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' 6"51.'-"' 5 ...Qt ,n i ' 1 .i, . 'U-x .- - 14- P - , ' , 1 M , 1. M.. s , f 'v ' 'ov W' a nd Qin ks.. 'ou ln. , 5--r ,,r. - , ,s' . 'J xl , V A v .f 'l 3 ' 't. U ' ' 0 , A I 0 'Q' .'42' ,I .Q I ,"-q'uQ,7 I 1 . , .J x",-',' 0 i u -4 . .4 1 .Q . , .A '-' V4 , rf. -.'v x "V-:pic .. .": J " ' ' 1' L: -'jul '- .. , 1. -'I' , . ,A 'T". ' 'V AI.. -,PQ .1 . ff" '5 ' I H.-,l gs " " ,, ,Jan '- P up 21" 0 fs ' 51: 1 ' but n P ITQ .Q - - I C' ' 1 D " ' .0 ."'.Q o ' . 'Q' u . ovvxf '.l,. 1 ,- fP .'.4'.,.! ' '. .,l- r 'fn-'1.1 443' .px 5 Y O f' l U ' ' r L u A' iw QS' 1 v inf ' 41 . f, J' . I - 'q' , .1.. U lv, ' Q. X? , n K . Qi. iv- 4 A a . 1 if 2' Cry t'-. He . 7 ' r Y ' a , 4' 'll' . I N . f if . ' ,. 'ily tor' hx Lv J " Q! ' U s 'I . ' Arsavh lx, ul: ' . A-.2 0- t Allin? 3 ' , u I -." ' ' 1 J 'A , ' 'f K ,' a P9 s 5 I J O L Y? ' va .4 U '. Q. e. r A . , N-, W si' -'1- Y 11,1 ' . I. . 53 !,1N'.f' A'- : "' . JS . ,fl I af' l Q , . n i 1,1 .J u 7 Ja- ' .'w N v . C7 - N . lf' x f'l4 X , ,u Q . A .,- V ,N ' ' 'l 'I V 19 U H gan' A UH 2 X!L 0 , N " . .Tha . , . I " "' ,617 "' F 4 1, 'Q ' ' ' l'. X Fa.. ' x nn qi-2' " K 5 if 5 x J. I .. ' ., ' I 0 , 'I A X. l . : . . . ' . ' , - 1, . 5 K A ' , .Q eg Ns, 1 . K 41 ' - a w "3 ul.. . .i-"" 0 - . a,.,' u'v . V,l 's 0. Q"-'-' . I I I SJ r ' --" 'e'- 'ln .. ." 'Egg Ilia . I' ' -I,' 5 "'4'N4 ' '.. 'Nl-C-.14 . -,'AQ. ,h 9+ ln.- I'. I ' ol, ox' 5 'f' 'LU' Q- 'lin 5 A 5 ' 1 vw Aw, 4 4 I G" cf: . ' ' x ,Qi 5 I L. ' - cb' .1 5 7 . s 3' H i4':-F .Z I o-'I' 4 I ,gf ' 1 I Qr . 4 CML? YJ Q55 gv I A45 X551 fo Ecilifltpecffl AUMMLJICTIHUY by time tllne University et Mississippi I Fraternities me Sererities et' X DEDICATION In token of the love we bear them, and the debt of gratitude we owe them for their uplifting influence, this volume is dedicated To Our Mothers. S f pn.. L , IQ? Mississippi! QB Qllma jlflaterl ju our prayers me :all tu thee. Speak tn us tbp murns uf mishum, Seah tbp blessings rieb ann free. ju tbp balls me sought fur knnmlehgeg Sought for eulture, ann for grate: Still me seareb, mitb souls unsatell, ann En Darkness, seek tbp face. H Bout out num ibp :up uf knulnlehge, 1Jrntertinn grant us, mntber hear, ann me Sln Deehs mill all repay! . M. H. B., 'oz xx'-kg lk .1 ' 'u F. . K' U ' Wffliiifli A W 'L x-:"Z'i,'yf,-t 'Y- fi g' "'j"'LiVZ' " 1- - lf' lf ,. ff EENX: '-11' V f l uv- ,J A '-TIL 'N -' , 1, P' ,gs g . . v ,A ,g,w,l ',"',f-,I . T ' ll' " " ' - . NW an-. f Editorial Board of "Ole Miss." EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Mawitn 1HIOIlHoumaim Brown .I li' lp' ASSISTANT EDITORS-IN-CHIEF Miss Lymflcii IK., Suniltamm -Y !! BUSINESS MANAGER W. E., BQ lbemnanetl 2' ,Y DEPARTMENT EDI LITERARY S., Lamar Filellti lx' .I QUIPS AND QUIRKS IBB., IF., Jolimwnix, CDW., fb lx' 'l" STAT!STlCIAN Miss Kitty Kimmmms 1' .1 0 SECRETARY OF BOARD W. IBB. Dougherty .1 W' TORS ART Cimrilm F., Ames A 1' .1 ATHLETIC E., G., Hightower L. .Al I, W. A. Henry, juz WJ!-I 4 a ad .Y 6 ' 5'-un. 'a 1 -2' - "-pr, 1 21.3 I r X I X I IJ ' ' '1 I 5 Vx 1 Ux ' NN e I f I X 5 ' i Cx P- 1 L , Q, ffff I Q z A X I. :sa QA I 4, g '-s N X I 5115 N ' I I CN I A-1 I ' ' N .5-51 QI H .Avy 'X I u J: .JN 1 3'sf's"' I -5 Q37-Q1 Q f I A Q - '11,V-I ..-,- -I I . M , , AQLL'-H221 - EDITORIAL BOARD. Q 1 BROWN 3 MISS KIMMONS 6 FIELD 9 AMES 2 miss suu:rAN 4 LEONARD 1 .normsom no Hlawrowzn j 5 DOUGHERTY 8 HENRY PROLOGUE. Eirahrr. pants-r hrfnrr gnu lnnk At Ihr rnntruts nf this hunk. Anh lrt un eusk- Elgr fnulni muh fnilurrn plrasr rxnuar: llilputfrr rrnmima, gnu may prrnmri Auh inguma hr tlgr task! THE EDITORS 2 ff gsx 92 M 4 iff jig ll - I ,AE Yr- ,i v I, X, .r . - .E ee' Editorial. E HAVE heard for years and years that experience is a dear, but excellent teacher, and yet in the face of this fact we find that it takes something more rigid than experience to teach some people! The Editorial Board of OLE Miss last year experienced great difficulty in getting the Annual together and in collecting from the Student-Body the material needed. It was even worse this year. and if our efforts are not appreciated we are not to be blamed. If the OLE Miss of 1903 does not come up to the standard that has been set, the blame rests upon the shoulders of those who have not attempted, in the least, to make it what is desired. The Student-Body is expected to mold according to its own fashion the work that it gives to the worldg if the OLE Miss of 1903 is distorted in figure, and uncouth to look upon, be it known, that its deformity comes from the Student-Body that it represents. THE EDITORS. 8 CHANCELLOR R. B. FULTON N . u '+f Q Q D f:',f' s U-hen Kmskthud as vt Q, l 9 A K 4- A I7-, 4 'X -X X ' -H, ,Q f, , - x FN r ' fy. f -Af , l " E ly L T l X ,A L - M-K, nun - fu " " 5- 7 -- , A H -V -V , ' f t it l 4 , x ,5 , 'L'- , ,A nj., 1 ffl! fillff' B Nl , time 'f-fynyx. ' gg -gf, Qu... - , pn-, ' -4-ue' -,- Wray .f - - ,-, 4 I -21- L - so 5 ,- ,:Af ,- X f 2-5 - 3 - , .-,Xg:- ' Vg: 5 '. ii X ln- .fs N . , N1 LL- -my 1 - 'J 4 . Y! -il?AFf?,ii be V ar. - -3 K 'ff ' - fir- - I-v iif-:' 3" - CHIVALIRY. l read a tale of the long ago, Of the knightly days of old, The days of manly chivalry, Of warriors true and bold: VVhen hearts were strong as the willing That gave its rousing ring, Drawn to champion virtue or strike For honor or the king. Ofttimes I 'ni filled with discontent By modern society, And muse with secret yearning on The days of chivalry. A-las ! must we no longer tight For honor or fair fame? ls all danger to them dead? Or are we dead to shame ? No! perish not, our Chivalry: Unsheathed he thy sword XVhene'er we hear fair womanhood Assailed by deed or word. And thou, my soul, he not o'erCome Iiy greed of power or pelf : Defend thy honor with thy might Against thy baser self. XV II steel As, '02 I 'rolkssor Instructors and Other Officers. ROBERT BURVVELL FULTON, M.A., LL.D., Chanrellor of Me Unz"vers1'Iy. ROBERT BURWELL FULTON, M.A., LL.D., Professor of A stronomy. RICHARD WATSON JONES, -M.A., LL.D., Propzfsor of C'heo11'sIry, Genera! a1zdAnab1fz2'al. ALFRED HUME, C.E., D.SC., ' Profkssor of .llafhemafirs RICHARD MARION LEAVELL. M.A., LL.D.. of.lle11!al amz' .lloral Philosophy, ofLog1k, ana' of Polz'f1'eal E cofzomy CHILES CLIFTON FERRELL, M.A., PRD., l,I'!m'.S'.Y1ll' ry' .lfoderu Languages. G. D. SHANDS, LL.D., Professor of Low. 1717711 of Me Deyborfmezzl of Law. ALEXANDER LEE BONDURANT, A.M., Professor of Lofin Lllllgllllgt' mm' Liferaiure. PAUL HILL SAUNDERS, M.A.. PI-LD., Professor of Greek Lllll-gfllllrgfc' and Lileralure. DABNEY I.1PsCoMIs', A.M., Professor 1y'Eugl1sh arm' ll,hL'f0l'I.l'. and of Belles-Lelfres. JOHN GREEK DEUPREE, M.A., LL.D., Professor ry' Pedagogy. FRANKLIN L. RILEY, PI-LD., Professor ofH11r1ory. THOMAS H. SOMERVILLE, LL.D., Professor of Law. I 2 JOHN XVESLEY JOHNSON, SLA., P P1-ojim-m' of 1'hyx11:.r. YVALLER S. LEATHERS, NLD. 1JI'0f2.'JX0I' zy'1Vzzlura! H13'1013f. EUGENE CA NIPBELL, M. A., .4.S'Il'Jf1lllf Przwwsw' fy' fj!lL'll1I3'ff.j'. MISS SAR.-KH MCGEHEE ISOM lll.Yfl'1lCf0l' I-ll E!m:11l1'au amz' Unitary. P H XVALTER HUGH DRANE, BLA., P1'oj?s.ror of E llg'l'llL'L'1'I'llg' Depa rluzwrf. Y. OTIS ROBERTSON, B.S., A s.v1'.v!a nz' in E II glzklz. PROF. E. CAMPBELL, Secrelary oflhe Farulfy. HON. H. M. QUINN, .S'1zpc1'1'11 iw: 110111 fy' F in ll aces. MRS. L. M. HUNT, L ilznz ria ll . MISS ANNIE BERRY .S'efrefary fo fha Chazzfellor. 13 HON. HON HON HON HON HON HON HON HON HON jun HON HON HON HON HON HON HON HON HON HON Eli Board of Trvslccs. His EXl.'liI.l.liNL'X' GOV. A. H. LONO1NO .......... . EN Officio President jfirst Congressional District. J. A. ORR, A. M., LL. D. M898-19045 ......... . . Columbus, Mississippi 'Cbirb Congressional District. LEROY PERU' 1190:-19089 ............. . .Greenville, Mississippi jfourtb Congressional District. A. T. ROANIQ iigoo-19005 .,............ . . Grenada, Mississippi fifth Congressional District. XY. BASRIN M599-19045 .............. . . Meridian, Mississippi Sirtb Congressional District. J. H. JONES QIQOO-lQO6j ............... . . Woodville, Mississippi Evevcntb Congressional District. R. H. THOm1l'sON, LL. D. C1900-19067 ....... . . jackson, Mississippi State at large. F. C. HOI,xliis 11905-xgogy . ........ . . Hernando, Mississippi M. M. EVANS flQO2-IQOSD .... . . Mt. Olive, Mississippi -I. NV. T. FALKNHR fxgoz-19085 . . . . . . Oxford, Mississippi LOL'Is M. SUL'THWOltTH UQOO-IQOIJJ . . . . . Carrollton, Mississippi A. H. VVHITI-'IliI.D, LL. D. M898-19045 . . . . jackson, Mississippi HARRY T. HOWARD 11902-19065 .... ..... B iloxi, Mississippi XV. A. B1-:LK C1898-11,043 ..... . . Holly Springs, Mississippi j. T. Si-:N1'iaR C1902-19083 . . . . . Columbus, Mississippi W. IS. YVALKIER C1902-19055 ........... . . Aberdeen, Mississippi E1 Cfficio. The State Superintendent of Education. H. L. NVHl'l'l-'ll-1l.lJ ...................... jackson, Mississippi Execiittve Committee. J- A- URR, A. Nl., LL. D. .............. . . Columbus, Mississippi R. ll. 'I'llOxxl'sON, LL. IJ. . . ' . jackson, Mississippi J. W. T. F.u,RNisR . . . ..... Oxford, Mississippi NV. A. BELK ..... . . Holly Springs, Mississippi W. 15. WALKl'2lt . . ....... . . . Aberdeen, Mississippi HON HON Creasurers. ........StateTreasurer THAI? I.Am'RiN . . W. D. PORTER. . . . . Local Treasurer and Secretary I4 A MA BELLE. Vos yeux brillent-bijoux! lls sont toujours bourreaux! A Dame me laisse. Vos mains je baise- I.,es baisers sont mes sceaux! je vous vois toute semaine- Ah! vous montrez votre haine! Vous me tuez- Avec moi jouez- Mais vous restez ma reine. B., 'Ol le 30 mars, 1900. 15 34. .Nab Z .o ., I SI a '- ,L I? 'w . ' Q ..o - l- is . X 4 . J: 'I-'kW . . ' 1 1 Fi ' r ', fgg.:,,:Q1g.Qg Hon. Hillrie M. Quin, Superintendent of Finances. University of Mississippi. Mr. Quin has served faithfully as a Trustee of the L'niversity for several years and he is recognized as one uf Mississippfs most loyal Alumni. As the Superintendent of Finances of the L'niversity he has shown marked abilityg as a. man he has proven himself all that Southern manhood can claim. The University is fortunate in securing his services. Q s 4 oy' L a l 'jk gf. I D UTEHN T Wu, H ' "5" s L Q if X N : 'fn L. X . +7 Q ff - , Ks 4 'J K ,Q 'w1"4fif, i "'- A Q lxrj 5129. X! ,fu D -f jfraternltws Qururntuzs Of the LIDIVCIMIV of Mxbblaslppl in the order of thclr establlshment s., fatgt I6 6 5 1 NA ,fa 'xyfyf N gms, QB ' -"""'K xibw 4175 2 5 -Q, gigs' Q f ig vm 'Y xg ixh wifi fx 'FWD 1 f . . i . , . N , N f - N' , x. 65,7 x aiu 1.1 .1 X , 4 .1 s., mf . .gf S ' sz . X f- -' 5 'Q , 1' if A f'Q 'L TL R- 'Z' AQ ' D' xi 1 f i fl li D 'FXN X , I .R " , .JL I , , . ', . ' .ff , L fi. - -'Q' 1 ' 2 c , 4,9 q . +1 -v M i.!f -- ry- rex V- N, !-A,ggv.- wen N -.SIL - ,A T f fy f A4 w , f f " 2 -- x ' - 1 ii' mf' , Q 1 . He M - V ' ff ' Q51 QE " f ai L . il A , s -, r 'wx , " X kg: 5' N -. 7 Yr ,Wg A k FX' Q ,I - 5 . , , .P-. W 311310 1 lfq .ti Il J -xr' 2-'Mii ' 1 M 3 Q Mi! 2 " Auf' ' ' V , N ' 44 "sg, 'K ' L 1 ' ' if X i, V ff ,A ,. - fn'-' 'fi' Y as--' , , ' fe ' ,. - , '+- -, 1' XXX - V, ' , N ,Q W Q' , , , X f K , . , , , Y f I -.Q Q X- I - X ' N ' k if .5-X N C ' - ' jf' .X xy C , ' XV if '-Mx "' -Ja - 1' , 2 ' . 1 -' v u- , 4 A 'A A 1 Y F '1 ' V X K V 9 , , ff - W' -' - ' F' 911471, 5 V - ,. , -- V ,Q - -'I - " X"'xc'i.. Della Kappa Epsilon Fraternity. COLORS: Crimson, Blue, and Gold. FLOWER: Pansy. PUBLICATION: "The Delta Kappa Epsilon Quarterly." iKnll nf Artihr Glhaptrra. Phi, Yale University, 1844 Theta, Bowdoin College, 1844 Xi, Colby University, 1845 Sigma, Amherst University, 1846 Gamma, Vanderbilt University, ISOO Psi, University of Alabama, 1847 Upsilon, Brown University, ISSO Chi, University of Mississippi, 1850 Beta, University of North Carolina, lita, University of Virginia, 185: Kappa, Miami University, 185: 1851 Beta Phi, University of Rochester, 18513 Phi Cl1i, Rutgers College, 1861 Psi Phi, De Pauw University. 18o6 Gamma Phi, VVesleyan University, 1807 Psi Omega, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Beta Chi, Xiiestern Reserve College, 1808 Delta Chi, Cornell University, 1870 Delta Delta, Chicago University, 1871 Phi Gamma, Syracuse University, 1871 Gamma Beta, Columhia College, 1874 Lambda, Kenyon College, 185: Pi, Dartmouth College, ISS-'Q lota, Central University of Kentucky, 1885 Alpha Alpha. Middlebury College, 1854 Omicron, University of Michigan. 1855 Epsilon. 'Williams College. 1855 Rho, Lafayette College, 1855 Tau. Hamilton College, 1850 Mu, Colgate University, 1856 Nu. College of the City of New York, 1856 1367 Theta Zeta, University of California, 1876 Alpha Chi. Trinity College, 1879 Phi Epsilon, University of Minnesota, 1890 Sigma Tau. Massachusetts Institute of Tech- nology, 1890 Tan Lambda. Tulane University, 1898 Alpha Phi, University of Toronto, 1898 Delta Kappa. University of Pennsylvania, 1399 Tau Alpha, McGill University, 1900 Sigma Rho, Leland Stanford University, 1901 2I Alumni Aasnriatinua. Delta Kappa Epsilon Club of New York City-President, Charles McL. Paine. Delta Kappa Epsilon Association of New England, Cambridge, Mass.-President, Miles Standish. The Northwestern Association of Delta Kappa Epsilon, Chicago, Ill.-President. S. Rogers. Delta Kappa Epsilon Association of Detroit, Mich.-President. Fred W. Hodges. Delta Kappa Epsilon Association of the Pacitic Coast-President, T. B. Bishop, San Fran- cisco, California. Delta Kappa Epsilon Association of VVashington, D. C.-President, Gen. M. C. Butler. Delta Kappa Epsilon Association of Rhode Island, Providence, R. l.-President, William Allan Dyer. Delta Kappa Epsilon Association of Buffalo, N. Y.--President, Sheldon T. Viele. Delta Kappa Epsilon Association of Kentucky-President, Thomas U. Dudley. Delta Kappa Epsilon Association of Cleveland, O.-President, Rev. J. D. VVilliainson. Delta Kappa Epsilon Club of the Northwest-President, Rev. E. P. Ingersoll, D. D., Minnesota. Eastern New York Association of Delta Kappa Epsilon. Albany, N. Y.--President, William H. Holliston, jr. Delta Kappa Epsilon Club of Rochester, N. Y.-President, Dr. J. XV. NVhitbeck. Delta Kappa Epsilon Club of Connecticut, Hartford, Conn.-President. Col. jacob L. Greene. Mississippi Valley Alumni Association of Delta Kappa Epsilon-President, Scott H. Blewett, St. Louis, Mo. Chattanooga Southern Association of Delta Kappa Epsilon, Tennessee - President, Elwood XV. Mattson. W'estern Michigan Association of Delta Kappa Epsilon, Grand Rapids-President, john Patton, jr. Harvard Association of Delta Kappa Epsilon, Cambridge, Mass.-President, NVhitnian WV. Symes. Delta Kappa Epsilon Association of Central New York, Syracuse-President, Hon. Irving G. Vann. Indiana Delta Kappa Epsilon, Indianapolis-President, Charles F. Coffin. Mountain Association of Delta Kappa Epsilon, Denver, Colo.-President, Henri R. Foster. XVestern Massachusetts Delta Kappa Epsilon Alumni Association, Springfield-President, NValter S. Robinson. Wisconsin Alumni Association of Delta Kappa Epsilon. Delta Kappa Epsilon Association of Central Tennessee. Nashville-President, Rev. james R. NVinchester. Delta Kappa Epsilon Association of Memphis, Tenn.-President, Percy Finlay. Delta Kappa lipsilon Association of Texas, Austin-President, Hon. R. R. Gaines. Delta Kappa l-lpsilon Association of the State of XVashington-President, Rev. l". W. Keator, Seattle. 22 N DELTA KAPPA EPSILON FRATERNITY. mcnuosn 5 svxes 9 enowu wnxms s w. a. CRITZ 10 su-mums 'r. A. cnrrz 1 Moanow 11 'rucxen SECKETT 12 GARROTT f Y., XL- all I3 ROSEBOROUGH 14 SLACKMUR 15 DODD Chi Chapter of Della Kappa Epsilon. Founded at the University of Mississi ppi, April 14, 1850. FRATRES IN URBE. REV. WYNNE DAMID HEDLESTON XYII.I,IAM EVANS STONE FRATRES IN FACULTATE. PAUL HILL SAUNDERS, Ph. D. EUGENE CAMPBELL. M. FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE. LAW. MARVIN HOLLOMAN BROWN, '03 CECIL SHANDS, '04 THOMAS BINFORD XV.-XTKINS, '04 SCIENCE, LITERATURE, AND ARTS. Class of 1903. WlI.I.IAM MORGAN GARROTT BENJAMIN :ARCHER TIICKER, J Class of 1904. F RANK ARCHELAUS CRITZ JR. EDXYARD CLYDE WRIGHT Class of 1905. WILLIAM EDWIN B LACKMUR LAXVSON WILLIAM INIAGRUDER JR LI-:ON ROSEBOROUGH Class of 1906. RICHARD CABLE BECKETT, JR. WALTER BARKER CRITZ HARVEY DODD JAMES THOMAS MORROW ALVIN CULLUM JOHNSTON THOMAS NICQUISTON SYKES 25 R DELTA KAPPA EPSILON CHAPTER HOUSE JXLPHA DELTA . EPSILON LAMBDA UPs11.ox PHI , . SIGMA TAU . Della Dsi Fraternity. Founded at Columbia College, 1847. Bull nf Qlhaptvrs. . . . . Columbia University . . Viiiversityof Pennsylvania . . . . . .Trinity College . . . .XVilliams College . . University of Virginia . .... University of Mississippi . . . .Yale-Sheffield Scientific School . . Massachusetts Institute of Technology 29 Dhr Chapter of the Fralcrnlly of Della DSI Establlshed In 1855 FRATER IN FACULTATE ICH um M XRION I1 111 II M A FRATRES IN URBE JHIIN R SIOXXPRS J XILL1+w101e1 BXIRD IIIXNI JA11114s 1 111s PflRTl lx FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE SCIENCE LITERATURE AND ARTS Class of 1 903 W IIIXNI I DoUC111RTx A H STEPHEN C,u11 CXROTIII 15 B1 XNI WD Class of 1 904 F11o1x1xs R 81011111111 Fmfn PHN1 P1fR1111xs Class of 1905 QIIARIIS 'I B1 11111 ClIXlxIlL5 M PUWEII jo11N IJ IWLIPMORI Gm 'J GIIIIQPIP JAWIIS D 1911111511 Bnm R WKRRINER If. A ROWAN, jk Class of 1906 C11 mu h HARU x P11011 xs DUD11 1 150111 Lxmm as L1 A1111 Rom RT J P1 RRX LAW Class of 1903 111 BARR M1111 R Class of 1904 jo11N W xRR11.1x MLN UR , o 0 O R .V - 111 .1 , 1:1 H: , ., 1.1 ., LI.. D. "fu v 1 . ,1 1 X - K - X '-4 s . A 4A 4 A v 7 Q v v v 1 44 A 4 111441. X. iw111.1.11.xx, 511. . ., 2 . .. . 4' F ! ' . , X 1... 1 3. 4 3 . . 11 X v x Q 4 4 , 'Z g ' 2 Q. Zi 4: 1 . . . . . J . NVIl,I,I.XM L. I'111.'1'o1x Ro1114.R'1' H. IOXXEL1. ' - 'fx' 4 y I 4- , 4 y 4 4 - v . . . . n 1 4 4 4 -' 4 4 K . . W . . - . v X 4 ' - Q 4 41 f . 4 4 is 2 . . .EY 2 '. . . . D I A n A 0 1 1 . . 4 r , , , '. 1 'E 1 . .Q 45 . 1 , 1 , ' . 2. 4 'Z . 'Z ' H1139 ,, 43 . 1 s ' 0 1 'U oo +1-""'j ..f." ---.-...........-,..., .' v 3 vi' ',. up 4 E e X U . fy . .. . v Ji F' ""' f M- In . .Q-81-4 'av' - .ky ,F ' 1 :'f!,,y,, . 5n.EgL,--A L IA f L, Y 1 L A lgfki' .4-,' 4 'ak'-'??a DELTA PSI FRATERNITY. Pmssnv e sunsn 11 nowm wmnmsn cumx 7 Penrzv 12 M-mm asmuwo Penxms s olussvne as Powsu. Hmvsv muen 9 STEPHEN 14 Powsu.. R. ruuou. w srocxone 10 ooucnerzrv 15 WLEAN ,,.,v, XY 'vid- DELTA PSI CHAPTER HOUSE. Dhi Kappa Dsi Fraternity. Founded at Washington-Jefferson College, Washington, Pennsylvania, 1852. PuBucATioN: " The shield." Pennsylvania Pennsylvania Pennsylvania Pennsylvania Pennsylvania Pennsylvania Pennsylvania Pennsylvania Pennsylvania COLORS: Pink and Lavender. Qlhaptrrs. District I. Alpha, XVashington-jetferson College. Beta, Allegheny College. Gamma, Bucknell University. Epsilon, Gettysburg College. Zeta, Dickinson College. Eta, Franklin and Marshall College. Theta, Lafayette College. Iota, University of Pennsylvania. Kappa, Swarthmore College. District, ll. New Hampshire Alpha, Dartmouth College. Massachusetts Alpha, Amherst College. Rhode Island Alpha, Brown University N ew N ew N ew N ew N ew York Alpha, Cornell University. York Beta, Syracuse University. York Gamma, Columbia University. York Epsilon, Colgate University. York Zeta, Brooklyn Polytechnic Institute. Disbrict. Ill. Maryland Alpha, johns Hopkins University. Virginia Alpha, University of Virginia. Virginia Beta, XVashington and Lee University. XVest Virginia Alpha, University of lVest Virginia. Mississippi Alpha, University of Mississippi. Tennessee Delta, Vanderbilt University. District.. IV. Ohio Alpha, Ohio lVesleyan University. Ohio Beta, XVittenberg College. Ohio Delta, University of Ohio. Indiana Alpha, De Pauw University. Indiana Beta, University of Indiana. Indiana Delta, Perdue University. Illinois Alpha, Northwestern University. Illinois Beta, University of Chicago. Michigan Alpha, University of Michigan. District.. V. XVisconsin Alpha, University of XVisconsin. XVisconsin Gamma, Beloit College. Minnesota Beta. University of Minnesota. Iowa Alpha, University of Iowa. Kansas Alpha, University of Kansas. Nebraska Alpha, University of Nebraska. California Beta. Stanford University. California Gamma, University of California 35 Y A l'liilt1tluIpl1ia. PUIIIISBIYLHI I',illSiDlll'2, l'ennsylvz1nig1 Klczulvillc, i,6IN1S3'iX'2ll1i2l Newark. Ohio New York City Hllfflllo. New York XYnshington, IJ, C, cliCYCi2lIlfi, Uhio Sl1l'il1QQfil'ifi.i,i1iH lI:1i'v:u'fl, C,z11nln'1rlgc, Aluntui Psaauriatiuusi. in iilll'yl'Llw. Ohio Imllzinzipolix, lmhzum iolcfio, Ohio .Xmleisom lmlizmzi Qhivngo, Ilhnos Kzinszu City. Niiwouri Xiinnc zlpolis, Nlinnuxotzi iJL'l1X'CI', c,il7i0i'llfiH Alumni Qilulm. tts Mil Nill5S2ll'iIll5tf J U. Nun Portlnncl. Oregon Sun Fl'lll1k'iSL'U, C2liifUI'l1il Cincinnati. Ohio Omaha, Nk'ill'llSk21 Boston, NIz155ac:liusctt5 Seattle, Xvilhilillgfllll .Iohnstown, i'CI1l1S5'lY1lI1il lmhith. NlinncSot21 ' Hzlvcli, Connecti .aft i I HAIRSTON 2 HARRIS .Pf- R E ,1- PHI KAPPA PSI FRATERNITY. 3 ra-xurzsvor-. J, rv. s swocws Q srnlcxuwo 4 emnox 7 Fosren xo snnmrsn 5 CLARK 8 JOHNSYON I 1 V 0 lg 5 xr o It ' , 'Y- I 4 ' ,' V., U10 Qt ..1 ' . Q 1 ' ' u S ' 1 t 4 1 v t x -.Agni ' , x I .4 ,... fi 3 ' x. 5 A Mississippi Alpha oi Dhi Kappa Dsi. Chartered 1857. Reestablishedli1881. FRATER IN URBE. BENJAMIN HOWARD DURLEY Class of 1903. JOHN NABERS STANDIFER, LL. B. .... . JOHN W. HARRIS. LL. B ..... M. FOSTER, B. A. . . . . . . JOHN ' Class of 1904. JOHN MOSLEY HAIRSTON .......... Class of 1905. HENRY S. BARRON. B. A .,... .,... BENJAMIN F. JOHNSON, JR., B. S. . . DANIEL OTIS CLARK, B. S .... .... Class of 1906. ROBERT ERVIN HAIRSTON, B. S . . . . . . ROBERT JONES ENOCHS, B. A. . . . RANDOLPH T STRICKLAND, B. A. . . IKE L. SCHERCR, B. A.. . . . . 39 . . . . Oxford . VVater Valley , , Lexington . . Crawford. Crystal Springs, . . Hazlehurst Mississippi Mississippi Mississippi Mississippi Mississippi Mississippi . . . Vernon, Texas . . . Crawford, Crystal Springs, . Olive Branch, . .Brookhaven, Mississippi Mississippi Mississippi Mississippi Sigma Chi Fraternity. PUBLICATION: A Sigma Chi Quarterly." COLORS: Blue and Old Gold' liull nf Qlhaptrrs. , First Province. Alpha Chi, Pennsylvania State College. Epsilon, Columbian University. Theta, Pennsylvania College. Kappa, liucknell University. Omieron, Dickinson College. Phi, Lafayette College. Phi Phi, University of Pennsylvxuiia. Alpha Rho, Lehigh University. Second Province. Zeta, W'ashington and University Tau, Roanoke College. Gamma Gamma, Ranclolph4Macon College. Sigma Sigma, Hampden-Sidney College. Alpha Tau, University of North Carolina. Psi, University of Virginia. Third Province. Beta, University of XVooster. Alpha, Miami University. Gamma, Ohio Vlfesleyan University. Mu, Denison University. Zeta Zeta, Center College. Zeta Psi, University of Cincinnati. Lambcla Lambda, Kentucky State Co Mu Mu, University of XYcst Virginia. Alpha Gamma, Ohio State University. Fourth Province. Theta Theta, University of Michigan. Lambda, University of Indiana. Rho, liutler University. Chi, llanover College. Delta Delta, Purtlue University. Xi, De Pauw University. liege. Fifth Province. Omega, Northwestern University. Kappa Kappa, University of Illinois. Xi Xi, Missouri State University. Omicron Omicron, University of Chicago. Alpha Zeta, Beloit College. Alpha Iota, Illinois XVesleyan University. Alpha Lambda, University of XVisconsin. Alpha Pi, Albion College. Alpha Sigma, University of Minnesota. Sixth Province. Alpha Epsilon, University of Nebraska. Alpha Xi, University of Kansas. Seventh Province. Eta, University of Mississippi. Alpha Mu, University of Texas. Alpha Omicron, Tulane University. Alpha Psi, Vanderbilt University. Eighth Province. Alpha Beta, University of California. Alpha Upsilon, University of South Cali- fornia. Alpha Omega, Leland Stanford, jr., Univer- sity. Nint..h Province. Alpha Alpha, Hobart College. Eta Eta, Dartmouth College. Nu Nu. Columbia University. Alpha 'l'het:i, Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Alpha Phi, Cornell University. Alumni Qlhaptvra. New York City Philadelphia, Pa Chicago, lll. Nashville, Tenn. Cincinnati, O. Indianapolis, lnd. New Orleans, La, Milwaukee, VVis. Boston, Nl ass. Alumni Asanriutinna. Washington, D. C. Kansas City, Kan. Detroit, Mich. 41 Eta Chapter of Sigma Chi Fraternity. FRATRES IN URBE. CAPTAIN W. A. RO.-XNE DR. A. A. YOUNG D. M. IQIMBROUGII J. E. HOI.BIES M B. LEAVELL FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE. GU' D. DEAN HERBERT HOLMES LAW. Class of 1903. J. B. CAROTHERS Class of 1904. J. N. STURDIVANT SCIENCE, LITERATURE, AND C. W. PHILLIPS T. W. XVHITE S. J. COLLIER W. H. ICIARIJY B. If. XVORSHAM Class of 1903. Class R. D. Class XV . of 1904. MQLAIN of 1905. .42 R. C. COWAN R. B. LACEV ARTS. W. O. CRISMAN J. B. I.EAvELL E. B. LEONARD D. I. SULTAN P. NICDONALD 5 T u i L W 5 5 V H ! 1 2 1 I ! l 2 44 R K KAN 1 .ry 3 1, , 1 KJ Xxg u Q mg WORSHAM M ' DONALD COWAN LEONARD LACEY 1 , iw?-55 m ,f ,L . wx 3 N if SIGMA CHI FRATERNITY. 6 HOLMES IO WHITE 7 HARDY H CRISMAN 8 COLLIER I2 LEAVELL J PHILLIP 13 CAROTNER 591 ? ' I 'Z ,ffzf N STURDIVANT I5 DEAN 16 bULYAN I7 M LAIN 1 .v" .I ?- 1215 ' A P I 5. , 4 'Q D QL", 1 .qu 0 , ' 4 ' ' Q'-xl' C. Sigma Alpha Epsilon Fraternity. Founded at the University of Alabama in 1856, by De Votie. COLORS: PUBLICATIONS: Old Gold and Purple. The Record and Phi Alpha Zfratrrnitg Birrrtnrg. ti. Hi-:xnniiic H.xnn1sox. 1'i1.i-1 Z-.'miui-111 Szfpri-fm' .lrfhivu Elin' isttprrtnr Linunril. XYILLIABI C. I.l-IYERI-2 . . . . ......... ILCIIII-llfilf Suprmn .4r.'h.w XY. E. HOLIJI-IRNIQSS . . . . l:'1111'11f'11f .N-llfllflllz' 17111113 .4 rfhnn lilnt'ARlr H. YIRKSIX . . ..... llilllzillillf -YIlf7l'z'llIz' Rz't'nl'ih'1 GEORGI-1 D. KlM1:.xI-l. .... . . lflllfllillf Sufmvm' Trm.v1nw HENRY Svnxoit Hanitisox ...,......... Ea'1'!vrQf' "Thr lt'fmn1"' Province Alpha. Boston I'niversity :Massachusetts Beta Cpsilont. Boston. Blass. Massachusetts Institute of Technology Olassachusetts Iota Taut. Boston. Blass. Harvard University tllassachusetts Gammal. Cambridge. Mass. Worcester Polytechnic Institute ihlassachusetts Deltat. XYorcester. Blass. Trinity College tConnecticut .-Xlphal. Hartford. Conn. Province Beta. Cornell University tNew York Alphat, Ithaca, N. Y. Columbia l'niversity QNew York Mui, New York. N. Y. St. Stephens College tNew York Sigma Phit. Annandaleon-Hudson, N. Y. Allegheny College tPennsylvania Omegat. Meadville, Pa. Dickinson College tPennsylvania Sigma Phij, Carlisle, Pa. Pennsylvania State College tPennsylvania Alpha Zetai, State College. Pa. Bucknell University tPennsylvania Zetal. Lewisburg, Pa. Gettysburg College tPennsylvania Deltat, Gettysburg. Pa. University of Pennsylvania tPennsylvania Thetal, Philadelphia, Pa. Provinoe Gamma. L'niversity of Virginia tYirginia Omicronj, Charlottesville. Ya. XVashington and Lee University tYirginia Sigmal. Lexington, Ya. University of North Carolina tNorth Carolina Xil, Chapel Hill, N. C. Davidson College tNorth Carolina Thetai, Davidson. N. C. XVofford College tSouth Carolina Gammal, Spartanburg, S. C. University of Georgia tGeorgia Betai, Athens, Ga. Mercer University tGeorgia Psij, Macon. Ga. Emory College QC-eorgia Epsilonj, Oxford. Ga. Georgia School of Technology tGeorgia Phil, Atlanta, Ga. 45 Province Delta. University of Michigan tlilichigan Iota Betaj, Ann Arbor, Mich. Adrian College tMichigan Alphaj, Adrian, Mich. Mt. Union College tOhio Sigmay, Alliance, O. Ohio XVesleyan University tOhio Deltaj, Delaware, Ohio. University of Cincinnati COhio lipsilonj, Cincinnati, Ohio. Ohio State University tOhio Thetaj, Columbus, Ohio. Franklin College tlndiana Alphaj, Franklin, Ind. Purdue University tlndiana Betaj, LaFayette, Ind. Northwestern University flllinois Psi Omegai, Evanston, Ill. University of Illinois tlllinois Betaj, Urbana, Ill. University of Wisconsin Oliisconsin Alphaj, Madison, XVis. University of Illinois flllinois Alphaj, Urbana, Ill. University of Minnesota tllinnesota Alphaj, Minneapolis, Minn. Province Epsilon. Central University tKentucky Kappaj, Richmond, Ky. Bethel College fKentucky Iotai, Russellville, Ky. Kentucky State College tKentucky Epsiloni, Lexington, Ky. Southwestern Presbyterian University tTennessee Zetai, Clarksville, Tenn Cumberland University t'l'ennessee Lambdaj, Lebanon, Tenn. Vanderbilt University tlennessee Nui, Nashville, Tenn. University of Tennessee tTennessee Kappai, Knoxville, Tenn. University of the South tlennessee Omegaj, Sewanee, Tenn. Southwestern Baptist University t'l'ennessee Etaj, jackson, Tenn. University of Alabama tAlabama Mui, University, Ala. Southern University fAlabama lotaj, Greensboro, Ala. Alabama Polytechnic Institute fAlabama Alpha Muj, Auburn, Ala. Province Zeta. University of Missouri tMissouri Alphaj, Columbia, Mo. XfVashington University CMissouri lietaj, St. Louis, Mo. University of Nebraska tNebraska Lambda Pij, Lincoln, Neb. University of Arkansas fArkansas Alpha Upsilonj, Fayetteville, Ark. University ot' Kansas tKansas Alphaj, Lawrence, Kan. Province Eta. University of Colorado tColorado Chij, Boulder, Colo. Denver University fColorado Zetaj, Denver, Colo. Leland Stanford, jr., University tCalifornia Alphaj, Palo Alto, Cal. University of California tCalifornia lictal, llerkeley, Cal. Colorado School of Mines tColorado Lambdaj. 46 Province Theta. Louisiana State University tLouisiana lipsilonh, Baton Rouge, La. Tulane University tLouisiana Tau Epsilonl, New Orleans, La. University of Mississippi tMississippi Gammal, University, Miss. University of Texas tTexas Rhoj, Austin, Texas. New Chapters. University of Chicago. University of Kansas. University of Wisconsin. Virginia Military Institute. Colorado School of Mines. Alumni Azznriaiinnm. Boston, Mass. Augusta, Ga. Chicago, lll. Knoxville, Tenn. NVashington,'D. Denver, Colo. Louisville, Ky. C. Philadelphia, Pa. New York City Savannah, Ga. Chattanooga, Tenn. Detroit, Mich. VVorcester, Mass. VVilniington, N. C. Macon, Ga. Florence, Ala. Pittsburg, Pa. Alliance, O. Jackson, Miss. Cleveland, Ohio. St. Louis, Mo. Greenville, S. C Pittsburg, l'a. Talladega, Ala. 47 Atlanta, Ga. Cincinnati, Ohio. Kansas City, Mo. New Orleans, La. liirniingham, Ala. San Francisco, Cal Memphis, Tenn. Americus, Ga. Mississippi Gamma of Sigma Alpha Epsilon. COLORS: YELL: Royal Purple and Old Gold. Phi Alpha Alicazee, Phi Alpha Alicazong Sigma Alpha, Sigma Alpba, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. FRATRES IN URBE. JUDGE B. T. KIINIBROUGH HoN. H. V. SOMERVILLE DR. J. T. CHANDLER MURRAY C. FALKNER WILLIAM ARCHIBALD W. L. MATTHEWS FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE. LAW. Class of 1903. C. H. HUDSON, Chalybeate, Miss. ' Class of 1904. F. O. WYNNE, Memphis, Tenn. SCIENCE, LITERATURE, AND ARTS. Class of 1903, F. W. ELMER, Biloxi, Miss. Class of 1905. E. G. HIGHTOWER, Hattiesburg, Miss. R. J. THURINIOND, Oxford, Miss. R. L. HEIDELBERG, Heidelberg, Miss. Class of 1906. J. T. HANEV, Hattiesburg, Miss. N. B. TI-IURMOND, Oxford, Miss. 48 'qu SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON FRATERNITY. 1 HIGHTOWER 3 W. B, THURMOND o HUDBON 2 R J. THURMONO 4 HANEY ELMER 5 HEIDELBERG -1-rag-"-'--.-.11 1 Xi , 1 p 1 , . 0' .A - Q A 1 1 .,4, Ml-Y-1 1-'15 , ,Q '. 4- A .P .- '1 .-, b . -'.-. 4 'I 1 1 ,K 0 - . :.'n-' I I Tj A -t". ,V 4 . v . IP' ,nl 4 . . 'n ' ,,r.oJ?'1 -.-.I AA., . ff , ' .ag U AWK "? . , ' n ' ' ' ' 43 y w 'li . . G. .4 ' . . " . , :G-L' I ' 1 L Q A ." y V. T' w I M ,. ,.. ' L v-i - 1 4 Q J Q., . .. ' 1 'l,r? Y . 1 -v '- -is ' : if-,I aj' ..- J .. ,A -vu N- -. . I 4' Q1 If 4' I' '4 , .al Dhi Delta Theta Fraternity. Founded in1848, at Miami University. FLOWER: White Carnation. cotonsz Argentand Azure. PuaLicATloNs: HSCl'OIlU3l'1d " Palladium " csee eo Qlhaptrr 'iKnll. Alpha Province. Quebec Alpha, McGill University, Montreal, Canada. Maine Alpha, Colby University, XVaterville, Me. New Hampshire Alpha, Dartmouth College, Hanover, N. H. Vermont Alpha, University of Vermont, Burlington, Vt. Massachusetts Alpha, XVilliams College, XVilliamstown, Mass. Massachusetts Beta, Amherst College, Amherst, Mass. Rhode Island Alpha, Brown University, Providence, R. I. New York Alpha, Cornell University, Ithaca, N. Y. New York Beta, Union College, Schenectady, N. Y. New York Delta, Columbia University, New York, N. Y. York Epsilon, Syracuse University, Syracuse, N. Y. New Pennsylvania Alpha, Lafayette College, Easton, Pa. Pennsylvania Beta, Pennsylvania College, Gettysburg, Pa. Pennsylvania Gamma, VVashington and Jefferson College, Washington Pa Pennsylvania Delta, Allegheny College, Meadville, Pa. Pennsylvania Epsilon, Dickinson College, Carlisle, Pa. Pennsylvania Zeta, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pa. Pennsylvania Eta, Lehigh University, South Bethlehem, Pa. Beta Province. Virginia Beta, University of Virginia, Charlottesville, Ya. Virginia Gamma, Randolph-Macon College, Ashland, Va. Virginia Zeta, VVashington and Lee University, Lexington, Ya. North Carolina Beta, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, N. Kentucky Alpha Delta, Central University, Danville, Ky. Kentucky Epsilon, Kentucky State College, Lexington, Ky. Tennessee Alpha, Vanderbilt University, Nashville, Tenn. Tennessee Beta, University of the South, Sewanee, Tenn. Gamma Province. Georgia Alpha, University of Georgia, Athens, Ga. Georgia Beta, Emory College, Oxford, Ga. Georgia Gamma, Mercer University, Macon, Ga. Georgia Delta, Georgia School of Technology, Atlanta, Ga. Alabama Alpha, University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, Ala. Alabama Beta, Alabama Polytechnic Institute, Auburn, Ala. SI C Delta Province. Ohio Alpha, Miami University, Oxford, Ohio. Ohio Beta, Ohio Wesleyan University, Delaware, Ohio. Ohio Gamma, Ohio University, Athens, Ohio. Ohio Zeta, Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio. Ohio Eta, Case School of Applied Science, Cleveland, Ohio. Ohio Theta, University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, Ohio. Michigan Alpha, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Mich. Epsilon Province. Indiana Alpha, Indiana University, Bloomington, Ind. Indiana Beta, Wabash College, Crawfordsville, Ind. Indiana Gamma, Butler College, Irvington, Ind. Indiana Delta, Franklin College, Franklin, Ind. Indiana Epsilon, Hanover College, Hanover, Ind. Indiana Zeta, De Pauw University, Greencastle, Ind. Indiana Theta, Purdue University, LaFayette, Ind. Zeta Province. Illinois Alpha, Northwestern University, Evanston, Ill. Illinois Beta, Chicago University, Chicago, Ill. Illinois Delta, Knox College, Galesburg, Ill. Illinois Eta, University of Illinois, Champaign, Ill. Illinois Zeta, Lombard College, Galesburg, Ill. Wisconsin Alpha, University of Wisconsin, Madison, Wis. Minnesota Alpha, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, Minn. Iowa Alpha, Iowa Wesleyan University, Mount Pleasant, Iowa. Iowa Beta, University of Iowa, Iowa City, Iowa. Missouri Alpha, University of Missouri, Columbia, Mo. Missouri Beta, Westminster College, Fulton, Mo. Missouri Gamma, Washington University, St. Louis, Mo. Kansas Alpha, University of Kansas, Lawrence, Kansas. Nebraska Alpha, University of Nebraska, Lincoln, Neb. Colorado Alpha, University of Colorado, Boulder, Colo. Eta Province. Mississippi Alpha, University of Mississippi, University, Miss. Louisiana Alpha, Tulane University, New Orleans, La. Texas Beta, University of Texas, Austin, Texas. Texas Gamma, Southwestern University, Georgetown, Texas. Theta Province. California Alpha, University of California, Berkeley, Cal. California Beta, Leland Stanford, jr., University, Menlo Park, Washington Alpha, University of Washington, Seattle, Wash. 52 Ca Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minn. Kansas City, Mo. St. Louis, Mo. Omaha, Neb. Denver, Col. Meridian, Miss. Oklahoma City, O. Austin, Tex. T. Salt Lake City, Utah. San Francisco, Cal. Los Angeles, Cal. Portland, Ore. Spokane, Wash. Alumni Qlhaptrra. Seattle, Wash. Athens, Ohio. Toledo, Ohio. Hamilton, Ohio. Detroit, Mich. Franklin, Ind. Indianapolis, Ind. Crawfordsville, Ind. Chicago, Ill. Galesburg, Ill. Bloomington, lll. Peoria, lll. LaCrosse, Wis. Milwaukee, Vv'is. Menasha, VVis. Nashville, Tenn. Columbus, Ga. Atlanta, Ga. Macon, Ga. Montgomery, Ala Selma, Ala. Birmingham, Ala. Mobile, Ala. New Orleans, La. Cincinnati, Ohio. Akron, Ohio. Cleveland, Ohio. Columbus, Ohio. '7' 53 Boston, Mass. Harvard University, Mass Providence, R. l. New York, N. Y. Syracuse, N. Y. Schenectady, N. Y. Baltimore, Md. Pittsburg, Pa. Philadelphia, Pa. Washington, D. C. Richmond, Va. Louisville, Ky. Mississippi Alpha oi Dhi Della Theta. Established in 1877. FRATRES IN URBE. C. L. SIVLEY, '89 T. W. YATES, '87 RELBUE PRICE, '94 FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE. LAW. Class of 1903. ROBERT RIONTGOBIERY BOURDEAYX, JR. EDWIN ANDREYV SAXYYER ORYILLE BERNARD DORRIS LEROY MONEX' ADAMS LUTHER ALEXANDER XVHITTINGTON JOHN PERCY BOYD GABRIEL JACOBSON SCIENCE, LITERATURE, AND ARTS. Class of 1903. THOMAS Hl'BIPHREX'S CAMPBELL, JR. XVILLI.-XM ANDREW' HENRY, JR. Class of 1904. JOHN MARTIN NIAGRUDER Class of 1905. J.uIIf:s ANDREXX' DRANE DICK CAUTHEN MCCOOI. G.-XRRARD MONTJOY BARRETT XVILLIAM NATHANIEI. ETHRIDGE Class of 1906. JOHN BLANKS BOURDEAIIX ORMAN LANIER KIMBROVGH 54 PHI DELTA THETA FRATERNITY. . -n.".2'.i. 1 ...n BOYD 5 JACOBSON 9 CAMPBELL 13 R. M. SOURDEAUX ADAMS 6 WHITTINGTON 10 HENRY 14 M'COOL J. 8. BOURDEAUX 7 DORRIS 11 DRANE 15 BARRETT SAWYER B KIMBR OUGH 12 ETHRIDGE 16 MAGRUDER 'E 4 Y tsl- K 4 fl I' n 'z 3 .. A 0 I M dt", UU A 5 1, -5 I ' . f. 1 ' Q 1 L . L Cl .U 4 1 I 'r'-in 'NLC' 'W' U I . '. . 8 J.. I 5' .5 1 f Y r' Delta Tav Della Pralcrnily. Founded at Bethany College in 1860. Rainbow Founded at University of Mississippi in 1848 S. A. Chapter. Rainbow Consolidated with Delta Tau Delta. 1886. Pi Chapter. COLORS: FLOWER: Royal Purple, Old Gold. and White. Pansy. Glhaptrr Rn1L Grand Division of the South. Lambda, Vanderbilt University. Pi, University of Mississippi. Phi, Xliashington and Lee University. Beta Epsilon, Emory College. Beta Theta, University of the South. Beta Iota, University of Virginia. Beta Xi, Tulane University. Grand Division of bhe West.. Omicron, University of Iowa. Beta Gamma, University of XVisconsin. Beta Eta, University of Minnesota. Beta Kappa, University of Colorado. Beta Pi, N orthwestem University. Beta Rho, Stanford University. Beta Tau, University of Nebraska. Beta Upsilon, University of Illinois. Beta Omega, University of California. Gamma Alpha, University of Chicago. Gamma Beta,Armour Institute of Technology. Grand Division of the North. Beta, Ohio University. Delta. University of Michigan. Epsilon, Albion College. Zeta, Adelbert College. Kappa, Hillsdale College. Mu, Ohio XVesleyan College. Chi, Kenyon College. Beta Alpha, Indiana University. Beta Beta, De Pauw University. Beta Zeta, Butler College. Beta Phi, Ohio State University. Beta Psi, XYalJash College. Gamma Delta, University of XVest Virginia. Alpha, Allegheny College. Gamma. XVashington and jefferson College. Rho, Stevens Institute of Technology. Upsilon, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. Omega, University of Pennsylvania. Beta Lambda, Lehigh University. Beta Nu,3Iassachusetts Institute of Technology Beta Omicron, Cornell University. Beta Chi, Brown University. Gamma Gamma, Dartmouth College. Gamma Epsilon, Columbia University. Gamma Zeta, XVesleyan University. Alumni Chapters. Chicago, New York, Cincinnati, Boston, San Francisco Philadelphia, Omaha, M ilwaukee, Indianapolis, Atlanta, Minneapolis, Cleveland, Pittsburg, Evansville. 57 v 1 . QI ' 'v 51 IQ. 4 Y 1'uoQ A-, ' !..s.' 1. ' I C .11 A' f -Il. 1 'ri fb ' s .,. Aff s 11 3- 54 2 "' o FY-n D' ,,'l '-,-fjh Q i -513154. DELTA TAU DELTA FRATERNITY. 1 Ames 4 ANDERSON 7 wins 10 oAmEL 2 woou 5 noasns a CARTER 11 TIPTOP1 3 HARDY, T. B. 8 EZELL 9 MILLER Ju! I . Q ' n 1 1-J. X I i .Q 'E' . 71, ,' 4 0 O .Wx I 4 A tl N -0 v -J WL L,',.'f5 9 'Q' . 'T '4 Q , ,'I -Q o u A ' " -r .1.42 qa'A ' ..j', ,..- , . V .Q v Q 4 - v f 41532: ' 'if fig J 'r 1 Di Chapter of Delta Tau Delta. Chapter Founded as Rainbow Fraternity, 1848g Consolidated with Delta Tau Delta, 1886. FRATER IN FACULTATE. DABNEY LIPSCOMH, M. A. J. R. TIPTON SCIENCE, T. B. HARDX' J. A. ROGERS J. F. DANIEL P. H. ANDERSON LAW. Class of 1903. Class of 1904. H. E. NASH LITERATURE, AND Class of 1903. C. F. AMES Class of 1905. Class of 1906. W. L. Woon 61 GEO. B. MYERS ARTS. E. J. EZELL, JR. W. S. CARTER O. H. MILI.ER W. C. Cox Tau Delta Theta Sorority. Founded at University of Mississippi, 1896. Alpha Qlhaptvr. COLORS! FLOWER: Black and Old Gold. Violet. SORORES IN URBE. MRS. DABNEY LIPSCOAIR CLARA HELEN BURT SFZ.-ANNE BERT ALMA XvIRGINIA JONES Lot' NE.XI. JONES RACHEL XYHITEXVAY SORORES IN UNIVERSITATE. M, A. Students, IXNNIE XVINIFRED PHILLIPS NORlI.A BIAI XVILKINS SARAH Class of BIARY LI'LA REA Class of NI.-XRY TXLICE H.'XLPZX' Class of BlC'I"1'IE SUE CIIAAIRLISS 62 1904. DAISY BELLE PLANT 1905. EMMA K.ATE KIBIBIONS 1906. RILLX ELLA REA OLA PRICE V.: 7'-1.2 1 IX a ,f" A Q. ' . , R 'f -If! Y L 3 5 I1 '5 .-' ,, Uhr I MISS MARY L 2 MISS HALEY TAU DELTA THETA SORORITY. REA 3 MISS ELLA REA 5 MISS PLANT 4 MISS KIMMONS B MISS CHAMBLISS sv? v , 4s. 7-Q 5 4 .QL 0 .53 5 I o -C .4 no Q x 'I 5... ' s fs U . Y 1' O v K? Chl Omega Sorority. Chapter Founded as Sigma Tau, 1896. Consolidated with Chi Omega, 1899. COLORS: FLOWER 5 Cardinal and Straw. Whife Camafion- Qlhaptvr illnll. Psi. University of Arkansas. Mu, University of California. Chi, .lassamine College, Lambda, University of Kansas Upsilon. lielmont College. Tau, University of Mississippi. Sigma, Randolph-Macon XYoman's College. Rlxo, Tulane University. Pi, University of Tennessee. Omicron, University of Illinois. Alpha, Columbian University. Xi, Nortlixvestern U niversity. Fayetteville Alumnae. Nu, University of XViseonsin. Kappa, University of Nebraska. 65 Tav Chapter of Chi Omega. SORORES IN URBE. ANNIE CHANDLER EDITH WARDLAW MARNIE WARDLAW JULIA COMPTON FLORIDE HUTTON SORORES IN UNIVERSITATE. Class of 1904. SALLIE BURNS LINDA SULTAN Class of 1905. JANIE ANDRUS Class of 1906. LOUISE ANDRUS 66 'U 3 " fi f""g s' I A all A CHI OMEGA SORORITY. 1 MISS J Anonus 2 MISS SULTAN 3 Miss surms 4 miss L Armnus 5 ll' 1 .-, 'Q J 4 an ' o r x . I 5 , . O A. it 5 1 . ls',H1 s ' 'x "sv vi A I. u r 54' ' .- ,ll 5' Q I+ '-L' K-I 'nf-. ' 4 Q 'C .4 Q- - Kappa Alpha Fraternity. Founded at Washington and Lee University, 1865. PUBLICATION: H Kappa Alpha Journal." COLORS : FLOWERS: Old Gold and Crimson. Red Rose and Magnolia Artihr Chapters. Alpha, 'Washington and Lee University, Lexington, Ya. Gamma, University of Georgia, Athens, Ga. Delta, Vllofford College, Spartanburg, C. Epsilon, Emory College, Oxford, Ga, Zeta, Randolph-Macon College, Ashland, Ya. Eta, Richmond College, Richmond, Ya. Theta, Kentucky State College, Lexington, Ky. Kappa, Mercer University, Macon, Ga. Lambda, University of Virginia, Charlottesville, Va. Nu, Polytechnic Institute, A. X M. College, Auburn, Ala. Xi, Southwestern University, Georgetown, Texas. Omicron, University of Texas, Austin, Texas. Pi, University of Tennessee, Knoxville, Tenn. Sigma, Davidson College, Mecklenburg Co., N. C. Upsilon, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, N. C. Phi, Southern University, Greensboro, Ala. Chi, Vanderbilt University, Nashville, Tenn. Psi, Tulane University, New Orleans, La. Omega, Centre College, Danville, Ky. Alpha Alpha, University of the South, Sewanee, Tenn. Alpha Beta, University of Alabama, University, Ala. Alpha Gamma, Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, La. Alpha Delta, William Jewell College, Liberty, Mo. Alpha Epsilon, S. VV. P. University, Clarksville, Tenn. Alpha Zeta, William and Mary College, XVilliamsburg, Va. Alpha Eta, Westminster College, Fulton, Mo. Alpha Theta, Kentucky University, Lexington, Ky. Alpha Iota, Centenary College, jackson, La. Alpha Kappa, Missouri State University, Columbia, Mo. Alpha Lambda, johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, Md. Alpha Mu, Millsaps College, Jackson, Miss. Alpha Nu, Columbian University, Washington, D. C. Alpha Xi, University of California, Berkeley, Cal. Alpha Omicron, University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, Ark. Alpha Pi, Leland Stanford, jr., University, Stanford University P. O., Cal 69 Alpha Rho, University of West Virginia, Morganton, W. Va. Alpha Sigma, Georgia School of Teclmology, Atlanta, Ga. Alpha Tau, Hampden-Sidney College, Hampden-Sidney, Va. Alpha Upsilon, University of Mississippi, University, Miss. Alpha Phi, Trinity College, Durham, N. C. Alpha Chi, Kentucky Wesleyan University, Winchester, Ky. Alpha Psi, Florida State College. Alpha Omega, North Carolina Agricultural and Mechanical College. Richmond, Va. Augusta, Ga. Raleigh, N. C. jacksonville, Fla. Chattanooga, Tenn. jackson, Miss. Birmingham, Ala. Alumni Qlhzqatvra. Dallas, Tex. New York, N. Y. Lexington, Ky. Macon, Ga. Meridian, Miss. Montgomery, Ala. Centreville, Miss. Norfolk, Va. St. Louis, Mo. San Francisco, Cal Alexandria, La. Mobile, Ala. Petersburg, Va. Hattiesburg, Miss. ,State Azanriatinna. Atlanta, Ga. Staunton, Va. Hampton, Va. Talladega, Ala. Franklin, La. Shreveport, La Kappa Alpha State Association of Missouri.-C. E. Dicken, President, R. S. Branch Secretary and Treasurer, G. M. Christian, Historian. Kappa Alpha State Association of Georgia.-Julian B. McCurry, President, B. L. Crew, Vice-President, W. G. Solomon, Secretary, G. D. Blount, Treasurer. Kappa Alpha State Association of Kentucky.-R. C. Stoll, President, W. O. Sweeny, Vice-President, Nathan Elliott, Secretary, William C. Smith, Treasurer. Kappa Alpha State Association of Alabama.-J. A. Henderson, President, J. H. Skeggs. Vice-President, J. B. Farrior, Secretary. Kappa Alpha State Association of North Carolina.-H. A. Foushee, President, C. M, Cooke, jr., Vice-President, de Roulhac Hamilton, Secretary, R. S. McGeachy, Treasurer. 70 Ii v ,4 E l ii ' f 9 . 3 u i . N f I 5 . I . ' Q R ' 1 , 3 ' 9 1 z NN u 41 w ...f 'ilu' -1 A 1 f --H,,:z'k.i ' KAPPA ALPHA FRATERNITY. 1 LUCKETT CONNER, C. R. 7 GADDIS 10 FITZ GERALD 2 ROBERTSON, S. V. CONNER, E. E. 8 FIELD 'll ANDERS 3 ATKINSON CANFIELD 9 SPARKMAN I2 ROBERTSON,V.O fi?-c. i 'gv' 4 A-L1 , . , Tw' 4. o un 4 ' - '. -.Q .gf 'fl Alpha Upsilon Chapter of Kappa Alpha. FRATER IN FACULTATE. VIRGIL OTI5 ROBERTSON FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE. ' LAW. GERALD FITZGPZRAI.IJ, 'O3 XHRG11. OTIS ROBERTSON, 'O4 SCIENCE, LITERATURE, AND ARTS. Class of 1903. SAMUEL LAMAR FIELD Class of 1904. EDGAR EARL CONNER LAURY NIARION GADDIS Class of 1905. EDWARD ATKINSON STOKES VERNON ROBERTSON CLYDE RAYMOND CONNER JOHN ROGERS ANDERS Class of 1906. JAMES BURTON CANFIELD JOSEPH EADS LUCRETT ALBERT BROXVN SPARKMAN 73 Greeks from Other Drovinces. In Facultate. CHANCELLOR R. B. FULTON, Clzz'Psz'. DR. R. W. JONES, Philfappa Sigma. PROF. A. L. BONDURANT, Kappa Szggma. DR. F. L. RILEY, Phz'Beta Kappa. DR. C. C. FERRELL, Baia Them Pi. DR. ALFRED HUME, Baia Thela Pi. DR, J. G. DEUPREE, Phi Gamma Delia In Collegio. V. R. MCDONALD, A'appa Sigma. A. J. NICLAURIN, JR., Kappa Sigma THE UNIVERSAL LANGUAGE He sat with his love in the moonlight 'Neath the friendly summer sky, Telling her of his studies In the session just gone by. " Teach me, please, some German, For I should like to know A German phrase or two." And then he whispered low, " Ich liebe dich. Liebst du mich? " If we were now in the moonlight Beneath a German sky, And I said these words to you, XYhat would you reply? Ich liebe dich. Liebst du mich P " And then she gave her answer In language sweeter far Than all the tender accents Of spoken language are,- The universal language. Descendecl from above, That does not need translation NVhere men and maidens love. W. A. s., '01 75 REFLECTION. l sat one day in retrospection, Recalling the days of my life Which seemed nearest perfection- The days when innocence was rife. By contrast they seemed farther away Than years would have them be, And as l pass thern o'er to-day The reason of this change l can not see Why should we ever play a part? Why deceive by word or act? Crush the real feelings of our hearts And be ruled by policy or tact? To one 't is " lovely and very sweetl' ln language of mock Piety, A perfect love!" to another we tell, And this to-day is Society. E. C. Wright, 'o4. I 76 ' 4 4 f 4 X 0 ' Q .sf r -,V o 0 gm 4 1 , 0, 7 bi -QU 0 , :Tl wk 32.30 O Q' ' 1 R27 ' H: K VIN' i Q-A ,- Q ,Q ' , If flip? Q ig , 1 2 il :gi 'Q ' Z-.S A fe 2: . f '24 ,ig ia-f o, :a.- - E. ir ? i ' 1 E LE e f -'Rf Ni are my R T -e i 'Miz :lj-1,1 K , 2 W ' E L ff? ,HV-Q ' "lk X dv A-V v' 1, :chi rN1'.Xx,1'- ,- -,I Ei ' 4 '-Ei E, A9ff ""' gli. , f ,Z 4 2'-.2732 :fc "',, ff.. 2- ' - 212-fn: :'3"e'2 '1 -.j T' ' ,r 'Q--f .- 2 5 - - Er.: I-if-ei R C' f' Cafjgal fifi I .f,!ll f F ',f,,'liiF'i - .- ix- -L N-v4 ff-R or R Ilvnt Club. The Ancicnl and Honorable Order oi Dowdy Runls. MOTTO : " Catch 'ern when they 're losing 'em." OFFICERS. T. B. XNATKINS . .,.... U. . . .Grand Runt M. H. BROXYN . . Vice-Grand Runt J. H. ROGERS . . . Recording Runt XV. L. FULTON . ....... Collecting Runt G. M. BARRETT . . Manager Runt Baseball Team T. B. XVATKINS . . . Captain Runt Baseball Team " FATTYH CONNER .R ..... Guardian of Runts MEMBERS. BARRETT BLACKMUR COLLIER CRISMAN DOUGHICRTY, " By-dog " FANNING FULTON HARDY, T. B. HARDX', " Freshman " JACOBSON, " Aind ud ? " WATKINS GILLESPIE BROXVNIE COFFEY DRANE ROGERS M. D. BROWN, " The Father of the Runts " WHITE Nota lk-na: llolm l'owcll was expelled for assuming control of the fiym,:1nd james Priestly was expelled for. growing so rapidly. 78 Blackstone Club. OFFICERS. FIRST TERM. R. M. BORDEAFX . . .... PfESZ't?,67If G. B. BIYERS. . . . . I'1'fe-Pfesfa'e1zf R. F. B. LOGAN J. P. BOYD . . . . . . . . . . . .Sefrcfary SECOND TERM. . . . . . . . . . .Presz'a'm! G. H. STRANGE . . . V1'ra-Prf.v1'Je1z! J. T. LOWREY . L. M. ADAIYIS. . H. HOLINIES . . J. L. HARRIS. . L. M. GADDIS T. B. WATKINS O. S. HOPKINS . . . . . . . . . .Sfc1efaf1' THIRD TERM. . . . . . . . . . .Prcsz'a'wz! . P 'ice-P1'fsz'a'c1zt . .Secrclagv Millsaps Club. A. J. MCLAURIN, JR. M. H. BROWN J. NV. MCNAIR D O. CLARK T. J. HOPKINS R. E. H.-XIRSTON 79 C. l'I. A. Club. A. H. STEPHER CHARLES CLARK W. S. CARTER J. M. C. Club. L. VV. MAGRUDER, JR. R. J. PERRY lf. DANIEL P. H. ANm1:Rsox LEO SHUMAKER 80 -' -'FM .? CHANCELLOFVS RESIDENCE 1 I 1 Z- 1-1 IYJ -.. ri!" 4 nv, r .4 flfy - 6 'A ' Q ..' -7 g ' O 451 M.. ff' ,. , ,... , . . ' I I S ill I". Q 'yuh -V .X Pr .1 .v aL , .. Q, f I+.. , x 1 Q 14' 'M ' W I I , '. - 'hs L .F .1- l I a . n . xqv. . G3 -P. , g. .' n I . 0 I3 lc. a , X' s K! ISLE. An, 5" ..g . 4 F "LA 5 L .Wt When Christmas Came in May. BY JAMES XIANCE BOXVEN, '01, " Speaking of sweetheartsf' she said. Now, we were not speaking of sweethearts. In fact, we were not speaking of anything, and hadn't been for a good quarter of an hour. I rolled over, some- what surprised, and said: " XVell, I 'll be-blessed! YYhat 's-" Some thirty minutes before I had found her sittting under a tree with some sewing-Battenberg, I believe she calls it-and of course she looked so sweet and so demure that I-well, to make a long story short, I made a fool of myself for the 'steenth time. She didn't let me make quite such a fool of myself as I usually do, because in the middle of it she looked up from her work, which she seemed much interested in, and said: " Oh, wonlt you please run up to the house and get mama's scissors? These won't cut." I offered my knife, which she graciously accepted, but somehow the inspiration for my story was all gone, so after a sweet " thank you " the conversation lagged so far behind that it got lost. I lay on my back, chewing a blade of grass, and muttering imprecations. " Speaking of sweethearts-" I sat up in astonishment. That wasn't a bit like her. 'f Did you know Johnny Martin? He was in school last yearf' Yes, I knew him to my sorrow, and said so, but I did not say why. Between you and me, he borrowed thirty dollars from me and never paid it back. " NVell, he 's just the nicest fellow. Nothing like you." This with a most angelic smile. Of course I asked why. " VVell, he always brought five-pound boxes, and he didn't lie on his back for half an hour without saying anything." I suggested that she wouldn't give me a chance to say what I wanted to, and maybe he had never seen her sitting under a tree making Battenberg. I wouldn't lie on my back in the parlor, either. " Smartiej' she said, with a pucker of her nose. Her nose is pretty when it is turned up, and she knows it. She took one or two more stitches, and then. holding the work off and inspecting the general effect: " He is such a dear. At Biloxi last summer he took me sailing every afternoon." As I wasn't a yachts- 83 man, I did not appreciate the beauty of that, and gritted my teeth in silence. " And then, last fall, when he came up to the University, he was so nice-driving, and calling, and going to the theaters. I 'm so sorry that his health got so bad he had to go home." All this was ancient history to me, and I could have suggested another reason for his departure, but I kept my peace. " I-Ie was here Christmas. Did you know it? 3' No, I was at home, and had not heard of it. " Well, he was the only out-of-town boy there, and he was the life of our party. It was at Mamie's, you knowf, Silence, while a needle was threaded, oh, so daintily. " The decorations were so pretty-holly and mistletoe, and we received under a canopy of them. The red and white berries looked so sweet." I looked skyward meditatively. A mocking-bird was in the topmost branch of the tree. " Isn't it queer," she went on, after a pause, " how flat, stale, and unprofit- able the Oxford youth are after association with you University boys? They are so slow." I thanked her for the compliment, and continued to look into the depths of the tree above. It was an oak, and I saw something else besides the mocking- bird. There was silence. Then: " I like all those old English customs, don't you? Papa is English, you know, and we have them all, plum pudding, and the -the hose, you know, and-" I looked enquiringly at her, and then back in the tree. She said: " The hose, you know,-hanging them on Christmas Eve." " Oh," I said, solemnly. " And the holly, too, it wouldnit be Christmas without that and the mistle- toe. And papa always makes us pay the penalty, too. There is no harm, is there? " she asked, anxiously, as I straightened up suddenly, with a determined look. " Oh, no," I said, then, getting up, " Do you see that big bird's nest up there in the tree? " She threw back her head and looked. "Why, that 's not a bird's nest, that 's-" But for certain reasons she didn't finish. " It really don't work except at Christmas, but you do it so nicely I suppose it 's all right-so much better even than johnny Martin-Oh-h-h wait till I find that needle I stuck right there where your arm is." And I forgot all about the mocking-bird. Then, later, as twilight and dew drove us in: " That 's the finest bunch on the lawn. I often sit there." So I 'm going back. 34 Owwbwd Sbixqmy ffl? WAUQGJ 4L,fv,, gfle,,2yC,!yUe LCADHW ,q j3l,U'N,f 315 l Y SA U71 ' "WO ff, ,gf ,f H1 G , - f C UXJ LOW ufwfwZwASGx12 N . , . QOL! ,QUJW LYOUIZ 3 555, UF 0 The 7v-miie!! buf shed Arm ll Wfffz 'U5TAff'EZ'1G f1?OW'!1f Houfio H58 ofY05Q IMI QQ 7 PM IT My SNL 'Mags Zo hancjfdf1v:lN,A' gyffalg S5 LQ SAID QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS. What makes the junior scratch his head, Roll and tumble on his bed, Oaths and other bad things spread, And wish that sciences were dead? Chemistry ! What makes the poor Soph curse his fateg Get up early and stay up late, Stare at the embers in his grate, Fills his fluttering heart with hate? Mathematics ! What makes a man's flesh fall off, Seizes him like an awful cough, Makes him roll, tumble and toss. Gives him the look of a withered Corse? Senior Law! But what makes a man always fail, Look like a ship without a sail, Run to the office for his mail, Dry up as thin as a seasoned rail? Love ! 190 86 Pre.v12l'e11f. . . V1'fe-Pres1'1zQ'11f Dhi Sigma Literary Society. OFFICERS. First Term. Second Term. . T. K. BOGGAN . L. R. HOGAN S. L. FIELD Third Term. V. R. HOWII-1 V. R. HOXX'IIi A. B. COHN .Stn-effzzgf. . . . I. T. GILMER E. XVI-LHSTER C. R. CONNER Chaplaizz . . . Y. R. HOIYIE L. HOGAN J. B. LEAYELI. Trcasurw- . .J. D. IHURPHY J. D. MURPHY J. D. IHLRPHY Cl'I'fI'l' . . .S. L. FIELD H.P.HEIIJE1.BEli!i J. C. NICHOLDS Cursor. . .J. M. FCRR J. E. HARRISON E. XYEHSTER MEMBERS. BOGGAN COHN CONNER FIELD FULTON HEIDELBEIIKS HOGAN HOIYIE LEAYELL LEONARD LOCKE NIURPHY NICHOLDs SULTAN XVIQRSTI-:R FANNING MCDONALD CHAAIEERLAIN TCCRER BIORRIS FCRR 0 O Hcrmcan Literary Society. OFFICERS. First Term. Second Term. Third Term. Prexzdenf. . . .J. L. XVILLIANIS O. S. HOPKINS 5. Y. ROBERTSON lfm'-P1-e.v1'1A'11f . W. A. HENRY, JR. S. Y. ROBERTSON E. G. HIGHTOWER Szrrefazy. . . . S. Y. RORERTNON L. T. KENNEDY T. M. SYREN Treasurer . . E. B. BIITCHELI. Ii. B. NIITCHELI. E. B. NIITCHELL Cenxor . . . li. G. HIGHTOWER J. W. BRADFORD XV. H. Ii.-XRDY Chajzlafu. . . E. B. RIITCHELL E. B. BII'1'CHEl.l. L. B. NIITCHELL MEMBERS. Amis ANDERSON BECKET BRADFORD BUURDEAUX BROWN CONNER CON CRISMAN CRITZ DODD, H. DODD, A. P. ENOCHS GADDIS HANEY HARDY, W. H. HARDX', T. B. HEXRX' HIGHTOWER HOPKINS, O. S HOPKINS, T. J. KENNEDY KIMBROUGH LAUDERDALE MAGRUDER BIITCHELL MONTGOMERY PIGFORD POLLARD ROBERTSON, S. Y. ROSEBOROUGH SEALE SPARRMAN STEPHEN STRICKLAND SYRES WILLIAMS NVOOD WORSHAM 87 Young Mcn's Christian Association. OF F ICERS. L. R. HOGAN . . ...... ..... P resz'a'e7zt V. R. HOWIE . . .... Vzke-Presz'a'en! S. V. ROBERTSON . . . . . Rec0ra'z'1zgSecfe!ar-y L. W. MAORUDER . . . . Correspoazdzbzg Secretary R. B. WALKER . . . ....... Treasurer J. E. LUCKETT . ....... ....... P ianisi MEMBERS. A. E. ARLEDGE S. W. BAKER R C. BECKETT J. W. BRADFORD M. D. BROWN M. H. BROWN J. B. CANFIELD D. O. CLARKE C. B. COCHRAN F. W. Cox C. H. DABBS G. D. DEAN J. G. DEUPREE O. B. DORRIS R. J. ENOCHS W. B. DOUGHERTY C. V. ERVIN S. L. FIELD E. S. FURR J. M. FURR 1. T. GILMER M. B. GRACE J. L. HARRIS T. P. HARRIS B. L. HATCH H. P. HEIDELBERG R. L. HEIDELBERG J. E. HERRINGTON L. R. HOGAN O. S. HOPKINS V. R. HOWIE ALFRED HUME A. JAMESON J. E. JOHNSON R. W. JONES L. T. KENNEDY E. D. LATHAM W. T. LAWLEY D. LIPSCOMR O. B. LOCKE L. W. MAGRUDER J. E. LUCKETT E. J. MCDONALD E. B. MITCHELI, G. MONTGOMERY F. O. MORRIS J. C. NICHOLDS R. J. PERRY E. J. POLLARD R. H. POWELL S. V. ROBERTSON V. O. ROBERTSON L. M. RUSSELL A. J. SEALE A. B. SPARKMAN G. H. STRANGE B. STRICKLAND E. STRICKLAND B. A. TUCKER, JR. J. R. TIPTON B. R. WALKER J. L. WILLIAMS T. W. WHITE 88 G. S. I. 0. A. COLLEGES REPRESENTED. UNIVERSITY OF IYIISSISSIPPI TIILANE UNIVERSITY OF LOUISIANA UNIVERSITY OF ALABAMA LOUISIANA STATE UNIVERSITX Representative, IQO2, V. OTIS ROBERTSON. M. I. 0. A. COLLEGES REPRESENTED. UNIVERSITY OF MISSISSIPPI AGRICULTURAL AND NIECHANICAI. COLLEGE MISSISSIPPI COLLEGE RIILLSAPS COLLEGE R6IlSfCSCllt3tiV6, May, I902, S. L. FIELD, 2d Medal. Representative, May, 1903, W. O. CRISMAN. 89 ', 1, , 4,174 XX! xxx vX'X Q fgitfeeg 5 !f1 F XI X z ' Wi l-4-- 59:35 X 67 9 xg I .f . airs f f Q x' f JE i t N 4? f-K so xxx . Q -,H -1 ff X ff T xi 1.5 X x " v' f -ax! N ,xxx " xx t ,ee Q .2 .2 3 -f fo -. ' -3 - V., Nr? X t ,V, 1 3 Zz, ' 2 ff ref i f 6 fe s l EQ f I K , k Mx ' W in 2 , fn 31211. i ef.-I 1- 1 ah? 'e size - f ,A I- A, ',f 1, - -, - ,. 5: Q 4 " "' 2 e " 1 'i 55i?X 1 ' - -Q 4 -1 x F , e 1 ww? 2, f' v- , ii? . ' V' f 2 life , 4' N ' ' ' e I' xl ' ' - . -X, V Z . , 2' . ASY O5 ll-RQ ROSQS- The last of the roses! Oh, wintry blast, XVhy do you seek To blight the last? Let its soft petals Of velvet unfold. Touch them not. XVinter, XYith tingers cold. Leave the last blossom To brighten and cheer Hearts. sick and surf'ring. From wintry days drenr. 'i i- 1? 'X' ll'lN'l'liR'S RICPLY. Not so: 't is my mission XYith sleet and with rain 'l o blight every flower. XVhen spring comes again, The warm sun will kiss them, Gentle showers will fall, XVinter be forgotten, And life come to all! 1903. Q0 f' WNW F5f2?h?5Vfy f 4 X - 4 W W' f Fx ' A f n-'IE' W' ' Wa! I, -'Rx x fu QQ, X wg 4' f N 'A ,fm " Q:, 2 ' 1 'J6 A ,1," Iasses, iiinlls, Slsatstorlrs tt. rf. xy ljffgk ii .'n3 ,' w - 1 f w. ' m'yQn Ji ' V 7 x I ' MQ P ng X-fs 2 -AS 'V 1' Q57 Q, ear QMBGJDRS LASS 03 OFFICERS. J. L. XVILLIAMS . . . ...... . . . Preszkirn! T. H. CAMPBELL, JR. . . Vzke-Preszdenl C. Y. ERVIN . . . . . Secrelary VV. A. HENRY, JR . . . . Treasurer W. O. CRISMAN . . . . Poe! F..,. ,....i,., , W ......., .. .1 a 'V-. i 1 i 1, fm' a-- ox.. Q1 r I L., T 'K-" 'A fx Xb 1 'xx - , gs, by QQ! A 1 I E : K . , i 1 I , , 9 I I 1 . 1 I lg! 'qv ' c 1 '- -' nous. ,Y . .L.,i'.'.l'l' SENIOR LITERARY. 1 Ames 4 LEONARD 1 wn.Luw1s 10 srsm-new I3 'rucxsn 2 CAMPBELL s FIELD s HENRY 11 PH1u.lPs 14 cmnorf 3 ARLEDGE s Hopxms 9 oouansnrv 12 wH1're J r I - , U s v n r I ' 1 x. , - L .uh Q 5. ... .'l A. .u I . f I V' .Y JY' N51 v U 5 l . L x is oQ. . ', 4" ." L r 'A . . 2' h . I T 1 'Q .' ..Lp, History oi Senior Literary Class. HIS class hasnt done anything very startling, so far, but we are expecting to show a few tricks to the oncoming classes, within the next few years. VVe are now planning several marriages, and some of us are not thinking of heeding Harry T. Howard's advice as to T. I. and C. girls. XVQ think Missis- sippi co-eds are good enough for anybody, and that includes most of us, to say the least of it. Besides, it wasn't just exactly the tiling for Mr. Howard to come up here and lay the corner-stone of our NYoman's Building and then make a talk urging us to marry Kincannon's I. I. and C. girls! But we will overlook that, since he must have been rattled. This class goes out strong in numbers and sweet in disposition. There are talented men and women in our ranks, if any one will take time to investigate. Wlien we are married we will send you all an invitation, and we will be partly married soon. VVell, somebody said " cut it out." So here goes. 93 Scnior Class Roll. ARTHUR EDYVARD ARLEDGE . . . . Vosburg B. S.: Class President 'Oo-oi. CHARLES F. AMES ............. ..... ...... M a con B, P,: A 'L' A: Hermean: Varsity Football Team 'ozz Associate Editor of OLE MISS. THOMAS KENDEL BOGGAN . .............. . . Tupelo B. P.: Phi Sigma: Class President 'oi-oz: Senior Speaker. THOMAS HUMPHREYS CAMPBELL, JR. ......... ..... X 'azoo City B. A.: junior Law Student : flf A 9 : Blackstone Club: Class Editor of Uzzzixerxily Record 'Oo-OI: Assistant Business Manager of Rcconi 702-O31 Class Baseball Manager 'OI-oz: Class Vice-President U. M. A. A. XVILLIAM OTEY CRIsMAN ...................... Days B. S.: E X: Hermean: U. M. A. A.: Hermean Freshman Medal 'ooz Hermean Junior Medal 'ozg School of English Prize 'oi : Editor-in-Chief of U1zz'ver.vz'ly jllagazzhc 'oi-oz: Varsity Football Team 'oo-oi, 'oz-O3: Runt Club: Associate Editor of U111'1'u1'.s'1'fy l?c'mr1z',' Assistant Editor-in-Chief of-U11z'r1e1'sz'fy .llagazz'ue,' Assistant Baseball Manager: Representative in M. I. O. A. contest: Senior Debater. AVILLIAM BVRNE DOUGHERTY. ...........,..... Coldwater B. A.: A Alf: Phi Sigma: Class Historian 'oo-oi: U. M. A. A.: Associae Editor of OLE Miss. CLINTON V. ERVIN . . . . . Crystal Springs IS. S.: Class Secretary. SAMUEL LAMAR FIELD- ..................... Madison B. A.: K A: Phi Sigma: Y. M. C. A.: U. M. A. A.: Class Historian 'ozz Licentiate Instructor of Latin 'oi-oz: Representative to G. S. I. O. A. Contest 'oog winner of second M. I. O. A. Prize 'oz : State Representative to S. I. O. A.: Representative of Y. M. C. A. to Interstate Convention 'ooz Exchange Editor of Um"ver.r1'ly .ll1z,gf1zs1'm' ,' Editor-in-Chief of U111'm'r.r1'fy lx'emr1!,' Associate Editor of OLE MISS 3 Senior Debater. XVILLIAINI INIORGAN GARROTT .................. Senatobia B. A.: A K li: Phi Sigma: junior Promenade Committee 'o:: Minstrels and Glee Club: German Club: Manager of Tennis Association. 94 WILLIADI ANDREW' HENRY, JR. ................ Yazoo City B. A.: fl' A 9: Hermean: U. M. A. A.: Class Editor of U111'f.1w's1'fy Rcmrrz' '99-oo: Business Manager ofU111'71w-.v1'fy l?cmnf,' Associate Editor of OLE Miss: Editor- in-Chief of UlII.7lc'l'5l'fj' JfIltgflZ..'?I.l!L'!,' Senior Debater: junior Law Student. ALFRED JAMISON . . . . Riverside B. P.: Phi Sigma. WILLIAM EDWIN BATES LEONARD ........ ...... C offeeville B. A.: 33 X: ll' E: U. M. A. A.: Manager of Field Sports 'gg-oo: Associate Editor Rccm'1z"oI-oz: Editor-in-Chief Rcmra' lirst term 'oz-03: junior Phi Sigma Medal 'oi-oz: President Phi Sigma: Business Manager OLE Miss 'oz-o3: Senior Debater. ELI BINGHAM lVII'1'CHEl.I.. ..................... Rienzi B. S.: Hermean. GOODE ll'IONTGOMERY ...................... Primrose B. A.: Hermean: Licentiate Instructor of Mathematics: Associate Editor of Uni- 7'5j'.S'Z.f-,V Reforff. RUSSELL Moss. . . College Hill B. A. :MISS SHIRLEY SUE NEILL. . . . Oxford B. S.: Latin Prize 'o2. CHARLES WORSHADII PHILLIPS . . . Chulahoma B. A.. s xr U. M, A. A. ADOLPH HERRIAN STEPHEN .......... ........ F ayette B. P.: -X 'l': Hermean: Second Hermean Freshman Medal 'ooz Associate Editor of OLE Miss 'ol-oz: All Right Club: Review Editor of lf'111'1w's1'fy .lftlg'lIL'Z'1lt' ,' Assist- ant Business Manager of U111'7fw'.v1'fy Ietfflifllf EDNVARD STRICKLAND ............ . . Oxford B. S.: Phi Sigma: Class Treasurer 'oo-oi. BENJAMIN ARCHER TUCKER, JR ............. . . . Senatobia B, A.: A K Eg Phi Sigma: U. M. A. A.: Class Secretary 'or-oz: Senior Speaker JAMES L. WILLIAIVIS ................ . . Houlka B. Salutatoriang President Hermean: Class President. THOMAS WILLIAM WHITE ................ Memphis, Tenn. B. A.: S X5 Phi Sigma: U. M. A. A.: Runt Club: German Club: Secretary and Treasurerxof German Club. 95 ,J- Junior Lil. Class. OFFICERS. J. M. FURR. . . . . P1'es1'a'e1zl V L . R. HOXX'IE . . I 'Ike-Pz'esz'a'f11l Vo 1 T 1, I. T GILMER . . . .giffiffllljf E. J. POLLARD . . 7.7'6'lI57U'L'l' L4 o-of J Q L. T. KICNNEDX' . . EliI.f0l' Kg L C Q . Y E. E. CONNER . . . . . Poe! ,TQ '- . Ii. C. VVRIGHT . . . . HI'Sfl77'1.dIl f f.. N, f .' L ., 4 J of . f MQ? Q to f Junior Promenade Committee. E. CLYDE WRIC9H'l' li. EARL Coxxux Romekw H. Poxv1M:1.r. 96 Junior Class History. HE Junior Class of the University of Mississippi is a most remarkable one, I having been foremost in all branches of Yarsity life since its Hrst organiza- ?: tion. Now, it has become a custom in the matter of class history to extol in the grandest metaphors the excellent qualities of the many and varied accomplishments of the class. lt is not our purpose to boast or utter aught which might mislead, for, to perpetuate our memory we need not raise our voice or pen a line, because our fame will live when our voices are stilled and pens are used no more. Nevertheless, it becomes the duty as well as the honor and privilege of the historian to compile from time to time, from the abundant data furnished, a volume of our history. These volumes are not only for interested workers and visitors who come to Mississippi: but for the knowledge-seeking public generally. Besides these motives, we are prompted to perpetuate the many events of our career for the benefit and 'devoting effect upon the oncoming Freshmen and Sophomores at this institution. These two varieties of being are likely to be misguided and might perchance discredit some of the legends which cluster about the Class of '04, and it is partly in consideration for their welfare that we point them to the glorious record of the members of this class. The Seniors, it is feared, have become " set in their ways " and, lest the pangs of remorse should be aroused within them and their envy aggravated, we refrain from showing them too directly that they have left undone so many things which we have done. lYe, therefore, bid them take heart and begin life anew. You may see from the foregoing. my gentle reader. what are the motives and promptings of our hearts in undertaking this work. XYith this clearly before us, let us come closer to the heart of our undertaking. NYhen we were Sophomores we learned from Dr. Riley that history is not a mere enumeration of names and dates. So we ask your indulgence should you find this element lacking in our history. Our class has always maintained a high standard in all spheres wherein it has been placedf From the time when as Freshies we first felt the importance of the Varsity's " most propitious opening" tattributing it all to our own matriculationj, through the turbulent years of Sophomore Math. Qstill a mighty vexation to some of our soulsj, down to the glorious ending of this our junior 22' 97 year, the Class of 1904 has been known and honored for its strength and integrity. llve say these things with all candor and modesty. On the field of athletics, in the classroom, in the literary societies, and in all of our various organizations. the personnel of the class has asserted itself and won lanrels for themselves and for their class. This year to our sorrow the class has depreciated somewhat in number, and though we sincerely regret the absence of our fellow classmen and feel their loss to us, still the high standards which have marked our career have been upheld with unfaltering zeal. That you may appreciate the achievements of this class, something of its personnel should be known. There are among us bookworms, founders, heart- breakers, jolly good fellows, and any and all of these' combined. VVhen we meet a friend it 's a jolly " Howie do? " or " Let 's NYalker round the Conner." It is a well-known fact that when necessary we can also make the " Furr " fly. I am sure, my patient reader, that the foregoing facts have impressed them- selves upon you, and so not to cause delay or keep you longer from the begin- ning of this glorious narrative. I will proceed-tTo be continued in our next.j HISTORIi'XN. M2 6""'l"'e Ott? 98 CAMPUS VIEW. rr ds H' W 5 . C ll' ' P 'U a 5 . 4 P- -Mn .: ..- 14 , .xJ' . 'W 1 ' ' -, 1 wif l ll' - . 7 g Q PQ!! LN L 1.'-- V Ax .R , 1 v'-A 0 ' x I-Q. Q. Junior Class Roll. MISS ANNIE BERRY . . . Magee B. P. MISS SALLIE FALKNER BURNS ..... . Oxford B. P.: X S25 Associate Editor of OLE Miss 'oi o DANIEL OTIS CLARK ......... . . Mt. Nebo B. S.: fb K NP. SAMUEL JAMES COLLIER ...... . . Oxford B. P.: 2 X: U. M. A. A.: Runt Club. EDGAR EAIRL CONNER .................... Hattiesburg B. P.: K A3 Kodak Club: Y. M. C. A.: LT. M. A. A.: Class Baseball Team: Class Poet: Junior Promenade Committee. FREDERICK WILLIAM ELMER .................... Biloxi B, S.: E A E: Varsity Football Team 'oi-o:eo3: Captain of Varsity Football Team 'ol-O2 : Varsity Baseball Team 'ol-O:-O3: Captain 'Varsity Baseball Team 'oz-03. JOHN TWARVIN FURR ...................... Tocopola B. A.: Class President. L. M. GADDIS ...... . . Bolton B. S.: K A. Miss NIARTHA Moss HARRIS . . Oxford B. P. XYIRGIL RUFUS HONSVIE ...................... Morton B. A.: Phi Sigma: Alumni Editor Of LrllI,7'L'l'.Yl'fj' ,iflIglZZ1'1lL'Z Vice-President of Class 'o4. LEMUEL R. HOGAN ..................... Water Valley B. A.: Phi Sigma: President of Phi Sigma 'oz : President of Y. M. C. A. LAURENS THOMPSON KENNEDY ................. Guntown B. S.: Hermean: Class Editor of U11z'r'ersz'i1' 1r'amrn'. JAMES BERRY LEAVELL ...................... Oxford B. A.: E X g Phi Sigma: Freshman Medal 'ooz Minstrels and Glee Club: First Sopho- more Medal 'oo-oi: Treasurer of Phi Sigma 'oo-OI: Business Manager of OLE Miss 'oi-oz : U. M. A. A.: Board of Comtrol of Athletic Association. .MISS MARY W. NICCORKLE .................... Oxford B. S. ANSELM J. MCLAURIN, JR. . . . Brandon B. S.: K DANIEL J. MURPHX' . . . Vaiden B. S. IOI Miss DAISY BELL PLANT . B. P.: T A U. ETHELBERT JOYCE POLLARD . . . B. S.: Hermean: President XV. P. Nl. A. Club: Class 'l'reasurer. ROBERT HAlNIII.TON PowELL. . . B. A,3 A II' : Class Baseball Team : German Club: junior Promenade Committee: Min- strels and Glee Club: Runt Club: Gymnasium Instructor. Oxford ..Days Canton MISS MARY LOU REA ................. . . VVesson B. S.: 'l' A 0: Associate Editor of 01.12 Miss 'or-oz. MISS LINDA KATRINA SULTAN ........ . , Oxford B. P.: X sz : Associate Editor of OLE Miss. R. B. WAI,KER ............ . . Carthage B. A. EDXVARD CLYDE WRIGHT .................. Holly Springs B. A.: A K li: Hermean: U, Al. A. A.: Class Treasurer ,oi-oz: Class Historian 'oz-03: junior Promenade Comm ittee. IO2 L. W. NIAGRVDER, J. A. DRANE . . I. C. NICHOLS . B. L. H.-XTCH, JR O. B. LOCKIQ . . W. H. H.XRDX' . T. B. HARDY . . Sophomore Class. OFFICERS. JR.. .... .. IO3 - . . PI'FSI'l7I67lf I '1'ff'- P7'FSI.IfC7l f . . Sfcrffagf . . 7'2'eu.vzu'n' . . ffl-.9f0l'1.fI7I . . . Poe! . . Edifor le l Sophomore Class History. T BOUT the first thing that we wish to announce is, that we have cz contempt Q for FI'L'SlllllFl1.' Poor, insignificant beings-they are the last things upon earth and indeed have no business in the University until they can " get along " without soothing syrup, condensed milk, and teeth cutters! Wlieri we think of how utterly insignificant and ignorant we were last year, it makes us show some feeling of sympathy for the Freshmen, although just as we said a while back, we simply can't stand Freshmen. W'e realize that this is a libelously written article, but we will suffer the consequences and will appeal to our friends, the Junior Law Class, for assistance lyou know if there is any one in the University who feds his inzporfazzfc, it is the junior Law boyj. 'When we next appear it will be in a more elaborate manner. Thanks! lo4 Sophomore Class Roll. PERCY H. ANDERSON . . B. P.: .X T A: Hermean. MISS JANIE ANDRUS . . B. S.: X Q. EDWARD ATKINSON . . . B. S.: K A: Phi Sigma. GARRARD MONTJOY BARRETT ............... B. S.: fl' A 9: U. M. A. A.: German Club: Runt Club: Manager of R Team. HENRX' SAMUEL BARRON . . . . B. A.: fb K Y. XVILLIAM EDXVIN BLACKMUR . B. S.: A K JULIAN BRAMLETT . B. P. LEONIDAS SULTAN BROXVN . . B. S. CHARLES THOMPSON BUTLER ............... B. A.: A Alf: Phi Sigma: Class Secretary and Treasurer 'oi-oz: Class and Captain. W. SPINKS CARTER .................... . Holly Springs . . Oxford . Houston . . Greenwood unt Club Baseball Crystal Springs . VVater Valley . .Oxford . .Oxford . . Brookhaven Baseball Manager . . . .Scooba B. P.: A T A: German Club: U. Nl. A. A.: Class Football Manager and Captain. ABYE A. COHN ............ .......... B rookhaven B. A.: Phi Sigma: U. M. A. A.: First Freshman Medal. CLYDE R. CONNER ...................... Hattiesburg B. A.: K A: Phi Sigma: U. M. A. A.: Varsity Football Team 'oi-oz-03: Varsity Base- ball Team ,OI-O2 : Guardian of Runts: Captain Class Baseball Team ,Ol-02. JAMES ANDREW DRANE .................. B. P.: fb A 9: U. M. A. A.: Runt Club: Vice-President Class 'o5. 105 . French Camp EDYVARD J. EZELL . . . B. S.: A T A: German Club: U. M. A. A.: Varsity Baseball Team 'or-oz. JOHN E. FANNING . . B. P.: Phi Sigma. Gu' T. GILLESPIE .............. B. A.: A NP: Phi Sigma: Runt Club: Y. M. C. A. MISS BI.-KRY A. HALEX' B.S.: TAG. XV. HARRIS H.-XRDX' . . B. A.: E X: Hermean: Runt Club: U. BI. A. A.: Minstrels and Glee Club THOBIAS BAILEY HARDX' ................... B. S.: -X T -X: Hermean: Runt Club: Class liditor of L'z11'1'er.r1'ly Recon! T. P. H.kRRIS ........................ B. S.: Phi Sigma: Y. M. C. A. R B. A. B. L. H.-XTCH, JR .... B. A.: Phi Sigma: Class Treasurer. H. P. HEIDELBERG . . . B. P.: Phi Sigma. MISS BIAUDE V. HERIIAN . B. P. E. G.XINES HIGHTOXK'ER B. A.: E A Eg Associate Editor of OLE Miss. BENJAMIN F. JOHNSON, Jr. ........ . . B. S.: WK 'lt Miss EMMA KATE KIMMONS ....... B. S.: T A 6: Associate Editor of Ou: Miss. CARI. D. KIRBY ............ C. E. OSCAR B. LOCKE ......... . B. S.: Phi Sigma: Class Historian. Miss KATE LUNDY ....... B. S. 106 . H. HARRISON ...... . Okolona ....................BuenaV1sta . Duck Hill . . . McComb City . Ellisville : Class Poet. . Columbus 'or-oz, 'oz-03. . Louisville Charleston . Greenville Heidelberg . . Kossuth Hattiesburg Hazlehurst . . Oxford . Carrollton . Columbus . . Oxford DICK CAUTHEN MCCOOL . . . Canton B. P., 41A og U. M. A. A. DAVID MCDOWELL, JR. . . . . Holly Springs S., U. M. A. A. ROBERT DAVIDSON MCLEAN ...... . . Grenada B. A.g I X3 Varsity Baseball Team 'OI-oz. JOHN D. MCLEMORE . . . . .Greenwood B. A., A+, U. M. A. A. LAWVSON WILLIAh'I MAGRUDER, JR. ............... Vicksburg B. A.g A K Eg Hermeang U. M. A. A.: Minstrels and Glee Club 'oi-ozg Y. M. C. A.: Sec- retary of Y. M. C. A.: President of Class 'o5. MISS VIRGIE NEILL ............ . .Oxford Is. S. I. C. NICHOLS. . . . .Eudora B. 5.5, Phi Sigma. CHARLES MAURY POWELL . . . jackson B. S.g A XP. STOKES V. ROBERTSON .................... Hattiesburg B. S.g K Ag Hermeang President of Hermeang Second Hermean Freshman Medal 'ozg U. M. A. A. JOEL ACKER ROGERS ................... . . Aberdeen B. P.g A T A3 German Clubg U. M. A. A.g Secretary of Runt Club. LEON ROSEBOROUGH ...................... Senatobia B. A.g A K Eg Hermeang Class Baseball Team: First Hermean Freshman Medal 'oI. MISS MARY ALMA SIMS ...................... Oxford B. A. DAN ISOM SULTAN .......... ' .............. Oxford B. E Xg Phi Sigma: Second Phi Sigma Freshman Medal 'oz g Varsity Football Team. EDGAR WEBSTER ......... . . . . Delay B. A.g Phi Sigma. IO7 W 4 Y N IN- - IO5 C R L R O 1. Freshman Class OFFICERS. H. DOBBS . . . . Pl'65Z.d6lIf STRICKLAND. . I?re-Prcszdenf C. PIGFORD Secrelary and Treasurer I. PERRY . . . . Poet L. KIMBROVGH .... Edffar W. BRADFORD. . , Hzslorzkzn Freshman Class History. - 3 HE' "down-trodden Freshman of long ago " is no longer in existence is fthanks to our patron saint, the storkfb, ancl we now enjoy privileges equal to those of the upper elassnien. NVe do our own elections Qsueh as they arej, we conduct our own meetings fin a very clisortlerly inanneril, and we are not the least bit troubled by " other folks." It is now an established fact that we know more than the average person does at our age-we are progressive to the end twhatever that may bel. Now when we return Sophs, you can prepare to give us a hearing. lt is our express intention to " take charge " next fall, and the way -aut' will run the affairs here will open the eyes of those who now 'A look down upon us." Farewell g the sap is rising and we must do something! 109 Freshman Class Roll. MISS LOUISE ANDRUS . B. S.: X Q. EDXVARD JEFFERSON BOATNER . . JOHN BLANRS BOURDEAUX . B. 41 A 9: Hermean. JOHN WILLIANI BRADFORD .... B. A.: Hermeang Class Historian. RICHARD CABLE BECRETT, JR. . B. A.g A K E: Hermean. E. W. BROWN ...... , - L. S. DUNCAN HOLT CHAMBERLAIN, JR B. S.g Hermean. MISS BETTIE SUE CHAMBLISS . 5.9 T A O. JAMES BURTON CANFIELD , . B. S.g K A. MISS BLANCHE CHILDRESS . B. P. MISS MARX' H. CHILDRESS . B. P. CHARLIE BANISTER COCHRAN . . B. A. HOSEA RIMMER COVINGTON . B. FRED WHITE Cox . . B. S.g Hermean. WALTER BARRER CRITZ . . B. A.g A K Eg Hermean. IIO . . Oxford Potts Camp . Meridian . Redding West Point . . Oxford . Harriston . . University . Columbus . . Oxford . . Oxford West Point . . Canton . . .Kelly West Point CLYDE HARNVELI. DABHS ....... B. S.: ll' -Y: President of Class of 'o6. J. FORT DANIEL .......... B. S.. A 'I A. ALLAN PEELER DODD .............. B. A.g Hermeang Varsity Football Teamg U. M. A. A. HARVEY DODD ................. B. S.g A li E3 Hermean. ROBERT JONES ENOCHS . . . B. A.g dv K iq Hermean. ESTA S. FURR ...... B. A. JOHN TURNER HANEX' . . . B. P.g E A E3 Hermean. GEORGE HARVEY, JR. . . B. A.g' A NP. Rov LESTER HEIDELBERG . . B. A.g E A E. JOHN CORNELIUS HERRINGTON . . B. P. THOMAS JEFFERSON HOPKINS ........... B. P.g Hermeang Varsity Football Teamg U. M. A. A. W. H. HOWREY ............ ..... B. S. THOMAS DUDLEY ISOM . . E. E. J. E. JOHNSON . . B. Ped. ORMAN LANIER KIMBROUGH ............ . Guntown . Holly Springs . . Kosciusko . . Kosciusko Crystal Springs . Tocopola . Hattiesburg . Canton . Heidelberg . .Sandersville . . Hickory . . . . Oxford . St. Louis, Mo. Eureka Springs . .Greenwood B. S.g th A 99 Hermeang U. M. A. A.g Varsity Football Teamg Minstrels and Glee Clubg Class Editor of U1zz'wr.rz'!y Record ERNEST DOAN LATHAM. . ..... . . . B. S. DOUGLASS CLIFTON LAUDERDALE . . B. A.g Hermean. JOSEPH EADS LUCKETT . . B. A.g K A5 Class Dude. III . . Pontotoc . . Hernando . . Kosciusko R. EDGAR MOSS ..... B. P.g Varsity Baseball Team, moz: U. M. A. A. FRANK O. MORRIS .... B. A.: fb E. JAMES THOMAS NIORROW . B. Sq .AK E. PRATHER MCDONALD . . VANCE R. MCDONALIJ . . . . B. 5.5 E X. B. S.g K 2. WILLIS CARL PASCHAI. . . B. ROBERT JOHNSON PERRY . B. S.g A iq Class Poet. LEVELLE CUTHBERT PIGFORD ......... B. A.g Hermeang Class Secretary and Treasurer. JAMES DWIGHT PRIESTLY B. P.g A JY. MISS RILLA ELLA REA . B. 5.3 T A 9. MISS BLANCHE ROGERS . B. A. MISS EMMA SCHAUBER . B. Ped. LEO SHUMACKER . B. P. JOHN THOMAS SHERMAN B. P.g CPE. J. BAXTER SPARKS . . . B. P.3 Varsity Baseball Team, 'oz. A. B. SPARKMAN .... B. S., K A5 Hermean. RANDOLPH STRICKLAND . B. A.g 4' K Nlfg Hermeang Vice-President of Class '06, THOMAS MCQUISTON SYKES . ..... .... B. A.5 A K Eg Hermean. . Oxford , .Courtland . Troy Bay St. Louis Bay St. Louis . . Tocopola . .Vicksburg . . Lumberton . .Canton . . XVeSSOI1 New Albany . . Laurel Holly Springs . .Maben . .Oxford . Cleveland Olive Branch . Aberdeen Mrss T1LLv TANN . . , B. Ped. N. B. THURMOND . S. S.g E A E. RICHARD THURMOND . S. 5.3 E A E. ASA CALDWELL TUCKER . B. E.g 'P 2. WILLIAM LoU1s Woon. . . . . V. WALLACE. . B. 5. B. S.g A T Ag Hermean. QFRANK WORSHAM .' . B. 'A.g -2 X3 Hermean. WILLIAM GREEN YERGER '. B.P. JACOB SHALL YERGER . A B. P. n mf .gk f V 7 L 4 f " -M.. l. .. Greenville . Oxford . . Oxford . Courtland . Oxford Brookhaven l . Corinth Greenwood Greenwood l f J' !,,X if , N ,J " v . 1 N V x xx ' 4 ' ' ' ff ,vyfffl ,Y - N! ff' ,if like Slit so- C'1'L5"wlfL"'1 ' A Jf,2?ii 1- LD. Luv. haw.. yusamvllju. Lasse. quam 29x11 Ymvlmun CAMPUS VIEW 17-IA Mfg Z, 'S Senior Law. OFFICERS. R. r1tIPTON . . . . . . . . Prfsfderzt A. SA WYER . ...... L ire-Prcs1'a'e11l C. COWAN . . . . .g6'fI'l'f!l7'l' and 73'6'tl5Zl7'6'l' JACOBSQN . . ......... Poe! H. BROWN . . . . . Ediloz B. DORRIS . . . . Hz's!orz'arz II7 History ol Senior Law Class '03. ERE we must try to write in a few hundred words the history of a class composed of young hopefuls who themselves have manifested enough 'H capacity within two short years to make and write the judicial history of this great L'ommonwealth for the next two score years. If the old adage is still true that history repeats itself, old Mississippi is going to have some stirring and interesting reading matter to bequeath to the next generation. Vvhile we may not be able to boast of any Gradys in oratory, Websters in statesmanship, Marshalls in legal learning and acumen, yet it would not be safe prophecy to limit the possibilities of such a class to any circumscribed sphere of action. This class, be it said, has manifested no insatiate and " self-sacrificing " political desires and has shown that it has no patience with the pettifogger in politics, and not a one if " solicited " would accept an office of any less dignity and responsibility than that of the Supreme Justice of the State or Nation. Now, some may be inclined to be a little skeptical in regard to some of these sweeping statements hereinbefore recited in the premises. But if you don't believe what we have to say, make a proposition to any one of the class that you want him to go to the Legislature next year, and then make him another prop- osition with a half interest in a ten-thousand-dollar law practise, and you will see which he will embrace-yes, hug. As to our standing compared with classes who have preceded us-well, expect you will have to ask Governor Shands and Dr. Somerville about that. lrVe are not ashamed of our representation on the football and baseball teams. VVe mention with pride, the capture of a goodly share of the official honors connected with the Rvrord, U1z1't'vrsify dfllgtljlillf, and ZXNNUAL. And the fact that the her- mited law student is precluded from any contest for honors in the academic department precludes us from cataloguing further more of his triumphs and victories. 118 Q , I NW .L w WUI If I if K , 42, 1 ' A as.. X X i ? 1 1 -if VOL ill Q2 XX M5 ""'f'1'vr ..'nn7... Weiila., 4A . . ..,. ' -V .... . SENIOR LAW CLASS Q- ., .ivlrli uuvuu.4J I CAROTHERS 4 BROWN 7 WHITTINGTON 10 DEAN I3 STRANGE 2 MYERS 5 FITZ GERALD 8 STANDIFER 11 SAWYER 14 HANDSON 3 COWAN S LOGAN 9 DAVIS I2 ADAMS fv ..J,' ,'o xl' Q5 st. .ffu V . nidfl , -wg- lg' . JG ' "x ' .' ,sjf - .- . - 4 I , ,A . , Q 1" Senior Law Class Roll. LEROY AIONEY ADAMS ............ ........ A ekerman B. A. tMississippi Collegel: 'I' A 0: Blackstone Club: President of Blackstone Club. ROBERT MONTGOMERY BOt'RDaAI'x, JR .... .......... lk Ieridian wb A 6, Blackstone Club: President Blackstone Club: Yaledictorian. BIARVIN HOLI.0lNIAN BROVVN ................... Indianola B. P., 'ozg A K I-I: Hermean: Minstrels and Glee Club: U. M. A. A.: Vice Grand Runt: University Orchestra: Past Grand Rooter, Brigade No. I : President G. S. I. O. A., 'oI-oz: Y. M. C. A.: Compiler of Y. M. C. A. Handbook, 'o3: Athletic Editor UllI'7f'L'I'J'' .lflIg'lIZ1'lIt'. 'OI-oz: Editor-in-Chief Z-'ll1.'Ifa'I'.f1'fj' Rerord. 'OI-Oz: Editor U111'1ferx1'ly Rvmrn' from Senior Law, 'oz-03: Blackstone Club: Class Po t, 'ozg Board of Control U. M. A. A.. 'os-o5: Editor-in-Chief OI.Ii Miss, 'o3: Sophomore Salutatorian, 'ooz Hermean junior Medal, 'Ol : Gulf States Intercollegiate Oratori- cal Association Medal, 'oI: Senior Speaker from Literary Class, 'ozz First and Second English Prizes, 'oz z Representative Orator of Student-Body at Corner-stone Celebration: Senior Speaker from Law Class, iO3. JOHN PERCY BOYD ..................... French Camp ll' A H: Blackstone Club: President of Blackstone Club: Varsity Minstrels and Glee Club. J. BOOTHE C.-XROTHERS ..................... Sardis I X: Blackstone Club. R, CLIFTON COWAN ....................... Scranton E X 5 Blackstone Club: Varsity Football Team, 'OI-oz: Class Editor UllI'7ll77'.fI.fJ' Remrnf 'oI-oz: German Club: Class Secretary and Treasurer. GUY D. DEAN ........................... Iuka I X: Blackstone Club: President of Blackstone Club, 'ozz Varsity Football Team, 'oi-oz and 'oz-O3: Varsity Baseball Team, 'oi-oz: Manager Varsity Baseball Team, ,Ol-02. ORVILLE BERNARD DoRRIs ................. . Winona B. A. QMississippi Collegelz fb A G3 Blackstone Club: Class Historian. A. R. DAVIS ......................... Hazlehurst Blackstone Club. GERALD FITZGERALD .............. . . Friar's Point li A: Blackstone Club: junior Promenade Committee, 'p:. A. S. GRAHAINI .... ............. . N. New York Blackstone Club. I. E. HARRINGTON . . Houston Blackstone Club. I 2 I JOHN LYNN HARRIS .............,...... Water Valley 41 K XP, Blackstone Club: Secretary and Treasurer Blackstone Club. CHARLES H. HUDSON . . ....... ...... . . Chalybeate E A Eg Blackstone Club. GABRIEL JACOBSON ....................... Meridian B. 5. LA. and M. Collegejz di A 9: Blackstone Club, Class Poet: German Club: All Right Club: Lf M. A. A. ROBERT F. B. LOGAN ................ . . Days Blackstone Club: Secretary and Treasurer Blackstone Club. J. TURNER LOWREY ....... ........ . . . Gloster Blackstone Club. GEORGE BOGGAN BIYERS .................. Holly Springs -X 'l' -X: U. M. A. A.: Hermean: Minstrels and lllee Club: German Club, Executive Committee of German Club, 'ocroi g Kodak Club, 'oo-or g First Censor of Hermean, 'oo-ox, St. Thomas Hall Club: Manager of Minstrels and Glee Club, ,OI-02, Black- stone Club: Editorial Board of OLE MIss, 'oi-oz: Junior Promenade Committee, 'orozg President of German Club, 'oi-oz-03, Vice-President Blackstone Club. HUGH BARR BIILLER ..................... Hazlehurst -X Y: Freshman Medal, 'qo: German Club: Blackstone Club: Leader of German Club, ,Ol-O2-03. LEE LIAURICE RUSSELL .............,........ Dallas B. P., Blackstone Club: President Class, 'oiz Captain of Track Team, '98-99: Repre- sentative in M. I. O. A., 'oog Business Manager of U111'w'r.v1'ly .Wagas1'nc, ,OO-OI-02- 03: Junior Medal, 'ooz U. M. A. A. EDWIN ANDREW' SAWYER ......... . . Kosciusko fb .X H: Blackstone Club: Vice-President Of Class. WILLIAM PERCY SHINAULT ........ . .Oxford Varsity Baseball Team, '97-98-99. JOHN N. STANDIEER .......... ............ O xford df K 'Pg Associate Editor of OLE Miss, 'oi-oz: Blackstone Club: Junior Promenade Committee, ,OI : Hermean: U. M. A. A. GEORGE HOWEL STRANGE ........ . Booneville Blackstone, Vice-President Blackstone Club. u JULIUS R. TIPTON ........................ Nesbitt B. P.: A T Ag Blackstone Clubg Hermean, 'q7: Varsity Football Team, '93-94-95-96 Associate Editor of Um'm'r.vily .lI!lg'!7ZI.lIt,'. '96-97: Editor of OLE MISS, 7972 State Intercollegiate Orator, 'gyg Associate Editor of Un1"z'fr.v1'fy .lla,gfaz1'ne,' Class President. LUTHER ALEXANDER WHITTINGTON ................ Roxie B. A. fMississippi Collegelz fb A 0: Blackstone Club: Anniversarian of Blackstone Club: President of M. l. O. A. I22 A SENlOR'S HEART-CRY. " Forget you P " he said in saddened tones. " Forget the woman I love! Let the sun while giving its golden light Forget the stars above ! Let the light of day forget to shine, Let the stars forget to peep, Let the winds forget the murmuring pine, Let the waves forget the deep! U Forget you? O woman, what thoughtless words Ofttimes escape your lips! The flower may blush when the humming-bird From its bosom the nectar sips : But blushes like yours form a veritable net To entrap the poor youth, who can newer forget Z " I23 1903 feQE':lQNG"O1557,TOfX' fi 1 Y ffgfjefafi Qs f 7 , I V I I jf, fa 1 O ,,..L 4 4 5 Junior Law Class OFFICERS. CECIL SHANDS . . fJI'6'Sl.ll'F7lf HERBFiRT HOLBIPIS ...... I'z'rc-Pre.vz'a'e11f J. M. HAIRSTON , . . .qlTl'l'flI7'J' ana' 73'eas1n'fr Y. O. ROBERTSON . . . . 124 . Edl'fc2l' History ol Junior Law Class. HE junior Law Class of this session compares very favorably with its pred- ecessors. W'e have some promising young men upo11 our roll-some of x them will promise anything XYe are very well represented in all the walks of college life :ind some of the runs. ' Qur class is noted for its good looks-" Spec " Hairston, Tom Campbell and Gracej for instance, It can not be said, however, that these have a walk-over. " Mose " jones is one of our shining lights, even though he thinks an uninten- tional setting of one's neighbor's house on fire isn't !lIl'l't'lIVlf. He refused to be- lieve there could be the l.llf6'7lf necessary to the crime ! We are forging to the front and do not fear the class that goes before ns. There is room af the fop and we are ,ref at the Imlfom. It would not be exactly in keeping with our modesty to take up more of your valuable time, lint you shall hear from ns c'lg'6Z1ilI. 125 Junior Law Class Roll. Tnouas HUMPHREYS CAMPBELL JR.. ............. Yazoo City B. A. 'o3: 'I' A H: Blackstone Club: Class Editor of Rvmnz' 'gg-oo: Censor of Hermean 'oi-oz: junior Class Baseball Manager: Class Vice-President: Assistant Business Manager of CYl1l.'Z'c'!'5l'f-jf Rfr01'1z'. M. B. GRACE .......... . . . Water Valley Blackstone Club: Assistant Law Librarian. J. NI. HA1RsToN .................. .Starkville fl' Ii ilfz Blackstone Club: junior Promenade Committee. 'XVILLIAM ANDREW HENRY JR. ................ Yazoo City B. A. 'o3: fb .X H: Hermean: U. M. A. A.: Class Editor of Ulll'7'L'7'J'I'fj' Reford '99-oo: Business Manager of CfrlII.7'L'I'.Y1.L1' 1?umnf,' Editor-in-Chief of LflII.'Z'L'I'51.f-jf ,llaga:z1'11c,' Associate Editor of OLE Miss: Senior Debater. HERBERT HOI.3lES ....................... Hernando E X: Blackstone Club: Vice-l'resident of Blackstone Club: Vice-President of Class. RUFVS LACEY .......,.............. Memphis, Tenn. I X: Blackstone Club. JOHN WARREN TNICNAIR ............ . . Brookhaven A 'Pz Blackstone Club: Varsity Baseball Team 'oo-ol. L. B. NIOBLEY ................ . .Oxford Blackstone Club: B. A. NV. B. U. BENSON L.xiRcuA Mx'ERs ...... . . West Point Blackstone Club. YIRGIL OT1s RoRER'rsoN ................... Hattiesburg B. S.: K A: Second Freshman Medal Ryo: Second Sophomore Medal 'oog Winner of Second l'rize in M. I. O. A. 'ol: Business Manager of U1zz'm'rs1'fy M0gll5I'll6 '99-oo: President of Y. M. C. A. 'ook-ol : President of Hermean 'oi 1 Senior Debater's Medal 'o:: Representative in G. S. l. O. A. Contest 'o2: Blackstone Club: Class Editor of f'f1lI'7'l'I'.l'1.f-j' lff't'0l'If,' Instructor of Rhetoric. CECIL SHixNns ..................... . Oxford B. A.: .X K ld: Blackstone Club: President of junior Law Class. josiirn N. S'I'URDIX'AN'l' ................ . . Greenville 12 X: Blackstone Club: Class Secretary and Treasurer. 'l'HoMAs BINFORD YVATKINS ................ VVater Valley B. l'.: A li l-I: Varsity Baseball Team 'go-oo and 'oo-oi: Substitute Varsity Foot- ball Team 'oi-oz: Captain Senior Baseball Team and Runt Baseball Team 'oi-oz: Grand Runt: German Club: Chairman of junior Promenade Committee. 126 IVIPUS VIEW. CA Tha! Erslwhilc Girl ol Mine. lh' " MUG " ' , 05. That Erstwhile Girl of Mine- XVhat thoughts does she bring home, As I think of the time When she was U all my own "Z I loved her when a lad, As a maiden she did say She w'd be my dear heart Forever and a day. 'T was on the back-yard gate That all day we would swing, CShe was just barely eighty " I loves you," she would sing. We were to marry soon, " In that good old summertime "q 'T was to haveibeen in june, But some "guy " beat my time. She was my own at sweet sixteen, And I her hero to be: She said thro' all, yea, thick and thin That she would still stick to me. I 've oft tried to forget, Yea, many, many times, But my thoughts will turn to That erstwhile girl of mine. ' 129 You ask, " Who beat you out? His names -I could not tell, But if l had him down, I w'd more than give him i T. H. XYATKINS, Cwtllflllllll E. C. YVRIGHT R. H. Powxau J. M. HAIRSTON Ii. Ii. Coxxme I3O n,,"i"'-. . , - - Fl' Y .f .. , ix.-x 'J '4 1 JUNIOR PROM. COMMITTEE. Poweu. wnxms wma:-11' munsros comin , 4 5 1 4 . P. I I I ' 3 'ia Q , U. S A DREAM. I had a dream in the days gone by: I dreamed of a garden fair: I dreamed of a maid with soft blue eyes And a rosebud in her hair. She oifered her dimpled hand to me: I kissed her linger-tips: Then blushed 'neath the light of her eyes serene And the smile on her ruby lips. I tried to speak to this queenly maid, Tried to utter some word of praiseg But the look she gave would have surely stayed The boldest knight in the olden days. But she smiled again-'t was divinely sweet- A smile that was born aboveg I knelt on the greensward at her feet, And wooed and won my Love. M. H. BROWN, '02, 133 THE UNIVERSITY OI' MISSISSIPPI MAGAZINE VOL. XXVI FEBRUARY, 1903 No. 4 BOARD OF EDITORS HERMEAN LITERARY SOCIETY I l NV. A. HENRY, JR., Editor-in-Cliief, - Yazoo City, Miss. W. O. CRISMAN, Ass't Editor-in-Chief, - DeSoto Oo., Miss. ADOLPII H. STEPHEN, Review Editor, - Fayette, Miss. PHI SIGMA LITERARY SOCIETY JAMES B. LEAVELL, Athletic Editor, - Oxford, Miss. S. L. FIELD, Exolzarzge Editor, - Madison, Miss. V. R. HOWIE, Alumni Editor, - Morton, Miss. BLACKSTONE CLUB JULIUS R. TIPTON, ----- N esbit, Miss. L. M. RUSSELL, Business jllimuyer, - Dallas, Miss. AT a recent meeting of the Board of Editors of the MAGAZINE Mr. Orisman handed in his resignation as Editor- in-Ohietl During the past session and this one Mr. Orisman has labored for the MAGAZINE in that capacity, and his efiorts have been greatly appreciated by the Board. He has raised the standard of the MAGAZINE as a coliege publication and filled his place with marked eiiiciency. It was therefore with great reluctance that the Board accepted his resignation. It shall be the aim of the present Editor-in-Chief to keep the MAGAZINE up to the high standard set by him, and in order to do this we ask the earnest co-operation of the student-body. 134 ' ' ' 'rv 'rw-'1 . .u .JI Nu ,EZ-33-fwful MAGAZINE STAFF. 1 new 2 LEAVELL a s'rzPHEN 4 HENRY , . S .V .yy A ,L 9 ,A 7-1- . -fs" ' ' 1 , 4- I -. ., .x I 5 1 5 0' ,vo big, 'P .P 1 K 's O .4 gi... ff 'f :PS ' .. AU! .72 t' .. - . ,oi . I ,r 4- ' Iwi' " . , L. an 'u A VALENTINE. 'T is not for your eyes I love you. Nor yet for your brow so fair- Though they gleam like the stars above you XYith light such as angels share. 'T is not for your darkling tresses. Nor yet for your rosebud lips, XVhose kiss such wine expresses That it thrills to my ringer-tips. Not those lips -but the love they whisper In the even when clay is clone, XVhich makes in the gloom of the vesper Seem worth while all the struggles begun. Your trust and your hope-yea, your doubting, That proves in itself your loye's reach. Coniiding so sweet, and your pouting - 'XYhen oft for your love I beseech- AII this but increases my passion And fires all my feelings anew. XVhat thoughts else my consciousness fashion, This one thing I know-I love you! B. ,OI 137 hv Hnihvraitg Qtvrnrh. VOL. 5. UNIVERSITY OF MISSISSIPPI, UNIVERSITY P. O,, IVEDNESIDAY, DECEMBER 3, 1902. NO. 7 XVIZISKLY joL'Rx.xLoF CoLLEGi-3 Li SL'liSCRlI'TION Rarizs. Une year in advance, ---- St oo Single copy, - - - 05 All remittances, whether for subscrip- tions or advertisements,and all com- munications on business matters should be addressed to XY. .L Iiiaxkv, Busi- ness Manager. .XII matter for publication should be addressed to S. Lamar Field, Editor- in-Chief. Iintered as second-class matter at the I'nivei'sity Post-oiiice. EDITORIAL S7'AI"l". S. LA NIA R I" Iiditor-in-Cliief. Assis'i',xx'i' limroizs. W. 0. Crisnian, '03 . .Xthletic liditor. ti. Montgomery. 'o3. , I.itel'ary Iiditor. l.. Kennedy, '04 .... Organizations. 'l'. II. Ilarcly, '05 . . . . l.ocal liditor. U. I.. Kilnbrough.'o6 . . .-Xss't I.ocal lid. M. II. Iirown. '03 . .... Senior Law, V. U, Robertson, '04 . . .junior Law. XY. .L IIENRY, jk., Business Mgr. Assistant Business Managers. A. II. Stephen, '03, 'I'. II. Campbell, 'o3. at Missfs llSi limi oi ini siisoi Mississippi, Thursday, Nov. 27th, our team, considerably crippled, but dauntless, went up against the team of Tulane University of New Orleans, La., and scored a victory of io to o. Our center, Ames, and two halves, Critz and Crisman, were disabled and joined the retired list. NVith a new man in as center and that same old deter- mination,we gave Tulane what she reasonably expected. The villainous fumbling so often spoken of by the New Or- leans papers showed what might have been the score had we han- dled the pigskin with care and accuracy. However, Sultan's timely tackle, Beanland's tine runs, Magruder's and Foster's line plunges, carried our colors safely to victory. The trip to New Orleans, be- sides being victorious was more than pleasant and the game was a brilliant ending of one of our most successful football sea- sons. Dr. Leathers can not be too highly praised for his successful managing, and Coach Martin 138 IO, Tulane, 0. has established himself as a coach, and it is our sincere hope that he will be with us another season. Mississippi is to be congratu- lated upon the standing her team has taken. For good, clean football, she can show a fine record. In the matter of train- ing she could have clone better. Next session we hope to see more enthusiasm than was shown this year and we can pre- dict a glorious future unless something unforeseen prevents the return of our eleven. It is to be hoped that we may be able to start a subscription among the Alumni to help ath- letics. This is done in nearly every University except Missis- sippi. Our Alumni will do as much for us if we onl put the matter before them in theproper light. The baseball season is next in order, and with material at hand we can reasonably look for a winning team. Dr. Leathers has kindly COII- sented to manage the baseball team,and we are the more en- - V Y Y - Y A- n?I3Yf',w RECORD STAFF. 1 FIELD 3 KIMBROUGH 5 ROBERTSON 7 CAMPBELL 2 HARDY 4 BROWN 6 HENRY ... L 1 'yi , I 4 U 5 . , J 1 f '45 5 if ATHLETICS Southern Intercollegiate Athletic Association. OFFICERS FOR I90Z. DR. XY. L. DCDLEY ..n.. . ..,.. Presz'a'e11! PROFESSOR W. M. RIGGS . . . ..... I'z're-Presz'denf PROFESSOR A. L. BONDVRANT ........... Sefrelaryand Treasurer EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE. DR. W. L. DUDLEY ................. Vanderbilt University PROFESSOR W. M. RIGGS . . . ...... Clemson College PROFESSOR A. L. BONDVRAXT . . . . . University of Mississippi PROFESSOR A. H. PATTERSON . . ...... University of Georgia PROFESSOR B. B. ROSS .,......... Alabama Polytechnic Institute COLLEGES OF THE ASSOCIATION. Agricultural and Mechanical College of Mississippi . . . Starkville, Mississippi Alabama Polytechnic Institute . ............. Auburn, Alabama Clemson College ...... Cumberland University '.... Georgia School of Technology . . Kentucky State College . . Louisiana State University . Mercer College ....., Southern University . . Tulane University . . . University University University University University University University Vanderbilt University of Alabama . . of Mississippi. . of Georgia . . . of Nashville . . of North Carolina of the South . . of Texas . . University . . of Tennessee . . . Clemson, South Carolina . . . Lebanon, Tennessee . . . .Atlanta Georgia . . Lexington, Kentucky . . Baton Rouge, Louisiana . . . . .Macon, Georgia . Greensborough, Alabama . . New Orleans, Louisiana . . University of Alabama . . University of Mississippi . . . . . Athens, Georgia . . . Nashville, Tennessee Chapel Hill, North Carolina . . . Sewanee, Tennessee . . . . . . Austin. Texas . . Nashville, Tennessee . . Knoxville, Tennessee University of Mississippi Athletic Association. OFFICERS FOR I903. DR. R. W.. JONES ..... Presz'a'enl A. L. BONDURANT. . Vffe-f'resz'de1z! EITGENE CAMPBELL ...... .S'6'l'7'6'f07:1'tllld Treasure BOARD OF CONTROL. DR. R. W. JONES A. L. BONDURANT EUGENE CAMPBELL M. H. BROWN GOODE BIONTGOMERY GEORGE B. MYERS J. B. LEAVELL 5 .-1 jim RQ 1 N' - xigil-ig 27721 'D ' 3' H A iii , -QNW fy f lf x Q ,X 4 ' RNX Q ,,. ,,, x of R , ' ,"'f' N "'w . :,N' xi X A ' 1, I f. gg.1:, , Q Xxx-xx . X N xx 3. SX :A X' ' XSS - - 0.0 -.. Lk, U 0 X X X r XX X X x X 'ii X ' iaxx 'N - X x, -- -:LT N1 01.0 ik 1 1 I Qu fl- -1- X I 'II 1 FOOTBALL TEAM. ov-- ff .fr vl 1 '1 f. .s 'r 1V"'1 , 1 o Q 11 J" --5 - I I S Q I 1 N' w ,-I, 1 r -a 'uns f' 1 .50 -F 'ja- D -xv va ' , 1 if az, -n X I.. 4 'V 'W- at 41. xUO J F' . . .1 U r , ' .'- . M 'A , "WI if? University oi Mississippi Football Team. SEASON OF 1902. OFFICERS. DR. W. S. LEATH1-:Rs . . . . . . . . .llanagcr JOHN M. FOSTER .... . . Capfain D. S. MARTIN CAuburn'J ...... . . Coark TEAM. AMES .... .... . . . Cenfer DODD ..... . Leff Guard HOPKINS T. J . . . Rzlghl Guard SULTAN ' .... . Left Taflale CONNER . . . . Rzghf Tafkle KIMBROVGH ...., . . Lqft End ELMER .......... . . . R1l,ghlEmi CRITZ, F. A., CRISMAN . . . . Lff? Half-bark FOSTER MAGRUDER, J. M. . . . . R1Lgh!Ha!l-bark BEANLAND ........ . . Quarler-back HOPKINS O. S., DEAN . . . .... . . . Fu!!-back SUBSTITUTES. CRITZ, W., WYNNE, Moss WEBSTER C. R. CONNER, First Sub. Tackle on All-Southern Team. Games Dlayed in 1902. October xith, at Nashville, Mississippi, og Vanderbilt 29. October 18th at Oxford, Mississippi 383 Cumberland, o. October 25th, at Starkville, Mississippi, 2I 5 Agricultural and Mechanical, o. November Ist, at Oxford, Mississippi 42g Memphis University School. o. November 8th, at New Orleans, Mississippi og Louisiana State University, 6. November 15th at Memphisg Mississippi, Io: University of Tennessee, 11. November 17th, at New Orleans, Mississippi, io, Tulane, o. 143 Football Sqvad, University. C. F. AMES A. P. DODD O. S HOPKINS D. I. SULTAN C. R. CONNER O. L. KIMBOUGH F. W. ELMER F. A. CRITZ J. M. FOSTER J. M. MAGRUDER G. C. BEANLAND T. J. HOPKINS G. D. DEAN W. O. CRISMAN F. O. WYNBNE R. E. 'MOSS E. WEBSTER E. E. CONNER R. C. BECKETT, JR. R. J. THURMOND A. J. MCLAITRIN, JR. G. MONTGOMERS' C. B. COFFEY I. T. GILMER J. BRAMLETT E. ATKINSON R. C. COXVAN H. P. HEIDELBERG W. H. HARDY R. D. MCLAIN E. G. HIGHTOWER L. W. MAGRUDER I. L. SCHIRK D. MCDOWELL, JR. J. K. STURDIVANT 144 X ...r- fii 'N ...ff-g 3 1-if f l.- J-,-',,.. 11+ ,,,,4f ,.. - -ili- ,li- -iii- ..l-1- 411- -l' -1-AP I ..l. - 1 . -7. . .bu , ' v 3 I I '1 s :..,t "PTY-' 1 W. 1 ' x-" K A. 1, v!,'k 1 1 Es . .V -.o- '.,.' u P '. 5... , A, A. ' C. -1-' - . -J- U Q . 1" "M .lt 'I In , I5 K ' ".r L, -x'-'Hi . 'e'ff' ' A, 4 .. l :LE 6 . V -fy 'ln . ll ,I lf. 1"' 4 sf I ,,. , . 2 -.JM ' I l'x .I 1. ' 'ga 'a P .e Q. I .IA V. .-'swlr U I 4 L-1. .4 , vlnloiyi-'Q I ' ,Ns 'L 4 -AaN.4 . -,332 f--s. .pt- ."q 'a Z, s ww' . -5 0 fx' -f'.,- X ,A 0.-.--nu in ' 'k Y ' -'-, rf I h 1 . 0 ,gf '-,a Varsity Baseball Team '03, DR. XV. S. LEATHERS . ..... Manager' YV. O. CRISMAN . . . . .-Issisfanl Manager F. W. ELMER . . . ........... ..,.. C apfain Games Dlayed in 1902. Memphis University School, 2 g University of Mississippi, 4. Memphis University School, 3 3 University of Mississippi, 2. S. W. B. U., 35 University of Mississippi, 4. S. W. B. U., 2 5 University of Mississippi, 6. University of Alabama, 22 5 University of Mississippi, o. University of Alabama, 14, University of Mississippi, 3. fMississippi-Alabama games forfeited by Alabama to Mississippij J. M. C., 5 g University ot Mississippi, o. J. M. C., 9 5 University of Mississippi, 14. J. M. C., I3 3 University of Mississippi, 3. J. M. C., 7 3 University of Mississippi, rr. J. M. C., 2 3 University of Mississippi, 6. J. M. C., I3 3 University of Mississippi, 11. University of Texas, 4 5 University of Mississippi, o. University of Texas, I g University of Mississippi, 2. University of Tulane, 4 3 University of Mississippi, 6. University of Tulane, 6 9 University of Mississippi, 4. University of Tulane, 3 5 University of Mississippi, 6. Field Sports. JOHN M. FOSTER? .......... . . fllanager R. H. POWELL . . . .Manager Tennis. W. M. GARROTT ....... . . . . .Uauagcr ' Mr. Foster was not in school after Christmas. Ill I The Popularity ol "Lazy," H ELL, boys, it was just this way. Jim Greene-we all called him ' Lazy ' EE: and it fit him like a new shoe-entered the Varsity in the fall of IQOI. IT EA He never took an interest in his classes, missed the rise in fifteen out of eighteen points, read Street and Sn1ith's 'choice literature,' chewed cheap tobacco, looked slouchy, was lazier than anybody on record, simply didn't give a din for anything or anybody, and just such a fellow who couldn't be very popular if he wanted to and it was against his religion to 'want to. " There was one thing about ' Lazy,' " continued Benson, who had been asked to tell about " Lazy's " popularity, " darned if he wouldn't go to chapel every day, and although he seemed to pay no attention to anything that was said, he used to drawl out in that pine-ridge accent of his, ' 'Course I like to go, else I wouldn't be caught therel' He always expectorated Huently upon being ques- tioned about anything. Well, when spring opened up and baseball was all the talk, we were looking about for, material. The first man to appear upon the field was ' Lazy '-I wish you could have seen that uniform! Well, sir, I 'll be blamed if it didn't look like the cast-off livery of some of Elizabeth'-s footmen! VVliew! Green and red-striped- shirt and yellow trousers! 'If he didn't look like a typical Reuben I 'll pay for the drinks ! Everybody laughed at him? Well, I guess! And every evening it was the same old thing, guyizzg 'Lazy' about his suit and his attempts to play ball ! Some one would yell at him, ' ' Lazyf are you going to make the team?' And he always let fly a copious' stream of tobacco juice, smiled a doubtful smile, and replied-' Don't know-reckon not.' A' The lazy devil could hold a baillif you knocked it to him, but you could never count on him covering .much ground. And when it came to batting, he was a back number. Occasionally he would hit it, and when he did, he always kissed it farewell-this'wasn't often,Ath'ough. - Q There was one thing you couldn't do-you couldn't rattle ' Lazy.' Oh, noi he was too darn slow for that-he never saw the point until a week or more, and then, he didn't care. Sometimes, you 'd be walking with him and he 'd chuckle to himself, that was a sure sign that he had probed into some joke hurled at him on the diamond. ' 'f It used to do the kids good to watch 'Lazy' make faces when he was at the bat-it was certainly a show. But just as I said, he wasn't popular and we 146 i I knew he 'd never make the team. VVell, he hadn't been faithful for nothing, and I want to say right here, he never missed an evening from the field. Coach Holmes made him ' sub ' for his faithful work and promised to let him play in one big game. It was when we were playing Tulane a series. VVe won Thursdays game, put in a sub-pitcher Friday, and the boys played loose, and lost by three scores. The boys seemed to think they had a snap, and Tulane took advantage of the weak playing. " When Saturday's game was called. we put Fred Day back in the box and had our brag nine on the field. Steve Franklin was playing right field for us, and he was a crack, too. You fellows didnft know him, but you 've heard of him often enough-played with the ' Chicks ' after he left here, Up to the seventh inning we were eight to Tulane's four. During the seventh, Steve made a long run for a sky-scraper and just bagged it when he stepped in a hole and sprained his ankle. Steve held the ball? Well, you know it! We had to take him out and put the doctor on him. Much to the surprise of all, ' coach ' put ' Lazy ' in his place. Several of the boys went to ' coach ' and asked for Thompson, Mines, or jenkins. but he reminded them of the fact that he was attending to his busi11f55,' said we had the game beat, and he owed that much to ' Lazy.' I 'll swear I never felt as sick in all my life as I did when I saw ' Lazy ' waddling off to right field. Well, he just played like h-l for a few minutes, caught two flies and put out the side. We failed to score in the seventh and when ' Lazy ' went to his corner I felt like the knockout blow would come next. " Tulane got two hits. and had a man on first and second. A long fly to center was bagged, but couldn't be fielded before the two runners got to second and third. Tulane fiew over to 'Lazy' and he fell all over himself-Tulane's two runners walked in! And the man on third seemed confident! Tulane singled and landed safe on first. I got desperate. I saw my ' green ' in the wind and I felt raw! Another Hy goes up to ' Lazy , and he never touched it. Tulane scored! O 'Doctor Carvel' ! The perspiration rolled off of me! Seven to eight and no man out! Tulane flew out to second base. Tulane hit to third, and her man was caught trying to come homey the next man flew out to center. " Mississippi came in and didn't make a run ! I 'll tell you boys, it hurts like h-1 to witness a scene like that! Tulane pranced up and gave us the Iiigh guyg we looked cheap, and felt it too! " Tulane got two hits, and put a man on first and second-next man got a bunt, but the batter and the man on first got out on a double. Tulane had a man on third, though, and I felt goose-bumps all over me. The next man-put one over ' Lazy ' and he missed it forty feet. Tulane ties the score! Gentlemen, let me tell you that was the roughest house I ever witnessed! It looked like a rebellion to me. Our fellows told the coach they 'd quit playing if he didn't put 147 ' Lazy I out. But that didn't ' feaze ' him-he had a head of his own and ' Lazy ' stayed in. So did the others! The next batter Hew out to left field and Missis- sippi came in for her last showdown. XYell, I 'm from Missouri and you have to slmzu 1110. But there was no use in showing me anything 'g1'Cv11.' I had my share in the '11ock'! Jones fanned. I almost fainted, and if I hadn't stuck that barbed wire in my hand I guess I would have. Smith fanned. I yelled out, 'Iiitw' 11111111111 to 1110 1111111 iuI10'll lezzork C1 11111110 1'1111!' Tulane's guys said, ' It 's no use, bully: put up your money and take your medicine like a man! ' And some of our boys turned their saddened countenances to me and said, ' Your money is safe, Beng don't worryl' I thought so, too! It was ' Lazy's' first time to the bat, my heart sank to my toes! He changed his 'cud' to the other side of his mouth, spit in his hands, and took position very carefully. Two beauties passed over the plate, and I held a post to keep from falling. The twirler tried for a drop, but ' Lazy ' caught it on the drop and the next thing I saw was his cumber- some figure passing the bases in a terrible gallop! VVe yelled and whooped and cheered him until he struck home just before the ball fell in the catcher's glove. Yes, that ls how he got his popularity 3 that 's why his picture hangs in the Athletic Hall, and that 's why he will always be remembered." B., ,O2. n -R 9 X 7, Tlx p - Q fn: 6 5' pl ff 5 f X "' , A, 1 , fC X mol 148 1 X C' V M f x Q9 W X' W w . N xx NNW W W I .X V 6 Wm RQ W 5 7' X A ' -, '71 3 X" , xx K' ., ,X SRL X my A man unsuspectung gentle pure N w w Sober steadfast and demure B ,I nf -Q M Z? J I my X s lf fy' Af. f g. , ,, M. H. B B A R QQ: SQ! at tix -,RI '-it - 0 Z : ,I .1f,'1, ,-fl' X rf ffl: f X , , ff! ff , fzg 1 fp!! Kg fgyyjnfiz fifif 3 1 , LL- X ,R K 1 f ff ,:,fg.,,2 ff R -:' 5, " ' 'Q pl? .2 ' 7 f ' ' ff ff ' L Agni ff Ah Q., , fk.4.5gi,.. ,.,,-' W. 5 R f vqwf - riff F-5 R ' w: 5 Y YN ' ifk' 'ff ,HM N ,N ,A W G X .-Q, x, f' , 2' ,.,V.?1-ggffff I 'hm .H ff vw my i'Z'1f v,,f' R .K 1 ,. , F fyg,-A X 1, Q43 if ,f K-'TZQQ7 Q Ifya-"3 ky, Anza fx A 451331 U' YL fffrf -,4,, ,. -,..- - -,go-I 2. , ffl-- G. B. BIYERS . . . . . . Pres1'a'arzf W. M. GARROTT . ...... Vzke-Presideuf T. W. WHITE .... . Sezreialj' and Treasurfr HUGH BARR NIILLER . . . . ......... Leader I ,,Jj"i'.L - x. 1 .- ll., nj, . ff ,QW 'fills 1 P lil H ilxzyas Nfnlifff mf l l"'llllxr2 an X- 1 'Phi 1 , - ' f I 1-r Nw. " .W x CD W ' 1 A Te SYM-toNZ.m. if -ii-d DR. CUPID, 1313 Happy Sfreel, Heazfefz. DEAR SIR : After suffering six years with a severe case of " unreturned love," Itried your treatment as a "last resort." It cured me at once, and I heartily recom- mend it to all so affected. Enough can not be said in praise of your wonderful remedy. Very respectfully, S. 150 A Few Drags. " BROWNIE "-A little loud man. MCCOOL-A bird without wings. CHAS. CLARK-A professional " nigger " killer. " SPEC " HAIRSTON-BClOVCd of all the ladies QPJ " IQNOTTY " CONNER-He ought to have been on the baseball team three years a go ! QQ Locua-The lion of the city of Abbeville! ELMER--U He is the most C'7llCl'fG1'IZlllgC'Sf man I ever saw." " FARMER " CRITZ-H Farmer " made a phenomenal rung if he could have straightened it out it might have reached to Bl7'7IlI.1lgllG1ll, Ala. BARRETT-U My name is Ikey Barrett And I lif in a garret, Py gott! " BOB POWELL-" Wait a minute, Dr. Riley, I was going to tell you all about that." I PRIESTLY-Addicted to cramps. DRANE-H Now I 've played -3 I 've lost the best pair of pants I had! " AMES-Chronic whistler. LUCKETT--Prospective Padercwskl! The following was written upon the envelope containing a Sophomore's photograph: " On the inside will be found, 'A thing of beauty and a joy forever. Its !7! loveliness increases and it will never pass into nothingness, etc. Look inside. ISI YW C0-3.3. ,,,,.,l-7 'f , ',t",. :L vi X xg 2: f' Ihht 1-i.N,:"+f -.-" 'xx Egg iff f3QnWl'fLg sh- W, X fl g,gl1f, W:fgg 12. T q" My gl:-I1 Q.,w!.N'5'- L VW-lf 4,4 :dvi LI M1193 X' X' f IN 11, Ile.-cvx-Lyra-m1x.NfX0-vQ.0.YxA-. aonoke-W .9-las, Jun.. o. . :Wim Jtmxaygwivxeuvmi. . S--1.0.5 T.n,j.?au1'. 'mx gtlvuf- 9R05-V1 Do-jbuf V1Nou.TXLv7fi,,,asS.xjvu.-AQ' ' .4 J-sr-'U-if-,.e.oLs.Q1e. , .5.,lCt-M.,-. I AS' Smack -0-C - fhe. , iosfgfrmi- wx -i'1avw,ka.x-4 I52 - : ",' N W ,Lf 'ii L ff' TLA Fizlifl ' iii- ' ? h - W ,- - a-'T121 ' .V i F ' ff 2 fi Vps: High ' ' f. if -W ' fl FE W It f ' 'A k 4 if ii A w ,E ffl 1 N fwf Q eflifg- .S r0',ffHvfKi, l!1f.HJ,ff X ,ef :ff--lf: 1 MW' M K f LQ!! JM mm --1' ' f 5:5 ff' if b:.f 1-PM gg Lili, P5 GT Wf5- 1: Q , -a gg Q Tam Wi 3-59375 T53 ,HE METAMoRPuosng ar Cause.: LAPS ff xl. , 'vy- N N V- . Q V x in 15? C ., 1 ' L31 . Q X in A , S ANN 0 2- I. A 2 L EX X girl 14" fp X Q I "" 1-.3 'A Z... " , , 5. j: .-T-Qi W eq , : dy . , ,.,i , 1,-4' TQ Awox 'ij ., , v 1? -Y '.:. f f - L- 1 'lil' 1-. - , F A1421 - - .. S --1 ' - - - ' -N- 1-I' 44 i ,-,-, Q '-'lf Sgthbwxovg ,fl :Q "1 , . A - -A- . , : C- ,-,, - ' 5' N -i. .' ' 'V - A. c ..,-Hx gimp -:- - -. ff - M -- M 154 From Ihc Book oi College Life. CHAPTER I. i 2 HE college man cometh up in the early fall and falleth ere the spring hath 1 opened. He riseth late and goeth upon his way rejoicing, but in the even the faculty cutteth him down. The cares of life are upon him and verily he groaneth in the spirit. He refuseth to be comforted. but goeth to the bank and draweth upon his father, and straightway he goeth and bloweth it in. He receiveth his money from home and knoweth not whence it cometh or whither it goeth. He receiveth his report and understandeth not the contents thereof. Verily, his report is filled with failures and demerits. He groaneth in the spirit and complaineth. He loafeth much, but never becometh weary. Truly. happi- ness he hath in abundance. He hath said in his heart, " Much study is a weari- ness of the flesh and of making books there is no end." He goeth to his examina- tion and when he hath gazed much upon it, signeth up, and goeth out with bowed head. He smoketh much and cheweth and straightway he spitteth upon the floors and walks. He talketh politics much, but athletics more, and doeth nothing. Verily, he is fearfully and wonderfully made. He pretendeth much, but knoweth little, and of his conceit there is no end. He bucketh against the facultyg he receiveth much attention therefor. and straightway he packeth his trunk for removal. He leaveth like a wolf in the night and the darkness covereth many of his sins. ANON. 155 THE 'T is said that in the olden times. ln the days of ancient Greece, The days of rural happiness, VVhen all was love and peace 1 Tending each day his hleating Hocks On the meadows and the leas, There lived a handsome shepherd lad Whose name was Kisthenes. A sweetheart had this Kisthenes, A saucy little miss- Disdaiuing names so dignitied, She always called him Kiss. They often strolled upon the plain, Forgetful of the flock, Ur sat and planned their future life lieside some sheltering rock. NVhile on her way to the trysting-place She found a pearl one day. f' 'T will a fortune he for Kiss and me 1 I wonder what he 'll say." She scarce had picked the jewel up NVhen with looks malign, A ruffian confronted her And said: 4' That pearl is mine." She put the pearl into her mouth To swallow it if she must, Rather than surrender it To the greedy rohher's lust. She dodged around a friendly rock The rohher to elude, And swiftly ran to Kisthenes, The rufician pursued. liut when he saw the strong young man lle gave up the quest. She ran into her lover's arms And was folded to his breast. KISS. He held her Hrm in his embrace, Her arms pinned to her side, So she could not release herself. liven if she tried. " Here, Kiss, take this pearl," she said, And held it 'tween her lips, Vpturned like a crimson rose Wlhence a sparkling dewdrop drips. Now, when the lad first felt the thrill Of this new-found delight, He made her take the pearl again, NVhile he held her tight. But already it occurred To this quickvwitted girl That the pleasure of the process Did not require a pearl. And,so, when she with many trials, Had amply proven this, She named the new discovery For her lover, Kiss. They agreed to keep it secret, but- Can anyhody douht it?- XfVhen next she saw her best girl friend She told her all about it. This friend tested what she said, And finding it was true, She spread the news to all her friends, And they all tried it too. Nor did the Hight of many years Cause lovers to forget, llut still the kiss was handed down- And it is current yet. So this little country maid, And her lover, Kiss, Left lovers all this heritage Of concentrated hliss. W. A. Sriavicxs, 'oz 156 L 1 Q! it XL I I gf J Y jg 4 1 f Q, 1 X ,ff M y I Zi: lllxli iii Q'-' Ri I 2 l l, it 1' X es ' will 1 ri .T ,N , 5,141 L , - N I .7 rt ' lil- . N E Q Q. A -'mfr it X, ith , i ! o A i l x W ! i , fo. xlru Y ' . ' N -fdux 'H l-'Vilii X l fx, J xxy f wx li U f lrlll E :X X fl H ffl! L ie? lvx V HorQ,Lx'.ZMQi LYf'E'f5 If it if. z 7 s . R I 1 U Lok hay' 6: I 11' ' '-C' , ,i i all ,I TO THE SWEETHEART OF MY CHILDHOOD. Little Sweetheart, Love's fragrant Howers are dead- The petals crisp and dry. Let not thy pearly tears be shed: lt is not meet that you should cry. Where are the gentle whispers, Love, Ah! it was a dream of bitter-sweet: That once fell on my ear? A vision that now is fled! Hidden 'neath Cupid's folded wings, Weep not, lady mineg in thy fairy retreat, Sobbing and trembling with fear? Resurrection comes but to the dead! 1- -116 SE 919 if if i i From out the grave of the dead Love-flower ' i In the meadow where daisies rest, A lily grows in a leafy bower, A moonbeam kisses its snow-white breast. T57 1902. 'iw-VT. 'fi' 'tsl i I T 'lc' , . I xv, -1 -. jr.: " QQ., H U! 3-iggsll, H -as lp I , it J -1' 1,. , iq l-V jfliaf, ,lap l 1 - . N' , iii "'--,lf' v- l I . ,ix I- '4,,?'i 1' ,l ' N I 'Iv ni , if' all My L L M 1 U Wy' ' In ' I lf' HJ v I 'riff wiiili- 'W' .- io ww '-, fi 131 'U Til .x..4tT, L Mug? i. VU., Z, Lf- F 17- ' ',.:"tI,'1 N i,, .l -Vw.ii"uN' !:iiz"'l - ,,-iw . ,. r V , - , .L-g 1va my - lbw A-24551 -lf'-f ' iw ,,,4-L -id?" , -.A -f' ? -.Qin'."" wsu L- M- , " 1' , -f :if , v N ,I f ,ilgkffg-M-R 1' f gd 6 Q ROOTERS' SONGS. QTUNE1 "john Brofwfx Boajffj We 'll sing another song for MiSSiSSippi's team 1 We are not as weak as others Say we seem : Send up shouts and cheers that 'll reach to the Sky While the team goes marching by. CHORUS: Missi -Missi-Mississippi ! Missi-Missi-Mississippi ! MiSSi-Missi-Mississippi ! Our team goes marching On! We will never falter till we win the game to-day, Or else we 'll stand up bravely and hold the foe at bay: We are not afraid when the team begins to play To sing our marching song! CHORUS: Missi-Missi-Mississippi ! Missi-Missi-Mississippi ! Missi-Missi-Mississippi! Our team is marching by! A yell for our captain, boys-give it loud and Strong, He will never fail us, though the game be hard and long: Brace up, lads, and ioin us in our Song, While the team goes marching on! Missi-Missi Mississippi! Missi-Missi-Mississippi ! Missi-Missi-Mississippi! Our team is moving On! QTUNE: nflilb' Auchorel My S0uI."J Our team was Once playing far away from its home, Far away from the Rooters' Brigade, But the faith that we had in each jolly lad , Accounts for the record they made. , CHORUS: join us once more in the glad refrain, Sing for their record so bright ! Through the Struggle and Strain, they 've brought vict'ry again And we'll Sing 'em a song to-night. Sing for the colors, for red and for blue, Join in the happy refrain, To the red and the blue our boys will be true, ' And bring us vict'ry again. CHORUS: Ring out the yells with voices strong, Join the old Rooters' Brigade! Shout with much glee for the new victory, And shout for the record they 've made. B., 'o2. 159 , 1--' ell' VY" I I " 5 ' 0-,':,' nz: s y' vu 1 ,ffzv+,- u 1 5 NNI, s' ff Al, Q ,N jfjr-,fs ' f 4i?J:'Q.:J' 'fix 'xc Qi 'im wt Z' 7,'se I K, 'Q 6x rslvplihf 'dm J-"'1f'xxf!X x,-fx"-lf BX ' ' ,,f"if1Q.jjY,'1-it-Ji?-W,If, 44xP:sn'gf, Bros sag. by r ik Y -J-. Jfloygoq, ' Iqefaztaf ,l,',,y M,gwf:pf'9,-Eig r-QQX 1315 3 . TAQQ5 ' Q' ? .i,uPQ'.jQi'3:ZS0 3.4 ' .Agsgfjjvqf wt'al7Ty!!1':g'7ID9R '1y gr, Y -5 4-Tv "nf-5 mfs get ,-By ,YT 9 ne, .,-X, 1 1113.51 e .' 5,1-.,, Y ,ti-. i ,awe vffkxo ' s ,-If afN.,X',,,,. 1 HH I' -1 W, Tl N J Gigi 'l7v,"!I.-If vwx '.-Nl 2 , ,."" ' - "M 532, -- ' ' mr Z3 454 mf: f f"-W. f my S we N , -4 M51 -Q"'u,-p"5'+ ,SH f -:fi 1IvlLh1l 'M L- of' Xswjxlfoigeg .:B'g?' ,-rf, ,HF jg 1: ip", i 7 0 no-drool g: Y,'f" ,ll lf F-H Al! il-: fx -Q J-"'Q:g sh-, M2 151 1 x f Lg41 ,',W'3tffffi,f ?'f ff l T wr 1 aL gr' 5 V T-'K 'fi rlrfqsilllf Q li -'il 'K 'C ,'f:':" ,,- '!"'iY X', X Zi 4' 21 ' , ii 1 '4 K' ff? fQ 7?-552' 1n'.:,Qm 417 4' f? -: W' 5 lil 'T ff - 534 2 1 ,MW X J J' "iii ff' 'fp f:,- T? - X . Q :. , .,-- if" ' fi- 'v'-'-.N f-.... J ' 'i- - -L g15l 1, , 1 .iTfgif-',:2',11l.: nbc!-gif i 1? l-- -l W 1- fi LT fa"1Z2:JQ-fa 24 . if -w gxriirjzg Y' E r - ,K ?K,53,1,:1Y'. n?! -in in ' ,f -fx I ? f Y 4'3:a 7 E. XT' 0 2 Vg -in K " :w1KfX . - PX N-W ', tmlll mmmn.m5Q I9 Mi l , M M. il Q , X Z N, f 'f"- ,j'j,' ,, KAL? 15, Y ,- Jf W " 1-iwul x N I Hi m ZW . N Y K ww- 1 M2 r 2 M M .,' ? ' N 5 f f. 'fi ' - I N My vx fl w '54 Y Y 1 Jhxxi , S M n f -1 11..,if L f e5 fX g g w :ii T - ,-fd ' ,QF T ,. N ,J Q4 'lffg 1, f fi FK , ' i1:1g ,iff fi..-E pn K 1. X. f ff T24 , J-gd! +2 9? .gg -'Tae vw-XSILNCL ?hke,ef, WHQJ0 THQ. Sv.N-Be.mvCs JAuee,, oN Velvet Leis- W , of clover, Henle 'ive Q-nest L-,ees WMM to was 7 0 AND I-le - ' S: 9 Ave stmns os' G'LADNeSso A3-tHe-Js04A,'tj-lg-fly -lrveg-Les 'NYPL . exges-frame.:-1 fuen lrvmvcnes an func, LY X.-ekves wne. 11. :He 1YLocKLNQ.-bcvos 'Wl'Le. we Im: f-resnmnu gljst LCNYNS To .S?ooN., - -ffvdv -- WULH TR ' . en Souls we Mellow, Jqxyows sont. XQN v if f ' f' ,,7 ' If I f ff" .Zigl- ' 14fYS'?'535?f+2'3,-f few ffl N X -'.. . .H ,Q ZZ' w e A V If f,,f, ' 'x y 1 V y Xxfw f I Q f ' I I ,, .4 ' -ff -v .- SSG an ff 8 " 1 5 X , fa ! 1 ' ! '7"HEf'v1shvvxAvxs SA-'Y V6 Uk 'ff Y 1.--. X 55525 A ' j,,,f . iffy .VT . X fuk ,X,xVYf ',7 I 223 gf 1 :ANY y Xxx flfj- In f I .mggx TJ NR x.: 4126, 'rs 4 , iii -ignxx 1- -4 , lv, , , i ,. !M',A, f M f v L' V9 J' I f ff fffff f f 2 Iifijyj ML , V 125.47 9-lAL!f51f 1- X CKKJGXVI Dx UK? ' 0 s:55d!V The Department of Elocvlion and Oratory. Miss SARAH MCGEHEE ISOM, Instructor. S ORTUNATE is the institution that can boast of a chair of Elocution and Cratory, but doubly fortunate is the institution that is blessed with a Z talented, enthusiastic, and accomplished instructor. The University of Mississippi can boast of not a few orators within the last few years, to say nothing of those who finished " when oratory was in flower." In the Oratorical Association Contests, both State and Interstate, her record has been exceptionally bright. The diligence with which our instructor trains her pupils, the enthusiasm with which she fills them, the ease and grace which she cultivates in them, in fact the finish that she gives them, have made for her a record not by any means con- fined to the State of Mississippi. Miss Isom was a pupil of the talented Murdock and she is, indeed, a worthy example of the great school that he so earnestly advocated. Mississippi, the love for oratory and the unparalleled Southern talent will never weaken with such an instructor within your walls! A STUDENT. 163 5 ,A YI ' '."'QeF41' ' :"' ' 9'.' . T , Qffyr' S U . I n 1 s D -is o 'vp ,I "5 'w i'f f 'K J r,' G. 9 ' . ' 0 v-, 4 fl ,, - - '.lx"L , Q, . 11"-' 5 UP' li ,w'?f ol ,Q an og.. Q50 . . 5 4 MISS SARAH MCGEHEE ISOM le 'C 5 id vg -1, 1. '? ,, 'J lo. J ,E I' ' Q ', . 4 . ,J Via. .0 -35 I In JUNIOR! " I have a difficult Dutch lesson to prepare." SORH. DR.xNE tsurprisedj: " Wlhat is Dutch? " t5 P. M.-Town clock strikingj FRESHIE ENOCI-IS: " W'ho is dead? I' tFreshie-seeing the basket system for his first timej SENIOR! "XYhere are you from? " FRESHIE: "Crystal Springs." FRESHMAN: " Why do co-eds go to church so early? " BARRETT: " Because they Want to be there in time for the hymns thinisyf' MR. DRANE tseeing " dates " on Mrs. Crockett's table for the first timel: " Say, Cockran, what are these things made out of." PROF. SOMERVILLE tto Law Classmz " Gentlemen, you may omit on review the chapters On Dower and Trust for Married VVomen." MR. MILLER: " Doctor, are you going to let us skip the chapter on Idiots and Lunatics? " PROP. SOME1u'ILLE: " Indispensable, Mr. Millerg I will have to examine the class along that line." MUG tto a Soph. Elocution Studentj: " XYhO is going to play the part of Shylock in Julius Caesar? " , "i,JBSTRlil'UGRASSU Siirru tinterrogated upon lawilz "Say, Smith, what do you think of introducing conliicting testimony? " SMITH: " Condenseratcd testimony, Boss? XVell. l think it ought to be confutrifiedf' MISS SULTAN tto Mrs. Huntj: " Mrs. Hunt, I want to get the last copy of the Lookout." DR, SUNIl'IRYILI.li2 " Mr. Bordeaux, can you give me the gist of the Sir William Penn case?" litJRDl5AUXZ " The case Penn. v. the Railroad, Doctor? " GOVERNOR SHANDS: " Mr. Myers, why eouldn't an atheist testify under the common law System?" B. L. MYERS: " Because he cOuldn't remember accurately everything that happened in connection with the case." Sam Collier and Charles Phillips spent several hours in a fruitless search for a volume of Ibid. GRACE tat the Blackstone Club the day set for electing the Anniversarianj: " Mr. President, this is election day, I believe. I move we elect an adversary." 168 7' Har 7 , 4.7- 'aa L '13 ' --R,-1 Gs Whites - ' we Cho? K Off J CREJAILQ sRa6.dE.v. 4 421K I I V X I fx 1 I 1 I j I 4 U 'MMU -'filblf-ii ' HKU' ' k 'R f 1 K' Y, 1 fl fl! if, XI 'I 'f ' ' N N I fx W. M 1 f + 1 w dr l X V l , f 1-5 VR cllfrxg 'I I X X lU.'V"lJ1 V1 r fW,f' z Y1 sf-W W Z H ' ffff 5' 39 : wa W U'fLff'ikM ' ff1 mLfM+ ' W --Qgg Qgglg J' I ,R Q3 - gg i"Pf- ' 'TT' ' '9l'kJ,ifh5' gf' il' J 5 A- 2,7 i w 'f, H - V '!"4lQl.,1V e' A3 HE EN L - E Y Y- -W-Y 11 -Y i- Y: Y... A U ..7 A xs 1- l . lo k . r ."S" 4' 'U J . .x. 1, 5,911 , so Q ' , 0 .Nfl ' ' 149. A ' 'Q . 'fwl' . ynq 41 A I ., . .4 0 T' 43 0 ' n, I l I ". ,1- 1-V1 Y' 'v 5, . .'g, S' 45-. v"' . T: . ,. O A I y 4: lx , ,f . 1 1 'f 'S ' .X if Q 5. 7 -W1 21 23 S5 1 ' Z sag X fy , A "M 'V' 1 X N 4? f" ' . 7, N .3 XVQ I f f , XS-X 1' w, I- if Q fn N. mf ?" xx f ' - -8 77- L i1'f g5'wiWQf " N .Sax '?f5i,3.'7 '14 ,,,-gsm, Q , N x4 Ewa? ' V ff' gd -NX NN xx,-- f W xf2Ta5?'5??f 1 ' r ,ff fd j Xx f, 0 4 ,ax ww X-- , , 'xii'- 92 if gf" iff! ' ga- 2 . 1' , ' as W ' ' ff , 1 !,'. n 5 ff -I, 91 1 I 1 4' ,' ! X fy . S 1 5 I I ' . fx if ,Ji .-TU! '. ' il J E-i' "fA'.:, O i . Q. o - . .Q -4 V I I 0 1'1- .4 --'F' .'u'f- ' 7' Hnihrrzitg nf Hiizainaippi ilfounnen in 1848 jlfannp Sf. Iiirkg ivummer Gllernns Qbpcu Fun: 11, 1903 '2 -iff by :rr N ,P ea if N g .Q if s5"'fC4 Clfnv. if 3, Cf' C liff ' f3"'iO . Ashtray, M, QQ, fi g. ,,,?Q, ,r.:,f, W.. fl rpg- .W pf ,- HE Department of Science, Literature, and the Arts includes Work in twenty-one schools, with undergrad- uate and graduate courses. 1H.The Engineering Department includes courses in Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering, and Mining Engineering. 111 The Department of Law includes a course requiring two years for completion. 111 The location of the University is unsurpassed in point of healthfulness and beauty. 111 Tuition free to all students in all departments excepting the School of Law. Enlarged equipment in Scientific Departments. Three new buildings. Dormitories for boys and girls. write for a Qliatalngur he womans AND CONSERVATOR1' allege HIGH IX GRAIJI 'l'HOROl'Ull IX 5 C H O . . . RliQl'Ilil'lNlIiN'I', ami PR In-lu Sl I X lu 5 'I L I rv FOUNDED 1838 CHAR'1'IiRIilJ 1 8 54 YHE buildings are excellent, thoroughly eq ipped and furnished. u Modern conveniences. The faculty well-trained, experienced, and reliable. We claim that few schools, if any, in the South oiier better advantages for a high-grade academic or musical education. Lecitures and experiments in chemistry, physics, and astronomy are received by our scientific classes in the University laboratories. Our lyceuxn course contains the best leciturers and high-grade entertainers of the country. Let those who want their daughters accomplished in music send them to onr conservatory. Nex! .SQFSSIIOII opms Sepfember 9, 1903. I'I5'1'fejbr a catalogue. Ahhrraa, illeh. HH. illll. fllllrilntnali, A. E., lireaihrnt REMEMBER TIL! Y' Tllli C47C'R.S'!:' Ol" !,Y.5'Tl?l 'CTIUA' .I T vlanrfz Ztiuainvza Qlullvgv 41 illlahinnn Street memphis, Glenn. ls not a copying from text-book, superiicial, catch-penny scheme, but is planned with a view to familiarizing the student with the most practical and up-to-date ideas of com- mercial paper, business customs, etc., through the medium of daily actual business trans- actions between the students, teachers, and various officers of the institution, thus guar- anteeing a practical instead of a theoretical knowledge of bookkeeping and business. 11 XVe do not resort to conditional guarantee position schemes, or other questionable methods to secure patronage, thereby commanding the respect of the educated and thinking classes. Endorsed by the business men of Memphis as well as elsewhere. Employs only competent men teachers. Since we have no vacations, a splendid oppor- tunity is afforded university students to obtain a Pnzcqzkaf Busifzess Ea'ucaz'z'0n If Y A T TL' ,YD f,YG D L7Rf.l'G THE S L'.l1',lfER .lfO1WfTH.S' til. Q. Uhrvlkrlh anh QD. 57. Baker, Eh. E., Iilrinripals r j , ' vwaw In u a. E , ., ,, ...A , 4 A' at L College Men know and the Nm' flaiim Uzzfozz says, apropos of term-end with its good-byes 1 " The question of wha! in fhc zvorla' io give a j9'z'emz' at part- ing seems to have been solved by the publication of Songs of ll the Colleges which is alike suitable for the collegian of the past, for the student of the present, and for the boy Corgzrlj with hopesg also for the music-loving sister, and a fel- low's best girl," "1-I lf fha Nliw J'0lIlQ'S, aff Mt' 411,11 ,lllllgll Mazza' ffm .l'U1I4gf.f fmjnzffzz' af af! Mc fnllflgvs ,' "zz wvlmzm' gy? in any 001110 a11y7uhz're." AT ALL BOOKSTORES AND MUSIC DEALERS POST:PAID, 81.50 111' 5511! 1111 izj5f71'i1r'iI! 111' Mt' f11fbfi.vM'1'5 51.50, POS'I':PAID ' Ill-333-35 ' Hinds 6: Noble was at st.-at New York City Dirrmm1r'i1's, Traxirfiztiozis, SIIIJIVIIS' idiifs-Sfhaoffvoois qf aff pzzbfishfrs ar one X!0!'f'. I-is 'l5?f.l'6L'T?.P Hn MEMPHIS ' U TENN. A complete stock of High-Grade Footwear in all the late styles l and leathers. Men's Shoes and Oxfords, from ....... . . 83.50 to 57.00 Ladies' Shoes, Oxfords, and Slippers, from . . . 2.00 to 5.00 i B0ys', Misses', and Children's Shoes, from . . . ........ I oo to 3.00 'lillCl2ll'.E1CSl mail-order house iu the South. Orders shipped day received. Make our store headquarters when in city. SHOE FOR EVERY FOOT PRICE FOR EVERY PURSEt l TOUNO MEN Who want to get a start-who must earn a living and would like to make more-should write for the catalogue of CWQQWW THE BEST PRACTICAL SCHOOL IA' A .UERI CA E prepare more than one thousand young people for business pursuits every year, and obtain desirable situations for all graduates of our Complete Commercial Course. Merchants and business men, the officials of railways, banks, and other corporations con- stantly apply to us for properly trained assistants. This course appeals with special force to COLLEGE MEN who would add a practical iinish to their liberal education, and thus get promptly to work in some profitable and con- genial employment. QIL If any young man should read this who wants a paying position, let him write to us, for we can lit him for busi- ness-and find business for him-as 44,000 graduates testify. FOR IJVFORJIATIOA' ADDRESS Qlllmnent QL. Gaines, fill. Q., 35. Z., 1Bre5t7Jmt 29 Washington Street, Poughkeepsie, New York ADDRESS, REV. W. M. MCIN OSH X f o r d M 1 amilton College raining School WAIER VALLEY, MISSISSIPPI Q Qllullegt ann Qlinintrsitp Training Ecbnnl for Boys Fills a long felt want. Good home advan- tages for boys. Prepares for colleges and universities. No conflic't with public or church schools. Affiliates with the leading colleges and universities. Splendid advan- tages. Fine buildingsg modern improve- ments. School apparatusg armoryg uni formsg gymnastics. Trained teachers. Terms to suit tl1e times zrtsflaji , 'ssiss1pp1l i 1 af n-nun Mnuntann intl!! Route Memphis little Rock and Hot Springs, Ark. ...ALL POINTS IN... ARKANSAS, LOUISIANA, TEXAS, MEXICO, MISSOURI, CALIFORNIA, INDIAN TERRITORY, KANSAS, COLORADO, UTAH and PACIFIC COAST. DINING CARS AND PULLMAN STANDARDANDTOURIST SLEEPERS Through Without Ch . R F th I ge FO ur er nformation inq f your arest T' k tAg t r H. D.W1 so As tG lPass Agent BLUE MOUNTAIN FEMALE COLLEGE ?Q PIE X Tk'-X fi, Y! A HOME SCHOOL FOR YOUNG LADIES Superior location, new buildings, thorough equipment, pure air, pure water, pure inoral influence, strong faculty, solid work, good care of girls. 2: 2: 2: 2: 1: 1: 2: 1: Largest boarding patronage of any private female seminary in the South. Much ofthe time, full to overflowing. :: zz :z zz 2: :: If You Want Our Catalogue, Drop Us a Card LOWREY CQ, BERRY Proprietors BLUE MOUNTAIN, MISS. L xington Bu mess College qlncorporatedy Formerly of Lexington, Kentucky. Bookkeeping, Shorthand, Touch Typewriting, Penmanship, Business Arithmetic. COURT REPORTING A SPECIALTY ffm' .S'4'7fv11fnf11 Yefzry af LL',l'1'11.Q'f0II. Aja. ax My lCf'4'Qgf111':1'1z' Pn14'f1'n1! Srfmaf Qf flu' Snlzffz. POSITIONS GUARANTEED UNDER BOND. DIRECTORS. HUN. L. C. XYILLIS, Mayor, District Attorney, L. X N. C. X O., and Southern Rziilwziv. L. ti. SNIITII, President Smith-hlclienney Co.. XYl1olesal4: llruqgists C.. T. .L of I.. X N. R. R. S. 5. KIRK, Drugs and Books, C. T. A. Southern Iizulway. joins I. Lolmx. Banner Roller Mills, Ex-Mayor. Gigoizuii 5. Cnowxixu, Vice-President Shelbyville Commercial Club. OFFICERS. J. C. lil' nxizi r. Presiclent. Cashier Citizens' Bank. IJRYOR R. BIEARII,58Cl'6i2ll'yIll1LI Treasiue IZENJAMIN li. joxizs, President ofthe Faculty. qlncorporatedp W. J. ROSS, Principal Shelbyville, - : Kentucky Telegraphy, 1VIarconi's Wireless, Railroad, and Commercial, Railroad Accounting, Typewriting, Signals. All Details Pertaining to a Thorough Telegraph Education. I '. PHI' lil' Tlllz' .s'c2Lf7'll i ILVI. I' l:'.i'Cl.Ie'.S'!l'lj .S'C'l!UUl. UI" Y'l:'l,l:'f li I WRITE FOR CATALOGUE FIRST REGINI ENT BAND. ..FRtNCE Hhntngrnph CE El I I P 1' g OXFO RD, MISSISSIPPI None Better Than France's Photos. They are as natural as life. ::: ::: ,::: ::: ::: 4 Qgffxwfgw 521 El qmx S M 5- We nf 3.9 DRK IN "OLE MISS" DONE BY US CIVE US A CALL liuli and hip Island R. R. . QUICKEST AND BEST. Connects with all Trains in all Directions at all Junctions. JACKSON, I-IATTIESBURG, AND GULFPORT DOUBLE DAILY SERVICE. Short line between Jackson, all interior Mississippi points, and the Gulf. Makes close connections with all trains for all points, at Jackson, Hattiesburg, and Gulfport. TWO THROUGH TRAINS DAILY No. 1 No. 5 No 2 No. 4 Lv. jackson. . . 4.35 a. m. 2.40 p. m. ar. 2.00 p.m. 11.05 p. m. Ar. Hattiesburg . 8.15 " 6.55 " lv. 10.10 a.m. 7.15 " Ar. Gulfport . . 11.15 a. m. 10.00 " " 6.45 " 5.55 " These trains are arranged with a view of making all desirable con- necftions at all junction points. Parties can leave Jackson in the afternoon and reach Gulfport, Mobile, and points on the Gulf coast, also all eastern and northern points via Mobile. Through train to Laurel leaves Jackson 9.00 a. ni., arrive Laurel 1.50 p. rn. To Lumberton and Columbia, leaves Jackson 4.00 a. m., arrive Lumberton 10.35 a. m., Columbia 12.40 noon. They can take L. 8: N. southbound coast train in the morning and go to interior towns without lying over in Gulfport, or go via Hattiesburg and jackson to Memphis, Kansas City, St. Louis, Chicago, and all northern, western, and eastern points. Also via Maxie to Lumberton and Columbia, or via Saratoga to Laurel Branch points. l,000:Mile Tickets, Good for One Year, 525 For further particulars, call on or address, S. D. BOYLSTON, THOS. P. HALE, Gen'l Passenger Agent, Second Vice-President. Gulfport, Miss. 1, , 2 ff- --2 1 :fs , fy, i f Memphis Hospital f Qi.-Q' I,-.I LL "1T1i2i-T V5 x ,H fg ., -'..- -,. . f -qv' fx X Ava ! YY s -' '- s f- w",. Q.. ' - J : , . -.-f-if., Q. .4 T Y " ik 0 30 I". e- fjfxf""tT s. ug 2 -, as 5 . 4 - sy - IE .5-'ssl-...TT-if Q' . 5Q 'f.'t?.i.F 5. el.. 'ill .2 ' SY S f 'g-4 . . . . . L? lap F- The New College Building ls Q . ,ith LE lrlllllgiff r within two blocks of the New " i-'E City Hospital, where D.-XILX' , X 'if' ' Crixics WILL BE HELD. In ' 'if . X ss, N i' - E-ii. addition to this St Josephs gp 3 nz 7 1 'E 'Y, ,5 Hospital. the East End. and Agffi, ,gl--gpg N f Q' 5' 2' City Dispensaries afford A -Y Eiffffsi Qfi fir K fi LARGE Axiovxr OF Cuxic.-xr ' ':'3 7 !'igi5..." MATERI.-xL. It can be safely l - , sw :muse . .252 -- .L mhwi ig , .tsl . 4-u . age A asserted that for clinical advan- tages, Memphis is unsurpassed ' by any city. Laboratories and dissecting-rooms. well-ventilated. and each equipped with all modern improved facili- ties for instruction. Large and comfortable Y. M. C. A. room and reading-room provided in new building. Each member of the Faculty occupies a part of his hour in reviewing the previous lecture by quizzing the class: in addition to this. FREE quizzes are begun early in the session on all branches taught in the school. This valuable method of impressing the lessons of each lecture indelibly upon the minds of the students will be conducted by the I:21Clllty and special instructors. For catalogue and further information, Address, W. B. ROGERS, M. D., Dean, Memphis, Tennessee. Buy the Best, for Both Student and Lawyer' ANDEDSON'S DICTIONARY OF LAW 'BUT Defines, explains, and applies words, rules, and principles upon the basis of 30,600 authorities-the conclusions of the highest American counts and law writers. The book is used in the leading law schools throughout the country, and endorsed by the most eminent jurists. " Continued use of the work has enhanced the good opinion formed upon my most earliest exam- ination. lt is easily the most valuable work of its classif--Pxor. F. M. lirunicix. Columbia Law School, New York. "It is a 'reat advance upon any previous work of the king, indi7pensable to one who wishes an accurale A'uo'wln e dfhc ll'I7l'.H-PROF. XY. K. 'l'0wNsENn, Yale1LT.awSchool. l "I esteem it by far the best work of the kind,and ' I have used about all such works in the language." -Y 'fnosms J. FREExxAx, Ex-judge of Supreme Court of Tennessee. Dean of Law school, Univer- sity of Tennessee. "1 can not speak too highly of the book. lt isa boon to the profession' -llox. SEvMol'k ll. fnomfsox, B tssouri. One Large Volume of H45 pp., Imperial Octavo, Best Law Binding, Price 57.50 T. I'I. FLOOD 8 CO. Publishers, "3hiZ'a12Ttiuii2Z?" if is Good Prz'71zz'71g To zz 147' e 14ff ef' flaw' if HIUIII' Ilf fhz' 65111112 lgrinting Qinmpang lbxfnrh, Mizz. THl:'I' IVILL DO IT OA' TIJIL' AJVD DO ITRIGIIT. TRI'THEl'll THE OXFORD PHARMA C Y Eruggiata auh Apntllnariea Hfrz1fq111z1'fl'1'.x' fbi' flzfgfh-Cf1'1l1lQf CfQ7IYI'.X nm! Tnbnffo fj8lf7lllIt?ljf, TI7I.ft'f .41'1'1'f!l'.v. mm' Sm fllffllfljf A GE1VTS' FOR JV UjV.V.4 LL V' S' C.-1 ,YD V George W. Buffaloe, jr. CONFECTIONER I.owney's, Floyd's, and J21CObS,S Candies I'IUADLl1X'5 Il, lg-Llalulx Bl Rlil, lil Ylill D.-xll-Y CIQOIS, Tobacco, Fruiis, and gxfzzfs Falkfzer mm er Co. M. C. FALKNER, Manager ix 44: .. 4 gy? Q51 I L . gif-Q XS' ' Zf7ZZ.'Z!67'SZfj' Shfee! OXFORD, MfSS.l i i I North Mississippi Dresbyterian College F012 YOUNG LADIES Holly Springs, Miss. A SELECT SCHOOL An advanced curriculum A large and competent faculty. Electric lights and water-works. Largest attendance in the history of the college. Twelfth annual session begins September 17, IQO3. High- est location between Chicago and New Grleans. :: 2: 2: :: 2: :z T. W. RA YMOND, Preslklent. i i l i 1 Paz'zzfUp Capifal, 360,000 Bank of Oxford GENERAL BANKING BUSINESS .sifllllyfllffg Ilan? .5'0!l'L'Z.ft'lf BEM PRICE, President D. 'l'. C.-Xli'1'lili, Vice-President Guo. W. LliAv1zLL, Cashier 7,, ,, ,7,7,l?. , ACFOUNTS UF STUDENTS SOLICITED Merchants and Farmers Bank Uzzzztfr C0llIIIlc'2'l'I.1l! 110161 OXFORD, .l!'lSS. ljl7.l'1.fl.!7ll.5' fu' .S'fIllI,L'lIf.S'V,' Sllzzfezllx jbr lJlI.S'1.f1.0llJ'. lffwy F1111 G1'aa'1mfe Elzljllagwzf. Tm-3 Licanlxc BUSINESS CUI.I.l-Ztlli ON 'run GULF Co.ts'r Southern Business University J MOBILE, ALA. . . ' . ' . ,' . l K D1 afts Lashecl and a Genet al Banking y C' Ml WHAUMISY Pres. J- M' PUNDER, Seq.. I Business Transacted 1 I . --- I 12 l:'l'. 1 fc T.lll:'.l'Y'.S' B. T. KIMRROUGH, President i liookkeeping, 5h0l'lhHHd, TYPffWl'itiHfl, Q y ,, , Penmanship, Correspondence, H. NVoH1.1-E1s14.x, Xt ice-President Banking, Commercial Law, VV. D. PORTER, Cashier and English. BEM PRICE. President RoLnL'E PRICE. Secy. and 'l'rens. The Oxfora' Hardware Company Oxfozd, Q-7W1'ss1'ssippi Special attention given to students' orders for Room Fittings and Sporting Goods of all kinds. YOUR PA'1iliUXAfiIi So1-11'i'1'i-111 EA ST-SIDE SQUARE ' GPlgone 74 Use Kendefs Arzf1'sepI1'o C'Pain Cure For Rheumntism and Cuts, llruiscs. and Pains of all kinds. lil2NDEL'S LIVER AND STOMACI-I BLACK PILLS Prcjmrm' azzdjbr .mfr Qi' 04. H. KENDEL Oxford, Qllississrppi TELEPHONE ioi . ...LL ..-L L M. E. KEYS QIn11fPrtin11P1'iv5 Cgrnrrriw FIG.-I IES --1 .YD S.ifOKlll'G .1113 TICL lib' Ol" .-1 LL fx'ffV17-NN 'ALL TO SEE ,Hb Hnihvrnitg igarhrr Shun 01211111.1115 A-7. 112 x1'le-411'.x', 1m,,,,zfff,,- llliAlJQl'ARTliRS F1111 lf R L' l'l' S .-XX D CAXIDIES, S'l'A'l'lONliRY, AND ALL XYRITING INIA'l'lCRlALS ALL TO SEE .UE R. R. Cbzlion if Co. Erugqiaia anh . Qllivmiata Prescriptions filled with the purest and choicest drugs at all hours of the day or night. New, beautiful soda-fountain from which is dispensed all kinds of fancy drinks, "tempting to the gods." :zz ": ::: :zz :t: XXIIOIT-SKI! RFYXII J. E. NEILSON Students' Headquarters For liverytliing in Men's Furnishing Goods I-lxl-1 CL's'1'oxl-lNl.txnl-: CLOTHING limvix Cl.Al'l' Snoiis .-Ifhfrlfr' Gnnrzfr II .S'j51'f1'1zlly 0 .Y I" 0 li' IJ, .lll.S'.S'f.SlS'll' Pl CHAMBERS FURNITURE C O. Dealers in Bedroom Sets, Parlor Sets. Kitchen Sets, Mattresses, Springs, Cots, Tables and Chairs, Iron Beds, Sewing-Machines, Ioo Fine China Dinner Sets, Queensware, Glass- ware, Mouldings, Picture Frames, Books, and Stationery. ' IVE Cel.l'l7lLL l'Ol'lt' HILL CUJIIL' TO Slflz' l'.S' Students, we know your wants and appreciate your trade. Davidson 5' Wa 1' d I a w BOOKS Stationery and Jewelry Headquarters for liigh-grade goods at living prices. Orders by mail receive prompt attention. ,I ll Mr lahxrl lllItFl'f7ff1IlIL'0Il.Y bzwlxv, new.:- pfzjiww, mm' 111aga:1'11e.r. XVA'l't'liliS, Crocxs, arm ji-:wi-:Luv SK1l.1ft'I.I,x' Riiiurxllu-:U .S'FlE.Y7'lFfC' OP TICI.-1.V DR. P. H. WRIGHT DENTAL SURGEON Special Attention Given to Student Practice OFFICI. NEXT Doon TO PHoToGI:,xI-In G.-XLI.liRX I.Ic,xx'I-:LL BUILDING Telephones : Rt?.9I'IfEllCZ. 113g Ofjife, 76 Jefferson Military College Washington, Miss. PREPARES BOTS FOR UNIVERSITIES Fine facilities in all departments. Experienced educators. Best mili- tary discipline. Attention given to healthlul athletics. VVrite for a catalogue. .'. .'. . '. .'. Address all C orrespofzdeizre fo J. S. RAYMOND, LL. D., Prest. JOHNSTON at VANCE COMPANY F me Cfotfazkzg And Furnishing Goods. Suits and Shirts Made to Order. SOLE .4 G EIVTS FOR THE DU.YL.-flP Nfl T 303 Main Street MEMPHIS, TENNESSEE What If The Faflvion? just as well get correctness of fashion in thejewelry you buy. Our stock represents the correct styles down to the latest hour. Goods coming all the while that other jewelers will not have for months, if at all. Catalogue free for the asking. BRODNAX, feweler 301 Main Memphis, Tenn. IJ gnu M. CANALE D. CANALE sl co. Wbofesafe Frzzffs Foreign Products, Domestic Produce, Wiries, Liquors, Cordials, Etc. HOD! D07lZZ'7lZ.C,6,i Our Leader OZQ Main Street Memphis, Tennessee Hxlilu L I .1 t Q. NBII X I I 1' .XXI X . . I l'u'l1 K, 5t'Cl'L'fill'yIll1ll 'l1l'C2lil1!'8l' Campbell-Hoffa Furniture Company II'!lnfv.mlf' fum' fl,I'fII1if FURNITURE, MATTRESSES, BABY BUGGIES, PICTURES, REFRIGERATORS, MATTINGS, RUGS, ETC. Bofh 'Plfonef 983 61 Main Street Memphis, Tennessee 'ff The W. C. Kern C0 4 j p. 4lI E. 57th sr., CHICAGO f ii I . li! S ' ,I Caps and Gowns Blade to Urdcr and Rented. - , 5 l Pennants for all Colleges and l'il'l1tCI'lTl- ties Carried in Stock. 'P Wiflfg M f ' Class Vins, Class and Team Cups. A' AM gi, ,wiv 4 , . . My vii 79' '-'- J 1 'f- 222 P-4 it hl'll1i " I gl' Q' 1 0 , 4 ' 3 2' 3 ' 'es, 4 :fl " "l I X 1? S 'El S I ,, 1' ,V '7 I' .1 .I ' M il I iv gh x Y f 5 F ' ' ffffl 0 , r-fx I 4 C f f ' ,'f.2H, ? ,, 1...., l , I. f X, lr fya, uri: A fr' Yew If fl, pl - ff f,'wf.,.,, , , ,'4W"ff,, " N Q' ' N 'fiff' f ' 'H' ' ' , I if . . T. Jclllllll 'iw' i"lw f. 'f Q. Q 54.37, th, t ty., ., ,C . 1, ,lf Q4:,,E5Lf' I !,' fl -ny X . T- es 1- ...el If A na :ZF 5 ,va 5 4177 65, If lijj, Q 2 what aff ,V-- . Y 64,5-Y ,fl4',,f6 ' 5 Cs. f ., I 2. Xu -Q. gli? N Z-4Q,:s4,4'4::lgeg2sPJ ff 1, Y , ff . . ,fl Ly - V fy.. 'gy if I Z 4 500 cop' 'G W5 V, a - I 4 Q QL,-.4 it L?-I '14'-In Av . 1 l " '4l.lf'f The Oxford Dry hoods Co. you HANAN S: Sox's Frxia Smiles Tuna LATEST IN C1.o'1'H1xn lVlUNARC'l'l Snllvrs UP-'1'o-DAT14: Co1.1.A1zs Axim Tn-Qs UNDIQRWI-:AR ANU Hosll-ilu' And everything usually carried in a first- class dry goods store. N. W. Corner Public Square OXFORD. MISS. The 0xf0rd Dry Goods Co. Medals and lianncrs. 5l'.XlP l'Ulx 4.Xl.Xl.llf.l lab E. A D. Beanland flhlvrrlpalut Glailnr Suits from 2320 up Pants from 355 up nice stock always on hand to select from. L1.11..-xxixcs, IQLQPAIIQING, AND Al.'1'liRlXf TE XVHILE You XV..xi'1'. RJLS' .STRIC TL l' CJ .SH T elegmplyers Are in 6Demand Especially competent typewriter-telegraphers. If you contemplate studying these arts, it will pay you to investigate our institution Address, R. F ROSS, SOUTHERN SCHOOL OF RAILWAY TECHNICS, OXFORD, MISS President -1 A NEW AND ENLARGED EDITION THE AUTHORITY of the ENGLISH:SPEAKING WORLD All Good Things must win upon their merits. THE INTERNATIONAL bus won 11 greater dis- tnn-tion upon its nieritsund is 1n more gencrul use than uniy other work of its kind. A. ll. SAYI'lC, LLJP., DJD., 0l'0xIbr4l I university, lullglilllll, hasrecentlysnid ofit- Iti d d a. murvv-llous work git is difficult to conceive of n dietionary mon- v.-xhuustive and complete. Everything is in it- t ly wliuti we might expr-ct to Find in sm-h a. work, but also what few of us would ever have thought oflooking for. A supple- mcut to the new edition has brought it fully up to slut:-. A lurge number of similar testimonials have been received. LET US SEND YUU FREE "A Test in Pronunt-i:ttion" which utfords u pleasant and instructive evenings enter- tainment. Illustrated pamphlet also free. WEBSTERS G. Cx C. MERRIAM CO., Publishers, Springfield, Mas INTERNATIONAL INTERNATIONAL RY D ARY ERNATI ONAL DICTIONA 'cm' LEX RAMEY IDLEWILD GREENHDUSES 337 Main St., Memphis, Tenn. Furniture Store CUT FLOWERS New Stock Prices Cheap , , For all occasions. Out of town orders receive Students' I' can furnish Your rgoms with prompt and careful attention. Give us a trial order the best furniture at the lowest Pfices' and see for yourself. Send for 21 catalogue. THE BEST WAY To provide for the future happiness of yourself and family is by an endowment contract in the EQUITABLE LIFE. . Il1Dli'E.S'.S' R. HENRY LAKE, Special Agent RICHARD P. LAKE, Manager J. W. CAMPBELL, Cashier, Mississippi and West Tennessee Equitable'Building, Memphis, Tenn. J. li. I'IOI,MliS, Inspeetor of Agents - - - Jackson, Mississippi The most popular winter resort in America. Golf, French Opera, Seven Theatres, Continuous Horse-Racing, Hunting, Fishing. Uhr Nrin 5571. Qllmrlvz Burial One of the latest, largest, and best hotels in the country. Accommodations for 7oo guests. 150 private bathrooms. Turkish, Russian, Roman, and plain baths. A modern, first-class hotel, Kept on both American and European plans at moderate prices. Luxurious sun-baths and palm garden. ' IVRITE FOR PLAAIS' :LVD 13.1 TES fr J Moonrgv COMPANY Sfeam and Ho! Wafer Heaizhg MODERN PL UMBING Office and Salesroom 617 CHURCH STREET Shop and Warehouse IN REAR OF 140-142-144 N SPRUCE ST. . NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE 52.1-f ' Haw - ' " w -"'-I " t ' .f ,fx-ff: , 1 .1 g 1 - v-I . 1,41-g,.' ' QW, , 2 "1 lf- - rim 2 17 N1-' Ease J. 2 1 a r f Mlaitl h e tg. "Q9ur 1Brtnters" 111 Some of our customers have considered it to their interest to call us "Our Printers" ever since they gave us their first order, when we showed thein we were interested in their printing beyond the fact that it carried with it a money consideration. We have a pride of our own about " Our Printingf' and this, we doubt not, has had a great deal to do with our success and the reputation our establislnnent enjoys. ill Let us add your name to the already long list of those who think of us as " Our Printers." Tlibe atom 519rinting ann mfg. QED. wlEiJmarU il. Satune, jbrtiibcnt 110, 112, 114 Jportb Bleffrrsou Qtrret itioanoke. lairgiuia This book is one of more than at score ol' College and University Annuals printed and bound at our establishment during the season of 1903. . "3" . ,1, 1. uw" ' -af' ',4 1 "- ' - ' -4 0, ' 'Q . 7 I . l ,-'. 4 . Q I su-. P. .i I V- v 1 's .v u d.'A' 7 l s l . v, .l :ew-ol "XXX aw . X.. . .5 I . 4 ld . Y . "'Ng.. I' -fu! 1 J I ' pf ..,.4 . JI Q I A . x ui-- L ,. -. . '.,,4an . 15 ! H 'lp' N J it I ' 4, .C lc - 1 ,, n ,- . t., .1 A 3 ' r , u . . F " 5 ur '1 .WL Wi' i.: I K' Y 0 's- -- Q 0 - 'I ' . 5' ' so -' Ax 1 - - .' -- ,... , ' A 1 . 5. I 5 . ,' 0.4 -,. 4'a,' x. 1' ...A . 1 v - ., J' wi 4, QI: J" wh A -i F. '-rv .48 TM. 414 Y'1-'wfSJ'f'f f , 5 sir J A ' ov' I Rf? ru. X 9 V? ' Jn s.,QJ vflv 4. a s. 9, N ct . f , vt? :AQ 'A .-ff L.:-f .ff f, ff' V , I X I 1 ". .0 'F Ur' .tu

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