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W-W """+ ' ' I " "' ' -.I Q 11' -, .4 .. I kr,:kr ,W Imam 'Wk -wa M AWN' NVQ Wy max afar-I M, Anwa- X Q4-f X ,snag Q: ,w3. RESEARCH WING 1963 A I ,, Q 1 :I 'si ' N A V X MS , 4 -9,1 .I .J K H :M-M , 4' Q 3 . .. , I., L , I- M +55 Gjwgav-, vt- XJR :ms X KJ' - S1 '-'- I w.f:li"N3QiY-I 1' 'fx I ,,... f' iaiflfgwvf:-I , . , , 4- . , A ' W 8 y my dk' .11 A, . """"!h-'Huff i fa I ka A I ,..,, . If I -fl fl. SCHOOL OF NURSING, SOUTH WING 1964- oqzr C. LZAS'-S MEDIC 1981 UNIYERSITY OF MISSISSIPPI MEDICAL CENTER EDITORS ELIZABETH M. CRIMES DON E. MARASCALCO MARCIA L. MCKEE 1 4 1 J Q Q 2 1 I ! I H' I 1 I CUNTENTS Introductlon Admlmstratlon ACllVlll6S Graduate Health Related M6dlClH6 NUPSlHg 0Pg3HlZ3tl0HS 86 212 ' 2 . . . 16 . . . 22 Dental 36 62 72 ' ' 94 ' 1 REFLECTIONS . . . The current academic session marks the University of Mississippi Medical Center's 25th year of service to the state. A silver anniversary is always a momentous occasion worth of recognition. For an institution like ours, it also prompts reflection on the past, our contributions-and the challenges we will face in the years ahead. 17 The opening of the Medical Center on ,Iuly 1, 1955, was a milestone in state medical and educational history. It was also the culmination of a dream, a dream shared by the educators, legislators, interested citizens and members of the professional community who had worked for more than a half a century for its creation. ' The institution's roots are in the two-year School of Medicine established on the Oxford campus in 1903. Seventy-seven years ago, 15 students began classes there in two small rooms in the old Lyceum building. The dream of a four-year medical school and teaching hospital for Mississippi began then, but it did not come to fruition until 1950 when the legislature appropriated monies to build the complex here in Jackson. The first four-year dean and Center director, Dr. David S. Pankratz, often said it was not "an easy task getting an affirmative vote for the institution." Money as always was the problem. Mississippians wanted a medical school, but could the state afford it? Supporters of the four-year school, Dr. Pankratz said, countered with a different question and prevailed: Could Mississippi afford to do without one? Cround for the campus was broken in December, 1952, and three years later, the Medical Center opened. At its dedication in October, 1955, Governor Hugh L. White said "a glorious chapter is beginning in the educational history of Mississippi." He called the fledgling complex "the nucleus for an ambitious scheme of health improvement" in this state. His vision has proved true. The School of Medicine and the graduate program enrolled their first 166 students in September, 1955. The next year, the nursing program moved down from the Oxford campus. Initially a de- partment offering the State's first baccalaureate nursing program, it achieved separate school status in 1958. The School of Health Related Professions was established in 1971 to help meet the state's need for more allied health professionsals, and the School of Dentistry, authorized by the state legislature in 1973, enrolled its first class in 1975. To keep pace with the expansion of educational programs, the complex has mushroomed from a 359 million facility to a S60 million physical plant with more than 35 acres under roof. The University Hospital, the learning laboratory for the 1617 students now enrolled in our educational programs, has grown from a 355- bed hospital to a 538-bed diagnostic, treatment, and referral center for the entire state. Our patient admissions generally total nearly 24,000 annually while another 154,000 Mississippians are seen in the outpatient clinics or in the emergency room. Service is one measure of an institution's stature. Certainly another is its contribution of new knowledge to medical science, and I believe the Medical Center has an enviable record in this regard. Insights gained here-on organ transplantations, the herpes viruses, environmental and industrial toxins, anti-viral com- pounds, preeclampsia, hypertension, and other cardiovascular diseases-have extended the i-nstitutionis influence far beyond the borders of its home state. These significant contributions in care and research during our 25-year history are only overshadowed by our prime mission in state higher education: to train health professionals for Mississippi. Since 1955, 4565 physicians, nurses, health related professionals, dentists and basic scientists have earned degrees or certifi- cates here. Almost every county in our state now has health professionals trained here caring for Mississippi- ans. It is they who give eloquent testimony to this institution and its 25-years of service. As we move firmly into a new decade and look toward a new century, we will continue to respond creatively to the identified needs of the people we serve. Our institutional mission will most likely remain a unique responsibility in Mississippi. But it is that uniqueness which binds us all together in the 'fambitious scheme" to improve the health and well-being of the citizens of this state and our region. PAGES FRU THE PAST AWD REGISTRATION 1955-Dr. Pankratz and enrolling class M """-s. ANATOMY, THE WAY IT WAS WU Wfifipifg gamma ' V H , , , ,, I , ,211 if CHANGING FACES 5,33 if " ,Af bl ff, , E OF THE WS! Tilffgaf v Wi,! fy m i ani m f 1 HH f. EW a YM SS 4 5 "sr-- VY' ..-. P an ,,, ,- . a I u Q ,ll e , 1 I , Q , f as .. 'ffm ' . . A , . .zlulyv V , V 5 ' V vaqertb, ' F ,. ,. ' 4 " "W" ,I " I , Y , 4' f WMM., 4 V , 'if'A" -f4f"71:'- ' ' K A f i 1 '1 V A - 1 f W 5 Q4 . 1 A an I I 1 'S' ,,, , BH: 16321. v. or nr A ' -nun -vvv f A .L V H 1 V fr ' --' 4' .im AMBITIUUS, C RIUUS fw 4 19, 2, '-,Mi ' ""' A1 kv Q W D, ' 1l 1ll l M Q ,,,.' f.,4 4 . , ., M- J Y lv i ? 2 ' .i M i Ulu! 4, , Q2 tY 9 ' ma ,,,,,, ,K,,, J Lrjyggl nz zoom W. inmmnuc 6888004 -. ""'l..f aff ,V " NME . 1: sbx X K aff 'fu ,ms 79 : -.-.... 3.35 Em S. 35 M' I , wr 7' J' if 4 ..f-'31 ' if x Y 'A i . Q U A " ' r""" , 4 ' ' 1?1 E KX r""""" fm-omuq -0' E . I' Q L 555 1 p ., li ew 4 K Q A f fx UPTIMISTIC, JOLLY X X , X ' 4 1 . 6.1 x 1 14 .JK In Memoriam DR. CHARLES LEE DODGEN 1925-1980 The scientific, educational, and civic communities of this state lost one of their most valuable members upon the death of Dr. Charles Lee Dodgen on July 27, 1980. He was sought after by numerous state and local organizations because of his intellectual capacity and organizational abilities. Dr. Dodgen was born in Goodnight, Texas, on December 20, 1925. After completing his undergrad- uate work at Texas Christian University, he received his Ph.D. degree in biochemistry. Dr. Dodgen came to Mississippi in 1958 from Downstate Medical College in Brooklyn, New York, and he joined the biochemistry faculty at the University of Mississippi Medical Center. His vital role for the 22 years as an effective educator in the training of medical students was his major contribution to the state. For the past three years Dr. Dodgen served as chairman of the Admissions Committee for the University of Mississippi School of Medicine. Premedical educators across the state and members of the medical school administration and faculty were confident that the duties of this important position were handled with integrity. In addition, he carried other heavy responsibilities. During the period since 1972 he served as Executive Officer for the Mississippi Academy of Sciences, guiding its growth in membership and expansion of activities. He also served the Academy as editor for the newsletter and as an associate editor of the Journal. Dr. Dodgen was a Fellow in the AAAS, past chairman of the Mississippi section of the American Chemical Association, and a member of both Sigma Xi and Nutrition Today Society. He was a past president of the Jackson Suburban Lions Club and was a board member of the Central Mississippi Council of the Navy League of the United States for the past six years, most recently as chairman of the committee for the Sea Cadets. He has been listed in American Men of Science, Who's Who in the South and Southwest, and Personalities of the South. We all knew his sharp wit and gregariousness. His infectious bottom laugh portrayed his patience and willingness to help any student. With his wide range of knowledge, he was better than a reference book for anyone who needed to know a particular fact. He enjoyed people, parties, dancing and was a great cook, but in some ways he was a private person. He enjoyed nature and sometimes wandered for hours along creeks, woods and fields. He loved the hearty folk music of Germany and especially the Scottish pipes. Dr. Dodgen contributed a great deal to the community and the University of Mississippi Medical Center. He will long be remembered as a man of great integrity, whose deep devotion to his ideals af- fected and molded the lives of many young men in the medical field. In Memoriam DR. HUGH LAWRENCE KEECAN 1916 1980 November 30, 1980, marked the passage of a man who was important not only to the University of Mississippi Medical Center, but also to the world-wide scientific community. Dr. Hugh L. Keegan, Professor of Preventive Medicine at the University of Mississippi Medical Center, was an interna- tionally recognized authority on venomous animals of medical importance and the author of nearly 100 professional publications. Dr. Keegan was born in Rochelle, Illinois, on September 6, 1916. He earned the B.Ed. degree in zoology at Northern Illinois University and the M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in zoology at the State University of Iowa. Dr. Keegan joined the University of Mississippi Medical Center faculty in 1969 after a 27 year career in the United States Army. He spent much of his army career in the Far East, serving in the Philippines, Japan, Malaysia, Taiwan and Vietnam. He also served three tours of duty as a faculty member of the Medical Field Service School in Fort Sam Houston, Texas, and for a year as a commanding officer of the Defense Research Office for Latin America, headquartered in Rio De Janeiro. His last military assignment was as entomologist with the Division of Geographic Pathol- ogy, Armed Forces Institute of Pathology, Washington, D.C. During Dr. Keegan's years in the army, he conducted research whenever and wherever possible. His research involved: classification, biology, and control of arthropod vectors of disease, studies of venomous snakes and spiders, and effectiveness of repellants and insecticides against disease vectors and pests. The scope of his research is reflected in the many articles of which he was author and co- author. Because of his prolific authorship of professional publications, Dr. Keegan held an honorary life membership in the Brazilian Society of Tropical Medicine. He was a founding member of the International Society on Toxinology and served on the editorial board of the societies' journal, "Toxinology." Some of the other journals in which Dr. Keegan published articles include: Ameri- can ,Iournal of Tropical Medicine and Hygieneg Journal ofParasitologyg Journal oflnternational Pathology, Public Health Reports, and ,Iournal ofMississippi State Medicalflssociation. Moreover, Dr. Keegan was the author of the text Scorpians of Medical Importance which was released by the University Press in November, 1980, and contributed five chapters to Cecilis Textbook ofMedicine. In 1972 and 1973, the students of the University of Mississippi School of Medicine bestowed a coveted award on Dr. Keegan by naming him an outstanding member of the pre-clinical faculty. Only faculty members who are held in the highest regard are given this award. Dr. Keegan's contributions to both the scientific community and the University of Mississippi School of Medicine have assured him a place of endearment and respect in the hearts of his colleagues and students. 3? 4 A 51 ffugmr. 'I e W. 7 3 3 . , 4, an . f 1-limi' .1 -Z H A . . ' 1- . Q' L. . " -F, L- fb- . '11-if 1 Ha iti. ' ,Eh w f I5 ' g fi 5: u J 'I .". .T4 4-1 4?-xi , L29 9521 'i M. gi ,,., ,, f . .Q A N 1-'fig Sw jd' .1-- sf 4 is Y. .Z S 35, ' 5 FMU. 21332: FEW? :J- X, X5 :YQ FL E 1:33334 . L "ne . fi 5? 574793 I ifliffs, lj gig A-2? 45 his it V Y is 1 KJT4, nf, ,V ,L rf 5 'ifsaf me ' ai 5 n A-1 if 5, ' A . Q 1 N 4 Pia? 5, 42 .p m . ,f i' if -f' Q C ff -Y 1" I a-'3 ig " K 2'- S at 5 .. 11,9-f, V 1 f .f E' ig 95. , . , 'I fi 2 I ., .A ,AF ff 5 1 ,-. AD NIST RATIO A Rh' i I Q7 - ling- E 'ffm gf! 3 ADMINISTR T I0 HON. WILLIAM WINTER, Governor, State of Mississippi BMX ,,i, ,y BOARD OF TRUSTEES: Seated left to right: Denton Rogers, Jr., Pontotoc, Dr. John R. Lovelace, Batesville, Bobby L. Chain, Hattiesburg, Travis E. Parker, Drew, Mrs. Miriam G. Simmons, Colum- bia, Mrs. Betty A. Williams, Columbus, Dr. Robert W. Harrison, Jr., Yazoo City, Charles C. Jacobs, Jr., Cleveland, William M. Jones, Jackson. Standing left to right: Dr. E.E. Thrash, Raymond, Bryce Crittis, Starkville, George T. Watson, Pass Christian, James E. Woods, Olive Branch, Thomas D. Bourdeaux, Meridian. Officers: Mrs. Miriam Simmons, Pres., Travis E. Parker, Vice Pres., Dr. E.E. Thrash, Executive Secretary and Director. I8 Above: PORTER L. FORTUNE, Ph.D., Chancellor, The University of Mississippi Below: NORMAN C. NELSON, M.D., Vice Chancellor for Health Affairs new X ..,,. ADMINISTRAT IO Below: WALLACE N. MANN, JR., D.M.D., Dean, School of Dentistry 4 'lil sg Egg A Qs all E il . if Below: EDRIE J. GEORGE, ED.D., Dean, School of Nursing .A I I9 ADMIN ISTR TIO ELL, M.B.A, Hospital Di- rector Below: BEN H. DOUGLAS, Ph.D., Acting Assistant Vice Chancellor for Graduate Studies wi .XJ-Q ' - jsp ,?'5.T.3- Belowz THOMAS E. FREELAND, Ph.D., Dean, School of Health Related Professions :ers hd . , .. ', Ni, N-of., ' 1 x Hi A 'KLM' 'N Below: FRANK C. ZIMMERMAN, B.S., Business Man ager-Comptroller Below: xx 1 1 l s,. ,. N 4-.4 BILLY BISHOP, ED.D., Registrar AE. flls'N Above: HAROLD B. WHITE, JR., Ph.D., Director, Learning Resources Below: WILLIAM PRICE, B.B.A., M.A Alumni Secretary ADMINISTRATIO Below: IRENE GRAHAM, B.A., Director, Row- land Medical Library Below: BARBARA AUSTIN, Director, Public Re lations and Information n N x 1 ACTIVITIES .49 Y A N4-M ,t Mr . M AQ :2'i:i.45,f54 sm i WM 'Sb 'Y 94244, f n,..,,m A S 'au 7 W 'I ...nn- au.. 3,2-my . Z6 - 'L . W' if . if an rf- f Q A rs at X " 'S vii " flkfrv 'Q ' . ' K , A 4? A V.. W L.. gk, V-.. z,' 1 ,, 4 kv M. H" xml .J .M ,Lim-1 '7'?7'4i , we ,ww Cs. 5 3 u QM 'g"g'+- Y v A L 4. 45 - , fu .ve 4 If I ww- -,L , . wa t A , ' rwqy, ,, V3 GDM! 5: AA 1 K Ai M G i -"" M- f SQ-ff' W wvf , 1-4-A X Ma. 'wi' wr if-' , 'Z'fd.T .Q ixfffff i m fl ,.. W T4 - '..- ' - ,-- 1 'uv 1 s, '- gfgfbff 4 PQ. -.4 V 4 .'4 U - 9, ,, 35-'5a':' K x Q gg -5 23. 5 mv", I TRAMURALS ,A, ,: , , W ffyw' a W Z M rf Q M U ,, 2 'E fa da? NllCN'S FOOTBALL CHAMPIONS: CL to RD Front Rowg Jerome Johnson, Alvin Darby, Robert Scott, Harry Studdard, Joe johnson, Back Row: Harold W'heeler, Homer Wfilliams, Perry Wallace, Duane Cotton, George Benford, Earl Stewart. was 'F-N ,sex W VN tt.- wg ww, C L eet W A Gf--mtfq-wfw' H-Wit X? . S' Q gt. C M51 ' M wfmkk k GUKSIQHGB T - WOMEN'S FOOTBALL CHAMPIONS: QL to RJ Front Row: Beth Wellford, Nancy Jane Crandall, Sue Sullivan, Betsy Clements, Middle Row: Eunice Terrell, Renee Willis, Sara McFarland, Back Row: COACHES, Dale Morgan, Dolph Woodallg NOT PICTUREDg Debbie Albert, Jeanne Smith, Cindy Potts. 30 f. , fy AWE' ' W A , W, .,t -leaf , .. , f, f 1 L 4 .M-21i'fA if 5. it .fp i 2' Q ,L 4 fd 41 ta fr B . V . V, '14-gieffv , Q ,N-A v 'WN L que i- f T I, if fVlEN'S BASKETBALL CHAMPIONS: CL to BD Front Row: jeff Clover, Greg Merritt, Paul Pavlov, Ronnie Bullock, Bill Craven, John Moffittg Back Row: Bob Walker, Warren Langworthy, David Creenhawg NOT PIC- TUBED: Dennis Bowlen, H.T. Palmer, Jimmie Wilson, Word Johnston, Tannith Graham, Phil Travis. .Q r M, ws e -' df N. ..,,.x +V' my i 1 , mel Sss'9-fr xN .h-0:4 3' . 5 Aff figs- Q f E ,J ' Magi' ,,. 4' m .1 M - - . Q4 ,, V, i 5,214 gum, , iw ,. wr xx- Q. VME STUDE T G0 ERNME 4? ' 240. ASSOCIATED S'l'llDEN'I' BODY COUNCIL CL to BJ OFFICERS: Becky lVIclVIahan, Sec., Ben Folk, Pres.g Dave Duddleslun. Vice Pres., Mark Ikner. Treas., NIEFVIBERSQ Middle Row, Phyllis Combs, Linda Marshall. ,loy Tomlinson. Pearl Signa, Bill Woods, Don Nlarasealeog Back Rowg Marie Hoover, Ina Griffin. Chuck Daley, Sharp johnson, Edwin Dodd, William Russel, Not Pictured, Wade Dowell, 'llerry Jackson. Cathy Sessums, Hank Singley. 33: as as 3 f-we VMS NIBSING STUDENT BODY COUNCIL CL to RD OFFICERS: Pearl Signa, Vice Pres., Leslie Stewart, Sec Donna Barkley, Treas.g Phyllis Combs, Pres. STUDE T G0 ERNMENT It -s M, vm vis-.L Q s ,x-' ' , W s Ifwfxf-'s A-Rl! ? DENTAL EXECUTIVE COUNCIL CL to BJ Mike Harrison, Honor Council Chairman, Bill Woods, Sec.-Treas.g Hank Singley, Vice Pres., Ina Griffin, Pres., Bill Simpson, member, David Magusiac, member, Not Pictured: Tim Boswell, Gloria Johnson. LPHA O EGA ALPHA U f AOA QL to BJ First rowg Wade Parker, ,lohn Moffit, Philip Travis, Nancy Davis, Billy Davis, Chris Ball, Second row, James Kolb, Tom Skelton--Pres., Emily Pender, Terry jackson, Abe Malouf, Keith Moses, Third rowg Bill Craven, Paul Phelps, Harry Butler, Willie W'ells, Greg Merritt, Fourth row, Gail Kuhnert, Kent Keys, Ped Hooper, Sherry Alcorn, ,lohn Wooley, Joy Siegrist, Kurt Bruckmeier, Wayne Smith, Not Picturedg Eric Carlson, Charles Cesare, Wayne Day, Tanith Graham, David Greenhaw, Kaky Hardy, Bob Lewis, Mike Stoddard, Evaline Thompson, Marc Majure, Hilton Gillespie, William Tew. GRADUATIUN 1 980 +7 Q 6 . Y , E 0 DENTAL Q 0 - Q o D ENT AL F CLLTY .,. . t.. A ff ' o eg f-ff 1 'nw "A eww' 'L' H N' A A m,4q.Q .ff'l:"2.J.3lW ?F,'Lil 'fE'WVe+.QlE.,3l. Q 8 'uspfgx.!'Er1is?ly1?Q!!f5 J Q Eff Ml LLM r e . 5. IKM in ,is U 2.1 C My .s...s5rliH?.S5 so . 3 1.5 N . Q fl M ff XR I l. I .fl XF. Above: WALLACE V. MANN, JR., D.M.D., Dean, School of Dentistry Below: GLEN E. ROBINSON, D.M.D.,Assistant - X, 'J fn wi V " 'uma """"m . . xi y "Ton-Q Above: MICHAEL Assistant Dean fo and Research Below: JOHN K. B Dean for Student J. REED, B.D.S., PH.D., r Educational Programs ERDON, D.D.S., Assistant Programs Dean for Clinical Programs . ii .,M,,,,,,.,,........a: 3 . 1 9 1 A 1 . M A '1 I lW't.Al V 5 E . t . E if 1 X " sl ' sift: ' fs" eeee A 133433. .qhmBvzdm, A is few , 1 TF so A ,f 38 111. fl 2 9!'f1.,.,i,,? x R Above: JAMES FLEMING, D.M.D., Chairman, Dept. of Pediatric Dentistry Below: HAROLD CRUPE, JR., D.D.S. Chair- man, Dept. of Periodontics Below: THEODORE C. JONES, D.D.S., Chairman, Dept. of Orthodontics .-v'+""N""""" -... . l Nw lnqnm A .. ' V"m'ffi.. , 'f"1f' ' ." , xx 'r if M ...v X f"M W, 4 Zi, vz.wz,f52.,.,, i ww v wht 5' 1 . Z ,M 9 g Above: SIGURDS O. KROLLS, D.D.S., Chairman, Dept. of0ral Pathology!0ral Ra- diology DENTAL FACULTY man Dept. of Maxillofacial Surgery If ,ss Below: L. RONALD MARTIN, D.D.S., Chair- man, Dept. of Endodontics Q . vw' ' A ..-..w.V'......,.,w , .. . .. K , k k RL 5 'rin' ., 1. qahk . - L 1 7 9 . 'ff m...:..,,,,,,,,,,f,.. it ,V 5 gi. ,v Z V 1 at ,aa l' , '12, H4554 he 1 ": Llll 10 vi x 1 ' , . 'Ka . .s 1 45' . 'vw- : My .. KJ .N 'P' 4. J 1 .ef 'ing ' fu Q54 f -. Above: ADIAN P. STEPHENS, D.D.S., Chairman, Dept. of Restorative Dentistry Below: AMES F. TYRON, D.D.S., Chairman, Dept. of Community and Oral Health 'Q E F P ., . X .- A x H, . .. My . . lg, " 93 ' ug, ' X tu! 1 l ,, gk "' xKx h X 'K ' :'l M 'Q Pk Sf' W' SENIORS SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS: CL to RD James Stanovich, Sec.-Treas.g Hank Singley, President Craig Bradford, Vice Presidentg Brent Thomas, Honor Council. I S: X wg .X 5 ! lf. 1 Qgif Y L Q. SENIORS VICTOR H. APPLEWHITE jackson, Ms. Pictured: Vic and Mena GAREY A. BONNER Whynesboro, Ms. Pictured: Garey and Brenda GEORGE BENFORD. JR. Itta Bena, Ms. Pictured: George 1 5 CRAIG BRADFORD Greenville, Ms. Pictured: Craig, Lynn and Chou-Chou PHY! SE IORS TUMMIE LYNWOOD CHARLES F. EZELLE BURCHFIELD, JR. Jackson, Ms. Yazoo City, MS. Pictured. Kip, Janice and Pictured: Tommie and a Elizabeth friend iv' 'V INA LAURIE GRIFFIN HIRAM CATEWOOD, JR. Hattiesburg, Ms. Raymond, Ms. Pictured: Bill and Ina Pictured: Hiram and Mary Ann SENIORS Oxfgrd, Ms, Yazoo City, Ms. Pictured: Hal, Carole, PiCllll'0d2 Mike Whitney, Popp 1 O GLORIA JOHNSON JEFF S. JOHNSON Jackson, Ms. Jackson, Ms. Pictured: Butterfly Love Pictured: Janis, Aaron, Jeff and Christi S N21 4-6 SE IORS JOSEPH JOHNSON, JR. MURRAY E. KEEL, JR. Hallandale, Ms. Pass Christian, Ms. Pictured: Joe Pictured: Bert and Kathy ""6- RANDY S. LOVE JAMES P. MCVAUGH Itta Bena, Ms. Picayune, Ms. Pictured: Randy Pictured: Vicki and James rg? Mita' SE IORS WILLIAM M. MYERS J. SEDCIE NEWSOM Kosciusko, Ms. Macon, Ms. Pictured: Marty and Donna Pictured: .lake and Elwood "On A Mission From Cod" sg me ROBERT D. NEWTON ROBERT S. PARKES Jackson, Ms. Jackson, Ms. Pictured: Marilyn, Lauren Pictured: Rob and Bob WH, i ' R if SENIURS RONAL F. ROBERSON VAN R. SIMMONS Jackson, Ms. McComb, Ms. Pictured: Ronal, Jennifer Pictured: Van and Patti 3 I I HU " mi X if "KW I :mu DAN H. SINGLEY JAMES F. STANOVICH Brandon, Ms. Biloxi, Ms. Pictured: Jane, Hank and Pivlllredr Jim Dan III i ,Q .V .Q4' SENIORS ROGER A. STROUD, JR. JAMES H. STUARD Jackson, Ms. Magee, Ms. Pictured: Marion, Denise Pictured: Jimmy and Lori and Roger 3 2-W... : u f. ti , DALE THAMILS. JR. L. BRENT 'l HOMAS Seminary, Ms. Jackson, Ms. Pictured: Brent and Donna J Ex SENIORS DELLWYN M. RICHARD D. VINCENT TURNIPSEED Hattiesburg, Ms. Greenville, Ms. Pictured: Dr. Doom and Pictured: T,Seed friend . X"""f ' as ,l C? '33 x X '10, .Km U 0. I A swift? . 'il V Y 4, N J PATRICE E. GREENE " i iiee E Holly Springs, Ms. Pictured: Patrice and Buddy Q-i Q K ..,. . ff ,ff . 4 X 1 'B . ii it 1 M W 51.411 fi? lf s . A A .EW E W, ' 'F' 423 ,. ,, if ' ,V ff' 'Q' I6 al - i , 1. S X .. if , x pf.-.. f" L ,J :X erxxa - A 'iq' , xx Y at . , ,Iumor Class Officers: D Sec -Treas. Andrew Abide Greenville, llls. Wayne Adkison Jackson, FWS. Clement Alleyne Barbados Howard Anderson jackson, Ms. Nelson Company Jackson, Ms. Robin Campassi Columbus, Ms. Gibbs Fowler Jackson, Ms. Ken Goodwin Jackson, Ms. UNIURS z onald Rossetti, Honorary Councilg Helen Lee, Vice-Pres.g Bill Simpson, Pres.g Andy Carrot. A Vx 1' IZ. P 4 ja N if fd A V if 3. W f r""S, 2 A-ff..---as x -A Qs l .aa Q e I . ' i s JK-5 A si, 7 ,N PM R 4' ff., l Tommy Cross Carthage, Ms. Wade Hankins Raleigh, Ms. Tony Humphries Purvis, ills. Carey Johnston Carrelllon, Ms. Michael Keel Pass Christian, Ms Helen Lee Hattiesburg, llls. Joseph Lettere Louisville, ills. Edward Nieberlein Biloxi, Ms. Betsy Powell Laurel, ills. Donald Rossetti Shaw, llls. Ronald Rossetti Shaw, Ms. Charles Wood Pass Christian, glls .fa Vg. . r, 'W !, ,',. ' 'Q if :lf . , 5 K , ' Aefawwvfif ,Q if a W . X . 3- i l' in M: 9. 6 i K .Q ,J 1 I ,w ,S Nuf .mf ....---.Q w 5 "' - ' A Aiea -9 'Q-1 X SOPHO ORE ! ... Na.-A Sophomore Class Officers: Lewis Grubbs, Honor Council, Tim Boswell, Pres., Joanne Miller, Sec-Treas. 3 Karl Bierdeman, Vice Pres. Cole Adams Closter, Ms. Karl Bierdeman Pearl, NIS. Wade Bishop Lumberton, Ms. R gf'-xxx . Ray Bolduc I O Q H Q Jacksvn, MS- Tim Boswell Oxford, Ms. 5.3 Q2 Q2 as James A. Bounds Ellisville, Ms. Reggie Broom Martin V. Chaney Q is ff O I is if Pascagoula, Ms. 7 l Epi? Bovina, Ms. aa 'X James Coleman Oxford, Ms. Scottye S. Crawford Oxford, Ms. Frank Dalton Corinth, Ms. is Charles Dyer Jackson, Ms. Michael B. Ellis Port Gibson, Ms. Teena Freeman Jackson, llls. Jody Gibson Rosedale, ills. Donald Keith Givan Meridian, Ms. Dan Hall Eupora, Ms. Randy S. Hathorn Madison, Ms. Thomas Heering Fulton, Ms. David C. Henderson Carthage, Ms. Mitch Hutto Brandon, Ms. Stephen Joe Marks, ills. Lynn Johnston Tupelo, Ms. Hal jones Gulfport, Ms. Robert D. Laird Jackson, Ms. 1 Diff Q Y :E .5 , .N X 1 s g f D 4. D fl In X - S e Joseph B. lVlcLaurin Jackson, Ms. Joanne, Miller Clinton, llls. Steve Miner jackson, ills. Carroll Palmore Picayune, ills. Randy Reynolds Forest, Ms. T. jeff Reynolds Gulfport, Ms. L. Barton Rogers Jackson, Ms. john Russell Columbus, Ms. Michael Shields Ocean Springs, ills. Albert Singletary Crystal Springs, Ms. Barry Weeks Water Valley, ills. Edward S. Wheeler Gulfport, llls. James Yelverton Jackson, Ms. fi 1 1 N ,ww F a N1"'+., 191 X I - ,, w 'f Q -4 h1,,-'Q '-lg, :sf is vv i i 7' 1 ., X ' A FRESH N x gi www M' W ' nt M 4 fx 1 wrt 1i5I3Ue X Y ouncilg FRESHNIAN CLASS OFFICERS: Scott Catewood, Sec.-Treas.g David Magusiak, Pres.g Steve Magee, Honor C Scott Martin. Vice Pres. 1 'Jag' X .,. We 1' Ni '4- 59 John Acker Columbus, Ms. Paul Ballard Vicksburg, Ms. Linda Barkett Jackson, Ms. john T. Black, jr. Oxford, Ms. Bryan Blakeney Gulfport, Ms. Otis J. Bousma Jackson, Ms. Tommy Cox Philadelphia, Ms. Gerald M. Davis Greenville, Ms. Robert A. Deville Jackson, Ms. Elizabeth C. Eustice Ocean Springs. Ms. Scott Gatewood Raymond, Ms. Michael Garvey Jackson, Ms. John M. Goolsby Clinton, Ms. Susan E. Hagel Ocean Springs, Ms. Robert Michael Harkins Jackson, Ms. J. Huel Harris Moss Point, Ms. Thomas C. Henderson Hattiesburg, Ms. Jeffrey B. Johnston Brookhaven, Ms. Jennifer A. Jones Brookhaven, Ms. David Lee Greenville, Ms. X 1 . Q1 dw 'vi- + ww , , Mi 231 E . fx Q.. f f L Zvgihg fa' ,aft K-.QIWMQA .W i , lfw 4 f 9 v gg ,ff ' 5 ' Jim.. 4? 47 , J ,V .... s'o't ... sees :S y l S ' . 5, ,,,,,, .SEQ .1 i. V 'li rc.. fr Cf 7 , fin if mf aff.. . .,,Z,,,a XM ,v .' 2 , .W W.. Q 91, 'iv 5 3 ciivil .r t 2 I we fig W is FRESH N .. Q-M JJ ' a . 'UN sf:.....,M ,Wt , it , to 'iitei C iid' X 17 f ff. . W. - ' 4' W fr. " 'Q f C? e . . ,, ' ,.,, I - ' t H "-' s ' '- ' V ' y .i L., VVVZV I N 2 'Q J t y ,. .i,, V , ,. ' 5? 451 . ' ,A ,y ji ,gr C ' A , V ,- C . , W,,,,,,.......... n fr VE V ,,f K V LVVL , K "", V , . . i sl? t , IAA ,gy or i -..w... i sv ' f f "1 . ..i A .. ' , is .yr . . g 1, 1 i , is 1 , Q H A la il if fi 2 i'i ' ..... .ii..1 ff .. Q, if fig' I. Steve E. Magee, Jr. Pearl, Ms. Steve Magro Ramond, Ms. David Magusiak Clinton, Ms. W. Scott Martin Greenville, Ms. Barbara Mauldin Hattiesburg, Ms. Leo F. McNally, Jr. Gulfport, Ms. Terry Moody Drew, Ms. Doug Morel Magnolia, Ms. Harvey Dwight Moss Canton, Ms. Margaret Mills Norsworthy Waynesboro, Ms. Chris Oswalt Sturgis, Ms. Stuart Patterson Vicksburg, Ms. Daniel James Patti Jackson, Ms. Carroll Pierce Ellisville, Ms. Rudy Posey Philadelphia, Ms. Gary Reeves Calhoun City, Ms. Frank John Serio Greenville, Ms. Alan Sherrill Biloxi, Ms. john Walter Star, Jr. Starkville, Ms. Charles Stavley Kilmichael, Ms. Bill Wilson Clarksdale, Ms. Lloyd Wolfe Columbia, Ms. Margaret Wolfe Raleigh, Ms. 0-"sy e o ' w o o o n 0 U GRADUATE GRADUATE- BASIC SCIE CE FACULTY L.. Above: ARTHUR C. GUYTON, NLD., Professor and Chairman Dept. of Physiology and Biophys- ics N Q f M... I -Q ,. A 1 ' ' A C 6,-an it . K sv 1 64 Above: ALBERT J. WAHBA, Ph.D., Professor and Chairman Dept. of Biochemistry Below: THOMAS J. BROOKS, JR., PH.D., M.D., Professor and Chairman Dept. of Preventive Medicine . 45 P X . R x .I xg! 5 -sam. ..,.. 1-F P' o Above: L. WILLIAM CLEM, Ph.D., Professor and Above: WILLIAM O. BERNDT, Ph.D., Profes- sor and Chairman Dept. of Pharmacology and Toxicology ,, ,. , L- .gl r- - - "" gnu M.....,..M.... f,,xo. ..,k...s.w -f-- -V .- '- conq- K A X . Above: KENNETH ANDERSON, Ph.D., Professor and Chairman Dept. of Anatomy Chairman Dept. of Microbiology Below: ROBERT M. O'NEAL, NLD., Profes sor and Chairman Dept. of Pathology A n GR DUATE SE lofts as GRADUATE STUDENT COUNCIL: Qseatedj Linda Brewer, Nursing Rep., Linda Marshall, Vice Pres., Marie Hoover, Pres., Terry Jones, Anatomy Rep., Cstandingj Helen Benet, Pharmacology Rep., Paula Gregory, Preventive Medicine Rep., Hank Daum, Biochemistry Rep., Ron Holton, Microbiology Rep., joey Granger, Physiology Rep.g Cnot picturedj Tom Freduccia, Pathology Rep., Mari STEVEN A. Kowalski, Sec.-Treas. DAUENHAUER :Microbiology Jackson, Ms. MARIE L. HOOVER RICHARD C. STRACHAN Microbiology Microbiology Ponchatoula, La. Corinth, Ms. i , I X -a T il 'Eu f s o LL., A I x 1 X Q I 1 . R N Eggs Q W ss R we XX N is Q N N l lv Y N 3' s Z xi,T'3Z'l D 3321-ml' A .D llla Linda Angevine, Pharmacology 1McLean, Va. Ray Baumann, Wlicrobiology New Orleans, La. Everette Beers, Physiology Jackson, ills. Helen Benet, Pharmacology jackson, Ms. Peter Stanley Cooley, lMicrobiology Picayune, Ms. Henry A. Daum, Ill, Biochemistry Jackson, ills. joey Granger, Physiology Erath, La. Mark Griffin, Biochemistry Vicksburg, JIS. ,lan Hurt, Microbiology Clinton, Ms. Terry Jones, Anatomy Jackson, Ms. Ali Khraibi, Physiology Sidon, Lebanon ,leff Lodge, Microbiology Sarasota, Fl. .sl il' - sa , Z k v,e , to 'UI-'U I y ,eeeeets A ggi. . R jg l .il - I Linda M. Marshall Biochemistry Chettenham, England Mark Martin lllicrobiology Slater, ills. Melissa Matthews Kllicrobiology Columbus, Ms. Amy Pyle Microbiology Baden, Pa. William W. Roth Biochemistry Jackson, Ms. Edith F. Smith NRM- xg X N x 'Q 5 aw .. 5... X Biochemistry Terry, M S. 'wx 'x 'ff ji 1"'X 'QW F I I 1 1 . A 31 .'.:!V:f,, ,Q W ,, 4, 5 ,E M w m v V I f , .. 2 I N 716 , 1 .JA W My Q, f'5',!ff 4, 1 A f uf 222 Q' ' f jg W g if f x 4 4, 5. W-. ""31?3A . f U , N. I W' tn, 4 X H2 4 X 1. ,X .QQ 5? X N WS x ,. R, ,- 'X .- lx. . 31: M 'Y .g-,Q xx . Q . K S , , f m Tri 1.1 KN QQ w h.- ' ,zi kf ' i I 'sfvfg X Q ' wt 1- . f -1. , f f A nl N K . x 5 v K 9. 's QQ-3' 41 'pu -S U09 1 fi: ,Y x f"" b- . 'N 'Xia Q ya 'U .QQ .he W o V 9 D a HEALTH RELATED SCHOOL OF HEALTH REL TED PROFESSIONS FACULTY THOMAS E. FREELAND, PH.D. Dean, School of Health Related Prof. BOBBIE C. WARD, M.N. Chairman, Dental Hygiene if 0 I 0 ' ' J , ,,',k if ' ii I ffw?,q,f Q ' ' ,, ,IACQIQELIN WHITMORE, B.S. Chairman, Medical Record Administration lf ff' "'-. ' CARL C. EVERS, NLD. Acting Chairman, Cytotechnology 013 FRANCES H. FREEMAN. B.S. Chairman, Medical Technology NEVA CREENWALD. NI.S.P.H. Chairman. Physical Therapy C?-I 2 X :fi C v N-if hm nz: . 1 5 149, an C' Q ' W ui ir' ......-. A s ROY D. WILSON, M.D. Acting Chairman, Nurse Anesthesiology A. WALLACE CONNERLY. SR., NLD. Acting Chairman, Respiratory Therapy ,lt T A 'K A 9 'I 4, f . Q . . QA . ' wji X X 'fEi"g. DENTAL HYCIENE SR. CLASS OFFICERS: Denise Nlarascalco. Sec.-Treas.g Merrill Russell. Pres.. Tommy Rose. Vice Pres.g Amy Hall. Re- presentative fe DENTAL HYGIE E SE IORS .Iaqueline Alexander Madison, Ms Martha Anne Baggett Jackson, Ms Dennis E. Brumfield McComb, Ms Debra Lynn Frayer Brandon, Ms Nina Goodman Jackson, Ms Amy Faye Hall Grenada, Ms Judy Mae Ladner Purvis, Ms Denise Marascalco Greenville, Ms Q! L, 4 ...JW st , y x I wi Sandra McDaniel Pickens, Ms Cynthia Metzger Panama City, Fla Cathy Middlebrook Jackson, Ms Catherine Podlin Gulfport, Ms Marie Robertson Jackson, Ms Rosemary Robinson Columbus, Ms Tommy Rose Jackson, Ms Betsy Ross Whitfield, Ms Merrill Russell Columbus, Ms Barbara Sanders Jackson, Ms Nancy Shivers Pearl, Ms Joedde Simmons Jackson, Ms 'Q' 'lux x , . YM? I i l 1-A QM fa git X Y f I 3' I 'ei .V P v a , . ,, if fb ,u SENIURS -e"f7 Evalin Claire Smith Vicksburg, Ms Paula Stewart Raymond, Ms Mary Cathryn Stroud Lambert, Ms ,lulia Ann Williams Columbus, Ms Catherine E. Worthy Jackson, Ms Z 2 1' 134 at . va-A fx f. DE TAL I-IYGIE UNIURS R X xJ -'f":l f'f 3 -. f J Q.. .. f ,I , 4 . ' ef - ,V S f Af 4 V ' Q n P I -ati A 'T-5" I vp ., ' .' 5215: - J"IPx Elizabeth Ann Adams Natchez, Ms fllary Chisolm Starkville, .Us Donna Clinton Hattiesburg, Ms Nancy Cook Vicksburg, Ms Kathleen Donald Port Gibson, Ms Polly Ann Earp jackson, Ms Laurie Susan Ellis Carrollton, tMs Dinah Forrest McComb, Ms Jody Dee Harris Jackson, Ms Sherry Lynn Hudson Columbus, ills Cynthia Ketchum Yazoo City, Ms Melanie Kinchen Jackson, Ms Teresa Liberto Grenada, Ms Bethany Lindsey Sidon, Ms Laurie Morgan Jackson, Ms DENT HYGIE UNIORS ,IUNIUR CLASS OFFICERS: Kathleen Donald, Vice Pres., Beth Lindsey, Sec.-Treas., Jody Harris, Representative, Teresa Liberto, Pres. ig Q ,KCI AMERICAN DENTAL HYGIENISTS ASSUC.: .Ioedde Simmons, l'res.g Dinah Forrest, Vice Pres.g Rosemary Robinson, See.-Treas., Catherine Podlin, Sr. Rep., Lau- rie flflorgan, jr. Rep. so rel S AS' Shannon Myers Kosciusko, Ms. Marguerite Nolan Yazoo City, Ms. Elizabeth Partlow jackson, ills. Mary Beth Pinner Vicksburg, AMS. Kellie Richardson Amite, La. Terri Yates Clinton, ills. XM! I1 . EDICAL RECORDS SENIORS Anne Bates Baton Rouge, La. Sarah Beckham Leland, Ms. Diana Clanton jackson, Ms. Karen Cooley Ellisville, Ms. Pam Cox Greenville, Ms. JoAnn Ellis Port Gibson, Ms. Lisa Gore Vicksburg, Ms. Cindy Lane Grenada, Ms. Cathy Lang DeKalb, Ms. Debra May fllendenhall, ills. Sheila MciVIinn Water Valley, .Ms. Charlene Montague Biloxi, Ms. ,Ioy Tomlinson Tupelo, Ms. Frances Wadlington Sledge, Ms. Sally Webb Oxford, Ms. ' l llis -.4 'fai l N4 E G ssllissqs, , 5 I l A We AE .., K G r if R - .L f sf 16' 5 ' C In ,w ess EDIC Debbie Hardin Jackson, Ms. Dianne Harris Greenville, Ms. Irish Harris Starkville, Ms. Cynthia johnson Batesville, Ms. Paula Johnston Stringer, Ms. Jeanette Jones Carthage, Ms. Cynthia Leverette State Line, Ms. Charmaine Mosby Washington. M Marsha Nestor Bruce, Ms. l Panesha W alker Columbus, Ms. Angela Ward Silver Creek, Ms Debbie Wroten Decatur, Ms. ? M 111 ww EDIC L TECH OLOGY SENIURS Angie Alyea illadison, Ms. Debra Carter Amory, Ms. Beverly Clark Clarksdale, ills. Brenda Ellzey Florence, Ms. C. Marcus lkner Jackson, ills. Marion McNeal Lauderdale, ills. Michael T. Miller Jackson, ills. Debbie Rowell Laurel, ills. Denise Spurlock Shaw, ills. Ramona Kay Strong Bay Springs, ills. Regina Terry 4llcComb, ills. UNIORS J p...-" X 11 fe, I 3. ' Q? , M Parveen Ather Jackson, Ms. Ethel Cain Liberty, JIS. Wanda Draughdrill Bassfield, NIS. W'andalyn Fields Jleridian, ,Ms. Sharon Harper Yazoo City, Ms. Edna Hayes Natchez, JIS. Carolyn McFarland Pachuta, AVIS. Esther Stephney Clarksdale, Ms. Rose Young Jackson, JIS. 'Wh Nu -V NURSE ANESTHESIOLUGY SENIORS Charles Arnold Pearl, Ms. Garry Bray Columbus, Ms. Michael Clark flleadville, Ms. Robert Coleman Greenville, Ms. Robert Hanley Lawton, Okla. Sibyl Harrington Richton, Ms. Donna Hinton Bay Springs, Ms. Davis Hutto Clara, flls. Russell Lewis Blytheville, ,'lIs. Dan Nlilloy Hattiesburg, Ms. Jerry Scott .Meadville, Ms. Kenneth Sutton Tulsa, Okla. 13 Q r A I 3. M Q Q ' Q Q X 2 . M1 X Q ii m g is 5' , EQ : L.- as :" X 6 A X X W fx f 'K N B . ' 4. L-. f- - 'IC A w "k' 1 P -. .. ,1 .. Q 495 I J U IDRS Becky Alexander Cleveland, Ms. Donald Bridges Jackson, ills. Sam Feltman flleridian, Ms. Tamara Ford Jackson, Ms. Karen Freeman Nladison, Ms. Mark Cremillon Cottonport, La. Jimmy Meeks Jackson, Ms. Becky Parker Americas, Ca. Buddy Perkins Via Waterproof, L Phillip Putnam Madison, Ms. Bert Bomine Sunflower, ills. Frederick Smith Jackson, Wfs. uw ws., ..... . 'Y 1 f ...m .. ., , HA' ysiea Therapy Seniors Kathleen L. Baldovin Tupelo, JIS. Linda Biggers Corinth, NIS. ,ludy Burchfield Wiggins, Ms. Bernice Calvert jackson, JUS. Betsy Clements Amory, Ms. Nancy ,lane Crandall Pieayune, Ms. Cathy Edwards Jackson, JIS. Karl Edwards Crauiford, llls. Stephen Candy Hattiesburg, Ms. Sissy Gardner Greenville, glls. Sammy D. Gordon Cleveland, Ms. "Ov, 4"'? 1 X. I7 Z ef? 5 xi . 9 . ii f Simian X A.: ,gr Seniors Donna lleptinstall Laurel, JIS. Donna Minis Jackson, Hs. Anne Newton Jackson, Ms. Corrine Queen jaelcson, Ms. Mary Ratliff Vicksburg, Hs. Ingrid Rea Tupelo, JIS. Sherry Teer Jleridian, Hs. Eunice Terrell Smithville, Ms. Kimberly Turner Benton, Hs. Pamela Turner Belzonia, Hs. William Woodall Jackson, JIS. Y., Blulmmi -- I 1- -- -J PHYSIC L THER PY JU IORS .. 6 Debra Kay Albert Fulton, JIS. Paula K. Azlin Leland, ills. Robin Barrentine Jackson, WIS. Patricia Bush Laurel, ,'lIs. Wallace Cresswell Grenada, Ms. Debra Daniel Oxford, ills. Melissa Dunn Philadelphia, Hs. llaryjo Fulton Louisville, Ms. Pam Calloway Yazoo City, ills. Lynn llilliard Jackson, JIS. Barbara Jones .'lIr'Comb, ills. Deborah jones Flora, JUS. Eugene Loper Jackson, Ms. Sara NlcFarling Amory, Ms. eieiee D n at Q '- . wp, A NK V, - .. -1. 5 ll -1 . - K K 5 Q' A.. A-Q K " X .. . 1 ' X L X ' I K: K 3 . . x . i'-. D1 .. . Q if . bg 1 Y F fti' L 5 e'hf- 1 Q I .. . , N e i p a K' - Q, , i enle neea """1 ' ff ab K . a af s'-Q9 I . K ,.x- z L , .. R29 'S ' 1 ' .4 1 X f 33, 55 1 I 3 'L 'I f L 1 . f Hi if ,N e .5 if Q :af Q A 1 Br ik" ,. .337 I-fi ' 5' ? iiii P ' 5 Fw k.,. N ii X i, . V M f 1 1 l 5' I. 5 Ada Ruth Ralston Gautier, ills. 4 i 2 Ramona Gail Ridley Summit, Ms. Michael E. Sherman Hattiesburg, Ms. Jeanne Smith Pascagoula, Ms. Lee Beth Smith Florence, Ms. Nancy Stewart Laurel, Ms. Sue Ann Sullivan Jackson, Ms. Elizabeth Wellford Jackson, Ms. Paula Wenger Jackson, Ms. Saundra Renee Willis Tupelo, Ms. Mae Douglass Yarbrough Cleveland, NIS. 1 if 1 N RADIOLUGIC TECH OLOGY Karen Blackwell Taylorsville, Ms. Terry l.. Cummins Pearl, Ms. llava Edwards Brandon, Ms. john Findlay Hattiesburg, JIS. Dennis Franzen Biloxi, Ms. ,luliv Harmon Pulaski, BIS. Robert Higgenbotham Sliuqualak, JMS. Karl D. jones Levy, ills. llhonda Nlcflravey Biloxi, ills. Tc-rvas Patterson Slate' Springs, .Ms. Pam Sinclair Louisville, Ms. Pal Sinclair louisville, .lIs. Kvvin W2 W'yall Greenrille, Ms. yd' nl I 'v,,,f - 1 fr? E sf ' 'T:s:. tm , X - Q X X sf x Qs. s 6 'WBQ x x 5 Q J Ill RESPIR TORY THERAPY l '-:- '- '-:- f- ,,.. A kk,V. . 1 .. , Q Q t X X, we 4 Qi. :ip- 1215 - . 5 S 1 i 2 il ig Anthony Green jackson, Ms. Charlotte Hester Maben, Ms. Karen Howell Mize, Ms. Phyllis Ollie Canton, AMS. Rochelle Ollie Canton, HWS. Sharon Shelton Gulf Port, ills. Rhonda Sneed .Uarl-cs, Ms. Primus Wheeler Webb, Ms. '17 wh. .x , esif 'f - l 1' .. - , ' sv,-' 1 CYTGTECH ULOGY M Scott Harrell Pelahatchte Us ! ,lackilyn I james Bentonla Us i sf? N U ' Q. X tc 4 i , , r ,ff ff S O 0 f cv 0 c MEDICINE ,, SCI-IOUL UF EDICI E 5 179' W if if A Above: RICHARD C. MILLER, M.D. Asso- ciate Dean Above: CARL C. EVERS, M.D. Associate Dean, Academic Affairs Below: JAMES D. HARDY, M.D. Professor and Chairman Dept of Surgery ,jggqnnlli ,ff -. . L ,..e ,fx ss. x 'X , H Above: JOSEPH L. ARCENEAUX, Ph.D. Assis- tant Dean, Student Affairs g..n+-v-'f'4"",-fe-V+ , . - 1 Above: ROY D. WILSON, M.D. Professor and Chairman Dept. of Anesthesiology Below: ROBERT R. SMITH, M.D. Professor and Chairman Dept. of Neurosurgery CLI ICAL FACULTY Below: ROBERT D. SLOAN, M.D. Professor and Chairman Dept. of Radiology Below: WILFRED R. GILLIS, M.D. Professor and Chairman Dept. of Family Medicine MQJIIB 3,,,g9,,ImAiw VV Fixx FIX, f gf lk D og,',?'lg'.Tf EDICI E CLI ICAL F C LTY QM!-'it' 'CMM 41 Above: ROBERT D. CURRIER, M.D. Professor and Chairman, Dept. of Neurology Above: HARPER K. HELLEMS, M.D. Professor and Chairman Dept. of Medicine X rs Y of is Above: BLAIR E. BATSON, M.D Professor and Chairman Dept. of Pediatrics , si? ' ., V., 1 -ii 8. 4 I , 'J . if .,.- ,,.,1t g2zff'w" 1 ' R R... - -wtf x 1 Uggw ,V Right: WINFRED L. WISER, NLD. Professor and Chair- man Dept. of Obstetrics Q Gynecology Left: WARREN N. BELL, M.D. Professor and Chairman Dept. of Clinical and Laboratory Sciences Len: EDGAR DRAPER, M.D. man Dept. of Psychiatry Professor and Chair- fT '7'7' " ' I-HJUSE STAFF ,P PEDIATRICS - I , f S K. v K 1 1 l - A f XL ff kk T xv x. N I X f LQ f 1 - 'i "'-l""'m X 4, X 'H -Q. M... , kA M . 4 W E f,""' .,, 1 V 0hffJ,,Iuf . if ! 6 ?'qkW gijftji Y QF Ig 'W 3 SURGERY H 49, 10 6 Ph ' , il ref . K K' ' 'H' ' ,X QQ K V M22 aw 1 E 2 f. .fu 'R - xA? E K 1, 5 Qs' 'UT 3: .- 'x X .NN X Q X "-lun, di Fw X K A xi? K , K 1 . 4. in, R fi. Q k - - X- J J' ' ' 1 f L I I AV ,as -O L. lf' f :-, --:QW -3 ri, , N H fp X A 0 X 1 bi, 'W Si' K 'Hr K 9 I ,, o 4 1 X AAA SENIORS v i f . X. igif R x , 1 , , 4 X 4, SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS: Terry Jackson, Vice Prcs.g Sid Crosby, Curriculum Committeeg Barbara Proctor, Sec.-Treas.g Don Marascalco, Pres. Q-,L I Alllll I I cfm EDWARD FLOYD MICHAEL RAINER ALDRIDGE AMBROSE Jackson, Ms. Columbus, Ms. Plctured. Mlke ROBERT THOMAS BAILLY Jackson, Ms. Pictured: Robert and family TIMOTHY DALE ASHLEY jackson Ms fx M, ' 'Q . lsr it , ss THX XX A, , K1 GEORGE CHRISTOPHER DUDLEY ATKIN BALL BARINGER Jackson, Ms. Jackson, Ms. Plctured. Chrls Pictured. Dudley SENIURS SUSAN LEVINE BESSER GREGORY BREDEMEIER jackson, Ms. Jackson, Ms. Pictured: Jamie, Haley and Greg -, I3 xg- Su, DAVID E. BRISTER JAMES C- BRISTER Collins, Ms. Pearl, Ms. Pictured: David and Ghirpy Piclllfedf Naflcya Chfislaa Chick Skip, Angela, Bonnie and Dana SENIORS RONALD A BULLOCK Jackson, Ms. Pictured: Ronnie and Brenda i t RICHARD JERRY BURKETT Hattiesburg, Ms. Pictured: Libby and Jerry WALTER M BURNETT HARRY LYLE BUTLER Hattiesburg MS Pictured Walter and Marllyn Eupora Ms Pictured Harry and Donna SE IORS .IOHN BOUSTANY ROBERT WAYNE BUTTROSS CALCOTE Canton, Ms. Natchez, MS. Pictured: Paula and John Pictured: Robert WILLIAM RAY ERIC CONRAD CARLSON CALLENDER, JR. Vicksburg, Ms. Liberty, Ms. Pictured: Eric, Tuba and Pictured: Ray, Bonnie and Metro Ray III SENIURS CYNTHIA LIBBY CASPER ROBERT BECKWITH McComb, Ms. CASPER Pictured: Bob and Cindy Jackson, Ms. Pictured: The Brook fri. F: CHARLES DAVID DEWEY WEY CHIN CESARE Cleveland, Ms. Ridgeland, Ms. Pictured. Dewey Pictured: Ernie, Charles David, Charles, Dawn, Debbie 5 .n,,,,.k 1'f ' ' 11" . I as K SE IDRS REBECCA LYNNE THOMAS SAMUEL CLEMMONS COCHRAN, JR. jackson, Ms. Jackson, Ms. Pictured: Wl'ree" Pictured: Mary, Tommy and Susan at Colden Gate Bridge WILLIAM HUBERT JAMES RALPH LOLTHARP LRANFORD Jackson, Ms. Jackson, Ms. Pictured: Will, Mary Pictured: Ralph Hunter and 6D0c' ff SENIORS WILLIAM FIELDINC PHYLLIS MANSOUR CRAVEN CREWS Grenada Ms. Greenville, Ms Pictured Bill and nephew, Pictured: Phyllis and Tom THOVIAS MATTHEW SIDNEY SIM CROSBY CREWS Jackson, Ms Jackson Ms. Pictured: Sid Kay and Pictured Tom and Phyllis Caleb SE IORS ALVIN DARBY NANCY CONLEY DAVIS Laurel Ms Florence Ms Pictured Alvin Pictured Nancy Jerry Brenna and Flame WILLIAM LEE DAVIS Jackson, Ms. WILLIAM EDWARD DAVIS III Natchez, Ms. Pictured: Eddie SEN IORS THOMAS WAYNE DAY SAM JOSEPH DENNY, JR. Jackson, Ms. Jackson, Ms. Pictured: Wayne and Pictured: Sam Wendy ' if if , 7,- 4t, N. 1 1 V7 THOMAS CRAIG DERIAN JOHN DEE DIAL Jackson, Ms. Braxton, Ms. Pictured: Craig Pictured: John, Judy and Heather in b. , M I E 1 SE IORS LINDA LOUISE ERWIN BENJAMIN PERRY FOLK, Jackson, Ms. IH Pictured: Linda and Margie JUCICSOH, MS- Pictured: Ben :Xxx ! -3-K-- fx i JOHN STEVEN FOX JOSEPH PAUL FRINDIK Jackson, .Ms. Crystal Springs, ills. Pictured: John, Debra, Pictured: Paul, Judy and Whitney, Erin, and friend Sarah SEN IDRS GLEN BLAISE GATIPON Brandon, Ms. Pictured: Glenn and Lynne Al 9 . F , . .J I' " 'Iva f' M 1 Q, A' ff, 1 ' . M W' , U L ' 2 A Q WILLIAM HARRY GIBSON Jackson, Ms. Pictured: Harry, Mynette, Scot, and Bonnie Bess if W.. A ' I -gsgv Q 'ff Q 9 y 5 f D I Rxwwi R 14 I A DAVID MARK GILDER ARTHUR LAMAR GLAZE Hattiesburg, Ms. Jackson, Ms. Pictured: David and Sharon Pictured: Lamar 1 s ,J f 1 SE IORS JEFFREY HENRY DANIEL STEVEN GLOVER COLDMAN .If1CkS0Yl, MS- Tunica, Ms. PiCllll'6d! and Pam Piclurgdg Dan Buffy and Booties Moonlighting 'Eff JULIAN K. GRAFTON, JR. TANITH MARLYN Laurel, Ms. GRAHAM Pictured: Hope and Ken Ridgeland, Ms. Pictured: Tanith and Nami SENIORS .. ,,, WALTER LOUIS GREEN DAVID NOEL Ruth Ms GREENHAW Plctured Walt and Kathy Wheeler Ms Pictured Davld Beverly Bart and Leigh-Leigh A Q A My .. fe V qllv "ff-ifv -l My X a ELIZABETH MOSBY KATHERINE POYNER CRIMES HARDY Jackson, Ms. Jackson, Ms. Pictured: Betsy Pictured: Louie, Kaky and Bach I BAK: 415 45,394 1:7 SE IORS ROBERT ORCAIN STEVEN DOUGLAS HARDY, Il HARRIS Columbus, Ms. Hattiesburg, Ms. Pictured: Helen, Nick, Pictured: Steve and Eric, Brian, Rob Machine Not pictured: Elvis Costello, Woodrow Wilson "IV"-A My JOHN LEONARD HERZOC WILLIAM DAVID Raymond, Ms. HEWITT Pictured: John Jackson, MS- Piclured: David and Becky SENIORS JOHN BROWNLEE RHONDA SUE HILLMAN HICKS, lll Neely, Ms. Lollifla Ms. Pictured: Rhonda Pictured: ,Ian and John 'QM' CARL AUCUSTUS HOUCK SHELBY CHASE HOWELL Hattiesburg, Ms. Clarksdale, Ms. Pictured: Carl and Marsha Pictured: Gloria and Shelby SEN IORS JACK GRAHAM HUDSON DAVID PRESTON Jackson, Ms. HUCCINS Pictured: ,lack and Charla Jackson, Ms. Pictured: David and Jill L5 RANDALL TOOMBS ROBERT B. IRELAND, HULING, JR. ' JR. Jackson, Ms. Jackson, Ms. Pictured: Randall, Barbara Pictured: Robert III, Lynn and Buster and Bob SE IDRS THDMAS ASHBY RICHARD TERRY IRELAND JACKSON Clinton, Ms. Vicksburg, Ms. Pictured: Tom, .lan and Pictured: Terry and Sharon Tom Jr. if 2:7 Q, . I! WARREN KEITH JAMES RONALD ARMOND Jackson, Ms. JENKINS Pictured: Warren, Leigh Jackson, Ms. and Erin Pictured: Ron 'E+'-4 J, S , 3 V. it , ik, SENIORS BOBBY YOUNG JOE JOHN JEFFREY Clarksdale, Ms. JOHNSON Pictured: Bobby Jackson, Ms. Pictured: John and Sadia AW WORD M. JOHNSTON SAMUEL JONES, JB. Mt. Olive Winona, Ms. Pictured! Word alld R0bill Pigtul-ed: Sam A A-'if' i f SENIORS MARY GAIL .IORDAN Leland, Ms. Pictured: Gail X I' . ' X,-'K -...,,,,! I , 'ew A ' i, ' +. W ,. .V t . Q"-K, I . 5 L gd- -Q ,fx N' A x RALPH CARLTON - KAHLER Hattiesburg, Ms. Pictured: Ralph ERE' .I. WILLIAM KELLY Oxford, Ms. JOEL MARTIN KNIGHT Ocean Springs, Ms. Pictured: Bill Pictured: Fat Cat his rili In SENIORS JAMES COCHRAN KOLB ROBERT EARL KYNERD Clinton, Ms. Jackson, Ms. Pictured- Jimmy Pictured. Bobby 'NJ X 3 Q AQ UQ Q ,f in 3'-5' gf ADRON KEITH LAY HARVEY PAUL Bay Springs, Ms. LEBLANC, JR. Pictured: Keith, Marsha, Greenville, Ms. and jessica Pictured: Paul, Nancy and Shadow SENIORS JOHN WILLIAM LEWIS ROBERT LATANE LEWIS Rosedale, Ms. Woodville, Ms. Pictured: Becky, Bill, john Pictured: Bob, Kathy, Tai III, and Courtney and Boo . . 4 Xt T., NX ' ,W '14-,, - .- sz., 1' ,L . 5 ' N .f,,,,,, ' - - ' r-. ting-m:-' -, -' ' "- ' - -1, 'Z ' 2, , ., vs., 4: V 1 4 ---.....,- -'-r' : 4--.rfb - is f'--h i 1,4 v .. lx ' WI D 5 .4Q.f49i9.,5 ' 2231: ,, BH 1 -3 - at 6 I . r as . .1 , , lb' ' -ex, ,'. ff auf...s ROGER CHARLES LIND, MARC JOSEPH MAJURE Loutsvtlle Ms Jackson, Ms. Pictured: Marc Majure at Pictured: Susan, Kristen, home in C0d's country Chip and Champ SE IORS KAREN ANN HAMMOND ROBERT AMORY MALLETTE MALLETTE Foxworth, Ms. Jackson, Ms. Pictured: Karen Pictured: Mary and Bob, Bois Blanc Island, Mich., Aug. 1980 JR. Greenwood, Ms. Pictured: Abe ABE JOHN MALOUF, DON EDWARD IVIARASCALCO Clarksdale, Ms. Pictured: Beth, D and Dusty 'lb- 3 , ,, - ,... - .. ,, ., gg, on, Tricia J fb cd 1.5 5 x ..- .,,,1! -Q? A i ' I MICHAEL GREGORY MAY REYNOLDS PARK Florence, Ms. MCCAIN Pictured: Mike and Marcia Okolona, Ms. Pictured: Reynolds, Marguerite and Elizabeth il 1 AA We X WILLIAM M. MCGOUGH, Greenville, Ms. Mu Momswlw WILLIAM H. MCCLATCHY Red Banks, Ms. Pictured: Billy and ,Ioan X 44 We ,. Ni 95" SENIORS MARCIA LYNN MCKEE NANCY LYNN Jackson, Ms. MCMULLEN Pictured: Marcia and B0 Eupora, Ms. Pictured: Nancy 4 1 7 ' ' 1 X GREGORY WADE TERRENCE JOHN MERRITT MILLETTE Jackson, Ms. Moss Point, Ms. Pictured: Leslie and Greg Pictured: Trudy and Terry 1 3 f, 5 'Za Q , SENIORS JUDITH CAROL JOHN ELLIS MOFFITT MILSTEAD Jackson, Ms. Jackson, Ms. Pictured: John and Pictured: Judy consultants 2 S THOMAS WHITE KEITH CORNELL MOSES MONTGOMERY McComb, MS- Greenville, Mg, Pictured: Sandra, Damion, Pictured. Tom and Cindy and Kelih PAUL BRIDGES MLRPHREE, JR. Shelby Ms Pictured. Paul, Lauren and M Sharon CAROLINE ROBERTS NORMAN Kosciusko, Ms. l ...' -1 iknus--"" T fri' .pa J' MICHAEL O,BOYLE ELLIS HILTON O,NEAL Hattiesburg, Ms. Greenville, Ms. Pictured: Marcia, Bill and Pictured: Hilton and Amy Michael "-'Htl-I SEN IORS OVERSTREET Amory, Ms. Jackson, Ms. Pictured. Frank and Sylvia Pictured: Kane, Raymond, Wade and Karen !"5f 'L . if W W ' , n mfr .'l ,. W? 7? bf' X HERMAN TALMADCE ARTHUR WADE PARKER PALMER Columbus Ms Baldwyn Ms Plctured Wade and Kathy Pncturedz H T. Laura jo, Roger, Lucy and Rusty SE IORS PRENTISS MORRIS PAUL MARION PAVLOV PARSONS Ocean Springs, Ms. Stewart, Ms. Pictured: Paul at home Pictured: Morris and Karen 731-32' 'Sl ,P EMILY SMITH PENDER PAUL GALEY PHELPS Jackson, Ms. Columbus, Ms. Pictured. John Pictured. Paul and Patrice SE IORS WILLIAM EDWIN ROBERT EDWARD POWELL POWERS Waynesboro, Ms. Greenwood, Ms. Pictured: Ed, Jennifer, Pictured: Robert Amy and Alana. Thanks to Pat, Louise, B.A. and O.A. BARBARA JAN PROCTOR JAMES STEPHEN Jackson, Ms. PURDON Pictured: Barbara and Guy Oxford, Ms. Pictured: Dixie, Elizabeth, Steve, Sam and Claire at home in Oxford. 149' xl SAX SENIORS THOMAS JOSEPH SHIRLEY E. REDDOCH PUTNAM Vicksburg, Ms. Jackson Ms Pictured Shirley Pictured Joe Pam and Sam 'o 1. ii A .p Q r- 4 v L 1 LARL SWAYZE RIGBY ETHEL STAPLES ROSE Vicksburg, Ms. Rosedale, Ms. Pictured: Swayze and jill Pictured: Ethel and Julian 'JP N 1 5 ,. ' .732 ,Q 'A -6 .31fg H , , O 1 My , W B " 1 . 'f Ms' ii H ' I 1 -.K Q ,. QS, n . is-u-0.-,qi s'.--' ' il? ,J Q., f 1 YU 5 471 i SEN IDRS DENNIS WAYNE STEPHEN KIRK SENTER ROWLEN Belmont, Ms. Eupora, Ms. Pictured: ,lane and Steve Pictured: Dennis and Kim 1 SE IDRS DEBORAH STEPP THOMAS NICHOLS SKELTON SKELTON Jackson, Ms. Jackson, Ms. Pictured: Debbie and Tom Pictured: Tom and Debbie , ,,, - ,,,,,-f 1 SENIORS RICHARD HAROLD C. LAUREN MORSE SMITH SPILLMAN Petal Ms. Madison Ms. Pictured. Sharon and Rick Pictured. May, Bo, Lauren, Scott and T0oT0o X K THOMAS ENOS EARL LEE STEWART STANFORD, JR. Natchez, Ms. Tupelo, Ms. Pictured: Earl and Patrick Pictured: Tom, Dale, Grant and Tchula 'F SENIORS MICHAEL OWEN MARY MARGARET STODDARD STUBBS Wleridian, Ms. Rolling Fork, Ms. Pictured: Mike and Angel Pictured: Margaret and Oro 7'l 'et-Q. RICHARD LEROY RALPH TAYLOR SLMMERS Charleston Ms Gulfport Ms Pictured Ralph 'VV Pictured Richard WM! Qu Elizabeth and Marla ,I K Elizabeth K Y .4-1 SENIORS EVALINE JANE PHILIP STANLEY THOMPSON TRAVIS Jackson, Ms. Blue Mt., Ms. Pictured: Evaline and Pictured: Philip, Karen Elaine and Bethany X I Q , . I i -.LF-12-lb. ik' JERRY LEE WALDEN CHERESE DANIELLE Ripley, Ms. WARD Pictured: ,lerry Greenville, Ms. Pictured: Cherese and Willie SENIORS SAMUEL BRADLEY WILLIE LEE WELLS WELCH Waynesboro, Ms. Corinth, Ms. Pictured: Willie and Rose Pictured: Sam, Karen and Marie Mary Lee BL ,A , s x 'fi-xx.: 1 '- . -i , , ,,.:. - - --' Q ,A ,ge'+'f-M' -WW? w i A fig?-f5'aQ5ii' . , 'B ' ' . :i.s::'T5gif1ff 1: " ' ,- .. :A - I L w f : .t. A. 'Q xg af.: 4 A, 1-fer ff- fx-21:5 .1-:Y ' . H, . 5: 'T mvavng .44 K A, ww. ,r .,,,,, A d .,, ,VXI-A , , zwgfii wwe- Q '. : '97 .' L 1. fa? bf f s- -4313, " sffiiiitf A Y if fi?-f" ygsi15.e a?e:n.,L ,,,k:,3,,. 1153! '- '-Vue' 'I 4: eff ME 1 J ,s:'.., it 5-R z., J e. - lm, 5' .5 9, K kyjrsmzg 33,15 . :sw + -wr , ff fu 1 - fa. ' B i fFf'w'f"'f: f, I:2?Z"L-535' st. BRADLEY V. WILLIAMS Jackson, Ms. Pictured: Brad, Vickie and Sam . 'BIA 3 NATHAN ARTHUR WILLIAMSON Laurel, Ms. Pictured: Nathan and Diantha Having Fu nl SENIORS JAMES PERRY WILSON WILLIAM EDWARD YOE Meridian, Ms. 'Vew Albany Ms Pictured: Jimmy Plctured Eddle ,Illl and CAROL FRANCES ZIMMERMAN Clinton, Ms. Pictured: Carol fn 2 4 ' vm 1 z 1 f r :W ' V lv ' Q H 6 W ' 5 , Y f W 1 4, - ,u ,gf 5-. , If I --K, 1 ,,u,,, 4 NW .L ,f-, if . H. 6' V ww-HM1 f A , f Q . , fr yn 5 . . 1 '-YU' . - .. E - 1 "'."1Il' fi X vsfffbrrx' ' M A ff , mi ,, V, XX 3 i ' ' 9 firf 2 1 , Y L S 6 ' A bf .3 b ii .X .1 23 - I was ,, ,sr ,,,,6,W Wm 2 ,pl X QQ 4, . x 'Mm mlhfn? QQYT in SN.. IQ' 5 4 i Ps, .h X f Lflr . ai 5 ' if if .Q fi' ' JY J , Q' 'ff Q 'Y Q f Q 5 K E, Q up S ' f , S 3 X if f g W gf 'S 'fam-M-. gr 5 Q Y e i gf y a 1' n Hg, sf! si 35 ' ' if fuk is in E Q kg 1 fi ,iv ? , is fi if XE fi .li K I, Nh an ! ,f V 1 'f 131 4 iw-f"'A VA ' :.i Zffvhf, Mg may i I Q QW, lv ag" Xi X Yikvnvsu 1 ,df 8 junior Class Officers: Ped Hooper, Cur riculum Committeeg Kathy Sessums, Pres.g Johnny Sparrow, Sec.-Treas. fnot picturedj Wade Dowell, Vice Pres G' AND jmmtln uv-..-V ,L. ,.-U I gMS e 3 ' 1 'y las V N 1 Z2 AX M ' Q X i f ep XX x FM X-fs ,,!""' X ' JA A -ais Paul Abide a s1s" X olgiig Greenville, Ms. .LL- X ' Q. Sherry Alcorn 1- D Q Ifamesbufg, MS. eo B i gs, Tim Allen ' Jackson, Ms. Steve Audenaert Gulfport, Ms. Pete Avara Pasragoula, Ms. Mary Bean Jarlfson, ,lls. Barbara Biggs Jackson, ills. Andrew Bishop Decatur, llls. Michael Boler Union, ills. Scott Boswell Noxapater, Ms. Tim Boyd Jayess, llls. ,I. Arthur Brown Aberdeen, Ms. Kurt Bruckmeier llleridian, Ms. W. David Burnett Clinton, Ms. Dudley Burwell Indianola, Ms. 1 P W x X, P wr x xo f E ,....,. . ,,. N - X l 50 Cain, Louis Ray Jackson, Ms Hugh Caldwell Indianola, Ms Bob Campbell Vicksburg, Ms Troy Cappleman Dumas, Ms Danny Carey Pascagoula, Ms Michael Chancellor Carthage, Ms Mack Cheney Jackson, Ms Jimmy Chism Fulton, Ms Lisa Harper Clark Greenwood, Ms Wayne Cockrell Pascagoula, Ms Bill Cook Jackson, Ms Dell Crosby Jackson, Ms f' ,I - 'if--it fix? 1 I .--f mf- a S, ':s5'?2f4gf: T X-35 , as I X is 12 X i Q. lg .ac -6. sf 9 UN IORS -5""l 'ik 9 4 I2 'D' In Q 5: av' 'N r., c YL' ! 3 ya, J 4 x no P? ,A Q 4...-an re X Cindy Crowe Jackson, Ms Les Cunningham Jackson, Ms Phil Dean Gautier, Ms J. William Donohoe jackson, Ms Brian Donovan Hattiesburg, Ms Wade Dowell Moorhead, Ms David Duddleston Jackson, Ms Patricia Dudley Meridian, Ms Frank England Jackson, Ms I5 l. Harrison Evans Shuqualak, Ms Donald Faucett Canton, Ms Roland Garrison Jackson, Ms Robert Lee Giffin Louisville, Ms Catherine Gleason Jackson, Ms Raymond Gordon Jackson, Ms Randall Hankins Raleigh, Ms JU IORS 1,3 R , gf K' ' - fe' 7 as 4 Q - ,za 4 Donna Harrington "'a H V "'? if 'q , f i'f Ocean Springs, Ms ilill A A Z ' V 5 David Harris iii 5 , A V Greenwood, Ms -1 V G ,,,, , V,' V ,,,V V A Melissa Harvey W C H ' 4, V ' Ruleville, Ms il' Nc, X Brenda Peyton Hines V Yazoo City, Ms Pleasant Hooper f C, Columbus, Ms W ictor Horn Houston, Ms M. Glenn Hunt Jackson, ills 152 Q, fl '?'94. -1 ima . is 5:4 1, A va E.. I N ,C ,M Hfbww J WW , Q., 7 X K I V .: ,,,,, M W V 'Rr 5 . J Wf,Q ,23N3'W if 9 y Coy Irwin Canton, AWS Glenn James Laurel, JIS Leonard Alan Johnson Tupelo, Ms Thomas Edward Joiner Greenwood, Ms Robert Evans Jones Crystal Springs, Ms Ken Kerut Picayune, Ms Richard Duane Key Corinth, .WS 3 mt .rf psf if X 'fl 2' 2,411 9-V ll ,M f 'Agxnglu-4 , f I ,,'3 4 '. x AT A7 , , Ji' lf 7 ,.:,,'4x ,a . 9, 4' R 375' D 4. R V, r , ,- . 2 Q f ,,.. ' '.' ,4 . ' 4 if ln ax A x NZM riviera" xg Q 153 Kc-nt Calhoun Keys Hattiesburg, Ms 5 51 X. We li . X JR fel?" Q Q X . Albert Michael Koury is MQ Leland, MS Warren Langworthy Pasragoula, .Us Su-wart Lawrence Belzoni, ,Us W:-T - .QW Q Ti 51 ,ff , k.,..+. l5l 'xg ,Sl MX X- X L 1-.l -. A 7 A :sk 9 gh .df X Q- l M 6 J " 1 I il sf ai JU IORS David fVladden Forest, Ms Charles Mangum Fayette, ills Robert Mathis Corinth, Ms Marvin lVlcCay Clinton, ills Phillip McDonald Quitman, Ms Vance fVlcKellar Hattiesburg, Ms Wlark Meeks Yazoo City, ills Bobby Mitchell Columbus, Ms Rathel Linwood Nolan lll Oxford, Ms Thomas Norsworthv Ellisville, Ms . i fii . . .,. .:,,,,, .. .. . x lgizimii Darden North Cleveland, Ms Thomas Oakes Amory, Ms Robert 0'Brien Corinth, Ms Tom Pace Monticello, Ms 1-..-mi ff if El P5 liilixzzwi, li ,X , W Q cn: 513 wi" :lm-3 James Pennington Natchez, Ms Haywood Perkins Pearl, Ms ,lohn Phillips Jackson, Ms Stephen Pinkerton Raymond, Ms Allie Lee Prater Ponotoc, Ms Richard Randolph Batesville, Ms Linda Ray Jackson, Ms Pam Reband Jackson, Ms Bruce Richards Jackson, Ms David Richardson Philadelphia, Ms Randy Savell Brookhaven, ills Steve Sentef Jackson, Ms Catherine Sessums Clinton, Ms James Shields Gautier, Ms joy Siegrist Jackson, Ms ff"'s Q ff ,Ng f-50 157 Wayne Smith Pearl, Ms. William Sorey Pearl, Ms. John Sparrow jackson, Ms. Scott Spillmann Picayune, Ms. Sara J. Switzer Purvis, Ms. Stephen Taylor Taylor, Ms. William Tew Laurel, .Ms. Darrell Thigpen Laurel, Ms. Edward Trumeper Jackson, Ms. Nlinna Ulmer Greenwood, Ms. Dexton Winn Walcott Greenville, Ms. Robert Walker Clinton, Ms. Schedell Walley Waynesboro, Ms. ,lere Weaver Tupelo, Ms. Ralph Wells Jackson, Ms. Harold Wheeler Clarksdale, ills. Kim Whittington Ocean Springs, Ms. David Williams Potts Camp, Ms. John Wooley Jackson, Ms. Cynthia Yancey Brandon, Ms. Levern Livingston Winona, Ms. 2: ia. .,,, . Q 4... in ge 4'-'L fi 1 f I 'rf 1 s ..,, . if 955 6 ,, S 1' 1 iz pn- - ,- gem--N f. If NIVERSITY MEDICAL CENTER is UASSOCIATED STUDENT BODY W. UPHO ORES Junior Class Officers: Chuck Daley, Vice Pres.g Cary Holdiness, Sec.-Treas.g Mark Ai- ken, Curriculum Commitleeg Sharpe John- son, Pres. , ff, af: I Ala K K .rv T John C. Adams Tupelo, Ms. Henry J. Aiken Jackson, Ms. Marc Aiken Starkville, Ms. Norman Keith Ashburn Clinton, Ms. Janice Bacon Natchez, Ms. James Michael Beasley Hattiesburg, Ms. Cary Bolton Clinton, Ms. Charles D. Borum Natchez, Ms. Robert D. Boyd Clinton, Ms. Jack Brand Newton, Ms. Arnold D. Bridges, Jr. Gulfport, Ms. Jeff Burnham Jarkson, Ms. William Burnham Laurel, Ms. Freda M. Bush Jackson, Ms. James Butler Jarkson, Ms. David J. Byler Jackson, Ms. Melissa A. Byram Iuka, Ms. Tommy Campbell Ruleville, Ms. james Carr Nlonticello, Ms. Michael Cirilli Greenville, Ms. is , fiiyilfl r av 4, fab I I f ' . ' SOPHO ORES B 5 ,f 4 6 K X 1.. as 4 F if N Ya 5 1 g 'BFA it l A - if :pe ,, ' in y , M 4 . I A fr-' ,Q i M Tommy Cobb Jackson, Ms. Mel Corbett Olive Branch, Ms. Howell Crawford Tylerlown, ills. Paul Crider Tuperlo, Ms. Samuel Crosby Moselle, Ms. fVlary Currier Jackson, Ms. Robert Hugh Curry Eupora, Ms. Chuck Daley Jackson, Ms. Jeffrey Davin Jarkson, .Ms. Kenneth Davis Cleveland, Ms. Bart DeLashment, ,I Jackson, Ms. Victor Dostrow Jackson, Ms. Eric Dyess Meridian, Ms. David Hakes Jackson, Ms. C. Wesley Emfinger Natehez, Ms. Chester Finley Long Beach, Ms. Steve Fletcher Clinton, Ms. W. Craig Flowers jackson, Ms. ,lan Furniss Rena Lara, Ms. Don Caddy Long Beach, Ms. Milton Gasparis Jackson, Ms. SOPHO ORES Beverly Gilder Hattiesburg, Ms. Bobby Graham Dleridian, Ms. David Graham Natchez, Ms. Betty Hales Aberdeen, Ms. Morris R. Hamilton Gulfport, Ms. Nancy S. Hardy Jackson, Ms. 4 '53 fvif.-QNX ' tv- rw -'vr- fwistk. we ... W' 5 ,mom . Ma, Q in R 'rv .:' "' , ..,- , .,, xy 162 A S ef? ,loo Mark Harris Cleveland, ills. Joe T. Harris Tupelo, QMS. David R. Hassell Laurel, Ms. Kenneth Hayman, Jr. Hattiesburg, Murdoc Henderson .Voss Point, QWS. Jeff Henneberger Pascagoula, Ms. Richard Heyer, jr. Corinth, JMS. Catherine P. Hirsch Greenville, JIS. .sw K ,R was Sr N 5 .. A . X. N I Y 4 .. 163 SOPHO ORES , A ,www 1 W ,W 164 Gary Holdiness Louisville, ills Daniel Holland glladison, QMS Kathy jackson Brandon, Ms ,lack johnson Senatobia, ills Sharpe johnson Oxford, Ms Leslie Jones Oxford, Ms Kent Keberl Jackson, Ms Lowrey King Jackson, Ms 313-nnwa--1 Chester Lake Jackson, .Vs Nelson Little Grenada, ills Chester Lott Starkville, jfs Martin Lott Hattiesburg, AWS James H. Lundy jackson, Ms Cordon Lyons Biloxi, :WS SOPHO ORES Robert F. Maddux Batesville, Ms. W. Maret Maxwell Jackson, ills Bill Nlay Waveland, Ms Barry lVlcCraw Corinth, Ms Phillip fVlcDill jackson, ills Becky McMahan Hattiesburg, Ms john McVey Jackson, lMs Joe Messina Grenada, Ms fVlark Miller Drew, Ms Carol Mitchell Plantersville, Ms Ginny Moffitt Jackson, .Ms Paula Montgomery Laurel, Ms Spencer Mooney Clarksdale, ,Ms Mitchell Myers Jackson, Ms Sammy Newell Inverness, Ms in 'Z -W 1 U--I ' Q 'S ' gg XX? I Tk K V 1, 47 ' ,f 'ff H mx ,M ' V R ff wwe. mf , " , W f . Q., ' 'N A ,,df'Wf?'lf9f5' ' -X x W2 'K' ff' 0. , My V 'KQWVQ3' 4.'4f3Z"f wiv, g nf, - ' Y' - '7' .'T ' ' "'!,,,,av' . ,,'f wg m ' .. ",' 91' -x' 'V'-, , "V 45 "5n '4 ff,',4.v'f ,Q Gff fh5'z.N" 1 f fb f pf ", 2561 'fu 1' -I V I . 7 fu: . 15,1 , , 0. I?"a5Q. g T 'W ' ff . , ffsfiqf QM VA f,N2??g,i iffy , it rf I i , wgy' 1 ,Lk M tw ey J, la Q, 3 ??,Y,',i?,Ag y , , ,,,36.g,,y ,V A - 53,4 W4 figiufys W- ff 5 , Q , L .wi z-' U ff' 1 -w 4 if 1 4 frm. , 'iff' ' 'wffivi' '5175353 '. 167 SUPHOMORES Natchez, Ms joseph Patterson Hattiesburg, Ms Michael Payment K Jackson, M V Gerard Pennington ig Jackson, ills W Steve Perry if Moss Point, Ms V Doug Phillips Laurel, ,Ms Mike Ralston Clarksdale, ills David Rees K, Jackson, Ms Mary Clare Rehak ' 7 ,S Biloxi, .WS 'Glimp- . , ' bf ... I .1 Lee Richardson Clinton, Ms james Richardson Wleridian, Ms Kenny Robbins Senatobia, Ms Robert Robbins Ellisville, Ms ,lack Ross Jackson, Ms Larry Scarborough Red Banks, Ms Norman Scarborough Biloxi, NIS Dennis Selva Culport, ills Roger Setzler Jackson, Ms Cecil C. Sharp Gulfport, ,Ms g"if'gg5 . dau My aw ,jf A ...l-.A OPHOMORES David Shulmister Brandon, Ms Chris Shumake Olive Branvh, Ms Chapman Sledge Brandon, Ms Chris Smith Tupelo, Ms DeAnne Smith Clinton, Ms Sarbjeet Sran Jarkson, Ms Norman Stevens Mt. Olive, Ms ,lames Dean Stockstill Picayune, Ms Yan Stone Marks, Ms Terry Taylor Pascagoula, Ms Trey Thomas Collins, AMS Nancy Thornton Courtland, Ms Salil Tiwari Fayette, Ms Dale Touchstone Clinton, Ms ' , ti W? i W i 4 K xC...': I s Ai' ' nib fs 7, 4 l Y' f N i 2 L t ,- X ' M f .' 2 g x K A is ,Iackey Turner 1'1 Tupelo, Ms ,I ames Tutor Greenville, Ms " xy J 3 95.2. M is ' 4 45:9 ,,,. I 'WM' QL if Robert Lee Warner Waveland, Ms Deborah Watson Hattiesburg, .Ms Murray Whitaker Vicksburg, Ms ,Io Perkins Wilson Vicksburg, Ms Louan Windham Carthage, ,Ms 74' Timothy Lee Young V H Yazoo City, ills A Q.. B Freshmen Class Officers: Rusty Ethridge, Curriculum Committee, Edwin Dodd, Vice Pres., William Russell, Pres., Garth Fisher, Sec.-Treas. 172 James Adams, ll Sardis, ills. Michael Albert Fulton, Ms. Kyle Ball jackson, ills. Kyle Bateman Seminary, Ms. J. Stephen Beam Itawamba, Ms. Jeff Beavers Jackson, llls. Diana Beebe Brandon, Ms. William Bennett Lucedale, Ms. Tom Bevill Jackson, Ms. Ann Bishop Decatur, Ms. Jeffrey Boyd Tupelo, Ms. David Braden Tupelo, Ms. Anne Bridges Pascagoula, Ms. Bradley Brown Columbus, Ms. Don Buckley Jackson, Ms. William Bucy Saltille, Ms. Joy Buttler Sumrall, Ms. Joe Campbell Clinton, Ms. Cary Carr Tishomingo, Ms. 'br ZX 3, gs , "F, A Wm I 1, V ff Ja 3 ftp'-1-1' M L Q, 2 V' Q I 1 2 ' V i W. rf Q.. , 5' -K 'W 9 ' 'ffl , if Q H 2 ei -"1 ,,., L gh ' ,fi ii, Q 1 i ! FRESH David L. Childs Hattiesburg, Ms. Wesley Clements Carrollton, Ms. james Cook Oxford, Ms. Bill Cook Jackson, Ms. Colette Cutrer Pascagoula, Ms. Susan Czarnecki Corinth, Ms. John Dawson Jackson, Ms. 5 3 L , W, , a s x s lx? 'J' KA Y' S ig.. W- 15 1-3' , ig. N A e f ss xx X XR Y gv is 6 M43 ,V 4 A 1 5 . ,, ag, 'W e 5, . I gi' X fjfvffo' sv- 3? , 45 if an ,, A ,QW F '3 P F wif , Z, E W W, L if fi' X rg 1, .af 1 . he I 5 ' , ,af Azz lit sg J, 11 M V 5 ff Edwin Dodd Jackson, lls. Pierce Dotherow Brandon, Ms. Rusty Ethridge lladison, Ms. Diane Ferguson Vicksburg, Ms. C. David Finch, Jr. Jackson, JIS. Donald G. Fisher Laurel .lls. Bill Frazier Tupelo, .lIs. llark Friloux Columbus, Ms. W vw sw fi 13 f V' , L. llorris, George Coffeville, ills. Michael Graeber Pirayune, ills. David A. Green Hattiesburg, llls. David Handshoe Waveland, ills. Jeff Hannon Ramond, .lls. Stephen Harless Hattiesburg, Ms. -XO' 39 9- f :L FRESH ,laek Harris ll Jackson, ills. Kenneth Henson Kilmiehael, llls. Earl Hewitt Summit, Ms. Randall Hicks Louin, .lls. Holly Hopkins Oxford, llls. Boyce Hornberger Pass Christian, llls. George Howell Starkville, .lls. Willie Ree Howell lllize, llls. Bob Humphrey Jackson, llls. Alfred Johnson Lexington, .lls. Sidney johnson, ,Ir Goodman, ills. Allen G. jones New Albany, llls. Dwight Keady, Jr. Jarkson, .lls. Tina Nl. Kiefer Biloxi, ills. Kent Kyzar Brookhaven, llls. 'Ab' 1 , vi 'K is I K Q . , . 'W is fa ll lg' a. I , - 1 5.4, ,' h it : 9 f '5 1 5? - v , 5 +3 2 V: K t, Nz m kf if l, is nm, ' , ,5 7 2' ll qw A ' .lf X fi' A ll! 41 f-1-. :.q.,..if. X .f2GS'5R. h X S -X 'az x XX , . K Q. s ee r . ' 3 S w ,5..-.- . it Q. if 'ilff 1 I s . 'im it A fs ,ffffiffp is 4 1 1, - 'l,'!,' g'i , ' 1 1 f is lf' Q C' in ju Q I ,- I Q Mart Lee Clinton, Ms. Russell Linton Columbus, Ms. Steve Long Laurel, Ms. Tell Lucas Greenwood, Ms. James A. Mace Laurel, Ms. Earl Mahaffey Clinton, .Ms. Michael Mansour Greenville, Ms. Robert Marlow Ruleville, llffs. Clyniece Mayfield Woynesboro, Ms. Marvin Meadors III Jackson, Ms. Owen Meyers Laurel, ills. Stanley Miller Starkville, Ms. Steve Mills ,lanice Moffett Jackson, Ms. Steve Montgomery Pontotor, Ms. T 178 FRESH E 'LT' I . S X Abraham Morris Natchez, Ms. ,Ieff Moses Greenwood, Ms. Steven Murphy Tupelo, Ms. john C. Newell Jackson, Ms. Grace Newton Crystal Springs, Ms. X Richard Newton Crystal Springs, Ms. 'Y Victor Pang illarks, Ms. Patti Patterson Hollandale, Ms. it Sam Peeples . , W rt. Webb Ms. , .... ' + . M t ' f r t ' 4 sa ga . P Bill Perkins ,V 'KL ' Q " t "' "i ' "' I Meridian Ms. A A 'P l +31 P l I f 2 ef? 3 Ken Perry 5,0 ,vv ,,,: V, A K 1 Jackson, Ms. , i W 'M 'Q VVV Matthew R. Phillips ' , 'A' 'I ' l 'P' ' oxford, Ms. , ' ' gulf Dr Michael S. Phillips Bay St. Louis, Ms. ,lohn Mark Pierce Pearl llls. Gilbert WC Raulston Hattiesburg, ills. Timothy J. Reynolds Newton, Ms. David Rushing Amory, Ms. William E. Russell Starkville, ills. Robert Saulters Jackson, Ms. Randy Schmidt Fulton, Ms. Stephen Scoper Laurel, ills. 5:-. 179 Aubrey L. Scott, Jr. Vicksburg, Ms. Nlichael R. Seals Laurel Ms. J. Kim Sessums Jackson, Ms. Steven Shields Moss Point, Ms. Donald E. Shows Seminary, Ms. Fletcher Shrock Prairie, Ms. Duane Shroyer Biloxi, Ms. ,latinder Singh Greenwood, Ms. Audie Smith Jackson, Ms. Robert H. Spencer Clinton, Ms. Mark F. Stauss jackson, Ms. William D. Stevens Monticello, Ms. Bernard Stokes Louisville, Ms. Gene Stringer Louisville, Ms. David M. Sullivan Jackson, Ms. Willyn Taylor Charleston, .Ms. Sherry Thaggard Jackson, Ms. Catherine Thompson Brandon, Ms. Beverly Ann Townsend Winona, .Ms. Bryan Shane Tucker Tunica, Ms. 80 - - Qffii ' x N5 X K Xx ss K Sli 5 1 x ESQ ..... is X G as , 5, - x 8 .fin fi? S , l. .iii t. 'ii ,fa-Q xx QE R . V K: ll? Nw- gg X 4-.aj Q is fi my X. -K 'vii FRESH Tlhglrua. If 'll ,, X, I, k"Q'?2i 9 IE 'Isl FRESHM N James Nl. Tucker Aberdeen, JIS. Kenneth Yanexan Long Beach, Ms. Celostv J. Vardaman Starlfzfille, ills. Frank C. Wiade, Jr. sllagvv, Ms. Bert A. Welch. lll Jarkson, ills. Flavia H. Wi-st Tupelo, Ms. Martin D. Whighanl Pas:-agoula, Ms. Darilynn Wilson Oxford, Ms. Tim Wright Booneville, Ms. Rick Yr-lverton Jackson, Ms. Rolwrt Youngblood Clnrlfsrlnle, Ms. Daniel Nl. Yuen Brandon. Ms. , ,. 4 W Ly, f Mn. 5. 9 fha 5 V, f I is l 1, ff X ,YI 5 l8l an.. P WN., ,.... . Wfv-.M watifffj, QKYoan" WM, 4 I wwf' Sf I NURSING SCHOOL OF NURS NG 'Unk ui Q! 1 JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS CL to RD: Melissa Park, Sec., Sonja Fuqua, Pres., Karen Hardin, Vice-Pres., Kathy Baer, Treas. +,.--of S, k -.A, -HJ. X ,SQQSA 4-'M 'isa I 1-.-x Fl"N--Q 5 SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS QL to RD: Teresa Nail, Sec., Sheila White, Liaison Member, Mike Cross, Treas.g Betty Fudge, Vice Pres., Gloria Lewis, Liaison Member, ,lulie Joseph, Pres. SCHOOL OF NURSING s f .,, 25, ,Q 'lb 1!'.:+ wi NI MISS. ASSOC. STIQDENT NIQRSES, LOCAL OFFICERS CL to RD: Lynn Brett, Pres., Mike Cross, Treas.g Gloria Lewis. Vice Pres., Sandy Powell, Recording Secg Cnot picturedj Missy Ellis, Corresponding Sec. u KNVM idr MISS ASSOC. STUDENT NURSES, STATE OFFICERS CL to RJ: Sheila White, First Vice Pres., Ann Hester, Ms. Student Nurse, Ted Sigrest, Second Vice Pres., Karen jackson, Legislative Chairperson, BJ. Spencer, Director. 189 SCHOOL OF NURSING-FACULT Y 'vu X, hrs slut..-7 Q ,d4 JJ to .High , ,. L-1 BEVERLY CAUSEY, M.S.N. Professor and Jr. TRUDYE C. GARRAWAY, MS. Asst. Professor Level Coordinator fx' We LMm ? xxx. LX and Sr. Level Coordinator EDRIE J. GEORGE Ed.D. Dean, School of Nursing V J 4 . O O Oll XJ A QQ," Q if: 3 ox on B 'Q SE IORS X. H Q--Q... V V5.7 JEAN S. ABRAMS Jackson, Ms. .IO LYNN ALFORD Greenwood, Ms. JUDY FAYE ANDERSON Jackson, Ms. Nm.-if ELIZABETH AUFDEMORTE Biloxi, Nls. RIKI R. BARNETT Pearl, Ms. BARBARA BERRY Gulfport, ,Ms. N SENIORS PATRICIA BETHANY Hollandale, Ms. PAULA BRANTLEY Harperville, Ms. LYNN BRETT Laurel, Ms. BECKY BROCK Tylertown, LMS. ELLEN CADE Osyka, Ms. GENEVA CANNON Leland, Ms. A , 53 .av-,, 1, , , ., V an , 1 '5 3 4' M 3 i. KU Y ',,.v?'7 , ' M J, ,,., ,X f 1 fa., Q . M? N if w in ' X me ,.. ,M fs "J 377 X 2 if 4 KARIN CHRISTIAN Tupelo, Ms. PHYLLIS CONIBS Starkville, ills. CAROLINE CONERLY Ridgeland, Ms. .IAN CRUVIP Srhlater, ,Ws. MARY CRUMP Raymond, Ms. CHERYL DOWNEY Mississippi State, Ms. I9 SE IDRS KAREN DUiIKWOR'FH New Orleans, Ld. NIISSY ELLIS Jlathiston, JIS. MARY FAUST Juvkson, Ms. BETTY FLDGE Jackson, EUS. PAULA CAIJLOWAY Javkson, ills. LISA GUFORTH Clinton, Hs. 5 E i 5 5 5 3 fi Graaf., 1 I f' 4' lf: ,,....-Ar Q. d, Ms!" i tk, 1, SHIRLEY CURNEY Liberty, HWS. STEPHANIE HAMILTON Jackson, NIS. PEGGY HARDIN Canton, Ms. SHERRY HENDERSON Clarksdale, NIS. ANN HESTER Jackson, Ms. DEBBIE HORN Jackson, Ms. B' xx SENIORS KAREN JACKSON Brandon, Ms. WINSTON .IONES fWr'Comb, Ms. .IULIE JOSEPH Greenville, Ms. MARY KING Clinton, Ms. PEGGY KING Vicksburg, Ms. GAII, LANG Canton, Ms. A i W S ,,- 1 no S M X 'Of I U? - l ,Q l UAL Us ' Y I i 4,,.,. fl GLORIA LEWIS Gulfport, Ms. LLCY LINDSEY Cleveland, Ms. BEVERLY IVIAHAFFEY Clinton, Ms. JOY MCCELLAND Ifazelhurst, AWS. VICKI MCELROY Jleridian, ,Ms. NANCY MILAM Jackson, Ms. wp. 197 SENIORS CARMEN MILLER Wiggins, Ms. PAULA MORGAN Pensacola, Fla. THERESA NAI Brandon, Ms. PEGGY NEWBY Brookhaven, AMS. L DONNA OLDMIXON Poplarville, Ms. MARY LISE PATTERSON Pontotoc, Ms. YZF' Af ,,.-., G gf '-0? n gif' I V 5 ,,f-'w in Ls ' '93, A . ss, if -Q Ag, L A J J' J X J A K' ,,.. M ..,...L,f..':."' 'Zuni v,-Q--J x A Q Ay' E V ky V K V tkkkx L. ' A h.A' , ' - sY'- - s "o" ,,', A 1 ' E -M s . . L L. .,,s.,.., s:., , .. .ss . . ., -hm rai- sl 3 x' dm? -2 X s 2 Q - Z ,I ' . .. s lg 5 a if V R I. , 1 fx. HELEN PAlfL Lexington, JIS. JANET PAYTUN Tylertown, Ms. GARY PLUMNIER Jarkson, Els. .IUSIE ROLLINS Summit, ills. MILLIE SHEPARD Greenville, JUS. TED SIGREST Jackson, QMS. SEN IDRS 200 B.j. SPENCER Jackson, Ms. LESLIE STEWART Jackson, Ms. KAY TRIGCS Jackson, Ms. ELISE TURNER Jackson, Ms. .IUNE TURPIN Brookhaven, Ms. SHEILA WARD Starkville, Ms. KIM WARRINGTON Cleveland, Ms. CARMIE WATSON Jackson, Ms. LINDA WEATHERSBY Jackson, Ms. SHEILA WHITE Aberdeen, Ms. .IOAN P. WILLIAMS Brandon, .Ms. A... 'Y""'?' I X TN 'xr' 'ff' NRM . 7 X4 x C s agar! W W ,414 X ' r - f., ,,., , g. f' l fs? 'QA WJ I, y A---....,,,,,,. Uv?" .- .Z 2 I 2 1 if J, I if 'X 1 'hw n 55 LA wiv , x. X x Fx Q JUNIOR NURSING X r- ii gb 5 , , , e in 1 f -wir , aft , V, 4 , ..,,.. frf f , 1' '14 ' f .1 f Z ao , f w It N' on f 3 5 1 1 Xf f lil 1 .x N 1 v. Lorena Adams Raymond, ills. Kathy Baer Baton, Rouge, La Virginia Barker Jaekson, Ms. Donna Barkley New Albany, Ms. Cindy Brewer Philadelphia, Ms. JoAnn Burke Jackson, Ms. Karl Byars Jackson, Ms. Nancy Calloway Tupelo, Ms. Cindy L. Carson Greenville, ills. Kathy Clarkson Greenwood, Ms. Sharon Cook Jackson, Ms. 'PR 98 ,Q gg Qi. , ii. 53 if ii th. Vx yy X if YL fl li QI iii le 5' Yi' lg Ls gi.-E X xl . .Q - Q . W , 1: ,. A . w .Q S gif! ,e if 1 x.x. B g, gi be 53 - . . if MW 3? F1 as is ysgwi is 'fa ls "T ii l :ff if 2 S f, B ,: fm" 'Q ,Iudy Cox Forest, Ms. Susie Davis Bolton, Ms. Roxanne Dukes Coldwater, Ms. LaDonna Dunn' Pearl, ills. Billie Sue Earney Coldwater, Ms. Lisa Favara Itta Bena, Ms. ,lane Ferguson Clarksdale, .Ms. Beth Fredrickson Sardis, ills. Sonja Fuqua Jackson, Ms. Jackie Gavant Jackson, .Ms. Casey Gessner Clinton, Ms. Barbara Gottschalck Ramond, JUS. Kim Haigood Biloxi, QWS. ,Iohn L. Hankins Senatobia, Ms. Karen Hardin Alexandria Va. is Q 1. wi xr: 5, 'if' .Q 'Cf' ff? . , 6 Ma , A , P gi le f .. J U IOR NURSING fl' vm-aww-Mun i il? ll? 1 5. ,.., i Penny Hardwick Jackson, NIS. Frances Haynes jackson, ills. ,lameye Hickman Picayune, Ms. Darlene Hobbs Jackson, Ms. Stacey Houston Canton, Ms. Lisa Hutchins Jackson, Ms. ,ludy Ivey Meridian, Ms. Cynthia Knott Jackson, Ms. Becky Leach Olive Branch, Ms Kelli LeBlanc Long Beach, Ms. Melody Lipscomb Jackson, Ms. Nancy Lottridge Clinton, Ms. Cheryl Marion W'ater Ford, Ms. Annette Miller Decatur, JIS. Rhonda Murphy Oxford, Ms. Lora Naugher Pontotoc, Ms. Catherine Nelson Jackson, Ms. Caylon Nichols Nettleton, Ms. Melissa Park Madison, Ms. Sandy Powell Memphis, Tnn. Keven Primm Clinton, Ms. Denise Purvis Vicksburg, Ms. Rebecca Roper Jackson, Ms. Mark Ruscoe Jackson, Ms. Karole Sessums Jackson, Ms. Pearl Signa Greenville, Ms. David C. Smith jackson, Ms. Linda Smith Greenville, Ms. Rebecca Smith Decatur, Ms. Lisa South Mathiston, .Ms. , i, ..... V 'V lx, 5V fn afyznfi ., X. .S -'K . it-Ittfv! c ' , I ,c H 1 ' ' ie' lm JU IOR NURSING Us 1 ,,.. -...--.- EL ll J be? 'fav 3 1 rr w, milky l'f""lr' H Vxvivlb x' f'tfHa,,!"Qg pfxi 11, e gg, 3 s Q Slv' 1 'Ennis glial? 'X 1 ' 4 s W .ulff ,za 4r,,v,sn,u! lf'-.7,s1ll'xlg, Cynthia Strohl Tupelo, Ms. Kathy Stutts Pearl, llls. Blanche Sumrall Pascagoula, Ms. Teresa Szeto Greenwood, Ms. ,Ianet Tanner Moss Point, Ms. Christy Taylor Natchez, Ms. Rene Travis Jackson, Ms. Shirley Valentine West Point, ills. Rowena Wade Ruleville, ills. Linda Wall Columbus, Ms. Linda Waltman Jackson, Ms. Sandra Weathersby Clinton, Ms. Joyce Webb Terry, Ms. Robin Wilks Jackson, Ms. Sheree Zblylot Laurel, Ms. GRADUATE NURSING Linda Brewer Hlars Hill, NIS. Jane Skinner Vicksburg, Ms. Suzy Temple Jackson, Ms. le .,.1 S i" .eeee - - ee eeee Ns Q Q? 5 Em, VJ URGANIZATIUN S I o 0 6 , I , 9 ., p,,, " 4 1 4 7 Qi: L 1 I 2 EDIC I ES AUXILI RY OFFICERS CL to BJ Cascielle Little, Treasurer, Angel Stodard, First Vice-President, Lynn Ireland, Auxiliary Board Representative, Becky Wooley, Corresponding Secretary, Sharon Murphree, President, Debe Burnham, Recording Secretary, Kathryn Koury, Second Vice- President. no is y 4 ,, , 4 Y V f ' I ,Q Z ? ,af Q gif, 'ae 'V Q 1 , 1? , V if X5 X , : 'GZ' ' FBESHMEN WIVES CL to RJ Front Row: Teresa Shields, Linda Marlow, Judy Shrockg Back Row: Mary Jane Bevill, Pam Tucker, Jane Easterling. EDICAL WIVES AUXILI RY 5 -, 'Ja , 'L ooo, a ,V ,r I I Q I K je , JH I F 7 I, X' Q, .3 f Y, 1 f,,:f,zq,Al. : ' ,V ' . rf' 3-HT Wi? W W i 'iff' vi ll fl' SOPHOMORE WIVES CL to RD Front Row: Barbara Dyess, Joyce Crider, Margie Hamilton, Paula Patterson, Back Row: Cascielle Little, Lori McCraw, Debe Burnham, Pat Flowers, Janice Setzler, Darlene Taylor. JUNIOR WIVES CL to RD Front Row: Cindy Mathis, Lucy Langworthy, Sandra Dean, Becky Wooleyg Middle Row: Marianna Madden, Lin Whittington, Kathryn Koury, Ann Harris, Ellen McCary, Sharon Richardson, Back Row: Sally North, Kathryn Ross 216 MEDIC L WIVES AUXILIARY 'KZ '69' as U4 SENIOR WIVES CL to RD Front Row: Judy Frindik, ,Ian Hicks, Angel Stodard, Tricia Marascalcog Middle Row: Alana Powell, Beverly Greenhaw, Becky Hewitt, Debra Fox, Sylvia Page, Jane Senterg Back Row: Kathi Parker, Kathy Green, Sharon Murphree. DENTAL WIVES AUXILIARY l 2 X l OFFICERS CL to RJ Charmie Weeks, Secretary, Chyrl Crubbs, Treasurer, Janice Ezelle, President, Mena Applewhite, Second Vice-President, Martha Collins, Auxiliary Board Re- presentative, Vicki McVaugh, First Vice-President. DENTAL IVES AUXILI RY ki. FBESHMEN-SOPHOMOBE WIVES QL to RD Front Row: Kathy Boswell, Chyrl Crubbs, Charmie Weeks, Ann Wheeler, D.D. Bond, Back Row: Peggy Bolduc, Teresa Civan, Becky Yelverton, Cecile McNally, Lisa Posey. Gr if-'r"T"'-.'1."" JUNIOR WIVES CL to BD Front Row: Vicki Adkison, Debbie Letteri, Martha Collins, Claudia Hankins, Back Row: Nina Johnston, Cindy Abide, Mary Gilmore 2I8 DE TAL WIFES AUXILI RY Cf?-7 , -N, , -........,, X SIQNIUR W'lYliS CL to RQ Front Row: Lori Sluard. Marion Stroud. ,lane Singley. Lynn Bradford, Mena ,'Xpple-white: Back Row: Vicki N11-Waugh. Donna Nlyers, Janice Ezelle. Marilyn Newton, Kathy Keel. KE FW Y UTIIICR IJENTAI. WWVES CL to RD Front Row: Patti Roberson, Wenda Napier, Mitzi Black, Dina Wilson, Brenda Bonner, Back Row: Suzanne Garrott, Teresa Goodwin, Julie Garvey, Beverly Coleman, Carolyn llerring, Melanie Patridge. 1980 MEDICAL CLASS RESIDENCY-INTERNSHIPS EDWARD F. ALDRIDGE Surgery Methodist Hosp. Dallas, TX MICHAEL R. AMBROSE Surgery-Neurosurgery Naval Reg. Med. Ctr. Oakland, CA TIMOTHY D. ASHLEY Family Medicine University Hospital jackson, MS GEORGE C. BALL Obstetrics-Gynecology Univ. Alabama Med. Ctr. Birmingham. AL DUDLEY A. BARINGER Family Medicine Tallahassee Mem. Hosp. Tallahassee, FL SUSAN I.. RESSER Family Medicine University Hospital jackson. MS GREGORY F. BREDEMEIER Family Medicine University Hospital Jackson, MS DAVID E. BRISTER Urology Univ. Texas Affil. Hosp. Houston, TX .IAMES C. BRISTER Postgraduate education delayed RONALD A. BULLOCK Family Medicine University Hospital Jackson, MS RICHARD .l. BURKETT Surgery Baylor Univ. Med. Ctr. Dallas, TX HARRY L. BUTLER Internal Medicine Eugene Talmadge Hosp. Augusta. GA ,IOIIN B. BUTTROSS Internal Medicine Baptist Mem. Hosp. Memphis, TN ROBERT W. CALCOTE Flexible-Dermatology Lloyd Noland Hosp. Birmingham, AL WILLIAM R. CALLENDER Family Medicine Carswell Air Force Base Fort Worth, TX ERIC CARLSON Orthopedic Surgery Univ. Texas San Antonio Teaching Hosp. San Antonio, TX CYNTHIA D. LIBBY Flexible University Hospital Little Rock, AR ROBERT R. CASPER Family Medicine University Hospital Little Rock, AR CHARLES D. CESARE Obstetrics-Gynecology University Hospital jackson, MS DEWEY W. CHIN Family Medicine University Hospital jackson, MS REBECCA L. CLEMMONS Flexible Baptist Mem. Hosp. Memphis, TN THOMAS COCHRAN Anesthesiology Texas Med. Branch Hosp. Galveston, TX WILLIAM H. COLTHARP Surgery University Hospital Jackson, MS JAMES R. CRANFORD Radiology WILLIAM F. CRAVEN Family Medicine Family Practice Center Tuscaloosa, AL PHYLLIS MANSOUR CREWS Flexible Eugene Talmadge Hosp. Augusta, GA THOMAS M. CREWS Otolaryngology Eugene Talmadge Hosp. Augusta, GA SIDNEY S. CROSBY Family Medicine Univ. Ala. Huntsville Hospital Huntsville, AL ALVIN DARBY Physical flledicine Rehabilitation Univ. Texas San An- tonio Teach. Hosp. San Antonio, TX NANCY C. DAVIS Flexible Univ. Tenn. Coll. Med. Memphis, TN W. EDWARD DAVIS. III Internal Medicine University Hospital jackson. MS WILLIAM L. DAVIS Internal Medicine University Hospital jackson, MS THOMAS W. DAY Flex.-Dermatology Baptist Mem. Hosp. Memphis, TN SAM J. DENNY Pediatrics University Hospital Jackson, MS TIIOMAS CRAIG DERIAN Orthopedic Surgery Univ. Tx SW Affil. Hosp. Dallas, TX .IOHN D. DIAL Psychiatry University Hospital Jackson, MS LINDA ERWIN Surgery Univ. Oregon Med. Ctr. Portland, OR BEN P. FOLK Internal Medicine Vanderbilt Univ. Hosp. Nashville, TN .IOSEPH P. FRINDIK Pediatrics Univ. South Ala. Mobile, AL GLENN B. GATIPON Anesthesiology Grady Mem. Hosp. Atlanta, GA W. HARRY GIBSON Flexible University Hospital Ophthalmology University Hospital jackson, MS DAVID M. GILDER Family glledicine Univ. Ala. Hunts- ville Hosp. Iluntsville, AL ARTHUR I.. GLAZE Obstetrics- Gynecology Charity Hosp. New Orleans. LA .IEFFREY II. GLOVER Surgery Univ. Okla. Tulsa Medical College Tulsa, OK DANIEL S. GOLDMAN Internal Medicine University Hospital jackson, MS .IULIAN K. GRAFTON Family .Medicine Family Practice Program Anniston, AL TRANITH M. GRAIIAM Internal Medicine Univ. Ore. Med. Ctr. Portland, OR W'ALTER L. GREEN Internal Medicine University Hospital Jackson, MS DAVID N. GREENHAW Internal Medicine Baptist Mem. Hosp. Memphis, TN ELIZABETH M. CRIMES Pediatrics Vanderbilt Univ. Hosp. Nashville, TN KATHERINE P. HARDY Internal Medicine Univ. Tex SW Affil. Hosp. Dallas, TX ROBERT O. HARDY, III Psychiatry Wright Patterson Air Force Base Hospital Dayton, OH STEVEN D. HARRIS Otolaryngology Univ. Ala. Med. Ctr. Birmingham, AL JOHN HERZOG Internal .Medicine Baptist Mem. Hosp. Memphis, TN WILLIAM D. HEWITT Internal Medicine Med. Ctr. Hosp. SC Charleston, SC JOHN B. HICKS, Ill Internal Medicine University Hospital Jackson, MS RHONDA S. HILLMAN Internal Medicine University Hospital Jackson, MS CARL A. HOUCK Flexible Lloyd Noland Hosp. Birmingham, AL SHELBY C. HOWELL Family Practice Baptist Mem. Hosp. Gadsden, AL JACK G. HUDSON Family Medicine University Hospital Jackson, Ms. DAVID P. HUGGINS Flexible University Hospital Jackson, Ms. RANDALL T. HULING, JR. Family Medicine Womack Army Hospital 1 980 MEDICAL CLASS RESIDENCY-INTERNSHIPS Fort Bragg, N.C. ROBERT B. IRELAND, JR. Family Medicine Family Practice Ctr. Tuscaloosa, AL. THOMAS A. IRELAND Pediatrics Grady Mem. Hospital Atlanta, GA. RICHARD T. JACKSON Internal Medicine University Hospital Jackson, MS. WARREN K. JAMES Family Medicine University Hospital Jackson, MS. RONALD A. JENKINS Flexible Univ. Med. Ctr. Lafayette, LA. BOBBY Y. JOE Internal Medicine Methodist Hospital Memphis, TN. JOHN J. JOHNSON Family Medicine Jackson-Madison County Hospital Jackson, TN. WORD M. JOHNSTON Family .Medicine Columbia Richland Hosp. Columbia, S.C. SAMUEL JONES Flexible Univ. Tenn. Coll. Med. Memphis, TN. MARY G. JORDAN Pediatrics Iowa Meth. Hosp. Des Moines, LA. RALPH C. KAHLER Internal Medicine University Hospital Jackson, MS. JOHN W. KELLY Internal Medicine Methodist Hosp. Memphis, TN. JOEL M. KNIGHT Flexible San Fran. Gen. Hosp. San Francisco, CA. Ophthalmology University Hosp. Jackson, MS. JAMES C. KOLB Internal .Medicine Univ. Texas San Antonio Teach. Hosp. San Antonio, TX. ROBERT E. KYNERD Family Medicine Carroway Meth. Hosp. Birmingham, AL. ADRON K. LAY Flexible University Hosp. Jackson, MS. HARVEY P. LEBLANC Family .Medicine Med. Ctr. of Georgia Columbus, GA. JOHN WI LEW'IS Lewis Medicine Univ. of S. Ala. Mobile, AL. ROBERT L. LEWIS Internal Medicine University Hosp. Jackson, MS. ROGER C. LIND JR. Internal Medicine Baptist Mem. Hosp. Memphis, TN. ANDERSON M. LINTON, Il Postgraduate Education Delayed JOSEPH M. MAJURE Pediatrics University Hosp. Jackson, MS. KAREN A. MALLETTE Internal Medicine University Hosp. Jackson, MS. ROBERT A. MALLETTE Internal Medicine University Hosp. Jackson, MS. ABE J. MALOUF Flexible Baptist Mem. Hosp. Memphis, TN. Ophthalmology Vanderbilt Univ. Hosp. Nashville, TN. DON E. MARASCALCO Flexible University Hosp. Jackson, MS. Ophthalmology University Hosp. Jackson, MS. MICHAEL G. MAY Family Medicine University Hosp. Jackson, MS. REYNOLDS P. MCCAIN Urology Ochsner Found. Hosp. New Orleans, LA. WILLIAM H. MCCLATCHY Family Medicine Family Prac. Program Anniston, AL. WILLIAM M. MCGOUGH Family Medicine Moses Cone Mem. Hosp. Greensboro, NC MARCIA L. MCKEE Pediatrics University Hosp. Jackson, MS. NANCY L. MCMULLEN Obstetrics-Gynecology Charity Hospital New Orleans, LA. GREGORY W. MERRITT Pediatrics University Hosp. Jackson, Ms. TERRENCE J. J. MILLETTE Neurology University Hosp. Jackson, MS. JUDITH C. MILSTEAD Otolaryngology Wm. Shands Hosp. Gainsville, FL. 1980 MEDICAL CLASS RESIDENCY-INTERN SHIPS .IOHN E. MOFFITT Pediatrics University Hosp. Jackson, MS. THOMAS W. MONTGOMERY Family Medicine Univ. Ala. Hunts. Hosp. Huntsville, AL. KEITH C. MOSES Flexible Walter Reed Med. Ctr. Washington, DC. Ophthalmology Walter Reed Med. Ctr. Washington, DC. PAUL B. MURPHREE Family lMedicine Univ. Ala. Hunts. Hosp. Huntsville, AL. MICHAEL J. NEARY Anesthesiology Univ. of Penn. Hosp. Philadelphia, PA. MICHAEL O7BOYLE Psychiatry Duke Univ. Med. Ctr. Durham, NC. ELLIS H. O'NEAL Family .Medicine University Hosp. jackson, MS. FRANK O. PAGE. JR. Obstetrics-Gynecology University Hosp. jackson, MS. IIERMAN T. PALMER Flexible University Hosp. Jackson. MS. ARTHUR W". PARKER Internal Medicine University Hosp. Little Rock., AR. PRENTISS M. PARSONS Family Medicine Spartanburg Gen. Hosp. Spartanburg, SC. PAUL L. PAVLOV Family Medicine Univ. of S. Ala. Mobile, AL. EMILY S. PENDER Pediatrics University Hosp. Jackson, MS. PAUL G. PHELPS Internal Medicine Grady Mem. Hosp. Atlanta. GA. WILLIAM E. POW'ELL Family Medicine Univ. of S. Ala. Mobile. AL. ROBERT E. POWERS Anesthesiology Texas Med. Branch Hosp. Galveston. TX. BARBARA J. PROCTOR Pathology University Hosp. Jackson. MS. JAMES S. PURDON Internal Medicine Baptist Mem. Hosp. Memphis. TN. THOMAS J. PUTNAM Internal Medicine Baptist Mem. Hosp. Memphis, TN. SHIRLEY E. REDDOCH Pediatrics Tripler Army Med. Ctr. Honolulu. HA. CARL RIGBY Surgery University Hosp. Jackson, MS. CAROLINE R. ROBERTS Internal Medicine University Hosp. Jackson, MS. ETHEL ROSE Internal .Medicine Ochsner Found. Hosp. New Orleans, LA. DENNIS W. ROWLEN Pediatrics University Hosp. Jackson, MS. STEVEN K. SENTER Family Medicine .lackson-Madison Hosp. Jackson, TN. DEBORAH S. SKELTON Internal .Medicine Parkland Mem. Hosp. Dallas, TX. THOMAS N. SKELTON Internal Medicine Parkland Mem. Hosp. Dallas, TX. RICHARS H. SMITH Family .Medicine Univ. of S. Ala. Mobile, AL. LAUREN M. SPILLMAN Neurology University Hosp. Jackson, MS. THOMAS E. STANFORD Internal Medicine Baptist Mem. Hosp. Memphis. TN. EARL L. STEWART Family Medicine LSU Family Med. Ctr. New Orleans. LA. MICHAEL O. STODARD Family Medicine Spartanburg Gen. Hosp. Spartanburg, SC. MARY M. STUBBS Flexible University Hosp. jackson. MS. RICHARD L. SUMMERS Flexible University Hosp. Jackson. MS. RALPH TAYLOR Internal Medicine Univ. Tenn. Coll. Med. Memphis, TN. EVALINE THOMPSON Pathology University Hosp. Jackson, MS. PHILIP TRAVIS Internal Medicine Brook Army Med. Ctr. San Antonio, TX. JERRY L. WALDEN Family Medicine Jackson-Madison Hosp. jackson. TN. CIIERESE W. WASHINGTON Flexible University Hosp. Jackson, MS. SAMUEL B. WELCH Otolaryngology University Hosp. Little Rock, AR. WILLIE L. WELLS Family Medicine University Hosp. jackson. MS. BRAD W. WILLIAMS Psychiatry Vanderbilt Univ. Hosp. Nashville. TN. NATHAN A. WILLIAMSON Family .Medicine Baptist Mem. Hosp. Gadsden. AL. JAMES P. WILSON Pediatrics Ilniversity Hosp. jackson, MS. WILLIAM C. YARBROUGII Internal ,Medicine University Hosp. jackson, MS. WILLIAM E. YOE Family Medicine ,lackson-Madison Hosp. jackson, TN. CAROL F. ZIMMERMAN Internal Medicine North Carolina Baptist Hospital Winston-Salem, NC. THE MEDICAL ALUMNI CHAPTER OF THE CHOMECOMING T980 - HOMECOMING T98TT Thomas R. Smgley. QEESEB5- :S AIJD. . THOMAS R. SINGLEY, PASCAGOULA, MISSISSIPPI--- . JULIUS LEVINE, HAYWARD, CALIFORNIA ---------- . C. W. PRICE, JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI --------- . MARY H. MITCHELL, JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI ---- DR ----- PRES DR MR MS BOARD OF DIRECTORS NAME AND LOCATION . WALTER T. BOONE, JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI ----- W. JOSEPH BURNETT, OXFORD, MISSISSIPPI ---- DR DR. DR. J. BERLYN EDWARDS, BILOXI, MISSISSIPPI --------- . JOHN E. LINDLEY, MERIDIAN, MISSISSIPPI ----------- . WAYNE P. COCKRELL, SR., PASCAGOULA, MISSISSIPPI ---- JAMES C. GRIFFIN, JR., JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI ------ . KELLY S. SEGARS, IUKA, MISSISSIPPI ------ ------- . JAMES C. WAITES, LAUREL, MISSISSIPPI --------- IDR. WOODY D. DAVIS, MERIDIAN, MISSISSIPPI ------------ DR DR DR. DR DR TDR. t JOSEPH E. JOHNSTON, MOUNT OLIVE, MISSISSIPPI ----- DR. DON Q. MITCHELL, JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI ------- 1 ---- ----------- ASSOCIATE MEMBEKSUF me Bom QF. OIREOTORS UNIVERSITY OF MISSISSIPPI ALUMNI ASSOCIATION Julius Levme IDENT NIJ -----PRESIDENT-ELECT -----ASSOCIATE DIRECTOR OF ALUMNI ACTIVITIES -----ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT BOARD YEARS REMAINING DR LARRY H. DAY, HATTIESBURG, MISSISSIPPI-P, --'------ ------------- Jiv ------ DR. WALTER D. GUNN, OUITMAN, MISSISSIPPI---f-- -g+-- DR. KENNETH N. REED, JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI-5----- ---- ,---f4r--- DR. W. BRIGGS HOPSON, VICKSBURG, MISSISSIPPI'-"F P - ------ +-- f'--- DR. L. D. TURNER, CRYSTAL SPRINGS, MISSISSIPPI ---- - ---- -------4'4- DR. THOMAS N. BRADDOCK, WEST POINT, MISSISSIPPI---- DR. RICHARD B. ELLISON, JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI---+- DR. J. EDWARD HILL, HOLLANDALE, MISSISSIPPI---- - --------v DR. JERRY HORNSBY, JACKSON, TENNESSEE ----- f--- - -..-.-- , ----.--- ww K, A ... . V' I wa- ,, NAME AND LOCATION . J. ELMER NIX, JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI --------------'-- . L. STACY DAVIDSON, JR., CLEVELAND, MISSISSIPPI ----- . R. FASER TRIPLETT, JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI ---------- . CHARLES FARRIS, JR., NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA ------ . JAMES V. FERGUSON, JR., GREENWOOD, MISSISSIPPI ----- FRANK W. BOWEN, CARTHAGE, MISSISSIPPI ------------ . JOHN M. MCRAE, LAUREL, MISSISSIPPI ------------- . BOBBY F. KING, IUKA, MISSISSIPPI ---------- . J. DANIEL MITCHELL, JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI--- . PAUL H. MOORE, PASCAGOULA, MISSISSIPPI ---- DR DR DR OR DR DR. DR DR DR DR DR. HECTOR S. HOWARD, MEMPHIS, TENNESSEE ---------------------- TERM OF OFFICE -----T979 -----T978 -----1977 -----1976 -----T975 -----T974 -----1973 -----T972 -----1971 -----T970 -----1969 OR. WENDELL B. HOLMES, MOEOMB, MISSISSIPPI ---------------------- ----- T968 OR. E. E. ELLIS, LAUREL, MISSISSIPPI ------------------------------ ----- T967 OR. 1. E. WILSON, FORMERLY OF JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI IDECEASEDI ----- ----- T966 DR. w. E. CALDWELL, JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI ------------------------ ----- T965 DR. 9. E. O'MARA, FORMERLY OF BILOXI, MISSISSIPPI IDECEASEDT ---- ----- T964 OR. WILLIAM E. LOTTERHOS, JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI ---------------- ----- T963 OR. HOWARD A. NELSON, GREENNOOO, MISSISSIPPI ------------------ ----- T962 DR. S. LAMAR BAILEY, KOSCIUSKO, MISSISSIPPI --------------------- ----- 1961 DR. ROBERT E. SHANOS, SR., NEW ALBANY, MISSISSIPPI CDECEASEDI -------- ----- T960 DR. DR. FRANK C. MASSENGILL, BROOKHAVEN, MISSISSIPPI ------------------------ ---- T959 JAMES GRANT THOMPSON, FORMERLY OF JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI IDECEASEDI ------ -T958 DR. ASHFORD H. LITTLE, OXFORD, MISSISSIPPI ------------ - --------------------- T957 DR. G. LAMAR ARRINGTON, FORMERLY OF MERIDIAN, MISSISSIPPI IDECEASEDT -------- T955 DR. I. C. KNOX, FORMERLY OF VICKSBURG, MISSISSIPPI IDECEASEDI ------------ ---T953 T980 T979 T978 T977 T976 T975 T974 T973 T972 T97T T970 T969 T968 T967 T966 T965 T964 T963 T962 T96T T960 T959 T958 T957 T955 'DRS. DAVIS, JOHNSTON AND MITCHELL ARE MEMBERS OF THE GENERAL ASSOCIATION BOARD OF DIRECTORS THE TWO IMMEDIATE PAST PRESIDENTS ARE EX OFFICIO MEMBERS OF THE GENERAL ALUMNI ASSOCIATION BOARD OF DIRECTORS. DENTAL ALUMNI CHAPTE THE UNIVERSITY OF MISSIS fI98O - 19811 Lee L. Hasseltine, Egg D.D.S. DR. LEE L. HASSELTINE, JR., BATESVILLE, MISSISSIPPI-- DR. WILL M. BROWN, WHITFIELD, MISSISSIPPI ------------ MR. C. W. PRICE, JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI --------------- MRS. MARY H. MITCHELL, JACKSQN, M1551551pp1 ..... BOARD OF DIRECTORS NAME AND LOCATION DR. WILLIAM C. BAKER, OXFORD, MISSISSIPPI --------- DR. JAMES R. DUMAS, JR., PRENTISS, MISSISSIPPI ---- DR. SAMUEL D. HALL, JR., GRENADA, MISSISSIPPI ----- DR. JOSEPH J. PORTERA, BRANDON, MISSISSIPPI ------- DR. RUDOLPH A. POSEY, PHILADELPHIA, MISSISSIPPI ----- DR. RICHARD B. WARRINER, TUPELO, MISSISSIPPI -------- . RICHARD BOYD AKIN, HAZLEHURST, MISSISSIPPI ------- . WILLIAM MICHAEL CRECINK, NATCHEZ, MISSISSIPPI ---- JOHN WILLIAM DAVIS, JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI --------- DR DR DR. DR. PETER B. PERKINS, HAZLEHURST, MISSISSIPPI -------- DR. JULIUS AARON WILLIS, JR., PASCAGOULA, MISSISSIPPI DR. WILLIAM T. WOOD, PASS CHRISTIAN, MISSISSIPPI ----- . ROBERT M. ABRAHAM, VICKSBURG, MISSISSIPPI ----- . F. WATT BISHOP, OXFORD, MISSISSIPPI ----------- J. LESLIE KELLUM, TUPELO, MISSISSIPPI ----------- . JACK BARRY STEWART, BATESVILLE, MISSISSIPPI ----- DR DR DR. DR DR. BENNETT V. YORK, HATTIESBURG, MISSISSIPPI -------- ASSOCIATE MEMBERS OF THE BOARD 0 R THE UNIVERSITY OF MISSISSIPPI ALUMNI ASSOCIATION SIPPI Will Brown, D.D.S. -PRESIDENT -PRESIDENT-ELECT ASSOCIATE DIRECTOR -ALUMNI ADMIN. ASSISTANT BOARD YEARS REMAINING F DIRECTORS . WILLIAM NEBBER ANDERSON, CHARLESTON, MISSISSIPPI- . THOMAS F. HARRISON, YAZOO c1TY, N1ss1ss1PP1 ------ THOMAS F. LEGGETT, JR., LAUREL, MISSISSIPPI ------ LOu1E c. SHORT ------------------ - ------------ - E. GIL spxvzv, JR., CANTON, N1ss1ss1PP1 ----- . JOHN R. WATTS, NATCHEZ, MISSISSIPPI ------- DR DR DR. DR DR DR . FRANK O. BATSON, COLUMBUS, MISSISSIPPI ---- . J. M. FAUST, HATTIESBURG, MISSISSIPPI ----- . HEBER SIMMONS, JR., JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI -------- DR DR DR PAST PRESIDENTS lEx UTficiO5 NAME AND LOCATION ' DR. MARK W. BLACKBURN, JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI ----- DR. ROBERT R. BLACK, TUPELO, MISSISSIPPI -------- DR. ROBERT T. RAGAN, CLEVELAND, MISSISSIPPI ----- DR. CHARLES R. DAVIS, JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI ---- 3 -- 3 -- 3 -- 3 -- 3 -- 3 -- 2 -- 2 -- 2 -- 2 -- 2 2 -- T -- T -- T -- 1 T -- 3 -- 3 -- 3 -- 3 -- 3 3 -- 2 -- 2 -- 2 TERM OF OFFICE T979-T980 T978-T979 T977-T978 'I976-1977 NURSING ALUMNI CHAPTER THE UNIVERSITY OF MISSISSIPPI ALUMNI ASSOCIATION THE UNIVERSITY OF MISSISSIPPI CT980-T98ID OFFICERS I Mrs. Sylvia Abney MRS. SYLVIA M. ABIEY, BROOKHAVEN,'MISSISSIPPI ---- ---PRESIDENT MS. REBECCA D. BLOCKER, JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI ---- ---PRESIDENT-ELECT ' MR. C. W. PRICE, JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI ---"-'-' "" -ASSOCIATE DIRECTOR MRS. MARY H. MITCHELL, JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI ----- '--- -ALUMNI ADMIN. ASSIST BOARD OF DIRECTORS NAME AND LOCATION BOARD YEARS REMAINI ETHEL R MAY, TERRY, MISSISSIPPI --'---- -- MRS. . MRS. JUDY B. VARNER, JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI ----- MISS MRS NANCY L. MCCAIN, JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI ---- SYLVIA L WALKER, COLUMBUS, MISSISSIPPI---- MR. GARY N. BRAY, JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI ---------- MRS. MAUREEN 6. PROPST, JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI--- ------------ - MRS. MRS MRS MRS MRS MRS. NAME ASSOCIATE MEMBERS DF 'IRE BOARD FREIDA ANN SUMNERS, JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI --------------- NELL WERKHEISER JACKSON MISSISSIPPI---- f ANNEITE B. HUTCRERSON, GRAND BAY, ALABAMA----- ELAINE JONES PEARL MISSISSIPPI-- - . , I MARY S. ABRAHAM, HATTIESBURG, MISSISSIPPIv9-99-- PATSY H. CARROLL, JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI----4-9+-H'-"----- EX OFFICIO ,MEMBERS BOARD AND LOCATION I ' 1.-..-T.-.-..-.l.....1,.,., MRS. MRS. MRS. MRS. MRS. MRS. MRS. MRS. MRS. MRS. MRS. MRS MRS. MRS SANDRA H. WEST, JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI, PRESIDENT -------- DELORES B. BARLOW, JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI, PRESIDENT ----- SALLYE M. BALL, OXFORD, MISSISSIPPI, PRESIDENT ------- BETTY R. NOULETT, METAIRIE, LOUISIANA, PRESIDENT ----- ANNETTE M. MCINTOSH, LILBURN, GEORGIA, PRESIDENT ----- BOBBIE G. WARD, JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI, PRESIDENT ------ ANN H. GREEN, HATTIESBURG, MISSISSIPPI, PRESIDENT -------- BETTY A. LONE, MCCOMB, MISSISSIPPI, PRESIDENT ------------- BETTY P. OATES, JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI, PRESIDENT ------------- LUCY M. THOMPSON, OCEAN SPRINGS, MISSISSIPPI, PRESIDENT ----- YVONNE P. BERTOLET, VIDALIA, LOUISIANA, PRESIDENT --------- JAN M. EVERS, JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI, PRESIDENT ------------ ANN C. ZIMMERMAN, JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI, PRESIDENT ---- JOAN S BERRY, JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI, PRESIDENT ------- DR. MARION B. BASSETT, RAYMOND, MISSISSIPPI, PRESIDENT -------- MRS MS. . CARILYNN C. CAUSEY, MERIDIAN, MISSISSIPPI, PRESIDENT ----- JEANETTE WAITS, JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI, PRESIDENT --------- T T 2 2 3 3 T T 2 2 3 3 TERM OF OFFI T977 T975 T973 T972 1971 T970 1969 T968 T967 T966 T965 T964 T963 1962 1961 T960 T959 T979 T977 T975 T973 T972 T97T T970 T969 T968 T967 T966 T965 T964 T963 T962 T96T T960 THE HEALTH RELATED PROFESSIONS ALUMNI CHAPTER OF THE UNIVERSITY OF MISSISSIPPI ALUMNI ASSOCIATION T980 - T981 Fiscal Period OFFICERS WR. RON HOLTON, JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI CMTI .... .... PRESIDENT WR. C. W. PRICE, JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI ........ .... ASSOC. DIRECTOR OF ALUMNI ACTIVITIES ARS. MARY H. MITCHELL, JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI .... .... ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANT BOARD OF DIRECTORS IME AND LOCATION BOARD YEARS REMAINING . BRENDA BRUMFIELD, MCCOMB, MISSISSIPPI KDHI .... ........... 2 . LISA STANLEY, BRANDON, MISSISSIPPI CMRD ..... .... 3 . BECKY YATES, JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI CMRAD ..... .... I . SUSAN NEILL, JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI CMRAI ....... .... 3 . SANDRA RAY-MEREDITH, GALVESTON, TEXAS QMTI .... .... I '. BRENDA L. BROCK, JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI CMT, .... .... 2 3. BEVERLY VENNEAU, JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI CNAI .... .... 3 1S. GRETCHEN BORONOW, BRANDON, MISSISSIPPI CNAI ..... .... 2 4Sw ANN STEWART, HATTIESBURG, MISSISSIPPI CPTI .... .... 2 . JACK WONG, JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI KPTI ........ .... 2 -. PATTI ROBINSON, JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI CPTD... ....3 PAST PRESIDENTS AME AND LOCATION TERM OF OFFICE IS. JANET M. BRUMFIELD, JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI CPTI ............ .... T979-T980 S. MARGARET M. STUBBLEFIELD, JACKSON, MISSISSIPPI CMRAJ .... .... T978-1979 .S. LAURA LYNN GOUDELOCK, NEW ALBANY, MISSISSIPPI CMRAD ..... .... 1977-T978 fl sf' .ge N X N X iw gig f Wm' 1 an , 226 If 1 fs f , . FU Ener Saving eas THAT WILL WORK FOR YOU Your local MPGLI. offrce has an Energy Informarron Center mth dozens of good ldeas to help you save energy and money Call or drop rn and we ll be glad to gnve you thrs free mformatron and answer your questrons MISSISSIPPI POWER S LIGHT Helping Build Mississippi WWW DDL OUT T SYS' 9 mmaff-me-wvsfmsm-was . y 4 4 ' V l If. M I E S H U I l L l l I S E M I . 0 ..,. 11 rr Q O W., 1 ,511 +4-I ' Qg PROFESSIUNAL PLANNING ASSOCIATES G Barry Iackson W Gary Hawklns CLU CFP Spec1ul1stm Estate Planning, or the Medlc SPFVICCS Include Investment Securltxes Real Estate Investment Trust Tax Sheltered Planmng Insurance Professlonal Corporauons Estate Planmng P O Box 4587 10 Lakeland Drlv Iackson Ms 39216 al Professlonol XFINANCIAL ANALYSIS SSOFFICE AND BUILDING DESIGN XACCOUNTING AND BILLING SFEQUIPIVIENT FINANCING AND LEASING XSIGNATURE LOANS SFLIFE INSURANCE XHEALTH AND DISABILITY INSURANCE XPROFESSIONAL LIABILITY INSURANCE WPROPERTY AND CASUALTY INSURANCE PKINVESTMENTS PROFESCO OF .IACKSON 1991 Lakeland Drlve For Informatlon Contact Sulte H ROGER BOZARTH MIKF GARRETT -I3CkS0l1e MISSISSIPPI JIMMY NASH Tel 982 1877 away' --Sf 5' JACKSON COCA COLA BOTTLING CO. W N C . 0 l l I C l I J . - , , - -.., .,, I ,Q I Af ,. H f . , . I , My N,,, , fm ,w a r 4 ,N in .5 ,H Y. iw A ...AS M r M fd .,z',:,,,,, ., ,. .1 if ,- 413,-'S'-h-fw.., , fi ,Vw--' , I I R S , I ia I f-4'-I-. I . ' ' . , 1 A , X V "JN '. .. ' A , I JS. 'fs' Ia -ff. A . YaaaBB,L I I I S., X 3 e2d.-,:i?,,p ,Raw A 5307 . , I,,. , ,..1,, ,,,,, , ,,, V H ,.,, ,, , ,, s 1 ,Q Hl,.,,fv,,' ga ,av . ii fr .4 , ., . ,,f. , ,.,, ,,,, ,,,, ,, L. f .2 ,fiffffi-i3g,,a' ' ,123-:J I 7 A ' ' in -V"'i I S - "" " f' ' ' Sf fx. " " 'ff vrff " I x 4-II' I M 1 . , JCS 1I1,, ,,'G..,,,,1fL .1,,.1, ,,1:, af V gaze, V J -. I Q91 Mlsy, 40 if 0 rust 4" 4511 at 5 "5-3, S 'Z I O ffl Q- K xl, 1. ' 1 Gm., I 1 I .f If ,, UNNIRSIII OF IISSISSIPYI sxgtli Ill HIFI!! ILWII ASSUCIAIIII 1 GCE u N , I. M F, lil. iii N! 6753 Q-9 41 ff We in i ,S my UU 'C 'U 1848 ggi :mm V , qi,"-g"1.w1:,x ei f - -'fn-----f FE 444, Y' if V? I. ,Ship hKh :QV ,te W1 4 ' 4' UNIVERSITY OF MISSISSIPPI ALUMNI ASSOCIATION IACKSON CAMPUS DENTAL ALUMNI CHAPTER Pk Dk ik Guardian Society Program for Exceptional Giving Dean's Dental Reserve for Special Assistance to the Dean Sponsorship of Basic Science Teacher of the year Award, Preclinical Teacher of the Year Award, Clinical Teacher of the Year Award, Dean's Scholarship and Alumni Scholastic Achievement Award 'lc Wayne T. and Elizabeth Sturdivant Loan Fund, Claude V. Pettey Memorial Loan Fund, and Student Emergency Loan Fund if Practice Management Workshop Provided for Dental Students HEALTH RELATED PROFESSIONS ALUMNI CHAPTER 'kW'elcome Party for all First Year Students 5"Fund Raising to Support School :"Distributes Newsletter Involving all HRP Disciplines 'kW'orks closely with School in Promotion of all HRP Disciplines MEDICAL ALUMNI CHAPTER X Guardian Society Giving Program has nearly 300 Members and has generated Approximately 516,000,000 in giving Value. 1' Alumni Counseling Program for Senior Medical Students 'I' Guyton and Levine Loan Programs for Medical Students Fund Raising for various aspects of the School of Medicine 'F Class Reunions in Appointed Years Dk NURSING ALUMNI CHAPTER tk Guardian Society Program for Exceptional Giving tk Christine L. Oglevee Memorial Loan and Scholarship Funds, along with other Designated areas of Giving Sponsorship of Student of the Year Award, Professor of the Year Award, and Alumna of the Year Award Pk tk Sponsorship of Oglevve Memorial Research Series 'lc Student Emergency Loan Fund Pk Bk Special Newsletter thru Class Agents to Class Members Welcome Supper for First Year Students GENERAL ACTIVITIES 'kStudent Involvement in Affairs of Chapters' Board of Directors "'Graduate Breakfast on Commencement Day for Degree Recipients :"Students Receive Honorary Chapter Membership until Graduation 5kStudents have Representation on Chapter Committees 229 'kAlumni House Available for Student Meetings a If you've got the time we've got the beer Ile In 1 X 'L S , Q i g!FFA , ..'- ",. - 9' pf 06 ' ' hz Uuuripagnf u Bars 'Ibmghl let lt be Lowenbrau makin! ' H ' si s serr 34 c 1977861 9 t l , O . 9 l .. .. I I iii W. 7 KT 2 M 3 1 1 A , T if Q., 0' P 5 i 'vi xv. , , ,lc rl i Q37 H , 2 .. W' F J, P, it : tx, fi :1 33' 5 S 7 s ii' . N t W x XJ fl, 1' Mis M 1' I . is I .. 7 Q V r wed by Mill rBrevvlng Ct Milwaukee Wl tl S A PBR DlStPlbUt0TS Easy-on-Energy Heat Pump H Single system that both heats and cools. Dislribulgrg gf 121 Delivers two units of heat for each unit of aacool Blues, electricity it uses. Save energy and money Pabst Blue Ribbon O Energy Efficient Electric Home K - 1... ggi. Records prove savings of 6O"!o or more on ? B heating and cooling costs, P I Blue Ribbon f' xx ... . .. ff Q i,., s sgsgii q,,::A Save Energy and Money K 2Qji11:Egfj'fQEj Add insulation, install storm windows and 1:7-5 "" f-95 0 doors, caulk, weather strip. Energy information Center ., If it involves the use of energy in your home, L . ii -ess or plant, West Monulnent call MP8.L for literature and answers to your qt stions. Jackson, Mississippi P Phone: 969-5306 Mississippi Power: is us:-ir Helping Build Mississippi M l 0 D LE s o u 1 H UTILITIES SYSYEM 230 We're the doctors when the subject is stereo When you're ready for q 1 ty d' mponents, big screen TVs a d video equipment, call o Y ll ' p ofessional treatment a d every p h will be back d by l ' five year warranty 'K 'Q c' X' I' ?2""ff 1 f f 302 I ' 7' ? I if ' 114' ' " fl 1 ' If " - , , - ,rl . , , . ,:Q4:ae,wff4 fw.-.4m'9, 9 6:5 BV y-'W W HH I-55 North Jacksonian Plaza 16011981-1124 WHITTAKER GENERAL MEDICINE , h st ' st th MISSISSIPPI S LARGEST SUPPLIER OF HOSPITAL PHYSICIAN AND LABORATORY SUPPLIES AND EQUIPMENT l014N Fl pp 39208 B 6258 Ph 939-9515 Extends t eir be wlshe 0 the C graduating seniors of e A University of Mississippi School of v Medicine I 1 ' 9 d D .I k M COOK S PROSTHETICS NC 6N tt FABRICATORS OF ARTIFICIAL LIMBS MODERN TECHNIQUES AND PROCEDURES POSTOPERATIVE FITTINGS AND CAST BRACES MYOELECTRIC HAND SYSTEM 9 I . l22 orth S a e Street Jackson, Mississippi 39201 Allen Ray Walker, C.P T l ph President 601-355-0568 JACKSON BRACE COMPANY st 3 BRACES 81 ORTHOPEDIC APPLIANCES ALL ORTHOPEDIC SERVICES AVAILABLE FOUR CERTIFIED ORTHOTISTS TO SERVE YOU WE BUILD APPLIANCES TO DOCTORS ORDERS ONLY 4 N st 1 s T 1 ph ' 'pp' 39201 601-353-2477 Extends their be wishes to the gr duating seniors of the University of Mississippi School of Mediclne 9 122 orth a e treet e e one: ,I kson, Mlssissl 1 DIXIE DEN TAL, INC. Extends their best wishes to the graduating seniors of the 1 University of Mississipi School of Dentistry MISSISSIPPI S ONLY HOME OWNED AND OPERATED DENTAL SUPPLY l59WlyA T1ph 9 es e venue e e one: .1 kson, Mississippi 39216 355-1367, 354-5411 MAPS DFFEYS . .. M. Money Management .... Loans, National 8lLocal A. Administration . .Practice Management and Fil13l'lCiElI Advisory Services P. Protection ...... Competitive Group Sl Permanent Insurance Programs S. Service .......... Education, Travel and Special services Programs ...To provide the MAPS to Financial security MAPS R presentative M y d0 Hara g Ch les Leggett E I EI m R kyTh b Id Ronniewright l Buil i g, n Bank with MaryAnn from the Coast to the Capital. First Mississippi need For checking National has offices to J, gym accounts, savings SSFVS YOU throughout IPR accounts, and all types central and south -f my of loans, bank with Mississippi, so First Mississippi v xi- l 5 H' . , you re never fag E National and you ll rom peop e w .o K u J In e in good com- Can help yOU Wltll , ' ,, r,-,jfflS7'fffig3 ,N pany frgm the every banking ser- l ' x Coast to the vice you'll ever i X ' x ' Capital. III FIRST MISSISSIPPI NATIQNAL BANK From the Coast to the Capital Hattiesburg, Blloxl, Lumberton, Jackson, Richland, Gauiler, Baulleld, Keesler, Orange Grove, Florence, Pei Member FDIC D'lbervllle, Ocean Springs, Gulfport, Mlululppl 2 IISSISSIPPI REHABILITATION PRODUCTS IIC i'The Get Well Store" BAA 3G57 0 O N St we Tb? 0,23 2lO'l uf o up-is 448 Clitl Gookin 'infvtrf O'ticf' loikuon 700 ci Si 1 U Mziniexbivg ii dy 58? WU O Rentals-Sales,Service-Repair. We special- ize in Home Nursing and Rehabilitation equipment, Wheelchairs, Walking Aids, Bathroom Aids, Exercisers, Surgical Sup- ports, Oxygen, Van Lifts, and Driving Controls. llSSlSSlPPl wiisiilW'0'4 Pnoaom CALL TOLL FREE g 1-800-682-6410 YY U NEE lf you re golng to buy sell locate relocate expand we can handle everythrng When you need any type of medical supplles or equipment come to us We stock every major brand plus over 300 hlgh quality Healthco brands And we can help you budget your buying with our Annual Purchase Plan whuch guarantees prices for an entire year guarantees delnvernes saves tnme and taxes lowers your office practice costs a dozen other ways You can depend on Healthco for prompt delrvery and expert equlpment Installation and repair servlce fnd Healthco Drovndes a full range of services required IH the development of any tv we whulatory health care faclllty HeaIthcolMlsslssuppl Surgical Supply 4711 Hughway 55 North!Jackson Mlssrsslppl 39206 l601l 981 5731 WHAF 0 The HealthcofIVlcNees Patrent Center rs a complete medical department store a one-stop facrlxty for all of your patlents home care needs We stock the major brands of hospltal beds and accessories commodes crutches oxygen therapy equ1pment and supplres water therapy unrts walkers exerclsung equipment wheel chanrs whurlpool equlpment every basic patient need Our personnel are dedncated and experienced We accept Medicare assngnments where applncable HeaIthcolMcNees Patient Center 440 Woodrow Wllson AvenuelJackson Mlsslsslppl 39216 l601l 3662682 ll t F ZAXFIENTS NEE 237 238 '8 1 MEDIC STAFF wi -9"' JERRY BURKETT TOM MONTGOMERY -'kv . er, QL to RJ Front Row, Robin Campassi, Chester Lott, Hank Daum, Spur Mangum, Marc Aiken, Mike May, Back Row, Randy Reynolds, Gloria Lewis, Ina Griffin, Linda Marshall, Holly Hopkins, Lucy Lindsey, Victor Pang, NOT PICTURED, Dareen North. EDITURS 7 ff 7' .NX Wit 14 if 4 i Yi ' g J? . We have attempted to assemble the 1981 Medic to portray the everyday lives of the students at U.lVl.C., as well as to reflect on the past 25 years. It was re- warding and enjoyable putting this yearbook together and we hope that it will rekindle fond memories for each of you, now and in the future. There are many thanks to be of- fered and we would especially like to thank the followingg Dr. Norman Nelson for contribu- tions on the history of U.lVl.C.g Dept. of Pharmacology for use of their darkroomg Public Rela- tions for pictures from the pastg and the 1981 Medic staff whose help made this publication pos- sible. A special thanks goes to our families and friends who en- dured the entire endeavor and to our parents who made it all possible. Betsy Grimes Don Marascalcow Marcia McKee 1

Suggestions in the University of Mississippi Medical Center - Medic Yearbook (Jackson, MS) collection:

University of Mississippi Medical Center - Medic Yearbook (Jackson, MS) online yearbook collection, 1977 Edition, Page 1


University of Mississippi Medical Center - Medic Yearbook (Jackson, MS) online yearbook collection, 1981 Edition, Page 226

1981, pg 226

University of Mississippi Medical Center - Medic Yearbook (Jackson, MS) online yearbook collection, 1981 Edition, Page 199

1981, pg 199

University of Mississippi Medical Center - Medic Yearbook (Jackson, MS) online yearbook collection, 1981 Edition, Page 231

1981, pg 231

University of Mississippi Medical Center - Medic Yearbook (Jackson, MS) online yearbook collection, 1981 Edition, Page 140

1981, pg 140

University of Mississippi Medical Center - Medic Yearbook (Jackson, MS) online yearbook collection, 1981 Edition, Page 218

1981, pg 218

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