' n '-' ' , "5-.nn T 'IM . 0 Q Q Q Q 1, ,Vice X, ,v:, I, lf, HIIIIWWWN gr K , , . o o o 0 r' ' ' ' r , ' ' .I-I9 fi uf- , -' ' W - Y' ' U n , ' ' . T'. . I V Y . K . y U . FII., I S. E. TRAVIS, ATTORNEY 84 COUNSELLOR AT LAW. ' i 1' ' K .y . X f I 9 FIRST NATIONAL BANK BUILDING HATTIESBURG. MISS. PEABUIA' HOTEL-MEMPHIS. Tsxx. Peabody Hotel Co.. Inu.. LQSSL-es Isele Bros., Mgrs.. EVRUPEAX PLAN REMEMBER THAT THE COURSE OF INSTRUCTION AT Nefsofeis Bzzszhess Colfege V I .3 n e Mg x e ' ' D I A . Is not a copying from text book, superlicial, catch-penny scheme, but is planned with a view to familiarizing the student with the most practical and up-to-date ideas of com- mercial paper, business customs, etc., through the medium of daily actual business transactions between the students, teachers, and various offices of the institution, thus guaranteeing a practical instead of atheoretical knowledge of bookkeeping and business. We do not resort to conditional guarantee position schemes, or other questionable methods to secure patronage, thereby commanding the respect of the educated and thinking classes. Endorsed by the business men of Memphis, as well as e'sewhere. Emp'oys only competent teachers. Since we have no vacations a splendid oppor- tunity is afforded university students to obtain a practical business education by attending during the summer months. Write for illustrated catalog. C. H. THRELKELD AND O. S. BAKER. PH. B. PRINCIPALS. .5 ilu Axkligh N .xi J ,ag . W e Q fly .ix MAE HALF -1-oNe. MADE Fon U.5.'NAVAl.. A THE CUTS. IN THIS BOOK WERE MADE BY THEELECTRIC CITY ENGRAVING C0 BU FFALO , N Y. CADEMY . 4 ' 0" p -- 5 1 A .fs Jef, . f:!"'-'A ' -'1"- . -Jr- . gk-'x.:. V .W A. .., - 1 Y A . 'fx r, ' J. 1. 4. 5 . 4 A .'4'., .M ' .,. f' ffg- - ' F '2'f.Z'R?2J' 0 , L iizw, f,'4w.,V.?4,4. 1 .A 1 ,-T-N' ji' L, Ji.. ., -,Y .. -, L, uf 1 - v--.L .. . N It . yr ', - pf. ..'Q,9' 5' 'H f' 4 ,ir , -. .. ggi., , ,V-. . -4- , .1 '-'nLf- "4 . .-'v' ' ' . f-95 , 4917 ' i 933.0-7, 5. " ' . fig" ' Q: :L -?'.' fir. , .1 ' . - Aa .' ' .s' '-!,fP"i' . , T" ...Q . .. gfkil---5' T ' F-.Fc j 1 ni... - '- . ' '3-. '--.-' iff - , - - f -T. 2. ,.'tT f3-ffff, . - ,.,o-5 '- - 'ft 1 -,.H-Q.:-V rf. 4. 71 -L- wh al . . , A , . a - .. .'5.T',,1, ' ' 1 -b '.-5' '--f,f Q ' ii fgflv A-, V A., ' ' -'Q ' ai? X r41'1 . -fd ng- 5 .. e '-- 'Y'2-,. 71"-i- - " N 'L 'afiu - ' .if-A . . S . .-.' ' - ,..' ., f-,L3,f.. 'Al Q U... .., . . , ., V. 5 . - .1 - f..:f:f5ff .f- 1 . -I A .nf I. .1 1 ,r if- -.- - G'gg9'7'q: f -. ' j "'., ,, QL. ,-I.. ,V 'L fl . '. 94 .lgfylu -5 . -13 -, ' , -- I -' ga?"-'f I ' 2 f "Q-1: 1 -'n " ', " Cv. . Hn '-'gf-L.---3 a - . --sf. rg, 5 V ,, .. t ,: . -J . . -V ' ' ' ' 'H' 'V . 2 "A: 1-.Hn , . -ffff - -.- 1-1-2. . ' "'L'i - .- -. - fu -s - , if .evfw . 2. . , -i -V.-'p1LQ.Ag'.6 Vmif J -5 fg! .jr 4. -1 fgxql ,.'-- . L.-.::f.-1,g5..w1,,: ' - V ' 'QE D L ' , , - V313-. - ' . - L? . 2. r: 'S.f'. ' ' kr. V . , . . V' " - ' 14 r Q V v --J' -1' P A -5 . . - . LIZ- 'fu . . ' 0 Q . 's' qv' ' o - 4 4" . ' -.' ',,' . -.. 'rf "- ' ' ' 9 ' V :Af - " -J.. L - ,'f1 "1 qmfsj 'B' . 4. 'I -1 A., ' ' ' ' - "4 I so 'As' fi' L 1' ' 4, v!A . .' . 1-.n , .A .X . N 3 u-.-. -.-4.1 f u' , ,O '.. -K -L x r .' 1 - . .fa Li A ,V 4 U. . fa 3' . , ,.w 'A'- 59-J 4. g .-y.,-rv.. .1 . 7-. , .2 xp -, 4- f ' -5 ." P'-'Q ,Kiev- s,.'6' , w . 11 f l is Q5 I " W t 1 U , . ph .Q . . 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Suggestions in the University of Mississippi - Ole Miss Yearbook (Oxford, MS) collection:

University of Mississippi - Ole Miss Yearbook (Oxford, MS) online yearbook collection, 1903 Edition, Page 1


University of Mississippi - Ole Miss Yearbook (Oxford, MS) online yearbook collection, 1904 Edition, Page 1


University of Mississippi - Ole Miss Yearbook (Oxford, MS) online yearbook collection, 1905 Edition, Page 1


University of Mississippi - Ole Miss Yearbook (Oxford, MS) online yearbook collection, 1907 Edition, Page 1


University of Mississippi - Ole Miss Yearbook (Oxford, MS) online yearbook collection, 1908 Edition, Page 1


University of Mississippi - Ole Miss Yearbook (Oxford, MS) online yearbook collection, 1909 Edition, Page 1


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