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 - Class of 1897

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- rv. v n , u U v , 1 -v ,, 1 fl . .Q- , 1 'fc , . , 1 MM' 1' 1 ",4- 1? , wr. 4 f'-' 4 .l ,1 , I sf ' Q x n n . ., .' t - jx r . ,J-. ' '- , . , ,. , lx i -t r 'A A ' "1 I !-- ,, 4 ' ,N ,A Q ' v'A. Y 1 A 1' lx 31 JJ? .' J- ' U ff ' ., . . . V A L ,.L4' 'iv -I -4 ,. . . ,, 1, ,. 'YV 'gi' 'IVSA1 as -,'ol 1 .:4 ' -- . M, ff.. . ,J 14 , lf" . 17"-,J .". -.-s-'Y.,1- Q-. 1: I, 1 5, u -rn' .. Jil ,, I L. .lv , 4 1 " A-, J, .11 4 u ' Kb ' -A A , 5 ' ...- J' ' 5 r I - L s 's f, . .N A , . .1d,t 5-15' '. -5 03151 ' ' ' -.44 .Ln . N ,. - -- - J. ,.' . -97.4 --. ' ' "-1. . .p . C' s' "' - ' f srnv ,j',. "-Q Q-K 421 ACN- , V, . 'fr' -: ' . -.L , ., -F - f A 1 XEXJLC-f 51. ' A, V . JV- ,lv,.4z ga -'I-Y -F . ' N ,b 35. , ru V". , .1 4 " 'F' . . A , . -4' ' . 7 no . Y , ii, 31.44, ' . N nj ' "'VN'q-. .f 'A f - Q-: 4 " . -1 ' - A - f .L 7-' 'ffs ' ' -, V 5 g,,. ,A ' ' Q' A , -.. 'r-'.-',-- '.' "-"". -41 1 -- ,.--.ff , -,:.- 'f- ',," 2 . j fo- 'iavxy - jug . - . ,Q A - , . Q -A , , Q '4l3.:g..'-:.I'.'.f,' ,- ' ' , - .. .4 .- . .' -H . N ' ,Cl"'3s fit- . 5 ' ' ' ' - -. ' -. ., . ,AJ-4-lm,-fi, . . ',-'4,:'3-.:j...w 3 . ., -.' .Z rf' ' ' .4 , Q xt, -v' if ' . .eff -' -Amt" 'f L -wiiqhffn ' . .4 ,yy4g'4u-,."J4 ,.. U i .- ivfgx.---iq . f, J .v- KA' . .. ' sf-t,1N,f :.,- If , . ,v .v"' ,Q " d'i"f ' Ag ',- . . 1517.5 -5f"f-fx..-' - . ' L." 4. ' - 'U , -.4 'A-'--'::',. '--- 4 - . .A ' .'- .,.,K.-if t--Q L, V . .- , ' X .- gl: .pn . 'gh' fr. "' E -1-X All . ix -Q iv... - 1, -f A... - , 2 . "r, .'v.J"- - - -. .- g' , fp ,. ' --, ,"' ,..--f am'-f.. . -Q . 1.-f .,..,- .gf-',3'f -1 ' , .,.- J! . .-..5 .AU .- ,A . A -,., -- . T- .-1-.LJ x ,,.y,A. V '- -b-- 1. " f iyq-'V' ',s K .1 ... f. YH Q z.'-" ,w , ' .. -.. .fs 4, Za" fx JN r' ,' ' p u K -.' fi-A "V IK ,' "bv - .-f FL- . I . I .1 .50 q , . . , - - " 3"--f 7. fr - -1. as 'A '?"-4+ 1 . .. ' . . ' 4 rv' I . 4 ' v ' - N x,- - , X U 'Z s 1 I 4 ,'f, -' -x ' 2 '-., 5l"fQf"-'l 1 .,. "'. ,V - 4. ' " - V , .-7 T. S ,, , -. x -, , - ,N sk- ,A-bw L A-' , , .. 1 .,- - .- fla -.'.'. -bf--' ' N N ' -. ,.' .,,.- , it 1 - A-,,g,- .. ,aa .X . ng' 7' 'ful' , . 1?' ,,,...f sg ,f 4 Q . .ff .. . ,ax 1 .Vag 110 my ' 1- " 4' ."-, ,-5' ' ,- "1 ... -. ' .Y -ff " A --.. .A . 'jf 1 .f- 4-- - -fr: 4 L.,-' '1 '-,ffl . '-r . - .Q . ,. ,- if .BP ,-.. . . fa -J' ,- --L-T - us - J. . . .L-. - - ,., - . .. ' fJ"' 'r-,.:. . "1 -1 .1 3 .l ,ri I . ',- ,-:1 - 3.4 ' eu... .,, .KM ', N . N-S' 1, . r. . I Q u... . ffcnwaav ,, c"' 773. " 'hi -uf . a - 4 , X . ,. , ' L, P al -1- 'Xi . 1- '54- . - D - , D , P 4 - 'V L' .ll , '. - 754 "1" L Q " - ol " . ' 1 . -U .' " ' . . 9 . ' is ' . A 1 J I - ., -Q. , r . ' 1.21 x' '. gli. I ' '-fait' R, ,, ,- Q--.1q..a '9- ' ' ':'Z'1'541 N. f xl -4' .Ula ' -x ' -. .V . 7-v, ? - . 5, N , ...JL- 'Q I 1 - . . ' - s 4 , A A ' . -. f 4 f 1 . A 9. - v .ff - . 1 x . x , - ,Q . 39 ' v A .L X ,I r' ' , -I 1. - ' i-- I s I lv 1 I ,- fu ...ff r ' 4 . X33 . , li . . gg Z5e "Clk Q1'Lims" of 55a Qjlnivemsifg of Qjlisaisaippi qDuBl'ieBeb By flie jfrafermfnes V I I 897 3 . '7 H.: 'vgvfjywl Q t Alu' "fn lu . S- SPAHR Sq.QLENN, .PRilN35EES,, , QOLQMBUJ, Dmoz V .. -gg., U .I ' 41 . Q ...I ,N -by I' F' ' ,VQVQ '. -H .. f I,'J ' ,, .-ra, D - -,9 .9 fi.. - J 3 " ,J , u.. I Q -' Q bk ' I- ' as . ' ' . ., . ' 4:-3311 W 7? . N.. V ' fr.: 1 4-- -, '- . 2. . ' 12 ., L, . I. - Je. m 'L fu, , 'j ,- . - 5. v' ' ? , I ' - Ap' 12-1. 2" ', 4 V ' 34 -J "ax P- A v ' 'O . -5 A . In Lf, -, Q' J Q, '. -'-' x 5. - ', Q . , .. 1 ,.., 'P 5.5 , fgc 'O O , .dk 1 'so 1896 197 Nxt' - ,J-. . 2? +M- bs -4 x , - Q , v . , f" o' ' e 4 d' 2, NHRA 'I I N 4 ""'-fkf- 'S . I V . 14 6 han- ,n1- 'QA'.z:m -ng 1' bfi 1- Q .-' vvbh-lun '!"'9l-...- 4 'nfaywf . , . ' ""qw-'rv iff Im.. DOWN ON THE MISSISSIPPI FLOATINGH' ,Q A --L-?'f 43reefiUS MISS." OLE u EDITORS ARD OF BO go 'cfm Hqlniversiig gregsf, Wgyo, unaer Wye fecxaersgyip of ifyoi gaffcmi - 8ltu3eni:Sofaier, ioiffiam' ggenjcumin Qowry, resignea itfyeir coffege fagrors 'co Semitic for me cause of tfycir faifyers, tfyis vofume is offcctionatefg aeaicaiea. Raison d ' Eire. QQQQ N fhis book, genfle reader, ihe Board of Ediiors preseni io you Volume I of fhe " Ole Mss " of ihe Unifversiiy of Mississippi. Realizing ihai apologies, hofwewer swell foundeai afoail noihing, fwe submii fo you ihis produci of our labor fully conscious of iis many defecis, and irusi lhai in your criiicism you fwill bear in mind ihe facf fha! " Ole Mss " is ye! only a debuianfe. If fhe present' 'volume coniains only a bundle of misiakes-ihe resull of labor misapplied, sfill iis mission fwill noi be enfirely fruiiless : if fwill be of serfvice fo fuiure Ediforial Boards by indicafing, in a measure, fwhai should be afvoided in succeeding foolumes. If has been our purpose io preseni life ai ihe Unifversify in ils svarious phases, io gifve ihe sfranger io our insfifuiion some idea of our daily life, fo keep ihe alumnus in fouch fwifh his Alma Maier, and lasfly io gifve ihe siudeni a pariial diary of his life ai ihe Unifversiiy during ihe preseni session. If -we hafve succeeded injhisjhen "QOle 1Wss" has accomplished iis purpose. THE EDITORS. B0dl'd of EdiI0l'S of " 0k miSS." Ed17m'.z'11-Chzkf, fzj G. G. I,x'EI,I,, A X11 Jlssociate Editors. QSQ I. N. L'1.AcfsE'1"1', B GJ II Q49 J. R. 'I'111'mN, A T A fgj M, G. EVANS, E X Q65 E. B. XYILLIAMS, . KID A Q Q55 INIAUD MORROW, T A GD Q75 J. A. XYILLS, E A E BIlJ'l.lIt',fJ 1lAllltlgl'I'l.l1 Chzlyf, . . Q15 Y. A. fQRIFFI'l'H, dv K 111 Bssociate Business managers. fup M. G. FULTON, . . A XII flop LYNNE WEST, . . E T Sff1'vfmj', 435 W. M. HAMNER, A K E Jlrt Zommittee. lliterarv Zommittee. J. A. XVILLS, Chazhmlfz. XV. M. FI.-XMNER, Chalbvfzall. Jlthletic Zommittee. E, B. XVILLIAMS, Cbairnmzz. Board of Crttstees of the University of mississippi His Excellency Gov. A. J. BICLAURIN, . . .Ex Ojirzb Preszkiezzf. CNISINS HDPOHIICU BUOY? IS96. Hon. J. A. ORR, . Columbus Hon. LEROY PERCY fjd C0llgffS5lt7lld!Df5fflkfb Greenville Hon H. L. MULDROW, Starkville Hon. DONALD MCKENZIE, . . Hernando CYIISIQQS HDD0ll1Wd mdffh I9, IS96. Fourth Congressional District. State at Large. Hon A. T. ROANE, .... Grenada Dr. T. P. LOCKWOOD, . . Crystal Springs Fifth Congressional District. EX'GOV- M- STONE, - - - Jackson Hon J. R. MCINTOSH, . . . Meridian Ex-Gov. ROBERT LOWRY, jackson Sixth Congressional District. Dr. YERGER HICKS, -V - Vicksburg Hon I. H. JONES, .... Woodville Hon. J. W. T. FALKNER, . Oxford l Seventh Congressional District. Judge A H' XVHITFIELD1 LL- D-1 - Oxford Hon R. H. THOMPSON, LL. D., . . Brookhaven Hon. L. M. SOUTHWORTH, . . Carrollton EX-Officio. The State Superintendent of Public Education. Hon. A. A. KINCANNON, . . . Jackson GXCCIIIWC Z0llllllllf20. ffgagufgfg. Ex-Gov. ROIIERI' l.OwRx', . . . jackson H . A. . M ' ' . k Hon. ROIsER'I' H. 'l'HOMIfSON, LL. D., . Brookhaven on Q M' State T'eaSu'e', Jac Son THE CHANCELLOR OF THE UNIVERSITY, . University BEM PRICE, ESQ-s 110931 Tfeasllfefs - Oxford SCCYQIRYV of the B0il'd. BEM PRICE, Esq., .... Oxford JIISIYIICIOYS dlld IMI' ffiCQl'S. I Q C C Q Q Q ROBERT BURWELL FULTON, M. A., LL. D., Chd7IffffI7I'lf fha M1z':w's1'f1'. 'Faculty of HHS. ROBERT BURWELL FULTON, M. A., LL. D., JOHN AYESLEY JOHNSON, M. A., PH. D., Professor of Physics and of Astronomy. Associate Professor of Physics and Astronomy. RICHARD XVATSON JONES, M. A., LL. D., MISS SARAH MCGFHEE ISON, Professor of Chemistry, General and Analytical. ln5lVUCl0l' in El0CUfl0n- ALFRED HUME, C. E., D. SC., THOMAS OVID NIABRY, M. A., professor of Mathematics. Assistant Professor of Natural History. RICHARD MARION LEAVELL, M. A., LL. D., CHARLES STRONG, B- SV, 0892.5 Professor of Mental and Mlggailtigrlilglseggllgyayof Logic, of History and of Fellow in Chemistry. CHUHES CLIF'I'ON FERRELL, M, Aw PH. D., RICHARD EOOLESTON XVILBOURN, A. B., f1895.J Professor ot' Modern Languages. Fellow in l'll5l0VY and Eflgllshl ALEXANDER LEE BONDURANT, A. M., XVALTER HUGH DRANE, A. B., f1894.J Professor of Latin Language and Literature. Fellow in Mathematics. PAUL HILL SAUNDERS, M. A., PH. D., l Professor of Greek Language and Literature. C. C. FERRELL, St'6'l'c"flI7'J' vf Me' Hlfllfg' DABNEY IJPSCOMBI A- M-i PHILLIPS JAY, .... Pm-fm' Professor of English Language and Literature, and of Belles-lettres. N M. G. FULTON, . . .S'a'fz'ff1ry fo MU ChlIl1t'l'f!l?1' J. Cf. DEUPREE, A. M., LL. D., . . . professor of pedagogy' MRS. ALICE M. BEYNES, . Llbftlfltlll Faculty of Law. G. D. SHANDS, LL. D., Dean of Law Sfhool. Ex-Chief Justice HORATIO F. SIMRALL, LL. D., Ex-United States District Judge, Hon. ROBERT'A. HILI., Hon. JEHU A. ORR, A. M., Hon. HUGH A. BARR, Lecturers on Law. C444 5 JMR' 'Mg Xe 5 sfsvn fam., f 2 5 A l,fQS,,j 9"Mff+'f5 ggxxwah Q 4 Cb . ff' ' ' r-' ' eh! fm -.,x- 6 X I Ni Li xv . 14, x i ,A 'Nd an Y' W 5 ' 'hx W yx N! X 1' , X b , . , Q f ' X X ' R 2 "W s ' 'V ' L V JD .A ,- :D 111 'X,- xl ffflfi, ,,...,--"" N ., It "hx Q4 gl ,f x . K 25 6 :J 5 X K I x cub I ,M 'U -as. itll, 'PJ if - 9' ' X iii. kgagf J JW A' xx La! Q M- . .Q F a t I' ' ,I r a K Q , Aix X A i Q- It lt' ,' 'fri BX. V, V 6.5, J 9.3 -J l ,X ' Lg! L' Q1 3951 A -.....f X831 C STRONG. B. S., A. M. R. E. WILBOURN, B A W. H. DRANE, B. A. ZBQ fraternities in ffie other of f5eir esfaBfisBmenf at flie niversifg of Qjlississippi -fi-5 PKI? I E' CEE R If f-cn 2:15.50 c I I: TI' E Io - 4 fy , 0317 "" NF 7" ' 1' -,I Z, ' ',,'..t- -- kg- gm' - f.- 'QT'g,'?' 'A - 1-14. - -.4 - - iluk II- I. .I -. - . - I9 ' TW ff' F I2 iififl .- if-5Z-TL?i+'5ssE xi .-,uv , 'I I Q? , ,'-1 ' ,,, . ? 31- -3:33355 1 - I I-j-as .X '.I er N X- x , -I Nxj: 1 gi, I-XII... ,' 'f ' ?5ZIIf5: 7 I - sl 'Yi NNI NI ' f I III I I III! g I 1- IWQQ, If ,134 I I - f'I Iyffyz If ,HIE CII., -IXIXIII II-I-IIE .N 'ISIIINIQ6 ,II Ig -Ax Oxy E I I f' Lf 5 ,4Zk,'f If 0, I- 54- ffl! 1 f III-'IIIpX,"'II I, IJ -II XIX. II wx X .XXXX X X: ix' 2' I '!4 f"?V I IIIIIII33 'I I?--'QIII f' f lfiffg' I 'I IIIpX O III I L X ,l'.II- ,, . 1 ,-I, I A X, I 4 I I LJ , , I-I I, I .,,I I I, -f I ,I .I , - -iv ,' .,.' I I . - - '1 ,. AI I--"1 I I 'I'III'f,'9-gg 3:42 .:...-IAI III , I I I II I I In IMI Zfj! W 1 " III I I I II I I I If I fL?III .IIIIIIEIEIEI 'I If I I S P IIgj'Q IIIIII I Q-,WMI II-, II III,f I !, , 'If IfIffIlI' IIIIII.Il Ix"II -"JI N , X XXII . III II-III! 'II II', If f I IIII '17 "If" I " 'I 'I'7"'r I' 47 'I -I IIISWQI I. 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W I I 5 I I I II I I I X I I AI., ,, II I,,If , I IIIIIIIIIII II III I IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII II IHIIIIIII IV II II. IIII XIII CI ,flu I I III", I III-I' I I'I I X I ,.. 9 IIIII Ill ,III II UMIIIIIII IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIZI IIIIIIII IIIII IIIIIIIIIIIIIII Im Ifjf XX I IIIIIIXYIIII IIII I I I 'I I ' ly' I -. I I I I' I QWNIIIXIII 0 IIIIIM MIBX I XI WI I II W W AX I ' III Q x I NI IIII I I , II-JII13 XXIIIIIIIISI I IIII II III W III :jj IIIIYIIIIII IIIIIIHII ,,-II' 'I ff? I4 I I ,- I yIaf?IIIqf 352 T I II M14 II I II I . I "IS, 9 7 ,f Ein, ",Q EI.5"I I I 'I IAV- , I ' lf , .I - I . I , II 'I ' ' I I IIIIWC IJ T III II-If -"'P'I I .7 IIIIJ ,IIfji,"1' -I I' IIIIIIIIIIXIII-N II I 'I X . W T'vIIl,.,,I. A ,5-.II I III' ,.,., In , XXIII. I I, MI, I I??-IIII I IWIIII Q I I III ,III - I, I I .g, 4IX- .III 'I I -',.,II - . -gjw I' :fy IIIII - I Ig I I I I I I I If .IIIII III-IWII 3 I I 'IIIIIIQIII6 g'ifII ? Ig I 'I' .I 'I I I I III... I"'..I'.I I -I QV XIIIII I' II IH MII.: IIIIIIIII1IIIII:J1gfI III I-iz I if ,AIIIIFIII I . III I LI III I IJI , ., ' I'II Ifgfz 1 IIIIYIIIIIIIIIII-FIISII .IIIIIIi-m Q f I W II'II'I + I' I I IHLI I I f Q III II.- If I If1fffIIfII,.- I ' -III I I 'NI' III 5-I I' 'I' VIIIIYIIIII IIII. I I I6 IA! ff .'I"I,II,I1'm" ' - I' III - .I-'I I I J' lf! , If If I 'J F-, - .I 0 l",I41,' II 'I II QXI X3 '-I "I. In. I I-'.I I III ,'J IIIIIIIIIIIIII III f : I ' I ty- I ,' -'QQQZI IIIIQQIISII-I--III.I'.II. I I I .'iIII:IfgIIII -I'I'IjI-f JI II ' 'Qt'V"f L,2:A, :Q L - -I '.'Qf'I' ' ilk "ff ' Y i IFIEQQ II' ' I I, If . I' I 1J1211:"L"4 41, f ff . , 'f1':ggIgz?hrQE?-Q? I I I I 'T fi - QQIII-'gxxe I-III ' Elri ii-.5"?? 'T' Ii 1' f, ' -'J EI 1 4 : G -il I f IZbI f :Si ,,ys?""4-L-4:-A'g .3"4.TI - 74 -' ,I ---q..., - - -If a is 13,26 g'4?f?'2'-if-.11 gum - V- '-L ' I Jr-I I f I . I ,IfI 'f ff- f ' " -- "li-3?g' iii ' PHI, , THETA, . XI, . SIGMA, . fiAMMA, PSI, , UIisII.oN, CHI, J -.. lil-,l.-K, -1 4,. LIA, KAPP.A, I,AMI:IiA, PI Io'I'A, , 7 . A I.IfHA ALPHA, OM IcI4oN, EI'sII.oN, Rim, DQIIZI Kdppd EPSHOII fl'dl2l'lllW. Founded at Yale in 1844. Roll of Zhavters. . Yale Bowdoin . Colby . . Amherst . Vanderbilt University University of Alabama . . . Brown . University of Mississippi University of North Carolina . University of Virginia . . Miami Kenyon . Dartmouth . Central University . . Middlebury . University of Michigan . . . Williams Lafayette TAU, MU, NU, . BETA PHI, PHI CHI, Psi PHI, GARIAIA PHI, Psi OMEGA, BETA CHI, DELTA CHI, DELTA DELTA PHI GAMMA, GAMMA BETA THETA ZETA, ALPHA CHI, PHI EPSILON, SIGMA TAU, Hamilton . . . . Colgate College of City ol' New York . . . Rochester Rutgers . DePauw . . . Wesleyan Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute . . . Adelbert . . Cornell University of Chicago . . Syracuse . . Columbia University of California . . . Trinity . University of Minnesota Mass. -Institute of Technology Q. U ' 1 1 - Q .l' .s ' 5'-fi " .VUL . I "o-. - ' I , o -. I I Q f . . ,.' 4 Q., .ax Q '- ,YF-'iw' -A 1 fl F. l. .5 U, Sf .2.1,1fe, A 4 fi ALS TW? A Pu fi 3. . 0 , 'Y Q gf U LJ Y Q wg, .0 xv Qx 'E -" w -,Q 1 is J 4 - i 4 .jg , .dv .. Qs in , 1 Q ll Q' . o - I," .' -F fx - g Q U F .. 1 4. 'uh' , A'1l'J.Q'A,. I pw . 9 I I . ,Q Lf. 3. ' R -X1 I' jf' v l ' 's .1 . ' ' r s,v 1. 0 4 i'. ,n QI . Q A .Q . 75 J ', M" 'Y I 0 ' 0 5 " ' ' x' rs " ' s IJ I V -Y D . . Q41 '.v' ' ' - f Q 5 1 .. ,Ig ' x ' aw ' 'L lffq' - k Ji O Zhi of Delta Kappa Epsilon. 'Frater in Facultate. PAUL HILL SAUNDERS, A. B., M. A., Ph. D., P1-fyQ'.r.vo1' nf Grmk. CHARLES STRONG, B. S., M. A., . . Efffmf 1.11 ChF1lII'.9fl:l'. 'Prater in Urbe. REV. W. D. HEDIJLFS1'ON, '84, cfyoofs of Science, Qiteraiture ana elvis. Seniors. F P E i'lU"i0"S- C I S. M. H H n ,. . AGAB, LYDE bonxwx OUSION T. G. HIl'2I5LER, S. M. joxiis. Sophomores. G H C 7ffShmf"'D G R ,, F. B. F P. V . . .A1RNA, . . , oss, ERRILL' SHELH' J. E. EDMUNDS, H. R. SHAND5, R' Aj HILL, ' SMITH, J. H. Emroxosox, W. E. STONE, J- T- LOCKHART, H. TOWNES, W. T. niwg, L. A. TAYLOR, C. R. PETTIS, H. PRICE. W. A. XYHST. Scfyoof of flaw. Seniors. Juniors. E. O. SYKES, L. TUBB, H. W. BROWN, A. W. SHANDS, S. M. HoUsToN, . WATSON. W. M. HALINER, F. M. XVEST. S 21 A LPHA, DELT'A, EPSILON LAMBDA UPsil.oN, PHI, SNLMA, 'l'AU, 'Fl'dlQl'lliW of DQIIG Psi. Founded at Columbia College, 1847. Roll of Zhapters. . . . Columbia College University of Pennsylvania . Trinity College . Williams College University of Virginia University of Mississippi . Yale-Sheffield Scientific School . Massachusetts Institute of Technology DP gx"+ CHAPTER HOUSE OF PHI CHAPTER OF DELTA PSI 'RJ- 'D DELTPQA PS: I 6 9' BQ 1- ' i A 'lvoL . r,. iw . , '1' Q' ,1 039 1" f an 5 . , o ' 1344-36,8 cf5,. .2 ,f S sl' IV' nl' -. it A Q N' .pf N ' - IH J pl I Q .nf Pbi Chapter of lbe Fraternity of Delta Psi. Glass of '97, GEORGE 13.-'SVIDSON BICLEAX, JOHN ALEXANDER SMYLIE, JOHN HARX'EX' THOMPSON, Zlass of '9s. CLARENCE ANDERSON DOLTGH ERTY, XVILSON PRIMM IQRETSCHMAR, MARSHALL LEYYIS PERKINS, HARRX' D. PRIESTLEY, JR., RIAURICE GARLAND FULTON, CHARLES XVHEAT HINTON, LEE BICGEHEE PORTER, BENJAMIN SHEROD RICKS. Zlass of '97, STANFORD NEWMAN COLLIER, Established in 1855. 'Prater in Facultate. RICHARD BI.-XRION LE.-XVELL, BI. A.. LL. D. 'Fratres in unioersirare. Scfyoofs of Science, fiierature ana elvis. Glass ot ' 99. WILLIAM BRITTOX. EDWIN Rl'THVEX HOLBIES. XYILLI.-XM RAYMOND Kl3Il3El.l.. CLIFFORD POLK PERRINS, WILLIAM CALVIN XYELLS, HARRY RASCOE FULTON, JAMES PELLEXV FAISON, HENRY SMART HOCDKER, HUGH LLTRIN MCCASI-LILL. ROBERT PATTERSON THOMPSON. JOHN JAMES XVHITE. CALHOON WILSON, fl.-KYLE CAROTHERS BE.-XXLAND. Scfxoof of fav. Zlass of woo. THEOPHILOLS RUSSELL BISHIII HLTSH BARR KIILLER. GEORGE KINNERREIY SMITH, BENJAMIN HUMPHRIES CRAFT. CHARLES RLTFIN WHITE. XYILLI.-XM VAN :XNIHERG SULLIX AN J Zlass of '9s. GORDON GARLAND IIYELL. CLIFTON LABIAR LOMAX, francs in mb, ROBERT BUCKNER ANDERSON, JAMES LICLEBIORE BAIRD, JAMES PORTER XVILKINS, JAMES ELIASA PORTER, JAMES EDGAR TORREY, JOHN ROBERT STOWERS, WILLIAM XJ.-KX :XMBERG SULLIYAN. Phi Kdlilid PSi. t Founded at Washington and Jefferson College, 1852. Zhapter Roll. FIRST DIS TRIC T. Pennsylvania Alpha-Washington and jefferson College. Pennsylvania Kappa-Swarthmore College. Pennsylvania Beta-Allegheny College New York Alpha-Cornell University. Pennsylvania Gamma-Bucknell University. New York Beta-Syracuse University. Pennsylvania Epsilon-Gettysburg College. New York Gamma-Columbia University. Pennsylvania Zeta-Dickinson College. New York Epsilon-Colgate University. Pennsylvania Eta-Franklin and Marshall College. New York Zeta-Brooklyn Polytechnic Institute. Pennsylvania Theta-Lafayette College. Massachusetts Alpha-Amherst College Pennsvlvania Iota-University of Pennsylvania. New Hampshire Alpha-Dartmouth College. SECOND DISTRIC T. Virginia Alpha-University of Virginia. Maryland Alpha-Johns Hopkins University. Virginia Beta-Washington and Lee University. District of Columbia Alpha-Columbian University. Virginia Gamma-Hampden-Sidney College. Mississippi Alpha-University of Mississippi. West Virginia Alpha-University of West Virginia. THIRD DISTRICT. Ohio Alpha-Ohio Wesleyan University. Indiana Alpha-De Pauw University. Ohio Beta-Wittenberg College. Indiana Beta-University of Indiana. Ohio Delta-Ohio State University. Indiana Gamma-Wabash College. FOURTH DIS TRICT. Michigan Alpha-University of Michigan. Minnesota Beta-University of Minnesota. Illinois Alpha-Northwestern University. lowa Alpha-University of lowa. lllinois Beta-University of Chicago. Kansas Alpha-University of Kansas. Wisconsin Alpha-University of Wisconsin. Nebraska Alpha-University of Nebraska. Wisconsin Gamma-Beloit College. California Beta-Leland Stanford, jr., University. ALUMNI CHAPTERS. Philadelphia, Philadelphia, Pa. Washington, Washington, D. C. Kansas City, Kansas City, Mo. Pittsburg, Pittsburg, Pa. Cleveland, Cleveland, Ohio. Twin City, Minneapolis, Minn. Meadville, Meadville, Pa. Newark, Newark, Ohio. Denver City, Denver, Col. New York, New York City, N. Y. Springfield. Springfield, Ohio. Multnomah, Portland, Oregon Maryland, Baltimore, Md. Chicago, Chicago, lll. Bucyrus, Bucyrus, Ohio Indiana, Indianapolis, lnd. Buffalo, Euffalo, N. Y. I fl v 1 in . I f V4 n 'S I O .gl ' 1 - 1 I" My ."1' 7 4,Q .'.3' ,e-. nf Q5 .EL ,IQ . 'kv' " . .S. C fe . ,a og 5 I Q Q. :TH I V A QYXX KAPPA psl- h f Q 'P 4' ., f if 'Q N . ?1 l I' o 'uvynvvps lvw- gv bv. , CTN'- O fl. , I .' , g,-' 1' af- PK 'Li W .Q V "v n I- Y 71 gli e ' it 9 '11, A - , 4 4 Q rig , . an 2, ' . , 'L Lg. 7 4 1 ' l'l', "li 4 1 vu '1' N' . i , Q n-I-5 0 --Q- ff 5, - 5 4- , Phi Kappa PSi::miSSiSSilDlDi Hlpbd. COLORS-Pink and Lavender. YELL-Hi! Hi! Hi! Phi Kappa Psi! Live ever ! Die never! Phi Kappa Psi! Scfyoofs of Science, fiterature una elvis. Glass ot '97. W. LANE AUSTIN, BENJAMIN PAXTON SMITH, VICRGII, A. CQRIFFITH. Zlass of '98, JESSE HARDY DURLEY, JASPER FELIX GUVNES. Glass of '99. THOMAS D. DAVIS. BENJAMIN HOXVARIU DURLEV, CQICORHIC CQIIZSON HURST, Glass of mo. WILLIABI ERNEST FLOYD, EDGAR J. STEPHENS, E'l'Hl-II,lilvlRT J. HUBBARD OLIVER CLIFTON MCRANEX', FRANK KING PITTMAN, JOHN HIGDON SUMRALL, SOLON G. WILSON. Scfxoof of Raw. Zlass of '97. Zlass of '9s. ROBERT EDWARD HALSEI,L. Rl,JI3ERT DE LANIER. 29 ALPHA CHI, . EPsILoN, THETA, KAPPA, OMICRON, PHI PHI, ALPHA RHO, ZETA, . , TAU, . . CAM MA GAM MA, SIGMA SIGMA, ALPHA TAU. W Psi, . , ALPHA, . GAMMA. MU. ZETA ZETA, ZETA Psi, . Sigma bi. 'Established at Miami University, 1855. FIRST PROVINCE. - - Pennsylvania State College Columbian University Gettysburg College . . Bucknell University . . , Dickinson College University of Pennsylvania . . . Lehigh University SECOND PROVINCE. Washington and Lee University . . Roanoke College , Randolph-Macon College Hampden-Sidney College . University of North Carolina . . . University of Virginia THIRD PROVINCE. . , , Miami University Ohio Wesleyan University . Denison University . . Centre College University of Cincinnati LAMBDA LAMBDA, . Kentucky State College Mu Mu, . . ALPHA GAMMA, THETA THETA. LAMBDA, , RHO, . CHI, . . DELTA DELTA, XI. I I . West Virginia University . . . Ohio State University. FOUR TH PROVINCE. . . University of Michigan. . indiana University . Butler University Hanover College . Purdue University . De Pauw University ZDJPICI' Roll. FIFTH PROVINCE. OMEGA, . KAPPA KAPPA, . . XI XI, . ALPHA ZETA, AI.PHA loTA, . V , , Northwestern University University of Illinois . Missouri State University Beloit College - Illinois Wesleyan University ALPHA LAMBDA. . University of Wisconsin ALPHA PI. . . Albion College ALPHA SIGMA, .,..- University of Minnesota SIXTH PROVINCE. ALPHA EPSILON .I..r. University of Nebraska ALPHA XI, . .... University of Kansas SEVENTH PROVINCE. ETA, .,... University of Mississippi ALPHA Nu, ...... University of Texas ALPHA OMICRON, ...... Tulane University ALPHA Psi, ,..,, Vanderbilt University EIGHTH PROVINCE. ALPHA BETA. . . . . University of California ALPHA UPSILON, . University of South Carolina ALPHA OMEGA, . . Leland Stanford, jr., University NINTH PROVINCE. ALPHA ALPHA, ..... Hobart College ETA ETA, . .,.,. Dartmouth College Nu NU, . . .-.. Columbia University ALPHA THETA, . . Massachusetts institute of Technology ALPHA PHI, . ..... Cornell University ALUMNI CHAPTERS. New York City. Indianapolis, Indiana. Washington, D. C. Lincoln, Nebraska. Chicago. Illinois. Springfield, Ohio. Montgomery, Alabama. Lafayette, indiana. New Orleans, Louisiana. Richmond,VirginIa Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Cincinnati, Ohio J l my t f, , r .g.y.'bf. .-",,5 I 'ful -f '.":+.'4 ,r , 'Jil g ,A .spa-+4'3 , 4, C .9 . - 1'7" .ca 8. ' 5 ' 0 I rx , C ,Y - 4 I s n 1 -U 12,9 J it J .DQR 311 S FEC: " fm- X-.-if' "N Q SIGMA CHI 4. "V-ef"Q ,f"""y,-.f G CAPT. W. A. ROANE, M. G. EVANS, B. A., W. T. PATE, B. A., . H. F. FISHER, B. A., . J. R. KNOX, LL. B., W. C. BREWER, B. A., D. O. BRIDGEFORTH, B. A., A. W. EVANS, B. P., E. B. GIBSON, B. P., F, P. CASHMAN, B. S., M. B. LEAVELL, B. A., A. M. LEIGH, B. A., Eta Zbapter of Sigma Zhi. Established 1857. COLORS-Old Gold and Blue. 'Fratres in Urbe. XVILBUR HARRIS, DR. A. A. YOUNG, DURI-1 M. Kmiaiu Glass of '97. Moss Point Miss J. O. S. SANDERS, LL, B., . Charleston . Pittsboro Moss Point New Albany . Black Hawk Pleasant Hill, . Moss Point, Crystal Springs . Vicksburg . Oxford, . Charleston , Miss Miss Miss Miss. Miss. Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss. S. S. YOUNG, B. A., Glass of '9s. Blass of '99. QIJSS of l900. 33 W. B. AVA'l'KIlYS, B. A., J. K. BIORRISON, B. P A. G. ROANI5, B. P., G. P. JONES, B. P., B. T. IQIMIEROUGH, jr. L. P. IJEAXELL, B. A., W. H. lN'IONE'I"1'E, B. P J. D. NIILLER, B. P., W. T. ROANE, B. A., W. L. XVATKINS, B. P., . Oxford, Miss. Aberdeen Coffeeville . Grenada . Grenada B. A., . Oxford . . Oxford, . Deasonville Crystal Springs . Oxford Aberdeen 'JUKQH Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Sigma lpba Epsil n. Founded in X856 at University of Alabama. Incorporated in 1892. COLORS-Purple and Old Gold. Roll of Jlttive Chapters. PROVINCE ALPHA. Massachusetts-Beta Upsilon ,.,.. Boston University, Boston Iota Tau, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Boston Gamma .,t. Harvard University, Cambridge Delta, Worcester Institute of Technology, Worcester Connecticut-A haha, . New York-Nu, . .Sigma Phi. Pennsylvania-Omega. Sigma Phi. Alpha Zeta. Zeta. . Virginia-Omicran, . Sigma. North Carolina-Xi. Theta. South Carolina-Delta, Phi, . Gamma. Georgia-Beta. Psi, Epsilon. Phi, . Michigan--Iota Beta. . Alpha, . Ohio-Sigma, . Delta. Epsilon. Theta. Indiana-Ahaha. . Beta. Illinois-Psi Omega . . . . Trinity College, Hartford PROVINCE BETA. - - Columbia University. New York City St. Stephen's College, Annandale-on-Hudson - - . Allegheny College. Meadville . . . Dickinson College, Carlisle Pennsylvania State College, State College . . . . Bucknell University, Lewisburg PROVINCE GA MMA. . . University of Virginia, Charlottesville Washington and Lee University, Lexington University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill . . Davidson College, Davidson - South Carolina College. Columbia . Truman University, Greenville Wofford College, Spartansburg . University of Georgia. Athens . . Mercer University, Macon . . . Emory College. Oxford . . Georgia School of Technology. Atlanta PROVINCE DEL TA. . . . University of Michigan, Ann Arbor . . . Adrian College. Adrian - . Mt. Union College, Alliance . Ohio Wesleyan University. Delaware . University of Cincinnati. Cincinnati Ohio State University, Columbus . . Franklin College, Franklin Purdue University, West La Fayette . Northwestern University, Evanston Kentucky-Kappa. - Iota, . Tennessee-Zeta. Lambda. Nu, . Kappa. Omega, Eta, Alabama-Mu, , . Iota, . Ahvha Mu. Mississippi-Gamma. Louisiana-Epsilon. Tau Epsilon, Iowa-Sigma, . Missouri-A lpha, Beta. . Nebraska-Lambda Pi. Arkansas-A lpha Upsilon. Texas-Rho. . . Colorado-Chi, . PROVINCE EPSILON. . t - f Central University, Richmond . . Bethel College. Russellville Southwestern Presbyterian University, Clarksville - - . Cumberland University, Lebanon . Vanderbilt University. Nashville . University of Tennessee, Knoxville - . . University of the South, Sewanee . Southwestern Baptist University, jackson University of Alabama, University P. O. - Southern University, Greensboro - Alabama Polytechnic Institute, Auburn . University of Mississippi, University . University of Louisiana. Baton Rouge . . Tulane University, New Orleans PROVINCE ZETA. . . . . Simpson College. Indianola University of Missouri, Columbia . Washington University, St. Louis . Universityof Nebraska, Lincoln PROVINCE ETA. . . University of Arkansas, Fayetteville . . University of Texas. Austin . University of Colorado, Boulder Zeta, . . . . Denver University. Denver California-Ahzha. - . Leland Stanford, jr., University, Palo Alto Beta, . . . University of California, Berkeley ALUMNI ASSOCIA TIONS. Boston, Mass. New York, N. Y. Pittsburg, Pa. Atlanta. Ga. Augusta. Ga. Savannah. Ga. Alliance, Ohio. Montgomery, Ala. Cincinnati, Ohio. Chicago, Illinois. jackson, Miss. Chattanooga, Tenn. Kansas City, Mo. Charlotte. N. C. k Q . . 'I 'lac .vi 1 's IA, A 1 i ' ' 'yo 1 f. ' f'5Ia+. I '. ,. 3 0 Dvd .iff , , S D ibm- P -i EPESILO RSSIGMA-ALPHA -'-l-II.- 3 AJ. , 5 gg F swf J . vi LII! W , . ,L I QS , 5 x P' If xl Vx 5' s- . 1. N, ,-,-Q iq' ' 9 0 I uf 8, r.- g 1 I F. v ,pl n A f - 3 "i60 .CY s 1 u - .,. Q fr, Q 5 '-'Wi 54- mississippi Gamma of Sigma Hlpha Epsilon. Btablished in 1866. fI'dfl'2S ill UVM. B. 'I'. 1N1lNIl'!ROl'lQH, J. T. CHAXLER, T. A. XVIGGINTON, WM. ARCHIBALD. fl'dIl'CS ill ulliV2l'Sildf2. Scfyoofs of Science, Qiiercxiure ana grits. Glass of '97. HlR.AlI HL'lSER1' CREERMORE. Glass of '9s. Blass of 'om EDGAR RUFUS CREEKMORE, Rom: XVHRLIESF SHIPP, JAM!-TS XYICTOR HEl'l'L'H, NUQEX1' NATHAN ISEXRERI EDGAR GREEN AYILLIABIS. ROBERT E. HL'NIPHRlE5. HL'LE'l'1'E FUQUA Am. Glass of l90'0. JAMES BIONROE DYER, ISSA BENAN SALMON. HLAIER CLINTON SHARP, M11.'1sON :ASA CANDLER. Scfyoof of Bow. Glass of '97. Glass of '9s. WM. ELBERT W1'1'ERBACE. JOSEPH E. HilL'S'I'OX. JOHN ADAMS XYILLS. 37 Ohio Alpha-Miami University Phi Dtltd Cbttd. Founded in 1848 at Mianli University. COLORSf Argent and Azure. Fraternity Journal-THE SCROLL. A LPHA PRO VINCE. Pres1'denI.j C. MooRe, Philadelphia, Pa. Maine Alpha-Colby University New Hampshire Alpha-Dartmouth College Vermont Alpha-University of Vermont Massachusetts Alpha-Williams College Massachusetts Beta-Amherst College Rhode Island Alpha-Brown University New York Alpha-Cornell University New York Beta-Union University New York DeltakColumbia University New York Epsilon--Syracuse University Pennsylvania Alpha-Lafayette College Pennsylvania Beta-Gettysburg College Pennsylvania Gamma-Washington and jefferson College Pennsylvania Delta-Allegheny College Pennsylvania Epsilon-Dickinson College Pennsylvania Zeta-University of Pennsylvania Pennsylvania Eta-The Lehigh University BE TA PRO VINCE. President, M. H. GUERRANT, Lexington, Ky. Virginia Alpha-Roanoke College Virginia Beta-University of Virginia Virginia Gamma-Randolph-Macon College Virginia Delta-Richmond College Virginia Zeta-Washington and Lee University North Carolina Beta-North Carolina University Kentucky Alpha-Centre College Kentucky Delta-Central University Tennessee Alpha-Vanderbilt University Tennessee Beta-University ofthe South I GA MMA PROVINCE. Pres1'dent,ScHuvLER POITEVENT, Ocean Sp's, Miss. EPSILON PROVINCE. Pres1'a'enI, J. G. WALLACE. Minneapolis, Minn. Illinois Alpha-Northwestern University Illinois Beta-University of Chicago Georgia Alpha-University of Georgia Georgia Beta-Emory College Georgia Gamma-Mercer University Alabama Alpha-University of Alabama Alabama Beta-Alabama Polytechnic Institute Alabama Gamma-Southern University Mississippi Alpha-University of Mississippi Louisiana Alpha-Tulane University Texas BetafUniversity of Texas Texas Gamma-Southwestern University DELTA PROVINCE. President, HUBERT H. WARD, Cleveland. Oh Ohio Beta-Ohio Wesleyan University Ohio Gamma-Ohio University Ohio Delta-University of Wooster Ohio Epsilon-Buchtel College Ohio Zeta-Ohio State University Ohio Eta-Case School of Applied Science Indiana Alpha-Indiana University Indiana Beta-Wabash College Indiana Gamma-Butler University Indiana Delta-Franklin College Indiana Epsilon-Hanover College Indiana Zeta-De Pauw University Indiana Theta-Purdee University Michigan Alpha-University of Michigan Michigan Beta-State College of Michigan Michigan Gamma-Hillsdale College Boston, Mass.-Alpha Illinois Delta-Knox College Illinois Epsilon-Illinois Wesleyan University Illinois Zeta-Lombard University Illinois Eta-University of Illinois Wisconsin Alpha-University of Wisconsin Missouri Alpha- University of Missouri Missouri Beta-Westminster College Missouri Gamma-Washington College Iowa Alpha--Iowa Wesleyan University Iowa Beta-State University of Iowa Minnesota Alpha-University of Minnesota Kansas Alpha-University of Kansas Nebraska Alpha-University of Nebraska California Alpha-University of California California Beta-Leland Stanford, Jr., University ALUMNI CHA PTERS. Akron. Ohio-Beta New York. N. Y.-Alpha Pittsburg, Pa.-Alpha Philadelphia, Pa -Beta Baltimore. Md.-Alpha Washington, D. C.-Alpha Richmond, Va.-Alpha Columbus, Ga.-Alpha Macon. Ga.-Gamma Atlanta, Ga.-Beta Nashville, Tenn.-Alpha Montgomery, Ala.-Alpha Selma, Ala.-Beta Birmingham, Ala.-Gamma Mobile, Ala.-Delta Cincinnati. Ohio-Alpha New Orleans, Cleveland, Ohio-Gamma Louisville, Ky.-Alpha Franklin, Ind.-Alpha Indianapolis. Ind.-Beta La Crosse, Wis.-Alpha St. Louis, Mo.-Alpha Chicago, Ill.-Alpha Galesburg. Ill.-Beta Kansas City, Mo.-Alpha Minneapolis, Minn.--Alpha Denver, Col.-Alpha Salt Lake City, Utah-Alpha San Francisco, Cal.-Alpha Los Angeles, Cal.-Beta Spokane, Wash.-Alpha. La.-Alpha L I , -- ----"- - --in A -H i 1 not 'JH , -O --.!'1t ' sstggw' 't" S , . v' ' , . R ,4 '35 . S R Q.. ju '-. 9 'A r -.p. S-I ,P x . .. '.' 1 'A ,i . C '3- Ia 0' '-4' . f-Av-' . . V'-..'l '-a L. 7 X A' 4 '. wnzf- ,' 0' v "Ute :nt-N - L D , U 3 I ' 'rgh 'r vi D . , -. , hs.. .79 A . , ' s 00 -,- J I - 4 4 -. 5 doll j 4' - Q - - . o 4 I' ' ' I A fl if-X n 'QJ NJ, -5 f 5 -. . . vi. PJ f PHI DELTA THETAI 'Z-X 3 9 rs YH ill A fl l fgfflllfj .... , ' '01 V -,fr S ,I P , , an ,, -, 1 , A gi .731 ' ' N 1 , , ' y X ' ' ' L 'D X . . , ., ,ga fn. , I Xi FY 5 ' Ag-X 'fia-f, , ,459 f 1, 0 ' . Lb-:f" ?, QQZ! 'E- , f l - V. ' -, " f g- bf , 2 : ,.-J,1 n ,. I' . f s lg "I sow.-1' - ,' I I ' 4 5 1 f . Q v , ' ',. 'if' , 1 U' V . A ixlali I . 1 i,'1:f:fm.V' . - I , Q- .X ' II. .I , ' s n 5' ir 'I ' i., :""7v'r . ' -' Q 1 . V I x 1 .' I . ,I I .' 4 ' I , . 'lgihf ",,. '4 'f ,all ,L M' I' 3 '1- vyl .V , ni.. is 'Q I lug, - ' ,I . me lr. ...1 . X "Mics, ei 5 'V' - m ' - fx. ' IFR. . v v Jeni. 6 I. J r' 1 '- 'Tr 175 ' N, X L3 . ul 1 I' L 1' 'QQ' V ' .1 . N' 511' 'I 1. QL' .gif 4, ' ., n or U34 -Q I . U .. r A ax ,, M9 Lffaw ' ,,,'-,A '-'A -'lx Y V WI' f, fe1ff 4fg..,:71. X " P 'Lil ' I A 1-,J ' if Q 'r' in ' 'Wt ' :,s"nrf .n w .!"f' 2 lk . "' '63 'Ui' K-H+' Qv. If ,M-' ysgln' -L ,- 'fo' ', if. I ' A R, 'l' 'kfi,g,rL, x 4. .VI ' -0 . 2 ,gli ' -'tL"f,',a ,N ', f I' '. 'fl 'O I I 1 ,ff I -'. 'S fs 'W' mississippi Hlpba of Phi Delta Cbeta. Established in 1877. Fraires in llrbe. W. A. MCDONALD, '79, L. E. THOMPSON, '85, C. L. SIVLEY, '89, RELBUE PRICE, '94. Jlttendant members. Post Gfddlldfe. THADDEUS C. LOCKARD, M. A., Meridian, Miss. Scfyoof of Bow. Glass of '97, EDMUND BALL XVILLIAMS, LL. B., Meridian, Miss. JAMES GORDON SMYTHE, LL. B., Kosciusko, Miss. Scfioofs of Science, fiferaiure and grits. Zlass of '9s. XVILLIAM ALBERT LUCAS, B. A., French Camp, Miss. GEORGE LATHAM RAY, B. P., Carrollton, Miss. Zlass of '99, WM. RUSSELL SAUNDERS XVILBURNE, B. A., Kilmichael, Miss. WALLACE REYNOLDS XVALKER, B. S., Meridian Miss. PATRICK HENRY, JR., B. P., Brandon, Miss. LAMAR HARDY, B. S., Meridian, Miss. WM. BI.-XNDEVILLE RICHMOND, B. A., Herrnanville, Miss FAISON HEATHLIAN SMITH, B. A., Oxford, Miss, ZldSS of l900. ETHELBERT BARKSDALE HALL, B. A., Meridian, Miss. ROBERT LESSLEI' PILLOW, B. A., Greenwood, Miss. PRATHER DELIETREOUS JOHNSON, B. P., Tremont, Ark. Zhapter Roll of Beta Chtta Pi. District I. new England. DlStl'lCf Tl. new Y0l'k and new JQYSQV. Harvard, QHj Dartmouth, QA Nj Rutgers, QB I'j Colgate, QB Oj Brown, QKj Maine State, QB Hj Cornell, QB Aj Union, QNj Boston, QYj Wesleyan, QM Ej Stevens, QEj Columbia, QA Aj Amherst, QB Ij Yale, Q41 Xj St, Lawrence, QB Zj Syracuse, QB DlSfl'lCf m. PCNIISVIVZIIIQ and maryland. 'Washington-jefferson, Q1'j Pennsylvania State College, QA Yj Dickinson, QA Ej University of Pennsylvania, Qfbj Lehigh, QB Xj Johns Hopkins, QA Xj District IU. Uirginia, Darth Zarolina, South Zarolina. C Dfsfjiffbv- Remainder of 5o"'he'i:'IS'mS' K J ,. . . . enter, E f ississippi, B B Halllljdellhlcllley' lzl Vlrgmla' lol Cumberland, QMj Vanderbilt, QB Nj North Carolina, QH Bj Davidson, QCD Aj Texas, QB Oj District UT. 0hio and west Uirginia. V Miami, QAj Ohio, QB Kj Wittenberg, QA Fj University of Cincinnati, QB Nj Bethaney, Denison, QA Hj Western Reserve, Ohio Wesleyan, QGj Wooster, QA Aj Kenyon, QB Aj Ohio State, QGJ Aj District UTI. Indiana and michigan. De Pauw, QAj Michigan, QAj Indiana, QIIj W'abash, QTj Hanover, Qlj DISIYICI Urn. TIIIIIOIS, wlSCORSlN, Iowa, minnesota. DlStl'lCf IX. the Rest Gf the ulll0ll. Knox, QA Ej Iowa Wesleyan, QA Ej Westminster, QA Aj Kansas, QA Nj Beloit, QXj Wisconsin, QA Hj California, Qflj Nebraska, QA Tj l'nivcrsity of Iowa, QA Bj Northwestern, QPj Denver, QA Zj Missouri, QZ fivj Chicago, QA Pj Minnesota, QB Hj Leland Stanford, QA Ej 42 4 , -,rv-191 Y n 1 . 1 9 5 ' l Q 1 ', r, -1g1'0,,' '. QB , ' . o -" . -" - - AL. Q, 1 u . - f A ' If -r Q 1 -Tn .tt . 'Q 'V . . 1 . v 41 2 " ' ' ' Y Q f 1! 353' f 4 - 53-1 'Q . . , 1' . . g K 0.-Q .." rjy' D .5,.' Q an a .,7'L"f- "5 0u,'f, , - ' . "I .. +3 oi" ' 2 N 14 I, F., I' J , . , . 1' ' N ,Jr me 'far . . ,, . . 4- 1 .LN f ,.v53-'fy 1-' It., . . . A f' K aw .yt-44 BOI'I X 2 QW' I X NV W .1 I Qian' Mfma Q6 7 ' - , Us +7414 s gr 1 OOYTIUCHT IBO! ,.5...L,w.-,. Af - i- '- di WIA 'na 1r----- - I 'vi A ,UQ K ,1 r. 'st -.Y-1 ' I. I' . x v. ' a , v ' C ' .,- 5.1 .1 .u'f. -5.5-4-4 .. ' 'sg' ',f','. ' ' if ll WF: Q ' A 1- ' 4 'N V. im. G Y ...ur I ar 'A X".-Tn J' .. ' -- QJVQ' v' v . . Q r .-3S.4Ff+ . 4: 4 " - - . A ' vi xl- W, Y, . I .C ' .po Y' I , I , I 'W 1 r 4 ' 1 , .., ' - 1,5 , I' 1 -Y . . ' . mfr..-4 Q' 'I T oc .. A -,.,, . - 1 , , ., in il., 'Y ,-,'., 'L 5- '-9 . ,.- , . .F 'NI A , L-,. M ' , -,,.r,.. ":'x'I'ay!N, .,..- -, - ' -s -'T KIA.. , I 7 A- V- g' "- , 'L J' W . . ul' A44n - f RQ: af ,I 1 ,j. X A tvs- "Y fr- 9 f'- - -- .JO ' Beta Beta of Beta Cheta Pi. Established in 1879. Fratres in tlrbe. I. W. T. F.-XLKNER, H. L. SUTHERLAND. SAMUEL HDLIWAY. A In Facultate. ALFRED HUME, C. E., D. Sc. C. C. FERRE11.. M. A.. P 'Ill ZOIIQQN. Glass of '99. ALBERT W. HURT, JOHN N. CLAGETT. EDWARD RAINWATER. ZIZISS of l900. H. E. BARRY, W. S, LESTER, A. K. ECRLES, R. C. BICBEE. 45 LAMBDA, . Pi, , PHI, . , BETA DELTA, BETA EPSILON, BETA TH ETA, BETA Xi, . OMEGA. BETA GAMMA, BETA EPSILON. BETA KAPPA, BETA Pi, BETA Ri-io, BETA TAU, BETA UPstLoN. A BETA. - DELTA, EPsiLoN, ZETA. lOTA, KAPPA, MU. CHI, . , BETA ALPHA, BETA BETA, BETA ZETA, BETA PHI, . BETA Psi, . D lid dll D lid. Founded at Bethany College in 1860. Rainbow founded at University of Mississippi, 1848, S. A. Chapter. Rainbow consolidated with Delta Tau Delta, 1886, Pi Chapter. COLORS-Royal Purple, Old Gold and White. FLOWER-Pansy. Zbapter Directory. GRAND DIVISION OF THE SOUTH. . . . Vanderbilt University, Nashville, Tenn University of Mississippi, University, Miss . Washington and Lee University, Lexington. Va . . . University of Georgia, Athens, Ga - . - Emory College, Oxford, Ga University of the South, Sewanee, Tenn . . Tulane University, New Orleans, La GRAND DIVISION OF THE WEST. - . . University of Iowa, Iowa City. Iowa. . University of Wisconsin. Madison. Wis . University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, Minn . . University of Colorado, Boulder, Col. . Northwestern University, Evanston, Ill. Leland Stanford. jr- University, Palo Alto, Cal. . University of Nebraska, Lincoln, Neb. . University of Illinois, Champaign, Ill. GRAND DIVISION OF THE NORTH. . . . . . Ohio Universitv, Athens, Ohio. University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Mich . . . Albion College, Albion, Mich . Adelbert College, Cleveland. Ohio. Michigan Agricultural College, Lansing. Mich . . Hillsdale College, Hillsdale, Mich Ohio Wesleyan University, Delaware, Ohio . . , Kenyon College, Gambier, Ohio Indiana University, Bloomington, lnd . De Pauw University. Greencastle. lnd . Butler University, Irvington, Ind Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio . Wabash College. Crawfordsville, lnd va-1-, ,-....f---A- 4 ALPHA, GAMMA. Nu, . Ri-io, SIGMA, . UPSILON, . BETA LAM EDA, BETA MU, . BETA Nu. BETA OM1cRoN, BETA CHI, GRAND DIVISION OF THE EAST. , . . . , Allegheny College. Meadville, Pa Washington and jefferson College, Washington, Pa . University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pa Stevens Institute of Technology, Hoboken, N. J , Williams College, Williamstown, Mass . Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Troy, N. Y . . Lehigh University: Bethlehem, Pa . . . Tufts College, Tufts College. Mass Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Boston, Mass . . , , Cornell University, lthica, N, Y Brown University, Providence, R. I Jllumnilbirectorv. New York-Brooklyn, N. Y. Chicago-Chicago, lll. Nashville-Nashville, Tenn. Twin City-Minneapolis, Minn. Pittsburg-Pittsburg, Pa. Cleveland-Cleveland, Ohio. Detroit-Detroit. Mich. Grand Rapids-Grand Rapids, Mich. New Orleans-New Orleans, La. Nebraska-Lincoln, Neb. New England-Portsmouth. N. H. Cincinnati-Cincinnati, Ohio. Atlanta-Atlanta, Georgia. U I n J " 4'r' I . 4, v 650' ' 5-J v O a . 1 Q x. I QA' '.r -f ,- . 'F' ' ' v JR:.'v4 a 1 . 5 ' P 6 ' Y I D 4 , 5 I 4 S:- H X, r oo.. ' X ,Nall - ' . ' .1 X. .'- I ..' " G l Qv. ' 4 'U' 4 'E 2 . ,.:,?-pg QS-'I L ff?- J. 0 Q L A +13 .'. P Q 4 5 K gl 9 - '.4 4 J. p. S ti 4. 17 A- 1., . A L4 .44 F4 ' ea I: LV. ' ., ' 'u Q '. 5 v 0 Q Q, 1. ,XL 4" 1 -li. JL Om 31' - '15, fi!! 'P Dtlld Cdl! Delta, Zbapter Pi. Chapter Founded as ff Rainbow " Fraternity in 1848. Consolidated with Delta Tau Delta in 1886. Chapter Rell, Is97. Frarres in Taculrate. DABNEY l.,lPSCOAIB, !'1zyQ'ssvmy" Englzsh. RICHARD E. W ILIIOURN, E'l!uwz'11E11,g.'1'.vh. Scllyool of gow. SClll0l'S. fllllll0l'S. LOVICR P. HALEX', . . Okolona Miss. ISAAC D. BORDERS, . . . Brooksvllle EUGENE A. HOWELL, . Braxton Miss. HARDEN H. BROOKS, Brooksville Sclyools of Science, fiieraiure and elvis. Seniors. Juniors. JOHN G. DUKE, . Scooba Miss JOHN H. BEARD, . . . Columbus JUNIUS R. TIPTON, Nesbit, Miss JOSEPH M. BYNUM, Booneville, JAMES F. POPE, . . Columbus Sephomeres. WVALTER A. BROWN, Meridian Miss JAMES R. MCDOWELL, . Holly Springs, WVALTER F. BROWN, . Holly Springs Miss. HENRX' W. CAROTI-IERS, . Tupelo, Miss. WVILLIS W. GARTH, . Columbus,Miss. STEWART P. CLAYTON, . Tupelo, Miss. Freshmen. DURELL BIILLER, IRWIN M. NIOODY, BENJ. lNlCFARLAND, WVILLIAM V. FANT, CHAS. H, MCLEOD, Grenada, Miss. 49 . Shannon Meridian . Aberdeen Macon, Miss. Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Miss Zbeta Du Epsilon. Founded at Wesleyan University in 1870. ALPHA-Wesleyan University. Xl7Al'l?ll6I'St College. BETA - SYYHCUSC U1liVCf5lfY- OMICRON-Alleghany College. GAMMA'-Union College' P1-Pennsylvania State College. DELTA-Cornell University' RHO-University of City of New York. EPSILON-University of Rochester. H . l - h ' ' bloim-University of Pennsylvania, ZETA-University of California. , ' --W . ETA-Colgate University. FIAU Ooster College THFTA-Kenyon College UPSILON-University of Michigan. IOTA-Adelbert College. PHI-Rutgers College. KAPPA--Hamilton College. CHI-D3ff11lOUlh College. LAMBDA-Renssalaer Polytechnic Institute. Psi-Northwestern University. MU-Stevens Institute. OMEGA-University of Minnesota. NU-Lafayette College. .XLPHA GAMMA-University of Mississippi lj, plurihus uiginti quinqun. 50 1' " 4 Q 'QQ D ' gr- .4 rr ' ,'d: -P' ' . ,' A. 4. , Qi . rifr, .l . 45' ' 5 J 'i' ' 1 'r 5 N' l,l.- I. .' a 4 5 - n .Q gr . r r 1.0 . 'UT U', y.. ci., aa fx 5 - . R. 'S .f t1 A y 'QQ THETA HlrEl5SlL0N Qzpzfv r vw 6Nv5q.,9f. 'Q QWE- ,fifllg ENE? V197 4 Crvvn. c-.vpx V A -H s..' p.. .4 -.1 -' Q Q u!'f4'ici Af 14. 1 'Q r , V . - ff: our , . -- vvS , I . Q . f u ' f I 1 I I I , . Q g P M A H I A ,. A h.,j.'. .. .I A' .r A' i' .-,, .ix Q J,-1 ' fn J .. 'P .. 4' V. I , I 4. 1'-, , ,, .ILTQI 1 'Mt' - ' , 4 - Q . g ' vi, . . , .:'I'1. .- J' 'Z df. " ,' 'Y A ' ' V ' L pg X 4-I r',.' ', . .t . , W", rf I 5 ' 1 A , 1 I np. .' X .N. . O vi 1 1-2 Chem nu Epsilon, Hlpba Gamma Chapter Y. A. GRIN-IIH 61.0. IA nu.. -I. G. DUKE, E. B. IVIl.Ll.-XM .-X. G. RIHN Ii I. H. 'I'Hmu x KI. G. FLLIIA Established in 1895. 31.61. liuxf XY. E. L'1"1ER1 uh. H. II. IJRIESI'LIfY.,Ili. W, I.. AL'sT1x A W. Iiyxxs H. R. I'L'l.1'ffx I R I,. Hwrsx'-rx . I,. II.xl.f1.1x Sovhomcre. 53 ll 3 ff1Q,5:3uZ'I .... G. I.. Rn. Y101'-11: I.I'.IILH V-'. I'. Iilcrilsu-lx I,. P. I,ri.u'E11 I.. NI. ITORIAEIX . I, II. I.-I1:1+..R Ilulclcx Hn-,xnxx vasoag msg if? gi? SUE ., . 3-5- shannon 3 5 WWMOWO I 0 n J ng ,Md-'. Q 'S x Q 4 , -:nt 'A ' ii- -t-l' 1 '- . 1 I r . . A :- ,, '- :lr - -' 4 r ' . ' 4' 1 Q ' I ' ' s V V N 'fu .-v f -.N 'Q . 'J . '.i.', 'r .1- 13 2 'f 5 4' 5,o.-f..- In-1' r , Sigma Caunillpba Chapter. Fstablished at the University of Mississippi in 1896. COLORS-Green and Gold. FLOWER-Daisy. XJELL-XVJIJJIJ'-T6-Ill. tu-ra-zau. HENRIE1'T.A CQRINNE LIT'1'I-E, '97, CORRIE JONES, '98, JULIA BIILLER BIURRY, '98, ALICE M. BORCHERT, '98, ERMA BORCHERT, '98, ANNIE J. CHANDLER, '97, ELIZABETH COWAN, '99, CARRIE B. GARY, '98, 'Asif dh, Hhs. Sigma Tau. Hctive members. KIIXXXIC Bxmwx. QQQ. BIARY HII.l. STAQRI-InL'sI3, 97. MATXEI' BOWLES, 1900. BI.-XRGARET H. WARIIIAW, I9oo ELLIE B. KIxII:Rou:H. 197, LYNNE BRANHAII JY!-IST, '98, ELIIA COLEMAN BIEEK. '97, BURCHI-I'I' PETERS, ,Q7, ANNA XJIXEY.-XRD, '98. O1 5 fi frf IT -.,. . , . t -' 5 p v .' .f' 4. -Q 1 1 Y v' 'I , 'L T 'yi A x ,Q . 5 6 vip ",-E! 0 ', . ' ' .. A r , it 4 - .9 ,1,,L ' .v"vi -- " 4., Q .slr Z , 181. . . .bg p , ,.4 1-J. ' , 'CQ v ' Lf' 'Q- o 1 Q' .Q . . f Q 'T ' x - 0 5 Z P . ." 5-41 I S . . V N 'u ." . 915, 9 v l'-,g -' 0 ,IJ ' Can Delta theta. Founded at the University of Mississippi in 1896. Hlplid ZDGDIQY. SONY ill UPN. XVILMA ARCI-IIBALD. Zlass of woo. IQATIIC ARCHIBALD, OLA PRICE, BIARY HLRRIIN, FANNIE RUTLEDGI3, SUE Wuons. Zlass of '99. Zlass of '98, DAISY W. BUCK, ALMA JONES, CLARA HURT, Ivy BIANNINC NURMA XVILKINS. ANNIE PHILLIPS. Glass of '97. SARA GILLESPIE, MAUD MORROW. YELL-Alpha Pi, Alpha Pi, Beta Eta Zeta, 'Eojuev ,zifX'qt9e1'9 Tau Delta Theta. 59 ' N 'iff ew-- sr?- .. K u A . 1 A ' P" v I- 5- I,-lr on . " I L -- .,. -. 0, ...e-- -, - Y. ' A'-.x I s gt "'u, 4 , Q. - - x-.r '. -' , , Q V ' Y 0' . -3 v . '- f . Q 1 v - .-' , f ". n V ' -' , v -,n 4' , 5 .- .5 -so .--.1 Y '74 -fr 4 i fl 0 A I ,ina I,Q -pc .,. .ffi "" . . If-Cn ff" ,, H 4'-,M . "--'r ,,,A'r J.-J-Q ' , If-Lgiia . at . A- 'G . .V,:-.Jv-,-,- 9. '- 4 -a' -"3"'. - ' P' sad Q T - A Y U '7 wg X nl '07 1 ,,,,aSk, N., fx -. fr- 4 . F, Rug' .M X 'E '6?sy.-e5 SQL :fins fi- 'rg'-214-Eva args Q - ,- 5 ,Va 4 'fx - f'f-. af -ge-isle 1 1 Sfiggvlil. Q21 R fl ,iff-,Y :Q ,L-,. 3314? - if ff-J ' , .123 - ,, f Q Y , F 'fi-131A N F5-lg- ..,, 5,,-.... Q-1, fggg, .3-tn-: L, , i 93? -L , f 7 'Y .. ' M f ,N Q, - - f?rf.e':fv::--1 -'i"5..fc,---Qs- , ,. .,..1'., ' ff -Y KX Qyfgv Q2'--QQ'1-tijlyifff-522252 . E, .L ln. NR, Qx xxx EXW -f" 5 ' ' ' , X X r igigxiafi' ,Emi A. 1 1 :N e ' 7' G' X" x S1 5 W 3 X ,,f X X - gig ,1 N -. , X X56 W ' N X I 142- A ' M534 F' ' M 5 gg q !!L1fgl'1s'.7 Q - 553 X 66 LQt NQQSQ 1, -ai ? V152-,'g.f'3., W X ' 54 ,fur 5 1,11 , . - ., , 'iff f N'-2,fig:f5,qfN5! ':5fv,'aE.3:w - 'f Q - 41. ' i.f':-I.1u'Q4fffi1?' - 2.14.1 ., E ' - 'f' 5s2if 1'- , 3:-A -e-r. . ef rf.--2' f-f - I' 4 , 15' Vzlziiiw ab sn," wgfp 'X ff--- ww.--'-w ff-it hx s 'N f - Q. .I '-.' -' 1 ' Vf.-ff?'.sx1 Y4 '53'fe3"v2' 4 . ,iff xx .QQ ' Q H S329 xx ,.. .Q ss .S'W5fL',w"' - Q -V P, , ' xr. - ' .34 1 X. b-,,. W- ' S.,- - -' A ' 'Jaan-4 1 .LMA- - 'E ki? 'iii'-s 523 '?".' . bfi X11 1-,rg . be ' v . " LL, .." 4. J- , V First term. S. M. HOUSTON, LAMAR HARDY, E. CAMPBELL, E. W. LIPSCOMB, V. A. GRIFEITI-I J. R. TIPTON, W. E. SEGREST, W. M. SANDERS E. B. HALL, BQYIIIGQGII l:il2l'dl'Xl Society. 0fficers. . . Prcszliezzf. . V226 Pn'5z22'w1f. . . . . Rvmrdzbzg SL't'l'L'fdlLl'. 7 . . C07'I'f5f70llI27l.llg .S'fw'ffa1j'. T rm.f11n'1'. . . Chaplaffz . . . Firsf Cvlzsor. , Scfona' Cm.v01'. . D001' Ayl'IY5l'l'. . Rey5re.vr11!zz!z'z'ez'11 Sian' Oraforzkal Cozzirxf-J. R. TIPTON. AMIS, A. W., BYNUM, J. M., ECKLES, A. K., FANT, W. V., GUYNES, J. F., HARGROVE, W. H., HOLINIES, E. R., KAHN, L. M., LUCAS, W. A., MILLER, J. D., IXIICDOWELL, J. R., PEARMAN, W. M., Sczzzbr Debfzfew, NIAY, J, V., MOODY, I. M., NICFARLAND, B., PORTER, L. 1X'ICGEHEE, SANDERS, W. M., STEVENS, J. M., SUMRALL, J. H., XVATKINS, W. B., WVILSON, SOLON G., BERRY, J. N., DURLEY, J. H., ELLIOT, H. R., LIPSCOMII, E. W. , I Iv ' ' 'Q S. . LANE AUS'1'l Roll of members. R.AINXX'.AT'ER, E. W., SPINKS, E., STONE, J., CLIFTON, J. R., XVILLIAMS, E. G., AUSTIN, XX'. LANE, CAMPBELL, E., EDMONDS, J. E., FLOYD, W. E., HALL, E. B., HENRY, PATRICK, HOUS'I'ON, S. M., WHITE, J. J. 63 Second term. J. M. STEYENS. E. CAIIPIIELL. XV. H. HAROROYE PAT HENRY, JR. ICJ. RIILLER. E. XX'. LIPSCOMII. I. M. BIOODY. J. XVHI'I'E. J. R. BICI5OXX'EI.I.. 1103'nIr11z11-XX'. LANE AUSTIN N, M. HOUSTON. LLRIFFITH X H.ARIbX', I AAIAR HIl3l!I,Ell HURST, C G LOCIQHAPT J T KIILLER, D BICBEE, R C BICLEAN F H PRESSLEI I S SEOREST, XX E S'1'EXX'AR'I D S 'INAX'LOR, S Bistorv ot Bermaean Society. MOTTO-Amicitia Sempiterna. Conjuncti. COLORS-Brown and Garnet. Hvrmes, thx: Grecian Gnd uf Ijlnqueurv. ERM.-EAN LITERARY SOCIETY was organized early in the session of 1848 and 749, the first session of the University. From the only records now extant we learn that another society was founded the same year. This was called the Phi Beta Kappa. But in the spring of ,4Q Phi Beta Kappa became the Phi Sigma. Thus Hermrean antedates its rival of today. It was customary in those days for the members of the faculty to be honorary members of one of the societies. These members assisted in furnishing the society rooms-the two front rooms, second and third fioors, of the Lyceum--and frequently attended the regular meet- ings, which were held on Friday evenings, and took part in the discussions. Each society had a long roll of hon- orary members, comprising the most prominent men in this as well as the neighboring states. Libraries were begun by subscription. Ribbon rosettes and gold badges were worn by the members. The rivalry between Her- mrean and Phi Sigma grew to be very intense, in fact, so intense that a joint committee was appointed to draw up esolutions of reconciliation. Upon the society floor these -,,', '-'- -!lI-'- - I..---1-1 6-1 resolutions were subjects of much dispute and debate. They were accepted by piecemeal. Matters moved on in this way until Mississippi seceded and the great war drew near. The University Grays were organized, the societies voted appropriations, the University suspended and the brave boys went from the classic halls to the battlefield. There was no rivalry now, for every heart and hope was for defense and Southland. Four years of war passed and then all was over. Very few indeed of the " old guard" returned to the University at its opening in the autumn of 1865. Hermzean was immediately reorganized. It could not die. Since then, barring a brief period, its career has been one of continued usefulness. The star of a never dying hope has led it onward and upward. Many of the most distinguished men of Mississippi and her sister Southern states have burned sweet incense upon the Her- maean altar. They are found at the bar, on the rostrum, in the pulpit and in the legislative halls of the States and the Nation. A few years ago the Board of Trustees made a requirement that each student enrolled in the University should be assigned to one of the societies. This plan proved a failure from its beginning. The members who were earliest and faithful, who desired to do good work, were silenced by a careless and unruly majority. Through the efforts and influence of Hermman this requirement was subsequently repealed. A new Constitution was drafted and adopted. This new regime has been entirely satisfac- tory andthe work done eminently successful. The elec- tion to membership is wholly by secret ballot. The mem- bership for the present session is 5o. Hernizean offers four gold medals as prizes. Two are offered to the Freshman for excellence in declamation, one to the junior for excellence in oratory, and one to the Senior for excellence in debate. The Anniversary is the 22d of February-the anniversary of the birth of Wash- ington. No Anniversarian is selected now, but the day is celebrated as junior Day. The Hermzean Juniors contest on this occasion for the junior Medal. The exercises of the University are suspended. The meetings of Hermaean are held in its Hall in the Chapel building on Saturday morning of each week. It is secret except to the faculty. The Hall is neatly and comfortably furnished. The floor is carpeted, seated with chairs, and the walls, handsomely papered in the Society colors, are hung with paintings and portraits. The Presi- dent's stand is decorated with the mystic symbols known to the loyal member, and the silken banner bears the lyre of the Grecian god. In its hnances the society is on a busi- ness basis. All fines and dues are collected. Tardiness or delay is not tolerated. Such brings expulsion, and expulsion brings disgrace. Herrnzean is progressive. It is a democratic body governed by parliamentary rules. Its aim is to prepare men for the higher walks of life-for good and honest and outspoken citizenship, to cultivate a love for literature g to bring forth and develop the latent powers of oratoryg to make strong, concise and logical in argumentg and to create and make lasting the ties of college friendship. It has a well deserved reputation for the best of order and the best of work. A Hermaean public occasion is never a failure. A large audience greets its every appearance and never goes away disappointed. Its diploma, presented to its graduating members, is highly prized. It is a badge of the highest honor. To be a Hermaean means more than you can understand- more than lcan tell you. There is no sweeter music than that of the Hermaean lyre. 1 tfsfifiia 'mark lisa-Wh it ! S N EN N N ,IQ I N I F'f'f'I5:' "" .. 4 -wr ,J . . ' 4,4 1 -1-T-, .4, , X.: .1 5 1. way, , . 5- v S' F 3 N1 Q Q4 Ljffifgn. ' -- 4 Y , .. -wi.-. JNO. A. SMYLIE, L. P. LE,n'ELL, . H. F. FISHER, G. C. BEANLAND, D. O. BRIDGFORTH, F. P. CASHAIAN, H. H. CREEKMORE, H. EDMONSON, F. H. ERVIN, A. W. EYANS, M. G. EVANS, D. H. FAIRLEY, H. F. FISHER, Phi Sigma lliterarv Society. 0fficers. . Pnxvzllazzf. B. T. IQINIBROUGH, JR., Clvzsaz 1721 Pn'x12iI'11f. H. H. CREEKBIORE, . . Y?'vIz.v1n 1 Svf1'f!fz1'y. CHAS. PE'1"1'IS, . Dmv' Aujifz A. JOHNSON, . . Chfyvfufzz. Roll of m0mb2fS. R. FULTON, M. B. LEAVELL, L. RAY. G. FULTON, W. S, LESTER, H. SHANIIS, B A. HOGO, A. G. LOVE, J. SINIRALL, E. HOPKINS, ED. BI.-XBRY, E. SHARP, JOHNSON, G. H. KICWIORROUGH, J. A. SNITLIE, A. JOHNSON, J. K. BIORRISON, A. W. XYEST, M. JONES, E. PARRER, W. R. S. W1I-I:I'RNE F. KIMHROUGH, W. T. PATE, N. E. XYILROY, R. KINO, C. R. PETTIS, STARR YOENO. P LEAVELL, H. PHILLIPS, f I in SM Ci BLACKSTON E SOCIETY. IS96. H. S. STEVENS, S. N. COLLIER, E. A. HOWELL, G. G. LVELL, . I. D. BORDERS, S. R. KNOX, . -IOS, E. HOUSTON, B. T. IWARKE'I'TE, Blackstone Societv. Ufficers. P1'1'.v111'f'11f. . I 72? Pl'l'.f1II1z'llf. . Svf1'fhz1j'. . Y7'r4z5111'w'. C 1715011 C 61117101.11 . . P1'n.w'f11fz'11g Affurnf 1 ' . Daw' AQ'4j14'1'. . IS97. '. M. I'I.-XMNER D. BORDERS. M. NN H. H. BROOKS. R. KNOX. . W. SHANDS. . G. I.x'ELL. . W. BROWN. mQmb2YS. ANDERSON, R. B., HABINER, W. M., LYELL. G. G., STEVENS H S ALLEN, J. C., I'IOUS'l'ON, I. E., BI.-XRKl'I'1"l'P1, B. 'I'., STEWARI IX BORDERS, J. D., HOUS'1'ON, S. M., MCKENZIE, L. 'I'., SYKES. F 3 BROOKS, H. H., HOWELL, E. A., PEPPER, F. H., TL'm:, C I BROWN, H. W., JAY, PHILLIPS, RUSSELL, I.. B., U'TTERI'-XCR XX IA COLLIER, S. N., KNOX, S. R., SANDERS, J. O. S., WVATSUN E DAN1EL, D. D., LANIER, R. D., Sm'1'H, W. C., WVEST, 14 I DENT, A. W., LAMB, L. B., SMYTHE, J. G., WV1I.I.I.-NIS HALSEI.L, R. E., LOFTON, W. M., SH.-XND5, A. W., XVILLS, LOMAX, C. L. G9 , , , X I n. X, ,,,, . I -.- -NX A X X .X X a- IS96. M. G. FULTON, J. R. TIPTON, . W. M. SANDERS, . W. P. IQRETSCHMAR. . W. L. AUSTIN, . H. FISHER, Y. m. Z. H. 0fficers. Pfzfszkielzf. . . V226 P1z'512z'f11!. . . C0r1'4'sp01zdz'11g St'fl'I'flZ7 y. . Rer0f'a'z'11ff S6fl'FfH7:1'. . A. W. AMIS, W. L. AUSTIN, J. N. BERRY, I. D. BORDERS, W. C. BREWER, H. W. CAROTHERS, S. S. CARUTHERS, A. W. DENT, C. A. DOUGHERTY, J. H. DURI.EY, A. W. EASON, A. K. ECRLES, J. E. EDMONDS, J. H. EDIIIONDSON, H. R. ELLIOTT, F. H. ERVIN, H. FISHER, H. R. FULTON, M. G. FULTON, E. B. GIBSON, J. F. GUYNES, E. B. HALI., W. H. HARGRONTE, J. S. V. HODGE, W. E. HOPKINS, G. G. HURST, J. A. JOHNSON, G. P. JONES, S. M. JONES, B. T. KIRIBROUCZH w w O Y7'ea5zm'1'. . Pzkzmlvi. . . llist of members. W P. KRETSCHAIAR, L. P. LEAVELL, M B. LEAVELL, R. G. LEDRE'I"I'ER, A. M. IIEIGH, W S. LESTER, E. G. E. H B. F D. H W. LIPSCOAIII, G. LYELL, L. BIABRY, L. IWCCASKILL, BICFARLANIJ, H MCLEAN, BIILLER, B. MILLER, J. D. MILLER, S. R. KNOX, lS97. I.. P. LEAVELI.. W. H. IRI.-XRGROYE. C. XVFLLS, JR. J. N. BERRY. W. P. KRE'1'SL'H3I.AIl. H. FISHER. J. K. BIORRISON, E. PARKER, W. M. SANDERS, J. W. SCOTT, R. A. SEGREST, E. SPINRS, D. S. STEWART, H. S. STEVENS, W. E. STONE, J. H. THOMPSON, J. R. TlP1'ON, W. B. WVALKICR, W. C. VVELLS, JR C. R. XVHITFI, N. E. XVILROY. mlSSiSSil3lDi lllIQl'COllQQldI2 0l'dl0l'lCdl HSSOCldIi0ll. Zolleges. University of Mississippi. Mississippi College. A. X M. College of Mississippi. Millsaps College. Officers. W. IANE AL's'i'ix, P1-f.v12z'f11f. . University, Miss. VERNON D. Rowiz, Sefrffary, . . Winona, Miss Il. R. Sioxe, IGN Pl't'J'1lft'lIf, . Clinton, Miss. W. L. THOMPSON, 73'z"Il51ll'f'I', Agricultural College, Miss Executive Zommittee. H. R. STONE, Chafrlzzafl. YV. CANADA, W. H. HAMNER, HOBIPZR BRETT. Place of Contest, Meridian, Miss. Date, June 15, 1897. RQUl'QSQllf3flWS of the ul1lVCl'SlW of mississippi. 3lAL'RICE G. FlJL'1'oN, of Phi Sigma. -I. R. TIPTONa Of Hefmfean- 0 gmt- ' ,,-, 7., ' ....... - Z 'i W ' 'f' Glllf SIGIQS lllIQl':Q0llQQidl2 0l'dl0l'lCdl HSSOCiZlli0II. University of Mississippi. L'niversity of Alabama, Tulane University of Louisiana. L'niversity of Georgia. 0fficers. RIAYRICE G. FULTON, Pzwziivzzf, . L'niversity of Mississippi. SHi:Li:x' BIYRICK, I721' Pnzvzlinzf, . . University of Georgia. joiix D. BIILLER, .S'a'1'zfirry, . Tulane lfniversity of Louisiana. i- -l-. 7lTzI.V1ll'c'1', , University of Alabama. First Annual Contest, March 4, 1897, New Orleans, La. Winner of Medal, R. S. XLICKERS, of Tulane L'niversity of Louisiana Second Jlnnual Zontest, lsos, 0xiord, miss. 73 YFM ' v-1 ff' FW N g I A , -" THE LYCEUM. .. " ' THE LIBRARY , X ,ffil fx V ,, , fx ,. - ..f ' ' ,4-:Sri ,jfzf f fffig, e7L " . -,A'Q:'w4:. .53 " -I ' -L-Tj-g 4,425 X51-"I f ij-f . png-.3'i . 555 ' 'L-'Y ' " - 3 . 2 0' ' ,.3g.-fp , - ,ia .4-I '4+ x- , ::.: ' 'i ,gf'fi?':i.: A T1-N 1 -5'1'?J fsiff' 12,5-.:i"j .:2L'T4-if' ji' f - 0- "" A 0 . ' 77-2 ea' "fn" 16:4i-T-in-YEe?"',ff:If '-Zfffxrr '- ' "-1 , g. , .5-7 T f. ,Q-eg? . V1 '11--1--1.-H ,. . - - Ay - - x .- -1.- , r 1- '-4 f- V- -5- 11- ,g,:'r'-:iff V 5-,---I . 4: 3 - Q Cir' Fi' ,f C-' 'A I":'f:-- "M 'ff"a?? V11 AHF - - Q i?i,g?ig3',,:2++zg.Q1 5 " 'f f "ff-'A -v ' gi. Y 0 f-f1-f- f9f0 f5??-if -liz 030996, Eisforiee, efc., of fBe various 63906505 in f8e 5050096 of Eiferafure, Science cmb Qlrfe anb in flie 505009 of 2000. 'u-. - , L ,Ni Vu 35 Qi A ,.,..,,,, W . N. ,N ' ' " , -' - .1 ' -Ajrgsjlf 1 'gg "Q, 'v' t ,,,,.., X l - , . M ... 1 A , 0 , , 1 X 9 gi-gl. 4 r V' - '3:A..3.., -.4 ' i 'XJ 7. G ' '-gf,'A. .N -' R ' K LQ' . h-I " . V x . Q " ' I J ' f 1 . L .fs f , ., V if Q ' Y ggilfni . K ' A .-I Q 1,.l,w.-E XX i .V - "' . i f! - 1 ,A qv If Q . , l "'sN X J S.. 9 V . I .Y 5' . . -1.3 . A '4 . H --xx '- x " f, , , ' 'I - Q '15 0 ww " ' Q' . U ' - 'X " 1' . Q-5',"'f , 1 X . X-10 A- N R V X , Q. ,f...6 N- 3 X ' ' 'fgf XX, - - -' . X , 'A ' SRP"-a-Y U' W za Q i - ., H A Aj.. 0 4 -X .-x h 4 Q 4 VX rw' D , Schools og Science, Qiferafure and Qlrlls. Senior Glass. 0fficers. W. LANE AUs'1'1N, , , Pl'L'5lllQ'llf J. A. SMYLIE, fL'i'fw'12z11 M. G. EVANS, . 1026-P1'rs1i!t'11f W. T. PAYE, . . . HM! Miss SARA GILLESPIE, . Sz'El'z'frZ1:l'zIllz1' Tlwrzrvzfzw- H. H. CREEMIORE, Pl'ly5hz'f and 67mm YELL-Sis, boom, bah! Hokey, pokey, yah! '97, '97, Wah, Whoo, wah ! COLORS-Old Gold, Black and White. SQMOI' ZIEISS lilSI0l'V. T IVAS a sad day for me when the duty of writing a history of the Class of 1897 was laid upon me. Must I relate all their many and great deeds in the small compass of one page ? Day and night this problem weighed upon my mind. I was unable to think of any- thing else. I consulted the wisest men of the age and they, after much deliberation, told me that it was impossible to write the history of so remarkable a class on one pageg that a book would hardly suffice. I then classified their deeds, but found not space to write down even the names of the classes. I then cast aside all but their great deeds-deeds which, if recorded upon the pages of the worlds history, would not be dimmed by the luster of the noblest deeds ofthe noblest ..-. -,, ..... ,. , 4114-4 ,L,,,.. ,,,- men of the world. To my dismay, I found that I had not space to write them down. That night I slept not. De- spair Iilled my soul, as I saw more clearly each moment that the problem was insolvable. It seemed strange to me that a class so extraordinary should not be allowed a thousand pages. Oh? how I wished that the class had been more ordinaryl When I found that I could not relate their mighty deeds, that I should not have an opportunity to describe in poetical language their glorious progress onward and upward toward Fame's loftiest summit, I determined to give in a few words the secret of their success and say nothing more: they were filled with that energy and enthusiasm which led them to undertake the most difficult tasks, and they had perfect confidence in their ability to accomplish whatever they undertook. Queen, Senior Glass Roll XVILLIAM LANE AL7S'l'IN, B. P., Harpersville, Miss. 1IDK'II, QDNE, Hermzean Literary Society, '95, Vice' President of H. L. S., '96, Associate Editor of Uni versity Magazine, '95 and '96, '96 and '97, junior Orator's Medal, '96, State Intercollegiate Orator, '96, Senior Debater, '97, President of the Senior Class, '97, President of Mississippi Intercollegiate Oratorical Association. HIRABI HUIIRRT CREEKIXIORE. B. A., Pittsboro, Miss. EAE, Phi Sigma Literary Society, Reserve Foot- ball Team, '96, Senior Class Prophet, '97, Senior Class Orator, '97. MAIQION CQRIFFIN EvANs, B. A., Moss Point, Miss. EX, QNE, Phi Sigma Literary Society, President of P. I.. S., '97, Associate Editor of University Magazine, '97, Editor of "Ole Miss," '97, Vice- President of Senior Class, '97, Senior Debater, '97. and Statistics. SARA GILI.EsP1E, B. A., Greenwood, Miss. TAG, Secretary and Treasurer of Senior Class, '97, Senior Essayist, '97. VRRGIL ALEXIS GRIFFI'I'H, B. A., Silver Creek, Miss. QKII1, CEJNE, Hermzean Literary Society, Associate Editor of University Magazine, '94 and '95, Exchange Editor of University Magazine, '95 and '96, Junior Law Student, '96 and '97, Business Manager-in-Chief of "Ole Miss," '97, Editor-in-Chief of University Magazine, '96 and '97. SAMUEL IWARION HOUS'I'ON, B. P., Meridian, Miss. A K E, Hermaean Literary Society, President of H. L. S., '96, Senior Debaer, '97, junior and Senior Law Student, '96 and '97. MAUII Monnow, B. A., Oxford, Ala. TAG, Salutatorian of Senior Class, '97. GEORGE DAVIDSON NICLEAN, B. A., Winona, Miss. JULIUS Romxsois '1'1P'roN, B. P., Nesbit, Miss. A III, Hermzean Literary Society, 'Varsity Football A T A: Hermaean Literary Society, 'Varsity Football Team, ,94Q Captain and Left Half Back of ,Varsity Team, '93, 94, .95 and '96, ViceePresident of Y. M. Football Team, '96, C. A., '96, Associate Editor of University Magazine, '96 and .Q7Q Editor of " Ole Miss," 97: State Inter- TVALTER THURSTON PATE, B. A., Pittsboro, Miss. Collegiate OFHIOT, 797- EX, Phi Sigma Literary Society, President of P. S. L. WILLIAM B. WATKIXS, B. A., Aberdeen, Miss. S., '96, Reserve Football Team, 96, Local Editor of University Magazine, '96 and ,973 Poet of Senior E X, Hermrean Literary Society, Junior Law Student, Class, '97 , Fontenelle Club. 97 JOHN CT.-KYLE DUKE, Scooba, Miss. '7 l . . 4 . . N' I . , Y , . ll ILLIAXI E SEGREST, B A , Brandywine, iliss A T A3 Q N E? kappa kappa kappa Local Socletyg Hermann Llterary Society Semor Speaker' 97' Hermrean Literary Society, 'Varsity Football Team, JOHN A. SMYLIE, B. A., Union Church, Miss. 794, 95, and ,963 ilvafslfl' Base Ball Team, 7963 A XII, Phi Sigma Literary Society, President of P. S. L. Fomenene Club' t S., ,97Q Historian of the Senior Class, '97, Senior HENRIETTA CORINNE LITTLE, Aberdeen, Miss. Debater, ,Q7. ET. BENJAMIN PAXTON SMITH, B. A., Brookhaven, Miss. JoHN HARVEY THomiPsoN, Jackson, Miss. CID K 111, Hermzean Literary Society, 7Varsity Football AXP: ENE, Kappa Kappa Kappa: Tennis Club Team, ,Q3, and ,Q4. Fontenelle Club: Chess Club. . '-334-ff Q Q A 7 1-+226-E "bfi, if vi A 4 A' 'X 7 J "J - df. KWLX fy T9 Dk ' -si' v-W -if 4 ' -1 - ,ali Blass of '98, 0fficers. S. M. JONES, . . P1'f.v121'z11!. W, P. KRETSCHNIAR. S' 1'f' 1'i'fa1j'fr11i1' Y7'm.vf11w'. H. D. PRiits'i'i,Ex', ju., . Iifkf P1'frz2z'f11f. il. M. S'1'Evr:Ns, , , Ililvfwvlm. Miss C. GARY ,... Cffm Iliff. COLORS-Navy Blue and White. YELL-I-lullaballoo, sis, boom, ah! , , t , , Oxrw Kun evev'qK01f1'u.. jlllli0l' QIGSS NSIOYV. HE humble historian of the class deeds now takes up his pen to find that he needs much time and more space fully to relate the wonderful accom- plishments of the class of '98, So perforce and by request he has tinally decided frather than by our haughty rivals be deridedj, to indicate a few lines in which we excel even the accomplished clubmen of H Henri de Fon- tine1le." When last year as Sophomores we first organized, forth- with the enthusiasm manifested surprised our rivals to such a wonderful extent that the "Coeds" in pity gave them kind consent to prevent by encouragement any depression that would naturally result from the defeats of the session. But notwithstanding opposition we took the lead and won the admiration, by word and by deed, of faculty and students-whether rival or not-and at commencement we found that we verily had got-what is for them an extremely hard lot-the fuel intended to boil ,Q97S pot. At the opening of this session, when first we met, there was manifested enthusiasm that evidently let the student body know that we had come to try by all means to leave nothing undone that might in the future perchance accrue to the interests of the class and secure its due. And then considering that as juniors we were classed, we also decided that we had passed from the ways of him who, as a rule, is aptly characterized by the term ffwise fool." But to tell you of all that as juniors we've done is a Her- culean task that could hardly be begun, consequently, I have decided only to mention a few points and circum- stances to which attention should be called, and which go to demonstrate why the girls think so much ofthe class of '98. In foot ball, in base ball, in athletics as a whole we lead from the first to the last of our roll, and my class- men will chastise me for not saying enough when I say that we are characterized by the term, 'fhot stuff." A mighty contest in foot ball we had not long ago with our rivals, the Sophs., and we beat them so that they all lined up in battle array, each one as if prepared for a general fray. But a remark from a bystander was sufficient to recall what has ever been clearly manifest to us all. "They have decided," says he, " that all their force lies in successfully inventing what they term ' guy's"'. And immediately as if in confirmation of this, they started on a yell with Risl Ris! Ris! Perhaps this is sufficient to indicate the source of all that is properly termed Sopho- if -n-- f -----4:-'L-1--wfr' - more force. And now, dear reader, please do not sur- mise that we are trying in any way to disguise the fact that we have ever been classed as Sophomores, from which we have only just passed. But I wish forcibly to convey this impression that to every rule there is a slight digression, and we juniors deny that we ever were so green as to con- vey the idea that we were Sophomorally mean. But I had better mention just for mere rhyme a feat that's recited by the class of ,QQ. A challenge we received to play base ball-amid shouts from the Sophs. that we knew nothing at all of the courage and valor that would be required to win any honor to which they aspired. And to allow them an opportunity to verify their statements and fully to satisfy their anxiety, we decided to have our fun, for what a pleasure to see a Sophomore run! Well, I believe there was a small contest that satisfied the Sophs. as to who are " the best 'l in base ball, but I shall try to be your friend by bringing such an insignificant affair to an end. Now I don't wish to criticise the Seniors spitefully, but they expect more praise than they're entitled to rightfully. They all consider themselves a crowd of Solons, but the Freshmen consider them more as "old ones," for they mope around and walk as if tired and think themselves always honored and admired, while the truth is, their energy is not sufficiently intense to insure their getting over a common sized fence. They always wait for the Juniors to take the lead and expect their advice according as there is need 5 but when towards the problems of the world they turn their face we trust that they'll start with a more energetic pace. 'Twould be in order to view the Fresh- men next, a criticism of whom would afford a nice text, but I think of the trials and troubles, and ups and downs before they can put on the caps and gowns, and am con- vinced that ,twould be a mark of insanity thus mercilessly to impose on helpless humanity. Now a very few remarks by way of conclusion, I say that it certainly can be no delusion that the '98 class is entitled by right to be designated and honored ever as the H elite 3 " and if any criticism has been too severe. please do not think that we are usually austere, but just mend your ways and give great weight to the advice offered you by the class of '98. HIs1'oR1AN. QQQQQ jlllli0l' ZIGSS Roll dlld SldfiSllCS. AI.vIN lVOODSON Amis, B. S., Conehatta. Miss. Hermzeau Literary Society. JOHN HARoRovE BEARD, B. A., Columbus, Miss. A T Ag Class Foot Ball Team. ALICE MAI' BoRcIIER'I', B. A., Vicksburg, Miss. E T. CLARA HELEN BURT, B. P., Oxford, Miss. T A 9. JOSEPH MEDICUS BYNUM, JR., B. A., Booneville, Miss. A T A 5 Hermsean Literary Society. EUGENE CAMPBELL, B. S., Troy, Miss. Hermzean Literary Society, 'Varsity Foot Ball Team, '96, Class Foot Ball Team, 4 EDIQAR Rcrus CREIEKMORIC, B. P., Pittsboro, Miss. 2 A E, Phi Sigma Literary Societyg Reserve Foot Ball Team, '96. CLARENCE ANDERSON DOL'GHliR'l'Y. B. P.. Coldwater, Miss. A 'Pl Tennis Club. .lEssE LI,-XRDY DL'RLi-fY, B. A., Oxford, Miss. CID K III, Hermzean Literary Society. EUGENE PRENTISS EADAN, B. A., Crystal Springs, Miss. A K E. I-IUBERT FREDERICK FISHER, B. A., Moss Point, Miss. 2 X5 Phi Sigma Literary Societyg 'Varsity Foot Ball Team, '96, Class Foot Ball Team, Manager Class Base Ball Team, University Orchestra, BIAIIRICE GARLAND FL'LTox. B. S.. University. Miss. A III, 9 N E, Phi Sigma Literary Society, Editor of the University Magazine. '95-'96: President of Y. M. C. A., '95-'96, 2d in 440 yard dash. Field Day, '96, Phi Sigma Anniversarian, Phi Sigma Repre- sentative in State Inter-Collegiate Oratorical Contest, '97: Associate Business Manager of Annual. '97: Reserve Foot Ball Team. '96 , Class Foot Ball Team, University Representative in Gulf States Inter-Colle- giate Oratorical Contest, 591, President of Gulf States Inter Collegiate Oratorical Association, '97 : Manager of Field Sports, '97: Tennis Club. CARRIE CLARY. B. A. Oxford, Miss. E T: Class Poet. -lAsPER FEI.Ix Gt'YxEs. B. A., I-Iazlehurst, Miss. lb K MII: Hermrezin Literary Society. AYILLIAM HENRY IPI.-XRGROYE. B. A., L'niversity, Miss. K A: Hermiein Literary Society: Class Foot Ball Team: Chess Club. TALI:oT GREEX HIIILZLER, B. P., West Point. Miss. A K E: Hermaean Literary Society, 2d Freshman Medal. CHARLES AYHEAT Hixrox, B. A., Clinton, Miss. A XII, "Varsity Foot Ball Team, '96, Class Foot Ball Team. CLYIII: jorlxsox, B. A., Senatobia, Miss. A K E3 Phi Sigma Literary Society. josl-1PH AI.I:ER'I' JOHNSON, B. A., L'nivc-rsity, Miss. Phi Sigma Literary Society. STEWART TAIARVIN JONES, B. A., University, Miss. A K E, Phi Sigma Literary Society, 'Varsity Base Ball Team, '95-'97, Presidentof the Class of '98, Sopho- more Salutatoriin, Associate Editor of University Magazine, '96-'97, Captain 'Varsity Base Ball Team, '97 , Captain Class Base Ball Team. AYILSON PRIAIAI KRETSCHAIAR, B. A., Greenville, Miss. A XII, GJ N E, 'Varsity Foot Ball Team, '95 , ,Secretary and Treasurer of Class of '98, 'Varsity Foot Ball Team, '96, Manager of Class Foot Ball Team, '96, Class Base Ball Team, Kappa Kappa Kappa, '95 '96, 2d in one-half mile run. ERWIN AVADSWORTH L1PscoAIB, B. A., Columbus, Miss. A T A, Hermzean Literary Society, Class Foot Ball Team. WILLIAM :ALBERT LUCAS, B. A., French Camp, Miss. CD A GJ, Hermzean Literary Society, Class Foot Ball Team, Class Base Ball Team, I-Iermaean junior Medal. .IULIAN Kxox NIORRISON, B. P.. Grenada, Miss. E X 1 Phi Sigma Literary Society. JULIA BIILLER BIIIRRY, B. P., Ripley, Miss. ET. TAIARSHALL LEWIS PERKINS, B. P., Batesville, Miss. A XII, 'Varsity Base Ball Team, '95, Class Base Ball Team, Tennis Club. :ANNIE AVINIFRED PHILLIPS, B. A., Oxford, Miss. T A G. HENRX' PHILI,IPs, B. A., Ellisville, Miss. :XRCHIR fiIl.lIERT ROANI-I, B, P., Grenada, Miss. Phi Sigma Literary Society. 2 X: Q N E. JAMES FARNANDIS POPE, B. A., Columbus, Miss. A T A, 'Varsity Base Ball Team, '96-'97Z Class Base Ball Team, Kappa Kappa Kappa. ROIQERT XVHRLESS SHIPP, B. A., Yazoo City, Miss. E A E, 'Varsity Base Ball Team, ,Q6-'QYZ Class Base Ball Team, Class Foot Ball Team, Kappa Kappa LEE BICGEHEE PORTER, B. P., jackson, Miss. Kappa. A XII, 0 N E, 2d in IOO and 220 yard dashes, Field Day, '96, 'Varsity Foot Ball Team, '96, Class Foot JOHN MORGAN STEVENS, ll. A., Augusta, Miss. Bal1TCf11Hs Kappa Kappa Kzfppai Temps Club- K A, l-Iermaian Literary Society, Class Historian, IRA SANDIFER PRESSLY, B. Aw Carthage, Miss. Class Foot Ball Team, President of Hermecan, IQ7. Herman LifefafY SOUCTY- ANNA XVINEYARD, B. s., Helena, Ark. HARRY D. PRIESTLEY, IR., B. A., Canton, Miss. E T. A XII, GJ N E, Vice President of the tilass of '98, 'Varsity Foot Ball Team, ,943 Vice President of the DAVID EUGENE lVlIU-WIS, B- Aw Oxford, M55- University Athletic Association, '95-'97, IST Sopho- Class Foot Ball Team. more Medal : Captain Class Foot Ball Team , 'Varsity Foot Ball Team, '96, Leader of Glee Club, '97, EDGAR GREEN WII.LIAAIs, B. P., Steen's Creek, Miss. Leader of Orchestra, '97, Class Base Ball Team, E A E3 Hermfean Literary Society. Kappa Kappa Kappa. GEORGE LATHAAI Rav, B A., Carrolton, Miss. LYNDA WEST' S' S' Oxford' Mlss' 4, A 93 0 N E, Phi Sigma Literary Society. E T, Vice President Tennis Association. BENJAMIN SHEROD RIcKs, B. A., Canton, Miss. ,IOSEPH BAKER SMYLIE, B. P., Wesson, Miss. A 111, Class Base Ball Team, University Orchestra, 'Varsity Foot Ball Team, ,QS and '96, Class Foot Ball Glee Club, Kappa Kappa Kappa, Tennis Club. Team. 33323232323 Zsgsgsl-2-aa. W-Z-3.3.3 .Z ay Q. 5. 5.3333-W 85 5:3 A ,LL- .L- 5 , Q E 12' 41 J' 212'-'pw-rw-u A f. v X R 0 9- b . bi? 6 1: M 5 L h O CLASS OF '99, ' -,-Y . .LY-1 1...- Zlass of '99, MOTTO-" Omne tulit punctum, qui miscuit utile dulci." COLORS-Old Gold and Black. YELL-Veni, vidi, vici, MD three C, U. of M., U. of M., Nonaginta noveml Glass 0ffiC2l'S tor SCSSNII '96-'97. LANDRUM PINSON LEAVELL, . 1Dl'8.9Zl2'f7If. HUIJETTE FUQUA Algy, Y A , 0 , H , R , F 5 . SFfl'c'f07 y mm' D'l'll.V1ll'l'l . PATRICK HENRX', JR., , Fzrst Vw P1'csza'w1f. ARRX A5005 ULTON, l CLARENCE HENRY' TowNEs, . Sefwzd like Prvxzkzlwzf. .ALMA XTIRGINIA JONES, . . Iibrfvrzlm. CALHOON XVILSON, . . Pad. BiSI0l'V of IDG ZIIISS of '99. OW tremulous were the one hundred and three Freshmen when on the fifteenth of September, eighteen hundred and ninety five, we marched into the Chapel of the University of Mississippi for the first time. We looked with a kind of awe upon the stately Profs. seated upon the rostrum clothed in all the dignity our imagination had pictured. But soon association proved that they were the best friends we had, that their dignity was not half so grave and imposing as we had sup- posed. Time rolled on, the first mile post is past, we now number seventy-fiveg we bear the long coveted name of Soph. never to be called Prep. again. We look back and remember how it rankled in our hearts to hear some proud Sophomore say, 'f It is only a 'Pr-rrep."' The class of ninety-nine has every reason to be proud of her- .AV lan 5.1mm ,-11 self. She has already carried off many honors, some of her members making among the best marks in Mathe- matics in the history of our University, notwithstanding this is their pet aversion, and the flash of the eyes of their smallest Prof. makes them tremble with fear. In History, too, they gladden the heart of the youngest " fellowl' as they detail with due precision 't characteristics, tendencies, effects on civilization, and attendant circumstances." When the base ball season came around, the ever glorious Sophs. showed 'fwho played ball." From the beginning the Class of ninety-nine has been the champion of the diamond. Ever ready to meet any team, and never has the black and gold been trailed in the dust. Then, too, our boys may be commended for their chivalry towards the fair sex. Ever will the C0-eds have tender memories ofthe many attentions shown them by the Sophs. Next year they will be juniors and they hope that even when they attain to that high degree they will still have that respect for themselves and courtesy for ofhers that has won for them the regard of all. And the best of wishes will attend them through the years to seniority, when they shall stand and hear the welcome plaudit, " Receive thy 'dipj depart from us, henceforth we will hear from you with loving pride.'i Hail to the Soph. who in triumph advances! May victory follow the black and the gold- The Freshmen and juniors and e'en the grave Seniors. The Ninety-nine class in high honor all hold. The flash of their colors is seen on the Campus. Wherever there's prize or reward to be won They'll go on to glory-they'll never be vanquished. The 'Varsity always will joy in each son, The honors are many that fall to her children. In Congress and Senate in glory they shine. Let her fear not the future her record unsullied. Is safe in the hands of eighteen ninety-nine. Then hail to them l Crown them l They'll always deserve it. Long wave o'er the hill-tops the black and the gold l All honor to Ninety-nine, wisdom and power Be ever their guerdon to win and to hold! l'llS'1OI'IAN Glass of '99 Roll and Statistics. HULET1'E FUQUA ABT, E A E, B. S., Crystal Springs, Miss. '95-i96: 'Varsity Foot Ball Team, '96-'97: 'Varsity Foot Ball Team, Captain and Manager Class Foot Ball Team 5 Fontenelle Club. GAX'LE CAROTHERS BEANLAND, A '11, B. S., Oxford, Miss. Q E3 '95-'96: First in Sack Race, Second in Potato Race5 Second in Pole Vault5 '96-'97: Class Base Ball Team. JAMES AVASHINGTON BEARD, B. A., Mud Creek, Miss. Q E. JOEL NEI.SON BERRY, B. A., Blue Mountain, Miss. Hermaean. ERMA BORCHERT, 2 T, B. S., Vicksburg, Miss. TVALTER CHEW BREWER, 2 X, B. S., Black Hawk, Miss. DAVID OLIVER BRIDGFORTH, 2 X, B. A., Pleasant Hill' Miss. WILLIAM BRITTON, A XII, B. A., Madison, Miss. K K K, Chess Club5 Dramatic Club. MINNIE BROWN, 2 T, B. S., Oxford, Miss. WALTER AUGUSTUS BROWN, A T A, B. A., Meridian, Miss. TVALTER FLETCHER BROWN, A T A, B. A., Holly Springs, Miss. Glee Club 5 Orchestra. DAISX'E WILL BUCK, T A GJ, B. P., Clarksdale, Miss. HENRY XVALTER CAROTHERS, A T A, B. P., Tupelo, Miss. '95-'96: First in Hammer Throw, Second in Shot Putg Second in Hurdle Race, '96-'97: Class Base Ball Team 5 Class Foot Ball Team. ALBERT MOMEN CARTWRIGHT, JR., X 111, B. A., Over- park, Miss. JOHN NEELY CLAGETT, B O II, B. A., Natchez, Miss. Q Eg '96 797 : Associate Editor "Ole Miss." ELIZABETH COWAN, E T, B. S., Oxford, Miss. THOMAS DICK DAVIS, Q K XP, B. A., Sherman, Miss. BENJAMIN HOWARD DURLEY, Q K 1If, B. A., Oxford, Miss. HIRABI ROBERTSON ELLIOTT, B. S., Eureka Springs, Miss. Hermaean. NINA VIOLA ELMER, B. S., Biloxi, Miss. Tennis Club. ALEXANDER AVHITCOMB EVANS, E X, O N E, B. A., Moss Point, Miss. JAMES PELLEXV FAISON, A XII, B. S., Faisonia, Miss. Captain Freshman Foot Ball Team, '9 5. FRANK BILLUPS FERRILL, A K E, B. S., Ellisville, Miss. ,96-,97 : Reserve Foot Ball Team. HARRY RASCOE FULTON, A XII, 0 N E, B. A., University, Miss. Q 2, Chess Club, Tennis Club. WII.I.Is XVILLIAM GARTH, A T A, B. S., Columbus, Miss. K. K. K., Glee Club, Orchestra. l+IIiIwARn BUELL GIRsON, 2 X, B. A., Crystal Springs, Miss '95-'96: 'Varsity Foot Ball Team, '96-,971 Class Foot Ball Team, Class Base Ball Team, Varsity Base Ball Team. LAMAR Hi.-XRDY, Q A C-D, B. S., Meridian, Miss. Hermreang '96-'97: 'Varsity Foot Ball Team, Class Foot Ball Team, Manager Class Base Ball Team, 'Varsity Base Ball Team. PATRICK HENRX', JR., Q A GJ, CID N E, B. A., Brandon, Miss. Hermzean, '95-'96: First Hermrean Freshman Medal. EDWIN RUTHVEN HOI.AIES, A XII, B. A., Yazoo City, Miss. Hermrean, Chess Club, Dramatic Club, Fontenelle Club: '95-'96: Second Hermzean Freshman Medal, '96-'97 z Reserve Foot Ball Team. HENRY SMART HOOKER, DIR., A XII, B. S., Lexington, Miss. GEORGE GIBSON HURsT, Q K XII, B. P., Pulaski, Miss. Hermrean. ALBERT XVAGLES HURT, B G9 H, B. A., Courtland, Miss. Q E.. ALMA VIRGINIA joiviis, T A GD, B. S., Oxford, Miss. GEORGE PIERCE JONES, E X, B. S., Grenada, Miss. '95-'96: Second in Running Broad jump, Second in Running High jump. LIRAIAN lXIII,l,l5R KAHN, B. P., Memphis, Tenn. Hermzean, ,96-797 z Manager Reserve Foot Ball Team, 'Varsity Foot Ball Team, Class Foot Ball Team, Manager Dramatic Club, Loafers' Club. WILLIAIXI RAYMOND KIBIBELL, A XII, B. A., Yazoo City, Miss. '96f97 : Reserve Foot Ball Team, Chess Club. BRADLEY THOMAS KIMBROUGH, E X, B A., Oxford, Miss. Q E. LANDRUIXI PINsoN I.EAvELL, 2 X, GJ N E, B. A., Oxford, Miss. Q 23 Glee Club, '95-'96: Q 2, First Freshman Medal. JAMES VICTOR LEITCH, E A E, Q N E, B. S., Canton, Miss. K K K, '96-'97: 'Varsity Foot Ball Team, Class Foot Ball Team. JESSE THOMAS LOCKHART, A K E, B. A., Durant, Miss. Hermfean. ALBERT GALLITON LOVE, B. A., Trezevant, Miss. 796-,Q7 : Class Base Ball Team. EDWIN I,EXvIs NIABRY, B. A., Senatobia, Miss. Q E. HUGH LUEKIN NICCASKILL, A XII, B. S., Brandon, Miss. JAMES R. TVICDOWELL, A T A, B. A., Holly Springs, Miss. Hermzean, K K K, '96 ,Q7 : Class Base Ball Team. BEN TWCFARLAND, A T A, B. A., Aberdeen, Miss. Glee Club, Hermzean, Tennis Club. FRANCIS HUl3ER'l' MCLEAN, B. A., Carrollton, Miss. Hermfean, '96-'97: Reserve Foot Ball Team, Class Foot Ball Team. GABE HERMAN MCMORROUGH, B. S., Ebenezer, Miss. 1+ fl..--i ,.,,r.,fiv' -" ' F' DURELL TVTILLER, A T A, B. A., Shannon, Miss. Glee Club, Orchestra, Hermzean, '96-'97: Class Foot Ball Team. i WILLIAM HENDERSON TYTONI-LTTE, E X, B. S., Deasonville. Miss. '95-'96: 'Varsity Base Ball Team: '96 '97: Captain Class Base Ball Team 3 'Varsity Base Ball Team. IRVIN M. lNfIoom', A T A, B. S., Meridian, Miss. Hermzeang Tennis Club. ELLIOTT PARKER, B. S., Buena Vista, Miss. . db E. AVILLIAM TYTURFF PEARMAN, B. S., Cleveland, Miss. 1-Iermrean. CLIFFORD POLK PERKINS, A XII. B. A., Batesville, Miss. '95 '96: 'Varsity Base Ball Team, '96 Class Base Ball Team, 'Varsity Base Ball Team, '97: 'Tennis Club. CHARLES ROISERT PETTIS, A K E, B. A., Ellisville, Miss. dv Eg '96 '97 : Reserve Foot Ball Team. GUI' HARTWELL PRICE, A K E, B. A., Water Valley, Miss. EDWARD AV.-XLTHALL RAINWATER, B G II, B. S.. Sardis, Miss. Hermzean, Orchestra, ,QS-,96, First in Potato Race, Second in Sack Race, '96-'97: Class Foot Ball Team, 'Varsity Foot Ball Team, Class Base Ball Team 3 'Varsity Base Ball Team. W. MANDEVILLE RICHMOND, dv A 19, B. A., Port Gibson, Miss. '95-'96: Varsity Foot Ball Team, '96-'97: Class Foot Ball Team, 'Varsity Foot Ball Team 5 Tennis Club. Rox' Rooms, B. A., New Albany, Miss. 795 96: First in Ioo Yards Dash: First in zzo Yards Dash: First in 440 Yards Dash: First in one Mile Run. FRED PoI'1'EvENT SHEI.i:x', A K E. li. Shelby, Miss. Faisox HEAIRHAIAN Sxiirii, fb A O. B. A., Oxford. Miss. IJIQIIUI-:L AUuL's'i'I's SxIi'1'iI, A K E. B. A., Holly Springs. Miss. Roi:ERT PATTERSON 'l'Honi1soN, A XII, B. A., jackson. Miss. Hermman, K. li. K.. Chess Clubg Dramatic Club, '96- '97, Captain Reserve Foot Ball Team, Class Foot Ball Team: Class Base Ball Team. CI..-XRIINCIZ HENRY Towxi-is, A K E. B. A., Minter City, Miss KID E. ,94-'QSZ 'Varsity Foot Ball Team of '95!96: db E Second Freshman Medal. AY.-Xl,l.,ACE REx'NoI.Iis AYATKER, fb A GJ, B. A., Meridian, Miss. WII.I.I.uI CALVIN WEI.I.s, -IR., A ill, B. A., jackson, Miss. Glee Club: Tennis Club. JOHN j.mIEs AYHITIQ, JR., A XII, B. A., McComb, Miss. Hermaean. W1I-LIAxI RLTSSEILI- SAL'NDERs WII,I:L'RNE, CD A 0, B. A.. Kilmichael, Miss. NORAIA BTAI AYILKIXS, T A O, B. A., Oxford, Miss. :ALBERT WII..RINsoN, B. S., Oxford, Miss. CALHOON AYILSON, A '11, B. A., Lexington, Miss. Dramatic Club. 111 '!"'- I VIEW IN PHYSICAL LABORATORY .M . 'L ,, 4 ....... , ,,,-. -Q ..... , ... ...,..,- Y 1 Ai' rf df, i 7 .Y-44. ' 72.- wx ,'7"'4' mn, -.7'.- .' -o 'xF"4'I-"PU: :nys -rf , aloe. fy ," 4, 1 hc. 1 1 , '-wg? .. . ,. "Ml, lf' 'Jx A V . 2 4' ' 'fd' A "' '- .yy 1 ," 3. --v , ,s ' 'if .- ' ' 1 I f. .' v - -1 n 4 ' I 0 ' ' s 1 , 1 , u ' . I n C44 -.- lair F-I. -1,s I I 4 . '-5.1-I 1 ' P u nd' . l ' - 1 v.' .gr gr."-3 , 'Q .'g7'.' " . -L 5 . iz., . g xx-n , ' ', I I 4 1 ' o ff 4 D o A7 g,:.f .w, ..-.,.,. . -M -' Y ML.: -,aw 1 4 -an Ni VA .tm ,. , .. A , f- " . -1, . Y .2 - its! - "" W - " N 1 "' , , - .H-1 ff , Q . ,vZ. -' Q ,W , .. W I Ah,-kk A--4,. L , ' , .- -Nay 1 "" , : ' ' , . uwwa - 1' i . 2 M ., -- K . Y v -"w I I ' ' - ' ll ' W - r few I ""' ..' 'M -4 W , 7 . YM .-- ,A-away .....- m,.,5.7 l...L,- .gaiul "' ,.,,p-as .1 mf ' mf: 'M xx Lam.-L1 t 'S' ww' 'A V ,u,5,gl . ,- 1-11: I '-' UM V '- ,fb 1 ...mwau , 1 . ....,.. AA.-1 4 ...,-nan. '- Il , ,. P"t5'l'. lx. , 'ang-an-9 Swff XMI. GED. 900, ,o , ,. .,..9....x "' La' ,Jam ' ' - --VV ' ...--1 ,,,.,ha,w:v ' 'A V YY -- 1 Q-. X - - ' ., xyli f-v"'-1. r 'fm I-'Q 'Q--"" . -,L , , Ki af-- ...,.4l.. ,-, Y YW-..,,,A,A-A,1,-W-Q f - -,- '- Y 4,:,Q., ,L :Ai .E -,,. Glass of woo. COLORS-Crimson, Old Gold and Royal Blue. YELLS. Rah? Rah! Rah! Whatys that thundered? The hot-stuff class Of nineteen hundred. 'EvaK6o'LoL, Xflum Kal Mille atque, nongenti. 0fficers. PRESTON EDWARD SLOANE, . HARLEX' ROSEBOROUGH SI-LANDS, AIANLEY BERRY LE.-XVELL, . M.ARGARET H. XVARDLAW, . 95 P1'v.v21'w1! I Q26-P1'v5121'v11f .Slwwary Hikflilflll 5lSI0l'V or Ibt QIGSS of l900. 3' HEN the three-fourths of a hundred Freshmen who compose the class of IQOO, began the mak- ing of this history the 12th of September, 1896, it was not supposed that the world would contem- plate their chroniclings in open-mouthed astonishment. We do not, as a whole, claim to have accomplished much that other classes of like capacity could not have accomplished. We have plodded our Way along the path of advancement with but few occurrences worthy of special note or of material interest to others. There are among our number numerous ones who may eventually climb to a higher round on the ladder of fame than is reached by the ma- jority of mortals-let us hope that they will. We have signally failed in one thing only that now comes home to the historian: the making of history. To attempt an explanation of this deplorable failure is not one of the chronicler's duties, and yet we would fain make excuses. The class of IQOO has truly been gathered from far and from near. lt almost seems that excursions have been made into "the highways and hedges" to bring together so many types of character, and yet, when an attempt is made to single out characteristics-d1lvfz'11g11z3'hz'1zg characteristics-ye historian stops appalled, and sees noth- ing resulting from her best efforts. We began our year's work as strong, morally, mentally and physically, as any class anywhere. We have won distinction in athletics, in oratory, in scholarship, in all things for which we have contested-when no stronger contestants have opposed us, but alas! we have made no history. It is indeed fortunate that our 'fclass life" has just begun, and that we are now placed in a position where we can profit by the experiences of the past year's inaction and begin in ,97 to do those things which we have not done in '96, Nothing was farther from our intentions in the begin- ning of the scholastic year, than to so act as to make a disappointment to our friends necessary when the Annual's chapter on Freshman history was read. We have, how- ever, the consolation of knowing, or rather of believing, that not much is expected of the average Freshman by his wiserf?j and more advanced Sophomore, Junior and Senior friends. Now, had we been Sophomores, our ac- quired wisdom would have, beyond doubt, so directed our movements as to have forced us to do great deeds and nobly meet all conditions by which we might have been confronted. On the whole, it is doubtless best that we, as a class, have not attempted to force our way into the territory of 41' W' " ' ' ' 'iagiig --- 1-H - .L-ml--' -L --1-In - Y-.L i our contending friends. None can doubt as to what the result would have been when our lances crossed. Our historical era is now about to dawn, and woe betide him who opposes us in our onward march. We have equipped ourselves with impenetrable armor and are now waiting for the fray, feeling fully competent to meet and vanquish any opposing force. There is, of course, a reason for the security of our present position, it is found in our class organization. With P. E. Sloane, President, H. R. Shands, Vice-Presi- dent, and M. B. Leavell, Secretary, we can confidently take the field, and promise great things for YQ7. HISTORI.AN. QQQQ8 ZIZISS of l900 Roll dlld SldilSIlCS. EUGENE HOWELL BERRY, B. P., Oxford, Miss. B QD H. SAMUEL W1LsoN BIGGER, B. S., Oxford, Miss. THEOPHILUS RUSSELL BISHOP, B. S., McComb City, Miss. A 111, Half-back U. of M. Reserves QFoot Ball.J GEORGE HOLLOWAY CAIRNS, B. S., Oxford, Miss. A K E. MILTON AsA CANDLER, B. P., Iuka, Miss. 2 A E. FRANK PAUL CASHMAN, B. P., Vicksburg, Miss. E X. STEWART PHILIP CLAYTON, B. A., Tupelo, Miss. A T A. JUNIUS DAVIDSON, JR., B. P., Oxford, Miss. JAMES MONROE DYER, JR., B. A., Lexington, Miss. 2 A E. ANDREW AVILSON EASON, B. S., Arkabutla, Miss. Amos KENDALL ECKLES, B. A., Pleasant Grove, Miss. B O II. JAMES EZEKIEL EDMONDS, B. A., Bolivar, Miss. A K E. JAMES HowARD EDMONDSON, B. P., Memphis, Tenn. A K Eg Sbortstop U. of M. First Team fBase Ball.J DANIEL HUGH FAIRLY, B. A., Wesson, Miss. YVILLIAM WVAN FANT, B. S., Macon, Miss. A T A. XVILLIAM ERNEST FLOYD, B. P., Shubuta, Miss. '-I7 K XII. ETHELBERT BARKSDALE HALL, B. A., Meridian, Miss. fi? A O. WILL B. A. HOGG, B. A., Wesson, Miss. AVILLIAM EDGAR HOPKINS, B. A., Hickory, Miss. ETHELBERT JACKSON PIUBB.-XRD, B. A., Jaynesville, Miss CD K III, Left end U. of M. Foot Ball Team. PRATHER DEBIETRIUS JOHNsON, B. P., Johnson's Mill, Ark. QIDAO. JAMES RUCRS KING, B. P., Greenville, Miss. Tennis Club. BI.-XNLEY BERRY LEAYELL, B. P., Oxford, Miss. E X, Class Secretary. ROBERT GRESHAM LEDIIETTER, B. P., Booneville, Miss. ARMISTEAD MACON LEIGH. B. A., Charleston, Miss. E X. AVILLIAM STEWART LESTER, B. A., Plum Point, Miss. B O I'I. 1 JAMES 'VERNON BTAY, B. P., Brookhaven, Miss. ARE EPHRAIM MAYOR, B. P., Greenville, Miss. Tennis Club. RICHARD CUNLIFFE MCBEE, B. A., Lexington, Miss. B O II. CHARLES R. BTCLEOD, B. P., Grenada, Miss. A T A. - -f 1 i2 in JOHN DEVANDO TWTILLER, B. S., Crystal Springs, Miss. E X. ROBERT LEssLEv PILLOW, B. A., Greenwood, Miss. KID A O. FRANK KING PITTMAN, B. P., Lake Providence, La.. CD K XII 5 Captain of Class Base Ball Team. JAMES THOMAS RANRIN, B. P., Columbia, Miss. JVILLIAM TEMPLE ROANE, B. A., Oxford, Miss. 2 X. IRVA BERNARD SALMON, B. S., Senatobia, Miss. 2 A E. ROBERT .ADONIRAM SEGREST, B. A., Brandywine, Miss. HARLEY ROSEBOROUGH SHANDS, B. A., Oxford, Miss. A K E, Vice-President of Class 5 Manager of the Class Base Ball Team. ELMER CLINTON SHARP, B. A., Corinth, Miss. 2 A E 5 Right Guard U. of M. Reserves fFoot Ball.J PERCY SHINAULT, B. P., Oxford, Miss. Right Field U. of M. Base Ball Team. JAMES SIIIIRALL, B. P., Glass, Miss. PRESTON EDWARD SLOANE, B. A., Olive Branch, Miss. President of Class. GEORGE KINNEBREW SMITH, B. A., Greenville, Miss. A III, Left Field U. of M. Base Ball Team. JOHN HIGDON SUMRALL, B. P., Hazlehurst, Miss. fb K XII. XVILLIAM EVANS STONE, B. A., Oxford, Miss. A K E. LEROY ALEXANDER TAYLOR, B. A., Senatobia, Miss A K E. HIRAM FLETCHER TRATWICR, B. P., Oxford, Miss. TVILLIAM BYNUAI XVALKER, B. A., Horn Lake, Miss. LEEROY XVADE TVATKINS, B. P., Aberdeen, Miss. 2 X. ALFRED XVILLIAM XVEST, B. P., Grenada, Miss. A K E: SOLON GEORGE XVILSON, B. P., Hazlehurst, Miss. QD K 111. CHARLES RUFFIN VVHITE, B. A., Memphis, Tenn. A XII, Gymnasium Instructor, Chess Club. STARK XIOUNG, B. A., Oxford, Miss. 2 X. Ii.-X'l'IE ARCHIB.-XIII, B. P., Oxford, Miss. T A O. BIATNEY BOWLES, B. P., -, Texas. F. T. CORA ELAIER, B. P., Biloxi, Miss. Tennis Club. NIN.-X ELMER, B. P., Biloxi, Miss. Tennis Club. MARIE HERRON, B. P.. Oxford. Miss. T A O. Ii.-XTIE Kmxioxs, B. P., Oxford, Miss. OLA PRICE. B. P., Oxford. Miss. T A O. FANNIE RUTLEDGE, B. P., Tupelo, Miss. T A O. SUE XVOOD, B. P., Meridian, Miss. T A O. MARGARET XYARDLAW, B. P., Oxford, Miss 2 Tg Class Historian. We AIAAAAIR Senior Law Glass. ROBERT BUCKN1-LR ANDERSON, Port Gibson, Miss. JAMES O. S. SANDERS, Charleston, Miss. A 111, Stag Club. J. F. ALLEN, Newport, Miss. STANFORD NEWMAN COLLIER, Vicksburg, Miss. EX. W. CALVIN SMITH, Learned, Miss. II K A, Stag Club. A XII, Phi Sigma Freshman Medal, '94, First ,Sophomore JAMES GORDON SMYTHE, Kosciusko, Miss. Medal, 95' VHYSHY Foot Bal' Team, 955 Tem- qv A O, chess Club, 'Varsity Foot Ball Team, '96, porary Captain '96 Foot Ball Team, Stag Club, Fontenelle Club, Chess Club, Tennis Club, Loafers' Club. ROBERT EDMOND HALSELL, Shubuta, Miss. fb K III, GJ N E, Hermaean Freshman Medal and Elocu- tion Medal, '87, Sophomore Medal, '88, Blackstone Anniversarian, '97. JOSEPH EMET HOUSTON, Aberdeen, Miss. 2 A E, C-D N E, K. K. K., Reserve Foot Ball Team,'96. EUGENE ALEXANDER HOWELL, Brandon, Miss. A T A, Valedictorian Law Class, 797. PHILLIPS JAY, Stonewall, Miss. LOMAX BENJAMIN LAMB, Frederick, Miss. NVILLIAM TNIILFORIJ LOFTON, Raleigh, Miss. CLIFTON LAMAR LOMAX, Batesville, Miss. A XII, Senior Speaker, 797. ' LARKIN 'INAURENT MCKENZIE, Ashland, Miss. L-2:12111-A . : If . ,v-,.,. .t'j3"j,Tj"' 'R' 100 Tennis Club, Loafers' Club. HIRARI STUART STEVENS, Augusta, Miss. K A. WILLIAM PARKMAN STEWART, Dry Grove, Miss. EUGENE OCTAVE SYKES, JR., Aberdeen, Miss. A K E, Stag Club. CONDIE LEE TUBE, Aberdeen, Miss. A K E. WVILLIAM ELBERT U1'TERBACK, Jackson, Miss. E A 13,0 N E, Stag Club. EDWARD M. XVATSON, Memphis, Tenn. A K E, Stag Club. EDMUND BALL WILLIAMS, Meridian, Miss. db A GJ, G N E, Freshman Medal, '94, Manager 'Var- sity Base Ball Team '96 and '97 , Associate Editor " OLE MISS." junior llaw Class. R. B. ANDERSON, Port Gibson, Miss. A 111, Stag Club. A ISAAC D. BORDERS, Brooksville, Miss. A T A, C-D N E, Exchange Editor University Magazine, '96-'97, Fontenelle Club. H. H. BROOKS, Brooksville, Miss. A T A. HOWARD W. BROWN, Memphis, Tenn. A K E, Stag Club, University Orchestra and Glee Club, Tennis Club. JOHN S. BURTON, Holly Springs, Miss. Reserve Foot Ball Team. D. D. DANIEL, Baton Rouge, La. A. WALTER DENT, Westville, Miss. 'Varsity Foot Ball Team, '96, VVILLIAM MORRIS HAISINER, Water Valley, Miss. A K E, Second Sophomore Medal, '95, Sophomore Salutatorian, '95, Senior Debater, '96, one of the Representatives to M. I. O. A. '96, Associate Editor Magazine, '96-'97, Associate Editor "OLE MISS," '97, Blackstone Anniversarian for ,97. SAMUEL MARION HOUSTON, Meridian, Miss. A K E, fSee Senior Lit.J S. R. KNOX, New Albany, Miss. 2 X, Tennis Club. R. D. LANIER, Brookhaven, Miss. 113 K XII. B. T. MARKETTE, Water Valley, Miss. GORDON GARLAND LYELL, Wesson, Miss. A MII, Q N E, K. K. K., Fontenelle Club, Chess Club, Tennis Club, Loafers' Club, Second Sophomore Medal, '93, Associate Editor Magazine, '94-,951 Editor-in-Chief Magazine, '95-'96, I-lermzean Senior Medal, first place among three Representatives for Tulane Debate, First Honor and Valedictorian Lit. Class, '96, Manager Foot Ball Team, '96, Editor-in- Chief "OLE MISS", Business Manager Magazine, '96-'97, L. T. MCKENZIE, Ashland, Miss. F. H. PEPPER, Vauhn's Station, Miss. LEE V. RUSSELL, Vicksburg, Miss. JAMES O. S. SANDERs, Charleston, Miss. EX. .AUDLEY XVILLIAM SHANDS, Oxford, Miss. A K E, Stag Club: Tennis Club, Anniversarian Phi Sigma Society, ,QSQ one of Champions in Doubles fTennisJ '95, '96, Phi Sigma Senior Medal, one of Representatives for Tulane Debate, '96, HIRAM STUART STEVENS, Augusta, Miss. K A. W. T. STUART, Dry Grove, Miss. CONDIE LEE TURB, Aberdeen, Miss. A K E. JOHN A. WILLS, Aberdeen, Miss. 2 A E, Tennis Club, Associate Editor " OLE MISS." FREDERICK M. WEST, Water Valley, Miss. 4 A K E, Tennis Club, University Orchestra, Glee Club. EPITOQS MAGAZINE ,ig-4 . ' x 1 Sa if-RU .Q Che drtioersitv of mississippi magazine. Vol. XXI. Board of Editors. Editor-in-Zhief, llotal Editor, 'VERGIL ALEXIS GRIFl?I'l'H, Hermrean Society. WILLIAM 'l'HURs'I'ON PATE, Phi Sigma Society Exchange Editor, Y. m. Z. H. Editor, ISAAC DOUOHERTY BORDERS, Blackstone Society. LANDRUM PARKS LIQAVLLI., Phi Sigma Society Hssociate Edii0l'S. NVILLIAM LANE AUSTIN, Herniaean. STEXVART BIARVIN JONES, Phi Sigma. MARION GRIFFIN EVANS, Phi Sigma. JULIUS ROIZINSON 'l'IIfI'ON, Hermzean. XVILLIAM MORRIS HARIXER, Blackstone. BIISHICSS mdhdgef, GORDON G.AR1.AND LYELL, Blackstone. Published mottthlv bv the lliterarv Societies. 10:3 .HH DORMITORY. THE LYCEUM. THE JEFFERSON BUILDING X THE OBSERVATORY. A. L .. -Q Q-M - -?gi4-Lfl--:3:iT:i24A.z:luv4neL.-a,'Y's.4vr41v-nliN-wae-A Qjliaceffaneouff Grganigafiona ORCH ESTRA Smfgq t . -0, Che Unieersitv 0rcbestra. IS. D. Priestlev, Jr., Reader. managing ZOIIIIIHUCC. F. M. WVEST, Chfzzkfzmzn, D. BIILLER, H. F. FISHER First Violin, H. D. PRIESTLI-ZY, JR. Second Violin, W. W. CQARTH. Clarionet, F. M. XVEST. Cornet, , D. BIILLER. Trombone, . , E. W. RAINWATER. Basso, . . . H. FISHER. Guitars ji-I. V. LEITCH, YB. S. RICKS. ' ' ' IH. W. BROWN, W. F. BROWN. 'lIlSIl'llCi0l', 6. w. mCDOhdld. 107 0 I QQ club 5 iff? 5 A Civic" Girl- f5,"Y- X: bi ' as im, b . M. WEST, . 5+ Universitv Glee Club P1z'.f1l2'mf. J. R. 'IIP x J. E. HOL Tux D. RIILLER, . . 1311-P1-mliwzf. I.. P. LEAVELL, . S 4'L' 1'ffa1'1w71112'Y31':I5111'f1'. H. D. PRIE5'l'I.FY, JR.. . . Luzdvr. mQmDQfS. B. S. RICKS, I. H. Emmxrwsox, R. W. SHIPP, W. BRITTOX, T. G. Hll3l3I,PiR, JAMES IDYFR G. C. BE.-XXI..-XND, -T. E. Emloxrws, J. Y. IHFI W. C. XVELLS, W. F. BROWX, CHAS. R. XVHITE, H. W. Bleowx. W. A. XVEST. W. W. G.-XRTH. 109 B. NICE -XRI MD XM XX-'N 6965. 87.123 ff S. N. CoI.I.1FR, I P1'f.v1?lr11f. -,jf W. R. KlN1likII,I., . IGN-P1'4'sz1z'vzz!. E. R. Hl,JI,hIE5, S1w'vlfz1'1' amz' D'l'tI511l't'l'. X R A W11.r.1.-ul HRITTON, I". K. PI'l"I'RlAN, H. R. FULTON --:QR , . . - vgsgiiggglax J, H. HARmam'r-1, R. P. THOMPSON, 11. Cf. Lx'15l.1,, Qxf - - j. CJ. bA1x'THE, C. R. XXHIN1. 110 Fai- .- .L- .4 ---- ff Q'Q..:'.,.."....v - R L . .zrii . -- . A -- - -5. f'T:A,14-sffgv Che IIOGTQYS' Clllb. b 4' - '5f'x lllr- All 11 1 1 N XX ri lg 77 -i QQSSK I f I 11 ,T ll H -xgeiQti1fff4y11ff,,,,i, ,A a vi fl HABITAT- Castle of Indolence. . .Sew 1 Q1 CT.?f1,m5,,m.5ImmiQv,y'- QQQF A I1 teas' .-ff' af .: 1 li- 1: ai ,iaxirfagav il . . . 1 qrg:,.f we-iz"'EnfCfi-191.vain-f:r:1:1:se "'A1s:2:.:':-zgvzasaav '19 members 1Ff"W.l "'."' was.,x1g2S'fa-.grf"2:f2iv 1 v . , Y A. lg ll 1-:ARY ll ALKER LYELL, XYURKUM NIT bMx'THE, ,fi-G Y" ...fir -if jzizj 1,, x v -gv-asff " ' ' ' " " so ' ' ill- Llll..-'kPIDA'l'ED Tm CULLIER, l3I.'S'l'Y Rnonas IXAHN. l-' 1-.Rig -. A-X., 1- 150ll0l'lS 2dllSa.m gag. 3 J' ' u , jf JACOB Qoxev, GRovr3R CLEVELAND, ll. J. BRYAN. lmbsxja , L-Si?-'7 . 1 X N "1..'tff5'i-'ff-25.-1 . il F t' L t - ' I5 O- es ma en 2. l l f ! '1 YELL-It requires too much effort to yell. 1 1 '- - l . 'lj Y 1 W1 riff? ffm W J. Y 6 Y ' 1 - 1 ' 1- ci bl d ' - 4 f 0 , t 7 - 4 Llxlr G tie past session. tns u mas one immeasur wa-Liie?Qf::ii4 - .-az-V4-. - ' 1- gi 1- ,, Q X able good toward the advancement of the now popular science, " Bumologyf' In spite of the labor involved, the members of this organization have carried the banner of rest to the summit of the mountain of leisure QW. J. B.j They have made of loafing a science and an art. To better explain the purpose of this ancient and honorable order, we quote from Article I4 of the Constitution: "Any member of this organization who JA does not loaf at least four hours per day shall be publicly expelled." We add, parenthetically, that there have been no excommunications for a violation of this requirement. Q The foundation of this Club antedates the Flood. Not once since its incep- I 5 -. I tion has interest in the furtherance of its objects flagged. llid we care to increase ' ' j,' the membership, we could easily proselyte thousands. As it is, the membership A 1 is limited to four. It is at once the H Academy" of the University organizations. , 1 :!f''tjfiyl As an earnest of their fraternal solicitations, the following masterpieces fnow fig Q22 at 'ei in pressj have been dedicated to the Club by their respective authors: ily? ' CT I .. A 1' c y. H Oratory Made Easy"--W. JENNINGS BRYAN. -Q? r " M X ff Bumming as a Fine Art," fEdition de Luxe j-JACOB Comix: ,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,.,,,,,,,Y, . pf Atwlenkkn 152 his Axuena kndetk. "Compatibility of Presidential Labors and Duck-Hunting "-BRO. GRovi3R. ' fl. f XA M . X NX: ,i-Q. ", ix' X" .., -' " -r'-!'i1a..4z4..4: I 1 Bkllfi DQ FOIIIQIIQIIQ Dl'dllldliC Qlllb. 0fficcrs. S. N. COLLIER, . P1'f'51i1'f'11f. E. D. SCALES, . zlhzzlagfw. PF VF 21 .Sfagf D1'1'fr'fff1'. I. D. BORDERS, . Sm"m11j'. VV. T. PATE, . j3't'lISlIl'l'l'. nl0Illl92l'S. G. G. LVELL, J. F. BARBOUR, J. G. DUKE, H. F. ABY, XVILDURR XVILLING, W. P. KRE'rscm1AR, E. R. Ho1,MES, G. D. HARRIS, J. H. BFHOMPSON, 1. Ro. MILES, XVALTER BROWN. M. M. LYELL, H. D. PR1r:STLEx', JR. YELL-Hear us yell! Aren't we swell! Henri De Fontenellel HIS DRAMATIC CLUB was organized at the University of Mississippi in 1895. It is the most exclusive and the most sought-for organization in College. Since its foundation it has made rapid progress, and is a source of great pleasure and instruction both to the Faculty and entire student-body. 113 :D 3 -lx- U? 22?- l"' sh Willc1T Brown Howard ds, ham Sham f-. E 35 2 'G 3: +- .Z T5 .Q s. 5 4- I.. .3 E E .Q E' s . sf! E 5 E E L1 J? Z 'L-4 Q E E .E ,Z QS 5 PRES. . w'mLvm omni R ' Che Stag lub. HE ST.-XG CLUB was founded at the University of Mississippi in eighteen hundred and ninety-tive. .Its membership is restricted to the Law Depart- ment, and is composed of fraternity men entirely. active mem- bership being limited to seven. The object of the Stag Club is to promote a stronger feeling Tom rmsrrn 23057 isucnnen ANDER50Hl , . of friendship and brotherly love between members of the Law VICE PRES. . . . . r.o.sYnes 'As Department, and to raise them to a higher plane of social enjoy- f gfgifgp yy ment and pleasure and let it be known that the Epicurean tastes 'fizfggfgbb of its members are not forgotten. imse51Qj1gI,i5Ug ee While some of the rights of the Club are secret and closed to the world, it is generally open in its proceedings in order that those men who are not so fortunate as to gain membership may see and he wise Op. The annual banquet given by this organization is one of the principal events of the year, being literally t' a feast for the gods," and many a distinguished man graces the occasion and bows his head in homage to our venerable stag. Stag Klub Song. Pass round the bowl, Quaff brimming glasses. Let mirth and joy and jollity reign in every heartg And in each thrilling purple draught we drink. Let soul meet soul, And as each moment passes. And the precious glow of friendship from us ne'er depart. Let love and sympathy our hearts the closer link. Cast care to the winds. Nor let the thoughts of future ills intrude To dull our minds. Nor evils past. our present joys preclude. K. li. li. ,Of 'W Q ., - l 7-'iff E ZW L ??,LLff infix '- ,-" 'mf . U HQ, '57 -5 -A E XF X: - " , ,, L L. I x K -' members. WM. BRITTON, QI. V. LEITCH, L. MCG. PORTER, J. G. DUKE, G. G. LYELL, H. D. PRIESTLEY, 'TR W. W. GARTH, J. R. MCDOWELL, JR., B. S. RICKS, J. E. HOUSTON, J. D. IWILLER, R. W. SHIPP, W. P. KRETSCHMAR, J. F. POPE, j. H. THOMPSON, JR., R. P. THOMPSON, 116 Aung,-- ,lf.?f- -f -4- -as--H A i J -. QC f-IQU' f ,, AFMEHIS L Q-1 ISW7 'TTY WL -p.,M,u-5. Wfifff f-f, ,pxx l Q M3555 yy Q1 M 5 W Cfiief 7012? QV Spanien-A V. mx S mx Cffkf' 5309-H EZi??fFg-555214, 5?QffffQf g 2 - -T . 79? A ""' away I N 7 "'-ANfad?gffQfgf9.?CQr-A-.. ml W 9 A . - . , nrn1f1ndiztr.-.,,,jZ 5 '11 ff'?'f1x i effff 5 5 L QW ' ax P W K gf ' ' '- ff ,fb " ' 3 fi X7 "' T "1 T1'z"' ' I 1' ' r, tl N, fl I, lr!! K J! 7, - . I ,i,:.Mp :.'-.4-fd'-..,up,.kY M' , V . .+P " V A fi T Ala div' l R gif.. X,..-- ' gi.. 1 , ,' 1., igfiw. LU" L- 'lp'--1 WEL- -A fx '15 'V "1::"L2,'3li91?h3i-Sgt'-H 4 ab, . , 1 In Pl N-',..,,.,,. A i . A 1 K F -f. . , . ',f....,f,7,h . ' Qi ' yga-azfiqgf . - ' 'heap' .- . Y I I ,Q F .1 ' . -fx 13 . , F ,L if .-:Y ,-- ' "uf, 1 X A W , ' 'n If Cf' X I l U -F .1 " A aAl1'l' ' V, . X 'H' x 4'- -0125 fefj 'Vs fi HIDIQUCS. the UlliVQl'SiW of miSSiSSilJl3i HINQUC HSSOCidIi0ll. 0fficers. DR. P. H. SAUNDERS, . Pzwzlivzzf. J. G. DUKE, . H. D. PRIESTLEY, JR., . 1726 Prcsz21'mf. E. B. XVILLIAMS, The active charge of alhletics in the University is primarily in the G. G. LYELL, G. D. BICLEAN, . W. P. KRETSCHMAR, E. W. IQRAINWATER, E. J. HUBBARD, J. R. T1PToN, 1 J. B. SMYLIE, j H. F. ABY, W. M. RICHMOND, J. G. SMYTHE, . 7. 5 Hot Ball. 'Uarsitv team for lsoe. . linllltlgfl' Cnjvlaffl . Ley? Emi. . Rzlghf Emi. Ltfl' Ywtlikfl' Rzlghf Tnfklv 119 E. CAMPmg1.L, if C. W. H1N'roN, 3 A. W. DENT, H. FISHER, . L. M. PORTER, l LAMAR HARDY, j' J. Y. LEITCH, . G. D. MCLEAN, H. D. PRIESTLEY, j. G. DUKE, L. M. KAHN, Y7'f'as11rfr. ,S6't'7'6ftI7j' . hands of these ofHcers. J Lg? Gznzrd Rzlghf Gllllfd . Cmfre . Fu!! .Bafk Rzghz' Hai Bark Ld! Hay Bark . Qzzarfer Bark ...1-i. 'iff' 'w'YfTT3 .1"LTLAL.l7'il-i , ' ,5 'VARSITY FOOT BALL TEAM. '96 " "' ' ' '-" '-IBAP'-nz!--4-' f -4 4-lg Since Foot Ball has been a factor in our college athletics, the University team has made a very creditable as the subjoined record for the past four years will indicate. 1893 1894. 1895 1893 1893 1893 1894 1893 1894 1895 TEAMS. SCORE. TEAMS. University of Mississippi, Memphis Athletic Club, University of Mississippi, Memphis Athletic Club, University of Mississippi, Memphis Athletic Club, University of Mississippi, Southwestern Baptist University, University of Mississippi, Southwestern Baptist University University of Mississippi, Southern Athletic Club, University of Mississippi, Southern Athletic Club, University of Mississippi, Tulane University, . University of Mississippi, Tulane University, . University of Mississippi, Tulane University, . 1896. 1893 1894 1894 1894 1895 1894. 1895 1896. University of Mississippi Tulane University. University of Mississippi University of Alabama, University of Mississippi University of Alabama, University of Mississippi Vanderbilt University, University of Mississippi University of Louisiana University of Mississippi, University of Louisiana University of Mississippi St. Thomas' Hall, . University of Mississippi, St. Thomas' Hall, . University of Mississippi St. Thomas' Hall, . 11tForfeited. E Baton Rougel, fBaton Rougej showing, SCORE. , O . IO 886 o 6 o o .42 26 6 4 .12 60 o 18 o 20 O .-n.1- ' Q x pmt.. xg I 'S Q . I 3 t A 9 F2 ' A I -. Y. f- 'i 'FQ 753 r I -,,..-V ., -s I .4 31 of '7' .-413 -. L- U. I R .iii-. 'EV 'I V L1 1 ' , .IL ,F gig-:-...L,: 1TA: ,In Glass team ot Is9s. Glass team of 1899. W. P. KRETSCHMAR, H. D. PRIESTLEY, JR W. P. KRETSCHAIAR, J. B. SMYLIE, . M. G. FULTON, E. R. CREEKMORIQ, W. A. LUCAS, E. CAMPBELL, H. FISHER, . H. D. PRIESTLEY, JR L. M. PORTER, C. W. HINTON, R. W. SHIPP, . L. M. KAHN, R. P. THOMPSON, E. HOUSTON, . R. KIMBELL, H. H. CREEKMORE, E. R. CREEKMORE, F. H. MCLEAN,l M. G. FULTON, j J. W . .Mzfnzgfr ClU7f0I.II . LJ! Emi. . Rzghf Emi. .aff mhz., . Lfjf! Gzza1'a'. Rzlghf Tafklf Rzlghf Gznmi. . Cfnlrz' QIIII7 fm' Bafk Lff! HIV Bark Rzghf Bark Fu!! Bafk H. F. APY, , E. W. RAINWATI-ZR, R. P. THOMPSON, W. M. RlCHN1llNI.J, H. F. APY, . F. H. RICLEAN, . H. W. C.-XROTHERS, D. BIILLER, L. M. Ii.-XHN, E. B. GIBSON, J. V. LEITCH, . LAMAR PI.-XRDY, . These Class teams played each other with the SCOFC-,QS vs. UN Reserve TOO! Ball ckdlll. . IIA? fmgvr. . Ca,Mzz'1z . Lzf! Emi. Rzghf Emi. . Lfff Glzard. Rzlgh! Gznzrd. . LW Tama. E. C. SHARP, I F. B. FERRILL, 5' CHAS, PETTIS, J. S. BURTON, T. R. BISHOP, W. T. PATE, . E. R. HOLRIES, 123 799, 8 to 4. . JLz11fI,gf'1'fz11d ClIflIz1'11. Lvff E11.f. Hgh! lfmi. . Lf! ZzI'Z'!v. . Gwfzr. . High! Ylzfkfr Lfff Gllara' . Rzfghf Gmmz' . Qzrgzrfff' LI-77 Hzff' link Rid! Ray Bavk . Fu!! 1911513 Rzlgbf Ylzfkfv Gwlfr Fu!! Bafk Rfghf Hzff Bark Lg? Iizff Burl' Q!ltZI'fFI' Bail: ogy-31 4 4 SWFQQ f sw' Lil.-. 3' f 1- Zlass team of Is9s. E. B. XVILLIAMS, S. M. JONES, S. M. JONES, W. H. RIONETTE, . LAMAR HARDY, . E. W. R.-NNW.-XTER, R. W, SHIPP, H. FISHER, . S. M. JONES, S. M. JONES, . H. D. PRIESTLEY, J J. F. POPE, . R. W. SHIPP, W. A. LUCAS, DONALD ROSS, B. S. RICKS, . M. L. PERKlNS, W. P. IQRETSCHB IAR, Base Ball. .MI11ag1'1'. Czyvfafu. Cllfz'hz'I'. Pllffkfv. Ijf BIIXK. 2d Bz15c'. jd 19.1.-.'. . . . . . 1lLIl1tIgl.'l' Gy7ftIl'll . . . Gzffhfr .Plyfht'l' . . IJ! B 051' 212' Blljt' . ja' lim' Shar! Sify' L07 Fzkla' Cezzfw' FJUJ Ifzghf Fw. 'Uarsitv team for l897. HOWARD EIJBIOXDSON. P. SHINALLI, C. P. PERKINS, J. F. POPE, E. B. LHBSON, G. K. SAIITH, F. Ii. PI'I'I'xIAN, ,, I Shar! Sfwf. Lrff Fzbfa' Ctlllfz' Jegm Fzlfla' 511115 CIZISS twill of IS99. LAMAR PI.-XRDY, W. H. RIONETTE, LAMAR HARDY, W. H. BIUXI-I'lA'1'I2, A. G. LOVE, . C. P. PERKINS. H. W. CAROTHERS E. W. IRAINXYATER, E. B. QHBSON, . J. R. INICDOWELL, R. P. THOAIPSON. Cl.-KYLE BEAXLAND, 1 I The game between these two class teams resulted as follows :-'99 vs. '98, I7 to 12. . ,lAllltIgt'l' Cllfftlllll . Cafvher Pzlffhw' . Is! Base za' Baxf . ja' Base Shar! Sify! Left Fzkla' Cwzlre Fifld Rlghf Fzkla' H. W. CAROTHERS. R. ROGERS. AND EANL G.C.B P. K RETSCHMAR. W ...NI 1 - ...Y E. - ' - 'A -'f-Af ms.J M. G. FULTON. L. M. PORTER. JONES. G. P. TRACK TEAM. Crack Ceam for l896. Rov ROOERs, G. P. JONES, M. G. FULTON, J. L. HOPKINS, L. M. PORTER, E. W. RAINNVATER, E. D. SCALES, W. H. COOK. R. V. BOOTHE, H. W. CAROTHERS, W. P. K.RETSCHlXIAR, Events. Ioo Yards Dash I 1 seconds. 220 Yards Dash- 2 5 seconds -flj Rogers, Qzj, Porter, 155, Boothe, frj Rogers, Porter, fgj Boothe, 440 Yards Dash - Q rj Rogers, fzj Fulton, Q35 Scales 5 55 seconds. Half-Mile Run-til Scales, Q25 Kretschmar, Q35 -i 1 Mile Run-frj Rogers, fzj Scales, fgj -- Running High jump-f rj Scales, fel Jones, f3j --' 5 feet 1 inch. 127 Running Broad Jump-115 Scales, Qzj jones, Rain- water, 18 feet, 6 inches. Throwing 16 pound Hammer-f rj Carothers, C25 Scales, fgj Hopkins, 78 feet. Putting 16 pound Sl1Ot-fly Scales, fzj Carothers, fgj ? g 33 feet, 7 inches. 1 zo Yards Hurdle-f lj Scales, fzj Carothers, fgj Jones 16 3-5 seconds. Pole Vault-Q rj Cook, fzj Beanland, fgj, Scales 5 9 feet J bv -gx ENNIS ASSGUP' 'J f-X 06- . 'f , I- - 4 Y Y-V , . .-. .'h.. f2lllIiS. CQIIIUS HSSOCidIi0ll. 0ificers. Executive Zommlttee DR- P- H' SAUNDER5, - P"f'5l?if"7f- DR. P. H. SADINDERS Ex Offical Chaznmzzz S' N' COLLIER' Wh' Preszkiezzis W M R C I Miss LYNNE YVEST, ' ' ' ' ICHMOXD XEII A. W. SHANDS, . Sc'frmzfj'-Trfasurfr. H. W, BROXVNI A XX E S m0mbQfS. E. B. HALL, M. L. PERKINS, BEN RICFARLAND, COR-X ELNIER L. M. KAHN, W, P. IQRETSCHMAR, I. M. RIOODY, NIINA ELNIER J. G. SMYTHE, L. M. PORTER, N. M. ISENBURG, A E NI -XXOR CHAS. STRONG, M. G. FULTON, H. R. FULTON, JAMES KING, B. S. RICKS, J. F. POPE, tournament for IS96. Q' Ross and Shands DOUBLES- l Won by Ross and Shands, SINGLES-ROSS vs. Lyell. Won by Ross, 3-I sets. 129 C. XVELLS, S R Rxox H. R. SHANDS F M XX EST CARRIE JONES W E FLOYD Lyell and Collier. 3-2 sets tl., TH if E TWIN EQUATORIAL TELESCOPE. Visual, 15 inch, Photographic 9 inch aperture. ,ff go 'cfye ggleiovea gnoigyer og iifyis 5: air Daugfyier ana giamesaiiqe. Q Q Q Q Qie gniss, 'sing name is aearg Qie giiiss, we can noir fear go praise iiyee. Gfe miss, our fyearis are ffyineg Gfe miss, We ever pine efipfyen from iffyee. Sie gniss, our iaag fair, Sie gniss, imeqona compare cage fave tfyee. Qfumni. This Latin is the hardest thing! l'rn worried anyway: Thinking 'bout that foot ball game The boys are goin' to play, So l'll jus' let this Latin go, l'm all upset to-night, An' everything jus' seems to sing ln murmurs soft an' light: " Cicero! Cicero!" lt's only a shiver, That's sure to deliver. A blush of half-hidden shame: lt's only revealing A wonderful feeling. Which nothing can ever proclaim. 'Freshman liatin. ,,,1E'f I IW - 4 . , , .:,.!., , ,1- lr- 4 'q:":i'!.!..w1'lZ.:5:fLf1'f5' 1L fe lf T , . 1-V g:.::--I' :uf , ' ff! Sa il!! "" E-ill! An' then those murmurs make it worse! Their echoes reach my soul! But thinking still: "Those other boys 'll never find the goal! So l'll jus' let this Latin go, An' go to sleep 'til day, But 'cross the hills, The Whippowills jus' hollow back an' say: " Cicero! Cicero!" .22 .ar at H "Bust" An innocent spoiler. Embarrassing foiler. Of days of labor and pains: Serves only to tighten, And never to lighten, The great University chains. H 132 Oh, if our boys should meet defeat. An' come back full o' woe: They couldn't sing a sadder song To me, than 'Cicero." An' if I let this Latin go, Though right here I should die, The chiding win' Would then begin To sing an' moan an' sigh: "Cicerol Cicero!" lt's only a fearing, That makes more endearing The chiming chapel-bell's call: An unlucky season , For losing one's reason, just simply a " bust,"-that's alll H SOIIQ of d PNP. AIR-"THE SPANISH CAVALlER." One bright summer day there came. so they say, A lad to the University, dear, From a Mississippi village not so very far away. Whose name I dare not mention to thee. dear. He entered as a Prep, but he found out, alas, That a Prep is a persecuted thing, dear! For whenever he would pass, the whole Senior Class Would yell most provokingly and say, dear, This darling little Prep had a quick, elastic step. And a cunning head of yellow curly hair, dear. And being very pretty, he established quite a 'A rep," He could distance any other fellow there, dear. Examinations came, and Preppy " bluffed the game," And made his preparations for to try. dear, But it must be confessed. his attempt was rather lame. He was haunted by that same old Senior cry, dear, CHORUS-" Say, Preppy, say, why don't you o awa ? C g y HoRus-" Say, Preppy. say, why don't you go away? Pray, do you know what you're about. dear? Pray, do you know what you're about. dear? Did you bring your dolls and your 'ittle riding horse? Did you bring your dolls and your 'ittle riding horse? And. say. does your mother know you're out, dear ?" A d. d n say. oes your mother know you're out. dear? He had the gall and cheek to go and try his Greek. But when the list of questions he saw, dear, His face was quite unique, as he said subdued and meek, "I have surely bit off more than I can chaw, dear." He went out of the room, and he gave the door a slam. . -, And called his Professor a pet name, dear. C He had tried hard to " cram " for the " intermed " exam., . But he didn't make the " rise " all the same, dear. So, bye. Preppy, bye! don't you cryl Go back to your 'ittle nursery. dear, And when you get older. in the sweet bye and bye. Come back to the University, dear. 133 fdlllllldl' RQGDQS. Pl'0VQl'bS. Bow to make a Patriot. Take an ordinary citizen, out of a job, with his eye on the post-office: hm! with a quart of bad whiskey, then .vfir with a few remarks touching on the superiority of the American eagle over all birds of the air and beasts of the field. Sfzgf with a few choice epithets, such as "An- archist," H Repudiationistj' and other pithy representations of inward vacancy. Let cool over night in the " cooler," and next day add 'C ten days." Bow to make a 'Family Fuss. Take a husband, wife, baby, nurse and cook. Mir all up in apartments at the top of a downtown flat, let the wife season with vinegar, the husband with complaints and the cook with burnt waffles, let the whole bm! until the next floor gives notice, and then bring to a sim' by the wife going home to her mamma. Svzw with a writ of ejectment. .BJ H Prize fights are brutal, degrading." " How much did you lose ?'l 'f I hear that the students of Millsaps College have organized themselves into a Legislaturefl , " What do they want to make fools out of them- selves for P" 134 Whatever else IIIIU' come, the H inevitable" must come. He who expects to rate high in the Chancellor's opinion must not expectorate on the floor-try the wall. My son, if turkey stealers entice thee, consent thou not, for their feet run to evil and make haste to shed turkey blood. Do others or they'll do you. The maiden wise in heart shall be called prudent and the sweetness of her lips increaseth kisses. The prudent " Vipers" foresee the "jay" and hide themselves, but the careless pass on and are punished. Love not sleep lest it keepeth ye from Chapel and causeth ye to get demerits. The prayer of the liverymen availeth much: for the rain descendeth and the boys are hacked. Ye who would receive justice, be careful how ye treat the " Prof's." Be not like the man who speaketh in the graveyard, for he is heard but misunderstood. When the moon shineth from a clear sky, the faster the girl, the slower the gait. When thou sitteth to Cat at a boarding house table, consider well what is before thee. Blessed is he who laugheth at the 'f Prof's." jokes, for he shall surely make the rises. Once there lived a gentle lady In a cottage small but neat. 'Neath the shade of forest treasures But a trifle near the street. With the love of all about her. She loved one above the rest. This was Peter, ever faithful, Handsome Peter. she loved best. Happy monarch was this Peter. Petted. fondled, loved by all. But too proud and too conceited 1 And 'twas this that caused his fall. Light with thoughts of peerless beauty And with love for vain display In the eyes of strangers passing, In the front yard, day by day. ,' -5 . X X.. NN X x S f' l XQXXX 7 XS 2- 0 X 71' hngjlxjp . if Q, I " .xxxx xx df. 'j ,170 wwf Q -QI I. inf!-'f Qfjf fig r'- n 4- f-I 2 tr. -:eff all is xi ef ill :tht Zfzi- .M lit NM , -f I 1.1, - ,-v'l.t f .wal 'wuts " ff ' . ,gi l is ll fy ll -1 yi ,fl-1M4"lf GOI' PQIQIZ Do not criticize my meter. Faulty rhyme. or twisted words: Simply listen to my story Of a prince among the birds. Of a barnyard's dire disaster, Of a loved one's broken heart. Where the " Grabber," "Watcher " Runnerf, And the " Agent " played a part. I-Ie would strut and gobble proudly While his plumage mirror bright Broke into a thousand beauties, Countless rays of solar light. To our lady. boarders hastened. With keen appetites all whet Thinking they should live on turkey. But my tale is not told yet. Day by day this lady fooled them. Till her promise came with grit. "On the morrow,we shall eat him,' But the echo answered " nit." Whence that echo ? Oh! she knew not. Cheers and shouting reigned inside - But the " Watcher" on the pavement Moved along with hasty stride. 135 That same night convened a council, To the chief's room came his men. Heads but four. yet inward cravings Were enough for fully ten. From this room with quiet exit Clided shadows, four in all 1 Calhoun was to raise her pennant. All opposed must bow or fall. O'er the snow they swiftly bounded But so trained and skilled were they That with swiftness there was silence As the band swept on its way. Hist! They've reached their destination 'Tis the house of Peter the proud. And with deftness they shall have him Ere the moon escapes the cloud. I -digg V -, i 5-A c l E1 Y Y' lr 2219 . E Y T YE "jwi iii :Ei ie ii ' QS 5 j i ' : - 136 Though the door is locked securely, Planks are taken from the side: Quick as thought the work is finished And the workers scatter wide. Through the darkness sped the " runner." Through the oaks upon the hill Till at length his limbs grew weary, And his comrades found him still. " Up and On," the chief commanded. "Why delay our mission so 1 " But the runner fell exhausted Fell he prone upon the snow. " Ah! I have it." cried the " Watcher " Ever quick. and kind at heart, " Peter is by far the larger. Let me take the ' Runner ' part." Then away all dashed together To headquarters sped they on To the chief's room where. disbanding Peter rested till the dawn. ta' 4 ,. -, 45- A- --: On the morrow there is waiting " ' Pestelatef 'Chauntecleer ?' Can you tell me of Poor Peter. How did Peter disappear ? " Though the fowls gave back no answer. Yet the foot-prints tell the tale. And the mistress and the boarders. Sad at heart their loss bewail. Soup instead that day was served them. But our doubts were to a man That the lady e'er suspected Peter's death was near at hand. 5-f SP ax- -me "Come, my fellows. all is ready. Hither guests the board is spread. Gather round our weighty table Let the inner man be fed." " Let us feast on this occasion Let us give our spirits rein. May no cloud our pleasure shadow Nor our full 'hearts' give us pain." Who is speaking. whence such laug Why this feast in Calhoun Hall ? Can you tell me who the guests are. And the meaning of it all ? They are " Grabber." " Watcher." " Runner." Thus my story finds its ending, And the "Agent." who this night But the moral you must heed. With their friends they trust and honor Pride and love of admiration Now are serving Peter right. An inevitable fall precede. : 'N Z, ixgl ir N, w,?2 fa Q31 ff TEL?" 3391- ' 'f l'- . 'fi'1 so is sg Q'i:Q,- 'C Ql' o77uc 7:cJ 137 hter ? mv Zoged. There is a smile -the brightest smile - It puts to shame the rose! The evening breeze It's beauty sees, r And it just sighs, and blows. There are two eyesgmost sparkling eyes- So tender and so true That nature vies With summer skies. To imitate their hue. ,-,,.4 !,,,,... lei. Zr,4 co-education P 1:35 ie ff Then what shall we say of 77 There is a voice-the sweetest voice- Like music from on high! lt's tender note just seems to float. With sunbeams to the sky. There is a girl-the dearest girl- Oh was there ever shed A drop of dew On lily's hue So fair as my Co-ed ? WMWS to' tm DMX to mtg 1-1 j ' ' 2" :EL-,-H ' Mi- as - ,, , "' Q.,.T. Q ' .43-. P13 . ' gig" Tl- 1 H miSl7dD. i The Freshy sought to mount his steed But sad to say, the teacher saw if And ride with lordly air, The Freshy's fond mistake. A lowly " jack " his charger wasg And told him that a zeroo-zo .-',,f 1 .'i.txwm' 1 ,gl . 'i,f"' ,lurk ' "" They formed a handsome pair. lt would be best to take. WW! ' ' With care he read the Cicero, r-.-.iziwsiaitsiiff h --' k -i ' d- ,,,W,7l .,,,,,g,5,,,i,-,.l just ast e Jac require , f 'V-2"f,7?f'f.:' 1" l He laughed and leaped and blessed the day , , On which that " jack " was sired. li , .- i..Q:CS5..'S5ilQ? N I ul, 1 ,gf The " jack" did lead in Virgil's path, Tx ..5'i,i3":' .i3"f',,",5 ' il ' 'U Ai 1 X MQW ,HWZ I , But Freshy did not know 1 null ky I Q He read it with the greatest joy. . ax-, H' .Iii-T k ,--- V And thought it Cicero. i J 4 I 5, ll'-mil . Now when reciting time arrived. 1 , j', XX lff'f'l-IQ!'afggl 'L -L F h Sn'-tiled lee I 'K e flixiillliflf 'X X i g. VW" . 'I iiliiiii . e res y g ' ie if-'ti'?!5ili'..wil!!! k 4 imc,-,, in ' V" And hugged himself with calm delight. ,- l i- To think that he was he. if It was a Soph, and he was with his girl. Night calm, moon shining, gentle breezes blowing, stars twink- ling. Almost midnight, and they were swinging on the gate. They spoke of love and-love until Hnally he cour- ageously asked, "Miss-do you ever kiss?" " No! Never! " U Never ? " " No, never! U " What! fzc1'cr."' " Well, hardb' fwfr." " Words that burn "-Rejected contributions. 139 Q25 ff lVhat shall I make of him?" he murmured. It was a perplexing question that he asked himself about the boy, and one not to be decided hastily. The old man's hesitation to reach a decision was plainly dis- cernable. ff Ha, ha! I have it now! " he exclaimed. Two minutes afterward the cannibal chief gave orders to his fhff to make a nice Fiji Stew of the boy, with potatoes on the side. I dreamed a dream the other night When everything was still, I dreamed I saw the faculty Parading on a hill, Tired of their hum-drum life. These Prof's desired renown, Decided to make fame their sport By sporting cap and gown. 1 .- 1--...-ea? ,.. .- CIN Profs ll! QGDS dlld GOWIIS. They thought the many visitors On great Commencement Day Would deem them wise and learned men When dressed in that array. They thought to practice wearing them So as to do it right. And set the time lest others laugh. Twelve on a moon-lit night. 140 They chose as place of rendezvous A nearby wooded hill, And gathered there quite stealthily When all was quiet and still. Each brought along the Oxford cap And glory-giving garment, And straight-way to donning them This dozen Prof's all went. Which end's the top ?" " Where are the sleeves ? " " l'm lost in this black sheet." After some dozen such remarks Their toilets were complete. Then Dr. jones as commander, In twos his company lined. And telling " Prep" to call out " hep." He marched with Hume behind. X If . f ,ai gs . ft? " "t,4',','1 , tx A T 5 W tif Nh! X t ' -K X ' ,f Q i L Q X X ii Y N it X X These solemn Prof's were thus arranged : First there came puffing " Prep," And by his side winking Dupree Kept strange time to his " hep." Next Roman " Bondy " minced along, Nor deigried a glance to drop Upon the partner by his side Whose bat-like wings did flop. St. Peter ambled next in line. Dr. Leavell by him stalked. Then Lipscomb with his heavenward glance. With Prof. Eugology walked. Next the Governor with head erect. Held so in conscious pride, And the solemn visaged Chancellor Treads firmly by his side. 141 Then Dr. jones with his martial air. With "Little Allie " near. Who marched in a mathematical way. These two brought up the rear. Never before had the wood-sprites seen So queerly sombre a sight. While the sylphs of the winds made sport of their gowns. And wound them around them tight. Each fancied. then. the glory he'd win. How he would be far-famed. When, thus. on great Commencement Day. His wisdom he proclaimed. Alas for dreams! They little knew What fate was near at hand. just then a herd of the bovine kind Came rushing at the band. D , if Ax A if -tf?.',i,f A gl-f,:,,. af Qj c t A o f X 1 I '75 T ii- m tg , 1 W fllfi ' it " It Vilffl. Nil it ll .Q ffl' Wit it ,lit it it H W ' UU MUXMN lllytiwlll Hair stood on end, caps flew to the wind. Teeth chattered loud with fright. Some fell on their knees, others "cooned" trees. Some sought refuge in flight, Each much-loved gown hung to them still, Clung closer than a brother. Consarn the gown! ! " " Audiable with the think! ! ! " "Oh Lordyihelp me." " Mother"- Thunder and lightning strike the beasts! " By Zeus! they'll get me sure! " Stronger exclamations dyed the air A very deep azure. With such great earnestness and zeal Did they run. climb and pray. The " beasts" had not the heart to harm Turned. went another way. '- f 142 VA.- Y- - -- -A-Y Y 'A -1 L , B2 Zltdpel f00li dlld GUM. K!,i,N A Freshman fresh from the piney hills ,aww To classic Oxford came. Af With one voluminous roll of bills. ,, f , . f ,tr f ' ai N4 . H ff' ,f One fearful thirst for fame. So many a study had he so soon Q ' -5' , fl We stood in awe of him! But ere the dawning of blissful june t ' He chapel took and gym. ' A He in society led the van, At dance and feast and game A most inveterate ladies' man N 'l Unawed by flood or flame! d O. he could prattle and he could sing Till eyes and ears were dim But back to college the hero bring 3 He chapel took and gym. .Iliff wwf! fr, 1 tim lit . 'N For two long years and undaunted still He bore the Freshman's name When, though had parted the latest bill. His pockets bulged with fame! Yet he endured the oppressive load- In spirit strong and limb- The journey through to his sire's abode He chapel took and gym How he to greatness came Let every maiden with love be fired Each lover put to shame And let the inhabitants gather round And, wondering, gaze on him - -.N Q 14, There let him tell it, though e'er untired, -, mild" UF ,Mgt TN . . ' . t.ygs,'r:'gf 55535 . '.'V t!i17i.l M A-4. , if 419 . t J' - T . W! f - But whisper not in the wood profound: f. He Chapel took and Gym." 143 The H wllllkl' CYGQQKW. A fair co-ed with smile so sweet, With graceful step and queenly air, And tresses fit for royal wear. Came lightly dancing down the street. With look assured and bow so low. His classic features burning red. Both love and foot ball in his head. Came swiftly up a would-be beau. Her pretty smile, her waving hair, His foot ball record-all his pride, Combined with love. made him decide To show her home, this beauty fair. Ah, cruel fate! beneath the snow He did not see the icy glare- But slipped-and wildly tore his hair: She smiling watched him rise and go, With humbled air. aide! The past ever leaves it's traces behind." Indeed we find that it's true: Cover deeds over however we may. There's left an indelible clue. Things of the present may be quite apart. And nothing could seem any clearer: But we see little traces that near in the past, They have been so very much nearer. way of the world-its orbit. nf Y 1 -Q. .if 3 . Che freshman. The Freshman springeth up in the morning like the grass in the field and lo! upon him is the dew of ignor- ance and about his-brain hangeth a dense cloud, but he knoweth not that he is ignorant nor that danger threateneth Y He maketh his way glad to the Latin room where he heareth long talks, called lectures, and his face groweth long. The bell ringeth and glad again, he hasteneth to his room that he may read his last letter from home and his spirit once more waxeth proud. Then, after many minutes, he goeth to the English room and the Professor causeth him to feel his littleness and his erstwhile gay spirit is humbled. He issueth from the recitation slowly and with a worn face, starteth down the steps on the left and gaineth confi- dence again when behold! a large hall to the left claimeth his attention and he entereth with much curiosity. Time passeth away, his countenance stretcheth, groweth more lengthyg his eyes seemeth dull, his muscles becometh lax, he well nigh withers when a sweet sound he heareth. He hath been in the Math Hall and the bell hath rung. He leaveth the room and walketh with difficulty, seeketh his bed, forgetteth his lunch and lieth in a stupor till three o'clock cometh when he draggcth himself to the Greek recitation, and behold! soon his eye closeth, his breath cometh in pieces, his countenance loseth color, he fainteth and is carried to his room. In the morning he waketh subdued and so lived many days after, even unto this day, he liveth much subdued. wanted The rise in Math. To see Hooker smile. Another voice for Leigh. A guardian for Eck Evans. To know why Pope shaves. Wives for three of our Profs A " word compress " for " Bondyf' To beat somebody playing base ball. A voice-Strengthener for Chancellor. To see Dr. Leavell in cap and gown. Another dun from Davidson Ek Roane. A handsome photograph of D fvr' for Kahn. To know where Prfp. Johnson gets his jokes. Something soothing for the Senior Law Class. A means for keeping Dan Jones off the campus. Somebody to find the " points H in Prepls. jokes. A Star for the Henry de Fontenelle Dramatic Club. To borrow ilblic lNIcCaskill's face to wear to the mask ball. Red Aby-"Somora, come back-we need thee every hour E " A mathematical test to determine which is the " cuter "- Pete Saunders or Kretschmar. To know the origin of the expressions-Bat, Bondy, Pete, Tempers, Lip, Doc. and Trigger foot. ONE OF THE-LECTURE ROOMS OF Tl-IE, SCHOOL -OF PHYSICS ply.. s , x"l, ,- ',....4-, ,,:L4i..-- a Y .l 5 negro Philosophy. Mule keeps his 'ligion in his front en'. . , ,? eagii x De red rose doan't ffi brag in de dark. 2 Muddy road call de . -, fjazfff., . ' 'IW' N 5 I K A X gr! .. fqzv, I ,1 ,,- -.N ,:, - At xi" QU' U55 ".,f.,,f:f ,rx ' "Q ll: .?Q1"iiii9?4,li 4 . 7 ' . s..g'of HJ.. a, mile pos er har. 1f.',,.m,.ff t 2 ' -."S?.fw 4' A' it If e ' ilfgm ,qw zq..,, Clapper in de cow bell 2 CGFZX "WV "IW - X - - 1'iAf'15iQ33lSo- K f shine in de dark. Zgfwfzz' 'i'E'f5l'M Q Q kll ' 2. 1' 'll"1':' W 'lin X' ,lang 1 , sfiigfggflfziy, 65311. I r if or 52' 'nt 4 , in ,i':l ' 'A Ripe apples make de tree look taller. i l'fgglffii3',f'f'l, lj' Wil' goose in de wheat i ' li fl fitl' doan't go ter sleep. De apple in de rabbit trap is rank pizen. It's hard to make clo'es fit er miserbul man. De stopper gets de longes' res' in de empty jug. Hoss shoe ober de clo', doan't dribe orf de tax col- lector. Its wastin time ter cook de batter cake on bofe sides. Jus' fo' de candle go out. it gibs de bigges' light. For'p'n on de log is jes' es safe es de red fox in de bushes. Wen de cow lays in de dew all night. it make de milk watery. De early hsh catch de wum but of'en de hook go 'long wid it. De water-miliun vine need a taller fence dan de rosebnsh. Q, De runnin' vine in de grass 1,1 - - lvffjf kin fling yer harder 'n de stump -1' , V, ,fL,gfiE V- in de open road. 'lgfsiy-'vii E .f 7 Xfj . . . -,,,,,,,,, , Coaxin' some folks is lik' coolm qUlCli-llllle wid a cup 0' .i?,fi'!QQi?',ij ZJ"'?7'f Wlltlall. iw, V41 ' iw If de wattah am hot 'nouQh, -1? 3 . sl 1 ' M ' 4' vez f adjw-" de leetles piece ob soap kin f .1 ., Hip yy make lots ob suds. ff Brurn' Some von-ka sqhn Aus xnxx N vxqqtu an as its-xv., De bes' road ter de yaller . . . . . . , . . Wwe: w-M MM' ' De noise 0' de wheels doan't medjer de load in de Jackets nes' aint been diskiv- f:1'lQ' fj.f,j'fQ,f,,Q,21,1'Q , I icadunu wagon. ered yit. ' S' J' Q29 J J PROF. OF ENGLISH-H Mr. M--, will you compare "lVllz1t,S your objection to the laundryman 3 He an adjective for me? " does my shirts up brownfl MR. M--, QA flashy Freshy, wiselyj-" Do been "That's just whatl object tog Iwant 'em done up gone." whitef' rv I my life, that you will foreverlw, but she stopped him with a fateful gesture as she rested her gazelle like Sophgmgfg eyes upon him with a yearning smile and a hopeless m h gif pw Xp up , expression, said hoarsely,- at 0 .Y L-1-f:.zv!lL815,11-, X X, i tl my ll 4 ' ., 2 X, l , . 5-i, iff 5 fi-i?1e??l'! txt Xt 'll.,,- W ll ii!!! 5 F up n X l N it 7.15 , j , fl f ,f ffl" llli-K V All Nl'-t 1 Illlffl l 1 ff .7 l l'l,' 1 i W X X qw 21" I I ill il fl -.1 , 3 Ai .: . X' X X gf, -rf" j y i, i yumip p tx ip .'yfwi.5 I tffwi. y 1' gf V i. '-X i x X, ,rl 9 bf- f ff! if 22' l lwllil i XX' 052' fr llr ll ll 4 ll I ix! Y , ,RQ ll l l, I ,I-ti f' .fl lx V il it ff.-1 'I llfi 1 I V A gy i ,ffl xx .Rl ,X , t u . ,1 if,i,f:,4- 'I I l i X f i fl, , w X X , N K 1 11 .501 -:- X3 1 3 l 'fir' ' i . i' l Qu lil' Y XX' .L y il' fall 0 l iyf swf" A f' i l :ll-l lil - XX gt ji f ! X f if y a fx I y is r ,yi lx the a ' t Q , l 1 4 Q ry! Wy' ,j3.l,'irl 5 if p l lf' I 1 7 N1 it 'X' ff! f X N ' i -e I l l l N A -f f fl! ,' --'f 'f.fT:. xi X l "C-W --- -1--- -".1zuvm :' j ' X f , me riff 4221 2412 l.iff'-i5?fi1if?i51-E"LZQ" lf' - 1 ll l il ll fl .N- ., Ng, , 33? as- , 'Fifi :-ix: 1.5512 lfiaz' wists fl s N -l ii? :ik vb an all .. V ,lr .l ll Fw Na : '11 O 7 5 IQ O rs E so R4 3 Q :J ru 5' "1 F11 :v .J 1: UJ FP 9, i F na 'IL bl m f. 5 A !jLf2Q,L"as7 ' iii' ' ' ,-I svvrf I - ' L ' i ' ' .' ' . ' ' nz." Tm- omit, 'um5Xo Sn mu..,...,u sophomore mm., rise in Sfy7hlU1l0ll' IWHM 117112,-flI1II07 Chr , Aly? 'A E was almost through his law course, and she had well 15635 ' nigh finished her A. B. Course. He had been striving X " gp . . f 'ff . f , Hr' A 9121 v for two years to win from her a confession of love for y f.. 4 him, but to no purpose. if , illlff A ,, . ' . . . V ,, Q' it If fn 5 ,in p lhe night is in the latter part of April, " finals are draw- ,-- ,, ix 5- ing on apace, and he is again pleading his cause. " Loved one, e a"'f' M - 'l a- give me but one word of hopeg tell me that you will not make ,V lfff.f..L4 --ff-W sfs-if my future an empty pretense! OI my angel, tell me, star of "Ml 1118 , '.r,w QZ7 V f x 4 ' f H- .,.:f , W? Aff, RN fwyl, ',:.. f X . , T' ' W4 H' M M ' ,gi ,Li X A ,jll pn' fx fm -1 gli ,eau ,ff ,-H2534 is-fa? 51, - ry W ,W FN I r r 'N ' f I L X fl VIZ f" :gf 'f uf' UU fjillvns. 1 X 10 f0bdCCO is IIIV UYQIIIQ. 5213 4. E5 The bleak December winds are blowing. Darkness spreads-it's growing late 1 The cheerful flickering coals are glowing. Painting pictures in the grate. My pipe is lit and dimly shining And upon my easy chair reclining I am borne into a dream: My mind is soothed. and vaguely whirling ln the smoke around me curling, And Tobacco is my theme. 150 lt's strange that what I've just been reading Calls up things l've seen before: Pictures hearts that once were bleeding. Pictures faces loved of yore: Makes haunting ghosts seem 'round me dancing. And their eyes around me glancing. 'Til the darkness seems to gleam: But again the live-coals glimmer And my thoughts grow dimmer. dimmer. 'Til-Tobacco is my theme. On this l muse: before me tumble Cities shining bright as day. All earth's treasures seem to crumble Into dust, and pass away. l feel. but cannot tell my feeling- Curls of smoke around 'ne reeling. Mind half-started on a dream 2 So my soul in such delighting Only sees in smoky writing This: Tobacco is my theme. L g, x-U1 Ti ,fx Q if ,- ifklm L i X s"X 355 'alt Zuban Curt notes. e During a recent contest here - Don General Weyler was first man To reach Havana, breathless quite. 27 - Five thousand soldiers "also ran." eg' .. 'Z Little girl, little girl. you can't fool me. No matter how pretty you be 1 Though your eyes be brown I'll give you a frown And I'll swear that my heart is free. For you, little girl, are so, so poor. Miss Midas is so, so rich. ln Cupid's own face l will slam the door. And I'll shut you both out, little witch. ln a coach today Miss Midas will ride. And I am to sit by her side. So gay and so fine. I'll never repine. I'll declare that my love has died. Ah, no, ah no, though you trudge the street I'll wake with a fit and start. As a poor little girl with wee, wee feet Comes a-tripping straight into my heart! Never mind. little girl, We'll live on love. ln the fairylands fair above 3 At Castles in Spain We will blissfully reign The envy of all, little dove. Though creditors come and tear their hair We never will worry more. We'll laugh at the chains of the debtor's lair While the other man paces the floor I E096 lll il GOI. They may talk of love with its charms divine. And surely it sounds very fine 2 lt's all very well, But this l can tell. That I don't want a bit in mine. l've heard before of love in a cot And living on one brown crust. But l should prefer a big corner lot And the shekels-to loving on trust. Little girl. little girl, l ask in vain Why the rich girls all are so plain. Why those we adore Are pretty and poor- l ask you again and again: Miss Midas. sure. is a millionaire. She comes of a grand old stock- But you are so young. so sweet and so fair I- Miss Midas has a face like a clock. There is untold wealth in your golden curls. Your teeth are a casket of pearls: The figures are trite. Yet l'm sure l'm right ln calling you richest of girls: But I think of poverty's bitter ills. And then l'm ever so blue: SQ WW 151 I sigh as l think of the unpaid bills And the note that is soon to be due! Miss Midas may go and ride as she will And misers gorge gold till they fill. With their musty books And their crusty looks And with many a teeming till. But Cupid comes once more to my door With you. my sweet little witch. Miss Midas is plain and ever so poor. While my darling is pretty and rich! -WALTER MALONE H Few "D0ll'lS" fl'0m RQDOYICG EXIJQNQIKCCS. lJon't forget to be gentle and affectionate. Don't sit at extreme end of sofa, if on a sofa, and Dont he surprised at anything that happens. donut use two Ch3lf5 when one is Sufficient- llon't fail to complain that bright light hurts your eyes. Don't make a call without a goodly supply of tt blar Dont consume less than au hour bidding her good bye. HEY:-Q and donyf forget t0,U5e it lUdiCi0U5lY- Dont fail to watch every movement and expression, Don't wear your hair long, so that it will look disar and don't allow yourself to be bluffed. ranged should a tt third party 'J unexpectedly enter. . 'Fifi 1'-C. . A .5 ,V ,Zi f 34,5 t,,, at - p M t it x"- li f ll as We were crowded at the table. Not a soul would dare to speak. There was hair upon the butter. And a hide in place of steak. So we munched there in silence. Each one busy at his plate. 'A We are lost! " the landlord shouted, " Oh! l've spoken much too late." Dont fail to have explanations ready for all questions. Dont neglect to look out for the stray tresses which ff ffl ' 'i-- -T l 1 ' Qftiglxtltl, -1 -.-."i'." T f ' any ., it ' NE tsl' 'K . I 1 sl Y I may gather on your coat, as it may save embarrassment. lJon't start until you have t' sized up H your partner, and then don't go too fast, and a'01z'!g0 foo rlnfu. IJon't wear a stiffbosomed shirt, as it rattles too much a 3. under pressure, nor a standing collar, as it may cut your ' ,yin i neck when in affectionate attitudes. T at as at DZIIIQQI' CU " We are lost! " he then repeated. As he staggers back and falls. Then the hungry student whispered. As he took another ball, " There is pisen in those dishes. Those that hold the cod fish balls. They are made from last night's simon. Which were held by can of tin 3 And the pisen's in the solder That which kept them tight within." 152 " We'll be bluffed by such maneuvers When we've eaten up them all." So we burst out into laughter, And we praised the noble lad, For we knew there was no danger To those who'd boarded where we had 'QD Do you hear the birds a-singing All about the campus trees ? Do you hear sweet voices ringing, Floating, drifting, on the breeze ? Do you see the flowers leaping just as if they were inspired? Do you see the blushes creeping On a Freshman worn and tired? the Dandv's Zreed. I believe that a gentleman is any person with a line suit of clothes, a fancy walking cane in his hand, and a watch in his pocket. I believe that adoration is only due to a fine woman, or her purseg and that a woman can keep one secret-namely, hw' agf. I believe that my character would be lost beyond redemption if I did not change my dress four times a day, wear a fancy neck tie and smoke line cigars. I believe that playing at rnzrgc rf zmfr is the only honorable way of getting a livelihood g that a man of honor never pays his creditors, because 'f they are a pack of scoundrelsf' and that blllfllg goods means ordering them without the purpose of paying. I believe that debt is a necessary evil. I believe that the word drrss means reputationg that bzzxbizzfzi implies a person engaged to pay a woinan's debtsg that KTIPIIOIIU' means pusillanimityg and that any person talking about decency is a bww. I believe that there is not a cleverer or a prettier fellow in the town than myselfg and that, as far as regards the women, I am altogether irresistible. at .ar an QIIQSUOIIS. Do the skies seem all much brighter, And all faces brighter still ? Do the shoes of all fit tighter. And all work with greater will 'P Does the campus have more beauty Than it used to have of yore 'P Has the college boy a duty That he never knew before ? 153 Do the sunbeams dance and glitter ln this new inspirer's eyes ? Do the birds and leaflets twitter With a gay and glad surprise ? Is every campus ringing, With the sounds of dainty tread ? And are all the breezes singing: " Ah, my pretty, fair ' co-ed.' P " ,'-C? V: f -4 .. X. 'f V f HJ 1 fx EL is 1 VNQ,,+5"Li -L- K,f X5-72 i J ,f' f f , 155' f V f A f N f , ,f ,I S , fix P ', r: ' ,Q X -- ' 4, 5-, ..5'f.-1- w , ZIQLPA. 4' X V' fl X X ff JI' Yi 'ff 4" iz 14 'X Y fl-L lg ix ' X ' : 'fm' , ' 1 x X- Q , 4 lflf 1 fx I QM x N x A351312 -:1.?if5f5?-53 'Q Q 'ef M.. rx 'NX Efiiliflii? ., - : A of , X i fig' , Nix 2 MW' . in gl A m 2EE1?Ei1i?3A QQ? EW - 2 X ,JM Q35 'L -'1 ii - XX .v'1l"l.' ' l r X f 1,1 . K X "ll1'fI1- 9, A ' 531 -I X-Q W1 ' 1 EQ N ' Y, 3 .'7gg.2 ,, X :L ix 'ig I '- Qs A , 7 H fcze-PM N ' f il. - " ' - ' f W in 1 X 4 V 1. . f M :fi-f'r5f:f:Efa f X M Y' ' X NR? X sf K, , 5 - QL . Xb ' . ,Kp 1 f .9iggQX ,gx . Sh KM M' N, 1 ,K ' Q 1 X, ' L X ,Iv x -yyisitvlx 14 f x "K .1 V if X' Q. 2 Y- ' K . ' ia.,-, H Students Soliloquv a la Iiamlet. To study or not to study that is the question 1 Whether 'tis better in the end to suffer The threats and reproaches of the folks at home. Or to take my books. get up my lessons. And so avoid them ? To study-to loaf 3 No more: and, by loafing. to say we end The great labors. and thousand incident shocks That a student is heir to-'tis a consummation Devoutly to be wished. To study-to loaf :- To loaf! perchance to fail: aye. there's the rub 1 For in that failing on " exams" the reports that go home Make us wish to shuffle off this mortal coil. This makes us pause: there's the question That makes calamity of college life 3 For who wants to get the Chancellor's notes and demerits too. Fault finding letters, the students' gags, H QldSSlC mlSS. He'd sworn that he would always love her. Through all earth's storms be true: He'd long been taught by skies above her To love those eyes of blue. He told of all her queenly beauty And of her merits rare: He said he thought it was his duty To love this co-ed fair. Ah. indeed! and why thus prate you ? " Exclaimed the classic Miss: For 'thou shalt love all those who hate you.' The Bible teaches this." To lose his best gir1's love. his friends' respect, 'X 'ig 95 To get the insolence of the " Prof's." and the spurns That patient merit of the ioafer takes. When he. himself, might his quietus make With a bare effort ? Who would examples work. To grunt and sweat under all night long But that the dread of something tomorrow. The prison bound room. from whose doors No smiling student returns, puzzles the will. And makes us rather bear our loafer's ills Than fly to students' ills we know not of? Thus the " Prof's." do make cowards of us all 3 And thus the balmy air of college life ls tainted through with the monstrous fear of study. And enterprises of great fun and merriment, With this regard, their currents turn away. And lose the name of Pleasure. 155 H l:db0I'dl0l'V lllfltklll. All that is sweet. And is lovely to meet. Which nothing can ever defile: Which is purest and best. And with power is blessed. Took shape in a beautiful smile. For once in my gloom. ln the Chemistry room. My solution was clear all the while: 'Till a maiden was seen. And pure crystals of green. 4Exit He.l Were then formed by her beautiful smile. H Bdlldd of QOIIQQQ DGVS. There was a time. we read. In by-gone ages. when The Gods were flesh indeed, And made their homes with men. 'Twas pleasant living then And joyful were their ways: But give to me instead Those good old college days! The Gods came not, but we Off after strange ones went: Olympian revelry Filled up the hours we spent. Occasionally we blent The night-time with affrays With divers city guilds. Those good old college days! We held high converse. for In reading for degrees, Our interlocutor Was grand old Socrates: And tough Thucydides His narrative did raise Z But that was rather rare Those good old college days ! One spectre, grim and gaunt, Did fill us with affright g Our wakeful hours did haunt And poisoned all the night. We strove with main and might. We wanted not the bays: We knew degrees would end Those good old college days l ENVOY. Prince, there are those who seek Always to spread dispraise. Who say we should not speak Of good old college days! .29 .ai .29 II Parallel. From his Alpine freehold high Dropped he accidentally: Like " Darius. good and great. Fallen from his high estate." 1 .al .al .29 HS d mdilff of ZOIIYSC. Tell me where is Fancy bred, In the heart or in the head ? Shakespeare asks : and l should say Bakers have it every day. 156 the Bicycle Girl. A maiden fair, in bloomers brief. Sought hard to force her way Along a crowded thoroughfare Where many a building lay. She strove in vain, until, at last, It dawned upon her mind That she might push her wheel in AAnd walk along behind. .25 .29 .af flw ZBIISQ of the Tall. A very pious youth was he. A model of consistency. The elders, nodding as he passed, Approving glances on him cast. Yet on a summer's day he got " In bad odor " with a lot. Some wicked youths within his vest A slice of limburger had prest! of .al .al Zastilian lticetv. Though in reform Spain would delight, She hardly thinks it would be right. Or mathematical to dare To go and treat a Cub-a square l front DOIIVS. Don't be too politic. Donit get on the grass! Don't monkey with U. F. C. Dorf! falk bark fo fha Lzbrariazz .'.' Don't wear caps and gowns, Seniors. Don't fail to laugh at H Fult's l' jokes. Donlt lend your cap to turkey stealers. Don't let the Faculty H run it over you." Don't treat the students like children, Faculty. Don't burn the University property at midnight. DoN"r FAIL TO SUBSCRIBE FoR THE H MAG." NEXT YEAR. Donlt, for goodness sake, listen as you pass the girls' studyf?j rooms. .al .al .al .ai for Salt. By the manager of ,Varsity Foot Ball Team--Thirty promises of thirty subscriptions to the foot ball fund. All these parties are reliable, however. Will take two cents on the dollar. Call early and avoid the rush. A life size picture of Lord Pressley. A Jack to Plato-a sure winner. Will carry double. Apply to B170 Johnson. To know the capacity in gallons of each member of the " Stag Club." A body of adventurers to trap H Shortie " Lockhart's " Tiger " and " Senator" Smith's ff Poto Bear." The best hair restorer in the market for H Bat." wlw SIN RQIQIIIQG. Reclining gracefully on a divan, the artists model had become quite confidential. " Oh, I sometimes grow so tired of life, I sometimes think of taking one of those Persian daggers that orna- ment your wall-l' , 'f And committing suicide? We all have those spells, but I wouldn't if I were you." ff Why not ? " He thought to appeal to her aesthetic sense. "You would cut a pretty figure now, wouldnt you. stabbing yourself with a knife like a common-" A smile appeared upon her face. H Yes, I think I should," she answered with a glance at her shapely form. The longer she gazed at herself the greater it seemed would be the crime of cutting such a figure, and she finally abandoned the idea altogether. .ai .al .al .al H 'few Detinitions. Love-A Mirage. Fate-Ourselves. Patriotism-An Investment. Laughter-The Prelude to Pain. Hate-A Confession of Weakness. Knowledge-The Consciousness of Ignorance. 157 f X X WX x X f f 1 4 1 n ll . x M", M. . .x xy, 7' 9. RW M W Nw ww X I 1 NW M xx' Y XIX ., AXXXN Wfiijl ' ? W X X X , X f Q1 Q 4 f , wk-1. XXX' W F 1 X Q -+ Y f f M M M ST L H f la, f f I ' 1 X 1,-A i ,M f .g '1f 'TX H Q R 1 ' 'xxx ' ,Q QAX V-E4 -. 'Mr 'WMU X 'HVXQ J 'T W RF: Mx i xx :KM X , fwf' A N V? ' ',-. HM 'W 'X MRQQag xY'7-1-241 ,,,, g WY SNNX , 'QQNWW' Vff'!E'A f A fi - ,3fQf 1'g' 2 J ' H5 M J f2W?'5fWwf 'fi'R if 3+ xi ,E f It w.1NfyQ'x! 'ffl A ' Ik J X UMW! ,W V X . f, X T--, X. X. 1' K , ,rf fx wfx if y X 1 ,r'- 'Um X - ' w Q ' "' f f N li 5'ff AJUY1 454 " A !w"H,' 1 Wm , X ' X if '11 f", ' ' r b I wr H mfu Q x fif I . 1' P'-mm, 5, IU YFg.yf7?5 M M S: 5, I - 'Z', XM ig, , , K ,,-: .,1g2,l-X. .,v. -vwq -Q kxltlll!-lu, ,Q - R X 1 ,NV 'Q kj NN A Sh O15 S103 Y.. TOQD L If v PLSXEEW. ,Q-x Editorial. Fires at midnight are fine to give zest to college life. Get the " other one " boys. Plillfh Caruthers thinks we were not put in the world for ornaments. Keep it up, Punch, you have the right idea. It is pleasing to see the wave of dignity which sweeps over the new-made Senior. Watch out for " Prep" Wilroy next year. We notice our friend W. R. s. V. P. Wilburne has had his voice repaired. We are hearty advocates of such pro- gressive movements. Pope must have been thinking of the Junior Chemis- try room at the University of Mississippi when he wrote " To err is Human." Often during the year has a wail gone up from the junior Law Class at the dense ignorance of legal questions manifested by some of its members. Truly, "a lzifflc knowledge is a dangerous thing." 6 155 If silence were the only way to win consent, it would be exceedingly difficult to get the consent of our " co-eds " for anything. The " street car" makes two trips daily lexcept Sun- daysj. This is not often enough to suit all the students. We hope this matter will receive immediate attention. Milton long ago, in describing the singing of Porter, Fulton, Thompson and McCaskill, wrote: " In notes with many a winding boat. " Of linked sweetness long drawn out." We noticed our mutual friend, I. W. Harper of Nel- son County, Ky., at the dance recently. Personally we like Mr. Harper, but we think he ought to stay away from dances. He is not popular with the ladies. Only one of the embassadors to Tzzrkny has returned. We would like to hear from the others as to the result of their investigation of this all important Eastern question, and think they do wrong in keeping it from the public. Best Ladies Man Discumgariticational Club. The regular meeting of the club was held on Friday Medals were awarded to the following for their several last. After a short talk by the Grand Mogul, Hon. J. aCC0ml'li5hmem5 3 Samora, and music by the H Horreeble Quartettej' and an J- N- CLAGETT, - Most Gf21CCfU1- able address by the orator, Dr. Levi Moses Kahn, the Aim' MOODY' BARON WILSON, . club proceeded to the election of officers for the ensuing H MIKEH MCCASKILL , . year, and to the awarding of medals for the current year. JACK DUKE, . n i l RED WVILLIAMS, . 'lhe election of officers resulted as follows : BONDY, . . ff PREIU' XVILROY, .... Grand Mogul. H, H. CREEKMORE, OSBORN SMITH, Supreme Director. 1'-WSTEV-ENS, ' SAM HOUSTON, . E. PARKER, . . . Orator. GUY PRICE, I CoL. I. D. BoRDERs, Dude. MIKE MCCASKILLf Corker PATE, . JUDGE MARKETTE, . Mascot. Bmffh DOUGHERTY, SCUDDER ROGERS, . Barber. JULIAN MORRISON, BOB LEDBETTER, . JOHN lVILLS, . . Washer. CHARLIE WHITE gil A. MJ, 0 BILLY HARGROVE, . Porter. . Most Bold . Most Bashful. Most Truthful. Biggest Liar. . Homeliest . . Sweetest. For Eating Onions Biggest Flirt . Best Musician . Best Singer Darnedesf Handsomest . Happiest Cigarette Bum Most Fortunate The meeting closed with a banquet. Q Q 0 n 0 . Books Qin course ot publicatioim Through Greece on a Jack,', by " SKINNY HOLhiES.i, Paradise Lost, or Six Weeks in Soph. Mathf' by R. " BEELZEBUB THOMPSON. Orationsf' by judge MARKETTE. The German School Girlf' by Dr. J. W. J. fPh. DQ LEIPSIC. On a jack and Off Again, or The Sad Mishaps of an Over Ambitious Prep., " and U My Grecian Curves," fall in one volumej, by Prof. P. H. S. QPh. D.j How to Draw a Full House," by W. "BOOTH " BRIT- TON. Love on the 'PortfOIio,"' fsentimentalj, by FRANK FERRILL. The Roman House," by Prof. ALEX, L. B. The Roman Forum Waltz," words by Prof. TOLEX, L. B. 5 music by COxEv'S ARMY BAND. How to Win a Lady's Heart," by Prof. CHILES, C, F. 161 " 'l'ALIuAt:E " Chips That Pass in the Night," by C. WILSON. How to Write Resolutions and Petitionsf Qperfect in every particularj, by SENIOR LAW CLASS. Captivating Smilesjf by LITILE ALFRED. Me and Blackstone," by Gov. G. D. S. The Philosophy of Mathematics," by H. " DANA " PRlESTI.Ex'. Settlement ofthe Eastern Question," by CHANCELLOR R. B. F. Free Silver or Bust,', by Dr. RICH, M. L. Bugological Wonders," by U TE1vIPUS" QT. O. My Ode on Phillips' Mustachej' ANONYMOUS. Pedagogy as a Fine Art," by Dr. J. G. D. Did Hamlet Write Shakespeare," by DABNI-iv. A xp X F l K X X X 1 k ' S K 1 , lg X X x X y Q I-, 0 x xx X ,J V 2 x - XX 87,1 Yi- TQ: ' Xl ,A "? Ls V! X751 -fx-..-fi X - N ' Af jfx -WW S f - Y 1 'X cw VIM4' fi ' ' 1 xx I 5 X , ,".f9'+3f7K , 41,59 ,M X K N- . ,Sv , " f " ,:: 'f 5,,pf.,-ff .7 'J X if ' fyfl "3 'fffzf i I f Eg ...l. '-'3:g?5,LI,E' .,', I ,Qu ,ig H ' I, . l , f fffsrz' N -X N F fi fs' 'Ksix N 'ffZf ,9,i'ffi'4 X -M 'A'-N 'X ' 44 'F' ' YQ, U! sffsfivizyf - Q9 ,Eg f-Q ll 5 Y . ,H ,WS ' M Cx X,-1 ww W' ,ff Aa . Q w'3 M wp I ,s,, .jE M 41 X XX xc- :gg - 0 4 f . NYE, X N x Y nl NNN ak-V2 ' pfv1IIT'lN'lllllfHll1Hllll1lfmm Q I rmuu my ff! Hn N Hlllll ff- , J I llllffllll Q N' X f 4. ,wr A X5 lflillmllllffff I NWI ' IIIlIfNHII!Uf f ,F llllll'IYllllll K,-I Hmm mmf ff 7 ff' W 2, 1 .,f. e , , g .- ' ji, L, M N ff, , , flfg, -., YUM I pi,!.5 llwgrl Xia!! 3 I xi- 74 - ff ,017 Zu' +3 fi 1.Ag7'0 f fi , 1273! fx ss? ,ff MHWIUQ Work- ivrvaflng Hvmamg. , I Il Bonanza. 'Tis strange that poets all should fare so ill. And yet, alas! the fact is truth most solemn But why should they ? Why don't they Write this kind. And sell their lucubrations by the columns ? , " f'll'Tig 1 , A J, 4- fi,-'t 5' 5 in , , ff .4 , f'f ,f X t UNION FEMALE COLLEGE OXFORD, MISSISSIPPI. One of the Oldest and Most Thorough Schools in the South. Over Two Hundred and Fifty Graduates. NA' 1 f f '1 X '5 ,ax I ' ' 7 S. A, I '-if 7 . 6' - - .1 wg.. - '14 ' .T P ff' ' - T 2. , . I 4 . , 'Y ., w 1 n 'J A . . 1 Superior Zourse of Study Q Elocution, Music, Art, Stenography and Typewriting a Specialty. . . . REASONABLE RATES . . . CHURCH ADVANTAGES ARE THE BEST A SPLENDID FACULTY, secured from the best Colleges, Universities and Conservatories. Latest Methods adopted. Commodious Buildings recently improved on a Campus of ten acres. Water Works on every Floor. BEA U TIF UL L OCA TION HEAL THF UL L OCALITIC Oxford the Educational Centre of the State. Location of State University. . . . . FOR CATALOGUE AND FURTHER INFORMATION, ADDRESS . . . . A. S. IVIADDOX, President. W. D. PORTER, Secretary. Sdilll I7 IIIZIS lidll HOLLY SPRINGS, MISS. g soasofsomoaoaogiof g wg g gggggg 'H ZldSSiCdl dlld mllildfv SCDQOI fbi' Boys Q IOWOWOWOWOWOWOS REV. P. G. SEARS, - - - President. MR. I-I. D. MCCASKEK B. S., - Headmaster. St. Thomas Hall is a Preparatory School, and seeks to give boys thor- ough preparation in Mathematics, C English, Latin and Greek, for entrance ,,45fs29Jf into University classes upon the certi- 'if j iicate of the President. The Faculty 5 Jil' of instructors is composed of five men, graduates of leading Universities!-ci , . . . STRICT MILITARY DISCIPLINE.. . . The situation of, the school is the best and most healthful in the South. Ele- Sjikx vation 650 feet, the highest point in .3 Win Mississi i. Absolutel free from all ., xi PP V 'ight malaria .29 e4.2".,4 .25 ..4.25.,4' .95 .3 2,4 .95 J' .5 .29 .X For catalogue and further information address either the President or Head- master, at Holly Springs, Miss...4'..99.,4- Qlfue ountclin gemcllpe Qollege -175 BOARDERS2 Enrolled during the last Session, representing seven States and over half the Counties in Mississippi. 6 Male and I I Female Officers and Teachers. 3 J! Z4 3 Our Certificates are accepted for the different Classes at the State University, and the Professors speak very highly of our work. Excellent Advantages in Music, Art, Elocution. J N 5 5 zsth Hnnual Session Opens September ls, l897. 3 .23 al Q93 For Catalogue address LOWREY SL BERRY, Proprietors, Blue Mountain, Tippah Co., Miss. Do You Want a Situation as a Book-keeper, Phonographer or Telegrapherf 14 '23 V93 .23 PROF. WILBUR R. SMITH LEXINGTON, KY. For 20 years President of the renowned COMMERCIAL COLLEGE OF KENTUCKY UNIVERSITY gives special at- tention to his graduates in assisting them to secure situations. Cost of Business Course about S90, including Tuition and board in a family. Prof. Smith has kept books: several years Vice-President of a bank: World's Fair Commissioner from Kentucky, and a reliable business man. Among the thousands of successful graduates of Professor Smith, are 100 in banks and 100 officials in this and other states. Awarded medal at World's Exposition for Book-keeping. LEXINGTON, KY., the location of Prof. Smith's College is noted for its healthfulness and fine climateg has Z5 churches and 11 banks. Accessible by its many railroads. Prof. Smith's graduates are awarded the Kentucky University Diploma under sealz an influental passport to business houses. If you wish a BUSINESS EDUCATION, or a knowledge of PHONOGRAPHY, TYPEWRITIN G or TELEGRAPHY at the least total cost, with diploma from Kentucky University on graduation, we advise you to cut this out and write for circulars only to PROF. W. R. SMITH, Lexington, Ky. Young men desiring to attend a Business College will find it to their advantage to call at this olfice before making arrangements elsewhere. I I I i i V I I v V COMMERCIAL COLLEGE ...OF... Kentucky University. WILBUR R. SMITH, President, LEX INGTON, KY. Thorough, Influential and Honored College. Medal and Diploma at World's Exposition for system of Book-keeping, includ- ing General Business Education. Hundreds of students in attend- ance the past year. 10,000 Graduates in Business. BUSINESS COURSE consists of Book-keeping, Business Arith- metic, Penmanship, Commercial Law, Nlerchandising, Banking, Joint Stock, Manufacturing, Lectures, Business Practice, Mercantile Correspondence, etc. Cost of Full Business Course, including Tuition, Stationery and Board in a nice family, about 590. SHORT-HAND, TYPE-WRITING and TELEGRAPHY are specialtiesfhave special 'teachers and rooms, and can be taken alone or with Business Course. Special department for ladies. No vacation. Enter now. Graduates successful. In order to have your letter reach us, address only WILBUR R. SMI TIL President, LEXINGTON, KK - -x-x- Qs-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-xlx-x-xAxvx-x-x-xax-xx-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x TENOGRAPHY, Book keeping, Commercial Law, Correspondence, Arithmetic, etc.. taught practically by MAIL or personally at East- man College, Poughkeepsie, N. Y.. the model business school. The System of Teaching is based on actual experience in transacting the business of Merchan- dising, Banking. Transportation, Insurance. Real Estate, Commission, etc. WANTED Unemployed Youngqlilen whose edu- cation has been tinished in public schools, academies and colleges to write for our plan of HOME STUDY. XVe teach iBY MAIL and personallyl in a short time some useful vocation. and. what is better. get employment for our students. By the old way. training for business costs years of apprenticeship. but the successful man of to-day is the one who is thoroughly prepared for his work f,'ll., ' if-' i' sd. A , ig T by the shorter methods ot Eastman College. x 0 V1 X Eastman Business Clolle e U s it 'I If i T. aa, , Y. . '27 i X ', ,L f mc' i Poughkeepsie, : New York. I i T Has no vacations. The Journal or Annual Catalogue will interest you. i i Write for it. Address, Clement C. Gaines, Pres't, Poughkeepsie, N. Y. i l Reward to any one for first information of a vacancy for a Bookkeeper. Stenographer, Clerk or Teacher which we success- fully till. We supply competent assistants to bus- ness houses without charge and secure ...SITUATlONS... for all graduates of our Business and Shorthand Courses, an invaluable feature to many young people. Refer to bankers. merchants and other prominent pat- rons in every part of the world. Address as above. ,A gb l rf 45 N I i N l we ,iw i l -1-1- 1.1.1. 1.1.1. 1-l- 1- Young Men Trained To be all round business men-or they may take up a special branch of business and be ilrrongl' in flux. i No better illustration of the value of a business education can be offered than the success of those who have graduated from Eastman Business College. Poughkeepsie, New York, the most cele- brated practical school in America. instructions thorough. Time short. Expenses moderate. ln writing mmlioll Ibis publfc.1f1'ou. 1-,.1.,., iw N. In .fa 1.1111-faj. ful-Inlul-Infsjefs ja In jajqjnfn Inf: Jul-Ivjufuln I-lol 0 IINSI m0dQl'lI dlld ZGIIIDIQIC Establishment EIWIIQ ill HIIIQNCG. Ch Engl' -Lk!! X Z xi.: ? bv- T , ..-J 14... . 11 .- -4- - . 5-jx, -nw f 41:v:L'1f.:1 if- - afiff S SPAHR 65 GLENN PRINTERS, , - BINDERS, STA TIONERS 5.35.5 College Annuals, Text Books, Theses ana' Fraternity Magazines a Specialty, 5.35.3 This Fall 'will remofue to their FIRE PROOF Office, Nos. 50-56 EAST BROAD S71 Intercollegiate Bureau of Academic Costume. OIYQII s s IIQOIIGNI 472478 Broadway, fllbdllv, : IIQW York. ...MAKERS OFTHE... Caps, Gowns and Hoods American Colleges and Universities . . . T0 . . . Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Columbia, Iohns Hopkins, Georgetown, Columbian, Universities of North Carolina, Illinois, Michigan, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Missouri, Colorado, Chicago, Boston: to Wellesley, Bryn Mawr, Radcliffe, Women's College of Baltimore and scores of others. CLASS CONTRACTS A SPECIAL TK Illustrated Manual, Samples, Prices, etc., upon application. GOWNS FOR THE PULPIT AND THE BENCH. 4..s...,,-.Al..E- Y E YW E,- FRSHIUNABLE ENGRAYING 1 . 'li and STATIDNERY. ' l00 Wedding lnvltlllons. Engraved and Printed on Perlenly ' I White Paper, with Envelope complete, . . . 57-50 1 Aaanmuioos. . . . . . . . . . 2-25 50 Visiting Cards Iron: new Plate, . . . . . I-00 50 addition-ll Cards, . . . . . . . -45 ' LEADING HOUSE FOR MENUS. DANCE PROGRAMS AND INVITATIONS OF A1.1. KINDS. Man orders recewe prompt 1108 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia. ' and careful att ntlon Mc. Bairdtal for Fine Candies, Fruits, Canned Goods, Cigars, Tobacco and in short everything that is found in a First Class Confectionery and Restaurant. . . . . . - Summer Drinks anb :ice Cream Served in style. Special efforts made to please the students and we invite them to give us a call. NORTH sms sounrua. COMPARE SAMPLES AND PRICES GO We oiisisiaisoe -DEALER INT Fine Confectioneries, g Foreign and Domestic Fruits, Tobacco and Smokers' Articles. Pure Home-Made Gandy a Specialty. ,In connection with above we have a well arranged Restaurant where we can serve our customers in best style. Cal' and See Me, BOYS- Under City Hall, Oxford, Miss. f The Photographs with which this book is illustrated, were made hy THEO. SWEENK W OM FOIGQRHFERQ From Whom duplicate copies can he had at any time All Styles Photographic Work, from Smallest Mniature to Life Size in Crayon, Water Colors, Sc ....... GO TO.. I-I. I-I. RAIVIEY LIVERY Ll . .3 al 23 .29 Finely Equipped Lifvery ana' Feea' Stable. Fancy Teams a Specialty. Prompt attention gifven Students' orders. ,se ,sz .,-z ,-z TELEPHONE 52. MRS. IIM M. ANDERSON, Prop. W. B. ANDERSON, Mgr. HOTEL ANDERSON OXFORD, MISS. Che Leading liostlerie of north mississippi. LOCATION.-On the public square, near Post Office and both Court Houses. BUILDING.-A splendid three story brick building, most con- veniently situated for ventilation and sanitation. CONVENlENCES.+Equipped throughout with electric service- call bells and telephone connections with every business house in the city. CUISINE.-The very best that the markets of the country af- ford. Fish, game and vegetables from New Orleans daily. VENTILATION.-All rooms are thoroughly ventilated and have the latest up-to-date system of plumbing. Bath rooms are made a special feature of the house. THE LINEN and napery is of the finest. Our beds are havens of rest to the weary. SERVANTS.-Our porter and servants are quick and obliging, and studious of the interests and comforts of the guests. ' DRUMMERS nnd here special arrangements made for their comfort and convenience. The best lighted and commodious sample rooms in the state. IN SHORT, nothing that experience of years, pains and ex- pense can suggest has been overlooked to bring the hotel to that point of excellence so quickly appreciated by the traveling public. RATES are as low as is consistent with first class service. W. B. ANDERSON, Manager. FERRE THE BICYCLE MAN REN TS WHEELS. SELLS WHEELS. REPAIRS WHEELS. SELLS S UNDRIES AND FITTINGS. 'Only Exclusively Bicycle Store in norm mississippi. Students may l:e sure of Prompt Attention, Good Work, Fair Treatment and Reasonable Prices COME IN AND LET US BE MUTUALLY HELPFUL ...TI-IE... RACKET STORE ..HANDLE EVERYTHING.. .Sell everything 25 to 50 per cent. cheaper than the Regulars. Give us a Trial. I. W. BOWSER. A. T. OWENS, BEM PRICE, President. Cashier. Paid up Capital, 560,000 BANK OF OXFORD A GENERAL BANKING BUSINESS TRANSACTED. THE PLACE...-is 5'QI?311fLFE19iY G ROCERI ES Candies, Vegetables, Fruits, Cigars and Tobacco, J. N. GlB5ON'S. B T KlMBOUGH,PRES I-LWOHLLEBEN v PRES I w. D. PORTER, CASI-usa. 7 I ...DEALERIN... erchants sf Farmershank T WATQQEQKS, OXFORD' MISS' CCLC PENS. CUTLERY I MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS, I SPECTACLES, ' I FANCY CCCCS, STRINGS, ETC Special Attention given to Watch and Spectacle Work. ACCOUNTS OF STUDENTS SOLICITED Draffs Cashed and General Banking Business Transacied. SITUATED UNDER CITY HOTEL. OXFORD DIISS 4 9 J. E. NEILSGN 3 SPECIAL PRICES A. BENNETT SANDERS PHILIP H POR TER ...ENQTIiEER S and CONTRACTORS... I TT R I RvTWTT I RETQTHING, Etc. Y -T-T Earl as Wilson Collars and Cuffs. SPECIALTIES: I Wilson Bros, Shirls and Neckfwear WATER WORKS : ELECTRIC LIGHT PLANTS : SEWERAGE. T SHoES CHEAPr- I.. L nl Q . . o Gxford Mercantile Co. l DAVIDSON 8a KEANE ...MAKE A .SPECIALTY OF... l , l Boolfts, Stationery, 9 .4 Men's Fine Shoes and Clothing, i Nita iiii i i i i it ' Also Newest and Latest Hats, Jewelry. Ties, Shirts, Fine Line 5 M DH ' News Furnishing' Gggdg. Headquarters for all Students' Supplies. Mail orders i given Special Attention. , LLL o W--- .Always Glad fo See the Unwemfy Boys' i STRICTLY FIRST-CLASS oooos AT LOWEST Posslsts PRICES If i iii Y, Y T ig- -- -ei Q V Y , W Y' W 'W W , f K' ' my D' 'ff ' l When in Oxford, Miss., go to the ,... Ro Ro 8 Gao, WHOLESALE AND RETAIL I li Y I E D R U G G I S 'I' S "THE NEW Hom' . Opened jan. 4, 1897. SOLE PROPRIETORS OF NewBuilding. New Furniture. Large Rooms. Broad Halls, Electric Call Bell Service. Table supplied CI'IILTON'S STEAMBUAT PILLS. with best the Markets afford. GOLDEN HEADACHE TABLETS. RATES, 52.00 PER CDAY. TI-IE UNIVERSITY GF IVIISSISSIPPI, FOUNDED IN 1848. Will open its Forty-Sixth Session September 16, 1897. Its Department of Science, lliterature and the Hrts includes Schools of the Latin Language and Literature, of the Greek Language and Literature, of the German Language and Literature, of the French Language and Literature, of the Eng- lish Language and Literature, of Belles-lettres, of Mathematics, of Physics, of Astronomy, of Chemistry, general ancl analytical, of Botany, of Zoology, of Mineralogy, of Geology, of Mental and Moral Philosophy, of Logic, of History, of Political Econ- omy, of Elocution, of Peclagogy. L2 the cDeparz'rnenz' of Lafw the Coarse requires tfwo years for completion. All Schools are in charge of Specialists. Location unsurpassed in healthfulness and beauty. 'I uition is free to all students in all Departments excepting the School of Law. ' O O A 0 O HCACLO --- ' r- '-'ff-ff - --- W A ' BBQ: Ti I --Y -- Y xi- - ...L -- ML- ,, -gg I o L . 1 5 1' ,R f ,Au 1 H .sq 't I .Y'J.wYfa'1-'." ' if? .L. gin: .lo -I xt-.A.', '. .- J, .w.X . 3' . - . ' QQ? .4 u .-, ,, at. U . .F ' ' 1, 2 - ,-NL. 'qu' s,, ' ' - n ,Z X L , ., . .mn ,-. m. , ,, ui' .'.-' ' g- ' r5,..A v ifqx .1 ' 'I l' 4 -If , .- Y-'gnai 7 ' 1 .-1 ,Qx 'n '-'- ,, - -.-7.Y,...T, f r A :I Q,-. 7 ga- A -..e -'V' -ff I -, 1 , wx 4 n .-, 1 -.f 'nm- ...vt if-, v.,. n A 4 . . fl A- -- s rl. V K 7 v s. n 0 ,' 1 4 DC 9 . .K-' J f .4-'U .,, f r x - I -x , N , , -L' 1 L x ' . f, 1 .F ii onli" -, 1' 1 if . .,.,-5 ' ,A,a . A x " 1 ' x. . , 1 f - - .'x. 1 n , A . ' 19: ... lah, -J' -I n - hw f ,-,,,'.A , , --. r - , S n 1 .,r. - 1 1-IM 1 4 , .1 rl .-I eg .. 'x, .x "-'1 fs - f- ' '.-r Y-,- r" qw, " I L-. . l,.u4 4 , ,, ".'. fd' w -.-Ay. 5 , ,r ' , ' V , ,, .I ' I ' . ' - 4 ' " , , . 7.9 . A .WI . , . .Q -T-"3 ""', - -1 ".-.-,,' " x-.f - ,. . . , Q fb-:ll :ls s . nn.. s4,r-,, ,V , 1 "Y ' 1 l Y' ' " - 1. ,' .. c .g,-. ,, 5 , - ' x .. if ' ' - fi Y -L-. ' A ' 'I- 4 - K. -- ' 5 ' '. ,. -4 ' ' I ' - 'A ' 'Q ' "' ll' "-' r ' 7 -.' 1 J. ph., 'FTP' 'Z ' '-I ' ' , V I ,.-. ..,- , ',.s., - .L ,. . ..1 ...-.1. 1 4-U. --', I ' ' Q 'O I C. n-A fr.- n , . , .- .,,- .1-g.H..g. V ,nh .I ' -"rf :4".l.r41.l-'Mn 2, '-. Y , V xg - , , .. . . ,.---" 34 gn. ' "' ' 1 .!' , 1- 'T ' '-,.." 11 -4 : 14" . xv, .1 Q. r..f.. .., ,K hz' ' fi' f. ' ,gi 1':,4 . I' I L 1- Q - , .7 ' ' - ,, f' Q 'iw 1 Q , 4 , 1 v , " 5 'lat . 1 S -V a 1 3. -Y , -f v- '- JY , " . M - 1 A. . I . 94 - , f .U , I 5 - I I. 2 .1-'11 n 5 -9 rr- -f' . .' ' 'sam it w . . . - f sf ZJLSQJ, 'QQ 1 h ,. - i 1 Q- .4 . 1 5 s f, -Q I ,D v A. I Q .. fig!" .- , - . ,- 'v.'4.'1A '.. ' I ,af 1' , -Q' ,V-1 x'---L -vi.. 7' , . af- ?b-, I, , . -,nv v ,-75, -, -' . v Iv, ,, .. A ,1 ,.. L5 .- - in K. ya. J ii

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