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4 is I 5, .K :Aly 'V f1:,Ln'. 'K -...,g,. f,,, u in w ,, . Q U . +- U ' . n . 'S l , N - bf 'S ,xx vi 5,1 ' ti ' 2 ' s . m-in .g,. aff 'Qgmm 4. M , Aga. - V -fl , ,' 4 VE 2 2 NJ-L , 2 ,, .. ' arf' 1' , ri' .. Rafe.: Q, 4, 5, J MQ-' fi: 'hx . Q Fx? ' ' iwsp Xfe' .' ' . I " 5 ' 1' f f A ' .'.... V 'A I' Li ,um , .1 I' t , Q . ' 'Q " ' , , fl' n ,al . 35 3' '. 7".'. .N ,- Jr. flu. . , . ,- 1 - QL' Y- zrjiigf W 1 A mk.ww:9amA'm. ."'15'4d?iikUsmwav' an M in SUUUL, 1 WHEEL. :Fl pw.,- . :ALL QM. H jf J O H IW F U L E Y Jet R U Y H U B E Pm gwgnnffz Q srl lv X ll s For over two decades, Dean Guy Stanton Ford has served as head of the Graduate School. During that time he has directed that department of the University to a point where it now takes rank as one of the most outstanding in the country. Evi- dence of its strength is shown by the fact that most Minnesota graduates return here for their work rather than going to some other institution. To the student body, he is a friend, a counsellor, looked up to, and respected. Enjoyment is found in his subtle humor, and sharp wit which find ex- pression on many occasions. Undergraduates in his courses marvel at the background of knowl- edge that he has accumulated, and yet, he main- tains that he is still a student himself, --seeking new knowledge. It is then, to a true friend, a true scholar, and a truly Representative Minnesotan, Dean Guy Stan- ton Ford, that we dedicate this, the Gopher of Nineteen thirty-six. Il LUUR Progress in any line of endeavor is meas- ured by the success of that institution en- gaged in the project, in accomplishing its purpose. In the field of education, that pur- pose is to study and evaluate, and to dis- cover and to disseminate knowledge of in- terest and of value to mankind. Knowledge in every branch of learning- in Economics, Agriculture, Science, Tech- nology, Literature, and Art, is stored within a University. From this knowledge comes new ideas, philosophies, inventions, and discoveries, contributing to the betterment of society-a more abundant life. Another year has passed in which many new ideas and inventions have been real- ized-the results of knowledge and educa- tion. Labor along these lines then, has not been in vain-it has meant Progress. GUVEHHITIEHT SEUIUR5 HCTIVITIES HTHLETICS U The Presiolenfs Message This year the University of Minnesota is launching a new venture with the construction of an adult education centerf Unique for the universities of the world, it has the promise of starting a new epoch in education. Heretofore when graduates left college halls to enter their several professions they soon became so absorbed in their- immediate work that it was almost impossible for them'to keep abreast of the times, adequate opportunities were not provided for them to follow the developments in their own specialty' and in related branches of learning. Only the teachers have been able to devote a few months of each year in further training so that they might carry on their instruc- tion more effectively. Summer after summer thousands have returned to colleges and universities to be "refreshed" through contact with the newer developments in education. When the adult education building is completed, a .similar oppor- tunity will be provided for men and women in other professions. Unlike the teachers they can not spend an entire quarter or even a summer term on the campus. But it will be possible for them to come for ten days or more to attend a short course. For one period, doctors may occupy the new building, for another, lawyers, for another, ministers, for still another, business men, and so on through the various professions and occupations. Each group will give special attention and devote intensive study to the major problems in its particular field. Each short course will be so arranged that those attending will become familiar with the latest discoveries and the foremost developments in the areas of their special interest. The possibilities of these urefresherf' courses are sufficient to challenge the most active and vivid imaginations. Graduates of the past, graduates of this year, and graduates of tomorrow can well afford to set aside short periods for full-time intensive study. Through such effort there will gradually emerge a higher grade of professional service to the local communities, to the state, and to the nation. 9 'cv '-'-'---.-:1:-55:5:5:1:12-:1:1:3:3:1:2:1:-:1:1:f:1:-:-:I:1:5:2:1:2:5:5:5:3:i:-:3:-:-:f:-:-:3"""-'I-' 42? .-: :-:-:-: -'-'-.os .-:2-:-.-.:E::::-:-:3EEEgE-:::- I .-sri' .A-ig' .... . .. 2:1:1:I:2:5:"'Z:DSZ:502f:2Q25:22:'2:Z:2?2L0S:1:I:2:I:1:I:2:2...2:I5:-:-::A:-:iz-:-:-:EES :-:-:-:-:- -:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-z:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-'-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-: 35:3'7:Z51-':5:5:5:5:I:3:!:1:1:25E5:5:25t5:1:!:!:25:1:3:1:1:ffi:f:1:3:Y:I:2:2:f:5:1:1:3:E5:5:1:::5:95: fag 'L- 49' s? '34 as -F v a 2-9'rc+f're11Z1fe inn aio-M f2 S an 1 C67 4 1 ..1.a-..---:ibn r1'L, Z 1- t 074 I - v .., p-rvt' Left-Dr. Stakman in his laboratory testing fungi cultures. Hundreds of such specimens are constantly grown in an effort to discover their stability and characteristics. Below-Some of the students from all over the world who come to Dr. Statkman to learn the whys and wherefores of plant pathology. This group repre- sents India, Japan, China, Canada, Norway, and Australia. Lower--One of the acres of disease plots at the Uni- versity Farm. Disease has killed the plants in the plot at the right, while those on the left Hourish. f'- :g'Q1:rg'., .-.v ' ,.. Z ' ,' ,1- ' f' mm.. -, F ... :md A . ' I A --vs .,...o 1- ziil' ' ' ' " Qt HM' W4- 1+-6 zmwtlif '. . . ' .1 'W'-:'n-, - . ,I .5 . 4 A . Plant Pathology Research Dr. E. C. Stakmanis associates refer to him as a professor of phytopathology, and discuss with him such subjects a mycology, pathogenicity and parasitic fungi. For the layman, however, it's enough to say that he is an eminent specialist in plant diseases. As a result of the work of Dr. Stakman and his assistants, biologists have come to realize that plant diseases differ in different countries or localities. Thus a knowledge regarding disease specialization, based on this work, is essential to the establishment of govern- mental plant quarantine regulations. In cooperation with the departments of agronomy and horticulture Professor Stakman's investigations have directly or indirectly led to intensive and exten- sive researches on the stability of fungi. These studies indicate that some species of fungi are little aflected by varied conditions, while others change greatly. Frequently new races of fungi arise as a result of hybridization and mutation from unstable forms. Dr. Stakman's most outstanding contributions have been on the nature and extent of stem rust, which occurs on many plants, but especially wheat. In 1928 he was awarded the Emil Christian Hanson prize and gold medal in recognition of his investigations and accomplishments in developing new ideas and methods for investigating rust problems. In the eradication of barberry which causes rust, Professor Stakman has been a leading exponent. I-Ie is in charge of stem rust studies in the United States for the Depart- ment of Agriculture. I-Iis leadership in this Held, as well as in-others, has drawn to his laboratory students and fellow scientists from many parts of the world. Iron Pavement Project To produce a safer road surface for motorists, and to use more low grade iron ore are the twin purposes of Pro- fessor E. W. Davis in his experiments with a new type of paving. The paving is constructed from iron extracted from low grade ores found in abundance on the Minnesota iron range. A small stretch of pavement has been tested on the campus, and from this the research is going ahead. The life of the iron pavement will be longer than cement, it is believed. There is also the added advantage that any sur- face may be put on the block, and research will determine what shape will he safest for motorists. Mr. Davis states, nWe will be able to make iron paving blocks at the same cost as any other high grade surfacing Rlglzz Irofessor Davis and the mileage test- material. Once the new blocks are per- fected they will have a wide market, and will be serviceable for all roads now cement paved. The surface is impor- tant if accidents are to be cut down. The safety side is uppermost now, after that the mechanical and metallurgical." ln connection with the testing of the new blocks, a small blast furnace has been set up at Cooley, Minnesota. The purpose of the experiment is to treat low grade iron ore and change it into a high grade ore at a cost which will malie it a commercial possibility. The furnace was designed by the University and built with money appropriated by the legislature. The Mines Experiment Station was in complete charge. Re- cently the commercial success of the process was assured, and the furnace sold to an iron mining corporation. Right-View of the experimental blast .fur- nace at Cooley, Minn., which is maintained by the department. In this furnace, low grade ore is rehned for commercial use. It is through the refinement of this low grade material that it is hoped the iron paving can be manufactured at a reasonable cost. mg machine. The wheels of the car are rotated on the material being tested, so as to approximate actual wearing conditions. Phe device aims to bring out all the merits and defects in the paving so as to aid in determining the most practical design for highways. Hydraulics Experiment Many water conservation problems are being more satisfactorily solved through the work of the University Department of Experimental lingineer- ing in cooperation with state and federal agencies. Inadequate flood control structures in former years have caused serious loss of life and property. But through the experiments of Professor of Hydraulics, Lorenz G. Straub, types of dams and embanlcments are tested before they are constructed, with the idea of discovering designs of maximum efliciency. To study the stability and practicality of the structures, models are built and operated according to definite principles fixed by natural forces en- countered in actual situations. ln this Way it is possible to learn what happens and what is likely to happen under real conditions. Various amounts of water are directed toward thc structure and the effects recorded. If weaknesses are discovered the model is changed until the proper design is found. Engineers and contractors can then go ahead with the construction with greater assurance of successful operation. The design of an overflow structure entails a number of uncertainties. Unusual seasons of flood cannot be accurately accounted for, but by a study of water flow over a period of years conditions can be approximated. As nearly as possible the bed rock on which the actual dam will stand is studied to determine the elfect of large volumes of water on this foundation. liut it is difficult to ascertain whether the rock will endurc the constant and powerful flow of water. So terrific was the force of the water at Muscle Shoals dam that a one hundred ton bloclt of stone was moved. This con- dition could have been anticipated in a measure by means of model experiments. Professor Straub believes that when the new hydraulics laboratory is built at St. Anthony Falls, it will be possible to eliminate many of the present inaccuracies, and make possible a more intensive study of conditions affecting Hoods and flood control. Dr. Straub standing before a model of a sand dam used in testing seepage to determine effects on the lower side. This model checks results in order that under- scouring will be prevented on an actual structure. I-Iarold Flinsch, graduate in hydraulics, watches the action of a water wheel used in experimental research. Dr. Stenstrom supervising the apparatus he invented with Dr. Carl Nurnberger which changes radium into radon. Device used in determining the strength Of seeds filled with radon. Dr. Vigness stands beside the lead shield which pro- tects the operator from the harmful effects of radium. Cancer Research In the world Hght against cancer Dr. K. Wilhelm Stenstrom, Professor of Biophysics, and Dr. Carl Nurnberger, Instructor in Physiology, and now in China, have invented a radium emanation machine to capture the radon gas given ofT by radium in solution. Radium itself has few beneficial proper- ties, but the gas it emanates can be safely and effectively used in treating cancer and tumor. The gas is caught in small glass tubes and attached to threads or encased in tiny gold needles, both of which are inserted at the spot of the cancer. Where- as radium has a life of 1700 years, radon retains its therapeutic powers for but a few months, losing half its strength in the first five days and the remaining in succeeding five day periods. Cancer is caused by irritations, and as a result the cancerous portion grows cells much faster than ordinary tissue. The emanations of the radon hen- ent the patient by attacking the cancerous growth. The effect of the radium is to slow up the growth of all tissue, and especially that which is diseased due to its greater susceptibility to the gas. To prevent injury while working with radium, and to ascertain the correct amount of radon to be administered to a patient, Drs. Stenstrom and Nurnbergcr have also invented an apparatus for measuring the strength of radium emanations. Fully protected by a heavy lead screen, it is pos- sible for the operator to discover the strength by turning a knob which places a radon needle in an ionization chamber. The power of the radon contained in the needle is then recorded on a scale beside the operator. 21 All A f 1 Left-Professor Combs and Dr. Coulter sampling one of the cheeses made in the caves on the Mississippi river banks. As a result of their work, Minnesota has become well known in the market as the producer of this particular type of cheese. Below-Interior of one of the caves showing the racks of ripening cheese. The caves must be kept at the proper tem- perature in order that the product will be of the highest quality. in the inset is the entrance to the cave. Roqueiort Experiment Under the supervision of Professor W. li. Combs a project for the manufacture of a Roquefort-like cheese has been developed in the caves along the Mississippi river. These caves are the nearest ap- proximation to the conditions of those near the village of Roquefort, France, where true Roquefort is produced from shcep's milk. I-Iumidity and tem- perature are the chief necessities for the production of a high grade of cheese. The humidity of the Minnesota caves ranges from 95 to 100 per cent, and the temperature from 49 to 52 degrees Fahrenheit. Nearly 12,000 pounds of cheese were made by the dairy division in 1935. This is the largest quan- tity of Roquefort-like cheese ever made in an expe- rimental or commercial way in the United States. Professor Combs believes there are enough caves underlying Ramsey, Hennepin, and Anoka counties to produce more Roquefort-like cheese than is now used in the United States including true Roqucfort. I-Ie also sees the possibility that in Minnesota alone, from two to four million pounds of the cheese could be produced, utilizing from 20 to 40 million pounds of cow's milk. This would approach the entire present domestic consumption of true Roquefort and Roqueliort-like cheese. EU 'J Dfw ,N , I 2 ' x , . .. 1 P H 7 r 'l I H11 0 'gif vu i EH V X ir ,f x 'a I 'if X a I v .-.- f -. -4- ff 4 -. .f 5..- -. ,EJ 'C' -.- -N. .- f 4: bak -. ,. -. -. 1 :E:5:5+-. ,:'4,4:g:g: :Q 325552555 ' 5:15, sisisisisfsisfs 5155555 55:1 .5'5:-5:5-jQ,'I:1: .::312:5' ",-3: W151515151515151 555512 3555555555555 5555355535 521.1515151535'-.r' 131515155551555 55535357 151515155 ' 151515f151515 151515215 '-1:1- gilililrfilili - 1515515555 1:55a1?a:s1z5 "5:2:2:1:1 5:55. .e5:-:- ' 'Q6Zl44LhLtfZL'2'1ZLL.0H lflll-,ll ll. SNYllI'.IL 0- l- llfW"'N 099' FRANK Muxufm' R. R. Rfwn, In. A.l.cJI,SON 1 11l.1l1s Ax: f,1..A1i it Board of Regents lik. W. I. Mftvo filztllllil-. l..'twsoN The important duty of guiding the policies of the university is delegated to the twelve men who constitute the hoard of regents. Composed of memhers whose success in their respective fields makes them amply qualified to perform the tasks that confront them, the hoard meets each month to pass on matters of legislative or judicial importance in regard to the university. To insure representation to all parts of the state, the regents are selected on a district hasis. The power of appointment, formerly in the hands ol? the legislature, now rests with the governor. The most recent additions to the ranks of the hoard of regents are Alhert Pfaender and Ray Quinvilian. The next vacancies will occur in 1937 when the terms of four more memhers expire. Fred Snyder, of Minneapolis, is the presiding ofhcer of the group, a position he has held for several years. 26 jour: G.Wn.1,iAMs Du. A. li. O1.soN R. G.QulNl.1vAN Al.lllill'I' l'wuaNniau Th President L1 4. ,Q S qu?" Lo'1'Us DELTA CoifFM,xN For sixteen years Lotus Delta Coffman has served as president of Minnesota, and during these years the University has risen to a place of eminence among the leading educational institutions of the country. President Coffman, Whose favorite job has always been teaching, is fortified by a long list of degrees which bear testimony to his high position in educational circles throughout the country. During his career he has run the gamut of almost all the positions connected with education and during that time has written several books. These have concerned mainly mathematics and the place of education in modern life. The president has introduced many progressive innovations into the field of teaching. The adult education unit now under construction is one of his latest developments. Aside from his academic duties, he finds time for recreation in books and sport. He likes nothing better on a winter evening than to draw up before the fireplace with a volume of Scott, Dickens, or Cooper. 27 1. 'W' gf!-. ff' . .., , QI., aw- . ,,.o-M" .,.,,,, ... ..-- ' ? l, i K r A it I Q Q Dean ot the Graduate School . . ' X "I don't believe in the good old days, that is, educa- tionally," avers the Dean of the Graduate School, Guy S. Ford. "The depression has revealed the complex national and international situation, and students are coming to realize its seriousness. The Student Forum is something you do not strike on any other campus, and the line way in which it is attended and conducted is evidence that the student is interested in learning about world problems." -f" .. ,M Since 1913, when Dean Ford assumed his present position, the enrollment in the Graduate School has increased from 175 to nearly 2000. Modestly the Dean refers to two inHuences bearing on the multiplication, and sets aside his own eflorts. "A lengthened period of training is necessary in the competitive system to reach the better positions. In the second place, bodies of knowledge have become so specialized that it now takes longer to know a great deal about the subject in which you are most interestedf' GUY STANTON Forum Dean of the Graduate School ROYAL R. SHUMWAY Assistant Dean of the Arts College Assistant Arts Dean Royal R. Shumway, assistant dean of the Arts Col- lege, is noted for his "Dutch uncle" reprimands- severe, but just. For to him falls the task of dealing with scholastic difliculties through his position as head of the Student Work Committee. Aside from this he spends a good share of his time helping students to get the most out of their college courses in the light of what they are and what they are Fitted for. "The greatest problem I encounter is in getting stu- dents to realize the value of using the utmost of their ability. Sometimes they rationalize, or do not think of their studies until they receive an external stimulus such as a 'Hunk' in their work," says Dean Shumway. The Dean does not believe that students who work - maintain better averages than those who do not. "It is a personal belieff' he says. "It is true, however, that students who work appreciate college more than those who do not because they must realize more from their education." Comptroller ot The University To Comptroller William T. Middlebrook is entrust- ed the exhausting task of crediting and debiting the financial accounts of the University. This involves spending several million dollars received annually from state appropriations and student tuition fees. Certainly this is a full time job, but Mr. Middlebrook is never A too weary to take time off for a chat or a bit of recreation. , . . vw "On the basis of subsequent student appreciation, the great tax expenditures which are necessary to main- , ' .-1, - V tain the University are fully justified," avers Mr. Middlebrook. 4' A It is the opinion of the Comptroller that, whether A a student maintains an "A" or a "C" average, he is bound to get some benefit from the enormous possi- bilities which the University affords. "If the student will but consider his own participation in University life, he cannot fail to realize that all the opportunities he encounters ultimately are turned to his profit." ' 14" VVILLIAM T. Mtnnuaimook Comptroller MALCOLM M. WILLEY University Dean . A Assistant to 1 the President A dean with almost no specific duties is something of an oddity in a University as large as Minnesota, but by his own admission Dean Malcolm Willey is just this. His only responsibilities are University con- vocations and supervision of University relations. But he is active in countless other ways on behalf of the University. This year Dean Willey is on part-time leave. Alvin Enrich has been appointed to fill his place in order that he may study without too much interference from his administrative work. Yet he spends much of his time at his desk in President CoHman's oliice. "I am not connected with the department of sociol- ogy at present, although I do take a class once in awhile just to keep my linger in the pie,', says Dean Willey. Although most of his contacts are with the faculty, he tries to know the students. "Students are more serious than in the pre-depression years," he says, "and this is shown by attendance at convoca-tions and afternoon lectures by special speakers." 29 bs-- , 'Q wf.. X Oris McCiuaiziw Assistant Dean of Student Affairs Dean of Women Miss Anne Dudley Blitz, Minnesota's Dean of Women, is a striking departure from similar educa- tors. "1 think so highly of those in the student body I meet, that I am unable to name any particular colle- giate failing or type which irritates me," she says. She especially admires the unselfish service of Minne- sota women and believes that they contribute their time for the good of the University more willingly than men. Although Dean Blitz considers extra-curricular activ- ities an integral part of an education, she feels that "the focus of attention should he on the intellectual opportunities of college life, and by intellectual l mean, strangely enough, studies." A new building to house the social activities of both men and women is the University's greatest present need, according to Miss Blitz. She believes that the time has passed when convention ordered that the sexes be separated. "I like the Minnesota student because he has a sense of what he wants, and an over-supply of initiative in getting it." 30 tkgw X: . V' I It .xi:p.ts'.- .MF-M X , wits-Ah A A i"i Assistant Dean of Student Affairs llean Otis McCreery does not wish to be known as a fraternity counselor exclusively, for his work includes every student. Since he is not too far removed from his own undergraduate days, he is able to understand student attitudes and advise wisely. Much of Dean McCreery's time is taken up with small problems, the solution of which prevents mistaken action and leads to a more wholesome student feeling toward the University. "livery student ought to have the experience of stretching himself to the limit. ln activities, as well as studies, he should put himself into the thing with all the effort he can command," is the advice of Dean Mclfreery. Coming from a man who quarterbacked on several Minnesota football teams, and still on fall afternoons dons his football togs to coach, this recom- mendation is especially apt. At present Dean McCreery is concerned with the formation of a council for rooming house residents in order that this group may enjoy a program similar to that of the fraternities. "When this goal is realized," Dean McCreery believes, "all men students will parti- cipate more freely in University functions and knit more closely together the University family." ANNE Duntiav I1i,i'rz Dean of NVomcn J- . .'?e4:. hmgggrrj-if - ' .qt-Q.. ' , ' L M ggi' HW W Add 1 ""S'f'l P ,,.g,,w, Dean ot Student Affairs To the average undergraduate a dean is one who holds a whip, and uses it whenever opportunity affords to prevent the fulfillment of a student desire. But in the case of E. li. Nicholson, no such conception holds true. 'LStudents see only the acts in which the admin- istration censures them," states Dean Nicholson, "and fail to realize that such measures are sometimes neces- sary to the smooth functioning of the University." Dean Nicholson holds decided views on the subiect of politics in a university. He asserts, "I believe in student politics, for they bring out differences in opin- 10D and foster healthy discussion. But politics on our 0Wn campus have lost their punch because they have dCHCl1Crated to mere office-holding wherein few prob- lems find solution." But Dean Nicholson optimisti- cally believes that before long politics will reassume their important position in University life. Buftetiyjtyhouncls receive nolsympathy from the Dean. scholllqg. ins firm belief that 'students who .master their 0 '-Z IL problems should seize opportunities to mix in activities and assume responsibilities that will increase their value to societyf, Manx' P. Siunisriait Assistant to the Dean of Student Affairs I ,hx A 5563155 - 3' ,lm iw, EDWARD 12. NIC2llt3I.SON Dean of Student Affairs Assistant to the Dean Mrs. Mary P. Skinner, Assistant to the Dean of Student Affairs, is perhaps best known, at least hy some, for the edicts of U. li. or N. G. on student eligi- bility petitions. Campus politicians just before elec- tions are her worst trial. "Sometimes party members collect outside my ofhce to nominate candidates who are most likely to possess the necessary "C" average and even come into my office to haggle. But if they are ineligible, I can do nothing for them." Granting loans to students is also the province of Mrs. Skinner. Last year over fifty thousand dgllm-5 passed through her hands. Few students, she says, are denied loans if' they have any grounds for borrowing 1 . Y and few tail to repay. "1 dislike students who come into my office merely for the purpose of requesting favors which it is impos- sible to grant. But luckily this type is not too abun- dant. Students who come in to seek advice for the solution of their problems are welcome. That is what I am here for.' 31 E. B. PIERCE Alumni Secretary Financial Advisor "I would rather do my work from a stool in a ham- burger shop, than at a desk," says Carroll Geddes, Financial Adviser to Student Organizations, "but keeping the accounts of over a hundred organizations, as well as those of individual students, is a job that requires work long after 4:30 in the afternoon." "Carroll,', as he is more intimately called by those who deal with him, assumed his present position in 1931. Before that time, organization accounts were not under any centralized system, and there was no adviser in most cases. The fact that he was a Minne- sota man himself, and knew the financial setup, made him an ideal person for the position. Among other things, Carroll tries to keep harmony among politicians, advise publications heads, and gen- erally keep Financial statements in the black. Outside, he is known to play a pretty good game of golf. 32 Alumni Secretary ln the years that he has been Alumni Secretary, E. li. Pierce has seen a host of changes that have raised the University to a front rank position among similar institutions. To sit and listen to Mr. Pierce is to hear an account of the recent history of the University of Minnesota, embellished with achievement and humor as well. The most pleasant part of Mr. Pierce's position is in renewing contact with Minnesota graduates all over the world. He prides himself on knowing the names of a majority of those who have been graduated during his years here at Minnesota. Where it is not possible to maintain personal contacts, he reaches old acquaintances everywhere through the Alumni Weekly. Especially proud is the Alumni Secretary of the record of those graduates who have directed their loyalty to the University to the benefit of undergrad- uates. "At present alumni organizations are agitating for a new social activities building in which both men and women will share equally. Also, in the near future a hockey arena will be erected in order that ice sports will enjoy more popularity with the student body." CARROLL S. GEDDES Financial Adviser to Student Organizations E52E2ErErErErE:'rs:1:r:r:-. .. . .-. .,.. .. . 4 ,M q.,,:g., -1:1:15:Y55:25:1:1:1:1:Q5:f. :5i:f:1:9'2:f:1:-.-5:-. 111:-. . .,., -Ste- :-:f :-:-:-:-:-:-: .-.-.4:.:.:.:.:.:.:., . -.-. 5.-.-.-,-.X J"-f .- :4-:-:-: .-:5:5:l:f:51:5:2?:1:l:4:l:!:1 15515152515 -:-g:g:-:- f:5:-.-:5:2.':5'-:':-' :-: :-:-: .I:-:-'-:-cf:-:-'f:-:-:E-:-:-:':-:-:- - -.-.-:-.-.-.-,-:-.g.-.-.g.:.:.:.g.- - :-:-:-:'.-:-:-:-:-:-:.-:-'-:-:-:-.. ., H , 2555151525753 'i1515!5556f5355E255. g:5:'E:j55j:2:Q5:5:1 5:E:5:E:1' ' ' .lf'A"555 .-2555525555535 52535555555 ma.,-.. rzigiyggzrul-'--. .rs2ri..zr3:2- :zr:'-"'-' 5151515251515-.' 't251:2:2:2?5-32525S35255259352515' 2575! 5555555553555 1:5:5i53i:E:1,55ykl'2" :5:5:5:5:E:E:2:5:5 1:1:1:l:1:1:l:1 253'-511:-:-551' 1:2:I:I:l:I:El:I: z5:2:15:f:?:1:1 "5f7:E7:C:fF? 2'l:l:i:5:l:7:l:5: :1:f:1:k1:?:1:5 "7:5:1:5S' 'cl:l:l:f:5g:kl1 '-:g:::g:1:-zz: ::::. .: :::g:-: 55- " :f:i:5:55Y:1 1:i57:7:155:f:l:5E :izizizi E:"E:E:5:EE:5:5: .g'uoQnz' 0-veimmenzl Back Row-?vlt'Gee. Morrill, llawlish, llansuu lfronl Row Casey, Illll1'lx,ffUlll'l. S'l'Wllf4l Board of Publications FACULTY MEMBERS Dr. Ralph D. Casey Dean E. E. Nicholson Prof. Thos. E, Steward Arthur Burck Burt Canfield Edward Codel Lester Hanson Ml t tl v M X Qi J 0 A41-1 ll, f' ZWVJ , elk.- lt 34 MTQMISERS Phyllis lslawlish Marjorie Morrill Elwood McGee Dean Anne D. Blitz Elizabeth Addy llarold R. Anderson Iessie Aslakson Cyrus Barnum Vincent Bousquet Mary Alice Brown Arthur Burck Catherine Burnap B k R X l son. Barnum, Harding, Cmmlricli, Vellne. VV S " l R -Marshall,In!lekofer,Ruk'1v Il l l in I' R B 'k, Mitchell, Chrislianson, Add , rown, 0 ln:-nn y, Pewters, Glynn All-University Council FACULTY MEMBERS Dean Edward E. Nicholson Professor Robert C. Lansing MEMBERS Iames Glynn Norman Goodrich Terrance I-Ianold luanita Hanson Ed Harding lack Intlekofer Woodrow Iohnson Edward Marshall Lawrence Meyer Gerry Mitchell Iohn Painter Iohn Pcwtcrs Frank Rigos Iohn Rukavina Ashton Veline Iames Warren Theodore Christianson Allan Wash ll :ck Row-W'irrcn, Iiclsc, Gordon, bulls, lllllsch Second Rmv-Pmler, Hornns, Leach, Hnrlns, Dailey, bcvcrn i l R Dixon, Snndcrsnn, Pierce, lliggcns, Gillnm 'l'Ul1 UW' Union Board ot Governors FACULTY MEMBERS G. R. I-liggens E. B, Pierce I L Sinderson GRADUATE STUDENT S. S. Gillzun MEMBERS Sheldon Beise Robert Dixon Ldwwrd Lmeh Iohn Boraas Elmer Foster Kenneth Severn Gene Cutts Herman Gordon Willi H11 Tilhseh Don Dailey Innes W irren Kaur: lmvfeh i I ller, Ahlxlxnl, nnvs, Sl nn, lzlu-wolil . ,..,l, or, 4 eM:irs l l-l l Second Row-llcrhnnn. Uylueld I 51 l Agriculture Students Council MEMBERS Kenneth Ahlstad Harold Anderson Marie Anderson Everett Byfield Arne Carlson Lucie de Mars Winfred Ettesvold Iosephine Hcdman Ethcldredu jones Kenneth Miller Scott Pauley Bernard Shema lessena Taylor lhntk Ruxvrf- ISr.lsl.nI, Sprinktr, HIUIIL,ll.Il'lll.Ill7LI1,ll lironl RmvW"I4ulil, 'lennlll, liennelsen C'ollinVh'un Technical Commission Dr. W. M. Lauer Lee Baldwin Earl liennetsen William Hrnstad Harry Cottingliam FACULTY MEMBERS Dean O. M. LCl1lIlll Prof. M. E. Todcl MEMl3ERS Collis Hnrdenbergli Richard Springer Wayne Stone Iolm Tcnolcl I5-ack linw----krciei R1uer,C.nnrlerson, Nelson, Iverson l'ront Row Ruulmn, limp, blcvcnnon, lrcys, Glynn Board ot Associated Business lirnest Heilman james Glynn Hellorrl Gunderson Claire llosp Alice lreys Noel Iverson Students FACULTY MEMBERS MEMBERS Dean Stevenson Kenneth Kreici Lawrence Nelson Winfield Ritter Alun Ruvelson lhnlx Rem Nnlmn, Mallmie ', Iiehrenlwrinker, Tierney 5 lironl Row- Currier, Wulplxznl, lversoli, Kiielvenhalin Senior Commission Harold Anderson Iohn Behrenbrinker Charles Currier Lloyd Gicbenhain Noel Iverson Daniel Mahoney MEMBERS Lawrence Meyer William Nelson Michael Tierney Iohn Westphal Robert Woodrull Sac' mv- 'ic 'v , is 1, 'mn , acc , ,mm anon Iklk Iklll-xllltLyKl Ifmnt Row-Ilnrgeahellnur, Speaker, Wash, llzmgc, Hanson lunior Commission Bclford Gunderson Lester Hanson Richard I-largeshcimer Erling I-Iaugc Calman Kish Thomas Klingel MEMBERS Rohert Lacey Wayne Pickell Lawrence Prohst lane Speakcs Allan I.Wasl1,1r. 37 llzuck Row--Gnoilricll, llulvorscn, Nculucrg, Ilcgg Front Row-Arncson, Klingman, Thomson, Slowring S h C 'ssion MEMBERS Rolf Arneson Betty Klingman Norman Goodrich George Neuberg Gordon Halvorsen William Stowring Clinton Hcgg William Thomson Swanson, Forsyth, Kuntzlr, llnslings, llziurlunhuah Freshman Commission MEMBERS Allffll FOI'SyEll lack M0011gy Bill V. Hastings Allan Raudcnbush Bruce Kantar Carl O. Swanson 38- Iessie Aslakson Zora Barrons Betty Brooks Catharine Burnap Winona Carlson lean Cibuzar lean Cliflord Linda Cook llack Row-Cihuzar, llarrons, jones, Nonllanrl, Myers, Pulvcr Second Row-Hobbs, Hosp, Speakes, Van Brank, Ilofacrc, Wolfe, Gross Front Row--Taylor, Aslakson, llurnap, Regan, Carlson, Roth W. S. Gr. A. Board MEMBERS Elizabeth Field Alycc Gross Priscilla Hobbs Margaret I-lofacre Claire Hosp Eleanor Iones lean Myers Mary Norcllantl lean Pulver Katherine Regan Anialie Roth Elizabeth Running lane Speakes Mary Katherine Taylor Ruth Van Braak Peggy Wolfe Hack Row-Kcrker, Cook, Mcnk, lemme, Karlherg Front Row--liull, liarrons, Diessncr, llcrlman Farm Campus W . S. Gr. A. Board MEMBERS Zora Barrons Beatrice Bull Linda Cook Gladys Diessner l0SCphine Hedman Peggy Icrome Ruth Karlberg Ruth Kcrker Arline Menk 39 Hank lirzw--Semleirl,Tliurllsix,hllipqiee,I.oeiil1ger lfmnz Row-'I Iawlish, Dryer, Carlgren Arts College Intermediary Board MEMBERS Cyrus Barnum, Ir. Rohert Loevinger Cecill Carlgren Arnold Sevareid Sherman Dryer Warner Shippee Phyllis Hawlish Frederick Thomas lhlck R xv Iihhighzlnxen. Arlcerlnan, Srlnvapp.lcIi, Ahplanalp, 'l4illL', Reese, 'l'ChCl1llll Qmcmnl Row'--lirlnley, Snlherlanil, Lnnil, Ifiss, Hansmi,llennin1g l'runl Ruxv--Rnlnnsrin, llerrala, Iuhnsun, Kmlalhluln, Lilrlsun, Schufhuzln, Hensoli Helen Ahplanalp Ruth Ackerman Borghilcl Benson Ann Brinley Catherine Carlson Helen lihhighausen Alice Iiylar Gertrude Fiss Genevieve Goldhlum Ianet Hanson La Vonne Henning Lina Herrala W. A. A. Board MEMBERS Ruth Iohnson Florence Lindgren Elaine Lund Sally Reese Ruth Robinson Anne Schollman Laurine Schwappach Katherine Sutherland Marjorie Tate Charlotte Teschan Florence M. Warnock, Advisor ,,..,.,. , .L mn-vnavwauwurv .f.f..-an M--1 ""WJW if A J-qv.. 4"'1 4,5 I- Q3 W. 'N , 1 Q -'-a-1, Agriculture, Forestry, and Home Economics X Top left-Part of thc Ag Royal parade. Top riglmt-Testing for butter fall content. Center-Boarding the "inter-campus"-testing preserves. Lower left--Class in Forestry-noon in the Union. Bottom right-Another shot of the Ag Royal day parade last spring. 43 EARL I. ADAMS H. S. Minneapolis Tau Phi Delta: Silver Spur: Grey Friar: Forestry Club, President, 4: Y. M. C. A. Cabinet: President, Freshman Corporation, l: President, Junior Corporation, 3: Iunior Ball, 3: Gopher Peavey, Business Man- ager, 3. RICHARD C. ALLEN B. S . St. Paul Omega Psi Phi. HAROLD R. ANDERSON B. S. Minneapolis Alpha Gamma Rho: Alpha Zeta: Block and Bridle: Gopher 4-H Club: Plant lndustry Club: Agricultural Education Club: Pun- chinello: Y. M. C. A.: All-University Coun- cil, 4: Class President, 4: Agricultural Stu- dents' Council, President, 4. LUCILLE D. BACON B. S. Washington, D. C. MARY PATRICIA BARRY B. S. ' Minneapolis HELEN BARTEL B. S. A Minneapolis Gamma Omicron Beta: Phi Upsilon Omi- cron: Omicron Nu: Mortar Board: H. E. A.: Y. W. C. A. IULIA BEAVER B. S. Minneapolis Gamma Omicron Beta: Y. W. C. A.: H. E. A.: W. S. G. A. HELEN B. CHRISTENSEN B. S. Ceylon Omicron Nu: H. E. A.: W. S. G. A.: Gopher 4-H: Y. W. C. A. ROBERT G. CORWINE 13. S. Minneapolis Punchinello Players. DONALD DAILEY B. S. Pipestonc Alpha Gamma Rho: Alpha Zeta: Phoenix: lron Wedge: Block and Bridle: Y. M. C. A.: Wesley Foundation: Agricultural Education Club: Gopher 4fH Club: Agricultural Union Board, Chairman, 4: Union Board of Gov- ernors, 4: Debate, 3: Senate Committee: Wrestling, I, 2, 3, 4. SIGURD DOLGAARD 13. S. Kelliher Alpha Gamma Rho: Xi Sigma Pi: Forestry Club. ANDREW R. DOWNIE B. S. 'Waseca Farm I-louse Fraternity: Alpha Zeta: Plant lndustry Club: lnterprofessional Council: Agricultural Students' Council. LILILLIAN MARIE ELSHOLTZ B. S. Minneapolis Gamma Omicron Beta: Phi Upsilon Omi- 'cron: Omicron Nu: Y. W. C. A.: H. E. A. sHmLaY A. EMERSON B. S. Wanamingo Augsburg College: Phi Upsilon Omicron: Omicron Nu: Gopher 4-H: Y. W. C. A.: Y. W. C. A., Cabinet, 3. GERTRUDE ESTEROS B. S. Saginaw Phi Upsilon Omicron: Pi Lambda Theta: il. E. A.: Omicron Nu: Gopher 4-H: Senior Council. ' MARION IANE FABEL B. S. St. Paul Gamma Omicron Beta: Phi Upsilon Omi- cron: Il. li. A.: Y. W. C. A.: W. S. G. A.: Q Y. W. C. A., Cabinet. MARIE FAHEY B. S. Norwood Alpha Omicron Pi: H. E. A.: Y. W. C. A.: Omicron Nu: lota Sigma Pi: Newman Club. CONSTANCE FEGLES B. S. Minneapolis Pi Beta Phi: Pan-Hellenic Council. CHESTER LEROY FINSTAD B. S. Minneapolis Farm House Fraternity: Alpha Zeta: Block and Bridle: Plant lndustry Club: Home- coming. LOIS M. FOX B. S. Minneapolis BERNICE MARIE FREDSALL B. S. Minneapolis Gamma Omicron Beta: Kappa Phi: Pun- chincllo: Y. W. C. A.: W. S. G. A.: H. E. A.: W. A. A. ROBERT EDWIN FREEMAN B.S. Sl.Paul Iunior Dairy Science Club, 3, 4: Y. M. C. A., Cabinet: Swimming, l, 2: Wrestling, 3, 4. NORMAN I. GOODWIN B, S, Austin Farm House Fraternity: Alpha Zeta: Silver Spur: Block and Bridle: Y. M. C. A.: Plant lndustry Club: Gopher. 4-H Club: junior Cotntnission, Treasurer: President, Fresh- man Class, Agriculture: President, Junior Class, Agriculture: Agricultural Students' Council, 1, 2. MARIANE GRAHAM B, S, Minneapolis Kappa Phi: W. A. A.: H. E. A.: All- University Council: Y. W. C. A., Cabinet, 2: Punchinello: Cosmopolitan Club: W. S. G. A.: Singers. N DOROTHY GURTON B. S. Sz. Paul Phi Upsilon Omicron: Y. W. C. A., Farm Campus Cabinet: W. S. G. A., Farm Campus Cabinet: H. E. A. ELEANOR HAILA B, S, - I-Iibbing I-llbbing Iunior College: H. E. A.: Y. W. C. A.: Rangers' Club. IEAN HALL B. S. Minneapolis Kappa Phi: W. S. G. A., Board, 3: Y. W. C. A., Board, 2. MILDRED I. HANKIN B. S. Minneapolis Y. w. c. A.: H. E. A. ' LESTER E. 1-1ANsoN B. S. Graeeuille Farm House Fraternity: Alpha Zeta: Block and Bridle: Plant lndustry Club: Gopher 4-H Club: Wesley Foundation: Y. M. C. A.: Grey Friar: Board of Publications, 3, 4: Iunior Commission, Treasurer. LESTER I. HARTUNG B. S . St. Paul Phalanx: Iunlor Dairy Science Club: Cadet Otlicers Club: Y. M. C. A., Cabinet, 3, 4. ' fi. Hg., For., and Home EC. EARL I. ADAMS SIGURD DOLGAARD RICHARD C. ALLEN BERNICE MARIE FREDSALI. ANDREW R. DOWNIE HAROLD R. ANDERSON ROBERT EDWIN IYRICICIVIAN LILILLIAN MARIE ELSHOLTZ LUCILLE D. BACON NORMAN I. OOC EDWIN SHIRLEY A. EMERSON MARY PATRICIA BARRY MARIANE GRAHAM GERTRUDE ESTEROS HELEN BARTEL DOROTHY GURTON MARION JANE FABEL IULIA BEAVER ELEANOR I'-IAILA MARIE FAI-IEY HELEN Ii. CHRISTENSEN IEAN HALL CONSTANCE FEGLES ROBERT G. CORWINE MILDRED I. HANKIN CHESTER LEROY FINSTAD DONALD DAILEY LESTER E. I-IANSON LOIS M. FOX LESTER I. HARTUNG IOSEPHINE HEDMAN B. S. St.Paul Gamma Omicron Beta: W. S. G. A., Board: Y. W. C. A., Cabinet: Agriculture Students' Council. PAUL HOLTON B, S, Minneapolis 'Sigma Phi Epsilon. HELEN DAE HOPPER B. S. Minneapolis Alpha Gamma Delta: Phi Upsilon Omi- cron: Mortar Board, President: H. E. A., President, 4: W. S. G. A.. Board, Pres- ident, 3: Cap and Gown, President: Tam O'Shantcr, Vice-President. ALBERT E. HOUK B. S. Washington, D. C. Purdue University: Alpha Chi Sigma. ROBERT ILG B. S. X Manitowish, Wis. University of Wisconsin: Alpha Gamma Rho: Forestry Club. INA BELLE IAY - B. S. Wales Punchinello Players: Y. W. C. A.: H- E- A-5 Gbphtf 4-H Club. MARIAN K. IOHNSON B, S, Cokato Carleton College: University of Wisconsin: Alpha Gamma Delta: Y. W. C. A. XZ Y ELEANOR C. IOHNSTON B, S, Sherburn H. E. A.: Gopher 4-H: Wesley Foundation. ETHELDREDA M. IONES B, S, St. Paul Gamma Omicron Beta: Phi Upsilon Omi- cron: Omicron Nu: H. E. A.: Y. W. C. A., Cabinet: W. A. A.: Punchinello: Cap and Gown, Vice-President: Agriculture Students' Council. MARGUERITE A. KLOBE B, S. Young America Kappa Delta: Y. W. C. A-7 H- E- A- KARL G. KOBES B. S. New Bedford, Mass. Forestry Club. IUNE E. KOEPKE M B. S. Elmore H. E. A.: Phi Upsilon Omicron: Eta Sig- ma Upsilon: Y. W. C. A.: Wesley Foun- dntion. KERMIT W. KREITLOW B. S. Minneapolis - Y. M. C. A.: Plant lndustry Club. :UNE H. LUNDBLAD B. S. Duluth College of St. Scholastira: Gamma Omi- cron Beta: Phi Upsilon Omicron: Omicron Nu. ELIZABETH F. LYNCH B. S. Penacook, N. H. Gamma Omicron Beta: Phi Upsilon Omi- cron: Y. W. C. A.:.W. S. G. A.: H. E. A. MARY MALCOLM B. S. Chetek, Wir. Stout Institute. ' ELEANORE V. MATTILA B. S. Narhufauk l-libbing Junior College: Aquatic League: W. A. A.: W. S. G. A. CARLA MEACI-IAM B. S. Minneapolis Delta Delta Delta: Phi Upsilon Omicron: Omicron Nu: Mortar Board: H. E. A.: W. S. G. A., Board, 2, 3: Punchinello, 2, 3, 4: Pan-Hellenic Council, President, 4. BERNICE MEISTER B. S. Austin Phi Upsilon Omicron: H. E. A.: W. S. G. A.: Gopher 4-H: Y. W. C. A. GRACE K. MILLAR B. S. Minneapolis ROBERT D. MONTGOMERY B. S. St. Paul Pershing Rilies: Scabbard and Blade: Uni- versity Eagles: Y. M. C. A.: Minnesota Bird Club. RUTH LOUISE NELSON B. S. Minneapolis' H. E. A.: Y. w. c. A: w. s. G. A, WILLIAM A. NEWMAN B. S. Duluth Duluth Junior College: Alpha Gamma Rho: Y. M. C. A. RAYMOND W. PALMBY B. S. Garden City Agriculture Education Club: Y. M. C. A. IOAN PETERSON B. S. Minneota Y. W. C. A., Cabinet: Agriculture Stu- dents' Council. MARGARET S. PEWTERS B. S. St. Paul Phi Upsilon Omicron: Omicron Nu: lata Sigma Pi: H. E. A.: Y. W. Cf A.: New- man Club. ELLEN RANSBURG B. S. Minneapolis Y. W. C. A.: I-l. E. A. GLADYS LUCILLE RIPCZINSKI B. S. Minneapolis Phi Upsilon Omicron: Sigma Epsilon Sig- ma: Omicron Nu: Pi Lambda Theta: Y. W. C. A.: H. E. A. LOUIS I-IENRIK SCHMIESING B. S. Hanska Plant lndustry Club. FRANCES SEDERBERG B. S. North Branch H. E. A. , ' .:, Hg., For., and Home EC. IOSEPIAIINE HEI PAUL HOLTON DMAN KARL G. KOISES ROBERT D. MONTGOMERY IUNE E. KOEPKE RUT1--I LOUISE NELSON HELEN DAE I-IOPPER KERMIT W. KREITLOW WILLIAM A. NEWMAN ALBERT E. I-IOUK ROBERT ILC IUNE H. LUNDISLAD RAYMOND W. PALMBY ELIZABETH F. LYNCI-I IOAN PETERSON INA BELLE JAY MARY MALCOLM MARGARET S. PEWTERS MARIAN K. IOI-INSON ELEANORE V. MATTILA ' ELLEN RANSBURG ELEANOR C. IOI-INSTON ETHELDREDA CARLA MEACHAM GLADYS LUCILLE RIPCZINSKI M. IONES BERNICE MEISTER LOUIS I-IENRIK SCI-IMIESING MARGUERITE A. KLOBE GRACE K. MILLAR FRANCES SEDERBERG Hg., For., and Home EC. Top Row SULO SIHVONEN B. S. Craiglfillc 'I'uu Phi Dcltug Xi Sigma Pig Forestry Clubg 'l'r:1ck, 2. MARY SILLIMAN B. S. Hibbiug Ilihhinpg Iuninr Cullcgcg Purdue Univcraily: Pi Ilclzl Phi: NV. S. G. A.q Y. NV. C. A.: II. E. A. LOUISE SPEICH B. S. Bayport Dcllu Zclu: Y. W. C. A.: I'l..E. Ag W. S. G. A.: W. A. A. PHINNY STENBORG B. S. Clearbrook l:.lI'll'I House Frnlcrnityg Block and Bridle. MARGARET E. SWANSON B. S. Carrington, N. D. Phi Upsilon Omicrong Y. W. C. A. Bottom Row CORA TORGIZRSON B. S. Albert Len H. E. A.: Y. W. C. A.: Gopher 4-H Clubg W. S. G. A.g W. A. A. RICHARD M. TOWNSEND B. S. Duluth Duluth lunior College: Forestry Club. PHOEBE A. UHL B. S. St. Paul WALDEMAR A. WINKLER B. S. Duluth Duluth junior Collcgcg Furuslry Club. KATHRYN WINTHERS B. S. Minneapolis Phi Upsilnn Omicrong W. S. G. A.g Y. W. C. A.: Farm Campus Culwinclg Punchincllug H. E. A. School of Business Administration rigs - I i r i srunrm Upper left-Coed group in study room. Upper right-A class in business law. Center--Mastering the intricacies of the adding machine. Lower left--News of the business scbool is posted on the bul letin board. Lower right-Sales tactics in the bookstore. Inset-Russell A. Stevenson, dean of Business 49 VIRGINIA L. ANDERSON B. B. A. Moniieello Business Womcn's Club: Kappa Phi. M. HUBERT APPLETON B. B. A. Edgewood, Iowa Upper Iowa University: Phi Tau Theta. RONALD D. BAKER B. B. A. Glasgow, Mont. Alpha Kappa Psi: Beta Gamma Sigma. ESTHER BARRAGER B. B. A. St. Paul Pi Beta Phi: Business Women's Club. KINNARD W. BARRY B. B. A. Minneapolis Phi Delta Theta. KAY BARTON B. B. A. Waterloo, Iowa Stephens College: Gamma Phi Beta: Daily: Masquers. NORMA BATCHELDER B. B. A. Sl. Paul Alpha Xi Delta: Y. W. C. A., Freshman Cabinet, I: W. S. G. A.: Business Wom' en's Club: Freshman Week, 2, 4: Pan- Hellenic Council, 2, 3, 4. DICK P. BAUGI-IMAN B. B. A. Minneapolis ELIZABETH S. BENNION B. B. A. St. Paul Beta Phi Alpha: Y. W. C. A.: Business Women's Club. WILLIAM E. BRANDOW B. B. A. Minneapolis Phi Kappa Sigma: Masquers. HARLEY I. BROOK B. B. A. Eau Claire, Wis. Eau Claire State Teachers' College: Sigma Phi Epsilon: A. M. A. WILLIAM ROY BROWN B. B. A. La Grange, Ind. Indiana University. ROGER S. BRUDE B. B. A. Minneapolis Virginia Junior College: Beta Alpha Psi: Beta Gamma Sigma: Hockey, 4. CATHARINE BURNAP B. B. A. Fergus Falls Gamma Phi Beta: Trailers Club: Business Women's Club: Y. W. C. A., Freshman Cabinet, I, Cabinet, 4: W. S. G. A. Board, Secretary, 2, President, 4: All-Uni- versity Council, 4. DANIEL F. BYRNES B. B. A. Delauan, Wis. EDWARD B. CHAPIN B. B. A. Minneapolis MARY IUNE COOPER B. B. A. Minneapolis Macalester College: Phi Chi Della: Busi- Women's Club: W. S. G. A., Board, 3. MARION CORMACK B. B. A. Minneapolis Business Women's Club. ROBERT W. CRAWFORD B. B. A. White Bear Lake Sigma Alpha Epsilon: Eta Delta Beta: Silver Spur: Grey Friar: Practical Paci- lists: Iunior Ball, Assistant Chairman: Freshman Week, Executive Committee, 3, Chairman, 4: Gopher. IOHN M. CROW B. B. A. Minneapolis Acacia: Daily, 1, 2, 3, 4. ROBERT N. DAHLGREN B. B. A. San Diego, Cal. San Diego State College. DOROTHY L. DUCKETT B. B. A. Minneapolis Alpha Delta Pi: Business Women's Club: W. S. G. A.: Y. W. C. A.: Pan-Hellenic Council. DOROTHY EWART B. B. A. Redwood Falls Stephens College: University of Missouri: Business Women's Club. LELAND G. FIEGEI. B. B. A. Rochester Rochester Junior College: Flying Club. IOHN LAWRENCE FORBES B. B. A. Minneapolis Lambda Chi Alpha: Eta Delta Beta: Alpha Phi Chi: Scabbard and Blade: Grey Friar: Ski--U-Mah, 2, 3, Business Manager, 4. WILLIAM H. GIEFER B. B. A. - St. Paul Alpha Kappa Psi: Phalanx. DAVID 'GLICKSON E. B. A. Devils Lake, N. D. Sigma Alpha Mu. ' EDWARD M. GRAPP B. B. A. Minneapolis St. Thomas College: Newman Club. WAYNE BURTON HARTSON B. B. A. V Lyle St. Olaf College: Delta Sigma Pi: Wres- tling, 1, 4. DOROTHY C. HILDEBRANDT B. B. A. Delano Beta Gamma Sigma: Business Women's Club. Business VIRGINIA L. ANDERSON HARLEY I. BROOK ROBERT N. DAI--ILGREN M. I-IUBERT APPLETON WILLIAM ROY BROWN RONALD D. BAKER DOROTI-IY L. DUCKETT ROGER S. BRUDE DOROTHY EWART ESTI-IER BARRAGER CATI'-IARINE BURNAP LELAND G. FIEGEL KINNARD W. BARRY DANIEL F. BYRNES KAY BARTON IOI-IN LAWRENCE FORBES EDWARD B. CHAPIN WILLIAM H. GIEFER NORMA BATCI-IELDER MARY JUNE COOPER DAVID GLICKSON DICK P. BAUGI-IMAN MARION CORMACK EDWARD M. GRAPP ELIZABETH S. BENNION ROBERT W. CRAWFORD WAYNE BURTON I-IARTSON WILLIAM E. BRANDOW IOHN M. CROW DOROTHY C. HILDEBRANDT EVERETT H. HOPKINS B. B. A. Duluth CLAIRE HOSP B. B. A. Minneapolis Business Women's Cluh, Treasurer, 4: In- tcrprofesxional Council: Board of Associ-' ated Business Students. Secretary-'l'reasur er, 4. CONRAD HUMMELGARD ag B. A. ' fiibbing I-Iibbing junior College: Virginia Iunior College: Delta Theta Phi: Alpha Kappa Psi: Rangers: Swimming, 3: Track, I. 2. 3. ALICE IREYS B. B. A. 'Minneapolis Alpha Gamma Delta: Business Women's Club: Board of Associated Business Stu- dents: Advertising Club. NOEL IVERSON B. B. A. Minneapolis Alpha Kappa Psi: Pi Phi Chi: American Management Association: Board of Asso- ciated Business Students: Class President, 4: Senior Commission, Treasurer: Boxing. HELENMARIE IACOBSON B. B. A. . , Minneapolis Carleton College: Pi Beta Phi: Business Wumen's Club: Y. W. C. A.: W. S. G. A.: g Ski-U-Mah. HERBERT R. IENSEN B. B. A. Sleepy Eye Acacia: Phi Sigma Phi: Alpha Tau Sigma: Alpha Phi Chi: A. I. Ch., E.: Senior Ad- visory Council: Techno-Log' Board: Engi- neers' Day: Daily: Techno-Log: Enarch's: . Band, I, 2, 3, President, 4. ALFRED V. IOHNSON B. B. A. Duluth Phi Kappa Psi: Beta Gamma Sigma. DOROTHY E. IOHNSON B. B. A. Minneapolis Business Women's Club. ROBERT M. IOHNSON B. B. A. h Chippewa Falls, Wis. Delta Upsilon: Eta Delta Beta: Grey Friar: Gavel: Chairman Gopher Party: lnterfrater- nity Council: Sophomore Ball: Gopher, 2: Board of Publications, 3: Homecoming, Assistant Chairman, 3, 4. VERA M. IOHNSON B. B. A. ' St. Paul Business Women's Club: Y. W. C. A.: W. A. A. DONALD I. KEELER B. B. A. 4 Crosby Eta Delta Beta. WILLIAM S. KERR g B. B. A. St. Paul Chi Psi: Crack Rifle Squad: Pershing Rifles, 1, 2, 3, 4: lunior Ball, 3. ' EUGENE F. KINDLER B. B. A. St. Paul Alpha Kappa Psi: A. M. A.: Pershing Rifles. G.l1E.ROME KIRCHER B. B. A. Olivia Phi Kappa Psi. KIYOSI-II KITAGAWA B. B. A. Minneapolis Cadet Onicers' Club. WILLARD R. KNUDSEN B. B. A. Dawson Carleton College. DOUGLAS F. KRAFT B. B. A. Minneapolis A. M. A.: Commons Club: Y. M. C. A.: I Concert Band. MARCIA P. KUNDERT B. B. A. Red Lake Falls University of North Dakota: Chi Omega: Business Wosnen's Club. LAURIE LEONARD LEHTIN B. B. A. A Superior, Wis. Alpha Kappa Psi: Beta Gamma Sigma: Beta Alpha Psi: Student Forum Commit- tee: Peace Action Committee: Social Prob- lems Club: Daily, 3: Board of Associated Business Students, 3: Track, I, 2, 3. LEONARD H. LIESER B. B. A. Sl. Paul St. Thomas College. MAXINE A. MASON B. B. A. Enderlin, N. D. Delta Zeta: B u s i n e s s Women's Club: W. A. A. IAMES E. MCCORMACK B. B. A. Litchfield HAL S. MCINTYRE B. B. A. Minneapolis Alpha Tau Omega: Band, l, 2. BETTY MCKNIGHT B. B. A. Gary, Ind. North Dakota Slate School of Science: Business Women's Club. KENNETH MEYER B. B. A. St. Paul am Alpha Psi. I WILLIAM W. MEYER B. B. A. St. Paul Alpha Tau Omega. SHIRLEY MORRIS B. B. A. ' Virginia Virginia lunior College: Kappa Alpha Theta. WILLIAM C. MORTON B. B. A. Minneapolis Tau Kappa Epsilon. LAWRENCE WILLIAM NELSON B. B. A. Minneapolis Delta Sigma Pi: Grey Friar: Board of Associated Business Students: Students Ad- visory Committee: Freshman Week: Busi- ness School Book Exchange, Manager. Business EVERETT H. HOPKINS CLAIRE I-IOSP VERA M. IOHNSON LEONARD H. LIESER DONALD I. KEELER MAXINE A. MASON CONRAD HUMMELGARD ALICE IREYS WILLIAM S. KERR IAMES E. MCCORMACK EUGENE F. KINDLER HAL S. MCINTYRE NOEL IVERSON G. IEROME KIRCHER BETTY MCKNIGI-IT HELENMARIE IACOBSON KIYOSI-II KITAGAWA KENNETH MEYER HERBERT R. IENSEN WILLARD R. KNUDSEN WILLIAM W. MEYER ALFRED V. IOI-INSON DOUGLAS F. KRAFT SHIRLEY MORRIS DOROTHY E. IOHNSC JN MARCIA P. KUNDERT WILLIAM C. MORTON ROBERT M. IOHNSON LAURIE LEONARD LEHTIN LAWRENCE WILLIAM NELSON ELIZABETH NICKERSON B. B. A. Minneapolis Alpha Xi Delta: W. S. G. A.: Y. W. C. A.: Business Women's Club. 'RUSSELL L. NORDSTROM B. B. A. Sl. Paul IAMES C. NYSTROM B. B. A. Minneapolis Eta Delta Beta: Scahbard and Blade. DOROTHY OSWALD B. B. A. La Grange, Ill. Beloit College: Pi Beta Phi: Y. W. C. A.: Business Women's Club. , ARTHUR E. PEARsoN ' B. B. A. Minneapolis Beta Alpha Psi: Beta Gamma Sigma. ANNE REIMBQLD B. B. A. St. Paul Stanford University: Kappa Alpha Theta: Business Women's Club, Board. LLOYD V. RILEY B. B. A. Anoka IOI-IN G. RING B. B. A. Nashwauk Hibbing Junior College: Chi Psi: Eta Delta Beta. OREM O. ROBBINS B. B. A. Minneapolis Delta Sigma Pi: Beta Gamma Sigma: Mar- tar and Ball: University Eagles: Y. M. C. A.: Cadet Council: Riiie Team, l. G. LEE RUNYON B. B. A. St. Paul St. Thomas College: Sigma Alpha Epsi- lon: Eta Delta Beta: Junior Ball, 3: Fresh- man Week, 4: Homecoming, 4: Gopher, 4. DONALD RUTTGER B- B- -4- Deerwood Sigma Alpha Epsilon: Eta Delta Beta. ALAN KENNETH RUVELSON B. B. A. St. Paul St. Thomas College: Sigma Alpha Mu: Mu Beta Chi: Beta Gamma Sigma: Board of Associated Business Students, 4. I. THOMAS SCHMITZ B. B. A. Minneapolis scsbbsrd and nude. cadet omms' Club. GEORGIA E. SCHOMBURG B. B. A. Minneapolis Alpha Gamma Delta: Business Women's Club: Y. W. C. A. ROSCOE F. SEAMANS B. B. A. Beresford, S. D. ALAN STRUTHERS B. B. A. Minneapolis Chi Psi: Eta Delta Beta: Grey Friar: Y. M. C. A. Cabinet: Iunior Ball, General Arrangements: Homecoming: F r e s h m a n Week: Senior Advisory Commission: Go- pher, I, 2, 3, 4: lnterfraternity Council. MARY CLAIRE SWANSON B. B. A. Minneapolis Business Women's Club: W. A. A.: W. S. G. A.: Freshman Week. IARVIS A. TEW - B. B. A. Minneapolis I Delta Kappa Epsilon. K WILLIAM S. TILLISCI-I B. B. A. Brookings, S. D. Phi Kappa Psi: Union Board of Governors: Band, 1: Cheerleader, I, 2, 3: Rooter King, 4. I SYLVIA C. TONRICH B. B. A. Minneapolis Y. W. C. A. FRANCES VAN DE ERVE B. B. A. Carrington, N. D. University of North Dakota: Delta Gam- ma: Beta Gamma Sigma: Business Wom- en's Club. BETTY GAY WISE B. B. A. Hayu1ard,'Wis. Y Business Women's Club. CHARLES WILLIAM WOOD B. B. AL ' Minor, N. D. Minot State Teachers' College: Phi Kappa Psi. FREDERICK WOODRICH B. B. A. Minneapolis Lehigh University: Psi Upsilon: Wres- tling, l. N HAROLD WILLIAM WRIGHT B. B. A. Duluth Theta Chl. Business ELIZABETH NICKERSON OREM O. ROBBINS RUSSELL L. NORDSTROM G. LEE RUNYON IARVIS A. TEW WILLIAM S. TILLISCH JAMES C. NYSTROM DONALD RUTTGER SYLVIA C. TONRICH DOROTHY OSWALD ALAN KENNETH RUVELSON FRANCES ARTHUR E. PEARSON I. THOMAS SCI-IMITZ VAN DE ERVE BETTY GAY WISE ANNE REIMBOLD GEORGIA E. SCHOMBURG CHARLES W LLOYD V. RILEY ROSCOE F. SEAMANS ILLIAM WOOD FREDERICK WOODRICH IOHN G. RING ALAN STRUTHERS HAROLD WILLIAM WRIGHT MARY CLAIRE SWANSON ALVIN C. EURICI-I During Dean Malcolm Willey's leave this year, Alvin C Eurich has served as assistant to the president. School of Chemistry ,f ' A 1 F. 5 1 X, i lI ..... af. A IL, 153 - .L ci U s Uppcr lcft--Distilling liquitls in ont- of thc lzxhorntorics. Upper riglit-Ammtlwr lah whcrc mixing of chcmiczlls is process. Center-An intricate mass of tuhing is usvcl in chcmi zmnlysis. Lower lclit-Testing chcmiczils for purity ol' contcnt. Lowcr right-The lihmry of thc chemistry school. lnsct-Samuel S. Liml, tlcxm of Chemistry. S7 C. EDWARD AI-ILM B. Ch. E. Minneapolis Alpha Chi Sigma: Tau Beta Pi: A. l. Ch. E.: Band, 2, 3. ROGER W. 'AMIDON B. Ch. Minneapolis Phalanx: Mortar and Ball: Singers. HARRISON ANTHES B. Ch. E. Minneapolis Alpha Chi Sigma: A. I. Ch. E.: Tau Bela Pi: Phi Lambda Upsilon. CLYDE H. O. BERG B. Ch. E. Minneapolis Alphn Chi Sigma: Tau Beta Pi: Phi Lamb- da Upsilon: A. I. Ch. E.: Band, 1, 2, 3: U Symphony, I, 2. RAGNAR E. BERGMAN B. Ch. E. Minneapolis Swedish Club. CLARENCE A. BESTER B. Ch. - South Sl. Paul Alpha Chivsigma. WILLIAM G. CAIN B. Ch. E. Minneapolis Alpha Chi Sigma: Tau Beta Pi: Phi . Lambda Upsilon: A. l. Ch. E. DONALD F. CHAMBERLAIN B. Ch. E. , Minneapolis Alpha Chi Sigma: Tau Bela Pi: Phi Lamb- da Upsilon: A. l. Ch. E. PAUL A. DAHLEN B. Ch. E. St. Paul ROBERT DIERCKS B. Ch. E. Minneapolis A. S. Ch. E. ROBERT MQKNIGHT DIXON B. Ch. E. Minneapolis Alpha Chi Sigma: Phoenix: Iron Wedge: Plumb Bob: Alpha Tau Sigma: A. I. Ch. E.: Union Board of Governors, 3, 4: Techno- Log, 3, Business Manager, 4. EVERETT DRUMMOND B. Ch. E. Alexandria Phalanx: A. l. Ch. E.: Engineering Book- store Board. GEORGE O. HILL B. ch. Catskill, N. Y. A. I. Ch. E. ROBERT A. JENS B. Ch. E. si. Paul HAROLD KINSETH ' B. Ch. E. Minneapolis I A. 1. ch. E. EMIL KOENIG B. Ch.. Swanville DE LYLE LAI-IART B. Ch. Windom Alpha Chi Sigma. MEYER I. LANDSBERG B. Ch. E. Minneapolis LEONARD LYNCH B. Ch. Calumet I-libbing Iunior College: ltasea Junior Col- lege: A. I. Ch. E. IAMES W. WOODHOUSE B. Ch. Minneapolis Northland College: A. 1. Ch. E. IOHN L. MILLS ' B. Ch. E. New Ulm Gustavus Adolphus College: A. l. Ch. E.: Y. M. C. A. WILLIAM L. NELSON B. Ch. E. Minneapolis Alpha Chi Sigma: Tau Beta Pi: Plumb Bob: Phi Lambda Epsilon: Freshman Week: Class President, 4. RALPH I. OACE B. Ch. E. Soiuh St. Paul , A. 1. ch. 11. U MAURICE H. OLINK B. Ch. E. Minneapolis Alpha Chi Sigma: A. I. Ch. E.: Newman Club: Football, 1, 2: Swimming, 1, 2. X ' FREDERICK LEE PAUL B. Ch. E. Minneapolis 'lheta Tau: Phoenix: Pi Phi Chi. IACK D. RODE B. Ch. E. 'While Bear Lake Alpha Chi Sigma: Grey Friar: Silver Spur: Mortar and Ball: A. I. Ch. E.. EARL A. SCHILT B. Ch. E. Minneapolis GRANT O. SEDGWICK B. Ch. E. Minneapolis A. I. Ch. E. THEODORE SWENSON B. Ch. E. St. Paul Theta Xi: Phalanx: A. l. Ch. E.: Alpha Phi Chi: Engineers' Day, 3. RICHARD M. MARKHAM B. Ch. E. Rush City Virginia Iunior College: A. l. Ch. E. Chemistry C. EDWARD AH LM ROBERT MUKNIGHT DIXON ROGER W. AMIDON IOHN L. MILLS EV ERETT DRUMMOND HARRISON ANTHES WI LLI A M L. NELSON GEORGE O. HILL CLYDE H. O. BERG RALPH I. OACE ROBERT A. IENS RAGNAR E. BERGMAN MAURICE H. OLINK HAROLD KINSETI-I CLARENCE A. BESTER FREDERICK LEE PAUL EMIL KOENIG WILLIAM G. CAIN JACK D. RODE DE LYLE LAI-IART DONALD F. CHAMBERLAIN EARL A. SCHILT MEYER I. LANDSISERG PAUL A. DAHLEN GRANT O. SEDGWICK LEONARD LYNCH ROBERT DIERCKS THEODORE SWENSON IAMES W. WOODHOUSE RICHARD M. MAR KI-IAM 4, .,:M, 5: ftpgiggg 1 3 Summer Session T. A. H. TEETER Dean The summer session was established fifty-three years ago at the University. Since that time the enrollment has increased until it has passed the Hve thousand mark. The curriculum consists of some six hundred subjects of study, with a staff made up of men from the Minnesota faculty as well as other Universities. School of Dentistry Q fm . Upper left-Senior dentists at work filling teeth. Upper riglit-"This may hurt a little"-and the drilling begins in earnest. r I Center-A laboratory session in brrdgework. Lower left-Making dental inlays. Lower right-Dents gather round for a practical demonstration. Inset-William F. Lasby, dean of Dentistry. 61 LORRAINE ALTMAN G. D. H. Minneapolis Kappa Kappa Lumlula. ADOLPH ANFINSON D. D. S. Milam St. Olaf College. GARNET S. ASPNES D. D. S. Minneapolis IOE BLUMES D. D. S. Winnipeg, Man. Univeriity of Manitoba: Alpha Omega. LOIC REGINALD BOYS D. D. S. Australia SIDNEY S. DORFMAN D. D. S. Winnipeg, Man. University of Manitobag Alpha Omega. PHYLLIS F. FLETCHER G. D. H. Watertown, S. D. ELNOR RAYE FOOTE G. D. H. Minneapolis IUDD LEROY FREDERIKSEN D. D. S. Winona St. Mary's College. EDWARD I. GALLUS - ' . D. D. S. Havre, Mont. Umvcmty of Qugilrmklndl Losmopohmn Northern Montana College: Psi Omega. KENNETH L. BRANDT HARLEY E. GAUSTAD D. D. S. A Amery, Wis. D. D. S. East Grand Forks River Falls State Teachers' Collegeg Psi Vlf8il'1iHlUnl0l'C0llCKC9PSi0mCBa- Omega. , CLARENCE G. CHRONQUIST PAUL I' GEHAN I D. D. S. Barron D' D' S' Sl' Pau Psi omcga' St. Thomas College. FREDERICK I. COOK ORA ADDISON HANDY D. D. S' Sl. Cloud D. D. S. sf. Chaflecf Dem sigllu Dem, Upperilowa University: Psi Omega. jACK CROSS - SUZANNE HARPER I IJ. D. s. Rochester G. D- H- Worthington Rochester lunior Cullegeg Psi Omega. LLEWELLYN MACLOYD DAHL Alpha Gamma Delta. ANNE K. HARRIED IJ. D. S. DP-'f1'0ff 1-ali?-F G. D. H. X Stoughton, Wis. ARTHUR PAGE HAYWARD D. D. S. Baraboo, Wis. St. 'Mary's Colleges University of Wiscon- sing Delta Sigma Delta. WOODBERN IAY IANECKY D. D. S. New Prague Marquette Universityg Delta Sigma Delta. IOHN A. IERN D. D. S. . Wheaton C. LAWRENCE IOHNSON D. D. S. Minneapolis -St. Olaf College: Delta Sigma Delta. ELIZABETH IOHNSON G. D. H. Gibbon Gustavus Adolphus Collegeg Alpha Kappa Gamma. EVERETT F. IOHNSON D. D. S. Spring Valley Winona State Teachers' Colleges Phi Delta Thetag lnterfraternity Council, President. HARRIET M. IOHNSON D. D. S. Pleasantuille, N. Y. College of City of. New York: Barnard College: St. Olaf College. .HERBERT B. LAFFITTE D. D. S. Naslzwauk Hibbing Iunior Collegeg Psi Omega. ALICE L. LANGE G. D. H. Elysian HERBERT A. MAGNUssoN D. D. S. Minneapolis Dentistry LORRAINE ALTMAN SIDNEY S. DORFMAN ARTHUR PAGE HAYWARD ADOLPH ANFINSON PHYLLIS E. FLETCHER WOODBERN JAY IANECKY GARNET s. ASPNES ELNOR RAYE FOOTE IOI-IN A. IERN IOE BLUMES IUDD LEROY FREDERIKSEN C. LAWRENCE IOHNSON LOIC REGINALD BOYS EDWARD I. GALLUS ELIZABETH IOHNSON KENNETH L. BRANDT HARLEY E. GAUSTAD EVERETT F. IOHNSON CLARENCE G. CHRONQUIST ' PAUL I. GEHAN HARRIET M. IOHNSON FREDERICK I. COOK ORA ADDISON HANDY HERBERT B. LAFFITTE IACK CROSS SUZANNE HARPER ALICE L. LANGE LLEWELLYN MACLOYD DAHL ANNE K. HARRIED HERBERT A. MAGNUSSON ROBERT I. MCEVOY D. D. S. St. Paul St. Thomas College. ' PHILIP H. Moos D. D. S. St. Cloud St. Iohns University. IAMES C. MOSES D. D. S. Alexander, N. D. ROGER RAYMOND NOLOP D. D. S. Minneapolis Band, 1. 2. BERT o1A D. D. S. ' Gilbert Alpha Sigma Phi: Phi Epsilon Kappa: Del- ta Sigma Delta: M Club: Football, l, 2, 3. ' ROBERT' M. OLSON D. D. Hollywood, Cal. Tennis, 1. WRIGHT B. PAGE, IR. D. D. S. Minneapolis Theta Delta Chi: S-cabbard and Blade: Mortar and Hall: Cadet Oilicers' Club: Military Ball, 3. LEO E. POLTEROCK D. D. S. St. Paul CHARLES RAY D. D. SI. Murdo, S. D. Sou'h Dakota State Srhool of Mines: Iowa University: Psi Omega. WILLARD E. ROMBERG D. D. S. Sleepy Eye Walther League. , ELEANOR ROSENBERG G. D. H. St. Paul Hamline University. SAMUEL W. SARBIT D. D. S. West Selkirk, Man. University of Manitoba: Alpha Omega. GEORGE A. SCHAFFER D. D. S. V St. Paul DORIS SCHEMPF G. D. H. Granite Falls - Kappa Kappa Lambda. RALPH A. SCHNEIDER D. D. S. Elclto, Wis. River Falls State Teachers' College: Delta Sigma Delta. KERMIT SCHOCK D. D. S. St. Charles Rochester Iunior College. ANTHONY I. SCHOLTIS D. D. S. St. Paul EVAN T. Sl-IERRY D, D. S. Havre, Mont. Northern Montana College: Psi Omega. MAURICE E. SIMPSON D. D. S. ' St. Paul Delta Sigma Delta: Boxing, 1, 2, 3. CHESTER D. SITZ D.D.S. Byron Phi Delta Theta: M Club: Track, Man- ager, 3. LEE E. SPURBECK D. D. S. Eaelelh Evelelh Iunior College. MARY IANE SPURBECK G. D. H. Eveleth Eveleth lunior College. HAROLD STARK D. D. S. Columbus, 'Wi.f. University of Wisconsin. FRANK W. VEDEN D. D. S. Detroit Lake: Delta Sigma Delta. . C. ASHTON VELINE' D. D. S. Minneapolis Psi Omega: All-University Council: Pi Phi Ch.. I. IOHN I. WESTPHAL D. D. S. Elsinore, Cal. Montana State University: Psi Omega: Den- tistry, Senior Class President: Senior Com- mission, Vice-President. S. KENNINGTON WILSON D. D. S. 'Australia University of Queensland: Cosmopolitan Club. Dentistry ROBERT I. MCEVOY WILLARD E. ROMBERG MAURICE E. SIMPSON PHILIP I'I. MOOS ELEANOR ROSENBERG CI-IESTER D. SITZ IAMES C. MOSES SAMUEL W. SARBIT . xL SR'UI1BE K , Q.,Qov4.- f-ML ' L.. ftdrmvcalg- 'I' In nm!! J ' -- I B' ROGER RAYMOQJ NIOQOI5 as L M LU U GEORGE A. SGHAFEER ' ' t MARY IANE SPURBECK BERT OIA DORIS SCIWIEMPF HAROLD STARR ROBERT M. OLSON RALPI-I A. SCHNEIDER FRANK W. VEDEN v WRIGHT R. PAGE, IR. KERMIT SOHOGR O. ASHTON VELINE LEO E. POLTEROCK ANTHONY I. SCI-IOLTIS IOI-IN I. WESTPI-IAL CI-IARLES RAY EVAN T. SI-'IERRY S. KENNINGTON WILSON Haw' P NG Extension Division RICHARD R. PRICE Dean The extension program at Minnesota has consisted in the larger part in the last few years, in attempts to solve the problem presented by unemployed high school graduates, and those who do not have the funds to go to college. Plans have been worked in conjunction with the high schools throughout the state, whereby group correspondence courses are carried on. This year the extension program has been given great impetus by the starting of the adult education unit, which will become a major function of the division. College of Education slid!"- Uppcr lcft-Practicing in the music conservatory. Uppcr right-Art education students in thc pottery class. Ccntcr-At thc looms in tcxtilc weaving class. Lower lcft-Supervising play in thc child wclllurc instilulc Lower right-Physical education class docs thc hornpipc. Inset-Melvin E. Haggerty, Llcnn of Iiclucauion. 67 ' 3 ORVILLE B. AFTRETH B, 5, Minneapolis Alpha Sigma Pi: Pershing Rilies: Singers. VIOLET V. ALLEN B, S, Duluth Duluth junior College. KATHRYN ANDERSON B. S. St. Paul Alpha Gamma Delta. ART ANGELL B. S. Lancaster Delta Sigma Psi: Linnean Club: Norwe- gian Literary Society: Band, l, 2, 3. 4. ROBERT G. ATHEARN B. S. Belton, Mont. Northern Montana College. JAMES W. BAKER B. S. Glencoe. Phi Epsilon Kappa: Football, l: Basket- ball, 2, 3, 4: Baseball, 3. GLENN R. BARNUM B. S. Glencoe Sigma Chi: Phoenix: lron Wedge: Basket- ball, 2, 3, 4. IOHN ALTON BEHRENBRINKER B, S, A Sandstone Superior State College: Phi Sigma Kappa: Phi Delta Kappa: Alpha Sigma Pi: Pnyx: ' Alpha Phi Chi: Class President, 4. SHELDON BEISE V B, S, Mound University uf Wisconsin: Phi Epsilon Kap- pa: Union Board nf Governors: Football, 3, 4. BORGHILD BENSON B. S. Red Wing Delta Zeta: Orchesis: W. A. A. Board: P. E. A.: Y. W. C. A. LORRAINE G. BENSON B, S, Minneapolis Folwell Club. HELEN M. BERG B. S. Cloquet Duluth lunior College: College of St. Scholastica: Y. W. C. A. VIRGINIA M. BEST B. S. I Minneapolis Eta Sigma Upsilon: Kappa Phi. BETTY BOLINGER B. S. Minneapolis ARLOENE BOWLES B. S., Groton, S. D. University of South Dakota: Kappa Alpha Theta: Pi Lambda Theta: Folwell Club. GRACE IRENE BRANDT B. S. Euclid DOROTHY I. BRATTVET B. S. Kenyon Kappa Kappa Lambda. MARY N. BRENNAN B. S. Minneapolis Kappa Alpha Theta: W. S. G. A. Board: Students' Forum Committee, 4: Daily. So- ciety Editor, 2, 3, 4: Ski-U-Mah, Fashion Editor, 4: Iunior Class President, Educa- tion: lunior Commission, 3. VIOLA A. BRIESE B. S. Gibbon University of Nebraska. A . LOIS HELEN BROWN B. S. Minneapolis Eta Sigma Upsilon: Phi Chi Delta: Y. W. C. A.: W. S. G. A. - JEAN BRYAN B, S, I Rea' Wing Chi Omega: Sigma Alpha Iota: Singers. DOROTHY BUCKMAN B. S. Minneapolis University of North Dakota: Pi Beta Phi: Aquatic League: W. S. G. A.: W. A. A.: Y. W. C. A. MARGARET BUGNI B. S. Montreal, Wis. Newman Club: Singers: Band. WINONA CARLSON B. S. Willmar Mortar Board: Eta Sigma Upsilon: W. S. G. A. Board, 2, 3, 4: Senior Advisory Board, Chairman. MARY LOUISE CARNEY B. S. Des Moines, Iowa Drake University: Sigma Alpha Iota: Eta Sigma Upsilon: U Symphony, 2, 3, 4. IDELL B. CHERN B.S. , St. Paul Delta Phi Delta: Menorah: Y. W. C. A.: Mentor, Art Director, 3: U Symphony: Collegium Musicum: W. A. A. MARGARET I. CHRISTENSON B. S. D Renwick, Iowa Alpha Xi Delta: Sigma, Alpha lota. SYLVIA E. CHRISTENSON B. S. Grove City L. S. Association. ELIZABETH CHRISTOFFERSON B. S. St. Paul Gamma Phi Beta: Homecoming, Executive Committee, 3: Pan-Hellenic, 4: President, Tam O'Shanter. J. FRANCES COAKLEY B. S. St. Paul Phi Chi Delta: Masouers. Education oRv1L1.E nz. AFTRETH LQRRAIN13 G. BENSON IEAN BRYAN VIOLET V. ALLEN HELEN M. BERG DOROTHY BUCKMAN KATHRYN ANDERSON VIRGINIA M. BEST MARGARET BUGNI ART ANGELL BETTY BOLINGER WINONA CARLSON ROBERT G. ATHEARN ARLOENE BOWLES MARY LOUISE CARNEY IAMES W. BAKER GRACE IRENE BRANDT IDELL B. CHERN GLENN R. BARNUM , DOROTHY I. BRATTVET MARGARET I. CHRISTENSON IOHN ALTON BEHRENBRINKER MARY N. BRENNAN SYLVIA E. CHRISTENSON SHELDON BEISE VIOLA A. BRIESE ELIZABETH CHRISTOFFERSON BORGHILD BENSON LOIS HELEN BROWN FRANCES COAKLEY BETTY K. COLE B. S. Minneapolis Kappa Delta: Zeta Phi Eta: Eta Sigma Up- silon: French Club: Debate: Masquers. CAROL ELIZABETH COOPER B, S, Fargo, N. D. North Dakota State Teachers' College: Phi Omega Pi: Delta Psi Kappa: Y. W. C. A. .HELEN M. CORY B. S. Earlville, Ill. Sigma Epsilon Sigma: Lambda Alpha Psi: Pi Lambda Theta: Phi Beta Kappa: Y. W. C. A.: Freshman Sophomore Cab- inet. IEAN CRASWELL B. S. Minneapolis Delta Delta Delta: Y. W. C. A.: Debate, 3. WENONAH DAHL B. S. Duluth Duluth junior College: Duluth State Teachers' College: Business Women's Club. MADELEINE M. DOERFLER B. S. I Waverly Phi Beta Kappa: Lambda Alpha Psi: Pi Lambda Theta: French Club. MALCOLM EIKEN B. S. Caledonia Phi Epsilon Kappa: Alpha Sigma Pi: Foot- ball: Basketball: Baseball. ELIZABETH ELIASON B. S. Minneapolis MAXINE MARY ELSENPETER B. S., G. N. Maple Lake Delta Zeta. AUDREY H. ENGELHART B. S. A Mfweaw Rochester lunior College: Kappa Phi: W. A. A.: Y. W. C. A.: Band: Singers: U Symphony. ADELAIDE L. ENGLAND B. S. Minneapolis Orehesis: Aquatic League: W. A. A. Board. ELIZABETH ANNE ERICKSON B. S. Minneapolis Polwell Club: Y. W. C. A.: W. S. G. A. A. LOUISE ERNST B. S. St. Paul Kappa Alpha Theta. KATHRYN M. FERGUSON B. S. West Concord Pi Lambda Theta. IEAN M. FITZGERALD B. S. 4 Willmar 1 Rosary College. THORELLA FIOSLIEN B. S. Elbow Lake Delta Sigma Psi. MONICA DELORES FLYNN B. S. St. Paul Alpha Delta Pi: Newman Club: Bach So- ciety: Singers, 1, 2, 3, 4. RUTH L. FREY B. S. Minneapolis RACHEL FRISVOLD B. S. Rushlora' Alpha Omicron Pl: Delta Phi Delta: Eta Sigma Upsilon: Freshman Week, 3: Y. W. ,C. A. RUTH FRANCES FURLONG B. S. Dululh Duluth State Teachers' College: Orcllesls: W. A. A.: P. E. A. STELLA GALLO B. S. Keewarin Hihbing Iunior College: Rangers. L. MURIEL GAYNOR B. S. Minneapolis Y. W. C. A.: Business Women's Club. E. DANA GIBSON 13. S. ' Minneapolis lowa State College: Phi Tau Theta: Band. IEAN GIVEN B. S. Bemidji Bemidii Teachers' College: Alpha Omleron Pi: Band: Singers. EVELYN S. GOTTSTEIN B. S. ' Hibbing Hibbing lunlor College: W. A. A.: Y. W. C. A.: W. S. G. A: Cosmopolitan Club: International Relations Club. IVA NORINE GRONSETH B. S. Minneapolis Delta Sigma Psi: Lutheran Students' Assn- elatinn. ALYCE M. GROSS B. S. I ' Mound W. S. G. A. Bookstore Manager: Business Women's Club. HELEN I. GROSS B. S. Minneapolis Alpha Xi Delta. WARNER B. HALGREN B. S. Fargo, N. D. University of Montana: International Rela- tions Club. ' VIVIAN HALVORSON B. S. New Richmond, 'Wis. Stout lnstltute: Mortar Board. Education BETTY K. COLE ADELAIDE L. ENGLAND STELLA GALLO CAROL ELIZABETH COOPER ELIZAISETI-I ANNE ERICKSON L. MURIEL GAYNOR HELEN M. CORY A. LOUISE ERNST E. DANA GIBSON IEAN CRASWELL KATHRYN M. FERGUSON IEAN GIVEN WENONAH DAHL IEAN M. FITZGERALD EVELYN S. GOTTSTEIN MADELEINE M. DOERFLER THORELLA FIOSLIEN IVA NORINE GRONSETH MALCOLM EIKEN - MONICA DELORES FLYNN ALYGE M. GROSS ELIZABETH ELIASON RUTH L. FREY HELEN l. GROSS MAXINE MARY ELSENPETER RACHEL FRISVOLD WARNER li. HALGREN AUDREY H. ENGELHART RUTH FRANCES FURLONG VIVIAN I-IALVORSON LAWRENCE HANLEY B,S, V Chisholm Hihbing Junior College: Alpha Sigma Pi: Phi Mu Alpha: Newman Club: Band: U Symphony. EUNICE ELEANOR HANSON 4 B. S. ' Winton Ely lunior College: Kappa Phi. CAROL G. HAYWOOD B. S. Minneapolis Corontn: Cosmopolitan Club: International Relations Club: French Club: W. S. G. A.: Y. W. C. A.: Singers. LINA HERRALA li. S. Chisholm Hibbing Junior College: W. A. A. Board: Aquatic League: Homecoming: Swimming. ' RUTH I-IEYNE R. N. Long Prairie Kansas City lunior College. ' BERTA HILL B. S. St. Paul CLAUDIA AGNES HINDS B. S. Minneapolis French Club: Cosmopolitan, Club: Mas- quers: Singers. 'ELEANOR GRACE HOVEN B. S. Burnsfad, N. D. Valley City State Teachers' College: ' W. A. A.: P. E. A. HENRIETTA C. HULL B. S. 4 Washington,lou1n Washington Junior College: Delta Gamma: Zeta Phi Eta: Debate, 4: U Symphony. KATHLEEN JACKSON B. S. Minneapolis Alpha Delta Pi: Sigma Alpha iota: French Club: Newman Club: Singers: Y. W. C. A. 'HELEN MARIE IENSEN B, S, Alexandria Sigma Alpha Iota: U Symphony. IANET JENSEN ll. S. Biscay Kappa Phi. C. LOUISE IOHNSON B. S. River Falls, 'Wis. River Falls State Teachers' College: Kappa Kappa Lambda: Y. W. C. A.: W. A. A.: Singers. EUGENE KAITALA B. S . . Virginia Virginia Iunlor College: Duluth State Teachers' College. IASTIN A. KARON B. S. Mora 'l'au Delta Phi: Phi Sigma Phi: Band, l, 2, 3. Manager, 4: U Symphony. :amd KAUT1 B. S. Wawina Hibbing junior College: Rangers' Club. NATALIE L. KIELLAND B. S. Hatton, N. D. Mayville State Teachers' College: Kappa Delta: Y. W. C. A.: Singers. LORRAINE KLEINMAN B. S. St. Paul Alpha Omicron Pi: Eta Sigma Upsilon: Y. W. C. A.: Singers, I, 2, 3. MARY C. KOLSTAD B. S. Minneapolis Minot State Teachers' College: W. S. G. A.: Y. W. C. A. CHARLES H. KRENZ B. S, Minneapolis French Club: International Relations Club. IEANNETTE KUEHN B. S. Huron, S. D. Alpha Chi Omega: Huron College: Inter- professional Council: Daily. DAGMAR KUUSISTO B. S. Hibbing Hibbing Junior College: International Rela- tions Club: Le Cercle Francais: Singers. ELAINE LARSEN B. S. St. Paul St. Olaf College. ELEANOR B. LATHROP B. S. St. Paul Carleton College: Kappa Delta: French Club: Y. W. C. A.: W. S. G. A.: Senior Council: Masquers: Zeta Phi Eta. ELIZABETH LEE B. S. Madison Carleton College: Pi Beta Phi. NORMA LEE A B. S. Ossian, Iowa Decorah College. PEARL A. LEWER B. S. New Richland Waldorf Iunior College: Mentor. WILLIAM SCOTT LOYE B. S. Hibbing Hibbing junior College: Alpha Sigma Pi: Concert Band, 3, 4: U Symphony, 4. s HELEN IDELL LUEDTKE B. S. Minneapolis Newman Club. ELAINE G. LUND B, S, Mohall, N. D. St. Olaf College: Kappa Delta: P. E. A., President: Orchesis: Y. W. CZ A.: Mas- quers: Singers: W. A. A. Board. I Education LAWRENCE HANLEY HELEN MARIE IENSEN IEANNETTE KUEHN EUNICE ELEANOR HANSON 1AN12T JENSEN DAGMAR KUUSISTG CAROL G. HAYWOOD LINA I-IERRALA RUTH I-IEYNE BERTA HILL C. LOUISE IOHNSON ELAINE LARSEN EUGENE KAITALA ELEANOR B. LATHROP IASTIN A. KARON ELIZABETH LEE EINO KAUTI NORMA LEE CLAUDIA AGNES I-IINDS ' NATALIE L. KIELLAND PEARL A. LEWER ELEANOR GRACE HOVEN H ENRI ETT A C. LORRAINE KLEINMAN WILLIAM SCOTT LOYE HULL MARY C. KOLSTAD HELEN IDELL LUEDTKE KATHLEEN IACKSON CHARLES H. KRENZ ELAINE G. LUND 1 MARIORIE LUNDELL B. S. Kiran, Iowa Christian College: Sigma Alpha Iota: Singers, 3. IOSEPHINE MACDONALD B. S. Stillwater Kappa Delta: Newman Club: Y. W. C. A. ELVA MACKINNON B. S. Minneapolis Y. W. C. A.: U Symphony, l, 2, 3. MARGARET M. MARKS B-S. Chisholm Hibbing Iunior College: Singers. MARIAN MCBRIEN B. S. Minneapolis Kappa Delta: Newman Club: Y. W. C. A.: Masquers. . DORIS MENGE B. S. 'Minneapolis Delta Phi Delta. DOROTHY K. MERRITT B. S. Minneapolis Carleton College: Lambda Alpha Psi: Pi Lambda Theta: Eta Sigma Upsilon- GRETCHEN M. MILLER B. S. Waupun, 'Wis. Vanderbilt University. RALPH O. MITBY f B. S. , Minneapolis Sigma Alpha Pi: Norwegian Literary So- ciety: Basketball, 2. . KATHLEEN MOVOLD B. S, St. Cloud St. Cloud State Teachers' Colle8C: Kappa Delta Pi. .fin I BLANCHE MUNTER B. S. Q Hibbing l-iibbing Iunior College: Band: Singers. NoRA E. MUUs H B. S., G. N. Minot, N. D. St. Olaf College. UNA MARIE NAESETH B. S. Minneapolis HARRIET B. NELSON B. S. St. Paul Y.' W. C. A.: Kappa Kappa Lambda. MARGARET NELSON B. S. Fergus Falls Gamma Phi Beta: Eta Sigma Upsilon: ln- ternational Relations Club: Y. W. C. A., Cabinet, 4: Senior Advisory Board: Stu- dents' Forum Committee. HARRIS WILLIAM OLSON B. S. Minneapolis Phi Epsilon Kappa: Alpha Gamma Rho: Mortar and Ball: Scabbard and Blade: M Club: Managers' Club: Y. M. C. A.: Football: Baseball: Wrestling. LOIS L. OLSON B. S. Barnesuille Hamline University. CHARLES CLARY ONION B. S. Las Vegas, N. M. New Mexico Normal University: Tau Kap- pa Epsilon: Alpha Psi Omega: Sigma Tau Delta: Collegium 2Mt5sie1um: U Symphony, Y I ' . RIGMOR OSTERGAARD B. S. Tyler St. Olaf College: Mankato State Teachers' College. MARIORIE PAULSEN B.S. I Sioux Falls, S. D. Delta Zeta: Lambda Alpha Psi: Sigma Ep- silon Sigma: Le Cexzcleklfrancais: Freshman ee . ' ELIZABETH A. PAULUCCI B. S. Hibbing Hibbing Iunior College: Pi Lambda Theta: Beta Pi Theta: French Club. ROBERT T. PEARCE B. S. Mason City, Iowa Mason City Iunior College: Sigma Alpha Epsilon: Band. BETTY LOU PECK B. S. Minneapolis Indiana University: Pi Beta Phi. ' ELSIE S. PETERSON B. S. ' Minneapolis MARION E. PETERSON B, S. Minneapolis Y. W. C. A. LILLIAN K. PITULA B. S. Garrison, N. D. V German Club. HELEN REID B. S. Minneapolis French Club: Y. W. C. A., Freshman Cabinet. BETTY Rlsmc B. S. St. Paul ' Delta Zeta: Masquers: Singers. IOHN G. RUKAVINA B. S. Hibbing Hibbing Iunior College: Delta Chl: Alpha Sigma Pi: German Club: International Re- lations Club: Cosmopolitan Club: Pnyx: All-University Council: Newman Club. BERNICE E. RUSSELL B. S. Detroit, Mich. Wayne University. Education MARIORIE LUNDELL BLANCHIC MUNTER ELIZABETI-I A. PAULUCCI IOSEPI-IINE MACDONALD NORA E. MUUS ROBERT T. PEARCE ELVA MACKINNON MARGARET M. UNA MARIE NAESETH BETTY LOU PECK MARKS HARRIET B. NELSON ELSIE S. PETERSON MARIAN MCBRIEN DORIS MENGE MARGARET NELSON MARION E. PETERSON HARRIS WILLIAM OLSON LILLIAN K. PITULA DOROTHY K. MERRITT LOIS L. OLSON HELEN REID GRETCHEN M. MILLER CHARLES CLARY ONION BETTY RISING RALPH O. MITBY RIGMOR OSTERGAARD IOHN G. RUKAVINA KATHLEEN MOVOLD MARIORIE PAULSEN BERNICE E. RUSSELL HELEN M. RUUHELA B. S. Bovey Itasca lunior College: Business Women's Club: Rangers' Club. ONA MAURITA SCHEIDLER B. S. Cloquel Duluth lunior College: College of St. Seholastica: Linnean Club. DOROTHY M. SCI-IONLAU B. S. La Crosse, Wis. La Crosse State Teachers' College: Kappa Kappa Lambda. VERA SCHWENK B. S. Hebron, N. D. German Club. LOWELL E. SEXTER B. S. Faribault Homecoming. Executive Committee: Masquers. ' MARGARET-ANN SHEEI-IAN B. S. . Iron Mountain, Miclz. Rnxary College: Y. W. C. A. ROBERTA SHINE li. S. Minneapolis French Club: German Club: Y. W. C. A. HELEN SHOGREN B. S. Minneapolis Eta Sigma Upsilon: Kappa Kappa Lambda. MARVIN H. SKAURUD B. S. Virginia Virginia lunior College: Swimming: Tennis. ELSIE ELIZABETH SOUKUP B. S. St. Paul Alpha Tau Delta. MARGARET NIVEN SPACE B. S. Minneapolis Alpha Xi Delta: Y. W. C. A.: W. A. A.: A W. S. G. A.: Singers. 4 - BETTY V. SPENCER B. S. Minneapolis Lambda Alpha Pri: Y. W. C. A.: Masquers. ELEANOR C. STERGELM B. S. Monticello Moorhead Teachers' College: Kappa Phi. ELWELL E. SWANSON B. S. Minneapolis Debate. HELEN D. SWENSON B. S. Lanesboro Winona State Teachers' College: Kappa Phi: Business Women'a Club. MARCIA THORPE B. S. . St. Paul Alpha Gamma Delta. M. IOSEPHINE ZAMOW B. S, Henry, S. D. , LUCILLE E. UTECHT' B, S, ,Stillwater Delta Zeta: French Club: Newman Club: Pan-Hellenic Council: W. S. G. A.: Y. W. C. A.: Freshman Week. ESTHER F. VAN SICKLE B. S. Garden Cizy Mankato Teachers' College: Eta Sigma Up- silon: Y. W. C. A.: Mentor, 3. ' 1. EVELYN WAYNE B. S. Huron, S. D. Huron College. MARY WENDLANDT B. S. New London, Wis.. Alpha Chi Omega. CHARLES H. WILLIAMS B. S. Buialo, N. Y. Sigma Chi. STANLEY E. WILLSON B. S. Mason City, Iowa Mason City lunior College: Phi Mu Alpha: Phi Sigma Phi: Band, ,2, 3, 4: U Sym- phony, 2, 3, 4. IANE WILSON B. S. St. Paul Delta Gamma: W. S. G. A.: Y. W. C. A., Cabinet: German Club. FRANCES ROBB ,WISE B. S. Hayward, Wir. MONA L. THORSON B. S. Minneapolis German Club. DORITHY IOAN ZEIMES . B. S. Minneapolis Zeta Phi Eta: Cosmopolitan Club: Inter- national Relations Club: Das Deutsche Verein: Newman Club: Daily, I: Masquers, 2. 3, 4: W. A. A. Education HELEN M. RUUI-IELA ELSI E ELIZABETI-I SC DUKUP ONA MAURITA SCHEIDLER ESTHER F. VAN SICKLE MARGARET NI VEN SPACE DOROTI-IY M. SCHONLAU I. EVELYN WAYNE BETTY V. SPENCER VERA SCI-IWENK MARY WENDLANDT ELEANOR C. STERGELM LOWELL E. SEXTER CHARLES H. WILLIAMS ' EI.W15I.L 12. SWANSON MARGARET-ANN SHEEI-IAN STANLEY E. WILLSON HELEN D. SWENSON ROBERTA SHINE IANE WILSON MARCIA TIIORPE HELEN SI-IOGREN FRANCES ROBI3 WISE M. IOSEPHINE ZAMOW MARVIN H. SKAURUD MONA L. TI-IORSON LUCILLE E. UTECHT DORITI-IY IOAN ZEIMES w Engineering and Architecture 4 7 5 . vs f Upper left--Inspecting a model plane in tlie aeronauties division. Upper right-Students at work on an airplane engine. Center-Temling engines, practical instruction. Lower lelt-lileetrieal students charging lmatteries. Lower right--A corner ol' the pattern making shop. lnset-K Fra M. Leland, dean of lingineering. 79 CHARLES E. ABBE B. M.E. A Mora A. S. M. E.: Technical Glee Club. NVALLACE ANDEEN B. M. E. Minneapolis A. S. M. E.: Pi Tau Sigma: Tau Beta Pi. WILBERT ARKSEY B, C. E. Duluth Duluth Junior College: Chi Epsilon: A. S. C. E. CARI. I. AUFDERI-IEIDE B. M. E. New Ulm Triangle: A. S. M. E. GILBERT B. BAUER B. Arch. E. Sl. Cloud Mortar and Ball: Newman Chah. M. WILLIAM BECKER B. M. E. Minneapolis ' A. s. M. iz. STANLEY M. BISEK B. E. E. New Prague -' A. 1. E. E. WARNER BLAKE B. C. E. Mound N o r t h e r n State Teachers' College: Chi Epsilon. FRED G. BOHMBACH B. C. E. Minneapolis Theta Tau. MILO BOLSTAD B. M. E. Minneapolis Tau Beta Pi, 3, 4: Pi Tau Sigma: Plumb Bob: A. S. M. E.: Techno-Log, 3. WILLIAM A. BRASTAD B. E. E. Minneapolis Eta Kappa Nu: Tau Beta Pl: A. I. E.. E., Chairman: Engineers' Bookstore Board: Technical Commission. GARFIELD BROWN B. M.'E. sf. Paul A. S. M. E. NATHAN NORMAN BUDISH B. Aero. E. Si. Paul Sigma Alpha Sigma: 1. A. S. FORD G. CARLSON B. C. E. Wayzata A. S. C. E. RUSSELL M. CARLSON B. Aero E. Minneapolis Tau Beta Pi: l. A. S. VERNON R. CLAUSON B. M. E. Ashby Park Region College. TOM E. COOPER B. M. E. Minneapolis A. S. M. E.: Wrestling, 2, 3, 4. RUSSEL M. CORNELL B. C. E. Minneapolis Delta Chi. CHARLES EUGENE CUTTS B. C. E. St. Paul Tau Beta Pi: Chi Epsilon: Plumb Bob: Iron Wedge: Mortar and Ball: A. S. C. E.: Senior Prom: Engineers' Day: Pnyx Exec- utive Committee: Military Ball: Iunior Clans President, Engineering and Architec- ture: Union Board of Governors, 4. ROY SWANSON' DYNESIUS B. E. Two Harbors Theta Tau: Scabbard and Blade: Pi Tau Pi Sigma: A. I. E. E.: Cadet Club: Mil- itary Ball: Hockey, l, 2. GORDON A. ERICKSON B. Arch. Grand Forks, N. D. University of North Dakota: Tau Sigma Delta: Architectural Society: Engineers' Book Store Board. MAURI E. ERKKILA B. C. E. X Chisholm Hihblng Iunior College: A. S. C. E. MAX M. FINKE B. S. Berthold, N. D. Phalanx: A. S. A. E., Vice-President. CHARLES FRANCIS B. M. E. St. Paul Triangle: A. S. M. E. LEWIS D. FREEDLAND B. M. E. Minneapolis Sigma Alpha Sigma: A. S. M. E. LLOYD GIEBENHAIN ' B. C. E. Robbinsdale Engineers' Day, 3: Senior Clans President: Daily: Techno-Log. IOHN P. GOETTL B. C. E. St. Paul A. S. C. E. CHARLES I. GOTTFRIED B. M. E. St. Paul Rifle Club: Rille Team. IOHN L. HANSON B. M . E. Minneapolis Phl Delta Theta: lnterfraternity Council: Plumb Bob: Engineers' Day: Iunior Ball: Freshman Week. NEIL B. HERMAN - I B. Arch. E. Minneapolis Washington University: Kappa Sigma: Al- pha Phi Chi: A. S. H. V. E.: Techno-Log. Engineering Cl--IAR LES E. ABBE WI LLIAM A. BRASTAD WALLACE ANDEEN OORDI JN A. ERICKSON OARFIELD BROWN WILBERT ARKSEY MAURI Ii. IiRIiKIl.A NATI-IAN NORMAN BUDISH CARL I. AUEDER HEIDE MAX M. FINKE FORD G. CARLSON GILBERT B. BAUER CHARLES I. FRANCIS RUSSELL M. CARLSON M. WILLIAM BECK ER LEWIS D. FREEDLAND V ERNON R. CLAUSON STANLEY M. BISEK LLOYD OIEBENHAIN TOM COOPER WARNER BLAKE IOHN P. GOETTL RUSSEI. M. CORNELL FRED G. BOI-IMBACI-I CHARLES I. OOTTFRIED CHARLES EUGENE CUTTS MILO BOLSTAD IOHN L. I--IANSON ROY SWANSON DYNESIUS NEIL B. I-IERMAN ROBERT HILL B. C. E. Winton Ely junior College: A. S. C. E.: Basket- ball, I: Track, l, 2. C. CRUSE HONEY B. M. E. Minneapolis Sigma Alpha Epsilon: Phoenix: Grey Friar: Tau Beta Pi: A. S. M. E.: lnterfraternity Athletic Council: Band, 1, 2, 3, 4. FRANK L. HOPKINS B. M. E. Duluth Duluth jnnior College: A. S. M. E. IACK INTLEKOFER B. Aera. E. Portland, Ore. Tau Beta Pi: Mortar and Ball: Plumb Bob: l. A. S.: M. S. A. E., Secretary: Engineers' Day: Freshman Week: Junior Ball: All- University Council. ARTHUR F. IENKINS B. E. E. Hibbing Hihbing junior College. , AXEL IOI-INSON B. M. E. Watertown Gustavus Adolphus: A. S. M. E., 4. , EARL M. IOHNSON B. C. E. St. Paul A. S. C. E. MARTIN IORDAHL B. Ag. E. Manchester A. S. Ag. E.: Gamma Delta. FRANK A. KEMPE, jR. B. C. E. St. Paul Chi Epsilon: A. S. C. E.: Military Ball, 4. EVERT W. KERANEN B, E, E, Hibbing Hibbing junior College. RUDOLPH KOIOLA B. E. E. Hibbing l-lihbing junior College: Theta Tau: Eta Kappa Nu: A. I. E. E. MILLARD H. LA jOY B. M. E. Duluth Duluth junior College: A. S. M. E.: Tau Beta Pi: Pi Tau Sigma. ROY WILLIAM LESSARD B. Aero. E. Buhl Virginia junior College: Theta Tau: Tau Beta Pi: I. A. S. 1oHN sco'r'r Lora za. E. E. Hibaing I-Iibbing junior College: Eta Kappa Nu: Tau Beta Pi: Concert Band, 3, 4. DONALD A. MARTIN B. Aero. E. Winnipeg, Can. University of Manitoba: Delta Upsilon: Flying Club: National Intercollegiate Fly- ing Club: I. A. S. MERLE H. MAY B. E. E. Albert Lea A. l. E. E. THEODORE MCMANUS B. C . E. Duluth Duluth Junior College: Phi Tau 'Iheta. FRANK LAIRD MERRELL B. M. E., B. B. A. Brookpark A. S. M. E. IOI-IN GORDON MITCHELL B, M, E, Garden City STANLEY A. MOE B. Arch. E. Ross. N. D. University of North Dakota: Scarab: A. S. Arch. E.: Fencing, 4. :AMES W. Moonn B. Aero. E. Minneapolis I. A. S.: Chairman, Techno-Log Board. RUSSELL L. NIELSEN B. E. E. St. Paul Tau Beta Pi: Eta Kappa Nu: A. l. IZ. E. VICTOR E. NORTON B. E. E. Maple Plain A. 1. E. E. DOUGLAS LEONARD NOYES B. C. E. ' Virginia Virginia junior College: Triangle: A. S. C. E., Treasurer, 4. THOMAS IOI-IN O'LOUCI-ILIN B. C. E. . St. Paul A. S. C. E., Vlce-President: Technical Glee Club: Newman Club. EARL OLSON B. M. E. St. Paul Triangle: A. S. M. E. 'MALVEN LEONARD oLsoN B. M. E. V St. Paul Theta Tau: Alpha Tau Sigma: A. S. M. E., Secretary, 4, Vice-President, 5: Techno-Log, Circulation Manager, 3, Assistant Business Manager, 4: Pi Tau Sigma. ALBERT G. OSWALD B. E. E. Minneapolis Eta Kappa Nu: Tau Beta Pi. ALAN j. PI-IELPS B. C. E. South St. Paul St. Thomas College: A. S. C. E. RICHARD C. POUCHER B. M. E. St. Paul Homecoming, Executive Committee. Engineering ROBERT H I LL RUDOLPI-I KOIOLA C. CRUSE HONEY IAMES W. MOORE MILLARD H. LA IOY FRANK L. HOPKINS RUSSELL L. NIELSEN ROY WILLIAM LESSARD IACK INTLEKOFER VICTOR E. NORTON IOHN SCOTT LUYE ARTHUR F. IENKINS DOUGLAS LEONARD NOYES DONALD A. MARTIN AXEL IOHNSON THOMAS IOI-IN O'LOUGHLIN MERLE I-I. MAY EARL M. IOHNSON EARL OLSON THEODORE McMANUS MARTIN IORDAHL MALVEN LEONARD OLSON FRANK LAIRD MERRELL FRANK A. KEMPE, IR. ALBERT G. OSWALD IOHN GORDON MITCHELL EVERT W. KERANEN ALAN I. PI-IELPS STANLEY A. MOE RICHARD C. POUCHER CLAIR REDMOND B. C. E. I l Lanesbaro Rochester junior College: Alpha Rho Chi: A. S. C. E. WILLIAM H. REMELE B. B. A., B. M. E. Croolqston University of North Dakota: Them Chi: Band, 1, 2, 3. GEORGE I. REYNOLDS B. E. Hibbing I-libbing Junior College: Kappa Eta Kappa: A. I. E. E.: Ski-U-Mah. 3. WILLIAM LAIDMAN ROBINSON B. E. E. Garrison, N. D. Kappa Eta Kappa: Pi Phi Chi: A. I. E. E.: lntcrprofessional Ball, 3: Engineers' Day, 3: Golf. ALBERT C. RONQUIST B. M. E. ' St. Patil A. s. M. E. WILLIAM D. SCI-IOELL B. Q. E. sr. Paul Theta Tau: Chl Epsilon: Plumb Bob: A. S. C. E.: Engineers' Day, 3: Techno-Log. Board: Band, I, 2. EDMUND C. SCHORR B. E. E. St. Paul Pi Tau Pi Sigma: A. I. E. E. CHARLES L. STEINMETZ B. E. E. Minneapolis Kappa Eta Kappa: Seabbartl and Blade: Pi 'Inu Pi Sigma: A. 1. E. E., Secretary- Treasurer: Engineers' Day. 3. HERMAN SCHWARTZ B. E. E. Duluth Duluth Junior College: Triangle: A. 1. E. E. BURTON D. SCOTT B. M. E. Chamberlain, S. D. Scabhard and Blade: A. S. M. E.: Swim- ming, I. HOWARD IACK SEEL B. M. E. St. Paul A. s. M. E. GLENN E. SEIDEL -- B. M. E. Minneapolis Phi Delta Theta: Pi Tau Sigma: Plumb Bob: Tau Beta Pi: Phoenix: Football, 1, 2, 3. Captain, 4: Hockey, 3, 4. IOHN V. SIGFORD B. E. E. Minneapolis A. I. E. E. HAROLD D. SIOSTROM 1 B. M. E. Winthrop A. s. M. E. WILLIAM PAYNE SMITH B. E. E. l Superior, Wis. Superior State Teachers' College: Delta Tau Delta: Eta Kappa Nu: A. I. E. E.: Techno-Log Boarzl. VIRGIL A. SMOOTS, IR. B. E. E. St. Paul St. Thomas College: A. I. E. li.: Newman ' ' Club. LESTER L. SOLSTAD B. M. E. St.Paul Triangle: Minnesota Commons Club: A. S. M. E. , I DON SCHULENBERG B. E . E. St. Peter A. I. E. E. CHARLES W. STEVENS B. E, E, u Minneapolis DALE GREGORY STEVENSON B. M. E. Duluth Duluth Senior College: Pi Tau Sigma: Tau Beta Pi: A. S. M. E. HOMER I. STEWART B. Aero. E. Minneapolis University of Dubuque: Tau Beta Pi: Fly- ing Club. AUKE STIENSTRA B. S. Minneapolis A. S. M. E.: Gymnasium Team. GORDON H. STROM B. Aero. E. St. Paul Tau Beta Pi: I. A. S.: Engineers' Book- store Board, Chairman. ' . WILLIAM STURM B. M. E. . Duluth Theta Chi: A. s. M. E.: A. s. H. v. E. DONALD A. SUTHERLAND B. E. E. Minneapolis Kappa Eta Kappa: A. I. E. E. DONALD F. SWANSON B. M . E. Minneapolis A. s. M. E. PAUL TEMA B. E. E. Minneapolis Kappa Eta Kappa: Pi Tau Pl Sigma: A. I. E. E. DOROTHY TOWNE n B. I. A. I St. Paul Alpha Alpha Gamma: Y. W. C. A.: W. S. G. A.: Architectural Society: Singers. PAUL G. VELZ B. C. E. Shakopee A. S. C. E. NATHAN F. WEBER B. E. E. St. Paul Eta Kappa Nu: A. I. E. E. IOHN B. WOLFE B. C. E. St. Paul A. S. C. E. Engineering CLAIR REDMOND I--IOWARD IAGK SIiIiL IIOMIQR I. STI".WAR'I WILLIAM I-I. RliMIiLE GLIiNN Ii. SIiIDI:1L AUIQIC STIIiNSTRA GEORGE I. REYNOLDS IOHN V. SIGFORD GORDON II. STROM WILLIAM LAIDMAN ROBINSON HAROLD D. SIOSTROM WILLIAM STURM ALBERT C. RONQUIST WILLIAM PAYNIE SMITH DONALD A. SUTIIIERLAND WILLIAM D. SCI-IOELL VIRGIL A. SMOOTS, IR. DONALD If. SWANSON IiDMUND C. SCI-IORR LESTER L. SOLSTAD PAUL TEMA CI-IARLIES L. STIZINMETZ DON SCI-IULISNISERG DOROTI-IY TOWNIC I-IERMAN SCHWARTZ CI-IARLES NV. STEVENS PAUL G. VIQLZ BURTON D. SCOTT DALIC GREGORY STEVENSON NATHAN F. WEBER IOI-IN B. WOLFE Q The General College First Row MARGARET BISBEE Second ROW I-Icrmma Beach, C al . umm MARGARET CONLIN Th. d f1.A. Minncafzolis lr ROW Ncwmzin Clulig Chalmers: NV, S. G. A.: ANNIXMARY Literary Review, l. . ' A. A. Mmncapolzs HOWARD EBERT NlCl'lOl.AS BRUER 11' fj. B5-mffljj A1fllIlc'NfIOIf5' llcmiilji Slnlc 'I'c:icIir:rs' Collcgcg Phi Sigf . , H nm Kappa: Newman Clubg Concert Bnml. boullxull: Wrcallingg Gym lcam. KATHRYN M. GRIFFITI-I WILLIAM C- ROBERTSON fl. 11. Minneapolis A' A' Mwfffuffofff Phi Delta Theta: Scabbnrd :ind Iilndcg Del- ux Hum Dclm: lfouzbnll, 1. A ,J-1, H-D. A A i DEAN MALCOLM S. MCLEAN ASST. DEAN FREDERICK I-IOVDE College of Law i .i mlm "Wm- .f . " n Upper left-A practice trial in progress. Upper riglit-Relaxing on the liront steps lmetween classes. Center-Students studying in the law library. Lower left-"I solemnly swear." Administering the oath. Lower right-The law review stall briefing eases. Inset-Everett Fraser, dean of the Law School. 87 X Q First Row LOUISE S. BROVVN I.L. Ii. 51. PAIN, Delta Gamma Cl-lARl.ES VV. CURRIER I.L. li. Dllflllh Duluth Iuninr Collegeg Delta Theta Phi: Senior Commiisitm, Sccrcuuryg Clam Pres- itlent, 4. 1o11N Mlllillxlfl. DONOVAN LL. H. Hil7l?il1g' llihbing Junior Cullegcg Delta Tau lleltag lmn Wetlgeg lnturfraternity Council. ELMER VVll.l.lAM FOSTER, IR. l.L. B. Milzlmlfrolix Phi Alpha Delta: Heuch and Burg Union lloartl of Governnrx, 4g llclmtcg Delta Sig- ma Rhug liaskethallg Ilaschzlllg Trackg Golf. Second Row ROBERT E. GOULIJ Ll.. B. Alizlllmpolis Drake Univenityg Tau Kappa Epailon: Phi Alpha Deltug Grey Friarg Law Council, I, 2. NUBAR HAGOPIAN l.l.. H. .lliumwpolix EILEEN HANSEN I.l.. B. Mimwapolis Alpha Chi Omegag Zeta Phi lima: Wamcn's Intcrprofussional limmlg W. A. A., Board, 1, 2. NVll.l.lAM HENRY HOWARD I.I.. B. Sl. Paul llench and liar. ROBERT ll. LUICK LI.. B. Sr. P11111 Item 'l'hv:tn Pi: Phu Delta Phl. Law Third Row ADDISON M. PARKER IJ.. B. Ely Theta Delta Chi. SOLLY ROBINS I.l.. B. St. Paul Sigma Alpha Sigmag Lambda Epsilon Xig Law Review. MYER R. SHARK Ll.. 13. Dcvilx Lake, N. D. University of North Dakota: Sigma Alpha Mug Mcnorahg Hockey, 2. WELLS I. WRIGHT LI.. B. Applczon Delta Upsilong Iron Wedge: Phoenix: "M" Clubg Scnaur: Committee nn Intercollegiate Athletics: Student Loan Fund Committee: Intcrfratcrnity Councilg Basketball, 1, 2, 3. School of Medicine I N , U r,f'f E2 . N i Uppcr lcft-AA glimpc of the lmclcriology lzllw. Upper right-An cxpcrimn-mul projcct in physiology. Ccnlcr lL'f-l1IlllL'l'l1CS conducting Ll physical cxum. Ccnlcr right---Mcclics have lhcir own inlcrcsling muscum. Lower lcI'l--Talking the pulsc ol' ll pulicnl in thc U hospital. l.owcr right-'Using microscope-s in rlw stluclv ol. l51lL'lL'l'i2l. lnscts--lcIAl, lflins P. Lyon, clcam of Mcclicincq right, llnrohl S. Ilia-lml, dcaln of Medical Sriclm-. SU KARL ANDRESEN M. B. Duluth Dartmouth College: Phi Delta Theta: Nu Sigma Nu. MARY BEHRENS B. S. Minneapolis Alpha Delta 'I'au: Trailers: Y. W. C. A. HALWARD M. BLEGEN M. B. ' Warren Delta Chi: Phi Rho Sigma. IOHN BORAAS . M . B. Ada Phi Rho Sigma: Union Board of Governors. BURT CANFIELD M. D. Minneapolis Phi Rho Sigma: Silver Spur: Grey Friar: lncus: Board of Publications: junior Ball, Chairman. MARION CODY B. S. 1 St. Paul Alpha Delta 'I'au. RUTH LORRAINE EVARTS B. S. X Minneapolis I Delta Gamma: Alpha Delta Tau. MARGARETTE FAWCETT B. S. Roehesler Rochester Junior College: Alpha Delta Tau: Orhs. F. LAMAR FOSTER M. B. Hieo, La. ' Louisiana Tech. MABLE GORDON B. S. Owatonna Carleton College: Alpha Xi Delta. LESLIE R. GRAMS M. B. Minot, N. D. Luther College: Minot State Teachers' College. ELOISE GREENWOOD' B. S. Minneapolis Alpha Delta Tau. HUGH W. HAWN M. B. Minneapolis V Phi Beta Pi. ALBERT FRANKLIN HAYES M. B. St. Paul Phi Rho Sigma. HELEN HEINO B. S. Cloquet LUCILLE I. HOILUND B. S. Q Duluth Duluth Iunior College: Alpha Delta Tau. IAMES LYMAN IAECK M. B. Minneapolis Phi Rho Sigma: University Eagles: Band, I, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6. MAVIS PRITCHARD IOHNS B. S. Minneapolis GEORGE CHARLES KIMMEL, IR. M. B. Elk Point, S. D. Theta Xi: Phi Rho Sigma: Alpha Omega Alpha: Gopher Business News, 1, 2. l RHEA E. POST B. S. ' Bulilllfl. N. Y. Alpha Chi Omega. IOHN T. LITCHFIELD, IR. M. B. Minneapolis Phi Rho Sigma. STANLEY W. LUNDBLAD M. B. Minneapolis Nu Sigma DUNCAN s. MACKENZIE, 111. M. B. Havre, Mont. Northern Montana College: Phi Chi. DQNOVAN MCCAIN M. D. K A Minneapolis North Dakota State College: Sigma Chi: Nu Sigma Nu. ELIZABETH ANNE MCLEAN B. S. St. Paul Alpha Delta Tau. GERALDEN SPARKS MILLER B. s. Red Wing LOUISE MILLER B. S. .La Crosse, Wis. La Crosse State Teachers' College: Gamma Phi Beta: Alpha Delta Tau. EVELYN NORQUIST B. S. Red Wing St. Olaf College: Alpha Delta Pi: Phi Chi Delta. GERTRUDE L. PETERSON B. S. Minneapolis ALT ON LINDBLOM ' M. B. Minneapolis -Phi Delta Thetai Medicine KARL ANDRESEN MARY BEHRENS LESLIE R. GRAMS IOHN T. LITCHFIELD, IR. ELOISE GREENWOOD STANLEY W. LUNDBLAD 1-IALWARD M. BLEGEN IOHN BORAAS HUG1-1 W. HAWN DUNCAN s. MACKENZI13, 111. ALBERT FRANKLIN HAYES HURT CANF I ELD MARION CODY DONOVAN MCCAIN HELEN HEINO ELIZABETH ANNE MCLEAN LUCI LLE I. HOILUND RUTH LC DRRAINE GERALDEN SPARKS MILLER EVARTS IAM ES LYMAN IAECK LOUISE MILLER MARGARETTE FAWCETT MAVIS PRITCHARD IOHNS F. LAMAR FOSTER EVELYN NORQUIST GEORGE CHARLES KIMMEL, IR. MABLE GORDON GERTRUDE L. PETERSON RI-IEA E. POST ALTON LINDBLOM First Row SIDNEY C. I'RA'l"I' M. B. Il',fIlll!'l!f701Ii.f Lamhcla Chi Alphag Iron Wedge: lncusg Inlcrfralernily Council. MARY A. SCHMIDT B. S. Buffalo Alpha Epsilon Iolag Sigma Epsilon Sigma. Ii. ROBERT SCI-IWARTZ M. B. Ilf1ilIlIl'Ilf70II.f Phi Delta Epsilong Incus. IESS SHAPIRO NI. B. Sl. P11111 Sigma Alpha Mu. Second Row FREDIZRICK AllllO'l"1' SMITII M. B. R0l'hf.ffFl' Rochester Junior Collcgcg I'hi Rho Sigma. DIZLPI-I T. STROMGREN M. B. Illizzrzcnpolif CAROLINE STUTZMAN 13, S, N1'u1por't NERE 1. sUNn1z'r M. B. Gary Concordia Collcgc. Medicine Third Row ROBERT TliNNIfR M. B. Ivlinfmzpolis Sigma Chig Nu Sigma Nug lncus Meilical Soeiely: Iron Wedge: All-University Coun- eilq lfnolhall, 1, 2, 35 Conference Award for Scholarship and Athletics, '35. IJILSMOND MILTON 'l'I'IYSI2I.I. M. B. Hawley Cnneoralin College. IOHN 'IIWEIQIJY M. B. Wimnm Pai Upsilnng Nu Sigma Nu. WILLIAM L. WALLACE M. B. Minlmzpolix I'l1i Rho Sigma: Alpha Omega Alpha. Fourth Row THOMAS GIIIIIS WILLLMAN M. B. Lake Cily 'I'hela llclla Chig Nu Sigma Nu. ROBERT WOODRUFF M. B. Illimlmrpolis Sigma Chig Nu Sigma Nu: Cla:-s Pres- ident, 4. GISRTRUDE MAIKY WOOLIDRIK B. S. Sleepy Eye' Alpha Omieron Pig Alpha Della 'I'au. LEAI-I ZEIISMAN B. S. Illinucapolis School of Mines - V-T Hvififri 11 P F.l.eiIz.iunNewXbfk Upper left-A model mine constructed by seniors. Upper riglit-Manning :ln ore crushing machine. Center-Students viewing the display of mining equipment in the mines school. Lower left--IDemonstrating the principles oi' siuiee mining. Lower right---A complex meelizlnism, photo xmzliysis ol' miner Inset--VVillinm R. Appleby, dean of Mines. 93 ails. Mines First Row 1. MILLER BROWN E. M. S1'lui.r,lll. Grinncll Collegcg Tau Kappa Iipsilong Grey Friarg School of Mines Socictyg jun- ior Ball, 35 Ilomccomingg Freshman Ad- visory Boarrlg lntcrfratcrnity Council, 3. WILLIAM DONNER M. il4i7N1L'tlf701i.f School of Minus Socictyg Senior Advisory Committee. NICHOLAS KNICKERBOCKER E. M. Crosby Chi Psi. Second Row RICHARD R. KRUMM E. M. Blue Earih St. Mary's College: Tau Kappa Iipsilon: Sigma Gamma Epsilon: Tau Ilcta Pi: School of Mines Society. ' EDWARD P. LEACI-I E. M. Hibbing Ilibhing junior Collcgeg Chi Psig School of Mines Societyg Newman Clubg Union Board of Governors. JOHN N. LYNN E. M. Minnrapoli: American Society for Metals. Third Row CHARLES M. SAMPSON E . M. Oak Terrace 'l'hcta Xi: Phoenix, 3: Mines Society: Snph- omore Commission, Vice-President. IOI-IN C. TENOLD E, M, Mil111EHP011'! Triangle: School of Mines Society, Presi- dent: Technical Commission. MICHAEL P. TIERNEY E. M. Sl. Paul Sl. Thomas Collegcg Sigma Rho: Senior Prom: Class President, 4: Football, lg Boxing Championship, 2. ,J jnvvi' UW!! -if -9, Upper lelit--Nurses assist in lzincing nn enr. Upper right-Around the fireplace in the nurses' home. Center-Child heultli patients in the hospital nursery. Lower left-Time out for teal on the roof of the nurses' quarters Lower right--Hostess pouring at nn inside ten session. Inset--Miss Katherine I. Densford, Director of Nursing. 95 First Row DOROTHY C. BREVIG Bisnmrck, N. D. Sigma 'l'hcla Tau. ILO M. CARLSON Minncapolix Second Row ELMA M. HUTTULA G. N. Evelclh Evclclh junior Collcgcg Sigma Them Tau. RUTH MARIE LANDIN R. N. Harris Sigma Theta Tnug Symphony, l, 2, 3. BERDEAN OLSON R. N. Balsam Lake, Wis. Nursing Third Row EMILINE SWENSON R. N. Minneapolis Alpha Tau Delta: Y. W. C. A. LEORA WOHLLEB R. N. Belgrade Dclm Zemg Newman Cluh. School of Pharmacy ."P- , ff' Uppcr lclil-Iniiormnl iccturc session in pharmacy laboratory. Uppgr right-Filling ordcrs from thc model dispcnsury. Center--Aspiring druggists prcpairing liquids for futurc dis- pensing. I Q Lowcf lcfp-Analyzing products in :mother ol the plmrmzlcy lulmoraltorics. 1 1 I t Lower right---Microscopic study ol IDCKIICIIILII plums. Inscl-Frederick Wulling, dczm of Plmriimalcy. 07 Pharmacy First Row LLOYD V. ANDERSON B. S. Alillnnlpolir Carleton College: Dcltn Upsilong Wulling Clulrg Y. M. C. A.: Homecoming Ctlllllllll- tcc 3 PAUL ANDERSON B. S. fllllllll'-V FREDIQRIC M. HANSON B. S. Dnlulh Duluth Iuniur Cullcgu. ORACE II. I-IANSON B. S. New Richlzwzl Rochester junior College: Phi Dcltn Chi: Wulling Cluh, 101-IN 1. I-IOISSER B. S. Sr. P11111 Phi Delta Chi. IJOROTHY KANTER I1 . S. Il'fl.lllIl'!If70Ii! Alpha: Kappa Chi. Second Row LOUIS KIRSCHIIAUM B. S. A'ffIlIlt'llf7UlIi Alplin Ilctn l'hi. BLOSSOM L. LEI-IRKE B. S. Duluth Duluth Iuniur College: Kappa: Epsilong Wulling Clulm. DANIEL F. MAHONEY B. S. Wasccn I'hi Delta chi. Iron Wutlgcg Wulliug Clubg Suniur Bull, -lg Cruiccrt lizmtl, I, 29 Clans Prusitlcnt, 4. VERNON V. NILSON B. S. Tcrril, Iowa KERMIT LOUIS PETERSON B. S. Sf. Paul Hamline Univcrsityg Kappa Phi. FLORENCE E. PHILIPP B. S. ' St. P11111 Kappa Epsilong Wulling Club. Third Row KENNETH M. RADKE B. S. IlfHl1Ilt'lIf101i,f LAWRENCE ll. ROSENTIIAL B. S. Mimzcrfpolis 'I'r:u:k, 3. LOUISE F. SCI-IMITZ B. S. Minneapolis Kappa Iipsiluug Wulling Club. MILTON SMITH B. S. Sr. P11111 Alpliu llctn Phi: Menorah. ARTHUR I. SORENSON B. S. Sl. Paul I'hi Dvltn Chi: Wulling Cluh. HAROLD I. WALSH B. S. Sr. P11111 Science, Literature, and Arts Upper left--Claxssifying rocks in geology. Upper right-'l'l1e anthropology museum interests many stu- clenls. Center-Setting up print in the iournulism type lnlm. Lower left--A Zoology class does ll little dissecting. l.ower right--l7uture journalists hard at work au the copy desk. lnset-Iolm li. Iolmslon, clean ol' Science, l,llCI'lllllI'C, :Incl the Arts. 99 a GEORGIANA ADAMS B, A. Minneapolis Gamma Phi Beta: Gavel: Sophomore Ball, 2: junior Ball, 3: Homecoming, 3, 4: Freshman Week, 3, 4: Daily, 2. ELIZABETH ADDY B. S. Minneapolis Alpha Phi: Pan-Hellenic Council, 2, 4: Magna Cum Laude: W. S. G. A.: Senior Class Council: Y. W. C. A.: Iunior Ball, 3: Homecoming: Freshman Week: AlI-Uni- versity Council, Secretary, 3, 4: Masqucrs. GERALDINE B. ANDERSON B. S. Minneapolis Mortar Board: Y. W. C. A., Cabinet, 2, 3, President, 4: W. S. G. A.: junior Class Council, 3. MILDRED O. ANDERSON B. S. Minneapolis CYRUS BARNUM B. A. Minneapolis Beta Theta Pi: Phi Beta Kappa: Phi Lamb da Upsilon: Arts Iunior Class President: All-University Council: Freshman Track. - ALFRED F. BARTSCH B. A. Kaulqauna, Wis. Linnean Club. MARGARET BONNER B. A. Detroit Lakes ' Kappa Phl. A DOROTHY MAIA BOUREK B. A . Minneapolis Zeta Phi Eta: Aquatic League: Masquers, I. 2: N. C. P. A., 2: Singers, 2. MERCIA BRENNE B. S. Minneapolis St. Olaf College: Lutheran Students' Asso- ciation. ' ELLEN I. BROWN B. A. ' Minneapolis Kappa Kappa Gamma: Homecoming, 2, 3, 4: Freshman Week, 2, 3, 4: G0PhCl'. 3. 4: Ski-U-Mah, 2. BARBARA BRUCE B. A. Minneapolis Carleton College: Kappa Kappa Gamma: Pan-Hellenic Council, 4: W. S. G. A.: Y. W. C.'A.: Homecoming, 4. ROBERT C. BRUCE B. A. Minneapolis lacohin Club: Masquers, President, 4: Gar- rick Club, 3, 4: N. C. P. A., 3, 4: Swim- ming, I, 2: Track, I, 2. IEAN CALLAI-IAN B. A. Minneapolis DOROTHY CAPRON B. S. St. Paul Delta Delta Delta. EDWARD CODEL B. A. Hibbing Sigma Delta Chi: Advertising Club: Board of Publications, Vice-President, 4: lunior Ball: Freshman Week, 4: Daily, 3: Wrestling. ANGELO COHN B. S. Minneapolis Brass Matrix: Menorah Society: Daily, 3, 4: 1 Ski-U-Mah, 2, 3, 4. ELIZABETH FRANCES CONE B. S. Huron, S. D. Huron College: Alpha Delta Pi: U Sym- phony, 3. DONALD L. DAVENPORT B. A. Gladbrook, Iowa Iowa State University: Singers. GEORGINE E. DAVENPORT B. A. Minneapolis Pi Beta Phi. A GUY S. DE VANY B. A. Mobridge, S. D. Northern State Teachers' College: Sigma Chi: Advertising Club: Daily, 3. M. PATRICIA DoNAc1-:UE B. A. - Minneapolis Theta Sigma Phi. JAMES DUGAN B. A. Braham Zeta Psi. HELEN R. EBBIGHAUSEN B. A. Minneapolis Theta Sigma Phi: Advertising Club: W. A. A., Board, 3, 4: Homecoming: Freshman Week: Cgopiser, 1, 2, 3: Daily, , . FORREST EDWARDS B. A. Hurdsfield, N. D. Jamestown College: Masquers. GRACE E. ERICKSON B. S. Minneapolis MARK C. ERSPAMER B. S. Hibbing Hibbing junior College: Rangers' Club. KARIN FARRELL B. S. Minneapolis Kappa Alpha Theta: Freshman Week, 2, 3: Homecoming, 2: Junior Ball, 3: Daily, 2. IAMES FEATHERSTONE B. A. Minneapolis Phi Sigma Phi: Band, 1, 2, 3, 4: U Sym- phony, I, 2, 3. ELIZABETH FIEGEL B. A. Rochester Rochester Iunlor College. SARAH E. FIELD B. A. Excelsior Delta Gamma: Junior Ball: W. S. G. A. House Council: Gopher, 1. S., L., and Fl. GEORGIANA ADAMS ELIZABETH ADDY BARBARA BRUCE M. PATRICIA DONAGHUE ROBERT C. BRUCE GERALDINE B. ANDERSON CYRUS BARNUM IEAN CALLAHAN IAMES DUGAN HELEN R. EBBIGHAUSEN MILDRED O. ANDERSON DOROTHY CAPRON FORREST EDWARDS EDWARD CODEL GRACE E. ERICKSON ALFRED F. BARTSCH ANGELO COHN MARK C. ERSPAMER MARGARET BONNER ELIZABETH FRANCES CONE MERCIA BRENNE ELLEN 1. BROWN KARIN FARRELL DOROTHY MAIA BOUREK DONALD L. DAVENPORT IAMES FEATHERSTONE GEORGINE E. DAVENPORT ELIZABETH FIEGEI. GUY S. DE VANY SARAH E. FIELD LINN I. FIRESTONE B. A. St. Paul Phi Beta Kappa: Cosmopolitan Club: De- bate, 2: Singers, l, 2, 3, 4. FRED FREDLUND B. A. Minneapolis Sigma Alpha Epsilon: Cosmopolitan Club: Singers, 2: Track, 2. MARGUERITE ADA GARDEN B, A, Northfield Northwestern University: Zeta Phi Eta: Alpha Delta Theta: International Relations Club: Y. W. C. A.: W. S. G. A.: Debate: Masquers. JEAN GARDNER B, A, Minneapolis Alpha Phi. GAYLE GARLAND GOODHUE B, A, St. Paul Kappa Delta. MIRIAM E. GREENE B. S. Minneapolis ETHELYNN B. GREENWOOD B. A. Kansas City, Mo. Kansas City Junior College: Theta Sigma Phi: Delta Phi Lambda: Daily, 2. . 1 VICTOR I. GRUI-IN B. A. Minneapolis Concortlia College: Commons Club: Cos- mopolitan Club: Y. M. C. A. Cabinet: Track, 3, 4. ARVO E. HAAPA , B. A. Aitkin Sigma Delta Chi: Phi Beta Kappa: Inter- national Relations Club: Rangers: Daily, 3, 4: Literary Review, 4: Advertising Club. ARDELLE HAMLETT B. A. River Falls, Wis. River Falls State Teachers' College: Alpha Xi Delta: Mu Phi Epsilon. HELEN C. HEDBACK B. A. St. Paul Zeta Phi Eta. MARIAN L. HURWITZ-' B. S. St. Paul RAMON L. IRWIN B. A. Minneapolis Delta Kappa Epsilon: Delta Phi Lambda: Pi Epsilon Delta: Garrick Club: Masquers: Debate, 3, 4: N. C. P. A. ' BERNICE IAFFE B. S. Nashwaul: Hibbing Iunior College: Rangers. ALLAN R. IOHNSON B. A. Minneapolis International Relations Club: Pershing Ri- fles: Political Science Iournal Club: A. S. U.: Singers, 2, 3: U Symphony, l, 2: Track, l. EDITH JOHNSON B. S. Minneapolis Alpha Xi Delta. MARION L. IOHNSON B. A. I Minneapolis Alpha Chi Omega: Pnyx: Ski-U-Mah. MARIAN L. IUNG B. A. Wadena College of St. Scholastica: Theta Sigma Phi: Newman Club: Advertising Club: Daily, 3, 4. EILEEN KANE B. S. International Falls College of St. Catherine. KATHLEEN C. KELLEY B, A, Le Mars. Iowa Western Union College: Iowa State. WILLIAM W. KENNEDY B. A. St. Paul Sigma Delta Chi: Daily, 3, 4: Ski-U-Mah, Managing Editor, 4. GORDON KEYES B. A. Minneapolis Sigma Nu: International Relation: Club: Freshman Week, 4: Daily, 1, 2: Ski-U- Mah, 2, 3: Singers, 2: Baseball, Manager. EARL P. KIRMSER B. A. St. Paul Sigma Delta Chi: Phi Beta Kappa: Adver- tising Cluli: Daily. MARY R. KITTS B. A. Fergus Falls Delta Gamma: Delta Phi Lambda: Sigma Epsilon Sigma: Mortar Board: German Club: Senate Committee: Literary Review: Masquers. ' ' AMY M. KLEIN B. S. Minneapolis French Club: Y. W. C. A.: W. S. G. A. ADELE F. KLEMER B. S. Faribault Carleton College: Pi Beta Phi: W. S. G. A.: Y. W. C. A. FULTON KOEHLER B. A. - Minneapolis Oberlin University. FRED KOLOUCH, IR. B. A. Schuyler, Neb. Doane College: Sigma Chi: Nu Sigma Nu: Glider Club. DOROTHY E. KUECHENMEISTER B. A. Wells Alpha Omicron Pi: Theta Sigma Phi: Ger- man Club: Advertising Club: Newman Club. GORDON W. LAGERSTROM B. A. i Minneapolis Sigma Nu: Commons Club: Minnesota Rifle Reserves: Singers. MARGARET IEAN LA LONE' Bi A. Minneapolis Gamma Phl Beta: get? Phi Eta: Masquert, S., L., and Fl. LINN 1. IIIRLISTONIL I-lEl..liN C. HEDISACR WILLIAM VV. KENNEDY FRED FREDLUND MARIAN L. HURWITZ GORDON KEYIZS MARGUERITE ADA GARDEN RAMON L. IRWIN EARL P. KIRMSER IEAN GARDNER BERNICE IAFFE MARY R. KI'I'TS GAYLE GARLAND GOODHUE ALLAN R. lOl-AINSON AMY M. KLICIN MIRIAM E. GREENE EDITI-I IOI-INSON ADELE F. KLEMER ETHELYNN 13. GREENWOOD MARION L. IOI-INSON FULTON KOEH LER VICTOR I. GRUHN MARIAN L. IUNG FRED KOLOUGI-'I, IR. ARVO E. HAAPA EILEEN RANE DOROTHY E. KUEGHENMEISTER ARDELLE HAMLETT KATIfILliliN G. KELLEY GORDON W. LAGERSTROM MARGARET IIZAN LA LONE . , f ROGER A. LARSON B. A. Minneapolis Delta Kappa Epalon. FRED H. LEMMER B, A, Sl. Paul Delta Kappa Epsilon: Scnhbard and Blade: Political Science Journal Club: Cadet Club: - " ' lmlrman Sen- Pnyx, Mtlttary Ball, 3, 4, C . ior Prom: Daily, I: Cadet Council, 4. THEODORE LUCAS B. S. Virginia Virginia lunior College. MARGARET MALONE B. S. Fort Frances, Ont. College of St. Catherine. MARGARET IJ. MARK B. S. Wadena College of St. Scholastica. AMY LOUISE MATTERS B. New York, N. Y. Barnard College: Columbia University: Cosmopolitan Club: International Relations Club: Singers. BURNEY KATHARINE MCAULEY B. S. Byhalia, Miss. Vanderbilt University: Chi Omega. IUNE McGUIRE B. A. St. Paul IAMES MCHUGI-'I B. A. Minneapolis Sigma Gamma Epsilon. GERTRUDE McKEON B, A, ' St. Paul French Club. FRANCES MCSTAY B. A. Duluth Duluth lunior College: Theta Sigma Phi: Masquers: Advertising Club: W. S. G. A.: Daily. LAWRENCE E. MEYER B. A. Minneapolis Alpha Delta Phi: Pnyx, Chairman, 4: Homecoming: Senior Prom: Freshman Week: Sophomore Ball: All-University Council, 4: Class President, 4: Senior Com- mission, President: Football, 1: Track, I. A MELISSA MITCHELL B. A. Bemidji Macalester College: Delta Delta Delta: Theta Sigma Phi: Advertising Club: Y. W. C. A. ETHEL MOBROTEN B. S. Forbes Virginia lunior College. MARIORIE MORRILL B. S. Minneapolis Kappa Alpha Theta: Mortar Board: Pan- Hellenic Council: W. S. G. A.: Senior Class Council, Board: Board of Publica- tions, Secretary. . MARGUERITE MORSE B. S. Robbinsdale Y. W. C. A. WILMA MOSSBERG B. S. Minneapolis Phi Chi Delta: Folwell Club. ETHEL MYRUM B. A. Minneapolis DOROTHY A. NAHHAS B. S. . St. Petersburg, Fla. St. Petersburg Junior College: Alpha Delta Pi: W. S. G. A.: Singers. MARIORIE V. NELSON B, A, Minneapolis DOLORAS CLAIRE NORDLAND B. S. Minneapolis 'Chi Omega: Le Cercle Francais: Y. W. C. A.: Masquers. GLADYSE DOROTHY NUWASH H. A. Silver Lake Macalester College. IANET ORR B. A. Sl. Paul Pi Beta Phi: Freshman Week, 3: Home- coming, 3. EVA-IANE OSTERGREN B. S. St. Paul Kappa.Delta: Alpha Epsilon Iota. CAROLINE PAULIS B. A. Watertown, S. D. Milwaukee Downer College: Delta Gam- ma: Sigma Alpha Iota. IOHN D. PAULSON B. A. Fargo, N. D. Phi Delta Theta: Sigma Delta Chi: Adver- tising Club, President: Daily. MILDRED C. PETERSON B. S. Stillwater Hamline University: Kappa Phi: W. S. G. A.: House Council, 4. IEANNE PORTER B. A. W Willmar Alpha Gamma Delta. NORMA RANSOM B. A. Caledonia Zeta Phi Eta: National Collegiate Players: Masquers. KATHERYN MARIE ROBINSON B. A. Minneapolis Horton Am Scholarship. . BEATRICE ROSEMAN B. S. Milwaukee, Wis. Duluth Iunlor College. S., L., and Fl. ROGER A. LARSON FRANCES MCSTAY DOLORAS CLAIRE NORDLAND FRED H. LEMMER LAWRENCE MEYER GLADYSE DOROTHY NUWASH T I'-IEODORE LUCAS MELISSA MITCHELL IANET ORR MARGARET MALONE ETI-IEL MOBROTEN EVA-IANE OSTERGREN MARGARET L. MARK MARIORIE MORRILL CAROLINE PAULIS AMY LOUISE MATTERS MARGUERITE MORSE IOHN D. PAULSON BURNEY KATHARINE MCAULEY WILMA MOSSBERG MILDRED C. PETERSON IUNE MCGUIRE ETI-IEL MYRUM IEANNE PORTER IAMES MQI-IUGH DOROTHY A. NAHI-IAS NORMA RANSOM GERTRUDE MQKEON MARIORIE V. NELSON KATHERYN MARIE ROBINSON BEATRICE ROSEMAN EVAGENE SANDERS B. S. . Minneapolis Carleton College: Kappa Phi: Y. W. C. A.: w. A. A.: w. s. o. A. FLOY BUD SCI-IEIDLER M. A. Cloquet College of St. Scholasiica: Duluth junior College. HARRIET SCHIBEL B. S. Virginia Virginia Iunior College: University of Wis- consin. WILBER SCHILLING, IR. B. A. Minneapolis University of Mexico: Psi Upsilon: Silver Spur: Grey Friar: Homecoming Chairman, 4: junior Ball, Executive Committee: Swimming, 1. MASAHARU RICHARD SETO B. A. Sacramento, Cal. University of California. BERNICE SHARP B. S. Minneapolis IANE ZELDA SHER B. S. Duluth DUIUKI1 Junior College: Sigma Delta Tau. ' GLADYS SINCLAIR B. A. Minneapolis Wells College: International Relations Club, President: Cosmopolitan Club: Students' Forum, Secretary: W. S. G. A. Board: Y. W. C. A. Cabinet: Senior Advisory Board: Tam O'Shanter Council: Freshman Week: Homecoming: Daily Co-Chairman Editorial Board: Geneva Scholarship. IOHN WILMES SIVERTSEN B. A. Minneapolis Psi Upsilon: Swimming, I. IEAN C. SMITH B. A . Plainview Macalester College: Theta Sigma Phi: Ad- vertising Cluh: Wooden Nickel. EVERETT SORENSEN B, A, Minneapolis St. Olaf College: l..utl1eran Students' Asso- ciauon. MARY I. STARRING B. A. Huron, S. D. Huron College: Alpha Phi: French Cluh: Masquers: N. C. P. A. IULIET STI EFEL . B. S. St. Paul MERRILL STODGHILL B. A. Virginia Virginia Iunior College: Singers. ELLEN V. SWANSON B. A. Minneapolis U Symphony. ROGER W. SWANSON B. A. Minneapolis Sigma Gamma Epsilon. FREDERICK W. THOMAS B. A. Minneapolis Carleton College: Alpha Delta Phi: Skl- U-Mali, 3, Editor, 4: Arts College Inter- mediary Board: Student Government Com- mittee: Homecoming. MARGARET TI-IOMES B. A. Minneapolis Zeta Tau Alpha: Phi Beta Kappa: Daily. OLIVE H. THOMPSON B. S. lackson Folwell Club. PALMA V. THOMPSON - B. S. Erhawl Kappa Phi. RICHARD B. TUDOR, IR. B. A. St. Paul Beta Theta Pi: Tennis, l. ELAINE WAKEFIELD B. S. W illmar Macalester College. MARGARET WALDIN B. A. Minneapolis Delta Gainma. BARNETT M. WEBER B. A. Brooklyn, N. Y. llrooklyn College: llaseball, 4. ARTHUR WEIMAR B. A. Fergus Falls Park Region Luther College: Alpha Sigma Phi: Advertising Club: Daily. PATRICIA WELD B. A. Minneapolis Gamma Phi Beta. IARRY MARIE WEST B. A. Haddon Heights, N. I. Sweet liriar College: Alpha Phi. MARK TWAIN WI-IITTIER B. A. Minneapolis Singers, 2, 3, 4: Eagles, 3, 4. MARIORIE WILLIAMS lt, A. Duluth Duluth Iunior College: Alpha Gamma Delta. 7 MARJORIE WORTHINGTON B. A. I Minneapolis Pi Beta Phi. S., L., and FI. EVACENE SANDERS EVER ETT IILOY BUD SCI-IEIDLER SORENSEN RICHARD IS. TUDOR, IR. MARY I. STARRINC 1m1z1zl1f:T sci-111sE1. 1U1.11e1'r WILBER SCI-IILLINC, IR. ELAINE XNAIQEFIELD STI EEEI. MARGARET WALDIN MERRILI, STODOHILL IBA RNETT M. WEBER MASA HARU RICHARD SETO ELLEN V. ISERNICE SHARF ROGER W. IA NE ZELDA SHER FREDERICK CLADYS SINCLAIR MARGARE IOHN WILM ES SIVERTSEN SWANSON ARTIHIUR WEIMAR SWANSC DN PATRICIA XVELD W. THOMAS IARRY MARIE WEST T TI-IOMES MARK TWAIN WHITTIER OLIVE B. THOMPSON IEAN C. SMITH MARIORIE WILLIAMS PALMA V. THOMPSON MARIORIE WORTI-IINGTON First Row ANNA-lili'l"l'Y ANDERSON B. S. Sl. Punl Business Womcn's Club, Advertising Club, Freshman Week, 2, 3: Homecoming, 3, 4: Masqucrs, 2, 3, 4. ARLEEN BASS B. A. Millrzcapolix University Singers. The University College Second Row IOHN FOLEY B. A. Mifzncapolis Psi Upsilong Iron Wcdgcg Phoenix, Y. M. C. A., Cabinet, 1, 23 Homecoming Ex- ccutivc Committee, 35 Junior Ball, 3: Senior Advisory Bonrdg Gopher, 1, 2, 3, Editor, 4. BEATRICE FRIEDLANDER B. A. Ilflinnrapolix Gopher. IOAN C. HELMERS B. A. St. Paul Alpha Della Pi. Third Row MARGARET HUSTAD H.A. Duluth College of St. Scholasticag Delta Delta Delta. RUTH LIBBY B. S. Minncupolir Delta Gamma: Y. W. C. A.: W. S. G. A., Scninr Advisory Board. IOHN T. TATE Director an 0 E .Burfon rwwup- Ot! Y '05- -N- 'li 33 Q.. A1123 WM.. ,. Wi 'I ' ""4xw,M. 0 ' pvH""'w4' ww -Ni 'S v.'igL.4Q 'fiyf uf hw . .,,,.5v 's "Tl'Kf'Yl'6, 'IJ 'YK' Xa. :uri-M mv 4 ""fa' ,- -ww WAV, .N . .-wa. - an VL, ff ex , . ., 45 V , ,,'. 4 . V1 " ,"ff.,4 A, . 1. 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A 5 :,44f.-- gfg,p,g.r? .1 1, I-fa ,:,,,:-Hz. WY: 'J ' -N ,mmgggggnw i . W Af, ,.g.w,, w"55'55.'as , ' Www- - ' A ' ,LM , , yfsfxw 'V X 'vg a xym, . mi " ff. 1-v' Aw .4 510: f 1 V ' H , , .fi . ' " ? .Q " 1 v'YUl1A'TV"- .- ,, ,'-3 'V A , -an mf' '.Q.m, Qs. .1 , XL-..1..'LQ' . ki? ' ' :-. I"1E2E1E1f :-::.,.:5:: g:g.,.,5gg:::::3 f:-:K -Fr: 'iriiirs :':QfEQ:5:E:5:F2:1:2' -.Q Jw. . 5EEE?5E!z?E55E5E5E5E1ErE:E: sis 7552555555 :iz 2?3E:5:i:l:2'2'1?3:C., ,:2:5:S:-:gg-' :-:- :::g::- ' - :IE 'FEE' .4515-, .F3532QQ:'555: 22552 51: "'f:l:l:l:l:i?-IS:-4:-ff 5:-:C ri: l:l:1:l:l54?2:13:,1:- :4:F.-.- sz 'ar-9:::r:I::9':z:s3 4s:r:2:1 sz 125 ' ' ' :-:5:5:3:Ei:5:5:5 -:2:l:l:i:Ii:1:c' 55555525-I' e 're:1enz'1z'Zve Mn 240-M144 lTnrrnu'n Now: 'I he Represcnlnlixe Minnesolnns were selected this year by n com- millee cmnpmecl of Peggy Wnlfc. :Incl Iuhn liucklmee, sludent lnemhcrs, nnml Ilenn nf Wmnen, Anne Dudley Iililz, :und Dcnn nl' Sludenl Aiinirs, Eelwnrd E. Nicholson, hninixlrntinn. The selections are Innes! nn il system of pointx representing lhe A4 4 . 4 I fur sclmlaxmlmip :nnl ncliviues, wnh orgnnmnmns on the cannpns hlllilllllllllg the Islnnrlinp: members for conslslerallnxn. zlpplicallimms of their xnml on GLENN SEIDEL Captain of 1936 football team .... Tau Beta Pi, Pi Tau Sigma, Plumb Bob, Phoenix, Honoraries .... Phi Delta Theta Academic Fraternity . . . Senior in Engineering. REPRESENTATIVE MINNESCDTANS Geraldine Andcrsorz Senior in the Arts College .... Mortar Board .... Y. W. C. A. President .... W. S. G. A. Iunior Class Council. C azharifze Burmzp Senior in Business School .... Gam- ma Phi Beta, Academic Sorority .... Y. W. C. A. Cabinet .... All U Council .... President of W.S.G.A. GERALDINE ANDERSON C. EUGENE CUTTS Member of Tau Beta Pi, Chi Epsilon, Plumb Bob, lron Wedge, I-lonoraries .... A. C. E. . . . . Union Board oli Governors . . . . Iunior Class President in Engineering .... Mortar and Ball .... Senior in Engineering. 128 CATHARINE BURNAP REPRESENTATIVE MINNESOTANS Carla Meacham Mortar Board, Omieron Nu, Hon oraries .... Delta Delta Delta Academic . . . . Phi Upsilon Omi cron, Professional .... W. S. C. A. Farm Campus Board .... Pan Hellenic Council President . . . Senior in Home Economies. Gladys Sinclair Secretary of Students Forum . . . Member of W. S. G. A. Board . . . Senior Advisory Board .... Chair- man of Daily Editorial Board . . . Member of Debate Squad . . . Y. W. C. A. Cabinet .... Senior in the Arts College. CARLA MEACH AM GLADYS SINCLAIR HAROLD ANDERSON Senior in Agriculture .... Alpha Gamma Rho, Professional .... Alpha Zeta, Honorary Block and Bridle Club .... All U Council .... Agricultural Students Council. ROBERT BRUCE Senior in the Arts College .... President of Masquers .... Member of National Col- legiate Players .... Carrick Club .... lacobin Club .... Varsity Swimming, Track. 129 5 FRIQDERICK THOMAS Attended Carleton College During Freshman and Sophomore Years .... Editor This Year of Sl-:i-U-Mah, Minnesota I-lumor Magazine . . . . A Member of the Arts College Inter- mediary Board .... and olf Alpha Delta Phi, Academic Fraternity .... Senior in the Arts College. DONALD DAILEY Senior in Agriculture .... Member of Alpha Zeta, Phoenix, lron Wedge, Honoraries .... Block and Bridle Club .... Farm Campus Y. M. C. A. President .... Union lloard of Governors .... Alpha Gamma Rho, Pro- fessional .... Senate Committee . . . Member of Varsity Wrestling Team. 130 REPRESENTATIVE MINNESOTANS 166111 Grzrdfzcr Vice-president Last Year of W. S. G. A ..... Mortar Board .... Second in Line at the 1935 Iunior Ball .... Arts College Senior .... Member of Y. W. C. A. Cabinet as Undergraduate .... Alpha Phi, Academic Sorority. Helen Dae H o ppcr President of Mortar Board .... Member ol' Phi Upsilon Omicron, Professional .... Alpha Gamma Delta, Academic Sorority .... I-Iome Economics Association .... Cap and Gown .... Senior in Home Economies. JEAN GARDNER HELEN DAE HOPPER :aff-vga - qi. -gf C-. . 'e-. . ., L.-.3 :, ' +I I ' :l:l:l":bEg' :5:l:-. N Z A . 93 .-1 1 Q 1552 'K an :E:5:5EE:E:,:' 3142 'cos ci 5- 'E :g:g:::5::g:-.-: y 1 y ,Q , H-M-s:a5: Q Ik f F Es:s:?is2afI ' K ' W 1 E:E:5:E5:5: N ? 513 3i:l:l5:5:E ::. N .t Q " f 5555555532 ti ' " 5 P? 'EEE if I' 4 ' N ' 9' J 2 5 'I:I: J 52255 1 I:I:I. - ' . . 5 -:-:'-:::E 5:5 5:12 r x Mn 24041 L. Freshman Week Enrollment reached a new high level last fall. A pair of freshman eoeds get the an- swers to their queries from Al Kosek, editor of the Daily. Nan Scallon took Maurice Katz and Sewell Gordon, two matriculants from North high, in tow and gave them some pointers on the pleasures and pitfalls of campus life. Three members of the freshman week committee, Dick Neville, Phyllis Hawlish, and lioh McClure, look over the schedule of activities 'planned for the entering students. Standing in line is one of the nightmares of the new arrival. Here is the long line, three deep, awaiting entry into the armory to complete part of their registration. Interesting phases of the proceedings were broadcast. Clelland Card, from WCCO, shown with a portable mike, was the center of much interest among the freshmen. Genevieve Wood, in the publication booth, tries to interest a freshman lad in the Ski- U-Mah. Directly behind him is lileanor Mcliilvray, who was more interested in the cameraman at the moment. These three youths lfound the mad pace a little too much so they took time out to rest on the grassy stretches of the athletic field between hectic rushes of registration. 132 Freshman Week Roh Crawliortl. freshman week chairman, looks over the information eartl that Ianet lrluclson tlisplays. lielliortl Gunderson and Kenneth Wilson, other committee memhers, look on approvingly. An ahle escort was lioh McClure. Ile took Muriel VVatson and Shirley Rosholt, two fair freshman coenls, on a tour ol' inspection of the campus buildings. This group went into a hutltlle at a tahle in the P. U, l.eonartl Ring is directing the attention oli Kate l.aloie, Mary 'l'ull'ree, anal Betty Nortllantl. with lane Merrill looking over their shoulders. The lines in liront ol' the athninistration huiltling were long and slow moving. ller- man Glantler, campus cop, kept the lines in- tact tluring the long waits. On the steps ol' the lihrary, many ol' the newcomers sat tlown to rest or pausetl to talk with oltl lirientls or to make new acquaint- ances from the erowtls that eenteretl there. 'l'he huses that were employetl lor campus tours hatl capacity loatls. liven the roofs were utilized hy those anxious to see the sights ol' their environs. llen Williams, of the eoininiltee, eonelutletl that he neetletl a rest so he improvisetl a spot ol eomliort lot' himself on the henehes oli the union lounge. 133 Homecoming Patil Bunyan, patron of the N35 home- coming celebration, didn't plan his logging accessories for the use of mere mortals. Maurice McCaffrey tries to dislodge the huge blade, but his three cohorts think that it is a futile task. Bill Plymat, publication chairman of home- coming, and Marg Morrill, assistant chair- man of homecoming, show other committee members proof sheets for the homecoming news magazine that was published as part of the festivities. The float of the Sigma Alpha Mu's, with its variety of caged animals and Paul Bunyan himself on the truck, got the attention of many. lt was one of the most interesting of the many parade floats. A beard growing contest was another of the features of the celebration. Skipper Spencer, conductor-philosopher on the inter- campus line, was one of the judges. Using a liunyan pocketknife, he does some prelim- inary estimating on the beard of Lewis Sher. The traditional homecoming bonfire and pepfest attracted a large group. Here is a part of the crowd of thirty thousand that turned out to cheer the rampaging Gophers on to more victories. The crimson flames of the bonfire provide an appropriate setting. The Queen of Homecoming waves to her constituents. Mary Ann Benson was crowned queen by virtue of her prowess in selling the most homecoming buttons. She was also rewarded for her efforts with two tickets to the lowa game. Massive Paul liunyans were accosted at every turn. Phi Omega Pi, academic sorority, captured first place in house decorations. They had Paul using his whipsaw to hack hapless Northwestern gridders into mince- meat. The winner among the fraternities in dec- orations was Phi Kappa Sigma, academic fraternity. They had a pair of energetic Gophers busily employing their whipsaw, with a howling wildcat as the luckless victim of their effort. 134 Homecoming Fuel for the pepliest bonlire was obtained with a Bunyan whipsaw. Bill Tillisch, Al VVash, Tom Beebe, and llenry Lykken man the saw. Score is kept by lane Arneson, who manipulates Iohnny lnkslingcr's fountain pen. The homecoming button design, displayed hy Hugh Gage, attracts the interest of Allan Wash, Betty Addy, Wilbur Schilling, and Ellen Brown. They are holding the loving cups that were awarded to the winning floats and house decorations. Patil Bunyan stalked abroad the campus during homecoming festivities. The huge overalled Bunyan of the Beta Theta Pi's, watch and all, was enough to instill fear into the hearts of even the stoutest Northwestern lan. On the Washington Avenue side of the campus, an oversized football was erected. Sitting beneath the gilded pigskin, which is poised for the kickoll, are the two attrac- tive coeds, Miriam Arnold and Mary McAfee. A smirk of glee adorns the features of the Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority Bunyan. The delight he evidences is due to the funeral procession that he watches, with Northwest- ern football stars as the hapless occupants of the hearsc. In keeping with the homecoming slogan, whipsaws were prominent in campus deco- rations. The girls at the Chi Omega house had their Bunyan sawing down a tree in which he had cornered a wildcat. Here are the sorority sisters inspecting their work. The Pi Beta Phi lassies rigged themselves out in true lumberiack style. Their float, drawn by a pair of large plodding oxen, won the judges' decision as the best in the parade. 135 Engineers' Day After a barrage of eggs from miners had temporarily interrupted engineers' day cere- monies, the knighting on the knoll brought the traditional affair to a close. St. Pat Fred- erick Bartel, dubs a patron engineer as the latter kisses the Blarney stone. First prize for originality in the parade Went to the float that had the heavily ban- daged figures of Frankenstein and his bride as its theme. This strange pair was the main object of interest to the crowd of onlookers. A handshake and a smile greet the senior engineer as he mounts the ceremonial plat- form. Dean Ora Leland, of the engineering school, handed out the coveted scrolls to the graduating students. Behind the engineering buildings a scene of bustling activity was to be witnessed on the morning of the gala affair. Here are the Techno-Log crew putting the hnishing touches on their float, just before the parade. Mae West was utilized by the enterprising engineers in planning floats. This one bla- zonly announced that the most pleasing dis- tance between two points was a sine curve. Mae gets sized up-with a shotgun for at- mosphere. To be admitted to the honorary ranks of Plumb Bob is the desire of every engineer. Clarence Ender evidences his delight as he accepts his charm from the jovial dean, who won the award himself in his undergraduate days. The mounts of St. Pat and his queen were not the only horses in the parade. This an- cient patrol wagon took some ofthe engineers for a ride, a contrast to the modern vehicles in the procession-and half fare on the roof. While the pretty queen, Edith Reed, looks on, St. Pat Frederick Barrel reads the procla- mation of the day to the assembled crowd on the knoll. Afterward, the patrons of St. Pat adjourned to the architecture library for the green tea and dansant. Another of the amusing floats had a baby carriage in tow. And while the chain gang on the truck wielded their picks on the rock pile, a breakdown of the buggy behind amused spectators. The scantily clad occupant made a hasty exit. A whole fleet of miniature flivver planes equipped with chattering toy machine guns zoomed along in the procession. Here is one of the pilots tuning up his engine just before hopping into line with sister ships in the parade. 136 Cap and Gown Day Cap and gown day is a memorable day in the life of the graduating senior. The events of this tradition are pictured for a radio audience hy B. Pierce, alumni secre- tary. Faculty members again don their academic togas and join in the procession. lfxempli- fying the dignity of the occasion are Dean Coffey of the Agriculture school and Dean .lohnson of the Arts college. While two uniformed cadets station them- selves as guides, the double line of seniors parts into two single files. In this manner they enter the halls of Northrop. The hand leads the procession on its wind- ing iourney across the campus. 'l'hen they stand hy and play slow cadence marches while the cap and gown procession files hy. The seniors quicken their pace as the tempo of the somewhat martial strains of music imhues them. For many of them it will he their last entry into the auditorium. Crowds of well wishers throng the steps of the auditorium. lnterest is focused on the seemingly endless line of gowned figures that make up the line of marchers. The president and the speaker of the day lnoth seem deep in thought as they climlm the steps of the lxuilding. For them the occasion is at once serious and important. On the historic knoll, where the procession passes, many of the watchers seek comfort- ahle means of witnessing the affair. ln the shade of gnarled oaks they view the passing parade. All of the professors are not overwhelmed with the dignity of the occasion. Professor Gortner and his partner, Professor Palmer, hoth see fit to hrandish smiles as they march. From the doorway, one has an interesting view of the winding line of hlack garhed figures. Some are hesitant, some eager, and some indifferent to this culmination of their college days. 157 Foresters' Day Foresters' day on the farm campus is a rough and ready affair. Included in the events was a boxing card. Hercis the ring, with its two gladiators being tended by their seconds just before the gong announced an- other round of flying leather. Garbed in the attire of the woodsman, the foresters were a colorful assembly. Starters and timers were necessary for the many events scheduled during the afternoon. Here they are with pistols poised and watches ready to time participants. Manv of the loggers swing a Wicked ax. The ability to swing the double blade ax is the pride of the forester. Here are a couple of husky aggies doing a little rail splitting in one of the contests of the afternoon. What they can't split with an ax, they saw with long toothed whipsaws. With a third party for ballast, two of thc forestry under- grads pull away on a big log and render it in two with a speed that is little short of remarkable. 138 Foresters' Day 'l'hCyil'e ollil Contentlcrs for the farm cani- pns ski running laurels dig their ski poles into the hard snow as the race hegins. Up hill and down dale. over the hazardous farm course, they zipped along on their gliding trails. ln real ltnnhcriack fashion, logs were slid down ict-tl chntcs. llerc one of the loggers sends a log on its way. Another, his peavey pole ready, stands hy to assist il: the log proves to he too stulnlaorn to move under its own volition. Another ol? the odd diversions on the day's menu was a hatchet slinging contest. llcre is one of the more adept ol- the hatchet hur- iers displaying his skill. The trees designat- ed as E:ll'gClS show a consistent nnniher of hits. The ring of axes pertnc'atc'd the atmos- phere all afternoon. Surrounded hy a chilled hut interested audience, these log notchers went at their lahors with a vengeance, and had tangihlc results to prove their prowess. Soups onl One ol the most important of the events on the program--and ioined by all-was the bean feed held in the aggic gym. lt followed the afternoon events and with a typical logger menu it served as il litting conclusion to alliairs. 139 Military Minnesota's rifle team won regional and national championships last year. Members of the successful team, Hauser, Haaland, Buzicky, Wikstrom and Sandager, are shown receiving trophies during the mili- tary day ceremonies. The current edition of the riHe team, win- ners of the seventh consecutive conference title. In the back row are Buzicky, Priebe, Coach Mylke, Fisher, and Haaland. Kneel- ing are Rauenhorst, Sandager, Wikstrom, and Soelberg. The color guard passes in review. The stars and stripes and the university college banner lead the array of cadets that pass in review. Eyes right! And the parading cadet com- pany glances smartly towards the reviewing ranksg the culmination of the inspection ceremonies and parade that featured the day. With martial strains of music, the military band injects a militant tempo to the march-- ing cadence of the cadets on review. The cadet band is one of the outstanding units of the military corps. 140 4155. Military The crack squad presents its cadence drills at many aflairs during the school year. Included in the squad, left to right, are Douglas Murray, Kirby Goldblum, Richard Warner. George Iohnson, Walter Krake. Al- vah Libbey, Captain, Charles Zoubek, Tom Wick, Philip Schroeder, Tom Howard, and Henry Nelson. An innovation in the military department last year was the appointment of honorary coed cadets. lantha Powrie was the cadet colonclette. She is shown with lillen Hulbert, lieutenant colonelette, in front of the other coed sponsors. The ollieers stand at attention as they cast an appraising eye on the ranks of student soldiers that pass in review in front of them. Oilicers termed the affair the most successful one olf its kind to be held here. lantha Powrie, honorary colonel, and the visiting reviewing oflieer, pause for a brief session of talk about the ceremonies after the review had been completed. At the end of the trail. Signal corps mem- bers climb the steps olf the stadium at the hnish of the review parade. It was the first time that the stadium had been used for the military review. 141 Football Snaps just heliore the hattle. The referee tosses a coin to decide which team will have the choice of goal, at the start of the Purdue game. The captains stand ready to call the toss. Sig Harris and Pug Lund hold a postmor- tem on the Michigan game as they relax in their coach on the train going home. The home team administered the Wolverines the worst trouncing in the history of their ath- letic relations. The 'l'ulane game hrought mild weather along with Southern opponents. It was so warm out that the Gophers relaxed outside hetween halves, in contrast to the usual pro- cedure of adjourning to the locker rooms. Foothall is a year 'round sport now. Here is winter practice in the lieldhouse with Bierman tutoring a promising gridder in the liner points of line play during one of the sessions. Wisconsin Alumni tendered Doc Spears a banquet on the eve of the Wisconsin game. Here is the jovial doctor without any appar- ent worry of the game on the morrow. Gopher foothall Stars, LeVoir, Wilkinson, Beise, Widseth, and Smith, scan the paper for comments concerning their gridiron ac- tivities. And judging from appearances, they seem well satished. Ready to depart. Minnesota foothall play- ers just before they boarded the bus that took them to the lovva stadium from Rock- ford, where they held their last practice bc- fore the game. Among the interested spectators at all the games, and one of the most loyal of Bierman fans was Mrs. Bierman. This camera study snapped her, intent on the progress of the game. 142 Gridiron Greats Doe Cooke and his roommate Oscar who have heen together lor the past thirty-eight years. The skeleton is used hy Doe in his popular physical education lectures. Gridders in a hull session on the home- ward hound train alter a victory on the road. Reise, Uram and l,eX oir sit and char with Rennehohm standing hy. Memhers ol' the M elnlw in a reminiscent mood. Doe Cooke is addressing his remarks lo liarl Loose, Sig llarris. and Glenn Seidel. lloh Marshall, former gridiron great, stands hehind Cooke. Sheldon Reise shows liahe l.eVoir how to execute a hornpipe dance. Glenn Seidel, Gopher quarterback, pinch-hits in the role oli the liddler. George Roscoe autographs a lioothall for lilvira Ziering ol' the U concert hand. The pigskin was given away al the hand home- coming dance. liahe l.eVoir is waiting his turn to sign. Bernie l3ierman's lortielh hirthday was eelehraled in royal style. llere the eoaeh is cutting a slice Iirom one ol the liuge cakes that were part ol' the liestivilies. Clarke Shanghnessy and Ossie Solem, Gopher alum- ni now coaching in the liig 'l'en, and Mrs. Bierman, looli on. 143 People and Events The boys on the liarm campus take their indoor sports seriously. With the aid of kibitzing onlookers, one of the pool enthu- siasts demonstrates his skill. Helen McKaig, freshman coed trap shoot- er, sets a merry pace for her male cohorts of the University Gun Club. She was a con- sistent high scorer in competitions during the year. The cheerleading squad takes time out from their yell duties to pose for the camera- man. Led by Bill Tillisch, rootcr king, they produced the cheers during football season. Bud Aagard, All-American drum major, stands at attention before the band just prior to leading them down the street and into the stadium where their victory marches got results. Will Usborne evidently doesn't appreciate the musical elliorts ol? Bill Tillisch as he tunes up for one of the Saturday night dances in the union. lane Protzeller stands ready to stop the discord. In a foundry class in the mechanical en- gineering building, it is not unusual to sec Ianet Martin puddling with the orc. She really thinks it's a lot of fun. lilmer the pig gets washed behind thc ears for his coming out party on the Ag campus. Eli Zubay holds him while Elaine Ward wields the brush. Betty Nordland stands ready with the water pail. Adolph Bartoletti takes a try at the lung power device that was one of the attractions at the Aeronautical 'KT:1keolf," one occasion where it's proper to blow yourself. 144 Personalities and Places Colonel Roscoe 'l'urner tliscusses plans for a new type ol' airplane with lohn Akernian. heatl oli the aeronautics tlepartmeut. A pair ol' interestetl assistants look on. The creator ol' that' comic character, Old llill, was an interesting convocation speaker. He was liruce llairnslather, who accompa- nietl his lecture with a series of unique tlraw- ings. lilsheth Stuehing, ticket seller. is hesiegctl hy students who want tickets for the all- stutlent symphony. ln the front lines were Vance lewson, lean Myers, anal Catherine lluruap. A cheerful corner is the art room on the thirtl floor oli Northrop auditorium. It is a comfortable place to relax lor those who visit the little gallery. Malcolm Mel.ean anal Alvin Eurich get set to cater to the appetites olf liour huntlretl freshmen at the animal hean feetl for first year men. lust a couple of cleans going to the clogs. Glenn Frank, presitlent of Wisconsin U, iatlclressetl stutlents at a mitl-year convoca- tion. He is shown with President Coffman, who introtlucetl him to the autlience. Milan Iohustone of the D. U. Lamhs ac- cepts the trophy for the roominghouse touch- hall championship from Dean McCrcery. lohn Luntlherg ancl Clinton lrlegg are inter- estetl onlookers. Professor Roherts, author of the two vol- ume work on llirtls ol: Minnesota, inspects a hirtl specimen that is heing atltletl to the university museum collection. 145 Aerial View of the flzhlezic Hu1'l1l1'ng.c E5 55255 55- .55 9: 5' 2'-5555 Iv 5 5 I gi: ' 5l:l:5:2:I 5,cg5g:Q1. 5 .5- -:-: 541,-:' ,:"'2. 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Editor Editor lid i tor liditor Editor liditor Editor Editor Editor Editor lid i tor ssistant Editor Editor . Ofbce Secretary . . Oflice . Organization . Organization Typist Typist Typist . Senior Assistant . . Senior Assistant . . Senior Assistant Organization Assistant Organization A Organization A Organization A Ku.. ssistant ssistant ssistant IRANTK IJVORAK I k I I IIAIH lll IJONOVAN Al AN SIRU FIII RS llaek Ilfnv-Dvoracek, Berg, Iihhighauscn. Wilhy, Robertson Second IlowfAl4ler, Rosholl, Alarik, Mosilnan, Iitnlner, Iloban I 1 nl RUXV""SlI'lllllCl'S, VVay, Foley, Donovan, Carlson GEORGE WITHY STANLEY CARLSON 148 l Gopher Business Roy li. Huber . Thomas Cooper lillen Brown A . Thomas Beehe . Stewart Meiflenclon Barbara Boeringer Elwood Molantler William Thomson Roy Bjorkman . lay Fitch , . . Harriett Gowen . lack Kuehn . . Iohn Metiachron Patil McGee . . Preston Reed . Mary Elizabeth Shelclon Alice Van Wagcnen lane Verrell . . Iohn Walter A . 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Oilice Manager . . Secretary . . . . Collector . Advertising Solicitor Advertising Solicitor Advertising Solicitor 4 Advertising Solicitor . Circulation Manager . Circulation Assistant . Circulation Assistant . Circulation Assistant . , Copy Carrier . Copy Carrier DAVID BUCK , DONALD ARVOLD liI.liANOR IONICS ALIVRI-KD ma IEUHR Hack Roxv-- Recd. Iolinson, Lindekc, Arnot Second Row-v-de lluhr, Arvold, Alillxerg Front ltmv-ffMeStay, Innes, Huck, liarton FRANCIS Mm'S'l'AY KAY BARTON IAMIZS RAVLIN I i Ski-U-Malo Editorial , . . . Editor Ered W. Tlioinas . Bill Kennedy , . Managing Editor Barliara Brewer , . . . Art Editor Angelo Colm . . . Make-up Editor Edward W. Harding , . . Sports Editor Iayne Eastman . 4 . Exeliangc Editor Curtis Kellar Robert Sailstad Mary Brennan Ianc Bearman William D. Frissell lean Barbara johnson Robert liurrill CONTRIBUTORS lane Arveson Martin Quigley Frances Eorney Delores Ritter George Levin Vivian Witt FRED W. 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Bell Carl Edstrom Neil Herman Lloyd Bredvold Gordon Brierley Glover Franklin Harley Hughes Albert Iaeobs Barney Larsen Elroy Peterson Ward Simmons Fred Warner Robert Dixon Lloyd English Armon Walters Raymond Hopper Elwood McGee Richard Pratt 'll ms 1 Back Row-Walters, Schoell, Pratt, 'I cctcr, English, Raudt l I Second Row-Smith, Orommett, lfllSlI'0ll1, McGee, Holi Front Row-Dixon, Nl , Moore. Meyers Techno-Log EDITORIAL STAFF BUSINESS STAFF Donald Raudenbush . . Mason Rudawsky TECHNO-LOG BOARD Dean O. M. Leland v vcr . , Editor , Copy Editor . News Editor . Feature Editor . . Secretary . Alumni Editor . . Columnist . Reporter . Reporter . Reporter . Reporter . Reporter . Reporter . Reporter . Reporter . Reporter . . Business Manager Assistant Business Manager . Advertising Manager Advertising Representative Advertising Representative Advertising Representative Advertising Representative Advertising Representative Professor A. S. Cutler ...,. .... C hairman Iames Moore . . , Aeronautical President Iames Acker . . , , . Mechanical Herbert Crommett . . . Architecture William Smith . , Electrical William Schoell . . . Civil Earl Schilt . . . Chemistry :ZW , -5.4 -5. 15,1 f-5. 555,55 -rx. .1 1,7 oy wi wx v -v Nm 5 N II. If:-2251: ':2:z1:'.:-:-:Q .f5:5" :1:S 5-55:-5- 5-5 5:' ::5:5:-:5":5:5:5:' 5555555525555 cs:a:55ss:5:5:5:a5Ea5E5EB 55555555-5.5555 -. . 5555555555555 3:5 5555:rE5E5Er5E5f5i:555:F5:5E ., :x 5:5255525:-'-:,:::5:':::5: .55 5555555555555 5:55 5:5:5:55:5:55 -5 .f55555E:55555:5:55 1555555555555 5:s:s:5:E:5:55-,55555555:s:5:55f 555:5:5:5:5a5.. 555555555555Q -' -5255555555555z5555555555555a5e5 5:s:5s:s:a5:z:5 5555555555555 Q5555a5sEsEa5i555 455:55 5555? 5555555555555 E3E5E3E5E1:2?553 :5:5:5:5:5:5:' 5 :1:I:1:1S:2:2:1:R 4515155555355 5 ' ' :E:E:E:E:5:E:E:5:55 5:5:5:5:5:5:E' f:E:2:I:I:I:2:2E :i:l:5:2555555. EFLTEIEIEEFPIEIEQ acid Senior Prom Fred Lemmer, gen- eral arrangements chair- man, and Larry Meyer, all-senior president, tell the radio listeners about what's going on at the Prom. T , Y ., ,J Y' 'H A group of "M" men and their guests gathered in a corner during one of the inter- missions, and the cameraman took advantage of the situation and clicked his shutter. Above. The grand march in full swing. The marchers, left to right: Mary Kay Taylor and Larry Meyer, Betty Cole and Noel Iverson, Marjorie Morrill and Charles Currier, Helen Dae Hopper and Iohn Hehrenbrinker. 156 Left. Noel Iverson, senior president in Business, Mary Kay Taylor, Hrst in line, and Fred Lcmmer and Phyllis I-Iawlish talked over events of the eve- ning. Two hundred and Hfty couples danced to the music of Will Osborne and his orchestra. Below. A familiar scene at University so- cial events-the "gate," Beware to any who try to sneak by the watchful eyes of Dick Seebaeh, left, and Iim Williams, right. The expressions on the faces ol: these l'our hall goers testify to the good time that was had hy all. This was one of the early in the evening informal shots. lunior Ball Ilclow. As a precaution against mike-fright lane Spcakes, Allan Wash, and Belford Gunderson used C1ll'Cfully prepared man- Uffripts as they said "Hel- lo to the stay-at-homes. 'ik x-.4 the year, hegan on Fehruary ll, and ended sometime in the following dawn. Grand Marehers were fright to lelitj: Allan Wash, lane Speakes, Richard llarges- heimer, Iessie Aslalison, lirling lflauge, Virginia Way, Lester Hanson, Gladys Diessner, lielford Gunderson, Phyllis Yohe. The Junior Ball, the super-colossal social event ol' The Mzuiz' Goes 'Rozmd and 'K0111111 was at its peak in popularity, and Ian Garher's specially imported hand went to town with a vim. Rigfzf. The Grand Ballroom ol' the l.owry hotel overflowed with the three X hundred and fifty couples that man- -Q' aged to secure ducats for the layhee. 157 Sophomore Ball Mounting the stairs to the Grand llnllroom. and William 'I'homps0n, their guests. l Olmligingly, the Sophomore leaders posed for the photographers. l.el't to right: William Tliompson, Malveth Skogmo, Ralph Arneson, lilizalueth Donovan, VVilliam Stowring, lileanor Fegles, Gordon Irlalvorsen, Mary Anne Henson, lilwood Molander, and Betty Klingman. 158 Left. The one hundred and fifty couples crowded around the stage for an interlude ol' entertailunent. Morton London, Elaine Heneghan, Elwood Molander, Ann Bushnell, Katherine Wilkins, liall planners and liclouf. Sophomore "truekin," was to the tune of Frank Uordon's orfhestra. Q46e:LWW?5 L ' "'9ffF'f"i"?-'qw V Dean Lasby holds hands with Miriam Leland while Dean Leland looks the other way. Mrs. Lasby and Mrs. Leland chat un- concernedly with William Kahle. Below. In a corner of the Grand Ballroom at il1C'Lowry Hotel four m1l1tarists" arrange dance programs. Military Ball Time out for a ciga- rette and a laugh, Garth Harding fleftj and George Grilhn. lust before the grand march. Left to right: George Grifiin and Linda Cook, Orem Robbins and Ruth Libby, Garth Harding and Kathleen Leasman, Iohn Intlekofer and Helen Ferry, Gene Gutts and Deborah Wing, Gerald Peterson and Barbara Lewis, Noel Iver- son and Elsie Peterson, Franz Stravs and Iane Oseth, Willard Stinger and Betty Anderson, Fred Lemmer and Dorothy Quamme. Right. Under an arch of sabers the Grand Marchers parade down the Floor. 159 ,,...--. if. t lnterfratemity Ball '91 X,5,-fn 160 Popular ehaperones always play hridgc. X . I . Here are the Otis Mcilreerys and the Paul lmlr' I mu night S. Carrolls in a corner at the Radisson. snack-the pause that refreshes. A lbmfr. Diessner, lloidale, llanson, Leaders oi' the march: Ianet Orr, Karl Virginia Palmer, Rohert Iiohnson, lilsa liverett johnson, Marion lionehower, Iohn 4' Barbara Hruee, and Alan Slruthers. Between the rhythms of Cecil Golly's hand a group relaxes informally to laugh and chatter. Left. The evening was still young when the cameraman snapped Eldridge McKay, Iessye Pollock, Richard Giertsen, Betty Ives, Margaret Foucault, and Fletcher Kirwin between dances. r. This group at the Freshman Frolic hoped the cameraman would snap them. He did. , t -91, 1 'intl Palma" Paul McGee gestured ineflcctively for Mary Elizabeth Sheldon's attention at the Freshman Frolic, while Peter Sehruth listened to Katherine La Ioie. Right. If facial expressions are any guide, a good time was had hy all at the Interprofessional Ball, i Other Social Events Rfghl. Memhers oli the Union Board and their guests relax at the Common Peepul's hall. '1 ,f',!l0L't'. The most prominent ten at the lnter- professional Hall were: Russell Grant and Mary Helen Schmitz, VVilliam Rich and liillie Amhurgey, Rupert Thompson and lnez Liljemark, Roy Carl- son and Nlarian Root, lrvine Karon and Beverly Viner. 161 Armory from lhe Old Plll't?l7IC' Ground.: Vg: ::5x,.:. -. 455- 92 1 -. Qi C? -C 5-5555 if E5i5i5.5252 f. 5' -5555555555555 5F555555555 " . 5 ' -' 5555555555555 -55555, f -555. .55J:Z5555f' 5225555255555 5-:-5-55:-52255 '5:5:5 -555555.55593 5.3 .-.-g. 5555555552555 '55 5E5E5E5E54- 41' I555E5E5E5E5E5E :I:I:I:l:5:-:Ii 'I 155555555-' ',' :5:2:5:5:E:E:5:E: -5255555555555 5555555555555555 ' ' 5 555555525252 555535555555 55555555. fffuiic Music Directors Known to the campus as the energetic leader of con- vocation singing and director of the University Singers' musical productions, Professor liarle Killeen is prob- ably less well known for his hobby of candy making and general reputation as an excellent cook. His contributions to candy sales in the Music hall are best sellers. Professor Killeen's classes in voice training include one for the University chorus which is a part of the University Singers. Under Killeen's direction, the Uni- versity Singers presented Sigmund Romberg's "New Moon" in May. G. KII.l.liliN As manager of the Minneapolis Symphony orchestra, Mrs. Carlyle Scott deserves much credit for advancing the University to a place among the music centers of the country. It was she who secured Eugene Ormandy and outstanding artists who have also con- tributed so greatly to the orchestral association's prestige and success. Mrs. Scott's cooperation with the Minnesota Daily this year made possible the fulfillment of the desire of students for Hne music at an accessible price. Three MR. AND MRS. SCOTT Professor Scott is director over thirty staff members. afternoon concerts were the result. of thc department of music and he has been here in that capacity since its inception thirty-one years ago. During that time he has watched it grow from a one-man position to an important university department with a personnel of Nino Martini, leading tenor of the Metro- A politan Opera Company, appeared on the Artists' Course for the second consecutive year. As in the past he lived up to the expectations of the music lovers that thronged Northrop Memorial Auditorium to hear him in concert. He won over the audience by his singing of numbers familiar to many who attended. NINO MARTINI :lil Al.liXANDliR HRAI l .OXVSKY NA I l'IAN Mll.S'l'EIN Visiting Artists A large, eager, and well dressed crowd stormed Northrop auditorium October 26 to hear Kirsten Flagstad and to see each other under the particularly glamorous auspices of the Minneapolis Symphony Orchestra's homecoming concert. Miss Flagstad, recently become famous in the musical world, is now soprano soloist with the Metropolitan Opera Company. Lawrence Tibbett, soloist for the opening of the seventeenth annual Artists' series, November 16, sang before his second capacity audience here. Most outstanding newcomer among violinists, Nathan Milstein, on his appearance at the second Artist series concert, gave a truly distinguished performance, for overwhelming as is his technique, it is but the basis of his art. Among the Hrst names of Americans who have arrived in opera is that of Edith Mason, fifth soloist on Ianuary 10 of the Friday night concerts. Next, on the Artists' course, February 12, was Ruth Slenczynski, the gifted child pianist. Probably one of the orchestra association's greatest drawing cards was Nelson Eddy, popular screen and concert baritone, whose coming March 6 necessitated tem- ' r irrm fements in the orchestra pit. A few weeks before f l porary seating: z 5, . the close of which was probably the greatest and most success 'u sym- ' ' "7 ' li the Piano " ter- phony season, Alexander Brailowsky, called loct o , minated the Artist series. 'figu- I gg-- Y4 se RUTH SLENCZYNSKI -.3-mv -.. .9iv,-'i,l:f, sf iwwai3,4: J I, li.: , , 1 A -' at ant ,fx . is WRICNCF, 'l'Ililili'l lilDl'l'll MASON N1zLsoN rannv 165 STFN lfl.AUS'l'AI7 Taking over the University symphony orchestra in 1919 Professor Abe Pepinsky has developed and con- ducted it since that date, with the exception of one year's sabbatical leave in Germany. In addition to his position as professor of music, Mr. Pepinsky four years ago obtained a master's degree at the University, with a major in physics and minor in mathematics. 1-lc is now preparing for a doctor's degree. Since 1913, when he came to the University as director of the Agricultural College orchestra, he has been accepted as an outstanding musician in the Twin Cities. Enjoyable to students is a frequent invitation to the Pepinsky home where they may listen to a fine collec- tion of symphonic recordings. An opportunity for undergraduates to play symphony music and to familiarize themselves with orchestral compositions is provided by the University Symphony Orchestra. The membership in this organization consists of about a hundred students and a few members of the University faculty. The orchestra meets once a week, with rehearsals for concerts or practice of great orchestral compositions occupying these sessions. Once each quarter the symphony gives a concert. In addition, they assist other campus organizations in their productions. During the past year, the symphony performed at the Sigma Xi lectures and accompanied the Singers' performance, "New Moon." In the spring, the University Symphony assists the department of music in their commencement exercises, with music majors appearing as soloists with the orchestra. This organization has its own ofhcers, which it elects, and also has all of the various positions found in the professional orchestras of the same nature, such as concert master, and principals of the various instruments. University Symphony Minneapolis Symphony Critics who attended Eugene Ormandy's Hrst per- formance with the Minneapolis Symphony Five years ago were aniazed when the young conductor directed his first number without a score. Since then he has gained the highest esteem of musical Minneapolis and St. Paul. Ormandy's prestige won him the conductorship of the Philadelphia Symphony orchestra with whom he will begin rehearsals late in September. Bringing a typically European interpretation of music to the Northwest, Ormandy has caused the famous orchestra to play as it has never played before. April 19 he brought the orchestra's thirty-third season to a close amid applause and cheering sur- passing any heard before at a Minneapolis concert. The following day Ormandy left for appearances abroad. In the words of Eugene Ormandy upon his return from Europe last fall, Minneapolis' fame as a music center is rapidly winning it front rank regard from the masters of Europe. No small part of the credit is due the Minneapolis Symphony Orchestra, which under Ormandy, has revealed possibilities that should be allowed permanence and further growth. During the symphony season a wide selection of programs is given which have included in recent years many worldbpremieres and numbers played for the Hrst time in Minneapolis. On Friday evening was the regular symphony performance, supplemented by six presentations on the Artists' course. ln addition to the Sunday afternoon pop concerts, an innovation this year was the group of popular concerts for University students exclusively. Outstanding members of the orchestra, some of whom appeared as soloists at the Sunday concerts, are. Harold Ayres, concert master and violinist, Frank Miller, Hrst cellist, and Paul l.eMay, assistant conductor who recently resigned to assume direction of the Duluth Symphony Orchestra. Gerald Prescott came to the University four years ago as conductor of the University Band. I-Ie sees graduated this year band members who also came to the campus in 1932 and have worked with him since that date. ln addition to the supervision of the band, Mr. Prescott spends much time judging and directing con- tests hetween state high school and college bands. His class in instrumental technique, now very well known, is another phase of his activities. At present he is writing a book on high school bands-a book for which there is a decided need. X ' A X X . X , 5 The University Band, largest musical organization on the campus, last year had about two hundred and fifty members. This year was added a Varsity Band, made up olf students in the school of music interested in semi-classical composi- tions. Consequently, by the close of the spring quarter, 1936, the entire organization boasted about two hundred and ninety members. The Varsity Band, with the Marching and Concert Bands, now compose the three distinct units of the whole organization, the University Band. Individuals may belong to but one of the three units. The Marching Band plays for parades, military reviews, St. Pat's day and football games. For the Homecoming event the bands are combined. The Concert Band plays symphony music, giving concerts twice a year in Northrop, spring twilight concerts on the knoll and radio broadcasts. A high spot in its activities is the spring tour of middle western states, although it was discontinued this year because of poor roads. Outside of the conductor, the band is entirely student organized and admin- istered. The four members of the business staff are Iastin Karon, Orris Herfindahl, Emmett Kriesel and Donald Yanacek. The officers of the band's social organiza- tion, which sponsors the ofhcial Homecoming dance, winter formal, and spring banquet, are Robert Hose, George Hemsey, Al Angster and Eleanor Iones. University Band The New Moon u . " 4 The only production put on by the University Singers this season was "The New Moonf, Because of the iinancial failure of the musical shows in the last few years, Director Killeen was reluctant to at- tempt more than one this year. Although he went outside of the University in obtaining talent to bolster the singing parts, the crowds attending were disap- pointing. According to the hnancial reports from the production, a deficit of about 551,000 was incurred. The music in "The New Moon" was exceptionally good. Seldom does there appear in one show such outstanding numbers as "Lover Come Back to Me,', "Stout Hearted Menf' as well as several others which were included. The imported artists from New York, were Robert Macauley and Ruth Altman, stars of Broadway. The former played in such shows as "The Vagabond King" and "The Three Musketeersf, Right. Phillipe, played by Arthur Thornton, tries to win the heart of Iulie, portrayed by Elizabeth Hultgren, in one of the trying love scenes from the production. Both people are members of the University Singers, who pro- duced the musical, IH INA-LII Above. A chorus number from the show with Miriam Brown, on the left, and Robert Macaulcy and Eliza- beth I-Iultgren, center, as the prominent figures. Right. lohn Monsos as Vicomte Ribaud. gn Lvff. Miriam Brown, as Clotilde, was one of the outstanding players on the stage. A veteran ol' past Singers' productions she was at her best in "The New Moon," The show was very elaborately costumed, and made use of a number of diilierent sets which helped to make it all the more brilliant. The New Moon Iulie ..... Monsieur Beaunoir Captain Georges Duval Vicomte Ribaud . . M. Fouchette . Robert , , Alexander . Besac . . Iacques .... Marianne Beaunoir Tavern Keeper . A Spaniard . Tavern Girl , Rosita 4 Ramona . Philippe . . . Clotilde Lombaste . Admiral Delean , Brunet . . . Seamstress . William . . Second Mate . Girls . . . CAST Elizabeth Hultgren Thomas Dougherty . . Ierome Buser . . Iohn Monsos Lawrence Pittelkow . Robert Macauley . Donald Hawkins . Charles McManis Gordon Lagerstrom . . Ruth Altman . Linn I. Firestone , . Glenn Ransom . . Eloise Paradis . Rosemarie Hansen . Elvira Schlemmer . Arthur Thornton . . Miriam Brown Thomas Dougherty . . Glenn Malm . Margie Aronson . . Merlin Annett . Donald Davenport . Marjorie Olson, Peggy Hopkins, Margaret Steenson no N :E-E53IfF5-f-ffEIE25E2E1EIESEIE2EIEIE1E2EIE1E2EIEIEIEIE22EIEIEIE2EIEIE3EIEIEI?I'?EII. -:-:3:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:Zz31:3::::::::::::g:g:g:gg::::::::5c: . .-.::-: . . 2zf:".a3':-mx.-'-:-'-'.':'-"3 .-:f.5e-:-125W .- - .:-:-.-:-:-:-' ffae'.-sE1:-EfEfES1Er:r2::fs- .I .g.:.-.:. v -1S:5f5:f:-:5:5'- l:l:X.-RP' fdizlzkl:l:l:?:!:l:-::"'5S " , 1:-:':-:-.-:-:::::::::::g: .g:-af .Q-:IFEEi2EE1E2EIEI:1:5:I:I:1" -' 43335552555535E5E5E??5E5E555E5E!:2:-.. "c-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:k-:-:-:-:-:-:-. . v':1515E5E5i5E?E3E5E5E5E5i?E3E55r?3::p., ""7:5:5'7:5:5:75:25:5:1:5:T:5:5:En-. '323513:5:5:5:3:5:5:7:5:5:5:7I2:5:i:-.. ""'1:k7:Y:5:!i?:l:I:5:3:55:5:3:I7-r. . -.-.11-1-1-:-:-:-:-:-1-rar:-az-:-:xm:-::r:yf:g:::5-:::i:E:2:35:5:f:E:E:E5:E:E:5:E:5:E:ESg.g : :-2V:-1-:-:-:-:-1-:-:-ig:1Z1:g:::5:g:g:::4:::::g.g::.g:g.g.g,g:g -.,:.:.g :41-1-:-:Q:-1-:-:-:-:-:-1-:-:-:54:-:-:-:-:-:-1::::::::g:5:5g:::-'::g:::::g::5g:5::::5:::::::::1::::::: 'I-I-I-I-I-I'I-I'f':'l'1'I'5'I'.'I'I'I':'f':':'.'.'.'-','.'.'v'-I-I+:-1" ' ' ' ' "I-:'I-H-I'I'C'I'C :4:-:yr-:-1-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:':-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:wx-Q:-.3.-.:.:.::3f?E2c32:2::.g.:.:.:.,:.:,:.,, .g.g.g,,aw -.-Je.-.-M-.-.-.--, vf '05 9. + 1 zz- VX v fy prima A. DALE RILEY houses of the country. derson. comedy to tragedy. T in the courses in Mr. Riley's department LOLA I. SHEPPARD As business manager of the University theatre, Lola Iones Sheppard capably handles the important finan- cial end of this growing institution. She supervises ticket sales, provides for the printing and publicity of productions, and takes care of the thousand other de- tails of the business end of the theatre. 172 an CLEMENT L. RAMSLAND Clement Ramsland, the junior director and produc- tion manager of the University theatre, is a capable assistant to Mr. Riley in dramatic activities. He has distinguished himself in recent years by his methods in supervising dramatic talent on the campus and by the effective way his productions are presented. University Theatre The University theatre, which began IS an expert mental project, has just completed its fifth successful season. Under the direction of A. Dale Riley, who originated the theatre project here, it has attained 1 high place among the outstanding university pl ny 1 4 Since its inception, the theatre has presented sever il world premieres. These have added greatly to its fame and include such outstanding successes as Amaco, by Martin Flavian, and the Sea Wife, hy Sherwood An Plays for the season are selected on a basis of their lasting importance. The season is planned for peaks and an attempt is made to present a diversified pro gram of plays that includes all the types ranging from ln addition to the six regular productions, seventy live one-act plays are produced and presented as cliss projects during the year. The directing classes direct these and the stagecraft groups plan the sets The department also has its own costume rooms and the outhts for all productions are created there A. Dale Riley, head of the dramatic dcpirtmcnt, has served in that capacity since that department was established. Five years ago he established drimatics as a regular course and since then has developed it from an experiment to an important place in thc Um versity curriculum. The University theatre, under his guidance, has attained a top spot in the rinlts of college theatres. All aspects of the stage are ollered Cradle Song Sister Iohanna of the Cross . Teresa 4 . 'I he Prioress The Vicaress The Mistress of Noviees . . Sister Marcella , . . . Sister Maria Iesus . Sister Segrario Sister lnez , Sister Tornera The Doctor , Antonio . The Poet . leanne liwing Lillian ZLITCI. lileanor Lodge Freda McLean lune Gordon Iessie Aslakson Marie Daoust livelyn luster . Margaret Shippee Alice Murray David Causer Donald Mitchell Denis Mcllenty fuo Monitors . llilizabeth Hultgren 2 Genevieve Emmer X I iy Sister . , Anne Marie Clary Xnother Sister , , 4 Kathryn Kaste The convent doctor hears about his adopted daughter from the prioress. David Causer portrays the doctor and Eleanor Lodge has the role ol' the prioress. After the departure ol' Teresa, the sisters in the cloister return to their prayers. Kneeling is Sister Marcella Clessie Aslalisonl with Sister Inez fMar- garet Shippeel seated beside her. Teresa, the doorstep baby, becomes a young Woman about to be married to Antonio. She takes leave of Sister Iohanna, the most devoted to her of the nuns. Ieanne Ewing is Sister Iohanna, Donald Mitchell plays Antonio, and Lillian Zaret 15 Teresa. ""'2-- 11" X i The only male person allowed inside the convent is the doctor, who is in consultation with the sisters who regulate the convent. Iune Gordon is the mistress of novices, David Causer the doctor, Eleanor Lodge the prioress and Freda McLean the vicaress. Walter Higgs, the Mechanic, startles Thomas, the hutler, when he explains the strange madness ofthe Athertons to him. The mechanic is Donald Mitchell and the hutler role is enacted hy William Nelson. The neurotic mother fMarguerite Phillips, is furious when the liamily doctor f'l,eland Clayj tells her ol' her daughter's engagement which has heen engineered hy Madame Atherton CMary Irlartj. Peter lean Vest as Major liannister and Ruth Davis as lane Atherton, are the young lovCrS Who work out a somewhat startling solution to their romance. 174 Children of the Moon Iudge Atherton . . . . . Burton Wright Madame Atherton . .... Mary lrlart Laura Atherton , . Marguerite Phillips lane Atherton . . . . Ruth Davis Dr. Wetherell . Leland H. Clay Major Bannister Peter lean Vest Walter Higgs . . Donald Mitchell Thomas . . William Nelson ludge Atherton, the oldest of the Moon-mad Athertons, gazes pensively into lunar spaces when his granddaughter confides her love allair to him. linrton Wright and Ruth Davis are the players. ,Nm K 'lf' I' Merry Wives of Windsor DRAMATIS PIQRSONAF Sir Iolin l'alstaIl .... Fenton, a Young Gentleman . . Shallow, a Country Iustice . . Slender. a Cousin to Shallow . Ford Two Gentlemen Dwelling Page i at Windsor Sir llugh livans, a Welch Parson lboetor Caius. a French Physician Host olf the Garter Inn . . . llardolphl Pistol Followers of Tllllhilillli . Nytn I Rollin, Page to Falstall' , . Simple, Servant to Slender . Rughy, Servant to Caius . Servants to Ford Mistress Ford . . . Mistress Page . . . Anne Page, Her Daughter . , T Arthur Allen . Charles lrving . lohn Manning , William Nelson Donald Mitchell lWarner Lahtinen . . l.arry Gates . Ioseph Cohen llonaltl Hawkins Richard Thoeny , lidward llrisliin Forrest lidwards , Iessie Aslakson lidward llarding . . lilton lillis T Iohn Felton ' lMilton King Margaret Shippee . june Gordon Marguerite Garden Mistress Quickly, Servant to Dr. Caius . . Alice Murray f livelvn luster Blue Coat lioys ..,.... . I I'm'ct qchllin Fairies: Lucille lleede, Genevieve llmmer, Marian lirieson, Frances Gilbert, llelen lletllaack, Charlotte Lee, Marian Mcllrien, Caryl Meyer, Margaret Ryan. Carmen Sannicola. Falstail, the corpulent rogue, sends identical love letters to two young matrons, Mistress Ford and Mistress Pa fe. The com ware notes and vlan a . - . 35 . . . , . series ol. intrigues against him. Lharles Irving, guest artist, was Falstall and lnne Gordon and Margaret Shippee, respectively, Mistress Page and Mistress Ford. 1 ,t-. Doctor Caius and his servant, Mistress Quickly, provide a moment ol merriment at the expense of liardolph, one ol Falstallws followers. Alice Mur- ray, Richard Thoeny and loseph Cohen are the players. ' Falstafl is dismissed in disgrace when the two mistresses, Ford and Page, plot against him. They have their lun and their husbands have their rc- venge. The scene is in Ford's house. Robin, FalstafT's page, is in an impish mood, and tickles the nose of Bardolph as he slumbers against the wall. The page part was taken by Iessie Aslak- son and Richard Thoeny was Barclolph. 175 Nu. L Tragedy of Nan jenny Pargetter . Mrs. Pargetter . William Pargetter Nan Hardwick , Dick Cilurvil Artie Pearce . Caller Pearce . Tommy Arker . lillen ,... CAST S .1 ....., , N The Reverend Mr. Drew . . us in Captain Dixon . Constable . A Girl . . Nan Scallon , Alice Murray . David Causer . Carol Linnet' Richard Thoeny . Patil Russell , Burton Wright . . Iohn Felton Margaret Lynch arguerite Garden I. ' - . Robert Crawford Donald Mitchell Robert S. Butler Lillian Q. Iensen -4-rf The shrewish stepmother, Mrs. Pargetter, the villainess oli the tragedy, berates her daughter Ienny for her lack olf linesse in getting a husband. Alice Murray and Nan Seallon play these roles. Nan fplayed by Carol Linnerj is haunted by the memory of her father, who was hanged. After killing her lover, she prepares to walk down to the sea to drown herself. Living in her uncle's room, Nan is greatly abused by her stepmother and cousin who are jealous of her beauty. She finds solace for her troubles with Gafler, the somewhat demented fiddler. Carol Lin- ner played her campus swan song in the role of Nan. Burton Wright was Galfer. 176 The mad fiddler, Caller Pearce, lends an almost poetic element to the production by his chorus- like interludes that intersperse the play. Gaflefs part was portrayed by Burton Wright. :5-: sg-:-:-:-3:-:-z :-V 3:4-: --:-:- 311- .9-J-: 5 ' -"NE . 33.-:g.,. ,:f:?,'-G' ::. - .- -'b:g:,.,. 42 " N 71 . :-'7:7:Z:-.- :-.-'fe 45:-v 1:7:e-:-:'f:-:-:- .- ,:E:E :,.'I:25:7:7:g5:5:5:3 I-f '-'.7'fI '- -. ' .7:7: 5 777572757 7:7:7: Eiie. , am? awsrsiiaiai 7175: ' :-.,-: 755' 'F-3:7:717:7:71 5757: .- :7:7g2: 37" E7E7E:7:7:71 :7:7: 42455 -:E:E4g' " 5: :7:7:':E:i:7: :7:7: 47:5 Qlglgg' -' -:73:7:25:::::g: :5:2: '4g3r7:7:5E J- -Q' .gg 75,7 Q N s 7 27 52 -4-HQ 92- ai f 6 "' N p 61172 OSLER l'li'I'liRSON liLliANORlf. STRANI DIC GORDON Plil-IRSON DEBATE FRANK M. RARIG Spwch Director An intercollegiate debate squad of twenty members completed a schedule of over sixty intercollegiate debates and about thirty public inter-squad debates during the past season. For the First time in the history of debating at Minnesota, the debaters engaged in three international debates in a single season. The first was with a team from the Oxford Union, the second with a team from the University of Melbourne in Australia, and the final with a team from the University of Hawaii. University teams have engaged in five radio debates, three of these being intercollegiate affairs and the other two inter-squad, or demon- stration debates. A special feature of this year's program was a series of trips throughout the state during which debates were held with private colleges and state junior colleges. CLARA VIVIAN 178 P. K liNN1iTH I'E'I'IiR SON HAROLD MARGULIES DEBATE FRANKLIN KNOWIYR Conch For the first time, Delta Sigma Rho this year sent teams to the invitation tournaments at the University of Iowa and the University of Wisconsin. The Western Conference Debate League schedule took a men's team to the University of lndiana in December, a women's team to the University of Iowa in February, and a men's squad of four to the University of Chi- cago for the conference tournament in April. The University won thirteen of the twenty-six debates judged by critic judges and both of the debates judged by audience ballot, for a per- centage of .536 for the year. The debaters have continued their policy of forum debating for community civic clubs and have been highly commended for their work in this public service. A large part of the de- tailed work of managing the activity of the debaters has been carried out very elhciently this year by P. Kenneth Peterson. . V . rqiigqga' F it if-as BIERNICE STEINFELDT KliNNliTI'l N. Pli'l'IiRSON MARGARIYI' Mlillil! PAULA MYERS NEWTON MARGULIFS rss. S Mll.I,ARlv .fxl1l.s'l'RoM 179 Delta Sigma Rho FACULTY MEMBERS Ioseph Beach Helen G. Canoyer Frances K. del Plaine Howard Gilkinson Melba Hurd Franklin H. Knower Frank M. Rarig MEMBERS Charles Arnold Genevieve Arnold Leonard I. Eid Alberta Haycraft Ierome Kaufman George Koplow Lucie Lawson Lee Loevinger Iune Miller P. Kenneth Peterson Honorary Forensics Founded University of Minnesota, 1906 Sixty-three Chapters Minnesota, T906 E, --'SWS K-9 . Q .9 in R 2 EQ 45k-4'.Q.-. " 'Q '-a -. Q 19- if .335-: 'lb- 's -?fg5E5E5E5E5Eg5:5: f--. 5: 5f":"':9-'K 5 .' ' E'5E5i5E5E5E5E5E5 0144 214 Elizabeth Addy Mary Barry Mary Brennan Mary Iune Cooper Gertrude Esteros Helen Dae Hopper Etheldreda Iones Back Row-E:-tems, Morrill, Taylor, LlllllI'0ll, Harry Front ROW-Arlrly, Lynch, Hopi vcr, jones, Cooper Cap and Grown MEMBERS Mary Kitts Eleanor Lathrop Ruth Libby Elizabeth Lynch Marjorie Morrill Dorothy Quamme Mary K. Taylor Eleanor Burkhard Linda Cook Doris I-Iagensick lean Harris Ruth Kyle Mary Pierson . ..,. v ,, 1. Bark Row Iiomcker, Vlhuon, Burklmrrl, Iierwn, Swenson Front llmv-Van llraak, Kyle, Way, Harris, llagcnsick Tam Q'Shanter MEMBERS Violet Rosacker Mary Swenson Ruth Van Braak Virginia Way Mary Lou Whiton Iulie Antlerson Margaret Deems Bernice Gardner Helen Holt Barbara Moody lean Nemcc Mary Norcllantl Betty Peterson Back Row nliolh, Moody, Amlerson, leslow Second Row--Nnrallaml. Nunwe, '1'ewt-s, Swenson, l'cn-rsun lfront Row'-'IIuli, Sltognm, l1ee1ns,llartlner Pinalore MEMBERS M urguerite Stre lter Back Row- fllrure. 'l':1her, Ri!-rhie, hlk'l.illlj1l!llll, Gorlner, llrnnllell llronl Iioxvuv-l'l1eIps, I-lnth, lilomngren, Lainpg, Cln'islnll'er Bib and Tucker Betty Almars Ruth Bloomgren Betsy Bruce Katherine Bruntlett Ruth Christollier Ruth Finch Alice Gortner MEMBERS lean-Helen Laing Mary Lt muise lVlCl.1lllj,fl1lil1 ,lilizahelh Phelps Betty Ritchie Atlelaine Salmon Mary l.ou Taher W. S. G. A. livery girl registered in the University is a memher of the Women's Self Government Association. It has a threefold aim: CID to create a sense of unity and fellowship among the women, QD to promote and to maintain the highest standards of university life, to regulate all matters of student conduct not falling Linder the jurisdiction of the faculty, together with those which may he referred to it hy the faculty. It is furthered by girls from all classes and from all sehools in the University. The powers of the organization are formulated and controlled hy the ex- eeutive board, headed hy president, vice- president, secretary, treasurer, and chairmen of every women's activity, guided hy the dean of women, Anne Dudley Blitz. 184 i N..-Nr p-Q. fl' 'SPD it L Ah" vt! 177' 'C' 'fb CATHARINIC HURNAP KAY RIEGAN AMALIF ROTH IESSIH ASLAKSON x, The complicated Merit System records are watched by Carol Olson, Mary Lou Whiton, Peggy Wolfe, Peggy Streater, and Catherine Gavin. W. S. G. A. The personnel hureau, made up ol' Minne- apolis, St. Paul, and out-ol'-town representa- tives, promotes participation in college allairs oli girls who are not already active. They at- tempt to enlarge their range of interests, to make them hetter acquainted with classmates, and to hroaden their education hy helping them into the extra-curricular activities of the VV. S. G. A. l.el't to right: llarriet Bell, Carol Mani- kowski, livelyn lnglehret, Anne Ianasko, Priscilla lclohhs, Virginia llill. llarriet Aanson, lla llanson. The lnterproliessional Council is designed to promote a friendly spirit and cooperation among the women in the various colleges. lt is an active organization consisting of one representative lirom each oli the many divi- sions. The Council is represented on the W. S. G. A. executive hoard hy its chairman. Memhers of the hoard in the picture are: lidith Powers, Maurine Martin, Mary Penny, Betty Vincent, lrlarriet llanson, Claire Hosp, Ieanette Kuehn, Faith Anderson, Marjorie Christianson, Betty Brooks. As a hasis lor choice olf nominees for oflices in W. S. G. A. and class organizations a Merit System has heen established under the direction of a committee ol' seven girls respousihle to the executive hoard. The com- mittee records the girl's interests and lists the activities in which she has participated. They also gather information on the oflicers and committees of all campus organizations. The committee sends out quarterly blanks to all women on the campus on which they may record the activities on which they have worked during the quarter. The Merit Sys- tem has heen well executed, and has made possihle the selection oli girls capahle of mak- ing the W. G. A. an active and successful organization. 185 .S. G. A. liach year W. S. G. A. gives twelve scholar- ships ol' one hundred dollars each and as many additional scholarships as the treasury will allow. They are given at the discretion of the Board each year to women students on the basis of high scholarship, character, and need. Applications may be made to the dean of women. Here is seen a group of stu- dents at tea talking over the ever important subject ol: scholarship improvement. In the picture are: Claire Ostrowsky, lone Presncll, Sylvia Pagariler, Eleanor Iones, Ioan Redding, Catharine Burnap, Alice Gross, Claire Hosp, Kay Regan, Evelyn Mirviss, Nora Boddy, Florence Dieekholl, Kathryn Ferguson. An annual function of the W. S. G. A. Board is the Faculty-Board dinner. The stu- dent leaders and teachers discuss common problems and seek to further student-faculty understanding and cooperation. W. S. C. A. entertains at a tea honoring Dean Blitz on her birthda . Catharine Bur- X ' y nap, W. S. Ci. A. president, lane Speakes, unior vresident of Education, can M ers, I l 1 Y mresident-elect of W. S. G. A., Elizabeth 1-1. . lrltch, president-elect of Y. W. C. A., Mar- faret lfrlofaere and Perf Wollie executive 2. say Q , 1 board members, are seen with Dean Blitz. 186 -n Q fl. at ' A vim- ' r...... :,.-:1 . naw. 'Elf Q . 1 1 ' a f f I A " i ,,,.. 4' 2:5 ' Q i 1 x i '. '. Oy 3954" lk '- W. S. G. A. The W. S. U. A. bookstore, managed by the students, is a source ol' income for W. S. G. A. activities. The store is operated in the basement of liolwell llall for the resale of textbooks. Such a store makes possible for the student a minimum ol' expense in the purchase and sale ol: textbooks. Out ol' the funds, money is secured for the W. S. G. A. scholarships. Those in the picture are: Mary Barry, Mariorie McWilliams, Alice Gross, Marion lillingwood, Helen Iohnson. To promote dramatic talent among the women, the W. S. G. A. organizes a Dra- matic Service Bureau, directed by the dra- matic chairman on the executive hoard. The Bureau operates upon the request of any per- sons requiring its services. lt secures enter- tainment for University functions, and takes charge of all VV. S. G. A. booths or lloats. A lile of available entertainers is always ready for use. The W. S. G. A. Tutor Bureau provides student aid lor any girl having ditliculty in her studies. A complete lile is kept ol' student tutors approved by the faculty in the respec- tive departments. One need only to apply to the Tutor Bureau chairman for instruction in any course. Genevieve Grillith, Margaret Angst, Mary Nordland and Nancy Wallace are checking over applications for tutors. 187 W. A. A. Six women receive "M's" during fall and winter quarters. In the picture are Charlotte Teseham, Ianet Hanson, Borghild Benson and Eleanor I-Ioven. The others are Ruth Ackerman and Dorothy Prohl. The letter is awarded after nine quarters' work in team and unorganized sports. The W. A. A. seal is given at the end of each spring quarter to outstanding "M" wearers. Archery drew a large number of enthusi- asts during spring quarter. After preliminary practices in the gymnasium, the archers car- ried their bows and arrows and targets be- hind Sanford Hall for some outside, long- distance shooting. Later they added to the novelty of the sport by shooting at balloons. The numeral is awarded to girls who have taken part in five quarters of W. A. A. work, including two quarters of team sports, two quarters of unorganized sports, and one quarter of either. Eleven women received the numerals: Lucille Kurke, Lavonna Hen- ning, Temrna Steinberg, Kathryn Fossum, Ruth Ackerman, lennie lirunetti, Tonie Cal- lenbach, Iean Cihrizar, Ardith Frost, Ruth Iohnson, Prudence Kennedy. Field hockey proved to he a well-liked sport for fall quarter. The enthusiasts of the game formed a hockey club which met every Saturday noon in addition to the two regular practice days each week. The season ended with a game with the faculty womcn's field hockey team. Another outdoor sport offered during spring quarter was baseball. Vieing with this were the unorganized sports of track, golf, hiking, bicycling, tennis, and others, all of which have their biggest turnouts during spring quarter. 188 ou- WWW. . Ar- w. W. A. A. Tennis proved to be the most popular sport during spring quarter. The players met three times a week for instruction under Miss Christianson. One of the attractions of this sport was the new electric robot which throws balls. Many women donned helmets, wire masks, and padded body guards during spring quar- ter to prove their skill at the old art of fencing. This year a man instructor was secured. The first W. A. A. award, the chevron, which proves a woman's membership in the Women's Athletic Association, was given to over one hundred girls this year. To receive this a girl must participate in one quarter of any VV. A. A. activity. 189 W. A. A. Tap dancing was held on Tuesday and Thursday ninth hour fall quarter and proved to he so popular that it was carried through winter quarter also. Swimmers met for a free period two times a week all during the year. To climax the practice and general play ol? the weekly swims, they put on a water sports play day at which teams competed in games and stunts. ln addition to the tap dancing, which was open to everyone, there was interpretive dancing done hy the memhers of Orchesis, national honorary interpretive dancing so- ciety. Un April 23 the dancers presented their annual recital. This year it was included as a part of the A. F. C. W. convention pro- gram. 190 W. A. A Horseback riding was continued through- out the year with ever increasing popularity. During spring quarter the riders met on Sunday morning at the State Fair grounds for their lessons. Women in W. A. A. riding and others who took riding for credit par- ticipated in the annual horse show the latter part of spring quarter. Tumbling was a part of the unorganized sports program for winter quarter. Basket- ball was also played at that time. The two champion basketball teams played the Final game of the season at the last open house of winter quarter. Another sport attracting more and more women athletes is rifle marksmanship. This is held in the armory, where instruction is given by the men in charge of the artillery. All women marksmen joined a national riflery society. Taking its place among the big events of the W. A. A. year was the Athletic Federation of College Women's National Convention, held at the University of Minnesota, April 23, 24, and 25. The three-day program in- cluded tours of the campus, a tea given for the delegates by W. S. G. A., the Orchesis recital, a formal dinner at the Curtis Hotel, and numerous round-table discussions. Q Aquatic League Hack Row-Keyes. Oscth, Lomasncy, Ouerson, Eihner, Asal, Robinson, Mnttiln, R. Iohnscn, Fossum Second Row-Winquist, Wincberg, Davcrn, Henning, Jorgensen, Carey, Rubcrls, W. Spcight lfront Row-Wesicrhcrg, Cottrell, Callcnbuch, England, Ilerrnla, Burglund, I-loidnlc Virginia Asal Avis Berglund Tonic Callenbach Charlotte Carey Marietta Charmoli Catherine Cottrell Ruth Davern Adelaide England Kathryn Fossum Katherine Fronta Ardith Frost Genevieve Goldblum Ianet Hanson LaVonne Henning Lina I-Ierrala lean Hoidale lean B. Iohnson Ruth Iohnson MEMBERS Miss Eibner, Advisor Lois Iorgensen Prudence Kennedy Cynthia Keyes Peggy Kuehn Kathleen Lomasney Eleanore Mattila Iane Oseth Dorothy Otterson Ruth Roberts Ruth Robinson Avanelle Speight Wava Speight Eleanore Storland Marian Warner Lois Weiss I-Ielcn Westerberg Mary A. Wineberg Esther Winquist Fou ndcd University of Wisconsin, 1927 Scvcn Chapters Epsilon, 1930 Siqma Epsilon Sigma ADVISORS Dean Anne Dudley Blitz Mrs. Richard Scammon MEMBERS Nora Boddy Ieanette Bren Mary Carman Elizabeth Donovan Frances Erickson Vee lane Holt Delores Kaely Ardis Kaplan Sheila Kragness Alice Elizabeth Pass lessie Petit Anne Dixon Roberts Erika Rogalsky Margaret Webster Edith West Miss Mary Shaw Womens Sophomore Scholastic Charlottc Brunkow Priscilla Colvin Katharine I. Densford Thelma Doclcls Cecilia Hauge Mabel Larson Sigma Theta Tau FACULTY MEMBERS MEMBERS Dorothy Brevig DeLoris Chaney Alice Haas Elma Huttula Laila Kangas Mae Krueger Eileen Kuss Ruth Landin Marjorie Lau Neclra Neault Carol Ieanette Nielsen Kathleen Perry Honorary Nursing Iulia Millcr Dorothy Olson Florence Parisa Lucile Petry Lillian Piltingsrud Ruth Strandness F ou nclcd Indiana University, 1'922 Six Chapters Zeta, 1934 5 A. ' fe f.. ,,?,,s l HT LETICS 1 ' . o , f 7 11 ENN 7" wi' Q . D ' yi IWVAPV' W' WI ...M N., 1 ' 4 M M, frm' V, ,,,,,x' , 'sf-al". "V H91 4' l3'fp1fg"t?' '- .Q W Q 5 Oi x - . Q f .Q 9 Q ., f i t ' ,H , I H 1, X KH ,-M A . A I Y In Q f W .ff- e. ,..1, , f - W ' -fmi -,Q ...vw- 'f ' f 1 it I 15: N ,I 'W W ' Nu ry '. "ll'v,- Aj! K. J r' M ., , M P ,H lg I : .,- ' - h Y W' 1 'J' 8 X' . V Q1 K 'M , R :...' W.-l 'V-I E' 5 F U fl an nw he , - ' ., H ' . -f fhfrfrf aw A ' :K E 9' iz ,J , yd -vzl A MM .,- i 1, f-,'., . 11 . W X - HIL ' ' I AL' A ,aw ' wit W e. , " f 1 A X M 3 1 4 , . f' 5 up ,X ' s5,4uW . N . Y V, YH, I 'M F' ' ' Q- ' z. , Cu I 1 SQL. '- V .- 6' ,Ffa U U A 'vm It 'd ' "M11W if v 3 Q YA El . , "F ,.,v" .M 1 b f'5..k 'img' DR. L. I. COOKE Athletic Administration FRANK MCCORMICK Athletic Director Frank McCormick is the man at the helm of Minnesota's elaborate sports program. Aside from his duties in this respect, he has found time to coach the Maroon and Gold baseball nine to three Big Ten championships and has them headed for another. One of the most important develop- ments of his regime has been the formation of a central athletic fund. A A Dr I Cooke is this year completing a sojourn of 39 years on the staff of the University. During that time he has been an invaluable part of the Athletic department, and has become a figure never to be forgotten in Minnesota history. The doctor is extremely proud of his long service and likes nothing better than to relate experiences of his Hrst years here. His chief prides are the championship basketball teams that he produced in his coaching days, and "Oscar" the skeleton, a well known personage to students in the doctor's classes. W. R. Smith, head of the intramural department, has built his pro- gram to a point where it ranks with the best in the country. Under his supervision all men in the University are given the opportunity to engage in the sport of their choice. Another of his duties is coach of the golf team, and he plays a pretty good game himself, being in the low 80's most of the time. 196 LES SCI-IROEDER Ticket Director, or "AdminiS- trator of Ducats," Les Schroeder is well known in complimentary ticket circles for his reluctance t0 give out the pasteboards to IIHY' one without a notarized d0CU' ment. Les accompanies the tC21l'1'l on most of the trips, pays all the bills, and generally tries to kCCP the expenditures down t0 3 minimum. W. R. SMITH Stadium Color George Aagaard, veteran drum major, was presented with a medical kit as a token of appreciation from his fellow band members. With the final game of the year he completed four years of service in maneuvering the band at football games. George was well known to Minnesota fans for his skill in handling the baton through difficult twirling routines. I STADIUM SINGERS Tom Daugherty Don Davenport Iohn F airall Linn Firestone lx' L. v 1 '31, fy. 's . J n-X ., Z ,gg k . Sheldon Gray 'fp Sqft' Gordon Griebenow 1 Curtis Hanson Don Hawkins Frank I-Ionack Ethan Hurd The band breaks into a formation and spells out "Minn,' for the crowd in the stadium at one of the football games. The repertoire of the organization includes many such intricate formations which are executed on the field between halves. STADIUM SINGERS Wallace Iackson Owen Iohnson Louis Keymer Gordon Lagerstrom Mark Whittier 197 The Coaches Speak The most pleasing part of the season was the gradual development of the team which hit its peak at the Michigan game. As in 1934 the outstanding players were again seniors, including Smith, Beise, LeVoir, Rennebohm, Roscoe, and Oech. The outstanding underclassmen were King and Reed at the ends, Widseth at tackle, and Wilkinson at guard. At the end of the season the team was playing football equaling that of the 1934 squad. Six men from the starting lineup finished their competition. For 1936 it will be necessary to fill in the line, and completely rebuild the backfield. BASKETBALL The PZISE basketball season, considered from a win and lose standpoint, could not be termed a real success. However, looking at it from the angle of improve- ment from the beginning of the season until the end, it was a very successful season. Our team perhaps was as good as any in the Big Ten at the close of the season. Prospects for next year look much better, because of this fact and the fact that the freshman class will contribute four or five players who will be above the average in ability over players of the past two or three seasons. The spirit of the squad was excellent, and this, together with their ambition to improve, was probably the main contributing factor toward the vast improve- ment of the team over the beginning of the season. O HOCKEY The Varsity Hockey Team of l935-36 had a fairly successful season. They played fifteen games, winning ten and losing Hve. The two outstanding series were with Princeton and Manitoba. Minnesota managed to break even with the strong Eastern team, winning the First game 3-1, and dropping the second 4-3 in overtime. With Manitoba we lost both games 3-2 and 5-2. Won four games from Michigan Tech., and three out of four from a strong University of Michigan team and one from Carleton. In three games with the A. A. U. All Stars we lost two and were victors in one. Every forward and defense man on the Gopher squad Hgured in the scoring this season. WW? SIE:- -:-:-. E:-:3:5'2:Q5:5., :51s:?5Ez1:5:1: QE S4 'lzklzlzlzfwfz-. -:iz :-:5-:-'-:ki-.:-.-. 1:22 '-:1:jEY:l',.g:F:2: 5335555555 -.-. 232 152 -:1: .In :2:f:'x2'l:5: Q, flwiiw BERNIE BIERMANI Winning football teams are getting to be a habit with Bernie Bierman. Since his return four years ago to Minnesota, the scene of his own playing days, he has produced three unde- feated teams and has compiled a string of seventeen straight victories. Every year, Bernie is pessimistic about the chances of his squad, but every year he man- ages to pull down the heavy end of the scores throughout the season. The enviable records of Minnesota teams under his tutelage have made the Gophers a marked team in nearly every contest. This season looked particularly gloomy at the outset in the face of several cases of ineligibility and injuries. These were enough to make even the most optimistic of Minnesota fans skeptical of the team's chances for another Big Ten title, let alone another undefeated season and national championship. The situation was entirely up to Bernie Bierman to make the necessary changes and develop new material to Hll the vacancies. How he came through needs no explanation. The record of another undefeated season, and overwhelming triumphs proved the genius of "the old master," in moulding men into a winning combination. Head Coach Coaching Staff Top, Iefl to right--Sig Ilarris, Ur. George llausvr, Lowell Dawson, middle, Bert 152151011 Behind a great coach was a great staff of men, experts in the art of teaching football. They all did their share in helping Bernie Bierman to develop the powerful machine that gained the title of the "Golden Gophers" of 1935. Strangely enough, most of the members of the staff are former "M" men themselves. Dr. George Hauser, line Coach, played under the famous "Doe" Williams. Bert Baston, end coach, and Sig I-'Iarris are also former Min- nesota gridiron greats. liaeklield coach, Lowell "Red" Dawson, played under Bernie Bierman at Tulane, when Bernie was turning out the hrilliant "green wave" teams. He will go hack there next year as head coach, with Glenn Seidel, 1935 captain, and Bill Bevan, All-American guard of 1934, as his aides. For the 1936 campaign, two new men will help plan the strategy. They are Dallas Ward, former Marshall high eoaeh, and Sheldon Beise, star fullback olf the 1935 team. un' ,pi it ,,. V - we .. -,wwe . . Pawn, Q' Iain- L ".-xi' ' .1 ' v . ts?-1'-iN.. , 5 . run, 1,51-,..4 -.v ,K 'Q5,", up ,--'QM SWA gl .- I'. pf ' . .. ' gil" lfcixc wearing iz hirrl cage lzeuzlgczzr rlrizfcx through the Norlh IJKIIQOIII line lor Il :uhslanlial gain. I ID WIDSli'l'lI RAY ANTH, lIIlARl,liS WILKINSON liarly bird fans at the lirst Minnesota football game of 1935 grinned and elucked about the steam-roller Gophers of the year before. They indicated only casual interest as the new, sophomore speckled Min- nesota team took the Held, but in loyal hope, they prayed collectively that this new Bernie Bierman concoction could somehow keep the string of victories, now 9 long, unbroken for another few Saturdays. Interest was high at the kiekoiT, but one huge shoulder shrug would have expressed collective feelings after Minnesota had stum- bled through the North Dakota Bison for a 26 to 6 victory. In the listless interim, these rabid fans had roared for a return of the 1934 precision attack. They had nudged one another and praised the Bierman coaching, but moaned the loss of I7 lettermen. Only a blocked kick kept Minnesota in front by a 7 to 6 at half time, and in the second half, only the passing of free-and-easy George Roscoe and the catching of Ray King and Dwight Recd made it pos- sible for the Gophers to add up a sizeable score. The team was obviously tired from incessant practice and certainly disorganized in execution of the Bierman patternwork of intricate plays. Only Dick Smith swung into his 1934 form with his entire tonnage, and it seemed that only Sheldon Beise and George Roscoe remembered their backfield tricks. Fans found it hard to reconcile themselves to the loss of All-Amen icans from the championship team of '34, They pitied Bierman because he had to find replacements for Lund, Kostka, Clarkson in the backfield, for Bengtson, Bevan, Bruhn, Svendsen and four ends from the line. They all hoped that Iulie Alfonse would hurry with his eligibility. They scowled at news stories that said Minnesota once more would top the world in football, for they had absorbed some of Bierman's legitimate pessimism. L . The Norlaks push over a touchdown late in the game. The lux! charging Gopher lim' :mothers a North Dalqom play- MINNESQTA326 Ten Straight N. DAKCDTA STATE 6 .L M' HPQIJQQ If ,ol-a 'QQ . , ,Q -'g' 5 'ox'm,A'f4H ' ff' W Q' J Y A4 Q .5:Q21fsi 4 ".v,,5 A if 'll -pf. G Q1 .JV I xv .fi ff-' Q' IQ-Q gg I iw? if L x1!w:Lif:kb,, 3 v xl :KT 4x o, ip. 0 Q M 'A-'14, . .mt hs -4'I,'w: wx '1'W,2Q 5,i4v-+11-71 Mm U-T' f ll Q Nl i rf . 14 1' ' A 1 4. 2 I f , .vs ' s 3 it, B ! I y?k3x'L x 419' , Q A ' ,-9 ri .uw--u -' Y' ' -v.. gq ,gg 'N ,, h y.,Tn .rKuF,:rg1,: VK sq- -an QU' . 43,5 36 ' 'V WM-wb Ah Y Lwiak' " ,,!"'-J-I ' 'Milla i' ' my "' N12 yn ., .,,fxA - f Qa- K. '- Q r , ' 4 ' 1 Iirhizirl ffic ir1lw'fw't-:mc of big Dick Smifh, Ruxmz- fur.: og mcklc for rr .ffI0l'l gain. ' i- nu nom IQRICZOWSKI 'l'UlflfY 'ruoM11soN Lou MIlJl.liR An easy week off hreath-catching and muscle-patching was enough to get the Gophers into shape for their next game, for Bierman real- ized that l.eVoir's consistent play at right half and the improving work of Reed and King at the ends was enough to make this revitalized team unheatahle. Seidel maneuvered the team straight down the field on line plays for the first touchdown, with Beise, Roscoe and l,eVoir all hacking into the holes ripped open hy the line. A few moments later, after heing hottled up hy these men who loved to dive, hurdle and tackle like so many mountain goats, Tulane resorted to a routine punt that hounded ofl the chest of Bud Wilkinson, rolled along the ground and into his hands, and then ended up across the goal line. As soon as Minnesota again had the hall in midfield, another series of lakes, spinners and crushing line plays hurrowed the hall through the lighter southerners for a third touchdown, and with the score at 20 to 0, Bierman shooed in a flock of reserves. This stopped the scor- ing, and the new Gophers seemed ahsorhed in the work of tying up the elusive Mintz and Iohnson, ghost-like dancers in the Tulane hackfield. Gopher regulars returned and fooled away a couple of scoring chances. The audience hegan to yawn and leave the stadium. Suddenly, as if hy signal, Mintz circled left end and raced I6 yards to the corner of the Held, outrunning all except Seidel, who cut across the held, drove his shoulder into the hall carrier and houneed him out of hounds on the two yard stripe. As Seidel rose slowly to his feet and was helped to the sidelines, his left arm dangling, there was a strained hush. lt was realized that the great Gopher captain and engineer, director of the last veteran hackfield comhination that Bierman could construct, was through as a Minnesota player. lie had hroken his eollarhone, hecoming the nineteenth letterman Bierman lost heliore the actual conference playing season. Kr, K ' , N r mx t ' , A 'ff A ' V, - . ' " . ,A " 1 'fri N '-.fw4f4- - . ' -w1r.,.tw if-it mf r ivfwfa fl, . T A . 1 , , , L 4, t -. V . , ur'-." f- ji. '-,.'- '. 1 ., , 'l,1,' lhiiiiii' if i Q' Q' E ' '- Hiwlli N' 4 JU -:'-lf v' I if ,, Hg is . . , nl I-it , . fv.wQL,'.'l ,gift E, 59 7' ' ,' ,. .W 3' QA' 1 54 .fy 1-254,11 '-My ila, ' ' 'E I' A -' v -. 41' A' ' ' "E ij"-ff, , - l h.,-rr, T 3 . . 1, .Q , g ffm, 1 , r'i .ffrP94' Q Qt-f+Jf5:.' 'P+ this 'Aff ,HP s:'."'!l7' 5 ll ill 'T f"'w , " ' " rw 'H I ' "3 if l 41 ' i "N , . vi I a n 4 .-yr L. I ' ., N A.- fu, r W ,m l ,-ff ., .q 1 at ' ':""'9 " fu A ,.. .1 -'f -ra ,, , .- 'WW' " 1 ,vg1'2.'QL' ' ., ,.. q w , A ,,', , . N .Gu I i t .. ln,-W .. nr gy-f gfftg 1, x V. .7F'i""7' if"--' w s- -. ... i.' .E V, WMV "ff ' ini 'U "5 'W' '.' 'B if Mit.'A'E H-4 i If Mgr 4 .iw -'-M B' ' -' .t v i -it -,ff , f--trims, f . 4 .gtk ., gmbiuk me W if- ,, ggfrwgfa lVflkiu.wn ilfnmy! lzlnckx um' of Jllillfz' fulfils ll'fffl Il b1'1'ni4,' leaf'- It'n.fmr' gt-lx .fri lu w'f1n'n 41 G1'z'z'f1i1' kick, nfilh ,-lry closing in In lrlrfqfl' lum- ' el... ' , uv' ,A , sr ' ,,.t." 4 a. - 4,635-fe '-fl --w " 1:1 ' ff- ' - - - wr- - V' "fv...- '-1-ef.--.J 'am---T. .. .- ..,.-' - .,,.,4. h-.N . -,- I, ,,,,M- , -V . -'I . .. K. . Inf' ,Q f'f , .-1'-ctw -H - l3.1J'.,' ffgf. -i "V" '. 'fr' 3 J' -'fL?i'f I 'F n'-,fn -. inn- '. -" ",' ' -,. a , ," ' " I.n1un:-.:R1f':fl'f'ff1:-W ata' ar, yy, M IQ , ,., V ' . I' ' T ,,-5'A'1- J- 'vu-i, -Hit'-Wm My H' AV.. ' ' MINNESCTAQO Twelve Straight ULANE lVIINNESOTA'2l Thirteen Straight NORTHWESTERN '13 iw,-A , xssw' Q mv n'bNg"' tits- 'I 'xmtoxg -A . r,.mf,.f' nr' 'rn-1 we-' iv. , , . , 1 s' Q' A 5- , ' - A' .f M y -,,,,,u 1- an mkcgmy ru: ,VJ Q' H , 6116 .. 1, 'A ,Q 'i , Q. L "s"lw'mfH'f"a,,j'mli A IWIW1' lmuxz' rlrizfr by livin' for flu' jirxf llIflIlIt'a'1lftl lonwhrlown. Rrrvf !lI'1'I',V n1'1'l' Ihr f71ll'f!Il'illll'l'fl'l'l'l1l't.' fo ftrcklz' lflmlli. liierman lionntl in the Tulane game that Minnesota now hatl all the conlitlence neetletl to hreak the hearts ol' the competition, hut he saw that conlitlenee shaken hy the severe loss ol' Glenn Seidel. llis only hope was to take hantly liahe l.eVoir from his starring role at right hall' anal put him in the important ioh ol' calling signals antl hlocking, replacing him at right hall' with some new sophomore, someone who coultl tlo the trementlous ioh of hlocking antl carry part ol' the hall-carrying loatl with Roscoe. The important game with Northwestern, a rising, mighty team that was to upset the great Notre Dame, startetl with the llomecom- ing crowtl ol' 52,000 agog at the strength ol' the VViltlcats. On the sixth play, Swisher ol' Northwestern hroke oil' tackle antl llew 58 yarcls for a touchtlown. Conversion was missetl. Seven plays later, alitet' a pountling attack, the same play that gave Pitt a heaclache the year heliore scoretl for Minnesota, with lieise going Ill yartls to cross the goal stantling up. llut as the secontl halt hegan, Bierman pulletl a coaching innova- tion out olf his hat to give the Gophers hloeking strength at right hall' antl not lose running power at lelit. lle put Roscoe in the hlocking position. put Tully 'l'hompson, the sophomore antelope, at lelit halli. lntricate plays made fans antl players amazed at the versatility ol' this man Roscoe. lle hlocketl like a fool, hantlletl the hall perfectly anal helpetl his team mates shake the elusive ',l'hompson loose lor two sensational touchdowns, scores that were meat antl tlrink to a rahitl crowtl of homeeomers. Roscoe anal Thompson got the glory for a striking comeback, hut the hlocking antl versatility of l.eVoir anal Reise were just as important. liierman's nohle experiment pulletl a great team over another "hump" in the schetlule. STAN IIANSUN l4lI,I, MA'l'IlliNY Wlll'l'M.'XN RORR 'desi vu-if YK'- .LL 1,t'fl'I'HliIll'll fiflfYfIl'l' lm'klz'r.r ltlnnlqz' new' Il'il1l1't1r film-kt-r.: In .tmp ,JUN l'Iz't111, tm' No1'lf1n'z'.rlz'1'11 lnlrfq. ini-1 Tugy Thom funn, elusive sophomore hack, shirt: Ihe end for a long run, behind Bierman hloeking. in...-. i DWIGHT REED VIC SPADACCINI RAY KING Still a little doubtful about the success of the new Minnesota com- bination, coaches and fans waited for the Purdue game fairly confi- dent of a hard earned victory, but certainly skeptical of the chances for a big score. Purdue had been convincing the mid-west that they had another big, clever team, a team schooled in the tricks of the Rockne-Kizer system. Seidel sat on the bench with the coaches again that Saturday and watched I.eVoir make the Bierman system as errorless as the 700th production of Hamlet, with the great fullback, Beise, the steady Ros- coe and llashy Thompson as the main actors. Beise brought his ball carrying dramatics to its linest point that day, supplementing his proven blocking strength. Roscoe increased the intensity of his block- ing, and after the game, with a quiet smile, Bierman admitted that the tackling was "terrilic.', A fumble by Purdue set Minnesota up for the first touchdown, with Roscoe following interference across the line before 3 minutes had elapsed. Not until the third period did Minnesota again begin a march, but then the fleet Thompson broke loose for a twisting 41 yard run that brought the fans to their feet, and brought the score to 15 to 0. A blocked kick netted 2 additional points in the first half. Roscoe then took a minute from his blocking duties and tossed a pass to King for the third touchdown, and in came the reserves to test the "waning strength" of the Boilermakers. An amazing Purdue passing attack, mixed with fake end runs and spinners, scattered the Gopher reserves and sent Wright over for the only Purdue score, but a few minutes later, with a few veterans again in thc line to provide the dynamite, Mal Eiken, senior reserve, made good on his long awaited chance by scampering I0 yards for the last touchdown. '..f,1.i-,tf2Q.,.Qh,l.qgQ ... A , ,K ,N H , q 5 ,C Ni14A'-4:'JLf-3.5193 , i, ' ' .- ta .. ' .. . "" . V ,". t . 0 1 Y iv, Im ' A - ' i ', - -'A-'z ,Q W s " at hviw sl J' ,, ,f ,fi 'pt .- Mmmfiaiai ' ..-t ..,' '!,M. .6 v . - A M"u"Y."5ml.lHf"-f,t.v K 941 Complelely off the QITIIHIII ir Roy King ax he lneklex Isbell. The Gopher line .rruarmr through to nip an end rim atremfff- ' 59?"7"Y7"""""" v a .nu 'c--.Yi""' f-- ' V -if MINNESOTAQQQ Fourteen Straight RDUE' Ugly, exaggerated rtunors ol' a hostile Iowa crowtl, matle more intense hy political linger-wagging, hrought 10,000 angry Minnesota lans into lowa City to meet thousantls ol' llawkeye clisciples, and to watch two untlelleatetl teams, perhaps the hest in the nation, renew an age-oltl athletic leutl. one that hacl grown almost to serious proportions. Ossie Solem ol' lowa lilletl his lront line with the largest men ever to play lor the llawkeyes, antl lilletl his entire squatl with a tlo-orfclie spirit that was to make trouhle lor the keen, methotlical Gophers. Del leer, Liggett anal Kelley, reserve giants in the Iowa squatl, loometl high ahove everyone on the lieltl, macle Minnc-sota's Zilkpouncl Dick Smith look like a quarterhack. Alter Minnesota pecketl in vain at the hig lowa wall, Roscoe puntetl to Simmons. who tlaucecl hack 30 yartls helore he was ioltetl to the grountl. Minnesota was penalizetl I5 yartls lor roughing, antl hooing lowa lians were oll' on a spree ol' hate. Alter two sut'prising passes hy Simmons and plunges into the line. the Gophers hracetl at the goal line, were penalizetl lor ollisicle, antl saw lliltl, lowa liullhack, slash over lor a tleservetl touchtlown. lt looketl like Minnesota's long winning streak was heing hroken. Occasional hursts ol' olliensive llash were quickly crushetl hy the smothering line play tluring the rest ol the lirst hall. Serious and methotlical as their coach. ancl as tleterminetl as they hatl ever heen, the Gophers walketl hack on the lieltl the secontl hall' with the same simple instruction they had received at Pitt the year helore,--to "get two touchdowns." Manufacturing those two touch- downs was the hartlest ioh since the conquest ol' Nehraska, and not until the Minnesota liorwartls hatl paretl lowa's giants clown to normal tlitl the attack hegin to eat up the yartls. SAM Rll.liY l"..XRl. SYICNIDSUN SAMMY HL Nl X fha' ebony ul O y Slflllllllllt It lu! ul Ihr num Illlll lr, Smilh tlllll IC1'wlu'1'lh llfiflklillillll coming in Ia N1l'!'lIhf'fYltlj'. ,-lll-,fl lIlCI'l.L'lH1 Diclq Smillz lowrrx I?Il'll1lC'iIlg1y zzbozfz- Ihr' pllirlzigml lim' in' lu- L'll'lll'.x' fha' Il'll,V for finaly Umm. 1? W IRANK WARNICR RUSS WILIE Iowa sportsmanship in recognizing the Gophers, superior .power and hailing them as national champions gave the Middle West a clean, healthy feeling again. Cheerful Minnesotans, victory drunk, looked for successive wins over Michigan and Wisconsin, but chilled slightly at semi-occasional hints at the Michigan jinx, which, although killed and buried the year before, was being revived in barbershop chatter. Then, on a misty Saturday at Michigan, the real Bierman precision attack blazed. Anxious sophomores raced down the Held like school boys at recess, Michigan fans blinked, quickly recalling the days when the VVolverine was king. The kickoll brought Thompson behind an orgy olf blocking that shot him to the seven yard line. Michigan braced, kicked, and caught the rampaging Gophers on the rebound. Uram replaced Thompson and bolted through ends and tackles like a Wild colt. Beise followed with power shots at a riddled line, going over lior the Hrst touchdown on the linest piece of bucking seen during the year. On the next kickofl, Uram ran the ball back 30 yards, followed with two nice gains, and then trailed a spearhead of interference for 58 yards and the second touchdown. Michigan tottered. lt took Minnesotans all of 10 seconds in the second halt to score again, for Michigan kicked to Thompson, and scarcely had time to see the ball in flight beliorc they turned to see Thompson sprinting over the goal. The scores seemed to come with amazing ease, and Bierman, his lumbago eased by the salve of victory, allowed reserves to clean up on the spoils. Beise returned to the game in time to hack the line lior the last touchdown, and fans could scarcely believe that the flashing electric scoreboard Hickercd 40 to O. King .vfzufchar one of Ro.vmc',r lulncs l1t'lIl'fhl' Ilflichigrrn goal linr. Umm cl'o.f.rz'.c lhc W ulzfcrinc goal on om' of his .fcinrilluifng rims. MlNNESCTA'4O Sixteen Straight ICI-IIGAN' The final game started with the opposing lilies discussing violently the age-old feud. Play became so intense in the line that backs found it impossible to promote traffic. The Gophers' first bid was stopped: NVisconsin's passes, their only weapon, fell harmlessly to the ground. Not until l.eVoir caught another of his special short passes from Roscoe did the attack begin. He brought the hall to the two yard line, then helped blast Beise through for the only score of the first half. The Badgers, despite Minnesota's apparent love for receiving and disposing of kickollis, kicked to the Gophers as the second hall' began and pulled Uram down in the middle of the field. Then, against all old rules of reason, Beise confidently accepted the option to receive a second kickoff because of Wisconsin's olliside. This time, Roscoe took the ball, bolted up the side of the field to the 50-yard line, ran into two Wisconsin men, and, scarcely turning his head, lateralled the hall to Uram, who bounded the last 50 yards to score. The play, purely the result of split-second iudgment, disorganized Wisconsin, and from then on in the howling fans paid tribute to seniors as they came oil the field for the last tirne, the only graduates in the United States who had never tasted defeat through three years of play. The season brought a full meal of satisfaction to Minnesota fans, brought fame to speedy sophomores, golden bids to Bernie Bierman. and healthy jobs to graduating Gophers. For 24 consecutive games, Minnesota has not been defeated, and for 17 straight the Bierman machines have ground out deserved victories. Sports writers, for the second successive year, have voted the Golden Gophers as national champions, and the new trophy room is taking on the glint of polished silver as sparkling cups arrive to honor an unequalled record. IIARVICY RING lil! KAFK X I 1- Von rum Ihr plz mu-1 fum gzahbrr o the fmron This- rox.: from Roscoe rlrlfrvl Ihr' Iiulw lhirly yar'r1.r. ill-A if gf 'Q' TM 1- sf UNDEFEATED IN THREE: SEASONS WE!! Q " 4s f . ' 3-r' tx, N J X 1 I N K 1, Q sf: 1 E Q fffliff s - ' 9 .QAM -1 : 'M,s, 524m 4,1 4. . .N ,,'n,'y-,TJ ,,,'3--,,,, gg, .. s HL ia'. 4:15 X 3, si.. .. ,g nz.: ,: :d':- ss, , J. . , .05 ,, ' :app Qfw-xp 'TVA-,v', ,L J I ,199 ' F K Q. I f. nk fy ,. 5 'gd .L .V , . . .,, ,521 .,,?jf4:M.. ..?,?i:g,, ,?rf'f..J54:5 ,yiqrt It Om. 554' ' ., ,J-'iff ,.. , ,-. , fn -'v-I" -1,"4g,".,,- ' ' All- Q,."f ' if Mr. . '.. A I . 14 Aw. 'hifi'-' " '. ' f fha kv . 'f'PQ"7v"'.x"' U. I "65.""' ' M- 4 f,w-:-rf,f1f- 'Q f , . vb an tank' 10" f 'fi v X wud "' 5-' , '- u , X , M ' " w A -3 ff IC- " u-11, 1 A L . ,. H M '14'x3l", '- I. .A-1"'."a, , 1 "2'.,,n,' '37 "'f -'sg3j'."m5 :fki sz-ff." .' ,,. , - s 'I - V ff xx "5 fa. 9 if. 5 I ,011 Q4 n Sheltlon licise's great play in leatling the inter- lierence gainetl him the title as the greatest hloclting hack in football. Aggressive in leatlership antl Vicious in his hlocking, Shelly letl the Gophers tluring the past conference season. lle is now haclilieltl coach here. Although his game was never ol' the sensational lype, Vern Oech was devastating with his persistent steatliness. lfor the past two seasons he was a stal- wart on the famous Minnesota line, anal few were the plays that penetratetl his position. liahe l,eVoir's versatility in playing all the posi- tions in the haelclielcl macle him thc hantly man through three seasons. llahe was votecl the most valtiahle team player hy his team mates this year antl he ranks as an .Xll-American utility player. A st1'ong reserve was Ray 'l'rampe. ,Xlthough the hitl lor starting in the lineup was given to two All-American tackles, Ray was an alternate who coultl capalvly fill the reliel role when the occasion presentetl itsell. Another ol the secontlary line ol' nnglorilietl gritl- iron warriors was VVillis Smith, who eontrihutetl three years ol' sincere enileavor to line play lor his Alma Mater. lle ranlaetl only slightly helow the pair ol' starting tackles last season, George Rennix was hantlicappetl hy injuries thir- ing the major part ol his lioothall career. A shility runner he linishetl his competition with a lsrilliant performance in the Wisconsin game. giving evi- clence ol' his gritliron ability. ' if - " 4' W. rv ua r i C' t MH' . W 4 ii in rr f nhl ' A W It 5 it VV tv gm iri . if wg. 'f A' , 'ff' ,A . Q 'wwf ' ' 'thi thi!" "N fig? ' at i W 'JU l M yn Q" vm mx wit, ' 0' " . tb' " 'awwlgrmlvs -M - - - at . M a!",,,,Wur Ya IJ ,., , W 5 r -11- Freshman Football Fifth Row4W. Killnourne. ll. Storm, A. Ilork, C. Lilevjen, li. lfarnum, W. Olson, I.. Iluhler, K. jasper, I.. Moriarly lfourlh Rrnv---bl-1. Miller, M. Kallgren, U. Nash, W. Roberts, ll. Hell, W. Williams, Ci. lfausl, V. Fitch, li. Nowell lhird Row--ll. Parkinson, C. Ilrown, Il. llarslensen, R, Larson, l. Milf, W. llrown, W. Moore, lf. johnson, W. llolxland, R. Wishard tonrl Row--li. Orliell, I. livans, li. Grewing, l'. llelfiori, I. Knlbilski, Il. Close, M. Falk, F. 'l'wedcll, V. Kaufman, IJ. Neugart, A. lioysen ont Row-H. limond, M. Miler, M. Erickson, F. Whalen, G. Gould, R. Peterson, G. johnson, U. Moore, M. lilumenthal, W. Lillo, IJ. Myers, D. Marlin Coaches-G. Tuttle, A. Clarkson, M. Iohnson, M. llruhn, M. Dnnnigan, IJ. BZITICIIIILI, M. Ryman, L. llrilmar Although the turnout for the yearling squad was not as large as those of the two preceding seasons, the wealth of talent and the size of the men reporting was enough to offset this factor. An innovation in the plelue practice plan was introduced this year. In addition to the usual squads for round robin participation, an "AH squad was created. The top ranking freshmen were moved into this group as soon as their development warranted. They scrimmaged the varsity squad and gained much valuable team competition as a result. With the graduation of many Hrst string gridders on the varsity, many of the plebe football men will move into the gaps created by these losses next fall. FRESHMAN NUMERAI, WINNERS Iohn Ahll' Carl Anderson l'llll llelliorl l lorace Ht-ll Melvin lllllI11CI1lllJll Walter Hohland Ade lloysen Charles llrown Win Brown Lawrence liuliler Pele llllllifl' Howard Carstenson Ray Close llenry limontl Melvin lirieltson Iohn livans Marty lfalk liarl liarnum George Faust Velman liitell lliomas lilolid llonald Gates Gaydon Godward George Gould lfred Crexving Alden llarriman Kenneth Iasper lirank Iohnson Gilford Iohnson Syrus Iohnson Marshall Kallgren Vendal Kaufman Warren Kilhourne Dick Kroll Iohn Kubitski llob Larson Clare Lilevien Wallace Lillo Don Martin Mert Miler lildred Miller Louis Moriarty George Moore Wilbur Moore Richard Myers George Nash lloward Nelson lion Neugart limory Nowell Woodrow Olson lili Orlich Howard Parkinson Dick Peterson Willard Roberts Allen Rork Robert Stimson llurton Storm lirling Strand Ray Strate Iames 'l'hurkelson lfrancis 'l'wedell Francis Whalen Wallace Williams Rex Wishard 5 '-K.-: x '5- P- 52525 -555555555555 -:-:-:-:-:-:- .x 3- 55:5 -:g:g:5. A - 5552555555555 55E5555E555555z5, 5- 55- - :5'55: 55g55555s5 2525255252525-5 - 5' 'H-. .5-5:5 5 :55E555'5E555-I 555525525252555 2 .5--5-5 -5.5 5525525525255 2525552525253 5 ,5 - -'55-' 5252525255252525 5255555555555 '5 5555" .2555 5555555552552 -M25-:5:-:-52 -cg: - 5: -:- yr? :-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-'-: 555:55-.2:5:5:5:1: ' 25555 .' :5:5:5:5:5:5"5:T: 5252555525553 55552525 5252525252355 525252552525525 -55.55555 55- - 5555555 5i55555555555555 5555 - 5 555 5 5252525255525 .5z5555g5555s55555. .gxifefgaff BAKER f'?""be ,, . LILLYBLAD S A N X in N . N I '-.f 'iigqir f 'X I - fog' MI X 'J 1 ? n I' 1 W WALLBLOOM f JONES ' '-. .dllll -..... 4 ,ng v :nl GUSTAFSON 315532.12 1w. Un. M. .. 1--.5zu,!iJ Lum- -xl .Tfv fxgukg -' .. 'LJ - ..,,,,,,, 'E-2XZ.!!Y' 2 ,-31. . .. l.. A gf si-'V .PNA , K, nQ MAC MILLAN COACH S1 Z27'-H 'WS SUNDBERG A551 QOACH S 4 ,QP an W 7 S RAY ANTIL JAMES BAKER RAY BARGER FRANK BARLE GLENN BARNUM ROBERT S. CARLSON MALCOLM EIKEN MARK FORGETTE GEORGE GUSTAFSON EARL HALVORSON ED IONES MINNESOTA MINNESOTA MINNESOTA MINNESOTA . . MINNESOTA MINNESOTA MINNESOTA MINNESOTA MINNESOTA MINNESOTA MINNESOTA MINNESOTA MINNESOTA MINNESOTA MINNESOTA MINNESOTA MINNESOTA MINNESOTA MINNESOTA MINNESOTA BASKETBALL ROSTER flncludcs both A and B squadsj 1935-1936 RECORD RAY KING ARTHUR LILLYBLAD ROBERT MANLY GEORGE' NASH HUGO NASLUND MARTIN ROLEK RICHARD SEEBACH EARL SVENDSEN ANDREW URAM CHARLES WALLBLOM CORNELL . . . . 23 NORTH DAKOTA STATE . 22 CARLETON . . . 29 NEBRASKA . . 41 MARQUETTE . . 34 DEPAUL . . . 48 NOTRE DAME . 29 ILLINOIS . . . 49 MICHIGAN . . 38 NORTHWESTERN . , 45 INDIANA . . . 33 NORTHWESTERN . . 29 MICHIGAN , . 26 OHIO STATE . . 21 INDIANA . . . 26 OHIO STATE . . 44 PURDUE . . 39 ILLINOIS . . 35 PURDUE . . . 34 NOTRE DAME , . 35 .-. -4'-. 5' .- -. Nxwwx x N mv hi?- N me 5 5:1 55 'a fgigigigiiiiiiiii :.g.,.g .g.- , . . .-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-: zr'-. '-:FP-. 45' .'-Eliriiiririiri fm Egagagagsgsagg 5'- "4 ..-:'-': -' 1EE:flfd5'ftg'f -225335: I. Ei:E:E:E:frE:55 '-Sis: gsm' -145: -a:z:a:s:aE:ea:: E5 : -W E5i5.1E.5:E:9' ki :- :-: :1:-:-:-:Eg::E:: H' asia ' ases'4aia..:as:1 :- 5 'hh' 5 5: Wfia W f ' - fE2E2E2E2s:E2E2z: .imdfff Baseball Defending the Big Ten title in Basehall, Minnesota hegan the I935 season in impressive fashion. Good pitching and heavy slugging have combined to place the Gophers in a threatening position elose to the top in eonlierenee standings. A double header with Purdue opened the Big Ten schedule with the Gophers winning hoth ol? them. A Purdue runner rounds third hase on a hit hy one of his teammates. Babe l-eVoir, Minnesota's third sucker, is intent on the play. Minnesota players use every trick ol: the game to pile up their scores. Here a maroon and gold hats- man goes after a low one in a hit and run play. The hall can he seen a little in liront ol: the hatter. Baseball Another tally crosses the plate. Don Lindeherg, stellar outlielder, and the leading base stealer on the squad, scores on a long hit hy one of Minnesota's "Murderers' Row." One of the leading hitters on the squad is Captain Frank Stanton. The cameraman snapped him as he reached First base after poling out a long hit in the opening game of the season against Purdue. During practice sessions, the familiar cage is wheeled ' out onto the diamond. 9 While awaiting their turn in batting practice, these , haseballers are watching the hooks that the pitcher is serving up to the man at hat. Baseball l935 BIG TEN CHAMPIONS The Minnesota baseball nine won the Big Ten championship for the second consecutive year during the 1935 season. The Gophers finished the season with a record of ten victories and only three defeats, dropping one game each to Iowa, Wisconsin, and North WCSICFH. MINNESOTA MINNESOTA MINNESOTA MINNESOTA MINNESOTA MINNESOTA MINNESOTA MINNESOTA MINNESOTA MINNESOTA MINNESOTA MINNESOTA MINNESOTA , 8 NEBRASKA. . 20 NEBRASKA . . . 3 NORTHWESTERN 2 NORTHWESTERN , 3 WISCONSIN . 5 IOWA . . 6 IOWA . , 5 PURDUE . 11 PURDUE 5 IOWA . . 7 IOWA . , . 7 WISCONSIN 3 WISCONSIN v-qu +5 'H '1 .qv 12' -5'-1" 4" f'- L. fx? 'fd'- K '34 M15 443.15 4 2:1 Qi.. J' '2?E:1:1ZE:E:2 El:-54553: 25" ':l5fliflEl:5 5:5:f I:23gg5:5::'5'.i,I. -. "!i:E:5:5E35:5!5 :szs '-mssqgsf -,pk aq2Q+ssa:s:a:a:gs:as 554 'W93' 2' 1 E" ' :IEEEEEEIEEEEE :Syd 'T:5g+'2:, :::5' ,. g: :.Eg:::::5::g::S -fin aieiawssizfzg Wwzgaig 3 "fs52sis, :5 iaiisiaw 52:12 iiziiii' 2' 5 4 0014 ey Hockey 4 a. ... up ssl' 'U BRI:n1:srN SMITH 8 'ie P ,aWP'Q"e.wg , "H:-fc BAKER Ten victories in sixteen games, two of them against repre- sentatives of the strongest the East and Midwest could ofier, and a new coach, Larry Armstrong, combined to give Minne- sota one of its top-ranking hockey teams in recent years. Decisive wins over Princeton university, best of the Eastern collegiate teams, and the Daytons, outstanding amateur six in the Northwest, were the highlights of the Gopher season, although four consecutive triumphs over the strong Michigan Tech team gave the Gophers their first achievement in that line in many years. Minnesota's six defeats, all to ranking teams, were charged up to Princeton, Manitoba, Wheaties, A. A. U. All-Stars, and Michigan. The Gophers' two losses to Manitoba marked the thirteenth and fourteenth times that they have tried to defeat the Canadian team without success. Led by co-captain Bud Wilkinson in the nets, and co-captain Ted Mitchell in third place among the individual scorers, every player on the Minnesota team Figured in the scoring. Roy Bjorck, captain-elect for the 1936-1937 season, topped the Gopher scorers with ten goals and five assists, followed by sophomore Iimmy Carlson with eleven points, nine of them assists. 222 BIORCK 41' SCHWAH ARNOLD R. CARLSON Hockey GANLEY slzmm. R 'REM' XVILKINSUN ARMSTRONG MITCHELL Com-h I. CARLSON WALLACE BERRY TA FT 223 2 Freshman Hockey ymun, Cons: 1, un wr, Wyelccn, Fly Buck Row-jackson,lIIwinImcrgcr,l2. HUi'IIjI1lIl,RIJI!'SIl II I I 5, IlIiMtL1llI5IxAI MINNESOTA MINNESOTA MINNESOTA MINNESOTA MINNESOTA MINNESOTA MINNESOTA MINNESOTA MINNESOTA MINNESOTA MINNESOTA MINNESOTA MINNESOTA MINNESOTA MINNESOTA MINNESOTA fron mv- nrin. Znmsinn, :li ', '. I1lCTSfVI1,N1CNilIf VARSITY SEASON'S RECORD 7 CARLETON . 2 DAYTONS . 2 WHEATIES I . . 3 PRINCETON , , 3 PRINCETON . 2 MANITOBA , 2 MANITOBA 7 MICHIGAN 1 MICHIGAN . . O A. A. U. ALL-STARS 5' MICHIGAN TECH . 3 MICHIGAN TECH . 2 MICHIGAN TECH I 3 MICHIGAN TECH . I MICHIGAN . . 5 MICHIGAN W 0 1 3 1 4 3 5 I 0 4 0 1 1 0 2 1 41. "-. I' Hg-5' 4: 'S' -. '- '51 .53 -:1 , A :gf-f 3' 'X-C: -Eiiiisgaiiii p. - E:i:E5E-.:E:Ex T- -.- 42-..E5:5:55E5E5E5: 1EgE5:5E5E5Eg'Q,h: ' H-::, .F ?El3r25E5:5:5:5q:5:5:5 E:E:i:i:E:1:1'1'E5:-. 'E:5g .El .1f':'1:i-5:2:5:5:i55:5:5: 1:f:E:E:5:5:5'- -14 IQEEEQ -,.E5E5E. 5,2-:5:5:E:E:2:f-f:5:5:1 ::E:5:EE:5:5E QIEIEM-c ., 1555:-.,. :E:E1E2E:EIE2E2ElE -:-:-:-.-:Rig :':-:5- :-: 1:-:-:--:g:.-:-5: :-:v:-:-:-:-:-:':- 1.1.-,:.:.g+ , -:-:- 1 -.-:-.,f4.:- .g.:.g.g.:.g.:,-.g -14:2-zv:-:-Q 'gig ?"::::g:::::::E:g5:-41.1. :.:.:.:.:-:1:-:Q 525525325592 ":F -"E5E5E5EErEErE'4?f EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE ::::::::::::::S:: '- , .-:l:l:l:kl:kl:?:-EE' :1:::5:,:g:5:g:::g 2E2512:E:ErE:kir 'kE5E5E555E5E5E5E5E5E- ErE1E:E1E:ErE:E15 sgegsgsgsgagzgfs --:1g:g:g:a:5:s:: gagaqagagsrsgaae '-:asasa1" eaasaaesasgaii iaizisiziziaifg ' Erilililililil:-: 'EIEIEIEIBEIEISE +I-I'lg',!" ',I .,. .. "C:IgI kiliriafriglr erssmr: N mi enml Below. Ed Iones, pole vaulting prospect, clears the har in an early season workout. Right. Lewis Ber- ram, and Rosenthal, top Flight spri ntcrs on the squad, stretch their legs as they dash down the home stretch. 776 L Track A dearth of veterans on the track squad this season has forced Coach Otterness to pin his hopes for I1 creditable showing on men getting their Hrst varsity competition thiS year. The weight trio ot Krezovvski, Freimuth and Goodman, and Wayne Slocum in the distance events, have been the chief point winners in early season meets. SQUAD Back row: Armstrong, assistant coach, Freimuth, Krezowski. Krause, Moe, Wat- son, Otterness, coach. Middle row: Gustavson, Slocum, Rob- inson, Iflaig, manager, Haight, Thom!" son, Palmquist. l Front row: Richardson, lllotcky, Lewis, Hubbard, Rohh, Green, Long, Rosenthal. Berram. flbovc. Bob I-Iuhhard, consistent point gctter in the broad jump, caught in the middle of his pd event. Tennis Coach Phil Brain had a squad this spring, made up mostly of soph- omores in their lirst year of compe- tition. As the Gopher went to press the team had hecn defeated hy Chi- Cllgo, and had won from Carleton in a non-conference tilt. Those in thc picture arc: Back row, Coach Phil Brain, P. Wilcox, D. Eisenaeh, Huntley, Phil Brain, Ir., Blakcrg front row, Ellickson, E. Iohnson, bluurud Arnold, Forherg, Levy. I 4 . . .V L . w, 1 . ig""?""2t E ,. , A it Pi In ' '4' H' .. I ' .- w..hTivi3?E3 V11 A 1 r W . .- "'1u - 4-it", A , , .iiiflsliv . -- . ,,,.i.,.,.1,y 1... r., ',. .gt .j-N f L. 'f4,'i..zwl'f W at ri. Efmrff - -gp!,.m,.w .af A, -mg M ml: 1. 'V TK4Q!h-.-- , -. " I.-. , .,ieg."'v. 7:53 QAMNQ r V " " X-fl - ,J .. . 1.351 ,ge Q Q, . 'l -W 1 lf ' ... . "J 'if m' W . 4' N R -pw' ding, 'V V .WML .. . ,. 4 . . .- -K-A .. .. . . . , flbouv. Coach Phil lirain gives a few pointers to his younger protege Phil Ir. Coach Brain takes motion pictures ol: the meets in order to hring out the weaknesses of the team memhers in their individual matches. He can still play a fast game on the courts himself, too. Below. liisenach and Forherg volley in practice for a Big Ten conference meet. They are hoth new to the squad this year. Lvfr. Paul XVileox liollows through alter serving the hall. I-le is one ol' the Wilcox Brothers who have captured la urcls in city meets. With two years of competition ahead, great things are expected ol? him lor the Gopher HCI squad. 227 MINNESOTA MINNESOTA MINNESOTA MINNESOTA MINNESOTA MINNESOTA MINNESOTA MINNESOTA MINNESOTA MINNESOTA MINNESOTA MINNESOTA MINNESOTA MINNESOTA MINNESOTA MINNESOTA MINNESOTA MINNESOTA Won 8. Lost 2. Track Record 1935 INDOOR MEETS . 46 . 28 . 31M OUTDOOR . 21 , son , so . 37 DRAKE . MICHIGAN . IOWA . MEETS MICHIGAN IOWA . MARQUETTE . WISCONSIN Tennis Record 1935 8 9 9 9 3 I 6 7 4 6 I CARLETON GUSTAVUS CAIILETCN ST. OLAF . MICHIGAN CHICAGO . WISCONSIN ADOLPHUS LUTHER COLLEGE . WISCONSIN ROCHESTER TENNIS CLUB 0 NORTHWESTERN . . 58 57 54M 105 7515 76 89 1 0 O 0 3 5 0 O 2 5 wx 4:5 KW. xQ3.x x x 1. N 5555 5-55:55. 5555 :l:l: I:5:2:5- -2C:2:1:1:'-r- .: . '- 555553555555 55 5555: 555555555535 ZQQEEEEQE 5555 5555 5555: 55555 5 '-:,"5:?: .-.EEE:5E:5'::E:E :5:E 55555 55555555555 " 5' E:5'-. :SEIE2?:E3:52S' 1ilil, ' 5 5:5:l':l5l: - ' .5-:,'g:5,'5:'-.,' 1 555' 55: 5555555555525 2555- 5555 :I:I:l:E:E:E5-E1 .5:5555-ff 5 '55 5555555555555 'V 55 5555555555555 5 .5555555555555-' -5-5 55555555555552 ' , :-'.-:-5 4 5:5:2:2:2:5:-:-:-:- ym1m'1z'Zc4 bneifbh 2 5 1 4 Y I , .,., raw- , va-.-,,. J , .,.-.-L...,-.-4...,: mi. ..,..,.l.,,,,,..x....,,.h.-Qf,...1,,,,.u as. Hack Row-Coach Piper, Shawholtl, Stuart, O'1'leron, C. llech, li. Dech, Perlt, Assistant Coach Front Row-Matison, johnson, llolm, Stienstra, lrlolahan, Nelson Howartl Stuart antl Chet Nelson, sophomore ancl junior, who placetl lor Min- nesota in the llig 'I'en meet, are shown here tlemonstrat- ing the form that won them top honors in their special events. Stuart is performing on the rings ancl Nelson on the hori- zontal har. COACI 1 PIPER MATISC JN Gymnastics Minnesota's 1036 gymnastic team. tops in the Big Ten, had to Wait eleven years heliore hringing the Conference title hack to the Gopher school. The last clear claim to the title was woll hy a Minnesota squad in the 1925 meet. Pacecl hy Captain George Matison. all-arouncl title holcler in the Western Conlierence, the Gophers swept through their series ol: tlual meets without a cle- lieat, anal then placecl live men high in the Hnals ol' the Big Ten tourney to hring home the trophy. Captain Mati- son, Paul Iohnson, Howard Stuart. Dean Shawholtl, and Chet Nelson, all placed in Conference finals. Minnesota's coach, Ralph Piper, and Minnesota's Olympic cantlitlate, Cap- tain George Matison, lctl the 1936 Gophers to their first Big Ten title in eleven years. ln atlclition to win- ning incliviclual honors at Chicago, Matison placetl secontl in the national in- tercollegiate championships to earn ranking as one of the top college stars in the country. T Wrestling Consistent performance in Big Ten competition over a span of years gave Minnesota's l936 wrestling team its high- est ranking in years. The Gophers, de- pending on points earned hy Captain Caifson Iohnson, individual champion of the VVestern Conference, finished the sea- son tied for third place. A string of dual victories over state college and Big Ten Teams, marred only hy one Conference loss, gave the Gophers a highly respected team. Sophomore strength, added hy lim Colwell and Ross McCorquodale, will give the team a last start in its hid for llig 'l'en honors next season. ts -' 5 ,. ,..t,. 55 MT' 'I'op Row--Dave llartelma fCoachj, Vernon llaldxvin, Frank liollar, Alhert lingstrom, Ralph Gran, loe Pazandali, Lawrence Prohst fnssistant Coachl Second Row-Charles Worcester, Clifton Gustafson, lirwin Rav, Stanley Hanson, Caifson Iohnson fCaptainj, llarris Olson Front Row-Leo Murphy, Norman liorlaug, Don Dailey, Rohert Zahel. lames Colwell, Ross McCorquodale, liarl Steidler .E Caifson Iohnson, right, Minnesota captain, llig Ten champion, and semilinalist in na- tional Glympic trials, is watching Coach Dave liartelma demonstrate proper form on Ralph Zahel, sophomore prospect. ln lower left and lower right, Iohn Whitaker and Caif johnson Were caught in action against Carleton Col- lege opponents in a return match in the new athletic huilding. ahffihd' . .....,........t... t,,........f'1t1"'-is , MINNESOTA MINNESOTA MINNESOTA MINNESOTA MINNESOTA MINNESOTA Conference Gymnastics Record 1935-36 . , 407.5 , , 867 . . 924.5 . . 861 . . 1117.5 . . . . 1014 Meet-Minnesota First. ST. PAUL Y. M. C. A NEBRASKA . . IOWA . ILLINOIS . CHICAGO . IOWA . . Matison, Minnesota captain, first in all-around championship. MINNESOTA MINNESOTA MINNESOTA MINNESOTA MINNESOTA MINNESOTA MINNESOTA MINNESOTA Wrestling Record 1935-36 40 29 32 . . 22 18 . . 11 75 3 VVon 6. Lost 2. CARLETON CARLETON NEBRASKA CHICAGO IOVVA STATE . IOWA . . . WISCONSIN . ILLINOIS . 337.5 718 836 852 1143.25 796.5 . 0 , 3 . 0 . IO , 12 .21 . 3 , 23 Z' -L I N 4 , , 1. aw ,, I N N ,- .1 xg? ,, uv 'MQ' I - . ....1. ,,,,,, --.--, .-.-.-I-I-'J. :5','I',':3,'I: '-'F:I:':52C:i. ?5'5'i .'- , '-'f-'-""' 3:55 .... - :-2:-2-ss:s:1:,gs:ai J:'.-zwielwzsc--' -":z:.-::'.,'5:1S:253?5:5:E:::5:21'3' -' A ""fIff2--i.3:.'.-.'.r:-.f :fr-,mary w:s-s:t.s--.-:.':- . 1- ., -g, .W s5sgag255gagagQgsgsg:s52gs:eg:ff 5 :yi -155:15-:1.:,::a:..g ' :::,:::3:3:::-'- 1' . , '.-15:2-:-a. 5.:.'.5.1:.g.j.:.'.g.:I'I:Ig.'I-I+I-I-I-5-3-IgI4'5'I buf- "-Nl-IC-I-I-I -:-:-:+1-I-Rfk!-26325:-Z-:-1'-' " :3:3:3'f'f'Z'f'f':!:l'ii?' '-' '-' "'I-' E523 wzwmzh 7 F... """'T"l" "' i " 1 , Illi- ff JLJL , .-..t,,-.. 7.-. l Back RuwgI'rait, Knight, Comstock, 'I'horpe,i1oach, Nyman, lienneu, Smith Miilmlle ROW"-'l5Y.lllKll, l.. Tliorlipson, NVnlls, Sparling, Captain, Morris, llutlsun Front Row-Ackerman, liroilerson, lemme, Webb, lless Swimming With better facilities, and rein- forced with a formidable array of veterans, Niels Thorpe brought his fifteenth season as swimming coach to a successful finish. The Gophers won five of their seven dual meets and placed seventh in the con- ference meet. Wesley Webb, back- strolce artist, went east to compete in the intercollegiate meet during the winter. ln state competition, Minnesota's record of fifteen years without a defeat was maintained. Left. A quartet of Gopher swimmers perch on the edge of the pool. ready to plunge for rl practice time trial. The mermen are, left to right: Webb, Nyman, Sparling, and Gjelhaug. 'r X9 Q5 N.. Kyxx 2 . fo v ' Vu. ,. -t I-. f i Lt-. Left. Coach Niels Thorpe gives his ace swimmer, Captain Sparling, some coaching advice as the latter emerges from his splash across the pool. Right. Wesley Webb poises him- self on the springboard, in prepara- tion for a back dive. Webb was the outstanding performer of the past season. Golf Faced with the task of replacing such stellar performers as Boutell and Zieske, Coach Smith began the season with the smallest golf turnout in the history of golf at Minnesota, Wally Taft and Dick Tang provide a pair of golfers capable of a high class game, with Bud Wilkinson another line competitive player. Iiarly meets this spring have shown that the Gophers will be a threat in the conference competition. K- flbouc. Melvin Larson lines up a putt while Wally Taft and Bud Wilkinson eye the cup. Wilkin- son is doing double duty this spring by alternating between the gridiron and the links. Taft is number one man on the team. Right. Miller shows his form in a practice drive. Larson and Werring CIISI a critical eye as they observe his stance. MINNESOTA MINNESOTA MINNESOTA MINNESOTA MINNESOTA MINNESOTA MINNESOTA Won 5. Lost 2. MINNESOTA MINNESOTA MINNESOTA MINNESOTA MINNESOTA MINNESOTA MINNESOTA Won 5. Lost 2. Golf Record 1935 4 . 18 9M 7 ZW 572 4 ST. OLAF . CARLETON . HAMLINE I . IOWA STATE IOWA . . WISCONSIN . ST. OLAF . Swimming Record 1935 - 36 MINNEAPOLIS Y. M. C. A. MINNEAPOLIS Y. M. C. A. NORTI-IWESTERN , . . 45 . 57 NEBRASKA . 57 CARLETON . ' 56 . 59 WISCONSIN . 34 3753 ILLINOIS Conference Meet--Minnesota, seventh place. 0 0 5M 2 695 3K 8 -I0 27 27 28 25 50 4614 E .,.,.5:-.w ,.f:i:f:i:5:E:2:E:E: 5:41:15 - .-:r3E:ErErEErEE::': eEs25sisf?f5is::. ..a:z:gs:a:a:s:a:s:s:S E5E5E1E5E:EE2E!252: :fs2irS1HrE:ErE:ErE:QE' "'E2EIE2EIEIi22:F2-FF" -555352:2552E1E2E1E1E2E2E1:1E . ., ....... :I:1:l:i:1:lEf5132I-2i,!E2'E2:-, 12:-:-:Q-:-:-:-:-:-:-. '- N-. 2:1:l:I:l:l57:5:l:1:1:l:1:l3:1:-. ' :1:l:2:2:!:5:5EE:F:l:2:25. .553E05555535523f7:5f557f5f5f5f5f7E :-:-:-FSE-'-:-:-:Q-:-:g:g:g:-2:5 . :-'-e-'-:-':':'-:'. . Eilifilililifil .1ElEiE15FE5i15':2:' 'l55E2:Fl:I:':l:': 1:2:J:l:2:1:1:2: "15:5:E:5:3.:F5:f?E::. ..::E:5:2:5:E:E:E:2:F' ri? :1E51E?E2E15IE2S "2:ki:1:2:1:1:l:1:7:-.4l:Y:l:l:2:li:5:l:' zl: '2:I:2:2:k2:-'1: "l:1:1:l:-:1:l:2:l:1:l:l:2:5:-:1:i:1 S: :i:f:2:l:f:5:1EY: 'C:2:5:9:l:i:l:3:1:F:I:1:f'i:C: :l:? :F:1:1:2:f:1:Fg: 1:l:3:E:5:55:5:5:HFE5-' :2:I :Q::::::::::.,: :-:-:-:::::::::::::-' :gf-:-:c-:-:-: :.:.,.g,:.-.5 -.3 - -.:.g.g.- :.-, -:-:-:-:-:!-?l:- '-:-:-' -:' :-:-:-5:-:-:-:': xg:- S:E5:3:l:5:5:5: :I -:-r:-:-:-:-:-:-. ' 3f5f5fifff5f1f5f7f .gn ffmmufmf ,Qc-'di '-nuns... -M-. A.. e ,, .-an gms.. lm 4 The Athletic Building, VVith the completion of the new football training rooms under the terrace of the athletic building, Minnesota's athletic plant has the distinction of being the best in the world. The new building and terrace, erected at a cost of more than 15400,000, contains orihces tor the large coaching staff, four basketball courts, and two spacious swimming pools. The exhibition pool, second finest in the country, is one of the outstanding features of this newest sports addition to Min- nesota. In the year since its completion, many fine meets have been attracted here. lust inside the main entrance are twelve lighted cases which contain the trophies and traditional prizes of Gopher victories. The intramural quarters are also housed here, on the second Floor. A system of tunnels connects the new unit with the stadium and field house. 238 I ' 1 ix it .J-in - f ' ,,'ff W .54 "xl, . dad? ' -,4 M -Y' -' Hi.. "2 The Ramhlers, with live All-U men in the lineup, hattled to a win over Phi Rho Sigma for their fourth consecutive All-University diamond hall title. Players on the victorious team are, hack row: Wehster, liriekson, Hoag, Carlson, Serigstad, Russ. Front row: Reusch, Pelligrino, lrlegg, Ostergren, Mc- Glone. The llelta Sigma Delta golfers, Avery San- ford, Frank Stodola, and Ralph Schnider, played the Phi Chi team over the University course, and emerged the winners in the pro- fessional division. Duplicating the feat of the Ramhlers, thc Newman Cluh rounded out the last Intra- mural baseball season, to wind up in the championship position for the fourth straight time. The champions are, hack row: Radko, Iahn, Wehher, Foss, Shima, Sehrein, Pearson. Front row: Ogle, llartoletti, Maliaty, Fiedler, Wolesky, Justus, Wymer. 239 Phi Delta Theta proved its howling su- periority hy rolling up a successliul margin against the Delta Chis to take the champion- ship in the Academic division. The pin champs are, lelit to right: johnson, Lyman, Sitz, Cook, Shommer. lfxlrcnu' right. ln a hotly contested match, Melvin Larson won the All-U goll' champion- ship hy defeating li. VV. Poster. The volley hall players ol' Sigma Alpha Mu lollowed up their championship in the Academic lraternily division, to delieat Phi lfpsilon Kappa and gain the All-U volley hall title. Left to right, the players are: Levy, Sallron, liaron, Lanshurg, Rosen, lfriemuth, l.atz. llale Olsen, Marvin llarmon, Allan Ciemf mel, and llick l,ongl'ellovv proved too good lor the Sigma Alpha lipsilon team, and car- ried the Phi Kappa Sigma colors to the top ol' the academic league in golli. ln the most popular ol' lntra-mural CVCIILS, the All-U toucliball game, Phi Rho Sigma slithered and slipped to victory over House 1, ol' Pioneer llall, on a lield spotted with ice and swept hy a north wind that kept hoth players and spectators shivering. The players that emerged victorious over the ice, wind, and llouse l, are, hack row: Peterson, Plink, liitzsimons. Middle row: Wellner, Hay, Moren, liigler. lfront row: Cochran, llauge, lilogen. Meet Cuy Corson and 'I'om Moore, pro- spective liill Tildens, and All-U douhles ten- nis champs. l:'xlrt'mc right. ln a hrand new lntra-mural event, the loothall ahility contest, Rheinherger won the pass lor accuracy, Dick Rohh the dropkick, Edward Anderson the punt lor distance, and Goodman the pass for distance. 240 guilt, ,,,. . 53? 35 'fmt if--v-' t. A , . Www: 'vm .nf :uw Y Q W 5 A Y.. ,4 ., 4 ,ew , !'..' - ' W' -N W -nr '- - Y -fwfr ' 'iwwwq :If ' 5,1 h , ' ffittlix H52 'Ly hw - Vim A L . ,. W... K T ft, ' 4 . y i 1 nw W! . K ik, t'lf.ligNW A 9: I , f Y Q . Q 1 i H-.t gy Q fn W '--' at fix W. , ww ' - Qin.. ' f I l - D w Holm llocl :intl Vic Spntlatccini catch swing at lcllt in thc licztvywciglit hout olf the wintcr catrnivztl. Although this cxchxtngc loolas uhout cvcn, Spzulnccini crztshctl through llocl's guard enough timcs to win the tlccision :incl tht- All-U championship. 'l'hc Lions tlownctl thc Phi Dcltu Tlictzis in unothcr ol' thc wintcr c:1rniv:tl's niziin aittrztc- tions, thc All-U liztskcthnll gaunc. 'l'hc All-U lmslactccrs arc, hack row: lirnnla NV:tlpolc, Curtis Crztnc, l.a1rry lluhlcr, Paul VVilcox. liront row: lfratnli liocchus, l.:1wrcncc Mor- ris, VVootly Olson, lloh Wilcox. Lvft. 'l'hc smooth tczunworlc ol thc Scnior lforcstcrs swept them to victory ovcr thc Phi Chis in thc class li lxlskctlmll chzunpionship gaunc. ln thc front row :tru llcrmatn Arlcy, Pctc Schulit, Russ Roscnthztl. llztcli row: lim Catsc, Rogcr Mczichaun, Gortlon VVy:1tt. Rfgfzl. Guy Corson, stztntlout pcrliornicr, inct liatrl Pctrich in the singlcs tcnnis hnttlc :intl strotlc lroni thc lrzly with the rXllAU crown :tt his liclt. 241 These fist swingers survived the grueling preliminary rounds in their respective divi- sions, and emerged All-U champs in the finals at the winter carnival. The boxing finals was the event looked forward to hy all spectators and participants, and these husky youngsters gave and took punches with en- thusiasm satisfying to all. The All-U champs are Spadaccini, Sedlaeek, Kelly, I'-Iurley, lver- son, Davies, Meehan, Costello. The grunt and groan experts who airplane- spun and half Nelsoned their opponents to suhjection and therehy won All-U crowns, are, hack row: Baughman, McConnell, Cul- bertson, McMillan, Matlon. Front row: Hen- neman, Infantino, Pazandak. Left. Harold Kanter, 'KK night of the Sanded Paddlef' won the All-U ping-pong singles. Right. The Sigma Alpha lipsilon volley- ball team defeated the favorites and fall quarter champs, Sigma Alpha Mu, only to lose to Alpha Kappa Kappa in the finals. In the front row are, Nelson, Wash, Kuehn. Back row: Cruse Honey, Madden, Terrill. 242 Y f f if .' EH! 'la rf-IM, V' T. exif' Alpha Phi Chi ,WN fix 'he-1 ff? ax , , V Milfs' ll l'l'l7lIl Row A Cacia Dale Smith Alpha Delta Phi Iames Caldwell Alpha Tau Omega lames Butler Bela Theta Pi Daniel Iones Chi Phi Robert Lovell Chi Psi Iohn Savage Dflltl Chi Mac Braggans Della Kappa Epsilon Clarke VVelsh Della Tau Della Rex Hudson Delta Upsilon Herb Hughes Kappa Sigma William Hubbard Lambda Chi Alpha Bill Nonnweiler Phi Delta Thi-za Henry Hanson Phi Epsilon Pi Arnold Heiman Phi Gamma Della Curtis Kellar lla-ck Row-Iirnmlt, li. Olson, Welsh, row: , nvi n, -lluhhanl M- wing, liullar, Iloncy, 13 tl MEMBERS ll 1 li I Sl I Lutz,liehrenlmrinkcr Second Row-M. Olson, 'I'enney, llciman, Swenson, Smith, Hanson, NV:llsll Collinson, loncs Phi Kappa Psi Iohn Tenncy Phi Kappa Sigma William Manning Pi Kappa Alpha Eskil Olson Phi Sigma Kappa lack Behrenbrinker Pxi U psilon Bill Barnum Sigma Alpha Epsilon Cruse Honey Sigma Alpha Mu Leon Latz Sigma Chi Bill Bockus Sigma Na Richard Walsh Taa Kappa Epsilon Harry Brown Theta Chi Kenneth Nelson Th cla Delta Ch i Grover Fletcher Theta Xi Ted Swenson Zeta Psi Mark Olson MARSHALL RYMAN In 1932, the Minnesota hockey team swept through its schedule to finish as champions of the Big Ten conference. This Hne Gopher hockey team was captained by Marshall Ryman. Last fall, Ryman was added to the athletic staff, where he serves as assistant Intra-mural director. As assistant to W. R. Smith, Ryman has done a fine job in keeping the varied activities engaged in by Intra- mural participants running off smoothly. In addi- tion, he has been instrumental in adding several new contests to the I. M. schedule. Among these are the football ability competition, the basketball free throw, and the various events engaged in by the newly formed rooming house league. THE INTRA-MURAL SEASON Immediately following the completion of the new athletic building in 1935, Intra-mural athletic participation reached its highest level at the University. I-Iowevcr, the new building was not the only factor contributing to the success of the Intra- mural schedule. The addition of several new events to the customary schedule did much to bring more students into active competition. Of these new events, the football ability contest met with the greatest success and the largest turnout. This competition was started with the idea that new football material might be un- covered, and that those who did not have time to go out for the varsity or Intra-mural touchball, would have a chance to play with a football. Both ends in view have been very success- ful, and the football contest, consisting of a punt for distance, pass for distance, pass for accuracy, and dropkick, will from this year on be an annual affair. A baseball contest conducted along the same lines as the football event is another popular new competition that will probably be staged annually. In February, the Intra-mural department instituted a ski- jumping and ski-running meet. Over sixty competitors turned out for the tournament, to add one more successful event to the growing Intra-mural schedule. The combination of the regular Intra-mural schedule, the events run off for the first time this year, and the fine facilities now available in the new athletic building, has given the Uni- versity one of the best rounded Intra-mural sport schedules in its history. HUIZHTI x . N N 'H 5:f:2:5:1. N :c-:-:gg N -:-:-:-.-. N '- -:-.:.:.,.,.: 72225372 +2 255, N -za:-. '-:-:cfz-:-515251. ' I I I I 3252:-'jiiz-. '32:F2:1EIS2E2:2EYE2:-. 'f:1:2:F:f:1:2:1:1:I:-. "Z'l'I'Z'I'Z-Pl-2'1 -:-:I:2:2:l:1:1:2:1: . '7:IS:7:5:1:3:5:C:5" 2:1:1:l:2:1:2:1:'3' '1:1:!:1:l:2:-:- ...,. ':1:2:If'!:2:1 -.-.-.,.-. N-.-.g.:.g.g.g., . :1:2:2:1:I:2 .-:zr:5:35:3:5 ' ':1:l:2:5i:5:E: Iziiiiifili -5:55352 :5:E:5 EIEIEI 5:55. 2:-z-: Q:-1: Plz' fi on ofmfry 72m'emZz'Ze4 Doris Anderson Miriam Bend Nancy Hanley lone Kuechle Helen Bischoff FACULTY MEMBER Ruth Carter MEMBERS PLEDGES Dorothy Towne Isabel Vincent Alice Youngquist Martha Granger l Founded Washington University Seven Chapters Beta, 1922 Dean Harold Benjamin Dean Melvin E. Haggerty Orville Aftreth Iohn Behrenbrinker Wilhelm Bodine Lawrence Hanley Lewis Hess Stanley Holmquist William Loye Ralph O. Mitby Iohn Orr Erwin W. Rau Iohn Rukavina Neils Thorpe Michael Uram -,-, H. ..,. . , , 249 I. W. Alm E. S. Altschul R. G. Blakey F. M. Boddy A. M. Borak G. F ilipetti H. G. Fraine FACULTY MEMBERS A. H. Hansen E. A. Hellman Norma K. Henry B. D. Mudgett E. A. Nightingale I. W. Stehman R. A. Stevenson F. B. Garver D- Yoder GRADUATE STUDENTS Reino Alanko Lucile M. Bennett i Dorothy Hildebrandt HONORARY MEMBERS T Ralph W. Manuel , I Oliver S. Powell Ronald Baker Roger Brude Kimball De Voy Alfred Iohnson Laurie Lehtin Charles Nyquist MEMBERS Frederick Nyquist Arthur Pearson Orem Robbins Alan Ruvelson Frances Van de Erve Margot White 8 . . li Founded University of Wisconsin, 1907 Thirty-six Chapters Alpha, 1921 250 . X , Almer R. Aanes Earl I. Adams I. Miller Brown Burt I. Canfield Robert W. Crawford Iohn L. Forbes Robert E. Gould Lester E. Hanson Hoyt H. Haycock C. Cruse Honey l Roy E. Huber, Ir. Robert M. Iohnson Walter L. Iohnson Albert F. Kosek George F. Mitchell Lawrence W. Nelson Iack D. Rode Wilber H. Schilling, Ir. Alan M. Struthers Gerald E. Sveeggen Carl I. Bratrude H. S. Diehl C. O. Hansen Leonard A. Lang Francis Lynch William A. O'Brien Erling S. Platou Burt Canfield Carl Caspers Harold Freedman Alden Graves Penn Harper Erling Hauge William Leary Robert Lofgren Iohn Pewters FACULTY MEMBERS MEMBERS G. N. Ruhberg Richard E. Scammon Iohn A. Urner Owen Wangensteen MacNider Wetherby O. S. Wyatt Sidney Pratt Danford E. Quick Frank I. Rigos Henry Rokala E. Robert Schwartz Iames F. Shandorf Donald Stewart Robert Tenner Gilbert Wenzel l- . Founded University of Minnesota, 1917 One Chapter ' 252 ' A - ' Founded University of Minnesota, 1911 One Chapter Glenn R. Barnum Earl M. Bennetsen Theodore Christianson Eugene Cutts Don Dailey Karl Diessner Robert Dixon Iohn Donovan Iohn Finn Iohn Foley Daniel Mahoney Pearce Manning Gerry Mitchell F rank Plant Sidney Pratt Arnold Sevareid Kenneth Severn Robert Tenner William Zieske ' P ' 253 A Erle Benjamin Ray Bjorck i Gerhard Brandhorst Stanley Cann Stuart Chapin . William Finger Sam Hunt MEMBERS Art Lillyblacl Maurice McCaffery Monte Miska Edwin Welte George Wilkens Charles Wilkinson .i-,1........i--li , Founded University of Minnesota, 1927 One Chapter ' 254 Milo Bolstad William Brastad Gene Cutts Robert Dixon Iohn Hanson Iack Intlekofer Iames Moore William Nelson Albert Oswald William Schoell Glenn Seidel Richard Springer ia ezss Gustav Bachman George E. Crossen Earl B. Fischer Ole Gisvold Frank Allen Edward Brecht Karl I. Goldner Hoyt Haycock FACULTY MEMBERS MEMBERS Charles V. Netz Charles H. Rogers Ralph F. Voight Frederick I. Wulling Laurine Iack Vernon Nilson Phyllis Poucher -.-ing---i--Q 4 Founded University of Michigan, 1922 Twenty-one Chapters Mu, 1929 . 'list st. 1 ffl 53? 5- A4 tl" l Founded University of Minnesota, 1918 One Chapter Ernest W. Ahlberg William T. Beebe Iohn O. Bondhus, Ir. Vincent Bousquet Lloyd Bredvold Edward W. Courtney Hugh B. Gage Frank N. Graham, Ir. Belford E. Gunderson l MEMBERS Richard Hargesheimer Erling Hauge Edgar G. Ingalls Kenneth B. Krejci John W. Schaller Fred H. Speers Allan I. Wash, Ir. W. Randall Winter E, I7 j t a R - 257 AGRICULTURE liack ROW'FiIl5liIll, Amirlon, lluzicky, llicrcr, llugcn, liorlnug Sccnnrl limv--Simon, llcmniing, Ognnnoxich, Eucsvnld, Inlmson Front Row-'l'rahms, Anrlcrson, Downie, Dailey, Goodwin, llams-on Claris Ackerman George Amidon Harold Anderson Robert Bieter Norman Borlaug Albert Buzicky Donald Dailey Andrew Downie Winfred Ettesvold Chester Finstad MEMBERS Norman Goodwin Alvin Hagen Lester Hanson Clarence Hcmming Irwin Iohnson Elias Ognanovich Clifford Simon Ernest Stanford Alfred Trahms ALPH.A ZETA 258 .f1"f: ,- Ffa ' .QQ-3 A ax lij l K Founded Ohio State University, 1894 Forty Chapters LaGrange, 1905 2,1 31: 54 , .Aw-.. ,,....,-1- 'I U 555 kg! ll '-'ll Mnmusqrn Founded University of Illinois, 1922 Thirteen Chapters Alpha, 1923 CIVIL ENGINEERING Buck Row-Frirckland, Peterson, McGee, Arkaey, Frnnzcn Frederic Bass Leonard F. Boon Alvin S. Cutler Edward F. Graves Miles S. Kersten Wilbert F. Arksey Warner P. Blake C. Gene Cutts Earl T. Franzen Loren L. Frickland Front Row-Cults, Scliocll, Bass, Kemps, lilukc FACULTY MEMBERS GRADUATE STUDENTS MEMBERS Iohn I. Parcel Lorenz G. Straub Otto S. Zelner Howard W. Schleiter Edward F. Silberman Frank A. Kempe Elwood L. McGee Del Roy Peterson William D. Schoell f -CHIEPSILON 259 A ART , , Y 1 r , - .,v f i.lf Imek Row--Mcngc, Ifnrncy, Chcrn. s lli Mui Ip,'p,ll 1' rry M cy, llusch 000 n, .:u 'ln ', or me, as , Ccrlcrhcrg, Malanrl l ll -'l'hon1ns, lfrisvolrl, Whiltcmurc, linlmn. Magelssen Juconi 'l'0llI UW I-lilma Berglund Ray Faulkner Elmer I-Iarmes Robert S. I-Iilpert Wilhelm Bodine Anne Busch Donald Cederberg ldell Chern Hope Edson Lee Esty Francis Forney Rachel Frisvold Duard Laging Marion Anderl Archie Baumann Richard Burgess XDXE SL 1' A 260 FACULTY MEMBERS Iosephine Lutz Ruth Raymond Florence Smythe GRADUATE STUDENT Lucille M. Fisher MEMBERS PLEDGES Elizabeth Lundgren 1 1 I l l gl l 1 Gif ,' 91 h s ,E fu Q ' '19 19 111 T , 9 ' '1 0 wg , Elsie Magelssen gl Marna Ann Malancl Kathryn Martin Doris Menge I Helen Mooney I Iosephine Thomas Stanley Whittemore b l l l l I Fotindccl Xfirginia Macandef UI'llVCl'Slly of KIIDSHS, Gene Ritchie Monohan TWCHIY-IWU Ch11PfCfS Ifalph Stein Gamma, 1919 P AH 1 e iD .E 1. .,.....,. ., 3 ,, mm, .,.,,, 4. , .,.:.,,:oi,.,,.M ''L . ' 1.0 "W xwma-a2.:afax.va5i:sm..4.'i K Lairwxwim' ' mann," - l l il i il ll Q I l fi l I l Founded University of Illinois, l904 'l'wi:nty-four Chapters Omicrun, 1920 - ELECTRICAL linck Row--Ilalgln, L ungfullmnv, Sillinian, Spechl, livcklnnil, Wentz Second Row I 5 llflllllllll, ll:n'ln.:, Rniola, l'.IU1lISll, Wuher, Parker l'r I li nv-liraslad, llryau FACULTY MEMBERS l, Oswald, Iuhnxon, Smith, Nielsen Iohn M. Bryant Elmer W. Iohnson Henry E. I-Iartig William T. Ryan GRADUATE STUDENTS Cledo Brunetti Orville A. Becklund William A. Brastad Lloyd L. English john D. Haight Rudolph K. Kojola Richard C. Longfellow Iohn Loye Walter A. Spccht MEMBERS Morris Newman Russell L. Nielsen Albert G. Oswald Frank S. Parker Robert M. Silliman William P. Smith Nathan F. Weber lohn K. Wentz ETA'KAPPA NU 261 M O MILITARY LIC mite, Cults II k Row--Iohnson, Day, Gruhn, II. Nelson, WI Thirtl Row--Libbey, Iirtulic, Anuitlnn, Stewart, Sci l S Ill S lb S C I tl N l I I I I I II'0Cl CI' 'ccnnt nw-'ue arg, orenson, Int wnr 1, I. Ne son, ' 'ingt 'I c, 'e e I-ront Row-Robbins, Scheilie, Wheeler I3 5 .mr H 'YMORTAR Q5 MBERS AND l FACULTY ME , BALL I 0, '35 ui Lieutenant Colonel A. E. Potts Captain R. A. Ericson Lieutenant L. A. Zimmer 5 ---- 4:9 Colonel Conary Roger Amidon Iames Brodie Phillip Brown William Cudworth Charles Cutts Raymond Day Robert Ellison George Griffin Walter Howard I. Clark Intlekofer F. W. Iohnson R. M. Kuphal Alvah Libbey Chester Morncau Henry H. Nelson 262 HONORARY MEMBERS MEMBERS Major B. L. Flanigen Iohn Nelson Gerald Peterson Alfred Raiche Orem Robbins Ray Roberts Iames Schaffer Edmund Scheibe Philip Schroeder Glenn Soelberg Stanley Sorenson Donald A. Stewart Randolph Tingdalc Charles Towner lack A. Welles Iohn Wheeler Hubert White Founded University of Minnesota, 1920 Four Chapters Battery A, First Regiment, 1920 RTAR AND BALL V Foundcd Syracuse, New York, 1918 Fifty-eight Chapters Sigma Tau, 1918 SENIOR Hack Row-I'Iul Front Geraldine Anderson Helen Bartel Dorothy Bush Winona Carlson lean Gardner Genevieve Goldblunx Vivian Halvorson son, holdhllr Row--llawhsh, kms, Hopper, Mo MEMBERS nn, Barrel. Carlson, Anderson, Mczxclmm rri Phyllis Hawlish Helen Dae Hopper Mary Kitts Carla Meacham Marjorie Morrill Gwendolyn Shepley 5 MiORTAR BOARD 263 MILITARY linck Row-Warner, Sirolcy. Danielson, Foster. Farlrlen, Olson, Peterson 'I'hirrl Row-Ileters, Finke, King, lolinsun, Nelson, Davies Second Row-Kish, Knphal, lllilI'lllI1g, Wiik, Gzuller. Swenson, Woodiill lfmnl Iiowwnmiiiloii, lflaggcnmiller, Hess, Stinger, Leland, Ilrnmnmnrl, lillis FACULTY MEMBERS Lieutenant Colonel A. E. Potts Lieutenant L. A. Zimmer Captain R. A. Ericson Willard I. Stinger . Everette W. Drummond Robert B. Ellis . . Ierry S. Haggenmiller Roger W. Amidon Arthur D. Danielson Ulysses D. Deters Victor I. Fadden Max M. Finke Russell G. Foster Herman I. Gadler Lester Hartung L. Eugene Hedberg Eugene L. Hess Calman I. Kish lack W. Davies Charles Healy George E. Iohnson 264 MEMBERS PLEDGES Dean Ora M. Leland . . Commander Lieutenant Commander . . . Adjutant . Finance Ofticer Iohn G. Nelson Willard A. Olson Donald W. Peterson Robert L. Richardson George F. Siroky Theodore I. Swenson Richard L. Warner lack A. Welles Edward M. Wiik Eugene W. Woedfill Edward A. King Robert M. Kuphal Fred Lang PHALANX l i i E. r. I I D ' A - 2, ,A l yi l ii sl is li Ii 1. ii ll lf I. i, li Founded University of Illinois, l920 Five Chapters Beta Morale, V130 i l 1 i e'e+ tb ,P ip? ., ,, wiv Founded University of Minnesota, 1922 One Chapter BAND liaek Row--Kingsbury, liussinn. Willson, 'l'humpson. Wilson, Adolph liarlolelti 'I'liirtl Ilmv--I Iuney, Kellar. Angster, lultnson, ltleliarrity, Peterson Secuntl Rmv--llemsey. Alexatntler, lfezitlierstone, Karon, Smith Front llmv--I lose, Sliipman, Prescott. ltunnexlratntl, Starkey, Angelo llzirtoletti Charles Alexander Alfred Angstcr Adolph liartoletti Angelo Bartoletti lames Featherstone Kenneth Fossum George I-Iemsey Cruse Honey Haven I-lose Albert Iohnson lastin Karon P 'H I S I G FACULTY MEMBER Gerald R. Prescott GRADUATE STUDENT john M. Wilson MEMBERS Curtis Kellar Bruce Kingsbury Bertram Mcflarrity Elmer Peterson William Reid l nul Runnestrand Harold Shipman Dale Smith Robert Starkey Iames Thompson Stanley Willson J M A P H I 265 MECHANICAL 'eco l I9 Lck Row-Hscher, Buck, Mntllnes, Lzijoy, johnson s IR n si HltlOI rf. ni ow- ansen, 'cvensun, us an , son, 'invcr I ont lluwfb lncsl, R lcrlson, Andeen, MZIFICIIIS, Ry I. R. DuPriest C. A. Koepke I. V. Mnrtenis B. I. Robertson D. H. Buck Wallace Andeen Milo Bolstad Sherman Finger William O. Hansen Vincent A. Iohnson FACULTY MEMBERS GRADUATE STUDENTS L. I. Fischer MEMBERS F. B. Rowley I. I. Ryan C. F. Shoop H. B. Wilcox O.P.Prach:1r Millard LaIoy Arnold Matthias Malvcn Olson Glenn Seidel Dale Stevenson PI TAU SI G I l l Founded University of Illinois, 1915 Sixteen Chapters Gamma, 1922 M A 1 r A i I l I it QP V A 3 it .A 'ifbi' A xii 'Sf .U , Founded University of Wisconsin, 1904 Eighty-two Chapters Company B, First Regiment, 1905 MILITARY Buck Row-llentlry, Sleinmetz, Prielme, McClendon, Montgomery, Rusinko Second Row-Wilkes. llyn wins, Sewall, Page, Scott, liackslrom. Cleary Front ROXV-'liillllhlCl', Rol lson, Lemmer, Brown. Watson, Wheeler Lieutenant Colonel A. Captain R. A. Ericson Robert Backstrom A. William Banister Philip G. Brown Cledo Brunetti Robert I. Cleary Lloyd R. Dreveskracht Roy S. Dynesius Hugh S. Guthrie Iohn A. Hardeman Albert I. I-Iendey Hayden M. Iensen Caifson Iohnson Fred H. Lemmer Stewart McClendon George McCullough E. Potts First Lieutenant C. B. Brown First Lieutenant L. A. Zimmer MEMBERS Robert D. Montgomery Woodrow V. Nold Wright B. Page Gerald I. Priebe William E. Proffitt William C. Robertson Ioseph Rusinko Philip M. Schroeder Burton D. Scott Thomas K. Sewall Charles L. Steinmetz Tom A. Watson Iohn Z. Wheeler Iohn L. Whitaker Wesley H. Wilkes SCABVBARD AND BLADE .. M. , . . ,, , N-k.....-.e..n-aunt s-caan.,-:.,,..,..,...+.t. s. ...inf :,.s. - ...-1 .. .N . . A ' 267 ENGINEERING Il i Hack Rmv-llrastanl, Ahlm, Santligren, Springer, Berg, liolstad, Seidel 1 Fourth Row-I Ioney, Linus, Stevenson, West, Lessard, Ienenhauin, Anmleen, lleckluntl 'I'hirtl Rowktiain, llarrlson, Mather, fil11ll11lVCI'lJllIl, Larlxnn, Von lisel1en,Marshall Second Rmvf-Malllnes lntlekofer tirrmiuky Pruneui Krulnm, Loye, Laloy, Antlxes l'ron! Ilmv-Uswaltl. 5lI'UIll, lloberlson. Stewart, Mnnlillon, Nelson, Nielson E. VV. Iohnson Dean U. M. Leland C. Edward Ahlm Wallace Andeen Harrison I. Anthes Orville A. Becklund Clyde H. O. Berg Milo M. Bolstad William A. Brastad NVilliam G. Cain Russell M. Carlson Donald F. Chamberlain C. Gene Cutts Leon H. Grozovsky I. Henry Harrison C. Cruse Honey lack Intlekofer Richard R. Krumm Mollard H. Laloy FACULTY MEMBERS G. H. Montillon MEMBERS B. I. Robertson L. G. Straub Roy W. Lcssard Iohn S. Loyc Edward T. Marshall William H. Mather Arnold C. Matthies William L. Nelson Russell L. Nielsen Albert G. Oswald Frank B. Sandgren Glenn Seidel Richard D. Springer Dale G. Stevenson Homer I. Stewart Gordon H. Strom Michael Tenenbaum Garvin L. Von Eschen Frank B. West TAU BETA PI 268 l8.i l 1 Founded Lehigh University, 1885 Sixty-two Chapters Alpha, 1909 121525: 1:::r:r: 4-:::::, 2:'5:i:E: 1555525 D' F". Q. . '-cg. .1 www:- siwgf-1:: '-. 5' E 5252 'ffzsizeag As, . :gigiriv " fiiii b .-5-34 'W mfsisiaifsisia -xii' - . 'W' ,,q.. 23-1 .2:l?I?EIEI: -:-:::-'::::5 -.-5.-.-4 sQa:s:s:a:a:a:a: 3525" W asisisisisisisis gif Qiiifiiieiiiii iii2!555iiisi55s cz em ic' .Q-'ro-Tifiei ACADEMIC Back Row-Field, Conw y, Dunwoody, Mcycr, Park, Peterson, Alder, I-Iawlish l:Olll'll1 Row-Sivcrtsnn, Holton, Schoffman, Bauman, Crinklcy, johnson, Hubbard, Whiton, Paul Third Row-K. Anderson. Lcljcmark, Klobc, Hoslbjor, Holt, Edwards, McFarlan, Shcllinan Second Row-li. Anderson, Watson, King, Arvcson, Duckclt, Higgs, Ncwbcrg, Eastman, Lzuhcrs Front Row-Wilson, Harris, llrucc, Meacham, Tucker, Norquist, Utccht, Taylor MEMBERS Alpha Chi Omega Delta Zeta Mary Taylor Mary Lou Whiton Lucille Utecht Lillian Lutz Alpha Della Pi Gamma Phi Beta Dorothy Duckett Monica Flynn Betty Christofierson Marjorie Vance Betty Field Alpha Gamma Delta Kay Anderson Marion Iolinson Kappa Alpha Tana Marjorie Merrill Wilma Sivertson Alpha Omieron Pi Phyllis Hawlish Betty Anderson Kapfa Dflfd Melissa Robbins Caryl Meyer Marguerite Klobe -'41Phl1 Phi' Kappa Kappa Gamma Ann Watson Annls Gould Barbara Bruce Lavinia Alder Alpha XiDelta - phi Omega pi BCUY Higgs Mari' Peoples Beatrice Nelson Stella I-Iostbjor B!,'f6lPhiAlpl1d P'l'BetaPhi Mabel Crinkley lane Dyer Ieanne Blair Constance Fegles Mary Frances Tucker C hi Omega lean Clifford Anne Schoffman Sigma D4-lm Tau Della Delta Delta Minette Lifson Iean Harris Betty Hubbard Evelyn Conway - Carla Meacham Sigma Kappa Ioyce Paul Betty Peterson Delta Gamma lane Wilson Alice Park Zeta Tau Alpha Mary Lohmann May Collin Helen Holt A N-HE,LLEN1c,coUNc1L of ' i., 1 L., , ,., ,I Q.. .. f.-,H . . . ::.,.,. .L ,-.H . M- - . V. i .. i. ,W ,V -fm., A :,...,i -:mn ---wi nam ga.-4-ir.',L'..,,-.lic-.-r-asa, J' l E l 1 i l i i l l Q sv Q' G v l l 4 i V 1 4 I Founded Greencastle, Indiana, 1885 Fifty-nine Chapters Alpha Lambda, 1921 514 Eleventh Avenue Southeast ACADEMIC Back Row-Wood. Pulver, I. llnrncr, Foster, Wallace. vmihcim, F. Taylor l'0ll!'lll Rnwa-Whiton, II. McKenzie, Meyer, Vernon, Cuvellier, Kuehn, Earl, Wendlanill 'l'hiriI Row-Smith, Posl, Ugilvie, C. McKenzie, liriksen. Berger, llygerr, NVf!I1llIlk,llllll1'l' Second Row--Williams, Semingson, Daniels, Gumliicli, Barnes, Laing, Daugherty, Rittenhouse Front Row-Dilunan, Sargent, M. K. Taylor, Hagemick, Kinning. Heherling, Gallcnkamp, Il. Horner, I. B. Iohnson FACULTY MEMBERS Mary K. Shaw Dorothy G. Iohnson Gertrude D. True GRADUATE STUDENTS Eileen Hansen Phyllis Savage Alice Cuvellier Maxine Daniels Iune Dittman Maud Earl Iune Gallenkamp Iean Goodrich Doris Hagensick Hope Horner Iean Barbara Iohnson Marion L. Iohnson Harriet Kinning Ieanne Mallette Clure McKenzie Mary Louise Meyer Ieanne Barnes Bonnie Iane Berger Patricia Butler Cecil Daugherty Betty Dygert Marian Eriksen Mary Finseth Marion Folsom lean Foster ACTIVES 37 Rhea Post '36 37 Iean Pulver '37 37 Priscilla Rittenhouse '38 38 Vesta Sargent '36 37 Mae Semingson '36 37 Frances Taylor '36 37 Mary Kay Taylor '36 37 Anitra Vadheim '37 38 Mary Wendlandt '36 36 Elaine Wentink '37 '37 Mary Lou Whiton '37 38 Ethel Williams '38 '38 Genevieve Wood '36 '38 PLEDGES loyce Heherling lean Horner Ieannette Kuehn lean-Helen Laing Helen McKenzie Iessie Ogilvie Margaret Smith Bonnie Vernon Nancy Wallace ALPHA CHI OMEGA Aww. -t ..-. '.'-:ALL .- fm. 1 271 ACADEMIC Hack Row--Cook, Anderson, Borland, hrlCK1llK, l. Helrncrs Third Row-Sedum, Lewis, OllCllC, Carey, Inckson, M. K. l-lelmers lean Babcock Celia Borland Iune Carey Elizabeth Cone Dorothy Duckett Monica Flynn Ioan Helmers Mavis Anderson Second Row-Ncils, Dunwoody, Sinining, Nuhhns, Stoudt Front Row-Cone, Lambert, Duckett, Norquist, Sanford GRADUATE STUDENTS Lois Lambert Ianet Ross ACTIVES '38 Mary Katherine Helmers '39 '36 Kathleen Iackson '36 '36 Dorothy Nahhas '37 '36 Priscilla Neils '37 '36 Evelyn Norquist '36 '37 Karleen Stoudt '38 PLEDGES Lois Odette Ioy Brown Brownell Sedam Agnes Dunwoody Zada Simning Helen McKaig l . 'I 1 ' 5" 2 .,r.w",, ' 7-7' ,."'w.. . ?sh'5wvrA',5gy. A BEM Founded Wesleyan Female College 8 Fifty-four Chapters Alpha Rho, 1923 1009 University Avenue Southeast ALPHA DELTA PI 272 ACTIVES 111215 Q, Founded Syracuse University, 1904 Forty-six Chapters Delta, 1908 31 l Eleventh Avenue Southeast ACADEMIC Back Row-lijcrkens, llnits, Marion E. Inhnson, Davies, Shabel, Thielen, Pamdis, Marian K. Iohnson, MacGilvray Iiiflh Rowb-E. Roxackcr, Lindquist, Wright, Orlield, Lahilverlc, Bohlig, Ilopper, lllekrc Fourth Row-V. Rosncker, Clarey. Morse, MacNamara, Haxslen, llichert, O'Donncll, Mills Third Row-Neamon, Conklin, Ryder. Hcnneman, Edwards, Mclfarlanc, Williams, Kranz Second Row-llarta, Hultgren. Rounds, Foster, Steinsrud, Sniallwood, Steele Front Row--Thorpe, Harper, lreys, lngebrand, Anderson, Brown, Tliompson, Porter Kathryn Anderson Lorraine Bardsley Betty Berry Clara Bohlig Miriam Brown Marjorie Butts Ann Clarey Marjorie Culp Harriet Edwards Betty Foster La Verne Getchell Suzanne Harper Virginia Henneman Helen Dae Hopper Elizabeth Hultgren Ioan lngebrand Alice Ireys Marian K. Iohnson Marion E. Iohnson Helen Barta Alice Barton Doris Bjerkens lane Blekre Patricia Conklin Barbara Davies Iris Elden Dorothy Hasslen Eleanor Hiebert ALPHA GAM M Constance Kaufman lane Kranz Bettie McFarlane Lenore McNamara Mary K. Mills Carolmay Morse Mary Neamon Lorraine O'Donnell Ieanne Porter Violet Rosacker Virginia Rounds Missie Ryder Georgia Schomburg Ruth Smallwood Marjorie Stemsrud Mary lean Thompson Marcia Thorpe Marjorie Williams PLEDGES Alice LaLiberte Carol Lindquist Eleanor MacGilvray Lois Orfield Eloise Paradis Elizabeth Rosacker Mary Shabcl Charlotte Thielen Marguerite Wright ADELTA 273 .94 i . ACADEMIC . 1 liack Row-Hanawalt, Benham, H. Fritz, Doehterman, Kilday, Sprague, Black, Turnslrnnd, llehrends, Putnam, L. Kleinnian, Nelson lfourtli Row-Whitney, Seroggins, Day, A. liylar, Hriew, Swenson, Morse, I. Kleinnnin. Priest, Kueelienmeister, Tyson 'l'hird ROWRSI, Clair, Atkins, llanuncrlmcher, Ieronme, Schaalf, liuckbee. Cox, Hegel, Moore, llernath, Andrus, Carlson Second Row-li. liylar, Wooldrik, Cairns, Sleuenbenz, llanion, Markham, Frantz, I. Fritz, Rudolph, Reichniuih, Snell Front Row-llanson, Ritter, Given, lfrisvnld, llawlisli, 'l'eIft, 'l'eselnun, Lalilanl, Anderson, Pass Elizabeth Ebeling Betty Anderson Iean Bchrends Helen Benham Antoinette Bernath Mary Black Leora Briese Betty Buekbee Louise Casey Margy Clay Marian Cox Alice Eylar Betty Eylar Marie Fahey Betty lane Frantz Rachel Frisvold Harriet Fritz Iean Given Lois Hanson Phyllis Hawlish Eleanor Andrus Margaret Atkins Iane Cairns Vera Carlson Margaret Damon FACULTY MEMBERS lone Iackson GRADUATE STUDENT Irma Hammerbaeher ACTIVES '37 lean Hegel '37 '37 Margaret Ierome '37 '38 Lorraine Kleinman '36 '37 Dorothy Kueehenmeister '36 '37 lane LaBlant '37 '37 Maxine Morse '37 '38 Alice Pass '38 '36 Delores Ritter '38 '37 Melissa Robbins '37 '37 Shirley St. Clair '37 '37 Agnes Sehaalii '38 '39 Annette Scroggins '38 '37 Ianet Sprague '37 '37 Eleanor Swenson '37 '36 Margaret Telft '36 '37 Charlotte Tescham '37 '36 Barbara Tyson '38 '38 Mary Whitney '38 '36 Gertrude Wooldrik '36 PLEDGES Ianet Fritz Dorothy Hanawalt Bcttye Kilday Ieanne Kleinman Virginia Markham Geraldine Nelson Iane Priest Bonnie Reichmuth Barbara Rudolph Marion Snell Founded Barnard College, 1897 Forty-six Chapters Tau, 1912 Helen Day Marian Moore Marion Stettenbenz Eddice Doehterman Helen Turnstrand 1121 Fifth Street Southeast A L P H A O M I V C R O Nt' QPJFII, 274 l l 1 l tl 1 l r l l l f 7 N 4 4 W l l l l l l i 1 l Fouridcd Syracuse University, 1872 Thirty-seven Chapters Epsilon, 1890 323 Tenth Avenue Southeast ACADEMIC Back Row-Arzt, Oseth, West, Hosfurtl, Trcttcn, Wheelock, McDonald Fourth Row'-Lennon, Bowen, Peyton, Leasurc, Godwin, Trenholm Third Row-B. Gardner, Carl, Wynn, Stringer, Stuart, I-Icdhack, Pierson Second Row-Barr Mark Warner MCL' ghI'n Ch istisun S mcakc - Yu i , JU l 1 1' - I I Mont Row--Ganlcy, King, Addy, A. Watson, Scallon, Rutter, Curti Marion L. Faegre Betty Addy Helen Barry Iacqueline Bowen Betty A. Boyd Betty Boyd Katherine Boynton Mary Carl Peggy Christison Helen Deal Betty Downing lane Fansler Marion Ganley Bernice Gardner lean Gardner Francis Godwin Annis Gould Elizabeth Arzt Charlotte Bulkley Helen Drake Betty Hcdback lane Hosford Elizabeth Kennedy Bettie Lennon FACULTY MEMBERS GRADUATE STUDENT Arnetta Becker ACTIVES Iosephine Hall Mary Iaffray Betty Iones Nancy King Elizabeth Leasure Marna Maland Mary Pierson Ann Rutter Nan Scallon Iane Speakes Mary Starring Ann Watson lean Watson lane Welch Iarry West lean Hirsch '37 '38 '38 '37 '37 '37 '37 '36 '37 '37 '36 '36 '37 '38 '36 '36 PLEDGES Betty Mack Mary McDonald Mary McLaughlin Iane Oseth Martha Peyton Betty Pontius Ianet Pontius ALPHA PHI Ruth Stuart Nancy Trenholm Dorothy Tretten Margaret Wallin Polly Warner Susan Wheelock Leila Wynn 275 ACADEMIC Ilaek Rmv-Ilokimson, Gordon II lrig, Space. Scholbcrg, Rictk Third Row-'Peter M I k L I sit non, Lomplon, Niektrson, Linnt, II. l ll Second Iiow-lienncu, I'. Norton II Norton, Nylamler, Leehens, lhoollllle I' LR I Il I I I 'ron ox Mrs. Lee Barber Alberta Goodrich Helen Compton Elenore Higgs Norma Batchelder Margaret Christenson Mable Gordon Helen Gross Ardelle Hamlett Elizabeth Higgs Edith Iohnson Evelyne Kendall Harriet Lathers Mary Iane Bennett Myra lean Doolittle Elvera Hokanson Hester Leebens Mill, IIIIUWS l, ,irl v'- .a iers, 'eop es, lo mson, Higgs, Kendall, Iiarclmelrlcr FACULTY MEMBERS Mrs. Clara Koenig Lorraine Kranhold GRADUATE STUDENTS Margaret Rarig Elizabeth Shippee ACTIVES '36 Helen Linne '36 lane Milinowski '37 Elizabeth Nickerson '36 Ann Nylander '36 Mary Peoples '37 Mildred Peterson '36 Ruth Scholberg '37 Margaret Space '38 A PLEDGES Barbara Norton Phoebe Norton Lorraine Rieck I I I I I I I Founded Lombard College, I893 Fifty-six Chapters Mu, 1907 l 115 Fifth Street Southeast ALPHA XI4DELTA 276' A l l i l i f 1 1 , 2522 HM'iii'Qf4.1.' rl.. ' I l l l i 1 1 l I l I V I Founded Fayetteville, Arkansas, 1895 liighty-nine Chapters Pi Beta. l92l 315 Tenth Avenue Southeast , 1 , , ACADEMIC Back llow-Shirley, Burr. Teslow, linlrikin, lfremlsall, Ludwigson, L. Iohmon Fourth Row-Gay, ll. King, Burdick, Il li I r, Clarke Thiril Row-M. Klohe. Vance, Anderson, I. Nelson, ll. Klohe, 1. McAuIcy. Dexter Second Row--Walker. ll. Mc,-Xuley, lfoule, C. lohnson, Bartlell, L:lngl'ol'ml Front Row-Proehl, Nordland, M. King, Scholfman, Bryan, Rich, Clifton Patricia Fitzpatrick Eleanor Gould lean Bartlett Floramae Boyle lean Bryan Eileen Burdick Lorraine Burr Merrilyn Clarke lean Clifford Martha Anna Clifton Mary Cullum Gladys Diessner Grace Marie Gay Barbara Healy Marjorie Ienkins Catherine Iohnson Ellen Iune Anderson Dorothy Dexter Betty Entrikin Fern Foute Genevieve Fredsall Lois Iohnson Helen King FACULTY MEMBER Edna Fowler Mathieson GRADUATE STUDENTS Kathryn Nickelsen Maxine Slingshy ACTIVES Mary King Magdalin Klobe Mary Io Maher Burney McAuley lune Nelson Sylvia Nelson Doloras Nordland Carmen Proehl Betty Rich Anne Schoflman Lorraine Teslow Doris Vance Helen Vorhees Alice Walker PLEDGES CHI OMEGA Bernice Klohe Ieanne Langford Ruth Ludwigson Ieanne McAuley Audrey Shirley Katherine Steel 277 ACADEMIC llack Row-Possum, Gage, Perkins, llillnuzl, Cook, Slrunel, Suulliworzh, liarton, liciihl y li l'ourli ow- rauci, 'ix ma , l R K l lx 15,1 y V I l ll 5, I L ll:nves,llubbarnl,R. lIerg,Sn1iIl1 Iwloelileubrock 'l'I1ir4l Row-Gregg Angst Nnrrlllml Stlxiy, lmmer, llcll, llurns, Hague, Donn lly S I ll .ctonr nw-G. fyflllllll, Ranrlolph, hlupley, Wingate, llrown, M. lu. Clrlililh, Nixon, Lapron lfronl lluwwllalluran, King, Moore, Mitchell, lkleacham, l'. White, Ilarrelt. Conway. lluslml Margaret Enquist Ruth E. Lawrence lane Leichsenring Margaret Angst Peggy Barrett Dorothy Barton Betty Bell Iudith Berg Rosemary Berg Helen Burns Betty Lou Burrows Dorothy Capron Evelyn Conway Elma Elizabeth Cook lean Craswell Genevieve Emmer Marjorie Fossum Caroline Gage Nancy Gregg Genevieve Grillith Mary Edna Grillith Patricia Halloran Mary Frances Hawes Betty Hubbard Ianeth Brown Betty Donnelly Mary Ann Hague Sylvia Hilliard FACULTY MEMBERS Mary Skinner Grace Torinus ACTIVES Margaret Hustad Muriel King Olyn Kingbay Natalie Krauch Carla Meacham Melissa Mitchell Muriel Moehlenbrock Betty K. Moore Maxine Nixon Mary Iane Nordland Phyllis Perkins Virginia Putnam lane Randolph Eleanor Selvig Mary Shipley Frances Southworth Kay Stevens Frances Stremel Peggy Ann White Ruth Wingate Phyllis Yohe PLEDGES Virginia Keithley Harriet Shepherdson Betty Lambert Margery Weston Annabelle Pettibone Kay White Vivian Vandenover I I I I I I I I I I I I I 5 Q I I I I Fdundcd Boston University, 1888 Eighty-eight Chapters Theta, 1894 ' 3l6 Tenth Avenue Southeast DELTA DELTA DELTA 278 L l l I i l l l l i i 1 l i 1 l l l 1 l l 1 - Ki, .rg 3' l i i 1 l 4 Founded Lewis Institute, 1874 Forty-scvcn Chapters Lambda, 1884 1026 Fifth Street Southeast ACADEMIC llack Row-Wenzel, Swanson, I. Oilcll, K. Nelson, Pcnnock, McCulloch. Canslin, Mcllartncy, Kricchhnum Fifth Row-liosholr, Way, Yost, Gile, Moir, Park, lackson, llclirencll Fourth Row-lfalk, M. Odell, Krcy. W. Wilson, Hinclinc, lflmlson, Leach, Cammzick, Ritchie 'l'hirtl Row-Sanders, M. Running, McQuarric, Steatlman, Pnnlis, liurwcll, Innes, Smith Second Row-Drotning, li. Running. Protzeller, Lohlnann, Cliristufler, lim-chle. Wright, Sharoonl, D. Nelson From Row--Kitts, llnll, Slrcater, Waltlin, l. Wilson, EVJIFIS, lficltl, Lihlxy FACULTY MEMBERS Mrs. Dorothy Briese Miss Helen Smith GRADUATE STUDENTS Louise Brown Marsena Falk ACTIVES Mary Anne Benson '38 Mary lane Moir '38 Sue Burwell '37 Harriet Mosher '38 Marcia Cammack '38 Dorothy Nelson '38 Mary Caustin '38 Katie Lou Nelson '38 Ruth Christoffer '39 Iudith Odell '38 Margaret Drotning '39 Alice Park '37 Ruth Evarts '36 Caroline Paulis '36 Sarah Field '36 Mary Elizabeth Pennock '37 Harriet Hineline '37 lane Protzeller '37 Ianet Hudson '37 Betty Ritchie '39 Henrietta Hull '36 Shirley Rosliolt '39 Betty Iackson '37 Elizabeth Running '37 Prudence lones '39 lane Sanders '37 Mary Kitts '36 Alice Sharood '39 Lctitia Krey '39 Douglese Swanson '39 Mary Kriechbaum '39 Peggy Streater '38 lone Kuechle '38 Peggy Waldin '36 Ruth Libby '36 Virginia Way '37 Mary Iane Lohmann '38 lane Wilson '36 Betty Anne McCartney '38 Wilhelmine Wilson '38 Marian McCulloch '36 losephine Wright '37 Maris McQuarrie '38 PLEDGES Katherine Behrendt Margaret Running Mgufine Stone Georgia Boswell Pl1ylliS Smith Anne Wenzel Mary Alida Gilc Iane Steaclman Dorothy Whitney Mary Ruth Odell 'DELTA Margaret Yost GAMMA 279 ACADEMIC ow---Iieinke. Rising, Bruseke, li, Anderson, Cibuzar, Borg Back Il Third Rmv-Buscli, ll. Andersen, 'l'svl1itla, Benson, Moran Secontl Row--Ilansen, Turnham, Waechter, Stevens, Hetheringtun, Easunan Front llow-I.iljemark, Paulsen, Utecht, Speieh, Mason FACULTY MEMBER Betty A. Graves GRADUATE STUDENT Iaync Eastman s l 1 , i 1 l i E l 3 .X Rl Q, 2:0 . l wlxit l ACTIVES Elinor Anderson '38 Marjorie Paulsen '36 Borghild Benson '36 Marcella Reinke '37 Sylvia Borg '38 Betty Rising '36 Dolorous Bruscke '38 Louise Speich '36 lean Cihuzar '38 Margaret Stevens '38 Rosemarie Hansen '38 Evelyn Turnham '36 1 Inez Liljemark '38 Lucille Uteeht '36 Lillian Lutz '37 Evelyn Wacchter 37 Maxine Mason '36 Leora Wohlleb '36 ' Dorothy Nolterieke '36 PLEDGES Ruth Andersen Dorothy M. Moran Elizabeth Busch Ann Marie Tschicla 1:,,uf1dC,l Myflw Hethermgton Miami University, IUUZ 280 DELTA ZETA Fifty-seven Cliaptt-rs Gamma. l923 330 Eleventh Avenue Southeast I I I I I I I 1 I I I I I I I I -iff if J I -I 91231 ,g'Q 'c' I I I I I I I I I I I Fountlecl Elsa Bach Iean Iohnson Catherine O'C0nnor Syracuse University, 1874 Forty-five Chapters Kappa, 1902 as mg.. ,ti ff" "M-fs.. lv.. 'ww M I ff H' 4 , Q-a-5 ' r :' 4 ACADEMIC ' -I 'u rw-' rw. f- r-. 1-5 U .' 34, J 1,1,,94L,,f' ':,zAff,.- X f m A Ll: - ., ' V' I' ,w 7 ', 1" 'i..1..1',f-.' A -5 ,sms ' -. Lia' - fi-. Qi, 1 I AW tx . ., f ' gil ,Q ' JN :.'J.-5t'f5- f - it I. 5 " . 4 , QL .L V Q , " "9:'f:-.- . -'sf " 1 ' " F' ,N ,Hx 1. ul 4: 311 Tenth Avenue Southeast G-A . "- "i I ' ' , 3 ..,.t M 'l'hi Hack Rruv-Cooper, Lajoie, llurkliartl, Simpson, Allen, lluxworih, Kicrlaml, llicks. Skogmo, Lewis, ll. Vance, llox c lfifth Row-U'lTonnor, Muriel Nelson, Summer. Fit-lil, Krebs, Miller, liarton, Wilkins, Ifinch, Stewart. Keyes, Hath 1'0lll'lll Ruw4llergquist, Caslmian, Sialforcl, lihelps, Moore, Youngs, Rauen. Molhersill, Ryan, Mann, Klein nl Row-l.ynch, Kelly, Meeker, lluckle, RUglSl'S,ci0l'1I1l'l', Scherich, Clausen, Charles, l'crry, M. lnhnson. lfosm Secuml llmvgfircy, Guar. l. lohnson, lfuwlcr, llrtmk:-, Swenson, Clements. Macl'lxail. Briggs, Warkerman, I. Clirislofltr on Front Row-Cook, Thayer,, M, Vance, Weld, ll. Cliristollcrson, Marg. Nelson, NunKu:-ter. Smith, llachc-Wiig, llurn ip Mary Baker Barbara Allen Ellen Bache-Wiig Kathryn Barton Ruth Bergquist 'Virginia Bosworth Naomi Briggs Betty Brooks Margaret Buckle lileanor Burkhard Catherine Burnap Caroline Cashman Betty Christollerson lanet Ch ristollerson Verla Clausen Clair Clements Linda Cook Betty Field Ruth Finch Margaret Fosmark Barbara Fowler Mary Lou Goar Louise Hagen Lillian 1-licks Ruth Hovde Cynthia Keyes Edith Kierland Roxanna Klein Kate Laioie Harriet Campbell Marie Charles Eva Ianet Cooper Alice Gortner Maxine Grey A P FACULTY MEMBERS Adah Crandy Florence Warnoch ACTIVES '38 Margaret La Lone '36 '36 Barbara Lewis '38 '36 Margaret Lynch '38 '38 Mary M. Mac Phail '38 '38 Nancy Meeker '39 '37 Louise Miller '36 '38 Winifred Moore '38 '39 Mary Mothersill '36 '37 Margaret Nelson '36 '36 Muriel Nelson '38 '38 Elizabeth Phelps '39 '36 Virginia Porter '36 '39 Iayne Rauen '36 '36 Marion Renshaw '38 '37 lane Scherich '36 '37 Betty Simpson '39 '38 Mabeth Skogmo '38 '39 lileanor Smith '36 '38 Grace Stafford '37 '39 Mary Swenson '37 '38 Mary Thayer '37 '39 Betty Vance '38 '38 Marjorie Vance '37 '38 Lora Lee Von Kuster '36 '38 Patricia Weld '36 '38 Catherine Wilkins '38 '37 Louise Youngs '37 '38 PLEDGES Marianne Iohnson Elsie Kelly Ruth Krebs Doris Ann Mann llarriet Perry Eleanor Rogers Ianet Ryan Leona Sommer Virginia Wackerman HIBETA 281 ACTIVES ACADEMIC liack Row--Ponrc, llrown, Il. Shcllinan, Rossman, Micklisb, West, Farrell, M. O'Shaughnesxy Fourth Row-Moriarty, LeVeque, Cook, Van Wagcnen, vlffllll, Henderson, Knapp, K. Osborne, Ludwig Thirtl Row-Wilson, Christie, Kerr, lircnnan, Rohan, L. Fitch, Tennant, Forney Second Row-I. Osborn, Ives, Mclilmy, Watson, liurdcau, l. lirnst, llulbert, Bowles Front Row-Sivertsen, Diehl, liairtl, Morrill, Hitchings, li. Fitch, L. Ernst, Stotltlard FACULTY MEMBER Mrs. Gleva Erskine GRADUATE STUDENTS Eileen O'Shaughnessy Louise Seeger Ianet Baird Arlocne Bowles Mary Brennan Betty Brown Coralyn Bush Betty Cones Marjorie Diehl Iosephine Ernst Louise Ernst Karin Farrell Elizabeth Ann Fitch Lucile Fitch Frances Forney Virginia Henderson Ruth Ann Amundscn lsabelle Burdeau Lillian Christie Mary K. Cook Lucy lane Hulbert Ioycc Kerr Marguerite Luger Mary Iane McElroy Flavia Micklish Mary Moriarty Iosephine I-Iitchings Betty Ives Mary Io Knapp Barbara LeVeque Catherine Ludwig Marjorie Morrill Shirley Morris Marian O'Shaughnessy Anne Reimbold Rose Marie Rohan Marion Shellman Wilma Sivertson Yvonne Stoddard PLEDGES Katherine Osborne Peggy Poore Ruth Rossman Ruth Shellman Betty Tennant Alice Van Wagenen Marjorie Vertin Kathleen Watson lean West Alyce Wilson l l 1 X - uri 5, l Fotinded DePauw University, H570 Sixty-fou1'Cbaptcrs Upsilon, 1890 31-l Tenth Avenue Southeast KAPPA ALPHA THETA 282 4 - n . 5 I ss ..- -- all n- va. "4 Xi, . v- sf , .s .- l l Founded Farmville, Virginia, 1897 Sixty-eight Chapters Sigma Beta, 1918 1025 Sixth Street Southeast ACADEMIC Hack Row-McCarthy, Iluller, Callenbach, Secrest, Mooney, llentlixen, Schmidt. Kiellantl, West l'f'Ufll1 IUIW-'l'lllCrlHl. L. Iohnson, l'.ngenhupf, M2lClJKll11llll,Kl'S1Cl'gl'CI1, Cox, llollentler, Steele Third Row-Wrenn, llaycs, Lund. Henson, Mlclirien, Lee, Lathrop Recontl Row-V Iohnson Ifiss Bn u Smllwp, intl M M'll I C' l li e . . , .., l'I1.,.t l.ll',.I I 1, C I c', AJC, Own I-ronl Row-llirslio, Gondlxuc, Mcilhesney, Klobe, Rodgers, Meyers, libel Edith Meinecke Esther Doerr Frances liendixen Betty Bowen Tonic Callenbach Betty Cole Louise Combs Dorothy Ebel Gertrude Fiss Gayle Goodhue Mary Hayes Elizabeth Irlirstio Lorraine Iohnson Marguerite Klobe Eleanor Lathrop Doris Lee Florence Benson Iosephine Burns Betty Cox Meta I-Iollender Vallerie Iohnson Natalie Kjclland FACULTY MEMBERS Katherine Miles GRADUATE STUDENTS Martha My rle Ma n ning ACTIVES '37 Elaine Lund '36 '38 losephine MacDonald '36 36 Marian Mclirien '36 '36 Charlotte McChesney '37 '38 Caryl Meyer '37 '37 I-lelen Mooney '36 '37 Eva-Jane Ostergren '36 '36 Helene Rodgers '37 '37 Ruth Schmidt '38 '38 Nell Secrest '37 36 Freda Smith '37 '36 Virginia Steele '37 '36 Alice Marie Titterud '37 '38 Mary Mott West '37 PLEDGES Mary Frances McCarthy Betty McMiller Charlotte Pagcnhopf Patricia Solhaug Priscilla Wrenn KAPPA DELTA 283 ACADEMIC llack Row-llarncy, linker, Boucher, Almars, Duty, Champine, G. Thompson, llager Fourth Row-Dougan, Volk, A. Ahernethy, lleems, Fletcher, I. Abcrnethy, Sheldon, V. Adams, Salmon Third Row-Gnsslee, Fugina, R. I. Campbell, llerpzslreser. Mclierchci, Knatwold, Miller, Schoening Second Row-1. Campbell, Ives, lletsy llrucc. Kelley. Lane, McAfee, Sullivan, llaskell, Tingdnlc Front Row--I. Adams, Alder, lirown, Aslakson, Barbara Bruce, Donovan, Pike, Wright, Geist Mary Aasgaard lean Abernethy lean Adams Virginia Adams Mary Albrecht Lavinia Alder Betty Almars Iessie Aslakson Dorothy Baker Alice Barney Ellen Brown Barbara Bruce Betsy Bruce Margaret Deems Elizabeth Donovan Diana Doty Margaret Dougan Mary lane Finch Ann Abernethy Ianet Bergstreser Catherine Boucher lean Campbell Mary Champinc Peggy Gosslee FACULTY MEMBER Mildred L. Vredenberg GRADUATE STUDENTS Alice Fraser McDonald ACTIVES '38 Frances Fletcher '38 '37 Betty Fugina '37 '38 Louise Geist '38 '37 Liselotte Hager '36 '37 Faith Haskell '38 '39 Ruth Kelley '37 '37 Patricia McKercher '38 '39 Roberta Miller '38 '38 lean Pike '36 '36 Adelaine Salmon '39 '36 Helen' Schoening '38 '39 Mary Elizabeth Sheldon '37 '38 Deborah Thompson '36 '38 Gerardine Thompson '36 '38 Evelyn Tingdale '37 '39 Ann Volk '37 '36 Iane Wright '36 PLEDGES Dorothy Ives Eleanor Knatvold Lois Lane Barbara B. Lyon Bette Lee Sullivan l l i 4 , l . i r l l i l 1 l l l .2"'L. h " F, ...A -1---- --nn gg . .Af s , N l el 3? -,-5 Nt l 1 l l i l i l l Founded Monmouth College, 1870 Seventy-three Chapters Chi, 1880 329 Tenth Avenue Southeast KAPPA KAPP-.A GAMMA 284 l 1 Founded University of Nebraska, 1910 Twenty Chapters Kappa, l917 800 University Avenue Southeast ACADEMIC Back Row-Slurtevant, Opfer, Mickelson, Gratv, Myers, llichartlsnn, Williams, Holton Thirtl Row-Melirnin, Murphy, Bergstrom, Abplanalp, Warner, Hunt, Wipper " l -' il ' P'l ' 'l' ' C ' ll'll . Wililcr Root buconil low bor er, .i mcr, owne, oopcr, I m1n, , Front Row-Hopkins, Onllaug, lflostliior, Nelson, Marwin, Robinson. Carlson Helen Abplanalp Marian Bergstrom Catherine D. Carlson Carol Cooper Esther L. Gorder Ruth Z. Holton Barbara I. Hopkins Stella Hostbjor Eunice Billman Ann Gratz Iane McGrain Beatrice Mickelson Mary Murphy Eleanor Opfer Fern Louise Palmer FACULTY MEMBER Melba Hurd ACTIVES '36 Pauline Hunt '36 '36 Helen M. Marwin '36 '37 Marguerite L. Myers '36 '36 Beatrice H. Nelson '36 '38 Adrienne Odlaug '36 '37 Ruth Robinson '37 '36 Iean Alice Warner '37 '36 PLEDGES Mary Lou Richardson Marion Root Frances Sturtevant Florence Towne Marian Wilder Virginia Williams Helen Wipper PHI OMEGA PI 285 ACADEMIC -.r.p.v '. , Back Row-Sellmun, Andrews Milford ll llnfatrr X inl ttttn Ixorlvy llIl7Ll'l1llll, llolrl llc, Ilcily Hen un xwx 1 B. Kleiner, Oisrul, l cc l'onrlhRow--Cummins,Lutlir 'vlorris lllison I ll I t 0 ll 'l'liirrl liuw-llonelxower, Ashby, llanson, Gavin, In O K I Jecnnt mv--,mel , 'ieuerfi 'i worn t n - y . .. . . , ., . , . . , nasnn, rr, ii vson, A. Kleiner, liergquist acre, 1 rvcsnn, .' ialfer. mer, ' 'uc 'cr 1 s in I Amlsrl tllltll Nlllf x sl ull it I'ronl Rmv-Unvperlliwant, Seull, jalcuhson, Sflllllll, llnnzlltlson, lxarkeel, llrenclun, Lovell, llrassell FACULTY MEMBERS Monica K. Doyle Dorothy Andrews lane Arveson Esther Barrager Iean Beddall Marian Bergquist Virginia Blundell Della Iane Brendon Margaret Cowperthwait Marjorie Cummins Eunice Cutlar Georgine Davenport Elizabeth Donaldson Marian Donehower Ruth Ellison Constance Fegles Elinor Fegles Catherine Gavin Ann Gifford Lois Haberman Iuanita Hanson Frances Healy Margaret Hofacre Iean Hoidale Helenmarie Iacobson Dorothy Ionason Lillian Ashby Sylvia Brassett Lucille Davenport lean Gibson Lois Gorder Alice F. Tyler ACTIVES lean Karkect Adele Kleiner Caroline Kleiner Elizabeth Klemer Betty Kuehn Elizabeth Lee Lorraine Lovatt Iosephine Lovell Harriet Niebergall Mary Norby Ieanne Oistad janet Orr Dorothy Oswald Betty Palmer Elizabeth Pettijohn lean Richardson Margaret Schultz Betty Seidl Ieanette Sellman Mary Frances Tucker Carol Turnacliff Helen Uhler Margaret VanPctten Marjorie Worthington -i .- H-' X: Founded Monmouth College, 1867 Seventy-nine Chapters Alpha, 1906 '36 PLEDGES Elspeth Gurley Helen Hofacre Marcia Kilborn Betty Morris Betty Ann Schaf1er PI BETA PHI 286 1109 Fifth Street Southeast l Founded Colby College, 1874 Fifty-four Chapters Alpha Eta, 1921 -+.1:-4-1:.1.. ...3 fw r li l EgiBliQ m ."1W 'A -1' '-4 s.--af::":'-:zf.q--.-,4- 519 Twelfth Avenue Southeast ACADEMIC Nellie Bardwell lane L. Bosscn lean Bronson Audrey Fjelde Marion Iohnson Dorothy H. Lee Back Row-Lee, Schaefer, Bardwcll. Bronson ond Row-McCulloch, Moody, johnson, Sclre, l'Cll'l'S0ll Front Row-Iolnmone, liossen, I':lnl, I-jeldc ACTIVES '38 Muriel lohnstonc '38 '39 Barbara Moody '38 '36 Ioyce Paul '37 '36 Betty I. Peterson '38 '38 Betty V. Schaefer '39 PLEDGES Helen McCulloch Evelyn Setrc SIGMA KAPPA 287 Ruth Bauman ,,' 'ry .gg , aft o ACADEMIC l'a",k Ilow-Sclmrger, Baxter, I3eWall, C, Tliarker, Stephen, Willman, Hull betoncl Row--llurley, liaumann, l. 'l'h,a,cker, Mitchell, Nore' Evelyn Benson May Collin Dorothy File Helen Holt Natalia Hurley Gertrude Baumann Florence Baxter lean DcWall Shirley Dimond 1-lclen Norelius Claire Schurger lfrunl Row-liauman, 'l'hmm's, Collin, llyrle, I-'ife lim, hwanurmn ACTIVES '38 Anna Belle Hyde '38 138 Doris Mitchell Cordelia Thacker Margaret Thomcs Gretchen Trageser Betty Wittman PLEDGES Margaret Stephen Mabel Swanstrom lean Thacker Mariorie Thacker Lorraine Wellman F- Alfa l 792'l1.x Fo u n ded Farm ville, Virginia, 1898 Seventy-three Chapters Alpha Tau, 1923 1112 Sixth Street Southeast zE'rA TAU.AL'PHA 288 '- w -'sv 'Qs J-'ic Z., Ak' 5, S. J -4.-5" :g. ,:5:k5:E:5:5'1 .sw :- -2-. .-kia?-.'c-:-:-:t-:-:-:-1 :I wigs., .I . ".'5I:I:lg!gI:I:" EEN! ' , 55- kf:5:5:5:E:E:5:5: gsgrgvfggz-' ' :5:- :g:E.,.::::g:::::::::5 1:-:g3::,.: . - :+R ":-:g:-xg:-:g:g, :-:. ,.".., , ,---.g::.g.:N.g,g E'EE"'I:E-E :-' ' -1553 ?31Er5rE5rEErE: :aa nm - . -sffg::f- as:a:sE:a:::a:s .:2: ' : ,Eg ,: ' . 5- :g:g:::::g:::::::g 2:15 033: :I:"l:lE'4 '- 1:i:i:l:2:!:5:5:5: 55:5 My 5 .,:5125:5:w - 5:5:5:5:5:s:5:r:5 5555 W- 'z52iEvE:E5 Eiiifiiififiiiiifi :assi 55552-' E55555E55i55iEi5 :qq "1:l:l. IF: l:I:2:l:2:-:tg-: 'lglglglgl "IgI:I:IgEglg..E1 : if Eisiiifiieiifie sisfiiiiiiiiiii :ErEr:r?r: , . ig-. :::5::::::::::., '- ca emic 7'2.4z'e'rnL'z'Ze1 ACADEMIC Hack Row--Engcbrcrson, Kcllar, Rich, Cragg, Warner. Stravs Third Row-Hanson, Harding, Dickinson, Pratt, Clank, lianlstcr, Dicssncr Second Row-I-airall, Haugen, Plckcll, black, Rider, Shipman lironl Row SlflllhLl'S, Mtbrtcry, L. johnson, ll. johnson, Lchnnckc Acacia Harold Shipman Alpha Delta Phi Wesley Dickinson Alpha Tau Omega R. Elward Baker Beta Theta Pi Karl Diessner Chi Phi Wayne Pickell Chi Psi Alan Struthers Delta Chi Garth Harding Delta Kappa Epsilon Iamcs Williams Delta Tau Delta Iohn Fairall Delta U psilon Robert Iohnson Kappa Sigma Robert Cragg Lambda Chi Alpha Sidney Pratt Phi Delta Theta Iohn Hanson Phi Gamma Delta Curtis Kellar Dean Otis C. McCreery, Advisor Everett Iohnson, Chairman Phi Kappa Psi Albert Lehmicke Phi Kappa Sigma Fred Warner Phi Sigma Kappa Carl Haase Pi Kappa Alpha William Rich Psi Upsilon VVilber Schilling Sigma Alpha Epsilon Rolf Haugen Sigma Chi Fritz Corrigan Sigma Nu Iohn Slack Sigma Phi Epsilon Eldredge Mackay Tau Kappa Epsilon Robert Rider Theta Chi Franz Stravs Theta Delta Chi A. William Banister Theta Xi Howard Clark Zeta Psi Donald Engebretson TERFRATERNI-T.Y CO 290 i Founded University of Michigan, 1904 Thirty Chapters Minnesota, 1906 1206 Fifth Street Southeast ACADEMIC Hack Row-llarrison, Arvolil, Currie, Iensen, Slocum. Lainmers, Patterson Secontl Rnxvflianltine, Vanstrom, Starkey, Colby. Scoble, Miekelsen. Lincoln l l Row-Il .e, lierkner, Rnnntls, Shipman, Nelson, Smith Gustav Bachman I. O. Baker I. M. Bryant C. Erdmann C. H. Fisher A. Forsyth I. T. Frelin R. C. Gray F. F. Grout W. F. Holman E. W. Iohnson E. M. Lambert A. H. Larson W. R. Myers Wayne Hopkins Don Arvold Keith Berliner Bill Harrison Bob Hose Herbert Iensen Don Lincoln Henry Patterson Charles Colby Iames Currie FACULTY MEMBERS E. E. Nicholson L. B. Pease E. B. Pierce I. C. Poucher C. E. Rudolph I. N. Searles W. B. Silcox C. R. Stauiiler R. A. Stevenson A. V. Storm M. C. Tanquary T. A. Tecter I. S. Young GRADUATE STUDENTS Donald Warner Lyle Victor ACTIVES '38 Neil Rankine '39 '38 Bill Rounds '38 '38 George Scobic '39 '36 Harold Shipman '38 '36 Dale Smith '37 '37 Robert Starkey '36 '37 PLEDGES Charles Lammers David Mickelsen Linee Vanstrom ACACIA 291 ACADEMIC , - .', fl. , I l lxl Granhcck, Hood, Dvnraucck, Smllh, Prcvcy, Garrett Hack Row- o mnson, " in ow- o mer, C! IIC , lil 1 WC , ' US ill , CIHYC , HH il CII lllfg, CWC lhlR Ll Klyllllllltlli yV Vlkl N ll Second Row-llolvb I tu, Thomas, Burns, I-elton, Lindquist, Culbertson, Colwcll Front Row-Reed, Hcnn gs, Ward, llitkinson, McLennan, Anderson, McCoy, Molander l rr. FACULTY MEMBERS Bernard W. Bierman William W. Folwell William Pattee GRADUATE STUDENTS Lowell I. Peterson Paul L. Spooner, Ir. Arthur E. Anderson, Ir. ' Fred H. Barney Charles M. Burns Iames P. Caldwell Iames H. Colwell George K. Culbertson Wesley A. Dickinson Frank A. Dvoracek Iohn G. Felton, Ir. Iohn W. Granbeck Arthur G. I-Iennings Richard L. Hood Iames B. Hustad Frederick S. Kedney, Ir. ' William K. Klein George Dworshak Thomas H. Garrett Alden R. Grimes Warren Iohnson Iohn Y. Loper Stephan Stack Aubrey C. Stahr ACTIVES 36 Loren M. Lindquist '37 37 Wirth V. McCoy '37 38 William E. McLennan '36 38 George F. Mitchell '36 38 Elwood W. Molander '38 38 Franklin D. Newell, Ir. '38 36 Paul S. Prevey, Ir. '38 36 Preston A. Reed '36 37 Walter C. Robb, Ir., '37 38 Iohn E. Teisberg '36 37 Frederick W. Thomas '36 38 Earl I. Van Valkenburg '37 37 William W. Ward '36 39 Robert A. Wickersham '37 38 Paul D. Willard, Ir. '37 PLEDGES Merton P. Miler Charles B. Pratt George L. Smith Fulton Koehler 13. ..... .:A......,, it E4 1151? 'K ..... .... ..- I 2 l i Founded Hamilton College, N832 Twenty-six Chapters Minnesota. 1892 1725 University Avenue Southeast ALPHA DELTA P1-11 W 292 . A f' : .Q EA . A A .0 . 5 i l l Founded Richmond, Virginia, 1865 Ninety-four Chapters Gamma Nu, 1902 I82l University Avenue Southeast ACADEMIC Back Row-llusli. l'.IACIllICl'l. Mills, Quannlance, Lziniplrell, Cfcth k Butler, Ilule 'I hird Row'-Whiunore, llokcnson, llyrnes, M. Baker. Lundquist. Gilln ln, lfowle, llailcy lI1', Second Row--Arneson, Clark, Fuller, FCllCl1, Yates, Le lilnnd, l 1 st, Shannon l l Row-Nelson, Ramsland, Francois, Williams, E. linker, O'Connor, l hull, Pehler, Douglass Howard Barlow Emmett Brackney Phil Carter Carl Dutton Sherman Finger Iules Frelin Raymond Landon Fred Rosendahl Rolf Arneson Robert Bailey Elward Baker Morris Baker Robert Behlcr Richard Black Iohn Buekbee Iames Butler Paul Campbell Phil Clark Harl Douglass Gordon Earhuff Donald Eisenaeh Curtis Feyder Sherman Finger Robert Bush Iaek Byrnes Fred Feiten Robert Fowle Robert Fuller Clark Gilman Harold lhde Robert Lockwood FACULTY MEMBERS GRADUATE STUDENTS Dean E. P. Lyon Dean O. C. McCreery Martin Ruud Dr. Roy Swanson Edward Taylor Elmo Wilson Charles Schciliey ACTIVES '38 George Fletcher '37 '38 Iames Francois '37 Gil Geebink '38 Iohn Hokcnson s '36 s s 1 '38 '38 a 5 s w Robert LeBlond Harold Mclntyre William Meyer Gerry Mitchell William Nelson Vernon Quaintance Odin Ramsland David Shannon Austin Sparling Richard Whitmore Ben Williams PLEDGES Iohn Lundquist Walter Mills Robert Priest Kermit Quaintance Iohn Seaman Robert Seaman I-Iarl Son Zeno Yates ALLPHA TAU OMEGA 293 ACTIVES ACADEMIC Hack Row-Wcilliolf, llroilie, Thenl, Knight, M. Miller, Mclnrosh, Brierley. Mcwethy, R. Diessner l'DllI'lll Row-La lionnlaine, Nelson, Mee, johnson, Childs, Finley, Serrill, Spinelli, Melnny 'l'hird Row-Wheeler, Hoff, Dunsworih, Hollmnn, lllllllllg, Merrill, Qnasr, Works, Evans Second Row-S. Miller, Metternich, lilorlgelt, liiurkman, Mcfichron, Gomlsill, Brown, IJ l lk Ykl lr9'1lCl III k' KD' Ill il I Hi, FACULTY MEMBERS , - iso: , -reenman, ones, f Dr. Ioseph W. Beach William P. Kirkwood Dr. Russel W. Morse Dr. Chauncey N. Borman Dr. Ralph T. Knight Dean E. E. Nicholson Dr. Corwood I. Campbell Dr. Ray R. Knight Dr. Malvin I. Nydahl Ralph D. Casey Dr. Donald MacKinnon E. W. Olmsted Herbert E. Clefton Frank C. McCormick Dr. Charles P. Sigerfoos Dr. I. Frank Corbett Dr. Henry Michelson Edward H. Sirich Dr. Iohn E.Holt Edgar W. Weaver Cyrus Barnum Roy Bjorkman Iames Brodie Philip Brown Tappan Childs William Cudworth Karl Diessner Roy Diessner William Drew Robert Eckhardt Robert Ellison Lauren Findley Iohn Finley Marshall Goodsill Robert Greenman Douglas Haugen Spencer I-Iellckson Lloyd La Fountaine Wade Larkin Iohn McEachron David McWethy Iohn Mee Chuck Melony Foster Merrill lack Metternich Marcus Miller Stanley Miller Edward Nelson Donald Robinson Iulian Serrill Robb Smith Henry Sommers Robert Spaeth Paul Theut Murray Hoff '38 Robert Weithofl' '38 Peter Hoffman '37 Iohn Wheeler '38 Daniel Iones '38 PLEDGES Harvey Blodgett Gordon Brierley Richard Dunswortl Iohn Evans Iohn Hulting William Iolinson 1 Charles King Donald Knight Stewart Mclntosh Louis Quast Boyd Sanderson Iohn Works BOUK P Founded Miami University, 1859 Eighty-seven Chapters Beta Pi, H589 -...N 1625 University Avenue Soutlie ist BETA THE-TA PI 294 l l .1 'J a l I I 1 "1 gif f in Q I-, '.f'l2.. Founded Princeton University, 182-1 Thirty-Eve Chapters Gamma Delta, 1911 1617 University Avenue Southeast ACADEMIC Hack Rowfll I l Stark, Sathrum, 1lender,I.ofgren, Marty, Iepson 'l'liird Row--Gates, im Second Row-lol t Rl l t R R t l 'tml mv ' elmola, SlCHClIMJl!, Aho, Kelly , ia ' Yen, Pickell, Ro 'nlien 'l'u W lhorn, Lovell, Dahl, Peterson, Slen, llarris, Kohler FACULTY MEMBERS , Sherman. Young M. 2. . Ltlc. lohnxon Arno I. Iewett Donald G. Paterson GRADUATE STUDENTS Robert C. Lofgren Edgar 1. Baggen Kenneth C. Bender Don Gates Charles T. Harris Carl F. Iohnson Donald W. Kugler Edwin I. Aho Iohn Dahl Charles D.Dah1in Siegfried W. Frcuhling A. Gus Haglund Albert E. Hermann Iohn M. Iepson Robert L. Iohnston Howard B. Kelly v Robert F. Mears H. Robert Ransom ACTIVES 37 Wayne D. Pickell '37 '36 Charles E. Rector '37 139 Norman I. Rognlien '36 '38 H. Eugene Sathrum '39 '36 Lester C. Tuttle '38 '37 Wesley L. Webb '37 PLEDGES CHIPHI Edwin I. Kleimola LuVerne H. Martz Stanley G. Peterson Marshall A. Sherman Theodore S. Stark Kenneth R. Stcffensen Norman I. Sten Stanley A. Windhorn Marshall E. Young 295 ACADEMIC Hack Row-Sncve, Hirsch, Cronk, Wielanrl, Herrmann, Ilirschhoeck, Cook, Pewters, Icvnc, ll. Struthers Fourth Row-Ingalls, Pnhncr, McCannel, McGee, Fawcett, Balfour, Parker, Withy, Mclilrny Thiril Row-Sinclair, liemcnt, Spring, I.. Innes, Wagner, N11ll'l1ll, Wartclmw, Randall Seann ow- uex ec or "nn ne cllwnic v " Moir Soni 'ren Un 'e, W. Kerr. Mont 'omer . IR Q.l,Rl,C,.11Il,M . l,l. ,ll I, . I.. I, y lfrnnl Row-Gorhvarrl, llagen, Poppc, A. Struthers, Reed, Shepartl, Hanley, Ring, Leach FACULTY MEMBERS Schuyler Brown Colbert Searles GRADUATE STUDENTS William W. Moir Iack Pewters Walter W. Wood ACTIVES William M. Balfour '37 Thomas R. Martin '38 Robert Bement '37 Malcolm McCanne1 '38 Holton Blomgren '38 George Montgomery 38 Lowell Campbell '38 Ioseph R. Parker Robert Cronk '38 Frederick Poppe Phillip N. Fawcett '37 C. Frederick Quest Hugh B. Gage '37 William Rector Iohn E. Ganley '36 R. Gaylord Reed Earl L. Hacking '36 Dale Riegel Paul S. Hagen '37 Iohn G. Ring Charles N. Hensel '37 Arthur Rowe Iohn Herrmann '38 Iames W. Savage Robert W. Hirsch '37 Iohn D. Savage F. Iohn Hirschboeck '37 George R. Shepard Edgar E. Ingalls '37 Iack S. Sneve A. Leslie Ianes '36 NVillis Spring Alexander D. Kerr '36 William C. Stout William S. Kerr '36 Alan M. Struthers N. I. Knickerbocker '37 Carl Wartchow Iohn LaBree '38 Thomas R. Webb Edmund Leach '36 George S. Withy PLEDGES Agatin T. Abbott Roger W. Barton Robert P. Beaulieu Richard Brill Emmons S. Cook Iames G. Godward Richard Iancs Robert L. Ievne Fred C. McDaniels Iohn E. McElroy 296 Iohn Paul McGee Thomas L. Moir L. Sheldon Palmer Edward C. Pewters Loane I. Randall Iohn Seeger Gordon H. Sinclair Harvey I. Struthers Dale B. Watkins Iames F. Wieland l l l 1 l l l l 1 l l Founded Union College, 1841 Twenty-five Chapters Alpha Nu, 1874 1515 University Avenue Southeast CHI PSI . 'WAT' 14153 121 ' 4 ACADEMIC uf. f., ' . 1 ' , liack Row-Scvareiml. Silkey, Muller, Lewis, Hueckel. L. llranrlt Third Row-Rewinkel, Gallagher, l'lowarsl, Cline, Sweetman St-cond Row-Vnala, Ruck, Guelzke, Dellonia, Lossen. Nelson Front ROXViR0l1Cl'l50ll, Olson. llarding, Jackson, I. 1lYilI1l1l FACULTY MEMBERS Founded Cornell University, 1890 Thirty-l'ive Chapters Minnesota, 1892 A ti Sky' 'fu KL!!-7 4 . M .. ' " , ac .xl. f ,i!:N!'i',.-, .X ft'- " ': ' .'-- In r, wi' , ' .. 'w J V, V '-' Kia Im' I-Y' if", " 'V NV" -'WSXW' I ' 'ie-'ifglfxv .,f,A':gL1:. ng.,i , A, V' Fi "' Lf' 7. 'T N717 ' A -if .. ""7.1' Tj' Lf' N: -. ' "'1 '!l5"i1"'9" '7..-.'.?s4'5'-iii F1 " i- ,,.1,y,lv, ,J-gk 'N '. 1 ' 3 V-I-ms h, mx ' : . '.Q f A VL 1-. Q. i. -A -. 91fr"' P I 2' ,.i A iww'---'f1" fr ... . l ,. 1:11 17 hz I, rl, ,L If, :xv N, -fri..-1 . A' A fl. gig, J 3 I - 'wil- ax ' , ' A Q- I -JV." RL! I V X.: . s -.ltr . - ful- tick-' , ,a , . 9-.5 tl -,f I ,Q ix N X 1-,kvgfvfixlgg hw? 15... ,lf , . f ': ll - . 1" A " QV , -'A L J by r"""""f":'14 .f '- 1 1601 University Avenue Southeast DEL Captain Richard A. Ericson Lloyd A. Wilford GRADUATE STUDENTS Orville Quackenbush Milton R. Rewinkel ACTIVES Halward Blegen '36 Iohn Franklin Hueckel '38 Harold McKenzie Braggans '36 I. Robert Iackson '37 Iames Brandt '37 Herbert Lossen '37 Kasper Caveny '37 Robert C. Olson '37 Russel Cornell 36 Bruce Robertson '37 Kenneth Guetzke 37 Richard Sweetman '37 Garth C. Harding '36 Charles D. Wilkinson '36 PLEDGES Lyman Brandt Charles Cline Herbert DeRoma Sidney Gallagher Robert Hatch Elmer Nelson Iohn Ruclc Robert Sailstad Howard Sembla Iohn Sevareid Thomas I. Howard Edwin Silkey Fabian Lewis Robert Muller Arnold Vaala TA CHI 297 ACADEMIC liack Rmv'-Patterson, Craig, Fox, Smith, Campbell, Given "lit ow- in insoi , Jnsfrnve, ainc, Welsh, Williams -- ei ', '. a , .arrawec, lligelow, Freeman, R. lla' ll rl R R h I I 5, II Second Row R Ily I R y I I l R B I l l. l l l Iohn Butler E. M. de Berry C. D. Freeman G. K. I-Iagaman R. M. Icrnall I. C. LaCompte A. W. Morrison Trenwith Basford Milton Baugh Charles Bigelow Robert Campbell Grant Cosgrove Frank Dallera Peter Edmonds E. Peter Eichhorn Robert Fox Edward Freeman Frank Frenzel Iaclt Given Raymond Irwin Walter Larrahce Iaelt Baine William Craig Richard Patterson Paul Ray Ill I ow- as on , it mom s, Wenzel, Larson, Prout, Reid FACULTY MEMBERS H. P. Ritchie C. A. Savage W. R. Shannon A. C. Strachauer C. I. Watson O. S. Wyatt GRADUATE STUDENT Albert Savage ACTIVES '38 Roger Larson '36 '37 Fred Lemmcr '36 '36 Richard Moore '36 '39 Iames Qdegard '36 '38 Robert Potter '36 '36 Fred Prout '37 '38 William Reid '36 '37 Vincent Robinson '38 '39 Robert Savage '36 '36 Harry Smith '39 '38 VValter Taft '37 '39 Iarvis Tew '36 '36 Clarke Welsh '38 '36 Iames Williams '37 PLEDGES Robert Ray Iohn Reilly Robert Stimson I i i I l ,HN .+" A '21 ' "2 is l 1 V Fourirletl Yale University, 1884 Forty-seven Chapters Phi lipsilon, l889 l7ll University Avenue Southeast DELTA KAPPAEPSILON 298 YLJX 1 i 1 i l i 1 i l Founded Bethany College, 1858 Seventy-live Chapters Beta lita, 1883 ..... ,,,. Q... 1717 University Avenue Southeast ACADEMIC Back Row Lounshury, Bovim, Lahti, Iverson, Elmhlzul, Ridenour, Ilorg Second Roxv-Donovan, Sorenson, R. Smith, lluilsnn, tfhnrmlcy, Iuslus 1'ronlRow--W. Smith, Gage, lfairall, Iierens, Mcliachcrn Dr. Lee Harker William Bauer Robert I. Berens Andrew Borg Iohn M. Donovan John A. Fairall Ierome M. Gage Iames C. Ghormley William K. Arnold Russell Biddinger Paul T. Bovim William Daubney Wallace Elmblad Rexford Hudson Cavour Iustus Arnold Lahti FACULTY MEMBERS Niels Thorpe GRADUATE STUDENT Herbert Iverson ACTIVES '37 Reiman Hendrix '39 '37 Robert Lang '37 '36 William Lowe '37 '36 Iohn Mcliachern '36 '36 Lloyd Sherman '37 '37 William P. Smith '36 '38 Frederick Williams '39 PLEDGES Iohn Kent Lang Franklin Lounshury David Martinson Ray Ridenour Robert C. Smith Stanley Sorenson Alfred Weisner DELTA TAU DELTA 299 ACADEMIC Hack Row Briggs, Marlin, DeWall, Gurnec, Fellows, Davies, Anderson ll ill in ly Xll Ll s, "min ow-Dawson, Lam 1, eni r , 1 en, 'ar son, S ieers Second Row-l l. lluglies, I'leper, Marshall, Magee, W. llughes llront Ilcnv-Iiurkland, Alllllllll, Wright, johnson, Diercks, Feliallcr C. A. Herrick l3. H. Higgins I. C. Litzenbcrg D. E. Minnich David Burlingame Charles Allen Lloyd Anderson Lloyd Briggs Gordon Burkland Cyral Bursch Iohn Carlson Iohn Davies Thomas Dawson Robert De NVall Robert Diercks Paige Fellows Charles Frost Brace Gurnee Herbert Hughes Fred Dedolph William Hughes D E 300 FACULTY MEMBERS W. H. Peters I. W. Powell W. A. Riley L. B. Shippee GRADUATE STUDENTS P. Hersema Carlyle Tingdale ACTIVES '38 Robert Iohnson '36 '37 Stanley Lagerlof '38 '39 Frank Le Blond '38 '38 Belmont Magee '38 '36 Arthur Marshall '39 '38 Donald Martin '36 '38 Howard Mithun '36 '38 Emanuel Picper '38 '36 Iohn Schaller '37 '36 Fred Speers '37 '36 Charles Vasaly '38 '36 Iohn Wentworth '38 '36 NVells I. Wright '36 '39 PLEDGES Dan Lamb Robert Stevenson ,U I ' , a c -fs? 'll-ll My Founded Williams College, 1834 Sixty-one Chapters Minnesota, 1890 eh u px '-sri 4 as in 2-an-"V" A fl.. ---I '97, 1 1' 'i -P shew- q i., L-'v,lfL " wn rr.,-.fL7f:w. ' 2 ' ,u 1,-...gig 'fav'-. .mv .7 Tv . l .a- . -'mrrlg - -' "Q g.,',wg:'.'?5'31-Y ,f " ,. ',,.-1 '5 A45 -. . ma. ' A-,.,g,,,,w.m, ,Q T ,iw r .f' :W 'F' 5 .f'+ g,W' T3-f.'-4.5 -umzwff -:', -1 vi-.gif '-1411: i'.l-'gf-KV ' .- 1 ' 1, ' - "' ' R ., - ,f.'j4i. ff if -T-A R."-F, 'A' 4 . .l"' 'in ' I' .xii n'.,,,,ll i' 1 ' ' I 'fi lj.-" ,' J 1 2 r-'tg-if Q Q .4 r 4 .. ,A ,-9 -'-'1-yg 4 921 Univergity Axenuc S4 utheast S ' ' l LTA UPSILON . D 1 a nrt I . . v. ..Q.4X,', iflpffw- .. 135.9 Founded University of Virginia, 1869 One Hundred and Eight Chapters Beta Mu, 1901 1125 Fifth Street Southeast ACADEMIC Hack limv-lleI1nont, lillflllllllll, Arinstrong, Spencer. llcrman, l'l'1lll, llrclmn Third Row-White 1i H , I Cr, Owl' wh, xcllllut y, .t1'11s'IC, 'rn 111111, A1 Z, 11 111 'swur 1 l ll M ll R l 1 l l l lt k l ll I 1 I ll ll i, 1l Second Row-lamlson, Plklllllillfli, Could, Ward, lifllllll, johnson, bcnllcy 1 ru 1 ll lllt 1,1,Mlyl Xl kL lk fron ow--M for1n:111, Imrc n , Ira ' '. '1111 . .ewis.1 1 -1I!'lC', i111 e 'u Thomas Barnhart Ralph H. Brown Earl B. Fischer Herbert K. Hayes Robert Adamek Robert Anderson Harry Burnham William Churchill Robert Cragg Edward Foley Orville Forman Iohn Hardiman Neil Herman William Hubbard Alex Iohnson Lawrence Belmont Harold Brchan George Brittin Marshall Edson Edwin Fridholm George Gould Richard Gunderson Russel Hollingsworth Philip Kennedy FACULTY MEMBERS Raymond E. Iohnson Harold Macy Iulins L. Perlt GRADUATE STUDENT Ioseph L. Armstrong ACTIVES '38 Robert Lewis '37 '39 Bruce Lindeke '36 '38 Martin Lukoskie '37 '37 Robert Manly '38 '38 Iames Plumback '36 '38 Dale Shepherd '36 '38 Herbert Silverman '38 '37 Leonard Spencer '39 '36 Delain Ward '39 '37 Harvey Whitehill '38 '37 PLEDGES Iames Lutz Iustin Miller Richard Pratt Edward Robertson Clement Sculley Robert L. Swift William Trutna Rolland Wehlitz KAPPA SIGMA 301 ACADEMIC Back Row-Bicsanz, Iionlcling, Thompson, Kelly, Schollc Second Row-Valinc, Nonnwuilcr, C. Campbell, W. Campbell, Ames, llinklc Front Row--Ogaril, Bengston, Pratt, Forbes, Thorp FACULTY MEMBERS I. W. Alm Arthur 'Borak E. D. Mallam Roy Blakey Carl E. Nurnberger GRADUATE STUDENTS Howard Ames Charles Campbell Leslie Scholle Philip Bicsanz Ted Valine ACTIVES Warren Bengston Edward Harding '37 Bloyd Bodding Norris Ogard '37 William Campbell Sidney Pratt '36 Iohn Dinkle Thomas Selle '37 Allan Elleraas William Thorp '37 Iohn Forbes PLEDGES Carl Edstrom Charles McCrea Marcus Fredrickson Willis Nonnweiler George Kelly Iames Thompson ,emu ffgvl ta h ENR-. 1 l s . V ll Founded Boston University, l909 Eighty-four Chapters Gamma Omega Zeta, 1924 315 Nineteenth Avcnuc Southeast LAMBDA CH'I ALPHA 302 Founded University of Miami, 1848 One I-Inndretl and Four Chapters Alpha, 1881 1027 University Avenue Southeast ACADEMIC Back Row-R. Ilanson, Nelson, Sluefer, Graham, Libbey, Ilnrgcr 1 il R Y-lfrentz. I.yk.ken, Cook, Harry. lierrv, Mann, Woolley 'Ulll' I UW 'l'hiral Row-Williams. Seidel, Lyman, Miller, Kiirhle, Pearson Second Row-lulllekson, Anderson. Cahalan, Prosser, Paulson, Robison, ll. llanson Front Rmv-Adams, lloltnn, 1, Hanson, Sill, Hoover, Rennix LL. Bostwicke Lowell S. Dawson Dr. Harold S. Diehl Frederick Hovde M. I3. Lambie George Otterness Erwin Burg Clarence Adams Wallace Anderson Kinnard Barry lohn Burger George Cabalan Luther Cook Lloyd Dreveskracht LeRoy Ellickson Herbert Frentz Henry Hanson Iohn Hanson Robert Holton Kerwin Hoover Roy Huber Everett Iohnson Donald Kircher David Lane Alvah Libbey Henry Lykken Fred Mann George Auld Frank Berry William Best William Dodds Howard Graham FACULTY MEMBERS I. H. Owens W. L. Prosser W. R. Smith A. H. Speer I. L. Thomas Dallas Ward GRADUATE STUDENTS Charles Reif ACTIVES '36 Lloyd Miller '37 '37 Harlan Nelson '38 '36 Robert Oen '37 '39 Robert Parrish '37 '37 Iohn Paulson '36 '38 Iohn Pearson '37 '36 Robert Prosser '38 '38 George Rennix '36 '38 William Robertson '36 '38 Iames Robison '37 '36 William Schommer '36 '37 Glenn Seidel '36 '36 Howard Shaw '38 '36 Chester Sitz '36 '36 Richard Smith '36 '38 Fred Stuefer '37 '39 Marshall Taft '37 '36 Alfred Wehr '38 '37 Wallace Williams '39 '36 Iames Woolley '38 PLEDGES Robert Hanson Wilford Kiichle Charles Lyman Robert Watson PHIIDELTA THETA 303 ACADEMIC Hack Row--Epstein, A. Lieberman, B. Rosenberg, Zimmerman, Glucksmnn, A. Rosenberg, Rose Third Row-Reulcr, Wcisfelnlr, Toner, Weisman, L. Harris, Simon, llcinman, R. Harris Second Row-Miller, Morris, Kaplan, Maier, Newman. Kaufman. S. Lieberman Front Row-Halpern, Braman, Bloch, Brill, Silesky, Goodman Marvin Bloch Donald Braman A. Lionel Brill Beril Goldstein Eugene Goodman Irwin Goodman Gerald Glucksman Samuel Halpern Lawrence Harris Arnold I-Ieiman Roger Ioseph Sidney Kaufman Robert Harris Harold Kaplan Alvin Mazer Marvin Morris Richard Reuler FACULTY MEMBER Bernard Dimsdale ACTIVES '37 Al Lieberman '38 '37 Sidney Lieberman '38 '36 Alvin Miller '38 '36 Marion Newman '38 '38 Leon Raizes '38 '37 Ioseph Rose '38 '36 Allan Rosenberg '36 '36 Benjamin Rosenberg '38 '37 Sidney Silesky '37 '38 Sydney Weisman '38 '38 Adler Wolf '39 '37 Milton Zimmerman '36 PLEDGES . Robert Simon Irving Steinfeldt Ioseph Toner Ierome Weisfeldt 7- K'llq i fl r L 3. if '55, af' 'Tn Founded College of the City of New York 1904 Thirty-three Chapters Alpha Delta, 1923 960 Fifteenth Avenue Southeast PHI EPSI-LON PI 304 Burgess Blackburn Founded Icfferson College, 1848 Seventy-three Chapters Mu Sigma, 1890 1129 University Avenue Southeast ACADEMIC Back Row-Moorhouse, Williams, Blackburn, Rosenberry, Robinson, Anderson Third Row-West, Clarkson, R. Davis, C. Davis, Newhall Second Row-Jones, Philip, Gaffney, A. I-Iarris, Powell, I-latch Front Row--Lang, Kellar, Turnquist, B , D. 1-larris Walter I. Breckenridge Dr. Iohn C. Brown Frank E. Burch Mitchell B. Charnley , Lotus D. Coffman W. F. Holman FACULTY MEMBERS GRADUATE STUDENTS Robert E. Hatch Robert Bruce Arthur Clarkson Robert Davis Richard R. Gaffney Alanson Harris Daniel Harris Iohn Hauck Edward M. Iones Curtis B. Kellar Ray King Iohn F. Lang George Anderson Culver Davis Willys Ioncs Iack Loomis Iohn Moorhouse Howard Parkinson PHI GAMM Stanley V. Kinyon Dr. A. C. Krey E. S. Platou Henry Schmitz I. M. Walls T. W. Weum Russell G. Wayland ACTIVES '38 Vernal Le Voir '36 '38 Eugene T. Newhall '36 George Roscoe '36 Howard Rosenberry '33 Paul Runnestrand '37 Robert Smith '38 Earl Svendsen '37 Iames Trainor '36 Donald E. Turnquist '36 Taylor C. Waldron '37 Donald Williams '38 PLEDGES Charles Philip William Powell Iames Robinson Ray Strate Tyrus Sybcock ADELTA 305 ACADEMIC Back Row-Collins, Ryan, Hnrolrlson, Danielson, Fitch, Moore, Putnam, Thomson Third Row--Foster, Leighton, liurwell, Mordannt, Keller, Peiseh, lleers Second Row-DuToit, Mael'hnil, 'l'enney, Gage, Woml, Mntchnn, lirnst, lloelter Front Row-ll QCKIQXVICIC, Green, Lehmicke, King, Gierlsen, Carl:-on, Donaldson Milton Boelter Iohn Burwell Charles Carlson Paul Carson Clair Collins Richard Donaldson Charles DuToit Orrin Ernst lay Fitch Kingsley Foster Richard Giertsen Philip Green Iohn Haroldson Alfred Iohnson William King Milo Beers Gustaf Danielson Iohn Gage ACTIVES 38 Frank Koller ,38 39 Albert Lehmieke '36 36 Iohn Leighton '37 36 Wm. Gilmore MacPhail '37 37 Robert Matchan '39 36 Perry Moore '37 38 Iohn Mordaunt '39 39 Robert Prouse '36 38 Frederick Putnam '39 38 David Sedgwick '36 36 Iohn Tenney 338 37 William Thomson ,38 38 William Tillisch '36 37 Charles Wood '36 36 PLEDGES Kenneth Peisch ' Francis Ryan George Sedgwick I-+rX"'r , "1 ' I . .4f"..--F.-yi' " 1 .. P , 41.4 rl fmfrllfa kiwi.- 4."'1,vf,d, ,f - 5oq3,iv ,. Foumlcti Washington and Iefferson, 1852 Fifty-two Chapters Beta, 1888 1609 University Avenue Southeast PHI KAPHPA PSI 366 I ACTIVES l l 1 Qlf- -:ff f l L' ,. a f'fv,ef'Q. 3. , .T ,jf . UV.. i Founded University of Pennsylvania, 1850 Thirty-five Chapters Alpha Sigma, 1915 . . 1813 University Avenue Southeast .,..,w-..,,.n- - -ww-lv-of 1-w f' .. ff-' -I - ACADEMIC llaek Row-Gag, R. L. L onglellnw, Harmon, Mannin pg, Lund, Martin, Froehlich Thirsl Row-I arson, Arnold, Warner, Gennnell, Tilmbells, Texlor Second Row-Kasxnhe, Thoeny, Michel, Stover, Sainsbury, lfreilell, llrnnilow 11 ront Row-Nims, Grant. Owen, R. C. Longfellow, Forbes, Moller Edward Davis Palmer Iohnson Dr. Paul DWLIII Dr. Melville Manson Glayton Griswold William Routledge George Hauser Conrad Scitz Alan Gcmmell I. Robert Albinson Charles E. Arnold I. Edward Barry William E. Brandow I. Bruce Forbes Glenn A. Fredell NVillard I. Gag Iohn C. Grant Marvin Harmon Richard C. Longliello Patil V. Froehlich I. Mervin Kassube Bjorne L. Larson GRADUATE STUDENTS YV Robert L. Longfellow ..- -4-, ...,.w William Owen Alfred Welch William O. Lund William B. Manning William F. Michel Donald S. Molter Iay R. Nims Robert Robideaux Edward P. Sainsbury Richard F. Thoeny Frederick P. Warner PLEDGES Edward T. Martin Dale Olsen Clinton N. Textor Vincent X. Tibbetts PH'IiKAPPA SIGMA 307 ACADEMIC Third R Second R lhck Row-5w1l't,C1acke, Weise, lnngrnan, Lhoalc, kirby IR 0-.. .,H ., w Fbert, Lv.dp,erw1md, Ixlnnc.. hcarudf., M irkhaln ow-Gunderson, Lcmkc, Howe, Dailey, O1scn,Lohn ow-Giese, Behrenbrinker, Ilagc, liahitz, Roth FACULTY MEMBERS Albert P. Baston William Middlebrook Albert E. Ienks Carlyle M. Scott Sidney Maynard GRADUATE STUDENTS Irwin Bofferding Clay-ton Ebert Mason Boudrye Richard Eldred ACTIVES Ierome Babitz '36 Richard Kirby '36 Iohn Behrenbrinker '36 Kent Kielland '38 Clarke Dailey '38 Dominic Krezowski '37 Howard Ebert '36 I-Iilton Lemke '38 George Giese '39 Charles Lohn '39 Phillip Gunderson '38 Robert Olsen '39 William Gustafson '38 Gardner Roth '37 Carl Haase '37 Iames Swift '37 George Hage '37 Gordon Walker '38 lack Kinne '36 PLEDGES Robert Armstrong Robert Choate Iule Gustafson Allen Howe P H I 308 Iohn Ledgerwood Marvin Scarude Walter Weise SIGM n-1lM'M. JF' Mia' ,fi ' Tint- - 1 l Q 4 4 I 1 l l FOlJI'll1CL1 Massachusetts State Teachers College, 1873 Fifty-two Chapters Beta Dcuteron. 1910 317 Eighteenth Avenue Southeast AKAPPA Founded Union College, 1833 Twenty-seven Chapters Mu, 1891 1721 University Avenue Southeast AC ADEMIC 'Ulll' I OW1 IC S, 01113, cint Hack Row-Lawler, baanle, Webster, Nowell, lx ililier, K. Wilson, Bredesen, 'lhomson ll C f I H ich,1folev, White, Sivertscn, Colun Ill I tl li I-l k L l l Third Row-Rhodes, McCarthy, Knutson, lljorek, Woodricli, I. Wilson, lxvale, Kirklin Second Row-Ferris, Palmer, Footh, Oversircet, l"l1nt, Chaniller, lorrance, McNair, Ovrom Front Row-Campbell, Clayton, Schilling, Butler, Barnum, Manley, Courtney, lioulell FACULTY MEMBERS N Malcolm S. McLean Frederick M. Mann Arthur T. Mann Henry F. Nachtrieb GRADUATE STUDENT Richard Huxley ACTIVES William Barnum Fred Gaarde '38 Thomas Beebe Iohn Kirklin '38 Reynold Bjorck Iohn Lawler '36 William Boutell Frank Manley '37 Cooley Butler Brack Overstreet '37 Iames Campbell Stephen Palmer '36 William Chandler Welles Pierson '38 lack Clayton Iames Robb '37 Robert Coleman Wilber Schilling '36 Frederick Comb Ioscph Schwab '37 Robert Courtney Iohn Sivertsen '36 William Ferris Charles Wilkinson '37 Iohn Foley Kenneth Wilson '38 Milton Footh Fred VVoodrich '37 William Bredesen William Crawford William Geist Paul Heinrich William Hicks Russel Kaliher Austin Knutson Robert Kvale Richard McCarthy Harvey McNair PLEDGES Emory Nowell William Ovrom Earl Plant William Rhodes David Thomson Ell Torrance Iames Webster William White lack Wilson PSI UPSILON 309 ACADEMIC lac' nw- , om erson, Iarrison, oy I k Il R I l wClSUI1,IIUIICY,lAIIIll,liCI'lg5lIlI1,ll Il k C I C R Fourth Row-Madmlen, Pierce, Crawford, Collier, Fleck, Waller, Carlson, Ileyhan Thiril Row-Wa. C ODI OW" 'sh Oliver Wallace Jecor. .' .lniusul , , , S Siokesiad. Ihmlicr, I' X I r I an. Mclbermntr, Swnc, a ker, Conkey, Runyon, Haw, Groves ' M Ll I lx I I I I S c I R M 1 W I I-rout Row-I-redlunnl, Neville, Rl1llgCI',lIillIgCll, Iohn Anderson Walter C. Coffey R. T. Craigo Fred T. Cruzen Oliver R. Floyd David MacMillan Ellwood Anderson Phil Anderson Phil Bengston Samuel Beyhan Gordon Butcher Rodger Carlson Frank Conkey Robert Crawford Warren Dorn Whitman Dunn Raymond Fleck Fred Fredlund William Graves Rolf Haugen Iohn I-Iedback Walter I-Ioeltie Cruse Honey Mitchel Hubbard Allan Iohnson Karl E. lohnson Richard johnson Donald Bengson Hubert Bertchem Robert Collier Donald Garrison Belford Gunderson Nathan I-law SIGM 310 FACULTY MEMBERS c ' em on, 'uc1n, 1. 1 ni arson Iesse F. McClendon Henry L. McClintock F. Miller Cecil A. Moore George K. Tuttle Dale Yoder ACTIVES '38 Talbot Iones '37 '39 Iaek Kuehn '39 '36 Iamcs Lund '38 '36 David Glenn MacMillan '37 '37 Iaines Madden '38 '36 Stewart McClendon '37 '38 Iohn Miller '37 '36 Richard Neville '39 '39 Harold Noran '36 '38 Robert Pearce '37 '37 Earl Pritchard '38 '37 Frank Ray '38 '38 Lee Runyon '36 '37 Donald Ruttgcr '36 '38 Charleton Stone '38 '36 lack Terrill '36 '36 Iohn Wallace '38 '36 Iohn Walter '37 '38 Allan Wash '37 '37 Iames Williams '38 '37 PLEDGES Walter Mann Dominick McDermott LeRoy Merrihelcl Munroc Nelson Melroe Ryden Donald Walker ,tis l l Fouiidcml University of Alabama, l856 One Ilunzlrecl and Ten Chapters Alpha, 1902 l8l5 University Avenue Southeast AALPH'AEPSILON l il i Q l .l fl r l l l l ll .fQQ. I' A .'x fl M ,'. :"d..fa"' ACADEMIC Back Row-Miller, Lutz, Wilmer, Druck, H. Ginsberg, Tremblolt, Schwab, Iirussell Thiril Rn I' ' stein Rosa. Pitts K'mI'in'1n ll n Kron'ck K ta W"'Clll.' ' , sen, .', . - , CIITITIII , 1 , Iln-I' Second Row-Sloan, Green, Klrsner, luullaml. Daskovsky, Ruvelson, Koplow From Row--Icffcry, London, Harris, Friemulh, Glickson, Lansbnrg, Safran Howard S. Kahn Ierome Kaufman Sheldon Kuff FACULTY MEMBER Arthur Marget GRADUATE STUDENTS Howard Seidenstien Golden Selin Iess Shapiro ACTIVES 9 Arnold Baron '37 Ira Ieflery '39 ' William Bearman '39 Bruce Kantar '39 A Norman Bloom '39 Al Kirsner '39 1 Sam Bloom '39 George Koplow '38 yi William Brussell '36 Monroe Kronick '39 Q Melvin Cohen '39 William Lansburg '37 1 Naphtalie Conner '36 Leon Latz '38 1 Sidney Daskovslcy '38 Phil Lenz '38 l Ben Dembovitz '38 Mort London '38 Milton Druck '39 Lester Miller '36 Harold Feinstein '39 Mort Phillips '39 Allen Friedland '38 Zachary Pitts '39 Leonard Gilles '38 Alan Ruvelson '36 Founded Henry Ginsburg '38 Arthur Rosen '38 CUHCLL of the City of New York, 1909 Milton Ginsburg '37 Morton Safron '38 Thirtyminc Chapters Dave Glickson '36 Aaron Schwab '37 Kappa, 1915 Irwin Goldenberg '39 Myer Shark '36 Ralph Green '38 Ralph Tremblatt '39 Ellis Harris '38 Harry VVilmer '38 PLEDGES Irvin Gilinsky Herschel Lashkowitz I-Iilton Goldman Benjamin Sloan 915 University Avenue Southeast C J 'hm Au? hflpiuuxm ,fyynvsyllg-.,,TH.,,,,,E?T7,,fM K afar.. .,,r.,y,nff.v-fy-1, F M sw 'ffm f ,Ja , .',f i., -, ' "4 .,,.- Ajr. Q, '55-fag wwf sq V iw pun A A'I.PHA MTU ACADEMIC liack Row-llurn Sk ci, "organ, Ilawkanson, Swanson, Wyaril, Wenzel, Avery, Wusterman l y 1 l lil ' ig Rochester, Sweasy 'I'Iiml Row-lvlcI.can, Sperzel, MeCau 1: , ones, ' 'cnncr, Cllillil v In ' D umm Second Row-G. llcVany, Wnoledgc, R. DcVany, Il 5,ll , lmhlc, Arhcs, Lo I l- li M l C 1, ll by ll C ll ll lt 'ront W. E. Brooke D. Davis Norman Bell Iames Arbes VVarren Avery Glenn Barnum Gordon Berg William Bockus Robert Burrill Charles Carrol Iames Collinson Iohn Cooper Frederic Corrigan Guy DeVany Robert De Vany Earl Halvorson Robert Hawkanson Dean Herman Stanley Himes Ora Iones Fred Kolouch Richard Burnes Donald Dahle Frederick Fleming Iohn Hockett Frank Iohnson 312 n one, urrx van, ' erman, .Ol FACULTY MEMBERS IIBOI1, OC 'US H. Newhart M. Wetherby GRADUATE STUDENTS Russell O. Hagen H. Murray ACTIVES '38 Arthur Lillyblad '37 '39 lack Lowe '40 '36' Maurice Malone '37 '38 Phil McCauley '37 '37 Vernon Moss '37 '38 Boyd Rennebohm '39 '38 Guy Ringbloom '38 '38 Robert Rochester '38 '38 Doyle Spaeth '36 '37 Henry Swanson '39 '36 William Sweasy '38 '37 Ioseph Tenner '38 '38 Don Veltum '39 '37 Iohn Wenzel '37 '36 Hugh Wikoff '37 '38 Iohn Withrow '38 '38 Don Wyard '38 '38 Lloyd Zimmerman '38 PLEDGES SIG M Wilbur Moore lack Sperzel Francis Twedell William Westerman William Wooledge A'-CHI l 1 l 1 l Founded Miami University, 1855 Ninety-four Chapters Alpha Sigma, 1888 1623 University Avenue Southeast ACTIVES .,, 1 'ni " 'f.'-53 "fim- 41'-,.. - Q.: '. r 1 l l i l l Founded Virginia Military Institute, 1869 One Hundred Chapters Gamma Tau, 1904 ' 4 if-"" , y 5 ' ix A , . iii, EAS L " ' , js L f ' I I JL., T, 307 Sixteenth Avenue Southeast ACADEMIC Q llack Row-Smith. Brownlee, Key, Simpson, Thornton, lllfllllhlfillltl, Hanson, Downtnn Third Row-L. Grant, Whitney, Gcrstcnmaicr, Ritchell, lifillllll, R. Grant, SIFUITHUC, lleily Second Row-Nelton, ll. Walsh, Gardner, Schrader, jackson, McCormick, ll. Walsh Front Row'--Wenncr, Keyes, Bnmgardner, Garnatz, Slack, lcnkins, Nyquist, Kirwin Dr. C. A. Boreen Iames Barr Iack Blomstrand Lloyd Borget Don Braillard Harold Brandt William Brockmeyer Robert Brownlee Sidney Bumgardner Kemp Coughlan Iohn Delmore Harold Dodge Stanford Dodge Keith Garnatz Iohn Gerstenmaier Lee Grant Russel Grant Harry Hanson Robert Bergland Franklyn Downton Robert Hilberg Carl LePak Iames Nelson Omar Patterson FACULTY MEMBERS Wm. H. Emmons GRADUATE STUDENT Ernest V. Wenner Archie N. Iones Neil Heily Robert Iackson Robert Ienkins Iames M. Key Gordon Keyes Fletcher Kirwin Robert McCormick Frederick Nyquist Edward Ritchell Durand Rotzell Fred Simpson Iohn Slack Richard Smith William Stromme Richard Walsh Clifford Zoller PLEDGES GMA NU Robert Patterson lack Schendcl Iames Schrader Arthur Thornton Robert Walsh Rex Whitney 313 ACADEMIC Hack Row Qwinstrom Nelson Sulxnr, Uutzen, ll. Brown, We t Il l R -C 'll W M 'C' l'y Kristin, Chccvcr, Templeton Second Row-Krnmni, I. McCauley, Miners, Culbertson, Ernest. Dnscnbcry Front Row-McClure, Onion, Kaminski, M. Brown, Gould, Rid ' ' mir: mv ore Samuel Eddy Howard Cheever Donald Hargis Harry Brown Miller Brown George Davis Thomas Dusenbery Paul Ernest Robert Gould Robert Hanson Leonard Kaminski Charles Kennedy Carl Caspers Vernon Corell William Culbertson Bronlto Danguvich Iohn R. McCauley William McCauley FACULTY MEMBERS R. L. Grismer GRADUATE STUDENTS ACTIVES l PLEDGES s Cf R. L. Kozelka Allan Holmberg Iames Horner Richard Krumm '36 Harold Lorenz '37 Marvin McClure '36 William Morton '36 Nicholas Nelson '37 Charles Onion '36 Robert Rider '36 Harvey Swanstrom '37 George Miners Neil Nessa Iames Nystrom Harold Outzcn Chelsea Phillips Frederic Stocker Q .L f2f'YQ', l Foumlecl Illinois Wesleyan University 1899 Thirty-nine Chapters Theta, 1917 1901 University Avenue Soutlit lst TAU KAPPAT-EPSILON 314 s '- . D :QV fbi? Founded Norwich University, 1856 Fifty Chapters Alpha Pi, 1924 it iiamm gfllnllllh 315 Sixteenth Avenue Southeast ACADEMIC Back llow-l longcn, Scliludur, Neuiahr. K. Nelson, Toren min ow i on Tl l ll I' t Il istings, McCall, Peterson, Webster. Carlson Second Row-Sturm, Nicklawsky, Strand, li. llofenkamp, Selmer lfront Row-Sether, Wright, Strzuvs, St-nn. Remele FACULTY MEMBERS First Lieutenant Charles H. Brown Henry A. Erickson H. H. Dalaker I. Rus Owre Iames M. Edmunds GRADUATE STUDENTS Clarke Eaton Harold Hougen Donald McCall Carl Nelson Kenneth Nelson Donald Nicklawsliy William Remele Gilford Atwood Benjamin Bofenkamp William Bofenkamp Albert Carlson William Hastings ACTIVES 37 37 37 37 37 36 Harold Seimer Martin Scnn Iulian Sether F. Richard Stravs Ioh n Toren Harold XfVright Robert I. Nicss '38 '36 '36 '36 '37 '36 PLEDGES THETA CHI Richard Knox Forrest Neuiahr Lorry Strand William Sturm Douglas Webster 315 ACADEMIC Donald C. Creevy N. Lawrence Enger Fredric W. I-Ialbkat Iohn Louis Donald C. Nichols Ioseph G. Almars Kenneth Awsumb A. W. Banister Iames V. Barry Iohn H. Biron Grant Anderson Charles Carpenter Iohn Demgen i V l l A l l Back Row--Dcmgcn, Parker, Hoy, Scobic, Anderson Second Row-1-Ioppa, Awsumb, Sorlcherg, lilron i Front Row P1gc, McDevitt, Ilanistcr, Almars, Barry mix! ile- FACULTY MEMBERS .15 .' 'K 5--Lal' Iames Davies Guy Stanton Ford ' - fg:1f..' GRADUATE STUDENTS Addison M. Parker Willis R. Salisbury Thomas G. Wellman l ACTIVES 1 '38 Iohn W. Huntsberger '37 5 '38 E. N. McDevitt '38 X '37 Wright B. Page '36 3 '37 Robert P. Scobie '37 1 37 ' Kenneth L. Sorteberg '38 E r l PLEDGES 1 , Earl Hoppa Robert Hoy l Founded Til ' A Union College, 1847 Twenty-eight Chapters Tau Dcutcron, 1892 1521 University Avenue Southeast THETA DERALTA CHI 316 ACADEMIC Back Row--lolxnson, Henderson, Gores, Olson, Larson, Titus Third Row-Mcrwin, Ressler, Peterson, Dinkcl, Muller, lorgenson, linker Second Row--O'Kccfc, G. Morrissey, Robertshnw, I. Morrissey, Milhert, Pnnilurson Front Row-liettcrs, Lcc, Krcici, Engehretsun, Billings FACULTY MEMBERS C. Sanderson ..i.zuu.u qui' -.- N ur., i - x' gifts . I Rui- 3,3 Robert M. Dlllliel Iames '9P22F!fX?'9' Founded New York University, 1847 Twenty-nine Chapters Alpha Beta, 1899 1829 University Avenue Southeast Daniel R. Baker Iohn Baker Burt Betters Richard Billings Lewis Claus Donald Engebretson Hubert Gores Paul Hanchett Gray Henderson William Iohnson Howard Iorgenson Kenneth Krejci Paul Engstrom Blair Merwin Howard Milbert Ian Muller Arlo O'Connor GRADUATE STUDENT S. Arthur Harris ACTIVES '36 Harold Larson '37 '38 Ralph Lee '36 '36 George Morrissey '36 '37 Iohn Morrissey '36 '36 Thomas Mortonsen '37 '37 Mark Olson '38 '36 Warren Peterson '37 '37 Iames Punderson '37 '37 Pierce Ressler '37 '39 Charles Robertshaw '38 '36 Harry Sieben, Ir. '36 '37 Richard Titus '37 PLEDGES Robert O'Keefe Herbert Probst Truman Stevens Raymond Zelinsky ZETA PSI 317 .g.:.:.g.g.::-.,. 2:-:-g:-:- ':-Q, .-52 '--. 'f.-:- -. -. '-5 -. -. -..- -JC' -. -. K. jf-. I-.g.g.g.g.g. M:- f '-. 44 H-Tw -. " "III -. -.-.'f. "- W,-g-. -. 0 .- .- -.'C'4" .- -1 2 N'-. ,.5, .,... .,,N.,. . . . .v.55q:5522::: .cw 5. -.g.g.g.g.f.:.1 -.-.-:-:f:-:-:-:-:-:-:-'-:?:-c-:-. . - .. .g. .-.::g.g,g.1.::g.:. .-:-:-:-1:5':-:-:':-:-:-.-:-:f:::-:-. 5:::g:g'Ei:1:,, .g:g.g.g.:.g.g.g.:.1 5:-:555:,.::::::::::5:.,:,.,1.5g:g.,' .-4. ,: :.:.. .g::-:.5.:.-.:.:.:- :52:2:2:2:1:2:2: 511:-.2 .,gg:,.:. 5:355:E:' ':::5:5:5:5iE:i:5:2 hffflifiifi. ":':-:"':52'1:1:-51: 'L ':5:f:1:l:1:5:5:l: 252522523 :l:2525i2:l:1:2:1 'f 415252351 "5'-:3'1:25'f:2:7:- :2:l:2:5:f:552:f:1 252525252 5225252525:525252 25252521 :Q-' .-:-:-5-5-5-:-W: .- -:gz-qv:-Q:-:-: "5:l:2: 1255555355325-' 2:f:2:g:E:5:g:E:E: - 2-:EiE5E5E5E5i5ElE"' QEQEEEEEEEEEEEEE: "" 35752 125252525259 :E:h2:5:l:l:J:2: 2? 5252 5252252522525 5 5 ' 5255555255 E Q 2: ' 2525? " :5 2:f:E:f:f:f:g:5 - jj'ro-524450-nd .Q-'zo'rZz'Ze4 MEDICAL TECH. Back Row-Ieschnn, Wil C l I li l tt 'l'hird Row-lirirnhnll, A l l'l0llLlllil, llobhs, l-jelde Second Row Helene Berens Frances Anderson Marian Cody May Collin Phyllis Downey Ruth Evarts Margarette Fawcett Mary Behrens Georgia Boswell Ardus Bottge Ruth Brimhall Betty Brooks Catherine Carlson Yvonne Chenoweth n, .ee, e1rens,lio ge -Greenwood, Chenoweih D on, Brooks, lforslund, Woold ls 1'ront Row-llercns, Downey, luxweell, McLean, livarrs FACULTY MEMBER Mrs. Gleva Erskine GRADUATE STUDENTS Audrey Fjelde Loana Norris ACTIVES '36 Annis Gould '36 Eloise Greenwood '36 Elizabeth McLean l36 Louise Miller '36 Gertrude Wooldrik ,36 PLEDGES lda lane Dawson Frances Forslund Priscilla Hobbs Lucille Hoilund Frances Lee Charlotte Teschan Harriet Wilson Founded University of Minnesota, 1926 One Chapter Alpha ALPHA DE'LTA TAU 320 1-wg i 1 i 1 1 u 1 l l l l l I Founded University of Michigan, 1890 Twenty-two Chapters Epsilon, 1901 Ruth Boynton Mattie Bullard Maude Gerdes Hermina Hartig Nina Anderson Catherine Corson Della Drips , Helen Bane Arnetta Becker Solveig Bergh A Mary Boon Mary Boyden Emily Gates Lois Lambert Marie Bohland Doris Dahlstrom Betty Fraser Christine Furman Dorothea Gladitsch FACULTY MEMBERS Eleanor Iverson Cathryn Knights Iones Charlotte Morrison GRADUATE STUDENTS Dorothybelle McCree Kaufman Thelma Perozzi ACTIVES Lois Lobb '36 Emma Mickelsen '37 37 38 9 Charlotte Miller Eva-lane Ostergren Mary Schmidt 38 Margaret Iane Thomas '36 '36 5 7 Evelyn Smith Vickers . I PLEDGES Marjorie Hartig lane Hodgson Elsie Renning Ianet Sutton 321 DENTAL HYGIENE UW-.' nr Crstm, fum , ciss, .Cal , nrnlis likll Xl lllW lfll lfrom Row-Dillon, Ilcucr, Johnson, Lnrson, Rood Betty Dillon Louise M. Heuer Elizabeth M. johnson Evelyn V. Anderson Ieanne P. Barnes Ieanne Flood FACULTY MEMBER Marjorie Gormican ACTIVES '36 Marguerite S. Larson '36 '38 May Richmond '36 '36 Ianet L. Rood '36 PLEDGES Maxine R. Leaf A. Betty Mannick Lois M. Weiss Founded University of Minnesota 1922 Five Chapters Alpha ALPHA KAPPA GAM 322 M 1 .. gg.. vfkrt iF -- Founded University of Southern California, 1927 Five Chapters Beta, 1927 NURSING Second Row-Endahl, McMahon, Austin, Mcliwen, Soukup 'Gladys Bratholt Eula Butzerin Katherine Densliord Thelma Dodds Phoebe Gordon Cecilia Hauge Myrtle Hodgkins Helen Austin Rachel Carlson Dorothy Derfer Frances Endabl Ernestine Freed Mary Gadacz Genevieve Gullingsr Eleanor I-Iall Audrey Iohnson Irene Iohnson Iean Borgerson Edith Lacy Elizabeth Lyman Martha McEwen ud Back Row-Derfer, Swenson, Monlielh, lfreecl Ifront Row--Gullingsrml, While, llall, Lassen FACULTY MEMBERS Ruth Iohnson Margaret Keeler lda McDonald Iulia Miller Mildred Montag Lueile Petry ACTIVES '37 Iuanita LaCrosse '37 '37 Greta Lasson '38 '37 Herma McMahon '37 '38 Iane Montieth '38 '36 Elizabeth Peterson '38 '37 Kathryn Salo '38 '38 Elsie Soukup '36 '38 Emiline Swenson '36 '38 Helen White '37 '37 Phyllis Yohe '37 PLEDGES Au ne Salo Louise Towne Mary Tryder ALPHA TAU DELTA 323 HOME ECONOMICS 'Ullf I OW" 0I'I'l'f llrr ow- 1nr1 2:15 nn, iier, ' in 'n1:11, I cr, ' ite, nc 11W- 'rcs W1 , 'lCn1x011, Van Brnxlk , Smi 1, 1111151111 11 1411 r 1111 1 1 1 III Ixl 1, 11111 1111 I tl R ISI 1, en, Ixroeich, Lrxng, I'11I1eI, Arnesen, I.:1n1onl, IIUCIIIIIIGIII II I I II IR II I k I yl N1 I I III I II Il S ll I M W I II S I Il V C, 1 I L I IN I 5 I I I I B ll lx k I CCUIII UIV - 1111 ':1n11, :mu sc ii, 'eu1z1uf:r, 'c1rei1er, 'no e, 0 ec , ":1'ur, 1 111 iwn, .uni 1:14 , 11 , .'unt 1oon1, s e ara, om wnr 1 Front ROXV1GlJUKIIVIII, Iingene, Lynch, IIu1ln1:1n, Ilarlel, Stein, Aiulersmm, loner Marie Anderson Ruth Arnesen Helen Bartel Iulia Beaver Kathryn Boller Dorothy Buchanan Beatrice Bull Gertrude Chalgren Lucie de Mars Dorothy Easton Lillian lilsholtz Alma Engcne Marian Fabel Carol Frautschi Bernice Fredsall Ruth Goodwin Iosephinc Hedman Virginia Elder Ruth Flittie lidna Kroesch Alwyn Lamont Mary Madison GAMM 324 cr. 'cr er ACTIVES 37 Inez lacobson '38 37 Betty Iohnson '37 36 Etheldreda Iones '36 36 Ruth Kerlcer I37 37 Betty Klingman '38 37 Iune Lundblad '36 38 Betty Lynch '36 36 Lois Miller '37 37 Ican Neubauer '36 37 I-Ielen Poole '38 36 Dorothy Schreiber '37 36 Martha Stein '36 36 Iessena Taylor '37 '36 AIIII6 Thorheck '37 36 Marguerite Van Camp '37 38 Wilva Woodworth '38 36 PLEDGES ' Kathryn Smith Hazel Sundl1oom Ruth Van Braak Cleo Van Camp Carol White 'yr 'Oh' 'u,f- "- 'J iff? 5,9 'I 4. . ,. 't if Q I, 3' Founrlcal University ofMin11esota, 1928 Alpha AOMICRONBETA l qi-'TTU ' v Founded University of Minnesota, 1909 Twenty Chapters Alpha HOME ECONOMICS Back Row-Ioncs, Fabcl, Elsholtz, Emerson, Hopper, Lynch 9 lR V li kL llllI'l'lt' ' l Cl'l Ad . CCOIH UW1 .Ill TIL! , lllll I at , 4 1 lc, Wml ten Front Row M ucham, Rartel, Kocpkc, Meister E t Mrs. C. Agrell Alice Biester Clara Brown Dr. Eva Donelson Harriet Goldstein Vetta Goldstein Dr. lane Leichsenring Barbara Bailey Eleanor Olds Barnes Marie I. Anderson Ruth V. Arneson Helen Bartel Hermine Bierbauer Helen Christensen Lillian Elsholtz Shirley Emerson Gertrude Esteros Marian Fabel Ruth Flittie Dorothy Gurton Helen Dae Hopper J PHIUPSILON FACULTY MEMBERS GRADUATE STUDENTS A 37 37 36 36 36 36 36 36 36 36 36 36 scn, n erson S CYOS Wylle B. McNeal Ethel Phelps Ella Rose Mrs. H. Scarles Ruth Segolson Lucy Studley Marion Weller Rosalind Simon Elizabeth Sutherland CTIVES Etheldreda Iones '36 Iune Koepkc '36 Iune Lundblad '36 Elizabeth Lynch '36 Carla Meacham '36 Bernice Meister '36 Marie Nagovsky '36 Margaret Pcwters '36 Gladys Ripczinski '36 Margaret Swanson '36 Ruth Van Braak '37 Kathryn Winthers O M '36 I C R O N 325 n "-'52 4' .f r '-. 'S 43'- 'J' fc-5' 4 'Cl 'S' 5:-:-:gz-. -: 2:l:55F:5-5: :5:7: ' ::1:5s4:25 5555153555 , 55-"'.Q5r:5ii1E1: 5"15r5' 52. -5515:-'-:5:5:E . ' r1:s:sSs:s:s: :c-:5:k5Q5q. :- 'Pj 2-:5155:5:5: .N-..N, ,.., .-, , :?:5:5:F'-'5:f:5535':5:5 .5:5. .,: -. F35i:5:5:5: 4 55555 -55 safafaif '. 2555 . - Qsziafaeafaeaa 55555555 55555:-5"' '5 . 5555? 535555555555555 555252552 'eliliwg ,,' a:a:s- g1a:s:s:s:s:5:5: '.'.'.'a- 15' ' - -Z4 'I+' I'2'I'I'I'I'I" 525555552 ":-. 55 - 5:5 -:5:5:5:5:5:5:E I:5'5:5:5:- 'f z .-:l' -:F:i:l:5:5:5:5:5: 5:E55:5qE ' . : - k5:5:l:5:l:5:l:5: glllglgbh 1. " 'lgflfiffglfls' ' be-5 3555555555555 s:aa:s5:s fs Ef5:5:a:5:s:5 555525: :l:5:l:7:l:1 555555: 5s:5:a:5:5:a:as 555l5l55:E 55255555- 552525550 5:5:5:7:5:7:T:7:-.' 2-0'rc+fe44z'c+n1 c?'E'EZLZ'Z'l4L.ZLL'Z.f PROFESSIONAL Hack Row--West. R iltcr, Gcib, Karon, Klingcl Second Row--Nelson. Levy, llysicrhcfl, liyllclrl, Wellncr Vclinc Alpha Chi Sigma Wm. L. Nelson Alpha Gamma Rho Roy Carlson Alpha Kappa Kappa Arnold Dysterheft Alpha Kappa Psi Noel Iverson Dclta Sigma Delta Montc Miska Delta Sigma Pi Winhcld Ritter Delta Theta Phi L. A. Puulsrude Farm House Brooks Naylor Gamma Eta Gamma Lloyd Stein Kappa Eta Kappa Thomas Wcst Ma Beta Chi Philip Levy Nu Sigma Nu David McMillan ER-PROP 328 I'ront Row-Paul, Rich, Grunt, Lznrlsun, Iverson FACULTY MEMBER W. R. Smith, Faculty Advisor Phi Beta Pi Marvin Geib Phi Chi Russel Grant Phi Delta Chi Rupert Thompson Phi Delta Epsilon Irvine M. Karon PhfEps1'lon Kappa VVillinm Rich Phi Rho Sigma Theodore Wellner Pri Omega Ashton Veline Sigma Rho George Ncuherg Tau Phi Delta R. E. Byfield Theta Tau F. Lee Paul Triangle Thomas Klingel ESSIONAL COUNC FACULTY MEMBERS -"Nt 1:75337 'yd l Founded University of Wisconsin, 1902 Forty-seven Chapters Beta, 1903 613 Oak Street Southeast CHEMISTRY .wi 'e one From Row- F. I. Alway C. H. Bailey R. E. Brewer R. Ellestad C. V. Firth I. W. Geiger R. A. Gortner F. F. Grout H. O. Halvorson C. F. Koelsch W. M. Lauer I. A. Anthes I. I-I. Baehman L. E. Beatty W. W. Benton I. T. Clarke N. H. Cromwell I. E. Dorn C. D. Evans V. I... Frampton Carl E. Ahlm Harrison I. Anthes Clyde I-I. O. Berg Clarence A. Hester William G. Cain Back Row-Carlson, Glennon, D. Iohnson, Maclbonald, Ross, Ricks, Poynter, Ahlm Il 'rd Row-'l'uomy, Berg, Cain, Mitchell, R. Iohnson, Carlin, Wiest, H1 Anderson S c l ROW"L1lhill'l, O'Link, Nelson, llollihan, Meile. Anlhes, Custer Dixon, Murphy, Chamberlain, liesicr, Rode, llouk, Tyler, Kaiser S. C. Lind C. D. Rost F. H. Mac Dougall E. R. Sandell C. A. Mann I. L. Maynard G. H. Montillon R. E. Montonna E. E. Nicholson L. S. Palmer N. C. Pervier L. H. Reyerson W. M. Sandstrom L. A. Sarver C. F. Sidener L. I. Smith M. C. Sneed A. E. Stoppel A. F. Thompson GRADUATE STUDENTS T. A. Geissman D. Gernes I. R. Green S. A. Harrison I. P. I-Iollihan M. C. Hope K. C. Iohnson E. W. Kaiser R. M. West A. Willman A. C. Keyl B. F. McKenzie G. E. Mitchell I. W. Upie W. B. Pings H. C. Reitz M. E. Ryberg H. Ii. Ungnade R. Burnell Carlin Donald F. Chamberlain Robert M. Dixon Albert E. I-Iouk Richard I. Koss Henry W. Anderson Henry C. Carlson Arnold G. Custer ACTIVES '36 DeLyle A. Lahart '36 '36 VVilliam D. Murphy '36 '36 William I.. Nelson '36 '36 Maurice H. U'Link '36 '36 Charles I. Poynter '36 '37 Lowell Ricks '37 '36 Iack D. Rode '36 '36 Lloyd P. Tyler '37 '38 Emil G. Wiest '37 '37 PLEDGES George M. Glennon Robert A. MacDonald Dale W. Iohnson Fredrick W. Meile Ray D. Iohnson Iustin M. Tuomy ALPHA CHI'SIG M A 329 AGRICULTURE llack Row-Miller, Iolinson, C. Hagen, Tellier, Horde, ltiha, Worcester Fourth ltow-Gustafson, Ierome, llasleton, lluzicky, liriilin, M. Anderson, llg 'l'hirrI Row-l layes, Comer, Moore, Carlson, McCauley. F. McMartin, Newman, Gerard Second Row-lleimning, Marrs, lialdivin, C. Swanson, W. Mehlartin, Gregor, N. Hagen l-'ront RowkMcCulley, 'I'rahms, ll. Anderson, Ioranson, Dailey, Petersen, llolgaard, Engstrom W. H. Alderman E. Angelo VV. l.. lloyd XV. G. llrierly l.. A. Churchill W. li. Combs A. M. lfield C. P. Fitch I. li. Fitch I. Barnard li. llrady I. Brown R. Comstock S. Easter if. Ely Chester Ahlin Deliorest Alderman Donald Ambrosen Harold Anderson Mervyn Anderson Vernon llaldivin Elwood liergquist Richard lionde Milton Bruhn Albert lluzicky Roy Carlson Iohn Contcr Donald Dailey Sigurd Dolgaard Albert Engstrom Thomas Evans Max Gerard Stanley Gregor Clifton Gustafson Carl llagen Noran llagen Ilubert llasleton Kendall Hayes Roger llolmberg Roland Abraham llarold Arneman Arthur Anderson Harold llerg Ignatius llrady Francis Campbell Richard Clary Evcrette Clauson FACULTY MEMBERS li. A. llanson A. L. Ilarvey O. E. Howe K. lngwalson li. C. Iohnson I I. C. Kernkamp R. Leighton P. Lowe GRADUATE STUDENTS P. Geiger l.. O. Gilmore W. Ilanson R. Miller li. Pomeroy ACTIVES '37 llialmar l lulin '37 Robert llg '36 Wallace Ierome '36 Glen Iolinson '37 Philip Ioranson '38 Harvey Kuclienbecker '37 Duane Long '37 Iohn Marrs '36 Robert McCauley '37 Greydon McCulley '37 Finlay McMartin '37 Wallace McMartin '36 Kenneth Miller '36 Patil Moore '38 William Newman '36 Lewis Riba '37 lirnest Rinke '38 Goodwin Sonstegard '38 Carl Swanson '38 George 'l'ellier '38 Alfred 'I'rahms '37 George Wilkens '37 Charles Worcester '38 PLEDGES Ralph lingelstad Glenn Gustafson Iohn llanks Edgar Ilartwig Clarence Hemming Iohn l lokanson Norman Holm ALPHA GA 330 W. Myers I. H. Neal I. W. Nelson W. Nilsen W. Il. Peters W. E. Petersen NV. M. Sandstrom ll. Zavoral M. Ryberg H. Trclogan R. Voorhees C. Walberg S. Warrington '37 '36 '38 '38 '37 '38 '37 '38 '37 '38 '38 '36 '38 '37 '36 '37 '37 '38 '39 '36 '36 '37 '38 Kermit Krietlow Glenn Long Robert Medio Roy Stutzman Henning Swanson Clinton Walman lidson Washburn Carl Wright , .EW 4' if ' ' 2l'I"fQ'-5' Founded Illinois and Ohio Universities, 1908 Thirty-two Chapters Lambda, 1917 MMA RHO .,""'n .Q "- .-,'l's 4, ,'i,A , zlswg, Aj,- .'. 1 1z?"."' ".'As,s!' ' Vt Founded Dartmouth, 1888 Forty-five Chapters Psi, 1898 1021 East River Road MEDICINE Back Row-Fogarty, lxarn, Leveroos, Ncssa, Foster, Moos Fourth Row-Burton, Lofsncss, Manchester, lohnson, Ranson, Schrocckcnstcin, Ahcrn Third Row--Llewellyn, Jacobson, Larrubcc, Mears, Gochrs, Hanson Second Row-Walsh, Sturlcy, Shandorf, Smith, Dystcrhcft, 1-lnrdiman, Harris Front Row-SchciHcy, Holznpfcl, lllocdell, lick, McGroarly, Lofgrcn FACULTY MEMBERS A. E. Benjamin E. W. Hansen I-1. W. Meyerding William F. Braasch H. G. Irvine I. H. Simons A. R. Colvin C. H. Mayo S. E. Sweitzer L. I. Cook C. A. McKinlay H. L. Ulrich G. R. Dunn C. B. Wright GRADUATE STUDENTS A. L. Abbett O. M. Heiberg I. W. Annis W. Hoffman G. S. Bergh P. Iohnson H. B. Clark R. Iohnson N. Frey B. M. Urenn ACTIVES Traugott Bloedell '36 Robert Lofgren '37 Arnold Dysterheft '37 Stanley Lofsness '38 Raymond Eck '37 Brian McGroarty '38 Charles Fogarty '38 Robert Mears '38 Gilman Goehrs '37 Daniel Moos '37 Otto L. Hanson '38 Curtis Nessa '36 Iohn Hardiman '37 Robert Ranson '36 D. L. Harris '37 Charles ScheiHey '37 Fredrick Holzapfel '37 Hugo Schroeckenstein '38 Iulian Iacobson '36 Iames Shandorf '36 Iohn Iohnson '38 Baxter Smith '36 Iacob F. Kam '38 Rodney Sturley '37 Herbert Leveroos '38 Francis F. Walsh '37 PLEDGES Gerald Ahern Iohn Burton Iack Duffalo Orley Foster Walter Larrabee Maxwell B. Llewellyn Raymond Manchester ALPHA KAPPA KAPPA 331 BUSINESS Back Row--Erik:-en, johnson, Nightingale, llny, Mani, Boline, Takala S IR L l' l Sl G ll CJ' f ll 'econr ow- anne, fin :lysn11,.'l4'e:ll1, an er, 'ie er, 'misc F r Row-van der Boom, bhcarn, lhorpe, hinrllur, 5ll1Illl,lVCfSOf1, Alanko Roy G. Blakey Francis M. Boddy Edward G. Eriksen Harold G. Fraine Frederic B. Garver Alvin H. Hansen E. A. Heilman Laurence R. Lunden Reino G. Alanko Ronald D. Baker Herman Gadler William H. Giefer Robert D. Hoy Noel Iverson Ralph Boline Iames Finlayson Harold L. House Fred Iohnson FACULTY MEMBERS Bruce D. Mudgett Edmund A. Nightingale Iohn I. Reighard Clare L. Rotzel William H. Stead I. Warren Stehman Roland S. Vaile Robert M. Weidenhammer GRADUATE STUDENT Iohn P. Laine ACTIVES '36 Eugene F. Kindler '36 '36 Laurie L. Lehtin '36 '36 Charles R. Shearn ,37 '36 Courtland G. Smith '37 '36 Eugene F. Thorpe '36 '36 H. Emerson van der Boom '37 PLEDGES Del Mani Sydney Sheean Robert Sole William Takala l l nv: I ' l"?"' - 7. ,1 'slr-wi, km Founded New York University, 1904 Seventy-two Chapters Alpha Eta, 1922 ALPHA KAPPA PSI 332 fi 53551. 1. ' I O O Q P I . 1"'-A Founded University of Michigan. 1383 Thirty-two Chapters Theta. 1894 525 Tenth Avenue Southeast DENTISTRY Hack Row-C. lames, M k Fourth Row Third Row Second Row-Deering, I r t R Y P on Dr. A. B. Butters Dr. G. M. Damon Dr. B. S. Gardner Dr. G. D. Estes Dr H. S. Godfrey Dr. C. A. GriHith Dr. L. A. Harker Dr. C. E. Herman Dr. R. R. Henry c 'cnzic, Miska. Logan, 01.1, Greaton -Schrnkcr, lohnston, Peterson, Madison, Larson, Leehens, Veden R' lt r Schneider, Hilyar, Stokstad, St l L l"0Ill HH' H, c Melternxch sol , :nv Cl' Severn, M. Ianies, De Gan,I k N I 1 L l p,, Ianccky, G. M. Cook, Iohnson, Stolp, Hayward FACULTY MEMBERS Dr. M. O. Pattridge Dr. C. E. Rudolph Dr. I. F. Shellmoss Dr. L. W. Thom Dr. E. T. Tinker Dr. W. D. Vehe Dr. I. A. Walls Dr. O. A. Weiss Dr. A. S. Wells Dr. E. M. Mac Gibson Dr. C. A. Wiethoff Dr. R. S. Mayhury Dr. H. C. Wittich Dr. C. Peterka GRADUATE STUDENTS Dr. L. Lewis Dr. William Griffith ACTIVES Fred Cook '36 Edwin Peterson '37 Gordon Doering '37 Ralph Schneider '36 Dean Greaton '37 Lewis Schrieker '37 Arthur Hayward '36 Ken Severn '36 Charles Hintz '36 Lee Spurheck '36 lvan Iackson '37 Egil Stokstad '37 Woodbern Ianecky '36 Herbert Stolp '36 Lawrence Iohnson '37 Carl Stromluerg '37 Norman Kvool '37 Frank Vedcn '36 Bert Larson '37 Harry Williamson '37 lack Metternich '37 Charles Wilkinson '36 Monte Miska '37 Woodrow Wilson '36 Walter Nelson '37 Frederic Young '36 Bert Oja '36 PLEDGES Otis Bennett Kenneth De Gon Natalie Frajola De Wilton Hilyar Maynard Iames Claire Iames DELTA SIG David Iohnston Harold Lawler VVilliam Leebens Ralph Logan George Madison lan Mackenzie M A Donald Peterson Anthony Richter Carl Slosser A. Leo Vogt Frederick Wigand Carl Young DELTA 333 BUSINESS Hack Row-R0 Thirtl Row-Vaananen, Gunderson, lima, G. Hartson, Nelson, .arlson, l'ett Second Row--Wicmnn, Langager, Ianzcn, K lk R ll l l 1 hhins, I-lngancler, Ritter, Mattila, Swanson, Freclcrikscn ' C , .or im 1 liront Row-Loban, Benson, W. Hartson, Dean Stcxcn:-on, Glynn FACULTY MEMBERS ,533 Oscar Heskin Oswald Nielsen Richard L. Kozclka Dean R. A. Stevenson '- LQ-"- Howard P. Longstaff GRADUATE STUDENT Kenneth Foster ACTIVES Charles S. Benson '37 Donald L. Loban '38 Harold Bina '38 William Lockwood '36 O. Iohn Fett '38 Charles Lothrop '36 Raymond H. Frederiksen '36 Iohn Mattila '36 Iames Glynn '36 Lawrence Nelson '36 Belford Gunderson '37 Winfield Ritter '38 Wayne Hartson '36 Orem Robbins '36 Carl Hogander '38 Edward Russell '38 Kuno Ianzen '36 Glen Swanson '37 Kenneth Iohnson '37 Kenneth Wieman '38 H. Leonard Langager '37 PLEDGES ' Guy Bonvincin Raymond Carlson Gerald Hartson Donald Hersey Harry Higgins Paul Hodgdon Harry Holstrom Maxwell Iohnson Philip May Charles McGarraugh William Nelson Gerald Smith Paul Vaananen Robert Young DELTA SIG 334 M Founded New York University, 1907 Fifty-Five Chapters Alpha Epsilon, 1924 A P I BUSINESS l V Hack How-Wnhy, li1.,, llercm, Duffy, lxtrlcr Second Row---Green, Rnltger, lling,Nya1rorn From Row-Forbes, Crawford, Slrnlhcrs, Runyon, Carlson fi ln 1 lf! - Egg, Richard Crawford l l I 51 Samuel Beyhan Li Rodger Carlson Robert Crawford It lack Forbes ll Richard Gingerich Mitchell Hubbard l Robert Iohnson li 'I 'I li Robert Herens El Harry Duffy li Philip Green Q Kenneth Krejci Fonxidetl University of Minnesota, 1934 One Chapter Alpha FACULTY MEMBERS GRADUATE STUDENT Robert De Wall ACTIVES ,36 Donald Keeler 336 Iames Nystrom '36 Arthur Pearson '36 Iohn Ring '36 Lee Ru nyon '36 Donald Ruttger l36 Alan Struthers PLEDGES lohn Dalzcll '37 '36 '36 36 36 ,36 '36 9 s lohn Schaller Frank Stanton George Withy ETA DELTA BETA 335 AGRICULTURE Back Row-Lloyd Hanson, Hoff, Karlson, Bielcr, Warner, Locgering, Thorkclson ' ' IZ ' k Fourth Row-Widseth, Lerud, Rivers, Sorenson, Chrxstensnn, 'ric son Third Row-R. Ettcsvold, Mimlxach, Nelson, Anderson, Sitko, Lau, C. Hanson Second Row-Grecnley, Wamhoff, Stahlcr, Faus-ch, Naylor, Olson, Scavcr, Downie F l Row-Lester Hanson, lfinsrad, W. Etresvold, Goodwin, Slenbo g Grow, Carlson R. W. Dawson E. C. Mickel Pharis Decker Stanley Doten Earle Hanson Vincent Iverson Robert Bieter Arne Carlson Clifford Christenson Andrew Downie Winfred Ettesvold Cecil Fausch Chester Finstad Norman Goodwin Kermit Greenley Melville Griffith Howard Grow Carleton Hanson Lester Hanson Leonard Anderson Gerhard Erickson Rudolph Ettesvold Alden Karlson Lester Lerud William Loegering Ralph Mimbach 336 FACULTY MEMBERS George Sallee H. K. Wilson GRADUATE STUDENTS Truman Nodland Martin Odland Herman Schultz Wesley Stellar ACTIVES '37 Lloyd Hanson '38 '38 Allan Hoff '38 '39 Iohn Larson '36 '36 Milton Lau '38 '37 Brooks Naylor '38 '38 Leonard Nelson '38 '36 Philip Rivers '36 '36 Howard Sorenson '38 '38 Phinny Stenborg '36 '36 Gerald Thorkelson '38 '36 Iohn Warner '37 '38 Edwin Widseth '37 '36 PLEDGES Melvin Olson Stanley Seaver William Sitko Lambert Stahler Kenneth Swenson Erwin Wamhofl FARMHOUSE Founded University of Missouri, 1905 Seven Chapters Minnesota, 1931 2 D02 Carter Avenue, Saint Paul ."' ". . --,., If ., X .V 1. ,I .. 0. -f 1 Gr' Founded Iowa City, 1923 Seven Chapters Beta, 1924 531 Walnut Street Southeast -1 Q an - ENGINEERING Back Row-West, Sutherland, Williams, Parker, Flohil, Peterson C. I. Ackerman I. F. Iohnson R. I. Kutzler S. K. Malek Alvin Abrahamson Cyril Baronovsky Paul Cartwright Govert Flohil Carl Henrici Albert Iacobs Iamcs Iordan Frank Parker Edward Peterson Sid ney Clark Sccnnrl Row-Clark, Ionian, Reynoirls, llenrici, 'Verna Front Row-Iacobs, Steinmctz, Robinson, Cartwright GRADUATE STUDENTS I. I. Mangan M. I. Risley F. E. Wherland ACTIVES '36 George Reynolds '36 '36 W. Laidman Robinson '36 '37 Charles Stcinmetz '36 '36 I-I. Carlton Stenderson '37 '37 Donald Sutherland '36 '37 Paul Tema '36 '37 Allyn Thurow '37 '37 Thomas West '37 '38 PLEDGES Howard Page Elwyn Williams KAPPA ETA KAPPA I 337 MEDICINE ISIC, ' INV-".' Ill TESC I It R X I n, Woodruff. Balfour, Lundhlail, lxcnyon, Lurlar, Lolllns, I'lCl1Ill1H W. Wellman, Profliu, 'l'. Wellman, Wood, McCloud, llollinxhead, Sedgwick Fourth Row-Sheldon, Snider, :.'. f . ' . ' , 1 . 'l'liird llow--Larson, I rulricks, Ixoloutli, Moir, lndd, ltrommm, Itnner, Ioppc, S IR Ill V I III WIIIN N llf . ccnni ow- nic 1 morn, arco, ' IIIHK a c, lv ieiiain, ei 1 e, 'oran. 'ani er mo Ifront Row-Miller, Arey, Peterson, Tiveedy, Summers, Nichols, Iirnllxoldl. Pewters Karl Andreson Iames B. Arcy Iames W. Brotholdt Robert Collins Dean Fleming William I-lollinshead Henry Ieronimus Thomas Kenyon Stanley Lundblad Donald Mathicson Donovan McCain lrlarold Miller William Moir VValter Muir Donald Nichols Harold Noran William Balfour Edward Eichhorn Iohn Greathouse Allan lflill David Iudd Fred Kolouch Naumann McCloud Fred Poppe GRADUATE STUDENT Carl Larson ACTIVES '36 Lowell Peterson '37 '37 Iohn Pewters '37 '38 Iames Sheldon '37 '38 Lloyd Sherman '37 '36 lien Sommers '37 '37 Donald Studer '38 '38 Robert Tonner '36 '37 Ierome Textor '37 '36 Carlyle Tingdale '37 '36 loh n Tweedy '36 '36 Robert Tudor '37 '36 Richard Vareo '36 '38 Ralph Weible '38 '36 Thomas Wellman '36 '37 Walter Wood '37 '37 Robert Woodruff '36 PLEDGES William ProHitt Charles Robert Robert Rogers Fred Rosendahl Frederick Sedgwick Iohn Teisberg E. Spaulding Vandcrhoof VVilliam li. Wellman NU SIGMA NU 338 I . i. iv ll I li ii I li ls 15 It ps il II if Q! I If ll ll ll Founded University of Michigan, 1882 Thirty-eight Cllaplcrs lilisilon, N389 429 Union Street Southeast Cai 'J uf". f DHHS nj- .jo :la Ifoumlccl Univcrsily ul' Vcrmunt. IHSII Sixty-six Clmpturs IQIIIIIIII Chi. IIIZU , lk- 325 Hzirvqiril Slrccl Sourlicnsr MEDICINE Row- -IIw.'r. Iiligluml. Iiiisclmril, I..irxim, lfl.irkc, Iuililimwcr. If.. Nlurrimn. I'rcsum Iiimrlli R im- -fIi.irI4i-r. Yimrl. A.i1u-5, Iinwcis. Alirrn, IIl.iir. ll.mum 'I Iiiril Row- -Rcuil, I.. Ililgvr, S.iiui'y, 'I'oflI'I:umI, W. NIuil'inuil, Sliczi Sisrmul Row --I-Rningirk, NIILVL-iigli, Amlvmm, Sumlcll, 'I'nriiIu'ri:. Si-llirr. ITUIHU I-rum Rim' --Ilxikailzu. IILIIII. I. Ililigcr. I.xlsIuy, Iimmwirl. lll'1IL'lll-ll'k W. IJ. .xl'Il15II'UIlg, I'h.Il. Dr. Ii. M. clcllcrry Ibr. R. N. Iliclur Dr. I. Ii. Iirigigs Ilr. Ii. Ii. Ilrick Ihr. I I. A. C..ii'lmn Ilr. Ii. II. Fungi-i' Dr. IIIIIIYICS Ikcllaicli Dr. Iiimzilcl Gillupxic Ihr. Mcrcclith Gin-i'i1cm'y Ilr. Iplm I..iym- A. Russcll Annes Ikiviil I. Almixs George XV. Amlurmn Inscpll I..Ark:1 Inhn IJ. I5.irkui' I':iul C. Ili-nlun Ruhcrl Ii. Iicrry I Iurlwurl M. Rlziir I.cnn:ircl A. Ilurmvicz Golwlun CI. IIIlIVI.'I'5 Wilfnrnl I. Iluschaircl XVaillur A. Cxlrlry KLIhI1L'FI:1lI'L'III' AVIIIILIIIIf,.c:l1lI'IiC Iuhn I.. IDL-Imuru RirIu'l'l A. IICIIIU IJuWilt I'5l1,L1IlIIl4I IIi.'l1ryID,I5islwlli Curl A. lfminzirli Amm R. Ciilmlurl' Rumi-ll II. Grain! I. .AlIICI1fil'1lYL'N Iiilwin I Iaxkailzi I Iairry A. I lainmn Grunt If. II1II'llILljLt'I Nnrmnn G. Ilcmlvmairk Icrmnc A. I Iilgcr Iiugm-nc Ii. Ahcrn IIIIIII IILT1' Ifllwzlril Crn'i'igain Iaiimm Ifursyllic FACULTY MEMBERS Ilr. l'. I'.. II. Iwnluy Ilr. I.. A. Laing Iir. V. I.. I I1II'l Dr. I.. M. I.aii'mn llr. Irvine II'ICIJlIllI'l'IL' Ilr. P. M. Maittill S.I'.MiIlcr,I'l1.IJ. Ihr. M. C. I'l'umlci' II.N.G.Wrigl11.I'Ii.IJ. Ilr. II. I. Iloukun Ilr. G. Ii. I Iumlwn Dr. R. M. Iuliiwm Dr. U. M. Koupckc GRADUATE STUDENTS Dr. Iohn l.ohm:mn Dr. Iiugcm- Mclilmccl Ihr. Ilnnailil I'CICI'5UII ACTIVES '56 I.1iwrL-ncc IJ. I Iilgci' '56 '56 'I'IIL'UlIUI'L' Iii-sky '57 '.57 Iivrcl A. I.:1rmn '58 'SIX IIISCIIII U. I.:lsImy '53 '5H llimcam S. Mnclirlizii' '56 '56 Normim R. McVuigl1 '5'l '53 'I'llL'ulIfn'L' II. MnIlL'l's '56 '53 A. Iirviiic Mfniimm '5H '53 William I". Mori'imn '58 '33 IIIIIICN Ii. Murphy '57 '56 Ilunzilil II. I'l'IL'I'MlII '50 '56 Su-phcn N. I'r1-mm '50 '50 I'.iuI Ru-cl '56 '57 I'I'lIIIIi Rigirs '5fi '56 Lewis I. Rulu-rls '57 '5X Iulm I. Szilory '58 '59 Saimucl Simili-ll '56 '50 Iuli.m If. Sctlirr '50 '57 Amlrcw W. Shu-ai '50 '50 Cirqilmni G. Smith '58 '57 William II. Slrrmmu' '50 '57 Iilmci' I I. 'I'uI'u-liiml '58 '57 fiUl'lIUl1C.'I'flI'IlIK'I'jl '50 '57 Willi.1mV.W.ilsh '57 '5!i IuhnA.WiIli1ims '5H '58 Mylo A. Yuucl '50 '56 PLEDGES Ifrvilrrick C. Kulilim-yur Iii.-l'toi1MitcI1rlI IIL-pry Rn-il' HI CHI 339 PHARMACY Bank Row Loney, Ilolsscr, Thompson, Ericson, E-men, I-lcnn Third R R . , ll. ., borcnson, l-laycotk. llargcshcimcr Second Row-Stomp, II-mwon, I R Cl Al I 'font ow Gustav Bachman Earl B. Fischer Charles V. Netz Ernest W. Ahlberg Winton I. Christenson Clair Einen Kenneth Ericson Orace Hanson Richard Hargesheimer Iohn Harms Hoyt H. I-Iaycock Norbert Henle Leo Henn Iohn Hoisser Harvey Knutson R. Ioseph Murphy Iohn Painter Wcydt, Olsen, son, i berg, Knutson, FACULTY MEMBERS ACTIVES IICUUI Ol Ml l Mahoney, Muhlcnts Dr. Charles H. Rogers Dean Frederick I. Wulling Henry Kruckeberg '38 Edward Loney '37 Daniel Mahoney '36 William Malcolm '38 Walter Middents '38 Edward Olsen '38 Neil Olson '38 Arthur Sorenson '36 Donald Stemp '38 Rupert E. Thompson '37 Charles Weydt '37 PLEDGES La Verne Small Raymond Stark Ill O v 'L . .sr .' ,, H 7 . 9:'lA7S-4' . Q Xa .10 l l l l w l l l i l l lx l l l l i I l l l l l l l Founded University of Michigan, 1883 Thirty-two Chapters Them, 1904 323 Eleventh Avenue Southeast PHI DELTA CHI 340 2 l 1 l i l Q7 f XS?-. QMNE l l i l E Fou nlcl cd University of Michigan, 1869 Sixty Chapters Dillon Inn, 1891 LAW , , Ha-ck Row'-Parrish, Olson, Spooner, Schncht, DYHCII, Graham Third Row-Ames, Otis, Bluisdcll, Christiansnn, McClure, Douglass Second Row-Moore, Helm, Lcc, lmcgrc, johnson, Murphy I R B l lui, Milliun, Todd, Scroggins, Luick, Whitney, Taft l'0Ill UXV W. H. Cherry E. E. Fraser S. V. E. Kinyon H. L. McClintock Edgar Bolstad Iohn Buckbee, Ir. Theodore Christianso Karl F. Deissner Iohn B. Faegre, Ir. Philip K. Fryberger - o FACULTY MEMBERS ml Frank N. Graham, Ir. Iohn R. Heim Franz P. Ievne, Ir. Robert B. Luick Howard W. Mithun Herbert E. Olson Iames C. Otis, Ir. Reginald Ames Warren E. Blaisdell Harl G. Douglass Robert W. Dygert Earl L. Hacking Iames Paige W. L. Prosser ACTIVES PLEDGES H. E. Read Henry Rottschaefer Robert M. Parrish '37 Frank W. Plant, Ir. '36 William C. Schacht '37 Maurice E. Scroggins, Ir. '36 Henry F. Simons '37 Paul L. Spooner '37 Marshall B. Taft '37 Richard L. Thwing '36 Kay Todd, Ir. '36 Kent C. Van den Berg '36 Thomas Webb '36 Arthur Whitney '36 William F. Iohnson Ralph H. Lee Robert C. McClure Richard A. Moore Ed wa rd L. Murphy PHI DELTA PHI 341 MEDICINE liack limv4-llolinslrmn, Schlcssclm in Swenson lfkrnwn Mattson Cowan, llange, Kimmel, Mostuc Fifth Row-Cl-nbc, lflink, Erickson, Dalilen, Inhnson, Shaw, Murray, Kelly Fourth Row-Rench, Williams, Wallace, Engstrom, Sterncr, llayex, lleckiortl, M. Peterson, Ahl "l'liirtl linw--Raattzirna, llarch, Arnlvrnse, lrlsxrom, l lx ll S l t ll l N1 lx l l Il Dr. L. W. Barry Dr E. T. Borgeson Dr. C. C. Chatterton Dr. Dean Collins Dr. L. R. Critchfreld . CCUIH OW-' .lllll I ll l li I 1 5, 5 Front Row-llalmer, 0 l't-lemon, Moren, llay, lllegc 1, FACULTY MEMBERS Dr. G. W. Hauser Dr. F. G. Hedenstrom Dr. N. L. Leven Dr. F. W. Lynch Dean E. P. Lyon Dr. I. F. McClendon .uct , aus, Prom, lioraas i ' er, r e 'er, '. 'e ersun, iompson, Wcllner, llallnu I Smith, lwtzsrrnom, Scliwymr Dr. Horace Newhart Dr. C. W. Rucker Dr. Arnold Schwyzcr Dr. li. W. Stenstrom Dr. W. H. Thompson GRADUATE STUDENTS 1 Dr. Malcolm M. Cook Edgar H. Fleckenstein ACTIVES Carl Ahl '37 Vilhelm Iohnson '39 Robert Ambrose '36 Iohn Kelly '39 Albert Balmer '38 George Kimmel '36 Philip lieckjord '37 Richard Leick '36 lvan Bigler '38 Iohn Litchfield '36 Halward lilegen '36 Roger Marks '36 Iohn Boraas '36 lules Meyer '37 Iohn lioysen '36 Leslie Moren '37 Burt Canfield '36 Robert Mostue '39 Lyman Clay '36 Robert Murray '39 Ray Cochrane '36 Frank Naegeli '36 lohn Cowan '37 Louis O'Brien '36 Robert Dahlen '39 Iohn A. Paulson '36 William Davis '39 Kenneth Peterson '39 William Fitzsimons '37 Osler L. Peterson '38 Edmond Flink '37 Fred I rout '39 Robert Glabc '37 Edmond Schlesselman '39 William Hatch '38 Hanns Schwyzer '38 Erling Hauge 37 Frederick Smith '36 Lyle Hay '37 Philip Swenson '39 Albert Hayes '36 Carl Thompson '38 Emil Holmstrom '37 William Wallace '36 Linneus Idstrom '38 Theodore Wellner '38 lamcs laeck '36 lohn Williams '38 PLEDGES Robert I. B. Anderson Eldon Erickson Donald Mattson Charles Ballon Lyle French Marvin Peterson Byron Cochrane Lawrence Heinz Webster Raattama Carl Ekman Martin Lundquist Howard Shaw William Engstrom Iohn Sterner PHI RHO SIG 342 -Q ' , 54.-j -Q" f- ., "f?ll5.lflLfl t ,- 1.55 , 1 "Life,-:ij l l l l Founded Northwestern University 1890 Forty-two Chapter Tlleta 'l'Alll. l9ll8 X... x' X M 317 Union Street Southeast A l Ifnunalecl UniversityofXVasI1ington, 1921 Three Chapters Beta, 1926 FORESTRY Hack Row- NIeN1'lI1'. Arle, Slxearer. Sauer. Selimt-111-r, Ilmen, A. .X111Iers1n1, I.o11I.1 Seconrl ll1111'fO 1 I1111r111 Ro11'f-Moselirook Perkins, ID. I'11IsuII1,U. I-ulxtiin, l'.1s1-le. XX 1ll1 rnson. NIe.11I, S11-11'.1r1, 151111.11 'I I1irrI Rmvflliss, Raucnllrxrst, Shen1.1, Sanders, XVSIIIICCSIIUII, Carswcll, K11k:1chk11,IiIo s ramler, MeI1I.1l1I. Ii1111s1111el, Sinilll,tire1:1:,ti11111Iy, I.appal.1 I'YlnlI Row-'IIen1lerso11, Miles, .Ml.1111-. Ilylleltl, Mayor, SCIIIIII. Nerinoe, XX yall FACULTY MEMBERS I. I'I. Allison Ralph VV. Lorenz R. M. Brown I.. W. Rees I-1.G.Cl1eyney Ilenry Schmitz C. M. Christiansen GRADUATE STUDENTS Rohert T. IXIKICFSUII Leo M. Waukeshon ASSOCIATE MEMBERS Karl Markhanen Iiarl I. Adams Herman Arle Vincent Iiousquel Everett Iiylielcl Donald Carswell Rohert S. Ilosen Wilfred Dugas Karl Iikstroin Arne lilo IiICI'l11CI1I Erickson Orrin I.I:OlS0ll1 Donald N. Gregg Iames I Ienclerson II. Ifrancis Kiikaelika Daniel I.. I.appala Axel O. Anderson Ralph Iiisele Donalil Ifolsoin Iohn Uellmmann Rohert Uoucly Iiilwartl I.0llI1I Roger Meacham lolin Meacl Martin Meltlahl Iiennelh Sauer ACTIVES '36 Ioseph Lorenz '36 VVilIiam I. Major '37 Iohn G. Miles '38 Chester V. McNeIly '37 I'Iarry Mosehrook '37 Ray Nermoe '58 Frank Perkins '38 Duane Rauenhorst '36 lohn Riss '36 Iivan Kenriek Sanders '57 Pele Schull '37 Iiranli Shearer '36 Richard C. Smith '37 Arthur Sweet '37 I.y1nanO.XViIlia1nson PLEIDGES Myron Ostrantler lohn Sehneeweis Philip Sehroetler Iiernartl Shenia Rohert Stewart Del 'I'horsen Rohert XVLIIIIIYLTQ Gordon VVyatt L TAU PHI DELTA 343 ENGINEERING Buck Row-Robertson, Nygren, Schocll, linss, llorlgmun, Lesszml Third Row--Ronbcck, licnnctscn, Swenson, Spoor, Starlnlf Second Row-A. Kojoln, Victoreen, Rollin, Aslcscn, Dyncsins, liolnnbaich l nr Row-R Kojnlw, Professor Emmons, Paul, Professor Comstock, Olson E. H. Comstock W. H. Simmons W. F. Holman lack F. Aiken Robert B. Aslesen Raymond I. Bass Earl M. Bcnnetsen Fred G. Bohmbach Roy S. Dynesius Robert Heising Robert F. Hodgman Albert K. Kojola Rudolph K. Kojola Gordon F.. Nygren Vincent M. Spoor 344 FACULTY MEMBERS L. W. Neubauer W. H. Parker O. S. Zelner GRADUATE STUDENTS Robert R. Gilruth Ioseph Skovholt ACTIVES '37 Fred Lang '37 '38 Roy W. Lessard '36 '36 Malven L. Olson '36 '36 F. Lee Paul '36 '36 Ronald D. Robertson '37 '37 Lawrence W. Rollin '37 '38 Arthur C. Ronbeck '37 '37 William D. Schoell '36 '36 Iohn P. Swenson '37 PLEDGES Leonard F. Starloff Vincent E. Victoreen THETA TAU Founded University ofMinncsot:1, 1904 Twenty-three Chapters Alpha, 1904 Founded University of Illinois, 1907 Fifteen Chapters Minnesota, 1922 1227 Fourth Street Southeast ENGINEERING Hack Row-llrmkmeycr Vonfischcr Ilcssc Scnn Brcdvold Malhndcr , . , ..,. , , . Second Row-lfunke, Lynn, Fischer. Noyes, Aufderheide, Schwartz, Ulrich I-rom Row-lcnold, Olson, Perry, I'r1nc1x, Solstad, Lohmann Louis M. Becker William E. Brooke H. E. Doeringsfeld Iohn R. DuPriest Charles A. Koepke FACULTY MEMBERS O. M. Leland E. S. Loyc P. W. Rhame Carl Swanson Hugh B. Wilcox GRADUATE STUDENTS Leander I. Fischer Carl I. Aufderhcidc Lloyd M. Bredvold Victor H. Brockmeyer Charles I. Francis Leo A. Funkc Thomas R. Klingcl Roger D. Lynn Melvin P. Lohmann Donald O. Benson Hugo A. Hesse William Von Fischer ACTIVES Douglas L. Noyes Earl Olson Bernhardt R. Pctry Herman T. Schwartz Burkhardt M. Senn Lester L. Solstad Iohn C. Tcnold PLEDGES '36 '36 '36 336 337 '36 '36 Richard G. Mallandcr Erwin W. Ulrich TRIANGLE 345 A ' 4 i "-I I' - 'Q-, ,ff LUN- . Q, . fp . . E f,v' lb .,.Qv,.d-A, . 5. ' 1 --M, 11' A-Sf, Ai 4' f - -- - .'.' 1 ,, , ' , -- lx--.--' . .N af. 5-5' V ,, - V Q D. 4-l 'flu J. A." fl 4, 9 -, I lj N 'dr , -' ' Ju' .. t W X 4 - -fl. --II -il H ' ,. ' h V, -.,'. :5Ll'..9'..ilY,.y-,,A H ,JI . - in. 'Q IL, V I n.. mr' g ' Q - . , .-,,, .v-- ,'-- 3, f - J... - . 4 X. 5 1' ., -. ly' X' .-3 ' ' ' .. P- -L -. 'l..f .,, . 5- q N , A ' . -1127 ml '-?-',,-7'r'- '. J , " ,"4' f',-.r-Dj' 'x ' - if -'Q F 1 .5 f if uh buf' ivy? ,frffp-f':' Pf-,Q f' fm- ,-- , 1 ,wx 'V fc... in-, if '1 ' 'Q ff r Ap ' 1 I ' . ' ' -, - A . Nz, FQS4. Qs . 3-fn., ii, ai. , , ., 'Lg ' "4 f p,, . x , X ' -. 5 1' 9- ' ,.r 4, 1 - ' . I 'V' , f ,v ,W 1 V ',,.J"' 35'-'Z '72 In' --'-'1' J J qi, -P ,f a 'W-,, Fu., I F' B3 Hcffiv , N . W . .Al iff. at AI ' xx, I - A ,A 4 2 . .S --f ww-,ff - . fv - 4 - fm .- fa:-14, ' .42 . ' ' J - XY! -5' 'f' .- 3 -' 1 .- - - , ' 1. '- . . W -- , ", J - .- - u I' , ' 4.43. - . - , '- g ,'-5.6, E , - I T ' " A 'M -- 1 ' ff . ' .- " 5'6" ' - a-Z?" " ,"- .,."'f' ' ivgg- "' ' " . ic- I- .5 1 A ,f V '- swf'-fi V N. . '-.vffu-'fr.i.'. " P ' - . 7' 1 1. fl' "' elf' 7 fn- 1' - 'J--Ai-"4" "sf fc. ..,, f, " -1, 0' ff- ' 45. :- J- -: -3" "- Z .-. ,,.f.c.:-.-.c ,-' vf . 5 '13 , 2- '- 'EI:-.-:IE' 55:2 5' -' Qiiiiiiiiiiiiii b: a5siaisiFa2, , 5sgaqagag5ags : 6764 V,-gi , -. . H I Back Row-Mtkm il, lxundcrt, Divine, bchnmber , A Anderson, Ilagensick 'l hird Row-liwart, H. Swenson, Gaynor, Brunskill, Taylor, Diehl l Second Rmv-Rislirudr, Smith, Cole, Coy, McGrath, Ames, liatchelmler I I 1 ss llo p Ireys Ingcbrand, Thompson, Luliren fm it R iw-Gro ', s , , FACULTY MEMBERS Helen G. Canoyer, Advisor Ernestine Donaldson MEMBERS Charlotte Ames Betty Anna Anderson La Verne Anderson Virginia Anderson Kay Bardin Helen Barta Norma Batchelder Betty Bowen Betty Brownlee La Vonne Brunskill Idamae Carhart Patricia Chambers Audrey Cole Marion Cormack Kathleen Coy Wenonah Dahl lean De Wahl Marjorie Diehl Shirley Dimond Mary Anne Divine Frances Enright Dorothy Ewart Harriet Garrison Maxine Gaulbery Muriel Gaynor Anna Gill Iean Goodrich Alyce Gross Dorothy Hasslen Carol Heising Charlotte Hoffman Lois Honcbrink Claire Hosp Iane Hyde Iean Ingebrand Alice lreys Norma Henry Nina Youngs Marion Iohnson Vera Iohnson Marion Kask Elizabeth Kleiner Leona Kriesel Marcia Kundert Doloris Liebig Betty Lohren Lillian Mack Maxine Mason Anne McGrath Betty McKnight Ruth Orlebeke Dorothy Oswald Anne Reimbold Cora Risbrudt Elizabeth Rosacker Missie Ryder Iane Scherich Georgia Schomberg Mae Semingson Eleanor Smith Freda Smith Bernice Strawn Helen Swenson lean Swenson Mary Swenson Mary Kay Taylor Mary lean Thompson Ruth Tilton Barbara Tyson Eileen Voegel Dorothy Welch Peggy Anne White Betty G. Wise Edith Zethren Founded University of Minnesota, 1920 ' B USINESS WOMENS CLU 348 4 1 I l 1 l l w l Buck Row-Iirnstncl, Smith, Drummond, Matlhics Frnnl Row-Zclncr, Gichcnhain, Strom, Kirchner FACULTY MEMBERS - Professor W. H. Kirchner Dr. C. A. Mann Professor O. S. Zelner MEMBERS William A. Brastad Lloyd H. Giebenhain Everett W. Drummond Arnold C. Matthies Gordon A. Erickson Gordon H. Strom GINEERS' BooKs'roRE BAOAR ' . 349 Back Rim l ll lfllflhllillllwll, Oineth, hameih Johnson, Knummn l'ronl Rmv-Sliugren, Scllemlif, Allman, Scllnnlau, Nelson, lirallvel Cecilia Hauge Lorraine Altman Dorothy Brattvet Louise Iohnson Esther Mork Una Nacscth Harriet Nelson Dorothy NCXVg1lZlfll Helen Christiansen Lucile Frisvolcl Bettie Hurst FACULTY MEMBERS GRADUATE STUDENT Margaret Norman ACTIVES PLEDG ES Dr. Nora Winther Marguerite Osborn Frances Peterson Doris Schempf Dorothy Schonlau Helen Shogren Viola Simenson Alice Knutson Helen Oiseth Elizabeth Schaar KAPPA KAQPPA LAMB 350 ACTIVE MEMBERS Founded l926 Hack Row-Dietz, Sit-enson, Hass. Moody, Lampe. Melum. Sloltenherg, McKaig, Christianson, Cihnzar, lordan, Rising, llinrls, 'l'eslow, ll. jackson Fifth Row-Knnv, Gollv, Freeman, Moen, Malm, Vriesen. Dyrland. Newhouse, W. lackson, llnlling, llanxnn, Ransom, Sahaka, M. Olson, Kragenbring Fourth Row-Sunell. Mikes, llnrd, O. johnson, lfleglnnd, De Vlieg, Davenport, Pittelkow, D. White, Carley, Koivuniaki Whittier, Zick, Thornton, Yost 'l'hir4l Row-I Ielenins, Ii. I. Anderson, C. Ulson. W. White, Dresser, Molle, Hetlen, liardwell, Given, S. R. Harris, Kalash, Melin, Tllolnpson. Peoples Second Row-b-Wt-iss, Kolbe. Krogdahl. Trboyevich, Ii. Anderson, L. Pt-tt-rson, G. Anderson, Pitula, Kerker, Rhoades, I.. Page. Moseman, Karlberg, linirikin ant Row--llartsch, Aikeson, Aflreth, Solie, .'kllIlCll, Firestone, Ilayxvootl. l.llLICI'hlI'Ulll, llryan, liuxer, Dick, Sharpe, 'I'orgrimson Orville li. Aftreth Ellen Iune Anderson Arleen V. Bass Florence I. llenson lean K. Bryan Ierome liuser lean Cibuzar Donald L. Davenport Betty M. Entrikin Iohn A. Fairall Linn I. Firestone Elizabeth Anderson Gail Anderson Merlin Annett Margie Aronson Charles Atkeson Nellie liardwell Carl llartsch Donald llrady Kenneth Carley Anne Chidlaw Margaret Christianson Robert DeVlieg lane Dietz Myra Doolittle Marjorie Dresser Sigurd Dyrland lean Given Harold Golly Persis Harper Mona Mae Heden Harry I-Ieglund Agnes Hclenius Maybelle Henderson Helen Hockett lean Holmquist lack Hulting lietty Iackson Wallace Iackson T Y Edward D. Freeman Louise French Gordon H. Griebenow Curtis M. Hanson Seba Ruth Harris Donald V. Hawkins Carol G. Haywood Claudia A. Hinds Ethan A. Hurd Owen L. Iohnson PLEDGES Willard Kalash Ruth Karlberg Ruth Kerker Ieanne Kimball Art Koivumaki Audrey Kragenbring Marion Krogdahl Ervin Kunz Gertrude Lampe Robert Lowenherg Loren Lund lean Maley Glenn Malm Esther Markey Mary-Ellen Martin Helen McKaig Elaine Melin Verna Melum Irene Mikes Iune Moseman Dorothy Nahhas William Newhouse Verna Nordin Carol Olson Mariorie Olson Howard Page Lois Page Gordon W. Lagerstrom Caryl E. Meyer Marie F. Molle Barbara Moody Elizabeth G. Smith Adoree C. Stebbins Patricia Taylor Loraine Teslow Marjorie Tyler Mark T. Whittier Margaret Yost Fern L. Palmer Eloise Paradis Virginia Peoples Lulu Peterson Lawrence Pittelkow Doris Pitula Glenn Ransom Ruth Rhoades Betty Rising Iohn Sabaka Betty Schaefer Nell Seerest Harold Sharpe I-larold Solie Margaret Steenson Margaret Stoltenberg Carola Sunell Clarence Terpstra Sterling Thompson Arthur Thornton Paul Torgrimson Dorothy Trboyevich Calvin Vriesen Lois Weiss David White William White Helen Yancey Woodrow Zick 351 Llc' mv- 'rcici tru iuls Clll C Cm ml mm hull 1 L alms, in 's rum 1- '1 i A . - . llkll ki s il sl M41 1 ll , XI it: Second Row V. iiruhn, Lulmy. lx, Ciruhn, Earle, l.nrnh.xm, lllllllIllUll i ii: xi ii wi ll 1 M 4 f :tt Clarence Adams Eugene Altschul William Bredesen Paul Earle Paul Engstrom Darell Farnham Iames Francois Karl Gruhn Victor Gruhn Paul I-Ianchett Clinton Hegg Vance Iewson William Klein nw-. :in ici.. i cr, ewsnn, c I:iTruy,l CABINET MEMBERS C., Kenneth Krejci Robert Manthei Maurice McCaffrey Stewart McClendon Marcus Miller Ed Nelson Maurice Peterson Robert Spaeth Alan Struthers William Thompson Iack von Rohr Kenneth Wilson Eli Zubay Y. M. C. A. 'CABINET 352 Brick Row--Nelson, Rich, Tlmmpxnn, Sinclair, Iiocringcr, Warsl b IR Ol Il I II ll I I N Geraldine Anderson Katherine Perine Elizabeth Ann Fitch Ioan Redding . Barbara Boeringer Catherine Burnap Suzanne Burwcll Frances Healy Mary Iane Lohmann Margaret Nelson Maxine Nixon Carol Olson scum uw- sul1,'2::i . nrwc , Jiunann. Y I nn RowfeI'crine, Anilcrsnn, I-nch, lictliling OFFICERS CABINET MEMBERS XOII . . President Vice President Secretary Treasurer Betty Rich Caroline Roscnwald Gladys Sinclair Mary Iean Thompson Elaine Ward Kathleen Watson Dorothy Whiting YWCACABINET 353 In Conclusion The editor would like to devote this page as a page of thanks to the staff that has Worked the many hours that it has taken in the preparation of this volume. It is they who have con- tributed the most important parts to the book-without them the editor would have been lost. With no compensation for their efforts they were always ready to do what they could to make the 1936 GOPI-IER a success. STANLEY CARLSON ALAN STRUTHERS FRANK DVORACEK ELIZABETH DONOVAN GEORGE WITHY HELEN EBBIGHAUSEN VIRGINIA WAY DONALD BRAMAN WARREN MOSIMAN GOODWIN ALARIK GRACE MARIE GAY DICK BERG BETTY PETERSON GENEvIEvE EMMER ELLEN BROWN MAIKION SNELL KAY WHITE LAVINIA ALIJER MARGARET DOUGAN PATRICIA HOEAN ELIZABETH RITCHIE EDWARD ROBERTSON SHIRLEY ROSHOLT WILLIS SPRING Book Production 'Win A 'Qu' 4 WALTIQR SCI-IMIIDT A. A. SIQGAL fl1lg.x'ffl1l'g' l'1ll1lf.fh1'llg I-lr1n.rc I?m'm1n uf l1'l1yru1'ing HARRY ROSS HARVEY GOl.DS'l'IiIN Uffff' GW"'f"f Sflffffrfl .'ll?ll'l'ft'1IlI l'fmm lflrrculll Floknowleolqments GEORGE LUXTON Minneapolis Star Football Pictures HARRY POAGUE Minneapolis Iournal Football Pictures B. C. ROBERTSON Bureau of Engraving Layout CHARLES BURGESS Bureau of Engraving Dirfision Page Photography WILBUR NELSON Photographic Laboratory Scenes 'W. C. STEVENSON Minneapolis Paper Company Paper HOWARD CLESS Iohn Leslie Paper Company Paper Clubs ... .......,..... ... I N DEX A Acacia ......-. ---- Activities ...,.......... Administration ................... Agriculture, School of ,... ......... Africultural Students' Council L . . . . All-University Council ......... Alpha Alpha Alpha Gamma .... Chi Omega. . . . . Alpha Chi Sigma .... Alpha Delta Phi ..... Alpha Delta Pi .... Alpha Alpha Delta Tau, ..... Epsilon Iota ...,.. Alpha Gamma Delta ,... Alpha Gamma Rho ..,.. Alpha Kappa Gamma .,.,. Alpha Alpha Kappa Kappa. . . Kappa Psi .... Alpha Omicron Pi .... Alpha Phi .......,.. Alpha Phi Chi Alpha Sigma Pi ..... Alpha Tau Delta .... Alpha Tau Omega ..... Alpha Xi Delta ...... Alpha Zeta .......... Anderson, Geraldine .....,. Anderson, Harold ........... Antil, Ray .................. Appleby, Dean William E.. . . . Aquatic League ............... Arnold, Ed ........... ,..... . Arts College Intermediary Board Arvold, Donald ............... Aslakson, Iessie ............... Athletic Administration .... Athletics .............. B Baker, Iames ........ Baker, Ridgeway ..... Band ,............ Barton, Kay ..... Baseball ..... Basketball ..... Baston, Bert ..,. Beebe, Tom ..... Beise, Sheldon ..... Berry, Frank .....,.. Best, Bill .....,....... Beta Gamma Sigma .... Beta Theta Pi ....... Bib and Tucker ..... Bierman, Bernie ........ Biorck, Ray ....... Blitz, Dean Anne ' e Board of Associated Busm Board of Publications... Board of Regents ,...... Boeringer, Barbara ..... Bredesen, Bill ...,... Brennan, Mary .... Brewer, Barbara . . . Broude, Roger ..... Bruce, Robert ...,... Buck, David .......... Burnap, Catharine ..... Business, School of ....,. Business Women's Club. . ss Students 291 194 25 43 35 34 248 271 329 292 272 320 321 273 330 322 331 332 274 275 243 249 323 293 276 258 128 129 202 93 192 222 40 151 184 196 195 214 222 168 151 217 213 201 149 211 223 153 250 294 183 200 222 30 36 34 26 149 222 152 152 223 129 151 184 49 348 C Cann, Stanley ..,....... Cap and Gown Day ..... Carlson, Iames ......, Carlson, Robert ..... Carlson, Stanley ......,, Chemistry, School of .... Chi ,Epsilon .......... Chi Omega . .. . . . Chi Phi .... Chi P-' Sl ..........,,,. s Corley, Dean Walter C.. .. Coffman, Lotus Delta ..., Cohn, Angelo .......... Combs, Willes B. .... . Cooke, Dr. L. I. ..... . Coulter, Samuel T. . .. Cutts, Gene ....,... D Daily ................ Dailey, Donald . . . Dallera, Frank ...... . Davis, Edward W.. . . . Dawson, Lowell .... Debate .......... dcBuhr, Alfred . . . Delta Chi .......... Delta Delta Delta ..... Delta Gamma ........ Delta Kappa Epsilon .... Delta Phi Delta ...... Delta Sigma Delta .... Delta Sigma Pi ..... Delta Sigma Rho... Delta Tau Delta .... Delta Upsilon ........ Delta Zeta ...,......... Densford, Katharine I.. . . . Dentistry, School of ..... De Vany, Robert ........ Diehl, Dean Harold S.. .. Diehl, Marjorie ......... Donovan, Elizabeth . . . Drama ............ Dvoraeek, Frank .... E Education, College of ....... Eiken, Mal ................ ....151 "iii- Engineering and Architecture. .. . . Engineers Bookstore Board.. Engineers' Day ,........... Eta Delta Beta... Eta Kappa Nu. .. F Farm House .... .... Foley, Iohn ...... Football ........... Football, Freshman .... Forbes, Iohn ........... Ford, Dean Guy S. .... . Foresters' Day ....... Fraser, Dean Everett .... Fraternities, Academic . . . Fraternities, Honorary ...... Fraternities, Professional .... Freeman, Dean Edward M.. Freshman Commission .,.... Freshman Frolic ........... Freshman Week ..... j. 150 137 223 222 148 57 259 277 295 296 3-17 43 27 152 22 196 22 128 151 130 210 19 201 180 151 297 278 279 298 260 333 334 180 299 300 280 95 61 150 89 150 148 176 148 67 210 79 349 136 335 261 336 148 199 212 153 28 139 87 289 247 327 43 38 161 132-133 G Gamma Omicron Beta .... Gamma Phi Beta ....,. Ganley, john ...,. . . . Gardne r, lean .... , Geddes, Carroll ..... Gmitro, Rudy .,.. Gopher Business .... Gopher Editorial .... Govern IDCHI ..... , Grey Friai's .... . .,...... Gustafson, George . . . Gymnastics and Wrestling ..... .. H Haggei'ty, Dean Melvin E.. .. .. Halvorson, Earl ......... Hanson, Stan .... Harding, Ed . .. Harris, Ellis ..,. Harris, Sig ..... Hauser, George. . . Hockey ........... Hockey, Freshman . . . Homecoming ...... Hoover, Kerwin ..... Hopper, Helen Dae .... Hovde, Frederick L.. .. Huber, Roy ........ Hunt, Sam ,......... I lncus.. .,.. Interfraternity Ball ....... Interfraternity Council .... Inter-Professional Council. Intramural Athletics ...... Iron Wedge ........,.... J Iohnston. Dean Iohn B... Iones, Eleanor ......... Iones, Iunior Iunior Kafka, Kappa Kappa Kappa Kappa Kappa Kappa Ed ......... Ball .......... Commission ..... K Edward ........ Alpha Theta .... Delta ........ Eta Kappa ...... Kappa Gamma .... Kappa Lambda .... Sigma .......... Kennedy, Bill ....... Killeen, Earle G.. , , , King, Ray ......... Kosek, Koyen, Albert ...... Kenneth ..... Krezowski, Dominic . . . L Lambda Chi Alpha ...... Lasby, Dean William F... Law, College of .... LeBlond, Frank .......... Leland, Dean Ora M.. . .. LeVoir, Vernal .....,.. Lillyblad, Arthur ......,. Lind, Dean Samuel S.. . . . Lyon, Dean Elias P.. . . . 324 281 223 130 32 203 149 148 23 251 214 229 67 215 205 152 150 201 201 221 224 135 150 130 86 149 207 252 160 290 328 237 253 99 151 214 157 37 209 282 283 337 284 350 301 152 164 206 150 150 204 302 61 87 153 79 211 214 57 89 357 Ramsland, Clement ..... . . , M MacLean, Malcolm S. MacMillan, David .... McClendon, Stewart.. McCormick, Frank. . . 86 214 149 ...196 30 McCreery, Dean Otis C.. .. McStay, Frances ..... Manly, Robert ....... Matheny, Bill .,. . . Meacham, Carla ..... 151 ... 215 ... 205 .. 129 89 Medicine, School of ............... Middlebrook, Dean William T. ...., 29 Midler, Louis ....... Military .........,........... Military Ball ........ Mines, School of ..... 204 .. 140 159 93 Minneapolis Symphony Orchestra... 167 131 Minnesota Life ...... Mitchell, George ..... Molander, Elwood . . . Mortar and Ball. .. Mortar Board .... Music ,...... .... N Naslund, Hugo ...... Nicholson, Dean Edw Nursinf School of . L., . . Nu Sigma Nu ....... O Oech, Vern ........ Ormandy, Eugene. . . Organizations ...... P Pan-Hellenic Council Pepinsky, Abe ...... Pierce, E. B. ...... . Phalanx ........... i Pharmacy, School ofl Ph Ch' 1 .... . ...... Phi Delta Chi ....... Phi Delta Phi ....... Phi Delta Theta ..... Phi Epsilon Pi .... Phi Gamma Delta . .. Phi Kappa Psi ,... Phi Kappa Sigma .... Phi Omega Pi ..... Phi Rho Sigma .... Phi Sigma Kappa .... Phi Sigma Phi ...... Phi Upsilon Omicron. Phoenix ............ Pi Beta Phi .,.. Pinafore ....... Pi Tau Sigma .,.. Plumb Bob .... 358 2111 ff 223 149 fffzoz 1 .... 263 163-168 . ............ 215 31 95 .. 338 211 167 1ff24s 270 166 32 .. 264 97 339 340 341 303 304 305 . . . 306 307 285 342 308 265 325 . . . 254 .. 286 .. 183 .. 266 255 Prescott, Gerald ......... . . . Press .................... . . . Progressive Minnesota ..... . . . Psi Upsilon .........,.. . . . R Ravlin, Iames ..... . . . Reed, Dwight ...... . . . Regan, Katherine . . . . . . Rennebohm, Dale ......... . . . Rennix, George ...... ...... ..... 168 147 17 309 172 151 206 184 210 211 Representative Minnesotans. ..... 127-130 Rho Chi .................. ..... 2 56 Riley, A. Dale ........... 172 Riley, Sam ...... , , . 207 Ring, Harvey .... ..... 2 09 Rork, Whitman ..,. ....... 2 05 Roscoe, George ,... ..... 2 10, 215 Roth, Amalie ....... ....... 1 84 Ryman, Marshall .... . 242 S Seabbard and Blade ..... 267 Schroeder, Les .............,...... 196 Schwab, Ioseph ..........,......., 222 Science, Literature, and the Arts .... 99 Scott, Mr. and Mrs. Carlyle ........ 164 Seebach, Richard ................. 215 Seidel, Glenn ............, 128, 210, 223 Senior Class Council .... ........ 1 82 Senior Commission .... ..... 3 7 Senior Prom ....... 156 Senior Section .......... ..... 4 1-108 Sheppard, Lola I. .,,,,,.,, .,,,, 1 72 Shumway, Dean Royal R.. .. . . . 28 Sigma Alpha Epsilon.. 310 Sigma Alpha Mu ,...... 311 Sigma Chi ........... 312 Sigma Epsilon Sigma .... . . . 193 Sigma Kappa ......... 287 Sigma Nu ......... 313 Sigma Theta Tau. . . 194 Silver Spur .......... 257 Sinclair, Gladys .....,. 129 Skinner, Dean Mary P. 31 Ski-U-Mah .........., 153 Smith, Dick ......, 210 Smith, Willis ... 222 Smith, W. R. ..... 196 Snyder, Clark ..... 212 Social ,................ . . . 155 Sophomore Ball ...... 158 Sophomore Commission .... . . . 38 Sororities, Academic .,..... . . . 269 Sororities, Professional. 319 Spadaccini, Vic .......,... 206 Stakman, Dr. E. C. ......... . 18 Stevenson, Dean Russell A.. .. . 49 Straub, Lorenz G. ............ . 20 Stenstrom, Dr. K. Wilhelm ..... . 21 Struthers, Alan ...... Student Government. . Svendsen, Earl ...... Swimming and Golf . .. . . .. T Taft, Wally .......... .... Tam O'Shanter ,... . Tate, Iohn T. ..... . Tau Beta P1 ......... Tau Kappa Epsilon .... Tau Phi Delta .,...... Technical Commission .... Techno-Log .......... Theta Chi . .I ...... . Theta Delta Chi .... Theta Tau ......... Thomas, Frederick .... . . Thompson, Clarence .... Thomson, William .... Track and Tennis ..... Trampe. Ray ....... Triangle. U Union Board of Governors .... University College ................ University Singers ................ University Symphony Orchestra ..... Uram, Andrew ...,............... W W.A.A. Board ........ .... VVallace, Ray ....... Wallblom, Charles .... .... Warner, Frank ..... Weld, Robert .......... .... Wickersham, Robert .... .... Widseth, Edwin . ..... . . .. Wile, Russel .... ........ ..... Wilkinson, Charles ..... ....... 2 02, Willey, Dean Malcolm Withy, George ............. .... Women ,............... ..,. Wood, Genevieve ................. W.S.G.A. Board .................. W.S.G.A. Farm Campus Board ..... Wulling, Dean Frederick I. .... .. Y Y.M.C.A. Cabinet ..... .... Y.W.C.A. Cabinet ..... .... Zeta Tau Z Alpha ...... Zeta Psi ...,..... 148 33 207 232 223 182 108 268 314 343 36 154 315 316 344 152 204 149 225 211 345 35 108 351 166 203 40 223 214 208 203 153 202 208 223 29 148 181 153 39 39 97 352 353 288 317 X T Q 5 ii v '4l'lnvngg3. .Q - f ,V M. f J 's -fx Q 1-s,g,,3f',Q .. ' I 'Y' ff R . W' H I J . 9.3 5 if 15. a,. -F' sf' iw ,1 .,JI4fwt. , W' '4 ., , J ww ' . Y- J A My f' K 'v . -Q, ,. 1' , J -A ' 4 ,nf f ' ff , fr" 0 I X .: V ,mv 6 ,, an D, W v . 3 Q 'f ' I avg, ' x . MQQWQHD' , , 'nf , A X s y 1 '1s.'5F'Sig Wggpvihk nw.. . Jw- - 'uw Nsvww-ef v .wmv mf, .1 . 4 1 'S' -1 f q .a F K r 1, . ig ' 'PTH' u i - N can V. B , 5 if 1 V P -mx A5 O r .Q Y Nu 1 , nf V. I. 3 ,. -ft 5, . Eff X W A 4 ,S-A SH K YF-fishy W 4 1 we wa Q.. -V Sw ,

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