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 - Class of 1933

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Text from Pages 1 - 366 of the 1933 volume:

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LW- ' H, M, ,F X 'I 'V' X f T - Fw ,if-if:'f?'EF':?ms3"1 -'!f'ff:.i4'g?' ' X' -au Q . 1.1,.,,., pf , V, Lwkpi ll Mun hm A 1 . 1" ' 'gk ' 45 If Ex .K D 'I A -"H . LI. Z- W. 7' .,.,. .. ry, " - ff f ' 4' ' -H1-g.M'. 1. .E-Al ESTRATICJN s rms ICS IZATION S Oqormrop Qaqenfzorfczf .muclfforzlzzoa ai dl11S9f 14 , V -- ,A g"",L f, , fr, ff 'S Y ., fr -W' " in ' A M. , "ii, '. I ,,,il1.-.---- ' S 1 ! 'L Y .J 2.1!-.v..U7'75?WJjg+a'q3i.f - A h - -5, ,..,...., . ............ ...--, ,. , ...., ..-. .. 4 r ,m -is 5 mi -Ass-14 -'F' Wx MIINHXIESCDTA MARC!-IES CDN HE sixty-third year of the Universityis life, which will be completed with the gradua- tion exercises for approximately 1500 stu- dents on June 19th, while not a startling period, shows, as we analyze it, several distinct features which mark its continuous progress. Minnesota had a stationary faculty this year, no new appointments of major importance being made. This was a novel and interesting situation. However, its implications are many. For this situation to last a year or even a little longer might make a slight difference. The Uni- versity should be, of course, extraordinarily for- tunate to keep its best men and hold its faculty intact. However, the impact of new ideas and new experiences, brought to an institution by the addition of faculty members, is important. Minnesota should not only be holding its own in this respect, but it should be gaining, perhaps not this year, but over a period of years. A new adventure, an experiment in the field of higher education, was the establishment of the .Tunior College under the directorship of Dr. Malcolm S. MacLean, which was primarily in- stituted to provide a superior intellectual oppor- tunity for a body of University students whose needs previous to the creation of the Junior Col- lege could not be adequately ,met by the formerly existing organization of the University. These courses are open to any student in the University. Much of the work has been of the uoverviewi' type which has-been designed to give the student a graphic picture of science, art, music, journalism, and other cultural subjects. Still other courses were offered which were decidedly specificp The building and completion of the Univer- sity's new SB300,000 nurses' home marked a hiatus in the building program of the University, as the Board of Regents voluntarily suggested that the Legislature forego its annual building appropria- tion of Z1B300,000 during the next two years. Student nurses, of whom the University has a large enrollment, have been living about the campus neighborhood while the new house was under construction. This building, long sought by the University, was finally authorized by the 1931 Legislature, which, however, specified that the Dentistry building should be put up in the first year of the biennium. The new Dental structure was dedicated Oc- tober 28, 1932. Minnesota has a national reputa- tion in dental research work, and now for the first time is providing a splendid, modern and thor- oughly satisfactory place in which these experi- ments may be carried on. To parallel the annual Sigma Xi series of public lectures on science, the University this year offered a splendid series of three public addresses in Northrup Memorial Auditorium to help famaliarize residents of the state with the pressing ecomonic problems of immediate im- portance. Considering the need for such a series of lectures vital and urgent, President Coffman asked a committee headed by Dr. Roy G. Blakey, author of the State Income Tax and Taxation in Minnesota printed this year by the University of Minnesota Press, to select three outstanding eco- nomic topics and to engage the most prominent authorities in the United States to lecture on each subject. Dr. M. L. Wilson, head of the Department of Agricultural Economics at Montana State Col- lege, spoke February 15, on "Various Plans of Agricultural Belief." Considered to be the author of the farm allotment bill, Dr. Wilson is a dis- tinguished figure in his field. He presented a sound analysis of the problems of agriculture and the proposed remedies. 'fCurrency Inflation" was the topic of the sec- ond lecture in this series delivered February 20, by Professor Jacob Viner, of the University of Chicago, one of the most brilliant of America's younger economists. Last year Professor Viner was visiting professor at the University of Geneva. His views on currency inflation are probably as authoritative as any expressed at this time. Dr. Harold G. Moulton, president of Brook- ings Institute at Washington, D. C., and author of numerous books on economic subjects which include Principles of Money and Banking 5 Finan- cial Organization of Society, and The Reparation Plan, spoke on the campus March 9. His topic was "International Economic Recovery." Because not every one interested in these 43 E V,.. . V IL, ,,. ,,,I I ig f I Q "4-plm'I - ' , A II 'I II,' L I . ' I ,A I II ,r, Vf- 'ff V , pf: 5 t- f ' 2 . 2. Vi-V, ' . ffl"-'f"'3"' N I ,VW RWM :I 4 q V . I, , ly- ,. vi gn, ,LM an , -,.- IIQVH I III PM V , - ,. ""-' ' A .U ' ' 1 LQ '-- A",-- ' M WAIT-J . ,N . ' -gavggflf. ' I ,JP 7 ' , .Aff '77',V3,- I , , X -,f-,'-14 , -1 -f., .. 4 52" ky A -ff?-, 3 A "7 . . ,Q W ' V- "7 gf . 5" . Fqg'-N. 'V ' Q Wm ,un A I -um.: I I . I A ,FII A I V 41:1 F ,I, L J, h ana: Q,:INLiIIIIIx.I I X my -1 1 V Vw . . f"W-V ,,. - 4, QV xW V V- -V ' VVf:,.T4V5g..-V ' , ' ' , - " V ' .df-. S "" .- '-r, Q 3153?--" f" L -L J V-Sfl-'VV :mf 1 V' 2 a , I ,ff Vx , ,, 1, I V I , M. V N as - I X W, 1 V Q M 1, , - . V J" I ,gy 'V ' ',,.a '-2' 1,5-,Q I Vg W- , . 3 I 3 , -f.- jf - MV - I: Vg , .Ii n,,1,., I .lg - Y, E1 - ' X 2 A , K' f , - yy A" I' -'fgkf' .4 -,QQ X I -3: 'L -,QI II I : X ,A I 4-3 I, V 144. I IM . ,W 9, V 2, ni f' V - vsf- V! f f' 'S ' "1 9 'M' 'Z ' , ,, K I VI - 1 . an wg.-, , I .. , ' f ' ,V I -,,diI:? 4,5 ' ' . ' 'I I I 4 I 'Xxx' 7 'fi rvyjqelg .VIIIII I, .I fxr' , X . A ,, ,..,,, V ,W .4 - nv - xx , - .. ,--- V V1fS,,.Vf f V V .N ',,. 4' W1 5 . .. ff'-V X -V . N Mya .V ,ff V-V - . V . ,ir ,A , .- :VV .. ,rg I f -" ' H 'V X .I W I x, ,amy ' Fitz. Lifkgawlfijr ' V. ' " 1 "'-, 'X jxr' .' I " h ., 13 f' -A -Vgwf 'AJ ' ' -,T JT. I M 5' V ,if J?" " , I I -fum . I7 I J, , V '-IIIIIi,f,f" , X- I 1. V- I :I '- ' , ,K Q Nh I I . I-QL: M01-vvQf'N-..,R, I ' .fx ,,- .- I .A-I I N Ya ? V' 2 K V ,, . '. , N.: Q: 'G' - - ' . '. , ,,.,-,,, I ,,f Q, .V , V I .. , N .S X In , ,. , , W rw, 'wif-A V ff X ff ,,'W.3-Q imgv' .. V . V gym V' .fit , '- V Q wmpspfliwgg 'Q . 1 fg. If. ,X -' 'Z Q ap' V h V ,, Q' - ' ' , . A 5 .I Q -- - ul V g,,,X ,ff -f - , 5 ,K IF., b -Y ,,I,,4...Mil-:ff-fu I . M, IK H Ik.Ar-5,1 VI , 4, Im. ' V ' .I , ' L" ,,..L,QV.-'-"' . i gpfifff ,V L-1'-. V ' -.,,,.!' KT 'T' 39' ff , I , 1 W:Q.V,.,W-Y. X4 , - ,U III ':' V . Vi,:IWWInI.,.,V 1, MI, ,,.f , . .,.. MA ' " .-1: 'X ' , I .n5'4 I- .V 'gk fugrwgriy- ' ' V--Q H911 Q'-.2 14 , IV , ' r. v ff 3 I .. 'yjy 315' AI k M -I M , .mf--f--'f' N I " ,JW ,-1 z--Ely,-A 'I Ii-N -A V' K """""" "N Mi I , ww- N ' 1 ,ku ' LM k x'I f' Q .,. - ' """'A'- ... . ' K AN ' al I anggr in ""' "1 -w .. X Q . T ,VI Q ,- I A J,-f' 14 e ' ' . I I ,V If yy I I 1 -,V. V I I Ir.. I N Ik, I ,I,g4.I My ig WMXLIAAQ I ,,.al"- I L ----- .,,,,I I , Af W A 1, l"'gfQ1f'.4e-V' he I 1 V ., ,mg QHJ - ,QI I 1 J., fl 1, .f,1- I- ,M IM ,A 4 I ' ' N ' 41 ' V. ' , I' In 1 IQ' ' ' A 1' . IQ,iV . 3 .F L14-V X 'MV . X ,f' S "--, wh ', JA 7 Q, I 1 II . x M5 ..., II -, , 9 .MII I II J 4 I I ,- f s 5 If, I, . , I , I, A IIN I I L 4k,. It sl, , I, MV ig M " "' X -Q . 2 1 ,, . ,,g,.q,gwVg,V Y P - - V x N' V ,I I MN , ' VS! II I, Q, gyms H55 3,.Iw., V gy. . fn If L '52 I ' 4 II 1123" l 5 , , KV Vw? , www - +1 M pw , .,, A - 1, V , 14 gpvf .JW ' ' 4 , 1 Q- , 1 ff -1-gl -, 4 - yt v,5'I -'-:b+Q,,yV, JI 4, VI,1I,,y IIN I-. ,fi L Mobs, I I ,!IIi,,,t I v ' ' , if SV ' . V4 W - . , X . ' " . ' 2 1 V , Q ww- ' ' 'VV V f U V ., ,, -,,,. ' Fm if- , V HH VV X ' , +1 ff ' K' fm .Q ,xr VV if ,, --V ix V' 1 -- 41.--1 , - 'jf'-V "EM V' A"' Q " 'V' ' K' 3- Q1 I - ' 'L 7131 n ' ' Q ., . . ,N Y ' , .,. 4 4, A kV Vx A I A I I K ,I III4, .3 I ' , ' IJVL A , 1 wx XI! In I I I ,VxS: I I.I ,, -ug 'ja J fi '.I I 'l,rVI, I '15' " -'H' 2'f14 !Vi-'- .X-V -K M V56 "aa, X 4 5: fi V. W " : gd w V W Q, My - 1 Sq I K I .. .W , .F 'wr 'V f ' ' 'Y , xg,-pzf' -Av-I , A in V r Y ' sf X' ' H - A - ':'Y"' ' . 9 ' ' . - V ' 4-1 V 3, . Q : MI 'ly III , ,Ji v -. Q , 'I . - V ,phi . .LI . ,,.2g,q:,I 5 'Z ' - 5' J. V--J K x -:WJ Q' N ' ' "3q'f?"f"ff' ' 452- V' -K . III! I, U V- f x I - rg' l 'LI K V, , f:,5w.:4-,-, L .-.QLIQLQ WI. . - 'V fi" 5 ' V - 'XV 'X s ,,,:x..wV I ' V XV ' , pf 35" ' f' .--f - ' ' J 4 Rf V- Y. ,N V ' 'f"'1,..,' , 'W .mf , '1 K, A I '15,-'Kink ' ' ' g 'ei V' :I ' QVQV , ,Q rj V ww - . ,s,z,,,I K 'QI JT Q I if . A I , ,N . ,. V .,,. H ual . I 'gW'. V A r V 'I ,f :mf-4 4' N A , ' " -"1igsgQ4rE .iwi Mug. .Lx 'wr V5 yfifw., , ,,,f.l:'75iM if If ' viii, .,3m,,, 3-1-33' 1, ..., Az' , -M w- ' ' g3f1"3fQi:1a.'LQ33"3if Q , -m i .. . f,,5,1:Kgv,..-. -. ,, WA -G 14' - ,, 1--"n S2175 :W - .wr 1. -. X 1, r ' 1 Q-ff . , . ,J , A,:,.,....,w 'M , 4w 'xx . 4 1. A ' N h-:' 1 X Mau A, , -, , H ..,'-'P'E,'xam,'.. ,. f-fLj'ff15,ff2' '1 gf, - 5k-f1lfQ':".,,,. ' 'abt' , ,W -i Q ,M , 13 X, . ag A Ei ,M fic PL .xr-'ifx I x M s'4E'5E?5gf:w 'af' M!'GQiLf2fM'?f ' A 4"wJwY?I2:.f x25'?,f '-1 Qwktfg QXKZQP V252 ' L 'f 359' fii'9?i:,"q'?'-Qlifnx 1 f.q.,s,,5rz, -' .31 :W 'fa.,l:qr. gap fum, 1' ,ffm - 1 QM X. f'Q4f:KEIf:,:iQ33i1gwfg'J': , v A flLv.1"?l.""r"K"QLLLf'?:Q'5Zf' ,w1.:j15g?,g1f1'armani? - 1 J I -'ga S 'W --,.21,"v,1f' -'-fum' . ' f .. ,ff3:g4..g4,.,uK.l -, r .U ' 1 W 9: ' ,W ,. , ' L- , v . V 'N'1":,',.,:5,5..,fcQm3i1f A lggirffi ' - 43' ,:1:,z'??f5v4x wn,1.:,,.'MF9i 1 ADMINISTRATIUN Fred B. Snyder Egil Boeckmaun Charles R. Butler ' Julius A. Coller W. H. Gemmell Y O. J. Hagen l R. R. Rand, Jr. Jolm G. Williams G J. V. Williams Mrs. Bess M. Wilson 4.8 W. J. MaY0 A. J. Olson BOARD CDF REGEIXITS FOUR OF THE twelve powers that shape the ultimate policies of the University have this year been replaced by Governor Olson in his appointments made public on May llrth. Coming into oflice are George W. Lawson of St. Paul, secretary of the state Federation of Labor, who will replace Dr. Egil Boeckmann, and Dr. A. E. Olson, Duluth surgeon, who will till the vacancy left by Mrs. Bess M. Wilson. Frank W. Murphy, Wheaton attorney and veteran farm relief cam- paigner, will take the post left vacant by J. V. Williams, and Mrs. Anna O. Determan, Litchfield farm-laborite, succeeds W. G. Gemmell as regent. These new appointments by Gov- ernor Olson have created a strong liberal group on the Board of Regents and may result in a liberal majority on major issues considered by the regents. There will be four more replacements in 1935. This year's selection was contrary to the usual procedure when the legislature shifted the task to the Governor's oflice. In choosing the regents a geographical element enters into the selection: each district in the state is represented so that when matters of judicial or executive importance face the final test, all of Minnesota has a voice. "Ir CAN SCARCELY be expected that I can present my autobiography and my philosophy of higher education equally effectively on the same pagef' states Dr. L. D. Coffman, President of the Uni- versity. 'fl think it best to let the personal history remain in the forgotten limbo of unwritten docu- ments." Be that as it may, Dr. Coflman, in his less serious moods, is a thorogoing sportsman and out-of-door enthusiast. l'le likes travel, and con- siders symphouy concerts and good plays the best form of recreation. wilhere is one question upon which we need an expression of opinionf' he believes. "lt is the important one of whether colleges and uni- versities should not curtail their activities and reduce their registration in these times. It is my judgment that the universities of this country are more necessary in times of depression than in times of prosperity. Certainly their researches can help in many ways in economic recovery, in stabilizing economic life, and in mitigating, if not preventing, dep1'essions. The need for schol- ars and their se1'vices was never greater than today. "Those who survive and achieve in the struggle of the future will be more highly selected and better educated than those who have su1'vived in the past," Dr. Coffman believes. "The whole pro- gram of education will be regarded as a testing process. Universities will give more considera- tion to research and students will have a higher appreciation of intellectual effort and achieve- ment in the future than nowfl PRESIDENT LOTUS DELTA CQFFMAN llppcr left: Dr. Coffman at three-day educational .GX-1. Ccntcr: The President settles down for a day of routine work at the olhce. Lower right: Dr. Coffman oflieiates at ceremonies for laying the cornerstone of the Cyrus Nortlu'up Memorial Auditorium. The late Dr. William Willis Folwell, former president of the University, may be seen at the extreme left. conference in N ew York. Left to right: Sir .lamcs Irv i n e, Vice Chancellor of the Uni- versity of Scollandg Al- fred Noyes, poetg Elmer E. Brown, Chancellor of N. Y. ll.g James R. A n g e l l, President of Yaleg Lotus D.Cofl'man. 419 nf I 1 X .1 ff w hrs-H fa, if-W 'A-'S-,wif ..-.., V ,, , I aww. v-an ' fa f ' "fb "- M Q, "Q, lf-a , , -Q--Q. .1-0 9. W? V.:-I-an Sum., , ,. if initiative and leadership, which will be .fit i To IIAVL ALL her chairs full of Persian cats and her bookcases full of antique jewelry is one of the minor hut cherished ambitions of Anne Dudley Blitz, Dean of Women. Radio crooners, jazz bands, and questionnaires give her the jitters. In spare moments she collects ancient furniture and Lion glassware, makes costume jewelry at her 'fhome workshopf, or drives her beloved Buick. She loves to motor over fascinating country roads. During her undergraduate days at Minnesota, Dean Blitz was active in the Wornenas League, Mortar Board, and Gopher work. This year completes her tenth year of service here as Dean of Women. The Dean would like to see a new students' Union adequate for all activi- ties, of both men and women. She reads the Daily and the Gopher, but Hcanit waste time" on Ski-U-lVlah. Contacts with interesting people, such as students and other associates, constitute the most interesting part of her work, while "having to say 'noi to people who want unreasonable permissions" is the most disagreeable phase of her job. She wishes that stu- dents would uappreciate the real opportunities so richly offered them at Minnesota." DEAN OF WOMEN DEAN CDF STUDENT AFFAIRS THE TRADITIONAL s'1'UD1sN'r altitude toward deans in general is what an aviator might term "blind llyingn with regard to Edward E. Nicholson, Dean of Student Affairs. Perhaps no man of the Univer- sity faculty takes a more friendly interest in stu- dents, both as individuals and as a group. His first concern is in the growth, development, and recogni- tion of the things which students, usually with his help, have undertaken. Besides hunting and fishing, his favor- ite recreations, the Dean retains a keen interest in baseball, tennis, and billiards, having played all three as an under- graduate at Nebraska. The Dean believes that student interest in politics is useful, and that the campus should be "a training field to perfect ideals and standards valuable in later lifef, Activities, he opines, "supplement the fundamental purpose of a sound edu- cation and increase its value when wisely chosen." c'Learn to know yourself, and to gov- ern and guide yourself," advises the Dean. 'LRecognize that your first big op- portunity is development in the scho- lastic Held. Student activities have much to offer you in developing responsibility, , helpful to you throughout life." DEAN GF TI-IE GRADUATE SCI-TQGI. ALTHOUGH DEAN Fone admits that he likes prunes eleven after sixteen years in dining and boarding halls," and dislikes onions "ever since I taught country school and the children ate them and leaned over the teacheris shoulder afterwards," he doesn't believe these facts interest students. He'd rather talk to stttdents about themselves. "If you knew itf' he says, Hyou are much more interesting to me as an un- distinguished student than you ever will be as a distinguished alumnus. Working for grades and degrees is heartening and worthwhile until you find and fol- low some l a r g e r conception - thus achieving an all around development that in later years will distinguish you in any group from those without your opportunities. "I'll tell you how I want to be able to pick you out ten years from now as a Minnesota graduate. You will fall into the group quietly, without pretense or proclamation. Your English will be cor- rect and your thought your own, offered modestly but independently. You your- self will have made your opportunities rich and rewarding by what you did for yourself in Ending college the way to the good life." BIQLIIQF 'l'1lA'l' A student should not at- tempt to work his way through college comes from a man who should know. He is Royal R. Shumway, assistant Dean of the Arts college, and head of the Students' Work committee. His convic- tion is possibly influenced by his con- stant task of dealing with probation cases. The Dean is congenial in his oflice or out of it. If ever you call at his home and don't hnd him around, never leave without trying the basement. Ten chances to one he is down there tinker- ing around in his workshop, lt is a rather complete workshop, and the man tending it, a rather excellent craftsman. His hope that some day the University will use a more careful system to select its students is almost eclipsed by his interest in turning out cabinets or fancy wood-work aflcr business hours. Perhaps the Dean was fed up on Gophers hack in 1903, for after editing that particular annual, he has never read one since. lie still reads the Daily, however. ln bygone years he was an instructor of mathematics, and even now insists on reading sci- entific journals on the subject. ASSISTANT DEAN FCDI2 STUDENTS' WCDRK ASSISTANT DEAN OF STUDENT AFFAIRS ASSISTANT TCD TI-IE DEAN A MAN whose interests range from the duckblind and the pheasant-teeming corniield to the individual problems of every male student in the University, Otis McCrcery, Dean of Men, is one of our most popular administrative ollicials. Every fall, with the returning football urge, Dean McCreery is out on the practice field, coaching freshmen and renewing memories of his own college days as u hallhack on the roaring grid. llc believes that "any sincere student movement has value." MARY P. SKINNIQN, assistant to the Dean of Student Affairs, says she has never cultivated a pet hobby or a pet aversion, but is fond of travel and dislikes discipline. Mrs. Skinner believes in student activities and reads all student publications. "There isla dehnite place on the campus for stu- dent politics and they are a good thing for those that enjoy participation in such activities," she says. She believes students must achieve a proper balance between curricular and extra-curricular activities in order to get the most out of their University careers. Atictttrt-:c't's who use a V instead of a U on building cornices are the Dflrlicular haue of E. B. Pierce, Minnesota's Alumni Secretary. Ever busy HS an after-dinner speaker and organizer of alumni units throughout. thc State and nation, he occupies his few spare moments in pursuit of such diversions as squash-rackets, Hshing, hunting, tennis, and gardening. 'Taeulties can only expose you to their courses," he says. "Don't make yourself immune. You must educate yourself." Campus activities, he believes, are more heneficial to the student than Phi Beta Kappa. WII,I.IAM T. Mtnnuanttoox 'ovial Universit Com troller sa s he has no . J y , ly 1 Det averstons as yet, hut that mule accompantsts do irritate htm sometimes. Golf, Hshing, and squash rackets are his favorite recreations. Although he - SYmpathizes with student movements, he helieves campus politics are Ilutterned too much after the regular hrand. "Contact with persons who think they have some comprehension of University activities, hut who are quite mistaken," is his most disagreeable joh. lle hopes that students in later years, remembering that taxpayers gave them a chance, will cheer- fully do their share. ALUMNI SECRETARY CDF TI-IE UNIVERSITY . I "5 CCDIVIRTRGI-I-ER OF TI-IE UNIVERSITY STUDEN GUVERNMEN ... .-- ...1-.Q-1 , ALI. UNIVERSITY CGUNCII. l L ll? e li.-li ,l..l-..1-- ,..l---. . .N, 3,- QD J erlrfflifv ltlait- l avr Boandin Czonnol ol Student 1 V l I , nl ' 4, A I w . o puhhcanons Q1 lf' ' -W lflt Q I I 1 0 Professor Edward Adams Edward Anderson Mary Ella Brackett Ruth liurlcliard Bruce Canfield Erling Dalaker Randall Derilield Roliert llu Priest Meagher, Pankratz, Wnnguard, Anderson, Sangre, Adams Rlahrudt, Ileniield, L.u.hel, Poten-non, beans Kelm, Mason, Mulvchill, Brnckett, Kelly, Fry llaw, Du Priest, Jensen, Iiurlclmrd, Ramsay Dalnker, Lind, C'1l'lllLlll, Kin f, March LIIIISIIID J ack Fry Erwin Kelm William Johnson lVlarjorie Jensen Roy lrlulier Dorothy Kin Carl Lind Nivea Haw . - L FACULTY MEMBERS Dean Blitz Dean E. E. Nicholson MEMBERS Ray Laeher Austin Lange Fallon Kelly Betty lVlulvehill John Mason Cecil March Howard Mcaghe lVlilo Peterson 3' -lr lVlaurine Richards Russel Risbrudt William Sears Marvin Sedum lna Ramsay Peter Pankratz Fred Wangaard Br-ltzius, Casey, Steward, Lnllree Pnfterz-ion, Martin, Fry, Wood FACULTY MEMBERS Ralph D. Casey Edward E. Nicholson Thomas E. Steward ACTIVES Charles W, Britzius Syneva L. lVlartin John R. Fry, Jr. Clifford W. Menz Robert LaBree Ira C. Peterson 56 Betty R. Wood -1 -l-1 il-4 Christoph, Johnson, Licht, Gillespie Linnerooth, Pricslcr, Kelly, l'Iz1rold H. Christoph Donald Gillespie Earle W. Hanson Harold G. Johnson L. Fallon Kelly Vclin. Stollcr, Pickett MEMBERS Vcrner H. Velin Hun son Virgil F. Licht Jolm N. Linneroolh Edward G. Pickett Gayle B. Priesler Morris A. Slollcr i - Hinikcr, Corneveaux, Johnston, Schuellor, Blackmore Mattlin, Moulton, DuPr1est, Lnmplnnd. Nelsun John Blackmore John Corneveaux Robert DuPriest Ruth Grytbak Jerome Hiniker Sylvester Schueller Dorothy Johnston Arthur Lampland Harold Matllin Max Moulton Donald Nelson SENIOI2 COMMISSION JUNIOR COMMISSION 57 SOPHQMORE COMNWHGN Agricultural Students' Council HIQU1 lt- , . Q1 uf? s1"f"'i?f" f"fffi5E' MSSQL ..l--"- 1 'f5'lL'v'E QT' I Carlson, Cronk Eye-iter, McNally, Johnson MENIBERS Harry D. Carlson William O. Johnson William E. Cronk Eldon J. Lomncs Eugene H. Eyslcr Ccrlrudc lVlcNelly r iur . .wanson A tl V Q , . Goodwin. Hum-ximg, Kukuchkzl, .ZlCLf0I1l'lflLC0ll Rogonhcski, Comstock, Oherg, Nili-ic1f,lgn'ytlmk r, 'ir-si Ruth Campbell Ralph Comstock Doris Fish Norman Goodwin Ruth Grytbak Earl Hansing Smith, Campbell, Wnn 'nnrr , MEMBERS Elmer Ziegenhagen Emil Kukachka Harold Nilsen .lane Obcrg Belly Rogoshcski Howard Smith Fred Vlfangaard .- -4 Lili C. A. Koepke Ceorge B. Brimliall Norman E. Carlson Erling A. Dalaker Paul L. Erickson Brimhnll, Nelson, Carlson, J h H S011 Lauer, Leland, Erickson, Koepkc FACULTY MEMBERS O. M. Lelancl MEMBERS W. M. Lauer Kcnnctli C. Johnson Austin ll. Lange James M. Nelson William ll. Sears " ' Shaw, Jensen. Bnock, Cryslcr. Bnehman, Csulwallarlcr 1"urhari. Dztugxherty, Andrew:-1, Eylnr, Pettiprrcw Ml Ill t l 1 I tt II I Millar, White, uvcii , lawner, 'ic MEMBERS Mary Wright Andrews Ruth Baelnnan Gloria Boock Constance Crysler Margaret Daugherty Etllelmae Eylar Alice Furlmari Mary Carclncr Margaret Hanson Elaine Hovcle ii! . OV! C Laura Hughes Marjorie Jensen Syneva Marlin .lane Millar Betty Mulveliill Virginia Pettigrew Miriam Pickett Ina Ramsey Eleanor Shaw Betty White TECHNICAL COMMISSICDN Women's Sell Government Association Board .igiir UNIGN BOARD of GOVERIXIGRS 60 Buumagi Ijuradsted, Plelttlai, Pegerson. Porteous Higgins, igillz1tdlB!llSItnzldPsorni0HPieRil,wPg11k1'z1tz FACULTY MEMBERS E. B. Pierce J. C. Sanderson S. S. Gillam STUDENT MEMBERS Fred Bauman Harry Heltzer Peter Pankratz Robert Conary Edwin Lundsted Milo Peterson John Glas Douglas Maclntosh George Porteous Kenneth Pottle 4 1 , .1 4,73 .r 3 gfjj-. ,MH N ,U- A 'ff f-1.-f. TU... 5' fin". - .1 , . '.-,,...4x z I , , V 1 Yi .i WH if . fl .ff V i fr: 54 saw 5 ,gp-' 5 Q.. X ,. lf' l M. I I' fi' fz,,-' f, ,,,-. .A J J E'I",'Tf'C- O 'Y 'T"'1CH'F'f5 1. A N. , ., . ..,f'lf'C"7!ETj M1765 "T" 17TK " :Tsar ffrffx "W -. , ,-fm, rua -,.,- , , ' . 4 1 .G,,7v?E7'Tf' cies azffggf X vm vi, 1,3 'WW Wu, V1 411.1 'f V M in A LW, .Jn . 15, gmwjf 1 ,ug--, x, x'IFXE" I. . r--1 WH- M... '6' -W w -I V H X X . fi. . WA If if T 'x'Qg,fiafFFNjy T! ul' .Aw 'Q ,J 4 A! f K 1 5 4: 3,1 4 1 ,lf , 3 I A 'x X gg . " E. LANGFORD ADAMS Minneapolis B.A. Psychology-Economics Delta Kappa Epsilon: Phi Sigma Phi: Homecoming Ex- ecutive Committee Chairman 4 : Associate Chairman Junior Ball 8: Band 1. 2. 3. 4. presi- dent 4: President Junior Class 3: All-U-Council 4: Students' Intermediary Com- mittee 4. WILLIAM M. BAKER St. Paul B.A. BETTY G. BAXTER Minneapolis B.A. History Smith Collesre: Kappa Kappa Gamma: Bib and Tucker. Program Chairman: Activi- ties Committee, 4. ROBERT C. BELL. JR. Detroit Lakes B.A. Economics Carleton Collette : Alpha Delta Phi: Daily Sport Stall, 4: Boxing, 4. MAUDE BENJAMIN Minneapolis B.A. English Delta Gamma. EVELYN H. BI LLINGS Minneapolis B.A. French Hunt Club: French Club. G. BJORN BJORNSON Mlnneota B.S. Journalism Sigma Delta Chi: German Club: Norwegian Literary Society: Luther'-n Students' Council: Daily, 1, 2: Ski-U- Mnh, 2. 3. I-IELGA BJORNSON Minneapolis B.S. Library Theta Sigma Phi: Delta Sigh ma Psi: Coranto: Matrix: Folwell Club. DOROTHY E. BLACK Mankato B.S. Social Service Iowa State: Beta Phi Alpha: Phi Chi Delta: Sigma Delta Gamma: Zeta Phi Eta: W. A. A.: Y. W. C. A. Large Cabinet: W. S. G. A.: Big Sister, 2: Twin Sister: Go- pher, 3: Daily, I. ELIZABETH BLASING Minneapolis B.A. Composition THOMAS G. BOWERS St. Paul ILS. Chemistry CAROLINE A. BREDE Minneapolis B.A. HILDRED BROHAUGH Willmar B.A. Music Delta Delta Delta: Mu Phi Epsilon: Phi Beta Kappa: Sipzma Epsilon Sigma: Big Sister 3. 4: University Sym- phony. 1. 2. 3. 4. Concert- mistress, 4. MARGARET E. BRYAN Red Wing B.S. Social Service Lawrence College: Alpha Omicron Pi: W. A. A.: Y. W. C. A.: Big Sister. 3. 4: Masquers, 2: University Singers, 2: Inter-House Ten- ms. RUTH BURKHARD Minneapolis B.S. Library Science G'-mmf: Phi Beta: All Uni- versity Council, 4: Y. W. C. A.: Big Sister, 2, 3. 4. JOHN B. CARROLL Hihbing B.S. Chemistry EUNICE CHAPIN Minneapolis B.A. Pi Bela Phi. VIRGINIA CHILDS Duluth B.A. English Chi Omega: Iota Gamma: Kappa Rho: Thalian: Hunt Club: Masquers. IIARLAN N. CISNEY Madclin B.A. Psychology Phi Tau The-ta: Band l. 2. 3, 4. HELEN M. CLA USEN Minneapolis B.A. ROBERTA H. COAKER Minneapolis B.S. Library Beta Phi Alpha : Y. W. C. A.: German Club: Folwell Club. HUGH D. COLBY St. Paul B.A. French North Central College: Phi Beta Kappa. MAE L. DAHL Ely B.S. Library Science Ely Junior Collexre: Folwell Club: W. A. A. WALTER B. DAH LBERG Minneapolis B.A. Delta Upsilon: Iron Wedge: Phoenix. ROSE DAVIS Bismarck, North Dakota B.A. English LOUISE E. DENEF St. Paul B.A. Political Science French Club 2. 3: German Club 3. 4: International Re- lations Club 4: University Singers 2. 3, 4. LOUIS W. DIETRICH, JR. Minneapolis B.A. General Alpha Delta Phi: Phi Delta Phi: All University De Molay gllukb: Track, I: Rifle Team, JOSEPHINE B. DILLING Minneapolis B-A. Speech University of North Dakota: Gamma Phi Beta: Sigma Al- Itha Iota : Big Sister: Univer- sity Theatre Productions. PIIYLLIS DOWNEY Minneapolis B.A. NORA BESS DUNBAR Eveleth B.A. Speech Gamma Phi Beta: Zeta Phi Eta: Big Sister. 3. fl: Mas- fluers, 3, 4. EDWIN G. EBBIGI-IAUSEN Minneapolis B-A- Astronomy SPENCER E. EHRENBERG Minneapolis B.A. HELEN E. ELVEBACK Minneapolis BA- English Lllfnbda Alpha Psi: Delta Phi Lambda: Sigma Epsilon Sftfma: Minerva Literary So- Cl9fy: Students Forum Com- mittee. DICK ERNST St. Paul B-A- Political science glphfi Tau Omega: Silver Puri PYHX: Eta Beta: Iltilanagers' Club: "M" Club: e"HlJll'll-I Rifles: Mnsquers: glirrlck Club. President, 4: Jflflonal Collegiate Players: UHIOI' Mana:-ter Football: Basketball Manager. HENRY B. ERIKSON Minneapolis B.A. Economics Theta Chi. DELORES FAHEY Norwood B.A. Journalism 5:20-MU: Theta Sigma: Cor- PAUL W. FELT Minneapolis ILS. Chemistry JOIIN F. FINN Minneapolis B.A. MARJORIE E. FRYCKBERG St. Paul B.A. English Lawrence Colle-ge : Alpha Chi Omega: Y. W. C. A.. 3. M. RODERICK GAFFNEY Stanley, Wisconsin B.A. RUTH 0. GAGNATH Minneapolis B.A. Kappa Kappa Lambda. ELEANORE .l. GALLAGHER Duluth B.A. English Pennsylvania University. DOROTHY M. GANNON Duluth ILS. Library Science Duluth Junior College: Fol- wcll Library Club: German Club. DOROTHY GEORGESON St. Paul B.S. Library Alp'-a Delta Theta: Folwell Libr ry Club: Big Sister, 1. 2: Homecoming: Freshman Week : Pun Hellenic delegate. 2. 3, 4. LILLIAN GILLI LAND Minneapolis B.A. ROSS A. GORTNER. JR. St. Paul ILS. Chemistry Oberlin College: Alpha Chi Sigma: Phi Lambda Upsilon. KATHARINE I-IAGEBERG Brainerd B.A. NUBAR I-IAGOPEAN Minneapolis B.A. JEAN H. HAGSTRUM St. Paul B.A. History Phi Delta Gamma: Univer- sity Senate: Debate: Fresh- man-Sophomore Debate. BERNICE G. HAIR Minneapolis B.A. Geography Delta Zeta. TOBETTE E. I-IALPERN Minneapolis B.S. Library Science MARJORIE E. I-IANSON Minneapolis B.S. Social Group Work Alpha Delta Theta: Big Sis- ter: Singers: W. A. A.: W. S. G. A. Bookstore: Y. W. C. A. RALPH S. HARDIMAN St. Paul B.A. Law University ol' Kentucky: Kappa Sigma: Seabburd and Blade. captain. 4: Runners' Club: Phi Sigma Phi: Cadet Oflicers' Club: Chairman. general arrangements. Tri- Military Society formal, 2: Band. 1. 2. 3: U Symphony. 1. HANNA LEA HARRIS Minneapolis B.A. .Ioumalism Sigma Epsilon Sigma: Min- c-rvs: W. S. G. A. I Menorah: Orchesis. 84 PHILIP HARRIS Minneapolis B.A. Zeta Psi: Freshman Week Chairman, 4: Grey Frla'r. VIRGINIA HARRIS Slecpy Eye B.A. Journalism Theta Sigma Phi, 4: Thalian Literary Society. President, 4: International Relations Club: Campus Camp Fire: French Club: W. A. A.: Big Sister, 2, 3, 4: Gopher Sec- retary, 2: Daily Olliee Mana- ger, 4: Secretary, 2: Home- coming Committee, 3, 4: Sophomore Frolic, 2. NIVEA HAW St. Paul B.S. Sociology Kappa Alpha Theta: W. S. G. A.: Interprofessional Board: Y. W. C. A.: All- University Council: Cap and Gown, Vice-President: Big Sister. LYDIA MARIE HERMANN Bald Eagle B.A. Psychology Kappa, Rho: Minerva: Big Sister: Singers. ROBERT HOEFT Manitowac. Wisconsin B.A. EUNICE HOKENSON Minneapolis B,A, Music Kappa Kappa Lambda. Presi- dent, 4: Thalian Literary So- ciety: Singers, 1, 2, 3, 4. .IOSEPHINE D. HUGHES Minneapolis B.A. Sigma Kappa: Kappa Phi: Y. W. C. A., Cabinet: Aa- sistant Chairman. W. S. G. A. Bookstore: Singers. PATTY HYNES Minneapolis B.A. Zoolngb' Aquatic League: German Club: Arts College. Interme- diary Board: Chairman, Stu- dents Forum: Honor Roll. BERTHA IRWIN Minneapolis B.A. Delta Delta Delta. GORDON JACKSON St. Paul B.A. HELEN E. JENSEN Fargo, North Dakota B.A. English North Dakota State College 1, 2: Gamma Phi Beta. DALE E. JESSUP Anoka B.A. History Northwest Bible School, I: Ieaxrue of Evangelical Stu- dents. 4: Freshman Debate, l,: Student Pastor, Anoka Congregational Church. CIIARLES JOHNSON Clonuct B.A. JOHN W. JOHNSON Kerkhoven B.A. MARGUERITE JOHNSON Minneapolis B.S. Sociology Phi Mu: Sigma Delta Gam- ma: Kappa Phi: Big Sister, 2, 3, 4 : Singers, Wesley Play- ers. SOPHIE V. JOHNSON Minneapolis B.S. Library Instruction Folwcll Library Club. CURTIS K. JONES Minneapolis B.A. Liberal Arts Beta Theta Pi. JOSEPH KADLEC Hutchinson B.S. JENNESS V. KEENE Kimball B.S. Library Folwcll Club. RUTH KEIRSTEAD St. Paul B.A. BARBARA KENNEDY Rochester B.A. CATHERINE KENNEDY Rochester B.S. Library Science Alpha Chi Omega: Folwell Club: Big Sister, 3. .IANET E. KING Coleraine B.S. Social Training Itasca Junior College: Y. W. C. A.: University Singers. HELEN M. KNAPP Mankato B.A. Political Science Women's Debate Squad, 2: International Relations Club. ADELAIDE LACY Minneapolis B.A. Music Alpha Delta Pi: Mu Phi Ep- silon: Big Sister, 2, 3: Mas- quersz University Symphony, 1, 2. .IEANETTE LATTA Minneapolis B.A. FREDA M. LAUDON Redwood Falls B.A. Psychology Alpha Gamma Delta: Min- erva Literary Society: Go- pher, I. 2: Daily, 1, 2: Ski- U-Mah. 2. LUELLA LEPINE Welcome B.A. CARL O. LINNEE Montevideo B.A. Journalism Acacia: Grey Friar: Brass Matrix: Daily, Business Stali, Z. 2, 3, 4, Business Manager, LEE LOEVINGER St. Paul B.A. Psycholozy Sigma Delta Chi: Phi Delta Gamma: Sigma Eta Gamma: Sigma Xi: Delta Sigma Rho: Iron Wedge: Gopher, 3: Ski- U-Mah. 2. 3. 4, Managing editor, 3, Editor, 4: Forensic Medal, 3: Silver Matrix, 3: Arts College Intermediary Board. chairman, 4: Pills- bury Oratorical Contest. 2nd, 4: Varsity debate team, 3, 4: Sophomore debate team, cap- tain, 2 : Freshman-Sophomore Oratorical contest, 1. 3. MYRTLE LOFROTH St. Paul B.A. EDWARD C. LONG Winona B.A. Slllma Phi Epsilon. RICHARD G. MABEY Thief River Falls B.A. Delta Theta Phi. JOHN J. MncALLlSTER Anoka BA- Economics DOROTHY MucMANlGAL St. Paul B-A- Economics Kappa Delta: Zeta Phi Eta: Iota Gamma: Business Wo- rnen's Club: Kappa Phi: Big El'lSlGl'i Masquers: Punchin- o. MARGARET MacNAUGHTON Minneapolis B.A. Chi Omega., DOROTHY MAHLE St. Paul B.A. MARION McCONNON Winona B.A. Kappa Kappa Gamma. LOUIS McDONOUGH St. Paul B.A. HOWARD MEAGHER Hopkins B.A. Beta Theta Pi: Iron Wedge: Silver Spur: All U Council: Y. M. C. A., President, 3, 4: Beta Gamma Sigma. CLIFFORD MENZ St. Paul B.A. Phi Kappa Sigma: Singers. ALLYN MILLER Minneapolis B.S. Chemistry Sigma Alpha Epsilon. FERN AUDREY MORRISON Minneapolis B.A. Romance Languages ghii Omega: MllHilU8l'H, 1, 2, ROSE ADA MOSS St. Paul B.S. Social Service BETTY MULVEHILL Minneapolis B.A. History Chi Omega: Mortar Board: Newman Club Board of Di- rectors: Mothers' Day Com- mittee, 3: Dad's Day Com- mittee, 4: Students: Student Loan Fund: W. S. G. A., president, 4: All U Council, 4: W. S. G. A. junior reh- resentative, 3: Pinafore. president. 2: Y. W. C. A... Cabinet, 4: Pan-Hellenic Council. MARJORIE MYERS Minneapolis B.S. Sociology AlDhf1.Phi: Delta Phi Lamb- da: Sigma Epsilon Sigma: Sigma Delta Gamma: Phi Beta Kappa: Minerva Liter- ary Society: W. A. A.: Aquatic League, Y. W. C. A., Large Cabinet :German Club : South East Federation of Cf1Ul'0hGHi Northrop Club: B12 Sister. 2: Twin Sister, 3. ELIZABETH LYNCH Minneapolis B.S. Library School Kappa Kappa Gamma. HELEN D. NELSON Spearlish. South Dakota B.A. Simpson College: Theta Up- silon: Ze-ta Phi Eta: Masqu- GFS. 3. 4. RUSSELL A. NELSON Minot. North Dakota B.A. Chemistry Phi Kappa Psi: Phi Lambda Upsilon: Interfraternity Council. RACHEL F. NICHOLS Eveleth B.A. RUTH MARIE NIELANDER Spring Valley B.S. Library Training Delta Zeta: Coranto. ROBERT J. NIESS Minneapolis B.A. French Theta Chi: Phoenix. JOHN M. H. OLMSTED Minneapolis B.A. Astronomy Beta Theta Pi: Scarab. KATHERINE H. 0'NElL Binghamton, New York B.S. Sociology Pi Beta Phi: Sigma' Delta Gamma, 4: Zeta Phi Eta. 4: Kappa Rho, I, 2, 3: Trailers' Club, 2, 3. 4: Aquatic Club, 1, 2, 3, 4: W. A. A. Vice- President, 2: Women's Var- sity Debabe. 2. 4. 84 DOROTHY PARRISH Duluth B.A. Music Wells College: Mu Phi Ep- silon. JOSEPHINE M. PEASE Minneapolis B.S. Sociology Delta Delta Delta: Sigma Delta Gamma : Mortar Board : Trailers' Club : Bib and Tuck- er: Tam O'Shanter: Pan- Hellenic Council: Y. W. C. A. : Inter-class council. 3: Freshman Week: All-Univer- sity Board of Social Activity, 3: Junior Ball: Big Sister, 2, 3, 4: Co-Chairman Freshman Week. 4. MARJORIE PERHAM Iron ILS. Library Science Eveleth Junior College: Phi Chi Delta. CLAUDIA G. PERKINS Rochester B.S. Library Science Thalian Literary Society: Kappa Phi : Folwell Club: W. A. A.: Organized Campus Camp Fire: Big Sister, 2. 3. LOWELL JOHN PETERSON Albert Lea B.A. Zoology Alpha Delta Phi: Phi Beta Kappa: Sigma Xi. EDWARD G. PICKETT Kansas City, Missouri B.A. Chemistry Chi Psi: Grey Friar: Sllver Spur: White Dragon: Senior Week Chairman: Junior Ball, 3 : Homecoming. 2 : Freshman Week, 2: Gopher Business, 2, 3: Senior President: All U Council, 2, 3: Football: Track. E. KENNETH POTTLE Minneapolis B.A., English Phi Sigma Kappa: Pershing Rifles: "M" Club: Homecom- ing, 2, 3, 4: Sophomore Frol- ic. 2: Publicity Chairman, Military Ball, 4: General Ar- rangements, Common Pee- pul's Ball, 4: All-U Smoker, general arrangements com- mittee, 4: Senior banquet, general arrangements chair- man, 4: Gopher, 2. 3. 4: AB- sociate Editor. 4: Daily. 1,: Ski-U-Mah. 2, associate edi- tor, 3: Editor. 1932 Home- coming magazine: Union Board of Governors, 4: Gym- nastics, 1, 2, 3, 4. KATHERINE PUTNAM St. Paul B.A. INA RAMSAY Minneapolis B,S, Library Pi Beta Phi: Mortar Board: Folwell Club: Y. W. C. A., Small Cabinet, 3. 4: W. S. G. A. Board, 4: Y. W. C. A.. Large Cabinet. 2: Bin' Sister, 2: Y. W. C. A. President, 4: Pinafore Treasurer, 2: All- University Council, 4: Rep- resentative Minnesotan Com- mittee, 3: Judiciary Commit- tee for Council Constitution, 4. MARION RASMUSSEN Minneapolis B.A. Romance Languages Alpha Omicron Pi: Lambda Alpha Psi: Theta Sigma Phi, President, 4 : Masquers: Tha- lian: W. A. A.: Daily. Edl- torial Writer, 3. GRACE E. REINHARD Duluth B.A. LUCILLE M. RHEDIN St. Paul B.S. Social Work Alpha Chi Omega: Sigma Delta Gamma: Big Sister: international Students Serv- ice. HELENE-ANDREE V. RHOMBERG Minneapolis B.A. French Sigma Kap pa: Le Cercle Francais: Newman Club: University Singers. HELEN F. RICHARDSON Minneapolis B.S. Library Training Alpha Omicron Pi: Folwell Club. HERMAN L. ROSENBLATT Minneapolis B.A. English Sigma Alpha Mu I Gopher, 2 I Daily. 1: Homecoming. 4. HERMAN L. RUBIN Philadelphia, Pennsylvania B.A. JAMES F. RYDER Hayward. Wisconsin B.A. St. Thomas College: Alpha Tau Omega : Pi Kappa Delta : Phi Delta Gamma: Debate, 2. ROBERT W. RYDER Minneapolis B.A. Economics Alpha Sigma Phi: Sigma D e l ta P si : Interfraternity Council, 3, 4: Daily sports staff, 2, 3: Hockey, 1. CHARLES SCHEIFLEY Brown's Valley B.A. Zoology Alpha Tau Omega: Iron Wedge :Phoenix : Sigma Delta Psi, President, 4: "M" Club: Y. M. C. A. Cabinet. 2: Foot- ball, 3. 4: Track, 1. 2, 3, 4, Captain, 4: Operator of Uni- versity Amateur Rndio Stn- tion. 2. HOWARD SCHIBEL Virginia B.A. Economics Virginia Junior College. H. ALBERTA SEIZ Red Wing B.S. Library Science Kappa Delta: Folwell Club: Big Sister. EDWIN T. SHEFFIELD " Minneapolis B.A. Astronomy Y. M. C. A. JOSEPH H. SOUKUP St. Paul B-A- History AUDREY K. STEVENSON Minneapolis B.A. French Carlton: Pi Beta Phi: Pan- Hellenic Banquet, 4: Twin Sister. 4 : Gopher Sales Team, 4: Ski-U-Mah, 3, 4, Sales Team. 4: University Singers, 3. 4: Homecoming Button Sales, 4. CAROL G. STOLTZ Glidden, Wisconsin B.A. Journalism Carroll College: Theta Sigma ghiql Newman Club, Daily, JANET STROBEL Duluth B.A. English Alpha: Gamma Delta: Big Sister. 2. 3. 4: Gopher Sales, 2 : Homecoming Button Sales, 2, 3. 4: Homecoming Queen Attendant, 4. ROSEMARY SWENSON Minneapolis B-A- Spanish Spanish Club. STANLEY N. SWENSON Northfield B.A. Economics Carleton College: Phi Kappa Sl2ma: Alpha Phi Chi: Sophomore Frolic Committee : Junior Ball Committee: Se- nior Prom Committee. CARL H. SWEET Minneapolis B.A. GERTRUDE TAMMINEN Virginia B.S. Library Science Virginia Jr. College: Folwell Club. MARVELLA TAYLOR Saginaw B.A. English-Italian University of California, Masquers: Cosmopolitan. VIRGINIA L. THOMAS Chicago, Illinois B.A. HARRIET THWING Timber Lake, South Dakota B.A. English Alpha Chi Omega: Pnyx: Thalian Literary Society: W. S. G. A. Representative. BETTY G. WELLS Minneapolis B.S. Delta Gamma: Big Sister, 2 s Pan H n ni 0 neil, zf : - e e c C u 3: Treasurer, 4. ARTHUR B. WHITNEY 2: General Arrangements Minneapolis committee, Freshman Hop: BA General Arrangements com- ' ' mittee, Sophomore Frolic: Gopher, Women's Sales Man- ager, 2. Organizations Edi- tor, 3: General Arrangements Committee, Senior Prom. JACK M. VILETT Minneapolis HENRY WIENER AB. St. Paul Psi Upsiloni Pnyx, 3, 4: B'A' Phoenix, 3. DONNA WALLA Minneapolis CE CHARLOTTE JUNE B.A. Liberal Arts WHITTEMORE D It G Y W C A Grand Rapids, Minn. eaamma:....: - W. S. G. A.: Freshman Week B'S' Social Training Carnival, Committee Chair- Itasca Junior College. man. 2: Big Sister, 2. 3: Homecoming Button Sales, 3. ELLEN WEARNE Duluth B.A. 'un 1. ,A , Yr' ,U ,L l' ' 4 f f A 1 V 4. . 2 . 41 ,A 4 ,--, . , V 'ff' , ', . ' ix - it Q' IJ ' was ' 'V' S Y ' ffffig, ' K'w.3fgi?l'-i5?l.'. 1 I . K I 2, A , , .YA V ' , ,- y 1 . A ' . ' . M, A' ,, f P x if 'V 1 I ' .., ' if k I T 1 6? gas W v ,, If f ev 4 'ix 'rxpf' - , ,, .,v: ,. - 'li Aig, Q, " V ff" X 'va ,. , V , X aw -4 I 1 ,. . ' " , - ug, fu - , j Q PM 4, X1 yn P 3w P vl I. xv 4 . X -Q I L s fi 1-IW, '4.c::..-,M . J H . 'Hi gk ' 4 1- xg W ' ll LJ . M A, , , 1-W -, lub, ffwfl t, K . ,lil QQ' ' ' ' 1 X pf 4 N 'Tw .4 I X A I V ' Swim ff 1 i W 1 V. -52-1" ig? A , 1 .Wally . Y ' 5,515 my 1 LA -I H' g .nn X M T, - T5 + 5f'i12.m4, aw' 5" ' ' . 'ff . .gig R f - .A - 1 " '-fa ' ' ': if, ' . , , i 1 ' S,, v 4 , A INEZ ALLARD Minneapolis B.Int.Arch. Architecture Alpha Alpha Gamma: Archi- tectural Society, 2, 3, 4. ROMAN F. ARNOLDY Savage B.M.E. Mechanical Engineering St. Thomaaz Phi Sigma Kap- pa: Tau Beta Pi: Pi Tau Sigma : Phi Sigma Phi : Tech- no-Log, 3: Hand, 2, 3, 4, Manager, 4: A. S. M. E. BENJAMIN M. AXILROD St. Paul B.E.E. Electrical Sigma Alpha Sigma: Tau Beta Pi: Eta Kappa Nu: A. I. E. E.: Techno-Log, 4. FRED BAUMANN Winona B.E.E. Electrical Phi Kappa Sigma: Tau Beta Pi: Eta Kappa Nu: Union Board of Governors: Track, 1. 2. STANLEY A. BERGSTROM Ashland, Wisconsin B.Areo.E. Aeronautical M. S. A. E.: S. A. E.: Senior Luncheon Club: Five Year Aeronauta Club. LEON J. BERMAN St. Paul B.Aero.E. Aeronautical Engineering Sigma. Alpha Sifrma: Pi Phi Chi: M. S. A. E.: Araba, 1, 2: Football, 1: Hockey, 1. KRESS J. BOHRER St. Paul B.E.E. Electrical Kappa Eta Kappa: A. I. E. E.: Green Tie. MILLARD BORGESON Minneapolis B.M.E. Mechanical A. S. M. E. CHARLES W. BRITZIUS Rochester B.S.C.E. Chemical Engineering Theta Tau: A. S. C. EJ Board of Publications, 4: Tennis, 2, 3, 4. l-IELMER E. BROCKHOFF Minneapolis B.A.E. Architecture Pi Kappa Alpha : Scarab 3 Tau Beta Pi: Tau Sigma Delta: Architectural Society: Lead Hammer, 4: Tech-Frolie, 4: Techno-Log, 4. ROBERT E. BRUNTLETT Minneapolis B.S.C.E. Civil Engineering Iowa. State College. WILLIAM C. BUDGE. JR. Bemidji B.A.E. Architecture Bemidji Tenchera College: Scarab: Architectural Soci- ety: Engineers Day. General Arramrementa Chairman, 3: Arabs. 2. HAROLD S. CARLSON St. Paul B.E.E. Electrical Engineering Phi Delta Theta: "M" Club: Hockey, 1, 2, 3, 4. Captain. 4. NORMAN E. CARLSON South St. Paul ILS., M.E. Mechanical Theta Xi, President: Pi Tau Sigma: Mortar and Ball, Lo- cal and National President, 4: Plumb Bob: A. S. M. E. President., 4: Oflicera' Club: Technical Commission: Lieu- tenant Colonel, R. 0. T. C. ROBERT L. CARLSON Staples B.E.E. Electrical Macalester: Eta Kappa Nu: A. I. E. E.: Chairman of In- dustrial Exhibits: Chairman oi' 1933 Electrical Party. DONALD H. CIIILDS Shakopee B.C.E. Civil Engineering Theta Xi: Phalanx: A.S.C.E. EARL H. CHRISTIANSEN Preston ILS. Civil Engineering Band. 1. 2. 3: A. S. C. E. WARREN L. COLLINS Minneapolis B.E.E. Electrical JOHN C. DAVIDSON Minneapolis B.M.E. Mechanical Sigma Phi Epsilon: De Mo- lay: Ordemoa: Y. M. C. A. Cabinet, 2: Committee ot' Management, 3. GEORGE De La HUNT Willmar B.E.E. Electrical Engineering Macalester: Kappa Eta Kap- pa: A. I. E. E.: Electrical Party, 2. DUANE DICKEY Hedrick, Iowa B.Arch.E. Architecture Architectural Society. 2, 3, 4: Arabs, 2, 3: University Sing'- era, 1. CLAYTON EBERT Bemidji B.M.E. Mechanical Engineering St. Thomas: Phi Sigma Kap- pa: Pi Tau Sigma: Phi Sig'- ma Phi: Alpha Tau Sigma: American Society of Mechani- cal Einxineera : Techno-Log 3. 4, Features Editor, 4: Band. 2. il, 4, Treasurer, 4. WILLIAM R. ECKIIOFF St. Paul B.Aero.E. Aeronautical M. S. Aero. E: Senior Lunch- eon Club. DONALD B. ELFES Minneapolis B.E. JOHN C. ENBLOM Minneapolis B.M.E. Mechanical Engineering Cadet Ollicc-rs' Club: Band, 1, 2, 3, 4: General Arrange- ments Committee, Military Bull, 3 :Cadet Major, C. A. C. PAUL L. ERICKSON Minneapolis B.E.E. Electrical Tau Beta Phi: Eta Kappa Nu: Plumb Bob: Pi Tau Pi Siprma: A. I. E. E.. Presi- dent, 4, Technical Commis- sion, Secretary and Treasur- er. 4: Enx!ineer'H Bookstore Board, 4: Eni:ineer'r-i Day, 2. ERWIN HAGEDORN Huron. South Dakota B.E. EDWARD HAMERSKI Minneapolis B.C.E. Civil Engineering FRANCIS HAMERSKI Winona B.E.E. Electrical Engineering JOHN E. HANCOCK Minneapolis B.E.E. Electrical Theta Xi: Eta Kappa' Nu: Tau Beta Pi: Plumb Bob: A. I. E. E.: Chairman Open House Committee, Engineer-'s Day, 3: Chairman Student Exhibits, Electrical Show, 47 Chairman Public Address System, Chemical Show, 3: Techno-Log, 3. SANFORD C. HANSCOM Minneapolis B.E.E. Electrical Phalanx: Cadet Otlicers' Club: Techno-Log, Editorial Stail, 3, 4: University Sing- 9l'H. 4 : Vagabond King, Babes ID Toyland. GSWALD HANSON Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin B.E. ROBERT HAXBY Minneapolis B.E. PHILIP R. HEDBACK Cumberland, Wisconsin B-M-FL Mechanical Plumb Bob : A. S. M. E. 1 En- gineers Day, 3: 'Peehno-Lopc, ARNE W. HEINO Cloquet B'M-E- Mechanical Chi Phi: A. S. M. E. ROBERT W. HELBIG B Mfglmstock, Wisconsin ' ' " Mechanical A- S. M. G. W. PETER HOLLIDAY St. Paul B.S. Electrical Phi Delta Theta: Singers, 3, ft: Hockey, 2, 4. JOHN C. HUBBARD Des Moines, Iowa B.S. Civil Theta Chi: Chi Epsilon: Plumb Bob: Techno-Log, Business stall, 2. ALLAN A. H UTCHINGS Minneapolis B.S. Mechanical Theta Tau: Seabbard and Blade: A. S. M. E. LESLIE IDE St. Paul B.E. MAURICE JACOBS Minneapolis B.E. EDWARD T. KIERSKI Minneapolis B.Areu.E. Aeronautical M. S. A. E.. 3. 4: Newman Club, l, 2. PIIILII' KING Minneapolis B.E. ROY L. KING Minneapolis B.M.E. Mechanical Tau Beta Pi: Pi Tau Sigma: A. S. M. E. MORRIS KNIGHT Minneapolis B.M.E. Mechanical Beta Theta Pi: Theta Tau: Pi Tau Sigma: Mortar and Ball: A. S. M. E. HENRY G. KUITU Cloquct B.Arch.E. Architecture PAUL C. LA LIBERTE Duluth B.E. AUSTIN H. LANGE La Crosse, Wisconsin B.Arcl1. Architecture Alpha Sigma Delta: Tau Sigma Delta: All-U Council: Plumb Bob. A. F. LARSEN Minneapolis B.E. .IEROME W. LA RSON Stillwater l3.Arch.E. Architecture Scarab: Architectural Soci- ety, 2, 3, 4. STANLEY V. LARSON Duluth B.E. WALTER M. LARSON Georgeville ll.E.E. Electrical JACK LENHART Minneapolis B.C.E. Civil lluron College: Chi Epsilon, gi, fi: Tau Beta Pi: A. S. C. il., 2, 3, 4. DONALD E. LESLIE Minneapolis B.M.E. Mechanical Tau Beta Pi: Pi Tan Sigma: A. S. M. E. WILLIAM C. LINCOLN Fergus Falls B.C. Civil Band, 1, 2. ARTHUR M. LOISHNER Dubuque, Iowa B.Arch.E. Architecture Lutheran Students' Associa- tion: Architectural Club. PARKER LOWELL Hastings B.E.E. Electrical Asbury: Phalanx, 2. 3: Pl Tau Pi Sigma: Iron Wedge, 4: Cadet Ollicers Club. 3. 4: A. I. E. E.. 4: Techno-Los: Board, 4: Broadcast Commit- tee Engineers Day, 3. CLARENCE E. LUND Minneapolis B.M.E. Mechanical Cadet Oflicers Club: A. S. M. E.: Engineers Book Store Board. KENNETH R. LUNDBERG Minneapolis B.Arch.E. Architecture Scarab: Tau Sigma Delta: Architectural Society : Arabs : Engineers Day, 1, 2, 3. JAY MANGAN St. Paul B.E. LADDY J. MARKUS St. Paul B.E.E. Electrical Tau Beta Pi: Eta Kappa Nu: Alpha Tau Sigma: Plumb Bob: A. I. E. E.: Committee Chairman, Tech Frollc : Tech- no-Log, News Editor. 2, As- sociate Editor, 3, Managing Editor, 4: Associate editor. gIThe Bridge" of Eta Kappa u. L. Y. MclNTOSH Fort William, Canada B.E. Architecture Sigma Phi Epsilon: Scarab: Architectural Society. ROBERT E. McKlBBlN Duluth B.C.E. Civil Duluth Junior College: Theta Delta Chl: A. S. C. E. WILLIAM McNULTY Minneapolis B.E. N. F. MENGELKOCH Minneapolis B.M.E. Mechanical Pi Tau Sigma: A. S. M. E.: Techno-Log Board, 4. EDWARD J. NEMEC Minneapolis B.E. ALBERT E. OLSON Emmons B.E.E. Electrical Tau Beta Pi : Eta Kappa Nu. RAYMOND A. PENNEY Minneapolis B.A.E. Architecture Scarab: Mortar and Ball : Ar- chitectural Society: Chair- man, Decorations. Engineei-'s Day: Chairman, Decorations, Military Ball, 3: Arabs. WILBUR L. I-'ETERSEN St. Paul B.E. HAROLD K. PRATT Minneapolis B.C.E. Civil IRVING A. PRATT Minneapolis B.E. GAYLE B. PRIESTER Minneapolis B.M.E. Mechanical Sigma Nu: Tau Beta Pi: Pi Tau Sigma: Phi Sigma Phi: Grey Friar: Plumb Bob: A. S. M. E.: Engineer's Day, 3: Interfraternity C o u n c i l: Homecoming, 3. 4: Senior Advisory Board, 4 : Freshman Week Committee, 3: Junior Ball Committee, 3: Techno- Log, 3: Arabs: Band, 1, 2. 3, 4: Senior Class President, 4: All-Senior vice-president, 4. MAX O. RAMSLAND Canada B.E. TIIOMAS ROGERS Minneapolis B.M.E. Mechanical Theta Xi: Alpha Tau Sigma: Phoenix: Iron Wedge: A. S. M. E.: Intcrfraternity Coun- cil. 3. 4: President of the Techno-Log Board, 3: Gener- al Arrangements Committee Senior Prom, 4: Techno-Log Business Manager, 4: Presi- dent of the, Junior Class in Engineering: Wrestling, 1, 2. HARVEY G. ROLLIN Duluth B.M.E. Mechanical A. S. M. E. DONALD C. ROLLINS Minneapolis B.E. WILBUR F. SCHORR St. Paul B.E.E. Electrical Pi THU Pi Siama. 3. 4 : Phal- anx, 3, 4 : Cadet Ollicers Club: Illumination:-1 Committee, Electrical Party, 4. R0 BE RT SEGA L Evcleth B.Aero.E. Acronau tics Eveleth Junior College: M. S. A. E., 3, 4, Treasurer, 4. IIAROLD A. SHAFFER Moose Lake B.E. V. ILLIAM G. SHEPHERD Minneapolis B.E.E. Electrical Kappa Eta Kappa: Eta Kap- pa Nu: Tau Beta Pi: A. I. E. E.: Electrical Show, Re- ception Chairman: A. I. E. E. Publicity Chairman. EDWIN J. SI-IIELDS Harvard, Illinois B.Arch. Eng. Architecture Architectural Society. M. WALTER SIME St. Paul B.S. Pi Kappa Alpha : Scarab : En- mneers Day. CHESTER F. SINES Minneapolis B.M.E. Mechanical A- S. M. E., 3, 4. C. HERBERT STARKEY Minneapolis B.E. J. E. STODDART Minneapolis B.E.E. Electrical KBDDB .Eta Kappa :Eta Kappa Nu: P1 Tau Pi Sig-ma: A. I. E. E. :Electrical Show Dance: General Arrangement. Mili- Vffy Ball: Lieutenant-Colonel Signal Corps. SAMUEL S. SUNDELL Minneapolis B.E. HAROLD J. SUNDSTROM Mora B.C.E. Civil Chi Epsilon, Secretary: Plumb Bob, Treasurer: Tech- nf-Log Board: A. S. C. E. C. HOWARD SWANSON Minneapolis B.Aero.E. Aeronautical Minnesota Society of Aero- nautical Engineers. 3, 4 : Unl- versity Flying Club. GLEN H. SWANSTROM St. Paul B.C.E. Civil Theta Xi: Mu Sigma: Dan- awnt Committee Chairman, Engineers Day. 3: Techno- Log Assistant Advertising Manager. HAROLD THOMTON Montevideo B.E. ARVID G. TURNQUIST Superior, Wisconsin B.E.E. Electrical Superior State Teachers Col- lege: Eta Kappa Nu: A. I. E. E.. Secretm'y-Treasurer, 4. FRANK J. VENTURA Minneapolis B.M.E. Mechanical Engineering A. S. M. E.. Vice-President. 4: All-Tech Bmquet Chair- man. 4. DOROTHY RUTH WILSON ' Minneapolis B.Arch.E. Architecture Eau Claire State Teachers College: Alpha Alpha Gam- ma: Architectural Society. y vi 4 v,iJ l .,X ,, ur 5 reign To ENGINEERS' BCDGKSTCDRE Kirchner, Erickson, Smith, Zcincl Humcrski, Starkey, Lund, Hope FACULTY MEMBERS W. H. Kirchner C. A. Mann 0. S. Zeiner STUDENT MEMBERS P. L. Erickson E..A. Hamcrski M. Hope C. E. Lund C. H. Starkey H. D. Smith 76 'gtk N., ..efY 1 V f I ' W, I uv. -'15 i'., ' ., 'YA Q 0- I , rf., , A-M1 . A in r, , fy, , . .k,, A 3 1 lwgm Lf L1 . 5 2 3 , M ,kt .,,, , N ' s x I . MN 1 :V 1 ,,, .fun , f M'WWh K-s NT' nLvx v I - ' . . 1 4 " , ,gr F, -.1 1. X J W .V--" , K -K - d 1 aw.: -. O. - Q mxrwaldr k,,. . - . 1. 1: l 4 , 4 g,,,..,.,v-"""' 1 ,r M . - has , 'i f- - fly 4 ' 5 A t. ' 'v'-I-' 1' W' L , ,- , mf- .QQ ' - , is 9 9 ivy- ar -H' t . I 4 ,,,1 my ei x -- - 'fagiz J , I ,,, 'T Xa - 5 I vs Qx "V -' . X - Ng V ., . , A H N s 1 X4 555' 4 x ,ff X 0 5 ... : - ' o AE ,' Q. ' jiujjf 1 CLAYTON M. BACH Minneapolis B.S. Chemistry MARIO ARTHUR BOLLINE Bessemer, Michigan B.Chem.E. Chemical Engineering Alpha Chi Sigma: Techno- Log Board. MAXINE BURMEISTER St. Paul B.S. Chemistry College of St. Benedict: In- terprofessional Council, 2, 3. 4, Secretary-Treasurer, 4. BERNARD DIMSDALE White River, South Dakota B.S. Chemistry Phi Epsilon Pi. WILLIAM K. DUNWOODY South St. Paul B.S. Chemistry Alpha Chi Sigma. ELMER A. FOSKETT Crookston B.Ch.E. Chemical Engineering Phi Sigma Phi: Band, 1, 2, 3: Singers, 1. EARL H. RUBLE Minneapolis B.S. Chemical Engineering Alpha Tau Sigma: Mortar and Ball: Phalanx: Lead Hammer Society: Cadet Oth- cers' Club: Flying' Club: A. I. Ch. E. : Homecoming, 2 : Mili- tary Ball Committee, 2, 3: Tech Frolic Committee: Chemical Show Committee: Engineer's Day Committee: Techno-Log Associate Editor, 4 : Polo Team : Harmon Foun- dation Scholarship. WALTER GUSTAFSON Sioux Falls, South Dakota B.Ch.E. Chemical Engineering Sioux Falls College: Tau Beta Pi. MYRON HALL St. Paul B.S. Chemistry WILLIAM HOLLEN Eau Claire, Wisconsin B.S. Chemistry MALCOLM C. HOPE St. Paul B.Ch.E. Chemical Alpha Chl Sigma: Plumb Bob: Grey Friar: Green Tie: Chairman, Ticket Sales, En- gineers' Brawl. 3: Student Convocation Chairman, 4: Techno-Log, Board, 3: Class President, 2: Ena'ineer's Bookstore Board, 4: All- Sophomore Treasurer, 2. SIGMUND J. JACOBS Minneapolis B.Ch.E. Chemistry Sigma Alpha Sigma: Tau Beta Pi: Phi Lambda Upsi- lon. ARCHIE B. JAPS Hopkins B.Ch.E. Chemical Engineering Alpha Chi Sigma: Tau Beta Pi, President, 3, 4: Phi Lambda Upsilon :Plumb Bob : Chairman, General Arrange- ments, Engineer's Day, 3. ANTHONY A. JUETTNER Minneapolis B.Ch.E. Chemical Tau Beta Pi. EDGAR LAURING Roseau B.S. Chemistry EUGENE LEET Blnckduek B.Ch.E. Chemical Engineering KYLE H. LEVAU St. Paul B.Ch. Chemistry Minnesota Commons Club? Techno-Log, 2: Arabs, 2, 3: Fortniyzhtly Cabinet, 1, 2, 3: Chemistry Show, 3. GORDON F. LINDNER Glencoe B.Chem.E. Chemistry Alpha Chi Sigma: Tau Beta Pi: Phi Lambda Upsilon. JOHN N. LINNEROOTH St. Paul B.Ch.E. Chemistry All-Senior Class Treasurer: Chemistry School, Vice-Presi- dent, 2, Treasurer, 3, Presi- dent. 4. BERT O. WOOD Long Beach, California B.Ch.E. Tau Beta Pi. fl! -...., , 1 , .R Q, A ' N X xv.. , " A ,O , v 0- 1 'figs k in xr' J A N JS f u . -, tgivfga., -v 'Nz ,:'!f'3"1b?35' , fy, s -, , , 4 V A A J 'Vs IA 'S SN A Q W- 1 , Ek li V r P M Vw..-wL,rg.gT,,1 A-,WEFZL W A u , I . A, af' -1 I 2' , 5 Q A f , , ,Af .ggi , JN , . .Wai QV., ,iw . ,1',.,I'.3.f wwf' s M V X vm ij, W 'U 1' if 11 ,AL 'f.'2',g..ff2.r.,- , - , . 135, u ' M " X M x f-rm-fxfifm gy ifbff ' ,MW ly ' 1 u 5, ' I ' 1, X, " '21 . 1 if-,.5i,3.H ? ' A S Q . , ': , - 'XMNM , W f v , , A P- . LVL-'C iraekgl 'A :im M 1--.Nsk 'wb " ' . 'fs 1 H. ' audi W 4 Q 41. ' , . , , f " ,ig 1- --43, . . N. , I wifi. n Q rf, -, 4 ,I " "J'fw- - 'V' I ,lim , Vlg gwxm in jxjggfl, nl' xvl-1 V, in .. .1 'ua 'fi V4 ' - . M '553'lf'Q Lf , I figgix .X ii . MNNKK4 M S H . "5 ' i : ' 5 lf I xxxf ' -L 3 .J '- lm QE 1- gr PQ -qf' I I Y , vs ' V x 5 19' Q - 'fm-Q . Q! m. . ERIC R. AHLSTRAND Long Prairie B.S. Dairy Manufacturing Alpha Gamma Rho: Dairy Science Club: Block and Bri- dle Club: Y. M. C. A., Presi- dent, 4: "M" Club: Wrest- ling, Co-Captain, 4: Junior Dairy Product Judgin::Team : General Livestock Judging Team. EDWARD W. AITON Cohasset B.S. Economics Itasca Junior Colle:-re: Alpha Gamma: Rho: Alpha Zeta: Block and Bridle Club: Agri- cultural Education Club. JOHN T. BARNES Minneapolis B.S. Agricultural Education: Pun- chinello: Y. M. C. A. Cabinet. ENOCK E. BJUGE Minneapolis B.S. Education Agricultural Education Club: Students Evangelical League. ERMA BOEHME St. Paul B.S. Home Economics LOUISE EMILIE BRONN St. Paul B.S. Home Economics Phi Upsilon Omicron: H. E. A.:Y. W. C. A.:W. S. G. A.: Chairman, Dad's Day TCH-Z Chairman, Student-Faculty Committee: Big Sister. 1. 2. 3: Punchinello: W. S. G. A., Farm Campus Council, PTGHI- dent: Farm Campus Sister Chairman. HELEN V. BROWNE Wayzata B.S. Home Economics Alpha Delta Theta: HOME Economics Association: Y. W. C. A. RUTH BRUSCKE Good Thunder B.S. Home Economics St. Olaf. HENRY E. BULL St. Paul B.S. Plant Pathology Beta Theta Pi: Wing and Bow: Farm Y. M. C. A., President, 2: Northrop Club: Punchinello, 3, 4. HARRY T. CALLINAN St. Paul B.S. Agriculture Forestry Club: Y. M. C. A. SOPHIE M. CHERN St. Paul B.S. Home Economics JOHN LEWIS CURRELL Clnrkflcld B.S. Education Alpha Gamma Rho: Agricul- ture Education Club, 4, Presi- dent, 4: Track, 1, 2, 3, 4: Cross-Country, 1, 2, 8, 4, Captain, 4. VIOLA DIESSNER Minneapolis B.S. Dietetics Phi Mu: Home Economics As- sociation, 3, 4: Y. W. C. A., 1, 2, 3: Big Sister, 2, 3, 4: Gopher Sales, 2, 3: Ski-U- Mah Sales, Z, 3: Punchinello, 1, 2, 3, 4. ERWIN R. DRAHEIM Olivia B.S. Agricultural Education Agricultural Education Club. Vice-President, 4: Block and Bridle: "M" Club: Baseball, 3: Wrestling, 2, 8, 4: Gen- eral Livestock Judging Team, 4. IRMA G. EKSTROM Braham B.S. Home Economies Alpha Delta Theta: Home Economic Association, Senior Representative on Council: Phi Upsilon Omicron: Y. W. C. A., Senior Commission, Chairman Junior Cabinet: Big Sister. JOHN L. ENGLESBY Minneapolis B,S, Forestry Forestry Club : Cadet Oflicers' Club: Finance Committee Military Ball. 3: Agricultural Union Board of Governors, 3, 4, Secretary, 3, 4: GODh0l' Peavey. EMMA SOPHIE ERICKSON Salem, South Dakota B.S. Dietetics Omicron Nu. MARIAN H. FAWCETT Minneapolis B.S. Home Economics Y. W. C. A., Commission, 1, 2. 3, 4: Home Economics As- sociation: Big Sister, 2, 3. LEO FENSKE Bemidji B.S. Agricultural Education Alpha Gamma! Rho: Phi Delta Kappa 7 Gamma Sigma Delta : Alpha Zeta: Block and Bri- dle: Agriculture Education Club, President: Football, 1, 2 : Baseball, 1, 2 : Caleb Dorr, Freshman and Sophomore Scholarships: Alpha Zeta Freshman Scholarship :Henry Webb Brewster Scholarship: Caleb Dorr Senior Medal. VIVIAN FOSTER Lake Crystal B.S. Education Gamma Omicron Beta. LAURA H. FROST St. Paul B.S. Home Economics Kappa Delta: Home Econom- ics Association : W. S. G. A. C Y. W. C. A. : Big: Sister :Twin Sister: Air. Student Council. JOHN R. FRY, JR. St. Paul B.S. Forestry Psi Upsilon: Tau Phi Delta: Xi Sigma Pi: Wino: and Bow: Silver Spur : Grey Friar : For- estry Club. Treasurer, 2 : Sen- ate Committee on Student Af- fairs, 3: Gopher Peavey Board, 1 : General Arramze- ments Committee Junior Ball. 3: Farm Campus Executive Committee. 1932 Homecom- ing: Gopher Peavey, Business Manager, 2: Sophomore Com- mission : Ag. Student Council, 2: Board of Publications, 3: lrresident, 4 : All-U Council, VVILLARD W. GREEN Minneapolis B.S. Animal Husbandry Pershing Rifles. EARL M. D. HANSING Albert Len B.S. Plant Pathology Farm House: Pi Phi Chi: Alpha Zeta: Plant Science Club. Secretary and Treas- urer. 3: Y. M. C. A.: Block and Bridle: Senior Advisory Board: Punchinello: Agricul- tural Studcnts Council: Na- tional Airrieultural Council. EARLE W. HANSON Graceville B:S. Plant Pathology Farm House: Alpha Zeta: Gamma Siuma Delta: Plant Industry Club, Secretary and Treasurer, 2: Wesley Foun- dation: Y. M. C. A. Cabinet. Secretary, 4 : Pre-Easter Med- itation Service, Chairman of General Arrangements, 3: Plant Industry Club Banquet, Chairman ot' General Ar- rangements. 3: Senior Class President. 4: Senior Commis- sion, Secretary, 4. GERTRUDE HAYES Fort Pierre, South Dakota B.S. Dietetics South Dakota' State College: Newman Club. THURMALEE I-IENDRICK Minneapolis B.S. Dietetics Zeta Phi Eta: Iota Gamma: H. E. A.: W. S. G. A.: Y. W. C. A.: Big Sister, 2, 3, 4: Punchinello. MAURICE HOGHAUG Detroit Lakes B.S. MELVIN HOLE Dalton B.S. Agronomy Farm House: Block and Bri- dle: Plant Science Club. HELEN E. HORTON Grand Rapids B.S. Home Economics Itasca Junior College: Y. W. C. AA.: Home Economics As- sociation: Twin Sister, 11. HOPE HOSMER Minneapolis B.S. ELIZABETH HUEY Duluth B.S. Home Economics Carleton College: Pi Beta Phi: Y. W. C. A.: Big' Sister, 41 Twin Sister, 3. GAIL HUSKINSON Minneapolis B-S- Dietetics University of Utah: Alpha Delta Theta: Home Econom- ics Association. VINCENT IVERSON Minneapolis B'S- Horticulture F3l'l'l'l House Fraternity: Phalanx: Runners' Club: Ca- det Ollicers' Club: Chairman Auditing Committee, Military Ilfflll-5 4: Cadet Major. R. 0. PEARL G. KENNING Minneapolis B-S- Home Economics Gamma Omicron Beta: Y. W. gf A-1 Big sister, 2, rx: 'rwih 1155515 3. 4: Gopher, I : Daily, ELIZABETH KOLL Minneapolis B.S. SULO OLIVER KOSKI International Falls B.S. Forestry Alpha Sigma Phi: Xi Sigma Pi: Wing: and Bow Club: Football, 2, 3. RUTH E. LINDSKOG St. Paul B.S. Dietetics Y. W. C. A.: W. S. G. A.: Home Economics Association : Big Sister. 3. LORENZ LINDSTROM Lakeland B.S. MARY LOUISE LOOMIS Minneapolis B.S. Home Economics Alpha Delta Pi: Home Eco- nomics Association: Big' Sis- ter, 2, 3: -Twin Sister, 4: Homecoming Committee, 3, 4 I Freshman Week Committee, 2, 3. JOSEPH MAYAN Winona B.S. ESTHER McBRIDE Maywood, Illinois B.S. Institution Management Carleton: Y. W. C. A.: H. E. A.: Big Sister, 3: Twin Sister, 4. GLEN McDOUGAL Lewiston B.S. Agr. Education Alpha Gamma Rho :l3l0Ck and Bridle: Apxricultural Educa- tion. ARTHUR MELGAARD Aberdeen, South Dakota B.S. Dairy Husbandry Farm House: Junior Dairy Science Club. FLORENCE MICHAELSON Hogeland, Montana B.S. Education Phi Chi Delta: H. E. A.: Y. W. C. A. HARRY C. MILEY St. Paul B.S. Pathology Tau Phi Delta: Pershing Ri- fles: Gabblers: Ollicers Club: Forestry Club. DONA LOUISE MILLER St. Patil B.S. Home Economies Education Alpha Delta Theta : H. E. A. : Y. W. C. A.: Bit-Z Sister: Punchinello. CATHERINE MORRIS Minneapolis B.S. Dietetics Gamma Omicron Beta: New- man Club: H. E. A.: Y. W. C. A.: Senior Commission: Rip: Sister. DOROTHY S. MORRIS Minneapolis B.S. Education Y. W. C. A.: H. E. A.: W. S. G. A. EMI I. MUNZ Switzerland B.S. DORIS MUSKE Swanvillc B.S. CARLTON B. NELSON Spring Grove B.S. Education Alpha Gamma Rho: Alpha Zeta: Block and Bridle: Arr- ricultural Education Club: Gopher 4H Club: Dairy Judy:- ing Team: Livestock Judging Team. KERMIT A. OLSON Minneapolis B.S. CLAIRE E. PESCHKEN Minneapolis B.S. AGR. FCP. 84 HCDME EC I Q., .3 A, ff Q n X i kj . ".. wx . . 'x,f': '-1 !.,... -,,, .Y,, HERMAN P. PESCHKEN Minneapolis B.S. Dairy Pennsylvania State Univer- sity: Alpha Gamma Rho: Ju- nior Dairy Science Club: Punchinello: Football, 1, 2. MILDRED L. PETERSON Mora B.S. Home Economics Alpha Delta Theta. MARY ALICE PICKLES Duluth B.S. Nutrition Duluth Junior College :Kappa Delta: Y. W. C. A.: W. S. G. A.: French Club: Big Sis- ter, 3, 4: Countryman. 3: Punchinello: Tennis, 3: Golf, 3: H. E. A. GEORGE W. PLANT St. Paul B.S. Forestry Forestry Club: Gopher Pea- vey, 4. AGNES C. QUAMME St. Paul B.S. CARL F. RADKE ' Breckenridge B.S. Animal Industry Block and Bridle: Agricultur- al Education Club: Dairy Science Club. BETTY ROGOSI-IESKI Sauk Rapids B.S. Dietetics Phi Omega Pi: Home Eco- nomics Association: Phi Up- silon Omicron: Omicron Nu: Sigma Epsilon Sigma: Wal- ther League: Agricultural Students' Council: W. S. G. A. Council, 3: Y. W. C. A. CARLENE ROSE Winona B.S. Home Economics Gamma Omicron Beta: Y. W. C. A. Cabinet. R UTI-I SAWYE R Neenah, Wisconsin B.S. Education, Home Economics Eta Sigma Upsilon: Phi Up- silon Omicron: Y. W. C. A. Cabinet, 2, 3, 4. HOWARD B. SMITH St. Cloud B.S. Forestry Theta Delta Chi: Wing and Bow: Forestry Club. 2, 3, 4, Secretary, 4: Agricultural Students Council, 4, Treas- urer. 4. ALICE M. STUART Chicago, Illinois B.S. Forestry JESSIE MARY WALL Minneapolis B.S. , Education, Home Economics FREDERICK F. WANGAARD Minneapolis B.S. Forestry Tau Phi Delta: Xi Sigma Pi: Forestry Club: Chairman, Agricultural Board of Publi- cations, 3: Gopher Peavey Board, 3 : Associate chairman. Homecoming, 4: Agricultural Students' Council. 2. 3, 4. Eresident, 4: All-U Council, C. I-IERMAN WELCH Barnum B.S. Dairy Gopher 4I-I: Block and Bridle: Punchinello. 1, 2. 3, 4: Fresh- man Commission, 1, Presi- dent: Farm Campus Y. M. C. A., Cabinet, 2, 3. JOI-IN J. WITT Lewiston B.S. Dairy Department Alpha Gamma Rho: Science Club: Gopher 4-H: Block and Bridle: Agricultural Union Board of Governors: Punchi- nello. VIOLETTE M. WOLD Mfahnomen B.S. Institution Management Concordia: Gamma Omicron Beta: Home Economics Asso- ciation: Y. W. C. A. LAW SG-ICDCDI. Professor Jzunes Paige l'ttot-'t-:ssott .lfttxttcs Pfutzt-1, former editor of the "Daily l,I'lllCCl0lllU.ll,,, has taught, low longer than amy mam on tlte present Low fzteulty. llc likes gardening, motttl- luin-climhing, ctttnpittg, and vueulioning on tlte hunks of tlte St. Croix. The sut- isfuction of seeing the mintls of young men grow strong as they cume to appre- tziute tlte vttlttultlc things in life is his kecnesl enjoyment, hc suys. llc believes that everything which does not contrib- ttte to tlte uim of culture untl seholztrsltip shottltl he climittnletl from the sltttlent's life. ' t iff-tftfztLix2f,fF?1ff'f'rff" " tt"' t w v , X e Q , ez t I t ' t , 4 'Q -v. Q my llcam Eveerelziz iFl'3lSl!l' iiR0'l"I'l'1Nl,, sttitl E. E. Fraser, Dean of tlte Law School, stttnmurizing tcttsely his tttlittnle on sttttlent politics. llowcvcr, he looks with favor on sltttlent movements :mtl hclieves that slnclents shottltl tttlao more interest in nutiotml attlatirs. Ile hc- lieves tlte University should put greater omplmsis ot1 fuottlty personnel. llis rnlo for -sttccess is at favorite quotation from llumlet: This first of ull: to thine own sell he trneg Antl it mttsl follow :ls tho night, the tluy, 'l'hott uzmst not then he false to :my mam. .-rw .' ., ' f Cenlvr: The l.uw School liln'zu'y. Lottuvr lvfl: A lI'lill case in progress. l,o1ovr right: l.uw Review. Members ltrtchng new cttsos in their ollicc. 83 EDWARD M. ANDERSON Fergus Falls L.L.B. Gamma Eta Gamma: Daily, Copy Desk. 1, 2. 3, 4: Law School Council, 3: All Uni- versity Council, 4: All Uni- versity Smoker, Publicity Chairman, 4: Student Judi- ciary Committee, 4. LINCOLN ARNOLD Benson L.L.B. Gamma Eta Gamma. GILBERT E. CARLSON St. Paul L.L.B. Gamma Eta Gamma: Silver Spur: Law Review. 5. 6: President of Mid-Law Class, 5. ROBERT S. CARNEY Minneapolis B.A.. L.L.B. Chi Psi: Phi Delta Phi: Sil- ver Spur: Grey Friar: White Dragon: Inter Fraternity Council, 3 : Gopher, 1 : Presi- dent, S. L. A. Senior. 2: Senior Treasurer, 2. EDWARD E. CLEARY St. Paul L.L.B. Gamma Eta Gamma : Football giumeral, 1 : Varsity Squad, DONALD R. CRABTREE Ellendale, North Dakota L.L.B. Lombard College: Sigma Nu: Phi Alpha Delta. DANIEL D'AMICO Spooner, Wisconsin B.A.: L.L.B. Sigma Phi Epsilon. LEON C. DAY Minneapolis L.L.B. Law Lambda Chi Alpha: Phi Al- pha Delta. EVERETT A. DRAKE Minneapolis ILA.: L.L.B. Phi Delta Theta: Phi Delta Phi: Hockey, Student Mana- ger, 2. JAMES S. ERIKSSON Fergus Falls B.A.: L.L.B. Phi Delta Theta: Phi Delta Phi: Law Review, 5, 6, As- sociate Editor. 6. ARTHUR GEER Excelsior L.L.B. BERNHARD GRANGAARD Minneapolis L.L.B. Phi Delta Theta: Phi Alpha Delta: Phalanx: Oflieers' Club: Runners' Club. HENRY J. GREENE Minneapolis L.L.B.. B.A. Sitrmn. Chi: Phi Delta Phi. PAUL R. HAMERSTON Proctor B.A., L.L.B. KENNETH R. JOHNSON Minneapolis L.L.B. Lambda Chi Alpha: Phi Al. pha Delta. L. FALLON KELLY Minneapolis L.L.B. Tau Karma Epsilon: Phi Al. pha Delta: Grey Friar: Saab- bard and Blade: Newman Club: Law School Council, 1, 2: All Senior President, 4: All-University Council, 4: Law Review, 2, 3. ERNEST L. KNUTI Aurora L.L.B. PAUL R. LAMM Mankato L.L.B. HENRY N. LEVEROOS Superior, Wisconsin L.L.B. Superior Teachers College: Delta Tau Delta: Phi Alpha Delta. BESSIE LEVINE Minneapolis L.L.B. WALDO MARQUART Minneapolis B.A. , L. L.B. Phi Gamma Delta: Phi Delta Phi: Silver Spur: Grey Friar: Senate Committee on Inter- collegiate Athletics: Home- coming, 2: Union Board of Governors: Cheerleader: In- terfraternity Council, 2: Law Review: Garrick Club. LLEWELLYN METCALF Fergus Falls L.L.B. PETER MOSCATELLI Eveleth B.A,, L.L.B. Hockey, 1 . PHILIP NEVILLE Minneapolis B.A., L.L.B. Sigma Alpha Epsilon: Phi Delta Phi: National Colle- 1-riate Players: Garrick Club: Freshman Week. General Chairman: Homecoming, 2, 3: Gopher Circulation Mana- ger. 2: Law Review, 5. Note Editor, 6: Masquers, 1, 2, 3: President of Freshman Law Class, 4 : Union Boa'rd of Gov- ernors, 2, 3. IRA C. PETERSON. JR. Mound L.L.B. Gamma Eta Gamma: Grey Friar: Scabbard and Blade: Varsity Debate. 2, 3, 4: In- terprofesslonal Council: Board of Publications, Treas- urer. EUGENE B. ROGERS Minneapolis B.A., L.L.B. Phi Delta Theta: Phi Delta Phi : Grey Friar: Silver Spur : General Arrangements Chair- man, Junior Ball, 3: Chair- man Mothers Day, 1 : Gopher, Business Manager, 3. J. MAURICE SOGARD Minneapolis L.L.B. Alpha Tau Omega: Spanish Club: Law School Council. ALBERT F. THEN Minneapolis L.L.B. ANDY J. TOTH Eveleth L.L.B. Eveleth Junior College: Hockey, 2, 3. THOMAS R. WALENTA Anoka L.L.B. LAW l l .' xt, DENTISTRY ' 'A " Mm ""AN""' 'us "4 TT Miss .lone ,llean 1Villi:un M. Jackson F. Laslly gfxigvffit - A NVOMI-IN 1':N1xo1.1.1-:xx in the Dental Hygiene "Ki-:x-11' voxm 1-:via 011 xlxc hull," advises l course look to Miss loxxc lVl.,I:1c:ksuxx for 1301111 William l". lxushy of thc College liiiflf' r :xclvicc :xhtml their work. Miss ,lmzksuxx of llcnlistry. "tfuxxccxxlrutinxx on umfs A 6 3 gxwxrluzxtcxl fruxxx tht: lhxivcrsily of Min- nlxiC0liVC if-1 lhc first lxxw fur sxtxvucssf' Z 1 ,K Ly xxcsutu ixx l923 :xml is mmw ixx hcx' fifth Ami lieaxxx Laxshy cxcxxxplilics his own Q '-'- ' .' your :xs itxstrmrlor :xml twoxxxxxxilm' for mixxciplcs: hc is pmsitlxrxxl nfll1cAll10t'i- ""-'IA --:ti v Q lluxxtaxl llygicxxisls. She Ixus pxwxtvliuctl 1-:ux Assmziaxlioxx ol' Dental Stxlxxmls, :xml - , , l l Y x l 1 o t l I 1 3 ax 1 .W , xlcntzxl hygicm: :ls :xssisluxxt in :x tlx:xxtisl's nilicc lllltl hzxs also scrvcxl :xs tlmxlul hygienist in thc puhlix: sclxxmls. For roc- rczxtiuxx, Miss .lmwksuxx likes to truvcl ur ritlc ll0l'SClltlt3li. She plays :1 little golf was xmroxxlly :xppnixxtctl l.I. Cnlnxxvl, ll. 0. R. C. licsitlus his profcssiuxx. pho- tog1':1pl1y:xml golf:xx'c the llcaxxfslxolxliics. llc lx:-licvcs tlx:xt "thc pruscxxt lilmx is :x most ixxlvrcstixxg um: in which tu he xx mxw :xml then, loo. stmlont :xml pluxx fm' :x xr:x1'ccx'." 'M 1, . V 3 . I 1 P :Ss t 1 Q r : 44 v ...N W Q X . V -. av XX NSN. ... If:r11Icl'lufl: Making ixxluys in the xlcxxtul l:1lmx'axtxxry. Canter riglxl: Mnxnxxxx. Lmxk ul. that vaxvilyl L0'U1'f IFN? NNW, HOW-f this woxx'l hurt . . . mxxclx! Lower right: Senior xlcntul slmlcxxts getting prac- tical experience in thc inlirxxuxry. 87 11" KEITH G. ALLEN Kenmore, North Dakota D.D.S. North Dakota State College: Theta. Chi: Delta Sigma Del- ta: Trowel: Seabbard and Blade: Military Ball Commit- tee, 3. LOIS J. ANNIS Minneapolis D.H. Dental Hygiene ROLLAND C. BECK Minneapolis D.D.S. WILLIAM BLOOM Canada D.D.S. FABIAN T. BOFENKAMI' Ellsworth D.D.S. WALTER IJORGENDALE Minneapolis D.D.S. HORACE A. BRAYSHAW Faribault D.D.S. NOLA CIIEELEY St. Paul D.H. Dental Hygiene Delta. Delta Delta: Big Sister, 1: Twin Sister, 2. EDSON M. CURRY Mound D.D.S. JOYCE DAHLEEN Minneapolis D.H. Dental Hygiene Alpha Kappa Gamma: W. S. G. A.: Big Sister, 3. 4. DOUGLAS GANFIELD St. Paul D.D.S. Delta Sigma Delta. .IOSEPHINE GEORGE Ironwood, Michigan G.D.H. Dental Hygiene Alpha Kappa Gamma. RUTH PUTNAM GOODHUE St. Paul G.D.H. Dentistry Kappa Delta: Big Sister: Y. W. C. A.: W. S. G. A. MARION GORDON St. Paul G.D.H. BERNICE GRAIS Minneapolis G.D.H. Dental Hygiene BETTY HANSON St. Paul G.D.H. JANE HASSLEN St. Paul G.D.H. Dental Hygiene Alpha Kappa Gamma: Y. W. C. A.: W. S. G. A.: Bit: Sia- ter. WALDEMEII. HERINGER Venturia, North Dakota D.D.S. EDITH HOINES Minneapolis G.D.H. Dental Hygiene Alpha Kappa Gamma. REUBEN HOLM St. Paul D.D.S. DOROTHY ELIZABETH HUNTINGTON St. Paul G.D.H. Dental Hygiene M. LOUISE HUNTINGTON St. Paul G.D.H. Dental Hygiene WILLIAM JAMES Minneapolis D.D.S. KATHRYN M. JOHNSTON Spokane. Washington G.D.H. Dental Hygiene University of Idaho : Alpha Chi Omega 1 A l p h a Kappa Gamma. JANET M. JOHNSON Minneapolis G.D.H. Dental Hygiene Alpha Gamma Delta. HAROLD JUDKINS St. Paul D.D.S. WALTER KANNE Waterville D.D.S. SOL KANUN St. Paul D.D.S. RAYMOND KASPE R Silver Lake D.D.S. WALTER KRAWCZYK Minneapolis D.D.S. CONRAD T. KVAM Cokoto D.D.S. gm Phi: Phalanx: Military cull. General Arramrementx-1 Ommittee, 4, MAX D. LANGER Minneapolis D.D.S. ERNEST W. LODMELL Minneapolis D.D.S. MARIAN T. LOFT Minneapolis G.D.H. Dental Hygiene JOHN H. LUNDAY TOWN. North Dakota D.D.S. .IOHN M. LYONE St. Paul D.D.S. THOMAS MncDONALD Minneapolis D.D.S. EMMET MANSON Worthington D.D.S. J. GERALD McNALLY Lisbon, North Dakota D.D.S. Delta Sigma Delta. ELSTON MIKULECKY Hutchinson D.D.S. SIDNEY MILAVETZ Virginia D.D.S. EILEEN MUNGER Minneapolis G.D.H. Dental Hygiene M. ELIZABETH NETHERLY Cook G.D.H. Dental Hygiene Alpha Kappa Gamma: Wes- ley Players: Kappa Phi f Uni- versity Singers: Scc1'e-Lary- treasurer, Senior Clans of Dental Hygiene, 4 : Robin Hood 1 Vafxaboml King : Babes in Toyland. CLEMENT NICKOLAY Slmkopec D.D.S. DONALD M. O'HARA Janesville D.D.S. GEORGE F. PETERSON Minneapolis D.D.S. JOE M. PIKE Minneapolis D.D.S. Theta Delta Chi. SOLOMON D. POSNER Canada D.D.S. LOWELL L. RIEKE New Ulm D.D.S. l"x-ii Omega: Grey Friar: Scablmarrl and Blade: Junior llull Committee, 3. RUSSEL E. RISBRUDT St. Paul D.D.S. HELEN R. ROBINSON Minneapolis G.D.H. Dental Hygiene M. HELEN ROBINSON Garrison, North Dakota G.D.H. Dental Hygiene MORRIS ROSENBERG New York City D,D,S, Dentistry HARRY M. SCHOENING Appleton D.D.S. Delta Upsilon: Varsity Bas- ketball, Captain, 4: Iron Wedge. DENTISTRY X ..- .X . -- . fx - -f -X ii 3 HAROLD R. SMITH St. Paul D.D.S. ORLANDO C. STABBERT Fcssendcn, North Dakota D.D.S. University of North Dakota' Delta Sigma Delta: Scnbburd nnd Blade. EDWARD F. STSZEMP Minneapolis D.D.S. VERNER H. VELIN Bessemer, Michigan D.D.S. University of Michigan 5 Dcltn Sigma Delta. LUCI LE VYE Wheaton G.D.lI. Dental Hygiene Cnrleiuon College. MILO G. WALLIN Gaylord D.D.S. MAURICE HOGHAUGH Detroit Lakes D.D.S. SCI-IQQI QF NURSING 'U 1-'F AW N.- 1 I .4 ,x llirector Katlulrine J. Ilensforcl Miss KA'I'llARINIi J. Dt-:Nst-env, Director of the School ol' Nursing, is a golf eu- thusiast. and likes hiking and thc theatre. She dislikes conceit. anywl1c1'c. She en- joys reading student publications, and synlpalhizes with the -spirit, of student movements. lu her own department, she would like to see limitations on the numhcr of students admitted, a faculty with time to teach, and a proper labora- tory in which to tcaeh. She likes all phases of teaching except. assigning stu- dents Hmorc work than is humanly pos- sible," and likes to lhink of her students as mcmhcrs of her "family," "M Upper left and lower right: Practical instruction in lulndaging. Lower left: Medical technicians on duty for the operating room. Upper right: Kitchen practice: foods must be carefully prepared for each patient. 91 T ESTHER ANDERSON Duluth R.N. Nursing EVELYN BRADY Medford R.N. FLORENCE CADIEUX Redlake Falls R.N. Nursing LONETTA CHEELEY Crystal Buy R.N. Nursing RACHEL EKRE Minneapolis R.N. Nursing FLORENCE LYONS Minneapolis R.N. Nursing JANE MAERTZ New Prague R.N. CAROLYN OLSON St. Paul R.N. DELITE H. PETERMAN Foley R.N. Nursing LINA E. PULKINEN Deer River R.N. DORA E. SORENSON Elk Point, South Dakotu R.N. University of South Dakota. THORA WISLAND Canada R.N. V ' , w 4 A '- v , " xg 5 , xL.a5,1 3 I M -A N w 1 an W' fy . x 3 . MN Q1 iw I Q Q35 M1 5 f' 3 x gm- H5 "' " 41 1 , vii A P iv ' 1 . L rv, rl . -04-in M E N STEPHEN E. ERICKSON Minneapolis E.M. Metallurgy Tau Beta Pl : School of Mines Society. WILLIAM L. FAWCETT Minneapolis E.M. Mctallography School of Mines Society : Uni- versity DeMolay Club. ALFRED H. FLECKENSTEIN Faribault E.M. Metallurgy School of Mines Society. EDWIN I-l. KELM Sleepy Eye E.M. Sigma Phi Epsilon: School of Mines Society: Band, 1. 2, 3, 4. CEDRIC H. RIEMAN Versus M.E. Metallurgy Lambda Chi Alpha. HARLEY R. SCHNEIDER New Ulm E.M. Sigma Chi. 9 . ,ff I X H l dad ,.,--0' 1 Sffifflf ,1. . , ,Mi-1. A, c.'f,,!bQ4.a.' 77 1 wx, aol 1-3L9"'fV 551' JV ff --.lx .,f f7,"i','- :Lf f IQVKJX V- , ,A , 1, ml! 1 v Y . 1 , K,-1. . +21 - 'Q flu, ,vm ,:" xx? gf if I 21. ,n f' Q K by I 4' f V W. 3 yi Y if . kk 4 ' il x. X, N l '7 .1 Q W 5 - M ,fp qi, r,4 , -.W fz. 'SL if . I- X ' 4 mr 4 45' sf 1 ' -fx an I. 1 ' N Mtn' .v b ,un ge! ffl. si E Rx Hx 1? fflli . As.: --mf V 1 ,M : by -Q X, Y v ,visa by X A f A, . 1 was . 4. x ij X 1 7 Ja AVQW, HELEN ALMARS Minneapolis B.S. Art Pi Beta Phi: Delta Phi Delta.: Eta: Sigma Upsilon : Trailers: Aquatic League: S. 0. S.: Big Sister, 2, 3, 4: Ski-U- Mah, Editorial Staff, 3: Y. W. C. A., Large Cabinet, 2. AUDREY AMSDALE Minneapolis B.S. Art GLADYS ANDERSON Duluth B.S. Child Welfare Beta Phi Alpha: Phl Chi Delta: Y. W. C. A., 1, 2, 3: Big Sister, 2, 3, 4. VIRGINIA MAE ARGRETT Jacksonville, Florida B,S, History Alpha Kappa Alpha. ALICE M. ARSCOTT Grand Rapids B.S. Education Alpha Omicron Pi. MONICA BACKUS Alexandria B.S. Zoology Y. W. C. A.. 2. 3: Newman Club, 4: University Singers, 2, 3, 4. MARGUERITE H. BAIRD Minneapolis B.S. Botany-Zoology Students' Linnaean Club, 3, 4:Y. W. C. A., 2, 8, 4. ELIZABETH BAKKE Detroit Lakes B.S. Physical Education Alpha Omicron Pi: Trailers Club: Physical Education As- sociation, 1. 2, 3, 4: Hunt Club, 4: Big Sister, 4: Uni- versity Singers, 2. 3, 4: Aquatic League, 3, 4: Inter- house Athletic Council, 2, 3, 4: Secretary. 4: Y. W. C. A., 1, 2, 3, 4: Student-Industrial gorgaraiittee. 2: W. A. A., 1, RUTH EVELYN BALDWIN McGregor B.S. Music Macalester College, 1, 2: KHDDU. Phi, 4: Sigma Alpha. Iota. 2. 3. 4: W. A. A.. 2. 3. 4 : University Singers, 3, 4. MARIAN BARTI-IOLOMEW Minneapolis B.S. Physical Education Beta Phi Alpha: Trailers Club: Aquatic League: W. A. A.: Physical Education Association: Interhouse Ath- letic Council. KATHARINE BAUMANN Winona B.S. History Delta Gamma: Skin and Bones. LULIE A. BECKER St. Paul B.S. Physical Education W. A. A., 1. 2, 3, 4: Aquatic League, 1. 2. 3, 4: Orchesis, Sec.-Treas., 3, 4 : Masque and Foil, Sec.-Treas., 3, 4: Physi- cal Education Association, 1, 2, 3, 4: Mentor. 4: Women's Debate Team, 2: "M" winner. DOROTHY BERGMAN Minneapolis B.S. English Big Sister. ' MARGARET I. BEYER Fairmont B.S. Music Education Carleton, 1, 2: Beta Phi Al- pha: Big Sister, 4: University Singers, 3. EVELYN S. BJORKLUND Minneapolis B.S. History ROBERT BOEHME Minneapolis B.S. German, English Der Deutsche Ver-ein: Y. M. C. A. 1 Cabinet. Chairman In- ternational Relations Com- mittee. LUCILLE M. BOGAN Duluth B.S. Physical Education Orchesis: W. A. A.: Y. W. C. A.: Big Sister, 2. RUTH W. BRACE Ft. Snelling B.S. Zoology Alpha Omicron Pi: Eta Sig- ma Upsilon: Big Sister, 4: Mentor Circulation Manager, 4: University Singers, 1, 2. ALICE BROOKER Fairmont B.S. History RHEA BULLARD Duluth B.S. English College ot' St. Scholastica. GLEE BURROWS Breckenridge B.S. English Moorhead State Teachers Col- lege: Beta Phi Alpha: Big Sister, 4: Gopher, 3: Univer- sity Singers, 3. LOIS Q. CAMAISH Kccwatin B.S. Commercial Hibbing Junior College: Busi- ness Woman's Club: W. A. A., 1, 2. ALICE E. CAMPBELL Minneapolis B.S. English Big Sister. RUTH S. CASHMAN St. Cloud B.S. Delta Delta Delta. SARAH CINA Aurora B.S. Education Gamma Omicron Beta: Y. W. C. A.: Newman Club: H. E. A. MARION CLARE St. Paul B.S., G.N. Public Health MARY JANE COLEMAN Minneapolis B.S. Child Welfare Alpha Phi: Aquatic League. PATRICIA COLLINS Minneapolis B.S. Physical Education Sigma. Kappa: W. A. A. Board: Penny Carnival Com- mittee. HELEN M. COMPTON Sansord, Florida B.S. English HELEN L. COOK Minneapolis B.S. English Chi Omexza: Minerva Liter- ary Society: Y. W. C. A., Freshman Discussion Group, Large- Cabinet, 2, 3: Big Sis- ter, Captain, 4: Mentor, Managing.: Editor. 4: Pan- Hellenie Council, 3: Home- coming: Committee. LORRAINE COSTELLO Sioux Falls, South Dakota B.S. Social Studies St. Mary-of-the-Woods Col- lette: College of St. Cather- ine: Alpha Chi Omega: Busi- ness Women's Club: Thalian gaterary Society: Big Sister, ALDYTHE CRAIN Minneapolis B.S. ' Education Y. W. C. A. LORRAINE CROUCH Minneapolis B.S. Home Economics Alpha Omicron Pi: Phi Up- sxlon Omicron, President, 4: Eta Sigma Upsilon: Omicron Nu: Mortar Board, Vice- Prelsident: Big Sister, 2, 3: Twin Sister, 4: Y. W. C. A. Cabinet, 3, 4: H. E. A. RUTH M. CUMMING Minneapolis B'S- French Phi Chi Delta: Vice'-Presb dent, 4, HARRY DAHLNER Hibbing B'S- Music Hibbins Junior Coll gre: Ph' Mu Alrlha: Delta PsfOmegai Band. 3. 4: University Sym- Uh0Hy: Singers, 3, 4. RUTH E. DANEK Silver Lake B.S. Speech Zeta Alpha Psi: Wesley Play- EPB : Masquers, 3, 4. ALFREDA DANIELSON Spearllsh, South Dakota B.S., G.N. Public Health Alpha Tau Delta. ROSE N ORMA-J EAN DANILOVITZ Minneapolis B.S. Child Welfare Y. W. C. A.: International Relations: Menorah: Pro- Holutz. BETTY DARLING Crosby B.S. Physical Education Alpha Chi Omega: Aquatic League: Orchesis, President, 4: Hunt Club: Physical Edu- cation Association: W. A. A. House Council: W. A. A.: W. A. A. Board, Treasurer: into-r-Class Council: Big Sis- ter, 2. 3. 4: University Sim:- ers. 2, 3. 4: Winner: Interhouse Athletic Council, President, 3. DOROTHY DAY Clinton Falls B.S. Education MARJORIE DELMORE Roseau B.S. Nursinpz Alpha Tau Delta: Newman Club. DOROTHY J. DIXON Rock Valley, Iowa B.S. Mathematics Rosary Collette: Gamma Phi Beta: Pi Lambda Theta: Spanish Club: House Board: Biyr Sister. HELEN DRAKE Minneapolis B.S. MILDRED DREWS Ashley, North Dakota B.S. Music University Singers. RUTH W. ELIASON Detroit Lakes B.S. VIVIAN J. ELSENPETER Maple Lake B.S. Home Economics Phi Mu: Newman Club: Home Economies Association : Big Sister, 4: Gopher Sales, 4 : Homecoming: Button Sales, 4:Y. W. C. A.:W. S. G. A. ARDIS E. ELSON Gilbert B.S. Virginia Junior Colleyrc: Delta Delta Delta: Y. W. C. A, Social Committee, 3: Big Sister, 4: Mentor, 3. SADIE ERICSON Hatton, North Dakota B.S. Nursing Kappa Delta: Alpha Tau Delta: Junior Ball Commit- tee. 3: Big Sister, 2, 3, 4: Daly, 4: Y. W. C. A.: W. S. G. . MARGARET ERNST St. Paul B.S. English St. Paul Luther College. DOROTHY FALK Minneapolis B.S. Physical Education Zeta Phi Eta: Orchesis: Trailer: W. A. A.: Field Hockey : Track. DORIS M. FELT Willmar B.S. Child Welfare Twin Sister. 3: University Simrers, 2, 3, 4. MARY LOUISE FIELD Minneapolis B.S. Child Welfare Alpha Phi: Hunt Club. JESSIE FINDLAY Duluth B.S. Music MARION FINNEY Minneapolis B.S. Library Science Eta Sipima Upsilon : Y. W. C. A., 2, 3, 4: Folwell Club. EDUCATICDN VIL 6- C 6' '-.X X ,f"'r xr. ix, I 1. . . W 'E n 'V' . T5 57' ii lil 75: lf' F: 4 'W gli rf if qi it i, 'V lg i. J iq vi ANNA FLECK Minneapolis B.S. GERALDINE FOLEY St. Paul B.S. English Alpha Delta Pi: Newman Club: Big Sister, 8, 4: Men- tor, 4: University Singers. 2, 3, 4. MARGARET G. FOX Minneapolis B.S. Physical Education W. A. A.: Y. W. C. A.: Biz Sister. 2. MILDRED FRIDLUND Minneapolis B.S. History KATHERINE FROGNER Great Falls, Montana B.S. English Carleton : University of Mon- tana: Alpha Phi: Thalian Literary Society. ESTHER 0. FUTTER Duluth B.S. MARGARET GADACZ St. Paul B.S. Physical Education Life Saving Corp. FLORENCE GATES Gilbert B.S. Natural Science Virginia Junior College: Phi Epsilon Phi: Masquers. VERA M. GILLHAM Minneapolis B.S. Professional Education of Teachers Mankato State Teachers' Col- lege. JENNIE GLOBOKAR Biwablk B.A. Elementary Supervision CECILE F. GOLDSTEIN Minneapolis B.S. EDWARD GONSOLIN Minneapolis B.S. MARY ELLEN GOSCH Randall B.S. Junior High School E. LOUISE GRANT Princeton B.S. Nursing Alpha Tau Delta: Kappa Phi. ALICE GRAY Esterville, Iowa B.S. Delta Delta Delta. MARJORIE E. GRAY Minneapolis B.S. Gamma. Phi Beta: Delta Phi Delta, 2, 3, 4. Vice President, 4: Big Sister: Gopher-Art Staff. 3, Art Editor, 4: Ski- U-Ma'h Art Staff, 2, 3: Quar- terly Art Staff, 2, 3: Mas- quers. 1. 2: Minnesota Sing- ers, 1, 2. MURRELL GREEN 3 Minneapolis B.S. Zoology Zeta Tau Alpha: Y. W. C. A., Large Cabinet. 2, 3: W. A. A.: W. S. G. A.: Big Sister, 1, 2. Captain, 3. ISOBEL GREGORY Minneapolis B.S. Child Welfare Kappa Kappa Gamma : Kappa Rho: Zeta Phi Eta: Big Sis- ter: Senior Advisory Board: Interprofessional Board: Homecoming Committee, Chairman, 2: Pan-Hellenic Delegate. LOUISE GRIVELLI Young America B.S. History MATHILDE GUBERUD Spring Grove B.S. Commercial Education Lutheran Students' Associa- tion : Business Women's Club. ELIZABETH B. GUTHRIE Minneapolis B.S. Art Delta Phi Delta, 2, 3, 4. Pres- ident, 4: Minerva Literary Society, 2, 3, 4: Art Educa- tion Association: Board of Publication, Secretary and Treasurer, 4: Inter-Profes- sional Woman's Board, Art Education Representative, 4: ,Big Ssister: Art Editor, Men- or, . DOROTHY J. HANSEN Faribault B.S. Child Welfare Y. W. C. A. EDNA M. HANSEN Withee, Wisconsin B.S. History Zeta Phi Eta: Phi Chi Delta: All-U-Debate, 3, 4. EDWINA HARE Minneapolis B.S. VIRGINIA HARE Minneapolis B.S. RUTH E. HARLING Marble B.S. Itasca Junior College. I WALTER L. HASS Minneapolis B.S. Physical Education Delta Tau Delta: Phoenix: Iron Wedge: Newman Club: Football, 2, 3. 4. Captain. 4: Track, 2, 3, 4. RUTH CAMILLA HAYCOCK Minneapolis B.S. Natural Science Sigma Epsilon Sigma: Pi Lambda Theta: League of Evangelical Students. ETHELLYN HENDRY Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin B.S. Science Eau Claire Teachers' College: Linnaean Club. EDWARD HILL Chisholm B.S. MARLYS HILMER Spring Valley B.S. JOHN HOFFMANN St. Paul B.S. Phi Gamma Delta. AUDREY E. HOILUND Duluth B.S. Duluth Junior College: Pi Lambda Theta. ELIZABETH HAVERSTOCK Minneapolis B.S. Alpha Phi. MILDRED M. HOLT North Branch Graduate Nurse, B. S. P bl' H lth AlDha Tau Delta? lc ca ARNE HOLTER Minneapolis B.S. ELAINE M. HOVDE Minneapolis B.S. Child Welfare Gamma Phi Beta: Mortar Board: W. S. G. A. Board. Senior Advisory Board, 4: Y. W. C. A. Cabinet: Y. W. C. A, Vice-president. 4: Stu- dents Student Loan Fund, 4: Campus Sister. 2. 3: Fresh- man Week Committee, 2, 3: Mothers Day Committee. 2: Daily, 1. HAROLD HULTGREN Minneapolis B.S. MYRTIE HUNT Pino City B.S. BERNICE E. ILSE Virginia B.S. Natural Science Virginia Junior College. LENORE INGWALSON Mankato B.S. Art Gustavus Adolphus : Delta Delta Delta: Y. W. C. A. :Art Education Association : W. A. A.: Big Sister, 4: Twin Sis- ter, 3 : Interhouse Athletic Representative. PHYLLIS JACK Minneapolis B.S. MARJORIE JENSEN Minneapolis B.S. Child Welfare Alpha Omicron Pi: Eta Sig- ma Upsilon, 4 : Mortar Board : Trailers' Club : W. A. A. pres- ident. 4: W. A. A. board, 1, 2, 3, 4: Chairman. Penny Carnival, 3: Masquers: All U Council, 4. FLORENCE A. JOHNSON Virlinia B.S. Elementary St. Cloud State Teachers' Col- lege: Folwell Library Club: Y. W. C. A. FRANCES V. JOHNSON Tyler B.S. Commercial Zeta Tau Alpha. HELEN A. JOHNSON Hibbing B.S. HELEN G. JOHNSON Havana, North Dakota B.S. Mathematics Phi Mu: Y. W. C. A.: Big Sister, 1. LUCILLE A. JOHNSON Hutchinson B.S. Commercial Mankato State Teachers' Col- lege : Business Women's Club. MILDRED C. JOHNSON St. Paul B.S. Commercial Zeta Tau Alpha: Business Women's Club: Y. W. C. A. Social Committee, 2, 8: Big Sister Captain. 4: Ticket Committee Pan-Hellenic Ban- quet. 8. VIVIAN M. JOHNSON Minneapolis B.S. Latin Zeta Tau Alpha: Eta Sigma Upsilon: Y. W. C. A. Large Cabinet, 3: Y. W. C. A. So- cial Committee. 2. 3: Pan- Hellenic Council: Big Sister, 2, 3. 4: Singers. HOWARD ROBERT JONES St. Paul B.S. Educational Administration Chi Phi: Alpha Sigma Pi: Phi Delta Kappa: Runners' Club: Pershing Rifles: Pha- lanx: "M" Club: Phoenix: Grey Fria'r: Cadet Ollicers' Club: Military Ball, 3: Board of Publications: Acting Pres- ident, College of Education Council, 3: Cadet Colonel, 3: Hockey, 1. 2, 3. MARIE A. JONES St. James B.S. Commercial Alpha Xi Delta: Junior Ball, 3 : Freshman Week, 4 : Home- coming. 4: Big Sister. 2. 4: Daily, 1, 2. 3, 4: Ski-U-Mah, 2: Mentor, Advertising Man- ager, 3: Masquers: Y. W. C. A.: University Singers. JOSEPH EDWARD KAMPA Marble B.S. Social Science Itasca Junior College: Base- ball, 4. LEILA KENCKE Minneapolis B.S. Education Alpha Gamma Delta: Home Economics Association. 2, 3, 4: Y. W. C. A.: Big Sister, 3, 4: Ski-U-Mah, 4: Punchi. nello, 3. 4. EDUCATIQIXI Q RENEE KEYES International Falls B.S. DOROTHY KING Minneapolis B.S. Physical Education Chi Omega: Big Sister, 2, 3, 4: All-University Council, Secretary, 4: W. S. G. A. Secretary, 2 : Bib and Tucker, President. 1. EVANGELINE KITTO Tower B.S. ALMA C. KOENIG Swanvillo B.A. German German C lub: Walther League. DORIS KRETZSCHMAR Minneapolis B.S. German German Club Secretary, 2, President, 4 : Walther League, Secretary, 2, President, 3, 4: Big Sister: Student Leaguer, Editor, 3, 4. JANET LAING Ely B.S. Natural Science Kappa Alpha' Theta. HARRIET LAMSON St. Paul B.S. Child Welfare Pi Lambda Theta : Big Sister. 3, 4: Senior Advisory Board W. S. G. A. RUTH M. LAUDERDALE Minneapolis B.S. Education Y. W. C. A.: Home Econom- ics Association: W. S. G. A. E. LORAINE LAUTERBACH B.S. BETTY LELAND Minneapolis B.S. Kappa Alpha Theta.. VIRGIL F. LICHT Baraboo, Wisconsin B.S. Physical Education Phi Delta Theta: "M" Club: Senior Commission: Basket- ball, 1, 2, 3, 4: Gopher Sales Drive, 3: Baseball, 1: Class President in Education, 4. AGNES D. LOVE Spring Valley B.S., G.N. Nursinlt Alpha Tau Delta. HELVIA MARKKULA Chisholm B.S. MARION MAURER Arlington B.S. Music Mu Phi Epsilon: Eta Sigma Upsilon: Kappa Phi : Sing- ers, 2, 3 : U Symphony, 2, 3. 4. WIN ELLEN MCEACHERN Pine City B.S. Speech Kappa Delta: Zeta Phi Eta: Freshman Week Committee, 3: Homecoming Committee, 2, 3, 4: Panhellenic Council, 2, Il, 4: Publicity Chairman, 2. 3. 4: Junior Ball Commit- tee. 3: Big Sister, 2, 3: Daily. 2. Il. 4: W. S. G. A.: Y. W. C. A. HELEN McLAUGl:lLIN Minneapolis B.S. Art Smith College: Alpha Phi: Delta Phi Delta: Eta Sigma Upsilon: Masquers: Home- cominir. 3. LA VERNE M. MEADOWS Carrington, North Dakota B.S. English Kappa Alpha Theta: Mas- zluers. ELLENE S. MELSTED Edinburg, North Dakota B.S. and G.N. Nursing Education Alpha Tau Delta: Eta Sigma Upsilon. WI LHELMINA MIGHE LET St. Paul B.S. ESTHER MITCHELL Moscow, Idaho B.S. GLEN MUDEKING Minneapolis B.S. English ALFRED MUELLERLEILE St. Paul B.S. HELEN NEIMANN Minneapolis B-S- English Alpha Delta Theta: Big Sig- ter. 2. 8. 4: Gopher. 4: Pan Hellenic Council, 3. 41 Pun Hellenic Scholarship Chair- mlm. 3. 4: Freshman Week, 4. ERNEST B. NELSON Cokato B.S. MARGARET L. NELSON St. Paul B-S' Chemistry Macalester. RUTH A. NELSON Minneapolis B.S. ELLEN L. NORBERG Melrude B.S. English Virginia Junior College. EILEEN NUESSLE Minneapolis B.S. Physical Education College of St. Catherine: W. A. A. DOROTHY E. NUTT Minneapolis B.S. DELORIS MARIE OLSON Hopkins B.A. French Camp Fire Girls: Swedish Literary Society: Basketball. 2. 3. HOPE ORNBURG Minneapolis B.S. Enslish State Tencher's College, Val- ley City. North Dakota: State Teachei-'s College, St. Cloud. Minn.: Y. W. C. A. GERTRUDE PAGE , St. Paul B.S. Commercial Eta Sigma Upsilon : Pi Lamb- da Theta: Business Women's Club: Big' Sister. 4: Mentor. HAZEL D. PEARSON Minneapolis B.S. Commercial Thalian Literary Society. MARY PERKINS Red Wing B.S. Home Economics X. W. c. A.: W. s. G. A.: Q0Dher 4-H Club: Wesley Foundation: H. E. A. ADELAINE C. PETERSON New Lisbon, Wisconsin B-S- History NELLA PETERSON M'nneapol' ILS- I IB Music University Singers, 1, 2, 3, 4. VIRGINIA R. PETTIGREW Minneapolis B.S. Physical Education Eta Sigma Upsilon: Trailers' Club: Aquatic League : W. A. A.: W. S. G. A.: Physical Education Association: Inter- professional Council, presi- dent. 4 : Basketball, 1 : Swim- ming, 2: Track, 1, 2, 3. IRENE JOAN POLSKE St. Paul B.S. School Health Work St. Cathei-ine's College. DOROTHY M. POMMER Minneapolis B.S. English ANNA V. POVSI-IA Hibbinlr B.S. MARGARET D. RADDATZ Minneapolis B.S. History and Music Kappa Phi: University Sym- phony, 3, 4. M. FLEETA RAWLING Kansas City, Missouri ILS, History Phi Mu: Eta Sigma Upsllon: Sigma Epsilon Sigma: Min- erva Literary Society, 1, 2. 3, 4: Diplomatic Club. 3: Spanish Club. 1: Invitation Committee of Y. W. C. A.. 1 I Big Sister. ROBERT REIHSEN Benson B.S. Delta Upsilon: Varsity Foot- ball. IRENE C. RISTAU Aberdeen, South Dakota B.S. HELEN G. ROBBINS Minneapolis B.S. Elem. School Supervision Sigma Kappa: Cosmopolitan Club: Aquatic Club: W. A. A.: Y. W. C. A.: Spanish Club: Big Sister: University Singers. MARJORIE ROBIE Duluth B.S. Nursing Duluth Junior College : Kappa Delta: Big Sister, 4: Daily Society Writer, 4: W. S. G. A.: Y. W. C. A. MARJORY A. ROHLF St. Paul B.S. DOROTHY J. ROOT Rochester B.S. Delta Delta Delta. CARL FRED ROTHAUSEN St. Paul B.S. Physics St. Thomas College: Newman Club. LOUISE RUDEBECK Des Moines, Iowa B.S. History PRISCILLA RUGG St. Paul . B.S. Home Economics Zeta Phi Eta: Iota Gamma. 3: Home Economics Associa- tion: Y. W. C. A.: Mothers' Day Committee, 2: Big Sister Captain, 2, 3: Punchinello. MARSHALL W. RYMAN Minneapolis B.S. Physical Education Daily sports staff, 1: Base- ball. 1. 2. 3: Hockey, 1, 2, 3, Captain, 3. DOROTHY L. SAMUELSON St. Paul B.S. Education Y. W. C. A.: Y. W. C. A. Cabinet, 3, 4: W. S. G. A. Farm Campus Board, 3: W. S. G. A. Social Chairman, 3: Big Sister. 2, 3: Twin Sister, 3. 4: Punchinello, 2. 3, 4, Secretary, 4: Home Econom- ics Association. MARION SCHROEDER St. Paul B.S. English Kappa Delta: Thalian: Zeta Phi Eta: Deutschverein: Big Sister, 3. 4: Mentor Staff: Masquers: University Sing- ers: Vagabond King: Streets of New York: Pm Ffruhling. EDUCANQN I .fit .,..,.- ..,. 5' ,v .1 ','.c ' ,. ' Z: iv 'M' ri it ii? 5 43 1. Ii 'git-Q '- 4-wif! 14. if ?'f"x'f,fx f..- . ,. - 1 L. :J KJ DELORIS B. SCHREIBER Minneapolis B.S. English Sigma Epsilon Sigma: Lamb- da Alpha Psi: German Club, 2, 3, . RUTH HAZEL SEESTROM Ashland, Wisconsin B.S. English DORIS SELVIG Harmony B.S. Music St. Olaf College: Delta Delta Delta: Big Sister, 3: Twin Sister, 4: University Singers, 2, 3, 4. MARVIN O. SHELSO Minneapolis B.S. Physical Education Phi Epsilon Kappa: Baseball, 4. IRENE SIIROLA Virginia B.S. Physical Education St. Cloud State Teachers: Thalian Literary Society: President Senior Class, 4: General Arrangement Chair- man W. A. A. Banquet, 3: Big Sister: Twin Sister: W. A. A., 2. WALMA A. SIPO LA Gilbert, Minn. B.S. English MARGARET C. SKINNER Minneapolis B.S. EDYTHE P. SLOON Minneapolis B.S. VIRGINIA SMALLWOOD Worthington B.S. French Carleton College: Alpha Gamma Delta: W. A. A.: Aquatic League, 3. 4: Pan- Hellenic Council, 3: House Council Board, 4: Freshman Week Committee, 4: Inter- House Council, 3. E. WILEY SMITH Duluth B.S. LOUISE STOUDT Chatiield B.S. Music Alpha Delta Pi: Kappa Phi: Big Sister, 2, 3, 4. IRMA STRAND Marine-on-St. Croix B.S. Natural Science University of Oklahoma, 3: Alpha Omicron Pi: Trailer, 1, 2, 4:W. A. A.: Y. W. C. A., Large Cabinet, 2: Uni- versity Singers, 2. DONALD C. STREETER Huron, South Dakota B.S. Speech Huron College: Delta Tau Delta: Theta Alpha Phi: Masquers, 3, 4: University Singers. BERNICE SUTHERLAND River Falls, Wisconsin B.S., G.N. Nursing River Falls State Teachers College, 1: Alpha Tau Delta, President, 4: N. S. G. A., Secretary, 4: University Singers, 2, 5. DOROTHY C. SWEET Minneapolis B.S. Physical Education Gamma Phi Beta. VIRGINIA V. SWINLAND Lakota, North Dakota B.S. English Big Sister, 3: University Singer, 4. HARVEY G. TANGEN Minneapolis B.S. ANGELINE TEMBROCK Ogcma B.S. KATHERINE THARP Minneapolis B.S. Spanish Delta Zeta: Eta Sigma Up- silon: Spanish Club: Home- coming Executive Council: Pan Hellenic Council: Pan Hellenic Banquet, 3, 4: Pan Hellenic Representative for University Student Loan Fund, 4 : Cap and Gown Ban- quet, 4: Y. W. C. A.: W. S. G. A. : Freshman Week: Cap- tain of Big Sister Team. GRACE E. THOMPSON Minneapolis B.S. Child Welfare Pi Beta Phi: Y. W. C. A.: Big' Sister Captain, 2, 3, 4: Gopher? Sales Team Captain. , 2, . RUTH TOWNSEND Faribault B-S- French Kflmm Alpha Theta : Big Sis- ter. 3. 4: Mentor, Vice Presi- dent. 4: Freshman Week Chairman, 3, 4. MARGARET TRUSSELL Champlin B-S- German Alnha Xi Delta: Thalian Lit- erary Society: German Club: W. A. A. : Y. W. C. A. : Fort- Illjrhtly Cabinet, 2: W. A. A., Vice-president, 3: Bixr Sister, ii, 4:1 Mentor, Associate Edi- or. . RUTH TURPIE North Platte, Nebraska B-S- Education Chi Omega: Trailers: Big Slater: W. A. A.: Masquers. COLE VAN GORDON Minneapolis B.S. VIVIAN VANSTROM Canby, Minn. B.S., G.N. Nursing Zeta Tau Alpha: Alpha' Tau Delta: Mortar Board: Eta Sigma Upsilon. DOROTHY VERRELL Minneapolis B.S. Child Welfare Alpha Omicron Pi: Spanish Club: Trailers: Pan Hellenic Council. 3. 4: Y. W. C. A.: Y. C.. A. Small Cabinet, 4: Bla' 51511013 2. 3: Gopher sales: Ski U Mah sales, 1. LOUISE O. WAAGEN Minneapolis B.S. EMILY W. WALTERS Battle Creek B.S. Physical Education Kellogg School of Physical Education, 1, 2: Alpha Gam- ma Sigma: Eta Chi Sigma: W. A. A.: P. E. A.: Y. W. C. A.: Hiking' Club, General Chairman, 4: Singers, B. '42 Aquatic League. 3, 4: Rifle Marksmanship, 3, 4: "M" Winner, 4: Hunt Club. MARGARET L. WEBER St. Cloud B.S. SYLVIA WEESE St. Paul B.S. Music Beta Phi Alpha: Newman glu3h:4Big Sister, 3: Singers. MELISSA WEST Waseca B.S. French Y. W. C. A., 1, 2, 8, 4. LOIS A. WHITE Brainerd B.S. English Delta Gamma: Y. W. C. A.C Singers, 1, 2. GEORGE P. WILLIAMS Nashwnuk, Minn. B.S. Physical Education Hibblng Junior College: Phi Epsilon Kappa: Football, 2: Basketball, 2, 3: Varsity Wrestler, 4. LENORE E. WOLFE Deer River B.S. Speech Alpha Omicron Pi : Pi Lamb- da Theta: Delta Sigma Rho: Eta Sigma Upsilon: Kappa Rho: Iota Gamma, President, 4 : Zeta Phi Eta: Kappa Phi : W S G A 3 Bi Slster,4: . . . .. : Z Masquers, 2, 3, 4. MARIE A. WOODERS Red Wing B.S. MARY E. WOODRING Minneapolis B.S. Child Welfare Alpha Omicron Pi: Pan Hel- lenic Council: Big Sister: Twin Sister: W. S. G. A.: Y. W. C. A.: W. A. A.: Pi Lambda Theta. KATI-IRYN WOOLSEY Minneapolis B.A. Art Gamma Phi Beta: Delta Phi Delta, Secretary: Art Edu- cation Organization, Presi- dent, Treasurer: Skin and Bones. SYLVIA L. YESSNE Minneapolis B.S. Social Science MICHAEL KARL ZEIMES Minneapolis B.S. Social Science St. Thomas College: St. John's University: Pi Kappa Alpha. UCATEQN PHARMACY Professor Gustav llaclnnaun llow T0 MAKI-1 a ham on rye or run u ClI'lIlllilllllg.'j lihrury is really lllbl. whal lhey lcuuh thc hnlhling llrnggisls in lhc Pllarlnarzy school, genial l'rol'cssor Uns- lav llaclnnan, sccrclary of lhc Minnesola Stale Plllll'lIl1lCClIllClll Association, will assure yon. Drug stores slill sell pre- scriplions along wilh the jig-saw puzzles and unlomohile lll'CS. Dr. Buchanan llllllkS soniclhing ought, lo hc alone ahonl insliluling a good pennianship course in lhc Medical school: lhcn niayhc lhe doc- tors could wrilc prcscriplions lhal lhe plllll'IllilClSlS would reall. lleam fI?l'mlol'i1eIi J. 1Vulling lN IHS fl-1 vl-:ans of service sincm: lonnlling.: lhc College of Pliarlnalzy, llcan l'll'CllCl'll'li ,I. Wnlling has so llcvclopoll il llllll il has long been I'Cl50gllllCll as lhl: forclnosl college as far as high slamlarlls aro conccrncll. "A new anll much largl-l' l'har1nau:y hnillling" wonlrl hc a very clesiruhlc ilnprovclncnl, aurconliiig lo lhc Dean. llc favors slnclcnl lll0VCll!ClllS 'gwilhin rcasonahlc linlilsf' The lJcan's favorilc slogan is lhc gohlcn rule. Anll hcuansc hc hclicvcs in il anal lives hy il, lhcrc arc, hc says, no lliszlg.:l'l:n:llllc pllasos in his work. E. JI. Above blnllcnl pll.u1n.u1sls Wtlllxlllg flll'lIllIlllN 1 L Ill lihoi ll 105 ,-,K '? 'J I X 14 ,f f'-. ROBERT W. ANDERSON Minneapolis B.S. Pharmacy Wulling Club. EDWIN H. BORCHERS Pino City B.S. Pharmacy Kappa Psi: Walling Club: Newman Club. EDWARD BRECI-IT Minnesota Lake B.S. Phi Lambda Upsilon: Rho Chi: Wulling Club. FOSTER BUTTERWICK Faribault B.S. GEORGE E. CROSSEN South St. Paul B.S. Pharmacy Kappa Psi: Rho Chi: Phi Lambda Upsilon: Wulling Club. EDWARD E. DEGNER Owatonna B.S. Pharmacy Phi Delta Chi: Walling Club: Sophomore Smoker chairman. 2: Sophomore President Pharmacy, 2: Sophomore Commission Secretary. 2: Senior Advisory Board, 4. ALAN N. DOELTZ Minneapolis B.S. Pharmacy Kappa Psi : Ordemos: De Mo- lay : Sophomore Vice Presi- dent. JAMES M. GARDNER Ellcndnle B.S. Kappa Psi: W'ulling Club, vice president, 2. HERBERT GRAFSLUND Lake Park B.S. Kappa Psi: Wulling Club: Track. HILARY JOZWICK Winona B.S. Kappa Psi: Rho Chi: Phi Lambda Upsilon: Wulling Club. KLYDE KALII-IER Swnnvillc B.S. Macalester, 1 : Phi Delta Chi I Grey: Friar: Wulling Club: Junior President, 3: Treas- urer Junior Commission, 3. LAMBERT C,. KEELEY St. Paul B.S. St. John's University: Kappa Psi: Wullim: Club. MORTON KRAMER Minneapolis B.S. RAY A. LACHER St. Cloud B.S. Kappa Psi: Wulling Club: Inter-Professional Fraternity Council, 3, vice-president, 4: All-U-Council, 4. SAMUEL LOUDON Minneapolis B.S. HENRY A. NELSON Duluth B.S. Phi Delta Chi: Silver Spur: Wullim: Club: Freshman We-ek Executive Committee, 3. EMMETT W. RESIG St. Pnul B.S. GERTRUDE SCHWIETZ St. Paul B.S. STANLEY J. SI-IIMA Montgomery B.S. MORRIS A. STOLLER Minneapolis B.S. Alpha Beta Phi: Wulling Club: Chairman Senior An- nouncements Committee: Senior Class President. BASIL B. THOMPSON Austin B.S. Des Moines University: Phi Delta Chl 3 Wulling Club: All- University Students Religious Council. HAROLD K. TI-IOMTON Montevideo B.S. Phi Delta Chi: Silver Spur: Wulling Club: Track, 2, 3, 4. I-IYMAN MILSTON Minneapolis B.S. -hw M ww. .B w qs . N . f I u In fm I F6 '1 '19-1 fi H4 ,..x.,r,. if -Q... V1 QS. . " -if ,fi -i 3 1' i 1 ,V ,.,,h. B,'f'f1 ,,,,,,,,. ., M, Wfuwmwwvwwww mg! . 4 nwumunx.-M ,' I ' Q ' , sr , ysggpg .,iV ' '-KS V ' W'-,-...' " -Lax ff UA- , A Qui A5312 nf 7? N. x 3 ' N 9 1 I K, V I 7391, . Q '3 ,A- km gg 1 f - V 'YL " ' L' I ' A x 'f' 'I 4. l V W 1. V "' 6' , A fi? , Y' . i l xl' , avg Rikms 'ff ' , -Y 1 , .AM ..- ,,.. . ,....., A ' 7 -l ., ..,4 ,, lm Q - ---..A.....g, V .M. -Q ,fn , . I K I L' ":"""""" 'M ,. .....,-.v,.w.f-M. .,, ...f .mf ,, -,.,,,.,,.4-M . ,. 1'-:nf .W Y.-, Q 1 R ' .L fbi I N K if ..V, lk , I A N W,-U -... , , . V . ' ' - " J xi ' W ' . ' ,v 4 Av is - ,.., . , , .. : 4 '--... . l I - l A- ,I 4 J , if., , . ' A ' .V .A 1 if . ,T ' -4 W, f V E f' . r 1 : V . M - A ' K A '44 +2 'Ya ,gf f '54 T5 ' 1 R - W, Q . ' ,, W - Y' 4 QI! I 'rg-" - r iu ,gg , fu 1 A , .K 1 is x M - Q K, . f n .. -,A X ,. A , Uh 5 Q 9 A W ' MVA' " X S N4 if i .' 5 T x sf- . ' ' , f , 3 . A 1 V NCS ' 7' " L N ll 3 .7 I , 1 -A . I , , V 1A-4, :, ' HQ. - I f . , T M... V 1 I' 1 In V '1 K I V 1 5 x- . ,Q fs NX, ' 1 ,A 5 :Li ' . . 1' 5 I . .M E., ' . t I ' KN , s ' 'W ' 4 " " 4'1,. ,4 ' L ' D ' A . Q . 5 Q . . H ' ' V' if 1 , I 'x' 'A . V K w A 5 Q H, v . , ' It l x U 1. 1 I F X A Q , A : 1 ' f - ' 5 ti -My - iff - I ' wi - " 4 . - 2-1 3 f fl 4 ' ' 5... , , A '... ek'-mm fl ROSABELLE ADAMS Minneapolis B.B.A. Secretarial Newman Club: W. A. A.: Big Sister : Business Women's Club. ASTRED S. ANDERSON Minneapolis B.B.A. Secretarial Coranto. JOHN M. BOLDINGH Minneapolis B.B.A. Trailic Alpha Kappa Psi. JOSE PULIDO CARPIO Philippine Islands B.B.A. Finance Drake University: Philippine- sotans, President: Cosmopoli- tan Club. BYRON K. CASPERSON Minneapolis B.B.A. Secretarial RALPH C. CHASE Mclntosh, South Dakota B.B.A. Business Administration Delta Sigma Pi: Silver Spur: Grey Friar: Chairman of the Annual Commerce Ball, 3: Junior Class President. 3 : All Junior President, 3: Student Loan Fund. 3. ESTELLE COLLINS Minneapolis B.B.A. Secretarial Alpha' Delta Pi: Business Women's Club: Big Sister. Captain, 3, 4: Y. W. C. A., Treasurer, 3. MORRIS J. COOKE Rochester B.B.S. Rochester Junior College :Phi Delta Theta. WALLACE M. DAHL Detroit Lakes B.B.A. Trallle St. Olaf College: Alpha Kap- pa Psi. HAROLD DAVIS Minneapolis B.B.A. Business Administration DOROTHY J. DEMING Minneapolis B.B.A. Business Administration Carleton College, 2: Alpha Delta: Gamma Epsilon Pi, 4 : Business Women's Club, 4. MARGARET DICKENS Marble B.B.A. Personnel Itasca Junior College: Busi- ness Women's Club. DAVID DONOVAN Minneapolis B.B.A. Advertising Delta Upsilon: Sigma Delta Chl: Beta Gamma Sigma: Daily. 1. 2. 3. 4: Ski-U-Mah, 2. 3. 4. Managing Editor, 4: Business Review, 3, 4: Inter- Fraternity Council, 3: Senior Advisory Committee, 4. GEORGE J. DOYLE Minneapolis B.B.A. Advertising Phi Delta Theta : Alpha Delta Sigma: Gopher, 1, 2, 3, 4, Business Manager, 4 : Garrick Club. BERNICE DWORSKY Minneapolis B.B.A. LEONARD E. ENGEMAN Delhi B.B.A. Accounting Iowa State College: Delta Sigma Pi: Scabbard and Blade. 3. 4: Runners Club. 3, 4 : Cadet Oflicers' Club: Asst. Mgr. Business School Book Exchange, 3: Business School Banquet, General Arrange- ments, 4: Military Ball, 4: Circulation Manager Gopher, 3: Circulation Manager Busi- ness News, 3: Senior Repre- sentative on Board of Asso- ciated Students. EVAN O. EVANS Bangor, Wisconsin B.B.A. Finance St. Mary's College: Alpha Kappa Psi. KENNETH C. FELSTED Minneapolis B.B.A. JEFFREY FLATGAARD Jackson , B.B.A. Merchandising St. Olaf. JOHN W. FORNEY Minneapolis B.B.A. Advertising Beta Theta Pi: Alpha Delta Sigma: Sigma Delta Chi: Iron Wedge: Beta Gamma Sigma: Brass Matrix: Stu- dent Advisory Committee, 4: Executive Committee, 4: Stu- dent Judiciary Committee, 3. 4: Homecoming, 3, Associate Chairman. 4: Freshman Week, 2, 3, 4: Executive Com- mittee: Junior Ball: Gopher. 1 : Minnesota Daily, 1, 2, 3, 4, Editor, 4: Business Review, 3, 44: Y. M. C. A. Cabinet, ALDEN G. FREDIN Minneapolis B.B.A. RALPH W. FREIBERG Caledonia B.B.A. Delta Sigma Pi. MARY M. GAFFNEY Golden Valley B.B.A. Secretarial Business Women's Club: Big Sister, 3. JOHN S. GLAS Waterloo, Iowa B.B.A. Accounting Delta Sigma Pi : Beta Gamma Sigma: Beta Alpha Psi: Phi Tau Theta: Gopher. Business Manager, 2: All-U Students Religious Council. 3. 4. Treas- urer, 3. President, 4: Union Board of Governors, 4: Sen- ior Advisory Board. 4. RALPH J. GODON Tosto B.B.A. Accounting ELIZABETH GOTTLIEB Minneapolis B.B.A. LEO M. GROSS Minneapolis B.B.A. Personnel Menorah. 1. 2: Band, 1, 2, 3. 4: Quartermaster, 2, 3, MARGARET HARTLEY Minneapolis B.B.A. Secretarial Sigma Kappa: Sigma Epsilon Sigma: Gamma Epsilon Pi: Y. W. C. A.: Business Wo- men's Club: Big Sister. 3. 4: Techno-Log, 4: Business News, 3. CARL HENNING St. Paul B.B.A. Phi Kappa Psi. RUTH HINCHON Madclia B.B.A. Secretarial Rochester Junior College: Delta Delta Delta: Business Women's Club: Y. W. C. A.: Trailer Club: W. A. A.: Big Sister, 4 : Twin Sister, 3: In- terhouse Council. FRED W. HOLM Two Harbors B.B.A. Finance Eveleth Junior College: Al- Dha Kappa Psi: De Molay, President, 3 : Business School, Field Day Chairman, 4. HERBERT R. HOLMSTEN St. Paul B.B.A. Accounting' Business News: Student Edi- torial Board. KENNETH HOWATT St. Paul B.B.A. Six-:ma Nu. LEONARD B. HURWITZ Minneapolis B.B.A. General Beta Gamma Sigma: Meno. Fflhi Editorial Board, Busi- EEHS News. 3, 4: Tennis, 1, RICHARD J. HUTCHINSON Minneapolis B,-B-A Finance S11-Ima Alpha Epsilon: Silver SW-lf': Finance Committee Chalfmfm. Junior Ball, 3: Men s Smoker Chairman, 1'11eHhmfU1 Week. 3: Enter- tainment Chairman. All U Sffgoker. 4: Gopher, 2, 3: pl'-ily. 1. 3: Freshman Week, 2. 3. 4. Executive Committee. 4: Homecoming, 3. 4: All S0Tlh0m9l'e President, 2: Gymmllllllm. 2: Interfraterni- ty Athletic Council, 2, 3. MAURICE G. IDELKOPE FUYK0. North Dakota B.B.A. Accounting Menorah 1 Y. M. c. A. . cms.-- man of. Athletics. Business School Field Day: Track, 2. CLARENCE JENSEN Cloquet B.B.A. FRANKLIN JOHNSON St. Paul B.B.A. IRVING JOHNSON Minneapolis B.B.A. Theta Xi : American Manage- ment Society. .IEANETTE JOHNSON Minneapolis B.B.A. Statistics Hamline University: Kappa Delta: Business Women's Club: Y. W. C. A. large cab- inet, 3: Big' Sister, 4: Twin Sister, 3: Business News, 3. LAWRENCE JOHNSON Minneapolis B.B.A. LILLIAN L. JOHNSON St. Paul B.B.A. Secretarial Business Women's Club. MORRIS E. JOHNSON Duluth B.B.A. Accounting Duluth Junior College. EARL KAGLEY Minneapolis B.B.A. DOROTHY A. KELLY Minneapolis B.B.A. Personnel Alpha Chi Omega: Business Women's Club, President 3: Big Sister, Captain, 2: Busi- ness Review Drive Chairman, 1: Board of Associated Busi- ness Students. ERWIN E. KELM Grand Rapids B.B.A. Marketing Itasca Junior College: Delta Sigma! Pi: All-University Council: President Board ot Associated Business Students : Business School Book Ex- change. GILBERT KINGERY St. Paul B.B.A. Finance Macalester C ol l eg c: Sigma Chi. POWELL F. KRUEGER Minneapolis B.B.A. Secretarial Alpha Kappa Psi : Beta Gam- ma Sigma. President, 4: Per- shing Rifles, 1, 2: Business Review, 3, 4: Minnesota Crack Drill Squad. 2. 3, 4. MAYNARD F. LA BROT Stevens Point, Wisconsin B.B.A. Stevens Point Normal : Alpha Kappa Psi : Business School Book Exchange, Assistant Manager, 8. LORNA G. LARSON Minneapolis B.B.A. Foreign Trade Sigma Kappa: Big Sister: Y. W. C. A. Cabinet: French Club : Cosmopolitan Club : Student Forum, 3. RICHARD W. LINDGREN Karlstad B.B.A. Accounting Beta Gamma Sigma : Beta Al- pha Psi: Runners Club: Of- ficers' Club. WILLIAM P. LOS0 St. Joseph B.B.A. CLIFF A. MACE Duluth B.B.A. Industrial Engineering Pi Kappa Alpha. THOMAS McCART Minneapolis B.B.A. BUSINESS KENNETH W. McLAREN Minneapolis B.B.S. Finance Alpha Delta Phi : Grey Friar : Silver Spur: Gopher, Assist- ant Business Manaprer, 4: Senior Advisory Board : Y. M. C. A. Cabinet: Students Stu- dent Loan Fund. HARVEY W. MILLER St. Paul B.B.A. Accounting' Delta Siuma Pi: Inter-Pro. Council. 3, 4: Chairman of Floor Committee, Inter-Pro. Ball, 4. ROBERT MOREN St. Paul B.B.A. General DOROTHY B. MUIR Medicine Hat, Alberta, Can. B.B.A. General University of Alberta: Busi- ness Women's Club. ROBERT J. NASLUND Minneapolis B.B.A. HAROLD R. NESS Minneapolis B.B.A. Accounting Luther College: Sigma Phi Epsilon: Interfraternity Council. CHESTER NORTZ Minneapolis B.B.A. LEO L. NURMI Bovey B.B.A. General Itasca Junior College: Delta Sigma Pl. CHARLES W. NYQUIST St. Paul B.B.A. General LOUIS C. OLTS Aitkin B.B.A. GERALD OYAAS Minneapolis B.B.A. General Superior State Teachers' Col- lege: Delta Tau Delta. VERNON T. E. PEARSON Minneapolis B.B.A. General Sigma Chi: Pnyx: Interfra- ternity Council: "Keep 'em Happy." WENDELL T. PECK St. Paul B.B.A. Foreign Trade Hamline University: Phi Theta Chi : Beta Gamma Sift- ma: Kappa Phi Sigma: Inter- national Relations Club : Business Review, Editor, 4 : Iron Wedge, 4. JOHN H. PERSON Duluth B.B.A. Finance CHESTER E. PETERSON Willmar B.A. Marketing Phalanx: Rifle Team, 2, 3, 4. EDWIN W. PETERSON Cromwell B.B.A. Finance Alpha Kappa Psi: Business Review. 1, 2. RUSSELL T. PETERSON Waseca B.B.A. Theta' Chi : Business News, Editorial Stall, 3: Basketball, I, 2. EDWARD N. QUALEN St. Paul B.B.A. REX B. REGAN Reading, Pennsylvania B.B.A. Merchandising Delta Tau Delta. PAUL P. RICHTER Wadena B.B.A. Industrial Administration Marquette University: New- man Club: American Man- agement Association: New- man Club Board of Directors, 4. DONALD C. SC,HMIDT Mankato B.B.A. Accountintt DE KOVEN L. SCHWIEGER St. Paul B.B.A. Accouutinlr Alpha Kappa Psi, 3, 4: Pha- lanx, 3, 4: Cadet Ollicers' Club, 3, 4, Treasurer, 4. ADELE SHOGREN Minneapolis B.B.A. Merchandising BERGER SKONNORD Minneapolis B.B.A. Accounting Tau Kappa Epsilon: Beta Al- pha Psi, President, 4: Busi- ness News. 1 1 Inter-Fraterni- ty Council. 4. FRANKLIN SPRECHER Minneapolis B.B.A. CHARLES E. SWANSON St. Paul B.B.S. General Ordemos: Gopher, 3, 4. DONALD M. SWANSON Minneapolis B.B.A. Beta Gamma Sigma. LEIGH S. THOMAS Wayzata B.B.A. Industrial Administration Zeta Psi : Techno-log. FRANK T. THOMPSON Minneapolis B.B.A. General Lambda Chi Alpha: Scabbard and Blade: Alpha Phi Chl: Alpha Delta Sigma: Runners Club: Officers' Club: Chair- man of Housing, Freshman Week: Chairman of Fresh- man Week Tours: Assistant Office Manager. Ski-U-Mah, 3: Office Manager, Ski-U- Mah, 1933. LLOYD G. TOLEFSON Minneapolis B.B.A. Finance KATHERENE E. TRAFF Minneapolis B.B.A. MARGARET WACKERMAN Minneapolis B.B.A. Personnel Sigma Kappa: Gamma ED- silon Pi: Y. W. C. A.. Large Cabinet, 3. Freshman leader, 4: Business Woman's Club: Phi Chi Delta: Panhellenlc Council, Ball Committee, 3: Big Sister, 3, 4: Business News, 3. M. PIERCE WELPTON Minneapolis B.B.A. Alpha Delta Phi. EVERETT Q. WESTRUM Glendive, Montana B.B.A. Sigma Nu. BOB WHITE Brainerd B.B.A. Accounting Theta Delta Chi. BYRON S. WHITE Winona B.B.A. Winona State Teachers Col- lege: Delta Sigma Pi: Chair- man Homecoming Band Dance, 3: Chairman Business School Banquet, 4: Band, 1, 2. 3. CHEDWICK WHITSON Minneapolis B.B.A. Finance WILLIAM D. WILLIAMS Duluth B.B.A. Sigma Nu. JANE WOOLLEY Minneapolis B.B.A. Secretarial Kappa Alpha Theta: Skin and Bones: Big Sister, 3, 4. MARK D. YAGER Frederic, Wisconsin B-B-A- General Acacia. Sl-IIELA E. YOUNG Marshalltown, Iowa B.B.A. Phi Omega Pi: Gamma Ep- silon Pi: Sigma Epsilon Sig'- ma: Business Women's Club: a3is3SiBtcr. 3. 4: Y. W. C. A., PEARL YOUNGREEN Minneapolis B.B.A. Business BUSINESS MEDICINE llc-am ltlvllull al lloam , N-aumnon Elms P. Lyon All Aw N 1 innnei cap I "I AN l'I!0lIll lo Iiuve been nlvle lo Ile- m .ina v.n- veiop and Iwep n rezisonnlmly open :nnl 00 ,IH A U I 4 l'l'ilIs'ilI lnin1I, lo Iiuve :uIvnnm'euI slenclily . anon, .ln o 1 n ll 'N mm is in knowledge unml power, lo I1a1vesm'm'lll'emI 9:-9, ., lp I, Q-, 14- .up w 111 1 .ues . unrl relnineil, in rensonailile ileglve. line I in is in NIOII mining :sn ruspeel and zipprovul of those wiioso N , 1 o - Iikef. Nl opinions I VRIIIICS, says Iilins I'. Iiyon. n Us mr In Deon of lI1e 'INIe1Iim-ni HvIiooI. 'I'I1e IM-nn 1 v - I 1 I V4 ll' I-C nlso lakes pride in eairpenlry, Iiis IioImIvy. H 4- 1 1-I I U llll IIN Ml Ile Iliorongiily enjoys lezxvliingl. Irnl "sil- m ' 0 f :INN lin" on mlisvi mline l'lIlIllllIII1't'S.i irks Iiiin. ' Y' 1 ' lx S I If' lIlllUfl" Ile Iielicve:-1 Inex!x'n-4'l11'1'lvnInl'alelivilies, 1 . INC L. I- 1.12 Io Wo :lIlIlollg!Il his own, In' SZIXS. wvre 4-hieily wi 1 I 4 nm "IIn'ce square IIIOZIIS ai day." -.-.r an I K. x A 'E . 1'-' 'il an I . if ,galil fl If ly hu.. 1 I . IIIIIII 5 'i 1 ' 'K !.,:i-.zi l i N 'i X ' 1 1 . gqfh' vywg r. . ,I ,-N. N rw, x. M.-g x px., SN- 5- W x. . ' Mlm. , ,-I Q2 ri,- ,V V .ff .1 Qfgffmxx 5, . , x 1 1 .gp-. 14,Il2I't'f Inlernvs are inilinleml illlo the pun-limi side ol' IIie profession. lfvlow: 'I'ypic'nI svenes ol' inslruelion in Iiospilnl exanninulion prau'li1-e. EVELYN BANNISTER Minneapolis B.S. Medical Technology CATHERINE M. BARRETT Minneapolis B.S. Medical Technology Delta Delta Delta: Alvhll Delta Tau. Secretary, 4: S. O. S.: Bixr Sister, 2, 3. 4: Ski-U-Mah, 2: Senior Advis- ory Board, 4: Freshman Week, 2, 3, 4: Homecominir. 3, 4: Tam 0' Shanter. EARL BOEHME St. Paul M.B. Nu Sigma Nu. EVELYN BOLSTAD Minneapolis B.S. Medical Technology Alpha Delta Tau. GEORGE BOODY, JR. St. Paul M.B. Medical Six O'Clock Club. NORVEL BRINK Minneapolis M.B. HELEN BROCKMAN St. Paul M.B. Alpha Epsilon Iota. BRUCE H. CANFIELD Minneapolis M.B., B.S. Medicine Phi Rho Sigma : Scabbard and Blade, Treasurer: Incua, Treasurer: Phi Si!-:ma Phi, President: Silver Spur, 6: Grey Friar, 7: Homecoming' Finance Committee Chair- man. 7: Steering Committee Chairman, 6: Band, 1, 2. 3, fl, 5. G, 7, President. 4, Man- azer. 5: All University Coun- eil, 6, 7, President, 7. HENRY B. CLARK St. Paul M.B. Sigma Phi Epsilon: Alpha KHDDR Kappa. DAVID B. DAVIS Minneapolis M.B. ROBERT DAVIES Minneapolis M.B. MARION DIEHL St. Paul ILS. Medical Technology Kappa Alpha Theta: Big Sis- ter, 2, 3: Homecoming' Com- mittee: Senior Prom Commit- tee. WARREN H. DIESSNER Wnconia M.B. Medicine Theta Kappa Nu: Phi Rho Silgma: Intcrfraternity Coun- ci , 3. ALBERT HAYS St. Paul M.B. HELEN A. HOFF St. Paul B.S. Medical Technology MILDRED H. KING Wichita, N Kansas B.S. Medical Technology Stephens Junior College: Del- ta Zeta: Alpha Delta Tau. VIVIAN M. LARSON Minneapolis B.S. Medical Technology GENEVIEVE McCAI3E Virginia B.S. Medical Technology AGATHA MUELLER Duluth B.S. Medical Technology Rockford College: Beta Phi Alpha: Alpha Delta Tau: Big Sister, 4: Twin Sister, 4. ALTON C. OLSON Minneapolis M.B. TWYLAH B. PLUMMER Hawley B.S. Medical Technology Ilffvmline University: Ktwljll Phi: Wesley Players: Big Sister, 3, 4: Singers, 3, fl. EMILY RIPKA Owatonnn B.A., B.S., M.B. Beta Phi Alpha: Alpha Ep- silon Iota: Kappa Phi: W. S. G. A. Interprofessional Board: W. A. A. WARD A. RULIEN Minneapolis M.B. WILLIAM C. SIEGMANN Minneapolis M.B. THELMA LOUISE SMITH Hlbbing B.S. Medical Technology Hibbim: Junior Collexre: Kappa Delta: Kappa Phi. CLEMENTINE SPURZEM Minneapolis M.B. ARMER H. STOLPESTAD St. Paul M.B. HERBERT STOLPESTAD St. Paul M.B. PORTIA PORTER SWAIN St. Paul B-S- Medical Technology Alpha Delta Tau. V. DUANE Tl-IYSELL Hawley M.B. Concordia College: Theta Kappa Psi: Incus: Band, 1. MARION E. VOIGT Minneapolis B.S. Medical Technology CONSTANCE WELD Minneapolis B.S. Medical Technology Kappa Alpha Theta. LLOYD A. WHITESELL Browervillc M.D. ,.. VKX T f,..k. , ,kk P-,1 iq. Q7 Q: ,L 31 LQ ef an JUNIQI2 CGI I PGP - Director Malcolm S. McLean DIRac1'oR MALCOLNI S. MACLIQAN of the Junior College likes to spend his spare lime with his camera, or in his garden. He does not like to spend any time at all on human stupidity. lle speaks Scotch, French and profanity fluently. l'le favors any Sllltielll movement which shows brains and co-operation, and approves student activities. "Education," he states, "is like playing solitaire." "Work likell at the thing you like best," he advises, "and realize that we are living in the grandest, most thrilling period of Ameri- can history." Asst. Director Frcdcrick Ilovdc ASSISTANT DIRECTOR FRIQDI-:RICK L. l-Iovmc of the Junior College, Rhodes scholar and former Minnesota quarterback of great renown, finds outdoor sports and detective stories his pet recreations. Loud, noisy people get in his hair. Like Inost of us, his undergraduate days were spent in "trying to mix athletics, school work, politics, and fun." He speaks Deutsch well enough to order a beer iII Germany-yes, he's been there, too. Ile believes in student activities, in his work, his boss, constructive student movements and the University. TI-IE JUNIOR COLLEGE was instituted this year to satisfy the growing demands which could not be adequately copied within other units of the University. It is the first of its kind in the country and as a new project is being constantly changed and experimented upon. The college exists to serve the needs of its students, its curriculum and methods necessarily varying with the student requirements. The Junior College is helpful to students uncertain of their vocational choice, the variety of courses orient them to subjects in many Helds. Students wishing to take courses not offered in other colleges may supplement specialized courses with those in the Junior College. Others unable to attend four years at the University gain a broadened intel- lectual background here. The college is open to all Uni- versity students, accepting those who lack preparation for more specialized work. A variety of subject combinations are offered, with unusual freedom in the number of hours permissible. As yet, this experiment has hardly begun. The college is constantly growing and adapting itself to its purposes. The students and faculty feel that it is filling the need which created it and that it has made a definite place for itself on the campus. UNIVERSITY CGI I PGP S'I'uoIsN'I's wrrn SPECIAL abilities and professional ambitions were pro- vided for three years ago when the Board of Regents authorized President Coffman to appoint a committee to execute their plans for a University College. Professor John T. Tate, who continues to carry a full teaching load in the Physics department, was select- ed as chairman of the committee. Work in the UniveI'sity College may lead to a Bachelor of Science or a Bachelor of Arts degree dependent on the type of work carried. The student desiring entrance submits a full pro- 'W gram of the work he wishes to take Professor John T. Tate sophomores may gain admission. Students in the University College may take courses in any department of the University. This provision was the reason for its inception. Formerly, students who wished to take diversified work were forced to register in some college where only specialized pro- grams were offered and no provision was made for combinations of courses from different colleges. The University College was not in- tended for students looking for "snap coursesf' Entrance is comparatively dillicult-at present only sixty-Hve students are registered iII the college. in pursuance of his special interests. The majority of those The standards of work demanded are high-there have who enter are juniors and seniors, although freshmen and been only sixty-five graduates up to the present time. I 116 N. HILLIS ARNOLD Minneapolis B.A. Fine Arts Alpha Rho Chi: Tau Sigma Delta: Techno-Log. 4: Quar- terly. 2, 3: Architectural So- ciety. 3. 4. ELIZABETH S. BROWN Minneapolis B.A. Zoolosy Phi Beta Kappa: A.. A.: German Club: Bur Sister: University Singers. 2, 3. 4. LORAINE CUMMINS St. Paul B.A. Carleton: Pi Beta Phi. OTIS J. DYPWICK Minneapolis B.A. Journalism Psi Upsilon: Iron Wedge: Gopher, 1, 2. S, 4, Associate Editor, 3, Editor, 4: Daily, Editorial. 1: Ski-U-Mah. 1. 2. 3: Freshman Advisory Board: University Traditions Committee : University Activ- ities Committee: All-Univer- sity Golf Champions, fPsi Upsilonb, 3. LILLIAN FRANCES HALL Little Falls B.A. Speech Alpha Delta Pi: Masque-rs. CHARLES J. McDONOUGH Buffalo, New York B.S. Kvppg: Eta Kappa: Alpha Tau Sigma: Pnyx: Lead Hammer: A. I. E. E.: New- man Club : Homecoming Com- mittee Chairman, 2: Junior Ball. Committee Chairman, 3: Tech Frolic Committee Chairman, 4: Techno-Log, Business Staff, University Singers. RUTH ANNE OLSEN Minneapolis B.A. English Alpha Gamma Delta: Delta Phi Lambda: Phi Beta Kap- pa: Mortar Board: Sigma Epsilon Sigma: Minerva Lit- erary Society: Der Deutshe Verein: Y. W. C. A.: Home. coming. Office Committee Chairman, 8. Executive Com- mittee, 4: Big Sister, 2. 3, 4: Ski-U-Mah, 1: Quarterly edi- torial board. 2. HAROLD T. OLSON Minneapolis B.S. Band. 3, 4: University Sym- phony, 4. MARY sPooNsR Minneapolis B.A Kappa Kappa Gamma: Mor- tar Board: Pan-Hellenic, President: W. S. G. A.: As- sistant Homecoming Chair- man : Sophomore Representa- tive to W. S. G. A.: Home- coming Button Sales Chair- man. LLCQLLEGE A BELIEVER IN adult education who has practiced what he preaches is Professor Richard R. Price, director of the Ex- tension Division. Dr. Price received his doctorate in educational administration at Harvard twenty years after taking his master's degree in Greek at the same university. In 1909, Dr. Price established the second extension division in the United States at the University of Kan- sas. He came to Minnesota in 1913. And for several years has been trying to break the hundred mark on the Univer- sity golf course. SUMMER SESSIGN 118 EXTENSICDN DIVISICDN ALTHOUGH THOMAS A. H. TEETER, assist- ant director of the Summer Session, has held positions in seven colleges and four large engineering enterprises, he still insists that the check is the most enjoy- able thing about his job, and the work itself is the most disagreeable. "A hungry family," he says, influenced him to take his present position. Professor Teeter is a confirmed pool shark. He believes in more and bigger garbage cans for de- pression remedies. "Take yourself seri- ously," he advises, "-no one else will. And keep up the student spirit. It pays." I I '7WYY' 'W W ' M ri -Q X .3 Li 'e 5 -nh-5 ' 'i X IQ. , ,. ,, A... , , ,.. , A ,- -T, 31 . rf-1, . , 4 ,' m..,,, , 5 3'-"1,f'Li Am.. -A , . , A ,,, . . w 4' ' I .1-,:,,,,. My I . 3 ' .T:rf:A , , .I NNY., Ji , , h., ,,, , 41 :E QI v I N3 :S Ll fo 's 'A REPRESENTATIVE MIN N ES UTAN S Lee Loevinger Hiudfed Bfohdugh Bruce Canfield Elaine Hovcle John Forney 1244 Marjorie Jensen Carl John Lind Betty Mulvehill ii Qigg, j'?.'-:Af-,swan ,f ii if "Ur Pliilip Neville lne Ramsay LZIWOVZ Wolfe Gayle priester UNIVERSITY OF MINNESOTA OFFICE or DEAN OF STUDENT Ax-'mms Minneapolis The following students are named as Representative Minnesotans for 1955: Lee Loevinger Philip Neville Bruce Canfield Carl John Lind Gayle B. Priester John W. Forney 128 Betty Mulvehill Marjorie Jensen Hildred Brohaugh Ina Ramsay Lenore Wolfe Elaine Hovde fSignedJ A. 0. Lampland E. E. Nicholson Anne Dudley Blitz Ethelmae Eylar L. D. Coffman PRESS Q Nw' M 9. 's , 4' 1 44: 'winf Baker Brown Ray ,.. 1 uf V ., M ' ,yr Andrews L . -1 A . .R a 541' A 5' f ' Qfi ,, . .. tj Q a qv- 4. V F 'I A , ' L, N -'vai"' faux. 1'1" . 2 5 ' " . Q 185' X.-L N! -1 ' funk 7 .4'. " " W ' - ' l 11 i2?1i-fw ' a f X ' A 1' X M5 , 218 w qi f ,3 A I. ,f- fi . ' fif f N W5 wel f if V ' Z ,A agp: :W 9 GOPI-IER BUSINESS George J. Doyle Kenneth lVleLaren James Campbell Lyman Nlolancler lVlorris Vance assistant organization manager Claire Berg Phoebe lflallenberg 'Helen lane Hehlke lflelen libbighausen Charles Wells Ray Swarlout Marshall Taft Harry Aberg Meyer Liss business manager assistant business manager campaign director organization manager olliee secretary assistant secretary assistant secretary assistant secretary olbee manager sales assistant sales assistant sales assistant sales assistant George Doyle, business manager Kenneth McLaren, assistant business manager Wells Vance Campbell Swartont Berg Molunmler Wells, Winslow, Weichelt. Swnrltout, Foley, Field Liss, Ernst, Hnllenberpr, Vnnce. Qlllgley. Behlke. Nelson Aherg, Berg, McLaren, Doyle, M0lllllll01', Campbell 131 AW' ,lohn Forney, editor thuhl DAILY EDITORIAL Pl l P I ,Iohn XV. Forney and ' ti otter, er itors CITY DEPARTMENT .lames Emerson, city editor CITY ASSISTANTS Ralph Norris Arthur Burek SPECIAL Mary Andrews llarriet Premaek Linnea Pearson Anne Powers ,lohn Young Helen Krelehmer Carol Stolz .lessie Dunwoody Edward Sainsbury Wilbur Elston Richard MacMillan WRITERS Audrey Fjelde Arne Sevureid REPORTERS Belly Barlow .luanita Zehnder Margot Ann While Lueile Peterson llelen Randolph llerschel Wolk ,lane Snader FA RM CAM PUS Robert Atkinson COPY DESK Phil Potter, copy editor Albert Kosek, assistant copy editor and copy Lester Hartwig Sidney Coldish Viola Ventura Edward Anderson Lois Brown William T. llarris Carl Pearson Kerwin Hoover EDITORIAL DEPARTMENT Leo Kaplan, chairman Iledley Donovan, assistant editorial chairman Bjorn Bjornson, assistant editorial chairman COLUMNISTS David Donovan Courtney Swensen Arne Sevareid SPORTS DEPARTMENT Stephen llarris, sports editor Courtney Swensen, assistant sports editor I Kaplan Eaneher l otler lzrnerson llarris Donovan John Iloffbauer, .lr. George Crillin Edward Shuriok, .lr. Sigmund Coldberg Gerald Peterson Martyn Kingsland Melvin McLean Robert Woodrufl' Cordon Keyes Ralph Stanton .lohn Burnett SOCIETY DEPARTMENT Marie Eaneher, society editor Mary Brennan, assistant society editor Mary Louise Reinhold Betty Raglund Nola Kamtneicr lfranrwes Porney Neota Silvers Ardis Lnnrlgren Phyllis Savage editor Pearson, IJ, Donovan, Bjornson, G. Peterson, Stern, H. Donovan, Griffin, Norris Hoover, Snader, Woodruff, L. Peterson, Burck, Premaek, Shuriek Sainsbury, I-Iolfbauer, Andrews, MacMillan, Randolph, Elston, Fjelde, Ulriksson Kretehmc-r, Dunwoody, Shaw, Somers, Brennan, Grant, Silvers Anderson, Kosek, Emerson, Kaplan, Faneher, Potter, Harris, Swenson DAILY BUSINESS Curl O. 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Odoroif, Brace, Barnes MENTOR BUSINESS Maurice Odoroff business manager Ruth Brace circulation manager ASSISTANTS Hilding Chilgren Beryl Culp Albin Erickson IVIENTOR EDITORIAL Helen L. Cook Paul Stone Margaret Trussell Gordon Granberg EDITORIAL Beth Barnes Viola Benson Margaret Ernst Betty Leland Loretta Leroux Walter Lohan managing associate art ASS ISTAN TS Gertrude Page Ellen Pakola Marian Schroeder Vivian Smelmy Evelyn Steele Helen Slurnick editor editor editor editor Maurice Odorofl' business manager Helen Cook editor 137 . Carroll Geddes ONE OF THE YOUNGEST administrative officials in the University organization, Carroll Geddes, Financial Advisor to Student Activities, has not only admirably filled the position, but has so expanded the scope of the office, through the force of his own personality, that there exists an efliciency of management in our student activities that can be equalled by few educational institutions in the world. He assumed the position three years ago, shortly following his graduation from Minnesota. With the vigor and vision of the young man, he has projected him- self into the progressive spirit of our student activities and organiza- tions. His inspiration and aid has been more far-reaching than the financial aspect, and in him the 1933 GOPHER, and all its fellow student projects as well, has a genuine friend and advisor, one who works with, and not over or against the undergraduate,--one who has ever in mind the best interests of the University and its people. 138 SUCIAL . P1 s 5 4 n i I . r 'ae fi: x M 1 -Y . 'FQ' f r Q 5 .1 ,L X "f 'Ill l ,v",3', .,.,', '- 3 f-'xl".f,' . . ' 1 X , mf P Q' Q" ' m .. gin, .. ,,'7f, if SFI, A . I 5 , 1 Q I n l Q ,t gy. I 4 4. 5 : il., - f f thu-1 Y I fs ir u u Sw nm ' Q 1 1 W V, 1 ,. A , ' , .. l. x.- - . 1 .1 , ,--.. 4 , ... M wx X- - - Ag .jf 1" ,, xi ffgww 3 I :Q "T ' 'Ib if 'if -'J' 1:-,VKX nu! 'ip I .1 Vp g an g 5 13! 'V .ff rg X: 1: s1',J'1f' JUNIOR BALI. ' Almzm: Junior Bull iczuicrs. Loft lo right: linhcrl, Dnl'ricsl and Syncva Marlin, A1'lhn1'Lunlp- hlncl and Uurolhy Johnson, Max Wlonllnn uncl Ruth Crylhuk, llarnhl Mulliin und Marie l"alnc'hei', Lyinun Molunflci' unil Erlilh Recd. wht' 1" M , 5 F 1 gi J I Ni ZW' -5 0 I ' ,Q 4 7 i lll 4 I li 1 coualcs some in mrrowcd Lnxvdos unfi :nina in nr s 1-A 1 vns- i' iz Vinff "c ' zffn " gi X 'n-Y 'fi on lhe II or mi' 2 i a 1 x 1 , 1 I0 mc iss 'wolf' rc zwzs' 'as 0 1' ,nnior ' . ' X10 11'niifiMa1l'cl1wva1s ornwcl '11 : 5. um wrt u rim-5 mrcsic cnt of I IC . unior Annlnission, unc Synvvu "lr in, his guest, were thc lcudcrs. munqncl was served in lhc Ch'1tvnn unc 'em f honing' '1 , :00n.1n. 'ollowinjflllc dance, wcury mil-govrs roulmm P ,, ' Upper riglil: Dunning I0 lhc slruins of Charlie Agncw's hanml. Upper loft: Time out uflcr the Crunfl March. Lvwvl' right: The hunqncl. wus not the lcusl. cnjoyahlc fcalurc of lhc Bull! lo various fraternity unfi Sorority houses whore lhvy vn- joycd curly nnmrning lwcalkfzlsls. in Km ' , ' ' -ff 1 INTEIQPROFESSIGNAI. BALI. THE FLAME ROOM of the Hotel Radisson was the scene of the traditional "lnterpro" Ball on the evening of March fl-. Representatives of the various professional fraternities on the campus and their fair guests danced to the strains of Larry Funkis orchestra. "Professional jealousyv and classroom worries were forgotten as the gay couples whirled about the dance floor or strolled in the mezzanine. Mr. Harold Mattlin and his guest, Miss Margaret Mac- Naughton, led the grand march which started at 11:30. Witli 225 couples attending the hall, practically no drop below former years' attendance was shown. ' lnlerpro leaders. Left to right: Miss Margaret MacNaugh- t0l1 and Harold Mattlin, Miss Miriam Brown and Ray Lacher, Miss Evelyn Fouser and Kenneth Malek, Miss Ruth Townsend and Robert DuPriest. 1442 The lineup at the llotel Radisson Ball- 1'oom. MILITARY BALI. UNIFORMED OFFICERS and their ladies stepped into the line of march for the 40th Military Ball on the night of December 2nd. Sahers gleamed and eyes flashed as the gay crowd swayed to the rhythm of Red Nichols' dance band. N The ladies' colorful gowns included creations by Patou, Chanel and others. A drill review by Minnesota's R.O.T.C. Crack Drill Squad furnished part of the entertainment. A supper was served at 1:l5 in the Terrace and the Crystal Rooms. Dancing continued until 3:30 a.1n. Cadet Colonel Howard R. Jones and Helen Cook, his guest, led the grand march. Helen Cook and Howard Jones ' lop picture: Cadet Col. Howard Jones and llelen Cookg Cadet Lt.-Col. Lucius Caswell and Delphine Brooks: Cadet Lt.-Col. Norman Carlson and Betty Mulve- hillg Cadet Lt.-Col. James Stod- dart and Jane Millarg Cadet Ma- jor Charles ,loues and lsohel Cregoryg Cadet Major Thomas Kaehcltnaeher and Nivea llaw. Everybody Smile! 1413 m.1.'.1rgI-Y7' ""'i"'7 K If .N -' . 3:4 A 5' AL,y Dgmsgaw i mi' Jimi' U szf.L!115.h,v :4?.HFu1i13 lhwsbll. W 1 ' S. 'ff.,-41.0 I k I Q ya X. v 1 S Y I vw W y a 1 rv KY 1 jg, W 4, " 'z 1 K !' " , ' nl , 92 G 'W r , in f 51 QQ H215 w Q, vc M y --J 4 .I fx 1 iw X I Mmrei Q Q17 ,gs x ' 4 iv 5 Q Q 'i f X 7' x x . Q., I ns, as Ai! mx 215. 15' z - Y ,, 1 Qi , Q Q 1 I , if 1- 5 D Q A A QLF gg 2 W si 7 li W Iii" ,L 4 M: W .Qi A MUSU3 Mrs. Carlyle Scott Professor Earle G. Killeen 1,416 Professor Carlyle M. Scott . CARLYLI-I M. SCU'l'1', Director and Professor of the de- partment. of Music, and a director of the Minneapolis Sym- phony Orchestra, has guided the destinies of the Music school since 1904, when he was a one-man department. Through his eflorts, his department now boasts one of the finest hnildings on the campus, with a faculty personnel of over thirty. ' To Mus. CAllI,YI.l'1 Sco'r1', symphony manager, is due credit. for making the University of Minnesota campus one of the musical centers of America. ller unliring eflorts effected the arrangement hy which the concerts of the Min- neapolis Symphony Orehestra, and the Artists' Course were hrought to Memorial Auditorium. . Tun Intsn-I-:Yun haton wielder who directs the "stu- dent sings" at convocation, or football games is none other than Earle C. Killeen, Professor of Music and director of the University Singers. Under his direction, the Singers have produced "Aida," "Carmen," "Martha," "The Mikado," "Vagabond King," "Babes in Toyland," and other popular operas, therehy further distinguishing Minnesota for its musical accoinplishments. ARTISTS CCDURSE and SYMPI-IGINIV SCDLCDISTS Madame Culli-Curci, Vladimir llorowitz, Soprano Pianist l Lily POIIS, C0l0l'llllll'Zl Yelludi Menuliin, Boy Violinist ,WR w""""Qwu , 4 Joseph Szigcli, Violinisl Roland llayes, Tenor 1447 MININIEAPOLIS SVMPI-IGNV Ycliruli Menuhin rehcarscs with the orchestra Eugene Ormandy, conductor ' Eugene Ormandy, 32 year old conductor of the Minneapolis Symphony orchestra and youngest symphony director in America, rounds out his third year at Minnesota. At three he was a child prodigy with the violing at seven he gave concerts. Gifted with a phenomenal musical memory, he is able to conduct the most difficult symphonies with- out a score. He has won international recognition for his musical genius. 14-8 ui IN A YEAR WIIEN many big orchestras were seriously hampered because of economic con- ditions, the Minneapolis Symphony orchestra had one of the most successful seasons in its history. Affiliated with the University, it offered to the student body, faculty, and other patrons the newest in musical composition and the greatest of the classics, played by a group of musicians hailed as one of the great symphony orchestras of the country, and conducted by a man who is critically considered to be one of the greatest younger conductors of his genera- tion. The orchestra also brought to the campus nine outstanding musical stars as soloists, rang- ing from Lily Pons, famous Metropolitan Opera Company soprano, to Yehudi Menuhin, boy violinist. Pons opened the season in her Hrst northwest appearance, followed by Goeta Ljundberg, soprano. Roland Hayes, Negro tenor, Gere Cotna, violinist, Eugene Coossens, guest conductor, Joseph Szigeti, violinist, Vladimir Horowitz, pianistg and Myra Hess, pianist, completed the program for the season. Ormandy won new laurels for himself as a conductor in Philadelphia, where he conducted four times during the season, in Cincinnati, where he conducted while Goossens was ill, and on tour with the Minneapolis orchestra. In the fifteen days of its tour the orchestra played twenty-one concerts in thirteen cities in eight states. In addition to the Friday night symphony series the orchestra played a series of twenty popular Sunday afternoon concerts. UNIVERSITY SYMPI-ICDNV Pcpinsky zlirccts a formal rehearsal AN ORGANIZATION or nearly one hundred students plus a few of the musically inclined faculty members makes up the personnel of the University Symphony Orchestra. This group, under the direction of Abe Pepinsky, Professor of Music, is primarily interested in providing undergraduates with an opportunity to play symphonic music and familiarize them- selves with the various types of orchestral composition. The University Symphony gives a concert each quarter, and also accompanies all pro- ductions of the University Singers. This year the orchestra gave an all-MacDowell concert and a performance at which Miss Bernadine Courtney, just returned from a year's piano study in Europe, was the soloistg in addition the orchestra accompanied "The Vagabond King" and 'cBabes in Toylandf' The orchestra meets at least once each week and either rehearses for performances or prac- tices the music of the great orchestral com- posers. This organization always assists the Department of Music in their annual com- mencement concerts in the spring quarter when students from the graduating class appear as soloists with the symphony. The symphony is organized into an associa- lion and elects student officers. There are, of course, various positions as concert master, principal cellist, and so forth, just as in any professional orchestra of this nature. The personnel of the organization is not limited to those enrolled in the music school. Any stu- dent or faculty member so inclined may join the group. ' A Master's degree in physics is not abso- lutely essential to the pedigree of u well trained inusiciang but Abe Pepinsky, director of the Uni- versity Syniphony and Music School professor, has one. "Pep" has studied music at the Cincinnati conservatory und at the Berlin University. llis ensemble classes and the viola are his hobbies. 14-9 -'N 7 AY ba- - l' VAGABOIXID KING ' Top left: Albert Killeen as Louis Xl. Top riglltr Cliiiord Menz as Francois Villon. Center left: Kenneth Parks as Noel l.e.lolys. lfentler: Ccorge llolliday as Rene DeMon- tignyg Ceorge Wingert as Casin Chalet. Right f,'UlIfl3I'J .Agnes Rast Snyder as lluguette. Lower left: William Newgord as Guy Tabarie. Lower left center: Alma Daubenmire as Kath- erine De Vaucelles. Lower right cenler: Park llefleru as Oliver Lellain. Lower right: lVilliam Sundernlau, production manager, as Thihaut D,Aussigny. Bottom right: Olive Criebenow as Lady Mary. 3 w 1'3- RICNI-IWING Mlcmonli-is of former operatic glories, the University Singers gave their version of the ad- ventures of that 16th century vagabond poet, Francois Villon, in presenting the "Vagabond King," directed by Mr. Earle Killeen and staged by Mr. William Sunderman. Never before have the Singers given a ously boisterous as the poetic leader of the rabble who becomes King for a dayg his singing was espe- cially commendable. The role of lluguette, the girl Villon forgets, was done by Agnes Rast Snyder, who gave a highly perfected interpretation. As the eccentric Monarch, Louis Xl, Albert Killeen upheld his laurels as a versatile actor, creating an f defter performance than this brilliantly staged old excellent characterization. Olive Criebenow appeared favorite. Action, grouping, costuming and light eflects were handled most admirably in making the scenes eiiec- tive. Most impressive was the management of the ensemble, making the mass scenes vivid and stirring with its vitality. Clillord Menz in the role of Villon was spontane- 150 to great advantage as Lady Mary, while Alma Dauben- mire ably began her musical career as Katherine De Vaueelles, Villon's lady. William Newgord's Guy Tabarie delighted the audience with another of his inimitable comedy characterizations. The entire chorus sang with vigor and charm throughout the stirring scenes. I r. l I Grand hnale for the Toyland Chorus Vicron llt-:um-:n'i"s incomparable melodies again rang through the auditorium when the University Singers pre- sented that sparkling tale for youngsters, "Babes in Toyland." Mr. Earle Killeen managed and directed the production most skillfully. The scenes were each more brilliantly staged and cos- tumed than the preceding one, giving the Singers an oppor- tunity to display their talents to the utmost. YVilliam Newgord, as Alan, again took every chance to delight the audience with his clever acting and excellent singing. Marion Miller, acting the role of Contrary Mary, gave a charming portrayal of that saucy ininx. Clifford Meuz demonstrated his great flexibility as Toni-Toni, using his splendid voice to good advantage. His inamorata, jane, was played by Geraldine Hudson in a sweet and pleasing manner. Several newcomers to the Singers' group proved their ability in this operctta: Mary .lohnston as the Widow Piper, Mary Blinkcr as Bo-Peep, and Hester Albright. as Holdo, all showed themselves worthy of excellent parts. The University Symphony, directed hy Professor Abe Pepinsky, performed ably in accompanying this glowing, youthful extravaganza. K Ah ,, ,,m 53' lk. ' Center left: William New- gord as Alan. Center right: lloward Gross as Barnaby. liollom. Icfr: llruro Stenberg and Dwight Longfellow as Rodcrigo and Conzorgio. Babes in Toyland HUHOIIIV left 1'el1lt'r: Marion Miller as Contrary Mary. lloltom, right water: Donald llaw- kins as the Master Toyinaker. lfoilonl. right: Ceraldine lludson as Jane. 151 B H ae ,V E gg, L. ' uw , '5fL"i 'Yi .V V - 'A Q' e igff f li " ' A 1 1, Vg ,YN ,4 E I, ' ' -- f is il ?j'f2'?' ' 31 ' - T E 5 1 3 r V le l, , f,..'L'4, g, I " i f V sf- 1 .N 4 Vg H553 YQQ: 7 ' - 7'5" 3 " .YJ ' gf .' VH," T ' - 3,.f1 ,,, ' 5- - . V V i1' :'Qf4 1,2 ' T f ' i 45 " Q' ' 'F 4,20 F4 .sf .-F . V- , - 1- Q-' :V W f 5 V- , . 5.7"'7'i f- p 1.11, - g- 1 1, fa . ' V - nina. ' -Rf: - F4-r 1, - ' "nv-ff, if W V !,, ,. A A Q . '. D ,,, , ' T 3 1"f ' . 'Q ' "" x ' F" " 4"" ,'J"i. - ,L - 4 ' , , , I . -. Tfri' ,U 't , A '- if J. N is 183 A ' . T. rf""?Q24 K '.' "'ff,'S"-" I-'Q-T '93 5 'ns' I 'F gk " 'J s ,I V -A - K ' . " . - - ' A . Q . x ' ' v , . , - x ' A H ,, ., fy: A '-gif 4 li - 'l,' " I Q ox. 'A ' -N .77 " ,'co:,:V ff- " is , HAQDK,-K A 4' -1 la- f' 'Wx AXA.' 4 'hy Tux 0.3, V"- " or ' L . .5 -wg,,.M' ,mg ',.4 ,Q Q5 ' - - 3 I V A ' - x I I ,p- ' 'mg 5-Y! V ,N ' Anil, .n..,... ,ff 'gn ', If . -- 4, I' ' Q , "" f fr' Wy ""'dM"""F'Y A -P' I ,fffwvf-mv N- ' . 1 V ' 'N-'SWK W , ,,,,, . x L , A 'r',.A,AN vm' v Fi., ' 1 ' V V- ,fjfxfgf K fu, ' - xx' 1" 02" ff -' ' W Concert Band ' A V I . 2 l . " , , . . , 'N M as A iv i in v W Q A bun' I l Q I 3 D L b V W KAW J M n A A M M' 'Y' 'W M an am ' , 1 X X Ax X ,N K, I :A X Q ,X I w X, N, V X xv n XX XX D V 1 V- , . : , VK Ax H .K ' , ., rx K x - -. ,f f 'Q x 1' 1 1 f -. A , - Y' V X -fvf ' iw N - 1. ' ' If ll 'H 'L W Q - R . 4 27.9 ' J X 'L' +- 7 P - X , --3 ' '.'. ,lv 'V ,A V -- -4 X f '- ' fb' K, ff l' V .x J X , C V. f V V ' ' ' 1 f, '21, 'X pf A . I f Vt f 1 H NM? V "' 2' ' V 7 -' 5 ' ,f ' f H 5 x X X J 'X N - 41" ,' , Qi. K -. f X , I -. x - K ' I I 3 - K-X l I X ., K x I L X. X. X J. new V F9 AT9 Hb f , x " 'S Y x N x X X 5 X, H fi R 4 a , - 4 Q Q e x ' " 5 453.1 QB QR QB ', , r 4- J - r v' W, -. ' I 1 ,M - '11-Vw vi ' ik,, rm K . - X-M I -I -MJ DRAMA F UREN SICS . Top: Professor A. Dale Riley, director of the Univer- sity Theatre, coaching the production of "Sea Wife," world premiere, written by Maxwell Anderson, in which Ruth Die- trich and ,lohn O'Malley fright foregroundl played the lead roles. Below: Clement Ramsland, junior director and production manager of tl1e University Theatre under A. Dale Riley, has distinguished himself in recent years as a capable supervisor of campus dramatic talent. 154 Tina UNIVERSITY T11EA'rEtt has made a substantial contribution to the community's esthetic support. It deserves the gold star of shining merit . . . for these specific reasons: Because it has fulfilled the function of tl1e experimental theater by presenting new plays for which all the manifold respon- sibilities of creation must be assumed, Because its directors in each department have exhibited a bold vitality in meeting the challenges offered by untried materialg Because in Rolf Ylvisaker, Sam Mirviss, Ruth Dietrich, John O'lVlalley and several others, it has developed actors of unusual promise, Because it has entirely eliminated the primary faults of amateurism such as half- hcartcd interest, panicky self-consciousness and sluggishncss of recreation, Because in general, its productions have been smooth and expert, clear in design and craftsmanlike in detail. -fumes Cray, St. Paul Dispatch BERKELEV SQUARE Q Above: Katltleen Quigley as the Duchess of Devonshire. Right above: Marguerite Phillips as Marjorie, Appleton Crowley as the Ambassador, Ethel Winuiek as Mrs. Barwiek. Extreme right: Everett Elmer as Mr. Throstle, William Crnndman as Major Clinton. Right: Dorothy Kennedy as llelen, John O'Malley as Peter. Below: Enza Zeller as Lady Anneg Robert Shrewsbury as Tom Petti- grewg Louise Buck as Kate. 'N Tut: UNlVl'IltSl'l'Y 'I'tttcA'rt:u eonelutled its season with John l3alderston's fantasy, "Berkeley Square." Suavely directed lty lllr. Riley, this play was quite the loveliesl and most distinguished ol the tlteuter's ollerings. "Berkeley Square" is based ou an extremely eotnplieated idea- -that ol rela- tivity of time. A young man ol unusual sensitivity projects himself into the backward flow ol' time and assumes the character of an l8th century gallantg the play revolves around what he thinks ol 18th century people, their ways, ethies, social life, and tll'l. .lohn 0'Malley acquitted himself nolily in the dillieult part ol Peter Standish, using a sensitive, sympathetic interpretation to make tlte role understatnlalmle. Robert Shrewslntry gave an outstanding t'll1ll'1lClCl'lZtlll0ll of the rone, Tom Pettigrew. Dorothy Kennedy spread a kind of candlelight radiance over tlte exquisite part of llelen Pcttigrewg Louise Bunk played the unsympathetie Kate with great, skill. Enza Zeller as the charming Lady Anne turned in a most professional performance, and there were excellent eltaraeter sketches by Taalkeus Blank, Everett Elmer, and Kathleen Quigley. The produetion was pietorially lovely. The setting, copying the original, was in hue taste and eharmg the l8th century costumes were chosen with a Sllfewll Cye to eolor values, carrying out the illusion of fantasy. 155 STREETS QF NEW VQRK f,., ' Above: Don Sll'CClC1' as Badge, the wily clerk. Right: lrving Zipperman as Bloodgood, the wicked banker whose diabolical sneers strike terror to innocent hearts. 156 pin .Q 7"i f" ' Above right: Dorothy Kennedy as the haughty Alida Bloodgood. Above, center: Marion Pfaender, Bill Newgord, Walter Halstead as the comical Pnlly family. Left: Marian Miller as the Widow Fairweather, and Bill Corrigan as her son, Paul Fairweather. Below: Marion Schroeder as the win- some Lucy Fairweather. Tins SOUL-TEARING, heart-throbbing and blood-curdling drama of mid-nine- teenth century was revived by the Uni- versity Theater in its first production of the season, uStreets of New Yorkf' by Dion Boucicault, under the direction of Clement T. llamsland. ln this play, virtue and honesty found true reward, a villain with gleaming teeth and handlebar moustache got what he deserved, and a beautiful heroine and noble hero found happiness in each other's arms after struggling through a sea of troubles. lt was great fun for the audience, chiclly because the cast played with such evident relish and gusto, and brought to its roles an exaggerated sin- cerity that made the piece doubly ridicu- lous. Irving Zipperman as the banker was so villainous as to be soundly hissed by the audienceg Don Streeter, his clerk, showed vigor and dash. Marian Miller tore great quantities of sobs and pathos from her tragic partg Bill Corrigan as her son was properly "mellerdramatic." Marion Schroeder, the delicate heroine, lluttered through the play with winsome beams and appealing gesturesg Al Kil- leen proved himself a master of the throat-lumping type of herog Dorothy Kennedy played "muh proud beauty" with line disdaing Jack 0,lVlalley died a dripping death as the sea captain. Come- dy relief was olfered by Bill Newgord, Marion Pfaender, and Walter Halstead as the Puffy family. AMACCD IN ITS SECOND world premiere of the season, the University Theater produced Marlin Flavinis 4'Amaeo,,, doing it both powerfully and effectively. "Amaco" attempts to show ironically the distressing impact of the machine, the fierce competition in industry on our social structure, and to suggest how the mechanical develop- ment of the last 25 years has reduced the human element to an insignificant position. ' The chief interest of the play lay in its direction and stag- ing under the management of Clement Ramsland. The set- tings were given an impressionistic interpretation, the tempo of the play was set by a suggestion of machines clicking ofl- stage very efleetively. The direction, full of natural difhcul- ties, was adroitly worked out in harmony with the mechanical spirit. The show was a personal triumph for Mr. Ramsland. Arthur Peterson played the rising industrial Colossus with a robust, masculine vigor. Sam lVlirviss, playing the Cl'llSllCCl competitor, was genuinely impressive with his simple, pas- sionate eloquenee. Robert Breen, as the financial Machiavelli, was effectively repellantg Thomas Welilo did a fine job in the role of inventor, Irving Zipperman as the hardened worker and Kendrick Wilson as the tired old industrial leader, both distinguished themselves. 4'Amaco" left the audience partly shocked, stunned, but thoroughly moved. ' Top: A scene from the play, in which the maddenerl, jobless men burst in upon the directors' meeting and uecost Burke lArtlutr Peterson? . Center: Thomas Welib as Oliver, the inventor, and Artlmr Peterson, at the climax of a power- ful scene. ffbnvc: Nuphtatie Conner, Elton Ellis, Sam Sherman and Harold Gilman as Black. White, Brown, and Green, the four automaton directors. Left: Robert Breen ns Loeb, the sinister finan- cial power. Extreme Left: Artlmr Peterson as Burke, and Sam Mirviss as Peters, in an extremely moving scene in which Peters begs assistance for his tottering company. 157 Ti-IE SEA WIFE v ,- T. but N, ' Top row: John 0'lVfalley as the patient and long-suffering hus- band, Dang Ruth Dietrich as tlte et.hereal Sea Wife, Margaretg Rolf Ylvisaker as MacQuarrie, the hard fisherman. Second row: Walter llerbst as Wilcoxg .lam es McCulloch as .lamesg Fred llalhkat as Douglasg Melva flenning as Biddy, the hug. Left: Arthttr McCracken as Nate. Bottom row: Lorraine Andresen as Nellg Robert Shrewsbury as Iretong Marion Tucker as Muisieg Appleton Crowley as Dr. Fallon. N "Tun Sm Winn," by Maxwell Anderson, was given its world premiere in the most vivid and convincing performance of the University Theater under A. Dale Riley's direction. The play has for its locale a lonely island off the coast of Maine in the last century. lts theme revolves about a fisherman's wife who is a somnambulist. in a dream world of myth, tlte target of merciless persecution by as fottl a set of superstitious fishermen as were ever put on the stage. Ruth Dietrich, in the title role, did a marvelottsly sensitive piece of work--in the traneed gesture, the far-away voice, the pitiful submission to fate tltc role calls for. John O'Malley gave an honest and restrained performance as her husband, and Rolf Ylvisaker brought. vigor and brutality to the part. of MaeQuarrie. Melva llenning: as the old witch, Appleton Crowley as the minister, Sam Mirviss as the doddering Peter, and the balance of the cast. were unusually skillful in their work. Theodore Sebern's settings were highly effective, and Kenn l3arr's costuming was equally appropriate to the period and mood of the play. 159 PROFESSOR FRANK lVl. tL'Pa1Ja17'j RAR!!! has become one of the Universityis jolliest institutions,-not by virtue of having built up the Speech department into an outstanding influence at Minnesota, or by instigating a new era in speech instruction at the University---but because he is one of those rare men who Hwear welli'-whose blull, sincere personality makes him remembered long after the others are forgotten. His plan is to "scare the life out of his studentsgv make them so mad they will outdo themselves on the rostrum. Oddly enough, the plan works: by his "rough treatment," as many inhibitions have bit the dust as he has made friends and admirers. 'E ,yy , , Q Q 2 , . 4 '1 if 1. 'S' 4 I gr If Il ' lx: A, ,W D x i if i i 1 L V JE r I i . 0 ' M 7711 9 If-I X 2 3 F 0 . DEBATE ' The women's debate squad. linclt' row, left to right: Eileen llansen, Ruth Peterson, and Marion l'iaender. Front row: lidna llansen, Lenore Wolfe, llelcn Knapp, Gloria lioock. and Katherine 0'Neil. met Carleton's affirmative men. Both teams argued the question: "Resolved: that. all banking functions should he regulated hy the federal government, with deposits guaranteed." No decision was given. En route to Iowa on March I. a negative team composed of Saudia Celb, Robert Wilson and Patil Anderson held a practice debate with Grinnell College, also on the banking question. On March 2, the same team met Iowa in a conference debate, the judge giving Iowa the decision. On March 5, a Marquette men's team and two of the Minnesota squad, Charles Lowe ami Ilarold Frcderickson, staged a no-decision debate before the Newman club here, arguing on taxation. That subject, was again debated when a Crinnell men's team came to Minnesota and held a debate with Russell .Iohnson and Dean Carlson at Washburn Iligh School. Although there was no judge for this clash, a teachers' vote of the high school gave Minnesota a decision over Grinnell. An interesting radio debate was put on hy a St. 'l'homas men's team versus Charles Lowe, and Russell ,Iohnson of Minnesota, debating the taxation question. on March l6. The next day, a team from the University of XVisconsin arrived at Minneapolis for a debate with the Minnesota team composed of Ira Peterson, Loevinger. and Ilarold LeVander. The subject of banking was the question of the evening, and by the judge's decision, the honors went to Wisconsin. The last debate of the season for thc me-n's squad was held on April I2 with North Dakota, Dean Carlson and Ilarold I7redcrickson arguing the taxation question for Minnesota, with no decision given. The annual Freshman-Sophomore Debate took place on March I4-, on tltc question: "Resolved: That the United States should agree to the cancellation of thc inter-allied war debtsf' The sophomore team, which won a two-to-one decision over the freshmen, was composed of Genevieve Arnold, llcrtratn Talsncss, and lloward Kahn. 'l'he freslnnen team was: .lohn Nordin. .lcronte Kauintan, and Frederick Rarig. Wilson Karlins LeVander Celb MILITARY Lt.-Colonel Ilester SNAl'5ll0'l'S or the Colonel: hunting and fishing his greatest hobhies . . . plays moderate tennis . . . pretty good badminton . . . better squash . . . terrible golf . . . hopes to shoot 120 before he cashes in . . . once col- lected coins but couldn't keep front spending them . . . reads mostly history and biography . . . is soft spoken with a slight accent as befits a son of Georgia . . . entered Georgia U at 15 . . . out of West Point N STR CTIIIN STAFF Sgt:-1, Peterson, Buckner, Strider, Larson, Dunkum, Cunningham Capt. Wiggins, Lt. Conrad, Lt. I-Inrtness, Lt. Richmond Capt. Ellis, Capt. Davenport, Lt. Ericson, Cupt. Minckler, Capt. Krause, Capt. Birks Major Methvcn, Major Guthrie, Lt.-Col. Hester, Major Shippam, Major Webb ORGANIZED ON A ranking basis almost identical to that of the regular army, although in skeleton form, students in the lV1ilitary Department have their own officers and their own officers' staff. Appointments to cadet oflicers' positions are made by Lt.-Col John H. Hester and must be approved by President Coffman. Heading the officers group this year is Cadet Col. Howard Jones. On his staff is Lt.-Col. Charles Jones, who succeeded Lt.-Col. Lucius Caswell, Lt.- Col. Norman Carlson, Coast Artillery, Lt.-Col. James Stoddart, Signal Corps, John Speakes, Ad- jutant, and Paul Erickson, assistant adjutant. Promotion among officers is made on the basis of drill work done in the first year advance course, classroom standing, spring competition, extra-cur- ricular aetivities in the department, and work at summer camp. As ONE OF 'rttti 1.26 colleges and universities in the United States with military instruction as part of the curriculum, the University has regular army officers stationed here the year round. This stall' provides instruction in every branch of military work. Army officers are sent to lVlinnesota from all parts of the country for a four year period. At the end of this time they can, if they wish, make application for an extension. Wfhe main objective of military instruction," Lt.-Col. ,lohn H. Hester has stated, Mis to provide a corps of citizens who are trained as reserve officers, just as the main objective of other departments of the University is to provide a corps of citizens trained along other particular lines of usefulness to the state and nation." Caswell, Spenkes, Erickson, C. Jones Carlson, H. Jones, Stoddart. CA ET STAFF Hester ll ones Sllllltldm Carlson IN ANTI! Tun LARGEST UN1'r in the Military Department is the Infantry corps, with more than 1500 basic and 1141 advanced course students. Cadets in the basic corps, directed by Major T. G. Methven, are taught fundamentals of military tactics, including close order drill and rifle firing. Next year the course will be broadened to include discussion of the current international situation and a brief outline of military history, with added emphasis on development of leadership. Lt. Harlan Hartness is in charge of advanced infantry students. There were three applications for every vacancy in the advanced corps this year, and the percentage is expected to be higher next year. Students are trained in leadership, handling and operation of the machine gun, trench mortar and 37-mm. gun, map reading, military history and tactical problems. The Coast Artillery Corps The Infantry Corps Wrru A1RP1.ANEs RAPIDLY becoming one of the principal factors in warfare, the lighting of planes from the ground is gaining in importance. At Min- nesota 130 junior and senior engineers, enrolled in the Coast Artillery corps, are given extensive train- ing in anti-aircraft gunnery for two years. Not Ollly do they study the speed of airplanes and other moving targets, the operation of searchlights, me- chanical data computers and electrically controlled mobile guns, but they are given training in small arms hring and infantry drill also. Between their junior and senior years, cadets are sent to Fort Sheridan, Ill., to put theories into prac- tise, During the last year they are taught military history and law, artillery tactics and material, auto- motives and military surveying. Major Willis Shippam has charge of the Coast Artillery unit. CIIAST RTILLER Melhven C Jones Minckler Stoddart 'l'lic Signal Corps SKYROCKETING through the toughest schedule in varsity rifle team history by winning 51 out of 541 telegraphic matches in one month, and 15 out of 1.7 shoulder-to-shoulder matches during the season, Min- nesota's rillers romped into camp with the Big Ten, Western Conference, and Seventh Corps Area cham- pionships, and climaxed a brilliant season by bag- ging the National Intercollegiate championship at Champaign, Ill., with a score of 137111. The U. S. Naval Academy trailed 16 points behind to take second place. Sergeant Ernest R. Mylke has coached the team for the past eleven years. Captain William A. Ellis is manager. Daniel Stern, captain of the record-smash- ers, led the varsity five-Stern, Maday, Helseth, Peterson, and Seth-to victory in the intercollegiate shoot. Helscth, a junior, won the Western Conference individual championship with a score of 280. SIGNAL CIDRP No MODIQRN ARMY can hope to operate against an enemy without signals between its units. Since the Civil War, communication has developed rapidly, so that flags, searchlights, mirrors, motorcycles, car- rier pigeons, telegraph, telephone, wireless, airplane and radio are now used. The R. O. T. C. Signal Corps unit at Minnesota is one of ten in the United States, and is composed of advanced corps students in the electrical engineer- ing school. Cadets are trained in the use and con- struction of the field telephone, the radio, telegraph and wireless. They are also taught visual signaling by Searchlight and flags. Actual practice is given during the six weeks summer camp at Fort Snelling. Captain R. W. Nlinckler and Sgt. H. E. Strider of the U. S. Army Signal Corps are in charge of all Signal Corps work at the University. , Vail, Knudtson, Lindquist, Gruenhngen, Dodge, Hauser Maday, Muller, Seth, Hel:-seth. Peterson A Gottfried, Team Contain Stern, Captain Ellis, Couch Mylke, Bernier, Turrell RIFLE TEAM Ellis Myllte ACK SQUA THE CRACK DRILL SQUAD at Minnesota is the pride of the Military department. For two hours each week, the Hfteen men who compose the squad go through strenuous drilling, both in formation and with the rifle, training for the big event of the year, the Military ball, and for the annual parade of the crack drill squads. The squad performs each fall at the Military ball, and each spring at a military dance in competition with crack squads from Shattuck, St. Thomas, Cretin, St. Paul Academy, and Pillsbury Academy. The Crack Squad is brought up to full strength at the beginning of each fall quarter by voluntary competition among basic and advanced students. Major Willis Shippam, head of the Coast Artillery unit, is the instructor, and Powell F. Krueger is cadet captain. Below, left to right: The "Battulions, atten-shun!" Major Shippum, Mc1"nrlnnd, A. D. Kerr, W. S. Kerr, Hurdimun, Cook, McGlonc, Lcin, Weisscnbnck, Cowan, Horner, Peters. Peterson, Anderson, Krueger ROW ON KHAKI row they march, 2500 of them, guns on shoulders, sabers of the olhcers flashing when the "Eyes right!" salute is given before the reviewing stand, a bright sun glinting on polished band instruments-the Spring Review, at which the entire cadet stall' of four batallions is inspected in class room and Held work by army olhcers. Wrist watches and sabers are awarded to cadets and a cup to the best platoon at spring inspection. Last year Clarence E. Neu received a watch as best first year student, Bruce Harris a watch as best second year squad leaderg George Wiard a cup as leader of the best platoon, Earl A. Hanson a saber as best company commander, and Howard R. Jones a saber as best platoon leader. The R. O. T. C. received a War Department 1'ating of 'clfxcellentn last year. late Dean Lawrence, General Walsh, Govern- or Olson, Lt.-Colonel Hester, Colonel Moor- man, Cadet Colonel Christoffer, reviewing the corps. PRI G REVIEW Shippaln lKlllf, C1 -www-u-un ---u - f--.-v w 1 - v x -5 i' .V 1 . --1 Vu, . -Vs V'VV'M,a' -f"14f1 sg:f'v!i57zlf' ' V ' 1 L"""""""L'M" . ,mf -' V ' n u, A A VV Ni I I A ,,f ,::lNBi 5i.:vf', I ku M' .v..-,V . X A . V, V L K L ' klklv-EVKMK V ,V g4644n', JL?:f,EfVf'., V1 '. I 1 'V ,V iq' ' ' A "V ' ,K , ,h 'fi-,V.f,QV h'?"'4'4f3Q" Mfffgi.. I V A ' 'I' VV . ---L . ' V ki Eg... 5321-VVVV k ' V -V",g..:VV . V 'I - , if ,-:W-.w:,4,i'.. 1, 35,494 ,...g.V f V V V V VV --VV, . V V . -.V V- -1" 'Vfiff-VsVYV I-1"""'VV.-'U I' V 1 9, 3 ,- .Q 1 .V f V ,y V X - , ' 9-:yi '?WMx.VVVV' V9xN,.f-Vf""'!?'I-i'E?V-.'f?13,,g!'P"' A, . 4, , ' , , V- s .I A -. jk V r .N Hz' V , ,,- lk ' , VVVVJ5 Vi yi.-.?x'T. ' A V -A . n , My :Mfff5"5f,gf,11f2f,j?2w,, L 1 ' '.'- ' ,x V "YT-Il' .-1 ' f I ' 'f Q , 1 " "E Red.r1y."' Exm-oiseu ' . a ' ' f ' ' ,K i,Q::1g:l:V ' V 1?cf5ff5ff??f' . -' ' ,- "f ' 5LT'7'V1'1 V' 'SE' .J-Vw' , ML R1-'VV , .. V f.s?:mv5wfzfZ.VV A-V5 V' Vf - V fw:1213fV31E5?3fM2Q ji., . Rcdayifg, Q, V4 'AV V VV V' Y M fm-H V Y . ' V.VfVv':s.:S',Vf:n,' " V X It I :J 4... ' W I V ' J I 1 'V - ' ' lflfxx' L 1.W'V 1 V Y ' M gl, VV X I in f--15' ' J"L'!'!Y':j'5"1,.:a i t'-K.,--fgbfi 'Q I N Y' Y V' V A A lgtffwrt 41. 1 1 V I.- "VAR if I I VV, VM' ' 'V 1 - "V V V Vgff-af.1V V, , . 5' xt , A If-'1 V V f ' V' ' K N Y. V. . . d? I H fx 1 ,, 5 ' If m y 'rf W. Zyifgtx 'TBM M4 was R- H . A V fa X , .J ,5 ,- fy N,g i.,fmV:sewV-VHV fV-fi -A ,ga - V V x Q VV-V fl iff. Wifi" A- 'T' s ,S 5 7 4 .1931 V V , -L.: fini. ,Y s W ,lil Q Mi. V f' Vf.,5Ql,, I U all .. 1 , Viz- . I I A .,.V N K MMI. 31- If 4, ,, A .I .,, - . I U b VM- . if u, ,-,-,4-r-7 h -. ' f V ' w-ff. MQC, VN- V' N ,W -5.1 5:5 1' ,f W I 'fr ' Keir aria V Tx ' 'H V5 V V " ' - '., ' V L-,V V ' - ff :QV .Y M - 5:3 rw.. Q .V 'Q V-V! I -ef.. V H N V ff, V'-1 ." V " V371 F -' ' ' . . , W , 4 '- L ' '- pa , Luigi?-1f 4,, ' if V, Q ' A V I V ' V V. --V112 ::V!V1?2'3"VwfJ.f?.V?. ' it' I M sf' - 1 ,g ' T.?: " V .' - L' .V K' ':" Y". ' ll ,, ' f I X X 'I--V 1 A' ' N X, 'V'-,v-. ...k.,, .N-,W,"W fx- .' A R I ' . ' ffl, . .,-- ., . I-W A ,W U 1 V f .,-.ii R, . f .,j5,,V,i:j.MV AA XE? X 'Q T Y , h ii W 'Quik tl' ' 'Vlis-Aga? nflwrl ! X N, ' .- I. t h iygu 1 f 'i, ' ' jf " ' N 1 W., ,1-V 'L .,.,,,f ff,M,b ' " f,-X X -.1 .. M f 1 ,Jim - 'w":-VV " f . J . X SA xfg, , A X 'Q ,, ,, ' , I, J Ae ,.,, .,' x YL X' - 46 U L I X Ears . U91 QV5ff,'kx,fxj. ' 1 , ' ,"fN.,. I n -Vg' 'X .Vf -"a,, .K .'AV 2, .V n 4 E , , 'Rial Y A- V . l0091qBnskQw W ' 'I , f '- -. earnin how th war are won F7 'L'-R Tx. 4- All J ,M 11..lKzlIvu4 . -mx s .f.. 3!n"f"' 4' r' 4. EDICA CIIRPS p 1 . . lhe fNledical Unit OF 'rue elcirr li. O. 'l'. C. dental units maintained by the medical department of the United States army, one is part of the College of Dentistry at the University of Minnesota. The fifteen first year advanced and eighteen sce- ond year advanced ll. 0. T. C. students are given strictly professional training in dental work and also in the treatment of the various types of wounds peculiar to war. At the six week summer camp at Fort Snelling, held exercises are conducted to give the students practice in situations as closely resem- bling actual combat as possible. On graduation from the College of Dentistry and on completion of the advanced R. O. T. C. course and one summer camp, each student is commissioned a first lieutenant in the Dental Reserve Corps. Major W. C. Welnli, Jr. has charge of the dental unit here. WHEN IN 1920 the United States military depart- ment decided to form R. O. 'l'. C. medical units in the leading colleges and universities of the country, the University of Minnesota was one of the first five to begin the work. Medical students enrolled in the University R. O. T. C. are trained in the special work which doctors must perform in camp and in battle. They are also trained in the specialized methods of caring for the sick and wounded in emergencies such as strikes, riots, earthquakes, plagues, and disorders which occasionally occur in peace time. Since the establishment of the unit here there has been a steady increase in the enrollment. At present there are twenty Hrst year advanced men and twenty second year men in the medical corps. Major W. C. Guthrie is the commanding ofhcer. The Dental Unit EN TAL IIRPS MINNESUTA VVUMEN CAP AND GOWN Haw, Rock, Brooks, Millar MI2lVlBICllS President, Delphine Brooks Vice-president, Dorothy Rock Secretary-treasurer, Nivea Haw Senior representative, ,lane lVlillar TAM O'Sl-IANTEI2 Hughes, Nichols, Reed, Braekett MEMBERS President, Edith Reed Vice-president, Hope Nichols Secretary-treasurer, lVlary Ella Braekett Junior representative, Laura Hughes 174- PINAFORE Shoprrcn, linker, Burwcll, Cryslcr MEMBERS President, Mary Baker Vice-president, Janet Burwell Secretary-treasurer, Constance Crysler Sophomore representative, Elizabeth Shogren BIB AND TUCKEI2 Daugherty, Peterson, Gurdncr, Chase MEMBERS P1'csident,Jean Gardner Secretary-lrcasurcr, Cynthia Chase Vice-president, Joan Peterson Representative, Margaret Daugherty Farm Campus' Representative, Lily Rack FARM CAMPUS BOARD ock. Goetz, Tellier, Pane, h ' t' M ' HW Il R H th y Benxztson, C ris lanscn, artln Knox, Dosen Ruth Bengtson Louise Bronn Helen Christiansen Elaine Dosen Elizabeth Goetz ,lane Ohcr, H.E.A. FACULTY MEMBER Vetta Goldstein MEMBERS Lily Rock EX-OFFICIO Ruth Hathaway Audrey Knox Syneva Martin Martha Page Betty Bamsdell Jeanne Tellier, Y.W.C.A SENICDR ADVISCDRV BOARD Andrews. Lamson Kitto, Hovde, Barrett MEMBERS Mary Wright Andrews, Publicity Chairman Catherine Barrett, Correspondence Chairman Louise Bronn, Farm Campus Chairman Isobel Gregory, Social Chairman Elaine Hovde, Senior Advisory Chairman Evangeline Kitto, Twin Sister Chairman Harriet Lamson, Personnel Chairman Virginia Miller, Enlistment Chairman 176 INTERPRGFESSIGNAI. BOARD Gregory, Chase, Finger, Brohnugh C rs. It I Huw, ummiifs, ec: J I 'on, BUl'l'TIClSi,Cl', I'Cl,i.lLZ'l'0XV, N Hilclred Brohuugh Maxine Burmeisler Lora Lee Chase Margaret Cumnnnn Lois Finger isobel Gregory lfiliznhelh Guthrie MEMBERS liclilh Reed I-ICDLJSE CCDUNCII. 0l'l'lS Niven Huw Margznel Jan-kson Evelyn Johnson Synevn Marlin Mildred Monlug Amy Norris Virginia Pelligrm 1 . D I 1. bmnllweod, Houck, Dixon, Anderson Ill' MEMBERS iihninu Anderson Belly Darling Jennie Male Barnes Dorothy Dixon Gloria Booek June Sinallwood Junior Coeds at Tam 0'Shantcr Valentine tea. THIRTY-TWO YEARS of unselfish service to the women students of the University-this is the record of the Women's Self Government association at Minnesota. No other campus group boasts a larger membership than this all-inclusive organization to which every woman auto- matically belongs upon registration in the University, and no other group pursues a more democratic policy or a wider range of activities than W. S. G. A. To create a sense of fellowship among the women, to promote the highest standards of university life and to regulate matters of student conduct not falling under faculty jurisdiction together with those referred to it by the faculty-these are the aims of the organization carried out under the direction of the W. S. G. A. board. Four executive oiiicers, a representative from each of the four classes, an interprofessional representative, a farm campus representative and seven chairmen of activities make up the personnel of the board. The presidents of the campus Y. W. C. A., W. A. A., and Pan-Hellenic council sit on the board as ex-officio members. -ll' 46 41' ACDEAR FRESHMAN SISTERW is the salutation to more than 1200 letters mailed by Campus Sisters to women who plan to enter the univer- Ti sity in the fall. Every pros- pective freshman coed is in- itiated into the whys and wherefores of campus activi- ties by an upperclasswoman. who personally aids her in registration and adjustment to University life. Contacts with freshmen sisters are kept up by W. S. G. A. members during the entire year, and parties for Campus Sisters and their freshmen protegees are given throughout the year under the direction of the Senior Advisory board. 178 Senior Cap and Cowncrs and sophomore Pinafore coeds give Lion and Lamb tea, March 1. Advisory board members work during the summer collecting the names of incoming freshmen, organizing correspondence and personnel work and making plans for the annual Campus Sister tea held each fall during Fresh- man week for new coeds. Transfer students as well as first quarter freshmen attend the tea and meet prominent faculty members, outstanding upperclasswomen and their future classmates. 'll' 'll' 41' VALENTINE TEAS, turkey teas, radio dinners and Christ- mas parties are among the quarterly get-togethers given Spring Sunlite given by W.S.G.A. in ballroom of Minnesota Union. by the class organizations in W. S. G. A. Every incoming coed becomes a member of Bib and Tucker when she pins on her green and white freshman button during freshman week. Freshmen elect Bib and Tucker officers early in the fall quarter to plan social programs for first year women. Pinaforc, sophomore group, Tam O'Shanter, junior organization, and Cap and Gown, senior class or- ganization, each sponsor one or more social events a quarter for members of their class. Junior coeds don their tam o'shanters each May to plan the annual Cap and Gown Day luncheon in honor of all senior women. It is tradi- tional for each junior woman to invite a graduating senior to be her guest at the lunch- eon which climaxes Cap and Gown Day activities each year with the capping of ju- nior women outstanding in scholarship, leadership and unselfish service to the Uni- versity by Mortar Board, honorary senior women's or- ganization. Gold and silver from the stores of Ali Baba and his forty thieves, the magic lamp of Aladdin and rugs and hangings from the Orient were used to carry out the Arabian Nights motif planned for this year's luncheon. More than 800 reserva- tions were made by upperclasswomen for the affair. -It 44- -K' 77 "I'M A MEDICAL tech-what are you? "Fm a coed pharmacist." Prospective business women, teachers, nurses, doctors, artists, dieticians, musicians, journalists and even coed engineers meet each other and discuss their work at the interprofessional dinners and banquets held by W. S. C. A. to promote cooperation and friendship among the women in the various professional schools on the campus. Faculty teas and dinners are given by the association to further student-faculty relations among the women and to provide open discussions of important campus problems. Informal social hours are held each week in the ball- room of Shevlin hall where sorority women meet and dance with their non-afliliated classmates. Women from all classes and colleges are guests of W. S. G. A. at the social hours which are arranged under the direction of the W. S. G. A. social chairman. Sunlites, afternoon dances for both men and women, are given by the association three or four times a quarter as another "get-acquaintedi' measure for making social contacts among the thousands of men and women on the campus. Freshmen coerls tuning in on Bib and Tucker at a radio dinner. Dancers, singers, musicians, readers and numerous other types of entertainers are placed at the disposal of campus organizations by the W. S. G. A. dramatic bureau. Try- outs are held once a year to renew the lists of the bureau which provides entertainment free of charge for campus functions of any organization wishing its services. The dramatic bureau promotes the recognition of talented students on the campus and takes charge of all W. S. G. A. booths and floats. 49 'll' 'K' NEW Books FOR old becomes an actual possibility through the services of the W. S. C. A. bookstore located in the basement of Folwell hall. This second-hand book- store is maintained for the resale of textbooks no longer needed by students and provides opportunity for other students to buy books at lower cost. A small commis- sion and a fee to cover the mailing of checks are the only charges levied against student depositors. A realization of the needs and difficulties experienced Campus Sisters entertain Freshmen sisters at Inaugural Tea- March 4. by many women students in the University is brought to the attention of W. S. G. A. board members who serve on the committee which awards W. S. G. A. scholarships to women needing financial aid and of outstanding char- acter and scholastic ability. The total net profits from the bookstore are divided into 35100 scholarships and awarded to the most deserving women in need of financial assist- ance. Twenty-one scholarships were given this year. Appli- cations for scholarship are made to the scholarship com- mittee, composed solely of members of the Women's Self Government Association, through the oflice of the Dean of Women. 'N 'll' 'll' WHEN UNDECIDED on the career you wish to follow- consult the W. S. G. A. vocational bureau. The board has cooperated with the University in maintaining voca- tional advising for women students. Coeds with aspira- tions in literary, scientific, artistic or any other of the various fields open to women are given the opportunity to consult Miss Katherine Woodruff of the Women's Occupational Bureau, vocational adviser for women. Open discussion luncheons are held each quarter at which successful professional women are guest speakers and each coed is free to discuss any phase of the work Members of W.S.C.A. dramatic bnrean practicing for campus program. 179 in which she is interested. During the past year several round table luncheons have been given by W. S. G. A. in cooperation with the Business Women's Club. -I' 'W -If ARE COEDS SAFE in bed week-nights by ll o'clock? Do they keep careful check on their 'fnights out?" Answers to these questions are found in the date books kept in all sorority houses, rooming houses and Sanford hall when they are collected at intervals by members of the Univer- sity House Council maintained by W. S. G. A. The House Council is composed of the house president from each sorority or rooming house and Sanford hall, and its chairman is an out-of-town coed who sits on the W. S. C. A. board. The council is maintained to promote improved and standardized living conditions for women students who live on the campus and to regulate matters of conduct in connection with the houses in which they live. Checking and enforcing house council rules is one of the major functions of the group. More than 1500 letters enclosing copies of house council rules were mailed to parents of freshmen women who live in the Twin Cities, requesting their cooperation in making the rules apply to all university women. 'K' if 40 COEDS cl-IOSEN from the colleges of architecture, art education, business administration, chemistry, dental hy- giene, dentistry, education, journalism, law, library school, medicine, nursing, pharmacy and social service make up W.S.C.A. second-liancl book store in basement of Falwell Hall. the personnel of the Interprofessional Board. Members of the board supervise maintaining women's restrooms on the campus and promote cooperation and a friendly spirit among women in the various professions. Intellectual activities are not omitted from W. S. G. A.'s varied program. Both men and women students are priv- 180 ileged to take advantage of the W. S. C. A. Tutor Bureau maintained in the oflice of the board in Shevlin hall. A faculty-approved list of student tutors is kept on file by the tutor bureau chairman and is checked each quarter for grades and addresses. Reduced rates are arranged by Women students get acquainted at weekly social hour in Shevlin Hall. the chairman for two or more students who wish to be tutored in the same subjects. 'lf 'll' 'll' A BRANCH OF the main campus Women's Self Govern- ment Association functions on the agricultural campus under the direction of the farm campus representative on the W. S. G. A. board. A board with representatives from the four classes and an organization similar to the main campus board cooperates with the farm campus Y. W. C. A. in organizing social events. W. S. C. A. as a unit works with the campus Panhellenic council and Y. W. C. A. in various projects and campaigns undertaken by the organizations. The president of the W. S. G. A. board is a member of the all-University Council, and as such pledges the support of the Womenis Self Government Association to campus activities that are all-University in scope. Sociali- zation measures undertaken by the council during the past year have been aided and supported by W. S. G. A., and members of the W. S. G. A. board represent the association on all-University committees. Anne Dudley Blitz, Dean of Women, is the official adviser of the W. S. C. A. board and the personal friend and adviser to all members of the organization who come to her for help and council. As a university student she was instrumental in the organization of the Women's League, which has developed into the largest, most active and most representative woman's organization on the Minnesota campus under her wise and interested guidance. 1170111 9 Atlll Ii Dr. Anna J. Norris Mary Andrews Lulie Becker Lillian Carney Patricia Collins Catherine Cottrell Betty Darling Marguerite Erickson Dorothy Falk Eleanor Fournet Margaret Fox SS W. A. A. BOARD FACULTY MEMBERS Florence Warnock MEMBERS May Whittier Catherine Snell Dorothy Harris Winifred Helmes Coral Hemmingson Laura Hughes Marjorie Jensen Claudia Perkins Virginia Pettigrew Marjory Rohlf Madeline Sturm Dorothy Sweet il llll' A A 1 "'i - 5 x V Rasa if 'T 4 ' 2 1 Mill? 5 A - IN FZ O l ' --new -. Hemmingzson, Andrews, Erickson, Carney, Becker, Fulk Collins, Fox, Harris, Sweet, Pettigrew Darlin , Warnock, Jensen, Fournet: H fi rf 3 V, V.,,m ,M 1 mu,--3.2iffrgq' at 'f , wa 5 4 I , , , 5 14 fjyg if 'i' V I 1: V , V LE , K - l si? 'Gif 13 '14 1 , z 'f'Q,l3?3VL - W ' -- G 5 1 1+ -,: 4. Ri? xg? A v Q ' iff' ,VW ,if Q 5:3 154' -A , ,S F 1 'P' Y 'Q , ' Y I .N P 0 M v Lv CAMBLE AT THE WIND! GP N? , ALPHA PH! Cnswo A f . I , FUZSLE PRIZES Y 'nv Q K' u 'ff' W, 2 - . . .al ' 1 ' by 'V' ' Vi? 1 Y I . ' 5 ""'1!fV '95 1 'ii fl? - 1 ' A Hx JL Tin 'xl Q WX f 1 V, . r - W J' f, A L, X, ,- no xmw. I "I Q' 2 f we f fl f wg, ' a ww ef , jr R54 x fy' 1 HW! ,W px' R e X It lx SK t XX 1 ' , 1 A 'K I ,Z "' 5 Za, , rv Habit? x p, .,. L. J 4 ' , 'V , Q 3 XXV 1: ,- ' 71' Q f - V' N' 245' V4 K, ' ffl , 1 A W V 2, S I , V . ,,,!4,,, L, A ny, ., ff GQ? 6 7 ,gf .wjva Si I . . GJ '. "9 ' .353 'ff :gf ' if x li -lm Ar, N .VI . . L, 4 .snip .-'."Q'.-., uf r11',- ' '5:3e,f'. z 2. 1,-4-,I I 2 fv-.W 1,1 N -hmm: .' 1 8 fx . 'If ',5 X 'U' ' Q C, .E I if lv-E P ,.l '-20813: , . ,',.,q.4flg5, "ar fa' ' y. -- 'jr' 1.g-':i52'- -' ft 344, ,, , jfpfgpr. 2. . , J :U Jaffe" C!" A fy' 3,32 ., .f E' S ,Pu rg .6- fp Ag x ' ,za In Q fm N, gg Mu: F t Qt i if , , 1 , QV dz 4 v "' n---.-.4a:uuu- -qu-sa 1 NSG! 1CllF1C0adxaqeun r K ., WY 'Q :nm??,ja ,.Zd,, W ,lfsiliillwiilliiinmi In V 4 M Y' ' I 9 .-v""W ,NN N Q!!?4 F H h n. U I R, 4 J A f - t-.nmqll Y.. , J" It 1 A I Q, :1 4"':,'f' I v 1 MK. 6, ,, ,A , Q", c4'.:f.,ff g ,,. Hi Q S5 f f 523' ribs! Q . ff 1 f 574A K W4 M f ,Q .2 -s.,s-M sim , -A l. fm. , - - " 1,-' ,V QI,-. W. ' ' X , ': 5 ' 4:1-aw'-v-,' M 'ff 1 - l fy yy m ' . ' .ML 'fl 4 , U4 xjggfy,-,,, al M7 Y' V X E , , imitzmiy 1 ' A tl 1 V. ' 2, 3' 7 x Af, I N V 1 I Y ' L ' -gk? ? 1 ' in 'R' z n gag V? A' 2 . . .M- ft I 1, xn ekfqigfi 5, 6? W in 4 X 5 R' Rf .fy if an , , Q 'W ftZ' L Qi ' .- ,- .jxli ' . ix Y ,Y g ' 'ww 1 5, fr, 'ww EW M ' M 444. qv - nm ,SSIWU W5 M V -gvgm' V. . 5,vi3'rr,k-ffl? ., l .-.l,,i:21:-yfsxiiiffwV'' Q ' W. 1' K i-e?ZQ:,L'Krifff1X?f6??Si.y: ,. Y f ' M iff 12, ' V 'X 2, -'., . . 1 . 2' '71 'M R 1 , x , -f ' 1 I ' v I , ' 'F v . V ,. 1. . , V .. .,- , ns:-Qgwtg-.vfgyv '1., ,. ." v -. v .E - fm -1 5 pxifqwfxrwg qu.a-wwqu-r-,,,, X, R .. . .. , , , "' K! .1 Q if Q t ap . ...Q x ch s 2 Q r f. N i,?,y.Y..1-, lx X 4 F x , , , 0. .Q fi gl 1, . 'W' CAMPUS LIFE AND PERSUNALITIES GCP!-IEI2 SUBSCRIPTICDN SALES WINNERS To 'l'lIlCSl-I comps the 1933 COPHER is greatly indebted for their unselfish efforts in leading one of the most fruit- ful sales campaigns in many years. By taking the splendid part they did, these girls start- ed the COPIIER elf to a highly successful year, when many yearhooks th r o u g h out the country were suspending puh- lication aml encountering dilliculties due to lack of sub- scriptions. 186 'T Upper left: Virginia Bruclhide, Kappa Alpha Theta, high point winner. Upper center: Marion Johnson, who was selected by Alpha Chi Omega, the winning sorority, as Miss 1933 GOPIKICR. Upper right: Alice Schoening, Kappa Kappa Gamma, who was third in the point-getting' race. Lower left: Helen Neiman, Al- pha Delta Theta, a "quota buster." Lower center: Syneva Martin, Tri Delti, whose total sales won her second prize. Lower right: Mary Perry, San- ford Hall, daily high point win- ner. Bottom: The Alpha Chi Omega team which took first place in sorority sales. BAND Clarinet st-vtion hohls rcln-arsal. 'l'hc hanml. tightly pavkctl in a has loaves on its annual spring tour lianthnastcr l'res1'ott leads the von- :-urt hantl in a hroatlcast. Scene mn-onntcrml hy hantl while on southern tour. as a lover along the Mississippi hnrst its walls. Clayton lflmrt, tt'vasnt'crg William Scars, vice-prcsitlcnt: antl llarohl Shipman. prcsitlcnt, tlclt to rightt tliscnss plans for the hanmI's spring activities. Nick BCI'lilllt'il'll, quartcrntastct': Roland liina. pnhlimrity manager: lingo Cohen, hantl nianagcr: 01'- villc Nctlrclow, property manager tscatctlt 3 and Bill Wartl. assistant quarturniastor, going owr vxccn- tivc rlctails in the hantl ollivc. Oli to the next town for another cont'ct't. 187 Q ,1 s I, JT' F o a I f f 2 x ,QA . IN' f 55 v V rv . V. ""'l V ,. ' .- ' "' T' 5 A ,J 4.1 V 5 l,'Y 1, L 'f Fi ,-5 . T TK . L ' . ' 3-Q x mqjva ' ' wi ., QQ. f FL-V 1 :N 1 ' ..,, jk, U 4 " 4 . ' I : f W Aflfmi.,-L A.viz,NQ, - U " . ,lv -M- ' - i . X W Q' X ls" a '. ' , - -xg -1 -'a,"'LZ'.'., , X ' . '1 ,u .' x E ,M . X . X fb K4 3 Yi ,N E 'ur "'?"'Pd9f - 'UQ--Af. I I , xl-5' H-.f":l'i" . . , F 1 : 'I ' Ez' l ' 51.1 av! 9 X gg, ' "' - 4 5' 5 .T . ' . I V, 1 '1 . X ., . ' .nvnegf K, 14:3 'V ., , xr I In K : A '1 E . ,F I g V xt Y Wir ggz y 'N ..I'-,,' , 'J-vs Q4 gf psf 3 , , - 3 - , A1 ' W' Q 1, , R .h . , v' fl - . . -f M, , Y 1, 'V ' ' A ' u '-, ' Je ,Qgiff 4 vv 54 it .wr ' f ..".' 'i',,.,'-I .' -1 I .Q,. ' - xf " wifzi .V '- '14 . 5 WW! ' V ls... wx n . " A , 45114 - F. li, J ? a k I , fl' L 'il ..,,1'vf,. L ix' X. V' fn 4'Rr .' rv l f, A 'Nf- X . l ,K I IM x X N1 A "lg v A N Q -1 .. .-,' 'S . 1' f wx f' , - ' I K 4 V 1 1,3 V 1 ' , v 8 nfQ.,G t , 1 N I --- .- p V L -lg' -4- .,. f-.ABN - A 'NM .1 E Cy 5, .. ,- ' w Y 1. J' A 53 " S' my ws, . . wg Q . ' I' Y , I :TQ ,Y P rf? 1 . 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Enix' 7 'K .Vg '-'J 15 YAQ3. f-Q' aug 5' 'L' W "' " "' V Q 'wh fu 64 iw 3'-QL, M -'fc -un' 'xg I ', I X W, - wa- - 1. .5 'QI 1 QF, 1 N fly , Q 'W ' ,."" . r' J 4' I U ' 5 .6 ,Q 0. '-'-'-'LA 41 A .' ' .ev ' 4, 4 L -- -, ' -I muff.: "ex9f'.'.s-"A . f7g1'7'T3","'fA " A - "'iN- ' l ii 3 5: W l . awk .KL ' ' -.x5.Q5w, ':5,, ' gww -' ,H y'jjf,,X.,y un! ul , . ,.,.. v Q.- f , ' , , . " ' ' .ff . V 1. .wg Q f4rM'142--'R'- 1 1 , ' -1f59"' ' -Y' A4 ' min 'Y . , ,V -.. . . K 1 .. ' Vw- -If I .- ' x f . , I - . . . - f A K If . Ag, ,. -.g,ZhN1-2:4314 , A -ir' A yn h 4 R' W an A ' k v 4' "V f A' b -Y , ,-,- ,. ,,. 3... ' ' ggggygq, ' ' v W H - 1. gx, 1, W g. , . f- fwf, , '- qw I ., h MAAEQ. H , w.,,W.:1,1Q5f,V . , V K . , h , 53 .mfg ,X I , A 1 isfvfif " ' ' A I E u.,ag,4:ALvli if ff L ' 7 ' - I ' N-' ' ffgjfg-W . W 9, f 4' W 2 f , , ' Z g L '. T' 5 if 1 rw-1'-vi' In , 1 I ' I K b v ' . V i 7 5 , S : f 1 - vw, W.-. 1 , 1 f . I1 - .MM -. . H ., x - x . W ' 5 .M , ,I A M, 7, ,L wk 3 " ' ' "Q 2 Il? T K 0 i , U Nw, - E H I 1 ' . ? I S11 Y yt Q if ,wa " ..-, - , 1. . ,.X , 1-4 Q fn . 'f .. A +5 5 , - .4 , I 4 M A ' ' 1 ...-. wg' 'nph n A ,Aga EE? .-Q., U , 'lf-'WAV ' f L ,Y .4 K4 i Y 235 A ., ...ll 15, gy, 9 9-.1 'M :N . 12+ ,- -.. -"' "l!"53vF,. -4 -Pl. Fl Q P, " .lJ"J'1 1 K-' fi ',',f+,,F1"'2f1.: . I 'r ' ag, ffu A l v M91 -V .- ' ' np.- u, V...- 42' Mi. ka- ilf- ,F:....-7: ,H ., - - Avg 0...- 4., , 4, xr A M.- I , ,. , 7 as ,,.- . ,T , ...I nan' Q .-.-- aw s ' Y .1--Q' V, ' 45 . if ' 5 Q... 5, "' ',........A--'+ V, A Z? M , A ."' "iv tg ' 1 I " X ',. . 1.4. .. ' L ' , A Q., Q , , k A ,gf A 1:-' J' sa Y' ' .QM f . 'exft' ,yfli V ' ' ,av im ' L f ,, X ' his-15"-5'F4i' 'L i N. 'Z 1 KWZTFXUZSMFIXW ' U 'J " .... ' +14 N I ,, - - rv , .. M L A A f A A. f H -.-,.. Y , , f 1 A ' A V , ' ff, ,raw J."'tf,,,.',-M vw , 4 , . 'a M V 1' 5 - . 'A y,f3"'i-f .J 1' h A lu V1 'txt' ' " ,I A , A-b I , M., ,V ggi . :,,ML4:. 4 , . . pf? fig-",QlA'. V ' W ' fi' pf, 4 , N - - ,M .MI . 'irX'X'z'u-. M lg W 4 -A , '51 fi 4-2 I VA 1 ,J-"" ni, 1 .ix-L' Qii 'O D. Na! 4- - X '12 A-.Q 7 I 5 I w ' - 4 ,M-1 A f I n,.. I1 .- k.+eqg,w- . .N ,M Q. we fr .. f g? ,, W , A . fT'4'v7"g1' :T-,. 'm""".r ff , :ai-iv-, . . jhga ,T Q, fl 'K 93- Q1 ,, fm! , . " f mg, 5 . f' -Zvi, ,nv fs: h-gl X V, N N f .E A .rgf I ,fax ,x -A 11 M-'gl .ia -I I b, , .y fl J' 4 fp' 1 X. M'-f'--P' if -N '-L4 Fw K- A ..' ' ff Q Afx sufpjlh' i K hx 'pf ffkfgwql i Aff, I 'f 1. . ..fv ' f- 4. .ff 'jk - -f' ' f e -di 4 nuff". f A , '- ,An A V ff ', - fit. gf fx fx -V' ', N, " "' ' 4 f 12-N 2 .J V . i az 'Q Q n ' 5' Q.: 1 KK ' I -L.. ' 1 .- . f -n-ay., ,.f'fm'?1'. -imm- -"1 v X .. .3 , 4. , 2 ,V vp- sk is .5 sf ? 5 xi .1 f . 1' ? As, i ug: Z., 1.3 L J 1971, LQ ' 1 'X f 7 , I A Nag, . I . ,, Q 'V ' 1 A .1 - A A V .V xr, X, .- W . 9f,7'f',l .QV "T f.: X S15-' 1 f ' Z 3,-:VVIVE-.3 Ee H N ,VV swan., 'h V53 , ' - g w.-- , Mai ' 4 N- -' -'vii Qif f w M Q fi-U 1 ' , L ' V -- ' A V . V:-:af r , V5 A H+ 39221 A Q 3 Q . 1 A g I WA ,I . ' 1' 1..f,g .- Q. " ,N iw ht. 47: ' i S, 3M ' , wafg Q z",.'Lbf iw, ' F 2 - L , 1' 7 :W Y . '- 1' Kr- 1 YT- +4 ,f I . ,Q .-. '35 '-.1-V 75'-7' A in-' lx ' N ish., pr" A V A -Wy! V, 'nf . v V- 4, h. ,K-,mv V: , " , 15. ii Kfwijzrfgf' ..-L VP,'1,:j.w 'ff gf, QW vg'VVVy21:,w:.fwV1: ?4:'Wj', 'Hl.,,,f f'g'?'1,"'- ' ' -'ff 1" ,, "9 NL .1 H1 Y ' -' t f 4 Q. 0 A , Q L fi I 4' ' X I 4 X r x Q ' . . ., ' '15 . L 35 ,.,g- .V Q" - " A sf 1 ...7 4. Vf? , x-I A N N V " bf: V f ' V , X - I .ss . f , . LM lv, , 1 ' ' 'P I 45 , f' W 4 . 'R ' 4. f ' 1' ' N A ' 417 i" M A Q ,W .imax-n,.,,V 'XY K 4 LA 1 f ' x 4 W - 'Q Ay V+ Gf .Q 5 -1 5 1 . gg' : 3 ,Af ..A,v" 1' ff" ,g E 1' . .gms . L Vg 2 5, .X , g Qixuf . fi i ,V M f ' 'AH' 'Q A J 1 A - V . af sa ff , sf? 1' W 1 " Q., 1 ' , ., -1- ' ge-fv 'K F33 W-ff K "'gi:.g,,'.VV' ' 'K V 'fu , P xp ni? MW fi" fmmrmxfwwx' " . x v f V , mf f ' -, Vg, V . J 4 'D . NW X I W Ziffmi mf ' 0 f' ig? i in . 1 0 ,. n 2 6 5 ur AQQQAVEQ ' ...W fwif-'Q 'wal '?' '?'5X ,. M, W a .A Vial Q , 'If 'f e pufqy- . Q 'vb b XL . 5 ' ff 'wx V 1 X. 'X-W ,,. ,LV I it X P ,.-... 4, . V ,mr lf 5, I 'Z,i,-f..,5,.,,' ini! my . CHRISTMAS DAY 1. The Armory. 2. The Union's new entrance was well bedecked with snow. 3. The Pillsbury Memorial was beau- tifully arbored by snow-laden trees. 41. The campus knoll through the campus gate presented a scene of beauty. 5.A heavily draped tree in front of Pillsbury Hall. 6. The veteran pine tree sentinel in front of Puttee Hall. 7. Folwell llall's east entrance. 194+ 1 .. 1 Q X I "J 551 ,Q fa.. .KK ff .xg ' 5' ip xv' ww 4 1 nv. f 1 V , -I, .v. ,- A i1::jf.'.,- 'Ti AQ .QQ L:-I up ...N y N N , - I! "' 1I -if , .B Q 57 , 3 s, Aa,-my lx' f1 x - 1' M' " H .. I1-'P -f-A . E . X7 3 INFORMATION at-x-'L "wp-V H II ' f,f.,'J lg, ' .al -Ulu 'A . 1 . . Y ,T 1 - qf 1 5.3 ir W 4 T' il :mr . ' I , A V J . 5 .. N 'IGP Q iagf 'Wu .'-'EW .', ,J N mn ' Qwf' ' f 'ffsl f 'at -43 .fi Qin ' V ,. - I nl: ' fixp. Qs -FJ , .'w Q 'P ,. be H - n...a:Q" .. E' F 'A-1 -J ,B , ,Q xg, f JA, . . ,f , ,.,:, , Y nun. , - - V - n' ..-..-..'1',. '-4 .,... 'P .., 'lf-:..q"A . , , , --44. , gf . A ,, 1 ---' -, ,. .. ,..- , f ew' p - f If I as ' J J . L , l P. 1. 2. 3 4 GN PARADE The greased-pole combat in the freshman-sophomore scrap. the The "awkward squad" of R.O.T.C. gets a tuning up on the new parade. "ML Minute Man" who has stood guard over the parade day and night, summer and winter, through many generations of students. Intramural contests of many sorts are held on the parade. Here is a close diamond hall game. 5. Another one of the military depart- 6 7. 8 9 ment's "chosen few" arrives just behind the nick of time. Different phase of the freshman- sophomore class scrap. Starting off the Hnal blow in the greased-pole light. Soph aid arrives just as the frosh are ahont to push the hall over the last line. The parade gets some beautifying effects as part of the spring 1933 landscaping project. 196 ! 5 9 1 4 i - 1 4 x . L :Q . . v 4 v w ' 1 . ., Ml - -. ,...,,. M44 Q 1, Z I1 -1 -2 .1 1 ! 5 45 il .1 , Y ,Q V 1 1 i ,A I I - z ii FN 4. l M H 4' K r. 31 C., 'E 9 in V 1 . .1 3'-:T H rv, 131 1 f- .mv A Behind Minnesetafs Athletic Scenes ATHLETIC MOGUL Frank M cC ormick Frank McCormick, coming to Minnesota as a baseball coach and assistant football mentor, stepped into the breach left by "Fritz" Crisler, when the latter left Minnesota for a more remu- nerative position as head football coach and athletic director at Princeton. As Minnesota's athletic direc- tor, McCormick finds his principle duties the coordination of each of the many departments in the ex- tensive athletic organization of our University, and the dictation of Minnesota's athletic policy. He must have his finger tips on every particular concerned with the ef- ficient functioning of his depart- ment. Both the intercollegiate athletic program and the extensive intra- mural department are included under Director McCormick's du- ties. Expansion of intercollegiate athletic relations has been one of McCormick's most notable achievements. "Mac" has done some "pinch- hitting" on the football coaching staff, but spends five months of the year in whipping his baseball forcesinto shape. "Doc" Cooke is the man who holds the longest service record of any person in the athletic de- partment of the University. His first bid to fame was as coach of DEAN OF DEPARTMENT "Doc" Cook Minnesota's only one-thousand per cent basketball team. The University rolls list "Doc" as As- sociate Professor and Assistant Director of Physical Education and Athletics, but he i-s best known to a large portion of the male students of our University for his vivid hygiene lectures in which he goes into tangos, waltzes, and ecstacies with some well dried human skeletons and skulls grasped firmly, but with much ceremony, in his hand-s. "Doc's" true personality is per- petually masked by a countenance about as free from smiles as Holly- wood's Buster Keaton. He knows more of Gopher athletic tradition and history than any other living person and is always much in evi- dence at any athletic engagement of import. Cl-IIEF CUSTODIAN Oscar Munson Traditions form the finest part of the background of any long- established college or university, and to Oscar Munson is due credit for the start of the "little brown jug" tradition between the Uni- versities of Minnesota and Michi- gan. its history goes back to 1903 when Oscar, then a caretaker in the Armory, found a five-gallon water jug which had been left behind by the Michigan football troupe. It was placed in an office in the Armory and hung there for six years when it was suggested that it become a trophy. It was last in Minnesota's possession in 1927. Oscar is now custodian of equip- ment, being entrusted with the care of equipment for all Univer- sity athletic teams. ACI-IE EXTERMINATOR Q0-I ll 1 ill f',,vgQ . : b w s .Q S W rt, jst... 5,7 .... an . t ' 4.. I Aa .gy . Q Fi , Ii i. .SJ ff . 'T t , in nf-ziffg v at a ny ' " t as X ' "" '- -,Q Iliff: n 5 v:::,3,, -Q T ...LM .3 ,N - Euan,-6, ,g:2,:l1:fi -----I ,as N,,A h lp-I-rr lnunn! ml v -::::. ,. -- f Q . .I 5 . xx ' i. .1335 I, x -f ,-"' Dave Woodward If all the aches, pains, bruises, and cuts that Dave Woodward has treated for Minnesota athletes were let loose again, there would be one for every other Chinaman in China. Dave is trainer to his majesty, the athlete. PORTLY TICKET IMPRESSARIG Les Schroeder It can be taken from Les that lack of occupation hasn't caused his rapid expansion of girth and jowl, for as University ticket man- ager he has to hustle the year 'round, meeting seasonal demands and denying pass-panhandlers. has become so ticket-minded that it is said he buys lunch tick- ets, and is bartering with St. Peter for his earthly ticket concession. 199 W r -' ,.. . Q. H-mm in i Aww: , any . G W.. Q rv ,a ' -fx. , . .. 1, f K 'Ji va., ., A an we W Ev ,garm 5 Mm -6 .f,apw,,i fM hr ,,,,. ab X ff X -. V 3 I Q 'ggi ,J 42 'Q ' S.: . - -2bg I u K Ls, i , .X Cmggtf dx, VA. , . Ev . 1- xg, i ' Q , ASW' H . " y,nwiwm. li if I4 Y X, Yi fa ' 11-.lilf ,, A 5? 1 K KM 1 -12, -Q KAL.. , 0 JX:g'g', 12- -Wt, f ,f K ' M' h-I ft. Q, if Iv . Q , Ak- K rg. 5,3 T 5: 74 Qin!! M. - - , 5 fi A 4 12 v .iw 1 ' " ' 'sw Mi fw- Q5-sm ff 2.. Q R , ,,, si? Psa K gin, m ' ' K Q H, K X .- ia 4 Q Q gg? 1' gk, .8155 V .V ri, ' 'Wai 1 , , I I N , , . , V. , ..-, ., 3- I H- - A V U- w "W 4 I - J wh x"'5 ' 'Q' ' K ' ,Q fi 4 W1 , X w f ,wa ,li Y' Ri? If-an . -s:,g'. .Bw 'Tw ' af -1'V H, ..- 'WW f ff M ' ax.- - ,W .A wzlg. fi ' ,AA A as 14' , J . Y sql Q , ,. Q7 Q Il X 'L 7.' A, 5 . J A 2' , , M Ag U 1 .Ky inn A-my wk x I , V . -Q V? H ,fast we f 4 .fi . .57 FCDGTBALI. Captain Walter Hass Coach Bernie Bierman 201 COACHING STAFF Hauser . , . M... ,H . . 7 . , I Baston Harris TIIE 1932 FOOTBALL season found the coaching staff comprised practically exclusively of Minnesota grads, most of them gridiron stars in their own right at some time in the past decade. With the passing of head football coach and athletic director "Fritz" Crisler to Princeton, Bernie Bierman was called back to his Alma Mater in the spring, 1932, to assume charge of Gopher football. With him he brought Lowell flliedl Dawson, brilliant quarterback of the 1931 Tulane eleven, a backfield aid. George Hauser, a tackle on one of the old famed uGiants of the North" teams under "Doc" Williams, came back to take a position as line coach. Bert Baston, a Walter Camp All-American end, became end coach. Sig Harris, Frank McCormick, and George Tuttle completed the varsity coaching staff. Clarence Munn, a 1931 unanimous All-American guard, Fred Hovde, Pat Boland, Bob Reihsen, George Tuttle, and Otis lVlcCreery devoted their time and talent to moulding varsity material out of the huge freshman squad. 202 Dawson Hovde Munn Boland Reihsen ROY OEN, CAPTAIN-ELECT of the 1933 edition of the Gopher football machine, will lead into the strenuous fall campaign a squad that is expected to shape up favorably with any Maroon and Gold eleven of past years. The graduation of Jack Manders, Sam Swartz, Kenny Gay, Gerry Griffin, Marshall Wells, Sulo Koski, Mervin Dillner, Brad Robinson, Elmer Apmann, and Jim Dennerly left gaping backfield and line vacancies for Coach Bierman and his staff to fill. The list of returning letter-men is comprised of Carl Tengler, Phil Bengston, Bill Proffitt, George Champlin, Bob Tenner, Francis QPugJ Lund, 'cButc'h" Larson, Milton Bruhn, Erwin Burg, Harold Haiden, Stanley Lundgren, and John Roning. The freshmen who are expected to augment this list by proving of first-string caliber are "Babe" Levoir, Dale Rennebohm, Jay Bevans, Bill Bevans, George Rennix, George Svendson, Sylvester Schnickel, Julius Alfonse, Dick Farmer, Bill Aitken, Jim Baker, and William Freimuth. These newcomers showed up to excellent advantage in spring practice. VARSITY AWARDS VARSITY "M" QLD ENGLISH "M" Elmer Apmann Louis Gerischer Philip Beflgston Walter Hargesheimer Milton Bruhn Erwin Burg George Champlin Maurice D. Johnson Leslie Knudson James Dennerly Art Meyers Mervin Dillner Woodrow N016 Kenneth Gay Walter Ohde Gerald Griiiin Alfred Papas Harold Haiden Philip Sperry Lloyd Hribar Russell Willahan Sulo, Koski Francis Lund Frank Larson Stanley Lundgren .lack Manders Wm. Proffitt Brad Robinson John Roning Sam Swartz Carl Tengler Robert Tenner Marshall Wells Ed. McAfee, Student Mg Roy Oen, Captain-Elect Walter Hass, Retiring Captain PLAIN GARMENT AWARD Glenn Barnum W. D. Barnes George Ennen Raymond Ellstrom Malcolm Eiken V. H. Flynn Barclay lnfantino Ellsworth Harpole Selmer Lazar Charles Myers Saul Malisow Vern L. McMurrin Tuttle MCKiHI10Il McCreery McAfee 203 1 , 'U 'f U N V' " WW f A . , , v ' i " . U-'F' V Q - , , A , lr, A 2 4 , . 'Nj ,. 1 , 1 89 I Q 87 sa , , , I Y , , A ,.f , A . if E I H V A V 'll' I 1 M' ,L C L 0 fl ' ' , ,pw A, 4 .,.,. , f ww ,K Y. ' f, A .4 17.-1 .f v M H 4 I 4 ..f f Q H x ' ,' 'V J'f:"! fx , HF , ' A . 501 "f'bbV. "' 19 J 4 ' ,Aw UT f 'N J Th' ag A b H ,A ,f fu, 1 1 f, W f W Af- K ' ', . f .. W.: 7 - W -1 - ,r-111-1 , f , - but I , , If , , A A, 1,9 'fi y , g e,4.3f',f,.' f',,, iq' ew V 551.0 nfl. 9'g:f JF! Y , ,. . 1 ,,, .rn 'gnu .figs g shi' ...V ' Qfff-,ferr-af' b- if A .., , K X Nfl., . ff Q! W , ow ff?" 'q",'b ,-fi , ,sw-I-'L as . 'N l's'Q,r'l:!5vf. 'W 14-,"l,'4":i., " u 'giggqzv 'N Q- au, ' xgq:"' .X v ' V an I . P. ' N A ., A. 5, ?4x,", g ,. 4, M ' R x 4' lwxl, , , ,Ski 1 ip . A? fx' Q -s ' A x fb f I , Q . A x, pl K. , M- Hf ... Fu , 5 Aw, MXN Ri. uw Q I .4 ' Jin Q - M . ,,,,, WT.,- ' NN N.-H pw , .fxf-A 2' .XXX-.Q ' " M fg, 'f f S M X V, Y V1 - , ' - ' K -' fm,'4x' ."i1gg . " wg' , K A' , 'f Ti, 1 Wm M' 3 l ' kgaxx. ,Y,J38x X Q S M I A -'W n - , ' we M, ,. ff-me . ,rim I . ig, 'W' ' '. ",""f"qwf."15". ....- 1-...,,, . -' '-.h-'w...,-wh?" -r,.l'ff'l" ..' W f ..."" 4.3..,f"'Vn MINNESOTA IOWA Minnesotnfs running plnys being greatly hind ered by the muuky Ilnwkcye field, the Gophels took tu the nil' und scored two of thcu touch downs on 1-iensutionul neriul plnyn, Lund to Robinson. Jock Mnmlcrs nddcd eight, points successively hy milking good :L plucc-kick bucking' the lmll down the field to a touchdown shortly after thc ncxt kick olT, :md xuxuin converting the cxtrn. point. Lute in the contest, Schnmmel ol' Iowa' broke into the open for xl. long' run Lo MinncsoL:i's 5-ynrd line. Gerisher overhauled him here, but the Ilnwks drove to il touchdown. Profitt, C humplin , Mnnders, Robinson, Oen, Lund, Gerinher, Anmn nn, llruhn, Guy, Wells, 'Fen- ncr und Lurson were thc most c f f c c t i v e G o p h e r la. A m , I Crimn V' '- m.......,..g4-' t Bengtson To I LFQQH4 Mzzrzrlcrv The ,gh Gophers Y' , uthreshed - Northwest- ern" in the Maroon and Gold homecom- ing feature. 7 to 0. exhibiting marked superiority over the favorite "Wildcats," Three times Minnesota threat- ened to score, only to suller bad breaks. Once, with the ball on the two-yard stripe, a five-yard penalty in- tervened. Manders later hurled a pass to Larson who ran 30 yards to cross the goal-line. The play was recalled on an oll'-side penalty. U - daunted, Lund flipped a long pass to Tenner who was waiting: in the corner of the end-zone to gather in the oval. Munders added the extra point. The final gun found the Gophers on the Wildcat five- yurd line. MINNESOTA NORTHWESTERN 3 ,il 7 O E I5 WIIITZ new 4- -I-fu it MA F Q. 4.4 be N-. iii MINNESQTA MISSISSIPPI l 'HLZELQ-ZZ "5 The plucky little "Ol' Mississippi" eleven was unable to meet Minnesota's superior power. In the opening period, after lending' a drive from deep in Gopher territory, Manders plunged over the one-half yard line. In the second quarter, Munders loped from the three- yard line across the final stripe. Later, after chargim: to the four-yard line behind Manders, Lund ran wide around end to score. Manders bucked over from the four-yard line, carrying.: three Mississippi tacklers with him, to end the Gopher substituting was frequent. Lund, Manders Tenglcr and Profitt were the ball-carrying stars. Oen, Robinson, Wells, Koski, Apmann and Larson bottled up the Mississippi backficld very impressively. I Papas ,, . ,. . , .,,,,,.- nn- ' . s I. 'A ri it: MINNESOTA IVIICI-IIGAN Minnesota smothered Michign.n'n highly touted passing: and running attack, only to aulfel cle feat on a drop-kick by the invadeis All American qunrtcr-back, Harry Newman 'lhm victory !1BSU1'CllMlCl1lLl'lLH the Big Ten Cham Dionship. Minnesota excelled the Wolves statistically, but failed to make the best of their breaks. The tusale was typified by close, hard playing. The longest. run was one of 14 yards by Lund. A 10-yard Loss from Lund to Robin- son wns the longest, completed pans. Both teams played cau- tiously, waiting: for the break that would spell victory. Michiy.znn's scoring oppor- tunity came with less than one minute of the first half remain- inxr. The final gun cut short a threat- ening Gopher drive. Lund Larson FRESHMAN FGOTBALL Wrrn Tllli A1'PlcAnANc1s of one of the largest yearling football squads in years,-one of L55 men,-Coaches Tuttle, lVlunn, Hovde, lVIcCreery, Boland, and McMillan, to facilitate instruction, conceived the idea of dividing the squad into four teams, Wllhe Bulldogsf, "The Tigersf, "The Wildeatsf' and "The Bearsf' The season of instruc- tion and practice was terminated by a hnal round-robin in which lVlcCreery's eleven, 'The Bulldogs," emerged victorious over "The Tigersf' The frosh presented a formidable array of grid talent in Babe Le Voir, George Svendson, Dick li'armer, George Roscoe, George Rennix, Jay Bevans, Bill Bevans, Ray Zosel, Julius Alfonse, Bill De Winter, Dale Rennebohm, Jim Baker, and a host of others. RCDSTER Adams, William Aitkin, William Alfonso, Julius Alm, Wayne Anderson, Selmer Baker, Jimmie Baldridge, Henry A. Bengston, Lars Bethke, Beryl Bevans, Bill Bevans, Jay Blumberg, Harry Bugni, Lawrence Carlson, Robert Dallera, Frank Donahower, Richar Ernst, A. Farmer, Dick Freimuth, William Guest, Fred Hancock, Parker Hanson, Dale cl Hanson, Rolf Hartllel, Edmund Holmstrom-, Robert Johnson, lngvar Jorgensen, Albert Kaiser, George Kampenga, Russell Keljih, Var Fish, Charles Gregg, J. A. Jones, Thomas Kittleson, Howard Klonowski, Mark Kramer, Woody Kuykendall, Sidney Lanto, Rudy Loomis, Joe Mattson, Don Oliver, Robert Pagenkopf, Bill Paine, Fremont Kliner, Cyril Rennebobn, Dale Renneke, W. Eldrerl Rennix, George Richmon, Walter Ring, Harvey Rosin, Edward Roscoe, George Schmidt, Frank Schniekel, Sylvester Scholz, John Smith, B. Willis Smith, Richard Turner, Bob Tuthill, Richard WClSIIltlIl, Simon Westlmy, Henry Williams, James De Winter, William Zosel, Raymond lVIentes, Arnold Ness, Carroll Svendson, George BASKETBALL Captain Brad Robinson Coach Dave MacMillan 209 will 7, Capt. Robinson iff! K Nt AR , Assistant Coach Olterness tells the squad how. A RIGPRESENTATIVE GROUP of sophomores, juniors, and seniors gave Coach Dave MacMillan a promising squad with which to enter the 1932-33 basketball season. Pre-season dopeste1's had the Gopher quint slated for the upper division, to follow up the second-place winning feats of the two previous Minnesota floor aggregations. Man for man the squad did stack up very favorably with its two predecessors. Much to the disappointment of Coach MacMillan he could not, try as he might, find a com- bination that was capable of meeting with any degree of success the six Conference foes of the season. The Maroon and Gold cagers, after an encouraging series of preparatory contests with non-Conference teams, succeeded in capturing only one victory in 12 Big Ten encounters. The one triumph was over Illinois at Urbana, by a score of 30 to 28. The highlight of the season was provided by the appearance of the University of Pittsburgh on the Minnesota floor. This game was the first intercollegiate athletic contest ever held between the two institutions. Carleton College, perennial champions of the Midwest Conference, avenged a long series of defeats by trimming the Gophers, 31 to 21. Notre Dame, back on the schedule after an absence of six years, scored double victories, 30 to 22 and 31 to 27. MacMillan l Norman O'Connor SEASONS GAMES Pittsburgh furnished genuine action. Minnesota Minnesota Minnesota M innesota Minnesota Minnesota M inncsot a Minnesota Minnesota Minnesota Minnesota Minnesota M inncsota Minnesota Minnesota Minnesota Minnesot u Minnex-not a 46 55 26 27 32 32 28 16 22 22 23 21 22 25 22 25 30 lil South Dakota Grinnell Pittsbttrglt Nebraska Nebraska llnrclue Ohio Stale Purdue Notre Dante Michigan Ohio State Carleton lncliana Northwestern lllinois lntliana lllinois lvlltilllgllll 26 25 35 25 22 42 43 40 30 34 24 31 32 41 26 31 28 2l BIG TEN STANDINGS Won Lost For Opp. Ohio State ........ 10 Northwestern ..... l0 lowa ......... . . 8 Micltigau .... . . 8 l'ut'clue .... . . 6 lllinois .. .. 6 lntliana .... . . 6 Wisconsin . .. .. 4 lMllHllCSUlil .. . . . l Clticago . .. . . I 386 465 3611. 368 41 1 349 38l. 306 292 252 336 335 359 306 354 309 380 354 402 468 Pct. .833 .833 .667 .667 .500 .500 .500 .333 .083 .083 Socltaki Minnesota Minnesota 28 27 Nortltwestertt Notre Dame 39 3 l. A nrlcrson Farrell Matty 211 ., 'f ' ' -, ?i,,gf W',fi9"a-ff g-.AM Y ' 45511, 'Fffi V' 1 1' eg ' 515793 7' . 3 KN K, wwf' Q4 ,, 1, 5 K up -A -'f - ,, Aff ' , 'fl' 1 JPY ,,.,f , W5 ..g,, """i"' - fix.: :.- ,.,, ,. '-fwwf .. sh. - + .- , ix is as YQ A 'Qi-Wl"i,f 5 it ig 'Y " K, VL X' 'L-A iv' 25 px' V N954 In 'Pa 55 5? Ag-. ,W wx ffl- V 'I , . -W--S M WM fd-AW fm - A L ' . 4, X ,A Z.Q'.r7jy w Nik' av WH Wg? 'Q V , V, W + S51 - ,gun LXJZZQ ' X' 4 . HGCKEV Captain Harold Carlsen Coach Frank Pond 213 il I bopher sextet trims Badgers at Eau Claire winter carnival COMl'l.l'I'l'lNG 'l'lll'2 simsow with eleven victories in twelve games, the Gopher sextet won its second successive Big Ten title. Six flashy sophomores, namely Russ Gray, Clyde Russ, Bill Munns, Spencer NVagnild, John Scanlon, and Bill Zicske, in addition to veterans Carlsen, Johnson, Sorild, La Baile, Clauson, and Newman gave Coach Frank Pond a splendid array of talent with which to form his squad. 'l'hroughout the entire season the squad showed skill superior to that of any of its opponents, scoring an average of five goals per game in Conference tussles. Coach Pond isstted his first call only a short. time before the first contest, that with North Dakota University. Lack of practice was evident. in the Gophers, hut they scored a 44-0 victory. The following night., with better ice, the Minnesota pucksters uncorked a prolonged drive that netted them a 9-0 shutout. Michigan came to Minnesota with an impressive string of non-Conference victories, determined to take the title hack to Ann Arhor. ln the regulation three periods, Munns scored for the Gophers, and Sherf for the Wolves. Four overtime periods were required hefore Zieske flipped a long shot past the Michigan goalie to decide the scrap in favor of Minnesota, 2-l. ln the concluding game of the series, the Gophers outplayed the Wolverines in a rough game, fl'-1. Minnesota toyed through a practice game with Macalester to a 3-0 win. Playing in frigid weather at Eau Claire against the Badgers, the Maroon puck chasers hestcd the Cardinals, 6-1. St. Maryis cancelled a much anticipated series. Wisconsin suffered an 8-0 defeat at the llippodrome to provide the Gophers with their fourth Conference victory. Due to the fine play of the Badger goalie, the Gophers managed to chalk up only three goals. Two ltreathers at Grand Forks against North Dakota gave Minnesota 10-2, and 3-O wins. Defensemen Lalnat te, Carlsen 'wif . ff ,fig .N ur' . ,Ji 1 '- Forwards Johnson, Zieske, Could llnahlc to stent a hrilliant Gopher attack, Michigan lost. the initial game at Ann Arbor. This victory gave Minnesota the Big Ten cham- pionship hy a 5-2 count. 'l'o mar their record of eleven straight wins, the Gophers lost a 3-1 decision to the "Wolverines" on the following evening to conclude the season. While losing four valuahle players in Captain Carlsen, "Bucky" Johnson, Bolt Neuman, and Fred Could, Coach Pond retains enough veterans and eapaltle frosh to form an outfit worthy of any proeurahle competition in the 1933-34' season. Goalie Clausen te . 5 s Af. -sl? Forwards MeClone, Newman, Gould CONFERENCE STANDINGS Minncsota Minnesota Minnesota Minnesota Minnesota Minnesota Minnesota Minnesota Minnesota Minnesota Minnesota Minnesota l"orwarals Russ, G 1':1 y, Mnnns SEASCN RECQRD fl. 9 2 fl. I3 6 8 I3 l0 'J -J 5 t North Dakota U. North Dakota U. Michigan Michigan Macalester College 0 Vlfisconsin Wisconsin 0 Vlfisconsin 0 A North Dakota U. Z North Dakota U. 0 Michigan 2 Michigan I Dcfensclnen Wagniltl, llollitlay Minnesota Michigan Wisconsin Won Lost Tied . . . . 6 l, 0 . . . . fl. 3 1 . . . . O 6 1 Coalie Scanlon WHEN THE GOPHER hockey team began preparation last fall for a campaign to retain its Big Ten championship, Coach Pond, squad members, and student followers lamented the absence of Andy Toth, Babe Mclnnis, and Laurie Parker, each of whom had performed in brilliant fashion for the 1931-32 edition. When the cause of their absence became known, these three sturdy, capable young athletes had the good wishes of every one who had followed their brief college career, for each had taken a great step forward toward the realization of an ambition. Andy Toth was taken into the roster of the St. Paul American Association team, Mclnnis was called to the Eveleth team of the Central Hockey League, and Parker joined the Minneapolis Central League team forces. While their old mates were carrying on to annex the 1932-33 mid-west and Big Ten ice championships, these three youths were distinguishing themselves by their splendid play for their respective teams. Minnesota is proud to send forth into the athletic world men of the caliber of Andy Toth, Babe Mclnnis, and Laurie Parker, and wishes them continued success. 216 TRACK C Captain Charles Seheifley Coach Sherman Finger 217 ...sri Tap: i:l'CSllIllllD Coach Clarence Munn, Big Ten shot champ in 1932, instructs promising freshman weight-man. Middle: Ray Burge, veteran javelin slinger, cuts loose with prodigious heave. Bottom: Ah, over the bar! And he's clearg llowic Mithun displays some vaulting technique. 218 1933 SQUAD Seated: Williams, Laird, Kahn, Kilborn, Rich, Anderson, llargesheimer, Burge, Socllacki, Adams, Savage, Walensky. Standing: Kllt!lJlUllCll, LaRoque, Thomton, Scheifley. RaPa1ssEN'1'En NOT so Mucu by a soundly balanced squad as by several individuals of outstanding merit, the Minnesota track team was recognized as one of the mid-west's strongest. The regular spring outdoor track and Held season was composed of two dual meets, the Drake Relays, and the Big Ten meet. Northwestern, first dual opponent of the campaign, was overwhelmed by one of the most decisive margins in Big Ten history, 100 fl-X5 to 3114 1f5. The Gophers outscored the Wildcats in every event except the 1140-yard dash. Wisconsin, long noted for its formidable track and field squads, gave the Maroon and Gold athletes a closer run, the final score being 71 1X3 to 63 2X3 in Minnesota's favor. Harold Thomton, having created an enviable indoor spring record, provided the feature of the Drake Relays by running away with the 100- yard dash in :9.7. Charles Scheifley, Minnesota's ace hurdler, ran a splendid race, but was forced to come in second best behind George Saling's world-record time of :1fl'.3. Salings later proved himself the class of the worldls high-hurdlers hy copping the Olympic championship in his pet event. The four-mile relay team placed fourth against a fast field. Clarence Munn, after unsuccessfully attempting to defend his shot-put title in the Penn Relays, earned in 1930 with a record-breaking heave, joined Elton Hess, pole-vaulter, Charles Scheifley, and Spencer Holle, hammer-thrower, in the sectional Olympic trials. Munn was the only one of the quartet to reach the Hnal trials in California, but he failed to make the Olympic team. Captain Cam Hackle, counted in as one of the best high-jumpers in the Conference, was severely handicapped by an operation which finally forced his withdrawal from competition. Minnesota's two indoor meets of the 1933 spring season resulted in an even break. Nebraska was overwhelmed by the Minnesota forces. Wisconsin downed the Gophers at Madison. Thomton, Captain Scheifley, John Currell, Howard Mithun, and Mike Seiler are the veteran members of the 1933 squad. 1932 RCDSTEI2 Adams. . . ........ distance runs Beadle ...... . . .broad-jump, hurdles Bettendorf . . . .............. .dashes Bremer. . . . . ..distance runs Burge .... ....... j avelin Constans. . . ...... javelin Currell. . . .... distance runs Dillner .... ........ d iscus, shot put Gustafson. . . .... distance runs, hurdles Hackle ..... ............ h igh jump Hass ...... ........ . dashes Harkonen .... . .......... hammer throw Herrick .... .................. d istance runs Hess ..... .... p ole vault, broad jump, high jump Holle .... ................. h ammer throw Kroll .... .... s hot put, hammer throw Lanto .... ................ d ashes Mithun .... ...... p ole vault Munn ....... . .shot put, discus Rasmussen .... .... d istance runs Scheifley .... . . . hurdles, dashes Seiler ..... ......... d istance runs Thomton .... . . .dashes, broad jump 1933 shuttle relay team fScheilley, La Roque, Knoblauch, Kilburn?-national champs. v . f 1 Top: Field of 440 candidates start u trial heat. Next: Vernon Anderson Iinishes lossing the iron hall out pas! the 11-3-foot mark. Next: Ilul Thornton flies over lhc vinders. Bottom.: Over the hur under raps, and with room lo sparc. ,W ,. If i liilwi' 3- - ""1- l' -7' -1- Captain John Currell nn- w ' g -s ' P . ,. It -, ggi' AA, . .shi The squad congratulates Captain-elect Bremer Q, xx -fi I "4--ni ' . ,.. M. 1 CRGSS CGUNTRV THE GOPHER I-IARRIER5 came through the season with but one defeat in dual competition and placed third in the Conference meet. This was the first time the Gopher squad had finished higher than fourth in ten years. North Dakota Agricultural College was the first team to oppose Minnesota, losing, 411-18. Minnesota copped all but three of the first seven places. In the second scheduled meet at Iowa, the Gopher hill-and-dalers again triumphed, this time, 15-413. Johnny Currell was first. Gustafson, Bremer, Herrick, and Seiler of Minnesota, all tied for second place. Carleton was the next victim of Captain Cur- rel and his mates, losing a game run, 35-22. Currell ran first for the third time in as many meets. The remainder of the Gopher squad finished within the first eleven places. Currell, Slocum, Gustafson, Moe, and Moore received minature silver track shoes in the annual intra-squad '4Silver Shoe" race. Hampered greatly by the cold, Minnesota was forced to concede Wisconsin's powerful squad a 21-38 victory. In the season's final, the Big Ten meet at Lafayette, Indiana, Minnesota placed third behind Indiana and Illinois with 92 points. y AWARDS QGMQSSS CCDNFERENCE MEET Erhardt Bremer John Currell Carol Gustafson Robert Utne fMgr.D Indiana-42 Illinois-65 Minnesota-92 Purdue-111 Old English ccMaSaa Wisconsin-112 Richard Herrick Francis Moore Waldemar Rasmussen M. E. Seiler Michigan-131 Ohio State-133 Chicago--168 Northwestern-169 On the Mark! Schaar Bremer Rasmussen Herrick Currell Seiler Gustafson 220 BASEBALL Captain Ed Burke Coach Frank McCormick WI, ft it Slamliny: Conch McCormick, Wolcynski, Olson, Gruenwold, Hagen, Stunson, Wukely, Burke, Yount, Henning, Lubutte Kmfciny: Gullivan, Boruski, Elkins, Ness, Bruhn, Wustby, Guy, Johnson, Hendrickson, Wugnlld l Seated: Strybycki, Cottinghnm, Shclso, Findlcy, Sutherland, Krause, Perlman, Strcich, McKenzie, Gentry, E. Hendrickson. VVITII A SQUAD composed chiefly of veterans, Coach Mc- Cormickis base-runners completed their season with a .472 percentage, winning nine out of nineteen starts. Returning from the southern training trip, the Gophers opened their home stand by nosing out the Bohn Refrigerator nine, 6-5. In the second practice game, Minnesota was over- come fl--2 by a team of pickups. Iowa State invaded the Gopher diamond to lose the first encounter 9-1, and take the second I0-fl-. Carleton was the next team to down the Gophers, win- ning 6-3. The long road trip to Lafayette was rewarded by a ll-2 defeat in the first game with Purdue. The Gophers came back to battle out a 6-flf victory and divide the series. At Northwestern the Maroon and Gold again split a series, beating the Cats, 5-2, and losing the next contest, 17-3. In a "breather'7 the Gophers pounded the Iowa State Teachers for a 6-3 win. Chicago, Minnesotais first Big Ten opponents on the home Pitch to me! 222 diamond, broke even with the Gophers. The Maroons clouted out an 8-2 victory in the first, then succumbed to a barrage of Minnesota hits, To avenge a previous defeat at the hands of Carleton, the Gophers drubbed the Maize and Blue, 12-2. Wisconsin fell before the Gophers, 16-2 in the opening tussle of a two game stand on Northrop field, but cracked the same team, 5-3 in the following meeting. The Gophers lost an exhibition contest to the Minneapolis Millers, 7-3. The Iowa series brought out the seasonis best baseball, Min- nesota copping the Hrst nine-inning struggle, 9-8, and losing the second, 7-8. The meeting with Iowa State Teachers at Cedar Falls which resulted in a 6-2 defeat of the Gophers closed the season for Minnesota. Outstanding individuals of the seas0n's campaign were Captain Dave Beauchaineg 'iDutch,' Gay, with his key-stone work and batting, Shelso, a moundsmang and Shannon, an outfielder and heavy hitter. O. K.! 1 Minnesota Minnesota Minnesota Minnesota Minnesota Minnesota Minnesota Minnesota Minnesota Minnesota Coaches and utility watch progress intently. SEASCDINVS RECQRD Bohns 5 Pickups 4' Iowa State 1 Iowa State 10 Carleton 6 Purdue 11 Purdue 44 Northwestern 2 Northwestern 17 Iowa State Teachers 3 Minnesota Minnesota Minnesota Minnesota Minnesota Minnesota Minnesota Minnesota Minnesota 2 13 12 6 3 3 9 7 2 Chicago Chicago Carleton Wisconsin Wisconsin Minneapolis Iowa Iowa Iowa State Teachers 1- ""1-1 1, 'f Smack! Close, but out! 223 WHEN A COLLEGE GRADUATE distinguishes himself by assuming a position of prominence in the business world he is congratulated for his success and pointed to with pride by his alma mater. When an athlete goes forth from a Minnesota athletic team and steps directly into the lineup of a class AA baseball team he is equally as deserving of praise for his achievement, for he has proven himself an outstanding person in his particular endeavor. That is the case of Dave Beauchaine. Dave performed so brilliantly while captaining and infielding for the 1932 Gopher baseball nine that Minneapolis scouts were taken by his ability. He was signed by the Millers and despite the fact that he was making his Hrst try at big league baseball, Dave has remained on the regular roster. TENNIS 1 Captain Charles Britzius Coach Phil Brain 225 3? i 4 Q. ...Lg Collins .. U " .. 5. ' ,, .. .,.. .,...f,,A ti. 2 ' 2 a , --f-xi-3,,,' ,, P - -l'.a -' .,' 'r 1 ' Y - ..,...4.4.La-A Q' Ti- ' 1 w- ' , , , John Scherer 'IQBQ TENNIS Fon 'l'lll'I siacotvn successive year Minnesota's tennis team was recognized as one of the outstanding in the middle west. The squad played through the season with five decisive victories and one tie in dual meets. Captain Charles Britzius and Patil Scherer, mainstays of the squad throughout the season, captured the doubles championship in the Big Ten meet which was held on the Northwestern University same meet Brilzius reached the quarter courts at Evanston. in the finals in singles play. During the season of dual meets Britzills -... ws-Q.. L it I Nmap t . WM 'bw ,r ,Q I l i '95 C ft YWUHA McCall Stesin Britzius Lobb Paul suffered only one defeat. This defeat was administered to him by Bill Erler of Wisconsin. The Gophers started the season by downing Carleton, 6-0. A week later they again defeated the Maize and Blue on their own courts, this time 6-1. Wisconsin and Iowa were the 'next to go down before the strokes of the Minnesota netmen. They were both hlanked, 6-0. The winning streak was halted by the powerful Northwestern squad. The Gophers and Wildcats divided the matches, 3-3. The last match of the season was held at Madison with the Wisconsin netmcn. Minnesota won its fifth victory, 4-2. Charles Britzius, Patil Scherer, and Martin Stesin will he back for the 1933 season. John Lobb and John Scherer of last year's freshman squad are leading candidates for 1933 Varsity positions. -lu- 4 I ig,-5' iii: ah 'f -'SV' ' T'MAg . V Y . ' he 'D W . . g..-- . ' 'A Top left: Captain Charley Britzius vollcys from mid-court. Lower left: John Scherer finishes a base-line drive. lop center: Britzius and John Scherer, 1932 Bit: Ten doubles champions, rush the Lower left-center: Collins sends back a sizzling drive from deep-court. net. Lower right-center: Martin Stesin volleys at the net while Britzius stands prepared f ' I ' Pu l S h ter follows through on a cannon ball service. for the return. lop rtgzt. au c e' ' - Lower right: John Lobb recovers with a. back-hand drive. SWIMMING A' . . F. 4, , ., X XX Coach Niels Thorpe fb N , f , , N v ,K-1 .L KK R N xf Captain Wally Lang X ' '-- N., .1 ,f""' 227 Beard, Frazer, Eller, Rush, Anderson, Blaisdell, Swennes Farrell, Roscne, Lang, Moulton, Ketola, Andre, Coach Thorpe AN UNUSUALLY adept group of sophomores joined forces with several veterans to produce one of the best tank squads Coach Niels Thorpe has tutored in recent years. Nine straight dual victories, fourth place in the Conference meet, and two places in the finals of the Intercollegiates was the record hung up by the Gopher swimmers. The Maroon and Gold paddlers opened the season against the Minneapolis Y. M. C. A., tri- Thorpe gets his annual first-day ducking 228 umphing 442 to The following week the Go- phers repeated against the "ymca," 4.9 to 26. Carleton was downed decisively, 58 to 17. Encountering their initial Big Ten foes in Iowa, the Gophers edged out a 38 to 37 decision. Moul- ton, Ketola, and Andre lowered the Conference medley record mark to 3:09, in the final event to clinch the meet. The St. Paul Y. M. C. A. suc- cumbed to Thorpe's mermen, 53 to 22. Iowa, vowing vengeance in its return engagement at Minneapolis, was turned back 42 to 33, and gar- nered only one first. As a conditioner for the Conference meet, Minnesota submerged Carleton again, 53 to 22. The Gophers went to Chicago, favored to win the Big Ten meet, but lost anticipated points to Michigan and Northwestern, and placed fourth. Max Moulton maintained Minnesota's long-stand- ing supremacy in the baekstroke with a stirring victory. Moulton claimed fourth place in the Intercollegiate gathering at Yale. GULF pi-n-"f7 Captain Earl Larson Coach W. Il. Smith 229 1932 SEASQN MINNlESO'1'A,S 1932 golf team won all its dual matches and climaxed a successful season by placing second in the Western conference tournament, held on the University of Minnesota Recreation Field May 20 and 21. The dual matches were played with Iowa, Iowa State, Carleton, and the Midland Hills and Hillcrest Clubs of the Twin Cities. The matches with Iowa and Iowa State were played on the home courses of the Iowa Teams. In the Western conference tournament Michigan captured hrst place with a team score of 1248. John Fischer of the Michigan team holed out with a total of 303 to win the in- dividual honors. The Minnesota team composed of Earl Larson, Cliff Bloom, Edgar Bolstad, and John Mason, compiled an aggregate score of 1272. Captain Earl Larson placed second to Fischer of Michigan. The other teams that participated finished in the following order: Northwestern, Illinois, Ohio State, Chicago, and Wiscorisin. The loss of Cliff Bloom from the squad will he compen- sated for hy the return of Don Burris, a 1929 letterman. The 1933 team will he strengthened by last year's freshman talent, which included State Amateur Champion, Pat Sawyer, Bill Boutell, and Cy Anderson who formed the nucleus of the strongest frosh squad in Big Ten history. ' s, Yoplcft Ed Bolslad lues out along one Bollomleft: A foursome leaves the ninth green. Top center Bill Boutell sends a putt to the hp Bottom Center: Boutell follows through perfectly. Top rich! Johnny Mason lines up a four footer Bottom right: Anderson and Zieske bring their opponents towards the home stretch. GYMNASTICS Captain Leonard Marti Coach Ralph Piper 231 Coach Piper, Ertl, Olson, Matison, Asst. Coach Perlt Pottle, Wenzel, Captain Marti, Hill, Rollins COPPING SECOND PLACE in the conference cli- maxed a highly successful season for the Piper- coached gymnasts, who went through their sched- ule with but a single defeat. The Gophers opened their competition against the St. Paul Turners, defeating them 100114 to 965.75. Championship hopes were considerably dimmed when former Captain Rollins received an injury in the meet that would prevent his participation for the rest of the season. Marti was elected captain for the coming season. The Gopher acrobats captured first place in the invitation meet at La Crosse Teachers' Col- The world is frequently upside down from the gymnast's point of view. 232 lege, and followed this by walking away with first honors at Gustavus Adolphus. Raising their string of wins to four straights, the Gophers took the Class A title in the Northwestern Gymnastic meet. The Minnesotans were forced to take third place against the strong Chicago and Illinois squads in the triangular meet at Chicago, with 1011 points behind Illinois' 1021.50 and Chi- cago's 1075. Returning home by way of Madison, they trounced the Badgers 231.5 to 190, sweeping all first places. In their next meet, the Piper-men took Iowa into camp with a comfortable margin, l014-.40 to 827.85. Even with the unexpected return of Rollins to the squad, no great hopes of taking the cham- pionship prevailed because of the versatility of Chicago's star, Wrighte. The final tally placed Minnesota close behind the championship Chi- cago team, with Illinois third and Michigan fourth. Marti, Rollins, Wenzel and Matison earned a trip to West Point for the Eastern Intercollegiate Gymnastics meet because of their fine showing at Chicago. P CONFERENCE MEET Chicago ................................ 1051 .45 Minnesota . . . ..... 1034.25 Illinois .... . . . 934.40 Michigan . . . . . 744.35 WRESTLING Coach Blaine McKusick X555 ff"'A 'S C0-captains Eric Ernest Ahlstrand Palmer 233 Graves, Astrin, Smith, Strybicky, Hanson Probst, Felix, Ahlstrand, Palmer, Apmann, Coach McKusick Brown, Peterson, Williams, Keller, Johnson THE MAROON AND GOLD wrestlers experienced an unsuccessful season in which only one Con- ference opponent was overpowered. The most notable achievement of the squad was that of placing two men in the finals for division titles in the Big Ten mat meet. Felix and Palmer, two of lVIcKusick's veteran mainstays, were the only victorious men in the initial Big Ten start, which was made against Illinois. Felix was forced to an overtime against il- 'W"'?i' Q! ' - ,Qtlzl .I Wrestling and boxing quarters in the Stadium 234- Leadbetter, but Palmer disposed of Redman in the regulation time period. Iowa State, for sev- eral years recognized as the nation's outstanding producer of collegiate grapplers, strong-armed the Gophers into defeat by a margin of 25 to 3. lVIinnesota's only Conference win was scored at the expense of Iowa, 21 to ll. Felix, Probst, Palmer, Ahlstrand, and Elmer Apmann, stocky football guard, triumphed over their opponents to build up the comfortable advantage over the lowans. The Gophers put up a stubborn battle against Cornell College before succumbing, 11 to 17. Felix pinned Dave Hill, Williams de- cisioned West, and Apmann flattened Holoupeh, to account for lVIinnesota's 11 points. Coach Blaine lVIcKusick departed for the Big Ten meet with a small group of men, not one of whom was given an outside chance of grappling his way through the formidable field. Felix and Ahlstrand each fell only one round short of this objective, Felix losing to Orth of Illinois and Ahlstrand going down before Gillin of Indiana in the finals. The four graduating lettermen, co-Captains Palmer and Ahlstrand, Williams, and Apmann elected Attell Felix captain of the 19341 mat squad. I THA IRAL THLETICS ALPHA Pl-II Cl-ll MEMBERS i Cy Anderson, Phi Kappa Psi Herbert Blodget, Phi Gamma Delta William Brussell, Sigma Alpha Mu Cordon Burkland, Delta Upsilon .lohn Bryant, Beta Theta Pi Charles Campbell, Lambda Chi Alpha Douglas Erskine, Phi Della Theta Russel Grant, Sigma Nu A. Shelton Hall, Tau Kappa Epsilon Howard Hoene, Delta Kappa Epsilon Harold Larson, Zeta Psi John Lobb, Psi Upsilon Carrol Martin, Sigma Alpha Epsilon Russell Peterson, Theta Delta Chi William Prollitt, Sigma Chi Herbert Richardson, Delta Tau Delta Ray Swartout, Sigma Phi Epsilon Stanley Swenson, Phi Kappa Sigma Ed Vollbracht, Alpha Delta Phi Lyman Weaver, Phi Sigma Kappa Charles Will, Alpha Tau Omega Gordon Williams, Theta Delta Chi Walter Wood, Chi Psi Swenson, P roflll. t, Wood, Swartout, Martin b ll Weaver Nelson, Peterson, Grant, Anderson, Camp 9 . Hall, Vollbracht, Morrissey, Brussell, Burklund Richardson Bryant, Erskine, Williams, INTRAMURAL The 193i-32 participation trophy went to Phi Della Theta for having entered the largest numher of mcu in the most, sports. The all-university touch-hall cham- pionship game was played in Me- morial Stadium with a foot of snow on the ground, for the Students' Loan Fund. Theta Delta Chi ended the long intra-fraternity :swimming reign of Deke and Psi U. The Tekes had things pretty much their own way in taking all-univer- sity squasll-racquets honors. Phi Kappa Psi captured the intra- fraternity diamond hall title for the second consecutive year. 236 '5""'1'!l"':r1,--wr Q ..guf'F""' ,4H?""" ' ...,n..X.L.Ll...aerrw-fan 'i "-N. D ........--.- 'X jkwiii INTRAMURAL Lanninlu Chi Alpha s n mt 1' 0 c cl e ml 'l'helu Chi as inlru-fraternity vol- lcyhull liilillllllillllli. Bob and Dick 'l'udor brought the Belus lhe 1932 spring ilIll'll-il'lll9I'- llily tennis doubles chumpimmship. Bryant and liuslings Heil to right? maule il Iwo in u row for the Belus ut inlru-fraternity tennis mlonhics. The Chi Psis captured the intru- frzilcrnily truck hinrcls for lhe 1932 nulmlnor season. A ul io n on the Northrop Field courts whcrc lnuny u hot intru- frzllcrnity und ull-university lennis mulch has hccn fought. 237 . -.F 'H . f' 'D' . A 4 ow I er' , , ff' . , 0 M ,Qu i , , 7 iv J ', if i o V , 'J 541' l I 2 g 4 Z ,f A 5, 3 A y M ' H f w f ei ff. , A ' 5 jg' ef 1-hw 4 ' - Q Q 9 J :Rishi . ' up v 1 A ,gi 1 ! 7 . I wk " - ,X 523 7 . .."' lg- W, AM". y 1 X-.., n is wk .. Q A .-. 1 9, fo. W x ..,, Qvm . y ,Y , ,. r , ,, ., rf' " I be .3-1 V ek'- I 'xxx X , .nw -xx'-1. -xi. -X xb X .ff . A 3 ,H b. 4- . .Q Q Lk. 4 . f if ai X I 1- ' Rf ' X a 5 X .,.,:, A 5' a-.. 5,55 94- J v QW Q K. S N .A vp, M.r.g K" Lv" 4 . M NNN t A. 1 ' '. -,, ' 1 .1 i . f .. , .' if .QI I ul 1 nl u ' " my . 5' 7 I llllllu. . " ., ,YA Q Q ff"n ,, 'Y 9 fi N " 5 wg 1 W X' 1 ,. 1 t par X6 5 D , y . , , . f I , A J ' L wma. - ' A 'N A.w-s.Jv.a.-uv-H V If S. 12 -Q :gif Y'- 11 iw .S tag. ,H L f f' -' . N 3- f ,. F f,,,"'Q, V' F A .f 5' A.f 5 3,. f,l! i ,t xi., WI Em . l M :W ,A .. M,-. 'xl . .13N,a :Lif5,,,X.W,,f, 'iq' fry? 1. vii-,f'sgv' fQ1!"J'f - vt. A Q iggi fs: xi. V' . 4 C '-: -'Ney-l'5i:fke f-x,Q, f X 9' X Y ..x',V.. W, lp 4, ' A- ' - 'f' , , ,i I 12.13 Ei' X i W " ' E V"JfN'?' e nl .wg L A--JI AIS' 'v"' z . X .N s L A W' , 1 f gi' , 435551 SW x"'h 6.-1 gif! JM L 2 , I .WA 4 if ri 2 Wai K sg it . if "XIX ' ' "Z - f . 5 1 A ,E C 'x I f" W rv f:jw . fx- ., Q idx' gggj A Y A "vi , "wh-sf K 4 QE 2.4 2.33 ff, f - k r V' ,. n,',.-W, r 4' -'S'-Tv! f , vs. . , A -a W f 'H U ' gg pb' ,f Ek L f Q , ' lfgq ,M .M . Wx f 1 Gif. 4 , .fa pg. W, ,f 1, . ww an KQ.,,, '! .. 5.32 A 'wh K, . 2' ' ' if 0.-,-2'1" v'f,--wvif. ,fkztfl -ff-flffz-ry! 1 2: ' ' X 5,,,,.,, f"'Q- Lffirf, '-" ijt ft"-' 'nfrff'-1'-. A .1"fffAig,w ,, -- A ,V , " ,.-uw. 'Lg' . -f 1"r,.,4.,-.' X ,f 1 K 'f 4 ,x . . 1 , szwu, ,.-I ,E 5.333 , Jil' 21 N, is ...N X he L, x Q.,-n4..f Y, X5...,..-- 1 '1 :fi fi Jaw 1 A . ..4...., W X. , ,r,,,,:.,.. Q5 .Q QQ ' .J-.,,, . if v 1 9 I X 4 . 1 ws 1 v.. Q hu Kal Y BCDXINCE N."'. Goldstein, Bevans, Tengler, Bell, Tierney, Graham, and Shepherd congratulate each other on new titles. FROM AN INSIGNIFICANT beginning which found boxing only a minor phase of lVlinnesota's intra- mural athletic project, the ring sport has so grown in popularity that it is now on the verge of be- coming an intercollegiate sport at Minnesota, as it already is in many other colleges and univer- sities. Wilbur Palm, who for three years had dis- tinguished himself as the "class" of his weight Bill Aitkin fsecond from lefti with fellow N. W. "Golden Gloves" champions. 240 division in University and sectional amateur bouts, was taken into the University staff as box- ing coach two years ago. He has done much to encourage the growth of the sport among Min- nesota students and has greatly improved the general caliber of boxing done by student ad- herents. Nick Lahti, for two years all-University Welterweight champion, has gone into the pro- fessional game with considerable success. Bill Aitken, a freshman who had never taken boxing seriously until he entered the University, fought his way to the light-heavyweight cham- pionship in the Northwest "Golden Gloves" tourney and then went on to the semi-finals of the national A. A. U. meet in Boston this spring. All-University champions for the year 1932-33 are Miff Graham, middleweightg Carl Tengler, heavyweightg Harvey Goldstein, lightweightg Jay Bevans, light-heavyweight, Bob Bell, welter- weightg Mike Tierney, 165-pound, Dale Shep- herd, featherweightg and Abe Schwartz, flyweight. Sigma Chi, led by the two all-University cham- pions, Carl Tengler and Miff Graham, won the intra-fraternity boxing trophy by a decisive point margin. IT::xT.,,.:...,.,..- J L. 4-,-N-,J rv-a.A,.., , .,.. , .. QT... ,... ,. , ..,,,-,.,,,.,-, , ,W ,, -........,..,-: ----u - -D ... ...--,-...-,.....-..-.L,.1n,':.f'v44'g,::, N- A.. . ,.,.,,,,.,.,.....,.. ..-,,..'-q- 1. -, A. U. '1',nf. . 9. 3.'f...r' Sf- ?V1"S:. ' ' :,... .,. WW'm "gg HE' -..- 1... W. 1 rms, W ,x-V: , wiisfak lfqthlvif 'f,HilM'? 'igmiw ,:l,!:Ap:1I -lfija p'321+.: xfhgfg i1 'ff4ri IM W0 ,bl 'f '! ' mi Vlffil 41' Hi WW I 1 H0 '41 3 X 'u 6 i V W5 14 t'l'i:7-f" t L Qld ' rywzmsfi l t teillfjivii' f , f lfftfilf L L N. L W 1. d . "At 5' 1 if t ,....., v Y MTH ' TJ ' 4 ,.-aww. , - Wim' l 1 flflviffkilv, W ' cf-:f'g1:f-vt , , Lg 2Z'w'fQ'E,g R a .-1, n t .-if :J i,,:?4' 1 1 ti.-'f-M5432 l ,'Fiv"., t H ,l l t 5:.z,411f2aQEf2 t GREY Half-va N "f l F MEMBERS Bruce H. Canfield Ralph C. Chase John R. Fry, Jr. Philip B. Harris Malcolm C. Hope Howard R. Jones Alva Kaliher Klyde Kaliher L. Fallon Kelly Carl O. Linee Edward S. McAfee Kenneth W. McLaren Waldo F. Marquart Peter J. Pankratz Ira C. Peterson Edward G. Pickett Gayle B. Priester Lowell L. Rieke McClelland Shellman MEMBERS Walter B. Dahlberg Otis J. Dypwick John W. Forney ' Walter Hass Conrad F. Katzenmeyer Earl R. Larson Lee Loevinger Parker Lowell Howard Meagher George J. Moriarty Howard R. Nichols Wendell T. Peck Henry Rahn Bradbury N. Robinson Thomas Rogers Charles H. Scheifley Harry M. Schoening IRCDN WEDGE .., . gl Q 'lllllll I RIGN ' Q3 N E n c E . at T A I 44 JW' I X Z E 1 . lil' 'iz ng. --.. 1. 5. NH' H... f.-.f Ig ...J ia.. ..:. :JW- .M 'fl M ri? - yy' its r il' Q- 1? nl' ' ' 9' wav. ...I q B' , FACULTY MEMBERS A. B. Brudvik D. E. Conley H. L. Harris C. C. Winding MEMBERS Harry Aberg Russell A. Baker Goffe Benson Gordon A. Brown William R. Deutsche Robert DuPriest Earle L. Fredine Ben Grussendorf Robert LaBree Arthur O. Lampland John Mason Lyman Molander Max Moulton Everett Nelson Harold Nilsen Ray Perschbacker Phil Potter Fred Rogers Leonard Stahler Harold Thomton Norton Twite Theodore Valine 12.3 ' me :L Db 1 F, ls? , X 1 4?-'Z' 2 'R lit? 796 ' . .-,Qs ?f?'e,'i i - MEMBERS Dean Ahrens Vernon Anderson Charles Bemis Roger Bossen Erhardt Bremer George Champlin .lack Hadley Wesley Johnson Myles Mace Leo Naykki Frank Nicholsen Jay odeu Theodore Rasmussen Gordon Stolberg Thomas T. Thompson Morris Vance Gordon Williams Wells Wright PHOENIX Cx XIII I lx fs - X "xQ,' g rcff mnr ll lc. L2 . . ll M1 ,M 1 1. 'E f. 1 HIT? 1' , I , 'R Q -v -an-' t iff' 4- K :x.4ffz,p?-I ii ,ng-,-mu .Ag 5 J er fm. z"- .zz ,-f. W-- ffgefflkfkf igffvw ws ,QQ 'iv 81,5 '47 if G Um iz A., ,,w I -ff: 15 i h ' jx., f, cy- 1 Plfrfl 5. " -Q 1. w if - xmas. Q- Sqft :iw-:ji .f me 2- Jijiaffi ,Q . .. fate .5 -ani . 3911 35: S I1'?':5'7L' iff-:ali ' :Sg4.::f1::j4 ,Wil 1 2 Morawa Bowan X? Lei U Founded, Syracuse, New York, 1918 ACTIVES Lorraine Crouch Helen Paul Grigware Elizabeth Haverstock Elaine Hovde Marjorie Jensen Jane Millar Virginia. Miller Betty Mulvehill Ruth Anne Olsen Josephine Pease Ina Ramsay Mary Spooner MEMBERS Harvey O. Beek Bruce H. Canfield Randall S. Derifield Robert W. DuPriest John E. Flynn Bourne .lerome Robert LaBree Hugh L. Morgan Ralph V. Platou John B. Riler Duane V. Thysell Wilbam L. Wall Alvin B. Williams Ira H. Wilson Am., f is 1 .. I w . 1 I 1 hg:,fA.,y-, l , 1 -,xfwv N .,3:IEf',q.. , , 1 'fa-' Q l '.:jm','-, 1 N -. pill., iz-V-mph, 6:T':',iu:' sw C lit-2,27 -,,a,A2i 5. ' . 2' AN? P 1 1. . If, 'Y-X21-.tif Qr1:.,'f3x?' I A Affigf ng-' ,- qwg, swf. 23152533 3.y..g :1,rg...5: Q2'T2Q,?'3 lj -f 'pl '-sm' fir- Wi 23'-f-azfsf .K 'av , L ..m,,r, , 4 ,,.1l"f 1.3 v --1. .f -in i'f51".':-r2,- f 'iff : ALP!-IA ALP!-IA GAMMA 'ik qw V l X L . A 250 MEMBERS Inez Allard Harriet Christensen Alica Linsmayer Margaret McFarlane Francis Obst Edith Reed Lillie Seronback Ella Stucky Dorothy Wilson I. W. Alm R. G. Blakey F. M. Boddy A. M. Borak J. O. Burnett C. D. Corse BETA GAMMA SIGMA FACULTY MEMBERS F. B. Garver A. H. Hansen E. A. Helman B. D. Mudgett D. N. Rice R. A. Stevenson GRADUATE STUDENTS L. T. Baillie R. T. Chrysler R. E. Johnson David Donovan John W. Forney John Samuel Glas Leonard B. Hurwitz Powell F. Krueger C. A. Nelson C. L. Nelson L. L. Vance 1 R. M. Wilson - ACTIVES Herman Lasken Richard W. Lindgren Thomas S. McCart Wendell T. Peck Marshall L. Remund Donald M. Swanson Founded, Madison, Wisconsin, 1907 36 Chapters Alpha, 1921 DELTA PHI LAMBDA Elizabeth Atkins Mrs. del Plaine FACULTY MEMBERS Dr. Anna Phelan Margaret Scallon Ruth Christie GRADUATE STUDENTS Patty Bergeron Margaret Boddy Mildred Boie Dorothy Canfield Mary Culhane Alicia Drage Alice Frazer Annette Friedlander Betty Blasing ' Marion Brown Elsie Buchanan Frede Ebin Helen Elveback Margaret Harvey Signe Helleloid 252 ACTIVES W. H. Tusler Lois Fuller Sylvia Gottswerth Roberta Grahame Lillian Guthrie Doris Janzig Lorraine Kranhold Dorothy West Doris Peterson Alma Kerr Elizabeth Kerr Monica Krawczyk E. G. McDonald Marjorie Meyers Ruth Anne Olson Sherna Shallett FACULTY MEMBERS Helen G. Canoyer I Melba F. Hurd Franklin H. Knower Frances K. Del Plaine Frank Rarig Howard Gilkinson Haldor B. Gislason Harvey Hoshour GRADUATE STUDENTS Lawrence L. Vance Robert M. Wilson ACTIVES Lillian Gilliland Lee Loevinger James Gislason Ira Peterson Burnell S. Koolish Lenore Wolfe DELTA SIGMA RI-IO Founded, Minnesota, 1906 50 Chapters 253 '4 Wllv ,-.wp .wagll .. ,,, .:."" ,1 THA' I if 4 ft' L iq l .. l ' ix' l l ixlfire ' 5 , IGP' 4 5 . r 1 - n '-W Q l 1 My w LU 'JN'-5 ' Y L 5 l a 1 e E F Yi-'S 5.11 1 , . we 1 i 1 ' 'lfllf--T ' fff 1 ' I l , . . Ai lf L, 1 ' , f5"'Vl J. X 5. , U M 'ga 1 . l l Aa.-.. 3 , ' N -, B ni, ,111 .. v' 4. M M akin I--am. . J.. 'fm 'T-C 'Zi U15 K iw--. v- ,1..W, X. gsjdiii. W Q X ,, ' v v wgli . 'S :DE uf?-I51.",7.1 PP , . 5,1 , a 3 wahg , fviiif . . . f .I iw X J., 305 1 W 2?4::z.xEf' M M 1 V z -,mu Wf5f? 1 215.55132 F713 ' f::.'.gf:: ,A ag.-fizld. V . -xgfbifl M Wgfky arlg 3m.Qy BSWSL FJWQE 1 w 1 ' Lf' . Eg-tag w .ikfiisf 4 ',,. 5,4 A' 3 GAMMA EPSILON PI 254- MEMBERS Dorothy Deming Margaret Hartley Vivianne C. Nelson Margaret Wackerman Shiela Young Pearl Youngren HONORARY MEMBERS Charles Bayley Ward C. Burton Elbert Carpenter James Gray Arthur Hartwell Carl W. Jones Roy Child Jones Sumner T. McKnight Kenneth G. Brill Skuyler Brown Fred D. Burg James H. Campbell Richard D. Carlson John Corneveaux William Corrigan Harl G. Douglass George J. Doyle Richard H. Ernst Robert Funk Lewis Gilpin Frederick W. Halbkat Kenneth M. Hough ACTIVES Kendrick A. Wilson Carleton Miles Horace T. Morse George Norton Northrup Merle Potter L. Clement Ramsland A. Dale Riley Otis Skinner E. A. Weaver Cliiford J. Janes Robert H. LaBree John C. Lobb Charles F. Lowe Waldo F. Marquardt Howard W. Meagher Phillip Neville William B. Newgord Jay G. Odell John E. Paulsen Robert L. Peaslee Henry N. Somsen Kent C. van den Berg Thomas R. Webb GARRICK CLUB ' X QIQTQ, 1 2 A .a,.:aq,a . .yr .4.X 5. 1 Ewnv . ga., QQ, "",' 3:- , zcfizae. f , ,E iijyger 'L 1 + 'vlhzffk-' ' t M 'ffslrtzvi A 'V-s..,,-.1 1 vm ' r , i57i"r" ' ' ,7v.Ej'.5' , I Jff1.,g:-"Q , L ift ' Q,-f., 3Qf':mii" ' ,,?:j':9n'R ' "swift: . -rr:-fl, .5 -91 -Zztifw ,2,,"'li3fffi 1 5Ef,,i ?sf22 a a ,. y:- -, Efffl i wef :-,L-5, W . if iv ' il MU PI-I EPSILON . . M' an ,L Founded, Cincinnati, 1903 ' 53 Chapters Phi Beta, 1927 FACULTY MEMBER Gertrude Hull ALUMNAE Margaret Thomas Adamcik Dorothy Amesbury Martha Baker Ethel Mae Bishop Donna Blake Winnef red Reichmuth Bolle Beryl Busse Margaret Christy Hildred Brohaugh Betty Erickson Mary Alice Gale Olga Hiebert 256 Hermion Wheaton ACTIVES Meriam Lieberman Edelman Mary Frances Lehnerts Marie Rybak Liegl Ann Neubeiser Julia Rose Eunice Ryan Elizabeth Dolsen Tifft Julie Waldo Adelaide Lacy Marion Maurer Dorothy Parrish Nina St. John MEMBERS Julius A. Collier, '341 Jean H. Hagestrum, '33 Thomas O. Kachelmacher, '35 Donald M. Larson, '34 Lee Loevinger, '33 John N. Speakes, '35 Lawrence L. Vance Pl-Il DELTA GAMMA Founded, 1924 12 Chapters 257 ,,1 :ts . 'f' ?1"fE3'p -9 "I 'Hx l A.,. ,r. .,f ,Wu- . l .4 . ,752-4: -.,1, 1 'xu , . , u ' fx jg.. .2yq1g:, 5.41 1 v f. .,x,f,., 114 q--A. . 4,1 1',M,1-3, 1,1 ic., . -, 1?-11 , . 11 : . 'Wi' 1 ' 319. D 1 u :?"'0!f5.QV 1 g A1.. il-1, 1 Q ., X554 . 1 filth-'filgig' A gr- .. - w igsi , 3 . wif-Pr: 1 l ' Hifi . 1 -,ficlzf Sf 1 :wif ' 15, 262551 l' 7 ' :. "5 '25, l 1 1 1 "f 17' I 3 fl 13' .QQ N i ' ., Y. Q1-AQ.--'.y,.q 1 ""Q2!Tf"s , 1 HM : l .2 1 l ""'f' .4 MS ' ' 1'.,.--gt, 1 ' 'J J N3 51 ll PLUMB BOB r li, v J. l .fgtg fl! Founded, Minnesota, 1926 MEMBERS Norman E. Carlson Paul L. Erickson .lohn E. Hancock Philip R. Hedback Malcolm D. Hope John C. Hubbard Archie B. ,laps Austin H. Lange Laddy J. Markus Gayle B. Priester Harold .l. Sundstrom ACTIVES A A SIGMA DELTA GAMMA FACULTY MEMBERS Ann Fenlason Elizabeth Gardiner Gertrude Vaile ' . GRADUATE STUDENTS Elizabeth Dooley Rosemary Pehousek Dorothy Black Ida Brochin Madeline Burke Olga Carlson Marguerite Johnson Ruth Lenske Marjorie Myers Katherine O'Neill Josephine Pease Lucille Rhedin Faith Tapp Charlotte Whittemore , 259 Founded, Minnesota, 1929 ' 'Milf vii Ufirrf' l i -' tfY21.7, I 3 1 f .1"Eki': 4 1 his l 5 xilljye , 3 J ,jr i F Y 512' l w' y n 1 'sg 3 X l rigid ?-i l 1 l "'-Nbev , 5-'ma A l 275.5 R ' ii: 3 N If Ifi, 7.1532 , R E QW ti T. , X Jffiiiisu E Q 1-iajigrfrgi ' ,uw M i '. flfhffi E "Ml W .',,t',,.15l 5: 1.1 r I 'A . 'Z f-E,:f45'fi1'1Q E rr we-P. l ll'.J:3:?,., ' :fx M l M ' HFS, SIGMA EPSILON SIGMA FACULTY MEMBERS Dean Anne Dudley Blitz Miss Elizabeth Jackson Mrs. Mary S. Kuypers F MEMBERS Lelah Ball Phyllis Barnard Lucille Bennett Florence Billing Doris Blomquist Helen Brohaugh J une Carlson Edith Christensen Margaret Day Betsy Emmons Helen Hoff Betty Keller Lois Lambert Enid Pearce Marion Pfaender Fannie Rosenberg Grace Solether Betty Stocks Elizabeth Smith Jane VanBraak FACULTY MEMBERS Leon E. Arnal R. C. Jones R. T. Jones F. M. Mann Rhodes Robertson GRADUATE STUDENTS David B. Anderson James Brunet Eino A. Jyring Roy N. Thorshov - ACTIVES N. Hillis Arnold Helmer E. Brockhoff Henen S. Hammond Austin H. Lange Kenneth R. Lundberg Jarl Seppanen Hubert H. Swanson mu SIGMA DELTA Founded, University of Michigan, 1913 13 Chapters Beta, 1917 261 ,Qs 2:21 -2 , au Ze .gg 1 'gn ' 'lofi W4-K-::,:-1,A Q "5 Fiifh- .5 Q. , 4 i-'-.Qyp,g 5 1 3 I 1 7' 1 ' ' '1f:Mf.fm3 ' 3 A 5 5 5 9vff14'?5P'fs . 'I f"f:L'g,f-'f-5: 1 : ww,-,,sr 1 1 1 1 1 . 3 we-V j , 1 , I ' I N' x-al , - 1 I ,, sift 1 ig.Qf1wzg2'E3 n . ,a...r., ,.. 1 .. i ia 1 ' 3 S 215, i s J l :FAQ-:mr V 'Iv w,"":-Cir 1 W 53 1 S t h e :Q " I 1 if 4-i , 1 y I , 1 f new: I A-24 :Kaffe 1 , 15,g:'fA:pg?.a 1 1 inf.-ins? . 'L".?',1M:'i 1 'MQ :.g"'-A-if-Kin 1 :win , 'L 5f:,3fQ ' ' f"'17J..-Q, if .wb 1 f t ' 1 .1-fag' :Q Y ri V ' , ' ' "' 5',gl'1n 1 232 1' fffrtii 4 , . TI-IETA SIGMA PHI Founded, University of Washington, 1907 ' 38 Chapters Nu, 1917 262 GRADUATE STUDENT Mary Culhane ACTIVES Helga Bjornson Jean Dabelstein Delores Fahey Marie Fancher Marion Gold Virginia Harris Alma B. Kerr Marion Rasmussen Grace Reinhard Eleanor Shaw Carol Stoltz PLEDGES Elizabeth Blasing Ardis Lundgren Helen Murchie McMahon. Hansing, Miester. Peterson Adams, Olson, Hulvox-son, Rieneke Blown Hanson, Aiton. Nelson, Stahler ACTIVES Edward Aiton James Adams William Brown Stanley Halvorson Earl Hanson Earl Hansing Harold Miester Carlton Nelson Richard Olson Harold Peterson Ezra Rieneke Lenard Stahler ALP!-IA ZETA V 1,-'ax 1, .. T2 ' 34.3.3 .fx F , Founded, Ohio State University, 1894 40 Chapters La Grange, 1905 2089 Carter Avenue, St. Paul 4 qi i l "alia hy.. I P . a l l I X i . l ,, 51 A fi n :,i,n!.5 1 ,wh . L'-K ' 1123511 l a A ,eff 1:1--.NL ' f rg. I ,r I f Q K E I 'f l' , A ' 'ws X F-iE' 4, ,. - if 'ii-... 555 in -I . i I A l .Jilf ' .l v-7 . .rw-gut.: 4 ..,,. . ...A :HW .3 SK 3915134 . I..wQ,a:Q3,:: r ,QQ "Ke '1 4 l . .WM .f.,,4:. tm... . W 122:-1' ,ginigv W.-, 1 .r:'7 '4 1? ' grid' ffl" 1, ,. Wfiqffe . ,ri . A'-'all ,fl rr 'ff -.wk 'v sl. .- I me - W :r'5 5f'.'1-3 -.,Q,:Q JT, n rv .g-- Q ,iff '.:v,f ' w2.:1?:1' 15'1 '. IJ, .,.x:a"p! Tfflil pfiiifiifl ""'2 7:59 'Y -2 lftlflli ":f1.-'X-wa 'l':J."?-39 .L.'.,.1'L. " , 'Haig lf 12,13 -V: vu-- ' 13145 Mr i':Xs511.?i - BLOCK AND BRIDLE Founded, Iowa State College, 1913 ' 8 Chapters Minnesota, 1917 E Hansing, Meister, Ahlstrand, Nodland, Hogland, M. Anderson, Seyfon-th Hnlvorson, Peterson, Boller, L. Hanson, Gandrud, Wirt, Mahr, Jacobs Sieverson, Pederson, Rousinen, Graham, Goodwin, Palmer, Sewall Shumway, Marti, Berggren, Werner, Carlson, Stenverfz, Aiton, Comstock Nelson, Dailey, Baldwin, Rowe, E. Hanson, Rollings, Moberg Plank, McMahon, McMartin, Johnson, Drnheim, Kuckenbecker Reineke, Peterson, Wesemun, McDougal, Olson, Stahler, Roth FACULTY MEMBERS F. Ferrin W. E. Petersen W. H. Peters GRADUATE STUDENTS H McMahon P. Swenson ACTIVES E. Aiton H Anderson M. Anderson V Baldwin G. Berggren J. Boller A Byram R Comstock D Dailey S. Doten I. Draheim C. Fahning C. Franson E. Gandrud H Grow C. Graham G Graham N Goodwin M. Hole E. Hansing C. Hamacker L. Hanson L. Hartwig D Hogland R Jacobs G MacDougal H Mayo J. Wirt 264 W. Swenson M. Simon M. Mahr H. Meister W. McMartin E. Molherg C. Nelson T. Nodland R. Olson J. Olson H. Owens M. Peterson B. Pervis H. Plank E. Reineke C. Radke A. Roth M. Rowe C. Rousinen C. Rollings J. Shumway D. Seyforth L. Stahler T. Sewall L. Severson P. Stenhorg F. Welch W. Werner D. Weseman H. Carlson, Ripken, Kilpatrick, S hogrren Sundstrom, Lenhart, Keri-iten, Oltman, Anderson I l h H h L l d '.c- ner, Lind jem, u burd, c Hn FACULTY MEMBERS F. H. Bass Dean O. M. Leland L. F. Boon J. I. Parcel A. S. Cutler Dr. L. G. Straub 0. S. Zelner GRADUATE STUDENTS Gordon E. Bodein Alvin G. Anderson Harry Carlson George E. Lindhjem John C. Hubbard Miles S. Kersten Phillip Kilpatrick Robert F. Kreiss ACTIVES Jason H. Yaggy Milton E. Schmidt Jack Lenhart Ernest Margulas Roy E. Oltman John F. Ripken Hugo T. Shogren Harold J. Sundstrom Howard S. Wakefield -L 144.91 f ., ' .1 Mmm if TH L50 Founded, University of Illinois, 1922 12 Chapters Alpha of Minnesota, 1923 I 1 1 3 -ii 1 - 0 1 1 1 I 4 ! 1 '- eff' -1 .gag 3: iz f 1.4.23 " iii. b . , -A Sr'-ik-I L. 1 .,!.,f,f I rf ' is ga x A saga, 56:1-' Q' x , K A sl egg.-, le ' "'v. ,Q Sp. .5 , -', ilu DELTA PH: DELTA I iv 513 .ff' A12 Founded, University of Kansas, 1912 20 Chapters Gamma, 1921 Schwartz, Mason. Johnson, Acke Smeby. Grottum, Bass, Bruce, Ro c lp, Almaru, Gray, Guthrie, Birch FACULTY MEMBERS Hilma Berglund Helne Druley Elmer Harmes Robert Hilpert Josephine Lutz Ruth Raymond Gertrude Ross ACTIVES Theresa Ackerman Helen Almars Virginia Bass Marguerite Birch Laura Bruce Marjorie Gray Katherine Grottum Elizabeth Guthrie Evelyn Johnson Betty Leland Helen McLaughlin Jane Mason Rivia Rosenberg Marion Schwartz Vivian Smeby Katharine Woolsey ETA KAPPA NU J. M. Bryant Benjamin Axilrod Fred Bauman Robert Carlson Morris Cohen Paul Erickson Joseph Getsug ii Erick on, Hyvurinen, Hammond, Olson, Pearson l Turnquist, Levy, Carlson, Martin, Stoddart, Getsug Axilrod, Markus, Kupka, Cohen, Jensen Haxby, Shepherd, Milner, Hancock, Manga FACULTY MEMBERS H. E. Hartig E. W. Johnson ACTIVES Adolph Kupka Sam Levy Jay Mangan Laddy Markus Charles Martin Raymond E. Milner Albert E. Olson Founded Ralph Hammond John Hancock Robert Haxby John Hyvarinen Orville Jensen S. Ivar Pearson William G. Shepherd James Stoddart Arvid Turnquist University of Illinois, 1904 23 Chapters Omicron, 1920 gi' ,js Q, . :fill Wann' 2' Fifi , fi 5' -3,3- j': 'E iefffii , ' z -2311 ,,,,i,g:Q1i' I K 420 4 l W. ' , 595' , E l if 1, 5 4 L Y I Q tlggx l E 1 E 'A 1 , T s. l ' i r 5 Y i ' f ,f 1 5, , i 1 Fi? , 1 my 1 ' 5 ' ilk' if ' ,aft 1 Us i r W ,A W . NH: i Lil-gr, i Vg' gl X -1 . I I 'ff-.1 was , , I N if 'lqff' '- 1 .iff 1 l 'ff,'f??"4 J' is X i 3 aifgrgra . g'y,i'g:g5r, y 4 f-mail J Tift! 1. 5 ' -laiisslgr l 1 iil- , :he-g 1 . " 1 .fr- A , V ' Swiii 3 ' 1 , Q V 3, y , ff'ig"fzt 's-ffl l 1 , ,x':.f,4r, i -'ii i in-lf ' A Wi Ig, ". ig?"w.f I l s 1 .QW .M ' . "Pf,'jlf?t11 y s 'F 1 ETA SIGMA UPSILCDN 1 Founded, Minnesota, 1924 Millar. Jensen, Johnson. Melsted. MacBean Finney, Wolfe, Pepinsky, Rawling, Tharp. Crouch Sawyer, Maurer, Page, Almurs, Bruce FACULTY MEMBERS Anna Cawley M. E. Haggerty Helen Almars . Ruth Brace Lorraine Crouch Marian Finney Elizabeth Haverstock Marjorie Jensen Vivian Johnson Rosalind MacBean Marian Maurer Helen McLaughlin 268 Dora V. Smith ACTIVES Ruth A. Merrill Ruth Raymond ' Ellene Melsted Jane Millar Gertrude Page Minerva Pepinsky Virginia Pettigrew Fleeta Rawling Ruth Sawyer Dorothy Sweet Katherine Tharp Lenore Wolfe Sexter, Walbrum, Jennings, Hough, Aberg, Blank, Halbkat, Paulson Mader, Peterson, Streeter, Nelson, Gilpin, Lien, Biede-rmann Pfaender, Pemberton, Danek, Ernst, Johnston, Pratt, Arntsen, Dunbar Hall. Davis. Weber, Stark, MacManigal, Sloan. Liss O'Malley, Dietrich, Wilson, Jones, Kennedy, Corneveaux Dale C. Riley Harry Aberg Mary Louise Arntsen Jeanette Barquist Inez Bedard Talkeus Blank Alice Mary Brooker Fred Burg Richard Carlson Irving Clark John Corneveaux Bill Corrigan John S. Cowan Appleton Crowley Ruth Danek Ruth Dietrich Ann Duncan Richard Ernst Arvid Falk Lewie Gilpin Fred Halbkat Phoebe Hallenberg Kenneth Hough Beatrice Johnson Mary Johnston Donald Jennings Lola Jones Marie Jones Al Killeen Dorothy Kennedy Ruth Keirstead Betty Lee Master Malcolm Lein FACULTY MEMBERS MEMBERS Lenore Wolfe Theodore Seburn Meyer Liss Marjorie Jensen Kenneth McMillan Dorothy MacManigal Robert Mader Marion Miller John 0'Malley Sam Mirviss Miles Mace William Newgord .lay Odell Virginia Pemberton Arthur Peterson Robert Peaslee Lawrence Paulson Marion Pfaender Shirley Pratt Bob Biedermann Saul Raskin Fritz Raiter .lean Stark Donald Streeter Stanley Sjosten Elaine Schwartz Lowell Sexter Neota Silvers Edith Sloan Henry Somsen Claire Wile Kendrick Wilson John Walbrum Margaret Weber MASQUERS 3.1 ,uf .:, ,-.U -v., ,a:'N?- f.l :, no X fi' ii J 51'-az.. ,xv 1 . K I :Q , '1Z:fw.? ,-Y Q. il' Dewi f, -xi rr- S.. .+..14,. ggi.. .rig 4 y- 'rl bi.. C-. V.-'. . lf AL is use M5537 M4033 Y-.. . .. 5. 'PQ . W -wal arid' M- "5- S. . . vw '-S -.,-Q' ah M . H '! ing?- l. w at -. Nh.,- Tr mfs: 1' .-,sl r s N . K-ull H. gwfii' .. . 2 -. Q Lit .-1, l-,...,1g. r 4. 4' 'l Q W ,jr -fc W F X 1 I A! l i . r- w .I li-'mi ' w 'l fi?.'f.,fj"l i E Q2fs.l 51 5' i Q f w. u . ,J 5 -Q Z':.'1tr2-5. ' N iaag il .1 4 l .y.1'.'f:i ' '. -' l l MCDRTAR AND BALI. 2 BALL 'N ,px .. i 'iii ,-----1.-as 3, -.wr ff MORTARQ? - AND Q' 0 ,,.fs Kola its Founded, University of Minnesota, 1920 6 Chapters Battery A, 1920 Riede. Sanford, W. Johnson, A. B. Carlson. Kaiser, Lundheim, Olson, Olex L' ht Gardner Quinlan R. Johnson Kells Lac Mattlin 9 l l 1 . - Y, Chcll,cCriry, Miller, Helseth, Speakes, Rindsland, Conary, Nelson Moran, Cribbs, Gauthier, Ruble, Bergan, Weidlich, Gregg Price, Whitlock, Shippam, N. E. Carlson, Ericson, Richmond ' FACULTY MEMBERS Lt. Richard A. Ericson Lt. Hewitt W. Richmond Major Willis Shippam OFFICERS Capt. Norman E. Carlson 2nd Lt. Earl H. Ruble lst Lt. Burr F. Whitlock lst Sgt. Donald E. Price ACTIVES John R. Bergan A. Burton Carlson Norman E. Carlson LaVern V. Carrier Pearce B. Chell Robert E. Conary Hudson Crary William O. Cribhs Tracy B. Gardner George A. Gauthier Oswald Helseth Mirza Gregg Harold W. Hoefer George B. .lohnson Russel W. Johnson Wesley H. Johnson Edward W. Kaiser Edward L. Kells 270 Robert H. Lacy Paul C. Liechty Erling J. Lundheim Harold C. Mattlin George D. Miller James P. Moran John G. Nelson Laddie S. Olexa Fred A. Olson Donald E. Price Edward W. Quinlan Peter M. Riede William C. Rindsland Earl H. Ruble Arthur L. Sanford John N. Speakes Raymond J. Weidlich Burr F. Whitlock PERS!-IING RIFLES Driscoll, Robbins, Lindquist, Aftreth, Bowers, Clute, McMunis, Ostergren Reader, Dreveskracht., Shaw, Jenkins. W. Johnson, Piehl, Montgomery, Weissenbach, Dwyer Erickson, Schneider. Pe-nnigr, West, Rovick, Knudscn, Wodrich, Sorenson Wasmuth, Reusch, R. M. Johnson, Williamson. Douglass, Reep, Kelly W. Kerr. A. D. Kerr, Harlf, Kindler, Hatch, Williams, Dietrich, A. Harris Methven, Jones, Senter, Andre, B. Harris, Donahower, Buckner, Peterson Orville Aftreth Wilbur Andre Robert Berens Lowell Blake William Bowers Ray Clute William Dietrich Earl Dombross John Donahower Hari Douglass Lloyd Dreveskracht Albert Driscoll Arthur Dwyer J usta Erickson Charles Graves Leroy Harff Alanson Harris Bruce Harris Robert Hatch Robert Jenkins Robert Johnson William Johnson John Jones Robert Kelly Alexander Kerr William Kerr Eugene Kindler Leslie Knudsen Kermit Kreitlow MEMBERS Fred Lemmer Bertil Lindquist George Litman Charles iVIcManis Robert Montgomery Edward Olson Leonard Ostergren Carl Pennig John Peterson William Piehl Joseph Reader Austin Reep John Reusch Orem Robbins Micheal Schneider Albert Senter Howard Shaw Stanley Sorenson John Spence Ward Thompson Marvin Wangstad Leroy Wasmuth Joe Weissenbach Emory West John Wheeler John Williams Wayne Williamson Robert Willinff Edward Wodrich Founded, University of Nebraska, 1892 18 Chapters Company E, Second Regiment, 1930 1, . I 355.2 ,Q1 1 , 331' X1 - !. ts. wi., nm if ,A . elxfx ffl-mf.. Y.. . ,124 xy . Qifl .Q ,,, iii' .age jill: 1' r ir' fda.. 2 feisty tiiiigiih 'T Al 'tiff sz.. . s , 4 'Q . . ' m' Jfiif '- -f",". . tink, 'z T . . si nh T if -.w ifi ' 'f:fN.f ' , 'Larim- ,... ... , ., wt' .7 ' .- x 1 l 1 PI-IPCANX G Founded, University of Illinois, 1920 W 4 Chapters Beta Morae, 1930 Kncheimacher, Boelter, Thorne, Kromer, Benson, Hanscom, Gorman Caparoon. Holter, Jones, Orest, Iverson, Rindsland Smith, Anderson, L. Peterson, Granquist, Schorr, Hammond, Fo1'de1'b1'ugen Jacobs, Gonsolin, King, Lowell, Ruble, Vobevda ' Schwieger, Shippam, Krueger, Wiggins, Krauch FACULTY MEMBERS Capt. Hammond D. Birks Lt. Vincent J. Conrad Capt. Murray T. Davenport Capt. William A. Ellis Lt. Richard A. Ericson Maj. William G. Guthrie Lt. Harlan H. Hartness Lt. Col. John H. Hester Capt. Emil Krause Maj. Theron G. Methven Capt. Rex W. Minckler Lt. Hewitt W. Richmond Maj. Willis Shippam Maj. William C. Webb Capt. Porter P. Wiggins GRADUATE STUDENT Lawrence E. Hendrickson ACTIVES Herrick H. Aldrich Lewis K. Anderson Jerome H. Baer Melville H. Bischoff Oliver M. Benson Fred R. Boelter Clarence D. Caparoon Donald H. Childs Loyal G. Domning Kervin J. Forderbrugen Lyle B. Forsyth Douglas G. Ganfield Edward M. Gonsolin Clyde J. Gorman Karl W. Granquist Bernhard C. Grangaard Thomas A. Hammond Sanford C. Hanscom Harris K. Hebbard Arne Holter Vincent E. Iverson Maurice Jacobs Orrie A. Jensen Howard R. Jones Thomas V. Kachelmacher Raymond E. Kasper Phillip King 272 George Krauch Orlando Kromer Powell F. Krueger Conrad T. Kvam George T. Leclercq Ernest W. Lodmell Parker Lowell Torry C. Orest Chester E. Peterson Ernest G. Peterson LaVern K. Peterson Edward W. Quinlan Theodore B. Rasmussen William C. Rindsland Earl H. Ruble Ward A. Rulien- Wilbur F. Schorr Donald W. Schrepel, DeKoven L. Schwieger Paul W. Searles William E. Skinner Chester M. Smith Richard B. Thompson Eugene F. Thorpe Lumir F. Vobevda August L. Vogt James R. West PI-H SIGMA PI-H Nicholsen Naykki, Carlblom, Paulsen, Arnoldy, Tucker Canfield Sears, Hardiman, Ebert, Priester Shipman, Prescott, Roth, Rasmussen FACULTY MEMBERS Gerald R. Prescott ACTIVES Roman Arnoldy Edward Adams Joseph Calhoun Bruce Canfield Albert Carlblom Clayton Ebert Edgar Fleckenstein Elmer Foskett Ralph Hardiman Leo Naykki Frank Nicholsen John Paulsen Gayle Priester Theodore Rasmussen Stanley Roth William Sears Harold Shipman Avery Tucker . QQ ' we 3514 .' 5 Gini? Founded, University of Minnesota, 1922 l i I 1 1 I i k 5 i I 5 l . E 5 i r Y l l . ,'r,,.Q ., .4 3 fx fi' is ' 'l 7,-3411 1.3.4 lv lag Uiwziii. -4, 'wg-A " fm, 1 6' nvyal ' 4 5? 1 'ft Cf 4. L .,9,.,V1 'PH W f '.'1-yu, .- V J A F . 4,57 ' .FQ ,, 0,5 ..,. . qw- ,- ff l 5:15, Eff !,5I'5'f1?i Ll .l,, :-' M-Q -:t.-- Q. A . ,A A 3 Q i A537 1 qv." l .3 'J-'fi' 5. ,' Wifi 2 W5 -1 r- 1 cw ,w I .tc ' r-EQ" l - 1 ' 'W .V 4.v.1'g?,, ,U . Qi' -fi? ' "ge ,QL . , IECFSEF2 f ir V ,:1 it-, NH- . A , . 5 .-,r i ' ' - ' ' , . ,-.- '1- lefino- r 1 il-, fi ffxv. 'rw--. ' , 4.--1 A, 'K fr, , A L , ' . -25, 'K .4 'A L 4. ,I-ag -.f.4-- f- 'finer :-,ai,A.4-,- .":- ,, 1-,:,'-I ff L , ' ' . - - 4: " . , . fy -,T:,'2.ii- ' is-.. , ' 'i xssffzijs-.1 fZ.fg:'f'F2,,i.-42:35 ff,1,,j':.,, - g,wfff'3g,i-35:91 'Lf ' 9 ,I gf? h - . ,:f,,.f:p5'g.g ,- , .- , ,-.aft,,1:f,,yy55-5,-E ' V f'ffgfi:ts vftqgpfyg-L,',g,g1-,l,l 14325: Y. :P I . J ff' vi! ,fe ' ' ' ' '-1 ' f -1- --- --- 14 R' V1 Q.:-ssewfggimh' Jae- 1 rm:-.A' 'gg 4-fa sa-Sw.. 33.1" 1-11 . -'fr' 'f' f ' Q. if we-.F KAPPA OTA ZETA O'Neill, Bachman, Dunbar, Brown, Ru!-ZR. McEachex'n Sommer, Nelson, Schroeder, Powrie, Kennedy Hansen, Hemmingncn, Hilmer, Fleck, Arnold, Silvers Nortz, Boock, Kirk, Pfaender, Black, Halstead Mary Louise Arntsen Genevieve Arnold Maurine Aultfather Ruth Bachman Dorothy Black Mary Black Gloria Boock Louise Broun Alice Ann Brown Ruth Davis Ruth Dietrich Elaine Dosen Nora Dunbar Betsy Emmons Dorothy Falk Claire Fawcett Anna Fleck Violet Franzeen Betty Gale Lillian Gillilland Isobel Gregory Ruth Halstead Edna Hansen 274 ACTIVES Dorothy Harris Louise Hatfield Coral Hemmingson Thurmalee Hendrick Lydia Herman Marlys Hilmer Dorothy Kennedy Noel Kirk Helen Landrum Dorothy MacManigal Win Ellen McEachern Helen Nelson Elaine Nortz Kay 0'Neill Marion Pfaender Iantha Powrie Shirley Pratt Janet Rose Priscilla Rugg Marion Schroeder Neota Silvers Glenora Sommer Lenore Wolfe PI TAU PI SIGMA Nuffer, Erickson, Vorlander, Kirkland, Hartman. Steinmetz McGlone, Huygarth, Stoddart, Kernkamp, Lowe-ll Schorr, Minckler, Graves, Storkerson FACULTY MEMBERS Lt. Col. J. H. Hester Major W. Shippam Capt. R. W. Minckler Sergeant H. E. Strider GRADUATE STUDENTS Parker Lowell Paul Erickson Lloyd Graves William Hartman Robert Haygarth Clinton Janes Melvin Kernkamp Kenneth Kirkland ACTIVES Carl Vorlander Cledo Brunetti .lohn McGlone Clayton Mullin Fritz Nuffer Wilbur Schorr Charles Steinmetz James Stoddart .lack Storkerson 49 f1.f,.,,.jl,V ,gill E . ...W Founded, University of Illinois, 1915 111- Chapters Minnesota Gamma, 1922 J. R. DuPriest J. V. Martenis B. J. Robertson C. O. Anderson Roman Arnoldy Norman Carlson Clayton Ebert George Graetz Edward Kells Roy King Morris Knight 276 Ricde, Wherlnnd, Carlson, Prnchar, Arnoldy Pl'leSl0l', Mengelkoch, Kells, Ebert, Graetz, Rollins, Leslie, DuP1'iest, King FACULTY MEMBERS F. B. Rowley C. F. Shoop H. B. Wilcox GRADUATE STUDENTS N. J. MacDonald ACTIVES F. A. Christotifer Donald Leslie Norbert Mengelk Gayle Priester Oltaker Prachar Peter Riede Donald Rollins Robert Wherland och Ryder, Beadle Kells, Schiefley, Mithun FACULTY MEMBERS Bernard W. Bierman Dr. Louis J. Cookc ACTIVES Kenneth Beadle Raymond Kells Howard Milhun Robert Ryder Charles Schiefley l . ,i,'Z I ..i . 1 ,-wh M -H is. . :za-753, t' Q42 feifak IPX.:-V, -' F , ' l l v , w l ' l 1 -MM.. , 'liltnllhi ' l ll ff" l , ' :Ev-g-1--, ' ?E'rf1jQ 1 new if-V: ' ---L z . at '- E3 92 .iz Levi . ..,V . ,- r ' l l r - ' , W z.. ' .:E l .. p I 1 , l , , 1- l l an - , ,W , ,ffiiffil-Bpf' J .S ..,, . M, , 1 -fg.2I.:::i'ESQ ' 1 A-fL..f,,.fF3 fc: fat- ' ,j'f.4, Taz? ,1 fi: f.'?gx?1il? .--is! in .,-5 -- , Q-2924 2' ew A -',, 'Q ' - , "W, ' ' C V 'ff-' 1 ' ra l' I f .. ..., , , ' V255 . '- 1 1 SCABBARD AND BLADE 19, K fri "X -V Founded, University of Wisconsin, 1904 78 Chapters B Company, First Regiment, 1905 Stabbert, Scholle, Stroud, Caswell, Prlce, Stern, Knight, Allen En man W tson K 'ause Kahl Barton, Lahti Jorgensen E9 . 8 . I . en 1 Shippam, Hester, Speakes, Jones, Wiggins, Conrad FACULTY MEMBERS Capt. Hammond Bisks lst Lt. Vincent Conrad Capt. Murray P. Davenport Capt. William A. Ellis lst. Lt. Richard Ericson Maj. William G. Guthrie lst Lt. Harlan Hartness Keith Allen Duane Barton Lucius Caswell John Comer Sanford Dee Leonard Engeman William Graves Charles Jones Le Moyne Jorgenson William Kahle Morris Knight Fayette Krause Nick Lahti Karl Lind Harold Mattlin Robert McCullock ACTIVES Lt. Col. John H. Hester Capt. Emil Krause lst Lt. Rex Minckler lst Lt. Hewitt Richmond Maj. Willis Shippam Maj. William C. Webb, Jr Capt. Porter P. Wiggins John Mosher Clayton Mullen Charles Pettit Donald Price Lowell Rieke Jess Scholle Bernard Seidle Arthur Slifer John N. Speakes Orlando Stahbert Daniel Stern John Storkerson Raymond Stroud Carl Vorlander Lucian Vorpaul Mortimer Watson Levy, Arnoldy, Haxby, Lindquist, P. Erickson, Hayes, S. Erickson, Olson Kriess, Lindner, Shepherd, Jacobs, Rahn, Hancock, Bauman Lenhart, Sears, King, Goldblum, Hall, Lundquist B ' ' M k B kh ft' K nk Gustafson, runettl, G. Priester. ar us, 1'oc o , u n, Wood Juettner, Axilrod, Leslie, Japs, Dr. Straub, Dr. Priester, Dr. Montillon W. B. Appleby Ora M. Leland L. F. Boon W. E. Brooke J. M. Bryant L. C. Caverly Peter Christianson A. S. Cutler H. A. Doeringsfeld H. E. Hartig E. L. Hill Fred Hovde E. W. Johnson C. A. Koepke A. G. Anderson B. F. Arnoldy B. M. Axilrod F. W. Bauman H. E. Brockhoff P. L. Erickson K. B. Goldblum W. Gustafson M. W. Hall J. E. Hancock R. O. Haxby J. H. Hayes S. J. Jacobs A. B. Japs A. A. .luettner E. W. Kaiser FACULTY MEMBERS ACTIVES ff B. 0. Wood J. H. Kuhlman A. C. Kurzweil A. S. Levans C. A. Mann F. M. Mann G. H. Montillon H. D. Myers G. C. Priester E. O. Shultz A. E. Stoppel L. G. Straub C. E. Swanson S. Trengrove H. B. Wilcox R. L. King A. J. Kupka J. Lenhart D. E. Leslie S. Levy G. F. Lindner G. Lindquist W. E. Lundquist L. J. Markus R. C. Milner A. E. Olson W. D. Paley G. B. Priester H. W. Rahn W. R. Sears W. H. Shepherd TAU BETA Q 1 H Founded, Lehigh University, 1885 63 Chapters Minnesota Alpha, 1909 0ROR r.11- 1 'v 'T5?11FE"'l13',rUTE'Y' 'rW f'g? f ffiwefixi 'lgggtiigsiffkfEi!fkM1::'iQi1f4 1" '!f1f"HMqyi?I'ENFEW 1- A.,JT1bz w l'ei1xlw'v11A2352' 11111 ag141fz' sf- ,1 WUI ".14I1'l!! 'V mm.g ' l fl, iff-,3:L, 51 f!-Ilm11U?w51HIi,.4 lly fMiPTf:!13i l, :e?igf1 !wfsi HH52!Q , f mff"Uwf!H52 1,11-,zqlgfxz QQ-"gg, ,Q 1141' NW :H 1? i'jj Q I 3, 1 7i H ' , i1sil23 E'H 3 f "??g3i? 'iiifl 1 ' 1 QW Hin g w ? ' " s my ly 2 'I 'Qi , 1 y.v.' v' ,qi U lf fm 4 s Q iw WQIIH I 1 I i l 4 1 ! I I l it lu fi , I 1 'f -f,':'fQ-2-J 'Q ,l ,.. ,. 'f re x, 4 1:,fl .L ,gl fl Flair! .eg-gif ,. iff, 84751 X' sa si-ff .wg-:t,,:a,: gr,aK.,f."t .4 ., new .,'z,.'w - 'lr' f . 5, ,I .XV-Av. Lili' " W 2 ., 3 x-3 3 1:15, if 1 ,, 1, !?.i-S,-S.'1k.3a f.j::flw'g,.' , '"f:?i".: ' 1 4--.-fs. -as .,..,,. i 4. , ' ETHj1"1f "N -Sli 3:."'l". S PAN!-IELLENIC CCDUNCII. Johnson, Grobe, Hummel, Barquist, Tremblatt, McFerran, Keckefoth, Cobb, Olson Barnum, Kalash, Palmer, Ahlbrecht, Collins, Duncan, McEachern, McConnell . H. Larson, Confer, Gregory, Redfield, Brackett, L. Larson, '1'eisberu, Georgeson, Neimann Lorene Larson, Stark, Kammeie-r, Tharp, Burrows, Woodring, G. Anderson, Hanson, Cadwallader, Thwing, Welles, Spooner, Verrell, Berg, Wood Alpha Chi Omega--Alice Duncan, Harriet Thwing Alpha Delta Pi--Estelle Collins, Doris McFerran Alpha Delta Theta-Dorothy Georgeson, Helen Neimann Alpha Gamma Delta-Jane Cadwallader, Jacqueline Redfield Alpha Omicron Pi--Ethelmae Eylar, Mary Woodring Alpha Phi-Mary Ella Brackett, Mary Barnum Alpha Xi Delta-Virginia Olson, Jean Stark Beta Phi Alpha-Gladys Anderson, Glee Burrows Chi Omega-Margaret Hanson, Helen Kalash Delta Delta Delta-Katherine Barrett, Ruth Clark Delta Gamma-Mary Jane Confer, Elizabeth Grohe Delta Zeta-Jeanette Barquist, Katherine Tharp Gamma Phi Beta-Lorene Larson, Geraldine Teisberg Kappa Alpha Theta-Dorothea Poppe, Ardene Berg Kappa Delta-Nola Kammeier, Win Ellen McEachern Kappa Kappa Gamma-Betty Cobb, Isobel Gregory Phi Mu-Ruth Sackett, Florence Budge Phi Omega Pi-Margaret Ahlbrecht, Harriet Larson Pi Beta Phi-Betty Wood, Jean Hummel Sigma Kappa-Elizabeth Johnson, Lorna Larson Sigma Delta Tau-Saragrace Kenner, Etta Tremblatt Zeta Tau Alpha-Vivian Johnson, Kathleen Palmer 282 Kenner ALPI-IA CI-II OMEGA Gustafson, Kennedy. Costello, M. Taylor, Ericson, Fitch, Paulson, Cuvellier, Beebe F. Taylor. M. Johnson, Helstrom, Duncan, Vanursdall, Hughes, Armitage, Sargent H. Johnson, Post, Patterson, Hauer, Kinning, Peterson, Daugherty, Bang, Sisley M. Kelly, Beckman, Nye, Pearce, Hansen, Gudal, Daniels, Hatfield Cummings, Rhedin, D. Kelly. Darling, Thwing, Andrews, Savage FACULTY MEMBERS Olive Johnston J Mary Kuypers Gertrude D. True GRADUATE STUDENT Elizabeth Smith ACTIVES Mary W. Andrews, '34 Lorraine Costello, '33 Margaret J. Cummings, '34 Betty Darling, '33 Alice Duncan, '35 Sylvia Ericson, '34 Eileen Hansen, '36 Louise Hatfield, '35 Dorothy Helstrom, '35 Harriet Thwing, '33 PLEDGES Marguerite Armitage Florence Bang Margaret Beebe Lelia Bockman Alice Cuvellier Maxine Daniels Ruth Daugherty Merlin Fitch Helen Gudal Jean Gustafson Irene Hauer Marion Van Ness Laura Hughes, '34 Hazel Johnson, '34 Marion Johnson, '35 Dorothy Kelly, '33 Margaret Kelly, '35 Catherine Kennedy, '33 Kate Pearce, '34 Lucille Rhedin, '33 Phyllis Savage, '35 Harriet Kinning Henrietta Nye Anna Jane Patterson Muriel Paulson Joan Peterson Rhea Post Vesta Sargent Eileen Sisley Frances Taylor Margaret Taylor Elsie Kay Tingloff 283 sq-G Q 1' I L V .' 2 W i Founded, De Pauw University, 1885 57 Chapters Alpha Lambda, 1921 514 Eleventh Avenue Southeast , 1 ,'. 1.1 1 ill. . l ,,, , -'vis F ' 1 , ,xl 5' ,,,,,, im 4 'A v 5 ,hiya .. ,H A.. U,- -yr, .t,,. :L V 5 HW L WML' 5. 15526 ,I ,., 5' 6 .f.f.4,,. .-avi" .1gf.::i. 'iz-1 :rx , arf' af-2' v , vw.-4 ., xr V 5 ? ' xv-4 I 'N 1 ,. ::,,.',v, .y M i iafraf w P -1-iw 'ZW .4 V ' 'fr br P 'ln . 1 'Fa ,. x I 'LT , 'KM I 1 .- '-A3 1 4, HJR- . M., . , . -. i ALP!-IA DELTA PI 'ZQZSXE .fo ' f fl..X'0 Q' Founded, Macon, Georgia, 1851 60 Chapters Alpha Rho, 1924. 1009 University Avenue Southeast N .1-v .v Sharp, Atwood, Nutt, McFei-ran, Whitham, Erickson Turner, Foley, Heard, M. Loomis, Collins, White, LaFrance Duckett, Brown, Dunwoody, H. Loomis, Ross, Lambert , Reutiman, Weber, Stoudt, Scowe, Hall GRADUATESTUDENT Janet Brown, '33 Estelle Collins, '33 Margaret DeLien, '35 Jessie Dunwoody, '34 Geraldine Foley, '33 Lillian Hall, '34 Margaret' Kulander, Adelaide Lacy, '33 Jeanne LaFrance, '33 Helen Loomis, '34 Mary Louise Loomis, Jean Andrews Doris Atwood Jean Babcock Dorothy Duckett Beatrice Erickson Alice Heard 2811. 334. '3 Florence Schwartz ACTIVES PLEDGES Doris McFerran, '35 Jeannette Manning, '34 Beatrice Scowe, '34 Buth Sharp, '35 Louise Stoudt, '33 Betty Reutiman, '33 Margaret Weber, '33 Betty White, '35 Miriam Whitham, '34 Jane Wood, '33 Margaret Zelner, '35 Barbara Porter Janet Ross Lois Lambert Nellie Mae Ludwig Dorothy Nutt Helen Turner ALP!-IA DELTA TI-IETA Tharp, A. Miller, Murphy, Arvidson, Huskinson Hanson, White, Hosmer, Browne, Collins. Burmeister Ekstrom, D. Miller, Neimann. Olson, Georgeson GRADUATE STUDENTS Ann Arvidson ACTIVES Ruth Burmeister, '35 Irma Ekstrom, '33 Dorothy Georgeson, '33 Marjorie Hanson, '33 Hope Hosmer, '33 Gail Huskinson, '34- PLEDGES Virginia Browne Hazel Tharp Johanna Collins Dona Lou Miller, '33 Margaret Mary Murphy, '34 Helen Neimann, '33 Lee Olson, '34 Mildred Peterson, '34- Muriel White, '33 Alberta Miller 285 ' ALLGJ . 54-.,rp . f A' v " '15 1"'8'C9'C' W. Founded, Transylvania College, 1919 26 Chapters Tau, 1927 4406 Eleventh Avenue Southeast J 4 t , A lynx: 4 we a J' ' aw- fa ki.. tl - if . lc ,1 Hifi? 't'.i.'w , wi: Ta .,, fi, We f' .y -L-ii 39' '5.,1j A Founded J' Syracuse, New York, 1904 win. " if '.- ' -5 ' 3 - 51. 4 5 fi we W , .ri ' 'rf 21 it 31 '-Jftf'fy3 l 'ffl J V 5 T M- A.y:i:,t?,, '., . .,,v. , A W-.,, 'se ..-' TA Brown, Davies. Longnecker, Donovan, Kirk, Cadwallader, T. Strobel, Donohue Do ella B ett V n N st Ho mer, Powxie. Redfield, Berprhs nn n, enn , a e . Dl ' ' Nichols, Wilder, J. Elwell, Orfield, Porter, E. Elwell, Hultgren, Hawley Seeley, Bradt, Johnson, Smallwood, Fink, J. Strobel, Laudon, Goetz GRADUATE STUDENT Jane Albrecht, '33 Jane Bennett, '35 Dorothea Bradt, '33 Delphine Brooks, '33 Jane Cadwallader, '34 Carolyn Davies, '35 Helen Donnellan, '34 Eileen Donohue, '34 Evelyn Elwell, '36 Jane Elwell, '36 Olga Fink, '33 Elizabeth Goetz, '34 Helen Grenier, '33 Janet Johnson, '33 Dorothy Johnston, '34 Noel Kirk, '34 Freda Lauclon, '33 Kathryn Anderson Mae Jule Arbes Shirley Berghs Miriam Brown Dorothy Doley Ruth Donovan Alice Drew 286 Betty Leitz, '35 Orva Longnecker, '34 Janet Macaubrey, '34 Inez Mattson, '34 Peggy Jane Mills, '35 Hope Nichols, '34 Ruth Anne Olsen, '33 Virginia Orfield, '34 Duane Porter, '35 lantha Powrie, '35 Jacqueline Redfield, '34 Evelyn Seeley, '34 Virginia Smallwood, '33 Janet Strobel, '33 Truma Strobel, '35 Marcia Thorpe, '36 Ruth Van Nest, '35 Phyllis Gaudian Suzanne Harper Patricia Hawley Helen Dae Hopper Elizabeth Hultgren Ansel Mendenhall Elizabeth McLean i ! F 1 ,. 'r ALPHA QMICIQON PI McDonald. Marshall, E. Smith. West. Bruce. Schuette, Swenson, Underdahl, Olson, Gasink Reed, Baird, Eylar. Teschan, Jensen. Nienaber. Mattson, Turnstrand. Perkins A. Davis. Bakke. Chapman. Black, M. Davis, Foote, Arscott. Strand Wooldrik, Landrum. Ashton. Jerome, Sutherland, Mulroy, Crouch Skinner, Rasmussen, Eklund, Stone, Brenchley. Murray, Dodds, Silvers Hammerbucher. Coy, Richardson, Verrell, Woodi-ing, Bryan, Wolfe FACULTY MEMBER Ione Jackson GRADUATE STUDENT Alice Arscott, '33 Jeanne Ashton, '34 Margaret Baird, '34 Elizabeth Bakke, '33 Ruth Brace, '33 Margaret Bryan, '33 Mary Coy, '34 Lorraine Crouch, '33 Alta Davis, '35 Margaret Davis, '34 .leannette Eklund, '35 Ethelmae Eylar, '35 Ruth Gasink, '34 Irma Hammerhacher, '35 Helen Huseby, '34 Marjorie Jensen, '33 Mary Pettit ACTIVES Helen Claire Landrum, '35 Eleanor Marshall, '35 Gertrude Wooldrik, '35 Mary Black Betty Brenchley Irma Chapman Margaret Dodds Jayne Foote Murray Jerome Genevieve Mattson Vivian Murray PLEDGES Miriam Wilson Margaret Mulroy, '33 Marjory Monroe, '35 Alice Nienaber, '34 Elaine Nortz, '34 Eunice Olson, '35 Marion Rasmussen, '33 Helen Richardson, '33 Marie Slevik, '34 Neota Silvers, '33 Margaret Skinner, '33 Eloise Smith, '34 Irma Strand, '33 Katherine Sutherland, '35 Maxine Swenson, '34 Irene Underdahl, '33 Dorothy Verrell, '33 Lenore Wolfe, '33 Mary Woodring, '33 Virginia Perkins Kathryn Reed Jane Schuette Larelda Smith Mary Stone Charlotte Teschan Helen Turnstrand Elizabeth West 287 7fA1 -f 1 2 i f X . I 1 If l 1 Founded, Barnard College, 1897 44 Chapters Tau, 1912 1121 Fifth Street Southeast g. ,,. tl yr, . l ' Q, . Tiki! 'F mu, ALPHA Pl-II il'-'Iliff-,i 'W . " 3? ,, ' S ' A-:Ia at ,QEIV , V V' .',.'::4'H 'V' '- in 'Jr , att ,- .tt its 'fi t M ' s 'Z :-- -ae., of 5:1 J'L'v tip! ,, 3 , , W, 'mig- W V , .L 1. ..f.., A 1 -at , ,fin 1- iv, Founded, Syracuse Unlversity, 1872 35 Chapters Epsilon, 1890 323 Tenth Avenue Southeast 1 4 . I'aNsV3lIvut.Lai, H 1 "ali UV' T" -J' uf A Rand, Aitkins, Klotz, Wagner. L. Murray, Gould, Lofstrom, Page, Courtney Rutter, Barnum. Addy, Overstreet. Brackett, Hayes, Roberts, Joyce Springer, Bushnell, Sherman, Van Sickle-, H. Huntington, Klndy, Strathern, Gardner, Frogner Morrison. Watson, Oren, Gardner, Kierstad, Chase, M. Murray, J. Connolly, C. Connelly Myers, Wearne, Lane, Haverstock, Millar, M. Huntington, Field, Coleman, Magaw FACULTY MEMBERS Marian L. Faegre Grace Gardner GRADUATE STUDENTS Elizabeth Eberhard Lorraine Rand ACTIVES Margaret Ann Atkins, '35 Mary Ella Brackett, '34 Mary Jane Coleman, '33 Jane Connolly, '33 Mary Field, '33 Katherine Frogner, '33 Mary Gardner, '34 Lavender Greaves, '33 Elizabeth Haverstock, '33 Ruth Herbert, '33 Margaret Huntington, '33 Renee Keyes, '33 Ruth Kierstad, '34 Constance Lane, '33 Betty Addy Mary Adeline Barnum Jeanette Berthiaume Betty Bushnell Cynthia Chase Catherine Connelly Elizabeth Courtney Jean Gardner Annis Gould Betty Hayes Harriet Huntington PLEDGES Mary Alice Magaw, '34 Helen McLaughlin, '33 Jane Millar, '33 Alice Morrison, '34 Marian Murray, '35 Marjorie Myers, '33 Mary Louise Oren, '34 Katheryn Overstreet, '35 Mary Morris Sherman, '34 Mary Ann Strathern, '34 Catherine Van Sickle, '34 Jael Wells, '34 Helen Wagner, '34 Ellen Wearne, '33 Katherine Joyce Caroline,Kindy Catherine Klotz Caroline Lofstrom Jenny MacKay Linda Murray Virginia Roberts Ann Rutter Suzanne Springer Laura Van Nest Ann Watson Ward, Fenskc-, Wade, Peterson, Gordon, Clark, Berchek, Whaples Wils n McGulTe Fousel' Trussel Nickerson Peo le:-i Batchelder 0 v Y, n , - D - Compton, French, Stemsrud, Jones, Shlppee, Rnthert, Stark, Olson FACULTY MEMBERS Mrs. Clara H. Koenig Lorraine Kranhold Laura Berchek, '35 Elizabeth Brunstad, ACTIVES Margaret Christensen, '35 Dorothybelle Clark, '33 Helen Compton, '33 Evelyn Fouser, '35 Esther French, '34 Fern Carlock, '35 Mable Gordon, '35 Marie Jones, '33 Norma Batchelder Marlaise Fenske Elizabeth Nickerson Mary O'Gorman Grace Whaples, '36 PLEDGES Janet McCaffey, '34 Virginia Olson, '34 Margaret Rarig, '35 Ruth Rathert, '33 Elizabeth Shippee, '33 Jean Stark, '35 Ruth Stemsrud, '33 Helen Thomas, '34- Margaret Trussell, '33 Dorothy Wade, '35 Mary Peoples Mildred Peterson Margaret Ward Dorothy Wilson ALPHA XI DELTA Founded, Galesburg, Illinois, 511- Chapters Mu, 1907 1873 1115 Fifth Street Southeast A 7 ,i, N , , ,',' :ff . , .MLK :A F1 S119 JS' ' g.,:x'rL 2 355 p , " ,:'2F'3JQ 7, . 'r N, d I it H' we . ,.,,, 531 '2"4'49 gf .gl a . ,w, ,x,.'.,! V-Ha.. V Us Rl' :Q :IH .L 1 , .N ::5,a3+. few 1.2-. . 1 fum l al l Lv aff 54 5.. BETA PI-ll ALP!-IA u,"v!.:?li'QW Q4 Z? VT JB V .. 'Y-:A id Founded, Berkley, California, 27 Chapters Kappa, 1926 1909 1103 Fifth Street Southeast - . -'af , Michelson. Mueller, Lasby, Beyer. Bennion, I. Curran, Randolph F' D.C1'anB shD t'ShrmanR'k ie, ur , aarc, onne, e ,ma Coaker, Burrows, Anderson, Bartholomew, Weese FACULTY MEMBER Eleanor Anderson GRADUATE STUDENTS Helen Lasby Gladys Anderson, '33 Doloris Baarsch, '33 ACTIVES Marian Bartholomew, '33 Elizabeth Bennion, '35 Margaret Beyer, '33 Margaret Carey Dorothy Curran Irene Curran Lavar Donner Ellen Ehrenberg Sylvia Weese, '33 PLEDGES Emily Ripka Dorothy Black, '33 Glee Burrows, '33 Roberta Coaker, '33 Agatha Mueller, '33 Judith Mulally, '33 Beverly Fie Olgamarie Novak Marion Randolph Elizabeth Sherman Louise Will: M Orr, M. Johnson, Solon, Lovelace, Seidel, Christiansen, Burns. Smith, M. Hallenberg, J. Orr McConnell, P. Hallenberg, Cleary, Gilbertson, Jenkins, Steele. Frizzell, J. Johnson, Roach Slingsby, Knudsen, Fitzpatrick, Bourgerie, McCabe, Griffin, Leighton, Berg Loh nLRohB RthM'KlhHk'B man , . ac , ayer, o , . aas , op ms, auman Helen Kalash, M. Hansen, Hazel Kalash, King. MacNaugfhton, Turpie. Sias, Morrison FACULTY MEMBER Edna E. Fowler GRADUATE STUDENTS Elinor Gould Gertrude Hosford Katherine Bauman, '34 Helen Carlson, '33 Patricia Christianson, '34 Dorothy Frizzell, '34 Anne Gilbertson, '34 Mary Hallenberg, '34 Phoebe Hallenberg, '34 Marjorie Hansen, '34 Margaret Hanson, '36 Regina Hoff, '34 Dorothy Hopkins, '34 Janet Johnson, '34 Hazel Kalash, '33 Helen Kalash, '33 Betty Bayer Phyllis Berg Betty Bourgerie Betty Burns Katherine Cleary Alice Griffin Marjorie Jenkins Mary Elizabeth Johnson Gretchen Paust ACTIVES Ruth Turpie, '33 PLEDGES Dorothy King, '33 Hazel Knudsen, '34 Clara Lohmann, '35 Helen MacDonald, '33 Margaret MacNa.ughton, Georgia McConnell, '33 Dora Messeas, '34 Fern Morrison, '33 Betty Mulvehill, '33 Marion Orr, '33 Corinne Roach, '34 Lucia Roach, '34 ,lean Roth, '33 Maxine Slingsby, '34 Marcella Kalash Mary Leighton Phyllis Lovelace Connie McCabe Janet Orr Barbara Smith Dorothy Solon ,lean Steele 291 '3 CI-II GMEGA 'mt 'iii - Founded, University of Arkansas, 1895 89 Chapters Pi Beta, 1921 315 Tenth Avenue Southeast 4'! i-Q 1 V Y. 1, , 1 T I I 1 l 1 1 a 1 T . . f f 5 T -1 1 1, T 1 1 1 V 1 T T I , l 1 , l V . , 1 1 . T 11 l I T l c x .5753 M ,-, 1? T , itil' 1 3 7:13833 ' f,,,, 1 , .1 , ,.-.:,l l,, .1ll!e ri- , Q. 1 , , 0511 , 1 , 1 .' , ' T l ll at 42 4 VZ A , . , 1 . 11 h l 1' 3 fi . 'X N ff 3?'i1:,, , ,-,qsjvl i"':1', , '2Q.3"eQ sl- 1531? e '-3'flAT-2 , 9155? -- fi wo lf figE,. ,.L". 5 9512,-,j Wet, , ww f DELTA DELTA DELTA I ', 11'l il ' f-W Founded, Boston University, 83 Chapters Theta, 1894 1888 316 Tenth Avenue Southeast Clark, Cheely, Blackley, Carpenter, Haserick, Randall, Hoien, Snring'cr, Berg: Boutell, Meacham, M. Barrett, Stevenson, K. Gray, Warmer, K. Barrett, Wold Cashman, Hall, Meen, Ingwalson, Emery, Merritt, Selvigr, Friberg, Midelfort Martin, Beck, Mclnerny, Anderson, Burrows, Gordon, Holmdale, Stremel Thomas, Peterson, Abeler, Abeler, Root, Radermacher, Halloran, Capron Elson, Will, Hinehon, Ramsdell, Brohaugh, Kupper, Irwin, A. Gray, Russell FACULTY MEMBERS Jane Leichsenring Mary Skinner Grace Torinus GRADUATE STUDENTS Grace Carlson Marjorie Browning Doris Abeler, '35 Dorothy Abeler, '35 Audrey Anderson, '34 Katherine Barrett, '33 Ethel Beck, '35 Helen Bengson, '34 Marion Blackley, '35 Hortense Boutell, '35 Hildred Brohaugh, '33 Dorothy Capron, '35 Ruth Cashman, '33 Nola Cheely, '33 Ruth Clark, '33 Ardis Elson, '33 Katherine Friberg, '34 Evelyn Gordon, '34 Alice Gray, '33 Emily Hall, '34 Ruth Hinchon, '33 Evelyn Addy Margaret Barrett Rosemary Berg Betty Lou Burrows Marian Carpenter Virginia Clifford Alice Clinite May Emery Catherine Gray Eda Rae I ones ,lean Randall ACTIVES Mary Lou Wold, '34 PLEDGES Catherine Wagner Evadene Burris Carolyn Hammond Muriel Hoien, '35 Lenore lngwalson, '33 Bertha Irwin, Mildred Joesting, '33 Gretchen Kupper, '33 Lucille Laramic, '33 Syneva Martin, '34 Carla Meacham, '35 Lucille Merritt, '33 Josephine Pease, '33 Elizabeth Perine, '34 Betty Ramsdell, '34 Dorothy Root, '33 Laurice Russell, '33 Doris Selvig, '33 Helen Stevenson, '35 Emily Stremel, '34 Jeannette Thomas, '34 Lois Will, '33 Marian Haislett Patricia Halloran Dorothy Haserick Y Jewel Holmdale Dorothy Mclnerny Mary Meen Helen Midelfort ,lane Radermacher Grace Peterson Dorothy Springer Mary Adams, '33 Henrietta Hull, '36 Gale, B. Field, Heskett, Dickenson, Rich, Hull, S. Field, Mepreath, Krebs Waterbury, Helling, Hooper, R. Evarts, Trisko, Healy, K. Schmitt, Palmer, Bowdin Thorson, Bancroft, Enright, Larson, S. Evarts, Brill, Swanson, Thomas W. Schmitt, McCulloch, Pardee, Confer, Day, Kate, Williamson, Lane, Paulis Mathewson, V. McDaniels, K. McDaniels, Hilgerman, Pritchard, Townsend, Ovrum, Wilson Grohe, Groves, Adams, Welles, Baumann, Peterson, Wallace, Brown, Burwell FACULTY MEMBER Helen M. Smith H GRADUATE STUDENTS Maude Benjamin Jean Heskett Portia Weeks ACTIVES Sue Bancroft, '36 Katharine Baumann, '33 Catherine Brill, '36 Louise Brown, '34 Marjorie Bowdin, '35 Janet Burwell, '35 Mary Jane Confer, '35 Betty Ann Day, '36 Donna Dickenson, '36 Frances Enright, '36 Sue Evarts, '34 Ruth Evarts, '36 Dorothy Ferguson, '34 Betty Field, '36 Sally Field, '36 Elizabeth Grobe, '34 Lois Groves, '33 Margaret Ann Healy, '36 Lillian Hensel, '35 Susanne Hooper, '36 Betty Gale Verginia Helling Florence Hilgerman Annette Larson Dorothy Kennedy PLEDGES Betty Kate, '36 Louise Krebs, '35 Isobel Lane, '36 Mary Mathewson, '34 Betty Megeath, '36 Marian McCulloch, '36 Dorothy McDaniel, '35 Dorothy Ovrum, '35 Bess Palmer, '35 Bernice Pardee, '36 Caroline Paulis, '35 Dorothy Peterson, '36 Sybil Pritchard, '35 Virginia Rich, '34 Jane Thomas, '34 Margaret Thorson, '34 Marjorie Trisko, '34 Donna H Wallace '33 Betty G. Welles, '33 DELTA GAMMA 4, Founded, Lewis Institute, 1874 48 Chapters a 1 3 Elizabeth'Waterbu1iy, '34 Lambci "I 88 Virginia McDaniel Katherine Schmitt Wilhelmenia Schmitt Lucile Townsend Norma Williamson 293 1026 Fifth Street Southeast i N I i v i I l I r lv E r i ",' I ',,'. i ,1, ,. , 1. ,- .U '.,3 ' V '3 fi-iz, 1 4 - I I ' sf-1:2 2455-,f:Jf'g,. 'll 13 ll is we ul I 3 il I gr ll i 'i ,l ' U w, , . ,.,s-5. -M .3 up n y 'gal ,wi - ,, , :fx gm vi--52' -'fl ' ' 1 l H l l li Hi .gang i -icfgfas 4Q',,1..," 4 if , Y- 'sgi-Qi'a '. 'ni Af" ",'Etl raft,-M 1:-"2-"'sL':: j Fvf,4Qf?'-191 'iilfmr-Hit," eff fgfm I ji: l :rEi",,. I, Y l e i, M2155 ,:1,15,, ',izi'A,-S .tr -:ws -dn' -Q, .1 .aj its ,veg ,yQfg3.ali'l5l -:.:..mLq- fl t1'1,.x,3" Hpnl, 1 it vfvfbf ' . .- if'5l,'-if ,"' . Nami, L"f"4. l 'al ' ,.5,l'.C,7-,!,.t iifl DELTA ZETA -:al A wfdrl, Al, .. X- if 'u' l Uvwoi Founded, Miami University, 1902 59 Chapters Gamma, 1923 330 Eleventh Avenue Southeast aunaa..z:r-f-'- -'-X v -www-uvuvwuv-ul Swanstrom, Arndt, Rudy, Howard, Smith, Rees, Snader, Munns Hanson, Somze, King, Knudtson, Brigham, Elsenpeter, Sandeen V T d Tu h L f 'd H " W 1 H - ownsen , rn am, ang or , au, es.-ae, oug Kreitter, Hart, Mason, Haverland, Andersen, Graves, Eastman Bnrquist, Schumacher, Bell, Nielander, Lundquist, Thompson, Tharp FACULTY MEMBERS Alice Timberman Bowers Margaret McLacken Mary Steers ACTIVES Margaret Andersen, '35 Anita Howard, '34 Kathryn Arndt, '34 Mildred King, '33 Jeanette Barquist, '34 LaVere Knudtson, '34 Barbara Bell, '34 Geraldine Lundquist, '34 Jayne Eastman, '35 Ruth Nielander, '35 Maxine Elsenpeter, '35 Harriet Bees, '34 Betty Graves, '34 Amelia Smith, '35 Bernice Hair, '34' Lois Swanstrom, '35 Betty Hanson, '33 Loraine Sogge, '34 Winifred Hart, '35 Ruth Schumacher, '34 Eleanore Haverland, '34 Charlotte Thompson, '34 Janet Houg, '33 Katherine Tharp, '33 PLEDGES Mary ,lane Brigham ,lane Kreitter Virginia Langford Maxine Mason Dorothy Munns Bernice Rudy 294 Martha Sandeen Jane Snader Vee Townsend Evelyn Turnham Ruth Warren Roberta Wessel GAMMA Robinson, Nelson. LaLone, Manuel, Gunderson, Kemp, Crocker. Giberson, Quast, Beatty Porter, Sommer, Dunbar. Adams, MacKay, Barrett, DeGroodt, Sargent, F. Barling. Boxrud Green, Thompson, Lemon, Lowe, Von Kuster, Tincher, Spittler, Lawton, Briggs Stevens, Bruce, Miller, P. Weld, Giere, Pfaendcr, Baker, Sweet, Lajoie, M. Barling Robertson, Dixon, Watson, Behlke, Bachc-Wiig, Sparks, Vance, Teisberg, Bushnell Shaw, Baker. Baranesa, Gilkerson, Stinnette, Tuohy, Morris, Fournet. Finch, Woolsey, Wallis. Hovde, Larson, Burkharcl. Gray, F. Weld, Brown FACULTY MEMBERS Adah Grandy Marion Jones 'Elinor Thompson Florence Warnock GRADUATE STUDENTS Ruth Stevens Mary Baker, '35 Maxine Baker, '34 Katherine Barling, '33 Kathryn Barsness, '33 Helen Jane Behlke, '35 Margaret Briggs, '34 Alice Ann Brown, '33 Laura Bruce, '35 Ruth Burkhard, '33 Margaret Bushnell, '35 Betty Cooper, '34 Louise De Groodt, '34 Dorothy Dixon, '33 Nora Dunbar, '33 Grace Finch, '34 Eleanor Fournet, '33 Catherine Giberson, '34 Harriet Gilkerson, '33 Marjorie Gray, '33 Eunice Gunderson, '34 Georgiana Adams Ellen Bache-Wiig Marian Barling Bess Barrett Myra Beatty Doris Boxrud Betty Christoiferson Jean Crocker Jean Dakin Jean Giere Katherine Green Katherine Hall Madeline Johnson Gertrude Lawton Margaret Jean La Lone ACTIVES PLEDGES Patty Weld Jean McGlashen Elizabeth Hagaman, '35 Carol Hoidale, '33 Elaine Hovde, '33 Harriet Kemp, '34 Lorene Larson, '33 Helen Manuel, '35 Louise Miller, '34 Marion Pfaender, '35 Helen Pitman, '35 Ruth Plank, '34 Glenora Sommer, '33 Helen Spittler, '35 Dorothy Sweet, '33 Geraldine Teisberg, '34 Helen Thompson, '34 Catherine Tuohy, '33 Virginia Wallis, '33 Eleanor Watson, '34 Florence Weld, '34 Katherine Woolsey, '33 Ann Lajoie Katherine Lemon Muriel MacKay Arline Miller Irene Morris Margaret Nelson Virginia Porter Lois Quast Mary Ann Robertson Virginia Robinson Mary Shaw Virginia Sparks Virginia Tinchcr Marjorie Vance Laura Lee Von Kuster 295 Pl-II BETA ff fa V 'a 1 il 'f 1-, Hi? Founded, Syracuse University, N. Y., 1874 40 Chapters Kappa, 1902 311 Tenth Avenue Southeast lc-f ' 1 wma,-14 , 1 ,.. ,.,., ,,,-N 1 ,' il -' -' uw -' KAPPA ALPHA Tl-IETA . .. , . 556215: 1 .x.. ,, 5.f-1.4a,fg- f' . -'Mfn r " " 'Q'l"'f1 Tsar" L:1gil1:'g"'. ' ' . 1 1, ., ',i -.vt .- ,V ,,,.. 415'- E31 "T-? - fe- 1 . ,,,, . r 'z , ,M 5, , PW -Jr iii , . fa 1 .eyf-I t l 1 Y, ,,. rgaiilziigr '9 'r f' X l 7' "V 'if' 1 l zqgllifif if "f P 'JM if: ' KI, E Founded, De Pauw University, - Indiana, 1870 63 Chapters Upsilon, 1890 314 Tenth Avenue Southeast Ay re, Lusk, Korfhage, Weide, J. L. Baird, J. M. Baird, Fawkes, Kiekenarm, Learned. Dahn Lathrop, Phillips, Johnson, Bruelhide, Short, Emzemoen, Godward, Graham i ' '1' Shaw R land M B' Po ' Morrill Ell s, Fai ell, Manley, Pye, C l ell To 1 n F her Hanford, Laing, Woolley, , ag , c zoom, oxe, o w , r 'a ce, anc , Rieprer, Dunnam, Bopp, Reimbold, A. Berg J. Ernst, Nelson, MacDonald, C. Berg, Brennan, L. Ernst, Dabelstein, Anderson Rose, Popne, Townsend, Meadows. Haw FACULTY MEMBERS Gladys Gibbens Elizabeth Nissen GRADUATE STUDENT Jeanne Kiekenapp Mary Louise Arntsen, '34 Kathryn Anderson, '35 Elizabth Ayre, '34 Harriet Ayre, '34 Ardene Berg, '35 Elinore Dahn, '34 Marion Diehl, '33 Margaret Ellis, '34 Marie Fancher, '34 Elaine Godward, '34 Nivea Haw, '33 Ruth Hanford, '33 Elsa Hoidale, '34 Ellen Hulbert, '34 Berenice Johnson, '34 Dorothy Jones, '33 Janet Laing, '33 Jane Lathrop, '34 Janet Baird Julie Baird Claire Berg Billie Bopp Mary Brennan Virginia Bruelhide Lynore Cliff Patricia Colwell Jean Dabelstein Mildred Dunnam Dorothy Engemoen Josephine Ernst Louise Ernst Betty Ann Fawkes Karin Farrell ACTIVES PLEDGES Marion Wcide Betty Leland, '33 Jessie MacDonald, '34 LaVerne Meadows, '33 Mary Patterson, '33 Janet Poore, '34 Dorothea Poppe, '33 Agnes Quamme, '33 Betty Rieger, '35 Janet Rose, '34 Audrey Saxton, '33 Jane Shellman, '33 Jean Short, '35 Virginia Somerville, '33 Maxine Sorensen, '35 Mary Jane Torrance, '35 Ruth Townsend, '33 Constance Weld, '33 Jane Woolley, '33 Genevieve Graham Gail Hutchinson Martha Louise Korfhage Ruth Landmann Charlotte J Learned Marion Lusk Marion Manley Helen McBroom Marjorie Morrill Marjorie Nelson Margaret Phillips Phyllis Pye Bettie Ragland Mary Louise Reimbold Eleanor Shaw Kennedy, E. Pickles, Fisk, Hill, Day, Burburee, Gilmore, Frost Goodhue, Blanding, Wullyrrcn, Metcalfe, Gericke, Schroeder, Seiz Dosen, LaHue, Koelfgen, Jaehning, Johnson, Anderson Liesch, Lund, Klobe, Doerr, Griswold, Ericson, Close M. Pickles, McEuche1'n. Robie, MucMunigal, Kammeler, West GRADUATE STUDENTS Orma Bond Margaret Barbaree, '33 Marion Day, '34 Sadie Ericson, '33 Fern Fisk, '34 Laura Frost, '33 Flora Gilmore, '35 Ruth Goodhue, '33 Helen Griswold, '33 Dorothy Hill, '34 Ruth Jaehning, '34 ,Ieannette Johnson, '33 Nola Kammeier, '34 Barbara Kennedy, '33 Elizabeth Anderson K. Janet Behler Jean Blanding Gladys Close ACTIVES Miriam West, '34 PLEDGES Elizabeth Pickles Esther Doerr Marguerite Klobe, '36 Loretta Koelfgen, '34 Melba LaHue, '34 Marie C. Liesch, '33 Elaine Lund, '35 Dorothy MacManigal, '33 WinEllen McEachern, '33 Mary Pickles, '33 Marjorie Hobie, '33 Marion Schroeder, '33 Alberta Seiz, '33 Thelma Smith, '33 Helen Wallgren, '35 Elaine Dosen Lucille Elliott Verna Gericke Helen Metcalfe 297 KAPPA DELTA nr l T. 1-1.0-fi Founded, Farmville, Virginia, 1897 72 Chapters Sigma Beta, 1918 1025 Sixlll Street Soulheast, KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA .r-'Q-, .-' e. ,,,..- ,gf ij" xix 5 1 Q ,if x 4 Founded, Monmouth, Illinois, 1870 71 Chapters Chi, 1880 329 Tenth Street Southeast Bliss, Shumnn, McMillan, Cobb, Baxter, Wright, Seeger, Baer, Vun de Water Dietrich, 'Marian Ives. Belden, Schoening, Correll, South, Irons, Grove, Stearns, Boutell J M hle D nn' Cushm n M rzison M Hanson D t Grace Cham ine McConnon .Ul'Cp6lB, a,o'.,. ,oy, , p, Duncan, Mary Ives. Sanders, Wheeler, Apnlepret, Brown, Moore, Earl, B. Barnard, H. Lynch Keller, Pike, Yerxa, Greer, Weed, H. Murchie, E. Smith, Bedurd, Pearson E. Lynch, Lewis, A. Barnard, Batchelder, Bradshaw, Gregory, Pickett, Broughton, Spooner FACULTY MEMBER Marian Latta GRADUATE STUDENT Mary Appleget, '34 Isabel Baer, '34 Avery Barnard, '34 Bunty Barnard, '36 Mary Batchelder, '34 Betty Gay Baxter, '33 Inez Bedard, '35 Eleanor Belden, '36 Della Boutell, '35 Ruth Olive Bradshaw, '33 Eleanor Broughton, '33 Ellen Brown, '36 Betty Cobb, '34 Madra Correll, '34 ,lane Dennis, '36 Ruth Dietrich, '34 Diana Doty, '36 Anne Duncan, '35 Caroline Earl, '36 ,lane Grace, ,lane Greer, '35 Isobel Gregory, '33 Marlys Hanson, '36 Eleanor Irons, '34 Mary Aasgaard Grace Bliss Margaret Champine Virginia Cushman Betty Grove 298 Mary Truesdell ACTIVES .lane Yerxa, '35 PLEDGES Marian Ives, '35 Mary Ives, '36 Betty Keller, '34 Virginia Lewis, '34 Elizabeth Lynch, '33 Harriet Lynch, '33 Marian McConnon, '33 Genevieve McMillian, '36 Nancy Morrison, '34 Helen Murchie, '34 Jean Murchie, '35 Miriam Pickett, '34 ,lean Pike, '35 Marian Sanders, '35 Alice Schoening, '34 Miriam Seager, '34 Susan Mary Shuman, '33 Evelyn South, '34 Mary Spooner, '33 Deborah Thompson, '36 Janet Van de Water, '35 .Iudy Weed, '35 Edith Wheeler, '36 Jane Wright, '36 ,lane Moore Mary Pierson Elizabeth Ann Stearns Eleanor Smith Geraldine Thompson Omnen, Heath, S. Diessner, Cunningham, V. Diessner H. Johnson, Tufty. Budge, Catur, M. Johnson, Carpenter Bridge, Rawling, Fahey, Sackett, Elsenneter FACULTY MEMBER GRADUATE STUDENTS Avis Beyer Hazel Catur Eleanor Heberhard Madeline Bridge, '33 Florence Budge, '34 Virginia Carpenter, '34 Sylvia Diessner, '33 Viola Diessner, '33 Vivian Elsenpeter, '33 Beryl Cunningham Marjorie Heberhard Gertrude Holstead Henrietta Matlin Delores Fahey, '35 Elinor Heath, '33 Helen Johnson, '34 Ruth Sackett, '35 Katherine Traff, '33 Margaret Tufty, '33 Marguerite Johnson PI-II MU S V 'slfbreffqu :SQVPE fs u 3 ,615 'ffjfifgf Founded, Macon, Georgia, 1852 60 Chapters Zeta Eta, 1925 1121 University Avenue Southeast JAbY"?"""'T!'l"' 1'1 "' l PI-II CDMEGA PI Founded, University of Nebraska, 1910 21 Chapters Kappa, 1917 800 University Avenue Southeast Sartell, Clausen. Seirup, Cady Stefflre, Schielderup, Altermatt Larson, Young, Ropgosheski, Ahlbrecht FACULTY MEMBERS Bernice Cady Melba Hurd GRADUATE STUDENTS Doris Bemmels Isadore Coward Margaret Ahlbrecht, Ruth Alterinatt, '34 Helen Clausen, ,35 Harriet Larson, '34 Marjorie Cady Virginia Gotaas t3 ACTIVES Shiela Young, '34 PLEDGES Mildred Hostbjor Harriet Warner Betty Rogosheski, '33 Margaret Schielderup Margaret Seirup, '33 Ione Sobotka, '32 Corinne Sartell Vivian Steliire 0'Neil, Bachmun, Guill'ord, Mullen, E. Donaldson, Mason, Hummel, Britton, Rough Fontaine, Berlin, Worthington, Larson, V. Eames, Fepzle:-1, M. Donaldson, Barrairer Burlingame, Michelet, P. Eames, Hall, Wood, Habberstnd, V. Brown, Donehower, Reed Mendenhall, M. Brown, Belair, Reinhard, Emmonds, E. Donaldson, Coones, Stevenson Rowley, Thomas, Almars, Boock, Huey, Ramsay, Chapin FACULTY MEMBERS Monica K. Doyle Margaret Gable Alice Tyler GRADUATE STUDENTS Lois Sellers Helen Almars, '33 Ruth Bachman, '33 Lenore Berlin, '34 Gloria Boock, '34 Marion Brown, '33 Vivian Brown, '33 Eunice Chapin, '33 Lorraine Cummins, '33 Meredith Donaldson, '33 Betsy Emmons, '35 Mary Fitzgibbon, '33 Josephine Fontaine, '35 Lois Habberstad, '34 Jeanette Hall, '34 Elizabeth Huey, '33 Jean Hummel, '35 ACTIVES Betty Wood, '33 Beatrice Burlingame Esther Barrager Katherine Bell Jeanne Belair Rosalia Britton Berenice Britts Florence Coones Janet Cummins Dorothy Jane Darrell Georgine Davenport Marian Donehower Elizabeth Donaldson PLEDGES Betty Elder Mary Ann Kimball, '33 Lucille Larson, '35 Helen Leach, '34 Jane Mason, '33 Virginia Mendenhall, '34 Wilhelmina Michelet, '33 Betty Mullen, '33 Katherine O'Neil, '33 Ina Ramsay, '33 Edith Reed, '34 Betty Reinhard, '33 Marlys Robertson, '34 Adelaide Rowley, '34 Audrey Kay Stevenson, '33 Virginia Thomas, '33 Grace Thompson, '33 Eleanor Donaldson Virginia Eames Peggy Lou Eames Constance Fegles Jane Guilford Helen Hoff Jean Karkeet Edith Marston Marian Pulling Ruth Rough Kathryn Wedge Marjorie Worthington 301 PI BETA Pl-ll Founded, Monmouth College, 1867 77 Chapters Minnesota Alpha, 1890 1109 Fifth Street Southeast 15 11 gs. l 4' if.-Ly, ., U . 73 ' -Q y J MET' , La-rim' Eiigfiff '-iriifv I, -f ' nfv- v' 9'- -. .Ji-v' F SIGMA DELTA TAU Ackerman, Base-xin, Weisman, Goldberg, Stein Levy, Dorfmnn. Weisman. Ziemnn Steinfeldt, Tremblatt, Harris, Kenner, Segal GRADUATE STUDENTS Sada Miller Evelyn Richards ACTIVES lheresa Ackerman, '33 Henrietta Levy, '35 Vlolly Dolfman, '35 Minnette Lifson, '35 Bonny Gordon '35 Etta Tremblatt, '35 Dorothy Harris, '34 Faye Rigler, '34 Saraorace Kenner, '33 Marion Segal, '34 Marcella Schanfield, '33 PLEDGES C FoZEdii17 Ruthie Bassm Bernice Steinfcldt Om Mozah Goldberg Gertrude Weisman 1 l Chapters Nu 1929 Valva Weisman Romola Zieman Mildred Kaplan Marjorie Stein 416 Eleventh Avenue Southeast McGurrc-n, Hartley, Engdahl. Keckefoth, Bergland, Bolinger Mlinar. Rhomberg, Powers, Paul, Collins, Greenfield, Sutter Mahle, Wackermun, Johnson, Larson, Cassclman, Tupp FACULTY MEMBER Virginia Bachmann, '34- Avis Bergland, '35 Evelyn Casselman, '33 Patricia Collins, '33 Mildred Engdahl, '35 Margaret Hartley, '33 Elizabeth Johnson, '34 Eloise Keclcefoth, '35 Margaret Anderson Betty Bolinger Melva Shackleford ACTIVES Lorna Larson, '33 Flo Lewellen, '33 Dorothy Mahle, '33 Catherine Mlinar, '33 Anne Powers, '36 Evelyn Satter, '35 Faith Tapp, '33 Margaret Wackerman, '33 PLEDGES Marguerite Greenfield Mary McGurren Helen Robbins Paul 303 SIGMA KAPPA Founded, Colby College, 13744 55 Chapters Alpha Eta, 1921 901 Fourth Street Soullieast ZETA TAL! ALP!-IA 94" to 'Z-'Wav I I Ala , 'I li A' 3 !g:Q X Founded, Virginia State Normal, 1898 69 Chapters Alpha Tau, 1923 1112 Sixth Street Southeast Chustek. Kinnard, Albertson, Evans, Finger, Palmer, Combs KIf1'L hFJho T P Th Ot d B'l C 9 , yl1C , . 0 HS Il, l'HKBSC'l', CHYBOH, 05168, H l'!ln el', lll ey Thacker, Burdwell, Green, V. Johnson, Bonhus, M. Johnson, Drake FACULTY MEMBERS Dr. Esther Greisheimer GRADUATE STUDENTS Helmi Lukkarila Marjorie Mitchell Helen Jane Bailey, '35 Alice M. Bardwell, '35 Dorothy Bonhus, '33 Caryl Bothe, '35 ACTIVES Charlotte Brunkow, '35 Helen Drake, '33 Lois Finger, '35 Addie Fisher, '35 Murrell Green, '33 Harriet Albertson Lorraine Andreson Ruth Chastek Virginia Combs Jane Evans 304 Gretchen Trageser, '35 PLEDGES Helen A. Webster Lucretia Wilder Frances Johnson, '33 Mildred Johnson, '33 Vivian Johnson, '33 Andrea Kiefer, '33 Irene Lampe, '33 Emma Lynch, '33 Jeannette Ostrander, '35 Kathleen Palmer, '35 Cordelia Thacker, '35 Janet Fredricksen Fernetta Kinnard Helen Magnuson Margaret Thomes Vivian Vanstrome FR T INTERFIQATERNITV COUNCIL TN N Q I I m -:KD ft:mw:vlw'. ti'llN'x ll N u 'I Adams, Randorf, Wright, Huxley, Rydker. Ke5n.MGmiikell R. Nelson, Burck, Meagher. Nugent, S onnor , Vornahl, Radford, Vance, Doyle, Pearson, Green, ai ng Carl tio Blethcn, Larson, Beattie, Molandcr. McCreery, Girvin, D Nelso FACULTY MEMBER Otis lVlcCreery MEMBERS Acacia-Alvin Pearson Alpha Delta Phi-Morris Vance Alpha Sigma Phi-Robert Ryder Alpha Tau Omega-Harold Kulp Beta Theta Pi-Howard Meagher Chi Phi-Craig Gaskell Chi Psi-William Blethen Delta Chi-Gilbert Randorf Delta Kappa Epsilon-Howard Porter Delta Tau Delta-Ben Kern Delta Upsilon-Wells Wright Kappa Sigma-William Cragg Lambda Chi Alpha-Sheldon Larson Phi Delta Theta-George Doyle Phi Gamma Delta-Robert Beattie Phi Kappa Psi-Russell Nelson Phi Kappa Sigma-Courtney Swensen Phi Sigma Kappa-George Marking Pi Kappa Alpha-Lucian Vorpahl Psi Upsilon-Richard Huxley Sigma Alpha Epsilon-Lawrence Radf Sigma Chi-Laurence Nugent Sigma Nu-Carl Carlstrom Sigma Phi Epsilon-William Green Tau Kappa Epsilon-Berger Skonnord Theta Chi-Richard Girvin Theta Delta Chi-Cuylar Adams Theta Kappa Nu-Raymond Kasper Theta Xi-Tom Rogers Zeta Psi-Donald Nelson ord Gustav Bachman J. 0. Baker J. M. Bryant C. E. Erdmann C. H. Fischer A. Forsyth J. T. Frelin R. C. Gray F. F. Grout W. F. Holman E. W. Johnson N. Johnson E. M. Lambert A. H. Larson 'Wm-ner. Linnee, Halverson, Parrot t Armstrong, H. Jensen. Hopkins, Yag'er, Hagen Matt. Pearson. R. Jensen, Schaller FACULTY MEMBERS W. R. Meyers E. E. Nicholson L. B. Pease J. C. Poucher C. H. Rogers C. E. Rudolph J. N. Searles W. B. Silcox C. R. Stauffer R. A. Stevenson A. V. Storm M. C. Tanquary T. A. Teeter J. S. Young ACTIVES Walter S. Beadell, '35 Clifford R. Hagen, '34 Donald M. Halverson, '34- Herbert R. Jensen, '35 Reynold A. Jensen, '34 Robert A. Armstrong Wayne Hopkins Carl O. Linnee, '33 George J. Malt, '35 Alvin W. Pearson, '34 Franklin R. Schaller, '33 Donald F. Warner, '36 David F. Parrott Mark D. Yager 307 ACACIA .' .F Y fn. 'U Q1 u .'-fi.. .A-. Founded, University of Michigan, 1904 29 Chapters 1 l l v l 1 l r 4 1 f I lg i z lf. v ' , . zff?f'.,e.' ,., .fm-I it, , ,... . . Minnesota Chapter, 1906 1206 Fifth Slreel. Southeast it 5 . U 'fi f - -L, 4' -5: ' " j'5'Ef"V'- -' ' QBQQJ. jj v. li i',4"f2,:5l:f,. - ' rf lf? V 51,513 f I .3 Z'?5Z?7'g1f . is- is-2611 , . ?- , , .- ,-..f,,-f,. .T -.5-,G -w.f.,,q., "5?f:,15f+-v,-4 ,, 1' X y , Q-1' LLL: -,wee 2 , .af ALP!-IA DELTA Pl-ll 4 L l31.I nm-nm-.-1 Founded, Hamilton College, 1832 27 Chapters Minnesota Chapter, 1892 1725 University Avenue Southeast 3 Charlton, Malcolmson, Ward, Dean. R. Bowen, Bergquist, Pratt Davidson, Spooner. James, Goodson, Bell, Greer Loveland, Dickinson. Yohe, Scheefe, Vance Woodward. W. Bowen. Rosnman, Thornquist, Teisberg, Recd MacKenzie, Vollbracht, Kilborn, Stott, Goodnow, Brown, MacIntosh, Slifer. Peterson, Molander, Owen FACULTY MEMBERS Stanley Newhall William W. Folwell J. V. Williams GRADUATE STUDENTS Louis Deitrich Donald Huston ACTIVES Lyman A. Molander, '34 Robert M. Owen, '34 Lowell J. Peterson, '33 Drake E. Rogers, '34 Robert A. Rossman, '34 Arthur Slifer, '33 Lowell D. Smoots, '35 Paul L. Spooner, '35 Franklin Sprecher, '33 John E. Thornquist, '34 Morris L, Vance, '34 Edmund R. Vollbracht, '34 Robert E. Yohe, '34 Donald P. Bergquist, '35 Robert M. Bowen, '35 Lowell M. Brown, '33 James G. Campbell, '35 Harry F. Charlton, '35 Wesley A. Dickinson, '35 Gordon J. Goodnow, '34 Graydon J. Kilborn, '34 Theron A. Loveland, '35 Douglas H. MacIntosh, '34 Arnold MacKenzie, '35 Kenneth W. McLaren, '33 PLEDGES Robert Bell William Bowen Hugh Davidson Philip Dean George Goodson Allen Greer Thomas James Joseph Laughlin Arnold MacKenzie Graham MacNeil Fred Malcolmson .lack McMillan William Pratt Preston Reed John Scheefe Thomas Stott John Teisberg Vincent Woodward Warren Woodward William Ward ALPI-IA SIGMA Koski, Andrus, Redlings, Putz, Anderson Watson, Denison, Sethney, Sarver, Caldwell, B. Olson K. Olson, Murphy, Fritz, Barton, Wangensteen Hammond, Tikander, Thompson, Ryder, Sponberg FACULTY MEMBERS Dr. Theodore C. Blegen Lesley L. Schroeder Dr. Louis J. Cooke Dr. O. H. Wangensteen William C. Dachtler Otto S. Zelner GRADUATE STUDENTS Kenneth Anderson Robert Ewald Orval Ause Milton Andrus, '34 Harry Caldwell, '34 Clinton Denison, '34 Wallace Fritz, '34 Thomas Hammond, '34 Sulo Koski, '33 John Murphy, '35 Kermit Olson, '33 Duane Barton William McKinney Burnett Olson ACTIVES PLEDGES William Watson Bryan Putz, '34 Donald Redlings, '33 Robert Ryder, '33 Walter Sethney, '34 Allen Sponberg, '33 Thomas Thompson, '35 Wilho Tikander, '35 Theodore Wangensteen, '35 Earl Scholen Eldon Schroeder Earl Stokes 309 , ,.,.,.., 2 ,ig I in I I.. 151 ,HI sesit Q iv 45' Founded, Yale University, 1845 33 Chapters Rho, 1916 925 Sixth Slreet Southeast PI-II I I I I I I Q r if QgS.51 . I 1 I- Ql,pf,,. ,' --Ifgi, I I ,. ., ,, ff I ,,.2L,2'w- G: W-'ni' ,. V 13 4-,rv Wtins , N J- If - , III I Y H I.:-,.,, 5 V2 ' " 5 9' Erfbf' " waww 1.-,-11. 'vine x,,fgj,' 2 wx 'I"7,5I N Z I ,og y 5 F111 9 LI " 31 ' '4 " I 4 1 .rl l i ,. f i , ,fill ' ' "3:'.f- .ez at -,J 'QQ ' ., 'L L ' ,. ,J 5a,2',"ff," ' ' . I f-Q . . . 1i'Li.'fi3' J " 'fllfiddlg wif'-. ai-6 2 'fffgifl ' , .- -5 4 3--Q., 4-,ie arm . fe W y ':12s-:.?.e,r :Zi .1-3. 5 ff, A 1 is if ,J-, .11 -' u 'nt 3, , rg., .A A, , sg S 'A 44-wer, ,s 1,3 5, Ag 14, .. ,fc-I fa,,,+,,'?L x . ,M ,l 1 r -L- .ff-.-.qs - '1 ' A, ' -' . i,a:2zsEna-if-4.2:--J" 'IH A -W 'ty ALP!-IA TAL! OMEGA A. .n nity- .n. Founded, Virginia Military Institute, 1865 ' 94 Chapters Gamma Nu, 1902 1821 University Avenue Southeast W. Baker, Carlson, Scheihey, Jennings, Utne, Mace, Aberg, Buckbee Seiberlich, Kendrick, Black, Ryder, Nichols, Willing, Anderson Douglass, R. Baker, Ankeny, Nelson, Riosendahl, Arenson, Will, Upton Ernst, Eames, Andre, Kulp, Hall, Larson, Franzen FACULTY MEMBERS Howard W. Barlow Jolm H. Hester Channing MacFadden E. P. Lyon Sherman Finger Otis McCreery Jules T. Frelin Charles Rodgers George Bergh D. Bay Clagget George Clifford Richard Eide Richard Ernst Stuart Fink Kenneth Hough Robert Aagaard, '33 Howard Aberg, '35 Vernon Anderson, '34 Gordon Andre, '34 William Ankeny, '33 Harold Arneson, '33 Robert Baker, '34 William V. Baker, '35 Richard Black, '35 John Buckbee, '35 Walter Carlson, '35 Harl Douglass, '35 Duane Eames, '33 Thomson Amidon R. Elwood Baker George Bohlig Robert Cobb Barrington Daines Gordon Earhuff Halbert Edmonds 310 Marin B. Ruud GRADUATE STUDENTS Paul Kirk Oscar Nordquist Branom Riley Fritz Schade Maurice Sogard Duncan Stewart Charles Whitacre Charles Winding ACTIVES Erwin Elkjer, '35 Alva Fitch, '35 Donald Franzen, '33 John Hall, '33 Robert Harris, '34 Donald Jennings, '34 James Kendrick, '35 Harold Kulp, '33 Allan Landkamer, '33 Don Larson, '32 Myles Mace, '34 Harold Mclntrye, '35 William Nelson, '35 PLEDCES James Francois Lyman Heitmiller Ted Larson William Lofstrom Donald MacGregor Durand Maher Walter O'Connor Howard Nichols, '34 Harry O'Malley, '34 James Perry, '34 William Porter, '33 Fred Rosendahl, '34 James Ryder, '33 Charles Scheiliey, '33 Eugene Seiberlich, '35 Carlton Strathern, '33 Robert Upton, '34 Robert Utne, '34 Charles Will, '33 Robert Willing, '35 Clarence Pfeifer Robert Shannon Austin Sparling Frederic Trump Donald Watson William Zieske Knight, Dervey. Burris. Bailey, Moulton, Melin, Sandberg, Funk Bursrum, Thi-esher, R. Tudor, Gre-we. B. Tudor, Pfeil, Metcalf Diessner, H. Bull, Bryant, J. Bull, Blackmar, Olmsted, Morrissey. Cooper Forney, Gage, Norris, Meagher. Oltman, Rogers, Sanderson FACULTY MEMBERS Cyrus P. Barnum J. W. Beach - Ralph D. Casey H. E. Clifton A. E. Hodson M. W. Husbands Ray R. Knight R. C. Blackmar, '33 John R. Bryant, '34 Henry E. Bull, '33 John M. Bull, '33 William H. Burgum, '35 Donald Burris, '33 Gene Burris, '35 John Forney, '33 John Funk, '34 Beverly L. Gage, '33 Richard C. Crewe, '33 Emil H. Hastings, '34 Robert H. Hayden, '33 Curtis C. Jones, '33 Paul F. Kabot, '34 Albert E. Killeen, '34 ACTIVES Jason H. Yaggy, '34 James Acker Hilton Bailey Frank Berry Philip Brown Tom Cooper Ray Dervey Delbert Diessncr Karl Diessner Robert Ellison Lauren Findley Douglas Haugen Douglas Knight PLEDCES Marvin Waller F. G. McCormick B. D. Mudgett E. E. Nicholson E. W. Olmsted C. P. Sigerfoos E. H. Sirich E. W. Weaver Morris C. Knight, '33 William H. Lewis, '35 Howard Meagher, '33 Fred M. Metcalf, '34 Robert Morrissey, '33 Max G. Moulton, '34 Ralph V. Norris, '35 John Olmsted, '33 John W. Oltman, '33 Richard Pfeil, '35 Fred V. Rogers, '34 Wilbur Sandberg, '33 Eric R. Sanderson, '35 Leonard Thresher, '35 Richard B. Tudor, '34 Robert B. Tudor, '34 William Kuehn Lloyd LaFontainc James McCulloch Sterling Melin Glen Morrissey William Mallam Harris Meacham Edward Nelson William Pagenkopf George Pearson Ward Randall Henry Rhame 311 BETA TI-IETA PI BON millq 1 I Founded, Miami University, 1839 87 Chapters Beta Pi, 1889 1625 University Avenue Southeast . l lf lg ,,y 5 lava fsiw' 5 ll . tg' 1 v , v , ... : 4 , . , 1 : 1 v , " I ' I - .A . . : f Z a...,,4 ' Q.. ,-.g,.., 5 E l M5234 it -ft:--aw.--w 6 l 4 , . 1 l 5 ? Z i l , , . l x If-Q., 5 s ' my l I l gt , l 4 swiss I 1 kwa' 1 i?1'f?l'1i?',3 ...,,5, x,.,, t ill!-.-.. V., , . I l fqjff- l , ., X l Y , ,- , , I 2 - I i l 5 l 2 ' 1 A , 1 5 ,I L jr 1 Slzixzln ' I ' 1 l '1f9i3"?i?g l sz'Q'TE,.,ii5Y' .,,,...-get :T".l'-ivv Mi,-ai.W , isgaiffe ,A ffy? "'1"1i"' ' 1 'i lj gl l , Jiifgjjqg ' 1 .FQQQQ3 1 if ' CI-I Pl-ll TZ" iw" J ' ilj ' li , 1.1. -- ,-.lg 'sh Ransom. Mitchell, Webb, Anderson, Clausen Rognlien, Redding, Johnson, Gaskell, Pennock, Doleman Zeiger. Heino, Strand, Putnam, Abbott Lofgren, Kvam, Jones, Berghs FACULTY MEMBERS D. G. Paterson A. R. Upgren GRADUATE STUDENTS Arthur Abbott George Doleman l 1 Founded, Princeton University, 1824 31 Chapters Gamma Delta, 1911 lll0 Fifth Street Southeast Harold V. Anderson, 33 Lorenz R. Berghs, '33 Jarvis Couillard, '34 Craig Gaskell, '34 Arne Heino, '33 Marvin Hermanson, '33 Howard Jones, '33 William Johnson George Pennock 312 W. Allen Wallis ACTIVES Karl Zieger, '34 PLEDCES Thomas Mitchell Robert Ransom Roy Kohler, '33 Conrad Kvam, '33 Robert Lofgren, '34 Wayne Pickell, '35 Lucius Putnam, '35 Martin Strand, '34 Wesley Webb, '35 Norman Rognlien John Redding Cl-ll PSI Earl, Rankin, Hacking, Arzt, McVieker, Wood. Wheeler, Beaulieu, Whallon Elvgren, Miller. Muir, Godward, Brill, Laird, White, Struthers McCuskill, Villaume, Cronk, Grady, Rouzie. Alway, Gillette Kennedy. Fredricka, Webb. Poppe, Gilbert, .lanes Thompson, A. Kerr, W. Kerr, Van De Water, Bjorklund. Mayo. Young Dalaker, Way. Pickett, Pewters, Cowperthwuit, Carlson FACULTY MEMBER Colbert Searles GRADUATE STUDENTS William Blethen Clifford .lanes Robert Alway, '35 Philip Arzt, '34- Richard Beaulieu, '34 Frederick Bjorklund, '35 Kenneth Brill, '34 Gordon Brown, '34- Charles Butler, '35 Lewis Carlson, '33 Richard Cowperthwait, '33 William Cronk, '35 Erling Dalaker, '33 Roland Earl, '35 Mirram Fredericks, '35 Leslie Gilbert, '35 Bud Godward, '36 Powell Grady, '35 Perk Jevne, '34- Andy Darling Burton Berke Gillett Elvegren Jack Gillette Earl Hacking Les Janes William Kennedy Bill Kerr ACTIVES Al Yoerg, '35 PLEDGES James Willard Robert LaBree Paul Sharood Bradley Laird, '35 Walter Mayo, '33 Graham McViclcer, '35 Wyman Miller, '35 William Moir, '35 Jack Pewters, '34 Edward Pickett, '33 James Rankin, '34- John Rouzie, '35 Kent van den Berg, '33 Lewis Villaume, '34 Warren Way, '34- Tom Webb, '34- Fletcher Whallon, '34- Frank Wheeler, '35 William White, '35 Walter Wood, '34- Sandy Kerr William McCaskill Sherman Pease Fred Poppe William Stout Al Struthers Mackey 'Thompson Mark Van De Water l L 4 , ' 3 . V l 1 1 5 13.6 F l . . ,ff ' may llfaa l i W5 Q f I 'f EI. 1 l q P P .nl-'YN 1 I I f E , Q ! 5 ' 1.44, 'r ? 2 F : 1 i x.J4',.. 2 4 l"If:'??4 1 1 l X , Ax, 1 l 4 :ft . I' ' 'V 7 I 5 I 1 l 5 l ' 1 , 2 - , ' 5 .f,:6,1'? y I .-, J., SQ le l "4 Y i l s-.1 V f 1 ,. , ww , I 11:3 ,I , l ' , , V v l Q Founded, Union College, 1841 25 Chapters Alpha Nu, 18741 1515 University Avenue Southeast Av 'P lv ? EH . ' , f .vw ' ' l ' .-. - HJ.. 5.1 - -. ,I .ve',g,.,fr,.7Q, A A. pup. A Viz- .N '. 2 41' .fl 1- e. h-f+1 "r1., . . l "kn'- jlqgw F " " ,r - i ni 1' f 4' Tay 'Z "M f- as T-its-as-i., ' -.-3.1 - I ul,-ts.. A. la'-.-fe - M . , -- 'ew V I ' -' " Q44 - Al. - xp: j-. gn, fy, 'fa-huafr'afWHaw4+ , --' ' ,,,e:a'-'A,-. ,.,.,- . 1 DELTA CI-H Y r . 41 Founded, Cornell University, 1890 38 Chapters Minnesota, 1892 1601 University Avenue Southeast -Wg, 11 WJ MMM x Q kr ' 5 .,,, fir gi, M35 1 Rewinkel, Hutch, Singer, Bradbury, Randorf, Henning Cnveny, Qhmun, Jacobs. Roscoe, Lung HUHUHIII, Blegen, Curris, Carlson FACULTY MEMBERS Dr. Henry E. Colby Lt. Richard Erickson GRADUATE STUDENT John A. Anderson, '33 Roy Anderson, '34- Halward Blegen, '36 Edward Bradbury, '33 Andrew Carlson, '34 Kasper Caveny, '35 Leonard Hugunin, '33 J. Donovan Jacobs, '34- Don Amhrosen Lorenzo Hatch Joe Harvey Richard Henning '. 'lf :T W , ' :fif:t-"sy, ., 3 Q ., 5 Tx.. Q., ,:j.,xf'fc, , ,r- A 7 u iw-,F J: :I J. hi K wig .nj - Vik WB' tl- ...JI U J: -' ' :M .5 .,. 'sip 'l'1L'F:g:-12 f,, , 'i '5, ' 'J . R""'7" gf ui, 41 Brig, ,, ,L -:-1. ' - , fTi4-',,,4..,fx?S4l1 1' ,F 5,- Sf ' tl ' Il' :C 'fix "l' Q ., -i H ' Jblzfl ?', ' 'lx ' 51,1 4 - Af A 55 VJ:,.1v,LM . , H LAA,-at-5 4 ' . , - v', H . '1- -l ll f "1 " - ,' -' A , 1. ' Q. 'l f :Wx , w "T'ffw"- , HQ, 1 .' 314 IJ 1 - " - A I - -1 . 5.- 3! ,,,.p-Quill-:A 4' James W. Lang, '33 Richard Ohman, '35 Ralph Peterson, '34 Gilbert Randorf, '34 Richard Strobel, '35 Eugene Thielke, '35 George Whittier, '34 Charles Wilkinson, '35 Milton Rewinkel Thomas Roscoe John Schmidt Charles Singer DEI. A. Savage, Rodenburtr. Tew. R. Wales. Larson, Norton, Schmidt. May Bigelow, Cairncross, Brueckner, Potter, Irwin, Frenzel, Lai-rabee Middlebrook, Hoene, R. Savage, Gordon, Sargent, Leonard Schroeder, Russell, Reid, Moore, Westnhul, Taft, Hallowell Copnage, Winzenburyz, Paulsen, Adams, Dickey, Twite, Watson FACULTY MEMBERS John Butler L. E. Daugherty E. M. DeBarry I. C. LeCompte Blaine McCusiek C. A. Savage A. C. Strachauer O. S. Wyatt GRADUATE STUDENTS Wright Brooks Edward Adams, '33 Charles T. Bigelow, '35 John D. Brueckner, '33 John S. Coppage, '34 Robert Dickey, '35 Phil Gamble, '35 William Gordon, '35 Fred Gould, '35 Howard Hoene, '33 Robert Hudson, '34 Ray L. Irwin, '35 Ernest W. Kohlsaat, '34 Leo Winzenburg, '35 Ray Bunge Andrew Cairncross Cyrus Field John C. Flood Edward Frenzel Thomas Gallivan Lamar Hallowell, Jr. Walter Larrabee Roger Larson Robert Leonard Richard Moore James Odegard Charles Winston Harlow C. May, '34 George Middlebrook, '34 John E. Paulsen, '33 Howard Porter, '34 Robert Rizer, '35 James Sargent, '35 Albert B. Savage, '34 Robert H. Savage, "35 William Tomlinson, '35 Norton Twite, '34 Martin Wales, '35 Lawrence C. Watson, '33 Robert Potter William Reid Philip Rodenburg John Russell Walter Schmidt John Schroeder John Sturner John Taft Jarvis Tew Robert Wales Frank Westphul Norris Wickham 315 APPA EPSILON X Founded, Yale University, 1844 47 Chapters Phi Epsilon, 1889 1711 University Avenue Southeast i 'I ,Q i i i . i 1 l l Q .. ,.,. Q ef mf-: , , A,-H-una . n J N7 fn r-A1 l . i . . l L33 fain,-159 '15-5'.g' . fi" F 7 DELTA 'ALI DELTA Founded, Bethany College, 1859 75 Chapters Beta Eta, 1833 1717 University Avenue Southeast C. Rosene. McCall, Johnson. Sherman, Hancock, Streeter, R. Rosene Donovan Ha B r s Ro th G ss r W bber . nsen,un, se,ene, e McKenzie, Erickson, Lahti, Hass, Mclnnis. Hanson, Dixon Leveroos, Kern, Regan, Berkey,'Nicholsen, Hadley, Armstrong FACULTY MEMBERS Raymond Bowers Lee A. Harker Robert Armstrong, '34- Robert Berkey, '35 John Donovan, '33 John Hadley, '34 Parker Hancock, '36 Walter Hass, '33 Ben Kern, '34 Nicholas Lahti, '33 Henry Leveroos, '33 Robert Burns Harry Dixon Orville Erickson Roy Gessner John Hansen 316 ACTIVES PLEDGES George McKinnon Niels Thorpe Stanley McKenzie, '35 Frank Nicholson, '34- Rex Regan, '33 Herbert Richardson, '34 Clinton Rosene, '35 Ralph Rosene, '35 Forbes Roseth, '35 Lloyd Sherman, '35 Donald Streeter, '33 Gene Hanson Florin Johnson Milton McCall John Mclnnis George Webber ill Lai ssl. , , fill 1,4 H. Donovan, Forster, Drum, Albrecht, Harris, Laughlin Oakley, Lotz, Culbertson, Hyde, Loberg, Vaaaly, Berg Laivell, Tingdale, La Doux, Johnson, Diercks, Burkland D. Donovan, Wright, Dahlberg, Robinson, I-Iornung. Wynne FACULTY MEMBERS M. T. Davenport C. A. Herrick J. C. Litzenberg D. E. Minnich W. H. Peters J. W. Powell W. A. Riley L. B. Shippee GRADUATE STUDENTS David Burlingame Joseph McGinty Dean Ahrens, '33 Henry Albrecht, '34 Willard F. Bailey, '33 Lawrence Barette, '35 Carl Berg, '34 Gordon Burkland, '35 Walter Dahlberg, '33 Robert Diercks, '35 David Donovan, '33 Hedley Donovan, '34 William Drum, '35 Sidney Culbertson Thomas Dawson Rex Forster Bruce Harris Edwin Hyde Robert Johnson Harry M. Schoening ACTIVES PLEDGES Page Fellows, '34 Charles W. Frost, '33 Robert Gray, '34 Kenneth Hornung, '33 John Laivell, '35 .lohn Loberg, '34 Howard Mithun, '34 .lohn Mueller, '35 Randolph Tingdale, '35 Wells Wright, '33 Owen Wynne, '33 Carlyle La Doux Robert Laughlin Arnold Lotz Vincent Oakley Emmanuel Pieper Charles Vasaly L 3 I ji' w 1 DELTA LPSILON ll' F an gm p n A Ill wa l, -l Founded, Williams College, 1834 58 Chapters Minnesota Chapter, 1890 921 University Avenue Southeast we-'VO 4 ,pk f ilgam' lim ' 'l' ,Eh-hi .,....., .J .13 1 , .M ,M 'F' 1 fi E 'lfili' 2 P-Y' 4'f1fi""' lf' an-.. Nik' .Q 'kb Y- 'Wi' if-If bij 2 PM .I W- ga . i .- .:-. 'ful f. yu, ' a , rg -:g ff ,, fq-.'.G?,-1.-,,:g..,m- f- ,5 1435. y ,v , ,. yg1..i.3-- 1 in ,-,.,Aq,:m+,4 .. -- A' -1' 1.,1'. .4413-Q ' A- '.'.'4U'- 1 x H. , WJ Aw--,,-11.3 'lf' 'Y'-3 v ,Q -U, 71 .. g,.1,, inf-. - -- ' Q .,5'H9t3?1.sfSf , -g..,4-.- .igffzzf l' 4 s 3. A ,q -,rw r ni ,- .A.,,,-.54-f . : ' ' ' ,is if .wl- . a- I I lg I .. I I 317 U 'wr' :Lili lil ' Q . A it J ,,,:. SQ.-r lui 4 .mt , " " .fx ' ff-'il -was A A QS.. SN L nv-fi . iw f'g-QW M V gm, . tv7'P4 ffeana luis- L' it Wd . . fl? LAMBDA Cl-H ALPHA Founded, Boston University, 1909 83 Chapters Gamma Omega, 1925 1116 Fifth Street Southeast Strom, Day, Riefman. K. C. Johnson, Biesanz, Wolcott, Olson, Valine Betters, Donovan, K. R. Johnson. Pratt. Mitchell, Yount, Gaalaas Milner, Kimmey, W. Thorp. T. Campbell, Thompson, Forbes C. Campbell, Thorpe, Jurgensen, McQueen, Charnholm, Holbrook, Larson FACULTY MEMBERS I. W. Alm A. M. Borak Roy G. Blakey GRADUATE STUDENTS Leon C. Day Kenneth R. Johnson Nobel Shattuck ACTIVES Philip F. Biesanz, '35 Charles R. Campbell, '35 T. Rex Campbell, '35 Harold F.. Charnholm, '34 David J. Donovan, '33 Berkley O. Ertl, '35 Carold P. Gaalaas, '34 Edward F. Holbrook, '35 Ralph C. Jurgensen, '34 John W. Kimmey, '33 Harry Betters Bruce Bye Keith E Hess K Cavour Johnson Nick G. Weyrens Sheldon S. Larson, '34 Angus McQueen, '34 F. Allan Olson, '34 Sidney C. Pratt, '34 Cedric H. Rieman, '33 Frank T. Thompson, '33 Olaf C. Thorpe, '35 Ted A. Valine, '34 R. Oliver Wolcott, '34 Robert E. Yount, '34 Ralph Milner George E. Mitchell Edward O'Brian William F. Thorp Taft, O'Connor, Barry, Smith, Svendsen, Mattson, Parrish, Roscoe Skamser, R. Donahower, Davies, Mann, Comer, Beesely, Dreveskrucht Rennix, Hanson, Serigstad, Edison, Andresen, Huber, J. Donahower, Libbey Stuebing, Erskine, Frissell, Shaw, Cnhalan, Reif, Ferguson Bloedel, Muclntyre, Cooke, Stalheim, Gray, Kelly, Champlin, Kuin Holliday, Sitz, Bethel, Pontius, Hurfresheimer, Licht, Oen, Griflin FACULTY MEMBERS J. L. Bostwicke Lowell Dawson Fred Hovde M. B. Lambie George Otterness J. H. Owens William Prosser William Smith A. H. Speer J. L. Thomas GRADUATE STUDENTS Karl Andresen Ward Blake Everett Drake Bernhard Grangaard Glen Bethel, '33 Tom Bragdon, '35 Harold Carlsen, '33 Don Comer, '35 Morris Cooke, '33 William Deutsche, '34 George Doyle, '33 Ralph Edison, '34 James Eriksson, '33 Douglas Erskine, '33 Gerald Griiiin, '33 Walter Hargesheimer, George Holliday, '33 Kinnard Barry William Beesely William Bloedel Erwin Burg George Cahalan George Champlin James Davies Dick Donahower John Donahower Lloyd Dreveskracht Peter Ferguson Charles Frissell Russell Gray '3 ACTIVES 4 PLEDGES Russell Stuebin Alton Lindbloom Eugene Rogers Almon Tucker Robert Tucker Virgil Licht, '33 Keith Maclntyre, '35 Ed McAfee, '33 Robert Miner, '34 Roy Oen, '33 Robert Parrish, '35 Maurice Pontius, '33 Charles Reif, '34 Howard Shaw, '35 Chester Sitz, '34 Nels Stalheim, '33 Marshall Taft, '35 Fred Taylor, '33 John Hanson Roy Huber Jack Kain Robert Kelly Frank Kiewel Alvah Libbey Fred Mann Donovan Mattson James O'Connor George Rennix Norman Serigstad Harold Skamser Richard Smith Pl-II DELTA TI-IETA ' fs., X Founded, Miami University, 1848 104 Chapters Alpha, 1881 1027 University Avenue Southeast .,,..... ,.-.,.., ,., .. . .. , I V , 4 l l A, ,, 4 .E 3 r 1 . ,, ,. 1 H 5 igrfirgfl we . lvl , ' ' 'lik-hai, f Sc:-ra 'fllffa 11" SEQ? .hr-:Lp"4xL 'ai vis", .. -. af Q Q. 4 .pp-' . -, ' " sl .,g w as EPS Low PI College !,',a2!", 1 S ll Founded, of City of New York, 19044 29 Chapters Alpha Della, 1923 1018 University Avenue Southeast i' Leib erman, Johnson, Swartz, Bloch, Rosenberg Karon, Harris, Rifkin, Dimsdale, Fleisher, Frishberg Supornlck, Schweitzer, Birnberg, Weinstein, Frankel Zon, Hoffman, Robitshek, Brill FACULTY MEMBER Marvin Bloch, '36 Lionel Brill, '35 Bernard Dimsdale, '33 Samuel Halpern, '35 Lawrence Harris, '36 Ralph Helstein, '34 Elliott Hoffman, '34 David Johnson, '36 Sidney Karon, '34 Arnold Rosenstein ACTIVES Henry Zon, '34- Victor Birnberg Bernard Fleisher Jerome Frankel 320 PLEDGES Arthur K. Levant, '34 Herschel Rifkin, '36 Herman Robitshek, '34- Benjamin Rosenberg, '36 Donald Schweitzer, '35 Melvin Sinykin, '35 Meyer Supornick, '36 Sam Swartz, '33 Arthur Weinstein, '35 Harold Frishberg Alvin Leiberman Arthur Snyder i I DHI GAMMA DELTA f . Baring-Gould, Bunn. Lehmicke, Blodget, Jones. E. Johnson B. Sanna. L. Johnson, A. L. Harris, Rinker, Newhall Taylor, Beattie, J. A. Harris, Warner FACULTY MEMBERS Lotus D. Coffman Dr. John C. Brown Frank E. Burch W. F. Holman Wm. S. Baring-Gould, '35 Robert Beattie, '33 Leonard N. Bennett, '34 Herbert H. Blodget, '35 Beverly R. Bunn, '34 Alanson L. Harris, '35 J. Arthur Harris, '33 Robert E. Hatch, '34 John W. Hoffmann, '33 Elmer T. Johnson, '33 Lorin K. Johnson, '35 William A. Bevan Cyril J. Kliner Rudolph Lehmicke T. W. Weum ACTIVES PLEDGES A. C. Krey E. S. Platou Henry Schmitz J. M. Walls Burton H. Jones, '34 Stanley V. Kinyon, '33 Waldo F. Marquardt, '33 Eugene T. Newhall, '35 Ralph V. Platou, '34 Leon Sanna, '34 McClelland Shellman, '33 George R. Schroeder, '35 Lloyd W. Taylor, '34 Bernard C. Warner, '33 John R. Wolff, '34 Charles R. Rinker Paul M. Runnestrand Bartel Sanna Joseph K. Weissenbach W IH Founded, Jefferson College, 1848 73 Chapters Mu Sigma, 1890 ' e 1129 University Avenue Southeast '-3 """ tNhaa"""'! tn X x v l ' ,.eLiA1? f, . wif-. . -, ,1 gud.-Q 1' 71' .5 '. , -'1 i ' A W '.,:'g,,'-QU' 3 431,35 - J .,7F1t '4-: 'W V N .. mf., , f-W, 4, ',, jw, 4. 1 ' ,-1--frmgg A Wit.-gi A-41.255 'X 91,-, - l cl -l 1 1 il i l l rl., 3- 1 in ry, t, -.1 5+ N 6 1 i r km ..,' wi. M... 1 Wir... ' 57:,?1'f 5 ':3- - x wiv , fx., .- ' new ' - 52 'J l il? F 1. 1 I 3 f-ai, , .,.. ,L 53:g4+,."' -'Qrifiti riser: u-,.g, ft " YH ' :bf ' 1,2-,St mv fa? Pl-Il KAPPA PSI fbkalf fsi. "ff" 1j"'2A 4 A. 2 a Founded, ,Washington and Jefferson, l852 52 Chapters Minnesota Beta, 1838 1609 University Avenue Southeast Giertsen, Tillisch, Riches, Vance Johnson, Reichert, Englin, Albright Lehmicke, W. Johnson, Dunlap, Winslow, McCabe, Clingerman Dilling, Donaldson. Prouse, Anderson, Bierman Wilhoit, Sedgewick, Bush, Woodcock, Whiting, Sickles Carroll, Nelson, Henning, DeLong, Putnam , GRADUATE STUDENTS Eugene Albright, '34 Cyrus Anderson, '35 Joseph Calhoun, '33 Richard Carlson, '33 John Carroll, '33 John Clingerman, '35 George DeLong, '34 John Dilling, '35 William Dunlap, '34 Edgar Bleckre William Johnson William Bierman Philip Bush Richard Donaldson Joseph Englin Richard Giertsen Albert Lehmicke 322 Edwin Reichert ACTIVES Joseph Winslow, '35 PLEDCES Carl Henning, '33 Vance Johnson, '35 Fred Grahner, '33 Leslie Knudsen, '35 Sanford Lundgren, Russell Nelson, '33 William Newgord, ' Robert Prouse, '35 Robert Putnam, '35 Morden McCabe Frederick Reichert Robert Riches David Sedgewick Theodore Sickles William Tillisch Richard Wilhoit Chandler Woodcock '3 34 Welch, A. Johnson, Keyes, King, Minder, Lauer Baumann, Holzapfel, Bros, Wallfred, Corneveaux, Gustafsom, W. Johnson McLean. Mattlson, MacMillan, Justus, Sainsbury, Brandow Emerson, Swenson, Taylor, Swensen, Willard FACULTY MEMBERS Edward Davis Dr. Paul Dwan Ralph Dwan Clayton Griswold George Hauser Palmer O. Johnson Dr. Melville Manson Clarence Munn William Routledge Conrad Seitz GRADUATE STUDENTS Fred Holzapfel Robert McAdam Fred Baumann, '33 John Corneveaux, '34 James Emerson, '34 Grover Forster, '34 Walter Johnson, '34 Donald Justus, '34 Frank Kammerlohr, '34 Frank E. King, '34 Wilfred Lauer, '34 Marcus Mattison, '33 Lloyd Albinson William Brandow William Brix Marvin Bros Arthur Burck Vernon Dahl Russell Foster ACTIVES PLEDGES Robert McNaughten Allan Teeter Clifford Menz, '33 Arleigh Miller, '34- Robert Minder, '34 Courtney Swensen, '34 Stanley Swenson, '33 George Taylor, '34 John Walbran, '34 Paul Wallfred, '34 Alfred Welch, '34 Ray Willard, '34 Chester Gustafson Allan Johnson Gordon Keyes John Lennon Melvin McLean Richard MacMillan Edward Sainsbury 323 Pl-ll KAPPA SIGMA antigua 1 if-,Sf lhq- -, Tyr Founded, University of Pennsylvania 1850 39 Chapters Alpha Sigma, 1915 1813 University Avenue Southeast PSI UPSILON XX Jjwlllfe, tj um fy .xT,f,f X Founded, Union College, 1832 27 Chapters Mu, 1891 1721 University Avenue Southeast I' -. A ,nj Ridgway, Morris, Campbell, Heinrich, Devaney, Stevenson, Knoblauch, Cobb, Boutell Hartzell. Coleman, Odell, Learned, Andrews, Cotton, Johnson, Lucey A P l F'field Lobb Ro Olson Ba rey, a mer, 1 , , gers, , rnum Parks. Schilling, White, Sawyer, Haeberle, Richards, Fax-num, Broughton Dypwick, Somsen, Healy, Buehler, Tweedy, Mason, Moroney, Huxley, Vilett FACULTY MEMBERS Malcolm S. MacLean Frederick M. Mann Arthur T. Mann Henry F. Nachtrieb Joseph B. Pike GRADUATE STUDENTS Roger Barrett Jack C. Barton Robert Christianson James B. Arey, '35 William T. Boutell, '35 Martin S. Buehler, '35 James Coleman, '35 John C. Cotton, '34 William Devaney, '35 Otis J. Dypwick, '33 T. Frank Fifield, '35 John M. Fry, Jr., '33 Harvey Haeberle, '34 Herbert S. Hartzell, '34 Charles T. Healy, '34 Robert R. Andrews William M. Barnum Wilson M. Brazer John H. Broughton Robert L. Cobb, Jr. Franklin C. Farnum, Jr. Lynn H. Johnson, Jr. Park R. Learned, Jr. ACTIVES PLEDGES Richard H. White 324 John A. Hager William Moroney Robert Pinger Thomas C. Heinrich, '35 Richard D. Huxley, '36 Henry K. Knoblauch, Jr., '35 John C. Lobb, '35 John E. Mason, '34 Walter F. Muir, '36 Jay G. Odell, '34 Stephen G. Palmer, '35 Henry N. Somsen, Jr., '34 W. Claude Stevenson, '35 John A. Tweedy, '36 Jack M. Vilett, '33 John A. Lucey, Jr. John R. Morris E. Severn Olson T. Cunningham Parks James R. Ridgway C. Thomas Rogers Pat Sawyer Wilbur H. Schilling, Jr. SIGMA ALP!-IA EPSILCDN Simmons, Martin, White, Campbell, Fm-mer, Streeter, Funk, Nutt Reily, Marsh, Perschbacher, Honey, Ellison, Clark, Tozer Radzom, Rupp, Hanson, La Liberty, A. Johnson, Didlo Rimrsrude, Conkey, Dunn, Gilpin, Peasley, Haugen, Brewer Nortz, Benson, Miller, Radford, K. Johnson, Schultz, Hutchinson FACULTY MEMBERS J. M. Anderson W. C. Coffey D. MacMillan J. F. McClendon J. E. Wodsedalek L. F. Miller C. A. Moore George O. Pierce George Tuttle GRADUATE STUDENTS Robert Derrick George Halliday Frankline Kline Goifc Benson, '34 William Campbell, '34 Irving Clark, '34 Chester Didlo, '36 Malcolm Ellison, '34 Robert Funk, '35 Lewis Gilpin, '35 Warren Hanson, '34 Richard Hutchinson, '33 Allan Johnson, '35 Karl Johnson, '35 John Brewer Frank Conkey Lawrence Dunn Richard Farmer Harold Haugen Cruse Honey ACTIVES PLEDGES Philip Neville Harold Noran Eric Pollard Paul La Liberty, '33 Allan Marsh, '34 William Martin, '34 Allyn Miller, '33 Chester Nortz, '33 Ray Perschbacher, '34 Lawrence Radford, '34 Stanley Radzom, '35 James Reily, '35 William Schultz, '34 Wade Tozer, '36 Douglas Nutt Robert Peasley Merle Ringsrude Donald Rupp Gerald Simmons Robert White Founded, University of Alabama, 1856 108 Chapters Minnesota Alpha, 1902 1815 Lhnverdty Avenue Southeam l Y . 1 if l 2 . . i -K .?J tmPwt'J h1f W merge r' I :HK -'zf.',:g'Wl "t"n7f ' 'VJ iiiiiiif i':'?"4,'i"F I -- 21-71 ' gg,1gw-314.2 ' 1"'5-1-53177 'A ,,,.-,-, . .gfiiff A 4 ,A Mig! .,, V, wg .y VL.- ,,l Ll: , , n L t V 1 wtf 7' I VGSLWQ '?J'f Lfq.,. i if-iflfff, ..V, . .stare -'?""l.1f' .f fheizf n "rK!"71: EiWPf 97 --we -5 'gmuwe M Naam Ella ? .f , , iigtf dl ,' ' Q:'f7e ulllllr 4 Q , I , I 1 I' It ,I , I 1 V A," ., My-l,T.' q , 7,715 ' , lil. 1 ' ' . ' I I . I I . J ,l A. II,-U , 1,3 ,ity .,,' F fmt Q,- Vt - . I I y ay., 1 Fmlvfv-e . ..::f..,1, u M ,Q ,vI:xf"'f , 'karl if fs ., . I ' F' : - ills,-1'-w. ' -YQ , I wata Fggflg' .Af ' ks 'Q:5m,S,Sn:f, ,: I 1 TTER' If: L, V7 , I "'1'1-11:53. it 253' Tr5"':'if- 'KNWT I Q ,:'- Gqnfg .ww . . .-mmf, A ' s ,,.I I 1 1 I I I I I I l I I I I ,I I l I I I I SIGMA ALPI-IA M U I ...H ' 1:Y Ig A TI ?'u. M,s'7 ftwf f' Founded, New York City, 1909 39 Chapters Kappa, 1915 915 University Avenue Southeast Silver-berg. Conner, Baron, Shark, Glickson, Rosen Halpern, Brussel, Smiler, Crane. Weinstein Polisky, Weinberg. Lipman, Zalkind, Feinberg, Gruenberg FACULTY MEMBERS Raymond Kofi' Samuel Maslon Arthur Marget Samuel Stein GRADUATE STUDENTS Arthur Goldberg Nathan Lifson Burnell Koolish Phillip Stern Paul Wolff ACTIVES Robert Bailin, '35 I Arnold Baron, '35 William Brussel, '35 Naphtalie Conner, '36 Arnold Crane, '34 .lustin Druck, 35 Milton Feinberg, '35 William Freimuth, '36 David Glickson, '36 Leonard Gruenberg, Justin Halpern, '35 Stephen Harris, '33 Gerald Juster, '34 Norman Bloom Harry Blumberg Irving Chelin Leonard Gilles 326 t3 4. Jerome Zalkind, '33 PLEDGES Howard Kahn, '35 Samuel Karby, '33 Bernard Lipman, '34 Max Polisky, '34 Edward Rosen, '34 Jesse Schapiro, '34 Golden Seline, '33 Phillip Shandeling, '35 Meyer Shark, '35 Lorence Silverberg, '36 Bernard Smiler, '35 Percy Weinberg, '33 Emanuel Weinstein, '35 Donald Gilinskey Westley Silvian Milton Wishnick Joseph Ginsburg Delude, Joos, Stevenson, Bost, Munson, Farrell, W. Proffitt, Sonnen. Salter Passolt, Ewart, Hale. Schneider, Tenner, Schoock, Strong, Helin Hodges, Graham, Hayward. Neubert, Corrigan, F. Proflitt, McLean, Duffy, Voyer Fawcett. Anderson, Spaeth, Williams, Ungerman, Halstead, Zimmerman, Heyhoe Pfaender, Claydon, Lillyblad. Woodruff, Neugent, Kingery, Lendvay W. E. Brooke FACULTY MEMBERS D. Davis H. Newhart GRADUATE STUDENTS G. Downs R. Jordan J. LaDue R. Lauerence Robert Anderson, '34 Robert Bost, '33 John Claydon, '34 Maurice Colberg, '33 William Corrigan, '36 Dean Fleming, '36 Milford Graham, '36 Henry Greene, '33 Donald Hale, '34 Walter Halstead, '35 Douglas Hayward, '35 Winston Heyhoe, '34 Edwin Joos, '35 Gilbert Kingery, '33 Robert Lillyblad, '33 Joseph DeLude Harry Duffy Erwin Ewart Hilton Hodges Robert Farrell Gordon Fawcett Robert Helin Charles Lowe ACTIVES Robert Woodruff, '35 PLEDGES Lloyd Zimmerman B. Nagurski L. Sturgeon F. Thrailkill John Lendvay, '35 Walter Mork, '35 Clarence Neubert, '34 Laurence Neugent, '33 Robert Nelson, '34 Vernon Pearson, '33 John Pfaender, '33 William Proliitt, '34 Stanley Salter, '35 Harley Schneider, '33 Jack Schock, '34 Charles Stevenson, '34 Robert Strong, '35 Robert Tenner, '36 James Ungerman, '35 Howard McLean Harry Munson James Passolt Edward Proffitt Doyle Spaeth John Sonnen James Voyer Charles Williams 327 SIGMA CHI s Founded, Miami University, 1855 94 Chapters Alpha Sigma, 1885 1623 University Avenue Southeast I r 1 F Ti i r 'l P , 1 , I I . 5 U rc.,- .f 1 ' J I- tm , - ,y ,. H" I-UQ.. :ij 4 JI ,, uf 7 wil ,1g,"r- W ', A Pi. .-T 'Yah i ,...,. , -,r . .,,. af , f if , , fiilg H' i 1 E RF, -a j I , 3 f mil..-VN, l i J f -Q Q w . ' T 1 1 i .Wei 1 ,M-Z .' .,,. '- .1"'Jf, I I . 1 1.,X:'3.'?'jei7'- i f: ,,t.Q.',,' , T 1 A SIGMA NU J , 1 i 1 1 1 3 1, 14 1 1 l . 4 4 n x 4 1 i 1 l l 2 1 4 f 4 l , i 1 I Q. , E 'nl " 4 , , -:-.fa-' o'1":Qm' "".'f-12505 .hx ,un .35 . 1 Q 1 1 i 2 1 l . I 1 5 1 E, ' 1 i l i 1 3 1 3 1 i . w l W i l l Founded, Virginia Military Institute, 1867 98 Chapters Gamma Tau, 1904- 317 Sixteenth Avenue Southeast un - ill Crabtree, Eastman, Patterson, Entrlkln, Atkinson, Hanson E. Westrum, L. Westrum, Saxton, Grant, Delmore, Griffith, Waldron Williams, Shaelfer, Collins, Priester, Delin, Carlstrom FACULTY MEMBERS Dr. C. A. Boreen William H. Emmons Garfield Anderson, '35 Jere Annis, '34 Frank Atkinson, '35 James Barr, '34 Louis Benn, '33 Eugene Burdick, '35 Carl Carlstrom, '34 Burnham Clark, '35 William Collins, '34 Donald Crabtree, '33 Roy Delin, '34 John Delmore, '36 James E. Dodge, '33 Homer Eastman, '34 John Entrikin, '34 Kenneth Gay, '33 Lloyd Borget Donald Braillard Eugene Cook Howard Cowley Donald Hartl , . 'ii ' . - 1 " Y ' 1 ' at f - ' wif-id I -4 pl A. l -- ff'G-1 if , fl ie La J- ' fef f ' T V . ' . 328 i- :' is ' ' . ,1 ' ,J I., Q e L, - . Nijiil La.-Jai, ACTIVES David Williams, '33 PLEDGES John Schutz Archie N. Jones Lt. Hewitt W. Richmond Russell Grant, '35 Henry Griilith, '35 Harry Hanson, '35 Kenneth Howatt, '33 Harold Johnson, '33 Charles Ladner, '34 Charles Martin, '34 Earl Nelson, '33 Gale Patterson, '33 George Piepgras, '35 Gayle Priester, '33 Ned Saxton, '34 Harold Schaeffer, '33 Burton Waldron, '34 Everett Westrum, '33 Lyle Westrum, '33 John Slach Robert Jenkins Howard Nelson Ralph Newell Joseph O'Keefe SIGMA PI-II EPSILON Bird. Hilton, Swartout, Running, Long, Hansen McFarlane, Kelm, Houston, Severud, Kent Patterson. Duckett, Theim, Bomzen, MacKay, Rietz Swanson, Jackson, Lange, Green, McIntosh FACULTY MEMBERS Lyndon C. Abbot John J. Craig Russel O. Denyes Ingolf O. Friswold Porter P. Wiggins Carol S. Geddes A. C. Hodson Charles V. Netz Daniel N. Rice GRADUATE STUDENTS Leland L. Boardman Henry B. Clark William Bird, '34 John Davidson, '33 William A. Green, '35 Zenas Havstad, '33 Theodore Hilton, '34 Gordon Jackson, '34 Walter C. Kanne, '33 Edwin C. Kelm, '33 Stephens Lange, '33 Leland Larson, '33 Edward Boggen Cyrus Cochrane Walter Duckett Lyman Hansen Stanley Houston Marvin Kent ACTIVES PLEDGES Daniel D'Amico George Moriarty Edward Long, '33 Edward A. MacKay, '34 L. McIntosh, '33 Harold Ness, '33 Nile H. Running, '34 Gordon Severud, '33 William Skinner, '34 Wayne Stone, '35 Hubert Swanson, '33 Wilson Weid, '34 Robert McCollough George McFarlane Werner Patterson James Rietz Ray Swartout John Theim 329 ...W-.-5 -Q ' 3 n' . , X. :Lgl 4 'Q-,SKI til Founded, Richmond, Virginia, 1901 67 Chapters Alpha, 1916 1617 University Avenue Southeast I f,l'f l , vi i at A' iff F :R fyie chzqtl v J' 4112. l . iv 'fbi-fi, .-,-'. 1.4. . U. f -V- rrgg Q TAL! KAPPA EPSILGN JA 'Y' A o Founded, Illinois Wesleyan University, 1899 i 38 Chapters Theta Chapter, 1917 1901 University Avenue Southeast Ray, McCoy, West, Eberhardt, Nixon, Welshonse, Kihlstrom Hall, W. D. Duncan, Kelley, Morton, D. W. Duncan, Lamplund Smith, Skonnord, J. B. West, Lindstrom, Mader FACULTY MEMBERS Samuel Eddy R. P. Grismer R. L. Kozelka O. H. Kristofferson W. H. Stead F. F. Wildebush GRADUATE STUDENTS T. J. Catlin Fred Berg, '34 George Davis, '34 Darien Duncan, '34 Dwight Duncan, '33 Claude Frankforter, '35 A. Shelton Hall, '36 Robert Hanson, '34 Alan Holmberg, '35 James Horner, '35 James B. Kaminski, '33 L. Fallon Kelley, '33 Charles Kennedy, '35 Kenneth Kimble, '34 Arthur Lampland, '34 William Beiswinger Carl Caspers Torvald Eberhardt Robert Gould Milton B. Kihlstrom Charles Martin 330 ACTIVES PLEDGES J. E. Lofstrom Harry Lathrop, '35 Richard M. Leick, '35 Stanley Lindstrom, '34 Ralph Loofburrow, '35 Robert Mader, '34 Douglas McCoy, '35 William C. Morton, '35 William Murphy, '35 Donald Peterson, '34 Berger Skonnord, '34 John Smith, '34 Francis Walsh, '35 James West, '33 Joseph West, '34 Norman Nixon Richard Poucher Thomas Ray Charles Schumaeker Orman Sucker Harrison Welshonse Henderson, C. Erickson, Stinchfield, Wright, Shepvard Selvig, Ralph Peterson, Merchant. Welch. Senn, Miller Burnett Stenber' Russell Peterson Nolo H s . L. . D. an Niess, Soell, Geist, Lang, Vance, Polkinghorn on Owre, H. Erikson, Girvin, Hubbard, Ford FACULTY MEMBERS H3115 H- Dalaker l Henry A. Erikson James M. Edmunds Dr. Oscar Owre GRADUATE STUDENTS Haswell Lang Charles McLennan Allan Burnett, '34 Carl E. Erickson, '34 Henry Erikson, '33 Thomas K. Ford, '33 Ralph Fritzell, '34 Walter Geist, '34 Richard W. Girvin, '33 Harold Grunewald, '34 Orrin A. Hanson, '34 David Henderson, '34 Conrad Eliason Ethan Hurd Carroll Merchant Curtis Miller Roger Nolop Lawrence Vance ACTIVES PLEDGES J. Riis Owre William Swedberg John Hubbard, '33 Robert Niess, '33 Russell Peterson, '33 Henry Polkinghorn, '34 George Selvig, '34 Martin Senn, '35 Charles Sheppard, '34 Bruce Stenberg, '34 Richard Varco, '34 Lester Welch, '33 Ralph Peterson Peter Schuft Mack Soell Grant Stinchfield Harold Wright L l 1 TI-IETA Cl-II p A I l l l l s i l 1 M ii if I1 Founded, Norwich University, 1856 50 Chapters Alpha Pi, 1924. 315 Sixteenth Avenue Southeast .Frm r ' I r if UT Hin. L: , P5 , TW S . ,L ",:f8h , Q .,s,.4, , HW... Ji, Jr :W Tl-IETA DELTA Cl-ll ' -1 ,, QL ' 'Qt ' Founded, Union College, Schenectady, New York, 181117 29 Chapters Tau Deuteron, 1892 , l 1521 University Avenue Southeast Salisbury, Stultz, Parker, Wellman, Halbkat, Williams, Baker Banister. Almars, Smith, Cowan, Henke, Murchie Pike, J. Biron, McKibbin, Skinner, Wells, Holgate, Peterson Bergan, R. Biron, White. Adams, Cushing, Wood FACULTY MEMBERS Guy Stanton Ford James Davies Walter M. Huestis Claude J. Ehrenberg Charles D. Creevy GRADUATE STUDENTS N. Lawrence Enger Wilbur C. Hadden Cuyler C. Adams, '33 Kenneth A. Awsumb, '35 John R. Bergan, '34- Robert Biron, '33 Arnold H. Brassett, '341 Reg. C. Cushing, '33 Frederick W. Halbkat, '35 Noel G. Henke, '34 George Holgate, '34- Thad. B. Lawrence, '33 Robert E. McKibbin, '33 Addison M. Parker, '34 Joseph G. Almars William L. Baker A. William Banister J. Arthur Murchie Fred C. Hadden Robert V. Peterson, '34- ,loe M. Pike, '33 Max O. Ramsland, '33 Richard S. Skinner, '34 Willis D. Salisbury, '341 Howard B. Smith, '33 Robert L. Stultz, '33 Thomas G. Wellman, '34 Charles J. Wells, '34- Bob White, '33 Gordon D. Williams, '34- Robert C. Wood, '33 John K. Biron Jack T. Cowan Edward N. McDevitt TI-IEVX XI I 1 E 1 i r r i E E Z., ,. Z 2 2 5 Rogers, Ehlert, Leistiko, Carlson, Nelson, Hancock Childs S H n M 1' n Woma k Rosh lt Hi z Mnisi ' ,weno, oomnn, c. o. ene, 'e' 1 Swanstrom, Lund, Johnson, Grumith, Holmgren, Dennerly l l l FACULTY MEMBERS J Russell C. Brinker John V. Martenis John C. Durfee George C. Priester Henry E. Hartig Harlow C. Richardson Elmer W. Johnson Frank B. Rowley y William T. Ryan ACTIVES l Norman E. Carlson, '33 Howard O. Holmgren, '33 Donald H. Childs, '33 Irving G. Johnson, '33 James Dennerly, '34 Wesley R. Lund, '33 Clifford F. Gramith, '35 Thomas A. Rogers, '33 John E. Hancock, '33 Glen H. Swanstrom, '33 Founded, J PLEDGES Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, 1864. F s 3 Homer S. Anderson Robert E. Ehlert Leroy E. Everson Thomas J. Heinze Frank Leistiko Carl Maiser William M. Moormann Richard C. Nelson Gordon T. Rosholt Theodore J. Swenson J. James Womack 519 Tenth Avenue Southeast 333 5 1 i 'L I 4.4: 4 - I 1 ' 1 I v l . ia i 4 Yr' , v.,a.2'E .. .me i H Q. Jw ,n . 'lwtrzfg 1,33 5 I A . 'L -UI f Q? In - ,.,'1f,: k t 1- a gl.: :Wir F545 ffm m l -veg 4:-.-iff? hh f-. ' 1 . ff.. ldviifvvx ' 'fafxdvf .V . W A,-1 , liz? ' .gg 'Q , 'i , ,V ,. . .lin :,:-1 'lkatz-il : f 1 gg 1. "iii YZ.: 'll - .Vu"?j'41,:! ZETA PSI . , 'if cy Founded, New York University, 1847 29 Chapters Alpha Beta, 1899 1829 University Avenue Southeast ,, - . up y'rp,5'as.' 1 Adams, Moore, Larson, Hames, Heath, Spelman, Schulte, Snowden Wyvell, Morrissey, Jorgensen, Montague, Orth, Dustrude, Baker, Salem, Holler Grntes, Sieben, Osterman, Munt, Thomas, Lee, Keenan, Halloran Fink, May, Hawkins, P. Harris, Johnson, Nelson, A. Harris FACULTY MEMBERS W. W. Finke ' J. I. Parcell Alan Adams, '33 Miles Chadwick, '34 Charles Erb, '35 Leonard Fink, '33 Arthur S. Harris, '33 Phillip B. Harris, '33 Ralph F.. Hames, '35 Carrol J. Holfer, '35 Charles Hawkins, '34 Ross Halloran, '34 Laird Houston, '36 Donald B. Johnson, '33 Daniel R. Baker Dan Grates Carter B. Haley Victor M. Heath Howard J orgenson J. C. Sanderson ACTIVES Harvey Wyvell, '33 PLEDGES Nicholas J. Knickerbocker George B. Keenan Harold Larson, '35 Walter May, '33 William Montague, '32 George Morrissey, '36 James Moore, '34 Mancel T. Mitchell, '34 Donald M. Nelson, '34 Robert Nielsen, '35 Donald F. Orth, '35 Howard Snowden, '36 John Spelman, '34 Lee S. Thomas, '33 Ralph Lee John Munt John Osterman George N. Schulte Harry Sieben Charles L. Solem Archa F.. Wilcox !! .:!, 2-Vi 1,51 E 5 f HH EM! W PRUFESS 0 011011 '13, , gum, 4, 1 1 r,i31Ii,M!Q W , 1 ly X I, 7 A Q , K ,p i EI 'B ' il l l li il 1 l 4 a l .L I 1 , . -X. y ,Q . 1 2 , I .WA-6', ,- 1:-.i.IEg,M.. K 4 N .g'lFNZi3 ., P ' + 297: V- V . l wx-,149 WTR 24:7 li 2 at ff A s , J F .3 , l A 'lifitfviill all-ll 4' I 1.4. 1 ,, . 1 -af .,, K Ffa gs- 4-in I Q ' , , , ' ji'l'.i', -.Q 'L' ll M livin. f., 1' -,rub l L 33,3 : 4iM"'3'I-' 'nm-fl:-'I 'Ji 'I E, ,fi . 'mga ,mm 1 1.-l. gg- ' 2'?'f'sl'2l l W irliiifilzt' .'ff'tr35-5 .,,l..1,,jg 3- if '51 ,.,4,,,, 2. 5, , 'lf ,A D12 2, 3 fi 'z f , ".H.fff5hJS ALPI-lA DELTA TAU Founded, University of Minnesota, 1926 336 Swain, Bolstad, Berens, Sisson, Skerik Haverland, Lundquist, Roberts, Burlingame King, Barrett, Hammond, Mueller, Olson Catherine Barrett, '33 Helen Berens, '34 Carolyn Hammond, '33 Margaret Jackson, '33 Beatrice Burlingame Evelyn Bolstad Ethelmae Eylar ACTIVES Esther Skerik, '34- PLEDGES Portia Swain Mildred King, '33 Agatha Mueller, '33 .leanette Olson, '33 Ruth Sisson, '34 Eleanore Haverland Geraldine Lundquist Jennie Roberts ALPHA EPSILON ICDTA Meller, Evelyn Smith, Morrison, Schmidt, Hoeger, Anderson R' ka Corson McCree E 'l Smith L n d in . . . ml Y . . a g on Johnson, Iverson, Spurzem, Brockman, Knights, James Nina Anderson, '35 Helen Brockman, '33 Catherine Corson, '35 Eleanor Iverson, '34 Harriet James, '34 Evelyn Johnson, '34 Cathryn Knights, '3 Helen Bane Margaret Grandy Agnes Hoeger Bess Langdon ACTIVES Clementine Spurzem, '33 PLEDGES Dorothy Belle McCree, '35 Charlotte Morrison, '33 Veronica O'Brien, '33 Jane Oltman, '34 Emily Ripka, '33 Emily Smith, '35 Florence Smith, '36 Lois Lobb Charlotte Meller Bertha Schmidt Evelyn Smith 337 Founded, University of Michigan, 1890 22 Chapters Epsilon, 1901 , Jflggrn vile' 5:52943 ,Aw we 5? ..,v 'jx f Q51 1"-I IU: .,. ,,. 4 My .5. .ry 'vii ,it H' R. i ,,-H.: W W 95 'tt .- 2. 4 ,, 4,1 13321 1 LCM t . M-., o' , , . .SSH Tiflg-H 'J 4 N w 1 1 . l A . l ',- iz, pi" a.?E'?:f. 91,1-5-aff: t w ' . fm Ly. czlitli we tiff?-" att t. , IT? ' Alla' 'U-QSQ4 g1J".f' , ,, ,. wr' . ,V ' 1 i l 1 . 1 Q l I . N r 1 A ' l slffl' '. a fi' ftfii:-lf i:g:1':1, gg- . vii 1 l l l , -F , l ' l , I l l 1 l QV!-!"l ': 'ft TH v,k,'.' J ' 1 l If, I . e 1, 111-A f Ns, :M wb-:its 1 fl, J -4,1 .fgvgfg 3,- mlkg fy . We f v New - .. NU... 'W .,,,.. ., 4 J 1225i-3:1 ma- gs, ,rg We-iffw 5.55 l I 1 I l ALPHA' KAPPA GAMMA Founded, University of Minnesota, 1922 ' 4- Chapters Alpha, 1922 Johnston, Fitzgerald, Robinson, Ossenberg George, Kirchstein, La France, Hammerbacher, Allen Milroy, Munger, Netherly, Hasslen ACTIVES Mildred E. Allen, '33 Kathryn Johnston, '33 Jeanne M. La France, '33 Lucille Kirchstein, '33 Josephine George, '33 Mary Milroy, '33 Jane Hasslen, '33 Eileen Munger, '33 Irma M. Hammerbacher, '34- M. Elizabeth Netherly M. Helen Robinson, ,33 PLEDGES Joyce Dahleen Edith Hoines Mary Fitzgerald Dorothy Ossenberg Hullstrom, Vanstrome, Holt, Danielson Shields, Ames, Gunlnugson, Sutherland. Larson Benson, Montag, Melsted, Irvine ACTIVES Doris Larson, '34 Agnes Love, '33 H Ellene Melsted, '33 Mildred Montag, '33 Charlotte Molstad, '33 Mona O'Neil, '34- Lena Paskewitz, '33 Eleanor Sandahl, '34' Savallah Shields, '35 Bernice Sutherland, '33 Christie Tostenson, '34 Vivian Vanstrome, '33 Alice Ames, '34- Margaret Benson, '34- ,leannette Blake, '33 Bernice Dalen, '33 Alfreda Danielson, '33 Sadie Ericson, '33 Frances Gunlaugson, '35 Marcella Healey, '33 Mildred Holt, '33 Marcelle Hullstrom, '34, Jane Irvine, '34 PLEDGES Julia Biltz Berdean Olson E. Louise Grant Louise Waagen ALP!-IA TALJ DELTA t ff' W' fm 'We 4" Founded, University of California, 1927 5 Chapters Beta, 1928 339 ,f Q11 l P 5 w V-' f 'n-: . as .v.,. ---Hui i -,Z Ywwgp, ,':tf!f"Pf5 , A,-,pm ll ,fy ifilyx. f.1i?J2l f 'aifzfyiat , fl?,.'5't5 1 . , i , 3 -. -fi x if . Ifigf- . ifij . ' '217.3'XlQf'-Qi! vw. H. Fil? . i ' ' , , 4 1 w R 1 l 4 4 4 l PI-II UPS LCN CDMICRCDN Founded, University of Minnesota, 1909 18 Chapters Alpha, 1909 Kittleson, Tellier. Bronn, Koll, Obst, Zohner Arlander, Oberg, Long, Briggs, Brown, Lohmann, Egstram Giraud Wa ner Bell, Cam bell, Orfield, White Z I7 Sawyer, Bruce, Crouch, Wurdaman, Rogosheski Alice Biester Clara Brown Alice Child Margaret Ennis Harriet Goldstein Vetta Goldstein Hope Hunt Jane Leichsenring Rosyln Giraud Florence Arlander Barbara Bell Alice Briggs Louise Bronn Bernice Brown Florence Bruce Ruth Campbell Lorraine Crouch Irma Egstrom Abigail Kittleson Elizabeth Koll FACULTY MEMBERS Marion Weller A Wylle B. McNeal Kathryn Niles Ethel Phelps Ella Rose Ruth Segolson Mary Steers Gertrude True Lucy Studley GRADUATE STUDENTS Elsie Zohner ACTIVES Adele Wurclaman Agnes Robinson Alice Long Ruth Lohmann Helen Muir .lane Oberg Frances Obst Natalie Orfreld Betty Rogosheski Ruth Sawyer Inez Taylor Winifred Wagner Muriel White PRUFESS TE '-:yr 5 'a ,,,, UW lf fm Wig .Sw QQ' im? M32 53343 fiifj Mi .a af! ew, V W N Pxrlf. 5-313 ig aww "N wi!! W g.w.,, 35?'.'1 iff!" if H+? WM 32 2 if!! 1M gn fin uh Iii, 4 N lg! few A H' l l I , 05,652 . ' ' 1. . ,,,..,., 1 i , x, if , Xl? 'l 'V It -iflgifi-'K 3 E ,..v.,w I 's-,-,,.- 5 . ..,.v Q-.-W. .iw 53" f ru '- .1 L l w l , 5 'Qc a-49 ' . 1' , ,ea -fl : g V . 25" I Q . , , I 2 v g Q 1 1 Mia T .1-VU. i 'fifiiti .'a:?":g,,+n 355:15 'ffiw-iw i'F1-ffm! fifilw V 9 l, 'jab ' l l , , L lnterprolessional Fraternity Council 9 My mt I 1 l 3412 Churchill, I-Iansing, Nelson, Fawcett, Mattison, A. Roth Hutchings, Blake, Strathern, Herion, Windhorst Larson, Timmons, Miller, Johnson, Doyle, Hollen S. Roth, Malek, Mattlin, Lacher, DuPriest FACULTY MEMBERS W. R. Smith MEMBERS Alpha Chi Sigma-W. E. Hollen Alpha Gamma Rho-Arthur Roth, Jr Alpha Kappa Psi-Stanley Roth Alpha Kappa Kappa--James Blake Alpha Rho Chi-Kermit Johnson Delta Sigma Delta-Milton Larson Delta Sigma Pi-Harvey Miller Delta Theta Phi-John Windhorst Farm House-Earl Hansing Gamma Eta Gamma-Fred Hughes Kappa Eta Kappa-Kenneth Malek Kappa Psi-Ray Lacher Nu Sigma Nu-Carleton Strathern Phi Beta Pi-Thomas Doyle Phi Chi-Robert Mattison Phi Delta Chi-Holmes Timmons Phi Rho Sigma-Robert DuPriest Psi Omega-Joseph Fawcett Tau Phi Delta--George Herion Theta Kappa Psi-Wilburn Nelson Theta Tau-Allan Hutchings Triangle-Harold Mattlin ALP!-IA Cl-I I SIGMA R. E. Brewer R. Ellestad C. V. Firth I. W. Geiger R. A. Gortner F. F. Grout H. O. Halvorson W. N. Lauer J. Bachman J. Beal W. W. Benton B. 0. Denyes C. L. Faust D. L. Fuller E. J. Hoffman J. A. Anthes, '34 C. M. Bach, '33 M. A. Bolline, '33 T. C. Bowers, '33 H. M. Boyd, '33 R. E. Conary, '34- W. K. Dunwoody, C. H. Berg W. Churchill ,3 Ant J 11 B B h Gartner, Hope hes. a s, owers, ac, Ender, Ople, Bolhne. Hollen, Dahms Forderbrugen, Lindner, Johnson, Conary FACULTY MEMBERS S. C. Lind F. H. MacDougall Charles Mann G. H. Montillon Ralph Montonna F.. E. Nicholson L. S. Palmer N. C. Pervier L. H. Reyerson GRADUATE STUDENTS C. M. Langkammer L. L. Lacthett A. W. Lindert G. A. Lorenz C. W. MacMullen B. F.. Miller S. E. Miller ACTIVES C. D. Ender, '35 F. W. Flynn, '34- K . J. Forderbrugen W. A. Furst, '33 R. A. Gortner, '33 W. A. Gortner, '35 C. A. Hample, '34 PLEDGES H. Cottingham E. C. Christ E. A. Shilt W. M. Sandstrom L. A. Sarver G. F. Sidner L. I. Smith M. C. Sneed A. E. Stoppel R. M. West H. 0. Wiles C L Mo le . . y W. B. Pings J. B. Rehner M. E. Ryberg F. H. Stodola O. Swenson A. Willman W. E. Hollen, '33 M. C. Hope, '33 A. B. Japs, '33 K. C. Lindner, '33 R. N. Nicholson, '34 J. opie, '35 H. D. Van Waganen S. A. Harrison 34-3 Founded, University of Wisconsin L1-9 Chapters Beta, 1902 613 Oak Street Southeast Rl-ICD Kidder, Boller, Seyforth, Berg, Roth, Meister, Halverson l h G h P d Olson, Pa mer. Jacobs, H. Pesc ken, ra am, e erson Kuckenbecker, Weseman, Marti, Bremer. Herrick, C. Peschken, McMartin Aiton, Ahlstrand, Nelson, McDougal, Wirt, Comstock W. H. Alderman E. Angelo W. L. Boyd W. G. Brierly W. B. Combs A. M. Fields C. P. Fitch A. L. Harvey O. W. Howe K. Barrons H. Engstrom O. Hill Eric Ahlstrand, '33 Edward Aiton, '33 Erhardt Bremer, '34 James Boller, '36 Henry Berg, '35 Ralph Comstock, '35 Gardiner Graham, 34 Ralph Graves, '34 Stanley Halvorson, '34 Harold Anderson Mervyn Anderson Vernon Baldwin Milton Bruhn Roy Carlson 344 FACULTY MEMBERS R. Humphrey K. Ingwalson E. C. Johnson H. C. Kernkamp W. P. Kirkwood P. Lowe J. H. Neal W. Nelson W. H. Peters GRADUATE STUDENTS W. Meyers W. Nelson M. Ryberg ACTIVES Richard Herrick, '34 Robert Jacobs, '34 Harvey Kuckenbecker, '35 Clinton Marti, '34 Glen McDougal, '33 Wallace McMartin, '35 Harold Meister, '34 Carlton Nelson, '33 Ernest Palmer, '33 PLEDGES Tom Evans Carl Fahning Phillip Geiger Carl Hamacker Lester Hartwig W. E. Peterson W. M. Sandstrom C. Shumway D. Smith A. V. Storm L. L. Ullyot E Waller B. O. Williams S. Swenson W. Swenson H. Trelogan Edward Pederson, '36 Claire Peschken, '33 Herman Peschken, '33 Arthur Roth, '34 Dutee Seyforth, '35 Emerson Stephens, '35 Frederick Welch, '34 Donald Weseman, '34 John Wirt, '33 Milton Kernkamp Ernest Kidder Marvin Mahr Francis Paulson ALPHA KAPPA PSI Klwfzl 'MW , ,X ti ff ' left 'U RX as., , eg. vv H. Johnson, Westerdahl, E. Peterson, L. Johnson, Borglund, Wilson Lunden, Yoder, Schwie-gel. L. Peterson, Stehman Jensen, Chenoweth, Holm, Curtis, Swenson, Hellman Evans, Roth, Dahl, Ln Brot, Wassmund, Pajunen FACULTY MEMBERS Roy G. Blakey Francis M. Boddy Edward C. Eriksen Frederic B. Carver Alvin H. Hansen Ernest A. Heilman Laurence R. Lunden Bruce D. Mudgett John J. Reighard William H. Stead J. Warren Stehman Roland S. Vaile Robert M. Weidenhammer GRADUATE STUDENT Melvin Berglund, '34 John M. Boldingh, '33 Oran F. Chenoweth, '34 Evan O. Evans, '33 Wallace M. Dahl, '33 Roy H. Jensen, '33 Fred W. Holm, '33 Harold G. Johnson, '33 Lester R. Johnson, '33 Maynard F. La Brot, '33 C. Truman Yoder, '34 Powell F. Krueger PLEDGES Robert M. Wilson ACTIVES Willard C. Lighter, '34 Douglas A. McGregor, '33 Webster A. Pajunen, '33 Edwin W. Peterson, '33 La Verne K. Peterson, '35 Stanley D. Roth, '33 , 9 K Founded, De Koven L' Schwleger' 33 New York University, 1904 Gordon C. Swenson, '34 56 Cl . Robert J. Wassmund, '34 'aplms William E. Westefdahl, '34 Alpha Eta, 1922 915 Sixlli Street Southeast Harold E. Wolden , 'glial L . 1 . I A, ag ,T l .M W f QM + xlx 'WY ' A l 1 1 1 ' fag ., 4 l i"ft'E?1t- ' i M. ALPHA QI-lo U-ll 4 ,Qs lx-ii!-f ul Founded, Illinois and Michigan, 1914 10 Chapters Mnesicles, 1916 315 19th Avenue Southeast Haatvedt, Lofstrom, Galles, Wells, Kurtz, Abbett Wolfgang, Waller, Steinkellner, K. Johnson, Sperry, Comb, Pung H. Johnson, Arnold, Richardson, Lange, Starkey. Barnes FACULTY MEMBERS Leon Arnal Ira D. Beals S. Chatwood Burton F. M. Mann GRADUATE STUDENTS Loren Abbett, '35 N. Hillis Arnold, '33 Walter E. Barnes, '35 Walter H. Frost, '34 Rex Galles, '35 Harry T. Johnson, '32 Kermit O. Johnson, '34 Robert Kurtz, '34 Paul Kilp, '34 Gordon Comb Carl Freij 346 Austin H. Lange, '33 Edward V. Lofstrom, '35 Donald Pung, '34 Fred Segerstrom, '34 Kenneth Sperry, '35 Herbert C. Starkey, '33 Edward Steinkellner, '34 Kenneth Waller, '35 Marshall Wells, '33 Sheldon Haatvedt Charles Wolfgang DELTA SIGMA DELTA a Hiniker, McGraw, Ganiield, Allan, Stabert, McLean P. Keller, Gilmer, Stszemn, Hart. Porteous, Larson, J. Keller P'k McNllM Sh If1'G'F' 1 e, a y. oen, ae e, yex, oxce Risbrudt, Dr. Wittich, Velin, Borgendnle, Judkins K. G. Allen, '33 W. K. Borgendale, '33 D. G. Canfield, '33 L. O. Geyer, '33 A. C. Gilmer, '33 L. J. Gorrilla, '35 R. W. Hart, '34 J. Hiniker, '34 M. A. Hoghaug, '33 H. Judkins, '33 .l. E. Keller, '34 P. V. Keller, '34 S. Ahrahamson M. Anderson J. Burman W. A. Beldon E. Calph P. Evans ACTIVES E. Stszemp, '33 PLEDGES M. G. Larson, '34 R. M. MacGraw, '35 L. A. McLean, '34 J. G. McNally, '33 O. D. Moen, '33 R. J. Monick, '34 J. Pike, '33 G. C. Porteous, '34 R. E. Rishrudt, '33 M. Schaufer, '34 H. M. Schoening, '33 O. C. Stahhert, '33 A. Force C. C. Nolan M. R. Rockford M. Sletten .l. Witiede R. J. Wachtler l'Q.,.f'! .f X 5 A' f . I ,NLE l Founded, Michigan, 1883 35 Chapters Theta, 1894 525 Tenth Avenue Southeast L . v l l 1 .. 1, 1 1' , , ,J :Ji 1 M. ' ga if af .' 1 -ri! 1 nz",-.v' ,..1A..,f , Vg: . , l l I my wiv Q 3 'A ' l a1Qr'ff?:E l ,.. ,,.- V, : 1 j 'iv P I l , 5 Ed...-cf? I l ,k 2 1 V' , 1, . l 1' ffl r, 1' 1-mf w I iii.. -4 l 'hu ' ks y MNH, , ., 1 1 . . l l l l loam SIGMA PI J, if ll tl 1, li l .lt il it 4 1 1 1 ' il . 1 ,. Y ' 4 . Tw' i . , ' l I . -,-'ht 1 A LV-' .0 4 K' ff' as ' , ffl Eygg J wr- "1-J . . . i.,.,5gfLl gt -Q W-- . JV' y 5315121 J' Sv - Founded, New York University, 1907 58 Chapters Alpha Epsilon, 1924 1029 Fourth Street Southeast Nurmi, Ward, Aberg, Weisscr, Lindblom Miller, F1-eiberg. Hughes, White, Hughes, Libbey Gustafson Kelm Ander o L th 1' N d n , , s n, u e , or ee Watson, Amidon, Comer, Tromz, Lockwood, Golbraith Murphy, Tanner, Engeman, Chase, Glas N FACULTY MEMBERS Judson O. Burnett Oscar E. Heskin Richard L. Kozelka Howard P. Longstalf Harlan L. McCracken Oswald Nielsen Kenneth T. Setre Dean R. A. Stevenson GRADUATE STUDENTS W. Wesley Libbey Robert W. Bruce Harry M. Aberg, '34 C. Lyle Castles, '34 Ralph C. Chase, '33 John K. Comer, '34 Maurice W. Dale, '34 Leonard E. Engeman, '33 Ralph W. Freiberg, '34 William F. Froehlich, '34 H. Reynolds Galbraith, '34 .lohn S. Glas, '33 Francis J. Hackett, '34 Franklin G. Johnson, '33 Erwin E. Kelrn, '33 Gillette K. Amidon Harold R. Anderson Martin G. Gustafson John N. Hughes Robert L. Hughes Hubert I. Lindblom ACTIVES PLEDGES Robert N. Ward 348 Kenneth K. McMillan, '35 John W. McCracken, '33 Harvey W. Miller, '33 Ernest J. Murphy, '33 Chester H. Nordeen, '33 Leo L. Nurmi, '33 John R. Tanner, '33 Durwell F. Vetter, '34 Mortimer C. Watson, '34 Byron B. Webster, '33 Paul D. Weisser, '36 Richard J. Whaling, '34 Byron S. White, '33 William B. Lockwood Howard W. Luther Robert E. Mayer Arne S. Peterson Carl S. Sandeen Frederick J. Tramz FARM I-IOUSE FWFEIQNITV Doten, Schultz, Purves, Hansing, Nodland, Drysdale, Gandrud, Melguard M. Peterson. Reineke, Hanson, Fisher, Hole, Rovinen, Norum W I n0dldS'v nMatlC 'J C el'l'lel', VEYSO , Hn , le EFSO , il HH., lOOdWln, !lnZeIl, I.lDEl'00Il McMahon, Stellar, Bergren, Stenbergg Mayo, Rowe. Saarela Graham, Rollings, E. Hanson, Stahler, H. Peterson, Adams, Grow FACULTY MEMBERS R. W. Dawson A L. R. Powers C. E. Mickel G. Sallee H. K. Wilson GRADUATE STUDENTS Harry McMahon James Adams, '33 George Bergren, '34 Clarence Caperoon, '34 Stanley Doten, '33 Seth Fisher, '34 Ebenhard Gandrud, '34 Chester Graham, '34 Melville Grimth, '35 Howard Grow, '34 Earl Hansing, '33 Earle Hanson, '33 Melvin Hole, '33 Vincent Iverson, '33 Jacob Janzen, '34 John Larson, '33 ACTIVES William Werner, '34 Delmer Drysdale Norman Goodwin Lester Hanson Leo Maatala PLEDGES Phinny Stenberg Milton Powell Henry Mayo, '34 Arthur Melgaarcl, '33 Truman Nodland, '34 Harry Peterson, '34 Milo Peterson, '34 Bertram Purves, '33 Ezra Reineke, '34 Clair Rollings, '33 Carl Rovinen, '35 Miles Rowe, '34 Herman Schultz, '34 Lloyd Sieverson, '35 Cleaver Sorensen, '35 Leonard Stahler, '34 Wesley Steller, '34 Enoch Norum Martin Odland Randolph Ostlie Einar Saarela Founded, University of Missouri, l905 7 Chapters Farm House, 1931 2150 Ctlflel' Avenue, Sl. Paul S KAPPA ETA KAPPA 1: .. g, 4 .V VO. .1- -,y4.,. . fri'-1 .zf.r,Q 14.7 .MMQXVKAU , Founded, Iowa City, Iowa, 1923 6 Chapters Beta, 1923 531 Walnut Street Southeast Fredinc, Amren, Haxby, St. Vincent, Todd, Quealy Johnson, Shepherd, Clnrey, Stoddart, Malek, DefLaI-Iunt, Elo Caverly, Sutherland, Iversen, Robinson, Niemi, Reynolds Ryan. Mangan, Bohrer, McDonough, Kuhlmann FACULTY MEMBERS J. M. Bryant L. C. Caverly H. E. Hartig E. W. Johnson J. H. Kuhlmann M. E. Todd GRADUATE STUDENTS James G. Bailey Wesley Gray Stanley C. Amren, '34 Kress J. Bohrer, '33 John M. Clarey, '34 George De La Hunt, '33 Earle L. Fredine, '34 Robert O. Haxby, '33 Milton R. lversen, '34 Kenneth S. Malek, '34 Toivo Elo Jennings Johnson 350 Scott E. Linsley Harry A. Palmer Jay J. Mangan, '33 Charles J. McDonough, '33 John M. Quealy, '34 W. Laidman Robinson, '36 William G. Shepherd, '33 G. Raymond Sutherland, '33 James E. Stoddart, '33 Karl L. Ziegler, '33 Eino Niemi George Reynolds Tenner, Swedborg, Platou, Kabot, Beedon, Boehme, Woodruff, Burlingame Hays, Stanchfield, Leraan, Lange, Bray, Paulson, Strathern Noran N dahl R. Nelson Kierland Flemin' Mons Maves B k NU SIGMA NU V ,- 1 -. SJ 1 it I 74' -f- 4,5 - Y . v f I-n 011, - ec el' Shellman, Varco, Fuchlow, Giere, McCain, Barton, Catlin ,g Hebbel. McLennan. Hadden, LaBree. Houston, Stebbins 54" John C. Barton, '33 Fred T. Becker, '34 Earl J. Boehme, '33 Kenneth Bray, '34 David A. Burlingame, '35 Theodore Catlin, '33 J. Richard Fuchlow, '34 C. Norman Giere, '34 Fred C. Hadden, '34 Albert T. Hays, '33 Robert Hebbel, '33 Donald M. Houston, '34 Paul F. Kabot, '35 Robert R. Kierland, '33 Robert H. LaBree, '34 William A. Lange, '34 ACTIVES Luther G. Leraan, '33 David Marcley, '34 Chas. E. McLennan, '34 Mancel T. Mitchell, '34 Leonard J. Munson, '33 Harlan F. Nelson, '34 Robert S. Nelson, '34 Malvin Nydahl, '34 Donald L. Paulson, '35 Donald B. Peterson, '34 Ralph V. Platou, '34 Frederic L. Schade, '34 McClelland Shellman, '33 Harv Stanchfield, '33 Theodore L. Stebbins, '33 Carleton Strathern, '35 William A. Swedborg, '33 Karl Andresen A. Phillips Beedom Martin S. Buehler Dean Fleming Richard Huxley George Maves Donovan McCain PLEDGES Harold Miller Walter Nickel Harold Noran Robert Tenner Carlyle Tingdale Richard Varco Robert Woodruff Founded, University of Michigan, 1882 38 Chapters Epsilon, 1891 429 Union Street Southeast Pl-II ALP!-IA DELTA Founded, University of Chicago, 1897 52 Chapters Mitchell, 1922 I Dulaker,'Nicholsen, Burg, S. Larson, E. L J h n Kimble, Leveroos, Perkins, Burdick W ttso Crabtree, Day, Kelly, Grangaard ACTTVES Walter Anderson, '35 Fred Burg, '34 Donald Crabtree, '33 Harold C. Dalaker, '33 Leon Day, '33 Bernhard Grangaard, '33 Kenneth R. Johnson, '33 L. Fallon Kelly, '33 Kenneth Kimble, '34 Henry N. Leveroos, '33 Frank V. Nicholsen, '34 Locke M. Perkins, '34 PLEDGES Eugene A. Burdick Earl R. Larson Sheldon A. Larson Marshman Watlson PPM Richardson, Lilleberg, Olson, Quick, Nc-lson, Matt, Lindberg, Graning Rokala, Wall, Vickoren, Naykki, Rulien, Doyle, Wilson Kaufman, Marling, Parker. Klein, Bond, Campbell S 'th B ton Ha n Aldrich T le R'sh Vick ml . 111' . W . . Y r. l.c . ers Erickson, Rumball, Newman, Klune, Moriarty, Ellinger GRADUATE STUDENTS Ellis Giere Russel Lindgren C. H. Mead Harrick Aldrich, '34 John Barton, '33 Thomas Bond Lorne Campbell, '36 Francis Chermak, '35 Thomas Doyle, '34 George Ellinger, '34 Alvin Erickson, '34 Hugh Hawn, '35 Edward Kaufman, '35 William Klein, '35 Frank Klune, '33 Norbert Lilleberg, '36 Paul Marling, '35 George Matt, '35 George Moriarty, '33 Rounce Moses, '34 Harold Graning Bernard Lenz Vernon Lindberg ACTIVES PLEDGES Paul Vickers O. S. Randall G. L. Rasmussen Ray Schwegler Leo Naykki, '34 Woodrow Nelson, '35 George Newman, '33 J. L. Noble, '33 Stuart Olson, '34 Warren Parker, '34 Dan Quick, '36 Perry Richardson, '36 Ronald Risch, '34 Henry Rokala, '35 Ward Rulien, '33 John Rumball, '34 Carl Sandt, '34 Ted Schweiger, '35 Roy Shelley, '35 Charles Skinner, '33 Stanley Smith, '36 Karl Lundstrom Brad Mertz Leslie Seebach sh : xfvhxfi .:X1D,jA. P X 5 4' 'H Founded, University of Pittsburg, 1891 45 Chapters Xi, 1894 329 Union Street Southeast BETXX PI l . 1 l iii I if .Q 1 Aff ' 5 r 524 5 he i ,Fw uf' , '-5? 1 - 4 4 f .V 3. , 4510,- f,i-,,y P 'V 75" ' ' w. ft A wil Pl-I CI-II , ooo 011: f'.- 902113 Q - xl, .0- Founded University of Vermont 1889 62 Chapters Kappa Chi 1920 325 Harvard Street Southeast Aanes, Sether, Koschnitzke, Lohmann, Bachnik, Mollers, Mattison Reed, Deagen, P. Johnson, MacKenzie, Hartnagel, Clark Keller, Morgan, Williams, Monson, Junillo, Thielen, Brown Tuominen, Almas, Maland, Banck, Hakala, Tofteland H. Johnson, McElmeel, Nyvall, Gates. Caveny Peters, LeClerque, Gans, Gillespie, Layne, Rogers Dr. Raymond Bieter Dr. James Brusegard Dr. E. M. De Barry . Herbert Carlson Dr. Wallace Armstrong Robert Hamilton Marvin Adams 33 John A Anderson. '33 A Russell Aanes '36 David Almas 36 Fred Arny 34 Howard Banck 35 Charles Betloch '33 James Brown 35 Daniel Donovan '33 Roman Fart 33 Henry Fiskettl '34 Paul J Gans 34 Donald Gillespie, '33 Bennett Graves '33 Meredith Guernsey, '34 Grant Hartnagel, '36 Frank Bachnik Paul Benton Wllfred Buschard Kasper Caveny Wllllam Clark Wright Gates 354 FACULTY MEMBERS Dr. E. P. Fenger Dr. F. E. Foley Dr. G. Koepke Dr. George Hudson Dr. William Herbst GRADUATE STUDENTS James Deagen Dr. Leonard Lang ACTIVES Victor Haury, '35 Alvin Jensen, '34 Douglas Johnson, '33 Harold Johnson, '34 Paul Johnson, '34 Bruno Junillo, '35 Emil T. Keller, '35 Herman Koschnitzke, '35 John A. Layne, '34 George Le Clerque, '33 John Lohmann, '34 Robert Mattison, '35 Eugene McElmeel, '35 Einer Monson, '34 Hugh Morgan, '34 Raymond Mulrooney, '33 PLEDGES Edwin Hakala Jerome Hilger Laurence Hilger Duncan MacKenzie Leo Maland Donald Nevitt . Shirley Miller . Irvine McQuarrie . Arthur Rusche . H. N. Wright Hagbart Rice Everett Nelson, '34 Pierre Nyvall, '34 John O'Donnell, '33 Malcolm Pearson, '35 Joseph Peters, '33 Henry Roemer, '34 Charles Rogers, '34 Arthur Sether, '35 Robert Thielen, '34 Sam Tuominen, '35 Mark Virnig, '33 William Watson, '33 Stuart Whetstone, '35 Bert Young, '33 William Yunck, '34 Paul Reed Frank Rigos Phil Sheldon Clyde Smith Elmer Tofteland Bill Williams l , , 1 i PHI DE--A CHI Beckwith, Shima, Butterwick, Carlson, Lende, Engstrom Arneson, Naegele, Lunsted, Degner, Horejsi, Ketman, Knutson Thompson, Lewison. Hanson E le Timmons Kal'h - . DD . . Henle, Kruckeberg, Schueller, Thomton, Nelson' el FACULTY MEMBERS Gustav H. Bachman F. K. Butters Fredrick J. Wulling Charles V. Netz Charles H. Rogers ACTIVES Donald H. Anderson, '35 Harvey S. Knutson, '36 Theodore H. Arneson, '33 Henry J. Kruckeberg, Jr., Foster J. Butterwick, '33 Henry A. Nelson, '33 Edward E. Degner, '33 Sylvester Schueller, '34 Orace H. Hanson, '34 Stanley S. Shima, '33 Norbert A. Henle, '34 Christie E. Starz, '33 Emil Horejsi, '33 Basil Thompson, '33 Klyde Kaliher, '33 Harold Thomton, '33 Holmes F. Timmons, '35 PLEDGES Reginald Beckwith Harry D. Carlson Harvey Engstrom Harold Epple Hoyt Haycock Craig Ketman Curtis Walden Stanley Lewison Edwin Lunsted Leslie Lende Alfred Naegele Clark Snyder Rupert Thompson l E I K ' E F I R l i r 5. ',l9.l.l,l2f' E a'-M., X 1" V' xbglifi i an V r .J y ,V L li '1 I f , 2 3 E s it E E 1' P E A N I I I Q , T 5 5 l Founded, University of Michigan, 1883 33 Chapters Theta, 1904 323 Eleventh Avenue Southeast l F i-X E 159151 ' 'Lift 1. - S,-41: 'f3,.j:"'1' I k -,J 1 . 1 1 I-,"',l9 . ,LJ gm- gf' 7 ' flaw . If P55 i ff :f2wta51 J-1, .S E, .-.. ' .L-J I r I l i r 1 - l Aw V l t 1.1 dl. I 'Q tw.-lvl s I f 1' -.ff'w. .vi , ..-, ui. i H s 1 iv "Ha, V I- ' 'J ., ,4 l ..,... ILA. ruv riiefli .. M- uv 'l, . "mio l i M: , Jil - 1 -rv. - . , qu ,f 11.4. 5 hw., I 1 sta. ii QL ' ff", :Qr'l,F:,wf:i' 1 ii 3 ,j, 1,7 .Qi 1 2 ""i31i'? ' f 'TL' " f"".ifv,if' . "'-'Fu-sb , "'ful'l-1 "ff W1 ,. :JJ l PI-H DE-"A Pl-ll Eoltdad, Michigan U yersity, 1869 56 Chapters Dillon lnn, 1891 Dietrich, Jnnes, Barrett, Kinyon, Moroney, Erickson Q Rogers, Rudser, Brooks, Christiansen, Somsen Lampland, Bougrhncr, Marquart, Morse, Green, Hough Neville, Drnke, Carney, G1'eene,JEriksson , FACULTY MEMBERS Wilbur H. Cherry Ralph Dwan Everett Fraser Harvey S. Hoshour ACTIVES Roger Barrett, '34 Robert S. Carney, '33 Robert Christianson, '34 Everett Drake, '33 James S. Eriksson, '33 Carl Erickson, '34 Henry Greene, '33 Kenneth Hough, '34 Clifford Janes, '34 Stanley Kinyon, '33 PLEDGES Jackson Boughner Wright Brooks William Deutsche William Morse 356 Henry E. McClintock James Paige William Prosser Henry Rottsehaefer Arthur Lampland, '34 Waldo Marquart, '33 William Moroney, '34 Phil Neville, '33 Orlando Rudser, '33 Eugene Rogers, '33 Henry Somsen, '34 Nobel Shadduck, '33 R. Paul Sharood, '34 Charles Whitacre, '33 Louis Dietrich William Green Howard Mithun Hayes, Cowan. Swenson. Leemhuis, Laxon, Leick, Quello E. Anderson, Kimmel, Reeder, Butler, Gridley, Boysen, Wallace, Vandersluis Dyur, Underdahl, Bormxs, F. Smith, Jaeck. Jerome, Litchfield Ambrose, Jacobs, B. Cochrane, R. Cochrane, Scheie, Olson, O'Brien, Wilmot O. Anderson, Nueyreli, Harper, Paulson, Bleyzen, Pearson, Schmidt Marks. Burt Canfield, Bruce Canfield, Baker, Olds, Clay Dicssnor, A. Stolpestad, Hammerstad, Lind, Sjostrum, H. Stolpcstud, Gillespie Dr. Arnold Anderson Dr. L. W. Barry Dr. E. T. Borgeson Dr. C. C. Chatterton Dr. Dean Collins Dr. L. R. Critchfield Ed Anderson, '34 Oliver Anderson, '35 Russell Baker, '34 John Boraas, '36 John Boysen, '36 John Butler, '36 Bruce Canfield, '33 Burt Canfield, '36 Lyman Clay, '36 Ray Cochrane, '36 John Cowan, '36 Ralph Dahlquist, '34 Warren Diessner, '33 Robert DuPriest, '34 Robert Dyar, '34 Benny Fleische, '33 Lester Frogner, '33 Robert Ambrose Hal Blegen Byron Cochrane FACULTY MEMBERS Dr. John Eneboe Dr. F. E. Foley Dr. F. G. Hedenstrom Dr. Logan Leven Dr. Francis Lynch Dean E. P. Lyon Dr. J. F. McClendon Dr. Horace Newhart Dr. Charles Rucker Dr. Arnold Schwzer Dr. K. W. Stenstrom GRADUATE STUDENTS Dr. Harvey Sisk ACTIVES Delmar Gillespie, '33 John Hamlon, '35 Lynn Hammerstad, '35 Robert Harper, '34 William Hatch, '35 Albert Hayes, '36 Douglas Jacobs, '34 Bourne Jerome, '34 Jack Laxon, '34 Glen Leemhuis, '35 Richard Leick, '35 Carl Lind, '33 John Litchfield, '36 Curt Lundquist, '34 Roger Marks, '36 Glenn Mouritsen, '35 Louis O'Brien, '35 George Olds, '34 PLEDGES John Gridley James Jaeck George Kimmel Lorin Olson, '36 Leonard Orth, '33 Art Pearson, '34 Robert Quello, '35 Harold Scheie, '35 Robert Schmidt, '34 Laurence Sjostrom, '35 Frederick Smith, '36 Thorstem Smith, '33 Armor Stolpestad, '33 H. Stolpestad, '33 Leonard Swenson, '35 Larry Underdahl, '35 Charles Vandersluis, '34 Marc Wallace, '34 Loren Wassen, '35 Cecil Wilmot, '35 Frank Naegeli Neal Norris John Paulson 357 PI-II Ri-ICD SIGMA 1.1-sf.: 11' ." l L i ' ' '. 1 , 1 . rf3'2i"i':iJ ' l i Founded, Northwestern,Qniversity, 1890 4-2 Chipters Theta Tau, 1908 317 llnion Street Southeast 1 . l I I E Q .Vt l l l . 1 fi? .5 I .K J ,ddik .,Qgaww r"'i..'.11' ivH.Qg5f 114- . FQPJVY '7JVfd .qysg gal. i Y , ,R-. .. fi' 4 L: . in '- .'-5:-fb-,jl CN f-!:.,,, , 5fQl,Ef'r-Q 3 ?eiFgV6i lv ' I sf.2Q T 'af 2143 ? ."'.Y"3:m f . 'i1:,t"?-5 '.f"- M. V.:- I 'a -'z '-1 , 4 ef 'J' ,. 4 5 c 1 . 1 -. ,,: .JT ci ,.. , I . S-:ks Wir. l 1 -:Mtv i OMEGA ,. x ' 2 Founded, Baltimore, Maryland, 1892 37 Chapters Zeta Kappa, 1918 509 Washington Avenue Southeast Fawcett, Schmidt, Gulllckson, Disney, Bangert, Franta Gallus, Bamgs, Madden, Pomije, Pollard. Bennett, Langston Dr. E. Allis Dr. A. Brudvick Dr. P. Brekhus Alex Bell, '33 William Baggs, '33 Elgin Bangert, '34- Henry Brewer, '341 Everett Disney, '34' Robert Farrish, '33 Mark Franta, '33 ,loe Fawcett, '33 Eugene Bender Robert Bennett Kenneth Brandt Paul Davis Raymond Callus Edward Hiffffins DD Walter Langston E. J. Madden Robert Miner George Murray Schaller, Brewer, Murray, Richter, Olson, Davis Miller, Scherer, Bell, Wallin, Rleke FACULTY MEMBERS Dr. D. Dostal ACTIVES PLEDGES Dr. A. Hall Dr. E. Nelson Dr. F. Thiers Lester Gullickson, '33 Fred Miller, '33 Charles Pettit, '33 Fred Lippmann, '33 Lowell Rieke, '33 Norman Scherer, '33 Franklin Schaller, '33 Milo Wallin, '33 Larry Nerison Howard Olson Ray Perchbacher Eric Pollard Francis Pomije Lawrence Radford Lloyd Richter John Schmidt Evan Sherry Donald Truscott SIGMA DEW-x CH: Elston, Wolk, Bjornson, Reagan. Kaplan Potter. Pearson, Barnhavt, Harris FACULTY MEMBERS Thomas F. Barnhart Fred L. Kildow Ralph D. Casey William P. Kirkwood Edwin H. Ford Kenneth E. Olson Thomas E. Steward GRADUATE STUDENTS A. Phillips Beedon Wilbur C. Haddon Walter S. Beadell, '34 Bjorn Bjornson, '33 David Donovan, '33 Wilbur E. Elston, '34 John W. Forney, '33 Ben Kern, '34 William T. Harris ACTIVES Herschel Wolk, '34 Leo R. Kaplan, '33 Lee Loevinger, '33 Carl A. Pearson, '33 John P. Potter, '34 Gerald Reagan, '33 Philip W. Schulte, '34 359 XX , X Founded, DePauw University, 1909 44 Chapters, 1916 5 5 2 5 1 1 Q p .- 5 " E -:fied .,,. .yy li ' 3 my . I iicigif, f"FT:'3'17 . 11331 I ., v ., , 3 E 5' 1 , 1 ..,,sl: ff: -: -A -f 1- .Mraz ., , "2lx. H- l,J.L I 43 cl: L 1 vw. e .4 ,n-rn., 1' Q, ,. .M- 5--. g .- fi ug 9 .y ,M rv if w , eve, 'Nfr Af-'Hx' -. vi. , 5,-A m 95 -1 i. ' -ufi ,Q . ,ut l l i 5 4 l . l l I 1 v w 1 f , ng", H 'Q xl 1 5 P- "3 f ahfq D1-,S ,, r , e L :ug , il E 7 ' 1. --Zi' 'I ' Zh ..,,. . ,f :QQLQ Q TAU Pl-Il DELTA -Qv'v.u -l.,..y, 0- lu ' .. -. My .. fm , N 'Q " ve Founded, Washingtori University, 1924- 3 Chapters Beta, 1926 2257 Langford Avenue, St. Paul Stewart, R. A. Nelson, R. W. Nelson, Senstrom, Olson, Anderson, Hcriun Mil Brown Rin-is Ra nhorst McK nnnn Su mer ey. . D I. ue . . 0 . I Wunguurd, Rldlxngton, Fry, Nilsen, Dem-xmore FACULTY MEMBERS J. H. Allison M. E. Deters R. M. Brown R. W. Lorenz Henry Schmitz GRADUATE STUDENTS Robert T. Anderson Stanley J. Buekman John C. Kopitke Edwin J. Bender, '33 Howard L. Brown, '35 Cedric E. Collins, '35 Jack W. Densmore, '35 Thurc C. Duvall, '33 John R. Fry, Jr., '33 George A. Herion, '34- Arthur G. Horn, '33 Richard T. McKennan, '36 Harry C. Miley, '33 ACTIVES Sheldon F. Zeigler, '35 John M. Kramer 360 PLEDGES Clarence E. Olson Milford T. Rigg Donald M. Stewart Ralph A. Nelson, '34 Ralph W. Nelson, '34- Harold C. Nilsen, '34 Walter J. Ridlington, '34- John S. Riss, '35 Paul N. Seaslrom, '34- Kermit J. Sjoquist, '35 Peter J. Super, '34- Frederick F. Wangaard, '33 Russell E. Wheeler, '35 Duane G. Raucnhorst D. M. Thysell, Rademaker, Coombs. Petc-rson, Whitney Hill, Schleinitz, Derifield, Butler, Hill, Race Simons, Dowidat. Proeschel, Eckhardt, Wenzel Nelson, Van Vulkenburg, Lawless, V. D. Thysell FACULTY MEMBERS Raymond Blount Youbert Johnson Leonard Buzzelle Charles Petter Edgar Huenekens Walter Ude GRADUATE STUDENTS Charles Cervenka George Higgins Herman Hilliboe Joseph Lawless Edward Maeder Alvin J. Myers Norman Nelson Nelson Youngs ACTIVES Carl Coombs, '35 Peter Pankratz, '33 Randall Deriiield, '34 Royal Payne, '33 Carl Eckhardt, '35 Ray Proeschel, '35 Robert Hill, '35 Loren Race, '36 Melvin Hovland, '36 William Rademaker, Kenneth Nelson, '35 Fritz Schleinitz, '35 Wilburn Nelson, '35 Stanley Simons, '35 Alton Olson, '33 V. Duane Thysell, '33 John Van Valkenburg, '35 PLEDGES Raleigh V. Butler Raymond Dowidat Fred Ellis J ack Hill Bernhardt Peterson Desmond M. Thysell Gilbert Wenzel Richard Whitney ,3 Tl-IETA KAPPA PSI Q... P 1-llclltbl X TLS' -' l Founded, Yale, 1879 35 Chapters Kappa Phi, 1933 901 East River Road i ,fwfr ., at F I .am lwifr , I:'?wJ,,Ll' 9"-till' -,A 5, l f-is .5-.I ,mr It A ' ,J i .A ,,r.yig,,,. ' 31irgm?.F .MQM1 .,,, -.r.yn, .f.,.g,., . 1 , i 1 1, . 1'i N., .' l ii -.11 i . qw. r 5 -5,J..- . A frail' I fit' a .xml- l , g . . ."Z,'7:'f -, ' Q I '31 '- l 1 rn-j, 4 'if-2.2 ' , 1 . .T-.A e i ,,.'.,, . Slit .-f 15' -fl . Sli 1' a L, I - ,CMAQ iS'rs3,':j.1 . 7- A ,. '+G ,fm . any ,..' ., 1 .57, ,- 3535 l , ' " . . i'F'3'i1y , 1 3 auf. V -1 f. 1 ' Rv 333.5 f. HV .lf l it 1 TI-IETA TAU Founded, University of Minnesota, 1904 22 Chapters Alpha, 1904. 324 Walnut Southeast Skovolt, Anderson, Martin, Swanson, Nylund, Johnson Oberg, Barthelemy, Knight, Thompson, Paul, Willox, Christoph Shaw, Danchertsen, Graebner, Britzius, Robbins, Gregg Peterson, Schmitt, Hutchings. Brimhall, Sedam, Bossen FACULTY MEMBERS Elting H. Comstock William H. Emmons William F. Holman Loren W. Neubauer Walter H. Parker Otto S. Zelner GRADUATE STUDENTS Clifford O. Anderson Francis J. Biltz Robert Barthelemy, '34 Roger G. Bossen, '34 George B. Brirnhall, '33 Charles W. Britzius, '33 Harold H. Christoph, '33 John D. Danchertsen, '33 Warren C. Fox, '34 Mirza F. Gregg, '34 Louis Gerischer, '35 Allan A. Hutchings, '33 Wesley Johnson, '34 Kenneth R. Johnson, '34 Morris C. Knight, '33 Ralph K. Andrist Fred G. Bohmbach A V " L 'C' "" " . A Q.:-4. . H ' . ff Q Ilil 4 in ,,,, .3 eg' . S 362 f---Q , J. ....4vfMfF..-11 Harry L. Thorson Hedhen J. Willox Lewis F. Martin, '34 Sidney R. Mitchell, '34 Theodore A. Nyland, '34 Lawrence J. Oberg, '33 Harluf C. Peterson, '33 Henry W. Rahme, '33 Floyd M. Robbins, '34 Marvin G. Sedam, '33 Louis P. Schmitt, '33 Richard E. Schuett, '34 Kenneth C. Shaw, '33 Rolf G. Swanson, '34 Burton W. Thompson, '35 Don J. Heng Finley LeCount Farel. Johnson, Hoag, Hartman, VonFische1', Josefphson, Mattlin Sonnesyn, Scobie, Kaliher, Graves, Binn, Fischer DuPriest, Wherland, Kraemer, Randolph, Koepke FACULTY MEMBERS W. E. Brooke Dean Ora M. Leland H. A. Doeringsfeld C. A. Koepke J. R. DuPriest H. B. Wilcox C. E. Swanson GRADUATE STUDENTS Marvin Fergistad Edward Loye Newton Farel, '34 Leander Fischer, '34 Lloyd Graves, '34 Raymond Hoag, '34 Russell Johnson, '34 Wesley Josephson, '33 Thor Andersen Gordon Bina William VonFischer ACTIVES PLEDGES Clifford Sonnesyn Lyman Swendson George Taft Alva Kaliher, '34 Raymond Kraemer, '33 Harold Mattlin, '34 Willard Randolph, '33 Herbert Scobie, '34 Robert Wherland, '33 William Hartman Melvin Kernkamp 363 TRIANGLE - ,iw , Founded, University of Illinois, 1907 15 Chapters Minnesota Chapter, 1922 1227 Fourth Street Southeast L 5--. l'. r l P l . . r 5 . A l U xg? g 'rl '1 if : -' :ii-.. xfsviiia i , - 1 ink g,L?'5' aiiiiifi 'si sim? 1 ...wg-,YI3-: ,ae .1 IPQZEW 5,1 .2- '-wZ?i- --5 A Qfffiffiiiie 'R 'fl' Founded, New Haven, 1879 81 Chapters Epsilon, 1928 FACULTY MEMBERS R. Alrnin E. B. Fischer C. E. Smyithe GRADUATE STUDENTS Esgiiffz ' 1 1 if ' N1 I , had 1 ' fqgg ' 'pr 45 ? 15' , ' - Wax .,, 4 ,K -f:'g"L-' 1 . sq., ,WE 1 .L A .Efflfl 1 Li , QQ?" 1 1 Hiavfl ' 1 . W 1334 ' , ,-QI 1 1 , , ' , 1 ' F4 . .VE 1 ' x ..,w4.,.Q 2 "f'-'rw , tk, I 'Z--fi- f' - ' 1 Karl Goldner Ralph Voight ACTIVES Edwin Borchers Jack Hadley Ray Callander Hilory J oswick George Crossen Harold Kulp Alan Doeltz Conrad Katzenmeyer Herbert Grafslund Lambert Keeley James Gardner Ray Lacher PLEDGES John Hoisser Ray Johnson 364- H. R. Johnson John Koehler -fy: 4 fy E l , I 1 Y h - 1 f 3 's h I ff , l ,M . . 11255 3 ' lk' . 7+ -.i :9-QF? We. 'g.ii'::f5f ' 1314 - 5 kiwi-f 3 'Emi 'f4ea:7'1, :ALBA ' F-'fb " it- ', 'J 53.5-1.. x ,Q T.. 1 4 sr x FY' 111, 5,1115 1-"'33'.'. ,Sh ' T' .15 X Trish-, fiqjix. AS. A It 3'53fs4'il jrtimrgg :-Ftnfwn, N 1 -' 14 .,j,.- ',. iflgll In W wi- ' T' ,,'.,4,f st H54 .L - ire, -.f,u5,.i ' 52:1 Zia' ,-51544. 752 ififfi ,H ,V 1: li Home Economics Association Council Hooper, Christiansen Goetz McNelly Ekstiom Perkins, Chisholm Obeu, Fish Hansen OFFICERS Jane Oberg, President Doris Fish, Vice President Charlotte Chisholm, Secretary Mary Perkins, Treasurer Helen Dae Hopper, Freshman Representative Edith Christiansen, Sophomore Representative Helen Wetherby, Junior Representative Irma Ekstrom, Senior Representatlve OFFICERS Everett Bach, President Harriet Fuller, Secretary Fred Rothausen, Vice President Cledo Brunetti, Financial Secretary Angelo Bartoletti Charles Carlin Julius Coller Mary Foley Rosabelle Adams Barbara Angel Charlotte Arnoldy Everett Bach Don Baker Edward Baldigo Carol Ball Adolph Bartoletti Angelo Bartoletti Olga Becehetti Nick Berklacich Mary Catherine Blenker Raymond Boyer Raymond Brady Mildred Brennan Linwood B. Brightbill Cledo Brunetti John Burke Betty Busch Norbert Busch Charles Carlin Walter Christophorson Julius Coller Agnes Curran Dorthy Day Camille De Noma Eileen Doyle Eleanor Duerr Louise Eich Gilbert Fedeema Eileen Fitzgerald Mary Fitzgerald Monica Flynn Geraldine Foley Mary Foley Agnes Frevel Harriet Fuller Mary Gadacz Frances Gallagher Patricia Freen Hubert Gores Theresa Gavnick Virginia Guernsey Winifred Gulden Harold Hammerschmidt Ellen Hargadine Gertrude Hayes Lucille Herian Jean Heskett Claudia Hinds Francis Horlenbach James Hossack Fred Hughes Kenneth Iverson Kathleen Jackson Bernard Johnson Paul Richter, Treasurer BOARD OF DIRECTORS Jeanne LaFrance Catherine Morris Bernard Pirkl Carol Welch ACTIVES Florence Johnson Beatrice Jolly Harry Kaess Fallon Kelly Marion Kenna Gregory Kennedy Flavia Kiffe Marguerite Killion Betty Klaras Marion Kohler Marguerite Kolb Eleanor Kron Eileen Krouskey Hugo Kuhlmann Leo Kujawa Jeanne LaFrance Robert Lambert John Layne John Leebaens Veronica LeTourneau Eugenia Lueders Gertrude Lumsden Leonard Lustig Lillian Lutz Margaret McLaughlin Dorothy McNeill Evelyn Marazzane Merry Marquardt Robert Martin Beulah Meisenberg George Miller Virgilia Moats Loren Moore Maritia Morgan Chester Morneau Kay Morris Angeline Mrozla Vivian Murray Richard O'Connell Rose O'Donnell Charles Ofle Allen Ogle Tom O'Loughlin John Osterma Clara Pardo Anna Pavsha Bernard Pawlitschek Dolores Payette Paul Pendergast Margaret Pewters Florence Phillip Margaret Phillips Mary Evelyn Phillips Ray Phillips Bernard Pirkl Lucille Polske Fred Probst William Prouty Marjorie Quigley Marjorie Quinn Bernadette Radlein Alfred Raiche Marguerite Raiche Duane Ranenhoust Florence Rassier Cecilia Reed Anne Regnier William Reid Florence Ressler Paul Richter Thersille Ring Fred Rothausen Jeannette Rothausen Herbert Roufs Mary Ruane Gertrude Schepers Evelyn Schultz Margaret Schultz Joseph Seleuski Anthony Selvo John Shaughnessy Josephine Slogar Mabel Smith Edmund Spencer William Spillane Josephine Spokeslield Jerry Stewart Carol Stoltz Sylvia Striegel Helen Sullivan Joe Talarico Nan Taylor Angeline Tembrock Robert Theis Albert Then Lucille Then Louise Then Muriel Theurer Paul Thomas Vincent Tibbetts Lucille Utchet Leander Wagner Mary Walling Ann Claire Waters Nick Wayrens Clara Weiler Mary Weiler Margaret Weber George Wiard Gladys Wilmes Marguerite Wingreene Albert Wolesky Dorothy Zeimes 367 NEWMAN CLUB Founded, University of Pennsylvania, 1893 105 Chapters Newman Club, 1900 1228 Fourth Street Southeast V14 n w 1 Itiffi 'J i, fpirlil , i ffiq. 1 Vi l, Eff' .2 -' 2 , q -1, , I E . 1 ,xfaw , 3 l l :r 4 Qld i I-Q-.:'3- ' Cliff ff s iaaT,'- n 1 ' riihr ' 3 E .-aft? il 3 , N 1 1 15,5 1' 1 , F7 11-N l i l 1 -2. ', M W .A-Ni i' , la ,- ', . .V -if' ' Y STUDENTS LINNAEAIXI CLUB Founded, University of Minnesota, 1925 368 ACTIVES Marguerite Baird Lelah Ball Mildred Brandon Evelyn Carroll Richard Daggy Phillip Geiger Ethellyn Hendry Virginia Holman Eleanor Lawrence John Moyle Flora Sandoz George Seibel Thelma Sneed Vivien Stebbins Bernice Tubarty American Society of CW Engineers Mattlin, Holmquist, Englund, Andrus, Swanstrom, Flauta Bina, Bruntlett, Britzius, Lenhart, Lohn owic inco n N k Sundstrom, Oltman, Nelson, G t f L l A. Anderson W. Anderson M. Andrus H. Baker F. Banta F. Bartel R. Bevernick G. Bina F. Bjorklund V. Bock F. Bohmbach P. Brinda C. Britzius W. Burgum R. Bruntlett F. Cabotaje F. Carlson H. Carlson D. Childs C. Christenson D. Diessner O. Englund E. Enns C. Erb R. Fefferman P. C. Gaskell l. Gepner W. Gruenhagen C. Gustafson E. Hamerski FACULTY MEMBERS Frederic Bass GRADUATE STUDENTS A. L. Nowicki ACTIVES L. Hamlet C. Hanson R. Harring R, Harris R. Hass F. Haverland O. Helseth M. Hermanson G. Holmquist E. Johnson W. Johnson M. Kersten E. Kilpatrick G. Kolstad ,l. Koropov L. Korstad R. Kreiss K. Larson T. Lawrence F. LeCount J. Lenhart W. Lincoln E. Lindquist I. Lohn E. Lundheim R. McKibbin L. Martin R. Marvin M. Mattison H. Mattlin S. Mitchell J. Nelson R. Nichols R. Norton H. Ogrosky R. Ohman T. O,Loughlin R. Oltman L. Pierre M. Ramsland W. Rindsland J. Ripken D. Ryan F. Schaefer N. Schapiro H. Schleiter E. Silberman H. Shogren W. Solstad H. Sundstrom A. Sutton G. Swanstrom H. Toy L. Turner A. Vogt L. Vorpahl P. Wagtskjold A. Wahlroos M. Walton l. Whitbeck American Institute ol Electrical Engineers S. V. Larson, McDonough, Steinmetz, LaBonte, Benston, Ziegler, Haxby, H 8l'I'l Bm K k p, Getsug, Hyvarinen, Johnson, Phillips, Headon, Levy Davids, Cundy. Morgan, Collins, Anderson, Stoddart Bohrer, Lowe ll, Diekhoif, M. E. Todd. Carlson, DeLaI-Iunt. Pei-ham W L A 'l od Heitmiller, Skamser, Tangen, Mangan, . arson, xi r Shepherd, Turnquist, J. H. Kuhlman, Erickson, Gregerson, Hancock, Kupk FACULTY MEMBERS J. M. Bryant' J. H. Kuhlman L. C. Caverly E. W. Johnson H. Hartig Ryan GRADUATE STUDENTS Walter Bloomquist Cledo Brunetti Joe Goldberg Lewis K. Anderson Benjamin Axilrod Fred Bauman Martin Benston Kress Bohrer Robert L. Carlson Warren L. Collins Laurence R. Cundy Orion A. Davids George A. DeLaHunt Paul L. Erickson Joseph Getsug Kenneth Gregerson John Hancock Robert E. Hanisch Oswald J. Hanson William T. Hartman Robert Haxby Harvey V. Headon Charles Heitmiller Carl R. Henrici John Hyvarinen Clinton W. James L. P. Johnson Melvin W. Kernkamp George Krauch 370 Martin Swanson ACTIVES Karl F, Ziegler L. Hendrickson Scott Linsley Harold Sanderson Adolph J. Kupka Louis J. LaBonte Stanley V. Larson Walter M. Larson Sam Levy Parker Lowell Jay J. Mangan Laddy Markus W. E. McNulty Evenitt Miller Howard A. Morgan Eino W. Niemi Ivar S. Pearson James A. Perham Raymond Phillips Charles W. Rankin W. L. Robinson Burt St. Vincent W. G. Shepherd Harold P. Skamser Howard J. Sowden James E. Stoddart Jack M. Stokerson Charles L. Steinmet Harvey G. Tangen Arvid G. Turnquist Z susumsss WOMENS Ctus Doyle, Margaret Ahlbrecht Elmina Anderson Mary Andrews Harriet Bean Margaret Beebe Lucille Bennett Virginia Biddinger Betty Birch Eileen Burns Lois Camaish Ellen Church Margaret Cummings Alice Dahl Margaret Davis Dorothy Deming Margaret Dickens Helen Dickenson Helen Doyle Mary Dunham Grace Durfee Janet Edwards Dorothea Egan Helen Ehler Rhea Ehlers Mae Ferris Evelyn Fondell Dorothy Gabby Pearson, Cummings, La Pray Mrs. Youngs, Kelly, Molzahn ACTIVES Mary Gaffney Noreen Gill Mathilde Guberud Mildred Hamilton Harriet Harrison Dorothy Haserick Irene Hauer Norma Heath Ruth Hinchon Laura Hughes Elizabeth Johnson Jeanette Johnson Laura Johnson Lillian Johnson Marion Johnson Mildred Johnson Dorothy Kelly Ruth Kittle Loretta Koelfgen Betty Krook Gertrude Lawton Clara Leibold Dorothea Lund Emma Lynch Dorothy MacManigal Kathryn Molzahn Marj ory Monroe Sarah Moore Dorothy Muir Alice Nienaber Gudrun Nykaas Lee Olson Joyce O'Neal Gertrude Page Ida Parry Kate Pearce Evelyn Pearson Lucille Polske Phyllis Pye Aves Rumsey Pauline Shalley Larelda Smith Onetah Stern Ruth Stallard Helen Sunderman Kathryn Trafi' Geraldine Teisberg Helen Tyrholm Margaret Wackerman Gloria Wallace Betty Gay Wise Shiela Young Pearl Youngren 371 V V i l'-,jgqiia 4 .. -fi. . 'gr 1--wr. , . l '-A 'HL . iw . A E ., r l I f " -as I .,pe.,.. , t ',Iff'YZc" ', "jimi ' fi ,V .,i. P - , .1 " l ! 2, ,. u.i..f , si2?'jp' P' 3232: Q pg: lf , pffyzgf. r Na . ,aa 1 'ilflqilldiifa ffifcihiii 'W f 'ffl-22231. Am if :ag .ig fafnffwr i TfQ7i1ff? l Betty Blasing Helga Bjornson Astred Anderson Alice Swanherg Marie Fancher Audrey Saxton Neota Silvers Jayne Foote 372 Fancher, Shaw, Lundgren, Nielunder, Foote Perry, Ronneberg, Townsend, Silvers Fahey, Bjornson, Blasing, Anderson, Swanberg Ardis Lundgren Mary Perry Mildred Ronneberg Eleanor Shaw Ruth Nielander Marion Gold Mary Jane Torrence Vee Townsend FORTNIGI-ITLV CLUB R Johnson, Shogren, H. Johnson Thompson, Sole. Berg. Hoover Bxohaugh, Hoaglund, Crysler, Caleen, Hyde ACTIVES Helen Brohaugh Helen Berg Reynold Caleen Constance Crysler Wallace Hoaglund Kerwin Hoover Marion Hyde Harold Johnson Rulhven Johnson Elizabeth Shogren Loretta Sole .lohn Thompson 373 KAPPA KAPPA LAMBDA Mildrid O. Belsheim Esther Broecker Alice L. Dahl Clarice L. Ebert Margaret Ebert Myrtle Ebert Hope L. Edson Lou Ella Eckhardt Ruth 0. Gagnath Eunice Hokenson Hulda M. Heleen Ethel E. Johnson Margaret Adsem 374 Myrum, Solvet, M. B. Ebert, M. P. Ebert, Eckhardt Heleen, Sack, Trygstad, Thees, Nelson, Broecker Swanberg, Belsheim, Hokenson, Pedersen, Gagnath Laura E. Johnson Ethel H. Myrum Harriet Nelson Margaret Norman Dorothy Pedersen Pauline Petit Florence O. Sack Bertha J. Solvet Ella M. Scharr Alice A. Swanbcrg Helen K. Thees Constance J. Trygstad Lydia M. Pieper Bergryzren, Newell, Taylor, Kulp, Sitz Bloedel. Reif, Dunlop. Ernst Granberg, Utne, Hilton FACULTY MEMBERS Frank G. McCormick L. L. Schroeder INACTIVES Kenneth Hough Harold Kulp Dick Ernst Wa1'd Blake Robert Aagard ACTIVES Robert Utne, President Cordon Granberg, Vice-President Ted Hilton, Secretary-Treasurer Ed McAfee, Senior Football Wm. Bloedel, Junior Football Don Lagerlof, Junior Football Paul Berggren, Junior Football Ralph Newell, Junior Football James O'Shaughnessy, Senior Basketball Ted Hilton, Junior Basketball Wilbur Anderson, Junior Basketball Fred Taylor, Senior Hockey Robert Rossman, Junior Hockey Elwood Johnson, Junior Hockey Robert Utne, Senior Cross Country Chester Sitz, Senior Track John Dunlop, Junior Track Charles Reif, Junior Track John Mosher, Senior Baseball Gordon Granberg, Junior Baseball Gordon Jensen, Junior Baseball MANAGERS CLUB H it T' fl I lit M L71 , " A! Z Y l 1 4 4 3 7 i l I I , I E :Ev l im yf , 4 5151 :fi 521 ,, Q 5-i. . ,652-E i gy-sc 5 if-,diy 5f1'52'fff: , 'af , l s?f,2::,.2 P "-l,-wygl , Ami' P, 'W if ' , bali, "'2"Ff:,-t F f l lr '1- ,245 fv- ' in ' v 35,-, A. 3 UZ? if Vazwim will .gr ,A N ,-Pram -"' .gqMe"' ',ppg,4n2S2 .mf-r', 11 gi? riflfua 5. Qflzgrtxj fail ," -f+,.: 'J' sk qbvf 5c.' f Le-9161? .fic-Q 1' ' " .' 1. l Schroeder, Perkins, Costello, Hughes Frognen Rasmussen, Johnson, Bartholomew, Trussell Sumx Roach Furbari, Oren. Harris, Thwing, Hokenson MEMBERS Mary Andrews Betty Bartholomew Lorraine Costello Betsy Emmons Katherine Frogner Alice Furbari Virginia Harris Eunice Hokenson Laura Hughes Hazel Johnson Mary-Louise Oren Hazel Pearson Claudia Perkins Marian Rasmussen Lucia Roach Marian Schroeder Evelyn Steele Florence Sumi Harriet Thwing Margaret Trussell Fulk. Webber, Verrell, Bergzlund, Hammerbucher, White D d B k B h I B kk F V. Brown. M. Brown, unwoo y, a er, art oomew, a e, our-ner Turpie, Jenson. MucNuughton. Crysler, Wood, Strand Gertrude Baker Jennie Hawkins Elizabeth Jackson Helen Almars Mary Baker Betty Bakke Marian Bartholomew Avis Berglund Betty Birch Gloria Boock Marian Brown Vivian Brown Marjorie Browning Jane Cadwallader Virginia Childs Alice Croze Constance Crysler Jessie Dunwoody Eleanor Fournet Dorothy Falk FACULTY MEMBERS ACTIVES Dr. J. Anna Norris Catherine Snell Florence Warnock Irma Hammerbacher Ethel Harrison Ruth Hinchon Marjorie Jenson Margaret MacNaughton Mary Magaw Dora Messeas Katherine O'Neil Virginia Pettigrew Helen Pitman Irma Strand Dorothy Sweet Ruth Turpie Dorothy Verrell Margaret Webber Betty White Jane Wood TRAILERS CLUB Q 1 1 1 .Qi , 1 v w yr 2: Y it ftf ' 4 . .W .Viz 'E 1 'lb Ht: l i 5 V. . 4 Y z Zh: ., "fr M, i 4 i Q Ja. rf n J-if '5, .f.a,.. aeffi f gl ' X .... 'ifff' I X 4 ", I l i A Q f. V i 4.5. 1 ,ix F? wi? 1422 2, rA:.4"1,, -t A,.:.1,Cf 73: Tw? M , .1454 ..t, V 2, '-T: 1' ' ng , 3: 1 x a w , 15' A' .xc 4- n 1 tif H 'Y be "" is -.Elgin mga' -,Q Y. 1 ' r Q L. we W ,,, , ,. lm: , 'J J . 'Q ' V. W. C. A. CABINET 378 Grey, Crysler, Bradshaw, Harris, Hovde, Rock Reed, K. Pei-ine, Emmonds, 0'Neal, E. Perine Verrell, Brohaugh, Ramsay, Hnvex-stock, Hall, Lmson OFFICERS Ina Ramsay, President Elizabeth Haverstock, Vice Helen Brohaugh, Secretary Emily Hall, Treasurer -President SANFORD HALL W Abelman, Harriet Aldrich, lrene Anderson, Alphilda Anderson, Frances Aultfather, Maurine Baker, Louise Barnes, Jennie Mae Bearinger, Hattie Beladeau, Bernice Bell, Katherine Bensen, Borghild Berg, Edna Bergland, Eunice Biddinger, Virginia Bodine, Marjorie Brandt, Grace Bugni, Margaret Bullard, Rhea Campbell, Frances Carlson, Winona Casey, Louise Clawson, Lillian Cochran, Mary Lue Cohen, Della Cook, Pauline Cory, Helen Cowling, Mary Ellen Danz, Alice DeLeeuw, Beatrice Deutschman, Margaret Dickens, Margaret Dock, Adeline Dorwaldt, Ruth Drew, Alice Filk, Sara Flueck, Helen Forsberg, Marjorie Frisvold, Rachael Frogner, Marjorie Gill, Noreen Godeman, Emma At the initiation for new residents. OFFICERS Coral Hemmingson, President Beatrice DeLeeuw, Winona Carlson, Vice- Helen Robinson, Secretary-Treasurer Betty Grove, Social Chairman STUDENT RESIDENTS Gordon, Mable Greenwood, Doris Greenwood, Mildred Greiner, Lucile Grove, Elizabeth Hagberg, Katherine Hanson, Louise Haugerud, Otelia Haugsrud, Ruth Hausauer, Evelyn Hawlish, Phyllis Headley, Gretchen Hefte, Ione Hemmingson, Coral Henning, Elsie Herian, Lucile Herring, Amanda Hietala, Ina Hoilund, Audrey Hughes, Margaret Mary Hunt, Myrtie Hutchinson, Abigail Jensen, Janet Johnson, Berniece Johnson, Helen A. Johnston, Muriel Jones, Eda Rae Jungck, Margaret King, Janet King, Marjorie Kinning, Harriet Knudson, Helen Kruse, Ann Kuechenmeister, Dorothy LaCross, Juanita Landmann, Ruth Lauhala, Aune Lauring, Viola Leary, Margaret Leasman, Elaine Lenhardt, Helen Ludwick, Nellie Mae Lyford, Marjory Lyncker, Hilde Lyons, Margaret Mason, Maxine McCart, Eunice Ann McGurren, Mary Mclntosh, Marion Morgan, Ruth Munns, Dorothy Muus, Nora N effeler, Audrey N ellermoe, Dorothy Nelson, Margaret N eveln, Doris Novak, Olga Marie O'Marr, Elizabeth Orwoll, Mildred Ossenberg, Dorothy Overland, Georgia Parkin, Clarice Parrish, Dorothy Paulson, Marjorie Perry, Mary Peterson, Joan Peterson, Lois Peterson, Miriam Pitula, Lillian Porter, Jeanne Porter, Verle Post, Rhea Povha, Anna Ramharter, Hazel Ransom, Norma Raskin, Evelyn Reiter, Verona Robinson, Helen Robinson, Ruth Ronning, Florizel Ryder, Missie Scharr, Margaret Presidents Schmidt, Mary Schneider, Ruth Schuette, Jane Sisley, Eileen Skinner, Lorraine Smith, J ean Smith, Lucille Smith, Rosamond Speich, Louise Stevens, Shirley Stewart, Dayle Stieber, Marion Stratton, Virginia Strong, Rosemary Sundahl, Willow Swanson, Ellen Tesca, Ruth Teschan, Charlotte Tessman, Marie Thompson, Charlotte Thompson, Kate Thouin, Louise Toivala, Aune Tomnitz, Leona Tripp, Anne Twist, Evangeline Utecht, Lucille Wakkinen, Verna Wallace, Gloria Wallene, Gladys Warren, Ruth Wendlandt, Mary White, Nell Wilson, Agnes Wilson, Dorothy Wise, Betty Gay Wise, Frances Wolsted, Alberta Wood, Genevieve Wooders, Marie Zapffe, Barbara 379 A tw.-',' ar I -, ui I ta, LT asf , if, " t,:'.., ' '. 'I-.ut ,- ,tiki .t-- we l we 4, . .egg iiliifft ,Q waxy 1 I M 4 ,Q A ,..,,.. . I iifiit ,fin Him A WCDRD IN PASSING UK HEN George Doyle, the business manager, and myself set about just one year ago to produce the 1933 Gopher, we had in mind two chief objectives-he, to refute the rumor that the college annual is dying out as a popular college tradition: I, to answer the common criticism that a year- book is merely an engraver's and printer's fatted lamb, and that as their product, it lacks true value as an extra-curricular activity of the students. The college annual, its critics insist, has been, and is, just a form proposition, devoid of originality and noteworthy qualities. ' The 1933 Gopher may not strike every observer favorably, but, it is 10029 A Student Book, as different from any that ever preceded it as light is from dark. Layouts, designs, fea- tures, cover, photography, printed matter--all were conceived and executed by student members of the staff . It meant untold hours of extra application to produce that which had been done in previous years by costly pro- fessional artists and layout experts, but, it has been justified, because for the first time the 1933 Gopher is from cover to cover your book-the result of a year's effort by your fellow students. ' ln one of the most economically trying years in over a decade the subscription was boosted three hundred and fifty copies over the 1932 sales. The price was reduced one dollar and a quarter. From the business standpoint, its success was early assured. If praise is to be forthcoming for the results embodied in the 1933 Gopher, it should be directed to the undergraduates who worked so conscientiously and faithfully to make the book representative of the Minnesota student body: it is in every respect Minnesotais own yearbook-a monument to its own talents and traditions. OTIS .l. DYPWICK Editor ACKNOWLEDGMENTS: ROBERT BIEDERMAN, caricatures BROCK 81 RANKIN of Chicago, covers BUREAU OF ENGRAVING HARRISON 81 SMITH, printers MILLER STUDIOS, photographs NORTON SI PEEL, scenic photography ALFRED PAPAS, pencil drawings WILLIAM PRESTON OF INTERCITY PAPER CO., TI-IE MINNEAPOLIS JOURNAL THE MINNEAPOLIS STAR THE MINNEAPOLIS TRIBUNE UNIVERSITY PHOTO SHOP UNIVERSITY PI-IOTOGRAPHIC LABORATORY paper INDEX A Acacia . ..................... ... 307 Agricultural, Forestry, Home Economics ................. . . .... 79-82 Agricultural Student Council .... 58 A.I.E.E .................... ...370 All University Council... ... 56 Ahlstrand, Eric .... .... ..... 2 3 3 Alpha Alpha Gamma .... ...... 2 50 Alpha Chi Omega .... 283, 186 Alpha Chi Sigma .... ...... 3 43 Alpha Delta Phi .... .... 3 08 Alpha Delta Pi ..... 284 Alpha Delta Tau ..... 336 Alpha Delta Theta .... . . . 285 Alpha Epsilon Iota ..... . . . 337 Alpha Gamma Delta .... . . . 286 Alpha Gamma Rho ..... . . . 344 Alpha Kappa Gamma .... . . . 338 Alpha Kappa Psi ....... .. . 345 Alpha Omicron Pi .... . . . 287 Alpha Phi ......... . . . 288 Alpha Rho Chi ..... . . . 346 Alpha Sigma Phi ..... .. . 309 Alpha Tau Delta ..... 339 Alpha Tau Omega .... . . . 310 Alpha. Xi Delta. .... . .. 289 Alpha Zeta ....... . . . 263 Amaco ....... .... .... 1 5 7 Anderson, Cyrus ........ 230 Anderson, Vernon 211, 219 Andrews, Mary .. . . ... . .. 130 Apmann, Elmer . .. . . . 207 Artists' Course . . . .... . . . 147 A.S.C.E .............. . ...369 B Babes in Toyland ....... .... 1 51 Baker, Robert ..,. ........ 1 30 Band . ................ 152. 187 Band Formal ........... ...... 1 44 Baring-Gould, William .... 134 Baston, Bert ........... 202 Beadell, Walter . ....... 133 Beauehaine. Dave .... . . . 224 Bengston, Phil .... . . . 205 Berg, Clarice .... . . . 131 Berkeley Square ..... 155 Beta Gamma Sigma. .... . . . 351 Beta Phi Alpha ...... 290 Beta Theta Pi ..... . . . 311 Bib and Tucker ......... 175 Bierman, Bernie ......... . 201 Blitz. Dean Anne Dudley .... 50 Block and Bridle .......... 264 Board of Publications.. .. ... 56 Board of Regents. ..,... . . . 48 Boland, Pat ......... 202 Bolstad, Edgar .... . . . 230 Boutell, William .. 230 Boxing .......... . . . 240 Brain, Phil . ....... 225 Bremer, Adolph . . . . . . 220 Britzius, Charles . . . . . 225 Brohaugh, Hildred ... ... 122 Brown, Lowell ...... 130 Bruelheide, Virginia . . . . . 186 Burg, Erwin ........ . . . 207 Burg, Fred ........ . . . 190 Burge. Ray , ........... Burke, Ed .......... .... Business School Seniors.. Business Women's Club. . C Cadet Staff . ........... . Campbell, James . . . Candida ............. Canfield, Bruce ........ Cap and Gown Oflicers. . . Carlsen, Harold . ...... . Champlin, George ...... Cheer Leaders .......... 218 ....... 221 107-111 .... .371 166 131 158 123 . ....... 174 213-214 . .... 205 . . . .... . 200 Chemistry School Seniors... .... 77-78 Chi Epsilon ............ Chi Omega .... Chi Phi ....... ChiPsi. ...... Clausen, Harold ........ Coast Artillery Corps. .. Coffman, Lotus Delta' .... Collins, William ...... Conference Medal .. Cooke, Doc ....... Cooke, Helen .... Coronto . ......... . Crack Drill Squad... Currell, John ........... D Daily Editorial Staff ...., Daily Business Staff ..... Dawson, Lowell ...... Debate Groups .... . ...265 291 312 313 214 167 .. 49 226 200 199 137 372 169 220 132 133 202 162-163 DeGraff, John .... . 230 Delta Chi ......... 314 Delta Delta Delta .... . . . 292 Delta Gamma ........ 29-3 Delta Kappa Epsilon .... . .. 315 Delta Phi Delta ....... 266 Delta Phi Lambda ..... 252 Delta Sigma Delta ..... . . . 347 Delta Sigma Pi ..... 348 Delta Sigma Rho .... 253 Delta Tau Delta .... . .. 316 Delta Upsilon , . , 317 Delta Zeta ........... 294 Dennerly, James ........... ..... 2 07 Dentistry College Seniors Dillner, Mervin ..... . Donovan, David .. ....87-90 .... .204 132-134 Doyle, George ... ... , . . . . 131 Dypwick, Otis .......... . . . 130 E Education College Seniors .... . . .95-103 Emerson, James ........... . . . 132 Engineers' Book Store. . . 76 Engineering College Seniors .... . . . .71-75 Eta Kappa Nu .......... ...267 Eta Sigma Upsilon .... . . . 268 Extension Division ...... . . . 118 F Fancher. Marie ......... . . . 132 Farm Council .......... 176 Farm House Fraternity. . . . . . 349 Farrell, Williams ....... . . . 211 Finger, Sherman .......... . . . 217 Ford, Dean Guy Stanton .... ..... 5 1 Forney, John ............ ...124, 132 Fox-tnightly Cabinet .......... . . . 373 Freshman Football Squad ..... . .. 208 Freshman Week ...... ..... . . . 191 G Galli-Curci, Amelita .... .. . 147 Gamma Epsilon Pi... Gamma Phi Beta .... Garrick Club ..... Gay, Kenneth .... Geddes, Carroll ...... Glander, Herman .... Gopher Business Staff.. Gopher Editorial Staff. . Gould. Fred ....... .... Gray. Marjorie ...... Gray, Russ .. . .. Grey Friar ....... Griffin, Gerald . .... . Gustafson. Forest .... . . Harris Harris Harris Harris. .Phil . I-I Sig. Steve .... Virginia . . . Hass. Walter ..... Hauser, George .. . Hayes, Roland ..... Herrick, Richard Holliday, George .. .. Homecoming . . . ..... Home Economic Counc Horowitz, Vladimar .. . House Council ....... Hovde, Elaine ....... Hovde, Fred .... ..... I Incus ................ Infantry Corps ....... Interfraternity Athletic Interfraternity Council Interprofessional Ball . Interprofessional Board Interprofessional Council .... Interscholastic Basketball . . . il Council ....... Iron Wedge .............. J Jensen, Marjorie . . . . Jensen, Reynold . ..... Jones, Lola. .... Jones, Marie ..... Johnson, Bucky .... Johnson, Marian . .. Junior Junior Junior Ball ...... Col lege ...... Commission . . . . . . K Kaplan, Leo ......... Kappa Kappa Kappa Kappa Kappa' Kappa Kappa Keller, Alpha Theta .... Delta ........ Eta Kappa . .. Iota Zeta ...... Kappa Gamma Kappa Lambda . . . Psi ............ Ted ........... Kern, Ben ....... Kilborn, Graydon . . . Killeen, Earle ...... Knoblauch, Henry .... Koski, Sulo ........... L LaBatte, Phil ....... Lambda Chi Alpha .... Lana. Wallace . .. LaRoque, Fred . . . Larson. Earl 254 295 255 206 138 188 131 130 214 130 215 244 205 220 191 202 132 133 201 202 147 220 215 190 366 147 177 123 116 249 167 235 306 142 177 342 212 245 124 133 160 133 214 186 141 116 57 132 296 297 350 274 298 374 364 135 134 219 146 219 204 214 318 227 219 229 Continued on next page 383 INDEX - Continued Larson, Frank .... Law School ..... Licht, Virgil .... Lind, Carl John .... Linnee, Carl .... Lobb, John ..... Loevinger, Lee .. . . Loose, Earl ..... .. Lund, Francis ....... 206 ....83-85 211 125 133 226 ....122, 134 . .....200 ...207 M MacMillan, Dave, Jr.. MacMillan, Dave, Sr.. McAfee, Ed ......... McCall, Milton ..... McCormick, Frank .. McCi-eery, Otis ...... McGlone, John ..... McKinnon, George .. M.cKusick, Blaine McLaren, Kenneth .. Managers' Club Manders, Jack .... Markus, Laddy .... Marti, Leonard . .. Martin. Syneva .... Mason, John .... Masquers ......... Medical School .... Meiners, Lorenza . . . Menuhln, Yehudi .... Mlddlebrook, Wm. T.. Mines School ...... Military Ball .... Military Staff ..... Minnesota Mentor .. Mitby, Ralph ..... Mithun, Howard Molander, Lyman .. Mortar Board ..... Mortar and Ball .... Mulvehill, Betty .... M'unns, William . . . Munn, Clarence . . . Munson, Oscar ...... Mu Phi Epsilon ...... ...210 ...209 . ...203 226 . ....199. 221 .....52. 203 215 . ...203 233 . ...131 375 206 136 231 186 230 269 ....113-115 134 . .... 147 53 ....93,94 143 166 137 211 218 131 248 270 125 ..... 215 ....202,218 . ..... 199 .. .... 256 N Neimann, Helen ..... Neville. Philip ...... Newman Club ....... ...186 . .... 126 ....367 Newman Club Formal .... .... 1 44 Nicholson, Edward E.. Norman, Gordon .... Nursing School ...... Nu Sigma Nu ........ O 0'Connor, Jim ...... Odoroll', Maurice Oen. Roy ........... Ormandy, Eugene . . . P Palmer, Ernest ...... Pan Hellenic Council. Papas, Al . ........ . . Pease, Josephine Pepinsky, Abe ..... Perry. Mary .... Pershing Rifles .... Phalanx .......... Pharmacy School .... 384- .. .. 50 . .....210 . .... 91.92 ...351 ....2l0 137 . ...203 ...148 ...233 ...282 . ...206 191 149 186 271 272 ....105, 106 Phl Alpha Delta .... Phi Beta Pi .... Phi Chl ....... Phi Delta Chi ...... Phl Delta.Gamma Phi Delta Phi ..... Phi Delta Theta .... Phi Epsilon Pi . .. Phi Gamma Delta Phi Kappa Psi ..... Phi Kappa Sigma . . . Phi Mu . .......... . Phi Omega Pi .... Phi Rho Sigma ...... Phi Sigma Phi ...... Phi Upsilon Omicron Phoenix .......... . . . Pi Beta Phi . ...... .. Pierce, Ernest B .... Pinafore . ....... . Piper, Ralph ..... Pi Tau Pi Sigma .... Pi Tau Sigma ..... Plumb Bob .. . .. Pond, Frank . . . Pons, Lily ..... Potter, Philip .... Pottle, Kenneth .... Priester, Gayle . . . Proflitt, Blll .. . Psi Omega . . . . . Psi Upsilon ... ... R Ramsay, Ina ........ Ramsland, L. C ...... Rarig, F. M ....... Ray, Kenneth .... Relhsen, Robert .... Rifle Team ......... Riley, A. Dale ....... Robinson, Bradbury . Rogers, Thomas ..... R. O. T. C.. .,..... Russ,Clyde S Sanford Hall .... .... Scabbard and Blade.. Scanlon, John ....... Schaar, Roland ..... Schaller, Franklin Scherer, Paul ...... Scherer, John ...... Scheifley, Charles . .. Schoening, Alice .. . Schroeder, Les ...... Scott, Mrs. Carlyle. . . Scott, Carlyle ...... Sea Wife ........... Seiler, Mike ........ Senior Advisory Board .... Senior Ball .......... Senior Commission . . . Shumway, Royal R.. . Siebern, Theodore .. . Sigma Alpha Epsilon Sigma Alpha Mu .... Sigma Chl .......... Sigma Delta Gamma . Sigma Delta Psi .... Sigma Delta Tau .... Sigma Delta Chi .... Sigma Epsilon Sigma ... 204, 209, 352 353 354 355 257 356 319 320 321 322 323 299 300 357 273 340 247 301 53 175 231 275 276 258 213 147 132 130 127 205 358 324 126 154 161 130 202 168 154 210 136 . . . . . 165-172 217. 218. 215 379 278 215 220 133 226 226 219 186 199 146 146 159 220 176 140 57 51 160 325 326 327 259 277 302 359 260 Sigma Kappa ..... Sigma Nu .......... Sigma Phi Epsilon Signal Corps ........ Silver Spur ....... Skinner, Mary P ...... Skl-U-Mah Business .. Ski-U-Mah Editorial . . S. L. A. College ..... Smith, W. R .......... Sochacki, Walter ......... Sophomore Commission . . . Stesin, Martin .......... Streets of New York ....... Strom, David ............ 6 Students' Linnaean Society. . . . . . . Summer Session . . . . . . . . .. Swartout. Ray ..... .. Swartz, Sam .... . .. .... Symphony, Minneapolis Symphony, University .... Szigeti, Joseph . ........ Tam T O'Shanter ......... Tate, John ...... . . Tau Beta Pi ........ Tau Kappa Epsilon . . . Tau Phi Delta . .... . . Tau Sigma Delta ..... Technical Commission Techno-log .......... Ten gler. Carl . ........ . Tenner. Robert . ......... . Thalian Literary Society. . . Theta Chi . ............ . . Theta Delta Chi ........ Theta Kappa Psi .... Theta Sigma Phi .... Theta Tau ........ Theta Xi .........,. Thomton, Harold .... Thorpe. Niels ..... Trailers Club . . . Triangle ....... . . . Tuttle, George .......... Ubl, U Myron ............ Union Bd. Governors .... University College .... Utne, Robert ........... V Vagabond King . ...... . Vance, Morris . .. . . . Valine. Ted .............. W Wagnild, Spencer ...... Wells, Charles .... Wells, Marshall .. . Wolfe, Lenore ..... Wolcott, R. Oliver ..... W. A. A. ............. .. W. A. A. Seal Winners .... W. A. A. "M" Winners. . .. W. S. G. A.. ......... . .. E S. G. A. Board .... Woodward, Dave ..... Wright. Wells . ......... Y Y. W. C. A. Cabinet ..... . Z Zeta Psi ............... Zeta Tau Alpha. .... .. Zleske, Bill .... ...116, 303 328 329 168 246 52 135 134 3-69 229 211 58 226 156 135 368 118 131 206 148 149 147 174 116 279 330 360 261 59 136 206 205 376 331 332 361 262 362 333 219 227 377 363 203 204 60 117 205 150 131 135 215 131 204 127 133 1-184 183 183 3-180 .....230, 59 199 210 378 334 304 214 . i vw: a

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