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Text from Pages 1 - 346 of the 1938 volume:

Mlm Q 'llll' El wx! ,Fx ll' j , 1 Q iiiyf ai' 1 W .x 'LE A I M my s::. Fiii PIII 3555 P555 sail Es: Eiir EE? .5 ' 1 N 1 ,E I r V' I 5 I ll' 3 53 L '-5 I 4 !:: sa. Il! :ng iii: .:::. lllil ill HIE Eiga ! I I spun iii X E ,J i '5 Y x ll 'E 'n I NESUHX 1 H38 ummm I I I' I 11 I v 8 1 K . 1 5 1 1 A I 1 . i 1 N k 1 1 I 1, 1 ll 5 I V 1 . 1 Q1 I 1 1. ll I D ni 1 . W1 1 1? 1 T H E Q?-DEBI ITITI G H -I !"T'I U P Z T U FW Q TC X4 KJ 0 I -I TTI C V I BV THE SENIQI2 CLASS QF THE LJIXIIVERSITV OF IVIINNESQTA IN MINNEAPGLIS My H f ,nv , I 6 f, k fi A, A .' X. .ws I 3 . ,-, .. .af . fi-if 4 ' -'T .' -. 'ERE 51 1 '-1 'wif' ' 2? 3: If wif 5, . 9. ' . rl x X . g.: 5 . Qf'agv?f?.f'Lf' 'f ' ' 5,53 135 f +-. ffm -, f ze 1.3 ,M - Af 72' Lhasa--+ M". A X . . Y fr. 152: Oi 5365? N4 s 4, A Y . ,.-.,,.-1 , 5, E1 I g V I x xx.: . f .-. , S D kt vs- - H 'Wi' 4 V - ..4+ - Hp. 2 ' 1 ' x 'Q . ',-" , 'Q , ty I2 1 4 3 F 1 l .J if ,gg ,. Wa? llff' , 1 ,T , f .,,,., 1 ' - 1.- 7 ' V- -jf ? 112 A f ' :F -' Af' .,. 4 V , , . ,t R . , . ,.,. -Q .4 1 .. .4 1: jill 1 .. ,L fzo'Oefl'Lw' Jovmovomf-ecJf'l'ov 2 'Hfnovvlgovx f LQk.LS?'A Q 3322- ' 22.2 .5 5 ., ,x.V 1 I ,,,.. V 1 1 jf at g. HE first Won recognition at the University of Nlinnesota as a graduate in the class of 1916, member of Alpha Delta Phi, captain of the 1915 football team Qwhose membership included George Hauser and Bert Bastonj, and letterman in basketball and track as Well as in football. In the spring of 1932 he was called back from Tulane, to be head coach at his alma mater, and by 1936 he had Won himself the indisputable title of the greatest football coach in the country. His presence at the University has contributed great- ly toward building the prestige of lVIinnesota. Our great football teams of the past few years have drawn attention to Nlinnesota so that her scholastic as Well as her athletic achievements are now being recognized. The Gopher of 1938 Wishes to show its respect for a great teacher by dedicating its fifty-first volume to Bernie Bierman. FCDREWORD IN this fifty-first volume of the Gopher, it has not been our purpose to think up new Ways of presenting the history of 1937-38. Our objec- tive has been only to leave with you in as vivid form as possible a record of what happened at the University this year. In order to do this We have changed the traditional arrangement of the Gopher into one that seems more logical to us. If it gives you an accurate reminder of this year's history, and if it is an adequate record of college days to the seniors of 1938, then it has fulhlled its purpose. TABLE QT CCIXITENTS BUCK UNE BUCK TWU BUCK THREE E B B pil'-Q X 1 1- , . ' K , ' , X r. 4 ' - , - X Q. ,., xx X X, L..l . ., ' . ' X 'ty ,, - 3 -. T. J - f . B " E' - T - . ' w,,g..'-. V f K' U., W , rilagy - l -ij.-, lr., E J- ggi- , ' V ' , -V- ' A A x ' ff-T T --' ' - V- X W EL- I -B . " 'Q FALL WINTER SRRINU E "College students are all right,'J claims Regent RAY QUINLIVAN of St. Cloud. The war veteran says he is opposed to Roosevelt's Supreme Court plan and does not favor branch universities. KUppe1f leflj. Proud of his "Main Street" QSauk Centrej is joking banker BENJAMIN DuBois, who neither fishes, hunts, nor plays checkers. The staunch Democratic New Deal supporter marvels at the universityls size. fUppe1f' middlej. For twenty-three years he has been secretary-treasurer of the Nlinnesota State Federation of Labor and the former Shoemaker, GEORGE LAWSON, believes "Every child has a right to an education." flfpper rigfzrj. The youngster on the Board, LEWIS LOHMANN, who is forty-two years old, is an active American Legion worker. The St. Paul attorney claims fishing as his favorite hobby. fCem'e1f ffiglzlj. A proponent of branch colleges, DR. VVILLIAM JAMES MAYO is best known for his work in the Rochester Mayo clinic. He has been a regent for thirty-one years. fCenre1f midcilej. "Present day college students are very good, sensible American citizen," says FRANK MURPHY, a Wheatoii, lVlinnesOta, law- yer, but he just can't help thinking of those students as children. KCM1- fer rigfzzj. President of the Olson Clinic, and a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons is DR. ALBERT E. OLSON of Duluth, a regent since 1933 and a marked liberal. fllofwer Zeffj. A national guard ofhcer for seventeen years is ALBERT PFAENDER. The free-lance Democrat prefers wild west stories and says "Students don't feel that the world owes them a living." fLower middlej. The newest member on the board and the second farmer is O. M. PETERSON or the 'fAlbert Lea dirt farmer." He says, 'fThe University is doing a good job." fL0wer righlj. 8 REGENTS He looks very much like Vice President Garner. But Otter- tail County's MARTIN GLSON said it still doesn't help him to learn any solution for the farmer's difficul- ties. fBeZow righlj He fled from Russii after reading Kar Marx. The newly ap pointed GEORG. LEONARD, Minneapc lis attorney, onc turned down the ollic of Chief Justice ofth lVlinnesota Sup rem Court. fBel0w left, The oldest member of the Board of Regents FRED SNYDER who is also Chairman of t Board. A staunch supporter of the Universi since 1875 when he entered, he is now knot as the f'University spokesman." He wears t Phi Beta Kappa key and is a Nlinneapolis la yer. Appointed to the Board of Regents Governor A. O. Eberhardt, the seventy-eig year old chairman knows he has a big job t wouldnlt graduate for anything. ffilelow Amie i l i i L... L. PRESIDENT ON LEAVE of absence this year because of illness, our fifth president, Dr. l.otus Delta Coffman, has done more for this university than would seem humanly possible for one man. Since H120 when he became president the enrollment has increased one hundred per cent, and the Univer- sity has become recognized as one of the best in the country. The president, who left for Tuscon, Arizona, in January to regain his health, has been very ill since a heart attack last summer. He Wants to get well soon so that he will be all ready in the spring for golf and fishing. Catch' ing 300 pound marlin is a favorite sport of his. Taking President Coffman's place this year is Dr. Guy Stanton Ford, dean of the Graduate school and a professor in law. LOTUS D. CGFFMAN GUY STANTON FORD My IDEA of two students on the knoll in May, 1938 paging through this new Gopher: "lV1essage from the Acting President." "VVhat about? Skip it." "Did you see my picture in the Chi Alpha Tau group? Isn't it t-e-r-r-iab-l-e?" 'KBut look at me. VVould you know it. Pm a perfect f-r-i-g-h-t l D If my enthusiasm about college annuals seems somewhat torpid, even anemic, the able and hardworking editors of this contribution to college memories and printers' profits will understand. Gur family attic contains a fractional ton of them representing four different college generations and there are nephews and grandchildren still to educate. I can at least report that reduced to the symbolism of an annual and the senility of passing years Gophers and Badgers sleep peacefully side by side in their shrouds of cobwebs and dust. I do want to repay the courtesy and labors of the editors of this year's Gopher by expressing two hopes. I hope that their book will help you, its readers, to recall now and ever pleasant associations with your fellow students during years of opportunity such as will rarely come to any of you again. My second hope is that out of these years you have derived things more precious than can be compassed by any college annual. To the generous appreciation of what is best in your fellows I hope you have added a day by day loyalty to what is best in yourselves and to the values that lie in personal integrity, tolerance and the open mind. If you and your generation relegate these things to the attics of your mind you and we, your friends and teachers, will have failed. GUY STA'N'roN FORD flrfizzg Presiflwzf SHE doesn't like radio crooners, nor listen to jazz bands. Our Dean of VVomen, ANNE DUDLEY BLITZ, doesnlt even waste time on 'fSkum." She's too busy. Supervisor of all cam- pus women's activities and women's residences she concentrates on im- provement of sororities in her spare time once "mothering" the idea of one house for all sororities. But no matter how many interests she has, her heart still lies with her Pekingese, antique furniture, jewelry and glassware. fUppe1f Zeflj ROYAL R. SHUMWAY hasn't read a Gopher since 1903, that makes it safe to tell the real zruzh. Officially he is chairman of the Student Work com- mittee. In reality he is campus Dean of the "Woodshed," noted for his "Dutch Unclel' reprimands, severe but just. He specializes in registration, in private sessions with misfits, pro- bationers and delinquents. But even those whom he meets in the line of duty like him-his smile gives him away. fUppe1f righzj As a lad he wanted to become a cue star, as a collegiate he was afraid of girls, when he grew older, he was presented with a non-droppable land- ing net with wrist-chain attachment. Our Dean of Student Affairs, EDWARD E. N1cHoLsoN, idealist and reaction- ary, once defended the student body against charges of being "dreamy and impractical? He defines education as the gathering and maintaining of an active interest in things going on around one." fLo'wer Zefzfj He may be called the father of the Extension department movement, for RICHARD R.PR1cE in 1909 created the Extension division of the Univer- sity of Kansas, the Hrst educational department of its kind in the United States. In IQI3 he was lured to Min- nesota to help organize and to head its Extension department which has enjoyed twenty-five years of profit- able activity, all under his direction. ln these years he has handled every- thing from embalming to meta- physics. fLofwer righzfj li IN 1857 Dean VVilley's grandfather came to Nlinnesota as a pioneer and seventy years later lX'1AI.C01.M XVII.- LEY came to Minnesota as an asso- ciate professor of sociology, later to become University Dean. Though he manages convocations, has charge of the Federal Students, and is the as- sistant to' the president, Dean lVilley thinks he lives a rather prosaic life. Of convocations, Dean NVilley says that the one Where Alexander VVool- cott spoke attracted most attention. fUpper leffj 'When he graduated in 1939 the office he now holds did not exist. Whether or not it was created for CARROLL GEDDES it has helped cam- pus organizations tremendously. Prominent in activities not long ago, this member of the administration Whom almost everyone calls by his first name, now uses his previous ex- perience in keeping all organizations in the black. He also keeps harmony in campus politics and advises publi- cation heads. fUpper riglzfj ALUMNI SECRETARY, ERNEST B. PIERCE, keeps 40,000 alumni in touch With the University. In addition to publishing the Alumni VVeekly and Alumni Directories, he plans class re- unions and alumni reunions all over the country and attends many of them. He belongs to the National Association of Alumni Secretaries and knows personally thousands of alumni from all classes. Mr. Pierce thinks the most delightful contact he has re- ceived from his job is knowing all five presidents intimately. fL0we1f Zefzfj Service enterprises, investments, trust funds, the printing department, and all other departments affecting the University financially are headed up by WILLIAM T. MIDDLEBROOK, Comptroller of the University, who manages all of the business side of the University, which means he runs a ten million dollar a year plant. A graduate of Dartmouth, and formerly Comptroller at Purdue, Mr. Middle- brook's log cabin, and his hunting and golfing allord him relaxation from high finance. fLo'wer rightj CHEERY, round-faced DR. RUTH BOYNTON, Director of the Student Health Service, says that gardening and photography are her hobbies. Her main enthusiasm is flowers with the delphinum her favorite. Her photography is usually miniature. Between health examinations she car- ries on medical research to improve university conditions, acts as secretary of the American Student Health As- sociation and works with the League of Women Voters. She believes there is room in Medical Research for cap- able women. flfpper riglzzfj SHE does not keep a diary, she keeps a journal. Miss KATHARINE DENS- FORD, director of the school of nurs- ing, who is now on sabbatical leave, went to Europe last July for the ln- ternational Council of Nurses, re- turned to Columbia for a quarter in September, and was off on a trip around the World in February. Trav- eling is her hobby, nursing, her work. She formerly taught history, but dur- ing the War started nursing at V assar's training camp. fUppe1f Zefzj Sending a President of these Unit- ed States the araspberryn has no doubt been the desire of plenty of people for many years, but it took WALTER C. COFEEY, Dean of the Department of Agriculture, actually to do it in 1928 and to receive, as his reward, an invitation to dine at the White House. The President was Calvin Coolidge. And the "raspberry" was of the world-famed Latham variety raised on our university experimental farm. fLower riglzlj Tennis and teaching led DR. HAR- oLD DIEHL, Dean of Medical Science to study medicine. Always in college activities, he spent summers working at Atlantic coast resorts, was a street car conductor and night garage man- ager. He taught mathematics and coached athletics in high school where he played tennis with a doctor, be- came bored with teaching and decided to study medicine. His most fascin- ating experience was helping recon- struct Poland with the American Red Cross after the World War. KLofwe1f Zeflj A Scotchman from Prince Edward Island, Ev13R13'r'r FR.-xs12R's favorite song is 'fAuld Lang Synef' The Dean of the Law School prefers camping, fishing, and hunting to working. He says that if he were not a law instruc- tor, he would like to be an economist. Dean Fraser achieved national dis- tinction in his field when he was cho- sen as the best qualified man in the country in common law and was asked to restate America's real prop- erty laws. fUppw' Ivffj Although EDNVIXRD lNfI. FRIQEM,-iN is dean of the College of Agriculture and a Phi Beta Kappa, his real bid to a spot in the Hall of Fame is as orig- inator of the "Little Red Oil Can," Christmas award to the most out- standing farm campus student. The Freeman hledal for Student Leader- ship, annually awarded for notable school service, was established by for- estry students in recognition of its Dean's Work in developing a whole- some campus atmosphere. fUpper riglztj VVhen DEAN lVlELVIN 1-1.-XGGERTY of the College of Education died October 6, 1937, the University lost not only a man accomplished in his field but also a man With broad cul- tural interests and a keen enjoyment of life. He said he did a little of everything, meaning fishing, tramp- ing, golfing, playing bridge. He once led a research committee studying teaching methods, devised a new method for rating schools, and spoke in every state on educational pro- grams. KL0fwe1f leftj A Lieutenant Colonel in the Den- tal Reserve Corps of the Army, DEAN WILLIAM LASBY of the School of Dentistry claims his profession his primary hobby. As a member of the Senior League golf team he also likes golf along with photography. The vice president of the honorary dental fraternity was elected presi- dent of the Association of Dental schools in 1934, but claims more pride in the number of prominent gradu- ates of his school than in his own laurels. fLowe1f righzfj THROUGH him Minnesota is the first institution of its kind to give flight training to aeronautical engineers. ORA MINER LELAND, Dean of Ad- ministration of Architecture and En- gineering has a mountain named after him on the Canada-Alaska boundary which he aided in determining along with that of Panama and Costa Rica. In 1933 he was elected to the National Land Grant Colleges and Universities executive committee. But "Albie,', an albino squirrel who breakfasts on the Leland doorstep, is the Dean's newest problem. fUppe1f Zefzj A TROUT fisherman and mountain climber whose specialty is the study of radium is DR. C. S. LIND, Dean of the College of Chemistry. He ought to enjoy himself when he goes to the International Union of Chem- istry in Rome next summer! In honor of his radium studies he has served on the national committee in- vestigating the deaths of women painting radium dials on watches and also worked with Otto Hahn and the late Madam Curie. fUpper ffighzfj A PARADOX to all S. L. SL A. students is MALCOLM S. MACLEAN. He once owned a newspaper in California, has been an English instructor here and now directs the General college so competently that other Universities are calling on him to help them estab- lish similar ones. Harvard extended the most recent recognition of his doc- trine that 'fnon-specializing students should take a practical curriculum, not a classical one" by asking him to give their annual Inglis lecture this Winter. KLofwer Zefzfj KITHEY call me wall-eyed," says DR. W. E. PEIK, Acting Dean of the College of Education, who, inciden- tally, likes very much to fish. The kind of fishing doesn't matter, just so it isn't at the same place. He says he never works, that there is nothing he enjoys more than education. Begin- ning as a country school teacher earn- ing S35 a month, he has gained na- tional prominence through his sur- veys of teacher training in colleges and universities. KLOTXJEV riglzzfj HE worked his way through college as a tenor soloist at the First Metho- dist Church in Ann Arbor. CHARLES H. RoGERs, Dean of the College of Pharmacy, loves to collect old glass- ware, and has three beautiful Italian China pieces dating from 1850 in his thick-carpeted modernistic office. But he is too busy to spend much time with hobbies. He focuses his interest on his two sons and his new and im- proved curriculum for the next year. fUj7p67' leftj "Pm always glad to meet the stu- dents," says IQUSSELL A. S'rEvENsoN, Dean of the School of Business, who originated the old tomato can cup award for the student giving most service to the business school every year. ln 1933 he was elected presi- dent of the American Association of Collegiate Schools of Business and was later called to Vvlashington to aid in national rehabilitation programs. fUpper rigfzrj RESPONSIBLE for the famous atom smasher is the Dean of the College of S. L. A. JOHN N. TATE, who orig- inated the idea and received support for it from the Rockefeller Founda- tion. Before he became Dean in 1937 he was a professor of physics, having done his graduate work in Berlin. He is a member of Sigma Xi, honorary science fraternity, and vice president of the American Physics Association. He likes to play golf in his free time. fL0we1f left! He wanted to be a locomotive en- gineer. After T. A. H. TEETER, Asso- ciate Director of the Summer Session, fulfilled that first ambition, he de- sired to 'fplay in the water," or, in more technical terms, do experimental work with hydraulic brakes. Since he has a state license for being a trained hydraulic engineer and is a Professor of Engineering in the Extension Di- vision, this enthusiasm is not extra- ordinary. He spends his rather limit- ed summer Vacations hunting and fishing at Gull Lake. KLOwer righffj For the first time ttme GOfJke1' cliviclect cluronolog many. In Book Qne we present lite at Ivlinnesota as it was lived in the ot lQ3T, and us it is typi- cal ot every autumn at the Unive1'sity. 'T ' s - , 1 V' ' - V - .4-.NVQ - , r,"'1',.w "- - Yi- ff ue'-.'.-f'.k.31'r-' 'i'5"i'.flffiiif'Ng.3x95ffg1y12fPj'--. 352-:52':.1VQ'I3::?K2i! FZ' ' - - VA.. ' - ,Q V Y -f.-TQ, Wg- 1.2-UQ5!?f'2fxf V.f111flgi'V-z?f'giQf3g- eeiiipizawfefffffi - - ,.:, -1 ' 1-dfimf '- Q,,.-.- V .VH--'fr w. -iw:,,?'?-xz ul 4111335515-V-' 1,-1 ,F 41-gi-,yf'3j,'-iff TQTFM V . f , L - -A M-ff ff -1 Rf, Vg: ::2'Q5g!,'77'f1L'-f 4-dz, h, I.4,,,A1,15,f'fg:?,q?n f ' - . A ':-Ui" E if ,TZf22-QFQif5,f nf-f4i""ff:V'41s9'g.R5 -l- ' , V 'A " . -f f . f?'ii'f iT'l'fV fi? ,ww 1. ' - X ' V i, , '43-',-' -1145? :V--Z -2. TV.?,,mf1V-'-r,,aa:T.-ga-Q' 1 ' . ,, F, V f H,-4-ig - Y nf -pw-f-iwwvA-f:'1rg7f.'g,p-' -' f-:--3--Nz?-.,TiVP,f:1V:wA V V R V -Q , . EV.: - . V Lay. -5 L,-4 . 3V - . W. 1-,gi N ,..A.r-T4-5 4.1,-it--, 1: 557.431 2VV.55L,.'fj1fgj V . .. -. -- gr 1-e , -"ina-.r . gs QL-A-3...-V Zin- V:,.5:g:,-1 ' V ' ' 'V w- ' 1 '1' " .V f"" 'f -' 9f?3:i"J'ff:i- 3.39 1 "T --gf'-T5 f--' -AI . .. , , ,, . , .,. V.w-q,,,,.- 3-1 .-K - - .. 714, q , -T,-1 V' , '-.- -. -1- --- V ffij. -V-4:54, -V , gg: g-'-3 -- ' jig A - - ,-f.,-5-'W".f , A." ei, Y 1, ,, . Va .y . i' '-.L . 7' - .151-., ' ' ,x 1, 1 V , L V V. -1fV ' , 7. - 3-Q ffm , , f I ,X V f -Hr V-: V 1,11--, ' 3.- V . -, , , LA,. ,, Li., .3 6 . gg- -Vg , . X V" x. 5-,L . -V5.,,.x . - Q - -'M 1 " f' ' ' VI 6 :rr TW , I-vi? " '- -V V - , VV: W-, J' - p , V rv- . V , ., . .. .-.V ' - V -- - .1 14-'--af-I . .1 4i,,,5ff,4 , ?-1 - ' - ' 3339112 11 ' V' im 51 'T' - 'K ' ' 1" X ' V ' ig-giig-ffafbf. Fgng,a"'1 ' ' ' 'W V A . Q sua ' 4 1 5- " --: 3'-f'f "- V ' V - 4-' - . ' - -V" - ' V -' , 1--1-'f-sc-Vwefewf-:wgwfw-ywffVV . . Q4 . , J, .n...1, .MV VY--NV - -, - I- ,, D ,migfg -1, V . . . . 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' -- 'rf .- , 11' ..:2- fe--,,U Ev- ,, ' , - X N " ' ' A ' ' , W, Awe-fn f.fvgLg3 '1w25.:f.:-1 222-6 97 Q: '-ffl, ,Q , 4:5-of, f f ' , ,fl '. Q "L-F l ' ", .If , . ,1ep-7x94-1fef2'?' SW ' .eve J-gf 2:, ,Q ., w-M -N . v f .. ,. , ,me ff' . M- We V :a-, ,yfbf Q" 3. ,D ,, I ' -': .. f-ggw ,,, .,-, - -.,, -' ff A-rv-W.-rv-.4., -, -.1 g-44gM.-2,5.--w- 2, ve g., 1, A f,, Mwf aaff 4 --..,:,Qf. P .I .e,5:W.,,.,eQ,::,,,-4 ef - . M51 . ,f. V . 15, 5 , . -,- 1::,::g'g:1 qw,'-'+- 'U,'j:-.mi-4gjf,4,27 Q Q Ygqifgff sv an 1, . ..'f'.f 'Q'-' 4'551:m:av" , :W- "2f " 'f2'f' ,. 'V f fggifgfj' IXIQVE Fa!! xeeue fabozfej . . Fa!! xeene fecith aetiouj below Q MBE? Skum artift EOL Gilmore 7Ill1X'E5 Me mode! for Me November cover lu N .X-X imriffff IWHIIIA' . . Dm' C.'ooX'e r11M'f uf ilu: Foolbfzff I'EI7Ogl!iffOlZ ffimzcr X-0 Queen and zzffezzzlfuzff Nefcx Reviezv 7251'- formerf . . Leugfhefzmg .rfmafozof DECEMBER Final Wfeek Determina- tion . . Sazzla Mavzly . Final weak relaxation MMP" Intercofleginrz Leazierr . . King get: azwzrd Familiar :ight . . Mili1n1'y Ball . . Cofznmzixf Ford in , .ig ff A af ' 'Ll J- t?L.v. J.. ., H Lh'5'f4'7'5 , 'fs-ll' I 3:1-iig.jj,j5F':,1,. 'Q YIM ,- will 'Z -fn. 'gigs 'mf' ' S QR YY' ...frbig-'O 2 fw- - ,wa ra' J. ,L 'w 442 .. x., ,B QQ. '. Q 'mf K7 bfv. 1 QS i' I' D I M 'ILX Y 4752 Y u 7 v 1 1 The entire work of the week was, as in past years, under the direction of Professor Oscar C. Burkhart of the German depart- ment. Student Chairman Bob Hilliard planned the social and service activities. "KNOW MINNESOTA" was selected as the 1937 Freshman week theme and freshman were advised that to have the most successful University life they must know that scholar- ship comes first. Information booths were placed in strategic spots on the campus, student tours were arranged, hous- ing and employment services were offered, the system of student ad- visers was enlarged to include rep- resentatives from almost every University division, and repre- sentatives from hfteen major cam- pus organizations sat in the Union distributing information concern- ing their activities. The social program opened on Tuesday afternoon with a free sunlite sponsored by the W.S.G.A. On Tuesday night movies of the . 1936 Minnesota football team were shown in Northrop auditori- 1 um, Wediiesday night was church ' - ' H night. Over 1600 freshmen at- ' I tended these meetings. FRESHMAN WEEK U'NIVERSITY for 3,500 freshmen and transfer students began Sep- tember 2O this year with the Fresh- man week program, one week of social and registration activity be- fore the opening of fall quarter classes. Preparation for the events of the week was started in the early spring and over twenty student commit- tees worked intermittently during the summer and intensively dur- ing the September days before and throughout Freshman week to plan the welcome to the Minnesota campus. And then they came. Twin City freshmen began ar- riving as early as September 16 to take advantage of advance regis- tration, but the greater bulk of in- coming students did not begin the long trek from the opening Walk up the Armory pavement through long hours of registration proce- dure, vocational counselling, ex- aminations, lectures and social ac- tivities until the following Mon- day, September 20. I EIQES WHILE the above activities were all being held on the main campus, another program was being run for A-g campus freshmen. For the first time this year, a coordinated social and service program was put into effect on the Ag campus. Complete radio coverage for the activities of Freshman Week was given by WTCN, an NBC station. Street broadcasts were held in front of the armory and post office, and broadcasts of vocational and study program counselling and of various other activities were made. This was in addition to the usual radio coverage for the week arranged for by the Freshman week radio com- mittee. Instrumental in the direction of the various student committees were Margaret Deems, assistant chairman in charge of service com- mittees, Ruth Bloomgren, assist- ant chairman in charge of social committees, Bob Marshall, general 'publicity chairman, and Bill Cow- Clry, financial chairman. CAMPUS sisters and their little sis- ters had tea in "Old MacDonald's farm" Thursday afternoon. That night some 3,000 students gath- ered in Northrop again for "Meet Miniiesota Night." The evening of speeches on Minnesota tradi- tions, singing and stage entertain- ment was to have been climaxed by a torchlight parade to the knoll to plant the class tree. A storm broke in the early evening, how- ever, and prevented the beginning of a Minnesota "tradition," Friday night the men gathered in the Union and the coeds in Shevlin hall where they held their respective mixers. Saturday night's All-freshman dance and free carnival climaxed the week's program. Over 2,000 students jammed the Union to dance to the music of two bands on two fioors and to wander through the carnival booths. The highlight of the eveningwas the crowning of Virginia Morck as All-freshman Queen. Her attendants were Betty Lobdell, Mary Ann Fulton, Helen Hurley, Jane Shields and Betty Ryland. They were selected on the basis of beauty, high school schol- astic average and high school ac- tivity record. HMAIXI WEEK L Z9 3 50 Q 6911 4 W Q I ADMINISTRATION ii 28 HEADING a department second in importance to the ad- ministration is Frank McCormick, director of athletics, who for many years has managed so efliciently Minne- sota's famed athletic department. MCCOf111lCk,S job is an all-year-round one of keeping Mirinesota at the top in athletics. fUpp.e1' feftj Les Schroeder, ticket and finance director, never counts sheep when he tries to sleep. Itls tickets. His job is supplying tickets to the hundreds of thousands who pass through the turnstiles at sport contests throughout the year. Tickets are important, but the paper that pays for them is more so. flfjnper righij W. Ray Smith, intra-mural head, handles all non- varsity athletics. His job is large and hard as intra-mu- ral sports make up half of the athletic division at Min- nesota. Through Ray Smith's efforts this department is adding new sports to the calendar every year. fLozoer rightj Oscar Nlunson, chief custodian for the Golden Gophers, re- pairs a pair of pants while his assistant looks on. Ufelgwj Captain Ray King and Alternate captain Andy Uram try a few high ones. L MlNNESOTA,S record of two non-Conference defeats and a Big Ten title needs no defense. Three losses in five years in forty games with the toughest competition, is Bernie Bierman's record here-one of the greatest achievements in football history, and a tribute to one of the finest coaches the gridiron sport has ever boasted. Time and again throughout the country, the question is discussed as to who is responsible for this record, the coach or his material. At Minnesota those who have seen numerous Gopher teams, unmatched in manpower, hnish as also fans know the answer. The answer is Bierman. And the answer to Bierman's success is sagacity, calmness, fine personality, sportsmanship, and above all, a thorough- ness that systematises, that organises, that gets the most out of every man. The supply of Lunds, Beises and Urams may dry up, but Nlinnesota fans know that as long as Bierman is at the helm Gopher teams will be well coached, machine-like, and tough to beat. Due their share of the credit is Biermanls staff of able assistants including line coach, George Hauser, end coach, Bert Baston, backfield coach, Sheldon Beise, and Sig Harris, coach of the much abused, but invaluable Bombers. NCDRTH DAKOTA 7 HORACE BELL Guard - junior ' 5 feet, 11 inches tall - 185 pounds. Akron, Ohio LARRY BU HLER Fullback - junior - 6 feet, 2 inches tall ' 217 pounds. Windom MARTY CHRISTIANSEN Fullback - sophomore - 6 feet tall ' 195 pounds. Minneapolis DAN ELMER Center ' senior ' 6 feet, 1 inch tall - 190 pounds. Minneapolis SEPTEMBER TWEIXITV-FIVE AT MINIXIESGTA AFTER watching Nlinnesota begin its 1937 gridiron campaign by swamping North Dakota State under an avalanche of ten touchdowns, a record-breaking opening day crowd Bled out of Memorial Stadium serenely confident that na- tional championship honors would go to the Gophers for the third straight year. Part of that confidence was due to the performance of Andy Uram, whose brilliant ball toting in the few minutes he played produced several long gains and two 70-yard touchdown dashes, stamped him clearly as the star of a Gopher W attack which had a field day against the game K but weak Noclak defense in running up a 69-7 if score, largest of Bernie Bierman's Minnesota regime. as-ma W Equally encouraging was the strong play of three sophomores, Marty Christianson, Leland W Johnson, and Harold Van Every, who stood out among the many new men tested with the live full teams that saw action through the after- noon. MINNESOTA,S national championship hopes were dampened by a I4 to 9 defeat at the hands of Nebraska. lt was the Cornhuskers' first victory over the Gophers in twenty-four years. The Gophers jumped into the lead with a touch- down after four minutes of play and then it looked like a Held day, but the breaks were against them. ln the second quarter the Cornhuskers scored and converted the extra point to leave the field at the half with Nebraska in the lead 7 to 6. The Gophers again Went into the lead when Horace Bell kicked a field goal making the score 9 to 7. Four minutes later Nebraska scored again to lead I4 to 9, and in the remaining eleven minutes the Gophers had little left with which to challenge. CDCTCDBEI2 TWG AT NEBRASKA ALLEN RORK Guard ' junior ' 5 feet, ll inches tall ' 220 pounds. Eau Claire, Wis. CHARLES SCHULTZ Guard - senior ' 6 feet, 2 inches tall - 210 pounds. St. Paul VIC SPADACCINI Quarterback - senior ' 6 feet tall - 200 pounds. Keewatin ' FRANCIS TWEDELL Guard - junior ' 6 feet tall - 205 pounds. Austin NEBRASKA 14 NCDRTH DAKCDTA 7 HORACE BELL Guard - junior - 5 feet, ll inches tall - lSS pounds. Akron, Ohio LARRY BUHLER Fullback - junior - 6 feet, 2 inches tall - 217 pounds. Windom lVlARTY CHRISTIANSEN Fullback - sophomore ' 6 feet tall ' 195 pounds. Minneapolis DAN ELMER Center - senior - 6 feet, 1 inch tall - 190 pounds. Minneapolis SEPTEMBER TWEIXITV-FIVE AT MINNESOTA AFTER watching Minnesota begin its 1957 gridiron campaign by swamping North Dakota State under an avalanche of ten touchdowns, a record-breaking opening day crowd filed out of Memorial Stadium serenely confident that na- tional championship honors would go to the Gophers for the third straight year. Part of that confidence was due to the performance of Andy Uram, whose brilliant ball toting in the few minutes he played produced several long gains and two 70-yard touchdown dashes, stamped him clearly as the star of a Gopher attack which had a held day against the game but weak Nodak defense in running up a 69-7 score, largest of Bernie Bierman's Nlinnesota regime. T . gp we Equally encouraging was the strong play of three sophomores, Marty Christianson, Leland Johnson, and Harold Van Every, who stood out among the many new men tested with the five full teams that saw action through the after- noon. MINNESOTA,S national championship hopes were dampened by a I4 to 9 defeat at the hands of Nebraska. lt was the Cornhuskers, first victory over the Gophers in twenty-four years. The Gophers jumped into the lead with a touch- down after four minutes of play and then it looked like a held day, but the breaks were against them. ln the second quarter the Cornhuskers scored and converted the extra point to leave the field at the half with Nebraska in the lead 7 to 6. The Gophers again Went into the lead when Horace Bell kicked a field goal making the score 9 to 7. Four minutes later Nebraska scored again to lead I4 to 9, and in the remaining eleven minutes the Gophers had little left with which to challenge. OCTQBER TWC AT NEBRASKA ALLEN RORK Guard - junior ' S feet, ll inches tall - 220 pounds. Eau Claire, Wis. CHARLES SCHULTZ Guard ' senior - 6 feet, 2 inches tall ' 210 pounds. St. Paul VIC SPADACCINI Quarterback ' senior - 6 feet tall ' 200 pounds. Keewatin ' FRANCIS TWEDELL Guard - junior - 6 feet tall ' 205 pounds. Austin Q NEBRASKA 14 INDIANA I 4 .. ANDY URAM Halfback - senior - 5 feet, ll inches tall - ISO pounds. Minneapolis HAROLD VAN EVERY Hzilfbaclc - sophomore - S feet, 10 inches tall - 175 pounds. Minnetonka Beach FRANK WARNER End - senior ' 6 feet tall - ISS pounds. Minneapolis BOB WELD Guard - senior - 6 feet tall - 195 pounds. Minneapolis CDCTGBEI? NINE AT IVIINNESCDTA INVADING lndiana was faced by a revamped starting line-up determined to redeem itself for its mediocre play against Nebraska by trouncing their first Big Ten foe of the season. Early in the second period, Rudy Gmitro, dynamic little "one man backfieldn slipped as he broke into the clear on the 20-yard line after he had grabbed a punt in midfield, squirmed and twisted through the Whole Indiana team. This time his mates did not muff their oppor- tunity. After several plays had advanced the ball to the nine-yard line, Wilbur Moore streaked around his left end to score standing up. The conversion failed but the six points proved sufficient despite an Indiana passing at- tack which had the victors backed against their goal throughout the last quarter. 32. OCTOBER SIXTEEIXI AT ONE of the oldest series of games between two universities is that between Michigan and Min- nesota, but when the Gophers left for Michi- gan, they were rated as the underdogs by a good many of the nation's sports writers. lt looked as if their predictions might be right because Michigan scored 6 points towards the end of the first quarter, but in the beginning of the second quarter the Golden Gophers started a forward drive headed by Marty Christianson who ran through his own line rolling up a score of lj by the end of the half. With several minutes of the third period gone, Spadaccini caught a pass from Van Every and ran over the goal line, making the score 19. Minnesotals superiority was soon demonstrated, and the iinal score was 39 to 6. For another year the little Brown Jug remains in possession ofthe Gophers and will be placed in the trophy case that houses many other awards. MICHIGAN GEORGE FAUST I Quarterback - junior - 6 feet tall - 190 pounds. Minneapolis RUDY GMITRO Halfback - senior - S feet, 3 inches tall ' 165 pounds. Minneapolis GEORGE GOULD ' Quarterback 4 junior - 5 feet, 9 inches tall - 175 pounds. St. Paul BOB JOHNSON Tackle - senior - 6 feet, 1 inch tall - 190 pounds. Anoka MICHIGAN 6 F' 34- NCDTRE DAME QCTCDBEI2 T WlTIi the nation's gridiron attention centered upon Memorial Stadium, the Gophers, rested from a two-week layoff following the Nlichigan game, swung into action against the Fighting Irish from Notre Dame. The Gophers, although not at their best, played well, and their touch- down with Van Every passing to King after a double lateral in the backfield was beautifully executed. However, Puplis' punt returns, one of which prepared the way for Notre Dame's score in the first quarter, a line which consist- ently outcharged lVIinnesota's, and the play of Sweeney, who blocked Faust's attempted con- version, swung the balance in favor of the Irish. ln the last minute of play, Miiinesota un- leashed a belated passing attack which was cut short by the gun deep in enemy territory, just when it seemed the record crowd might get the score it was on its feet pleading for. ED KAFKA Guard - senior - 5 feet, ll inches tall 190 pounds. Antigo, Wis. VVARREN KILBOURNE pounds. St. Paul CAPTAIN RAY KING pounds. Duluth -TO HN KULBITSKI pounds. Virginia T-IIIQTY AT MINNESCD Tackle ' junior ' 6 feet, 2 inches tall - 195 End ' senior ' 6 feet, 2 inches tall - 195 Center - junior ' 6 feet, 2 inches tall - 200 TA NO FLOYD of Rosedale, the little bronze pig, settled down to another year of feasting on Go- pher corn. Spotting Iowa IO points more than any other rival since 1931, Minnesota came from behind to defeat the Hawkeyes 35 to IO. The Gophers won their third Big Ten game which put them in undisputed hrst place in the conference. The sensational Gopher sophomore Harold Van Every stood out above the crowd for his great passing that not only turned the tide but continued to swamp the Hawkeyes. Iowa was a fine team. It gave everything it had but was powerless to match the Gophers' bril- liance. It was at this game the team changed from those famous golden jerseys to maroon and broke the precedent that had been estab- lished for so many years. Minnesota returned home after a very successful trip ready to hnish the season with a bang. VEMBER SIX AT IOWA JOHN MARIUCCI End sophomore - 5 feet, ll inches tall ' 185 pounds. Eveleth BILL MATHENY Halfback - senior - S feet, 9 inches tall 165 pounds. Anoka LOU MIDLER Tackle - senior - 6 feet tall ' 210 pounds. St. Paul WILBUR MOORE Halfback - junior - 5 feet, ll inches tall - 180 pounds. Austin 36 NCRTHWESTERN GEORGE NASH End - junior ' 6 feet tall - l75 pounds. Minneztpolis EARL OHLGREN End - sophomore - 6 feet, 2 inches tall 135 pounds. Cokato WIN PEDERSON Tackle - junior - 6 feet, 2 inches tall 210 pounds. Minneapolis DWIGHT REED End - senior - 6 feet tall - 180 pounds St. Paul NCVEMBER TI-IIIQTEEN AT MINNESOTA HOMECOMING'NOTKhWCStCT11, purple smear on an otherwise untarnished Golden Gopher rec- ord for 1936, highest hurdle blocking Minne- sotals path to its fourth successive Conference title-Minnesota, primed for revenge-these were the ingredients that made this year's re- newal of the Gopher-Cat rivalry a "natural.', Midway in the first period the Gophers struck as Captain Ray King intercepted one of Don Heap's passes and ran the ball to the 2.0- yard line, set up the only touchdown of the game which he scored a few plays later on a lightning pitch from Van Every, who turned in another standout triple-threat performance. Bell added the extra point. Thereafter the scoreboard remained at 7-O, but fans had their thrills as they watched numerous Maroon and Gold scoring opportuni- ties develop, then saw them kicked away by fumbles or nullified by penalties. A craowo of 50,000 greeted the Minnesota squad in Memorial Stadium at their last game. The Gophers were favored over Wisconsin and expected to hnish the season undisputed cham- pions of the Big Ten. Bill Matheny, fleet- footed halfbacli who played his last game, starred for the Gopher squad as did Harold Van Evert' and Captain Ray King who caught a pass and ran for a touchdown. Twelve graduating seniors, all members of the squad, held the pigskin the last time for their alma mater. Both the Badgers and Gophers played wide open football with a great deal of pass- ing, but Minnesota came out on the long end, winning I3 to 6. The Gophers finished the season as the Big Ten Champions and rated as one of the best teams in the country. NGVEMBER TWENTV AI MINNESGTA Minnesota Ohio State Indiana Michigan N thvvestrn Purdue Wisconsiii Illinois Chicago Iowa FINAL BIG IO STANDINGS T. Pet. Pts. Op. o o .8 33 o .6oo o ' .5oo o .5oo r .5oo 1 .5oo o .4oo o .ooo o .ooo IOO 99 33 33 35 40 59 39 I2 22 to 25 QI 33 40 40 39 roo 71 Wlsc:oNslN 6 U7 1- CD 38 ONE of the biggest and heaviest freshman squads in recent years turned out for the first practice September 29. After a week of concentration on fundamentals, 29 of the zoo-odd aspirants were selected for the "An Squad under Dallas Ward. The remainder were divided into three teams: the Cats under Art Clarkson and Dave Bartelma, the Colts under George Roscoe, and the Badgers under Dale Hanson and Cully Lidberg. These teams, the 'KAN squad excluded, vied for the frosh cham- pionship vvhich the Badgers Enally Won after a spirited round-robin tournament. By the end of fall practice, the "A" squad, composed of the most promising material for next year, was able to beat the "Bombers" with regularity and hold just about its own against the Varsity reserves. ONLY good, concentrated coaching can transform strong and Willing freshmen, who really lcnow little about football and less about the Bierman system, into dependable varsity material. That players like Van Every, Christianson, Ohlgren, and Mariucci come up year after year from the fresh- man ranks ready to step into empty varsity posi- tions and play Big Ten football, not only-partially explains lVIinnesota's continued strength on the gridiron, but also testifies to the ability and thoroughness of the freshman coaches. This year head coach, Dallas Ward and his assistants,'Dave Bartelma, Art Clarkson, George Roscoe, Dale Hanson, and Cully Lidberg, saw that the ,fresh- men received the proper amounts of scrimmaging, fundamentals, and polishing up throughout! the fall, winter and spring practices. season may go down in Gopher gridiron history as the one in which a Bierman team iost Minnesota ians were actuaiiy beginning to beheve that the Maroon and Goid ' conditions, Nebraska came aiong to turn the trick with a XA,-9 he season. The iargest crowd Memoriai Stadium has uch-pubherzed contest with the "Bight- esotas hair-raising bid tor Tue T937 ust when mai piaying set ot t ear, the m ' ' tter Minn 'nnesota's two games. 3 were unbeatabie under nor victory, rated the most stunning sports up ever seated witnessed the most thriihng game ot the y ing Trishi' trom which the Rambiers emerged with a 7-6 decision a a iast-minute score through the air had taried. Tndiana, Michigan, Towa, Northwestern, and Wiscorisrn were successive victims ot Mi march to another undisputed Big Ten trtie and htth positron in the hnai nationai ranking. The outcome ot the Tndiana game was in doubt up to the finish, and the Homecoming crowd, which may have had visions ot revenge at the start ot the tussie with the Wiidcats, were happy to settie at the hnai gun tor the 7-0 win. The Gophers swamped Michigan, traditionai toe, but they reached their peak ot the season against Towa, soundiy whipping TrT Tubbs' strong team, 3 5-ro, and piayed aimost as weii in turning back by a rj,-6 margin a versatrie, hard-hitting eieven trom Wisconsin. Pt broken wrist, suttered in the Michigan game, iorced Uram out tor the rest ot the season when he was headed tor aimost certain Aii-American recognition. Minnesota's share ot mythicai honors went to Captain Bay King, Lew Midier, Francis Twedeii, and Rudy Grnitro, who won posts on the Prii-Big Ten hrst team, and Haroid Van Ev ery and Marty Christranson, who were piaced on the second eiev en. King, in addition, made the Ptii-America Board ot Footbaii seiection and was chosen captain ot that team. 39 ,, f Phi Dvlt winnersg Ski-U- Mzlh quccng Bnniirv builders. U, V '- 152231. .,-.2-L2 , L,,:,: , 4 ONEER CCI' Hull flu:1t5 KHt'1l1CL' Irfrj Gamma Phis win again. CCDMIIXIG ,M Iewson at the controls. Mngcc dcmonstrzxtcsi Knppns rig up the garden hose. - - Chairman McCaffrey whis- D pcrs to Mary Kricchbnum The-tas nt wnrkg Queen Dy gcrt and attendants. M3 Qtoudt Bosnckcr Back row: Nrrsson, Squire, Mnrn, D. juhnson, Donovan, . , Fourth row: Bosscn, Lccdum, Paterson, Wedge, McCnr'rrxcy, McKenzKc, Hcgd Thrrd row: McXvoXd, Quinn, Brooks, Lxung, S. Paterson, Surhnug, Wrltnxan Second row: Skrptmn, Stcttcnbcnz, Bxrumnrnn, Gniord, Wzrtscwn, Trbbcrts, YXUCLZEU., Dc Maries Yrrst ruw: Hawes., Bcvcrnrck, GXuckXcr, Hok, Tuckcr, Sarrnon, Hosshzn ALPHA CHX GMEGA CHX OMEGA KAYPA DELTA Crum: McB.errzXc Bcrnrce Krobe XECHPQC Xaeieom Scan-HeXen Laing Mnrrrxa Anna CXKiron Mncm LO mug AL?HA DELTA ETX KAYYA KAPYA GAMMA A A Pr Adcknne Sahnon HCR? M- SYPUAY Barrera Bcvcrnick Eumbcih Donovan NXUBOTY Nxam Mary Frances Hawes PHX QNXEGP, PX Esther Gordcr gizabfthgqiicker Marks McQuarrKc P1 BETA PHX Omt Aff mfm Berry Ann NXcCnrrney Am, Grggofcr Soecphrne Qumrr M ary Frances Tucker S s. B J " A A A u 'rn ctcrsorl Mxrafcer Squkre SXGNXA DELTA TAU H X Bean egg Laurens Trbbcrrs H H' Margaret GXocXdcr ' den V551 AHCC QMS Dona Daskovsky GAMMA BHK BETA SXGMA KPAWA Bmw BYOONQS . Berry Peterson Sum QVMSOH Mary Lou Skrpton km: BOSCH Berry Boyd H H DELTA mrlrm rrrrrrpr rraarrr img fAgXfLYHA e cn 0 AL? A KMNCCW Watson Gertrude Baumann Yvonne Stoddard -Peggy' VRI,nm2m Audr eanna N Hsson Vrrgrnkn dc Matros BETA BHK ALBHA Donna Sohnson Barber Marv om B AN HBLLENXC H rr, Mary Frances Tucker, secretary, Hererx o rareshlcntg and Margaret Cuocrder, vice presr dent. aff V up oi, ' go flu ff I 0 ' - .. ,,, . ,fe f Buck row: Erilfsen, Strfnvn, jncnhson, McKenzie, Gallenlmmp, Berger, Weill Third row: Hcmbersrm, Conkey, Dzivis, Holm, Hare, MflCN2llgllfOU Second row: lint-ner, lbIcKilligan, E. Dygert, Bjorck, Roth, Strunk, lkleycr First row: Greeley, Toept-l, li. Dygcrt, Laing, Page, johnson, Churchill ' -- - 2 Dorothy E. johnson - Mary j. Shaw. i? ji 1 fa g ' GRADUATE STUDENTS: R,., A Elf jessie Ogilvie - Elaine VVentinlf - jean Pulver. , .HE " M 4 995955 . ., . f .-44 . ,.,,:..i:. tj -I PM all If A' ig if Bonnie jane Berger - Doris Davis - Maud Earl - jeanne Mallette - Clure McKenzie - Madelon Roth - Nanc Wallace. .,,-1490, y.. -4, 'fini 5q,f,fv sg? y - . - 4 JUNIORS I . . . Kathlyn Churchill - Betty Dygert - Mariam Eriksen - Marion Folsom 514 Eleventh wemiesmiflmsf lVlarjorie Hagluii i jean-Barbara johnson i jeaii-Helen Laing - M y De Palm- University 1885 Louise Meyer - Lois Page - Marie Petit - Elizabeth Ann Prince - Bernice Alpha Lambda l92l Strawlln SOPHOMORES: Catherine Adams - jane Boener - Margaret Conliey - Constance Day Enid Dygert - Marion Erichsen - Marjorie Greeley - Patricia Hare Anna Louise Henneman - jane Heseltiiie - Rachel Holm - Wvian , , , , jacohson i janet johnson - june Kahler - Mary McNaughton - janet junoiivo from their long list of activi- . - . . . . Z- tiesj the Alpha Chl. 0,8 doin havemuch lVlartinsen - jane Mclnnis - Loiraine Mcliilligan ' liolette Ruhhert time to relax at the piano. This year ll-me TOffPf3l 4 Mary Wallace - Mary LOU VVIISOU- they Won the Coolce cup given to the 1 , sorority or fraternity with the highest I3 f h - - Adelaine Bjorclc - Alexandra Gallenlfamp - Helen Grogan i Margaret num er o omecoming points and made Enid Dygert, also sophomore representa- Guqydan ' Kathryn Haglull ' Cal-O1Hembe ' tive on the W. S. G. A. hoard, queen. welll- rson jeanne Stru lf ALPHA CH! CDMEGA n i Frances Second ro Yirst rowz Cook, Notting, ar Q T if n Peterson, NeTson, Thurber Back row: Spark, Bariknecht, Bowen, Stnbbee, Erickso , Third row: McCrary, Roman, jones, Lee, Loveii, Ristirxen, Greernec wc Wood, Cummings, Scboen, Lothrop, Main, Brandt, Heirners ' V 'tia, Stoudt, Borhnd, Updcgraff, Vorbes GBADU ATE STUDENTS: T'TeTen Mary Stondt - PtTTene Vartia. SBNTCBS: Ceha Borland - Betty Greernee - Radeen Stondt. SUNTOBS: Mary Kay X'TeTrners - Margaret B. Tones - Barbara Notting ' Norma ww U .V Sw U 6 Somew TTT Cf T QVC U 5 Bornan - Seanne Thurber - Bertha Bartknecht. Wesieyan rcmie eonege issr Aram Rho was SOYHQMOBBS: BToise Bowen - Barbara Cook - Both Cuinrnings - jane Lee - Betty Lothroo - Mariory Main - Yhyihs McCrary - jenneTT Yeterson - BToise T A D Y., h h Bistrnen - Margaret Schoen - Frances Spark - T'TeTen Updegrart - Betty ,HE , N WCM to X C KO? K me Vorhes I Ye V Wood times this yearg once when TenneTT Yet- gg' ' erson Ted them in seiiing rnore Gophers than any other sorority, again when jeanne Thurber was Ski-U-Mah queen L H D and iastiy, when they won hrst for their ' 53961 Ove ' Ofothv NCXSOH A honiecorning Boat. janet LoveiT and Betty Lothrop are active on the Gopher BBB . Heieii Brandt - CaroT Erickson 'orie VN7iTTson. janet Stnbbee - Marr PXLPHPX D ELT Pi VX it QL, Buck row: Krchs, Lawson C1 1, . , fnnscth, Sunburn, Tillotson, L:1Libcrte, Stovcn, Shnbel 'ourth row: Knprivn, Cameron, lluldorf, Juhnkc, lylnritz, Charlotte Hansen, Prlrlicr, Hiebert, Patterson Third row: Von Drzisvk, Chc-slay W'idn:i, lylaloney, Parke, SCllCl'X't'H, Carolyn Hansen, A. Nelson Second row: Ringbloom, lizirtzi, Keith, Fclkncr, Jewell, Johnson, lV1:1clV1:1hon Du B ' 1" First row: Kaufman, lVehsler, Linclquist, Rosrickcr H. Ne!" ' , ois, Bergen , son, Quinn, Ferrin f, G' 5 ans, W3g!lC1' SENIORS: Maxine Ferring - Genevieve Gans - Dorothy Hasslen - Constanc Kaufman - Alice LaLiberte r Hope Nelson - Josephine Quinn. J UNIORS: Helen Barta - Jeanne DuBois - Elva Gronseth - Eleanor Hiebert - Carol Lindquist ' Patricia Maloney - Elizabeth Rosaclrer - Mary Shabel. 311 Eleventh avenue southeast University of Syracuse 1904 Dflfa 1908 SOPHOMORES: Dorathe Bergin - Beatrice Cameron - Carolyn Hansen - Charlotte Hansen - Maryanne Holdorf - Betty Jane Jahnlfe - Helen L. Johnson - Doroth Krebs - Alice Lawson - Audre Nelson - Doris Ann Nelson Y Y - CAROL Luvnornsr, Mary Strobel, Elon- ' Geraldine Parker - Tuzah Patterson - Joyce Ringbloom - Barbara nor Hiebert and Marian Moritz look Sanborn - Lois Scherven - Doris Stoven - Gene Tillotson - Mary Agnes hungry as they enter the Alpha Gam Hfggner . Ruth Hfebgter . Jean Wjdng, house for lunch. Alpha Ganfs Marv Agnes Vflagner is prominent in the Un i- versity Theater, and Sis Rosaclcer is the - new secretary of Panhell. lncidentally, l 't " Vd hr b . . . . ,,?Se,Piii?d5e15,N?Ldelle irsgfvgut Roxanne Fellrner - Hester Jeyvell - Shirley Keith - Marian Moritz - and Sis are my gogd friends. Barbara A. Parke - Helene Prichard. ALPHA GAMMA DELTA B ecorx K 1' Gr ' ' Schw urtz, k row: imc , d r 1 Lzxbovich, ' Yu, Osman, UW wx Kay, Lap .x Q30 A , Q . 4 QQSEQ1' sen6cXd, Vvcxkr Kvemenetsky, Glnsburg Drucker, N Lxft1xXXn GRIXDU ATE STUDENT: CeYra Kariau. SENXORS: Berurce Drucker - Pnirta Gordon - Lenore Greenberg - Et'rreX Kenner - Ruby Xireruenetsky - Prdehrxe Nattadrm - SYXVXQ. Osruau. SUNXOR: Thelma Kay. SOYXdONlORESz Rose Bukotsky - Lea Etta Roserxtxdd ' Margaret Schwartz. ,rms Yew the NYM Hamm CWS Sim- ed here Ku XQ36, got subserrptrorxs for the Commurrity Chest :md gave a party for the Communky Chest. Anita Gor- don Ks the ordy undergraduate dected . . . V t 1K1 'xx . 'rr' - othy Beher - Rose Lea Femberg - Ruth Gmsburg - Shrrley txxiyifeiiafopfdgmingZgamjuiyhfixisa rrrxa Lang - Flearxor Arm Vqeuder. Qum- Dor Labovreh - No 48 mu Pr XQPXWPX CHX ,:Q.,-,vgivv C, W' z , , icwert, Sehaaf S , enlzam , ye, Nlair, Kell' ' , iggms, Backer, Gro .. r ruw: Faetkenl - -- , ison, Peterson, IV S' . nc 'lcr, Buckbee, Du x ' ' First row: Fay, I ' " Buck ruu':Su1mner, lVIcC:11'tney, Nuessle S' Fnurtli row: Theimer V 'l 'hi r I , prague, Atkins B 5, Walkel' Scrr ' ' 1tuu,Damrm IW: tcvnd row' Cl A sse Iunay, llffarie Guliclc, Mild1'ed G I' LII, lialmer, WIUISOH, Verrcll, Golb QIULI, Pass, Hegel, Putnam, Stott u ick erg, YVQ-ed enhenz, Neutson, Ch 1'1' sry FACULTY: Charlotte Verrill Jacobson - Ione Jackson. SENIORS: Helen L. Benham - Antoinette T. Bernath - Betty R. Buclfbee - Margy V. Clay - Lorraine A. Danley - Margery Doerr - Alice M. Fay - Harriet . Fritz - Janet L. Fritz - Maxine H. Golberg - Marie B. Guliclc - Mildred B. Gulicl: - Jean F. Hegel - Helen E. Kelly ' Maxine N. Mair - ivian F. Murray - Alice E. Pass - Mary P. Putnam - Delores A. Ritter - elissa J. Robbins - Barbara M. Rudolph - Agnes L. Schaaf - Janet A. Sprague - Helena E. Sullivan - Barbara Tyson ' Jeanne G. Wilson. ll2I Fifth street southeast Ba,-narif 1897 Margaret F. Atkins - Jane Carlson - Eddice Dochterman - Mary L. Faetlfenheuer - Margaret E. Gloclfler - Dagmar A. Hauge - Lorna D. McCartney - Beth M. Preine - Annette E. Scroggins - Marion L. Stettenbenz - Mary L. Theimer - Jean E. Timmons. SOPHOMORES: Betty A. Backer - Helen E. Balmer - Marilyn M. Christy - Mildred A. THE A. O. Pi's aren,t so slow in many Clark ' Margaret Damoll ' Jane Masoll ' Maljorje Miesen ' ways. The Weelc after Christmas vaca- Eleanor E. Neutson - Betsey Ann Nuessle - Harriet M. Peterson - F5011 file? STOP fhfeff 50XeS Of Candy fmm Charlotte M. Prescott - Harriet Sievvert - Bette H. Sommer - Jane H. engaged members. Their president, Ve1.reL1,AmmFay Vveed. Margaret Gloeltler, was treasurer both of Panhellenic council and Y. W. C. A. FRESHMEN: u A H this year and is to be president of Pan- Annette Grosse - Marise Mannheimer - Lois J. Murph hellenic council neXt year. Alice Pass Olson - Alice Vye - Alice Walker - was scholarship chairman of Panhell. Q. Wjecjfjllg. y - Jane E. Joyce H. Ward - Florence ALPHA CDMICIQCDN D! 49 So 3 ,V , Back row: Harlan, Larpentcr, Fujton, Godwjn, MiXjcx', Brush, Heaton x Chwndjer, Naegch, Njchaughhn, Hudback, Wcvodctuck, Gjjhs 1 Ajaxns G. Njathewson Thjrd row: Njurphy, Baku, t Second row: Yjejd, Teasdaje, Downtng, Struthers, Bjoomgrex , c , First row: Gardner, Loper, M. Mathcwson, Shmjett, Cart, Pjerson, Funston, Owens SBNXOBSL Betty Banker - Betty Boyd ' Mary Cart - Margaret Carpenter - jdeten Deat - Betty Downrng - Bunny Gardner - Betty jones - Nancy Krng - Dorothy Naegeh - Nan Scahon - Mary Shirtdett a Margo Vlajhn - jean Watsort - june Westtre. jUNjOBSz Bhzaheth Brat - Ruth Bjoonxgren - judy Brush - Lourse Chandter - Hejen Drake - Kay Yjeaton - Betty Hedhack - jane Hostord - Martha Leuthojd - Mary L. Mcjaaughhn - Mary B. Owens - Martha Peyton - 'H' 'D joanne Pkerson - janet Yontius - Buth Stuart - Nancy 'Yrenhohn - Connke 313 Tag? m'fmfSi2U'W'5i Woodcock - Lena Wynn. 3395 SOYHOMCBBS: Betty Baker - Btten Boyd ' Vicenta Donnehy - Nonnre Bketd - Lena Gdhs - Margaret Kenyon - jean Lorber - Mary Mathewson - jane McNarr - Krtty A. Mordaunt - Mary B Murphy - Maanne Otto - Markan Seejey - jean Sneve - Patrkcka Teasdale - Sahy Weixthagen - Cjara Arena Yan must be Xoskng controt over XNOOd2LYd. the song test judges, tdthough it had FRESHMEN that power over them at horneconung 3 tjrne, for it onty won third thks year. Carohne Adarns - Heten Bancrott - jean Buchanan - Mary Pt. Button - These gina may be srndykng, but we judfrth Bunston - Sara C. Godwkn - Betty Xdarjan - Hetert Hurtey - know the Atom rhrs are reany noted Pdeene jenjirns - jane Kennedy - Grace Mathewson - Batrkcia McCarthy tor having the cnrnpus' hjghest marriage ' ' me Rrch - Nancy Rogers - jean Struthers. me, - janet Nhtjer - juhanr PXLPHPX Wt x rS'Ff"1?"-v-..,. S4 Brick rnw: Nicol M sl 1 1 cr, Lund, Rugelsbcrger Bu Seem low: iriclcson, Thompson, Sv lr- ' ' First rout' .-lsl 2 - W'N.,,, 7' ny, Szmdberff :1 il c cl ' I' ' , nger, Laser em sen, Cornish, Brellmer, Patterson lcntltn, Delano, Nilsson, Bumgarclner, D- ' A c Mattos FACULTY: lVlrs. Lee Barber - Alberta Goodrich - Borghild Gunstad - Lora D joesting - Mrs. Clara Koenig - Lorraine Kranhold. SENIORS: Gretta M. Cornish - Frances E. Erickson - Vivian L. Lund - Ann f. ylancler - Dorothy M. Sandberg ' Helen S. Svendsen. III5 Fifth street southeast LombaxlIuC?glJe?'e 1893 Doris W. Brehmer i Rosemary Burngardner - Louise Cobley - Ruth Delano - Audreanna Nilsson - Alice Patterson. SOP O O ES: EVERY Washington's birthday they have H M R 21 Cherry Pie Pflffyi MSF YGHI UICY W011 Betty Ashenden - Virginia de Mattos - Mary C. Nicolay. an electric cloclc by picking football Winners for a cigarette hrm. Among the Alpha Xi Delta prides are Frances Erick- I son, president ofthe farm Y. W. C. A., QQZIEQQQQ GliifozasZicriifierolgflifgj Dorothy jane Bunger - Grace Laser - Dorothea Regelsberger - Mary posfufe Contest' I Ressler - Lounell K. Thompson. ALPHA X! DELTA Bwck row' Hotthv, H. Barnes, Hansen, Schzruh, Cook Second rowi G. hunts, Rzxndotph, Foster, Ymukkc, Stohh Lawrence Yrrst row: Ntetvohi, Frost, johnson, Roberts, Crrntdey ,,'4 g AW A 'yx LW . 3 p M ,Q L ,J ' ' bf, ,,,,,..f' N - lx ., X A I if JY, , , Qnyf i -r A ' 1 ' R- ,ff SENXORS1 2- 1 2. - ! ' Heten Barnes - Arorthtihrost - Dons L. Schauh - Ruth Roberts. ,Q I, t P-. , ',,, A A M ififtt be UX6 Seventh street southeast Unrversity of Cahfornla X909 1 Q Kappa X926 Grace Barnes - Lucrte Cook - Mahet E. Crrnhtey - Margaret E. Foster - V Lawrence - Lots Heten H. Hotthy ' Donna L. johnson - june . Randotph. SO?HONlORES z 'Yheora Bakke - Ytorence E. Hansen - Esther Ntehlold - Dora Stoht. Lots RANDOLPH, Betty Lester and Mnhet Crknktey are shown wkth the schohrshrp cup on vvhrch the name of the grrt wrth the highest average is en- graved. Beta Yhr Pttpha is proud ot Sune Lawrence, who had the Xngenue tend Rn "High Tor," and Ardith Frost and Ruth Roberts, presrdent and Vice-nrcsrdent of the Aqnatrc Xcztgne. BET In KPHX PXLPHPX ,f ", five ' w. 'N-ts" ,- , K I Huck i'mx'J J. Nelson, 'l'u'ccd, Baird, Inman, Burdick, BIWIUCII W' Fourth row: Lyon, Shirley, Nlinar York S Thirfl row: Adkins A . , mship, Rea, lWcKinley , ', callon, Lydon, NI. Nelson, Swank, Reis, Jones 3, Inrphy, Robbers, Nlagve, Johnson, Dodge, Beckstrom, Ladd, Hoffman Second row: Smith, liessenich, Kuske, Henderson, Garnatz, Gordiniar, Anderson, Howard First row: Cleveland, Gay, Grrzham, Klobe, Clifton, Sias, Nordland, Clarke, Don lass s .Sf-tts ' 'A 1 'N i"f-f"'i-'i r - FACULTY: we-14, ,R ' ' ' 4 , .-1 f . . - T'- , f-ij' ' 'f 3. '- Edna Fowler athieson - ar 'aretS1as. '.. - 7 'fhiggggzifjfs-'f'a-- 8 : 22'5?5fIZ5Q5:7f-4-,, tif' -, f ar: 1 GRADUATE STUDENTS: N441 1s',f 4 - - - - 1' fe Patricia Fitzpatrick - lvlary Jo Maher - Anne Schoffman. ,l SENI ORS: A ,i,, C Ellen June Anderson - Eileen Burdick - Lorraine Burr - Merrilyn Clark 15.1 , 1,1 llyi -Martha Anna Clifton - Grace Marie Gay ' Elaine Johnson - Lois ,,,i X 4 M gr, Johnson - Eleanor Jones - Bernice Klohe - Jeanne Langford - Betty Gay Nordland Betty Rich Mary Sias - Margaret Ellen Wolf . J UNIGRS: - 315' Nineteenth avenue southeast , , , UI11'K"CI'S1'f,VOf Illinois, University Margaret Anderson - Geraldine Adkins - Jean Baird - Joy Gerharz ' of M'fh'1-'an 1914 ar 'aret Graham - Bett Inman - Catherine ohnson - ar aretL on 8 I Y 1 8 - ean Nelson - ean Reis - Helen Scallon - Audre Shirle - Clare Reihn . Y ,V Smith. S OPH OM ORES: Vir inia Beckstrom - Eleanor Brauch - arienne Chase - eanette g u Q 1 s n Douglass, Gwenith Garnatz - Marian Gordiniar - Lorraine Heilderson - CHI OMEGA Martha Ama Clifton, Doris Irloflfman - Jean Hustlehy - Ruth Page Ladd - Elaine Murphy - Grace Marie Gay and gemfce Kjobe Margaret Nelson - Alice Winship. ipse. with abpuppeltg Edgar?-:11.l35S1?racF Erie 51 IC I C - - - - .' D D r.O G a I 6 Hr Florence Cleveland - Yhrgmia Lee Dodge - Marian Howard - Jean sorority. Every winter they hold a Mas- , , , , , , qumde to which two girls from each Kessenich - Lois Kuske - Patricia Magee - Marion McK1nle - sorority are invited. Martha Anna Clif- MIUHF - Helen RCE-1 - MHFJOFIC Robbers - ton is president of women in Education. Betty YOI'k'. y Jeanne Jeanne Swank - Joan Tweed - CH! GMEGA ss t L f l? N. P A Q 1 , w Adams Vfcnsote, Decbk, NXcDon1xXd Back rowz Ecknxan, Running, Goctze, Ncutmert, Kktutuc, Mitra , . , Fourth row: Cook, Wedge, Cotntcr, Hustnd, Berg, Anderson, Snnth, Atexnnder, Hennessy 'Hand row: DrXnkaU, Hatturzxn, Le'Yourneau, M. Grtiftth, Lathrop, Atnswurth, G. Grtfnth, Westbe1'g, KKmbnU, Hundrcdmark Second row: Yltinettt, Kntght, Braden, Kerthtey, Leonard, Tryke, Moore, Larson, FnuchaXd First row: Panto, Possum, Nordtnnd, Krauch, Hawes, Faith Bevernkck, Fetecie Beverntck, Loedder, Harwood BIXCULTY: Yhyttrs Brewster - Ruth B. Lawrence - jane Leichsennng - Mary Stirnner. GBADU ATB STUDENT Mary Xlrce. SBNXORS: ' ' ' Hck - Btrna B.. Cook - B 'th Bevernxdi - Behcre Bevern judrth Berg - ar Marjorie Bossurn - Mary Edna Grtttxth - Mary Frances Hawes - Nata C. Kranch - Virgrnia A. Loechter - Betty K. Moore - Mary Nordtand - Mary-Elten Srnrtn - Ruth E. Wirxgate. H6 Tenth :we rxrx e southeast Bhzabeth Bett - Metya jean Coutter - Constance S. Fanto - Betty Boston Unxwsrtv V553 Fauchakd - Genevieve Grrftxtn - Mary-Ann Hague - Vkrgnna Kerttdey 'mm WM L thro - Marlon Lefourneau - Loretta - Margaret Krrnbte ' Heten a Q A. Neubert. SOYHOMOBES: Ceteste Prdarns - Dorothy jane Braden - Virgrnia Drknkatt - Ruth Bdcrnan - Betty Pt. George - Bvetyn M. Harwood - Margaret? Hnndredrnark - Xngrid Larsen - Markan Pr. McDonaXd - Lourse H. Runnkng - Dorothy E, D ffryke , Chartottew esgoerg. steeny 'Yu Detts, Marge Yossurn, rrtesrawrenr Xfgfxd Xirmfof flirfaifiitrfxfilmft Boyce Pnnsworth a Barth Pdexander ' Bhyttrs Ptnderson - Marlon Deebte CQXC3, airrejgxxcducaigif Rom the airy - Peggy Lon Bdrpetti - Delpnr Goetze - Maribeth Hattoran - Patsy Kate at rnght. Promknent Tn Detts on Hetxttessy - Mary EBSQ Hustad - Eteanor Ketthdey - Yhyurs Krbbg . campus Kndude Mary jane Nordhnd Helen Leonard - Marjorie Moraw - Chartotte Watser - we the femaxmng Bevemdck Wm' Fd' XCXC. Betty Knrght - Soan W edge - Geratdrne W ensote. . DEH Pt DEH Pt DEG PX Back row: Buckbee, Richter, Wedge, Yost, Rardin, lyl. J. Anderson, Leech, Leighton Fourth row: P. Nelson, Hazen, H. Gould, B. J. Nelson, Hudson, Kittleson, W'inther, Gaarden, Gross Third row: Karel, lvl. Could, French, Heim, Hubbard, Lohmann, Christofer, McCartney Second row: Curtis, Boswell, J. Anderson, Jones, Caustin, Clark, K. Nelson, La Du, Vaile First row: Kriechbzzum, VVoolley, Judd, Confer, AICQUiiFFlE, Rosliolt, Smith, Pennuclc 1531 ' o ,, Q im.5l4,J?-L' LACULTI : , , , . .Q QA? ,zibem 4 a g, - fl. 1, Mrs. Dorothy Briese - Helen Smith. ,SA kse bl' A - zhiffsvgi' ' f . sENioRsf . Dorothy Jane Anderson - Ruth P. Conifer - Helen P. Judd - Mar V jgf aif jg-Q Ellen Kane - Maris McQuarrie - Marv E. Pennoclf - Jane K. Protzellefii ' f'.i A T fx Af . - ' ' C - lvlargaret R. Smith - Margaret M. Yost. I , '-e- ,J 'j i I ' Eg' J UNIORS: J f'e f . . . " ',..q 'P 'gi 1. Mary E. Caustin - Ruth M. Christorifer - Janice B. Gould - lVlary Jane ,ff 4 - HQZQI1 - Margaret L. Hudson - Prudence M. Jones - Mary H. 1026 Fifth street southeast Kriechbauin - lWary Jane Lohrnann - Betty Ann McCartney - Katherine LGT fg15f'f?gi?4g874 L. Nelson - Mary Ruth Odell - K. Lorene Rardin - Elizabeth M. Ritchie HTH 2 . - Shirley B. Rosholt. SOPHOMORES: Katherine C. Behrendt - Georgia N. Boswell - Marion R. Buclfbee ' Helen S. Curtis - Margaret L. French - Betty H. Gross - Jeanne L. Heim - Alice M. Kavel - Ruth E. Kittleson - Letitia E. Krey - Elizabeth Jane DELTA GAMMA? pmdy Jones, Mm, La Du - Betty Jean Lange Jane Leech - Patricia E. Nelson - Margaret Caustin and Shirley Rosholt relax after Running - Marjorie S. Valle - Barbara Wedge - Betty B. VVoolley. a lot of high powered campaigning which 'resulted in the election of two A new CHUYPUS Pfesfdenfs In the Y- W- Martha Jane Anderson - Jeanne K. Baker - Mary Stuart Balfer - Barbara tj? and S' G' foihcofise M. Clark - Lorraine M. Gaarden - Marcia L. Gould - Lora Alice l'll I' C H ' . . . moufigewwig anitiifogelm CGM We Hubbard - Marguerite Hunner - Barbara Jean Leighton - Bonnie Jean ask, how Could they loseg Nelson - Anne L. Richter - Dorothy lVl. VVadsworth - Rose K. YV' DELTA GAMMA if f SJ , QX , 'Km ' w sf Q 'mums , Back vow: Connetkv, SeheXXr:n'oerget, Tsehtda, Peoptes, Retnhe, Ristng Second x'ovv1ToH, Lnndbhd, Hurd, jones, Evdyn Anderson, Atden, Ehnov Anderson Ytvst tow: Borg, Hansen, Sqtnve, Tthhetts, Stevens, 'Yowey B ACU LTY 1 B-hzabeth Gray es. GRADU ATE STUDENT S 1 Betty Rising - Btorenee Scott. X SBNXORS: Bhnor Anderson - Sytvka Borg - Nlannne Hurd - Margaret Stevens. no EX h event avenue sontheas Nttann Unlvevstty X902 K Ganxma X93 Bvetyn Anderson - NlaneBohXand - Rosexnane Xdansen - Bdxth Nldsen - NX feeHaRe1nXce - Sean SCXYXCXXCXXXDCYSCQCY Bdna Nketsen - VngxnXaYeopXes - a - Nmdred Sqnne - Ann Marte Tsehxda. SQQHOMGRESZ Tun- NKeXsen twins of Detta Zeta are hoXdxng the cn? they won for second Eudora Lundbtad - Laurene 'Hbbetts - Nhnann TOR - Mary Raehd QMCC in homecoming dccoratkons. Thks TOWCYI sonng, as they do every year, they heXd a party at 21 Xake and performed a secret tmdkttonfd rttnzd. Then Lanrene Tab- 'oetts was ehmtnxan o BBESHNXBN1 banquet and Virginia s E Chrkstian - Bstelte Connekty - Banette 3 Ones ' U CZLUY CY O Betty AXden E the Yanhdlentc Yeotnes, secretary- counen. DEG A ZH A Bark row: lVhili', Cashman, M' Salim Fourth ron" L11 ' . ., ', Carpenter, f. Field, Wenge1', E. Phelps, Youngs, Barbara Simpson, Klein . :X ore, Nelson, Finch, Prouse, O'Cunnor, Rogers, Eldrich, Buckle, B. johnson Third row: D. Brooks, Skipton, Hellickson, IW. E. Simpson, J. johnson, Gortner, Lansing, Greenlee, A. Phelps Sewntl row: Pennington, Himes, Michael, E. johnson, Bach, Seykora, Bergquist, Fosmark, R. Sahor, Sommer I-'irst rnw: Cassaily, Swenson, VVilkins, E. Field, B. Brooks, Hovde, Betty Simpson, Gleason, Slcogmo Ff1CULTYf gf' ,, ' 'L '-f"'gga5,f,f' -grae af.gI,1.'3""f 'T . T Wh G1 andy- ,, LEA' GRADUATE STUDENTS: swf: d f d Ie: , ' , !"',i,:. ' I .:- " 'ld ggi" . .1453 1 ' qfgi f' Eleanor Burkhart - Grace Stafford. 9 .QL iff ' if 1 7'-'f?'i,QF 4 , at . gi z a .. SENIORS . ' gf' N , , Elsa Bach - Ruth Bergquzst - Betty Brooks - Caroline Cashm ,nv d .Q 5.. . 'A E , , dh dpzl p Ii, U ' fd' , Elizabeth M. Field - Margaret F osmark ' Ruth F. Hovde - Catherine ' 3 F' " " ' '-""' ' ' L' La joie - Wiiiifred Moore - Muriel Nelson - Mabeth Skogmo - Catherine A" Y In d d A d M W4 M. VVilkins. fill Tenth avenue southeast SYMCUSG U'1'VC"SffY 1374 Margaret F. Buckle ' Laura Mae Carpenter Y Nancy Cassady - jar e Kappa l902 . . . . . . Christofferson - Ruth Finch - Virginia Gleason - Alice Gortner - jea M. johnson - Rosemary C. Lee - Catherine G. O'Conner - Elizabeth E. Phelps ' Eleanor Rogers - Ruth Sabor - Betty Simpson - Mary-Lou Skipton - Leona Sommer - Josephine Swenson - Betty Wenger. SOPHOMORES: julia Field - Lucy Greenlee - Elizabeth A. johnson - Ellen johnson WORK like this Won the homecoming Roxanne Klein - Ruth M. Krebs - Mary- jane Lambert - Mary Margaret decomdon pm-Ze for the Gamma PMS, Michael - Al1ce.Phelps - Helen Prouse - Marie Sabor - Louise Seykora say Alice Gortner and Mary Lou Skip- ' MHFg'31'Cf VVTIIFC. ton. l?tV2ee11A5!dolId aldqdskus though it! is r .r r r . . . Iumom .7 a G Ogmo pu me Dorothy Brooks - Betty Eldridge - Betty Helhkson - Betty Hime bee on the judges. Dale Yoder who sue- , A . Cumbed ,WO Weeks Mel. decided dm joanneLans1ng - Marylelelen Pennington - Mar the Pi Phis' "Cleo" was better. EllC11 YOUI1g. G S . yEllen Simpson ' Mary AMMA DH! BETA fue., Rfb 'F ,f Katz Rose, Siegei, Goidenberg, Manson, Ditiaoi, Arcnson i son Sbedorsky, Moss Back row: Bercovitz, , Third row: Ginsberg, Niogeison, Niintzer, Kiein, Prbra iam , Second row: Feinberg, Warren, Frisch, Kropinan, Bcrkus, Lang, Nzigier, Broude First row: Litnian, Conner, Yaeger, Osman, Vertciny, Sorger, Hinitz SE-NXCRSZ ' ' Verteiny . Siiberrnan - Beatrice Seba R. Harris - Prudree jUN1ORSz Sniriey Y. Ptrenson - Ptdeie R. Goidenberg - L. Babe Kroprnan - Frances X X. Manson - Gertrude Osrnan - Ebzabeth NX. Sbapiro - Xflannaii Siegei - Eieanor Sorger. M6 Eieventb avenue southeast University of Niinnesotn X936 Aipba me soPH0MOREs1 Ptnita H. Bereovitz b Sbiriey S. Broncie - Dorotby Y. Conner - Frances Hinitz - Rose Lang - Ptbee S. Litrnan - Niiriarnb. Niintzer - Luciiie Pt. Seitzer - Ruth Ptfwarren - RntbeD. Yaeger. X937-2,3 was a big year for Garnrna 'Sig- FRESHNXEN: nia Yin, because on top ot getting a bouse and entering tbe Yanbeiienic eonncii, Annette Prbrabarnson - Nlnriei T. Bericns - Louise Pr. Diticot - jean L. the Gwmf- Sigs Won tint phwe SCBOK- Feinberg - NXiidredNX.Friseb - Niiriarn Ginsberg - Lorraiiiebliorowitz MMUY WOW the Sofomfes Eau Wm' - Geraicbne Katz - Estber Kiein ' Sean Levieb - jnciitb A. Mogeison - iff me' 566095 Qing .Www qxmm' . . niong tbe sisters prides are Frances Sanet C. Mogtiner - Sanps F. Moss - Fiorenceil Nagier - Eveiyn Rose Manson an Magqum md had Mega BSU Pl- We15kO?E- ner, a better carriage winner. - Annette D. Sbeciorsicy - y GAMMA SXGNNPX Wi rf J' 1 K1-As' Back row: Poore, Cosgriff, Schmitt, Murray, McCormick, Cayou, Wilson, Webster Fourth row: Carr, Blegen, Bean, Tucker, Sexton, Loudon, Adams, Ryden, B. Compton Third row: Ellis, Kircher, Dornfc-ld, Johnson, V. Compton, M. Paulson, H. Paulson, Speier Second row: Colton, Paulsrud, Rounds, Terry, Kleinman, Riley, Bohlig, Kraemer First row: yVatson, Luger, Carey, Cook, Stoddard, Vangsness, Christie, Swenson ' . . , A .5-K ' I FACULTY: l ,' . i 1 if i Elizabeth Nissen - Gladys Gibbens. Y f H SENIORS: ' , 'ji C- Lucile V. Fitch - Mar uerite K. Lu er - Yvonne Stoddard - Elizabeth ":"- HEI . g g. . . ill ge Vbq ,, A A , :, A. Swenson - Joyce B. Vangsness - Marjorie Vertin - Kathleen L. Watson gf' 'ii T - Catherine L. Webster. if V1 I 1 13,1 jiilf' ,,,, .H - png ' il li fish. ll .,,. JUNIORS V -' ' ' june P. Carey - Rosemary Colman - Barbara B. Compton - Mary K. Cool: - Ruth Kircher - Helen D. Paulson - Margaret Paulson - Peggy 314- Tenth avenue southeast . . . . De paw Unzvf-my 1870 Poore - Ruth Shellman - Gwendolyn Smith - Sallilou Whitcomb - Alice Upsilon l889 L' ufjlson. SOPHOMORES: Louise R. Adams - Vir inia R. Ca ou - Eleanor Frantz - Patricia Loudon . s Y . - Eleanor McCormick - Mary Ellen Murray - Susan O'Br1en - janet Paulsrud - Mary jane Riley ' Eleanore Ryden - jean Schmitt - Wrginia THETA kite fliers this year are Yvonne Teffy- Stoddard, on the Board of Publications X and Copy editor of the Gopher, and Kay WHFSOH, PfCSfdGHfO1' Y- W' C- A- And Margaret Bean Q Verona Berg - Margaret Blegen - Betty Bohlig - joan ihhouih Phe, Theta 3103313 "BsHUf1fU1 Carr - Wiginia Anne Colton - jane Cosgritt - Marion Dornfeld - Betty thuetw EMC?1:arggi?e5n13ug?iaf Ann Ellis - Gretchen Heynacher Q Caryl johnson - Betty Kleinman - Chrjstjgon' thtgDgL1'Iy Stag Ht only half Donna Knapp - Jeanette Kraemer V Barbara Rounds - Eileen Sexton of ff, - Barbara Speier - Grace Tucker. K A PPA ALPHA THE TA N 59 Mia Vg .M IM fi Bach. row1Wrenn,Yonng, Srrnlh, Forsyth, Borgerdhxg, Greaves, Ohnsted, Peterson d o McKee, Pagenkopi, Srorberg, Thompson, Kennedy, Kunxhn X Hofistrorn, Secrest, Hlggins, Dkdker X Grkrhn Third row:Pea r , Second row: Schmidt, Leedom, GXVEXX an, Hrs! row: Hoffman, Y. Anderson, Srdhaug, Lee, Rieke, Ehe , FACULTY: 4' ' C V. Lorrarne M. Sohnson - Mrs. Ahce L. Shea. y GRADUATE STUDENTS: ' A l , Martha M. Mannxng - Eva Sane Ostergren - Ahce Marre Trtrerud. Y W rd 'fr orgnmi MT' T biz: 1 ' SENXCTLSZ HHH I y .. Lourse C. Corobs - Dorothy E. Ehd - Mary C. Hayes - Dorothy A. r'A. .gy 1 Horiman - Loks T. Honebrknk - Ada Chadorre Pagenkoor - Xdden E. 65153-.ea,ffrx?'5zI5T?:,,.r..QJQfQf,..........ff.,.i-.-was-f Yeadro - Ruth E. Schrrndr - Neh E. Secresr - Vkrgfnna K. SteeTe - ' Cl' 'mi T' U ' Genevieve C. Thornpson - hilary-Mort West. X025 Sixth sneer Somew Vkrginra State Normzn 1397 UN Sigma Bern WTS S TORS: Mary Grace Anderson ' Ahce Ehzaberh Cox - Sane F. Grrfhn - Doris M. Lee - Berrnce Leedom - E. EToXse Ohnsred ' Norrna C. Peterson - Lorrarne V. Raymond - Margaret A. 'Rreke - YTeTene L. Rodgers - Barbara Srrfrrh - Bunch. Srorherg. SGPHONXORESZ l . Wxnnxno second pkxce Hn the Yanheh Frances Anderson - ETarne C. Borgerdrng - Audrah. Bush - Frances rank Song gm, md Cerebmmg theay C. CUKGY - ShrrTey ETJCT - Tlerdun FHTTC - TSZLTJST FOYSyih - Eornerh anrnyersary made rhks a hrg year 'MarjorreE. Gdhhan - Ehzaheth Aliennedy - Markan K.Kurnhn - Mary TOY We KH??2' DSW, PM 99656 1a1C111'0CYS Franges McCarthy - Dorothea E. McKee ' E. Yarrkcra Sohnaog - Yrkscrha Sim 'OYT73 ,ixidmiijxg m im ifxmg Sfm' U s rne, rrscx a renn as re rsrnnc- E' term ' deny Young' non oi herng the onXy woman in aero- nanrXcaX engkncerrng, and Yeg Yagen- n . hoof is oresident of the ohyskczd educa- TTSTYOVQ- non sernor dass. FRESHMEN: ' ' ' ' -Berry Rurh Mary 6 o Hrggrns - Virgrnra S. Ho Patrrcxa Drdrer KAW A DELT A ,mg .!"! - -L --'- .J- - ,gi g-Quinn m me, - .- il! ' 2: Ik, ...LZ . x . f 'Q' L t Back row: Merrill, Willi:1nis, Tremann, Blair, Saunders, Pattison, Neils, W1'etho5', Huntley lfourtli row: France, Loughlnncl, Nichols, Mack, Baker, Boyle, Grace, Pasternaclfi, Gosslee, Rhame Third row: Barnett, Power, Lobdell, Asleson, Schoening, Martin, Moirclc, Fitch, E. Knatvold Second row: Hartman, Brcneman, Pickett, Rott-ring, Rorvig, lVIcC:1rthy, Ahern, Westlake First row: Boucher, Dougan, Barney, Bruce, Donayan, V. Adams, Fletcher, Dccms, Salmon FA C ULTY: Cornelia Kennedy - lVl ' 1 arian Latta. GRADUATE STUDENTS: 4 Betty E. F ugina - Liselotte Hager - Ruth Kelley - Dorothy j. Pickett - Sallie Saunders - Sue Sprague - Mary van D. Rogers. SENTORS: Wrginia S. Adams - Alice M. Barney - Margaret Boyle - Margaret eems - Elizabeth K. Donovan - Marjorie Fitch - Frances j. Fletcher - Helen E. Rorvig - Helen L. Schoening. Woiiniilliaforiifgioiifist JUNIORS . chi1880 Ruth G. Asleson - Dorothy A. Balcer - Catherine E. Boucher - Betsy Bruce - Mary Champine - Margaret Dougan - Priscilla L. Gosslee - lrlarriett Gowen - Eleanor S. Knatvold - Peggy Nichols - Patricia A. Pattison - Ann Pasternaclfi - Adelaine Salmon. SOPHOMORES: Margery C. Adams - Betty E. France i Anne Grace - Peggy Lovering - jane A. Loughland - Marjorie A. Mack - Ruth Martin - Anne B. ,W ,h d f h W McCarthy i Constance Merrill - Mary L. Neils - Maidie R. Power - ' E,REIT11 ty rou o our ouse no A ' that the inicle ias been fixed up so 'Dorothy C' Rhame ' Jean Westlake' beautifullyf' says Kappa's Ginny Ad- SIDS- We Hljghfmefmonm addition that Rosemary Ahern ' Anne Barnett - Sally Blair Q Heleii Breneman now the girls can talce their rushees , .u . . I ld b h above ground level Without blushing and ' Iiathennelblalitman ' Wlgmla Hullt ey 'l A1111 Knatvo ' 123 et maybe even compete with their next- Lobdell - Virginia Morclc i Dorothy Rotering - Bett door neighbors. Tremann - Katherine Williams - ' y Ryland - Lilah Jayne W'ietho1T KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA B ACULTY 1 First rowz Betwrud, Bum , Godbout Llndskog, tight., J it 55' qw r ., Hcdton, Mikahov. Back row: Vlkthaxns, , - dt Hockett, Xrdarxd . fs Eva G. Dohekoh Q Nlehba Hurd. GBBDU ATE STUDENTS: SteBa Hostbjor - Prrrxy Oscarsoh. SENXGRSZ Mta BeB,erud - Esther L. Gorder - Blame Nhkahoh. 300 Ummkw mme Somew Unrversrty of Nebraska WW Kappa VM7 SUNXQBZ 'Hderx L. Beckett, SOPHONXOBES1 Betty T. Brandt - Eydyh M. HoXton - YhyXhs NX. Xrehmd - Margaret THESE my ms Mm gmgmg as hm L' yugh' when they can shag YhX BK songs. Bha- nore Goclbout, Hsieh Hockett, Aka Bd- Xerud and Sean Brandt are shoyvrx here. 3 PM BHS were rather exdushle xmtKX Kqzo, . . Y ' ' B l X0 hl 41 h S Bleahore B.. Godhout - Barbara V. Leeback - BXame Pr. Lmdshog - 2Eu1:,?iOlSe:n?22St31E123 tale ucorhrnorx peoyiea' may john XNkXr0a V. Schaxd. K 62 WNX CDNNECBPX VX 5-N. 537 Back row: Davenport, Greaves, Laurence, Curley, Jacobson, Seidl, Shields Fourth row: Gzirniss, Fink, Gavin, rL'll1'1lFlCllg3 Barnarcl, Foster, Ml,llCl', Bcddall Third row: Iluhn, Peterson, Calhoun, Shaffer, Bishop, Dierlrich, Hedges, Colton, Burr Second row: Schisscl, Liechty, Ruff, Cutlar, Ekman, Cummins, Summers, Dowell First row: Ellison, Kuehn, Oistad, Tucker, Gilford, Brassett, XVitt SENIORS: Sylvia B rassett ' Ruth Ellison - Catherine Gavin i Harriet Nieberffall M - VVilhelmina Murphy b - onica Schissel - Betty Seidl - Mary Frances uclcer - Ruth VVeaver 1 Vivian Witt. J UNIORS: Dorothy Andrews ' Jean Beddall - Betty Jane Blomquist - Marjorie ummins - Eunice Cutlar - Lucille Davenport - Frances Fink - Anne Gifford - Helen Hofacre - Anne Louise Jacobson i Frances Healy - , Betty Kuehn - Jeanne Oistad - Betty Anne Shaffer - Carol Turnacliff IIU9 Fifth street southeast Monmouth College 1867 ' M3Fg'3TCf Van Petten. lvlinnesota Alpha l890 SOPHOMORES: Jean Calhoun - Hannah Dovvell - Barbara Dunn - Doris Elfman - Jane Foster - Ruth Greaves - Betty Jean Hedges - Betty Kulp - Avis Liechty . Jane Miller - Lucille Ruhf - Ruth Summers - Marian Syverson. P1 PHI bridge players on the porch of FR their ultra smooth house. are Dorothy . G Andrews Cdummyj, Lucille Davenport, Sally J. Barnard - Barbara Bishop - Thrginia Burr - Beth Colton - Rufh' GWQYCS: land Mafffm SYYSYSOU- Katherine Diedrich - Shirley Garniss - Lois Gurley - Mary Ann Hage I31'hfZearP1llJhis milk top honors in the . Frances M. Heley - Virginia Huhn - Jane Klapp - Marcia J. 3 . Hoinjcomizlg ggcgfatigizoniiilaiieff Laurence - Betty L. Lycan - Susan J. Peterson - Jean Pierce - Jane Egyptian football players. Shields - Dorothy A. Weaver. Pl BETA PH! .isnt KI' . '5 Q Back row 1 Ntann, Sterner, E. Nhhmzxn, Ovcnst:Kn, NX. Shaxpho, Yrrcmnth, Lctfman, Gohlhhxm Thkrd row: Ykneherg, Nhshm, Ytosenhotw., A. Nhhmnn, Leamnn, Goodman, Hrrsh Second row: Las-kev, Nov arf, S. Shzxptvo, Ysrtn, Ruhrnstetn, Wtnnrck, Nioskoh Share Flrst rowz Nathanson, Kuff, Lurke, Daskovsky, Gorchofi, Docknxzxn, Cutts GRADU ATE STUDENT 1 A. Nhrkarn E rkshher gg. SENXGES: MareraD. Gorchort - Esther Nhhrnan - Erances A. Rosenhtoorn - Rnthe Rosenhohz. SUNXOES . I . . 925 Shcth street southeast Dena E. Das-kovsky - Eunree Erneherg - joan Erredrnan - E-eatrrce S. Cowen Univerjty WW ' - Nhhrnan - Bea Moskot - Ruth C. N' X93 Learnan - Ruth E. Lune Anne Wlshnrek. SOYHOMOEES1 NXarjorXeL. Dockrnan - EernE. Ghxssherg - Dorothy Gotdbhxrn - Heten D. Hrrsh - Eyetyn A. Nathanson - Audrey L. Orenstern - Adete Ruhinstern - Nhrkarn Sharnro - Bonn E. Kautrnann - Shrrtey H. Sharnro Saw hommg that SMU Cu? Won ffx 1 Heyen Share U Sean Steamer t SHXAQY L, Wxndxcku syhohrshxo, are EyeXyn Nathanson, Shu- ey Shaorro, Heten Novorr and Adeha Ruhknstein. Started here Rn xozq, Nu QRESHMENZ chapter hehi a taun dance this sprkng to rznse money to send ddegates to conven- Euth Erkn - Chartotte Cutts - Chartene Ererrnuth - Shrrtey G. Goodman non. Chanene Frekrnurh and Dorothy A nette Lekman , Qeggy whim , Glogsiugt Ke both Kn W. S. G. A. and - Eetty Rott - Lois A. Lasher - n EXy nor Nhvston - Heten E. N oy orr. SXGNNA DEG A T AU Back row ' Bruntl . ett, Mastenbroolc, Mueller, Higgs, M. E. Johnson, M. Johnson, Ja b Second row: Setre, Helin, Paul, Anderson, Veline, Nichol ' First row: Stinson, Bossen, Bard -' J co s, Weber son, Lindsey u ell, Ieterson, Moody, Schaefer, Nelson SENIORS: Nellie L. Bardwell - Barbara Moody - Dorothy M. Nelson - M. Joyce Paul 1 Betty J. Peterson - Imogene V Veline. JUNIORS: Jane L. Bossen - Barbara A. Bruntlett - Marcia A. Johnson - Marion E. Johnson - Mary Jean Lindsey - Wrginia J. Mastenbroolf - Betty V Schaefer - Evelyn M. Setre. SOPHQMORES: Phoebe Anderson - Lenore Crosby - Lenore A. Hatlestad - Hope M. ALL tired out after "trucking" are Hope Hlggs ' Jane Weber' Marie Higgs and Nellie Bardwell, Whereas Dorothy Nelson and Betty Schaefer are still cutting up. Founded in Maine, Sigma Kappa supports the Maine Seacoast Mission, and all forty- eight chapters maintain Maine tradi- tions, accounting for the typical colonial La Sigma Kappa house. Jeanne L Brodw l . o f - Alice E. H Mueller - M ' ' elin - Mary E. Jacobs - Mary J. aurzne E. Nicholson - Betty Lou Stinson. SIGMA KAPPA ., it Nh 206 a X ., , Qgf. 'Q ' gg 'Y if sf' , 4,- 3 ' -wp: v t lgfsla S 'edberlf Rook, Bardett Back rowz VVehman, Moran, Havens, M. 'Yhad-ner, wx C, Second row: Swanstrorn, Kukowske, Wittnrarx, Dinrond, 1. Thacker, Hudey First row: Cateen, Baumann, Heh, Norehns, Schmig Y ACULTY 1 Mrldred Schenck. SENXORS: LueHaV. Caleen - HeXenL. Heh - Betty YN . Hruza - Sehna A. Odegard ' an. - MabeX Swanstrorn - Betty Pr. Wrttm UYL Shcth street southeast 4 Virgrnka State Norrnm SchooX X393 Ahnha 'Yau X913 BUNXORS: Gertrude F. Baumann - Shrrley K. Dkrnond - Nataha Hurtey - Betty M. Kukowske - Heten L. Norehus - jean K. Thacker - Maryorle S. Thacker. SOPHOMORES: Mary H.BartXett - Wrnrtred Cliayens - SeannetteD. Moran - Dorothy T Y A 7 K , b h M.Peterson - Mary Sane Sehurig - LorrarneVVeHrnan - Yeggy Wrttman. X356 Hiitxxigxilsaxgtiggtglnifj Gif C22 to he chartered by a Xegishtnre is 'Zeta . Tau Moha, Who Gaye Yanhehenre he ' XQ37 preskdent. Htehan Hoh. Here are Yhyms R. jones - Corrnne Newton - Mary S.Rooh - janet M. Serberhch Xggiixsggxkaigkgiliigredoisifig xgjggg over therr papers late at rnght. - Sane E. Swedberg ZET Pt T PM PXLWNPX 'Qf'-'Y Q J X I X .- X v ,1 I I k , 7. ff ' - , 179 gf 5 I X ack row: Hanson, Hustad, Stixroo , , Third row: Brant, Swanstrorn, Oison, Baiicy, Lu Second row: Sweasy, Shockicy, 'McEachron, Scobiu, Cnvrnii, L First row: Smith, Bruce, Geddes, Lund, Nianiy, Eckhavdt, 'Magee Acadia . Pxipha Deita Yhi 'Yau Omega Pdpha heta Pi Beta T Chi Phi . Chr Par . . Deita Chi . . Deita Kappa Epadon . D eita Deita 'Yan Deita Upsiion . Kappa Sigma . Theta . d Sntbrum, NicCiundon, . " 'kiin, Niordamnt, Herrmann XN'xikcr, Ymrxxggtxns, Sainsbury Xp . ant it fixxitmuxifai .1otmrxt." Scobie . George d Nioiander EXW oo Robert Yraiiey Eachr on Bohn Nic . Gene Sathrum . Loane Randaii H. 1McKeniie-Braggans . Cari Hustad id Grissman . Dona . Beimont Magee . Robert Maniy Robert Hanson . Robert Bruce john Mordaunt Edw ard Sainsbury Waiker Gordon Kohn Kirkhri Nlclliendon Phi Delta Phi Gamma Delta Phi Kappa Psi . Phi Kappa Sigma . Phi Sigma Kappa Yii Upeliion . . Sigma Pripha Eparion Stewart Sigma Chi . . Wiiiiani SW easy Sigma Nu . . Richard Srrifith ' E Qrign , . Robert Shociciey Roger Swanstrom . Haroid Siemer . Grant Anderson . Donaid Stnlro . Niarii Oison Sigma Phi p 'Yau Kappa Epsiion Chi . Theta Theta Deita Chi Theta K1 , Yii NW! 70 NNT ER-PR Pi ER The Scotchman so industria ously chasing th at basic coin of the realm, the penny, is frater- nity financial advisor Carr ll Gedd ' O es demonstrating the best Way to keep the Greeks solvent fast .reefz by H Belmont Ma gee, rooter kin transfers his ability from the stadium to the Union and leads the boys in a cheer Carroll Gedd e s is given a stool i to compensate for his lack o physical height before h ff ' e Wards jim Lund's'l ld p e ge scholar- ship trophy to Acacia Fra terni ty representatives listen - ing intently as Rolf Haugen, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, discusses 'What the group owe D Fl? of 61774 ffojfj s the man. ATEIQNITV WEEK ga- - to . jsgkln -2-i li-, v H1roXd jensen, Bremer, johnston, johnson, 'Lehrn-er, Anderson, Rounds Snow Ljvlngston, Scott d 5 Back row 1 . Fourth row: Ostdahh Arvojd, CarXson, , Thjrd row1Stnrr, Njmer, Barnes, Lacy, H. jcnsen, McLane, Wino ru Second row: Berg, Nlathjson, Glertscn, SenescnH, Sjoberg, StrandeXX Frrst row: Harrkson, Wrcjdt, Brandt, Scobre, Rankinc, Lanksonen, Harstad FACULTY: Gustav Bachman ' 0.BaX4er - NX.Bryant - E. H. Comstock - C. E. Erdrnann - C.H.Eksher ' A. C.Borsyth - j.T.Erehn - R. C. Gray - EE Grout ' W.EHoXman - E.W. johnson - E. NL Lambert . A. H. Larson - W. B. Myers - E. E. NkchoXson - L. B. Yease - E. B. Ykerce - C. Boucher - C. H. Rogers - C.E.RudoXoh - H. B. SearXes - N. SearTes - W.B. Sncox - C.B. Staurter - B. A. Stevenson - A. V. Storm - NL C. Tanquary - T. A.Teeter - W. C.Wakte - D.E.Warr1er - L. NX.Winters - j. S. Young. GBADUATE STUDENTS: Herbert jensen - Everett Strandeh. non rrrtn Sum southeast Urriversgxnoxfegglggcjiggggx 1904 Donedd H. ArvoTd - Ynuhp A. Brandt - Erederkck Bremer - David C. johnston - Boy O. Laaksonen - joseph B. Montgomery - HaroTd E. Ostdahj, - WXTTram E. Bounds. jUNTOBS: ABan M. Anderson - Brchard B. Barnes - HaroTd B. jensen - Busseh johnson - George W. Scoble - Peter T. Sjoberg - Wahace W. Wncox - Ned Wretdt. Acncrds Harvey Woodruff, joe Mont- gomery, Chet Lacey and Boy Laaksonen john H. Berg - Fred G. Cadson - G. CaTvert Eehon - Wdham S. Bmmce me ?dm5'?On3g jechmque which Harrkson - Gordon Harstad - Chester O. Lacy - john Livingston - Tom his Win ,Shaw iiqnhxei' eos dam gba? Njatrnson - Labazure McLane - Thaxter H. NYtBer - john Scott - tic g O-C epgwch msg gn 7 M- XS YHTCTYHYY TOY CI T HYYTSOH TS OH Robert SUKYXKUCYWCTT - Harvey C.WoodrurY - j'a.riXCS ZCBKUELY. the Urnon Board of Governors. Acacia has more xnernbers on the iacuhy than Bobert H. Grertsen ' Arthur Nldberg ' NetTD.BanXixne - CTev e Senescah MY other KYMCYNYY- ' - G don Starr. AC AGA J I . J . nilwf ' 6 4 E :sae . T KNWCIQHY Back row: Peterson, Robb, Coole Fourth ron S y, King, Shirlc, Witt, Kedney, Cochran, Dougan, Allin, lWcEnary . ': . lifer, Mitchell, Smith, Wliite, D. Scroggins, f. Stroggins, VVheeler, Olson, Harris, Grimes Third row: Vanliergen, Barker, Bathke, W. E. johnson, Culbertson, Sherman, Struthers, Shearer, Hallenberg Second row: VVenham, Zimmermann, Stone, Nlaloney, Parsons, Syme, Daniels, Reed l-'irst row: Klein, Burns, VVatts, Prevey, lvlolander, Burlcluntl, McCafl're-V, Grilnths, Crawforcl . .41 . if FAC ULTY-' . M.,, ,,t- f f t x y I - ' .,-- ' I ' Bernard W. Bierman ' Franc P. Daniels. . ,ip f reaigvi 2 ' .5 ' ,,V' ,qi-ig. , ' GRADUATE STUDENTS: ' i f .f .-vvi ,v-Q 5 I - - l 1' l-'fig Arthur E. Anderson - Robert M. Bowen ' ames H. Colwell ' William Griffiths -' 1-. w ' ...-. ,f -'.. ",1,.h'f.f.tY . .K k , 'fir , ,Vv. Lowell Peterson ' john E. Tiesberg. l Vi' Eggsiif.,-' f n ,,.,, , if - . i'.- . bENIORSr Eh. ,'.. . 1 534111 H . 1 9 ',.. - m g ,, T 'i . j Edwin C. Burlclund ' Charles M. Burns - Warren F. johnson - William A. Klein ' Elwood W. Molander ' Maurice I. McCaffrey ' Paul S. Prevev. "" .lift -My Wh- ' 1725 University avenue southeast I Hamilton College lS32 Minnesota 1892 Earle L. Barker ' George K. Culbertson ' Alden R. Grimes ' john M. Scroggins - Franlc S. Watts ' H. Kirlfe LVheeler ' john T. White. SOPHOMORES: Vincent W. Allin 1 Robert L. Cooley - Kenneth W. Crawford ' Lowell P. Daniels ' Kyle K. Fossum ' Fred S. Kedney ' Robert K. McDonald ' Robert R. McEnary ' William S. Mitchell - john A. Olson - C. Allen Parsons ' Lloyd B. ALPHA DELTS Wally Robb, Bjjj Klein Petegsoni E. !gDa1v1dAi. Rribbs-'james E.I3l1cxfrer!- games GI:VSh1rlt and Maurie Mccagrey are glowing I1-'Revert Li er . n11t1 gcr . lyme Haro . an .very arren either over a political victory or Bill's ' In O Crt ' lmmemmm' list of queens. They're pretty proud too of their newly forested lawn with its FRESHMEN: eighteen beautiful eVe1'81'eeUS- H0WeVef1 Alfred S. Bathlte ' David H. Cochran ' Robert K. Dougan ' Herbert Hallenberg they really We IUOST eoneemed Wlfh ' Charles G. Harris - Wesley E. johnson ' William A. King ' W1'llian1 F. Maloney elections and how they can stick to- - William M. Parker ' Donald Scroggins ' Everett G. Sherman ' Morton Sto gether in activities. John H. Struthers ' Richard M. VanBergen ' Richard P. W ALPHA DELTA PH! Q IP-4' . " , 9931, if ' NZ' ffi317' 'T ' 9- H14 EAU A A 'ff .I ., - 1 - "fx 'M f gt.. - -1,-Q, -J' Nrchcdsnrx, G. Gecbrnk, NXm'buc, Hnrrrson, Dunn, R. Gcebrnk, Brwcr, Ylrdyn 'X sr Vnhk, Roxdcy, Khxegd, Nkchohs, Rogers, Dye n Bnffhrnd, Hrmtbo, Arncsun Quarntuncc: ack row . 'Yhh-d row: Barrett, Bonn xc , Second row: Yedy, Krebs, Nhxstcrsnn, Dau 1, . 1. t N xncc, Rnmhn, Chxrk, Barkty, Baker, Lockwood, FACULTY: HowardW.BarXow - Ernrnert Brackney ' GeorgeB. Brrghtnnan - Yhrhp Carter - SuXesBrehn - Martrrr Ruud - Roy Swanson - EXrnoYNkX-son. GRADU ATE STUDENTS: Had Doughss - XNdY.arn Lockwood - Chades Scherhey - Chades B. WKXX. SENXORS: Robert B. BehXer - YauX YN. CarnpbeH - Bhrho Chxrk - 'Wrhard Dye - Sherrnan Bknger - WrXXard Pr. Greenteat - Robert E. LeBXond jack B. Mace - Rrchard H. Whrtrnore. R XSZX Unrversrty avenue southeast ROE H. Prrneson - NXorrrsB.BaX4er - Bohn Hokenson - Nlarcus L. Nance Vkfgwh Nmiww hwtiww X365 - Bohn R. Roruhn - joe NX. Tucker - Henry B. YNXXharns - Norrnan Ge xxwx A Nu vm Boucher - Harry R. Harrrson - Rerrrnt WNY. Quarntance. SOYHONXORES Robert B. Badey - D. jack Barrett - Robert Berg - jeronwe E Brwer - johnT.Byrnes - Edwkn C.DeYN errt ' DonaXdB. Drchey - Robert Beetey - Gdbert Geebknh - Robert Geebinh - Robert W. johnson - jarnes H. Keegan -Ernest E RXuegeX - Yaut D. RoXyn - Robert Krebs - Robert THESE A T O13 may be ming aim W. Lockwood - john Pr. Lundqurst - Robert B. Marboe - YNrXharr1 the snowbaR Erght rhey had wkth the NrchoXas - Pdexander G. NrchoXson - Rex H. Rogers - Robert K.RowXey 5 A EFS and twang to Rnd out who . VXIQH-Mn Thofgye. threg ravi baH8hat Fthanddbroke PRE , an wxn ow. ne o t ent oesn't - EarXe Dunn - LyXe Enghnd - john H Hantho - Torn min Xmcmmd' The-NRM Tw Qwe- Masterson - Robert OrheXd - Bohn VahXe . gm me mgud Oi mm Cmk, Chmmm t - of the Scnror Yrorn. PXLWNPX T AU CDNNEGPX I ii! Y fl, BGZH ,T . Back row: Blanchard, B. Serrill, Brandt, Stone, Seder, Allstrom, Taylor, Nelson, Tudor, Davis, Clayton, Larkin Fourth row: MtNee, Ilellckson, Richard Nordbye, Brodie, j. Scrrill, Poore, Moulton, Rodger Nordbye, Hillard, Goodsill, Field, Sllfilfil Third row: Drew, Hlotlgett, Snyder, Gilmer, Wcligel, Evans, Quast, Ryan, Hoff, Hoffman, Nordland Skinner J Second row: Diessner, Cowdry, Wheeler, Greenman, Straughan, Cerrish, lMIcVVethy, Nlclntosh, Tunis, Peterson, Teberg First row: Dunsxvorth, Lacey, Uphizm, Eckliardt, Spaeth, lKfIcEachron, Brierley, johnson, jones, Kelley, Petersmeyer FA C UL TY: Dr. joseph VV. Beach ' Dr. Chauncey N. Borman ' Dr. Orwood Campbell ' Ralph D Casey ' Herbert Clefton ' Dr. Frank Corbett ' Dr. john E. Holt ' WilliaInP Kirkwood ' Dr. Ralph T. Knight - Dr. Ray R. Knight - Dr. Donald lVIacKinnon ' Nicholson Dr. Malirin Nydahl ' Dr. Charles P. Sigerfoos . Edward H. Sirich . Edgar W. Weaver. GRADUATE STUDENT: Cyrus P. Barnum. SENIORS Gordon Brierley ' james Brodie ' Karl Diessner ' Roy Diessner ' William Drew ' i675 University wenue Southeast Richard Dunsworth ' Robert Eckhardt ' Spencer Helleksoil ' Daniel jones ' Wade M Miami. Univgrmy 1839 Larkin ' john McEachron - David lVIcWethy ' julian Serrill ' Robert Skinner ' Beta Pi 1889 Robert Spaeth ' john Wheeler . Robert Wietho1'l'. fUNlORS: Harvey Blodgett ' John Field ' fohn Finley ' Donald Gilmer ' Robert Hillard ' lVIurray Hoff ' William johnson ' Stewart lVIcIntosh ' Robert Moultoil ' Cyrus Peterson ' Louis Quast ' Edwin Seder ' Paul Thuet ' Tyler Upham ' Sylvester Tunis ' Allan Stone. soPHoMoREs: Willard Allstroin ' Donald Blanchard ' Donald Clayton ' William Cowdry ' Wilson Davis - john Dunsworth ' Stanley Goodsill ' Edgar King - Charles Lewis - Rodger THE singing Betas sing more songs and Nordbye ' Warren Petersmeyer - Bennet Serrill ' William Straughan - Lucius know more songs than any other frater- Taylor ' Phillip Teeter ' Howard Nelson ' Robert Lacey ' Daniel Teberg. Hitv, but here Dean Nicholson seems to FRESHMEN! have them on the carpet. Perhaps itlsjust George Brandt ' jack Dunsworth ' David Gerrish - Thomas Greenman ' Fred asour note. Harvey Stenson, Louis Quast, Hanson ' Grandel jones - Howard Kelley ' Arthur lVIcNee ' Richard Nordbye ' Murray Hoff' and Bill Cgwdry have 3 Martiza Nordland ' james Poore ' Ross Sneath ' Nelville Riemann ' Donald Ryan gay time with the Dean. ' Arthur Snyder ' Willianl Straughan ' Robert Weigel. BE TA THE TA Pl Frank G. lVIcCormiclc ' Dr. Henry E. Micllelsozl ' Dr. Russel W. Morse ' Dean E. E. egg. , ,. 11 5' Back row: Witter, Heaty, Ntyrc, Aho, Ntahachek, Rttter, Ptckett Second row: Rector, Nctson, L. Ktctrnota, 1. Krueger, D. Krueger, Gates, Suthertand, Doternan Ytrst row: Gustafson, Sathrum, Peterson, E. Ktetmota, Eckrnan, Okcn, Ernest thur R. Upgren. erson - Prr FACULTY: Prrno S jewett - Donato G. Pat GRADU NYE STUDENT: George Dotenaan. SENXORS1 Ectwtn Ktetrnota - Rohert Mears - Chartes E. Rector - Kenneth R. Stertenson. t6t7 Untverstty avenue southeast Princeton tS'ZA- G Dt was yunrorasr mm W Ectwtn Prho - Ntateotrrm Ernest - Donatrt L. Gates - Lawrence Heaty - Quentrn Lunogren - Cart Pt. Otcen - Stantey G. Yeterson - H. Eugene Sathrurn - Ntarshatt Sherman A Bartow YN. Suthertanct. SQQHQMQRES1 Wrrarraara Cht Yht's average ts up or - . . down, Gene Sathrum and Ytartow Suth- Rrchard. Gustatson - Ratoh Ntahachetc - Chartes Ntyre - Wrttranx L N . v , ?, K H R Th 6 S K crtand want us to thxnts that they re try- tc C ' Ona WYCY ' eo me tm' ' ing hard. Or perhaps they're just ctotng rhetr sprtng ctenntng. Cht Yht Eorrnerty reqxirect tgxtts terggth itheses, supertor Laxggrjgitelrygogim - Donatct Krueger - john Krueger - Gordon Netson ilwcunsi dugg? Jzgginbeaxfiiligi - r on r er. row, Ctftt Vtftt WH., Ci.x.,, .C uf-m."'l!S'La9-a- -4.. H ,qw 'iiifil it I D' ,sage NA N945 Wg.-:leg . AJ- ,.fof,, ,gf TQQ.. -' '. v - Q F - Back row: Lloyd, Hovcrstcn, Kerr, Stark: Banks, Heslie, Leach, Manahan, Quest, Cook, Hirschboeck Fourth row: Gunderson, Withy, Schruth, Seegar, Lake, Barton, Nladdigan, Savage, P. McGee, Godward Third row: Harrison, lVIcLauglzlin, Nfartin, D. McGee, Moir, Gill, Winslow', Blomgren, Power Second row: lVIcCibbon, Wi'lliams, Riegal, Randall, Alarik, Nelson, jevne, Beaulieu First row: Hirsch, Moesle, Abbott, Sneve, Herrmann, Brill, Palmer, Andberg, Pierson FACULTY: I' Schuyler Brown - Henry Helmholz ' Colbert Searles. GRADUATE STUDENTS: obert Alway i Ufilliam Balfour - Gordon Brown - Merriam Fredricks Earl Hacking - Paul Hagen - john LaBree - WilliamrMoir - joseph arker - Frederick Poppe. IORS: Holton Blomgren - Richard Brill ' Emmons Cook - john Herrmann - john Hirschboeck - Richard janes - Thomas Martiri - George Montgomery ' Loane Randall - Dale Riegel - james Savage - jack Sneve - Willis Spring. ,,l5'l5' University avenue southeast Union C011Gsff184l Agatin Abbott - Goodwin Alarik - Roger Barton - Robert Beaulieu - Alpha Nu 1874 Moris Hoversten - Thomas jackson - Robert jevne - Hugh Leach Robert Madigran - Paul McGee - Daniel McLaughli11 - Thomas Moir - Norman Oehler - Sheldon Palmer - Peter Schruth - john Seeger - Harvey Struthers. SOPHOMORES: THE CHI PSIS Usually ffif fo hide fheff Ernest Andberg - William Gill - George Godward - Robert Gunderson Oven dflof badge 'P their Pocket mid - Hugh Harrison - Philip Hesli - james Lake - Robert Lloyd - Hamilton gilgleiuio Itqiggeoihljff ysgrs Luther - Richard McGee - Richard Moesle - Edward Pierson - Charles SklPPer,, before all! thne crowds at Foil Power ' 'Sam VVLI-Hams ' John Wil-S011 ' John Wjthy' well. The boys playing pool in the Klowdgen 53991119115 HFC H305 Madigall, Dou las Ahlf - Robert Banks - Hai'1' Bowin - Ro Hirsch - Stewart , s y s ,V Tom Jackson, Agaffli Abbott and Bob Kerr - Richard Manahaii - john M'acGibbon - Guy Nelson - Edward Lloyd' Quest - Bert Simons - Roy Smith - Robert Stark - Walter Wizlslow. L1 ILHJU CH! PS! n Burg, Brom, Nhtbcws. Brvd Bruggun-5, Doytc Y? Back YONN'1'WKCk, jackson, Cnrtso , Second rowi Dclrmm, CumpbcH, Luton, SnHor, wi , Yrrst row 1 Hatch, L. Brandt, Oaxhngbcr, S. Brandt, Gnctzkc, GXXXam F ACU LW 1 1 f pf . . ' Robert S- Swwd - Nord Pr- WMM- GRADU me sroonnr ,455 5 I A. f' K.5- ,-i f lg,- LN.. Stankzy Gdtarn. ' J A. , mi at - 5, ' JT, ,dw 21 . M33 , ,, lflglk' fa ...Q L " vs' 4. sentons ' ' B ' B ' Gordon Berg - H. NlaeKen1XeBraggans - Karnes 'NL Brandt - March B Yu K ed-X S Gu K k R b KW H Y h - L - n UJOX Unrvcrsity avenue southeast ro - enn . e 1 e-- o er . a Q - erno arne - rrxer Comm Ummm X399 C. Ndson - Tbornas D. Wrck. Nmnesota X892 yontoraa Kenneth Pr. Carbon - Lyrnan C. Brandt f Herbert N. de Roma W. Skdney Gzdtagber - Robert jackson. SO?HOMORES: THE Debit Cbrs have a new ernokmg stand when Mae Braggans, Ken Gnetzke Deagg Boyd . Edwm-d DOVE . Sack Mathews. and Std Gdhgber- show oi under tbe pretense of Usternng to tbe Kxng of Swnxg. Or'xgXnaBy :t Xaw fraternny but novv cbretdy nxnktary and aeronantXcaX, . Deha CM boXds an annuzd winter party SKK ' AXVUX GEOS- Hn a typlcfd barn bay Xoit. Robert Carnob DEG PX CHX W 5 H, , me X 5591 15 if7""' 1 ,V J Back row: Wi11ze11bu1'g, Anderson, Steenson, Frenzel, Roclenberg, Diehl, Robinson Fourth row: Brustuen, Ritchie, Beggs, Ross, Craig, Sorenson, Bei-ge llmd IOUH' Lziston, lblulrillv, Engebretson, Hawliinson W'1tsr1n Luckcme er Nl N I Y 1 1 , A ,V , C JITIJFZI Second row: Kelly, Baker, Scott, lvlorris, VVilliams, Tomkinson, Rugee First row: Davis, llustad, Fleming, Ednmntls, Hellancl, Rockwood, llflurray f GRADUATE STUDENTS: 9k5'??':. ,.,, ,,,,,. ....., ....... . . . '. .. ' - Reuben Brustuen - Charles Bigelow. r 5973- " f ,'. , ,,, .H K , R i V xkwafffgpnv. . ' tf m f A t "" , S' ij' A --,-" . . A553 TQ 5 Gilman Davis - Ray Dervey - Peter Edmonds - Frank M. Frenzel - V' ,.,?.:,Q 6572 ,, - A ' Erlmg Hellalld- -'f" N , - - - '2'l1"' tt"i't11t 'fli""nt" "'e ii" tt'1 Y 1 'A '2" " Robert Baker - Ralph Berge - George Diehl - Richard Fleming - Edward l7ll University ayenue southeast . John Scfjff. Yale University IS4-4 Phi Epsilon M989 SOPHOMORES: james Easton - Thomas Hopfenspirger . Carl Hustad - Robert E. Kelley - Douglas MUF1'3'V - jack Ritchie - Philo Rockwood - Hoyt Ross - . 7 . - 7 ' HOLDING up the usual high md!-dom Kenneth M. Sorenson Wesley Steenson George Winzenburg. of Deke this year are Peter Edmond president of the Board of Publication Wally Taft of golfing fame, and o course the campus Casanovasxin pro- fusion. Here the Delces are havin merely a quiet game of bridge, brothers Ralph Burge, Hobart Kavel, Stan Diclc son and Gil Davis. SJ 2 FRESHMEN Hugh Anderson ' Burton Beggs - Roger Berg ' VVilliam Craig - Dick Engebretson - Miller Hawkinson - Norbert Luclfemeyer - Wncent - McNamara A Arthur MOFT1.S - john Robinson - .Richard Rodenberg - john Rugee - joseph Tomlrfnson ' james VVatson - john VVilliams. 5 --X DEL TA KAPPA EPSlL on t s 'Yhorstens-zn, Berne, Yhsrescu, Rkhzxrd Sorenson, Xngwzuscm, Bent-pe Back row: jus u , x Second row: SKXhzx, Lzxhtt, Nhdson, Gushzxru, Husky, Russ.eXX, Nhxnnmg ' " ' A ' Ri smnn, CnrroXX, Robert Sorenson, Rutter Fxrst row: Yuhtrg, hlmtux, t s . .. .,-- ., 'Y 7'! N55 .A gl XA FACULTY: Dr.Lee Pr. Harker - Mr. Nkels Thorpe. GRPSDU ATE STUDENTS: Donald N. Brrssrnan - Vxmharn H. Nhnrnng. SENTORS: YNkXharnE. Bauer - john L. Carroh - john Enshzy . Donaud E. Russeh. WX7 Untversky avenue southeast Bethany CoUege T353 Beta Eta X333 Vqdharn Pr.X'Tot1,heTd - Prrnohi B. Lahtr - Robert E. Thorstensen. SCYHONTORES: W. The FTorescu - Cavour E. justus - RohertYN. Martrn - Otto Pt. Suha QBVXOUSLY me Dem Tw Dems have - Rrchard R Sorenson - Robert Pr. Sorenson. 3 new nxovie Woxmo, Wm. Wwmch Rob ert Sorenson is showhxg ptctures of the annuzn Dah Mnrdr Gras to an Matter study hours" aucience. They :uso h ve Lours NT. Beneoe - 'Parker L. Berge - Vxfnharn R Bisehott - RoyaX Dean Vjxxagtfmagihafdoische - SohnE.Frrherg - LaVerneN. Gushard - RohertW . Tngwatson - Ehner Ymhmm Wea exewme Committee an Dany editorkau staff. Pr. Madson. DEG Pt T PM DELT Fx ,... I: . Q '11, K'-lj Rack row: Burner, Lawson, Berkey, Redding, Weizzlz Fourth row: Page, Tingdalc, Els " Third mu" 1' ll r agen, john lVIiller, Stark e, Cowie, Green, johnson . -c ows, Olson, Kinsey, Eklund, W. Hughes, Sears, Sage Sc-cond row: Sampson, H. Hughes, Hadley, Vietor, Thomas, Dowden, Pappas First row: Bradford, Briggs, Cartwright, lvlzzgec, Marsliall, Deliuhr, Hoel Z, I T,-.i FA LTYLI S. A. Challman - C. A. Herrick - B. H. Higgins v j. C. Litzenberg - j. C. E :' "billy 'af K 15? J f. 'Li'-,T T . . . McKinle - D. E. Minnich - VV. H. Peters - K. Phel s - . W. Powell ,Jim '--. 1 'mffs rf? , 33" -'- ' f . p .. . VV. A. Riley - L. B. Shippee. L5 4 1" if'-ft ' '?'5Y.i:, --'fvaf 4:-'I' 5- I " V ' -iimll lil " 1 if 'P v"f1,.Qf,'lj.P gig? SEN I ORS: .' V7 Lloyd Briggs - Alfred deBuhr - Ronald Hoel - Belmont Magee - :flv "hi m " William Page. iami.,a.-.- -X ----AZ! 92' V?,Zj:.'5gffyCjl',ZQgeIf9Z'ff"mt Robert Bradford - David Cartwright - Herbert Hughes - William Minnesota 1890 Hughes . Arthur Marshall - james Miller - john Miller - Milton Roth - Douglas Thomas. SOPHOMORES: Richard Elflund - Merle Else - Elmer Green - Thomas Hadle - Halliclf v 1 y johnson - Paul Lawson - john Nightingale - Harold Olson - Benson . Reddin - William Sears - DeWitt Stark - Donald Vietor. THE terror of new pledges on sorority g row each year is the D. U. scoreboard and the fear of being a fumble, and not ff FOUCWOWHJ buf Pledge Hfshf Without Donald Berkey ' Edwin Bjorkman - jim Burner - Stephen Cowie - Irie Siofbiafd Wolid dbg E fOp'Afjif Donald Dowden - Reid Fellows - Harry Heikinen - Robert Kinsey - osuensare e ur, - .. . Council president, and Belmont Magee, Robert Opdahl ' Wllllam ,PQPPQS ' David Sage ' All-American Rooter King. Stanley Shores ' Robert Tmgd I ' George Sampson g a e Robert TfVeinhagen. DEL TA uf-vsftow ' 'Gig-5 '-Ya - 4 s Nhuore Nhttson, Rndberq, Rutter, Khvxfstxxd Buck row: Snnth, Anderson, Rtede, Hrne,, '-, . x Fourth row: Thonxson, Nhtnty, Thronson, Thonwxxs, Rrmn, 'YoXX, Kearns, Hetkenhnbk Thrrd rowt Hubbard, Gates, Stozxn, Nhdtette, Schreiber, Vfhrtchurch, YoweXX, Chtrk Second royv: Cornnxon, Yxdnxer, Hohn, Corcoran, Pratt, Lewts, Lynch, Rodsgnrd First YOW1'-YYXCY, ScuXXey, Prdnnrek, Nhtrrny, W. Trutnn, S. 'Yrutnn YACULTY1 ' f X f""' 4.1! 4 f.--. V iv, f 5 It em ' f V, , X- lf .- Thornas Barnhztrt ' Redoh H. Brown ' RMK R. YXseher ' Herbert R. Hayes ' V ' . 11 Ra xond E ohnson - H oXd Mae ' uhus X . Yedt , ' Q . YU . GY Y J . ,,..,1,gb -wc,s.x+r,,,, ,, 19 'Q' ' Ab ':11'g.e:9-' -. ,- . GRADUATE STUDENTS: . y LKncoKn Cornrnon ' CXyde Howard. , ..,. . ..,, ' r .. r 1 r . x "X ay' ' Z""" " T Robert Prdnrnek - Vvnhzun Hubbard ' Robert Levvrs ' Robert Mandy ' Bohn Murray T , U - CXenTrnent Seuhey ' Lee Thronson ' Vvdhznn Trutna. . -, , ' f.-Q . SUNXORS, U25 Yifth street southeast ' Unkversity oi Virgrnta X369 Robert Anderson ' Sherwood Cktrk ' Marshzth Edson - Dondd Gates ' Yredench Ben Mu mm Hrnes - Robert Lynch ' Sack McL:tughhn ' RKehard Pratt - HoXger Rzrun - Bohn Rudberg ' Kohn Shan - George Snnth ' Thomas Sutherhnd ' Sznnud Trutnzx. SOYHONXORES1 Mdbert HeckenXaXbXe ' Lkner Hohn ' Arthur Kearns ' Yhtho Kennedy ' Frank Mahoney ' Lester MaHette ' Hddkng Mattson ' George Moore - Rioh Sehretber SYNNG gevef mm me Kgmya 53535 35 ' Watson Thomson ' Kenneth Tyder. Yrttz Htnes Ofryes a htde Xesson in swin . U 1 vvhde the other boys wart to take the YRESHMEN. stage. Radon SXg adooted Xts rrtuzd from at European orgnnrzatkon whreh dates Robert Rodsgard - Bohn Ruder - Frank Corcoran ' Page Hunt ' Howard RXovstad irorn the 'niteenth century, but the boys ' Eugene Ynhner ' Robert Yovveh ' Robert Rrede ' Rad Schvtfreder ' Lynn Thomas nren't qune so outdated and manage to ' Robert 'YoXX ' Thomas Vtlhttehurch. forget tradttron every once Xn a whne. WXWPN SXGMPX A S Q s , ,Q I its Ng 'S . cpl fy vz, V , 4 1' 1, if .' .b fl 1 Brick row: Burgess, Graham, hflarsden, Harslem, Elmer, Dailey, Auld, R. VVatson, Wlritesicle Fifth row: Rounce, Sitz, C. Roberts, Ellickson, Holton, Cunningham, Dodds, Fields Fourth row: Nelson, Loefller, Frentz, Campbell, Stuefur, TVillard, Peterson, Eustis Third row: VVilliams, Gilles, lVl:1cl.eL1n, Prosser, Nleyerding, Fargo, Hudson, Jackson Second row: YVood, Sharpe, Tuclcer, Drips, Rogers, l-lihbard, Dean, Costello First row: Norbeck, Robison, Flinn, Best, Hanson, Biddinger, Adams, lW. Roberts, DeLambert ' FA C ULTY: Dean Harold S. Dieh VV. L. Prosser ' VVilliam P. Randel ' A. H. Speer ' W. R. Smith ' L. Thomas allas Wzlrd. l ' james D. Kelly - George Otterness ' John lVIcNown GRAD UA TE STUDENTS: Charles Reif ' David Vesely. SENIORS: Frank Berry' ' Willianl E, Best ' Russell Biddinger - LeR Ell' oy zcltson ' Peter erguson - Howard Graham ' Henry Hanson ' Austin Holly ' Robert Holton - enry G. Lylclten ' Robert Oen ' Robert Parrish ' Merrill Roberts ' james E. 1027 University avenue southeast Robison ' Howard Shaw ' Fred Stuefer ' Robert D. Watson. L'11i'.'e1's,lt2x'1?1'Ilglgnai 184-X P 21 Robert M. Adams ' George Auld ' TVilliam Burgess ' Leonard L. Dailey ' Guy lVI. deLambert ' Williaill C. Dodds ' Dan T. Elmer ' Donald Flinn ' Herbert K. Frentz - Robert E. Hanson ' Eric Harslem -'Thomas Moore ' Harlan Nelson ' james O'Connor - Robert Prosser - Chester Tucker ' Wallace M. Willianus. SOPHOMORES: john P. Costello ' TfVilliam Cunningham ' Stanley F. Drips - Williarlr Fargo ' DON'T be fooled 560211186 The Phi DGlF,S Velman Fitch ' John L. Hudsoil Donovan Jackson ' Mack B. MacLean ' Edward Bob Holton, Ed Meyerding, Herb lVIeyerding ' Charles W. Roberts ' Richard Rounce - Sherwood Sitz ' Hugh E. Freuz and George Auld are huddled Willard ' Warreii Wood. over a big boolcXthey're really showing of the trophy. Their huge window on FRESHIWEN: r h . Eleventh Street is ,eajjya Showcase. W,'j- Richard Bates - Robert Bjorklund ' Douglas Campbell ' William Campbell - Perry jjam Best, busjness manager of Skj,U. Dean ' Arthur Eustis ' Brooks Fields ' Robert Gilles ' Willianl Hibbard ' Roy Holly Maj, and LeRoy Ejjjckson of Swing ' T'Villiam jenney ' james Loedler ' Lawrence Marsdeil ' Carl Newcomb ' john fame are Phi Delts. Nofbeck ' H1 P ' I ' ' enry eterson Sedgwick Rogers Earl Sharpe ' Forbes Wlliteside. PH! DEL TA THE TA 'El gf- .9l' 41,',,?'--. ' ik. dbg ,, 5 A lo- 'rips Back row: G. Bioeb, Rosen, Lnsken, Harris, Weinstein, Ascb ' ' odmzxn, Vloif, Ni. Ywiutb, Lieberman, Zimmerman, 'Yonex ' ' i Stcinfcidt 'Ybxrd row. R. Go Second row: Kohn, Miiicr, Newman, Kzxpim, Rauei, First row: E. Goodman, Rose, Hcimzm, Niersky, Ritbnrd Renier, Siegei FACULTY: YN d Dirnsdaie. Bernar SENXORS: Sani Beniannn - Marvin Biotin - Eugene Goodrnan ' Sarnuei Haipern ' ' ' ' Rreberrnan - Leon Raizes - Xrvin Rose - Sidney - Nlicbaei Krng - Privrn Siiesicy. 960 Yifteentb avenue southeast e of tbe City of New York X904- SUNXORS: Robert Harris - Haroid Rapian - Howard Robn - Sarnuei Nlersicy - coneg Ricbard Reuier - Beniarnin Rosenberg - irving Sternieidt - joseph MPM Dem X923 Toner - Sydney Weisrnan - Pidier Woit. SOPHOMORES: Xrving Piseb - Edward Birnberg - Yniiip Breitrnan - Gerald Fine - Nliiton Haipern - Leonard Lasken - Privin Miiier - Marion Newman - David Rancb - Robert Renier - 'Miiton Rosen - David Supornreic. PSDLER WOLF takes it easy in a Heien Morgan pose wbiie Niarian Newman and Niarvin Kiine sing and piay respective- Gerard Bioeb - Robert Goodrnan - Howard Grossrnan ' Pirnoid Heirnan XY' dmv EW Sxgport ff Girfmn ieiglgif Kamp Kaupman n Npmvpn Kuna U Vpctof Lev Q Hapopd SKC Cp . stu ent. D ioe oner is c axrrnan o t e I Y g Yrogressive Yarty and a rneniber of tbe Wmmeffmafx- PM-U conneii. Cbaries Weinstein - Robert Z Wi EVSXLCDN 'PX ,, 1 afar? it a. Bick row: Blekkink, Blackburn, Broholm, Sincock, Youngburg, Goldsmith, King 'l'I1ird row: Redmond, Greig, lVIurr:1y, Bruce, Rosenberry, Schwedes, Harris Second row: Ncwliall, Nnrmnn, Ballou, Nichols, Bennetts, Feely I First row: Vogel, Robinson, Quud, Huggins, Conley, jones, Glindeman K g It A -V A YT FACULTY: i f 1 ' 'n VValter j. Breckenridge - Dr. john C. Brown - Edward E. Brush - Dr. r ..k: A Frank E. Burch - Mitchell V. Charnley - Lotus D. Coffman - Dean f l : - Conley ' Dr. George E. Fahr - Dr. Everett K. Geer - William F. leq E Holman - Stanley V. Kinyon - August C. Krey ' Vernal LeVoir - Dr. 7 4 Archibald H. Logan - Dr. Erling S. Platou - Malcolm M. Renfrew - 'Q gg?-3' Henry Schmitz - james M. VValls ' Russel VVayland - Dr. Thurston I W. Weum. f . .,9vM5.- 5 ?3'xf,.-' .,c-f' . g 1 - ' A ' ' f' fv f g GRADUATE STUDENTS: ,e l Eugene Newhall - Frank Rommel - Taylor Wfaldron. A T Rf T T SENIORS: II29Jfl,f,f,22,f'tg03ig'g'e1,flgtlmst William Bennetts - jay Bevon - j. Robert Bruce - Arthur Clarkson ' MU Sigma 1890 john G. Hauck - Meredith M. Huggins - Raymond W. King ' George E. Roscoe - Howard Rosenberry - Walter Schwedes - Tyrus W. Sincock. JUNIORS: Bur ess Blackburn - Robert Conle ' - William Glindeman - YVill s P. jones - Char es 11p - awrence ichae - atric e mond - james g lPh'l' L l P 'kRd y R. Robinson - Robert E. Ruud. 1 ' - SOPHOMORES: PHI GAMS have 'Q 'unique -'f'OfmO,nh OH William H. Ballou - john Blekkink - john Feely - Karl Goldsmith ujinoiileilie Qggjgjmge - Clark Isles - james Murray - Hugh Norman - Thomas Richards ' traditional campus party, the Sr, Paws Alfred j. Vogel - Winton Woods - Raymond Youngburg. Party, and their fireplace fabovej is taken from The Old Main, burned in Robert Bailey - Robert Broholm - Paul Greig a George Harris - Robert 1902. ' ' N1chols - Frank Rice - Donald Ryder. DH! GAMMA DEL TA ' k jox cms Loucks Pejsch Sutton, 'Burchcrt ' ' .cf FI if -reest- EERE? Ita Mhwv 'AI 1 ED' 'Er f , , .. ' W ' " 1: 3, wig? Buck rowi French, Riedcj, Brxc er, 'g -1 , , , . Fourth row: Njngnuson, johnson, Oghvjc, Derenthaj, Putnam, Thomson, Czxrjsen, NjncGregor, G. Ryan Thjrd row: Georges, Moore, Njciionc, Peterson, Njontgumery, Rojthouse, Hjjhnrd, Tenncy ' ' sbb H'tjcock Second rowt Donahue, Phe, Ajmqujst, Kemp, Hancock, Robmson, Sturnson, Ry , x c x ' 't F R 'un Njordaunt, Smjth, Kjxnwejjer, Rasmussen Pkrst row: Mekxner, Yjtch, Du Yor, . 3 , GRADU ATE STUDENTS: Charles E. CarTson - Chrr CoThns - Albert Lehrnicke. SENXORS: XNKTharn G. Andrews - CharTes H. DuTokt - jay L. Fktch - G. Krngsjey Foster - john C. Harohison - Arthur R Snfnth - john R Tenney - Vqnharn Nl. Thornson. jUNTORS: G. Robert Carlsen - Latayette French - john L. Georges - Harojd S. Kern? - Renneth B. Kncrnoeher - john H. Nlordaunt - Kenneth H. X609 Ummm mmm mmm.. Yersch - R1chardE. Peterson - Freoerrckw. Yutnarn - Harjey Rredet - wnsxnngnm vm jefferson esnsge rssz Ffanckg PM Ryan . George RYKXX. Nhnnesota Beta X533 SOYHCNTORES: Andrew E. Ahnqurst - john R. Borchert - john L. Yurkcker - Everett D. Derenthaj - jNarren Hancock - joseph jorgens - Robert L. Loucks - Robert H. Nlehcner - Donakljf. Moore - XNiTharnB.Ogrh1ke - Robert pm pm me 9.0.15 Og mer, ?ygyQtjQgj B- Pie- nxonopohf on the Goruher busjness Stag h' -. X. 'h BTX 'Th FRESHNTEN1 Tviskzezg ind Lreo Ycfifcih I1 john H. Bohhouse - Arthur Donahue - Robert C. Hklhard - Harohi U16 SWK- But UWC YNUYNS WWC 5001 CSA Hitchcock - Brooks johnson - XN1Thanx E. MacGregor - Carj. YN. AEOWQDOXY md,VhY 3 TEH? bUd'5E'VfIM . ' ' . 1 Y T C CXPYCSSTOYXS OH j. C ZXCCS O af' Ragnuson j.5tcKone Cyrus AsANTontg?onxery - john A. mx Hancock, 3mm Moxdwm, Ymmis asrnussen - r rarn . Robb - john . Robrnson - Ward B. gym and Cjmrey 501031 355 3 iyyguy Stevenson - Lee Sutton. tough garne. . ng f' . . 'X .v KDHX KAW A KDSX J' f,'v,Xf. 'ff 5 ' 5 .,., . i 91 , .Sig Back row: Lrmgfcllous, Gag, Ronde, Fisher, Mclver, Clark, Harmon, Fabian Y Third rou':Eckl:1nd, Tcxtor, Wsiltvizi, Parkin, Anderson, Hill, Wzirnei' Second row: Kflssube, lirrzdley, Cornex'e:1ux, Rogers, Nlaher, lvlitchell, Forbes, Sainsbuzy First rout Peterson, Grimlerson, Lundberg, Arnold, B. Larsen, H. Larsen, Friederici 5- FACULTY: Edward Davis - Cla ton Griswold - Palmer ohnson - Dr. elville , lylanson - VV1ll1am Routledge - Conrad Seitz 1 Alfred Welch. ' , i it cf, GRAD ua ra srunaivrsi J Harold Larsen - VVentworth Morris. fi irrl 7 ' 1 r',r . SN1 ORS- if ' 53 3,-,g Fj , ,: :4w : - F F .!'4v 4 . . . . Charles Arnold - Harry Eckland - Bruce Forbes - Gerald Friederici - "r ' A - - - - - W -'rrrf VV1llard Gag - jack Grant - Marvin Harmon - B jarne Larsen - William - ichel - Edward Sainsbur - Fred VVarner. 1813 University avenue southeast M y University of Pennsylvzinia 1850 U Alpha Sigma l9l5 Paul Anderson - Edward Barry - Arthur Gunderson - james Hughes 1 - Robert Longfellow - Delton Lundberg - VVilliam Matheily - jay Nims - Henry Peterson - Clinton Textor. SOPHONIORES: Frederick Bonde - Clarence Bradley - George Corneveaux - john Fabian Drscussnvo one dozen eggs claimed by - Fred Fisher - Vlfvllllam GilC1'iSt - William Hill - Eugene Maher - fhe 5- A- E- brothers FO lwfff been WHSF' Samuel Mclvei' - VVilliam M1'tchell ' Ronald Nelson ' Roger Parkin ed on the side ofthe S. A. E. house are R , , , - al h Ro ers. these Phi Kaps. Above Phi Kaps claim p gr otherwise, being insulted by the insinu- ation but th 't' .ll G ' k, . . I . . and go will Iscidzd 123251, Zigi David Clark - Richard Kassube . Alfred Lenhart - Robert Rickbeil - breakage, U Wfilliam Shirk - john VValton. DH! KAPPA SXGMA Back row: Behrenbrinker, Eberhin, Love, Haworson, C.deSanto, Buhter, Sanborn, Gackc, H. Hzdvor Thlrd row: Choate, Stuart, Yountznn, Srdhvan, O'BrKen, Gunderson, Wachter, W. Otson Second row: Armstrong, GXHmor, Bowkr, Howe, Sreg, Krosch, Schaaf Fkrst row1Rerg, Lohn, Nhchadson, Hodgson, WaXhcr, Seahnry, Haase, Foss F ACULTY 1 'Bert Easton - Nlason Boudrye - ATbert R jenks - Sydney B. hdaynard - Vqdharn T. Nhddkbrook - CarXyTe S. Scott. GRADUATE STUDENTS: john A. Behrenbrinker - 'Mdton Rrtter. SENTORS: . WrTbur Engrnann - Vqdharn Gacke ' Phrho Gunderson - Cad Haase - jarnesD. Hodgson - Rent Rjehand - CharXes M. Lohn - A. N. Seabury. TUNTORSZ Cad Berg - Lawrence Buhler - Ahen Howe - Donald Rrosch . john ShreTds - Edrnund - SuThvan - Gordon D. WaXker. SORHONXCRES: Marvin Anderson - Robert Arrnstrong - Dan T5owTer - Robert Choate - Clark Darley Q Duane Ebedern - Cad Ykdverson - Robert Love - Everett Nhehadson - ?auT Nlosdey - Robert A. OTsen - Woodrow , 'WI A 'twci' SOB. 3X7 Eghteenth avenue southeast Massachtxsetts State Cohege X373 Beta Deutcron WTO OTsen - GTenn Schaar - 'Wayne S. Steg - Yard Vqdcox - Robert WRTCOX. Tasse PM Sigs reahy are studyhxg then dang' Tessons, or so at Tcast Xt vvouXd ab- 3 pear by these studxous faces. The Yhr Srgs Robert Anderson - Royzd Broberg - Robert DeSanto - Soehoss - Vqendah fm A mg Seems m the mdmm dmmg Fmmmm r LXO 6 Giumm I HaXVOY Haxvorsoq Mmm M C k iootbah as they watch brothers Larry 3 U Y ' ' ' ' C or XC ' 'BuhTer and Dominic Rrezowskd run down Don Ohrren ' CharTes Sanborn - XNdharn Stuart - YauT Wachter. me nerd, VHX SXCBNNA KAPPA '15 -.1 ' l"f-1..,a-,jf55j"-- P3 X? -.0525 . Brick row: QllFlCliC'l7L7lI,Sl1, llrnlgson, Nluir, Knhiler, Nleier, Volk, Hummercl, f C Fourth rmv:S:1nborn, sl. Ringer, Olson, johnson, W C1 f Third row: Bowen, Richard Brix Second r ru . wvmford, F. jones, W..Rllijgi-Io?lTolYll1Tlcl2VI'Ili'1g1zn1?ef?hclWl1'E,iZIfit,l'T,1li5iijI, Glaefke f rn, T. jones, Nnwcll, Griffith, Park, Wilson, Kwzle, Fredell, Horton, R. Knutson r Robert Brown, Wczltherbce, G. jones, Klein, Comb, McNair, Mathewson, Sullivan, Gerrish, Snlzer, Lewis First row: lll'L'ClL'SC'll, 1"::rnlmm, A. Knutson, Roeslcr, Butler, Kirklin, Footh, Ovrum, Stephens, Welch, Thomson FACULTY: F , Malcolm S. MacLean - Arthur T. Mann ' Frederick M. Mann Henry 1 ' F. Nachtreib. GRADUATE STUDENTS: james H. Campbell - Norman L. Newhall - Addison B Overstreet ohn S. Pillsbury. IORS: Cooley Butler - lvlilton G. Footh - John W. Kirklin - Franklin Wright, jr. JUNIORS: g William Bredesen - Vifilliam Geist - Russell Kahiler A Austin L Knutson '7215Qj,jj'Sgj,,QgjH5g53U"1'faSf . Hai-Vey H. McNair . William A. ovmm . Earl Plant David J MU 1891 Thomson - james VV. VVebster - john R. VVilson. SOPHOMORES: Richard R. Brown - Robert R. Brown - Ronald D. Comb 71 1 Crawford - Earl H. Farnam, jr. - john C. Hammerel - RobertS Hor - Theodore T. jones - Richard E. Klein - john A. Muir a ter M. Ringer, jr. - Robert C. Roesler - Kent Rogstad i john L Salzer ROBERT ROESLER and Richard Quackenm Bruce W. Sanborn - Winoeld R. Stephens - Thomas H. Welch bush, Psi U's, get chummy over a F r couple of books, but they will not tell Charles A. Betcher - Ivan Bowen - james P. Crawford - Fredeiiclc D too Why and Wherefore of the mysfefl' Fredell - Kenyon Gerrish - Howard P. Glaeflfe - john M. Grzflith ous PS' U C'imnOn.or'o5' The Second john J. Harvey - Maurice A. Hessian - VVells G. Hodgson - Donald oldest fraternity, Psi Upsilon was found- edin 1833. John Kifnfn, ofthe frater- Johnson ' Ffook loooo ' Gof C1011 C' 101168 ' Room Knots nity, was senior football manager this JOh1l LEWIS - William M3fhCW5017 ' James G- MCICF ' VVI-,ham ICHF- j. Miller a Gerald F. Nowell - Casper O. Olson Y George Park - Charles j. Ringer - john L. Sullivan - Francis B. Twedell - William H fo f . Obert H. Weatherbee - Robert L. Ufhite - George C. VVright DS! UDSIL ON EA '. john E. Anderson - WaTter C. Coffey - RaToh T. Crajgo ' Fred T. Cruzen ' Darkd Back row: Lamrnand, Ruedy, Thompson, R. Lund, Rork, Vinod, A.. Crawford, H. Crawford, Lovaas, C. johnson Fifth row '. Yontakne, R. Band, Yreeberg, Wzxsh, Ohver, Page, Peterson, Njay, ECU, Reeves, Hedback Fourth row: Hah, Erkckson, Liggett, Nloffatt, Heaton, Arnot, Stary, Shcehy, R. johnson, Debcl Third row: NjeDcrmott, Humphrey, Grohs, Sundeen, Rergum, Shaw, Ndson, NTacauXay, Harjcy Second row: Graves, Conner, Haw, Rrttenhouse, Yore, Yjtbkado, Baker, Wajker, Sperry, Burg Yjrst rowz jones, H. Y. Haugen, j. Lund, R. Haugen, NXcCXendon, Hussey, Cohrcr, Kkrk, NXerrKfxeXd, Larson CULTY NTaeNTXTXan - jesse E NTeCTendon - Henry T. NTcChntock - Duncan NTeConnejj ' Louahen E. Nbher ' Yauj. A. Nhnaujt - Ceed A. Moore - George O. Yterce - jerry E. WodsedaTek ' DaXe Yoder. GRADU ATE STUDENTS: joey E. Eurgum ' Wjarren Eknsdeh ' Vjfnham E Chrke ' ROH E. Haugen ' Stewart NTcCTendon. SEN KORS 1 james A. Rossey ' Robert CoTher ' james W. Ereeburg ' Vvjjham H. Grarcs - Nathan S. Haw ' TaTbot jones - RandaH W. Rjrh ' james R. Lund ' Leroy . NTerrXheTd. jUNTORS'. james S. AThson ' john D. Arnot ' LaRoy Rand - Vvzdter H. Benson ' john O. j3j5.UY13f'CfS3Uf avenue SOMEEZS' Eondhus ' Thomas E. Edwards ' Lawrence W. HMT ' HaroTd R Haugen ' Curtjs Umve"S'WkJ:uAtgE?w X .H. johnson ' DonaTd Lampjand ' Donnmek NTeDermott - HaroTd NTeRmney ' P jack E. Moffatt - Robert W. Noek ' C. CTements Ohver ' john NT. Yktbjado ' ATTan W. Rork ' Chades W. Schujti. A Arthur E Sundeen - Henry C. Viken - Donajd E WaTker ' ATTen Vjfash. SOYHONTORES: Robert T. Eeh ' john H. Burg ' 'Wuharn Conner - Ahan R. Crawford ' HaroTd R. Crawford ' Rern E. Eontajne ' CharXes L. Gandrud ' Donajd T. Garrjson ' DonaTd O. Grohs ' DonaTd E. HarTey ' E. VVXTharn Heaton ' john W. Hedbaeh ' 5. A, Qu Qorggcyms just Cmft make up Edward C. Humphrey - G. Rkehard johnson ' Erederkc S. Larson ' Roderjeh A. that m,,,d5' RewhQg,eC,, and maroon Lawson ' john C. Ljggett ' Robert Lund ' Gordon R. 'May ' HaroTd L. NeXson mg gora Ynobom me an mgxed ,AP Wjth ' Harry R. Rage - Donrdd H. Peterson - Yerry H. Pratt ' john O. Reeves ' Wayne Stew Nrccrmdon and AX Wash, Mdem L. Ruedy ' OrvXHe T. Thompson ' George E. Wood ' Rjehard W. Yore. Gogrwhtesa and Rod LQWSOY, heaamg FRESHMEN1 , l the Yrogresshfe Yarty. AsKde from Robert E. Earrd - DonaTd E. Esther ' CharTes A. Debej - Edward A. Errekson ' ,QOXMCS AH Smxdeen Mm Y.-wcbmga Edward Landes - Garhdd E. Loyaas ' DonaTd R. Njaeaujay ' jack Yeterson ' john Bn, Canvas and B36 Mitsch A-,SCUSS R. Rjttenhouse - Edward Shaw ' Cyrd E. Sheehy ' Yhnho E. Soerry - jack E. man? uluch mme hm, Stary. T ' SXGNNA AQHA EYDSXLCDN 1655! . bn., if " 1'5" Back row: Schwartz, Conner, Harris, Ring, Druclc, Shapiro, Goldman Third row: Posnilc, Addis, Perelstein, Banlcrnan, Litin, Landshoif. Second row: Raich, Pearlman, Frishberg, Chernov, Felsenberg, Livich D First row: Rosen, London, Goldenberg, Pitts, Saf ran, Jeffery , aws FACULTY: Arthur VV. Marget - Morse j. Shapiro. GRADUATE STUDENT: olf Landsh Oli SENIORS: Henr H. Ginsbur ' - Irwin H. Goldenber - Zachar Pitts - Arthur Q Y 8 8 .V osen - Morton M. Safran ' Golden Selin. JUNIORS: 915 Ummity avenue Southeast Samuel Bankman - Laurence M. Bearman - Sydney Berde - Norman B. College of City of New York 1909 Bloom - Samuel H. Bloom - Milton G. Druck - Allen L. Friedland - Kappa 1915 Ira W. Jeffery - Bruce L. Kantar - Alvin H. Kirsner - Monroe Kronick - Morton B. Phillips - Bertram Sachs - Leonard S. Schwartz - Donald Shanedling - Herbert Shapiro - Ralph Tremblatt. SOPHOMORES: Milton H. Altman - Benjamin Chernov - Lester I. Conner - Pinnie Z. Davis - Gene F. Dryer - Arthur Felsenberg - Harold I. Goldman - BERTRAM Saeies, Zachary Pirrs and Mor- Morton London - Harold I. Posnick - Aaron Schwab. ton Safran gloat as they discuss the silver ' cups which so conspicuously adorn their mantle- Im lffffefyf HGXF YCHVS Ffesh' Arnold E. Frishberg - Robert N. Harris - Leo Hodronf - Herbert Gvgelheihjlblgjlbldirlhil Ii-rims Leffmfill - james B. Levich - Donald Litin - MaX M. Litow - Bernard nlemljerslj Signi Alpha Muahofdsin an- Pearlman - jerry S. Perelstein -i Normand N. Raich - Martin Rin nual Hayseed Hop each spring. Marvlll Shapiro ' Myron Shaplro' SIGMA ALPHA MU 91 r j jones, Eddy johnson, Wojjrah, james Cooper, . ah McGuXness, Seder w Gosshze, Kojhner, Cujhertson, Trernan, Grogan, terson Gouze, Anderson, Wenzej, Pkjtingsrud, Ee , Teuscher, Gaver, Ward, Majone, Santa Sauer Spaeth, Crosrer, Ungerrnan, Croonqurst Njanjs Back ro 1 Fourth row: Wlthrow, Pe , Thkrd row: Dahje, Erchhorn, john Cooper, Second row: Westerman, Rochester, Llpprncott, MclQKnnon, . , First row: Kraft, Skogan, NjcCauXey, Sweasy, Sorkness, O. jones, Cothnson, 'Mc SENXCRS: jarnesB. Cothnson - john R. Cooper - PauXE. Crosker - Duane A. Gouze - Earj Pr. Hahlorson - Harojd C. Kratt ' Doyle T. Spaeth - YNdharn D. Sweasy - Wiltxam H. Westerman. jUNXORS'. Ora G. jones - john Njllehy - Yhd NXcCauj,ey - Charjes H. Nlchdanrs - Robert R. Rochester - Henry R. Santo ' Arno 'Yrernann - Eraners j j.WaXters - john E.WenzeX - jackWkthrow. " X623 tjlixnrversity avenue sorgtheast Xarn1Un3versKt XS 5 sornowxorcesz R mn, Sigma has Bruce E. Anderson - jarnes G. Cooper - Ned C. Croonolurst - Torn NL Cujhertson - Donald E. Dahje - Ernest C. Eddy - john Nl. Gosslee ' john NL Grogan - RennethE johnson - johnT. jones - YauXE Njajone ' SHYYXCSW. McGuxness - john D. Mdfxnnon - Harotd R. Rdnngsrud - Yhihp Pr. Sauer - Kxngrnan G. Seder - Pauj Sorkness - Ray C. 'Yeuscher - Robert Ungefman. jr can't he a hedtknxe story that gets so much attention at the Sgxna Chi house. ERESHNXEN: Ned Croonqnrst, on the extrerne right, Ks Srgnxa Ch3's famous gojrer. Ajso from Lewis S. Beah - Pr. Erernont Eichhorn - john W. Gayer - Garwood is Efatf33dX'd1NhgdL grew Quik? Sn - - u e Sgvgmcig eg A' Petetson ' Cad Radtke ' Don K' Wafd ' ao? the TDaiXdy andeSkiSdgSh?Zixd Ernie O Crt O ra ' Anderson, hasketbah pjayer. SXGNNPX CHX "gf 'np' it fhfnbrfia fjq K , ,,,msf4H N1!'Qs - Back row: Bumgardner, Dossett, Carlstrom, Wilson, Peters, Nelson, Downton Third row: Garnatz, R. Whitney, R. Patterson, Sommers, Grant, Green Second row: Millai'd, O'Heron, O. Patterson, Shirley, McCormick, Schrade First row: Stuart, j. Nelson, Smith, Roe, Thornton, Ca 1 r, Slack st eberry tj' - FA C UL TY: Dr. C. A. Boreen - Donald M. Castleberry - William H. Emmons f H A i Archie N. jones - Edward C. Ritchell - john M. Slack. SEN1 ORS Sidney D. Bumgardner - Carl Carlstrom - Kemp Coughlan - Harold : N 5,1 Dodge - Stanford Dodge - Keith A. Garnatz - Lee G. Grant - Omar L. Patterson - james C. Schrader - Howard O. Stuart. V 2,11 Y t W " .N 307 Sixteenth avenue southeast Virginia Military Institute 1869 . i Gamma TW1904 Harold Brandt i Alan Broderick - Franklyn Downton - Lindahl O. johnson - Robert McCormick - james VV. Nelson - Clarence j. O'Heron - Robert A. Patterson - Clyde B. Roe - Richard W. Smith ' john Stewart - William B. Stromme - Arthur H. Thornton - Claire R. Whitney - Rex W. Whitney. REX WHITNEY, Richard Smith, james SOPHOMORES: Schmjersind A1201 Cfrfflffffffy bmi? William A. Kronmiller - Perry FI. Millard - Hilding Nelson - Richard aroun a igma us u y a e, pro a y . - ' - the one Andrew Volstcad used when he L. Shirley - john Sommers - Donald E. Smith ' Maurice B. Wilson. wrote the Eighteenth Amendznen t. Foot- ball enthusiasts from way back, they hold h ' f d " d bf - folililgO30511,011a'?heiiH2Feiie3nbi?,flfS Courtland Bloomstrand - Frank O. Dossett - Robert M. Green - jerry through wagers on in tersectional con tests. Martelle ' Robert G- Peters- I SIGMA NU 93 ' Back row: Ykne, R. Sher, liuxns, Schaffer, C-reenspoon, Gknsbcrg, Noun, LnppKn Second row: A. Sher, Yffeissenberg, Cohen, Tok-:s, N. Nhndeh Shapiro, Landberg First rowz Gohistein, S. Niandd, WaTdxnan, Nernerov, Greenstehw. Karon ' ' -'w 1 -Fi FACULTY: , , . f 'T Ar" - --.-Q1 Moses Gordon. ,Fry v .., Ke GRADUATE STUDENT: W A' ' it W fx jusnn Karon. H , SENTCRS1 7 "T'T S g ' Leo Lappin - Seyrnour MandeT ' Radph L. Sher. M2 WMM gggee dsoum s yumorasr PrrnoTd Bohndc - Kerrrirr Drosrnan - Edward Ginsberg - Bernard C. Landberg - Daykd Lerner - jack Nerneroy - ?aul Noun - Sarn ToTes 1- Horace Waldman. SCPHCDNXORES 1 Abe Berg - Marykn Cohen - YaTe Fkne - SauT Greenspoon - Howard , L. Greensrern - Nlanud Kunrs - Sidney X. Levin V Abbot Sher. FRESHMEN 1 Maurice GoTdnxan - Nisson NTandeT - Morton Sehader - Yrenruce Shapkro - Robert Weissenber g. New York Unhlersky WTO ?h3 X928 AMONG Tau Deha Yhrs scores 'rhKs year are the sponsorshna of the TrX-frarerrnty dance, a ehanxpkon-ship in inrrarnurzd ronehbah, and a generzd aehXevernent trophy ar rheXr nadonzd conyendon. Redph Sher, generaT channxan of 'rhe d jewksh Center conrnnrtee, and Bernar Landberg, on the ATT-Unwerskry Rehgb ons eounen, heTped to win that achieve- ment trophy . T PM DELT PX WNX i h nii , . s ' S Back row:lVIcCau1ey, Rider, Sparrow H , orner, Kaminski, Mo1'ton Second POW! Ernest, Pharis, Franzen, Brown, Swanstrom First row: Vigren, Krake, Culbertson, Wfest, Phillibs, Vilrre FACULTY: Samuel Edd y - R. L. Kozellfa - R. L. Grismer. GRADUATE STUDENTS: james W. Horiier - Charle s Onion. SENI ORS: 308 Eighteenth avenue southeast Culbertson - Robert C. Kralfe - McCauley ' Illfnofghglesgag 1899 Nelson - Roger D. Swanstrom - William P. West. JUNIORS: v Chelsea R. Phillips - jean C. Wgren. SOPHOMORE: George A. Wkre. THAT,S not the Worst of it, girls, there is probably an audience on the extension too. What can a person do with a house jlucfliilrgjsieliseazitbiigf 55263 ii? Donald N. Brown - Robert W. Ernest - Paul G. Ford - Stanley E. breefhes, pivks and axes, and have them- Franzen - Robert E. Kaminslfi - jack W. Mortoii - Richard E. Ogle - selves Q Gold Rush party, lWaX D. Peters - William W. Pharis - john H. Sparrow. TAL! KAPPA EPSIL GN V r k ow Y-'oe Draheknx NXuUenrnnster, E:xton,VVoXs.ted, Pottkson Bac r 1 , , Fourth row: jurgensen, Hnsskn, Rosendabh Wrigtrt, Lynn, Deputy, Hastrngs 'fhrrd row: Lee, Hernphm, Cooper, Oyestrud, Krogioss, Owre Second row: Warner, T. Toren, MciQevKtt, PeXtoXa, Mahnqukst, Mohr, 'MeCorrnlck Ykrst row: Toren, Strand, Nehon, SKemer, Hanson, Bowen R BCULTY 1 " . .. ' 2 'Qfffff 7 1 . - ' 5 - Troy NX. Currence - Hans H. Dataker - Henry Pr. Errekson - GXen L. .5 'N " . " - ' ', M 1 ' jenkrns - Cad O. Rosendaht. 71. GRADU ATE STUDENTS: "f, r-a t at an ,G it Robert Lynn - HaroXd Wrrght - YNrXharn Sturm - Nlerhn Schteuder - y jg '1 43. G or tc ri r ,G L a 'errr J ' R . ar C a on- , yu r. -X. , senroras F Y' . .gg fflff EQ , "," Edward Bowen - Harotd Hanson - joseph S. Nlctievrtt - G. 'Wayne V ?M fr"3zvr1tim'1W -a Kfogioss ' SOhg Y' riot-eu' 315 Srxteenth avenue southeast Norwkh University 1856 SUNXORS: prrprra rr vm V H ' - Harotd C. Hougen - Xryin RusseR Deputy - Vqrtharn . astrngs Lee - Mark Makr - Robert hdaknqurst - Nlaurree G. NXeCornneXr. - Kenneth A. Netson - Oscar Owre - Robert Rosendaht - Harotd N. Sierner - Lorry B. Strand - Ted 'Loren - Doughs Webster - Rod WoXsted. Corrrno the Swkng City hand hired ior SCYHOMORES: DaXe E. Foe - Hadand Hassten ' Herbert Surgensen - Herbert Rettoka. dem famous OWU home 05 mi fan are Theta Chrs Rod Wotsted, EddXe Bowen, FREISHNXENZ Lorry Strand, Kenny Nekon and Russ Gtenn Baughrnan - Francis Cooper - XNesXey Draherrn - Arthur Dcflmw' hugmons to the 0969 house Hem . Donaxd Nxuxxenmaste l h d O 6' A wrrtten on t e back of sdect Kabds were Q r rc ar vestru - George , - - X? , W bent to the campus fraternxtxes and soror- attrson - Sack arner. mes. THETPX CHX iixfgiiii . figgigiif' 177 li Back row: Klawitter, Parker, Web ster, Franz, Schaefer, Bregel Third row: johnson, Hyde, jackson, Rickert, Russell, Burnap Second row: jordan, Linker, Dole, Brennan, Sorteberg First row: Leach, Wiik, Anderson, Phillips, Abrahamson FACULTY: Dr. Charles D. Creevy - james Davies - Dr. Claude J. Ehrenberg - Evan F. Ferrin - Guy S. Ford - Wilbur C. Haddeii - jeff Minckler - Albert Pfaender - Harold A. Whittaker. GRADUATE STUDENTS: Kenneth Awsumb - Kenneth L. Sorteberg. SENIORS: l52l University avenue southeast -LCOUHITI 1011115011 ' Edward io o e e I8 7 gill Decdtgioi 1893 . JUNIORS: Robert Abrahamson - Grand Anderson - Lloyd Donohoo - jack Hyde - Donald jordan - William Parker - james Phillips - john Russell. SOPHOMORES: A ALTHOUGH the Theta Delta Chi T8 David Bregel - William Brennan - Alvarez Burnap - Sumner A. Dole 5232 lgglglefoiiep tffigtef - Robert Franz i Frederick jackson - David Leach - Duan Linker - p , . . , preferred 3 South Sea Island Semng fo, William Schaefer - George B. Webster, jr. its fall quarter party. Here jim Phillips, Grant Anderson and Dave Leach listen to Benny Goodman and discus S ' s outh Sea . Island magic. Robert KIQW t 1 ter - Paul Rickert - DeForrest Ward. THETA DEL TA CH! Q7 ' M Lennan VN7eXch Bruen, Bnsgcn, Thompson, VV. Anderson, Htntkmntz Buck row: c , , Second row: Lepak, Yorte, Barthohh, MeXhy, Connngore, Mary arnna ' ' - ' R' X ardson, Moe, H. Anderson Fxrst row: Hah, Stnuood, jorns, tcm .,,.. K, FACULTY: ' Bohn Durree - Henry Hartrg - HHN. johnson - V. Martenis - G. C. yt 'I d Wx Yrrester - Harlow C. Rrchardson ' YN. T. Ryan. f' W, ,c ,n,. G. . .c .,'. Q! . . ' I X M Ei. X1 Vvdharn S. Anderson - john W. BarthoXdr - Ohe lduhhrantz - Lours 'QW - W f dr ffvff , ,fy ., ' 3: 34. Lepak - Leonard Nldhy - Pdrred Moe - Donedd C. Stnlrood. 'M c. ..,o 'J .... M , 1, " ' . -Tk SX9 Tenth avenue southeast Renssekxer PoXytechnKc Xnstltute X364 ' 'v yonronsz PM X9 0 Horner S. Anderson - Donadd Basgen - Karnes Corrnngore - Thayer R. jorrrs - Robert Nlarjarnaa - YNKXharn McLennan - HaroTd Porte - GXenn Welch. SOYHGMORE1 Orucxnnmx an engmeenng fraternity, Waxtef Thomxwon. AThetn Xi was estabhshed here in 1911. Don Basgen, Squrre Anderson, Bob Mar- janxaa and MT. R." jorrks ruby rurnrny unconcerneddy as Presidents Fohrveh and FRESHNXENZ Northrup Took henevoXentXy on. There are thnty-three active chapters, and the Swrhw Bfuen ' Nlangmd Elan' iraternkty started rn 1865. THU PX XX I Ill 'A 0- wig., C ,' Back row: Christenson, Blaisdell, Conrad, Larson, Peterson, Priebe Third row: Engstrom, Adamson, johnson, Ruhr, Fuglie, Heuer Second row: Willcox, lvlortenson, Russell, Coe, Cook First 1'oW:Engebretson, Hosneld, Robertshaw, Olson, Gunl-zelman, Eichclman FACULTY: 5, .i.,. fi' .A Walter W. Fink - james C. Sanderson. - im a A Burt H. Bam. ',l. I sEN1oRsf W .R i ' Donald C. Adamson - Mark W. Olson. 1829 University avenue southeast New A552212 eigg 1847 William A. Eichelman - Donald E. Engebretson - George W. Hosheld - Howard W jorgenson - Andrew J. Leemhuis - Tom K. Mortonson - Robert W. O'Keefe - Gerald Priebe - Charles F. Robertshaw. SOPHOMORES: ' Harold L. Blaisdell - Ha1'old N. Fuglie - john L. Gunkelman - Alfred THE facts th-afzefa PS1 WHS the gfsfffa' C. Larson - Donald F. Peterson - joseph F. Ruhr - Stelle S. Smith - ternity established in Canada and the Ja C VVUICOX Pacific Coast, and that a Zeta Psi Wrote y ' ' "lVIinnesota Hail To Thee" have little interest to Bill Eiclcelman fstraightening FRESHMENg his tie with that soulful loolcj While - George HOSESMJ Don Engebretson and Arthur L. Christensen - Clyde C. Coe - Harold L. Conrad - George R. the beautiful girl in the background look Cook ' Kath Engstrom ' John Heuer ' Helmer Johnson ' on, Harold Russel - Ray Van Cleve. ZETA PS! IOO Instead of going into lullimernation, tvlinnesotans lqglnt their way out from unclerneatlq the drifts, anal put in their busiest season of social :mol extra-cuwictllal' ac- tivity cJ.u1'i1'1g the winter quarter. fa' wif' We 1' Bun.. 'yn 3 MQW .41 14,4 H+- , ' ' 1 .iv h ' ,Ak--af V Q, 1 1 ' r '1 1 111 .1. 1 .1 - 1" 5 3. ,. 11- 1 -1 1 1 --1 1-1 1 1! 1. ,X.,,1', -- Xy'11..1'X -.1-1,1 .1w - 11-11 1. 1.1,-X' -X-'1 1 X X' , .X Wi 1 1 1.11 ,X 1 11 1 - - . f.. 1 X-.1 - f1 1.11.1 AX X X 4 5 X 1 X. : X X: XX 1.1, 5011... , -gg. 1.-11' X1 0 . 10 , 1 1111, '39 'J' if :fx XX.. .X 'f .:. 1-11. - Xa 1 1 1 X, "1. ' XX: 1 , 1 2.-L -., 5, 1:11-'X 2. . 11X -- 'v1-11 , . 1 ,1'1... . 1, .n-- X1.X , 1 , X1 ', '.1 U , W1-m..1X . X 1.1: A A .11 ' 11. 1, i." XX , , ,.' 111121115-5 1, ,.1XX,, .,,,,1XX .4"'111'1 an 1X ,1 ,3 .1 ' '.1 , 1 X. , 1 1. , - 1 ,11-, . ,, . . , . , 1 5, .1 1"' XX, . 1f..,',' 11-.. 111- ' -. 1.1 1 11+ .X1.,X,, ,X X - 1n- "' - A r '11 1.- 11 .1 1 1 X X :-1. - 1.1 ' . 1 A 5, Il -A ,.1 ,, . 1, , , . 1"' - 1' ' - '11.' ,'1.1X X IL X X . X 1 .11 1 1. - ,1 ,1f' 11: X' V 1 w- ' 711, 1- ,111X :Jn 1,9111 -- ,251 .1X11XX, 1' ,X F- " -1 1 .X X 1 - 1 -1,1 1 1,11 . 11 1,XXX .. 1 , 1 1 J 15 ' 1,.g,X. X 11 ww' Q . 1 -Q. 113' X. - 1' 1 1 '1 1 1 1. '5' 1:1 .X X X 111 1.. . .1 '1'1. 1k: 1, 1' ' 1g111' X V11 X1 , , :,1-.1 " 1 1,1 1 1X-1.X:11--- X.,,1 A1 . , - J "1.1 ,X1-. 1 1 1 X1 11 .1 .,.X XX . 1 1,.1.X 1 .1.1 X1 X,X, 1, , X 1. 1 1.1 1- 1' 11..,uXX1g, 1, 1. ' ' ' ,,. - , L. ' -.' 111 -5 ' 1 '. 1 --511,23 X 1.- 1 '1 ' 1. 1 X , , 1 1 1 111' - 1 ,1 1 "1 1-'1ff.i,,1'-'171jX111.,g-Q if:-. .J1Ji1.f111f-'2J!':H1L1: 11:1"1'.--1-:I .1311--1f, - .4 1- , x,.,.. . 1 HF- - Q 11,1 ,. X 1 1'1,.-.1 1 1 m 11 lcatlon Music cl e ate Mlhtary Women .. Q Tlxeah e 1 ',7Qlff5- - :V XX: ,X .. 1 1 ' ,1 414 Z XXX 1 , X ..X ,1.X11 1 1 Q X .X .1 . , ' 11-1 Q1. ' . 1 1 1 1 1 '.111' I 1 12.111 . , . X112 11 1 , J 1. ' , 1 ,X11 -1. 1 1 X11 .XXL .1 11. 1 1 ' 1.1 X X X 1 ,M ..', '11. , , . . 1,11 X ,1 . X , 1 V 51 ,.1. 1, ,, 1- ' 115: ' Y 1 I .1 1' ' -1 - 1 1 , 111. . ,X ,. 1. X:-, Bffxlwbafl - F oz'e.vfe1'f Day Szmlife A,.f JR. Bw HUM ff? 'L' i,u.,ag 1. JANUARY My-CQ Union mjjcee hour. fBef0wj Viffcmzt Hall going up Mif1'Oj7Ol0ZlJ fBl"f07'77l.l' in private VV. S. G. A. Open house ' Inlerpro Ball ' Sanford Dance IO IO wa FEBI? 1 ! , W ! Jaybee . . . Ag Masquer- ade . . . President Pres- ton and Schruth. ,avyff Conant Convocation . . . Council Ofiice . . . Constitution author. UAIQY w3UTG4"xPxjiZ'?fZ:?!iV F02 mkfffi L5, EUg 1f' A Qgprafg A xv INF? gym AT LA: X L. T3 GENEDAL cd, I ' " In Soph Ball . . . CBCIOWQ Posture Winner Frosh Frolickcrs . . . fBclowj Common Pccpuls Lineup. 'Exi- IOS IO6 Band Concert . . .Wil1fCT graduates . . . Knollers Band formal . . . CBCIOWJ Sign of the season. MARCH Swimming star . . . Smooth date . . . In thc ncwsrecl .-N-fo OFFICIAL BULLETIN fwseps I-DQ..-ir: 1 5 L , ufuon :: -.5-1.-. dance Y-, Y :, Q - T2-Amo L 11235 , T. ZZ-M O x,-A ls., .x GOWNER EDU QRXPXL ST N? Editor-Rn-Chtei .,,.,.,. Eltzabeth Donovan AL ARHQ . GAL ANTER Assistant Ddttor .,.. ,.,... G oodvvtn Pdartk Assoerate Edrtor. . . . . .Theodore Gzdanter Orlnee Manager. . . ,..., Robert Lenrke Sentors ..,,......,...... Betty V. Swenson Organtzattons ..,...,..... Harcdd Netson Sports .... Harotd Gotdman, Tyter Upnant Xntramurat Sports ........., George Ryan Copy .,........, , . . Yvonne Stoddard Prctivtttes ....,,, . . . Shtrtey Roednok Women .........., ..,,,,. B etty Rrtehre Drama and Musto .....,. Ruth Btoorngren Student Photograonerst Rtchard Sarvks, Ted Lassen. r mtzattonw Psststante Heten Yroose Elten Sohneon, Bean Stemer. Sentor Prsstetant .....,.. Dorothy WtXenenek Start Asststantsi Yatrtcta SoXhaug, Sutra Rtetd, Vrrgtnta Baker, Rtchard Htrscn, Margaret Rhgen, Beannette Rraemer, Yeggy Mtehaet, Mary Heten Yenntngton, Margaret Dougan, Sane Lougntand, Xoanne Yterson, Norma Yet- erson, Lorratne Raymond, Doratynn Macey, Robert Dongan, Yatrtcta Dtdter, Betty Ruth Htggtns, Xsabet Forsyth, Howard RushneR. ELXZPXBETH DONOXI PM HONOR KN CHXEY ROSHOLT ST ODD ARD SW ENSON Buck row: GoXdmarx, Ktng, R. Duugan, NL Don an Sarafs Lassen XL ig 1 X x , yiln 'Dnrrd row: Sovnaug, Peterson, Maggy, Wty. ench ek, Raymond, Hgaty 5510011 YOW1 Yennrngton, Bhnomgren, Prouse, Netson, Stetner, Loughtand, Rttehke FWSY YOW1 UPYNBXTX, Gakanter, Swenson, Donovan, Roshott, Lehrke 103 rt Weigel tesenson. Assistant Accountant .,,,..., Kathryn Wolfe OFFICE ASSVFS: janet Lovell, Annette Grosse, Joanne Lansing, Frances Crawford, Dorothy Miller, hlennell Peterson, Betty Lothrop, Eloise Bowen. EDWARDS S STAFF Business Nlanager .... . . . Williaill Thomson Assistant Business Manager .... Palmer Tang Organizations lVlanager ...., Rodger Nordbye Senior Picture lVIanager .,., Harry Edwards Book Sales Maiiager .,,... Frederick Putnam Oflice lVIanager .,,..,..,.. Wiitifred Moore Organizations Assistants: fames Zellmer Frank Reed, June VVerner Senior Pict ' ' ure Assistant L . , . . . . eona Sommer lOOK SALES ASSVFS: john lVlartin, Roger lVIuir, Robert Wiik, Paul johnson, Iames Barnard, VVillia1n Burucll fl , Williailt Heat- on, l'Villiam Parmeter, Robe Ward S A ' ' WILLIAM THOMSON BUSINESS MAN AGEI? MOORE N ORDB YE PUTNAM TAN G Back row: Wiilc, Nlartin P H hncl row: Nliller, Lovell, Lansing, Jeterson, Bowen, Lathrop, Grosse econd row: Stevenson, Weigel, Barnard, frrmeter, Reed, Zcllmer rst row: Tang VV Y, olfe, Thomson, Som- 'r, Nordbye 109 , .johnson, Nluir, eaton, Burwell T " SXQX-U-NN BROKPAN PM GXLNX ORE KELLY Edxior-Xu-Chref ...,....... Mar Ceha Brokaw Robert Gkkrxore Xack XQCHY Lmkan Srwcr C'rmrXcs Roberts Ted Vercrsorx Robert Dugan Xloberk SaHsmd Don Bowers Kohn Lawhzr LaVcrrxc Shedbv Ted Lassen 'Waker Daring Koa Qukgky Nhrda Lauren NVNRTXN QUXGLEV EDXTOX2 KN CHXEF rkrx Qu3gXey SXLVER RGBEYCYS A NNW Back row: 'L1erKrxg, GXXmore, iQeHy, Bowgr-5 Roberts Wver, Shedhav, Qukgky, Bygkaw Fkst row: Sr 110 SKI-LL MAH Business Manager ....,.,..... Wnl. E. Best Advertising Manager ,,,.....,. George Auld Circulation Maiiager ....,. Charles Stevenson Credit Manager ....... Hughitt ' Ira Jeffery, Herb Hlnderaker ert Strate, jack Dunsworth Richard Nordbve WILLIAM E. BEST BUSINESS MAMA GER AULD DUNS' VV OR TH BUS I NESS JEFFERY STEVE 'S W NSON ick row' Auld STRA TE , , Jeffery t row' Dunsworth, Rest, Strait? Ill M-Q ww A und HW ' PGY .Rf 'im mmmsotanallj 'mi' "lLI?':,5'i-F""' "T ' "'I "" Mfffyg mn wmvnU.Po1zvp.mW' ww Hwwgfsgf' ag, v wud ,,,,,Y,,..2' , "." 15-9: W. 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George Mad- Sports Editor ...,.,,,..,.,,.,..,......... Roger Vegan sen, Barbara Phiijips. PtSSiSt2mt Sports Editor . .....,. .... B ob Hubbard City Editor ...,........... . . . ,..,,. Bob Hiiiard Sports Assistant ,..,.r , , . ,,... Sam Weiner Assistant City Editor .... .,.. G raham Hovey jlatfarlwrfd Editor ...,...,.......,......,. Roger Wiiiianrs City Assistant .........,,.. . . Nviiiiam Rounds City Assistant ..,,,.,....... ..... j ames Etzeii S?Y'CjAL SPORTS WRXTEYXS3 duuus Langmmw COYUXUC Agricuiturai Campus Editor ,....... . .. Wiiiiant Gentr. SCPXPPU' Science Editor .......,.,.......,.,,.,. Crane Rosenbaum SPQRTS REPORT-ERS: On-S Grim, Robert Lmmm Fenaau REPORTERS: Marjorie Possum, Oscar Moioriiot, Dorothea Lyon, Eiwozd Maunder, Wiiiiam McKenzie jjlr-ne-5 MC- Oison, june Schuize, Eiien Suiigxan, Levin Conner, jack Smith, Tighg, Ggfdon SPQM, rgotg gtomvj Nrnum Rogelx- Christen Pinsness, Otto Sfiha, iiton itter, Eiieen Lomas- Socket, Ed- ' A ney, Ruth Ann Emerson, Staniey Shores, Eieanore Ryden. godegv Reggae! V .""'A"","""' EQQEJZYGAEEEEEZ AGRXCUL-'PURAL CAMPUS REPORTERS1 Prancis Cooper, Secretary ...... U, V. Shiriey jones Theodore Peterson, Barbara Wright, Herschei Capian. Critic .,...,...... A john Lawrm. SCXENCE REPORTERS1 Camiiie Romig, Roma Schuitz, Ross Copy Editor ....,,,, , . , . . . . Sam Reii Miiier, Bernard Casseriy, Eieanor Hennessy. Assistant Copy Editor . . A,-dm, Nafmrrn Business Manager .,..,,.. ...... D onaid H. Arvoid Assistant Business Manager, , . ...,.... Eieanor Gaie jones Secretary. .,............ .,.. E leanorvhfj. Peatbxverstone Promotion anager .........,. .,...,. i iiiam . Page Ciassihed Advertising Maxaager .,.......,.., Piorence Chapin Dr' Anna von Hedmhoxji Yhejan' Circuiation Marxager ,....,,..,.,....,,... Aifred de Buhr dohn Lawjefa editor SALESMEN: Moris Hoversten, Gar Odiaug, Robert Watsort, Celia G. Brokaw Hugh Norman, john Miiier, Robert Brockway, Aionzo Aticin. Made Buyns ASE? AQQRXSEIXSXNGZ Laurene Tibbetts, Marjorie Robbers, Shifjey L 'Dx-muon arne t . XN- - X USALLYU COLUMN., Giadys Snodgrass, Gaii johnson, jane :ii Anderson, Heien Rorvig. X ,D X Nl sscrararuar rtssrsraNTs1rmms owen, Mary tmmrts Sa 6 W I UOWV Kohier, Margaret Ann Carison, Lavone Brunsiciii, Diane Palm 6155 irish, Bette Sherman, Arvid Anteroinen. PROMOTXONAL ASSXSTANTSL Reid Peiiows, Richard Barnes, Chester Lacy, john Henry Livingston, Thomas Rich- A Woodruff. UT ER AW REVX NV 'ss Lawier, Burns, Keity TECHNO-LOG Business Manager . . . . . ERLING HELLAND BUSINESS STAFF ..,........,......,.,......VVarrenVValeen Circulation Manager ....4..,A.,........... Vernon Hoden Circulation Department . . joseph Kennedy, Lawrence Miller, Ray Hopper, john Kreitinger, George Clemens OH5ce ,...,........,.........,..,.,..... jack Hyde, Clayton Kendall, Robert Wolfe Advertising Representatives .,...,,s........,...... VVallace VVilcoX, Robert McDonald Managing Editor Feature Editor , Copy Editor . . . Alumni Editors , News Editor . , . Stal? Artist .,.,. Art Advisor . . . , . . , . . . . . . Erling Helland EDITORIAL STAFF VVoolseyMotl HerbertGaustad , . . . Richard Stone, john Murray . , . . . . . , . . George Montillion , .........,..,. Albert Arneson FrancisMeisch Reporters . . Charles Strom, Henry Segal, Donald Reilly, Donald Crowley, Nelson Dingle Columnists ..,.,....... Bertil Lindquist, Millard Troxell, Harry A. Larson, Bob Becker, C. Vernon Olson Photographer . . . ......... .... .,..... B e rtil Lindquist Copy Assistant .... . . . Leslie Anderson Secretary ....... Make-up Assistant ........................ THE MINNESOTA TECHNO-LOG BOARD Professor L. G. Straub ............ Treasurer P f ro essor E. H. Comstock, Professor L. H. Reyerson, Kenneth Dunning, john Kellam, Donald Scott. Charles Arnold . . . . . , . . Secretary Bertil Lindquist ......,.,........ President , . . . . Priscilla Wrenn . . , . Donald Erickson Back row: Strom, Hyde, Stone, Mill K ger, Erickson row: o er, ' ly otl cDun S d H pp Wilcox, M W , Murray, Kennedy, I row: VVz1leen, Holland, Llndqut ck, Kellam, Arnold 11 MUSIC ADMINISTIQATIGN ll CARLVLE M. SCOTT ABE PEPINSKY STUDENTS of music at the University of Minnesota have great opportunities for training. The fifteen members of the staff in the Department of lWusic are all very competent and several of them are nationally known in the music world. Three degrees are offered to music stu- dents, including a bachelor of arts degree for music majors registered in the College of Science, Literature, and the Arts, a master of arts degree for graduate study along the same line, and a bachelor of science degree for education students who want to go into public school music. Abe Pepinsky can stake his claim as being one of the most versatile individuals in the University of Minnesota, or elsewhere for that matter. He is an associate professor in music education in which field he is chairman of the instrumental division giving instruction in theory, ensemble, and orchestra. Besides this, lVIr. Pepinsky has three courses in the Physics Department and gives occasional lectures to the Doctors of Philosophy in the psychology seminars. During the 1920's he was a commissioned oHicer in the National Guard. Mr. Pepinsky has two collections-one of pipes and one of tropical fish. The latter has grown in size to such an eXtent that at present it takes fourteen aquariums varying from two to fourteen gallons to house all the different species of fish. The giant of them all is a fifty- siX gallon galvanized iron tank filled with gold fish. Although his hobbies are of a wide and varied nature, Mr. Pepinsky's chief joy is to take part in a chamber music group where he plays the violin. Carlyle M. Scott is chairman of the Department of Music at Minnesota, and his duties are largely administrative. In addition to this work which takes up a lot of his time, Mr. Scott teaches courses in beginning and advanced harmony and in music appreciation besides giving private instructions in piano. A cottage in northern Minnesota is Mr. Scottis favorite summer retreat. Other vacations from the University are usually spent traveling to and from New York City where he enjoys hearing grand opera and seeing a few plays. He thoroughly recommended the dashing mod- ern drama, "The Women." Maybe these diversions are the reasons for Mr. Scott's maintain- ing such young ideas and being always so kind and friendly to everyone with whom he comes in contact. 6 UNIVERSITY SYMIDHCDNY THE UNIVERSI1'Y SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA is playing an increasingly important part in Minnesota's musical life. Starting as a very small group in 1913 under the direction of Donald Ferguson, it has grown to an orchestra of a hundred members. In IQI8 Abe Pepinsky assumed the baton as director and since that time has been instructing those students who are interested in Fine classical music in the art of both playing and understanding the masterpieces of musical composition. A This year the University Symphony has given several concerts, has entertained at Sigma Xi lectures, and has accompanied the University Singers in the presentation of Pope Marcellus, Pallestrina Mass. Members of the Symphony are: Bailey, Phyllis, Cello Baird, Jean, Cello Bentall, Granville, French Horn Burningham, Robert, Violin Brandt, Lucille, Flnte Clements, Floyd, Cello Ellis, Bernard, Trumpet Erler, Merrill, Trombone Brodin, Harry, Violin Featherstone, James, Clarinet Fischer, Alfred, Tuba Flagstad, Evelyn, Violin Brown, Melvin, French Horn Garden, Adeline, Violin Geary, Wilbur, Violin Green, Charlotte, Violin Gobel, Elaine, Violin Hautala, Aili, Trumpet Hawks, Dorothy, Violin Hoffman, Doris, Flute Houlihan, Mars Johnson, Milton, Cello Jeffery, Marion, Cello Johnson, Alvin, French Horn Johnson, Margaret, String Bass Johnson, Verner, Flute Kepple, Paul, Violin Kohrt, Gerald, Violin Larsen, Jeanne, Bassoon Larsen, Florence, French Horn Lewis, Edward B., Flute Locketz, Seymour, Violin Koski, Elizabeth, Violin' MacKenzie, Coral, Clarznef Mattison, Blanche. Violin Meland, Alden, Oboe Meltzer, Jesse Minelli, Charles, Trumpet Minar, Jeanne, Cello Moe, Mary Moses, Hilbert, French Horn Moses, Harold, Trornbonc' Nelson, Boyd, Cello Nurre, Joseph, Viola Olson, Ralph A., Violin Onion, Charles, Viola Pfitzner, Ingwelde, Viola Pitula, Doris, Violin Price, David, Clarinet Geiger, Betty, Violin Quale, Thorwald, Violin Fergus, Patricia, Viola Saunders, Ray, Troinlzone Scheurer, Rolf, French Horn Schiff, Beatrice, Clarinet Schmilovitz, Rosalyn, Violin Schumacher, Roland, String Bas: Segal, Paul, Violin Shussin, Sidney, Violin Sprain, Gilbert, Trumpet Stein, David, Violin Steinkraus, Edith, Violin Straka, Helen, Clarinet Thomas, Helen, Harp Wolff, LuVerne, Cello Thompson, Agnes, Violin Tiffany, Robert J., Cornet Zieske, Georgia, Violin Zeff. David, Violin Zimmerman, Bob, Trnznpet Lawson, Alice, Harp Larson, Herbert, Trombone Darrell, liirs. K., Violin Hanson, Georgene, Bassoon Grotting, John, Violin Fadner, Raymond, Bass Joseph, Allan. Violin Zackerson, Evelyn, Violin ll I ALTHOUGH most people think that there is only one band at the University of Minnesota, there are really three. The concert band assists at football games in the fall, plays a series of concerts during the winter and spring quarters, one of which was the 47th Anniversary concert at which Dr. Prank Simon appeared as guest conductor, and presents the annual series of twilight concerts on the knoll during spring quarter. This band made a five-day tour of Minnesota and Wisconsin during spring vacation. The marching band plays for all the home football games and accompanies the team on one out of town game each year. This fall one hundred men made the trip to the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor. This band plays for the home conference basketball games during winter quarter and appears in all the parades-Engineers, Day, Cap and Gown Day, and Military and R. O. T. C. spring reviews-during spring quarter. The Second Balld is HH 21Pp1'CHtiCC band fO1' freshman and transfer students and provides a group through which the P2l1'tiCiP21HtS C2111 bCCOfI'1C 21Cqu21inted with the band and its work. Vacancies in the two major bands are filled from this band. The OfiiCeIS of the B2lHCl HFC Arthur ACl21mS, president, James Jensen, vice-president, Richard Davis, secretary, and Paul Solie, treasurer. THE UNIVERSITY BANDS are under the direction of Gerald R. Prescott, who during his six years at Minne- sota has advanced the bands to an extremely high stand- ard. He is not only a fine musician, but an untiring eX- ecutive. Mr. Prescott has the interests of the Band at heart and does everything in his power to promote it as a representative organization of the University. He has a keen musical insight, and is constantly endeavoring to bring new and interesting music to the campus. Mr. Prescott is a member of the American Band- masters Association which is an elective organization of the outstanding band directors throughout the country. His ideas are young and progressive, and he commands the respect of all those with whom he associates. 8 THE UNIVERSITY SINGERS organization underwent a change two years ago when the administra- tion took over the sponsorship of its musical presentations. Since that time its oliicers-Sydney Suddendorf, president, Mai'y Louise McLaughlin, secretary, Wayne Krogfoss, treasurer, Ruth Bloomgren and Harold Solie, executive committee-and Earle G. Killeen, adviser, have been puzzling over a new constitution to clarify the status of the Singers. In the meantime the Uni- versity Singers have presented a concert including special numbers by its male chorus, women's chorus, and also the Northrop Singers, a group of advanced music students. The greater part of winter quarter was spent in preparation of the Pallestrina Mass written for Pope lVIarcellus which was given on a Sunday afternoon of spring quarter along with the University Symphony Orchestra. Last yearis presentation of Gilbert and Sullivan's famous comedy, 'cThe Mikado,'9 was received with such acclaim by Twin City enthusiasts and University students that the "Singers," as they are most commonly called, decided to try another operetta by this brilliant team. To be sure, the performance of c'Pinafore" during spring quarter added another feather to the many in the University Singers' cap, for this delightful comedy was made a tremendous success through the efforts of Mr. Killeen, Dr. G. Lowell Lees and the dramatic department, a well chosen cast, and each individual "Singer." EARLE G. KILLEEN is a lover of music through and through. Besides giving private instructions in voice he directs the University Singers, the Northrop Singers, the lVIinnesota Singers, which is a male chorus, and also the Stadium Singers, who are busy during fall quarter at the football games. He has carried to a successful finish many famous operettas and light operas, among which are "The Student Prince," f'Babes in Toyland," "New Moon," and "The Mikado." Mr. Killeen, who, inci- dentally, wears a very precise mustache, enjoys a good game of golf when 11Ot busy with his musical activities at the University. But-those who have had the pleas- ure of seeing the beautiful personally autographed pic- , ture of Greta Garbo which is his prized possession, wonder just how he really got it. II MINIXIEAPCDLIS SYM Pl-I CD N V MINNEAPOLIS is proud of its Symphony Orchestra and justly so, for it is one of the best of its kind in the United States. Dimitri Nlitropoulos, conductor, with the aid of Daniele Amfitheatrof, as- sistant conductor, has directed his eighty-eight musicians at sixteen concerts of the Friday Symphony Series and fifteen Sunday "Pop" concerts during the 1937-1938 season. The Whole Symphony Or- chestra has played a vital part in the novel radio program entitled "The March of Minnesota," which was originated this Winter for the purpose of stimulating industry and commerce throughout the state. I 1, tor of the orcliestm. DANIELE AMFITHE- ATROF ffzclrzzaj, the as- sistant conductor of the orchestra. NIRS. CARLYLE NI. SCOTT Klizfrj, ninnagei' of the Minneapolis Sym- phony nnd the Artists Course. l2O DIMITRI MITROP- OULOS above conduc- UNIVERSITY XXRWSTS THE first soloist to appear with the Nlinneapolis Symphony Or- chestra this season was Rudolph Serkin, pianist, followed by the Well-known tenor, Richard Tauber. In December the famous Monte Carlo Ballet Russe appeared With the orchestra in a brilliant pre- sentation of Le Coque d'Or and other numbers. Erika lVlorini, vio- linist, Artur Rubenstein, pianist, lVlarian Anderson, Negro contralto, and jascha Heifetz, violinist, were guest soloists who visited Nlinneapolis during the Winter quarter. Three outstanding artists scheduled for spring quarter were Lauritz lVlelchior, tenor, Helen Traubel, soprano, and Emanuel List, basso. Ti-112 University Ar- r tist's Course was not to bc outdone by the Symphony soloists. Consequently, they booked the following world-famous attrac- tions which included Sergei Rachmaninoff, the great composer- pianistg Yehudi Me- nubin, violinistg Ar- thur Poistcr, organ- ist, Helen Jepson, Metropolitan Opera soprano, john Brownlee, Australian baritoneg and they closed a successful season with a magni- ficent presentation of the modern dance by Trudi Sclioop and her comic ballet. IZ umnvnasurv TH EATER DRAMA has become an inseparable part of the Uni- versity of Minnesota where its representative organi- zation is the University Theater. The success of this enterprise has made possible the excellent opportuni- ties for student development and expression in acting, in creating stage designs, and in playwriting. Dr. C. Lowell Lees has just completed his first year as di- rector of the University Theater. Other members of the staff are Frank M. Whitiiig, scenic director, Reid Erekson, technician, John L. Hamilton, lighting technician, John Ekman, business manager, June Miller, assistant business manager, and Professor F. M. Rarig, Chairman of the Department of Speech who serves as an ex-ofiicio member. The Theater is self-supporting, financing its activities entirely by the sale of tickets for its six regular plays and three sum- mer session productions. The University employs all staff members except the business manager and his assistant who are responsible only to the Theater. The staff and advisory board of faculty members choose the plays which are given, but students do the scenery, lighting, and costuming under the supervision of the technical directors. Acting in University Theater plays is limited to students of the University of Min- nesota, but no restrictions as to college or department are placed on those taking part. Tryouts are open to anyone at all who is interested in drama and who aspires to live the life of an actor. Beside the regular University Theater plays, there are Studio Theater plays which consist of original one-act plays written by students who act them out and present them to the drama and speech classes. Dr. Lees has started many new things with the ideas he brought to the campus last fall. Among them are the experimental plays, the short courses on the Farm Campus for rural leaders in dramatics, and also the working in conjunction with the music department and the University Singers in the presentation of Gilbert and Sullivan's "Pinafore.', Some impressively dazzling effects have been pro- duced by Dr. Lees' originality in staging, lighting, and costuming. Residents of the Twin Cities are coming more and more to realize the worth of the University Theater and its productions. I22 DR. C. LOWELL LEES came to the University this fall from the University of VVisconsin, where he received his Ph.D. Dr. Lees has instituted numerous innovations in the theater, has encouraged people outside the dramatic classes to take part in the plays, and has succeeded in obtaining courses leading to a doctorate degree in drama for the department. His direction of "High Torf' "Life of Man," and "Man and Superman" resulted in three outstanding successes for the University Theater this year. One of the most talented young actresses on the campus is Nan Scallon. Nan played the leading fem- inine roles in "Life of Man" and in f'Kind Lady," both of which were done to perfection. Without a competent busi- ness manager the University Theater could never succeed. Therefore a great deal of credit goes to John Ekman, who wrestles with financial problems, budgets, and ticket sales. June Miller is 'the assistant business manager, and her duties are many and varied, ranging from publicity manager and makeup expert to costumer and keeper of the keys. Apple- ton Crowley is a geology senior but you'd never know it, for he spends the majority of his time in the theater and in supervising the work of Masquers of which he is president. Jane Hosford is a junior in speech who has designed the sets for two major productions this year-"Kind Ladyn and "Man and Superman," while the job of scouring the campus for properties was relegated to Malcolm McBride, who has done an excellent piece of Work. MASGUERS CNE ACT FACULTY: Dr. Frank Rarig. GRADUATE STUDENTS: Joseph Batcheller - Gordon Lagerstrorn ' Betty Rising. SENIORS: Nellie Bardwell ' Martha Clifton ' Joseph Cohen - Jean Erdman A Grace Gay ' Violette Giese ' Myrna Hetherington ' Gretchen Holsey - Rosemary Klaus ' Adeline Naftalin ' Marsh Perkins ' Olivia Petrell ' Robert Pryor - Madelon Roth ' Glen Smith ' Robert Spaeth ' Ruth Wiiigate. JUNIORS: Gordon Abraham - Evelyn Anderson ' Doris Brehmer - Arvid Frank - Margaret Glockler A Harriet Hedman - Phyllis Hewitt ' Helen Hockett - Helen Lathrop - John Salisbury ' Barbara Smith ' ,lean Trisko ' Margaret vanPetten. SOPHOMORES: Ralph Backlund ' Margaret Boerner ' Grace Beckford A Charles Calkins ' Marguerite Carlson ' Elizabeth Clark ' Marion Clausen - Frances Crawford - Marshall Edson - Mariam Eriksen ' Melba Erickson ' Mary Gile ' Betty Girling ' Mary Girling ' Ruth Hagen ' Patricia Hare ' Drusilla Hedberg ' Peggy Hudson - David Knight - Rod Lawson ' Mary Masterson - Dorothy Moritz ' Mary Nicolay ' Gerry Reque ' David Raskin ' Louis Richter ' Mary Roemer - Watson Thomson - Lorraine VVellman ' Berdelle WVinger. MASGUEIQS MEMBEllSki1P in Masquers, the dramatic organiza- ion of the University of Minnesota founded in 1888, comes after one hundred and fifty hours of service and a long period as a Waiting lister. After formal pledging the neophytes work in small groups pro- ducing one-act plays under the direction of older Mas- quers. Points toward initiation may be earned by tak- ing part in the University Theatre plays and by doing technical or Kstoogel' Work for the organization. VVhen preliminary requirements are met, the pledges may be asked to join Masquers, if the number of active members does not already exceed fifty, the limit set by the members. Masquers sponsors weekly radio plays broadcast from station VVMIN. Various committees take charge of these programs under the direction of the officers-Appleton Crowley, president5 Margaret Boerner, vice-president5 Myrna Heatherington, sec- retary5 Rosemary Klaus, social secretary, and Gordon Lagerstrom, treasurer. This organization is financed by membership dues, initiation fees, and revenue from plays. Since its reorganization in 1924 Mas- quers has been closely allied with the University Theatre, of which it was a forerunner. At present it serves as a social outlet for the Theatre. The highest reward for Masquers is membership in National Collegiate Players, an honorary speech group Whose members are outstanding in the speech department and have maintained a B or better aver- age. Nan Scallon is president of the National Col- legiate Players 3 Margaret Boerner is secretary-treas urer, and Dr. Lowell C. Lees and other faculty mem- bers are advisors. N. C. P. is largely a social group although it has attempted to sponsor a theatre library at various times. I2 I2 CAST OF CHARACTERS Indian ......... Kevin Illrffarthy Van van Dorn . . . Larry Cater Judith . . . June LllfL'l'67Ift? Biggs . . . . . . Daw Firher Skinimcrhorn . . :lpjwletoiz .l. Crowley . farh lfV!ll'fi8!lZ . . ,Elsie Keffey flrfhzrr Thornton Captain Asher . . . Lise .... Martin . . . Pieter . A Sailor . Dewitt . Dope . . Elkus . . . Def! Coofbzzfzlz . . LOIIU llfeirf . Joreph Cohen . Jorejrh Etwzzi' H6I'7lZcZlL l'l'ei,rz11iz1z . Gfelm Jorrlah Heroffl Lilfiwhire . . Dczrreff Brady . Illzzfmlw IWcBriffe Buddy .... . Patsy ..... . A. B. Skimmerhorn . Budge . . . l-IICII-l TCR GPENING its 1937 season with "High Tor," Maxwell Ander- son's comedy fantasy which won this year's Critic's Circle award, the University Theater under its new director, Dr. Lees, started with a smash hit. Set against the broad trap rock summit of High Tor, the drama portrays the conflict of the past against the grasping present, the struggle between Van Dorn and the enterprising corporation of Skimmerhorn, Skimmerhorn, Biggs, and Skim- merhorn. Thunder, lightning, and talking ghosts heighten the unreality of the play. The romance of yesterday is of course smashed by the sharp reality of today, and Van Dorn finally yields. Larry Gates as Van Dorn did a fine job of acting and Elsie Kelly made a charming ghost. s 4- IS LIFE WGIQTI-I LIVING THis lightly satiric play has often been called an exaggeration in three acts by its own author, Lennox Robinson, who has done much to stimulate the true personality of the Irish people in his many plays, novels, and short stories. This drama points out the evil influence of the theater which has been opened in the small seaside village of Innish, Ireland. Previous to the introduction of legitimate drama Innish has been a quiet, peaceful community. The De La Mare repertory company comes to produce a series of worthwhile intellectual plays which, unfortunately, are taken seriously by the townspeople when they see their own lives so realistically portrayed. Performances of 'fPower of Darkness," "Enemy of the People," and similar presentations cause honest, upright men to take to drink, unscrupulous politicians to reform, and emotionally unbalanced individuals to commit suicide. All the inhabitants grow morbid, look with displeasure at the future, and can only inquire, HIS life worth living?" The genial pro- prietor of the town hotel comes to the rescue and successfully diverts the attention of the populace to a circus which he imports. A splendid cast makes this satire, directed by Reid Erickson, a most amusing production. CAST OF CHARACTERS John Twohig, of the Seaview Hotel, lnnish A. J. Crozvley Annie Twohig, his Wife . . . Efizabetfz D. Clark Lizzie Twohig, his Sister .... Helen Triegiajjc Eddie Twohig, his Son ..... David Tlzompxon Peter Hurley, local member of the Dail Lloyd Newfa Helena, a Servant ....... Jean Amfietz Michael, the Boots . . . . MdI',fb0ZZ Efinm Christine Lambert .... . . Maxine Peterson Hector De La Mare, an Actor . . . lack TfVarjieffl Constance Constantia, an Actress, his Wife Mathilrla Barrie John Hegarty, a Reporter .... Jolm Salifbury Tom Mooiiey, a Civic Guard .... Daw Raxfcin William Slattery ..... . Dan Aflamf 125 I2 LIFE CDF MAN LEONID ANDREYEV,S "Life of Man" is, as its subtitle explains, a study in rhythmical abstractions. Its motive is the futility of man's struggle against the unknown and against a chaotic uni- verse. The only symbols of humanity and reality are Man and his family, While HE, the divine voice, is the force or person- ality that controls this universe, remaining impassive to man's life. The other characters represent abstract ideas and exaggera- tions of the superficialities, gossipings, and greeds of life. Soph- isticated Youth, Naive Youth, Aggressive Middle Age, Passive Middle Age, Prosaic Old Age, and Querulous Old Age are portrayed in the five episodes Which carry Man from birth through periods of love and poverty, success, despair, and finally to death. These living caricatures give an air of Weirdness and fantasy to the Whole production. Kevin McCarthy and Nan Scallon performed the roles of Man and VVife of Man with great success under the able direction of Dr. C. Lowell Lees, and the original compositions of Robert Beaulieu for organ and piano added greatly to the supernatural atmosphere. CAST OF CHARACTERS He fThe Divine Voice, ..... Jmeph Cohen Yoice of the Mother of Man . . fllfzry Agzzer Ufagzzer' The Agitated Doctor . Father of Man , . Kinspeople Querulous Old Age . Passive Middle Age . Prosaic Old Age . . Aggressive Middle Age Naive Youth . . . Sophisticated Youth . Wife of Man . . . Man .... A Dancer . , A Servant ..... . Artfzzn' Feliozz Arthur Tlzomtovz Elizabeth Shapiro . . Jack Tflfarjfeld Jofeplz Baiclzellor . M 011071 Nirkern Gretehen Holley . . Glenn Jordan . . Nan Seallovz Kevin McCartlz3i Rofemarie Hamefz . . Dan A dam.: The Old Nurse ..... Laura Mae Carpefzrel' The Absent-minded Doctor . . . Robert Beaulieu ACRE FRCDNTIEI2 of the University Theater season was "No More one of the Yale Drama School plays written by , who is known to the public mostly for his adap- iny on the Bountyfl "Good Earthfl and "Ro- ', for the movies. This play deals with the re- the younger generation to seek new frontiers, the philosophy that there will also be a new of land, then of city building, scientific investi- tvel. The first scene takes place in Indiana in i eight different scenes brings the setting to an present day. Mary Agnes VVagner and Richard ie parts of Gail and Flint Bailey, the two young luer the frontier of the west in Idaho. Margaret .ey feel that they have settled the frontier when vn in which they live grow up and expand, but nd still newer frontiers-Flint in airplanes, Jim nes and Gail with her fiance, Howard in medi- frica. Talbot Jennings inspires his audience with N and great accomplishments and with a chal- may settle back complacently and say that there ntiers. CAST OF CHARACTERS Flint Bailey . jim Steele Gail Carlton . . Chaplain Ashworth . . . Margaret Steele Bailey George Bailey, Znd . . . Mord Bailey, 2nd . Director . . . Richard Fliahr 1. Appleton Crowley Mary Aigner Wagner Donald Sherer Gretchen Halsey Joseph Batcheller Arthur Thornton Frank Whiting I2 l 3 i CAST OF CHARACTERS Mr. Foster . . Mary Herries . Lucy Weston . Rose .... Phyllis Glenning Peter Santar . Henry Abbott . Ada .... Doctor . . Mr. Edwards . Mrs. Edwards Aggie Edwards . Gustav Rosenberg jllO7'fO7Z Lmzflrm . . Nan Seaffon . . . Effie Kelfey . Lueifle Czzrfir Betty Arhefzfiezz . George VVrighl . Jack Wlzrjieffl . Ma1'ie Salzor Watson Tfromiovz . Richard Shirley Illargaret Boerner . Ruth Vlfingafe Leofzerfi G. Olsen KIND LADY UKIND LADY,7, Edward Chodorov's adaption of a Hugh Wal- pole mystery story, "The Silver Mask," was chosen by Reid Erickson, director, as the fifth production on the University Theater calendar. The plot relates the story of Mary Herries who was the un- fortunate victim of her own benevolenge. When she permitted her intellect to be vanquished by her heart, she always regretted the consequences. Discovering Henry Abbott in the street one Christmas Eve, she brings him into her house and provides him with food, clothing and money. Abbott returns on several occasions scandalously taking advantage of her kindness, until he finally gains control of the house, dismisses the servants, and proceeds to dispose of Miss Herries' art treasures. The fake doctor, the cockney butler, and the hypnotic Wife Who are all part of the melodramatic plot helped to create the suspense of Abbott,s plan. Nan Scallon portrayed the 'fkind lady" With maturity. As the insidious villain jack Warfield carried his role well and the supporting cast lent varied and imaginative char- acterizations. CAST OF CHARACTERS Tanner .......... Reid Eriekmn Ramsden . . Joxepfz Beteheller Octavius . . Glemz Jordan Hector . . fllarxlmll Edfon Straker . David Tb077L2DJ'07Z Malone . . . . . . Lee Kunz Mendoza . . Jofepfz Cohen Ann Whitefield . . . . Ellie Kelley Violet . . . . Gretelzevz Holxey Miss Rarnsden . . Ma1'i01z Nirkerfz Maid . . . . fame Harford MAN AND SUPERMAN IN SPITE of the familiarity of its ideas "Man and Superman" is still dazzling and fascinating in its abridged form. George Ber- nard Shaw has packed it With subtle humor and With brittle laugh lines as it expounds its thesis that the female is the aggres- sor in romantic affairs and is the instigator in the social process which leads to marriage. When "Man and Supermanv first came out, it was startling but today its ideas are commonplace. The reality which it juggles is the reality of 1903 when the modern Woman Was just appearing in her present form. As the dramatic symbol of the playWright's thesis, Ann Whiteheld sets her cap for Jack Tanner, radical, socialist-capital- ist, the one man in all London who sees her as she is and doesn't Want to marry her. Shaw moves his characters around like play- ful puppets, in showing that the most deadly and aggressive of the species is the female. His dream scene in the third act gives him a chance to criticize every phase of modern life. "Man and Superman" is acclaimed by the critics as the 'ftinest comedy of our times." I2 director o hat it is lor T E l debate, says that the ' some educa- D PX Dr.. Fanniarin H. TQNOWER, w orlc tor the lun ol it, but in the hope t tional value. They usually win about hall their debates. ln the contests this year treshmen, sophomore, and varsity debat- ers drscussed the prevention or lascism in the South American K countries, adoption ol the Ludlow amendment, compulsory arbi- E tration ol labor drsputes, and adoption ot the unicameral system ol legislation. The team, composed ol Herbert Humphrey, Donald Smith, Donald Peterson, Harold Nlargulies, Newton Nlargulies, Fred Fisher, Harold Grossman, and Arnold Canfield, competed in debates against Northwestern, Chrcago, lowa, New Yorlc Unv versity, and several smaller colleges throughout the year. The lreshman and sophomore squads competed against each other tor the hundred dollar Frank lfl. Feavy prize that is divided among the winners. Debate sessions, sponsored by Delta Sigma Rho, were held in the Union and in the senate chamber or the capital ' unicameral and dicameral legislation, mrnrmum wages overnment ownership or publrc utili- held in Chicago on discussing and mauiimum hours, and g hampionship matches were 130 ties. Big Ten c April r . """Q.., LONG hours of hard work are necessary for the preparation of the arguments proposed by the women's debate team. Helen Holtby, Eunice Carleton, Evelyn Anderson, Margaret Meier, D E 8 I X T E and Mary Lou Fraser have obtained good results with their con- vincing Oratory. Under the leadership of Mr. Elmer Ziebarth, two Minnesota Women defended the negative side of the ques- tion, "Resolved: That the United States should maintain a policy W Q M E N of complete neutrality," in a conference debate at Ann Arbor with the Michigan team. A second conference debate was held at lylinnesota with the Northwestern women's team taking the nega- tive. Both were non-decision contests, but a vote was taken of the number of people who had changed their opinions because of the speeches. Two informal non-conference debates with Plam- line and Macalester treated the question of giving the National Labor Relations Board power to enforce compulsory arbitration of labor disputes. Under the sponsorship of Zeta Phi Eta, intra- mural debates were staged so that all women could have a chance to try their talents at forensics. 131 132 LEADERS of the grand march, Cadet Colonel Douglas Murray and his guest, Janet Hudson, stand at attention while Cadet Major Ray Dervey and Virginia Buckley pass in review. Second in line was Cadet Major Clinton Hegg and Vivian Jacobson, followed by Cadet Lt. Col. Joseph Preston and Eleanor Keith- ley, Cadet Major Kirby Goldblum and Francis Manson, Cadet Major Philip Schroeder and Virginia Anderson. The grand march was one of the highlights of the evening, but Joseph Preston and Eleanor Keithly seemed to enjoy the radio broadcasting just as much. An im- pressive list of patrons and patronesses included such figures and President and Mrs. Roosevelt, Secretary of War and Mrs. Woodring. MILITARY COLORFUL uniforms and swinging sa- bers lent distinction to the Military Ball, fall quarter's most elaborate social func- tion. The ball, forty-Hfth of its kind, was held in the St. Paul Hotel on De- cember Io, Lawrence Welk and his orchestra providing the music. The suc- cess of the ball can be attributed to Clin- ton Hegg, general arrangements chair- man, and Kirby Goldblum, who direct- ed the crack squad and the grand march. Kirby Goldblum is shown presenting the colors to Cadet Colonel Douglas Mur- ray. The flags are not in the picture but were behind the color guards. Later in the evening the crack squad performed intricate and precise formations for the entertainment of the audience. The kneeling cadets in the picture are form- ing a large UM." Judging from the ap- plauding spectators in the background, the effect seems to have been pleasing. Not all the men at the ball wore uni- forms, however, for it was an all-uni- ve.rsity affair that anyone with a tux and the price might attend. MILITAIQV SHOWN during riHe inspection of the Pershing Ride squad is Lieut. Colonel Adam E. Potts. Since 1934 he has been commandant of the military department and professor of military science and tactics. The training received by the mem- bers of the R. O. T. C. is of value not only for the experience it affords the men who some day may be called upon to serve in the army, but for preparing them for success in their future work. Discipline, loyalty, physical fitness are merely a few of the requisites for a suc- cessful career. The R. O. T. C. carries no legal obli- gations for future service either in peace or in time of war. Those students who are interested and proficient may, how- ever, -remain in the service and receive a commission of second lieutenant. After a trial of one year, those who are most able are allowed to remain in the service with a chance for a higher commission. rffW""s.. INSTRUCTION ranging from manual of arms and simple squad movements to the more theoretical courses in military pol- icy and history are requisites for obtain- ing a commission in the R. O. T. C. Two years of basic drill and two more years of advanced training are offered on the Minnesota campus. Each advanced stu- dent is required to spend six weeks at Fort Sheridan or Camp Custer. During this period he receives practical training in the operations of the army. Although drill is no longer compulsory, there are still 585 men volunteering their serv- ices. Each spring an inspection is conducted by some visiting officer, and blue stars are placed on the sleeves of the cadet of- ficers, signifying that the corps has re- ceived a rating of excellence. I WSGA iVIONDAY,S lunch hour is board hour, when the executive board of the Wo- me,n's Self Government Association, under the guidance of the dean of women, Anne Dudley Blitz, swings into full action, controlling and form- ulating the procedure of the organiza- tion. The association is one of women, not of chairmen, and every girl regis- tered on the campus becomes a mem- ber. The board is composed of the of- ficers, class representatives, and chair- men including Bookstore, Social, Per- sonnel, Merit system, Tutor Bureau, Vocational, Hestian Club, and Pub- licity. Together these members co- operate in meeting the problems which such an organization faces in working for unity, fellowship and high standards of University life. HOUSE COUNCIL MAPS alone can't direct bewildered freshmen girls about the campus during Freshman week, so the Senior Advisory Board sponsors the campus sisters. Campus girls offer to be sisters to prospective stu- dents through correspondence during the summer. Many a throat is eased when the warm handshake of a campus sister Welcomes a "greeny," and knees gain their grounded strength when one is heartily greeted in conversation over a cup of tea. The Campus Sister's Tea aids in establishing friendships which last throughout the year. To contact winter and spring quarter freshmen, "Get Wise" teas are sponsored throughout the year. The Twin Sisters vary only slightly from campus sisters. They greet girls more experienced in college life-transfer students. 134 ' INTERCLASS COUNCIL Back row: Deems, Roth, Dygert, Cook Second row: Wolfe, McLaughlin, XVz1tson, Roslwlt, Peterson First row: VVeber, Skogmo, Nordlund, Christoifcr BLACK mammy balloons with huge sparkling eyes, red lips, and bandanas on their heads created a legiti- mate southern atmosphere. Socializing Shevlin was another of Tam O' Shanter's projects. The social hours are a part of this project. In addition there are all the comforts of an amusement room-ping-pong tables, magazines and a quantity of victrola records. Graduating women are the guests of the juniors at the Cap and Gown Day luncheon. One of Minnesota's most exciting traditions is observed when new Mortar Board members are tapped during the lunch. The Cap and Gown Council sponsored for the second year the marriage course for senior women. Subjects dealt with in the series of lectures and discussions varied from psychological aspects of marriage to the details of budgeting. WSGA The More- Than Bored dinner, sponsored by Pinafore, is a take-ol? on the luncheon when Mortar Board elections are an- nounced. Chosen More-Than Bored members are caught in a fish net and wear red dunce caps and large safety pins as insignia. 1937 members in- clude Enid Dygert, Margaret Ken- yon, Avis Liechty, Mary McNaugh- ton, Helen Prouse, lean Smith, lane Weber and Barbara Wedge. TAM O' SHANTER, Junior class council, had its dinner, too, a Planta- tion Dinner for girls of the freshman and junior classes. The "ole south'n mammyf' president Adelaine Salmon, "hoped e.v'body'd have a shure 'null good time"-and they did. SOPHO- MORE CLASS COUNCIL 135 I JUNIOR CLASS CGUNCIL FOR a Word about the ofhcers.-President Mabeth Skogmo, member of Gamma Phi Be.ta and lVlortar Board, finds an able assistant as vice-president in Mary lane Nordland, Tri Delt, who has served her time on the board for some three years. Jane WCbC1', a member of Sigma Kappa, wields the mighty pen, and Delta Gamma Ruth Christoffer, having served three years on the board, finds herself familiar with all the "charged items." To give Sophomore girls "what it takes," is the aim of Charm School. Regardless of the century it is still true a girl must dress to get her man-the more ap- propriate, the more successful. lncidentally, charm school has strong support. GPEN I-IGLJSE WSGA FOR those who ind their "chosen" courses a bit on the hard side, W. S. G. A. offers a Tutor Bureau. All night cramming with no results is being re- placed by the helpful instruction of faculty-approved student tutors. Names of students excelling in almost every course oiered in the University are kept on file. Students look to the Hle for help, find a likely tutor, and for a small fee reap needed knowl- edge. Besides offering aid to worried students, it serves as a means by which ambitious students pick up some spending money. The request for something to do during the noon hour has been answered. Each day, at that time, girls are greeted in Shevlin Ball- room with the tunes of popular jazz kings. SGA ONE hears the incessant pung of a cel- luloid ball during a peppy game of ping-pong interrupted by calls for a fourth at bridge. It's Social Hour. Not until one has experienced the trial of exchanging books does one ap- preciate the prompt and efficient serv- ice of the W. S. G. A. bookstore. The appreciation is almost doubled when one realizes that the ten per cent de- duction from the sale goes toward a scholarship fund, a fund which annu- ally benefits at least twelve scholars, deserving girls on the campus. The bookstore is managed by a member of the W. S. G. A. board and her assist- ants. Students have found that three- fourths original price makes the pocket jingle more loudly and trades are the best. SENIOR CLASS COUNCIL BOOKS, books, and more books all go to make a library. The Vocational Guidance committee has numerous books on careers for Women. They have round table discussions on the different vocations, and their most recent step has been to send out questionnaires to find the vocations girls are most interested in. These aren't "sugar-coatedv presentations. The speakers put forth the requirements, advantages, disadvantages and pit- falls of the positions. Vocational guidance is sure to establish itself as a permanent, necessary part of the board. Firesides and Co-mixers are jointly sponsored by the Y and W. S. G. A. Firesides fall on alternate Sundays. If you have a free Sunday afternoon, drop into the "Y," you'll find a cozy group chatting about a fire and munching on apples or some other such delicacy. SENIOR AD- VISORY BOARD WSG Co-MIXERS, no-date Saturday night parties, also held in the "Y," have a large following. Hosts and hostesses extend greetings to each and every one. lntermissions offer bridge, ping- pong and even checkers. The hits of the week, both rhythm and girls, are found drifting about in the Union on alternate Monday afternoons. Gray Monday is brightened when "Boy Meets Girl" at the W. S. G. A. sun- lites. The social chairman's duties don't end here. She is arranger in chief for one of the biggest events on the W. S. G. A. social calendar- Dean Blitz's birthday tea. Members of women's organization boards and a number of Miss Blitz's personal friends are invited to spend the after- noon with her in Shevlin. TUTOR BUREAU This year WV. S. G. Afs "super, colossal, tremend- ous" new office called for an open house to which all coeds were invited to "drop in" between the hours of three and ive. The modern furniture, coloring, and arrangement act as a stimulus for both the weary and the ambitious. It proves to be a small world after all when coeds from Maine to California gather round and the Southern "gal" most loses her accent. The Hestian Club, reformed in '37 has already achieved its pur- pose, that of creating friendliness among out of town girls. One representative or more is elected from each boarding house, sorority house, and Sanford Hall. These form a council which plans many an interest- ing affair for the 'cout-of-towners." 138 SOCIAL I-IOUR BOOK STORE FIRESIDE THE year the dance took the air of a county fair and Farmer Brown's overalls and lVIirandy's apron were very much in evidence. Intermission was not idled- darts flew, scales lost balance and Bingo rang forth. Something to do and a suitable place to do it in. Try OHSICC hostessing in the attractive new office. Venetian blinds, downy rugs, and comfy chairs lure many a maid. There are posters, notices, up. o. ingfl and typ- ing enough for all. Seldom does one fail to find em- phatic directions left by rushed board members. This year the hostesses complimented themselves for all work done, with a party. It also gave them a chance to get acquainted with their fellow workers. SGA UNIVERSITY Theatre's productions have a steady following in the form of Star Gazers. Before each play this group of girls gathers together for a snack and then a speaker from the theatre tells them what to eXpect of the show. He tells some of the tricks of the trade when he explains how certain sound effects are made. Special treats are offered when jaunts back stage are allowed and the "gazersv gaze at the "stars" from close range. Also the art of make-up has been demonstrated to them. In fact, these Star Gazers have an opportunity to "see it all." SUNLITE D-IESTIAN u , A fe CLUB X kv . Q Hg. ' x ' 1 4 ... 3' 1'- 139 BARN DANCE "Swing your partner to the right"-and so they did, to the syncopations of "SWifty" Ellickson's Or- chestra at the annual W. S. G. A. Barn Dance held in the Ag Gym. Pinafore, sophomore organization, like the other class councils, has as its purpose interesting women in activities and helping them to participate in as many as they desire. Betty Peterson, senior representative, Worked with the council, and Betty Klingman acted as president. House Council is a group of out-of-town girls who Work out the rules and regulations by which they are governed. OFFICE HOSTESS CHARM SC!-IOOL lx 1 40 so THEY are responsible for the trouble- some avvhere, Why, When" date books which reside in a convenient place in every rooming house on the campus. The books are turned in each quarter and receive a grade-as if there Weren't enough about that time each quarter. This council sets the number of nights "out" one may have and the "till When." Bands, playing on into the small hours, have no consideration for those with the Utirne limit." Junior council's "good deed" pro- ject is in connection with the Health Service. The girls make daily visits to the sick Wards and offer their services as mover, messenger, or personal shopper. WSGA Une of the councils under W. S. G. A. is the Inter-class council, which means another meeting once a month for the class representatives. This group smooths out such complaints as "We can't have our luncheon that Tuesday-the Freshman council is having a party." The senior repre- sentative is chairman of this group. On Friday noons, Sid Williams holds a 'fjam session" for rhythm- minded coeds. Hostesses are there each day and on Fridays provide a nibble and a crunch to keep the lower jaw in swing. ENID DYGERT, sophomore representa- tive, and Margaret Kenyon, class president, guide the work on Charm School and Star Gazers. MERIT SYSTEM COUNCIL members buy the desires of those ill, carry their mail to them, inquire as to their assignments, make dates, break dates, in fact, cater to all their whims and fancies in playing the role of the "Good Samaritan." "Hi ho, hi ho, it's olf to work we go"- counting up the activity points of each girl in the University-three times a year. The Merit System was established to keep correct account of activities done by each girl in order to make the task of nom- inating lighter. Each girl finds in her P. 0. at the end of each quarter, a blank upon which she records her activities. These are tabulated and when election time rolls 'round, the nominating committee bases its selec- tion on these records and are thus sure to give reward to those who have done the most work. - I-IEALTT-I SERVICE -Wx STAR GAZERS 141 COFFEE HOUR FOR every coed on the St. Paul campus there is W. S. G. A., a branch of the main campus organization. Although the Ag has its own of- Hcers the president represents the organization on the main board by sitting in on Monday board meetings. In addition the Farm Board has charge of its own specific problems and is advised in their solution by Miss Vetta Gold- stein. The "pres" Carolyn Cook heads the list of oflicers, Ruth Kittleson follows as vice-presi- dent, Secretary Ruth Karlberg keeps note of all the "doings," and Betty Klingman counts the pennies. With spring comes a call for cam- pus sisters. These girls volunteer to write notes to future afreshmanitesv throughout the sum- mer and heartily welcome them at their first appearance on the campus. A tea is held in honor of these newest arrivals to the U and then, with a cup of tea in one hand and the other busy with hand-shaking, the foundation for many new friendships is laid. Campus sisters see that their charges reach all Fresh- man Week activities without getting lost, strayed, or stolen. . OFFICERS I 142 Wisifa A SPEAKING of sisters, the farm has one kind of capsule that is not hard to take -capsule sisters. These are acquired at a party where each guest secretly draws the name of another from a small capsule. During the quarter these girls write notes incognito and become acquainted by p.o. At a later party, names are revealed and each girl 'cchalks upj' another friend. All the requisites for a good picnic are found in the Pow-wows. These are found listed among the Social chair- man's duties. The farm board assists the main with the annual barn dance held in the Ag gym. Experimental fields yield "special" hay and old scarecrows are donated for the oc- casion. WSGA FARM SPLAsHl Another party-this time a swim. Several times a year the Union Board of Governors and W. S. G. A. sponsor a regular fish party in the Ag gym. Fancy strokes are no longer at a premium. High dives, low dives, rac- ing dives - they all have a place. Everyone enters into the water games and stunts. Proof of vigorous appetites is displayed when the crowd gathers in the lVlen's Union for re- freshments. Dancing follows that "pause that refreshes." Madam Social Chairman plays hostess when the Ag board en- tertains with a tea for the Main Campus board. Back row: Mitchell, Klingman, White, Conkey Second row: Samuelson, Shannon, Mcnk First row: Kittleson, Cook, Karlberg, Paulson TUESDAY cannot slip by without the meeting of the hoard, composed of the officers, class representatives, and committee chairmen. The Farm has its own Merit System used in making nominations for the positions open on its hoard. The Tutor Bureau is found to be a "friend indeed" near the zero hour. Faculty-approved student tutors help one to squeeze the work of the quarter into short hours, trying to make up for that unfulfilled promise-"This is the quarter l'm going to study.'7 Coffee hour and sunlite duties are shared hy W. S. G. A. and the Union Board of Governors, joint sponsors. Coffee hours are held several times a quarter-open house for all faculty members and stu- dents. Farm students turn out Men masse" to dance to the rhythms of such maestroes as Benny Goodman and Will Osborne. What matter if the sweet notes pour fourth from none other than aye olde phonograph." The newest of melodies are to be found among the ' ecords. l CAMPUS SISTERS SUNLITE collection of r .,,-,,, H WAA BOARD I44- THE VVonnen's Athletic Association is a ready-made organization for those who feel the need of exercise to keep the waistline down and for those who just like sports. It aims to instruct girls in the technique of various sports, offer physical exercise, and lastly, to show the value of athletics as a recreation. A controlling board is composed of the officers, presidents of the clubs QOrchesis, Aquatics, Riding, and Nimrodj, and the girls who are head of all the other sports offered under their pro- gram. THE activities count toward awards, the first of which is a chevron, awarded for one quarter's activity. After five seasons participation in different activities a member is entitled to a numeral. A letter "M" is awarded after nine quarters' activities. To one girl each spring goes the highest award, the W. A. A. Seal, which is presented to a member show- ing leadership, scholarship, sportsmanship, and healthful living. Minne- sota W. A. A. takes part each spring in the Play Day for women of all Minnesota colleges and takes its turn at playing hostess to the schools of the state. Also each spring the club sponsors a Play Day for all Twin City and neighboring high schools. PHYLLIS ZIEBARTH, the "preXy," skillfully guides the club while Temma Steinberg aids her as vice-president. Charlotte Pagenkopf calls roll and Marion Eckblad reminds members of their debts. For those who have a yen to be second Trudi Schoops, Orchesis, Na- tional Honorary Interpretive Dancing Society, is the place. 'Tis here the girls in blue leap and lean, jump and glide. In cooperation with the University, Orchesis brought I-Ianya Holm, one of the most out- standing in the field of modern dance, for a free performance open to all students. p Diving horses have nothing on the Aquatic League members when they perform for the annual Water Pageant which is an exhibition open to the public. Besides demonstrating some of the better modes of get- ting through the water it swells the treasury to the tune of a tidy sum. UNIVERSITY Golf Course offers a hill for every tobogganist throughout the winter months. Skiing, too, here finds a place. Outdoor sports, however, are not limited to these. Figure eights are common among the skating enthusiasts. During the winter quarter, Marget Davidson, Swedish ski expert, was at the University for several days, during which time she served as guest instructor for the gymnastic classes. Folk danc- ing classes Were held for the multitudes which attended. Not content with this, she confided her skiing secrets to a number of students at the golf course. To these would-be experts a Christiana turn is now an easy task. En gardel Another of the clubs is Fencing. Correct attire, form, and technique all fall in the line of duty of the fencing instructor. MANY Coeds have an interest in a speedy game of basketball. Here, as in golf, it takes skill to "sink a shotn every time. From one 'fballv game to another-for volley ball offers good indoor sport. just try keeping a ball off the ground using only your fists. Tumblers make intricate formations and tap dancers pound out that rhythm on the floor at all times. The shuttle-cock wavers over the net in a game of Badminton. The Winter sport of ping-pong gives practice for the coming tennis and rifle marksmanship paves the way for archery. "IF winter comes, can spring be far behind?'7-and with it the annual spring horse show. An enthusiastic audience cheers the riders as correct mounting, trotting, cantering, and jumping are displayed. The pre- sentation of ribbons and cups climaxes the show. WHAT would spring be without roller-skating and bicycling? Therels a "swing" to spring baseball, while tennis and golf offer a chance to catch up on that "Florida Tan" the lucky few sport. W. A. A. activi- ties don't end with sports. They, too, have their social life. The board entertains the W. S. G. A. and Y. VV. C. A. boards each year and parti- cipates with them in the annual baseball-picnic held every spring. And so, around the year with W. A. A. WAA BASKETBALL 145 YWCA I EvERYTH1No from 'fsoup to nuts" for "A to Zvj is found in the "YU activities, all aiming to promote a friendly feeling among University Women. The "YD cabinet forms the mainstay of the organization. It is composed of the officers plus such chairmen as social, conference, and finance. It takes Kay Watson, a Theta, and a senior in University Col- lege, to call meetings to order. Ruth Anderson is her "right hand man." Besides holding down this position of vice-president, Ruth finds time to Work with the Public Affairs Group. Right there to take down every Word and action is Jean Smith, Who also shows her ability in managing Y teas. Margaret Glockler, an A. O. Pi, does her part to balance the budget, a place Where the Advisory Board lends a hand. CONTRIBUTIONS by the Community Fund supplemented by the rewards of an annual Finance Drive make light the burden of finance. A num- ber of faculty Women and faculty Wives compose the Advisory Board. Each Woman takes under her Wing one of the members of the cabinet and offers her best to that division. Branching from this cabinet are the freshman, sophomore, and junior cabinets. The leaders of the Fresh- men Friendship Groups form the Junior Cabinet. It is a new cabinet soon to be celebrating its first birthday. These members, feeling the need for the discussion of topics covering a Wide range of interest, en- titled their project College Girlir Problems. Much of the Y Work is carried on by the combined efforts of the Sophomore cabinet, group assistants, the Freshman cabinet, and group representatives. HIGH scHooL seniors are the honored guests at the annual bridge-tea. The Spring Fever Cure encourages girls to acquaint themselves With campus routine. Proceeds are used to transport one or more girls from these cabinets to the Regional Y. W. C. A. Conference held at Lake Geneva each summer, Where progress is reviewed and suggestions given for the future. With all the facilities for having fun, not all time is spent in discussing the MY." Hearing rumor of the remark Nall Work and no play," the Sophomore cabinet took heed and staged a Sophomore Kid Party With all the trimmings-short dresses, hair ribbons, games, and ice cream. Nothing like a party to make enthusiasm soar. FRESHMAN group discussers find an attractive setting in the Jean Martin Brown Room where at one time or another everything from world problems to charm holds sway. Heated discussions arise in regard to religion, peace, and war. Public Affairs gives an opportunity to brush up on that front page news there's so little time to read. Knitted wear, from the more simple to the definitely complex, is made in no time with the inspiration received from the other "knit one, purl two-ers." VVhat to wear when, and what to say how, is revealed to all at Coediquette. "Is there a skit in the houseii' All calls for entertainment are gladly answered by the Y Players. No need for Sing Something Snnple in the Music Group, for they are well supplied with talent. Y MEMBERS, interests are not centered on the campus. Some of the girls partake of a Social Service Volunteer Training Course, at the end of which time a diploma is awarded. The Settlement Houses and Baby Clinics reap the benefit of the adoing for others" in the form of teachers for cookery, games, and sewing classes. Not stopping here, the Y places a number of girls as camp counselors for the summer. The Y offers to make happy not only your days but also your nights. Fortnightlies, no- date affairs, are held in the Union on alternate Fridays and have en.- gaged the services of many of the outstanding campus swing bands. Elroy Merz plays each Saturday in the Y. M. C. A. at another no-date affair. Again this year, stock Clive dance season booksj was sold. Pay- ing of dividends was in the form of free dances for the stockholders. Posters reading "Sign up to be an office hostess" greet freshman girls their first week on the campus. And they do. TROUBLE may be brewing in Europe but it certainly wasn't evident at the International Carnival where Germany, France, and Spain were peacefully side by side. Staged by the Y in general and the Foreign Country Club in specific, it was meant to make people conscious that the Y is a part of an International movement and is found in fifty-two different countries. Miss Elizabeth VVallace discussed Umiemmnciing Our Neighbors. Following the talk the ballroom was thrown open for observing the colorful and numerous exhibits of objects from many different countries. Sunday afternoons the Y. VV. in cooperation with VV. S. G. A. and the Y. M. holds a Fireside. YWCA SETTLEMENT I-I OU S E 'Wi ' I I SHNPXN PRE Yrederie Harisen, 'iresbrnan ciass president, and tbe generai arrangernents ebairrnan tor tbe Fresh Probe, on the steps or Northrop. Yrmraneiuc Hzxusnu was the fnrst iresbrnan president under t'ne pian Wbereby tbe dass commissions yy ere aboiisbed. Prt present tbe president is tbe oniy dass officer, and is eieeted by tbe student body. Yiiing for tbe oi- ce is under tbe supervision of tbe .L are of gen- Ptii-U Counei Haroid Baidwin took c erai arrangements for tbe Yrosb Yroiie yvbicb was beid February 4. Assisting birn W ere Ptian Xdasicin, in cbarge or pubiicity3 Forest Lowery, entertainrnentg Wiiiiam MacGregor, tiekets3 Rita Crittendon, ebaperones3 Lueiiie Varner, door3 Mar garet Bean arrn earnpusg Harry Nye, posters aui Kobnson, baii3 'Ruby Sundberl decorations, and Ross Sneatb, rnusic W, N, ,W .N SUM T g given out in th picture ' HE tags bein e lower resulted 1n a ' ' ja1l sentence to be served in the Nicollet ballroom Which was decorated in a prison theme. The Windows Were barred, chains-hun 'f g rom the chandeliers and "Wanted', signs adv ' ert1sed for campus criminals. In spit ing had the op- portunity to take Psychology If, 2vv, gs, the frosh showed a good under- standing of human nature. The "Don't Look in This Barrel" sign on a keg containing a Frosh Frolic ad- vertisement vvas Widely disregarded. On the day of the dance several fresh- men attended l c ass in prison garb as another publicity stunt. e of not hav' FIQESHMAN Among those present ..... I 150 GRE SQ ?HQM the crack driii squa d periorrn. W atching the Big BT the birthday party ior Appie on February 25, sophomores danced the Big Pippie and gaye away a big appie pie baked by Ruby Sund- berg, winner of honorabie rnention in a nationai cherry pie baking contest. For the grand rnarch, which in pre- ! yious years had never gone beyond the iine picture stage, an exhibition by the crack driii squad was substituted. in the iower picture Mary Mc- Naughton, Roxy Kiein and Mary Pat urphy discuss pians for the Sopho- more bah with Rod Lawson, cias president, and Ken Tyier, generai ai rangefnents chairrnan. A THE eXecutiVe committee in of the hall Was T charge composed of yler, Rod L Kenneth awson, Gtto Silha, Enid Dygert, Dorothy fo Stofler and VVil- liam MCKCHZ1.C. Marjorie Greeley was inn charge of ticket sales, assisted hy John Bergg Ben Serrill handled downtown puhlicityg Gerald Vaneli, campus puh1icity5 Mary Pat Murphy, patrons and chaperon - Momsen es, Margaret , entertainment- Fr decorations' L ch , anlf Reed, , eland Batchelder, or- estra5 Otto Quale, radio, With Hel Prouse as assistant ch ' Lehrlie en airman, Robert , office, and Jeanne Lodge, prin ting. SCDDHCD MCDIQE I 150 CRE SQ ?HGM the crack d riii squad p erior W atching be Big BT the birthday party for t Psppie on February 25, sophornores danced the Big Pxppie and gave away a big appie pie baked by Ruby Sund- berg, Winner oi bonorabie rnention in a nationai cherry pie baking contest. For the grand rnarch, which in pre- ! yious years had never gone beyond the iine picture stage, an exhibition by the crack driii squad W as substituted. in the iower picture Mary Nic- aughton, Roxy iliein and Mary ?at ' uss pians for the Sopho- Lawson, ciass Murphy disc rnore baii with Rod ' and Ken Tyier, generai ar pr esident, rangernents chairrnan. , A THE executive committee in ch of the hall was co Tyle arge Inposed of Kenneth r, Rod Lawson, Otto Silha, Enid Dygert, Dorothy jo Stoder and VVil- liam McKenzie. Marjo1'ie Greeley was in" charge of ticliet sales, assisted by John Berg5 Ben Serrill handled downtown puhlicity5 Gerald Vane campus publicity5 Mary Pat Murphy, patrons and chaperones5 Marg'aret Momsezi, entertainment 5 Frank Reed, decorations5 Leland Batchelder, or chestra5 Otto Quale, radio w' Prouse as ass' L , ith Helen istant Chairman, Rohert Chrlfe, office, and Jeanne Lodge, printing. SGDHO MGIQE 151 152 au N to They mar ch dow n th e iioor and they march back again. ciai event or the yearfthe Su- ki at the Lowry W eeks THE so nior Baiif was he Hotei on February ii. Pinson Chicago to iurnish the from s Weii came music. first time the men a W ere chosen y by For the as the Women marchers Piii-U Councivs merit system no march Were: t ston, the ' the gra e henYre 11- t Leaders in ren and St Q oseph To y uth Bioomg Mary Kriechbaum anti I Ritchie and Donaid Lamp- y no Erich ilie- 3 im? r Betty Heaiy a NXcLaugi1 V i C 1 ci Frances Louise an , nd Mary now , a and ira Sefiery. JUNICDIQ STEPHEN PRESTON, president of the junior class, appointed Peter Schruth as general arrangements chairman for the J. B. Schruth Was assisted by an eXecutive board composed of Mary Louise McLaughlin, Alden Grimes, Stanley Seaver and Bill Bu1 ess C 'g . om- mittee chairmen Were: campus pub- licity, Harvey McNair, downtown publicity, Bob Bradford, tickets, Harvey Struthers, grand march, Lar- ry Hall, radio, Ira Jeffery and Ruth Christofer, orchestra, Bill Proditt, floor, Sid Gallagher, favors, Mary Kriechbaum, decorations, Mary Sha- ble, transportation, Jim Murray and Kay Heaton, entertainment, Dick Fleming, finance, Louis Quast. 1-5 Time out. I 54- XCR SEN sident, and Y E-iwood Moiander, senior ciass pre Betty V. Swenson, who were hrst in hne. Beiow seater cornrnittee NicCatirey, Fieid, Kirichn and Magee. THE Senior Yrorn, usuaiiy anti-c i- rnax to its rnore sensationai iittie sis- ter, the junior Bah, hrohe precedents this year hy exciting rnore cornrnent than any other University iunction since the Prorn when the ciass presi- dent was kidnapped. it aii started a rninor ruchus over the iine-up which was piayed to its iirnits hy the Daiiy . r once nobody knew what giris the rnerit systern deh- en Yinai Yo were in iine, niteiy featured the gentiern . ' iiners were Eiwood Moiander and son, hrst, Peter Ed- oyan, see- onds an ' rn iliein Magee a Sieogrno, eanor G. Sones, hr and Maud Eari, fre d de Bu in- Betty V. Swen d Eiizaheth Don ' and Nlaheth nd YU ond, Wiiiia third, Beirnont fourth, and Pd fifth. 4 1 I 0 x i N N Y w Y 1 w w 1 L f, 1-XM -ta . i SENIQR Prom planners jack Sneve, James Lund, Phil Clark, Betty Boyd and john McEachron. Below senior announcements committee Bill Klein, Mar- jorie Fossum, Ted Galanter and Pete Edmonds. SETTING the Minnesota Theatre in lVIinneapolis as the place, and sum- mer formal as the correct attire for men, the Prom planners broke away in still other respects from traditional prom tactics. May 6 was the date, Del Courtney and Hal McIntyre pro- vided the music. Before the party, prom goers were admitted to the last, show at the theatre, and the supper was held at Harry's Cafe. Price was 35.00, lowest in history. Responsible for these remarkable changes were El Molander, president of the class, Phil Clark, arrangements chairman, Maury McCaffrey, assistant chair- man, and Ted Galanter, publicity chairman, K I5 Back row: Ingcbrand,'Molander, Ritter, Edmonds, Westin, Preston, Miller Second row: Larson, Roth, Hill, Harding, Johnson, Laing, Amdur, Forchny ALI. UNIVERSITY CQLIINICII. First row: Skogmo, Dr. Palmer, Kriechbaum, Toner, dcBuhr, Bloomgren, Dean Nicholson WHEN Peter Edmonds resigned as president of the Board of Publications at the end of winter quarter, he evidently frightened out all the other oliicers, for VVin- fred Ettesvold, vice-president, Yvonne Stoddard, EBT- retary, and Osler Peterson, treasurer, all left too. They graduated at the Winter quarter ceremonies. Student members left on the board were Robert McDonald, Marjorie Fossum and James Freeburg, who acted as president. Mitchell V. Charnley, Malcolm MacLean and E. E. Nicholson are voting faculty members. Dean Guy S. Ford this year appointed four more faculty members to act as advisors to the group: Austin Dowell, Carroll Geddes, Gilbert VVrenn and Dale Yoder. The depleted board had its busiest season in the spring, when they had to choose the business managers and editors of the campus publications. They also gave, with the financial assistance of the publications, their an- nual banquet for hard-working journalists. THis year's All-University council deprived itself of a quarter in oliice by adopting the new constitution which calls for elections in spring quarter instead of fall. Dur- ing their abbreviated term they promoted the Minne- sota Foundation and the point and merit systems. Alfred H. de Buhr headed the Council, with Joseph Toner acting as vice-president. Ruth Bloomgren was recording secretary, Mary Kriechbaum, corresponding secretary, and Arne Carlson, treasurer. The other members of the council were: Elias Am- dur, Joseph Arko, Philip Belfiori, Peter Edmonds, Ruth Ellison, Donald Forchay, Leo Funke, John Harding, Edwin Hill, Daniel Ingebrand, Beatrice Johnson, Frank Laing, Harry Larson, John McCrary, Harold McKinney, Elwood Molander, Paula Myers, Stephen Preston, Winfield Ritter, Amalie Roth, Ma- beth Skogmo, David Weeks and Leslie Westin. Faculty advisers to the council are Dean E. E. Nich- olson, Dean Anne Dudley Blitz and Dr. L. S. Palmer. Back row: Freeburg, Yoder, Dowell, Geddes, Charnlcy, McDonald First row: Peterson, Stoddard, Edmonds, Fossum, Ettesvold BOARD OF PUBLICATIONS 56 BOARD OF ASSOCIATED BUSINESS STUDENTS Back row: Eichhorn, Solie, Jeffery, Hoese Second row: Gulick, Becker, Smith I' 1 rst roxx IN a year of new constitutions on the campus, the Board of Associated Business Students also acquired one. Other projects completed this year were the investigation of an honor system for the Business School and planning a cooperative bookstore. One of the Board's policies, that of maintaining a scholarship fund for the Business school students, has been abolished in favor of setting aside SIOO a year toward a library. The board members are elected by the students in the School of Business Administration. They supervise the school's functions including the bookstore and social events and act as an intermediary board between faculty and students. Daniel C. Ingebrand was president this year, with Raymond Carlson as vice-president, and Annette E. Scroggins as secretary-treasurer. The other members of the board are Arthur Becker, Elden Eichhorn, Mildred Gulick, Howard Hoese, Ira Jeffery, Harold Smith and Harold Solie. The faculty members are Nlr. Ernest A. Heilman and Dean Russell A. Stevenson. Back row: Schroeder, Alstad, Neils, Finger, Nordquist Second row: Spadaccini, Harrison, Hanscome, Forgettc First row: Higgins, Sanderson, Pierce, Ritter, Middents 'Z Carlson, Stc-venson, Ingebrand, Scroggins THis year's board has put the Union on a solid footing -by spending fI,OOO for repairing the foundation, now 48 years old. Other projects this year included the ad- dition of the cafeteria as a second ballroom at Saturday night dances, the quarterback sessions at which Bernie Bierman spoke and motion pictures of the previous week's game were shown, music hours each Tuesday and Friday, and the addition of "cokingv hours to the already popular coffee hours. The members of the board who supervise the Union's activities and assist G. Ray Higgins in the work of run- ning the various projects are Orval Alstad, Sherman Finger, Mark Porgette, Thomas Hanscome, William Harrison, VValter lVliddents, Reinhard Neils, Howard Nordquist, VVinfield Ritter, Phil Schroeder, Vic Spa- daccini and Ralph Weible among the students: Mr. E. B. Pierce and Mr. C. Sanderson on the faculty, and S. S. Gillam, alumnus. Officers for the year were E. B. Pierce, president, Wiiifield Ritter, vice president, VValter Middeiits, secretary, and C. Sanderson, treasf urer. UNION BOARD OF OOVEIQNOIQS '31 I AGRICULTURAL STUDENTS CCDUNCIL Back row: Rogers, Gruenhagen, Gilmore, Baughmanv, A. Anderson Second row: Wood, Brink, Born, Hagen, Hanson First row: Boller, Miller, Carlson, Karlberg, V. Anderson UNDER the supervision of the Agricultural Student Council is the farm campus' well-known honor system which permits an instructor to leave the room during an examination with no fear of cheating. Improve- ments made under this yearys council include a second door on inter-campus cars, bulletin boards on the farm campus, longer library hours, and a social coordinating committee to arrange a calendar for all Ag school social events. A study of the library on the farm campus in regard to crowding and bad lighting was also made. The council members are: Arthur Anderson, Virginia Anderson, Ernest Baughman, Kathryn Boller, Helen Gail Born, David Brink, Arne Carlson, Constance Gil- more, Richard Gruenhagen, Howard Hagen, Gordon Hanson, Ruth Karlberg, Kenneth Miller, Sedwick Rogers and Ray VVood. The officers for the council are Arne Carlson, presi- dent, Kenneth Miller, vice-president, Virginia H. Anderson, secretary, and Ruth Karlberg, treasurer. Back row: Donehower, Hoi, McMillan, Seaver First row: Christine, Fitch, Schroeder, Brown No drownings were reported at the Ag Unionls splash party held in the gymnasium winter quarter so every- one went back to the Union to dance to music of the phonograph. During the spring quarter the group sponsored an All-University pow-wow with group sing- ing, hot dogs and stories. Besides giving fortnightly sunlite dances, the Ag Union this year started coffee hours and made plans for enlarging the quarters. Phillip Schroeder was president of this year's board, with Allan M. Hoff as vice-president, Ross Donehower as secretary, and Dr. C. P. Fitch as treasurer. Student members of the board were Cyrus W. Knopp, Geddes E. lNlclVlillan, Scott Pauley, Stanley K. Seaver and Howard Sorenson. Faculty members were Dr. R. M. Brown, C. Christine, Dr. C. P. Fitch, Dean E. M. Free- man and G. R. Higgins. AGRICULTURAL UNION BQARD GF GCDVERNORS 1 ENGINEERS A rsoorsroat some Buck row: McMullen, Piercy, Onstad, Nloskovitz. Second row: Serigstad, Smith, Brown. First row: Comstock, Nloore, Zclner, Brooke. BECAUSE engineers always long for the wide open spaces, the board of directors of the Engineers, Bookstore de- cided this year to alleviate the crowded conditions in the rapidly growing store by enlarging the room in Main Engineering which is their headquarters. At the same time indirect lighting was installed. Profits accumulated the last few years made it possible to repay the five dol- lar membership fees formerly charged and reduce the cost of becoming a member to 25 cents. lWanager Harold D. Smith was assisted in the making of these changes by Robert W. Moore, chairman of the board, Herbert E. Brown, secretary, and a board com- posed of Donald G. McMullen, Norman Moskovitz, Nordahl I. Onstad, George Piercy, Norman Serigstad, and faculty members Professor VVilliam E. Brooke, Pro- fessor Elting H. Comstock, Dr. Charles A. Nlann and Associate Professor Otto S. Zelner. Back row: McVeaty, Erickson, Neuberg, Person, Berger, Amdui First rowi Paine, Comstock, Lindquist, Rcyerson, Funke ELIMINATION of after-dinner lethargy may account for the fact that the Institute of Technology's governing board is one of the most active in years. Although the usual dinner meetings have not been held, the group has met once a week throughout the year and made several important innovations including nomination of candi- dates for Saint Pat's honors on a merit system and an all- senior banquet. Members of the commission are: Bertil Lindquist, president, Allan Paine, secretary, Leo A. Funke, treas- urer, Charles V. Berger, Don H. Erickson, Loeman A. Hamilton, Harry Larson, Ray lVlcVeety, George Neu- berg, Kenneth VV. Person, David Vileeks and John E. Weiizel. Mr. Elting H. Comstock, Professor Lloyd H. Reyerson and Professor Lorenz G. Straub are faculty advisers. l TECHNICAL COMMISSIGN 15 row: johnson, Shurnaker, Knoche, Herbert Second row: Castrodaie, Haisted, Saegcr First row: Kingsbury, jacobson, Guiiingsrud, Smith t nurses iaid aside their reguiation heir winter quarter ts Nlrnnesorrfs studen 'rorrnai gowns tor t 0 . Other sociai even ieigh nas to don hruary ,7 Pr were a s unitor dinner dance, heid Fe or the year sponsored by the N. S. G. . " arty, given tor the W. S. G. Pi. Councii the Y. W. C. Pr., and dgers ride ar rd id skiing Q bers oi ' 'th the Lo and cabinet rnern en in cooperation Wi and skiing party, 1- boa iniorrnai dances, giv Wing the sieigh ride ot the Gien Lake san bson, e Foiio he iounge i anor Saco Leagu . rved in t urses, E e ' 't were er was se student n Unrversi y, i supra toriurn. Two senior ' i and Kathryn Srnith, ' convention tor studen ' Kansas iiiosoita , X League rri at Genera deiegates to the Natrona nurses, heid during, the iatter part ot lap Nurses Student Govern- 'dent, Mo d ot the n oresi City, . t the boar or jacobso , ' - esident, H10 Otbcers 0 rnent Association are: Eiean Marion Castrodaie and Myrtie Saeger, vice or secretary, and Genevieve Guihngsrud, ' Deiores Haisted, Mary ' sbury, ien Uhier, rubers are. e hine King h. He treasurer. Other rne jane Herbert, Beatrice johnson, Bos Q Kathryn Knoche, 'Zoia Shurnaker and Kathryn Srnrt NURSES ST GOXIERN MENT HSSG CX UDENT PXTXGN 1 X Brick row: Kellum, Neil, Erickson, W1'obel, Emerson, Dygert, jewson, Hotek, Lagerstrom, War1'ng, Eliason Third row: Wlflttllews, B. Smith, Anderson, Stoeve, K. Rotegard, Butts, Nlzmchester, Nlatthies Second row: j. Smith, Becker, Tromnnh:mst-r, RL'.'ftLl', Helps, Norman, Erickson, C. Rotegard First row: Bzikken, lViik, Blegen, lyloss, Taylor, lvlartin, Lundberg, Molmen SENIORS: Arthur A. Becker - Robert VV. Dygert - C. Waldo Emerson - Glenn J. Helps - john W. Lundberg - john R. Peterson - Karl E. .Rotegard - H. Gordon Taylor. jUNIORS: VVinston E. jewson - john E. Martin - Robert D. Moss - N. Dale Tromanhauser. SOPHOMORES: Lester I. Bakken - Theodore YV. Blegen - Clyde R. Manchester - Romine E. Matthews - Leo A. Matthies - Arman B. Molmen - Edward F. Rexer - Bruce D. Smith - Henry F. Wfaring - joseph F. YVrobel. FRESHNIEN: Arthur R. Anderson - Robert E. Butts f E. Bernie Eliason - Neil R. Erickson - Norman VV. Erickson - Larry Flynn - Edsel Leo Hotek - James lvl. Kellum - Gordon YV. Lagerstrom - Glenn M. Rotegard - jack N. Smith - Robert E. Stoeve ' Robert E. Wiik. Harpo Marx, Julius Caesar, Napoleon, the absent-minded man Who forgot that trousers are Worn With full dress, and a few doctors and nurses to take care of the mental cases present all came to the Com- mons Club's Psychopathic Prom the Winter quarter of this year. Tak- ing the place of the regular Winter quarter dinner dance, the party furnished the campus With one of the year's best laughs. Besides its social functions, this Y. M. C. A. fraternal organization assists with such service functions as Mothers' and Dads' days and Y. M. Work. It embodies the idea of a fraternity Without the cost. commons ctus 162 FCDRD HALL SHN th Olson, Melia, Larson Back row: Edwards, Nliibra , O den Root, Rodger, Cleveland Second row: g , ' r Cassidy, Kollitz ecutive counci Hall t their First row: Mere , 'l ot Santord 'line socially-rninded ex slipped back into gay-ninetv tirnes tor the therne o East Side, West Side partv tor both Wings ot the dor- rnitorv. The council also planned an annual torrnal dance, a tacultv dinner and parties with the Lodgers League. ln between dances the board arranges ath- letic contests and, tor the rnore conservative girls, a quret garne ot bridge. Besides its social and athletic activi- ties, the council manages the house runds, vvhrch are used to cover expense tor rlovrfers, decorations and grtts to graduating sernors. Margaret Meier vvas president ot this vear's council, ' retarv-treasurer, and Mirrfi M d liollrtz as sec bers ot the boar with Agnes ' Student rnern re ' l chairrnan. ' Edwards, leant Sachs as socra l d Marion ' n H Cleve an , Milbrath, Sea were Elorence . ' ' Mella Clara Pt. an Evangeline , l M Olson, jo M. Larson, ' O 'den Caro . ' Mrs. Marguerite g , E rnaine Root. C. Myers, ll d 'er and o q ' l ultv l'lelen'lf. o g , H ll, is the ac Y. Redding, ' 'r Santord a Leora Cassi v nlernber d , director o on the board. gm..,.,. a- . Vg UN! VEIQS I TV LGDGEIQS LEA GUE ggi THE Lodgers League, organization of independent men on the campus, this year initiated an all-University housing survey, promoted dances, parties, sporting events, and the Weekly "Lodgers Log" in carrying out its program of ' lations projects. Ofh cers were Ma lc publish ed social, athleti c and student r r Forgette P ' Held, Secret ' hmm , resident- Paul F ary, and Will' e- , eyereisen, Wee-president, Arnold Can- iam Nordrum, Treasurer. Members of the board were Ralph Bachlund, Philip Claybourne, William Durren- berger, Otto Grossmann, Rex Hudson, George Irvine, joseph Kennedy, Gerard Kretzch- mar, Duane Lake, Robert Meyer, joseph Moormailii, Myron Nelson, Richard N l Barton Pulling, Arthur Roseberg, Edwin Rothman and VVill' ' e son, iam Schmidt. f Back Row: R. Nelson, Nordrum S b Rothman K , zcwmnr. 0 f: Grossman, VVilIin1 " sen, N1 7' ns, Fcyerei- c-sun, Llaybourne, Forgctte. , .c midi, , ennedy, Irvine Kret I Front R u I Back row: Hse, Strom, TrXgKXhs, Vzxudo, Yuiari Second row: Knntoh, Vtrkdtch, Endahh Gartner 'First row: Kaner, jamnik, Wnnnzxxxerx, Yrancet KEERXNG therr duTy eTected presXdents Xn schooh not car- rykng out therr work, has been the chret concern ot the Rangers chxh. Three persons have been eTected to that ofhce thks year. To heTp students trorn the northern part ot the state, rnany ot whorn are transter students trorn runior cob Teges, get acquarnted the duh hoTds rnonthTy rneetrngs each ot Whrch ks sponsored by sorne area ot the Xron range. The Rangers' Ptpache dance ks an annuaT artarr. Charterlng buses to grye range students Tow cost trans- portatron to therr hornes tor Chrkstrnas and spring ya- cations Ks the best-know n Work ot the group. The rnerrfoers ot the Rangers duh hoard, who are eTected by dtstrkct trorn Whkch they corne, are: Corknne Brandon, Edward Franceh Pthce Gortner, CTarXce Use, Bennett RantoTa, Ruth Lanto, hdntza Yernoyktch, Vkc Spadaccrni, Leshe Strom, Gordon Yahandc, Staruey Trignhs and john Vukehch. Yresrdents eXected tor thks year were LyTe Estenson, Fred Ventura, and StanTey Trkgdhs. Soseph Sarnnnc was vice-presrdent, Tngrid Waananen secretary and EtheT Raner treasurer. Ed- 5 3 7 Ward W. T7ranceT and Sohn Yajark acted as advisers. RANGERS CLUB f I E N at N F9 Back row: Dixon, Ryan, Smith, Holland Second row: Bauman, Nfartin, Mdl'CllEl, Patchel, Dolan First row: Cronin, lVlcGrann, Funke, Broome BOARD OF DIRECTORS: VVilliam Bauman - Rev. Francis J. Broome - Kathryn Cronin - Isabel Dixon - VVilliam Dolan - Leo Funlce - Martin Holland - joseph Marchel - Robert Martiii - Maurice McGrann - Lancelot Patchel - Mary P. Ryan Y jack Smith - john Unterelcer. Augmenting the Newman Clulfs Friday night parties as social events this year were the formal dances, a ball for the fall quarter and a din- ner dance for Winter quarter, as Well as a dance for the freshmen. Also sponsored by this group of Catholic students are the communion breakfasts. Reverend Francis J. Broome is chaplain for the club. Leo Funlce acted as president the past year, Maurice McGrani1 was vice-presif dent, Kathryn Cronin was secretary, Martiii Holland, treasurer, and William Baumann, financial secretary. NEWMAN CULB I I PIGIXIEEIQ I-IALI. BY classifying them as "mothers and others," the problem of women visitors to Pioneer Hall was at last solved. The presidents council composed of the president of each of the sixteen houses decided this matter as well as all other matters of student policy and administration concerning the hall. Other councils, also chosen on the basis of a repre- sentative from each house, are in charge of social events and athletics. The Pioneer Piper, recently changed from a weekly to a monthly publication, keeps Pioneer's popula- tion of 536 men in touch with events within the hall. Members of the presidents council flefffj are: Frank Kilpatrick, Wally Niss, William Gwens, Martin Peterson, Gordon Donnelly, Lee Peterson, Edward Jones, KSEJZIEJJ Rich- ard Fliehr, Edward MuHitt, Horace Cham- berlain, Robert Evans, Howard Forsyth, Knot in piczurej Charles Robertshaw, Baxter Larson, Don Byers, Malcolm Renfrew and Carl Mueller. Horace Chamberlain was president and Howard Forsyth, adviser. PIGNEER HALL "WHAT the Well-dressed dame will wear," with models recruited from Pioneer's popu- lation Was the feature of the hallis Lug and Dame Hop held last fall quarter. Other events sponsored by the social council include an off-the-campus formal, spring quarter, open house at Homecoming, bean feeds and dinners. Members of the social council frighzfj are: Kszfamimgj Frank Dixon, Peter Ferguson, Thomas King, John Schmid, Glade Sperry, freazedj Dan Lynd, Chester Burkhart, Mal- colm McBride, John Vahle, Dan Hughes, adviser, john Randolph, William McKen- zie, Robert Mclver and Rolland Schroer. Members not in the picture: Donald Bes- mehn and Ralph Smith. The athletic council which directs Pioneer's sports program is composed of: Gordon Al- exander, Irwin Biren, Philip Blumenthal, Fred R. Chandler, Brantly Chappell, Robert Haack, Charles Keith, Wayne Kircher, Lee Kunz, William S. Marvin, Austin Mast- erson, Robert Misbach, Paul Mjos, Bud Nel- son, Henry Nims, Dan Ruoff, Alphonsus Seibutis, Harry Sweetman and William VVaters. VVayne G. Althaus is adviser. I Back rowi Stuart, Roth, Sornnier, Brunskiii, Veterson, Mziiin, Sniedxii, Czaia, Baton Fourth row: Peadro, iacohson, Newton, Rathbun, Oman, Ciarke, Couiter, Loveiess Third row: Paige, LeTourneau, Drucker, Pineo, Larson, Guiick, Guise Second row: Lindburg, Ncisun, Peterson, Odenweiier, Miihnan, Ruii, Engh, Neubert First row: Poison, Goiberg, Ashiey, Scroggins, NicGrath, Smith, Schraft F ACULTY 1 Heien G. Canoyer., SEN XOBSL Mary Ashiey - Agnes Bruner ' Merriiyn Ciark - Mariorie Czaia - Bernice Drucker - Maud Bari - Luciiie Yriberg ' Harriet Fritz. - Maxine Goiberg - Buby Grothe - Miidred Guiick ' Dorothy Hassien ' Minnie Hoidhouse ' Lois Honebrink ' Caroi Kottke ' Katherine Larson ' Lois Loveiess ' Esther Miiinian - Doris Oman - Betty Peterson - Caroi Yineo ' Bess Yriniack - Brnestine Rathbun ' Kathleen Reed - Agnes Schaai ' Caroi Sheridan - Vioia Siebenthai ' Hiordis Smedai ' Soan Stuart ' Nancy Waiiace. SUNXOBS: Caroiyn Anderson - Heien Barti ' Bieanor Benda ' Margaret Buckie ' Margaret Ann Carison ' ianet Christofierson - Meiva iean Couiter - Bveiyn Bistad ' Corinne Frederickson ' jane Giigosh - irene Guise ' june iacobson ' Annabeiie iohnson ' Bernice Leedom ' Marion ieTourneau ' Dorothy Lindberg ' Betty McGrath - Dorothy Meacham ' Roberta Neison - Loretta Neubert ' Frances Owen ' Lois Page ' Heien Yeadro ' Norma Beterson ' Ruth Peterson ' Mary Yoison ' Mary-Louise Boii - Shiriey Roshoit ' Biizabeth Bosacker ' Annette Scroggins ' Leona Sommer ' Mary Beth Snyder - Virginia Steeie - Gretchen vanVaikenburg - jane Waidron - Kay Wolfe. SOYHOMOBLSZ Shiriey Axt ' LaVone Brunskiii ' Sean Bnibree ' Tempe May Erickson - Dorothy Mae iohnson - Deiphine Kippeis ' Virginia Odenweiier - Doris Oken - Beth Oison ' Ruth Pauison ' Fiorence Schieh ' Marceiia Seiibach. FBBSHMBN1 Betty Baton - Bose Mary Garvey ' Biorence Karker - Corine Newton ' Luciiie Varner ' ioyce Ward. UNCLASSBD1 Margaret Dickens ' ideii Bngh. MEMBERSHXP in the Business Wonieii's ciub is made up of women in the schoois of Business Administration and coninierciai edu- cation. Beside their nionthiy meetings at which persons prominent in business speak and their iuncheon meetings, the group has spon- sored a faculty tea the iaii quarter and a busi- ness wornen's dance the winter quarter. Annette Scroggins was president this year and Mary 'Ashiey was vice-president. Betty McGrath acted as secretary and Caroi Kottke 168 as treasurer. Members of the executive board were Maxine Goidberg, Mary Poison and Shiriey Art. Business WOMENS CLUB ' UNIVERSITY V M C A Rack row: Gentz, Adams, Merrifield, Englund, Grimes, Taylor Second row: Conner, Gustafson, Douglass, King, Clark, Iverson, Gaustad First row: Engstrom, Dunswurth, Dygert, Farnham, Becker, Burgess COMMITTEE OF MANAGEMENT: judge Paul S. Carroll, Chairman - O. B. Anderson - Harington Beard ' David Bronson - William Burgess - George Burleigh - Dr. L. J. Cooke ' Richard Dunsworth - Robert Dygert ' Dr. Claude Ehrenberg ' john Forney ' Alden Grimes - W. F. Holman - james Lund - Leroy Merrifield A Gerald Prescott - Frank Rowley - Royal Shumway - Thomas Wallace - john Leon VVerness. Y. M. C. A. CABINET Robert Dygert, Preridem' Richard Dunsworth, Vzke-Preszdenz VVilliam Burgess, Treasurer Arthur Becker, Secremry j. Benjamin Schmoker, Execnziwe Serremry Darell M. Farnham, Arszlrzom' Execzfzizie Secremry Robert Adams - Arthur Becker . john Beske - William Burgess - David Cartwright - Max Christen - Phil Clark - Lester Conner - Harl G. Douglass - Richard Dunsworth - Robert Dygert - Fred Englund - Paul Engstrom - Paul Feyereisen - Herbert Gaustad - William Gentz - Alden Grimes - Howard Gustafson - Irving Iverson - Ware King - Leroy Merriheld - Roger Swanstrom ' H. Gordon Taylor. THE marriage course which this year proved so popular that many were turned away is only one part of the Y. M. C. A.'s threefold program of social, intellectual and religious projects. The Good Will Caravan to acquaint persons in other parts of the state with college life, fortnightly dances, the Commons and George Willianis clubs, the Sunday afternoon fireside chats, newscasts and religious forums are other activities, lvlatters of policy are submitted to the Board of Managers for consideration. The Y Cabinet is composed of the chairmen of the various projects. I 170 Back row: Wilson, Bloom, Hanson, M. Peterson, May, Maxwell Second row: Nelson, Brown, Towle, Currier, Strauch First row: Harrison, Roof, Warkentien, 'Faplin Besnbes giving junior and senior student managers ol lootball, basketball, hockey, baseball and track a chance to meet and discuss the problems connected with their jobs, the Nlanagers Club has this year managed the Nt high school wrestling and swimming meets and helped V with the Big 'Fen gym meet. They studied and recom- mended a plan to have managers tor minor sports. Willis Warkeiitien acted as president tor this year, Dan Ruolfl was vice-president, and james 'Faplin was secretary. Other members include Ronald Bloom, Rob- ert Brown, Seymour Feldman, Lee Grant, john Hal- vorson, Harvey Hanson, William Harrison, Richard Hunter, Robert johnson, john Kirklin, Florian Rlrck, William Klein, Robert May, john Maxwell, james Nelson, Shevlin Nilsestuen, Lawrence Odencrans, Nor- man Oehler, Gordon Feterson, Mel Peterson, Charles Strauch, Ellsworth Towle, and Eugene Willey. Faculty members are Leslie L. Schroeder and Oscar Nlunson. FACULTY: Hortense Hfige - Dr. Sverre Norhorg - Gina Wangsness. OFFICERS: Raymond Miiige, President Dencil Stock - Bernice Grinols V' man, Secretary - Llo d , ice-president - y Bredvold The U ' ' , Treasurer. niversity branch of the Lutheran Students of America ho to make an annual event of the banquet for all Luth the Twin Cities held the Spring quart ' Union. This year, b ' noon ' pes eran stude er of this eside the h meetings th nts in year at the Miniiesota anquet and its regular Sunday after- , e L. S. A. Sponsored a dramatic group With the assistance of the University speech department. LUTHEIQA ENTS ASSQCIA WGN N STUD t 452 171 '72 hiiw. SENXCRSZ Giiman Davis - Charies H. du'Yoit - Cari Pr. Husrad - So Kirichn - Elwood W. Nioiander A George Montgomery. SUNXORSZ Aiden R. Grimes - 'Wiiham Pr. Gyrom - Fred Yutnam - Haryey S. Struthers. SOPHGNXORES 1 Hrchard Fieming - Robert S. Gunderson - Warreii Hancock - Frank Reed - Tom H. VXI eich. ear rrom each or 'rxye traternitres, Pdoha ' Yhi Ysi and ?si Upsiion, s. The group ' 'ts hosen each y a Epsiion, he graduate hoidrng i honiore c ' Deita Kao? 0 on untd ernities by n annuai One soo Deita Phi, Chi Psi, becomes a member or White Drag ' inc good Wiii between the 'rrat houses in turn, and it sponsors a Sui ther O t the acts in meetings at each o ' iedges. V arty 'roi p WHXTE DR PXGGN 1 Q I Ml' 1 1 Ilzg n , 5 v N4- ?'0Q 3444 5?44 A5346 Q. 50 Q 54 1,56 , . 15, lub 2 BASKETBALL BARGER DICK EGAN GUSTAFSON BASKETBALL has more ups and downs than any other sport. Few teams are able to remain in top form throughout a whole season. Some lose their stride for a game, others for a week, others for still longer. The Gophers, favored by many experts to retain the Conference championship which they shared last year with Illi- nois, picked their 'Big Ten opener to hit a disastrous slump that lasted through three successive games. With Rolek out from a leg injury, with Kundla and Addington stale, with their floor play of championship caliber, but with their shooting that of a high-school team, the Gophers lost by 8 points to Wisconsiii, by one to Indiana, and then took a 31-I6 drubbing from Michigan. Then as abruptly as they had lost it, the Gophers regained their early season form. A neat 41-29 trimming administered to Illi- nois on the losers' court started them on a comeback trail which led to nine straight victories and undisputed possession of second place, a game behind Purdue, in the Big Ten standings. In their remarkable string, the longest of any Big Ten team, the Gophers defeated Illinois, Chicago, and Iowa twice, Wisconsin, Michi- gan, and Indiana once each. 176 DICK MACMILLAN COACH BASKETBALL I-IALVORSON KUNDLA MAKI MANLY GORDON ADDINGTGN CAPTNN Poised and working together with smoothness and precision, the Veteran starting combination of Martin Rolek, Paul Maki, John Kundla, Bob Manly and Gordon Addington had little trouble taking the measure of South Dakota, Grinnell, and Carleton. Coach MacMillan's dearth of dependable reserves showed more strikingly in the Nebraska game, but his men out-scrapped the fighting Cornhuskers to win a rough, defensive battle. invading the east on a three-game Christmas vacation trip, the small but speedy Gophers surprised everyone eXcept themselves by soundly whipping the highly regarded New York and Long Island University teams before enthusiastic crowds in Nladison Square Garden. Despite an upset by Washington and Jefferson they returned to Minneapolis acclaimed by Eastern sports writers and fans as one of the best college fives ever to appear on the Garden floor. Back in the Field house the Gopher cagers climaxed their pre- Conference schedule with a brilliant 37-25 victory over Notre Dame. Their clever ball handling, close guarding, and accurate shooting manufactured an I 1-1 lead in the Hrst two minutes that was never headed by the rugged fioormen from South Bend. - 1 any Nbxgs wwwifmwr .ff aw ,,,,W,,,g .W as ,wma Si Wi sssawr , ,M 555338 8 W1-we ww? ii ia.,- 2 'Ki 13" 2' was sam-rws Q , ff ,gafhv We am si assi f if , M Q5 N we WW if args swf ,Mx fyxwz 2 922 Sig? TNT ,S -ty li Wg fg mw 'Q ,pwtasafx 19 Wag? .9 KWQJSW SWS' QM 3335, if Y f 'Q 'mwgimwfiw' gwewwwww psmqgggs aweffsga Fi fag? issgfligt Q Q 'vis 7 M as Es ri M W freeway silo WT aaasesweesfli QM' WW www 3 T W asiewe-'dayww MQSWW I 33? 3231 mmamwksaw 3 '33 MVT -wtf fi rw if t i sas my -r"""""" BASKETBAL M it . T ' "Y , ' f ' 'i 1 H ' V' 'Yu Ji' 292-xx-V - .- T ' .f if "- -3555. " F' N:-:v . . .ts-. I-'WI' - -"-me fmfff'---1"xaffaEa:-s-M--'--f------Q . - . . . , ,,,.,a, . . a ...,. k--r ,, -h--,-v:,i.a-v.+-f.- --Na--:N -X -X 41 - swf .. , 1,.-fi-.,a-r-- -w H fm, fa, i .sf 5' ,. N , f .ew-.-'4.f:'.sf.s.':fa.,-. - AV- ,. . t. . - . . . fs . ,. a. ,M nga 4 x . .,., swf .. ,. . ,Q 1 . Q 1 . .M Q, , ' ' a ,. .. :L mfs , ,MQ afar Tr ' r - " if f ' ' .4 ,i i- 4 f H 1. . , f --" ...en - Q? " - . .- e- '41 - va , ary . .f,V , , J 1595. - ,' , gaps ' ,- X ,.- ' VN' " . , ., f 1 "'f-'f--'-2:5-:rag , N - H 'wa-.,' . , - - 'f - .,-wH??I'f?Ti.,.- 'fe"2aQv'. as-wgvdw "za f ' .ga ,tv - '-,.. V - 'Q-5' Y --if ...Wa-. "V . -At. -A. r as - a n " 'V 'F .. Y ' ' - . ' .. sf r aa :-T"' f'P - fi x. " :H ' ft sf ' pf'-. t h aw - se-' W A" f SV r-w. .. ,- e- W A f " -f ' ' ' r f x - I ,, .... -W T Q ' t ' ' E 1 - - W' f . -E ,J M i. y ., ,.,,e, ,ft,, 'i :H ' K -M ' - ..., :Sw'?'t'f5sf,f:fsf21S2- :J f ir' "" tweakefif , 4. 1 1. 9 ,5 -- Y . . ,, -N , .. ,wma WMM. -N -P, . ,, ,Q 4 ws 8 Y 2, ",f..w a,, . a ah .W-2 . .A . 3 5. Ig ks V, - . ,.....Ai In I . , . P, Q, .: 1,3 .,,:: . V 2 -r f, 'V - J, - . ft 1 : 90 , mg, fig-1. f :li - , 2221"-H- ,:"5,. 1. . fiat -Jw Wa , --im g I. sf-. ,ag .3 H . 5 -' S-E-f. - .r,eMsf.qff+ '-jf - -e- -V E., f .- ' ,, ' 2 . .if-'z' sas. . . .s ,i - ' W " Ve - . - . . ' ,ir ,, Q ,V 'i-.f H N, -- ag...-4-P ,-4 . - -4 Q v 3.1 ' s' :iff K ., gf" .. 4 . Fffeiiw A , an , .4 ri gs- 'WH J 1--' VW., aw '-1-is .. X - - as-s ' - -f- aa ,. . i, ,3.As-'sv 'L 'V ef .- - ., . 4 - rffsa. ., -A ' -' 4 s H 'E ' , ,V --vb - . ' . : P ,Q f - 1 - H7-fr-L j 'eifg . ,gvvlwxi -an, - :iv Zi . Q Q -13, , L V, ,f ..-U, .Qi E- f . my--r-.44:.M ' WM " 1 mga. -w""'- ' .n-.f,ff-r rag: L, ' Q' ' . i w -+32 .4 .s-f V' ' 5-A fn ma. M'-1 'Q-A A e :M A.. -fvxv--r ,, .,. .':-f1,.M-V.-.ffsbwf . . - ' 21425103 si 1--f-.ev . -V I - I . S, 1 I , N' .. , ,rg-W ,M . ' f '- a ' H : l ii if "' -ti""'a,-if -- ,fir If 'T' 'fi' ' . "if" '11 ' ' -v' ., . : V -' rr ,t. f ' .,m.4w -fi . -rr" 'N ,. . 7 W? ,,.,,,A'Q3',M4-A,- V Y X... -, :- 4.. -ff-Q E N A l ., ., . ss-af 9... sf i. X .W .lar g . 3:11 V ,sg M, ' I M - -- - ,Q , V. , 1-A -,,.:.w-W 5 - . ,s eSr:rrr-1- McKAY NASH PRESTHUS ROLEK DAVE MCMILLAN has Won a reputation among the coaching fraternity as the exponent of a sound and distinctive style of play. His system calls for a close-guarding, shifting man-for-man de- fense, and a fast-passing, deliberate shooting offense. Last season he got the material he Wanted, silenced the uwolvesv with his Big Ten title Winning team, the biggest surprise of the cage sea- son. This Winter, with almost the same squad, the ffcanny Scot" showed that last year's performance was no flash in the pan. After a pre-Conference schedule that included victories over such fav- orites as New York University, Long Island, and Notre Dame, he guided his men to a second place in the Big Ten standings. The Gophers reached this high place despite the fact they had been all but counted out after dropping their first three games. They might have Won these had they not been handicapped by an early season dearth of reserves, and a change in the rules which made the play faster and more grueling. Reserves who finally developed to bolster the squad in its nine game victory string were Butch Nash, Earl Halvorson, John Dick, Grant Johnson, Robert Presthus, Harold Van Every, and Costney Egan. L ' wfu rt ivy: v 7 -' H , , X . , ls A 'A fi fir N FRESHMAN soufxo 'A . i. ' ' if. fffii-"3 Q 2 ' 1 - V A Q ,, , i P E' 1,5 I DH ,girly ll V f I N 5 f 5 A-': 5 rrrr i .i . ti t 'ka BASKETBALL SPEAR VAN EVERY TRAINERS COACH MACMILLAN was fortunate this year in being able to start the season with a veteran combination, well seasoned by the fires of the IQ37 campaign. Only newcomer to the starting lineup was Paul Maki, a rugged junior who amply filled the gap left by the graduation of scrappy little Dick Seebach. Maki fitted perfectly into the MacMillan style of play, proved himself the most de- pendable point-getter on the team, wound up the season as the highest-scoring guard in Minnesota cage history. Gordon Addington and John Kundla continued where they left off last year. Both fast, clever, and good shots, they combined to furnish Gopher fans some of the hnest forward play ever wit- nessed at the Field House. Tall Bob Manly and taller Gordon Spear alternated at center most of the time, played together when extra height was needed under the basket. Spear developed into one of the hottest long-shots on the squad. But again it was Martin Rolek, steady, alert, untiring, and a brilliant ball handler, who made a great team out of what might otherwise have been an ordinary one. His value was that of a coach on the court. For the second straight year he was placed on the All-Big Ten team. rf' 1 , of THE GOPHER pucksters finished their season with seven victories, hve defeats, and one tie. Against Michigan Tech, Minnesota won three games and tied one in a four-game competition. The pucksters came through the Michigan series with a .500 per cent rat- ing as a result of two wins and two losses. HCC ANDERSCN 'Q I BREDESON ' ' ' T fvifxmuccl THE GOPHERS took the lead twice from the Wolver- ines but Michigan came back to tie up the series. After chalking up a 2 to O lead in the fourth game, Minne- sota lost her chance to win the Big Ten title when Goalie Earl Petrich was forced out of the game with a fractured skull. In another conference game Minne- sota skated all over Illinois, winning 7 to 2. -ww,- ST. VINCENT THOMPSGN 1 , WALLACE it 1 80 , ,J KEY 49' MCNAIR MERKELEY RHEINBERGER THE SEASON opened with Toronto, a two-game series during the Christmas holidays. The Gophers came through by defeating the Canadians 4 to 2. The game Was marked by speed and precision. Toronto Won the second game 5 to 3. H Y, 'Q MANITOBA, another Canadian team, was the only one to hold an advantage over the Gophers, Winning both contests of a two-game series by one point. With their Big Ten schedule out of the Way, Minnesota Went to the West coast spring vacation to play Southern Cali- fornia and Gonzaga universities. M50 co-cApwN mon ,m coAcH ARMSTRONG ' CO-CAPTAIN RANDALL 181 SWIMMING ELLING JBLONSKI KU-IN THE returning lettermen on the swimming squad were Lyman Brandt, Leonard Klun, Charles Philip, Dick Elling, Waldroii Jerome, and Andy Ackerman who was elected captain after Rex Hudson was declared scholastically ineligible. Sylvester Iablonski, Sheldon Lagaard, Kenneth Peisch, Vaika Levander, John Sahlman, Elmer Green, Carl Swanson, Richard Liv- ermore, and Lawrence Perry, most of whom are soph- omores, filled in the remaining places on the team. The triangular meet with Iowa and Chicago on Feb- ruary 4., opened the conference season. Minnesota easily defeated Chicago for second place while Iowa took Hrst. It was Brandt of the Gophers who furnished the drive that won both the goo yard medley and the 150 yard back stroke, setting a new inter-collegiate long course record for the former event. Minnesota continued its good start by defeating Iowa State and Nebraska in turn, and tying the early season favorite Northwestern. 182 ANDY ACKERMAN IM ING 5 LAGAARD PI-HLIP LVMAN BRANDT 5 Wi SAHLMAN ' MICHIGAN, however, defeated the Gophers in the ifth meet for their second loss of the year. Minnesota came home for a short rest and then took easy wins over Wisconsin and Carleton to wind up the dual meets for the season. The Big Ten championship was won by Ohio on March Io, at Evanston when it annexed its first title by defeating the Michigan team 62-54, with Iowa and Minnesota taking third and fourth respectively. As in every meet, Brandt proved to be a sure point winner, he took fourth place in the 150 yard hack stroke and pulled the medley team out of the hole for a strong third place. Brandt was the high point man of the Gophers for the year, and in the annual post season meeting of the team was named captain for the 1939 season. The other outstanding swimmers were Captain Andy Ackerman, one of the Big Ten's strongest dash men, Leonard Klun, diving ace, and John Sahlrnan, breast stroke. I I WRESTLING GUSTAFSON AFTER completing a very successful season bringing their record to ive Wins and two losses, Minnesota Went to Evanston to compete for Big Ten honors. Coach Dave Bartelma picked five of the best men from the squad to make the trip to Evanston. Minne- sota's five iinest Wrestlers matched armlocks With the best in the Big Ten but were beaten out by Illinois losing the chance to attend the National Collegiate meet. This year's team was considered by Bartelma to be one of the best since he has coached at Minnesota. Captain Gustafson, one of the live 1937 Winners, Was back to defend Minnesota's laurels. In spite of the fact that this was his first year in college Wrestling, Dale Hanson, 1 18 pounds, showed the speed and form of a veteran. Another outstanding Wrestler on Minne- sota's squad Was Culbertson Who Went to Evanston Without facing defeat. Minnesota placed third in the Big Ten meet at Evanston. They were outclassed by Illinois and Michigan who took first and second place respectively. The Gophers Were interested not only in team totals, but the individual championships. SQUAD DAVE BARTELMA COACH GYM JOHNSON COACH RALPH PIPER SOUAD GYM teams from Chicago, Illinois, and Iowa came to Minnesota to compete for top honors in a five-event Big Ten gymnastic meet in the Athletic building. The Gophers defeated their rivals and captured the Big Ten title. The meet was the first to be held at the University in ten years and nearly the first one held away from Chicago. Scouts favored Coach Piper's undefeated Gophers as pre-tourney favorites and did not go wrong. lVIinnesota's team was well organized with Captain Paul Johnson and his horse specialty, Howard Stuart performing on the horizontal bars, and the flying ring experts Russel and Hafey. These men have been turning in almost perfect performances throughout the season. The Big Ten system of scor- ing was used during the meet. Judges awarded the first ten places for scoring. The winner of the event got ten points and the second place winner received nine points and on down the scale. Bach man was allowed to do only one exercise in the meet. Iowa unexpectedly managed to win the Big Ten title last year at Iowa City but were deprived of the honors this year. The Gophers' outstanding performances over- shadowed all of its rivals. 185 I Acacia . Alpha Delta Phi Alpha Tau Omega Beta Theta Pi Chi Phi . Chi Psi Delta Chi . Delta Kappa Epsilon Delta Tau Delta Delta Upsilon . Kappa Sigma Phi Delta Theta Phi Epsilon Pi . Phi Gamma Delta Phi Kappa Psi . Phi Kappa Sigma . Phi Sigma Kappa Psi Upsilon . James N. Zellmer Lloyd B. Peterson . Bob R. Geebink Phil H. Teeter William Pickle Thomas Martin . Sid Gallagher Hoyt A. Ross . Robert Martin . James Miller Robert Anderson . George P. Auld . Bob G. Reuler James R. Murray . Art P. Smith Clinton N. Textor VVoodrow E. Olsen . . H. Harvey McNair Sigma Alpha Epsilon . Harry R. Page Sigma Alpha Mu Sigma Chi . Sigma Nu . Sigma Phi Epsilon Tau Delta Phi . Tau Kappa Epsilon Theta Chi . Theta Delta Chi Theta Xi . Leonard Schwartz Duane A. Gouze Rex VV. Whitiiey . Victor R. Bates Leo Lappin . Bill P. West Edward H. Bowen . Robert L. Abrahamson . Al H Moe ALPHA PI-ll Cl-II INTRAMURALS West, Murray, Gallagher owen, ic Ie, . Mar in First row: Zellmer, Smith, Anderso Auld, McNair Back row: Gouze, Geebink, Olsen, Third row: Bates, Abrahamson, Reu- ler, Moe, Miller, Lappin, R. Martin Second row: Schwartz, Page, Textor, B P k T t' INTRAMURALS A. T. O.'S WINNING GOLF TEAM Bill White Uefzj was Winner over Maiiuel Blanco in this Welter- weight bout at the March intermural car- nival. Clement Sculley and Bob Manly of Kappa Sigma were fall quarter badminton champs. INTRAMURALS 188 Alpha Chi Sigma Was volleyball champion in the pro- fessional fraternity division. The team was composed of: Nyack rofwj Ed Joesting, Gordon Johnson, Robert lVlacDonald, fffonz rowj John Hallihan, Ray Johnson and Fred Meile. All-fraternity championship in basketball was awarded to A T O's team composed of: Mack rofwj Alex Nich- olson, Gil Geebink, Bob Geebink, fffonz rofwj Mark Nance, Phil Clark and Jerry Biwer. However, the Del- Woods, independent champions, defeated them 26-6 in the All-U finals. Herbert Jorgenson of Theta Chi was a three time Winner at the carnival. He took the 60 yard high and low hurdles and the high jump competition. Winner in the half-mile event was Elmer Hollar of the Out of Town Lodgers League with a time of 2 minutes, 5 seconds. INTRAMURALS VVinning Wrestlers at the held house carnival, held March 2, were: Mack fowj joe Vedenik, 175 pound class5 Alphonse Janesko, 155 pound5 VVilliam Kuusisto, heavyWeight5 Umm rowj Morris Nemer, 135 pound5 Lief Lie, 126 pound5 Jack Morton, 165 pound5 Mo! in picffufej Blaine McKusick, 145 pound5 and Gerald Gal- arneau, 118 pound. Phi Sigma Kappa's volleyball team which Won the fall quarter championship is composed of: Mack rowj Lloyd Gilmore, John Behrenbrinker, Joe Foss, ffronzf rowj Charles Lohn, Wayne Sieg and Gordon VValker. Vig Bertramson Wmner of the 440 Eric Hopley of the M1nneapol1s Lod gers League ran the 60 yard dash 111 6.3 seconds to Wm IQ2 The season ot riverhanhing and young love rampant comes late at Minnesota hut mahes the declining months ot the school year soporihcauy pleasant. Even 'I1l'ildifiOI1, which does not often mahe its pres- ence telt, flourishes uncter the warming influence of the spring sun. -ff-V In .Af '15, ' '? 1 " ,Q.:i:NAA..VE 1 ' A VA - gf',wfQy,,?, , AA f V -V V 'We V' - FJ'4VvfV"gV" 'ff f. 'VV f V'f'9f-"v4if,ff . 41 . - :r VV V 1 - ff" wi VV1"' .ii'4,:,35r-V-,Xl-Vai! rf V 'z: ff- - V :Vg V " ' .',-t5f7V-gf V HVZIQF ifwfj fhE?,?1- -in "1 'P V ,,,. if V ' .V A QV V J' lfgfgiflf "F V. 'g !'f,5f1Ef' 415 1173. 2222 2 - V- Fm' V .-s 151,14 .VVS ff .wg "5V -,VV-' Y ,V V QV: V V V ,3-gifs-fig mysjg ' f. AAQW qfQf.W7', ,fA.2, Sw 1-iw, 326, 'VV : 7 V' ' fi A 3. V , A, ,A ,- - 1-.AA i.. . If AKAAAAGAAQ- he V- VVAAV- T.. AVL. A, AA -,A V , ADV, ,QV Ay AA A:yA?ff!,ie9A .2 1? ' if, A ,,.,.r- . -VA A VA!! -A fan, V A. .. ,f - r' Am. 4A " 3 A, -wf wg M .vw 0 gi . VV, W Ag 'V V-,gV.VA,.,f'::4.A " I'-'A 'xrgi' J? 1- ' Y" -VL, '45 V . . ff? 'M 1. 'iff ,Z " - '3 ' ' 557' " .ff I . " X 5, f ,, ' 1 UQ? 9 AA V A V ,A 4- fp . . 1 -V ,V -j , -4 5 , , ,VV-fygafff . 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Clayton Pandey Farm House . . . . Stankey Seaver Gamma Eta Gamma . . Gene Carreh Kappa Eta Kappa . . Santoro Strand Mu Beta Chr . . . joe Nathanson No Sigma No . Paul S. Hagan Yhr Beta Yr . . Hart Wetzet Yhr Chr . . . . Berton Nfrtcheh Yhr Delta Chr . . 'Yarto Soine Phr Deata Epsnon . Marc En Yhr Epsnon Kappa . . George Gustatson Yhr Rho Skgma . . Charaes Rahon Psr Omega . . . MCXVXH Sehoeher Sigma Rho . . Ray Dewey 'Yau Yhr Deha . . Kohn R Heraty . Don Sohnson . Frank Pr. Larson Theta Tau . Trrangae GCN ERNNNG RCD ZOO DY X if ' fl A YI. professional Chemistry Back row: joesting, Patten, Logan, D. johnson, Fadden, Rowland, Turner Third row: Mziy, Stoltz, Chilote, Carlan, Schilling, Anderson, Rogers, Arter Second row: Tuomy, Sherwood, R. johnson, lVIcrman, Ballard, Berg, Tyler First row: MCKllSlCk, Grifhth, MacDonald, johnson, Motl, H. Anderson FAC ULTY: F. Alway ' L. E. Arnold ' C. H. Bailey - D. R. Briggs ' R. B. Ellestad ' C. V. Firth ' l. W. Geiger ' R. A. Gortner ' F. F. Grout ' C. S. Grove ' H. O. Halvorson ' G. R. Higgins ' C. F. Koelseh ' W. M. Lauer ' S. C. Lind ' F. H. MacDougall ' Rogers ' C. O. Rost ' W. M. Sandstrom ' L. A. Sarver - C. F. Sidener - L. l. Smith. M. C. Sneed ' A. E. Stoppel ' R. M. West. GRAD UA TE STUDENTS: J. A. Anthes ' W. W. Benton ' C. H. Berg ' Fred Bordwell ' F. K. Broome ' R. B. Carlin ' D. F. Chamberlain VV. Clegg ' N. H. Cromwell ' C. D. Evans ' S. A. .613.Oa1f Stffff Southeast 7 Harrison ' P. Hollihan ' A. E. Houlce ' D. W. johnson ' W. Kaiser ' D. R. May UmVers't'VBZl l?gg?nSm 190- ' A. W. Marsh ' B. F. McKenzie ' E. H. McMullen - P. P. Merritt - S. A. Miller ' ' G. E. Mitchell W. Opie -john Ordahl ' H. C. Reitz ' M. E. Ryberg ' H. E. Ungnada. SENIORS: Henry W. Anderson ' Max E. Chileote - Victor Fadden ' Gordon W. johnson ' Donald Lynch - Robert A. MacDonald - Robert G. Merman ' C. Woolsey Motl ' Wilbur L. Patton ' Stanley Rowland ' Gordon E. Stoltz - justin M. Tuomy ' Howard E. Turner ' Lloyd P. Tyler ' Ben Vezina. JUNIORS: Robert H. Anderson ' William B. Arper - john H. Ballard - A. Gordon Griffith ' Paul Husen ' Edwin O. joesting ' Ray D. johnson ' Robert L. Logan - Robert H. Lundquist ' Blaine Mclfusielc - Fred Meile ' Neil Sherwood. SOPHOMORES: Harlan Anderson ' E. V. Mathy - Robert Sanders ' Robert Sheelcs. ALPHA CH! SIGMA C. A. lVIann ' f. L. Maynard - G. H. Montillon - R. E. Montonna ' E. E. Nicholson - L. S. Palmer - E. L. Piret ' L. H. Reyerson ' C. H. Rogers - M. C. 201 Proiessionai Pxgrieuiture 1 - 31..- .Xp 1 I Back row: Dahigren, NieCuiiey, Nehen, Hariyorson, Thorbeck, G. Gustafson, Ronde, Long, jerome Pourth row: Sharkey, Kuefiner. Niitcheii, Preston, Carison, March, McNi:irtin, Hohnberg, Bziidwin Third row: Hagen, Watson, Gregor, Cainpbeh, Boyum, Swanson, Raine, Cummins Second row: Bingham, Zakariasen, Kjos, Hinds, Hanks, Stutzman, Lashbrook First row: Harrington, Engiestad, Cjary, Anderson, Niiiier, Gruenhagen, Sonstegard, Rornstad PLXCULTY: T. R. namodt - W. H. Priderman - Pl. Prngeio - W. L. Boyd - W. G. Brieriey - L. Pr. Churehdi - W. B. Combs - R. Ni. Dougiass - Pr. Ni.Pieid - C.P.Pitch - j.PJ. Pitch - L. O. Giimore - R. A. Hansen . .j , - Pr. L. Harvey - O. W. Howe - E. NT. Hunt - R. W. Tngwaison - G s g s - - ZS. ' G f' ,fraf .. -. Q K H. C. Rernkamp - R. Lerghton V P. Nl. Lowe - P-. S. Mxiier - H. ph . e - wQ Neal - W. H. Peters - W. E. Petersen - B. S. Pomeroy - W. Ni. M11 ..,, , , - ' f R ..... "" Sandstrom - H. Sioan - H. C. Trejogan ' S. T. Warrriigtori - H. G. 5 ,1,, .upyyp .,.,..,. on non me sruoenrs- st-"t' t A. W. Buzrcky - R. E. Comstock - D. L. Daney - P. Gerger - W. Hanson - L. H. Harden - G. P. Harms - L. H. Hartwig - N. E. T . . 1, .,..,. I M Haugiand - G. E. Nlchfhilan - R. E. Nhiier - W. Pt. Newman - j. C. 'f"f .sm.... - -r-fr .- - 's W- Ii ..... Oison - E. H. Rrnke - Ni. E. Ryberg - C. A. Worcester. 2060 enter avenue Ohio State University X904 Lambda i9X7 Chester Prhhn - Arthur W. Anderson - Vernon Baidwin - Rrehard Psonde - Harvey P-oyurn - Roy Carison - StanXey Gregor - Rrehard Gruenhagen - Chtton Gustatson - Gienn Gustafrson - Roger Hoimberg - Hjaimar Huhn - Robert March - joseph Preston - Goodwin Sonstegard. jUNTORS: Ernest Baughman - Praners Campbeii - Rrchard Ciary - joseph Cummrns - Raiph Engiestad - Noran Hagen - Lioyd Haivorson - john Hanks - Waiiaee jerome - GXenn Long - Graydon NleCuiiey . Pirnay Nlebdartrn - Kenneth Miiier - Paui. Ramstad - Roy Stutzman - Hennrng Swanson - Rrehard Watson. SOPHONXORES: Robert Bingham - Parks Dahigren - Donaid Harrington - Mak Hrnds - Luther Kjos - Wiitram Rueftner - Wijiard Lashbrook - john C. Niiteheii - Oryihe Neiien - joseph Rarne - 'Wiiham Sharkey - George Thorbeek - Russeii Zakariasen. PXLPHPX GPNNNNVX RHS fm if qv jg 4 .- Q, 1 v- lp: N professional Business an Back row: Hoc-sc, VVcstin, Ictcrson, VVinter, lblclalugh, Dolclcen, Hug Fourth row: Gi-cevc, 'Weltzin, Annett, Solie, Day, lyloberg Third row: jcnsen, Lestor, Simpson, Langer, Bagnc, Nelson, Carlson Second row: Van der Boom, Keegan, Hcdla, Pelstring, Ballance, Urnlan, Dahl, Towle First row: R. johnson, Geclcler, Plehal, D. johnson, Siverson, Nelson, lVIcBride FACULTY: Roy G. Blakey - Francis lvl. Boddy - Frederic B. Carver - E. A. Heilman - john A. Higgins - Laurence R. Lunden - Bruce D. Mudgett - Clarence A. Nelson - Edmund A. Nightingale - john J. Reighard - Clare L. Rotzel - Floyd R. S' - GRAD Ronald D. Baker - john impson J. Warren Stehm Stoltz - R l d 7 ' an - Merton o an S. Yaile. UATE STUDENTS: A. Higgins. SENIORS: Merlin C. Annett - Delton E. Bagne - Edwyn j. Ballance - Myron AWG Efff 1922 C. Carlson - John M. Dahl - Robert P. Day Y VValter E. Geclcler - George M. Hedla ' Donald F. johnson - Robert W. johnson - William J. McBride - Richard N. Peterson - Burton Plehal - Ralph F. Rinard - Arnold S. Roberts - Reuben A. D. Siverson - Ellsworth M. Towle - H. Emerson V311 der Boom - Meltzer N. Weltzen - Leslie E. Westin. JUNIORS: Lyle F. Farrow - Meade M. Harmer - Howard A. Hoese - Norman C. Jensen - james H. Keegan - john H. Langer - Paul W. Leeds A Irving T. Lestor - Edward M. McHugh - Reuben M. Moberg - William G. Pelstring ' Richard N. Peterson - Harold G. Solie - Francis E. Urman - Marvin D. Winter. SOPHOMORES: Robert W. Dolfken - William L Gre . ve - Lloyd A. Nelson - Donald A. Stenehjem. ALPHA KAPPA DS! 20 Pxrchjteeture Rrojesskonaj !5"' .xi . I 4. F 'E' j x man, Yojsorn wx f, Hamm, Krornhout, 'Third row: Shjmer, Hynn, Segersxrorn, Roth, a Second row: Bnetow, Lre, Hogg, S. johnson, Wjjey Ykrst rowz M. johnson, Cerny, NlcGrn R' hnrdson, KN johnson, Bergn F ACULTY 1 Prrnaj A S. Chatw ood Burton - Robert G. Cerny - Harjow C. Rrchardson. Leon STUDENT -. K tj u U x ty GRPSDU ATE Rex H. Gales. SENXORS-1 Robert F. Calrow - Njarvkn C. johnson - Nhjton L. Rogness. M5 Nm em X Wwe so Urrwmsry of rxxxmas, rr HJNXORS1 0f.F2L2?25.2'k?JiEf 'Nnharn D. Corirnan - john W. Rojsorn - Thomas H. Fredrrekson - Hegg - Wljjram Pr. johnson - john Pr. Krornhont - Gunnar oGrann - Fred R. Segerstrorn. Chnton R Maurice YJ. NX H Bnerow - s R. Dre - SUPHOMGRESZ Pdberr XN. Prrneson - XNnharn E. Bergmann - Gerald . Vernon Pr. Harnrn ' XN2-.Race Hojrn - Frederick G. Roth - Charje D. Wkjey - Robb R Kremer. RRESHMEN: Stanley R. johnson- Wayrxe B. Krei - Roy Shrrner - Walter N. Zierrng - Eugene G. Rjynn. PXLVHPX Rogness, Psrneson, Cuff C Xrow, Hohn xann, Kramer .f-"Aff--. I' ' "m ..' V. Illx Professional Eusiness Back row: Stevenson, Eichhorn, Lee, VVhite, Nforcom, Latham, Caetke Fourth row: Peterson, Ingebrand, Duffy, Sutcliffe, Smith, Stewart, Sorenson, Boyden Third row: Russell, johnson, Lozinslci, Smith. Dyrland, Gueydan, Montfort Second row:Anderson, Wieman, Hartson, Craft, Groth, Qualey, Krinkie First row: Peterson, Nelson, Carlson, Ritter, Matala, Burnett, Rucks FACULTY: Oscar Heslcin Y Richard Kozelka - Howard Longstaff - Dean R. A. Stevenson. SENI ORS : Raymond Carlson ' Harry Duffy - Harold Groth - james Gueydan - Harry Higgins - Daniel Ingebrand - Eugene Latham - Carl Matala - William Morcom - Norman Qualey - Winheld Ritter - Gerald Smith - 1029 Fourth meet southeast Donald Walker - Kenneth Wieman New York University l907 Alpha Epsilon 1924- JUNIORS: ' Robert Anderson - Ralph Craft - Sigurd Dyrland - Fred Gaetke ' Gerald Hattson - Elroy johnson - Harold Krinkie - Leonard Lozinski - Richard Montfort - Gerald Peterson - Bernard Rucks - Stuart Smith - john Sorenson - Robert Stevenson - Bill Stewart - Donald Sutcliffe - Albert White. SOPHOMORES: ArthureBoyden - Elden Eichhorn - Everett Lee - Roland Russell. DEL TA SXGMA D! 20 proressronax Law C'aMaghan anfxdd, Bernard B k wa Van Sidde, Frank, Ykhhtro , Wargo, M Y th r 1 Severance, Prrveson, Larson, Hammer, lirerser, C. 'Y'n1rd row: McDonaXd, Mar'y, Herhund, Odeh, G. Wkndhorst, Honand Second row: johnson, YHXMX, Wntrout, Waters, Goranson, Smith, West Yrrst row: Peterson, Hudey, K. Wkndhorst, Nkdson, Reed, Coburn FACULTY: WaXter W. Finke. SENXORS: Charles T. Peterson - joseph E. Wargo - Had Windnorst. ruuroras-. Henry W. Goranson - Cad X. Harnrner - Martrn C. Honand - CXayton M. HurXey - Regrnakl M. Sorrnson - DonaXd Nrdsen - Murray B. WHYCYS ' XYVKYXQ 5. WiXtrout. 'WU 5Kxt'n street sout'nea crmrma, om., woo Mitcher Senate X904- SOYHOMORES: Donzdddj. Cahaghan - Merl L. Coburn - Marcus Pr. Reed - CharXes Pr. Ywnal - Lergh H. Werrlng. FRESHME-N1 NorrnanD. Prryeson - Andrew S. Pryves - HaroXd Pr.BeXsherrn - Clarr Pr. Bernard - PrrnoXdW. Canndd - PrryidW. Frank v Y. George HedXund D. Krerser - Srrg A. Larson - Yndro Mary - Larry D. M. Mms - Franers Murray - W3XYrarn B. OdeH Severance v PrdeYoert C. Srnrtrr - Bruce Windhorst. - Harry MCDonaXd - Ogden ' Les-Yre Pkrdstrorn - NuXtonY. M. van Srdde - HowardE.West - GeorgeW. DEG Pr THU Pr VHX 206 professional A griculture L if Cl, OSfllC, CIHISOI7, , runs Oi, Schmid, Hglm Haugerud, A. L. Carlson, Swenson, Lau, , ' esvold, Roadfeldt, Johansen, Stangler Fourth row: Lerud, Bulzl, MIIKHIISSOU, Erickson, C. H. Hanson, G. Hanson, Tomlinson, Loegering Third row: C. M. Hanson, G. VVold, Dennisen, Olson, Stahler, R. Wold, Fausch, McKay Second row: YVnmhoff, Smith, Sullivan, Berggren, Rowe, Hodgson, Greenley First row: Thorlcclson, Hoff, Nelson, Sorensen, Naylor, Seavcr, Christiansen, W1'dsetl1 TMNT' iii"i ' i"i' T Kiii FACULTY: ,ii . N, Ralph VV. Dawson - Clarence E. Miclfel - Truman R. Nodland - Herman X-A-ig 't Z j x Schultz ' George A. Sallee - Harold K. VVilson. in GRADUATE srooanrsi ' f "'i,,'i to - llffjfirf - - I V,', xg . X Arne E. Carlson ' Cloyce L. ltlanlfznson - Royse P. Murphy - David r 'fi' A ti Reid. . Ti ft ,L -1 JN? li .j!.r: we "'-' if k"- SENIORSI "m W"1' 'K i L Fred Berggren - Wiilfred L. Ettesvold - Kermit L. Greenley - Milton l""" ' ' 'AAA at an W. Lau - William Loe erin - Arthur B. Ma nusson - H. Brooks 8 S 8 fgfitcliyfigid afnfgo, Naylor - Randolph Ostlie - George Roadfeldt - Alois R. Schmid - Mfl,,,,eS.,t.,1i2O3ui1 J Howard C. Sorensen A Leonard R. Sullivan - Gerald E. Thorkelson - Erwin J. Wfamhon' - Edwin C. Widseth - Russell L. Wold. JUNIORS: Clifford E. Christianson - Gerhard I. Erickson - Carleton IW. Hanson - Clarence H. Hanson - Allan M. Hoff - Lester A. Lerud b Gerald McKay - Leonard T. Nelson - Robert Nylund - Melvin W. Olson - Donald F. Peterson - Miles G. Rowe - Stanley K. Seaver - Lambert j. Stahler - Kenneth R. Swenson - Eugene Tomlinson. SOPHGMORES: Aage Buhl - Cecil Fausch - Alton Carlson - Nils Grimsbo - A. Donald Hanson - H. Gordon Hanson - Lloyd C. Hanson - Neil E. Haugerud - Richard Holmgren - Ralph E. Smith ' Ben Stangler. ERESHMEN: Ervin Denisen ' Rudol h Gustaf P Johansen - Sel son - Victor Hodgsozl - Har mer Satre . Glennis Wold. old FARM HCDUSE X Nxedkdne Froctessxona - one sendabX, Vinson, Gaarde, LaErcc, S. Watker, HKU, Guernsey, S Profbtt, Bznfour, G. Watker, Sedgewrck, McMKXXan, NXcCXoud ' Hkns, Dkessncr, Brown, Brathotdt 't Tersbcrg, Budd, Srddcs olr rowzilo Fourtb wa usrnan, 'Ybhd row: Fredrkc s, Wketboii, Co Second row: Vanderbooi, Hagen, Scrum, Wbx e, Frrst row 1 Poppe, WeKbXe, jeronirnus, Studer, Robb, M FPrCUL'F"I'. Prss'tDean Creevy - Dean H. S.DKebX - Dr. C. Lrtzenberg - Dr. C. Nldirntey - Dr. Rrcnard Scarnrnon - Dr Owen H Wangensteen - Dr. C. Watson. V SENXORS: Karnes W. Erat'noXdt - Martxn S. Euder A Robert Cotbns - Henry Seronrrnus - CarX L. Larson - Vqktbarn W. Mokr - Fred F. Foooe - Donatd S. Studer 5 Radon D. YNerbXe. r ., W Unron Stgziethsoutbizgsgz Robert Pdway - Wkttram Nl. EaXtour - EdrnundF. Ercbborn - bderrkarn mvemgpgrrofr :slain Fredrrcks - Pdtan S. Hrb - Davkd E. Budd - Fred RoXoueh - Naurnann C. McCXoud - YNXXY1arn E. Frofbtt - Cnades S. Robb - Fred G. Rosendard - Frederkck Sedgwick - Sobn E. 'Fersberg - Soaukffrng E. Vanderboor - Kohn Wnrtaker. SOFHOMORES: Dexter E. Guernsey - Fauk Hagen - RoXand Xverson - john XaEree - Roger A. Larson - Eugene Sorurn - Fndbo Soueberay - Stephen Vqaker - VNTiKYrarn WeXXman - Ned Wnrte - Gordon Erown - Rennetb Wrtson. FRESHNXEN: Dav-Yarn Ptusrnan - Roy Dlessner - Fred Gaarde - Edgar Xngaks - George Montgomery - WkXY1amE. Nlartrn - Karnes MeMiXXan - Rrehard udor - George Watker - Robert Vqretbort. T no so 208 Q Y ff so .6922-1 sbx' professional Medicine Back row. VVC-grocki, Satory, A. Niorrison, C. Peterson, Wheeler, Baer, England, Wilson, Meyer Fourth row: Hanson, Monahan, Carlson, Youel, O'Brien, Hedemark, Rowland, Tofteland, Eustermann Third row: Borowicz, Stromme, Corrigan, Anderson, Leeman, Cross, Simmonds, Shea, Preston Second row: Van Bergen, Henslin, Subby, Strzindcll, Harri, Virnig, Forsythe, Walsh First row: Mincklcr, Bower, Kohlmcyer, lylitchell, Lasby, Ersfeld, Larson, D. Pet FACULTY: Drs. john A. Anderson - W. D. Armstrong - j Arnold Bargen Murra . - y Bates - john F. Briggs - Herbert A. Carlson - E. M. deBerry - E. P. K. enger - Frederic B. Fole - V ' ' erson, Sether y ernon L. Hart - jerome Hilger - Bjarne . oukom - Frita D. Hurd - Gerald M. Koepcke ' H. K. Koschnitzke eonard A. Lang - Leonard M. Larson - john Layne - P. M. Mattill obert Mattison Irvine McQu ' E - arrie - rnest L. Meland - Shirley P. Miller - Malcolm C. Pfunder - Harold N. Wright. GRADUATE STUDENTS: rs. Archie H. Baggenstoss - Charles j. Betlach - Meredith Guernsey -Byron E. H ll - R a aymond E. Mulrooney - Donald L. Peterson - eigh E. Wilcox. SENIORS: joseph L. Arko 1 Robert Berry - Herbert M. Blair -, Leonard A. Borowicz - Robert Demo - Norman G. Hedemark - Evrel A. Larson - Kappa Chi 1920 joseph O. Lasby - William F. Morrison - Robert j. Richardson - john j. Satory - Graham G. Smith - Elmer H. Tofteland - john A. Williams. j UNIORS: Eugene E. Ahern - john D. Barker f john j. Beer - George G. Bower - Edmund F. Corrigan - Murray Ersfeld - james Forsythe - Frederick C. Kohlmeyer - Wallace M. Meyer - jack E. Minckler - Berton D. Mitchell - A. Ervine Morriso - D l - n ona d H. Peterson Stephen N. Preston - julian M. Sether - Andrew W. Shea - William B. Stromme - Walter Subby - Gordon C. Tornberg - Milo A. Youel. SOPHOMORES: DeWitt England - Carl A. Hailson ' Edward Harri - Merrill E. Henslin - judson S. Leeman - Arden L. Miller - Lyal O'Brien - Paul G. Polski b Henry j. Wegrocki - David R. Wheeler. FRESHMEN: john T. Anderson - Velemir M. Baich - Norman C. Carlson - Paul C Cress - jack G. Davidson - john W. Esser - john j Eustermann -. Clarence V Kusz - Robert H Monahan - Carl A Peterson R b T . . - o ert . Rowland - john F. Schmid - Verne A. Schulberg - Frank L. Simmonds - E L. - ' ' verett Strandell j. Harold Strickler - Frederick van Bergen - Richard Wrnig - Edward Walsh ' George Wilson. 20 DH! C H! Vrotesskonax pharmacy' rlfiffiw 'QSM' ,Q .AVA eh Kuhn, Loney, Yahzxnck, '1Quhh'nz1nn, son, Kn3ght, Cusdotto, Hake hnson, Tetzrnder, Kruckch g t Ytctan ack row: Stehhy, Stap 'Yhhd rowz OXsen, Larson, Chrlsten Secon ro em , Seine, Skdton, lverson, jo First row: OKs rkeson, Ctaydon Lnhs, Nhdden s, rs - Eart B. Fisher - Dr. G. L. - Dean Ernerktus F. FACULTY: Gustav Bachrnan - Dr. F. K. Butte Senkrns - Chartes V.Net1 - Dean C. H. Rogers XNuXhng. GRADU NYE STUDENT: Watter Yredeh. SENXORS S. Wkntorr Christenson ' Kenneth Errcson - Rayrnond B. Knhhfnann - 323 Ermmh mmm Sm, Edward Loney - XNedter F. Mrddents - Edward S. OXsen - Ned B. UWCYSKYTS5 MQSQEM X533 Gtson - Laverne Srnah ' 'Yafrto Sokne - Donadd R. Sternp. m SUNXORS: Chades ' Pr. Ckaydon - Russeh johnson - Henry Krudceberg - john A Larson - Nhles NX. Ldhs - Gordon H. Yahanck - Yhihp Yaxnson - Ervkn W. Yletan - Leon G. Sketton - Forest H. Stand Q Norrnan NN. Tehnder. SCPHONXORESZ 1 Yard Pt. Cuserotto - YNdharn E. Hdrre - 'Yarjer C. Xverson - Robert L. Kuhn - Bohn Stebhy. FRESHMBN: XNdharn W. Knrght. VHX DEE PN CHX 210 FX: x 7225153-9 I .. - . . . .C professional Medicine j Back row: Colton, Cronin, Seery, Niurray, V. johnson, j. P. Kelly, lVIcCaITrey, Gridley, Webber Fourth row: Sclzlesselman, E. Anderson, Engstrom, Lewis, McCorn1ick, Sigmond, Fulton, Haserick, Fast Third row: Howe, Adkins, Skogmo, lV!cCovern, Dahleen, Shaw, Raattama, Erickson Second row: Hilker, Perkins, Armstrong, Tostenson, K. Peterson, Brown, Carlisle, Green, Edwards First row: Swenson, Ballon, Prout, O. Peterson, Schwyzer, Taylor, R. Anderson, Freidman FACULTY: Dr. A. W. Adson - Dr. L. W. Barry ' Dr. Harry H. Bowing - Dr. Philip W. Brown ' C. C. Chatterton ' john L. Crenshaw ' L. R. Critchheld ' Burton P. Grimes ' Stuart VV. Harrington ' G. W. Hauser ' F. G. Hedenstrom ' joel C. Hultkrans ' Byrl R. Kirklin ' Miland Knapp ' Richard M. Leick ' N, L. Leven ' F. W. Lynch ' Hamlin A. Mattson - Charles K. Maytum ' F. McClendon ' Horace Newhart - lW. Nordland - Louis E. Prickman - Charles W. Rucker - L. R. Scherer ' A. Sclmlyzer ' R. T. Soderlind ' K. W. Stenstrom ' H. B. Sweetser ' G. 'Thompson ' W. H. Thompson ' Paul W. Tisher ' H. M. Weber ' F. A. Willius. GRADUATE STUDENTS: Drs. joseph B. Cady ' Oscar T. Clagett ' William H. Cleveland ' Malcolm M. Cook - john A. Ganshorn ' Fordyce R. Heilman ' john C. Holman - Llewelyn P. Howell - Russell M. jensen - Carl Lind ' Lloyd H. Mousel ' Malcolm H. Sawyer ' Frederick A. Smith ' Randall G. Sprague ' Donald Wolfram. 317 Union street southeast SENLORSI N0"f1'Wf'Sff'm UUi"f"'SifY 1390 Albert l. Balmer ' lvan E. Bigler ' George E. Brown ' Carl N. Ekman ' Osler L. Them Tau 1908 Peterson ' Hanns C. Schwyzer ' Carl O. Thompson ' Theodore O. Welliier. j UNIORS: Robert Anderson ' Charles H. Ballou ' Willianl I. Davis ' Willianl Engstrom ' Eldon Erickson ' Lyle A. French ' Vilhelm johnson ' john D. McGovern - Robert A. Murray ' Fred Prout ' Kenneth A. Peterson. SOPHOMORES: C. Douglas Adkins ' Earl M. Anderson ' Ralph S. Armstrong - Robert E. Arnot ' joseph D. Carlisle - Alfred M. Fulton ' john R. Haserick - Laurence H. Heinz - john F. Kelly ' john Lewis ' F. john McCaH'rey ' Webster Raattama ' Edmond A. Schlesselman ' Thomas M. Seery ' Howard Shaw - Harley M. Sigmond ' Bernhoflf R. Skogmo - Norman E. Tostenson. FRESHMEN: ' Warren A. Colton ' john P. Cronin ' Robert C. Dahleen ' Lloyd G. Edwards ' john G. Fast ' Frank Freidman ' Robert A. Green 'john VV. Gridley ' M. Dudley Hilker ' Newell H. Howe A William D. johnson ' john P. Kelly ' Donald P. McCormick ' Marsh Perkins ' Gerald Taylor ' Richard Webber. PH! IQHCD SXGMA 212 FACULTY 1 l3roless'xonal Engineering Back row: Belsaas, Prleiderer, Sexton, Pugh, Nirnios, Ryan, L. Larson, Gustafson Second row: johnson, Powers, F. Larson, Nolan, Yri, Wilcox, Moore First row: Brewer, Barber, Funke, Lowe, Hesse, Wiltrout, Ulrich Williarn E. Brooke - Harry E. Doeringsteld ' john R. duFriest - Charles A. Roepke - Dean Ora bl. Leland - Edward S. Loye - Carl E. Swanson - Hugh B. Wilcox. GRADUATE STUDENTS: Laurence H. Hallrn - Lloyd M. Bredvold - Victor H. Brockrneyer - Earl Olson - Clirlord M. Sonnesyn. SENTQRS: john T. Barber - Leo A. Funke . Hugo A. Hesse - Williarn R. Lowe ,227 hum mee. Somew - Robert W. Moore - Ronald E. Frletderer - Merlin L. Pugh - Hugh University of ilygias WX" C. Ryan - Erwin W. Ulrich. Gamma yuniorcs. Frederick L. Anderly - juel H. Belsaas - Arne O. Chilstrorn - Frank A. Larson - john A. Nichols - Frederick C. Rule - Merle D. Wiltrout. SOFHOMORES: Donald F. Brewer ' Larry F. Fly - Clayton L. johnson. FRESHMEN: Ewald H. Gustafson - Harlan V. jarrett - Lewis F. Larson - Douglas Marshall - Robert W. Mayo - john O. Nelson - Norrnan L. Nirnlos - Flnhp A. Nolan - Robert C. Fagenhart - Russell C. Fowers - Robert H. Sexton - Lloyd G. Wilcox - Daniel R. Yri. TRXPXNGLE '3 ,ga 332 5 :T ' 1 ' it 2 fi iff X Q Q' professional Engineering Back row: Erhart, Boyum, Bass, Pratt, St. Vincent, Gimse, Hodgman, Ronbeck Third row: Peterson, Coulston, Lewis, lVlcMillen, Ranta, Britzius, Anderson Second row: Starlof, johnson, Duncanson, Ohrnan, Troxell, Stegmeir, Kojola, Lundstrom First row: Nygren, Larson, Scott, Dean Comstock, Aslesen, Emmons, Parker, O'Keefe FACULTY: Dean E. H. Comstock - William H. Emmons - William F. Holman - Walter H. Parker - Otto S. Zelner. GRADUATE STUDENT: Charles W. Britzius. Robert B. Aslesen - Raymond J. Bass - Donald R. Gimse - Robert F. Hodgman ' Albert K. Kojola - Lloyd A. Lewis - Orville G. Lundstrom - Clifford B. Ohman - Daniel V. O'Keefe - Arthur C. Ronbeck - Donald sEN1oRs. A W. Scott - Leonard F. Starloi 324- Walnut street southeast Un1'versitj!31c.:LalXfgig1514esota 1904- Richard M. Coulston - Donald N. Duncanson - Phillip E. Gustafson - Raymond Helgeson - Donald R. johnson - Harry A. Larson - Ralph E. McMillen - Gordon E. Nygren - Vernon R. Peterson - Reino A. Ranta - Frank D. St. Vincent - Millard A. Troxell. SOPH OM ORES : Lester L. Anderson - G. Robert Drake - john S. Erhart - joseph Geraci ' Walter E. Lischeid - john C. W. Stegmeir - Richard j. Stockdale - Richard F. Storberg. FRESHMEN: Burton H. Boyum - Gordon D. Rood. THE TA TA U 2l protessxonat Nxedtckne E X ' r 5911 24 -T. e HSM, V. OXson, n Lundgren, W ' dt, Stevenson, ' Sutton, Boyd, , regory, Dzdn, Bodum 'xtes Buck row: Sd Thnd row: L OXson, Yraser, Second roy-V1 Lanxbert, Todd, Yurnmn, G Ynst row: Mtxssey, Havdg, Hodgson, Dtddstroxn, G. FACULTY: Dr. Both Boynton - Dr. Mattte BnTXard - Dr. Marbry Dnryea ' Dr. Tderrrnna Harttg - Dr. Bess Lang. GBIXDU ATE STUDENT: Dr. Margaret Sane Thornas. SBNTOBS: Soblerg Bergh - Mary Boyden - Lots Larnbert - Eva jane Ostergren - Mary Sehrntdt. Unkyerslty of NTKcn3gan H590 Bpsdon WOT Dons Datdstrorn Q Betty Fraser - Brody Gates - Marjorte Hartrg - Sane Hodgson - TdeTen TQeBy - Blsre Remimg - Sanet Sutton. SOYHOMOBBS: Cnrtstrne Burrnan - Harrtet Gregory - Betty HaTT - Onye Lnndgren - Betty Mussey - Tvy OTson - VendeTa OTson. BBESHMEN1 LoreT Bergeron - BTeanor Botha - La Meta Dakd - Oane MeQnarrXe - Margaret Stevenson - Barnona Todd - Eknne Wentrnk. EVSXLCDN XCDT Pt PXLVHPN 'QS-' .H .- - ,U H , .J Professional Dental Hygiene niversity of Minnesota 1922 Alpha 1922 Back row: Lundberg, Reiter, Krejci, Barrett, Cornish Second row: lblurphy, Lundgren, Woodtoclc, Bestick I-'irst row: johnson, Hulsemzin, Krinbring SENIORS: Zoe Besticlf - Gretta Cornish - La Ferne Hulsemarl - Lois johnson - Clio Gail Krejci - Margaret Krinbring - jean McDonald - Margaret Murphy - jeanette Schwarz - Mary Kay Thomas. jUNIORS: Louise Barrett - Elizabeth Lundberg - Marjorie Lundgren - julie Ann Reiter ' Constance Woodcock. ALPHA KAPPA GAMMA 21 21 Vroresskonax Denfxstry F ACULTY 1 Back row: Freeman, Sehukner, Lrrnmn, Ymurnhzk, Greenberg, Bernbimnx, Shapkvo Second row: KXeHnrnnn, Y-eckenstein, Bzxhcan, Cohen, Epstekn, Grmpd, Pnnm' Hrs: row: ToXes, KasXoi'i, Bookhaker, Kanter, Cvchnon, Tzxnzer, Moss Dr. Sarnnd Bahirn - Dr. X. S. Beckensrern - Dr. joseph T. Cohen - Dr. Xrwkn Epstern - Dr. NX. 'Y.KXernrnan. ga 'H J SENXORS: Frank Bernbanrn - Benjarnrn Bookhaker - Sydney Gekrnon - Sarnnd GkrnpeX - Sherrnan Greenberg - HaroXd Kanter - 'Zack Kardon - Norrnan M035 . Maxvln Yanaf . SOSQPM Shuhngf' Phhaddphra DentaX Cohege X907 Rho X922 jUNXORSz SoX Burnrck - joseph Freernan - Davkd Litrnan - SarnneX ToXes. SOYHOMORES: Chfiord Shapiro - Ernest Tanzer. HLWNPX CD MEGA wr, jf Z -lf iz, professional Nursing -X x . ee' ' r ..'4-tfd.. Ks , Q in in . ve- if ,gb .jf 471: Q f--' n, Wiite, Ch sen, Yunk P d row: all, Frisvold, Endzzhl, Hafhe FACU LTY. Katharine Densford - Margaret E. Benson - Cecilia Hauge - Myrtle P. Hodgkiiis GRADUATE STUDENTS: Alice Ames - Rachel E. Carlson - Ramona Graiewski - Juanita M. laCross - Herma McMahon - Helen M. White - Phyllis Yohe. SENIORS: jean Borgerson - Margaret R. Donovan - Frances R. Endahl - Mary A. Gadacz - Genevieve Gullingsrud - Eleanor Hall - Beatrice E. ', , 1925 johnson - Greta E. Lassen - jane E. Monteith - Elizabeth I. Peterson 0133.2 ggforma - Louise Towne - Maxine Yunlcer. JUNIORS: Natlan Bratton - Blanche M. Eitreim - Alice Hallie - Myrtle E. Kitchell i Kathryn Knoche - Anne L. Lee - Martha McEwen - Carol B. Martin - Lois Peterson - Marion Plonske - Nora C. Romstad - Myrtle R. Saeger - Helen E. Uhler - Ethel L. Williams. FRESHMEN: Audra Bush - ' Shirley Christiansen - Betty M. Curtis - Nell Evelyn H. Larsen - Mary E. McCarth - ' Betty Pederson - Dorothy M. A. Waltz - joa I. Erickson y Winifred L. N l Roach - Wola Tor I1 M. Wallace - Ele A e son - mandson - Katherine anor M. Williams. U DELTA Honorary Pxgrxcnxtnre ,in gm 1 Y A V Back r r Thorketson, Putney, NKiXXer, D 'Yhkrd row: Anders , A. Cndson, Wcrod, Brink, Osthe Second row: Grnenhagcn, Greentcy, Naylor, Ndson, Sezwer First rowz Abraham, Loegerkng, E. Carts-on, Ettesvohl, Timpedey FACULTY: Atderman - Ernest Angeto - Ahuert C. Arny - Ctyde H. - Edward G. Cheyney - Spencer B. CXeXand - ' - james B. Bitch - Edward NX. - erhert R. Hayes rge Wdham H. Badey - Wdham Boss Waker C. Cortey - Chrtord R Exteh Freeman - Ross A. Gortner - Rodney B. Harvey H - Oscar B. jesness - Waher H. Yeters - Wnham E. Yetersen - Geo A. Bond - Wdharn A. Rdey - Henry Sehrrntz - Ehlkn C. Stahman ' Arne G. Totaas. 20919 Carter avenue Ohio State Universkty V694 RoXand H. Abraham - Arthur W. Anderson - Norman E. Bodang - La omg.: vans Arne E. CarXson - Fred E. 'Drdirnson - Wknrred L. Ettesvotd - Kermrt L. Greenley - Rrchard H. Grnenhagen - Wnharn Q. Loegerrng - Rermrt W. Nhher - H. Brooks NayXor - Ahrrn E. Netson - Randolph Osthe - Yhkhp Nl. Schroeder - Howard C. Sorenson . Geradd E. Thorhetson - john Tkmperkey - Raymond Wood. nlntonsz Ernest T. Baughrnan - David L. Brink - Edward C. CarXson - Erkch P. Krenow - Scott S. Barney - Stamey R. Seaver. AQHA ZH A 213 -,':'er,, ,MN 9. 8351.9 . g 'E .alik- Baclc row: Spneth, . Third row: Sz-vcrson Sccon V ngale, Day, Bodclv, Higgi , Lozinslci, lbliltz, Carroll, Laune d row: Greenleaf, TVhitbeck, a f First row: Nloberg, Henwu ns, Noecker, D' . r, Holly ' B gnc, Rcigh ' nd, Ostlu HQ nordry Commerce , Nighri iehl , O Keefe ard, Farrow, Nels St B nd, Hellman, Cir St on, am, arron s, evenson, Burnett, Tang FACULTY: Francis M B . oddy - Judson O. Burnett ' E Henwood - Reuel I. Lund - Nightingale - H Sr rnest A. Heilman ' Albert Clarence A. Nelson - Edmund A. . J. Ostlund - John Reighard - Dean Russell A. evenson. L GRADUATE STUDENT: John A. Higgins. SENIORS: ghgffbginois 1919 Delton E. Bagne - Walter Barron - Fred A. Baumann - John L. Carroll - Preston H. Coulter - John N. Dahl - Robert Paul Day f Durward J. Gits - VVillard A. Greenleaf - Harry G. Higgins - Au ' Holly - Marshall V Noecker - Edward J. Petersoi - - Reuben A. Severson - Robert C.S ' Swartzell - E. .Palmer T Boom. stin J. 1 ClaytonB ' mith - Dol ang - Ja ' . Piercy y e Spaeth - Robert G. mes Whitbeck - H. Emerson van der J UNIORS: Judson P. Diehl - Lyle F. Farrow Lozinski - James O'K Clarence E - Robert M eefe - Re b . Starn. BE TA . Launer - Leonard J u en M. Moberg - Oscar G. Miltz -L ALPHA psf Yionoravy Eoyneedng 535573 ' Msn-39019, G tad, McGee rx, Hdhmd Fits row. FACULTY: Frederic Bass - Leonard F. Boon - Prkfkn S. Coder - Lorem, G. Straub - Giro S. Zehrer. SENXQRS1 Urxlvershy or rmmas 1922 , , , Nikxnesola Pdpha X923 Erhrxg HeXXaxrd - XNXXXYAYU Low e - Ehwood McGee - Mark Orson - Kenneth Yersorx. SUNXORS: LesY1e Anderson - Herbert Gaustad - HaroXd Mixers. 220 CHX EPSXLGN profess! onel Dentistry F'm,fft15 ' ffgwfffls. in f' pg? lt row: Giswol Thi cl, DcLange, V. An rd row: Peterson, Second row derson, Siqveland, Onsgard We:'ner, Prail, Wood, Wood ': Damon, Wittich, Vlasak ' First row: Leebcns, M. , Yunck, D g s, Knutson, A. An ers , Woodbury, Richter, Betzncr, Pattison, Davidson james, Milham, Logan, Lawler, C. james, Smith, Schultz FACULTY: A. B B . utter ' G. M. Damon - G. D. Estes - B. S. Gard Godfrey - C. A. Grimth - L. A. Harker - R. R - E. E. MacGibbon - R. S. Ma C. E. Rudolph - Veh ner - H S . Henry - C ybury - M. j. F. Shellm e - j. M. W . E. Herm O. Pattrid an - L W alls - A S an ge - C. Peterk . . Thom - E. T. Tinker - W. D. . . Wells - C. A. VViethoff - H. C. Wittich. SENIORS: Roger deLange - Claire james - Maynard james - Harold Lawler I - William Leebens - Ralph Logan - Anthony Richter - Cletus Schultz ' Chester Smith - Harry Yunck. 5'?5' Tenth avenluelsoutheast Universitgihrga lrlgghigan 1882 Phili B p roderson - Clyde Bugbee - Ted Buselmeier - George Damon - jerry Davidson - William Giswold - joe Gorrill i Adrian johnson - Lyle johnson - Wctor Keltgen - Ray laFond - Garth Merkeley - Tom Milham - Reinhard Neils - Alden Onsgard Q Pat Pattison - lvar Siqveland - Edwin Smisek - Ralph Smisek - George Vlasak - Bob Wehrle - Cliff Wood - Wayne Woodbury - john Woods. SOPHOMORES: Allen Anderson - Vernon Anderson - Robert Betzner - Frank Dragavon - Robert Knutson - Eugene Ostergren - Robert Peterson - Dar Prail - Don Werner. TA SIGMA DELTA 221 xneenng Honorary Eng wah row: Sah R d nhush, Enghsh, H. g1 X ack ' owney, Couihurd, Presthtddt, NXcDonnXd, Nhwxie, NXKHCK tad, Ymvlerley, Dunnkng, Lee Yhst row P E YN. johnson H FACULTY: S. NX.Bryant - L. C. Cavettey - H. E. Harttg - . - Kuhhnann - Nl.NeWrnan - R. L. Nkeken - W.T.Rya . SENXORS: YN. Gordon .Bnedey . Luther Conthard - Yitchatd T. Downey - Kenneth L. Dunnxng - LXoyd L. Enghsh - Lennard W. UUW5f53lY.0f HMOKS X904 Sohnson - Gordon NX. Lee - Notrnan C. Nhher - Yatty Onmomqw Morrks - Notfdaht L Onstad - Omar L. Yattereon - Ogden L. PresthoXdt - Donzdd H. Rendenbush - Leon E. Sahkne. yomons-. 'en - Sack E. Hyde - Robert E. 'NleDon2dd - C. Tohetsrnd. Erhng NX. Hag Prernadc - Vernon S oshna ETH KPXWPX NU 222 Professional Home Economics Back row. jakobson, Rosenwzild, Danielson, Karlberg, White, Cook, Van Sickle Fourth row: Gulden, Lehnertz, Nfcnk, Haapaln, Bouquet, Petronio, jameson, Thorstenson Third row: Powles, Davis, Halverson, Thompson, Gerber, Hall, Vfalsh Second row: Cnvert, Born, Edquist, Pic-per, Claassen, Towne, Blackm an First row: Anderson, Boller, VVoodworth, Bull, Klingman, Engvall, Thomas FACULTY: Eva G. Donelson - Margaret Zimmer - Dorothea C. Siebert. GRADUATE STUDENTS: Isabel Brown - Gladys Babcock - Katherine Morris. SENI ORS : Kathryn Boller - Beatrice Bull ' Eva Danielson - Luc ja 'Ed ' y ne quist ' Margaret Gerber - Dorothy Gulden - Betty Klingman - Mary Madison - Arline Menk - Lois Miller - Helen Perkins Doroth Rose - y nwald - University of Minnesota 1928 Carol White ' Annette Wilkens - Wilva Woodworth. Alpha JUNIORS: Wrginia H. Anderson - Heleii Gail Born Y Bertha Bouquet - Maxine Bradley - Dorothy Claassen - Carolyn Cook - Edna Marie Engvall - Robert H ll - D - a a orothy jameson Ruth Karlberg - Jeanette Lehnertz - Eleanor Petronio - Marian Pieper - Marjorie Powles - Mary jane Thomas - Helen Marie Thorstenson - Florence Towne - Merii Walsh. SOPH OM ORES: Alice Blackman - jane Cavert ' janet Davis - Isabel Dixon - Margaret Haapala - Marjorie Halversoii - Ine jk b - W ' ' Marion Thompson - Susie Van Sickle. Z a o son rginia Larson - GAMMA CDMXCIQCDN BETA 22 Honorary INAXX'xtary A35 W BALL is M MOP-TAR Q 4, chopf Hayden, Haahxn , Yrankd Back row: jahnke, McCarthy, Marvin, Person, Larsen, Third row: Codett, Sohnson, Ceterskr, Rudawsky, Anderson, CouXston, Second rowz Mohd, Hardwrck, Schroeder, WheeXer, Cadson, Bhxt, jensen, Otsen Yrrst row: Yeterson, Sohe, Berry, Annett, Murray, Hcgg, Gohibturn FACULTY: Major Coburn L. Berry. ,GRADU ATE STUDENTS: HoXhster Boody b Barnes Brodre - DonaXd Stewart 1 Randohuh 'flngdak - john WheeXer. SENXGRS: Merhn C. Prnnett ' Krrby GoXdbh1rn - Robert W. Hatch - Chnton Hegg - Dougtas B. Murray - Kenneth Person - Everett Peterson - Umemy of Mgmesm Wm Pnrhp Schroeder - HaroXd G. Sohe. Batten' A. First Regiment X97-0 SUNXORS: Marshah Pr. Anderson - Russeh Bhxt - Yarn Bothner - Kenneth Brertsczhoofr - Kenneth Pr. CarXson - Lennart CarXsten - Victor E. Ceterskr - T. Bruce Codett ' Rrchard M. CouXston - Thornas M. CuXbertson - Vfrlharn F. Curnrnlngs - Herbert DeRornas - Donadd Y. Frankel - HaroXd H. HaaXand - Gordon Pr. Hardwrck - Robert B. Hayden - Robert L. jahnke - Norrnan C. jensen - Benjarrnn E. Kohnson - Lester Larsen - Robert S. Marvin - john R. McCarthy - Howard Y. MoXd - Hart W. Nekson - Craig R. OXsen - Mason C. Rudawsky ' Garrett SouXen. MQW Nl FND BALL 2244 Sw arth Honorary Senior X. LQLQXXQ. Back row: Slcogrno, Wrztson, Webster, Holt, White Second row: Schulte, Donovan, Kllngman, Wflkens First row: Gillespie, Roth, Dcerns, Peterson, Anderson SENIORS: more College! Comm, Ohio State! and Ruth.B. ftnderson - Margaret Deems h Elizabeth K. Donovan - Ruth University of Michigan 1918 E. G1llesp1e - Helen L. Holt - Betty B. Khngman - Mary jane S'gma M1919 Lohmann - Maris McQuarrie - Betty j. Peterson - Amalie Roth - Eleanore M. Schulte - Mabeth K. Slrogmo - Kathleen L - Margaret A. Webster - Carol C. White - A1 . Watson mette Willrens. MCDIQTAIQ BCDAIQD 225 22 prokesskoned Nxedkxne Back row: R. Cohen, R. Paper ms er, , Second row: EH, Snver, Fink, Shauh, Hnrvkz, T. Pnpermaster Ykst row: Bhxrnenthm, Manson, Matz, Eisenstadt, M. Cohen FACULTY: 'Miken Prbrarnson - Reuben Berman ' Sumner S. Cohen ' Lorna Frrednran ' Trvnng LK rnan ' H S Uponran - Leo G. RigXer - Ghssberg ' Yhnhp HaXXock ' R. S. no . . Y-rnd C. Robrtshek - Vrrgn Schwartz ' Davkd SXpersteXn ' Lotns Sperhng ' Lorne, H. Werner - Thornas Zrskrn. GRADU ATE STUDENT . Moe GoXdstein. n te' Vvnmm' Stewart, Rothman vs Q? iffy 451443 it W .TKT ' Aqfwra it SENXORS: T. Chzxdes Ender ' Ephrznnr B. Cohen ' NTOUKS Y. Cohen ' Max EH - Wvnhanx S. Eisensradr ' Yhkho Yeknberg - Dankd Yhrh - MorrXs Yrredhnd - NTyron Hertz ' ' Robert A. Katz ' ArnoXd Nlanson - NTyron H. Nhtz ' Henry R. Narchtkgnh - 70X Rrver Road east raster ' Leonard Ti.. Rothman ' Howard R. SeXdensteKn ' NT. Comm UUXVUSRY X904 Mpha XX X923 Theodore C. Yapern WXXXXanr Skhrer. BUNTORS: HaroXd Rhxrnenthzd - Nlarnn Even ' Harry Ynednran - Nliehad Garerz ' Winton Hurynz - Sack Ylaphn - Sarnud Megkhow - SoX Shanb ' Nhrvkn Stewart. SOPHONYORES: Robert F. Cohen ' Trvrng Naehtkgad ' Rdph Yapernrztster ' Harry Vfnrner. YRESHNXTLN: 'Manud Binder - George W. Cohen ' Pdired Yreedrnan - David Yrksch ' Norton Rkrz. VHX DELT PX EVSXLQN onorary physical Education Brick row: ' N 1, Olson, lvliller, Egan, lVIidler, Lundeen Second row: Sm-ich, lVI:1y, Wo.icik, Riley, Grewing First row: Elmer, Schmidt, Shfzwbold, Ruoff, Gustafson, Schultz SENIORS: Frank Adams - George F. Gustafson - Samuel Riley - Robert Schmidt - Dean R. Shawhold - Elmer Wilke. JUNIORS: ' Dan Elmer - George Faust - Fritz Grewing - Lou Midler - Everett Us Normal College 1912 Miller - Robert Ogin - Malcolm Plank - Dan Ruotf - james Streich SW1927 - Charles Schultz - Ted Wojcik. SOPHOMORES: Costney Egan - Wncent Lundeen Horace M PH! EPSIL GN KAPPA 22 Honorary Eand 'Z va Q7 gpg 35 fa.. Z .gkibzf Back fxndnrd, Nehon, S Second rowx Lon Day, Nioos, SoX1e, Niorcorn t LoveXX, Prescott, jewson, jcnsen EACULTY: GeraTd E. Yrescott. GRADUATE STUDENTS: ATrred Angster - james jensen - NTaTcoTm Nloos. SENTORS: 1 . . Uniyersky of Nikxnesota X922 Arthur Adams - james Day - Dan Martrno - Vqrkham Nlorcom - Maynard Ndson. SUNTORS: Fred Andrews - GranyXHe EentaTT - Arthur DaTe - ATtred Ekseher - Orris l'Terr1ndaNnT - Winston jewson - Robert Logue - CoYrn LoveTT - Raymond Saunders - PauT Sole - Gnbert Sprarn - Amos Swanson. SOYHONXCRES: ks - Edward Lussky - Byron Shapkro - DonaXd Sutdrrie. Erehard Day WNX SXGNNA 'PHX 228 professional Home Economics Back row: Nlill Li rson, Cook, Dahlgren re, orn Second ruwr Samuelson, Slzfmnon, Klingrnan, Engvall, Nyquist, Kitties First row: Smith, Ekern, Sussa, White, Erickson, Corser on, Bren FAC ULTY : Alice Beister - Clara M. Brown - Alice M. Child - Eva Donelson Har1'iet Goldstein - Vetta Goldstein - Hope Hunt - jane Leichsenrin - Wylle B. McNeal - Ethel L. Phelps - Opal Powell - Ella j. Rose Ruth Segolson - Lucy Studley. GRADUATE STUDENT: 1 Gladys Vail. Hoi Glevelanchavenue north Universitiliiallfgigggsota 1909 Jeanette Bren - jean Corser - Harriet Ekern - Frances Erickson - Constance Gilmore - Betty Klingman - LaVerne Larsen - Wilnla lVliller - Lois Nyquist - Geraldine Sasse - Katherine Smith - Carol White - Annette Wilkens. jUNIORS: Helen Gail Born - Carolyn Cook - Fern Dahlgren - Edna Marie Engvall - Ruth Kittleson - Marjorie Samuelson - Doris Shannon. PH! UPSIL GN CDfVl!Cl?CDfXf 229 8 230 Honorary Nxdrtary F ACULTY 1 Lt. CoXoneX Adam E. Potts - Capt. Back row. , Chmrk, Feyerersen, Rebrnnnn, Socthrnnnn Second row: Cuknertson, Anderson, Brlnda, Knrnn First row: WnXecxx, Capt. Nladdocks, Osmundson Thomas H. Maddoeks. GRBDU ATE STUDENT S 1 Lt. Robert Christen tk - Lt. Pdbert Hendry. SENXORS: France O. Anderson - George K. Crnbertson - WaXdemar NL Kkrna - Wayne O. Osrnundson - Edward C. Spethrnann - Warren L. WaXeen. yomorasz Kohn Brknda - Sidney B. Clark - Cad A. E-dstroro - 'Pant Pt. Feyereisen - Edward Hernen - Henry R. Rebrnann. KDX TPM PX SXGNNPX ,Q-'I X5 ixg grimy! W .. 23535 I LfjQg,nA ea 55. Unwersxt of Wisconskn X925 Y Epslon X927 K Honorary Mechanical Buck row: Cadwell, Slzotwcll, Davies, Finger, Andres, Hoagherg, Kordlsh Second row: Nlnnly, Pierson, Anderson, Ostclahl, Retrum, Olson, Lien, lVIeyer First row: Robertson, Algren, Shoop, Huglzes, Nlzzrtenls, DuPrlest, Ryan FACULTY: Axel B. Algren ' john R. duPriest - Charles A. Koeplce - john V lvl ' i artenis Burton j. Robertson - Frank B. Rowley - james j. Ryan -- Charles F. Shoop - Hugh B. Wilcox. SENIORS: ty of Illinois 1907 Alfred A. Anderson - William A. Andres - VVilfred C. Cadwell - john innesota 1922 ' ' G. Davies - Sherman W. Finger - C. Roger Freberg - Edwin S. Hage A- Harley R. Hughes - john J. Kordish - Wallace A. Lien - Robert P. Mailly - Harold E. Ostdahl - Edward D. Pierson ' Daniel B. Shotwell. jUNIORS: Willard C. Hoagberg - Roland C. Meyer' - Reuben M. Olson - Donald F. Reed - Rowland Retrum. D! TAL! SEMA 231 D entxstw Rroiessionai ack row: tiake, Keiiani, Ohien, Rich. Mortonson, S i i York Third row: Nicola, Tyier, Giasson, Norvoid, Rohertshaw, Braxnierer, V dewaiker, Law Second row: Niuiier, Vogei, Hanson, jorgcnson, Lewis, Smith, Argctsinger First row: Keisey, Niessinger, DeGon, Laing, Christensen, Schuehcr EACULTY: ErwinE Prihs - Ciande R. Baker - Peter j.Brekhns - Prrnhert E. Haii - Eari Pr. Neison - GeorgeW.Reyrioids - Wiiiiam Sirnon. GRBDU ATE STUDENTS: HaroTd Carison - George jonassen - Prrthnr Loring - Nierie Rich. SENTORS: Leshe R Christensen - Kenneth C. deGon - Edwin Pr. Giasson - Priest S. Reharn - Chve G. Kdsey - Eranic E. Lang - LewisW. Law b Meivin S. Schueiier - Pdhert L.Vogei. Bzxitirnore Coiiege of Dentistry i'B9'Z. 'Zeta Kappa i9iYw Ered Eraxrneier ' Edward Erishin - Kenneth Pr. Haines - Howard W. jorgenson - 'xNendeiiR Lewis - Sohnw. Nldnnis - EariYN. Niessfinger - Thornas R. Niortonson - jon Niniier - joseph S. Nicoia - Rudoinh YN. Norvoid - Kohn Penn - Ronzdd Pr. Pizaic - Charies E Rohertshaw - Ciarence Rodenbnrg - Mark Ryan - Raiph S. Srnrth - Edward C. Tyier - Robert NT. Thompson - E Gordon WestTahe. - SOYHONTORES1 Warren R. Prrgetsinger - Staniey Pt. Yianson - Virgri R. Chien - Eraners E. Richards - George N. Schuite - Orrin E. Vandewaiicer - Dongias H. L Y och. RSX CDNTEGPX 232 U Honorary Military Back lou . jahnke, Bergman, Nlarvin, Kluegel, Kjeldsen, lVIcNalley, Webster, Larnpland, D. johnson Fourth row: Henning, Holton, Tornes, Liggett, Lutz, Wlii'te, Ertsgaard, Wolfe Tl d Degnan, Wanschura, Mathison, Corlett, Ceterski, Zoubeck, McFeters, M. Anderson Second row: Abromowitz, Miller, Britigan, Frankel, Beemer, Berger, Falk, McCarthy First mu, lVIcC1intock, Dervey, Wheeler, Major Berry, Schroeder, lvladdoclcs, Cerefice, Blotclcy, Lundberg FAC ULTY: University of Wisconsin Major Colburn L. Berry - Captain Bernard W. Bierman - Captain Thomas H. Maddocks - Lt. Col. Adam E. Potts . Captain Layton A. Zimmer. SENI ORS: Harold R. Beemer - Charles V Berger - Carl R. Bergman - Robert Blotclfy - Richard Henning - Eugene Holton - Waldemar Klima - Thomas Mathison i joseph j. Preston - Philip R. Schroeder - james Webster - john A. White. IIUNIORS: 1904 HBH company, rim Regiment 1905 Mathew Abromowitz - Marshall A. Anderson - Ralph Britigan . Donald Brownell - Wctor E. Ceterski - Bruce Corlett - Edwin deWerHf - Hubert B. Degnan - Byron L. Ertsgaard - Erling T. Falk - Donald R. Frankel - Robert L. jahnke - Carl T. johnson - Donald R. johnson - Donald E. Kjeldsen - Ernest F. Kluegel - Donald Lampland - Goodman K. Larson - Robert Leger - john C. Liggett - Andrew Lundberg - Mac W. Lutz - Robert S. Marvin - john McCarthy - Darwin McClintock - Glen McFeters - Fred McNelly - Keva Miller' - Sidney W. Mundt - Henry A. Rasmussen - Howard Tornes . George H. Wanschura - Robert N. Wolfe - Charles Zoubelc. SCABBARD AND BLADE 2 Rroiession Gi Niines .. -:g-- '1"f?'f45ig'i.. Oison, Ymtcheider, R b " Nichfiuiieri, Purccii iimnse, Ossm an , onicker, Cuiizww .xy , r NicCorquoduie weeiings wx Miiier, 1 Becker, R afi, Parke , rdqnist, 'Y Back ro Third rowi Rudscr, Second row: Bickford, Yeh, Yi First row: Derv ey, Nordquist, Neuherg, Sui FACULTY: Peter Christranson - Raiph L. Dowdeii - Myron W. Griswoid - john W. Grnner - Lodis S. Herhg - Thomas L. Soseph - Edwin Nl. Larnhert - George Nl. Schwartz - FrankW. Scott - H. H. Wade. SE-NXORS: Lewis NX. Becker - Raymond Dervey - Arthur duFonr - jack Hanning - Donaid Nlchfluiien - George S. 'Neuherg - Howard O. Nordoxnrst - Vernon C. Robinson ' jerry Rudser - Rayrnond W. Snndqiirst. Michigan Schooi of Mines X394- e a X904 Renneth F. Bicktord - Robert L. Feit Q Victor R. Krause - Ross B 1 McCorquodaXe - Stephen M. Purceh - Ward F. Sirrxrnans - Pdbert W. Tweehngs. - SGYHONXQRE-S: Leland C. Batcheider - Sarnuei R. Caiiaway - Rtchard D. Miiier - Theodore E. Oison - Yaoi R. Ossrnann - Nlaxweii G. Parker - E. Yaoi Rederson f Frederick C. Ronicker. FRESHMBN: Gordon C. Ptah. 234 SXGNNPX RHG Honorary Engineering . rr : T 9 Buck row: English, M. Ol Third row . johnson, McGee, Patterson, Rasmussen, Schmidt, Scott, Lewis Second row: Cadwell, Lowe, Luck, Onstad, R. Olson, Brierley First row: L. Anderson, A. Anderson, Finger, Hook, Hughes FACULTY: William R. Appelby - Howard W. Barlow - William E. Brooke - john M. Bryant - Alvin S. Cutler - Harry E. Doeringsfeld - Henry C. T. Eggers - Henry A. Erilcson - Henry E. Hartig - Elmer W. johnson - Charles A. Koeplfe - john H. Kuhlmann - Alex S. Levens - Charles A. Mann - George H. Montillon - George C. Priester - Burton J. Robertson i james J. Ryan i William T. Ryan - Lorenz G. Straub - Henry H. Wade - Hugh B. Wilcox. SENIORS: Lehigh U,,,,,e,s,,,,1gg5 Alfred A. Anderson - W. Gordon Brierley - Ufilfred C. Cadwell - AIPIH of Minnesota 1909 Howard L. Daniels - Carroll j. Dobratz - Kenneth L. Dunning - Lloyd L. English - Sherman VV. Finger - Edwin S. Hage - Erling J. Helland - Clarlf T. Hoolc - Harley R. Hughes - Lennard W. johnson V Gordon M. Lee - Lloyd A. Lewis - William R. Lowe - Roy G. Luck - Thomas D. MacKenzie - Robert P. Manly - Elwood L. McGee - C. Russell Mickelson - Mark W. Olson - Nordahl I. Onstad - Omar L. Patterson - Kenneth W. Person ' George Piercy - Robert T. Rasmussen - Rowland Retrum - Harold C. Schmidt - Donald W. Scott - Isadore Shapiro - Aldrich Syverson - Howard E. Turner - Robert W. Wagner - Earl A. Woolcey. JUNIORS: Leslie A. Anderson - Reuben M. Olso TAU BETA P! 2 36 Honorary Yorestry Back row: McDonnXd, R. Anderson, Schroeder, Tcrch, Hzmghonr, Whrte Second row: Kahn, Drckinson, Brink, Mead, jahn, NeXson 'First row: Gjertson, Zabeh Krnrbah, A. Nekson, Mrher, Carbon F ACU LTY 1 3. H. Ahkson ' A. Bahey - R. NL Brown ' E. G. Cheyney - CXyde Chrrstensen ' R. W. Dawson ' Henry Hansen ' T. S. Hansen ' RaXoh W. Lorenz ' L. W. Rees ' C. O. RosendahX ' Henry Schmatz. GRADU ATE STUDENTS: Dwrght W. Bensend ' Norrnan E-odaug ' Ethan D. ChorchXXX ' joseph Rrssen ' OswaXd Rrogfoss - C. Frank Shearer. SEN KORS x Yhiho Anderson - Roger Anderson ' George Brshey ' Harry Davrs - Fred Dtcklnson - W3XXXanr Rrnerson ' Ahaert Y-ngstrorn ' Soseoh Grertson ' HarXow Hzdvorson - Xanres Hihon - Frank Kahn ' Rnsseh Radnor - Karnes Rinxhah - Bohn Mead - 'rlerrrnt Mtmer - Ahfin Ndson ' Dade Ndson - Scott Yardey ' Ldwrn Saarnro ' Phrhp Schroeder - Barnes 'Yaohn - Lawrence Terch - Rayrnond Wood ' Robert Za'oeL nsnrorasr Wayne Acherrnan ' David Brink ' Edward CarXson ' Yhihp Kahn ' Andrew Haughorn ' Loren McDonaXd ' David Vesah - Charhes Whrte. 74X SXCBNNPX 'PX U GP I r niyersity of Washington 1902 Derta X920 W IIS .lifa lv., -., m C 117, 5 TAT? "lf-,:.l nivere ' g U ..1tv 1922 B 1922 A rcfi itecture Professional FACULTY: Ruth Carter. SENIORS: Martha-Burr Bates - Martha Holt. 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Stoltz s Margaret Wacke1'man - Dale Yoder. GRADUATE STUDENTS: John Higgins - VVilliam H. Manning - Clifford Pruefer M Arthur Smith - Reuben Siverson. sENIoRs: Lynn j. Bauman - William J. Bauman ' Fred A. Baumann - Lyle Bohlig - Marjorie Czaia - Newell Gaasedelen - Mildred Guliclf - Dorothy Hassleil - Austin Holly ' Harley Hughes - VVilliam K. Klein - Arnold C. Matthies - Nicholas Norell - J. Donald O'Keefe i Edward j. Peterson - Clayton Piercy 1 Arnold S. Roberts - Harold J. Smith - E. Palmer Tang - Lois A. VVilen. BE TA SIGMA GAMMA 239 240 T .,1' 'SQ Us . dwg! Ae U 'ty f Kansas X9X9 rxkv er Honorary Pwr FACULTY: YTxTrna Berghxnd - Lnorhe Fksher - Sosephrne Lutz. GBADU ATE STUDENTS: Mrs. M. Berg - XN3TheTrn Pr. Bochne - Hope L. Edson - Marna Maland - Deha D. Shefhdd. SB-NTOBSz Tlxchard M. Burgess - Luode B. Burnham - Grace Marke Gay - Ruth B. Goedert - Ruth D. Hart - Lnhan B. Snyer. BUNTORS: Donakl W. 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S!L VER SPL!!-3 25' A 'J N il A Q, val LQEHKS IN1 Al NAL -W f , A' LN I? TO 77-15 RIVER ? A VARSITY SQUAD BASEBALL F VVV,, ,:A, 4 A COACH FRANK MCCORMICK lost no time in starting preparations for the campaign that it was hoped would bring Miiinesota its first Big Ten baseball title since 1934. Thirty-five candidates answered his call to the first practice on March IO, immediately began the slow process of sharpening rusty batting eyes and limbering up stiiii muscles. High spot on the practice schedule was a southern trip during the spring vacation. Fifteen players left on March IQ for the jaunt below the Mason-Dixon line. The trip, always a pleasant experience for the players, was this year also a success from a purely competi- tive standpoint. Ambitiously embarking on a stiff six-game series the Gophers dropped only one tilt, this to Mississippi State by the narrow margin of 3 to 2, after they had defeated the Staters 8 to 4 the previous day. They barely nosed out Louisiana State in seven innings by a 6 to 5 count, but they had little trouble with Tulane university, twice winning handily from the New Orleans school by the scores of II to 1 and 4 to I. The McCormick men showed much more impressive early sea- son form than in previous years. Last year they were unable to win a single game on the southern trip. Especially promising was the work of the pitching staff. 254 CAPTAIN DON LEE FRESHMAN SQUAD ,sm-hgh 4 Aw BASES-ALL CCAC!-l FRANK MCCQRMICK HOWARD SHULTZ, Stan Sowa, and Clint Johnson shared the mound burden and all showed considerable stuff. Less surprising but equally satisfying was the heavy stickwork of outfielders Ray King and Clayton Becker. Reedy Fossom proved bad medicine for opposi- tion catchers once he got on base. Returning from the South with smooth drawling accents and a good deal of confidence, the team ran into a spell of cold weather that limited them to light workouts. Batting and fielding drills held by lVlcCormick, with the aid of Assistant Coach Ed Burke, showed that few players had a starting position cinched. ln the infield Captain Don Lee, a two-year veteran, looked like a fixture at shortstop. Johnny Kundla was holding down hrst base, with Gordon Spear and Russ Lundquist giving him his chief competi- tion. Two sophomores, Frank "Stubby" Knox, at second base, and George Masologites at the hot corner, seemed to have the inside track on their positions, with Gene Sobczyk, 6600111677 May, and "Lefty" Nlaunder the leading reserves. King and Becker took two of the outheld posts with Ed Roy and Red Ferguson vying for the other. Behind the plate either Al Moore and Don Lindeberg are capable of taking care of the catching department. Peter Petrich, Ed Dvorak, John Boland, Harold Kraft, and Vern Bruhn round out the promising pitching corps. 255 Z 4 K, , fs, A AAKQ' X. 1 I iliif"t,' iii i JH Y-.gyq A TRACK I-IANSON COACH Jim Kelly starts his second year at Nlinnesota with a promising squad of men led by Captain Bob Hubbard. Let- termen from last year's successful team will be ably supplemented by an outstand- ing group of sophomores. During spring vacation five of Minnesota's track men competed unoflicially in a quadrangular meet between the University of Texas, Texas A. and M., San Marcus Teachers, and Howard Payne University, capturing first in the broad jump, and the mile and two mile races, and a third in the 100- yard dash. HUBBARD JIM KELLY TRACK IN the Texas relays the Gopher squad Won one first place tie, When Captain Hubbard and Jud Atchison of Texas broke the existing meet record. They also took third places in the loo yard dash and the high hurdles. From this record it seems apparent that this season, which opens with a dual meet with Iowa State at Ames on April 16, will be a successful one for the Gophers. ROGER VERRAN 257 FY 'wwnmp-Wa' BECAUSE of the pre-season opening of the University Golf Course, returning letter- men and team aspirants reached top form at an unusually early date. Neil Croon- quist and Billy Cooper, the two leading members of last year's freshman squad, shot in the seventies the first day out. Co- captains Mel Larson and Ernotte Hiller, both veterans of two previous seasons, Will be the backbone of this year's attack. Coach W. R. Smith expects the team to uphold their record, which finds them finishing the last eight seasons in one of the top three places. BRAIN, JR: ALTHOUGH facing a tough schedule, the prospects for this yearls tennis team are bright. Headed by veteran Guy Corson, number two singles player in the North- West, lettermen Bill Rhodes, Phil Brain, Jr., Charles Huntley, and Lefty Petrich, are rapidly Working into top form. In addition to the returning lettermen, sev- eral outstanding sophomore candidates have reported for practice. With such an experienced team, Coach Phil Brain is certain that the Gophers will finish in the highest division, and probably no lower than third place. BRAIN 25 REPRESENTATIVE MINNESCDTAIXIS EVERY year a committee made up of the Dean of Stu- dent Affairs, the Dean of Women, the president of the university, and two junior students choose twelve seniors to be designated Representative Minnesotans. The seniors are selected by a merit rating of their school activities, their scholarship, and their service to the university. It is traditional that the names of the Representative lVIinnesotans be announced in the Gopher. The committee of selection this year was composed of Dean E. E. Nicholson, Dean Anne Blitz, Shirley Rosholt and Bill Burgess. sn1:rL1n1nlurxxlzesfu'1,m 'nAa.r:r.z.4r.sgmg-y4p4,.: ,z 'I' 0- AMALIEVROTH JOHN KIRKLIN 4A" 'MABETH SKOGMO. A :ELWOOD Mc GEE ML.. . RUTH B. ANDERSON Education ' Eta Sigma Upsilon president ' Y vice president ' Mortar Board. ALFRED DE BUHR Arts - Delta Upsilon - Iron Wedge - Daily business m a n a g e r - Council president. MARGARET DEEMS Education ' Kappa Kap- pa Gamma-W. S. G. A. board ' Senate Committee ' Mortar Board. PETER EDMONDS University college - Delta Kappa Epsilon president ' Board of Publications president ' Grey Friar. ELIZABETH DONOVAN Education ' Kappa Kap- pa Gamma president ' Gopher editor ' Phi Beta Kappa - Mortar Board. MARK FORGETTE Arts - Grey Friar ' Lodgers League organ- izer and president ' Daily radio editor. REPRESENTATIVE MINNESOTAIXIS AMALIE ROTH Education - Mortar Board ' W. S. G. A. board ' All-U Council ' Eta Sigma Upsilon. JOHN KIRKLIN Arts ' Grey Friar - Sil- ver Spur president ' Football senior manager ' Psi Upsilon president. MABETH SKOGMO Arts - Gamma Phi Beta ' W. S. G. A. president ' All-U Council ' Mor- tar Board. ELWOOD MCGEE Institute of Technology ' Board of Publications - Techno-Log business manager - Iron Wedge. CAROL WHITE Home Economics - Mortar Board - Phi Up- silon Omicron president ' Gamma Omicron Beta. WILLIAM THOMSON Law ' Phi Kappa Psi ' Phi Delta Phi - Iron Wedge - Gopher busi- 11 CSS H'1EiI121gCI'. 324, Q ' -5735 . I XXI I Xf tm- n Mlm! f- 'EU ' Boom ' El lBU I I -I II S' :MII BGUGHTMSOLD 1:94 I ROBERT F. ADAMEK Platte, S. D. B.S. Kappa Sigma VINCENT lVl. ANDERSON Mirzfzenpolir B.S. Forestry Club. FRED H. BERGGREN GI'l!!'?1bllXh BHS, Farm House Fraternity, Ag. Education Club, Block and Bridle Club, Plant Industry Club, Y. M. C. A., l-3, Ag. Student Council, 3, Ag. Election Board. RICHARD H. BONDE Blomvzillglon BHS. Alpha Gamma Rho, Junior Dairy Science Club, l-4, Go- pher 4--H Club, Ag. Club Commission, 3, 4, Y. M. C. A., l-4-. ALTON M. BRAGE CHIZ7IU7II'1dllX B.S. BEATRICE B. BULL Fdfibllllll B.S. Gamma Omicron Beta, H. E. A., W. S. G. A. Board, Y. YV. C. A., Gopher 4--H Club. ALBERT BYRAM St. Paul B.S. Block and Bridle, Gopher 4-H Club, Ag. Education Club. l 1 2 66 AGRICULTU CHESTER L. AHLIN McKinley B.S. Eveleth Junior College, Al- pha Gamma Rho, Block and Bridle, Ag. Economics Club, Ag. Education Club, Y. M. C. A., Inter-Pro. Council. ELSA BACH Rochester B.S. Rochester Junior College, Gamma Phi Beta. EDWARD W. BE RGSTROM Dnlazh B.S. Duluth Junior College, Tau Phi Delta, Forestry Club. ROSS W. BOOBAR Paynewille l?.S. New York State Ranger School, Phi Tau Theta, For- estry Club, VVild Life Man- ager. RUDIE E. BRAUER Rock Rapids, Iowa B.S. Forestry Club, Gamma Del- ta, Game Managers: Club. ROBERTA BURBECK Dulzzih KS. Duluth Junior College, Phi Chi Delta. ARNE E. CARLSON lllelrudei B.S. Farm House, Alpha Zeta, Alpha Sigma Pi, Block and Bridle, Y. M. C. A., Gopher 4--H Club, Ag. Student Coun- cil, Pres., All-U Council, Ju- nior Commission, Ag. Edu- cation Club, Plant Industry Club. ARTHUR W. ANDERSON Clearbrook B.S. Gustavus Adolphus, Alpha Gamma Rho, Alpha Zeta, Block and Bridle, Plant In- dustry Club, Gopher 4-H Club, Y. M. C. A., Ag. stu- dents Council. VERNON L. BALDWIN Elmore B.S. Alpha Gamma Rho, Ag. Ed- ucation Club, Block and Bri- dle, Gopher 4-H Club, ju- nior Dairy Science Club, Y. M. C. A., Wrestling, 2, 3, R. O. T. C. JOHN W. BERKEY Minneapolis . B.S. Phalanx, Forestry Club. HARVEY S. BOYUM Peterron B.S. North Dakota Agricultural College, Alpha Gamma Rho, Junior Dairy Science Club, R. O. T. C. JEANETTE BREN Hopkins B.S. Phi Chi Delta, Phi Upsilon Omicron, Sigma Epsilon Sig- ma, Omicron Nu, Gopher 4--H Club, H. E. A., Cap and Gown, W. S. G. A., Farm Campus Y. W. C. A. Cabinet. JAMES BUSSEY Minneapolis B.S. Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Track, l, 2. ROY D. CARLSON Cromwell B.S. Alpha Gamma Rho, Pi Phi Chi, Punchinello, Block and Bridle. DONALD R. CARSWELL St. Paul B.S. Tau Phi Delta, Junior Dairy Science Club. JEAN CORSER Minneapalir B.S. Phi Upsilon Omicrong Pi Lambda Theta, Omicron Nu, Y. W. C. A., H. E. A. FRED E. DICKINSON Bemidji B.S. Bemidji State Teachers' Col- legeg Tau Phi Delta, Xi Sig- ma Pig Alpha Zeta. RAYMOND W. ELLSTROM SI. Paul B.S. Forestry Club, Voyageursg Football, l, 23 Forestry Day Association, R. O. T. C. WINFRED L.ETTESVOLD Morris B.S. Farm House, Alpha Zeta, Block and Bridle, Gopher 4-H Club, Y. M. C. A., Plant In- dustry Clubg Ag. Students Council, l, 2, Board of Pub- lications, 3, 4. CONSTANCE GILMORE i Freeborn B.S. Phi Upsilon Omicrong Iota Sigma Pig Y. W. C. A., H. E. A., Ag. Student Coun- cil. STANLEY A. GREGOR Hutchinson B.S. Alpha Gamma Rho, Block and Bridle, Gopher 4-H Club, Junior Dairy Science Club. LILLIAN L. CHRISTIANSON William: B.S. Hibbing Junior College, Go- pher 4-H Club, H. E. A.z Y. W. C. A. ARDELL H. DAMSCI-IEN Hopkins B.S. Gamma Delta, Gopher 4-H Club, Y. W. C. A., Punchi- nello Players, Bach Choral Society. LUCY JANE EDQUIST lhlfrlrlrnflalis B.S. Gamma Omicron Beta, Y. VV. C. A., H. E. A. ALBERT ENGSTROM Dtlroil Lakes ILS. Alpha Gamma Rhug Xi Sig- ma Pig Forestry Cluhg Y. NI. C. A., Wrestling, l, 2. KATHRYN A. FR.-XNTA Malfrzozzzczz B.S. North Dakota University, Chi Omega, Aquatic League, H. E. A., W. A. A., Y. W. C. A. EVELYN A. GRAHAM St. Paul B.S. Gopher 4--H Club, Y. W. C. A.g Farm Campus Y. W. C. A. Cabinet, H. E. A. RICHARD GRUENHAGEN Oshkoxlz, Wir. B.S. Alpha Gamma Rho, Alpha Zeta, Forestry Club, Ag. Stu- dent Councilg Y. M. C. A. Cabinet, Iron Wedge, Rifle Team. RICULTU CLARENCE COHN Duluth B.S. Duluth Junior College, For- estry Cluh. EVA V. DANIELSON Marine-on-Sl. Croix B.S. University of Nebraskag Gamma Omicron Beta, H. E. A., Y. W. C. A., Home Eco- nomics Council. HARRIET EKERN Piper-lone B.S. Phi Upsilon Omicrong H. E. A., Y. W. C. A. FRANCES ERICKSON Sl. Paul B.S. Alpha Xi Delta, Phi Upsilon Omicrong Sigma Epsilon Sig- ma, Farm Campus Y. W. C. A. Cabinet, 3, 4, Pres. 4-3 H. E. A. Council, 35 Gopher 4--H Club. MARGARET A. GERBER Adams B.S. Gamma Omicron Beta, Go- pher 4-H, Y. W. C. A., H. E. A. KERMIT L. GREENLEY Viking B.S. Farm House, Alpha Zeta, Plant Industry Clubg Block and Bridle, -Gopher 4-H Club, A. s. J. AJ' DOROTHY M. GULDEN Mizzncapolis ILS. Rochester Junior College, Gamma Omicron Beta, Y. W. C. A., Newman Club. 2 fgwpqga. 2 l2lCUL,TLl CLIFTON GUSTAFSON Gonfuick B.S. Alpha Gamma Rho, Block and'Bridle, Y. M. C. A., Gopher 4-H, Ag. Economics Club, Wrestling 2-4. p HARLOW W. HALVORSON Dzzlallz B.S. Duluth Junior College, For- estry Club MARY F. HAWES Minneapolis B.S. Delta Delta Delta, W. S. G. A., Y. W. C. A., French Club, l, 2, Freshman Week, 2, Homecoming, 2, 3, assist- ant chairman, 4, Gopher l. DONALD J. HIGGINS Sioux Cily, Iowa H.S. Forestry Club. BERT J. JAHN Narwamz' B.S. Newman Club, Game Man- agers Club. EDWARD KAFKA Hnfilwz, Wis. B.S. Forestry Club, Football Var- sity, 2-4. GLENN GUSTAFSON Gatwick B.S. Alpha Gamma Rho, Block and Bridle, Ag. Education Club, Ag. Economics Club, Y. M. C. A., Gopher 4-H Club. MARVIN HARMON Marshall B.S. Phi Kappa Sigma, Forestry Club, 1-4, Y. M. C. A., l-3, City Club l, R. O. T. C., l, 2, Masqucrs, l, Band, 2, Golf, 2. MARY C. HAYES Sl. Paul B.S. Kappa Delta, H. E. A., Pun- chinello, Y. W. C. A. ROBERT L. HILLER Baraboo. Wif. B.S. Forestry Club, Fender Bend- ers. GLEN J. JOHNSON Pine Cily B.S. Duluth State Teachers' Col- lege, Alpha Gamma Rho, Iron Wedge, Ag. Education Club, Gopher 4-H Club, Y. M. C. A. Cabinet, Wrest- ling, 2, 3, Baseball, 3. FRANK G. KALIN Evelezh B.S. Eveleth Junior College, Tau Phi Delta, Rangers Club, Forestry Club, Peavey Board. BETTY R. KLINGMAN Minfleapolls B.S. Gamma Omicron Beta, H. E. A., Mortar Board, Rifle Club, Cap and Gown, Ag. W. S. G. A., Ag. Y. W. C. A. Cabinet, Ag. Sophomore Pres. MARIAN A. KRINKE Lamlrcflon B.S. Y. W. C. A., Home Eco- nomics Council., 4. HOWARD T. HAGEN Minneapolis - B.S. Voyageurs, Forestry Club, Ag. Y. M. C. A., Ag. Stu- dent Council, Foresters Day Assn., Forester's Camera Club. JANET HART Minneapolis B.S. Carleton College, University of Wisconsin, Alpha Chi Omega, Y. W. C. A., H. E. A. OLMAN HEE Duluth B.S.. Superior Teachers' College, Ag. Education Club, 2-4, Y. M. C. A. Cabinet, 4, Block and Bridle, 3, 4, Gopher 4-H Club, 4. CHARLES E. HUTCHINSON Minneapolis B.S. Forestry Club, 4, Gopher Peavey, 2, Alumni Editor, 3, Associate Editor, 4, Dia- mondball, 3, Forester's Day Assn. ARNE W. JUOLA Evelellx B.S. Eveleth Junior College. RUSSELL W. KAUPPI Duluth B.S. Duluth junior College, Tau Phi Delta, Hockey Club, l, Forestry Club, 3, 4, Hockey, l. LEONARD KUCERA International Fall: B.S. Forestry Club, Z-4. an 3 1 gf., Q A 4. 1-1 4 N ,, , , ,,- K. Vx .,., , ' f K V :Ss 1 336. 3 , ..,. 1 .hx 4. N, sb 5 , , M -I V W -,-,K Y ,,,..,,,, .. ,... . ' ' 6' Tl-IE MALI. TC E LARSON DANTEL LEACH Minneapolis B.S. ' estry Ciubg Menorah So- IAC . Virginia 135- NHLTON W. LAO Porestry Ciuhg Foresters Day TMW Dance. Voyageurs. 3.3, Farm House Przxternityg Go- pher 4-H Ciuhg Y. M. C. A4 Aiphu 'Letag Phnt lndustry Chxb. For ciety. HESTER M. LEEBENS Lirmore B.S. Ptiphn Xi' Deitag Newman REXD LENDE Chiba U Singers. D afwson .S. B Y. M. C. A.5 Biock and Bridie, ALTCE LUNDTN South. St. Paul 270 ,Z-' ,l fgf X XKGRXCULTUR B.S. ERNEST W. LUOMA Ewrlclli BS' Norwm M MAKE Eveieth junior Coiiegeg Rang- M. ' I, crsg Y. M. C. A4 Lodgers wgegpo is U Lengueg R. O. T. C.5 Swim- 1 ' ' . W ENES C. MQRTN CCT mxng. Pdphn Oniicron Pig Y. . Hbbbmg C. Pug H. E. A4 W. S. G. A. B,S, Hihhing junior Coiiegeg Y. W. C. A4 H. E. A4 Rangers Ciuh. ARLXNE D. MENT5- Sl. Paul FS' Lois Nnererc Gurnrna Omrcron Pzctag Gam- Mtmfmm niaDcitn3 Y, VJ. C. A4 H. E. B-S. A. Pm-rn W. S. G. A. Fresh- Gamma Omicron Betng H. E.. WTLMA L. MTLLER man Week, 35 CSP and A4 Y, W, C, A4 Gopher Mirmeapolis Gown, 3. muh- BIS. Phi Upsiion Omicrong H. E. A. VVXLHELMTNE P. MURPHY 7 Anglia H. BROQEQS NIXXLOR B.S. f zu mn St. Teresfs Coii' 3 P' B to BS' N113 W. gl Gfggs Parrn House Fraternity. PA- ALE: EglEEL'si?N C, AG H- E. A. pha 'Letag Psiock and Bridieg ' B Q , ' Gopher 4-H Ciuhg Pi Phi , . I 'A' ' Ch-. - A - - Xi Sigma Pig Gamma Srgrnn i, junior Dairy Science muh. Deitag AXpha 'Zetay forestry Ch1h3 Y. M. C. A. LEON ARD T. NELSON Louirigbgfg , iemnerumz M. Fa. H , NEUMANN rm 'ouse rnternityg Ag, Minneaigous Education Chxbg A. S. A4 B S Y' M' C' A' H. E. A. Cabinetg Sopho- ROBERT C. NORD more Bniig Minnecon Edi- St. PML torg Parm W. S. G. A. BIS, Cabmei- Forestry Ckuhg Voyngeurs. LOTS j. NYQUTST Mivmeapolis B.S. Phi Upsiion Ornicrong Orni- Cron Nug Y. W. C. Au W. S. KAVERNA D' OXPFXELD G A 4 H E A ' Nlmnezlpoiis ' ', ' ' ' B-S- RANDOLPH osrue W 5- Mantefuideo Y.W.C. A4 H. E. A.3 . Cv. A. E B.S. Farm House Praternityg AX oha 'Zetag Biock and Bridieg CX h. Piant industry u AGQXLULTUQE Z-,Z-' jOSEi'i'i Y'i7xY.S'Y0N Elgin rvum'N n. vr'riav.soN B-5- ADELXNF YRULSON Mi,mmp,,1iS Aiphzx Gamma Xlhog Scuhhurei A Qi! Piiul KS. and Biadeg Yizmt industry .BS Y. W. C- AJ H' Ad U. Ciuhg Ag. Economics Ciuhg ul E. AG Y. VV. C. A. Cab- Smgcpsy L Pence Couneiis il. O. T, C. inet 'l-4-g NV. S. G. A. Board, 43 U Symphony, i, 2. HELEN RORVXG F L N. D. Mmissa 3. ilomims MQ S Nh'7'gfgpUI'S StephcnsCoiiegegX5.uppn K: . G 2' DKK' Ad- Aiphzx Omicron Pig Yresh- vclfggng H Yi mam Vileek, 2, '55 Niasqucrs, jorm ix. rfraocrora x-3, lVIi111Lerlpniis 13.5. ALOXS R. SCHMXD Avon DOROTHY L. Q A ROSENWALD MHABS G' Rowh Farm House Fraternity Ag. Rnbbinszialc Ceylon Edumfnn Chip. C r . A BS KS' ci if is fi fs mfiiuil -- -N ,,-.Y',- u' an -' pia e- Gammn Cmkum Hema Barn Lum House Fraternity . Fun mu u i a and 'Yuekerg 'Yum O'Sh1mier3 Phu' LH3 BW! and Ymdxc' Gap and Govvng Sophomore Y. W. C. A. Couneii. YHHAY' Ni. SCHYLCEDEYL Sf. Paul 1 1 RS. EDWiN 5. SEDLACEXS Rdziiflill 'Yau Phi Deitag Xi Sigma Pig Aipha 'Letag Sezxhhard and ROGEXFC' SCHMUCK Biadeg Mortar and Baih MmHc'fp0l'H Pershing Rifiesg Crack Squxidg . I Kb" Union Board of Governorsg University of Wisconsing 'Yau Ag. Ummm Emma of Man, Phi Deirag Forestry Ciuhg agus, Yves? Nxmmfy Ban, Y'AM' C' ?".BmXd5 FUWSUY X-55 Forester Day Associa- DW Assucmmm' tiong R. O. T. C.g Gopher , Pcawey3 Vvrestiing, i. LOXS SXEMEN OMUND A. SEGLE-Ni Applgglm Duluth 3.5. B.S. Duiuth junior Coiicgm For- estry Ciuh. GOODWXN SONSTEGARD Georgevillc ANN sown B-S' . Harmony Alpha Gamma Rhog junior B Q Dairy Science Ciuhg Biock St. Oizii Coiiege5 Gopher Li-H and Bndxci Y' C' AD bg' Cmbs H. E. Ad Y. W. C. A6 Students Counciig Wrestiing, L. S. A. X' 'L' D. CORRXNE STEPHENSON Pelican Rapids B.S. V H. E. A.3 Y. W. C. A.3 G0 iViARiE YTA ST ATEN Coleraine phcr Li--H Ciuh. B .S . YWCX KATHERXN E R. swirru Mi1Lrzeapuii5 Fort Hayes Teachers' Coi- iegeg H. E. W. S. G. Onxieron. HOVVARD C. SORENSON Pcliufm Rapids Farm House Fmrernityg Ai- pha 'Zetag junior Dairy Science Ciuh3 Ag. Union Boardg Soeiai Coordinaiing - Committee. YQARLEEN STOUDT Chatfwlri Aipha Deira Pig Kappa Phi3 W. S. G. H. E. A. 5.3 Y.W. C. A.3 A.3 Phi D psiion B.S. A4 Y. W. C. An, H. E. PL5 . . . i . 27X .,,f ggf- , ,, 44,-,l, g,,, ,. ' ,, .,,, LEONARD R. SULLIVAN Long Prairie B.S. St. Cloud Teachers' Collegeg Ag. Education Councilg Y. M. C. A.g Junior Dairy Science Clubg Plant Industry Club. LAWRENCE P. TERCH Virginia B.S. Virginia junior Collegeg Xi Sigma Pi3 Forestry Club. JOSEPH R. TOTH Eveielh E.S. Eveleth Junior Collegeg For- estry Clubg Rangers Clubg Band, 3, 45 Footballg Hockey. CAROL C. WHITE Mi121ZCHPUZiS B.S. Gamma Omicron Bctag H. E. A.5 Mortar Boardg Phi Upsilon Omicrom Omicron Nug Ag. Y. W. C. A. Cab- inctg Cap and GoWn3 Ag. W. S. Cv. A. Board. EINO R. WUORI Virginia B.S. Virginia Junior Collegeg For- estry Clubg Foresterls Day Dance5 Voyageurs. ARTHUR H. ADAMS Mirzvzeapolis 3.3.6. Phi Sigma Phig Band, l, 2, 3, 4, pres., S. WILLIAM S. ANDERSON Duluth B.B.zEl. Duluth junior Collegeg Theta Xi. 272 ,106 susplmrss MABEL SWANSTROM SA. Paul B.S. Zeta Tau Alphag Y. W. C. A.g W. A. A.5 W. S. G. A., H. 13. A. GERALD F. THORKELSON Mayvia1'd B.S. Farm House Fraternity3 Al- pha Zeta. DODD K. WALKER Uzica B.S. Forestry Clubg Fender Bend- ers3 Baseballg Diamondballg Basketball. ANNETTE WILKENS Mora If.S. Gamma Omicron Betag Phi Upsilon Omicrong H. E. A.g Mortar Boardi Farm W. S G. A. Board, 35 Y. W. C. A., 1-4. HELEN M. YOUNG fllimzcapolis B.S. ELAINE E. ANDERSON Allberz Lea B.B'.1?l. Lodgers League Council, 3, 4-5 Band, l, 2. MERLIN C. ANNETT lllinueapnlix B.B.A. Alpha Kappa Psig Mortar and Ballg Military Ballg R. O. T. C.3 Singers, 1-45 Minnesctans. GENEVIEVE E. SWEDBVERG Redwood Fall.- B.S. H. E. A.g Y. W. C. A.3 Go- pher 4-H Clubg Y. W. C. A. Cabinet. JOHN R. TIMPERLEY Minfzeapolis B.S. Alpha Zeta. RUTH WEAVER Anoka BCS. Pi Beta Phig H. E. A.5 Y. W. C. A.5 W. A. A. WILVA WOODWORTH Evansville RS. Gamma Omicron Betag PL1nchinello5 Y. W. C. A.5 H. E. A.5 Minnecon. ROBERT A. ZABEL Plainview B.S. Xi Sigma PI5 Forestry Club5 Wrestling, Z-4. WALLACE W. ANDERSON Duluth B.B.1fl . Duluth Junior Collegei Uni- versity Singersg Lodgers' League. DONALD H. ARVOLD lllimzeapolis B.B.A. Acaciag Eta Delta Betag Iron Wedgeg Daily, l-4, Business Manager, 4. MARY ELIZABETH ' ASHLEY St. Paul B.B.A. Macalester College, Business Women's Club, Vice Pres. WALTER C. BARRON Sl. Paul B.B.11. Beta Alpha Psi. LYNN J. BAUMAN Sl. Paul B.B.A. Beta Gamma Sigma, Wesley Foundation, Band, l, 2, 3, Singers, 3, 4. WERNER BESKE Hector B.B.A. Phi Tau Theta, Y. M. C. A. Cabinet, 4, Student Sym- phony Committee, All-Uni- versity Peace Council, Wes- ley Foundation, Symphony Benefit Dance, Band, l, 2. ROBERT BLOTCKY fllinneapolis B.E.A. Scabbard and Blade, R. O. T. C., Track, 3. WILLIAM P. BREDESEN Minneapolis B'.B.A. Psi Upsilon, Y. M. C. A., Hockey, Z-4. RAYMOND W. CARLSON Mi7z1zeapoli5 B.B.1fl. Delta Sigma Pi, Grey Friar, Pres. of Business School, Junior Class, Secretary Jr. Commission, Board of Asso- ciated Business Students, Mgr. Business School Book Store. EDWYN JOHN BALLANCE flliuncnpolis H.B.A. Alpha Kappa Psi, Y. M. C. A., U. DeMolay. JOHN W. BARTHOLDI Dululh B.R.A. Duluth Junior College, Theta Xi. WILLIAM J. BAUMAN CIll7lbEfldlIf1, lflfix, I-?.H.A. St. Norbert College, Beta Gamma Sigma, Newman Club. RUSSELL L. BIDDINGER Billings, Morzl. 3.8.6. Phi Delta Theta, Football, l, 2, Baseball, 2. KENNETH A. BONG Valley Cily, N. D. Boa. North Dakota University, Beta Theta Pi. AGNES M. BRUNER Minneapolis B.B.A. LuVERN J. CARRIER Mi1Lneapoli5 B.B.A. Mortar and Ball. RAY BARGER Mizzvzeapolir B.B.A. Basketball, 3, 4. ADOLPH L. BARTOLETTI Hiboing B.B.E. Hibbing Junior College, Phi Sigma Phi, Newman Club, Band, Symphony. FRED A. BAUMANN, JR. Minrzeapolir B.B.A. Beta Gamma Sigma, Beta Al- pha Psi. EARL A. BLECK Illimzeapolis B.B.1i . JULIUS BRAUFMAN Bowdlo, S. D. B.B.A. MYRON C. CARLSON Gibbon B.B.A. Alpha Kappa Psi. FRANCIS CHAMBERS Kenyon B.B.A. Notre Dame. 274 NVILBUR E. CHELLGREN fllinncapnlis B.B.A. JAMES COLLINSON Dcvilx Lake, N. D. B.B.A. Sigma Chi. Eta Delta Betag Alpha Phi Chig Swimming. MARJORIE CZAIA flllimzcnpolis B.B.A. Beta Gamma Sigmag Business Women's Club. JAMES F. DAY Sl. P11111 B.B.1'I. Phi Sigma Phig Nlarching Band, I-4. BERNICE DRUCKER Sl. Paul 1J'.B.A. Alpha Kappa Chig Nlcnurahg Business Wuman's Club. RICHARDS W. EDWARDS Minncapolix B.R.A. CLIFFORD ERICKSON Sf. Paul B.B.A. PHILIP CLARK Sl. Paul B.B.A. Alpha Tau Omegag Eta Delta Bc-tag Freshman VVeek5 Ju- nior Ballg Y. M. C. A. Cah- inetg Senior Prom Chairman. JOHN E. COMSTOCK Mizzvzcapolix B.B..ffl. Chess Club, l-45 "U" Eagles, 2,35 Swimming, l-4. JOHN M. DAHL Brainerd B.R.A. Alpha Kappa Psig Beta Al- pha Psig Interprofessinnal Council. ROBERT PAUL DAY Hulchinran B.B.A. Alpha Kappa Psig Beta Al- pha Psi. ROBERT ECKHARDT Sl. Paul B.B.A. Beta Theta Pig Eta Delta Betag Interfraternity Council, Sec. RICHARD ELLING Mi1LneaPaIf: B.B..f1. "M" Clubg Swimming Team, 2-4. ELIZABETH NI. FIELD Minrzcapolis 3.3.6. Gamma Phi Bc-tag W. S. G. A. Sec., V. Pres.g All-U Council5 U Singersg Fresh- man Week, 35 junior Bally Foundation. MERRILYN E. CLARKE fllimzeapolix B.B.A. Chi Omegag Business Wo- men's Clubg W. S. G. A.5 Y. W. C. A. 'PRESTON H. COULTER Marzkalo B.1?.A. Mankato State Teachers' Col- legeg Gustavus Adolphus Col- legeg Beta Alpha Psi. LORRAINE A. DANLEY Sleepy Eye 3.B.A. Alpha Omicron Pig Business Women's Club. E DONALD DOD Dululh B.B.A. Duluth Junior College. JOHN R. EDWARDS Bilfingx, Mani. B.B.A. Montana State University. WILBUR ENGMAN Sazwmzn, Ill. B.B.A. Phi Sigma Kappa. JAY L. FITCH, JR. St. Paul B.B.A. Phi Kappa Psig Eta Delta Bctag Business Clubg Gopher, l-3. 4 ,W- A 5 V -zef -1 me WZEI5:-A '.::., M, , :V 7 4' ' ,A-1' - ,ui-1,,w':?1' 17 M424-P? 'K V ' , ' . L K N ,,,WQ- ifii-QM' ' -enwffi " , ' 5 5, ye ' W'w,g,Q,fJwmf' Q ' Hiizll? ' ifrimgewi 7. , M - , , .. , ff f J.,--a. V .,,1,,...f-, ' , -1 ' , 4 41-V 'Haig-f -' .,,v:.s:flQW, 1 13' f , , ,.S..V, ,J ,,:. ,,.,,,. I ,,., 1 " ' mi: 4- "" 'v' A 137' ' 5' ' 5 'fffif' Q - EY 4 X T, , 2 NES fffff if IAMES W. FREEBURG Kewzmee, Ill. B.B.A. Sigma Aipha Epsiiong Fort- FRANK M' nightiy Cahinetg Board of YRENZEL, ER' Pubiications, V. Pres. St' Paul B.B.A. Deita Kappa Epsiion. CATHBRXNB GAVXN Nlimwapolis B.B.r1. Pi Beta Phig W. S. G. A. B. WALTER GECKLBR Board, 45 Y. W. C. A. Cah- Minneapolis inet, 3. B.B.A. Alpha Kappa Psi. HEBNKAN D. GORDON St. Paul 13.B.A. Mu Beta Chia Freshman Bitie DUANB A. GOUZE Ciuhg 'Menorahg Dad's Day Chisholm Committee, 3, 43 Union Board 33-A- oi Governors, 3. Sigma Chi- HAROLD GBOTH Dassel B.B.r1. Dam Sigma px' IANKBS E. GUBYDAN Detroit, Mich. B.B.A. Loyoia Universityg Deita Sig- ma Pig Commerce Baii, Li-. EARL A. HALVORSON NEWELL GAASBDELEN Minneapolis B .B .A. Beta Gamma Sigma. MARCYA D. GORCHOYF Sioux Falls, S. D- B.B.A. WXLLARD A. GBBBNLBAY Devils Lake, N. D. B.B.!1. North Dakota State Coiiegeg Aipha Tau Omega. NHLDRED B. GULXCK Bznlingtrm, Iowa B,B.A. Buriington junior Coiiegeg Aipha Omicron Pig Beta Gamma Sigmay Business Wo- men's Ciuhg Board of Asso- ciated Business Students. lV1i'rznezz1wlis B.B.A. Sigma Chig Phoenixg iron HAROLD L' HANSON Wedgeg Baskethaii, Z-4. Bfmdgffe B.B.f1. Luther Coiiegeg University of North DaiLota3 Theta Chi. SOHN C- HPXROLDSON Duluth B.B.A. Duiuth junior Coiiegeg Phi DOROTHY L' HASSLEN Kappa Psi5 Eta Deita Beta. St. Paul, B.B.A. Niacaiester Coiiegeg Aipha Gamma Deitag Beta Gamma EOHN S' HATCH Sigmag Business Womerfs Fergus Fauf HERBERT G' ciab Boardg W. s. G. A. tri- B-B-fl HENENKAN. ER- terprofeissionai Councih Pan- Sf- PMI Heiienie Rushing Chairman. W B-B-A- U esiey Foundations AB- Peace Counciig Personnel As- sociation. jOH'N A. PHC-GXNS Mfff'MfUUf RONALD W nom. B.B.A. ' A St. Thomas3 Aipha Kappa gugugi' P '3 B' G. S' 3 .' ' ' ggta Aguila Psimma igma Duiuth junior Coiiegcg Deita AUSTXN HOLLY ' Upsnom Mm-dang Bm. 3. w........, W... 4. B.B.A. Lawrence Coiiegeg Phi Deitil Thetag Beta Gamma Sigrnag Beta Alpha Psi. BUSN S BBA. Duhxth Xumor CoHege3 Them C. DANXEL XNGEBRAND SI. Paul. HULTKRANTZ Duluth OHN SON LLNTON T. 3 Pri11fvln1z B.B.A. 'l-4. DONALD F. XOUNSON Cambridge HARVEY L. 3oxNE11 St. Paul ELEANOR GALE SONES B.B.A. Sf. Jmvws WXLLXAM K. KLEXN Mirmeapolis B.B.A. .Mpha Deka Phig Beta Gam- CAROL KOTTKE ' Minneapolis Eta Dehn Beta, B B A RYZEK mm Sigmag . Managevs Chxbg Homecom- . . . H191 Fomxdahong junior 10X-LN YL ' Cornell, Wis. B.B.A. HU5 Y- M. C. A. Cabmetg Niasquersg Cwarxick Ckub. Pcvsomxd Assn. ROY O. LAAKSONEN Duluth B.B.A. E Duhnh jxmkor Cohegeg Asa- Waspca :mg Gopher, 4. BABJ1. LOUXS T. LEPAK Dehu Slgma PK. f' Duluth B.B.A. The- ALVXN H. LXEB Sr. Paul B.B.A. Phi E?s?Xon P15 orah L ' OHS yhoenhu I-xdvertxsmg Chxh. Wedge, Y' M. C. A. Busmess rjcjigifg '2,-A-3 Freshman Week, X, 23 'or Yrdh IOHN F. MAKER X L Rooter der, X-'5 . Duluth B.B.A. CARL NU-XTALA Duhxth junior CoHege. New York Mills B,B.A. Handme' Uxxkverskyg Deka WXLLXANY MCBRXDE Ka pa Pskg Newman Cxub' MAURICE MCCAFFREY Minozeapolix 3.3.4. Alpha Delta Phi, Eta Delta Beta, Phoenix, Iron Wedge, Homecoming, 1-3, Chairman, 4, Rooter King, 3, Freshman Week, 2, 3, Daily, l, Y. M. C. A. Cabinet. DAVID B. MCWETHY Sf. Paul B.E.ffl. Beta Theta Pi. ESTHER MILLMAN Sioux Fully, S. D. B.B.A. Augustana College, Sigma Delta Tau, Business VVO- mens Club. JOSEPH A. lVlOORlVlAN Arlington 3.3.6. Band, 2, 3, Lodgers League Council, Peace Council. HARLAN M. NELSON Min11eapnlix B.B.A. Phi Delta Theta, Scabbarcl and Blade. MARSHALL V. NOECKER Sanborn, N. D. B.B.A. University of North Dakota, Beta Alpha Psi. ARMOND OLSON Mifzrzeapolif RBA., B.E.E. Techno-Log, 1, Tech, Glee Club. 27 EDWARD M. MCHUGH Sl. Paul I5'.B.A. Alpha Kappa Psi, Pi Phi Chi, Newman Club, Adver- tising Club, Freshman Week Committee, 2. LEONARD lVlELBY Dlllllfh B.B.d. ALFRED H. MOE Dulnfh B.B.A. Duluth Junior College, Theta Xi, Alpha Phi Chi. XVILLIAM JAMES MORCOM Leml, S. D. B.B.A. Phi Sigma Phi, Phi Tau Th eta, Concert B a n d, lvlarching Band. .lAlVlES li. NICHOLS l'l"illmar H.B..'1. Phi Tau Theta. NICK C. NORELL llflinneapolir 3.13.11 . Beta Gamma Sigma, junior Marshal. SYLVTA OSlVlAN Mimzmpnlir 15'.E.:1. Menorah. JOSEPH MCKEVITT Irrmwnmi, Miffl. B.B.1i. Ironwood Junior College, Theta Chi, Newman Club. ROBERT S. MERHAR Ely B.B.A. Ely -lunior College, Rangers Club, Lodgers League, Con- cert Band, Marching Band. ELVVOOD W. MOLANDER Emnirlfi l?.B.A. Alpha Delta Phi, Eta Delta Beta, Grey Friar, Silver Spur, White Dragon, Repre- sentative Minnesotan Com- mittee, Sophomore Ball, Chairman, Junior Ball, Homecoming, Asst. Chr., 4, Freshman Week, President, Senior Class, All-U Council, Gopher, l-4, Basketball, l. DONALD K. NELSON llflinzzenpolir b'.B.1i. FORREST A. NlElVll Dulufh B.B.1i. ll.fXROLD OELSLAGER Fergus Falls H.B.A. WILLIAM VV. PAGE Iwinneapalis B.B.A. Delta Upsilon, Pershing Rifles, Daily, l, 4. EDWIN A. PAKOLA Virginia B.B.A. Virginia junior College. RICHARD N. PETERSON fVIf1z11ez1po1i.r B.B..f1. Alpha Kappa Psi. PAUL S. PREVEY, -IR. Mfl171ZHp0IiS RBA. Alpha Delta Phi, Phoenix Eta Delta Beta. VVILLIAWI RAITT fLIi1zrzea1Juii.r 8.3.3. ARNOLD S. ROBERTS T-:ua Harbor: B.B.A. Gustaxius Adolphus College, Alpha Kappa Psi, Beta Gamma Sigma. NIERTON A. SEARLE SZ. Paul B.B.A. Walla Walla College, U. Symphony. REUBEN A. D. SIVERSON Lengby 3.3.6. Gustavus Adolphus College, Alpha Kappa Psi, Beta Alpha Psi, Beta Gamma Sigma, Asst. Mgr. Business School Book Store. MARVIN PENNINGTON Duluth B.B.A. Intercollegiate Debate, l, 25 Duluth junior College. CLAYTON T. PIERCY Eau Claire, Wir. l?.l?.A. Beta Gamma Sigma, Beta Alpha Psi. NORMAN C. QUALEY C11 lI.Yl1IIIL'U R.H.f1. Delta Sigma Pi, Commerce Ball Chairman, 4. ERNESTINE M. RATHBUN AIiIIlIEdp0!f5 3.B..f1. Business VVomenls Club, Y. NV. C. A. DEAN W. SCHERER Mifzrzeapoiix CAROL SHERIDAN Mi7l71L'dp0IiS B.l?..f1. HJORDIS SMEDAL Alberf Lea B.B.A. Carleton College, Business Women's Club. BETTY JANE PETERSON Mi1z.neapolis B.B.!1. Sigma Kappa, Mortar Board, Sc-cri-tary, Business Womf:n's Club, 3, 4, Y. W. C. A., W. S. G. A. Board, Pinafore Council, Pan-Hellenic Ball Chairman, Pan-Hellenic Council, Tam O' Shanter Pres., Gopher, l, 2. BURTON -I. PLEHAL Exfelxior H.B.11. CARL WILLIAIVI RACHIE fllirzlzeapniit 3.8.5. WVINFIELD A. RITTER SI. Paul B.l?..fl. Delta Sigma Pi, Silver Spur, Grey Friar, Union Board of Governors, President, 45 All- U Council, Inter-professional Council, 2, President, 3, Board of Associated Business Students, 2, 3. JAMES C. SCHRADER Parham 3.3.6. Sigma Nu, Gamma Delta. VIOLA A. SIEBENTHAL flflf111zcapolfx B.B.A. Y. W. C. A., W. S. G. A., W. A. A., Business Womenls Club. ARTHUR P. SMITH, JR. Mf7l77UH2D0if5 B.E.1i. Carleton College, Phi Kappa Psi, Eta Delta Beta, Beta Gamma Sigma, Alpha Phi Chi. 279 280 GERALD M. SMITH Elmore B.B.A. Ilamline Universityg Delta Sigma Pig Freshman Weekg Commerce Ball, 3. JACK S. SNEVE, JR. Dululh B.B.A. Chi Psig Eta Delta Beta. DON C. STIXROOD Sealife, Wa,fh. 13.8.1-1. Theta Xi, Pres.g Interfrater- nity Council. ROBERT A. SVVANSON flffmzeapolix B.B..fl. E. PALMER TANG Coopfrxlawzz, N. D. B.B.f1. Concordia Collegeg Beta Gamma Sigmag Beta Alpha Psig Lodgers Leagueg Board of Associated Business Stu- dentsg Gopher, 4. ELLSWVORTI-I M. TOWLE flflfzzneapolis B.B.A. Alpha Kappa Psig Y. M. C. A.5 Managers Clubg "NIU Club. BOYD R. VANDERPOOL Faribfmll R.3..4. Drake University. HAROLD J. SMITH Sl. Paul B.B.A. Mu Beta Chig Beta Gam- ma Sigmag Menorahg Board of Associated Business Stu- dentsg U. Ma1'ching Band, 1-4. DOYLE SPAETH New Ulm B.B.A. Sigma chi. Beta Alpha' Psi. JOAN VV. STUART Minneapolis B.B.A. Business Women's Club. ROGER D. SWVANSTROM Duluth E.B.A. Duluth Junior Collegeg Tau Kappa Epsilon. LOIS D. TANG Sl. Paul B.B.r1. Beta Gamma Sigmag Busi- ness VVomen's Club. ALBERT O. TWEDTEN flflivzrzeapolis B.B.A. MELTZER WELTZIN Mi1zneapali5 B.B.A. Alpha Kappa Psi. MARGARET R. SMITH Redwood Fully 3.3.6. Stephens Collegeg Delta Gammag Business Womenls Club. EARL STEIDLER Mirzzzeapolis E.B.A. Wrestling, l-3. O. FRED STUEFER Mivzrzeapolis B.B.1i. Phi Delta Theta. ROBERT SVVARTZELL Olin, Iowa B.B.A. Beta Alpha Psi. CHARLES H. THURBER Chalfielii B.B.A. Concert Band, l-45 Wesley Foundation. OTIS VAGSTAD Cflippe-wa Falls, Wis. B.B.A. River Falls State Teachers College. JAMES A. WHITBECK Sl. Paul B.B.l1. Beta Alpha Psi. -f " . n f DX 1 0: M Y. ,M 3 Q Y 5 sr 1: 1, eu U I iw 9 E I 1 2 E ,il 1,111 -f EN ' . 1 N "'ff:7Z .Ziff 4,5 zfftf 55, wr" : iff? I "Af, gw74"fg:f.2 . 5 2-1 -in f V A-' kv ' ' . b 1 2732 W Q 30 I 'QW' ,' . H - W ' 3 ' 1 1 F 'I . ,,. 2 5 ,. ,www 4 f 'ww r w 1 21- M u -1 . 4 E ,g V. Af, 4 wf Q 4 Z' V - . X M , ul WWW. f. . ,.1, W' '5,gZ?W'f1,,1, 1-,:, , . , . , :5g1:?sryfm Z:l,,.g2:, 'F Bw. - , 1,-215' IEQ1E'7".".rj?'?fFf2'-2' "2 " . ' I .QL +:,eg'z1f- .2-..::1rfg:::,1 ::,:i f, 2.ff-'f-fm. . -'-2-V ' ' " ' mf-:5-Q 5. 2: T v3::5j:553:,,5':-5 - A' ' :k:55:.,,3, I G fo iwmuqn, 2mm ga, MQ 282 lgg gff DENTXSTRV ROBERT 3. WHITE Eau Claire, Wis. B.B.A. Sigma Alpha Epsilon. ELEANOR R. ADAMS Oshkosh, Wis. G.D.H. LOlS WlLEN Mirmewpalis B.B..f'1. Beta Gamma Sigmag Busi- ness VVomen's Cluhg Y. W. C. A4 Advertising Club. ROBERT B. BEHLER St. Paul D.D.S. Alpha 'Yau Omega. SAMUEL N. 'ZAGAYJA Sr. Paul B.B.A. Beta Alpha Psig Singers, l. O"lllS W. BENNETT Woodland, Calif. D.D.S. Sacramento junio: College. ZOE. BES'l'lClC Detroit Lai-:es G.D.H. University of North Dako- HENRY A BOLT tal glpmlpa Phig Alpha Kap- Primburg BENSAMXN S' P' H 'M' D.D,S, Booici-lameta Calvin College. CfWb5ff'lla Canada D-D.S. University of Nlanitohag Al- pha Omega. ALBEPJY H. BREKKE Mimleapolis D-D.S. HELEN Nl, l3ROULLlllE lron Zllozmlnin, Miflz. G-D-H AUDREY CARLSON Minneapolis G.D.H. President, senior class, dental hygiene. l.-ESLlE CllRlS'TENSON Slayton D.D.S. Nlacalestei' Collegeg Psi QOYLA M, CLAUSQN Omega- Mivlnmfzolis GRETTA M- CORNXSH G'D'H' Duluth G.D.H. Duluth Sunioi' Collegeg Al- pha Xi Deltag Alpha Kappa Gammag Hesticm Cltihg U. Peace Council. KENNETH C. DcC-ON Minneapolis D.D.S. University of Nlichigang Psi S ROGER DCLANGE Omega' sf. Paul EDYTHE D. C-ALlNSON Minneapolis G .D.H. D .D .S. Delta Sigma Delta. SYDNEY R. GELMON Yarletnn, Canada D.D.S. Univevsity of Nlanitoha5 Al- pha Omega. ROBERT W. FLETCHER Plzilmlelplzla, Pa. D .D .S. SAMUEL G. C1lNll'EL Minneapolis D.D .S. Alpha Omega. EDWYN A. GLASSON Minneapolis D .D .S. La Crosse State Teachers' Cullcgcg Psi Omega. MARCELLA HALL Minneapolis G.D.H. Secretary, dental hygiene class. IOHN Nle. HEPSON Hibbing D.D.S. Hihhing junior Collegeg Du- luth junior Collegeg Chi Phig Rangers Club. WALTER j. IOHNSON Minneapolis D.D.S. RUDOLPH KALAN Ely D.D.S. ALEX S. KELLAM Duluth D.D.S. Duluth junior College3 Psi Omega. FLOYUAN S. lQLlCl4 Long Prairie D .D .S. Managers Cluh, l-35 Band, lg Student Football mana- ger, 3. NORM AN E. GOLD? ARB Duluflz D.D.S. Duluth junior Collcgcg Sn- SHElllVlAN Gl7xEENl"rl3llG perior State 'Teachers' Col- Mi1H1L'11190l1S lege. D .D.S. Alpha Omegag Nlenorahg Band, l-3. CLAll1E Nl. IANLES Marlclia, Minn. D.D.S. Nlacalestcr College- Delta . ' . S Sigma Deltag lntcvprofcs- MAYNARU SAME """"' ' . . Lake Cryrlal sional Council. D.D.S. Hamline Universityg Delta Sigma Delta- CAREY JOHANSEN For! Lee, N. 1. D.D.S. Lots L. 3ouNsoN Virginia G.D.H. Virginia junior Collcgeg Al- pha Kappa Gamma. DAVXD C. SOHNSTON River Falls, Wir. D.D.S. River Falls Teachers' Col- legeg Acacia. HARPER lf. QUN Cv Waflma HAROLD KANTER New York City, N. Y. D.D.S. City College of New Yorlcg Alpha Omcgag Ping Pong 'LACK KASLOFF champion, 3. Vvlllmiljegf Cmmda D.D.S. University of Manitohag Al- pha Omega. CLXVE G. KELSEY Hinckley D.D.S. Psi Omega. EDWXN I. lQLEllVlOLA Keewarin D.D.S. Hihhing junior Collegcg Chi Phig Psi Omcgag lfloclacyg junior Ball. CLXO G. lCllEjCl Milam G.D.H. Alpha Kappa Gammag Var- sity Band. 'MARGARET Kl7slNBRlNG Havre, Mom. G.D.H. Northern Montana Collegcr Alpha Kappa Gamma. 287, FRANK E. LAING Ely D.D.S. Psi Omega, All-U Council. LEWIS W. LAW Minfzcapolis D.D.S. ALBERT P. LEISZ Turtle Lake, Wis. D.D.S. River Falls State Teachers' College. DONALD R. MACKAY Mivzneapolis D.D.S. Silver Spur. - MARVA E. MORRIS Anoka G.D.H. IRENE O'CONNOR Mifzrzeapnlis G.D.H. Women's Rifle Club, W. A. A. DONALD P. PETERSON Daluifz D.D.S. 2 34 PATRICK LAMB Michigan City, N. D. D.D.S. St. Thomas College. HAROLD R. LAWLER Gordon, Wir. D.D.S. Macalester College, Delta Sigma Delta. RALPH A. LOGAN Waterloo, Iowa D.D.S. University of Iowa, Dclta Sigma Delta. IAN G. MacKENZIE Norlh Porlal, Canada D.D.S. University of Saskatchewan, University of Manitoba, Re- giana Normal School. NORMAN B. MOSS Winnipeg, Canada D.D.S. University of Manitoba, Al- pha Omega. H. RICHARD OLESON Rnchexler D.D.S. Rochester Junior College. LILA MARIE PETERSON Cakalo ' G.D.H. NORBERT S. LANG Holdingford D.D.S. ' St. -lohn's University, Psi Omega, Newman Club, Basketball. WILLIAM M. LEEBENS Lixmore D.D.S. Augsburg College, Delta Sig- ma Delta, Football, 2. FRED E. MAASS Gaylord D.D.S. PATRICIA L. MAGOON Mirzneapolis G.D.H. .Kappa Phi, W. S. G. A., Singers, U. Symphony. ADELINE N. NAFTALIN Fargo, N. D. G.D.H. North Dakota State, Alpha Kappa Chi, Menorah, Masqucrs. MALVIN' PANAR Winnipeg, Canada D.D.S. University of Manitoba, Al- pha Omega. MARTHA L. RANDALL Minrzeapalis G.D.H. ANTHONY G. RICHTER Rabbizzx, Calif. D.D.S. Sacramento Junior Collegeg Delta Sigma Delta. MELVIN A. SCHUELLER Halfiingfard D.D.S. St. John's Universityg Psi Omegag Lodgcrs' League. HAROLD SHATSKY Pclly, Cnmzda D.D.S. University of Manitoba. DALE R. SMITH Marzdarz, N. D. D.D.S. University of North Dzlkutag Beta Theta Pi. JEAN STEVVART Stanley, N. D. G'.D.H. FLORENCE F. TONRICH Mifzrzeapolis G.D.H. ALBERT L. VOGEL, JR. Minneapolis D.D.S. Psi Omega5 Dentistry Ball, VIVIAN RISING Long Prairie G.D.H. CLETUS S. SCHULTZ Hibbing D.D.S. Hibhing Junior Cullcgeg Dcl- ta Sigma Dcltag Rangers Club. JOHN L. SJOSTEDT flflirznrapolis D.D.S. GENEVIEVE I. SNIYTH Mi11r1capoIis G'.D.H. JOHN B. STOLL Perham D.D.S. MARION C. TUTTLE fllimzeapolis G.D.H. FREDERICK T. WIGAND Clear Lake, Wir. D.D.S. River Falls State Teachers' Collegeg Student Advisory Committeeg Freshman Week, 35 Wrestling, 2. ALEX SCI-IMIES Mzl1ziclz, N. D. D.D.S. University of North Dakotag Boxing. JEANETTE R. SCHWARZ Amboy G.D.H. Alpha Kappa Gamma. i CHESTER D. SMITH VVillista1L, N. D. D.D.S. North Dakota Universityg Kappa Kappa Psig Phi Delta Kappag Delta Sigma Delta. KENNETH STEFFENSEN Wolf Point, Mont. D.D.S. A Chi Phig Iron Wedgeg Ju- nior Ballg Band Formalg Junior President of Den- tistryg Band, 1-3. MARY K. THOMAS fllberl Lea A G.D.H. Alpha Kappa Gamma. ROBERT G. VIG Mclrztash D.D.S. MELVIN V. YOUNG Duluth ' D.D.S. Duluth Junior College. 2 Z U HARRY R. YUNCK. Cul Bank, Mont. D.D.S. Delta Sigma Delta. JOHN M. BOLSTAD, JR. Spicer Embalming Macalester College. RUSSELL W. MUNSON Mahrzozzzerz Embaiming Pi Sigma Eta. V JAMES M. FELIX fllizzrzeapolix A.A. BEN L. LIMAN Mirzrzeapolix A.A. GUNHILD L. OSTROOT Minrzcnpolir A.A. Sigma Epsilon Sigma, N. H. S. S. DONALD C. ADAMSON Mofztcvideo B.S. Macalester College, Zeta Psi, Basketball, Baseball. ROBERT R. GRAHAM Dcferwnod Embalming Pi Sigma Eta, Lcidgers League, Rifle Club. CARL G. NORR Lirzle Falls Embalmizzg Pi Sigma Eta. MILDRED E. HULL Sl. Paul A.A. .EDITH NELSON Alimzeafvalis A.A. Y. W. C. A., W. A. A. SHIRLEY J. PETERSON Mirzrzeapnlix A.A. AVISMERI ANDERSON Mirzrzeapalis B.S. Mu Phi Epsilon, University Symphony, 1-4-. LLOYD ZIMMERMAN Miles City, Mont. D.D.S. CLARENCE C. GRAY, JR. Hempstead, N. Y. Embalming JOTIE G, PETTUS Leavenworth, Kans. Embalming CARLYLE D. JACOBSON Minneapolis A.A. LAWRENCE ODENCRANS Mirzfzeapolix A.A. Managers Club, 3, 4-. RUBY JO SWANSTROM St. Paul A.A. University of Wisconsin, Kappa Alpha Theta, Home- coming, U. Theatre. RUTH B. ANDERSON Lifchjield B.S. Eta Sigma Upsilon, Pres., Mortar Board, Forum Com- mittee, 2-4, International Relations Club, Y. W. C. A. Cabinet, Vice Pres., Singers, Fortnightly Committee. Q . ,Q-? A X .-Yum, f I ,- R+ 4' 3, W ,L " 4 1, .576 , X . , fp A ,f ww ws? QQ . W , if if Sw, Af:-:ft M,w,f,,W- ,. . ff! AUGUSTA S. AXNESS Minneapolis KATHLYN L. BEECROFT Keewolirl llihhing junior Collegcg Rangers Cluhg U. Singers, l. Y RUTH E. BERGQU KST lllinneapolis Gamma Phi Being Eta Sug- ina Upsilong W. S. G. A-3 Y. W. C. A.g lnterproles- sional Board, 'S-4g Founda- lion, 4-3 Gopher, 3, Ll: ROLAND v. mosjo Lnfnyolte Alpha Sigma Pig German Cliih. ELYLABETH ll. BU CKEEE C. A.3 Wonienls Ed. Club, Secy. RUTH L. Cl'llll5'l'Ol'l'lEllSON Austin NELLlE BARDWELL Excelsior B.S. Hamline Universityg Sigma Kappa. Nlasquersg Singers. V. MARY BENNETT Minneapolis B.S. million Collegeg Nlzrsquers. YAYYH E. EEVEllNlClQ Minneapolis BS. Della Delta Delmg W. S. O. A.g Y. W. C. A.3 French Cluhg Homecoming, '53 Bib and Tucker, vice president. CELlA BORL-AND H oplcinr B.S. Alpha Della Pi. Minneapolis B-S- MARY CARL Wheatlnn Collegeg Alpha Om- Sf, Paul, icron Pi. 3.5, Alpha Phig Nlasquersg Sing- ers. XUNE CEDARLEAF St. Paul , B-55 iorm c. crmrasrraoiw Eta Sigma Upsilong Falwell B5- Cluhg W. A. A.3 Y. W. Marble ltasca junior College. MARTHA A. CLlF'l'ON Webster City, Iowa HELEN D. BARNES Coleraine B.S. jUDl'l'H A. BERG SL. Paul B.S. Delta Delta Delta. ELYLABETH L. BLDC Owatonmz B.S. PHlLlP A. BRANDT Sanrlstrme B.S. Acaciag Alpha Phi Chir ju- nior Ball. Homecomingg Freshman Week, 2, 3. MARY L. CARLY ON Mirmezzpolis B.S. DONALD R. CEllEYlCE Newark, N. 1. B.S. Scahhard and Bladeg ltalian Cluhg R. O. T. C. B.S. W. A. As Y. W. C. A. Webster City junior Collegeg Chi Omega, pres.5 Education ELMA E' COOK! 8 Womenvs Grub, Pres-3 U- Oklalzomo Cnty, Ok a. 2 8 Theatre, 2, 3. B'S' f EDUCATXON Lindenwood Collegeg Delta Delta Delta. HELEN E. CURRAH Mobridge, S. D. B-S- IOAN DAVNXE Mifmeapolis Hallock B,S. B-S- Kappa Kappa Gananaag Mor- Mooriiead State Teachers' Lay Bom-da Em Sigma Upsi- Coiiegeg Business Woxncn's iong W. S. G. A. Cabinet, Ciubg Education Wonxen's X-4, Asst, Chairman Fresh- Cblb. man Wcein, 43 Senate Corn- DOROTHY G. DERYER Hefmasa Beach, Calif. B.S., G.N. ELLEN Battle Creek Coiiegeg Aipba 53 GXAMBATTXSTA Tau Deita. Hilybmg Hibbing junior Coiiegc-5 Rangers Ciubg Newman Ciub3 French Ciub. euzarseri-1 ic. DMM DONOVAN Minneapolis B.S. Kappa Kappa Gamma, Yres.g Theta sigma vm. Pm ram MARGARET R- Kappag Mortar Board. Pi DONOVAN Lambda Tbetag Eta Sigma Pmflof Upsiiong Sigma Epsiion Sig- B-5- mm px-end. grub? pawgen, Coiiege of St. Scboiasticm BENIAMXN E.'DUNSTAN enic Counciig Honiecorning, P59193 Tau Deva- Tawmte i, 2, Executive, fu Yresbman - Bs' Week, 2, '53 W, S, G, Ad Xtasca junior Coiiege. Y. W. C. A. Cabinet, ig Mar- sbah Gopher, i, 23 Asst. Editor, '53 Editor in Chief, FRANCES R, ENDAHL 43 DaiiYa X' Coleraine B.S. mem. ENC-H MXNARD P' EDMAN itasca junior Coiiegeg Ai- Wadena Pemmck pba Tau Deita3 Rangers Ciuba BS' B-S- Hesmm Chiba Kappa pm Business VVornen's Ciubg St. Cloud Teacher-55 Coiiege. Gans, Chiba Pubuc Hamm W. 5. G. A-5 Hmmm Chino. Nupses Cub- Y. C. A-3 A. A4 House Councii. CHARLOTTE EVEN SON Osakis B.S. DOROTHY M. EAEER St. Paul. B.S. RUTH FERGUSON Detroit Lakes B.S. Eoiweii Ciubg Hestian Ciub. MAXXNE EERRKNG Glenwood Atpha Gamma 'Dcitas Masquersg Aquatic League. VERA L. FHJK Hazchiasun Yoiweii Ciub. MARGARET FLACK Minneapolis B.S. Eta Sigma Upsiiong Phi Chi Ap,LU3, 0, PLOM Deita. Kenyon B.S. Y, M. C. A.g Lodgers' League. EDUCAWXON MARGARET DEEMS niitteeg Y. W. C, A.5 Senior Advisory Board, chairrnan. CHESTER V. DOLAN KATHARINE E. PAY New Richmond, Wig. B.S. U. 'Ybeatrea U. Symphony. HAROLD E. FOOTE Grand Rapids ZEQ RICHARD N. FOSSUM Minneapolis B.S. M. Clubg Baseball. MORRIS H. FRISCH Virginia B.S. Virginia junior Collegeg Rangers Club. DONNA GERHARDT Yakima, Waxlz. B.S. Aquatic Leagueg W. A. A. GORDON R. GLABE Oronoco B.S. Rochester Junior Collegeg Alpha Sigma Pig Freshman Week. ANITA GORDON . Ely B.S. Ely junior Collegeg Alpha Kappa Chig Phi Alpha The- tag International Relations Clubg Rangers Clubg Hestian Clubg Menorahg W. A. A.5 Pi Lambda Theta. MARY E. GRAY Minneapolis B.S. French Club. MARIE B. GULICK Burlinglon, Iowa B.S. Burlington Junior Collegeg Alpha Omicron Pig Y. W. C. A.5 Hestian Club. 20 UCATI RUTH A. FOWLER Preston B.S. Hamline Universityg U. Singers. WINIFRED E. GARRARD Brainerd B.S., GUN. Bethel Junior Collegeg Pub- lic Health Nurses Club. VIOLETTE GIESE Do-ver B.S. Zeta Phi Etag Masquersg U. Theatre. RUDY GMITRO Minneapolix B.S. "M" Clubg Football, 2-4. ANNIE M. GOULD Minneapolis BHS. W. S. G. A. MARGARET GRIERSON lllinneapolix B.S. St. Cloud Teachers' College. ISABEL GULLIFER St. Paul B.S. JOHN W. FREEMAN Sz. Paul B.S. Y. M. C. A. GRACE M. GAY Moose Lake B.S. Chi Omegag Delta Phi Del- tag Peace Council3 Gopher, 25 Ski-U-Mah, 33 Masquers, 2. RUTH GILLESPIE Two Harbor: B.S., G.N. Eveleth Junior College, l, 25 Eta Sigma Upsilong Mortar Board3 N. S. G. A., Secy. MAXINE H. GOLBERG Blooming Prairie B.S. St. Olaf Collegeg Alpha Omicron Pig Y. W. C. A.5 W. S. G. A.g Education Wo- men's Club. U. Slngersg Business Women's Club. WILLIAM H. GRAVES, JR. Amesbury, Mast. B.S. Sigma Alpha Epsilong Le Cercle Francaisg Tennis. RUBY GROTHE Roseau B.S. University of North Dakotag Business Women's Club. C. GENEVIEVE GULLINGSRUD Grand Forks, N. D. BHS. St. Olaf Collegeg Alpha Tau Deltag N. S. G. A. GEORGE F. GUSTAFSON Two Hurborx B.S. Phi Epsilon Kappa, Pi Phi Chi, Alpha Sigma Pi, Bas- ketball, 2-4. DE ETTE HANDFORD Sl. Paul B.S. Macalester College. ESTHER HAYCOCK Mirzneapolis B.S. Kappa Phi, Folwell Club, Latin Club, Verse Speaking Choir. MONA MAE HEDEN Ogema, Wir. B.S. Y. W. C. A., W. S. G. A., Swedish Club, Education Womenls Club, U. Singers. VIRGINIA HILL . Minneapolis B.S. W. S. G. A. BEATRICE M. HOESLEY Dodge, Wir. B.S. Winona State Teachers' Col- lege, Newman Club, Hes- tian Club. AUDREY A. JOHNSON Minneapolis B.S. LILLIAN B. HAGEN Gnznile Falla B.S. Gamma Delta. ANNE HARADEN Chisholm B.S. Hibbing Junior College, Rangers, Hestian. CASPER HAESER Mizzneixka B.S. Alpha Sigma Pi, Rangers Club, R. O. T. C., Boxing, Swimming, Track. MYRNA G. I-IETHERINGTON Minrzeapolis B.S. Phi chi Delta, Y. W. C. A., Masquers, U. Theatre, U. Singers, 4. HELENE E. HILYER Miizneapolix B.S. Alpha Kappa Alpha, Ameri- can Student Union, Peace Caravan, Masquers. FRANCES L. HOLLY Waupaca, Wir. BHS., G.N. Pi Lambda Theta, Eta Sigma Upsilon, Public Health Nurs- ing Club. BEATRICE E. JOHNSON Center City BHS. Alpha Tau Delta, V. Pres., N. S. G. A. Board, All-U. Council. ELEANOR HALL Sl. Paul B.S., G'.N. Alpha Tau Delta. AILI HAUTALA Hibbing B.S. Hibbing Junior College, Rangers Club, Band, Sym- phony. ROBERT HEATH Sioux City, Iowa B.S. Alpha Sigma Pi, U. Singers, Stadium Singers. EDWIN E. HILL Virginia B.S. Virginia junior College, Al- pha Sigma Pi, Pres., All-U. Council, 4, Band, 3, U. Syin- phony, 3. PATRICIA A. HOBAN Mivineapoiix B.S. Tam O'Shanter Council, Y. W. C. A., Cap and Gown Council, Gopher, 2, 3. MAURINE F. HURD Hampton, Iowa B.S. Eureka College, Delta Zeta, Y. W. C. A. MARJORIE A. JOHNSON Lafayette B.S. Hestian Club, U. Singers, W. S. G. A. 292 LJCATI RUTH ANN JOHNSON Duluth B.S. Duluth junior College, Sig- ma Theta Tau, W. S. G. A. MARIE E. KANE Benson BRS. College of St. Teresa, Delta Gamma, Zeta Phi Eta. ROSEMARY KLAUS Minneapolis B.S. Latin Club, Homecoming, Masquers, 2-4, U. Theatre, 2-4-. NATALIE KRAUCH Sl. Paul B.S. Delta Delta Delta, U. Sing- ers. ROSEMARY O. LaFRENIERE Grand Rapids B.S. Itasca junior College, New- man Club, Rangers Club, Cosmopolitan Club, Mas- quers. ELAINE M. LeVESQUE Mi7Z7Z6dp0li5 B.S. Superior Teachers' College, French Club, Newman Club. LOREN B. LUND Minneapolis R.S. Park - Stanford Conserva- tory, Singers, l-3, North- rup Singers. RUTH M. JOHNSON Benron R.S. Pi Lambda Theta, P. E. A., W. A. A. Board, 1-4, All- U. Council, Peace Council. ETHEL KANER Nash-wauk B.S. Hibbing Junior College, Al- pha Kappa Chi, Rangers, Folwell Club, Hestian Club. BERNICE KLOBE Young America B.S. Chi Omega, U. Singers, W. A. A., Bib and Tucker. DOMINIC KREZOWSKI Min 71 eafolis B.S. Football, l-3, Track, l-3, Basketball, l. NIICHAEL G. LAGATHER Chisholm B.S. Hibbing Junior College, Rangers' Club, Football, 4, Basketball, 2-4, Baseball, 2-4. ROBERT N. LEWIS SI. Paul 3.5. Kappa Sigma, Football, l, 2, Track, 3. VIOLA L. LUNDIN Minneapolis B.S. KATHRYN KAISER Fond du Lac, Wir. B.S. Public Health Nurses, Club. MARION KASK Sl. Paul BCS. Macalester College. HAROLD C. KRAFT Enderlin, N. D. B.S. Sigma Chi, Baseball. LORRAINE KROON Mankato B.S. Mankato State Teachers' Col- lege. RUTH A. LANTO Nashwauk B.S. Hibbing Junior College, Rangers Board, Y. W. C. A. C-ENEVIEVE LIND St. Paul B.S. North Dakota State College, Gamma Phi Beta, Alpha Psi Omega. AUDREY O. MAIR Minneapolis B.S. University of California, Mu Phi Epsilon. fix" fig 1 a , Ns V 2553? QS Y' .k 2 Eiga .91 'em 1- ' iv it Q . X3 my 34 N ? A A ' Kgj.. I 'A 5 V . 3 A 2 K 'bvammaqwl 4 2 Z! HARRXET L. MALKERSON Minneapolis Evzxngeiicai ilieigue. FRANI3?Em1I2g ZAPQLEY BS- VXVXAN S. MARSHAK , Minneapolis B.S. Kadirnah Societyg Menorah Society., A. S. U.3 Singers. DANIEL L. MARTINO St. Paul B.S. Pi Sigma Pig Aipha Sigma Pi3 Arjrgg MAY0 Band, i-43 Singers, i-4. Alpha B.S. . Niucaicster Coiiege. HELES NXCGUHLE Minnzayolis B.S. LOI5 MELBY Blooming Praifie B.S. jOHN MENOZZX Nashfwauk B.S. itasca junior Coiiegeg Rang- ers' Ciuh. RUTH E. MERRY Minneapolis B.S. , Carieton Coiiege. ELAINE MXKALSON Billings, Mont. B.S. Eastern Montana Normai BARBARA NXOODY Schooh Phi Omega Pig Zeta St Paul Excglgiof Phi EtagY.W.C. A. 'BS BIS, University of North Dakota. Sigma KQPPW Educauon Women's Ciubg Y. W. C. A.. Pinafore Counciig Tam Ol Shanter Counciig Singers i-4. ARLINE V. NASBY Jackson B.S. Hestian Ciuh, 4-5 Y.Vtl. C. A., BEPSTl1lCE C- NELSON 3, 43 Singers, 3, 4. Minneapolis BS- urvp. c. NELSON Y. W. C. A.3 W. S. G. A. Crane Lake B.S. Hihiuing junior Coiiegeg Y. W. C. A.3 Niasquersg . Singers. HELEN M. NELSON Duluth. B.S. GLADYS E. NETTERLUND Kdflffad Hzxraranzr NXEBERGALL BS- sf. Paul Bethei junior Coiiege. B-S. Pi Beta Phig 'Zeta Phi Etag Y. W. C. A. Cabinetg W. S. G. A.3 Homecoming, ig Mas- rwrn E. NORDBERG 'Wm' Virgivbia BS' BETTY GAY NORDLAND Virginia junior Coiiegeg Hes- M, I I. tinn Ciuhg Rangers' Ciuhg mneapo is Foiweii Ciuhg Education Wo- Ch. O ' Y W CAROL M- OLSON nien's Ciuh. C AA 'Sega' mgers' ' ' Pine Island . . 3 inet. BUS. Y. W. C. A. Boarcig W. S G. A. House Counciig U. Singers. EDUCATXON EDUCATXQN ? DORKS E. OMAN Willmar BS' . GRACE OMUNDSON North Park Coiiegeg Bum- DYHDY Lakes' ness Womenis Ciubg Y. W. R gs C. A. Yiiesfian Ciub, 3, 4-3 Singers, RUTH E. OSTLXE , ' Morxlcvidrrz German Ciuh. M. 3oYCE PAUL M"1"ge?0l1S Brrzmararu s, Sigma Kappag 'Zeta Phi Etag PEQEXEEQN Eta Sigma Upsiiong Y. W. EJHN C. A.5 Panheiienic, Councii, 'M' ' ' . ,L ZA Fyeshman Week .5 Jr' Aipha 'Yau Deilag Puhiic Je-ge S eakxn Choir ' 5 i Heaith Nurses' Ciuh. ViilGiNiPr PETTEIUSEN X P g I SI. Paul BIS. CAROL YWNEO V 1'5'gW' 3ANE Pnorzrrrm ' ' Fair111o11.t v' ' ' ' -cn . rrginia junior o ege BS. BOSEPHXNE QUXNN ' Stephens Coiiegeg Deira yrfudmm Gammag Y. W. C. A.. Nine- 3,5- 'WU5' 'Niacuiester Coiiegeg Aipha Gamma Deitag Y. W. C. A.. Fortnighriy Cabinet. Daiiy. PRED RANHELE Keewazin B.S. Hihhing junior Coiiegeg ARLXNE E. guqc, Band. Hi1,1,.,,g ANNE D. rzoarars BDS. Arzaconda, Mont. B.S. Sigma Epsiion Sigrnag Pi Lambda Thetrig Lambda Ai- pha Psi. LOXS W. ROLYXNG St. Paul P'-NiPxLiE BOTH B,S, Minneapolis U. Singers. B-3- Eta Sigma Upsiiong Mortar MADELON ROTH Boardg Y. W. c. A. cabinet, Mm-wefwvliis W. 5. G. A. Board, Secyq l B-3- Senior Advisory Boardg Aii- Awha Chl 011125213 Eta Sig- U. Qmmdr. ma Upsiiong French Ciuh, 3, 43 Niasquers. DPsNiEL H. RUOYY La Crosse, Wis. BS- ANNE M. sprro Phi Eysiion Kappag Phi 'Yau Hibbmg Thetag Managers' Ciubg Stu- RIN., BIS- MABEL 59-NYVSON dem Baskefbm Manager, 31 naming junior couege. rms- S" PSM 4- iic Heaith Nursing Ciub. V B' ' St. Cioud Teachers' Coiiege5 Y. W. C. A4 internationai Pseiations Ciub. DOROTHY SANDBERG Grantsburg, W'is. Y fb, BS. ELiZPxBE'YH L. SANFORD Minneapolis BS' 1au:erN L. sarrua Frost Gamma Deira. W AGNES L. SCHAAF SZ. Paul B.S. Alpha Omicron Pi, Eta Sig- ma Upsilon, Business Wo- men's Club, Education Women's Club, Newman Club, W. S. G. A., Y. W. C. A. RUTH SCHMIDT Glencoe B.S. Kappa Delta, W. S. G. A., l-4, Y. W. C. A., l-4. VIC SPADACCINI Keewalin B.S. Newman Club, Rangers' Club, "NI" Club, Common Peoples' Ball, Union Board of Governors, Football, 2-4, Hockey, Boxing. VIRGINIA E. STEWART Sl. Paul B.S. Macalester College, Y. NV. C. A., W. A. A. LLOYD L. STUSSY Manlorville B.S. Rochester Junior College. GRACE I. TORESON Spnkrzne, Wash. B.S. W. A. A. Board, 2, 3, Se- nior Advisory Board, 3, 4, U. Singers, l, 2. DON W. VAN METRE Mitchell, S. D. B.S. Dakota Weslyan University, University of Wisconsin, Band, 4. 2 UC REYBURN E. SCHMIDT Osseo B.S. Alpha Sigma Pi. DEAN R. SHAWBOLD Minneapolix 3.8. Phi Epsilon Kappa, Gym Team, 2, 3, Capt., 4. JANET SPRAGUE Caledonia 13.3. Carleton College, Alpha Om- icron Pi, W. S. G. A., Y. W. C. A., Masquers, 1-4. LYNUS STONEBAClQ Mi1Li1ei1pulis B.S. HENRY YV. TANINIINEN Virginia B.S. Virginia Junior College, Al- pha Sigma Pi. Pl-IOEBE TOWNSEND Dululh B.S. Duluth State Teachers' Col- lege. CALVIN VRIESEN Hlrzmburg ILS. Mission House College, Ger- man Club, 3, 4, Band, 3, Singers, 2, 3, Stadium Sing- ers, 3. ROBERT C. SCHMIDT Osseo B.S. Phi Epsilon Kappa, Band, Football. NAOMI G. SKARISON Minneapolis B.S. Eta Sigma Upsilon. ARLYN' STENERSON Sl. Paul B.S. MILDRED M. STRONG Min1zeapolix B.S. St. Cloud Teachers, College, Indo-American Club. HELEN H. THOMPSON Duluth B.S. Ely Junior College, Educa- tion Women's Club, Folwell Club, Rangers. WINIFRED UTNE Sf. Paul B.S. St. Cloud Teachers' College, Education Women's Club, Folwell Club. INGRID WAANANEN 'Virginia B.S. Virginia junior College, Rangers, Club, Folwell Club, Education Womenls Club. ELLEN M. WELLNER Sanborn B.S. St. Paul Luther Junior Col- lege, W. A. A. Board. LAURANE E. WOLD Red Wing B.S. Y. W. C. A., 1-4, W. A. A., Folwell Club, 3, 4. ORVAL E. ALSTAD Cokazo B.Ch. A. I. Ch. E., Union Board of Governors, Foundation Committee. ALFRED N. ANDERSON St. Paul B.Aero.E. ROBERT B. ASLESEN Minneapolis B.C.E. Theta Tau, Pi Phi Chi, In- ter-Pro Ball. JOHN T. BARBER Carlsbad, N. M. B.C.E. New Mexico Agricultural College, Triangle. HELEN E. WESTERBERG Minneapoli: B.S. P. E. A., President, Eta Sig- ma Upsilong W. A. A. Board, Y. W. C. A., Aquatic League. MARTHA A. VVRIGHT Robbizufiale ILS. Alpha Kappa Alpha, Negro Student Council. Nl. MAXINE YUNKER Aberdeen, S. D. B.S., G.N. Alpha Tau Delta. ELIAS AMDUR Aberffeerz, S. D. B.Ch. Northern Normal X Indus- trial School, Sigma Alpha Sigma, A. I. Ch. E., Chem- istry Show, 3, Engineer's Day, 3, Freshman Week, 35 M. S. C. S., All-U. Council, Tech Commission- WILLIAM ANDRES Hopkin: HOWARD C. BAER Spokane, Wash. B.M.E. A. S. M. E. RAYMOND J. BASS Minrzeapolir B.C.E. Theta Tau, A. S. C. E., Stu- dents, Forum Committee, In- ternational Relations Club, Cosmopolitan Club, Gun Club, Camera Club, Tech Glee Club. TECHNOLOGY RUTH E. WESTLUND Mirzneapolix BHS. W. A. A. MARGARET M. YOST fllinneapolis B.S. Delta Gamma, U. Singers. Bib and Tucker, President. ALFRED A. ANDERSON Lilchjield B.M.E. A. S. A. E., A. S. M. E., Pi Tau Sigma, Tau Beta Pi, Band, l, Football, 3, 4. CHARLES E. ARNOLD Eau Claire, Wir. B.C.E'. Eau Claire State Teachers, College, Phi Kappa Sigma, Delta Sigma Rho, A. S. C. E., Techno Log, 4, Dc- bate, l, 2. STANLEY A. BALIK Spillz-ille, Iowa B.Ag.E. A. S. A. E., "M,'C1ub, Baseball, l-4. LEWIS M. BECKER Tflllnllll E.M. Sigma Rho, School of Mines Society. 2 2 I TECHNOLOGY WILLIAM H. BENNETTS Eveleth B.C.E. Eveleth Collegeg Phi Gamma Deltag A. S. C. E. LLOYD B. BERTHOLF Mirzvzeapolis B.Iiero.E. I. Aero. S. JACK BIGGA M Duluth B.E.E'. ROBERT BREDESON flflinneapolir B.M.E, SIDNEY D. BUMGARDNER, JR. SI. Paul B.Ch.E. Sigma Nu. WILFRED C. CADWELL Anacomia, Morzt. 3.M.E. Montana School of Minesg A. S. M. E.g Tau Beta Pig Pi Tau Sigma. C. ALBERT CARLSON Duluth E.M. Sigma Gamma Epsilon5 School of Mines Societyg A. I. M. SL M. E. CHARLES V. BERGER Minneapolis B.Ch.E. A. I. C. E.5 Plumb Bobg Tech Commissiong Chemis- try Showg Scabbard and Bladeg Techno-Log. CONDIT BEVIER Minneapolis B.M.E. NIARVIN A. BLOCH Sl. Paul B.f1ero.E., B.B.11. Phi Epsilon Pig I. Aero. S.5 M. S. Aero. E. IRA E. BUCKHOLTZ flflapleton B.M.E. Phalanxg A. S. M. E.5 R. O. T. C. CHARLES Nl. BURNS Dalzzllz B.E.E. Alpha Delta Phi. PAUL CAMPBELL Eiiafuziille, VVIJ. PHILIP E. CARLSON Minneapolis B.C'h.E. Chi Psig A. I. Ch. E.5 Techno Log. ARDELL BERGVALL Intemaiional Falls B.Ch.E. Virginia Junior College. PAUL BIDDISON Excelsior B.Ch. JAMES M. BRANDT Sl. Paul B.Aero.E. Delta Cl1i5 Inter-Fraternity Counci15 I. Aero. S.5 M. S. Aero. E.g Alpha Phi Chig N. A. A.5 UM" Clubg Flying Clubg Swimming, l-3. ROBERT T. BUCKLEY Duluth B.M.E. Duluth Junior Collegeg A. S. M. E. ROBERT R. BURNS St. Paul B.Aero.E. I. Aero. 5.5 R. O. T. C., 1-45 Rifle Team, 1. IRA CAPLE I-nlernalional Fall: B.M.E. Virginia Junior Collegcg A. S. M. E.5 Lodgers' Leagueg Rangers' Club. CHARLES W. CARR Deephawea 'K f ' mf '1',,- 'Y n-K' V, f he : I t ,, 9 Q . . ' -.7 . ,,.,,,5 ""Z -1- 9 ' .-.f ii V ' W Q Q, , 3,4 F X , 1 -, .icQ . . U. I, we etc uhm- if ,M A 1: A'- no 1 px bex a 3 xg 'iff - xw- A , W ' .. Ffffffe X I V ,ta 'Ti aku lf ' -w:,- A E V190 - -faV"1h,"5f N ' -'Q I ' . 'D Q35 8624 'A ,. ,A sz A g-w'-,WY ww . W, , . . x,. V' - M. ' ,M M, . f. ""u?'. i,",w"a ' S. 'HH-:rw ' - ' -- ye , 'xi M Y - 'f 'QI - MAX E. CHTLCOTE Virginia B.Ch. Virginia junior Coiiegeg Ai- pha Chi Sigrnm A. T. Ch. E- ROY E. COLANDER Virginia B.E.E. Virginia junior Coiiegeg Dei- ta Psi Omegag A- 1- E- E- LUTHER COU TLLARD Minneapolis B .E .E. RAY 5. DERVEY si. Paul Delta Kappa Epsiiong Sigma Rho. Scahhard 81 Biadea Gar- rick Cinbg Schooi of Mines Soeietyg Miiitary Baii, 2, '53 Ofhccrsi Eaii, Z3 Senior Week, 23 Freshman Wcekg inter- Pro. Councii, 33 R. O. T. C. KENNETH L. DUNNTNG Wiilmar B.E.E. WTLLTAM A. ENDERSON Rochester B.Ch.E. Rochester junior CoHege3 A. T. Ch. E.5 C-iider Ciuh. ROBERT E. ERTCKSON Minneapolis B.C.E. , A. S. C. E. ROBERT R. cnR1sToRR SL. Paul B.E.E. A. 1. E. E.s Pi Tau Pi Sig' mag Pershing Rifles R. O. WILLTAM E. CLINARD T, C, Kansas City, Ma. ALAN D. COLRY Minneapolis B.Ch.E. A. T. Ch. E.3 Cosrnopoiitan Ciuh3 Chemistry Show. CHARLES S. CONKLTN Minneapolis B.Ch.E. A. T. Ch. E4 Tennis. jOHN G. DAVTES Minneapolis B.M.E. I ' GEORGE A. DEAN, JR. Pi Tau Signiag A. S. M. E. Anaconda, Mom- B.Aero.E. Montana School of Mine55 T. Aero. S. ULYSSES DETERS Caledfmia BULE- CARROLL 3. DORRATZ Anoka Tw Bda Pia Phi Lambda Upsiiong A. T. Ch. E. WLLLARD 5. DYE Winona B-M-E- HARRY C. ECKLAND U' S' Nmai ACNACWYS Ax' Eau Claire, Wis. pha Tau Omegag A. S. B'M-E. M. E.3 Giider Ciuh. Coliegea Phi Kappa Sigma. LLOYD L- ENGLTSH Winona DONALD H. LRLCRSON B.E.E. B.E.E., B.B.A. Piumh Bohg Tau Beta Pig Eta Kappa Nug Aipha Tau Enderlin, N. D. 5igma3 Engineer's Day, 23 Eiectricai Show, i, 'Lg R. O. E- E-3 Tech. Commission, 43 R. O. T. C.3 Techno-Logg Band, i, 2. T. C.3 Techno-Log, i-33 A. 1. E. 12.3 Engineers Bookstore. ROBERT L. EV ANS Duluth B.Ch..E. Duiulh jLlf1i0Y Coiiege. ROBERT FARRELL BW- si. Paal E.M. 300 ,,,if,-lf'..,, Lfzfzjfffgfiii- if ..i.,,,.,,,, f.,,,,.Y g,,, 'ff'l1-Il., ,lf,,..,.,?-,. Z., F !....-- i ,f,,,,- -..,f,-1-,,,,,:.,! ?.:.,.,....:L .KY L, TECHNQLGGY 4111 Eau Ciaire State Teachers' Aipha Tau Signaag A. 1. TECHNOLOGY i EMIL FATTU Kellogg, Idaho B.Ch. ltasca junior Coiicgeg Uni- versity Camera Club. PHHJH, N. YAWCE1-.Y Minneapolis B.Clz.E. 'dz PETER FERGUSON Mnnkalo B.E.E. SHERMAN W. PXNGER Minneapolis B.M:E-, B-B-A . GERALD A. EEO A. FUNKE 'Pau Beta Pig Pi 'Yau Signiag FRXEDERXCX Sf, LN, Plumb Boing Iron Wedgeg Dulmh B.jM.E. Phowixs A- 5- M- E-3 UNCH BIMUE. Saint Niary's Coiiegeg Tri- Board of Goyernorsg Techno Duxuth mmm Concgeg vm gingiqa A, 5, M, 2,3 Tech Log, Assoc. Editorg Golf Kappa gagmaa A S NX E, Comniissiong Newman Ciuh, Team- T h -L I l i ll 3, 43 Engineers' Day, Chair- ,1., ec no Og man, Eg inter-Pro. Bali, 'Lg All-U. Council, 4. WALTER I. GENSLER Minneapolis B.Ch. Sigma Alpha Sigmai Phi KOHN H Lambda Upsiiong Nienorahg ' American ,cnemaeai soeaery. GER5'g,EYIfMfYEPX DONALD R. GPMSE ' af' Virginia B.E.E. Virginia junior Coiiegeg Th eta Taug A. L E. E.3 Rangers. HOW ARD GRAHAM Billings, Mont. CHARLES GUP'YiL Elk River B'MeCh'E- HENRY R. GUSTAESON Duluth B.M.E. 'Duiuth junior Coiiegeg A. S. M. E. GORDON G. HALVORSEN M' ll 'gfgyfgf-" LOEMAN A. HAMXLTON A. L Ch. E4 Sophomore SLBIZZA' Chemistry President3 Swim- Cherfst Shgw' 3 Band - 'li Y ' . mmf 32- Y 3 ' WARREN A. HANSON St. Paul B.Ch. A. L Ch. E.g Chemistry Show. DALE H. HASWELL Wazmfille B'E'E" B'B'A' ERLXNG HELLAND Kappa Em Kappa intel' Minneapolis Pro Counciig A. L E. E. BCE. BBA. ' Delta Kappa Epsiiong A. S. C. E.3 Chi Epsiiong 'Yau Beta N H K ON Pig Plumb Bobg Techno-Log, SPE' ELLE 5 Nlanag. Ed., 5. Mmeapo B.Ch.E. Beta Theta Pig A. L Ch. E. EUGENE L. HESS Thief River Falls B-Ch-H 1 ROEERT E. HODGMAN YWHMH W1 Lambda URM- While Bear Lake HERBERT 5. HOFFMAN long Engineers' Bookstore EJV1. Rochester BOMB R- 0-T C- Theta Tau. A. i. wi. E.. B.Aefo.E. School of Mines Society. U. of M. Piying Ciuh, '5-45 X. Aero. S.3 Newman Ciuhg Engineers' Day, Chairmang R. O. T. C. 7,01 Z PETER HOFFMAN Minneapolis B.Clz.E. Beta Theta Pi, Pershing Rifles, R. O. T. C.5 A. I. ch. E. JOHN HOPE, JR. Sf. Paul E.M. School of Mines Society. GORDON W. JOHNSON Harvey, N. D. B.Clz.E. Alpha Chi Sigma, Inter-Pro. Council, 3, R. O. T. C., A. I. Ch. E. PAUL H. JOHNSON Minneapolis B.Ch.E. Gym Team, 2-4, A. I. Ch. E. EDWIN A. KAPERNICK Havre, Mont. B.C.E. Northern Montana College, A. S. C. E. . JAMES P. KEMPER Parham B.M.E'. A. S. M. E. PETER S. KLEVEN Minneapnii.r E.Aero.E. I. Aero. S. OZ TECHNOLOGTV JOHN L. HOLAHAN Minneapolis B.Cfi.E. University Symphony, 25 Gym Team, 2-45 A. I. Ch. E. RODGER HOVDE Minneapolis E.M. LENNARD W. JOHNSON Efueleifz B.E.E. Eveleth Junior College, A. I. E. E., Tau Beta Pi, Eta Kappa Nu. W. GOULD JOHNSON Minneapolis B.E.E. University Symphony, 1, 25 A. I. E. E. JOHN R. KELLAM Duluth B.Ag.E. Architectural Society, 2-S3 Commacini, 4-55 Techno- Log Board, S, R. O. T. C. RANDALL KIRK Davenparl, Iowa B.Aero.E. MERRILL H. KNOTTS Lilchjielaf , B.E.E., B.B.A. A. 1. E. E. ROBERT V. HOLTON Elgin B.Clz.E. CHARLES B. HUNTLEY Minneapolis B.C.E. Phoenix, Tennis, 2-4, "M" Club, 2-45 R. O. T. C. LEONARD R. JOHNSON Hilzbing B.Aero.E. Hibbing Junior College, Theta Delta Chig I. Aero S. WALTER V. JOHNSON Minneapolis B.Aero.E. I. Aero. S.5 R. O. T. C. ROBERT I. KELLUM St. Paul B.C.E. A. S. C. E. EDWARD F. KISHEL Virginia B.C.E. Virginia Junior College, A. S. C. E., Newman Club. ALBERT K. KOJOLA Hibbing Hibbing Junior College, The- ta Tau. JOHN KORDISH Chisholm B.M.E. Hibbing Junior College, Pi Tau Sigma, A. S. M. E. WADE W. LARKIN fllirlnczlpolis H.C.E. Beta Theta Pi, A. S. C. E. GORDON M. LEE Mizlzlcnpolir B.E.E. A. I. E. E., Eta Kappa Nu, Tau Beta Pi. WILLIAM R. LOVVE Clcmlicm, Mnrll. B.C.E. Dc Pauw University, Tri- angle, Chi Epsilon, Tau Bc- ta Pi, Pi Phi Chi, A. S. C. E., Engineers, Day, 2, House Manager's Council, 3, Techno-Log, 3, 4, Intramu- rals, 1-4. RODNEY C. MAGNER Shafer B.Aero.E., B.B.A. I. Aero. S. JOHN MCBRADY Mi1Lnea15olir B.Clz. A. I. Ch. E. ROBERT G. MERIVIAN fllinrzeajbolis B.ClL.E. Alpha Chi Sigma, Silver Spur, A. I. Ch. E. H. JOHN KORTE Hibbiug B.C.E. lliblwing Junior College, A. S. C. E. BJ ORN E LA RSEN Dlllllfh l5'.Ch.E. LLOYD A. LEVVIS Henning EJW. Theta Tau, Tau Beta Pi, School of Mines Society, A. I. Nl. If. ORVILLE G. LUNDSTROIVI Sl. P11111 E.M. '1'ln-ta Tau, School of Mines Society, A. l. Nl. S M. E. ROBERT P. MANLY Sl. Paul B.M,E. St. Thomas College, Kappa Sigma, Tau Beta Pi, Pi Tau Sigma, Iron Wedge, Inter- Fratcrnity Council, Founda- tion, Basketball. ELWOOD L. MCGEE Lrwzberlou B.C.E., B.B.A. Tau Beta Pi, Chi Epsilon, Plumb Bob, Iron Wedge, A. S. C. E., Engineers' Day, 3, Senate Committee, Board of Publications, 3, 4, Tech- no-Log, 2, 3, business mana- ger, 4. JOSEPH IVIICKA Billingr, Movzl. B.Aer0.E. Phi Tau Theta, I. Aero. S., R. O. T. C., I, Rifle Team, I. TECHNOLOGY ROBERT M. KUPHAL Minneapolis B.M.E. Phalanx, Mortar and Ball, A. s. M. E., R. o. T. c. HAROLD R. LARSEN Duluzlz E.Acrn.E. Duluth Junior College, Phi Kappa Sigma, I. Aero. S. BERTIL H. LINDQUIST St. Louis Park B.Acra.E. Plumb Bob, I. Ae. S., presi- dent, Technical Commission, president, Techno-Log Board, president, Engineers' Day, chairman, Techno-Log, Pershing Rides, Rifle Team. JACK B. MACE Mqrztevideo B.Acro.E. Alpha Tau Omega, Aero- nautical Ball Chairman, Ju- nior Ball, I. Aero. S. PAUL H. MARTINSON Waverly B.C'.E. St. Thomas, A. S. C. E., Newman Club. DONALD G. MCMULLEN Illinneapolis E.M. Sigma Rho, School of Mines Society, Engineers' Book- store Board. CHARLES R. MICKELSON Mivzvzeapolir B.Cl1.E. Tau Beta Pi, Phi Lambda Upsilon. 303 04- TECHNOLOGY NORMAN MILLER Groton, S. D. B.E.E. A. I. E. E. JOHN A. MURRAY flibbfvzg B.E.E. Hihhing Junior Collegcg Kap- pa Sigmng Engineers' Dayg Techno-Log, 3, 45 A. I. E. E. WILBUR C. NYBERC- Sf. Paul B.Ch..E. A. I. Ch. E. RICHARD N. OHMAN flIi1111vafm1ir B.C.E. Delta Chi. ROBERT VV. OLSON SI. Paul B.E.E. Electrical Showg A. I. E. E. ALLAN PAINE Brairzcnl B.llfI.E. A. S. M. 12.5 Tech. Commis- sion. GUST L. PEARSON Dulwllz B.C.E. Duluth Junior Collegcg A. S C. E.g Intramural Athletics. ROBERT W. MOORE Sl. Paul GEORGE S. NEUBERG Sl. Paul E.M. Sigma Rhog Sophomore Class Presidentg School of Mines Society Presidentg Intramu- ral, 2-4. DAYTON T. NYSTROIW Mi1zneapolis B.C.E. A. S. C. E. HELGE G. OLSON flffinneapolis B.C.E. A. S. C. E.g R. O.T. C. WILLARD A. OLSON Mirzneapolix B.M.E. Phalanxg Five Military Formal5 R. O. T. C.g C. A. C. OMAR L. PATTERSON Mirzzzeapnlix B.E.E. Sigma Nug A. I. E. E.q Tau Beta Pi5 Eta Kappa Nui R. O. T. C. KENNETH W. PERSON Mi1z1zeapoli.v B.C'.E. Tau Beta Pig Chi Epsilong A. S. C. 12.5 Tech. Commis- siong lVlortar and Ball. RALPH MULLER Minneapolis B.M.E. Phalanxg R. O. T. C.3 A. S. M. E. HOWARD O. NORDQUIST Si. Paul Met.E. Sigma Rhog American So- ciety of Minesg Iron Wedgeg School of Mines Societyg All- U Council, 33 Tech. Com- mission, 33 Union Board of Governorsg Intramural, 35 A. I. Met. E. ROBERT C. OEN Thief River Fallx B.Cf2.E. MARK W. OLSON Milaca B.C.E. Zeta Psig Tau Beta Pig Sil- ver Spurg Chi Epsilong Plumb Bobg Interfraternity Councilg Alpha Phi Chig Band, lg A. S. C. E. HAROLD OSTDAHL Duluzh B.M.E'. Duluth junior Collegeg Aca- ciag Pi Tau Sigmag A. S. M. E. WILBUR L. PATTON Refi Wing E.Ch.E. Red Wing Junior Collegeg Alpha Chi Sigmag A. I. Ch. E., R. o. T. c. R. E. PFLEIDERER Minneapolis B.M.E. Triangleg A. S. M. E. 1 s N 7 , .jg A ., ,yn Lf K .,1.,.?5x-Lv 9 ,.ggwz,y,-5 , ,Y X wiv- . .. 'ALJ , v fa 'Mjl :Ez- .Su f A 4 ? " ', 5755.5-.1 1 3, f -1- tE,rsY:xb 1' "1 ,Wy K. 511'T'f,Q- Q 1 F , if ffs A " gk? . :si il?" . a- ' gii" '1zf J V rl Z5 v2 'x fi gn 1 -1 if Il i 1 E' 2" 1 , ,, 3 X 'als M1 if Yr 5 I 5 i Nl 'Ilan ----...X 4, 306 WC,HNOLQGY GEORGE T. PTERCY Eau Claire, Wis. B.Ch.E. Tau Beta Pig Phi Lambda ZACHARY PTTTS Sioux Falls, S. D. Upsiiong Piumh Bohg Board BJVLE, of GovernorsEngincei's'Book Sggma Aypha MH5 A, 5, Store- M. 13.3 Y. M. C. A.3 Men- orah5 U. Symphony. WXLLXAM M. .PODAS Mimzcapuhs B.Clz.E. DONALD W. POLLET New Ulm B.E.E. ALPREDO F. PURTFTCACTON San. Fernando, La Union., ROBERT T RASNXUSQEN P.1. ' ' ' ' MALE. Mingelzqolis Gcorgc Vlashington Univcv- T B P. sityg School of Niincs Soci- au Cm 1' cty3 A. T. M. E. DONALD E. RTALSON Minneapolis B4A0f0-E- IACK S. RICHMOND T- ACYO. 5.3 O. if. C4 O. Jggfzgpyp R. C.3 Gymnastics. B,C,E, A. S. C. 12.3 R. O. T. C.3 C. A. C. Res. VERNON C. ROBiNSON St. Paul Met.E. MXLTON L. ROGNESS Sigma Rho. SchooX of Mines Axiom!! S' D. Socictyg A. S. M.g Aii-U. I Touchhah Team, 3. B'lnt'ArLh' Augustana CoUcgeg Aipha Rho Chi. H. CLTFFORD RYAN Saul! Sta. Marie, Miuh. E.M. Triangicg Mines Socictyg En- LEON E' SABXNE gineevs' Day Gcncrai Av- Dwfffvfh rangcmenls Chairmang ju- B'E'E' HQOY Commpssgoni Duhxth junior Coiiegc3 Kap- pa Era Kappag Eta Kappa Nu. A. X. E. E4 Ekctricai Show. GLENN C. SCHTLBERG Two Harbors B. . . A 5 Ch E CW DONALD W. SCOTT ' I ' I Hamel EM. Tau Beta Pig Theta Tang School of Mines Society. Techno-Log. EDWTN K- PLANT Minneapolis B.Ch.E. A. K. Ch. E. OGDEN PRESTHOLDT Minneafpnlis B.E.E. Eta Kappa Nug A. L E. E. DONALD H. RAUDENBUSH Sn. Paul B.E.E., B.B.!1. A. L E. E4 A. M. A.3 Eta Kappa Nug Piumh Bohg Techno-Log Board, Pres. THEOTUORE G. RXTTER Ln. Cmsse, Wis, B.E.E. ARTHUR C. RONBECR Mi.nnea'pol-is E.M. Theta Tang Schooi of Mines Society. Miners Shindig3 Tn- tramurai Touchhaii, 1-4-3 AH- U Champions, i-3. MELVXN L. SACKTER Mhmeaflolis B.E.E. Sigma Alpha Sigma. CLEMENT Y. SCULLEY, IR- St. Paul B.C.E. St. Thomas Coiiegeg Kappa Sigxnag A. S. C. E4 Engi' nears Day. lw' Montefvideo B.Acro.E. Mpha 'Yau Omega. L Acro. NCRMAN SEVJCSTAD 5.3 Y. M. C. A4 Boxhxg, X-3. Minmwzpnlis B.M-E. VERNON G. SKOGAN Red Wivzg B.Ch.E. Sigma CN3 BaxskclbnXX, X. WALTER SMOLEROYY Ivlinnmpolix B.c1..E. , , A. L Ch. EJ Techno-Log, -X-. GORDQN E' SYOL YZ Mzmwupulis 1-2.c11.E. , AXph:x Chi S-Kgmng A. K. Riggisggxsf' Ch. E. St. Paul Mel.E. Slgmzx Rho. NXKnes Socletyg A. S. NL3 'You:hb1xH, X-4. ALDRYCH SYVERSON Broolen B.Ch.E. . Univevshy of Chkugog 'Yau LEE SDTHROS-50N Beta PL NIIYZIIULIPOIIL EJV1. Kappa Slgmzxg SKgnm Gam- ma E.p5Khm3 FOMBQH, 1. ALLYN THUROW Winona B.E.E. Ctxdeton Cmdhigeg A. X. E. E. WKLLXAM R. 'YRUTNA Mohall, N. D. B.C11.E. gusww M. Tuoww Bemidji B.Ch.E. HOWARD E. TURNER AXQXM CN Skgmag A. L Ch. Sl, PMI, 13.5 R. O. T. C. B.Ch.E. Alpha Chi Sigmiu 'Yau Beta Pig A. 1. Ch. E4 junky: Chss Pres. DON H. ULMAN Aitkin B.Ch.E. Skgma Phi Epsikang A. X. ROBERT WAGNER Ch, E, B.Ae1o.E Minneapolis Tau Beta P33 L Aero. S. ARV1 W. WAHLROOS Minneapolis B.Ch.E. A. I. Ch. B. MARVXN R. WALL Crosby, N. D. B.Ae1o.E. Sockety of Automotkve Engi- ERVXN W. WALLENTXNE neersg Cdider CXub3 R. O. Mi,,,,wp,,1i5 T- C- B.c1..E. A. X. Ch. E. STANLEY R. WALSTROM Minneapolis B.IVl.E. A. S. M. E. EDWARD M. WXXK Minneapolis B.M.E. Theta Delta Chig Phakxmcg LAWRENCE Y. VVXLCOX max., cm. Q.. o. T. C. virginia B.E.E. ThCHNQLQC3V K?-?2f4f ga?-,H-2, f' If' Zff' , AZ,vv ZJl,Zf 3oHN N. SHAMAN HUMEP. E. WXNBEY-G Caleraine B.Ch. kasca judo: Cohegeg PM Lambda UpsXXon. 307 .,. Z l ,,-,,-- IZ". DOROTHY M. WISHNICK Mizzfleapalis B.Ch. Pi Delta Nu. EARL A. WOOKEY Mivlneapolix B.Ch.E. REGINALD AMES Sl. Paul LL.B. Phi Delta Phig Phi Beta Kappag Law Review, 3, 4-. SAUL BENJAMIN Minneapolis LL.H. Phi Epsilon Pig Lambda Ep- silon Xi. BRANTLY P. CHAPPELL Winona LL.B. Northwestern Universityg Sigma Chi. HARL G. DOUGLASS St. Paul LL.B. Alpha Tau Omegag Phi Del- ta Phig Iron Wedgcg Phoe- nixg Y. M. C. A. Cabinetg All-junior Presidentg All-U. Councilg Law Junior Presi- dentg Freshman IWeek, lj Carrick Club. 308 LAW ETHEL L. WISHNICK Mi1zr1ea12oIi.r B.Cl1. Pi Delta Nu. JESSE F. WRIGHT fifimzenpalis Is'.Ch.E. A. I. Ch. E,g R. O. T. C. MICHAEL YOKICH Kinney B.E.E. Virginia Junior Collcgeg A. I, E. E. ARTHUR E. ANDERSON Dulnlh LL.H. Duluth Junior Collegeg Al- pha Delta Phi. ALTON E. BERGH Sf. Paul LLJ3. KARL F. DIESSNER vVIICH7Iir1 LL.lx'. Beta Theta Pig Phi Delta Phig Phocnixg Iron Wedgeg Interfraternity Councilg Homecoming, Z, 35 Fresh- man Week, 33 Law School Council, 2, 35 President All- U. Council, 4-g Band, 1-3. ROBERT W. DYGERT lllirzrzeapalis LL.B. Commons Cluhg Phi Delta Phi. Phi Beta Kappag Grey Friarg Y. M. C. A. Cabinet, Presidentg Law School Coun- cil. 7 HERIVION WOODARD Mi7177EdPOIi.Y E.M. CHIA YING WU Tientsin, China RAY BEARDSLEY Lakefeid LL.B. Band, l, 2. CHARLES CARLSEN Mizzneapalix LL.B. Cnrleton5 Phi Kappa Psi JAMES F. CROWLEY Sl. James LL.B. EARL HACKING flflfn 11 enpolix LL.B. Chi Psi5 Law Review. 6. LESLIE HERSRUD Leuzvzorz, S. D. LL.B. St. Olaf College, Gamma Eta Gamma. W. WALLACE JACKSON Dawson LL.B. Phi Delta Phi, International Relations Clubg Lodgers League, Students Forum Committee, Law Review Board, U. Singers, Stadium Singers. W. WYMAN KOONS Minneapolis LL.B. St. Thomas College. DAVID LOUISELL Duluth LL.B. Duluth Junior Collegeg Gam- ma Eta Gammag Editor, Law Review. V JOHN H. MCALLISTER Sl. Paul LL.B. ROSEMARY MOSKALIK Mifzneapnlix LL.B. Kappa Beta Pig Gopher, 1, 2. JAMES I. HOSSACK Spmzrer, Iowa LI,.lf. Theta Cliig Gamma Eta Gam- ma 5 Newman Club. CHARLES P. KLEINMAN fHfl111w1fmfi.t I,L.H, Phi Alpha Delta. JACK KOTLAR Sl. Paul LL.R. Lambda Epsilon Xig Men- orah, Pershing Riiies. JOHN W. LUNDBERG. JR. I!ViHmar LLJI, Eveleth Junior Collegeg Gamma Deltag Commons Club, Lodgersl Leagueg Y. M. C. A.3 Freshman Week, Daily, U. Singers, MARION MCCULLOCH Wlirzneupnlix LL.B. Delta Gamma. HERBERT E. OLSON Bemidji LL.B. Phi Delta Phi. LAW RICHARD C. HUNTER MilI7ZL'HfIUIiI I,L.b'. Manager's Clubg 1'M', Club, Hockey Team Manager, 3. WILLIAM R. KOERNE R Sf. Paul LL.B. North western University, Law Review. ALBERT J. LEHMICKE, JR. Sifllzuatfr LL.B. Phi Kappa Psig Phi Delta, Phig Iron Wedge. ADELBERT C. LYON Sf. Paul LL.B. RICHARD A. MOORE Sf. Paul LLB. Delta Kappa Epsilong Phi Delta Phi, Phi Beta Kappa, Law Review, 3, 4-. ROBERT M. PARRISI-I Sf. Paul LL.B. Phi Delta Thetag Phi Delta Phi, Associate Editor, Law Review. 30 IO CHARLES T. PETERSON Excelxior LL.B. Delta Theta Phi, Band, l-3. HERMAN E. STEDWELL Hasfingx LL.B. University of Colorado, Sig- ma Chi, Phi Delta Phi. FRED WIGGEN lllirlfleajzulix LL.B. HARRIETTE C. ANDERSON Granite Fallx B.S. ARLENE BERGLOVE llflinneapalis B.S. JAMES W. BRATHOLDT Minneapolis M.B. Nu Sigma Nu. LEON L. RAIZES Mason City, Iowa LL.B, Phi Epsilon Pig Lambda Ep- silon Xi. JOHN STURNER St.Panl LL.B. Delta Kappa Epsilon, Phi Delta Phi. FRANCIS B. WILLIAMS Mi11neapali: LL.B. KARL NVINDHORST Olivia LL.l5'. Delta Theta Phi, Band, l-4. JOSEPH L. ARKO Chisholm M.B. Hihhing Junior College, Phi Chi, Grey Friar, All-U Council. CARL L. BIORN Jackson M.B. ROGER BURKHART Chaska M.B. Phi Beta Pi, Band, l, 2. PAUL M. RUNNESTRAND Minneapoli: LL.B. Phi Gamma Deltag Phi Sig- ma Phi, Law Reviewg Band, l-4, president, 4. H. GORDON TAYLOR Minneapolis LL.B. Commons Clubg Y. M. C. A, Cabinet. H. BEN WILLIAMS Elkhart, Ind. LL.B. Alpha Tau Omega. RUSSELL G. BARNES Duluth M.B. Duluth Junior College, Phi Beta Pi. LEONARD A. BOROWICZ Stephen M.B. Phi Chi. LOUISE COMES St.Paul B.S. Kappa Delta, W. S. G. A-5 Y. W. C. A. F M was - 1 1 J. 1 ga ' u is . 'lr xv ' 4 4 X, n " f' I U 1 l r s Q - X-0 z- , , , 0' ' W.. . . ':'f'fw 'Pk-'Tn' 1' 5 .MW A 4' 20.0 F Iv -1 2 A ,. TYQH3. 'LL ' 1 ,L Wfsmmw-Q 4 A f ui ' .-.1 U ' -..F 'H-. ol. , Q' nj . 1 -, 1 ' 4 . s ' ' x 1 ' 'xA.- ' 5 .1 J' w. " ,K .F ' A. , . Q . 1 1 61 .J 'Q , ' ..,,.,+' ,. , . V' ,K ' sf? + ffxsyy Q ms ,wwf , 1 arf Q gf .wg -.Q ya-NZ My Q. , 2 ,W '. -W1 J ' 3. gay.-I g b ,'.iL:'6fb U5 5 - eg! I irz, V. , 1: ., 1 Q , w: wwe,-1 - b Q p."4,gy9v +22 iigfifff' a ij: V 'N .V .1 ,bg 0 -'f. I I I I i ,Q n Y' U ,M w 'Qf4- 4 A gf? y ' i- V. . f. ,Q K um, "M!'E.f5 W, ' ff. x- W fm, an f -'Hx-M f 1-rf,-4..,fv ,, ,,..--4 ROBERT A. DEMO Blue Earlh IV1.B. Cnricton Coiiegcg Phi Chi. mxilom 3. FRANK New Prague ZVl.B. Chi Omega. LOIS RUTH LANiBER'Y Minneapolis MB. Aipha Dcitn Pig Aiphzi Ep- siion iotug Phi Pista Kaippzig Sigma Epsiion Sigmag Senior Advisory Pmnrtig P:ux-i'iv:iicn- ic Couiicii. BXRYS ARA LEWXS S1.PllLLl ILS. Czxrictnm Coiicgeg C-zxmmw Phi Pictiig Aiphn Dcitfi Tim, MYRON H. MATZ Dorfhuslcr, Mass. M.B. Boston Uxiivcrsityg Phi Dqim Epsiion. 3 I 2 .-,,,.f, ,,,-9f'.-,f-.,J- ..Q-f,,-f-,-'u4-ff"",,..f- 1-,..-i "' ' """"--' ,-'. -,.f-.,,a-- ,-,,..,,--Y' !,ff'i.,f Mtoxcxmg Phi Beta Pi. ELXZAYSET H COMFORT St. Paul. B.S. CHARLES T. EGXNTON St. Paul M.B. Niacaiester Coiiegez, Aipha Omega Aiphng Phi Beta Kap- pa. MAPXVXN 1. GEXB Gaylord. M .B. . YRAN C15 E. GXLES Nashwauk M.B. Hihhing junior Coiiege. GXLMAN GOEHRS St. Cloud M.B. HONVARD 'HALL Minneapolis IV1.B. University of iowzxg North- western Universityg Phi Klip- HENRY Pa Sigmas Phi Pictu Pi. IEROEZYQES' ST' M.D. Cairicton Coiicgeg Nu Sigma Nu. LOiS L. SOHNSON SI. Paul 35- ROBEPJT A. KATZ Hollyzuooif, Calif. M.D. University of Caiiforuiiig 'Zetzi Pictu 'Yung Phi Dvzitzi Evgihm- comm L. icozismlc SI. Paul B.s. Orhs. 1OSEPifi O. LASPJY Tof,vnsemf,Mon1. M.B. University ot Niuiitamzxg Sig- ' mn Aiphzi ilpsiiong Phi Chig ARTXS wx' LEYGYXKO Aiphzi Omega Aipha. N1f'1'gffgPU11f Niaczxiester Coiiegeg Aiybhn Dcitn 'Pain Y. W. C. A. MERLYN C. LiNDEPxT Norwood M.B. Hzimiine University. ARNOLD i. MANSON Chisholm MB. Hihhing junior Coiiegcg Phi Dcita Epsiiong Rangers Chih. JOHN C. NiiCiCEL5ON Mzmkulo MB. St. Oiaf Coiicgeg Phi Bctzi Pi. raomam D. MOONEY S1.PaoI IV1.B. lf' MXLAN V. NOVAK IVIir1.nfapoIis NLD. Nhczdcstcr Cowzgeg PM Yac- tn VM Gamma Ahahmg Skg- mu XX. Chas Yrcshicnt, '53 NKQGKCM Schcurd DXgest. THEODORE C. Y' AP HRM AST EK St. Cloud MB. Vhi Dchn EpsKhm3 U. Band. WENDELL G . PETERSON Vvarren M.B. HANN5 C. SCHWYZER St. Paul M.B. H1u'vm'd3 PM Rho S1gma3 5Hver Spun Grey Fxinrg ju- nhux' BMX, 3. NHLTON B. SOREM Vvorthington MB. Mornixxgskdc Cohege. NUXRIORXE WARD Minneapolis B.S. Orbsg Kappa Phig Bach Chorcd Society. ELEP-NOR 'NL YVORK Elkhart, Ind. BS. GENEVIEVE ANDERSON Minneapolis G.N. Sigma Theta Taug N. S. G. A. Councilg All-U, Coun- cil. ROBERTA B. CLAPPER Duluth R.N. EVELYN HEXEM Minneapnlis R.N. AIMEE L. NORBERG Birbee, Ariz. R.N. Phoenix Junior College. BU RNECE E. SORBY Atwater G.N. MAE VOLDEN Virginia G.N. Virginia Junior College. ALBERT D. BARBERREE Rochesler B.S. Rochester junior Collegeg Hamline University. I ARMA THERESA BURAGLIO Ely R.N. Ely Junior College. NIILDRED GUSTAFSON Cleveland, Ohio R.N. ANN G. LOKKEN Granite Falls G'.N. FLORENCE L. RANDALL llflinneapolis CCN. JEANETTE M. TALBERG Terry, lkfont. R.N. HELEN WALCH Winona R.N. DOROTHY V. BRECHT Miiznerafa Lake B.S. Kappa Epsilon. ESTHER A. CARLSON Whealon R.N. DOLORES L. HAUGLAND Devils Lake, N. D. R.N. GERTRUDE E. MCBRIDE Minneapolir R.N. ESTHER SANDMAN Norlhwood, Iowa G.N. St. -Tohn's Hospital, School of Laboratory Techniqueg N. S. G. A.g Pres. Sr. Class of Nursing. RUTH Nl. THOMPSON Irzlernatiomzl Falls R.N. ANNA MAE ZIEGLER A St. Paul G.N. WINTON CHRISTENSON Prexlon ' BIS. Phi Delta Chi. 2.5. .il KENNETH ERICSON Swamfille E.S. St. Olaf Collegeg Phi Delta Chi. DOROTHY R. HAMMARSTEN Grey Eagle B.S. Kappa Epsilon. RAYMOND B. KUHLMANN Illelfose 3.S. Phi Delta Chi. WALTER F. MIDDENTS Lowry B.S. Phi Delta Chig Wulling Cluhg Pharmacy Freshman Class Presidentg Union Board of Governors. NEIL B. OLSON illirmewaukan, D. B.S. Phi Delta Chig Wulling Club. JULIUS L. SHAW St. Paul BRS. HUGO W. WIKSTROM Minneapolis B.S. Pershing Riflesg Rifle Team. DON J. FORCHAY Minneapolis BRS. All-U. Council, executive committeeg Pharmacy Col- lege Council. NORMAN O. HOLTE lllaasc Lake B.S. ABNER AI. LEE lllimlmpolis RS. F. VIVIAN MURRAY Miriizeapolis B.S. Alpha Omicron Pig Kappa Epsilong W. S. G. A.g Y. W. C. A.3 W. A. A.g Wulling Clubg Inter-Pro. Board9 Homecomingg Junior Bnll. LOUIS S. SAVAGE Lilfle Falls B.S. Hamline Univcrsityg Rho Chig Phi Lambda Upsilong Wulling Club. LaVERNE D. SMALL Virginia B.S. PETER TSIOLIS Fergus Falls B.S. University of California ARMA BERNARD R. GREEN Rochester B.S. Rochester Junior Collegeg Wulling Club. RUBY KREMENETSKY Tulzle, N. D. B.S. Alpha Kappa Chig Wulling Clubg Menorah. EDWARD LONEY Minvzeapolis B.S. Phi Delta Chi. EDWARD S. OLSEN Frederic, Wis. B.S. Superior State Teachers' Col- legeg Phi Delta Chig Silver Spur3 Grey Friars5 Wulling Clubg Junior Commission. WILFORD M. SCHNEIDER Culver B.S. Duluth junior Collegeg Wul- ling Club, pres. TAITO SOINE Virginia B'.S. Virginia Junior College5 Phi Delta Chig Rho Chig Wul- ling Clubg Pi Phi Chi. DONALD R. STEMP Tracy B.S. Phi Delta Chig Wulling Club. I I VIRGINIA S. ADAMS Yzmklan, S. D. BA. Kappa Kappa Gamma. ELEANOR E. ANDERSON Belfuicw B.S. HELEN BENHAM llflankalo 8.14. Mankato Teachers' Collegeg Alpha Omicron Pig Spanish Clubg U. Singers. ANTOINETTE T. BERNATH Sl. Paul B.S. Alpha Omicron Pig Kappa Bcta Pig Y. W. C. A. MARGARET C. BOERNER Sl. Paul 13.11. Zeta Phi Etag N. C. P. A.g Masquersg U. Theatre. EDWARD H. BOWVEN Ironwood, Mich. 8.1-1. Ironwood junior Collegeg Theta Chii Alpha Phi Chi. MILES J. BREDVOLD Mi7llZ6df7l!Ii.f BA. BERNICE M. ANDERSON Sl. Paul B.H. Y. W. C. A. ALONZO G. ATKIN Minrzcafyolis lf.A. Bancl3 Daily. GORDON BERG lblinncnpolix R.S. Delta Chi. WILLIAWI E. BEST lllirzrzeapolix BJI. Phi Delta Thctag Phocnixy Grey Friarsg Advertising Club. Sophomore Ballg .Iu- nior Ballg Arts junior Presi- dentg Ski-U-Mah, l-4, Busi- ncss lVlanz1ger, 4. OLIVE BOONE Hibbing B.S. Hibbing junior Collcgcg VV. A. A4 Folwcll Clubg Y. W. C. A.g I-lcstian Clubg Rang- ers' Club. ADOLPH BOYSEN SI. Paul 3.11. University of Southc-rn Cali- fornia. JEAN C. BROEREN Hlonmfr, Uffs. EJI. D. JANE ANDERSON , Zumbrola B.A. Carleton Collegeg Delta Gamma5 Theta Sigma Phig Daily, 2-4. MARTHA B. BATES Booviville, Mo. BA. Stephens Collegeg Alpha Al- pha Gamma. BONNIE BERGER St. Paul B.A. Macalester Collegeg Alpha Chi Omega. FELICIE C. BEVERNICK Minneapolis I B.A. Delta Delta Deltag French Clubg W. S. G. A.3 Y. W. C. A.g Junior Commissiong Junior Presidentg Education, 3. SYLVIA BORG Mirzvzeapolis BA. Delta Zeta. SYLVIA BRASSETT Kalispell, Mant. B.A. Carleton Collegcg Pi Beta Phi. EILEEN R. BURDICK Willixrorz, N. D. B.A. Chi Omegag W. S. G. A-S Y. W. C. A. -Q , N, Vg . W sung 1 , . xmf-. I .:"'1,4 ' 96 'T' Q .-f : .17 -,tffqgfq QA --.W . .5 ld 1 - gi 'ya . ,uw ann- A, MMMA M ww W' fe-ww ,,, M I l EDWARD BURKLAND Butte, Mom, 13.11. 'Montana State College, Al- pha Delta Phi. LlLLlAN Cl'lRl5'YlE Red Lake Falls B.A. University of North Dakota, Kappa Alpha Theta, Theta Sigma Phi, Daily. RUTH P. CON FEP, Minnfcizpolls B.A. Stephens College, Delta Gam- ma, Ski-U-Nlah, 2, 3. BUNE S. DAY Detroit Lakes B.S. Newman Club, Polwell Club. PHYLLlS DOLAN Milbm1k,S. D. LUELLA V. CALEEN Mi'rLnea17olis MARIORXE P. BA' CHNSTENSEN Zeta Tw MPMS W' 5' SL Louis Park G. A., Swedish Literary So- ' B A- Clewl Y' W' C' A' W. S. G. A., lntevproies- sional Board, Singers, Col- legium Nlusicum, l-3. IANET C. Cl'lRlS'llOPl'lEllSON Virginia B.S. Virginia junior College, Hes- tian Cluh, W- A. A., L. S. Pt. House Council, Rangers' El1l'Z1ABETl'l F- COLSON Cyub, Wadevm B.A. Sigma Epsilon Sigma. jOHN P. COOPER Minneapolis B.A. lRVlNG G. DAVXS, IR. Sagma Cm- Storrs, Corin. 13.11. Connecticut State College, Delta Kappa Epsilon, White Dragon, Garricl-1. ALFRED H. dr-:EUHR jANlES H. DEAN Rockford, Iowa Mifmenpnlis BA. B.A. Mason City junior College, Y Nl C A Delta Upsilon, Sigma Delta Chi, Iron Wedge, Forum Committee, Y. M. C. A., All-U. Council President, 4, Ad Cluh President, 4, Daily, 2, Business Manager, 3. B.A. Q South Dakota State College, ROBEZEISTX F' DFGAN Theta Sigma Phi, Heetian mlgcjlipols Cl h, Ad ' ' C h' ' ' Div- Vcrusmg lu 3 Gustavus Adolphus College, Advertising Cluh, Daily, 3, CHARLES H- Dl-VYOYY ska-U-Maxi, 2-4. Mmgejpvlfvf Phi Kapna Psi, White Dragon. RUTH ELLPSON Sl. Paul , 5-fl I PAUL H. iaNos'moM Pl Bela PM lumm BMD Sophomore Ball, lircshmxin B-A' Fmhcl Anil' Clmllclli Zeta Psi, Phoenix, Grey Pri- W. S. G. A., l'-W- C- PM are, Y. Nl. C. A. Secretary, CURTXS L EPJCKSON D1'l ,'Z.. ' H Y Minneapolis BJ1. Sigma Delta Chi, Daily. ALlCE Nl. PAY Great Falls, Nlvny, ELEANOR 1M B.S. - College of St. Catherine, Al- FEATHERSTQNE pm omxmm P., W, 5, Ml'1gfgP0l1f MARK Foiaomfria G. Au Y. W. C. Au U. S' - ' ' Duluth 6,-Sr l 7 mg Hibhing junior College, B-A' Newman Cluh, 3, Cap and Gfey 1:,.,aY53 Lodge,-5' Gown Secretary, 4, Daily, 3, League, X4, pyesmems Un, 4' ion Board, All-U. Peace Council, D aily, Lodgers' Log, Editor, Basketball, 3, Af' ARTS Xff f ! X2 Mnrqorzin A. rossuwi Pierre, S. D- 3.11. Wiiiiams Coiiegeg Deita Dei- HAROLD ta Deitag Theta Sigma Phig FOURNELLE Board of Puhiicationsg W. Sl' Paul' A. pharma. Dantz-4, su- 35- uauzma ra, rnptnratin U-Mah, 4. Belt, Mont. University of Montana. PAULXNE FRENCH Howorden, Iowa B.A. W . Yankton Coiiegeg Sigma Ai- XLLKAIEEHEKIPEEXSSELL pha Tota. BIA Q Y reshnmn Yroiicg Sophomore non. Daiiy, i-33 ska-U-Mn, U54 E' GAFVEYXT 2,4- Duluth Duiuth junior Coiiege. THEODORE W. GALANTER Minneapolis B.A. Mu Beta Chi3 Homecoming, GENE-VXEVE GAN5 'L-4. Assistant Chairman, 3- Hllfl0lUf0'Ei Moor. 43 junior Bail Committee B- - 33 University Foundation UVTWCTSRY Of Ywcheslers Pri' BERNXAQE GAPESDNER Ban, 4. chairman of sensor rho Gamma DSM- m"e"P" H Announcementsg Gopher 3 . ' h X.. 4, Associate Editor, 45 Horne- 1j:sugnSGCciX?gi.' ifvca gi ui coming News, Editor 3, 43 ' ' ' " ' ' ' ' Goii, 3, 45 Senior Prom Committee. DAVTD gli STLAHAM WXLLXAM T. 1BfS ' GRAHAM, rn. . ' ' Polo, Ill. Duiuth junior Coiiege. B-A' BORN C, GRANT University of iiiinois. Mmmmpam Phi Kappa Sigma. BETTY GREENLEE Webster Groves, Mo. B.A. Oheriin Coiiegeg Aipha Dei- HENRY H- GYNSBUFG Q, pg, Sioux City, Iowa WARREN V. GRXSSOM BJ1, St. Paul Sigma Aipha Mu. Kappa Aipha Psig American Student Uniong Sociai Work- ers' Ass'n. DONALD S. HAARSTXCYS Rochester B'A. HUGH V. HAGSTRUM Rochester junior Coiiegeg Ai- St' Paul pha Rho Chig Architecturai BMA" Societyg Concert Band, i, 2. ELSA K' HAMMARX Hibbing THOMAS D. HANSCOME IOHN HARDTNG Minneapolis Minneapolis B-IL B.A. jacohin Ciuhg Students' Yor- urn Committee, 2-43 Chair- rnan,Arts intermediary Board, MARNORY HARRKS i-3 Freshman Week, 43 All-U. ' Council, 3, 43 Minn. Stu- ients' Aiiiance, 2-43 Daiiy 43 Lit. Review, 3, 43 De- Minneapolis Theta Sigma Phi. hate, 33 Fencing, i, 2. 319 ' AUD REY HE FTE Caledonia BA. Macalester College. S'fANLEY R. HOLM Minvreapulis B.A. GRAHAM B. HOVEY Cedar Falls, Iowa HJ1. Iowa State Teachers' Collegeg Sigma Delta Chig Brass Mat- rixg Daily. FALSUM V. JOHNSON Warren. BA. Gustavus Adolphus Collegeg Theta Sigma Phig Hestian Clubg Daily. TALBOT JONES fllimzcapolis 3.5. Sigma Alpha Epsilorig Scar- abg Track, l. CONSTANCE H. KAUFMAN Appleton BA. Alpha Gamma Delta. RICHARD G. KENDALL Eifclslh BA. Sigma Gamma Epsilon. 20 JEAN HEGEL Minneapolis B.A. Alpha Omicron Pi. HELEN HOLT Minneapolis B.S. Zeta Tau Alphag Mortar Boardg W. S. G. A. B02T'dr 45 Panhellenic Council, 2, 3, President, 4. ROBERT F. HUBBARD Winona BA. "M" Clubg Daily, 2-45 Track, l-3, Captain 4. KATHRYN E. JOHNSON Omaha, Neo. B.A. Municipal University of Omahag Y. W. C. A.g Span- ish Club. HELEN PHOEBE JUDD Rocfzesler BA. Sweet Briar Collegeg Delta Gamma. SAM W. KEIL Duluth BA. Duluth junior Collegeg Sig- ma Delta Chia Nlenoralig Brass Matrixg Daily. FRANK G. KILPATRICK Dlllllfh Bud. CARL N. HENSEL Minneapolis BA. Chi Psig' Phoenixg Sopho- more Presidcntg 4Garrick Clubg Basketball, 13 Golf. RALPH C. HOPKINS Cumberland, Wis. Bail. ELINOR M. JOHNSON Gibbon BA. BETTY JONES Minizeapolis B.S., BA. Vassar Collegeg Alpha Plmig Junior Ball, 33 Homecoming, 25 U. Singers. ARDIS KAPLAN Mirzvzeapolis BA. Sigma Epsilon Sigmag Men- orah. HELEN E. KELLY Milroy B.S. St. Catherine's Collegeg Al- pha Omieron Pig Y. W- C. A.g W. S. G. A.5 North- rup Singersg U. Singers. EDWARD B. KINPORTS Irzfernalional Falls B.A. MELLEN A. KNIGHT Wayzala BA. Phi Sigma Phi, Band, 1-5. JULIUS LANGlVlAN Sl. Paul BA. Daily, 1-4, Track, l. MARY LORIMER Slrmghlon, Wir. BA. Ripon College, Architectural Society. JAMES B. LUND Sliifwaler BA. Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Iron Wedge, Homecoming, Ju- nior Ball, Interfraternity Council, President, Football, 2, 3. HAROLD MARGULIES Rapid Cify, S. D. BA. University of South Dakota, Delta Sigma Rho, Daily, 4, Intercollegiate Debate, 2, 4, Sophomore Oratory, Pillsbury Oratory, 3, 4. MARY-ELLEN MARTIN Mirzneapolis 8.5. JOHN NICEACHRON Minneapolix 8.11. Beta Theta Pi. PAULINE KOZBERG Sl. Paul 13.3. French Club, Masquers, Menorah, U. Theatre. ROBERT LCBLOND Sf. Paul BJ1. Alpha Tau Delta, Sigma Gamma Epsilon. MARGUERITE LUGER flliflwfmpnlix ILA. St. lVlary's of Notre Dame, Kappa Alpha Theta, Y. W. C. A. L. HAROLD LUNDQUIST Rorhcxlcr BA. Rochester junior College. NEWTON L. MARGULIES Rapid Cify, S. D. BA. University of South Dakota, Delta Sigma Rho, Debate Club, American Student Un- ion, Menorah, 2, 3, Win- ner of Pillsbury Oratorical Contest, 3, Debate Team, Nlanager. A. BETTY MARTTILA Tower BA. Suomi College, Virginia Ju- nior College, Rangers, Evangelical League. MARIS MCQUARRIE lllimzeapolis BA. Radcliffe College, Delta Gamma, President, Y. W. C. A. Cabinet, Mortar Board, President, Arts Intermedi- ary Board. ALICE M. LaLIBERTE Dzzluflz 13.5. College of St. Seholastica, Alpha Gamma Delta, Lin- nean Club. HELEN LEE Winlon B.S. Ely Junior College, Interna- tional Relations Club. VERTONE C. LUKONE Chixbolm Bfl. Hibbing Junior College. JEAN NIALEY St. Paul Bud. U. Singers, Northrup Sing- ers. ROBERT A. MARSHALL lllimzenpolis BLA. -lacobin Club, Sigma Delta Chi, Brass Matrix, Fresh- man Week, 4, Daily, 2, 3, managing editor, 4, Ski-U- Mah, 4-. EUGENE H. MCD OUGALL Sl. Paul BA. LEROY S. MERRIFIELD Minneapolis BA. Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Silver Spur, Y. M. C. A., vice president, Cabinet, All-U. Peace Council, Arts College Intermediary Board, Tennis. Zl 22 GORDON E. MICHALSON Minneapolis B.A. PHILIP S. MOE Minneapolis B.S. Folwell Club. THOMAS P. MOORE Minneapolis BJ1. Harvard Universityg Phi Delta Thetag International Relations Clubg Tennis, 1-3. All-U. Tennis, Champion. DOROTHY M. NELSON Albert Lea BA. St. Olaf Collegeg Sigma Kap- pa. MARY JANE NORDLAND Minneapolis B.S. Delta Delta Deltag W. S. G. A. Board, 2-45 All-U. Council, 3. SAIVIUEL M. ORENSTEIN Sl. Paul B.A. BARBARA C. PHILLIPS Mazeppa BJ1. Hamline Universityg Adver- tising Clubg Kappa Phi. WILLIAM F. MICHEL Minneapolis B.A. WILLIAM F. MONTGOMERY Roclzerter BA. University of California. THOMAS K. MORTONSON Milwaukee, Wir. BA. University of Southern Cali- forniag Zeta Psig Psi Omega. JEAN M. NELSON Minneapolis B.S. Y. W. C. A.5 W. S. G. A.g Social Workers' Ass'n. DOROTHEA OLSON Minneapolis BA. Theta Sigma Phig Daily, 2-4. ALICE E. PASS Mankato BA. Alpha Omicron Pig Sigma Epsilon Sigmag French Clubg Y. W. C. A.5 W. S. G. A.5 Pan-Hellenic Councilg Span- ish Club. MARY PUTNAM Minneapolis B.S. Alpha Omicron Pig W. S. G. A., Y. W. C. A., W. A. A. ELEANOR H. MISKOWITZ Minneapolis B.S. BETTY K. MOORE Minneapolis B.A. Delta Delta Delta5 Sigma Alpha Iota. D. EDWARD MUFFITT, JR. Omaha,Neb. BA. Fine Arts Clubg Pioneer Hall, President, 2-45 Basket- ball, 1-2. MURIEL E. NELSON Fergus Falls 3.11. North Dakota State Collegeg Gamma Phi Betag Psi Chig Hestian Clubg Y. W. C. A.5 W. S. G. A. Board. ' MARGARET B. OLSON Keewatin B.S. Hibbing Junior College. Rangers' Club. MARY E. PATTERSON Minneapolis B.S. University of Wisconsing George Washington Univer- sityg Wilson Teachers' Col- lege. DOROTHY E. RAMSEY Minneapolis Bud. f 4 , f' 4 . , ' ,. v -"5 v , .. , A . , - fffkip " 4.52, ,fig wiwggirkf: , 2 'Y f ff ' , TW.- , 1 1 A .91 x ,KM A 1 4 5' :I 1 I ' k S131 Lf: .,.. '-- ,- V w- 1. fc If A ' Y 1 .A ' I ' U -- , at , , ,-- A ,Q H f P. fy ff f- f ' ,. . , .gm1fs.f. - - 'HZ ,. 1 '--115' .11- .q wf - T7 . ' ,. Tv , K ' 3 , , tm :gp-. . - '., ',r2.g'E5.'-,qgfm - A:"5L,,Z,:-ZW'-1gZf.'.fa 5, 4 . . Q . M, if f 5 -' ' . Y" W' ' iff 2 ' in ., ', 4 , N s' fa' A QW, V A A. ' V f . :QE " fi 21. ' 2 ' 1. ' ,fr -V ! W ,W 1 ' X ' ..,. L. L , f . -ff, ' Ui., ' 4- ' 5... ,, A r,kfir'f 1' '-, 11 ff' M. 7? I . . 2 3 I f Jails er 'k .,, 2 Lwggv r'-' M-f.3"'T'i ,A :gf Q! SS: 22' ,. 'A ,Lu .. ,pn if Sw ,M '- lffyfff :gs Q--W ,, af- s ,., 4 Q14 if ,wwf wg, '.. uw 2 av ,1 , .4 IW 9 1 .F ,-1 fT4ilf"f-z-2 ' xx u f WWM, ' 'ff' Q ,yjy,:, f 1 lv fn 'C gif x 5 ? . 3 ' Ku. ,,, x 1. r '42 A Q.. rv' . ,.f!,,ff,, ,-V',,2-"""',,..-,- .,,.,,,,,- ,,.-. ,,,f,,.,.,, F,,,.,--f,,,,,.,,,,,.,,,,L4,,,....-,,,,f,. - .,,,.,fWJZ,f'f"Z f-,-,...-w-,.-f4f.,.,--1,f1,,.,-'-",,,-.,g'...JK...-.,,,,..--'.ff-nf-,-1,--,J,-4-..-.-.4,.--f-,,..f.-f-.,.-f,.,f"",,91:,LA,!-f""y' L MARTXN QUXGLEY Mi7Z11Bdf10li5 LOANE RANDALL Si- PM CARL mire. icobin C1ub3 Grey' Yriarg B,S, St. Petersburg, Fla, ' Daxiy, X, 45 Ski-U-Maii, i-3, Chg psi, Yi-55.3 Phi Deita B.A. Editor, A-. 19533 hon Wedgeg interim- Bmokwn Coueges Easing- YCYNYY CO'-WCH5 aww CNXJ3 ers, Ciub5 Ciiemicai Societyg SUVCY SPN: PYCSW Hockey' Bio-Medicai Societyg Band, Co-Capt., 4. 2, 3, KAY 3. rucnrm Albert Lea B Sigma Dciu Ciig Grey Fri- MERRKLZ YAEIOBERTS , ., . - . 1' . GI ' 1. ditorj Afjn C nb, Dqny, X 41 M tlrgili. on MARGAQEET Ei'ROLL DePauw Universityg Univcr- ffwfgfo is sity of Montanag Phi Delta B' ' Them- Newman Ciubg Y. W. C. A.3 Sociai Workers' Aes'n. KARL E. ROTEGARD New Riclzlami EDWXN ROTHMAN Commons Ciubg Y. Ni. C. A.3 Iffuinglan, N- .7- Bund, i-3. B'A- Essex junior Coiiegeg Lodg- WYLLXAM Y- ROUND5 ers' Leagues, Eastcrners' SIWPY EW Ciuiu intcrnutiormi Xlciations I I BJ1. I Cinbg Daiiyg Tennis, 2, 33 Awfmi Sxgma .Dewi CWB Freshman Week. KUYNOY BSU? UMW, 2'4- M. LUCKLE RUBXN Slarden FRANCES RUSH Mm'WPUhS DONALD L. RUSSELL I u BS' . Nlirmeapolis University of Wisconsin. B.A- MORTON NL SAFRAN MONXCA SCYHSSEL Superior State Teachers, Coi- icgeg Deita Tau Deitag Dei- tn Phi Epsiiori. Jrzmaicrl, N. Y. EDWARD P. B A SAXNSBURY Sigma Aipha Mug Y. M. Mirmeapolis .- Yootbaii, i-'53 Track. BA. BURTON SAL.-X-ER Phi Kappa Sigma3 Sigma Minneapolis Deita Cixig Advertising Ciubg BA. Freshman Week, 2, 33 Home- coming, i-'53 lnterfmternity Councii, 45 Daiiy, X-2. Mirmcnpolis C B-A . U wma r. SCHULZL oiiegc of St. Czithermeg Pi Minneapolis Beta Phi. W. S. G. A.3 Y. W. B-A. ELYLABETH G. SEXDL C' AY Skx'U'Mnh' 2' 3' Theta Sigma Piiig Advertis- Mmnegpohs ing Ciubg French Ciubg I W C DMN, Z-4. 1312! Bsctacljigig . . . A4 KULXAN D. SERRXLL, SR. IV1irmeapoli.s WXLLKAM R. SIMNYS T GMO Mlnneapolir MARE H Sig? ram Trim va. B.A. Fefgm f' S Coe Coilegeg Aiphzi Phi Ai- G nma Pxgigew Npomn hw T - 2. a x xi 3 P Q cms' rswag W. s. C.. A. Board, Presidentg Y. W. C. A- Cab' 3 24 inetg Homecoming, 23 AWU- Councii, 3, 43 Board of ENC tions, 3, 4-. VA -Q ..p,,,,f'AZ,.,-V I Fx i Q 4 i .,,.,,,,,, 6,-H, I. MARY ELLEN SMYYH Iwiwflweolif Yvonne srommran B-IL Mason Cily, Iowa Deita Deita Deitn. BMA. Stephens Cniicgci Kappa Ai- phax 'fhctxtg 'Lola Phi Etng DENCU- SYYOCKMAN Hontecomingg Board uf Yuh- S1094 CUM lewd iiczitionsg Gophcrg Ninsinicrs. B-5- Waidori Cuiiegcg iicstizxn Chih3 Lutheran Student As- CLARENCE STOLT socizition. Prcscnit, Wis. B.A. River Faiis 'Yeaciiere' Coi- iegeg Lodgers' Lczigueg Band, NiURiEL E. STOWE X, Minneapolis , B.H. SOSEPH E. STRONG Mirivicnpoiis B.A. University of idaho- HOWARD STU ART Minneapolis BA. ELLEN F. SULLiVAN gggmn NM Dany, ia Gym Weil Dulmli Team, i-A-. B11- Coiiege oi St. Sciioizxsticzu HELENA E' SULLXVAN Hestian Ciuhg Lodgers, Co- Pendmy Mom. ed Executive Counciig Dziiiyg Bjsl Them Sigma Pm' Coiiege of St. Cntherineg Aipha Omicron Pig NCW- man Ch1h5Y. C. F-- EETTY j. SWANSON Ames, Iowa B.A. iowa State Coiiege5 Swedish WXLLXAM D. SWEASY Literary Society. Refi Wing ELK-LABETH A. BJ1- SWENSON Sigma Chig Niasquersg Gar- Fa,i1,M,1g rick. 3.11, , Kanpa Aipha Thetng Theta Sigma Phig Y. W. C. A. Cah- inet, Li-3 Daily, i, 'L- BESSXE R. TENNEY Lethbrizige, Canaria B'A- LUCXEN O. Rockford Coiiege. THQMPSON WXLLXAM M. THQMSON Eau Claire, Wis. 'Minneapolis BA. W 12.5. Sigma Gamma Epsiiong rim Kappa Ysig Phi Dcitn Swimmifigi irbf- Phig Siiver Spurg iron Wedgeg Sornhomore Ciass Presidentg Gophlff, BUSUCS5 Manager. ELEANOR L. 'YONRXCH Minneapolis T BJ1. N heta Sigma Phig Advertis- 'MARY FRA CES ang cm. Dany, i-4. EUNXCE A- TORGERSON rucicev. Fergm Fans Minneapolis B.A. Concordia Coiiege . .B'A' ' Pi Beta Phig Y. W. C. A4 W. S. Cv. A.3 Panheiienic Councii, Seeretnryg Founda- ' tion Eaii. CAROL TURNER Minneapolis B.A. Boardg Deita Phi ERMAL V. VANCE LGUNBAB3 Sigma Epsiion Sig- Minneapolis IVYARGARET mm Phi Beta Kzxppag Liter- 13.11. van de ERVE ary Review, 2. Sigma Aiphzx iota. Carrington, N. D. BJ1. Sigma Epsiion Signing Ad- vertising Ciuhg Coiicge Yo- etry Society. Z-JL., T' F' x rf. i-Q ig 2 ..e...-Q? - M ---- -i--.---- -- ..,,e.,,.-..,.,f,f..,.-....,-.,,f,,,--f,,-...... ..... .--.,,,1.,,,,.,,,,. , . ...-f,-,-,--ff,.f-.,.,-......,.',.,6-.,.Gf,.-,,.f,,,g- ,..,. - ,,M-4"-.,f,wf..f:..,- ,,.,f-- fi ,,?",f..,-,,f-.,,.,-,.,-.-.,,.- ,.,-,,-f . ,, f --,- ....,..-.,,- - -,.,., -,.ff.-,.,.-,.,,.1,,,--A. 4,-.NU '55 221 .mf 3 2 5 ., ,,,..,,.,., ....,.,-WZ,-f'..-,',,,f...-..' f ,-,,,. Z, Zfilfy,-f' ,,f',-,z,f,.,.,Z.,...f --- flffklfl -ff,f'-, ,J-I-,,f-if Zfff f.,,- .,-..,.-.,.-,,.f..,,?f-,.,,-,,,..,,-',,-. ,-,.. -.,,-,.f.,,.- ,,-.....-.-,.. .. ,,-.,.,2-..., .. -,,,,.f-"f',,,,--"" -'V,.,f"' """"""'f'--",.-f""',,.f"'-,f--.,..,.--.. CARL REYYER St Petersburg, Fla. B.A. ookiyrx College, Eastern- s Club, Chemical Society, io Medical Society, Band, MARG ARET E. ROLL Miwfzeajaalis B.S. W. C. A., Newman Club, Y. Social Workers' Ass'rr. WXLLXANY Y. ROUNDS Sleepy Eye B.A. eita Chi, Aciciag Sigma D umor Baiig Daily, 2-4. DON ALD E. RUSSELL Minneapolis BA. Teachers' Coi- uperior State in cg Delta 'Tau Delta, Dei- tx Phi Epsilon. j. BURTON SALTER Minneapolis B.A. ELYLABETH G. SEXDL Mhmeapolis B.S. Pi Beta Phi, Y. W. C. A., W. S. G. A. MABETH SKOGMO Fergus Falls B.S. Gamma Phi Beta, MGMT Board Board, W. S. G. A- 1 President, Y. W. C. Ps- Cab' 'rxct- Homecoming, 23 NYU- x ' , ' - B ard of Elf'-C' Courxcxi, 3, 4, o tions, 3, 4. MARY ELLEN SMYYH I ONNE STODD ARD s S. f ,f..,,-...,-.,,.--,-.,,.,- .,.,,. Zn.,- fl Q . ' 1 , --,,,,.-,f-..,,,.,,, S -.-..,s..., A,,, ,,,,A,-,FM N 7 M L ,....4,,,-.,, V, ,,,,,.,,,,,M ,..-,--,.,-..,-..,,,,.,.. K '-f"""-'--"-G'-..f"f-..v...:-,,-......,,,., ,Jw 1 V Y an i ,,.-, ..A..-.,.-,,,,f-,,. ,.,, . . . , ,Y,, .f.,,. ......,.,.- ,...---. --...,...,, 4, W- Minncapolxs YV B-A' Mason Cily, Iowa Deita Deita Deita. B-A' Stcpiiens Coiicgcg Kappa Ai- pha Tiictag Zeta Phi Etag DENCU- STOCKMAN 'Hnmccomingg Board of Yuiw- swf!! CNF, Iowa iicationsg Gophcrg Mastniers. 3.11. NVzridor'i Coiicgeg Hcstian Cinbg Lutheran Student As- cmrzrncc 3. srom M'1"'O'x' Prcscnll, Wis. BA. River Faiis Teachers' Coi- iegeg Lodgers' Lcagneg Band, MURTEL E. STOWE i. liflirzrlsapulis . B.A. IOSEPH E. STRONG Minneapolis BA. HOWARD STU ART University of Tdaho. Minneapolis B.A. ELLEN E. SULLTVAN Sigma Nui Daiiy, X3 Gym WvSfD11l111l1 Team, X-A-. B-5- Coiiege of St. Sciioiasticag in Hestian Ciubg Lodgcrs' Co- HELEITAJE' SXAZXJEEVAN ed Executive Counciiy Daiiyg en roggi ' Wy Them Sigma Pm' Coiiege of St. Catixerincg AXpha Omicron Pig New- man Cinbg Y. W. C. A. BETTY SWANSON Ames, Iowa BJ1. iowa State Coiiegeg Swedish WXLLXAM D, SWEASY Literary Society. Red Wing ELXZABETH PM Bill- Swanson Sigma Ciiig Masquersg Gar- Fwibwlt rick. B.A- l Kappa Aipha Tiietag Theta Sigma Phig Y. W. C. A. Cab- inet, 45 Daiiy, i, 2. BESSTE R. TENNEY Lethbridge, Canada BJ1- woman 0. Rockford Conege. fpHOMp5ON WXLLXAM M' fx-HOMSGN E414 Clgipfm VW5- "Minneapolis - ' ' B.S. Sigma Gamma Epsiiong pm Kawm 'QSQ3 PM Deira SWdnVnkng1x'A" Phig Sihler Spur3 Tron Wedgeg Sophomore Chxss ' - iier, Business ELEANOR L. TONRTCH Minneapolis B.A. Theta Sigma Phig Advertis- ing Cinbg Daiiy, i-4-. CAROL TU RNER EUNTCE A. TORGERSON TUCKER Fergus Falls M. . inneapolis B.A. B A Concordia Coiiege. PX Beta Pma Y- W. C- Ad W. S. G. A4 Yanhciienic ' ' ' Founda- President, Gop Manager. MARY FRANCES Councii, Secretary, tion Bail. Minneapolis B.A. Niortar Boardg Deita Phi ERMAL V. VANCE L3mbd33 Sigma Epsiion Sig- Minneapolis MARGARET WHS PN B618 Kawai Liter- B.A. van de ERVE MY Review, 2- Sigma Aipha iota. Carrington, N. D. B.A. Sigma Epsiion Sigmag vertising Ciubg CoTicge etry Society. Z ,,,.--",,f'..l",.,--.,,.-H ...... -..- ,,"'.f--,-flfz.-f ,Z,,1"'l,..f""',g' ,.-"..,,-,,.-, -1. A,- -,f,,-',f-"',,-f,-- ,,,,.,'-fi,f,.-fi!" ,,f,,,,f -,-.--,...,.. .... f,-,. ...,, ,,,...,-.-., .-. .. . if --rf,-. ....,..,,-f,,.y-,-f,,2",....--,,,-'-'.-,-,f,..J- ,-,.,., ...f. ,.,.,,,..,.. IMOGENE V. VELINE Hnziret B.S. Mankato Teachers' College, Sigma Kappa, W. A. A. MARGARET WEBSTER Denzier, Cola. BA. Phi Beta Kappa, Sigma Ep- silon Sigma, Mortar Board, Cosmopolitan Club, Inter- national Relations Club, President, W. A. A. Board, Y. W. C. A., M. S. A., Forum Committee, Arts College Intermediary Board, W. S. G. A. JOHN Z. WHEELER St. Paul B.A. Beta Theta Pi, Mortar and Ball, Captain, Pershing Rifles, Scabbard and Blade, Cosmopolitan Club, Band, Crack Drill Club. EVELYN WHITNEY Virginia B.A. Virginia junior College, Psi Chi. A. BARBARA WRIGHT Bagley BA. Theta Sigma Phi, Daily. CHARLES L. ALEXANDER, JR. Fergus Falls B.S. Phi Sigma Phi, Band, 1-4. 2 ROGER VERRAN Minneapolis BA. Sigma Delta Chi, Brass Mat- rix, Daily, Ski-U-Mah, Lit- erary Review, Track, l-4. WILLIAM H. WESTERMAN Minneapolir B.A. Sigma Chi. RICHARD H. WHITMORE Omaha, Neb. BA. Iowa State College, Alpha Tau Omega. VIVIAN WITT llflinneapalis BA. Pi Beta Phi, Theta Sigma Phi, Delta Phi Lambda, Homecoming News, l, 2, Freshman Week, 2, Daily, 2, 3, Ski-U-Mah, 2, 3. DOROTHY L. YEATS Sf. Loair Park Bud. Theta Sigma Phi, Christian Science Organization, Adver- tising Club, Daily, 1-4. ELIZABETH YLVISAKER Mankato BA. Bethany College. MAUD E. EARL Minneapolis BA. Alpha Chi Omega, Girls' Rifle Ciub, Y. W. C. A., 1-4, Co-Mixer Board, 2, 3, W. S. G. A., Freshman Week, 4, Ski-U-Mah, 2-3, Masquers, W. A. A. MARIORIE A. VERTIN Wahpeton, N. D. BA. College of St. Catherine, Kappa Alpha Theta. ROY H. WESTMAN Duluth BLA. Duluth Junior College, Sig- ma Delta Chi, Swedish Lit- erary Society. I DOROTHY WHITNEY Minneapolis B.A. CAROLINE WOODMAN Durand, Wis. B.1?1. Newman Club. MURIEL O. YETTER Minneapolis BA. Business VVomen's Club. PETER R. EDMONDS Minneapolis BA. Delta Kappa Epsilon, Presi- dent, Sigma Delta Chi, Del- ta Phi Lambda, 2-4, Silver Spur, Grey Friar, Interfra- ternity Council, Presidents Committee on Student Gov't Reform, 3, Chairman, All-U. Council, Board of Publica- tions, Pres., 4, Arts Inter- mediary Board, 3, 4, DailY: 1-3, Literary Review, Gar- rick Club. MARJORIE FITCH St. Paul B.A. Principia College5 Kappa Kappa Gammag Advertising Clubg Daily. DELORES A. RITTER St. Paul BA. Alpha Omicron Pi5 Adver- tising Club5 Ski-U-Mah, 4-5 Literary Review. JOYCE B. VANGSNESS Sioux City, Iowa B.S. Stephens College, Kappa Al- pha Thetag Advertising Club. HOWARD F. GUSTAFSON Minneapolis B.S. Sigma Phi Epsilon5 George Williams, Club5 Y. M. C. A. Cabinet. ROBERT S. SPAETH SZ. Paul BA. Beta Theta Pig Homecom- ing, 45 Dai1y5 Masquers. KATHLEEN VVATSON Mirzneapolir B.S. Kappa Alpha Theta5 Mortar Board5 W. S. G. A. Bcurdg Y. W. C. A. Cabinetg Home- coming Committee, l, 25 Freshman Week, l-35 Y. W. C. A. President, All-U. Council, 25 Daily, l, 2. JOHN A. HERRMANN St. Paul BA. Chi Psi, President5 Inter- fraternity Council. BETTY V. SWENSON Sz. Paul BA. Theta Sigma Phi, Advertis- ing Cluln5 Business Women's Club, l5 Freshman Week, l-35 Homecoming, l-4, Ex- ecutive Committee, 45 Foun- dation, 45 Freshman Ballg Sophomore Ball, Junior Ballg W. S. G. A.5 Y. W. C. A., 25 Gopher5 Daily5 Ski-U-Mahg U. Theatre, 35 U. Singers, l. MARK WEXLER Minneapolis 3.15. 2 A ,EIL F if .. O LITTLE RED OII. CAN A tradition of long standing is the annual presentation of the Little Red Oil Can on the Farm Campus. Every December the award is made to the student or faculty member who has contributed the most out- standing leadership during the preceding year. This year's Winner is Dr. Clyde H. Bailey, of the depart- ment of agricultural biochemistry. AG ROYAL DAY is another annual event on the Farm Campus, a twenty-five year old tradition. The feature of the day is the showmanship con- test. Coeds and men on the St. Paul campus com- pete in the stock showing. To be sure that the judging will be based purely on showmanship, animals are apportioned by lot. . The day starts off with a parade of livestock which circles the entire campus, led by the Uni- versity Nlarching Band. Trick competitions fill the afternoon, and the festivities are climaxed by a dance at which Winners in all divisions and the trophy Winners are announced. This year Ag Royal Day was May 14. AG RGVAL DAY 1 As in previous years, Paul Bunyan acted as patron saint to the Foresters Day celebrations. Absent from this year's celebration though, was the excitement of the fake kidnapping which en- livened last year's activities. Fun ranging from "birling" to a semi-formal dance, however, went off as in other years. A bean feed at noon opened the program. Sports competitions featuring box- ing, log rolling, birling, archery, and rope climb- ing filled the afternoon. Individual and team competitions in chopping, sawing, and skidding helped to keep the forest- ers busy, as well as snowshoe and ski races. An- other highlight of the afternoon's program was the tug-of-war between the Greybeards and the Fuzzies. Contests for knife and ax throwing, chain throwing, and pole climbing ended the af- ternoon's competition. Winners were announced at the dance at the St. Paul Hotel which polished off the activities for the day. 5 s FCDRESTEIQS DAY JANUARY I5 was the date of Foresters Day held annually on the Farm campus during the winter quarter. The day's activities were presided over by Paul Dickensen as Son of Paul and Delores Drey as his queen. Both Paul and his queen were selected by popular vote of the foresters. X 2 GOVERNOR ELMER BENSON led the grand march, followed by members of the university administration, and 3,ooo students danced to the music of Henry Busses's orchestra at the first Foundation Ball held in the Minneapolis Armory. That was the birth of a new Minnesota tradition. But the Foundation was not con- tent to be considered just a "ball- throwingn organization. A consti- tution has been drawn up whereby the student group will join with the Greater University Corporation, an alumni group, and representatives of faculty and administration in carrying out projects of value to the school. It intends to act as a deposi- tory for gifts and bequests from alumni and friends of Minnesota to help in the creation of a real Minnesota school spirit and to pro- mote better relationships among all those interested in the University. 7 AT the suggestion of President Lotus D. Coffman, the All-U Council headed by Al deBuhr Uefzj, or- iginated the Minnesota Foundation. The first event in the Foundation's work was the all-university Foundation Ball which was directed by Torn Beeb frighlj. FCDUNDATIQN BALL THE young lady above holds the symbols of three of Minnesota's most interesting traditions4all of them related to the gridiron. The slab of bacon on the left is brought home yearly by Minnesota or Wisconsin. Since 1930, when it first became a sought-after prize, the Gophers have held it for all eXcept two contests. The Little Brown Jug in the center is the old- est and most famous of Minnesota's football tro- phies. Since IQO3 Michigan and Minnesota have been battling for possession of the jug, the Wol- verines usually with the better success. It has been in Minnesota's possession, however, since 1932. On the right is the memorial to Floyd of Rose- dale, which is a monument to a sense of humor as well as football prowess. When rumored threats of violence to Minnesota players at the Iowa con- test of 1936 promised to turn the game into a grudge match, the late governor Floyd B. Olson of Minnesota saved the day by proposing a prize Minnesota hog as the spoils of the contest. Min- nesota won the hog, and had its image Cast in en- during form as the yearly award to the winner of the Iowa game. TIQGPHIES UNDER the leadership of Frank Reed, the Foundation has also sponsored a special sunlite dance with the coopera- tion of the W. S. G. A. and started "The Cauldron" tradition on Cap and Gown day. Every senior dropped his contribu- tion into the Cauldron as he walked into Convocation exercises on Cap and Gown Day. 333 ALMOST as much a tradition as Saint Pat him- self is that the engineer's choice for king for a day shall have to take riding lessons before lead- ing the Engineers day parade on his coal black horse. Neither Mark W. Olson nor his chosen queen, Mary Elizabeth Emmel, was any excep- tion. Eor the first time since tradition began in IQ 14, the merit system was used in picking candidates for Saint Pats honors. Eight engineers were se- lected as candidates on a system similar to the All-U council's, and from this group the seniors in engineering elected one. Since 1927 the Saint has picked a queen to share his throne. The ceremony of kissing the blarney stone was held this year on the engineering mall instead of on the knoll as for some years past. At this cere- mony memberships in honorary societies in the Institute of Technology are announced. This year the chemical show and electrical show were held in connection with Engineers day instead of separately, and at the same time other I. T. divisions held open house. Other features of the day are the dansant, green tea and the Engi- neers Brawl. 334 i. "i. .......,? . -.v . ,E 52 '2:Ii5.v': 'J FACULTY objections resulted in some of the ffspi being removed from the Engineers day parade , but more active participation by the technical socie kept all the old interest. Saint Pat on a black horse and his queen on a white one led the procession around the campus and back to engineering mall where the day's ceremonies were held. ENGINEERS DAY I Q5 THE longest way around is the only way to Northrop lVlemorial auditorium for the seniors and faculty members in academic dress on Cap and Gown day. ln spite of the dark robes and mortar boards the parade is not at all colorless, with bright corsages for the girls and occasionally brilliant robes of faculty members with advanced degrees. There are friends and relatives for seniors to wave to as they pass on their way to the ceremonies in Northrop. Awards and scholarships as well as member- ships in honorary scholastic societies are an- nounced as part of the program, and afterward is the Mortar Board luncheon where next year's members of the honorary senior women's group is announced. This year saw the start of a new tradition, "The Cauldronf' on the steps of Northrop where seniors placed their contributions to the Miiine- sota Foundation and toward a reunion in 1943. CAP AND GCDWN DAY HANNS SCHWYZER was in charge of ar- rangements for the 1938 Cap and Gown day, assisted by Alfred de Buhr and Elizebeth Donovan. Hanns was also class marshal, as were Maris lVlcQuar- rie, Belmont Magee, and Mabeth Skogmo. 335 No elaborate sheepskin but just a bit of paper, 1f7S still a diploma and the evidence of four years of Work With highest honors or a straight C average it is a tri umph. CCDMMENCEMENT FIFTEEN hundred seniors in rusty black march down the field from the open end of the stadium and take their places in the front rovvs. Colored tassels tell the degree for Which each is a candi- date, and maroon and gold ribbons point out Arts college graduates "cum laude," 'Cmagna cum laude" and 'csumma cum laude." and graduates of other colleges "with distinction." After an address by the president or by a speak- er from another college, the seniors from each college. stand as their dean presents them as can- didates for degrees. Led by pages chosen on the strength of their having the highest averages of the junior class, they march up to the faculty platform to receive their diplomas. - I.-DLA. - .fn 4 CCDMME NOT content to turn out an annual crop of graduates, the University seeks to help them find places in business indus- try. The Business school, the College of Education and the Institute of Tech- nology all have placement bureaus for that purpose. l NCEMENT NOT all of What they learned in their four years came from books. Work on student activities has given them practice in solving practical prob- lems. Journalists have had actual experience in their work in putting out student publications and small town papers. Education students meet their severest test in teaching classes at University High where the favorite indoor sport is annoying the "pracs." lVIines, engineering and forestry stu- dents make trips to various parts of the state to carry out their Work under actual conditions, and practice Work at University hospital and else- Where is part of the course for those in medicine, dentistry and pharmacy. ACKNGWLEDGEMENTS George Luxton, VVayne Bell, Nlinneapolis Star Harvey Goldstein American News and Photo Service Venning P. Hollis University Photo Lab Harry Ross Group pictures Harrison Hatfield Camera Craft Studios Senior Pictures Art Segal, B. C. Robertson Bureau of Engraving Engraving Plates Ed Haskins, E. C. Drummond Graphic Arts Engraving Academic group engraving plates Charles Cole, Mary Gale Harrison and Smith Printing and Lithographing VV. C. Stevenson Nlinneapolis Paper Company lVIartin Borad S. K. 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SENIG12 INDEX 266 272 282 316 286 266 326 297 297 308 297 297 308 266 286 316 272 316 316 31-1 310 286 266 272 272 297 272 310 297 272 273 297 316 288 266 Bach, Elsa ........... .... .297 266 297 273 297 314 288 273 288 310 273 273 273 297 316 273 273 273 308 297 288 282 316 308 282 288 298 316 288 Berger, Bonnie J... Berger, Charles V. . . . Berggren, Fred H.. . . . . . Burgh, Alton .. Berglove, Arlene . Bergquist, Ruth E ..... llergstrom, Edward Bergvall, Ardell .... . .. llerkey, John VV. ........ . . . Bt-rnath, Antoinette l3L'l'tllolf, Lloyd B. .... . . . Beske, WVerner . . . Best, VVilliam .. . Bestick, Zoe ........ . . . Bert-rnick, Faith E.. . Bevernick, Felicie C. .... . . . Bevier, Condit ....... . . . Biddinger, Russell L. .... . . . Biddison, Paul ....... . . . Biggani, Jack VV. .... . . . Biorn, Carl L.. . . . Bleek, Earl A. .... . Blix, .Elizabeth L.. . Bloch, Marvin A.. . Blosjo, Roland V. .... . . . Blotcky, Robert J.. . Bocrner, Margaret . . . . . . 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Burkhart, Roger J.. .. --. Burklund, Ed. . . . . Burns, Charles M... Burns, Robert R.. . . Bussey, James ,... Byram, Albert J.. . . 316 298 266 308 310 288 266 298 266 316 298 273 316 282 288 316 298 273 298 298 310 273 288 298 288 273 316 286 282 266 273 266 282 316 316 288 310 316 316 266 266 298 288 316 310 266 273 314 273 298 316 282 266 316 282 273 288 298 298 266 298 314- 266 316 310 318 298 298 266 266 C Cadwell, Wilfred C.. . . Caleen, Luella V... . Campbell, Paul .. Caple, Ira .... Carl, Mary .... Carlsen, Charles .. . Carlson, Arne E. .... Carlson, Audrey W. . . Carlson, C. Albert , ,, Carlson, Esther A. . . . Carlson, Myron C. .. Carlson, Philip E. . . . . Carlson, Raymond W. Carlson, Roy D. ..... . Carlyon, Mary L.. . .. Carr, Charles W.. . . . Carrier, Lu Vern J.. . . Carswell, Donald R. . . . . . . Cedarleaf, June ...... Cederstrom, John C.. . . Cerefice, Donald R.. . . . .. Chambers, Francis .... . . . Chappell, Brantly P.. .. ... Chellgren, Wilbur E.. . . 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Davnie, Joan .. 298 318 298 298 288 308 266 282 298 314 273 298 273 266 288 298 273 267 288 288 288 273 308 274- 300 318 282 314 267 318 300 318 288 314- 274 274 282 288 300 267 300 300 274- 318 310 312 274 318 300 288 318 282 267 300 274 308 289 274- 274- 267 267 274 300 318 289 9 4.0 Day, james F.. .. Day, june S. .... . Day, Robert P.. . . Dean, George A.. . . Dean, James H. ..... . .. de Buhr, Alfred H.. . . . . . Deems, Margaret . . . . . . DeGon, Kenneth C.. . . . . . De Lange, Roger. . . . . . Demo, Robert A. . . . . Derfer, Dorothy G.. . . . . . Dervey, Ray I ..... Deters, Ulysses D. . . Dickinson, Fred E. . . . . .. Diessner, Karl F. ..... . .. di Giambattista, Ellen. . . . . Dobratz, Carroll . . . . Dod, Donald ....... .. . Dolan, Chester V. .... .. . Dolan, Phyllis ....... . .. Donovan, Elizabeth K.. . . . . . Donovan, lylargaret . . . . . . Douglass, Harl G.. . . . . . Drucker, Bernice .... . . . Dugan, Robert F. ,.... Dunning, Kenneth L. .... . .. Dunstan, Ben E. ..... .. . DuToit, Charles H.. . Dye, Willa.-a j.... Dygert, Robert W. ..... . . . E Earl, Maud E. .... . . . . . . Eclcharclt, Robert .... . . . Eckland, Harry C. .... . . . Edman, Minard P.. . . . . . Edmonds, Peter R.. . . .. . Edquist, Lucy J. ...... . . . Edwards, john R. ..... . . . Edwards, Richard W. .... . . . Eginton, Charles T.. . Ekern, Harriet ..... . . . Elling, Richard ..... .... Ellison, Ruth ...... Ellstrom, Raymond W.. . . . . . . Endalll, Frances R. ...... . .. Enderson, William A. .... .. . Engh, Idell M. ....... English, Lloyd L. .... .. . Engman, Wilbur . Engstrom, Albert . . Engstrom, Paul .... Erickson, Clifford J., Erickson, Curtis L. . . . . . , Erickson, Don H.. . . Erickson, Frances . . . Erickson, Robert E.. . Ericson, Kenneth ... Ettesvold, Winfred L. Evans, Robert L.. . . . Evenson, Charlotte . Faber, Dorothy M.. . . . Farrell, Robert R.. SENIGR INDEX 274- 318 274- 300 318 318 289 282 282 312 289 300 300 267 308 289 300 274- 289 318 289 289 308 274 318 300 289 318 300 308 326 274- 300 289 326 267 274- 274 312 267 274 318 267 289 300 289 300 274 267 318 27+ 318 300 267 300 315 267 300 289 289 300 Fattu, Emil ...... Fawcett, Philip N. .... - .. Fay, Alice ,... . . . Fay, Katharine E. .... . . . Featherstone, Eleanor Felix, James M. ..... . . . . Ferguson, Peter M.. . . .. . Ferguson, Ruth .... Ferring, Maxine .... . . . Field, Elizabeth M... . . . . Fitch, -lay L. ..... . Fitch, Marjorie Fill-1, Vera L. ........ . . . Finger, Sherman W. . . . . . . Flack, Margaret -I. .... . . . Fletcher, Robert W.. . . . . . Flom, Arlie O. ..,... . . . Foote, Harold E... . Forchay, Don -I. . . . Forgette, Mark A. .... . . . Fossum, Marjorie A.. . . . . . Fossum, Richard M.. . . . . . Fournelle, Harold gl.. . . . . . Fowler, Ruth A. ..... . . . Frank, Harold ...., . . . Franklin, Helyne R. . . . . . . Franta, Kathryn A.. . . . . . Freeburg, James VV.. . . . . . Freeman, -lohn W.. French, Pauline .. . . . ... Frenzcl, Frank M.. . Friederici, Gerald A. Frisch, Morris H... Frissell, WVilliam D. Funke, Leo A. ....... . . . Gaasedelen, Newell Gafvert, Elsa E.. . Galanter, Theodore Galinson, Edythe , Gans, Genevieve . Gardner, Bernice . Garrard, Winifred Gavin, Catherine . Gay, Grace M... . Geckler, E. YValter Geib, Marvin . . Gelmon, Sydney , , , Gensler, Walter . Gerber, Margaret Gerhardt, Donna M. ..... , , , Gerstenmaier, John Giesc, Violette S.. Giles, Francis Gillespie, Ruth' . . . Gilmore, Constance Gimpel, Samuel G. , i D i i V Gimse, Donald R. Ginsburg, Henry H.. . . , . , Glabe, Gordon R.. Glasson, Edwin A. Gmitro, Rudy . . . Goehrs, Gilman H .... , , . Golberg, Maxine H. ..... , , . , Goldfarb, Norman Gorchotf, Marcia D... . U. G 'iff ff E. .... 301 301 318 289 318 286 301 289 289 274 274- 327 289 301 289 282 289 289 315 318 319 290 319 290 312 319 276 276 290 319 276 301 290 319 301 276 319 319 282 319 319 290 276 290 276 312 282 301 267 290 301 290 312 290 267 282 301 319 290 283 290 312 290 283 276 Gordon, Anita ...... Gordon, Herman D... . Gould, Annie M. .... . Gouze, Duane A.. . . Graham, David P... .. Graham, Evelyn A.. . .. Graham, Howard M... . Graham, Robert R... . . Graham, William T.. . . Grant, John C. ..... . Graves, William H.. . . Gray, Clarence C... .. Gray, Mary E.. . . . Green, Bernard R. . . . . Greenberg, Sherman . . . Greenleaf, Willard A... . Greenlee, Elizabeth . . . Greenley, Kermit L.. . . Gregor, Stanley A... .. Grierson, lylargaret . . . Grissom, Warren V. . . . Groth, Harold F. .... . Grothe, Ruby ........ Gruenhagen, Richard . . Gueydan, James E... . Gulden, Dorothy Nl.. . . Gulick, Nlarie ..... Gulick, Mildred ... .. Gullifer, Isabel ....... Gullingsrud, C. Genevieve. . . . . . Guptil, Charles W. .... . Gustafson, Clifton ..... Gustafson, George F.. . . Gustafson, Glenn ..... Gustafson, Henry ..... Gustafson, Howard F.. .. Gustafson, Mildred .. . l-I Haarstick, Donald S... .. Hacking, Earl L. .... . Hagen, Howard T.. . . Hagen, Lillian B.. . .. Hagstrum, Hugh V. . . . Hall, Eleanor L.. . . Hall, Howard . . . Hall, Marcella ..... Halpern, Samuel A. . . . . Halvorsen, Gordon G.. . Halvorson, Earl ....... Halvorson, Harlow W.. . Hamilton, Loeman A... . Hamrnari, Elsa ...... Hammarsten, Dorothy . . Handford, DeEtte ..... Hanscome, Thomas D... Hanson, Harold L. . . . Hanson, Juanita ..... Hanson, Leonard E. .. Hanson, Warren A. . . Haraden, Anne J.. . . . Harding, John .... Harmon, Marvin .. Haroldson, John C.. . . Harris, lylarjory . . Hart, Janet C. .... . . Hasslen, Dorothy L... . 290 276 290 276 319 267 301 286 319 319 290 286 290 315 283 276 319 267 267 290 319 276 290 267 276 267 290 276 290 290 301 268 291 268 301 327 314- 319 308 268 291 319 291 312 283 309 301 276 268 301 319 315 291 319 276 309 309 301 291 319 268 276 319 268 276 Haswell, Dale 1'l.., . Hatch, John ....... Haugland, Dolores . . . llautala, Aili ...... Hawes, Mary F.. . . Haycock, Esther . . . Hayes, Mary C. ..,. . Heaser, Casper J... . Heath, Robert ..... Heden, Mona Mae. . Hee, Olman .,.... Hefte, Audrey ,, Hegel, Jean lf.. . . . Hellancl, Erling J... Hellekson, Spencer .. . .. . . Heneman, Herbert .. Hensel, Carl M. .,.... . . . . Herrmann, John A. .... . . . . Hersrud, Leslie ...... ,, lless, Eugene L. ........ . Hetherington, Myrna G.. . . . , . , Hexem, Evelyn O. ..... . . . . Higgins, Donald Higgins, John A.. . . Hill, Edwin E.. . . . Hill, Virginia ..... Hiller, Robert L.. . . Hilyer, Helene . . Hoban, Patricia ...... .... Hodgman, Robert F.. . . , . , . Hoel, Ronald W. ..... .. Hoesley, Beatrice M.. . . , , ,, Hoffman, Herbert J.. , . ,,, Hoffman, Peter .... Holahan, John L... . Holly, Austin J... . Holly, Frances ..... Holm, Stanley R... . Holt, Helen ...... Holte, Norman O... Holton, Robert Hope, John ....... Hopkins, Ralph C. .... . . , , Hossack, James I.. . . Hovde, Rodger .... Hovey, Graham B. .... . . . , Hubbard, Robert F. .... . . , . Hull, Mildred E... . Hultkrantz, Oke .,,,, ,,,, Hunter, Richard C. ..,, , . , . Huntley. Charles B.. .. Hurd, Maurine .... Hutchinson, Charles Ingebranci, C. Daniel .. . . . .. J Jackson, W. Wallace.. . ... . Jacobson, Carlyle ..... .... Jacobson, Carroll J.. . . . . . . Jahn, Bert J. ...... . James, Claire M.. . . James, Nlaynard . . . Jepson, John M.. . . . 2 SENICDI2 INDEX 301 276 314 291 268 291 268 291 291 291 268 320 320 301 301 276 320 327 309 301 291 31+ 268 276 291 291 268 291 291 301 76 291 301 302 302 276 291 320 320 315 302 302 320 309 302 320 320 286 277 309 302 291 268 277 309 286 277 268 283 283 283 Jeronimu Joh ansen Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, Johnson, s, Henry J.. , Carey .... Audrey A. . Beatrice E. Clinton T.. Donald F. Elinor .... Falsuni . . . Glen .. Gordon NV. Kathryn E. Lennard W.. .. . . . . Leonard R. Lois L. . . . Lois Lenore .. . . .. Marjorie A.. .. . , ,. Paul H. .. Robert NV. . Ruth A. . . Ruth M.. . . VV. Gould . XValter J... WValter V.. Johnston, David C.. . Joiner, Harvey L.. . . Jones, Betty ...... Jones, Eleanor G.. . . Jones, Talbot .... Judd, He len P. . . Jung, Harper ..... Juola, Arne YV.. . .. Kafka, Edward . . . Kaiser, Kathryn .. Kalan, Rudolph . . . Kalin, Frank G.. . . Kane, Nl arie E... .. Kaner, Ethel ..... Kanter, Harold .... Kapernick, Edwin A.. Kaplan, Ardis .,... Kask, M:n'ion .... Kasloff, Zack ..... Katz, Robert A... .. Kaufman, Constance Kauppi, Russell Keil, Sam W. .... .. Kellam, Alex .... Kelam, John P. . . . . Kellum, Robert I... . Kelly, Helen ..... Kelsey, Clive G... . . Kemper, James P.. . . Kendall, Richard G.. . . . . . . Kilpatrick, Frank G.. Kinports, Edward B.. Kirk, Randall W.. . . Kishel, Edward F... Kjos, Arthur M.. . .. Klaus, Rosemary . . . Kleimola, Edwin . . Klein, William K... Kleinman, Charles P... . . . .. Kleven, Peter S.. . .. Klick, Florian J.. . . . 312 283 291 291 277 277 320 320 268 302 320 302 302 283 312 291 302 277 292 292 302 283 302 283 277 320 277 320 320 283 268 268 292 283 268 292 292 283 302 320 292 283 312 320 268 320 283 302 302 320 283 302 320 320 320 302 302 277 292 283 277 309 302 283 Klingman, Betty .. Klobe, Bernice .,,. . Knight, Mellen A ..... .... Knotts, Merrill H. .... , , , , Koerner, W. Robert .... .... Kojola, Albert K. ,.... . , .. Koons, W. Wyman .... ..,, Kordish, John . . . Korte, Heimo , . Kotlar, Jack ..... Kottke, Carol ..... Kozberg, Goldie L. .... , , , . Kozbcrg, Pauline ... Kraft, Harold C... . Ki-auch, Natalie . . . Krejci, Clio G. .... . Kremenetsky, Ruby , . . , , , , Krezowski, Dominic . Krinbring, Margaret M.. . . , , , Krinke, Marian A. ..... . , . . Krizek, John ..,,.. Kroon, Lorraine ..... , , , , Kucera, Leonard . . Kuhlmann, Raymond B.. . . . . Kuphal, Robert ....... .... I. Laaksonen, Roy O.. . . La Freniere, Rosemary. . . . . . . Lagather, Michael G.. Laing, Frank E. .... . La Liberte, Alice .. . Lamb, Patrick ..... Lambert, Lois R... . . Lang, Norbert S .... . Langman, Julius . . . Lanto, Ruth A... . . Larkin, Wade W... . Larsen, Bjarne L.. . . Larsen, Harold R.. . . Larson, Jack E.. . . Lasby, Joseph O.. . . . Latham, Eugene P.. . . Lau, Milton W.. .. Law, Lewis W. ..,. . Lawler, Harold R. .... . . . . Leach, Daniel ..... LeBlond, Robert , . . Lee, Abner J. . . . . . Lee, Gordon M.. . ,. Lee, Helen ....... Leebens, Hester M. .... . . . . Leebens, William M. . , Lehmicke, Albert J.. . . . . . . Leistiko, Artis M.. . . Leisz, Albert P. . . . . Lende, Reid E.. . . . Lepak, Louis T.. . . . LeVesque, Elaine M.. . . .. . . Lewis, Barbara ..... Lewis, Lloyd A. .... . Lewis, Robert N. ...... . . . . Lieberman, Alvin H... . ,. . Liman, Ben L. ....... .. .. Lind, Genevieve ..... .... Lindert, Merlyn C. .... . .. 268 292 321 302 309 302 309 303 303 309 277 312 321 292 292 283 315 292 283 268 277 292 268 315 303 277 292 292 284 321 28-1 312 284- 321 292 303 303 303 270 312 277 270 2811- 284 270 321 315 303 321 270 284 309 312 284 270 277 292 312 303 292 277 286 292 312 Lund, Loren B. .... . . . . .. 278 2 Lindquist, Bertil H. .... . . . . Logan, Ralph A... . . Lokken, Ann G.. . . Loney, Edward ..... Lorimer, Mary J.. . . Louisell, David Loveless, Lois A.. . . . Lowe, William R... . Luger, Marguerite .... , . . . Lukone, Vertone C.. . . .. . . Lund, James B. .... . Lundberg, John W. .... . . . Lundin, Alice ..... Lundin, Viola L. ...,... .... Lundquist, L. Harold.. . . . . Lundstrom, Orville G. . . . . . . Luoma, Ernest ..... Lyon, Adelbert C... . M Maass, Fred E... . . Mace, jack B. ..... . Mackay, Donald R.. . . . . . Mackenzie, Ian G. ...,. . . .. Magner, Rodney C.. . . . . . . Magee, Belmont B. .... . . . Magoon, Patricia L... . .. . . Mair, Audrey O... .. Mair, Norma M. . . . Maker, John F .... . Maley, Jean ....... Malkerson, Harriet ... .... Manley, Frances .... Manly, Robert P.. . . Manson, Arnold . .. Margulies, Harold ..... .... Margulies, Newton L... . .. .. Marinucci, Enes C... . . . .. Marshak, Vivian ..... .... Marshall, Robert A... .... Martin, Mary-Ellen .. . . . .. Ma1'tino, Daniel L. .... . . . . Martinson, Paul H... . . .. Marttila, Allie .... Matala, Carl C... .. Matz, Myron H... Mayo, Alice ....... McAllister, John H.. lVlcBrady, John .... . . . . McBride, Gertrude E.. . . . . .. McBride, William il.. McCaffrey, Maurice . McCulloch, Marion D... . , , , , McDougall, Eugene H.. . . . . . . McEachron, John A.. McGee, Elwood L... McGuire, Helen A. . McHugh, Edward McKevitt, joseph McMullen, Donald . McQuarrie, Maris . . . McWethy, David B.. Melby, Leonard -1.. .. Melby, Lois ..... Menk, Arline .. SENIOR INDEX 303 284 314 315 321 309 277 303 321 321 321 292 309 270 292 321 303 270 309 284 303 284- 284 303 277 284 292 270 277 321 294 294 303 312 321 321 270 294 321 321 294- 303 321 277 312 294 309 303 314- 277 278 309 321 321 303 294 278 278 303 321 278 278 294 270 Menozzi, John . . Merhar, Robert . Merman, Robert G.. . . Merritield, Leroy Merry, Ruth E.. . Michalson, Gordon Michel, William F... . Micka, Joseph .. Mickelson, C. R.. Mickelson, John Middents, Walter Mikalson, Elaine . . . s... iff.. w L... F... Miller, Lois .... Miller, Norman . . . Miller, Wilma L. ..... Millman, Esther .... Miskowitz, Eleanor H. Mitchell, Marjorie M. Moe, Alfred H. .... . . Moe, Philip S. ..... . Molander, Elwood W. Montgomery, William Moody, Barbara ..... Nlooney, Robert D.. . . Moore, Betty K... .. Moore, Richard A. .. Moore, Robert W. .... . . . Moore, Thomas P. . . . Moormann, joseph A. Morcom, William .... Morris, Marva .... lylorrison, Ervine A.. . Morrison, William F.. lylortonson, Thomas K. Moskalik, Rosemary M.. . . . . . Moss, Norman B.. . . Mnflitt, Deiss E.. .. Muller, Ralph ,1..... Munson, Russell VV.. . Murphy, Wilhelmine . Murray, F. Vivian . , . Murray, John A.. . . N Naftalin, Adeline .. Nasby, Arline ...... Naylor, H. Brooks. . . Nelson, Alvin E. . . .. Nelson, Beatrice C. .. Nelson, Belva C. ,, Nelson, Donald K. .. Nelson, Dorothy M. . Nelson, Edith ..... Nelson, Harlan M. . . Nelson, Helen M.. . . Nelson, Jean M. Nelson, Leonard T. .. Nelson, Muriel ..... Netterlund, Gladys E., Neuberg, George S. Neumann, Katherine M. . . . , , , Nichols, james B. . . . . Niebergall, Harriet Niemi, Forrest ..... Noecker, Marshall Norberg, Aimee L.. . . 294- 278 303 321 294 322 322 303 303 312 315 294 270 30-1 270 278 322 29-1 278 322 278 322 29-1 312 322 309 30-1 322 278 278 28-1 313 313 322 3119 28-1 322 30-1 286 270 315 304 284 294 270 270 294- 29-1 278 322 286 278 29-1 322 270 322 294 304 270 278 294- 278 278 314- Nord, Robert C... .. Nordberg, Ruth E.. . Nordland, Betty G.. . Nordland, Mary Nordquist, Howard O Norell, Nick C. .... . Norr, Carl G. .... . Novak, Milan V.. . . Nyberg, NVilbur C... Nylander, Ann J.. . . Nyquist, Lois ...,.. Nystrom, Dayton T.. O'Connor, Irene Odencrans, Law rcnce Oelslager, H. bl.. . . . Oen, Robert C. .... . Ohman, Richard N.. Olcson, H. Richard. . Olsen, Edward S.. .. Olson, Armond G... Olson, Carol M. .. . Olson, E. Dorothea. Olson, Helge G. ., Olson, Herbert E. , . Olson, lylargaret B.. . Olson, lylark W. . . . Olson, Neil B. . . .. Olson, Robert W. .. Olson, Willard A. . . Oman, Doris E. .... . Omundson, Grace . . . Orenstein, Samuel M. Orlield, LaVt-rna . . . Osman, Sylvia .... Ostdahl, Harold . . . Ostlie, Ostlie, Randolph . . Ruth E. .... . Ostroot, Gunhild L.. Page, William W.. . . Pagenkopf, Marjorie Paine, Allan ....... Pakola, Edwin A.. . . Panar, Nlalyin ..... Papermaster, Theodore . . . . Parrish, Robert Pass, Alice E. ..... . Patterson, Mary Patterson, Omar L.. . Patton, 'Wilbur L... . Paul, NI. Joyce. . Paulson, Adeline .. Pearson, Gust L... . . Pedersen, Roy ..... Pennington, Nlarvi n Person, Kenneth W.. Peterson, Betty . . Peterson, Charles T. Peterson, Donald P.. Peterson, Elizabeth I. 270 294- 294 322 304 278 286 313 304 313 270 304- 284 286 278 30-1 304 284 315 278 294- 322 304 309 322 304 315 304 304 295 295 322 270 278 304 270 .. .... 295 286 313 304 279 284 313 309 322 322 304- 304- 295 271 304 313 279 304 279 310 284 295 Smith, Peterson, Evelyn D. Peterson, Lila ..... Peterson, Osler .... Peterson, Richard N. Peterson, Shirley J. . Peterson, Wendell G. Pettersen, Virginia . Pettus, Jotie G. .. .. Prleiderer, R. E ..... Phillips, Barbara C.. Piercy, Clayton T. . . . Piercy, George 'l'. . . . Pineo, Carol . . . . . . Q Satory, John J. .... . Pitts, Zachary .. Plant, Edwin K... .. Plehal, Burton . Podas, William M. .... . . . . Pollei, Donald W. ..... .. .. Prestholdt, Ogden L.. .. . . .. Preston, Joseph J. . . . Prevey, Paul S., Proctor, John R. ...... . . . . Protzeller, Jane ,....... .... Purificacion, Alfredo F. ,... , , ,, Putnam, N. Mary ...... .... Qualey, Norman C.. . Quigley, Martin .... Quinn, Josephine ... Rachie, William .... Raitt, William C... . Raizes, Leon L. .... . Ramsey, Dorothy E.. Randall, Florence L.. Randall, Loane J.. . . Randall, Martha Lee.. . . . .. Raniele, Fred . . . Rasmussen, Robert T. Rathbun, Ernestine M. .... . . . . Raudenbuslz, Donald Reiter, Carl ......, Rialson, Donald E... Richmond, Jack S.. . . Richter, Anthony G.. Richter, Jay ....... Ring, Arline E. . . . . Rising, Vivian .... Ritter, Delores A.. . . Ritter, Theodore . . Ritter, Winfield .... Robbins, Melissa . . Roberts, Anne D... . Roberts, Arnold S... Roberts, Merrill Robinson, Vernon C.. Roedell, Jane ...... Rogness, Milton L.. . Rolling, Lois W. . . . . Roll, Margaret E... . Ronbeck, Arthur C.. . I2 SENIGI2 INDEX 271 284- 313 279 286 313 295 286 304 322 306 279 295 306 306 279 306 306 306 271 279 271 295 306 322 279 324 295 279 279 310 322 314 324- 284 295 306 279 306 322 306 306 285 324 295 285 327 306 279 271 295 279 324- 306 313 306 295 324- 306 Rorvig, Helen E. .... . Rosenwald, Dorothy .. Rotegard, Karl lf.. . . Roth, Amalie ..... Roth, Madelon .... Rothman, Edwin Rounds, VV. F. . . . . Rowe, Miles G. ..., , Rubin, M. Lucile .... Runnestrantl, Paul M. . .. , . . . Ruorf, Daniel H. .... . Rush, Frances . .. Russell, Donald E.. .. Ryan, H. Clifford. . . S Sabine, Leon E... . . . . . . . . Sackter, Melvin L... . Safran, Morton M... Sainsbury, Edward P. . . . . . . . Salo, Aune M. .... . Salter, J. Burton ..... Sampson, Mabel .... Sandberg, Dorothy lvl. . . . . . . . Sandman, Esther .. . . . . .. . . Sanford, Elizabeth L... . . . .. Satre, Eileen L... Savage, Louis S... Schaaf, Agnes L... . . Scherer, Dean W... . Schilberg, Glenn C... Schissel, Monica .... Schmid, Alois R. . . Schmies, Alex ...... Schmidt, Reyburn Schmidt, Robert C.. . . Schmidt, Ruth ...... Schmuck, Roger C ..... Schneider, W. M... . Schrader, James C. .... Schroeder, Philip M... . Schueller, Melvin Schultz, Cletus S... . Schulze, June ...... Schwarz, Jeanette R. . . . Schwyzer, Hanns C... Scott, Donald W.. . . Sculley, Clement F.. .. Seaman, John N. .... . Searle, Merton A.. . . . Sedlacek, Edwin S.. . .. Seglem, Omund A.. .. Seidenstein, Howard R Seidl, Elizabeth ....... .... Serigstad, Norman R. . . . . . . . Serrill, Julian D ...... Sh atsky, Harold .... Shaw, Julius L. ...... . Shawbold, Dean R.. . .. Sheridan, Carol .... Siebenthal, Viola A... . Siemen, Lois ....... Simms, William R. ...... . . . . Siverson, Reuben A. D eL.... Sjostedt, John L. ....... . . . . 271 271 324 295 295 324 324 271 324 310 295 324- 324 306 306 306 324 324 295 324 295 295 314- 295 313 295 315 296 279 306 324 271 285 296 296 296 271 315 279 271 285 285 324- 285 313 306 306 307 279 271 271 313 324 307 324 285 315 296 279 279 271 324 279 285 Skarison, Naomi G... . Skogan, Vernon G.. . . Skogmo, Mabcfh . . . Small, LaVerne ...... Smedal, Hjordis A. . . . . Smith, Arthur P.. .. Smith, Chester D... . Smith, Dale R.. . . . Smith, Gerald M. .. Smith, Graham G. .. Smith, Harold J. Smith, Katherine R. . Smith, Margaret R. . . . Mary E. .... . Smoleroff, Walter Smyth, Genevieve I... . Sneve, Jack S. .... . Soine, Taito ...... . Soma, Ann .......... Sonstegard, Goodwin J. Sorby, Burnece E.. . . . Sorem, Milton B. .... . Sorensen, Howard C... Spadaccini, Vic ..... Spaeth, Doyle ..... Spaeth, Robert S.. .. Sprague, Janet ..... Staten, Marietta ..... Stedwell, Hermon Steffensen, Kenneth Ray .... .... Steidler, Earl ........ Stemp, Donald R. .... . Stenerson, Arlyn ..... Stephenson, D. Corrine. Stewart, A. Jean ...... Stewart, Virginia E .... Stevens, Margaret Stixrood, Donald C... . Stockman, Dencil . . . Stoddard, Yvonne . . Stoll, John B. .... . Stolt, Clarence J.. . . Stoltz, Gordon E... . Stoneback, Lynus E.. . . Stoudt, Karleen .. . Stowe, Muriel E.. . . . Strong, Strong, Stuart, Stuart, Studer, Mildred M.. . . Joseph E. .... . Howard M... .. Joan W.. . . . Donald J.. . . Stuefer, O. Fred .... Sturner, John ..... Stussy, Lloyd ..... Sullivan, Ellen ..... Sullivan, Helena E .... Sullivan, Leonard R.. . . Sundquist, Raymond W. Swanson, Betty ...... Swanson, Robert A... . Swanstrom, Mabel .... Swanstrom, Roger D... Swanstrom, Ruby J... . Swartzell, Robert ..... Sweasy, William D.. .. Swedberg, Genevieve E. Swenson, Elizabeth A.. . Swenson, Elizabeth V.. . Syverson, Aldrich .... 296 307 324 315 279 279 295 285 280 313 280 271 280 325 307 285 280 315 271 271 314 313 271 296 280 327 296 271 310 285 280 315 296 271 285 296 313 280 325 325 285 325 307 296 271 325 296 325 325 280 313 280 310 296 325 325 272 307 325 280 272 280 286 280 325 272 325 327 307 Talberg, Jeanette M. . . . . . . Tamminen, Henry W Tang, E. Palmer ...... . . . Tang, Lois D. ....... ... Taylor, H. Gordon. . Tenney, Bessie ...... . . . Terch, Lawrence P.. . . . . . Thomas, Mary K. ..... .. . Thompson, Helen H... . . .. Thompson, Lucien O Thompson, Ruth M.. . . . . . Thomson, William .... ... Thorkelson, Gerald F. .... . . . Thronson, Lee J. ..... . .. Thurber, Charles H. . . . . . . Thurow, Allyn L. .... . .. Timperley, John R.. . . . . . Tonrich, Eleanor L .... . .. Tonrich, Florence F.. .. .. . Toreson, Grace I. .... . . . Torgerson, Eunice A... . . . . Toth, Joseph R. ........ . .. Towle, Ellsworth M Townsend, Phoebe .. Trutna, William R.. . . . . . Tsiolis, Peter J.. . .. Tucker, Mary F.. . . Tuomy, Justin M. .... . . . Turner, Carol .... Turner, Howard E.. . . Tuttle, Marion C. ....... . .. Twedten, Albert O. ....... . . . Ulman, Donald H. ...... . .. Utne, Winifred ....... . . Vagstad, Otis .... Vance, Ermal .... SENIGI2 INDEX 314 296 280 280 310 325 272 285 296 325 314 325 272 307 280 307 272 325 285 296 325 272 280 296 307 315 325 307 325 307 285 280 307 296 280 325 Van de Erve, Margaret .... . .. Vanderpool, Boyd R... Vangsness, Joyce B... Van Metre, Donald.. Veline, Imogene V.. . . Verran, Roger ...... Vertin, Marjorie A... Vig, Robert G. ..., . . Vogel, Albert L... . Volden, llllae .... Vriesen, Calvin .. W Waananen, Ingrid ... Wagner, Robert Wahlroos, Arvi W.. . . Walch, Helen ...... Walker, Dodd K.. . . . Wall, Marvin R ..... . Wallentine, Ervin W. Walstrom, Stanley R.. Ward, Marjorie ..... Watson, Kathleen . . Weaver, Ruth ...... Webster, lVlargarct A.. Wellner, Ellen M... . Weltzin, Meltzer . . Westerberg, Helen . . Westerman, William . Westlund, Ruth E.. . . Westman, Roy H... Wexler, Mark .... Wheeler, John Z.. . . . Whitbeck, James A... White, Carol ....... White, Robert J. .... . Whitmore, Richard H. Whitney, Dorothy .... Whitney, Evelyn .... Wigand, Frederick T.. Wiggen, Fred ....... Wiik, Edward M... .. 325 280 327 296 326 326 326 285 285 314 296 296 307 307 314 272 307 307 307 313 327 272 326 297 280 297 326 297 326 327 326 280 272 282 326 326 326 285 310 307 Wikstrom, Hugo W.. Wilcox, Lawrence F.. Wilen, Lois ....... Wilkens, Annette . . . Wilkins, Catherine . . XVilliams, Francis B.. Williams, H. Ben. . . Williams, John A.. . Winberg, Hilmer E.. Windhorst, Karl . . . Wishnick, Dorothy M. . . . , . . Wishnick, Ethel L... Witt, Vivian ..... Wold, Laurane . . Woodard, Hermon . Woodman, Caroline . Wooc'Worth, YVilva . Wookey, Earl A.. . . . Work, Eleanor M... . Wright, A. Barbara . Wright, Jesse F.. . . Wright, Martha . . Wu, Chia Ying .... Wuori, Eino R... . . Yeats, Dorothy ..... Yetter, Muriel ..... Ylvisaker, Elizabeth . Yokich, Michael .... Yost, Margaret M... Young, Helen M... . Young, Melvin V... Yunck, Harry R.. . .. Yunker, M. Maxine ..... Zabel, Robert A. ........ . . . Zagaria, Samuel N.. .. . .. Ziegler, Anna Nl. .... . . . Zimmerman, Lloyd . . . . . . 315 307 282 272 313 310 310 313 307 310 308 308 326 297 308 326 272 308 313 326 308 297 308 272 326 326 326 308 297 272 285 286 297 272 282 314 286 A Acacia ......... Ackerman, Andrew. . Addington, Gordon ....... Administration ......... Agricultural Student Council Agricultural Union Board of Governors . . . . . . . ..... Alarik, Goodwin . ...... . All-University Council. . . Alpha Alpha Gamma.. Alpha Chi Omega .... Alpha Chi Sigma .... Alpha Delta Phi... Alpha Delta Pl .... . Alpha Epsilon Iota. .. Alpha Gamma Delta. . . Alpha Gamma Rho... Alpha Kappa Chi .... Alpha Kappa Gamma. . Alpha Kappa Psi .... Alpha Omega ....... Alpha Omicron Pi.. . Alpha Phi ....... Alpha Phi Chi... Alpha Rho Chi... Alpha Sigma Pi. .. AlphaTau Delta... Alpha Tau Omega. . Alpha Xi Delta .... . Alpha Zeta .......... Amtitheatrof, Daniele . Anderson, Ruth B... . Artists Course ..... Arvold, Donald .. . Atkin, Alonzo .... Auld, George... . .. B Band ....... . . . Barger, Ray .... Bartelma, Dave . . Baseball ..... Basketball .... Baston, Bert. . . Bell, Best, Beta Beta Beta Beta Horace. . . William .... Alpha Psi .. Gamma Sigma Phi Alpha ...... Theta Pi ........ Bierman, Bernard W.. . . Blitz, Board Anne D. .,....... . Board of Publications ..... Board of Regents ..... Boynton, Ruth .... Brain, Phil ...... Brandt, Lyman .... Brokaw, Celia ........ Buhler, Larry .......... Business Womenls Club... Chi C Epsilon. . . Chi Omega , .. Chi Phi ......... Chi Psi .......... . Christiansen, Martin . Cielusak, Mike ....... Coffman, Lotus D.. . . Commons Club ...... of Ass. Bus. Students .... GENERAL INDEX Page 72 ...lS2 ...l77 10 ...158 ...158 ...IUS ...1S6 ...237 45 ...20I 73 46 ...21-1 -1-7 ...202 48 ...2lS ...ZU3 ...216 +0 50 ...IS6 ...20-l ...23S ...217 7-1- 51 ...218 ...120 ...216 ...l2l ...ll3 ...l13 ...lll ...118 ...176 ...184 ...254 ...176 29 30 ...111 ...219 ...239 52 75 29 10 ...1S7 ...l56 8 12 ...259 ...183 ...110 30 ...l68 ...220 53 76 77 30 28 9 ...161 D Daily ........ Debate, Men's . .. Debate, W0men's. . De Buhr, Alfred .... Dedication ......... Deems, Margaret .... Delta Chi ........ Delta Delta Delta. . Delta Gamma .... Delta Kappa Epsilon.. Delta Phi Delta.. . Delta Sigma Delta . . Delta Sigma Pi .... Delta Sigma Rho. . Delta Tau Delta.. . Delta Theta Pi.. . Delta Upsilon .... Delta Zeta ......... Densford, Katharine . Dick, john ..,.... Diehl, Harold ....... Donovan, Elizabeth. . DuBois, Benjamin. Dunsworth, jack. . . E Edmonds, Peter.. . Edwards, Harry. . . Egan, Costney .... Elling, Dick ..... Elmer, Dan ...... Engineers Bookstore. . Eta Delta Beta .... Eta Kappa Nu ...... Eta Sigma Upsilon. .. E Fall Section . . . Farml-louse ..... Faust, George ..... Featherstone, Eleanor. Football ........ Ford, Guy S.. . .. Foreword ........ Forgette, Nlark ...... Fraser, Everett ...... Fraternities, Academic. . . . . . . . . Fraternities, Professional and Honorary ........ Fraternity Week ..... Freeman, Edward M... Freshman Class ...... Freshman Week ..... G Galanter, Theodore. . Gamma Omicron Beta. . . . Gamma Phi Beta .... Gamma Sigma Phi.. Geddes, Carroll ,... Gilmore, Robert. . . Gmitro, Rudy .... Golf ........ Gopher ........ Gould, George .... Grey Friar ......... Gustafson, Clifton.. . Gustafson, George... Gymnastics ...... Page ...ll2 ....l30 ....l3l 113,261 5 ...26Z ...7S S4 S5 ...79 ...240 ...221 ...20S ...2-1-1 80 ...206 81 56 ..12 ....l76 12 108,262 8 ...l11 ...262 ...109 ...176 ...182 30 ...IS9 ...242 ...222 ...2+3 16 ...ZO7 31 ...113 ...27 .. 9 6 ...262 13 69 14-8, 200 71 13 ...148 24- ...IOS ...223 57 58 11 ...110 31 ...ZSS ...108 31 ...244 ...184 ...176 ...ISS I-I Haggerty, Melvin .... Halvorson, Earl.. . Hauser, George.. . Helland, Erling. .. High Tor ........ Hillard, Robert .... Hockey ........ Homecoming ..... Hoversten, Moris.. Hovey, Graham . . . Hubbard, Robert ...... Page 13 iii177 29 ...11S ......124 25, 112 .....180 40 .....113 ......1l2 112, 258 0, 160 Interfraternity Council .... ...... 7 0 lnterprofessional Council. . . . . . . 20 Intramural Sports ........ ...... l 86 Iron Wedge .......... Is Life Worth Living.. J jablonski, Sylvester. . . Jeffery, Ira ...... Jepson, Helen ....... jones, Eleanor G.. . . . junior Class ...... . . . K Kafka, Ed ........... Kappa Alpha Theta. . . Kappa Delta ......... Kappa Kappa Gamma.. Kappa Sigma , ..... . . Keil, Sam .... ....... Kelly, jack ....... Kelly, James ...... Kilbourne, Warren .... Killeen, Earle G.. . .. Kind Lady ........ King, Roy ....... Klun, Leonard ..,. Kirklin, John .... Kulbitski, John .... Kundla, John .... .... I. Lagaard, Sheldon ...... Lasky, William F... Lawson, George. . . Lee, Donald ....... Lees, Dr. C. Lowell... Leland, Ora M.. . . Leonard, George. . . Life of Man .... Lind, Samuel C.. . . Literary Review. . . Lodgers League ....... Lohmann, Lewis ....... Lutheran Students Assoc. M MacLean, Malcolm .... MaclVlillan, Dave. . Maki, Paul ...... Man and Superman Managers Club .... Manly, Robert . . . Mariucci, John .... Marshall, Robert .... Masquers ........ Matheny, Bill .... . ..... 246 .. ...l25 ...182 ...lll ...l21 ...ll2 ...152 . ...31 59 .. ...60 .. ...61 82 ...112 ...110 ...257 32 ...119 ...128 32 ...182 ...263 32 .. ...177 ...183 13 . 8 ...254 ...122 14- .. 8 ...126 14 ...114 ...l63 8 ...l7Z . 14 ...176 ...177 ...129 ...170 ...177 33 ...112 ...l23 33 Schultz, Charles .... GENERAL Mayo, William ..... lVlcCorrniclc, Frank .... McGee, Elwood ..... McKay, Frederick .... Mennhin, Yehudi . . . Middlebrook, William Midler, Lou ....... Military ......... Minnesota Daily ..... Mitropoulos, Dimitri .. Moore, VVillJur ..... Moore, Winifred . . . Morini, Erika .... Mortar and Ball.. . Mortar Board ..... Murphy, Frank ..,. Nlusic Administration . . . N Naftalin, Arthur ...... Nash, George ..... Newman Club ...... Nicholson, E. E... . No More Frontier. Norclbye, Rodger . . Pa ge 8 255 .....263 ....178 ....121 ..11 .. 33 ....l32 ....l12 ....120 .. 33 ....l09 ....l21 ....224 ....225 8 ....l16 .....112 178 ....165 .. 10 ....127 ....l09 Norman, Hugh .... ..... .... l l 3 Nu Sigma Nu ..........,. .... 2 08 Nurses Student Gov. Assoc.. . .... 160 Odlaug, Gar .......... .... l 13 Ohlgren, Earl... .. 34 Olson, A. E.. . . . . 3 Olson, Nlartin . . . . . . . S P Page, William .......... .... l 13 Panhellenic Council .... . . 44- Pederson, Win ...... . . 34 Peilc, Wesley .... . . . lei- Pepinsky, Abe... ....l16 Peterson, O. M... . .. 3 Pfaender, Albert .... . . 8 Stoddard, Yvonne. . . Phi Chi ......... Phi Delta Chi ..... Phi Delta Epsilon.. Phi Epsilon Kappa... Phi Delta Theta .... Phi Epsilon Pi ..... Phi Gamma Delta. . . Phi Kappa Psi ..... Phi Kappa Sigma. .. Philip, Charles .... Phi Omega Pi ..... Phi Sigma Kappa. . . Phi Sigma Phi ..... Phi Rho Sigma ........ Phi Upsilon Omicron. .. Phoenix .... ....... Pi Beta Phi ....... Pi Tau Pi Sigma. .. Pi Tau Sigma .... Pierce, E. B. . . . . Pioneer Hall .... Piper, Ralph A.. . .. Plumb Bob.. . . Poister, Arthur. . Prescott, Gerald Presthus, Robert ..... ....209 ....210 ....226 ....227 .. 83 .. 84- .. 85 ..86 .. 87 ....183 ..62 88 ....228 ....211 ....Z29 ....24-7 63 ....230 ....231 ..1l ....l66 ....l85 ....2-1-S ....121 ....118 ....178 Price, Richard .... Psi Omega .... Psi Upsilon .,.. Putnam, Fred. . . . - - - G Quigley, Martin ......... Quinlivan, Ray .......... R Rachmaninoff, Sergei .... Rangers Club ...... . Reed, Dwight .......... Representative Minnesotans Rho Clii ..........- - - Richter, jay .... . Roberts, Charles. . . Rogers, Charles. . Rolek, Martin . . Rork, Allen ..... Rosholt, Shirley. . . . . . Roth, Anialie. .. . . . . . . S Sahlman, John ........ Sanford Hall Council. . . Scabbard and Blade. . Schroeder, Leslie .... Schulte, Eleanor.. . Scott, Carlyle ........ Scott, Mrs. Carlyle.. . Senior Class ....... Senior Index .... Senior Section ..... Shumxvay, Royal . .. Sigma Alpha Epsilon.. Sigma Alpha Mu. . . Sigma Chi ...... Sigma Delta Tau.. Sigma Kappa .. Sigma Nu ..... Sigma Rho ........ Sigma Epsilon Sigma.. Silver, Lillian ...... Silver Spur ..... INDEX Page 10 ....232 .. 89 ....109 ....110 .. 8 ....12l ....16-1 .. 3-1- ....26l ....2-19 ....112 ....l10 15 ....178 .. 35 ....108 ....263 ....1S3 ....162 ..Z33 28 ....l12 35 ....116 ....120 ....l5-1 ....339 ....265 T Tau Beta Pi ....... Tau Delta Phi ...... Tau Kappa Epsilon .... Technical Commission. . . Techno-Log .......... Page ....235 .. 94 .. 95 ....l59 ....l15 Teeter, Thomas ..... . . 15 Tennis ........ ---- 2 59 Theta Chi ..... - - 96 Theta Delta Chi. . - . 97 Theta Tau . . . ----- 213 Theta Xi ...... .--.-.- 9 8 Thomson, William . .... 109, 26-1- Triangle .... ----- 2 12 Twedell, Francis . - 35 Track Traditions . ......... . Tru d i Schoop Ballet .... Union Board of Governors. University Singers ...... University Theater. .... Uram, Andy .... . . . Van Every, Harold .... Verran, Roger ........ V ....256 ....329 ....121 157 :fine 122 HN36 .....36, 179 ....112, 257 NX! WV.A. Wfarner, Frank .... NVeld, Bob ..... ....1-1+ .. 36 .. 36 Ski-U-Nlah ...... Skogmo, Maheth .... Smith, W. R. .... . Snyder, Fred B... .. Sophomore Class ...... Sororities, Academic .... Spadaccini, Vic ....... Spear, Gordon ..... Spring Section ..... Stevenson, Charles .... Stevenson, Russell .... Strate, Herbert ....... Swenson, Betty V.. . . . Swimming .......... Symphony, Minneapolis. . Symphony, University ..... T Table of Contents ..... Tang, Palmer ...... Tate, John ....... .- 10 XVhite Dragon. ., . ...l71 . - 90 XVhite, Carol .... .... 2 64' . . 91 VVilley, Malcolm.. - . 11 .. 92 NVinter Section.. .-.- 100 . . 64 YVrestling ....... ---- 1 64' .. 65 VV. S. G. A. ....... .... l 34- . . 93 WV. S. G. A. Board ..... .... l 35 ... 234- WV. S. G. A. Bookstore . .. . . . -133 ....251l WV.S.G.A. Farm Board. ....143 ....ll0 WV.S.G.A. Farm Campus........ ....1-12 ....25l VV.S.G..-X. House Council............l3-il . . . .110 W. S. G. A. Junior Class Council . . . . . .136 .. . . .263 VV. S. G. A. Inter-Class Council. . . . . . l3-l- .. .23, 258 W. S. G. A. Junior Class Council.. . . .136 . . . . . S WV. S. G. A. Senior Advisory Board . . . .137 . . . .150 W. S. G. A. Senior Class Council... . . 137 .. 43 XV. S. G. A. Sophomore Class Council... .135 . . 35 .. . .179 . . . .192 X MMIII Xi Sigma Pi.. ....236 .. 15 ....108 ....111 ....108 ....18Z ....120 ....117 .. 7 ....109 .. 15 Y Y.M.C.A. Y.W.C.A. .. Z Zeta Psi ......... . . . Zeta Tau Alpha ,... ....169 ....1-16 ..99 ..66 PRINTED BY HARRISON 84 SMITH CO MINNEAPCLIS 2 'f 1 A,V-hw: r'1::w:r, 1fa:ffeffxa : f,z'5xs ', 14. Y. .- . A ' .C fi ,L . ffffifq ,"fz.:f.1' I ff -fifmv , Y - , If .1 ,,:+Y1!--V-A: A-lm! :i--sl' I ., 'ef- . A.r.uU.,:l ,. 'L-.nL1 wav, tmp? ..n,. V . v.1.,.,, V., J Yqlwqggxl :lx V X , , . , , H ,K ,E,f51.,,,1.,1,wg , - W , , ,,.L:1' gfirwlu 5, . ,--f:'w:f,f.5.:f ., ' "1 -43.. Fv?'Hti,grf7 1: fern- ,M 8. gb.. Q4- . , . 7 V w ' 'Ja H ' x T X I I 5 0 ,, A ' , ll, 4 ,, 5 ' v V ' Q A , 4' , w ' w 1 , A 2 .L , ' 1 ' V , 1, ' F ' ' -, .V -x x. f,., .X .:v.,,. ' ' I .f...,., ,,2,g,LA-'- L' .fl, -S 22

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