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t i m ® ma jH; ' « ' Lg Mt - ' ' ' . f. i; ' 4 ' , L € V o, a s iii rM - ' -ff ' ' f yi X ' JL tnnesota, hail il lo iheel fad io iLe, our GolL.e dear! GI ny lignl shall ever be •lyT, beacon brigni ana clear; cJ ny. sons and daugkiers true Ml tll proclaim inee near and jar; cJ key will guard iky jame tylnd adore iky name; cf kou skall be ikeir i Lorlkern (2Jiar. v tke llie stream that bends to sea, L ike iLal seeL iL Uue! Cm nnesola, sdl for thee kti sons are strong ana true. cTront tny prairtes waving jar, cyHl tntj call they throng, Mutln Ineir snout ana song, tailing thee Ineir lorlhern QJiar. TITLE The Gopher of 1934 — the annual publication of the senior class of the University of Minne- sota at Minneapolis — volume number forty- seven. The River and the Campus c=J ike me GJ treavn iliai Qyuends io (2 ea Superior National Forest COPYRIGHT Copyrighted by David Donovan, the Editor, and Lyman Molander, the Business Manager — the 1934 Gopher of the University of Min- nesota. . ■ : - ' S f: cJ ike ike Cyine ikai QJ eeks ike cJuL DEDICATION To the state of Minnesota whose heritage and traditions are reflected in the life of the Uni- versity bearing its name, whose history and progress have followed the same course as the history and progress of this University, and whose citizens have generously contributed their talents and their resources to enhance and perpetuate the name of the University of Minnesota, we dedicate this 1934 Gopher. Gophers in ' Action " Qlflinnesoia, G) iill for c kee c)ky. GJ ons [ ' Ire GJ trong and cJy Itasca State Par FOREWORD MINNESOTA, " thy prairies waving jar " — great fields of golden wheat giving flour to the world; " stream that bends to sea " — the majestic Mississippi, father of waters, dividing line of a continent; " thy woods and waters fair " — tall pines and ten thousand lakes make thee a state unsurpassed in natural beauty and unusually favored in material resources. C rom Lyliii J Jyoods and JJPalers Cyc air FOREWORD As the commonwealth of Minnesota prospers, the University benefits by that prosperity. When we rejoice in the development of this institution we must contemplate the growth and greatness of the North Star state. It is fitting, therefore, that the University join with the state in commemorating this school year the seventy-fifth anniversary of Minne- sota ' s admission to the Union. The Red River Valley Cyrowi C ku Cyi c_v rairies J J avmg i_y ar ■ " ,, Loyal Minnesotans CONTENTS I. GOVERNMENT II. SENIORS III. ACTIVITIES IV. ATHLETICS V. ORGANIZATIONS It iky- call ikey, ikrong, JJIyilk iketr skout ana song, CzJlailing ikee tkeir f tori kern QJ iar. PR CE Knowing that chords now melodious tomor- row may be silent, that colors now bright may sometime fade, we have gathered to- gether these personalities and events that they may be safely guarded against the forgetful- ness of future years. It is our hope that this record of the class of 1934 may serve to perpetuate memories of happy undergraduate experiences. -4 ( TIIK ItllO.tUNIItl ' : DAILY INDICTED! I ,s,,, S. •■• ' ' • ' ■ ' ' . 00 ' " ' ■ ' " " ' ■ ' .•,•„. s nit, PRESIDENT ' S MESSAGE " Not until 1944 will the University of Minnesota be entitled to celebrate its own Diamond Jubilee; nevertheless it joins heartily in the spirit of affectionate appreciation in which all Minnesotans are commemorating the seventy-fifth anniversary of this commonwealth ' s admission to statehood. " Minnesota is a splendid state. It enjoys the perennial attraction of variety. In its southern parts it is of the corn belt, yet its north is piney forest. To the west it blends into the prairies, yet on the east it has access to the Atlantic Ocean through the Great Lakes, and to the Gulf of Mexico by the Mississippi River. Its minerals, manufactures and forests combine with the products of the field and the dairy to provide an unusually diversified source of livelihood for its people. " To be ranked with these resources in importance and value to the State of Minnesota is its splendid educational system. It has been said that Minnesota has no other single advertisement the equal of its University. Men and women from all parts of the world come here to study, and pay their own expenses. Surely if the future of the state is to be a developing one, if we are to comprehend life, so as to be hap- pier, if we are to make the most fruitful uses of our raw materials, and if we are to develop a high type of social organization, we must under all circumstances support our scholars and our thinkers. We must continue to bring our young people into contact with them, and with the science, art and philosophy of the world. " May there be an even fuller awakening to the importance of this policy when our University becomes seventy-five years old than there is now on the seventy-fifth birthday of our state. " L. D. CoFFMAN, President {18} I ?mof Ji zz hdn: •fiW I lunu )oK " nfi di rt inr M aril gniJinonismrno , nrjfi!ijt « eii nl ,vt-4i ' ; -iff) o7 ' 5inJ2 wd)o on ?.r.r ' JV li ,ai! Administration Building GOVERNMENT ADMINISTRATION {23} A. J. Olson Charles R. Butler Fred B. Snyder John G. Williams BOARD OF REGENTS O. J. Hagen Dr. W. J. Mayo R. R. Rand, Jr. Frank Murphy George Lawson The governing body of the university, the Board of Regents, is composed of twelve persons who are customarily picked by the legislature, but recently the duty has been shifted to Governor Olson. The latest appointments were made in May, 1933, and four more replacements will be made in 1935. In selecting the members of the board, the state is divided into districts from which the regents are appointed. Under this system all Minnesota is represented when matters of state- wide importance face the group. Mrs. Anna O. Determan Dr. a. E. Olson THE PRESIDENT LOTUS DELTA COFFMAN Progressing under the leadership of a president who believes in added stress on education in times of depression, the University of Minnesota can be thank- ful to Dr. Lotus D. Coffman for the forward steps taken during the past four years. Dr. Coffman contends that education and its ac- companying researches can help in economic recovery and in lessening the burden, if not preventing depres- sion. Universities, he believes, are going to devote more time and money to research work, and the individual student will develop a still greater appre- ciation of intellectual achievement. ADMINISTRATION (Left to Right) Professor Malcoin M. Willey of the sociology de- partment was appointed last fall as a part-time as- sistant to President Coffman. Mr. Willey is engaged in directing the student C. W. A. work on the cam- pus and was formerly an investigator for President Hoover ' s research committee on social trends. Otis McCreery, Dean of Men, has come to be one of the most popular deans in the administration. Mr. McCreery ' s activities are not limited to his office, for he is the president of the Interfraternity Council, and during the fall he coaches freshman football. President Lotus D. Coffman has completed fourteen years of administration. During this time the enroll- ment has kept pace with the University ' s rise to its recognized place among the greater schools of the country. As part of his work, President Coffman at- tends many educational conferences throughout the year. Mary P. Skinner, Assistant Dean of Student Affairs, maintains close contact with students and extra- curricular activities because of her work in ironing out difficulties that arise from compulsory drill and physical education. Eligibility of candidates for stu- dent elections and activities are checked through Mrs. Skinner ' s office. { 26 } ADMINISTRATION (Left to Right) Anne Dudley Blitz, Dean of Women, combines her numerous interests and activities with her work which has made her known as a friend, counselor, and helper to the women of the University of Minnesota. Her efforts have gone to promote the highest standards in university life. William T. Middlebrook, University Comptroller, has devoted much of his time in making it possible for Minnesota students to obtain their education in the university at the lowest possible cost. When Mr. Middlebrook is not in his office he can often be found on the University golf course or playing squash tennis in the stadium. Edward E. Nicholson, Dean of Student Affairs, is general supervisor of all campus activities in which the welfare of the student is concerned, whether it be publications, social life, dramatics, or student gov- ernment. Dean Nicholson is known to undergraduates as a diplomatic and friendly administrator in matters of discipline which come to his office. Royal R. Shumway, Assistant Dean in the Arts Col- lege and head of the Students ' Work Committee, is known to students as a congenial and sympathetic advisor. Mr. Shumway likes to work as a cabinet maker in his spare hours. In his basement, the Dean has a complete woodworking shop equipped with lathes and scroll-saws. {27;} E. B. Pierce, (below) Minnesota ' s alumni secretary, has proven himself a capable and enthusiastic worker in keep- ing the alumni in close touch with their alma mater. When Mr. Pierce is not making speeches, he can be found enjoy- ing some form of outdoor sport. By organizing alumni groups throughout the state and nation, he has coordinated graduates who have worked actively in promoting the interests of the University. Carroll G. Geddes, (left) one of the youngest and most popular of the Administrative officials, has completed three years as Financial Advisor to Student Organizations. Himself a student active in extra- curricular work seven years ago, Geddes well appreciates the prob- lems and workings of undergraduate organizations. His office has done much to stabilize the accounting practices in student activities and has helped these organizations to main- tain an efficient financial set-up. His experiences gained while working with former editors and business managers enable him to pass on many suggestions to current workers in the publications field. William S. Gibson, (above) further coordinates alumni with his efficient edit- ing of the Minnesota Alumni Weekly, a publication intend- ed to keep graduates informed about the progress of the Uni- versity. As part of his work Mr. Gibson acts as director of the University radio station, WLB, and through this medi- um makes contacts with alum- ni and others interested in the University ' s welfare. STUDENT GOVERNMENT Back Row — Mactison, Coitins, )Jiirg, Barquist, Grus endorf, Santord, bcammon Third Row — Truscott, Densniore, Porteus, Hadley, Hargesheimer, Fordcrbrugen Second Row — Confer, Eylar, Savage, Benson, Moody Front Row — Nicholson, Scars, Du Priest, Comer, Brackett, Mason All University Council FACULTY MEMBERS Professor Robert C. Lansing Dean Anne Dudley Blitz Robert Du Priest William Sears John Mason . Mary Ella Brackett John Comer Jeanette Barquist Margaret Benson Fred Brant Fred Burg William Collins Mary Jane Confer Jack Densmore Dean Edward E. Nicholson MEMBERS Ethelmae Eylar Kevin Forderbrugen Ben Grussendorf Fred Hadden John Hadley Walter Hargesheimer Herman Janssen Robert Mattison President, First Half Vice-President; President, Second Half Treasurer . Recording Secretary . Corresponding Secretary Lucille Moody George Porteus Arthur Sanford Phyllis Savage Richard Scammon Donald Truscott Elmer Ziegenhagen Board of Publications Prof. Ralph D. Casey FACULTY MEMBERS Dean E. E. Nicholson Prof. T. E. Steward MEMBERS Fred Burg President David Buck . , . ■ Vice-President Betty Wood Secretary Reynolds Galbraith Treasurer Doris Fish Milton Rewinkel William Proffitt Back Row — Buck. Proffitt, Fish, Galbraith, Rcwinklc Front Row — Steward, Nicholson, Burg, Wood, Casey back Row — Cator, Bosscn, Anderson, Boulger Second Row— Perkins, Pickett, Hiniker Front Row — Peterson, Hargcshcimcr, Wynne, GaskcU C enior ' commission MEMBERS Walter Hargesheimer Craig Gaskell Harry Peterson Owen Wynne President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Edward Anderson Roger Bossen Francis Boulger Miriam Pickett Allen Cator Jerome Hiniker Locke Perkins Junior Commission Donald Truscott Joseph Winslow Donald Paulson Donald Anderson President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Russell Bowen Eugene Burdick Marion Hyde William Prichard William Lockwood Lester Malkerson Martha Page Back Row — Bowen, Malkerbon, Hyde, Page, Buriiick, Prichard Front Row — Lockwood, Winslow, Truscott, Paulson, Anderson Back Row — Litman, Oja Front Row — Lykkcn, Band, Rarig Sophomore Commission MEMBERS Henry Lykken President Charles Sampson Vice-President Helen A. Bartel Secretary Bert Oja Treasurer Arthur Hove George G. Litman Frederick J. Rarig Agricultural Students Counci Ralph Comstock Jack Densmore Roy Dingle Andrew Downie MEMBERS Alma Engene Ruth Hathaway Audrey Knox Anna Lindgren Gertrude McNelly Marius Morse Goodwin Sonstegard Elmer Ziegenhagen Back Row — Dcnsmorc, Morse, McNcUy, Dingle, Comstock Second Row — Lindgren, Downie, Hathaway, Sonstegard From Row — Knox, Ziegenhagen, Engene H ' e o o BHK ' S ' j fe 1 NTi " Mw B wd [li ta kl l M HB I H ' ' y4c M HI n i Back Row — H. Peterson, L. Peterson, Ciarcy, Pfcil, Lantz Second Row — Conary, Hill, Zicskc, Brussel, GiUam, Cohen Front Row — Higgins, Sanderson, Pierce, Poncous, Bloom Union Board of Governors Ray Higgins FACULTY MEMBERS E. B. Pierce J. C. Sanderson GRADUATE STUDENT Stanley Gillam Stanley Bloom William Brussel John Clarey John Cohen MEMBERS Robert Conary Robert Hill Charles Lantz Harry Peterson La Verne Peterson Richard Pfeil George Porteous William Zieske W. S. G. A. Board Mary Andrews Jeanette Barquist Mary Brennan Catharine Burnap Mary Jane Confer Constance Crysler MEMBERS Margaret Cummings Ethelmae Eylar Alice Furbari Mary Gardner Marion Hyde Hope Nichols Marian Pfaender Miriam Pickett Mary Morris Sherman Betty Ramsdell Virginia Way Betty White Third Row — Barquist, Crysler, Pfaender, Way, Andrews, Picicelt, Sherman Second Row — Nichols, Ramsdell, Furbari, Cummings, Kydc, Brennan Front Row — Gardner, White, Eylar, Confer, Burnap Back Kow Pcarson, Conary, Abbott, Downing Front Row — Lcland, Martin, Sternal Techi nicdl L ommission C. A. Koepke Loren G. Abbott Robert E. Conary FACULTY MEMBERS O. M. Leland MEMBERS Loyal G. Downing Lewis F. Martin W. M. Lauer S. Ivar Pearson Norbert J. Sternal Board of Associated Business Students FACULTY MEMBERS Dean Russell A. Stevenson Professor Richard L. Kozelka John K. Comer Margaret J. Cummings Torvald D. Eberhardt MEMBERS Dorothy G. Gabby Reynolds H. Galbraith Philip E. Green William B. Lockwood Howard W. Luther Owen E. Wynne Back Row — Luther. Wynne, Cummings, Galbraith Front Row — Gabby, Comer, Eberhardt Back Row — Albiecht, Boughner, Erickson Front Row — Plymat, Grussendorf, Gould Law C dw ounci MEMBERS Henry Albrecht Jackson Boughner Carl Erickson Robert Gould Ben Grussendorf William Plymat I 3 figmf : " % Chemistry Building SEN O R S A A ■-•N ' •5 " ' .,-.■« ' . :- -.A: 2DIMOMOD3 3MOH QUA ,YflT23510T ,3 - • : " y» Bt " » ' - " ' ' " I have been a member of the staff of the College of Agriculture, Forestry, and Home Economics since 1907. In spite of this fact, the college has increased from a total attendance of about fifty to a largest total in 1930-1931 of 1,080, and an at- tendance in 1932-1933 of 906. In the three fields which the college represents, it has attained and maintained the standards of the best agricultural colleges of this country. " E. M. Freeman. Dean Dean Walter C. Cofeev A yiciiUurc I )EAM Edward M. Freeemax Agr., For., and Home Ec. AGRICULTURE, FORESTRY, AND HOME ECONOMICS ) l J : 13;r •m mmmtm • iiki Sj 1 , Top Kow Jfan L. Andrews minneapolis B.S. Dietetics Alpha Delta Pi; Newman Club; Home Eco- nomics AsMDciation; Y. W. C. A.; Campus Sister 2, 3, 4: Freshman Week. 2. Florence Arlander minneapolis B. S. Home Economics Phi Upsilon Omicron; Eta Sigma Upsilon; Home Economics Association; Y. W. C. A. Cabinet. Wilbur Allen Baldwin elbow lake B. S. Agricultural Economics Winifred Barber monievideo B. S. Home Economics Gamma Omicron Beta ; Gopher 4-H Club; Y. W. C. A.: Wesley Foundation; Home Economics Association. Barbara Bell minneapolis B. S. Home Economics Delia Zcta; Phi Upsilon Omicron: Y. W. C. A.; W. S. G. A.; Home Economics Association, Pres. 4; Cap and Gown, Vice Pres. 4. George Berggren gref:nbush B. S. Agronomy Farm House Fraternity, President 4; Hant Industry Club; Block and Bridle Club; Daily; Ski-U-Mah; WrcstlinB. Mary Kay Black MANKATO B. S. Institution Management Iowa Stale College; Alpha Omicron Pi; Zela Phi Eta; H. E. A.; Y. W. C. A. Francis Brady MEDFORD B. S. Dairy Products Alpha Gamma Rho; Dairy Science Club; Newman Club; Block and Bridle Club. Eriiardt W. Bremer lake city B. S. Agricultural Economics Alpha Gamma Rho; Phoenix; " .M " C lub; Y. M. C. A.; Agricultural StL: lcnts Council: Track 2. 3. Middle Row Ruth Campbell saint paul B. S. Home Economics Phi Upsilon Omicron; Y. W. C. A. Cabinet, 1, 2, 3, 4, Vice Pres. 3, Pres. 4; Agricultural Students Council, Pres. 3; Mortar Board; All-University Council, 3; W. A. A. Clarence Caparoon minneapolis B. S. Agricultural Economics Farm House Fraternity; Phalanx. Patricia Christensen MANKATO B. S. Dietetics Chi Omega; W. S. G. A.; Sophomore Com- mission; Y. W. C. A.; Farm Campus W. A. A., President; Singers. Thora Virginia Egland OXBORO B. S. Home Economics Phi Upsilon Omicron; Y. W. C. A.; Wesley Foundation; Gopher 4-H Club; Home Eco- nomics Association; Daily 3. Louise Eich LITTLE falls Dietetics Benedict; Sigma Kappa; Ncw- W. C. A.; Senior Commission; Home Economics . ssociation. Marguerite Erickson ST. PAUL B. S. Home Economics Phi Upsilon Omicron; H. E. A.; Gopher 4-H Club; W. A. A., Hoard. 3, Farm Campus Representative, 3: . W. C. . ., Publicity Chairman, 3; W. S. G. A. Farm Campus Council, Secretary-Treasurer, 2, Secretary, 3: Punchinello Players. Doris M. Fish ST. PAUL B. S. Institution Management Home Economics Association 1, 2, 3, Vice President 3: Y. W. C. A. 1. 2, 3, 4, 4; Board of Publications 4; .Agricultural Students Council 1, 2. B.S. College of St. man Club; Y, Seth R. Fisher karnak. illinois B.S. Education Farm House Fraternity; Pi Phi Chi; .Agricul- tural Eilucation Club, Sec. 2, Vice Pres. 3; Mentor 4. Ebenhard S. CJandrld SI . PAUL B. S. Dairy Production Farm House Fraternitv: Bl »ck and Bridle; Gopher 4-H Club; Y. M. C. A. Bouoni Rotf Gardiner A. Graham ROBERTS, WISCONSIN B. S. Dairy Production River Falls State Teachers College; Alpha Gamma Rho; Block and Bridle; Junior Dairy Science Club; Farm . M. C. A. Cabinet; University Band ' 2. Stanley N. Halvorson MILAN B. S. Dairy Industry Alpha Gamma Rho; -Mpha Zcta; Junior Dairy Science Club, Pres.; Y. M. C. A. Trcas.; Block and Bridle. Lorraine Charlotte Hansen minneapolis B. S. Dietetics Home Economics As.sociation; . W. C. A. George A. Herion CHICAGO, ILLINOIS B.S. Forestry Tau Phi Delta; Pi Phi Chi; Xi Sigma Pi: Forestry Club; Gopher Pcavcy Board; Agricul- ture Union Board of Governors; Homecoming 3, 4; Interprofessional Council, President 4: Gopher Peavey, Editor 4, Business Manager 3: Agriculture Students Council. Rich.ard G. Herrick minneapolis B.S. Dairy Products Alpha Gamma Rho; Junior Dairy Science Club; " M " Club; Senior Dinner Ticket Chairman; I ' rack I, 2, 3. Teddy Holt 1arming1 on B.S. Forestry Tau Phi Delta; Xi Sigma Pi; Alpha Zcta; Forestry Club; Gopher Peavey Boartl. Jacob H. Janzen buttf.rfield B. 5. Plant Pathology Farm Mouse Fraternity; Plant Industry Club. Emmet B. Johnson DULU1 H B. S. Biochemistry Dululh Junior College; Alpha Gamma Rho: Biochemistry Club; Y. M. C. A.; Wesley Foundation. Gordon G. Johnson fairmont B. S. Agricultural Economics Alpha Zeta; Agricultural Treasurer 1. AG., FOR., and HOME EC. AG., FOR., and HOME EC. B.S. Top Row Loyal A. Johnson AIWATF.R Agricultural Abigail Kittleson ST. PAUL B. S. Home Economics Phi Upsilon Omicron; 4-H Club, Secretary 2; H. E. A.; W. A. A.; Y. W. C. A.; Punchinello. Audrey Knox minneapolis B. S. Home Economics W. S. G. A. Council; Agricultural Student Council. Ramer Leighton stockton B. S. Animal Industry Alpha Gamma Rho; .Mpha Zcta; Block and Bridle. Bernice Leiter DELANO B. S. Home Economics Newman Club 1, 2; Y. W. C. A. Ruth Lohmann zumbrota B.S. Home Economics Phi Upsilon Omicron; Y. W. C. A.; W. S. G. A.; Home Economics Association; Gopher 4-H Club, President 4; University Walther League, Sec. 3, Treas. 4. B.S. Lorraine Lund minneapolis Home Economics Henry Mayo alpha B. S. Animal Husbandry Farm House; Alpha Zcta; Block and Bridle; Meat judging Team; Live Stock Judging Team; Li e Stock Superintendent, . g icultural Royal. Juliette Myren minneapolis B. S. Home Economics Y. W. C. a. Cabinet: Home Economics Asso- ciation; W. S. G. A. Miiidli; Row Truman R. Nodland zumbrota B. S. Agricultural Economics Farm House Fraternity; Block and Bridle. Enoch B. Norum HALLOCK B. S. Dairy Products North Dakota State College; Farm House Fraternity; Alpha Zeta. Jane Oberg minneapolis B. S. Home Economics Phi Upsilon Omicron; Agricultural Student Council; Home Economics Association, Secre- tary 2, President 3; Y. W. C. A.; W, S. G. A. Frances Obst ST. PAUL B. S. Home Economics Education Alpha Alpha Gamma: Phi Upsilon Omicron; Pi Lambda Theta; Omicron Nu; Y, W. C. A.; H. E. A.; .Agricultural Students Council. B.S. Richard W. Olson freeborn Animal Husbandry Alpha Gamma Rho; Alpha Zeta; Block and Bridle Club; Agricultural Education Club; Gopher 4-H; Junior Dairy Science Club; Dan- forth Summer Fellowship; Caleb Doerr Scholar- ship; Wrestling 3. Natalie Orfield minneapolis B. S. Home Economics Phi Upsilon Omicron; Punchinello; Y. W. C. A.; Home Economics Association, Senior Rep- resentative 4. Vivian L. Orys glendive, montana B. S. Home Economics Alpha Omicron Pi; Home Economics Associa- tion; Newman Club; Y. W. C. A. B.S. Alice Pollanch AURORA Home Economics Evcleth Junior College; Gamma Omicron Beta; Home Economics Association; Y. W. C. A. Francis L. Paulson TRAIL B. S. Agricidtural Education Agricultural Education Club; Block and Bridle. BoUom Row Harry J. Peterson HECTOR B. S. Education Farm House Fraternity; Alpha Zeta; Agricul- tural Education Club, Pres.; Block and Bridle; Plant Industry Club; Gopher 4H Club; Student Atfairs Committee; Y. M. C. A. Chorus; Col- lege of Agriculture, President 4; Union Board of Governors. Bertram N. Purves IRACY B. S. Dairy Production Farm House Fraternity; Block and Bridle. Betty Ramsdell minneapolis B. S. Home Economics Delta Delta Delta; Phi Upsilon Omicron; Mor- tar Board; Omicron Nu; Sigma Epsilon Sigma; Home Economics Association; Senior Advisory Board; W. S. G. A. Board, President 4; Farm Campus W. S. G. A., Council 4; Y. W. C. A. Cabinet 2. B.S. Gordon C. Reid minneapolis Biochemistry Biochemistry Club; Junior Dairy Science Club. Ezra P. Reineke CLARISSA B. S. Dairy Husbandry Farm House Fraternity; Alpha Zeta, Chronicler 3, Chancellor 4; Gamma Sigma Delta; Block and Bridle, Pres. 4; Plant Industry Club. Arthur Roth, Jr. minneapolis B. S. Animal Husbandry Alpha Gamma Rho; Alpha Zeta; Block and Bridle Club; Professional Fraternity Council. Cleve M. Sorenson pelican rapids B. S. Dairy Products North Dakota Agricultural College; Farm House Fraternity; Junior Dairy Science Club; Wesley Foundation. Herman K. Schultz ALTURA B. S. Agronomy and Plant Genetics Farm House Fraternity; Phalanx; Plant Indus- try Club, President 4. Ruth Scofield minneapolis B. S. Home Economics University of Arizona; Alpha Omicron Pi IWAl Emerson W. Storey BENSON B. S. Agricultural Economics Block and Bridle; Junior Dairy Science Club. Margaret Stromouist minneapolis fi- 5. Dietetics Home Economics Association; Y. W. C. A. Jeanne Tellier farmington B. S. Dietetics Phi Upsilon Omicron. Pres.; Mortar Board, Vice Pres.; Home Economics Association: Y. W. C. A., Pres. 3; Agricultural Students Council. Sec; Farm Campus Mother ' s Day, Chairman; Caleb Doerr Scholarship: Faculty Women ' s Scholarship. Marcia Vig Mcintosh B. S. Home Economics Concordia College; Home Economics Associa- tion; Y. W. C. A. Miriam West ST. PAUL B. S. Home Economics Kappa Delta; Home Economics .-Association; " i " . W. C. A., Junior Cabinet; Pinafore, Treas- urer 2; W. S. G. A. Dorothy Wood wehb city, missouri B. S. Home Economics Kansas State Teachers College; Home Eco- nomics As.sociation. AG., FOR., and HOME EC. " During the past year the faculty of the School of Business Admin- istration has devoted a very considerable part of its time in service to the state. The School has long recognized its responsibility to the commonwealth in the character of its research and in the distribution of information on economic matters. The long continued, intense de- pression has increased the significance of this type of service. In per- forming these services the School has also improved the character of its professional instruction. " R. A. Stevenson, Dean Dea.m R. a. Stevenson SCHOOL OF BUSINESS Wr T. ' .t ! ' i " - - i T; Wrtc ■ :»■ i Mam ' " jBiiftr 1 ' " ' -- : -j r " " •- k:w ■ - .«r ' ' - ' V, HP ' K Mi ' JM . 1 Ari J H Top Row Harrv M. Aberg ST. PAUL B. B. A. Delta Sigma Pii Silver Spur; Gopher, Sales Director 2, Publicity Director 3; Daily, Adver- tising Manager 3; Masquers 1, 2, 3, 4; |unior Ball, Ticket Chairman 3; Business School. Dance 3, Banquet 3, Field Day 3. Albert L. Anderson- Minneapolis B. B. A. Production Management American Management Association. Robert E. Anderson RED WING B. B. A. Sigma Chi; Alpha Phi Chi, President 2, David H. Baudette minneapolis B. B. A. Advertising Minneapolis Commons Club. Mildred Belsheim albert lea B. B. A. Finance Kappa Kappa Lambda, President 4; Business Women ' s Club. WooDRow W. Beske MINNESOTA LAKE B. B. A. General Business Roland F. Bina brocket, north dakota B. B. A. Foreign Trade lamestown College; Delta Sigma Pi; Sigma Tau; Newman Club; Band 3, 4; Track 1. Robert Blackmar minneapolis B. B. A. Finance Beta Theta Pi: Inter-Fraternity Council 3. 4; Deans .Advisory Board, Chairman 4; Y. M. C. A. Council 4; Ski-U-Mah, Promotion Man- ager 1, 2; Hockey, Manager 1. Howard S. Bratter ST. PAUL General Business B. B. A. Middle Rolf Eileen Burns minneapolis B. B. A. Secretarial Business Women ' s Club; Swimming; Tennis; Golf. Harold Charnholm bottineau, north dakota B. B. A. Accounting North Dakota School of Forestry; Lambda Chi Alpha; Delta Psi Omega. John K. Comer ST. PAUL B. B. A. Foreign Trade Delta Sigma Pi; Scabbard and Blade 3, 4; Cadet Officers Club 2, 3; Reserve Officers Club 4; General Arrangements Junior Ball 3; Board of Associated Business Students, President 4; Board of Publications 2; Commerce Ball Gen- eral Arrangements 2, 4; Debate 3; Military Ball General Arrangements 2, 3; AIl-Uni ersity Council 4; Swimming 1. Margaret Cummings ST. PAUL B. B. A. Merchandising .Alpha Chi Omega; Business Women ' s Club Business Women ' s Club Board 3, 4, Pres. 4 Interprofessional Board 3, 4, President 4 Y. w! C. A. Cabinet 2; Big Sister 2, 3, 4; W. S. G. A. Board 4. Robert Andrew Dahlquist DULUTH B. B. A. Business Administration Duluth Junior College; Hockey 3, 4. Margaret E. D.vvis .minneapolis B. B. A. Merchandising Alpha Omicron Pi; Business Women ' s Club; Y. W. C. A. 2, 3, 4; W. A. A. 1, 2; Big Sister 2, 3, 4. David H. Donovan minneapolis B. B. A. Advertising Delta Upsilon; Sigma Delta Chi; Beta Gamma Sigma; Grey Friar; Copper Key; Senior Ad- visory Board; Homecoming 2, 3; Freshman Week 3; Gopher, Editor 4; Daily, Copy Desk 1, Assistant Etiitorial Chairman 2; Ski-U-Mah, Managing Editor 3; Business Review 3; Inter- fraternity Council 2. Karen Louise De Groodt ST. PAUL B. B. A. Department Store Training Gamma Phi Beta; Business Women ' s C;lub, Roy Walter Delin minneapolis B. B. A. Sigma Nu; Interfralcrnily Council. Melvin a. Elder minneapolis B. B. A. Merchandising Minnesota Commons Club; University Y ' . M. C. A.; Band. Ford Ferguson philip, souih dakota B. B. A. Accounting South Dakota State College; Delta Sigma Pi. Nathan Fligstein ST. PAUL B. B. A. Accounting Carl E. Forsyth HOUSTON B. B. A. General Business Kenneth Glendenning arlington, south dakota B. B. A. Business Administration Crincll College. Reynolds Galbraith excelsior JB. B. A. General Delta Sigma Pi; Grey Friar; Y. M. C. A.; Dc Molay; Board of Publications, Treasurer; Board of Associated Business Students: Masqu- ers; Singers; Business School Book Exchange 2, 3, Manager 4. B. B. A. B.S. Richard C. Grewe ST. PAUL General Business Beta Theta Pi. Elaine Godward minneapolis Secretarial Kappa ' Alpha Theta. Stanley J. Gustafson MINNEAPOLIS B. B. A. Beta Gamma Merchandising Sigma: Minnesota Commons Club: T ' ennis. BUSINESS BUSINESS Top Ron ' Gfrtrl ' de Marie Holstad minneapolis B. B. A. Business Administration Phi Mu; Business Women ' s Club. Middle Roic Helen L. King ST. PAUL B. B. A. Secretarial Hcta Gamma Sigma. Bottom Rotv NORXHN- LiNDSTROM ROCHESTER B. B. A. Traffic Rochester Junior College; Hcta Gamma Sigma. Marjory Hollister PRF.SCOn . WISCONSIN B. B. A. General Business Admin. Carroll College; Delta Zeta. LORETTA KOELFGEN ST. LOUIS PARK B. B. A. Finance Kappa Delta; Business Women ' s Club 3, 4; Y. W. C. A.; Business Women ' s Club Board 4; Cap and Gown, Vice President; Campus Sister 2, 3. Emnl Lynch minneapolis B. B. A. Accounting Zeta Tau . Ipha; Busiress Women ' s Club; University Chorus 4. Donald M. Holversov MlNNE. l OLIS B. B. A. General Acacia. Thor Hval DULUI H B. B. A. General Business Stanley L. Instennes bird island B. B. A. Traffic Elizabeth S. Johnson blshfokd B. B. A. Secretarial Sigma Kappa; Business Women ' s Club; Y. W. C. A.; Phi Chi Delta. Helen Kanne minneai ' olis B. B. A. Secretarial Adell B. Kennedy minneapolis B. B. A. Secretarial . W. C. A.; Lutheran Students Council. Graydon J. Kilborn MINNEAPOLIS B. B. A. Business Administration Roy C. Kohler BUFFALO B. B. A. Advertising Chi Phi; Senior Advisory Board 3; Gopher, Editorial Assistant 4. B. B. A. Edward V. Lahr ST. PAUL Business Administration Superior Teachers College; University of North Dakota; Beta Thcta Pi. John P. Laine ORR B. B, A. Advertising Virginia Junior College; Masquers; Track. Robert Lambert ST. PETER B. B. A. Business Administration Gustavus Adolphus; Newman Club. Ralph H, Larson minneapolis B. B. A. Foreign Trade .Minnesota Commons Club. Everett Leifson GLENCOE B, B. A. Accounting Saint Olaf College; Beta Alpha Psi. Frank Leistiko ST. PAUL B.A. General Carlcton; Alpha Delta Phi; " M " Club; Track; Intcrfraterniry Council; Senior .Advisory Board. Alpha Kappa Psi; Pnyx; Alpha Tau Sigma; Lead Hammer; Techno-Log, Assistant Business Manager 2, 3. Allan A. Marsh, Jr. OMAHA, NEBRASKA B. B, A. Finance Sigma .Mpha F.psilon. Justus Matthews WINDOM B. B. A. Foreign Trade A. Wilbur McConnell MINNEAPOLIS B. B. A. Personnel Madeline Mancelkoch minneapolis B. B. A. Business Administration Gordon F. Mick minneapolis B. B. A. Foreign Trade Minnesota Commons Club. Lyman A. Molander BEMIDJI B. B. A. General Alpha Delta Phi; Scabbard and Blade; Silver Spur; Grey Friar; Pershing Rifles; Runners Club; Cadet Officers Club; Junior Ball, General Arrangements Chairman 3; Freshman Week 2. 3; Homecoming 3; Freshman .Advisor 4; Gopher 1, 2, 3, Business Manager 4; Inter- fraternity Council. President 3. B. B. A. Sara Moore Department Store ' -Mil will !!■ Top Row Thomas E. Mowery ST. PAUL B. B. A. General Business Carlclon College: Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Alice L. Nienaber minneapolis B. B. A. Secretarial Alpha Oniicron Pi; Business Women ' s Club: W. S. G. A.; Y. W. C. A.; Penny Carnival 2: Ski-U-Mah, Sales Campaign 3; Daily, Secre- tary 4. Edmund A. Nightingale ST. PAUL B. B. A. Accounting Beta (iamma Sigma. GUDRUN NyKAAS -VIINNEAPOLIS B. B. A. Secretarial Business Women ' s Club; . W. C. A. Elaine Ouimette minneapolis B. B. A. Secretarial Business Women ' s Club. Arthur Orentile CHISHOLM B. B. A. Finance nibbing Junior College. Kate Pearce ST. PAUL B. B. A. Advertising . lpha Chi Omega. Robert L. Peaslee SllLI.WAlER B. B. A. Business Administra:iun tigma Alpha Epsilon; Pi Epsilon Pi; Gopher Club; Homecoming 4; Laily 2; Masquers; Gar- lick; Cheerleader 2, i; Rooter King 4. Arne S. Peterson ST. PALL B. B. A. Business Administration Delta Sigma Pi; Beta Gamma Sigma. Miildlc Row La Vern K. Peterson minneapolis B. B. A. Accounting Alpha Kappa Psi; Phalanx; Catiet Officers Club. Clarence J. Pfeifer MINNEAPOLIS B. B. A. Accounting .Mpha Tau Omega; Scabbard and Blade. Paul T. Poutinen chishol.m B. B. A. Advertising Hibbing Junior College. Melissa Roberts hot springs, south dakota B.B. A. Secretarial Zeta Tau Alpha; Business Women ' s Club. Marlys Robertson .minneapolis B. B. A. Foreign Trade Pi Beta Phi; Y. W. C. A.; Bib and Tucker, . ecretary-Trcasurcr. John H. Rockwell KIDDER, SOUTH DAKOTA B. B. A. Finance Dakota Weslcyan University. Walter H. Ross webster city, iowa B. B. A. General Business Grinnell College. B. B. A. Jeanne Roth ST. PAUL Chi Omega. General Carl E. Sandeen hudson, wisconsin B. B. A. Accounting Delta Sigma Pi; Finance Committee 3. Bottoni Roiv Beatrice Scowe HAWLEY B. B. A. Foreign Trade Alpha Telta Pi: Business Women ' s Club 1, 2, 4; Homecoming 3, 4: Big Sister 2, 3; Y. W. C. A.; Junior Ball 3. Richard S. Skinner minneapolis B. B. A. Merchandising Theta Delta Chi; Iron Wedge; Y. M. C. A., Treasurer I, President 4; Swimming 1. Frederick G. Smidell CHASKA B. B. A. Personnel Phi Tau Thcta; Wesley Foundation 2, 3, 4. Eloise L. Smith .minneapolis B. B. A. Secretarial Alpha Omicron Pi; Business Women ' s Club; . W. C. A.; W. S. G. A.; Big Sister 2. 3. Ruth C. Stalland ST. PAUL B. B. A. Department Store Sequence Business Women ' s Club; Y. W. C. A.; Uni- versity Singers. Merton p. Stoltz glidden, wisconsin B. B. A. Foreign Trade Beta Gamma Sigma. Martin E. Strand new richmond, wisconsin B. B. A. General Chi Phi; Singers. Charles J. Wells SHERRILL, NEW YORK B. B. A. Accounting University of Pennsylvania; Theta Delta Chi; Senior Advisory Board 4; Gopher, Office Man- ager 3, .Assistant Business .Manager 4. William E. Westerdahl .minneapolis B. B. A. Business Administration Alpha Kappa Psi; Phalanx; .American .Manage- ment Association. BUSINESS BUSINESS Harlan M. Whitman MANKATO B. B. A. Industrial Administration American Management Association. B. B. A. Owen E. Wynne WINDOM Business Administration Delta L ' psilon; Beta Gamma Sigma; Board of Business Students; Gopher 2; Business School President 4; Senior Commission, Treas. Charles Truman Yoder elkhart, indiana B. B. A. Business Administration North Central College; Alpha Kappa Psi; Pnyx; Pi Chi Phi. t- ; j : He " Since 1926 the School of Chemistry has revised its undergraduate course for chemists and has extensively reorganized work in all of its six divisions, one of which was eliminated. Enrollment increased from 202 in 1926 to 423 in 1931. In the fall of 1933, it has decreased to 333, due partly to financial causes but more largely to increase of entrance requirements. Enrollment of graduate students increased from 46 in 1925 to 93 in 1932 and is 83 in 193 3. " S. C. LiND, Director DlKF.CTOR S. C. I.IND SCHOOL OF CHEMISTRY 7(jp Koif John Allen Anthes minneapolis B. Ch. E. Chemistry Alpha Chi Sigma; Tau Beta Pi: Phi Lambda Upsilon; Scabbard and Blade; Mortar and Ball; Cadet Officers Club. Middle Row Kevin J. FoRDtRBRU ;EN SI . PAUL B. Ch. Organic Alpha Chi Sigma; Phalanx; Cadet Officers Club; All-University Council; Varsity Rifle Squad. Paul Liechty minneapolis B. Ch. E. Chemical Engineering Sigma Nu; Scabbard and Blade; Mortar and Ball; Cadet Officers Club; Cadet Officers Ball, Chairman of Chapcroncs and Patrons 4. B. Ch. C. Manly Berry HECTOR Chemistry Clifford A. Hampel MINNEAPOLIS B. Ch. E. Chemical Engineering Alpha Chi Sigma. Harold V. Lindstrom MINNEAPOLIS B. Ch. Chemistry Roger G. Bossen minneapolis B. Ch. E. chemical Engineering Iheta ' lay; 1 au Beta pi; Phi Lambda Upsilon; Phoenix; Iron Wedge; Tcchno-Log Board; Senior president. Chemistry School. Walter Hotvet minneapolis B. Ch. E. Chemical Engineering Richard Nicholsen AUSTIN B. Ch. E. Chemical Engineering .Mpha Chi Sigma. Robert E. Conary minneapolis B. Ch. E. Chemical Engineering .Mpha Chi Sigma; Tau Beta Pi; Phi Lambda Upsilon; Grey Friar; Plumb bob; Scabbard and Blade; Mortar and Ball; Cadet Officers Club; Sophomore Commission 2; Technical Commis- sion 4; Cadet Captain 4; Chemical Show 2; Union Board of Governors 3, 4. Donald A. Justus SIOUX falls, south DAKOTA B. Ch. E. Chemistry Phi Kappa Sigma; Tau Beta Pi. Francis L. Remus minneapolis B. Ch. Organic Phi Sigma Kappa; Phalanx. P. Milton Ruoff .MINNEAPOLIS B. Ch. Organic Phi Tau Tbeta; Phalanx; Phi Lambda Upsilon. Alice Betty Croze minneapolis B. Ch. Chemistry Pi Delta Nu. Harry C. Kaess WHEATON B. Ch. Chemistry Macalcstcr College; A. I. C. E., Vice Pres. 3; Ncwmaii Club; University Band 2, 3, 4; Chemistry Show, General .Arrangements Com- mittee 2. Leonard Rush minneapolis B. Ch. Organic Phi Lambda Upsilon; " M " Club; Swimming }. 3, 4. Newton Farel williams B. Ch. E. Chemical Engineering Triangle. Harold J. Kreher .MINNEAPOLIS B. Ch. E. Chemical Engineering Carl Donald Yaeger ST. PAUL B. Ch. Chemistry De Molay Club. CHEMISTRY k " The new dental building with its mod- ern equipment and facilities has given the Faculty a new incentive to make progress in both teaching and research. The most universal disease of mankind, dental ca- ries, and all its far reaching consequences, as well as proper mouth hygiene and pre- ventive methods, are being studied more intensely this year than has been possible previous to this time. " W. F. Lasby, Dean n B ' H - " p i V l._ ,: ' ' k m.1 i.i Miss Ione M. Jackson Dental Hygiene Dean W. F. Lasbv Dentistry I ' c H O O L O F DEN T 1 S TRY -.--.J» ' 1 t , m • s illr ■t %:S I »v I p i 4 WW i S i ' ' ' Top Row Leonard Abramsov DULUTH D. D. S. Dentistry Middle Rom Everett W. Disney zumbra falls D. D. S. Dentistry Rochester Junior College; Psi Omega. Bottom Row Herman G. Janssen minneapolis D. D. S. Dentistry Xi Psi Phi; All-U-Council. Arnold O. Amley new richland D. D. S. Dentistry Waldorf Junior College. Eleanor B. Andersen minneapolis G. D. H. Dental Hygiene .Mpha Kappa Gamma. Margaret Andersen minneapolis G. D. H. Dental Hygiene Delia Zcta; W. S. G. A.; W. A. A. F. L. Blunt ALBERT LEA D. D. S. Dentistry Carleton College; Xi Psi Phi. Harry Brudary minneapolis D. D. S. Dentistry Alpha Omega. Lucia Clos minneapolis G. D. H. Dental Hygiene Alpha Kappa Gamma. Florence Coones minneapolis G. D. H. Dental Hygiene Pi Beta Phi; Homecoming 2; Campus Sister 1. Robert C. Derrick minneapolis D. D. S. Dentistry Elbert L. Fenske ST. PAUL D. D. S. Dentistry Kappa Sigma; Xi Psi Phi. Esther Ann Haar caledonia G. D. H. Dental Hygiene Warren J. Hanson WARREN D. D. S. Dentistry St. Olaf College; Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Robert W. Hart long prairie D. D. S. Dentistry Delta Sigma Delta. Mortimer L. Harrington minneapolis D. D. S. Dentistry St. Thomas College. Jerome J. Hiniker MINNEAPOLIS D. D. S. Dentistry Delta Sigma Delta; Pnyx; Class President 3, 4. John Thomas Hopkins ST. PAUL Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Hockey 1; Freshman Week Committee 1. D. D. S. D. D. S. William Jacobs rockfori) Dentistry Dentistry Elmer M. Johnson detroit lakes D. D. S. Dentistry Nebraska University; Xi Psi Phi. Frances M. Keegan minneapolis G. D. H. Dental Hygiene Alpha Kappa Gamma; Newman Club; Y. W. C. A.; W. S. G. A. Irving Calbert Kolevzon jersey city, new jersey D. D. S. Dentistry New York University; Kappa Phi Sigm.a; Alpha Omega. Elsa M. Lahti ELY G. D. H. Dental Hygiene Walter Stanley Langston havre, montana D. D. S. Dentistry Northern Montana College; Psi Omega. Milton G. Larson norway, michigan D. D. S. Dentistry North Park College; Delta Sigma Delta; Scab- bard and Blade; Interprofessional Council 2, 3. Joel Margaretten los angeles, california D. D. S. Dentistry University of Pennsylvania. Doris E. Messeas minneapolis G. D. H. Dental Hygiene Chi Omega. DENTISTRY DENTISTRY Top Row Marion Mintz ST. PALL G. D. H. Dental Hygiene Delta Phi Epsilon; V. W. C. A.; Mcnorah. Middtr Row Ray B. Perschbacher kewa klm, wisconsin D. D. S. Dentistry University of Wisconsin; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Silver Spur. Boliom Row Eldon J. Sprincmeyer CANTON D. D. S. Dentistry .Macalc-slcr College; University of Arizona. Robert I. Monick ST. PAUL D. D. S. Dentistry Delta Sigma Delta; Class President 3. George C. Porteous carlyle, saskatchewan, canada D. D. S. Dentistry University of Manitoba; Delta Sigma Delta; Iron Wedge; Union Board of Governors; All- University Council. D. D. S. Robert L. Stultz minneapolis Thcta Delta Chi. Dentistry Harvey M. Monson D. D. S. Dentistry Moorhcad State Teachers College; Xi Psi Phi. Wilbur E. Oleson ST. PAUL D. D. S. Dentistry Lawrence C. Radford minneapolis D. D. S. Dentistry Sigma Alpha Epsilon: Psi Omega: Cadet Offi- cers; Interfraternity Council; Freshman Week. Ruth Rauch minneapolis C. D. H. Dental Hygiene Walter J. Reuter GREEN-ISLE D. D. S. Dentistry Gladys Tenvold minneapolis G. D. H. Dental Hygiene Justin S. Thaddaeus calicut, india D. D. S. Dentistry University of Madras; Y. M. C. A. College, Chicago. Arthur T. Watson royal oak, michigan D. D. S. Dentistry University of Detroit. DOROIHY OsSENBERG DAY ION, OHIO G. D. H. Dental Hygiene .Mpha Kappa Gamma. Louis J. Ryan MONOMA, IOWA D. D. S. Dentistry Columbia College; Xi Psi Phi. George Webber PROCTOR D. D. S. Dentistry Duluth lunior College; Delta Tau Delta. John M. Paulsen minneapolis D. D. S. Dentistry MlHLO ScHAEFER GLENCOE D. D. S. Dentistry Delta Sigma Delta; R. O. T. C. Dental Corps. Dr. R. Wright brisbane, australia D. D. S. Dentistry University of Queensland. %!-- ' " A young man or woman who has a strong interest in teaching and who is wilhng to secure the best preparation for the work should not allow himself to be frightened by the present extent of unemployment in this as in other occupations. He should not let anyone preach to him a doctrine of despair. Contemporary orators are fond of pointing out that we are living in a period of great social change, but you can be sure that the world has not changed so much, nor is it likely to change so much that there will cease to be a strong demand for really competent teachers. " Harold Benjamin, Assistant Dean Dean M. E. Haccerty COLLEGE OF EDUCATION If f-l iE- I w jIL L ftT ' K Florence Marie Allex ST. PALL B. S. Social Studies Alpha Chi Omega: W. A. A, Board; Daily; Miss Ski-U-Mah, 1933-34. Alice Ames minneapolis B. S. Ptihlic Health Nursing Alpha Tau Helta; W. S. G. A. Secretary 3. Alphilda Anderson KRAHAM B. S. History Gustavus . dolphus College; Pi Latnbda Theta. Carl W. Anderson minneapolis B. S. Social Science Phi Delta Kappa; Alpha Sigma Phi; Y. M. C. A.; University Singers. Harriet M. Anderson grand forks. north dakota B. S. English University of North Dakota. Marv Appelget CALUMET B. S. English Itasca Junior College; Kappa Kappa Gamma. Malrine Aultfather AUSTIN B. S. History Sigma Kappa; Zeta Alpha Psi; Zeta Phi Eta; Kappa Phi; Wesley Players; Masquers. Margaret Baird stewartville B. S. English Alpha Omicron Pi; Daily 3, 4; Masquers 3, 4; Singers 1. 2. 3. 4: Basketball 2, 3; W. A. A. 1; Y. W. C. A. 1, 2. Beth Barnes minneapolis B. S. Art Washington State College; Kappa ,Mpha Theta; Mentor 4. Je. nette B.irquist .viinneapolis B. S. Speech Delta Zeta; Eta Sigma L ' psilon; Pan Hellenic Council; W. S. G. . Board: Intcrclass Coun- cil; .Ml-Univer.sity Council: Freshman Week, Executive Committee; Masquers Virginia Olive Bass minneapolis B. S. Art Education Delta Phi Delia; Women ' s Aquatic League; Singers. C. therine H. Bauman minneapolis B.S. Chi Omega. Child Welfare Bernice I. Beaudet COLERAINE B. S. English Itasca Junior College; Newman Club. ■ Mildred Rhoda Bennett minneapolis B. S. Library Science Augustana College; Eta Sigma Upsilon; FolwcU Library Club 3, 4; Mentor, Business Manager 4; Singers 2, 3, 4. Margaret E. Benson minneapolis B. S.-G. N. Nursing Education Alpha Tau Delta; Y. W. C. A. 1, 2; Lutheran Students Association 1: .Ml-U-Council; Nurses ' Self-Government .Association. Virginia Biddinger BILLINGS, MONTANA B. S. Com mercial Education Pi Lambda Theta; University Business Women ' s Club. Sara Sharon Biner DULUTH B. S. Music Duluth Junior College; Singers. Marjorie Ann Bodine livingston, montana B. S. Spanish University of Montana; Delta Gamma. B.S. Botloiii Roiu Fred R. Boelter .minneapolis Natural Sciences Phalanx. Dorothy Bonhus minneapolis B. S. Mathematics Zeta Tau . lpha; Eta Sigma Upsilon. Gloria Boock faribault B. S. Speech Pi Beta Phi; Zeta Phi Eta; Eta Sigma Upsilon; W. S. G. . . Board; Mentor; Women ' s Varsity Debate 3, 4; Masquers; Pinafore, Vice Presi- dent; Cap and Gown, President. Connie Bovim glen lake B. S. Physical Education Eta Sigma Upsilon; W. A. A.; Aquatics Club; Orchesis Club; W. A. A. Board. Alice Bricgs CANBY B. S. Home Economics Phi Upsilon Omicron, Vice Pres. 4; Eta Sigma F.psilon; Farm Y. W. C. A., Vice Pres. 4. Florence J. Budge MINNEAPOLIS B. S. An Phi Mu; Delta Phi Delta; Y. W. C. A.; Big Sister. B.S. B.S. Marjorie C. Burke minneapolis College of St. Catherine. English Mertrice Burkee ROSEAU , Commercial Hamlinc University. Norbert a. Busch detroit lakes B. S. Commerce .Minot State Teachers College; Newman Club. EDUCATION EDUCATION rop Roil- Martha S. Canelake HIBBING B. S. History nibbing Junior College; Greek Club, Secre- tary-Treasurer 4. Evelyn M. Carroll ST. PAUL B.S. Linnaean Society. Zoology Senofa Charlson cannon falls B. S. French Eta Sigma L ' psilon; University Singers; Y. W. C. A. Edith M. Cheney greenville, iowa B. S. Public School Music y. W, C, A.; University Symphony 1, 2, 3 Harry E. Cleveland madison, wisconsin B. S, Education Dorothy H, Curran HIBBING B. S. History Hibbiiig Junior College; Beta Phi .Mpha, Alice L. Dahl coi.eraine B. S. Commercial Itasca Junior College; Eta Sigma Upsilon, Pres.; Kappa Kappa Lambda; University Busi- ness Women ' s Club, Treas. 4, Minnie De Beer corsica, south dakota B. S. English Yankton College; Phi Chi Delta; University Singers. Bernice Demeules minneapolis B. S. History B.S. Middle Row Mervin C, Dillner DULUTH Physical Education Sigma Delta Psi. Eileen Donohue ST. PAUL B. S. Child Welfare Alpha Gamma Delta; W. S. G. A. Senior Atlvisory Board; Gopher 2; Ski-U-.Mah 1, 2, 3. Helen Donnellan minneapolis B. S. Child Welfare College of St. Catherine; .Alpha Gamma Delta. Kathryn Dooley dflavan, wisconsin B. S. Child Welfare College of St. Teresa. Ruth-Alice Dunlevy MlNNE. POLlS B. S. Art St. Cloud Teachers College; Kappa Phi; Wesley Players. B.S. Muriel Efnor .minneapolis Child Welfare Florence M. Elliott st. louis, missouri B. S. History Drury College; Delta Delta Delta. Lucille Empson webster, south dakota B. S. History Northern Stale Teachers College. George B. Engberg cambridge B. S. History Alpha Sigma Pi; Scabbard and Blade; Phi Delta Kappa; League of Evangelical Students; Board of Publications. Bottom Rott Eva Erickson-MacIvor ST. PAUL B.S. Commercial Education Emmanuel Missionary College. Helen Filbert minneapolis B. S. Physical Education W. A. A.; Physical Education Association. Lucille Fisher minneapolis B. S. Art Delta Phi Delta; Y. W. C. A.; W. S. G. A. Cle.mens W. Fredeen cambridge B. S. History Phi Delta Kappa; Alpha Sigma Pi; Dcr Deutsche Vercin; League of Evangelical Stu- dents; Swedish Club, William Allen Freeburg minneapolis B. S. Commercial B.S. Vera A, Fussell FORT SNELLING History Elizabeth Goetz ST. PAUL B. S. Home Economics Alpha Gamma Delta; Omicron Nu; Home Economics Association; Y. W. C. A.; W. S. G. A., Council 2, 3. Teresa Gornick TOWER B. S. Nursing Education College of Saint Scholastica. Gordan W. Granberg minneapolis B. S. Art Education Pershing Rifles; Managers Club; Y. M. C. A.; " M " Club; Ski-U-Mah I; Gopher 1; Mentor 2, 3, Managing Eilitor 4. Fop Rotv Middle Row Bottom Roll Gretchen G. Grimm Louise H. tfield Mary Marguerite Hughes RIVER FALLS, WISCONSIN ST. PAUL HIBBING B. S. Art B.S. English B.S. Zoology River Falls State Teachers College; Univer- Alpha Chi Omega; Zcta Phi Eta; Kappa Rho: Hibbing Junior College. sity Singers; University Symphony; Men. or. Masquers V. W. University Singers, Secretary 3, 4; C. A.; W. S. G. A.; Big Sister. Katherine M. Grottum Marcele R. Hullstrom MINNEAPOLIS MARIETTA B. S. Art Gretchen Headlf.y B.S. Public Health Lelta Phi Delta. B.S. BRF.CKENRIDGE Mtisic University Singers. Alpha Tau Delta. Lois Groves MINNEAFOLIS Margaret Huntington B. S. Music Carlelon College; Lelta Gamma, MINNEAPOLIS Stanley Helleloid HALSTAD B.S. Social Studies B.S. 5oir ' Science Alpha Phi. Harold R. Haiden Fhi Delta Kappa. LA CROSSE, WISCONSIN Helen L Huseby B. S. Physical Education Coral G. Hemmingson B.S. CROOKSTON French Delta Tau Delta; " M " Club: Mentor. Feature HALLOCK Editor; Board of Publications; Football 2, 3, 4. Alpha Omicron Pi; Eta Sigma Upsilon; Ger- B.S. Physical Education man Club 2, 3, 4; Freshman Week 2; Men- Kappa Rho; Zcta Phi Eta; Sanford Hall. tor 4; Singers 1. 2. Lyla L. Hallgrain Treas. 2 Vice Pres. 3, Pres. 4; W. A. A. MINNEAPOLIS Board 3 4; Physical Education .Association B. S. Physical Education Board, ice Pres.; Freshman Week. Bernice Marion Johnson MINNEAPOLIS Havketball; baseball; Swimming; Tennis. Arnold Hermanson B.S. Social Studies Harlan Hallman MINNEAPOLIS MINNEAPOLIS B.S. Natural Science Genevieve Johnson B. S. History Alpha Sigma Pi; Board ()f Publication. B.S. RADCLIFFE, IOWA History Hans Frederic Hansen Ina Hietala V. w C. .: Cosmopolitan Club; Frerch BROWNS VALLEY Club; University Singers. B. S. English B.S. IRGINIA Public School Mtistc ir) ' inia Junior College; Sigma Alpha Iota. Genevieve M. Johnson Walter Hargesheimer MINNEAPOLIS RCCHF.SIER B.S. Natural Sciences B. S. Physical Education Jacqueline Holleran MINNEAPOLIS W. A. A.; V. W. C. A. Phi Telta Theta; Phi Epsilon Kappa; Alpha Phi Chi; Alpha Sigma Pi; ■.M " Club; Senior B.S. Child Welfare Advisory Committee; Freshman Week 3. 4; Laura E. Johnson Daily 1; All-Senior President; S ' enior Com- ST. JAMES misfiun; President of College of Education; Dorothy Hopkins B.S. Commercial All-Uni ersity Council; College of Education Student Council; Football 3, 4; Basketball 1; Baseball 1; Track 3. B.S. EXCEL. ' -TOR English GuDtavus Adolphus College; Kappa Kappa Lambda; Business Women ' s Club; University Chi Omega; Singers, Secretary 3. singers. Beatrice Haseltine AUS1 IN Janet M. Houg Catherine Janes LUVERNE ST. PAUL B. $. Romance Langtiages B.S. Commercial B.S. English University of California. Delu Zeu. St, Cloud Teachers College. EDUCATION EDUCATION B.S. Top Row Ruth D. Jones minneapolis Jamestown College. Latin Helen Jorgenson minneapolis B. S. Public Health Nursing Alpha Tau Delta. Middle Rom M. Doris Larson ANOKA B. S. Public Health Nursing Alpha Tau Delta. Anne Elvira Laukala HIBBiNG B. S. Natural Sciences Bottom Ron Eleanor Marshall highmore, south dakota B. S. Physical Education South Dakota State College; Alpha Omicron Pi; W. A. A. Lillian G. Martin minneapolis B.S. Commercial Education Business Women ' s Club. B.S. Marjorie King coleraine Child Welfare Itasca junior College; Hibbing |unior Col- lege; Singers. Gertrude L La Valley minneapolis B. S. Elementary Education Kappa Phi. Ellen E. Marttila TOWER B. S. Kindergarten and Nursery School Virginia Junior College; Phi Epsilon Phi. Margaret Kulander minneapolis B. S. Physical Education Alpha Delta Pi; W. A. A. Board; Physical Education Association; .Aquatic League. Mary R. Leighton minneapolis B. S. English Chi Omega; Thalian Literary Society; Mentor. Martha A. Marttila lOWER B. S. Nursery School Virginia Junior College. Helen Kunsinen HlBBlNG B.S. History Hibbing Junior College; German Club; Social Science Club. Edith J. Lake ST. PAUL B. S. Public Health Nursing Y. W. C. A.; N. S. G. A. Mary Louise Leonhart ST. PAUL B. S. English Catherine Lieb earibault B. S. Physical Education W. A. A. Board 2; P. E. A.; Singers; ■■Vaga- bond King, " " Babes in Toyland, " " Madame Biitterfiy " " Desert Song. " Janet McGaffey ANOKA B. S. English Alpha Xi Delta; Eta Sigma Upsilon; Pi Lambda Theta; Homceoming 2; Gopher ' 2; Campus Sister 2, 3, 4. Mary McGurren devils lake, north dakota B. S. Speech Y. W. C. A.; W. A. A.; University Singers. Howard G. Landes ST. PAUL B. S. Economics Carleton. Beatrice L Lofgren HOPKINS B.S. Nursing Education Merrill A. McInerny .MINNEAPOLIS B. S. Physical Education Augsburg College. Ruth Landmann scotland, south dakota B. S. Art .Milwaukee-Downer; Kappa Alpha Theta. Lubell MacMaster williston, north dakota B. S. English University of North Dakota; Chi Omega. Irene Miskowitz minneapolis B.S. Child Welfare Dorothy Pauline Larson ST. PAUL B. S. History .Alpha Chi Omega; Interprofessional Board. Marcella Mann ihief river k.alls B. S. Elementary Education University of North Dakota; Newman Club. B.S. Virginia Moats minneapolis Nursery School Sigma Kappa; Newman Club; Y. W. C. A, B.S. Top Roti Charlotte L. Molstad minneapolis Nursing Education Alpha Tau Delta. Middle Row Gladys Quist MINNEAPOLIS B. S, Social Studies B.S. Valerie Janet Siegel ST. PAUL French Club. French Marie Mueller minneapolis B. S. German German Club; University Walthcr League. MoNA Redmond LANESBORO B. S. Mathematics Winona State Teachers College; Pi Lambda Theta. B.S. Edward R. Si tzer ST. PAUL Industrial Education Betty Ellin Newburg la crosse. wisconsin B. S. English Mount Mary College; Newman Club. Verona Reiter PINE ISLAND B. S. German Vivian A. Smeby NORTHPIELD B. 5. Art Delta Phi Delta; Mentor, Art Editor 3. Louise I. Minkel MAPLETON B, 5. History Walther League; Y. W. C. A.; International Relations Club; Mentor. Rivia Rosenberg minneapolis B. S. Art Delta Phi Delta; Mcnorah Society; Pro-Halutz; Twin Sister; Mentor. LORAINE L. SOGGE WINDOM B. S. Child Welfare Delta Zeta; Big Sister 4; Masquers. MoNA O ' Neill COMFREY B. S. Nursing Education Alpha Tau Delta. Ellen Pakola virginia B. S. History irginia Junior College; Evangelical Students League; Mentor. J. Adele Rosenblum ST. PAUL B. 5. Music Chamber Music Society; Masquers; Singers, Eleanore a. Sandahl moose lake B. S.-G. N. Nursing Education .Alpha Tau Delta. Glenora a. Sommer barnesville B. S. speech North Dakota State College; Gamma Phi Beta; Beta Phi Eta; Zeta Alpha Psi; German Club-, Y. W. C. A.; Big Sister; Mentor 3, 4; University Singers; University Symphony. B.S. Floyd P. Sorenson CLARKS GROVE Sioux Falls College History Carlos T. Parrilla ormoc leyte, philippine islands B. S. Education Philippincsotans. Ervin C. Schneider ALBANY B. S. Social Sciences Phi Delta Rappa: Newman Club. K. therine Soteroplos minneapolis B. S. History Alice E. Peterson grantsburg, wisconsin. K- N. Public Health Nursing Gustavus Adolphus College. Marian Schwartz minneapolis B. S. Art Deha Phi Delta; Mcnorah Society; W. S. G. A.; Y. W. C. A.; Mentor 4. Adele E. Spellisey litchfield B. S. Library Methods Fo;well Club. HiCRLElK J. QUAMME PELICAN RAPIDS B. S. Physical Education Phi Delta Kappa. M.ARIE SeLVIK CROOKSTON B. 5. French Alpha Omicron Fi: German Club; Singers. B.S. Vivian Stebbins MINNEAPOLIS Natural Science Linnaean Club, Secretary and Treasurer 4; W. A. A.; Y. W. C. A. EDUCATION EDUCATION Top Row Donald S. Stephens kansas city. missolri B. S. M ' l ' ie Kansas City Junior College; Phi Mu Alpha; Singers; Band 2; University Symphony 2. 3. Florence Stone minneapolis B. S. Kindergarten Nursery School Macalcster College; Kappa Kappa Lambda. Paul Stone virginia B. S. Sociology Virginia Junior College; Alpha Sigma Pi; Phi Helta Kappa; Education Board of Publi- cations, President 4; Mentor. Editor 3. Ruth Strandness larimore. north dakota B. S. Nursing lamcstown College; Eta Sigma Upsilon; Cos- mopolitan Club. Mary Ann Strathern GILBERT B. S. Public School Music Carleton College; Alpha Phi. Emily Stremel minneapolis B. S. Speech Delta Delta Delta; Zeta Phi Eta; Y. W. C. A. Cabinet 3; W. S. G. A. Senior Advisory Board 3; Twin Sister Chairman 3; Woman ' s Debate Squad 3, 4. David E. Strom ST. PALL B. S. Social Studies Alpha Sigma Pi; Phi Delta Kappa. Millard Sundin PROCTOR Social Studies B.S. Duluth Junior College; Bethel Institute; Phi Delta Kappa; Alpha Sigma Pi; Education Board of Publication, Sec.-Treas.; Mentor 3. Ab.sociate Editor 4; League of Evangelical Students 4. Alice A. Sw.inberg IRONWOOD, MICHIGAN B. S. English Sigma Epsilon Sigma; Kappa Kappa Lambda; Coronto, Pres. 4; Daily. Maxine E. Swenson ATWATER B. S. Zoology Alpha Omicron Pi; Pi Lambda Theta; Eta Sigma Upsilon. Betty Swinburne minneapolis B.S. B.S. Speech Kappa Iota Zeta; Masquers. Dorothy Tenney ' .minneapolis Physical Education ; Physical Education Association. Helen Kay Thees ST. PAUL B. S. Physical Education St. Paul-Luther Junior College; Kappa Kappa Lambda; W. A. A.; Physical Education . sso- ciation; Mentor 4. Carol Thomas minneapolis B.S. Commercial Education University Business Women ' s Club. Helen M. Thompson HENNING B. S. Child Welfare Gamma Phi Beta. Elsie Tingloff CLOQUET B.S. Speech Gustavus Adolphus; Alpha Chi Omega; Var- sity Debate 4. AuNE Marian Toivola HIBBING B.S. B.S. Zoology Hibbtng Junior College. Leona Tomnitz DELANO Home Economics Bottom Roir Christie Tostenson SISSETON, SOUTH DAKOTA B. S. Education Grand Rapids Junior College; Alpha Tau Delta; Hunt Club. Thyrza Tyrrell minneapolis B.S. Zoology Pi Lambda Theta; Sigma Epsilon Sigma; Mentor. Helen Louise Wagner south bend, indiana B. S. Mathematics University of Michigan; Alpha Phi. Lorne Ward minneapolis B. S. Social Studies Scabbard and Blade. Dora Warner minneapolis B. S. Public School Music University Singers. Mildred Lucile Weld minneapolis B. S. Public Health Nursing Ottawa University; N. S. G. A. Marshall Wells minneapolis B. S. Physical Education Alpha Rho Chi; " M " Club; Class President 1; All-University Council; Varsity Football 2, 3, 4. Joseph B. West minneapolis B. S. Natural Sciences Augustana; Tau Kappa Epsilon; .Mpha Psi Omega; Interfraternity Council 4. Olive Whitford chicago, illinois B. S. Child Welfare Hamline University; Masquers. Ada D. WicEN HETTINGER, NORTH DAKOTA B. S. Clinical Psychology B.S. Claire H. Wile SI . PALL Delia Phi Delia; Masquers. Art Lois Will MINNEAPOLIS B. S. Art Education Delia Delta Delta; Y. W. C. A.; Big Sister 1, 2, 3; Freshman Week 2, 3; Homecoming 1, 2, 3; Y. W. C. A. Cabinet 1, 2. Ellen E. Wilson excelsior B. S. Zoology Y. W. C. A.; Unisersity Symphony 4. B.S. Florence Wiiret cloquet Art B.S. Carl S. Youngquist ST. PALL Physics Phi Delta Kappa. EDUCATION " Higher standards in the selection of students for admission have been estab- lished for the purpose of increasing the efficiency of instruction, reducing the number of students having scholastic diffi- culties due to insufficient preparation, and effecting economies through a decrease in enrollment in the first two years of the course. " O. M. Leland, Dean Prof. Frederick M. Mann Architecture Dean O. M. Leland Engineering ENGINEERING AND ARCHITECTURE p!f ? v! 1|| | Wi T i i Pik H B P 4::Sm}d k! 11 ii 8 li JSjt i X ' ' n m Top Row LoREN B. Abbett MINNEAPOLIS Architecture B. Arch. Duluth Junior College; Alpha Rho Technical Commission 4; Architectural cty. President 4. Chi; Soci- B. C. E. Marx A. Anderson COHASSET Itasca Junior College. Civil Thor Wilhelm Andersen MINNEAPOLIS B. M. E. Mechanical Swimming 2, 3, 4. Milton H. Andrus ABERDEEN, SOUTH DAKOTA B. C. E. Civil Engineering Northern State Teachers College; Alpha Sigma Phi; Interfraternity Council 4. Russell A. Baker ST. PAUL B. Arch. E. Architecture Alpha Rho Chi; Silver Spur; Architectural Society; General Arrangements Chairman Engineers ' Day; Junior Ball, Invitations Com- mittee 3; General Arrangements Committee, Architects ' Jubilee 3, 4; Class President 1; Swimming I. Robert B. Bannerman fond du lac, wisconsin B. S. Aeronautical M. S. A. E. Arch Beckjord ST. PAUL B. E. E. Electrical Merlin H. Berg detroit lakes B. C. E. Civil Engineering A. S. C. E. John R. Bergan racine, wisconsin B. Arch. E. Architectural Engineering Theu Delta Chi; Tau Sigma Delta, Pres. 4; Mortar and Ball; Oflicers Club; Techno-Log 2; Track 1. 2, 3, 4. MiJJU Row Frederick C. Brandt ST. PAUL B. M. £. Mechanical A. S. M. E., chairman Open House Com- mittee Engineers ' Day 3. Ronald V. Bugni MONTREAL, WISCONSIN B. E. E. Electrical Notre Dame; Newman Club. Allen S. Burnett ST. PAUL B. M. E. Mechanical Engineering Macalester College; Thcta Chi; Daily. Reynold L. Caleen minneapolis B. Aero. E. Aeronautical Tau Beta Pi, President 4; Commons Club. President 4; M. S. A. E.; University of Min- nesota Flying Club; Techno-Log Board. William G. Campbell DULUTH B. M. £■. Mechanical Sigma . lpha Epsilon. A. Burton Carlson ELK RIVER B. M. E. Mechanical Delta Chi; Mortar and Ball; A. S. M. p. Harriet L. Christenson GROVE CITY B. Arch. Interior Architecture Alpha Alpha Gamma; Interprofessional Board; Y. W. C. A.; Lutheran Students .Association; Students Religious Council; .Architectural Society. John M. Clarey minneapolis Electrical Engineering B. E. E. Kappa Eta Kappa, Vice Pres. 4; Eta Kappa Nu, Pres. 4; A. I. E. E.; Union Board of Governors. Morris Cohen ST. PAUL B. E. E. Electrical Sigma Alpha Sigma; Tau Beta Pi; Eta Kappa Nu; Techno-Log. Bottom Row Benedict Cohn MINNEAPOLIS B. Aero. E. Aeronautical Sigma Alpha Sigma; I ' au Beta Pi; M. S. A. E.; .Arabs; Aeronautical Take-Off 4. George P. De Long ANOKA B. Arch. E. Architecture Phi Kappa Psi. David D. Diamond ST. PAUL B. M. E. Mechanical Sigma .Alpha Sigma; A. S. M. E. E. W. Ekroot DULUTH B. A. E, Architectural Engineering Engineers ' Book Store, Board of Directors. Jack N. Entrikin ST. PAUL B. M. E. Mechanical Sigma Nu; General Arrangements Committee Engineers ' Day; A. S. M. E.; Interfraternity Athletic Council. B.S. Thurman C. Erickson minneapolis Aeronautics Plumb Bob; Commons Club; Flying Club, President 4; M. S. A. E. Douglas W. Erskine ST. PAUL B. M. E. Mechanical Phi Delta Theta. Robert Lawrence Fefferman minneapolis B. C. E. , Civil Sigma Alpha Sigma; Phalanx; Chi Epsilon. Leander J. Fischer SHAKOPEE B. M. E. Mechanical Triangle; Pi Tau Sigma; Tau Beta Pi; New- man Club; A. S. M. E.; Techno-Log 3, 4. ENGINEERING ENGINEERING Top Rottf Albert A. Fisher MINNEAPOLIS B. Arch. E. Architeclure Edwin C. Fremo minneapolis B. E. E. Electrical Ralph R. Gaebe RED WING B. C. E. Civil Craig Gaskell ST. PAUL B. C. E. Civil Chi Phi; Plumb Bob; Junior Ball Cominitlcc 3; Intcrfratcrnity Council 3, 4; Senior Com- mission, Vice President; Senior President En- gineering; A. S. C. E. Bertram Getsug ST. PAUL B. M. E. Mechanical Sigma Alpha Sigma; A. S. M. E. W. Lloyd Graves MINNEAPOLIS B. E. E. Electrical Triangle: Pi I ' au Pi Sigma; Scabbard and Blade; Cadet Officers Club; Military Ball, Chairman 2; Cadet Officers Ball, Chairman 2; Electrical Show, Chairman 3. Wallace G. Gruenhagen PLATO B. C. E. Civil Middle Row William T. H. rtman minneapolis B. E. E. Electrical Triangle; Pi Tau Pi Sigma; Officers Club; A. I. E. E. Fred M. Haverla nd min.neapolis B. C. E. Civil A. S. C. E.; Chairman of Engineers ' Book- store Board. Harvey V. Headen MINNEAPOLIS B. E. E. Electrical Jamestown College; A. I. E. E. Oswald Helseth minneapolis B. C. E. Civil Engineering Phi Sigma Kappa; A. S. C. E.; Rifle Team 1, 2, 3, Captain 4. David E. Henderson st. louis park B. Arch. E. Architectural Engineering Theta Chi; Scarab. Marvin E. Hermanson albert lea B. C. E. Civil Chi Phi. Orville H. Jensen LUCAN B. E. E. Electrical Tau Beta Pi; Eta Kappa Nu. B. C. E. Bottom Row Wesley H. Johnson ST. PAUL Civil Thcta Tau; Mortar and Ball; Phoenix; Iron Wedge; Engineers ' Day Committee; Military Ball Committee; Secretary Engineers ' Day Association. Kay S. Jue SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA B. M. E. Mechanical Chinese Students ' Club; A. S. M. E.; Ski-U- Mah I, 2. WiLHO JUNNILA GHEEN B. E. E. Electrical Tau Beta Pi; Eta Kappa N ' u. A. E. Kaliher LITTLE FALLS B. E. E. Electrical Triangle; Grey Friar; Plumb Bob; Pi Tau Pi Sigma; Freshman Week 1, 2; Board of Publi- cations 2. Roy E. Karlen LE ROY B. C. E. Civil Chi Epsilon; A. S. C. E. B. M. E. Sidney Karon DULUTH Mechanical Phi Epsilon Pi. Edward L. Kells sauk centre B. M. E. Mechanical Engineering Tau Beta Pi; Pi Tau Sigma, President 4; Plumb Bob, Vice President 4; Sigma Delta Psi, President 4; Mortar and Ball; A. S. M. E. Ralph E. Hammond ST. PAUL B. E. E. Electrical Tau Beta Pi; Eta Kappa Nu; A. I. E. E. Jennings F. Johnson MILACA B. E. E. Electrical Kappa Eta Kappa; Eta Kappa N ' u; Dc Molay. Miles S. Kersten .minneapolis B. S. civil Engineering Tau Beta Pi; Chi Epsilon; A. S. C. E. Helmer Edward Hanson ST. PAUL B. M. E. Mechanical Tau Beta Pi; Pi 1au Sigma. Russell W. Johnson HECTOR B. M. E. Mechanical Triangle; Tau Beta Pi; Pi Tau Sigma; Mortar and Ball; A. S. M. E. Fred Kesler minneapolis B. S. Agricultural American Society of Agricultural Engineers. Top Row Leo J. KujAWA Si . CLObD B. Aero. E. Aeronautical Newman Club; Cadet Officers Club; M.S.A.E. Robert William Kurtz minneapolis B. Arch. E. Architecture Alpha Rho Chi; Cadet Officers Club; Archi- tectural Society; General Arrangements Chair- man Engineers ' Day 3; Military Ball, General Arrangements Chairman 2; General Arrange- ments Chairman Architects ' Jubilee 2, 4; Tennis 1. FiNLEY E. Le Count MINNEAPOLIS B. C. E. Civil South Dakota State College; Iheta Tau, J. Alan Lehman MINNEAPOLIS B. Aero. E. Aeronautical Tau Beta Pi; M. S. A. E. Gerald M. Lehner keewatin B. E. E. Electrical Hibbing Junior College; Triangle; Track 4. Theodore Lindstedt minneapolis B. l. E. Mechanical Kenneth Malek LOUSDALE B. E. E. Electrical Kappa Eta Kappa; A. 1. E. E.; Interprofes- sional Council 3. Lewis F. Martin minneapolis B. C. E. Civil Engineering Theu Tau; I ' au Bcu Pi; Chi Epsilon; A. S. C. E., Sec, 3, Prcs. 4; lechnical Otmmission, Prcs, 4, Marcus Mattison minneapolis C. E. civil Engineering Phi Kappa Sigma; A. S. C. E.; Hwkry 1. Harold C. Mattlin ■WHITE BEAR LAKE B. C. E. Civil Iriangle: Grey Friar; Plumb Bob; Scabbard and Blade; .Mortar and Ball; Pi Phi Chi; Cadet Officers Club; .Military Ball 3; Inter- professional Ball, General .Arrangements Chairman 3; Cadet Officers Ball, General Arrangements Chairman 3; Gopher, Business 2. 4; Junior Commission, Treasurer 3; Inter- professional Fraternity Council, Secretary 2, President 3; A. S. C. E.; All-U-Council, Intra- mural Sports, Chairman 4. John D. Mitchell san jl ' an, porto rico B. Aero. E. Aeronautical Flying Club; M. S. A. E. Harris G. Moe HENDRICKS B. Aero. E. Aeronautical M. S. A. E.; Minnesota Flying Club; Engi- neers ' Handball Doubles Champion 4. Ralph E. Monson wausau, wisconsin B. C. E. Civil Engineering -Mpha I ' au Sigma; Chi Epsilon; Lead Ham- mer; Tcchno-Log, Managing Editor; Univer- sity Band. Leonard E. Nelson minneapolis B. A. E. Agricultural A. S. A. E. Richard Holmes Nelso.n ST. PAUL B. Aero. E. Aeronautical M. S. A. E.; All-U Golf Championship; Var- sity Golf Team 2, 3. Howard R. Nichols SI. CLOUD B. E. E. Electrical Alpha Tau Omega; Phoenix; Iron Wedge; Piiyjt; Engineers ' Day 3; Tcchno-Log 2; All-U Junior Treasurer 3; Class President 3. Harold O. Ogrosky STOCKTON B. C. E. Civil A. S. C. E. Thorsten R. Ohman HIBBING B. Aero. E. Aeronautical Hibbing Junior College; Minnesota Flying tTub; .M. S. A, E.: All-U Doubles Champion, HandbaU. Bottom Row Fred Allan Olson ST. PAUL B. M. E. Mechanical Engineering Lambda Chi Alpha; Mortar and Ball. Ivar Pearson minneapolis B. E. E. Electrical Engineering Eta Kappa Nu; Tau Beta Pi; Plumb Bob; A. I. E. E.; Technical Commission. Ray L. Phillips ST ' . PAUL B. E. E. Electrical . . I. E. E.; Newman Club, Treasurer 4. David Pribyl ST . PAUL B. Aero. E. Aeronaittical Commons Club; M. S. A. E.; Minnesota Fly- ing Club. John M. Quealy minneapolis B. E. E. Electrical Kappa Eta Kappa; Newman Club; A. 1, E. E. Carroll A. Reese .MINNEAPOLIS B. S. C. E. Civil Engineering Chi Epsilon. Peter Meredith Riede MABEL B. M. E. Mechanical Tau Beta Pi; Pi Tau Sigma; A. S. M. E.; Mortar and Ball. William C. Rindsland milwaukee. wisconsin B. C. E. Civil University of Wisconsin; Sigma Phi Epsilon Phalanx 3; Mortar and Ball; Pershing Rifles Iron Wedge; Cadet Officers Club 3, 4, Pres. 3 Military Ball, General Arrangements. Selmer H. Rockney ST. PAUL B. E. E. Electrical Engineering ENGINEERING ENGINEERING Top Rotf U. H. RUUHELA BOVEY B. E. E. Electrical Itasca Junior College. Walter W. Safford HOPKINS B. Aero. E. Aeronautical Engineering University Flying Club; M. S. A. E Waldo E. Solstad ST. PAUL B. C. E. B. C. E. F. T. SCHAEFER SHAKOPEE Cifil Civil Oscar A. Schott HINCKLEY B. E. E. Electrical Richard E. K. Schuett WHITE BEAR LAKE B. C. E. civil Engineering Thcia Tau; A. S. C. E. 2, 3, 4. William R. Sears minneapolis B. Aero. E. Aeronautical Tau Beta Pi; Grey Friars; Plumb Bob; Phi Sigma Phi; Band 1, 2, 3, 4, Secretary 3, President 4; All-U-Council 3, President 4. Anthony Selvo HIBBING B. E. E. Electrical tubbing Junior College; Newman Club. Esther Shapiro minneapolis B. Int. Arch. Architecture Middle Row Hugo T. Shocren minneapolis B. C. E. Civil Chi Epsilon; A. S. C. E.; Tau Beta Pi. Howard J. Sowden MINNEAPOLIS B. E. E. Electrical Homecoming 3. G. Bowers Spurback EVELETH B. E. E. Electrical Carleton College. Holger J. Steen MINNEAPOLIS B. M. E. Mechanical Engineeri ' ig A. S. M. E. NoRBERT J. Sternal DULUTH B. M. E. Mechanical Engineering Duluth Junior College; A. S. M. E. 3, 4, President 4; Technical Commission 4, Secre- tary-Treasurer. Jack M. Storkerson ST. PAUL B. E. E. Electrical Sigma .Alpha Epsilon; Scabbard and Blade; Pi Tau Pi Sigma; A. I. E. E.; Class Presi- dent 2. Herbert A. Swift ST. PAUL B. Aero. E. Aeronautical Theta Tau; University Flying Club; A.S.A.E. George Taylor rockford, illinois B. M. E. Mechanical Phi Kappa Sigma; Brass Matrix; Gopher 1, 2, 3, 4; Daily 2, 3, 4, 5; Masquers. William H. Tetrud minneapolis Bottom Row Harold B. Tolefson minneapolis B. Aero. E. Aeronautical LuMiR Franklin Vobeyda ST. PAUL B. M. E. Mechanical Phalanx; M. S. A. E.; A. S. M. E.; All-Uni- versity Dc Molay; Cadet Officers ' Club. Paul Wagtskjold CLOQUEl B. C. E. Civil B. C. E. Civil Gladys A. Wallene CLEVELAND, OHIO B. M. E. Mechanical A. S. M. E.; Y. W. C. A. Cabinet 1; Techno Log, Secretary 1, 2. Paul N. Wallfred minneapolis B. M. E. Mechanical Phi Kappa Sigma. Theresa Wells ST. PAUL B. Arch. Architecture Alpha Alpha Gamma, ErICK J. R. WiCKLUND MINNEAPOLIS B. S. Aeronautical M, S. A. E. Russell E. Williams minneapolis B. Arch. Architecture Alpha Kho Chi; .Alpha Tau Sigma; Agricul- tural Society; Gopher; Ski-U-Mah 3, 4; lechno-Log 3. Wallace W. Withee minneapolis B. S. Aeronautical Robert E. Yohe .minneapolis B. M. E. Mechanical Engineering Alpha Delta Phi. " The Law School has been building slowly and surely. The student body has constantly improved in quality and attitude. A faculty has been built up of the most capable men available. While holding to fundamentals, the curriculum has been adapted to changing conditions. The four year law course is attracting much attention. The School is everywhere recognized as of the first rank. " Everett Fraser, Dean Dean Everett Fraser COLLEGE OF LAW m ' Bm.. i ' ■jl Ia JI Hff r i llBil C I I " " Ji if Ll B -- si P3p K . " v a HBO W mm n " Si lb 1 ' ' ' tf ' ' " ' ' ' m K. » - " Tf Ami M Top Row William C. Blethen ROCHES! ER B. A., L. L. B. Chi Psi; Freshman Law, Pres.; Interfratcrnity Council, Pres. 6; All-University Golf Cham- pion 1. Middle Row John ' Clifiord Herberg, Jr. SI . PAUL L. L. B. Law Phi Beta Kappa; Cadet Officers ' Club; Law Review 3, 4. Bottom Row Arthur R. Lieberman CLOQUET L. L. B. Law L. L. B. Fred D. Burg ST. PAUL Law Tau Kappa Epsilon; Phi Alpha Delta; Mas- quers 2, 3, Business Manager 4; Garrick 3, Business Manager 4, 5, 6; Homecoming Chairman 5; Senate Committee on Student Affairs 5; Board in Control of Publications, President 6; All-University Council 6; Inicr- fraternity Council Representati e 3, 4. William S. Churchill huron, south dakota L. L. B. Huron College; Gamma Eta Gamma: Uni- versity Singers; Pi Phi Chi, 1 reasurer 6. Duncan Bay Claccet montev ideo L. L. B. Law Alpha 1 au Omega; University Lie Molay; Commerce Club. Julius A. Coller, 11 SHAKOPEE L. L. B. Law Phi Delta Phi; Phi Delta Gamma; Newman Club, President; Varsity Debate 1. Carl E. Erickson ST. CLOLD B. A., L. L. B. Law Theta Chi; Phi Deha Phi; Scabbard and Blade: Interfratcrnity Athletic Council 2; Interfratcrnity Council 3; Law School Coun- cil 4. L. L. B. Ben Grusse.ndorf grand rapius Law Itasca Junior College; Gustavus . dolphus Col- lege; Gamma Eta Gamma; Silver Spur 2; Grey Friar 3; Junior Ball Committee 3; Home- coming 2; All-University Student Council 4; Law School Council 2, 3, 4, President 4. Kenneth M. Hough kerk.hovex L. L. B. Law Alpha Tau Omega; Phi Delta Phi; Managers ' Club; Masquers; Garrick Ciub; Baseball, Man- ager. Sidney E. Kaner .nashwauk. L. L. B. Law Bibbing Junior College; Phi Beta Kappa. William Henry K. rp ST. PAUL L. L. B. Singers. Arthur O. Lampland ST. PAUL Law Law L. L. B. Tau Kappa Epsilon; Phi Delta Phi; Phi Beta Kappa; Beta Gamma Sigma; Silver Spur; Grey Friar; Delta Sigma Pi Scholarship Key 3; Alpha Kappa Psi Award 3; University De Molay Club 1, 2, 3; Freshman Week 2, 3, 5. 6; Homecoming 2, 3, 5, 6; Senate Committee on Student Affairs 6; Senior Advisory Board 5, 6; Representative Minnesota Selection Com- mittee 5; Gopher 2; Daily 1, 2; Law Review, Editorial Board 5, 6; Masquers 1, 2, 3; Uni- versity Singers 2, 3; Board of Associated Business Students 3; Junior Class President, Law School 5; All-Junior Vice President 5. L. L. B. Charles Lantz walnut grove Law Gustavus Adolphus; Gamma Eta Gamma; Swedish Literary Society; Daily 3, 4, 5: Minnesota Law Review 6; Law Representa- tive, Union Board of Governors. Sheldon S. Larson wlnthrop L. L. B. Law Lambda Chi Alpha; Phi Alpha Delta; Singers 2, 3; Interfratcrnity Council 3, 4, 5. Angus McQueen ST. CLOUD L. L. B. Law Lambda Chi Alpha; Iron Wedge; Pnyx. Frank V. Nicholsen AUSTIN L. L. B. Law Delta Tau Delta; Phi Alpha Delta; Phi Sigma Phi; Band 1, 2, 3, 4. Locke M. Perkins, Jr. ST. PAUL L. L. B. Dartmouth; Chi Phi; Phi Alpha Delta; Home- coming, Executive Committee 6; Senior Law President; Senior Commission. Henry Polkinghorn PROCl OR L. L. B., B. A. Law Duluth Junior College; Theta Chi; Interfra- tcrnity Council 4. Charles W. Rooi MINNEAPOLIS L. L. B. Law University of Michigan; Delta Theta Phi; Law Review 3, 4 ' , As.sociatc Editor 4. Hubert John Schleiter la crosse, wisconsin B. S., L. L. B. Law College of St. Thomas; .Alpha Sigma Phi. LAW " I am asked to write on progress in the Medical School. In these times most points of reference are receding. Like Alice in Wonderland we have to run our best to stand still. On the whole the Medical School has done this during the last year. It has suffered somewhat from lessened budget. It has improved in the spirit of its faculty and in the average quality of its students. " E. P. Lyon, Dean Dean R. M. Scammon Medical Sciences Dean E. P. Lyon Medicine SCHOOL OF MEDICINE IJl lit f Top Roif Alice Bardwell excelsior B. S. Medical Technology Z«a Tau Alpha: Y. W. C. A.; Freshman Carnival. Chairman 4. Marion Anna Braunworth CHASKA B.S. Medical Technology Kenneth E. Bray BIWABIK B. S., B. M. Medicine Carlcton College; Nu Sigma Nu. Beatrice J. Burlincame EAU CLAIRE, WISCONSIN B. S. Medical Technology Eau Claire State Teachers College; Pi Beta Phi; Alpha Delta Tau; Y. W. C. A. Helen M. Cox nashwauk B. S. Medical Technology Hibbing Junior College. Verna Elizabeth De Leo ST. PAUL B. S. Medical Technology Eleanor Duerr MINNEAPOLIS B. S. Medical Technician Alpha Deha Tau; Newman Club. Robert Du Priest minneapolis M. B. Medicine Kappa Sigma; Phi Rho Sigma; Incus; Silver Spur; Grey Friar; Scabbard and Blade; All- Junior President 6; All-University Council, President 7. Margaret Dwelle LAKE en Y B. S. Medical Technology Hamlinc University; Uni cr ity of Chicago. Ethelmae Eylar minneapolis B, S. Medical Technology Alpha Omicron Pi; .Mpha Delta Tau; W. S. G. A.; Panhcllenic Banquet, Toastmistrcss; Mother ' s Day Committee 3; Dad ' s Day Com- mittee 4; Senate Committee on Student Af- fairs 3; All-U-Council 4; W. S. G. A., Presi- dent 4; Representative Minnesotan Commit- tee 3. Wallace L. Fritz ST. PAUL M. B. Medicine Alpha Sigma Phi; Newman Club; Pillsbury Oratorical Club; Singers. Paul J. Gans HARLOWTON, MONTANA M. B. Medicine Phi Chi. M.B. Norman Giere ST. PAUL St. Olaf College; Medicine Nu Sigma Nu. Wayne S. Hacen aberdeen, south dakota M. B. Medicine Ihcta Kappa Nu; Alpha Kappa Kappa; Scab- bard and Blade; Runners Club; Dakota Club; German Club; Presbyterian Union; Gopher 3; Singers 1, 2. John A. H rdiman ST. PAUL B. A. Natural Science Kappa Sigma; Alpha Kappa Kappa; Scabbard and Blade; Cadet Officers Club; Band 1, 2, 3; Crack Drill Squad 2, 3, 4; Captain 4. Hazel Mae Hodges DULUTH B, S. Medical Technology Superior Slate Teachers College. Donald M. Houston park rapids M. B., B. A. Medicine Carleton College; Alpha Delta Phi; Nu Sigma Nu. Eleanor Iverson moorhead M.B. Concordia College; Alpha Epsilon Freshman Week 2. Medicine Iota; Bottom Row Bourne Jerome minneapolis M. B. Medicine Phi Rho Sigma; Scabbard and Blade; Incus; Daily 1, 2. Harold C. Johnson bottineau, north dakota B. S., M. B. Medicine Sigma Nu; Phi Chi. Melba Elizabeth Johnston nashwauk B. S. Medical Technology W. A. A. 1, 2, 3, 4; Aquatic League 1, 2, 3, 4. Louis J. Katz ST. PAUL M.B. Medicine Marguerite M. Kolb belgrade B. S. Medical Technician St. Benedict ' s College; .Mpha Delta Tau; Newman Club. Helen Knudsen albert lea B. S. Medical Technology Alpha Delta Tau; Big Sister 2. H.- rold Julius Lawn minneapolis M. B. Medicine Robert H. LaBree .minneapolis M. B. Medicine Chi Psi; Nu Sigma Nu; Silver Spur; Iron Wedge; Incus Club; Board of Publications 6; Masquers; Garrick. John A. Layne, Jr. FESSENDEN, NORTH DAKOTA M. B. Medicine Phi Chi; Alpha Omega Alpha; Grey Friar; Newman Club, MEDICINE MEDICINE Top Row Bottom Roiu Katherine Lemon Jennie Roberts ROCHESTER deer LODGE, MONTANA B. S. Medical Technology B. S. Medical Technology Carlcton College; Gamma Phi Beta; Alpha University of Montana; Alpha Delta Tau. Delia Tau. Charles W. Rogers north ST. PAUL GeRALDINE LUNDQUIST B. S., M. B. Medicine ST. PAUL Phi Kappa Sigma; Phi Chi; Scabbard and B. S. Medical Technology Blade. Delta Zeta; Alpha Delta Tau. Ruth B. Sisson TYLER B. S. Medical Technology David McMillan Marcley Hamline University; Alpha Delta Tau. MINNEAPOLIS M. B. Medicine Beta Theta Pi; Nu Sigma Nu. Sam I. Stein ST. PAUL M. B. Medicine Sigma .Mpha Mu; Sigma Xi; Alpha Omega Alpha; Phi Dcha Epsilon. Arthur A. Nelson DULUTH M- B. Medicine Virginia Tincher Duluth Junior College; Alpha Omega Alpha. owatonna B. S. Medical Technician Carleton College; Gamma Phi Beta; Alpha Delta Tau. Ardis Olson MINNEAPOLIS B. 5. Medical Technician Maurice Weisberg ST. PAUL M. B. Medicine Superior State Teachers College; Beta Sigma Epsilon; Tau Delta Phi. Encward L. Penk GIBBON M. B. Medicine William P. Yunck CUT BANK, MONTANA Theta Kappa Nu. B. S., M. B. Medicine Phi Chi. Willis A. Redding Esther Pauline Skerik BINGHAM LAKE OWATONNA M. B. Medicine B. S. Medical Technology Delta Upsilon. Alpha Delta lau. Treasurer 4. II " In spite of the depression and curtailed funds for support, the faculty with considerable sacrifice, have succeeded in keeping up the school ' s high standard of efficiency as recognized by the profession. " The students have cooperated nobly and have shown an unusual spirit of seriousness of purpose, responsibility and appreciation of the financial assistance offered them by the University, state and federal governments. " The above conditions represent a type of progress that is a real asset to any organization. " W. R. Appleby Dea.v W. R. Appleby SCHOOL OF MINES ijn -- jA Vv CuYLF.R C. Adams DURWOOD E.M. Mines Theta Delta Chi : Phoenix; Scabbard and Blade; Runners Club; Pnyx; School of Mines Society: Iiiterfratcrniiy Council 3; Homecom- ing 3; Senior Ball 3. E.M. Frederic Mever ST. PALL Mines Society. Mines George Alfred Russell ST. P.AUL E.M. Geology Sigma Rho. MINES " Progress: Like Alice in the Garden of Live Flowers, the School of Nursing finds that ' it takes all the running you can do to keep in the same place, ' and that, ' if you want to get somewhere else, you must run at least twice as fast as that. ' " Katharine J. Densford, Director Katharine J. Densi okd SCHOOL OF NURSI J T ■ " -. ' t V ■ ' ■I ' M i Mm -m. -L...)«. ifV1 , ' « Grace Evans livingston, montana G. N. Nursing Audrey G. Goodnow sheridan, wyoming G. N. Nursing Nursing Self-Govcrnment Association, Pres. Macie M. Groen parkston, south dakota G.N. Nursing Helen Heuer BERTHA R.N. Nursing R.N. Anah McPherson minneapolis Class President 4. Nursing Edith Elnor Thompson hatton, north dakota R. N. Nursing Ellendale State Normal and Industrial School; N. S. G. A. Elizabeth West minneapolis G. N. Nursing NURSING " The College of Pharmacy of the University of Minnesota has always been the leading college of pharmacy in the matter of quality standards. Never a year elapsed which did not record a worth-while advancement. These facts are not published by the College but by others such as Dean Rufus A. Lyman, Dean of the College of Pharmacy of the Uni- versity of Nebraska and field representative of the Executive Committee of the American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy, who just com- pleted an inspection of the College and in his own words designated the College as ' the Blue Ribbon College of Pharmacy. ' " F. J. WuLLiNG, Dean Dean F. J. Wulling SCHOOL OF PHARMACY — 1 Ik J i ■ !.► h%... trni Top Row Middle Row Bottom Row Leslie E. Anshus Francis W. Hogan Mark John Leyhe MINNEAPOLIS KERRICK MINNEAPOLIS B.S. Phai ' Tnacy B.S. Pharmacy B.S. Pharmacy St. Joh n ' s University; Wulling Club; Newman Club; Y. M. C. A. Valparaiso University Albert Sherman Bergman MINNEAPOLIS Lester E. Manecke B.S. Pharmacy Esther Jahn NORWOOD B.S. SANBORN Pharmacy B.S. pharmacy Wulling Club; Band I, 2. MiLAX J. Booth Kappa Epsilon. BROWNTON James P. Moran B.S. Pharmaceutical Chemistry MINNEAPOLIS Parker College; WuUing Club, President. tiowARD Raymond Johnson B.S. Pharmacy ST. PAUL Mortar and Ball. B.S. Pharmacy Allen S. Cater Kappa Psi; Wulling Club. Alfred Naegele WALKER STILLWATER B.S. Pharmacy B.S. Pharmacy Y. M. C. A.; Walther League; Class Prcs. 4. B.S. Edward W. Kadela ST. PAUL Pharmacy Phi Delta Chi. Jack A. Cohen MINNEAPOLIS Phi Lambda Upsilon; Wulling Club. Sylvester Schueller nicollet B.S. Pharmacy B.S. Pharmacy Alpha Beta Phi. Phi Delta Chi; Grey Friar; Wulling Club; Irving E. Kaplan Junior Commission 3. MINNEAPOLIS Lawrence D. Engler B.S. Phartnacy Alpha Beta Phi. Mary Sullivan MINNEAPOLIS LONSDALE B.S. Pharmacy Phi Beta Delta. Hilda H. Kappelmam B.S. Pharmacy B.S. Pharmacy Burton S. Waldron Gerald Fostvedt Kappa Epsilon. MINNEAPOLIS CHETEK, WISCONSIN B.S. Pharmacy B.S. Pharmacy Sigma Nu. Eau Claire Teachers College; Wulling Club; Benjamin Katz MINNEAPOLIS Sophomore Class President. Helen Wilcox B.S. Pharmacy SOLON SPRINGS, WISCONSIN John S. Hadley Alpha Beta Phi. B.S. Pharmacy Alpha Delta Pi. SUPERIOR, WISCONSIN B.S. Pharmacy Leslie B. Lende Superior State Teachers College; Delta Tau APPLETON Ellis D Williams Delta; Kappa Psi: Phoenix; Iron Wedge; .AU- B.S. Pharmacy BAUDETTE L ' -Council. B.S. Pharmacy Robert Kjelland Hanson Levine Janyce G. Wolford RUSHFORD MINNEAPOLIS WELCOME B.S. pharmacy B.S. pharmacy B.S. Pharmacy Wulling Club. w Oman ' s Interprofessional Board. University Singers. PHARMACY " Progress in the College of Science, Literature and the Arts from 1914 to 1934 includes Junior-Senior college organization, simplification of curriculum, development of the Business curriculum, a state-wide testing program, a faculty counselling system, the scholarship requirement for promotion to the senior college, graduation honors, and a quality credit plan. A continuous process which is in progress at the present time is an effort to secure more complete adaptation of curricula to the needs of individuals. " John B. Johnston, Dean Dean SCIENCE, LITERATURE, AND ARTS ¥ .(•X, f . VI 1. r ' » . ' KMimrn ' om 1 ' riij t r.i[Lil ' iii!ln •mp Top Row Middle Row Bottom Rotv E. W. Anacker Evelyn Chenoweth James P. Emerson ST. PAUL RENVILLE WINNEBAGO B.A. Economics B. S. Library Methods B.A. Journalism Hamline University; Folwell Club. Phi Kappa Sigma; Sigma Delta Chi; Brass Matrix; Copper Key; Homecommg 3, 4; Fresh- man Week 3, Assistant Chairman 4; Com- Audrey L. Anderson Irving Clark mon Pccpuls Ball 2; Junior Ball 3; Daily 1, 2, MINNEAPOLIS DULUTH City Editor 3, 4. B.A. Music B. A. English Carltton College; Delta Delta Delta; Sigma Sigma Alpha Epsilon; Deha Phi Lambda, Mae L. Emery Alpha Iota; Big Sister. President 4; Daily 1, 2; Masquers 2, 3, 4; HIBBING Freshman Week Chairman 4. B.A. Library Training Doris Atwood MINNEAPOLIS John T. Clarke DULUTH Hibbing Folwell Junior College; Delta Delta Delta; Club; V. W. C. A.; Homecoming 3, 4. B.A. Flench B. A. Chemistry Carleton; Alpha Delia Pi. Duluth Junior College; Alpha Chi Sigma; Interprofessional Council. B.A. Richard R. Emery ST. PAUL Philosophy ISABELLE S. BaER John J. Corneveaux, Jr. Radcliffc BEMID)I College; Kappa Kappa Gamma; ST. PAUL B. A. Liberal Arts O. Sylvia Ericson BRAINERD Gopher 4; Ski-U-Mah 3, 4. Phi Kappa Sigma; Executive Council, Senior B.A. lotirnalism Advisory; Chairman Sophomore Frolic; Fresh- man Week 3; Home coming 2; Masquers 2, 3, Carleton College; Alpha Chi Omega; Theta 4; Garrick 3, 4; Business School President 3. Bigma rni. Betty Bartholomew MINNEAPOLIS B. A. ' English Chester Didlo Marie E. Fancher Thalian Club, ST. JOSEPH, MISSOURI ST. PAUL B. A. Geography B.A. English Missouri University; St. Joseph Junior College; Kappa Alpha Theta; Coranto; Theta Sigma K. Janet Behler ST. PAUL Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Phi; h omecoming 2; Gopher; Daily Society Editor 2, 3, 4. B.A. Liberal Arts Hedley Donovan Carlclon College; Kappa Delta; Y. W. C. A. MINNEAPOLIS B. A. History Grace Finch MINNEAPOLIS Delta Upsilon; Phi Beta Kappa; Students Forum B.A. English Helen Beim Committee 3, 4, Chairman 4; Arts College Gamma Phi Beta. Intermediary Board, Chairman 4; Daily Edi- MINNEAPOLIS torial staff 1, 2, 3, 4; Rhodes Scholar. B.S. Library Alice Eraser Rollins College; Kappa Kappa Gamma. Jessie Dunwoody MINNEAPOLIS ST. PAUL B. A. Journalism B.A. Diplomatic Service Radcliffe College; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Edgar Bolstad Alpha Delta Pi; Minerva Literary Society; Trailer Club; Y. W. C. A. 1, 2; Big Sister Delta Phi Lambda. MINNEAPOLIS 2, 3, 4; Homecoming 1, 2, 3, 4; Freshman B.A. Natural Science Week 2, 3, 4; Pnyx. Esther T. French Phi Delia Phi; " M " Club; Golf 2, 3, 4. Violet Eckstrom B.A. MINNEAPOLIS ' Sociology UPSALA B. S. Social Worii Alpha Xi Delta; Y. W. C. A. Mary Ella Brackett minneapolis League of Evangelical Students. Mary M. Gardner B.A. English Wilbur E. Elston MINNEAPOLIS Alpha Phi; Hunt Club; Y. W. C. A. Cabinet HASTINGS B.S. Social Work 1; Homecoming; Tam O ' Shantcr, Secretary- Treasurer: Panhellcnic Council: AU-Univcrsitv B. A. Journalism Alpha Phi; Mortar Board; W. S. G. A. Board Council 3, 4, Secretary 4. Sigma Delta Chi; Daily 3. 4. 2, 3, 4 , Vice President 3; Campus Sister 3. 4. • S., L., and A. b. L. flnd . Top Row Willis A. Gortner ST. PAUL B.A. Alpha Chi Sigma. Chemistry Ruth E. Gasink minneapolis B. A. Sociology Alpha Omicron Pi; W. S. G. A.; University Singers. B.A. Evelyn Gordon minneapolis Delta Delta Delta. Music Eunice R. Gunderson minneapolis B. A. Sociology-Journalism Gamma Phi Beta; Theta Sigma Phi; Home- coming Ofticc Committee 4; Gopher 2, 3, Copy Editor 4; Daily 2; Ski-U-Mah Sales Executive Committee 3; Y. W. C. A.; Fresh- man Cabinet 1, Freshman Leader 4. Carol Silverson Hoidale minneapolis B. A. Spanish Rollins College; Gamma Phi Beta. B.A. Emily Hall MINNEAPOLIS Economics Carleton; Delta Delta Delta; Mortar Board; Y. W. C. A., Trcas. 4; Freshman Week 4. Dorothy Harris minneapolis B. A. Psychology Sigma Delta Tau; Mortar Board President; Phi Beta Kappa; Menorah Society; Y. W. C. A.; W. A. A. Secretary 2; Kappa Rho. June Hoelzle ST. PAUL B. A. Philosophy Floyd R. Holm minneapolis B. A. Architecture Theta Kappa Nu. Middle Row Dorothy Marie Hovde hillsboro, north dakota B. A. Music Sigma Alpha Iota; University Symphony 1, 2, 3. Albert Horlings HULL, IOWA B. A. Journalism Morningside College; Sigma Delta Chi; Daily 4; Ski-U-Mah 3. Edna M. Johnson DULUTH B. A. Psychology Duluth Junior College; University of Colorado. B.A. Ethel E. Johnson HOPKINS Kappa Kappa Lambda. Music Fern E. Johnson DULUTH B, 5. Library Instruction Lawrence College; Delta Gamma. Hazel Johnson floodwood B. A. French Rockford College; Alpha Chi Omega; Thalian Literary Society: Le Cerclc Francais; Y. W. C. A. Maurice S. Johnson ANOKA B. A. Journalism Coe College; Phi Alpha Pi; Sigma Delta Chi; Daily 1; Football 2, 3. Burton H. Johnston PARK FALLS, WISCONSIN B. A. Economics Superior State Teachers College. Helen E. Johnstone ST. PAUL B. 5. Social Work_ Hamline University; Cosmopolitan Club; So- cialist Club. B.S. Eda-Rae Jones ELY Bacteriology Ely Junior College; Delta Delta Dcha; Y. W. C. A.; Freshman Week. Betty Keller MINNEAPOLIS B. A. English Kappa Kappa Gamma; Sigma Epsilon Sigma; PanhcUenic Representative 2, 3. Gretchen Kupper minneapolis B. A. English Delta Delta Deha. Leon B. Larson ironwood, michigan B. A. Sociology Bruce Latz grand rapids B. A. Economics Itasca Junoir College; Sigma Alpha Mu. Helen Leach FERGUS FALLS B. 5. Sociology Pi Beta Phi. Virginia Lewis ST. CLOUD B. A. Zoology Carleton College; Kappa Kappa Gamma. John C. Lobb ROCHESTER B.A. History Psi Upsilon; Phoenix; Garrick Club: Class President S. L. A. 1; Tennis; Alpha Phi Chi. Helen Loomis minneapolis B. A. Journalism Alpha Delta Pi. i A B.A. B.A. B.S. Top Row Jessie E. MacDonald ST. PAUL Political Science Kappa Alpha Thcta. Janet Macoubrey ST. PAUL Psychology Alpha Gamma Delta. Mary A. Macaw ROCHESTER Library Science Alpha Phi. Eleanor Mann dickinson, north dakota B. A. Journalism University of Michigan; Kappa Tau Alpha; Thcta Sigma Phi; University Singers. John Mason minneapolis B.A. Economics Psi Upsilon; Silver Spur; Grey Friar; Senate Committee of Intercollegiate Athletics; Inter- fraternity Council 4; All-U-Council, Treasurer 3, 4; Uasketball 1; Golf 2, 3, 4; Senior Advisory Board. B.A. B.S. Inez Mattson ST. PAUL Alpha Gamma Delta. Samuel Megibow ST. PAUL Phi Beta Delta. French Botany B.S. Virginia Mendenhall DULUTH Social Service Duluth Junior College; Pi Beta Phi. Bernice Mencelkoch minneapolis B. A. Sociology Jules L. Moor minneapolis B.A. B.S. B.A. B.A. Literature Nancy Morrison minneapolis Library Science Kappa Kappa Gamma Mildred Murphy minneapolis English Allen W. Nelson duluth Sociology Donald M. Nelson minneapolis B. A. English Zeta Psi; Phi Beta Kappa; Dcr deutsche Vercin; Junior Class -President; Associate Chairman Homecoming 3; Y. M. C. A., Vice President 3; Y. M. C. A. Cabinet 3; Inter- fraternity Council, Executive Committee 3. L. Myrtle Nelson ST. PAUL B. A. Romance Languages Macalestcr College. William B. Newcord minneapolis B. A. Speech Phi Kappa Psi; Pi Epsilon Delta, Treasurer 4; Junior Ball 3; Masquers. President 4; Garrick Club; Singers, Dramatic Director 4; " The Good Hope, " " Julius Caesar " " Tiirandot, " " Streets of New York, " " Taming oj the Shrew. " " Robin Hood, " " Vagabond King, " " Babes in Toyland, " " Prince of Pilsen. " Hope Nichols MINNEAPOLIS B. S. Library Science Alpha Gamma Delta; I-oiwcl l Club: Minerva Literary Society; Tam-o-Shanter, Vice Prcs.; W. S. G. A. Board; Campus Sister 3. Arthur O. Olson minneapolis B. A. History Hamline; League of Evangelical Students. B.A. Bottom Row Lyall E. Peterson alexandria Journalism Sigma Delta Chi. Ruth Plank WAVZATA B. A. Journalism Milwaukee-Downer College; Gamma Phi Beta; Delta Phi Lambda; Cosmopolitan; Forum Committee, Edward G. Pleva minneapolis B.A, Geography William N. Plymat MINNEAPOLIS B. A. Political Science Stanford University; International Relations Club, Treasurer 2; Daily, Editorial Board; Law School Council. Phil Potter minneapolis B. A. Jourfialism University of Arizona; Jacobin Fraternity; Sigma Delta Chi; Silver Spur, President 3: Grey Friar; Copper Key; Bra-ss Matrix; Y. M. C. A., Vice President 3; Student Judiciary Committee 3; Senior Advisory Committee 3; Homecoming, Assistant Chairman 4; Fresh- man Week, Publicity Chairman 3; Junior Ball, Publicity Chairman 3; Dad ' s Day, Committee 4; Daily 1, 2, 3, Editor 4. Harriet Premack minneapolis B.A, Journalism Aberdeen Teachers College; Thcta Sigma Phi; Menorah Society; Thalian Literary Society; Pro-Holutz Club; Homecoming 3; Twin Sister 2; Campus Sister 3. B.A. Bernice L. Rauch MINNEAPOLIS Sigma Epsilon Sigma. Literature Mary Louise Reimbold ST. PAUL B. A. Mathematics Wellesley College; Kappa Alpha Thcta; Daily 3, 4. Milton C. Rewinkel minneapolis B. A. Diplomatic Sert ' icr Concordia College; Delta Chi; German Club; Cadet Officers Club; International Relations Club; Cercle Francais: Board of Publications. 4: Rifle Team; Cross Country 2; Pnyx. . im.f and . b. L. and . Top Row Middle Row Bottom Kott Frances M. Rogers Eleanor Shaw Marion Tucker ST. PAUL MINNEAPOLIS OMAHA, NEBRASKA B . English B. A. foiirnaiism B.A. Drama Kappa Alpha Theta; Coranto, Vice Pres. 4; Oberlin College; Zeta Phi Eta; Masqi:ers; Thcta Sigma Phi, Vice Pres. 4; W. S. G. A. Singers. Helen Priscilla Rogers Boarci 3; Matrix Committee 4; Daily 3. Norton S. Twite WALKER MINNEAPOLIS B. A. Engiis t St. Scholastica. Elizabeth E. Sherman B.A. Economics BELLINGHAM Delta Kappa Epsilon; Silver Spur; Iron B. S. Social Service Wedge; White Dragon. Ruth Rough Beta Phi Alpha; Campus Sister 3; Y. W. C. A. Margaret A. Vallentyne MINNEAPOLIS MINNEAPOLIS B. Pi A. Beta Music Phi; Sigma Alpha lota; University John H. Smith, Jr. minneapolis B. S. Library Folwell Library Club; Symphony Training Chorus. Sir ficrs 3, 4; Utiivcrsity Symphony 2, 3; B. A. ]ortrnalism " Madame Bttlterfiy, " " Aida. " Eva Vieregge Tau Kappa Epsilon; Sigma Delta Chi; Fresh- ST. PAUL man Week 2; Ski-U-Mah 1, 2, 3, 4, Managing Editor 4. B.S. Medical Social Service Adelaide Rowley minneapolis B.A. B.A. Anthropology Mary E. Sanford minneapolis Anthropology Nathan G. Sax EVELETH B. A. Dramatics Eveleth Junior College; National Collegiate Players; N. C. P. A.; University Thca;re Productions. Albert W. Senter minneapolis B. A. Political Science Delta Upsilon; Pershing Rifles 1, 2. 3. Evelyn Broe South fargo, north dakota B. A. Interior Architecture Kappa Kappa Gamma; .Mpha . Ipha Gamma. Walter F. Sethney menominee, michigan B. A. Zoology Alpha Sigma Phi. Lois Smith minneapolis B. A. Interior Architecture Alpha Alpha Gamma. Charles Hodges Stephenson minneapolis B. A. Political Science Harvard University; Sigma Chi. Ardelle L. Tankel MINNEAPOLIS B. A. speech Masquers. Mary D. Taylor grand rapids B. S. Social Service Alpha Xi Delta; Sigma Delta Gamma; Kappa Phi; Y. W. C. A. Charlotte B. Thompson ST. PAUL B. S. Library Science Delta Zeta; Folwell Library Club. Constance J. Trygstad BELLINGHAM B. A. Journalism Kappa Kappa Lambda; Daily. Elinor Watson minneapolis B. A. German University of Munich; Gamma Phi Beta. Mortimer C. Watson ST. PAUL B. A. Diplomatic and Consular Service Delta Sigma Pi; Phoenix; Scabbard and Blade; Runners Club; Gopher 1; Class President 3; junior Ball, General Arrangements 3. Alfred Welch two HARBORS B.A. Psychology Hibbing Junior College; Phi Kappa Sigma. Florence Kent Weld minneapolis B. A. Psychology Gamma Phi Beta; Y. W. C. A. Cabinet 2; W. S. G. A. Senior Advisory Board 4. Betty R. Wood minneapolis B.A. Sociology Pi Beta Phi; W. S. G. A. Board 1; Imer-Class Council 1; Board of Publications 3, Secretary 4; PanhcUcnic Council 2, 3, Secretary 4; Big Sister 2, 3, 4; Freshman Week Executive Com- mittee 4; T. B., Secretary 3; Y. W. C. A. Freshman Cabinet; Military Ball 4. R. Oliver Wolcott minneapolis B. A. Political Science Lambda Chi Alpha; Student Organization Accountant 3, 4; Gopher 2; Daily 1; Ski-U- Mah 2. ¥7 -.• ' rmiaimm ' wrm Top Row Elmina K. Anderson grantsburg, wisconsin B. A. Seaetarial W. S. G. A.; Business Women ' s Club. Mary Wright Andrews minneapolis B.A. Alpha Chi Omega; Thcta Sigma Phi; Mortar Board; I ' halian Literary Society; Business Woman ' s Club; Pnyx, Treasurer 4; W. A, A. Board, 1, 2, 3; W. S. G. A. Board 3, 4; Senior Advisory Board 3, 4; Campus Sister 3, 4; Panhelienic Council 2, 4; Homecoming 3. Avery Barnard fargo, north dakota B.A. Smith College; Kappa Kappa Gamma. Robert Biedermann THIEF RIVER FALLS B. A. Advertising Alpha Delta Sigma; Newman Club; Freshman Week 2. 3; Homecoming 3, 4; Gopher 2, 3; Ski-U-Mah 4; Masquers 2. 3; Y. M. C. A.; Junior Ball 3; Senior Prom 4. Genevieve L. Billings minneapolis B. A. Psychology Phi Beta Kappa; Kappa Kappa Lambda; Thalian; Y. W. C. A. Bettie Brasie minneapolis B.A. Advertising Theta Sigma Phi. Jane Cadwallader minneapolis B. A. Advertising Alpha Gamma Delta; Panhel- ienic Council 1, 3, Treasurer 4; Aquatic League 2, 3; Trailer Club; W, S. G. A., Junior Representative 3; Senior Class Committee. Miriam Goldberg minneapolis B. A. Child Welfare Menorah Club, Vice Pres. 4; W. A. A.; Y. W. C. A.; University Singers 3, 4. Albert S. Goustin minneapolis B. S. Psychology Copper Key; Gopher 4; Ski- U-Mah, Business Manager 4; Baseball I. Laura B. Hughes minneapolis B.A. Alpha Chi Omega; Sigma Ep- silon Sigma, President 2; Phi Beta Kappa; Mortar Board Y. W. C. A.; W. S. G. A. W, A. A., President 4; W. S, G. A. Board, Junior Rcpre sentativc 3; W. A. A. Board 3,4. Lenore Leecard minneapolis B. A. Commercial Art W. A. A. Board; W. S. G. A.; Y. W. C. A.; Singers Kenneth R. Mulcrone ST. PAUL B. A. Advertising Phi Delta Theta. Helen W. Murchie winnipeg, canada B. A. Journalism University of Manitoba; Kappa Kappa Gamma; Theta Sigma Phi; Cosmopolitan. John E. Paulsen minneapolis B.A. Delta Kappa Epsilon; Phi Sig- ma Phi; Band 1, 2, 3, 4; Masquers; Garrick 3, 4. Miriam Pickett minneapolis B.A. Kappa Kappa Gamma; Mor- tar Board, Treasurer; Trailer Club; W. S. G. A. Board. Treasurer 3, Vocational Chair- man 4; Junior Ball Chairman; Gopher, Sales 2, 3, 4; Ski- U-Mah, Sales 2, 3; Class Pres- ident 4; Big Sister 2; Y. W. C. A., Cabinet 2; Bib and Tucker, President; Inter-Class CounciL Herbert C. Richardson minneapolis B.A. Delta Tau Delta; Sigma Dcha Chi; Alpha Phi Chi. Rijkus L. Swets amsterdam, holland B. A. Business Cosmopolitan Club. UNIVERSITY COLLEGE Prof. John T. Tate The University College, under the direction of Professor John T. Tate, oflfers students an opportunity to follow a line of work based on individual abilities and desires rather than a prescribed course of study as assigned in the various professional schools. Requirements for entrance to the University College are exacting; students must have a high scholastic average and show definitely that their curricular needs cannot be satisfied by one of the other colleges. Those enrolled in this division of the University are permitted to take courses in any department and receive credit towards graduation for this work. Upon entering the University College, students submit a tentative outline of subjects they wish to take and indicate what their special interests are. They are then assigned appropriate advisors to assist them in carrying out the programs they have chosen to follow. Nearly all those registered in this college are upper-classmen, although freshmen and sophomores are sometimes permitted to enroll in this department. Graduation from the University College is just the same as in the other branches of the University; a cap and gown awaits those who pile up one hundred eighty credits and an equal number of honor points. UNIVERSITY " The General College is experimental — Minnesota ' s contribution to the need for changes in educational methods to meet current social trends. The General College is the product of fifteen years of research, planning and thought by the faculty and administrative statesmen. " An ideal towards which we aim is the fitting of a course pattern to each student through counselling and pr escription employing both our courses and those in other colleges. We do this rather than set up routine channels and attempt to adjust students to them. " Malcolm S. MacLean, Dean Dean Malcolm S. MacLean GENERAL COLLEGE Y 4V( - vCC ' lHi, Graduates of Two Year Course Ray Clarke minneapolis A. A. Jayne Foote minneapolis A. A. Mount Mary College; Alpha Omicron Pi; Coranto; W. S. G. A.; Gavel; Sophomore Ball, Committee 2; Cap and Gown Day, Captain; Panhellenic Delegate 1, 2. Morton C. Freer minneapolis A. A. Evelyn E. Pearson ST. PAUL A. A. Carleton College; Alpha Omicron Pi; Y. W. C. A. Sylvh Louise Striegl minneapolis A. A. Alpha Omicron Pi; W. S. G. A.; Y. W. C. A.; Newman Club; W. A. A. GENERAL COLLEGE GRADUATE SCHOOL " I ' ll tell you how I want to be able to pick you out ten years from now as a Minnesota graduate. You will fall into the group quietly, without pretense or proclamation. Your English will be correct and your thought your own. You yourself will have made your opportunities rich and rewarding by what you did for yourself in finding college the way to the good life. " Guy Stanton Ford, Dean SUMMER SESSION " Fifty-three years ago in the year 1881, forty-two students enrolled at the first Summer Session at the University of Minnesota. Attendance since that time has steadily increased until recently it passed well beyond five thousand. The depression affected it, of course, but the attendance for 1934 will probably be near four thousand with a curriculum of six hundred subjects for study and a staff of over two hundred fifty educators from our own faculty and that of other prominent universities. " T. A. H. Teeter, Dean EXTENSION DIVISION " This year the General Extension Division has devoted particular attention to the problem presented by high school graduates who are unemployed and who lack the means to go to college. These have been helped through super- vised, group correspondence courses m the several communities of the State. The Division has also promoted the movement for general participation in adult education. " Richard R. Price, Dean {91 } OTHER SENIORS Ruth Altermatt springfield ?. S. Dietetics Rockford College; Phi Omega Pi; Omicron Nu; Y. W. C. A.; Home Economics Association. B. B. A. George B. Herman minneapolis Washington University. Advertising Wilbur H. Andre ST. PAUL B. A. Political Science Scabbard and Blade; Iron Wedge; Pershing Rifles; Runners Club; Swimming 1, 2, 3; Captain 4; Cadet Colonel 4. E. William Kaiser MINNEAPOLIS B. Ch. E. Chemical Tau Beta Pi; Phi Lambda Upsilon; Cadet Officers Club; Mortar and Ball; Scabbard and Blade; Engineers ' Book- store Board. Claudia I. Bergman MINNEAPOLIS B. 5. Public School Music St. Olaf College; Bach Club; University Singers. Francis W. Boulcer ST. PAUL E. M. Metallurgy Newman Club; School of Mines Society, President. Robert Bruce .minneapolis B. B. A.. L. L. B. Law Delta Sigma Pi; Phi Delta Phi; Beta Gamma Sigma; Grey Friar; Phi Sigma Phi; Gopher, Business Manager 4; Band, 1,2,3,4. William Dedon ST. PAUL B. Aero. E. Aeronautical Chi Phi; M. S. A. E.; Concert Band. Melvin Kernkamp ST. PAUL B. E. E. Electrical Triangle; Pi Tau Pi Sigma; A. I. E. E. B. B. A. B. B. A. Russell Laxson minneapolis Beta Gamma Sigma. Dorothy Liebig minneapolis Accounting Secretarial Marie Lunney ST. PAUL B. S. Physical Education Aquatic League; Physical Education Association; W. A. A.; University Singers. George J. Doyle MINNEAPOLIS B. B. A. Advertising Phi Delta Theta; Alpha Delta Sigma; Gopher, 1, 2, 3, 4; Business Manager; Garrick Club. Elaine Effertz NORWOOD B. S. Physical Education Physical Education Association; W. A. A. Fern M. Fisk ST. PAUL B. S. Social Service Kappa Delta; Sigma Delta Gamma; Kappa Phi; Y. W. C. A.; Freshman Cabinet 1; Large Cabinet 2; Campus Sister 2, 3. Daryl James Gibson minneapolis B. 5. . Music Phi Mu Alpha; M Club; Minneapolis Symphony. H. Hudson Hamilton MINNEAPOLIS B. B. A. General Business . lpha Delta Phi; Scabbard and Blade; Runners Club. Robert W. Marshall bloomington B. E. E. Electrical Alpha Tau Sigma; A. I. E. E.; Engineers ' Bookstore Board of Directors; Techno-Log, Technical Editor 2, Associate Editor 3. Syneva L. Martin ST. PAUL B. 5. Home Economics Delta Delta Delta: Mortar Board; T. B. Club; Board of Publications 3; Freshman Week 2, 3; W. S. G. A. Board; Farm Campus Representatives 3; Gopher Sales 2, 3, 4; Ski-U-Mah Sales 2, 3, 4. George T. Pennock ST. PAUL B. B. A. Accounting Antioch College; Beta Alpha Psi; Beta Gamma Sigma. G. N. Fannie P. Rosenberg ST. PAUL Sigma Epsilon Sigma. Nursing {92} ..Sifci ' ,;! •jimaH Ko auH .H :i ' ,.Kyir;y.y.n . Music Building ACTIVITIES M : j» ' W ' - t 5 1 ■ J " ilillfllHE ' tIuH iIIi h -If H IBJ H F " i«» se m REPRESENTATIVE MINNESOTANS Gloria Boock Education President of Cap and Gown . . . vice-president of Pinafore . . . W. S. G. A. board . . . women ' s varsity debate . . . senate committee on de- bate . . . member of Pi Beta Phi, Zeta Phi Eta, and Eta Sigma Up- silon sororities. Hedley Donovan Arts Rhodes Scholar . . . Editorial Chair- man of The Minnesota Daily . . . chairman of the Student ' s Forum and of the Arts College Intermediary board ... a member of Phi Beta Kappa and Delta Upsilon fraterni- ties and Copper Key society. {98} Ruth Campbell Home Economics All-University council member in 1933 . . . Farm Campus Y. W. C. A. president . . . president of the Agri- cultural Students Council in 1933 ... a member of Mortar Board hon- orary and Phi Upsilon Omicron sorority. Robert DuPriest Medicine President of the All-University coun- cil .. . All-Junior president in 1933 ... a member of Grey Friars, Silver Spur, and Incus honoraries, Kappa Sigma, Phi Rho Sigma and Scabbard and Blade fraternities, and the Run- ners Club. {99) Arthur Lampland Lmw Junior president in Law for 1933 . . . Law Review . . . winner of Delta Sigma Pi Scholarship key and the Alpha Kappa Psi award in 1931 .. . a member of Grey Friars and Silver Spur honoraries, and of Phi Beta Kappa, Beta Gamma Sigma, Tau Kappa Epsilon, and Phi Delta Phi fraternities. Ethelmae Eylar Medical Technician President of W. S. G. A. . . . a mem- ber of the Mother ' s Day and the Representative Minnesotan selection committees in 1933 . a member of the All-University and Panhellenic councils . . . Dad ' s Day committee ... a member of Alpha Omicron Pi and Alpha Delta Tau sororities. {100} William Newgord Arts Dramatic director of the University Singers . . . leadin g male player in " The Prince of Pilsen " and an actor in a dozen productions of the Sing- ers and University theatre ... a member of Phi Kappa Psi frater- nity, Masquers society, and Garrick club. Alice Furbari Arts Manager of the W. S. G. A. book- store . . . secretary-treasurer of Cap and Gown ... a member of the W. S. G. A. board and the Y. W. C. A. office committee ... a mem- ber of Mortar Board honorary. Phi Beta Kappa and Lambda Alpha Psi fraternities, Sigma Epsilon Sigma sorority, and the Thalian literary society. nou Phillip Potter Arts Editor of The Minnesota Daily . . . copy editor of the Daily, vice- president of the Y. M. C. A., and associate Homecoming chairman in 1933 ... a member of Grey Friars and Silver Spur honoraries, Sigma Delta Chi fraternity, Copper Key society, and the Jacobin club. Dorothy Harris " " Arts President of Mortar Board honorary . . . secretary of the Women ' s Ath- letic association ... a member of Phi Beta Kappa and Kappa Rho fraternities, Sigma Delta Tau soror- ity, the Y. W. C. A., and the Me- norah society. {102} William Sears Engineering President of the All-University coun- cil and of the University Band . . . a member of Grey Friars and Plumb Bob honoraries and of Tau Beta Pi and Phi Sigma Phi fraternities. Laura Hughes University College President of the Women ' s Athletic association . . . Junior Representative on the W. S. G. A. board in 1933 ... a member of Mortar Board hon- orary, Phi Beta Kappa fraternity, Sigma Epsilon Sigma and Alpha Chi Omega sororities. {103} University of Minnesota Minneapolis Office of the President The following students have been selected by the committee as Representative Minnesotans for 1934: Hedley Donovan Robert DuPriest Arthur Lampland William Newgord Phillip Potter William Sears Gloria Boock Ruth Campbell Ethelmae Eylar Alice Furbari Dorothy Harris Laura Hughes (Signed) Lotus D. Coffman Anne Dudley Blitz Edward E. Nicholson Connie Crysler Earl Larson {104} PRESS Back Row — Carlson, Lagcrlof, Dvoracek, Johnson, Gorman, Kuehn, Harris Second Row — Mulcahey, Hoff, Stevens, Fjeldc, Baer, Myser Front Row — Ray, Springer, Donovan, Savage, Foley EDITORIAL STAFF David Donovan Editor Kenneth Ray Associate Editor Arnold Brassett Office Manaeer Russell Williams Art Ed itor Laura Bruce Art Editor Isabelle Baer Art Assistant John Foley Orsanizations Editor Helen Hoff Organizations Assistant Stan Lagerlof Organizations Assistant Dorothy Springer Senior Editor Harvey Goldstein Camera Editor Frank Manley Camera Assistant Ed Mulcahey Camera Assistant Terry Myser Scenic Editor Stan Carlson Calendar Editor Clyde Gorman ; Military Editor Bruce Harris. Militaiy Elitor Helen Jane Behlkc Dramatic Editor Harriet Premack Music Editor Frank Dvoracek Sports Editor Ellis Harris Sports Assistant Fritz Corrigan Intramural Editor Bill Bredesen Intramural Editor Phyllis Savage Women ' s Editor Audrey Fjelde W. A. A. Editor George Hcrion Earm Campus Editor Eunice Gunderson Copy Editor Alan Struthcrs Index Editor George Withy Index Editor Kay Stevens Mary Albrecht Marion Moes Virginia Ruhe Kenneth Ray Arnold Bkassett Laura Bruce Dorothy Springer RussELi, Williams John Foley BUSINESS STAFF Lyman Molander Business Managei Charles Wells Assistant Business Managei Ray Swartout Assistant Business Managei Morris Vance Gopher Associate Claire Berg Gopher Associate Marshall Taft Organization Manager Clarence Adams Assistant Organisation Manager Albert Goustin Sales Campaign Manager Phillip Biesanz Sates Campaign Manager Phoebe Hallenberg Office Secretary Helen Ebbighausen Assistant Secretary Marian Playman Assistant Secretary Mary E. Johnson Assistant Secretary Bob Biedermann Poster Artist Fred Warner Office Assistant Robert Crawford Office Assistant William McLennan Office Assistant Harold Mattlin Office Assistant Robert McClure Office Assistant m Lyman Molander Business Manager n f rv r A kiP Back Row — Ebbighausen, Biesanz, Playman, Wolcott, Johnson, Adams Second Row — Biedermann, kecd, McClure, Mattlin, McClennan, Warner, Bcvier Front Row — Swartout, Hallenberg, Molander, Weils, Berg, Vance ' W W , ' t- Ray SwARiouT Charles Wells Clare Berg Phoebe Hallenberg Morris Vance Marshall Taft Takr Onirr of Altt nlion Boforo itHh ' nU Itfgin Kitjiniii Vacation UK nzmr f ol. V» . T e World ' s Lar Thf f nitcrni y nf Mi Phil Poiter Editor 11. till Award 200 Diplomas at Winter Quarter Exercises OrtMiioni ' ' Set Thurf ay in Nortliroji — Uiniirr oii UiMlncMlay 24 Will G. i (;r»(luat«- School lh tere 12 to Uffi ' ivc MaM T of Arts Approsiriia ' f ' iy 200 seniors will re- C ' -i p lilplomafi at rommencenifnt ex- ! frau ert-lses Thunwifty at 11 ;30 ajn. tn ! « Northrop audiwrlum. The number of seniors to be gradu- i Bted has been set at 200 from a pre- liminary llat which probably will be ' reducpd through scholastic failures, i in The I ' ntvprWty has no defintte rUie ; Unit requiring .seniors to take final examl- ! • r.atioixs b rore Rraduation. Th ' - de- I . ( Is left to the discretion o( the| var. ' jijs colleges. 34 to Get Oraduate Decrees j f Graduate school degrees wtli be i __ t oiif erred on 24 penwr s. Of this num- p er. five will get doctors degrees. Vy«i» e gftantM of A rts arid two pn - « degrees will be degrees In chem- ' irlJ and clectri ' al awarded ia t T of agnrul- . ! bf conferfd U. Discovers Attempt f " " To Defraud Students | By Educational Gifts Ki jSubs jnlpf :lnve I. Back Row — Shippee, Ortlcr, Ncwhousc, KcUy, Ncwberg Fourth Row — Berquist, Bcrlobitz, Andrews, Sainsbury, Breman, Goldberg, Cann, Kennedy Third Row— Premack, Gritfin, Page, Smith. Hoover, Lantz, Baker, Reimbold Second Row— Rohan, Regan, Trygstad, Randolph, Fjelde, Greenwood, Loevinger, Aarestad Front Row— Elston, Goldish. Kosek, Emerson, Potter, Brennan, Donovan, Swcnsen, Costcllo C S. Postal Authorities Will Investigate; Plan Offering Large Awards in | Return for Mailing Charges i EDITORIAL STAFF Phil Potter Editor Hedley Donovan Editorial Chairman James Emerson City Editor Wilbur Elston Assistant City Editor Arne Sevareid City Assistant Richard MacMillan City Assistant Harriet Premack City Assistant Audrey Fjelde Reporter Helen Randolph Reporter Edward Sainsbury Reporter Al. Kosek Copy Editor Kerwin Hoover Assistant Copy Editor Hardy Smith Copy Reader Dan Stern Copy Reader Charles Butler Copy Reader Constance Trygstad Copy Reader Ethel Aarestad Copy Reader Sidney Goldish Sports Editor Courtney Swenson Assistant Sports Editor Mary Brennan Society Editor William Costello. . .Assistant Editorial Chairman George Griffin Intramural Sports Editor Adiniiii On ( I A petit! tion of a buitdlp.K ■ lugs ar;fl Itrday be more tha mcnitjers Aiik ' il ■ addition ings and Ur-- , to tlif Ip •A waik tH to fhf p! ::ttU ot »v nj iv vr«w«« « Vi agner Willi Programs Sliur ' I mrrU t niphoiiy at Pop i ' .inu ' vrl lo H Dvnn PhOi Lib In islier lo (»! ' I ' oiil Lauds 21 Va lit-lrinliir IViii (■ jirrl " - ' ri4HH -r SlinlicM :it.- Hedley Donovan SiDNKv Goldish Courtney Swf.nson James Emerson Mary Brennan Al Kosek Wilbur Elston Itv lterb« rt Tout lM .lrii tor in K -uiiomtr ;..; ii hi« Ki- ' vher 1.1 iii ' of the i ' l-i ; rf ' ■(ftiionitr platmlnn ni fhr i.iiiiy (I ' Ui one yf the men who Irt Anvil has tn.i(«(ently railed to our ttttcn- .onlesl I Ota Dailii ' iege Newspaper urday, March 17, 193 1 NO nvn.Y N. ' M Wwk :i» Staff TiirklfS Kxmii-: l U«ii ' nil April 3 IIM ilty iNew IDoor Arts Student Ousted for Failure To Attend Drill; Probe Pending Short Short Storv QUAKTUI CKAIK nrOKT „ ¥ CtfCf SfiPlrt ' irt KapUii SHELDON KAPLAN. left, is the lattrst Minnesota student to throw the mtlltary drill question into the forerront of canipas Issues. Above is a copy ol his fajl quarter grades. Below Is a replica of the sus- r)t ' i;.sion order he received yesterday. of buitdins )I Law .school [arch 15. a [ha! it w;i.s hoo! I hut Li the ou ' 5;;d ' ' indoBfi ijy. landniK ■if e froin the lent. That n thi-s {!oi r d. and that in this Unor le rnd of the Law at students fn)m the ■ the liff. ' S- sUTf ' t acul BUSINESS STAFF Walter Beadell Business Manager Jean Stark Office Manager Alice Niennber Secretary Rej ' nold Jensen Credit Manager John Crow Make-up Manager George Matt Circulation Manager Frank Schaller Circulation Assistant Grant Hartnagel Circulation Assistant Arthur Fossum . . Southeast Advertising Manager Wayne Hopkins Mpls. Advertising Manager Kenneth Mulcrone. .St. Paul Advertising Manager 3d ISopliomnrr W ilh VV A eragr Drop|M ( Krt»m I . tui E o uf FiiiaU Sheldon Knphiu ' H Kjilhrr. Mart ' S wioly t« Si-i-k Two formal request for aii investi- gation Into the suspension of Sheldon Kaplan. Arts college sophomore, for alleged failure to attend inlUtary lec- tures were in the process of pi-epara- tion lost night. Kaplan, who holds almost a straight A " average, aiid who de- clares he is not a " conscientious ob- jector " to drlU. received hb suspen- sion notice yesterday afternoon. Two InvMiiratlona Pendinc He is given the privilege of regl. - lering for the .spring quarter, how ever, but the cancellation of his win- ter quarter registration automatics ly means that mos nf hts woik -MiH-e Ocrob many o! his i oi i three quartei seqi be taken In oidei One requevt fu was forthroniuiK f omore honorary Kaplan ,a a mem will come from Ki feels that hi-; son Injustice by the L Ulce Ray Ohl.soi to raise a M nsatltj tendance at drill, student in phliosoi] NIcholsoii i Mrs- Mary Sfcinii Kaplan during lii ' ' conflict, refused ' la.-;t nipht wlieii n.iiiv. Walter Beadell Business Manager E- Gouli.l, 1 L. Bougt-L- and Henry (cUnun iR the pcii- iser, Wilbur lUnp, RaipJi lefer, H L Bade « v.d m F.-. ' - ' if ' . ' rcfr iUi " (l hey !).■■!- ' , •■ lU .s. " ' ' ' !;• " ' ;. Th.- ..r -. (Ifwir ij- ' icrf Jiear ' ,i bttlU. ' iir:. Back Row — Crow, Fossum, Matt, Hartnagel Front Row — Beadell, Nicnabcr, Hopkins ks ange Hourn ! tt w r ■ iRht. letfft ! ! ' .alii.;!! Add, Xh ' i Regular (; A Jo!) Will Kiul March 29: i ' Vi ork Planncf ruliirr I ' .mphiw to Krr V) pt)Milnit-nlo lui Itii-i I ■■The the tiUe • feasor of es Mexl Woek; list ' s iVIoney Work - Ni-il..i- to S|,r:ik ' llinixlin " ' ' " ' I Vl I i.niinin., Kvri-.i,.., riiid atatisuis, gfVfS to Umuh l i,i■r of Yalr iinl- venilly wlio K n vi i: the Ui«ivrrsltyj next we?k Wayne Hopkins John Crow Alice Nienaber Jean Stark Reynold Jensen George Matt (yj M H Ir ' EDITORIAL BOARD William Baring-Gould Editor John H. Smith Managing Editor Ben Kern Art Editor Bernard Moss Art Associate Lorenza Meiners Women ' s Editor Henry Zon Editorial Associate STAFF Harold Algyer Charles Nordiii Isabelle Baer Bettie Ragland Charles Campbell Paul Runnestrand Angelo Cohn Jane Stratmeyer Jayne Foote Norman Van Guilder Lewie Gilpin Russell Williams Back Row — Fra icr, Campbell, Gilpin, Moss, Portcrmain, Williams Third Row — Kanel, Randolph, Van Guilder, Baer, Ncwburg Second Row — Algyer, Foote, Brown, King, Ragland, Cohn Front Row — Meiners, Gorman, Baring-Gould, Smith, Zon John Smith Lorenza Meiners Ben Kern PLEDGE NUMBER SBB 0 K]0 @S@ A BUSINESS STAFF Albert S. Goustin Business Manager James N. Ravlin Circulation Manager Philip F. Biesanz Advertising Manager Preston Reed Credit Manager Phyllis Savage Subscription Manager Marion L. Johnson Distribution Manager William Spillane Advertising Assistant Mitchell Garber Advertising Assistant Art Harvey Advertising Assistant Arthur Lund Advertising Assistant Carol White Office Assistant Ruth Fitzgerald Office Assistant Anna Jane Patterson Office Assistant Mary Ann Devine Office Assistant Albert S. Goustin Business Manager C t m f-%s k: ' BUSINESS STAFF Third Row — White, Johnson, Recti, Patterson Second Row — Fitzgerald, Savage, Devine Front Row— Ravlin, Goustin, Spillane, Biesanz ■msm " en Cents Phil Biesanz Preston Reed James Ravlin ' 9 c f r p Back Row — Sienson, Lew, Engbcrg, Llndgren, Leiyhton, Schrupp, Stone Second Row — Kirkpatrick, Johnson, Grimm, Smith, Thees, Tyrrell From Row — Knudscn, Bennett, Granbcrg, Rosenberg, Sundin MINNESOTA MENTOR Gordon Granberg Millard Sundin Chester Powers Margaret Lyon Rivia Rosenberg Harold Haiden Mildred Bennett Eunice Nelson Carol Stenson Manfred Schrupp Managing Editor Associate Editor Associate Editor Copy Editor Art Editor Feature Editor Business Manager Circulation Manager Advertising Manager Associate Advertising Manager Gordon Granberg Editor Editorial Assistants Paul Stone Arthur Lindman lone Brack Jean Smith Hildegarde Johnson Roy Oen Richard Knudsen John Spelman Corinne Chapman Sue Lew Mary Leighton Roy Peterson Anna Lindgren Elizabeth Kirkpatrick Leo Gelb Russel W. Johnson Helen Kay Thees George Engberg Thyrza Tyrrell Gretchen Grimm Art Staff Assistant Art Staff Assistant Business Assista nt Business Assistant Mildred Bennett Business Manager { 112} Back Row — Maddock, Zieglcr, Bossen, Dixon, Olson, Kahn Third Row — Budish, Middel, Kershaw, A. Cohen, Swcatt, Warner, Bcvicr Second Row — Bannister, Buck, Calccn, M. Cohen, Tudor, Reynolds Front Row — Pederson, Whittier, Monson, Lcland, Rosholt, Ripken TECHNO LOG EDITORIAL STAFF Ralph Monson Editor Ralph Monson . Managing Editor Eugene Price Richard Pederson { . Associate Editors Arnold Cohen Copy Editor David Buck Alumni Editor Raymond Weidlich Art Editor Thomas Tudor Editorial Assistants Illustrating Editor Harlow May Orville Becklund Nathan Budish Leander Fischer Edward Marshall Howard Kahn Eugene C. Cutts Morris Cohen Fred Warner Richard Longfellow James E. Moore Condit Bevier BUSINESS STAFF Gordon Rosholt Business Manager Herbert Jensen Local Advertising Manager Robert Dixon National Advertising Manager Charles Sv eatt Office Manager Richard Henning Local Circulation Manager Malven Olson National Circulation James W. Moore Collections Manager George Reynolds John Thiem Business Assistants TECHNO-LOG BOARD Dean Ora M. Leland Professor Alvin S. Cutler Gordon Rosholt Business Manager John Ripken Hendrick Middel Edward Maddock Reynold Calcen Roger Bossen George Whittier Civil Engineering Electrical Mechanical . Aeronautical Chemistry . Architecture {113} SOCIAL » SENIOR PROM THE LEADERS Left to Right: Gloria Boock. Walter Hargeshcimcr, Eunice Gundcrson, Craig Gaskcll, Jeanne Tellier, Harry Peterson, Miriam Pickett, Owen Wynne, Mary Ella Brackett, Locke Perkins The grand march at the forty-sixth annual Senior Prom held on May 4 in the Hotel Lowry ' s Grand Ball- room began at midnight. The fif- teen leading couples were made up largely of senior presidents from the various colleges and their partners. Some couples march; most couples watch The two hundred twenty-five couples dined in the Terrace Cafe after three hours of dancing. After the supper, Jimmy Garrigan and his band continued to play until 4 a. m. (Left) Walter Harges heimer, senior presiden from Education and hea of the senior commission marched first in line witl Gloria Boock, president o Cap and Gown, the W. S G. A. organization fo fourth year women. Locke Perkins, commis sion member from Law headed the General Ar rangements committee foi the affair. Favors this yeai were leather picture frame; enclosing the programs. Tickets for the Prom thij year were priced lower thar they had been for a decade Admissions were set al $6.50, a reduction of $3.5C from the charge in 1930. I JUNIOR BALL THE LEADERS Right to Left — Don Truscott, Ardenc Berg, Joe Winslow, Marion Hyde, Don Paulson, Martha Page, Don Anderson, Margaret Dodds, William Lockwood, Helen Stevenson Carlton Coon ' s orchestra enter- tained the J. B. guests during the dinner hour in the Lowry ' s Terrace Cafe. Red Nichols played for the two hundred seventy-five (paid, cost and complimentary) couples who danced in the Grand Ballroom from ten until three-thirty. The picture at the left shows the leaders sustaining themselves with food after the arduous grand march. Don Truscott, All-Junior president from the School of Dentistry, and Ardene Berg, Arts College junior, were king and queen for the evening of February 9. The first lady wore a mint green sylph chiffon creation with the shoulder line accented by a soft Victorian drape drawn to a V in front. The number one couple were followed by four- teen other pairs of " in lines, " mostly junior presi- dents from the various colleges and their guests. Regent and Mrs. George W. Lawson of St, Paul were among the patrons and patronesses The leaders, Don Truscott and Ardenc Berg, appear at the right The forty-second annual Junior Ball was quite different from most of its predecessors in some respects and similar in others. In 1918 the J. B. gate reached fully $138. Ex- penses amounted to $78.75. In past years the budgets have usually totaled around $1,400, but expenses are up too, so the profits remain about the same as they were in 1918. Favors this year were wooden cigarette cases with " ]B " monograms embossed on the covers. Something seems to be amusing to the group in this picture. Maybe it ' s the Gopher photographer. I NTER- PRO FES S I O N A L BALL Representatives of the twenty professional fraternities and their guests journeyed to the Hotel Lowry on January 19 for the annual " Interpro " ball. Jack Crawford, " the clown prince of jazz, " furnished the music for the two hundred and twenty couples who were present at this event. George Herion and Kermit Johnson, co-chairmen of the aflair, led the grand march with Muriel Hoien and Floramae Boyle. Others in line were Robert Mattison and Gloria Boock, William Churchill and Betty Newburg, Thomas Doyle and Delores Fahey. Tri Delts entertained the leading couples at a banquet before the ball. Several breakfasts at professional fraternity houses furnished the finale for the affair. Publicity ideas for the " Interpro " hit a new low this year. One of the early stories was to the effect that Slatz Randall would be unable to play for the ball because he was in quarantine somewhere in Texas. Another publicity story told how two brothers who had not seen each other for five years would be re-united at the ball. In spite of these stories, however, the ball was a financial success. Right to Left — George Herion and Muriel Hoien, Kermit lohnson and I-loramac Boyle, Robert Mattison and Gloria Boock, William Chur- chill and Betty Newburg. Some of the two hundred and twenty couples who danced until the early hours at Minnesota ' s forty-first annual Military Ball. MILITARY BALL Amid decorations of flags from all nations, replicas of sandbag dugouts, and assorted ma- chine guns and mortars, two hundred and fifty couples danced in the Lowry ballroom to the strains of Freddie Bergin ' s orchestra at the forty-first annual Military Ball. The ticket sales for the Military Ball indicated that prosperity really was on the way back. The first sellout since 1930 was registered at this year ' s affair; admissions were set at five dollars a couple. Leaders of the grand march this year were Cadet Colonel Wilbur Andre and his partner, Miss Louise Hatfield. Following this couple were Cadet Lieutenant Colonel William Skinner and Miss Loretta Koelfgren; Cadet Lieutenant Colonel Arthur L. Sanford and Miss Betty Wood; Cadet Lieutenant Colonel Alva Kaliher and Dorothy Bonhus; Cadet Major Ray Willard and Miss Carla Meacham; Cadet Major William Rinsland and Mrs. Rinsland; Cadet Major Elmer Apmann and Katherine Seiter; Cadet Major John McGlone and Miss Elizabeth Oden- bright; Cadet Major Karl Granquist and Miss Elizabeth Hultgren; Cadet Major Bruce Har- ris and Miss Nancy Paris; Cadet Major Clarence Caparoon and Miss Florence Marlander. Left to Right — Louise Hatfield, Wilbur Andre, Loretta Koelfgren, William Skinner. Betty Wood, Arthur Sanford, Dorothy Bonhus, Alva Kaliher. Carla Meacham, Ray W. Willard »0 - ?f ' f- .iwesuwii ' - ' r jai I Miners ill Dame At Shindig Fridaj " I r lurr ia Mining I n To dniil GuM« ' niihsity Band Will Hold Annual Formal on Friday Night at Lou:rii «»;ii.-r. lor Trmibii« l « B .iy O . ah- .sibr fR. 0. T. C. Members, Gueitt Dance At Cndet OKcer ' Ball Tonight ' 0 (ominon fetfi I ' Ihii for ■Kcdiuii Security ' at D« V: Farm lUrJlX ' Min nftUtt to Attend ■.•.n:..r.- ffn ' ! ■- ' pit Sludents Namrtl To Arranjte Firsd ' I ' inaiicii,T.s Hiiia Unnual I i i ' 7 ii Ji OTHER SOCIAL EVENTS The Junior Ball, Senior Prom, Military Ball, and Interpro Dance are by no means the only social events of the University year. Pictured on this page are at the top left, the Sanford Hall winter formal; top center, the Miner ' s Shindig; top right, the Newman club winter formal; center left, the Band formal; center, the Sophomore Ball; center right, the Cadet Officers ' Ball; bottom left, the Sophomore Ball; bottom center, the " Financier ' s Fling, " a Business school affair; and bottom right, the Common Peepul ' s Ball. Among other dances of importance not shown here because of their late occurrence were the Pan- Hellenic Ball held on April 27 and the Freshman Frolic on May 11. M U S C {121} ARTIST ' S COURSE AND SYMPHONY SOLOISTS Among the many famed artists who came this year to the University of Minnesota campus to appear as soloists with the MinneapoUs Symphony Orchestra or as features on the Artist course programs were the musicians shown on this page. 1. Harold Bauer, noted pianist and composer. 2. Tito Schipa, tenor with the Met- ropolitan Opera Company. 3. Fritz Kreisler, world famous vio- linist and composer. 4. Lily Pons, vivacious coloratura soprano. 5. Jascha Heifetz, famous violinist. 6. Sergei Rachmaninoff, composer and pianist. 7. Crete Stueckgold, distinguished German soprano. {122} Mr. and Mrs. Carlyle Scott Important persons in the musical world of the University are those shown on this page. At the top, Mr. and Mrs. Carlyle M. Scott; at right, Earle G. Killeen, and below, Eugene Ormandy and a few heads from the Minneapolis Symphony Orchestra. Mrs. Scott — Verna Lou — and " Mother " to her family, Eugene Ormandy, and the symphony men, is the power behind the symphony and Artists ' Series concerts. Mr. Scott is head of the University ' s department of music. University Singers are Professor Killeen ' s particular hobby and pride — especially when their shows call for donkeys which insist on dying. The Min- neapolis Symphony orchestra spent an eventful week in January making record- ings for the RCA Victor Company. " Silence, Please, " and stalwart guards surrounded Northrop Memorial auditorium while the recordings were in process to facilitate the recording which went on eight hours a day. Earle G. Killeen (Below) 1 Ht Symphony Recording Since 1913, when he came to the University as director of the Agricultural College orchestra, Professor Abe Pepinsky has been one of the leading musicians in the Twin Cities. Taking over the University symphony orchestra in 1919, he has con- ducted it since then, with the exception of one year ' s sabbatical leave, which was spent studying in Germany. Two years ago, he took a master ' s degree at the University, with a major in physics and a minor in mathematics. At the present time, he is engaged in research work on the instrumental spectra and the physics of tone color. The Collegium Musicum, an innova- tion of this year, was his idea. The picture below was taken at the winter musicale. (Director Pepinsky in the inset.) Containing a small nucleus of faculty members and grad- uate students, but consisting largely of undergraduates, the University symphony orchestra concluded another successful year of which it can well be proud. The musicians were heard in three formal concerts, one each quarter, and countless other programs of lesser importance. The activities of the group centered around four categories — chamber music, the Collegium Musicum, a laboratory orchestra, and the University symphony orchestra, per se. The orchestra also accompanied three Uni- versity Singers ' productions, assisted outstanding solo talent among the graduating seniors in the Music school, and par- ticipated in the Commencement program in June. Joan Koupis was concert-mistress. UNIVERSITY SYM P HON Y ORCHESTRA {124} MINNEAPOLIS SYMPHONY ORCH ESTRA Eugene Ormandy, little, blond, and dynamic, has concluded a third tremendously successful season as conductor of the Minneapolis Symphony Orchestra. He has won high praise both here and in the east, where he was guest conductor of the Philadelphia Symphony Orchestra five different times. While on tour through the south, middle west, and east with the orchestra, he brought new fame to himself, to the orchestra, and to the University. Possessing a keen sense of humor, Ormandy is very popular with the men of his orchestra and with the public personally, as well as musically. Already, he is ranked comparably with Toscanini and Stokowski, world- famous conductors. The 1933-1934 season of the Minneapolis Symphony Or- c hestra again equalled the high standard of excellence set in almost thirty years of jjerformance. Sixteen Friday night con- certs, seventeen Sunday " pop " concerts, and four children ' s concerts were played. In addition, the orchestra was heard twice each week in nation-wide radio broadcasts. During January, the orchestra made a series of phonograph recordings for the RCA Victor Company. In a year when other leading symphony orchestras were forced to limit their annual tours to three or four concerts, the Minneapolis Symphony Orchestra played fifteen concerts on an unusually successful twenty-one day southern tour. {125} ' r ir- «a ' " " , k -W t r ? tf hok - ■ -- Aj. r9 J9!Ji.. IJJ.m iej» " • «. THE DESERT SONG CAST Margot Nanette Abt The Red Shadow Gordon Griebenow Susan Georgia McConnell Bennie . . . . . " Par){e Heffern Azuri Arleen Bass Paul George Loomis Sid El Kar Louis Keymer Hadji Bruce Stenberg Clementina Virginia Telfet General Birabeau Donald Hawkins Ali Ben AH Orville Aftreth Tuneful melodies, lively comedy, bright romance, and spirited action made the University Singers production of The Desert Song one long to be remembered as premier entertainment. Eleven soloists, the Uni- versity Singers chorus, and ballet of one hundred members were under the general direction of Earle G. Killeen and William B. Newgord, stage manager. Combining the brilliance of Aida, the dashing spirit of The Vagabond King, the exuberance of Babes in Toyland, and the beauty of Madam Butterfly, The Desert Song brought new success to the Singers. Against exquisite stage settings, the well-known songs of the operetta assumed new meaning, and the familiar characters lived once more. A note of tragedy was added by the inexplicable death of two donkeys, in quick succession, as soon as they were chosen to par- ticipate in the comic sequences of the show. The third donkey, however, survived. THE PRINCE OF PILSEN CAST Hans Wagner William Newgord Prince of Pilsen Louis Keymer Widow Crocker Yvonne Poirier Nellie Wagner Mary Catherine Blen er Artie, Lord Somerset Bruce Marvin Tom Wagner Frederic Johnson Francois Kenneth Stewart Edith Adams Nanette Abt Sidonie Caryl Meyer Jimmie Donald Hauf ins As their winter quarter production, the University Singers revived the musical comedy favorite of thirty years ago, the Prince of Pilsen. The romantic atmosphere of old Heidelberg filled Northrop Memorial auditorium March 1 and 3 as appreciative audiences laughed at the antics of Cincinnati ' s funniest citizen, Hans Wagiier, played by that veteran of University Singers ' shows, William B. Newgord. Under the supervision of Earle G. Killeen, the comedy became one of action and color. The costumes and sets were especially pleasing, with highest honors going to the bathing chorus of 1904, whose appearance on the stage added greatly to the merriment. Musically, the show was excellent. The singing of the famous old Heidelberg " Stein Song " literally stopped the performance each time, and the male chorus, led by Louis Keymer, was forced to repeat the number. •kjiKmi «» f«l«y ' «? tr Gerald R. Prescott, conduc- tor of the University of Minne- sota band, is concluding his second successful year here. BAND The maroon and gold uniform of the University of Minnesota band was worn by two hundred sixty-two men this year, in one of the largest bands ever assembled at Minnesota. There were three divisions: the concert band, the marching band, and the cadet band. The calendar was followed, and the band played at football games, basketball games, track events, special convo- cations, parades and other special events. Fall and winter quarter concerts were played in Northrop Memorial auditorium. In the spring, four twilight programs were played, out-of-doors. The first week of the spring quarter, ninety members of the band played a five day tour, giving twelve concerts in eight towns. The band participated in the spring quarter Commencement activities, to bring an unusually successful year to a close. OFFICERS William Sears President Nick Berklacich Vice-President Orville Nedrelow Secretary Herbert Jensen Treasurer Hugo L. Cohen Manager John E. Paulsen . . Publicity Manager Jaston Karon ) .. ., , c J ■ Librarians Carleton StendersonJ Paul Runnestrand. . Quartermaster George Aagard Drum-Major {128} DRAMA Lola Jones Sheppard Business Manager Warren Lee (right), Technical Director, confers with Branson Woodworth, Stage Manager for " Joan of Arl ansaw " Kendrick Wilson, Mak,etip Artist (above) , putting a few synthetic years on Burton Wright I »Wprg_ M t s ALI S O N ' S HOUSE CAST Elsa Ruth Dietrich Miss Agatha Dorothy Kennedy Eben Arthur Peterson, Jr. Mr. Stanhope Robert Shrewsbury Ted Robert Bruce Jennie Caroline Davidson Louise Marguerite Phillips Ann Leslie Betsy Strout Richard Knowles Larry Schwimmer Hodges Frederic W. Halbl{at Mrs. Hodges Evelyn Steele A Pul itzer prize winning play opened the 1933-34 season of the University theatre when A. Dale Riley, director, chose Susan Glaspcll ' s Alison ' s House as his first production. This play, based on the life of the poetess, Emily Dickinson, was one of the more serious and subtle productions of this year, and through implication appealed to its audi- ences intellectually as well as emotionally. The spirit of Alison, (Emily Dickinson), dead several years before the action of the drama opens, pervades the entire story and her pathetic life and love exerts an effect on all the other characters in the play. In each of them is seen some modification of the same poetic struggle through which she suffered. Filled with the charm and tradition of a time past, this play has as its setting, the old Stanhope mansion in Iowa, and as its time, the closing hours of the nineteenth century. The sets and costumes con- tributed materially to the effectiveness of this production. THE TAMING OF THE SHREW CAST Christofer Sly William B. Newgord Petruchio Richard Carlson Kate Lorraine Andreson Bianca Ruth Davis Lucentio ]ames Ravlin Baptista Burton Wright Tranio Larry Gates Grumio Theodore Callahan Gremio Everett Elmer Hortensio Ray Irwin Lord Larry Schtvimmer Vincentio Frederic Hilgendorj Pedant Arthur Peterson, Jr. Shakespeare in modern dress took the attentions of the University theatre players when they presented a twentieth century edition of The Taming of the Shrew, from December 5 to 9. Clement T. Rams- land directed the production. All of the original humor and gayety of the original comedy were retained while the combination of Elizabethan dialogue and Hart, Schaflner, and Marx clothes added much to the amusement. The set- tings for this presentation were light in color, skillfully constructed and arranged for quick changes. Every comic device known in the fifteenth century or at the present time was employed in this mad hilarity-fest, and as a result, tricks from puns to pie-throwing found a place in this show. Perhaps the highlight of the play was the entrance of Petruchio in the wedding scene. The bridegroom ' s costume consisted of light blue shorts, a red and black plaid jacket, an orange shirt and a trench helmet. . . . tyf i % r.L„ - ■■■. ,; ■■ m c V i; :l; j K _4n|»B GOD BY PROXY CAST Dr. Carroll Larry Schwimmer Barry Desmond I " J _ , „ Robert C. Bruce Jack Paige ( Barry Desmond II Donald Lilles ov Mrs. Desmond Caroline Davidson Courtney Carroll Betty Schneiderhan Mrs. O ' Connor Lorraine Carroll Dwight Paige Branson Woodworth Miss Thorn Phyllis Lilienfela God by Proxy was chosen by A. Dale Riley as the first experimental venture of the Theater for this season. This problem-play was written by Miss Alice Prendergast, a teacher in Mechanics Arts high school in St. Paul, and the presentation was its premiere performance. The plot was concerned with the psychological proposition that environment exerts more influence than heredity, but the action finally indicates that man is powerless to alter the workings of God. As an experiment to verify his convictions about the importance of environment. Dr. Carroll confuses the identity of the infant sons of two of his best friends. One child was the son of an habitual drunkard, and the other of a father whose morals were irreproachable. The doc- tor ' s plan works out successfully until his daughter becomes involved, and he finds that his scheme all but wrecks her future. The drama ends satisfactorily, however, with the author ' s purpose clearly consummated. {133} THE DEVIL PAS S ES CAST Rev. Nicholas hucyAithui H.Peterson, ]i: D. C. Magnus Richard Carlson Paul Robinson Marion Miller Dorothy Lister Kathryn Grill Cosmo Penny Ray Irwin Rev. Herbert Messiter Everett Elmer Beatrice Messiter Evelyn Steele Louis Kisch Fred Heard Ellen Jeanne Ewing Clement Ramsland chose as his second production for this year Benn W. Levy ' s sophisticated comedy, The Devil Passes. The sparkling lines and clever characterizations of this play keep it from becoming an extremely involved theological problem, for its main theme is the sup- position that the Devil, in the form of the Reverend Nicholas Lucy, comes into the home of D. C. Magnus and exerts his influence on the guests gathered there. In a fascinating game of Truths, each member of the group reveals his secret desire in life, and Mr. Lucy determines to help all of them realize their ambitions. As the story unravels, he does provide fulfillment of their wishes, but in such a way that the acceptance of his offer involves the upsetting of the individual ' s moral code in some way. So each person in turn refuses him, and reveals adherence to God. Especially commendable were the excellent sets for this production. tif ■Hfc. :.-Jl K " J OAN OF ARKANSAW CAST Joan Dorothy Boure William Robert Bruce Mary Tierney Betsy Strout Jim Tierney Fred Halb at Grandma Tierney Helen Jane Behl e Gen Van Camp Dorothy Kennedy Archie Van Camp Robert Shrewsbury George Allen John Manning " Joan of Ar ansatv , " an original script by William F. Davidson of St. Paul, was selected as the last play on the University Theater calendar. Advertised as " a play without a problem " and as " the funniest show of the year, " this brilliant piece of high comedy was a suitable climax to an unusually interesting year in the Theater. The plot is based on mistaken identity of four of the characters Joan is an actress stranded in Bayfield who poses as a French maid in the Tierney home. Likewise William, the son of an English Lord, has taken the job as the Tierneys ' butler while the Van Camps are a pair of New York crooks who pry their way into the affections of Jim and Mary. The whole situation is cleared up by the old pioneering Grand- mother, who never misses a chance to listen at doors and keyholes. " Joan of Ar ansaw " was generally conceded to be the outstanding production of the Theater for the current season. {135} VH B J . £ JP M ' Theater foGivePlays by Firkim (Vo™«n. " «. ' nlo lli«D«.] mm _,t Is Announced for William PUy »t Campus Theitrri DEBATE DEBATE Frank M. Rarig Head of the Department of Speech During the 1933-1934 debating season, twenty-one students repre- sented the University of Minnesota in a total of twenty-seven debates on four different propositions. A women ' s squad of seven members participated in debates with Eau Claire State Teachers College, Coe College, the University of Wisconsin, and the University of Iowa. Only two of these debates, those held with Wisconsin and Iowa, were decision contests. Minnesota won from Iowa and lost to Wisconsin. The men ' s squad of fifteen members held debates with Marquette, Notre Dame, College of the City of Detroit, Iowa State, Chicago College of Law, North Dakota State, St. Thomas, and the schools in the Western Conference Debate League, which comprises Ohio State, Purdue, In- diana, Michigan, Illinois, Northwestern, Iowa and Wisconsin Universi- ties. All non-conference debates with the exception of the debate with the College of the City of Detroit (won by Minnesota), were non- decision debates. Dean Carlson Charles Lowe Gloria Boock George Koplow Charles Evans John Speakes Kenneth Ray Olgamarie Novak DEBATE Some non-decision debates were held with conference schools, but at least one decision debate was held with each member of the con- ference. In the decision debates with Conference schools, Minnesota men won decisions from Ohio, Indiana, Purdue, and Iowa, and lost to Michigan, Northwestern, Illinois, and Wisconsin. The high spot in the year ' s activities was the Western Conference Debate League tourna- ment held at Northwestern in March. Each conference school had six debates at the tournament. Minnesota tied with Iowa and Northwestern for first place at this contest with four victories and two defeats. Min- nesota tied with Wisconsin and Michigan for third place in Western Conference debating for the year. The debate with Iowa State is to be published in the 1934 edition of Intercollegiate Debates, the standard American year book of intercollegiate debating. Franklin H. Knower Debate Coach Lee Loevinger Arnold Baron Genevieve Arnold Saadia Gelb Lucie Lawson Harold LeVander Shirley Pratt Elsie Tingloff FACULTY MEMBERS Helen G. Canoyer Melba F. Hurd Howard Gilkinson Frar iklin H. Knower Haldor B. Gislason Francis K. Del Plaine Harvey Hoshour Frank Rarig GRADUATE STUDENTS Isabelle GiUilland Lola Jones Sheppard Edna Hansen Robert Wilson ACTIVES Saadia Gelb Burnell Koolish Lee Loevinger James Gislasen DELTA SIGMA RHO Founded Minnesota, 1906 50 Chapters HONORARY FOR E ' ,N S I C S {140} MILITARY {141} •■ ' J K VY Lieutenant Colonel Lloyd R. Fredendall, commandant for the University R.O.T.C., assumed his Minnesota post last jail. On the basis of scholarship as well as extra- curricular activity within the corps, Wilbur Andre, Arts ' 34, was appointed cadet-colonel for the year. As ranking student officer he led the military ball and commanded the spring review. In addition to military affairs Cadet Andre found time to captain the Min- nesota varsity swimmers and work in the Men ' s Union. MILITARY Coming direct from the Vancouver Bar- racks on the west coast. Lieutenant Colonel Lloyd R. Fredendall arrived on the heels of Lieutenant Colonel Hester, who was trans- ferred to Porto Rico during the fall quarter. The new colonel is commandant of Minne- sota cadet corps and functions through his staff of regular army officers attached to the department. He was commissioned as a major in August of 1917, and received his present rank the following year. As a student of the Army War College he graduated in 1925 with citations of special merit. Within a year of his present four year assignment, Colonel Fredendall has produced a unit which again bids fair to rank high when the annual spring inspections are published for the corps area. Cadet Colonel Wilbur Andre led the Military Ball with Miss Louise Hatfield. The commanding cadet offi- cers: I ft to right, Lieutenant Colonel Alva Kaliher, Lieu- tenant Colonel William Sl{in- ner, Colonel Wilbur Andre, and Lieutenant Colonel Ar- thur Sanford. MILITARY INSTRUCTION STAFF Housed in the old stone Armory, patterned after historic forts that set up an advance guard for the new-world civilization are fourteen officers of the regular army who have been sta- tioned here to train cadets for the Officers ' Re- serve Corps. These regulars are assisted by seven non-commissioned officers. The entire staff, under the command of Lieutenant-Colonel Fredendall, covers five branches of the service: the Infantry, under Major Methven; the Coast Artillery, under Major Shippam; the Signal Corps, under Captain Minckler; and Medical and Dental Corps under Major Guthrie. Back Row — Sergeant Buckncr, Staff Sergeant Cunningham, Staff Sergeant Scay, Staff Sergeant Mylke, Sergeant Peterson Third Row — Master Sergeant Stridcr, Lieutenant Conrad, Lieutenant Ericson, Captain Minckler, Lieutenant Richmond, Techn ical Sergeant Dunkum Second Row — Captain Davenport, Captain Wiggins, Captain Ellis, Captain Birks, Captain Krause Front Row — Major Jones, Major Guthrie, Lieutenant Colonel Fredendall, Major Shippam, Major Methvin Back Row — Linehan, Gruenhagen, Hauser, Vail Second Row — Fordcrbrogen, T. Hanold, R. Hanold, Gottfried, Haaland Front Row — Stern, Coach Mylke, Captain Director Ellis, Captain Helseth RIFLE TEAM With a continuation of the championship form that carried over from last season, when the Minnesota Rifle team took National Intercollegiate honors from a field of about fifty colleges including West Point, the Gopher Gunners again shot their way to national prominence. They scored second and third consecutive championships in the Big Ten, and telegraphic matches respectively. In the Hearst and War Department national matches they bettered their own last year ' s winning scores. Among the leading veterans to be lost by graduation are Oswald Helseth, captain, and Dan Stern, who holds a brilliant individual record. CRACK DRILL SQUAD The military department points with pride to its crack squad. Instructed by Major Willis Shippam, the fifteen men who compose the squad meet twice each week and go through their formations. Men to fill the ranks are chosen from the freshmen by elimination competition. Major W. Shippam. Kitagawa, A. Kerr, V. Kerr. Cook, Lein, West, Drevcskract, Horner, J. D. Peterson, DriscoU, Avery, Dobbin, Captain Hardiman | ' ' t;r ' ' 1s Vftf CPntH ' .iftnc ■ tEi ' REGENTS VOTE TO KEEP DRIL. ATUNIVERSIl jOitc- tmn ttM hv Blind ' ,20 liiivf-rhil). Arm M. Rc«ir« Aoniml iii ersily Ca(It ' l [Will Display Drilf Ability Tomoiroij f k;? l --i i iMd4 iri ' in ' ' f ♦ ' ,ir jr « ., adelsWill raraflc )n Northrop Toda;, In Final InspcdiiniJ m 1 1. Ki- ifH on i rlhroi iu 1 :« ' r : l " if ' ' " Tramp, Tramp, Tramp " MILITARY The ultimate aim of the R. O. T. C. is to produce person- nel for the Officers ' Reserve Corps. At Minnesota training is given for three branches of the regular army; namely: the Infantry, the Coast Artillery, and the Signal Corps. In event of emergency this Reserve Corps will form the skeletal structure of the civilian army. One summer before receiving his commission each advanced cadet is trained by experiences in the field. During this time the paper work done on the campus is proven by actual manoeuvres on the ground. The Infantry men are sent to Fort Snelling, while the other branches are dispatched to Fort Sheridan. This year for the first time, cadets have been able to check weather conditions by glancing at a flag pole, rather than speculating on cloud formations or reading bulletins. It ' s all very simple: If a blue flag shares the staff with Old Glory, it will rain — at least as far as the campus soldiers are concerned. MINNESOTA WOMEN {145: WOMEN ' S SELF GOVERNMENT ASSOCIATION CAP AND GOWN SENIOR Pfacndcr, Brohaugh, Burwcll, Hyde OFFICERS Gloria Boock President Loretta Koelfgren Vice-President Alice Furbari Secretary-Treasurer Jeanette Barquist Senior Representative TAM O ' SHANTER JUNIOR Pfacnder, Brohaugh, Burwell, Hyde OFFICERS Helen Brohaugh President Marion Pfacndcr Vice-President Janet Burwell Secretary Marion Hyde Junior Representative {146} WOMEN ' S SELF GOVERNMENT ASSOCIATION PINAFORE SOPHOMORE tcgks, Morrill, Carlson, Brcnnan Marjorie Morrill Winona Carlson Constance Fegles Mary Brennan . OFFICERS President Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer Sophomore Representative BIB AND TUCKER FRESHMAN Way, Aslakson, Pitch, Regan OFFICERS Jessie Aslakson Elizabeth Ann Fitch Katherine Regan Virginia Way President Vice-President Secretary Freshman Representative {147} WOMEN ' S SELF GOVERNMENT ASSOCIATION SENIOR ADVISORY BOARD Back Row — Cryslcr, Donahue, Weld, Stremel Front Row — Eviar, Gardner, Ramsdell Constance Crysler Eileen Donahue MEMBERS Ethelmae Eylar Mary Gardner Betty Ramsdell Emily Stremel Florence Weld FARM CAMPUS BOARD Back Row — West, Arncson, Berg, Mcacham Front Row — Erickson, Ramsdell, Hathaway, Jenkins FACULTY MEMBER Vetta Goldstein EX-OFFICIO MEMBERS Barbara Bell, Home Economics Association {148} Ruth Arneson Violet Berg Marguerite Erickson MEMBERS Ruth Hathaway Eunice Hendrickson Marian Jenkins Carla Meacham Ruth Campbell, Y. W. C. A. Betty Ramsdell Lucille Spellman Miriam West WOMEN ' S SELF GOVERNMENT ASSOCIATION INTERPROFESSIONAL BOARD Back Row — Levine, Smith, Christcnson, Thomas, Phillips Kront Row — Corson. Peterson, Cummings, Hansen, Orfield MEMBERS Harriet Christenson Catherine Corson Margaret Cummings Eileen Hansen Orpha Highland Dorothy Larson Selma Levine Natalie Orfield Joan Peterson Mary Evelyn Phillips Betty Jane Smith Josephine Thomas Jean Tucker Viola Ventura Nichols, Hemmingson, Sherman. Bell, Peterson MEMBERS Marianne Bell Rachel Nichols Carol Hemmingson Grace Peterson Mary Morris Sherman HOUSE COUNCIL {149} .L ' ' ifX W. S. G. A. To create a sense of fellowship among women, to promote the highest standards of University life, and to regulate matters of student conduct not under faculty jurisdiction together with those referred to it by the faculty are the functions of the Women ' s Self-Government Association. This organization may boast the greatest number and variety of activities, the longest period of service to women students, and the largest membership (every woman becomes a member upon enrolling in the University) of any group on the campus. The work of W. S. G. A. is carried on under the direction of the W. S. G. A. board whose make-up is most democratic. Four executive officers, a representa- tive from each of the four classes — Bib and Tucker, Pinafore, Tarn O ' Shanter, and Cap and Gown — a representative from the Farm Campus, a professional representative and seven chairmen of activities plan and direct the unselfish activities and services of W. S. G. A. As ex-officio members there are the presi- dents of W. A. A., the campus Y. W. C. A., and the Panhellenic Council. The Farm Campus branch of W. S. G. A. cooperates with the Farm Campus Y. W. C. A. and the Panhellenic Council in social events, projects and cam- paigns undertaken by the organization. Top — " Big Sisters " Emily Slrcmd, Mary Andrews, Mary Gardner, Hope Nichols, Betty Ramsdell, Connie Cryslcr Middle— W. S. G. A. Student- Faculty dinner Bottom — Entertainment at the Bib and Tucker " Mother Goose " dinner Top — Tarn O ' Shantcr bridge Middle — A group at the Pinafore dinner Bottom — Mrs. Joseph Beach addresses the Cap and Gown banquet Every class finds itself well represented in activities. Freshmen coeds don Bib and Tuckers and with their older sophomore sisters in Pinafore entertain at a dinner. Juniors do their bit each May in planning the Cap and Gown Day luncheon in honor of all graduating women. Before a girl reaches the University she is greeted by W. S. G. A. ' s friendly " Freshman Sister " letters and when she arrives — well, there aren ' t many lost and quaking freshmen girls wandering about the campus. They are always attended and aided in getting acclimated to the large campus by a Campus Sister. W. S. G. A. ' s bookstore, located in the basement of Folwell Hall provides opportunity for students to buy second-hand books at low cost. The profits of this bookstore are divided into $100 scholarships. Recognition of the need of many deserving women students is met b y awarding these scholarships on the basis of grades, need and character. W. S. G. A. ' s Vocational Bureau benefits all women undecided on the career they desire to follow. Luncheons are held each quarter at which successful professional women speak and answer questions pertinent to the subject of discussion. The dramatic bureau provides campus organizations with various types of student talent. W. S. G, A. W. S. G. A. W. S. G. A. ' s main activities are based on fellowship and forming acquaint- anceships among students. Get-togethers are offered every week to University women in the social hour held in Shevlin Hall ballroom. Students on the campus find opportunity to get acquainted at Sunlites, afternoon dances for men and women. Each class sponsors social events every quarter for fellow class members. On a larger scale, the various professional women — business women, doctors, teachers, musicians and journalists meet for discussions and contacts at dinners held by W. S. G. A. to foster friendship among women in the various profes- sional schools. As the president of the W. S. G. A. board is a member of the All-University Council, the organization pledges its support to campus activities which are all- University in scope. Undertakings of the Council are aided greatly by the Women ' s Self-Government Association. The official advisor of W. S. G. A. board is Anne Dudley Blitz, Dean of Women. Her friendship and advice have been of great help to the girls on the board in making plans and important decisions. She is friend and advisor also to all members of W. S. G. A. who ask her guidance. Top left— Mary Jane Confer, W. S. G. A. treasurer, presents Dean E. E. Nicholson with a $1,000 check for the Student Loan Fund Top right — Some W. S. G. A. freshmen week assistants Middle— The W. S. G. A. Inter- campus dance Bottom — One of the Sunlites W.A.A. BOARD back Row — Bu.vh, (Juldblum, H-iiiimcrbacher, RrunMcdl, Tenncy, Carlson, Bovim Second Row — Carney, Sutherland, Lecgard, Kulander, Hemmingson, Harris Front Row — Wells, Whiuier, Marshall, Hughes, Warnock, Hclmcs OFFICERS Laura Hughes Winifred Helmes Jean Wells Mae Whittier Eleanor Marshall Florence Warnock President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Corresponding Secretary Faculty Advisor WOMEN ' S ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION {153} W. A. A. SPORTS The Woman ' s Athletic Association cooperates with the Minnesota College Women ' s Athletic association in sponsor- ing an annual play day. This year the seventh annual play day was held at the University of Minnesota, where the cus- tom of having a play day originated. St. Olaf College was awarded the traditional tin loving cup for having the largest attendance, and was given the privilege of being hostess next year. The regular W. A. A. spring sports, track, baseball, archery, tennis, and golf were offered this spring. These and additional activities were offered earlier in the day for the convenience of those who were unable to stay for ninth hour activities. The additional sports included tap dancing, vol- ley ball, deck tennis, ping pong, badminton, and shuffle board. Basketball, tumbling, and apparatus were offered as the regular winter sports, and volley ball, swimming, and field hockey as the regular fall sports. 4 i 1 .-xi-M ' ; -I j ' .i ' .N !l =,!i • f ir »« ta ' ii J -- ? - - teiir ■ ' ■ j I- ■ ■■;■ ' - ' ' M. DG5W0NDFR-wVJ-; WONDER- wohAfi L A- ELLA FELLA CAL I EN " h 4 k-4 v ' : m i0l ' x : PENNY CARNIVAL Fortune tellers and Indian maids vied with senoritas and " fan dancers " for the pennies of visitors at this year ' s Penny Carnival, held in the Woman ' s gymnasium February 23. Other attractions were the ping pong table for athletically inclined visitors and a marionette show. Ballroom dancing to the tunes of a three-piece orchestra kept carnival goers busy between side-shows. During the intermission, ten members of the W. A. A. took part in a tumbling act. For the price of fifteen pennies, visitors were admitted to the swimming pool room to see a demonstration of the development of modern swimming by members of the Aquatic League, who traced the history of swimming from the age when a primitive cave girl fell into a lake and in- vented the first strokes to keep from drowning. Twenty-three booths were decorated by sororities, and Alpha Phi was given first honors. Top Left — " M " Winners: Avis BcrRlund. Coral HcminRson, Helen Thecs, Helen Filbert Middle Left — Emblem Winners; Back Row: Ferine, Rizer, Robinson, Lorenz Middle Row — Sandell, Nicnabcr, Carlson, Craig From Row: Wells, England, Bloomquist, Whitney, Goldblum, Nelson Top kis i( " ' - A. A. Seal Winners: CorJ Hemingson, Laura Hughes, ConnU Middle Right — A Few of the W. A. A. Chevrons Winners B0 0 M— Spring Sports: Baseball, Track, and Archery W. A. A. AWARDS Three students, Coral Hemingson, Laura Hughes, and Connie Bovim, were awarded the W. A. A. seal, this year. The seal is the highest honor given by the Women ' s Athletic Association. It is awarded on the basis of participation in athletic activities, sportsmanship, a spirit of service, scholar- ship, poise, bearing, influence on the University community, and an interest in healthful living. In order to qualify for the award, seal winners must also be " M " winners. Seven students received " M ' s " during the past year for participation in nine quarters of athletics. Eleven students were given emblems for five quarters of participation. More than one hundred coeds earned chevrons, which are given for the first quarter of participation. Guided by the policy " play for play ' s sake and not for point ' s sake, " the W. A. A. strives to provide a sane program of activities that will reach all women students. CAMPUS LIFE — s gjj ' {157} Z,z00 Frosh Enroll; Increase See AdV Vr 3. M. KJM. y .„aa68of ' 37 to Embark 1933 IRESHMAN Week I . ' " V Round ..f K»i;ni. to In| W r ' r [T ENROLLMENT MAY WT 2.6001 sihm. n U »■« - n i J. " a jLlark Favors Pay i For Frosh Veek. I InmrnimingHeiJl ef Drill On Round of Dances Tours, Mixers Toda; Irving Clark, Aidrs lo Welcomr FrrshnM Al Official Northrop Rrcep ' ion- Nii ' holaon to Talk ApproxlDUUIr »J00 member o( Uie dftM ol l»r 1»»« I cesilully coRipleteO the nrrt ttep to«r I becQMln g » pan o( I University family bjr nnwung ttoelr tvflstnUMn pt«c d«r«, r omclal tot«l« rerealed Ute Tcctcrduy. Wlt» r «n Vi W " •• ' ' ' " " " " " " " ' lion nrn «» ' ••«• Wi He ! " »«« UOttmt Uiaemalmn. A «l««J »m«m « iiiii imm i »«»«« « MoDdai to wtaMtab • new opeolBt Omf raeord o - se« Mi Mta evlr Mi IM tta p m«nM (4 « of Utt. , All-Star Speaking Program Planned freeman lo Greet L. Farm Freshmen At Assembly Todaj ew SliuleMa WHI «nra ' trmk FriJi ' P«rtr Frida; For Men ' s Mixer ' - " " . " .rrr Will I.r UIonMli— «— » M M " . ' ■ ., , 1 1 1 ri ' T PepfeM at iMiaa «imh i toMMw AHWafl III What Could Poor Freshman D «■!■ f-t ' . ronvw: ' Vkill Honor ITO Lit.offittan I ■ W. I •.iiiintfl ,|itr. -- mrn N - " 1 sci-.r-T ' ■■■Hii vjaoia 5 " ' (I mii ' l - TP ' • V ' " V .- m- .V- Mii ' i: i s 1 Giant liontirc ( nlnr.. €. - - ' ' • 11 HoM P, i- ■ T W Ji .L . ON MINNESOTA - 8E CHASTE hoc Iowa Hik . . t ■ 7 1 3r i •il. iJ . ' 11 .■ wiWPwi»« » Floats to ' ShocI Iowa ' in Farm r n Loop Distt ' t ioif « piAnul ■..¥ - »s; ' Sm ■ ' mi [Minnesota Beats Wisconsin Through Riuin, Mud, Wind iuid Snow by 6 to [A Bunch of the Bovs Were Wboopins It Williams Tradition Carried :n ' ' V Three Gopher Coache I ' htHirl . ' ir ilu tiaiils Jug With Repeal ' n Ever j t him tjAA , im ierme, 34 Gophers. Tdiein Pole, Lea e ) ' »r Came T(mi ;IiJ ■ • WPww " y Celebrities to Atten lVr lub Stag for 300 Friday Night Ti iemie Tells lophersWorkj ( -■ VI i( ».v r.i.v aniK ituKwrnom ■m %« m •■ ' . ., . LO fG wn THE GOPF hill ' in War Drum Appears liom ::- Year Hiding Place f •i»rir;r r livlinnesota 1 ies Michigan Eleven, to 0; Be van Misses Field Goal in 4t±LJeri()( ' il I ijf ' 4 L 4. ' ' :«. Iowa l ) » l-i liit ' ro l til (ionlior Honiecominj n Am Not Plannina to Leave ' " -merman Here lo Stay joplirr l-pl lermcn Uill Receive G )W| U ...,.i.:,Us Thiirsclav nl sy position la the trnlTarslt] ertsj Cries Oen as Luna )rops Torch in Practici Aiiid to Lead " 31 leanir ,[ ars )n Named Alternafd ' urdue Scores in Final Ferioc to Gain 7 to 7 Tie With Gopher} ' »?_ t m- jerf. w. f(i lilt on (tonherl kijA ' " M wJSi M ' • i ' •J »j)her Running Attack to Fact i ucial Test of Season Toilav ' opi: ng Finish Defeats ' mUi Dakota State Team. IM njiiry Jinx Hits ' liawLs MinnesoM Plaver-i in Shap ; . Griiiderji Ti-aiiP [(•r Dinner Ixagiitj ' % ' i ' lie n Wi p ! Mn;; in f) j : ' ' ■■ ■ Ji .9 HfStone Will Uini J " frl H Parade of Float B tM - ' -(O ' ' fo rotifer Uol B— - B » W ' -I ' • : ' tl [ 1 puU H 1 1 Blnit.1 ' Will B. ' )!iii in rail ■ M ■ I ' M i.„,.l;„ Bk i vii ill I ' lav .tfdl Umc f VHRt9 ■ ' n VrniiiiH 34H -Poiii ' - " t t ' W , B Ki ■» ■ ' « 3 " ' -. -inm « .t V- i •; r ' - ' Seniors to Parade ; lIii (laps and GoMTi bi)n( ' ami)iisToda Karullv. K -;:i-iil- lo IVci Main li..(l I.. ,..lli!„ii r i 1 ,-f ;,-- r-rv r ■ ' " ' ?i ' i •• % Jj :=i;-« ■i H r , m I l i 1 ill Not Attaiu Coiiiplelel I Success, Christiansen Stati jTiun Hear CuntercMinan Give Recovery Projcram i For AboUlioa ol CUiUl Labor. S»i-iii Sluip, heerer Brings Current Gotham Plays to Campui lavorof St Paf ' ill Discuss Cm Situation at Foruii Moliotiey to Fxptain ! Wiivr of kidnapiiiij Rolibt-ries r( for Art ' s Sake? No, chall Booed In U. Speed f St-nutor ' s Attack on NKA j Koits€velt Pnftokfs Stii-J dents ' Derision I Villaid Will Speai To Forum, Burtotil Audiences Friday] l flitur of ulitHt to Ili!» uf n le rmeyer, JNew Yorl Poet, Will Speak Toda] Cx-Ji-wi-lcr S iuj lll niti-r a-t Bicssc li. .1 WH TTt r i fM«M CfS LL 1934 €€PrHE SUBSCRIPTION CAMPAION MAR. fe .V.W. .V.V. .V.V.V. .VAV.V3 A ' AVWS .■■ : • i, a ' 9 J 4 f I ■ iy -- mn 5 , , f raflH B _ WITH THE FARM STUDENTS I j I i ) ' io " X i " 1 4 fflSKc TT L - ' T T ' ' 7 ; ■niorn,,! ' i;,ll n- F .Ji- ' t Cl ' " " !! ' Y W C = iciyiii jabncs in a textile mm a xr .ijnr . " , ' ( : ' i i- ' : ' ' " ■ :r mc htirni I m I irrangcmciits -■related art , li t ' l- .iiinui g the short r ' Hle to a lutin s hcart-- ' CXpcnmcnliil ' ' )( iyri-Diirali ' i! n: .v i i tcnnomics v h AROUND THE CAMPUS iiat tif y III — a litii t i v icSM fi ifi Liuiitiiiv U ' lilf Hi I ! y i A little lab worl{--bioihemistry I ' finti school experiti ' fnral {;rcfiihons, ff Balimcit! ' ! the hool f— Josephine Berry i-t.i ' ; .■;„ li ' ial wears bcit—ctolhiii ' j selection das! :u.i The lireli ' iiicc room, home eeonnmies hiuU]in i s u ■0 Microscopic si. A textile research tahoratory with cniiirnlleJ leniperatiire humidity uid .■■■■-■■■-.■• ' " •■ ' , ... ' •■•-■•.•!j products THE TECHNICAL CAMPUS .u . " A. j m. 3fe-, lis t " " M iftS % f f ' r •■ S.lii.ol il! Hold Op« ' n ll ' Hi r-m ■m Norihrop Pillars A T T C s H H Hi ' In I H Hi ' V IH 1 Mc Wi 1 II Uii ■ If 1 _ , 00 ■ ■ T7«7wi i7 nri s FOOTBALL ATHLETIC ADMINISTRATION Frank McCormick — Although his position as Athletic Director places him at the head of Minnesota ' s vast athletic organization, Frank McCormick ' s big- gest " kick " comes not out of supervis- ing and directing the department un- der him, but in slipping into baseball clothes and getting out on the North- rop Field diamond. As head baseball coach, he piloted the Gophers to their first Big Ten title in 1933. Lester Schroeder — Les probably transacts a larger volume of business than any other University employee. As ticket manager he must handle sev- eral hundred thousand ducats annually for those seeking admission to Uni- versity events. His office in the south tower of the Stadium in football season more closely resembles a bee-hive than any place on the campus, including the front steps of Folwell. " Doc " L. J. Cook — Listed on the University faculty as " Associate Pro fessor and Assistant Director of Phy: ical Education and Athletics, " Doc hai become, through his long, intimati association with Minnesota athletics, campus tradition. He is best known to a large portion of the male student body for his vivid and skillfully ren- dered hygiene lectures, but spends most of his time assisting Director McCor- mick. W. R. Smith — So long has W. R. Smith, the " God-Father of Minnesota ' s intramural athletics " headed that de- partment that he is frequently referred to familiarly as " Intramural Smith. " Under his guidance intramural athletics for men have increased to proportions where they are a close second to inter- collegiate competition in point of gen- eral student interest. He is also varsity golf coach. MINNESOTA ' S ATHLETIC PLANT « • M IW-.--V liiaai ' :%■ K M. ' v-f- V wi r tk • -V i yW - M 4 m The football team is not the only organization which makes Saturday afternoons enjoyable during fall quarter. The cheer leaders and Stadium Singers add much to the color of the football games. Under the direction of Earle Killeen, the Stadium Singers performed at every home game during the season between halves to augment the band and during tedious time-outs. The inset picture (to the right) shows the Singers doing their duty in spite of very unpleasant climatic conditions during the sleet storm at the Wisconsin game. Bob Peaslee was rooter-king for the 1933-1934 season. He is shown in the picture above, demonstrating the fine points of a " big loci " for the benefit of his assistants. STADIUM SINGERS Donald Stephens Sheldon Gray William Newgord Parke Heflern George Wingert Louis Keymer Bruce Stenberg Martin Strand Donald Hawkins George Pennock Mark Whittier Earl Anderson Paul Nordbye Linn Firestone William Childs Max Sievert CHEER LEADERS (Left to right) James Kendrick Stan Bloom Doug Nutt Art Qvale Bill Cronk Maurice McCaffery Bob Peaslee (Center) {173} BIERMAN HAUSER COACHES Bcrnie Bierman, head coach Lowell Dawson, backfield coach eorge Hauser, line coach Bert Baston, end coach Sig Harris, assistant coach George Tuttle, " freshman coach Clarence Munn, freshman coach Otis McCreery, freshman coach Fred Hovde, freshman coach Elmer Apmann, freshman coach Walter Hass, freshman coach Marshall Wells, freshman coach Dave MacMillan, freshman coach Sherm Finger, freshman coach 4pj|p 1.000 PERCENT One oF the supreme coaching achievements of modern football must be attributed to Head Coach Bernie Bierman and his staff of co- workers. They took a squad sprinkled with juniors but dominated by sophomores, and brought it through one of the toughest sectional or intersectional schedules ever drawn up UNDEFEATED No honor roll of coaching could be complete without their names. HASS 3utch Larson " " " 1 ' V U Ninth Football All-American Becomes Minnesota s INintn roovu P ' tet f oTOALL-AMfc For H. nars ' ' ff The All-America Football Team By Grantland Rice Picks 1-atso j scOR! »! ' «■ ■ran -—4 GOPHERS MISS 4 ALl IN 11 YEARS Propose La rson R, and, Larson Split % J " fi ' isi t . Honors for Season fJi». ' S;,;: ' _« ' » ' ...I atth ;Lsfuu?f Oeji ft ' ' •narrf; J Larson VA ' " K i% m t? ff TrU)UM LihkI. Vildcals ' ■ ' ' HI t f ' i ke ! for Daily ' s (Irrit! IVani; (Jen il on 2nd S([uac] ruurdXfor 41- Yard Gab »r : V ' ! ' n III trmt iind liicP -ys u 1 nn V .. ' Re LUND Lund uiitll if Jns Jac A .;,, .,..- Pugj.und,j,nc J!, ,,, y 9j )-„rrf. back on A P. AH- American Eleven iTiiiOPir p.. 2 Lur Pounds Way ThroJl b. " icr Bdlhack Tears Thif!,i9!_ ' PBi(( Plu$ige i " gS ZS ' ' Mis and s . ZZlj " : ' ' - l Into r ■ . ' ly l l oH a. Gophers rdoge Gain kc ng Scon w w ■ • . ,und an All-American, ' Hawkeye tef ' ' - ' ' ' - ' » ' ' ?- " ' " ' ' ' ' - ' ' ' y in Pr- ' ' Gopher ' Lund C gft lowaJacUe, Poms W ' ' « ,y !.-„ i " ' A%f U,_. „ «„!_ «. ».„J U t p ' OEN LUND LARSON BLOEDEL.MGR. Lund Leads Gophers To Opening Victory Over South Dakota The Minnesota football team, open- ing its second season of competition under the supervision of Coach Bernie Bierman, failed, as a unit, to impress in its 19 to 6 triumph over the South Dakota State Jackrabbits. It was the individual brilliance of Francis " Pug " Lund that was far and away the outstanding feature of the Gopher victory. Pug heralded a great season for himself by reeling off 158 yards in twenty-six plays and scoring all three touchdowns. The Maroon and Gold team, with five sophomores playing their first inter- collegiate competition, was uncoordi- nated and erratic during the first half. The Rabbits threw a scare into the Gophers when Kramer scored on a pass from Johnson early in the final quarter to register a touchdown and knot the score. Then Mr. Lund started putting on the steam and left the invaders well in tiie lurch with two more touch- downs. Minnesota Outplays Indiana but Contest Finishes in 6-6 Tie Yards gained from scrimmage: Min- nesota, 349; Indiana, 87. Total first downs: Minnesota, 15; Indiana, 2. Score: Minnesota, 6; Indiana, 6. The Gophers really clicked in their first Big Ten start and outplayed the Hoosiers by a wide enough margin to have earned a four or five touchdown victory. Yet it just wasn ' t in the books and the boys from the banks of the Wabash went home with a miraculous tie under their belts. The Maroon and Gold gridders opened up with a murderous offensive assault in the first quarter. Sheldon Beise crashed over for an early touch- down and it looked as though Minne- sota was going to roll up scores at will. The invaders were outgained, 101 yards to one yard in the first quarter. Indiana ' s break came in the third quarter when Fitzhugh Lyons, giant negro end, snatched a Minnesota fum- ble out of the air and galloped 58 yards to a touchdown. Purdue Deadlocks Score with Closing Minute Touchdown The Minnesota football team drew national recognition by playing the greatest Purdue eleven of all time to a 7-7 standstill in Memorial Stadium. The Boilermakers were completely astounded by the power flaunted at them by the Gophers. The statistics of the game showed a net yardage of 222 for Minnesota against 96 for Purdue. An early Gopher drive led by Beise, Alfonse, and Lund, carried the ball to Purdue ' s 3-yard line. A penalty and then a fumble cut short this threat. A 41 -yard dash by Alfonse touched off the touchdown parade. Devastating thrusts by Beise and Lund advanced the oval to the 2-yard line and Alfonse hit guard for the touchdown. Bill Bevan added the extra point. A fresh set of backs rushed through a badly tired Maroon and Gold for- ward wall in the closing minutes of the game to push over the Purdue touchdown. Gophers Down Pitt 7-3, Gain National Fame for Victory Pittsburgh, mighty pride of the east and ranked as a favorite for the na- tional football championship, was swept into an upset defeat by a fighting and inspired Gopher team; The score was 7 to 3. It was a stubborn battle all the way. A 28-yard run by Beise to Pittsburgh ' s 31-yard line and successive plays by Beise, Lund, and Alfonse opened the way for Minnesota ' s touchdown late in the first quarter. With the ball on the 14-yard line, Lund faked a thrust into the line and whipped a shovel pass to Bob Tenner who broke through the left side of the enemy line and plunged to a touchdown. He was aided by perfect blocking by Larson, Seidel, and Beise. A 20-yard kick from placement by Weinstock in the second quarter gave the Panthers their only points. RONING HARPOLE LUNDGREN TENGLER TENNER BEVAN SVENDSEN BRUHN Northwestern Spills Dope Bucket to Tie Gophers at Evanston The Gophers, taking the field at Dyche Stadium as the heavy favorite for the first time during the season, were battled to a standstill by the Wildcats of Northwestern. The Minnesotans were lethargic and off edge for their first game of the year away from home. The outcome was a distinct disappointment to nearly 5,000 Gopher followers who journeyed to Evanston in high anticipation of seeing their favorites humble North- western ' s purple-clad warriors. In direct contrast to their play against Purdue and Pittsburgh, the Gophers lacked coordination, finish, and inspira- tion in every department. The block- ing was off-color, making it impossible for offensive plays to click. As a result, Minnesota ' s ace backs, namely Lund, Beise, and Alfonse, could not romp and pile up yardage as they had in earlier games. Captain Roy Ocn, center, and Frank " Butch " Larson, end, were ' Min- nesota ' s standouts. RREIMUTH KNUDSEN " Iowa Fights " While Alfonse, Lund Lead Mates to 19-7 Win Minnesota reached its peak for thi season in galloping over Iowa ' s fine undefeated football team, 19 to 7. It was a splendid all-around exhihi tion on the part of the Gophers wlio stunned everyone by the ease with which they overwhelmed a highly rated Hawkeye eleven. Speed, power, excellent generalship, and coordination were the attributes which the Minnesotans used with dev astating effect. Lund, Alfonse, Beisc Seidel, and LeVoir gave the Iowa dc fense a hectic afternoon. Lund ' s triple- threat performance was the highlight of the game. He dashed off 116 yards in twenty plays and punted and passed superbly. Jule Alfonse was the prize touciv down medium. His two great bursts around Iowa ' s ends, aided by splendid interference, accounted for one touch down in the second quarter and an- other in the third. Babe LeVoir crashed over the third touchdown. BURG BUGNI Team Fights Sleet, Trips Wisconsin as Smith Nabs Fumble The Gophers encountered their most harrowing experience of the entire sea- son in floundering through wind, snow, and mud to a 6 to 3 victory over Wis- consin at Memorial Stadium in the final game of the year. Minnesota was favored before the day of the game to brush aside the Badgers with comparative ease. As it turned out, the trying playing condi- tions made it impossible for the Go- phers to hit their stride. Mario Pacetti ' s miraculous 38-yard kick from placement in the first quarter put Minnesota in a bad hole. The home team seemed to be destined to defeat until Dick Smith recovered Hal Smith ' s fumble on Wisconsin ' s one-foot line. Pug Lund slashed over for the winning touchdown. Neither combat- ant produced a genuine scoring threat during the final quarter. Lund and Captain Roy Oen were Minnesota ' s standout players. Punt, Pass, Prayers Save Wolves, Hold Gophers to 0-0 Tie Minnesota and Michigan, hailed as the midwest ' s two greatest gridiron ag- gregations, fought to a furious 0-0 tie in a game at Ann Arbor, in which the Conference lead was at stake. It was the fourth tie game of the season for Minnesota. It was a typical Litde Brown Jug struggle. As had frequendy been the case, the Gophers outplayed their tra- ditional rivals, but could not produce the winning score. A fourth-quarter placekick by Bill Bevan which was just inches wide of the enemy goal posts was the closest thing to a score that was forthcoming from either team. Pug Lund gave one of the most sensational individual exhibitions in Big Ten annals to brand himself as the western conference ' s leading back. Playing against the strongest line in the country, one which included Ber- nard and Wistert, two AU-Americans, Pug gained 99 yards to outgain the entire Michigan backfield by two yards. f y n § Coach Tutdc, Coach Munn Back Row — Aasc, Dailcy, Schrupp, Finson, Van Valkenburg, Simon, Krczowski, Hunt, Crowley Fourth Row — Norton, Holtan, Aronson, M. Nelson, Robinson, Lcvine, Maslin, Chern, S. Carlson Third Row — Pearson, Evarts, Glenn, Roberts, Pagcnkopf, Hc-lstrom, H. Johnson, Taubc, Frcdlund, Anderson Second Row — Potts, Bernick, Christof herson, Oech, Parker, S. Hanson, Miller, Rork, Warner, Shabel Front Row — Wallace, Lewis, Aiuil, Clarkson, Day, Atwell, M. Olson, R. Carlson, Bolingcr, Ingcnhutt FRESHMAN FOOTBALL Freshmen in Actio: ROSTER Orwal Alstad, Howard E. Anderson, Ray Antil, L. A. Atwell, Robert N. Bacon, Robt. Bauer, Sid Becker, Solly Bernick, Bruce Berryman, Allan Blom- berg, Sherwin Bogie, Robt. Bolinger, Harold Bo- stad, Kenny Carlson, Robert Carlson, Stan Carl- son, Gordon Christopherson, Orwell Clarke, Arthur Clarkson, Edward B. Cosgrove, James Crowley, John Day, P ul J. Dailey, Kenneth Dollarhide, Clair James Einen, Robert Evarts, Ray Foster, Wm. Fred- lund, Andrew Glenn, Rex Griffin, Odin Gronfield, Alvin C. Gronner, John H. Hagen, Aldon Hanson, Stanley Hanson, Harold Hausten, John F. Healey, Donald Hoagland, J. F. Holbrook, C. Hanley Hol- tan, Ralph Hopkins, Wm. Ingenhutt, Robert Jack- son, Harley K. Johnson, Oliver Johnson, Harper Jung, James Kindler, Onni Koski, Dominic Krezow- ski, Stanley Kostka, Lloyd LaFountaine, Ralph W. Laurens, Howard L. Levine, Robert Lewis, Harold M. Lune, Walter Lyons, Howard Miller, Mark Nehl, Myron E. Nelson, Nicholas Nelson, Vern Oech, Martin Olson, Albert Pagenkopf, Donald Parker, John Pearson, Joseph Potts, E. L. Proffitt, Dwight Reed, Whitman Rork, John Scheefe, Man- fred H. Schrupp, Jack Shabel, Kenneth Simon, Earl G. Svendsen, George C. Swanson, Clarke Taube, Arthur Werth, Frank J. Warner, Wm. Hugh Wickoff, Edwin C. Widseth, Elmer Wilke, Charles B. Wilkinson. BASKETBALL {181} GOPHER RECORD MINNESOTA OPPONENT 30 at Purdue 45 26 at Northwestern 33 39 Iowa 38 24 Ohio 2S 31 Northwestern 30 36 Chicago 18 41 at Ohio 39 23 at Chicago 22 34 at Notre Dame 43 30 Wisconsin 31 30 Purdue 47 30 at Iowa 33 43 Carleton 29 23 at Wisconsin 34 43 Notre Dame 41 Non-conference BASKETBALL i ' iii Coach Dave MacMillan and his Gopher basketeers started the 1933-19_ 4 campaign with prospects about as dismal as ever confronted the veteran Scot tutor since his arrival at Minnesota in 1927. With only two veterans on hand to use as a nucleus, and a group of raw and inexperienced sophomores from which to hew the rest of a five-way combination, " Mac " set to work in October of 1933. It was bitterly disheartening to both coach and Minnesota followers when their court warriors fell before St. Thomas college of St. Paul in the opening game of the season. They showed consistent improvement, however, through the remainder of the practice schedule. Taking a squad composed of two veteran lettermen, Gordy Norman and Walter Sochacki; one reserve from the year be- fore, Dave MacMillan, Jr.; and six sophomore rookies. Chuck Wall- blom, George Ros- coe, Billy Kane, Geo. Svend- sen, Jim- BIG 10 STANDINGS Won Lost Purdue 11 1 Northwestern . . 8 4 Wisconsin 8 4 Indiana 7 5 Illinois 6 6 Iowa 6 6 MINNESOTA 5 7 Ohio State 4 Michigan 3 9 Chicago 2 10 1934 my Baker, and Mai Eiken, Coach MacMillan headed for Lafayette, Ind., to battle Purdue, the championship favorite. The Boilermakers won, 45 to 30. Minnesota drppped ofl at Evanston on the return trip and lost to Northwestern, 33 to 26. One of the two highlights of the entire season was registered on January 14, when the Gophers made their first appearance of the season against Iowa, co-favorites together with Purdue for the Con- ference laurels. Led by Gordy Norman, who chalked up fifteen points, Minnesota triumphed, 39 to 38. The other memorable achievement of the sea- son came in a non-conference tilt, which was the last encounter of the year for Minnesota. Notre Dame, classed to- gether with Pittsburgh and New York University as the Nation ' s best, bumped into a bunch of tough Gophers who would not be beaten. The visiting Irish were finally subdued, 43 to 41, in a bril- liant overtime contest. J t 1 N iMs rn i lOLGHT IT OLT I oi! v vif, I ' iar i gp TmLE reaks Pressed to Snatch Title From Game Trainers aut Tesm Pulls b. tort Three TiitiM and Takes Lead Oi:cf : r sc Ycvs ' gffftrt Rftwarrfit for Ranoft Tcri ' i. ■fi " EKisliolm Eeats Mechanics 29 to 27, for State Til CHISHOLM Top, Left to Right — B. Burich, Kuzmanoff, Gostovic, Turk, G. BurJch, Tramomin, Gornick, Hyde. Kovich MECHANICS Bottom, Kneeling — SuIUvan, Murray, Grohs, Pivcc, Goldstein Top, Right — Action in the championship game; P. Burich (Chisholm) shooting THE ALL-STATE TEAM Bottom, Left to Right — Woody Olson, Mankato; Gordon Burich, Chisholm; Lowell Sullivan, Mechanics: Buzz Gray. Cass Lake; Pete Burich, Chisholm; Owen Smith, secretary of the State High School Athletic Association STATE HIGH SCHOOL BASKETBALL Chisholm, a team that had been for five years rebuked in its quest of the state high school basketball championship after auspiciously win- ning its way through regional trials, finally came through the winner this year after three strenuous games at the Minneapolis auditorium. The eight teams comprising the field of re- gional titlists were Moorhead, Winona, Chis- holm, Cass Lake, St. Paul Mechanic Arts, Man- kato, Redwood Falls, and Minneapolis South. In the first round Moorhead defeated Winona, 32 to 25; Chisholm overwhelmed Cass Lake, 33 to 12; Mechanic Arts nosed out Mankato on a last-second basket, 29 to 28; and Redwood Falls upset South High of Minneapolis, 24 to 16. Chisholm ran up a record score for the tourna- ment in smothering Moorhead, 50 to 17, in the second round. Mechanic Arts, the surprise team of the meet, advanced into the finals by de- feating Redwood Falls, 21 to 17. Chisholm won the championship game, only after a torrid encounter, 29 to 27. Moorhead wound up in third place by surprising Redwood, 24 to 16. South captured the consolation honors from Winona, 30 to 21. HOCKEY { 185 } Minnesota hockey teams, which have made an envi- able record during the past several years, had an able successor in the 1933-1934 edition. Ranked first among national intercollegiate hockey teams in the previous season, the latest Gopher six lived up to its reputation and proved itself to be the class of Midwest competition. The hockey team not only retained its Big Ten title with a perfect record but had a season ' s total of nine victories out of twelve games. Two of these three losses came at the beginning of the season when the Gophers dropped a two game series to the crack Manitoba team. They went on to finish their schedule, however, losing only one of the remaining ten games. The first Michigan game at tlic Ann Aioui iink SEASON RECORD Minnesota 3 Minnesota Minnesota 5 Minnesota 1 Minnesota 4 Minnesota 1 Minnesota 5 Manitoba 4 Manitoba 4 Michigan 2 Michigan Michigan Tech 1 Michigan Tech 2 Chippewa Some action in the Michigan Tech game at Houghton George Clausen, Captain Phil LaBattc, Fred Ryman, Spence Wagnild, Bill Zieske, )ohn Dclmorc BIG TEN C H AM P I O N S { 186} A full team of veterans reported to Coach Frank Pond at the beginning of the season, thus eliminating many of his worries. Captain Phil LaBatte, teaming with Spencer Wagnild at defense, kept the opposition well in check and held goal guard George Clausen ' s work to a minimum. The pony sophomore forward line of Russ Gray, Bill Munns, and Clyde Russ of the previous season returned with a year ' s experience to give Minnesota a high-class combination. The second forward line of Bill Zieske, Bucky Johnson, and John McGlone, proved just as effective, and Johnson at center led his team in scoring. With only LaBatte, Johnson, and Clauson graduating. Pond will have many veterans next year. Captain Phil LaBatte, Coach Frank Ponti, Manager Bob Rossinan Minnesota Minnesota 7 Minnesota 5 Minnesota 4 Minnesota 3 Minnesota 2 Minnesota 7 SEASON RECORD 1 Wisconsin Wisconsin Michigan Tech 4 Michigan Tech Michigan 1 Michigan 1 White Bear 1 Bill Munns, Russ Gray, Clyde Russ, Russ Johnson, Ted Mitchell, John McGlone BIG TEN CHAMPIONS {187} i V BASEBALL (189) BIG TEN CHAMPIONS 19 3 3 Catcher Milt Bruhn BASEBALL Bringing Minnesota her first baseball championship in fourteen years, the 1933 baseball team finished the season with only one defeat chalked against it. Well fortified with veterans. Coach McCormick carried his team through a heavy schedule, finishing the season by defeating an all-star lineup of alumni. The hitting of Kenneth Gay, winner of the confer- ence medal; the sensational play of Henry Westby (now with Cincinnati) at shortstop; the pitching per- formances of Marvin Shelso; the fielding of Ed Burke, captain and present freshman coach, were highlights of the season. To top off the schedule, the Gophers executed a triple play in the last game of the regular schedule with Luther College. This year the maroon and gold baseballers have not been so fortunate. Hampered by cold weather which kept the squad working indoors, the veteran team was slow in reaching the form of last year. The open- ing series in defense of the title was with Purdue, with the boilermakers winning both games. In the two series that followed, the Gophers split victories with Wisconsin and Iowa, winning one and dropping one contest with each of these schools. The mound work of Gallivan and the fielding and hitting of Bruhn, Wagnild, and Capt. Krause have been the features of the season thus far. Klonowski, McMurran, Grossman, Coach MacCormick Kane. Carlson, Hcniirickson. Stanton f I r M» BIG TEN CHAMPIONS 19 3 3 MINNESOTA SEASON RECORD . . . 1933 May 6th — Double header . . Minnesota 8 Wisco nsin 3 Minnesota 3 Wisconsin 15 May 9th Minnesota 8 St. Olaf 2 May 13th — Double header. Minnesota 10 Chicago 6 Minnesota 5 Chicago 4 May 19th Minnesota 7 Northwestern ... 3 May 20th Minnesota 8 Northwestern ... 5 May 23rd Minnesota 12 Gustavus 4 May 26th Minnesota 5 Luther 4 May 27th Minnesota 13 Luther 2 May 31st Minnesota 6 Alumni 2 Pitcher Tommy Gallivan Captain Krause, Manager Granbcrg LeVoir. Johnson, Wolcynski, Gentry, Krause. Strcich, Wagnild a!U« ' ' c f - . ., «- CONFERENCE MEDAL " Dutch " Gay, one of the best hitters of Minnesota ' s Big Ten championship baseball team last season, is shown getting set for a wallop. Besides being a star first baseman, Gay won two letters in football. Kenneth Gay, the jovial Dutchman and happy warrior of the gridiron and baseball diamond, won the conference medal last spring. This award is made each year to the athlete showing the most ability as an athlete and scholar. Gay was one of the modern edition of " Three Musketeers. " His brothers, Chet and Clayton, achieved fame in athletic circles at Minnesota before him, but it remained for Kenneth to win the highest recognition for his services as a Gopher athlete. " Dutch, " as he is known to athletes and sport fans, is a letterman in football and baseball, winning two letters in each of these sports. On the gridiron, Gay played under two coaches, Crisler and Bierman. He proved his versatility at this sport by filling positions at tackle, guard, and center. In his senior year, playing at a tackle position, he was one of the mainstays on the line. His aggressiveness on the offense and his steadiness on the defense won the plaudits of the coaches and fans. Gay played first base on the Minnesota base- ball team for two years. Always dangerous, " Dutch " was one of the best hitters on the team. His smashing drives, many of them for extra bases, were features of nearly every game. He was a member of the team that won the Big Ten championship last year. Marshall Wells, three years a letter winner in football and named an all Conference Tackle last season, was awarded the conference medal for 1934 this spring. {192} TRACK rered the 1934 u ,. ly i " ' .r.nesoia won e ,a,d to ' " ,102.5. 8 ' ' ;» " " P events " ! • same e ■ (or M n " " " " " f State meet wW.brea stheta, J°;tth.Vea-S " , eft--Red Soct ' ' - ; „,e on his n ee e W „ Lett g jd i itr fjophet s t " . jeammaw . l " - A ' ' ' " " y24 ' ay ]2 era. ; - -,,,, 30 Car eton 49 Jovva P ' «fo lu garnered n- ,r ' ' ' efon ' " second ,n ' ' ' ■ " A ' fir . " o°f conf ' " «ota 933 " • ' ' ' ■ ' tand ' onesota . ; ■ 97 36 t ' ' °n 59 CL ' . raska . " co„sy„ . . 33 95 81 ' " " esota ff ' nnesota ' nnesota j ' " " e.ota ' " nesofa £far„„ . (second) 59 % - " ' WeJWit;, Mirk " t tfte Viv ' ' ■ace for » - ' the hi j PP i y s L» - Ls AWNE5 ; LvAl NES N£S0 -v ' ' r j , ' %■ . ' ii. i Clarence Munn took over the job of acting coach last winter when track mentor Sherm Finger was forced to rest from his duties on account of dlness. Munn is shown in the center of the group above 1... ' fy Si ' ii ii_, ' •:Jk SWIMMING s w M M N G Bolstered by a group of promising sopho- mores Coach Thorpe ' s swimming squad, cap- tained by Wilbur Andre, went through the sea- son with only two defeats. To the Minneapolis " Y " the Gophers lost their first non-conference match in two years. Against Iowa Minnesota met a team fighting to avenge twelve consecutive years of defeat, with the result that the Gophers were beate n. At the conference meet at Iowa Minnesota placed fifth behind Michigan, Iowa, Northwestern and Illinois. Since 1924 when the National Intercollegiate Swimming champion- ships were begun Minnesota has placed at least one man, and is the only school in the country with such a record. This year Anderson, Rush, and Swennes took fourth in the medley relay to maintain this succession. Gjelhaug afui Beartl gcc set EHcr shows Ferris of the freshman squad how it ' s done SEASON RECORD Minneapolis Y.M.C.A. 38 Minnesota ... 37 Gustavus Adolphus . 30 Minnesota . . 45 Macalester 22 Minnesota ... 53 Carleton 25 Minnesota ... 50 Minneapolis Y.M.C.A. 17 Minnesota ... 58 Carleton 17 Minnesota ... 58 Wisconsin 21 Minnesota ... 63 Macalester 19 Minnesota ... 65 Gustavus Adolphus . 19 Minnesota ... 65 Iowa 48 Minnesota ... 36 Kctola, Swennes, Captain Andre, Coach Thorpe Rosene, Rush, Andersen Webb, Pfeil N T E N N S «.Wf s |.»Si THE SQUAD Brussel, Shapiro, Hubcr, Hargcsheimer, Berry, Lobb, Nordin, Coach Brain, Captain Schcrcr Only two veterans, Paul Scherer and John Lobb, reported for service when Coach Phil Brain issued his call for the 1934 tennis season. The squad was formed with the addition of Roy Huber, Nathan Shapiro, Walt Hargcsheimer, Frank Berry, Bill Brussel, and John Nordin, and prospects looked brighter. In the opening match of 1934, the Gophers blanked Carleton, 9-0, and followed this victory by shutting out St. Thomas by the same score. In the first Big Ten Engagement, the team vanquished Illi- nois, 5-1. Roy Hubcr (left) Paul Scherer (below) (right) Bill Brussel ( below) John Lobb - , ' . - WRESTLING {201} ♦N ' " , a M ' %, Left Co right — Coach McKusick, Nordbye. C. Johnson, Frisscll, G. Brown, Ostrin, Captain Felix, Probst, Styrbicky, Daely, Rau, Kolsiad, W. Brown, Assistant Coach Apmann WRESTLING A squad composed chiefly of last year ' s re- serves and inexperienced sophomores were the basis of Coach McKusick ' s 1934 wrestling squad, but as the season advanced these rookies conclusively proved their varsity caliber. Against Iowa State the Gophers were able to win only two falls. Captain Felix threw Yager and Caifson Johnson pinned Mathews, A. A. U. champ. Iowa State won 28 to 10. Meeting their first conference opponent, Wisconsin, Minnesota took every bout and accumulated a score of 28 to 0. Felix, Probst, Johnson, Wesley Brown, and Ostrin threw their men, and Gordon Brown won a time decision. In a hard fought battle Iowa downed the Gophers 21 to 15 on the Armory mats. Unable to break their losing streak Minnesota lost to Ostrin and an Iowa Slate opponent M KusiLk vliows Johnson a tough hold the Iowa State Teachers 19 to 11, getting but one fall and two time decisions. Johnson lost his first bout in four starts. Trailing until the final match, the Gophers eked out a 16 to 14 victory over Cornell, as Wes Brown took a de- cision from Weiler. Captain Felix won his fifth consecutive fall by defeating Shaffer. To compete in the Conference championships at Indiana McKusick chose Felix, Johnson, Styr- bicky, and Probst. Felix was thrown by Fauver, Ohio State, and Styrbicky lost a decision to Johnson of Iowa in a second overtime period. Drawing byes, Johnson, Probst, and Ostrin en- tered the semi-finals. Johnsoa advanced to the finals by throwing Ponto of Michigan, but was defeated and took third place in the 175 pound class. Probst took third among the 126 pounders. {202 } GO L F THE TEAM Captain Bill Zicskc, Bill Boutell, Johnny Mason, Pat Sawyer Captain Bill Zieske and Johnny Mason, the only returning lettermen, form the nucleus of the 1934 golf team. The eligibility of Pat Sawyer and the addition of Bill Boutell, Les Gilbert, and Jack Morris bolster hopes for another strong championship contending squad. With a veteran squad composed of Captain Earl Larson, Ed Bolstad, Cy Anderson, Bill Zieske, John Mason, and Bill Boutell, Coach Smith hoped to wrest the conference championship from Michigan last year. Although unsuccessful in this attempt, the team placed second, close behind the Wolves. In the St. Paul municipal league the Gophers took the championship. The first match of the season with Carleton showed the power the team could be expected to develop. Cy Anderson paced the field as the Gophers disposed of the Carls 17 Yi to 9 ' 4. Minnesota buried Hamline 17 to 1 in a pouring rain. By a score of 15 to 12 the Maroon linksmen bowed to the determined Carleton golfers on the Northfield course. To clear their record the Gophers trounced St. Thomas 32 ' 2 to 3 54 vvith a string of low scores. The meet with Iowa State was the last before the conference play at Evanston. Exhibiting fine form Minnesota downed the lowans 13 ' 2 to 4 ' 2. The Big Ten championships on the Killdeer course saw the gather- ing of some of the finest intercollegiate golfers in the country. Coach Smith pinned his hopes on Larson, Bolstad, Anderson, and Zieske to bring the title to Minnesota for the first time since Les Bolstad won it in 1928. Minnesota led at the end of the first day ' s play but fell behind Michigan in the final rounds. Led by Johnny Fischer, the Wolverines retained the crown with a total of 1291, followed by Minnesota with 1306. Larson tied for second with 315; Ed Bolstad placed fourth with 318; Zieske tied for ninth with 335; and Anderson tied for twelfth with 338. {204} GOLF CONFERENCE STANDINGS Michigan 1291 MINNESOTA 1306 Northwestern 1343 Ohio State 1373 Wisconsin 1379 Illinois 1384 Indiana 1401 Chicago 1431 Pat Sawyer watches Bill Zieske tee off at the University course GYMNASTICS 1 9 B : !3I ■1 - jjHj v wmmm m r " wK - " H w ■ - . ■ ' ■ " 4 Z mM Z, -, w ' HHHB " ■ " ' " ' {205} Assisianl Coach Rollins, Kreidt, Matison, Olson, Svcegen, Gibson, Swanson, Coach Piper GYMNASTICS In preparation for conference competition Coach Piper ' s gymnasts engaged in four prac- tice meets. The MinneapoHs Y. M. C. A., the St. Paul Turners, and the LaCrosse Teachers were outpointed by wide margins, but the All Stars, former Gophers, exhibited too much form for the varsity. Minnesota was victorious over its first Big Ten opponent, Illinois, Sveegen starring. The following day at Chicago the Gophers received their first defeat of the season from a squad rated as the strongest in the conference. Against Iowa, Minnesota ' s massed strength was enough to nose out the Hawks. In the Big Ten championships at Chicago, the Gophers took second place behind Chicago with 1039 points. Co-captains Olson and Matison were the indi- vidual stars as Minnesota copped one team first and four seconds, retaining their title in the horizontal bar, Kreidt taking first honors in tumbling. SEASON RECORD Minneapolis Y. M. C. A 215 MINNESOTA 674 All Stars 1012 MINNESOTA 963 St. Paul Turnverein 830.50 MINNESOTA 996 LaCrosse Teachers College 1419 MINNESOTA 2130 University of Illinois 997.50 MINNESOTA 1032 University of Chicago 1138.50 MINNESOTA 1042.25 University of Iowa 950.25 MINNESOTA 996 {206} INTRAMURAL ATHLETICS 1. The fall academic volleyball championship was won by Sigma Alpha Mu. The men above are: Back row, Friemuth, Levy, Lans- berg; front row, Blacker, Brus- sel, Baron. Alpha Chi Sigma won the fall All-University volleyball cham- pionship. The team was: Back row, Harrison, Litkenhouse, Gortner; front row, Foster, Moyle. 3. Raymond, left, and Dillner, right, won the All-University tennis title. 4. Dick Hanna is All-University fencing champion. 5. Hall, right, of T. K. E., won the winter squash title while Lind- strom, left, and Peterson won the handball doubles. 6. Some action in the opening dia- mond ball games of 1934. 1 , ' p: ' ■ " . iP 1 and 2. Some action in the Alpha Kappa Kappa-Ramblers touch- ball game which the Ramblers won to become All-University champions in that sport. 3. Bruechner and Russell of Delta Kappa Epsilon won the Intra- mural handball doubles cham- pionship fall quarter. 4. Boutell and Mason earned Psi Upsilon another golf trophy. 5. The Ramblers, Russ, McGlone, Beckjord, Nowicki, Malkerson, and Pelligreno (right to left in picture) were AU-U touchball champions. 6. Theta Delta Chi had the best rifle team. Its members were (front row) Wells, Bergan, (back row) Cowan, Adams, and Cush- ing. I. The Chi Psi relay team set a new fraternity record at the sports car- nival. The men were Bement, Evarts, Grady, and Knicker- bocker. 2. The A. T. O. team, Mitchell, Mace, O ' Conner, Utne, Hough, and Johnson, took the AU-U volleyball title winter quarter. 3. Milliard and Reed of D. K. E. were fraternity tennis champions fall quarter. 4. Hall of Tau Kappa Epsilon won the fall and winter quarter squash tennis competition. 5. The Phi Delt Pledges, Rennix, Hoover, Webb, Gilchrist, Mul- chrone, and Struble were pledge basketball trophy winners. 6. The Phi Delt actives won the All-U basketball title for the sev- enth consecutive time. This year ' s squad included Anderson, Smi th, Rennix, Barry, Huber, and Serigstad. 1. The All-University boxing cham- pions won their crowns at the Sports carnival held on March 6 in the field house. Left to right above are Bob Kravig (115 lbs.), Bob Meechan (125 lbs.), Ted Storer (135 lbs.). Chuck Will (155 lbs.), Miff Graham (145 lbs.), Mike Tierney (165 lbs.), Jay Bevan (175 lbs.), Bill Proffitt (heavyweight), and in the fore- ground, Ed Haislett, coach. 2. Jackson Boughner is State fenc- ing champion and coach of the University fencing team. 3. The Psi U ' s won the AU-U hockey title after closely fought games with the Ramblers. The men shown are (kneeling), J. Richards, Morris, Cotton, W. Wilkinson, C. Richards, (stand- ing) Schwab, C. Wilkinson, Bar- num, Vilett, and Sawyer. Back Row — Senn, Cowan, Williams, Wilkinson, White, Singer Third Row — Wallfrcd, Viilaume, O ' Connor, Laughlin, Rowene, Herman, Fricdhcim Second Row — Jensen, WilhoU, Rifkin, McLain, Campbell, Rhame Front Row — Burkland, Entrickin, Erskine, Savage, Hall MEMBERS ALPHA PH CH Acacia Herbert Jensen Alpha Delta Phi Joe Laughlin Alpha Tau Omega Walter O ' Connor Beia Theta Pi Henry Rhame Chi Psi Louis Viilaume Delta Chi Charles Singer Delta Kappa Epsilon Robert Savage Delta Upsilon Gordon Burkland Kappa Sigma Neil Herman Lambda Chi Alpha Charles Campbell Phi Delta Theta Douglas Erskine Phi Epsilon Pi Herschel Rifkin Phi Gamma Delta Rudolph Lehmicke Phi Kappa Psi Richard Wilhoit Phi Kappa Sigma Paul Wallfred Phi Sigma Kappa Don Williams Pi Kappa Alpha Joe Friedheim Psi Upsilon William Wilkinson Sigma Alpha Epsilon Robert White Sigma Alpha Mu David Glickson Sigma Chi Howard McLain Sigma Nu Jack Entrickin Sigma Phi Epsilon John Theim Tau Kappa Epsilon Shelton Hall Theta Chi E. N. Senn Theta Delta Chi Jack Cowan Theta Xi Merlyn Cooper 7.eta Psi Carter Haley NTRAMURAL ATHLE.TICS {212} Pioneer Hall ORGANIZATIONS ■ s fis v ? ' fX:: " -rm HONORARY FRATERNITIES ACTIVES Walter S. Beadell Robert E. Conary David Donovan Robert W. DuPriest H. Reynolds Galbraith Ben Grussendorf Arthur O. Lampland John A. Layne John Mason Harold C. Mattlin Robert E. Miner Lyman Molander Harold Nilsen Phil Potter Sylvester A. Schueller William R. Sears Leonard Stabler GREY FRIARS SENIOR HONOR {218} IRON WEDGE ACTIVES Wilbur H. Andre Roger G. Bossen Robert J. Christianson Walter B. Dahlberg John S. Hadley Wesley H. Johnson Robert H. La Bree Max G. Moulton Leo A. Naykki George C. Porteous Theodore B. Rasmussen William C. Rindsland Arthur L. Sanford Richard S. Skinner Norton S. Twite Morris L. Vance Wells J. Wright SEN O R HONOR {219} ACTIVES William S. Baring-Gould Wright W. Brooks Eugene A. Burdick Harry D. Carlson Jack W. Densmore Torvald B. Eberhardt Clarence D. Ender William J. Gordon William B. Lockwood David G. MacMillan Donald L. Paulson James F. Richards Stanley K. Simons Paul L. Spooner Marshall B. Taft Donald L. Truscott Joseph C. Winslow SILVER SPUR Founded University of Minnesota, 1918 JUNIOR HONOR {220} PHOENIX ACTIVES Marlowe Anderson David Buck John Buckbee Ralph Comstock Harl Douglass Donald Hedlund Donald Heng John Lobb William ProfStt Waldemar Rasmussen Henry Rokala Clinton Rosene Gordon Rosholt Raymond Wachtler JUNIOR HONOR {221} BETA GAMMA SIGMA FACULTY MEMBERS I. W. Aim R. S. Blakey F. M. Boddy A. M. Borak J. O. Burnett C. D. Corse F. B. Garver A. H. Hansen E. A. Heilman Norma K. Henry B. D. Mudgett R. A. Stevenson GRADUATE STUDENTS Herman L asken Carl L. Nelson Clarence A. Nelson ACTIVES Lucile M. Bennett Maurice Breitman Robert W. Bruce David Donovan John B. Gillilland Stanley Gustafson Helen L. King Arthur O. Lampland Russell Laxson Norman Lindstrom Claude I. Lotshaw Edmund A. Nightingale Chas. W. Nyquist George Pennock Arne S. Peterson Paul P. Richter Berger Skonnord Merton P. Stolz Owen E. Wynne Sheila Young Founded Madison, Wisconsin, 1907 36 Chapters Alpha. 1921 BUSINESS {222} NCUS FACULTY MEMBERS Earl J. Bratrude H. S. Diehl C. O. Hansen Leonard A. Lang William A. O ' Brien Erling S. Platou G. N. Ruhberg Riciiard E. Scammon John A. Urner Owen Wangenstein Macnider Wetherby O. S. Wyatt Founded University of Minnesota, 1917 1 Chapter ACTIVES Samuel G. Balkin Randall Derifield Robert W. DuPriest John E. Flynn Norbert B. Prey Robert J. Hill Bourne Jerome Luverne W. Johnsrud Robert LaBree Hugh O. Morgan, Jr. Ralph V. Platou Waldemar C. Rasmussen Philemon C. Ray Henry E. Rokala Loren Wasson Alvin B. Williams Ira Wilson MED C A L {223} HONORARY MEMBERS GARRICK CLUB Charles Bayley Ward C. Burton Elbert Carpenter James Gray Arthur Hartvvell Carl W. Jones Roy C. Jones Sumner T. McKnight Carlton Miles Horace T. Morse George N. Northrup Merle Potter L. Clement Ramsland A. Dale Riley Otis Skinner E. A. Weaver MEMBERS Kenneth G. Brill Schuyler Brown Fred D. Burg Richard Carlson John Corneveaux William Corrigan Harl G. Douglass George Doyle Richard H. Ernst Kendrick Lewis Gilpin Fredrick Halbkat John C. Lobb Charles F. Lowe William Newgord Robert L. Peaslee Henry N. Somsen Kent C. Van den Burg Thomas R. Webb A. Wilson D R A M A T C S {224} PH SIGMA PH FACULTY MEMBER Gerald Prescott Founded University of Minnesota, 1922 MEMBERS Nick Berklacich Joe Calhoun Albert Carlblom Ken De Villiers Clayton Ebert Edgar Fleckenstein Elmar Foskett Ralph Hardiman Herb Jensen Bernard Lannin Leo Naykki Orville Nedrelow Frank Nicholson John Paulson Theodore Rasmussen William Sears Harold Shipman Robert Ward John Windhorst BAND {225} MEMBERS PLUMB BOB Roger Bossen Robert Conary Thurman Erickson Craig Gaskell Alva Kaliher Edward Kells Lewis Martin Harold Mattlin Ralph Monson Ivar Pearson William Sears Founded University of Minnesota, 1923 E N G N E E R N ,G {226} SIGMA DELTA GAMMA FACULTY MEMBERS Ann Fenlason Elizabeth Gardiner Gertrude Vaile GRADUATE STUDENTS Ida Brochin Fern M. Fisk Nivea Haw Ruth P. Lenske Doris E. Lewison Marjorie Myers Kathryn C Worweg Founded University of Minnesota, 1929 ACTIVES Edith D. Cohen Brenda M. Fischer Mary M. Gardner Sylvia J. Moskovitz Mary D. Taylor fl s o c A L S E R V C E {227} w SIGMA EPSILON SIGMA ADVISORS Dean Anne Dudley Blitz Mrs. Mary S. Kuypers Miss Elizabeth Jackson ACTIVES Sophomores Irene Ciachetto Helen Cory Phyllis Hawlish Helen Killmer Gladys Loucks Mable Luhman Kathleen Perry Gladys Ripczinski Mary Schmidt Margaret Seder Lucille Spellman Margaret Thomes Dorothy Wagner Founded University of Wisconsin, 1927 7 Chapters Epsilon, 1931 SCHOLARSH {228} TAU S GMA DELTA FACULTY MEMBERS Leon Arnal R. T. Jones R. C. Jones F. M. Mann Rhodes Robertson GRADUATE STUDENTS Helmer E. Brockhoff Kenneth R. Lundberg Jarl Seppanen Gordon A. Wall Founded University of Michigan, 1913 IS Chapters Beta, 1917 ACTIVES N. Hillis Arnold John R. Bergan Gordon M. Comb ARCHITECTURE {229} THETA SIGMA PH FACULTY SPONSORS Ralph D. Casey Kenneth E. Olson ACTIVES Mary Andrews O. Sylvia Ericson Alma Kerr Ardis Lundgren Helen W. Murchie Harriet Premack Eleanor Shaw PLEDGES Betty Armstrong Betty Brasie Delia Cohen Jessie Dunwoody Betsy Emmons Eunice Gunderson Lorraine Skinner Mary M. Sherman Florence Sumi Constance Trygstad Founded University of Washington, 1907 38 Chapters Nu, 1917 JOURNAL S M {230} ALPHA ALPHA GAMMA Back Row— Johnson, Klucgcl, South, Emmcl, McFarlanc Second Row — Smith, Bend, Wallace, Reed Front Row — Obst, Linsmayer, Chrisicnscn ACTIVES Miriam Bend Harriet Christensen Mary Emmel Lillian Haggard Mabel Johnson Gladys Kluegel Alice Linsmayer Margaret McFarlane Frances Obst Edith Reed Lois Smith Evelyn South Stella Wallace Founded St. Louis, Missouri, 1922 6 Chapters Beta. 1922 PLEDGE Helen Klepper ARCHITECTURE {231} ALPHA ZETA Back Row — E. Johnson, G. Johnson. Hoglund, Roth, Kidder Second Row — Lcighton, Reinckc, Olson, Rovaincn Front Row — Mayo, Mciiter, Brown, Norum, Peterson GRADUATE STUDENTS Gordon Johnson Richard Olson Ezra Reineke ACTIVES William Brown Raymond Hoglund Emmet Johnson Ernest Kidder Ramer Leighton Henry Mayo Karl Manke Harold Meister Enoch Norum Harry Peterson Carl Rovainen Arthur Roth, Jr. Founded Ohio State University, 1894 40 Chapters La Grange, 1905 AGRICULTURE {232} BLOCK AND BRIDLE Back Row — Boiler, Gandrud, Hartwig, Nodland, M. Anderson, Peterson Third Row — Lcighron, Mayo, Rovaincn, Werner, Goodwin, Carlson, H. Anderson Second Row — McMartin, Comstock, Berggren, Stcnberg, Storey, Fausch Front Row — Olson, Hoglund, Jacobs, Rcinekc, Roth, Graham FACULTY MEMBERS Founded Iowa State College, 1913 8 Chapters Minnesota, 1917 E. F. Ferrin W. H. Peters W. E. Peterson GRADUATE STUDENTS E. Hansing R. Olson B. Pervis E. Reineke MEMBERS Harold Anderson Duane Long M. Anderson Wallace McMartin George Berggren Henry Mayo James Boiler Edward Molberg Roy Carlson Arne Nielson Ralph Comstock Truman Nodland Donald Dailey Herman Owens George Fausch Harry Peterson Ebenhard Gandrud Carl Peterson Norman Goodwin Carl Rovainen Gardiner Graham Arthur Roth Noran Hagen John Shumway Lester Hartwig P. Stenberg Raymond Hoglund Emerson Storey Robert Jacobs George Tellier Ramer Leighton William Werner ■ A G R CULTURE {233} CH EPSILON Back Row — Essen, Shogren, Brokkc, Baker, Martin, Solum Second Row — Karlcn, Monson, Turner, Fcffarman, Reese Front Row — Kerstcn, Kilpatrick, Ripken, Holmquist FACULTY MEMBERS F. H. Bass L. F. Boone A. S. Cutler Dean O. M. Leland J. R. Parcel Dr. L. G. Straub O. S. Zelner ACTIVES Harry Baker Glenn Brokke Jacob Essen Robert Feffarman Gordon Holmquist Donovan Jacobs Roy Karlen Miles Kersten Philip Kilpatrick Lewis Martin Ralph Monson Carrol Reese John Ripken Hugo Shogren Edward Silberman Arthur Solum Leon Turner University of Illinois, 1922 13 Chapters Alpha, 1923 c V L E N G N E E R I N G {234} DELTA j PH DELTA Back Row — Bruce, Wile, Bodine, Amsdalc, Aabcrg Second Row — Chapman, Smeby, Fisher, Budge Front Row — Schwartz, Grotlum, Birch, Bass, Rosenberg Founded University of Kansas, 1909 14 Chapters Gamma, 1919 FACULTY MEMBERS Hilma Berglund Helen Druley Ray Faulkner E. J. Harmes Robt. Hilpert Josephine Lutz Ruth Raymond Gertrude Ross GRADUATE STUDENTS Audrey Amsdale Helen McLaughlin Katherine Wilharm ACTIVES Arensa Aaberg Virginia Bass Marguerite Birch Wilhelm Bodine Laura Bruce Florence Budge Lucille Fisher Katherine Grottum Rivia Rosenberg Marian Schwartz Vivian Smeby Claire Wile PLEDGES Corinne Chapman Hope Edson ART {235} ETA KAPPA NU Back Row — Middd, Kerns, Jones, Pearson, Hagstrom Second Row — Martin, TurnquUt, Armstrong, Pcnnig, Jensen, Junnila Front Row — Norris, Hammond, Clarcy, Johnson, Cohen FACULTY MEMBERS John M. Bryant Henry E. Hartig Elmer W. Johnson ACTIVES Daniel A. Armstrong John M. Clarey Morris Cohen Homer D. Hagstrom Ralph E. Hammond Clinton W. Jones Orville H. Jensen Jennings F. Johnson Wilko A. Junnila David M. Kerns Charles A. Martin Hendrick D. Middel Stanley M. Norris S. Ivar Pearson Carl J. Pennig John J. Reusch Sig A. Stavnes Arvid G. Turnquist Founded University of Illinois, 1904 23 Chapters Omicron, 1920 ELECTRICAL {236} ETA SIGMA UPSILON Founded University of Minnesota, 1927 1 Chapter Eta Sigma Upsilon, 1927 Back Row — Bovim, Bonhus, Strandncss, Swcnson, Boock, Barquist Second Row — Arlander, Briggs, Wold, Bennett, Johnston Front Row — McGaffey, Dahl, Charlson , Birch ACTIVES Florence Arlander Jeanette Barquist Mildred Bennett Marguerite Birch Dorothy Bonhus Gloria Boock Constance Bovim Alice Briggs Scnora Charlson Alice Dahl Sylvia Flagstad Helen Huseby Dorothy Johnston Janet McGaffey Ruth Strandness Maxine Swenson Mary Lou Wold EDUCATION {237} MORTAR BOARD Back Row — Campbell, Andrews, Eylar, Hughes Second Row — Ramsdell, Gardner, Furbari, Poppe, Martin Front How — Tellicr, Harris, Pickett, Hall FACULTY MEMBERS Dean Anne Dudley Blitz Dr. Ruth Boynton Mrs. N. Doyle Mrs. A. Fenlason Miss Edna Heidbreder ACTIVES Mary Andrews Ruth Campbell Ethelmae Eylar Alice Furbari Mary Gardner Emily Hall Dorothy Harris Laura Hughes Syneva Martin Miriam Pickett Dorothea Poppe Betty Ramsdell Jean Tellier Founded Syracuse, New Yor , 1918 55 Chapters Sigma Tau, 1918 SEN O R HONOR {238} MORTAR AND BALL Back Ro v--Kuph;il, Peterson, W. Johnson, R. Johnson, Kaiser, Harrison, Lundhcim, Shaw Fourth Row — Licthty, Hawkseth, Erickson, Anihcs, Bauer, Nygrcn Third Row — Holmstrom, Conary, Hclscth, Auvincn, Cook, Dwycr, Lacy Second Row — Moran, Crary, Toy, Linsley, Chcll, Page Front Row — Gauthicr, Lieutenant Erickson, Major Shippam, Miller, Sanford, Lieutenant Richmond, Gardner FACULTY MEMBERS Major Willis Shippam Lieutenant Richard A. Erickson Lieutenant Hewitt W. Richmond MEMBERS Founded University of Minnesota 5 Chapters John Anthes Robert Auvinen John W. Bergan Gilbert Bauer Robert Conary Harry Cook Pearce Chell Leroy J. DuBrucq Arthur Dwyer C. D. Ender Robert Erickson George Gauthier Tracy Gardner Oswald Helseth Walter Holmstrom Leroy Harff Ned Hawkseth S. A. Harrison R. W. Johnson W. O. Johnson Wesley Johnson Edward Kells Edward Kaiser Edward Kuphal Robert Lacy Parke Linsley Paul Liechty Erling Lundheim James Moran George Miller Roland Nygren F. A. Olson W. B. Page John D. Peterson Lucius Putnam Peter Reide Hayden Sears Harold Shaw Arthur Sanford Harold Toy COAST A R T L L E R y {239} 1 PERSH NG I " - 1 Back Row — Hawkinson, Nelson, A. Johnson, Odcnbrcit, G. Griffin, Wangstcad Third Row — Roberts, Williams, Salladin, Jones, Page, Jacobson, Shcarn Second Row — W. Kerr, Lilligren, Carson. Walker, Hendricks, Bothncr Front Row — Peterson, Mcrhvcn, Harris, Buckncr, Montgomery, West FACULTY MEMBERS Lieutenant Colonel Fredendall Major Methven Sergeant Buckner Major Jones Captain Ellis COMPANY OFFICERS Captain, Bruce Harris First Lieutenant, John Peterson Historian, Robert Montgomery First Sergeant, William Kerr Carl Avery R. L. Bothner John Carson Robert Christofk Wm. Dietrich Gale Garvik George Griffin John Hagler Peter Hoffman Bob Hatch Roy Hawkinson John Hagen Ed Jacobson Allan Johnson Robert M. Johnson Robert Jones Allan Jenkins Harley Jobe ACTIVES Jack Kotlar William Kerr Bob Lacy John Lilligren William McKay Tom McKenzie Henry Mickelson Henry Nelson George Odenbreit Leslie Ortlar Dan Parks William Page Gerald Peterson John Pomeroy William Peihl Ray Roberts Larry Smith Donald Smith William Salladin Robert Sandager Stan Sorenson William Stevenson Dick Speakes Al Stearns Glen Soelberg William Shryock Charles Shearn Robert Teeter Clarence Walker Marvin Wangstead John Wheeler John Williams Hugo Wickstrom Jack Wicks Edward Woodrich Founded Univeisity of Nebrasl( a, 1892 24 Chapters E Company, Second Regiment, 1930 MILITARY {240} PI TAU PI SIGMA liack Row — liocsc, Graves, Pcnnig, Angstcr, Schorr, Laureman Third Row — Vorlandcr, Myhre, Ostcrgrcn, Dc Wahl, Janes Second Row— Hartman, Hcrnunson, Kokesh, Thompson, Dynesius, Stcinmctz Front Row— Kaliher, Kcrnkamp, Captain Mincklcr, McGlonc, Sergeant Stridcr, Haygarth FACULTY MEMBERS Captain R. W. Minckler Sergeant Harry Strider (Honorary) GRADUATE STUDENT W. Lloyd Graves ACTIVES Founded University of Minnesota Epsilon, 1928 Robert Angstcr Wm. C. Boese Robert DeWahl Roy Dynesius William Hartman H. Melvin Hermanson Clinton W. Janes Alva E. Kaliher Melvin W. Kernkamp Frank Kokesh Jerome Laureman John J. McGlone Kenneth Myhre Leonard Ostergren Carl Pennig Edmund C. Schorr Charles Steinmetz Ward Thompson Carl Vorlander MILITARY {241} PI TAU SIGMA Back Row — Harizman, Hanson, Whitson, Prachar Second Row — Sonnesyn, Fischer, Johnson, Riedc, Shaw Front Row — Martcnis, Kclls, DuPricst, Kocpkc FACULTY MEMBERS Professor J. R. DuPriest Professor C. A. Koepke Professor J. V. Martenis Professor C. F. Shoop GRADUATE STUDENTS Clayton E. Ebert Roy L. King Donald E. Leslie Donald C. Rollins ACTIVES Leander J. Fischer Helmer E. Hanson Edwin Hartzman Russell W. Johnson Edward L. Kells Otakar P. Prachar Peter M. Riede Harold W. Shaw Clifford N. Sonnesyn Lee S. Whitson Founded University of Illinois, 1915 15 Chapters Gamma, 1922 MEGHAN GAL {242} SCABBARD AND BLADE Back Row — Sch-nitz, Amhcs, Conary, Lcichty, Kaiser, Crimson, Steinmctz Third Row — Pfeifer, I-cicrson, Sheridan, Carlson, Robowski, Murray Second Row — Hass, Engbcrg, Dahl, Rogers, Mader, Molandcr, Vance Front Row — Heenan, Tufts, Willard, H ' ardiman, Harris, Sanford, Andre FACULTY MEMBERS Captain Hammond Birks First Lieutenant Vincent Conrad Captain Murray Davenport Captain William A. Ellis First Lieutenant Richard Ericson Lieutenant Colonel Lloyd Fredendall Major William G. Guthrie Major Charles Jones Captain Emil Krause Major Theron G. Methven First Lieutenant Rex Minkler First Lieutenant Hewitt Richmond Major Willis Shippam Major William C. Webb, Jr. Captain Porter P. Wiggins ACTIVES Founded University of Wisconsin, 1904 82 Members B Company, First Regiment, 1905 Wilber Andre John Anthes Lewis Carlson Robert Conary Irwin Dahl Arnold Elkins George Engberg Lynn Grimson Hudson Hamilton John Hardiman Bruce Harris Ray Hass Charles Heenan Edward Kaiser Robert Lacy Milton Larson Paul Leichty John McGlone Robert Mader Lyman Molander CJordon Murray John D. Peterson Clarence Pfeifer Drake Rogers Ray Robowski Arthur Sanford Thomas Schmitz Alexander Sheridan Charles Steinmetz William Tufts Morris Vance Lome Ward Ray Willard Robert Yount T A R y {243} Back Row — Proffitt, Rollins, DiUncr, Raymond, Nold From Row — Ryder, Schciflcy, Kclls, Mithun FACULTY MEMBERS Dr. L. J. Cook Bernard W. Bierman SIGMA DELTA PSI ACTIVES Mervin Dillner Edward Kells Howard Mithun Woodrow Nold William Proffitt Bell Raymond Don Rollins Robert Ryder Charles Scheifley Founded University of Minnesota, 1912 A T H L E T C {2 4} TAU BETA Hack Row — Prachar, Hammond, Lehman, Janes, Kaiser, L. Martin, Bosscn Fifth Row — Osojnicki, Hanson, Irepp, HoUingsworth, Shogrcn, Brokkc, Hagstrum Fourth Row — Agrc, Kclls, Kerstcn, Junnila, Johnson, Riedc Third Row — Fischer, Wenner, Anthcs, Montillon, Koepkc, Scott, C. Martin Second Row — Cohn, Justus, Caverlcy, Newhousc, Sonncsyn, Cohen Front Row — Conary, E. W. Johnson, Caleen, Pearson, Lundquist FACULTY MEMBERS W. B. Appleby H. W. Barlow R. Brinker W. E. Brooke J. M. Bryant L. F. Boon L. C. Caverley P. Christianson A. Cowie A. S. Cutler H. A. Doeringsfeld H. A. Erickson H. C. T. Eggers H. E. Hartig E. L. Hill F. Hovde H. S. Jerabek E. W. Johnson C. A. Koepke J. H. Kuhlmann O. M. Leland A. S. Levens C. A. Mann F. M. Mann G. H. Montillon H. D. Myers L. W. Neubauer G. C. Priester J. J. Ryan W. T. Ryan B. J. Robertson E. O. Schultz L. G. Straub C. E. Swanson A. E. Stoppel S. Trengrove J. Valasek H. H. Wade H. B. Wilcox ACTIVES Founded Lehigh University, 1885 62 Chapters Alpha. 1905 C. L. Agre J. A. Anthes R. G. Bossen G. E. Brokke R. L. Caleen M. Cohen B. Cohn R. E. Conary L. J. Fischer H. D. Hagstrum R. E. Hammond H. E. Hanson G. P. HoUingsworth C. W. Janes O. H. Jensen R. W. Johnson W. A. Junnila D. A. Justus E. L. Kells M. S. Kersten E. W. Kaiser J. A. Lehman W. E. Lundquist C. A. Martin L. F. Martin A. B- Newhouse J. J. Osojnicki S. L Pearson O. P. Prachar P. M. Riede J. F. Ripken J. A. Scott W. R. Sears H. T. Shogren C. N. Sonnesyn S. A. Stavnes W. Trepp A. M. Wenner ENGINEER N G {245} Back Row — Lawson, Arnold, Powric. Sommer, Duncan. Swinburne Third Row — Holes, Doscn, Hcmmingson, Stremcl, Ewing, Miller Second Row — Hatfield, Thorson, Kellcy, Nortz, Davis Front Row — Pratt, Pfaendcr, Gardner, Bootk FACULTY MEMBER Melba Frances Hurd GRADUATE STUDENT Enza Alton Zeller I ZETA PH ETA MEMBERS Genevieve Arnold Maurine Aultfather Dorothy Baurek Helen Jane Behlke Mary Black Gloria Boock Ruth Davis Ruth Dietrich Elaine Dosen Alice Duncan Jeanne Ewing Violet Franzeen Louise Hatfield Edna Hansen Eileen Hansen Helen Hedback Coral Hemmingson Dorothy Holes Dorothy Kennedy Noel Kirk Margaret Jean La Lone Lucie Lawson Helen Claire Landrum Martha Myrle Manning Marian Miller Elaine Nortz Olgomarie Novak Marion Pfaender lantha Powrie Shirley Pratt Glenora Sommer Emily Stremel Betty Swinburne Sue Thorson Marion Tucker Pamela Williams Founded Minnesota, 1934 Zeta Phi Eta, January, 1934 SPEECH {246} ACADEMIC SORORITIES {247} Back Row — Field, Hummel, Thacker, Witham, Barquist, Bennion, Kcckcfoth Fourth Row — Baker, Andrews, Jachning, Altermatt, Hallenbcrg, Randolph, Bennett Third Row — Ernst, Lambert, Fooie, Peoples, Koelfgren, Friberg Second Row — MacDaniels, Baicheldcr, Eastman, Keller, Bedard, Ostrander, Christ off crson Front Row — Hulbcrt, Cadwalladcr, Hanson, Wood, Slingsby, Brackett MEMBERS PAN- HELLENIC COUNCIL Alpha Chi Omega Alice Duncan Mary Andrews Alpha Delta Pi Miriam Witham Lois Lambert Alpha Delta Theta Ruth Burmeister Helen Nieman Delta Zeta Jeannette Barquist Jayne Eastman Gamma Phi Beta Mary Baker Betty Christofferson Kappa Alpha Theta Ellen Hulbert Louise Ernst Alpha Gamma Delta Jane Bennett lantha Powrie Alpha Omicron Pi Jayne Foote Irma Hammerbacher Alpha Phi Mary Ella Brackett Jean Gardner Alpha Xi Delta Norma Batchelder Mary Peoples Beta Phi Alpha Betty Bennion Beverly Fie Chi Omega Phoebe Hallenberg Maxine Slingsby Delta Delta Delta Carla Meacham Katherine Friberg Delta Gamma Sally Field Betty Megeath Kappa Delta Loretta Koelfgren Ruth Jaehning Kappa Kappa Gamma Inez Bedard Betty Keller Phi Mu Florence Budge Ruth Sackett Phi Omega Pi Ruth Altermatt Corrine Sartell Pi Beta Phi Jean Hummel Betty Wood Sigma Delta Tau Bernice Feldman Etta Tremblatt Sigma Kappa Eloise Keckefoth Elizabeth Johnson Zeta Tau Alpha Cordelia Thacker Jeanette Ostrander ACADEMIC {248} o o n r O Ci ALPHA CH OMEGA Back Row — Horner, Ericsori, Tiriglaff, Duncan, Domning, Larson, Wasson Fifth Row — Patterson, Helstrom, Kinning, Early, Cuvcllier, M. Taylor Fourth Row — Allen, Hagensick, Darr, Pulver, Fall, Sargent, F. Taylor Third Row — Gudal, M. Daugherty, Peterson, R. Daugherty, Hoening, Post Second Row — Hatfield, Kelly, Nye, Van Ness, Wood, Pierce, Daniels Front Row — Hughes, Savage, Andrews, Cummings, Hansen, Johnson Mary S. Kuypcrs FACULTY MEMBERS Dorothy G. Johnson Gertrude D. True Founded Greencastle, Indiana, 1885 57 Chapters Alpha Lambda, 1921 GRADUATE STUDENT Dorothy Kelly ACTIVES Mary Wright Andrews ' 34 Marion L. Johnson ' 35 Florence Allen •34 Margaret Kelly ' 35 Margaret Beebc ' 36 Harriet Kinning ' 36 Margaret Cummings ' 34 Dorothy Larson ' 34 Alice Cuvellier ' 36 Henrietta Nye ' 36 Maxine Daniels ' 36 Anna Jane Patterson ' 36 Ruth Daugherty ' 35 Muriel Paulson ' 36 Margaret Domning ' 35 Joan Peterson ' 36 Alice Duncan ' 35 Kate Pierce ' 34 Sylvia Ericson ' 34 Rhea Post ' 36 Helen Gudal ' 36 Jean Pulver ' 37 Eileen Hansen ' 36 Vesta Sargent ' 35 Louise Hatfield ' 34 Phyllis Savage ' 35 Dorothy Helstrom ' 35 Eileen Sisley •36 Betty Hoenig ' 35 Mary Kate Taylor ' 36 Laura Hughes ' 34 Elsie TinglafiE ' 34 Hazel Johnson ' 34 Marion Van Ness ' 35 Genevieve Wood ' 35 PLEDGES Mary Elise Cobb Ruth Darr Margaret Daugherty Peggy Early Lois Fall Jean Gustafson Doris Hagensick Hope Horner Francis Taylor Margaret Taylor Georgia Wasson A C A D E M C {249} 514 Eleventh Avenue Southeast Back Row — Witham, Atwood, Thcarcr, Syvcrson, McFcrran, Andrews Third Row — Hayes, Harvey, Rivenes, Nelson, Erickson, Sanford, DeLicn Second Row — Duckctt, Ross, Dunwoody, Lambert, Morton, Walker Front Row — Manning, Sharp, Scowc, White, Loomis, Babcock GRADUATE STUDENT Virginia Amidon ALPHA DELTA p ACTIVES Jean Andrews ' 35 Jean Manning ' 35 Doris Atwood ' 34 Doris McFerran ' 36 Jean Babcock ' 35 Janet Ross ' 35 Dorothy Duckett ' 36 Betty Sanford •37 Jessie Dunwoody ' 34 Beatrice Scowe ' 34 Beatrice Erickson ' 36 Ruth Sharp ' 35 Alice Heard ' 35 Muriel Theurer ' 34 Margaret Kulander ' 35 Miriam Witham ' 35 Lois Lambert ' 35 Betty White ' 35 Jeanne La France ' 34 Jane Wood ' 34 Helen Loomis ' 34 Helen Wilcox ' 34 Margaret Zelner ' 35 Founded Macon, Georgia, 1851 57 Chapters Alpha Rho, 1923 Ruth DeLien Catherine Hayes PLEDGES Alice Harvey Betty Morton June Nelson Betty Rivenes Harriet Walker ACADEMIC {250} 1009 University Avenue Southeast ALPHA GAMMA DELTA Back Row — Mendenhall, Mattson, Gorman, ingebrand, Clarey, O ' Donnell, Thompson, Young, Hanson, Rosackcr Fourth Row — Lowe, Loucks, Ireys, Bell, Foss. M. E. Johnson, Preston, D. Porter, Eggcna Third Row — Feldner, M. Hyde, Harper, Brown, M. Thorpe, McFarlanc, Forbes, Berry Second Row — Rounds, Smallwood, Bennett, Davies, Van Nest, Donnellan, Gaudian Front Row — Sceley, Redficld, Goetz, Cadwalladcr, Donahue, Johnston, Nichols FACULTY MEMBER Freda Laudon GRADUATE STUDENT Dorothybelle McCree Founded Syracuse University, 1904 45 Chapters Delta. 1908 Kathryn Anderson Jayne Bennett Miriam Brown Jane Cadwallader Eileen Donahue Carolyn Davies Evelyn Elwell Josephine Forbes Phyllis Gaudian La Verne Getchell Elizabeth Goetz Suzanne Harper Patricia Hawley Helen Dae Hopper Elizabeth Hultgren Marion Hyde Alice Ireys Marion E. Johnson Margaret E. Johnson ACTIVES ' 36 Dorothy Johnston ' 36 ' 36 Noel Kirk ' 35 ' 35 Gladys Loucks ' 36 ' 34 Bettie McFarlane ' 37 ' 34 Janet Macoubrey ' 34 ' 35 Inez Mattson ' 34 ' 36 Ansel Mendenhall ' 35 ' 35 Hope Nichols ' 34 •35 Duane Porter ' 35 ' 35 lantha Povifrie ' 35 ' 34 Jacqueline Redfield ' 34 ' 36 Violet Rosacker ' 37 ' 36 Virginia Rounds ' 36 ' 36 Evylin Seeley ' 34 ' 34 Betty Smollett ' 34 ' 35 Marcia Thorpe ' 36 ' 36 Mary Thorpe ' 37 ' 37 Ruth Van Nest ' 35 ' 36 Ruth Wilder ' 34 Isabel Young ' 35 Jean Barnhill Marianne Bell Vail Kerr Benz Betty Berry Ann Marie Clarey Betty Eggena PLEDGES Peggy Foss Beulah Geldman Irene Gorman Jane Hyde Joan Ingebrand Marion K. Johnson Mary Lowe Mary Neamon Lorraine O ' Donnell Jeanne Porter Eileen Preston Ruth Smallwood Mary Jean Thompson A C A D I M C giM {251} i 1 311 Eleventh Avenue Southeast Back Row — Puinam, Marshall, Hovelsrud, Striegel, A. Eyiar, Carrutli, Ory, Richardson Fifth Row — Black, Monroe, Behrends, Putnam, Jerome, Tcschan, Mullen, Pearson, Hawlish Fourth Row — Brenchley, A. Davis, Reed, Casey, Frisvold, Stewart, Mattson, Dudding Third Row- — Gasink, Ashton, B. Anderson, Reiter, Sampson, Stone, M. Davis, Morgan, E. Eylar Second Row — Pcltit, Dodds, Eklund, Bcatty, Murray, Wooldrik, Sethney, Laska Front Row — Baird, Huseby, Sclvik, Hammerbachcr, Swcnson, Foote, Landrum, Perkins FACULTY MEMBER lone Jackson ALPHA OMICRON GRADUATE STUDENT Ruth Brace ACTIVES Margaret Baird ' 34 Genevieve Mattson ' 36 Mary Black 34 Marjorie Monroe ' 35 Cooley Carruth ' 34 Martha Morgan ' 35 Mary Coy ' 34 L ' Nor Mullen ' 36 Aha Davis ' 35 Vivian Murray ' 36 Margaret Davis ' 35 Alice Nienaber ' 34 Margaret Dodds ' 35 Elaine Nortz ' 34 Ethelmae Eylar ' 34 Vivian Ory ' 34 Jeannette Eklund ' 35 Virginia Perkins ' 36 Jayne Foote ' 34 Gayle Sampson •35 Ruth Gasink ' 34 Marie Selvik ' 34 Irma Hammerbachcr ' 35 Mary Stone ' 34 Helen Huseby ' 34 Katherine Sutherland ' 34 Helen Claire Landrutr I ' 35 Maxine Swenson ' 34 Eleanor Marshall ' 34 Charlotte Teschan ' 36 Gertrude Wooldrik ' 35 Founded Barnard College, 1897 45 Chapters Tau. 1912 Betty Anderson Maxine Beatty Jean Behrends Bette Brenchley Louise Casey Mildred Dudding Alice Eylar Rachel Frisvold PLEDGES Phyllis Hawlish Frances Holes Lorraine Hovelsrud Rowena Laska Peggy Jerome Ruth Pettit Evelyn Pearson Margaret Putnam Mary Putnam Kathryn Reed Jean Reiter Margaret Richardson Gretchen Schafer Esther Sethney Sue Stewart Sylvia Striegel Helen Weeks If ACADEMIC {252} 1121 Fifth Street Southeast ALPHA PH Back Row — Bcwcn, Burnet, Docrr, Sanborn, Klotz, Rizcr, Gould, Lcasure Fourth Row — A. Rutter, S. Rutter, Page, Addy, Carney, Ganlcy, Hays Third Row — Proper, Speaker, Jaffray, Scrivcr, Wilson, Strathcrn, Scallon, Maland Second Row — Connolly, Baker, Keycs, Boyd, A. Watson, Sweet, Hammis Front Row — Ovcrsircct, Magaw, Sherman. Brackctt, Bushneil, M. Gardner Maud Hamms FACULTY MEMBERS Mary Field Helen McLaughlin GRADUATE STUDENTS Founded Syracuse, N. Y., 1872 35 Chapters Epsilon. 1890 Caroline Doerr Elizabeth Haverstock Maud Hammes ACTIVES Coral Wilson Betty Addy ' 36 Renee Keyes •34 Arnetta Becker ' 37 Katherine Klotz ' 36 Mary Ella Brackett ' 34 Mary A. Magaw ' 34 Betty Bushneil ' 36 Marna Ann Maland ' 37 Katherine Connolly ' 35 Kathryn Overstreet ' 35 Mary Gardner ' 34 Martha Page ' 35 Jean Gardner ' 36 Mary Morris Sherman ' 34 Annis Gould ' 36 Mary Ann Strathern ' 34 Betty Hays ' 36 Ann Watson ' 36 Margaret Huntington ' 34 Jael Wells ' 34 Virginia Baker Jacqueline Bowen Betty Boyd Jane Burnet Deede Carney Marian Ganley Frances Godwin Josephine Hall PLEDGES Mary Jaffray Nancy King Margaret Lawler Elizabeth Leasure Mary Pierson Jane Proper Elizabeth Richards Edith Rizer Ann Rutter Sue Rutter Conradine Sanborn Nan Scallon Mary Lou Scriver Jane Speakes Sally Stringer Helen Jane Sweet Jean Watson ACADEMIC {253} 323 Tenth Avenue Southeast ALPHA X H H ■ K . m- m - J DELTA Back Row — Wade, Blank, Olson, Rarig, Space, Richardson, Peterson Second Row — Fouscr, Garlock, Geigcr, Peoples, French, McGaffey Front Row — Taylor, Nickerson, Rathert, Batchclder, Frederick FACULTY MEMBERS Mrs. Lee Barber Mrs. Clara Koenig Mary Neemes Mrs. Herbert Joesting Lorraine Kranhold GRADUATE STUDENT Elizabeth Shippee Jane Titcomb i ACTIVES Eleanor Anderson ' 35 Elizabeth Nickerson ' 36 Norma Batchelder 36 Virginia Olsor ' 33 Evelyn Fouser ' 35 Mary Peoples ' 36 Philena Frederick ' 35 Mildred Peterson ' 35 Esther French ' 34 Ruth Rathert ' 34 Fern Garlock ' 35 Margaret Rarig ' 34 Lyma Geiger ' 35 Mary Taylor ' 34 Janet McGaffey ' 34 Helen Thomas ' 33 Dorothy Wade ' 35 Founded Lombard College, 1893 54 Chapters Mu. 1907 Agnes Blank PLEDGES Harriet Richardson Margaret Space A c A D - M C ■■ ' ' ' -ssA {254} 1115 Fifth Street Southeast CH OMEGA Back Row— Green, E. Burns. Hoff, R. Burns, M. Hallcnbcrg. Nelson, Phillips, Solon, Van Tilburg, Jenkins Fourth Row — Fitzpatrick, Bccbe, Clifford, Thayer, McConncU, King, Lcisen, Norrts, Gilbcrtson Third Row — Siebert, Hogan, Maher, Richards, Smith, Galliven, Mrozla. Lcighton Second Row— Bjuman. Wallace, Lohman, Kslash, Haas, Roth, Berg Front Row — Slingsby, P. Hallenbcrg, Christianton, Hopkins, Sias, Hanson, Johnson Founded Fayetteville, Arkansas, 1895 87 Chapters Pi Beta, 1921 GRADUATE STUDENT Elnore Goulc 1 ACTIVES Catherine Bauman ' 34 Mary Johnson ' 36 Phyllis Berg ' 34 Marcella Kalash ' 35 Elizabeth Burns ' 36 Mary Leighton ' 34 Rosemary Burns ' 37 Gretchen Leisen ' 35 Patricia Christiansen ' 34 Clara Lohmann ' 35 Katherine Cleary ' 34 Georgia McConnclI ' 34 Jean Clifford ' 37 Mary Jo Mahr ' 37 Patricia Fitzpatrick ' 34 Corrine Roach ' 35 Anne Gilbcrtson ' 35 Jean Roth ' 34 Phoebe Hallenberg ' 35 Marjorie Seidel ' 34 Margaret Hanson ' 35 Margaret Sias ' 34 Regina Hoff ' 34 Marjorie Siebert ' 35 Dorothy Hopkins ' 34 Maxine Slingsby ' 35 Marjorie Jenkins •36 Olive Smith ' 36 Gloria Wallace ' 36 PLEDGES ..lj: Mary Beebe Floramae Boyle Dorthea Daugherty Vermona Galliven Patricia Green Katherine Hass Mary Hallenberg Alice Hogan Mary King Angel ine Mrozla Christina Nelson Mavis Norris Edith Phillips Janet Roller Leota Richards Dorothy Solon Nancy Talbot Marie Thayer Alice Van Douser Doris Van Tilburg A C A D E M C {255} 315 Tenth Avenue Southeast Back Row — Addy, Harding, White, Hubbard, Hascrick, Bartholomew, B. Brink, McLeod, Barrett, Jones Fourth Row — Braasch, Meen, Vince, Smith, Gage, Booth, McMillin, D.Brink, Conway, Browning Third Row — Stevens, Friberg, Beck, Burrows, King, Stewart, Yohe, McCarthy, Moore Second Row — Abcler, Shipley, Harlan, Johnson, Burns, Halloran, Craswell, Randolph Front Row — Hoicn, Emery, Springer, Meacham, Wold, Hall, Strcmel, Capron, Stevenson DELTA DELTA DELTA FACULTY MEMBERS Jane Leichsenring Grace Torinus Mary Skinner GRADUATE STUDENTS Hildred Brohaugh Evadene Burr ACTIVES is Marjorie Browning Doris Abeler ' 35 Muriel Hoien ' 35 Evelyn Addy ' 36 Betty Hubbard ' 37 Margaret Barrett ' 36 Eda-Rae Jones ' 35 Mary Bartholomew ' 37 Syneva Martin ' 34 Helen Bengson ' 35 Carla Meacham ' 36 Betty Booth ' 37 Mary Meen ' 36 Founded Betty Lou Burrows ' 36 Betty Ramsdell ' 34 Dorothy Capron ' 36 Jane Randolph ' 37 Boston University, 1888 Evelyn Conway ' 37 . Mary Shipley ' 37 84 Chapters Mae Emery ' 34 Mary Ellen Smith ' 37 Theta. 1894 Alice Gray ' 34 Dorothy Springer ' 35 Emily Hall ' 34 Helen Stevenson ' 35 Patricia Halloran ' 36 Emily Strcmel ' 34 Margaret Harlan ' 36 Catherine Vince ' 35 Dorothy Haserick ' 36 Phyllis Yohe PLEDGES Mary Lou Wold ' 36 ' 34 Louise Braasch Elizabeth Ann Harding Gertrude Moody J Betty Brink Jean Johnson Lucille Moody Dorothy Brink Muriel King Betty Kay Moore Helen Burns Eileen McCarthy Eleanor Selvig ■J M Marian Carpenter Margaret McLeod Kathryn Stevens LeStt S Jean Craswell Jane McMillin Kathryn Stewart ' i Caroline Gage Peggy Ann White V A c A D M C ■E ' r {256} P B " m 316 Tenth Avenue Southeast DELTA GAMMA Back Row — Kitts, Jackson, Hudson, Rich, Field, Larkin, Gale, Krcbs, Waldcn, Moshcr Fifth Row — Trisko, Parks, Wells, Moir, Cammock, Bancroft, Hincline, Hooper, Sandberg Fourth Row — Day, Way, Ringer, Bodine, Williamson, Brill, R. Evarts, Kate Ihird Row — Nelson, Paulis, Higcrman, McCuUock, Raincy, Pardee, Lane Second Row — McDaniels, Wilson, Hcnsel, Bunker, Confer, Townsend, S. Burwcll, Kucchlc Front Row — Ochlcr, £niight. Palmer, Brown, Thorson, Ovrom, Peterson Helen Hickman FACULTY MEMBERS Helen Smith Dorothy V. Briese GRADUATE STUDENT Founded Oxford, Mississippi, 1874 48 Chapters Lambda, 1882 Ka therine Brown ACTIVES Marjorie Bodine ' 34 Isabel Lane ' 36 Susan Bancroft ' 36 Barbara Larkin ' 35 Catherine Brill ' 36 Marian McCuUoch ' 36 Louise Brown •34 Virginia McDaniels ' 36 Irene Bunker ' 35 Betty Megeath ' 36 Janet Burwell ' 35 Harriet Mosher ' 37 Mary Jane Confer ' 35 Ann Nelson ' 37 Betty Ann Day ' 35 Margaret Oehler ' 35 Francis Enright •35 Dorothy Ovrom ' 35 Ruth Evarts ' 36 Bess Palmer ' 35 Sue Evarts ' 35 Alice Parks ' 37 Dorothy Ferguson ' 34 Bernice Pardee ' 36 Sarah Field ' 36 Caroline Paulis ' 36 Betty Gale ' 35 Dorothy Peterson ' 34 Lois Groves ' 34 Mary Jeannette Rainey ' 35 Lillian Hensel ' 35 Virginia Rich ' 34 Susie Hooper ' 36 Margaret Thorson •34 Betty Jackson •37 Lucille Townsend •36 Betty Kate ' 36 Marjorie Trisko •34 Dorothy Kennedy ' 35 Norma Williamson •36 Mary Kitts ' 37 Jane Wilson •36 Louise Krebs ' 35 Margaret Walden PLEDGES ' 35 Suzanne Burwell Harriet Hineline Sigri Ringer Marcia Cammock Janet Hudson Virginia Way Florence Hilgerman lone Kuechle Mary Jane Moir Jane Wells ACADEMIC {257} 1026 Fifth Street Southeast Back Row — ihornlon, King, Utecht, Cikuzar, Layne, Warren, Hollister Third Row — Spcich. Soggc, Mclky, Naltcricke. Hass, Swanstrom, Langford, Bauman Second Row — Hart, Andersen, Tuinham, Wcssel, Townsend, Mason, Kreittcr Front Row — Eastman, Hcug, Bell, Barquist, Lundguist, Thompson DELTA ZETA FACU LTY MEMBERS erman Bowers Margaret McLacken GRADUATE STUDENT Bernice King ACTIVES Margaret Andersen ' 35 Geraldine Lundquist ' 34 Jeanette Barquist 34 Maxine Mason ' 36 Barbara Bell •34 Dorothy Munns ' 34 Jayne Eastman ' 35 Elsie Nelson •36 Maxine Elsenpeter ' 35 Bernice Rudy •37 Betty Graves ' 34 Lois Swanstrom •35 Winifred Hart ' 34 Louise Speich •36 Eleanor Haverland ' 35 Lorraine Sogge ' 34 Marjory Hollister ' 34 Charlotte Thompson ' 34 Janet Houg ' 34 Sally Thornton ' 36 Anita Howard ' 34 Evelyn Turnham ' 36 Jane Kreitter ' 36 Lucille Utecht ' 36 Virginia Langford ' 36 Ruth Warren •35 Dorothy Liebig ' 34 Roberta Wessel •35 Mary Steers Founded Miami University, 1902 59 Chapters Gamma, 1923 PLEDGES Mary Jane Brigham Marie Bauman Jean Cikuzar Jayne Hass Katherine Layne Helen Melky Dorothy Naltericke Eileen Voegel Betty Vincent Kathryn Wilcox A C A D E M C {258} 330 Eleventh Avenue Southeast GAMMA PHI BETA Back Row — Bowcn, Raucn, De Groodt, F. WcUl, Sommcr, Beatty, Quasi, Nelson, Knight Fifth Row — Adams, Spiuler, Lemon, Waender, Tinchcr, Von Kusicr, Thayer, Miller, Stafford Fourth Row — Burkhard, Pitman, Gold, Clements, Burnap, Gicre, Hagen, Lowe Third Row — Lawton, Teisberg, Vance, Hicks, Lajoic, P. Weld, Sparks, Slinncttc Second Row — Brooks, Christofiferson, Morris, Stowe, Thorson, Hcseltinc, Bushnell, Cook Front Row — Bachc-Wiig, Finch, Behlkc, Mary Baker, Thompson, Baker, Bruce Adah Grandy FACULTY MEMBERS Elinor Thompson Florence Warnock ACTIVES Founded Syracuse University, 1874 40 Chapters Kappa, 1902 Georgianna Adams ' 36 Ellen Bache-Wiig 36 Mary Baker ' 35 Maxine Baker ' 34 Myra Beatty ' 35 Helen Jane Behlke ' ' 35 Laura Bruce ' 35 Eleanor Burkhard ' 37 Catherine Burnap ' 36 Margaret Bushnell ' 35 Betty Christofferson ' 36 Louise De Groodt ' 34 Grace Finch ' 34 Jean Giere ' 36 Betty Gold ' 37 Eunice Gunderson ' 34 Lillian Hicks ' 37 Harriet Kemp ' 35 Margaret Knight ' 35 Ann Lajoie ' 36 Margaret Jean La Lone ' 36 Gertrude Lawton ' 35 Katherine Lemon ' 34 Lora Lee Lowe ' 35 Helen Manuel ' 34 Louise Miller ' 36 Irene Morris ' 36 Margaret Nelson ' 36 Marian Pfaender ' 35 Helen Pitman ' 35 Virginia Porter ' 35 Lois Quast ' 36 Virginia Sparks ' 35 Helen Spittler ' 35 Helen Stinnette ' 35 Geraldine Teisberg ' 34 Helen Thompson ' 34 Sue Thorson ' 35 Virginia Tincher ' 34 Lora Lee Von Kuster ' 36 Florence Weld ' 34 Patricia Weld ' 36 Mildred Bowen Betty Brooks Betty Clements Linda Cook PLEDGES Grace Harriet Hagen Rosemary Heseltine Marian Luick Jane Rauen Grace Stowe Mary Thayer Hazel Willis ACADEMIC {259} 31 1 Tenth Avenue Southeast KAPPA ALPHA THETA Back Row — AtUms, Massic, Le Hlonil, Rchan, Farrclt, Bruclhcide, Rorfhagc, Sabin, Sivcrtscn Fourth Row — Ludwig, Fitzgerald, Dahn, Gaardc, McCarthy, Carlson, Jensch, Brown, White, Popp Third Row — Ewing, Amundsen, Quammc, Diehl, Bopp, C. Berg, MacDonald, Forney, ShcUxnan Second Row — Sorcnsen, A. Reimbold, Fitch, Cones, Ives, H. Ayrc, J. Ernst, L. Ernst Front Row — Ragland, Barnes, Moiiill, Brcnnan, M. Reimbold, Hulbert, Morris, Poorc, Johnson FACULTY MEMBERS Gladys Gibbens Elizabeth Nissen GRADUATE STUDENT Nivea Haw ACTIVES Kathryn Anderson ' 36 Karin Farrell ' 36 Mary Louise Arntsen ' 36 Elaine Godward ' 34 Elizabeth Ayre ' 35 Genevieve Graham ' 36 Harriet Ayre ' 34 Elsa Hoidale ' 36 Janet Baird ' 36 Ellen Hulbert ' 34 Julie Baird ' 36 Bernice Johnson •34 Beth Barnes ' 34 Martha Louise Korfhage ■ ' 36 Ardene Berg ' 35 Ruth Landman ' 34 Claire Berg ' 35 Charlotte Learned ' 36 Billie Bopp ' 35 Marion Lusk ' 36 Mary Brennan ' 36 Jessie MacDonald ' 34 Virginia Bruelheide ' 36 Helen McBroom ' 34 Jean Dabelstein ' 34 Marjorie Morrill ' 36 Elinor Dahn ' 35 Mary Patterson ' 36 Dorothy Engemoen ' 35 Janet Poore ' 35 Josephine Ernst ' 36 Bettie Ragland •36 Louise Ernst ' 36 Mary Louise Reimbold ' 34 Marie Fancher ' 36 Eleanor Shaw ' 34 - Maxine Sorensen PLEDGES ' 35 Frances Adams Frances Forney Barbara McCarthy Ruth Ann Amundson Bertha Gaarde Shirley Morris Betty B. Brown Marjorie Haggerty Dorothy Popp Marion Carlson Betty Ives Dorothy Quamme Betty Cones Phoebe Jensch Anne Reimbold Marjorie Diehl Barbara Johnson Betty Rohan Jeanne Ewing Mary Louise Le Blond Constance Sabin Elizabeth Ann Fitch Barbara Le Veque Marian Shellman Ruth Fitzgerald Catherine Ludwig Wilma Sivertsen Joan Flor Catherine Massie Carol White Founded Greencastle , Indiana, 1870 64 Chapters Vpsilon, 1890 A c A D — M C N ■ i m Ku ' ' ' ' {260} 314 Tenth Avenue Southeast KAPPA DELTA Back Row — Manning, Pickles, C. Rose, Oslcrgren, Monson, Mehnc, Fi»k Fourth Row — Strait, Muldoon, H. Rose, Johnson, Meyer, Kennedy Third Row — Nichols, Davis, Anderson, Doscn, Elliot, Hayes, M. M. West Second Row — Rodgcrs, Behler, Goodhue, Smith, Close, Cole Front Row — Gilmore, Klobc, M. West, Koclfgcn, La Hue, Lund FACULTY MEMBERS Founded Farmville, Virginia, 1897 73 Chapters Sigma Beta, 1918 Alice Leahy Katherine Miles Mrs. Agnes Sommers Kathleen Madsen Ellen Ventura GRADUATE STUDENTS Esther Doerr Helen Rose Borghild Sundheim Vera Larson ACTIVES Miriam Maclntyre Elizabeth Anderson ' 34 Marguerite Klobe ' 36 Janet Behler ' 34 Loretta Koelfgen ' 34 Gladys Close ' 35 Melba La Hue •35 Marion Day ' 34 Elaine Lund ' 35 Elaine Dosen ' 35 Caryl Meyer ' 37 Fern Fisk ' 34 Rachel Nichols ' 34 Flora Gilmore ' 34 Eva-Jane Ostergren ' 36 Gayle Goodhue ' 36 Freda Smith ' 36 Mary Hayes ' 37 Betty Strait ' 35 Dorothy Hill ' 34 Helen Wallgren ' 35 Ruth Jaehning ' 34 Mary Mott West ' 37 ; Miriam West ' 34 PLEDGES Betty Cole Dorothy Davis Lucille Elliot Margaret Houtz Lorraine Johnson Maxine Kennedy Martha Myrle Manning Nettie Mehne Miriam Monson Ruth Muldoon Elizabeth Pickles Helene Rodgers Carol Rose A C A D E M C {261} 1025 Sixth Street Southeast KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA Back Row — Wright, G. McMillan, Dodge, Lewis, Bacr, Cobb, Finch, Stearns, Volk Fifth Row — Irons, South, Richtcr, Kcinhard, Shuman, Gcisi, Adams, Seegcr, Bruce, Marion Ives Fourth Row — N. Greer, Gillen, Mary Ives, Cushman, Doty, Campbell, Scriver, V. McMillan, Schoening Third Row — Westlake, McAfee, Watts, Earl, Lawrence, Brown, Hughes, Moriison, J. Murchie, Odell Second Row — J. Greer, H. Murchie, Babcock, Dennis, Champine, B. Barnard, Smith, Pike, Aslakson Front Row — Sanders, Bedard, Batchcldcr, Appclget, Keller, Pickett, Boutell, A. Barnard, Beim, Frascr FACULTY MEMBERS Martha CoUicott Katherine Jacobsen GRADUATE STUDENTS Marion Latta Alice Beardslee ACTIVES Susan Mary Shuman Mary Appelget ' 34 Jane Greer 35 Jessie Aslakson ' 37 Eleanor Irons ' 35 Avery Barnard ' 34 Mary Ives •37 Bunty Barnard ' 37 Marion Ives ' 35 Mary Batchelder ' 34 Betty Keller ' 34 Isabel Baer ' 34 Margaret Lawrence ' 35 Inez Bedard ' 35 Virginia Lewis ' 35 Helen Beim ' 34 Marion McConnon ' 33 Grace Bliss ' 34 Genevieve McMillan ' 36 Delia Boutell ' 36 Leas Montgomery ' 37 Ellen Brown ' 36 Jane Moore ' 37 Barbara Bruce ' 36 Nancy Morrison ' 34 Rhoda Campbell ' 37 Jean Murchie ' 36 Margaret Champine ' 37 Helen Murchie ' 34 Betty Cobb ' 34 Barbara Odell ' 37 Mary Collins ' 35 Jean Pike ' 36 Virginia Cushman ' 36 Miriam Pickett ' 34 Jane Dennis ' 37 Rosemary Richter ' 37 Helen Donahue ' 36 Betty Reinhard ' 37 Diana Doty ' 37 Marian Sanders ■36 Ann Duncan ' 36 Alice Schoening •35 Caroline Earl ' 35 Miriam Seeger ' 35 Betty Evans ' 36 Evelyn South ' 34 Mary Jane Finch ' 37 Eleanor Smith ' 36 Alice Eraser ' 34 Elizabeth Stearns ' 37 Mia Geist ' 36 Ann Volk ' 37 Helen Gillen ' 36 Margaret Watts ' 37 Nancy Greer ' 37 Jane Wright PLEDGES ' 37 Jean Adams Anna Virginia Hughes Jane Nye Miriam Arnold Mary Adele McAfee Barbara Scriver Betty Babcock Virginia McMillan Chloe Weed Mary Dodge Patty Westlake Founded Monmouth, Illinois, 1870 71 Chapters Chi, 1880 A C A D E M C {262} 329 Tenth Avenue Southeast BETA PH Back Row — Jacobson, Ryan, Bucll, E. Donaldson, Leach, Gamble, Miller, Stevens, Ruhc Fourth Row — Donehower, Tyson, Bixler, Anderson, Rough, Mullen, Fcgles, Bocringer, Licbcnsicin, Norby Third Row — Davenport, M. Donaldson, L. Miihclet, Hanson, Pulling, BlundcU, Rowley, Worihington, Peters Second Row — Dodd, Hofacrc, Smith, Burlingame, Libbey, Bcrgquist, Odcndahl, Cooncs Front Row — Rccd. Hummel, Emmons, Barragcr, Boock, Marston, Robertson, Wood, Hoff ACTIVES Esther Barrager ' 36 Helen Marie Jacobson ' 35 Kathcrine Bell ' 36 Jean Karkert ' 36 Virginia Blundell ' 35 Helen Leach ' 34 Barbara Boeringer ' 37 Edith Marston ' 36 Gloria Boock ' 34 Virginia Mendenhall ' 34 Margaret Buell •37 Betty Mullen ' 34 Beatrice Burlingame ' 34 Marian Nelson ' 36 Florence Coones ' 34 Marion Pulling ' 34 Georgine Davenport ' 35 Edith Reed ' 35 Elizabeth Donaldson ' 36 Marlys Robertson ' 34 Betsy Emmons ' 35 Adelaide Rowley ' 34 Constance Fegles ' 36 Ruth Rough ' 34 Jean Gamble ' 36 Virginia Ruhe ' 37 Juanita Hanson ' 37 Margaret Ryan ' 37 Founded Margaret Hofacre ' 37 Jeanette Sellman ' 37 Monmouth, Illinois, 1867 Helen Hoff ' 36 Opal Smith ' 37 77 Chapters Jean Hummel ' 35 Betty Wood ' 35 Alpha. 1890 Marjorie Worthington ' 36 PLEDGES Elaine Anderson Marion Bergquist Jean Bixler Gretchen Bomboy Jane Dodd Betty Klemer Harriet Liebenstein Alice Libbey Louise Michelet Marge Miller Mary Norby Frances Odendahl Janet Orr Margaret Peters Marian Stevens Hazel Tyson ACADEMIC {263} 1109 Fifth Street Southeast Back Row — Larson, Auitfather, Gusarson, Mantor, Alger Second Row — Moats, Eich, Shogrcn, Pcglow, Wackcrman, Hartley Front Row — Paul, Grcenticlii, Kcckeforh, Johnson, MHnar GRADUATE STUDENTS SIGMA KAPPA Elizabeth Doms Margaret Hartley Lorna Larson Margaret Wackerman ACTIVES Maurine Auitfather ' 34 Eloise Keckefoth ' 35 Founded Avis Bergland ' 35 Catherine Mlinar ' 35 Colby College, 1874 Louise Eich •34 Joyce Paul ' 37 54 Chapters Marguerite Greenfield ' 34 Roselyn Peglow ' 35 Alpha Eta. 1921 Elizabeth Johnson ' 34 Elizabeth Shogren ' 35 PLEDGES Vernola Alger Gertrude Gusarson Georgianna Mantor Virgilia Moats ▲ ACADEMIC {264} 901 Fourth Street Southeast ZETA TAU ALPHA Back Row — Hruza, Palmer, Ciiastek, Albcrtson, Bauman, V. Johnson, H. Johnson Second Row — Thomes, Combs, Lynch, Roberts, Tragcscr, J. Thackcr Front Row — C. Thacker, Bardwcll, Bonhus, Bailey, Ostrandcr FACULTY MEMBER Dr. Esther Greisheimer GRADUATE STUDENT Helen Webster Founded ACTIVES Virginia State Normal, 1898 Harriet Albcrtson ' 35 Vivian Johnson ' 34 69 Chapters Alpha Tau, 1923 Helen Jane Bailey Alice Bardwell ' 35 ' 34 Jeannette Ostrander Kathleen Palmer ' 35 ' 35 Ruth Chastek ' 36 Linnea Pearson ' 35 Jane Evans ' 36 Cordelia Thacker ' 35 Helen Johnson •37 Margaret Thomes ' 36 Gretcher t Trageser ' 35 Ruth Bauman Virginia Combs PLEDGES Betty Hruza Melissa Roberts Jean Thacker - ' ' t - A C A D _ M C !,; iC ' ' •■ ' ■ H { 265 } 5% m 1112 Sixth Street Southeast ACADEMIC FRATERNITIES a f r r. e r Back Row — Andrus, Rosenc, Nelson, West, Salter, Delin, De Long Third Row — Blackmar, Mason, Brown, La Liberie, Rosholt, Carris, McQueen Second Row — Polkinghorn, Anderson, Swcnson, Kilborn, Sandberg, Sanna, Rcif Front Row — Andre, Skinner, McCrcery, Coppage, Wright INTER- FRATERNITY COUNCILl MEMBERS Faculty Division Dean Otis C. McCreery Acacia Clifford Hagen Alpha Delta Phi Graydon Kilborn Alpha Sigma Phi Milton Andrus Alpha Tau Omega Gordon Andre Beta Theta Pi Robert Blackmar Chi Phi Craig Gaskell Chi Psi Gordon Brown Delta Chi Kent Carris Delta Kappa Epsilon John Coppage Delta Tau Delta Ralph Rosene Delta Upsilon Wells Wright Kappa Sigma Marlowe Anderson Lambda Chi Alpha Angus McQueen Phi Delta Theta Charles Reif Phi Gamma Delta Leon Sanna Phi Kappa Psi George De Long Phi Kappa Sigma Courtney Swenson Phi Sigma Kappa John Sandberg Pi Kappa Alpha Lucian Vorpahl Psi Upsilon John Mason Sigma Alpha Epsilon Paul La Liberte Sigma Chi S. A. Salter Sigma Nu Roy Delin Sigma Phi Epsilon Edward MacKay Tau Kappa Epsilon Joe West Theta Chi Henry Polkinghorn Theta Delta Chi Richard Skinner Theta Xi Gordon Rosholt Zeta Psi Donald Nelson A C A D E M C {268} ACACIA Back Row — A. Fossum, R, Wuodruff, W. Hopkins, L. Victor, E. Hovemeyer Second Row — R. Jensen, D. Warner, J. Crow, H. Shipman, J. Martin. R. Armstrong Front Rcw — G. Matt. H. Jensen, C. Hagcn, W. Bcadell, D. Holverson FACULTY MEMBERS Gustav Bachman J. O. Baker J. M. Bryant C. E. Erdmann C. H. Fisher A. Forsyth J. T. Frelin R. C. Gray F. F. Grout W. F. Holman E. W. Johnson E. M. Lambert A. H. Larson W. R. Meyers E. E. Nicholson L. B. Pease J. C. Poucher C. H. Rogers C. E. Rudolph J. N. Searles W. B. Silcox C. R. Stauffer R. A. Stevenson A. V. Storm M. C. Tanquary T. A. Teeter }. S. Young Founded University of Michigan, 1904 29 Chapters Minnesota, 1906 ACTIVES Walter S. Beadell ' 35 Wayne Hopkins ' 36 John M. Crow- •35 Ernst H. Hovemeyer ' 35 Arthur Fossum ' 35 Herbert R. Jensen ' 35 Clifford R. Hagen ' 34 Reynold A. Jensen ' 34 Donald M. Holverson ' 34 George J. Matt ' 35 Donald F. Warner ' 36 Robert A. Armstrong Josef Martin PLEDGES Harold Shipman Lyle Victor Robert Woodruff ACADEMIC {269} 1206 Fifth Street Southeast ALPHA DELTA PH Back Row — Lauyhlin, McNeil, Wickcrsham, Ward, R. Bowen, Pratt, Bcrgstedt, Dunham Fourth Row — Thro, McMillan, Meyer, Schcefc, Dickinson, Spooner, Barney Third Row — Reed, W. Bowen, Hewitt, Teisberg, Owen, Lovcland, McLennan, Willard Second Row — McKenzie, Stringer, Hamihon. St. lohn, Hcaly, La Vake, Van Valkcnberg Front Row — oUhratht, ance, L. Mol;;nder, Kilborn, Yohe, W. Molander FACULTY MEMBERS Bernard W. Bierman William W. Folwell Stanley Newhall J. W. Williams GRADUATE STUDENTS Louis Deitrich Donald Huston Winston Molander Lowell Peterson ACTIVES Robert M. Bowen ' 35 Robert M. Owen ' 34 John E. Bcrgstedt ' 35 William H. Pratt ' 36 Gordon G. Campbell ' 35 Preston A. Reed •36 Hugh A. Davidson ' 36 Robert A. Rossman •34 Wesley A. Dickinson ' 35 John R. Scheefe ' 36 Hudson H. Hamilton ' 34 Paul L. Spooner ' 35 Martin E. Healy ' 35 John E. Teisberg ' 36 Graydon J. Kilborn ' 34 John L. Thro ' 35 Joe C. Laughlin ' 35 Morris L Vance ' 34 Theron A. Loveland ' 35 Earl J. Van Valkenberg ' 36 Arnold McKenzie ' 35 Edmund Vollbracht ' 34 William E. McLennan ' 36 William W. Ward ' 36 Jack H. McMillan ' 36 Vincent E. Woodward •35 Laurence E. Meyer ' 36 Warren Woodward ' 35 Lyman A. Molander ' 34 Robert E. Yohe ' 34 Founded Hamilto?! College, 1832 27 Chapters Minnesota Chapter, 1892 PLEDGES Fred Barney Donald Brekke William Bowen Willard Dunham John Hewitt Graham McNeil George Mitchell James La Vake John St. John Edward Stringer Emmett Shirley Robert Wickcrsham Paul Willard ACADEMIC {270} 1725 University Avenue Southeast ALPHA SIGMA PH Back Row — Eiken, Miller. Schroeder, Ostendorf Second Row — Wangcnslcen, Schlcitcr, Adams, Oja, Fritz Front Row — Caldwell, Andrus, Hammond, Scthney FACULTY MEMBERS Landon A. Sarver Otto S. Zelner Louis J. Cooke » ACTIVES Milton Andrus ' 34 Bert Oja ' 36 Founded Harry Caldwell ' 34 Hubert Schleiter ' 34 Yale University, 1845 Christian Egekvist ' 35 Walter Sethney ' 34 33 Chapters Wallace Fritz ' 34 G. Robert Smith ' 35 Rho, 1916 Thomas Hammond ' 35 Theodore Wangensteen ' 35 PLEDGES Ralph Adams Richard Brandon Malcolm Eiken Richard Miller Vernon Ostendorf Eldon Schroeder Earl Stokes Arthur Weimar A C A D E M C {271} 925 Sixth Street Southeast Back Row — Kcndrick, Sanford. W. Baker, L. Johnson, Burnham, Occh, Bohlig Third Row — Gross, L, Smith, Salladin, Nelson, O ' Connor, Mace, Streetcr, Campbell Second Row — Robinson, Edmonds, Williams, Shannon, Lc Blond, Francois, Behler Front Row — Aberg, Utnc, Maher, Andre, Nichols, Douglass ALPHA TAU OMEGA S. W. Finger S. D. Fink FACULTY MEMBERS J. T. Frehlin E. P. Lyon O. C. McCreery M. B. Ruud G. Willson Richard Ernst GRADUATE STUDENTS Chas. C. Winding Howard Aberg ' 36 Myles Mace ' 36 Gordon L. Andre 34 Durand Maher ' 36 Elward R. Baker ' 36 Gerry Mitchell ' 36 George Bohlig ' 36 William Nelson ' 35 Harl Douglass ' 35 Howard R. Nichols ' 34 Halbert Edmonds ' 36 Walter F. O ' Connor ' 36 James Francois ' 36 Fred Rosendahl •34 Harvard Gross ' 36 Robert Shannon •36 James Kendrick ' 35 Robert Utne •36 Founded Virginia Military Institute, 1865 96 Chapters Gamma Nu, 1902 Robert Behler John Burnham Paul Campbell Rex Griffin PLEDGES Laurence Johnson Warren Johnson Byron Kanel Robert Le Blond Charles Robinson William Salladin Russel Streeter Ben Williams Curtis Feyder ACADEMIC {272} 1821 University Avenue Southeast BETA THETA PI Back Row — Eckhart, D. Tudor, R. Tudor, Thresher, Fossecn, La Fountainc, Childs, Nelson Fourth Row — Finlcy, Hammond. K. Dicssncr, Ifeil, Miller, Ellison, Barnum Third Row — Cudworth, H ' augcn, Bryant, Utton, Thuet, Fcltus Second Row — Graham, Rhame, Brown, Knight, Evans, D. Diessner, Pagenkopf Front Row — Metcalfe, Grcwc, Ohman, Blackmar, Burgum, Randall FACULTY MEMBERS C. N. Borman C. P. Barnum J. W. Beach R. D. Casey H. E. Clifton A. E. Hodson M. W. Husbands R. R. Knight R. T. Knight F. G. McCormick B. D. Mudgett E. E. Nicholson E. W. Olmstead C. P. Sigerfoos E. H. Sirich V. Smith E. W. Weaver Founded Miami University, 1839 87 Chapters Beta Pi, 1889 ACTIVES Cyrus P. Barnum ' 36 Lloyd L. LaFountaine ' 36 Robert Blackmar ' 34 William H. Lewis ' 35 Phillip G. Brown ' 36 Howard Meagher ' 34 John Bryant ' 34 Fred M. Metcalfe ' 34 John M. Bull ' 34 Max G. Moulton ' 34 William H. Burgum ' 35 Edward E. Nelson ' 36 Gene B. Burris ' 35 John Oltman ' 34 Delbert Diessner ' 35 William J. Pagenkopf ' 36 Karl Diessner ' 36 Richard H. Pfeil ' 35 Robert J. Ellison ' 36 H. Ward Randall Jr. ' 36 Irving Fosseen ' 34 Henry D. Rhame ' 34 Richard C. Grewe ' 34 Edward Sanderson ' 34 Edward S. Graham ' 35 Eric Sanderson ' 35 Harry J. Hammond ' 36 F. Leonard Thresher ' 35 Douglas C. Haugen ' 35 Richard Tudor ' 34 Douglas M. Knight ' 36 Robert Tudor ' 34 Charles H. Utton ' 36 PLEDGES Tappan Childs William Cudworth Robert Eckhardt Philip Erlander David C. Evans Keith Feltus Ted Finley Robert Greenman Peter Hoffman Marcus Miller Ted Storrer Paul Thuet A C A D E M C {273} 1625 University Avenue Southeast CH " ps " Back Row — Withy, Hacking, S. Brown, Fawcctt, Reed, Evarts, Yoerg, McVicker Fifth Row — Viilaume. McChirc, Shepard, Laird, Moir, Godward, Ganlcy, Hcnscl, Struthcrs Fourth Row — White, Vandcrhoof, Hirsch, Crook, Alway, Frcdricks, Poppe, lanes Thiid Row — Stout, Grace, Savage, Quest, Sarles, Bement, Kennedy Second Row— Knickerbocker, Pease, Rowc, Carlson, Gage, W. Kerr, Van DcWater, A. Kerr Front Row — Young, Brill, Way, G. Brown, Dalaker, Jevne, Whallon FACULTY MEMBERS De Vaughn Jesson Colbert Searles Paul Sharood GRADUATE STUDENTS William Blethen Kent C. Van den Berg Robert H. Alway ' 35 Graham D. McVicker ' 35 Gordon A. Brown ' 34 William W. Moir ' 35 Charles R. Butler ' 35 Sherman L. Pease ' 36 Fredrick E. Bjorkland ' 35 John T. Pewters ' 34 Lewis O. Carlson ' 34 Fredrick P. Poppe ' 36 William F. Cronk ' 35 Robert G. Reed ' 36 Erling A. Dalaker ' 34 William C. Stout ' 36 Merriam Fredric ks ' 35 Alan M. Struthers ' 36 John E. Ganley ' 36 Edward S. Vanderhoof ' 36 Alfred C. Godward ' 36 Mark D. Van De Water ' 34 Cuthbert P. Grady ' 34 Louis R. Viilaume ' 35 Earl L. Hacking ' 36 Warren T. Way ' 34 Alexander L. Janes ' 36 Thomas R. Webb ' 36 Franz Perkins Jevne ' 34 Fletcher Whallon ' 34 William F. Kennedy •36 Willard B. White ' 35 Alexander D. Kerr ' 36 William W. Wood ' 34 William S. Kerr ' 36 Albert F. Yoerg ' 35 Bradley C. Laird ' 35 Fredrick G. Young ' 34 Founded Union College, 1841 25 Chapters Alpha Nu, 1874 PLEDGES Robert L. Bement Schuyler Brown Philip E. Carlson Robert E. Evarts Philip H. Fawcett Hugh B. Gage Harry H. Grace Carl Hensel Robert W. Hirsch Nicholas J. Knickerbocker James R. McClure Fredrick C. Quest Arthur T. Rowe John D. Sarles John D. Savage George R. Shepard George S. Withy A C A D - M C {274} ml am WS 1515 University Avenue Southeast DELTA CH Back Row — Hucckel, Richardson, T. Braggans, Mullcr, Henning, Carlson, Esscr, Olscn Fourth Row — Olson, Evert, Brandt, Kuehn, Schwartz, Grenstetll, Nachbar Third Row — Thomas, Harding, Dwycr, Jackson, Whittier, Ohman Second Row — Robertson, R, Anderson, Cornell, Strohcl, H. Braggans, Blcgen, Nelson Front Row — Singer, Rcwinkel, Jacobs. Carris, Randorf, Roscoe FACULTY MEMBERS Lieutenant Richard A. Ericson Dr. Henry E. Colby Lloyd A. Wilford Founded Cornell University, 1890 37 Chapters Minnesota, 1892 GRADUATE STUDENT Kent Carris ACTIVES Roy L. Anderson ' 34 J. Donovan Jacobs ' 34 Halward M. Blegen 36 Richard Ohman 35 Harold Braggans 36 Gilbert A. Randorf 34 Russell Cornell 36 Milton C. Rewinkel 34 Andrew B. Carlson 34 Thomas Roscoe 34 Kaspcr Caveny 35 Charles D. Singer 35 Arthur J. Dwyer 35 George Whittier 34 Theodore Braggans James M. Brandt Harold F. Esser Robert Ebert Glenn Grenstedt Richard Henning Garth Harding John F. Hueckel PLEDGES J. Robert Jackson Caleb H. Krueger Douglas A. Kuehn Charles Mulally Raymond B. MuUer Leonard Nachbar Elmer C. Nelson Robert C. Olson Richard W. Olsen Robert Richardson Bruce Robertson Carl H. Strobel John E. Schmidt Gerald T. Schwartz William J. Thomas A C A D E M 1601 University Avenue Southeast c {275} Back Row — Cairncross, Paris, E. hrcnzel, Irwin, Richard iJiclski, Uaugheriy Fourth Row — Hanna, Twite, Leonard, F. Frenzel, Prout, Larrabce, Robert Bieiski Third Row— Metcalfe, HiUiard, W. Taft, Purceil, Campbell, Mooic, Freeman, Collins Second Row — Eichhorn, Schrocdcr, Rcid. Wesiphal, J. Taft, Russell, Winter Front Row — Bigclow, R. Savage, Paulsen, Tomlinson, Gordon, Dickey DELTA KAPPA EPSILON FACULTY MEMBERS John Beal E. M. DeBarry A. C. Strachauer John Butler I . C. LeCompte O. S. Wyatt L. E. Daugherty Blaine McKusick Leland Watson C. A. Savage GRADUATE STUDENTS Wright Brooks Frank Daugherty Leo Winzenburg ACTIVES Charles Bigelow 35 Howard Porter •34 Andrew Cairncross ' 36 Robert Potter ' 36 Douglas Campbell ' 35 William Reid ' 36 John Coppage ' 34 Robert Rizer ' 36 Louis Daugherty ' 36 Phillip Rodenberg ' 36 Robert Dickey ' 34 John Russell ' 36 Cyrus Field ' 36 Albert Savage ' 35 William Gordon ' 35 Robert Savage ' 36 Fred Gould ' 35 John Schroeder ' 36 Ray Irwin ' 36 John Sturner ' 36 Walter Larrabee ' 36 John Taft ' 36 Roger Larson ' 36 Jarvis Tew ' 36 Harlow May ' 34 William Tomlinson ' 35 Richard Moore ' 36 Norton Twite ' 34 James Odegard ' 36 Franklin Westphal ' 36 John Paulsen ' 36 Norris Wickham ' 36 Bronson Woodworth ' 35 Founded Yale University, 1844 47 Chapters Phi Epsilon, 1889 Richard Bieiski Robert Bieiski Keith Campbell Warren Collins Willis Cousins Franklin Dallera Peter Eichhorn Charles Freeman PLEDGES Edwin Frenzel Franklin Frenzel Thomas Gallivan Richard Hanna Vance Hilliard Hobart Kavel John Leonard Russell Metcalfe Lee Paris Fred Prout Robert Purceil David Ramsey Lincoln Smith Wally Taft James Williams Randall Winter ACADEMIC {276} 1711 University Avenue Southeast DELTA TAU DELTA Back Row — Gcssncr, Bcrkey, Buchanan, Goodnow, C. Rosene, Borg, Sielil Third Row — Perkins, Schnaidt, Oviatt, Webber, Bercns, Wm. Smith Second Row — O ' Hearn, D. Smith, Starring, Potts, Fairall, McKcnzie, Dixon Front Row — Donovan, Armstrong. Kern, Sherman, Rosenc, Hadley Niels Thorpe FACULTY MEMBERS Ray Bowers George MacKinnon Frank Nicholsen GRADUATE STUDENTS Kenneth Hacking Founded Bethany College, 1858 75 Chapters Beta Eta. 1883 ACTIVES Robert W. Armstrong ' 35 Ben Kern ' 34 Robert Berkey 35 Stanley McKenzie ' 36 LeRoy A. Borg •36 Herbert Richardson ' 34 Harry A. Dixon ' 35 Clint. Rosene ' 35 John M. Donovan ' 36 Ralph Rosene ' 35 John A. Fairall ' 36 Lloyd F. Sherman ' 37 Roy C. Gessner ' 34 William Smith ' 38 John S. Hadley ' 34 George Webber ' 34 Robert Berens Harvey Buchanan William Goodnow Robert Hansen PLEDGES Robert Lacy Harry O ' Hearn Park Oviatt Marsh Perkins Joe Potts Don Schnaidt Eldon Siehl Don Smith George Starring A C A D E M ' ' M S c {277} Back Row — Baieilc, Schallcr, Ahrens, Forster, Drum, Lagerlof, HarriN Third Row — Swanstrom, Schmitz, Collins, Bredcsen, Tatam, Pomcroy Second Row — Spccrs, Dawson, Martin, Anderson, Dicrcks, Johnson, Burkland Front Row — Scntcr, Hornung, Albrccht, Wright, D. Donovan, H. Donovan, Wynne DELTA UPSILON M. T. Davenport W. A. Riley C. A. Herrick FACULTY MEMBERS L. B. Shippee J. C. Litzenberg W. H. Peters D. E. Minnich J. W. Powell David Burlingame GRADUATE STUDENTS C. Tingdale P. Hersema ACTIVES Dean Ahrens Henry Albrecht Lawrence Barette Carl Berg Gordon Burkland Walter Dahlberg Robert Diercks David Donovan Hedley Donovan William Drum Robert Gray Kenneth Hornung ' 34 ' 34 ' 35 ' 35 ' 36 ' 34 ' 35 ' 34 ' 34 ' 35 ' 34 ' 34 Robert Johnson John Laivell Robert Laughlin John Loberg Donald Martin Howard Mithun John Mueller John Plaxton Burt. Senter Willard Tatam Wells Wright Owen Wynne ' 36 ' 35 ' 36 ' 34 ' 36 ' 34 ' 35 ' 36 ' 34 ' 34 ' 34 ' 34 Founded Williams College, 1834 59 Chapters Minnesota, 1890 Lloyd Anderson Arthur Bredesen Donald Collins Rex Forster PLEDGES Bruce Harris Stanley Lagerlof Frank Le Blond John Pomeroy John Schmitz John Schaller John Swanstrom Fred Speers Wendell Scurr A C A D E M C f 2-s } 921 University Avenue Southeast KAPPA SIGMA Back Row — Flanagan, Strandberg, Cragg, Herman, Andrews, Foley, Maddock, Cooper Third Row — Ward, Dee, Lewis, Evans, Miller, Cress, Campbell, Daily Second Row — DuPriest, Milner, Fenske, Foreman, Nock, Hubbard, Hardiman Front Row — Thompson, Weldy, Shcpard, Anderson, Courselle, Sand Thomas F. Barnhart Dr. Ray Johnson FACULTY MEMBERS Earl B. Fischer Harold Macy Founded University of Virginia, 1869 109 Chapters Beta Mu, 1901 ACTIVES Marlowe L. Anderson ' 35 John Hardiman ' 37 Joseph Armstrong ' 36 Ralph Hardiman ' 35 Maynard Cooper ' 34 Neil Herman ' 35 Ralph Courselle ' 36 Edward M. Maddock ' 34 Wilfred Crowther ' 35 Dale Shepard ' 34 Dan Daily ' 34 Laurel B. Sand ' 34 Sanford Dee ' 35 Anton R. Thompson ' 36 Robert W. DuPriest ' 34 George Ward ' 34 James E. Weldy ' 35 Donald R. Andrews Allan Blombarg James Campbell Robert Cragg Paul Cress PLEDGES William Flanagan Edward Foley Orville Foreman Don Hart William Hubbard Robert Lewis William Miller Ralph Milner Robert Nock Archie Stone Wendell Strandberg ACADEMIC {279] 1125 Fifth Street Southeast LAMBDA CH Back Row — Olson, McQueen, Charnholm, Wolcoti, IJlackmar, Beisanz Third Row — Bengtson, Holbrook, Kappel, Gatcnby, Harding, Pratt Second Row — Forbes, W. Thorp. T. R. Campbell, Richards, Wilen Front Row — C. Campbell, Jurgcnsen, Yount, O. 1 horpe ALPHA I. W. Aim FACULTY MEMBERS Roy G. Blakey A. M. Borak Philip F. Beisanz ' 35 Robert Kappel ' 34 Charles R. Campbell ' 35 Angus McQueen ' 34 T. Rex Campbell ' 35 F. Allan Olson ' 34 Harold E. Charnholm ' 34 Sidney C. Pratt ' 34 John L. Forbes ' 36 William F. Thorp ' 36 Carrold P. Gaalaas ' 35 Olaf C. Thorpe ' 35 Edward F. Holbrook ' 35 R. Oliver Wolcott ' 34 Ralph C. Jurgensen ' 35 Robert E. Yount ' 36 Founded Boston University, 1909 85 Chapters Gamma Omega, 1925 Wayne T. Blackmar Warren G. Bengtson PLEDGES George H. Gatenby Edward W. Harding Myron Richards Arthur N. Wilen ACADEMIC {280} I I K) 1-iltli Street Southeast PH DELTA THETA Back Row — Barry, Libby, Stucfer, Kircher, Comer, Avery, Parrish, Taft, Smith, Struble Fourth Row — Oen, Gilchrist, Shaw, Hubcr, Tufts, E. Johnson, Adams, Donahowcr, Frisscl Third Row— Maclntyre, Siuebing, Hoover, Ricd, Clay, Hatch, R. Hargeshcjmer, Harvey Second Row — W. Hargcshcimer, Mulcrone, Morcan, Stalhcim, W. Anderson, Webb, Cahalan, Hayward Front Row — Rcnnix, Hanson, Edison, Sitz, Rcif, Doyle, Champlin, Erskinc FACULTY MEMBERS Founded Miami University, 1848 104 Chapters Alpha. 1881 J. H. Owens A. H. Speer J. L. Thomas Dr. Harold S. Diehl Lowell S. Dawson Captain H. D. Birks Frederick Hovde George Otterness J. L. Bostwicke W. L. Prosser W. R. Smith GRADUATE STUDENTS M. B. Lambie William Morse ACTIVES Karl Andreson Wallace Anderson ' 36 Everett Johnson ' 36 Kinnard Barry ' 35 Jack Kain ' 36 Irwin Berg ' 34 Alvin Libby ' 35 George Cahalan ' 36 Keith Maclntyre ' 35 George Champlin ' 34 Fred Mann ' 35 Lee Clay ' 36 Robert Miner ' 34 Donald Comer ' 36 Roy Oen ' 34 William Deautche ' 34 Robert Parrish ' 36 John Donahower ' 35 George Rennix ' 36 George Doyle ' 34 Charles Rief ' 35 Ralph Edison ' 35 Howard Shaw ' 35 Douglas Erskine ' 34 Chester Sitz ' 36 Charles Frissel ' 35 Richard Smith ' 36 John Hanson ' 35 NilsStalheim ' 34 Walter Hargesheimei ' 34 Russell Steubing ' 36 Roy Hubcr ' 35 Marshall Taft PLEDGES ' 35 Clarence Adams Arthur Harvey Kenneth Mulcrone Karl Avery Renny Hatch Robert Oen Brad Cosgrove Arthur Hayward Gil O ' Halloran Jim Davies Kerwin Hoover Lewis Reid Kenneth Dollarhide Lee Johnson William Schommer Richard Donahower Byrn Keefe Norman Serigstad Jack Dodds John Keefe John Struble Robert Gilchrist Donald Kircher Fred Steuffer Richard Hargesheimer Phil Morean Donald Webb A C A D - M C ■■bEshhi IB {281} 1027 University Avenue Southeast Back Row — Garber, Grossman, Fincbcrg, Licbcrman, Bloch, Rosenberg Third Row — Levine, Redman, L. Harris, Zippcrman, Bright, Roston, W. Harris Second Row — Silcsky, Supornick, Levy, Braman, Frishberg, Weisman Front Row — Rifkin, Robitshck, Brill, Schweitzer, Halpcrn FACULTY MEMBER Arnold Rosenstein PH EPS LON p Donald Graceman Bernard Dimsdale GRADUATE STUDENTS Elliot Hoffman Ralph Helstein Arthur Levant Melvin Sinykin ACTIVES Marvin Bloch ' 36 Joseph Redman •36 Lionel Brill ' 35 Herschel Rifkin ' 36 Walter Fineberg ' 37 Benjamin Rosenberg, Jr. ' 36 Harold Frishberg ' 36 Junior Robitshek ' 34 Mitchell Garber ' 36 Donald Schweitzer •36 Samuel Halpern ' 35 Birch Shilkrout ■37 Lawrence Harris ' 36 Sidney Silesky ' 37 David Johnson ' 36 Meyer Supornick •36 Sidney Karon ' 34 Arthur Weinstein ' 35 Alvin Lieberman ' 36 Sidney Weisman •37 Henry Zon ' 34 Founded New Yor City, 1904 32 Chapters Alpha Delta, 1923 Victor Birnberg Donald Braman Leo Bright William Harris PLEDGES Beril Goldstein Norman Grossman Howard Levine Morton Levy Allan Rosenberg Jack Roston Jerome Zipperman s A C A DEM C 1 1 1 {282} 960 Fifteenth Avenue Southeast ■ T i 4 jtk 5|-| W GAMMA ri DELTA Back Row — Lc Voir, Bunn, W. Bcvan, Day, Washburn, Monahan, Blumc Third Row — Bachlund, Runncstrand, Cooper, D. Harris, E. Johnson, Baring-Gould Second Row — Wheeler, B. Sanna, Gaffncy, Hauck, Davis Front Row — Newhall, L. Sanna, Taylor, Lchmicke, L. Johnson Dr. John C. Brown Frank E. Burch Lotus D. Coffman FACULTY MEMBERS W. F. Holman A. C. Krey E. S. Platou Henry Schmitz J. M. Walls T. W. Weum Founded Jefferson College, 1848 73 Chapters Mu Sigma, 1890 ACTIVES William Bevan ' 36 Edward M. Jones ' 35 William S. Baring- Gould ' 35 Elmer Johnson ' 34 Beverly R. Bunn ' 34 Lorin K. Johnson ' 36 Robert H. Day ' 36 Rudolph Lehmicke ' 35 Robert S. Davis ' 35 Eugene T. Newhall ' 35 Arthur E. Fry ' 35 Ralph Platou ' 34 Alanson L. Harris ' 36 Paul Runnestrand ' 36 Daniel L. Harris ' 36 F. Leon Sanna ' 34 Charles H. Jones ' 35 Lloyd Taylor ' 34 John R. Wolff ' 34 G. Kenneth Bachlund J. C. Bevan, Jr. Rudyard E. Blume William G. Cooper Arthur Clarkson PLEDGES Richard A. Gaffney John G. Hauck Vernal LeVoir Robert Monahan Charles Rinker Bartel Sanna George Svendson Alfred F. Washburn Fred L. Wheeler A C A D E M C (283} 1129 University Avenue Southeast Back Row — Winslow, Tillisch, F. Reichcrt, King, Burton, Carson, Green Third Row — Whiting, Dilling, Donaldson, Lcighton, W. Johnson, GJcrtsen Second Row — Cole, Sedgwick, Wilhoit, Andrews, Nicholson, Schmidt, A. Calhoun Front Row — CHngcrnian, V. Johnson, Dc Long, Knudsen, Prousc, Lehmickc GRADUATE STUDENTS PH KAPPA PS Richard Carlson Russel A. Nelson Robert Pace Edwin C. Reichert ACTIVES Joseph Calhoun 36 Leslie Knudsen ' 35 John Clingerman ' 35 Fred Krahmer ' 36 George P. DeLong ' 34 Albert Lehmicke ' 36 John Dilling ' 35 William Newgord ' 34 Founded Richard Donaldson ' 36 Robert Prouse ' 35 Washington and Jefferson, 1852 Richard Giertsen ' 36 Fredrick Reichert ' 36 52 Chapters Charles B. Green ' 36 David Sedgwick ' 36 Beta. 1888 William F. Johnson ' 36 William D. Tillisch ' 36 Vance A. Johnson ' 35 Richard Whiting ' 34 William King ' 36 Joseph Winslow ' 35 Richard Wilhoit ' 36 William Andrew Jack Burton Allen Calhoun PLEDGES Paul K. Carson George Cole John Leighton Allen Nicholson A. Richard Schmidt ACADEMIC {284} tmi 1609 University Avenue Southeast PH KAPPA S GMA Back Row — Norman, Albinson, Matson, Lund, Harmon, D. Longfellow, C. Lilleskov Third Row — Manning, Walker, Cornevcaux, Welch, Kammerlohr, MoosrPfctlcrion, Bros Second Row — Hale, Brandow, Sainshury, Forbes, MacMillan, Taylor, Johnson Front Row — Emerson, Walifred, Willard, Minder, Swcnson, Justus Edward Davis Dr. Paul Dwan Ralph Dwan FACULTY MEMBERS Clayton Griswold George Hauser Palmer Johnson Dr. Melville Manson Clarence Munn William Routledge Conrad Seitz Fred Holzapfel GRADUATE STUDENTS Robert McAdam Founded University of Pennsylvania, 1850 38 Chapters Alpha Sigma, 1915 ACTIVES Lloyd Albinson •36 William Lund •36 William Brandow •36 Robert Minder ' 34 John Corneveaux ' 34 Edward Sainsbury ' 36 James Emerson •34 Courtney Swenson ' 36 Walter Johnson ' 35 George Taylor ' 34 Donald Justus ' 34 Paul Walifred ' 34 Frank Kammerlohr ' 34 Alfred Welch ' 34 Dwight Longfellow ' 36 Ray Willard •34 William Brix Marvin Bros Bruce Forbes Robert Hale Marvin Harmon PLEDGES Clifford Lilleskov Donald Lilleskov Richard Longfellow Richard MacMillan William Manning Daniel Moos Gordon Norman William O ' Connell Richard Pederson Walter Walker ACADEMIC {285} 1813 University Avenue Southeast Back Row — Armstrong, Lagcrlof, Richard Jones, Remus, Bloch, Krczowski Third Row — Wybcst, Ebert, KjcUand, Robert Jones, Linehan, Marking Second Row — Walker, La Due, Peterson, Helscth, Schrupp Front Row — Gackc, Sandbcrg, Williams, Anderson w ' BhlT ' 1 PH S GMA KlS KAPPA Bert Baston Alfred E. Jenks Major Charles H. Jones FACULTY MEMBERS William T. Middlebrook Byron J. Olson Clarence Peterson Frank Pond Carlyle Scott GRADUATE STUDENTS Clayton Ebert Sidney Maynard Thomas O. Kachelmacher ACTIVES Herman Wehmann Wilbur Anderson ' 34 Kent Kjelland ' 36 Founded Jack Armstrong 34 Don Lagerlof ' 36 Massachusetts State Teachers College Dave Bloch ' 36 George Marking . " 36 1873 Roland Brooks William H. Gacke ' 37 ' 35 Frank Remus John H. Sandberg ' 34 ' 34 51 Chapters Beta Deuteron Oswald Helseth ' 36 Charles Walker ' 37 Harries Hebbard ' 36 Don E. Williams ' 35 Leighton Burrill Burt Betters Gordon Christopherson Richard Jones PLEDGES Harley Johnson Robert Jones Dominic Krezowski George La Due Francis Linehan Edward Proffitt Manfred Schrupp Grant Wybest Keith Yandon A c A D M C |K ' m 1 {286} •r 317 Eighteenth Avenue Southeast PS UPSILON Back Row — Lawler, Studer, Wilder, C. Wilkinson, Comb, Heinrich, Dcvancy Fifth Row — Morris, Woodrich, W. Wilkinson, R. Coleman, Sivertsen, Croiby Fourth Row — Brazer, Hartzell, Arcy, Boos, Beim, Manlcy, Bjork Third Row — Schwab, Smith, White. Schilling, Fcrriss, Vilctt Second Row — O ' Brien, Parks, R. Rogers, Robb, Lang, Ovcrstrcct, Broughton Front Row — J. Coleman, Knoblauch. Healy, Mason, Boutell, Richards, Barnum Founded Union College, Schenectady, New Yo , 1891 27 Chapters Mu, 1891 FACULTY MEMBERS Malcolm S. MacLean Frederick M. Mann Henry F. Nachtrieb Arthur T. Mann Joseph B. Pike GRADUATE STUDENTS Roger Barrett Thomas Fifield Walter Muir Jackson Boughner Richard Huxley Robert Pinger Robert Christianson William Maroney Phillip Roy Lewis Conklin ACTIVES Henry Somsen Robert Andrews ' 36 Herbert Hartzell ' 35 James B. Arey ' 37 Henry K. Knoblauch ' 35 L. Marshall Abbey ' 35 John C. Lobb ' 34 John Broughton ' 36 Park R. Learned ' 36 William T. Boutell ' 35 John E. Mason ' 34 William Barnum ' 36 John Morris ' 35 Wilson Brazer ' 36 Thomas C. Parks ' 34 John C. Cotton ' 34 James F. Richards ' 35 James P. Coleman ' 35 Thomas Rogers ' 36 Robert L. Cobb ' 36 Wilbur C. Schilling ' 36 William J. Devaney ' 35 Charles M. Sawyer ' 35 Franklin C. Farnum ' 36 Jack M. Vilett ' 34 Charles Healy ' 34 Fred Woodrich ' 36 Thomas Heinrich ' 35 Richard H. White ' 36 William Wilkinson ' 35 PLEDGES Thomas Beebe William Ferriss James Robb William Beim John Greathouse Robert Rogers Reynold Bjork Norris Lang Joseph Schwab Jack Boos John Lawler John Sivertsen Robert Coleman Frank Manley Spencer Smith Fred Comb Brack Overstreet Donald Studer Oliver Crosby Robert O ' Brien Thomas Wilder William Chandler Clifford Richards Charles Wilkinson ACADEMIC {287} 1721 University Avenue Southeast ft ' t r? t f t Back Row — Bcngtson, Mowcry, McClendon, White, Wheeler, Comstock, Williams, Crawford, Palm, Honey Fourth Row — Rork, George, F. Anderson, Pcrschbacher, Van Sadelhoff, Didlc, McCarthy, Allen, Johnson Third Row— Kvalc, Gilpin. Tozcr, Wash, Clark, Wallace, Bass, Muller, Fletcher, Miller Second Row — Dunn, Christenson, Bondhus, Stone, Haugen, Bonde, Conkey, Warfield, Ringsrud Front Row— Brewer, Pierce, Simons, MacMiilan, La Liberie, Ellison, Campbell, Rupp SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON FACULTY MEMBERS J. M. Anderson J. F. McClend on C.A . Moore W. C. Coffey J. F. Miller George O. Pierce D. MacMiilan George Tuttle GRADUATE STUDENTS Robert Derrick Paul La Liberte Allyn Miller ACTIVES Harold Algyer ' 35 Karl Johnson ' 35 Robert Bass ' 36 Stanley Kostka ' 35 Henry Bonde, Jr. ' 35 David MacMiilan •36 Philip Bengtson ' 35 Allan Marsh ' 34 John Brewer ' 35 William Martin ' 35 William Campbell ' 34 Thomas Mowery ' 34 Irving Clark ' 34 Robert Peaslee ' 34 Frank Conkey ' 37 Ray Perschbacher ' 34 Robert Crawford ' 36 Lawrence Radford ' 34 Chester Didlc ' 34 Stanley Radzom ' 35 Malcolm Ellison ' 35 Donald Rupp •36 Richard Farmer ' 36 William Schultz •34 I-ewie Gilpin ' 35 Jerome Simons ' 36 Harold Haugen •37 Jack Storkerson ' 34 Warren Hanson ' 34 Wade Tozer •36 Cruse Honey ' 36 Hubert Wheeler ' 36 Allan G. Johnson ' 35 Robert White •36 James Williams ' 36 Founded University of Alabama, 1856 108 Chapters Alpha, 1902 Robert Allen Fred Anderson George Anderson William Bissonett John Bondhus James Bussey Robert Carley Ralph Christenson John Comstock PLEDGES Lawrence Dunn Robert Fletcher Harry George Arthur Kvale John McCarthy Stewart McClendon Sinclair Muller John B. Miller Vincent Osweiller John Palm Merle Ringsrud Jack Rooney Whitman Rork Charleton Stone Harold Van Sadelhoff John Wallace Veryl Warfield Allan Wash A c A DEM c IIUIU M {288} mtm m I 1 1 iM Si 1815 University Avenue Southeast S GMA ALPHA MU Back Row — Huron, Silvcrberg, Latz, Glkkson Second Row — Bailin, Ginsburg. Gilinsky, Cohn, Conner Front Row — Kahn, Freimuih, Shark, Brusscl FACULTY MEMBERS Raymond Kofi Arthur Marget Samuel Maslon Samuel Stein Burnell Koolish Philip Stern GRADUATE STUDENTS Golden Selin John Aides Founded New York City, 1909 40 Chapters Kappa, 1915 ACTIVES Robert Bailin ' 35 Leonard Gilles ' 34 Arnold Baron ' 35 Sheldon Koff ' 34 William Brussel ' 35 Howard Kahn ' 35 Naphtalie Conner ' 36 Bruce Latz ' 34 Eugene Cohn ' 34 Philip Levy ' 37 Arnold Crane ' 34 Edward Maslon ' 36 Justin Druck ' 35 Edward Rosen ' 34 Sidney Daskovsky ' 35 Jesse Schapiro ' 34 William Freimuth 36 Roy Stein ' 34 Milton Feinberg ' 35 Meyer Shark ' 34 Donald Gilinsky ' 36 Lorence Silverberg ' 36 David Glickson ' 36 Carl Sharpe ' 35 Milton Ginsburg ' 37 Herschel Wolk ' 35 Milton Wishnick ' 36 PLEDGES Norman Bloom Samuel Bloom Henry Blacker Jack Bankman Ralph Green Ellis Harris Irving Kupperberg William Lansburg Jerome Meyerson Robert Podolof 915 University Avenue Southeast i A c A D E M - C { 289 } i pH 1 SIGMA CH Back Row — Sonnen, Wykoff, Ross, Hughes, J. Lowe, Hawkanson, Bosi, Proffiit, Skogan Fourth Row — Duffy, Passolt, Moss, Rcnncbohm, Ewart, C. Lowe, Benjamin F. Corrigan, McLean, Malone Third Row — Hagcn, McCauIcy, Williams, Bockus, Tenner, Lcndvay, Taube, A. Lillyblad, Simpson Second Row — Kclsey, Shabel, Ringbloom, Johnson, Zimmerman, Fawcett, Blichfeldt, Heyhoc Front Row — B. Corriyan, Halstcad, Lillyblad, Sailer, Claydon, Anderson, Greene FACULTY MEMBERS William E. Brooke Darrell H. Davis George Downs Donald Ferguson George Gibson Robert Laurence ACTIVES Robert Anderson ' 34 Glen Barnum ' 35 Robert Bost ' 35 John Claydon ' 34 Bill Corrigan ' 35 Harry Duffy ' 36 Erwin Ewart ' 35 Gordon Fawcett ' 36 Milford Graham ' 35 George Greene ' 34 Walter Halstead ' 34 Dean Herman ' 35 Winston Heyhoe ' 35 Raymond Hughes ' 35 John Lendvay ' 34 Robert Lillyblad ' 35 Charles Lowe ' 34 Howard McLean ' 35 Clarence Neubert ' 35 James Passolt ' 36 Dale Rennebohm ' 36 Burton Ringbloom ' 36 Stanley Salter ' 34 John Sonnen ' 35 Charles Stephenson ' 34 Jerry Voyer ' 36 Charles Williams ' 36 Lloyd Zimmerman ' 36 Founded Miami University, 1855 93 Chapters Alpha Sigma, 1888 PLEDGES Earl Benjamin Vern Blichfeldt William Bockus William Burns Fredric Corrigan Russell Hagen Robert Helin Robert Hawkanson William Johnson Stuart Kelsey Jack Lowe Arthur Lillyblad Maurice Malone Verne Moss Howard Ross Vernon Skogan Jack Shabel William Simpson Joseph Tenner Hugh Wykoff ACADEMIC { 290 ; 1623 University Avenue Southeast SIGMA NU Back Row — Lepak, Atkinson, Entrikin, Patterson, Keyes. Stone, Schutz, Kerwin Fifth Row — Anderson, Bumgardncr, Newell, Newberry, Picpgras, Stavin Fourth Row — Ladner, Beerhaltcr, Borget, Jenkins, Martin, Rotzcl, Essen Third Row — Gardner, Clark, Stofft, Burdick, Barr, Saxton Second Row — Johnston, Cooke, Braillard, Carlstrom, Addison Front Row — Grant, Collins, Delin, WaKiron, Delmorc, Hanson Dr. C. A. Borcen Founded Virginia Military Institute, 1869 99 Chapters Gamma Tau, 1904 Frank Atkinson Jcre Annis Lloyd Borget Eugene Burdick James Barr Eugene Cooke Carl Carlstrom William Collins Roy Delin John Delmore Stanley Dodge Harold Dodge John Entrikin Earl Anderson Robert Addison Erwin Beerhalter Donald Braillard Sidney Bumgardner Roger Clark FACULTY MEMBERS Wm. H. Emmons ACTIVES ' 35 Russel Grant ' 34 Harry Hanson ' 36 Robert Jenkins •35 Charles Ladner ' 34 Charles Martin ' 35 Howard Nelson ' 34 Gale Patterson •34 George Piepgras ' 34 Ned Saxton ' 37 John Schutz ' 36 John Slack ' 36 William Stofft ' 34 Burton Waldron PLEDGES Jake Essen Ned Gardner Goodrow Johi iston Fletcher Kerwin Gordon Keye Archie N. Jones ' 37 ' 37 ' 36 ' 34 ' 34 ' 34 ' 35 ' 34 ' 35 ' 35 ' 36 ' 36 ' 34 Carl Lepak George Newberry Ralph Newell Durand S. Rotzel Ernest Stavin Evan Stone ACADEMIC {291} 307 Sixteenth Avenue Southeast Back Row — Cochrane, Hanson, J. Thcim, Rietz, W. Thcim, Carlson Second Row — Patterson, Hcrr, Garlock, Green, Jones Front Row — Long, Swartout, MacKay, Craig, Bird, Sevcrud SIGMA PH EPSILON Lyndon C. Abbot John }. Craig Russell O. Denyes FACULTY MEMBERS Ingolf O. Friswold Carol S. Geddes A. C. Hodson Charles V. Netz Zenas Havstad Leland L. Boardman GRADUATE STUDENTS Henry B. Clark James Mitchell ACTIVES William Bird ' 35 Edward A. MacKay ' 34 Cyrus Cochrane ' 36 Werner Patterson •34 William A. Green ' 35 James A. Rietz ' 35 Lyman Hanson ' 36 Gordon Severud ' 34 Theodore Hilton ' 35 William Skinner ' 34 Edward Long ' 36 Ray Swartout ' 35 John The ;im ' 35 Founded Richmond, Virginia, 1901 68 Chapters Alpha, 1916 PLEDGES Curtis Carlson Sam Jones Robert McCuUough Robert Garlock James Justus Leslie Rose Clifton Herr Alex Lucas William Theim A C A D E M c ■ i {292} 1617 Univcrsitv Avenue Southeast TAU DELTA PH Back Row- — Ycssne, Justcr, Weisberg, Bcsser Second Row — B. Goldstein. Wise, Wexler, Karon Front Row — Rochlin, H. Goldstein, Lorberbaum, Bloomberg FACULTY MEMBER L. B. Winklestein ACTIVES Julian Golden ' 35 Isadore Pitts ' 34 Harvey Goldstein ' 35 Don Robbins ' 34 Founded Jastin Karon ' 35 Prentice Shapiro ' 35 City College of New Yorl{, 1910 27 Chapters Meyer Liss Jerome Margulies ' 34 ' 35 Getzel Sher Maurice Weisberg ' 36 ' 34 Phi, 1928 Herman Yessne ' 35 PLEDGES Eli Besser Max Bloomberg Beril Goldstein Aaron Hirsh Irving Juster Jerome Lorberbaum Herman Mogelson Louis Rochlin Harry Siegler Lewis Wexler Arthur Wise A C A D E M C {293} Back Row — Brown, Swanson, Keepers, Gould, Schumaker, Davis, Kaminsky, Peterson Third Row— Colvin. R. McClure, Kristin. S. West, Foss, W. West, Murphy Second Row — Duncan, Loofbourrow, Kimble, Lathrop, Rider, McAndrews, Hanson, Madcr Front Row — Berg, M. McClure, Lindstrom, J. West, Smith, Morton, Horner, Hall TAU KAPPA EPSILON Samuel Eddy R. P. Grismer FACULTY MEMBERS R. L. Kozelka W. H. Steed F. F. Wildebush T. J. Cadin c JRADL lATE STUDENTS O. H. Kristofferson J. ACTIVES Fred Burg ' 34 Richard M. Leick ' 35 George Davis ' 34 Stanley Lindstrom ' 34 W. Darien Duncan ' 34 Ralph Loofbourrow ' 35 Claude Frankforter ' 35 Robert Mader ' 34 Robert Gould •36 Marvin McClure ' 36 A. Shelton Hall ' 35 William C. Morton ' 35 Robert Hanson ' 34 William Murphy ' 35 Alan Holmberg ' 35 Donald Peterson ' 34 James Horner ' 35 Robert F. Rider ' 35 Charles Kennedy ' 35 John Smith •34 Kenneth Kimble ' 34 Francis Walsh ' 35 Arthur Lampland ' 34 James West ' 34 Harry Lathrop ' 35 Joseph West ' 34 J. E. Lofstrom Founded Illinois Wesleyan University, 1899 38 Chapters Theta. 1917 PLEDGES Miller Brown Carl Caspers George Colvin Torvald Ebcrhardt Orlin Foss Len Kaminski Milton B. Kihlstrom Glenn Keepers George Kristin Francis McAndrews Robert McClure Norman Nixon Nick Nelson Clifford Peterson Charles Schumacker Wendell Swanson Emory West WUliam West A c A DEM c A ' i ( {294} 1901 University Avenue Southeast THETA CH Back Row — Henderson, Stravs, Wright, Spinier, Lynn Third Row — Toren, Sclvig, Scnn, Merchant, Schlcuder, Sturm Second Row — Eliason, Rcff, Brightbill, Soell, Kcanc Front Row — Miller, Doane, Polkinghorn, Geist, Erickson Henry A. Erikson FACULTY MEMBERS H. H. Dalaker James M. Edmunds GRADUATE STUDENTS Robert J. Niess J. Riis Owre Founded Norwich, Vermont, 1856 50 Chapters Alpha Pi, 1924 ACTIVES Mark Doane ' 35 Henry Polkinghorn ' 34 Conrad Eliason •36 George Selvig ' 34 Carl E. Erickson ' 34 F. Martin Senn ' 35 Walter L. Geist ' 35 Franz Stravs ' 36 David Henderson ' 34 Mack Soell ' 35 Curtis Miller ' 34 Harold Wright ' 35 PLEDGES Robert Brightbill Clarke Eaton Ethan Hurd Dennis Keane Carroll Merchant Julian Sether Gordon Sturm John Toren ACADEMIC 315 Sixtcentli Avenue Southeast {295} Back Row — McLagan, Almars, Stoltz, Cowan, Barry, Baker, Wcliman, McDevitt Thirti Row — Hubhell, Fletcher, Murchie. Peterson, Banister, Anderson, S. Partridge Second Row — Parker, Bentzcn, Spear, Gushing, Marnic, Ramsland, T. Partridge, Biron Front Row — Bergan, Henke, Brasscu, Skinner, Wells, Halbkat, Adams THETA DELTA CH FACULTY MEM BERS Donald C. Creevy James Da vies Claude Ehrenberg Guy Stanton Ford Robert H. Biron GRADUATE STUDENTS Fred Hadden Donald Nichols ACTIVES Cuyler C. Adams ' 34 Joseph Almars ' 36 Theodore Anderson ' 35 William A. Banister ' 36 William Baker ' 35 John R. Bergan ' 34 John K. Biron ' 36 Arnold Brassett ' 35 Jack T. Cowan ' 35 Reg. C. Gushing ' 34 Frederick W. Halbkat ' 35 Noel G. Henke ' 34 Thad B. Lawrence ' 34 Edward N. McDevitt ' 36 James A. Murchie ' 35 Addison M. Parker ' 34 Thomas G. Partridge ' 35 Robert V. Peterson ' 34 Maxwell O. Ramsland ' 34 Richard S. Skinner ' 34 Robert L. Stoltz ' 34 Charles J. Wells ' 34 Thomas G. Wellman ' 34 Robert C. Wood ' 34 Founded Union College, 1847 29 Chapters Tau Deuteron, 1892 James Barry Paul M. Bentzen Grover Fletcher PLEDGES Albert Hubbell Leonard Marnie Murray McLagan Seldon Partridge Lambert Spear Kenneth Sorteberg 1 A c A D — M C 1 i {296} 1 1 1521 University Avenue Souchcast THETA X Back Row — Swciison. Sampson, Antltr oii, Clark Second Row — Holbrook, Swarts, Cooper Front Row — Womack, Rosholt, Richardson, Ehlcrt FACULTY MEMBERS Russell C. Brinker John C. Durfee Henry E. Hartig Elmer W. Johnson John V. Martenis George C. Priester Harlow C. Richardson Frank B. Rowley William T. Ryan GRADUATE STUDENT John E. Hancock Founded sselaer Tech., 1864 36 Chapters Psi, 1920 ACTIVES Harry S. Anderson ' 36 Thomas J. Heinze ' 36 James Dennerly ' 34 (Jordon T. Rosholt ' 35 Robert E. Ehlert ' 36 Charles M. Sampson ' 36 J. James Womack ' 35 Howard H. Clark Merlyn D. Cooper PLEDGES Jack Holbrook Kenneth G. Swarts Theodore Swenson A C A DEM C i 297 j 519 Tenth Avenue Southeast ZETA PS Back Row — Moore, Mitchell, Snowden, Hughes, Jcppcsen, Spelman, Orth Second Row — J. Morris-vey, Hoffcr, Harris, Gores, Jorgenson, Claus, Atkin Front Row — Steben, Baker, Lee, Nelson, G. Morrissey, Haley Walter W. Finke FACULTY MEMBERS John I. Parcel James C. Sanderson GRADUATE STUDENT S. Arthur Harris ACTIVES Daniel R. Baker ' 35 Mancel T. Mitchell ' 34 Caryl Hoffer 35 William Montague ' 36 Wallace Hughes ' 36 James Moore ' 34 Everett Hussey ' 36 George Morrissey ' 35 Donald B. Johnson ' 34 Donald M. Nelson ' 34 Harold A. Larson •34 Donald Orth ' 36 Ralph Lee ' 36 Harry Sieben, Jr. •36 Walter May ' 34 Howard Snowden ' 35 Founded New Yoi University, 1847 29 Chapters Alpha Beta, 1899 John A. Spelman, III •34 Alonzo Atkin Lewis Claus Hubert Gores PLEDGES Carter Haley Victor M. Heath Frederick Jeppesen Howard Jorgenson Carl H. Lewis, Jr. John Morrissey John Weisbrod ACADEMIC {293} lh2y UniverMtv Avenue Southeast PROFESSIONAL SORORITIES ALPHA DELTA TAU Back Row — Bcrcns, Zsciiicsche, Spittlcr, I ' lncher, Simscr, Knudsen Scconti Row — Smiih, Morgan, Fjcldc, Roberts, Lemon, Davis, Kolb Front Row — SisM n, Skerik, Burlini-ainc. Lundquist, Duerr, Eylar ACTIVES Helene Berens Evelyn Bolstad Beatrice Burlingame Ethelmae Eylar Katherine Lemon Geraldine Lundquist Hulda Nyland Jennie Roberts Ruth Sisson Esther Skerik Virginia Tincher Grace Zschiesche PLEDGES Mary Batchelder Alta Davis Eleanor Duerr Audrey Fjelde Hazel Hodges Helen Knudsen Marguerite Kolb Martha Morgan Selma Norbeck CJenevieve Simser Betty Jane Smith Helen Spittler Founded University of Minnesota, 1926 1 Chapter Alpha, 1926 MED C A T E C VV {300} ALPHA KAPPA GAMMA Back Row — Warren, Ossenberj, ' . Robinson, Muckelston, Nickolay Second Row — Richmond, Hobari, Clos, Dillon Front Row — Kecgan, Hammerbachcr, Anderson GRADUATE STUDENT Helen Robinson ACTIVES Eleanor Anderson Orma Hammerbachcr (Jenevieve Nickolay Muriel Muckelston Dorothy Ossenberg June Warren PLEDGES Founded University of Minnesota, 1922 4 Chapters Alpha, 1922 Lucia Clos Betty Dillon Lois Hobart Elsa Lahti May Richmond $ DENTAL HYG E N E {301} Katk Kow--Culvin. Hyland, Daicii. Hall. Ecn-son Third Row — Anderson, Biltz, White, Wilk, H ' uiUtrom, Odenbreit Second Row — H ' uskinson, Healy, Toslenson, O ' Neil, Gunlaugson Front Row — Molstad, Ames, Shields, Sandahl ALPHA TAU DELTA ACTIVES Alice Ames Margaret Benson Anita Baker Julia Biltz Lucille Bunnell Priscilla Colvin Bernice Dalen Marjorie Delmore Frances Gunlaugson Marcella Healy Marcella Hullstrom Jane Irvine Doris Larson Mona O ' Neil Eleanore Sandahl Savallah Shields Christie Tostenson Charlotte Molstad PLEDGES Mary Jane Abrams Frances Anderson Helen Austin Louise Clark Eleanor Hall June Huskinson Margaret Hyland Betty Johnson Irene Johnson Elizabeth Odenbreit Dorothy Olson Lillian Pittingsrud Geraldine Scully Genevieve Sonaglia Marion Smith Merle Wilk Berdean Olson Juanita La Crosse Helen White Founded University of California, 1927 6 Chapters Beta N U R S N G {302} KAPPA EPSILON Back Row — Blabaum, Philipp, Laska, Murray, Poucher Front Row — Norris, Jahn, Simonton, Kappclman FACULTY MEiMBER Hallie Bruce GRADUATE STUDENT Laurine Jack ACTIVES Veta Blabaum Esther Jahn Hilda Kappelman Rowena Laska Vivian Murray Amy Norris Florence Philipp Phyllis Poucher Lois Simonton Founded Iowa City, Iowa, 1921 9 Chapters Alpha, ' l921 PHARMACY {303} back Row — Curiis. HotiKman. Kricksoii, Long, Estcras, Wciuworth Third Row — Campbell, Arlander. Berg. Mcister. Opp, Hathaway, Eglan Second Row— Orficld, Nagovsky, Bell. Sioncr, Bracon, Ramsdeil From Row— Briggs, Kitdcson, Tcllier, Ohst, Lohman PH UPSILON OMICRON FACULTY MEMBERS Alice Buster Clara Brown Alice Child Vetta Goldstein Harriet Goldstein Hope Hunt Jane Liechsenring Wylle B. McNeal Mrs. K. Miles Ethel Phelps Ella Rose Mary Allen Stens Lucy Studley Mrs. Gertrude True Marion Weller GRADUATE STUDENTS Muriel White Helen Wentworth Elsie Zohner ACTIVES Florence Arlander Barbara Bell Alice Briggs Violet Berg Isabel Bracon Ruth Campbell Lois Curtis Marguerite Erickson Thora Egland Ciertrude Esteras Ruth Hathaway Helen Hodgman Abigail Kittleson Ruth Lohman Alice Long Bernice Meister Marie Nagovsky Jane Oberg Frances Obst Natalie Orfield Margaret Opp Betty Ramsdeil Jeannette Stoner Jeanne Tellier Founded University of Minnesota 19 Chapters Alpha, 1909 HOME ECONOM C S {304} PROFESSIONAL FRATERNITIES Back Row — Thompson, Wald, Hoag, PJngcr Second Row — Yoder, H. Johnson, Blake, Fischer, Roth Front Row — f hurchill, Mattison, H ' erion, K. Johnson, Simons NTER- PROFESSIONA COUNCIL Alpha Chi Sigma John T. Clark Phi Chi Robert Mattison Alpha Gamma Rho Arthur Roth, Jr. Alpha Kappa Kappa J. A. Blake Alpha Kappa Psi Charles T. Yoder Alpha Rho Chi Kermit O. Johnson Delta Sigma Delta Laurence J. Gorrilla Delta Sigma Pi Howard Luther Gamma Eta Gamma William Churchill A « Sigma Nu Robert R. Pinger Phi Beta Pi Thomas Doyle Phi Delta Chi R. E. Thompson Phi Delta Epsilon Herbert Wald Phi Rho Sigma John K. Butler Psi Omega E. W. Disney Tau Phi Delta George Herion Theta Tau B. W. Thompson Theta Kappa Psi S. J. Simons Triangle Raymond Hoag Farm House Seth R. Fischer Kappa Eta Kappa Helge Johnson PROFESSIONAL {306} ALPHA WP!j CH 1 S GMA [ Back Row — Marsh, A. Gortner, Rode, Harrison, Schilt Third Row — Flvnn, Berg, Nicholscn, Crist, Koss, Guthrie Second Row — Clarke, Hampel, Chamberlain, H. Anthes, Wcndorf Front Row — Forderbrugen, Ender, Conary, J. Anthes, W. Gortner FACULTY MEMBERS Founded University oj Wisconsin, 1903 50 Chapters Beta. 1902 P. D. Bartlett W. Z. Lauer R. E. Brewer S. C. Lind R. Ellestad F. H. MacDougall C. B. Firth C. A. Mann I. W. Geiger G. H. Montill on R. A. Gortner R. E. Montonna F. F. Grout E. E. Nicholsen H. O. Halvorson L. S. Palmer C. F. Koelsch N. C. Pervier GRADUATE STUDENTS J. Bachman C. M. Langkammerer J. Beal L. L. Lachat W. W. Benton A. W. Lindert R. O. Denyes G. A. Lorenz C. L. Faust C. W. MacMullen D. L. Fuller L. H. Mason E. J. Hoffman R. E. Miller K. C. Johnson S. E. Miller ACTIVES }. A. Anthes ' 34 H. S. Guthrie C. H. Berg ' 36 C. A. Hampel J. T. Clarke ' 34 S. A. Harrison R. E. Conary ' 34 R. C. Hass E. C. Crist ' 35 A. W. Marsh C. D. Ender ' 35 R. M. Nicholsen F. W. Flynn •34 M. H. Olink W. A. Furst ' 34 J. W. Opie K. J. Forderbrugen ' 34 J. D. Rode W. A. Gortner ' 34 A. F. Sward H. W. Wendorf ' 34 PLEDGES H. I. Anthes D. F. Chamberlain L. H. Reyerson W. M. Sandstrom L. A. Sarver G. F. Sidener L. I. Smith M. C. Sneed A. E. Stoppel R. M. West H. O. Wiles C. I. Moyle W. B. Pings E. L. Piret J. R. Rehner M. E. Ryberg F. H. Stodola O. Swenson A. Willman ' 36 ' 34 ' 35 ' 35 ' 35 ' 34 ' 35 ' 35 ' 35 ' 35 C. J. Poynter E. A. Schilt CHEMISTRY {307} ALPHA GAMMA Back Row — H. Anderson, Johnson, M. Anderson, Rinkc, Hariwig, Alderman, Boiler Third Row — Welch, Riba, O ' Daniels, Moore, Carlson, Hayes Second Row — McMartin, Raine. DockendorlT, Pederson, Olson, Geiger, Trahms Front Row — Kidder, Meisicr, Bremer, Comsiock, Jacobs, Roth, Graham RHO FACULTY MEMBERS W. H. Alderman E. O. Herreid J. W. Nelson E. Angelo O. E. Howe W. H. Peters W. L. Boyd R. Humphrey W. E. Peterson W. G. Briefly E. C. Johnson W. M. Sandstrom W. B. Combs H. C. Kernkamp C. Shumway A. F. Field W. P. Kirkwood D. Smith C. P. Fitch P. Lowe L. L. UUyot A. L. Harvey W. Myers I. H. Neal E. Waller GRADUATE STUDENTS M. Ryberg H. Trelogan S. Swenson ACTIVES S. Warrington De Forest Alderman ' 37 Robert Jacobs ' 35 Harold Anderson ' 36 Emmet Johnson ' 34 Mervin Anderson ' 36 Ernest Kidder •35 James Boiler ' 36 John Marrs ' 37 Francis Brady ' 34 Wallace McMartin ' 35 Erhardt Bremer ' 34 Harold Meister ' 35 Roy Carlson ' 36 Paul Moore ' 37 Ralph Comstock ' 35 Carol O ' Daniels ' 37 Sigurd Dalgard ' 37 Richard Olson •34 Anthony Dockendorfl ' 37 Edward Pederson •36 Phillip Geiger ' 36 Thomas Raine •35 Gardiner Grayham ' 34 Lewis Riba •36 Kendall Hayes ' 36 Ernest Rinke ' 36 Lester Hartwig ' 35 Arthur Roth ' 34 Richard Herrick ' 34 Alfred Trahms •35 Roger Holmberg ' 37 Frederick Welch PLEDGES ' 36 Roy Anderson Donald Dailey Joe Olson Milton Bruhn Norin Hagen Raymond Parrizo Roy Carter Hjalmar Hulin Clifford Simon Elmer Christopherson Duane Long Goodwin Sonstegard Founded Illinois and Ohio Universities, 1908 32 Chapters Lambda. 1917 AGRICULTURE {308} 1485 Cleveland Avenue North, St. Paul ALPHA KAPPA PS Back Row — Erickson, Eriandson, Holm, Flink, Ivcrson, lenscn Third Row — Chcnowcth, Woldcn, Rutlgcrs, Swcnson, Chell, Bailey Second Row — Wassmund, Lundcn, Stehman, Garvcr, Boddy Front Row — Burglund, Yoder, Peterson, Wcsterdahl FACULTY MEMBERS Roy G. Blakey Francis M. Boddy Edward G. Erickson Fredrick B. Garver Alvin H. Hansen Ernest A. Heilman Laurence R. Lunden Bruce D. Mudgett John J. Reighard William H. Stead J. Warren Stehman Roland S. Vaile Robert M. Weidenhammer Founded New Yor University, 1904 57 Chapters Alpha Eta, 1922 ACTIVES Robert Burrill ' 34 Lester Johnson ' 34 Melvin Burgland ' 35 Willard Lighter ' 34 Stanley Bailey ' 35 La Verne Peterson ' 34 Pierce Chell ' 35 Donald Peterson ' 36 Oran Chenoweth ' 34 Gordon Swenson ' 34 Rudolph Erickson ' 35 Robert Wassmund ' 34 Carl Flink ' 36 William Westerdahl ' 34 Noel Iverson ' 36 Harold Wolden ' 36 Truman Yoder ' 34 PLEDGES Chester Canfield Ralph Eriandson Robert Jensen Ruthven Johnson Francis Langer Donald Ruttger William Skinner BUSINESS {309} ALPHA RHO CHI Back Row— Spcrry, Frost, Liudstrom, Haatvcdt, Markcy, Scgerstrom Second Row— Auvincn, StcinkcUner, Waller, Barber, McCarthy, Baker, Wolfgang Front Row— Pung, Kurtz, Galles, Lofstrom, Professor Richardson, Johnson Leon Arnal Ira D. Bcals FACULTY MEMBERS S. Chatwood Burton •p. M. Mann H. C. Richardson ACTIVES Loren B. Abbett ' 34 John Lindstrom •35 Robert Auvinen ' 35 Edward V. Lofstrom ' 35 Walter E. Frost ' 35 Fred W. Segerstrom ' 35 Founded Rex H. Galles ' 35 Kenneth M. Sperry ' 35 Illinois and Michigan, 1911 Sheldon R. Haatvedt ' 35 Edward J. Steinkellner ' 35 10 Chapters Collis Hardenbergh ' 36 Francis W. Thorpe ' 37 Mnesicles, 1916 Kermit O. Johnson ' 35 Kenneth R. Waller ' n Paul Kilp ' 34 Hugh Walters ' 35 Robert W. Kurtz ' 34 Charles E. Wolfgang ' 36 Carl Holvich PLEDGES Stanley Markey ARCHITECTURE {310} 315 Nineteenth Avenue Southeast DELTA SIGMA DELTA Back Row — Skobcrg, MacGraw, Oja, Lee, Moulton, Sletien, Wciblcr Third Row — Griflilh, Moses, Nolop, Donovan, Rochford, Lewis Second Row — Fificld, Force, Keller, Severn, Gorrilla, Schaefer, Beldcn Front Row — McLean, Hiniker, Monick, Hart, Dr. H. C. Wittich, Porteous, Larson ACTIVES L. J. Gorrilla ' 35 L. Lewis ' 35 R. W. Hart •34 R. M. MacGraw ' 35 J. Hiniker ' 34 L. A. McLean ' 34 J. E. Keller ' 34 R. J. Monick ' 34 P. V. Keller ' 34 G. Moulton ' 35 M. G. Larson ' 34 G. Porteous ' 34 W.Lee ' 35 R. Rochford ' 35 M. Schaeffer ' 34 Founded University of Michigan, 1883 36 Chapters Theta, 1894 PLEDGES W. Belden J. W. Burman R. Calstad G. M. Damon G. Donovan T. Fifield R. W. Force W. D. Griffith J. C. Moses R. R. Nolop B.Oja B. Olson W. E. Romberg J. P. Russ K. S. Severn E. L. Skoberg M. O. Sletten J. W. Tiede E. V. Weibler D N s R y {311} 525 Tenth Avenue Southeast " f i DELTA S GMA f f p Back Row — Holt, Jacliniiig, Starn, Ferguson, Ward, McGarrough, Abcrg Fourth Row — Scow, Glynn, Spahn, Bina, Knudson, Gill Third Row — Arneson, Craigic, Watson, Galbraith, Janzen, Scaquist, Nordgrcn Second Row — Lockwood, Tramz, Ensign, Roberts, Anderson, Swanson Front Row — Comer, Luther, Gustafson, Sandeen, Walker, Tanner FACULTY MEMBERS Judson O. Burnett Oscar E. Heskin Richard L. Kozelka Howard P. Longstaff Harlan L. McCracken Oswald Nielsen Dean Russell A. Stevenson ACTIVES Harry Aberg •34 John G. McGarraugh ' 35 Roland F. Bina ' 34 Arne S. Peterson ' 34 John K. Comer •34 Carl E. Sandeen ' 34 Donald F. Craigie •36 Carroll G. Scow ' 35 Ford M. Ferguson ' 34 Robert A. Starn ' 34 H. Reynolds Galbraith ' 34 John R. Tanner ' 34 Martin G. Gustafson ' 34 Frederick J. Tramz ' 34 Harold I. Holt ' 35 Donald W. Walker ' 36 Kuno M. Janzen •35 Robert N. Ward ■36 William B. Lockwood ' 35 Harold F. Wardlaw ' 34 Howard W. Luther ' 35 Mortimer C. Watson ' 34 Founded New Yort{ University, 1907 57 Chapters Alpha Epsilon, 1924 PLEDGES Harold R. Anderson Allan H. Arneson Roger S. Ensign Warren E. Gill James E. Glynn Aruther D. Hoeppner Harlan T. Jaehning Willard Knudson Cameron C. Lestico Orville J. Nordgren George A. Roberts Marvin E. Seaquist Robert H. Spahn Clarence R. Swanson BUS NESS { 312 } 1029 Fourth Street Southeast FARM HOUSE FRATERNITY Back Row — Schultz, Gandrud, Rivers, Nodland, Drysdale, Hogland, Finstad, Tomlinson Fourth Row — Goodwin, Maattala, Ostlie, Purvcs, Norum, Ziegcnhagcn, Pcct Third Row — Prcstidge, Mayo, Stcnborg, Warner, Rovainen, Griffith Second Row — Downic, Grow, Rowe, F. Bcrggrcn, Larson, Fausch, Saarcla Front Row — Peterson, Sorcnson, Fisher, G. Bcrggrcn, Janzen, Werner, Rcineke R. W. Dawson E. C. Mickel FACULTY MEMBERS L. R. Powers G. Sallee H. K. Wilson Earle Hanson GRADUATE STUDENTS Philip Kelly George Berggren ACTIVES ' 34 Enoch Norum ' 34 Clarence Caperoon ' 34 Martin Odland ' 34 Chester Finstad ' 36 Randolph Ostlie ' 36 Seth Fisher ' 34 Harry Peterson ' 34 Founded Ebenhard Gandrud ' 34 Bertram Purves ' 34 Norman Goodwin ' 36 Ezra Reincke ' 34 Missouri, 1905 7 Chapters Minnesota Chapter, 1931 Melville Griffith Howard Grow Raymond Hoglund ' 35 Philip Rivers ' 35 Carl Rovainen ' 35 Miles Rowe ' 35 ' 34 ' 35 Jacob Janzen ' 34 Einar Saarela ' 36 John Larson ' 35 Herman Schultz ' 34 Leo Maattala ' 36 Cleaver Sorenson ' 34 Henry Mayo ' 34 Phinny Stenborg ' 36 Truman Nodland ' 34 William Werner Elmer Ziegenhagen ' 35 ' 35 • PLEDGES , Fred Berggren Alvin Gronner Robert Spratt ■1 Andrew Downie Charles Heagle Eugene Tomlinson w Delmer Drysdale Theodore Peet John Warner ▼ George Fausch Charles Prestidge Edwin Widseth AGRICULTURE { 31i} 2102 Carter Avenue, St. Paul Back Row — West, Abrahamson, Taaffc, H. Johnson, Ziegler Second Row — Reynolds, Carter, Iverson, Quealy, Mangan, J. Johnson Front Row — Robinson, Fredinc, Amren, Clarey, Maiek KAPPA ETA KAPPA FACULTY MEMBERS J. M. Bryant L. C. Caverly H. E. Hartig E. W. Johnson J. H. Kuhlmann W. T. Ryan M. E. Todd J. S. Webb GRADUATE STUDENTS J. Bailey W. Bloomquist F. Braga W. Gray uist R. Haxby J. Mangan ACTIVES A. Abrahamson ' 35 J. Johnson S. Amren ' 34 K. Malek J. Clarey ' 34 J. Quealy E. Fredine ' 34 G. Reynolds M. Iverson ' 34 L. Robinson H. Johnson ' 34 T. West K. Ziegler ' 34 PLEDGES W. Carter R. Darnielle W. Shepherd H. Sparrow F. Wherland ' 34 ' 34 ' 34 ' 35 ' 36 ' 36 C. Steinmetz J. Taaffe Founded Iowa City, 1923 6 Chapters Beta. 1923 ENGINEERING {314} 531 Walnut Street Southeast NU SIGMA NU Back Row — Larson, Pewters, Bray, Wood, Hollinshead, Wellman, Tweedy, Had-lcn Fourth Row — Tenner, Robert Tudor, Sheldon, Houston, Lange, Robert Nelson, Ficming Third Row — Miller, Noran, L. Peterson, Arey, Nichols, Kenyon, Woodruff Second Row — McCain, Eric Sanderson, Edward Sanderson, MacCarty, Lyons, Pingcr, Varco Front Row — Andrescn, Paulson, Peterson, Nydahl, Nelson, Roy, Burlingamc Karl Andresen ' 36 Harlan Nelson ' 34 Kenneth Bray ' 34 Robert Nelson ' 34 David Burlingame ' 35 Harold Noran ' 36 Dean Fleming •36 Malvin Nydahl ' 34 Fred Hadden ' 34 Donald Paulson •35 George Halladay ' 35 Donald Peterson ' 34 Donald Houston ' 34 Robert Pinger ' 36 Richard Huxley ' 36 Philimon Roy ' 35 William Lange ' 34 Fred Schade ' 34 Stanley Lundblad ' 36 Charles Smith ' 36 Donovan McCain ' 36 Robert Tenner •36 Founded Harold Miller ' 36 John Tweedy ' 36 University of Michigan, 1882 38 Chapters Mancel Mitchell Walter Muir ' 34 ' 36 Richard Varco Thomas Wellman ' 36 •36 Epsilon, 1891 Robert Woodruff •36 PLEDGES James Arey Robert Collins William Hollinshead Thomas Kenyon Carl Larson John Lyon William MacCarty Donald Mathieson Donald Nichols Lowell Peterson John Pewters Robert Rizer Edward Sanderson Eric Sanderson James Sheldon Benjamin Sommers Richard Tudor Robert Tudor Walter Wood MEDIC N E {315} 429 Union Street Southeast PHI BETA PI Back Kow — Quick, George, Stewart, Lannin, Matt, Geib, D. Olson, Nelson Fourth Row — Palmer, Lynn, Merrill, Richardson, Leighton, Moses, Lillcberg Third Row — Wcltc, Wilson, E. Olson, Mavcs, Parker, Davis, Rumball, Bond Second Row — Lien, Parson, Karlcen, Will, Vadhcim, Wright, Smith Front Row — Saykki, Doyle, Rokala, Ellinger, Barton, Campbell GRADUATE STUDENTS Frank Andrus William Carroll rus Kenneth Olson Russell Sather rroll Grant Rasmussen Raymond Schwegler Jgren Charles Rea William Wall ACTIVES John Barton ' 34 Woodrow Nelson ' 35 • Thomas Bond ' 36 Eldon Olson ' il Lome Campbell ' 37 Stuart Olson ' 34 Francis Chermak ' 36 Warren Parker ' 34 Luther Davis ' 37 Danford Quick ' 36 Thomas Doyle ' 34 Perry Richardson ' 35 George Ellinger ' 34 Ronald Risch ' 35 Alvin Erickson ' 34 Henry Rokala •35 Founded Hugh Hawn ' 36 John Rumball ' 34 Edward Kaufman ' 35 Karl Sandt ' 34 University of Pittsburgh, 1891 William Klein ' 35 Ted Schweiger ' 35 45 Chapters Xi, 1904 Robert Leighton •37 Roy Shelley ' 36 Richard Lien ' 36 Charles Skinner ' 36 Norbert Lilleberg ' 36 Stanley Smith •36 Robert Lynn ' 37 Donald Stewart ' 37 Paul Marling ' 35 Stanley Tyler ' 34 George Matt ' 35 James Vadheim ' 37 Robert Maves ' 37 Paul Vickers ' 36 Robert Merrill ' 37 Edwin Welte ' 37 Rounce Moses ' 34 Ira Wilson ' 34 Leo Naykki ' 34 Wale Wright ' 34 Marvin Geib Elmer George Conrad Karleen PLEDGES Bernard Lannin Karl Lundstrom Duane Olson Harry Palmer Irvine Parson Charles Will ♦ MED C N E {316} p fBi " lil E E f ' i 329 Union Street Southeast Back Row — Aanes, Roberts, Harujagfl, Sheldon, Carlcy, Benton, Lehman, Mattison Fourth Row — Borowicz, Buschard, Nelson, Deagan, Rigos, Hanson, Bowers Third Row — Almas, Graves, Junilla, Reed, Stein, Grant Second Row — Fosmark, J. Hilger, Nevitt, Anderson, Rogers, Bagan, H. Johnson Front Row — Koschnitzkc, McElmeel, MacKenzie, Laync, Gilsdorf, Whetstone, Rice Dr. Raymond Bieter Dr. James Brusegard Dr. Herbert Carlson Dr. Cyrus Erickson Dr. E. P. Fenger FACULTY MEMBERS Dr. F. E. Foley Dr. Vernon Hart Dr. William Herbst Dr. George Hudson Dr. B. Houkom Dr. G. Koepke Dr. Shirley Miller Dr. Irvine McQuarrie Dr. Arthur Rusche Dr. H. N. Wright Founded University of Vermont, 1889 62 Chapters Kappa Chi, 1920 GRADUATE STUDENT D r. Leonard Lang ACTIVES Russell Aanes 36 Bruno Junilla ' 35 Dave Almas ' 36 Emil T. Keller ' 35 George W. Anderson ' 37 Herman Koschnitzke ' 35 Fred Arny ' 34 John Layne ' 34 Wilfred Bouschard ' 36 John Lohmann ' 34 Robert Bagan ' 37 D. Stuart MacKenzie ' 36 Howard Banck ' 35 Robert Mattison ' 35 Paul Benton ' 36 Eugene McElmeel ' 35 James Brown ' 35 Einar Monson •34 Walter Carley ' 36 Hugh Morgan ' 34 Kasper Caveny ' 36 Everett Nelson •34 William Clarke ' 36 Don Nevitt ' 35 James Deagan ' 35 Pierre Nyvall •34 Henry Fisketti ' 35 Malcolm Pearson ' 35 Carl Fosmark ' 37 Paul Reed •36 Paul J. Gans ' 34 Hagbart Rice ' 35 Amos Gilsdorf ' 36 Frank Rigos ' 36 Alden Graves ' 37 Charles Rogers ' 34 Grant Hartnagle ' 36 Arthur Sether ' 35 Victor Haury ' 35 Robert Thielen ' 34 Harold Johnson ' 35 Sam Tuominen ' 35 Paul Johnson ' 34 Stuart Whetstone ' 35 William Yunck ' 34 PLEDGES Leonard Borowitz Russel Grant William Leary Gordon Bovvers Harry Hanson Leo Maland Wright Gates ] erome Hilger Lewis Roberts John Dellmore Lawrence Hilger Phillip Sheldon Francis Giles Bernard Hughes Lloyd Stein MED C N E fVy , " . HT l J ESIlt • {317} 325 Harvard Street Southeast PH DELTA CH Back Row — Rose, Poor, Sorcnson, Luiisted, Mazer Third Row — Naegelc, Roufs, Turner, Ketman, Beckwilh Second Row — Timmons, Epple, Henle, Halverson, Nelson Front Row — Schueller, Thompson, Carlson, Andcron Gustav H. Bachman F. K. Butters FACULTY MEMBERS Charles V. Netz Charles H. Rogers Frederick ]. Wuliing GRADUATE STUDENTS Herman Leitzow Herbert Rose ACTIVES Founded Donald H. Anderson 35 Henry J. Kruckeberg ' 36 University of Michigan. 1883 Harry D. Carlson ' 35 Charles Merrick ' 36 34 Chapters Harold Epple ' 35 Alfred Naegele ' 34 Theta, 1904 Orace Hanson ' 35 Sylvester S. Schueller ' 34 Norbert Henle ' 35 Rupert Thompson ' 36 Harvey Knutson ' 3,6 Holmes Timmons ' 35 Reginald Beckwith John Gorilla, Jr. Howard Halverson Hoyt Haycock PLEDGES Craig Ketman Edwin Lunsted George Mazer Stanley Nelson Herbert Poor Herbert Roufs Arthur J. Sorenson Vernon Turner PHARMACY {318} 323 ]i,lcvcnlli Avenue Southeast p 1 k XT F ti 1 1 r £, PH DELTA K . K " PH ' " ' Back Row — Scroggins, Dietrich, Plant, 1 Third Row — Willcuit, Biion, Morse, iuckbec, Graham, Carlblom. Bruce, Brooks Collcr Kachelmacher Second Row — Van den Berg, I ' hwing, Maun, Boughner, Green, Bolsiad, T. Christianson Front Row — R. Christianson, Moroncy, Somsen, Lampland, Erickson, Hough, Barrett Wilbur H. Cherry Henry E. McClintock FACULTY MEMBERS Ralph Dwan James Paige Henry Rottschaefer Everett Eraser William Prosser Founded University of Michigan, 1869 61 Chapters Dillon Inn, 1891 ACTIVES Roger Barrett ' 34 Kenneth Hough ' 34 Robert Biron •35 Thomas Kachelmacher ' 35 Jackson Boughner ' 35 Arthur Lampland ' 34 Wright Brooks ' 35 Joseph Maun ' 35 Albert Carlblom •34 Howard Mithun ' 35 Robert Christianson ' 34 William Moroney •34 Julius CoUer ' 34 William Morse ' 35 Louis Dietrich ' 35 Paul Sharood ' 34 Carl Erickson ' 34 Henry Somsen ' 34 William Green ■35 Richard Thwing ' 35 Kent Van den Berg ' 35 Edgar Bolstad Robert Bruce John Buckbee PLEDGES Theodore Christianson Frank Graham Frank Plant Maurice Scroggins Tom Webb Robert Willcutt LAW {319} PH RHO SIGMA Back Row — Lcenihuis, Hart, Litchfield, Sjostrom, Kainlon, Mouritsen, Gridlcy, Bcckjord, W. Wallace, Flink Fourth Row — Smith, Fitzsimons, Kimmel, Qucllo, Hauge, Norris, Ahl, Holmstrom, Laxson Third Row — Harper, Paulson, Ambrose, Kay, Jaeck, Dahlquist, Schwyzcr, Wilmot, Glabe, Moren Second Row — Olson, Ncihcn, Blcgcn, N ' acgeli, O ' Brien, Canfield, Baker, Meyer, Marks Front Row — M. Wallace, Hayes, L ' ndeidahl, Hammerstad, Dyar, Clay, Boraas, Wasson Dr. L. W. Barry Dr. E. T. Borgeson Dr. C. C. Chatterton Dr. Dean Collins Dr. L. R. Critchfield Richard M. Leick FACULTY MEMBERS Dr. John Eneboe Dr. F. G. Hedenstrom Dr. Logan Leven Dr. Francis Lynch Dean E. P. Lyon GRADUATE STUDENTS Willard C. Ahl Robert R. Ambrose Edward M. Anderson Oliver W. Anderson Russell L. Baker Philip R. Beckjord John A. Boraas John E. Boysen John K. Butler Burt J. Canfield Lyman B. Clay Ray F. Cochrane John S. Cowan Ralph M. Dahlquist Robert W. Du Priest Robert Dyar William E. Fitzsimons Robert A. Glabe John W. Gridley John S. Hamlon Lynn Hammerstad Robert D. Harper William P. Hart, Jr. William L. Hatch Erling T. Hauge Lyle J. Hay Albert F. Hayes Douglas L. Jacobs Arthur Pearson ACTIVES Dr. J. F. McClendon Dr. Horace Newhart Dr. Charles Rucker Dr. Arnold Schwzer Dr. K. W. Stenstrom Edgar H. Fleckenstein ' 37 ' 36 ' 34 ' 35 ' 34 ' 37 ' 36 ' 36 ' 36 ' 36 ' 36 ' 36 ' 36 ' 34 ' 34 ' 34 ' 37 ' 37 ' 37 ' 35 ' 35 ' 34 ' 36 ' 36 ' 37 •37 ' 36 ' 34 Cecil A. Wilmot James L. Jaeck ' 36 Bourne Jerome ' 34 George E. Kimmel ' 36 Gerald O. Laxson ' 34 Glenn H. Leemhuis ' 35 John T. Litchfield ' 36 Roger W. Marks ' 36 Jules O. Meyer ' 37 Glenn J. Mouritsen ' 35 Frank D. Naegeli ' 36 Alvin M. Nielsen ' 37 Neil T. Norris ' 36 Louis T. O ' Brien ' 35 George H. Olds ' 34 Lorin M. Olson ' 36 John A. Paulson ' 36 Robert O. Quello ' 35 Harold G. Scheie ' 35 Robert W. Schmidt ' 34 Arnold G. Schwyzer ' 37 Lawrence E. Sjostrom ' 35 Frederick A. Smith ' 36 Leonard D. Swenson ' 35 Laurentius O. Underdahl ' 35 Charles W. Vandersluis ' 34 Marc J. Wallace ' 34 William L. Wallace ' 35 Loren F. Wasson ' 35 ' 35 Founded Northwestern University, 1890 42 Members Theta Tau, 1908 Emil G. Holmstrom Edmund B. Flink PLEDGES Leslie A. Moren Halward M. Blegen Byron Cochrane U ' l- MED N E {320} 317 Union Street Southeast G Si k B fk ' ' H S GMA DELTA m CH ikJL Back Row — Schubring, SevarcJd, Horlings, L. Peterson, Johnson, Stern Third Row — Kosck, Andre, Beadeli, Emerson, Hendrickson Second Row — Baring-Gould, S. Peterson, Christcnscn, Lindstrom, Morrow, Richardson Front Row — Donovan, Barnhart, Elston, Smith, Costello FACULTY MEMBERS Thomas F. Barnhart Ralph D. Casey Edwin H. Ford Fred B. Kildow William P. Kirkwood Kenneth E. Olson Thomas E. Steward GRADUATE STUDENTS Philip Beedon Lee Loevinger Founded De Pauw University, 1909 44 Chapters Minnesota, 1916 ACTIVES John J. Andre ' 34 Carlton Lee ' 35 William S. Baring-Gould 35 Carl S. Lindstrom ' 35 Walter S. Beadeli ' 36 Thomas A. Morrow ' 36 Arnold H. Brassett ' 36 Lyle E. Peterson ' 34 Norman D. Christensen ' 35 Sheldon W. Peterson ' 34 William Costello ' 36 J. Philip Potter ' 34 David Donovan ' 34 Herbert C. Richardson ' 34 Wilbur E. Elston ' 34 Laurel B. Sand ' 35 James P. Emerson ' 34 Carl F. Schubring ' 34 Joseph Hendrickson ' 36 Philip W. Schulte ' 35 Albert Horlings ' 35 Arnold E. Sevareid ' 36 Maurice D. Johnson ' 34 John H. Smith ' 34 Ben Kern ' 34 Daniel K. Stern ' 34 Albert F. Kosek ' 35 Herschel Wolk ' 37 JOURNALISM {321} TAU PH DELTA Back Row — Lorcnz, R. Nelson, Uctcrs, Adams, Scastrom, Sjoquist, Parker Fourth Row — Erickson, Furber, McNelly, Walz, Romncss, Rittcr Third Row — Krogfoss, Bousquet, Hawkinson, Schuft, Carswell, Wheeler Second Row — Ekstrom, Grcggs, Dundas, Clark, Wiljamaa, Sturdevant From Row — J. Lorenz, Sanders, Holt, Herion, Densmore, Dingle, Wilkus Professor J. H. Allison Dr. Henry Schmitz FACULTY MEMBERS Merrill Deters Professor R. M. Brown Tenho Maki GRADUATE STUDENTS Frank Kaufert R. C. Lorenz ACTIVES Earl Adams Robert Clark Don Carswell Jack Densmore Karl Ekstrom Roy Dingle Donald Greggs George Herion Art Hawkinson Ted Holt Oswald Krogfoss ' 33 ' 35 ' 36 ' 35 ' 37 ' 35 ' n ' 34 ' 35 ' 34 ' 35 Joe Lorenz ' 36 Don Lynch ' 35 Ralph W. Nelson ' 34 Evan Sanders ' 36 Paul Seastrom ' 34 Kermit Sjoquist ' 35 Arthur Sturdevant ' 36 Russell Wheeler ' 35 Leo Wiljamaa ' 35 James Wilkus ' 34 Frank Walz ' 34 Founded University of Wisconsin, 1924 3 Chapters Beta, 1926 Vincent Bousquet Jack Dundas Herb Erickson Art Furber PLEDGES Onni Koski Chester McNelly Raymond Matson John Miles Harry Mosbrook Lansing Parker Ragner Romnes Peter Schuft Frank Zoubek FORESTRY {322} 2257 Langford Avenue, St. Paul o. a p r f B H. . B I Z ' K J KL THETA TAU Back Row — Swift, Paul, Anderson, Swanson, Robertson, Schuett Third Row — Thompson, LcCount, Heng-, Dynisius, Mitchell, Nygren, Nelson Second Row — RoUin, Zehnder, Holstan, Bohmbach, Wehmancn, Willard Front Row — Barthelemy, Bossen, lohnson, Robbins, Martin E. H. Comstock W. H. Emmons FACULTY MEMBERS W. F. Holman W. H. Parker O. S. Zelner GRADUATE STUDENT C. O. Anderson Robert F. Barthelemy 34 Lewis F. Martin ' 34 Founded Fred G. Bohmbach ' 35 Sidney R. Mitchell ' 34 University of Minnesota, 1904 Roger G. Bossen ' 34 Roland G. Nygren ' 35 24 Chapters Roy S. Dynisius ' 35 F. Lee Paul ' 36 Alpha, 1904 Merza F. Gregg ' 34 Floyd M. Robbins ' 34 Donald J. Heng ' 35 Lawrence W. Rollin ' 36 Eugene L. Holstan ' 35 Richard E. Schuett ' 34 Kenneth R. Johnson ' 34 Rolf G. Swanson ' 35 Wesley H. Johnson ' 34 Herbert A. Swift ' 34 Finley E. LeCount ' 34 Oscar Y. Wehmanen Burton W. Thompson ' 35 ' 35 PLEDGES Elwood Anderson Ralph Andrist Charles Nelson Ronald Robertson Gordon Willard William Zehnder - N G N E R N G AND M N E S {323} TRIANGLE Back Row — Sivertson, Pctry, Farcl, Von Fischer, Hartman Second Row — Klcssig, Sonnesyn, Kaliher, Bina, Lehner, Kernkamp Front Row — Du Priest, Fischer, Mattlin, Scobie, Koepkc William E. Brooke Harry A. Doeringsfeld FACULTY MEMBERS John R. Du Priest Charles A. Koepke Dean Ora M. Leland Carl E. Swanson Hugh B. Wilcox Edward S. Loye GRADUATE STUDENTS Lyman G. Swendson William Von Fischer Founded University of Illinois, 1907 15 Chapters Minnesota Chapter, 1922 ACTIVES Gordon Bina ' 34 Melvin Kernkamp ' 34 Newton Farel ' 34 Arvel Klessig ' 34 Leander Fischer ' 34 Gerald Lehner ' 34 Lloyd Graves ' 34 Harold Matdin ' 34 William Hartman ' 34 Eduard Petry ' 34 Raymond Hoag ' 35 Herbert Scobie ' 35 Russell Johnson ' 34 Carl Sivertson ' 35 Alva Kaliher ' 34 Clifford Sonnesyn ' 34 ' !f E N G N E E R N G 1 ' rffl D flfe H S MlflBlHv ««; {324} V " --nr W - - , - 1227 Fourth Street Southeast ■ f PH ALPHA H| P -vc ' - lfl DELTA H H , « Back Row — E. Larson, Peterson, Finn, Gould Second Row — Kimble, Ryan, Lathrop, Hanold, Burdick Front Row— Burg, Perkins, Wattson, S. Larson ACTIVES Eugene A. Burdick ' 35 Harry T. Lathrop ' 35 Fred D. Burg ' 34 Frank V. Nicholsen ' 34 Kenneth L. Kimble ' 34 Locke M. Perkins ' 34 Earl R. Larson ' 35 Richard B. Ryan ' 34 Sheldon S. Larson ' 34 Marshman Wattson ' 35 PLEDGES Founded University of Chicago, 1897 52 Chapters Mitchell. 1922 Carl B. Brink John M. Donovan John F. Finn Robert Gould Terrance Hanold Arthur T. Peterson LAW {325) " W K CLUBS AND SOCIETIES ■C i ; " .v H Back Row — Rumscy, Norris, Dahl, Thomas Front Row — Cummings, Mrs. Youngs, Koclfgrcn FACULTY MEMBERS Nina L. Youngs Ernestine C. Donaldson Norma K. Henry GRADUATE STUDENT Ardis Elson BUSINESS WOMEN ' S CLUB Elmina Anderson Evalyn Anderson Elaine Bardill Vivian Bardill Frieda Behnke Mildred Belsheim Frances Bender Elizabeth Birch Jean Bixler Betty Boerner Ruth Brom Doris Bryce Eileen Burns Margaret Cummings Alice Dahl Margaret Davis Margaret Domning Mary Emery Frances Enright Ethel Farnham Janet Fotheringham Anne Gilbertson MEMBERS Margaret Hansen Dorothy Haserick Norma Heath Elsie Hill Evelyn Hill Gertrude Holstad Lucy Hyde Alice Ireys Audre Johnson Elizabeth Johnson Dorothea Johnson Vera Johnson Helen Kanne Loretta Koelfgren Betty Krook Dorothy Liebie Lora Lee Lowe Dorothea Lund Nathlie MacArthur Edith Marston Lillian Martin Alice Nienaber Mavis Norris Gudrun Nykaas Dorothy Nylander Elaine Ouimette Helen Petherbridge Mary Pfeffer Anne Reimbold Harriet Richardson Margaret Richardson Aves Rumsey Bernice Soelberg Eloise Smith Jean Stark Helen Sunderman Ruth Stalland Helen Stevenson Carol Thomas Helen Tyrholm Ethel Vessey Ruth Ann Wiberg Shiela Young {328} FORTH GHTLY CAB NET Back Row — Yohc, Bcngston, Knight, Jcwson, Gilmore Front Row — Calccn, Anderson, Hoover, Carlson CABINET MEMBERS Geraldine Anderson Warren Bengston Reynold Caleen Winona Carlson Helen Gilmore Kerwin Hoover Vance Jewson Harry Knight Phyllis Yohe Founded University of Minnesota, 1929 1 Chapter 1929 {329} HOME ECONOMY ASSOCIATIOr Back Row — Orficid, McNclIy, Jerome, Koepke Front Row — Hopper, Curtis, Bell, Christcnsen OFFICERS Barbara Bell President Lois Curtis Vice-President Helen Christensen Secretary Helen Dae Hopper Treasurer Natalie Orfield .... Senior Representative Gertrude McNelly .... Junior Representative June Koepke .... Sophomore Representative Margaret Jerome .... Freshman Representative { 330} KAPPA KAPPA LAMBDA (Lutheran) Bai-k. Ruw — Pederscn, Billings, Engdahl, Edson, Bergland, L. Johnson Third Row — Ahman, E. Dahl, Stone, Norman, Schaar Second Row — A. Uahl, Petit, Swanberg, Soncson, G. Johnson, Simenson Front Row — Thecs, Trygstad, Bclsheim, Sack, Nelson ACTIVES Mildred O. Belsheim Genevieve L. Billings Alice L. Dahl Esther M. Dahl Hope L. Edson Ethel E. Johnson Lora Johnson Ethel Myrum Harriet B. Nelson Margaret A. Norman Dorothy I. Pedersen Pauline L. Petit Florence O. Sack Ella M. Schaar Viola H. Soneson Florence E. Stone Alice A. Swanberg Helen K. Thees Constance J. Trygstad PLEDGES Lorraine Altman Vivian E. Bergland Florence H. Dedrick Frances Engdahl Gladys H. Johnson Viola M. Simenson Ellen M. Utne {331} TRAILERS CLUB Back kow .iiDcnson. Nhoyrcn, Ncison, kiotz, Mickey Third Row — Brohaugh, Hammcibacher, Hyde, Burnap, Pitman, Gardner Second Row — Gill, Emmons, Lambert, Siingsby, White Front Row — Tucker, Dunwoody, Crysler, Baker, Bachc-Wiig FACULTY MEMBERS Gertrude Baker Jennie Hawkins Elizabeth Jackson Dr. J. Anna Norris Catherine Snell Florence Warnock MEMBERS Ellen Bache-Wiig Mary Baker Avis Berglund Betty Birch Helen Brohaugh Catherine Burnap Connie Crysler Jessie Dunwoody Betsy Emmons Agnes Ernst Jean Gardner . Ann Gilbertson Anna Gill Betty Grey Jane Guilford Irma Hammerbacher Marion Hyde Catherine Klotz Lois Lambert Mary Alice Magau Mary Mickey Christina Nelson Katherine Perine Helen Pitman Elizabeth Shogren Maxine Slingsby Charlotte Teschan Jean Tucker {332} Back Row — Stephens, Norcibye, Slenberg, l-iicst ' jDc, Ifurd, Bigelow, Jenkins, Gricbcnovv Fifth Row — Bryan, Ticdman, Strand. O ' Connor, Stevens, Bugni, Hawkins, Sullivan, Schnaidt Fourth Row — Miller, Hagen, Perkins, Nocden, Schwitzgcbel, Rough, Lieb, Duncan Third Row — Maul, Haywood, Rum.sey, Flynn, Stone, Landrum, Larson Second Row — Blenker, Rathert, Johnson, H. Lizee, Bergman, C. Benjamin, Wood, De Beer Front Row — Keymer, Smith, Ncwgord, Pearson, Pcnnock, Hatfield, Wingcrt Founded University of Minnesota, 1926 Nanette Abt Dorothy Ackerland Frank Atkinson Margaret Benjamin Claudia Bergman Charles Bigelow Mary Blenker Helen Borden Helen Born Jean Bryan Margaret Bugni Evelyn M. Carroll Catherine Cleary Minnie De Beer Allison Doeden Alice Duncan FACULTY MEMBER Earle G. Killeen, Director MEMBERS John Fairall Sarah Filk Lynn Firestone Monica Flynn Edward Freeman Sheldon Gray Marguerite Greenfield Gordon Gricbenow Louise Hatfield Iris Hagen Donald Hawkins Carol Haywood Gladys Hovender Ethan Hurd Robert Jenkins Genevieve Johnson Harriet E. Johnson Louis Keymer Lorraine Kleinman Helen Landrum Virginia Larson Catherine Lieb Marion Lizee Marjorie Maul Georgia McConnell Alberta Miller William Newgord Paul Nordbye Margaret O ' Connor Dorothy Pearson George Pcnnock Ruth Rathert PLEDGES Howard Allen Eleanor Anderson Arleen Bass Ruth Baumann Maxine Beerman Helen Bengson Harriet Bergman Lois Betlach Sarah Biner Miriam Brown John Burnham P. R. Carter Benedict Casey Franklyn Chambe rlain Helen Christiansen Arnold Dallcidon Maxine Daniels Richard Davies George Emrich Lyia Erickson Dorothy Ford ' Elizebeth Fruen Mary Griffith Wilson Hall Curtis Henson Grace Hellriegal Margaret Hilsinger Lorraine Hovelsrud Doris Huelster Virginia Hultgren Wallace Jackson Frederick Johnson Helen L. Johnson Louise Johnson Owen Johnson Frances Jordan Gorden Keyes Marjorie King Virginia Kivits Catherine Kleinschmidt Martha Larson Betty Lenander Helen Linne George Loomis Georgiana Mantor Virginia MacMillan Caryl Meyer Marie Molle Melvin Munger Una Naeseth Marian Nelson Miriam Petersen Jean Pickard Yvonne Poirer Florence Powers Robert Rcff Romaine Root Cecilia Reed Nathal Riedler Aves Rumsey Ruth Rough Donald Schnaidt Irene Schwitzgebel Elizabeth Smith Bruce Stenberg Donald Stephens Robert Stevens Mary Stone Martin Strand Helen Sullivan Elsiebelle Tesch Gladys Tiedman George Wingert Adele Rosenblum Jeannette Rothausen Ruth Scholberg Ellen Schnieder Marjorie Siebert Max Sievert Josephine Slogar Margaret Space Evelyn St. Angelo Adoree Stebbins Kenneth Stewart Phyllis Stranger Rosalice Stuber Virginia Telfer Muriel Theurer Melvin Vicklund Lloyd Wessling Florence Whitney Genevieve Wood { 333 } y.M.C.A. CABINET Back Row — Hoover, McCrccry, Kendrick, Wilkinson, Struthcrs, Foley Second Row — Francois, Pease, Schmoker, Frogncr, Calccn Front Row — Barcttc, Skinner, Dicrcks, Stone BOARD OF MANAGEMENT David Bronson Harrington Beard George Burleigh Paul S. Carroll John P. Dalzell John Forney W. F. Holman Franklin Knower Charles B. MacDonnell Malcolm McLean Otis C. McCreery E. B. Pierce R. G. Riemann F. B. Rowley CABINET MEMBERS Lawrence Barette Reynold Caleen Robert Diercks John Foley Loren Findley James Francois George Frogner Kerwin Hoover James Kendrick Sherman Pease Richard Skinner Wayne Stone Allan Struthers Edward Wilkinson {334} r A n y.w.cA. CABINET Back Row — Carlgrcn, Bush, Moody, Grey, ]. Burwell, Baker Second Row — Emmons, Tucker, K. Ferine, Anderson, S. burwcU Front Row — Strcmcl, Shogren, Bushnell, Bache-Wiig, Hall, Brohaugh OFFICERS Elizabeth Ferine Margaret Bushnell Ellen Bache-Wiig Elizabeth Shogren President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer CABINET Geraldine Anderson Mary Baker Helen Brohaugh Janet Burwell Sue Burwell Dorothy Bush Cecill Carlgren Betsy Emmons Jean Gardner Betty Grey Emily Hall Dorothy Harris Lucile Moody Katherine Ferine Emily Stremel Jean Tucker {335} EPILOGUE Rather than indulging in the privilege of a lengthy resume of the year ' s work, we would prefer that you write your own epilogue for this book. After all, it boils down to this: if you like this Gopher, if you think it is an adequate and true reflection of the progress and spirit of the University of Minnesota during the past year, our purpose has been accom- plished. If you don ' t, we ' ve failed. And no amount of Epilogue is going to change your mind, add pages or subtract them, change layouts or designs, correct misspelled names or retouch uncomplimen- tary photographs. You be the judge, for in the last analysis, it is your verdict, not ours, that labels this Gopher. We rest our case. ACKNOWLEDGMENTS A yearbook staff which depends entirely on its own resources is non-existent. Without the cooperation and assistance of certain perstms-and organizations in th e Twin Cities, the 1934 Gopher staff would have had an infinitely more difficult task to produce this year ' s annual. It is not often that a yearbook has the experience of a previous editor at its disposal. So this year ' s Gopher has been unusually fortunate to have Otis Dypwick, 1933 editor, for its chief advisor. The quality of the 1933 Gopher is indicative of the value of aid and cooperation from such an advisor. For the layouts in the Sports section, a great many suggestions in other parts of the book, and a year of real interest in our progress, we are deeply indebted to Otis Dypwick. Two men who have devoted a large portion of their time for the past six months to seeing that the 1934 edition of the Gopher would compare favorably with past volumes are Mr. Arthur Segal of the Bureau of Engraving and Mr. Walter Schmidt of the Augsburg Publishing House. Both of these men and their associates have done all that could be expected and more to help student members of the staff with their work. Mr. Gene Garrett and his staff have been consistently ready to assist the Gopher in every matter of photographic concern. We are especially indebted to Mr. Harry Ross and Mr. Luther Greer of this studio for wholehearted cooperation. The University of Minnesota Photographic Laboratory took some of the finest pictures in this year ' s Gopher including those in the college division pages. Throughout the year this organization and Mr. Venning Hollis and Mr. Wilbur Nelson in particular, were glad to assist us in a great many details. The Norton and Peel studios in Minneapolis took the scenes used in the division pages while N. W. Ayer and Sons of Philadelphia, the Ken Wright studios in St. Paul, and the Great Northern railway contributed the pictures used in the opening section. As in years past, the Twin City newspapers. The Minneapolis Tribune, The Minneapolis Journal, The Minneapolis Star, and The St. Paul Pioneer Press, furnished us with many of our sports pictures. Mr. George Ryan of The Tribune and Mr. A. }. Vogt of The St. Paul Dispatch were especially helpful in this regard. Mr. Howard Cless of the John Leslie Paper company handled the paper for this Gopher, and the S. K. Smith company of Chicago supplied the covers. For advice and suggestions throughout the year we are indebted to Mr. Fred Kildow and Mr. Phil Beedon of the National Scholastic Press association. NDEX A Acacia 269 Academic Fraternities 267 Academic Sororities 247 Acknowledgments 338 Activities 95 Administration 23-28 Agricultural Council 32 Agriculture, Forestry, and Home Eco- nomics 41 Alfonse, Julius 177 AU-Americans (Lund -Larson) 175 Alison ' s House 131 All University Council 30 Alpha Alpha Gamma 231 Alpha Chi Delta 249 Alpha Chi Sigma 307 Alpha Delta Phi 270 Alpha Delta Pi 250 Alpha Delta Tau 300 Alpha Gamma Delta 251 Alpha Gamma Rho 308 Alpha Kappa Gamma 301 Alpha Kappa Psi 309 Alpha Omicron Pi 252 Alpha Phi 253 Alpha Phi Chi 212 Alpha Rho Chi 310 Alpha Sigma Phi 271 Alpha Tau Delta 302 Alpha Tau Omega 272 Alpha Xi Delta 254 Alpha Zeta 232 Andre, Wilbur 142 Apmann, Elmer 174 Appleby, Dean W. R 77 Artists ' Course 122 Arnold, Genevieve 139 Athletic Administration 172 Athletics 169-212 B Baker, James 1 82 Band 128 Baring -Gould, William 110 Baron, Arnold 139 Barnum, Glenn 183 Baseball 189-192 Basketball 181-184 Baston, Bert 174 Bauer, Harold 122 Beadell, Walter 109 Beise, Sheldon 177 Bengston, Phil 179 Bennett, Mildred 112 Berg, Claire 107 Beta Gamma Sigma 222 Beta Theta Pi 273 Bcvan, William 178 Bib and Tucker 147 Bierman, Bernie 174 Biesanz, Phil Ill Blitz, Dean Anne Dudley 27 Block and Bridle 233 Blocdel, William 176 Board of Associated Business Stu- dents 34 Board of Publications 30 Board of Regents 24 Boock, Gloria 98 Brassett, Arnold 106 Brennan, Mary 108 Bruce, Laura 106 Bruhn, Milton 178 Bugni, Lawrence 178 Burg, Erwin 178 Business Administration 45 Business Women ' s Club 328 c Cadet Officers 142 Campbell, Ruth 99 Campus Life 157-168 Cap and Gown 146 Carlson, Dean 138 Champlin, George 176 Cheer Leaders 173 Chemistry 51 Chi Epsilon 234 Chi Omega 255 Chi Psi 274 Clausen, George 186 Clubs and Societies 327 Coaches 174 Coffey, Dean W. C 41 Coffman, President Lotus D 25, 26 Conference Medal 192 Cooke, Dr. L. J 172 Crack Squad 143 Crowe, John 109 D Debate 137-139 Delta Chi 275 Delta Delta Delta 256 Delta Chi 257 Delta Gamma 257 Delta Kappa Epsilon 276 Delta Phi Delta 235 Delta Sigma Delta 311 Delta Sigma Pi 312 Delta Sigma Rho 140 Delta Tau Delta 277 Delta Upsilon 278 Delta Zeta 258 Dcnsford, Katharine J 79 Dentistry 53 Desert Song 126 Devil Passes, The 134 Donovan, David 106 Donovan, Hedley 98, 108 Drama 129-36 Du Priest, Robert 99 E Education 75 Eikcn, Malcolm 179, 182 Elston, Wilbur 108 Emerson, James 108 Engineering 65 Eta Kappa Nu 236 Eta Sigma Upsilon 237 Evans, Charles 138 Eylar, Ethelmae 100 F Farm Campus Board 148 Farm House 313 Farmer, Richard 179 Farrell, William 183 Foley, John 106 Football 171-180 Football, Freshman 180 Fortnightly Cabinet 329 Eraser, Dean Everett 71 Fredendall, Lloyd R 142 Freeman, Dean E. M 41 Freimuth, William 178 Furbari, Alice 101 G Gamma Phi Beta 259 Garrick Club 224 Gay, Kenneth 192 Geddes, Carroll S 28 Gelb, Saadia 139 General College 89 Gibson, William S 28 God by Proxy 133 Goldish, Sidney 108 Golf 203-204 Gopher, The 106-107 Goustin, Al Ill Granberg, Gordon 112 Gray, Russ 187 Grey Friars 218 Gymnastics 205-206 H Haggerty, Dean M. E 57 Haiden, Harold 179 Hallenberg, Phoebe 107 Hargesheimer, Walter 179 Harpole, Ellsworth ' 177 Harris, Dorothy 102 Harris, Sig 174 Hass, Walter 174 Hatfield, Louise 142 Hauser, George 174 Heifetz, Jascha 122 Hilton, Ted 183 Hockey 185-188 Home Economics Association 330 Honorary Forensics 140 Honorary Fraternities 217-246 Hopkins, Wayne 109 House Council 149 Hovde, Fred 174 Hughes, Laura 103 I Incus 223 Interfraternity Council 268 Interprofessional Ball 118 Interprofessional Board 149 Interprofessional Council 306 Intramural Athletics 207-211 Iron Wedge 219 J Jensen, Reynolds 109 Joan of Arkansaw 135 Johnson, Bucky 187 Johnston, Dean J. B 83 Junior Ball 117 Junior Commission 31 K Kane, Bill 183 Kappa Alpha Theta 260 Kappa Delta 261 Kappa Epsilon 303 Kappa Eta Kappa 314 Kappa Kappa Gamma 262 Kappa Kappa Lambda 331 Kappa Sigma 279 KiUen, Earle G 123 Knower, Franklin H 139 Knudsen, Leslie 178 Koplow, George 138 Kosek, Al 108 Kreisler, Fritz 122 L LaBatte, Philip 186, 187 Lambda Chi Alpha 280 Lampland, Arthur 100 Larson, Frank 175, 176 Continued on next page INDEX- Continued Lasbv, Dean William F 53 Law ' 71 Law School Council 35 Lawson, Lucie 139 Laxson. Russell 183 Lee, Warren 130 Leland, Dean O. M 65 LeVander, Harold 139 LeVoir, Vernal 179 Lind, Dr. Samuel C 51 Literature and Arts 83 Loevinjjcr, Lee 139 Lowe, Charles 138 Lund, Francis 175, 176 Lundgren, Stanley 177 Lyon, Dean E. P 73 M MacLean, Dean Malcolm S 89 MacMillan. Dave 182 McCormick, Frank G 172 McCreery, Dean Otis C 26, 174 McGlone, John 187 Matt, George 109 Medicine 73 Meiners, Lorenza 110 Middlebrook, William T 27 Military 141-144 Military Ball 119 Military Instruction Staff 143 Mines, School of 77 Minneapolis Symphony Orchestra. . 125 Minnesota Daily 108-109 Minnesota Mentor 112 Minnesota Women 145-156 Mitchell, George 187 Molander, Lyman 107 Monson, Ralph 113 Mortar and Ball 239 Mortar Board 238 Munn, Clarence 174 Munns, William 187 Music 121-128 N Newgord, William 101 Nicholson, Dean E. F 27 Nienabcr, Alice 109 Norman, Gordon 182 Novack, Olga Marie 138 Nursing. School of 79 Nu Sigma Nu 315 o Oen, Roy 176 Ohde, Walter 179 Organizations 215-335 Ormandy, Eugene 125 Otterness, George 183 P Pan Hellenic 248 Peaslee, Bob 173 Pepinsky, Abe 124 Pershing Rifles 240 Pharmacy, School of 81 Phi Alpha Delta 316 Phi Beta Pi 317 Phi Chi 318 Phi Delta Chi 319 Phi Delta Phi 320 Phi Delta Theta 281 Phi Epsilon Pi 282 Phi Gamma Delta 283 Phi Kappa Psi 284 Phi Kappa Sigma 285 Phi Rho Sigma 321 Phi Sigma Kappa 286 Phi Sigma Phi 225 Phi Upsilon Omicron 304 Phoenix 221 Pi Beta Phi 263 Pierce, E. B 28 Pinafore 147 Pi Phi Chi 306 Pi Tau Sigma 242 Pi Tau Pi Sigma 241 Plays, Summer 136 Plumb bob 226 Pond, Frank 187 Pons, Lily 122 Potter, Phil 102, 108 Pratt, Shirley 139 Prescott, Gerald R 128 Press 105-113 Price, Richard R 91 Prince of Pilsen 127 Professional Fraternities 305 Professional Sororities 299 Proffitt, William 176 Psi Upsilon 287 R Rachmaninoff, Sergei 122 Ramsland, Clement 130 Rarig, Frank M 138 Ravlin, James Ill Ray, Kenneth 106, 138 Reed, Preston Ill Rennebohm, Dale 176 Rennix, George 176 Representative Minnesotans 97-104 Rifle Team 143 Riley, A. Dale 130 Roning, John 177 Rooter King 173 Roscoe, George 179, 182 Rosholt, Gordon 113 R. O. T. C. Instruction Officers 143 Russ, Clyde 187 Rj ' man, Fred 1 86 s Scabbard and Blade 243 Scammon, Dean R. N 73 Schipa, Tito 122 Schroeder, Leslie 172 Science, Literature, and the Arts .... 83 Scott, Mr. and Mrs. Carlyle M 123 Sears, William 103 Seidel, Glenn 177 Senior Advisory Board 148 Senior Commission 31 Senior Prom 116 Senior Section 37-90 Sheppard, Lola Jones 130 Shumway, Dean R. R 27 Sigma Alpha Epsilon 288 Sigma Alpha Mu 289 Sigma Chi 290 Sigma Delta Chi 322 Sigma Delta Tau 227 Sigma Delta Psi 244 Sigma Epsilon Sigma 228 Sigma Kappa 264 Sigma Nu 291 Sigma Phi Epsilon 292 Silver Spur 220 Skinner, Mary P 26 Ski-U-Mah 110-111 Smith, John 110 Smith, Richard 177 Smith, W. R 172 Sochacki, Walter 182 Social Section 115-120 Sophomore Commission 32 Speakes, John 138 Springer, Dorothy 106 Stadium Singers 173 Stark, Jean 109 State High School Basketball 184 Stevenson, Dean Russell A 45 Student Government 29-35 Stueckgold, Crete 122 Svendsen, George 178, 183 Swartout, Ray 107 Swenson, Courtney 108 Swimming 197, 198 T Taft, Marshall 107 Taming of the Shrew, The 132 Tam O ' Shanter 146 Tate, Prof. John T 88 Tau Beta Pi 245 Tau Delta Phi 293 Tau Kappa Epsilon 294 Tau Phi Delta 323 Tau Sigma Delta 229 Technical Commission 34 Techno-Log 113 Teeter, Thomas A. H 91 Tengler, Carl 177 Tenner, Robert 178 Tennis 199-200 Thomas, John Charles 122 Theta Chi 295 Theta Delta Chi 296 Theta Sigma Phi 230 Theta Tau 324 Theta Xi 297 Tingloff, Elsie 139 Track 193-196 Trailers Club 332 Triangle 325 Tattle, George 174 U Union Board 33 University College 88 University Singers 333 University Symphony Orchestra 124 University Theatre 130 V Vance, Morris 107 w W. A. A. Board 153 W. A. A. Penny Carnival 155 W. A. A. Seal Winners 156 Wagnild, Spencer 186 Wallblom, Charles 1 82 Wells, Charles 107 Wells. Marshall 174 Willey, Malcolm M 26 Williams, Russell 106 Wilson, Kendrick 130 Wrestling 201-202 W. S. G. A 146-152 W. S. G. A. Board 33 Wulling, Dean F. J 81 Y Y. M. C. A. Cabinet 334 Y. W. C. A. Cabinet 335 z Zeta Phi Eta 246 Keta Psi 298 Zeta Tau Alpha . ' 265 Zieske, William 186 1 W- ' W Swil lB Ki H v i L r tJ KduuN ' ' SlflftiR HK %JmH ' M C@ i :.£ -.-L ' U-i ' J. S " 40 A.- € fi ' I H Wt-BMM ■WOWPIMil ii , ■■ A J

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