University of Minnesota - Gopher Yearbook (Minneapolis, MN)

 - Class of 1914

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University of Minnesota - Gopher Yearbook (Minneapolis, MN) online yearbook collection, 1914 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 672 of the 1914 volume:

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Tao keep in pace with the his book is the result of many thought- 5 years has been no easy task. mayhap we have hitcheo our wagon to a star too high but the trying has been pleasant ano worth the while. We have attempteo to portray our life at minnesota in its various aspects. Curs is a y the Gophers of previous C l I recoro maoe b ' if I l Kniversity ever growing greater, ano more power- ful, ano we offer this book as a part of our contri- bution in this forwaro movement. Ehe minnesota of tooay is great but the minnesota of tomorrow will be greater. Tin this work we have oone our best: we now present it to you, Gentle fiieaoer, for your consioeration. lm S M ilnixbrzrsiig ut' ,minnesota B I . , l 1 I 1 J 15 E , J ,,r'F , L .ff ,.f"'k' 4 ,.-A 'r ,ff 'AA .ff 'J J,,.""" .,f""M 5 if 1. s W X M-W 3 , ,,. 2 1, 2 15 5 , i .ff , 2- -M ff if 3 , 5 M 1 N 5 iz . 1v5""w'f , JM--M""' g E' N J .J 11 I! y' H 2, I if 1 ' ge ,I il ll 1: 9 1 MX- H ' X f T Jwqffpr ,E 8' , ' M' WI ... ff i 'J ' , I AF! 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WILLIAMS, Duluth l"' . -i X - '. 95:32, . .5 - .Y ' 4 in It 1 5:9 e, I I '.' xiJ"Tl My The Heh. A. E. RICE, Willmar i'. , f' l X ' 31. 5 fi., - ., Q lj I , ff ff' QfT 1,'l The Hon. CHARLES L. SOMMERS, St. Paul T MII . ' ff A I+' The Heh. B. F. NELsoN, Minneapolis f f X Hg, , . T J- .V T I , ,, . A, 3 , T, W QL' ,A M r 5 71-'. 5 ,ll-T' t fill ag., ri 3314 PS5 5 if I 3 1313332 T 5-x jfelwn .. r 4, The The Hon. Hon. PIERCE BUTLER, St. Paul FRED B. SNYDER, Minneapolis 21 4 ' iff? l vs1h,!5",f'j if ft fe fm.- L M5735 ' 2221 V " f A he -fp T, le' . H+- A T 2- SHT am' Ze 'QT ff -ff: " " ' A' fl G41-.,:fi Q , J E7 .rw 1' +71 .- , r f- s A F' ff ,4 ..-nf ,. " 1 V ' i'-S I lf. 4 5.2 ! h e vzggfr 1 QB - ' 1 ' ' 4 , 3 45 F 5 FHA H . . 4. T, lk vi, -, ,. nf W . , ,463 '-.' 'K J 4 1,1 f' er - QQ, zz, 1,4 'f' P., ,rj h 51255 T I -- , J.. 3 U wane LM Y .,:"1 T?", 1. if lk A X fi e - 5 Q' ff' " 2 gf 1 ww' Y f 1mMTJ'-:w,1,,. T - . , .if .,.--an-ow-f1--.-, 2...-.. ,...., , I L,. T , V, S ek mfr, 4 ,..,.....,,,,..,- jg , ze 3 ff-Q 3 W" , . . f gh ' are , f ,, fe . ' if- .5--sri' l r ,, f 1 ' , .1 - xif'f"?f2"E ' S -5 Q , 4 K - .1 .1 f V, ,ear .Ev y V, hehe. .7 -4, .ar ,,g,, , . 1.1 V. .Q "' .,e1, ,I 1 g 5.1 , f C-YA? " , T. ill 4, Q. . f wi I 3 . T ' . , , " - ., -ff' ' Q' , ' " f - 4 T ,nr ' .' 'i , ,' il ,, ' I K -L , . A 5 ' V ', Q-Y 1fe-1g'3fw.i- 'U' " K W , ' J , . 1 K . ' ',' ,IW . x , Q , . M. 7- V.: in ' W H 3 , 4 , , V, , 5 A 3 if , fxdw V - I 1 M, vs,-hr", . . - , K , ,A . ev, 55 ,-.. . ,qv A F ,J ' .-------1 ' -ree. ' - - f ,ff ' '- " - 54' T'f"1 . -f'9?fr'.f' '11-f'-A if 1 I f '-'ff .TT :ww ii , 2 - . '22 5, L-bv--'Emu X ,V I ,V A , A, H, . .5 , ,WZQLM il--W A , , t , b V ..,..,.,,,.-...: 'V Lilhpf xfhq i, 4,...,.M.-- . 1' r 3-wget., W -V WW, -I "' ' J , 1 U2-4-iii . 'f1"f.- ,g f " I Y 5 '?1f'13i' , ' :HRV 'f72'7f'-se rf , ??1213frvj3j:g'f,,,1.a.-V A 4 A . . . 1 .A ,,,,. :,,,g A T ffl -2 ff' " V :. fe.f..1r3,:iL1ii3?'3' - .5g.L.2R,WQ,f,:Ag I 555 l, i:,,ifa',y.,:f,7,lf1g,,'55i3s5:i., aisj- . if 0' ,vi ,'- ,-., , .V-3 -L.-'I'j,",j?f?Hf if ,I,',1,:'."f,'ffn7'f,, ,T , Af - I -vef . 2:-:T-wiff.-.1Tf:ff,51fhe 'fr :Q .,.-i,.M,,m,,t:Lggw,M", ,, I T , w A ,qfeq-'.ewAee+,,v .4 L-1 ' -- f A 74W-Legg. -'lixiriiffl .. --f ': E9Z?iff5:f's2?Efil7ff'f5TYT?T"TEE -f,l1.:i:.:,TQ,ge1.ii7..1.iIl2f-5 fig f- - -Ng , A nf,-f Mx.. -5.-mf Y-Aff If--s. c 4, Y ,,,..,..,.....- - 3 "---- c.....G, , Y rjzfw ff: an if , f .KK QXQJEDE L 1 l. I. J Officers of 'lominiskration , ,IAMES THAYER GEROULD, B.A., Librarian GEORGE H. HAYES, Comptroller HENRY A. HILDEBRANDT, E.E., Superintendent of Buildings and Grounds ERNEST B. PIERCE, B.A., Registrar RUBY M. APPLEBEE, B.A., Assistant, Registrar's Office BERENICE I. BARBER, Clerk, Business Office ELIZABETH BARTLETT, B.A., Stenographer, Office of the President MARIE S. BERMAN, Cashier RAY E. BROWN, Auditor I WILBUR CHI DESTER, Invoice Clerk, Business Office VIVIAN COLGROVE, B.A., Assistant, Loan Department, Library MAUDE E. DERICKSON, Head, Serial Department, Library INA FIRKINS, B.A., Refer-ence Librarian WINIFRED GREGORY, Assistant, School of Mines Librarv HENRY M. HANSEN, Clerk, Business Office FLORENCE B. HENCH, Clerk, Business Office ALMA N. HOLSTROM, Stenographer, Business Office ARTHUR C. HOLQLIIST, Stenographer, Business Office SOPHIE HYDE, B.A., B.L.S., Head, Order Department, Library E. B. JOHNSON, Secretary of General Alumni Association EFFIE A. KEITH, B.A., Assistant, Catalogue Department, Library 22 - ae-:aa '--.1 .1Q..,..,,.:,,m, 1 - In V 1,..f,-:- ,i 'l 1, ,A r Y Y Y N W 5:19,-,,,,,,. ,rfr -. .V-4-ji """"'j's+W'MN,f--f--f--W --,-- -H s,..! T J W Mryiq-ii!-? .. , 2' if C3155 CQPH ER Lv 1:,. 3 D F 'nl EARL B. LARSON, Clerk, Business Office E ,J i Q tr .ff ELSIE LEONARD, Director of Sanford Hall T ,I i 5 1 S H. J. LOIICKS, Assistant to Purchasing Agent ' A 1 , YV,-'F VM s 1 1 H FLOYD LYLE, B.A., Secretary to the President 1 l EVELINE CRANDALL LYON, Assistant, Medical Library ' If nj i .f+'s"'i T 33 MARY A. LYON, Assistant, Registrar's Office af LEORA MABBETT, B.S., Assistant, Catalogue Department, Library 4 lSABEL MONRO, B.S., Assistant, Catalogue Department, Library . CECELIA c. PAuLsoN, Clerk, Business office i , my, . A ANNA E. POPE, B.A., Assistant, Registrar's Office . . C , f- af' FRANC M. POTTER, M.A., Assistant, Registrar s Office ' "1-will P "x ..' 'L ARTHUR C. PULLING, Librarian, Law Library ! 5 X zz. xg, ,. x .I A U In A, . -ab., ' r"1i .fi AJ +,' v - ll I.. Lt 5 p N: GRACE RAMSEY B.A., Assistant, Registrar's Office , Q ,V ,gf- . ,L rc X 2 G 5, if X' iii ANNA B. ROBERTS, Clerk, Business Office , fi Yf, i 'f' ,by ,, W 3. ' .+R All fl.--'-.!'."r' .4 ElgiisA,tl,i' , 3 ' lfiifff 1 GUSSIE K. RYAN, Pay Roll Clerk ,f -A p 'CX j G. A. SANDBERG, Chief Clerk and Acting Purchasing Agent A, . -" 1 , . jjya,-,rfv'J34 figgk MlNNlE EARL SEARS, B.S., M.S., B.L.S., Head, Catalogue Department, Library If A . A I 1 'JV' .+ 3,.-Q 5 1. HELEN MAUDE SMITH, B.A., Head, Loan Department, Library 'Qi 11645-, ' jggfq v tv 4 V td, :.j4',1-' ,, fix., 5 19523 V . Q55 .gif . , DANIEL W. SPRAGUE, Statistician, Business Office ' "1 if fax- ' Ri'-N ' 55:-zu' Q ' -' 4 j wifi! F. -s-'-Syjjt' x. W My L HELEN M. SWANSON, File Clerk and Stenographer, Business Office F, ' L5 t it a f fg ,re 1 I ' GENEVIEVE WALSTON, B.A., Assistant Reg1strar's Oliice 2 i- aff 99 5:15 2? "' H25 ' 5 .-.5 5 ' Q, A '32 MARJORIE WILDES, Assistant, Engineering Library 5 15' A , '1 1- tr 'gg 'A if LYNNE G. WORTH, B.L.S., Cataloguer, Law Library f -1 .1451 Q if 7' 5 if-ij. fl " I -' ' ff . Wi r r. 4 .rss -f .r if , Y S, ,F :V Y ig, i W,-W V V ' I . QQ-.Q 1 as , N fr ' ,.:H----A A. is 41 A-A f fi A "" ' ' -.- ' - t ' 12'1v:fw"' x 'Q-' 325' iff- We 'ff '-434. . - ' C: twa- 'rlffi .fa .- -. A f -,-'f""d if xfwv -,iff 'J-' .' ."fif'- 1" - . V U' 'f 1'?,.7f'-,515 i F' 1 A 1 :Q 5' if-42j.if' rfffilffjk . W, fi .A - 5' . - ,A fi ,L ' Q . f Pr - .e : ' 1 , N-' -' '-.2 ., fa 'fHf?" s-,.1.,, - "Ji , ,w '. 1 ' ' V ff, L' ' .. 1, .' - 1 ' r ,gg -A 3 . f A- Qi 1 ,f 5 1 M ,lfqgf if Vg 1.1 Q T rl .. v,,! .U . . M b b F .-Q sf M ti..,:gJ5+.:jf 5TfTz U 1,5491 k..aHgzpusg.i.a4A ' ' 1' iii s'-a' i - e"t E fs'-ii".iff'1-41f25'ff VYfin:ifff7E?'3533F???3'f?F1'.?'f?Tfi'YUl5., -- A y iii . , C T f-1...--ff:K-115559t'-'15':f?.Q.',flat-5 V1.7iZ?ffi2fii' ' .52ij,'f.2g-Hvflgliffiiwyiglf', y 'Li:.-"7'f2"Q,...m.-af. fs- N - -' - . vga-..,Z.,. H , " . A r -Za Q ' -gqa.zp.-h+-a.f.f-ovw'vv'f'7v-f-- '-- . '..L.- 1..-...p-.-an AM '...,7.,,,'.. ,...,.., '---3-su ....,r..,Wa. ....-..,. ,.,a,,..:.,.,..,..'1..:r.- . a W 'k...J A sa... 'CSHQ GOPH ER Tlfaculty GEORGE EDGAR VINCENT, Ph.D., LL.D., President-B.A., Yale, 18855 Ph.D., Chicago, 1896, LL.D., Chicago, 19115 LL.D., Yale, 1911. CYRUS NORTHROP, LL.D., President, Emeritus-B.A., Yale, 1857, LL.B., Yale, 1859 LL.D., Yale, 18865 LL.D., Wisconsin, Illinois College, South Carolina College. AMOS WILSON ABBOTT, M.D., Professor of Gynecology, Emeritus-M.D., College of Physicians and Surgeons QCo1umbiaJ, 1869. EVERTON JUDSON ABBOTT, B.A., M.D., Professor of Clinical Medicine, Emeritus- B.A., Western Reserve, 1873, AKD., Western Reserve, 1875. HOWARD STRICKLAND ABBOTT, B.L., Lecturer on Corporation Law-B.L., Minne- sota, 1885. CEPHAS DANIEL ALLIN, LL.B., M.A., Assistant Professor of Political SciencefB.A., Toronto, 1897, LL.B., Toronto, 1899, M.A., Harvard, 1900. FRANK MALOY ANDERSON, M.A., Professor of History-B.A., Minnesota, 1894, M.A., Minnesota, 1896. CHARLES MARTIN ANDRIST, M.L., Professor of FrenchfB.L., Minnesota, 18945 M.L., Minnesota, 1897. WILLIAM REMSEN APPLEBY, M.A., Dean of the School of Mines and Professor of Metallurgy-B.A., Williams, 1886, M.A., Williams, 1893. LOUIS BENEDICT BALDWIN, M.D., Superintendent, University Hospita1sfM.D., Minnesota, 1897. EREDERIC HERBERT BASS, B.S., Professor of Municipal and Sanitary Engineering- B.S., Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1901. LOUIS BENJAMIN BASSETT, Assistant Professor of Farm Management. GEORGE NEANDER BAUER, Ph.D., Professor of Mathematics-B.S., Minnesota, 1894, M.S., Iowa, 18983 Ph.D., Columbia, 1900. JOSEPH WARREN BEACH, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of English4B.A., Minnesota, 1900, M.A., Harvard, 1902, Ph.D., Harvard, 1907. 24 . -f as , -, sky 5562 COPH ER RICHARD OLDING BEARD, M.D., Professor of Physiology and Director of the Depart- ment of Physiology and Pharmacology-M.D., Northwestern, 1882. ELEXIOUS THOMPSON BELL, B.S., M.D., Assistant Professor of Pathology and Bac- teriology-B.S., Missouri, 19013 M.D., Missouri, 1903. JOHN WARREN BELL, M.D., Professor of Clinical Medicine and Physical Diagnosis, Emeritus-M.D., Ohio Medical College, 1876. HENRY ADAMS BELLOWS, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Rhetoric-B.A., Harvard, 19063 Ph.D., Harvard, 1910. CHARLES WILLIAM BENTON, Litt.D., Professor of the French Language and Literature, Head of Department of Romance LanguagesAB.A., Yale, 1874, B.D., Union Semi- nary, 18775 M.A., Yale, 18973 Litt.D., Western University of Pennsylvania, 1897. ANDREW BOSS, Professor of Agriculture. GISLE CHRISTIAN JOHNSON BOTHNE, M.A., Professor of Scandinavian Languages and Literatures, Head of Department of Scandinavian Languages-B.A., Luther, 18785 M.A., Luther, 1883. WILLIAM ELLSWORTH BROOKE, B.C.E., M.A., Professor of Mathematics and Me- chanicsAB.C.E., Nebraska, 1892, 'M.A., Nebraska, 1896. EDGAR DEWIGHT BROWN, Phm.D., M.D., Professor of Materia Medica and Phar- macology-Ph.Ci., N. Y. College of Pharmacy, 18983 Phm.D., N. Y. College of Phar- macy, l899g M.D., Western Reserve, 1902. ROME Ci. BROWN, B.A., Lecturer on Water RightsfB.A., Harvard, 1884. COATES PRESTON BULL, B.Agr., Associate Professor of Agronomy-B.Agr., Minnesota, 1901. EDWARD PARIS BURCH, E.E., Lecturer in Electric Railway Engineeringf-B.E.E., Minne- sota, 18923 E.E., Minnesota, 1898. FRANK EARL BURCH, M.D., Assistant Professor of Ophthalmology and Oto1ogyAM.D., Minnesota, 1897. OSCAR CARL BURKHARD, M.A., Assistant Professor of German-B.A., Minnesota, 19015 M.A., Minnesota, 1904. RICHARD BURTON, Ph.D., Professor of English Literature, Head of Department of English-B.A., Trinity, 18835 Ph.D., johns Hopkins, 18883 L.H.D., Trinity, 1906. 25 ii- fi fG916Q WILLIAM HENRY BUSSEY, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Mathematics-B.A., North- western, 19003 M.A., Harvard, 19023 Ph.D., Chicago, 1904. FREDERIC KING BUTTERS, B.S., B.A., Assistant Professor of Botany-B.S., Minne- sota, 18993 B.A., Harvard, 1900. LE ROY CADY, B.S. in Agr., Associate Professor of Horticulture-B.S. in Agr., Minnesota, 1907. ABRAHAM BARKER CATES, M.A., M.D., Professor of Obstetrics-B.A., Colby College, 1874, M.A., Colby College, 1877, M.D., Harvard Medical School, 1880. EDWARD Ct. CHEYNEY, B.A., Professor of ForestryfB.A., Cornell, 1900. PETER CHRISTIANSON, B.S., E.M., Professor of Metallurgy-B.S., Minnesota, 1890, B.E.M., Minnesota, 1894, E.M., Minnesota, 1898. JAMES TRENT CHRISTISON, M.D., Professor of Pediatrics-M.D., Minnesota, 1901. JOHN SINCLAIR CLARK, B.A., Professor of Latin Language and LiteraturefB.A., Minnesota, 1876. FREDERIC EDWARD CLEMENTS, Ph.D., Professor of Botany, Head of Department of Botany-B.Sc., Nebraska,1894g M.A., Nebraska, 1896, Ph.D., Nebraska, 1898. ALEXANDER R. COLVIN, M.D., Clinical Professor of Surgery-M.D., McGill, 1894. ELTING HOUGHTAL1 NG COMSTOCK, M.S., Professor of Mechanics and Mathematics -B.S., Wisconsin, 1897, M.S., Minnesota, 1907. FRANK HENRY CONSTANT, C.E., Professor of Structural Engineering-C.E., Cincin- nati, 1891. EDWARD ALBERT COOK, B.L., Assistant Professor of Rhetoric-B.L., Wisconsin, 1900. LOUIS JOSEPH COOKE, M.D., Medical Examiner and Director of GymnasiumfM.D., Vermont, 1894. JAMES FRANK CORBETT, M.D., Associate Professor of Experimental SurgeryAM.D., Minnesota, 1896. WILLIAM THOMAS COX, B.S.F., State Forester, Special Lecturer in Forestry-B.S.F., Minnesota, 1906. HARDIN CRAIG, Ph.D., Professor of English-B.A., Center College, 1897, M.A., Prince- ton, 18993 Ph.D., Princeton, 1901. 26 ninja 1 E562 GC1Jl'l11l3x JOHN GROSVENOR CROSS, B.S., M.S., M.D., Clinical Professor of Medicine+B.S., Minnesota, 18925 M.S., Northwestern, 18955 M.D., Northwestern, 1895. ALVIN SAYLES CUTLER, C.E., Assistant Professor of Railway Engineering-C.E., Minnesota, 1905. HANS H. DALAKER, B.A., Assistant Professor of MathematicsfB.A., Minnesota, 1902. WILLIAM STEARNS DAVIS, Ph.D., Professor of Ancient History-B.A., Harvard, 19005 M.A., Harvard, 19013 Ph.D., Harvard, 1905. WARREN ARTHUR DENNIS, B.L., M.D., Clinical Professor of SurgeryAB.L., Wisconsin, 18913 M.D., Minnesota, 1896. IRA HARRIS DERBY, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Chemistry-B.S., Harvard, 1899, Ph.D., Chicago, 1910. HAL DOWNEY, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Comparative Histology-B.A., Minnesota, 1903, M.A., Minnesota, 1904-3 Ph.D., Minnesota, 1909. JOHN FLORIN DOWNEY, M.A., C.E., Dean of the College of Science, Literature, and the Arts, Head of Department of Mathematics+B.S., Hillsdale, College 18705 M.S., Hillsdale College, 1873, M.A., Hillsdale College, 1877, C.E., State College of Pennsylvania, 1877. ARTHUR W. DUNNING, M.D., Clinical Professor of Nervous and Mental Diseases- M.D., College of Physicians and Surgeons, 1885. FREDERICK ALANSON DUNSMOOR, M.D., Professor of Clinical SurgeryfM.D., Bellevue Hospital Medical College, New York, 1875. JOHN FRANKLIN EBERSOLE, M.A., Assistant Professor of Economics and Political Science-Ph.B., Chicago, 1907, M.A., Harvard, 1909. HENRY TURNER EDDY, C.E., Ph.D., LL.D., D.Sc., Professor of Mathematics and Me- chanics and Dean, Emeritus-B.A., Yale, 1867, Ph.B., Sheflield Scientific School, 18683 M.A., Yale, 1870, C.E., Cornell, 1870, Ph.D., Cornell, 18725 LL.D., Center College, 1892, D.Sc., Yale, 1912. WILLIAM HARVEY EMMONS, Ph.D., Professor of Geology, Head of Department of CxeologyfB.A., Central College, 1897, Ph.D., Chicago, 1904. CHARLES ANDREW ERDMANN, M.D., Professor of Gross and Applied Anatomyg Ph.G., Wisconsin, 1887, M.D., Minnesota, 1893. HENRY ANTON ERIKSON, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Physics-B.E.E., Minnesota, 18965 Ph. D., Minnesota, 1908. 27 9 KJ -P E563 GOI-DHER OSCAR W. FIRKINS, M.A., Assistant Professor of English-B.A., Minnesota, 1884, M. A., Minnesota, 1898. JOHN JOSEPH FLATHER, Ph.B., M.M.E., Professor of Mechanical Engineering- Ph.B., Yale, 1885: M.M.E., Cornell, 1890. HENRY JESSE FLETCHER, LL.M., Professor of Law-LL.M., Minnesota, 1902. W1LLlAM WATTS FOLWELL, LL.D., Professor of Political Science, Emeritus-B.A., Hobart, 18575 M.A., Hobart, LL.D., Hobart, 1880. DAN1EL FORD, M.A., Assistant Professor of Rhetoric-B.L., Dartmouth, 1899, M.A., Harvard, 1905. BURNSIDE FOSTER, B.A., M.D., Professor of Dermatology and Syphilology and Lecturer upon the History of Medicine-B.A., Yale, 1882, M.D., Harvard, 1886. GEORGE BELL FRANKFORTER, Ph.D., Dean of the School of Chemistry, Professor of Chemistry-B.Sc., Nebraska, 1886, M.A., Nebraska, 1888, Ph.D., Berlin, 1893. FRANClS COWLES FRARY, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of ChemistryfAna1ytical Chemist, Minnesota, 19055 M.S., Minnesota, 1906, Ph.D., Minnesota, 1912. EDWARD MONROE FREEMAN, Ph.D., Professor of Vegetable Pathology and Botany, Assistant to Dean of the Department of Agriculture-B.S., Minnesota, 1898, M.S., Minnesota, 1899, Ph.D., Minnesota, 1905. JULES THEOPHILE FREL1N, B.A., Assistant Professor of French4B.A., Minnesota, 1905. JAMES STERLING GlLFlLLAN, M.D., Clinical Professor of Medicine-M.D., Minnesota, 1907, Pennsylvania, 1908. ARTHUR JAY G1LLETTE, M.D., Professor of Orthopedic Surgery-M.D., St. Paul Medical College, 1886, M.D., Minnesota, 1903. HENRY SAMUEL GODFREY, D.M.D., Clinical Professor of Operative Dentistry- D.M.D., Minnesota, 1897. JOHN EVENSON GRANRUD, Ph.D., Professor of LatinfB.A., Luther College, 1886, M.A., Luther, 1890, Ph.D., Cornell, 1892. JOHN HENRY GRAY, Ph.D., Professor of Economics and Political Science, Head ot Department of Economics and Political Science-B.A., Harvard, 18873 Ph.D., Halle, 1892. CHARLES LYMAN GREENE, M.D., Professor and Chief of the Department of Medicine -M.D., Minnesota, 1890. 28 fi U 4. Ege GOPH ER FRANK FITCH GROUT, M.S., Assistant Professor of Geology and Mineralogy-B.S., Minnesota, 1904, M.S., Minnesota, 1908. THEOPHILUS LEVI HAECKER, Professor of Dairy and Animal Husbandry. EVERHART PERCY HARDING, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Chemistry-B.A., Minne- sota, 18943 M.S., Minnesota, 18953 Ph.D., Heidelberg, 1900. THOMAS BRADFORD HARTZELL, D.M.D., M.D., Professor of Oral Surgery, Thera- peutics, and Clinical Pathology-D.M.D., Minnesota, 1893, M.D., Minnesota, 1894. GEORGE DOUGLAS HEAD, B.S., M.D., Associate Professor of Medicine-B.S., Minne- sota, 18925 M.D., Minnesota, 1895. ALBERT CHENEY HEATH, B.A., M.D., Clinical Professor of Rhinology and Laryngology -B.A., Dartmouth, 1891, M.D., Minnesota, 1894. EDWIN HAWLEY HEWITT, B.A., Lecturer on ArchitecturefB.A., Minnesota, 1896. RALPH HOAGLAND, B.Agr., Professor of Agricultural Chemistry and Soils-B.Agr., Minnesota, 1904. NED L. HLIFF, M.A., Assistant Professor of Botany-B.A., Minnesota, 19035 M.A., Minne- sota, 1906. JOHN CORRIN HUTCHINSON, B.A., Professor of Greek, Head of Department of Greek -B.A., Minnesota, 1876. GEORGE FRANCIS JAMES, Ph.D., Dean of the College of Education, Professor of Edu- cation-B.A., Michigan, 18863 M.A., Michigan, 18875 Ph.D., Halle, 1894. ALBERT ERNEST JENKS, Ph.D., Professor of AnthropologyiB.S., Kalamazoo College, 18965 B.S., Chicago, 18975 Ph.D., Wisconsin, 1899. WALDRON MIRTALU JEROME, B.S., LL.B., Lecturer on Common Law Pleading- B.S., Minnesota, 19005 LL.B., Harvard, 1906. JOHN BLACK JOHNSTON, Ph.D., Professor of Comparative Neurology and Secretary of the Faculty of the College of Medicine and Surgery-Ph.B., Michigan, 18933 Ph.D., Michigan, 1899. WILLIAM ALEXANDER JONES, M.D., Professor of Nervous and Mental Diseases- M.D., Medical Department, University of City of New York, 1881. WILLIAM HARRISON KAVANAUGH, M.E., Professor of Experimental Engineering- M.E., Lehigh, 1894. Z9 -47 Caffe GOPHER MERTON STEPHEN KINGSTON, E.M., Assistant Professor of Mining-E.M., Minne- sota, 1904-. WILLIAM HERMAN KIRCHNER, B.S., Professor of Drawing and Descriptive Geometry -B.S., Worcester Polytechnic, 1887. FREDERICK KLAEBER, Ph.D., Professor of Comparative and English Philology, Head of Department of Comparative Philology-Ph.D., Berlin, 1892. ALOIS FRANCIS KOVARIK, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Physics-B.A., Minnesota, 1904-g M.A., Minnesota, 1907, Ph.D., Minnesota, 1909. EDWIN MAXIMILIAN LAMBERT, M.E., Assistant Professor of Mechanics and Math- ematics-M.E., Minnesota, 1909. ROBERT CHEEK LANSING, M.A., Assistant Professor of English-B.S., Nebraska, 1899, M.A., Nebraska, 1901. WILLIAM FREDERICK LASBY, B.A., D.D.S., Clinical Professor of Prosthetic Chemistry fB.A., Carleton, 19005 D.D.S., Minnesota, 1903. ARTHUR AYER LAW, M.D., Clinical Professor of SurgeryfM.D., Minnesota, 1894. FRANCIS P. LEAVENWORTH, M.A., Professor of Astronomy, Head of Department of Astronomy-B.A., Indiana, 1880, M.A., Indiana, 1887. FREDERICK ELMER LEAVITT, M.D., Clinical Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology, and Clerk of Clinics-M.D., Minnesota, 1894-. THOMAS GEORGE LEE, B.S., M.D., Professor and Director of the Department of Anatomy and Librarian, Department of Medicine-M.D., Pennsylvania, 1886, B.S., Harvard, 1892. EDWARD M. LEHNERTS, M.A., Assistant Professor of Geography-B.S., Pennsylvania, 1902, M.A., Minnesota, 1908. CHARLES CLINTON LIPP, D.V.M., Assistant Professor of Veterinary Medicine and Surgery-D.V.M., Ohio, 1903. JENNINGS CRAWFORD LITZENBERG, B.S., M.D., Associate Professor of Gynecology and Obstetrics, and Chief of Staff, Out-Patient Department, University Hospitals fB.S., Minnesota, 18945 M.D., Minnesota, 1899. EDWARD PROSPER MCCARTY, E.M., Professor of Mining-E.M., Minnesota, 1900. 30 4 --'ir' W'- .,f'1 8 16662 CU1Jl'll2R ARCHIBALD MacLAREN, B.S., M.D., Clinical Professor of SurgeryfB.S., Princeton, 18805 M.D., College of Physicians and Surgeons, New York, 1883. JOHN SILLIMAN MACNIE, B.A., M.D., Clinical Professor of Ophthalmology and Otology -B.A., North Dakota, 18935 M.D., Columbia, 1896. ARTHUR TEALL MANN, B.S., M.D., Clinical Professor of Surgery, and Clerk of Clinics -B.S., Minnesota, 18885 M.D., Harvard, 1896. JOHN VAN SICKLE MARTENIS, M.E., Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering -M.B., Lehigh, 1894. DEXTER DWIGHT MAYNE, Professor of Agricultural Pedagogics. HUGH VICTOR MERCER, LL.M., D.C.L., Lecturer on Practice in United States Courts -LL.B., Minnesota, 1894, LL.M., Minnesota, 1897, D.C.L., Minnesota, 1911. JAMES BURT MINER, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Psycho1ogy+B.S., Minnesota, 18975 LL.B., Minnesota, 1899, M.S., Minnesota, 19013 Ph.D., Columbia, 1903. THOMAS WARNER MITCHELL, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Business Administration fB.A., Washington, 1900, Ph.D., Pennsylvania, 1905, C.P.A. JOSEPH S. MONTGOMERY, B.S. in Agr., Assistant Professor of Animal Husbandry- B.S., in Agr. Kansas State Agricultural College, 1907. JAMES EDWARD MOORE, M.D., Professor and Chief of the Department of Surgery- M.D., Bellevue Hospital Medical College, 1873. JOHN G. MOORE, B.A., Professor of German, Head of Department of GermanfB.A., Cornell, 1873. EDMUND MORRIS MORGAN, Jr., B.A., M.A., LL.B., Professor of Law-B.A., Harvard, 1902, M.A., Harvard, 1903, LL.B., Harvard, 1905. ROBERT HYNDMAN MULLIN, B.A., M.B., Associate Professor of Pathology and Bac- terio1ogyAB.A., Toronto, 1899, M.B., Toronto, 1902. WILLIAM ROBBINS MURRAY, Ph.B., M.D., Professor of Rhinology and Laryngologyg Ph.B., Michigan, 18923 M.D., Rush Medical College, 1897. HENRY F. NACHTRIEB, B.S., Professor of Animal Biology, Head of Department of Animal Biology-B.S., Minnesota, 1882. BERT LEROY NEWKIRK, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Mathematics and Mechanics- B.A., Minnesota, 18975 M.A., Minnesota, 18995 Ph.D., Munich, 1902. 31 ,.. . ... E LJ ZEHQ GOPH ER CHARLES WASHBURN NICHOLS, M.A., Assistant Professor of Rhetoric-B.A., Yale, 19053 M.A., Yale, 1907. EDWARD E. NICHOLSON, M.A., Assistant Professor of Chemistry-B.S., Nebraska, 1894, M.A., Nebraska, 1896. LOUIS A. NIPPERT, M.D., Clinical Professor of MedicinefM.D., Miami Medical College, 1883. JULIA ANNA NORRIS, M.D., Head of the Department of Physical Education for Women -M.D., Northwestern University, 1900. WALLACE NOTESTEIN, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of History-B.A., Wooster, 1900, M.A., Yale, 19033 Ph.D., Yale, 1908. CHRISTOPHER DILLON O'BRIEN, Lecturer on Criminal Procedure and Practice. HENRY JOSEPH O'BRIEN, M.D., Clinical Professor of Surgery. THOMAS DILLON O'BR1EN, Special Lecturer on the Police Power of the State. OSCAR WILLIAM OESTLUND, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Animal BiologyfB.A., Augustana, 1879, M.A., Augustana, 18873 Ph.D., Augustana, 1900. FORREST H. ORTON, D.D.S., Professor of Crown and Bridge Work. ALFRED OWRE, B.A., M.D., C.M., D.M.D., Dean of the College of Dentistry, Professor of Operative Dentistry and Dental Metal1urgyfD.M.D., Minnesota, 1894, M.D., and C.M., Minneapolis College of Physicians and Surgeons, 18953 B.A., Minnesota, 1910. JAMES PAIGE, M.A., LL.M., Professor of Law-B.A., Princeton, 18875 M.A., Princeton, 18883 LL.B., Minnesota, 1890, LL.M., Minnesota, 1893. ELMER HIRAM PARKER, B.S., M.D., Assistant Professor of Rhinology and Laryngology -B.S., Wisconsin, 1885, M.D., Northwestern, 1891. THOMAS GEORGE PATERSON, B.S. in Agr., Assistant Professor in Animal Husbandry fB.S. in Agr., Minnesota, 1909. LEVI BECKLEY PEASE, M.S., Professor of Meta1lurgyAB.S., Minnesota, 18983 M.S., Minnesota, 1899. JAY N. PIKE, D.D.S., Clinical Professor of Orthodontia-D.D.S., Minnesota, 1903. 32 x.J E562 CQPH ER JOSEPH BROWN PIKE, M.A., Professor of Latin, Head of Department of Latin-B.A., Minnesota, l89Og M.A., Minnesota, l892. LOUISE MATHILDE POWELL, R.N., Superintendent of the School for Nurses. EDWARD G. QUIGLEY, B.A., Assistant Professor of Education-B.A., Iowa, l904-. SAMUEL QUIGLEY, M.A., Assistant Professor of Education-M.Di., Iowa State Teachers, College, l895g B.A., Iowa, l906g M.A., Chicago, 1911. WALTER REEVE RAMSEY, M.D., Clinical Professor of PediatricsfM.D., Minnesota, 1896. ALBERT WILLIAM RANKIN, B.A., Professor of Education-B.A., Minnesota, l88O. J. O. RANKIN, B.A., B.S. in Agr., M.A., Editor, Department of Agriculture-B.A., Tarlcio College, B.S. in Agn., Iowa State College, B.A., George Washington University. FRANK MILLER RARIG, M.A., Assistant Professor of Rhetoric-B.A., Northwestern, I903g M.A., Northwestern, l905. SAMUEL NICHOLAS REEP, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Sociology-B.A., Drake Uni- versity, l903g M.A., Northwestern College, l905g Ph.D., Chicago, l9lO. SOREN P. REES, B.S., M.D., Clinical Professor of Medicine-B.S., Minnesota, l895g M.D., Minnesota, I897. MYRON HERBERT REYNOLDS, B.S., D.V.M., M.D., Ph.G., Professor of Veterinary Medicine and Surgery-B.S., Iowa Agricultural College, I886g D.V.M., Iowa Agri- cultural College, l889g M.D., and Ph.G., Iowa College of Physicians and Surgeons, l89l. CHARLES EUGENE RIGGS, M.A., M.D., Professor and Chief of the Department of Mental and Nervous Diseases--B.A., Ohio Wesleyan, l877g M.A., Ohio Wesleyan, l88Og M.D., College of Physicians and Surgeons, Baltimore, l88O. PARKS RITCHIE, M.D., Professor and Chief of the Department of Obstetrics and Gyne- cology-M.D., Ohio Medical College, l87O. THOMAS SADLER ROBERTS, M.D., Clinical Professor of Pediatrics-M.D., Penn- sylvania, l885. HAROLD EUGENE ROBERTSON, B.A., M.D., Associate Professor of Pathology and Bacteriolivgy, and Pathologist to the University Hospitals-B.A., Carleton, l899g M.D., Pennsylvania, l905. ,mfw-ifz-1-ffmwmmmeht ,f 1.-swiss. 'sn . -Y. . ,,,,,,,.,.......m....-f ,.,.f .a , .M --S----ff' 2. Y J Q-W---m.......... .........,..... 1 3 flu -"wi ,fm ' 'S c-1 ff" 5- ef 35.1 1-...Ji j --Q ..,. xo? A'-Q-ff' 1 Z Ex Q... 1.5 ir, EDWARD VAN DYKE ROBlNSON, Ph.D., Professor of EconomicsiB.A., Michigan, 18905 M.A., Michigan, 18915 Ph.D., Leipzig, 1895. JOHN THOMAS ROGERS, M.D., Clinical Professor of Surgery-M.D., Minnesota, 1891. CARL OTTO ROSENDAHL, Ph.D., Professor of Botany-B.S., Minnesota, 19015 M.A., Minnesota, 19025 Ph.D., Berlin, 1905. JOHN LINCOLN ROTHROCK, M.A., M.D., Clinical Professor of Gynecology-B.A., Pennsylvania College, 18855 M.A., Pennsylvania College, 18885 M.D., University of Pennsylvania, 1888. ARTHUR GORDON RUGGLES, M.A., Assistant Professor of EntomologyfB.S.A., Cornell, 19015 M.A., Cornell, 1904-. WlLLlAM THOMAS RYAN, E.E., Assistant Professor of Electrical EngineeringAE.E., Minnesota, 1905. MARlA LOUlSA SANFORD, Professor of Rhetoric, Emeritus. FREDERlCK WlLLlAM SARDESON, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Paleontology- B.L., Minnesota, 18915 M.S., Minnesota, 18925 Ph.D., Freiburg, 1895. CHARLES ALBERT SAVAGE, Ph.D., Professor of Greek-B.A., johns Hopkins, 18955 Ph.D., johns Hopkins, 1903. RICHARD EVERlNGHAM SCAMMON, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Anatomy-B.A., Kansas, 19045 M.A., Kansas, 19065 Ph.D., Harvard, 1909. WlLLlAM A. SCHAPER, Ph.D., Professor of Political Science-B.L., Wisconsin, 18955 M.A., Columbia, 18985 Ph.D., Columbia, 1901. CARL SCHLENKER, B.A., Professor of German-B.A., Michigan, 1892. CARLYLE MAC ROBERTS SCOTT, Professor of Music. FREDERICK HUGHES SCOTT, Ph.D., M.B., D.Sc., Assistant Professor of Physiology- B.A., Toronto, 18975 Ph.D., Toronto, 18995 M.B., Toronto, 19065 D.Sc., London, 1908. ,lULlUS PARKER SEDGWICK, B.Sc., M.D., Assistant Research Professor in Physiologic Chemistry and Clinical lnstructor in PediatricsfB.Sc., Nebraska, 18965 M.D., Rush Medical College, 1899. GEORGE E. SENKLER, M.D., Clinical Professor of Medicine-M.D., Minnesota, 18925 M.D., Pennsylvania, 1893. 34 41+ 1- A ss-, .G ag Y . 'mklwltrai mv.: Ur-zfa.-res:-.,L4f:' 153562 GQIJHER WALTER DEWITT SHELDON, B.S., M.D., Clinical Professor of MedicinefB.S., Wis- consin, 1891, M.D., Rush Medical College, 1895. FRANCIS CLINTON SHENEHON, C.E., Dean of the College of Engineering and the Mechanic Arts, and Professor of Civil EngineeringfB.C.E., Minnesota, 18953 C.E., Minnesota, 1900. GEORGE DEFREES SHEPARDSON, M.A., M.E., D.Sc., Professor of Electrical Engi- neering-B.A., Denison, 1885, M.A., Denison, 18883 M.E., Cornell, 18893 D.Sc., Harvard, 1912. ANTON SH1MONEK, M.D., Clinical Professor of Surgery-M.D., Rush Medical College, 1879. S. CARL SHlPLEY, B.S., M.E., Assistant Professor of Machine Construction-B.S., Missouri, 19005 B.S. QEngineeringJ, Cincinnati, 19013 M.E., Cincinnati, 1903. CHARLES FRANKL1N SHOOP, B.S., Assistant Professor of Experimental Engineering- B.S. CPure Mathematicsj, Pennsylvania State, 19015 B.S.CMechanical Engineeringl, Pennsylvania.State, 1904. ROYAL RUSS SHUMWAY, B.A., Assistant Professor of MathematicsfB.A., Minnesota, 1903. CHARLES FREDER1CK SIDENER, B.S., Professor of Chemistry-B.S., Minnesota, 1883. CHARLES PETER S1GERFOOS, Ph.D., Professor of Zoology-B.S. Ohio State, 18895 Ph.D., johns Hopkins, 1897. ARTHUR CARLTON SMITH, B.S., Professor of Poultry Husbandry+B.S., Massachusetts lnstitute of Technology, 1892. HOWARD R. SM1TH, B.S., Professor of Animal Husbandry-B.S., Michigan Agricul- tural College, 1895. SAMUEL GEORGE SMITH, Ph.D., LL.D., Professor of Sociology, Head of Department of Sociology and Anthropology+B.A., Cornell, 18723 M.A., Cornell, 18753 D.D. Upper lowa, 18873 Ph.D., Syracuse, 18805 LL.D., Cornell, 1900. HALDOR SNEVE, M.D., Clinical Professor of Mental and Nervous Diseases-M.D., Medical College of Ohio, 1887. FRANKLIN WESLEY SPRINGER, E.E., Professor of Electrical Engineering-B.E.E., Minnesota, 18935 E.E., Minnesota, 1898. HENRY LORING STAPLES, M.A., M.D., Clinical Professor of Medicine-B.A., Bowdoin, 18815 M.A., Bowdoin, 18845 M.D., Medical School of Maine, 1886. 35 LJ 9 'Gigs GOPH ER JEREMIAH CLARK STEWART, B.S., M.D., Professor of Principals of SurgeryfB.S., and C.E., Minnesota, 18753 M.D., College of Physicians and Surgeons, N. Y., 1884. JOHN T. STEWART, C.E., Professor of Agricultural Engineering-B.S., Illinois, 1893, C.E., Illinois, 1909. ANDREW ADIN STOMBERG, M.S., Professor of Scandinavian Languages and Litera- tures-B.A., Gustavus Adolphus, 18955 M.S., Minnesota, 1896. ARTHUR SWEENEY, B.A., M.D., Professor of Medical jurisprudencefB.A., Fordham University, 1880, M.D., Harvard, 1886. MARGARET SWEENEY, Ph.D., Dean of Women, Professor of RhetoricfB.A., Radcliffe, 18995 Ph.D., Yale, 1901. HORATIO BARTHOLOMEW SWEETSER, M.D., Clinical Professor of Surgery-M.D., Columbia, 1885. DAVID FERDINAND SWENSON, B.S., Assistant Professor of PhilosophyfB.S., Minne- sota, 1898. FLETCHER HARPER SWIFT, Ph.D., Professor of Education-B.A., Dartmouth, 18983 D.D., Union Theological Seminary, 19033 M.A., Columbia, 19043 Ph.D., Columbia, 1905. JOSEPH MORRIS THOMAS, Ph.D., Professor of Rhetoric, Head of Department of Rhetoric and Public Speaking-Ph.B., Michigan, 18983 M.A., Michigan, 1903, Ph.D., Michigan, 1910. ' CARL WILLIAM THOMPSON, M.A., Associate Professor of Economics, and Director of Bureau of Research in Agricultural Economics-B.A., South Dakota, 1903, M.A., Harvard, 1904. EDWARD SAMPSON THURSTON, M.A., LL.B,, Professor of Law-B.A., Harvard, 18985 M.A., Harvard, 1900, LL.B., Harvard, 1901. DILLON PARNELL TIERNEY, M.F., Assistant State Forester, Special Lecturer in For- estry-B.S.F., Minnesota, 19065 M.F., Yale, 1908. JOSEPHINE ELIZABETH TILDEN, M.S., Professor of Botany4B.S., Minnesota, 18955 M.S., Minnesota, 1896. FRANK CHISHOLM TODD, M.D., Professor and Chief of the Department of Eye, Ear, Nose, and Throat-D.D.S., Minnesota, 18911 M.D., Minnesota, 1892. ANTHONY LISPENARD UNDERHILL, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Mathematics!- B.S., Chicago, 1900, Ph.D., Chicago, 1906. 36 ,efio KJ 7 -P, .. 1:91956-2 CO1Jl'll'lfI CHARLES EDWIN VAN BARNEVELD, B.A.Sc., E.M., Professor of Mining Engineering +B.A.Sc., E.M., McGill, 1895. WILLIAM REYNOLDS VANCE, Ph.D., LL.B., Dean of the College of Law, and Professor of LawwB.A., Washington and Lee University, 18923 M.A., Washington and Lee University, 18935 Ph.D., Washington and Lee University, 1895, LL.B., Washington and Lee University, 1897, M.A. CHonoraryj, Yale, 1909. FREDERIC LEONARD WASHBURN, M.A., Professor of EntomologyfB.A., Harvard, 1882, M.A., Harvard, 1895. ROBERT MANN WASHBURN, M.S.A., Associate Professor of Dairy Husbandry4B.S. in Agr., Minnesota, 19013 M.S.A., Missouri, 1909. OSCAR ALBERT WEISS, D.M.D., Professor of Prosthetic, Dentistry and Orthodontia- D.M.D., Minnesota, 1893. LOUIS DWIGHT HARVELL WELD, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Extension Work in Economic and Political Science-B.A., Bowdoin, 19053 M.A., Illinois, 19073 Ph.D., Columbia, 1908. AMOS SCHUMPERT WELLS, B.A., D.D.S., Clinical Professor of Crown and Bridge Work-B.A., Newberry College lS.C.jg D.D.S., Minnesota, 1906. FRANK FAIRCHILD WESBROOK, M.A., M.D., C.M., Dean of the College of Medicine and Surgery, and Professor and Director of the Department of Pathology and Bac- teriology-B.A., Manitoba, 18873 M.A., M.D., C.M., Manitoba, 1890. CHARLES AUGUSTUS WHEATON, M.D., Professor of Surgery, Emeritus-M.D., Harvard Medical School, 1877. ALBERT BEEBE WHITE, Ph.D., Professor of History-B.A., Yale, 1893, Ph.D., Yale, 1898. SOLON MARX WHITE, B.S., M.D., Associate Professor of MedicineA-B.S., Illinois, 18963 M.D., Northwestern, 1897. M. RUSSELL WILCOX, M.D., Assistant Professor of Physiology-M.D., Minnesota, 1897. NORMAN WILDE, Ph.D., Professor of Philosophy and Psychology, Head of Depart- ment of Philosophy and Psychology-B.A., Columbia, 18893 M.A., Columbia, 18903 Ph.D., Columbia, 1894. DANIEL E. WILLARD, M.A., Special Lecturer, Forest Soils. HENRY LANE WILLIAMS, B.A., M.D., Director of Athletics, Instructor in Gynecology- B.A., Yale, 1891, M.D., Pennsylvania, 1895. 37 1.2 ... E522 G01-JHER HUGH EVANDER WILLIS, M.A., LL.M., Assistant Professor of Law-B.A., Yankton College, 18973 M.A., Yankton College, 18995 LL.B., Minnesota, 1901 g LL.M., Minne- sota, 1902. JOHN WILLEY WILLIS, M.A., Special Lecturer on Lawyers, Ancient, Medieval, and Modern-B.A., Dartmouth, 18775 M.A., Dartmouth, 1880. ARCHIE DELL WILSON, B.S. in Agr., Chief of Extension Division, Department of Agri- cu1turevB.S. in Agr., Minnesota, 1905. LOUIS BLANCHARD WILSON, M.D., Assistant Professor of Clinical Pathology-M.D., Minnesota, 1896. HERBERT WOODROW, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Psychology-B.A., Michigan, 1904, Ph.D., Columbia, 1909. ALBERT FREDERICK WOODS, M.A., Dean and Director of the Department of Agri- culture-B.Sc., Nebraska, 1890, M.A., Nebraska, 1892. FRANKLIN RANDOLPH WRIGHT, M.D., Clinical Professor of Genito-Urinary Diseases -D.D.S., Minnesota, 18905 M.D., Minnesota, 1894. FREDERICK JOHN WULLING, Ph.G., LL.M., Dean of the College of Pharmacy, Professor of Pharmacology and Director of the University Medicinal Plant Gardens-Ph.G., Columbia, 18875 LL.M., Minnesota, 1898. JEREMIAH SIMEON YOUNG, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Political Science-B.A., Kansas, 1890, M.A., Michigan, 1898, Ph.D., Chicago, 1902. ANTHONY ZELENY, Ph.D., Professor of Physics!-B.S., Minnesota, 1892, M.S., Minne- sota, 1893, Ph.D., Minnesota, 1907. JOHN ZELENY, Ph.D., Acting Dean of the Graduate School, Professor of Physics, Head of Department of Physics-B.S., Minnesota, 18925 B.A., Cambridge, 1899, Ph.D., Minnesota, 1906. OTTO S. ZELENER, B.S., Assistant Professor of Surveying-B.S. in C.E., Michigan, 1905 38 fit 'QJ PC9563 GCDPHER INSTRUCTORS FRED LYMAN ADAIR, B.S., M.D., Instructor in Obstetrics and Gynecology-B.S., Minne- sota, 18985 M.D., Rush Medical College, 1901. LINCOLN KEENEY ADKINS, M.S., Instructor in MathematicskB.A., Nashville, 19053 B.S., Chicago, 1909, M.S., Chicago, 1912. WILLIAM F. ALLEN, M.A., Instructor in Histology and Embryology-B.A., Leland Stan- ford, 19003 M.A., Leland Stanford, 1902. ALBERT CEDRIC ARNY, B.S. in Agr., Instructor in Agriculture-B.S., in Agr., Minne- sota, 1909. ORVILLE G. BABCOCK, B.S., Instructor in Entomology-B.S., Colorado Agricultural College, 1910. GUSTAV BACHMAN, Phm.D., Phm.M., Instructor in PharmacyfPhm.D., Minnesota, 1900, Phm.M., Minnesota, 1901. CLYDE HAROLD BAILEY, Instructor in Agricultural Chemistry. GEORGE JACOB BAKER, B.S. and M.S. in Agr., Head of District Agricultural Work in County Work of State of Minnesota'B.S. in Agr., Minnesota, 1909, M.S. in Agr., Minnesota, 1910. ALFRED BLIRPEE BALCOM, M.A., Instructor, Extension Work in Economics and Political Science-B.S., Acadia CN.S.J, 1907, M.A., Harvard, 1909. CHARLES RIGGS BALL, B.A., M.D., Clinical Instructor in Nervous and Mental Diseases -B.A., Ohio Wesleyan, 1891, M.D., Minnesota, 1894. MOSES BARRON, B.S., M.D., Instructor in Pathology and Bacteriology-B.S., Minne- sota, 1910, M.D., Minnesota, 1911. GEORGE C. BARTON, M.D., Clinical Instructor in Gynecology-M.D., jefferson Medical College, Phila., 1880. EDWIN A. BAUMGARTNER, B.A., M.A., Instructor-B.A., University of Kansas, 19103 M.A., University of Kansas, 1911. HERBERT FLOYD BERGMAN, B.SC., Instructor-B.Sc., Kansas State Agricultural College, 1905. 39 t I-F IH 'ks-,J T-, Cage COPH ER EMIR BEST, B.S. in Dom.Sc., Instructor in Domestic Science+B.S., in Dom.Sc., Minnesota, ' 1912. FRANK S. BISSELL, M.D., Clinical Instructor in Medicine and Radiographer, University Hospitals-M.D., Minnesota, 1902. MARGARET JOSEPHINE BLAIR, Instructor in Domestic Art, in charge of Section- FRANK WALKER BLISS, M.S., Instructor in ChemistryAB.S., Michigan, 19083 NLS., Illinois, 1909. OSCAR J. BLOSMO, Ph.C., Instructor in Dispensing-Ph.C., Minnesota, 1907. FANNIE CARD BOUTELLE, Instructor in Domestic Economics, In Charge of Section. OLIVER BOWLES, M.A., Instructor in Geology-B.A., Toronto, 1907, M.A., Toronto, 1908. JESSIE WADLEIGH BOYCE, B.A., Instructor, University Practice School-B.A.,Minne- sota, 1905. WILLARD L. BOYD, D.V.S., Instructor in Veterinary Medicine and Surgery. CHARLES HERBERT BRADLEY, M.D., Clinical Instructor in Medicine-M.D., North- western, 1890. PETER JOHN BREKHLIS, B.A., D.D.S., Instructor in Crown and Bridge WorkvB.A., Augsburg, 1902, D.D.S., Minnesota, 1910. JOHN B. BRIMHALL, M.D., Clinical Instructor in Orthopedic Surgery-M.D., Penn- sylvania. RAYMOND WOODWARD BRINK, B.S., B.E.E., Instructor in Mathematics-B.S., Kansas State College, 19083 B.E.E., Kansas State College, 1909. HAROLD HIRAM BROWN, B.A., M.A., Instructor in Chemistry4B.A., Syracuse Uni- versity, 1909g M.A., Syracuse University, 1910. ALVAH M. BULL, Instructor in Farm Structures. WILLIAM E. CANTWELL, B.S., Instructor-B.S., Minnesota, 1911. WILLIAM LANE CAVERT, Ph.B., B.S. in Agr., Instructor in Farm Management-Ph.B., Union, 1910, B.S., in Agr. Cornell, 1912. NORTON EVERETT CHAPMAN, B.A., B.D., M.A., Poultry Expert, Extension Division- B.A., Chicago, 1885, B.D., Chicago, 18855 M.A., Denison University, 1888. 40 fu 1 1 1 1 e-4 E562 CCDPH ER EDITH SCHWARTZ CLEMENTS, Ph.D., Instructor in Botany-B.Sc., Nebraska, 18983 Ph.D., Nebraska, 1904. T l Lf, HENRIETTE CLOPATH, Instructor in Drawing, ln Charge of Art Department. WI LFORD OSCAR CLURE, B.A., LL.B., Instructor in Rhetoric+B.A., Drake, 18955 LL.B., I Iowa College of Law, 1897. MARY LURANE COFFIN, Instructor in Music. LILLIAN COHEN, M.S., Instructor in ChemistryWB.S., Minnesota, 19003 M.S., Minne- sota, 1901. WILLIAM HENRY CONDIT, B.S., M.D., Clinical Instructor in 'I'herapeuticsiB.S., Minnesota, 18963 M.D., Minnesota, 1899. ESTELLE COOK, Instructor in English. HENRY WIREMAN COOK, B.A., M.D., Instructor in Clinical Medicine-B.A., johns Hopkins, 18985 M.D., johns Hopkins, 1902. PAUL BURNS COOK, M.D., Instructor in Genito-Urinary Diseases-M.D., Minnesota, 1900. OSCAR COOPERMAN, D.D.S., Instructor in Prosthetic Dentistry-D.D.S., Minnesota, 191 1. FRANCIS A. CORNIEA, B.S. in Agr., Instructor-B.S. in Agr., Minnesota, 1911. NORMAN JEFFREY COX, B.S., D.M.D., Instructor in Operative Dentistry-B.S., Minne- sota, 18983 D.M.D., Minnesota, 1901. GEORGE MYRON DAMON, D.D.S., Instructor in Prosthetic Dentistry and Dental Anat- omy-D.D.S., Minnesota, 1907. LESLIE O. DART, M.D., Clinical Instructor in Pediatrics-M.D., Minnesota, 1901. JAMES DAVIES, Ph.D., Instructor in GermanwPh.B., Boston, 1900, M.A., Boston, 1905, Ph.D., Leipzig, 1906. EDWARD W. DAVIS, B.S., E.E., Instructor in Mathematics and Mechanics-B.S., Purdue University, 1911, E.E., Purdue University, 1911. GRACE ORPHA DAVIS, B.A., Scholar-B.A., Minnesota, 1912. RENE M. DELAMARE, B.L., Instructor in French-Bachelier Lettres-Philosophie, Sor- bonne CParisj, 1897. 41 v-f4-If ESQ G Qld l'1 ER GRACE ELLA DENNY, B.S., Instructor in Physical Training-B.S., Columbia. CHARLES FREMONT DIGHT, M.D., Lecturer in Pharmacology and Materia Medica- M.D., Michigan, 1879. JOHN DITTMANN, Expert in Charge of Alcohol Investigation-Absolvent, Weihenstephan, Germany, 1911. MAXWELL JAY DORSEY, B.S., M.S.A., Expert in Fruit Breeding-B.S., Michigan Agr., College, 1906, M.S.A., Cornell, 1910. AUSTIN SOUTHWICK EDWARDS, Ph.D., Instructor in Psycho1ogyWB.S., Columbia, 19085 M.A., Minnesota, 19103 Ph.D., Cornell, 1912. ADDISON LUTHER EWING, M.S., Instructor in School Physics-B.S., Cornell, 1880g M.S., Cornell, 1886. ROBERT EMMETT FARR, M.D., Clinical Instructor in Surgery-M.D., Rush Medical College, 1900. EARL LOYD FINNEY, Instructor in Mathematics. CARL OSCAR FLAGSTAD, D.D.S., Instructor in Prosthetic Dentistry-D.D.S., Minne- sota, 1911. f, . WILLIAM KERR FOSTER, LL.M., Assistant Director of Gymnasium-LL.B., Minnesota, 19083 LL.M., Minnesota, 1909. WILLIAM HARDY FRAZIER, B.S., Instructor in Soi1sAB.S., Minnesota, 1907. ROBERT WILTON FRENCH, B.S., Instructor in Drawing-B.S. QCivi1 Engineeringb, Michigan, 1907. JOHN THEODORE GEISSENDOERFER, Ph.D., Instructor in German-B.A., Wisconsin, 1907, Ph.D., Pennsylvania, 1912. EMIL SEBASTIAN THOMAS GEI ST, M.D., Clinical Instructor in Orthopedic Surgery- M.D., Minnesota, 1900. HALDOR B. GISLASON, B.A., LL.B., Instructor in Rhetoric-B.A., Minnesota, 19003 LL.B., Minnesota, 1904. HARRIET IRENE GOLDSTEIN, Instructor in Drawing. WILLIAM GRANT GRAVES, B.A., LL.B., Instructor in LaweB.A., Harvard, 1906, LL.B., Harvard, 1909. 4-Z LJ .aa ESQ CQPH ER ROBERT O. GREEN, D.D.S., Instructor in Operative Dentistry-D.D.S., Minnesota, l904. CHARLES ARTHUR GRIFFITH, D.D.S., Instructor in Operative Dentistry and Super- intendent of Infirmary-D.D.S., Minnesota, l907. MILDRETH JANET HAGGARD, B.A., Analytical Chemist in Division of Animal Nutri- tion-B.A., Minnesota, I907. ARTHUR S. HAMILTON, B.S., M.D., Instructor in Pathology ofthe Nervous System, and Clinical Instructor in Mental and Nervous Diseases-B.S., Iowa, l894-3 M.D., Pennsylvania, 1897. JOHN ABNER HANDY, Ph.C., B.S., Instructor in Pharmaceutical Chemistry-Ph.C., Minnesotag B.S., Minnesota, l9li. EDWIN OLAF HANSON, Instructor in Dairy Husbandry. EARLE RUSSELL HARE, B.A., M.D., Clinical Instructor in SurgeryfB.A., Iowa Wesleyan, IS94-5 M.D., Minnesota, l900. E. ALICE HARMAN, B.S., Instructor in Domestic Science-B.S., Pennsylvania State College, l9lO. MARY V. HARTZELL, D.M.D., Instructor in Comparative Dental Anatomy-D.M.D., Minnesota, 1893. PEDER A. HOPE, M.D., Clinical Instructor in Medicine-M.D., Minnesota, I900. LILLIAN BAUER HOLLINSHEAD, Instructor in Farm Accounts. WILLIAM FRANK HOLMAN, Ph.D., Instructor in MathematicsiB.Sc., Nebraska, l904g M.A., Nebraska, I906g Ph.D., Gottingen, 1908. CHARLES MEAD HOLT, B.A., Instructor in Technique of Reading and Voice Culture- B.A., Minnesota, l905. THOMAS j. HORTON, Photographer in Charge of Photographic Laboratory, Division of Agronomy and Farm Management. ELMER RAY HOSKINS, B.A., InstructorAB.A., University of Kansas, l9l2. HORACE PRESTON HOSKINS, V.M.D., Instructor in Veterinary Science-V.M.D., University of Pennsylvania, l9lO. CHARLES W. HOWARD, B.A., Instructor in Entomology-B.A., Cornell University, l904. 43 sf-,-. .ftiksfvi . mg 3..- 34, . 'lr ,. Q F -W. ,fd 3. x.,f y ..- 'SEQ GOPH ER WILLIAM HAMMETT HUNTER, Ph.D., Instructor in Chemistry-B.A., Harvard, 19043 M.A., Harvard, 1905, Ph.D., Harvard, 1910. JOHN ELDON HYNES, Ph.C., M.D., Clinical Instructor in Medicine and Assistant in Clinical Microscopy-Ph.C., Minnesota, 1900, M.D., Minnesota, 1904-. CHARLES EUGENE JOHNSON, Ph.D., Instructor in Comparative Anatomy of Vertebrates -B.A., Minnesota, 1906, M.A., Minnesota, 1907, Ph.D., Minnesota, 1912. IDA PETRINE JOHNSON, B.A., M.A., Instructor-B.A., University of Wisconsin, 1906, M.A., University of Wisconsin, 1912. WILLIAM CLINTON JOHNSON, B.A., M.D., Demonstrator in Pathology and Bacteri- ology-B.A., Williams, 1905, M.D., Columbia, 1909. A. WALFRED JOHNSTON, M.A., Instructor in Geology-B.A., Augustana, 1908, M.A., Minnesota, 1909. ALLEN DAVIDSON JOHNSTON, Instructor in Blacksmithing. HERBERT WILLIAM JONES, M.D., Clinical Instructor in Mental and Nervous Diseases -M.D., Minnesota, 1901. LAURA FRANCIS KENDALL, Instructor in Public School Music. CORNELIA KENNEDY, B.A., Instructor in Agricultural Chemistry-B.A., Minnesota, 1903. RAY ROBERTS KNIGHT, B.A., M.D., Instructor in the Administration of Anaesthetics fB.A., Minnesota, 1903, M.D., Minnesota, 1906. ALFRED EDMUND KOENIG, M.A., Instructor in German-B.A., Redfield College, 1906, M.A., Minnesota, 1910, D.D., Western Evangelical Seminary, 1910. ALFRED RUDOLPH KOHLER, M.S., Instructor in Horticulture-B.S.A., Iowa State College, 1906, M.S., Minnesota, 1912. MASAJI KUGIMOTO, M.S., Assistant in Animal HusbandryfM.S., University of Minne- sota, 1912. DWIGHT JUDSON LANE, Instructor in Poultry Husbandry. WINFORD PORTER LARSON, M.D., Demonstrator in Pathology and Bacteriology! M.D., Illinois, 1904. HARRY COMEGYS LAWTON, D.D.S., Instructor in Prosthetic DentistryfD.D.S.. Minnesota, 1908. . 44- ' i' W---Q-I-..c.f'N 'LJ E562 GOPH ER FRANK M. LEAVENWORTH, B.S., Assistant in Mines Experimental Station-B.S., Minnesota, 1911. MARIE C. LYLE, B.A., M.A., Instructor-B.A., Minnesota, 1911, M.A., Minnesota, 1912. CHARLES NAUMANN MCCLOUD, M.D., Clinical Instructor in Pediatrics, Lecturer on First Aids to the Injured-Phm.D., Minnesota, 18953 M.D., Minnesota, 1901. ERVIN W. McCULLOUGH, E.M., Instructor in Mining-E.M., Minnesota, 1911. WILLIAM MCDOUGALL, D.D.S., Instructor in Crown and Bridge Work-D.D.S., Minne- sota, 1911. FLETCHER OLIN MacFARLAND, B.S., M.D., Instructor in Physiology-B.S., Chicago, 1908, M.D., Rush Medical College, 1910. LOUIS WILLIAMS MCKEEHAN, Ph.D., Instructor in Physics-B.S., in Eng., Minnesota, 19085 M.S., Minnesota, 1909, Ph.D., Minnesota, 1911. JENNETTE MATILDA McLAREN, M.D., Clinical Instructor in Obstetrics-M.D., gan, 1887. FRANKLIN R. McM1LLAN, C.E., Instructor in Experimental Engineering-C.E., Sota, 1905. WALLACE sota, HERMAN P. R. MCMILLER, B.S., Assistant Research Chemist in Soils-B.S., Minnesota, HOPE MARTIN, M.E., Instructor in Mechanical Engineering-M.E., 1910. ALBERT MAVES, D.D.S., Instructor in Operative Dentistry-D.D.S., 1905. sota, RICHARD SAMUEL MAYBURY, D.D.S., Instructor in Operative Dentistry Minnesota, 1911. Michi- Minne- 1911. Minne- Minne- D.D.S., CHARLES MEADE, M.D., Clinical Instructor in Medicine-M.D., McGill, 1892. CARL MARCUS MELOM, M.A., Instructor in Spanish and French-B.L., Minnesota 1901 3 M.A., Minnesota, 1902. LEON METZINGER, Ph.B., Instructor in German-Ph.B., Chicago, 1908. JAMES STEPHEN MIKESH, B.A., Instructor in Mathematics-B.A., Minnesota, 1908. ,i ' 45 -r- i., l..Jl 'ESQ COl9l'lliR D. C. MITCHELL, B.Sc. in C.E., Instructor in History, Director of Gymnasium-B.Sc. in C.E., Nebraska, 1910. MARTHA B. MOORHEAD, M.D., Lecturer in Domestic Hygiene-M.D., Women's Medical College of Pennsylvania, 1892. JOHN HINCKLEY MORSE, B.A., M.D., Clinical Instructor in Ophthalmology and Otology -B.A., Bowdoin, 18975 M.D., Harvard, 1901. AGNES MORTON, B.S., Instructor in Domestic Science-B.S., Minnesota, 1912. ALICE JANE RIPLEY MOTT, Ph.D., Principal ofthe University Practice School-B.L., Iowa, 18933 M.A., Iowa, 1894-g Ph.D., Minnesota, 1900. JASON L. MOWRY, Instructor in Mechanics-M.Di., Iowa State Teachers' College, 1898. LOUIS ALLAN NELSON, M.D., Clinical Instructor in Ophthalmology and Otology- M.D., Minnesota, 1896. EDWIN LEIGH NEWCOMB, P.D., Instructor in Pharmaceutical Botany and Pharma- cognosy-P.D., Philadelphia College of Pharmacy, 1905. EDMUND NEWTON, E.M., Instructor in MetaI1urgyfE.M., Columbia, 1911. HENRY T. NIPPERT, M.D., Clinical Instructor in Medicine-Ph.G., Cincinnati, 18895 M.D., Miami Medical College, 1891. GEORGE NORTON NORTHROP, M.A., Instructor in English-B.L., Minnesota, l901g M.A., Minnesota, 1907. LILLIAN LYDIA NYE, M.A., Instructor in Chemistry-B.A., Minnesota, 19095 M.A., Minnesota, 1910. WIELAND LEO OSWALD, Instructor in Agricultural Botany. OSCAR OWRE, M.D., C.M., Clinical Instructor in Genito-Urinary Diseases-M.D., C.M., Minneapolis College of Physicians and Surgeons, 1903. ALFRED ALBERT PAGENKOPF, D.D.S., Instructor in Crown and Bridge Work-D.D.S., Minnesota, 1909. JOHN IRA PARCEL, B.S., Instructor in Structural Engineering-B.A., Westfield College, 1903, B.S. fCivi1 Engneeringj, University of Illinois, 1909. LUTHER WOOD PARKER, M.A., Instructor in FrenchAB.A., North Carolina, 1907, M.A., North Carolina, 1908. 46 xg Ege GGPHER MARK OTIS PATTRIDGE, D.D.S., Instructor in Operative Dentistry-D.D.S., Minne- sota, 1910. DELILAH PEARCE, Instructor in Home Nursing, University Farm, St. Paul. FRANCIS W. PECK, B.S. in Agr., Assistant Agriculturist in charge of Cost Accounting Section-B.S. in Agr., Minnesota, 1912. PETER E. PETERSON, Instructor in Foundry Practice. CARL HALMER PETRI, D.D.S., Instructor in Prosthetic Dentistry-D.D.S., Minnesota, 1910. CHAUNCEY j. VALLETTE PETTIBONE, B.S., Instructor+B.S., Chicago, 1907. EARL PETTIJOHN, M.S., Instructor in Chemistry-B.A., Minnesota, 19063 B.S. fChem- istryj, Minnesota, 1911, M.S., Minnesota, 1912. ANNA AUGUSTA HELMHOLTZ-PHELAN, Ph.D., Instructor in Rhetoric-B.A., Wis- consin, 1905g M.A., Wisconsin, 1906, Ph.D., Wisconsin, 1908. RAYMOND VINCENT PHELAN, Ph.D., Instructor, Extension Work in Economics- Ph.B., Western Reserve, 19023 M.A., Western Reserve, 19045 Ph.D., Wisconsin, 1 906. RUTH SHEPARD PHELPS, M.A., Instructor in ItalianfB.L., Smith, l899g M.A., Colum- bia, 1910. ELLA CLARE PINE, B.S., Instructor in Domestic Art-B.S., University of Vermont, 1911. FREDERICK HAROLD POPPE, B.A., M.D., Clinical Instructor in Surgery-B.A., Minne- sota, 1904, M.D., Minnesota, 1907. FREDERICK WILLIAM POPPE, B.A., M.S., Instructor in ChemistryAB.A., Laurence College, Wis., 1910, M.S., Minnesota, 1911. WARREN THOMSON POWELL, M.A., Instructor in Rhetoric-B.A., Ohio, 19073 M.A., Ohio, 1911. CHARLES HERBERT PRESTON, B.A., Instructor, Extension Work in Economics and Political Science-B.A., Wisconsin, 1906. GEORGE C. PRIESTER, B.E., Instructor in MathematicsAB.E., Iowa, 1910. EDWARD P. QUIGLEY, Instructor in Forge Work. 47 .E SFX. 1 FCSISQ GOPH ER CARI. LEO RAHN, Ph.B., Instructor in Psychology-Ph.B., Chicago, 1907. CHARLES ANTHONY REED, B.S., M.D., Clinical Instructor in Orthopedic Surgery- B.S., Minnesota, 1895, M.D., Minnesota, 1898. GEORGE WESTFALL REYNOLDS, D.D.S., Instructor in Crown and Bridge Work-D.D.S., Minnesota, 1910. ERNEST THOMPSON FRASER RICHARDS, M.D., Clinical Instructor in Medicine- M.D., McGill, 1905. WILLIAM HENRY RICHARDS, Instructor in Carpentry and Pattern Work. ADOLPH RINGOEN, B.A., Assistant in Zoology-B.A., University of Iowa, 1909. HARRY PARKS RITCHIE, Ph.B., M.D., Clinical Instructor in Surgery-Ph.B., Yale, 18935 M.D., Minnesota, 1896. HARRY BLIRGESS ROE, B.S., Instructor in Mathematics-B.S. in Eng., Minnesota, 1908. WILLIAM A. ROLL, D.D.S., Instructor in Crown and Bridge Work!-D.D.S., Minnesota, 191 1. BERT ARON ROSE, Instructor of Cadet Band. FRANK BENJAMIN ROWLEY, M.E., Instructor in Drawing and Descriptive Geometry -B.S., Wisconsin, 1905, M.E., Wisconsin, 1906. CHARLES EUGENE RLIDOLPH, D.D.S., Instructor in Prosthetic Dentistry-D.D.S., Minnesota, 1911. JAMES COX SANDERSON, Ph.D., Instructor in Physics-B.A., Yale, 1907, Ph.D., Yale, 191 1. FREDERIC WILLIAM SCHLUTZ, B.A., M.D., Clinical Instructor in Pediatrics and Re- search Associate in Physiologic Chemistry-B.A., Wartburg College, 18985 M.D., Maryland, 1902. THEOPHILUS HENRY SCHROEDEL, B.A., Instructor in German-B.A., Northwestern College, 1902. HARRIET W. SEWALL, B.A., Librarian, Department of Agriculture-B.A., Minnesota, 1906. JLIANITA L. SHEPPERD, M.Al, Instructor in Domestic Science, in Charge of Section- B.A., Oslcaloosa College, 18813 M.A., Drake, 1884. 4-8 ln- 4- ., Y -r 'EEQ Clflldlllilii CHARLES EVERETT SKINNER, M.A., Instructor in Rhetoric-B.L., Michigan, M.A., Michigan. HERMON LESTER SLOBIN, Ph.D., Instructor in Mathematics-B.A., Clark College, 19055 Ph.D., Clark University, 1908. ANNA MARY SMITH, Librarian, College of Agriculture, Instructor in Library Methods. EDGAR KIRKE SOPER, B.A., Instructor in Geology-B.A., Leland Stanford, 1908. CHARLES NELSON SPRATT, B.S., M.D., Clinical Instructor in Opthhalmology and Otology-B.S., Minnesota, 18975 M.D., johns Hopkins, 1901. ELVIN CHARLES STAKMAN, M.A., Instructor in Vegetable Pathology-B.A., Minnesota, 19063 M.A., Minnesota, 1910. WOLDEMAR MARXOWITCH STERNBERG, B.S. in Chem. Eng., Instructor in Chem- istry-B.S. in Chem. Eng., Institute of Technology, St. Petersburg, Russia, 1907. ARTHUR CLARENCE STRACHAUER, M.D., Clinical Instructor in Surgery-M.D., Minnesota, 1908. EUGENE SILAS STROUT, M.D., Clinical Instructor in Ophthalmology and Otology- M.D., Michigan, 1891. THOMAS W. STUMM, M.D., Clinical Instructor in MeClicinefM.D., Rush Medical College, 1901. SAMUEL EDWARD SWEITZER, M.D., Clinical Instructor in Dermatology and Genito- Urinary Diseases-M.D., Minnesota, 1901. LOUIS LEON THURSTONE, M.E., Instructor in Descriptive Geometry and Drawing- M.E., Cornell University, 1912. ARNE G. TOLAAS, B.S., M.S., Instructor-B.S., Minnesota, 19113 M.S., Minnesota, 1912. HUBERT MICHAEL TURNER, B.S. in E.E., Instructor in Electrical Engineering-B.S. in E.E., University of Illinois, 1910. HENRY JOHN UBRICH, Instructor in Carpentry. 49 of f'X Annui- LJ 'EBSQ COPHER HENRY LUDWIG ULRICH, B.S., M.D., Instructor in Clinical Medicine-B.S., Rutgers, 1897, M.D., johns Hopkins, 1901. GEORGE WARREN WALKER, B.S., Research Chemist in Soils-B.S., Minnesota, 1909. LEWIS B. WALTON, B.S., Instructor in ArchitectureWB.S., University of Pennsylvania, 1912. KENNETH F. WARNER, B.A., Instructor in Animal Husbandry-B.A., Nebraska, 1912. ANDREW JOSEPH WEISS, Instructor in Technics. HENRY JOURNEAY WELLES, M.D., Clinical Instructor in Ophthalmology and Otology -M.D., Minnesota, 1901. RODNEY MOTT WEST, B.A., Instructor in Agricultural Chemistry-B.A., Minnesota, 1906. HALL BREWER WHITE, B.S. in Agr., Instructor in Carpentry-B.S. in Agr., Minnesota, 1908. HELEN ARDELL WHITNEY, M.A., Instructor in Rhetoric-B.A., Minnesota, 19003 M.A., Minnesota, 1909. LLOYD ROBERT WHITSON, E.M., Instructor in Drawing-E.M., Minnesota, 1911. CHARLES ALBERT WIETHOFF, D.D.S., Instructor in Crown and Bridge Work-D.D.S., Minnesota, 1909. RICHARD S. WIGGIN, LL.B., In Charge of C1erk's Office, Law College-LL.B., Minnesota, 1907. ARCHA EDWARD WILCOX, M.D., Clinical Instructor in SurgerygM.D., Pennsylvania, 1899. LOUIS EARL WILLEY, D.V.M., Instructor in Veterinary Science-D.V.M., Iowa State College, 1911. RICHARD WISCHKAEMPER, M.A., Instructor in German-B.A., Wartburg College, 19013 M.A., Iowa, 1908. CHARLES BENJAMIN WRIGHT, B.A., M.D., Clinical Instructor in Pediatrics-B.A., North Dakota, 18985 M.D., johns Hopkins, 1902. ARTHUR ADALBERT ZIEROLD, D.D.S., Instructor in Oral Surgery-D.D.S., Minne- sota, 1907. 50 J... , Y -M M Y Hi, Avi - LJ or ZEHQ GCDPH ER ' ASSISTANTS AND sci-1oLARs JOHN MILTON ARMSTRONG, M.D., Clinical Assistant in Genito-Urinary Diseases- M.D., Minnesota, 1901. SEILER JOSEPH ASPELUND, B.A., M.D., Clinical Assistant in Obstetrics and Gyne- cology-B.A., Luther College, l9Olg M.D., Minnesota, l906. WILLIAM HENRY ALIRAND, M.D., Clinical Assistant in Medicine-M.D., Minnesota, l9OI. CLARA L. AUST, B.S. in H.E., Assistant in Domestic Science-B.S. in H.E., Minnesota, l9l I. ERNEST LAVERNE BAKER, M.D., Clinical Assistant in Medicine-M.D., Minnesota, l909. WILLIAM DAVID BEADIE, M.D., C.M., Clinical Assistant in Pediatrics-M.D., C.M., McGill, l900. BESSIE E. BEMIS, B.S., Assistant in Domestic Science-B.S., Michigan Agricultural College, I905. HALLWARD MARTIN BLEGEN, B.A., M.D., Clinical Assistant in Gynecology-B.A., Augsburg, l904g M.D., Minnesota, 1909. ' ELWYN R. BRAY, B.A., M.D., Clinical Assistant in Ophthalmology and Otology-B.A., Minnesota, I903g M.D., Minnesota, l906. LEVERETT DALE BRISTOL, B.S., M.D., Clinical Assistant in Medicine-B.S., Wesleyan fConn.j, I903g M.D., Johns Hopkins, I907. ELIZABETH FLORENCE BROOKS, B.S. in H.E., Assistant in Domestic Art-B.S., in H.E., Minnesota, I9l2. JOHN C. BROWN, B.A., M.D., Clinical Assistant in Medicine-B.A., Leland Stanford, 18993 M.D., Minnesota, I908. 51 fic .6663 COPHER PAUL FRANCIS BROWN, B.A., M.D., Clinical Assistant in Surgery-B.A., Minnesota, 1902, M.D., Minnesota, 1905. OLIVER R. BRYANT, M.D., Clinical Assistant in Medicine-M.D., Minnesota, 1905. ARTHUR CHRISTIAN BURKHARD, M.A., Assistant in German-B.A., Minnesota, 19113 M.A., Minnesota, 1912. JOHN BUTLER, M.D., Clinical Assistant in Dermato1ogyAM.D., Minnesota, 1903. HARRY E. CANFIELD, M.D., Clinical Assistant in Ophthalmology and Otology-NLD., Minnesota, 1906. HOMER ALEXANDER DESMARAIS, B.A., Assistant in French-B.A., Petit Seminarie de Montreal, 1907, Ph.B., St. Paul Seminary, 1909. HARRY W. DIXON, Assistant in Power Plant Operation. JENNESS BOUGHTON FREAR, M.E., Assistant in MechanicsfM.E., Minnesota, 1910. CHARLES DONEY FREEMAN, M.D., Clinical Assistant in Dermatology and Venereal Diseases-M.D., Minnesota, 1904. PHYLLIS ERYE, Assistant in Domestic Art. JAMES WOODWARD GEORGE, B.S., M.D., Clinical Assistant in Obstetrics4B.S., Minnesota, 1896, M.D., Minnesota, 1902. EDWARD VINCENT GGLTZ, M.D., Clinical Assistant in Rhinology and Laryngology- M.D., Northwestern, 1908. EUGENE KIBBEY GREEN, B.A., M.D., Associate in Anatomy-B.A., Minnesota, 18953 M.D., Minnesota, 1903. WILLIAM FARNSWORTH HAGERMAN, B.S. in Agr., Assistant in Animal Husbandry -B.S. in Agr., Minnesota, 1912. JAMES FELTON HAMMOND, M.D., C.M., Clinical Assistant in Pediatrics-M.D., C.M., McGill, 1906. 52 L ...Y 'is ' Ar' J N. . xx X ws. , V N x X xg X H, Avis . J' .fight ' 1 5341, 5 'Q f , , f 1541 fur! I I .1 . 1... M L.,.,,,., M -l Q .4.k L55 "M'MW'r-M-M MN-WW W ffffff .9 CHQ G01 ELIZABETH HAUSE, B.A., Assistant in English-B.A., Michigan. RUTH ELIZABETH HERMANN, M.A., Scholar in Biology-B.A. in Educ., Minnesota, 19115 M.A., Minnesota, 1912. EDGAR JOHN HUENEKENS, B.A., M.D., Clinical Assistant in Medicine-B.A., Mar- quette College, 19045 M.D., St. Louis, 1908. DE FOREST HLINGERFORD, B.S., B.S., Kansas State Agricultural College, 1910. Assistant in Agricultural Chemistry and Soils- HARRY GARFIELD lRV1NE, M.D., Clinical Assistant in Dermatology-M.D., Minne- sota, 1903. E. MENDELSSOHN JONES, M.D., Clinical Assistant in Surgery-M.D., Minnesota, 1907. PAUL E. KLOPSTEG, B.S., Assistant in Physics-B.S., Minnesota, 1911. GEORGE F. KROGH, Assistant in Mechanics. GURID LAATE, B.S. in H.E., Assistant in Domestic Science-B.S. in H.E., Minnesota, 1910. ANTOINE A. LAURENT, M.D., Clinical Assistant in Diseases ofChi1dren-M.D., Hamline, 191 1. RAE THORNTON LA VAKE, B.A., M.D., Temporary Assistant in Pediatrics-B.A., Yale, ...S 1 5 2 1 3 'f Y Vzf " I " in QE . tsajisf J ' 11 ti:-a. . L, - --gp ?-..""'.f'f 2 Faris: i K .T -A X 'fr ' 15 I: .- - . 3-5311. ian' .S 'SS' , 'rf - Y 4 . .. 1 - sms... ' E .7 . -sf 1 it fz1YI'f'f.?'1 14 Lfqy-ffbf' ' 5- . X ,.-. .. ,gig ., -' Rb . I L. V. '39 5 rg' ,' Q F- ' - - 'nf " A fs- '- t . 1' - . JY Tv , 5 11- sn - ' ' , r ., .uv-6,12 1905, M.D., Columbia, 1909 4 3634 , 1' ' 1 9':"'!J' ' i?'f1f.w. il ADOLPH EDWARD LOBERG, M.D., Clinical Assistant in Nervous and Mental Diseases Wt "?f3'wl3'3 'e :Si - . '-21' A 5 5 -M.D., Minnesota, 1901. . N: Mg, , gui if sv te J: - " " -445:70 rt- 1 ' . 1 513 1 HYME LOSSE, B.A., Assistant in French-B.A., Minnesota, 1910. 1 3 1' ff 5 f? f f El .2 fs? an 3.4: HENRY LYSNE, B.S., M.D., Clinical Assistant in Medicine-B.S., St. Olaf, 19065 M.D., ,V . 4 533 Minnesota, 1910. tr's ..fg, " f' Hi s. OLIVE BRIGGS MacCOMBER, Assistant in Domestic Att. 3357 - gi ' 53. Eff - 8 ,.,, V ,ESA 'I l i S Q1 5' ' 7 x1:.i,..2f. 5 W 5,nf"""""""""'c"""' TM" ' 'N'---f---s. ,ig w- , --tffg, -:W?1?"ZU'!',,. .,. , --QA 5 , J Aff' i 1 1 A , ' 5 1- Q ' 1 2 111' 7 Q WM K U :gif . i aff t , . . -',i if 1 ff? " 'Q rf: 257Afixiif7:f":lgQ:f:l11-1f',2i'1: 5' 1 ff" ' 1" "' "" 'fNEf4ff-UW"-F'-1 -,M L fi? 1 , t , A 1"'1' 'f 1 ' 9 'ilifgg ,itl 7431 -...V Q s. n., .1 , -,,, .Q , ,. - ' f 9K"'1, Hifi ,Jar-. ' 5 if pasta: Tk,,J1 Ego COPH ER CHARLES H. MATTHEWS, Assistant in Poultry Husbandry. ALICE MARGARET MERSEN, B.A., Assistant in Agricultural ChemistryaB.A., Minne- sota, 1904. EDWARD MOREN, M.D., Clinical Assistant in Medicine-M.D., Minnesota, 1906. FREDERICK ADOLPH OLSON, B.A., M.D., Research Assistant in Medicine-B.A., Minnesota, 19055 M.D., Chicago, 1908. RELIBEN MARTIN PEDERSON, B.A., M.D., Temporary Assistant in Genito-Urinary DiseasesfB.A., Augsburg, 1902, M.D., Minnesota, 1906. FRED JOHN PRATT, M.D., Clinical Assistant in Ophthalmology and Otology-M.D., Michigan, 1901. MAUDE BESSIE RICE, B.S. in H.E., Assistant in Domestic Art-B.S. in H.E., Minne- sota,1911. LOUIS SYDNEY B. ROBINSON, B.A., M.D., Clinical Assistant in Obstetrics-B.A., Harvard, 1897, M.D., Harvard, 1901. CHARLES LE ROY RODGERS, M.D., Clinical Assistantin Obstetrics-M.D., Minnesota, 1907. HELEN ATHERTON SANBORN, B.A., Assistant in Biology-B.A., Minnesota, 1911. IVAR SIVERTSEN, M.D., Clinical Instructor in Gynecology-M.D., Hamline, 1904. GRETA EULALIE SMITH, Assistant in Domestic Art. ESTHER LYDIA SWENSON, B.A., Scholar in English-B.A., Minnesota, 1911. CHARLOTTE WAUGH, B.A., Scholar in Botany-B.A., Minnesota, 1911. ANTON Cr. WETHALL, B.S., M.D., Clinical Assistant in Cuenito-Urinary Diseases-B.S., Valparaiso, 18983 M.D., Minnesota, 1903. ROBERT WILLIAMS, B.A., M.D., Clinical Assistant in Medicine-B.A., Illinois, 1896, M.D., Rush Medical College, 1900. 54 fi fx ,4 J , lu . ff" V -"' 3' ,. Nj, jf jd ..N" .-'fr .ffl- -' 19' T E663 GOPH ER V l 5 fs Q HAZEL MAY WITCHIE, B.A., Theme Clerk in Department of Rhetoric--B.A., Minne- " .V is sofa, 1910. 5 J 2 E W n Q V ,J . 5' x MV: S CARL ALBION WITHAM, M.D., Clinical Assistant in Rhinology and Laryngology-M.D., bgffff' ' ,Q-'Vg ' Minnesota, 1906. V gg,-V: 4 2 x . g 1 9 l DOUGLAS F. WOOD, M.D., C.M., Clinical Assistant in Rhinology and Laryngology- II 1' '1 My QV -M.D., C.M., McGill, 1900. V V ,- Jn..-"V . I .a-fs 7. V, U, , V V 1 w If 3 il l w ,y , ,. l 1 ,,f"'A"'L , . E JA,x'?' vs" ' :V V l ,,. l l I- fa Z 4 lr 'as "'K'?:,A 5 1 T- "1 - 'l E , A 2, - j' N V -I 1 X? 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Appointed l902 as Professor of Educa- tion, now Dean of the College of Education. 59 lk , 1, fq ', f wg' ,cf J' my fi 'F . g ,F .f,:.:.:a '1 'L' .:'131-Q "A I l' . r f '81,-fr R R . -A l55i"f"rf'f, 3? Q ,1 ins.: x , Muir if ' if ZH .Q .exgffgi A 'iw KI.. SSN ,." if Y-', :z..H2:gfi-f.'1B". 5, LTV: EE" if rx, .f.-f'- ,lg 1 .iff . A- 'ggi-, Q , f mf ,, Fife! fpg' ff'QS7"z3 . xv, A ,jg HKS il: Af- ff-'W 'oi We-E g.,...e Q QQPHER HENRY TURNER EDDY-Born june 9, IS44, Stroughton, Mass. Received degrees of M.A. from Yale, Ph.B. from Sheffield Scientific School, C.E. and Ph.D. from Cornell, LL.D. from Center College and D.Sc. from Yale. Appointed I894 as Professor of Mathematics and Engineering, now Dean Emeritus of Graduate School. 60 !"'N., - W 'E R ,...,...h,: T, s is ,A 1 X E '65 Q CZCQTJP Ui, JOHN ZELENYwBorn March 26, 1872, Racine, Wis. Received degrees of BA. and Pl1.D. from Minnesota, B.A. in Research from Cambridge, Eng. Appointed in I892 as Instructor in Physics, now Professor of Physics and Acting Dean of the Graduate School. 6I sf"1s no g ,Tr-3' -. do xg A ..... 'Cigna GCDPH ER MARGARET SWEENEY-Received degrees of B.A. from Radcliffe and Ph.D. from Yale. Appointed 1912 as Dean of Women and Professor of Rhetoric. 62 or 2 CQPHER V V ,E V X - , Lfgzwxff-X V f 1 X Y' F --:W 1 XXX s!i' 1hQr3 MNYNW 1' ,,,, f -1 - . 4: ffisff' - L1 71 ' ugft IM Yip "V2W 1 H ' Q i A ,A V V 25' ,Q ,M 'X 1 5-all !6a-I f f -ia . .AIM sa'-'-wvm..m,,,S - fsifwi-DVR-WM' V ,1' V. 1-, .-4- -,,::,..V.,........4,.,. X WHWN' V ' I fl :W:'!l.T.W H 'P' "WF , ' 1 I H: ' , """"ff-gm x"'4'i-riff' ' J I V1 .V,.. ryf, 1 1 .UVVV ,-i V 1 I f V' f , ' A y W MMWMI fff:eiWWf'1'f wffu M 'f f 'f f , f , 5 V , 1 j X 'V I , n ,A ,V U, 4-V.:,i::v--J I .Fi N! , - 1 V, , , 1 "AT:-- ' .' 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Appointed in l909 as Dean of the College of Engineering. 64 -- i V EA:-V A" ,mea ' 'ffl o 351. we . ,s fy ., gg. 57, iikki lf 'Q : .Igni- , . . ,H I WT 'LJ 'ii Ego CCPH ER Tlfigber Slanoaro for'1Engineering Tfbucation CHANGE has come over the American people towards members of the professions. lt is becoming better recognized that the man whose training permits him to engage in professional activities is by this very fact under obligations to serve the community. It is further recognized that the best service to the community implies high competence in his profession whether he be lawyer, surgeon or engineer. While low-grade colleges are still creating professional men by certification, some few high-grade colleges are insisting on adequate collegiate and profes- sional training. Of the colleges of Engineering putting into effect this view of longer training and broader training, Minnesota stands well in the forefront. The course in Engineering given here is a five-year course, leading to the degree of Bachelor of Science at the end of four years, and the full professional degree of Engineer or Architect at the end of five years. The theory of this five-year course is that the best professional work, and the best service to the community may be rendered by a man whose mind is disciplined by collegiate work, and who supplements the detached technical training with the general culture which develops the man. ln the tive-year course at Minnesota, the technical training and the cultural discipline go hand-in-hand. Other courses in other places separate the two by prescribing a degree in Arts or a certain number of years in Arts, prior to launching on the professional work. The Minnesota idea, however, is the blend- ing of cultural and technical work in an extended course. Aside from the adequate length of the course the College of Engineering stands high among the colleges of the country by reason of its line, virile corps of instructorsg by the strong men of the Faculty, and recently its new efficient Experimental Laboratory, and its new commodious Main Engineering Building, with some new equipment, give ampler chance for high grade work. The College recognizes its obligation not only in the education of young Engineers, but as a center of the Engineering profession, and of professional activities for the State of Minnesota. lt recognizes, also, that a corps of expert Engineers may be a very useful instrument for the service of the state in bettering industrial conditions, and working for true conservation. 65 3.3662 CCPHER main 'Engineering Euiloing HE Main Engineering Building occupies a pivotal position in a quadrangle to be formed by nine other engineering buildings which are to be built. ln it are those things which are common to all departments. lt contains the office of the Dean, the library, the auditorium, lecture rooms and offices for student organizations. The building is of the ltalian-Renaissance style. lt follows a scheme of colonial brick masses in combination with Bedford stone. Little ornamentation is used. The body of the building is 231 feet by 65 feet. lt has a sub-basement, a basement, and three floors. On the east side are two wings which have two stories and a basement. The sub- basement of the body of the building is for pipes and conduits. The basement is devoted mainly to student welfare rooms. The first floor contains recitation and lecture rooms and the oflices of the Dean. The second floor is given up to recitation, lecture and drafting rooms. On the third floor is an auditorium with a capacity of four hundred people. The north wing of the building is devoted to a splendid engineering and architectural library. The building was completed and occupied last September. 66 bfi. LJ Efgc-2 CUPH ER Views of Main Engineering Building i 67 g 2 -W g f"'1 EEQ GCDPHER 'Experimental Tfuzgineering Yauilbing HE Experimental Building is located on the east margin of the engineering campus along Union Street. The building itself is of the same length as the Main Engineering Building and its body is of practically the same width. For office and recitation room space two wings reach towards the wings of the Main Engineering Building. The building has a basement and two stories. The main room of the building has inside dimensions of about 57 feet by 227 feet. lt is all one large room reaching to the roof with overhead skylighting. The main Floor is of heavy reinforced concrete so designed that an engine may be placed anywhere without considering any further foundations or supports. Down the center of the room are openings looking into the basement. These give better lighting to the basement, better ventilation and better access. On the main laboratory floor is a water tube boiler of 150 H. P. carrying 250 pounds steam pressure. ln the southwest corner are material testing machines. On the west side are gas engines and various kinds of heat engines. A ten ton crane travels the length of the building. ln the basement are cement and con- crete testers, a wash room, showers, store rooms and theses rooms. Along the second floor balcony are recitation rooms. 68 -FX 2 -W 'L J "i"" " f 'SEQ GCPHER Cf all the Engineering profs. who ever taught a class, we give the palm to B. L. N., he sometimes gives a pass. He has a pocket Bible that he carries everywhere, some day we fear he'll open class by offering a prayer, and then he'll say, "Now if youill turn to Psalm four, twenty-three, you'll find an expla- nation of this problem Q. E. D." After he has held the class till some time past the hour, he keeps you all reminded that he has you in his power, for while there still remains within your breast a spark of hope he takes up thirty minutes to explain his gyroscope. "l want to talk to you today about this emanationg it is a form of what we call ionic radiation. lt leaves the substance with a speed beyond imagination and as it passes through the air it causes agitation. Although as yet this has received no thorough explanation the theory is that it is but atomic concentra- tion. And now the hour has reached, l think, the limit of duration, take thirty pages in advance for our next recitation." 'An 'iingineerfs 'iament 1 ran a bill at Wilson's And made a big advance To raise the necessary cash l had to hock my Khaki-coat. Ah boys, the dividends are great at Wilson's store. l asked Lieutenant Woolnough Could l be a corperelle He looked me over, up and down, Then said, "You go to-Honolulu." Ah boys, in Hawaii the dusky maids are numerous. Said Dalaker to me one day, "1 often sit and muse About the time when l was young And used to hit the punching bag. Ah boys, l haven't got the pep l used to have." l never used to study, l knew l'd never Hunk. Till E. B. Called me in and said You'd better pack your Differential casing Ah boys, you oughter hear the birdies sing. 69 l g ,1 Li Af.- , :am--,.. V 7,Y:,...,.f,..........,,.-. - , am, Y-...MM3 rv -:H ! W fm.. fm., - K fx'-f x 1 2 Q Q Xm..,f!.f 2' K f' K I .,,m,mW-wh Q x 5 1 Li L ' 1 1 1 2 4 w L g. ,f x J w T ,P s l E, .-.W Q. I A WM? I AY-...Quang ,, 2.1 6663 CQPHER In 'Engineering 'Epic l HE Shovels gave a dance or two to show that they were there, the guests all danced just what they pleased, the Tango or the Bear. The Mechanical and 'Lectricals all said they didn't care, but there were signs of discontent apparent everywhere. Then a person of rotundity whose name begins with A, made his way around the shops and said, "There's h- to pay. The Civils havef' he hollered out, "already had a dance. lt makes me sore," and then he wiped his hands off on his pants. Refreshed, he said, "The thing for us to do is organize a live club of Electricals and boost it to the skies. We'll wake the 'doggone' Civils up and give them a surprise, we'll heap their heads with ridicule, their efforts satirize. And when we have got started boys l'll tell you what we'll dog we'll give a banquet, skating party and a dance or two. We'll make the Shovels follow us, we'll show we are a scream, the way we'll make them eat our dust will show we have the steamf, ll The class has met and organized and officers electedg a bunch of grinds were voted in just as might be expected. lll A few days later came around a member of the gang and hollered out in tones that 'bove the lathes and planers rang, "1 say you dirty sons of jove, why don't we have a dance? We'll hire the Engineering hall and give you all a chance to show your speed in gliding through the bear and turkey trot. We'll do our best to show up all the Civils on the spot." Up spake the grimy president and said with withering glance, "1 do not approve of dancing, we will not have a dance. lnstead l think we'd better have a skating party soon,', and he clasped his hands and rolled his eyes and looked around the room. lmmediately a chorus of expostulation rose and up jumped Eric, Rufe the Red, and rubbed his blushing nose. "How many of us care to skate," and came a mighty shout. "To h- with skating, down with skating, throw the president out." "Then let us have," said Eric then, "a party or a feed," but to him those Electricals paid not the slightest heed. "He's much worse than the President, a reg,lar Mamma's child." And then they chanted in assorted tones both loud and wild, "'Tis booze we want, 'tis beer we want, we want to tap a keg -," A hand shot through the window and grabbed prexy by the leg. A mighty cry of "Shovel" rose just outside of the door, and through the windows then began the Shovelers to pour. The Civils all were feeling fine and aching for a Hght, but the kinder- garten jovians had vanished out of sight. The Mechanics to the resuce came 71 'SEQ GQlJiiE.l'fi with shout of bloody lust, "Weill force the cursed Shovels down and grind them to the dust." The leader of the Shovels then with loud and gleeful cry, jumped at the first Mechanical and smote him in the eye. Then up surged the Me- chanicals and sucked the Shovels in and from the mass of fighting men therc rose a mighty din. And while the battlers circled 'round and fought with tooth and nail, Yens the Yanitor looked ing he turned a little pale. "Min Gud,', he said, and in he ran and cried "you skol get out,', and rushing in with broom and mop he put them all to rout. Humor mysteries HERE are many things mysterious in this worthy class of ours That have caused us many worries as we ponder through the hours. Now first we have jim Colvin, with that massive brain of his, , Will he please step up and tell us when he ever flunked a quiz. Next send up Harvey Diamond with his brow so sleek and fair, And perhaps he then will tell us how in hell he combs his hair. And then we send for Fastie with his brain all out of mesh, And invite him to instruct us why he always is so fresh. Now summon to us Ripley. Tell him we are in a daze Wondering if his "Yes Sir, l see" helps in pulling in the "A's." Now go and find the jones twins, those of the Spearhead fame, ldris, Ivor, l. V., l. V., tell us what is in a name? And now about Gene Adler, is he cold about the knees, Wearing even in the winter, summer garments, B. V. Dfs? And speaking of jim Hartney, lighter of the john L. school, Did he, when he fought the Batt'ry, feel most surely like a fool? And what about Tub Fallon who is so confounded slow, lf someone'd get him with a prong, he'd travel some, we know. Now Cedric Smith, our little pres. of Minne-ha-ha fame We wish that you would realize that all your wit is lame. There are many other secrets our dear classmates seek to hide, But if we have these unraveled we must then be satisfied. tu- L+ o l Nao E 'mac ' Ea One of Prof. Sidener's Equations. 72 dfi'--N " Q--f-...E H -rzsfnax A-CTW .Af 4 -:ff-2S4H as,, W. E 1...W5 more-ft i-- S S J, f N932-nag K' 5 fr Y V ESQ QQPHER W .srw ESQ CCPH ER ,', ' 711 lla, M "' f lg viii' ,pf ff 5? 'ww E ff X fi? X' ff! J 5, x g A-' W 2,5 1, UI' Q w I X X pa f 54 X- ' PM , 1 55594 WX' ,, ll fl mb? 151. wx M' ,, Q I ' 1 X N 4 f 7 1 A i?'i1Q 5'. A ,W W ,L 2 X if ..,.asf- lr , ifafiiu f W ' ,iff u ' ' My A pus' ? HJ W ,f XX , 1 , X x M aa .:' I I ji I ffif fi? WWw z M 2 f M X 'f ' 'f ue ,I Why? 112245 g x A Sur- ,H ff, .-ab.,.1- M i M! 'I ,Y ZWZZZ' ' 5 A , In ft - . 7 N ,Q iv. Inf fi, I ay ' J' 1 X fffffff' W i ,W " x R- 42. HW " -gum' Sw ii , iii?" ':f wk.,J CQPHER 'ESQ CQPHER 4-f fi ,, 5 N: CQPHER SCI'!p0L MINES Q , ,F fi 55 12-T .L .a-if aw. - nrfli' ' Elf J if 5: :gr " L- 'EI?Vwl'Q1 l A rf: WTF 1.415 ,Pri 'ff 33 ff -'ffl M91 , A L 1-- mfg gk ii wg ffiff- if 3, Q Li ' f A k..J ' Ege CQPH ER WILLIAM REMSEN APPLEBY-Born February ll, 1865, Hoboken, N. J. Received degree of M.A. from Williams College. Appointed in l89l as Professor of Mining and Metallurgy, now Dean of the School of Mines and Professor of Metallurgy. 78 I , -- ? 3 gf mfg, .X 1 ,, - .X ififf i -:P R SEQ GQPH ER ' i 3 E 2 , 5 Q s i 3 'K NY.. xx N wh gn ,,,, 3 A 2 . .1 si R X 3 ' wk a X Y x ' f ,K R 41' Q'.A,L2 5,41 :s.i1cfN.,f new fy: -fri 'g,.,A,L '5.Mr?i g?fs5'! 3 h xy? xg ,TE b xxywii "',..'u- ,fia wwg Qi! 'lx , k r-E ,.5 3 3 Qifug 1 ' .'5I 'e ,tai i1'?'Q .3 . Q 3 .ll ,,-fix rgvrvzi F , 1 3 2 , 6 i Q i 5 J 5 f 1 5 , A :Z .A .1 5 ' 3 -ff Y . gf ff I if - 5 :ff Q y5,.'M,5--f..- gif-cliff 5 1 f'Tf:f:.:':" ., . in., , Q. 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'ff 'Mfg z ,ask 1 pai Q? -- , 1 ' 3 ' -wg if 5,113 Ss, ' 7 ,-M57 'Y 5453. 5' , N ., . . if ., , K ' ' fy? 2. f ' , -l l- 11, ,M 1 M...-ww V- . , ., .. ---w .1513-".'lP1" 'f"7-'vvg gf-.f . . P' : 1- - 4 ,VH .,y 3" vi' Ma- f inf" 'Ja ' 5 R W,,,.- -x '..f v 3143, Q , ' " A . -- . x W- , b. , 1-me . Q Wffxz- ,A ,, ,gr r 4,5 .5 ,, . ,A 1 LJ - ' ' .. .W , W 1, W. f ., . . . Q35 f -:fi ' X . ,IL i ,, K ' x i xv: . , .1 5: -' 1 fl 14: , h , -. "5" - . gg. ,lfisj ' L ,. 'Q-fl.. 1 'f , -,-syf5,3,A.M., ,A U , ' 1 . 'x ' 'gg ' ...L ,Mfg-f" " "' X f"f':., 1 me Af f, ., V .-W-f '-'f..., N---: 1 - 62 1-I-""C"T.'1'14 K , .g,"'15:..' .,,,. ,W - , fl""'f1 'A ' " ' .QA ' ' '. .,AQ:'.Il:..,L ,,.fff.--T-11" - -N V X 'Lg-jf P .-.- A E562 CGPl'll1B. wanleo janitors who are fond of alcohol for window washing purposes only. By the Vanapplecarty triumvirate-a few more automobiles. "Where did you get them gentlemen?" Some method of taking Barney's and McCullough's notes. A few more hours of classes a week. Student: Prof. Comstock, can you tell me how mineral wool is obtained? Prof. C: Yes, it is usually sheared from the hydraulic ram. Emmons telling a story: "And the next time the prospector came to towng yes, he was an old crook. l knew him well." We have the assurance of Prof. Pease that all the references given out by him were all original works which were written by the authors. Holes of the northern Tifielo Grip lt is rumored that Van Cleve and Richards have left school to start in the wall paper business at Tower, Minn. Potter proved himself a good swamper while on the Range this summer. Haugen put himself in a class with Weston on his walks to and from the Four Mile Farm. The hounds caused him to accelerate one evening. While on the trip Ravicz solved the Servant Problem. Enough said. Ebings to worry about McCullough's Quizzes. Kingston's short assignments in Surveying. Comstock's eight o'clock classes. Lambertis finals in Mechanics. The Annual Banquet-to be worried about collectively by the Faculty, and the juniors. By everybodyfA new Building. 80 .fi ig-,5 I , F655 CQPHER V f"X 'qi ,ge . "N 1 f wil: ,4.,,' -.e f.1f'f2..' fe. 'kffffiff 335.1 1 pg, . 1 ,ffggfi-2411 'if 3 1 4 '54 A1 Y' 11-Eiga? NA , . A in AE Ng. wifi , Wi w-1445' JS 5:3 3 ef ., . - 4 ' if f.v?'1'L, -i 4,-gy 1 Y v Ax i 'M Qigik I , 4 , , if f ic?-f??.gw ,A.1wg.f3Ny if iff? J- ug, 9. 'A 'R 1,5 5551 1 if K Vg M33 i 65.2 Gomes l "Cn the 53.ange" FTER giving up the last bit of our knowledge to the faculty during a long series of finals, the gang got down to the station a few hours after the last word was written. We were burdened with all sorts of apparatus-plane tables, cameras, bank-rolls, boots and mosquito- bite remedy being among the most noticeable of the impediments. Haugen calmly stood in the station while the train pulled out without him. He came later. Then followed a refreshing sleep in luxurious Pullmans and about daylight the embryo-geologists arrived in the Zenith City, at times known as Duluth, de- trained, as it were, and hastened to Delmonico's where a sumptuous repast awaited them. We now hit the ties by means of the Duluth SL lron Range R. R. The bumping continued for several hours when suddenly our hopes were raised by the starboard watch who had sighted Tower and the Vermillion Hotel. Professor Johnston now gave us our Hrst lesson by showing how to work the proprietor down to a rate within the means of the bunch. Another difficulty soon came up, for no dining room could be found. However, Potter, on seeing a young lady ascend some stairs followed her, and there before his eyes was a mammoth hall such as is seldom seen even in cities. An onslaught was made and near the close of the meal Richards made one of the remarks which have since made him famous. "Far be it from me to interfere with the levity of the occasion, but as l now observe it l see eight men present and only seven pieces of cake. l take it that some one is-l then ensued a wild scramble for the cake, Richards leading by 18 inches. Haugen missed out for the second time. After dinner an informal dancing class was held to initiate Tower into the mysteries of some of the new dances. Immediately, several of the fellows conceived a violent desire to attend the basket social which was to be held in the Opera House over the general store. They left and the rest of the crowd headed for their rooms to sleep CD. During the session that followed, Larson and Potter heard ten new stories. The party was broken up several times by the night clerk who asked us to move. Another interruption followed at three- thirty, when the Basket Socialists wended their hilarious way homeward and made the night hideous with their din. At five-thirty johnston's clarion cry resounded through the halls, waking not only the Miners but half the town as well fthe other half was too deadj. A hasty breakfast was consumed and after a sample of the material masquerad- ing as coffee, but locally known as Arbuckle's Soup, was taken to be sent back home for analysis, we piled into a bus, plane tables and all-Haugen came running on a few blocks behindfthe horses headed in the direction of Jasper Peak, and the work was on. 82 I5 T5 jc? CQPHER X 9' ff 'AT . , A ca 72125QwBmiXQ' X F' 1 w 1' 7fJ.:Lrhff,fZ1 ,L K if 'x J X F5 fv v n 1 Sf H . 1551 ffxfwi fi ,MR 11 fax Alf ,NLXWFMN5 XX 4 :W-1x 1- ut E ' U m H NLW1 u l' Xi by PN W I' SW FHM W7g 77 Www- 42 fi " r X Rf' .. 717 1 if T'-Tzij-, K S ' if W f 'vw l 55 Wh IH 'W Tw MY X-,,w jf,f+'-,f if fi, r 4 W ' f f N WWI", NUI. Wufwf N f XXX' xx. yr' x If'l f I X I ki fx Zfx' T722 ' 1 X '84 W' Ng N iv 0 11 ?-51!2aWti' 'ifUaafii I mwfb fi -f f' N' T N was: .5 1- X A xiinksgzilwyigglhllfiifiaiz'it? df wu .43 0,664-K in , - -. ?:i.51V4iEgE'g,2Et:1Ianew' dsx if Y W .5 'xapiiiiffiazi5f gf,'.nf up , , ,., y ,'f,'f-4,.'jQ-f,'f,'.? .1 -ii, ,-"'eff'1" -' g -QSO-,XX,' x ? ,j VS-'xxxf,i.jA.g?Q',-jst.,-.oJi',.',' ' 1 ,X S x Qi.,j,j,f5,,,n f'A ,L I I, Q75 QC, fvf Q Y-5, f 1':.'-Vie 1"1'f-'AM ' zvjiifi' - -in ",f,"v'r " :gi ,gf-'f5'5,4 iwo. ' 'Q'-of. -Q11 . " ,'+,vfz:.ll.1,,. v fjxff ',. , W if stun X544 i, 'ff H 4 S., ' jk 4131.2-sa. ,3",,Q::i , - ijffgfgggfs fWf,7'ei'Z?f 0u,,q,.,., - 4- My-,A..,l,l,4. -. . - 11, y,-, N x 'J a , ,,, f-nl-lv 0 U goxfvgiylggzl ,- V .Q'v,,:,', rlmhlfg ll., M XN , rr A I, ,I -HJL qIsf.l'll',?ix1x Q ' f2f1'f2 :.2:s,1f:. gf,-Qffff ' A ' v ffw.'f. , ' fi 5 ,gf?,.ia-5? A lg ' Af' ?:. -4 Eli? E A f V' ' " " Xyfg11gy'JlR'E5l1W X 701 ,f ri , fV,,.,X 27' QQ "VAX M 'wx Tn' II Mi N. , ,A xix 17, fl" QV: gi, Q04 .- ff- I W' bfi 'CQEQ COIJHER GEORGE BELL FRANKFORTERABorn April 22, 1859, Potter, Ohio. Received degrees of M.A. from Nebraska and Ph.D. from Berlin. Appointed October, 1893, as Pro- fessor and Director of Laboratories, now Professor of Chem- istry and Dean ofthe College of Chemistry. 84 LJ GHQ QQPHER l wanteb Scams Any one who can prove his ineligibility to all other colleges is welcomed to Arts and Chemistry. We guarantee a complete preparation for Academic course in six months. For further particulars apply to Doc Yak, Chemical Lab. No. l. Tifoob 'lab Prof. von Hoffman to Berman leaving the Lab: "Berman, is that you what let that there flask on your desk? lf youse can't clean up as l tol you be- fore l get dem fats, wat aint been found yet, extracted from doze kidneys, you can't work in my lab no more." Dr. Derby's office Tuesday morning, March l8. Enter Budd. "My dear Dr. Derby, the watchman reported a gas light burning in your laboratory last night. l should think that after the School of Mines Ere last month that you would be more careful." Dr. Derby, in utter amazement, "What, has the Mines building burned?" janitor to Boy in Quantitative Laboratory: "You know, Willie, these men from European Universities are much nicer than our own graduate instructors." Chemical 'Ilroperkies ELEMENTS SYMBOLS PROPERTY STATE Doherty Dorothy Viscous Liquid Cxauger Al Not lnert Gas juvrud juvie Amorphous Solid May Ardy Solid lvory Solid Morse Gillie Mobile Liquid Tinkham Tink Crystalline Solid 85 fi SL.J Ego CQPH ER t. r v i s f .sr 93? ,EQ as --'Fil' main Chemistry Yauilbing T IS often said that the Library Building at Columbia University is the most imposing structure in the world. We hope that like "accusations" will soon be heard concerning the new main building of the School of Chemistry, which will be under construction in a short time. The general style of architecture is identical with that of the Columbia Library, although the plans for the several floors must, of course, differ materially. On the first floor the general and special chemical laboratories are situated. Among the latter are those in which research work is done in Industrial, Theoretical, and Electrical Chem- istry. The qualitative laboratories and general offices are on the second Hoor, while the third floor is occupied by the organic and quantitative laboratories. ln the Roof House, the school has established a photograph and engraving plant where it is hoped that the engraving for all university publications will be made. This center for the School of Chemistry will be constructed on the south side of Wash- ington Avenue, near the intersection with Beacon Street. lt is hoped that this first building to face the Mall will be completed by july l9l4-, and that the Freshmen Academics of that year will be the first to occupy a building on the Greater Campus. 86 .f fi ' fl'i --Y 1 6152 GCPHER HIIIFTIEULTUHE V ,L--. NX I ... 1 2 f 1 , ',-- A , SL . ..,,- ,, I Q f 14, Q ' ' J , 4 , 1 V. 3 'rgi' rx r , PH, . 1 1"-1 1 if, - 'VT 'T -' AWE ' , . :'F3.54'5f'-iii fit ,- WTS! 1 A24-4 , gs if ' , 7, f - ' , f Y - V Hfv-32,11-I' B 1 3.3.51 'gal -H ' Q5 1 41? 1 .U-L-sw - N ,1-f 'sub .X ,.9iZpif,l J . 'Mi 535'-53" A - '-ggiwft, :.:,.,,A1. K 'L'?:'.:a -3 'Q .I 31335 A Q 16:35 frggg' L, ,ff-ag -- va V Y M, v V, ,.,-J ' A9-1 Z 1 Sf- L Q A fe sig ig: X ' 621, ,gl vm: ,QM , :Lf J' l . -3. 11: ' . 'ff W . 2152-I "3 -' fy-459 'KVM ' .. ' if, f me .. s I L 1 VL .asf 75 V ' g TE . . l 1 -5: V fix -Luixv ft U,-,A .Vt tr . A xc, .flu ' fi-' ' rf, fi 2 'xi 1 fr x.-,L- i. , . tw., P-J ' X .VZ-Q? . ' x v -- t Wx r H. 1 9 .e, . a .-- I . New ., E, Nx ,:, it - -N-:2'?'x ' i ,xx -,WA 51 ,.'57x'1. 3 'L Z 5. :'?'4f1' 2' 'Fr A it Z' 1: , 7"i'W3, 5 1 ' iii? ., K xx, ,273 AE R2 'rQ?Q'lf'. 'BE , 12 35" igalj- 1 a ii? ii ini 1 4 1 '11 7 gif , , B g 3. ' ,.?1,,,3x J -45 2 5 Y Wai, 2 , ,Q t 5... A 1 ...H -va: Q ,TH ...MW . -'mf r fn .r1'fQv -1 f- V :icy 1 S Fil!-5,?5f - is' Q.. exif gm 215. iii SET Zz. 5: dv! Q 1 1 ,1 -57' Q ir wg 1 1 MJ 'Q ESQ GDPH ER ALBERT FREDERICK WOODS-Born December 26, 1866, Belvidere, lil. Received degree of M.A. from Nebraska. Appointed February I, 1910, as Dean and Director ofthe Department of Agriculture. 88 1 1 w f, I 5 J. Y ,, . i Q E ,,,w' 3 L,.f"'h , I. 1 . .Jig my tif? ,...A ' 3 if YA , , , N ,. 'XE :J frail' .0 ,. if Q fidisii :f-'-2,4-5. 235522 fi? g,:',"ff4i 341, sg-gg, 25,21 3. ivy: 41: riff" ifi4x"9?'eb- ? -Lab' riff Q- . s - J' mf, 'of L "gif 5 1 iiifwgivg gf if if mgwf vw 9' ,ff- "'T:33'f- 5 ' 1 -Wifi! i ' Eid 1 '-'riff fri.-"5 :miie 1 fifltsiiifi' ff 7-57 1 .. 4 1' .. , --..-mmm' -f , wx X ,rf as -4-A -,V '-1-2e-'+-r'f-f'-v--v-wv- . ' M., Af.. ra rf:-1: ,, WU, . . ,T tm.,1,3 , H1216 .. , tiff? 'wr .1..4,A.1vf1w , . PM 1 Q? ,H 3 - . -. . , e' , ..,..,:. H-f'+.Au331f' - .1 .Lam I.-.-Q.. ...f ,nn M, ',..-.,-fa, ' ,, fc - ,.,, .,,. 1,55-.L .-"JD ' ' M .4,,,,. A., , . ,,,. D gig., I ' F fi' ""-'v,if'Q",f g' 1 f ,VW '. L 1 . . ' , . aw W ,. ALJ f 'SEQ GOI-JHER li lgriculture "Let the farmer for ever- more be honored in his calling, for they who labor in the earth are the chosen people of God." Tilforestry "When the old spring fret comes o'er us." . V, . "'9'?Y:' fs ' Mlm. ,if3Iulud....+p.5v A i , , .rc':V" if ' fs- Tlfome 'Economics "yMid pleasures and palaces though we may roam, Be it ever so humble there's no place like home." 89 L N mar? 1, f --M-.. 225:19 . if W .5 .4 IZ.: . Ex. :...A: ' 5 fi s ifirgffffi, 3321 E if Q , i F5 ' e wi if? Q 5 ,. 1 3 1 M . E562 CQPHER 90 7 Tk...J Tribe GCI-,HER E172 'fifielo 'Day meet OW great are the mighty now that they have fallenl The annual meet between the Freshman and Sophomore classes had come to pass, and it was meat for all concerned. Smarting from the sting of defeat of the year before, the recovered, hopeful, boastful Sophs had related for months in magnitude of detail, how they would vanquish and annihilate the emerald Freshies, insofar that the close of Field Day would resemble the disaster of Custer's last stand. lndeed, fiction promised to be Stranger than the truth. Not a Freshman would be left, but with heart so craven that he'd faint at the sight of a Sophomore name in the catalogue. First they wrestled. After the contestants had each received a barrel of advice from their admirers, the heavy weights stood out and exchanged greetings. But good advice like the command, "johnny, fill the wood-box," often falls on deaf ears. ln spite of the advice, or perhaps because of it, the Freshmen lost both the heavy and light weight contests, and the Sophs already felt their hat bands getting tighter. ln the hundred yard dash, a Soph started out to win, and probably would have, if a tired-looking Freshman had not passed him by more than fifteen feet in the first ten yards. When this race was over, the relay race followed, and so did the Sophomores. Yes, they followed. They followed their competitors all around the field, but at no time were they near enough to cry, "King's X." The spectacular, circusy and aesthetic event of the afternoon was the greased pig chase, which was served next. The contestants lined up as grace- fully as possible, while a big crate contained three hundred pounds of live pork, redolent with axle grease and tallow, was opened. One sniff of that grease and the crowds backed up clear to the sidewalks and breathlessly awaited the start. The pig was slowly induced to start, and so were the boys. Around the grounds they went, first one and then another falling on that pig's neck, much Going Down Hanson on the Hog 9l 1 1-nr ,r- ,tn 1,2 '...... F6662 CCDPH ER ' as father did on the neck of the prodigal son. Each time the pig gracefully slipped through the fond embraces just like Mary did when she heard father coming down the back stairs. The crowds laughed and cheered and held their noses, and the pursuit went on. As usual the race was not to the swift, or the pig would have had it, a smart Freshman who had seen pigs before, made a noise like a corn crib and the lady swine fell for it, as it were. All the Freshies and Sophs piled on for third down, and such squealing was never heard before. Of course the Sophs really deserved to win but his "LImps" declared that the verdant ones had the pigskin. Down at the lagoon the crowning event of the afternoon occurred, thither the crowds surged. At first the rope was not to be found and the audience had to wait patiently, like Ray Spear did when he grew a mustache. But at last after a careful search the rope could be seen, Qlike the above mentioned mus- tachej and was drawn across the lagoon. However, 'twas finally settled. All was ready. The rope tightened like a G string, and every man pulled as though he intended to stay on dry land the rest of his life. We were not to be denied our joy, however, for the Sophomores soon approached the waters, slid gently through the slime and strolled out on the other side amid the jeers of the other classes. The pride of the class of 1915 was hopelessly drowned then and there. 5--mg Gone, ,nw-I, 92 bfi 1 Zicigca GCDPH ER WH is-I ,J ffm" 5 V Brea r I Q ,xx ..x M Q 4 -win 'f , 'WWLWW-fvf V 3 ,, may ' . ,M A f 4 1 M MA 'w 'V 5 3 V, 3 , xl-N I, ,V V' 'Sym 1 5: 3 E " f 1 . ?,E 5, 55 3 2 ,TY 2 '5 9,9 I' A r I 1 E v 3, 9 4 na, 'ff'.Jaw-,.m,.wz-VfM.,a-1-,rqz.mlm-wgf,5,,,.-qw,-mag V 0 if ' 1 '3 :' I Q sb, t-fy xlyyi if A 5 fx, ,,, :J 3 ++4g,,,g ,. -fy ,J-ff. X - , , W , 'FT-'H '- iggngefv-1,,f.-X 66562 CCPH ER 1'--'W fir ,M Mwqi' H 'R Q., 5 4:11 . . T L , 1 YY' rn: ' L91 d'3'32g'X f 0""14 x I J ' ,, .,gM f ' I-2:2 1, ,, f ,A ,,4- Fiw? Wfff- , gf ' :ny ffl' .'f22 f" LJ SEQ GCI-JHER I Elie walk Cut A DRAMA IN FOUR ACTS SYNOPSIS Scene: Plant Pathology Lecture Room. Characters: Aggie Division in Pathologyg Forestry Division in Pathologyg Doctor Freeman. Plot: The two divisions have lecture together two afternoons a week. On Tuesday afternoon after lecture the Foresters stay for laboratoryg on Thurs- day afternoon the Aggies stay. ACT I Time: Thursday afternoon. Subject for discussion: Grain rust. Aggies are interested. Aggies ask questions. Aggies ask more questions. Time flies, but Aggies don't care. It means so much less time in the laboratory. Aggies keep on asking questions. The Foresters fidget anxiously. Class is finally dismissed one half hour after time. The joke is on the Foresters. ACT II Time: The following Tuesday. Foresters have formed a conspiracy. They mean to get even. They ask questions. Doc is gracious. He answers at length. Aggies see the joke is on them and resign themselves to their fate. Class dismissed one half hour after time. joke falls flat. ACT III Time: The following Thursday. Foresters have formed a brilliant com- pact. They will not allow the Aggies to keep them overtime. They have taken seats near the door. They will leave on time to-day. Every Forester is in the pact. They will show the Aggies what a clever bunch they are. The Aggies see the game. Will they give up and allow the class to stop on time? Or will they fire questions and force the Foresters to carry out their implied? The word is passed out, "We will call their bluff!" The close of the hour draws near. The questions commence. More questions follow. The Foresters sit quiet but tense. The warning bell rings. The discussion is kept up by the watchful Aggies. The Foresters seize their hats. The final bell rings. The Foresters rise as one body and move toward the door. A few see Doc's eye and halt, but some reach the door and escape. "Haworth, where are you goingg This class is out,--when I dismiss it!" The remaining Foresters slink back to their seats. Lecture proceeds. Class dismissed forty-five minutes after the hour. ACT IV Time: Any time within the next week. A Forester stands in Doc's private sanctum. "I'm sorry I did it. I didn't think how it would appear, etc." 95 T Qi .FX F QQ W FGSHQ GCDPH ER Yak 4' v . '41- A L K .EN ,,,. N622 HS. 'E sq- x E .,. ,xg , "v 25. G1 ,, S 1 S 5 v A - ,. 1 , R E522 GQPHER ' A x 24 , 1' ,.. . ...N 4, r ,,,. MPQA . 1. QQIJ, 'f .er A 'iixfy ,,,f,,.g. f .1 M V 1 , V x -, W .jg 'T m 4326" . ,urn ffl' 'fwp A 1 , , .-I? .N 5, I ,Z 1 f 9 V I W -4 ' 2 I Q , : 1 E E Q e . i 3 A 5 ' F , L 1 Q T 5 ? s 5 f i i W Q e i 3 E E ' I 5 I S 5 E ii E s 5 5 1 E 2 Z ll V w E if 3 a . I E 2 K 5 E ul i L: 1. ? x ? 3 I E 2 Q 5 P i E 1 5 3 1 I 1 z 2 Z Q Z 3 w 2 , w 1 1 5 A 1 ! -- ' ' - ffm? X MW,,.A.M....-.,.......,.A..,.t..,,.,,muj A 4. .. ,-,, V ',k- , ,.K,.,,.f.W.,... 'k.J 'EEC-2 CQPH ER The little Ruggleses up-to-date Xmas party for the children of the Flats, given by the College Girls of the Home Economics Course. Sixty were invited but ninety came. 99 -fx-gb , 3-,,. , 'N .5 :'fL.f "tif-Q ie . 3-x . Y,-i. f'Pi N, :fi U4 "uk . ff ,5 l .SP .', ,AQ nys - , ui' ,gift . A 1 ff: ' V lvl E563 GCPHER " f5.. 1.1 E662 CCPHER '-1: f rf QL, V MW A AMR f...,,.,, W-- mix 3 NET' "" A f " "T "" " Y - 1 iw., ,J .mv i"'5'-Vg x . AIR' '37 3 i , .J g W Q . .,- ' 2 2 2 2 1 ' 5- 5 ' 5 , 5 2' 5 2 i Q Q ,sf 1 . Q af' 2 1 1 ' , , , 5 5 1 If , s " 5 E 5 E E ff K :WV a ' E ' 1 5 , "':'. i 3 F 'fm Z 3 T Wm, , X Q i 9-'11, 'rf'-, 1 4- .. ru., xgx f ,. 1 Q f 'i '3V'3ff'4Qfx, f,'ii,1'1vH, L Q, ff ,f Ht- 1 'vw ,Ui gsgwax gqfw. Q. 1 D , 5571 pw' . 'ff-'-.fx f fig -. 1855.5 if 125:15 "EW ' ' ' '- 'fmgfvu-XE H -' ' 111' 2 'Ami' 65--1-sg'-if v ,af 5 V ff sn' xg-aw? , : 3'-z' 'iffff' 5' ' "5 'Q . . qw vvvrgha rg, 1 ...MTX V V, W , Dm, ?,,,,,. f - .,-'11 - ,-, fa.. t, ksif feisix' ? Ma. X' 'nf if-:s:"f'fL 'X X1 Q, ,h by .i?,'?i,. ii?-ri' - J , . 'M' 'W " X " 1 ? ,iw ef' at I . 'I 1: :, ., iw " E 5 '-A-.4 ' ' R. 2 FV SQ' -f 'S -1. iff? g ,X,, X A .. .. u the f ., if S ' xg gl 14? 'ikj W .. -',vZ:"j-', ggisez " , QA' ".li2g3l'k-.. L,,f,.., ' Qrfwilxf . 'A N g ff. Kj w 1 . l . 1 -fff . '2'gfJS'7g ' 5913, s Qfii'-Ex ,qc 4, .- , ,W V Q fI','. wwug,-f... . ,. ,, 'X 1,5 .-:. r 2451" X Q ' f-,425 ef. is I ff:-4 5 1 1, M ef, W,- 'tif 14- .AU ' ZEHQ GCDPHER f .f'N LJ f ESQ QQPHER f'N 1 5 ,M 6662 QQPHER 'K ,pu PM ziqfq' Le: ,Y 'W 1? , 41... ...lx f3"5f':"' ' ,ui .',,Q' ,V 1, bf' .L ffl I EHQ GQPH ER 'S'-' iii' :is in 'F M W , 1? J E i 1 5 J 3 1 3113 a if-x 9...- 5. N. 'Ll 4 1 !.Ll. 12,1500 LAW I 5 2 gs , i .Y g .1 , . .m.-...,......,.,,.,.J v--L-.H--.W-N.-A ,-5...-.,,v,x.,, .,,,,,:-A ' I i t L "' 13 I, ii xrc SWF' - mf-5: t ' 1-, -. -N LE' NF I ' .' ' -- ' 2 i no ig, AXXX3 Yqi gifs 1 A , .-iv.,-X ,W-ww 'r ff, t Q iyirx, .jgv : " f5f1"', .X ,L -, ,,.,,. I, ,, IAY' .w'1t:,57' 1 A-,AJ 1 53' ? fvffxt ...Lax - ,A .512 jvgirgix .YQ 7 - vw o ,, ,M , i Y i- ' "1 'x J.. , 3 1 , Z A rg '77 '- 1' -L Qi if ? : fpg 5, 2 'i -Q31 .L , QA' Q, 4 5 ,L',g. if-Stir? 5 i W, . 1 . ,. , K- , , .1. 5 A fini, 1 V 1 A 2 , f 5 5 . 5, it .Q ..E'! 1 F 4, .Q 5' get, 2 3 :sg , I Fe 2 1 is 2 ' ,, W. N, - . . R 'SEQ GCPHER WILLIAM REYNOLDS VANCEfBorn May 9, 1870, Middleton, Ky. Received degrees of LL.B., Ph.D,, and M.A. from Washington and Lee, M.A. from Yale. Appointed August, 1911, to take effect August, 1912, as Dean ofthe College of Law and Professor of Law. 1 i X ,, f, , E: L ,,4g:: , f,,ffj'.: rf- 'Y A itihgi , .Easy , .u vywy ,wi ilu f ' -4 E-ff I 5x?:2'f.' Lv . 4 ..'z?'5 9, ' iff- 1, 2 M , 423 i 9'PiE? ,T sgfizzkg, ' jw,1'.5gegfff . -lf'?:fii?'f - 521'i.,.,1,5 . .50-ws? sZf'P5ii'rfii 2 , 4 1 af-ma -. ,mf ,J ,ff i'tfiQg' 1 1 '-4 ' , .1593 . A, . 249.1 ,Q ,L 5. , nit, tiny? , :ga 1 a f 'R -li gff Q1 E 5, 'Q 1 j.5, lCD8 tfsfigg A' 235' e ' Q' 4, in X 5f , inf 1 A Pr v , 5 , E Q g' 1 if ' 3, '-'-.,:g,N 35 ,J . W, ,, F .,, ,,, gig! 31- lil Q 'iQ - ,- +4 Q f -Y ., i.Q.,,.,..,. N- Ma' 1-ff. H - , LJ E622 GQlJl'lEl3t Class of 1914 vsjfacully of the 'iaw College CScene in the Banquet Hall of the Commercial Y 1. f Clubj Messrs. Hoshour, Ziesemer, Smith and Downing for the Plaintiffs. Professor Fletcher and Thurston for the Defendants. Paige, justice.P"The facts of this case are somewhat unusual as well as interesting. From the record it appears that in September of l9ll there were some eighty-four young men and women regis- tered in the Freshman class of the College of Law. At the same time what is known as the new Regime also entered. This consisted of a change in the course of study. The old method of distributing predigested professorial Notes and Deductions at 52.00 per head had been discarded and the new and more subtle method employed at Harvard was adopted, whereby professor-written case books were offered at 35.00 per copy. At the end of the first semester all of the Plaintiffs, with the exception of some ten or twelve, were conditioned or Hunked. The Plaintiffs brought Counsel for Defenda nts this bill in Equity for an injunction restraining the Defendants from flunlcing the remainder. At the first hearing a decree was entered for the Defendants, judge Thurston presiding. The Plaintiffs offered evidence that at a certain banquet the well fed and humored Defendants entered into an agreement whereby the latter were to show more care and consideration than had been exhibited heretofore. But upon mature reflection the Defendants have seen fit to disregard the aforesaid agreement. ln the first place public policy demands that we have more stringent courses in the study of Law. The country is becoming Hooded with cheap lawyers who have been turned out of the colleges. They are below the averagein intelligence and are becoming a menace to the state. Of course there are some who are deserving and can not devote their entire time to the pursuit of Law. Other considerations as that of the quest of daily bread, also enter in. But those people can find an excellent article in I7 Harvard Law Review 22 telling them how to live without eating. ln examination of the records l find no error. The Attorneys for the Plaintiffs have admitted the abstract justice on the part of the defendants. Decree affirmed, Vincent, C. j. Concurring. 109 'P T' + fi, is u-. qi 5542 QQlJl'lliR 'law -'ilaw -'law Our Leading Contributor ZR Song to the Afilflunlxer STUDE there was and he dared to delay fEven as you and lj His final craming full many a day. Profs told him to hasten,fto speed on his But the student smiled and said: "Nayl Nayli' QEven as you and lj A Stude there was and he dared to delay Given as you and lj 'Twas the eve of Finals ere to plugging he went With the precious moments all but spent. For the Student must follow his natural bent. CEven as you and lj A Stude there was and they Flunked him out, CEven as you and lj l The Stude thought he'd pass without any doubt, For a week he had loafed like a lazy old loutg Till the Dean read his final and then threw him out. Given as you and lj llO fl u -5' i if I way mmu ESQ CCDPHER numminuinziin1uiinmnmnumnnmml ImannInImmunuiumnnunumuuunuununmu urnulannuuunmnummmwnmnnmmm mmunnunmuxx 5 SPECIAL I-IEADLINER-THREE NIGHTS ONLY Ebree Flights Before 'Ciba 'ffootligbts Learn the mmn "SHE'S A DREAM, BOYS. SI'lE'S A DREAM." 2 OR 5 E 5 E Q Three Nights Only, We Present ALAN j. MCBEAN SL DAISY LEON Z 5 E and their 3 "Sl1PBLlRBE" COMPANY OF PHI DELTA PHIS New Waltz Song "She's a dream, Boys, she's a dream." Q l S fFirst see the Chimes of Normandyb E 5 5 Mrs. Latimer, after eleven o'clock class, to Ziesemer, ., I rf it 1 f Z, I . T3 J 1 " V 'Q "Have you seen anything of Latimer?" uN0.H "If that man has gone away and left me I will snatch him baldheaded. fThis should be a lesson to Huffmanj Advice to those who have made New Year's Resolutions. Those who have just turned over a new Paige, but have yielded to the Thurst-on the water wagon, are sure to ad-Vance on the down- ward path. Yea perhaps be brought to the Morg-an' laid in their Graves. Therefore they had better make their Willes. FN ' L-I E561 GOlJl'll.:.R Mr. Paige-"How do you ladies sit there and stand all that?" Extract from a brief in Real Property: "To enforce a restrictive covenant preventing the use of land for saloons is against public policy." Rich- ard Manahan Attor- .. i ney for Defendant. We Nearly Won jake Hadler in . s , l Equity: "This is an X W executioner of a de- V " N ceasedlady's trunks." 'qt' A ln evidence. Be- gin recites. "Under the statue of Henry the Eighth-" Rollin Smith, "Thinks he is in an Art Galleryf, action brought by the -'IX He Knows the Ropes "By their statements ye shall know them." "No-up - Ye-up!! A Well, what of it?" "For tomorrow you Running may take in your case This book the case of Goe vs Firther on page 30, Summoar vs Aull on page 37, and then , take down to and in- cluding the case on page l79." Who's School? ll2 DK Jl91II+ 'AA LQ EHQ GCI HER l 4 MJ',f"' y NfYQ Q ..... xxx' , " Q , I C4 'nf' .f 3 lv flff -X - .H , 1 , ' xx f wb g" pai T! V.. 3- - , . 4 X '-' - ig., gf' xx - -'NK "fi ' -if 234-if :,,, ,7r1Q, ,fK'- ,- - L .-, , f, ,f . ,A Y Sf' X44 l'l"r, f'l" I' f'N TQ?" - -l .iigrxj 2f 1 T ,-,, -4, Af- 113 , T gflfnyg w nf, ff .Fw xiuffh.. " 1 ,atv Q L 5:5112 fi if t..,mv,gr5 5 V ' 5. f ""'lL"w. w - " 'Aff fiifsf' wk' 'E ?f'f5gf:ilQ's N155 1.2, 1 5 , I 1 , , 8 , ' 1 R 5 I, S1 Tzfil E fl, 1 .9 522: TL VJ, , . lv A . ,, , 1 1 1 K. ss 5 l s f' rl ll gi? , Q, SEQ GQPHER FRANK FAIRCHILD WESBROOK-Born july, 12, 1868, Brant Co., Ontario. Received degrees of M.A., NLD., C.M., from Manitoba and L.M. from Rotunda Hospital, Dublin. Appointed August 1895 as Professor of Bacteriology and Pathology, now Dean ofthe College of Medicine and Surgery. ll4- ?" was -rw A A D K gf 'SEQ GCDPH ER i 'Jn memoriam PARKS RITCHIE, M.D., died February 2, l9l3. Dr. Parks Ritchie, as a result of his many years of conscientious practice, his scientific ability, and his pleasing personality, gained for himself the respect, confidence, and love of all those with whom he came in contact. His service to thc University, as Dean of the College of Medicine and Surgery, and as Professor and Chief of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, made an indelible impression on the memory of the students, alumni, and faculty. The Class of Nineteen Hundred and Fourteen, therefore, pays tribute to him whose kindly humor, keen wit, and breadth of wisdom have so influenced student life in the Medical College at this University. IIS t 4 f ,1 if ' A . r i S f 5 , 3 ff 'f , V' 5 i 5 M 3 I-I. c ., I pf" Q Y 2 ,ff E. 3 v, , ls if 14' aff' ,J-'G' , 4 1 ,,- , .- , ,A-,J ,. rr ff., - .,.' AMN 3" - A ,ff 1 fx gf, gif" ,fly , .,,s, I iff '4,.n: J . , I - , fx ' "f , ' T'ff7f'- if ' .aye .,r.g,52:5 1"-' f ,if i .af 1gf1,ae3i , ft f . , Y-L.,.tz,.f: N f,,r.',fe,yf5v:Q . 1 ---Ni'-.S Jfa. .Wa Wvtgg L, .M Pl IW" An, in fr ..l,-...lgasmfs 3 K, , , ,,imQEw?5 1' iff :Fi 4 -- V -. 1 i 11,-vga ,, .44.,i,EtQi5',EE . , JS 1,44 Qi, 1, 'ff' 11 QETV' Q' '-Q f z'.4r'Q?5i Qui '24 ..-itbwl -'.-igfzgf ,oy . , if sv " :A , Q, 1 44 in 14 ,, Q ,Q 2 X cg Qi? Eu' i J 'G'k.,,..,5' i EEC-2 CGPHER H Tfavorile 'Faculty Tormulae Dr. Scott: "The alimentary canal is a chube right through youf, "The reaction projuced is joo to the substance in chest chubef' "Er-er- quite right!" "The pleasure in teaching lies in seeing your students learn something. You have not given me any such pleasure." Dr. Beard: "According to my datar, when the amoeber fails to show these phenomener, it exhibits the stigmater of degeneration." Dr. Law: "This operation is done only by me and two other great sur- geonsl" "Here, l have exposed the nerve, which requires a very dainty dis- section. Gentlemen, l'll do all the talking heref, Dr. Stewart: "Of course that method may be all right but the way l do it, etcf' "They didn't know what the case was, so Cholly Mayo sent it to me." Dr. Hare: "Beware of drooping eyelids and long eye-lashes!" II6 CGI - -.:. fN 'TMJ 'G35Q GCDPH ER + L .,... A f' 8 2 F P ,ff , if lg' If - f- 55 rf-H -M 5 55553, , ...,,Q.,, A ff 1-' f , s 7 , 'T A - W2 fm Q N lnstltute of Anatomy V . ,f .R M-xx , 1 - s LA X fp- W Q 'Q-Y .xiq1w':wV ,QFW w 1 is X11 1' A- a6'f.,Lf'i E ', f 5 i . ' f 2 V ' 'J Pig 55? ' -'xii ' wg-if ,s V51 , .mfg,g4g..g4 vw.: ffgxjx . WSH W . " f' :ii HS TI 24 N, 2 2 sf' v'-11'::'gQ" gig: Zi Q nz 352: ' 2 S1 Er A ' wb 2-wiiff P 1- ,? I wif 3- 4 gc . - , F i. lx... Q: . ,F L., , af: 1 ?g 2 1- Ai? - K 3' . . Q ' 2 '. ' Hg 5 ' fi ' . 1 gg. L1 , 3 5 WA .3 , 5, S 2 if 3 I X f' T . M. , 1 L 1 A 'ip V , . 5 1 ' J! 1 ,Z I , , , Q , 5-if H A :Q gg-M 1, K V, 241- jislzg J 3 '7' 'A 35? H " X f 11- 2 V, A '. , wax, ,E , A 1 , -V,-,J . 4 ' - X 4,2225-ici g , T, ' , s 'wf' 5' , Q ' i 5 EVE? X hf . .Q ' 5: ' - 3 . F x -ms? Q , 1 562595 J Q F Z.5,, , , Millard Hall , ' Pfsfif "w 5 1 5. ff gwqgfrfs A 'HJ' 6 g , ' V- . Malawi 5, T 1 V ., , E f -'ii AYQQWH' f T 'L..:,., ff. Q A g, IIS . 5 ' 1 Y X Jai? 4, Aww A,,5,,-. .: . -nf Y , .-, I 5 -' f ' " ,Q ' 11: f 5 . :wg-:Q "ff, -'4.m.:m- 5 ' r' r-Q W' .t A ,-"2 .A fb - 4 U., .-QM.. 1w:1:?2f?5"L'T:Tfl ,h,,,L..,f11 ' ,:f:'7i5'-i -' , 1... t 'ax-J A Na. -it 1- j 'SEQ com-QR 'Y Taba new Ulleoical Yauiloings INETEEN hundred and twelve was a memorable year for the College of Medicine, for it was during this year that the two magnificent buildings, Millard Hall and the Insti- tute of Anatomy were completed. Scientific journals admit that they are the best equipped medical buildings in America, and as such offer facilities for detailed and thorough work in every field of modern medicine. Erected and furnished at a total cost of S636,000, they present an addition to the campus of which we can well be proud. Millard Hall houses the departments of Physiology, Pharm- acology, Medicine and Surgery. The laboratories are equipped with the indirect lighting system, and contain all the most up-to-date instruments. An addition is a large room set aside exclusively for the comfort of the students, where they may smoke, lunch, and hold meetings. The Institute of Anatomy is occupied by the departments of Anatomy, Obstetrics and Gynecology. ln addition to its many excellent laboratories, it contains the largest amphitheater in the medical buildings of the world. A large wing will be added to this building next year for the Pathology and Bacteriology departments. The interest that these buildings has attracted, has resulted in the selection of the University of Minnesota as the convention head- quarters for the American Medical Association which meets in june. We feel assured that the impetus which we shall receive from this gathering will start us on a course of research work which will soon make this college one of the centers of medical science in America. 119 V'f-iff? H. +mf5y2:' fig: E '55, 'uf xx .,-.KH X .12s?Qva'. . , , 1512.3 .1 H N. ifY3'Wm , xiii? 52317 T , f-Vkgr, .. 'R . 1 P--H12 vu ii 3? Q . ?fP",,5il: 51 'I 'f a,,,'s-:i5.1 3 f,V:., , f,g.'fc ,,,:,g" if " 'U -H K' Q-gftfwi-.M . "Mg, jffviiifff .- Ma '- zffili WN Lf 7 3f5fi'13'F'Eil, A Xxx, ,,Q.f1:V EW- iv- t. 32 , A. 3 V Q Si-A Q , AS ff.: 5 fn 35 : 7351, za L 11-1' -Ft' .,.,5, , ,E ,, , K M21 .L ' wg I fl. S 2 I A . E Ei 1 9. . 1 A ggi- , ?JEEl gQ5 0 E512 GOPHER "'l'-uni 3. .I- 1"--1 ,S ml? -. 32,711 N 1-F11 Q' ,f.z,,f w Vfi' 1 ,M , an , "121,,jV:'1'.. '-'.g1i7?v ,N 4,-QQ. .. C .e QQ. V L 5 . H- ,fi lf.,,.f,u f 1 ,X ,1 f .. .. .f...,.ff.,..-..,....-.,...,A.,.,-,.- x XX .. -N I K. .. ,U NA f, . ., , Qx ff Q M sm, 1 --..,,,,y..,, ,V Kiki-. M., XA 'i'- Qi Y Nwilxl 1 W E3 N N Q ' xlgsgw X! -1 ., . B HV l 'NK Egg ,I XA 'fwfyw QD EX W ,f,', 5 X1 if-T H1 X B Q, , , , 'fm Xa f f 2 fE1ifx.TTcfQ'1'Hmmam 1' X X xi f F , 1 RA s U ENTEST Hy, N 4 , Q 'Vzisiigflg E - 4 F 5 ,,11Wf1ff,'xv ijfrgfiyl f ffi ' D ' Q f W W ' X 1 I fd Aj A"" ' KM V: -Ji fun v 'K WJ Us f ,',,vfH9 V X..-..... Y .-....... QQ --+f--I 'CZSHQ GCDPHER ALFRED OWRE-Born December l6, 1870, Hammerfest, Norway. Received degree of D.M.D. from Minnesota. Appointed Instructor in the College of Dentistry, now Dean ofthe College of Dentistry and Professor ol' Operative Den- tistry and Dental Metallurgy. ' 122 -sf IN !- L.J SEQ CQPHEH ' r N--N.,f-X -..- aw- -fre 'T' is 'rggwfr - P -- ---D '66 Q Qfirw ER Elie 'Ilrogress of the College of 'Dentistry HE current year has marked a great change in this department. The College now enjoys nearly twice as much space as it did formerly and as soon as the Pharmacy College removes to Millard Hall the dentists will have three times the actual space available heretofore. The college occupies the building formerly used by the medical sciences. This has been so remodeled as to meet the needs of the dental department. During the remodeling, the building was practically fire-proofed so that the present aspirants to fame in the "world of teeth" may entertain small hopes for a mid- winter vacation due to the loss of equipment by fire. The building itself is very well lighted and is well planned for the use of the college. lt is true that some departments of the work are, as yet, very much handicapped owing to the presence of the Pharmacists in the same building. As soon as this space is available, however, the laboratories will be greatly enlarged, more operating rooms will be provided, and provisions will be made for X-ray work and the Department of Preventive Dentistry. Minnesota is today recognized as a leader in dental instruction. This recognition is not confined to the United States alone, but is prevalent in Europe as well. Last summer a notable meeting of dentists of Sweden, Norway, Fin- land, and Denmark was held at Christiania. The program committee recog- nized the importance of securing the best man available for a paper and clinic on crown and bridge work and therefore invited a member of the Minnesota faculty to deliver the address and to give the clinic. During the last year four or five of the leading state universities have made a study of the Minnesota College and its methods of work in an attempt to raise their own efficiency to equally high standard. Minnesota students are taught that their duty is not merely to perform faithfully the manual labor which may come before them, but that their obliga- tions to society compel them to do their utmost to aid the spread of the gospel of Preventive Dentistry. The work of the College has been performed for years with the highest ideals of service to the State underlying all its activities. The plans for the future embrace a development that shall still further emphasize this phase of the in- struction. The college plans to keep its clinical department in operation during the entire summer in order that the work of the college may be of the greatest benefit to the students and to the public While the recognition that the college is receiving must be gratifying to all alumni, we feel that, under the able direc- tion of Dean Owre, the College of Dentistry is due to achieve still greater fame in the realms of science. l24- f ,J Q 1 211 '63 Q Q R: 5 , ,,,' v J M. V Q , 'SEQ CCDPH ER + i il- , 3 , .4 Ng f N.: X df? 1 c' JL" If ,:4:.".j'ri Av" rf if .ff 'J' V '. 3. ,,,.f I . U "1-f35,..rf ,f',17T'."'F:F vip 'f' ""? ,., ,.- :H .,f-4, ., .1 A ,. , - f :'- 54 9 ..,'-,f Y z.. uf-zlwq 1, . , ,,.1 1 , Y., tv :,TN.r R 1' ,.Q fl' , ,T 4-. . .2 if fr ' 1 A'ij,'?z'1 if i'sr'f,2' , -vt-, ufngy -F ,gifii .7 . 5' 392543 .'+,,vf L2-ff, .e 5 mgytgir :x , 15. ,- , .rn 4 A Kiwi -'11-35 ' .ilfv-' 1 'ii-QL' A ' 'A-if 'S "sf ar . Am. Q ., I 'f-,139 "',iQfif24 1 - pf 14 1 .Nlf P' ffaiia 'WPG 1 mat' . I? ' , pa. 51 -E Nr:-g f 1 1 1 1 , 151 I x . 2, .Mfr LJ CCP f'N GA Pillsforj, w ilgj SEQ GQPH ER LJ Qvczry ull. M W f ' .-'--' 9'F"?' 2 if' "'52"f'A wfef, A f f, :: ' , P+ Z ,S . ,. . F 'rug , i La., I. - Gag g. "jx ,. rfrsgi-1w+..:,: N X EQ ,qc Q -11554, ,ni fi :VA if 5 3' f ,z ' 5 ' 1 Q ri-E ? w- --if ' yur 2 is A N X 2 GISCQ GQPHER FREDERICK JOHN WULLING-Born December 24, 1866, New York. Received degrees of Ph.G. from University of Colorado, LL.M., from Minnesota., Appointed as Professor of Pharmacology and Dean ofthe College of Pharmacy, 1892. 128 Ql- if fi L5 ' if ,, Nz. may .. " Y-x qv 'ESQ Gown in 1 Brilliant Class Time:fFirst Hour, 8:9. Dec. 16, 1912. Place:lMain Lecture Room. ELL is rung. A scurrying is heard from the Deanis office. About twenty promising students rush madly into the lecture room, some stretching their necks to see if the Dean is peeping over the desk from his stool, and others scanning their chemistry lesson. At last a voice was heard. "Raise the window and see that the air shaft is open." Then we were all convinced that the Dean was present. A terrible silence reigns through out the room. Who will be the first victim? Someone titters, and Dean Wulling seizes his opportunity. He pounces upon Abe Epstein, his pride and joy. "Tell us, Abe, how to make water gas." Abe hastily arisesff'Why,. wesone, to make water gas, you burnfburn burn." "Burn what?" shouts the Dean. Someone near Abe suggests onions. "Why onions, of course" replies the bright boy, very proud of himself. Then the door is thrown open and a tall form of Edward Fitzgerald is admitted, cheeks flushed and eyes shining brightly. After looking through five or six books, he hands the Dean his chemistry paper of the day. "This is dated last year, Fitzgerald, produce another," interposes Dean Wulling. "Hey, Fitzgerald, this isn't a ship. Where were you last night?" Fitzgerald retires to his seat and doesn't show up in class for a month. "Well," continues the Dean addressing his brilliant class, "We have now arrived, or let us imagine we have, at carbon dioxide and carbolic acid." "Who knows the difference? Miss Schatz, tell us." Schatz jumps up, "Well, they're spelled differently, 1 think, and, -, leaning over toward Miss jardine, "they smell differently." "Discuss the subject at greater length, Mr. Reed." "Why carbolic acid is longer," continues Mr. Reed. "By weight or volume?" queries the Dean, relieved. "Sit down," roars the exasperated instructor. "Wm. Young, solve the rid- dle." Wm. Young, glued to his seat. "Carbolic acid is used for dyeing purposes." "Which kind," gasps the Dean. Bill Young looks dazed. "Didn't know there was more than one kind." "Somebody hold Mr. Young," the Dean suggests, "no telling what he'll strike next." Mr. Stronsome's hand is seen flopping in the air. "Please, sir," he calmly suggests, "carbolic is used for making, -for making, -Chl what was 1 going to say'?fOhl yes for making sundaesf' "Foiled," groans the Deanf' the next thing you'll be telling me is that carbolic acid is used as a restorative for the dying." Dean Wulling completely overcome, staggers to the window for air, the class is dismissed. 1 129 ,F-W, I 14. in '- Q51 Wa... H. . ,K ..,,,.. 1 f A an ap' . W , .. . Vs , -5,-, - - .L - , gas." ' wh ,L E F -A, .. , E e 1, v, .. 4 0, . 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I15 vw- N- A -1' I. l K, ,V-7 Ipegllilhf -, L W- -. :Eg mil!! A 'L-gif , L 'H' iiiifilif Z1 QT' f ' - T"7L""'iT- -T '4-L-wl .- -A 155. S K-3' -5.-:arf-L2 Hx-+4 'C 2 1-:T 4 Ti if ' P594 I' V 'ii is-'L N 'L' fi 93331 "T -'-.1 ,,,-. -7' . '..ggqa:gg:g'X ww F 'nu' n T, , -f -ff' ' 1 -1-251 ' ' 1' ' X ' 'F::::nf' W E!!! A -. ,.,'p'!lQi4I,f' E I :gg iii. 1 ' Y iiiqgif! My , ' ' y If AZ!ZMlzlZlZ1lQll. uiinygl NSN " EI,-,f-"f""4 Il I l 1 ,,,,. .,, ,,f,,--,f,L-nfiiniulg .. .L anal ' W g JQQL'Ql51i'a?a5,'f?27j'v5':f'EEEEEY! Wk :::: ful: X -fi?-g1'Ewgsfz:f.zzftica-4-' Q13 -1,1 Wllll 4-1,1 f4"Z,f7f7'g,fvy"i,i ' 'X 1 ,ff frlli , K vfiog-4.-vZjQ.,,:'.q',4f, , Q sf M 2 Hills: + za'-'Z n ..-f- '- 1, .-- F' ,:. , 4, 13 - IIN:--I, ff f' 42 - . N ., LV 'Irv'--1 ,, : nb- I Qi,f'gy':'-' ,,...-- Q dmggrglg!!-1, fb 5 ,.4'2g35y,s0y! ' -r-w-f ff- "h'f ' Hi- """X , 5" 117 1 .ffisfQf:a,w. , A 1, -fir-Qziffff :1fm4'54 'IIILIML , ff- L N W'-xfiz,-41ff' "11n'W fl 'M'- -+N if f ?-+4?2i247'fVf iW'-QQL V' a mf? .-I2 1 ' ' ou: J' ' 4 K - -i fz?f 3 f' - 1 L-ff ffl 45?-f ?45'4Jgf xwiab ' ff- - ., ,.:xf.:-- , 4 1 A f '-- Xf 'aaa- ,ff -1.1 gvs-vg41f 4' qs-Y: W mme-'fag fx fffx , -'fab '- ,v iris! ff' -wfqfif --f ,f, gan! -. ,f ,qff-5: M ,f - ,-'ip 9',:7"i" - ff fA!fC.fff.a 4'-if 7' - 4.4 +-L + fi, ig! Q GOPHER + a new c """tg,v 'rm-as .a....o YE, Q CGI-JHER Ebe Opening Convocaticm 'Exercises HE students of the Uni- versity of Minnesota, with soaring ambitions and staunch resolutions, en- tered on September 18, 1912, upon a year of hard study and varied activities. Visions of Phi Beta Kappa had been hovering in the minds of many of the Freshmen for months, but the veter- ans, for the most part, had joined the ranks of the non-aspirants. They had concluded that education in the broadest sense of the term, means more than book knowledge, that it meant also personal contact with man. Those who sought personal contact, obtained it, those who did not, had it thrust upon them on this opening day, for two thousand and five-hundred students assembled in the Armory to hear President Wilson, Then Democratic nominee for the Presidency. lt is fortunate indeed that the future President of the United States, introduced by Dr. Vincent as the "scholarly Politician, the scholar in politics, and the scholarly statesman," should address us at this second convocation, when class departments and colleges are wholly subordinated, when the spirit of loyalty and unity reigns supreme. The impressiveness,-the magnanimity of the occasion inspired us. When our beloved President Emeritus, Cyrus Northrop, led us in prayer,-when Dr. Vincent, the man of vigor, of action, spoke to us on matters pertaining to the welfare of the Universityg our thoughts united into one great idea,-that of loyalty to our institution, and to the ideals for which that institution stands. Thus it was, indeed, more than a convocation. lt was a true melting pot where faculty and students of all departments united for a common purposekwhen we were made to realize more fully the ultimate object of college training and where we were shown more clearly what duties, what responsibilities, rest upon our shoulders. After the benediction was pronounced by our new pastor, Dr. john Powell, we closed by singing the "Minnesota Hymn." May we always hold it in reverence! "Minnesota, hail to theel Hail to thee, our College dear!" 132 1 Hr ' t D-. I D i .5 KL L? f X ,-,,vf' Qf'fx'x'im X fx fl " 1X"'f" X." 1 'E 'f W Q D W EK , ' N41-VF5 1 .. 5: .W 1 49,5 -Q. X A D ,jf I X 2 R iff N 1191 1 N! 1' ffpiipr si, X X X , xx X-2 1115 4 'iii 143 v if WT I '1 li GQ z'g.,J W EHQ CQPH ER Country Tait College of ffxgriculture may 17, 1912 ffl f" CV AK f g K A X' ,f,"' Akr1 'ff' 1.1 1 ? 1210291 ZW: 4 ' E , I in 1 'ntnnx-an -gg! .MQ -JP! -7- Lf V N2 0 lg " if XX if X W ,Q K-Q .Lf b 355-QQ" xhhillf Y'-45 Ge.. .asf T 133 wr-4 ,I L nr fix lx K skid! f W ,, by ' ' I ii. Q 'll O V. Mt 3, r v iii I f i .Q , gl' :lil f rt C Z 1 ii , if , Qi l f ,i p s x 'Q ' R S' uma ' Ur AW ,g v I 'LA'- l.: J 'f , fn , s. ys,M ,.i,, by , S 'I XXX ' I H V 1 . i . 'wilful' 1 - A ft.: X QM E662 GCDPHER Country Tait A i l 5 :J -W E A s Yi SI' - i , QQQMFST ff' l.I,x.l'4Jll HI by the way, l jest thought ' on't. Wish you c'd a ben 3, 1 here for the Country Fair. l gi? W-'af" f . . , if S! , jest cam doun to see jim, an ffl ff- xg 4 he said some kind o'douins was goin' on J ' 'L' at the Agricultural College, said he -u if cal'lated l'd be mighty int'rested. Haint nobody told ye? Wan' a hear about it? ' " E Wa'al the haint much to it in the way of a story, but llll tell ye all there was of it, near's l c'n remember, an' I c'n re- is v 4' f-.1,L.a 4 -ins' L f A , W .- Q A f 'L -4-"HA . ' ,... Q ' X. ,gg I 1 V5-A.. ,- iiss W ., , , -K" , . . 134 f'N,,o ,V 11 . - ,Y f X. l lv? nf I T iixxi ff! 1 V YM x ' Xe ,fx ang "' J for , ew V 1.,A ,tu , Q' Fif i T . f l ,,,',, f' J ff 1 .X 0 qv xy ,ff I M ,Q iw ' us ' xxlg ., mi it Aff' v pf Y ta rf ,I-ngmflll 71' ii! X . rm uni. 0 Lf not Q P- f 656.2 Q01-DHER il Country Affair member putty near, for l cal'late there didn't nothin' git away from me that afternoon. Reckon l've a programmy here :- 1:00 P 2:00 P 2:45 P 4:00 P. 5:00 P 8:00 P 9:30 P M. Baseball Game. M. Grand Parade ofLive Stock. M. Milking Contest. M. Side Shows. M. Supper. M. Open air Vaudeville. M. County Dance. Camp Fire is ICQ' Y QW' Q' f 2' , .div lrflib ' ' :filly 7 5 0 ii. ? KC? is i ,es 5, CFS?" f 1 V l K ...f- wz . j ...,.: , - I , ,.x-,., .. 1' V' -fly! rf rf "" 1- mfr... .fra 135 t1-....e:,..1 Kg Y D1 k K--,SRX f y a-Z i X lim fnln f FMT llllll X V 'u it M'rlQi",!V ull' , ,f'l'x'AllA4 XWXX ' '-Qfiftwy 1, N 'f J ,Q X., X if Mtofg Wi y fill' 9,1 H69 Tend ,Z 1 ff? I ' l hu i y ,J l ,i t - it i un ' g ' 5 ,i AK ' 1 f. , Iii' 24g y f fs ll, r QQ! TSHQ GCDPH ER Country Tait President Vincent, the students all call him Prexy, umpired the baseball game, which was twixt th, students an' th' faculty, an' a mighty in'tristin' game it was. l don't know much about that er game, but ye have seen it played haint ye? lt sartenly was funny to see them teacher fellers git out there an' run fer them barley sacks, an' cetch an' bat an' throw jest as they had done f ' 66? 166 V- -A f K,.',.,.. -I tiiii' A C., A r f f ,wwfw f f ' A 1 X ' f-li 7 X l L Z. J? I as K as a AP 1 f'-. --vw LE. MP x,!f X0 if A s i ul U V K Q 1. ,gn . ,, ...fe -E am 136 bfi W' """ f' ml L N pi? X t W kmff fgg fqw rf' el'- llltg A x X J wh A g Q GQ PH ER Country Tait when they was young They were spry too Ill tell ye an tho th students hed th advantage thzm teachers held thelr own lwan ye to understand Soon arter this l heerd th Rube Banda playm a tune th called Every bodles Dom lt Somebody told me a Engllshman by th name of Wagner wrote lf Ye know they had the queer est garbs on any mortal e er dld see V Y- -i-U P! 1 Y 49 7 jf wtfwft 6? f JG 'Q' 'll' 'x "7 E 'E' I37 w -1- V?-1 ' A i r f ,U ,T i Ego GQPHER V 5 9 0 W' Y 54 "'7' MZ main X x 'M Ziff P, ,i Z qw- X nf m.!, ,Q iggmi J I N N tv 5.5 R 9' Wi if C LG 2 ,X 'x ,S X, i U Q o nn f ..,,, .1 V Ch Ip ff." Engl sp-' ., N.c. 5.E,m,,r , li!! Country Tait must a ben resurricted from goodness knows whereg a queer spectiacleindeed. Ye c'd see blue-jeans, sunbunnits, top- boots, ole broad-rim hats, slopin' down there backs, an' l dunno but its' th' wust lookin' bunch I e'er did see. You'd a tho't they was th' whole show, but l'll tell ye th' did lead that parade fust rate. Then came Prexy an' Missus Vincent a' ridin' on hoss-back, an' as f Q, W P+ 06 f lp ' .. 2 -uni' Q . A 7 fo I n 5-'E Q27 5 , ,, -of 153 59' 1 .f- igs fy gu m Q7 .4 A in rl V wif! V K 'E if 51 A ae' I , 4 ,4 5 V K 'R 1 ,v.f,- . in -E M., H Q.. 'FA 1 "'E"f 4 l38 - -Y' 'gli fx, , .. s. 'LQ Ergo CZOPHER Country fiair 5 1 ,f1- l 3? If X '15-i5,,,:4ij., 4' A L1 , A ,,, Li l, . ..-f' ' 17? N 5? E i l followin' along their tracks, tho' far back F E fur the' didn't hev' th' requ'sit speed R tw? L J i came gurrels and boys attired t rep- Q ,Q risint th, evolution av dress, far back N J as Roman an' Grecian times. They We 'N was Floats an' sech like. Walal l can't PM K4 Q i tell ye jes' what the, all were, but the X Vi., lg main object was to reprisent the various divisions o' Agricult'al wuk. Ye know at don't ye that th' pu'pus wus to show th' A' peepul ol Minnesota th' wuk which that L fj il 139 i ,, :L 'W i' ' if 'WM K E ififg XE , s f A cgi 40 f l ' 19 ,1 Y fi i Iwi Q -wi X M -' m 41 313:22 . um: 531-:i::::. gi: i::::: M 3 m ay Z Rn., ffj "A, x ' 'X A it ef H J ,ii V Ku Q 1 l vu 'l Giv QE. fs' K K K Kaeif wwe 5l""7' A H4 X X QW' M9 X' u M H ?' lhlgl xl l ' X 4 "" . , fA'+w,3 l N, MQ sage kg rm! , 4553 in y , gf? . my i'x..5l lm E562 QQPH ER Country 'Tait Collidge is undertakin'? An' l reckon there haint much left out, for the girls hed floats which showed a unique an original idee, entitled, "Before an' After," from which th' presinted us with with doughnutsg then there was other floats illustratin' domestic science for- estry, agriculture an' things too-as l was sayin,-l hope l haint tirin' ye with my goins on. l've got a notion that maybe ye' would like t' hear about the gurrels milking 53 y l' fi., 7 fx , 1 1vQQ0sQfAff!fA QA! OM " . ' gang, L-ff-:ffm lgalyl' y l 'A 4' 5 , lil ' g TQ gg: ffj yi. A WM 237 5- if? 4 ,lf N If af -X , in mt, K F ' I l4O , , FX zP'H5f1R-an g Ll i Q CQPH ER Country affair contest afore l tell ye about the pike, vaud'ville stunts, and Gypsy fortun' tellers. No! Wa'al l may as well tell it one time as another. Ye know that the gurrels out there hev good common sinse. 'Taint every un would hev spunk enough, as rumers had it-to get up every mornin' at day break an' practice milkin' cows fur thet contest. Peepul made so much sport o' them that they didn't wan' tl do it, but arter 7 5 1 I M Al, f X 1 W 6' . 1 W .' " M 45 7 V ' Qxfepff. fi bhfuil' .l L1 f l lf? ,Cy vt. A ' 1 11:37 f- P. 55 . W 1-F7 ' iff X 1 ' "- .. t it .y fa t ffibfig ,21- am sg-1 I4-I r tfl .N '55 .5 'ft " fix 15 is 1 ,X If Z Zi iik..J ' Ego CQPHER Country Affair ,K , Q,-1,7 fig, . tag iv' , l t l iiii t it t1 g'Qlf' t tii p it p Qx s ta, W N, 4 l K ' F44 FA 3,1 '-W' ' A-i ft, , - .ul tfltizizlhq vii -ef t - at - M sb -3 'F f , . Y ' Ai pfii' '31 out ,Z tb f, t - E fs VA mwmww in g-7 gl? ',,, 9,.,MmMw V, A tt K ""' ' ,' ll'Pi J FIY Ill!!! N v QQ X M, ,? A51 ' i A 1, WX. lu. f i xy' W ,'Y1EQiwu!NVxz,xN ff, M X7.xiWj7Q l l 4 55? Ju Qgaxkh Y, ings? f Yin! 1 X 'lf lf il 1 , 2' LL E if li f l I if 5 X V V I i QC' 5' Ml ' ,J fl I 1 g M6 -.LQ UD ' 'xgiwl K Mi ' l 74' lf' pg y , . -- . qw much persuasion a number of gurrels decided to go ahead no matter what others wud say. Walal that croud jest swarmed like bees aroun' th' stalls an' watched th' event. Th' fust girl t' finish, believe it was Miss Ada Upson, got a prize an' then every one clapped their hands an' was right glad tl hev seen it. Thets the kind of thing that shows what some of them gurrels can -av' , l ' 142 w.m.,.m,,,,f-w.. 194..?-,,, ALl' ' 4 l ? ', X , Ns --it f' if : .b'Z -'ox , L 3 'r' D E A 56 wlii X743 'fl "Y,:'? rf- X ' WE? 1 :E 1: E.1::+ ,Lil ll J E5 ann ,,l4 is 1' 77. x . do J Z Z VK M fl ' Vhx, n, l,QLre"" w +41- 1 rn ll mm .H g :"5'?f,i-WM . fymu ,xlimlj lflml 35 'X3'QQVV56Kl ' f X X' nr ' V will ' 2 vim f X i Z f 1 l "ff , 1 fffj : ffl? . 5' , I 0,-ll P' X 'nf In HD 3 x ' X Katy .Kin , 1 .iv ffl 'Y Q!! an 1'-'I f Qm:"l EHQ Gflljli lj.. 1 L y Country Tfair do,fan' are made of. We aught a' hev more of that kind. Mighty intrist'in, but l don't doubt it a mossel that you'd care to hear quite a considerable about th' hilarity. That pike, l couldnit begin to describe it to ye, fur it seemed to me as if the hull population o' St. Paul an, Minneapolis was therefa steady percession all th' time, everybody wantin' t' see every- l 1 l l ,Toss LAA 9 Q2-. 'F . X! . -f'f!-I .' illgm. .,,.,:... gp,,::. if-52722 14" ,..,:f"1 ge .,- J, I E A xxfgx, v fl 45 . 1 , -J! ' lvl 7 . -a I-"5 in ...,. f We f at 'E' Q5 ' 5- C s' fi 65 uf X if v4 H. l s Q I -15 GM .'.-. NIV' wif of -mm K 4 l 3 P" -Zuma! harp-,..,. .,,-.- R 'Y-.gem ,'t E . X X ff t Z uiyfwkiyi All 3 Vw, 54. x 07, M y 5 KVJVXNQ F fi ki x I ref tl" , i ix Xi Q . 1 5, 1. 497' 'u i -4'-' , -'-1 55.5592-,-. . GL! '1 -"f-4- , Qgca GCPHER Country Tait thing at once. But there was so many things t' see an, hear 3 all the sideshows an, trips aroun'th' woruled, th' family picture album, merry-go-round an, mosy every- thing else. You c'n jest imagine them students ridin' aroun' on that merry-go- roun, like young uns. lt wud hev' done your heart good t' hev seen it. l stood stun still lookin at em. l scented foodg then somebody came up to me an' 6 3 'li 1 O f ,V my 4099 5 - - n,i1pI't Wll Q X o , f A 4 -. , v" wzeowwzaffff f wg jj ,tk L- ,fa .n Es., Ag af.. -75,7 uf- . nf f if it we f ff: If ,Q K 'Net 7M ,:.- am ,4 144 vtlnuikt 5-f Q r "J Q t , 1,5 i' 'Ego GQPHER Country Tait -bg-4 -?-1 l tg, 5 f f ,gf ii' W W li' ,.1ffX,ff !.A . Rv ,f I i i a ?' 1 EJ -9.351 X ? ,W i asked if l might'nt wan' somethin' in ' 4 the way of refreshments. Saw by th' ' ,D u ra i r , . . A l "Ml i f apers that they cal'lated somethin' like 4,. R5 of ' X97 X 1 l p F f -' hy le vy N- A Q if two thousand doughnuts, five thousand If y A mm ,i sandwiches, had been sold, besides all fu 'M 119 ff',q'i'A W th' ice-cream an' candy. jes shows thet K a ' men know home cookin' when the' see V is -' df pd 'L 'V it. l got some ham sandwiches an' f' ' iluffillz Q started to look around a bit an' lone be- if hold if gurrels and boys werent sittin 'L' qu, GI!!- l45 l fi X. X . t hy ,mn 1 is YQ i g, 'X min 1 igw ' V gl? -2 'Ev af J 2 'ill W ' t 'llt:4fi?2y+LlQQA'll it J MVJQXVX X ls gl 95' 'ft '1 if ,,, x Q fl a :im ff Li i ? 1 f , wig ' x ff , its xl ' , 4 D r X ff 'I' J l , I 1 f I tw if U x Mlm Q-. 6.9 E5 Q Country Tait under tents actually devourin' food like they hadn't et nothin' fur a week. Bit what l took partic'lar fun in watchin wus th' way those Gypsy gurrels extracted coin from the men by enticin' them t' go behind th' tent an' hev their fortunes told. Reckon l've a photograph some place, of one,ilooks mighty intrestin' donlt it? Wa'al as l forget about the rest of the .,gA, A?i' :a ft-ffii , W A 'fem t ,- 'Q 5 ff X S 3 f X 1 X f , Aft f f- 4 A , ye: W. f' , 1 Q? il , 1 .Y lfiigh J li T Q Q 1 15 5 "" Z2 ' at ,cv 1 -- 9' P? ' " 1 Sf r f Q: , ,Q " R:-:!::' 5 w 'E ni. lg- 146 fi .. -e K1 e Ike xl X lt I j 11' 'MBU ux QQ! 1 5 Ama s 'SEQ GQlJl"llfR l Country Tait plke l ll tell ye about what was domg come evenm A bowrery platform, Jes the same as ln Noo York, was erected near the canal, an here a vaud vxlle program was glven whlch was bouts good as th make em I cant tell ye how glad I be that l stayed fur th hul performace cou den be beat, from the Mutt and jeff stunt to th very end, an then l ll be dum ed lf th hull i L KFWM1 Q gg, 9,14 X ivifpv I mug ll if ...Lf '4' W? f Q6 !'W ' ans ,A 14-7 fit " i A 1 GHC-2 CQPH ER ,K ' 53 he Q1 ' fe, F Q1 f 'VFX ' S 4 Am l fel, i ', x Et, 2 7 4' Q: rl' 11, 'E J ,W Q 1 ,ji f I , l -1 ,-1 ,J Q W4 H am AQQYD, ' lm gil' 'ig ' ' .Q , f 5 'f':,,, L1 Country Tait croud o' young-uns didn't swarm up ontath' platform an' dance the queerest dances ever l did see. We older folks stayed aroun' th' big camp-fire an' sang th' old songs 'till fin'ly it was so late there wa'nt nuthin' more doin', so I lit out fur home. An' if ever the' hev' another Fair don't miss it. Them Agricultural stoodents all give you your money's worth. 75 XL' 2 5 J" !" f ' "Thx ' E llflliifif lQ'l,'21l":' -, J f4'i?dQl...'fSQmb Y" 'V J 'Ti fi E! 3, ffl ' t 'HQ-a-0 . 11 , - 22.14 4- Lg, ff V5.1 'Fxfw I if u, ,Qu t ,, K 'ml 'f"f" jf ' E5- ,:.l , ,ll ,i 148 fn Z V ir gf i 1, 3 S 1 QE il i 4 gl il fr S 5 s i 5 E I 5 3 E 1 Q ix -,.....-.-.F 1 1 --.......,, . ..... ,V ws-J ,, , , -. -wifx. I X. X f, ,y 1' A ' ' f-- nz f x ' I 2 ' Y' fs- 6- 1. S sr ki W' IOFHUMUBE 4+ LX 5' ki f ,. ..,. ,, X ' VAUBEVILLE + P 5 2 ' ' , Q Cfff I I f 'l l A Q? X j ' ' Aim lglgxf gg? II In m.u-1,--A I ll 149 E562 C0l5l'iiR K4 -. 9 . P Sophomore Uauoeville 7.11 ill' - vl Z3 That was a Vaudeville you could call a Vaudeville. Posters scattered for weeks on the East Side announced the Fact. EVERYBODYS DOlNG IT-ef-DOING WHAT? going to the ALL SOPHOMORE VAUDEVlLLE Chapel Monday evening, March 25th 8:15 P.M. EOPLE had heard before about f SophomoreVaudevillesbutnot until Lf, jf!!! 5,6 X Z the l9l4 class gave theirs, was it f a thing of fame. Even the Minne- sota Daily, for weeks gave up long columns on the front page for the mere sake of boost- ing a good thing,fa good thing which united sr'at the Sophomores of all Colleges. This All Sophomore Vaudeville was truly a University of Minnesota affair. X Like all good Orpheum bills each was practiced separately. Long and stren- uous hours were Spent by the actors. The 7 Engineers had little time to rehearse "Cor- poral Hollingsworth" or the "Daisy Chasers" 1 f l SO '-X' , I x i Ziciffe GCPHER but they plodded from class to class, continually mumbling their various lines. The academic students in "The Nine Nifty Niggahs" spent so many hours perfecting their marvelous bits of song, dance and humor QD, that they were compelled to hasten to lectures with faces much besmudged from too much dress rehearsal. Equal interest in preparation was shown by the success of "Ye Merry Milk Maids" an attractive dancing skit by the Aggie co-eds, of the play "Airy Flareyf' the operetta, "The Daisy Chasers," and finally of the tragedy "Shot at Sunrise." Faculty interest was keen. Several of them eagerly offered to help coach. Even Enza Zeller was anxious to aid the faculty write lyrics for the music of Rudolph Brosius, which was used in the "Daisy Chasersf, And Harold Rypins, -his enthusiasm must be revealed. lt would be almost a crime to let such spirit as his pass unnoticed. ln the first place he was elected to hold the office of pulling the curtain, and doing duty as "His Knobs the Props", but he was so carried away by the idea of the vaudeville that he completely forgot to arrange the scenery fthe various actors usually did it for themselvesj Oh no! Harold was not a stagnant member. He was no drone, although he did buzz past a few things. He attended every rehearsal of every act and had more or less valuable suggestions for all. He had the programs printed and that is how the public knew his real position in the affair. Bold type announced that H. Rypins was the Producing Manager. Thanks to the advertising man, every member of the elite in Minneapolis and St. Paul knew that something wonderful was to happen on the evening of March 25th. Needless to say they all came, filling the Chapel seats and door- ways. Music by the Minnesota Band amused the vast throng while the cur- tain was down. When it was up, the musical members were overjoyed to think that they were able to sit in such splendid front seats, without paying a cent,-such graft is one advantage of being a bandman. The way the audience was carried along by the performers made clear the success of the entertainment. The onlookers wept, laughed and smiled with those on the stage. Variety kept up interest. Before people grew weary of the grand opera-like songs of Mildred Borom in the "Daisy Chasers," they were hurried into gales of laughter by the comic antics of the "Nine Nifty Niggahsf' l5l + l We ff'-We a D D, f 'TKT iQ J it a QJELD Q T Without a doubt the class of l9l4 clearly demonstrated what can be done with the annual Vaudeville program. They only hope that the future second year students will follow the worthy example of their predecessors. lf the followers are of the right kind, they, too, will have the Daily and every other leading paper fDon,t laugh, give them a similar write up. EVERYBODY DID IT Large Audience Applauds Sophomore Road Show In Chapel last night everybody did it, and as a result the Sophomore Vaunleville was well reeeivefl by at large audience. The hill eontained six acts, the only feature lacking was the kino- flrome, showing the latest styles in ladies Spring hats. The Hlilaisy Chasers" brought clown the house. The "Nine Nifty Niggahsn were :L true Blelntyre and Heath on at larger scale. The introdueing of the Gold Dust Twins in ll daneing scene, i was new and original. The rest was equally good and well reeeived. The ' V ,ff whole was exceptionally well given and 'rw ' - , showed Careful and earnest preparation. Nine Nifty Niggahs Y , Daisy and- F-F The Rest of the bunch ,X l 5 2 f ww w"""""""t"'rf--A-rMma,m...,,.3 T1.,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,-w-'f-""""""'w-m 'mm in M ,,.,..-...,.,.-.,.,. -..-......,,..,,, 1, ,..,...,-.-. ...., un . ,... - . ....,...--.f-- """' z H "WH-.R... -----0 -- - .,,, ---.....,,...--.....,...-M. .,... , ' 1 if I l .Q x, " mr. 7Dooley on the mock Convention ' . M, ,WJ . lNNlSSY," said the sage of Bleeker Street, tamping down his corn- cobful of Central Union, "To lar-rn eddication is a great thing, an' ye must not think f'r a minute th't it all comes outen books." As Hennessy's air of polite interest gave place to ill concealed boredness, the sage plunged at onceinto the midst of his dissertation. "l obser- ruv by th' papers th't the students ov the Univers'ty ov Minneso-ota, is goin' t' have a convintion t' select a candydate f'r President. They bin a-quarrulin' these manny days o-over the riferindum an' raycall an' shall th' wimmem vo-ote, i shall they not, till now a bunch ov the high-brow dames av ar-rived wid their thrusty shillalies, l mane hatpins, an have stor-rumed th' hidquarthers av th' steering committy demanding t' be riprisintedf' "An did they succeed?" inquired Hennessy, mildly interested. "Be th' rayports av th' pa-apers, they must have," replied Dooley, "though at th' time av going to preSS the committy couldn't be interviewed, they bein' per- rched awn th' steeple av Folwell Hall whince they Mmm FRHZER . H5 dared not sthir so long as they was a pretty co-oat CW7'Rf"'7N' in sight. But 'twill be a gr-rand sight, Hinnissy, t' obsarve these young pe-eople larrnin' how Prisidints is made. Me friend Flaherty, who holds an impor- ahant job in the faculty, being head av the Depart- mint f'r the Remooval av Waste Pa-aper, will write me an account av it which, barrin, that ye can't read, l'd be glad t' show ye. But l'll tell ye av it wid pleas- hure whin it arrives." When Hennessy dropped in a few evenings later, he found the Sage with a genial gleam in his blue eyes and a spring in his step, in spite of his gout and lumbago. "Y'ee be feelin' happy t'night?" Hennessy inquired respectfully. "Aye f'r l've settled a gr-reat quistion rhe's bin troublin' me," replied Dooley. "An' l'm ready now to place me bets awn th' winnin' candydate f'r Prisidint." N, I y . IS3 F W 5 Figs CCDIJHER H 5mNLf'G'LLHM "Thim hunches niver wurrks out," observed H5 , Ihqpggpgy q,',,H,RMHN, Hennessy cynically. The Sage transfixed him with a baleful glare. "Whut nonsense d'ye talk av hunches?" he rasped. "'Tis no hunch l have, but sthra-aight facts from me frind, Flaherty." "Him at the University?" "Th' same. An glory be, th' Dimmycrats is t' c'm ita their own at last, wid that peerless leader, that perpetyooal candydate, thatgn "D'ye spake av Willyum jinnings O'Brien?" Hennessy broke in. "Bryan, man!" roared the Sage, "Him th't was chosen awn the secund ballot t' sa-ave th' counthry wance more." anus., "Till me av it," urged Hennessy. "Will, Hinnissy, 'tis a job ye're cutting out f'r me, but here goew. "T' sthart wid"' says Flaherty, "Thim band boys wid their pompydours an' tin horns creathed dishthurbance f' a quarther av an hour, whilst th' poor dilly- gates, havin' paid their fifteen cints, thried vainly t' git seated. Th' was t' sit in alphibetical order, said th' rules, but this bein' a institootion av higher larrnin' no wan c'd be found th't knew the alphabet, till me boy Mickey was called upon t' say it f'r thim. Thin they finl'y got sat, an a long bhoy wid specs an' th' flossy handle av W. Marc Frazer-why does he spell it "Marc?" l dunno- stheps t' th' front an thumps awn th' disk wid a baby mallit-CGavel, he manes, elucidated the Sagej an says, "Th' convintion will c'm't order." The convintion paid no attintion such bein' th' natur av th' baste, but wint right awn a-callin' itself names an sphreadin' its "v-otes f'r Wimmin" banners and what not. l dunno. Be this time the fellys av th' girls runnin' th' limonade sthand havin' drunk up all they was, an' the fish-pond havin' sthruck its tint an' gone bro-oke f'r lack av business, th' counther atthractions was disposed av an' th' balance av' power Cmanin' th' suffrygetsj arrived awn th' floor. W. Marc thin succeeded in makin' hisself hear-rd ft'a few clost byj an' witn awn with his speech, comply- mentin' th' fac'lty and th' stoodent body an' especially th' Cintril committy an' its learn'd chairmanfW. Marc Frazer. Havin' passed out his bokays t' all an' sundhry he announces th't th' Honor'ble Stanley Gillam w'd be timp'ry chairman. Wan wuddn't think Stanley c'd be chairman av' annything, him not bein' able t' set in a chair an' touch'th' flure wid his feet. But anny excoose seemed t' suit Marc all right, an' he did a thransposition stunt th't wud turrn Thurston green wid envy. Th' poor felly's gawn now, married tighter'n Ia drhum." f ' l54 K..J Efgcz CQlJl'llf.R "Annyhow, Sthanley takes th' chair an' directly th' uproar was tremindous. Be th' way th' solid feminine dillygations from th' suffrage states climmed th' chairs y'd ave thought th' plaace was full iv mice." "lvrybody had somethin' t' say an' iverybody was sayin' it. Out ave the mess they finl'y selected Gregg Sinclair as perminint chairman, him havin' no frinds t' favor annyhow." "Be this time th' nomination orat'rs havin' held in as long as possible, loosed their tongues. Furst a felly be th' name ave Gamble joomped up. 'Twere a lucky chanct, fi' th' din an' divilment was quiet fi' th' minute. 'Twas George th' New jersey bugs had chose t' nommynate their man an' 'twas George did it, sure nuf. An' he hadn't his man would 'av bin furst in nawthin' Ahim nommynatin' Woodrowth Wilson. "Afther this a bye be th' naame iv Teddy rose. "Tis a gr-rand little speaker he is,' says Flannigan, 'ayven tho' he be a Thompson. Annyhow, be some sthrange freak, 'twas Teddy nommynated 'Bob.' Hennissy, having a cousin on his wife's side who lived in Wis., regarded his friend balefully, "An' t' you mind, Dooley, what is't this th' matther wid Bob La Follette?" Being impatient of interruptions, the Sage's voice rose rumbling from his throat. "Will be done wid takin' yer thrash, 'r will l brain ye wid th' coal hod?" Hinnissy subsided, and the Sage's mood immediately became peaceful. Resuming his free narration of Flannigan's letter, "Will annyone second th' nommynation?" sez th' chairman. Q, "Tillie Will" is . th' shout, an a thin specther rises in its - X MQ' sate, an' sez, 'ln I W Wan Q 1 secondin' this nom- , 'Q V 7 uw' ! mynation, l wish t' Q gl ,i , X VW fmyy say, me friends, thet K Z K Bub ba ,ff th causeav wimmins I M l rights is bound t' tri- "fltilj 4 'ATR X5 """ Y f jfyyfgf umph.' This, sez 5 ' ' ,7 ' W Flannigan, was a sig- nal fr' th' gurrls in Jwa lf th' balcony t' fling i EW' K ' forrouth a banner av Q'y'M"'N ,??31,Z7i, 'Votes fi Wimmin'- I ,,,i gi only th' bloomin ' G thing wouldn't furr'l ' "" ""43?f' fi' a cint." 155 ,,....,..,.-...,..,......-....wM---'M --- A....v..-.-- -fkf.--.A.......-..,.-.,.... V xggn N 1 ' A--w-L .,..-,..-.m.,...,.v....v:g..,...- .., " 'Twere th' Bull Moose as came in fi' th' next white-washin.' Th' artist were Joe Carroll, a husky lad wid a bloomin' face. But whin a young felly be th' na-ame av Ray Speer got up and nemtioned W. J. B., y'd a thought Minne- sota h'd jist scheduled a football gaame wid Michigan. 'Twas no spach at all he made-least wise no one c'd hear ut fi' th' yellin' Annyhow, a wild-eyed bhoy be th' name Dennis, a good lrish naame t' be so mishandled, shpake mis- guidedly of Gene Debs. Afther him came a busy lad wid th' misfortunate handle av' Burgstahler, enough t' drive a man t' dhrink, but he's a Prohibi- tionist, an' nommynated Stewart. An' be way ave bringin' up th' rear, a Hodson man shpoke fi' Taft only nobuddy but th' rayporters, who was gettin' paid fi' it noticed him. Thin be way av a platform there stharted a first-class shindy th't 'd do credit to a wake. I couldn't make out what 'twas all about at all, but 'twas a wondherful affair, though no heads was bruk. Thin th' ballotin' stharted, an sthrange t' relayte th' wimmin made a majority against Prohibition. Vaughn towld 'em 'twould mane th' abolition av sody wathers. The furst ballot was fruitless, no wan bein' able t' put over a knockout. ln th' interim th' flure leaders av' th' Dimmycrats an' th' Progressives was observed in earnest confab, an' on th' nixt ballot, lo an' behold th' Peerless wan led all th' rist. Him havin' paid a pusn'l visit to th' school ff 5.1 . 1- f - f a few days befure, 'tis small 'F 'J' wonder he kim undher th' wire W , "An' was th bhoys an' '-w a , ff girruls satisfied?" said l'H6Hl-Y Zilflkyjhz?flf:wll,L'Zf fi - 'INFLANHA ltiiktalfffe ifg 1 f g Hennissy. 5Lg, H MW , ,f fzz- Q 9 i .fpowers above, ye dun- ff Q QQ 4 if f mu, MIL' 4 ff if x V derheadxf shouted the Sage. lllttttrfl Aff , . , . f ,ff .'...'11f: s - "Aint l tellin' ye they day- , r 4,4 71155254 fi ,W ' , , ' I X ,f 2 ,::.: .fu ' . cided th fa-ate av the nation? lil,-1 3.1.11 Rep TL, f "'- ai - 'ff "An' will the nation be fi Q faexgggi RA6 ,: 00" .' -" saved?" " 1lgfi,ltll X 5 ou" ' 5 'll . ,, alt will, wance more, an, l' ,,:5Qlgi5 XI??,,, W it all goes to prove th't higher I ,K " eddicatlon is gr-rand thing. if "Oh,aye"was Hennissy's T r ff fifughdabx . . . ,, f 4 sententious rejoinder. fffff . lffb 156 , ,.,-. ..,.f..,-1. ve. v r ' 7 C Lf WT W , - fm f I affix' f ,I I Cf 451 Qi id H E, gg with All-MRlVQFSltY Slubent Councrl E f LS' A unifying force among the several colleges of the University, the purpose of which is to represent the whole student body in matters affecting student interests. OFFICERS President--j ames Baker. Recording SecretaryvRuth Martin. Corresponding SecretaryfD a v i d West. TreasurerfRobert Dahlberg. ACADEMIC Ruth Martin Winifred Tunnell james Baker David West LAW Bert Hull HOME ECONOMICS janet Duncan MINES Robert Ely PHARMACY Walter Michlesen l57 fi "W"-P-5' Au:-4:11 DENTISTRY james Weeks CHEMISTRY Ralph Miller ENGINEERING Edward Kopper MEDICINE Hazel Bonness AGRI CULTURE Robert Dahlberg FORESTRY Thomas Griffin as-ea xy J,.N- T' 5 X.....J EEQ CQPHER Ebe University of minnesota Tfortiekb ffxnnual Commencement 1912 THE University Armory, Thursday, june l3th at Ten O'clock ORDER OF EXERCI SES Song-"Hail Minnesota.,' lnvocationaThe Rev. Latham A. Crandall, D.D. Address-"Qld Culture under New Tests," Albert Shaw, Ph.D., LL.D. Hymn-"Awake my Soul." Conferring of Degrees-President George Edgar Vincent, Ph.D., LL.D Announcement of Honors and Prizes, Presentation of Certificates. Hymn-"America." Benediction. 158 k.J ESQ cor-ma l f sg Kniversily 37 ear as 45 Q ' MARCH Annual home concert of the University Band. Pillsbury Oratorical Contest. Officers were elected for the All-University Student Council. lnter-collegiate basketball tournament. Minnesota's track representatives left for Evanston to participate in the Conference meet. Candidates for Managing Editor of the Daily chosen. Easter vacation begins. APRIL Classes resumed. Gopher notice out. "lf campus weather prevails on May lst the 1913 Gopher will be issued then." The day was not propitious. Dates for the dreaded con-exams announced. Tickets for the Military Ball out. Bernard Vaughn elected managing editor of the Daily. The elections to the Womanis League Council take place in Shevlin. Alice Coulter elected president. Alpha Delt house robbed. Military ball given in the Armory. Seniors don caps and gowns at ll:5O A. M. Musical program in chapel followed the customary march. Cast for the "Pretenders" announced. All Sophomore Informal at the Agricultural College. Cast for the "Girl from Away" was selected. Annual election of officers for the Y. M. C. A. held. Ted Anderson elected president. S. G. A. election held. Eunice McGilvra president. Election of the Gopher Board. 159 fi ,, -...-1, -N., 5 1 S if x 3 E 9 i . D- T vi - 'A"ii2.Nwmm-Q7"'m""'w"""'t"tr'r4-R----........,,,, , wwwmws r"':-mlb 1,7 . xvf' V ,+--X .. v - Us J-'rw ,f 2 X. 'cms 1, Q 1 L i MAY Z l 9 Masquers present the "Pretenders" at the Shubert Theatre. l Tennis tourney. All University sing in Chapel. University faculty council decides to remain in the Western Conference. E All University track meet. Presentation of the football M's in chapel. 2 Academic council election. Q Final exam schedule announced. Spring song fest of the Choral Club. Minnesota Magazine elects officers. W. A. A. holds election, Helen Cates chosen president. 5 Second all-university sing on campus knoll. Gopher out-Most of the classes cut. County Fair at the Agricultural college. The Rube band as an advance agent favors the students with a few antics and a little music. Government cadet inspection. Sham battle with St. Thomas. Military Banquet at the Leamington. Second senior informal. Presentation of the "Girl from Away" by the Senior Class. F SEPTEMBER I7 Encampment of Cadets. Classes begin, Convocation exercises. President-elect Wilson speaks to the students. Y. M. C. A. stag party in Armory. All University men invited. Crack Squad exhibition. lndoor baseball game. Y. W. C. A. reception for new students. Fannie Schibsby and Margaret Nachtrieb present their famous little sketch "A Pair of Lunaticsf' Men's tennis tournament begins. Captain Seiforde Stellwagen in charge. Try-outs for Masquers Club. Club needed "women who have ability to portray emotional partsf' Many meek maids try out. Women's League Sunlight Dance for the freshmen girls. Some unfor- tunates begin to assume a worried look. Elections to fill the positions in the Athletic Board of Control were held. Aforesaid unfortunates appear despondent. Football. Minnesota vs. South Dakota. Score, Minnesota O, So. Dakota IO. Season football tickets on sale. Library rotunda. The unfortunates take their con exams. 160 - f- +,, R at f- sf' i"""' ingwwji or L U- GG iii El? OCTOBER Rev. Shutter gave a stirring talk on "Manly ldeals and Beauties." W. L. Mahoney was elected president of the Engineers Society. Rugs in Shevlin move. Talking match between Freshmen and Sophomores succeeds the cane-rush. Y. W. C. A. and the Y. M. C. A. joint reception per Harrison Fuller. Miles McNally and Florence Robinson present "A Husband in Clover." Edgar Zelle elected president of the Senior Class. Rodney Ainsworth elected president ofthe junior Class. johnson elected Rooter King. Football mass meeting. Hodson dis- tinguished himself as soloist. MinnesotafNebraska Football game. Score: Minnesota 13, Nebraska O. junior Ball elections. Herman Hayward elected president. Walter Hughes fails in attempt at suffrage campaign. lnterfraternity Banquet. Mr. L. D. Brandeis speaks in chapel. Football game. Minnesota vs. lowa. Score: Minnesota 56, lowa 7. A Directory nearly ready. W. A. A. tea for University girls. Masquers dance. Directory more nearly completed. Woodrow Wilson wins in straw vote at Agricultural college. NOVEMBER Football game. Minnesota vs. lllinois. Masquers decide to present "Arms and the Mann by Bernard Shaw and the "Watchers" by Enza Zeller. Holiday, Presidental Election. All junior Spread. Ben Webster in charge. Several members of the Gopher staff spoke. Woman's League sunlight dance in the Armory, Walter Hyde chosen as most popular man. lt was decreed that hereafter all parties given in Shevlin Hall must end at l l P. M. Wisconsin's goat was introduced to the students. Et tu Wisconsin! Football game Northrop Field. Score: Minnesota O, Wisconsin l4. Crack Squad party in the Armory. "See the team off tonightf, Football game. Minnesota vs. Chicago. Score: Minnesota O, Chicago 7. Thanksgiving recess. l6l ..W.....t,.-m,.-W-...., . ,puma-usb. ,..........,,..m.-a........-..,...,..... MW-'awp .L - fy Q- C ,.,...a. -W,,,.,,1 ., H ...fn- .wn-..s,s.,..,a-.M-pf . ,,H,,.W-.-.f-1 FK...J 155662 GCPHER DECEMBER Prexy speaks in chapel. junior Ball committees announced. Second cadet hop. General Alumni Association banquet. Football squad guests ofthe boat club. Aldworth elected captain for 1913. All-sophomore party held in the new engineering building. Madge Ford in charge. Athletic letters awarded to the football team, in the first football convocation. lntercollegiate debate Minnesota vs. Iowa. The annual Christmas party given by the Y. W. C. A. and the Women's League held in Shevlin Hall. Santa Claus distributed presents. Freshman-Sophomore debate. Freshmen victorious. Mass meeting for the debating team held in chapel. Membership Christmas party given by the Y. M. C. A., Earle Balchin charge. Christmas vacation begins. JANUARY Classes resumed. Dr. C. A. Roys speaks in chapel on "Recent Changes in China." Gophers meet Hamline in basketball. First of a series of several lectures to be given by Dr. Powell in chapel upon: Spiritual Factors in Social Progress. Registration blanks out. "Faculty regulations for the guidance of students" also presented. Campaign started to aid starving Bulgarians. Graduate club holds spread. Date of final exams announced. Annual Y. M. C. A. banquet given at Dayton's tea rooms. President Vin- cent presided. University quartet furnished music throughout the evening. Minnesota meets the Wisconsin basketball team in the Armory. Dr. Powell lectures in chapel on "The Social Consciousness." Pan-Hellenic informal in the National Guard Armory. john jenswold in charge. Last Cadet Hop of the semester. First semester finals begin. 162 .-f"'x LJ EISQ CCPH ER FEBRUARY Second Crack Squad party given in the Armory. First Senior informal. Second Semester classes begin. Masquers present "Arms and the Man" at the Shubert. Athletic Board election. School of Mines burns. Woman's League Party for the Agricultural College League given in Shevlin. All Freshman banquet. Gopher day in chapel. Ben Webster, Harvey Hoshour and Raymond Ziesemer spoke. Gopher Tag Day. l,65O subscriptions secured. Ban placed on dancing after the basketball games. All-Senior get-together at Engineering Building. MARCH Athletic contests receive almost the entire attention of the students. Minnesota vs. ChicagofBasketball. l4- Girls' Basketball tournament. Minnesota vs. Purdue-Basketball. junior Ball tickets on sale. lnterfraternity Basketball tournament ends. Adelphian Club lnformal. Minnesota vs. lowaYBasketball. Freshman-Sophomore Oratorical contest. Girls' swimming contest. Northwestern Gymnastic and Wrestling meet in the Armory. Quarter-Centennial celebration of the founding of the College of Agriculture at the University farm. President Vincent, Presidents-Emeritus Northrop and Folwell are on the program. junior Ball held at the Radisson. l63 i""' 1 -, ,,,........-v-------"-""""""""'+.S ,:,.......-..,......-...,,..,,k, il l 1 i l if ii l i it if-,.,..,.-..--.-----""""""' MIN.. 7 , f ,- V at 1 .s ,.. . X i iii! tiff of Q lim 1, 3 l 2 l l i ' C Q 1 f Tin memoriam ii il Q! Mark Starrett i ,1 k Harrison Nichols Clara Pfeifer Ethel Thomas Hjalmer Sodergren X Hans jurgenson Parks Ritchie john lhle l' I r 1, 5 ll. 1 f i it E 15 3 1. 5 Q 1 2 L in 164 3' Wa if 1 1 1. , ........,f..w.,,.,.. , W H my ,,,,.mm,.,-RN . W . , sm., ,.,,.....,.,,,...- "" . 1...A.-.,1:,wsWA N K !,,n1-as-,NA mr 'WN---1' -Www ?1w.f..-tmw, . KJ X. , 1,11 J ' Egg X xx V- : - , , A gl Y, K plies X Z' XJ ' 1 f fb ' f fX Q X V9 .V ,Q 7.4 J, ml, ' , V 1 W f m, :gflg afq5f W1 W JIi1!l' ffM,'7U+1 A,, f Y r 1 + , viIf-,FlPfi'!f?'fjfJ Q v fk. Wi' 7 T7 rl ,il Q ', IJ? W I Z V N, 1 1, : L f '4 5 D an Q .-,. 5 2 A' Q ,, Qi E Ei . - . xx Y ,, -Q-V , 7 fls Lv " 7 LJ 'Gabe QQPHER Tlllinois-minnesota 'Debate Urbana, lllinois, Friday, Dec. 13, 1912 Resolved, That all corporations engaged in interstate commerce, should be compelled to take out a federal charter, constitutionality granted, and be it further resolved, That federal license shall not be available as an alternative plan. With a feeling of sadness verging on despair, the negative team, augmented by the comforting presence of Mr. Gislason, journeyed to Urbana to meet their formidable adversaries. The boys had reason for feeling depressed, for lllinois had not met defeat in forensic contests at the hands of Minnesota since 1906. Minnesota's negative team, as well as the affirmative, was treated to a series of pointed questions by their opponents which to the latterls surprise proved a stimulus rather than an impediment. Mr. Burgstahler opened the argument for the negative. His pleasing appearance and flow of language held the attention of all. His objections to the plan of the negative, stated in a clear- cut manner, startled the opponents. Mr. Anderson continued the negative argument. He pointed out very specifically the weakness of federal incorpo- ration as outlined by the opponents and made an appeal for national integ- rity, The argument for the negative was concluded by Mr. Ziesemer. His long experience in forensic work and keen insight into the question caused more and more anxiety in the enemy's camp. The lllinois men showed a great deal of polish and spoke very deliberately, but they seemed to have overlooked many of the main affirmative arguments. The Minnesota men, on the other hand, spoke more extemporaneously and naturally. This, in addition to their strategic argument upon which the whole debate seemed to turn, appeared to be the winning factor in the contest. Burgstahler Ziesemer Anderson 166 -FN QQ CCPHER 1 minnesota-Tlowa 'Debate University Chapel Friday, Dec. 13, 1912 Resolved, That all corporations engaged in interstate commerce should be compelled to take out a federal charter, constitutionality grantedg and be it further resolved, That federal license shall not be available as an alternative plan. The Minnesota affirmative team met lowa in the University Chapel and an appreciative audience closely followed the efforts of the contestants. Though the decision was unanimously in favor of the Minnesota team, the Hawkeye debaters gave an argument that was forceful, clear-cut and well put, and the debate was interesting throughout. Here, as at lllinois, the opposing team relied greatly on a series of questions which they had formulated in writing but the Minnesota team successfully answered every one. The argument for Minnesota was opened by Verne Stenerson, '13, who in a clear and concise manner defined the issues of the debate, and began the affirmative proof. Don Pomeroy, with the force of thought carefully marked out and in a manner more argumentative than oratorical continued the argument for Minnesota. lt was concluded by Will Hodson in a manner convincing, terse, and with a com- mand of words exceptional in every way. The lowa men all showed careful preparation and well planned modes of attack and their versatility and adroit- ness in close places was marked. The Minnesota team seemed to have a manner more nearly extemporaneous and their thoughts seemed to have a newness in form and diction that was probably the winning factor in the debate. Hodson Pomeroy Stenerson 167 Tir fi A g LQ GCDPHER Tllillsbury Oratorical Contest Chapel March 28, 1912 HE Pillsbury Oratorical Contest is the annual forensic contest held under the auspices of the Department of Rhetoric. Three prizes of SIOO, S50 and S25 each are offered by the heirs of the late john S. Pillsbury to those winning the three highest honors. Cufeat interest is displayed in this contest due to the fact that the winner represents Minnesota in the Northern Oratorical Contest. First, second and third places were taken by Burgstahler, Tonne and McNally, respectively. This year's contestants and their subjects are as follows: H. J. Burgstahler ,The Meeting of the Crient and the Occident C. D. Simpsons as ceee C eeecc The Melting Pot Miles McNally, ,The Oriental Republic Alan McBean , ,,,,,, Centralization and Civilization Franklin Tonne cee,,, The Man for a Crisis H. A. Linstrom ,,,, ,,,, T he Sovereign People X 168 X T-...J . -. u..... Ego CQ1Jl'ifiH. Northern Oralorical Contest Evanston, lllinois May 3, 1912 URINC1 the last ten years, the colleges of a number of the Middle Western States have engaged in an oratorical contest held every spring. lt takes place under the auspices of the Northern Oratorical League which offers a first prize of one hundred dollars and a second prize of fifty dollars. Last year, when Mr. Burgstahler took second place, it was the second time that a Minnesota man has taken a prize during the life of the organization. Mr. Frank of Northwestern won first place. Last year's contestants and the colleges which they represent are as follows: Harold janich of Wisconsin, , , The Nation's Need Fred R. Blythe of Iowa, ,, The Cry of Humanity Carl Slocum of Oberlin, , ,,,, ,A National Party Glenn Frank of Northwestern ,, Morals and Machinery james U. Stevenson of lllinoisn, , The Anglo-Saxon Spirit H. j. Burgstahler of Minnesota The Meeting ofthe Orient and the Occident 169 - ""-f W" -I-F gg: 4 Ytvf 5 V-:af-' -1- - 'ii ,TS Mi is si if 1'-Hr 4, 1-1 1 lil if fi ' A 12,111 vffji t, X33 1- 5 1 41 ff, sf! fi 6 .dx -sa C K.J A -as 4-A A ... ESQ CUPH ER 'ffresbman-Sophomore 'ihbate HE annual Freshmen-Sophomore debate occurred on Tuesday evening, December l7th. The freshman team was composed of Donald McCarthy, Edwin E. Chapman, and Wendell T. Burns, who defended the negative side of the argument. The sophomore team included, Howard Hall, Marshall Dunn and Carl Painter, who spoke for the affirmative. The question for debate was, "Resolved, That the United States Steel Corporation should be dissolved into competing units." The judges for the debate, Hon. A. E. Norton, member of the Minnesota legislature, Mr. W. D. Selover, President of the City Council and Mr. C. D. Gould, candidate for mayor at the last election, unanimously declared the fresh- man team victorious. 'ffresbman-Sopbomore Orakorical Contest Chapel March 7, l9l3 joseph E. Billman The Message of Wendell Phillips to the Twentieth Century Harlan Frost ....., ,,.,..., , ,.,....., ..,,.... T h e Preacher in Politics George Okuda .,,, ....,,, , ........,.,,.,...... T he Late Mikado Alfred Overn ,....,,.. ...,,,,.. T he Independence of the Press Rupert O'Brien .,.,., ,..,,..,..,......, .,.....,. A braham Lincoln Rudolph Nelstead ,....,.... ,...... J ohn A. Johnson Wendell Burns.. ,..................,,..............,...... ...................... J acob Riis Billman won first place, Cvern second and Frost third. l 170 ." E562 CCDPHER --- '--,-- ------A-Nwww W N ------- .v..-.. :x::mNS'AWfttttrtwr2.-.wastresrwxzzzzzxzzzz Q 1 N if 1 X S Q .W N XYY Q XX W 111' il ' X ,wwi !"I 'Q 1? N x Q- X ww s Q -:S I x 5: 12 31 . X 5 X ,X NR X S51 'E AW- A N Q x 11 gx X . 1 , , 1 f ur ' 'T Q . '1 N 1 W v9 X X Qu X f Rx N Q NS x 11 1 Q Mm X X .' 1 S ..,1 5 S 1 Q X11 xr Q M , EMSEQ Nwgw 1 1-Q-.f Xerx "-'LQ 111' xg S :X .g S N eu 11 Q XX e SES: X X' W W W se X 3 X? SN 6111 S 3 A Ng 1 X31 151 F Q11 :N 19 .SEE .1211 1 4111' 1 4 1 M 11 S 1111 WX? W iss 1 Q1 XR- :: -,Sew . 1 1 1. We N. w N 5 XSW 1 X N' fm? x 1' -. 11 ' H" f 1 MX '1 . . Ew k' , ' i f' W f Q 1 'Q gl N xx .XX 0 X S, mx ,W xt V MM QNWXN Sm QRS ' RQ 'lm 115' 1- - Q awww N 1 Ms Nb 1 10 QV' 11 . ix 14'E1111311:1 1- 15' X , N .111 .1 'TS-if YQ 5515151 11 1119 XSS 11111 11 x Q N 'Q Sis X -1111. .--1 C'f 4" .ii Gifs SS 111 11518 W 11 1 '11 1 !.' is . 5 1:11 1 1 . X x it SR 1-, 1-1 vs QWWMXX E1 N1 li iss, Q' I P X Xml S 1 xg ::::: , 4 , X 1 mm 'ikwgxw X 1 Il X XX :NE ks-NQSKSNXX -1 X 11: ix New M 11--11 ,,,.., www .........1......:l:::,--------11-vf-1---------V- 2282121 ---------- S -SNK-f -1--1--1--1--f f---- - ------"f--------' N """""' ' 171 11215 i Q a' is Jaffe 'f 5 1 1 f . Y 1 , 1 'X' 2 ff' 1 , ff 3 , , 14 -1. 1 ,.2E1'2i1? 5 - af' ,-173,-L '45 ff 1.553341 1 11" ffm-.'T1,, i "-sam-G'fif 1 1, 'Vfg-'ELT ' 1 .. 'A J v'-Swift? 1' .J Sf.: mx-11, f 14, 'ff' -' -'w FM R V' if -ggmff 1 r wr 44531153 if " fa?" sf f?"'5 I 0854 T Ww4'?V x g.: V 1' L1 Ziff Q ' , ,? . . , :xv j.- . , 1 - 'SL - 1 " -"3 1 3'- f 31 Hui mf' - . fi' 1 mvf fu vw' . . , 1 f Q. : ,1 ' 1. f fgke . A 'Fit-'v fy A", IT. 5? ' x '14, I 1 ' .- 1- . . 'Ti 'xz .',f,,,f -. "Iv-. '1 ..f 1.1 2 1- . F. 41 1 '7,1'f "- if v.182p1.1' -' 5 - 1- i.fE2f+fia1 f-3 113115 iff, 5 .,,, :T s g,,-visa: 1,15 A g-1 TSZJLQ- 1 i7f?f1' ,535 Law ' 1 1' ,fm 15 A L.. ,M ,F , , ,'g?3fkuy:, , 327211,- 1 . --A 1x'2PA'?-S"'f 1 ,am-:,' - ,rw-mu .414 1 'f Y W", :ai-L1 11,11 if 1 -1 ' 1' in I 1 , , U 1. 1 .1 , "- 3 Jive-1 . , if tl 1+ 1 1 4, . "' 1 X' 4 11- 1 V S 1, ini . 1,-. 3,5 1.111111 1 113 X 1 4,1 'LJ I f 'Giga GQIDHER Tvbe 'Hfunior :Ball A The Radisson Ball Room, March 26, 1913 President, Herman Hayward Vice-President, Howard Eidemiller Secretary, Mark Starrett Treasurer, Ben Webster GENERAL ARRANGEMENTS Rodney, Ainsworth, Chairman john McGee Seiforde Stellwagen PROGRAM Hallan Huffman, Chairman George Bancroft George Geib MUSIC Walter Barnes, Chairman Frank Daniels Donald Ricker PATRONESSES Francis Stadsvold, Chairman Walter Hughes Ellsworth B. Warner INVITATION Emery Pomeroy, Chairman Stanley Ringold Edwin Olson PLIBLI CI TY Allan Moore, Chairman Russell McCord Walter Kennedy REFRESHMENTS Clarence O'Gordon, Chairman Alfred Bierman Tom Cummings DECORATI ONS Fletcher Rockwood, Chairman Walter Cooper King Painter CORRESPONDENCE Emmons Sawyer, Chairman Donald Wilson Leslie Luehrs PRINTING james Weeks, Chairman Raymond Ziesemer Raymond Shannon ALIDITING Ralph johnson, Chairman George C. Lindeberg Frank D. Cerveny PRESS Andrew P. Keefe, Chairman Clarence Shannon ENTERTAI NMENTS Norman Mitchell, Chairman George Klein Guilford Morse FLOOR Prescott Winter, Chairman Harold Spink Ivan O. Hansen FINANCE Robert Porter, Chairman Oscar Solem x.J E562 CQPHER 3 i w 1 4 L 1 N , Z' fi' P,-33552135 fw.,'f , . ' ,..i42fff:.L vf -432 5, 3 Jf 2f?Qi'j,4 ,is 35 ' iVZ1:+5'53f Radisson Ball Room J LF ,?,fg1r,,,f3 , 1 --.,, eff. if 'P-4 wi-31 V 1 N, I if M Li- 14 ' 7 V, I. -4.5 , .- if . ' a l .., ..v fav! '-iiffcff fffunior Ball-1913 l 2 :Wm m. 173 "f -Q' Y -ri Al., , -f , .v 5, if .- 1 'K...J ESQ QQPH1-ZR 1 1913 military Ball Committee on General Arrangements: Colonel Robert Wilson Lieutenant-Colonel Stanley Cxillam Major lra C. Swanman Major Claude Benham Secretary to the Committee: Captain and Adjutant Harry Lov- ering SCHEDULE OF CALLS: First Call Cxovernoris Salute Assembly Grand March First Call for Drill Drill Call Assembly Crack Squad Drill Recall Mess Call Retreat To the Colors Call to Quarters Taps 1 74 uf'1 9.00 9.05 9.10 9.15 10.20 10.25 10.30 10.30 10.50 11.30 12.40 12.45 12.50 1.00 lj f ESQ GCI-JH ER X military Ball at Mniversity 'lirmory Tfxptil 18, 1913 X 175 J! f"X C K..J , wa QQPHER it Senior 'Il romenabe General Chairman-Miles H. McNally, Acad. ArrangementsfArthur Erdall, Acad. Chairman, john Moir, Ag. Allen Dewars, Elec. Harry C. Kjorstad, Law. Paul W. Giessler, Medic. Donald W. Webster, Civil. Decorations-Chauncey Smith, Law, Chairman. Barbara Wright, Acad. Harry E. Murphy, Dent. Charles M. Robilliard, Medic. Alexander Lagaard, Elec. Dianah Hill, Acad. Dorothy Brown, Acad. Alfred Schmaltz, Acad. PatronessesfMartica Byrnes, Acad., Chairman. Russell Webster, Law. Helen Cates, Acad. Phebe L. Pearsall, Medic. Harold Sweatt, Acad. Floor-john D. jenswold, Acad., Chairman. john A. Evert, Medic. Cscar F. Greiner, Law. Greeley Ladd, Mines. Walter W. Wentz, Elec. Music-Edward D. Anderson, Acad., Chairman. Doris Curtis, Acad. John J. O'Keefe, Law. Bert R. Sausen, M. E., Charles F. Snell, Medic. Philip jordan, Ag. Louise Gilman, Acad. Mary B. Sinclair, Acad. Programs-Charlotte Stockwell, Acad., Chairman. Leonard E. Von Berg, Ag. Abe H. Karatz, Law. Ferdinand B. Peik, Dent. Wendell Chapman, Elec. Rose Andrews, Acad. Edith Dampier, Acad. 176 --f v- --- .., Nl!-'- 'x ,itgim Y. E, ,. 5 in . 1 ? 41 x ,s ,rv v as . x 3 Q 2 1 3 2 E Q 5 4 5 3 s Q 5 1 2 5 .,: --f 5. X.: : Q H.: ,, , , ,. .,,, M Mfig, U Cf' I 4 S v V L ,I 1 2 C3 JH ER ' HQ GCI 1 X N . f , , X Swwxsxxibfwwwgwg ii X , , X H , E mx ' A X f Q.-wvxw xx V I A ggi QSSSQ P3 if 3 X X Y if 1 NFS LP 2 5 xx ' NX E 3 A NN . A - , f ? gg N ESX if Ti NYM 1 . x, X if ' N' 1 V 3 sii E jg. , '--ft,-if 1 1 K WEQZ I if mtg? Xa: Q ww X X '4+-Qfu fx? E MW Xwhmgg w?fg?3? X M52 ' 41:3 ' A .f f iii Ng ,. E 5593 f ' ff P '2-if '- v ' wx Jiiiiii I 12.--'G' . f i 4 2 3 E S : X wig f-'1"3fp-:-?.:'f:::'- ' I x, xx X 5 5 X E1E:- ay x V .2 ft .-1-I-'LS 2 Q X gg? if lil -- -T X 51 33 2 9, H24 if b M EQ Q15 , ZLPL 'I .J,Nels,w .P EE N 177 .,4 Z in -.r -:P H 5 i f Y ' " YYQJ,-QL K 1 3 .W lu , nu- v A gfffm WWMWWW wHJfTLwWWfimfQliHQ?3EH3,f fgw E' E, ' L . V A A '2i"3 , f,?5'i , 7' 7533551 Z If Y , WWfQMm'u ",f 'wfeQf-M3mwmwWw 2'9JWiWVw mmfw v-W M l 1 - .. 3-wr' -'.1,, ii-. i.NMm1Tv'J5 F ltrv W,-', -- W A . -5 X1 W... . 3 7 A'- , . "FF 15? 4 ,, in 2 IILQAR.. HL .l .-L 5 ., 15 ,-W hui S... QQQEH f 1fy-mW- AQLFH 1 .'g:A,:,4.n,,4Z.i:1:f..fi5 2E?:5'ff,,Q.,,v,. , -wr- l LJ l GHC-2 GCDPHER - Senior Class JJ lay e v1 A ,,,' J E3 " 1 AY galaxies of gorgeously gowned gazellesf' Popular people plen- teously pulchritudinousnfalliterative advertising, ad infinitum- such were the Chrischillian harbingers of the "Girl from Away." Did she arrive? Quite so. No other announcement of her coming would have been necessary than the brilliant habiliments of "Bill'l William Pierce. No one ever saw a real impressario, so "Bill" William drew upon his highly colored imagination-and that the result was impressive, no one who saw the piece could deny. A careful canvass of the campus failed to discover any sufficiently hardy to leave them, so gathering together his trusty band, Addison Cnot a "Spectator" this timej Lewis called the roll. "Among those present" were: janet Rankin, Willing Till, Harrison Collins and David Berg. The result of their clandestine cogitation was perpetrated at "The Met" May 28th and 29th. The lyrics were also the products of Addison Loose-and believe me, Homer had nothing on Addison as a performer on the lyre. To give the whole a genuine dash of Vienesse savor, Rudolph Brosius was called in pell-mell and rattled off some most catchy melodies. "Mary the Girl From Away", "l'd Love to go to the Ball With You," "l'm Going Aftah Culchuh" and "Oh, but lt's Great to be a Senior," all scored big hits. Florence Saxton was a most adorable "girl,' though affecting a most startling charge of hirsute adornment route. Martin Luther COh, what a name for an actorj played "Pompadour jim" McNair to a grazzled Hnish, adorning a dress suit and a heroic air most becomingly. 'KBob" Wilson didnit need any line on the program to show he was a judge. judge for yourself what a picturefa "P. A." frock coat, open face neckwear and a judicial voice would make-and thereis Mr. Wilson. Gene Bibb Cpatron saint of "Bib and Tucker"j ,gave a lugubrious Chubb Riley, and his tanglefoot dancing "went', like wildfire. One of the catchiest stunts of the show was his violin dialogue with Lillian Nippert, stunning as at lx The fall of the last curtain found the audience fairly vociferous-whether with enthusiasm or whether they were daring the collaborators before the curtain, no one knows. But no one responded, and as no one asked for "money back", "The Girln was undoubtedly a deservedly huge success. l78 'Tr -s IH. , K-5 Effie GCDPHER ' 'Extension Bout ONTRARY to all precedent and in direct opposition to the spirit which should exist between faculty and stu- l dent body, an extension trip was plan- ned last spring, in which the faculty co-operated with the Cilee and Dramatic Clubs of the Uni- versity, in an effort to uplift the souls and stir the intellects of Minnesota ruralists. The function of the faculty members was to lecture on such sub- jects as "Books for Children," "Cooking for Con- valescentsf' The exact function of the Glee and Dramatic Clubs, however, has not been deter- mined, but a few of the wise ones believe it was in the nature of an antidote. This is merely a conjecture, however, and perhaps does our high- minded faculty an injustice, which, according to all reports, acquitted itself very creditably to the - institution. "Dearie" Phelan especially dis- tinguished himself, causing many tears to flow by his sympathy-stirring lectures on "Value under Varying Cost." There was reported from Fairmont fa further illustration of the awakening intellectj that acertain precocious rural youth understood as many as five words in one of Prexy's sentences. A volume might be comsumed with similar instances of the marvelous good performed on this tour by, not by only the faculty members, but even by the Glee Club. But it is necessary to turn to the performances of the Masquers, on whom interest Cif we may believe the Masquersj and talk fon this point we can be certainj were centered. The play presented by the club was "The Merchant of Venice,', with the following cast: Duke of Venice Albert Shieley St. Paul Antonio Donald Wilson Stillwater Bassanio Henry Doermann St. Paul Ciratiano William Hodson Minneapolis Lorenzo Frank Quinn St. Paul l79 IX n LJ 'Soc GCDPH ER Salerina Walter Hughes New Richmond, Wis. Solanio Paul Thomas St. Paul Old Gobbo Albert Shieley St. Paul Launcelot Crobbo Eugene Bibb Minneapolis Tubal Henry Doermann St. Paul Shylock Robert Wilson Stillwater Portia Enza Alton Zeller St. Paul Nerissa Helen Rogers Faribault Jessica Lillian Seyfried St. Paul 1 Certain members of the cast, in order to preserve to posterity the achieve- ments of the Club, kept a "Dramatic Diary" in which we become acquainted in 1 a most intimate way, with the performers' impression of the performance, and this in spite of the modesty which predominates in the composition, and in spite of an undertone of subtle humor which must have been very pointed to the members of the cast. While no sane person could accuse these students, who had deliberately sacrificed themselves at the altar of culture, by taking part in this tour after consenting to miss the last two weeks of school together with the final exami- nations, of materialism in form, yet it must be confessed that in some places the diary smacks decidedly of the grosser elements of life. There is repeated reference to food under such vulgar titles as "Sinkers,' and "Sloup," and even, at times, 'inferences that hotel accommodations were not all that might have been desired. At several towns the alumni overcame their prejudice, after having witnessed the play, and entertained for the performers. Such dinners were tendered always by the "front families," one woman even taking a chance on finger bowls, or, perhaps, to be more accurate, a finger bowl, accompanied by a towel. We can hardly blame the good woman, however, if she had heard how one of the performers had tried to sign the bill of fare at the Hrst hotel breakfast. Concerning the play itself and the effect upon those who witnessed it we have no authentic report other than the "Dramatic Diary." Several bills an- nouncing the approach of the "University Dramatic Club" have been preserved and testify certainly that everyone in town was warned. The first direct refer- ence to the actual work in hand is in the account of a rehearsal. ln this we learn that the cast, having repaired to the village lock-up, spent a delightful morning, during which no one seems to have been oppressed by any unpleasant- ness or novelty in his surroundings. At Lakelield the inhabitants were treated to a brief introductory speech by "Dearie" Phelan, who fby the Diaryj "informed them that Shylock was not a professional, that the members of the Club were rapidly approaching perfection in dramatic art, and that they would see a real Shakespearean production." The audience, we are sure, felt the truth of 180 f"X - r ' Q' G xl. 's --.-..-....-.,-- N-4---..q..d.... 4 0 , M .1 W -.......,, ' 3 0... LQ 'ESQ GQIJHER these remarks, but they had never seen our club perform, while they had often heard the town band render certain selections. Consequently when the band appeared in the orchestral pit immediately following "Dearie's" speech, it was greeted with vociferous applause, and for the next half hour, in appreciation of the reception, performed with unfaltering zeal. At last the entranced stage manager arose, and regretfully reminded the audience that they had come to see "The Merchant of Venice." So amid profound silence the curtain rose. Be it said to the credit of the "Masquers" that the audience left the hall, con- vinced that as a branch of art the drama is much superior to music. By the time they had reached St. james, however, the cast had acquired great confi- dence in itself, even venturing to swell "Bill" Shakespeare's already distended reputation by introducing details which occurred to them as appropriate. ln the performance at the St. james Theatre, Launcelot Gobbo, borne on by the enthusiasm of the moment, distinguished himself by skittishly tapping jessica on the nose. Owing to jessica's wonderful presence of mind, the audience were not distrubed by any discordance in the action, but it did realize that a new element had entered the performance, when Gobbo made his second contribu- tion. The last syllable of Lorenzo's dissertation on sweet music had lost itself in the vaultedlurgls of the St. james Theatre, when suddenly the atmosphere was shattered by a mighty trumpet blast. The surprised performers struck various impromptu attitudes of attention and after a tense moment Lorenzo announced in an unsteady voice that Bassanio's trumpet had sounded. Perhaps the audience believed him. We have ample evidence that all these performances were well received, it being a matter of record that a group of seniors was allowed to depart from Red Wing absolutely unmolested. This appreciation of the artistry of the per- formers is probably attributable to the select nature of the attendance. At Brainerd, for instance, the Bartenders' Union attended "en masse" having reserved the first three rows of seats several weeks in advance. ln the casket scene, although no one had hitherto ever questioned Bassanio's osculatory powers, the bartenders created much mirth among the natives by giving vent to loud smacking noises. Although his pride had been touched in one of its most tender spots, Bassanio consented to finish the engagements of the Club, but vowed everlasting enmity to bartenders. 1 And so, through the work of the faculty, Glee Club and Dramatic Club, the Extension Tour has become a part of the University's programawe hope to the satisfaction of the citizens throughout the state. 182 T A-ft so -FN 'ESQ GGPHER UNIVERSITY IN DRAMA The charming presentation of "The Merchant of Venice" by the Dra- matic club of the University of Minnesota last evening at the Orpheum theater brought with it the very breath of youth and romance. The life and spontaneity of amateurs was combined with the confidence and ease of professionals in the production which was played last night for the twenty-first time in the tour of Minne- sota's larger cities. Robert Wilson as Shylock was at all times equal to the demands of the part and at times his reserve strength made itself strongly felt in the audience. No less than three times he held them for a full minute without speaking. His change from the ferocious victor to the broken old man, in the court scene, was thoroughly well done, but perhaps the best single bit of acting was the look of dignified contempt he gave the derisive Gratiano and his friends. Here and at the very close of the earlier scene in which Jessica flees, when Shylock comes home alone in the darkness and knocks at the door, but hears no answer, the old Jew had the full sympathy of the audience. Enza Zeller as Portia was both beautiful, stately and wise, with a dash of girlish impulsiveness that made her wholly human. Miss Zeller seemed equally at home as the wise young doctor, the large-hearted woman and the mischievous girl. Gratiano, as played by William Hod- son, was the third part in interest. He was the life of the groups of Venetian gentlemen, which was no mean task, as those parts, too, were well played, and brought his reckless humor to bear on all the situations, serious and trivial. Eugene Bibb as Launcelot Gobbo, was a marvel in facial expression and gesture and developed a fog horn voice which was astonishing. Jessica's magnetic and sweet voice and her elusive personality piqued the 183 1 1 5. .M , ,lj Cl-f . 1 ,,,. , P? M T l '1 i a ig. 275561 C ICDPH ER lg hearer's interest in her and left it un- W satisfied at the briefness of her appear- . 2 ance on the stage. d b H D , Bassanio, playe y enry oer- 5 , mann, was notable for sincerity through- T S out, and for the emphasis on the manly phases of this character, overshadow- ,,, , ing the weaker traits. 1 . 1 3 The same quality of sincerityl was , T manifest in the part of Antonio p aye 1 l by Don Wilson. U " f Lorenzo, Solanio, and especially Sa- ' Q E lerino, gave spirited renderings ot their fs' ' parts as gay gentlemen of Venice. The f A parts were played by Frank Euinn. 7' Walter Hughes and Paul T omas, ". 2 , V f respectively. . ,, Miss Helen Roger's Nerrissa was a ,, if docile and domestic lass, who, howeyer, Q l ' was capital in the ring scenes, particu- 1 5' I larly in court, where Gratiano speaks J,,W.,f i of the wife whom he supposes to be lil, 5 miles away. 1, 5 , Each of the other players, .albert W - T Shiely as Old Gobbo and Du e o ET ,, , Q Venice, Paul Thomas, as Stephano, and Henry Doermann, as Tubal, did 7' V SX NQ. 5- careful work in the' slight parts and V, helped to make a finished whole of the M xxgv' ,Wi performance.. - - ,fu ja, I' 'N,.g,,,, 5f55"g-X2 The artistic costuming and staging, if ' 1 -I Xfg fllg made the picture side of the presenta- "" :Q V- tion a work of art in itself. v , gi K, 2 7 -Amy Oliver, '07.-Editor of 'Women s I MfjT',zT iQ,,,f1VQf Department, Duluth News-Tribune. Q 5? T i T?" iii W V 'f 'wwzf lil l '- 'f 'iff ,T l - , ' . ? .Mfg 2, , .. . gg f-,zkbiyigk , ,rg V , . V QL' li . lf" ' A 31 5 f f .. , T -Tl 2 f r T , g E A 3- E H r:'?:- Y- - I ,i TW-.'WY' . 'QT-' i' E i f f., 'Q Q' -1- E,f'tIJ.i.5I'ffiE , ' ' E ' T 1: 3 .i ll ,T . fi K , 7-IQ it T wma ! T if u U A 3' ' it 3' K' 1 I ' D DRY ' " cr b g M WN' 'Rl cfm hm ""'7 " " 'ff K T A- '- ' f' T1 J ET E T . ' M., 'J " "' sy' T' key? :frm Q dv' fb-fl, V 3, gj 7 ' 'g ,T a .W X . fp 41, " ' 1,4 M il. , -, .1262 Tv fT ffggffs ii . I 1 r .. T . T ,uf . T if sffi. f..- li i, ' 5 , lf A" -T Q 4, 'X fl Lglu 'li 2 'JJQ HV1 ' V E., W '5 7 4 1' 'If' Q4 Tf f T' iTT . ,TA 'E ' . TQ , qg Q ' 1? ' V ' 'Till if - lf '1 .-my: x 'T , ' L f " ,Twp '-N Z4 4 he T Q TI- -- - .1 . .f..T ' T- T ' ' A f f 1' -K T T 2 5355 ii Missa Q N ! N , iiggfl:-1 I' -2' T at T -. T Wi T 51 5' Y, Q! Zeller lfvihaf heirvff Rogers .31 ,, 5 5 f ,g , sfbb Dvlffvmfv, , -rfwff-M., ' A ' 1. is Lf: Bai Vwf-5011 Quinn Sajff,-ed f t g it ,ji if ff If " 5.7 ,t y M 7715 CUMPANY Fffw? T0 7,45 UPHVIZIZUSE T . gfggi ' as 'j6cnc Bfbb- if.. Qi, Fifi I 1 K QE, ffl 184 T' ' 'iii' y ' "i"T"'g"""'il' ' , ' Q -' ' Q ' e l T 12 aff T- 5 , ,Q g,E Y .A ,Q , 4. 'g9,,2.',j , , at ggbif n f - ,I -f.. f1,gj5gg T -. ll T, 'r' ,ap T- ' 12 -.ggi if -rf-T tr ' ' wiv 1, fT My Tl T , fi? . ,Q ' deft- . T Tv, ffm val 'f id.. .. T . .T , . ..-TT J . TT t T .4 - .T. tu..- T5 -if , ,. ff.. 4 . -fw...: 1 Q-ff TWT My QV fx N, ' ""Al , , c , 51.1 42' 1 :gage -, 'fda T Mseitifikfr V33 wld 565525, ' r 'fveff ef--'Ma-11 WT .r ma - T 'Aff Ti vsgiu .uiesflaligz v!f:m,.4:Tr:cf-e T fi ' ' T T -nv mfiisv-25,,g-,g , 53313234:M',?z-grgfzrrf-4--V-'TT 925528 iii? ,- ,. ..i'l'il"i?sI'1,?sQfJ7'?"If if li "?i'r'f2f iT:1Y?v 15. , ,ll H,f,+jIf.2fwQ-'.vgqs1?32L.lf. 3'g'.'i"'-F-'fl " Eff-Qiilgflijag Q , T wffg: -Effi s ngjgiij E-,3 '. 5, Wig., Af ' ,Q--a ,QT ,T T,-gf,t,,.f,,--n',2. ., ' yS-,3Tar1xm,- , ,if .1,1,1,4-?iilf:iiL3,x,5hj5j53gIn Q K ,VI '. gf H-aL.s:,.f-Lilfigf . laz.i2W,?R --- 4-- - 4 1 , - :J 4,14 ig .wx 3 f,,,,,,,i.-m- wma A .. V 3, L . , ' ' A 'W di-1:21 'Q 'T " hi iq 'p3i'5z,1:fL-,is,4J.iiiL 1... , 1-5:53233 .1151-5gg,4,acgsg5gqQ:a,' f.-iw! , W ' ' ' " A Q .1 ,. , .. 'wfrlfifimsvms gt "F, 3' Tr T , T MT-fe: . Ta- af ,W .. J-ff-b - . , -- ,T v - .3 . 313. ' 3 i,,.,1., 1' K - ' . -: ,M,,,, . Q, ,,.,,.,,.5...,..-ff ---- - n , :.,..,..,,a. -1,44 .. -- . . . .,, , :af TU yew' . Q, -1, H., TZ W ,,j"',.,.,',...N,. ,, .N-,, -. 1 .... .T , ,. V V Y .. .-- ..rvffT2'f7' 4. T, , . ....... .-.w'vf4' titre ,,... ,X 5 ""vQ.-1' 7--,iv f ' ,, -. ,f--- , 1-. ,- , -. ' 3--f. -4 - f , . '- .f : ' ' W, 'xy a L... I Q1 .f Xp?-Jim Y ,,! ,Ax, ,X H N5 "5 gn M 'nf- -wg 5444, , f. .-5.4 'A :', H. A X 'HJ no nrvk '13 W --- 1.J -A -f ... Efica GOPH ER Arms arab the man By G. BERNARD SHAW Cast of Characters in order of their appearance: Catherine Petkoff tt,,,tt,,,tt7,7,t,,,,,,,,,t,,, Estelle McKelvey Raina Petkoff ,tt7.,,t .ttt.,, E nza Alton Zeller LOUICH. ,YY,,.,,Y,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ..Mildred Loomis Captain Bluntschli, ,,,,,, ,,,,,,-,,,,., W ill Hodson The Gfflcer tY,ttt,t, tt,t ,ttt,.t N o rman Mitchell NiC0l21 ,,,,c,,,,c,,,, ,ccccccc,,c Don Wilson Major Petkoffn ,,,,t,, ,,ss ,,7, B e njamin Wilk Sergius Saranoff ,cccc,cccc,cccc,,,sscc, cc,,ssts H enry Doermann RMS and the Man, is a clever comedy, every scene and every character capable of manifold interpretation, though the mean- ing of the whole is by no means so clear as most critics maintain. lt is a hard play to do justice to, because of the complexity of the background. ln spite of the limited number of characters, the play teems with social and even racial satire. Then, there are ideas expressed in it about war and peace, the brutality and vanity of war, about sentimentality and reality in the individual, about the relationship of heroics to commonplace talk, about servants and masters, soldiers, and officers, and many other Clavian verities and vagaries. The performance by the dramatic club of the University was an excellent per- formance and was well received. The audience was not small, but it is a shame that in so large a University and in a city where there are so many alumni there should have been any vacant seats. "Miss Zeller played the part of Raina Petkoff with a degree of finish and composure in her acting unusual among amateurs. Miss Zeller has marked natural talent and she had had a great deal more experience than college amateurs usually secure. There was a repose and certainty about her acting and speaking very satisfying to the audience and encouraging to the other actors. Her looks were charming and her facial expression admirable. "Miss Loomis as 'Louka', showed powers that will be valuable to the club in future plays. She understood her part perfectly, and her charm as a mere uppish servant girl in the earlier part of the play was heightened by a new fas- cination in the last act where she assumed before our eyes a new dignity of bearing and a new self-respect. As she approached nearer and nearer to her fortune, she stood out, like one of Shakespeare's charming woman wooers 186 .-f"'1. """"' e kJ f- FGEQ GQPH ER boldly seeking her own preferment, and became one of the unexpected joys of the play. The part of 'Madame Petkoff,' although important, is one which directs attention away from itself. Miss McKelvey's presentation was good, particularly where, as in the second act, she had fair opportunity. She acted the self-obliterating part with a full measure of ease and naturalness. " 'Major Petkoff,' a fussy, oflicious goose and an annoyance, was cleverly presented by Mr. Wilk. His acting and speaking lacked Hnish, but he made up for it in some measure in the spirited fashion in which he played. The part was highly amusing, and was well received by the audience. "Shaw says somewhere that he meant the part of Saranoff to resemble Lord Byron. He arrives at the idea of similarity somewhat in this fashion: Bulgarians were in 1885 in somewhat the same cultural position as the English were during the age of Byron. They indulge in the same heroics about patriotism, liberty, the rights and wrongs of man and so forth. You, therefore, might End a Roumanian Byron embittered Cbut not so embittered that he does not enjoy flirtingj, self-centered yet scornful of himself, having his own set of heroics, fthe heroics of a 'sulky dandy'j, but despising heroics. Mr. Doermann acted the part of Saranoff splendidly. His bearing and voice were inimitable, and his mustache, to which these columns referred almost contemptuously a few days ago, was the crowning touch of his make-up. Mr. Wilson's part as Nicola was slight. l did not feel that his make-up was successful or that he had exactly the right conception of the part. There was some suggestion of the English butler type of a servant. l should rather build it upon some of the Armenian or Italian servants in Marion Crawford's novels. "This is a play of many interesting parts, but l think it properly called The Chocolate Soldier. The part of Major Bluntschli is crucial. This victim of an 'incurably romantic disposition' who has seen all through the play to have absolutely no romance in his whole being, is the puzzling, the difficult part. Shaw's notion seems to be that he is not called 'Blunt' and 'sly' for nothing, and that he differs from Saranoff chiefly in having more sense and more experience. l do not think that he is meant to be altogether ideal. He wins his sweetheart in a very clever fashion. She is not thrust upon him. He wins her by con- summate trickery. lf this is right, then .Mr. Hodson's representation is not. Mr. Hodson makes him as stolid, sad-eyed, unemotional as could be imagined. He is a good actor, through he succeeds mainly through the excellence of his finely keyed voice, and not through action. "The performance needed more work and closer criticism Cof a constructive kindjg but to say this is only relative. lt was an excellent amateur performance and was well received. l have only one wish in connection with it, and that is that the alumni and student body had been more generally represented." Dr. Hardin Craig. 187 1..J J. TGJDHC-Z CGPH ER Taba watchers A Comedy in Three Acts, by Enza Alton Zeller, April 4, 1913 Guy Leeds ,,,,,,,,, ,Y,,,,,,, , , ,,,,,,, , ,,Y,,,,,,,, , ,,,,,,,, , , ,Y,,,,,, Ralph Chamberlain Virginia, his wife, , s,7,i, i,rr Martha Wolff Ticey, Virginia's sister., Y,,,,.,., Ora Hyde Robertson Field, 7os,,, t stt, Merle Potter Miss Fidelia Capps, ,,,o ., ,o7,., Corinne Bliss Marjorie Grey., ., ,,,, ,,,, F lorence Robinson Tony Grey ,Y,,s,, ,, ,,t, , ,,,,s,s, Burns Allen Benjamin Wescott, H Y,,, ,, , , ,,,,, ,Noble jones , ,,Donald Wilson Hopkins, o,,o7,,s,,. .. ,7,e,,, ,,,,, , ., ,,,o,,,o,,e,,,., .. . The "WatchersU is a comedy in three acts, the theme of which may be stated in the words of crisp tongued, "lt isn't so much wrong and sinning that makes folks into Watchers, as the lack of sharing things." Virginia Leeds has become a watcher, while Cluy, her husband, goes his own way conliding his projects and telling his interests to others. Virginia shows nothing of this to the world, even "Ticey," her merry-hearted sister does not suspect that all is not well, until the evening when "Grandunc" makes a few chance remarks which set her thinking. When "Bobs" arrives she con- fides her fears to him and together they plan an evening of pleasure with Guy and Virginia as chief guests. At this juncture Aunt Fidelia comes unexpectedly and installs herself comfortably. Act two is the evening of the festivity, Virginia and "Ticey" are ready, waiting, when Guy comes, but is in no condition to accompany them. The subsequent action deals with the postponement of the fun without the group suspecting anything serious, Virginia's burst of confidence to "Ticey", and "Ticey's" break with "Bobs" because she is not brave enough to face possible disillusionment. ln the last act, Virginia is seen preparing to go away. Aunt Fidelia with a well-planned diplomacy disparages Guy to her, thereby rousing her in defense of him Later she does the same thing with him. "Ticey," meanwhile, decides that everyone must take his chance for happiness and that only weakness made her afraid. So she and "Bobs" make up again, sitting happily in the sun parlor. Virginia, still determined to go, encounters Guy, he makes a plea for her love, and as she is about to refuse, they catch sight of "Bobs" and "Ticey," and decide that if they always share with each other happiness may still be theirs. 188 , Ak-fr , 15543 ER ' f"'1li'T.ll5'7ilAI?"7IIQ1-'Il-+ 'HI' 'Ill' lIl'....I A fx S ' 133 A A Q EBHE H ,EEEBEEEEH , EEEE xg: lx A 6 IMULH ll!-MEN? 5 A A 8 6 A r x 6 9 . 1 259 " - ix wwe gf C0 4 A Q W 6 Q 4 My Q ,ig MHHUUU ,A Q ff W wmmf fa A , f ' M M A Wf W A Q A A KIIIIIIIIMIIIIIIII X f s L' lm X ga Lil. Evfxav, .1 QE X ,K . gf fir! 1,4 f :f ' nf P 15 is , , 1, , M - A . .Qt N, NN, A- s 5 Q-V-M.-.ww-v-A-"'r-.W v Aff'--4 .mfg ? f. iffy-, , , ,.. ,1.,,f"f,N,ff f .1 rpms?-f,,.fzx.+.4 " A, ,J ,. , M Q , V. .Y ..,V.y,.M,....,..4,,,...,.,..,,,.,...MM , A M .fc ,, Q 1 . 4 1 ,ff ,j,,,,f - ,, K, ,rM,,,:W, .. K f M wav. .VJ 45 , , 1.11-'4"":,f.w" " ' --if U -M 1-sr Y 173542 CCDPHER 190 rw gr 4- , W i,k.e. ivi v':y 54 , V -fu ., , 1.1,-N 2: Lfvgifi ,5 A X 2 wi, 5 . ,:. Q . g. , z, . A. iff J 5. if. . yi' 2 .gf s J 6 ,Nl ulffi A Tk.J E562 CQPHE it Ebe Caoet Corps T sometime or other during his college existence, practically every man at Minnesota has been a member of the Cadet Corps. Many look back on their military days with fond remembrance, some with indifference, and perhaps a few rue the day their shadow darkened the threshold of the Armory. Be that as it may, the Military Department is more of a factor in the University than most people think. The Cadet Corps numbers about eight hundred men distributed in the following branches of the service: Twelve companies of lnfantry, one platoon of Artillery, Cadet Band, Bugle Corps, Signal Corps, Hospital Corps and RiHe Team. ln addition, there are the semi-official organizations: the Crack Squad and Company B of the National Society of Scabbard and Blade. Cn May 20, 1912, the day all elements combine to become a single force, we fought our third annual battle. The St. Thomas forces took a strong posi- tion on the hill about a mile south of Fort Snelling, but about four o'clock in the afternoon our troops began the rout of the enemy. After the smoke of the short battle had cleared away, our troops marched to the Fort, took possession of the T. C. R. T. lines and returned to Minneapolis. ln the evening, Scabbard and Blade gave a banquet at the Leamington Hotel in honor of Captain Tebbets, the inspector, Lieutenant Beck, commandant at St. Thomas, and Major Butts. Major Butts was relieved by Lieutenant james B. Woolnough, Zl st lnfantry, U. S. A., who proved to be a "good fellow," and an able successor. On September IO, l9l2, the Third Encampment was held at Camp john A. johnson, near Fort Snelling. This year found us further equipped with a new mess tent, which Major Butts was instrumental in securing for us with our S500 surplus. The tent contained two powerful gasoline lights, and after supper Captain Bailey was reported to have conducted a rescue mission there, which was attended largely by mosquitoes. The nights were rather cool, and during the early part of the evening the guardhouse campfire was the favorite lounging place, where one was always certain to hear the latest songs, jokes and parodies. Battalion Sergeant-Major Fred Brucholz inadvertently purchased Regi- mental Sergeant-Major's chevrons and there was nothing for the Colonel to do but promote him to Regimental Sergeant-Major. Most of the time at camp was spent on the range. On Friday, September 13th, the great event of the week, a manouver between the infantry in command of Major Swanman and the miscellaneous troups, consisting of Band, Battery, Bugle Corps, and Signal Corps, in command of Colonel Wilson, was held near l9l so fN 's fv' QI N ff' fwfr, "?5vf""' g A uri, i, .Q F"5f'f.--1 if 54 if . 'E' 421A ? 1, 5 'Gd w :ag Q, ' W 1 f 1 f 2 -fx , ... , , X K wyamqi. '. Fur.. ,Q ' 4 L. "ra:2mw1'-i 'X ff,-.rm-,:.N Fig ., x -N .K Q, S .,, Q iq 1 - ' E' Q ? , 1 1 5. E, K wb R I 4 in fl T i , ,., . s. 5 F' if . 2 ,. ,Q A. 2' I i fe, . Eg ,. YY x Y -. -. Q, lx X H11 xi f-51. ., 1 X 5 H, .M 1 3 'ff 4. K' c: 4 -1 -J C3522 COPHER . V M -a 5 5 '55 3 . r .1 . twi ,.,: V 59,-,i wtf . .. K., K' w F g, MN' x 1:--+A -5, A Tk..J CQPHER the Fort. "The miscellaneael' took a position in a dense plum thicket, and as the infantry was unable to drive them out in the allotted time, Chief Umpire Woolnough awarded the victory to Colonel Wilson's troops. On Saturday afternoon, a parade and review was held in honor of Major Butts, who came out with the double purpose of visiting us and putting the new Commandant in touch with some of the devious ways of the College of Deans. Sunday was a day of rest for those who cared to, and seven or eight men reformed to the extent of attending services at the post chapel. Sunday afternoon brought its usual large number of visitors, and in order to amuse them the non-coms and privates got out the blanket and proceeded to toss the officers. They were quite expert at it by this time, inasmuch as they had been practising on Regimental Com- missary M. 0. Nelson, Captain LI. M. C. C., member of the National Guards and expert on guard duty, who had been convicted of trying to corner the prune market. Monday, the last night, was celebrated by a big campfire, at which a varied pro- gram was given. Tuesday morning, we broke camp in the usual and time- honored manner, whereby all tents are struck at the last note of the "Creneral." ln a few minutes the tents were rolled up and Camp john A. johnson passed into history. One of the most pleasant surprises we had on returning to school was the discovery of a new hard maple Hoor in the armory. Here was an opportunity not to be neglected, and so on November l5th, the first of a series of Cadet Hops was given, chaperoned by Mrs. Vincent, Dean Sweeney and Mrs. Woolnough. This one was so successful that several similar parties have been given since. The success of all has been due to the interest displayed by Mrs. Vincent, Dean Sweeney and Mrs. Woolnough and through the co-operation of the band. The second semester ushered in the new course of military science and tactics. The unique thing about the course is the laboratory work which consists of fighting battles with lead soldiers on a topographic relief map. On April 18th, the military ball was held. This is the biggest social event held on the campus and is the most elaborate and unique formal party of the year. The military ball this year was better than any ever held before. The ball was a matter of great concern to Secretary of War Olson, who did his best to make it a good one. At the beginning of the year the good appearance of the corps was in great danger owing to the peculiar style of uniform worn by the freshmen of Alpha Delta Phi. They immediately saw the error of their ways, or had it pointed out to them, and at present you can scarcely tell them from the rest of the cadets. During the past year, the Cadet Corps has made splendid progress and next year will see still more advance in the direction of the goal established by Major Butts, namely, the time when the University comes to revolve around the Cadet Corps. 193 D A X N, M Q -'fi Yi!-"!",f. 57' ' ' fl, . Higgs. Y. J , , If k,.',"g ' ., . s '. 5 -ig '. ,Z 5 Q 'f? 'Exif ' fy 3 Sify '22 uw 3 M t V g ,i ,NME ? M - ? H55 A ' Q 'QQ f 7q,.3?3QfglTQ,x x V '-Sf ik .- -- Shar 'f' 'ggi - Y 2 ' 'fun 25' :www , w ,L xp i x iw.. W f Q il , fi 2 , -.s 2 c iq Q ,Q ,Q 1 2 ' V. S 1 'F TTAYJS .EE ' g fil ' Eg 1- si f . sr ' sy Q 5 . .- 5' Q wi- 5 Q , 4 1 5 ' ,4 ' 5 Qi: f 5 1 in 121:- ,is 1 I 6 1 l .t . 5 ,.,, QA . i f SL If 5, I . rr- skf If w4,..v , .Iv , 16561 QQPH ER Jha- 194 Jun-W, ' 'F' J-V "f ., W. ,.. W. .L . ,,,,,V A ,-,,A ,M .,.J w A "" .,. .. .f-- .-:,x-4 - ' - V -- .. ww" .-,-eff "' Ti Q: ,.-.,,.N-vw,-. ,Jw 1 f 1 v.'LQ.'f?if 'H' ,VS I t . ai 4 K -4 . '?"f ' 4vjQ41?3 2, If. Q. 324' f ffsi' f fi,-gf I , U., xsffqyrf- M, , Q 'iimli ' -4. , I .,,, -,-.. ,.,- .. ..... .q-....-.. h.-f.,, -,--..- v Irvn 5 E1 E f i , ww ,, if 9 6 Rf NV' I 1 ,W ,. U M, fx 1 L-J GQPH ER FRATERNITIII- ,Jw 5 S w 4 ,U' Nw if! :fx-:QS M X uf 'wwf f' Q- 1' Q w, fr.. Qi ff! Ex 4 J, N fx N ff H N, Q fl P NMS K X ' -- i C5339 ood ?Q11oVcj7 K l Gi Gal TQQQQ- 195 - fX- 5 7 C,5CD1J1'1liR Flames Chi Psi, Phi Delt Delta Ta Phi Kapp Sigma C Beta The Delta Ka Phi Cram Delta Up Psi Upsil Alpha De Theta D Delta Ch Zeta Psi, Kappa Si Sigma A1 Alpha Ta Sigma N Acacia, 1 Phi Sigm Thulania Chi Rho Svithiocl, elta Chi, 1521 University Avenue, Southeast 1, emo 'Locations of Traternities at minnesota ACADENUC FRATERNITIES 1515 University Avenue, Southeast a Theta, 1027 University Avenue, Southeast u Delta, 1009 University Avenue, Southeast a Psi, 1609 University Avenue, Southeast hi, 1103 Fourth Street, Southeast ta Pi, 1625 University Avenue, Southeast ppa Epsilon, 1711 University Avenue, Southeast ma Delta, 1129 University Avenue, Southeast silon, Tenth and University Avenue, Southeast on, 1721 University Avenue, Southeast lta Phi, 1725 University Avenue, Southeast 1108 Fourth Street, Southeast 315 Tenth Avenue, Southeast gma, 1107 Fourth Street, Southeast pha Epsilon, 1121 University Avenue, Southeast u Cmega, 1018 Fourth Street, Southeast u, 915 University Avenue, Southeast 00 Beacon Street, Southeast a Kappa, 820 University Avenue, Southeast LOCAL FRATERNITIES n Club, 1027 Fourth Street, Southeast Theta, 703 Fourth Street, Southeast 1300 Fifth Street, Southeast PROFESS1ONAL FRATERNITIES Phi Delt Delta Phi Alpha Ka Nu Sigm Alpha Ka 3 Phi, 321 Fourteenth Avenue, Southeast Delta, 1011 Sixth Street, Southeast ppa Thi, 1214 Fourth Street, Southeast a Nu, 505 Washington Avenue, Southeast ppa Kappa, 509 Washington Avenue, Southeast 196 L45 16562 G01-JH ER Phi Beta Pi, 329 Union St., Southeast Phi Rho Sigma, 1813 University Avenue, Southeast Phi Delta Chi, 1115 Fourth Street, Southeast Delta Sigma Delta, 629 Washington Avenue, Southeast Xi Psi Phi, 1313 Sixth Street, Southeast Alpha Chi Sigma, 410 Harvard Street, Southeast Theta Tau, 321 Fourteenth Avenue, Southeast Sigma Rho, 1405 Sixth Street, Southeast Alpha Kappa Sigma, 1111 Fourth Street, Southeast Alpha Zeta, 2089 Carter Avenue, St. Anthony Park Phi Delta Kappa, 505 Fifteenth Avenue, Southeast ACADEMIC SORORITIES Kappa Kappa Gamma, 1728 Fourth Street, Southeast Delta Gamma, 1320 Seventh Street, Southeast Kappa Alpha Theta, 314 Tenth Avenue, Southeast Pi Beta Phi, 406 Fleventh Avenue, Southeast Alpha Phi, 323 Tenth Avenue, Southeast Delta Delta Delta, 1703 Fourth Street, Southeast Gamma Phi Beta, 1018 University Avenue, Southeast Alpha Xi Delta, 1800 University Avenue, Southeast Alpha Gamma Delta, 309 Seventeenth Avenue, Southeast Alpha Omicron Pi PROFESSIONAL SORORITIES Phi Upsilon Omicron, 1455 Cleveland Avenue, St. Paul Alpha Epsilon lota HONORARY FRATERNITIES Phi Beta Kappa Sigma Xi Delta Sigma Rho Mu Phi Delta Tau Beta Pi Grey Friars Phi Lambda Upsilon 197 f'N. .XE fr 36 'Q , 2 f 1 wh.,-M. 'F 9 I . PT -4 VJ - ul- K-JF SEQ CCDPHER Chi 'Ilsi Founded at Union College, I84-I Nu Chapter, established I874 , W , '1 -'mags t4 FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE Charles Alford Bunnell 1913 Arthur Strong Felix F. Bangs 1916 W. P. Harrison Fuller Q Stanley H. Haynes 1914 Richard E. Lutz Wm' Ripley Dorf lifllirricilmliner George Rodney Ainsworth E. Bisbee Warner 1917 1915 Charles Howard DeVey Russell Gaylord W. Halderman Donald Stewart Hamld Tufhm FRATERNITIES 198 fi ACADEMIC 2 XJ ESQ QQPHER l Gln 3351 Bunnell De Vey Halderman Tuthill Warner Fields Lutz Strong Fuller Haynes Warner Ainsworth Bangs Dorr Gaylord FRATERNITIES A C A D E M l C I99 ,FN . lj I 'SEQ QQPHER 1 Tflbi 'flklta 'Gbela I Founded at Miami, 184-8 Minnesota Alpha Chapter, established 1881 FRATRES IN FACULTATE Dean G. B. Frankforter Everhart P. Harding William H. Condit Thomas B. Hartzell Thomas G. Lee Arthur S. Hamilton FRATRES IN UNI VERSI TATE 1913 Ray R. Klimenhagen Charles L. Melvin Neely E. Pardee Rexford M. Sheild Russell O. Webster 1914 Herman E. Hayward Harvey S. Hoshour George C. Lindeberg Leslie E. Luehrs ZOO Henry Odland Donald L. Pomeroy Emory F. Pomeroy Renville S. Rankin 1915 Raymond C. Andrews jabez A. Lloyd 1916 Donald K. Bacon Arthur j. Boyce Louis M. Brown Perry L. Dean George E. Egginton Laurence D. Frisbee Paul V. Hoerr Harry T. Kennedy Reuben W. McCanna Russell Williams FRATERNITIES ACADEMIC' , V 'ii ef-Y ' wk I fu f"7"'D'! "'f'NRr-rz"1" ' J- I -,5Js-41- 5- X lfflii , lull. Tl bi 'Bella Ebeta p l Williams Brown Hoerr McCanna Bacon Egginton Dean Lloyd Hayward Boyce Andrews Luehrs Lindeberg Kennedy E. Pomeroy Frisbee D. Pomeroy Rankin Pardee Klimenhagen Melvin Hoshour Odland Webster Sheild FRATERNITIES ACADEMIC 201 'Q --,L .,4,.N.1-f +V ' ' LJ FZPSEQ QQPHER F 'Delta Eau 'Pellet Founded at Bethany College, 1859 Beta Eta Chapter, established 1883 FRATRES IN FACULTATE Dean F. C. Shenenon Homer Cn. Dibell George D. Head john E. Hynes Warren T. Powell Arthur A. Zierold FRATRES IN UNIVERSI TATE 1913 Ben Curtis john jenswold 1914 Tom Beare Stewart Hineline John McGee Norman Mitchell Clarence Price -ruf- 202 1915 Edwin Buehler William Callaway Lee Harker Harry Haroldson ' Morrison Harris George Kennedy Carleton McCarthy Frank McFadden Edward Norris Arthur Storm Kenneth Urquhart 1916 Carleton Boyce john Martin james Rush Paul Storm FRATERNITIES ACADEMIC C Q! 6562 QQPHER i .Falla Eau .Della i 1 r McCarthy Storm Hineline Martin Boyce Haroldson Harris Callaway Rush Kennedy Urquhart Harper Morris McFadden Mitchell Price jenswold McC1eej Curtis Beare Buehler FRATERNITIES ACADEMIC 203 J L f .- M--- .... N-rf' --f-We t f'is'r's"Mr-egg'-"M'sess fri ,. J seg' i l S 4 1 x 3 l E 5 i f L 2 r E E i 2 I jf ,Zn asm. A 'T 5' 'fggfb S aivist- rf F f. if is in-.1 sk .1 ff' , 1MfHQkEi a '-ig i .5 5 lQiiK5QQ f2ViNW?3 iq . 3 , v 'Q Aix' xl. + 32' i?.?wQJi- sigixifi t 1 .11 er' g i if SF: A at 355 it f F z .1 ESQ Q01 HER ii H- 3 3 ii' f . G .Ubi Mappa 'fjlsi f E Founded at jefferson College, l852 Minnesota Beta Chapter, established l888 i FRATRES IN FACULTATE Dean George james Dean William R. Vance FRATRES lN UNIVERSITATE 1913 Harold N. Hansen Lee W. Smith Donald D. Gilbert David L. Renshaw Miles H. McNally Kingsley Renshaw L 5 5. 2 ,rf l 2 E I i Robert E. Porter l 5 Newton Longfellow ' i Thomas S. C. Cummings IMS '15 Robert jones Edward O. Ellison 3' Charles W. Stone ff-?ff?"f'f Earle H. Balch psf, , Maugridge S. Robb Carl 1. Hall Hia E55 1 ., . g ., Edwin R. Olsen 1 ...fifg Q Frank B. Hubachek 3 .i,t sgfwj D254 .vi 5 Y Hit i Ferdinand Selleseth l9l6 T 4 Frank Pearce ififff' 7 lt? ggi Ev eg ffm Robert Pew tt ' Q, -. X ,I A lii Y :ff ji Ll. ggi? Bennett A. Webster Merle A. Potter i s -ff A 1512- . . ig. W. 5 Walter l. Hughes Damel C. Sullivan 'N i fax- . if ifiifsjl Guilford A. Morse J. Paul Sellers Jifmil A654 .gigs FRATERNHWES ymgf . .s . Jar .v ACADEMIC fa 2.4.6 new ll L . 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Renshaw Porter Morse Hughes Ellison Renshaw Smith Hansen Gilbert McNally Webster FRATERNITIES ACADEMIC 205 INN, S ...i:...? A 4 V l 4 v 'K...J Ege CGPH ER Sigma Chi Founded at Miami, 1855 Alpha Sigma Chapter, established 1888 FRATRES IN FACLILTATE W. E. Brooke Edward Cook Donald Ferguson FRATRES IN UNI VERSITATE l9l3 Ray Brown Mede j. Hance Cscar F. Cuieiner Lawrence Jaques 1914 Sidney Stadsvold Lucien D. Sinclair 206 lun- Francis H. Stadsvold Horace D. lrish George E. Strong Arthur L. Layden l9l5 Carl Gaver Paul l. Carman Walter Van Valkenberg l9l6 Wingate Anderson Leo Hedin Carl Wallace Gilbert Sinclair William A. Kennedy Harry johnson FRATERNITIES ACADEMIC ESQ GQPHER l Sigma Chi Hedin Wallace Gaver Kennedy Anderson Sinclair johnson Layden lrish Stadsvold Hance Sinclair Van Valkenberg Brown Strong Greiner S. Stadsvold Jaques Carman FRATERNITIES A C A D E M l C 207 j Xe 'K' - ., X- ' 1 I J i FRATER IN REGENTIBUS Charles Sommers FRATRES IN FACULTATE Erank Anderson Charles Andrist joseph W. Beach james Corbett W. A. Dennis Edward E. Nicholson Charles P. Sigerfoos Herbert Woodrow FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE 1913 Leonard T. Erdall ,, r I 'ESQ GCDPHER Bela Ebela 'Ili FOUl1d6d at Miami, 1839 Beta Pi Chapter, established 1889 wvmmmmW1mmMsMam1.vwmmmwmmmtmim3 li Edward D. Anderson james H. Baker William j. Eklund Arthur C. Erdall William W. Hodson Henry O. Lee Kenneth H. Smith Harold W. Sweatt 1914- Frank H. Simmons George V. Bancroft Howard G. Plank Prescott Winter 1915 john Burns Allen Frederick A. Bruchholz Leo W. Capser 208 fi Everett B. Evleth Donald Grant, jr. Arnold Michelson Carl W. Painter Harold O. Van Duzee 1916 Arthur Anderson Allan Ahlers Paul Byers George B. Benton Cuthbert S. Carter Richard R. Cook Earl M. Evleth Gilford McClure Edward C. Nicholson Edwin P. Stacy FRATERNITIES ACADEMIC -- S Ld: a-aa GOPH ER Bela Ebeta 'Ili E. M. Evieth McClure Cook A. Anderson Ahlers Stacy Bruchholz Painter E. B. Evleth Michelson Grant Carter Byers E. Anderson Van Duzee Wheelock Baker A. Erdall Bancroft Capser Winter Hodson L. Erdall Smith Lee Sweatt Simmons Eklund FRATERNITIES ACADEMIC 209 J L C. Stiff 51111 ' s ,a. ,Q S 1 i I EEC-2 GOPH ER 'Delta Tlfappa 'Epsilon Founded at Yale, 1844 Phi Epsilon Chapter, established 1889 FRATRES IN FACLILTATE 1914 Cyrus Northrop George E. Vincent james T. Gerould Charles A. Savage Richard Burton Charles L. Greene E. J. Abbott H. S. Abbott james B. Woolnough john W. Butler Burnside Foster H. P. Ritchie A. C. Strachauer A. B. Cates FRATRES IN UNI VERSITATE 1913 Ralph Miller David West Ray Shannon Walter Hyde Will Siems Clarence Shannon Hallan Huffman 1915 Selden Smith Russell Tollefson Glenn Witherstine Paul Kinglsey Bliss Cleveland 1916 Paul Frenzel Harry Frank Herman Kenkel john Barton 'h - FRATERNITIES ACADEMIC 210 W U 'QSAQ QQPHER l .Bella Mappa 'Epsilon Hyde Tollefson Witherstine Kingsley Cleveland Smith Siems Shannon Miller Huffman West McDevitt C. Shannon FRATERNITIES A C A D E M l C 21 l l A ' 'f ,,.t,.-.,. tc, L- K N , ' ' ' ,LJ MM,.W,.w , T355 CQPHER 'Ilbi Gamma '5Della Founded at jefferson College, 1848 Mu Sigma Chapter, established l89O FRATRES IN FACULTATE Merriam Stephens Dr. William Holman Pau' RPWC Dr. Wallace Notestein Earl GIIYOY Dr. John Brown 1915 Dr. Chas. Skinner FRATRES IN UNI VERSI TATE l9l3 King Painter Theodore Lee Foster Kreis Edward Eder Greeley Ladd John Moir l9l4- Donald Ricker Emmons Sawyer Mark Starrett Harold Dunn John Shadbolt William Hamm, Jr Everett Geer Jenner Chance Alfred Joyce l9l6 Walter Spriggs Julius Richter Oscar Schmidt Herbert McC1rath Ralph Johnston Phillip King FRATERNITIES ACADEMIC E 'E a' IFN. ESQ QQPH1iR i Tlbi Qamma .Della Spriggs Richter Schmidt Gilroy Rowe Hamm johnston McGrath King Ricker Geer Sawyer Stephens Shadbolt Dunn Painter Lee Kreis Starrett Eder Ladd Moir FRATERNITIES ACADEMIC 213 df-K 'C'L..J 'SEQ GCDPHER .Delta Kpsilon Founded at Williams, 1834- Minnesota Chapter, established 1890 ,V 1 .,,. . , .. .f,,, . M., 3 1 1 1 rl FRATRES lN FACLILTATE john H. Gray J. G. Moore j. C. Litzenberg F. L. Adair Earl R. Hare H. C. Lawton F. H. Springer L. B. Walton FRATRES lN LINIVERSITATE Post Graduate, Robert Wilson 1913 Nels Christenson Henry j. Doermann Albert G. Porter 1914 Hans Braasch Herbert Turnquist Donald Wilson 214 1915 H. D. Campbell Charles M. Dale Edwin N. Foque tl. Charnley McKinley Albert j. Robertson Paul Thomas Frank Toombs 1916 Lawrence Beach Howard Cammack Edwin H. Chapman G. E. Harris Stanley j. Harper Carl Mannheimer j. R. Ritchie Sprague Townsend Harmon H. Watt FRATERNITIES ACADEMIC A--f F ' 'ff'-th ' , - Ng J -.. aa ESQ QQPHER l .Delta Kpsilon Chapman Townsend Mannheimer Watt McKinley Cammack Harris Beach Ritchie Campbell Thomas Dale Harper D. Wilson Robertson Foque Toombs Turnquist Christenson R. Wilson Porter Doermann Braasch FRATERNITIES ACADEMIC 215 D L i 2 4 5 I S 5 s I I x I 1 1 1 2 1 1 1 1 1 2 5 + , , Q 1 1 . K iggbx IU a X Y 'Q' .Aux ie 'X mls 'sgigg . - Xligkqgl ' x 1 5 L. 1 51 'Z' .V vgzxwnxg 'ALE Hfiixgqj 1 1 "'v"-rfrf"'f"'fv'-Wifi " 2.,a..s4-fA:g.1:xq,...r' r "ws -' 1 3 fy. , . , .,,, g...,.-..,.. 1..:.n:ag,L.---,,.,f.1..,,.s.... -.-::.-.5-.fw . , J - --"wyi1'.:'.' af 1 ,ff-rr.-1 ,,- 3 ALJ-'vim r 4- I .-.M 4 .Q 4 Q f ,.. . , .4 .,..1.mi. .4 ,AQ v , , , . ,... ,, A , . 1. M I ,,a.W:-wf..,..:..,',?..'..f.. N.. ,,.-L-......ff--., 1 " '. 'f A ' ,,1.,,..,.,,., ,. N3 .. gh, ' . If I -Y ...,. .. ,.,, .Q4. .....,...f . . ,N -.H ...L .. A H snuff-rm 1 - -. f M1,..::L-:.w-. .. 1 , ... . .. 5 AANN f .df V H ...aaaaes:fm-,Arfyvam-...wg+v:uM1,.Qw.wumpw20'f'WA ,. , . ' .W K . .-fa. -am-Q....f.s,sM-.,,,L...,...f 1 , , ,N .......,...,... ,,.i,.,-5 ,. ,.,,,,.,..,,-3...,v',,,-Muffftfn-tw...-jv-,-1-f-1-g N ' ' L iv ., yv. .. ,. .. ,.,... .. -1. ..--f V4-'MLA--fv-5. if-V--4' -A . 2 ............ ,Q , ML. AA y HM ,.,.c.ts............q. n I. 1 ' A 5 1: we-Pwr' :- -..-fe--" W as ,,.4..,........M-.-....a..,,,,,,,, FRATRES IN FACULTATE jimi! - Wm--NZ. ., 'CSEQ GQPH ER 'jflsi Kpsilon Founded at Union College, 1833 Mu Chapter, established 1891 Fletcher Rockwood Rollin L. Smith Henry Nachtrieb john Hutchinson joseph Pike Albert Rankin John Clark Archa Wilcox William Murray FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE 1913 William R. Everett Ralph L. Goetzenberger Edward Kopper, Jr. 1914 Walter J. Kennedy 1915 Frank H. Carleton, jr. Frederic H. Gates Lyle K. johnson W. Hubert Kennedy Charles K. Derr Howard C1. Mealey Chester S. Moody Robert Thompson 1916 Fred A. Cutler William C. Moorehead W. Caldwell Settle I Willard H. Von Hagen, FRATERNITIES ACADEMIC f"..,..'Tj ,,. -' 3 ff 7 i 2 . 3 T, 2 3 i t X 2 5 2 1 .. 1 5 2 1 1 ll i 3 4: in X 1 15 ll 3 i II mf il 1 . ,j:,,f35:' Sufi' :W .f ll -1 l 1 .W - :.-vs' . If .4 Q 4,1 7. .1 Pi U J f ,. ft . .Zia .., ,af I pirj. 44 .- 1 . 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Kennedy FRATERNITIES A C A D E M l C 217 fi A K..J gg, , I 'Ego C01 HER T-Alpha aibelta Founded at Hamilton College, 1832 Minnesota Chapter, established 1892 FRATRES IN FACLILTATE Amos Abbot Leverette Bristol Robert Mullin Fletcher Swift Hugh Willis Henry Williams Edmund Newton FRATRES IN UNI VERSITATE 1913 Franc Daniels Paul Ciiessler Roger Peavey Archibald Wagner Edgar Zelle Bernard Vaughan 1914 Alfred Bierman Horton Daniels 218 ii 9 Allen Haines Leonard Lampert Seiforde Stellwagen Andrew Keefe 1915 Alfred Gausewitz George Ostrum Louis Peavey 1916 David Shearer Sigurd Ueland Harry Baker Erwin Sherman Raymond Horn Bernard Bierman Charles Fuller William Greig Wilfred McCann FRATERNITIES ACADEMIC V-UV K' ZFSHQ GOI-JHER i Tfxlpba 'lklla HJ bi Ueland Sherman Baker McCann Shearer Horn Greig B. Bierman Keefe H. Daniels R. Peavey Haines Ostrom Gausewitz L. Peavey Vaughan A. Bierman F. Daniels Zelle Wagner Stellwagen Lampert FREATERNITIES ACADEMIC H Y ZI9 Bl' Ui. ..-ij 'GSHQ G01-JHER If Ebelo. 'lDella Chi Founded at Union College, 1847 Tau Delta Chapter, established 1892 'Wg FRATRES IN FACULTATE james Davies L. I-I. Weld FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE 1913 Kenneth B. Salisbury Gustav Stamm 1914 Mathew D. Crawford Walter W. Cooper I 1915 Robert Robertson 220 fi Eugene Eldridge T. Irving Madigan Quincy H. Hale William A. Byrnes 1916 Paul C. Davis William I. Carpenter Gordon E. Merrill Kenneth S. Caldwell Orlando Chilsen Claude j. Ehrenberg George Blanchette Grafton Mason, jr. Eugene Chase FRATERNITIES ACADEMIC C LJ 'GSHQ GQPHER li Ebela 'Bella Chi Davis Carpenter Merrill Byrnes Caldwell Chilsen Ehrenberg Blanchette Robertson Eldridge Mason Chase Hale Sramm Crawford Salisbury Cooper Madigan FRATERNITIES A C A D E M l C 221 Kgwj IC M 1735 Q GQPHER if Della Chi Founded at Cornell, 1890 Minnesota Chapter, established 1892 F RATRES IN UNI VERSITATE Postgraduate Stanley S. Gillan Adolph F. Holmer 1913 Carl C. Meixner Vernon Elliot Stenerson 1914 George Brandt Ralph E. johnson William N. McA1mon 'iq-I 222 5, George McA1mon Wm. E. MacGregor Cleo. A. Weedell Raymond Ziesemer 1915 Arthur J. Cxeib Frank E. Morse Robert Snyder Roy Walker 1916 Edwin Lewis Strand FRATERNITIES ACADEMIC 1l'L -v 'L ,T' ' J, W Gill HER Walla Chi Matthews Mortimer G. McAlmon Strand Patterson Morse Walker johnson Ziesemer Snyder Geib Wm.McAlmon Meixner Brandt Gillam Steenerson Holmer Weedell FRATERNITIES ACADEMIC 223 ,f'X,A , "' EEQ GQIJHER Zeta 'Ilsi Founded at University of City of New York, Alpha Beta Chapter, established l899 F RATRES IN FACULTATE J. B. Miner j. L. Parcel J. C. Sanderson FRATRES IN LINI VERSITATE 1913 john Karpen joseph Hall Leslie Reed Spencer Owen Spencer Owen james Weeks l9l4 Arthur Fillebrown Howard Eidemiller George Klein l9l5 Robert Kenicott james Stene George Holt Daniel Helmick Lauritz Haugen l9l6 Francis Rickel Roy McChesney Clinton Olmstead George McGeary Neil Head Unclassed Chas. Knox George Orr Clarence Olmstead FRATERNITIES t I 847 Lt ,lj J Tl l GCI HER Zeta 'Ilsi Olmstead Rickel Clar. Olmstead McChesney Helmick Haugen McGeary Orr Karpen Holt Head Kennicott Fillebrown Stene Hall Owen Eidemiller Klein Reed Knox FRATERNITIES ACADEMIC 225 " ' ,j K kj F 'SEQ GCDPHER Tlfappa Sigma Founded at Virginia, 1867 Beta Mu Chapter, established l9Ol awww-N ' f wfwsmmm-aatfsM'r"w1wLvg3 F 2 S , FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE 1913 Henry R. Elder Francis F. Boutell Russell C. Reed Harry E. Murphy 1914 Wm. O'Neil Harold Stone ' 226 1915 Ralph Richards Leighton D. Beckett Ralph E. Eustis Earl McKay Orson B. Powers 1916 Carl Berry Verner Berry Clark A. Rodenbach Harold Soule Douglass C1. Palmer Amuri DeVilliers FRATERNITIES ACADEMIC 4' ef 1w5'r r T C2 GOPH ER Mappa Sigma Berry McKay Rodenbach Palmer C. Berry Richards Soule O'Ncil DeViIliers Beckett Powers Eustis Boutell Stone Elder Reed Murphy FRATERNITIES A C A D E M I C 227 fx 1 ,PF ua wa , kg x Q5 , in Q911- . E Q. 1 Q-Q 1 U. Ng,-. I 1 4 mil-gfv. 1 'f " ff. 7.4. V , A. . ? JE Ei 1 fy Fir, 21' 2, .iv ill f? . if ' a ., , .a w - g. 4. , 4. W-IMS. 5 5 I J 1 ...r mf. 1 1: 4- - Lwz T-iii... -Z 1 ,V ., .1 A, 5, 'sit' ' . mi.. .' Q' E563 GQlJl'll2R Sigma Alilpba 'Epsilon Founded at University of Alabama, 1856 Minnesota Alpha Chapter, established l902 FRATRES lN FACLILTATE E. R. Ball E. K. Green Merton Kingston B. M. Mohler S. N. Reep FRATRES IN LINIVERSITATE 1913 Frank H. Durham D. Clinton Edwards Robert H. Ely Charles C. Hawke J. Leonard McHugh W. Howard Mulligan Alfred G. Smaltz 1914 Ben R. Lund f 2281 -1--W..-. 4 'fra f Allen Moore Ben A. Pratt Walter A. Nelson 1915 Henry M. Dennis J. Lawrence Dopp George A. Geib Arthur B. Miller Carlton J. Rice Harvard S. Rockwell Ralph H. Sherman 1916 Harris J. Baldwin Samuel B. Clark Phil L. Johnson Noble K. Jones Walter J. Shelly 1917 Fred A. Davies FRATERNITIES ACADEMIC F K... Y 3 f 7 ,,,, ,wh ,,-. If f 5 ..:f,.,- -lf - ., ,,, ,,,..,.uW ,A ,, , W W t i K , G W .......o.e....,...-, ... ,-,, .. ,, hm -F K W "'1i.Q.,-exam - .frm fi , M of JV 'E 3,5 'U FfDN"e9 5 fir EH p .Ma 1 1 ,.., . -an --an .1 ,, ,, K, i l 5 l E F E e l l r 5 l i 3? l li l 'l I n l Sigma lffxlpba 'Epsilon Shelly Baldwin Nelson jones johnson Davies Miller Sherman Rice Clark Dennis Lund Cxeib Rockwell Moore Dopp Mulligan McHugh Hawke Pratt Smaltz Durham Ely FRATERNITIES ACADEMIC i 229 'M f"N C 1..J ESQ Q01-,HER I Tfxlpba Eau Omega Founded at Richmond, Va., 1865 Minnesota Gamma Nu Chapter, establishedll902 FRATRES IN FACULTATE Jules T. Frelin D. C. Mitchell Alois P. Kovarik Frederick H. Poppe Thomas Patterson FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE Post Graduates Samuel Lee Avis William G. Clark Walter G. Nuessle john McKenzie, jr. 1913 Paul HL Tobin Lynn G. Kooper Lyman D. Taylor Arthur W. Walker 1914 Donald R. Aldworth Walter G. Barnes john J. Viets W. Lester Williams Leslie R. Brown Russell D. McCord Harold W. Patten Harold W. Spink 230 Milton H. Borst 1915 Charles G. Davis Warrenn W. Dunnell Ogden C. Morlan Herbert M. Tasker Charles Osbeck Paul E. Sischo William D. Grashius 1916 Howard F. Barnes Harold Sill Hoyt Kane Harold Clark fi. FRATERNITIES ACADEMIC l ll 'i gi l 1 ii is ll r l l 4 C LJ G62-2 GQPHER li Zilplqa Eau Omega H. Barnes Xllfalker Tasker Kane Sill Dunnell Morlan Davis Viets Sischo Osbeck Avis Borst Clark Patten Spink Alclworth Williams Hooper Brown W. Barnes Taylor McCord FRATERNITIES ACADEMIC 231 ,- W :VF 5. . x. f-.113 I 'vw -"ii "T'! - .wi .X 1 Q QQ f'rfi Z:- 3' A -1 ii ' 12-H5 'Y . .. 1 if elf , Wm. ,N WX. , Q , ff'f 1 x is . , .-, .- is-..... x 1: . -51,2 . .xt -, .V T.. I JNL 5 . ,L if lf: . : bf.-if -' Q fq..,s.1..-,gifs V-any t W a 5 -..1 'SEQ GCDPHER Sigma Hu Founded at Virginia Military Institute, 1869 Gamma Tau Chapter, established 1904- 2 1 l FRATRES IN FACLILTATE C. A. Boreen W. H. Emmons FRATRES IN UNI VERSITATE 1913 Stephen A. Bakalyar Earl S. Wallace Wilfred P. Freligh 1914- Hermann McGuire Albert R. Shiely Forrest P. Storms Earl B. Tucker 232 Byron R. Wilson Willouby M. Babcock Dwight E. Lyon 1915 Claire Murphey George Morgan Percy M. Clark Robert Doherty 1916 J. Victor Mulligan Stephen Aldridge Irl R. Mix Philip K. Donohue Thomas F. Quinn FRATERNITIES ACADEMIC in-.m.'w-1"v-"-"1"f""' . .. W: - 5 ,1,,J,,-V r"7'ff'-', - - H 1' vw , ,., . V -um N , -v-...,-,in-MW Quxx C W S l 2 l E Sigma Flu 5 E l l 3 4 il 'F 1, L ll ll 5 F Pynn Warner Donohue Chapin Doherty Nuessle Keller Mulligan Morgan Quinn Olbrich Mix Babcock Clark Lyon Murphey Shiely Wilson Wallace Freligh McGuire Storms Bakalyar Aldridge Tucker l l FRATERNITIES ACADEMIC l 233 ...C fx C 1. .. W..-v " S: . it ' Tw. , '98, if. Q xl , . . Y 1 1 f ., . Q.-. A z-mx, , , Qfxfyil Q.-... A... . if : ff'5M'i. M sv, ' sz. ., -3, 1' 'f.:f'i3iQ1.1f -XX V 'f,5ii?x...?g 1 ' 1"'f'fZ?f:' .i EQ..-v-gif, V Akira .6 ,x4. Q Ng.--i f all as xl H ...n 'A :Fw ..3.,,,1. ii -5512 1 .. gl :l 'if i4- .51 if 4. ww . . fir., Q., 5: .- ,g, Q. - 51 x.. .,... 1 gi ...A . l :V 4... Yifgh 1 l Q EQ if : 5.1 T . nm- E Y .. Q 3. g E15 21-5. 4 .,f1,., .. 1- iq! 5 . Q.-W 117651 1 :N U,, .rg-5 i. SW A ii' x 1 leigh r. 'Rx .515 ig i... ivy? Sidi: 'gr' 'S gil. .fist i1S5f'i RTP:-51: iE':u' own Q 5.E iii +,.l.. Lf 5, fig '14, 1 . 4 4 A-Y,... ,,... Q , e 173562 CJCDPHER Tlicacio. Founded at Michigan, 1904 Kaph Chapter, established 1906 Y W.. .us a, ........,,.,,,,., 'J'4" -and F l s v 0 W . I 1 6 1. 3 T Q FRATRES lN C. E. Rudolph P. E. Hagen M, FACUL1-ATE H. M. Reynolds H. H. Thurston C. O. Rosendahl L. E. Von Berg Q, C. M. AI1ClI'iSt E. V. Robinson 1914 3. Gustav Bachman C, F, Sidener D. 1 E. H. Comstock F. H. Swift L. A. Daum .zu C. A. Erdman L. E. Willey O. N. Hanson J- T. Ffelin J. S. Young R. C. Radabaugh 17. W. H. Frazier :K 1 J. A. Handy FRATRES IN 1915 if if A. F. Kovarik uN1vERs1TATE G, A, Barnes gf E. M. Lambert post Graduates N. L. Mattice T. G. Lee L S R 1916 j. Cx. Moore ' 1 yan . , L. W. Martin E. E. Nicholson R R Herrmann A. C. Sheldon W. L. Oswald ' 1 A. W. Aamodt L. B. Pease 1913 7 L. M. Winters Earl Pettijohn E. S. Koehler Unclassed if E. B. Pierce R. Cutter E. E. Merrifield FRATERNITIES ACADEMIC 1 . . .. . ... . .4 ... . A fi a 1.a . - f 2 A "1i' 3 if , 'ila " A . 1 . r pw A A .. . .4 s..'f 1: A 1'1" ..,.. 1 Ai , . ,fu'ii' -.-' VP- A 'Q if it rr i. .-.,-i.n...f ,-v-1'i,'ni"f3 -'-- f' "z":T.'i. ' 1' ..- , f. :A . . - fu,'f:-.Ari-'f'f'2..- rw'--'i': gg W fr .... . K ,M ,.f--aww ,. ,.. i,,.g,,.- . f'-Rfb.: . . -- .- ..- ..... -..,,-fa . V N.. V' ..:v"'f'- '-1752 . ..--M7 ':"f,1iY-1L- J... W i.'...m..A-'-1...-ff-"' . .....,, h,,,,Kb- fs. ... A ...N Aff' LZ.-..f1-LW Y- , . --,,.,.s,..,. ,A-., , C ' f 951 , .-f.....,.H.f.-.M , .-,-,.. F ,L-,ogg 'f 1 .'11:i:...QL fq '.:g:i,iif z..fw1u:. .z lm ...moz -Q,'fZA'.'f.lii1'-1E W.. . '- 1-cl L:,,.Z.l? .llfif ' T, f r.r::-wth... mx Q .iw - 5' f ..,...,.., P M... .--.V-mf. " Ai' pg. Y- N T,J 'Give CCPHER Hcacia Radabaugh Von Berg Aamodt Mattice Barnes Hanson Thurston Martin Winters Sheldon Daum Cutter Koehler Ryan Herrmann Hagen FRATERNITIES A C A D E M l C 235 FT " ' 5 in F 'Gigs GQPH ER Tlbi Sigma Tlfappa Founded at Massachusetts Agriculture College, l873 Beta Delta Chapter, established l9lO FRATRES lN FACLILTATE Albert E. jenks E. Van Dyke Robinson Fred W. Schlutz Carlyle M. Scott john P. Wentling FRATRES IN LINIVERSITATE Graduate Harold S. Chapin Glenn Gullickson Lars Rand 1913 Leonard C. Brusletten Robert B. Haworth Maurice W. Hewett Charles S. Hixon Dennis E. Hogan Cecil M. jones Harry D. Lovering Rufus H. Milne Ferdinand B. Pike Clinton A. Rehnke l9l4 Thomas H. Granfield Stanley L. Ringold l9l5 Victor S. Armstrong Reginald D. Chisholm james W. Collar Fred B. Oglesby Charles G. Woehler Thorvald S. Hansen 1916 George B. Allen Ray D. Curry Charles H. Davis Samuel Gale Earnest S. Golden George R. Glotfelter Leo A. Temmey Carlos C. Wilcox FRATERNITIES ACADEMIC W, ,WV ..,-. ,W A , . . Y 3 ,..:,--.-,. , ,.-.,.e- V 'ff sv- - .1 , f 1.,...,.i..v fmmf' Vi? Q v m ' H V A if ,A 9 ' ie! '-'J -N fs-J wx if 5 2 5 5 l 5 ,fl bi Sigma Tlfappa 1 i l 1 l J l. l l l Collar Gale Wilcox Nl Golden Davis Hanson Allen I Armstrong Woehler Oglesby Curry Ringold Chapin Peik Rehnke Granfield Brusletten Chisholm Rand Hogan Lovering Haworth Gullickson Hewett jones l FRATERNITIES A C A D E M l C 237 -, .5 Egca GQPHER 'Ebulanicm Club FRATRES 1N FACULTATE Alfred Owre Henry A. Ereicksen Fred Sardeson C. C. Rosendahl Gisle Bothne Chas. F. Disen Charles E. johnson H. H. Dalaker john E. Granrud Olaf Hovda FRATRES 1N LINIVERSITATE 1 91 3 C. Peterson O. Hondrum O. Saevre K. Strunch A. Nissen 1. Grindeland A. Ericksen A. Vollum G. Hansen A. Orbeck O. Meland A. Erstad J. Stratte ,I- A. Reque j. B. Hanson A. Sarum 1914 O. Hauge W. Larsen M. Overstrud 1915 N. Hauge O. Pederson O. Sanby L. Nelsen E. Norby B. Hanson C. Teigen O. Solem L. Holen O. Nelsen C. Nelsen C. Bradstrud 1916 H. Hustad 1917 C. Tennesen R. Hovde FRATERNITIES 238 1 LJ 1 'ESQ GQPHER X Tnbulcmicm N. Hauge O. Hauge Pederson Tennesen Hovde Sanby Nelson Norby Hansen Petersen Hondrum Teigen Solem Saevre Holen Strand O. Nelsen Nissen Grindeland Ericksen Vollum G. Hansen Orbeck Meland Erstad FRATERNITIES SPECIAL 239 ua, fa- .:,,,,,n:N-5..........,,:...., ,zz g W W 6.5QQQPHE.a W Chi Uibo Ebeta Founded at Minnesota 1907 Reorganized, 1912 FRATRES lN UNlVERSlTA'l'E R. S. Rankin post Graduate Lawrenceflirickson Lynn U. Martin 1916 Guy C. Menefee C- S. Baker 1913 H. G. Diepenbroclc S. P. j ones P. E. Hagen F. M. Smith L. E. Von Berg 1914 1917 W' po Chapman R. C. Radabaugh Lee Goss Unclassed S. A. Graham Albin Larson Nat Lovgren Wm. Farnquist 1915 Wayne Colahan Richard llse W. H. Stowe - N- g ri' I5 W. S. Fleming I Wilson Gould! M. R. White A. E. Clymer Earl Saxe S. S. Kilbourne T. Gilbert R. C. Carver Ralph Sweet FRATERNITIES SPECIAL haul- WMM--H-4,-,.,.-5--,. Q 'Y-1-wr.:-..,,,,,M.a-Bmw' .FM , K If I K Glbi Xbo Ebela Smith Baker jones Diepenbrock McCallum Erickson Kilbourne Fleming llse White Saxe Colahan Larson Farnquist Graham Radabaugh Rankin Goss Lovgren Menefee Hagen Von Berg Chapman Stowe FRATERNITIES LOCAL i 241 vm: aah:-T V ,. 7 KJ 'GHC-2 CCDPH ER I Svitbiob 'J' "J f A FRATRES IN FACULTATE 1914 A. A. Stomberg D. F. Swenson R. O. Green L. L. Thurstone O. W. Oestlund FRATRES IN LINIVERSITATE Post Graduate Victor Erickson Axel Brett Adolph F. Sandquist 1913 Carl W. Gustafson Oscar B. Olson Francis H. Osterlind Harry A. Warner L. F. Fagerstrom limi- Oscar E. Alm Harold Boquist Hugo Ringstrom Fritz j. Anderholm Ernest F. Tibbling 1915 Andrew H. Dahlberg Henry G. Young jay B. Peterson Arthur O. johnson Carl johnson james B. Ostergrin 1916 Charles O. Wanburg 1917 Harry W. Strand Elmer Munson Extension Wallace V. Bloomquist Wlater Lundquist Erick Stadig 242 FRATERNITIES SPECIAL -gif fi- 1 Y ESQ QQPHER W Svitbwb Ringstrom Ostergrin Boquist Munson Stadig Peterson johnson Lundquist Strand Olson Young Gustafson johnson Sandquist Brett Warner Alm Bloomquist Erickson FRATERNITIES S P E C l A L 243 FRATRES lN FACLILTATE W. R. Vance W. G. Graves H. S. Mitchell E. M. Morgan james Paige E. S. Thurston H. E. Willis FRATRES lN 1913 Gregory E. Bauers Carleton Burrier Henry K. Elder j. Barthell Faegre Bert j. Hull Francis M. Leahy L. Leonard McHugh Benjamin W. Palmer Rexford M. Sheild Chauncey Cx. Smith LT.. - I IH UNI VERSITATE ,.g...-ff,-----"--frmmb 1 A H-fw , Q... W,5""' 'ififia QEQPHER T13 bi 'lDella 'fl bi Founded at Michigan, 1864 Dillon Chapter, established 1891 -. ,mi5',f'4j'f'r,325""f,g'QVF: 'V Q3eV5M""f 2. 11.35 Ke nneth H. Smith Tl'l6OdO1'6 W, Thgmsgn Qscar M. ulsaker Russell O. Webster 1914 Harvey S. Hoshour Hallan L. Huffman Alan j. McBean Frank H. Simmons Rollin L. Smith Sidney Stadsvold 1915 Lowell j. Anderson Arthur C. Erdall Lawrence Jaques john D. jenswold Leonard Lampert Francis E. Stadsvold Seiforde M. Stellwagen Edgar F. Zelle 244- FRATERNITIES LAW --"U-"0-w-. - ..-.-.. -'R'1,,,1...,5 hmmm'n": , I9 K3 , QTPQQH ER 'Tlbi 'ima Thi 2 Jaques jenswold Erdall F. Stadsvold Lampert Huffman S. Stadsvold Stellwagen Anderson Zelle C. Smith McHugh Sheild Simmons McBean Hoshour Palmer K. Smith Burrier Bauers Ulsaker Hull Leahy Elder Webster FRATERNITIES LAW . , .. ..,.,,,, .nf --v--L-4-hmwmmm 245 fs.-1-wmkgb V, ,,,,.A,..,..-,-,.-Z-..-sf-..1..-..'.. 1 L, WX -, A., Ego GOPHER 'Bella 713171 'Della Founded at Cleveland Law, 1900 Gamma Chapter, established 1905 ,f....,.........,....w...a.w...a,.m........,. M-,,...,..a.. w,,,.le,,f.. .-,...,-..,,......,., Wa.. FRATRESDN LINIVERSITATE 1915 1913 Claude R. Beddall Harry E. Kjorstad john J. O'Keefe john S. Aslakson Logan R. Rockwell Lyle H. Ostrander Frank T. Gallager 1914 jacob j. Hadler i- james W. Kernan Loy J. Molumby Erling S. Norby Clark D. Shaughnessy 1916 Harry Acton George A. Barnes john F. Brandemeier Earl V. Cliff Arthur D. Gow 1917 Raymond Wilde FRATERN1TlES LAW 246 I ltr 'Qin v fi E x l l 2 2 3 2 l 2 6 i s i 1 5 2 F 2 3 1 ? ,. ls 5 1 5 no-1, ,Q -1- 4 ii l Q lr ll ld fx il l l ll l 1 l lp Ll , ll l, l 5 E V - F rw CL 1 1, K , .Bella Walla Shaughnessy Wilde Norby Cliff Hadler Barnes Molumby Branclemeier Acton Kernan Rockwell Ostrander Aslakson Kjorstad Becldall O'Keefe FRATERNITI ES L A W 247 "iw ,f'X ,,,,,,,e -- .ag t sas- . A 111- WY." 111 3 2 1: 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 M. 1 m X-W-ixx .. , 5 .l. J .. XA 1 NXYNQJ11 a 1 . s-. 1. 5 .2 f -. "x11.".:'1 :51 '1'A NSCA 1125. . A . E662 GCDPHERM - 7 - Alpha .Kappa ,Ubi Founded at Northwestern, 1902 Zeta Chapter, established 1909 gl RQ Y ,'1a1 'i'f . yu. FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE 1915 E 1 1 1 1 v 5 1 E 1 1 3 1 1, 1 . if 1? ii 3 I., 1 1 .,. , 11, . 117' at .4 we Birklartd ij .15 mv-,3 1913 R. Bullls 11 Q., ' 'iiP'gvfifQf C B 3, . ff. M. , ag ogy xv D oss M W. B. Cook E Eaton . If if . 3 ,5 D. C. Edwards F 1 J H agerstmm 1 . 1 l g: K George anson W Larsen 1 -. A .ai C. W. Johnson ' gffif T 12 , , C. Parker 1, ig if: vi i P. H. Melghen C Dwan 11 F. E- Murphy H916 - ' 11 I 127: if ,HQ ' at M. J. Owen 1352. L. Danek - 555.5 1914 H. O. Duke 'fix Wri lii.. . 'Q 9.15 gi H. M. Grnfi-ith Roberts 1 .Wife 5- 1' 5411155523 Paul M. Krebsbach L- Stoner 1. Yi . 71 ' , 111 513211 W. J. Madden 1917 4.4 .11 111511 51. , M R. D. Manahan J. Relter QQ, 5 131 '35 f'?'L'I?'2 19 f-11 Maia if-r.ggi1 1 Pk fs' W! ig ,I ,fk-'rf 75. 11 5,g 3g5g FRATERNI Tl ES 25 Q- L9 fi 248 ?-,g,':. .K .3 . 1,5 J.: fry' 7 f ' ,pr 1 1 3 , .5 ,I in I K lun- .f wsu' 1 1 ff p- Q -lf if 'fgftwwmwrw-Wm A... H' . ff . 7- . " 5 1- Er 1 vi :gf . 41 121 21' ' -1f.?i'1 . .- 2 15 1 . 1 1 ' ' -171.i!5..5l1.i . if-V1 4 J-.:'f 1f'1Q5l5"ZQ l 11.fFif?:f1 1 W 14:4 , .wi-3 . 1 fzfffff- .1 smxxilifi ' 1 ft 'A ' 1 :.J53!X' ' 5113.-fv-fe. -of :gg j 11f'q?pg?qin:L:. :Q '1Em...3.5f...7.i "W 1:33. . . . , .. ..1gjg:,g: 1iigi1..Ui1.1l.1QS2L112j1gE1 hjff'tgi':f,f2ff' - .- 1'-rf, 1 11 -.11 aw' 1 1' -V-. A we ' Vt: 1' Q: 'Nellie' 1 ' 531523: s914a.f.f5""1" 1 9 ""'f"P " it-'iff' . f-'Y:TW'liiiefffzwf-'iwnhifwrIf-MGf22:5?fWir?-Pf':YV 21 p,.xf14.f1. . . .. . . . ,... ,-. . F .f-.1,.,... fp' ,- n .-, Qzvzr we S" 'flaw-env,-.-cv .-Fur. . ' "'f'ff'f+1-.- N, . 'A --4 - Q.. -' vb- -- W1..-..a1e.w '7 'A ' "' ' ,,..,-,-K,-ng::f,.f,H,m,,.:.f-N1d'.e53Q-Q., ,,.,,,,,,,,,N...W.f-,... , , . N.. . .-...-.,.-......,..g.I .-,...jEL:,,f--f-Q...Ja.--ffF:f'.4Tf:.-...f:,af.g-.,.......-r.-1p.4.-Q- A-,vfv:.:.,:.Q.:fw 'FAN'-'f Y W F ' KUW' j LJ v " , , WT, V f Z3 QGQPHER W 'llpba 'Mappa 'Ilbi Birkland Reiter Eaton Larsen Boss Roberts Parker Madden Stoner johnson Bullis Manahan Murphy Krebsbach Cook Danek Grifflth Dwan Meighen Edwards Gwen Hansen Duke FRATERNITIES LAW 249 I 5 . V R. A,,.ws--f1- FRATRES IN FACLILTATE F. F. Wesbrook A. W. Abbott j. W. Bell C. A. Wheaton C. E. Riggs W. A. jones T. Christison j. T. G. Lee C. A. Erdman R. E. Scammon F. A. Scott M. R. Wilcox F. W. Schlutz E. D. Brown H. E. Robertson W. G. Thorne. R. H. Mullin W. P. Larson C. L. Greene A. S. Hamilton j. P. Sedgwick I LJ Z-SEQ GQPHER I Hu Sigma nu Founded at Michigan, 1882 Epsilon Chapter, established, 1891 iiii' I 4frf'ii iir' trri isl.. ..,.. 3 f': if gin? 41.21 LX T "'i 3135 f ' .1 I ff, 1' ,I 99 111 :vk I ' I . G. D. Head john Butler S. M. White j. S. Gilfillan j. E. Hynes E. j. Huenekens A. R. Hall E. L. Baker A. W. Morrison j. E. Nioore A. Gillette F. C. Todd j. F. Corbett A. A. Law W. R. Murray A. T. Mann W. A. Dennis j. T. Rogers H. P. Ritchie E. Burch F. R. Wright A. C. Steachauer E. R. Hare H. Poppe F. F. C. D. Freeman E. Moran j. S. Abbott C. A. Boreen j. C. Litzenberg j. L. Rothrock F. Leavitt F. L. Adair FRATRES IN LINIVERSITATE 1913 George I. Badeaux Richard I. Dorge john A. Evert Wilfred P. Freligh Paul Giessler joseph M. Hall Charles C. Hawke Walter G. Nuessle Kenneth A. Phelps C. M. Robilliard 250 1914 Harold W. Stone George E. Sutton Kenneth Taylor 1915 Edward Ellison Reuben A. johnson Owen King Arthur H. McFarland Louis A. Mitchell Henry Odland Richey L. Waugh 1916 William j. Eklund Lynne A. Fullerton Earl W. Gilroy Carl F. jones Leslie E. Luehrs Kinsl ey Renshaw Paul H. Rowe W. Ray Shannon Lee W. Smith Harris R. Sutton FRATERNITIES MEDICINE fi .' Drum.. E S k fm" ima" , ESQ QQPHER l nu Sigma Ulu H. Sutton Renshaw Fullerton jones Smith Luehrs Eklund McFarland Waugh Ellison Rowe Shannon Gilroy Freligh Nuessle Hawke G. Sutton Stone Taylor King Robilliard Howe Evert Giessler Bacleaux Hall Dorge Phelps FRATERNITIES MEDICINE 251 1l-11+ Sf"Xo l LLLLL RJ Ego GCDPHER :Axlpba 'Mappa Tlfappa FRATRES lN FACLILTATE W. H. Aurand L. B. Baldwin R. O. Beard A. E. Benjamin F. S. Bissell H. W. Bracken L. D. Bristol H. Burns L. J. Cooke P. B. Cook A. R. Colvin W. H. Condit E. S. Geist H. G. lrvine j. H. Morse L. A. Nelson O. Olson O. Owre E. H. Parker W. R. Ramsey C. A. Reed Founded at Dartmouth, l888 Psi Chapter, established 1898 "MICE-TIY2.iI., ' ,fif 5'f"4JT:i:'iv 'H1111221-tr5fsgsfg4mQQg1'eW1'gfa6, QL- l A if "f A "S . 2 C. L. Rodgers W. D. Shelden J. C. Stewart J. W. Stumm A. Sweeney S. E. Sweitzer H. L. Ulrich L. B. Wilson C. B. Wright FRATRES lN UNIVERSITATE 1913 Edward Bratrud Walter D. Brodie Verne S. Cabot Thayer C. Davis Wm. j. Kucera Fred P. Moersch Dan F. Noonan Earle D. Quinnell Chas. F. Snell Arthur A. Wohlrabe Henry W. Woltmann 3 252 ff 'rx ' ' ffa--x - Karr... Laurence L. Craven Louis M. Field Richard O. Leavenworth Hugh R. Reynolds Baldwin Borreson Robert C. Cook Dudley C. Frise Everett E. Green Walter H. Halloran Erling W. Hansen Albert C. Haugen Frank B. Mach Dan L. Mahoney Frank G. Murphy Russell R. Noice Gerald C. Roskilly Harry A. Stock Clayton K. Williams james N. Dunn Harold E. Hullsiek F R A T E R hll'Tl E S AA E D ICI! hlE l l l I I n 4 -J 'Amt ,AAN ..,.a,4.Wq1f Q 2 K b "' W' " . ,,. '-+w- .w.w,-fww,a.- ' , 'lbxlpba Mappa 'Mappa Mach Noice Murphy Williams Halloran Roskilly Borreson Haugen Green Hullsiek Mahoney Reynolds Hansen Stock Frise Leavenworth Field Craven Noonan Woltmann Kucera Brodie Bratrud Moersch Wohlrabe Snell Quinnell Davis Cabot FRATERNITIES MEDICINE 253 , A L, GHQ GCDPHER 'jlbi Beta 'Ili y Founded at University of Pittsburg, 1891 Xi Chapter, established 1905 , . 'N Q .ss fs H-' . E - f iie f it msgy i ifil ig .. ,L V 5 J. ...,- ee,.e,, 1,- gm 1 FRATRES IN FRATRES IN G. Kvitrud FACULTATE UNIVERSITATE O. 1. Sohlberg s. P. Rees 1913 C- A. Traeger E. T. Bell F. M. Babcock K- C- Wold 1915 P. 1. Carman H j. H. B. Bailey P. L. Berger W. F. Finley E S. j. Aspelund E. Hammes E. T. Richards . W. Haynes . B. Clark P. Greaves .1- F- Hamm0l1Cl F. A. Love F. H. Magney P. F. Brown A. P. Sargeant T. Oftedal J. S. Macnie P. W. Wippermann J. W. O'Neill L. O. Dart 1914 R. A. Payne E. R. Hoskins L' P' Bel' H' O' Ruud E' A. B t W. E. Camp 1916 aumgar ner S. Ergh E. L. Armstrong H' Wells A. A. Conley E. W. Boquist H. M. Beegen Z. P. King L. G. Dack F, J, Pratt J. Moses L. j. Roberts D. F. Pennie R. E. Swanson C. F. Morell j. A. Saari FRATERNITIES M E D l C 1 N E 254 ,V W -A WV. .....-. -.Lmmmv-br V if We 1 Ta.,,,.,aJ so Q GQlJHl5:1R Tlbi Bela Tli Boquist Swanson Dack Roberts Magney Conley Greaves Armstrong Clark Oftedal Payne Ca mp Rudd Carman Pennie Bell Engh O'Neill Kvitrud Morell Wold King Traeger Sohlberg Moses Wippermann Babcock Love Berger Saegeant Bailey Hayes Finley FRATERNITIES MEDICINE 255 --a fi 1 1 U 1 1 1 n' XJ swf 'SEQ GOPH ER 'jlbi Uibo Sigma Founded at Northwestern, 1890 Theta Tau, established 1905 5 - 'Q I,,x- X4 - FRATRES 1N UN1 VERS1 TATE 1915 1913 R. M. Rosenwald A. D. Corniea M. Nordland E. J. Engberg S. A. Nesse 1914- F. Willius F. O. Woodward Hugo Hartig joseph McKeon Paul j. Preston Theodore Hammermeister Pederson 1916 R. A. Radabough Leo V. Gates Thomas J. Snodgrass Oscar Klingen Le Roy Goss .1 11 -1 U George Ghostley john Hoskins 4 N. P. Anderson Ben Gallagher 5 1 1 1 1 FRATERNITIES R M E D 1 C 1 N E 256 -..U-Y -Y aaa., mx Tj! 1 r ,-..,-.,..-mm 1' ' H. ..,..,..,f ' -W ' wf.,,,,.-N fnhw'-' , if "Wir ' 5' 1 I f , X, 'N -s - ,ff - x v : I r Tlbi Uibo Sigma Radabaugh Gates Goss Anderson Noreen Haskins Hammermeister Willius lWcKeon Preston Woodward Rosenwald Engberg Nease Nordlancl Corniea FRATERNITIES MEDICINE 257 K2 E65 GOPHER F Tjlbifmella Chi Founded at Michigan 1883 Theta Chapter, established, 1904 1 4, F? FRATRES lN FACLILTATE F. j. Wulling F. K. Butters G. Backman J. A. Handy E. L. Newcomb FRATRES IN LINIVERSITATE 1913 Ralph Barber Harry Beedy Ben Cohen Milnor Davidson Alfred Hoppe james Mee Porter Remington Fred Green Hugh Watson Peter Remple , F 258 ' ' -fn Kg' 1 Clift Young Alfred Erickson Walter Mickleson 1914 Arthur Blomquist Abe Epsteine Eugene Dunham Chas. Wright Rudolph Peterson Lyndale Herchmer Carl Swanson Roy Hill john Dargavel 1915 Wm. Young Alvin Stromsmoe Edward Fitzgerald FRATERNITIES PHARMACY ' 111- 'F -4- F fi --Tzmj, Y W Y-w'm--m- .-,-.,,,,,,-nam.-in-Km-WWW W cf? 9.3 CD P H RH Tl bi 'Della Chi Fitzgerald Cohen Remington Young Watson Mee Barber Davidson Beedy Stromsmoe Young Hoppe Peterson Epstein Mickleson Rempel Green Dargavel Wright Blomquist Herchmer Swanson FRATERNITIES PHARMACY 2 5 9 N ,wramm-E i mv ffm 1 ,, 'ESQ QQPHER I .Bella Sigma 'Della Founded at Michigan, 1882 Theta Chapter, established 1892 i,.i,, ,:.1 ,ii,Li:1. ,e.i.e8 ,V,ee ii, . 8...ii fi,,V ,,.Zi .i,il 2 FRATRES IN FACULTATE Thomas B. Hartzell Henry S. Godfrey Chas. A. Griffith Norman Cox Mark O. Partridge Richard S. Maybury Chas. E. Rudolph Herman A. Maves Amos S. Wells Geo. M. Damon Chas. Wiethoff Ralph W. Countryman Harold j. Leonard Mark L. Norman Geo. Shellman FRATRES IN UNI VERSITATE 1913 Daniel O. Ostergrand Fred W. Blomgren Harold E. Niebels Clement F. Schonlau Francis A. Boylan Harold Fenton Leo P. Moss Alfred j. Knutson Ingrem Benson Harry E. Niurphy Clarence R. Stewart Dennis Hogan Ferdinand Peik 2 60 William H. Mulligan Earl McGonagle Everett MacGibbon 1914 William L. Smith Floyd V. Newell Orrin J. Tagland Earl A. Thompson Elmer j. Sundby Edward R. Hilden Carl Oman Albert L. Bruener Morris Runberg Clarence Turnquist Milton Lundblad Geo. Swanbeck FRATERNITIES DENTISTRY ---at: KJ 6512 GQPHER l .Bella Sigma 'Delta Dr. Godfrey Hilden Lundblad Tagland Bruener Thompson Turnquist Smith Knutson Oman Pike Hogan Mulligan McGonagle Boylan Schonlan Dr. Grifnth Dr. Leonard Dr. Wethall FRATERNITIES DENTISTRY lm Swanbeck Newell Runberg Macflibbon Sundby Benson Ostergren Blomgren Niebels Moos Dr. Countryman Dr. Pattridge Dr. Cox Dr. Maves Dr. Damon Dr. Mayberry Dr. Hartzell 261 Lg- Y , FRATRES lN FACULTATE Dr. W. A. Roll Dr. Wm. M. McDougall Dr. A. A. Pagenkopf Dr. R. O. Greer Dr. F. W. Dunbar C. F. Otto FRATRES IN 1913 T. j. Cassidy F. T. Farley C. L. King E. L. Nelson H. C. Nelson T. L. Millham P. E. Logan A. F. Watzke A. C. Raymond C. F. Otto W. W. Brown K...J Ego GCDPH ER X.i'.flsiT1Jbi Founded at Michigan, l889 Phi Chapter, established l905 ' ksiglfi A ' wwf , 4:d2,,q gf-'A' ' lg ggi, L' 1 w v,,, A h Z ,.,... - 5- H N I . u 5 -..ji 2 --- A -..- '-Lg 1 5 J. M. Little A. H. Mueller C. C. Prosser V. A. Bosquit M. j. Hance M. W. Doyle F. D. Cerveny UNIVERSITATE C' L. Coleman M. M. Vancampen C1. C1. Vancampen H. A. Perlich L. R. Carlson L. R. Sweitzer A. W. Thompson F. W. Hinds E. Williams J. S. Burril R. R. Pollock j. F. Day FRATERNITIES D E N T l S T R Y 262 fi A f' E352 GQPHER l Xi 3351 'Ilbi McDougall Doyle Bosquet Brown Roll Van Campen Perlich Otto Thompson Prosser Farley Coleman Nelson Raymond M. Van Campen Sweitzer Cerveny Carlson Logan Mueller Watzke Cassidy Millham Little King FRATERNITIES DENTISTRY 263 l "-In-r ,.,R iq- 'EHQ GCPH ER :Axlpba Chi Sigma Founded at Wisconsin, 1902 Beta Chapter, established 1904- FRATRES IN FACLILTATE Chas. F. Sidener E. E. Nicholson F. C. Frary W. H. Hunter W. Sternberg Earl Pettijohn F. F. Cxrout L. B. Pease DeForest Hungerford Percy Walker W. H. Frazier R. M. West Ralph Hoagland FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE junius D. Edwards Henry j. Hoffman Guy Parkins Victor Roehrich 1913 Ralph Miller Thos. M. Broderick Adolph H. Nietz Cyril S. Taylor Henry Peterson Victor Yngve M. Gordon Mastin Ralph E. Porter Herbert A. Kern 1914- Cecil W. Doherty Alfred W. Crauger Guilford A. Morse Willis M. Tinkham R. Darwin May Ingvald O. juvrud 1915 Elmer T. Fegan Leslie R. Olsen Lloyd R. Peterson 264 F-E ,I L ' 'rv FRATERNITIES CHEMISTRY ,ff 7 'Rui fm. 'SEQ QQPHER W :Axlpba Chi Sigma Peterson Fegan juvurud May Doherty Olsen Porter Tinkham Morse Mastin Taylor Nietz Miller Yngve Kern Edwards FRATERNITIES CHEMISTRY 265 Q- IN K-5 'GSEQ GQPHER R' Ebeka Eau Founded at Minnesota, l904 Alpha Chapter fi saggy, S K W I Illllll mr ill B ill l ' Ili' '1lLrlll" '- ' 111l1f!ffl:r' .""!"lll llllllm.n,u.Ill llll ,-f i un' ,.T.5..., ....l.5........5..... liaise- 5 ""B1. ws? W eff? ' Ja. g, , 'A 2 A , u ln.- EPL E Gia ..-an swag 5' Q5 ? ? FRATRES lN FACULTATE Otto S. Zelner FRATRES IN LINIVERSITATE 1913 Greely Ladd 1914 R. H. Milne Edward Kopper Ralph L. Goetzenberger Maurice W. Hewitt Walter W. Wentz Wendell P. Chapman Ben j. Curtis H. V. Kruse Howard Eidemiller 1915 F. Rockwood Wm. Ripley Dorr Cx. Kenneth Urquhart Lawrence Dopp Harvard S. Rockwell Walter Coller Thomas H. Granlield Roy O. Dunham l9l6 Stanley H. Haynes Philip L. Johnson Richard E. Lutz 266 nl L FRATERNITIES ENGINEERING 'L r' LJ 1735 Q CCDPH ER Ebela Eau Lutz Kruse Coller johnson Dopp Haynes Rockwell Chapman Dorr Rockwood Eidemiller Curtis Urquhart Wentz Kopper Zel ner Milne Cxoetzenberger Hewitt FRATERNITIES ENGINEERING 267 ' ri f IN af' ff 1 E VAML4 Mo, , .,,-..-- f-'- f f- 'Q-N1my'Sf"""'w "'-V . -X----- W.. Q W WWMMLZLWK Wi, I 'SEQ 601211118 1 Sigma 53. o u Founded, 1888 2 11 1 1 1. Established, 1910 1 L? 1 e 1 1 3 h 1 Fl ,. Q W ,1 1 1 1? 1 1 3 1 F 5 " 51 ' I1 1 1 1 1 1 I 1 .rf 1, 1 1 1 '. . ll ur! lj ' " QQ I V1 .-..,-5. - gk., " 1 W 51A .1 FRATRES lN UNIVERSITATE Oscar Lee 1 11. 1913 Malcolm W. Clark I1 ,.1,,g ,i f 1 7 - 1 11.411 W. Victor Butler ' ,,,., TL X ru, Y - , ,n ' 1. 1 . Leo J- Coady HMWTH' Nord J 1 mi x! Robert H. Ely Leon . Collms A, g' Q.2Q-ff Norman H. Ofsthun 1915 - U 1 Charles A. Walker ' -1? " Q Roy H. McHardy Q, ff . -eg . in ,l1' , 1 1 . . f 5 .1-. 13 1 1914 Aroma J. Mcnemmd j E il AH, d C B John Hicks i a sa gc' 1 , ' . . ,.,- JEL E311 L re G Rlerman Regmald F1eld 8 288. if ', 1 ' ' . 1:5113 Us ouls ' avlcz George J. Ell1s 111 v. ,5g 8. il 11? -"W ' 3-1 1:5 4 1915 Samuel C. Johnson 381375 8 .iM5 :11 ,e5,grL,gnif, 5, - kau km .sg fy Ga- :ff vw 1 aff 1917 1 f".f:. -f i3Q5,EiQ E Fred C. johnson -gigaii 55 mg 855 V' rm, I 1 ,. Tfr tgf grfgggq Charles D. Kerr Edward j. Fearmg 1 8? 135' 1? - 1 as g LJ E MP1 ,E 11. 11 w:1 5"fSTIf W .11 18" 5-1 ,ga FRATERNITI ES 1 2? . 2 ,Aj xml q , 1--'fix' 1 8,5 fg. 14.1 ENGI NEER1 NG MP gi" f- 'L E22 ' 32511 3' 1 268 'a 11 li-,213 ' ' - wh 2- 143' K1 'QF 1 WCM' ' ' 'K'-Q -f1: -bW.,,.,,zm F C 0 1 V. a .,,, f ' ,Q ,Q 1" . , 8 , .-.. 1 - , fin-.fafe:":' P11 11 .vi 1. .iffff i al..L4.ff..i ' I . I 1 8 , , " ,-' ge' . -8 ,f A .I ' 1 3 ' S -1 8- 11 1115" IJ cz 22+ "fi .7 :af-8 .fi A af? . 1Wf:f swf' 1 W1 11 , 2 .1 258365 Efnq . f ,. .5541 .ag-I-N. gl N 3 iq M my X-,1 If 3 115, 3 V33 ' gmikrzrfizr +V. 11 1 .8-H9 in 411 5121 1 . +814 ',, gl'41.-'ggffii331L..14. 1 . .. H , , I F114 iff? 5 1 Q W -1 f aaaw-f?'if1 . ., ' 1 Effvs2'f8fni.1.f4ii3f .MQW 1 Q4':5,,3. mWiG3ak,,1 mba -'f:1:T1u.-game, A, xp? . . ,H - X - k .A A 1 Jfifrhif 5 L8 f ' '-- , - ,af-11 4-4-A--aw..-. ,iff K . ..,v-.4 8, - dar... --A-" ,N M -.Af -. ,,94"'5'ff,,,,-y-5' K yv,c,,,.,,..,-Z-"i""',1,,gm,-.,'.,.,,......vff-...- - H ..,..A..,...Q.N-,....,L,,-,,f,.,.,.,.. 14:11,-jj",Z ,w:xV,.,5,4g1ff." .:.8y-f-'?Qa:4s,::,1' 5.a-.-.1-Q-QYWYH V'cf.:.:.:.,4.w41S1'o1.fsff,-1Xx2e:1v1?fA18-"'8-gjgfffu .-.W ca. -gm.. t ,t,.-T . ,. 1M1Q7fi'Vif"1', .Q-1f::S.'fN'-fzviiww-Niff- A,,:j,..-.4.-w4.ggs1--wf-1'-'-".f,",,f"',,4,,,,,,,.,,,.,,,.,. - Y ., .f f...-... .-,--..f. --,,,1,,.n , i 'QQ 25365 GQPHER l Sigma 53170 Mcl'lardy johnson McDermid Hicks Fearing Field Ellis Kerr Lee Clark Butler Nord Coady Bierman Ely Ofsthun Ravicz FRATERNITIES ENGINEERING 269 --iw , x .uf i-:r --W A A 'Ergo GCDPH ER 'Alpha Tlfappa Sigma FRATRES IN FACLILTATE W. E. Brooke A. S. Cutler J. V. Martenis J. I. Parcel F. G. Shenehon FRATRES IN UNI VERS1 TATE S. C. Shipley F. W. Springer W. T. Ryan 1913 C. F. Benham E. L. Haberle R. Herrmann C. D. Hovden R. D. Jorgens R. J. Kapphahn F. V. King H. S. Morton C. A. Pardee R. A. Pease L. S. Ryan W. A. South M. E. Souther H. S. Swenson I. E. Torgerson C. W. White 1914- E. W. Bolmgren H. V. Burnett W. R. Everett W. E. Koepke A. Montgomery D. W. Webster 1915 W. C. Brenchley J. C. DeBooy J. C. Hustad G. R. Jones L. M. Mitchell L. E. Ott L. T. Quarve T. O. Quigley FRATERNITIES ENGINEERING L-j , 'ESQ GDI-JH ER E l Tfxlpba 'Mappa Sigma Koepke Mitchell Pardee Bolmgren Bolmgren jorgens Burnett Quarve Brenchley DeBooy Souther Hustad Quigley Ott Haberle Montgomery South King Benliam Herrmann Ryan Torgerson Webster White Kapphahn Hovden Swenson FRATERNITIES ENGINEERING 271 1 I john H. Parker FRATRES IN FACULTATE A. F. Woods H. R. Smith C. P. Bull Andrew Boss E. M. Freeman T. L. Haecker A. D. Wilson E. G. Cheyney john T. Stewart E. W. Major A. C. Arny G. j. Baker W. H. Kenety Le Roy Cady W. F. Hagerman F. W. Peck LJ A ZCQSHQ GOPH ER Hlpbo. Zeta Founded at Ohio State, 1897 La Grange Chapter, established 1905 T. G. Paterson M. Dorsey A. R. Kohler R. M. Washburn F RATRES IN UNI VERSITATE Post Graduate Members john Stevenson Arne Tolaas F. A. Corneia Grover Conzet Kenneth Warner 1913 Harry Nuffer Guy Fitzpatrick W. D. Valleau Alfred Merrill 1914- S. H. Thompson S. B. Cleland A. j. Lashbrook A. B. McDonald Franc Daniels Ray P. Speer j. P. Voak L. S. Robertson james Curran Felix Schneiderhan S. A. Graham Frank Piemeisel W. J. Bryan E. C. Rogers R. C. Dahlberg FRATERNITIES AGRICULTURE 272 I-1 are . Efycg CQl HER J X :Nlpba Zeta Daniels Corniea Conzet Warner Stevenson Tolaas Graham Piemeisel Robertson Voak McDonald Lashbrook Curran Bryan Merrill Valleau Dahlberg Rogers Fitzpatrick Cleland Speer Parker Thompson Schneiderhan Nuffer FRATERNITIES AGRICULTURE 273 J L 'limi Harry D. Kitson QQ F3561 GCDPHER Tflbi 'Bella Tlfappa Founded at University of Indiana, 1910 Minnesota Chapter, established 1910 ,Q 41 ,am 'IDVQ 511.95 'X ' W I. kia! 212 tai . -l FRATRES IN FACLILTATE Austin S. Edwards George F. james james B. Miner Samuel Quigley Albert W. Rankin Fletcher H. Swift FRATRES IN LINIVERSITATE Post Graduate Andrew V. Lein Sophus B. Nissen Hartie E. Zabel 274 1913 Olaf B. Anderson George M. Baker Stacy A. Bowing john P. Griep Paul j. Hardt Harold R. Peterson Henry F. Schulte Wm. M. Steinke Carl j. Storlie 1914 Karl j. Holzinger Arthur W. johnson Ilnclassed Terence W. Gilbert FRATERNITIES EDUCATION fi xy Q 173563 GQPH ER '13 bi 'flklta 'Mappa Anderson Nissen Hardt Lein Zabel Griep Bowing Kitson Baker johnson Graves Schulte Swift Rankin Edwards Peterson Quigley Stei nke FRATERNITIES EDUCATION 275 -.E , Jn 1 "F fl T 'SEQ EJHER h, 'East is 'fast 'ano West is west, ano never the twain shall meet, l 'Gil earth ano sky stano presently at 6oo's great juogment seat: But there's neither 'fast nor West, Yaoroer nor Yareeo, nor Birth, when two strong men stano face to face, though they come from the enos of the earth." l I I 276 rx 'art N-.........,., , f J N, 'Gifm CSQI HER F7'H"H" ', 11,, WIN D , , ,,H.,, ,, ,wwww 1, 'MV 'Q-Q-..-A-.4 ......, .., ,k,m4,L-ML 4' ...W 3 Nc-'Yg,,,. .,.--v""""'M-'K ,,,,...--- EEQ CCDPH ER Tlfappo. Tlffappa Gamma Founded at Monmouth, 1870 Chi Chapter, established 1880 SORORES lN UNI VERSITATE 1915 Post Graduate Mildred McEnary Dorothy Shearer Helen Day . . . . . i913 Virginia Higgins Corinne Bliss Margaret Cxreer Esther Davis Louise Clemens Mary Crissman 1914 Marjorie Atwood Elsie Turner Edith Nootnagel Dorothy Davis Florence Robinson Eleanor Shenehon Helen Drew Marion Moorhead Lillian Seyfried 1916 Margaret Anderson Mae Sutherland Ruth Stephenson Charlotte Chatiield Carolyn Beach Eloise Webster Margaret Rockwell Dorothy Zeuch Elizabeth Tryon Nell Moody Mary Edwards Florence Allen Ethel McKown -- SORORITIES ACADEMIC 278 i . g ,Y M M VT- Y Sl 5 ' fain, ., , GQQQQPHER l 'Mappa Tlfappa Gamma Allahu Anderson Webster Edwards Stephenson Beach Sutherland Tryon McKown Zeuch Allen Higgins Rockwell Seyfried Shearer Chatlield Moody Moorhead Shenehon Tanner Nootnagel Drew McEnary Atwood D. Davis E. Davis Clemens Robinson Bliss Cxreer Day Crissman SORORITIES ACADEMIC 279 1.5 11' 'SEQ CQPH ER if Della Gamma Founded at Mississippi, 1872 Lambda Chapter, established 1882 SORORES IN UNIVERSITATE 1913 Dorothy Plant Louise Gilman Helen Harrison Dorothy Brown Gertrude Tennant Myrna Pressnell Rose Andrews Mary King Marion Prest Ullii'STrehlow 1914- Leah Capps Gladys Harrison Grace Conners Marion Phipps 1915 Ruth jessmore Lucile Newcomb Florence Wells jean Plant julie Plant lrene Eddy Barbara Healey Maud Matteson 1916 Marjorie Sutton Marion Armatage Adelaide Conners Katherine Wadsworth Donna Davis Lois Robinson 280 'X SORORITIES ACADEMIC - f' Eifie QQPHER l 'Delta Gamma j.Plant Sutton Armatage A. Conners Matteson Healey Wadsworth Davis Eddy j,Plant Wells Strehlow Newcomb jessmore G.Conners G. Harrison Capps Phipps Prest King Andrews D. Plant Gilman Tennant H.Harrison Presnell 1 i SORORITIES ACADEMIC 281 -, St 1 fiat " rx, im, "-f ffisixx dl 1 'rf ' . -A gc L9-S. 1 Mtgwsmi w..y FXR , 2 M 1 ,Q -' f uw. 1 1--mx X4 fl' S . ,wi A A 9-wgm 2 ,....,gt2n Mx r X f r f, iff 3 i?' er 3 , 5 2' 1 -In-F A A '- ESQ Q01-DHER ' 1 'Mappa :Axlpba Ebela Founded at De Pauw University, 1870 Psi Chapter, established 1890 SORORES IN LINIVERSI TATE Post Graduate Ruth Magnuson Marian Smith Mary Anderson 1913 Marjorie Child Mary Fraser Luella Bussey Margaret Dellinger Charlotte Stockwell Jessie Donaldson Kate Martin Ruth Martin Muriel Harsha Marian Rickard Doris Brown Marian Miller 1914 Marjorie Mix Catharine Leland Florence Swanson Ruth Knowlton Helen Knowlton Marguerite Turner Adrienne Warner Geneva Blodgett Ruth McDonald 282 1915 Muriel Thayer Katherine Bright Laura Merrill Ruth Hobbs Blanche Dailey Catherine Hall 1916 Ruth Dale Margaret Dill Maude Briggs Elizabeth Loomis Marian Broadwater SORORITIES ACADEMIC 1 g. 2? ? i 1 1 s 2 '5 S s 5 1 1 1- . 7 1 5 1 5 S A My ,rw E. , fur A Q gtfggrl-"' .141 A .1 ' 1 5. ,, .A ,, xl ,A N., WQM tisrgsg 1 ,.. . . Q f 5 +533 15291, t 6.51 42: 'fl Fin 5 api? Q, '- r 41351 a-. 'f.1'L:fi If :,.,g,f '-- ,1 ' i' 1 E , a , , kilgkii F6563 CQlJl'll:.R Mappa Tfxlpba Ebeta Briggs Dill Dailey Turner R. Knowlton Bright Thayer Loomis Magnuson Smith Dale Warner Hall Swanson Miller Blodgett Hobbs Merrill Brown Rickard R. Martin Leland H. Knowlton Mix McDonald Donaldson Bussy Stockwell K. Martin Fraser Child Dellinger Harsha SORORITIES ACADEMIC 283 ,I l lg QQ GHQ GQPHER 1 'Di Beta 'fflbi Founded at Monmouth, 1867 Minnesota Alpha Chapter, established 1890 x l 1 1 SORORES lN 1913 Martica Byrnes Mildred Loomis Lucile Miller 1914 lsabel Cramer Bess Kesson Stella Kesson Viola Beebe Gertrude Preston Esther Shol lsalinda Miller 1915 Sybil Bates Lillian McLaughlin Nellie Churchill Margaret Barnard UNI VERSITATE 284 fi E l Gladys Lenning Helen Barker Margery Williams Verna Smith Ethel Harwood Florence Bernhardt Helen Andersen Alice Lewis Mildred Nicholson 1916 Alice Harwood Virginia Schutt Genevive Bernhardt Lucy How Olive Keller Ruth Davis Maurine Conway lsabel McLaughlin Alice Walker SORORITIES ACADEMIC 'SEQ GQPHER ll i 'jJ155QtajJbi l. McLaughlin Conway G. Bernhardt A. Harwood Davis Keller Nicholson Walker Schutt Preston E. Harwood Bates Barnard L. McLaughlin Smith Lewis Shol S. Kesson Williams Barker Lenning Anderson I. Miller Cramer B. Kesson Loomis F. Bernhardt Byrnes L. Miller Beebe SORORITIES ACADEMIC 285 i ,.-.,, ? 1 1 4,-ff" 7,7 , If ,r ! K LL 1 W "' " 'i1"""'V1 g""""" w...,gQQ,, if A ku f EQ s 1 C73 JH ER 1 ..-P ,... A -'fx' A 2 ,-r Y i 3 ,Alpha ,fl bl l l Y Founded at Syracuse University, l87Z L.-hff,'f"'w:" n Epsilon Chapter, established 1890 W 4 5, l wal 1 l M, ,yf-'J' . V' it ll , l li il af' l I Q it 11 l- ,, A , G l .5 -'isp ' 1 ' gt awk Xl fa V I SORORES IN LINIVERSITATE G d P dl n I " ' 1:5 ft, in ertru e rin e 1? 5 Post Graduate Mary Gaston 'J '- 1 'W RQ- Q ' il Grace Gannsle , 1915 14 If Louise Wyman Elizabeth Johnston E -gr? -' EEMKX Olive Lewis I, 1913 Florence Salzer 1 I Alice Leonard Helen Dunn V josetahine Schaller Gladys Segog EMM i n 1 Marlon Schaller Fanny Scngbsby n A Laura Farnam Dixie lngel-S011 1 singly Mm' B' Sindaif l9l6 '.. 'gi 1914 Henrietta Prindle Y- lr fn ,1' ,fff V ,, 57, ,- L .1 iii - ' Q .2 if ' 'I ' ' .',, .Q it :il u f it ,, lr Esll lilf 22531 ' Sri' 3: li' ' ' if ik- !.,gm,:1Lll f mr 2:31 X er r' J' , 'ff-A in -5 in his .' v ,. rv, '. ,' .nii lift - , -a.: - 1 .V , :mpg stus t "1W'FF4"vv i . 1 s , ,. , 3.1, .M . ,. v 2 ,vi 44' li , , itat, la -maxi, , ,Q , - , M,...,,..f.-..-.1...cs.n--aw...-,...,,,w C, ,W-f A.,,......a. Marion Conner Alma Strand Marie Johnston Mary Child Alice Washburn , . at .51 286 --1..fw"' U..-AA, f 5, 1, 0- -,A-YT, 1 ,- K ,..- I Mae Moody Marvyl Fuller Alice johnson Genette DeMille Anna Gannsle 1 SORORITIES 1115 ACADEMIC Q as 1 i R, r ?qJf3f.z' 52' 3.57, . M, , . 4 . 1 4 if L 'NY ,gil 1 4 nig- .A F ,L 5.4 riff' 5 SFF' ir i 391-is , 9:67.73 1 : 1-. A A gr'-ff A ' J , 3..g ,i ,Aw .. ,yf 'uvamfx A t '4 im " f 4 Gl,'.5 1 Q-31 'H' 'T 'l M U5 A A- f .., 5 if- ' f L lililiffi 13.13" T' X ,N uf: Q-f f:,.t:'g,, WL , r , HHH M. ,V .. 'nv- jf:,w . '- 4' ' -fi! - 7-13 ' , Lf , ,LM , -at--f11lu'w'i-:if lv '- - .w ' I if passe? v as - A f J. A A V Q., ,.., F MMV-,elf 1 , ., '49, .- '-?1g?f?gff'f5':-WlA1'?fi2f-wQ- - ' -' Fifi-servmf-,1,'.L5ar',, -if-vm., ,jr "wi 1 "0 A 7. fxfffrtf,-i . f-' f .jzfgt-m - 1 ,..Q.. 1--fr , V ' ' A ' ::-Q-ff?.5:J,,,gnf-ff"g'2,':,,.,fiQ,-,4,,,'Q,Zf..f.-. ' . -V-.,-..,-...-,,,cf., .. . . fjhnyl- -Q .51 ,f,.-if-,431-.JfI,f'f2,h4'T4 af' '12-wc' +-0--f nr " - '- -,f-Q.,-.a.-wf'+'M'iLfj'r.f35g --'N -W ' ' sf f 'NAM 4. ' n ' , .avi Q , L..-1 --W K ,g.,a.:--,'z,--was-f'aS4'3-f.t ' ' ' - JFW'-4'f"LJ..1.-:-fQ:::s:c-:-fpf-avff-'--- . i EHQ CCDPHER fA.lpba 'ffl bi PZSEM' 1. l H. Prindle Moody Fuller Washburn lngersoll DeMille johnson Wyman Child Salzer Lewis Dunn Strand Segog Schibsby Conner E. Johnston Cx. Prindle Farnam Ll. Schaller Leonard Sinclair M. Schaller M. Johnston S O R O R l 'I' l E S A C A D E M l C 287 on S S 'W SFX i V5 C Cfifffe GCDPH ER 'Delta Walla Qllklla Founded at Boston University, 1888 Theta Chapter, established 1894 SORORES 1N Post Graduate Francis Hicks 1913 Florence Ramsey Louise McGowan May Clifford Nell Melcher Doris Curtis 1914 Irene Kranz Sadie Boyson + UNIVERSITATE 1915 Ethelwynn Phelps Ruth Young Anne Spies Edna Edwards Dorothy Randall Maybelle Archambo Doris Babcock Beatrice Gileson Hazel Sanders Florence Hulett 1916 Ruth McCulloch Else Claussen Clara Claussen SORORITIES ACADEMIC 288 . Y- lg E.-3, kj EHQ G01-DHER l 'Della .Bella .Della McCulloch Hicks C. Claussen E. Claussen Archambo Young Gibson Randall Sanders Edwards Babcock Phelps Spies Hulett Ramsey Clifford Boyson Kranz McGowan Curtis S 0 R O R l T l E S A C A D E M l C Q 289 5 CC I1 1 1 .5 'Ci QGQPHER 1 6ammo.'jJl7i Beta Founded at Syracuse, 1874 Kappa Chapter, established 1902 SORORES 1N LINIVERSITATE Post Graduates Katherine Whitney Marion Slater 1913 june Ames Dorothy Bell Marion Brown Constance Davis Margaret Nachtrieb Eunice McGilvra Mary Rhodes 1914 Cora Ennis Gertrude Moore 290 jessie Phillips Katherine Sullivan 1915 Lucile Babcock Helen Crane Gertrude Hagy Dalie Lindsay Louise McGilvra Enid Wilcox 1916 Audrey Borden jean Borden Ruth Ames Helen Chalmers Ruth Eaton jean McGilvra Dorothy jones Ethel Robinson SORORITIES ACADEMIC fs- --f fx K..J ESQ QQPHER l Gamma Bela A it A I K? Q Eaton j. McGilvra J. Borden Welch jones A. Borden R. Ames L. McGilvra Lindsay Wilcox Robinson Crane Hagy Ennes Babcock Chalmers Moore Rhodes Davis j.Ames E. McGilvra Bell Nachtrieb Sullivan SORORITIES ACADEMIC 'I' 291 ,X LJ ESQ cor-WR 1 'Alpha Xi 'Delta Founded at Lombard College, 1893 13 5+ 4' 'ii Mu Chapter, established 1907 5 E SCRORES IN LINIVERSITATE Mildred Lasley 1913 Grace Gilbert Edith Dampier Grace Donohue 1914 Florence Donohue Elsie Hankey Elma Eastman Alta Potrsi 1915 Madge Ford jean Nichols Rachel Kilgore J fi Elinor Christensen lolean Christensen Ruth Brennan 1916 Kathryn Spink Marguerite Elken lrene Castner Mildred Kimball Emily Morris Marion Thomas Florence Tharalson Myra Seevers Estelle Broberg SORORITIES ACADEMIC li- K-5 ESQ QQPHER l 'Alpha Xi Tibella E. Christenson Elken Broberg Thomas Spink Nichols Castner Morris Kimball Seevers Ford Eastman Thoralson l.Christenson Dampier Brennan Donahue Hankey F. Donahue Gilbert Lasley Kilgore SORORITIES ACADEMIC 293 i 'oi for fx I Ego GCD1-,HER 'Alpha Gamma 'Delta Founded at Syracuse University, 1904 Delta Chapter, established 1908 SORORES IN UNI VERSITATE Post Graduate Ann Smart 1 91 3 Marion Allison Elda Bishop Ethel Linnell Winifred Tunell Evelyn Camp Guynor McConnell Irma Flinn Catherine Payne Lucinda Heading 1914 Lola Brodkorb Marguerite Allison Mildred Borom Hester Camp Hale Crilly Clare Criswell 294 fi Effie Heighstedt Clotilda Paulson Ethel Smith 1915 Regina Bowe Winifred Evans Mildred Horn Minerva Morse jessie Reed Catherine Richard Ruth Simerman 1916 Anne Forester Edna Hanson Marjory Mills Gladys Reker Marguerite Stout Helen Williams Alice Willoughby Gladys Linnell Evelyn Dennison SORORITIES ACADEMIC S LJ i f' 'CSHQ QQPHER li 'Alpha Gamma 'Bella A 3 L .a.-A, .r Dennison Morse H. Camp Willoughby Forster G. Linnell Richter Stout Williams Reed Bowe Eggen Allison Horn Heighstedt Paulson Crilly Borom E. Camp Payne Smith Bishop E. Linnell Smart Tunell SORORITIES ACADEMIC 295 .fi 'LJ 'SEQ GCDPHER 'lsxlpba Omicron T131 Founded at Columbia University, 1897 Tau Chapter, established 1912 ALLIMNAE Beatrice Northey Carol Brown Laura Hartman Antonia Marquis Myrl Wheeler lrene Buckley Alice Staples-Robbins -. 1' 2-N .7 i L . - . ,, W - v- - f ' an K - fig 77- cis J , 531312: , SORORES IN UNI VERSI TATE V Post Graduate Bertha M. Brechet 1913 Mellie Quayle Stedy Swanson Ruth Bulen Gertrude Swanson I5 296 Ruth Paine 1914 Elizabeth Raymond Cassie Spencer Zora Robinson Lillian Cxlessner Martha Wolff Marie Stoner Leota Kirlin 1915 Edith Croldsworthy Margaret Scott Cecile Moriarity 1916 Ruth Buckley SORORITIES ACADEMIC as as K..J S+ S... -S ESQ GQPHER 'l 'Alpha Cmicron Tfli Buckley Goldsworthy Scott Moriarity Raymond Spencer Robinson Quayle S. Swanson Bulen G. Swanson Glessner Northey Hartman Brechet Paine Marquis Wheeler Wolff SORORITIES ACADEMIC 297 a kj , 'CSEQ GQlJHliFx T1Jl7i Mpsilon Cmicron SORORES IN FACLILTATE I9 Miss Bessie Bemis Mrs. Margrete Blair Mrs. Fannie Boutelle Miss Juanita Sheppard Miss Mary Bull Miss May McDonald Miss Gretta Smith SORORES IN l9l3 Rhoda Lewis Ella May Snell Martha Keller Ethel Rogers janet Duncan Minne Allison jean Miner Rena Sherwin Frances Ford T -Ji' Alice Hillman Agnes Webster Merdy Maxwell Elizabeth West lmadee Fraiken Beryl e Brown LINI VERSITATE Leola Cunningham 1915 Inez Foster Susan Hough june Howard Elizabeth Noogle ' Helen Glotfelter Angeline Keenan 298 fi SORORITIES ACADEMIC LQ 'ESQ GQPHER l Tlbi Kpsilon Omicron Foster Maxwell Sherwin Rogers Hough Cunningham Glotfelter Webster Noggle Keenan Keller Howard Frai ken West Allison Hilman Duncan Lewis Snell Muir SORORITIES HOME ECONOMICS 299 we IX EL...J ESQ QQPHER I 'llpba 'Epsilon Tlola Founded at Michigan, 1890 Epsilon Chapter, established 1901 0223 , Y I ,,,3, I A Coffin Sjolas Pearsall Hansen Hermansen Warwick Nye SORORES IN LINIVERSITATE 1914 Hermine Hermansen 1913 Katherine Nye Phebe Pearsall 1916 Amby Sjolas Le1a Coffin Margaret Warwick Olga Hansen SORORITIES ' 300 MEDICINE - Mm a LJ Zff35QGCDPH ER HO ORARY v 1 Q j x t TTIlf,l ij M v wwy! WQ'X7H l iVi355 H :WltM W ' wfff W? ' !mf'+,A" wf J W ' V WiN WW W3 N A . W 'HW2 f55f +v W WW Y lx in xiii HU' N I I W I! HV XML 1f, N Wxivlxs 'SIM v 'W ' T ' W N1 MW l WQMNKIW YW f'W'NfWffffJ'H ' ,li ,Ny ' gf' xxfifk wi 'M M!! R N H Mm f NV wr X 'ZW IWM RWXI-fw'il21 YYi 'W ML M W Wil .M ' iii l Y7M W T 5p 7mI m W -'MQ .m l w -1 f ' , 1 Q If ew w if ffm X X! if M MW ' f ,' M im WMw QW Rf x 1 WW n4Ww4 H M , M W ' 3' K FRATERNITIISS lj ESQ GOPHER 'Il bi Bela Tlfappa Founded at William and Mary College 1776 Minnesota Alpha Established 1892 OFFICERS FOR 1912-13 President, William S. Davis First Vice-President, joseph M. Thomas Second Vice-President, joseph M. Beach Treasurer, james T. Gerould Secretary, james Burt Miner Members elected from the Class of l9l2 Earle Conklin Bailie Augusta Bjeldanes Homer W. Borst Alice Branham Bertha Marie Brechet Lydia B. Christ Grace Orpha Davis Marie B. Denneen George H. Gamble ,J Ruth jessup Gratia Rosalia Kjerland Alan j. McBean Solveig Magdalene Magelssen Guy C. Menefee Marie Christ Nehls jean Russell Louise M. Sumner Theodore Utne Percival W. Viesselman Effie M. Wicklund Tillie Will HONORARY ACADEMIC 302 I fi 1' 2 r 1 1 ,f' 4 I i 61522 GCDPH ER , l 3 Sigma Xi Minnesota Chapter, established l895 f 3 Q President, Prof. John B. Johnston A E if Vice-President, Prof. John T. Stewart f 3 ll Recording Secretary, Prof. Francis A C. Frary ' if 4, Corresponding Secretary, Prof. David il 1 F. Swenson 4 1 Treasurer, Prof. Anthony L. Under- e l A hill 3,1-"T rig' Qi Member of Council, Dean Henry T. ,sffy Eddy , .0 zz? Members elected in l9l2: LQUQQQ'-my .-3'-EI, vrf' F Basil Benzin s,1X,,, Paul H. M. P. Brinton 5 tm 2' 5535"-g:,51'1. film Ruth E. Hermann 5,1 Julius V. Hoffman J gk ifl Einer johnson E' W. H. Kenety A J A A. R. Kohler YQ- 3 . 511.53 Earl Pettijohn 55? 7- 3 .5 334 Mark J. Thompson J 4.:. 31 , A. Cr. Tolaas P ,LQ f E 'Me' vi' -gf- Q wtf rf fit? p, E l 3 E 'F 3 5 Q Q .-.-vu... .26 Ric xg' tri M nl? 5: in s gi iii as iff if ig' iss? ggzg it r iz' w f t HONORARY SCIENCE 1 , V R f.:"f3""Wmf' 1 ac.. ,-,5 N. i 44, -A . , s,.......-,. ..... .,- ....... ta , , ,7 z 1 V , , if I ,,. til-g",jff QI, "Lint,- lr if .4 rut... , ll- '?"f5 21243: , c 4,5.g4vavj"Q21QL.g1Zf1f?F9e'f'H- -5-'-LM:-n,,.r+ . ,, C rff"""":.,,,"V"w... 11 ,V .1 Y -Qfu' " ....f.,.v.- .aug 'K--rw-'U'-"' ., -.M -H. mu. .f-'f-VM ., .J .fu ,.g .fcuxsr-M'--"N--'A"'i 303 V - ....f,-of -nm. ' ' wr. s f-fi? A 4' is A " E ' ' ' ' . .,: , . e...-"gm 1 V ., Q," , .,,,.U .. ,.n,,.. Y . ., A A , 'T . apic: Ks: ' 5 :-'14?f1':2?" '-" if N ' ' f,.,-1 .- M, .,- .V :wr S A 5 .- ,,. " '-Skye. u hw WWWWAM . r 7. . if? ww A ra ff fx us' Blix! ,Mig J fs 1 x 57' et, JS if r 4 -1' , Syd? lite., .J , 5 3, af I sk , ff P F,-of 1' v fa ffm X Ki! P' . . , t , ,. ,. . 7 r. A J A' V K. ng A 4 -' TIC 3l7"'3?.. A V f' . .ar-if-.f' I jf' gi , ' 5 -W-af-N .' N " fi- :317:f1 Z ?Q,v','," wi, tffxg. . - -. , .- . Y. .- -F555 - avfii ' - Q'FSf"., .J 3, , ff , ' , ui--I ff . A A' Q 'gee E- ' 'f T , Hz-. -1-gi f ff If .327 A H . if -A1 1 sei 4 h.-j: - z V A ii, 1 ,-, ' - -f fda' 'Q --f if f an an , '-f + wr- .12 l-f fl 57 L25 .4 ,v ,J Af f ,f ' P ' ' Fil: if 3 ' 9 lzrxsi -s-.f .f 4 A --4" A " r :" ,Bi L-, ' J , xi A 1 g . III. ': ' I V leg L M Awilll -Yr T 1 . ,nfl v .. .r . :ix . 4 jx g,Q 2' 'Q' J -5 ' 'f 45.33 Q lil ' ' 'f W f. . , . wif ff 91:44 lf v i f fx' F' K A .J , .,.. Y. .-0.5: ,far-fuk-:.V .- . - '-,- ,,,g+x -..- .fc A- -fxf.. , J, '-cvfwifl..-of ' " . .. - - Y-A --.nm .-M --.. , . ,,,.-ruff..--14. .,...,g for N.-. -. -'A , ,,,,.,-c..f,.vnA-. 1 "r ' .V .4-.ww-.f4f::3'1:'2'25-"5"i4f59ffT"" KF? FLJ 6169, CQPH ER 'Bella Sigma ffibo Founded at Minnesota, 1906 Gillam Burgstahler Pomeroy Anderson Stenerson Hodson Houck Ziesemer Gislason Morse FRATRES IN FACLILTATE Olaf B. Anderson H' B' Gislason Gregory E. Bauers XV. M. Al erome Stanley S. Gillam William W. Hodson Frank E. Morse Matthias N. Olson Donald L. Pomeroy Homer Borst Vernon E. Stenerson Edgar F. Zelle Raymond Ziesemer j. B. Miner QHVICCYSI President, Raymond Ziesemer Vice-President, Donald L. Pomeroy Secretary-Treasurer, Frank E. Morse National Secretary, Stanley B. Houck 304 FRATRES IN LINIVERSITATE Herbert j. Burgstahler HONORARY DEBATE ,. WT!" 'k.J ESQ GQPHER I mu 'Ilbi Walla Founded at Minnesota, l908 Webster McNally Ellison Babcock Wilkes Philips Harwood Leonard Maland Anderson Scott Gullickson Van Duzee Bibb Scott Lewis jackson Langtry MEMBERS IN FACULTY Carlyle Scott james Davies B. L. Newkirk GRADUATES Grace Davies Vern Scott Magdeline Holter Lillian Nippert Eugene Bibb Mildred Langtry Florence Lewis Ruth jackson Agnes Kinnard Louise Newkirk Margaret Menzel Maurice Salisbury Gertrude Hull Evelyn Harwood Edgar Allen Mildred Ozias Paul Currie Magdeline Maland 305 J L Nippert MEMBERS IN UNIVERSITY Edward Anderson Lucille Babcock Ripley Dorr Ethel Harwood Alice Leonard Miles McNally Harold Van Duzee Roswell Wilkes jessie Phillips Edward Ellison Russell Webster Glenn Gullickson HONORARY MUSIC LJ Ego GCDPHEB Eau Beta 'Ili Founded at Lehigh, 1885 Minnesota Alpha Chapter, established, l909 Peterson Benham Nissen Mikesh Towle Bailey Haberle Merriell Morton Brewster Mathes Herrmann Priester Cutler McCarty Crane FRATRES IN FACULTATE William R. Appleby, Dean of the School of Mines Francis C. Shenehon, Dean of the College of Engineering Professor William E. Brooke Professor Peter Christianson Assistant Professor Alvin S. Cutler Assistant Professor Henry A. Erickson Professor john J. Flather Professor William H. Kavanaugh Professor Edward P. McCarty Assistant Professor William T. Ryan Professor George D. Shepardson Professor Frank W. Springer Mr. jenness B. Frear Mr. Merton S. Kingston Mr. Franklin R. McMillan 6 Mr. Wallace H. Martin Mr. George C. Priester FRATRES IN LINIVERSITATE William H. Bailey Claude F. Benham William E. Brewster Eugene C. Crane Edward L. Haberle George L. Harrington Raymond R. Herrmann Robert C. Mathes Elmer W. Merriell Martin A. Mikesh Harold S. Morton Arvicl E. Nissen Barney j. Peterson Neal C. Towle Charles A. Walker HQNORARY ENGINEERING .f'5a aa ,..- --v' ' 1: J ,If gf ,' fy rf 1' ' 1" F' f l V, lf" w V H 4--A-'nf-V" R- NN- " fn-e . ,. 'EEC-2 GCDPH ER l , . . E y E s J ,ff 2 ,r-' , dj, , lr A ,X gay' Q 1: ,flair-arm 1 X: F 1 . , , L 5 ,lr ' fy Grey .friars Qs . l 4 5 il 9:13 13 -'A A Senior Fraternityjof Honor Interested in the General Welfare ff V," of the University awry' ei T XA ,ft if r l MEMBERS l lr Edward Dyer Anderson P45 .1-4' l james Henry Baker + a,,,ffG'f l William Harrison Fuller it Waldorf Lewis Ganssle ' -" l William Waldemar Hodson fl sf.- r N. R. , Bert john Hull T yv Lawrence Jaques p , 2 4 Edward Kopper, junior R Miles Hughes McNally 6 W 0, ,,3, f lj '. john Emmett Murray jp g' Charles Robilliard H gg g gi Martin Bernard Vaughan lj, ff? f . 'ws 'L . 735 H' ,jig 2 David Ripley West ,1 5 r ' +l7l?"?' ' ,fa Robert Wilson rig? :' - gggyfr W. 1 . ,I 41 ' f 12.41 5 'REQ 'z' it Edgar Frederick Zelle F il e y sg . 'ii' r. ' ' , V, 1, ggi' il lf ' ""fli tr it y,w:s.V1q.rQf2f ,E lf ' 'I' 'r ",iYrk,Ei1-a'5.:1'3I rg 355 K iii 2 fi 115, fl y ff?-E12 ' Q r if is f"1v . , ..,. . , , . 4 sg if H ug :X .. ,L .. .- - . E A a fri. R E 59? Hrs r i il , it-ii t H o N o R A R Y ggi gg s E N 1 o R it " IF? 'iliiz f ig 'L 307 231 fQ.l gf'i' if ' irzfzzx H F l' ' ' - ' ' +L -f -Y-.Q , , A'-7 kg .L-3 1' fi ' ' 74" -f "U '4 cf. A 5 Lffrll H 11- REQ - if-1 'f 'f"" f'l'- .. q Q 'R 'J 97? , .K ,Q-' ,-Qfktggqj.-g,'gfg+g5. Q3 -' 1 iff?- gk -- gg, pf Y i f ii ' ' ' F 'f K- ' . 1 ,. ,vii E-:'53j'f "" -V 1 1' ' 'fir ,, "'A A ' N' 'Mb l:T1','f'f':, ff N' 'FQ , E at ww V A .f , Q ' fx ' 11 I XXV, pig. .fl -if r f -:l . y , , . - . irr. ,W r ,yt -- 1 111 R 'JJ ' -- if .f K' f '. K - R- .... - -4-Q 4 wg. 'H9?f,?r4l7-'5'f2.T1.. AQi , 5' X3 x .. . 1 .LL .1:.f,2.,1if,i. ..4"1xg1' ' 512 ' ' ' Q-Umm? " """" ' 1-. y '---M-' . .. :Vi SL'.LiJyiTffQ - gf wif 5T2.?Tg-1r'iTE' .----3-ff-R,-R ' , -. Fi , :z,..1:A.n-ff" -7-viii" , , .. . R- Sapa: -'nf wa-pf 11752 wif: is f r ,:':,:5:A.' .-1.WfK5'I'?, . - 1 ' ez.-1' U14-LA'-"" - ,--Af ,"fj ,W F' ...f,xf:'-:',:,'.ggg.rf ggceeiig ' r lf.1"m'321tf -4-W .--X . :':g4?:1- " '- N A ' 'f M- if "fffrf4f:ifEs:2:r-gL5r.g5,5g,rg5Q, i,,,','Tg3:75:ff1f f2' " ' if iii"W". fQg , "li.1?iii4. ,.,. .f ,-.s - iT'i3?"'Q?.l' Q.,.1.g-..-vzrm., E. ' 'A 'R 'E' ' W :.,1'g' Zgfseiwq ' 'flffff QQ LI.:iQ'LZ..Z2,'57-35fi3'??.:357.'Llgg-.. M "fi- 1 LJ 'Ego GOPH ER T1Jbi'iamb6a Kpsilon Founded, 1898 Established, 1910 FRATRES IN FACLILTATE Honorary Dr. G. B. Frankforter Dr. Ira H. Derby Dr. E. P. Harding Associate Frank W. Bliss john Abner Handy John W. Marden Sterling Temple FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE Graduates Harold H. Brown Wrtuhlgr- g ZETA CHAPTER Frederick W. Poppe Roger Wilson Arthur C. Dennis Mark W. Bray Elmer A. Daniels 1913 Harry C. Berman Milton M. Goldstein FRATRES IN LIRBE Edmund W. Martin Einer johnson john A. McLeod Raymond P. McMiller Frank M. Leavenworth HONORARY CHEMISTRY J ymy -.W ' QYg?'f E163 A 5 l 1' Xl AH' A Ak ja ZQQGAQ7 FX A QQ 'Ego GQPH ER Ullasquers Hodapp Wilk West Meixner Mitchell Robertson D. Wilson Loomis Pressnell Balch McKelvey Elwell Seyfried Schaller Hyde Zeller Allison Nachtrieb Fuller R. Wilson Doermann Shiely Hodson Hughes OFFICERS President, Henry Doermann Vice-President, Margaret Nachtrieb Secretary, Margaret Allison Treasurer, William H. Hodson Business Manager, Albert Shiely MO i"' H A-f ,FN CLUBS DRAMATIC 'Aditi-'T - . Q il Cage CGI HER Spanish Club CLUBS Geib Campbell johnson Hartney jones Quarve Green Ebel Ott Knowlton jones Raine Tupper johnson Melom Ahern Smith Rockwell MEMBER IN FACULTY Mr. Melom OFFICERS President, Irene johnson Vice-President, H. S. Rock- well Secretary, C. B. Smith Treasurer, Hazel Ahern George A. Geib Lorn Campbell Phil johnson james L. Hartney Ivor V. jones L. Quarve 311 Mrs. Green Gertrude Ebel L. E. Orr Ruth Knowlton I. V. jones Nellie Raine Charles Tupper Irene johnson Mr. Melom Hazel Ahern C. B. Smith H. S. Rockwell ,fi L -- E qi" I,,,,j" '-'H "Vanin Gemuetlicbkeiln Keller Zabel Staudemeier Olson Daum A. johnson Wieking Schaefer Carlson Wieking Worlitsek Wipperman johnson Schmitz Nissen Michel Treibel Ruttledge Enches Grimm Eckhoff Pecor Zanger Wohlrabe Owens Prof. Schroedel Thielmann Daum Krauch Pellatt OFFICERS President, Prof. Schroedel V. Pres., Adelaide Thielman Secretary, Laura Owens Treasurer, Leo Daum Marshal, Carl Keller POST GRADUATES Paul Klopsteg Dikka Reque Hartie Zabel Amy Pellatt Katherine Tschida Stanley Rypins Ray Herrmann 1913 Dagny Nissen Agnes johnson Lilly Carlson Sophia Hubmann Sophia Hubmann Adelaide Thielmann Julia Zanger Helen Enches Ruth Mohl Jeanette Ruttledge Alma Mayer Leo Daum Arthur Wohlrabe 1914 Albert Buenger Elsie Hankey Elsa Krauch Laura Owens Barbara Pecor Emma Treibel Anna Trieloff Martha Wolff Anna Wiecking Martha Wiecking Stephanie Worlitsek Frances Schmitz 1915 Carl Fastenau 312 Carl Keller Laura Manderfeld Teresa Michel Alfred Ott Freda Schaefer Carl Schroeder Alma Eckhoff Elsa Fritsche Marguerite Grimm Harry Hill Ella Wippermann Leslie Olson Rudolph Brosius Cora johnson 1916 Wanda Daum Esther Abbetmayer Walter Staudemaier Albert Thiel 2- A -!""1s it X 4 Cv' ACT.,,,,5'm'-C E13 Q C3CDP1"1 V 13? Sigma :Nlpba '3Della Founded 1895 CLUBS H. Harrison Farnam Brown E. Davis Robinson Pressnell Prindle Harrison Shenehon Conner Capps Davis Phillips 1913 Helen Harrison Laura Farnam Dorothy Brown Esther Davis Florence Robinson Myrna Pressnell 1914- Marian Conner Leah Capps jessie Phillips Dorothy Davis Eleanor Shenehon Gladys Harrison 313 IND. gg e-4-H 'EH-2 GCDPHER Quill Founded 1903 'if' Byrnes j.Schaller E. McGilvra G. Harrison Babcock M. Schaller Pressnell Prindle Kolars CHIEF QLULL DRIVER Myrna Pressnell Qu1LL DRIVERS Martica Byrnes Josephine Schaller Marion Schaller Eunice McGilvra Gertrude Prindle Lucile Babcock Mary Kolars Gladys Harrison Margaret Nachtrieb 314 -FN CLUBS Fk....J SEQ CCDPH ER iliawa Founded 1907 An Upper-class Organization lnterested in Creative Writing CLUBS lv' Webster Hoshour Shannon Vaughn Fuller Baker Zelle ALUMNI john H. Ray, jr. Thomas Uzzell Zenas Potter Allen Stork Clarence Harter Cxuy Bland Alfred Pickler Frank Totton Robert Fernald Frank Bibb james Dorsey Edward Cosgrove Henry V. Bruchholz Harold Taylor 3l5 YC EFX Herbert Brande Edgar Allen Dale McEnary Earl C. Bailie Walter Nl. West Harrison Collins 1913 Bernard Vaughn Edgar F. Zelle james H. Baker, jr. Harrison Fuller 1914 Harvey S. Hoshour Clarence Shannon Bennett A. Webster t M----"-'r""""""'1Muj"'r ef-ff-M -T .r,,,:,,, re Q GQ 1 I 1 fi i Uillikum Club l l s 3, w l 9 I l ? if li . l President, Harold Sweatt Vice-President, Ned Elliot l Secretary and Treasurer, Foster Kreis Sergeant-at-arms, Don Gilbert ,l i l CLUBS ! SENIOR INTERFRATERNITY 316 dfslt Awe W -4- 'CSEQ GQIJH ER ' jsxbelplpian Club OFFICERS President, john McGee Vice-President, Ben Webster Secretary, Howard Eidemiller Treasurer, Rodney Ainsworth Chaplain, Walter Hyde Sergeant-at-arms, Hallan Huffman CLUBS JUNIOR INTERFRATERNITY 3 I7 f5. f fi EEQ CQPHER Eau Sbonka Club OFFICERS President, Russell Gaylord Vice-President, Carl Hall Secretary, Selden Smith Treasurer, Hubert Kennedy Chaplain, Quincy Hale Sergeants-at-arms, Arnold Mickleson and Warren Dunnell CLUBS SOPHOMORE INTERFRATERNITY 318 1735 Q COPH ER Tnriangle Club OFFICERS President, Arman Watts Vice-President, William Carpenter Secretary, David Shearer Treasurer, Austin Fields Sergeant-at-arms, William Kennedy Chaplain, William Moorehead CLUBS FRESHMAN INTERFRATERNITY 3l9 , fx S... P544 ,V , , Q: P1 1.1Ji,1f.a1.1 A l l l l 4 l f 'iiafif cgi or lj lf? llldi Sigma Eau ----1-t-,-1. an . i K Martin Byrnes Kolars Hill Ferguson Bliss Martin Mohl E. Davis Greer Stockwell Tunell E.McGilvra King Farnum Harrison Wright Allen Nachtrieb Davis Brown j.Schaller Lauritzen Pressnell Hockenberger Bussey Kate Martin Martica Byrnes Mary Kolars Diana Hill Anne Ferguson Corinne Bliss Ruth Martin Ruth Mohl Esther Davis Margaret Greer Charlotte Stockwell Winifred Tunell Eunice McGilvra Mary King Laura Farnum 320 Helen Harrison Barbara Wright Olive Allen Margaret Nachtrieb Constance Davis Dorothy Brown josephine Schaller Lucia Lauritzen Myrna Presnell Franc Hockenberger Luella Bussey Mildred Loomis Marjorie Mortland Marion Schaller Loomis C L U B S ,,.,.-, ........1.f-T---A' g'7-Qi? ff 3 fy If its 2, I' 1' -A plf- -X - I n I ...--f- -f-f-s.-Nw --,.-...,,,,,,, N- N AN' 'mf-w-In '! ls-lj: J KJ L ., ,L ll. Sigma Beta -1-n.,, ..,, ,X ,i.N CLUBS ..,-.,..-,-...- 1 li i Hansen Lemstrom R. Hansen A. Lemstrom Rutledge Coffin Pellatt Barrett Brawthen Enches Haigh Ebel Geyman H.Enches Edgar Baumgartner Peterson Curry OFFICERS President, Mary Edgar Vice-President, Elsie Ba um- gartner Treasurer, Jeannette Rutledge Secretary, Gertrude Ebel Sergeant-at-arms, Enches MEMBERS l9lZ Grace Davis Amy Pellat l9l3 Edith Bowman Lillie Franzen Margaret Haigh Ruth M. Hansen Edith jackson Amy Lemstrom Helen 32l A -...,...v.....,, if ---mm-.-,,. ,M Qi -I1-ww.. ,u..-L.,- Adelaide Nichols Florence Parker Evelyn Peterson Leone Warmington julia Zanger l9l4- Claire Barrett Florence Brawthen Ethel Curry Dorothy Dollenmay er Eugenia Enches Signe Franzen Hermine Hermansen Alice Leahy Bera Lemstrom l9l5 Esther Dahl l9l6 Lela Coffin ,,,,..---",.a.f:-v .,,,.- ,,,,....-- kj EEQ CCPHER white 'Eragon Goetzenberger Sweatt Jaques Wagner Smith Kopper Baker Bangs Gilbert MEMBERS Donald Gilbert Ralph Goetzenberger Edward Kopper J. Barthell Faegre Felix F. Bangs Lee Smith Lawrence Jaques Archibald Wagner james H. Baker Harold Sweatt Lyman Baird Edwin Elliott 322 J l CLUBS ' i'4 SK....J 'Ego GQPH ER milre Club CLUBS Starrett Stadsvold Shannon R. Peavey McGee Morse Ainsworth Bancroft Webster Rockwood MEMBERS Mark Starrett Francis Staclsvold Clarence Shannon Roger Peavey john McGee Guilford Morse Rodney Ainsworth George Bancroft Ben Webster Fletcher Rockwood 323 s EXYJQCQIJHER ffxgriculkural Club OFFICERS President, Cx. P. Warber Vice-President, C. A. Halverson Secretary, Philip Jordan Treasurer, Gray Cowie Sergeant-at-arms, Lynn Robertson The Agricultural Club is an organization of practically the entire male membership of the Agricultural College, united for the purpose of ad- vancing themselves in an agricultural way, and of providing a convenient means of social inter- course among themselves. CLUBS 324 rm' :sn- 1. .!Tr'e'f"-H--1-U-i...,. . . 'forestry C lub CLUBS Forsberg Waterntan Bell johnson Cummings St. Marie Records Lindeberg Ringold Hayward Aldworth Braden Rose Graham Freeman Spink O'Neil Haworth Savre Buhler Hall Rogers l9l3 Ernest Buhler Andrew Erstad Howard Flint Thomas Griffen Howard Hall Robert Haworth Norman O. Henchel john Moir Harry D. Nuffer David L. Renshaw Ernest C. Rogers O. M. Savre C. D. Simpson Paul H. Tobin Gilbert H. Wiggin l9l4 Donald R. Aldworth Kenneth j. Braden Thomas Cummings 325 ,,,..-ff--'- George F. Freeman S. A. Graham Herman E. Hayward George C. Lindeberg Percy Records Stanley Ringold Logan Rose Adrian St. Marie Harold W. Spinlc john F. Waterman 1915 jenner D. Chance james W. Collar Thorwald Schantz-Hansen Carl L. Hawkinson A. T. Mueller Paul C. Sischo l9l6 Ernest T. Bell Carl F. Forsberg Oscav S. johnson F-s3,,,,.....---1-, . my ,Ad-.AWE Y 3 li i 4 I 3 'L a l 1: I 1 . 5 1 . l 1 4 . . . l 1 i 1 l l 4 l li l it i l 4 1 Fk..J ZSEQ CGI-JH ER 'Eulerpean Club Lloyd Bond Morris Dahl Boyson Sherwin Louchs Gille Dunn McCulloch Seyfried Hyde Cramer Purple Stacy Seevers Borom Richardson johnson Warner Laplant Gongle Fletcher McKelvey Lyman Swanson johnson H. Presnell President, Florence Swanson Secretary and Treasurer, Blanche Lyman MEMBERS Virginia Bond Mildred Borom Sadie Boyson Gladys Clark lsabelle Cramer Hedwig Dahl Helen Dunn Margaret Fletcher Madell Gille Harriet Gongle Ora Hyde Florence johnson Hazel johnson Ruth LaPlant Margaret Lloyd 326 Eleanor Louchs Blanche Lyman Ruth McCulloch Estelle McKelvey Ruth Magnuson Emily Morris Lucille Newcomb Myrna Presnell Gertrude Purple Mildred Richardson Myra Seevers Lillian Seyfried Ruth Sherwin Alice Stacy Florence Swanson Adrienne Warner Clark CLUBS A l ,S Ego CQPHER minnesota Glee Club Balch Hansen Smith Sund Allen Crawford McNally Carlson Doermann Mortimer Wilk jones Farnquist Klimenhagen Cobb Anderson Grindeland Scott Webster Agnew MEMBERS Edward Anderson lngolf Cirindeland Prof. Carlyle Scott Russel Webster Allen Agnew Keith Walker CLUBS Francis Cobb Ray Klimmenhagen William Farnquist Noble jones Harry Wilk Philip Mortimer Matthew Crawford 327 Walker Miles McNally LeRoy Carlson Henry Doermann George Allen Adolph Sund William Smith Earle Balch Orlando Hanson fb 'CSHQ Q01-JHER W Brush cmb fflencil L... Teigen Kennicott Wilk Kranz Woolsey Borom Phelps Bakalyar Gongle Hansen Riis Murphey 328 CLUBS ' ' -unsung. 'U rd-gb -Y , 1 C3 YQ QQ1JHER Erailers Nelson Leahy Sweari ngen Harvey Wright Holton Hubbell Richardson Bartholet Graber Hansen Goldberg Hall Kopplin Donaghue Schmidt Grant Hanson Wright Dollenmayer Bryant Hardy HONORARY MEMBERS Lillian Nye Etheleen Kempe MEMBERS 1913 Nina Swearingen Sydne Harvey Marie Holton Ruth M. Hansen Ruth Hall Vera Grant Ruth Hanson CLUBS Barbara Wright Mary Bryant Rosalie Zeien Virginia Baker Olga Hansen Erma Forbes 1914 Olive Nelson Alice Leahy Vera Wright Nellie Hubbell Mildred Richardson 329 Celia Kopplin Dorothy Dollenmayer Hazel Cuzner 1915 julia Bartholet Evelyn Graber Florence Goldberg Elizabeth Schmidt Helen Hardy Althea Heitsmith 1916 Kathleen Donaghue 'k...J B A-Q 4- -...F 'ESQ GGIJHER 'Il robibition Club Boquist Todd Taylor Franklin Dunn Heinze Bolstad Pearson Chapman johnson Burgstahler Frost MEMBERS President, Herman F. johnson Vice-President, O. G. Larson Secretary, H. M. Frost Treasurer, A. E. Pearson 1913 O. B. Andersen H. J. Burgstahler S. C. Bolstad Nathaniel Franklin E G. Larson C. S. Taylor O. G. Larson 1914 H. S. Boquist R. N. Chapman 330 E. T. Dahlberg Herman F. johnson A. E. Pearson 1915 Jos. E. Billman Marshall L. Dunn H. M. Frost George A. Todd 1916 W. P. Martin Wm. M. Taylor 1917 john W. Bell Robert Heinze, jr. A. L. Lindall H. E. Morrison fi CLUBS -ilf 'k..J GHC-2 GQPHER l Good Government Club Bolstad Andersen johnson Boss Harbo McAlmon E. Pomeroy R.johnson Cartwright Meixner Brekke Gillam D. Pomeroy OFFICERS President, Stanley Gillam Vice-President, Harry Warner Secretary, Donald Pomeroy Treasurer, john Brekke Executive Board, Walter Hughes and Cecil jones MEMBERS Sigvord Bolstad john Brekke Harold Boquist W. T. Cartwright E. T. Dahlberg CLUB Harrison Fuller Stanley Gillam Ivan Hanson Henry Hovda Walter Hughes Chester johnson Ralph johnson Herman johnson H. A. Lindstrom Carl Meixner William MCAlmon L. E. Nelson Lee Boss M. N. Olson Ben Palmer 331 Warner D. L. Pomeroy E. E. Pomeroy Edward Ryan K. Renshaw C. D. Shaughnessy C. D. Simpson Ci. Stiles Herman Schroeder O. B. Andersen Harold Harbo R. j. Swendson P. W. Viesselman Harry Warner Edgar Zelle fi Gge QCDPH ER .3 Delta Wye An Upper-class Organization of Civil Engineers Knight Doolittle Larson E. W.johnson Weatherill Brenchley L. E. Ott Price W. H. Ott Sears Anderson Lagaard A. B. johnson Hustad Weigel ldris jones Smith Dimond lvor jones Mitchell Geib Rankin Quarve Rockwell MEMBERS Ralph Knight Walter Brenchley Bliss Cleveland Percy Clark Harvey Dimond William Doolittle Carl Ekberg George Cxeib Charles Handschu john Hustad Alexander johnson Edgar johnson ldris jones lvor jones 332 ,l l Maurice Lagaard Louis Larson Lester Mitchell Leonard Ott Willis Ott john Price Loyd Quarve Renville Rankin Harvard Rockwell Dow Sears Cedric Smith Cedric Weatherill Howard Weigel CLUBS A'-rim' wg-It l EEC-2 GCDPH ER 'f Taba william milcbell 'law Club CLUBS McCartney Jaques Brown Lampert Ostrander Stenerson Scott Solether Anderson Hoshour Ziesemer Simmons MEMBERS 1913 Felix F. Bangs J. Barthell Faegre Ben W. Palmer Neely E. Pardee lrvin E. Scott Pliny Solether Vernon E. Stenerson Lyle Ostrander 333 Stellwagen Fahey Pardee l9l4 James F. Fahey Harvey Hoshour Frank Simmons Rollin Smith Raymond Ziesemer l9l5 Lowell Anderson Ray Brown Lawrence Jaques Leonard Lampert McCartney Frank Morse Seiforde Stellwagen 1 ff" rj, ff ffl A. . I. ff"Q"'fM oo J--. ' 'o' 1TLu5,'-W - -Af-Wg.Qfl.l,l,,,m:Q' GGQ com-IER -J' "rw mp, In ,. - I 3. ..,rf'f'V , ,.-f" - P92 J,W."' Q A I . Q. i 5 3 ' 4 Q.-,.QL1--Tyan sn 3 E 1 r 5 M, wif- F, ,.. 2 E 'For the Good of the University" S S 5 5 1 5 'L ,Q r -' r h , 32- 1 3 ' 2 n 2 fi 'J 1 THE 1RoN WEDGE If N f An Organization of 1 'L 47' s ' M , Q - 1 emor en ,. n L , 'xx A Chosen on 1 lm - f - t aw, ' af. 'g 3 MCYIT ' I f gifs .5 - - 4 ,sw -- Q , ' f 1 "fi ii 141, Q of 'gg 4, 1s --cf ' ' 4,1-go' ,J5jz.!!j,, Q 4 -ggi U d .si :SH ' 'Hg'-1 'J 2 Q Y '13, :il W . W- o ' 'Y- Lq QL' , - Ng 'rg .1-J 1 zjazwf M1 512 1-- ,:,v1 ,a .2 .Ha l, ,, 52-' Q iff' J " 4 -f l -1: 75 . 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' ja 'BAS X rw j 'Q n-s.,....,,k -W H cm-el A- - - ,.. aaaa S K7 T-Nt l C2 QQl'3lf lcanlbus 'literary Society 'N j.Plant Knowlton Haupt Fleming Schmidt Colter Hutchinson Lauritzen Marshal D. Plant Hill Stacy Bryant Linnell Davis Prest Sullivan OFFICERS President, Constance Davis Vice-President, Marion Prest Secretary, Katherine Sullivan Treasurer, Lucy Dorsey Faculty, Miss Helen A. Whitney STUDENT MEMBERS Alice Stacy Dorothy Plant jean Plant Ethel Linnell Elizabeth Schmidt 336 at-A S ,,io ,f'ih'NS Rosalie Zeien Grace Gannsle Sybil Fleming Loretta Russell Diana Hill Helen Knowlton Ruth Knowlton Mary Sinclair Ruth Marshall Alice Colter Alma Haupt Lucia Lauritzen Margaret Hutchins Mary Bryant SOCIETklES .J-' C LQ KEEIQQ minerva 'literary Society Chatman Robbins Mealy Lane Schaefer Belyea jessmore Cowin Graber Miner Tupper MacDonald Mooney Boyle Swanson Hall Aiton Phillips Peteler Stockwell McKelvey King Hockenberger Mohl Presnell Greaves Harvey OFFICERS President, Ruth Mohl Vice-President, Myrna Pres- nell Secretary, Elizabeth Aiton Treasurer, Sydne Harvey MEMBERS IN FACULTY Dr. Anna Phelan Dean Margaret Sweeney GRADUATES Helen Sanborn Merle Higley Vivian Colgrove Louisa Boutelle l9l3 Ruth Mohl Estelle McKelvey Sydne Harvey Franc Hockenberger Myrna Presnell Mary King Martica Byrnes Charlotte Stockwell SOCIETIES 337 Miriam Greaves Barbara Wright 1914 Ruth Tupper Harriet Ahlers Elizabeth Aiton Bess Boyle Edith Cowin Sophia Hall Veronica MacDonald Viola Miner Katherine Peteler Jessie Phillips Florence Swanson Frances Mooney 1915 Clara Mealey Frieda Schaefer Gladys Chatman Aileen Belyea Evelyn Graber Ruth jessmore Bessie Lane Helen Robbins Wright E562 GCPHER Ebalian 'literary Society lr-7 Elwell Hyde Child Pecor Grimm Heitsmith Heinemann Leland Hagy Rickard Dunn Greer Moore R. Elwell Nachtrieb Brown Harsha Bussey Harrison Bliss Daily 338 LITERARY LJ Ego GOPHER Ebeta 'Epsilon 'literary Society Bright Thayer Salzer Strand Healey Crane L. McGilvra Harrison Wilk Drew Lewis Ware Gale Babcock Prindle Clark Martin Dellinger E. McGilvra Farnum OFFICERS President, Kate Martin Vice-President, Mary Kolars Secretary, Helen L. Drew Treasurer, Lucile Babcock MEMBERS Eunice McGilvra Laura Farnum Marjorie Mortland Margaret Dellinger Ruth Martin Gertrude Prindle Gladys Harrison SOCIETIES 339 Josephine Ware Florence Robinson Louise McGilvra Mary Gale Erma Wilk Olive Lewis Mildred MCEnary Katherine Bright Helen Crane Muriel Thayer Alma Strand Florence Salzer Barbara Healey Gladys Clark 'L,..J ' rE1L9jQGCDlJl-lER 1 ffxlbenian 'literary Society Daniels Salmon Potter Robertson Enerson Wilson Lende Loomis St. Marie Jacobson Swedberg Ellison Anderson Larson Piemeisel Dunphy Derby Nelson Rogers Wood Dorsey Aure Morgan Schneiderhan South johnsrud Nelson Torgrim Swendsen MEMBERS Arthur Enerson Gladys Jacobson 1913 Franc Daniels Georgietta Morgan Olive Potter Amelia Lllland jasper Swedberg Chas. D. Simpson Ernest Rogers Woods W. Wilcox 1914 Peder johnsrud Felix Schneiderhan Philip Anderson james Torgrim Frank Piemeisel Lynn Robertson Adrian St. Marie Wm. Farnquist Gena Aure Esther Nelson Viola Wood Margaret South 1915 Freeman Weiss Paul Derby Muriel Ammidon Florence Loomis Mary Dunphy Helga Swendsen 340 Hannah Nelson Carrie Larson Viola Allison Marjorie Lee 1916 Ernest Dorsey Lorne Salmon Corellan Lende Arnie Aamodt Laurence Winters Ernest Bell Paul Derby Hazel Wilson SOCIETIES LVN 12' LJ E562 CCDPH ER JJ bilomalbean 'Literary Society Willis Nelson Baird Husby Clark Halverson Lindquist Beach Conley Dahlberg Wilson Knapp Thompson Goodall Cole Foster Borst Seager Lashbrook Ferrell Sherwin Cleland Bryan Janson Cunningham Rustad MEMBERS 1913 Robert Dahlberg Rena Sherwin Wm. Bryan Emil O. Rustad Retta Bede 1914 Ethel Willis Edna Baird C. A. Halverson SOCIETIES Walter Beach Leila Wilson Marguerite Knapp Samuel H. Thompson Benjamin Cole Harold L. Borst Alfred Lashbrook Spencer B. Cleland Harlow J. Hanson Leola Cunningham Maynard Peterson Mirdy Maxwell 34-1 EFX 1915 Neilof Nelson lngvar Husby Ora Conley lnez Foster Marion Seager Howard T. Ferrell 1916 Harry Clark Ruth Lindquist Florence Goodall john Erickson . 1 1 5 C3562 CUFH ER Castalian 'literary Society Y OFFICERS Haverstock Nelson Silliman Larson O'Hearn Joyce Kernan Molumby Paulson Fahey President, H. T. Paulson Vice-President, F. Fahey Secretary, T. L. O'Hearn Treasurer, V. B. Silliman Sergeant-at-arms, Stafford King MEMBERS 1913 L. J. Molumby J. A. Brekke Carroll Nelson J. W. Kernan 1916 J. F. Fahey Stafford King H. T. Paulson 1915 Dave M. Fellows G. C. Hochmuth H. W. Haverstock Alfred M. Joyce Cl. A. Larson Thomas L. G'Hearn V. B. Silliman George A. Todd 1916 Charles L. Pegelow SOCIETIES 1 l ',su-- - 342 as-fa LJ 'Ego CO1-JH EB Ant? Tiforum 'literary Society Stowe Nelson Chapman Cliff Gallagher O'Brien Dunn Edelstein Brandmier Hall Overn Skadberg Campbell Painter johnson Hansen Meixner Gillam Pomeroy Hauge MEMBERS Post Graduates M. N. Olson Stanley S. Gillam Homer W. Borst 1913 Carl C. Meixner Frank T. Gallagher Edgar F. Zelle Wm. W. Hodson Albert Pearson M. Bernard Vaughn 1914- lvan O. Hansen SOCIETIES Ralph E. johnson Oscar C. Hauge Donald L. Pomeroy john Skadberg Z. L. Begin Hadyn O. Duke 1915 Walter H. Stowe Lester E. Nelson Howard T. Hall Alfred V. Overn H. Dean Campbell Carl W. Painter john F. Brandmier Marshall L. Dunn 343 4... .FX Rupert D. O'Brien Earl V. Cliff David E. Edelstein Theodore H. Sweetser Norman j. Hauge james B. Ostergren Bert Packer Donald Lundsten 1916 Edwin H. Chapman julius M. Nolte Wendell T. Burns 1917 Bernard j. Gallagher H k.: EEC-2 GQlJHlf.R .pw -n-gg Sbalaopean 'literary Society Minor Harbo Anderson Bishop Carlson Boquist Hodgson Hicks Tanner Young Warner Viesselman Chapman Bowing Norby Lambert Carlson Nelson Hadler Palmer Hass Dahlberg HONORARY MEMBERS H. A. Erickson F. M. Rarig A. F. Kovarik James Mikesh E. B. Pierce O. B. Andersen H. J. Burgstahler OFFICERS, FIRST SEMESTER, 1912-1913 President, J. J. Hadler Vice-President, P. W. Viesselman Secretary, J. H. Nelson Treasurer, T. C. Carlson Sergeant-at-Arms, H. A Warner OFFICERS, SECOND SEMESTER, 1912-1913 President, J. H. Nelson Vice-President, E. T. Dahl- berg Secretary, Henry O. Hovda Treasurer, Howard T. Lambert Sergeant-at-Arms, J. Hadler ACTIVE MEMBERS Graduate Percival W. Viesselman 1913 Stacy O. Bowing Nathaniel Franklin William C. Hass E. G. Larson John H. Nelson Ben W. Palmer Allen C. Richardson 1914 Harold S. Boquist Royal N. Chapman Edwin T. Dahlberg J. Jacob Hadler 344 Harold E. Harbo George M. Hicks Augustus L. Prodoehl 1915 Morlan H. Bishop Thorgny C. Carlson Henry O. Hovda Lyle G. Grant Howard T. Lambert Erling S. Norby James T. Smith Rinehart H. Swenson Chester O. Tanner Harry A. Warner Henry G. Young 1916 Robert E. Hodgson Frank E. Minor 1917 C. Gustaf Anderson Anders J. Carlson SOCIETIES F51 W K..J 'Cfigcz GCI-DH ER ssoeiaiiops MQ gl M15 'Mig' Ii LJ A A-A - ,O Efge COPHER 37, 537. 6.3. Cabinet Thielman Thayer Tupper Camp Marshall Cates Hutchinson Dunn Drew Tunell Anderson Duncan OFFICERS Ruth Marshall President, Winifred Tunell Helen Cates Vice-President, Helen L. Drew Adelaide Thielman Secretary' Helen Dunn Margaret Hutchinson Treasurer, janet Duncan Ruth Tupper MEMBERS M ' lTh Evalyn Camp une ayer ASSOCIATIONS 34-6 K..J .. J . .6562 GCI HER B oung 5ZZen's Christian Txssociation Organized l887 THE CABINET Owen Webster Boss Bell Bruchholz Painter Hodson Bowing Weigel Balch Stellwagen Nord Packer Dr. Powell Anderson Blair Doermann OFFICERS Dr john Walker Powell, Religious Work Director Henry Doermann, Vice-President Frederic H. Blair, General Secretary Bert Packer, Recorder Edward D. Anderson, President BOARD OF DIRECTORS Prof. C. P. Sigerfoos Prof. A. E. Jenks Prof. B. L. Newkirk Prof. F. M. Rarig Prof. j. S. Young Mr. F. A. Chamberlain Mr. D. Draper Dayton Mr. Fred B. Snyder Edward D. Anderson H. J. Burgstahler Alan j. McBean C. M. Robilliard COMMITTEE CHAI RMEN Bible Study, Leigh Boss Academic, Seiforde Stellwagen Engineering, Howard Weigel Law, R. O. Webster Mines, Harry Nord Fraternity, Spencer Owen Missoin Study, Stacy Bowing Religious Meetings, Henry Doermann Rooms, Frederick Bruchholz Press, Carl Painter Education, Fred Tryon Music, Keith Walker Social, Earle Balch Extension, H. S. LoefHer and Warren Bell Membership, William Hodson ASSOCIATIONS 347 -, yi, 'Gigca CQPH ER l Knivcrsity Catholic Tfsssociation Mahoney Murphy Hogan Curran Woolsey Rev. Wilbee Ryan Quigley BOARD OF DIRECTORS President, Frank Gallagher Vice-President, Edith Woolsey Secretary, Evelyn Quigley Treasurer, Frank Murphy Rev. E. Wilbee, Spiritual Director REPRESENTATIVES Wm. Mahoney, Engineering Dennis Hogan, Dentistry james Curran, Agriculture Bernard Vaughn, Academic Prof. W. T. Ryan, Faculty 348 I5.. ASSOCIATIONS 1 LJ Goo GCDPH ER minnesota Ullerfs Mnion Board of Governors Ziesemer Hull Robilliard Brewster Hogan Hewett Dahlberg Shannon Hodson Jenks Jaques Pierce Johnson President, Prof. A. E. Jenks Vice-President, Lawrence Jaques Secretary, William Hodson ASSQCIATIONS 349 T fi. a P rf x.J F6522 GCDPH ERP 'if' Sluoent Government Zsxssocialion MacDonald Mohl Plant Stockwell McGilvra Moore Healey President, Eunice McGilvra Vice-President, Charlotte Stockwell Secretary, Barbara Healey Treasurer, Gertrude Moore Ruth Mohl Veronica MacDonald jean Plant 350 ASSOCIATIONS 'N -P-P a fxr LJ 6562 CQIJH ER Women's 'league Council Leland Lewis Hagy Martin Swanson Heinemann Loomis Byrnes King Colter Babcock Nachtrieb Davis OFFICERS President, Alice Colter Vice-President, Margaret Nachtrieb Secretary, Margaret Heine- mann Treasurer, Mary King ASSOCIATIONS SENIOR JUNIOR REPRESENTATIVES REPRESENTATIVES Florence Swanson Catherine Leland Martica Byrnes Lucile Babcock M"d'ed L'?0m'S soPHoMoRE REPRESEN Kate Martin TATIVES Constance Davis Gertrude Hagy 351 J l Olive Lewis W 7 C3562 GOPHER Women's ffxllbletic 'Association Brown Moore Healey Haupt Schreiber Cates Dr. Norris Knowlton OFFICERS President, Helen Cates Vice-President and Secretary, Helen Knowlton Treasurer, Ruth Schrieber REPRESENTATIVES Marion Brown, Senior Gertrude Moore, junior Barbara Healy, S. G. A. Alma Haupt, Sophomore Elizabeth Gray, Freshman ASSOCIATIONS 352 'k...J 'Cage CQPH ER Tlfome 'Economics 'Association 1913 Edna Baird Retta Bede janet Duncan Martha Kellar Rhoda Lewis Jean Muir Alice Murison Rena Sherwin Ella May Snell Ella Sorlien Anna Strud Amelia Ulland Ada Upson Lelia Wilson 1914 Minnie Allison Gena Aure Beryl Brown Genevieve Burgan Leola Cunningham Lucy Dorsey Ellen Erickson Frances Ford Murdy Maxwell Cary Strud Keenan Kane Potter Sherwin Howard Webster Allison West Esther Nelson Olive Potter Marian Walters Agnes Webster Elizabeth West 1915 Muriel Amidon Bernice Boeckh Martha Boeckh Alice Burnham Ora Conley Clara Corneliuson Mary Dumphy Viola Ellison Helen Forester lnez Foster Helen Glotfelter Helen Hale Lora Holiday june Howard Nina Howard Bessie Hunter Margaret Joyce Ether Kadlac Angeline Keenan ASSOCIATIONS Rachael Kilgore Carrie Larson Gladys Lenning Florence Loomis Georgetta Morgan Carrie Nobles Beth Noggle Ethelwynn Phelps Marian Seger Vera Smollett Margaret South 1916 Helen Abbott Marie Adler Helen Angur Estella Cary Bernice Cowan Flossie Crosman Wanda Daun Susie Dealing Kathleen Donaghue Evelyn Elfrink Martha Galchutt lrene Gold Elsie Hansen 353 Helen Hickok Charlotte Hillestad Elsie Horton Susan Hough Myra Howie Mildred Kimball Ruth Lindquist Mary E. McEwen Ruth Palmer Helen Plummer Eva Rankin Eleanor Robert janet Rhodes Alice Roen Regina Roen Kathleen St. john Mary Smetana Ruth Snell Mildred Stoddard Mary Whitlock Hazel Wilson FACULTY MEMBERS Miss Cornelia Kennedy Miss Grace Denny Miss Bessie Bemis ,T Ege GQPH ER Junior Ball Hssociation Huffman Winter Porter Mitchell Barnes johnson Pomeroy O'Gordon Hughes Moore Ainsworth Webster Hayward Eidemiller Starrett President, Herman Hayward Vice-President, Howard Eidemiller Treasurer, Ben Webster Secretary, Mark Starrett ASSOCIATIONS 354- P x..J 'GSHQ GQPH ER E172 Sluoenl Council o E172 Topatlmenl of 'lgticullute In general, the object of this organization is the best interest of the University of Minnesota, and, in particular, the unihcation and advancement of the student interests of the Department of Agriculture. REPRESENTATIVES Agricultural Club Forestry Club Samuel H. Thompson, President Ernest C. Rogers john E. Parker, Treasurer O. M. Savre HOME ECONOMICS ASSOCIATION Elizabeth West, Secretary Grace F. Kane 355 ini- 1735 Q GOPH ER 'T Dba Hcaoemic Skuoents' Council A representative body, elected annually by the students, the purpose of which is "to afford a suitable medium for the exchange of opinion between the undergraduates and the faculty, to exercise general supervision over students affairs, and to crystallize and make effective the sanest phases of undergraduate opinion." SECRETARY OF THE JOINT COUNCIL CHAIRMAN OF THE JOINT COUNCIL William Anderson Edgar F. Zelle MEMBERS OF THE MEN'S MEMBERS OF THE WOMEN'S COUNCIL COUNCIL 1913 1913 William Anderson, President Henry Doermann Harrison Fuller 1914 Ralph Johnson Harold Rypins 1915 F. J. Weersing Gr. 1913 1914-- Luella Bussey, President Mary King Mary B. Kolars 1914 Elizabeth Aiton Ruth Tupper 1916 Althea Heitsmith STUDENTS VOLUNTEER BAND -Julia S. Moore B-Emma A. Forbes Elva E. Mylenbush Evalyn A. Camp 1914 Md. 1914 1915 Sophia Hall Md. 1917 Arthur L. Beckendorf 356 """' fi Pearl M. Day -Hermina Hermansen -Ethel Boobar 1916- William M. Taylor Solomon D. David Frederic H. Blair, Y. M. C. A. Sec. ASSOCIATIONS f QQPHER X ' 'iii mf 4 ' Q - MQ vi "1 f i m tv V I 3.4 Gu 51 juffk I A7 TN f F W j if " A "V ' '-'Viv INK Q . if if Nmjylqw A W T W 'L 84- all mmf vi f if K 37 -4 ' f"N E ,,..,.,.fv.f---""""'e""'i'G"'i""":+::,,2m 'jr'-M-f----'--f-..n,.,, .-.ww ., . M., 'fd I H . fr? M fnfe-1 5: Vw 61115 Q all ima minnesota magazine Rypins Boquist Brosius Herrmann Meixner Kolars Baker Mortland Fuller STAFF james H. Baker, jr., Manag- ing Editor Mary B. Kolars, Literary Edi- TOY Carl C. Meixner, Business Manager Marjorie Anne Mortland Harrison Fuller Rudolph Brosius Harold Rypins Harold Boquist Edgar Herrmann 358 PUBLICATIONS an .. V- en ,...,.r-f- f f1rsr'fo' "Mow Q' ---. N " Xxskwo-I i..,,,,- V V A-,run I C9 11,17 s .1 KD xl-J 7-. xx .iff j Ci ill I I I IS.. 'Ghz minnesota .Daily Morse Ueland Streeter Bacon Dale Moore Bingen Weersing Painter Meland Miller Kauffman Chestnut Curry Hodapp Robertson Ryan Vaughan Gilbert EDITORIAL STAFF NEWS STAFF Donald K. Bacon 'Io Bernard Vaughan 'I3, Editor Anne Ferguson 'I3, As- Chfalks A' Fume' 'lc' Signmems Philip E. Edelman I6 ASSOCIATE EDITORS Alfred M'loyoo'l5, Assistant BUSINESS STAFF Donald D. Gilbert ,I3 Guilford A. Morse 'l5 Loiel S. Ryan 'I2, Business Allen L. Moore 'l4 Charles M. Dale 'IS Manager Y Cyrus Sl Kauffman 'l5 Marshall L. Dunn 'IS Henry Cl- HOCIZPP 14, ASSiSf- Albm J. Robertson 'IS William J- F- Bingen '13 am Carl W, painter 'l5 john Ihle 'I4 BOARD OF PUBLISHERS john S. Shadbolt 'IS President, Edgar F. Zelle 'DEPAR-"N'E'NT? Ethel A. Curry 'I4 Secretary, Donald D. Gilbert Fredeflclc J- Weefslng 15, Gladys C. Lenning 'IS Henry Matchett Afhletlcs Mae P. Chesnut 'I4 Frank Galleghar jeanette Welch 'IS, Society Marie Meland 'I4 Isalinda Miller 'I4, Ex- J. Burns Allen 'IS changes Leo E. Streeter 'I6 Katherine Nelson '14, Wo- Sigurd Ueland 'Io men's Interests PUBLICATIONS Merle Potter ' I 6 359 Rexford Shield Reuben johnson james H. Baker Prof. joseph W. Beach Prof. james B. Miner A -..W IDL. I V A... ... ..,..-.--...- - A wxbjfv-, I K ,W G IQ CQIJH ER minnesota 'Engineers l Montgomery DeBooy Milne Ovestrud Morse Webster Thurston Mahoney McCartney President, W. Mahoney Vice-President, H. H. Thurs- ton Treasurer, D. W. Webster Secretary, F. McCartney EDITORIAL STAFF Editor in Chief, A. Mont- gomery Civil Editor, Cx. A. Morse Mechanical Editor, M. Ove- strud Electrical Editor, C. A. Dows Business Manager, R. Milne Assistant Manager, J, C. De- Booy PUBLICATIONS 360 im ' - ,,,...-w-ff ...Q fx.-..,, , K A ia-f.c.,,,,,,,.f1 Elm W LY M CALL 7, 35545 QCD PH 1112. Ebe Ullinne-T1'fa-f1'1'fa Quigley McLean Ainsworth McGraw Rypi ns Gunnarson C. M. Smith C. B. Smith Anderson Editor Cedric B. Smith E, 1915 Business Manager Carl W. Smith, 1913 Art Editor Arthur H. Anderson, E 1915 Business Agent Dow 1. Sears, E 1915 Circulation Manager Robert McLean, Ag 1915 PUBLICATIONS Board of Associate Editors and Artists Carl A. Cxunnarson, E 1915 Harold Rypins, 1914 Thomas Q. Quigley, E 1915 Rodney Ainsworth, 1914 james C. McGraw, 1915 Ranthus B. Fouch, D 1914- Assistant Circulation Mana- ger Daniel C. Sullivan, M 1917 K 361 N-were mu., .. 1--ur.v..,.,. u'1f:mr1.w,g'.':'fLm-am,X.,,,,,n,,,r,,.,.,,1:s-""a"' " W E 1 A 'QEHQ GQPHER 1, Dba 1914 Gopher ffboarb emo Staff I Renville Rankin, Managing Harvey Hoshour, Business Editor Manager Allen Moore, Advertising Clarence O'Gordon, Manager Asst. Adv. Mgr. THE BOARD Renville Rankin, Chairman REPRESENTATIVES I ACADEMIC AGRICULTURE ENGINEERING LAW l Dorothy Gilbert Spencer Cleland Fletcher Rockwood Raymond Ziesemer Donald Pomeroy THE STAFF Norman Mitchell, Editor in Chief l l EDITORS 1 ii FEATURE Ben Webster Catherine Leland ALBUM Gertrude Prindle Gladys Harrison, Assistant ACADEMIC ASSOCIATES ATHLETICS Harold Rypins CHIEF ARTIST Walter Nelson ORGANIZATIONS Marjorie Mix ASS1STANT5 Seiforde Stellwagen Hale Crilly George Geib Bessie Kesson, Assistant Margaret Heinemann Caroline Sheire Donald Ricker, Assistant john McGee Arthur Anderson DEPARTMENT REPRESENTATIVES AGRICULTURE ELECTRICAL DENTISTRY Felix Sehneldefhan john Putz Lee Sweitzer HOME ECONOMICS MINES PHARMACY Agnes Webster Howard Eidemiller U FORESTRY CHEMISTRY Hwy Wmman Kenneth Braden Guilford Morse LAW ENGINEERING, CIVIL MEDICINE Charles Simpson Howard Weigel Thomas Myers PUBLICATIONS 362 RQ Q CQPHER Elie Qopber 55oar6 anb Staff Gdb Sdmededmn E.Pomewy Ckhnd Eidemiller D. Pomeroy Ziesemer Sweitzer Putz Rypins Stellwagen McGee A. Webster O'Gordon Morse Nelson Harrison Crilly Gilbert Leland Kesson Mix Heinemann Sheire Moore Rockwood Hoshour Rankin Mitchell B. Webster Ricker Myers PUBLICATIONS 363 KX ,W "z-kt' ,jf-'W'-1'-H'-sf-+f' ,, , E562 GQIJH ER minnesota Tcxlumni Tfxssociation "Seed of the westerning conquest, sons of restless sires, From her stern breasts they drew them strength to win them their desires. Rank with the sweat of fighting, grim with battle stain, They turn to their Alma Mater to thank her yet again." Lewis Gilman, Law, AOS. To Every Student of the University: You will some day be, even though you may not complete your college course, eligible to membership in the General Alumni Association of the Uni- versity. This association is organized for two purposes- To unite the alumni To serve the University The General Alumni Association has a record for service, unique among similar associations in the country today. It has brought about effective con- certed action ofthe alumni in behalf of the University, has won the confidence and support of the people of the State by standing for full and free publicity in all matters affecting the University, was the dominant factor in the campaign that secured the release of the University from the supervision of the Board of Control, initiated the movement for the "greater campus" and helped to secure the necessary appropriations, initiated and helped to promote the movement that resulted in putting the salaries of University professors upon an approxi- mately fair basis. You appreciate the fact that you are receiving an education largely at public expense, you feel the consequent obligation which this fact entails, you intend to be a loyal alumnus, there is and can be but one test of loyaltyfthat is service. To make your work count you must associate yourself with those who are doing things for the University. An ounce of organized loyalty outweighs a ton of unorganized good will. There are two ways in which you can identify yourself with the work of the General Alumni Association when you leave the University- Clj By becoming a life member, QZD By subscribing for the Minnesota Alumni Weekly. In future years, when you have come to realize that your college days can live again only in memory, you will prize the fact that the Minnesota Alumni Weekly affords you a means of keeping those memories fresh, and that the General Alumni Association enables you to make some real return to the Uni- versity for all the benefits you have received. If you are to retain the good things which come from your college associa- tions you must become a regular reader of the Weekly-your only means of keeping in touch with the men and women who have made your college days mean so much in your life. Our office is 202 Library Building. If we can serve you in any way do not hesitate to call upon usw-we live to serve. THE GENERAL ALUMNI ASSOCIATION E. B. JOHNSON, Secretary. PUBLICATIONS 364 L ii.. A L K Jax Fm m,,,,,......--. NURS- --vacuum., MAE., ,wnww-Hwfgft' l l kg E562 CCDPH ER MWIELIKUMRQY "k...,.5 " KQHQ CQPHEF JAMES B. WOOLNOUGH lst Lieut. U. S. A. Graduate of West Point Commandant of U. of M. Cadet Corps L v V-,Q ,... ---- --x-'-"""W'e pawn my-'jf-M 'AN " in '-fm-1--r .,, In x J 4 f r X 1' w l 1 - , -X -.. Scabbaro emo Blaoe Company "B" Established l905 Methven Wilson Buenger Smith Moore Lambert Rehnke Lovering Bailey Mariette Doermann Benham Gillam Swanman Woolnough R. Wilson Stevenson Gilbert MILITARY HONORARY 367 ,...-....,... W, .. 1,.,,vnhm W 'Fm r-W --,...,.,.,,, F, fias- W5. , -5, .4 .fx -. 4. if 4. A ,Q .21 Sr 2f..',1i l .vs-, . 5, bw-Ti., -.:' - 1-. YJL is.- V in-7,r.-4. :vi 1 lf. iii 16. ii.: EE .. 33? is A i ft. ri? 3 ll 2 .5 r 's il' 1 Q.. my .- 1. wig: ,wgi . 'li if 2.3.2 E92 32 ,fig .232 if 522151- 6 , UPC 'Gigs GOPH ER Ebe Mniversity Band ROSTRUM Captains: B. A. Rose CHonoraryD J. J. Stratte, Chief Musician First Lieutenants: Carroll Nelson, Drum Major Sidney Stadsvold, Principal Musician Glen Gullickson Second Lieutenants: J. E. Bergquist O. L. Danek R. H. Milne T. R. Jerdee First Sergeant: E. H. McGonagle Sergeants: L. C. Bruslatten E. R. Bullis C. A. Oppel B. A. Rosenthal A. T. Watzke Corporals: W. L. Broker J. E. R. R. H. L. R. A. M. Curran O. Ellison W. Peterson Snyder L. Stoner G. Grant S. Wilkes L. Gausewitz Privates: F. L. Anderson M. L. Bishop H. E. Cammack O. R J. P. Brewster C. Colby Collar L. W. Faetkenheuer H. N. Hendricks L. G. Hetland G M. Hicks L. W. Hough N K. Jones l. O. Juvrud G. Kindseth W. C. Kalash N. Lovgren 368 D K P. C. A. l. F. C. E. Lyon J. Mertz W. Morton C. Muller T. Mueller A. Nelson G. Olbrich L. Pegelow H. L. Peterson F. O. Peterson R. E. Porter S. Rauch K. C. Reed P. J. Rempel E. Sunby T. E. Sullivan R. E. Swanson T. Thorson O. Torgeson S. A. Lllland L. E. Vrooman W. H. Webber M. B. Zeien H. H. Wade M. E. Asher MILITARY 1 ..5 .si ' inf' - J... IRR It 'l .f - .. ..2. jar xii fy. 'K -,ls 2 - TCJ 'SEQ GCDPH ER Bugle Corps P. Dean, H. L. Sill, L. W. Morrow, M. J. Shapiro, A. E. Hill, L. Tannehill, H. Wahlquest, W.,West1-up, F. M. Jalinek. R. E. Rypins, G. C. Gould, A. J. Carlson, W. A. VonHagen, C. G. Swendsen, G. C. Ganly, N. Lussier, A. Larson, L. A. Rossiter. J. S. Shadbolt, L. E. Edelstein, C. Moody, W. R. Mitchell, K. J. Mertz, Captain and Chief Trumpeter, W. A. Johnson, C. D. Wild, T. C. Carlson, B. S. Cleveland. MILITARY 369 - I5 ...L .F ,. A .M - Fr, nf us 4 ., 4 qw. :J-15? . ' 4. IU'Z'L1f mf. 1 :fiff ,- . aj.i:.., eg' Q., .,W.,- 5 l ,H ,gmff 1351.5 .K .x ' "'fy.l' 1 V ' lil rLs.v154" 1. is 5 -.w,4f:9 . .,,+ Q GCFPH ER IC. of 522. G. G. OFFICERS Colonel, Robert Wilson Lieutenant Colonel, S. S. Gillam Cadet Major, I. C. Swanman Cadet Major, C. F. Benham Cadet Major, C. B. Rydell CAPTAINS J. A. Stevenson H. J. Doermann W. H. Bailey H C. H . D. Lovering W. Smith . T. Lambert M. O. Nelson C. A. Rehnke H D. G. P. H J. J. S. Villars Gilbert P. Plaisance W. Thayer A. Warner H. Gammell Stratte P. A. Mariette C. S. Hixon K. J. Mertz FIRST LIEUTE L. C. Boss E. F. Tibbling F. L. Boutelle D. Wilson J. F. Waterman A. Buenger A. R. Shiely W. H. Crt NANTS 370 H. L. Goss A. Moore J. H. Putz G. E. Blanchette H. W. Meyer C. A. Shannon A. W. Gauger T. G. Methven C. Nelson H. Mikesh S. Stadsvold F. Rockwood G. Gulickson ,....- -ul Y SECOND LIEUTENANTS H. N. Weigel C. A. Russell C. A. Gunnarson J. L. Hartney L. J. Larson I. A. Schmidt H. P. Chaffee R. H. Milne A. Miller O. L. Danek . W4PVatten 151 J. E. Bergquist R. E. Waldron H. Clarke E. Rollman C. E. Tupper W. A. Babcock Z. B. Wells F. Weiss H. R. Denny W. Kennedy SFX . MILITARY S Wm- E662 GGPH ER Kniversily of minnesota Cabal Corps ChaFfee Russell Tupper Waldron Larson Schmidt Shannon Clerk Rollmann Hartney Patton Weigel Blanchette Mertz Goss Methven Buenger Boss Wilson Ott Gilbert Moore Warner Lambert Rehnke Bailey Villars Smith Mariette Gammell Thayer Nelson Rydell Benham Gillam Wilson Woolnough Swanman Stevenson Lovering MILITARY 371 fi. ,E SEQ QQPHER l -tr Dba Crack Squao 'Watt McLean Dale Olsen Aasland joyce Foque Sogard Michelson Meyer Townsend Methven Wells Putz Bailey Gauger Plank Shiely MEMBERSHIP: Herbert W. Meyer Captain, William H. Bailey Arnold Michelson Christopher Aasland Lorn Campbell Charles M. Dale Edwin N. Foque Alfred W. Gauger Alfred M. joyce Earle D. McKay Robert N. McLean Theron G. Methven 372 Russell W. Morse Leslie R. Olsen Howard G. Plank john H. Putz Albert R. Shiely Theodore L. Sogard Sprague P. Townsend Harmon H. Watt Zelora B. Wells MILITARY fi ik-..J Ego CCPHER Signal Corps Stanford Nolte Standenmaier Sturre Lutz Ross DeVey Brandon Lovering Clark Kane Caldwell Beach Bjorge Wilcox Hovde Edelman Boyum Cole Graven Strong Hubichek johnson Van Valkenburg Waldron MILITARY 373 ff QW if 1 " 'X sv e' 1- -. 'Wa- Jug.: iw!! Q4 J .t . 5 E L vga a i 1,5 Ego COPH ER Kniversily Rifle Club A government rifle club organized january 10, 1911, and affiliated with the National Rifle Association of America. 1ts purpose is to encourage and promote military rifle shooting among the male students of the institution. 1t is in a Flourishing condition and has twenty-nine active and ninety-three asso- ciate members. OFFICERS President, Willis H. Ott Vice-President, Oscar A. Soderholm Treasurer, lst Lieut. J. B. Woolnough, 21st 1n1'. U. S. A. Secretary, Charles B. Rydell Executive Officer, W. F. Rhinow Team Captain, Edwin Rollmann The University club medal for 1912 was won by E. Rollmanng that for 1911 by Charles Rydell. 1912 Expert Riflemen 1912 Sharpshooters Outdoor Team Match Shot May 26, 1912 C. L. Hawke E. Rollmann O. Bremer Lamereaux 130 L. j. Larson A. S. Rosvold P. L. Keene Larson 123 M. O. Nelson C. B. Rydell H. Krogh Peterson 128 W. H. Ott R. Skagerberg T. G. Methven Rollmann 123 W. W. Peterson A. O. Soderholm W. Cm. Nuessle Rydell 131 E. Stadig sl. Sandvig Stadig 127 Team total 762 The indoor team won second place in the western league last year, losing only to lowa. This year Minnesota has a good chance to win the championship, as lowa has been beaten already. Outdoors Minnestoa far surpasses all other universities. Of the men qualifying among educational institutions in 1912, this university had all the eleven expert riflemen, six of the ten sharpshooters, and 96 of the 188 marksmen. That is, Minnesota qualified more men as marlcsmen than all the other colleges and universities put together. 374 1 fi CA., PT 1 4 l V '--run-a-r M-J 275562 CQIJHER Uiifle Club Countryman Lameraeux Oien Bittridge McKay Keen Wild Holmberg Sewell Garies Sontag Peterson Hodnett Scott Skagerbergv Warner Larson Rollman Rhinow Rydell Woolnough Nelson Ott Smith MILITARY 375 f 9 A, ,,., , N-,.,,.,4.,,,,,.,..v ,WM--W' ' -2 M-ff LM., LM.. . 1 3 3 T 1 1 1 E 1. :F Q? W 3 f 3 ,Aff gi 5 ea . -- - 3 2. r K: 2 Al 4 QI iff 1 ag 'E 1 2 3 1 5 q , . X Q , 15 ' 'f-""' Q A xi' ii 'Q fl ,E , , ,if xx 1 My ' E1 v Ng-f'i.6'75'."5 I P ,fii ax A .XX W l 5 4 ,,. . ,. 5 Q5 5 Y Q if x , 'ig 'L M N - 4 Xxx Xxx! ix ' -A 1 at X M.-X41 , 'r 4 rib u ,f .,....i g ', X j il ,Q 1 .. f ' 3 f X11 Q' E ' - V 51 HQ 4" 7, I SI - .1957 ' QI In H -Qi, 2. 551' 43,2 .Q ff 2, ' . "Liz --f, Ziff' X ifwf' Y F' KQ V 1 r. , 113.2 .K Q' fi - "Li 5 Q 1' - 2, -'ff WF' x 4 ' 4, r i? fig 1 ,1 1 If -' i cs, 21 ig Q :Q , - ' X s 1 A ,. 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'1 U A 'G36 Q Gill H ER ff 13 Y MEN at XVXINNESQTA F l 1915 in Erdall, Arthur Law Day Football Fournier, joseph Pharmacy Football T Husby, lngvar Agriculture Basketball 1 Jorgensen, Harry Agriculture Basketball 1 Lambert, Howard Law Day Track C25 Shaughnessy, Clarke Law Day Football, Track , Solem, Oscar Law Day Football Stadsvold, Francis Law Day Basketball ' Stellwagen, Seiforde Law Day Tennis, Captain 7 1916 ll johnson, Reuben Medicine Basketball CZJ Football McKeon, Joseph Medicine Basketball Ostrom, George Mines Football if ll Sutton, George Medicine Baseball l 378 X 'i hum W 1 .X LJ F 'C-SEQ QQQPHER X V' 3' UIIIII il Il ll IIIIII U All' ' I . n rf11llll!Ei1l"W""W " "" """"""""'""""""""' E iii '"""""""""""" U "l' ,."'1 ""' "" 3""'il3iiiii' "" """""" , .,, Q nk, ' E W W H1- wMnaaffnfwwvz M Wm ff"l"' 'Mm R is aff, w , kan 1' iii Mu ww ,Vi . I ' i i fQQ IA Ii V fu ,I 1 Ei, Hrww J, . ff! 11 E ' , M 1 ,ff .fl , Q! fm . . 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Ebe Games At Northrop Field At Northrop Field At Northrop Field At Northrop Field At Northrop Field At Northrop Field At Marshall Field Minnesota Minnesota Minnesota Minnesota Minnesota Minnesota Minnesota 381 f'3., South Dakota Ames O. Nebraska O. lowa 7. lllinois O. Wisconsin 14. Chicago 7. IO I 3 N, ,li 22. Wav' Alfred Biermann, Mines, '14 Right Half -Ns -.-W , ,4- 'k..J SEQ CQPHER LUXTON JOURNAL Lawrence Lawler Pharmacy, '14- Right Half 382 f"'Lw joseph Fournier Pharmacy, '15 Left End , :+- LUXTON JOURNAL Donald Aldworth Captain-Elect Forestry, '14- Right End ll G54-2 GCPHER LUXTON JOURNAL George Ostrom Mines, '16 Left Guard 383 GFX 'r LUXTON JOURNAL Boleslaus Rosenthal Academic, '14 Right Guard "x..J E563 CQPHER LUXTON JOURNAL Paul Tobin, Capt. Forestry, '14 Fullback ' 'x ""Y'91,., 4... LUXTON JOURNAL Lynn Robertson Agriculture, '14 Center LUXTON JOURNAL Herman Hayward Forestry, '14- Quarterback 384 I5 be-7+ LUXTON JOURNAL Arthur Erdall Law Day, 'IS ESQ GQPH ER WSJ t Right Half LUXTON JOURNAL William McAlmon Law Night, 'I4 Left Half .l 1 385 FN LUXTON JOURNAL Clarke Shaughnessy Law Day, '15 Right Tackle 5. A , . i H, LUXTON JOURNAL Oscar Solem Law Day, '15 Left Tackle 7 K..J E52 CCPHER LUXTON JUURNAL Arthur Raymond Dentistry, 'I3 Left End 386 Emmons Sawyer Academic, '14 Left Tackle LUXTON JOURNAL faic LJ C7362-2 CCDPHER 'Elie Season in 'ffootball HE football season of 1912 may be divided into three periods: the non-expectant period up to the Nebraska game, the stage of marvel- ling that lasted from that victory through the lllinois game, and the period of perseverance with which the Minnesota team ended a season that caused even the old-timers to gasp with astonishment. Through these different stages of development, Minnesota football hopes rose from apathy, through unbelieving wonderment, to confidence in the ultimate success of a team which completed a remarkable season with a tenaciousness that was admirable, even in defeat. Minnesota football followers expected nothing last August. Dr. H. L. Williams, head coach, may have had some idea of making a real team out of Captain Paul Tobin and the green material he had, all that was left of the season of l9l l, but even he had to admit that Minnesota was starting the season with the poorest outlook she had had in years. Complying with the Western Confer- ence rules, which prohibit practice before September 20, Dr. Williams could not issue his call for candidates for an earlier date, although South Dakota was scheduled for a game on Saturday of the following week. Forty-eight can- didates answered the first call, but only twenty-three were scholastically clean, although others would be given an opportunity later of passing "con exams." Coach Henderson and his Dakota squad, which had been in training for three weeks with the sole idea of defeating Minnesota, descended upon Northrop Field full of the expectation of staging a circus for the edification of their few followers. Dr. Williams called on Raymond and Aldworth to play the ends, Solem, accustomed to an end position, and Shaughnessy, to work at the tackles, 387 C fi Y, .wr-I., ,i 1 V4 rf ,hh .. I .L 1, ,F ,.,s . 5 a f aggfgij' . gwh, gt. Fill? 'fl C, 4 -:'7 r .Mg rg :gf , f A? ' Hn, ' x 3 Q? .XF ,. J5. fir? 189 N, f -was KJ 66562 CCDPHER . lhle and Calloway as guards, Robertson, he sta- tioned at centerg Hayward, quarterback, Tollefson and Erdall, left and right halves, respectively, and Captain Paul Tobin, as fullback. This eleven, composed almost wholly of green material, suc- ceeded in holding the South Dakota team to a IO to O victory. Hurriedly Dr. Williams pointed the team for the Ames game the following Saturday, well know- ing that Minnesota could not afford to stand two defeats by minor teams, either from the stand- point of her football reputation, or from the busi- ness manager's point of view. Rosenthal was shifted to Calloway's place at guard, Tollefson was given the reins at quarter, and McAlmon shifted to Tollefson's place at left half. With this combi- nation, Dr. Williams strengthened his defence, and in the third quarter Tollefson drop-kicked a goal from the I8-yard line. Captain "Buck" Hurst of Ames, receiving a punt in the final quarter near his own goal line, stepped back over the line, touched the ball to the ground, and gave Minne- sota an additional two points, on the safety that was intended to be a touchback. Hayward's splendid run of forty-eight yards through the center of the Ames' line, made possible Tollefson's kick. The Ames "Aggies" could not penetrate the Minnesota defence, and the game ended 5 to O in Minnesota's favor. LUXTON JOURNAL Still the Minnesota followers did not expect much in the way of a winning team. The Ames' score had been altogether too close, and it was plain that the team would have to be improved immensely in order to prevent Coach Stiehm's aggregation from defeating the Minnesota eleven. The two weeks that inter- vened between the Ames and Nebraska games were utilized to their utmost. At a mass meeting called by the Rooter's Club, Dr. Williams made a stirring appeal for heavy material. Weight, he declared, was what was needed. Weight was found in the person of George Ostrom, a sophomore Miner, who tipped the scales at 238, and he was given a place on the line. Emmons Sawyer went in at left tackle, in place of Solem, who dislocated his left arm in practice, and Art Erdall was placed at right half, with McAlmon as his running mate. Tom Shevlin, Bert Page, Powers, Larkin, Safford, Davies, Stevens, Rosenwald, Pettijohn, Morrell, and other alumni turned out to assist Dr. Williams, Sig Harris, and johnny McGovern. 388 cf fi P W w'x...,j , ,, QQPHER 1' N N ' fi 'n5auiAIN U' 'I ff ' 5 !'.."'y " W lx 4 ' :"' E? N ' "" V V i:'f'4'l-.Jia 'il 1 1 , ' W N'--- ,"Q ,. "' .dw M me J' " " g A gn' V V 'H' i - - Yi . M "1 W Q 'H -2, " A 2 - -, Q . 1 Q -if ' g. ,, wr , 1 :4 gil . , Q- g , ww. 1 QW. f- -zmf' ,Ag ' Q, .1 1 M . X , "' ' 'V 'Y f 5 fl 'fy f'X,,., Q ' 1:25 5709, A 1-4' M ff . 'f 1 H X1 13' " - n"'w'.,,a-'g'1T'?5,p' ' 'W' 'J , - -5 V 9 ' 'fi 4 'Hx A-, 'KX "va . Q4 5, 'V 'A ,vp A 'fi af Q4 ,-N E, 4 X . H 4 . 1 , ' , -fw , ' f- ,, A K f - Aff, - 1 ' - , , f ' ,V ' . - 7 4, A 'guH"., W frf, xvfv. ,,,, Af K:-M -'gf ,gf j,l, . , '- . ' m K + . , ,A , , V- .'..M2f:g4L ,L , Q15 . - Luxron MPLS. .1oufmAL 389 ix fx. T LJ ,-.ff SEQ CQlJl'lliR l Ten thousand spectators marvelled at the class of football displayed in the unexpected victory over Nebraska. Despite the twenty pounds' preponderance in weight of the Ne- braska line over their opponents, Dr.Williams administered a crushing defeat in the last half of a football battle that did credit to Northrop Field's reputation as a battle ground for gridiron giants. McAlmon, intercepting a forward pass on his own three-yard line, ran ninety-seven yards through a broken field for a touchdown. The work of Minne- sota's machine was marvelous, for the team had indeed developed into a machine capable of striking with speed, power, and certainty. McAlmon's touchdown, which came in the final quarter, was preceded by a touchdown in the third period. With the ball on Minne- sota's sixteen-yard line, Minnesota held for downs, and using Tobin, Erdall and McAlmon alternately, the ball was carried down to withina few inches of Nebraska's goal, over which McAlmon plunged a moment later for the first score of the game. Minnesota's heroic stand on her own five-yard line in the final quarter, before the run that settled the outcome of the game, was one of the finest exhibitions of defensive football ever witnessed at Northrop Field. After Mac's phenomenal run, Tollefson kicked the goal that brought the score up to I3 to O in Minnesota's favor. Encouraged by Minnesota's marvelous improvement, followers of Gopher football boldly pinned their faith in a Western championship team. The lowa game on October 26th fed that expectation. lowa was flattened out by a verit- able steam roller, that rolled up fifty-six points to her seven. Minnesota's team work dazzled the spectators, McAlmon again starred, but his success was made possible largely by the clever brain work which every man on the team put into the game. Tollefson's generalship was superb, and with the aggregation which Dr. Williams had built up around this field general, Minnesota's chances for the Western LUXTON JOURNAL LUXTON JOURNAL 3 90 I1 A 1 LQ Ergo COPHER LUXTON JOU RNAL championship grew by leaps and bounds. Before the game was over every man on the team, with the exception of Shaughnessy, had been taken out, in order to give the substitutes experience in a big game. This move was made, LUXTON JOURNAL however, in the fourth quarter, after Minnesota had already scored forty-nine points to lowa's nothing. To speak of the individual work in connection with this victory would approach unfairness, for the splen- did victory was due to the fact that every man on the squad put his soul into the light. On the morning of the lllinois game, November 2nd, Tollefson's disbarment was announced by the faculty. "Pinky" Hayward, the doughty little reserve on whom Dr. Williams had relied on previous occa- sions, was put in at quarter, and despite the very few days' practice which he had been given, ran the team with courage and steady headwork. Coach Hall's Illini found Minnesota impregnable, and the best the visitors could do was to hold our team to a I3 to O victory. lt was during this game that Erdall broke an ankle, which, unfortunately, put him out of the game for the rest of the season, his place being taken by "Bee" Lawler. McAlmon carried the ball on both of Minnesota's touchdowns, and Hayward kicked the goal. The air was tense with excitement as Minnesota prepared for the crucial struggle with Wisconsin, which was scheduled for Northrop Field on Novem- ber 16th. WhileMinnesota had been defeatinglllinois 391 .fi Q GOPH ER l3 to O, Wisconsin had triumphed over Stagg's Mar- oons, turning a 30 to l2 trick, and putting Chicago out of the running for the Western Conference champion- ship. Fournier supplanted Raymond in Dr. Williams' line-up for this game, while Bierman took the injured Erdall's position at right half. Ticket scalping, made easy by the fact that admission with the exception of standing room was all sold out five days before the game, enhanced the excitement attendant on this event. Visitors from all over the Northwest and special trains of students from Madison poured on to the campus to join the already over-crowded lines that were pushing their way through the several field gates. The weather-god smiled. The teams trotted on to LUXTONJOURNAL the field, Wisconsin clearly the heavier aggregation, especially behind the line. The Minnesota hymn, followed by the sharp "U-Rah-Rah, Wis-con-sinl", the kick-off, and the game was onl With snap and precision, each team, as it charged with the ball, met another equally well set and hard hitting line. Minnesota hopes, high at the beginning of the second quarter, sank with Tanberg's ram-like battering against the line and Van Riper's successful slides off tackle. Aided by a 15-yard penalty, Wiscon- sin soon scored a touchdown. A moment later, recovering a fumbled punt, Wisconsin executed a couple of well directed forward . A y passes and scored another touchdown. Score: l4 to O. From then on the game was a bitter struggle, with Minnesota ever so slowly but surely pressing back the ' veteran Badgers. Starting from her own twenty-yard line in the last quarter, Minnesota, using McAlmon and Bierman on tackle shift formations, pounded her way down the field. Five, eight and ten yards went by at a clip, Tobin's superb hammering opening holes in the line for his running mates. Down to Wisconsin's ten- yard line the Gophers pushed their opponents, with twenty thousand frantic rooters, mad with excitement, yelling "Touch-down." ln the midst of the turmoil arose the shrill sound of the whistle, giving Wisconsin a clear title to the Conference championship. Weight and experience had given them the victory. Tired from the continual exertion of having to play as a team pointed for each game throughout the season, Minnesota's worn-out players met defeat when LUXTON JOURNAL 392 -H ----- f w I-X V -nn-su VV' 2? 1 i . ..Y-. P. K. ---.... 1f....,....1 'bww-.....n.1. Vs Q72 XE- A LUXTON JOURNAL 393 fi LUXTON JOURNAL H, f-, 2 i i 75,3 vw. - i ,J , 1,1 . , P... cf-Ui" ' F5562 QCDPH ER LU XTON JOURNAL they went to Chicago a week later. Stagg's men had had two weeks rest and on a wet and slip- pery field proved too much for the Minnesota team. A forward pass and tricky end run spelled Minnesota's 7 to O defeat. To the casual observer in the stands, Captain Paul Tobin played a minor part in the seasonis football history, due to the fact that he seldom carried the ball, but to those who stood behind the scenes, it was apparent that the doughty captain deserved far more praise than the newspapers gave him credit for. Tobin was the life of the teamfthe worst that could be said of him was that he was uncertain in carrying the ball. ln practice, hot and tired on the field, in the games, he was always the same, fighting, encouraging his men and driving them on. To the "scrubs" also, who made the construction of a Minnesota team possible by their unflagging devotion and willing- ness to take the hammering of the heavier varsity men, due credit must be given. Words do not suffice to express their worth, but when Minne- sota is winning the game next fall on which hangs the Western championship, stop for a moment and give a thought to the "scrubs." fClarence Shannon, Academic, 'l4. 1 I 394 III II 'k.J ESQ GQPIIER I III IIIIII IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIfIIIIIIIIIII'II'IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII1I:IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!!!II..L1IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII:I:IiIIIIfI.I.II:IIIIIIEIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIQIIWIIIIIIIIIIEEIffI'IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII XIII!!! I III I-II IX' 'XIII X """'II'IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII IIIIIIIIIIIIIII IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII III IIX I IIIIII II III IIIII Il 'III IIIIIIIIII IIIIIIIIIIII XXI .IIIIII III I II ' -'III-IIIII' III' I IIIII I II I . I I I , II I . IIIJI I 'I II III II IIII I I IIIII I II Xi ' 'I XXIIIIIII IIIIIII .I III I' I III III I 'IIIIIIII II III II ' ly II . IIIIIIIIII I II ,III I' I IIIIIII III III ' I III III IIII, . III.-. I II I IIIIII IIHIII II I II I IIIII III II Ii IIIIIIIIP III II I IIIIII-:III I I I IIIIIIII I' ' IIIII .I . II' II ,I I II I III I", ' III If. I IIIII IIII :I I IFIII I I I III .I I I, .I I ' III ' III: I II , II .I I . III II I II III... . X IIII' IIIXIIIIIIX II I II IIIIIII IIIII I III II I I IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII ' X I IIIIII IIIIIIIIIIIIII 'IiiiIiiIIIiiIIIIiiiIiIiIIII""" I I I I I III IIII II II IIII IIIII III I I II I IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII X ' -I --"I IIIIII XXI"X I III I I XII b I IIIII I 'III' II '. I I X IIIIIIII X IIIIIIIIIIIII ,. I. I I I.. ,II , .. I I., II. I I V III' IIIIIIIIII. I I, In I .I I SIII-' Iv? IIIIIIIF, ' , ,I-', 'I I II' I IfI'I'i,XIII5XI ' I "II ,IIII IIIX X 'IIII'II""'IX' 9 III- -IIIII MIIIIX I I I ' XXI ' I 'TI III IIIII I II I . II! I II I IIIIII " II I l .II .III I III III' ,I IIESIIXXX 'I I II. ,IIIIIII III.IIII'f1IIf'II.I III . IIIIII I II I MMIII' III' II ,vll ' II III :IIIIIII X' II IIXIiILT"' IIIII I I IiI:IIIIII""'-III IIII""IIIIIIIIIII I I I 'II IIIIIIIIIXV ,IIN XXIII ' XIX' XXXK IIII ,III I IIII I I I "I ' II 'IIIIIIII I. II....I I ...IIIIiiiiiIIIIIiI'I'- I IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII' ....IIIIIIIIIIIIIII .IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII.'Ii II I I IIIIII IIIIIIIIIIIIII I I I II I I I III I I III, I I " ' 'II 'I"'I I ,III I I If II.: I I III IIII II' I I I!I IIIII I I Im I . III! I I I . IIIIIQIIIIII I III I .I .II . I I- II 'III I'I"'II II III I .IILH II I I I I"IIII-M IIIIIIIIII Ii' I III XXIXIXII' I I. I- IIIIIII' III II I II. I. II im?-1' . . I III, I I IIII XX ...III I II. If III' IIIIIl"f'I I ' 'IIIIII III. ,III III IIIIII II III MII , IIIIIIIIIIIIIII . IIIII I I ",'IIII?f'I I IIIIIIIIIIIIIII. I .. II' I I I I III IIIII I II ,. II I .II I III, III IIIII I III II IIII. II -I II I I I II II II I II I II II' I II I II I 'II' I: SZIII II I I II I. I IIIIIIIIIIIIIIiiiiiiIIIIIIiiiIII.Q"f' I gg' i I WJ I-'Jil , -If ' QI' A I I I I 'I-I-Ialiiaf'-Raz.g'I I . If-I,g.3sLI+4g'I1'f I r I ' Hiilffff' I I ra I If.,-1 .5 ,.,','g. If:-,jg 4: 1425, Q ,4-. 52,1 I ',gf,'1 '-4' Y -V! -L " , MII 3,0 .IIIj-iw I Q ish' I, Iggfargfj' I. I-4 ' 9:5155 I I. . 5 13.355 113 4 I?..,,.1HI" 4 :QI J' Wg, fa, 355231 gs... I I . . V . awgg-A I A 5- ix !" . I wr" II I I IW I ' I ,N I ' I .3 A Kj N no ESQ GQPHER W jorgenson McBean CMgr.J Husby Sawyer Cooke CCoachJ Smith McKeon Lawler Wipperman johnson Stadsvold 396 Fk..J7i ESQ GQPHER l Ebe Beam Center: Wipperman Forwards Lawler, McKeon, Smith Guards: Husby, Johnson, jorgenson, Sawyer, Stadsvold Obe Games jan. 18 At Minnesota Minnesota ll Wisconsin l9. Feb. 7 At Purdue Minnesota 29, Purdue 27. Feb. 8 At lllinois Minnesota 12, lllinois l9. Feb. l4 At Chicago Minnesota 9, Chicago 23. Feb. 15 At lowa Minnesota 26 lowa IO. Feb. 22 At Minnesota Minnesota lO lllinois 20. Feb. 25 At Wisconsin Minnesota ll, Wisconsin 29. March l At Minnesota Minnesota 16 Chicago 20. March 3 At Minnesota Minnesota 8, Purdue 23. March 7 At Minnesota Minnesota 9, lowa 12. :Review of the Season N reviewing the basketball season of l9l2-13 we may as well admit at once the painful truth that this year's record is the poorest ever made by a Minnesota team. And yet, in view of the adverse cir- cumstances which were encountered at every turn, the work of the team cannot be called discreditable. We began the season with green material, but after six weeks of hard practice Dr. Cooke had developed a team which gave promise of being one ofthe strongest that had ever represented Minnesota. Rube johnson and Stadsvold were playing a wonderful game at guard, while Lawler, at forward, was also a star. ln the first Conference game the veteran Wisconsin team was outclassed in Hoor play, and had not nervousness spoiled 397 1 P+ IK. lj 'SEQ comin l the shooting of the Minnesota men, we should have won easily. As it was, after missing shot after shot, we finally lost the game. Nebraska was taken into camp easily the next week, and shortly after came the first trip into the enemy's country. Purdue was our first opponent, and although Stadsvold was disabled for the rest of the season in this game, we succeeded in winning by a 29 to 27 score, after Purdue, urged on by the frantic crowd, had repeatedly tied the score. This was the team's best game of the season. All the men played splendidly. The Purdue men looked on Lawler and McKeon as wizards, while Wipperman played the best game of his career, getting five baskets. The loss of Stadsvold and the strain of the Purdue game told on the men, and they lost to lllinois the next night, by a score of l9 to l2. Our next trip was even more disastrous. Chicago was our first opponent, and just fifty seconds after the whistle had blown johnson's arm was broken. McKeon was also injured in this game, and Chicago won as she pleased. With only two regulars in the line-up, the outcome of the lowa game seemed dubious, but Lawler, Wipperman and Chauncey Smith all played great ball, and Minne- sotals last victory of the season, by a score of 26 to lO, was the result. About the rest of the season, the less said the better. Against Chicago and Wisconsin the team played splendidly, and made their heavier opponents fight every inch of the way. Against Purdue, lllinois and lowa the play was erratic, and we deserved to lose. A total of two Conference games won and eight lost was the net result. Of the individual work of the men, much that is good can be said. Rube johnson, while he was in the game, probably ranked as the best guard in the Conference. He had had but one basket made on him up to the time of his injury, while he had scored himself in every game but one. Stadsvold proved himself a star in the few games in which he played, and should play a sensational game next year. "Bee" Lawler's work was splendid in most of the games. He is fast as lightning, and a fighter from start to finish. McKeon, though handicapped by injuries, proved himself a worthy running mate for Lawler, and Wipperman always gave a good account of himself on the road, although at home he never seemed able to play his best game. All of the men fought to the limit, and we must blame not them, but the ill-luck which persistently pur- sued the team, for our disastrous season. 398 1 LQ 'GSHQ GQPHER X I-f Q pp, m Qi, ,vw M' hw u HW -H 1,. wruu1 frwrw4wf11s1mwvvv im rrww411111vif f1ww4wfem+MWfffi1Q w i '+vwvV++V'HMW'vfwm1+w i i MWM H H w ww w !!,'! pl H Wi' Ml, :"u'2g'11 W, X 'ii us' A 'k ,lm M , IUIWW W 1iIlII pli,, I A ,,,.., M 1 . , 1 1 Ammwmu " wilfmllu W "" M WH un! v i Wi W HH W 1 mv W y mmf , V.,L im, In W ni M IPFIL1 HM E ' N H6 . 0 1 A Ea- AW, i a ' I i 1 ' WH: ' JH!" "N, , ,H 'I V ,.1WIl!i!41U"" X' 'illKI!l1W" '5Kv'1"'Ni, AWIlllilllllllHIIIIIW"""5"- ,wisswwf ml" f HQ ? A 'Q 1 ' M tl H lHI We ' 1 I15!.n fW"""' f 4 1unw1114MW+ +MM 1fY?3i1m5Q ,, nw , ..,, bil, MM1WHWIl".., Wfwbww A ww H H ' wmpyyfliaqqmy M, Hill! M ,M w wMIfMl1Nhiw f"N 'KJ W VW- ' 23563 GCDPHER X L, -, .', xv, ,-I .f'- - XX QW? ' X Gy .f 7' Y MQ' W A SCENE AT THE BASEBALL GAN'lE'5" I9lZ NORTHROP FIELD 'iwf2f?Z'iifaQf3sf5,1i1f3,f:3Hwsw11-,NJe-w---- Q ME f1G'1"' Q-gwx ffm a Aff ' bil 'j11'y , HOFETHE Une DDESNT ssc Us J N WV ' J ,J!'W ' , - '- , . ,f...,,f P W ea g m ff "W 0' L f iQE1W UV l WM!M?!5'1f iw rmw '.lii3aT2i55w sunnznlanseaau- ily! wus. 21. INQS I RULE 'T L Eff? Q ,' vii X xx x LE , " i ' if Z? I W ' X I I Q 52 f ' 400 IN 1..J CCP f'X l.J s Figs GCDPHER l x 3 Taba year in Easeball N no branch of athletics were the results of the now-historic confer- ence clean-up of 1912-13 more keenly felt than in baseball. At no place were men dubbed Uprofessionalsi' with smaller provocation than at Minnesota, after every available man had been examined, only five men could be found who could stand the conference eligibility test. At the opening of the indoor season prospects were never brighter for a championship team at Minnesota. Dr. Dennis M. Sullivan, the new coach, was a man of recognized ability, having had three years' experience in the American League. Coach Sullivan's first call was answered by Hfty-two can- didates. Some idea of the character of the candidates may be obtained from the fact that before the end of the season, two of the men were signed by the major leagues, one by the American Association, one by the Western, and one by the Wisconsin-lllinois league, a greater number than any university ever before furnished in one year to professional baseball. Although there were but two "M" men in the squad, Captain Sutton and Doermann, shortstop, much was expected of Catcher Hanson, Elder, the south- paw twirler, third-baseman Wines, and outfielders Breckenridge and Caprong and with plenty of excellent material for the other positions, the coach was confident of building up a high-class team. Then came the blow! The entire squad was invited before the eligibility committee, and after the rules had been explained, only thirty remained for the cross-examination. When all the evidence had been reviewed, but five men, McNally, Shapere, Gilbert, Raymond and Lambert were declared eligible. A futile attempt was made to find at least four more eligible men to complete the nine, in order to play out the schedule, but as it was finally found impossible to gather nine eligible players in the entire University, the schedule was of necessity cancelled. But the abolishing of varsity baseball for the year only meant the beginning of real baseball enthusiasm at Minnesota. The intra-mural scheme, which had so successfully been used in basketball, was introduced by Dr. j. L. Cooke, and after two series, the inter-class, and inter-college, the college series was begun. The captain of the winning team in each college picked a team from the four class teams to represent the college. All these games were witnessed by large crowds, and were keenly contested. The Laws and Engineers, both with clean slates, met to decide the inter-college championship. With Hanson and Elder for a battery, the Laws carried off the honors after a well-played and hotly-contested battle. 402 I1 151 11 1 K..J '66Q1so1J11ER 1 .ml Im ll!!LM'HESiiE1!IIIIUwiI!1E11111111111111u1u1ummuunm11 llumlllllllllllllml 1111 - +' 1 111' 11 1 ' 111' , 111' ,, ,HI 1 1 llll I , 111 X , 1. 1111111 1 lIL1II1f"1 ,111 1" H 11 11 H,,111111Um 11 1 ,111 '1111 ,115 1111 1 ,i X Q HIV' 151 111,.1111'11 1 111 1 '1' 1111113111111 1 111' Q91 llllmm 11111111 '1 11 111!111 w 1-11 11111 '11 1111111111111111111111 1 1" lllIl1I11d"L W 11, 1 ull 1 ' '-11111, 1111! .,.,.,,..,.,, 11111111111111111 ....,...... . '1111111iiiIiII11I!!!!II11" 5IIIIIl1II1f.1 I111111111111 1 ! 1 1 -1 ,. in IIHIIIII 11111 111 11111111 1111111111 , '11'1I!i?51!!!!!!L'H...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!E22222!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!..!!!!!!!11!!!!!!!!!!!!!!F!!!11111111111111111.11111i!!i!!1!!!11..!1!1!!!11111111111::1!!!!!!.1!!!!!11!?1!17E!11111532T'111!!!!!!!!H1H!!!!1..1:!!i!!!!f!!1!1111 .... !?Zff!'f1?..1 ...... 1 11-'itil '11 M 1111 1111 Illl 1111111111111111111 '11111111II11III11111111Ulmiimuml a H i 11111 Ill 1 1 1, 11"1' 11 11111 M' 1: " I1 1111'M 21111, 1111 fl!" 5 1 1l!?11Ji Q 1111 " ' 1111"""'l VIII: Y if' I 11, 4 1,1 1 - 11! K 11' 1 1111' 51111111 1 H 11 - 1111, 11 1 ' 1" 111 1 1 1111 1 111111 1 1 1111 fI"11111-11 1 ' x!1511g1'1 Y' 111 W1 hi, 1 1 M- 1 NW! 1111V111 ,, ,, If !Ei5?ll,11H1 - 1',:1"'fi i 1 ' 15351 1 ,,, W Ywxl H 1 1 D' 11111 1, .,'1 1 1 1'1',!iZ211' 1-1 . 1 1 1111lf!1111111111111 111'12111'. 1 k1iI1W ' "" ,11 11111131 M1 ,111 g11,.l 1 'luv 1 V 1-- , 1111 lf' il: 1 V 1' 11 Q MIIQU1 'WNL , 4 Ii 1 1 11 . 5' 11 1 111135 '!1115f'1111'11,1111,115 - L U Q11 11" 11 'H' 1 Z: , In 11 1 I ,' 1, 111 1 1 1 1 -I 1 I 1 , 111 11 XJM1111111- 1 ,-ffl! 1 I Vw ll iff' ' 1 1' X111 1 'MV 111 1" 111 4"1111':'fQf'p In 1 . , 4 1:3 1! 1 ' 1!IE1 1 !g1!J11I X 3201! . si' 14:-,ax 1 lx , 5 , ' E. ' ' 11m 1' I IM 11,11 1 1 I f 1 1 ,. ' W 111. Q 5, ' Eff' I '. I ,-',1! iiiig 5' ,xl 1 0 J1' 11 1 .1117 I! 1 1111 52:11 - 11 W- 'N 11?2I1,, . 1' I 1 ' 1 '1 , NMI 11535 V It i' 1111 i1"!,,1 1 11,5 11 ' 1111.11 h?"f1 '-, ' 1 1 1 11111 1 1 1 '11 1 1 f 1111 11 1 W1 1 1111 1111 1 1111111111 :1.U!!!'!!i.,. if 'U' 11 N 1'.1.,::f....:1..:.. 4 H iM11,,::::11:1.... 11511 ,11111lIlI!1111lIIIl4"1 11lllll"'lllllF" 111111l111IIIl11311 11111111llHl111l1"'1li'11111111 1111111l1llllH"111lI1IlIIII! 11 -ns'-Q F11 1-- A- -.. 1. 5' ' -, , KEISQ GQPHER ' Erack Beam Chapin Bierman Lovering Nelson Shaughnessy Spink Tydeman Wilcox Frank Stadsvold Lindeberg 404 x.J 'ESQ CQPH ER 'Ciba Tarach Beam IOO yard dash ,,Y,,,. ,, , ,Y,,, Spink. 220 yard dash , ,,., , ,Y,,, Bierman, Spink. 44-O yard dash ..,, W aa,,,,,, Lindeberg, Lovering, Shaughnessy. Half mile ...........r, , aa,, Lindeberg, Shaughnessy, Tydeman. One mile ....,.,.,, ., ,,Brown, Stadsvold, Tydeman. Two mile ,,,,,iaa,,,,, Chapin, Stadsvold. High hurdles .77777aa, .... . .Warner, Webster, Wold. Low hurdles aaaaa,, , ,,Wilcox. Broad jump 777,aa,, , ,,Lambert, Molumby. High jump 7,7aa,,,, ,,.Peterson. Pole vault ,7,,i,..,,. ...Coady, Ostergren, Peterson. Shot put 7...a,7,77,,aa,,..7 L ,,,Frank, Lambert, Nelson. Hammer throw t,,,,,,,, , ...Nelson. Discus ,,,,,,,.,,,., ,,,,,, Frank, Lambert Relay team s,,,,. stt,,,,,s .,.. , , Chapin, Lindeberg, Shaughnessy, Tydeman. C - Bedall CCap'tj, Wuest, Anderson, ount team ross C ry f McKeon, Moore, Lindeberg. Taba Season in Eraclx HE track season of l9l2 started out rather optimistically at Minne- sota, and although but three of our men-ACaptain Frank, Lindeberg, and Shaughnessyfwere able to make a showing at the indoor con- ference meet at Chicago, it looked as if we might expect a record- breaking year. Coach "Dick" Grant began working upon the two mile relay team early in the spring, and on April 20th, at Drake University, Shaughnessy, Tydeman, Chapin, and Lindeberg broke the intercollegiate record, running the distance in 8:7 4-5. Much credit is due to Chapin, who replaced "Ted" Anderson, one of the veterans, at the last moment, and was in reality the star of the race. The same four went on to Philadelphia a few days later, and finished third in the national intercollegiate race, Pennsylvania being first, and Princeton second. With "Ted" already out, and Wilcox, the star hurdler, laid up with a sprained ankle, the team could ill afford the double loss of Stanley Hill and Caprong Spink, a new man, was left to do the sprinting, while "Stubbie" Stadsvold was left to fill the place left vacant by Connelly. XXfith such odds against their team, the students watched with doubt the outcome of the dual meet at Lincoln, on May ll. To make the conditions worse, Coady was also lost. Spink held his own in the dashes, losing out to Christmas in the hundred by mere inches, and defeating him in the two-hundred. Lindeberg and Tydeman won a slight lead in the middle-distance runs, while Frank and Lambert proved themselves 4-O5 f Jw 'J' KJ E562 CQIJHER stars in the field events, but the loss of both first and second place in the hurdles proved too big a handicap, and Coach Hjumboi' Stiehm's men won by the score of 66 to 51. ln the next meet, Wisconsin made a clean sweep, although the Gophers fought a game battle. Lindeberg was defeated in the mile, running gamely with a sprained ankle. Shaughnessy and Tydeman won first and second, respectively, while Captain Frank broke the Minnesota record by hurling the discus lZ5 feet and 3 inches. Molumby and Lambert both beat the old mark in the broad jump, Lambert going 22 feet, IIFQ inches. Stadsvold ran away from the Wisconsin man in the two mile event, beating his own and the Minne- sota record by several seconds, and setting a new record of 9:54 4-5. The final score was Wisconsin 79, Minnesota 47. By this time the team had been whipped into better shape, and the lowa meet, held on Northrop Field a week later, resulted in an easy victory for Coach Grant's men. Without the help of Spink, who broke his ankle the day before the meet, the Minnesota men ran away from their opponents, and piled up a score of 85 to 41. The conference meet held at Lafayette, lndiana, june 7th, proved to be a three-cornered fight between California, Missouri, and lllinois, and the best the Gopher team could do was eighth. Captain Frank and Lambert won second places in their respective events, and in the fastest race of the meet Lindeberg won a third in the 880. The l9l3 team elected Leslie Wilcox for this year's captain, and with all of last season's men back, prospects for next seasonis track team seem bright for Minnesota. Wuest Anderson Lindeberg Moore McKeon Grant CCoachD Bedall 406 iw? 1 z li r V .fiyv 'I' . . Jr, , 1 1"' , ,fi Tg QI-.T-f---ff -M-...-- -N--f--1'-' '-'-'f-----..,,.,,,-yum Aw - : J"' V -.,. N,.,, ,AN N-NV z H + 2 Q GQ 3 ? A i ' ' s f ' f F I ' ' ' V N + ' -44, 5 2 I F 5 iqzq 5 fl. ! fd! -, it 'GI' W , f f Q X' ,I A-A sf 4 Q 2 f f L A L 15 x . Q N : S-'-Q" Q! E ! 1 3 fi ,E li it 4 wi K -J ,Q 'Q X3 I i lg MNA 11 L-iw ff ' W V wx "" xy, Q, RW, 5 'I ff...-f'f'4 -' ,Ll 1 'V1.1r"-" 'Q'-., g 'H "sv i. U " ,,,, ffiwfi 'K ali un 7, V I' ,Q Q. 4, .1 .mr it 'K , ' 193: S fiv -M' 5 1 if ff--, gf Q'-fy" 1' a ,. in :tiff M l 3 , rf- .1 A, - ' .-W 2 fb f ' firm , li Q' ' 1 1 :25, Y? ,kg S gig Nr 1' ' ' ii Q 5 ,M- ' jx? 4 x-1 1 .x4. .Qj?A- Mile! 3 Fi fi-,e m :Jax 5 15 ' 1' 12 L Y 1 55' we as I fee f ' fireg- , QE ,, f 5 'f w --N M , vs"--Q'-1 .fi Ia?" ff a 3- ' . - vas' A 1 'f:'V12T1'- " fi ' V : ff ' if Q 1 Fe' 'HW S V 3,9 - 5:34 gfigf isfi 4 fi 2 ? 'fw gf ff- 'i 4 1' 135 ,- f 1: 1 gs 1 iff ' !',' ' ............N..- : ?,"3 W' W. ...,,m Iii A Q' A'x"'WW- 9 M -P . QT , f K fi -' ' -?Y'5?YT"M""""'7 Q- K ,1,,- Q - - ' . n- - I .4 if f 'fn ' - 4 ,- -mf' , - "5 ' ar? gf ,3r1,-5?-1"fza., f -' 3.5.1 . , , L- f, xi ' LQ6.' X'T5'f-7355 -. 1 ,fi Jw -- ' A . ' '01-W' '.xl"- , '1 ' A F V -wixz-23" -' "-iw: ' ' 'N 9 1 'im V5 f"""""'-'v-+22--.l- . . , I n ,J 'gk-':M'f3.-?'f'jf -7 ,, ' f 1 I " I ft -K' H "'-ni' f 'gW3f-1 J '. -' . gfff' l E of'-.mfg ,, 5 J z 2 Q v " n. FZ 'M """'5 .-"TH x V .. N H935 ' --1:43, . lim- - 1" ga - . H. WA- 41, . ' - V ,- 3":r',,2'--vii ,-" 1, Q Lf , f z yy 4 , s I. 1 K. A . ' cf--+-.w,-,.S ,- , X1 -1 i 321ffH ml ,. M' --f M,-in'-W---.J Mg: , , u,,5 pw :X if1'2f 'p qf1-fr2:1,,:- , . K 4'-W ,.,,. Ah. ' ' ' 'L ' K 1 2' iff ' "A5fEf'1fL5f,2i ,-gz,fa1'fYY3"El,, L--if .N-Jf, , , Mm-:f.f,.., ,Vi Q, 3, - X Q5 Y A ' ,A,.w.,gffv'f--"-., - -f 1 A f LQ, ' ' 'W""""'5"J'-A-Y'-'W n - 'JM' ,?ff,. -Sgklf .:c"-2' . ... .51--J.--' -:: xv- -43:-,V ,,,.g,., ,,...,..-,., ' ' 'W ' ' W -, A ,mm 3-c-.:4.,4uwa'n--9-:Av-5-,, 'Y , ' --1 -AY.-.....v4"1 ' F' 'iv "1" -I 1 S A f tb ID l 521 t 1 NEBRASKA WISCONSIN IOWA l OMAHA MADISON IOWA CITY May 11, 1912 V May 11, 1912 May 26, 1912 TRACK EVENTS l WINNER TIME WINNER TIME WINNER TIME 100 yard dash ,,,... ,,.,... S pink :10 2-5 Wisconsin Iowa :10 1-5 Nebraska Spink Spink Wisconsin Molumby 220 yard dash, ,,.,..,..,, Spink :23 3-5 Wisconsin Iowa :23 2-5 Nebraska Spink Bierman ' Wisconsin Iowa 120 High Hurdles .,,.,.. Nebraska Wisconsin Iowa :16 1-5 Nebraska Wisconsin Webster Wold Warner 220 Low Hurdles .,,.,,.Y Nebraska Wilcox :26 Wilcox 125 3-5 Nebraska Wisconsin Iowa Wisconsin Iowa 440 yard dash ,,,,,, ,,.,.., ' Lindeberg :52 2-5 Wisconsin Iowa :53 3-5 Nebraska Wisconsin Shaughnessy Wisconsin Lovering Half mile ..,..,,, ,i,, L indeberg 1:59 Shaughnessy 2:00 2-5 Lindeberg 2:07 3-5 i Nebraska Tydeman Shaughnessy Wisconsin Lovering One mile ,,,.,.,. ,.... N ebraska :40 2-5 Wisconsin Tydeman 4:40 2-5 Tydeman Wisconsin Brown Wisconsin Iowa Two mile ,.,,..,, ,,,,. S tadsvold 10:22 2-5 Stadsvold 9:54 4-5 Stadsvold 10:20 1-5 Nebraska Wisconsin Chapin Wisconsin Iowa Relay race ,,,,,. Nebraska Wisconsin Iowa 3 I FIELD EVENTS WINNER DISTANCE WINNER DISTANCE WINNER DiSTANCE Pole vault .,,,,,,, Nebraska Wisconsin V Coady 10 ft. 9 in. Nebraska Wisconsin Peterson Coady Ostergren Hammer throw ,,,,,,,. Nebraska Wisconsin Iowa Nelson Wisconsin Nelson Wisconsin Iowa Shot put ,,...,.,., .,... F rank 42 ft. 4 in. Frank 44 ft. 31 in. Frank 42 ft, 25 in. Lambert Wisconsin Lambert Wisconsin Nelson Discus throw ..,..,., ,,,, L ambert 110 ft. 5 in. Frank 125 ft. 3 in. Frank 116 ft. 42 in. Frank Lambert Lambert Wisconsin Iowa Nebraska Wisconsin Iowa High jump ,......,. ..,,. N ebraska Peterson Iowa Wisconsin Peterson Broad jump ...,.,, ..,.. M olumby 31 ft. 10 in. Lambert 22 ft. 115 in. Lambert 21 ft. 65 in. Lambert Molumby Molumby Wisconsin Iowa TOTAL ..,.,,..., ,,,,, N ebraska 66 Wisconsin 79 Minnesota 85 Minnesota 51 Minnesota 1 47 Iowa 41 NOTE.-First 5, Second 3, Third 1. 408 M M' X '-L... , ,gs "",,..AM v--1wM+-v-- 'M ' ' f' ' ,N ,,.,..,.-...A-M,,....-, 5 www, ,,,,......,,m--,M T ' -, I- ',.,,,.....-...,....,,, R in K . ,X K Nh, 3. - X x V f X X QA, Q .54 f z 'zfgxkl 2 5 ,TE Jef? f :gf ll f -my 1 , M5 'x Q, ? :TJ X : Q3 ,yu -, f Effie GOPH ER ,4P .r.H A ..-.-.. .,. .. . ,MQ HM x ',4. If Yr fi W f .J .ff ' ' gimff A W N W W L," V, N., nf' wg: 51.3. .4f'5"' fl, fig' i", iff., v'1.'5"i:"' ,.L M. 25121-'pw wfig-,.,1q , w-"wQ-' fill- -1 . .gy -,z f gr gl. '39 Y' 41i,p'?'.i.' xg?-f:.X L. ,ff I. . .min sf: +.g:ff' . ,g.'1"fZfG31 Q -vm' 13, -:LA :, ?.":i,'1, if ff 1 2 Pnl- 5' . 1 ,S-4, -xp-?,, x 5-21? N4 'W -4, 4 09' ? ,A x f x-uv 4-165 1 x 3 ,, 'i V b ,Neg f -Qisgil'5a,5jf11Lg':'gi' . , ' Y fl 5 . ,' ' R, 45 2, ggi, , ww L4-,Q A-ff., f'f,1,,,L ' . ', va. 1:2-f 3 ,f -JY, 1. '. . :gf 1-- " M ,Qi .f k f. .A , ,IQQTIA V fi "mia-' "Wi ,1 ' in bf" ' 5. , L. ,.. ,, .. ,, A , 15 .1 , .Hr L' X I .4 'l "rails " iff 55' 'f ,wi ,,,. ' 3311 1 -J H VT EL xx A 4.5 , XZ I 'I F i A' :iQ'9'4'ff" 1T1,.,....,ml5l.:1. -1.1-.-sf.-.M iw ! E571 - 1--'Q-fy-,,,..,.. L..J 'GSHQ GQPHER l . , , .v 'W 3 r 4, Y Wx , wil 'Q 5 r, .1 Armstrong Schriber Stellwagen Men's Team Women's Champion joe Armstrong, ex '13 fCap'tj Seiforde Stellwagen, ,l4 Ruth Schriber, '14 Ebe Season in Eennis LAYING practically without rest, the Minnesota tennis team, com- posed of joe Armstrong fCap'tj, and Seiforde Stellwagen, defeated consecutively the teams of Ohio State University, Kenyon College, Pittsburg University, Pennsylvania, the University of the City of New York, Yale, and Brown. They were defeated by Princeton and Harvard. ln the Western lnter-Collegiate Tennis Tourney at Chicago, Stellwagen was defeated by Squair of Chicago, who then lost in the final round to Armstrong. After defeating Wisconsin, the Minnesota team won the doubles championship by overcoming Green and Squair of Chicago in a hard-fought and spectacular match. ln the National lnter-Collegiate Tennis Tourney, played at Philadelphia in September, Whitney of Harvard defeated Armstrong in the third round, and Stellwagen lost to Kuhn of Princeton. They were defeated in the last round after a hard-fought battle by Mace and Church of Princeton, who won the title by the score of 2-6, 6-4, 6-4. After the fall tourney, a squad of six men, Stellwagen fCap'tj, McGee, Barnes, Lampert, Smith, and Eidemiller were chosen, from whom next yearls team will be selected in the spring. Minnesota has now won both the single and double titles of the Western Colleges for two consecutive years, and from this year's squad there is every reason to believe that a team may be selected to again carry off the Western Tennis Championships for Minnesota. 410 .FW """""' Y r , WRESTLING TEAM J. E. Mee J. j. Kriz E. j. Brosius H. R. Richter Gymnasium Wester-n Inter-Collegiate Champions GYMNASI LIM TEAM Peterson Mc Gibbon Cooke fDirectorD Nelson Foster CAsst. Director West Durham ...uw vw... ,Mew-an-N... -W.. 41 I "--1--w-...w.,i,..W,w-.,...,,W Mfwi M ,y.,,,,,...1 .......,........t,,,.,...---f..-......-.,,- LJ A 1. EHQ GQPHER THE WOMEN'S INTER-CLASS BASKETBALL TOURNAMENT The Armory, March I4-, l9l3. The Freshman Team, Winners Heinemann Heilig Whitney McGilvra Cowan Grimm Spinlc, Capt. Stadsvold SENIORS JUNIORS SOPHOMCRES FRESHMEN Marion Brown Alice Colter Mildred Briggs Bernice Cowan Mary Bryant Vivian Hunter, Capt. Alma Haupt Natalia Grimm Marie Holtan Laura Livermore Celia Kopplin Genevieve Krache Hulda Swedberg, Capt. Minnie Thompson Substitutes: Substitutes: Dagmar Christenson Dorothy Dollenmayer lda Harkness Nellie Hubbell Adelaide Nichols Olive Nelson Althea Heitsmith,Capt. Cora Heilig Gladys Henton Stella Miller Substitutes: Barbara Green Dixie lngersoll Leila Rogers 412 fic jean McGilvra Kathryn Spink, Capt Substitutes: Dorothy Heineman Nada Overland Agnes Vig 1.5 'CSHQ GCDPH ER lhle Enerson St. Aflarie Anderson Peterson E132 TAgriculluro.l ffxlbletic Club Adrian St. Marie, For. '14, President john lhle, Ag. '14, Vice-President Arthur Anderson, Ag. '13, Secretary Arthur Enerson, Ag. '14, Treasurer Oscar Peterson, Ag. '15, Seargent-at-arms HERE has, during the past, year been inaugurated at the Agricultural College an Athletic Club, which, though at present small, bids fair to become a large and prosperous athletic organization. Although the activities of the club include at present only the minor branches of sport, such as wrestling, boxing, and basketball, it is intended that all the major branches shall be added in the near future. The Agricultural College has produced in the past many athletes of University calibre, including two football and one cross-country captains in the last two years, and the aim of this club is to enroll in its membership all the athletes on the lesser campus, in order that they may form teams to compete with teams from other colleges of their rank, and thus increase the active interest in athletics at Minnesota. 413 C' IX a Ek...J 'CSIQQ CGPHER Of.1T11l11CCO1f1Q1.. PRESIDENT William McAlmon, 114 ENGINEERING Alfred Bierman, '14 LAW Sidney Stadsvold, 114 FACULTY Prof. james Paige Prof. Everhart Harding THE MANAGER Alan J. McBean, '14- Ebe 0 fficers SECRETARY Edward Anderson, '13 fiiepresenlalives ACADEMIC Henry Doermann, '14 VICE-PRESIDENT Emmons Sawyer, '14 MEDICINE Carl Oman, '14 AGRICULTURE Lynn Robertson, ,14- ALUMNI Mr. G. K. Belden Mr. L. A. Page THE COACHES Dr. H. L. Williams CFootballl Dr. Dennis Sullivan CBaseballl Dr. L. j. Cooke CBasketba1lD Dr. Richard Grant CTrackj 414- f"X mJ,msm IW 'Il lllllllll III IIIIIII 32522255 'E IH! IIIHU HHIILHH WU HW -21f"Y11SQf- Q. - " '- '. . g we we " E N pw V Q qi.. ,., 1 T f uuuuu 'gr ll ll ll llgll ll lllll ll lllll I lllll l, ll!!! 7 llzll I g L I sy za, 944 I 4 .. b. !Q FA x ,NX LJ Figea CCDPHER Hiaucx Imiiisn Acomis Acaclciiiic. Nl in I1 c ll p ol is. Ccntrzil High. Y XV C' "X Ilistory and Kappa my spefial- iics. illinor Key. 'GT lEl.1zAi:ii'rH AITUN Acadcmic. Miiincapulis. East High. Minerva Liu-1'a1'y Society. YV. L. Y. VV. C. A. VV. A. A. Social Prolmlcms Club. junior representative to Acailcmic Council. "Belty". Strong for Shewlin spreads. GIQORQQIQ Rouxm' AINSXYORTH Aczzclcmic. Mulinc, lllinois. iihvrliii Acadciiiy. XXII Mitre. Siizilcc :mil Skull. l'1'csicli-in Junior Class. jiinim' Bull Assimcizitifm. Ailclpliizm. Kliimehzihzi. "Old hall, I !fl7Hlf know any- flzing abou! 1n11xiazesx." A-'lftvr ffm days, tin' rrszzltizzg spafwlz, "This ix wry 1z11z'xpf'r'!z'r1'." 1193413 415 fi lJONAl.D R. :ALDNVORTH F1Jl'L'Sll'y. Roclicstcix Rochcstci' High. A T S2 Frwcstry Club. A fl cl p li i a I1 Chih. Czqmiain 1013 Ifcmtlizill Tczmi. Football "M", HCfIllH6l'1Il7.Y.ll l"izz'0r1'fi' song, H When I gift you 11101212 tmziglzilf' ElfCQlfNE H. Anmau Electrical Enginccring. Min- I'1C1lI7OllS. Central High. Class Treasurer. Engineers' Society. Elektron. A person of rolundity. Handl- ing money his forle. L2 'Gige CQPHER S. PIERCE ALLISIEIE Architecture. New Richinoncl, VVis. New Riehmoncl High. Engineers' Society. Y. NI. C. A. lVlinnesotzL Daily. 'AOlz! Chess." IJAZEL ALLEN Education. Duluth. Duluth Central. Association. Tam O'Shz1nter Rebus: What great actress do I resemble? CAnsxver in l9l5 Gophcitj Y. W. QA. W. L. Athletic A f X 416 AIARGUERITE HUGHES ALLISON Aeafleinie. Minn ea pol i S llvest High. AFA AE Y. VV. C. A. VVonian'S League. Masquers. Worried for fear ll will say ln the Gopher fha! slle was pu! out of Slzevlln for ragglrlg. Lzigligglaiilg mil il9TlfJl xx ARTHUR H. ANDERSON Electrical Engineering. Alex- andria. Alexandria High. Y. Nl. C. A. Engineers' Society. Art enlitor Minne- hziha. Elelqtron. The good nalzzrczl man. ARTHUR P. ANDERSQJN Mining. Minneapolis North High. School of Mines Society. He pays his bills. Yes, all but one. 'Tis enough. K..J 1, , E-3512 CIOPHER Biaivr G. ANIQERSUN Ilcnlistry. l, i L 1' li ll 0 l ml. litclillulil Higli. 111 Ilia' lung mn hc will mrzlee flzlngx gn. EDNA U. ANm4:RsoN Aczulcmic. A l c X zl n il r i a. Alexzmilria High. Czwlcton VV. L. Y. NV. C. A. Anullzer sad z'z7rtz'nz of wrzify. Pi-111.111 A. ANm:RsoN I1lNCUl,N lfizialm Axniaiesux llciiiistry. 61111111111 Falls. Caiiiioil Falls lligli. l'VrufJpr'rl in flu' .S'0l1'llIIlt' of his man UI'I'4Qf7Ztllllj'. 1 Agriuultiirc. l"01'cst Lzzlic. ix Sclirml of .Xg1'lCL1lll1l'C. Agi'iuiil1ii1'z1l Clulm. Alliouizui l,itci'z1ry Sm-icty. Gfznzvfor auyflzingfronz lmsxzfng fl Nfl nz.-lzng l1l'l' In xlllllgl-Hg l7fllII'l'S 111 ll mzuzlv l'r11'1'. 1,1-X 7 -'C V lb ii fi' 1' '. Us L, Qi-.i,,,5. l wx ,JW lf um dell I ful. ll 'T T r v , ,, ii l ll ll ll ll l 4-I7 I5 X. PH1l.11' Axmzksox Mn-mlicine :incl Surgery. St. Paul. Clcvclzmnl High. fb P E His dcvlaus way is lined, like Ilze JlI1'ssz'ssippz7 riz'erAl1y blujs. k...J A 'GSC-2 GCPHER RUTH M. ANDERSON Acaclcniic. L i t c li ii C l cl. Litchfield High. Won1an's League. Y. W. C. A. Of the six senses, the mighliest is humor. AGNES M. ARMSTRONG Acadcmic-. East High. U. C. A. All111'1CZl polis. A perfect lady. Newer kicked up any kind of a row. LUCILE BABCOCK Academic. ll inn e a p o l i St. lXlzu'ga1'ctcs Acaclcmy. ll QP B 9 E Blu Phi Delta. VV o in u n ' S Leaguc. French Cluh. Quill. I would juxt ax S0072 work, bu! do want to be cqrpreeialed. 13656655 mJll11l9M iii 57 418 .1 l CHARLUTTL: AVNE Academic. Dawson. Dawson High. Y. VV. C. A. There is noihing in my past I0 be axhamed Qf. GENA M. L. AUR15 Home Economics. Canby High. Canby. Home Economics Association. Athenian. Her iai1z11i1zg smile doth many a man beguile. ll- 1.3 f35Q GGPHER XVILLOUGHISY M. Busctocx, JR. Academic. M in I1 e ll p O l i 5. VVcst High. EN Ilis falhefx zz EN The diSE'llSl' is lzrrvflila ry. ' 3 BAIRD Stanfrird, lll. Stzmforml High. Pl1ilomatliizL11. Home Ecsml IZDNA PEARL Home Economics. clinics Lczxguu. Une of thz' f7U1i7lS. Wrlrk lwmfs F0111 one llilflil 0110. T IQVTH KiX'l'HliRINli BARR Efluvatioii. Mzmkuto, Minn. lxlllllliillih Normal. lVlllIft'd.' Jlore ffzfwzsiwz' am! vxiwzsiw fozwses in Iflizfzlzfflhzm rlmnia. X' 5 li QQJRC limi mul? 191123 3 T ' lil HX 1 . ll xx .ll 'lull lf W X X R M K 419 G1coR4a15 V. BANCRURT Acadcluic. Stillwatcr. Culvcr Military. B911 Mitre. Snaku and Skull. Adclpliiau. Y. M. C. A. 1'm ghzd 1'm zz Bela. WA1.'rieR G. BARNES Law. lXIinncapolis, C'cr1ti'z1l High. AT S2 Aflclpliiaii Club. AI. B. Asso- uizltirm. Jnifzml 1110 Adaflplzian Club so hz' could nm for J. B. presi- LICIZIIV. iK...J Gge GCPH ER CLAIRE lX'lARIE BARRETT Acaclcmic. M i 1111 e a p 0 l i S North High. E B Y. VV. C. A. Lost: Tlzrec'-fvzrrilzs inf my voiee,ir1z'l1uii1zg all the deepest elements. RASMES BARTLESUN Pharmacy. Thief River Falls. Thief River Falls High. Y. M. C. A. N0 relative of Erasmus. ' 1 M ARTHA FR A NC las B EC R Acanlehiic. H ii L Q l1 i ll S ri l'ILll.Clll1lSO11 High. Y. XV. C. A. Lady, a merzf W ,Ll QBQQGUUAE nmlli7l9TlAl 4-20 x-A IN. e EDWIN E. BALKMAN Agriculture. Prior Lake. St. Paul's Cfallcge. Glue Club. He Came from lllissouri to be shown. VVALTIQR S. B EACH Agriculture. Hutcliinsori. Hutchinson High. Agricultural Club. Philoma- thian. Botany Seminar. The little professor. I'rri riot married, but I have tweniy academic girls. LJ COPHER :fXR'l'llL'R I.. IEIECKICNIPORF Aczlclomic. St. Paul. Hamline Prop. UIllVCl'Sll.Yfll1U1'l1S. Y. M. C. A. Siumleni Xv4lllll'llL'L'1' Bzmil. Harb! flu' Hvmlzl Angvl sings. RIKTH BECKMAN Academic. M i I1 I1 Q a 13 fm l i s. Smith High. VVII3' do you always blush when rings are HIt'lZff0Il6ll! Zlcviiuuix I,r:w1s Bicuix Law. Rolilminsnlulc. Exist High, Blllllltilllllll s L. C. A. Foium. Ah-h-IL-h-ll-h-11-! Tx ml? , i 1- l: is l , ff lg if x , W f if X 4-21 law X M I ' .5 V1ol..x Bicncrsvi .lcznlcriiiu Now Rivlmwiicl. New Riclimrmrl lligli. SCL'l'QlZlI'y junior class. Y. VV. C'. A. XVOIll2111'S Luzlgiic. C'lwrus. Ile'1'4"s Viola, thc' fzwfly filing, lVlm.w word fm man rvlies nn, H710 nez'c'r said a fnolzlvlz Ilzfng, Wlza wwf' did IL wise one. CI.lN'1'tJN H. Bm-:Rs Dentistry. Fergus Falls. Fergus Falls Higli. The quid kind wl10xf' fmfure never warzks. .lk -FH K.,J 'Gicige GOPHER LAURENCE BELKNAP Academic. Minn e a p 0 l i S. Central High. Botanical Biperl. VALENTINE HAIQICX' BERIENS Dentistry. Sliakepee. Shakopee High. I have no other than a womrtn's 7'6lLS07'lYb6E!LZlSC'. lNlARTHA S. BERKEY Academic. Valley City, N. D. Valley City High. Y. VV. C. A. Tam O'Shanter. In your Stern moments you could o2'w'zzwf' o whole police force. 1556555 eltil91l4l 422 fx LAURA BERGAN Academic. Sacred H e a r t. Sacred Heart High. Vllemanls League. Y. W. C. A. Tam l.JiSl1ZlI'1l.E!1'. Cross between a coquette and the president of a womarfx club. HULDA E. BERGER Dentistry. St. Paul. St. Paul Central. VVOrnan'S League. Oh! What a joy it is to be dying with love. . -k-J ' Ege CCDPHER .ALICE L. BERRY Aczuleniic. M i n n c it 11 o I i s. West High. ll B CIP. Taking llflury Chilrlk place al Wells this year. .ALFRED CHARLES BIERMAN Mines. Detroit. Litchfield High School. AACID. EP. Anlclpliiun. School of Mines Society. Truck Team. Foot- ba1ll'M". J. B. Association, Y. M. C, A. Athletic Bozircl. .-l football man iuffh Tau Bel as his aim. Who ever hefml ihe like? RIN f 7-2 Qmii?il9U4i lX'lAR'1'II.-X B1RR15I..xND Aezuleniic. Houston. Houston High. Y.VV.C.A. Wmnuifs League. Tami O'Sh:1ntQr. Przzdenfe, yes! But pep is lacking. EARL IJ. Bli'l'TliNHAl'SEN i l Dentistry. Shcrluurn. fl ABNER G- BJURKI-UND Shfffbufn High- hh! Dentistry. St. Paul. He halh ll hear! as sound as ri Q f Clpvglgmd High, bell, and his tongue sis the X Silpngp jg flip mggf pglfggg 6laPPfff- X! herald of joy. 423 , -1- FH U fifica GGPHER G. Ii. I3I.ANci-i1fTT1c Academic. Annika. Anoka High. lst Licut. U. M. C. C. We womlw wliialher he was named aftcr zz Frwzflz maid or a pnnrllf dag. SUSAN A. BLASE Education. St. Paul. Central High. Y. W. C. A. I can "blame" if .rome one will furfzislz the miztclz. H.XRlJLD B0QL'1s'r Acaflemic. M in n Q il p ol i 5. Vilhcaton High, Svithoiml Club. Sliakupcau. 3ll!lHCSUlZl Mzigazim-. Y. Xl. C.A. GOfJf,lClOVCI'HlllCHtCll1lj. Gow with Ezrnnomic Erikxun. Hath your grure no Irvftw' 50111- pa ny. EEE Qmniliil9l-ffl 424 5 z Glcixcia GENEVA Bi.0DuE'1"1' .-Xcaclcmic. M i I1 ii Q :L p 0 l i uni High. K A 9 "Girls, I've 77ZiSf11tl!T6d my zilmrfoff' ,lf0I'tlf.' Nvwr borrow otlzvr pr'0jJlr"5 jewelry. Gizoizuia H. BLU M l'JcnLis1.ry. Chippewa Falls, VVis. Chippewa Falls High. Some one conlfibuled a pretty verse for him, bu! we refrain from priming if. - ' 1 . 3' all-ur' ,lsrp EHQ CQPH ER lxlllllklill I.. BUROM Aczidcniic. M in 1'1 c ai p ci l i s. lvcst High. AFA AE Y. YV. C. A. liutcrpczin. Choral Cluh. 'l'amU'Sl1anlur. Brush ancl Pencil Illildrml Bnrom is leizniulz for her Japzimxw imzzpr, and thi' grzvzfexl of tlmsf' ix ,ll'1'ldn'1l. l lNllL'1l0N H. Boksl' Agricrulturv. XVinrl0ni. Vlfindnm High. ATQ Aclclpliizm Cluh. Agricultural Club. "Of mrm's fifsi dz'xobed17wzce." RVTN L. Hour: Aczuleinic. Hopkins, St. Louis Park High. Y. XV. C. A. Sfzzmls up for lzw riglzls. vgy .Nz .-lr mll1l9ll5l N if i v ll ll . , i. it T l .Xxx MN .X MN 71 V 425 l'lAR0l,D L. Boiasr Agriculture. Min n Q 21 p ul is. East High. Agricultural Club Ph il 0 - mzzthian. LihcrulAssuciation. Of the len 71'IEllX1H'67S Qf laik handed dawn from heaven, Ilzzrnld go! less llmn 0110. i i V LOUISA IE. l311L7T1s1.LE Nh-mlicinc. Lzilcc City. Marsliall High. B. A. University of Minncsuta. l'Vf'lI'6 sorry you left us Louisa. Your afademic edufafion should haw laugh! you befler. . -I fi 4+ 1-...J E562 GQPHER 1 BEss M. BOYLE Academic. Rush City. Rush City High. Minerva. Wornan's League. Y. VV. C. A Has the cat get your tongue? SADIE Box'soN Academic. M i n n e a p o l i East High. A A A. Enter pe an. Y. VV. C. A. WOIHHUYS Lcaguc. Equal Suf- frage Club. Renzernber Clljorzl Ives. No longer to be lhe only girl at the J. B. 'willz Ji'0'wers. FLORENCE M. BRAWTHEN Academic. Minneapolis. South High. EB. VVoman's League. Y.VV. C. A. Tarn O'Shantcr. As slle plans I0 appear al llze junior ball. lfluwloiae ollTl91l4l ll 426 l l KENNETH J. BRADEN Forestry. Duluth. i Duluth Central. Forestry Club. Because o man doesn'l talk is no sign he hasn'l something lo say. GEORGE C. BRANDT Agriculture. St. Paul. Central High. A X. Agricultural Club. ' Adelphian. Give rne Moore, Jlloore, Moore. l I H. 'GQQ CQPHER XVALTER C. B1uzNc'HI.Ev Enginecring. Stilltfoiwl, Hut Minneapolis South High. AKE. Enginccrs' Society. Y. M . Cl. A Delta VVye. Has an czffinily for Gvrman. ANNA P. Bkifzuau Aczulcniitr. Amika. Anoka High. XKYUINZINYS Lczzguv. Y. VV. U. A. Faust Club. Tami O'Sl1a1itt-r. IX your IIOHII' tl dmv' mfr? V1 VLAN I3 ROIJIQEN Home Economics. Stillwater. Stillwater High. Homo Ecrmomics iXSSOL'lilllOIl. She -flirts from fair in fair, bu! wwf' truly lorffx. QZH eff FJ QWQM . 1 F5 CEAIL R. BRUBERG Aczulemic. Blue Earth. Blue Earth Hivh. Q l Y. VV. C. .-X. VVomun's League. Tum U'Shantcr. Thinks fllr. Peffrjohn is just jine. lfl,l-'IIC Bkcmlnilcx Avziclemic. Stillwater. Stillwzitcr High. Sin' rzllnres the HIF77 wiilz her fam! lmzuty. Kwmwnrrl flour!- b11.sfw. LJ TEISQ GCDPH ER LOLA C. B Ron'rKoR1z Academic. Edgclcy, N. D. Edgclcy High. A F A Y. VV. C. A. Young and Qninlanhs advance agent. IQUDOLPH F. Bizosius Academic. Minncapolis. lklinncapolis High. Y. M. C. A. Minnesota Blagazine. A composer of notetsl. ' its-D JOSEPH S. BROWN D c n t i S I r y. Montevideo. Montevideo High. .fl man of cheerful yesterdays and eonxadent tonnwroics. oi? 119114 BERYL B. BROWN Home Economics. Minnc- apolis. Central High. ll? T O Brush and Pencil. Athenian. Home Economics Association. Ile? ways are ways of pleasant- ness and her paths are peace. l JAMES H. Bizowx IJ e n t i s t r y. Minneapolis South High. I'm getting to be a big boy now. LJ 25-3542 CCDPH ER LEs1.i ic R. ISROXYN ELMER R. BVLLIS Agriuiilturc. Granite Falls. Law. A S?lUflSUmC- Granite Falls High. S1mfl5t'mC Hliilk -Vrsz N555 HUP Tillikum Klub. Agricultural 5 J Bulld- Ciuik C i H v i v X I B 4 W Drive 011. .lfosrl Ile clzrws Spzfarmirzl lhxhuhl It 4' I RCM I0 purify flu' I"L'C'171v7Ig leisx. Home Economics. lXlinnQ- apulis. North High. Home Economics Association. A1.BE1e'r L. ISRUENIQR llbrks and sleafzxv. lVlzal elsr? I dunno. 47x f ff T' Q5QEi5Q5MPJ,:ga5f M 1 A F---f ' fr ir 0 1 'M ii i Dentistry, St. Cloucl. St. Clcmcl Normal. AXA U. C. A. I am mil in llzc roll of mnznmn Illell. Ai-' 'ix Alix 429 Q--1---wr. E Y l l FRANK R. BURKHARM' Pliarmncy. Minneapolis. hlinncizziuralis High. 41.1 lilllc drug will make' llzee wvll and sirongf' D'-...J D 'Ego CCI-DHER FRED R. BURT Engineering. Munich, N. D. Chokio High. Y. M. C. A. Engineers' Society. Elektron. We don't dare write what we know, he has to take the book home. ADA BUSH Academic. Duluth. Duluth Central. Tam O'Shanter. Y. VV. C. A. "What can I do you for?" LILLIAN BYRNES Academic. Graceville. Graceville High. Equal Suffrage Club. Social Problems. Lillian considers this an honor: "First wornan delegate to reg- ister at the rnock convention last year." HESTER CAMP Academic. Minneapolis. Vllest High, AFA Y.W.c.A. E1Jalyn's sisterw-rneeker and less public. Tigvwllaae oil1l91l?l LAURENCE H. CADY Academic. Minneapolis. East High. A T Y. M. C. A. His hair shows his artistic ternperarnent. 430 M f"W.. M C' ESQ QJQPHER ' 1 l l LURN CAMPBic1.L Engineering. St. Paul. Mechanic Arts High. Crack Squad. Engineers' Society. Y. M. C. A. Bill Bailey likes the way he rags. LEAN CAPPS Aczulernir-. Minneapolis. VVQSL High. A I' A E E A A Y. W. C. A. Tam U'Shanter. .lf Clzarlir' Hixsorz is the sub- stitute, we d02z't care to see lhe real one. WILBUR HCDLMAN CARTWRIGHT Academic. M inn e a p 0 l i S. Pillsbury Academy. ACACIA Platform Club. Goonl Gov- ernment Club. His daughter will appear in Ihr Gopher in the near future. 62-329 QWGJQQUULEE ml? 1191143 A l ki lv X 43l Liz Rox' CARLSON D c n t i S t r y. Minneapolis. North High. E All fb Glee Club. "Coily hare." Nujf sed. VVILBUR A. CARLSON Dentistry. St. Peter. St. Peter High. Scandinavian Society. The rnost popularest man in the University. 'E . l FRANKLIN DALE CERx'12Nx' Dentistry. Eveleth. Eveleth High. , :.YIffIU "Just one girl." HARRY P. CHAFFEIC Academic. Czlrriiigton, N. D. Carrington High. Y. M. C. A. Zcl Lieut. U. M. C. C. Captain Jinles of the Horse Marines. EKJ lWARY A. CHILD Ac'ac'lemic. Minn e 3. p O l i s. Central High. VVcllS College. ACID AE Y. VV. C. A. VV. A. A. Tam O'Sliantcr. She says Nolrby Siueatt talks to lrer. She and ,Vobby are quite chuniniy when illary B. is out of town. IJ QQlli1l9Tl?i 1 v ' x J f 432 Q GCDPHER ROYAL N. CHAPMAN Academic. St. Paul Pillsbury Academy. Y. M. C. A. Shakopean Prohibition Club. One better than George Norton. , AlAE PAULINE CHESTNUT Aczulcmie. M in n c a p 0 l i S. Macalester. "Remote, unfriendly, solitary Y slow." See the February Min- nesota Magazine. A - ef"1 C 1.J .,,. 559. GGIJH ER IIARRX' W. flHRIS'1'IANSUN Pharmacy. Belgrade. Belgrade High. Takz' you me for a xfzclngv, my lord! i SPENCER B. C1,iaLANn A g 1' i C u l 1. ll r Q. lVz1sc-L-11. NVasL-Ca High. A Z .Ag1'lCL1lt11l'11l Club. Philomzl- thizm. Y. M. C. A. Guphci' Bourcl. Verily wr do II?lif'i'C' he doll: show signs of life. BENJAMIN COLE Agriculture. Czznhy. Czmlay High. Philmnalhian. Agricultural Clnlm. All Univcrsity Council. Prcsiilenl mf :xg'l'iClllll11'3l Class. Cliiqf High Jzuzifor Qf flu' Dew- Drnp 17111. wsllill9il4l i w 4-33 j I . Buss fll,EYlCl,.-XNIJ Engineering. Glenwood City, YVis. Glcnwuocl City High. A K E Dcltn XYyc. WY? 1'1fr4Linfr01n comment. XVALTER E. C1.11fFoRiJ Dentistry. Kalispell, Mont. Flathead County High. U. C. A. Wild and woaly wvslerrz benz'- did. ., -fs ,,., A , 1. V E . ' , .1., E , .,6 T n -' . - 7' 'L , 3421 A f, gr . .. .img E .Wi w.,5 Ege GOPH ER 1 CHARLES L. COLEMAN Dentistry. Anoka. Anoka High. EXP il? U. C. A. One of the few good things which have blown in from Anoka. ALICE M. COLTER Academic. St. Paul. Rlechanic Arts High. President VVoman's League. Y. W. C. A. Acanthus. Greek Club. Tam O'Shanter. Let's buy a velvet ribbon for Alioe's hair. 11- NIARION R. CONNER Academic. Minneapolis. VVest High. A KID. 2 A A Y. VV. C. A. Vlloman' League. Equal Suffrage Club. As a proof of her itnpopularity, she says she has newer been kissed. Eh, Walter? ego Qgiigllhae all l91lhl 434 N ALVA A. CONLEY Medicine. Cannon Falls. Cannon Falls High. 'I B ll B. S. University of Minnesota. Have you told Dr. Norris yet? JAMES A. COLVIN Engineering. S a n d S t o n e. Sandstone High. The brains of the Mechanioals. A joy to the hearts of the faculty. QQ SEQ CCDPHER GRACE IE. CONNIZRS Acrzulcmic. Chippewa Falls, VVis, Cliippvwzi Falls High. A I' A E Y. VV. C. A. VVlzo is it on the W'isoousin foollnzll loam! EDITH B. CDWIN li Ll u L: a tio n. Minneapolis. Control High. Minerva. Y. YV. C. A. She offends the "movies" twin' a iavvk. llylllllll you llzirzle ft? Vfjligpfgiilgliiugags cfDl51l9Tl4l VVALTER W. COOPER F Academic. Minneapolis. l EasL High. lx .3 D' Q A X N1 lkf Aclclphizm. Q X Clzirkeu Coop, IIen's Coop, V Lucile's Coupe. 435 .L L D EDWARD CODPERMAN D Q n t i s t 1' y. Minncapolis. North High. Menorah Society. Come ojf Coop, you're zz bluff and you know it. INIARGARET Q, CORKREY Aczulcmicr. BI in 11 c 21 11 0 l i s. South High. Your disguise may fool the professors, but we know you are as old as the rest of us. 'k.J 'SEQ GGPH ER 1 FRANK A. CRAHIQN D e n t i s t r y. Minneapolis. South High. Crahen draws fnreliy heavy or father. FLORENCE M. CRAIG Academic. Minneapolis East High. Y. W. C. A. Nol open lo slander. Pass on Z AIATTIIEXY D. CRAWFORD, JR. Music. Minneapolis. West High. 9 A X. Aclclphian Clulv. Glee Club. Y. M. C. A. Choral Club. The Romeo of the Theta Dells. Lynrlale South anrl Lyndale Norlh. QCT5?Ql2nQaQf will H9114 436 f'N ls.xB1a1. M. CRAMIQR Academic. Lo Mars, Iowa. Lo Mars High. H B KID A E Eutcrpcan. "Pi Phi's have a SWELL fhap- fer af Iowa." LAVVRENCE L. CRAVEN Medicine. St.P:1ul. Hamline. A K K Possessed of jirrn opinions, a remarkable laugh, and a rnosl wonderful baby. HALE L. CRILLY Academic. M in 11 0 a p 0 l i S. Central High. A I' A A E Daily Staff.. Gopher Staff Tam 0'Sl'1antcr Y. VV. C. A Hale must have a f1'0ris!f1'1'e1zd See daily violeis. CLARE CRISXVELL Academic. ,lxZ1COIU8., VVz1sh Tacoma High. Y. W. C. A. Woman's League A variety Qf tl fvestenz produrt LJ ge CCPHER LEOLA CUNNINGHAM Home Economics. Buffalo, Minn. Buffalo High. CID T O Home Economics League. Philomathian. Y. VV. C. A. A gmzllz' tcomzuz nobly planned In warn, to rnmfort and com- nmnrl. Wfi?f TJ CQQIFGUQSQSQ5 J m3159934 1 5 lf V ROBERT M. CROUNSE Academic. M i 11 n e at p o l i S. Central High. Y. M. C. A. He shares his neck. Trios. S. C. Ctxmixos Forestry. Fort B c n t 0 n, Mont. St. Thomas. CID K NI' Forestry Club. Reputed in be clzczsing a Venus. s L7 .vu I ffff 1" . 'grill' N . ,, N - Y ......- , ,sw " Qs ' 4 QL' fi . :ggi . . .4 f 'wmv' J.. . ,L , U..-,- '1 . f?:.z.- f'.3f1i'.-r 1 1 ' WH Y .'-f..ff M. "' --3.5, .Q . . .4 -f ...L-sf-21,3522 ..,. QT., 1 . .il , 'H tum ..f,.'f1i':'i1?:1?f ' 4' Q. M, 'f-5:25-5 I 1'-P' Q-Qu., Yfl "1 ' is if ffl' Q3 Q ":' rf 4 i'1iv':.v5'T',- 2 .5,....'.,. E A 3, f 1.63 5.1, 5 .. H ir L f :- ' near. W-:Q 1. K.J Loge CCDPH ER Hmm. CUZNER Academic. Minneapolis East High. ' lVoman's Lcaguc. Y. YV. C. A. Trailers. Tam U'Shanter. Hazel 'weeps and Dollenrnayer shrieks. But they're both ,Miss C0hen's "dear5." l EDWIN T. DAHLBERG Acadcmic. Minneapolis. East High. Y. M. C. A. Shakopean. Greek Club. Good Govern- ment Club. A good student and a darn nice boy. JAMES lll. CL'1cR.xN Agriculture. Thief R i V c r Falls. Thief River Falls High. A Z Agricultural C l u b . B a n cl U. C. A. One of those progressive fores- ters 'who bolted the ronventlon and went Bull llloosing in the jields of Agriculture. Qfgluigljnee oiti1l91l4'l 438 VERA A. CURTIS Academic. Valley, Nell. Valley High. Y. VV. C. A. lVon1an's League. That irresistible QFD sneeze attracts, but doesn't hold allen- lion. ETHEL A. CURRY Academic. Black River Falls, VVis. Black River Falls High. E B VVoman's League. Y. W. C. A. Social Problems. Tarn O'Shanter. A future dean, now in the apprenticeship. ,Wen-v '45- Jr, -g . 5 -r , H ' '+ GEC-2 GOI-JH ER BIARY IJALE Academic. Dawson. Dawson High. Y. XY. C. A. Oh. that thu too, too sotzd flesh SOLOMON D' DAVID would melt. . . Medicine. Rasliaya, Damas- cus, Syria. Macalester. FRAXC P. DANIELS Agriculture. Minncapolis. East High. A A CID A Z Tillikurn Klub. A th e n i a n. Y. M. C. A. Agricultural Club. Open-minded enough to look beyond an academic future. Y. Al. C. A. Student Volunteer Bannl. Cosmopolitan Club. l'Ve won't be as hard ou you ax the Illaealester annual was tart year. How's Interzzatiouat Conciliation? olF1l91lfl ' l 439 j. HURTON DAN1E1.s Acaclcmic. lXlinncapolis. VVcsL High. A A fp Adclpbian. Masquers. Y. M. C. A. Superseded by one man Warner. LEU A. DAUM Enginccring. Albert Lea. Albcrt Lea High. Acacia. Elcktron. Vcrein Gcmutlichkcit. E n gin c c rfs' Society. "Now, Jlflr. Illartenis, you have four teeth, each ninety degrees apart." 41-'lf QQ ' 173562 CQPHl:.R DOROTHY DAVIS Academic. Duluth. Duluth High. K K A Z A A T. Cluh. Y. YV. C.A. 'Wonian's League. "I can ge! you, if I play for you." HARVEY G. DIlN1OND Engineering. Minneapolis East High. Delta lYye. The girls we on his tmil. JUSTUS C. DEBOOY Engineering. Elk R i V e r. Elk River High. A K Z Engineers' Society. A good ihing while it lasled. oi? 119143 ELEANOR DAVIS l A Academic. Winona. li ff l fy' fi LESTER DICKINSON Winona High. if il Ml Academic. st. Cloud Y. W. C. A. QX 4 .7 sr. Cloud High. Pu! a speed limit on your A, T. speeflz. XJ! All ilze world loves a lower. 440 fi i LJ Effie GCPH ER CECIL XY. IJUHIQRTY Chemistry. 'I'1':tcy. Tracy High. A X E Ufozzflfr why Doherty govsjto Dvltmo fwry Srzlurday. W11.1.1.x M K. Doo1,1TT1, IC E ll g i 11 Q c 1' i n gg. Minno- upulis. Central High. Y. KI. CI .X. Dt-Ita XVyc. Dooley is mmf old wzrmglz to smnlef' tl pz'pr'. GE' ' 'is V F1.c11e1-:Nuo M. IJoN.xHt'E Academic. St. Paul. St. Jost-ph's Acatlcnly. A. E' A A E U. C. A. XYomzm's League. W. A. A. TamCJ'S11zmtcfr. .I pernzzuzefni fenluref in Irish lumqucls. f IJURQTHY E. IJo1.1.1aNx1Ax'1zR Aczulclnic. Hiiiiicapcilis. wk East High. 51 XV1l,LI.u1 R. IJORR E B Engiuct-1'ir1g. St, Paul. YV. AX. A. I.ibtti'ztl Assuciatirm. Vx. 1 it if V Mwchzmic Arts. Tam O'ShzmtQ1'. Faust Club. X X W H T M 417 A Trztilcrs. Daily Buarrt. A lziglz-mzfrlrled wunwzz, ll dymz- Kip learned fo smoke Sims' he mif 70511. UIHIC' fo this mllegr. 441 I3 iik.J W ' t"'1J-- Ir. 15512 COPHER LUCY lJORSEY Home Economics. Minne- apolis. East High. Home Economics Association. Acanthus. Size has a 12ri!Z17a11f and zz mirth- ful f'yz'. Humax I.. Diaisw Acaclcniic. St. Paul. Minneapolis East High. li K T' A E Q E YWV. C. A. Cabinet. VV. A. A. Tam O'Shzmter. ' She eiiidmfzilly fakes ,Greek for plcfzzszzre. HAIQOLIJ V. EixsTBi'RN Dentistry. Stcphon. Kankakee, Ill., High. Rvfzkeazl but real. .1 Biiigiii 442 -1- Ii. Roi' O. DUNHAM Engineering. L a lc Q v i l l c. Fzwinington High. G T Y.M.C.A. Elcktron. President juriioi' lflcctricul Enginccrs. Poor boy gn! ll pass last semvxfer. ALTA DL'Xni'Ry Academic. St. Paul. Central High. I will have my fights if the TUIIOZE world gow I0 smash. qLJ KGSILPQ CCDPHEH Emu L. Ii.x5TM.x:v Aczuhemic. lX'Iiu11capolis. East High. AEA AE Y.YY.C.A. Tum O'Shantcl'. Abxwzre makes the hear! grow fofzdvr, 2114! wc' wwe fam! of you dlZyTUfl'V. OSCAR Bl. Eclqxux Dentistry. Cokalo. Cokuto High. Quia! men af times ara' nzosf surprising. ,liars-N, PIOXVARD N. E1mn11L1.1zR Miucs. Minneapolis, Lu Crossc, XVis., High. ZW QT A nl c 1 p h ia 11. Yicc-Presidcnt junior B :L 1 1. Gopher Staff. School of Mincs Society. IVIIML Df1z'e's away, Howrzrd will play. 351914 443 K.xTHI.1515N E. Iicscsicu Acadcmic. St. Paul. Ccntrul High. Y. YV. C. A. ,Vwer so muflz at Imnzz' as rvlzen rzcling as lorzstmixtrcfsx. A quick wif and cz quirkfr fmzgue. ETHIQI. WEGUICX Aczmdcmic. Fargo, N. D. Fargo High. AFA AE XVOITl2lI1YS League Y. YV. C. A. .-1 perxlfslezzl wrifvr of Y. IV. 7I0fl.!fC'S. . vig. .4-V ,fi LJ ,r- 'C55e CCDPHER l CARL E. EKIHERG Engineering. Minneapolis. South High. Y. M. C. A. Delta Wye. Built on geometrical lines. l RUTH ELWELL Academic. Minneapolis. East High. A F A Y. VV. C. A. Thalian Liter- ary. XVoman's L e a g u c. Masquers. Azztresxcs will happen in the best regulated faniilies. CTTEQQHJEHEE ELIZABETH ELWELL Academic. Minneapoli S. East High. A 11 A Thalian. VVoman's League. Y. W. C. A. W. A. A. Riding Club. Tam O'Shan ter. It's a big world, sometimes I fl0n'l think I quite understand what il's all about. 'il9U4l A. DoL'cs1.AsLE1.L1oTT Engineering. Minneapolis ii East High, lx ARTHUR E. ENERSON ET1giUCC1'if1g S03ietY- Y- M W ' Agriculture. Glencoe. C' A- Elektffm- V Stevens Seminary. .Vearer to mzztriznony than any- Agricultural Club. Athenian. one else in the class. Haeckefs understudy. 444 f'N. i 1 RJ 173562 GOI-JHER SIG1-'RED ENGH Kleclicine. Black R i V e 1' Falls, Wis. Olaf. ll? B H .fl happy-go-lucky Viking: but rlon't stir up his berseker. ELLEN J. ERICKSON Home Economics. Alexandria Alexandria High. Home Economics Association ALICE F. ERIC KSON Academic. M i nn ca polis. North High. Tam O'Shantcr. Woman's League A wornorfs greatest power is in her sincerity. CORA B. ENNES Academic. Alankato. Mankato High. I' CID B XVonian's League. VV. A. A. University Chorus. Need another girl? Sure, I'll go. Some sport! It matters not how long you live but how well. Qflligliioe oili9Uil li xml 445 m AGNES O. Eiucsoy Academic. Anoka. Anoka High. Y. VV. C. A. Liberal Assoc'- iation. Tam O'Shanter. Bot- any Seminar. The more seriously you take yourself, the less seriously the world will take you. 1. , It JL A3?k3'v"5Lg:l Sis 4 . ' 1,4 NU . -,J 1 ' r-I . if .Jr V -of my f, -: sf,-X, ig .fn .- S .f fb: -.vim . .. 1-11, V1 -V l Y v ,mfg- .L A. J .zgie - .SWA 'L J. .Vx .,,,. 54' -. cg . . "g..J Drk 'SEQ CQPH ER A FLORENCE A. M. ERICKSON Academic. St. Paul. Mechanic Arts High. Scandinavian Society. VV. A. A. F. A. IVI. E. She ought fo gd there if name founts. GRACE EVANS Academic. M i n n e Fl p ol i s. Cresco, Iowa, High. Me and Alafy, we does our best. ...min 'Jn-f - H f' -1-: .4-' HENRY H. EWY D e n t i 5 t r y. Butterfield. St. James High, A dispenser of stinging wilii fisnz. Cfxfufgihlpgag oiiQi9i4'i 3 Y 44-6 A rm NIARY EVANS Academic. Min n e a p O 1 i 5. Crcsco, Iowa, High. Gmee and me, angels could do no more. Rov H. EVELAND D c n t i S t r y. Minneapolis. South High. Nothing so deaf to him ax time. i Ll 6561 CGI-JH R. ' JAMES F. FAHEY Law. Green Isle. Hc11clc1'so11 High. U.C.A. Castzilian. Mitchell Law Club. An earnest, e1zdf'a1'0rz'z1g vrlifar in pursuit of the law. HER EER1' A. FALK Aczulemic. Norwood. Chziska High. 'L0, Ilerb, wrap 111117 "C" araznzd your neck. lf.-XRI. D. FASTENAL' E11 g i I1 c c r i 11 g. Xliimu- zipolis. VVcst High. Geruizln Club. Our fresh Iitlle Vflmuer has fadml ffrom aollvge. iQ1lflr121 Q! W j M 447 fi EUGENE L. FALLON E 11 gi I1 e L- 1' i 11 g. Hutch- inson. H u L chi 11 S o n High. Elcktron. Tubby, all he wants is to be left alone. W11.1.1Ax1 C. F.x11NQ1'1sT A g ri c ul L u 1' Q. lXli11nc- zzpolis. South High. X P 9 Athcnizm Lit. Agriciiltural Club. Glen- Clulm. in ills' air, when nigh. There's 77114811 Birdie Bill is LJ Egc CCDPHER f w XVILLIAM FELLER Dcntistry. St. Paul. Alcchanic Arts. His iiumeroils sorrows rlon't bollzer him any. Lows M. FIELD Medicine. Forcst City, Iowa. Forcst City High. M. A. Corncll Collcge. A K K Wlzerzee is llzy learning! Books Ur Daily? FRANCES A. FoRD Home Economics. Klinnc- apohs. North High. KD T O Homc Economics Association. Goofl sense and good humor are never separated. QQCEQQUQQQQW " 1: . QEWM 3577? , V, U sf!! fi Q! 448 fi ARTHUR K. FILLEBROXYN AczLdc1nic.St.Pz1ul. Mechanic Arts High. Z XII Ex-Illecharzic Arts. 1336-Ellgll rieer. 'Nuff sed. JULIA A. F1'rzPA'rR1cK Acadcmic. Simpson. Acadcmy of Lourdes, Roch- cstcr. U. C. A. .fl pleasant srriile will carry you a long way, but when it comes Io handling the profs you need more pep. 'QQ 'CSEQ CQlJl'll:QR NINA M. Form A Q a nl c ni i c. Hutchinson. Hutchinson High. Nina, fhe cynif! "College af- tiziities lmre me so." l ROBERT A. FURSYTH Law. Los Angeles, Cul. River Falls, lViS., High. Calm, deliberate and zuioblru- sive. SIGNE M. FRANZIEN Academic-. St.l'aul, Clcvelancl High. E B YVoman's League. Ijllllll be so hard on 145, Signe, we're all Sl-7l7If'l'.Y, buf iue'Ve Mn! zz ll fools. sl TTQFQUUM mifiiiei 4-49 RANTHUS B. Foucu D c n t i s t r y. Minneapolis. South High. "I like the girls, really I do." IMAIJEE FRAIKEN Home Economics. Minni- apolis. South High. Woman's League. My highest ambition an Ill. R. S. is to get L fax ' FJ LJ ESQ GCDPH ER HARVEY L. FREELAND Law. Minneapolis. Colleen, Illinois, High. One of zz good-night law class. JEROME L. FRITSCHE D e n t i S t r y. Blinneapolis. North High. Jfnrc wind from out the Norih. TTWQTQEE Qml5iil9lfl F .1 if GECJIQGE F. FREEMAN lx ,ff Forestry. St. Paul. Xa Phillips Exeter. X Forestry Club. "Pussy-foot" 450 IEANETTE FRISCH Aezulemie. ll i n n e E1 p o l i North High. Menorah. Equal S u ff r at g e Cluh. VV. A. A. Well, herds one lhrzfs not salfeffl. NELLIE L. FRY Dentistry. St. Paul. Fairfield High School. VVoman's League. She's from St. Paul. Can'l tell her anylhing. K.J E662 CCDPH ER CEEORGE F. GIms'1'I.m' Rlodiciiiu. :I1llL'1'I'111ll4r1lill Falls. A no ka H i gli. CIP P Z B. S. Nlinncsotzz. Prcsimlciit Junior lXlcdiczll Class. Cz1n't stare rzmzy .Yllllifllllfl-ill gradrs though. GIQURG13 A. Gm is J. HENRY GAMMELL lfuginccriiig. SL. Paul. Humbmlrlt High. E A E sl. B. Associatiuii. liiigincws' Society. Spanish Clulm. Brush :mil Pencil. .X cl wl IJ li i ai 11. Gopher Staff. Prvsicl U11 L Scvplioiiimwc Eiigiiiccrs. DL-lla Vl'yC. Df'fl?7111fIll'li in win II Hliilllfllllll .w1zjfnzge'lf1'. liuginccring. hlaclisfmn. Kladiscm High. lfnginccrs' Society. C. A. Captz1in'U. A nzz'Zi!1uz! engizzeer. 41-A ALFREIJ VV. Gi4UlilER Clicmistry. St. Paul Central. A X E St. Paul. Vcrcin Gvmuctliclikeit. Crack Sqvzul. lst. Licut. U. IXI. C. C. Prcsiclent Soplimuoru Chem- ists. ll'r'nl to Taylafx Fallx on iz gcology UQ Hip, BERNARD j. fi.-XLLAUHER lVascca High. U. C. A. Forum. .fl mm' izzstiazrf. tl sfory, Ben." cclllfliil ' T TT' l ffl ffl lx ll ,ll X Medicine. 1 'f Y. M. XV M. C 451 -IIluq- -Y A W VVzLSecz1. "Lcl'5 have F6562 CQPHER IDUROTHY GILBERT Academic. lylinneapolis. Los Angeles High, Gopher Board. W'o ITl8.11iS League. Y. W. C. A. Tam O' Shanter. Equal Suffrage Club. How could we ever have gottmi out the Gophrfr without Dot? MARION S. CiILLARD Home Economies. St. Paul, Central High. Womai1's League. Which is worse, matrimony or chemistry? EARL G. QHRVIN Dentistry. llunkato.. lvlankztto High. "And stitt they gazed, and stil! the wonder grew, that 0716 small hrad muld rarry alt he knew." Qpglinw mi? 1191125 4-52 uf'1 . EARL VV. GILROY Medicine. Minneapolis. St. Thomas College. KID l' A N E N Adelphian Club. "No, will not have a quiz today." "I was justin talking to the other in.struct0rs." G. GINGOLD Dentistry. Duluth. Duluth Central. Dignity in youth is a rare virtue r , ly 1235 ca GCDPHER KNIT U. GJIQRNES E cl u c 21 1 io 11. Minneapolis. fXIz1yvilh-, N. IJ., High. I 1'r'peat: "lIa"s fzliw, my lord." JAMES R. GLYNN AQ-zu1cn1ic. Maple Lake. Maple Luke High. .1 i'v1'iz'a11l0 dwperzzflrw. fYllI'7ZTCS III1l77l1l'7'bIlSSFS 1'011ra'rzlf'1l 411201115 his pe'1'.m11. ROISIERT V. GLIQASON Law. Elkzulor, Iowan Elkzndcr High. U. C. A. Uix Hllhllllllf' 71111716 is Virgil IfVhlLf'S fha m1znedin1'z? LII,l.rAN H. GLIQSSNIER Aczulcmiu. IXI i n u e a p 0 1 i s . C I ' , 15 Dclroxt Hlgh. VVILLIAM GLAD RX W A OH D c 11 t i s t 1' y. RliI11'1C1lIJO1iS. J NA ff yy YYmuan's Lczmguc. Y. NV. C. .X Sff111l1Hi1:h. xf VL-rein Ch-muctlichkcit. PV!1y dnvx llc' TL'l'l17'f1IOSF "glad" Aly glgry, I fry In bg img pf 70.2-V7 tlzvm all. 453 QQ Effbwc-2 CCPHLR FLORIQNCE R. GOLDISIERG Academic. Nlinnczlpolis. VVQSL High. XNYOYN211'1yS League. 'll1'ailQrs. VY. A. A. Lihcral ASsocizLtio11. Tam O'Shantcr. Social H , Problems Club' SAMLLI. A. CJRAII.-XM She of the wee small 'U01lfl', Forestry. M i n 11 e El p 0 1 i s. cogmffiislz lauglztw and CLl'Xfh8f'ZTC WiHO1wHi2h- X P Q A lzenf. CLARA GONSKA Acarlcmic. Duluth. DuluthCcntral. Tam O'Sl1z111tQ1'. Gefs her bvawly Slrvp in class, AZ FiJl'CSIl'5' Club. A good stzulentg if you don? believe 151, ask him. Q21:4Fil911fSf . 1 W 454 fi H.-KRRIET G. CQOODXVYN Academic. M i I1 Il c E117 olis. Central High. Y. VV. C .A. VVomzm's Lczlguc. Her sole aim ix to lm eonsiderad arisimtrafif. HAROLD L. Goss M c nl i c i n c. Blinncupolis. North High. '19 P E Ask Brothfr Goxs where io go in an electrical storm. He took physics las! year. A1 ig! GQPHER ' 'I'mJM.xs H. GRANlf1E1.lm Engineering. P i 1 t s fi cl d, Mass. Pittsliclcl High. CIP E K 9 T Engincers' Souix-ty. lilckL1m11. .-Xr.h-lphiun. Dahlia VVyc. Deivrnzimzlimz. Sew my jaw. 1 Axulilux C. GR1F1f1x Acacia-mic. SL. Paul clkxlllfill High. U. C. A. xVUIll1Ll1yS Lcaguv. .1 puzzle. IIN vzwrlrzxlizlg .wzzflv I'17lZfi'f'-V5 noilling. 6132555-35Ufm:.s,1af IKAAUQ 6515 U7 A xiii ETTA C. GREEN Home I2uo11nmiCs. Klzxllory. Grand Forks, N. D., High. If ll icomalz will, XIII, will and you can rlrpwlrl upon itg lf sim 7C'0Hyf, slza 'ZL'07IYl and llIllf'S flu' vml of ff. Enya R, Glam' .1 .... iw 4XL'11nh'1Nic'. lNIi1mcz111cwliS ,, WX ff S x Vw L I East High. HQ E1 YY VV , ,, ,, X 'j f ,. . fxkvtxl Y I.. . . C. A. lam U Shzmtcr. URUIHX ' "U WA 41 I gn iciflz un uiqfully good Nurses. Stillwzltcr. rrvwzl, and I lhinle afzqfully School uf Ag1'icL1lt111'c. bftlllllflll llmzzglzlx. Plrzrs or "Fin," Grevzztculi? 455 F1 'SEQ Gow ER HARIQX' M. GRIP'FI'liH Law. Brooksville, Ky. Valparaiso. A K 119 The Cnlmzffl. BESSIE A. GRIBIBI Academic. A h 1 Z1 11 cl, VVis. Ashland High. Tam O'Shantcr. Womarfs League. Sperm! today. Exim choice. ORVILLR S. IIAARMAN N Dentistry. St. Cloud. St.C1oud High. Lv7l1' royal fnfimd. Tiriwi js i ffiii Ifiiii X imfi iii. x 456 ,gk .gg K., H S. IIELEX GRUF1-' Academic. Esthcrvillc, Iowa. East High, Alinm-apolis. WOIIIHHYS League. Y. W. C. A. VV. A. A. Tum U'Shanter. She wants to make us believe slz.e'5 engaged. CARI, A, GUNNARSUN Engineering. M i1lI'1Cil.DOiiS. South High. Scaiidinavizm Society. Minne- haha. Engineers' Society. Znd Lieut. U. M. C. C. Elektron. Erir-0Me11u11101'ist.' What? F5 il. LJ Ju' -- KGEQ CQlJl'lER J. JACOB HAn1.1zR Law. Alla. Arla High. A CID A B. A. Univcrsity of lXIinncSo1.z1. Sliakopcan. Jake, the king of xlzmg. SIUVRD lI,xG1zw Aczulcmic. I mme hvw I0 xfndy 111111 11. think. C. LXLFRED lil-XLVIERSON Agriculture. Rcvcrc. Wimlom High. Philomathizm. Agricultural Club. From fhv .mnzff high school ILS Giflfzm. Tha! mfrzhlixlzfs your NP. w'?1l 9 'llhl 11 Wx A .lf ll W1 1 457 IXIATHIAS P. HAJICEK Agriculture. H u L c h i Il s 0 n Hutchinson High. Agricultural Club. U. C. A. Komcnsky Club. Spell il, if you cczn'l pronnmzce it SOPHIA HALL Auudciiiiv. Alirinczipwlis. lfzlsl, High. Y. XY. C. A. NY. A. A. Blincrvu. Student Voluutccr Bzmfl. Tam H'Sl1zmtcr. High .whool huhils still hung upon Sophia. Il f il i Tioe GCDPHER LAU1z1zNc1z D, HAMMoND E n g i n e 0 1' i n g. Minnc- apolis. Central High. Looks nian. good, but l1e'5 a ball, had CHARLES K. HANDSCHU Engineering. Mora. Mora High. Dclta lNyc. An athlete and still gets by with engineering. IVAN O. HANSIQN Academic. CllL11'Cl1yS Ferry, N. D. Chu1'ch's Ferry High. Forum and Daily Stall. Battle np, I. O. Quit pickin' on Howie. Don't leizl Dof Sfvhaper. CCTEQTQLEE5 oiifwilft 'T ui J 1 EDNA L. HANDY Academic. M in n c a p 0 l i s. Spokane High School. Grind, Grind, Grind. Ufill she never be sharp? 131.5115 HANKE1' Academic. Minneapolis East High. A E A A E University Liberal Associa- tion. Tam O'Shanter Does all the Alpha Xi rushing with her pretty rosy cheeks. f"X RQ NJ u Zffiffg CQPH ER H.-xR1.0w bl. IIANSUN .X4Lfl'lCL1lllll'C. l'lLltL'l1lllSO1l. Hutchinson High. l'l1ilr.1mz1tl1izm. .Xg1'icultm'z1l Clulm. Agm-ulmm-al Glce Club. .XBRAIIAM 'li H-NRRIS NVWV 51' IIGPPJ' U5 TUIIFW Ill' U Aczulcmicx ll lI11'1OZl polis. dzzlferfazg up llze Ilmu-Drop NOI4111 Ilighl Z5flVff"'5- Mulwrall. Plzmlfurm. ci0Nlf7I'77llffUII plmlvgmplzer and llenwy-fucfglzi boxwf. Xl " rx Ulf llglm JOSEPH .X. HANSON X ll 75 l l ' ll ffl l 7 Duutistry. Kcuyon. xl Nj Rc-cl YViug Seminary. U Hr, surely, is nor a "Rough V nerk Dent." 459 FX U1z1.AN11 M. Ihxxsmv Ellucution. BI U fl 1' Q 11 Q 11 cl. BlfJO1'L'llC8,Cl Normal. .Xuaciu Glow Clulr. Yvay, ln' llcllows. .lsk ilu' Glu' 3 C711 IvIn'1'x. HAROLD E. HARHU Acaflcmic. M i 11 I1 Q u 1301 i S. Augsburg Seminary. Slmkopcan. Some men gc! a repululfmz fur knowing a lol because they newer my anyfhirzg. G35 3 HAROLD P. HARRIS Engineering. St. Paul. Mcchanic Arts High. Enginccrs' Society. Y. M. C. A. Elcktion. Tries In be an aufhorify on sornrilies. GLAIDYS A. HARR1sox Aczuicmic. Blinnczipolis. VVcsL High. AI' GE EAA Tam O'Shantcr. XV. A. A. Gopher Staff, Quill. Uflml Cars d0r'sn'f lwfow, slnf flows. Q GCI HER ARTHVR XY. HAssELm2RG Agriculture. iX'iiI'1I'1L'2lPOiiS. South High. Agricultural Club. Belongs to llzc class of 191-l if lm did lry in cuz' our hair. ro1iFil9U4fi i Viv X ,f li fx R 460 HUGO JOHN Ausrisr jcuca HARTIG M c d i c i n c. Minncapolis North High. B. A. Minnesota. Alexander Peim Wilhelm Jacques Brmzo. JAMES L. HARTNEY E n gin c e rin g. Maynard Granite Falls High. Spanish Cluh. Rific Cluh. En ginccrs' Socicly. Y. M. C. A Znil Licut. U. M. C. C. Elek Lrrgn. A happy lllll, tclzo ffzlecx Iltlflliilg xerinzlsly. QQ F6 Q CCPHER 1 'I'H1cuu01u2 I. HAST Phzu'i11acy. Andrew, Iowa. XVykuffIIig11. .-1 broad mind but zz narrow z'm'1zb1rla ry. II.xRol,1m A. H111 lzN!1IlalTX .XL'ZlliCINiL'. St. Paul. lxilbtililliit' Arts High. Y. KI. F. A. U. C. A. 1 Hallie says H1111 ivlzwn you pu! pilvx 071 Hin' V1lI.II'0tUf lrufk you may kill ll few firm. IIIERMAN IE. HAYWARIJ Fl11'L'Sl1'5'. M i 1111 U11 11111 1 s. Mzmkatcn High. KI A 9 P11-simlc11l 1. B. Assnvvizilicnii. Fm1iha1l"M"101l. l'1iIIk'VfIll.YlIl3S ilu' most bwruiiful fizrgff-i00fl14'1z' grin .v1'm'r' ilu' firm' of .S'ru'rrz!f'.v. 1 f ..Q. fiixxffff' R712 Q Q ULVJLHUI f yf,,?U" . F AA f1iN1iC37U41, , 5 ,f ii sf' T' , ,, , f HH i N ix ix 1 V wx 401 OSCAR C. HAVGE Law, Miiiiwzipolis. Elbow Luke High. Thulzmian. Foru111. Y. M. C. A. 21111 Licut. U. M. C. C. Tlzvrffs nntlzing the matter with flzis Thnlrzniun. I V1N1'14:NT bl. HMVKINS .Xi-:11lm11ii'. St. Paul. Hiimbczhh High. Vvrfly, lily lim do make' 115 mir! icifll fumzder. LJ ESQ CGPHER FERDINANIJ C. HEDTKE Dentistry. Victoria Chaska High. A man with a Webster head. EFFIE D. HE1GHsTEDT Academic. Minneap olis. Central High. A F A A E Woman's League. Pleasant company always ae- oepted. ,gr- CLARA HizNDR1cKsoN Education. VVillmz1r. Vllillmar Seminary. VVonian's League. Y.W.C.A. Her friends asked us to put this in. It may be a slarn but it's too subtle for 715. "Her rnoclest looks the cottage might adorn, Sweet as the primrose peeps beneath the thorn." Mic?-'TJ Qgneghme eil 11911411 462 fi AIERLIN F. Hiaiucs Academic. Milaca. Milacu High. Baseball "INV 1911. "Dost thou call nie fool, boy?" 1 BIARGARIZT E. HEINEMANN Academic. St. Paul. Central High. Thalian. Vice-Prcsi d ent Junior Class. W. A. A. VVoman's League Council. Y. VV. C. A. Tam O'Shanter. Gopher Staff. The rnore you have to do, the more you can do." We believe it Margaret. :' g ,f-1 M fQ3f7Q GQPHEH JOHN L. HERCHMER Plmrmacy. Kamlmmps, B. C. Kamloops High. CP A X The pharmacy lmseball damagef. HERMINA HERMANSEN Blcclicinc. Fergus F a l l s Vlfahpcton, N. D., High A E I Y. VV. C. A. Ilermina lakes medirine. Wlzafs the ailmeni? EDXYARD R. Humax Dentistry. Utica. lYino11a High. A Z A B6'Il.f"Z'l'S in llzf' power of .wif- vsfeenz. . we NW Cyl QEQQQQEEEE mJllil9U?l 463 -FX CELIA V. l'llCKS Academic. Grand Marais. Grand Marais High. Crlia ixrfz' with ux ilzzix swlzvstcf. How about 1lt'.X'f? 1 A l GEORGE M. Hicks Academic. Thiel River Falls. Thief Rivcr Falls High. Band. Shakopcan. Y. Xl.C.A. Now his flf'7fl' eyes with spark- ling fury glow. K-2 ESQ G0lJl'llf.R GALE P. HILL YER Law. 'Wasliingtoir D. C. Howard Academy. Slzczrk in properfy. XOEL Horn P li at r ni a Q y. Minnczipolis. South High. Jus! Holm from South High. efx :y"'T"7 cmulF'il91lfl HENRY G. HODAl'P Academic. Mankato Mankato Normal. LIZISQLICFS. GlCeClub. Chorus U. C. A. Assistant Busincub Manager Daily. A hair in the head is worfh mo in lhe brush. S'r1iwAR'r E. HINIQLINL-3 T gk V Law. All1l1'1CZll7UllS. ln fx ' Marquette. I wx 1,15 W X A T A XM! W X Loiu L. HOLIDAY 1111.9 more succexs Ilzrm Harold XX. lf Agriculture. Carrington lylL1ZD1ZZ68 in his prvxrzzi posi- ll V N. U. Carrington High, 5071- Ch7iSf1'lZll'.Y of Easier? 464 J' . I E561 CGPH ER V1-LIAIA C. Hoovicl. E cl u e 21 t i 0 n. Jziekscm. tlzleksmi High. Greek Club. Y. VV. C. A. lVomzni's League. Sczmrli- nzlviau Soeiety. S1165 majrwlfng in Lcziin and ml 11 fHlI1Sz7tlff' flu' Sflzff at ri 2:02 pare. IEMMic'rTE R. Home D C I1 L i S t r y. lXli11ne:1polis. East High. Slow but Sure. 'VHOM AS R. HOWELL A g 1' i C u l t u r e. Minne- zllmolis. VVz1ylanrl Aczuleiuy. A Z gxgI'lCllllL11'lll Club. Agrieul- tural Glen: Clul 1. 501172115 like flllnzdvr Ialzen llc' nzlks. H9114 V 465 Hixuvisx' S. Hosuoru Law. Troy, N. Y. Pliilzulelpliia Central High. A. B. Pennsylvania College. CID A 9 fl? A fb Arlclphian. Y.lNl.C.A. Kawai. Mitchell Law Club. Mercer Law Uclmzile, Business Mun- ziger Gopher. President Freshmari Law Class. From Gettysburg, wilh the Spirit of its lzwocxv. ETHLQI. 'l'. HOWARD Academic. M i n I1 Q a p 0 l i S. lVells High. Bofany, my bolany. S110 rewls in school gardens. Ai.. -Pm - M -- f-if W W E662 CQPH ER X DORCAS ELIZABETH HVBRARD Home Economics. Excelsior. East High. Homme Economics Associatioii. "D01'ms is w1'llln'." XVAL'1'12R IJ. H HGH Acaclcinic. New Richmond, YVis. New Richmond High. CID K if Anlelphian. sl. B. Associa- tion. Good Gnvurnmcnt Club. Masquers. President Soplioinorc Class. Self-fLpp0i11fe1l manager of lhe Tragic lllzzxe, CllH7ZN78d up N16 Irixh Imnguet. nuv'lF1l91lQ i HALLAN L. H IIFFMAN Law. Bemidji. Blinneapolis Central High. A K E KID A CID Snake and Skull. Mitre. Adol- phizm. J. B. Association. Every little dog haw his day. T i NELLIE M. HU1sBE1.L ,Q Academic. St. Paul Park. W if HAROLD E- HU-LSIEK St. Paul Central. Medicine. St. Paul. Y. VV. C. A. VVOITIHHVS Lcaguc. Central High. Tam O'ShanLer. Trailers. A K K While the S. A. E. boyx senfnadc. Rex says he'5 cz darn clown. 466 K.J SEQ GCDPH ER 1 VIYIAN S. IIL'N'r1aR l jolltf C. Hl'ST.XIl Acmlclllig- Sl- 1211114 Iingiucc-ring. Chicago, Ill. M3509 CMB? IOWU1 High- Rlizmcapulis East High. W. A. A. Y. W, C. A. 'mm . A K 2 U'Sl1anlcr. Class lmslqvllmall -' Delta uvye. Engineering Willll- M,xRca,uu2T I. IIUTCHINSUN 3OCiC1y, Tfffff 'wnfm' "M!0'l-l'- Acmlcmig, M 11111 Q41 1, 01 i 5, H7110SK?7IfHJll7L'7LH his zwzlmziirze. Central High. AFA Aumtlms. Crock Clulw. 'Vzuu 4J'Sl1ar1tc1'. Y.XV.C.A. NYU- mzmk Imzzgxlu. flirfs ffl nf nm' but her Irrulllrr. llffl, In 1.x gfmd look- ing Q1flF'U9U4fl K RIIESSIC Hl's'roN H,,xRRIli'l' G, II1'R1.EY ll Aczulcxxmiv. SL. Clmmnl. .-XL-zulcmic, Bovey. W4 f X St. Cllourl High. Grvcnwzzy lligll. Y. KI, gy A. U. C. .X. lVOlllZl.l1lSl,CIlgl1G. X Clzuxz' mr .!1'1'fS, 171' S07 Nw Is fha blush zzjfzfrlafzl, nr 171111alz'. Ill'f'k4'lS. 467 K-27 E512 CQPHER JULIA G. I'IYl.AND Academic. M inn c a p 0 1 i South High. Pax zinbisrum. Under F. May Owen. OTTO E. jAcKsoN Enginccriug. S t 0 c k h 0 1 m, YVi5. Pepin, XViS., High. Y. M. C. A. Elcktron. Just our Qf the crowd. -1-' ETHIQL A. J.xRD1NE Pharmacy. Black Duck Black Duck High. Y. XV. C. A. VVOHILLHYS League. SIIFYS 110 .vfz1'rli1ze,-110i sq1,wxe1z 051934 X . W . i ix my Z ii W if W 468 CHAR1.1fs S. JAMES D c n t i s t 1' y. Glenwood. Glenwood High. He springs from Glenwood. LINDA jmiizs Academic. St. Paul. Ccntral High. Sz4j7"r1LgelIP, rather 77Z'liI1ifEZ7Zf. We'fl like to see you mad. LJ 'Cigna GCDPHER IXIETA A. 101151 Aczulu111ic'. Mi 11 I1 08.110118 Cc-1111211 High. VVm11a11's L Q si gg ll Q. 'I' Il 111 U'Sl1a11tvr. The c1'11xk1'e's! Gall! Dux! Twin. A1.ExAN1m14:R B. JOHNSON If n g 1 ll e Q 1' 1 I1 g. Mz1y11z11'rl. XVil1111z11' High. Delta XV51: Erigiiivcrs' S11- ciety. Y. Al. C. A. Claims in 111' a Iraa' actor TUIIZWZ rozzxvd. g'v1lIIl+V -Y AR11-11'k W. Joi-1NfaoN In ml ll 1- 11 1 i 0 11. AIf'bKll'ChQ'7lC Mcirfrclicacl NliI'IHZlI. LEAK CAROLYN A. .MJHNSON Hair ful, or .vlzawf ACz1rlQ111ic. St. Paul. St. Paul QtL'1'1U'Zl1. 1 Y. XV. C. A. XY11111z111's Lcague. "If you want to knaia' tlllyfllfllg abou! flzf' .wasavfs dffbzlianles, laik I0 mv." ' , VJ A fk-' 4? 0-.-v Qllimgfg' .1 W 11 11 69 CARI, J. JOHNSON Eziginccriiig. 1411121 Slziytoii High. Y. M. C. A. Elcktrou. Sloryfeller. 1 D iJ'k.,,jW 'J' FG? ie GCIJHER f i EDGAR W. JOHNSON Engineering. lXlinne- apOliS. South High. Delta lvye. Y. M. C. A. HVVho's go! some snow?" Y 7 l ZELNIER JOHNSON Dentistry. St. Paul. Mechanic Arts High. "Whose armor is his honest thought." OSCAR T. JOHNSON Dentistry. Elbow Lake. Elbow Lake High. A E A The Denis say "He's fair and square, tall and slim." We earft jus! figure lhis out. rmi5'll9'1lhl J lx .M X -- ELMER XV. JOHNSON Engineering. Staples. Staples High. ElektrOn. Too much of IL shark io getfrir in lhis plaee. l l HERMAN F. JOHNSON Acznleinic. M in n e zz p O l i S. Central High. Y. M. C. A. Prohibition Club. GOOd Government Club. There are enough serious things in life without considering your- self one of theni. . --...,,,1 A "'f..,,..,.. r--"-W-M-K-W..- -- J Q C3153 PH ER Toxin C. jouxsux Law. Fergus Falls. Fergus Falls High. Y. Xl. C. A. Sezuulirizwizm Society. Gay I,flI'l'l'! R1"rH A. JOHNSON Aczulemie. Minnezipolis. South High. They had a falling out ul Clzrzfvtnius time. lQAT.l,II E. JOHNSON Aeaclemie. Duluth. Duluth Ceutrul. A X .XilL'lIJlll21fl. Forum. Gmail Gmwriiment Cluh, Y. Bl. C. .X. 'llI'0ZLSl11'!'l' junior Class. Stucleut Council. J. B. Assoeizilir ni. R04 mler King. Wlzerz' url' Hwy now, flu' Uvlliff' Sizzler, ilu' .llummz Slnrleizzgs, flu' lVl1i!f' Trouxars, Hn' .llarnmzl -1Irlrk1'11utu, flu' Tim .-lrm Bands, flu' Slirk uf Gum, lhff PIlIlZfIl1fl01l1' and the .-I fry G1'urz'! :Z-YM Q:olF1l91lfi iii' Hy . "fill 'll fi W l , xl if .X M x 471 --...vers-...Q ragga ,. . RUTH F. ,IOIINSON Aezulemie. Czisselloii, N. 17. Cusseltfm High. Y. XV. C. A. VVOI'Il3.I1'S League. Tam U'Sl1:mler. LSCLtI'lC'llIl1l- vizzu Soeiety. "AIN Keep Sli!! and let me laik." STIENVART W. jrmxsox Dentistry. lXli1mez1polis. South High. The' nmgif Qf flml SVIZIYP. x.J A if - 'GHC-2 GCDPHER PEIJER L. .IOHNSRITD Agriculture. Spring Grove. Luther College, Athenian. Y. Bl. CLA. Cleo Clulm. The sage of Ponrlergrisf Hall. S fiEORGE R. JONES Engineering. Blue Earth. Blue Earth High. A K E Engineers' Society. Elektron IVOK V. JONES The Class Cupid. Engineering. Minneapolis. South High. Delta VVye. Engineers' Sn- lXlARIE B. JOHNSTON Aczulernie. Minneapolis. Central High. , A fb A E G Y. VV. C. A. VVon1 Q1 n ' S l League. Euterpean Club. Illarie has ll Swedish name, and Bix has the looks. Owes dues to the Smndinaiioii Society. C.. A. eiety. Spanish Club. Y. M. Wliirili did you buy Nic J. B. lirlroi for! Qgeifginsio mi? 697140 ii -i J1- 472. F1 . IDRIS V. JONES Engineering. Minneapolis. South High. Delta Vllye. Spanish Club. Engineers Society. Can't keep the twins straight long enough to write anything about tlzeni. - L..J J... 'SEQ GCPHER l CURA A. ll-ml CHARLICS B. K.XEliC'Hl'Ill A,M..uh.,niL.. c-mummy S. D. Enginccrilig. Milluanlc, S. D A1lgl1Sl1l.fl1l Cullcgv. Ufl'mVlll9 High' Y. XV. C. A. Cap annl Gmvn. W l':ll5llm'U45l SOVlCl3i- IU' C- A xYU1HZlIllS l,L'Zlgl1L'. Sczmcli- 'K MEM! -'UI HU' half W M1075-Y navian Siwigty, ANDRIEVV P1-:racy KIEl42Fh1 Takes fzftvr tlzffnz svbrfzs. Luyyh 11innQHp1,li5' East High. A A CID Guml Govcrumunt Club. l Sllalmpcun. U. C. A. Known by his lfl'I'by, fur mllrzr lbnrpll' xuit, figlzr and ff'HZf1IlAIlf' KIITOHIPLIlIl'HI1'lIf. C!1KAF!f- -NJ QQWQE WITH INGVULD O. AIUVRVIJ --li Chemistry. Rotllsay. ll f Fergus Falls High. . fs ' A1153-lNDl'3R KANTER A X E fy! llw ly Law. :XllllllCZl1JOllS Band. lx l Numb High. .fIlI'fL'lS alnmxt ll rlzcfmixt. Bewz XX RlL'l1Ol'llll. 011 Iliff Iron range mm! nz Yvvar. ,-1 polio l34flz'idz'rf'. 473 l' -A 2-i iii V i i - , gl? 'tif 'naar' v JF' PGS. QQ CQPHEB ' L 1 WINNREIJ KIQLLX' Academic. Minneztpolis. Central High. W'cmmn's League. U. C. A. Tam U'ShQmter. "Tm fl jzmfor, bu! you ca11't Nmke me fake Iwo GojJhe1'.v. fm ll sfrozzg-mifzrfed girl." S'1'E1.1.A Klissox Academic. Byrnm. Roehester High. H B CP A E Y. NY. C. A. Chorus. Tami U'Shanter. YVOIHZl1liSLCZig1.1C. Identical with Bess, except that Bess fakes I0 file Gopher and Stella to fhe rlzamx. NVALTER AI. IYENNEDY Aeaciemie. St. Paul. Central High. X11 T Adelphizm. NI. B. Association. 211 Lieut. Battery U. M. C C. Chorus. U71 twill? the u'a111'e, Ie! joy be 1L7176ff7If?If.l yn H11 if W Qiiixiigyiigi' it if QM tf my A xx . , 474 xi-.. Bliss IQESSON Academic. Byron. Rochester High. H B CIP Gopher Staff. Y. YV. C. A. VVom:m's League. T 11 m O'ShzmLer. "By my froflz, ll pleasant spirit- ed lady." A wmrkezl preference for dorlors. EVA KINIBIXLL Aeudemie. Minneapolis. Fargo, N. ID., High. Y. XY. C. A. YY 0 m a n ' s League. A lzandy girl to take river- ba11k'ing. . ,W QR-JW 17: rx- iv.-'Y G S'11xF1foRD Klxu Law. Dom' River. Deer Rivcr High. Fastzxliaii. 211 Licut. U. M. C. C. Y. M. C. A. Back from 1116 1211511-Ierzglzes. The Auslralirm ivondvr. ZERAII P. KING Mecliuim-. Miziiicapulis. Black River Falls, XVis.,High. fb B H livery Iilllill ll King. Bu! l1e'x jus! -five frm' full. Y- f, 'Iii--' iw iL..,5i E1 i' r-ii 1642 CQPHER LEo'rA KIRI.lN Aczidciiiic. YYz11.crtown, D VVlllG1'lOXVD High. AOH Y. VV. C. A. YY 0 m 11 n ' 5 GICURGIQ F. KLEIN Iggszngiickl 'ilim fVSi1Zll'1ICI'. . , . " ' I f. Aczulcmic. Mimieapohs. If 5 U HM XYL-iconic High. Z XII J. B. Association. I d1'1l11'f kmm' llllyflllt' bu! Zen, imlzvn I farm' in f'01l1'gf'. C!-5 , v viii? U91-QL 475 HLXRKJLIJ R. KJr:l,l..xN1mER Law. Miiiiiczxpolis South High. Suzmniiiiavixm Swciciy. Y. KI C. A. "Look yon, how palv he glfzresf U 66... Corwin T S'rEL1.A M. KI.INIE Academic. Anoka. Anoka High. Y. VV. C. A. Variegolerl hair. A close second lo Jo Sclzaller in local color. RUTH KNow1.'roN Acarloniic. Minneapolis. East High. K A 9 Acanthus. Spanish Clulu. Liberal Association. VVoinan's League. VV. A. A. No, I'rn not crazy about the Them Delis, jus! one Them Deli. . i?g wm- lxl.-KRGUERITE F. Kxoi-P Home Economics. St. Paul. Humboldt High. Philoniathian. Home Eco- nomics Association. Slze's "cute," but sin' cloesn'I know much about Zoology. T7Q65QljoQi.o oll1l91l4'il Y . ff 476 A twin-- R.ALPH JAMES KN1oHT Engineering. Minneapolis. ll'cst High. Delta Wye. This ls rouglzhozlse nlglzi. HEI.EN Kxowmox Academic. Minneapolis. East High. K A 9 XV. A. A. Acanthus. Y. XV. C. A. VVo1nan's League. Corzllnuolly appearing in Ihe glory of burnt cork. RJ I .ig . i F6563 CQPH ER X? ' Xlkn xi CIQLIA -I. KoPPl.lN Acziclcmic. Litchiiclcl. Litclificlcl High. Y. W. CT. A. XV. A. A. Trailers. VVOIHZITIYS League. Thr' flllzlvlic Katrina. Gl2NEx'1lQVE KRACHE Hume Econoinics. Pino lslzmcl. Pino Island High. Hume Economics Assuciatioil. HI low In play bll.Y1?FfbtlN.i' ..,.. .. , - IREN12 O. KRANZ Acaclcmic. Holstein, Iowa. Holstein High. A A A Brush and Pencil. liquul Siiffiwzgc. Y. YV. C. A. lY0nmn's Lcaguc. Whwz was it, he grzzzlzzzziefi! Las! year! Gfvsnf . k?lQJ?5LllsQff175 cx'l?l9U?l li 477 ir E1,sA P. Kimitcii Educatimi St. Paul. Central High. Tam O'ShzmLcr. V C r Q i n Gcmuetlichkcit. Nollzin' to do but work. PA UL ICREIRSBACII Law. Adams. Austin High. AKfD U. C. A, Ivzsfruziinrs fall him "Crabs- bark." lf L LJ Ego CQPH ER GERTRVMQ KlTI.BEliQS Academic. Minneapolis. South High. A string ffm! 11115 110 discord. HAZEL E. KUNZI Acadcmic. Eau Clairc, XYis. Eau Claire High. ' Equal Suffrage Club. Social Problems. VVOITlZiI1'S League. Y. VV. C. A. A761Z'f red hair rilwbons juxt scrumyblions? RIQ'1'H E. LAPLANT Academic. Anoka. Anoka High. 'XVoman's League. Y. W. C. A. Chorus. 'llHlllOYSl1ElUlCf. Euterpean Club. Allow disfivzguished for her red lzmiiivf llian for her fed braids. TQTQFQEQE cmli'fil9Uil l 478 I5 1lAlfRICE LAGAARD Engineering. lXlinnca1iolis South High. Y. M. C. A. Delta Vivye Engineers' Society. IfVi!d looking man who 1111.5 IL brother flzafs a slmrk. LEONARD LAMPERT Law. Minneapolis. Ccntral High. A A CP fl? A '13 A Ziftle stil' in Zhis College world. C1.,xk.x Lixizszmx , Aczulemin-. Nllllll4'Zl.1D4JllS. Kzziilcakuc Hig VVOINHIIYS lmzlgilc. Scamli- l nzzviziii Socivly. You lllwa u good disjmsilimz, +171 l'I'I..YfI 1't.' EHQ GQPH ER A1.lfRi51m MI. lnxslilskormia. .lgrivultuim-. Xrmtliiiclsl. Clzzrlcum Cfillcgc, A Z lXgric-ulluml Cllulu. Philm- mzitliiuii. gXg.fl'lClllll1I'11l Glu' Fluln. Thy IlI0dt'.X'f'X' is il mllfllr' In thy nzeril. XJ i9,,,,.f.,. ,:x7,.,,. X' Kyo N LLl..i,gg.,gs W lpflm 1 Ma 1-O slag QM Mu U ERx1csT I.ixRsux lxlllllllgf. Akclcy. l ill Aki-iey High. Q ff SL-licml .if Mme. sol-ii-ly. lvl Our our xtznlrvzt, tl derp fhinker X I' and tlll ably rzssixlrzni in Pmf. ,ll4'L'zrfln1zgl1. 479 Lewis -I. lhxkscmx Eiigiiiecriug. Xvllllllllll. Vllimlom High. Engiiien-rs' Sociuly. Y. Nl. C. A. Rifle Club. Zml Liuut. lf. Nl. C. F. DL-lla XY51-. Knows nmn' illrzllz. than li. L. N. XV,-XLTIZR I,.xRsoN Dciitislry llV8.l'1'0U. lYill'I'E'Il High. Tliulaiiizm. P1'L'Slll9lll jiinioi' lJL'llIlSlT'y Class. E.X'l'E'8df7Ig icizlwf. lfafr spoleen and pwzvzzadirzg. T...j I , E5Q CQPH ER LAWRENCE K. LA XVLER Pharmacy. Minneapolis. South High. Fmutball UM". Basketball ulvlvri I'-7'!l7lki.Y bfollzer and llzen some. SAMUEL F. I,Awi.ER Law. St. Paul. Cmntral High. I want I0 gn back to Miclzigizn. .I- ALICE LEAHV Acacleinic. Minnvapolis. St. lX'IargzLrct's Academy. Z' B U. C. A. VVomz1n's Leaguc. Trailers. The ffenlml pillar of fhe U. C. .fl . Q27 f' 'rf' A 'J . ' X f , N .M W 4-80 RILTI'IARI7 U. I,EAv1QNWoR'1'H Merlin-iiic. Miiim-zlpolis. East High, A K K Bzmcl. B. Minncsota. For every why, flf' had cz where- fare. l NlABIiI. L1cBo1uous Acaclcinic. St. Paul Park. Hastings High. Y. YV. C. A. Tum fySllZll'1tCl'. Greek Club. .-1 spcfries Qf thc l1ZflNl87'lZlLf'i!f1Ll shark. .,,, ISX. KJ 4' 1.. 'Cige GOPH ER CA'1'HEiux1i Luihxxim Acafhmiu. VVQSL High. M iiim-zipolis. KA9 Y. W. C. A. WumzLn's Lcagiic Council. Thalizm Literary Sonic-ty. Guphvi' Staff. The Gopher Holi' tvenzs iuiilz l11m1unily. Enlvr Catl14'1'i11f', "Hello Ben." CARI. hflecliciiii-. Pembina, N. D., He prows fha! Lil. MBKE Noche, N. D. High. Norlh Dakota has rear-lied ll slate rg' r'iz'i1z7za- tion. FR.xNct1as LiNmsxx.xN I fc ' . I L '.. .Xcfulcniic lXIlll1'1C'l1JUl19 XVCSL High. U. C. A. XYoiiian's Lcaguc. "I 01zlyl1rwel1Ue1ztyli's now, but I Jzzzzy-fI1111k yet, you krzawf' 1 if xxx 7' wx if 3 481 I5 Biakix Ii. LIQMSTROINI Nurses. Ili-lsiiifcaix, Fiiilzmil. Ivlirmcapulis Ci-Html High. E B The l71i'I1iCS sewn In 1111212 an zzjjlinity for the IVUFHIFV71 Shzr. USCAR S. L12v1N Mecliciuc. Hoffman Buffalo High. "Tales Qf II0Ifll1d71H by Levin -1 ,5 KCSIGQ GQPH ER GEC,JIlGE C. LINIDIEBERG Forestry. St. Paul lXflechanic Arts High. CID A 9 Forestry Club. UBI." in track Adelphian. He's a fnresler if he is pretiy LEONARD W. LTNDGREN Engineering. St. Paul. lllechanic Arts. Y. M. C. A. Engineers' Society. The boy with lhe everlasting chin l NAT LOVGREN Academic. Real VVing. Red VVing High. X P 9 Band. Ale and Sarah makes some paw, aizft if? if K-9692-iglzaiwtgg i eiFil9U4l 482 SIGNA E. LINDQUIST Nurses. Sunne, Sweden. Kerkhoven High. Scandinavian Club. VVoman's League. Y. VV. C. A. I wish I were sick. MARY L. LITTLE Academic. Appleton. Appleton High. Liberal Association. Y. W. C. A. 'Womans League. How names do lie. - .. K-J - ESQ GQPHER C MARuAR12'1' LI,m'1m .-Xezulmnie. Klunlizlto. Mankato Normal. lYoin:1n's League. Y. XY. C A. Tum O'Shanle1'. Enter- pean Clulu. EDITH M, LVDNVIG The little Japafzvsf srlmnl 1f'fld7f"- East High. Y. XV. C. A. Tam cjlSllZI.IllL'1'. Silence is golden. Wifi? 0 W7 a A GL'LCi9liQ HENRY S. LOEFIPLER Engineering. Luverne. Luverne High. 'f ll 1? X Engineers' Society. Y. Rl. QQ E C. A. Cabinet. Elelctron. X V Here for an ezlufratimz and ha' ln will gf! il, 100. 483 Aczlclernie. Minneapolis. ELLA l,0RliN'1'ZliN Academic. llvlllllli-lf. Williiiar High. Y. XV. C. A. Lifef'!ix S'llIi1I a serious mailer. . 1 '42 BLANCHE E. LYMAN Aezulernie. llinnezipolis. East High. Y. lV. C. A. 'Xl' o Ill zz n ' s League. Choral Club. Tam O'Shanter. Euterpean Club. She may nal like tiff' men, but the men like her. . -my-U -1? I lr e ac: - ' ri I Ego GCDPHER LESLIE LITEHRS Meclicinc Pipestone WoI'thington High. fl? A G N E N Toboggan slide 011 the Pomer- anian hair BENJAMIN R. LUND Dentistry. Lawson Lawson High. E A E Another Dent in the S, A. E.'s gggwf'-gl "ay '-N-'E-L -. -- I ,M J, , . .-. L, M . . ,. . :,3J1.f,-iMY,- L,Lri,,.,. -- LFFKVN In I.. Jhwr, ,,-. ,, -Y . ,. .. IJXVIGHT E. LYON Academic. Vcrdigre, Neb. Nelvraslca State Normal. 2 N Platform Club. Band. Minnehaha. Aclelphian. Don't talk abou! yourself, il will be done when you leave. olliTl9ll4l l Nil X , 4-84 MII.ToN F. LI7NDIsI.An Dentistry. VVinona. Winonzi High. A E A Some Cupid. Kills with arrows. AIAE H. LYIJON Academic. Minneapolis. South High. U. C. A. Tam O'SlIanLer. Woman's League. Gels her annual L-eau al the Simliglzt Dances. qpuwf- ..ff"- ,Ji K Ur - -.-g.. ,A - -,,.. .1-1 Q ,- ,q . W- , . ,. .,...---we..fH.ws5'g-,A.-.,-ff-.,- - C, ' - ' I I - - . :- .M-qmcwyfi-. .,...g,.w.i-"::x' ..-.v.f,.fA'- - I-ff '. J' .k .-MH,-. www., ., ,. ,,:A:- ., M -., .. A.. LJ -- Y 177 'C3fie GQPHER lVIl,I.I.-XM lf. Mai.-XIAION Law. Klzulisuii, S. IJ. Mzulisrm High. A X Good flUVL'I'I1lTlL'lll Club. Y. Rl. C. A. Footlrzlll M. Pros- illl-ut Athletic Buzml of Cou- trol. Pride Qf Ihr' Delta Cflzifv. ALAN j. McBii.xN Law. Kliiiiiczilmfllis. Ccutral High. fb A fb CID B K B. A. Miriiicsotzi, 1911. Klam- agcr Alliletius. He' has lziiflzed his wugmz la cz star. F1.oR1aNcE L. iXlC'CRAY Acaflvmic. lXllIlI1L'Il1JUliS. St. Paul Cczitml. Gm-ck Clulm. Cliorus. Her looks un' 1'11fIimfiw Q7 luv' wry rzrzizzw. W lil?-50 V1 fill? Ugllfl ll y l il f M G15NIix'im'1c KI. KICC'.xR'1'm' Aczulemic. Colcrziim- Grcciiwzly High. U. C. A. Sin' tcgfurx ll r1'implf'. f ii H joux W. 3lL'CAl'l.EY Law. lXllllI1CZi.1l4lllS St. 'l'lmmas. Irish, flmzzglz he 11065117 limi? it .Yr f'1 - Y ,-,wr -WY- Y, -:.g1.-1.10 I 61542 GQPH ER ANTH ITR B. MClJON.x1.1n Agrieulture. Oshkosh, lVis. Oshkosh High. A Z Agrieultural Clulu. S0 7611-1Il'lllil'Il 111111 hz' 111111 10 quit llvll-Llfwf E- MAVGREGUR the href 11llS17Zf3SS for fmr 1110 Law. St. Cloud. .f111g11x herd 10011111 f11V7Z red. St. Cloucl High :mil Normal. A X 1110155 a 110717710 Sf0f1t111111Ln. 1.f f',Vfy.4f31 ,K X Qmlii1l9lQ lQl"1'H A. lX1c:DoNA1.n 1 Aeamlemie. Aimzmdzxlc. X11 11 lx ,XTlI'l1ll1ClLllCglgE,e RV " Ted no 101'L,Q67' llzinkx her inter- l'Sfl7IQ.H 4-86 -FN l . VIERONICA K. AIACDONALD Aczulemie. StillWaLei'. Stillwater High. Minerva. S. G. A. Bozmrd. U. C. A. Faust Club. VVomzm's League. 1111115 from Stillfwalw and goes 101111 F101'f'111'1'. l LIQHN AlCGliE Aczulemie. SL. Paul. St. Paul Central. A 'll A Nlitre Club. Aclelphian Club. "rl jig 011 SF7ZI'I-I714'7Ifll11I'j'. l'V11011 I write 10 1211111111 11231 .wfyle is jJ111'1'1y l'L7gZ1l7I57I1lLli'Z't'.H fi'-i i 1 A i Ql.,.j-M-gat--f 3 F7 'z2.i1:1QQQ1J11i1-2 7 EIJNA B. BiC'KIiNZIlfI Educzztiou. NIz111kz1L11. Rlziiikzito No1'111a1. Edlll'tlf!'f1lI'7l1, you 5111111 my girl. i W,x1,1'1cR xl. IXIAIDIJI-IN Law. Rfmclicsti-11 Rm-licstcr High. A K CID U. C. .X. Expolzwzt of flu' lmnnr .vy.vtv111. C '-'N K' fy' 5551 w151suim.l:.1 1156915437 1 ,,5 1 57 7? 5 fh 10,1 7 fiENEYlI-IYIC 31. MCI,.xNr: -N ENN N. X E1h1cz1tio11. Nliiiiiczipolis. R1 Q' ,ii xy! Cmu-111 High. XX V lf. C. A. Tum CJ'Shz111Le1'. Irixlz and proud nf il. 487 8.411115 ,I. MCI'H1-:Rsox 1XCll1iClUiL'. Mimiczlpolis Ahc-rdcun, S. IJ., High. XVo111a11's I.ez1guv. Y. VV C. A. Sha' has her cards Pfliflffll S, Jfzcfesmz .llc Phvrsorz. KI.x1z1s,x1z15'1' Mm'Q1'11.141N Enhivalirin. Miiiiiezxlmolis c1L'11if1li High. Siu' pzzrszws flu' viwl lezzur nj lmr rua v. I., L. f . . 3, E, XY Sw .....-.Wig .wr I XJ J, Ege GCDPH ER RICHARD NIANAHAN Law. Chatfield. St. Thomas and Chatfield High A K CID Lflasquers. U. C. A. We will probably find him in politics some day. MIRDYALEEN MAXXVELI. Home Economies. Fuhla. Fulda High. fl? T O Home Economies L e a g u e. Philomathian Lit. A dynamic force in the home eoonorrtics flepartrnertt. AIARIE M ELANIJ Academic. Red VVing. Red Wing High. ' H B fl? VVOmzIn's League. Y. VV C. A. Tam O'Shanter. Daily Staff. A true mirtisterlv daughter. of 1191160 488 X' .Af.'. ,'.'..v,r-f-' V35 .,,.. gm.. -,J . . ,.,-.,...,..,-in-1-A-m -AA ' no 4-A , R. DARXVIN MAY Chemistry. Adrian. Adrian High. A X E Recently troubled with "Zicl2- ness." HARRIS J. AIAYER Engineering. Minneapolis. VVest High. Engineers' Society. U. C. A Elektron. Takes lzinzselj seriously. 'LJ 'SEQ COPHER HERTZ N. lXllEl.lCCK Law. Miunczipolis. ll. IJ. Klinncsulzi. llcnurah Socially. Likfs the college fzfnzrlsplzezfe so wall that he hay rrlzwfzffd. ETHEL KllEl.I.l5M Aczulcinic. St. Paul. Cvntral High. Y. XV. C. A. XV rn in il 11 ' S Lcaguc. Tam O'Sl1zLntcr. Her rlimple is the pride of lhe Y. W. W.-x1.TiaR C. Mizuxiam' Dentistry. Miiim-zmpolis. South High. Show your trffflz, lVaZ!e1'. Lfrf fi ' N C lima if if l 9 lil 3 7 T? 1 ' l if f .X 489 HYMEN Z. M1 Law. South High. Menorah. Suciz Platform Club. His cosmos is all ENDOWITZ Minneapolis il Problems ego. OLIVE F. I Pharmacy. Tyler High. lVoman's Lczigun uavian Club. That winning smil Jl,soN Tyler 2. Scandi- e beguiles us J Q , 'i 'ESQ Q01 HER li THERON G. iXl12THVEN Acadeinic. Minneapolis. East High. Scalubard and Blzule. Crack Squad. lst Licut. U. lN"l. C. C. Y. M. C. A. A frirndly ffm' at flze cludi- larizlm. , l HERBER'1' W. BIEYER Engineering. Minneapolis. East High, Engineers' Society. Crack Squad. lst Liout. U. M. C. C. Elektron. Take a good breath and really lalk. ISALINDA hlIl,LER .M-zxnleniic. Klinneapolig, Vlvcst High. H B ill Tam O'Shantcr. YVOman's League. Chorus. Daily. I"ollaruI'1zg in lzvr xisfefsfool- sfvpx. Jjeifxj QQWGUHEE mmll?ll9l4l 490 -I 1 CLARA H. KlIl.LER Education. Vl'ells. Vllells. High. Clara is certainly upholding the scholastic l'8f71lllll1:07Z nf Wells. FRANK M. lXlILLER Dentistry. Deer Park, Wis. River Falls, Wis., Normal. lfVe carL't prinl all the compli- rnenls that came from the derztisiry college. . L-J, i 255.2 QQPHER i i XYILISVR AIILLER EUgiUL'C1'iHg. Lung I71'3i1'iQ Long Prairie High. A K E UPU Ail'A'flfI.H Vluihx AIINER ihzicleiiiic. Xliflllkhhljblliii. Vvust High. VVUIHZLIIYS Lcziguc. Y. YY C. A. Minerva. No, Viola, we wwf! my any filing to hur! y0zn'feeIz'ng5. Noimixx lX1I'l'CHELI. Aczulcmic. St. Paul. SL. Paul Cviitmi. A T A Mzlsqucrs. Edirol'-iii-Chiof Gopher, .Xfh-lphian. J. B. .-Xssocizxtioii. Uv keeps llza' Goplzvr Hole In KL I'0IIfIi7lIlllI flatfvr. Lv ul Lkkifgjaif .X '? Mu , M. H7165 ,YTTT 491 E xi HA RR Y J. M1'l'cH1f:l.1. 4LfiI1L'L'1'iDj,,f. Gmucvillc G1':ice-ville High. W1 UU' En Cc Y. e refuse In write the obvious ftffflll-JI. Liawri-:R M. BIITCHELI. gina-cring. Minlicapolis html High. A K E M. C. A. Delta YVyc. Slveps diagonally in 11611. FN. 'gj Elle CCDPH ER IRL D. MIX Pharmacy. Cedar Falls, Iowa. Iowa State Tezleliers' College. E N - Whufs in rz nazne. AAARJORIE MIX Aeademie. Minneapolis. East High. K A Q Gopher Staff. "They laugh that win." Go ahead Illdljforie. S FRANCES C. BIOONEY Aeaflemie. VVillmar. Duluth Central High. Minerva Lit. Those eyes reveal ct wealth of thought. MT Efglhoo lv ol'5il9Tl4l 492 BENJAMIN F. AIOLL Dentistry. Sleepy Eye. Sleepy Eye High. He has a deep mind. Some of lt seems to go as for os his feet. ROBERT D. NIONAGHAN Dentistry. Tacoma, Wasli. Tacoma High. U. C. A. Gird up thy loins of speech and yon'll be an honor to anld Ireland yet. w 5 Ege GOI-JHER ALLEN L. AIOORE Academic. Le Mars, Iowa. Le Mars High School. Z A E Seahhard and Blade. Track Team. Associate E Cl i t o r Blinncsota Daily. Gopher Advertising Staff. Got Iwo G'5 and four E's. I flon't see how he ran do il. CLINTON K. AIOORE Engineering. Minneapolis. Central High. A politician llmt supported Taff. No wonder he lost. 1 i-' FRED F. Al0ORE Hutchinson High. Agricultural Club. Athenian. A prime good fellow. GUILITIDRD A. AIORSE Engineering. Minneapolis. East High. CIP K if A X E Mitre. Band. Y. lXl. C. A. Daily. B. Association. Adclphian. Gopher Staff. Play low Gillie, Ar! plays foot- ball. 355255 GERTRUDE lX"lOORlE QS V' Academic. St. Paul. A St. Paul Central. lmTK FQB X V 'll Thalian. VVoman's League. xy y S. G. A. Board. W. A. A. X Y. W. C. A. Has gone with George for six years. Answer UD 493 fx fnuilf'-A--'-Y Agriculture. Stewart. w:j, f ,M . - KJ C 5543 CQPHER MARION A. lMl00RHEAD Academic. Minneapolis. Beaver, Pa., High. K K I' Came West to tell us how they do in Pennly, C1.IFFoRD MoRELL lXflecliCinc. Verndale, Cannon Falls High. CID B H Football M. Some men are born with degrees, most aequire them, but his was thrust upon him. . ,Z if Es'rEL1,E M. MOYNIHAN Academic. Minneapolis. St. Clara Collogo, lllis. U. C. A. Gives Prof. Swift lots of infor- ltltlfitlll on religion. 6?-5 'V' Qh?Qllaae oilill9U4'l 494 e .f"'1. HELEN C. BIORGAN Academic. Ft. VVillia1n, Ont. Spokane High. Womaifs League. The best peaches eome from lfVlLSI1'i11gf0lI. JOSEPH Moses, JR. M odicine. Northfield. Norihiold High and Carleton. fb B H He knows what's what, and that's as high as meta-physical wit will fly. "' T" w Y-. - 555 CQPHE 'I'Hm1As Nlvlfks Mcrliciuc. St. l'z1ul. St. Paul C4-11L1'ul. Gupher Brrzml. AlC11fll'i1ll. B. S. lXll11l1L'HOlll. fuzlge llllll 1101 snlely by lzix l'!ZSl'fl.l1f'll icorles, 1111! bf' lC'7Il'l'7Zf, CARI. D, N1f:LsoN Agriculturo. Minneapolis. South High. Agricultural Club. Dropped ou! a year so as fn get into this Gnplwr. lmoulzxii C. Ni-:Lsox Chcuiistry. Nliiiiicupnlis. Cmitiwll High, A qzzffwz mrzuzzg t'7IQ1iIIt'f'I'.Y. Cl.ARlcNc' 14: LSQON N 151.51m llcntistry. Kzlssou. Kzisswu High. l'au'll lzfwf' to gd ojl' flltll "gall," Clrzffwzfe, ESTHER R. NELSON Homc-Economic-S. Canby. X fll ll Canby High. XX! lyn Homc Economics Leaguc. X W Secretary Alhcnians. xy If she d0esn'i stop laughing she will develop a double clzfn. 4-95 M-, fi l f l J LJ A T, 'Elie GOI-PH ER OLIVE A. NEI.SON Academic. Hutchinson. Hutchinson High. Y. YV. C. A. VVOman's League. Trailers. W. A. A. She'll make some good-hearted man a capable wife. l WALTER J. NELSON Dentistry. Minneapolis. South High. Z A E Chief Artist Gopher. They say an arlisl newer repeals himself. ALFRED JOHN NOLL 1 Academic. Big Stone City, S. D. Big Stone High. Instinct, instincf, insfinct, I knew il. Qfgwglhlee all H9114 496 JEAN R. NIEUSTADT Academic. La Salle, lll. La Salle, Peru, High. Acacia. Has nice curly hair and flashing black eyes. FLOYD B. NEWELL Dentistry. Harmony. Harmony High. A E A From harmony, heavenly har- many! iiL L..J 1" i ESQ GQPHI-QR A EDITH NUOTNAG1-:L Academic. Minm-apulis. Central and iNest High. K K P ll T And 19071 is Surh ll 11ir1' boy. EVERETT W. Noiuzuoss Agriculture. lXlinnca1wlis. Agricultural Sclioml. Athenian. Agricultural Club. Botany Seminar. Doc! Hi' caused fwo weeds to grow, 10116112 only one weed grew before. GEORGE Oislaku Dentistry. Miniicapolis. South High. Clzew' 1lfJ, George. D07Iyf lm .ww svrfnzrs. f'- Q7 lliliiiii f j, VT if l ff it li Xi XM 497 HAROLU NoRiax5N lN'Icmlicinc. Minneapolis. South High. if P E Prcsidcnt Freshman My-clics. "Childs Ilrirolrlf' the boy gym.- rzasi and lnreador. KAT1-1ER1NE A. Nui My-flicinc. Kliunczipulis. Refl YVing High. A E I H. S. Minnusota, 1912 VVoman's League. C l ei s 5 Trczzsurer. Lillian Lyford is my ajfinily. -.,..l..., .-. H' M'fmN'Q"fQ.,w,5'H""m"" ' Q P OR1u31.1.E B. Umzuc Academic. St. Cloud. St. Cloud High, Y. VV. C. A. VV. A, VVODTILTIYS Leuguc. 'll a U'Shzmtc1'. Am-:1.1.x Omox 5'lfz111l5 1i7I strong with flze girls. HOINC E1'0U0UllC9- Tf1UmPll- Roland, lowu, High. Home Ecoimmius Asfsociutioii. ,llodvsty is one of tu0mrm's l76Xl urlorlznzelils. QSQQTQMQJLHQ-'G IV lXlYR'l'I.E 0'CoNNoR I-gf., Ausulomic. Granite Falls. If Granite Falls High. lx J, Il Y. W. C. A. W 0 ui a u ' s lg ll, l XE League. V Ewifylfofly likes "-lIyfle'5 place." 498 CLARENCE O'flORlJON Academic. lXlinuCu11olis. East High. Hen' is SOVI7f'llIi?Ig lo fake IIOHIC to your motlzw: "I lzzwe IL friend, his name is Clarenmf. Ile is zz crmlit In his panfntsf' You are a flamly liSlf'7l'6I', lm! y0u're KL sieve. FRANK XVUKEI. .-Xuadcmic. Silvcr Lake. llutchiiisou High. Komcusky Klub. Such a E0llZ'6l'SlLllI7I1U,l youth, qzziei and retiring. "W S - f .m.:.-1.04 GCDPHER F O1.1Yl-1 XI. I'o'1"r1iR Hl,PU1Q'IEL'OH4'5lUiCS. S1J1'il1gf1C11l. Springflvld High. Athcuizm. Home Iicfmomics League. Just tl quiz! kind, FAM. R. OMAN Dentistry. Scullhn Bmzulwzly IIigl1,SvaLlIe. A 2 A Klenhcf 1'cp1'csc'11l:1tix'u .Xlhlctiu Buzml uf Ucmtrwl. .fl bud "amen" in ffm! Board Qf' Cfwlzirrnl mach ? F W m W F 1 F CARI. A. OPPEI, .Xg1'icultu1'c. Fuhhl. W Fulda High. . A Z Agricultural Club. Bxmnl. XY.-XRD ORSINLQER 1'm litilv, but I'nz aufnlly gXg1'iLfllllL1I'0. XYhiLc Hear. ml'-YI" St. Paul Ccutrfil. ,Xgricultultzl cxlllli. N0 um' l?7II7TL'.V his flznuglzis, fm! Kiwi he. ,A-Af?-X' if v,' Q9fHf?Q5WiEUf-f 1 J , V fcxlgwqgjdfl Kflx UMD u iN R, gg! ,Q ff AIl'1.1.x l7REII.XI.liN N 'N' HW V X 'N' ff .XL'lldQI'I1lV. Kvhynll. W N' L' st. om, XX f! SCZlT1iHUilVillll Swcicty. W j D171 sim war nzfxs Slulduy .wr- Xff i'l't'llY! N 499 h Ek..J Ego GCPH ER LEONARD E. OTT Engineering. Preston. Preston High. A K 2 Engineers' Society. Delta VVye. Spanish Club. Y. M. C. A. Does not come under lhe head of A'1i0isy." WILLIS H. OTT Engineering. Albert Lea. Albert Lea High. Engineers' Society. Presi- dent Rifle Club. lst Lieut. U. lVl. C. C. Delta Wye. Eyes right. ELSIE N. PAGENHART Academic. hlinneapolis. Rochester High. Ileif laugh will be missed iii clzemislry circles. UCTQQQUEQEE olliil91l4l 500 l g l F. lXlAE OWEN Academic. Minneapolis. South High. She and Julia Hyland whisper and talk, gulp and giggle, not sometimes, but always. . LAURA L. OWENS Aeadernie. North St. Paul. North St. Paul High. Y. XV. C. A. German Club. She owes all the E's she owCeJns lo her system of study. l RJ EBSQ GQPHER " LILLIAN 0. PA 1 G15 Ac-:Ldcmic Ashlzmal, VVi:s. Dciwiiur, Rlilwzziikcc. A tulznlr Hljtlligfu in flu' G npllvr H. K1 NG PAI NTER Aczndcmic. Minnczipolis. East High. CP 11 A Tillikum Klub. Y. M. The Royal Daulwr. C.'. LURRAINE Pixu'r1NuToN :XL'2lliCUHC. Miimezipolis. Central High. U. C. A. Tam U'Sh:1ntcr. xXvOIHZlIl'S League. UI' imma zz!! ulmzd Luke Jfifzzzc- fnnka. 4:4211 'wi ,-f f4j vw Q. 'w..,..1' :yi JE 463.111 fl' 3 qui' PM 1 if WT' i .ff 'ii ix fi Xi if A Ky SOI IK. M ARY A. PAPEZ Home Iicrmomics. Hector. Hutchinson High. Home Iicrmomics .-Xssrmcizztiml. Komcnsky Chih. Cizwr up, Jlary, yuu look betlvr 7011011 yozfn' s1r1z'Iz'11g. GN ESTHICR M. PARIDEIQ Aczldemic. Miiincupolis. East High. Y. XV. C. A. XY rm m 11 n ' S Lcaguc. Hurrah for the res! room. .KQSJ ga ff ESQ QQIJHEEW ii 'A SYDNEY A. PATCHIN Academic. Rochester. Rochester High. Bully for you boy, enthusiasm will pull you through. HLXRLJLD W. PATTEN Academic. Minneapolis North High. A T S2 Adelphian. The A. T. O. man about school - frm.:-7-, BIYRTLE N. PAULSON Academic. Minneapolis. South High. Y. XV. C. A. ,Ueddle not of men. QEQGMHEE niF1l9Ufl 502 J?-NL iw' ' ""-L-:ng -ni ,.-,.., wiih the Ill?-ECll071S EMMA PAL'1.sox Academic. Two Harbors. Two Harbors High. VVoman's League. T 11 m O'Shanter. One of the two iusepambles. Wherds Lillian? . HENRY T. PAULSON Academic. Minneapolis East High. Castalian. Liberal Associa- tion. Y. M. C. A. Smile, darn you, smile! i-'k..,J JNL? KCSEC-2 CiQlJl'lliR ALBERT li. PEARSUX Acaclcnuc. St. Paul. Clevclancl High. Forum. Fresh man- Sopho- more Omtwricztl ffontcst, 2nd placrc. SCZ.77f1illllff?S cz ln 0 u l forensic lzazmfs. BARHARA PECUR JOHN S. PEUPLES Engineering. Detroit. Shattuck. Engineering Society. Smiles obllglngly at all our bum humor. xl-Yefw Pi Y tQw5pf6lliQ:Q-5 Cilgllmgl NELLIE M. Plzxmzk Efluczltional. St. Paul. Humboldt High. U. C. A. VVoman's Leuguc. Tarn O'Shanter. She and her Titian bmizlsxeem fo haw' 50 WlZlClIf1Hl fogrflzer. l Acarlcmic. Duluth. - .DAN 1' PENXIE U Irving High, Duluth. .4 ft. 5-R l Klcmlwinc. Villurtl. Gcniutlichkcit. Thaliztn. tl flll l Cilflctfm- Equal Suilragc Clulm. lwl ll! ly' fb B H VVOman's Leaguc. Tam NV B. S. Carleton. O'Sl1zmtcr. .-1 had "fmt" from the llledic Ask Stanley and Harold. Deparlmezzl. 503 ,. ,. ,,,,.,,-YW hh Y ...ITN LJ ' alrig- T Gee QQRHER ' HAIIRX' A. PERLICH Dentistry. Minneapolis. North High. I E XII fb Athletic, artistic, sociable, quite contrary, musical, and a good blujer. What more possible? HAZEL F. PERRY Academic. Minneapolis. Central High. Y. VV. C. A. Tam O'Shantcr. I love my professors. I have no other love. ALGERT L. PETERSON Agriculture. Buffalo. Buffalo High. Agricultural Club. Night after night he sat within his garret nooks, and bleared his eyes with nothing else than fihmlienee oll7ll9'll1'l 504 .. 1 l If.-XTHERINE PETELER Academic. Minneapolis. East High. Minerva. Y. XV. C. A. VVoman'5 League. Faust Club. She has no dreams to put on record. Migltty jine girl though. ALBERT L. PETERSON Engineering. Erskine. Bemidji High. Engineers' Society. Y. M. C. A. Elcktron. A quiet stude who was never known to bother anyone. . .I- 'W 1 K.J in-f-in .SEQ GCDPH ER ' EIfl"Il41 E. Plc'r15RsoN Aczzdemic. Minneapolis. South High. HW lzmzrt 1iS in Ihr' right plzzrv, her lazzghtrf holds no xcnrn. R. AIAYNARD I'ETiaRsox Agriculture. Olivia. Olivia High. Agricultural Club. Philm- muthizm. Nuiurc has jmmerl slnuzgr fellmcx in her lime. B IARY ELIz,xBE'rH Plf' K ETT Hmmm- Ecunomics. Minnczxpolis, Cuntml High. XYr.mi:1n's Leziguc. "1 d0n't Iwliewe in ll .Yft'tLll'j'.H QDQFWGMHEEE msiFTl9?UfJ sos lXlx'RTl.12 I'lf1lf1fNlzu Aczulcmiu. Iriver Grove ,ixfZ1L'I', lmva, High. U. Cf. A. XVc1man's League A "high brow." LIIESSIE H. PHILLIPS Music. Minm-apulis East High. FCIDB EAA MCIUA VVOIHHIIYS League. Nincrva Y. XV. C. .-X. " IVlll'l'i77g fm fha' 'Roluwx' E-Iy'.' Elie GQPHER FRANK J. PIEMIQISEI. Agriculture. Jordan. Jordan High. A Z Agricultural Club. Botany Seminar. Athenian. With a minimum of noise, he gains tl 711llx'lIlHlI7l of results. LEO R. PIRSCH Dentistry. Caledonia. Caledonia High. He's a live clenf. Al.-XYIJE PLUMMER Academic. Eau Claire, Wis. Eau Claire High. Never misses a Wlsmnsin game. Tllfsfglinw nn 506 HOWARD G. PLANK Engineering. Blinneapolis, VVcst High. B 9 H Crack Squad. Wlzere, 011, wlzcfre has Um' Howfwrl gone? lX'lILDRED R. ZIEGLER Academic. Minneapolis. XY. D. High, lNlilwaukee. Y. VV. C. A. Tarn O'Shanter. Aren'l I the spick and span little kid? int- ' W- f"N ,Y I-X f mm Q E512 CCDPH ER EMIERY F. Pmuckox' Engineering. Minneapolis. Red Oak, Iowa, High. CID A 9 Engineers' Soeiety. Good Government Club. An1e1- phian. Eh-ktron. Is he a zlelmter? No, he is llze bright one of ilze frzrnily. IJONALD L. Pomckox' Aeademie. IXIinneapo1is. Red Oak, Iowa, High C11 A 9 A E P .-Xnle1phian. Forum. Gopher Board. Y. 11. C. A. Inter- collegiate Debate, 1012. Goud Government Club. C 1 a s S Debate Team, 1910 and 1911. "Say fellows, I'll lucy each of you iz cigar lf yozfll clear out of the Gopher Hole for five minutes while I use tlze phone." Florence went. 65159315 STELLA G. YERXA Academic. Milineapolis. North High. Sh! Therfs ll nzzwrler afoot. 015119141 ROBERT E. PORTER A Aeacieniic. Fairmont. 1 mx Y Case-Applied Science. 1 li URRIN W' POTTER cb K XII X Mining. St. Paul. Banil. Adclphianl XX ' Mechanic Arts High. Wlzen lm ran borrow a nirkel The hero of flze jireg he saved a rigar he looks like an aldermrwz. maiden in distress. 507 . A in YW J. A- lui' XJ Efgca CCPH ER ALTA M. PoT'rs Acaclcrnic. Hope, R. l. Si. Paul Central. Rl'W1l'H111llIZ shelf an Eosfonah. BIENJ. A. PRAM' Engineering. Minneapolis. East High. E A E Engineers' Socioty. PVrL5n'Z with us long enough to disclose his iueokizesses, CLARENCE D. PRICE Dentistry. Minneapolis. St. Clourl High. A T A Adclphian. Nope! Dire aint got noojiiiily. nmui?il9U?l 508 IW.. l YYixL'r12R XV. PREINE Dentistry. Minneapolis. East High. The Denis my he hos IL bod look iii his zfye. Do you believe il? CYIERTRUDE PRESTON Acacleniic. Avoca, Iowa. Avoca High. H B HD A E Y. NV. C. A. Another Iowa Pi Phi. ik.J ...F 173562 CGPH ER JOHN R. Plilflf Engineering. Fulrlzl. Fuldu High. Dcltzl lN'ye. Eugim-cr5' Sci- Cin-ty. Sliding HIVUIIQII fallegv on fl' smile. Ji GTZRTIQLTLIIE PRINDLIQ Academic. lXliuuez1p0lis. lVcst High. A CID 9 E Tea Club, Quill. lVmuau's Lcaguc. Y. VV. C. A. Gopher Staff. S1'em'.' Gofzlzcr Hole. B IlSf7I6'.Y.S' jlIll71Ilgf'l'.' ffm! bil! tl2QIl'i1'Z.H Clcrtrlzda' "Rmdy Illfllllfllu A V . ,fa ,wzvw lyw omg W J? 4 o li Wllgl Al'c9i's'ri's I.. PROIJOEHI. g JA Acaalcruic. Rcuvilln-. Jil ,lil Nortliwcstcru Aczulcmy. X? X! I Sliakopczzn. W Collffgcf honor, "Une szznznzw' in Ezlropzff' 509 "1Ien"s i II ll .., R: ...A IE1.1xA1s12'1'l1 PRITCHARD lEQlllL'EtllOl'l. Miiinczmpolis Central High. Y. XV. C. A. l'7zf1.s'51n1zirzg 'is ilu' ianrd. 5' JOHN H. lJl"1'Z Engincoriug. Spwkzuie,VVz1sl1 Central High, St. Paul. Crack Squad. lst Licut U. fll. C. C. Iingincq-iQ Sm-icty. Y. M. C. A. Gopher Staff. .VI lzmvy cmzffliffltlrlr fo ilu Gopher. I'VI1rz! 4lI'6' you laugh ing about? Jar' 'gj I E562 GCDPH ER JEANETTE G. QUAL1512 Academic. Adams. Austin High. Y. VV. C. A. YV O m a n ' S League. Scandinavian So- Cicty. Shelv wowicrl to deallz that we'll Say something mean about her. Are you guilty? CHARLES RISADQUIST hledicinc. lVar1'cn. 'Warren High. We'll lei yon off easy, Raad. LLOYD T. QUARVE Engineering. Britton, S. D. Britton High. A K 2 Engineering Society. Spun- ish Club. Y. M. C. A. Delta VVyc. Oh! Why don't fhe w leave nie alone? XJ QCTQUKQUQQIEQ int?'ll9U4'l 510 0711671 .FN jo E. Qtiouax' Acaclcmic. Bird Islzznfl. Bird Island High. U. C. A. VVoman's Leaguc. Chorus. Tam O'ShzLntcr. U. C. 11. Rillz. Rall-rah U. CA. THOMAS Q. QUIGLEY Enginccring. Bird Island. Bird Island High. A K Z U. C. A. Engineers' Society. Elektron. Be it ever so humble, tlzere's no place like Bird Island. LJ lr' I" 1735 Q GCI-JH ER RL'IJKJl.PH C. RADABAVGH Mcflicinc. Znmlnro Falls. Rochester High. fll P Z X P 9 "Ya, Foe been over to the new anditorinrn in the Anatomy Building. It'll be a fine plate to hold posts in." HITGH YY. IQIEYNOLDS Medicine. Chatficld. Chatficlfl High. A K K They say lie voted for Taft. We know no worse to say. LA URA RANDALL Academic. St. Paul. Central High. H B CID Acuntlius. VV. L. Y. XV. C. A. There may be some like but none we like so well. 65565555 o'l?ll9U5'l her, R1CNV'ILI.lE S. RLXNKIN Engineering. Minneapolis. East High. CID A 9 X P 9 Adclphian. Y. M. C. A. Delta Wye. Managing Editor, 191-1 Gopher. His fraternity pin has gone to Stout. ELIZABETH RAYMOND Education. Minneapolis, A O H A glorious gift of getting Guys. Hamline. LJ 'GHC-2 GCDPHER KIILDRICD M. IQICH.-XRIDSOX Academic. Fairmfmt. Fairmont High. Trzlilcrs. Eutcrpt-an. A Trzlilar but fin! ri clinging U5,,,,. SARA T. RIVET Academic. lliniieapohs. IDONALD U. RICKEIZ Law. Mimiezxpulis. VVcst High. 111 I' A Gopher Staff. Aclelphiztn. W'lml arf ynli iliinkin' rilmut, Don? Yrizfw dom' your worst for this book. East High. Has a lemiiiig toward Imtaiiy assislaiils. Illais, Irlnrz Dieu, Sam. B ff ' ibn? -rf has Ti cLDif1i9Tlfii 5-,. .,T.i NTT txt fry, Ni t ' V X M r lift l A X ' 'ft . 5 I 2 H33 Suxrnx' L. RINGOLD Forestry. St. Paul. Ccrltml High. KP E K Aciclphifm. Forestry Chih. Our ,Uellziifs Frmd boy, Hrco RINGSTRONI Academic. Sunrise. Miimcsota College. Svithiod. "Like quills upon the frelful f30I'tTZLP'l7Zl?.H Why are you so dis- truxtjul of evrrynrze? -FN 'LJ 135C-2 GQPH ER Bl'R'1'uN J. IQUIEERTSUN Engincering. Lyle. Austin High. Elm-ktron. Dad. Likes I0 play paxtfijfiw. JOHN H. IQOBERTSON Engineering. St. Paul. Central High. School of Kline-S Socicty. A rare tombination of wisdom and wit-half wisdom, half wil. ZORA I. RKJBINSKUN Academic. Minncapwlis. Adrian, Mich., High. A O H VVmunan's League. Y. YY. C. A. Best pzzlilif sfzmfcifzf, Ives! privalz' xp0071z'7'. ml? il91Hl 5l3 fi LYNN S. Rolsukrsux Agriculture. St. Paul. Croukston High. A Z Athenian. Agricultural Club. HM" in foutlvzill. G1.1'lS'1Itl'Z't' you eww' 770f1-I'6'U' tha! par! of his hair is black whilf' the fmt of it is brown! X , HARVEY S. Roc KWELI. Engineering. Duluth. Duluth Central High. E A E 9 T Delta VVy0. Pledged Tau Beta Pi. 'SEQ CQPHER FLETCHER iROCKXVOOD Engineering. Nlinnczipolis. North High. WI! T 9 T Mitre. Adelphizmn. Y. M. C. A. lst Licut. Battery U. Nl. C. C. Engineers' Society. Gopher Board. J. B. Association. Scuhbard and Blade. Ile had a iiice time al lhe f. B. anyway. ALICE M. ROEN Education. Comstock. Moorhead Normal. The dressy lady with lhe angels' food smile. rr , BIORTON ROISNER Law. St. Paul. Humboldt High. Decided ideas of his own. CTG? yrglienee nil? H9114 LooAN Rosrz Forestry. lXfI ztnkato. Mankato High. Forestry Club. Agricultural Glco Club. Liberal Associa- tion. Marksman. Order of Frcnatae. Sergeant-of-arms of Class. Librarian of thc University Chorus. Logan rose, but he never rose quite early enough. B. A. ROSENTHAL hlcdicine. St. Paul. Central High. Band. HM" in football. It beats the band how he can playfoolball. "-ru...,--.. 514 1 15-.. -- SEQ CQIJH ER X l BIQRNARU C. Ro'r1zG,xRD Pharmacy. New Richland. New Richlzmmi High. Eng1'1zeer1'ng to Plmrmary-ball to worse. PAUL H. Ro WE Medicine. Casselton, N. D. Cassclton High. fb 11 A N E N Adclphian. Noisy as his name and never in lzis element unless raising iz row. ELLA A. RtiNuQL'1s'r Academic. Nliuncupulis. East High. Y. VV. C. A. Ilas frequenl ofcuslofzs lo visit the men's posloflicr. efx T TJ mmililglilfl ix Xl W W 515 Tl 7 ' GEORGE M. RCD Academic. Kcnyun. Kenyon High. Curly locks, will thou be mine? KIORRIS O. RUNBERG Dentistry. Minncapolis. South High. A E A Boosts llzat lze never attended a sofial fundiozz sinfe lze lzas been in college. H- 71:01.-re: 'LJ 'Ego CCDPHER HAROLD RYPINS Acaclcmic. St. Paul. Mechanic High. lvlinnc-ha-ha, lylinnesota Magazine. Gopher Staff. A. T. Academic Council. Social Problems Club. Suf- frage Club. Nlcnorah. The only lhing he isn'l is a Della U. LELAND J. SALISBURY Dentistry. Le Sucur. Le Sueur High. Prides himself on being the handsomest man in the class. EMMONS W. SAWYER Academic. lvlinneapolis. North High. CID I' A. Football "Nl", 1912. Fresh- man Basketball and Track. Ask Emmons why he didn! go to the J. B. It Capps the fliniax. QT-.iQp?QlJaae ollvll9ll4l 516 F1 . lX'lYRTLE E. SAVIDGIQ Academic. Stcwartvillc. Stcwartville High. Tam O'Shanter. Y. W. C. A. foe got lots of goozl points but people don'l know about lhem. WILLIAM A. SAWATZKY Academic. Shakopec. Shakopee High. Platform Club. We heartily endorse William Sawalzky. -l - LJ 5 -rf ' "-' FGEEQ CIQPHER l EMILIA A. SCHATZ Pharmacy. hlontgomcry. Sherman High. U. C. A. VVoman's Lcaguc. Oh! how that German can love, but dom she look it? ALYCLE E. SCHEIDECKER Education. Superior, Xlfis. Superior Normal. She' will be rlzangirzg thu! nam? soon, no doubt. FRANCES M. SCHMITZ Academic. Thief River Falls. Thief Rivcr Falls High. U. C. A. Tam O'Shantcr. Vcrcin Gcmutlichkcit. A typical German. ffcjlmslw f olF1l9Ufl SI7 CH.xR1,Es W. SCHIEN Dcntistry. Valley City, X. D. Jamcstown High. A big noise done up in a small package. IRVIN A. SCI-IMIDT Academic. Chaska. Chaska High. Zmi Lieul. of lhe Baby Whales. -1, Au-4?, , f , WV if ik..J E563 CQPH ER FELIX SCHXICIUERHAN Agriculture. Jordan. Jordan High. A. Z Agricultural Club. Athenian Literary Society. Gopher Staff. There, I just marie another diplomatic mo2'c'.' DIARJORIE F. Sci-u'1.zis Acadeinie. Decorah, Iowa. Decorah High. XVoinan'S League. Y. XV. C. A. Gets six letters ct weekjrom Dick. No, Dick is not her brother. Dow I. SEARS Engineering. St. Paul. Mechanic Arts. Engineers' Society. Delta VVye. We warn you, maztrimony is the root rj all evil. -,J ECNLQQHQQQ numiFtt9?tht V R WW 518 t ---..f""N JOHN J. SciLii.I,x' . Dentistry. Le Sueur. Le Sueur High. U. C. A. No one can boast a Imttzfr pom- fmdozw. Studies .wmetimes for KL change. A. O. UTNE Academic. Nlinneapolis. X. M. Q. A. Oh, what we know about U-mel ,lv l EISQ CQPH ER 5 Rrm' G, SEIIAM LILLIAN Sl2V.X'I'5OX .Xca4h'miu. Mimuzlczlpwlis. lfdllcatiml. lli1111uz1pwlis North High, East High. XVOmzm's Lvaguc. Lilnvrzxl XYCJlUEi.1l'S I,C2'igL1Q. Y. XV ,Xssm'iatifm. M e 11 rm 1' ll 11. C. A. SC2lI1di1l21YiZl11 Socin-ty Social I'1'oblc-ms. , , W "I .swf tl lilyfor her wmv." , . C1.AR15Nc'1i A. SHANMJN 1 we ll Izmir! 'IULflI roomfm' f'Z't'Vj' . . .. My 4Xcz111c1F1c.. Ba-m1clJ1. U Bem1r1J1 H1gl1. A K E Daily Stuff. Gopher Stuff. Nlmfs Unilm. lst Liu-ut, Lf XXI. C. C, Kawu. Mitrc. T110 l,if4'r4Lry Dvke. Prrpvlfrfzl 1IIlIfHlX.Yllli0V In HIC' St1niz'r1ls' Work C'nmm1't!c'f'. Q7?Wff3'1 . Kwik, dxwgyygf MEUQQHT W. RAY SHANNON Q 1 , Q T? I Mumlicinc. Kli1muapolis Imax CI. S1a1.1.r:s12'1'H VE, f East High- Klcrlicillv. Glcuwrmd. IU" 'fl A K E N E N camwwl High. Y. xl. ci. A. fb K xl' XXX J ' I.v.Sl'lI1 In kfzfm' Allurfzf but hm Playing ilu' Ivazling FUJI' in tlzf' j fairly lmronzaf 1'11lerf'.viezl in has "Jian fronz Glw1wzmzi." V pilfzl work. 519 LQ 'Giifgca GCDPH ER , joyrii SHI-:ILS Dentistry. iX'ii11l1GEllbOiiS. East High. VVonmn's League. Y. XY. C. A. Tam O'Shuntc1'. My We is one "fiern'd" horrid grind. ALFRED H. SIED14:N1sl3Ru Medicine. Elk Muuncl, VVis. Mononionic High. From I'V1iSl'01ZS'f11,, haf!! ll10TU7I. CAROLINE SHEIRE Home Economics. St. Paul. St, Joseph's Aczuicmy. Home Economics Association. Gopher Staff. "D0n'f take my lovin' man away." " ' l,' L- Nl-. QZ1QffW"' Qhywgunsnga niFiil91Mi 520 .FN ELEAN014 N. SHENIQHUN Acadclnic. Minneapolis. East High. K K I' E A A Best jed, xoonesl lafldml. ES'1'H1ER N. SHUI. Academic. Minneapolis. Central. H B CE Y. YY. C. A. XYoman's League. They say Esther is game for anything. -ilnun-una-A gfx."1"f ' i LJ Gifica CCDPH ER .XR'l'Hl'R G. Sllalmlcxlsrzllcz My-ilivine. Elk Mmiuuml, XVis, 1XIv1i0m01iiQ High. If .-llfrvrl II'0l'7S'lZYl, he will. NVILL SIEMS Aczuicmic. Swzmvillc. Bcmidji High. A K E Adclphian. Y. M. C. A. Uri? fillI'l put down 'IL'lIllf 101' ll11'11k about you, tl11're'll lac' a lady with you when you read this. I FRANK H. Slmmxs Law. Miuiieupolis Ccnlral High. B 9 H CID A KT? He flzifzkx hr ix rz lzulzfvs' num CHAkI.Es D. SIMPSON Law. Acacia xIi11IlCEi1b0IiS. 'WL-st Ccmcfwd High. B. A. Minncsotzl. His lIf'ZlI1' ix owrjlnwilzg Iuifll 1110 silzjf llltll srlx ilm world 011 firm QQJQQQQQJE rwlgiigiigi l w E- M I,E1caH'roN R. S1x10Ns iii! fx, lx Law. Virginizl iw, r Yirgiiiia High. x . . , . S X Caslzxlizm Literary Sucicty. A He rcm jar Aflzlvfic Board fy' Control. 521 -f"NL "" ik...J in--3. I' 6562 GCDPHER l RAYMONIJ L. SISLER Agriculture. Grand Rapids. Grand Rapids High. Agricultural Clulm. VVf'fa1'l to hear 1'!. JOHN SKADBERG Law. Duluth. Central High. Forum Literary. "Blow ye winds and le! the elemenis rage." Cifnruc B. SMITH Engineering. Minneapolis. Central High. A T A. Delta 'Wye Y. M. C. A. Engineers' Society. Spanish Club. Editor-in-Chief, Ninneliaha. Chnirninn All Junior Boarcl. Cozzcvrzfrrzlefl energy, rising poll- l'ic'ic111. :Z-5 V' QBQQHQM eiliil9il-sl 522 1 . ALMA G. SKOGLUND Aeadeniie. St. Paul. John A. Johnson High, Y. YV. C. A. Tani OYSl'1ElHtC1'. Good looking eyes. If I slzozilzl soy if who Sllffllllllllilf KATHERINE SMEDHERG Aeaciemie. Minneapolis. Minnesota College. University Chorus. lllakes o hit wilh lhe football players. .m',v, LJ GQPHER l,l'l4lI.E SMITH Acaclviniu. fXlinncapwlis. East High. Y. YV. C. A. Snmll, smiling um! .vt11zlz'011s. W11.L1,x M L. SMITH Dcntistry. Minneapolis. East High. A E A Glue Club. Then lie' will Writes Ye Gods, how he will rffcitv. Euwixiw S-o1.B1cRG Dentistry. Montcvidi-fi. xxvilllifilll Culicgc. H0 rrauzx ull zlfzy, he vranzs all III-glif, lm! only now fuzz! ilzvn flops he Q01 the rlfzswm' right. br.-- x1ffyf"TJ QHRWr? lNfW -414: yw ,x....,.R ci? X ss' ,' x r f'1. CI.ARliNL'lC J. Sxow E1lQjil'1Cl'l'i1lg. LQ Sucur. Le Sup-ur High. Y. KI. C. .X. Iingiucurs' Sovivty. Inquisii1Tz'wzvsx jJ1'r50211i7'iz'rl. Unoif IVAR A. SOIILHIERIS Medicine. St. Paul. RIiI1I'1L'SOt2l Collcgc. fID B H B. S. '12. Captain U. M. C. C. Just af the age twixt boy and youllz, 'ZUIZFIL Ilzonglzt is xperrlz, and spwclz is lrullz. A . . GHC-2 CCPH ER OSCAR SOLEM Law. Aiinncapolis. South High. , Football HM". Some ladies' mah. HAROLD W. SPIXK Forestry. Havana, Ill. Havana High. A T S2 Forestry Club. Aclelphian Club. Track HAI." flalterersf' TSEQKGHSM ollill9U4l NIARGARET SOUTH Home Economics. Minne apolis. Blue Earth High. Horne Economics Association Athenian Literary Society. Tam O'Shanter. Another one of our basketball lights. 524 C CW "Self-love is the greatest nf l NEIL A. STACEY Dentistry. Granite, Okla. S. D. Agricultural College. Glce Club. Fiery of speed, but slow lo anger. RAY P. SPEIER Agriculture. Los Angeles, Cal, Vlfiseonsin B. A. A Z Agricultural Club. Athenian Literary Society. Athletic Board of Control. "The Ward Boss." its E562 CCDIJHER X. CASSIE Rosa SPIQNCIQR .-Xcatlvmic. Grzmcl Rzzpimls. Pzirk Rapids High. A U H Tum U'Slw.I1ter. .1 prop to G. Prlmlldsfuggirzg intzfllvrt. Qflwed to write a limerifle for cfwry Junior in college. BENJAMIN xl. STAHMANN Dentistry. lViI1cma. Xxvllllbflil. High. "Tall and slim, glum and grim, thin as a mil, just look at him. an-Y Y I IXLICE EMILY STACY Acztdcniic. Niniicapolis. East High. Aczmthus Literary Society. Y. VV. C. A. VV 0 m a I1 ' s lmzigiiu. Choral Club. Eutcrpcuii Club. .'11I'1lidUfl In Crarle bllfllflll dfllllll'S 111111 tl .vt1111'y of lI0m4'f'. no1llil9M 525 Ii+ FRANCIS H. S'rAIIsvoI.Im Law. Fwsstrm. Fosston High. Z X CID A CID Mitre. Aclclphiau C l u b. Basketball HM". Captain 'l'ezIm, 1914. Is it time fm' rt littlf' joke? josIiI'H A. S'r.xNI5K gXg1'lC11ltL11'L'. lXlrI11tgomcry. Nlcimtgumcry High. Agricultural Club. Agricul- tural Athletic Club. "Prof, Ilmzglzzml, you only gave me 38 wlzvn I slzould have had 43." K.J F3591 CCDPHER S1DNEx' S'rADsvo1.n Law. Fosston. Fosston High. E X ill A Cl? Cross Country Tczun. Track ull". lst Licut. Bzzncl. X7lCC-l,1'6SlLlCY1'L of Middlu Laws. B. A. Minncsotzt, '12, Fleet of font and slow of speecll. h'lARJA B. STEADMAN Education. Livingston, Mont. Park County High. Y. NV. C. A. VVoman's League. Tam O'ShzLntcr. Makl1zg the U. in three years because she hales school. C. h'lERRIAM STEPHENS Law. Crookston. Crookston High, Oberlin. KID Il A The shark with the auburn hair. flh?Ql'iusw 526 fi - SIQIFORIJE M. S'r1c1.LwAcs15N Law. Minneapolis. East High. A. A if ft A fb Aclclphian Club. Y. M. C. A. Gopher Staff. Tennis nhl". Captain 'Vezun '12-'13, Elenled preszfzlzwi of fhe Y. lf. C. A. 071 fl' pool lable ficlfef. ggi M gfffm EMMA B. STEIN Acanlcniic. Minncapolis. Central High. lvlcnoruh. Daorkeeper of Falwell Womenlv Study. il' ' 'k,,J 'GSHQ GCDPH ER IXIARION R. S'l'lcV1ax5 Aczuleinic. KllI111L'ZlIJUll5. Eau Clziirc, VVS., High. Serious, zzlmosf 1'mlru!n14'1l. l LENNA M. STILES Education. Xvlllllliif. Albert Lou High. Y. VV. C. A. XV 0 m L1 I1 ' S League. Sho mme from North Dakota for a reason. -r IQX I IAR R x' L. S'roN1ck Lax I lliCPIl1'li High. AK CID Y Bl. C. A. Bzmsl. f. C'ook'.v slzvffrsxor. QXT ff Tr' ccal?l9U4l w 5. TV l fill 'M ., 1' Wi, ' V. Laku Pzlrk. ADRIAN A. ST. KIAR114: Fmn'cst1'y. Crwokstcm. Cruokstrm High. U. C. A. Forestry Club. Brush zinnl Pencil. Athenian Lilcrary Society. H65 swim' rzrfiy kid wlzffn 110 dons flzosz' Erzglislz. kirks and Nm! bznzgalozu dcfrlr-v. HAROLD W. STONE Medicine. Caldwell, Iilalim. Carlum College. v Ii E N E N The slam' wlzich fha' builders rejected has become lhe head- stone of the forner. ESQ GOPH ER BIATIE E. STONER Academic. Lake Park. Lake Park High. Y. 'W. C. A. VVonian's League Thoiiglits too drop jar tears. ALMA M. STRAND Academic. Duluth. Duluth Central. A CII Q E Woinan's League. "For men may rome and men :nay go, but I go on-" thus with that charming wax dott smite. etgpwkghnsse i nt? 1193416 FRED O. STORLIE Law. VVaseca VVaseea High. Scandinavian Society. Y. INT. C. A. IVitl he make a lawyer? 528 V J--ie. h ,. FRED C. STL'cK1e Dentistry. Henderson. Henderson High. He does not need to study, bit! occasionally Minion of all night application roach liertdquarters. JOHN W. STLKHR Medicine. Euclid. Macalester Academy, Y. M. C. A. A man whose prexence ix never noticed, not even in recitation. 'LJ Liar i 5 GSHQ QQPHER JOSEPH E. SULLIVAN Aeaclemie. lXladis0n Lake. Mankato High. God llf' 7111-ll! j'0I', I haw' done. El.M14:R j. SLTNDBY Dentistry. Ruslifurtl. Ruslifornl High. A Z A Banfl. "One of those quicflfyel ialka- tive, dull-Aye! brilliant, xtu- r1iousAyel lazy, fellows llzat beggar all l'lllSSl6flll7lIH'l.H Lim R. Swrzrrzmz Dentistry. St. Paul Hamline College. E XI fb Gupliei' Staff. Used lo he a Sfltll1t'7Ll, lm! alas what a fall! Xalan 529 CrEORGli C. SWANBIQCK Dentistry. St. Pt-ter. Gustavus Atlulpllus College. A E A. lfVlzy allow him to 114' at large, girls-lie has money? FLoRExeIa H. SWANSQN Aeaclemic. Stillwater. Stillwater High. K A Q Euterpean Club. Minerva Literary Society. Vl'omen's League Council. Have you found a tall man who can dance! Shall I nab him! LJ lk., EEC-3 CCDPH ER 1 KIICRRILI. G. SNYIENSUX Dciitislry. Minnczipolis. Cokatrv High. He has a ffZl.Yf1i77g gaze. F. CLARE Swufr Academic. Qll'6'Sl33.1'il, S. D. Alicmlccri High. VVoman's Athletic Associzitiou. 'Fam O'Sl1z111tL:r. Ben says, H011 Clare! Shah? some girl. I took her home jrom fhe library one zziglztf' EVERIETT SPENCER 'l'AL1.M,x1mc114: Engineering St. Paul. Klcchanic Arts High. Engineers' Society. Elcktron. He has ai hard firm' trying lo ,find his equal. hlrlolri V l lx fill All v ll - l l f'X H ENRY A. TAARUD lDenLisL1'y. Miimczipwlis. 'l'racy High, lfoothzill. Ile has the .vlride of fl gt'?I'iI1S. Furlher proof is noi of hand. , ORR1N J. 'l'Au1.AND Dentistry. Rl1SllfO1'll. Rushfornl High. A Z A Produces some w o n el e rf 11 Z thoughts for the henejil of lhe class. kj int' i 173152-2 CQPH ER K ,L Q as El.51li K. 'IANNIQR Acmieznic. Miniiuapulis. Pratt Institute, Brfmoklyn. K lx I1 The Kupjms llzmzglzt it more f01'l'Z'l'71i677f fo lzrwc tlwir rlzap- crann' a Kappa. Vivux I. TARBUX Education. Muntircllo. Rloriticcllo High. Y. XV. C. A. A clmerful giver-ff smiles. PAN, W. VIXHAYER Engineering. Minneapolis. Central High. Captain U. M. C. C. .1 soldier and an l'71gf7ZFt'7', some combination. Q W UCQQQH QJWQPUS? 73 it fm wx M W 531 AIJELINE 'l'. 'I'ENoI.n Aczuicinic. Nortliwnmd, Iowa Lutheran Ladies' Seminary Rod VVing. Sczlndinavian Society. "Ami haply I may wmemben' but probably I'!l forget. S. N. THAMS Dentistry. Fargo Fargo High. Talks lifllr' buf he may be wise 'k..J Q GCI-JH ER HAZEL V. THQEN Aezldemie. Taylor Falls. St. Paul Central. VVoman's League. Y. VV. C. A. N0 refrzfiw to the rlotlzier. EARL A. THOMPSON Dentistry. Staples. Staples High. I Az.: Love 'is rapidly learihg all Zhe hairs from his hrad. if S.xMl'151. H. THOMPSON Agrieulture. Hutehinson. Hutchinson High. A Z Agrieultural Club. Philo- nmtliian Literary Society. Agricultural College Student Cuuneil. A pyr0!edz111fral 6,f6'I"L'6S6c?7IC-I? of eiymologirfzl philalogy. mlF1l9ll4l 532 ,f"'X. AlINNIE A. THOMPSON Aeaclernic. Appleton. Appleton High. lV0man's League. Y. XY. C. A, Tum O'Shz1nter. Trailers. Good-nalured? That depehzlx. ROBERT P. Tnonvsox Dentistry. Minneapolis. East High. His composure ix a slrikihg ronlrust I0 f1I6:f1H'1'lZ0l.lll1701lf him. LJ GHQ GCPHER li 1 ELLA A. Nl. 'l'H1mRi1 Avzuleiiiic. hliiiiiczipulis. E114 High. Y. XV. C. A. SCZi1llllH!lVl2lll S01-ioty. , flllft' lil! tl icI11'!1' H11' rw! of IIS know X0llIl'f!IIA7lKQ', LQ?-'UI' 11x II REUBEN L' TUREN 1rh11111712. North B1'Zll1L'll High. CI11111 x111'l1f011, R11l11'. ,fb 6556553 Q:Dll1l9U?l' BERTHA H. T1-1c1RP Aczuleiiiic. Vvllllllilf. lYillmz1r Scmiiiary. Faust Club. Sca1i1li1111viz1u Society. Tam O'Sl1zmter. Oz11'rea!'1711g is ll curse 1U' modern H11165. 533 I ' LS , , W, -u-q-.4 ,,'-if, livntistry. Czlrluiu. lY1i.L1s M. 'l'1NK11.u1 Cliuiuist. Kliiiiiuapwlis. Central High. X Y X' 4 A A-I 711116, you 1'011gl1-111'1'k. STANIL 'VOXCHIQFF Chemistry. Bulgaria St. Paul Central. Y. M. C. A. HFS 11111112 with H111 goods. T...J 'CSHQ GGPH ER JAMES R. '.llORkiRIM Forestry. St. Paul. Beloit College. Athenian Literary Society. Forestry Club. The lIlH71ll1l sflxrlplzoriv. CARI. A. 'l'1cA15uEk klcclicino. San Jose, lll. Brandley Poly. Inst. CID B H I1e's the very pineapple of politeness. EMMA A. ,FRISIISIEL Aezxclemie. St. Paul. Huniluolclt High. lVrmmnn's League. F Zl u s t Club. Verein Gemutliehkcit. llflzlles like ci geolrzefriml figure. wmll1l91h'l 534 .if"N. BIERNICIE M. TRAVIS Acztdomie. Minneapolis. Ripon High. Y. XV. C. A. A prime favorite in the Errglisli Department. GLADYS L. Tmvrs Academic. Minneapolis. Ripon High. Y. VV. C. A. Tarn O'Shanter. Sister Berrzice's protege and pride. K.J E662 CCPHER A N NA M. T 1: 1 151.11141 Eclui-ziiimm. C'z11'x'c1' CZil'X'LXl' High. Y. XV. C. A. Vcrciri Gemut- lichkcit. A 1l111'11s 1'1f111'111'1'1111, 1'1l11I1Tz1'x Sivziff M1l.11R11:1J B. 'FRLTM 111,113 Auzuiemic. AIinmsz1p11lis East High. Oh, J7iJI'.Y.Y T111111l1!e, D0 11111 gr1111111I1', Lf 101' 11111111!1l1', O'c'1' H11' j11111l1le, Qf y0111f111111y 1111 1111: Awdmnicl Minncalmlis- H15 H'IH'llIi 15 ll 1l111111' 10111111 RL"1'l1 F. 'l'l'1'P1cR EQLSL High. 3Iil1C1'YZl LilC1'Zll'y Socicty. Y. VV. C. A. Cahiuct. XxvOIHlll1iS 1,1-agile. Aaraclcmiu Cuumiil. riwillll !,1'Shzm1ez'. VV. A. A. Lillie T11111 Yiflllllifl. 421 w 'Qi' Q3tLl'Ei,7i1, li J?-AQ If H1111 UQDQL FRED 'I'Rx'f1N Aczlfh-mic. Xliimczzlmolis. Wvvst High. Y. M. C. A. SL'I11iH1ll'5' B111- any. Plzntform Chih. First P11100 Frcslmlzm. Scmphrmiorc C5l'Z1fOl'iCZli. 17111'f1'5 1111 Nll'S i.'111'I1I'x k1111i.'!1'1ig1f 111111 tl lilll' 11111111 ri L'1IAR1.1is E. 'l'L'1-1-ER Ay T Eugiiin-criug. Nliiiiiuzllmlis. XX ff! .1111 C1-ntrul High. F NNW Engiiiccrs' Sucicty. Y. RI. 1 xi N1 1 C. A. Sllllllfilcfillij. W Llfc' Qf tl11' 111155, LfllLglIS 111 H11' pr11f'sj11l21'x. 535 -F'3. LJ -Lqi. V I E562 GCDPHER E 1lARGl'liRI'1'lC TURNER Academic. Faribziult. FarilmulL High. K A Q Y. XV. C. A. .Margzzerrlefs large suit :vase makes ajine nzverflowfor Rogerfw lilfle nne. hllikl. M. VAN CAMPEN Dentistry. Cannon Falls. Cannon Falls High. .1 XI! CIS .fl man afier his own hear! Chnl he would rather a girl were afler HD. Qfwmliazaie IIIERISIERT E. 'l'l'RNQU1sT Dentistry. Minneapolis. Central High. A T Tillikum Club. Slranish Club. J. B. Association. A genuine fnsxer and hear!- breaker. E l mlliilwfl CLARENCE H. TURNQL'1s'r Y Dentistry. lvlinncapolis. GEORGE G. VAN CAMPEN Baldwin School. Dentistry. Cannon Falls. A E A Cannon Falls High. He has a head lo contrizie, a E XI! fl? tongue to persuade and a hand If you want a thing well done, to execule. fall on George. 536 1-N M1, l..J I Jan- 'GSHQ GOPH ER RI"l'lI VAN IJYKIC ll 4 EMMA VUNURAIQ Aczuleiiiic. 0,191-mimi. Ac-zulcmic-. Miuucupolis Fergus Falls High. East High. 1 NY. A, XV011131-1 l Q XT. A. rllillll Ulsllilfllvl' League. 'limi fJ'Sliz1uLer. VVf'1N1111'S lA'i15Zlll'- l Those liwpizl, edzzcufvd vyex. MARION yy'Am-ERS A411 EU-Vi 1177811 l'4'fWU'- Home Ifummnil-S. Klinnv- zlpcllis. JAY P. Vcmx Agriculture. Wfcirlliiiigtlmii. Vlfortliingtoii High. A Z Agriculture Cluh. S0n1elrzd1'z'5'mzz11. lYc'st High. Homo EL-lirimiiics Assuczizliimi. Tlzvy my cz dlilllllllllll is pm- rlzfwd from mal, flllf 11095217 if Irzkl' fl long flilllf''.Yl7IlIFf1iVl7l'.Yf if ml51l9lH ll ll . . l l ff M xl ll' lw lf! 537 A31l5LI,x K. VON LEVIQRN Ecliuwutinm. St. Cloucl Sl.. Cluusl Normal. Y. VV. C. A, IFS ll plmsuni world rzflvr all i ro l l ,,. vip. TSM : l ,,.. mu - 1 .ww LJ ESQGQRHER A JUS!-LPHINE XYARE Academic. St. Paul. Central High. 9 E Y. XV. C. A. Didxi note the rolor in her cheeks? ELLSNVORTH B. WARNER Academic. Minneapolis. Shattuck School. X XII Superseded the Daniels because he has a rnolor car. JUHN F. XV.-XTERMAN Forestry. Minneapolis. School of Agriculture. Forestry Club. lst Lieut. U. M. C. C. A long, slim, warzn-hearted, generous Irislzrnan. Q when all?1l9Uil CZ-56 538 VERA WA RREN Academic. St. Paul. St. joseplfs Academy. U. C. A. WomzLn's League. Greek Clulm. Tam U'Shanter. The girl wifh a hreallzy wife. ALICE VVASHBURN Academic, Minneapolis. East High. A fl? Suflrztgc Club. Tragic lvluse. Sajragette-Boxholder at the Eagle. Her lrne love got en- gaged a rnonth after he sent her a box of rnislleloe. "' - ,pgsB-- - KJ 1-A' 5 f 9 . 'ESQ CGI HER CICDRIC S. XVEA'1'HliRII.l. Engineering. I'rcstc'm. I'1'e-sion High. IEl'1gillGCl"4Y Smvicty. Delta VVyc. Y. M. C. A. A liillf mon' fnvp, my boy. AGNES I. XYIEBSTER Home Economics. Minuv- zipolis. 1,xbC1'dL'L'I1 High. fb T O Home Euonmuics Calming-1. Gopher Stuff. Tennis Asso- ciation. CllP!lZIHffj'TL'I'fff61l all over her. ISENNIZT1' A. XY1QBs'1'E1e .'XL'Zl.liL'TNiL'. xVIlL1L'41lNZl, Iuwzl. Shattuck. fli K qw Grmplwi' Stuff. Afh-lphizm Chih, Mitra: T1'cusu1'c1' -I, B, .Xssm:iz1lir,m. Kzuvu. Snzmkc :md Skull. 'I'1':u'k Tuzuii. "I Illllilyl' afvfbrmv' uf mggifzgf' Sloruzs may axmil the Fmtzm' Ihfprzrlfrzwzf from icitlzuzzl, buf ll,0J7It'A'ffl' ffllflfjllffflifj' rwfgfzx wftllivz. 4919 bf Y w CiIiORGIi .-X. XVl'1lCDlEl,L Law. Rlilizicapwlis VYi11hu11' High, A X. HFS fl' nigh! Ima. H? dun! know 111111. IIOWARIJ N. XVEIGEI. I Iingincoring. Minneapolis ,X if 'W ff X C'cnL1'z11 High. M Wy Y. M. C. A. Delta XVyc X V f ma Licur. U. M. ct C. The cuffs Q! the world res lzvary ml fm' and f11f'ffz1'1zlly. 539 U CQPH ER SAM A. lvl-QISMAX Pharmacy. Minneapolis. East High. Ullow true tl gC'7Zf!?7lZll7Z, buf Sli!! cz Wise Jllanf' AGNES lV15s'rMAN Aeacleinie. Alexanclria. Alexandria High. Y. XY. C, A. YV 0 in za. n 'S League. Seandinzmvian So- ciety. Tum O'Shanter. Suf- frage Cluh. Pipe ihe lzaughly gleam from her eyes. ,ii- RAYMONIJ VVICISS Dentistry. Minneapolis. Nwrth High. B. A. Nlinncsota, 'll. Fm sporiy but no 0111: knows it riff? ima rauiFl9'U4l XM 540 -F . .A I RIILDRED M. VVISRRINLS Aeaclemie. Sleepy Eye. Sleepy Eye High. All 141315 wmtef if was lhe HI"VC'fl7'i71i 0' ffm Green." E1.1z.x BETH A. XVEST Home Economies. St. Paul. Central High. CID T O Home Economics C El h i I1 e t. Agrieulturzll Students' Council. A 77L61lillf07 between studeuls and farzzliy. k..J " ' ' 1 'SEQ CGI-JH ER Ro1zER'1' W. XYIBERG D1-iiiisiry. Kliiiiicapnlis Smith Iligh. Y. XY. F. A. .II-1.111515 I111.v I1 Iltlfifi-V 101111111- 1ItllIl'l'. yvfll' Illifffll' nf 1111 1111111115-v. yds ANNA Rl. W11ec'1q1x1a Emiiiczliinii. Alilllklliil Nuruizli, Tzmi fyShIlllIL'l'. Gvmiitlin-hkcit. Riding Cluh. .Sf1'!l1'r 1111111 CfII'.Vf'll'll IXIz1uk:1t0 V 1- 1' 1' i I1 '1'h11rs1l11y 11111 rblr. BYRUN R. XVILSUN Lzmw. Riiyzillon. Riiyzlltwii High. E N Plzilfmiii Fiuh. Going 111111111 in H11' 111111511 1.11111 Dwfghf in fl 'l7l1'I11lfI'. QXN ,J gi? L uw: Qffgjiivwg- 1f35?i9W ik if 1 K 1. N xx V 541 fi BI1xR'1'l1A XYIICCKIXG Emhiuzilioii. Xlzinkzitci. Mziiikzito Xiiriiizil. Tami fl'Sh11ii11-1'. V C 1' 1- i ii Gi-iiiiithuhkcit. IVl1y 111121 llffllflll 111111 111l1'1f11t11r1' jrfmz 5111111 llfff! ETIIIQL I. XYILLIS Hwmc Ecriiioiiiius. St. Paul. Hiiiiihwhh High. Hume E1-uiioiiiics .-Xssociutimi. Philomzxthizm Literary Society. .11l'dl.!7t'I'ifvV 11111 mlb, 1211! if 111k1's QI gt'7II'Il.Y In gc! II-.Vfl'77l'1l fo. '-L, 'L 'LJ EHQ GOPHEB DCDNALIJ VVILSON Agriculture. Stillwtttcr. Stillwater High. A T Scztbbard and Blade. Adcl- pliian Club. Agricultural Club. University Chorus. lst Licut. U. Nl. C. C. Bob l'Vilson'5 broflzer. AlARTl-IA F. Woufr Academic. St. Paul. Humboldt High. A O H Vere-in Gemutliclikcit. Y. VV C. A. lVOIll3.11lS League. Masquers. Sem. Bot. Who says I 1'a11't folk? l ARTI-II'R P. HYINTER Academic. Granite Falls. Gulaliztd School, Hudson, VVis. B 9 ll Aclclpliian Club. B. Assu- ciution. l'Vl1en you go on! with thc' boys, yon'll lIll'Z'!' io sfifk fo malfvd znilk. . L' 0 .1 KARL C. XVOLD m'iTli9lH Medicine. Sf. Paul. lXfliIIncSotzL College. ELI2c'rRA LIQILA XVILSON CI: B H Home Economics. Cfriclley, lll. Nlinncsota B. S. 'I' r Z1 c lc. Paxton, Ill., High. Choral Club. Home Economics Association. And when ci lady is in the care, Philomatliian Literary Society. You know all otlzcr things give The other twin. place. 542 f"N k..J E562 GCDPH ER lilxrru VIOLA Wooim Home Eeunomies St. Paul. Morris High. Atheiiizm Literary Society. If Viola VVoori, who rco11l111'1'!? VERA L. WR1msI-IT Aezmclemie. Bliunezlpwlis Central High. Y. VV. C. A. YV cm m 2111 'S League. YV. A. A. 'l'rz1ilers. Trim lllSll21Ill.CI'. PFf'I71I-l'Vl? f1cz11sr'11.w of flu' class wsmllllilw STICPHANIIC W. lYORI.I'1'Sl4lK Aezulemie. St. Paul. Central High. Y. XV. C. A. Tam lySllll1ll.L'l'. Vereiu Gemutlielilqeit. SIMS fuzzy abou! .YTL'I.VI171II.7ll. T CHAR1.Es E. XYRIGIIT H VM F XYOODW XRD ll flyl Pharmziey. M-iiineziipulis. ' ' H " ' ll l l New Riclimfmd, Vlfis., High. Aeaclemie. Dresclen. J Q3 A X Bfidflv Acallcmy' Class President. PVe know you, iw' n'211ffn1brr A mg setx him tl going, ozfen your forvign accent. "Low me and Ilze world is mine." 543 . lair 1.1 V, GHC-2 CQPHEH f E.-Xlll. F. WUIQST Enginccring Anoka. Anoka High. Enginccrs' Society. Elcktron. Cross Country Tczun. Y. lll. C. A. flfay not look if, but his going to make good. 'l'12M1'LE F. M. XVOUNG Aczulmnic. Minneapolis Central High. A plzmzp Izflfle clzvmical com- pound. YCQQJWETQEAEE tmli7il9M i l iiwilf H f F X!! 544' fi RAYMOND ZIESEMIQR Law. SL. Paul. Carlton A. B. A X A E P Y. M. C. A. Gopher Board. Magazine Board. Bl C n 's Union. Intercwllcgiatc De- bate. Mercer Law Debate. Mitchcll Law Club. Presi- clent Middle Laws. X171 nmiorical whirlwind. K .ew W, M 4 Nl 5 M' vig Mi'-'L ibm K d my VFVQYM 641 at a 1 'N Q? QFQQWS au. N Q 4 Mgr added Q ' Q x lv, 5' - 'lift 1 L' av +41-H Kidd z 4 4 'if 9 - I ww df as?-5 fd M A, uw '- .g, 1. ht"'a' gifs 1, 1 A -1 mi nm ' r 335. 7 4' 'bflda 114 1 2 M V WW f ff 5 541.223, bgqemgw be 5' Hd xi f. L Nw. , fig? ids: QFELGQ fl mer. . .,, - unite. V3 ,H as ,mi Quw .,., -1-Swv' N' as " tx + mph 'Dx JL X.-L ig ell ,Rid HRM ,K 'I .A Pit '-my k "" gym API W 3- W4 V 32.1-v LJ Ego GCPH ER THE PADDED CELL 1914 Containing all the latest and most recent Exposures, Steers and Hunches CBum and Otherwisel joint Editors lwelda Quill Eupusha Penn Contents PART l---Violent Ward PART ll---Feeble Minded Ward PART lll---lnsane Ward PART IV---Violently lncurable MOTTO Knowledge is Power Uf you have it on the right person, M u 'LJ T-3562 GQPH ER fDeoication O you, who by your never ceas- ing efforts ano actions have maoe your names ano faces worthy of reproouction herein: Go you who are gooo enough to take your joke, ano appreciate the trouble we hao in obtaining it: Two you who have maoe this work possible: Tivo you who have maoe it neces- sary: we oeoicate this, your Cell. by -s cfxe La LJ 'C?35Q GCDPH ER X J ISN. A, 'LJ 'ESQ QQPHER l Toreworb EINC1 an unofficial record of some of the minor events of the year, which having been shown to us, we, in our ever unsellish attitude, deem too good to keep from the continual gossip seeking eye of the Student Body. We submit it for approval, with the hope and thought that nothing which is said, illus- trated, or otherwise portrayed in this volume of exposures, will offend in any manner, the one who is sufficiently honored to receive one of these small bits of cheap advertising. And if in years to come your wrath should ever arise against the perpetrators, we shall consider our work wholly in vain. 548 fi J A , . ,, ,, .WM V? -Jn WJ HU ,M 4 4 J, , X . , 5 J 5 ESQ Q01 HER ' '- rv. UNDERGRADUATE STUDENTS DO IT NOW Everyone who has been connected with the university for the last two or three years for fourj is requested to wind up his affairs before spring and contemplate graduation. The regents have at a great expense secured the services of Dean George Rodney Ainsworth, P. R. E. S., B. S., of the Moline Veterinary Seminary to officiate at the graduation this spring. This is a chance that will probably never be offered again. Now is your chance to graduate. Do it now. Applications must be filed with M. B. Vaughn or E. B. Pierce before May 31 st. INTERVIEWS WITH FAMOUS MEN. I Cass: Morning, O'Gordonl O'Gordon: Hello, there! The very man I'm looking for. Cass: People are always looking for me. Especially the gii. 0'Gordon: Well, I suppose such young fellows have to expect that. Cass: Yes, but it's hard, it's hard! Takes an awful lot of time off my studies, I can tell you that. O'Gordon: I suppose it does. that sort of thing. But then we leading men have to expect Cass: Anything stirring in the political line? 0'Gordon: Not much. They never give a good man half a chance here. Everything's pull, nothing but pull. Cass: That's right. Here I am, the best all-around business man on the campus, and what do they give me? O'Gordon: Nothing but assistant advertising man of the Gopher. Cass: Put me under a boob like Allen Moore! I tell you, O'Gordon, brains and honesty aren't appreciated at Minnesota. 549 wrt sf -c--- A.,---A g gg g g M K..J 6562 GQPHER l WANTED Two nice, mild college men, Seif Stellewagen and Skig jaques who are both at the stage of the polka and rye waltz, are anxious to have some nice girl teach them a real raggy dance. Miss Schisby preferred. X X X Me fatal beauty is me life long coise. jlMMY PAGE 99 4-4,-lOO'lQ Pure HOW THEY DO IT l. The Alumnae Weakly CScene: Alumnae Weakly Roomj E. B. johnson: Well, Ed, I suppose we've got to get out next week's issue. johnson, E. B.: Yep, l suppose we have. What have we got? E. B. johnson: Well, therels a couple of ripping good editorials by johnson, E. B. johnson, E. B.: And hereis a bird ofa leading article by E. B. johnson. E. B. johnson: How about exchanges? johnson, E. B.: Oh, l wrote those this morning. Got any jokes or car- toons? E. B. johnson: Here's some by that crack-a-jack, johnson, E. B. Any- thing else? johnson, E. B.: Nothing except that short story l wrote last week. Of course it will make a hit. E. B. johnson: Guess that's about all, then, this week, Ed. Ought to make a pretty good number after l've drawn the cover, and Wilk turns in the usual number of trade ads. johnson, E. B.: Yep, it sure ought. Well, see you soon again. So long. 550 -ll v I , N it tx ,C 'JI -Til? ji l..J F3542 GCI HER SPECIFICATIONS 1914, LOCOMORPHINE Q 'Sql Starter: The improved Schaller method of self starting. Control: The Doermann, Vaughn, center con- trol system. Headlight: Stellwagen paradoxical reflector. Running Gear. White with red stripes. A la Dick Grant. Carburetor: The O'Gordon system insures a perfect mixture of gas and air. Clutch: The Bunny Hug type. Springs: Semi-elliptickle, equipped throughout with Y. M. C. A. shock absorbing devices. Wheel Base: Base like the Minne-ha-ha. Tires: Windless, filled with a Zeta Psi mixture of hard rubber. Improved Tommy Nass Underslung Body. Equipment: Plant-McGilvra, light Mohair top. Warner-Cooper system of sparks and ignition. Deke speedometer. Y The "Lawdge" Enza's Papa's in uisitive friend: "In what course .. q does your daughter graduate. Treed" fy? r MEL '21 f ,YA 5 wx .fo-vt-u. I kj, ', TF ti in -wifi. wlf' WZ, W4 9 r 7 """ .lf I Q' Enza's Papa: In the course of time. 551 . S.- M w,j,... if 'Y' ., N f rx mm-1 ff .,q,m6,FW + 1 'ar' -f " - - nj y"' f fiat. 3'1" ffff 'sf' , , F , 1 I, I . 1 I 3 E 1 .Iv . , .lfivfm ,Oli S :V X W i K I 1 I 7 I, . f I i E , I , H f s 5 z L , , E i Q E Va 1 l , ,13 1 -+ -, f, ., nz' , I 5 Q' ff l ,W 'YQ Q' 'WL I ,L X ! glfuvb' . 1 I I 3 .5 Q N Ji ,TF V7 X? I HU ,XJQA 2212! XE' Wy. N ff, f5,f Mk' + f, f .',"'- -' ' , N ,A ,,,v. "X"N " 'r M5564 , f, , , 9' pf , 7 ' ff f H f.5'2Z,, w Y 1 " 1 1, ' s 2'Q gif if ,, YN? ,F 7, -1 F 39- ' " UT" fi, Ki fflf, L' 1- : A V1.1 1 ' XX J Q' : w g 9 ,., i. Y Nt Q 44 J, if '15 2'siQ,gfA1i-- 'xx - .Wy F K I " 4, I, Wh Y " ,1:,lv',,,Ji V EIL Y Af' F 3. ,Q in I , gr- 1 I if 4, f ve J ' V ,.,., ., I, A, ,Q . ,,. A ' f ff-9 Hi' Aff 1, - 1 M wg - xr J n I A I l if ,, Jr,-5 , I .fl ' X" 1 , - 1 , i 4:1-lrfi Q, M A37 -yi-"1 1, 4 XQ?g1 ssh sg, ,' ' ' fd 7 -- '--' ' 5595-'14-""' " """ " ' .T-,,'.-f-' 213 K -S If Z JfZQ4af?,'fWf'Q,E'1:17l, 'W f 1 .X xy., 'HRX Yy,,R.',f Q! -,gm lf , ff' ,f,ff.'Z,,+. ' X X1g4 .'w1Q iff ,yfhgfff ffMf53?L5f 1 - 1- K , X, Q Q ,s,f m-2, K f.11fkaN1:xKwf , L- f ""?f'f1f'ix-X ws. :ffw,1 ug , X, ff ,fNg5'.5f,f',',i Eng, - Y ,.-v'.'f?ffTS K -, , f fff+77..- Vg f',?"'f ffgf "-if--1 --ig 11 gf Q: f-E311 3 , '. jf ' f Lf" ,1f?.4,"f?f513' A- f' ' " 1 V' - f ,' ' ' ' ' 41.4531 : H . ,--346:-ww.- +49 .,afx,:": .vi5,e'L11f-,- N. s .NAB v. 'J ' w'23"f ...L ' , 1 MM ,f 4 , ' , M X I , ,. gn! 3 W ,,, ,b , pf , ,,,,,,,, ,, ..., .1 --:Sc-g.,,,-Q. , , 1,4 ,, tj ' if f X ' " 9 Rf' LA, fl 23417211 ,J , kv XX 5 QP "m"'+:..,b I x Nw 'k,..J f QHQ COPHER W ,WYYKQKXY Lqcm, Bevxlxovb Wm TRB?" W7Yd5'f Krug QQ Kx 'affix ig vq Wqda obsifev SW Vembrfiea X 5Q393ghkq Mmm VKL r YQ? an H I B T X . T?A?RNu5egoQ? Rik QNX me BMX Bw 'Xpvixq M Ywxgiiuqrd mxqxycm-Niq TXxaXxe,iv X LesXke,'W N QQ f f "1 ,NN AF, mfg' N X WNY Norma- ? nm om 5 - 'VW 5 - Ffemmexq. 'PYQXV 5 WWE S Rzamruhsb. . wL.J "' :J--W P fa Ego GQPH ER Look, look, seeithe man. Yes, l see the man. lsn't he dignified? He is very dignified. ls he the president of the University? No, he is a janitor. Only a janitor? Janitors are not referred to in that manner on the campus of the University. Why not? Because the janitors are more important than the professors. lndeed, how strange. Yes, the professors are only a nuisance while the janitors are a damn nuisance. What are the duties of the janitor? To keep out of sight when you want to get into a locked room. And have they nothing else to do? Oh yes, they are for the professors to swear at, and are supposed to help make an audience when great men come to speak in chapel. But who cleans the buildings? Oh, that is the work of the janitorines. May l see a janitorine? No, it is very hard to see a janitorine, they are usually at work. Does every room have a janitorine? Every room except the Gopher Hole. l should like much to be a janitor. Oh, say not so, the Janitors are often lonesome. Why are they lonesome? Because there is no one around the university good enough for them to associate with. How sad. Quite correctgfor the professors and students. Charlotte Stockwell has ventured the remark that George is rather experi- enced along other lines as well as being a good dancer. 554 ' Dwi-g. A-It fn- K..J f SEQ GQPHER N Q T 'CSHQ CCI HER Tx Colo Clammy Conspiracy OR, A BANANA PEEL ON THE LIBRARY STEPS X H mmmmn nu nun mm m mu ,H nu DRAMATI S PERSONAE Matchless Miles Edified Edgar Handsome Harrison Buxom Bunny jubilee joe Marquis Bernardo Dummy Scene: Library Steps Time: The election 'linn.q---- Exquisite Retired book agent Oily suffragette politician Still on the job Representative of the yellow press A necessary phenomenon 556 FX KJ 'GEQ Q01-JHER l A COLD CLAMMY CONSPIRACY, OR A BANANA PEEL ON THE LIBRARY STEPS. ACT l Scene l Alarum without. Enter three hautboys without alarum. First Hautboy: The meticulous, mentigerais, monosyllabic, mobocratic Miles approaches in the ofling. Second Hautboy: How know you this? First Hautboy: He is followed by a band of women, the cadet corps, the Univeristy Band, and Ted Kopper. As they draw nigh the druidical strains of "Everybodys Doin' it Now," are wafted hither. Third Hautboy: Zelle must know of this. This reeks of conspiracy. Send a messenger with a bottle of milk to lure him hither. Exit Hautboys Alarum Without. Enter Matchless Miles and rabble, and Ted Kopper, who refuses to be included in the rabble. Miles mounts the stairs. CHEERS. Matchless Miles: fPulling out a bandana and wiping his alabaster browj l am for the common people. CVociferous cheers from the Betasj. Miles fcontinuingjz Elect me and get a reformed administration. fCheersD Elect Zelle, the zealous Zelle, who, l have from good authority, is a possible Phi Beta Kappa, and see. fGroansQ. Do you want the white escutcheon of your Alma Mater to be thus sullied? Zelle is a gentlemanly but incompetent steno, a former book agent, a buyer and seller of wares. Buxom Bunny: ,Ware be the book agent, 'ware be the book agent. Enter fumingly, the Marquis Bernardo with goose quill adorning ear and blank manuscript under arm. Marquis Bernardo: Ha, there's the rabble, l must dash off an editorial. fThe Marquis loosens his suspenders, takes off his collar and tie in preparation to writej. Enter mob of Deke Seniors CDave West.j West and Bernardo whisper liquidly. 557 ZS" LJ 'Giga GOPHER A COLD CLAMMY CONSPlRACYg OR A BANANA PEEL ON THE LIBRARY STEPS. Bernardo: And we cannot bribe the Handsome Harrison the game is up. That man has the co-ed vote in his pocket. West: l have it. Tell him that Buxom Bunny thinks that there is one other handsomer than he. And that cooks Miles' goose nothing will. Bernardo: Go and offer bribes. West: Good my lord, and what shall l offer. QBernardo pulls a loud tie of an unjudicious mixture of cerise, mauve, and old gold, from his pocketj Bernardo: 'Tis well, speed thyself man. Exit mob of Deke Seniors. Bernardo starts to read editorial. McNally retires in confusion, while the band is heard in the distance playing "Wearing of the Green." Bernardo: QReadingJ The question which Minnesota has to face, and which was, must be boldly and equally faced in order, that the difficulties may be appreciated, so that we can determine the most logical method of procedure, which is as follows: The question is whether will we or will we not? The corollary to this question is: How wonit we? ln view of this premises, l move unflinchingly on to the conclusion-let us hope that these things will come to pass. fTerrif1c applausej jubilee joe: Un stage whisperj Do you really think that Zelle has any chance. Doermann rushes in frantically followed by his contingent, Bob Wilson. fLoud cheers from Commandant Woolnoughj. Hennery Doermann fTo the Crowdj: Am I too late to speak? Crowd in unison: Hurrah, yes much too late. Doermann faints into the waiting arms of his contingent Wilson. Company B signals "Skirmishers," and Doermann's form is borne away with the band playing, "Silver Threads Among the Gold." 558 f'W., LJ r ESQ GOI-JHER l A COLD CLAMMY CONSPIRACY, OR A BANANA PEEL ON THE LIBRARY STEPS. Alarum Without Handsome Harrison enters wearing a cerise tie, interspersed with mauve, and old gold. He mounts the steps amid sepulchral silence. Fuller: Vote for Zelle, he's the guy that made New Ulm famous. Wild consternation on the mob. Co-eds Flock up to vote for Zelle. james C. Baker Cjudge of Electionsj: The voting now stands 398 to 398 and l with Miles and Edgar tied for Hrst place. Five minutes more to vote and the polls close. jubilee joe: Sister, are you still as true as your eyes of blue? Buxom Bunny: Ogawdyes. julibee joe: Mygodibelievedummyhasnotvotedyet. Buxom Bunny: She must be got. Ho, freshman look for the lady. Try first the wine room at the Oak Tree. Exit Freshman Enter Edified Edgar, followed by the "Kappa Kat". He rushes up and votes. Helluvalrum without. Dummy wheezes in. The McNally Cohorts: Hurrah, haste, only half a minute left. fDummy mounts steps and slips on a banana peel, falls heavilyj Dummy groans, likewise McNally contingent. jubileejoe: Foiled. Buxom Bunny: Oh what a falling off was there. H Baker: The polls are hereby closed. The vote stands, Zelle 399, McNally 398, Doermann l. Cheers. McNally,s discomhted supporters withdraw. Vaughn: Vell, Zelly, how you like Amerikka? Curtain 559 if IN. E562 GQPHER l Fanny to the Triangle went, Without a man but quite content, She Filled her program th e best she could And had a fine time as she said she would. Illllllllllllllll REGIONS UNKNOWN kk E-xxy xbfxv x, XXLJQJVX-ji IJLV' EW f I f f f C C 5 L x. Fan to the Triangle went, Without a man but content, Her program she Filled With whom she willed, And only went home yvhgnfsent. II Fan to the Triangle party went IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII J? WWH u a 1YrUr'tXhXrrg0t1 I WHHMEQME f on l mf s ,U mm., g i5 m Without a man but quite content, Her program she filled, With whom she willed, 'Tho everyone smiled, she cared not a cent. The above was handed in by dif- ferent authors on the same day. Puzzle: Find the line of least resistance. llllllllllliglillllllllllllllililllllllllllzlllzlil 'Gin ' 01015 to QS? 0' Gorxlfml ' lq snr iv' contig! 'fiotmq3mxRhelX. l l VI ll Ill l X l - .3 1 Q t ff I c xx 3' . . Us X ,fs Q ' 'Q c - so -sc ff xx 1 o Xu Z 560 THE OAK TFZEEPV Scale 55l.OO :S5O.3O i imma! N 5 EX ffmIl'flMII,1IfIIIIIIIlI1I,wI,lIl1m J J N : li tl N CD E S As N a 'E : N N 45 : , N N N e A: Immmv e n,m:ml5 ,f z Q 45 1 N 1' ' ' 1 ' x ff WS ,f A. I l L ' Sg4,,f'L wa" ,F in S 'tffff 'E , M2 X XX X 1 Il F I, 4 ir W f A i . we-' JM" , 15 E i ! rl I F 1 5 N , , l .. -, , f E E K if? " f 1 , . I W - 1, , V Ai 'VVV A3 1 W L X fi - M ' S i 1 5 A , , 7J ,, ,,,., fb EW . , W 1 Vg: 3, " E 5 ,Z :Q 1 7 -2 w l 5 3 f' ' x ' l fa" . 1 1 t I ' P .. N' 1 "3 1'v- ffilfmff' qrry E 7 .L .' V Lgfw T X ,,..,,,,,L... ,, 1 m.. ,A lv- , , . , . H wp Q E o D. -' 3' 's -Qhzh , J K L L 4 hr' 4' 1, 1 ' f' 4,v,fk!,.W P Xa.,- , 1 'Wx 'Av f 1' -w I ,,, , .K-sviff' f 1 ww 'N - "' , +4 W - I N , , , . X - ,,,, k ?P:r" Q2 A4 , n' P 1 T , X X Q , ' ' I 5QSX"'wWi'eiJb?Y r ' 44 M 'ff k ig . , , 'fi ,1fY",, if 1 - "f' h11 ' " ".. ,KK" 4 Sq x, "WH . ,,,k ,E 'fW':-. F2-.f-152,-, ll H . J - xe,f ' q V' Q,f',fN V .' V - fYEr',1 , K .. 4 LLWI .xv fm h , . 'H' , ' -' . 8. 1 Q L, ,V I 'f i rw c9i.pL.f'ff-, . V , I X-S. 5. Iv, - , 4 wif, . , Aw, .-124+ . 11+ ,- I Q gy , - 1 mil" V' ' A 1 X. L 5 ,K ' ' " N ,Lx .- lwyklfg, 'QN ".' 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K-1 , 'Cage GCDPHER Frank Maloy Anderson says that a man reaches his highest state of mental development at forty-five years of agefk X X K Prof. Nick CDiscussing the organic and inorganic kingdomsj: Now if l should shut my eyes-so-and drop my headfsofand not move, you would say l was a clod. But l move, l leap, l rung then what would you call me? Voice in rear: A clod hopper. Class Dismissed. FRESHMEN INSTRUCTIONS Believe what the catalogue says r about expenses, they are mere trililes Fore at Minnesota. Walk around with all the dignity you can assume and tell people you are a College man. ,WW Never Flirt with ladies before the j. B. it may be expensive 137.501 Write home frequently Cfor moneyj. Greet the seniors familiarly, and don't run for office. Above all except no bribes, you may want to play football later. DEWEY If you attend the Dewey theater this Week you will have the opportunity to be "Out for a Night" with the jersey I Daisies, as jolly a company as ever held the boards at the popular burlesque house. Pat Riley and Heinie Schmaltz are the comedy duo who furnish the fun in a one-act scream, the parts being taken by jack Collins and Leo Hoyt respectively. Nell Capron as Mrs. Riley, makes things hum as the boss of the house, While dainty little Madeline LaFere "mixes things" as Nellie Bill- ions, in a very acceptable manner. The chorus consists of 14 pretty girls, ranging from the "pony" to the "extra heavy," who sing "Somebody Else ls Getting It," and other catchy bits with vim and abandon. After the intermission there is a military burlesque in which the come- ' dians keep the house in a roar General Mulligan and Corporal Switzer. The great battle scene must be seen Aft 9fProf.Anderson was born in l87l. 562 . rw vb if -23 . Qioffmfcgb QQQQWQGQQ -1- f 'CSEQ GOPH ER Q WWA Y' , 69? C59 , 0Q4v9"t ,EV Lvogiic X ski XX UNIVERSITY OP MINNESOTA NOVA NU Phiighi 6. Igan. Q i NZ. da' K ' Q , 1 4, Lag 5 x QV' ohjsegfgxm, do E NSN 5 , I i I ' A : . fa ,Q ,xv KUQLJJZW 6-s., 5.0.5. 12 Q 99 - 1 1 If 655 42210 ' 2 '46 '95 -Yytvvvnj A E of' x - i 2 e, gow f x gf- Q E 0 ab x , on Qs . I f. 1 - - , -14. I 'N 6' IAA! ywafiafvnlv ff a 'b - 1-1' if . TX . ,A ,fu ,Q I i ., X 2 QQ Ag: W5 Q 'JW LMA i r , ' N 5 A,1'j.-jpuhlx Q51 I ' E F ' 4' '1 A -A ' 4 b Ja--f.r.v .' M- . V - 3 .f- - -,1 ri 15: X- 2' 8206 ok X- 1 xr WX XE - ' Br' -'- .Jf-515' 'jf ' 5 S, Fwd fffw .4 ' 0. 0 f -3, , 596. Qgwixy' wav . 'gk . f Q : 53. if va Y- 0 4,0 va W' ' 'f' Hi.-'.,iJT'1E-.. , x 0 ! JA! .c H1'a,'?1jf wks Xa 4' :Bois ,,ww-4j,.mz,,.E4"'- Qfgmigwi L N59 .460 .5 I ' J .f 5- ' i 1215-vyifig Qf,,I.5'.' 8 K 0- C ,J ' f N Q, . A, xciffvg-f 1. 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""' 1' '!"""' -' 95 EPZ - -' Aff' if L """"l'f.i :'f '-5?-.'ff' ' . N2 X 3 H3 - ' ,I if: "e-fE.if'?U,.-Ziff' ig:-fijf ig, V N44 ' ,Z Q-:legit ,':,7'I'l '-.-' --I., w Q ' , ' ff 'HEAR' 5 'ff ,-iff. - fn ff f X ""lf ' '-4 ' ' f fx- " . " 9 5.5.-"1?'f4ff??' "5" I Uv! H 2 1-T1 1:1111 ' I ' I!-6" .PAT Af f? 'S fa A 'Wi ww -vriff'ff-:,f,':fi44w'l4gf'-'1'fgg51:Lf:fzffi 'XB 5 L --, anliifra L.-fx +' 'R '- 1' V A . Ei. "' i 'FL ff? 1.15 Wi'-G1-'-wi--2 ,rug 'f'..v , "'i1' -1 fx- - ' . ff - 4 X-V Z, fm Q Q12--y,fJf'l r- 1 ' ,ifjf . . if "" . 422 - ' H ' 1 'E 15 M5 W 5 ,.fgA.-w,f.:.., - M gg' H . - "" , "ag-,1"'-'N-'A-K-,vf,V,, f, Q.- IM., , W -- ,2 1 5 1iQiif,,.g.',a,g, --M-ig., ' 514 . 1 ww J "i1.'-..,-' 42-.-L .:-f-"'f-'w"'- -'wp.-A1f'1:v-.-AQ.:-- wg "- ' 41-11 if .1 1, A f,.f:f'f-f "W-R-41-1' ' K , f ' if f' ' "'U"lAMN ' - - --Rf-31:1if-qw.-21+f.zf'::ir21?fQfS2? Jl l iiif:f?!fT..3W?:1i ef2-sf-2?: kiifLL1"ffiivfn 1- ff-x v i:- f' - , - -'..A-0.-V----fmA-r-:',,fq, L, .. ,-- . 1- ffsr-:+.s,.p,f1-k,, ' L5--+1--f.LL,3,?Y 1 4- Q K fgfsfvtil- , . 4, f,:,f:ffq5,z4,:g5.,,,,4,55A ,5M,L.i+p,i.,LQ,4g3A,1,giiygg 5:7332 Hg f,w " A"'f 95 ' .. . - ,,,,,K'fnl-wer' ' ..1,,- ., ' 14:-Q, ,, 3'f.fh"'j, f., 'ang ' v 1 - K 9- ,v.x,-ln' " ' ""M:,,.,,,w-A p - , ,Y ,"Ms',d I ,, ,. -X - usp ..A,.f1,,,'31'xf1ff Lf,-.r32f"'f'-, D. g I bw --N,.f.W.f,fg1-3 -g.,,.,,, , J M ' A"--f--'.kK75fffp ?l Q.,y 65 " k A., -Q -5 'CEHQ CCDPH ER PLATE l. ERESHMEN Spongida, very low form, mental processes silly-ated, considered by some "vegetil" because of the chylorophyll it secrets, semi-parasitic. PLATE ll. SOPHOMCRE Lolligo vulgaris, the common squid or squirt, variety amoribundus, for it is in love but hasn't got there yet. PLATE lll. JUNIOR Evolution reaches a higher type. Pseudo pegasus gall or Rambunctious. Feet greatly developed, mouth large, eyes small, secrets. PLATE IV. SENI OR Homo sapiens, or mandiferus, completed type, slow and stately in bearing. Simillimus dies, proximus angelico. ,Xi ""3i'3'35iF5aT'f" Q1-3. l f7'Q'f'fil1"'5f7"Ff- 5 1 ' Q ' s af S jam-'-ff C 'N is Ni .L 4 K 3 -W ,ml i,k'f!,. X- 'Z f-,pl I , W 11" 5 -' .1 E '3f?,.g ttfzfl-.W P r o c r a s ti nation Registration 2? ,E Computation ln v i t a tio n lnvestigation Participation Disintegration jollification Evaporation Much Elirtation TO DR. ANNA Therels one thing about your picture First Stude: What does Dr. That we cannot understand. Schaper teach? Who's that guy there standing with you, Second D. Ho.: lnternational Mrs. Phelan, who's your friend'? Awe. 564 .6f6Q XA X :XP ff VX' X W f Ag f 7 "" , QYLYf UfMf"fW' E ' I ' - , f, , 4 I! V , xx , . - A , x of N233 I uw Q,f,, '- '-- Y- J-. ,V 7 - 7 L ,, MV' Nw , x -. , ' ""l.wgvf, f 'T 'I :-fsfielv Q f F f Q. Y 'rx ' P!', fl ': I N , , f ,ff J uli ,x.y' 1 , f fir f 1 W -5 -v., -f - ' 1 - :N M W 4' W x 1 ,h X ,X -fl ' IW' M ef Q ,f ' df 1 W , f '- 1 X ff , . . I , , . . xff W 4Wff f X U1 N kN 3 .ff M5 ' 9 A A K i fw ffisx g X R1 Q 'R RN Q wmrsx M R 5 ' f l 'fix ., iffigx X f l' X551 " f f X' W 'fxfiff Q1 E., Im ld. 1 K A ' X , '37 'f 7 'V 1 .wr -QW EP f W X. ,-, .Y -E 'S 571 , 5 X L If 'F 1 W' g 1 Y JJ 1 J I1 W T Ti Tide COPH ER Appeal from the Minnesota Circuit Court for the Matrimonial District of Minneapolis The case was argued at the bar on the evening of the Wisconsin game. Statement of the Case.-Both the plaintiff, D. West, and the defendant, H. Eidemiller, are the possessors of several shares of interest in the Ruth- Hobbs Amusement Company. At the earliest date expedient the defendant wishing to engage the services of the above Ruth Hobbs for the Adelphian Dance, decided to put a note in her Postofflce box 881, but it seems that the plaintiff for a similar, and equally pressing reason, had by fifteen minutes out- witted him. The complaint is that the defendant did knowingly and unwittingly open and peruse the previously placed note of the planitiff, and by destroying the same did very much, and materially diminish the chances of the plaintiff of securing the services of the lady in question. Opinion of the Courtf-jay Poucher, j. The only question for us to decide is whether or not the defendant was justified in removing, perusing, and destroy- ing the 'Kbidf' and was the contents of the bid of the plaintiff a reasonable request? According to all laws of univeristy etiquette the defendant was wholly justified in performing the above act. lt is clearly a case of "Best Man Wins", not necessarily physically the best, but mentally the most active, and it is clearly evident that the defendant had his head working Cand working somej when he destroyed the bid of the plaintiff. lt is not for us to interview the young lady or discuss, her personal feelings on the matter, any consultation with her would be wholly outside of our jurisdiction. Moreover the contents of the note is, in our opinion, an unreasonable request for the plaintiff to ask of any young lady. Exceptions overruled. XXX Louie CAs she and her partner finished up a touching little Bostonj: Oh, dear I nearly went to sleep that time. 566 Fa i v 421.77 ,..3mms..:.... ' 'ff'--f-'rum-Q iffsm...,....,,..,.g.m.s-fa-v""' ESQ QQPHER X MHLIG Q woe G .- -'T' f IWLE l I ' I x iw Q - l , , K . . , W ,. 3, H... 4. R V f 'Q -'rf Q'-' 1' ' - A -swf? J g - ' , 1 - F . 1 .H ' '7"f 'my salt Ex ,W Q 5595: , iv ,M .af lb U mls: L ' -,f ,- ,cn Y 'A. x F 3417 'A I YV X ' ' 'I 1' ' ' ,VW 1 4 I : :H -A . .. , I W5 X lfl w xg, 'nu V., , 9 , , 2 f E ,W N m m o f IF x 'X smgw Q ' L-si-. V, K ,, , iww? 5 Al' ' ? i P n I , ffgx-Q-agfgfirifglfifg. -7- If-3,5 5 ff-. if 5 :Y 1-gg -1 Hx f V in fb if i- 3 . k u X ' .4 . , - -4 .L N, gf - i GQ" W x ' f iAv ,X T ,Q I X , hw . ,, ff' Q 4 ' " - ' kts ' . , ' 1 'VH X X W "' 1 Y X NWN fx- , '- :J 111' A A X Q X if' -E2Qg:::g:ig,.:g:i? "1 A I ,f ggi -, 1 if gi.Lg1 M M WW? - 1 ' H ,I v , i . l ,X P xw, ,K Y 'Zi Ll ' Z r - Lryu Q If Xl ff i175 ' 1-nw, I f Effd-2--,cl-,ff 1f+-gifQ:-::Q1:,-:E-fyy ,fl LJ ' ' 4 .-.ln-new H--' f gg- GEQ GOPH ER uoth Pierpont one day "lt's a hell ofa world" All the ladies are shy and demure, l'm in search of a dove. Who is willing to love ln my arms I would hold her secure When Enza one day, But Walter is not Was passing that way The kind of a wop And noticed his woebegone glance, Who at all exclusive would be. She sweetly replied, He's open to all, As she drew to his side, Who may happen to call. I never mind taking a chance just see how he's treating Marie. Who is the popular young man For whom the co-eds fall, The man who was elected For the dear old sunlight ball, CMore popular than Olcott, the votes he got were eightj The modern glass of fashion, Beau Brummel up-to-date, Who sports those nifty English suits, Those chamois gloves and cane, Who wears a Yiddish derby, And is radical but sane, Who is the co-ed's darling And pet, iris not denied That the ladies all are dippy Over handsome Walter Hyde. 568 o rx do pieces LQ .J T .J i Ggc CGI HER A Celebrated Case Vaughan: Ah, is it youl Well, the THE DAILY fScene: The Daily Officel Vaughan: Copy, copy, copy! Where in the name of Caesar's ghost is all the copy? Trembling Cub: Here it is, sir. Vaughan: Don't sir me, young one! l'll have none of your sarcasm. As if people don't know l'm a gentleman without being continually Sirred by freshman cubs! Get out of here, you're fired. Society Editress: Did l hear your sweet voice calling, Bernard? paper's all made up for tomorrowg how about a little walk over to the Oak Tree, eh? CAside to assistant editorj. Get out that copy now, or l'll break every bone in your body, and show your politics up in next week's editorial. Savey? THINGS THAT CLARENCE KNOWS A S lf you really think you'd like to know How julie does her hair, How Louies nervous system Ever stands the wear and tear, just why that little so and so Didn't get-you know-that bid, And why Dean Sweeney thinks we That eleven o'clock lidg lf you wonder what the Chi Psi's Have to pay to keep their cookg Or where that stately Miles Learned to look that love lorn look, lf you wonder who imported Harrison Fuller's English clothesg just ask that man O'Gordon. These are things that Clarence knows. X X X Every hair of your head is numbered. need gg i DEAN DOWNEY. 569 W dig- rg . c cccc D D sssc c g M 'Ciitb Q QCDlJfl -DOWRQY .Dean CWith sincerest apologies to Kiplingis "Gonga Din".j OU may talk o' Profs and teachers Cf their manners and queer features, When you've worked four years and earned your old degree, sir, But when it comes to lulus, From the Chinese to the Zulus, You can bet your one last plunk on Downey Dean, Now in Minnesota's clime, Where 1 used to spend my time A-grinding like a servant of the queen's, Of the faculty's whole crew, The whitest man l knew, Was our Academic darling, Downey Dean. He was Deanl Dean! Dean! You geometric lover, Downey Dean! Call your Work Committee out, Put the flunkers on the rout, You Algebraic ldol, Downey Dean! The head o' hair he wore Was nothing much before, And a little less than half of that behind, For an old Mathematics book, Plus a stern and learned look, Was all he needed for to make them grind. When the sweating students dug He was silent as a bug, While his Math. would make your blooming eye-brows crawl, We begged him cut down, But the Dean would only frown, Yet we loved him ,cause he couldnlt Hunk us all. lt was Deanl Deanl Dean! Press Committee, where the devil have you been? You put some pepper in it, Or l'll cut your pay this minute, Now listen to the rules from Downey Deanl 570 T .LJ qgkg ZSSHQ comin T l shan't forget the day, When the Council had it's say, A-trying out their honorary schemes, They was tearing up the school And a-breakin every rule, Till they ran amuck o' dear old Downey Dean, 'E called 'em on the mat, And 'e told 'em where they're at, And 'e talked to them like children age o' eight, lt was purty, doggone punk, But the more that Council thunk, The more they thunk o' dear, old Downey Dean. lt was Dean! Deanl Dean! 'Ere's a sinner who is cheatin' fit to scream, 'E's a-looking in 'is book, And 'e sure deserves the 'ook, For Gawd's sake get the rules and Downey Dean! 'E sent the kad away, And almost that very day, Old Osler came and took the Dean away, And just before 'is ride, "l 'ope you've liked my Math?", says Downey Dean So l'll meet 'im later on, At the place where 'e is gone, Where it's always five-hour Math., and English Con 'E'll be squatting on the coals, Reading rules to pore, damned souls, And l'll get it yet in 'ell from Downey Deanl Yes, Deanl Dean! Dean! You dear old Academic, Downey Deanl Though l've kidded you and Hayed you, By the Regents' Board that made you, You're a better man than l am, Downey Deanl 5 7 I Z1 I. V ff' vw?-, , ,,,,, , , Y 'Y' .ff f 5 f Q + 1243562 CQPHER T 6 . 3 x 5 Y 5 i Q 5 i E 2 r X '-3 , f . -922 'fffrqkkx 3 gf- xgigmgwsxv. X. ,, 5 v 4'fi,.zx-Xi X, si'-159, L . 5 ,f , .3 . Q 6 x ' 5 5 1 uk X Q 5.124 A, K- M if 1 gif? f Tix 11935323 Lg: 55 if sri'-9?f? R4f 15,3 Lf iff ff! N5 fi 1 ,g 'V y , "'WEzg.'i1.QaxXj'? N 'Mig . .,.L' k 'f ' 'Af fx Q ,755 X'f4i4?iff , 7113 ,5,f..g1f Xi- 5 4 4 it V '5'T5w2L RV wrg , WPT!! 4 x ' i' ku. fx , , 1' w Y 1, W T 1 a- S 5 3 1 9 ? 3 5 i' 1 9 2 5 Q ,, J' Jxff' Q 5 5 Z E 1 S 1 4 , yi' "' sri' lf g, E 2 E S A ,W 'S ff' 1 isgiffm, ,fif- 'F , P. M , , . '.L Ar: 2' 3255: 'Q .V -J , 5, 57, gz. ,.. -HF fm-1 'Y' , I ,L t G' A bg . if . ,ii . 'fifff 3 ,Q " arvin-1 V uv?" 7 : 1 . p M , 'K'- fy L 1 Wi? 5: 1 i"'W Ego GGPH ER l ESSAY ON MAN As opposed to the flunker there is another character whose entrance into institutions of learning also dates to the origin of the institutions themselves. This character is figuratively called the "sucker"-he is the joy and the pride and the hope of every well regulated university. 'Tis passing strange that the sucker is obliged to speak a few words to the Profs after recitation, especially when he makes a Hunk. lt is true that the recitation was not very good, but the unexpressed idea of this model student, and the previous knowledge of him are satisfactory reasons why he should have four score and ten. When this indus- trious youth spends his much needed rest, under the parental roof, it is with confidence and gratification that he sees his father scan over the numerals. The youth who can get along in this way is a rising star and will make his mark. At least at college. BATTERY B. D-fD Fletcher Rockwood at the 'phone. "East 30, please." "Hello, Phi Psi House. ls Don Gilbert there?" "Hello Don. Say Don, our fellows want the Battery to meet this noongare all your fellows there?" Don: "just a minute Fletch and l will see." "Hello Fletch. Well they say it will be all right if they can get off early. They want to go to the Orpheum this afternoon." Fletch: "Thats fine we want to get off early too." Don: "VII see you over in the Gym. after lunch then.' Fletch: "Alright, so-long." Don: "So-long." v SEVEN WONDERS OF THE CAMPUS Zora Robinson alone. Katherine Bright twice in the same hat. Enza Zeller not in the graduating class three times. j. B. Elections. Litly johnson getting a girl for the party. Wilson and the Co-op. refusing to fight. Harry Altman. Not forgotten. 573 4gallf'4-'T , My-. . --,. 1'-H ,W 4-t' , 5. Q4 , 4 ,,.-,Q ' "mfr .' y' fl ilzftffl A t 'f ffl -K 1' 31,3-1 4 Z 2. .1 l Y '1 i 3:1 ,, ' ' T 3 ,, KEJLSQ COver the wire to the Kappa Houseb "This is the General Electric Company, and would you mind telling me if the arc light on l8th and University is burning." Eleanor fthe chubby onej: "J ust one minute please." fHurries to the window and backj. "Yes it is burning very brightly." g I Voice over the Wire: "Does it Flicker any?" Eleanor: "No, it is burning nicely." Same Voice: "Donlt forget to blow it out before you go to bed." THEY HAD TO DO lT lt was Tuesday. To be more specific it was Tuesday noon U2 noonj and the Alpha Delt fresh- men were strolling into chapel for their tri-weekly snooze. They sank into their seats next to the slumbering D. U. freshmen and were lulled off to sleep by their audible sleeping. The services being over the janitor awoke them and they filed out. That was allethey had to do it. 574 f 'LJ s ca GQ lj H ER Taba Campus Tfusser OWN at the high priced Oak Tree The campus fusser sits, The fusser a comely gink is he With long and slender mitts. He consumes his toothsome delicacy ln small and dainty bits. His hair is long and sleek and brown lt shines like Dean Swift's pate, With brilliantine 'tis plastered down Honest, Girls, he's simply great! And by his side sits a co-ed fair With hair of peroxide hue, Which in spite of the suns Eats sandwiches by the peck, Her companion steals a side- long glance At the figures on the check. He borrows a nickel here and there, From some he gets a dime, Another treat his only care He has a warm old time To keep his dates from getting mixed. To keep on with his climb, Still youlll ever find him there Sipping the juice of a lime, He dares look no man in the face Too well he has the hunch, For many of his fellows fill the damaging glare place Still holds its color true. And hg Qwgs the whgle damn She inhales a glass of catawba bunch. XY 574 X , L -V 'gj Eiga-2 GCDPHER ' -he-f' -N, if ix i ,.,..q,r,f iiliw- K..J Ege OOIJHER MINNEHAHA VS. MINNEAPOLIS COMBINED BREWING COMPANIES STATE OF INEBRIETY The case as stated in the Rypins Circus Court stands that Cedric Smith, the main squeeze of the alleged Funny Mag., having for the past two years used his publication for the purpose of furthering the interests ofthe various brewing industries by allusions, illustrations of canteens, old soldiers, water wagons, and containers of the amber fluid, by stories, by jokes, and having by so doing advertised the product of said breweries to such extent that their annual sales have doubled themselves fwith laughterj claims for such services a compensa- tion of 3540326.32 to cover the cost of personal research on the part of the Staff and Board. OPINION OF THE COURT Having been a regular subscriber of the magazine in question and having observed that the statements of the plaintiff are true, and that the success of the magazine has been sacrificed in order to fill her columns foriginally meant for jokesj with perverted allusions, it is my opinion that the breweries should come across with the "case" and prove themselves to be the true sports they purport to be. The "Funny Mag" has done more than her share already. Petition granted. 54 54 x Helen Cates wonders why the Y. W. Banquet cannot be held at some nice down-town place like McCormick's or Scheik's. I There was a school There were four girls One was thin, One was small, One was fat, One was tall. II They grew and grew To seniors all. They went to college To look for knowledge. III One got it, One kept it, One tried it, One left it. ,-..... 577 i A lg ..,..,,. -Mm-mama-:t',Q.f,, T gamma- rmfm ,M Y , Y- -gtk 'gm lf' H T wTT""5 ?""""""""""""'t"l--f'f..- Jfi at Alrrshk ? I Fx if lf rr C f W rt F' ls? "A-,ZA ,fi Y-, K..-: L i t 3--.-A L Short Course to fflinowleoge NCE long ago at the University of Minnesota, so long ago the lawn was still everywhere fresh and green, a student for some unaccountable and inexplicable reason became, to use a common but somewhat imaginative expression, swamped with work. He went from Folwell Hall to the Post Office, and then back to the library to study. But in his haste he never thought, with his heel, to desecrate the soft sod of the campus. So the days went by and to his sorrow he found that the 24 hours he had each week day allotted to work did not suffice. This thing must stop. So Sunday night the student sat down to once more systematize and simplify his work. All night he figured and the morning sun found a triumphant smile on his tired face. He had solved the problem. At 7:5826 the student entered the campus gate. He carried "The French Revolutionf, which "Andy" had been kind enough to hand out to him. He must get it back by eight. Without hesita- tion, our hitherto guiltless friend left the cement walk and struck boldly across the virgin lawn. CSee Minnesota Dailyj. The yard was soft and his heels made an impression, but greater thoughts were on his mind. 'LHow would he ever get through 'State and Local' under 'Doc' Youngf' He arrived at the library just at 7159K and thus avoided the dreaded fine. Qften this overloaded stude shunned all cement walks and at the close of the week, he found to his great joy, that he had not fallen behind in his studies. Hind of Part l. The moral is close by.j PART ll lt so happened that a brother student was also weighed down by this means of learning. Being of less mathematical turn of mind he did not know how to find time to disprove of their means and was about to give up in despair when the deep imprint in the sod caught his eye. COur first student's good work beginsj. Seeing the imprint he took heart and following wither it pointed-lol he too found what he sought, and so the good influence spread, and many and many a soul had its sorrows thus. But the footsteps ever coming and going, ever increasing had a bad effect on the scenery. 578 1.1.1 ,. , .,a,.,,N, 1,733-nm uwgm-WF!-' -WN WMM ,,,,.-m--"'f,....1-- Mai 75542 CCDlJlillfi Visitors that came to see the mighty college no longer admired the grassy slopes. The tramp, tramp of harassed and nervous students falls incessantly on the beaten ground at the feet of the oaks and live thousand students Cregulars and co-edsj leave foot-prints there. Will the students mourn for their lost campus lawn? No. They have not the time for such frivolous thoughts, but rather will hump their backs with a redoubled effort to read some more historical documents, served "a la Andersonf' They will rather tax them- selves to put up a statue in honor of the first man who dared leave the beaten path and so strike a blow for freedom. "Das leasan spell learethf' WOULD-BE ABUSED STUDENT, the following moral is not for you, so if you have the nerve to call yourself a student you may stop at once and go to your Greek, your Trigonometry, or your Philosophy. But YOU, You who are of the honorable body of the faculty of the University of Minnesota and believe in the sacredness of this institution and her traditions, HEAR YE. May not it be that the walks across the campus are a sure barometer of the students capacity? When they appear you may safely say that the students are overworked. Ease up a bit and watch the magic effectg the path will disappear. The next time you find occasion to assign fifty pages of extra reading, oh, kindly think upon the weary, weary hordes that wander about these halls in search of truth, ever weighed down by a load of assignments. Think of these l say, remembering that the haggard student has more than one instructor, and in your great compassion make it only forty-seven. Editor's Note. jim Nlickesh of the mathematics department has estimated, moreover, that the amount of wear on the paths across the campus varies directly with the amount of pedagogical assignments, while the wear on the river bank paths varies inversely with these assignments. "He ought to know." 5 7 9 X X 'r""""'A "J ' -s -,.2. , ,: rf--'fs .....-1.-1a--M-mf--1--.t,,... 2"'t"'------w.......J '1t.....,........----""""i" kj T A 'CSEQ GQPHER I IN THE BONDS Y. W. C. A. A political organization run on the principles of Tammany Hall, only better. What sweet smiles we have, girls! Did you ever see Helen Cates seize a reluctant sinner by the ear, saying lcissily: "We are so glad you are going to be with us at meeting today, dear?" MASQUERS. Enza and others. We never realized how handsome Bill was until we saw him as Capt. Bluntschli. SIGMA TAU. An organization in restraint of trade. What chance had the thirty-first nicest man? MAG. BOARD. Leaders of a lost cause. KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA. One of our aggressive smaller organizations. QUILL CLUB. A poverty-stricken, high-brow organization worshipping at the shrines of R. W. Chambers and Harrison Fuller. KAWA. Similar, except that they have only one shrine. D. K. E. An opportunity. BRUSH AND PENCIL. Tattered and romatic Bohemians who give messy picnics, and raise the money for their Gopher picture by the peddling of empty milk bottles. TRAGIC MUSE. They got a good start, and then the Bijou raised its prices Business manager, Walter Hughes. T CLUB. Socially speaking, "Us girls." S. G. A. Misguided reformers who, by closing Shevlin at eleven o'clock, have turned some of our best young people loose in the streets, much to the benefit of the Royal Lunch. Rumor says that one of the board is fond of this pernicious new form of pedal exercise called "ragging." A perfect wolf among lambsl ALPHA PHI. "Our house." We won't be held responsible for Fanny. DELTA GANIMA. Mourners for jess McCabe, friends of Dean Sweeney. SPANISH CLUB. The short and easy path to an "EU in Spanish. Maintained by Ruth Knowlton. THE MINNEHAHA STAFF. Fond believers in humanity, funeral orators in the making. THE WELLS GIRLS. Alice, Mary, and Irene. Importers of that walk. Slogan: "Aurora." THE THOMAS CLUB. Leader, Louise Gilman. Where does the head of the rhetoric department get his corsage bouquets? THE GOPHER BOARD AND STAFF. The bunch who beat the Visiting Nurses at their own game. Broad shouldered, clear-eyed specimens of young American manhood and womanhoodg Motto: Smile, darn you, smile! 580 T E ' A-A sf- fi - - i- 9-ij, QQ . R in ty , L, 2-,Mx ,.x.x if R " x 'V X-4 fx' 1 A, wif' V K 2 .J 'ESQ GCI HER Q 351+ g 1.- ,3 A 2 s Q22 vu? S lf, ...ff P if N L Qi ' ' x WE. ' ww, f 1: Q' , i r-if ' rf ,E f ,Q V wj':U QQ., 1 J.,- . V , rv M ' lf, ,,f,1'V1,i,...V l:1..,' LR He,-. .fA 1 :ji Q.-I ,L 1,-355 4' . . Eg., ggizig ' L ,gig . EQ f 'im" gif? fb fgilzfb ' 21: ' 2 xc, 332424 i. .ffl Half' . -ff ,p'fI1iSf2?1f?5T J .-fu 'Q 4:1 ' 24+-F ' A V fi' 65'- f 3 !,f':., ' Lk' 'V ' 'C sl 4351 i' f 31. 2 f. L31 ' 2 355395 ' f fl gs V 5 ,L J as 1 1 , , , . I. , Q G0lJtlliR SNOW BATH IS NEW SPORT Residents Along Fraternity Row Take Up New Pastime Snow baths are fast heeorning at nightly eustoni along fraternity row. Late travelers passing the Greek letter hahitntions on recent Cold nights when the thermometer registered several degrees helow zero, have heen toreed to dodge huge snowhztlls coming out of the darkness and have heen stztrtled 1 hy seeing figures seztntily elzttl, rellillfl l or jumping in the snow hunks along the sidewalks and arising with loud exclztmzttions wt enjoyment and delight. Some of the snow hztthers claim that ,this new form of sport is the safest and ,most healthy way of hreztlcing up at had X Cold, inereztsing the lulotmd eireulntion 1 . . . and are eonsidering the formation and plans for :L regularly organized snow- bztthers eluh among the student resi- ,dents of the row. JXQ mv- ...-- , f:,,,, J. im- Wg M 4 - 4 s ' :tg t . ew If 582 f , ' T552 GCDPHER 'fflrofessor Tl. Carpinglon Eweakitl Heviews the magazine Board EHOLD the lIniversity's young scribes, Above mere nonsense, fun, and cutting jibes, Around the oalcen table now they sit, 'Tis Thursday noon, and they must chat a bit, Up at the head the editor sits there ln state, a youth both bright and Fair, Baker's his name, he never gets in Fights, His only merit is he seldom writes. The Literary Editor is next, Her countenance is pallid, she is vexed, She's the professors' pet, the high- brows' pride, Grim intellect surrounds her on each side. She cares not for opinions from the throng, What she thinks right, is right, what wrong, is wrong. Then, too, there's handsome Fuller, fair to see, An editor of noblest type is he, He never writes, nor reads, he's but a dub, But what of that, he's from the Kawa Club! Anne Knox fnee Mortlandl sits alone, aloof, With critic's eye she scans each page of proof, Stern Boquist sits upon Miss Mort- land's right, His muse is pallid, but his pen is bright, Stout Brosius now upon the scene appears, Amid cries, acclamations, huzzahs, cheers, Then "duetsche" Hermann scribbles off a sonnet, There's little thought about inside, or on't, Hermann's and otherls poems are abused, By Rypins. just to keep himself amused, He criticizes every poet's verse, Forgetting that by far his own is worse. Now that the editors you plainly see, Let's leave them to their daily cup of tea, They slam and squabble, gossip, criticize, Edit and write, revise and patronize, They're haughty, naughty, noisy, even proud, ls every college cursed with such a crowd? L.JP P GHQ COPHER lt was chapter night at the frat house, And the Phi Gams all were thereg They were seated 'round the table, And awaiting for their fare, When Don Rickert swiftly entered, And these words he quickly wrote, "Whatlll we do at the next election?" And the Phi Gams answered, "Vote,' And they did. Then the Phi Gams they grew chesty, And they swore by all the gods, "We'll win that next election, And we'll win it Then up spoke by big odds." a freshman Phi Gam, And his face was all agrin, "We'll not vote once at the next election, We'll vote once-and then again." And they did. Did you ever happen to wonder why the date of the J. B. was changed? Ask Dorothy Gibson's successor. l S ,KW My 5:.f'-- T 'Z-JFS: an " l K.-ww :lt W ft , A b X Q 5- IQ -,x- '6 In ..:fA2,,f.g , .. 45...- ' t,u'!li my I . ' ' J, 'Q ' - ,n ' J ' ' A 1 . Tkglrfl-. X15 Iliff N Q 'QQ . A nn,Rk3.v' 2-f f '2'ri.'.- gw -', H'.2r',',..R '. .- .'vjQ'J.f.'w',x - 'X -'- .nw w it '-IRI L95-A UK? -.4-fl'-si xi.: Yi' - , . -, . . , , 5 . 1 5 'T .- I L ,, Iggy 1 Q 4' Tx X X ,, STATEMENTS OF HONOR. RESULTS OF HONOR SYSTEM. l am a gentleman. l'm another. l'm the son of a gent. 'Tis more blessed to give than to receive. Neither a borrower nor a lender be. l didnlt take any, and you know l couldn't give any. ff I7 El Pat Expression 584- f"1- . 'T' ff- 1,, 'GSEQ CCPHER X Kfff i fi, :Q L-ix ag' fx , Qfigx 51' 7 y ' , f ' f Q 151: -'.121 X X :: 5-.'-- ..,-, -..A, , JA X My , , . I lil X I JOY ous 'X'Ev1!35g,1ff f "-'. LANCHOUC TYPE. 5 T---YPE' R 1-1 ! K, urrfns ufvosn ossmgguiimfg MMM SSQUSLTFETFSAT ! f Vlffwlf covmvgvmv WWW MUMBLE, E,,Q'.,S,5 1 J 4 ggggfs MIR 16 sucuAs-0I Wm' ' W f 'Q' W 3'Tf2'1?"PQl :' - . HURMY! ?ibZff1:i:'1?'3 W my AS FR' D 1 WW if ' ' lf wfwife f f f Z w w f 22 f , Z QW f 553 1 T 5' xx Q 3 ,yi-X ff 5f -, ,f f f,f Biggs, jffgr v ' A f A'-A l yfY2?1fi?7WfQf 2 ' i f il , J q IRT xi ' gp, My , if H ,, ' Yfxvi - . , 'Q ff ' ,f f ' f ,' , , , 1 X w ff M 1 f 1 uw X a f J? M 5' fx., i-,.:Q!-Q,L,7!'L Y -fx. -.- - Q- --YY X V17 X17-Q ff V ff, ? 2 7 Y M If Z I J, " i'? ' 2v' of f vfw f w - f ffffr if Q GCPH ER My Phi Beta Kappa Key. Also Doc Robinson's door. Clarence O'Gordon. Our Scholastic Standing. Kappa Alpha Theta. My Popularity. Enza Zellar. My Picture in the Gopher. Alice Leonard. The way l led the J. B. Pinky Hayward. Our Gopher. Phi Delta Theta. Our Graduating Class. Psi Upsilon. My card in the Gopher. Dwight E. Lyon. Our small chapter. Beta Theta Pi. Intimacy with out neighbors. Zeta Psi. That l am still here. Francis L. Boutelle. That Roger has on his rubbers during this wet weather. NEAR JOKES First Stude: l guess we got even with Chicago for beating us up at football. Second Stude: How? First Stude: We sent 'em Harry Altman. . X X Freshman: l should like to be an Alpha Xi Delta, but they tell me the rough-house initiation is terrible. Second Freshman: What do they make you do? Freshman: You have to kiss the whole chapter. X X Every once in a while a click is heard and a letter is made. Mitchell at the typewriter. 585 ,.- ,JF we l I 3 . yi .af-xp 3'1" . x 4. if ,. r. it r" l? gf P? 1 'fri' 'Eff tae Qilllisrifll ER TAKEN FROM THE DAIRY OE PATIENT NC. l2. CELL NO. 666 Eeeble-Minded Ward Who's the good-looking guy in the middle? That's Geib, he was the big man in the 'lDaisy Chasers." You know Geib, Engineer, S. A. E., etc.? What's the matter with the poor girl on the end with her chin so high in the air? She's all right, someone just happened to be scratching her back when Marjorie took her picture. What's the chap in the back, with the teeth, standing on? His reputationwthatls Sawyer, you know he's on the football team. Yep, his brother played basketball. Theylre both Phi Gams. Pretty good-looking bunch as a whole, eh? Yes, as a whole, but you know they were painted up for the vaudeville. You ought to see them when they are in earnest. No, that was way last year, he sticks around with Charlotte Stockwell now. Yes, he certainly can dance. You know George drew those good Mutt and jeff pictures in the l9l4 Gopher. George had his eye on a nickel someone is holding in front of him. No, the other fellow isn't dead, he just happened to be asleep at his post. He is the fellow they hired to put the paint on the milkmaids' faces. lt took him four hours to Hx three girls. He says it always takes him that long. Well so long, l gotta go to e Psi U house with Rockwood for lunch. Wish ed l could go to the Varsity with you. S87 Q ,.. an W-.....-......,,,....,, r 1 ,....-fW- -.......... 251: W3 Ft?-as uv -2 1 I r Q -.ff gg . 4 23. wg,-.-fy -N..fw'i'f7. 'Y 1 A-'a-tgp.-H-Q, ,, X N . Q' , ,JA , x., J , Krz. , E3 T if . - 3: ,21 . . QQ is Q 3, 3 5 , 2 E if 1 I 1 , , W.. f B A - ,f 'NH' , 1 riff. tv ZW . Sf iffy N , K5 xv., 4 Q COPH ER -lhi-741-. AP- - .fu-:r--.. Y ' Q-M3221 " A 'sf ,.-A., ,. '32, N, 5 -.-L, A LJ Ergo CCDPH ER INTERVIEWS WITH FAMOLISSMEN. No. VI X Dave West: Hello, Davy, old boy! F5 West, David: 'Lo, old man. Youlre looking 'Li handsomer than usual today. Dave West: That so? Well, I always was considered good-looking. West, David: I know that. But I always imagined you prided yourself more on your scholarship. Dave West: So I do. By the way, did I ever tell you I am the only man in college who will be Phi Beta Kappa, Sigma Psi, Delta Sigma Rho and Delta Kappa Epsilon at the same time? West, David: Well, it's the first time I ever saw the Dekes hitched up with that line of highbrows. fD2Lve West: Of course my main pride is in being afDekef The others areTmEre'triHeE,AIi1t a Deke, my boy, welll West, David: I know. Well, Walter Hyde clearly showed himself to be the most popular I' All is Lost Save Honor. -r- man in college by winning the Women's .League election. Then there's Will Seims, the classiest little fusser on the campus. Dave West: And your modesty only keeps you from mentioning yourself. Everyone admits that you've made a hit with that little Theta sophomore, although she says she's not a particular friend of yours. By the way,I told that to some of the fellows, and they said she said no one who is a friend of yours could be very par- ticular, but of course they were only joking. West, David: Oh, of course! The fellows all like an all-around, good-looking sport like myself. You can hardly blame them, can you? Dave West: Well, hardly, David, such men as us are rare. West, David: You bet they are, old fellow, you bet they are! 589 F1 1 Qilffi fee ill U ls' ti QRPHEUM HESTER-The Camp Sisters-EVELYN Catchy Song Hits-Freaky Dances MARQUIS BERNARDO VAUGHAN Buck and Wing Dances l MARTICA BYRNES ln "Tales of Huffman" LO RN CAMPBELL Contortionist and Dancer GUITAR---MANDOLIN "Sweet Marien HORTON DANIELS B15 WARNER Alderman ROGER ANGELICUS PEAVY Will give his Famous Back Flip, making three complete turns in Mid-Air, with his hands fastened securely behind his back, Don't miss it Ladies- PRICES: TenfTwent:'Thirt M.HTINEE.Y.' Tuesdays, 'Thursdays and Tuesdays Every Day is Baby Day 590 . . .,..-,,csuQu-...N . ,, A A " ' --1-i-.Q-,M.,.me. 'mek qm,,,,i,,,. ,.,,.,..-ms-u -ea.-11.s.,f, f , 1 ,,,.e,,.c,.f-, v J f- 1 MMWmWMMl"e" 'jj " J ,mu to N ' 25512 CCN Exit f H . A if , mg' 1 ' V J ! 1 SOME IDEAS CF HEAVEN Rod: Colorado. Cass. Talking to an ever appreciative audience. Alpha Gamma Delta. Being on the Y. W. C. A. Cabinet. john McGee. A place where dances are over at lO:3O. "1 don't enjoy parties as l used to." Howard Eidemiller. A school without Dave West. H. Smaltz. An eternal gossip fest. Prof. Anderson. An enlarged history lab. Sigma Nu. A Frat House. Slcig, jim, and Art. A stand in with the Common Peepul. All Aboard for the Phillipinesl QW! s 1 :Q K, V., ,' Q ..-.,.........,....a.,.,,,., M... . - uv..-mm,.... fin' uk v .f ...Qu-N. .. ' eq, ""k'1W-f -1-ft r rl... ....,,,,,,..,,,,,f.u--W-"" X N"---, + s Q-J g f ESQ ooi-JHER T f55alla6 of the well 'jfllaceo Spigol N the spring of Nine- teen Thirteen, Four Minnesota stu- dents, Nearly dead from over study Hied them to the seven corners Filled their stomachs, filled a basket, Then their stomachs with pale lager. Ordered them a keg of lager, Took it with them when they left there To the river bank they took it, Down the river road they rolled it, To the Father of all waters, There they stopped and then unloaded, First their baskets, then their stomachs, Turned they then unto the keg- let, Strongly made was the small keglet, Made with oak and bound with iron, So that not one drow could filter, Scarcely could the heavenly ether, Find a place in which to enter, Turned the downside rightside up side, Turned the west end to the down side, Tried to get the inside wetside Where was then the outside dryside, Put the endside upside outside That had been the east end dryside, Would not yield to their en- deavors, Still remained perverse and wil- ful, Turned they then unto the long side To the side that was the down side, To the side they called the bung side, Found they there at last the bung hole, just between the hoops of iron. Found the bung and drove the spigot, Turned it then and drank the lager, Drank it long and drank it heavy, Till they felt they had sufficient, To the grass they gently hied them, On their overcoats they laid them, First a groan and then a gurgle, Then a sigh and then a moan, And the boys without one strug- ale, Lay there dreaming of old Bacchus, And the headaches he had caused them. Clf any of my friends should detect a slight deterioration in my style, let them remember l have been out of practise some 75 yearsj H. W. L. A QQ 'Ego CQPHER MERE SUGGESTIONS That Dr. Jenks divulge the name of the professor who gave 6Of'f of his students Good, and 4-OCZ Excellent. That all girls present to Dean Sweeney a written report accompan- ied by a signed explanation from their parents, whenever they commit the following offenses: Staying up after 8:30 o'clock. Arraying themselves in more than two colors at a time. Chatting unnecessarily with profes- sors after class. Participating in unladylike demon- strations at a mass meeting. Dining in dimly lighted corners of the Oak Tree. Speaking to a fraternity man except in the presence of a faculty chaperone. That the T Club try to be a little more exclusiveg after all, girls, it doesn't pay to mingle too freely with the rabble. That Don Gilbert, Arthur Erdall, Hallan Huffman, Greeley Ladd, Jessie Herber, and others stand forth like men and honorably announce their intentions. That a kindly Heaven forgive the things that we put in our friends post- office boxes. That a similar protection be afford- ed the various members of the Gopher Staff on the day when this volume appears on the campus. Francis Boutelle says that the earth moves from west to east, and if you don't like, get on the moon it goes the other way. N T b --ftg Q 0 Nix, Gov A NEW T T O DAME AND wE'Q GOIN' TO 'THE H T G B E G Gas Murr 0 O O wmv s THE N O LAYOUT Fon Y O GOIN TO GET C1 D D MARRl:D AGAIN' Nl u E ff C E N T .5-9' A o o df S U T c. B r ,S E L H E Xggt E L F if S Q f ' X E O Q , X l W R N E A H D . G E E N tflff' N E cya T A M ' Hy' , N V N S E E N D Y. W. C. A. Bum Cabinet Jgkg ' - ---- A s.........S,,, .f' Ars,-P-cv'-,7,,5v ,Y H .Ziggy Our nearly dead young Mag, Our seldom read young Mag, Our hobby that's riderless, Almost subscriberless, A Seventy cent young Mag. Ego COPHER l FRATERNITY MINUTES No. l February l, 1913. Phi Gamma Delta. Special meeting called to dis- cuss the political outlook for the next decade. Minutes of last meeting read and burned. Moved and seconded that for Kreis' sake electioneering at Freshman to Hodson fBillj: How did you become such a wonderful orator? Bill CClearing his throatj: l began by addressing envelopes. the polls be done away with in the future. Rushing committee reports a junior Academic has announced his candidacy for Academic Representative of Athletic Board. Committee given provisional post-election pledging power. Meeting ad- journed. Signed: KING PAINTER. h ,g may MllfllQ8P0l.lS"nlllHL 1215. M.A6.7, l"ll 3 TLAKMOMY Aug le., iv. it-1 iw. gym i QFUAEIT, x 1 1 V ' auf. c-..mmEAroL1sotLLKxmimm2L.c..1-aglzlm 42 Fl . . rwe.1Q,.nandreQtQnQlqn ---1:---471100-.. On Acct. Feb 15 to EBU Theta Pi ,-per . ..,. Mar lst incl' William Hodson. 594 GHQ GOPHER l "Oh, that those lips had language Oh, that that hair were truel" LEN ERDALL ,ef Llfe IS just one lf Horton Daniels damn thing after at Marie Johnston another. "BUNNY" would Bis Warner. How much is Rod Ainsworth? Love is two damn things after each e other Where will Walt uCONNlEn Hyde. Phone rings at the Delta Kappa Epsilon House. Answered by a husky D. K. E. voice Freshman. Feminine voice fMuch like a D. GJ: "ls this the Beta House." Dusky D. K. E: "No, call Main 653.":k X X "Eidemiller rushes in where angels fear to tread." X X ,l4Main 653, County Morgue 595 , L-ji F365 GOIJHER ERATERNITY MINUTES. No. 2 December 20, l9l3. Delta Tau Delta. Special meeting called by "Jens" in order to lay a campaign to get Tom off the wagon. I'Ie's twenty-one now. The plot being laid the matter of ladies for the next informal is brought up. Moved and seconded that Lil Cohen and Annie Phelan be added to the list of eligibles. Passed with a solid freshman vote. Moved and seconded that jimmy Rush be allowed to try engineering. Motion lost. Noise of a Theta rough house makes adjournment necessary. Signed: NORMANY MITCHELL, Main Gink. FRATERNITY MINUTES. No. 3 March l2, l9l3. Psi Upsilon. Regular meeting called to order by President Rockwood. Roll call shows both men present. Social Committee reads the report of the Oyster Stew Party held at "Rogers'l. Moved and seconded that the word "Oysterl' be stricken from the title. Passed. The freshman is reprimanded for having purchased a text book without permission of chapter. Moved and seconded that chapter subscribe for "jim jam jemsfl Passed. Meeting adjourned to Louies and the bones start rolling. Signed: TED KCPPER, Secretary. Tfoliy Sitka ol The Qu eohon. T Wt , hiuuibwlfliiin Ur, Pm t3Tir5lilfe'srioT wlqq ITS Qrqelted, oplfv be . TlIyTI'lK1I5 are intrw my plea sores are lfert, dusTli2lE3 T6 Wi? A l 12 L v o op- E fl i tlgrilqe 'rs ls Q Hhllrklfeq Vo emerge . '- Q . oviLCg2rilweiaai:9frgxAdhQ,i.fQ1QgY E IE. I all U1-grills QoTTqell10r32 'ones as 5Tx 5 q poliiii' The blond cfortne Ylfrfiss .PW Weds qxgs' in sph? olfrqqTt1lQ,YlT Tm got Q TO deexcle Qwe up rqrriqixc W, ww PFC Ts 133 be To wlngl UVPOTDE View whswl WTV51 Merle TSYYQY xxx? - X YG QU on O Q, O0 - gig QrlglTXq'XYre Nginfl wr ru W Qin Wt' Tqe Yloro elif so Tjfifwere Onlq BOWIE CME Yllqom Xlxhed We QHYT . lsox-Ts ol lun- Wri. aeqgigriirieiroid- Wr.vsr.a250azlrim.t Tiqixier We love . 5, Ylhenllle WW WWXGQHSC 0 rflethegrqplq QOCSYI 555 SOCIYQWIXUIIQ vnhfivvli' 596 fi.. 1 ., in g J-g EEQ GQPHER T FRATERNITY MINUTES. No. 4 September 30, l9l3. Beta Theta Phi. Meeting called at the Y. M. C. A. for the convenience of Brothers E. Ander- son and L. Erdall. Roll call showed 250 brothers present and 36 absent. Kappa house called up and absent brothers are told of regular meeting. Matter of building addition to house is considered. Matter laid on table until after first semester. Meeting adjourned to the Beta House. Signed: SPEARHEAD HODSON. . f. INFORMATION FOR GOPHER No.-. PLEASE FILL OUT AND RETURN BEFORE OCTOBER ?T19l2 TO BOX 1006 OR 1636 1. NA E fm .wt H ., B 5 , Y , , , W .W rg 2. HO E o A W . ..a.. .--.,,,,,-- 3. cou E -gov E. ,, , 7 , , 4. HIG PREP SCHOOL S ,. B , W 54 5, , L, ., 5. so IETI 5, COLLEGE HONOR ,ETC I ,, i i "T T P T , f--,. fl. gi-gy A A- .. A- A -. ' iff-f - l - . C259 . . ffi f' - ---N- - A A WAMZ ..... .. . - ...BW Pl. ASE GET ouR PICTURES TAKEN AS soon: AS Possiaua AT MILLERSPSXTUDIO L eos Nic LLET AVENUE. W ig i W ,iopjsra EOARD Aj FRATERNITY MINUTES. No. 5 january 46, l9l3. Phi Delta Theta. Special meeting called to decide on the shape and cost of the Gopher. Minutes of last meeting read and accepted. Pigment committee reports that another color has been found, and it will be placed on the house in sundry places as soon as they can be found. Meeting adjourned to the Gopher Hole. Signed: RENVILLE SQLIAREDEAL RANKIN. 597 1-1- ' .Jr I I x 1 ' 'vgillz fy f'- v"i:fI any 4 P l ' X ggi, ..5 ,ggwf L.,,,,,, ,Q zf4'z f ww N xx . 7, ,gn .:,,,f,,3:T-i 1 n ' 5 V 1 my Q 4- Q y I I W X fl 3 N I ,M Q " Y I ?l, , al 1 A 1 i I N Z4 1 1 I 1 Z v V i U 1 A XI I A 1 . L ' H , f - V v ' n 1 ' 3 j . L M171 Y X f v4 xy? It M N 5 Elk W f f : 54.5 41 S J . - - We 11 f ' 'f X ' Ln. Jr! 6, f ,ff X w 1 , .M , 1 X 1 ' ,f 4,4lf ,fx - JW! A' fx! Jw xxx X fr X 1 5 ' 9g,iw' ff'.' ' q :- ' 1'12f'fE" 1- qc . 1 Y ' fl Q f 5 r yffg 2 iff : , W ,v ., KXXXA K xxx W ! X F , if .J 'P VW wwf, , . f ,il-.i...,n, f..-1 :--ala 'Lv + 0 M ' ' N.. ,. ,- ' ' 'N 3393! ' ' 7, 1 ' 7' f4 " f - . . ' "iff 'n X t, ' , fl f' -- - ' Y ,-.Q, . , Y-. + -' , . L, ' " ,. ' ,- Xl' ' ' M "'f"J'!'h "" A 'W' " ' ' "f ,T ., , :f 'i!1,i-1fgA'K4??-74 xgig ,,zf' , ,f5f ww ' Q V x , . 1 'f - fm 'X' :rf '- ' .. - Q 'Iii - ',4 ,L',',f,' fl? ' ,f ' ,:' ",, 'f - S- xv ' X iwfwrgf .E fi: W, -1 ',,"?ij3gX -el s ig-px Y. J, 1-'gfflfffff Q21-gsaQffff sfmffff' mg-. -in 2' fu? ffsai? X X :TT X lg 'L ,V 'L 'f5i'ff'-gi f . Q 1.3 ' , ' x 5 mf. SQ' ' .Nu , ,rp ZQVQIJW 'YE Ja- f1ZY+,."F'?l5 ,.4,rj1i,.',.,""" -' ' v V2 f1',f,1qL1Q fax. wg. ""2F'!"1 -2fLE,iE- ui.. A ' 4 5131-'97'qi iw 1- ,-igf, 91,6 ,zjj .F -fir? fffliff. A ' w w- . . ' Q - 1 fy ' N - f x f'!!??.f V Q f X 'uf' . V f i A l Y N 9 Q3 f I Q X-f K Q2 X ,A-' N, I , Yfhfm f ,fy . 3 L RN ' C V' w Q gi " Rx Q N M44- XM J X M-.. ,,., J .,.,..,. -nl- 'M '- I Y, W 41 ' 1 -1' ', 'Ergo GCDPH ER FRATERNITY MINUTES. No. 6 November 26, l9l2' Chi Psi Special meeting called at theulawdgev to vote money to buy Pata new collar. Minutes of last meeting held in "The Arcade Alley" were lost. Moved and seconded that Don Stewart be reprimanded for negligence. Ainsworth reads a paper on "My Trip to Colorado." Moved, seconded and passed that meetings be held on Monday night in the future. We must not follow the crowd. Amend-ed to read that meetings break up early enough so that various Sorority girls can be properly escorted home from meetings. E. BANGS, Recording Angel. ld Sememf Elie Nninvrnitg uf illllinncnntu Name .. .... ...,... Ge o,.Ba.ncro.f1'... .. . . Univ. P. 0. Box.,,15B2.,,,, H MWF S13 ap 'rrns SJ G BP L.-- ,W le -E ' , 1 f ' - '-'giwfjhgmistgy 22nd Timgl xg Oak Tree Tu- ,, Same L 2 MWF ' 0 ' 12 'rrns f HD'-h at House 1 MWF T: r 1 TTHS as a MWF orphaum Wcmonda-XJ 2 1"1'l-Is A Bl' YQ! Ban K 26: ! if MWF N a -rrus 38.139 38 2- Tl.M.' TTS. 4 my " . -,ms W Study in Lit rary. L MWF CQ-I' 5 'rrns wr-it-8 H-C-579-593 MWFL Nlake a careful copy of your reglstratlon on this card and retain it for rgjgrggge. No duplicate will be sent to you by thekegistrar. Illlqgggzudum ofjegiutration is for tha information ofthe student and is not to be accepted by any instrnctoi' nsfevidanco of lgegiggggtion. FRATERNITY MINUTES. No. 7 january 29, 1913. Delta Kappa Epsilon. Special meeting called to decide whether or not the freshman dormitory can be rented after the results of the exams come in. Minutes read and gen- erally disapproved of. Simp West gives a talk on "Parlor Politics." Visiting brother reads a paper on, "Who the hi would want to be a camel?" March 26th decided on as date for formal at the house. Freshmen instructed to clear away any incriminating evidence before that time, but not to break or spill any of it. Meeting adjourned as Hallan had to go calling. 599 Who Who Who Who Who' Who Who RJ 'SEQ CQlOHliRf ..h,' H: I ci if r u 'xr-ff I r . 5-r,c.1-5 CLEANLINESS IS NEXT T0 GODLINESS. stands up six foot two before his classes every day, says less in a two hours talk than a little kid might say, 's strong a giving quizzas, Qhe springs them every hourj, would have us reading history, and before his glances cower, s speech is not quite perfect, for between each word he pauses intersperses language with a bunch of e-s and ah-ses, 's hobby is a history lab., Ca delightful place to snoozej For Frank Maloy Anderson there's simply no excuse. Anticipation and Realization 6CO f"N.. 'l ib 1 ml " ""'Mf"' thfi jrifrfff' RJ 'SEQ GCDPHER FRATERNITY MINUTES. No. 8 Sigma Chi. Regular meeting called to order by Piper Heidsick Ctreiner. Skig Jaques reprimanded by the House Committee for disturbing the shingles of the roof by his fog horn snoring. Moved and seconded that the chapter subscribe for "The Woman's Home Companionf Passed. William Jennings Jaques reads a paper on, "My Relations to the Jacksonian Democracy." Freddy Stadsvold gives a demonstration of how to become a successful minstrel. Meeting ad- journed. Signed: RAYMOND Q. BRQWN. FRATERNITY MINUTES. No. 9 Kappa Sigma. Regular meeting called at the Kappa Sigma House. Becket, Elder and Boutelle present. Elder elected as steward and chapter delegate to the National Convention. Becker elected as interfraternity representative. Elder appointed as chairman of Social Committee. Moved and seconded that we have a series of seventeen bi-weekly continued dances. Passed. Elder elected as captain and manager of Kappa Sigma Basket Ball and Base Ball Teams. Adjourned. Signed: FRANCIS L. BOUTELLE. FRATERNITY MINUTES. No. IO Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Special meeting called at the armory to decide the score of the S. A. E. Phi Cram Basket Ball Game. Moved and seconded that the Phi C1am's be given the game. Passed with five men dissenting. Meeting adjourned with much discussion to the house. Signed: GAWGE GEIB. FRATERNITY MINUTES. No. l l Alpha Tau Omega. Special meeting called to see about the matter ofthe Junior Ball Presidency. Moved and seconded that Walt Barnes be allowed to run for the office. Passed. Russell McCord reads a paper on "The advantages of a stand in with the Press." Signed: WALTER BARNES. 6Ol g . . g ..... gg 'Cifge GCDPHER A new melodrama by that master of sentiment and emotion, Enza Oughtn't Sell 'eml THE MINNE-HA-HA MEETS! Scene: Room 17, Folwell Hall. Time: Noon of J. B. ticket sale. Editor Ced at the editorial desk, contemplating his latest Prof. Tweakitt specialty. Artist Anderson working problem in mechanics at table. Geib, Van Hagen, et al., waiting for ticket sale. Enter Rypins, Gunnarson, Quigley and Ainsworth. Ainsworth: For Gawdls sake, Ced., call the meeting,-they tax us two bits every time we're late for a meal. Ced: Meeting come to order. CStaff draw chairs about editor's daskj. Well, what about the next number? How about a junior Ball number? Chorus of Staff: Alright, a junior Ball Number. Anderson: How many cartoons? Chorus of Staff: None,fthis is going to be a good number. Rypins fat telephonejz Hello, there, Central, will you please give me Northwestern? What, this is a tri-state phone? 1 know, but this is a very important call. Besides, the staff has just voted you a three pound box of candy. Thanks. Ced: l think we ought to Hne everybody Efty cents who doesn't attend meetings. Somebody make a motion. Anderson: l move-buss-buzz-ss-zzz fsleepsj. Ced: All in favor, the motion is carried. Rypins: Hello! Deke House? Give me Clarence Shannon. Hello Shannon, where the deuce is that Gopher story? Sick againl We go to press tomorrow. Alright, tomorrow, sure. Goodbye. fAsidej: Like h fl he will! Ced: We ought to get out a good number this time. Chorus of Staff: Well, wasn't the last one a lulu? Ced: Yes, notl We had enough over to give the magazine a copy. Gunnarson: Who'se going to write the Munsing poetry? Chorus of Staff: Eric the Red, of course. fEnter a studej. Stude: They're selling j. B. tickets in the Gopher Hole. CA mad scramble for the door, then a fifty yard dash down the hall, and Ced is left in solitudej. Ced: As usual, l'll have to grind out the issue. Then they'll all tell me how punk it is. Good night. fBusiness of scissors and paste-pot, and curtainj. 602 -'ii JH. ss' - J Ego GCDPH ER SPORTING EVENT , March 15, 1913. Special to the Gopher. The big junior Ball Game will take place at the Radisson on the evening of March 26th. This varsity event is always looked upon with interest, and a large crowd of some four score and ten will be in attendance. The entire number of entries, which has been limited to ninety, is already in, and the betting has begun. Pink Hayward, a gridiron favorite, is expected to win the Bear event in a walk, with Geib, a Basketball favorite a close second. Odds are three to one on Eidemiller in the Tango event. lt is rumored that he is on the cinder track every evening at five o'c1ock. We have it on good authority, that he is training for the Tango, and contemplates entering the pro- fessional held. O'Gordon a universal favorite has entered all the events, and expects to give some of the less experienced men a hard rub. ERATERNITY MlNUTES. No. 12 ,lanuary 25, 1913. Delta Chi. No meeting held on account of rain. Rain checks issued, which will be good for next meeting. Signed: GEO. BRANT. FRATERNITY MINUTES. No. 13 Zeta Psi. Regular meeting called on November 25, 1912. Regular opening cere- monies with special solo by Spencer Owen, "God Save the Theta's, The're Our Neighbors." Discussion as to what we will do about the Alpha Phi chicken nuisance. Moved and seconded that they be utilized as the basis ofa Thanks- giving dinner. CThe chickensj. Passed with Eidemiller dissenting. Alpha Phi House rules read and disapproved of. Meeting broke up in a light. Signed: KARP KARPEN. FRATERNITY MEETINGS. No. 14 March 5, 1908. Delta Upsilon. Reprint QSemiJ Roll call shows three majors, six captains, ten lieutenants, twelve sergeants, sixteen corporals, and one private present. Meeting opens with oral quiz on tactics. Crack squad gives practice drill for benefit of freshmen. Moved and seconded that private Townsend be raised to the rank of corporal. Passed. Moved and seconded that juniors and Seniors be given "comps" to "Arms and the Man." Meeting adjourned to 403 Folwell. DON WILSON, Secretary. 603 XJ 'rn JM-l-L-f J -r' 1 'EBHQ CCDPH ER 1 FRATERNITY MINUTES. No. 15 March 4-6, 1913. Phi Sigma Kappa: Special meeting called by frateribus militaribus Cindirect objectj Lovering and Hixon. Frateribusregimentalmainspring Lovering gives a glowing descrip- tion of how he pushed his frateribus Hixonibus to the front Cmilitarily spealcingj, and thus saved him from a slow telling death, and insured the speedy inscription of his name on the front of the Armory. fSee bronze plate thuswise locatedj, by placing him in the position of regimental quartermaster. We still maintain our staff graft. Meeting adjourned amid cheers of "Hail Columbia." Signed: CAPTAIN CLINTON F. REHNKE. THREE SENIUH MEN GUME T0 AIlJ1lF"llllMMllNPEEPUL" Lawrence Jacques, jim Baker and Art Erdall to play the role of "Teddy" Roosevelt. Tickets will be on sale to the Masses Wednesday and Thursday This week Yicltling to the popular clemzmcl for some kind of tcrpstchorcan cntertztiu- ment for those who are not planning "Pride of the Common Peepul. Hope of Democracy." FRATERNITY MINUTES. No. 16 March 15, 1913. Phi Kappa Psi. Meeting called to order by "Hans" at 6:00 p.m. Cif we have something else to do we don't miss the dinner thus savedj. Moved and seconded that a vote of thanks be sent to the Kappas for saving 315.00 for the Beta chapter of Phi Kappa Psi. Carried by a unanimous vote. fHubby doesn't countj. By law passed, guaranteeing perpetual integrity to the Kappa's and Alpha Phi's on the strength of arguments presented by Gilbert and McNally respectively. Meeting adjourned after Twa Twa Hansen had rendered the solo, 'lTwa Twa" to the satisfaction of all present. Signed: Millie Qlsoni 604 ---Ffw - KJ ,F Ego GCDPHER A R I S T O C R A C Y FRATERNITY MINUTES. No. 17 November 15, 1912, 3 p.m. Alpha Delta Phi: Special meeting called for initiation. Meeting called at 3:00 p.m. so that ceremonies will not interfere with freshmen classes on the following morning. Zelle absent. Excused because he was having dinner with the milk trust. Peavy is called to the phone and is told to be sure and wear rubbers when he goes out. Freshmen stand in with Kapps, approved of. Initiation. Adjournment at 8:15 a.m. Signed: ARCHIBALD WAGNER. FRATERNITY MINUTES. No. 18 january 22, 1913. Theta Delta Chi. Regular meeting called. Roll shows most all men present. Kenny Salis- bury reads paper on, "My Stand in With the Faculty." Walter Cooper points out the advantages of Concentrated Fussing, and suggests that I'lal1an Huffman be invited over to the house for Sunday dinner. Solo by Mat Crawford. Ad- journed. Signed: WALTER COOPER. 605 1 1 4 1 1 t 1 I J Ego CQPHER Song of Elm Note Baker fDedicated to the P. B. K's.J F you hear a wise word spoken, Put it down, lf you End a theory broken, Putit down, When profs have a word to say, lf they talk three hours a day, lf you're sad or if youlre gay, Put it down. ll If you're taking History Two, Put it down, lf the facts are not too few, Put 'em down, lf beloved Albert White, Lectures 'til he's out of sight, And his students pale and white, Put it down. t 6 lll V lf Philosophy you like, Put it down, lf ontology you strike, Put it down, If itls purely ideational, Rational or uncreational, Flat and broad, or all unspacial Put it down. IV I If youire studying English Humor, Put it down, lf you hear a spicy rumor, Put it down, If itls comedy or wit, Doesn't count a little bit, Simply make a note of it, And put it down. KJ EEQ GOPHER - ' 'N 1 . f W gn, W W MENUHEKW E g wg -Yf. - f,:-,Q--1 SAE..F-1-Q,,..,Zi"',L ,g,l,'g,, X Tourtb warb j 1 XJ Effie CCDPHER Who runs about the campus like a chicken that's grown wild, Like a Frenchy little actress, or a runaway young child, Who's everything that's modern from a raging suffragette, To a lover ofthe "Bunny Hug", the danceris one best bet, Who dotes on modern fiction, and studies once a week, Who's rather fond of Harrison, and has her share of cheek, Who is the lady after whom so many fellows foller? That's not so hard to answer,+why it's merely "Bunny" Schaller. LMlE5 13 Who introduced the English suit into our western college, Who has the prize young pompadour, and is heavy on the knowledge, Who's brow is like the lily's, and who's cheeks are as the rose? CThe prettiest little Fellow that on our campus growsj Who tinkered on the Gopher, the Council and the Mag, Whose taste in ties is perfect, and whose trousers never bag, Who thinks he knows that others know he knows they know he knows ? Mr. H. H. Harrison Fuller, ofthe noble roman nose. 608 ,, -- x.J as . F6562 GCDPH ER PHILOSOPHY AND PSYCHOLOGY Course 8. Aesthetics. L. McGilvra. Five credits, fhve evenings a week with laboratoryj. Both semesters. Open to freshmen who have sufficient credentials. Description of course: An introduction to the history and theory of aesthetics, including a psy- chological analysis of the conscious- ness of beauty, and of the aesthetic impulse and some consideration of the main historic theories of beauty. Requirements for degree with dis- . , tinction: A thesis stating the result it of 30 hours of original research work. Those specializing in the department consult, Leonard Erdall. CAFE MINNEHAHA No. I7 Folwell Caterers to the Daily, Mag, Gopher, When you are tired, drop in our chairs. When you are sad don't read our jokes Rather take KCN. When you are hungry drop in one of our Buns. Drop in and wait for the car. lnvite your friends to drop in with you. But don't loaf. lf you must fuss go to the Gopher Hole and the Daily office. You will find friends there, We make our own Buns. No. I7 Folwell L l CAFE MINNEHAHA 609 fi Eiga GOPH ER S. A. E. House, Minneapolis, Minn. November 26, l9l2. Dear Heinie: No doubt this missive will cause you a great deal of surprise, but l feel confident that you forgive me when you learn that l ask your suggestion in a matter, the contemplation of which has caused me many sleepless nights and corresponding days of anxiety. This is a subject which l have hesitated to speak of to anyone for l have known the whole community to be upset by the same trouble which now agitates me and which, l take to you for your kindly and beneficial advice. Feeling the way we do now, when on the verge of a great political struggle, and a cold winter coming on, fAy very cold winterj. l cannot but feel that you can help me in this my hour of need. Many homes, aye, happy homes, have been broken up by the same cause and l must know the worst. ln my distress l come to you as one of my staunchest friends, for l know that you will understand me and would make a suggestion without favor or fear. l realize l am asking a great deal, and while you are considering this, l beg you to put aside all cares and joys and devote all your spare time to the serious consideration of this question. Do you think l should wear "Beeveedees" all winter? Yours in distress and agony, ALLEN MGORE. A Freshman: l have such a horrible time trying to keep the promise to the man l am engaged to at home. l said l would not let any man up here kiss me, but what are you going to do about it. l simply can't help it. 'Il rofessor Simqis Researches Prof. Simp says, "This is the 97th anni- versary of the birth of Michael Faraday, the first man to cool champagne in an ice pail. This famous experiment is performed more or less successfully, every Saturday night, by students interested in the advancement of science and headaches. .::- --g - -Ei R x I -.-.....Q... p I .. l A ' . ,.-5' 1 3 , f ,fc bf - J ,- f, ' A 2 ! ' 0 ff 5 - v ' I.. F 4 ., FWF., K , 1 f .i V ' -fag' f 1 ' Y A" 'i J' M "73'.4av I ., 'V 1 ,x x - ' I 'Qu-' . :nf'?"'.' . 1 1 . . nv. ' , 7 ,W - mx, x , .,- ,mf .. f i kk-, . ,. .. .5 1 I I . I , , V i X 5 l A , 'W h Q H L i . Yin ii 'Q 1 1E"'4'- ,., 9 tw W X Y 5 V 1 'X 4,5 v wi' f f '1' 'W k f xv q 7 'f 21:2 4 ' ml XX. v' Y , I 'B I T xx ff A, EE 'h 5.5 XR 5 N X, Nx I Qxxx X XQSSSR 1 NV Xxx X' xx fx -7 X Fi fivfig KT X N -S., X 1' ms , xv V' 1 1 l fin, f kv X , . 2 4 b ' Zu , A Y., V 43. 1 4 s f ff J f, ,k ,Q 5 " ,- i LEX.: 5 1 v 'LKQQHW Q + Q1 , I x. N 4 'T lkxwqtw ix if 1 gm gi fp J 1 xx, "--Kmgtggg f,, ff 'ft , M ' 1 un fi' ,eg V Z , X ,N , ,f 2 ' 3 , A mf' f ' 1'.T:JI" A X, wf .- 'fi' C n,,,3 13:' - 13 'Q if 2.1:-1 . Y- ' ,Y - A '14 - - V ' 1 if :if ,,fWf,"2ng. , ?ff'7Ef6f9L1 ' F 41 F- -1- , . ,. ' 0 " 7 ' if :A 13 ,Z 3'E'y2?3' . whim X ' ,4zfffwf fw rw 1.2 'f 7' 51 . wg-cf. I fpff, ww- Q-'v":'ff I ,I 1 ,f 157' 1 f'?flrL f ivy 1: a?R19ff5iifp' ff ff' ja -'f' L. -'. 2 LV-1 f - -Qhfzf f' A ' L , fx n AM' 4-fag: 'fo 'f in s' Y .- 1 f--:V , 5 -1 Y 55' D , -ff Z 1 - '- .. N . Ea sd ' ' ffff' 3? Fl Q. f ' ' . fi' V , 7, ,,' Y , f 09' is 1 I K 1.:.,f" ', V " xg .....-, ...... 'L -----+-2"""""' fsgvf ' '7h'f '- .gff:Q'Qsi:Q, up I I V 'ff 'V . N... , ' Q gf TK..J A Ego CQPH EB Elie Blue Flay Producing rights secured in United States, Great Britain, Germany, France, Rochester and St. Peter This last, lame, laborious, yet too realistic fantasy scrawls from the pen of that most celebrated of American authors, philoso- phers and dramatists, ENZA ALTON ZELLER. Dramatic Personae E. B. Pierce and Martica Byrnes - - - Hungry Hunters Fanny Schisby ---- - - A Blasted Hope Ruth Hobbs - - - Another Blasted Hope Leslie Reed - - - ---- A Bum Hunch Prof. "Nick" ----- A "Might Have Been But" The Hon. W. M. Babcock J The Hon. C. H. Murphy 5' - - - Two Passers BY Foster Kreis ---- - An lmpossibility Julie Plant - - A Lost Opportunity Doty Davis - - - - A Comer Marion Conner - ---- A Scare Walter Hughes - - - Pretty Near A Scare Hallan Huffman - - - The CRead and find outj ACT l N. B. With characteristic manifestation of originality and invention, Miss Zeller here introduces what we predict will prove for excitej the rage of the theatre going public, a constantly changing scene-movie effect. 612 FX. A X A lj A .Q QED GZ GQTPHEH As the curtain ascends, Statistician Pierce and Martica Byrnes are discovered at Tenth and University Avenues, walking toward the gateway moaning disconsolately. E. B. P. Csorrowfullyj: TwicePtwice within the hourl Again are our hopes shattered. Still must we wander our double-solitary way, with naught but dreams, wild, fanciful dreams, to pacify our distraught souls. Teek Camid sobsjz 'Tis so-sPs-Peven SPSPSP so. E. B. P: l believed our search was ended, our object won, but a moment ago, when we beheld that stately young lady at the Alpha Phi house. Fanny, it seemed, had all the requirements. She could do everything others do, she could say everything others say, and she was most exclusive. All went well until we were ready to leave. Teek: Yes, then it was that we first caught a glimpse of that hat. CShudderingj. l can still see those blue stripes on that half shellPO tem- pora, O moresl E. B. P.: Again at the Theta house, how hopeful we became when we were entertained by that charming young hostess, Ruth Hobbs. "Teek," dear, l was just ready to open the bid when the doorbell rang and in walked Simp West, who had come to call for our prospectus. Teek: Yes, that was a lucky escape. One A can well judge people by their associates. There, l even now sits Howard across the street waiting for Simp to be gone. But who is this we're coming to? E. B. P.: Sh+Now he's gone by. Why that pompous young aristocrat was none other than the T i Shaw of St. Paul, Sir Leslie Reed. Q0h Shawl. He has many admirable qualities indeedPbut l a believe he's too fickle for us Teek. Teek: CGrabbing the Registrar by the arml: Ch, look, Ed, there he goesl Hels getting away. Weill never find as good a man. Heis perfect. E. B. P. Cquietlyj: Be calm. Prof. Nicholson is not quite what we're looking for. He's good material, but a little too democratic. Our man, l insist, must be exclusive. Teek: Well, l suppose you're rightPbut it's too bad. fAfter a long pausej. Say, who's this 613 . LQ , g E562 GOPHEB T pompadoric youth coming toward us? He's in front of the S. A. E. House now. E. B. P.: Oh that's the pride of the Sigma Nu debate team. Let's hear what he's saying. The Hon. W. M. Babcock Cto S. E. A'sj: Hello fellows, l'm on the way up to our house now. The Hon. C. H. Murphy Cfrom across the streetj: Going up to the house now, Bill? The Hon. W. M. Babcock: Yep 'going up to the house now, so long. Teek Csweetly to the Hon. W. M. BQ: Be care- ful not to fall and slip on the way up to your house Mr. Babcock. E. B. P. Qafter a short timej: Teek didn't you notice that fine looking young man entering the Phi Gam house as we came by. He looked as if he might be acceptable. Teek: Oh, Ed, how can you? l know Foster too well. Of course he has lovely dark eyes, and black hair, two absolute require- ments,-but-well, he'll never do. just now though, l'm so tired and hungry, l feel l could eat the Oak Tree out of existence. Let's gowmy treat this noon, eh? E. B. P: Good idea. And what's more something seems to tell me we will make our discovery and end our search in this same Oak Tree. Exeunt in Direction of Oak Tree ACT ll Martica and E. B. are discovered at the table nearest the door. They are eating raven- ously. Enter Julie Plant. She swishes up to the counter and orders two boxes of choco- late cigarettes for the Delta Gamma Chapter. E. B. P.: How about julie? Doesnit she suit our requirements? She is young, sweet, yet exclusive. Teek fstubbornlyj: l told you our prize must have dark eyes, and black hair, julie will not do. E.B. P.: Asyouwill,Teek. Butwouldnit you even consider one ofthe type ofMiss Davis, who is sitting with Fletcher, just behind us? 614 K.J SEQ GQlJHlilll This page is dedicated to the Captain of Minnesota Crack Squad. Many persons who attended the Gopher mass meeting in ehapel were somewhat dis- appointed heeause the wrestling niateh he- tween Bill Baily and the goat was not pulled off. ln the preliniinaries and praetiee bout Bill Baily showed superb form, and exliihitefl such speed and power that before the eve- ning was over he sprained the goatfs shoulder. Consequently the inateh was eaneelled. More- over, Bill had another engugenient whieh kept him from the meeting. Bill Bailey won't you please come home? 615 Hubby 'ikes to Boston, Hubby likes to dance, He goes to every party That comes within his glance. lf the first girl he should ask Says she's sorry, but can't go, Llndismayed, he goes about, Inviting others he may know, At nearly half past seven, lf the party is at eight, He rings up one the Schallers, And he gets there although late Found in Bill's Y.M.C.A. bible at A LJ t Gabe GCDlJ'l'l EH SPRING ANNOUNCEMENT ,V Mr. Clarence Chester Winheld A , f O'Gordon wishes to announce before we go any further that his actions have been such, during his brilliant college career, that his name cannot in any way whatsoever, be connected with any bit of scandal, which may happen to find its way into the sanctuary of this gossip seekers' paradise. "'l'hat's what he says." Dear Gopher Hole: l made my ini- tial appearance in the Gopher last year, and although the presence of my countenance would doubtlessly add untold value to the already priceless volume, yet modesty causes hesitation when it comes to making the second regular annual appearance. Hoping that my failure to comply with your request will not decrease the sale materially, l remain, Most sincerely yours, EUGENIA M. ENCHES, P.O. 19. 616 fi, 'DID NO'I"PL.UC,K GQPHER FRESHMAN CONFER ENCE lst D. U. Freshman Cconfessingj: Yes, we surely have some chapter 2nd D. U. Freshman: There's Henry Doermann. l'le's worked on the Daily and the Gopher. lst: And the Athletic Board and the Masquers. Znd: Yep, he's president and leading man. Yes, and he's Minnesotas' representative at Chicago. Znd: And the Greek Club. Yep, he's president of that, too. Great on culture. 2nd: And yet he's hardly what you would call lst: lst: lst: a grind. And then his natural modesty. l'le's not at all like Fuller. Znd: Delta U's are naturally modest anyway. They get it from their military training. lst: That reminds me that he's a member of the crack squad and a captain bold , not to speak of Scabbard and Blade. Znd: And the Students' Council. lst: Not bad at all l claim. Znd: Yes, we surely have some chapter. TH E ALUMNAE CELEBRATE 'nf AI-.UIVNNI ARE TFE FL-OWERS TPB FAC. U LTY -DKFOLXNELI. HAD J-U57 UQEPDJITED H15 :MARKET BACSKET, 'Doi-4NED HHS s Qumza Pwen wean: MAN'5 QAP, AND warn A QHEEPFUQGOOUMAKMINQ BEGUN To LECTURE- vvHEfwmms:"Ry,xN Rumen IN ANDBREATH. LESSLV nafvwwuvem' I5 IT NECESSARY T0 'HAVE RVULL To noun A Ton iN FQLVVELL. HALL? is -.v..... LET HIM TRUE 1-Hg Key 'HDEARIE NEMAY BE OUT' LATE "Pl'iEX Y "NOR77Hk'aP WA S Wins: c. UWOVER AN Acansmic. Facunrv MEETING unnefvn-I L.aAnE2suiPaFneIJEPARTmEnr GPH'-YVORY 'Ai-L4 YAWABLE LECLLLATIOI1 HAD BEEN ADOPTED-MMY. oscmq FIRKINS WAS TRYINGTO on ClDE WHETHER T0 .SPRMG Discuss TPCHOT SVRINGSOF FG-u.wEi.i. HVALL. FRANA ANDERSON A os : R E,ANnBs ING RECoGN1zED BVT-pg cm-in, HE ,ASKED- IF' GRANDPA NORTHROPHAIJ To Hogg Tl-E BABY WOULD 'PRESIDENT WNCENT HAD .TUSV FALLEN ASLEEP wi-is N HE RDUSED w1rH"sunuE1v DELI B erm- rio1v" TO RUN oven msnwnrys CALENDAR VJ!-MCH LOCKED SUN CA 19' M0 T E WED U Fl ur 1"i.1. 1 Ere wmv 'fax S AT ILWR BVS! ES: ENJI S IJ EGEN FA-10 rv 'PRE AEE 1-5 MEEINCS1- 1 ,. A? 1. 1.1. WL -J P55 Nqr lt LS' 1 RESE ven SOMETHING I-:Kg THIS: me T - 3 K A 'I Ulf . - - 0 AN oRlGlNAL FCEM ok-ro July' u tif., 'qu or Q w vrs Q. ll I IZ I1 15' IG 1? M on H 1 , 1 E 1 za 14 Q ft - SE if A 5 15 7- 9 I-I F re PE -STn.1..srw+iuIxfv+rrvv'FtE- ONLY ?kliBT5L.E on T16 13 Sami? WE YYON'l' PLAY w1TH HIM Bars HE DcN'T BELONGTO 'NEUNION wg: 0 ' Ta Nsvs hlnvn . ASYCDRGPPED-QFF1-U' new Aamu rc Muiemuuso- IS I T 'BECAILSE 'JIMMIE' PA1GEfi.ooxs H UN may -mm' THEY SEND Him vo-na BIG 82 Quran Lonnie, T1-Ezmmvmrv UHFN HFS Bren Ewoser: vu Pia Fessldwnksm gkZsGOTA NEW TUB IM SWE SEVERALINTEKVIEWS SWALLDWING A Fgnl fvvtru To AYBANOVET. AFTER l SST 'UENV0FTH'VN:vER: avi rc me Pwons ANDITCN TED mick ramen wrmg Tl-EBANDUET I ,511-END Ye I GET' T0 MY wine our To nc FARM Q, I SPEND TFC fwrerwoon "E4E"'T'0'Y-' Mu Make AT bAM DOITALLUVER EREGENTL 5PEEcHE5'rlLL LA. . D'CfA1'E TH-'-'30 ,,f,A,,, AT ,, Mn Pfiwtnas 6EEfYou'nsALucm1 'T Fm' T'l'EJvuN1'sRviEwl'1 I Anpqgung M' can 1 mm reccaw. - 'Piofessosgl pw: SWUEN ,-,MU NW 'GLAn'ruxss' YERNOTHINGTODO STUDENT l1s.cncATron FTER i - mvn'RusNoF TALLTOMOFP-DW 617 C r"""l"l , ,, flu l...J EHQ GCPH ER 5 ua 1:-wsu . g V. :ffl , ' -9 lx A, . D . Who talks as much in half an hour As twenty profs together, Whois always known to chew the rag ln almost any weather, Who likes to strut before the lights ln Walter Raleigh suit, To show his calf and ankle, CSay, bo, his legls a beautj Who managed last year's Gopher, And many other things, Who's sainted as the angels, CHe merely lacks the wingsj Who runs our old debating team, But's now a prof for steady, That reliable young senior, Bill Hodson, always ready. 618 ....,e., ,FN o A ,Mi-F - LJ SEQ CCI HER 1 Tin memoriam - kc 1- 'arf OR 30 NIGEST MEN Fhugzy innes ota., the .it the Luzvezsgty of the thirty Unieest bv the 9'il'lS of Q- W , V my W 3 1 , , of Faultless Students as Soromty Dance Qxgxna. todav 56151 ,less inen . 1-M I a Tfifie COPHER THE WAIL OF THE MISTAKEN FLISSER AVE called her up and asked if he might Escort her to the dance next night. She said to go would be her delight. 'Twas Helen Ross. The day of the party he knew not where He was supposed to call for his lady fair, He went to his boxsthere was no note there, And "Dave" was cross. He went to the chapel and who should he see But a girl who was short and an Alpha Phi And Ruth who was with him said, "that's luckys That's Helen there." Now Dave knew Helen scarcely at all. "Did you get my note? When and where shall l call? And you should have seen his expression fall ln blank despair. When she answered "No-and what's more l don't believe we've met before." "l'll write and explain," and he rushed for the door, To find the one Who had made him make this awful break. Said Ruth, "How could l help that mistake lf you don't know who you're going to take- That's Helen Dunn." 621 5 - aafmsl., e - was said to have collected some espec- : w .5 'Gioie GQIJHER GAMPUS RUBBER WUULII LUUT GUPHER FEATURE MATERIAL GURIUSITY UE MIIINESUTA DAILY PRUVES T00 MUGH FUR ITSELF Junior Annual Office Entered by Night and Feature Editor's Desk Broken D Open Mystery Solved Would-Be Robber is Found Out Perusal of Feature Material Satisfies Prowler and Loss is Slight A careful investigation of the feature material shows that the page com- memorating the death and burial of the Minnesota Daily was stolen in the recent robbery of the Gopher Hole. This page of the junior Annual also contained an eulogy to the illustrious editor, the Marquis Bernardo Vaughan. The editor ranks in fame with the Marquis of Quecnsbury, and the Duke of Kunuck. Late Thursday night or early Friday morning, the Gopher office was broken into and the feature department robbed. For some time past there have been rumors afloat on the campus to the effect that an unusual number of cam- pus notables are to come in for a severe grilling in this year's Gopher. The editor who plies the quill for the feature department has been busy for some time investigating the past, present Student Defective Solves Mystery and future of college celebrities and Mr. Don Sherlock Lupin Holmes Rieker of international fame with the ially choice bits of gossip. lt is believed that the culprit is one of the individuals whose doings had not escaped the sharp eye of the editor. Renville Rankin, managing editor of the Gopher, and Norman Mitchell, editor-in-chief, who worked at the Gopher Hole until late, neglected to lock the door. Some time during the night the office was entered, the desk of the feature editor broken into and its contents perused. aid of his gum shoes and marvelous intellect solved the mystery and has placed the blame on The Minnesota Daily. He reasons that inasmuch as this particular page was lacking the robber must have been in the employ of the Marquis or some of his pen pushcrs. Because of the magnanimity of the Gopher however, the Daily will not be punished. The basketball game was enough shame for them. This page was originally reserved for the Daily but on account of the lack of material after the robbery above noted, it was necessary to do away with the original idea and cancel the space. We recommend that coming Feature De- partments have a new lock put on the drawer of the desk. We don't want to mention any names but someone has an extra key. 622 'Y' init- f - T 1---,.. fsx 'll RJ ESQ COPH ER WE FEATURE EDITORS---OUR PAGE Ben says, "l wish WE had a private office." Time 2:45-Ben had a class at 3:00, Catherine has none. She desires to continue the manufacture of wit. Says Catherine, "Don't go to class, Ben, l can't get along without you." The five minutes of ex- planation which followed this remark did not help the situation. Cass enters with a new UD joke. ul hear there are four Thetas on the Stafffcounting Ben." CatherineL"Ben's no Theta, he isn't even pledged yet." SIGNS OF LIFE, BEN. On the campus, in the busy Gopher Hole, ln the Oak Tree, sipping liquid from a bowl, Any place that you may find them, just, for heaven's sake, don't mind them- Any weather, they're together-K. and Ben. BOTH SIDES OF THE QUESTION Q-.L EFX, L L, ,ff 'rf f , 1,3 A. 1, RJ ff 1 VI., x p xl . wx ,i I 3 ' 1 ' 1 5. ,, . 34. 3 1 -x , , Q G 5 , ,J I , ' W,,,,,,.....-.----fwwf' .,.,.......-.-.....,.,,Q , Q -, ' aff-. ,fl tam.. . .W- -M W -X -V c- 5 .3 gf 54 v ,f 5 5 I A , Qu X 1 -'A ,,-'A 1 , ,,..v'f' ' I 3 R 3. ' ' 5 Q 1 5 2 E 5 s H 3 f S 1 e ' 2 .ff 3 5 v-'A' 5 S 1 g?f,?:f'p ut 5 3 4 , - 1 ' sk ' r W ,A Z7 lg Y .gfm Ek' W N t fk ' ig, if ,:' I , . , ux Q13 iN Nxkx 4 I 1,' . . 'sim I . f l xfclfjl ' u .V -Q. . ,..., .:' U AH V , f U! A7 1 'K' ' ,. if jg XC? fit fl' ' g eff X u? e- ,- -gxx g. 15 xihzii 1,,!:gfV , 3531334 J -'3' ""' QW?-, g r H1 Iffiif' ,a -3'-23'?2"... . I " "5 -:f'I,,' 12 Fix '.f"'M'f- Vs 1 'f 1 , ,gs A f:,f.,f,g ,, if , I fflfjvi 4 154 5 1 'fa 'QQ . My ' 4 Q , 2 1, X ada W ' 53. Q 5, my ,. 29 1, 5 1' hi nff n 1 Q 273 1 5. 1: 9 1? Lg W --a t :Q ll ,k?'Q?y1,, QQ .f i :V 'h!N gzgfgwf :IL ,,, w, p -7:5S.'.,f 12 ' 5, f f My 42453539 1 'f f 1 sf: w lr ' f . - 1 iw f r S-'2V'?'f: -15 : 55 E 35465,- 513 32 3 m sg: , if :fig Ni 15 ' Q f li SSL ESF! wr V . pi f .ff 22 gf if gif 3, 1 Q53 i YH ' N - E Q ,hfgix tw? K -if' ti "?' ' ,Y ,M ir -fi f I , 2 f ggi fs' fzi -g, 241 +5 in . 1:11 'L v . :T Mx ' " ' ffm? , , ,, 2 T f i I , .E M . ". L 13 1 1 i, 55? 5. .3 ' ig My 'I H "Z yr f. 1, 4514 . EY. 191 ff- '4 :Q X ,IA I' ,V lg , 5 Q K " S ' --Q1 , ' "'1"3""f'Q "iff ' f,,..B, --. f ,, , -, ' if 'f.31'fv'5?"?5r?:g7 , f 1- . 15' . 2, , -i 9 . ,,g , - 5 . 1' ff ,' , H nf-2 .,-lv f E?:i"b., P' '1 :Q ' gf? ' 5 A . Q 'S I :Z J- r Um? . " -J -'-5 ': ,f,-4'-2, vgf. 3. - . 1 -- ', . - 5 -P ' , v wf1Q.,va!f - f. , , 21 , ' - A 2'-9' I K . .Lfvfrg,fMf4,f,-f'3f,f'.' mai" Rl' 1, V, Jai: , 1 ,:,, 'Z1c2gf5u!':. MG'-.Sg 7W.4.+,.-vi V 5 2: gi " 7. f -iw-E , . 5 - - . 1,4 - 1911.11 I - g - if U., , 0' 7 ga ' . ffrzx 14, :Z ,E V15 V ' 1 ' . ? 534 , ,XI -V vf . 1- :nn -' - 9 '- -1"4'W-3.54 '- 7 ,W wtf" . ' ,.A-f"-ff?:'5-'4ff.'H '-59 31 fl Z Q I 'fig Isffgglfl W" f . i 4 , S- 5' , A ff.-1.55.5 ' 1 16154 , , , . j5",i f,"Fif7ff-'ig' gTg,:'r' ' . 4-f N W- :x,'ff, ,Q :rf ld Mmm 771 ""4"':T ' mf,--'-14 V1 lQf,i1"' :ff 15' Qui? 3-il 3" 'V vffgflff-4 , "fl'u1'.gg?fQ,:.fx:??f'2fvg?-s's'5'lfW,'22 7 'V QT 'Jf'vfy?7 f'3ff2f'7',3 V -23 - A . .'L.Av-wv-lf-fnf' A ' .. Y - ' ' f rgfTtT""v"'-r--sf? 1' L V """'-' ' if f , . W . - . , - ,. . f- f -V1 '1' HZ -,I,.,,, 5 J,-WL WT W .f"'z'g,wvf'fgw,1f4--M --...vw 3 554 ' ' J ' W E576+?'EfS'f?Tfifr?f2 F515 miil5f1fii' - l,i5f 2Sg2iggi52a?4 -, , ,,-.f ' gy.. -L ,-5,-1 -11 L g ,. an , I .,'t-'P-f Aww-- EQSTFE 2' 3534-Alfl9Thf11','TFLTffVliiLl1 Y , 45 ' ,, ' ag. ,L fl' ,, ,' ig 2 yn-1 giigj si 1153: ,png 3:5 5 . I1x1!',U.UwL'Av-24-'- M -,:4agL,gQg 35 A315333 3 ' v , ''f4'-"'j--::+,x..:J,zIN3g 4,31 X.4,,.f- k V- ww- n1:,r.h1,L. ff1f41k,,1,y.,,g.1 , 3 25, SN - ,.,.-.5fNf 'fa-' LQ-, - 1,,g..,,1. , - .-,.-Sfk, -f w4.1:.1,,+4Af,-g:fg-11,11 - .es-fri? N,-gm: f?fE5'iX:,.., x-gtw' 'qfavslih-1:f2-IM.-,7fw.,..L hw-, , ' :'- . ' , ,- L, . . ' '3,i"1T"-3-VlMLFf 'mf' ffnwf-"ws-ff ' ,l2ai4,sAMM . s. " ' x -V ' .- V ' f.. .i.,1- m,.,nWfwQw3.,ag,VV ,,. . ,,.,,,..f-A-.wffm , L.. .7,.,.:,.,..,7,.-,,f,,., N, y Y-..-N ,.,:,ff,r-,LZ iggg: Q- A 1-M... ,, 1 'SEQ GQPH ER 1 Acacia ,,.., ,,,, , ,, ,, ,, Academic Students Counci1,, ,, Acanthus .,.,, ,,,, ..,. , , , Adelphian Club,,, , Agriculture ,,,, ,,,, ,,,,, , , , Agricultural Club ,,,, , , , Agric. Album Alpha Alpha Alpha Alpha Alpha Alpha Alpha Alpha Alpha Alpha Alpha Student-s Council,, Chi Sigma , Delta Phi, ,, Epsilon lota ,,,, , Gamma Delta ,, Kappa Kappa, Kappa Phi ,,,,,, Kappa Sigma, ,, Omicron Pi. Phi ,tt, Tau Omega Xi Delta,,, ,, 'flnoex 234 356 336 317 87 324 355 415 264 218 300 294 252 248 270 296 286 230 292 Alpha Zeta ,,,, , Associations, ,, Athenian ,.... Ath1etics,, ,, Band ,,,,,, , Baseball ,,,,,,,,, Basketball ...,, ,,,,, Beta Theta Pi ...., Brush and Pencil ,,,,,, Bugle Corps,., , Cadet Officers Campus Buildings ,,,,,, , Castalian ,,,,,,,, ,, Chemistry ,,,,,, ,, Chi Pi . ,,,, Chi Rho Theta,,, ,, Clubs ,,,,,,,,,,..,, ,, Commandant, The,,, Commencement ,,,, ,,,, Convocation., Country Fair ,,,,,, Crack Squad., , , 272 345 340 , 377 368 399 , 395 208 , 328 , 369 , 370 11 , 342 , 83 , 198 , 240 , 309 ,, 366 , 158 , 131 133 ,, 372 6 Dedication,, ,,, Delta Chi ,,,, ,,,,,, , ,, Delta Delta Delta,,, Delta Gamma ,,,, Delta Kappa Epsilon ,,,,, Delta Phi Delta ,,,,,, Delta Sigma Delta Delta Sigma Rho,,, Delta Tau Delta,,, Delta Llpsilon ,,,, Delta Wye.. Dentistry .,,,, , Departments,,,, ,, Dramatics., Engineering, ,, ,, Executive Officers, Extension Tour Euterpean Club Faculty, List of, Feature, ,, , Football ,,,,, ,,,, Forestry Club, Forestry ,,,,,, ,,,,, Foreword, Forums ,, Gamma Phi Betaw, German Club ,,,, , ,,,, ,, Glee Club ...,,,,, ,,,, , ,, ,, Good Government Club Gopher ,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,, ,,,,,,, ,,,, , Grey Friars, ,,.,, . Home Economics,,, Home Economics Cabinet ,,,, ,, ,, ln Memoriam ,,,, ,, lron Wedge.., ,, junior Ball Association, ,, , , ,, j. B. Officers and Com. ,, 5 222 288 280 210 246 260 304 202 214 332 121 57 177 63 21 179 326 23 545 379 325 103 9 343 290 312 327 331 362 307 98 353 164 334 354 172 , i ., 4' ,,-:. ., F ,J 1 2 M, 1 e, , ff' -7' 4, 1, ,L rf' 5 ,,g.- 3 ,-5-..' l. iff 12 :rf v ....r "'.,.. Q- :gf--,. ,, ...AW I 53: rr" -:if 1 wp"-172 ,'3'c:QC1,LQ", 'im Q, 3 an 5116-2 4 trffrrl- L ., V ' fi lvfia' ,J.'. I, 7,3 -xi -'S ,f .V sl.: 45 ,E 1 ll, ,,. 1 , J 4, .L Li? S T 1 1, -'1 5' 4? "va, I vi? LI J A -4 .Yi ii H 1 1 ,St 1..J A ..... EEC-2 GCDPHER Kappa Alpha Theta... . Kappa Kappa Gamma ...... .... ...,.. Kappa Sigma.. ................. .. Kawa ............. Law .......... ...... . .. Literary Societies ..... Medicine ................ ....... . Military .................. ............ Military Organizations ........ Military Ball Officers, etc ....... ...... Minerva ...............,.................. Mines ................................. Minne-Ha-Ha ...... .. Minnesota Alumni Weekly .... .. .. Minnesota Daily .......r.. .r... . Minnesota Engineers. .. . Minnesota Union ............ Minnesota Magazine.. Mitchell Law Club. ....... . Mitre .............,..,..,..... Mock Convention ....... Mu Phi Delta. .... . Nu Sigma Nu ..... . Oratory and Debate.. Organizations.. ..... .. Padded Sell Pharmacy ......... Phi Beta Kappa .... . Phi Beta Pi ............ Phi Delta Chi ........ Phi Delta Kappa .... Phi Delta Phi ........ Phi Delta Theta ........... Phi Gamma Delta ........ .. Phi Kappa Psi ........ ..... . . Phi Lambda Upsilon.. Philomathian... .... Phi Rho Sigma ....... .. Phi Sigma Kappa. ...... . Phi Upsilon Omicron... Pi Beta Phi ...... ,... Prohibition Club.. Psi Upsilon .. Publications... 282 278 226 315 107 335 113 189 365 174 337 77 361 364 359 360 349 358 333 323 153 305 250 165 195 545 127 302 254 258 274 244 200 212 204- 308 341 256 236 298 284 330 216 357 Quill .... ............. .... Regents, List of ...... . Rifle Club .......... Rifle Team ........ .......... Scabbard and Blade ..... ..... . .. Science, Literature and Arts ...... ..... Senior Promenade ................ .. Shakopean.. .... ..... ..... ..... . . Sigma Alpha Delta . .... . Sigma Alpha Epsilon .... Sigma Beta .............. ........ Sigma Chi .... Sigma Nu ..,. Sigma Rho.. Sigma Tau.. Sigma Xi ...., . Signal Corps ............. .... Sophomore Vaudeville. . Spanish Club... ....... ............ ..... . . . .. Student Council . .. .. . .. .. Student's Government Association Student Volunteer Band .... Svithiod ....... .. .. .. Tau Beta Pi ..... Tau Shonka ...... Tennis... . . Thalian.. .... Theta Delta Chi Theta Epsilon... . Theta Tau ........ Tillikum .............. .. Thulanian Club.. . Track ...... .. .. Trailers ...... . Triangle ...... ..... . .. .. University Catholic Association .... University Year. . .. White Dragon .... ....... . .. Woman's Athletic Association .... . Woman's Basketball ...t........ . Woman's League Council .... Y. M. C.A.. , . Y. W. C. A... ..... . Xi Psi Phi .... . Zeta Psi ........ 314 21 374 375 367 57 176 344 313 228 320 206 232 268 321 303 373 149 311 157 350 356 242 306 318 410 338 220 339 266 316 238 403 329 319 348 159 322 352 412 351 347 346 262 224 . Y :fi -Q ir-J. - rw f' .. 44. . 4,-wr PP GL! 'Giga GQPHER '1L"1Envoi' OW that our book is nearly completed, we stop for a moment to think it all over. The amount of work required was greater than we supposed, but it involved more pleasure also. Particularly was this so in our relations with the business men with whom we came in contract. To Mr. Sher of the Bureau of Engraving we owe many suggestions and an encouragement and co-operation at all times. To Mr. Smith and Mr. lves of the Great Western Printing Company, we owe what merit the book may have typographically. They have given us real assistance in our work of the kind which meant more than merely filling their contract. Ac- knowledgment should be made also ofthe courtesy and uniform good work of the Miller Photo Studio and of the suggestions given to us by the members of the 1913 Gopher Stafzf. We also wish to call your attention to the advertising section. Our advertisers are worthy of your consideration and the success of Gophers in years to come will materially depend upon the patronage given our advertisers. ln the making of this book, we have formed friendships "more lasting than brass" and we have learned to know ourselves and each other more fully. As we look through the book, we realize that it is far from perfect, but we think it portrays our community life here as it is. We hope that you will appreciate it because it is a book of Minnesota and we of 1914 shall love it both for that reason and because it is our own. So endeth the 27th volume of the Gopher of the University of Minnesota, as published by the Class of Nineteen Fourteen. 627 G :P -FX J' W 1 l l l J 1 1 4 l 4 I l v .gl LQ y LEHQ czovnfifa 5 'list of Zibvettisers j. H. Allen Co. Bureau of Engraving C. St. P. M. SL O. R. R. College Toggery W. S. Conrad SL Co. L. S. Donaldson Co. Finch, Van Slyke SL McConville W. A. French SL Co. J. T. George SL Co. Gordon SL Ferguson C. Gotzian SL Co. The Great Western Printing Co Griggs, Cooper SL Co. Guiterman Bros. Hackett, Gates, Hurty Handicraft Guild Hart SL Murphy janney, Semple, Hill SL Co. W. B. SL W. G. jordan Kuhles SL Stock Lampher, Skinner Co. Tailor Lee McClellan Paper Co. Macpherson SL Langford E. B. Meyrowitz Millers Studio Minnesota Co-Operative Co. 628 ,FN . Minneapolis School of Business W. K. Morrison Nelson, Vorpahl Printing Co. George R. Newell Mrs. Noble Northwestern Knitting Co. Noyes Bros. SL Cutler The Oak Tree A. F. Palmer SL Co. Plant Rubber Co. The Radisson Hotel M. L. Rothschild SL Co. St. Anthony Falls Bank j. George Smith L. C. Smith Typewriter Co, Aaron Soderburg Swain-Farmer Webster Tallant University Cigar Store University Drug Store Vendome Hotel Weld SL Son The H. W. Wilson Co. Winston, Harper, Fisher SL Co. Wyman, Partridge SL Co. Weston Electric Co. XJIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIlIIIIllllIllIIIIllIIIlIIllIlllllllllIIIlIIlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIIIllllllllllllllllllllllllllIlllllllllllllllllllllllllIllIIIIIIllIIIllIIIIlIIIIlllK1IIIIIIIIIIIIllIIIIlIIIIllIllIIIIIllllllllllllllllllllllfs E jf fi. X 'ii vi ,N if , 'KI 02,1 E le : f X f fl 'V . ,C+ 1 ' i, Ag n 5Z7:"YY Llvi?Xyv : E begin'-'JtL'5i lffizx f' A 1 , , E 5 A 7f A5 f y Mag i jg, 3 E Egwiqig-ifff f W Jw- 'f e . ' l ggflgwwlh In 3 5 xi, -A ' - fmt. ' , ffl W W Wgw M 'M 2 E 715 f :lg IBUOK I 19, 1' -gf X X gl i lflvuzf W g E kfjjgii OF V " mga" , f 'FXR if mf if pr 'W E ia W 6 f A XM li l f E 4-ff, N 1 X1 if ' I fx A X- 4 A .....,: M f y ky ' X74 'if E 2 liiiiiif 19 M 9 e :JMX 4 5IIIIIIIIIIIIIIlllllllllllllllIlllllllllllllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!!IlllllllllllllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIllIIIIIIIIIIlllllllllllIlllllIIlllIllllllllllIllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIIIIllIlllIIIIIllillllllllIlllllllllllllllllllE ON THE TRAIL Qpf' A GOOD THING E wh 5 15 2 E E 5 iw 5 E Qi'-'.:f '! E ff 5 When you go on your Vacation and Outing Tramps, wear the Gotzian 2 'lllorldk-fllorlf Slwe E Strong yet pliable: you can Gopher' with ease. E E Send two 2 cent stamps for Pocket Knife Sharpener E E C. GOTZIAN 8x CO. Q st. Paul 9 E gill!IIIllllllllIllIllllllllllllllllllllllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIllllIIllIlllllIlIIIIIIIIIIIIllIIlIIIIIIIIIIllIIIIlIIIIIIKIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIllIIIIIIIIIUIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIlIIIllIIIIIIIllIIIIlIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIE Fraternity Pins. Weld 8: Sons, 206 Nicollet Avenue, Minneapolis E1IIIIIIIIIllllllllIlllllllllllllllllllIIIlllllllllIIIllllIIlllIllIllllllllllIIIIIII!1IlllllllllIII!IIIIIIIIIHIUIllllllllIll!!IIIIIIIIIIIIllIIIIIIIIIIIIllIIllllllllllllllIIIIIllIIIlllllIIIIlllllllIllllllIIIllllIllllllIlllllllllllllllllllx D - T1-IE MARCH OF PROGRESS 2 And the building of at E perfect train is best E exemplified in the 2 u E NEW ALL STEEL orth-Western A Limited E To CHICAGO E Leaves Minneapolis 7:55 p. m. : Leaves St. Paul . . 8:40 p. m. gf Arrives Chicago . . 9:00 a. m. E A L. .fi.. I F 5 3 QQ mmmlmnm uin1.uiHr1-r.riiimnmmnlmwmllw ,ru E 2 THE MODERN EXPONENT OF PER- 5 5 EECT TRAVEL ACCOMMODATIONS 5 '- E - i.,. . 5 s Lfr, Qlxilgiixsix! -Sf :'. E Be at Live One E E 1: :Y-.I 1 :T gf -. E E El ' ,R lf "A, E 2 -E i "ie E E l -'.R' E Z TEL? "'- ,ge f'?'1 Y 1 '-.- Q E E A PERFECT TRAIN TO A WORLD' ' lf' -2 E ADMIREDTERMINAL f---0 Q 5 E 3 For.atO+larter E ? figiga ougiirer Better than ever 5 2 For Travel Information EIEQVQQVZLITTLE SEAL X E E Call upon or Address E F I B' A E E w 5 Y K E E E GEO. A. LEE E 2 H' Asst. Gen. Passenger Agt. , J E 5 ms Pingbufy Bltiuding E my UF fi? 2 - ' mneapo 15 E E G. H. Mac Rae, Gen. Passgr. Agt., St. Paul I A E E c1GARs L E TI CKET OFFI CE S Sold by best cigar dealers everywhere E E 600 Nicollet Avenue, Minneapolis E Q 196 Robert Street, St. Paul E : E E ElIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIKlllllllllllllllIIIlllllllllllllllllllllllIlllllIIIIIIIlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllUllllllllllllilllllllllllllUIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIllllllllllllllllllllKlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIKE Stationery and Engraving. Weld SL Sons, 620 Nicollet Avenue, Minneapolis XIIIIIIIIIIIIIKIIllIIllIlIll!!IIIlllIIIIIIUIIIIIIIIIIIIKIIIIllIllIIIIUIIllIllIIIIIIIIllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIllIIIIIIIIIUIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIllllllllllllllllllllllx U 2 r- u F .4 E I b - C ff 'I VVe consirlcr our luusincss reputation E E n uylng your O ee tlepenfls upon every article of printing 5 E Insist on the best, that leaves our otiice E E You'1l find that our Dainty E Vl'e appreciate small orclcrs as well as E E large, anfl give all commissions our per- E :E Meets every tgst, sonalsupervision E E Q Nelson-Vorpahl Printing Co. E E Society and Commercial E E Z AND 1 Printing E E T. S. Spruce 1574 U20 Central Ave. E E E GROCERIES MEAT MARKET 5 CNE T0 SUV' A F Palmer 8: Co E s 0 o E -E t . . . E E 405 d 407 l4 h A S E E E Roasted daily by i Tiagi E ix xo ZZACTITCF E .1 j VE BPL EV' .' Af . 1 Q E "THE SQUARE DEAL" E E ST. PAUL, U. s. A. E E g Telsg N. W. East 7703 Tri-State l63l2 E E iv wvlii ml wr n 1 n 1 1 A I A A n ,,,,, ,,,,, ic ,,,,,,,,,,,,, n U , n ,, ,, ,, , 5 WEsToN A-C INSTRUMENTS ii A E E f .1533 er N A E 2 l S "" A : ir: X .' wzsmsLtvrmcAtiimnvMHffV - ET 5 set. MEMHS-A X E H 3 E Wattmeter Frequency Meter Power Factor Meter Synchroscope E E fsingle and polyphasel 5 E A complete line of Alternating Current Q E Switchboard Indicating Instruments E E livery detail of each of these instruments has been most E 5 carefully stwurlieil and Wm-kerl nut. so as to he sure that E E each shall tully meet the most exacting requirements oi E the service for which it is intcndeml, Neither pai-ns noi' expense has lmeen spared in thclcffurt to produce lnstrua - rnents having the longest possible lite, the best possible E scale characteristics. comlninerl with great accuracy under 5 E the most violent loarl fll1Cll'IZ1tiUUS,3l'Ill also under the mu 1, 3' E E trying conditions niet with in practical work. Every 5 E part of each instrument is marlc strictly to gauge, anrl the E E rltsien and workmanship anti finish is uf the highest E E Ammeter ortls-1' of excellence. Voltmetel' E : E : Full particulars of design, construction, prices, etc., are given in Catalogue 16. Write for it. 5 E WESTGN ELECTRICAL INSTRUMENT CO. E E Main Office and Works: Newark, N. E 21llIIIIIIIIIIKIIIIIIIIIIIIIIJIIIIIIIIIIIIllIIIIIIIIIIIIKIIIIIIIIIIIIIHIIIIIIllllllIlIIIIIIIIIIIIlllllIllllllllllllllllllllllIllllllllllllllllllIIIIIIIIIllIIIIIIIIIIIIKIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIllllllllllllllllllllllllIIIIIlllllllllllllllllllllii Engraved Stationery. Weld 8: Sons, 620 Nicollet Avenue, Minneapolis ElIllllllIllllllllllllllllllllIllllllllllllllllllllllIll!!lllllllIIIIIIIlllllllllllIllllllllllllllllIllllllllllllllllllllllIllllIlllllllllllllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIllIIIIIIIIIIIIHIllllllllIllllIlllllllllllllllIllIllllllillllllllllllllx ,, , A : L4 S 5 BEAUTIFUL HAND- E 5 IVI A D E. FURNITURE E or QUALITY E "Made in Minneapolis" Q : THIS solid Mahogany library E E table is a beautiful example E 2 of the art of Wood-carving, E E and is designed from a very old E E model of the early Georgian E E Period. This talmle was designed Q 2 and executed in our shops for a E 2 beautiful residence in Milwaulzee, E 3 VVisconsin. 3 E At French's you will incl the most exclusive selection of quality Furniture, Oriental 5 E Rugs, Lighting Fixtures, VVall Papers, Draperies, Silverware, Pottery, Tiffany Ware and E E imported novelties from nearly every producing country, and the facilities for executing 5 E contracts for special Furniture, Decorations, Hangings, Rugs, Stained Glass, and Fixtures. E E Through the unusual resources of the French service you may always be confident of E E permanent satisfaction at prices that are thoroughly consistent and reasonable. 5 E Our Store Is At Your Service. S ? Wm. A. French C9 Company E E Eighth Street at First Avenue South Minneapolis, Minnesota 2 " ru : : 7- " 3 ,,,..,,.,..,,,, ...mmm x w.w..mnmm ,,,,,, .,. E E E E "Sweetest IVlaicl', Chocolates E - a , M 5 S : And the best of other Pure E E The IDOSK YOUI' Univer- Food Products made by if . . Griggs Cooper 8: Ce, are the E E Slty Can do for YOU IS to products of the most modern, E E , Hr , sanitary and completely E 52 teach you to thin li. fhink equipped food factory ,H the E E . world. Come and inspect E E Gordon, Wllen you think this model plant at Univcr- E 5 sitv and Fairview Avenues. E E hatf' ' 5 Q E 2 Griggs Cooper 81 Co. TQ F St. Paul, Minn. 2 illlllllllllllIllIIIIllIIIllIlllllllllllllllllllllllllllK1IIIIllllllllllllllllllllllHlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIllllllllIlllllllllllllllllllllllllllUlllIlllllllllllIlllllIIIIIIJIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIlllllllIIIIIllIIIIIIIKIIIIIIIIIIIIIKSE Dance Programs. Weld 8: Sons, 620 Nicollet Avenue, Minneapolis XIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIHIIIIIIIIIIIIIlllllllilllllilIlllllllllllllIlllllllllllllIIIIIIIIIIIIllIllllllIIIII!!IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIlIllllllllllllllllllllllllIIIIIIIIIIIllllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINIIIIIIlllllllllllllllllx U 2 n n u ... 5 . t E E - ,f Q3 . 5 5 .g i I 5 E '- I The Radisson Restaurants 5 s-M-1-T-H-'s E ThGf,S all The Chateau Room E 3 The Viking Room 5 E Hackett, Gates, l-lurty Co. The Teco Inn E 2 EVcrytl'i"g in The Show Places of the City E E HARDWARE E 2 Banquet Service E Tj EXCLUSIVELY WHOLESALE E E H. P. GATES, President E E F. W. HURTY, Vice Pros. C. C. UPHAIXI, Treas. E E F. H. YOUNG, Secretary E E Fourth and Rosabel Sts. St. Paul E : W... i..n...i...,...,, .,..H.,,..,..,. , R .. il : : : V 2 : a -1 : :: ra .. : : n ... : : a .. : Reserved EIlllllllllllllllllllllllllllIIIIIIIIIIIIIKIIIIIIIIIIIIIIlIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIlllllllllllllllIIIIIIllllllIlIIIIIlIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIllllIIllIIIIIIIIIIK1IllIIIIIIIIIHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIlIIKllllIlIllIIIIIllllllllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIKi Sorority Pins. Weld Sz Sons, 620 Nicollet Avenue, Minneapolis l , 51IIIIIIIIIIIIIIlllllllllllllllllllllllllllIIlllllllllllllIIIIIIIIIIIIUIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIlIIIIll!IIIIIIIIIIIIUIIIIIIIIIIII!!IIIIIIIIIIIIHIlIIllIllllIK1IIIIIIIIIIIIIlIllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIHIIlllllllllllllllllllllllllx Webster Tallant 2 E Tailoring of Exceptional E Merit E You Will Appreciate 2 OUR RARE ASSORTMENT OF E MERCHANDISE 2 u E A product of 2 Taste, Character and Service 2 I7 SOUTH SEVENTH STREET E NEXT TO ORPHEUBI E 3 1 -V it r..r.r..i.i-my .W-T T-,. - .r..m.rr.rr.rr.i rT.T1,TT1.,.rm...r.r.i..m.r.w r.r.i.ra..r,r.r..r W .W : : x E I g E K V W W i 'E MINNEAPOLIS 2 take pleasure in calling the attention of University 2 E Students and Alumni to some especially distinctive E E features of their Store of Quality ancl Service. 5 Z S 5 fl Numerous American and foreign connections make continuously possible the presentation E E of the highest grade products of the World in almost every conceivable line of merchandise E E ever found in a First-class department store. The high standard of Donaldson Quality is E E the particular pride of everyone eonnccted with thc institution in any capacity. Thcir E E concern Over the maintenance of this standard reaches to every transaction. : 5 ill It you arc not a resident ot thc Twin City region, this high class of service in best Quality E E Klerchandisc is none the less truly yours to command. The Latest Catalog gives you the E E complete data of Offerings, and your order by mail will be filled so conscientiously, subject E E to your approval, that you could scarcely more than equal it in first-hand purchasing. E E ill The special attention of Student and Alumni bodies is invited to the exceptional facilities : E in the Famous Tea Rooms for entertaining small or large gatherings at lunchcons or banquets. I E illlllltllllIlllllIIIIllltlIlllllIIIIIIIIIllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllKllllIllllllllllIIIIIIIIIIIIllllllllllllllIllllllllllllllllllllIllllllIlllllIIIIIIIIllllllllllllllIlIIllllllllllllllllllllllllllIIIIIIIIIIIIIlllllllllllllli Fraternity Jewelery. Weld Sc Sons, 620 Nicollet Avenue, Minneapolis ASK YOUR FRIE D Where He Gets His Cloilies ig If he says they corne from OUR SHOP, that customer and his clothes - are all the advertising we need BE ONE OF THE ALWAYS PLEASE D Let Us Make Your Next Suit J. T. GEORGE 8: CO.-TAILORS 5II Northwestern Bank Building :: :: Minneapolis 1lu1HH11Hlmnmlmmmllr.lil1I11111-111ninllUl1lmnl.4ll1lu111nlnlVHummllmmumwnmu.1lI1lI1lulmll1H.ll..urwm,l,-llini mnnmmmnm m,,,,,,,,,,,:,,,,, They Lead the , SERS UE Q VA L I T lf' Pmcesswn' Janney Semple H1ll8z Co. Wholesale Hardware Established 1866 Tom Moore -Cigar I Oc ,af iii' Lltfle Tom : ff - '1r21"'!Q.,fl ' -iii: Czgar 5C V 85 ft 'W iz ,. 'Y' ' ' , , : ' 459' '4 wlfgg, The Tom Moore when you lizrvc the clinic ' W3 e Q, " fthe Little Tom when you lizivcn'I tht- H limf- Second St. and First Ave. South r Y , , , Minneapolis, Minn. l'hcy rc Sv apart: one is hull the size- zmcl half the price of thu otliur. J S HH: S E R Js nam g . . . E an . . , - Winston - Harper - Fisher Co. C Q IVA Ll T Y - ilIIIIIIIIIIIIlllllllllllllllllllllIllllllllIllllIllllllKJIIIIlIllllllIllllIIIllllllllllllllllllllIllIlIllllllIIIlIIIIIIllllIlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllHIIIIIIlllllllllllllllllllllllllIIIIIIIIIUIIIIIIIIIIIIHIIIIlllllllllllllllllllllllg Reception Cards. Weld Sl Sons, 620 Nicollet Avenue, Minneapolis xlIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!!IlIIIIIIll!IUIIIIIIIIIIIIKIIIIIIIIIIIIIUIlllllllllllllIIIIlIIlIIIIllllIIIIIIIIIIIllIIIIIIIIIIIUIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIHIIllIIIIIIIIUIIlIIIIIIIlllllllllllllllllx .4 5 Education lifts us higher and reveals to us the E truths of life, such as science, arts, etc. E Why not look into the art of tailoring? Because E not everyone can paint an artistic picture, so it is 5 equally impossible for all tailors to make artistic E clothes. E Good tailoring is a higher art than merely a suit E of clothes. Observe the garments made at the 5 "UNIVERSITY SHOP " E By AARON SODERBORG 5 I-IIS is a Suburban store, but we carry a stock equal to most clown town establishments. When in need try us - University Drug Store E Artistic Tailor and Cutter-Maker of High-Class 2 Clothes only. E 315 14th Ave. S. E., near State University Eg Corner 4th Street sl AVE-, E : .....i.III.Iin.ii...I.....ii..I..I...ii.,,I..Iii.....I.H.rm...miI.I.K1--IIinin.Q,I.I....,,..,..m..i..,,.i..i x ri...I.Iii.IU..I..i..i...n..,..i.i..ii,,.i....i.i.m..i u M F 5 u F 5 -4 S 5 in 5 Z M E 5 E I E 319 FOURTEENTH AVENUE SOUTHEAST .. 5 ,.i..w.i..,..i..smIim..iw.,.rim.I....i..i..,..n...,,.,,.,,,isii.........,ii.......,.,,.i,.,......iii..,..,.,...i,.,..i..i.m,..,.,..i... gg ,.i.i.,,...u. uinuinnuiuiuiir1inimmnumunmunmmmmr inmyinIuniuvmmuninuiwmrianuwniur mnmmnnuum The Handicraft Guild OF MINNEAPOLIS 'IScIiooI of Design, Handicraft and Normal Art. qIGuild C r a ft s ni e n produce ,I cwelry, Metal Work and Pottery. 4lITIie Guild Hall is available for Parties, Lectures and Recitals. fIIVV1'itc for catalog. 89 SOUTH TENTH STREET MINNEAPOLIS ORSE TWIST DRILL 6: MACHINE CO. E Manufacturers of E E CARBON AND HIGH TWIST-DRILLS SPEED 2 TAPS, REAIVIERS, IVIILLINGf,CUTTERS u S S u . K. lVIorison :St Co. Agents 2 Minneapolis. IVIinn. E Hardware, Cutlery, Tools, Sporting Goods, Kitchenware,iPaints, Etc. EIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIllllllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIllllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIllllIIIIIIIIIIIJIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIlllllllIIIlIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIlllllllllllllIIIIIIIHIIIIIIIIIIIllllIIIIIIIIIIIlllllIIIIIIIIIIllllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII IIIIIIIIIIIIIIX Medals, Gold and Silver. Weld Sz Sons, 620 Nicollet Avenue, Minneapolis xxmunmunummm llllllllllllllI1IlllllllllllllIIIIIIIIIIIIIlllllllllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIllIllllllIIIllUIlllllllllllllllllllllllI HIllllllIIIllI1llIlllllllllllIIIIIIIIIIIIIJIIIIIIIIIIIIKIIIIIIIIIIIII IIIlllllIllllillllllllllllllx JMB. HAIEFJUWORN C7121 HDR tH..fI.f.P IFNOT MTYNOT? nuuwmrmwmmrvwwimwwww f11,'1 irgmwmnuwum.rwwwwr:, iiwriw 1'mmmmmnww-1,1 .ii Wm-ruwwmu For the Best of Everything in CIC-ARS, TOBACCO AND CANDIES L'NlYI2RSITY ClG.XR STORE I.. N.X'l'Il.'XXHOX, Prffp. REVERE Auto Tires Made for Critical Smokers AQUILAS Clear Havana Cigars They stand the smoke test Sola' by the Best Dealers nw 1u.:1um,i.m1wwww 11 mmm ii mlm ummm H WzimwwriwWwwX ww H 11 www wmrumw mv i w11mmu.r1 TI-IE PHOENIX M A C K I N AW Here's a garment to make you proud. Style, fit, quality and workmanship guaranteed. We Make Phoenix Brand Mackinaws in our own factory. They're true Western style--c o m f o r t able and roomy. If your dealer cloesn't carry the Phoenix line drop us a card and we'll lgjgebjiizzlrgdig 222266 performance they tell you one who does. Nobirllar-iferggh the Smooth, Chain and G PLANT RUBBER COMPANY i Wholesale Rubber Goods - .. M. . Saint Raul, Nlinnesota S 5 mneapolis 5 gill!IIIIIIIIIHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIllllllllllIlllllllllllIIIIIllIllIllIIIIllIIllIIIIIlllllllIIIIllIIIIIII!llIllIIIIIIIIIIJIIIIIIIIIIIIUIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIlIIIIIIIIJIIIIIIIIIIIIHIIIIIIIIIIIllllIllIlllIllIK1IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIQITE Pearl lnlaid Stationery. Weld 61 Sons, 620 Nicollet Avenue, Minneapolis Q51IIllIIIIIIIIUIIIHIIIIIIIIIllIIllIIIIIIIllIlIIIIIlIIlIllIllllllllllllllllllllllllflIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIllIIIIlIlIIIIIIllIIIIIIIIIIIllIlIIII!IIIIIIIIIIIIllllIllllllIllI1IIIIIIIIIIll!!IIIIIllIIIIIHIIlIIIIIIIIIIlIllIIllllllllllllllllllllllx F .4 E LOOK FOR F .. 2 . .8cC. F 2 Q On The Drugs 5 and Medicines E YoU BUY 5 It Stands for Scientific : Methods, Standardized E Quality, Analytical Con- E trol. S'- -I 5 Noyes Bros. 8: Cutler 5 The Largest Wholesale and Manufactur- 5 ing Druggists in the Northwest. 5 SAINT PAUL S mi ,Muir mm. The Best Suits for Women are macle by Macphersonik Langford 209 E.. Fourth St., St. Paul, Minn. R u E "NEWELL'S EXTRA" S ...LINE... E HIGHEST GRADE FOOD E PRoDUo'r E This brand roHueLs in namc 3 just such quality as we guare g- antuc you will iinrl in every E package bearing the label. E STRICTLY HIGH GRADE, : CHARACTER GOODS AT THE E RIGHT PRICE A.. IJ E Ask Your Grocer 2 Geo. R. Newell 81 Co. E XYllOl0Sfl.l0 Grocers lXIinna-apolis DUKE OF PARIVIA BEST IOC DOMESTIC CIGAR You Will LikE It HART Sc MURPHY Makers ST. PAUL SellllllIIIIIIIlllllIllllllllllllllllllllllIlIllllllllllllllilIlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIllllllI1IIIIIIIIIIIIllllllllllllllKIIIIIllllllllllIIIIIIIIIIIIUIllllllllllllllllllIllllllllllllllllllllI1IlllIIIIIIIIIJIIIIIIIIIIIIix Menu Cards. Weld 6: Sons, 620 Nicollet Avenue, Minneapolis XIIIllllllIllllllllllllllllllllIlllllllllll!IlIIllIIIIIIUIIIIIIIIIIIIKIIlllllllllllllIlllllllllllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIlllllllllllllIlIIIIIIIllIIlIIIIIllIIIllllIIIIllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIIIIIIIIHIIIIIIIIIIIIHIIIIIIlllllllllllllllllllllx .. .. n Your Collection of Souvenirs 1 of your Alma Mater is not complete without one of our beautiful and artistic GF . VIEW BOOKS It contains 24 full page views of the University and Campus. Price - - 31.00, mailed anywhere MINNESOTA CG-OPERATIVE. COMPANY 33l l4tl1 Avenue S. E., Minneapolis, Minn. - - - W i.m..,...., gg ,,,..H.,,...i,.,., .,.f,...,.....,..n. MRS. NOBLE, Teacher of Dancing The most attractive place in town for a party is the New Studio on Franklin and Hennepin Avenues. For smaller parties the Old Academy at IZI7 Hennepin Avenue may be rented. n u RIIIIIIIIIIIIIIlIIIIIIIIIIIIHIIIIIIIIIIIllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIIIIIIIIIHIIllllllllllKIIIHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIllllllIJIIIIIIIIIIIIlllllIlllllllllllllIllllllllllllllllllllllllIIIIIIIIIIIIKJIIIIlllllllllllllllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIKSTC Jewelery of All Kinds. Weld 8: Sons, 620 Nicollet Avenue, Minneapolis EIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!!IlllllllllllIlIIIIIIIIIIIIUIIIIIIIIIIllllIIIIlllllIIIUIllllllIIIIIIIIIIllllllllllllllIllllllllllIIIIIIIIIIIIEIIlllllllllllUIIIIIIIIIlllllIIIIIIIIIIIIllllllllllllIIUllllllllllllllIlllllllllllllIllllllllllllx PARAGON MOUNTINGS 5 are gaining new friends for us Constantly. 5 E Everyone likes its velvety touch. E : PARAGON MOUNTIXGS stay ou ,, E when other inountings slip. 2 5 lbtillill forget that all glasses should lie E E E adjusted frequently in order to give best 2 FUEL, TRANSFER AND E E serviee, and that, we are glad to do free of 2 E E eharge any time. ' E : O E E , , 408 Fourteenth Ave. S. E. E S M 2 :E 604 Nicollet Avenue, Minneapolis 2 I .. , . SB REU BETWEEN HENNEP1 E E leu12opLAN YQUVQXW 1 ff jAN5NlCOLL T N zoo N5 Q E X by ml W ODERN 3 Q '73 y U MlNNBAPOI.ISl DOLLAR HOTEL 3 C0MPLETEx Qi 204, lil llll XJQQ XO? CONSTRUCTIQN 3 il u ' f L. fag-E CAN YOU MATCH X it V f ggleuiuxm K m E Xwmxmrxh X .gi-H OMMODATIONS AT rr-ug P2215 2 NH a ffix? w i, ,A p V V A E I1 6 If ilu xx X ff "" 4 1 Ly E El. F-'tx 13 uliillijl 'QQ if if-J,,,k 1 5 A , e i l i K e illllll g of do llgg l' 5 A ACA ssss A 1 to A - s' E " 'iflff-f'fX7fff il.. . f-fx" , 5 laxf' t teie A . 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Q illIllIlllllIIIllllllllllllIlllllIllllllIllllllllllllllllllllIIIllllllKllllIlIllllllIllllIIIIIIIIIlllllIllllllllKllllIIIIIIIlllllllllllllllllllllIIIIIIIllIllIllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIllllllIllllIllllIllIlllllIlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllli Engraved invitations. Weld 8: Sons, 620 Nicollet Avenue, Minneapolis xlIlllIlllllllllllllllllllllIIIIIIIIIIIIllllIlIIllIllIIIIIIlllllIllIIIKIIllIIlIllllIllIIIIIIlllIllIlIIllIIIllIIIllIIllIlllllllllllllllllllllllIIIIIIIIIIIIUIIllllIIIIIIllIIllIllllllIIIIlllIllIlIllllIllllllllIIllllllllllIllllllllllllllllllli-Q 1mnmuwuluir.4.ulnlnvnurnfnimnuwinru're:1uwuimrunrnnviInunininnuwra-mmumwnmumin1urumuInIn1r1nnvuruInnuwumunrnmmmurummm ' EW unmmzul'1ummmrunmmumi,r,r.,.m::.1 1.x' v-1mrrm-m-nmzzm. ..- 1.1rli-Iiru:mmm-mrynumll, 1rrrrH1Inrnummmmrinmi ill This space was taken by W. B. SGW. G. JOR- DAN for an advertise- ment. Later, it was decided that University students were too Well posted to be told of the merits of Jordan's NO- EKEWIL and DAKO- MIN brands of canned goods and coffee. ill Jordans, however, are glad to pay for this space, and help a good cause along. lVlEN'S TAILORING made in the BEST MANNER and in CORRECT STYLE if you let me do your work. 5 q'You can have your clothes qi buy all my goods direct of : the mills and can therefore E offer GREATEST VALUES. qlxfly 525 SUITS and overcoats E ARE UNEQUALLED for f beauty and durability. qYou are invited to compare. It will prove, THAT IT PAYS YOU BEST, to patronize me. Tailor Lee, He Satisfes E SUCCESSOR TO TALLANT Sc Co. E 38 South Fifth Street, Cor. Nicollet E ieunmw-w-mr. x mmuumnvunmn ir IS A PART OF YoUR ELUCATION If you intend to be a merchant to know that X9 on dry goods E is a sure sign of quality : Wyman, Partridge or Co. T rw M WHOLESALE DRY GOODS 3 MINNEAPOLIS 2 F xillllllllllllllllllllllllllllIllllllllllllllllllllllIIIlllllllllllllllllllllllllIllllllllllllllllllllIIllIlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIIIIIIIIIIUIIllIIIIIIllllIIllllllllilllllllllllllllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIllllllllllllll llllllllllllllx Dance Programs. Weld 6: Sons, 620 Nicollet Avenue, Minneapolis EllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIlIllIIlIIllIIlIIlIIIIlIIlIIIlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIlIlllllllllllllllllllllllllKIIIIllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllx 2 You S S 5 MINNESOTA Qi! I 2 l I : E - MEN V , INCORPORATED 'P l UNIVERSITY PRESS X -3, Succeeding the -IS E l gl WEAR outa 5 THEIBSYSTEM Printing and Publishing l i. , ,l M ll AM. .QM X tl lf 'i " ' 'Z 'J ' E Cyofles gr -My-un? Gznfkmm E t l L N, O lce Stationery Catalogues E W l Booklets Menus, Banquets Q QIEDRYIOGUIEZE ' ' Y Programs Society Stationery E Money Cheerfully Y ? Refunded . ' ' Opposite Main Entrance U Campus up N 1401 UNIVERSITY AVENUE s. E. E Sold Excliisivly by 4' ' : E E M INNEAPOLI S, Ml NN. E E Nfaurice LRothschild 59 C0 5 E 'palaceelothinq Houxe E 5 Minneapolis, Nicollet cor. 4th,-St.Paul, Robert cor. 'mi E : iiiiiiiiiililiili lllillilllli-ill infill- liiliiiiiiiiwiiiiiiiil ful- ilnimilillillixiiiiiiiiiiiiinlill-i ,mmm E .. E Smoke k i' Qi 2 Sight Draft 5C Cigar Qi E Good 25 years Better now 2 : E ,fer l E 5 4, 'pi E I 5 stu!" ' 4 , l . I V, ' " -'ml W 2 'i ' ' ' Q f- if 2.5-' .. -:, 'mnigll 1 - lv' QQ ' y . ill E wif' W ' U E -- , 1 "-L , - i iv 7-Slab -L if -'L'--11-:-as ' 1 arse' C , 2:5 S page 5 457 - Q ' ' -l :"35b-g-:g.,f'Tl f 2 P' ' ' if' 4425! ,if e L.c.sMlI ,,B 0 P W l lf, v x A . 5 f ' 2 Al -ya -P 5 E WV vial! 'T' 'T' II E : pl Llvlgn uLV'Vly?l Aa : E U-4 4 .,,5fJlV1Q1 Ag' Ei - No J 4 4 1 : E R s ry EWR - : 'Tin : E to N02 F, 2 TYPEWRITE YOUR NOTES 2 E College men who use the L. C. E ' Smith 85 Bros. typewriter get 5 E the most out of their course. E u 2 Essays, theses and lectures 5 ' should be preserved for refer- - 3 . E ence in after years. E E VVQ have typewriters to sell or rent E 5 W. S. Conrad Co. 5 E L. C. Smith 8: Bros. Typewriter Co. E C E Minneapolis St. Paul E 420 Second Avenue So. E E ' Minneapolis, - Minn. 5 rw .4 SQJIIIIIIIIIIIIllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIIllllIllIIIIIllIIlIIllIIIlllllllllllllllllllllllIllllllIlllllllllllllllIIIIIIllllIIIlIIllllllllllllllllllllllllKJIIIlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllKJIIIIlllIIIIIllIIIIlllllllllllllllllllllllE Gifts. Weld Sz Sons, 620 Nicollet Avenue, Minneapolis DGN T SAY UNSING UNION SUITS for Men, Woiiien, Children. Fine in Quality, Non-Irritating, Long Wearing., Always Perfect Fitting, World Famous for Durability. The most in demand because the most satisfactory. Wear them, you will like them. They please everybody. THE NORTHWESTERN KNITTING Co., Mzhzzeapolzk, Mzkzfz. . 1nnu1nunnumnnumumm 1I1anuunIIImnIImm..mmmum-uInnumnnuuunIumuunnIuunuunuumnumunumImmnuunumummumunmunn uIunnI1IIInmmmmImmuInnuunuInmumnuIanIumnunmuuIIunnnmunumuummn I ' ,H rv . y - vi WIIICN IGVYING YOUR UNION Sl'l'IiS. I'I' WIl.l. PAY YUI' I0 IJISCIKIMINATIC. IVIUNSING UNION SUITS for MEN, WOMEN, CHILDREN Are Made By People Who Know I-Iow. Twenty-five years of experience in making union suits back of every Munsingwear garment. BEYOND EOMPAREI Because of the satisfactory way in which they fit and cover the form and because of their N s I N G unusual durability and washability, Munsing suits have become the most popular union suits N A , 'T "' in the worid. More than 7,000,000 garments sold annually. They do not gap or bind at the E A R seat. They are offered in a variety of light, medium and heavy weight fabrics of the finest quality. Prices so reasonable that no one need go without them. Wear them- You will like them. Men's Mllnsiiigwear 151.00 to 35.00. Ladies' Munsingwear 331.00 to 53.50, ChiIdren's Munsingwcux' 31 .50 lo 552.00 For sampIes of fabrics, 1IyIc iIIuxtra!i0nx-, and navru' oi Murn.im1wu:ir dealer in your town. addruss The Northwestern Knitting Co.. Min nea pol is, Minnesota W' Y .HW ..., . ,. ... .. , ..,.., 'r ' M fe'-7-x '-mi-144 ' "' "' ..'l1L1I'LIT"T'.L...41, ,"" "fly "' .I..'fI""'g... H mi' I' " KUJ '1'nWi'TT"'7'TUKEIHI M' xlIIIIIIIIIIIIUIIIIIIIIIlllllIIlIIIIIIIIlllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIllllIllIIIIIIIIIUIIIIIIIIIIIIHIlIIllllllllllllllllllllllllllIIllIIIIIIllllllllllllllllllllllllIllIllIIlIIIIIIIIIKJIIIIIIIIIIIIUIIIIIIIIIIIIllIIlIllIllllllllllllllllllllx U 2 F E 5 x,,,.,,..,..,..,,..K. : E 5 E E : 5 5 ru 54 ' Z ' ru L' H 5 Perfection in the art of Paper 5 E Making is fully demonstrated 5 3 - 5 in the producing of 5 I rv U 5 Kings Superfine Enameled Book 2 c V - 5 A perfect surface for the print- E 5 ing of the very highest E 5 grade of Half-tone E E and Color E 5 Work Z - 3 H u - Z ru M .4 G Z 2 Taba 1914 Gopher E '73 is printed on 2 E Kings Superfine Enameled g E Book 5 ... N M -:. r- F H : Tj Carried in stock by E 2 McClellan Paper Company 2 .1 n u : E Minneapolis 2 -. F u ... S 2 : F H 5 5 : 3 Q .. F x,.,,...,m..r,., m.,,.m,.,.,.x E illlllllllllIlHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIlllllllllllllllllIlllllllllllllllllllIlI1IIIIIIIIIIIIlllllIlllllIllllllIIIIIIIIIlIllllIlIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIllIlllIlllllllIJIIIIIIIIIIIIIJIIIIIllllllllllllIIIlllllllllllllIIIIIIIKllllIlllllllllllllllllllllllg Stationery. Weld 8: Sons, 620 Nicollet Avenue, Minneapolis 51IllllllllIllllIIHIIIIIIIIllIIIIIIIIIIIYIIIIIlllllIlIIUIIIIllllillllllllllllIllllllIIIIIIIIIIII!!IIIIIIIIIIIIUIlllllllllllllllllllllllIlllIIIIIIIIIlIll!IlllllllllllllllllllllIllIllllllllIIIIIIIIIIIlllllllllllllIIlllllIillllllllllllllllx 3 S There is a place in lbfe for leaders. : Do things worth While. Prepare yourself to do better than others E E and you will be compensated accordingly, better service is the E E result of superior training. The proper facilities are essential to E E this training. Modern business methods taught only at this school. E C 5 5 3 3 S A good thing is worth repeating. The E7 E best are worthy of imitation. No one S 5 will pay a premium for inefficiency. : : Who would think of making popular, 5 F - g E Weak points and inferior wares? There E E is plenty of large game. You must E E go where it is if you obtain it. You E 5 must also go prepared to capture it. A E E training in shorthand, stenotypy, 5 E salesmanship, accounting and character 5 E analysis at this up-to-date school will E 5 provide you a stepping stone to success. 5 E 5 E E inneapolis Business College E The Leading Business College of the Northwest E E D. C. Ruoo, President 225 FIFTH ST. soUTH 5 u .4 T- F M .4 illllllllllllllllllllHIIIIIIIIIIIIlllllllIlllllllllllllI1IIIIIIIIIIIIKIIIIIIIIIIIIlllllllllllllllK1IIIIIIIIIIIIIlilllllllllllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIKIIIIIillllllllllllIIIIIIIIIKJIIIIIIIIIIIIlllllllillllIlllllllllllllllIllllllllllllllIIIIIIIIIIIIIISE Engraving. Weld 81 Sons, 620 Nicollet Avenue, Minneapolis xlllllllllllllillllll H u u "'1 f iii 35 Q' '45 gl L I 'E IlllllllllllllIllllllllllll IlllllIKillllllllllIIIlIlllllllllIIllIIIIIIIIIIIIllllllllIIIIIIlllIliltllllIIllllllllIllIlllllIIIIIlllillllllllllllllllll l lltlIlllllllllllllIIIIlllllllllllllIllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllx tu ISI' The highest standard of excei- tence is characteristic of ttze photographic productions Of this studio. Special rates to students. .UEIQIKH I, BLU! 'K 5-: 606' X11 'f7l,!,liY' AVE J .-7, 4 :Zij Sir ni F4 ,O EINIlllllllIIlllllllIIIIIIIHIIIIIIIIIIIIllIIIIIIIIIIIIlllllllIllllllllllllllllllllKIIIIIIIlllllllllIIIIIIIIIIIIlllllllllllllllllllllllllIIllIlllllllllIlllIIIIIIIIIIIIllllllllllllllllIIIIIIllllllK4II!IIIIIIIIIlllllIlllllllllllllllllllllllx St. Anthony Falls Bank, Cor. Fourth Street and Central Avenue XllllilllllllllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIlllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIZIIIIIIIIIIIIKIIIIIIIIIIIIIUIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIJIIIIIIIIIIIIIJIIIIIIIIIIIIIJIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIUIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIKX L, HHH llllilllllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIlllllllilllllllllllllllllll IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIHIIIIIIIUIIIIIIllllIlIIIIIIIIIIlIIlIIIIIlIllIlIlIlI'A 'llllllIllllllllIllllliIIIIIIIIlllIlllIIIIIIIlIlllIIIllllllllllllIIIIIHIIIIIIIIIIIUIIIIIIIIIIIIIIHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIHI IH 1 I ' H wx wy Uur'Pr I f x I 'IYI5 , M,ff':f,w' ,::"!' , , g ' 41'-2ij.',,' 2 fn .JW .1:.Qf,.!21if X WW 1 I w . I gr! 5 I' N Sf M Q:3p1Zi.'z2fwfs:"'reN Irriilnunnffn' Ili , I QQ? M 1, I. gr ..!!!nf I ' I "I I "H ik W I 'iff-'VIIIVIEE :link 1 jj I? EX ,axff-?l,gTjI11IWg?gsN5aii1,KE,5:7iiifig . 1:,Igf1.:,S pil! - -,' ' f f", '."' V ,114fl'E7': l5.,2'f'I::'ff:'g f If -V 5.7!-a V-E jx. I X 6955515-.,"",?''EILSMIW'-IL',H EFI? Wa -E .- VIE - f X NR I I - ,4 . 5 I . .1-. ' -I I I I 'A WIFI. EW-'if' f u . .622 2 '::::"I1'i':Pi?3 1. 21' -I AMI . I n 1.1852 f?'lI1Q1f If ,ff11g::f-- .5 .211 -W-4aVaf1iQieni,4 qv f "' x'h I?r" 'j-LW " A - 'S L' "rr ,QM I :IH ' "?,- I-'II SK N Xulgl gln I XLEL I IMLQIWI' Q :llLRL1E1Q galil ii J, 'I -Fsmwiu ' if A ' "' ' 7'-'.'e!.X:'?:. 3151f'f7Pfr,v5f- bl '21 .'QIa':21i5m"' ,I ig1.lI'H ss2-A '1,'1lE: NI A, v ' !w,'ga,g,,I9P-',' :di E RI-,gr.L,::fm.,cl1',r,.iaM:5,SfIT'VLIIQQmi:5i fr ? I' Yikiwgwul 13 , 1f" ' , YZ HIE' :fit im ,IHEEIQHIML 'I"' ffTW I :Elm-I HM 5 JW' I I n if ipinfza " 5 :p.1'1'y--rf Jvefff' hm, 1l'.-"' : - ,-2:1 Q' W : ..., , M., EMQIZA llgf' P - .,, fum, i ,- : 114435 21:7 l I H1!kf5:3:.3v4L -... f"f'lf:?f 5156 Q35 " ' 2212234 'ff':553"53!'3 " ' ' :v45"ff:,4i Q- 'Qi -I .3 "1 '2--"5-"-LIL' ' 6 " l.fxIEj'4f'12-..,a5I5l,l lhyy .1-p Q, 1:Ig5l.iLp.,L1' V. ,',-x figall: l,,.g, R, 2' L 1 I-1 'v .J ,.f.i'.'-. I The Larqesi En?ravinq Esjablishrneni 111 Ihe Uniied S cies spec1c1l15inq ln -1 QUALITY ENGRAVINGS 731' COLLEGE ANNUALS BUREAU'OF'E NGRAVINGVINC. DAY AND NIGHT SERVICE MINNEAPOLIS OMAHA ' DES MOINES MILWAUKEE WIllIHHIIIIIIIIIHIIIIIHIIHIIlllllllllllllllllllllllll IlIllIIIIIIHIIIIIIIIHIIIIIIllllllIlllIIIlllllllllIIIlllillllllllllI!IllllllllllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIlllIllllllilllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIlllllllllllllllllilHL xlllllllllllllllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIKIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIUIIIIIIIIIIllllliiilIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIlllllllllllllllllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIHIIIIIIIIIIIIllIIIIIIIIIIIIlllllIIIlllllllllllllllllllllx St. Anthony Falls Bank, Cor. Fourth Street and Central Avenue xlllllllllllllllIlllllllllllIlIllllllillllllIlllllllllllllIIIIIIIIIIIIHIIIIIIIIIIIIUIIIIIIIIIIIIUIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIUIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIlllllllllllIllllllllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIllllllllllllllllIIIlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllix he C wat iililcsteru iariutiuu umpaug l Printers to the particular advertiser EQOLLEGE Year Books printed as they vshould be printed. We do more than merely print your books. We help in every possible way so that you may have the very best book. qi A special department-means the service you want a.nd must get. ill Monotype compositionimeans a new and perfect piece of type for your entire book and gives you the finest selection of type faces. We have an appropriate combination of type face for every piece of work. Ill Modern machinery and material in the com- posing room, press room and bindery and the men that know how to handle their material, means that we can and do handle your Annual so that you get the very best possible. il We are printing this year: The Gopher, University of Minnesota: The Hawkeye, University of Iowa: The Agrarian, School of Agriculture, U. of M.: Agassiz, School of Agriculture, University of North Dakota: The Jack Rabbit, School of Agriculture and Mechanic Arts, University of South Dakota: The Liner, Hamline University: The Moccasin, Minnesota College. 518-22 Third Minneapolis Street South The Gfzbfi xkksferv Minnesota Pflhilfy GJ xllllllIIIIIIIllllllllllllllIllIIIIIIIIIIIUIIIIIIIIIIIlllllllIIIIIIIIIIIlllllllllllllllIIIIIIIIIIUIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIlllllllllllllIlllllllllllllIIIIIIIIIlllllllllllllllllllIIIIIIIIllllllIIIIIIlllllllllllllllllllllllllIIIIllllllllllllllllllllx Gold and Silver Medals. Weld 81 Sons, 620 Nicollet Avenue, Minneapolis ElllllllllllllllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIZIIIllllIllIIIllIIIIIIIIIllIllIIIIIIIIIIIIIiiIllIIIIIIIIllIIIIIIIIIIIIK1IIllIIIIIIIIZ!IIIIIIIIIIIIUIIIlllllllIllllIlllllllllIIJIIIlllllllllKIIIIIIIIIIIIIKIIIlllIIIIIIIllllllllllllllKIIIIIIIIIIIIIKQS THE UNIVERSITY EOOK STORE 5 The Largest College Book Store in the United States E E OUR MAIL ORDER DEPARTMENT E 1- u E The fact that we publish catalogues and indexes used by all libraries en- E S E ables us to locate any book published. We will send postpaid any book at E E Publisherls Price. Qorders Hllecl same day as received.I E E University of Minnesota Jewelry E E VVC carry a complete line of college pins, spoons, novelties. E E College Pennants and Pillows 5 Our line Of pennants of all the colleges is very complete. Minnesota 'Pennants from E Z 25c to 35.00. New designs and styles. The special Alumni Pennant at 151.75 is a winner- E E order one now. I E -- :- E FOUNTAIN PENS E E Prohahly there is no article which serves more Varied requirements than the pen. The E 2 needs of individual users differ in the very widest degree. Write us your Wants and we will E E help you to select a pen to suit your hand. E E XVe carrv a large and varied assortment Ot Sterling, MOOrc's Non-Lealcahle, VVaterinan E N 3 E Self-Filling, Conklin Self-Filler and IVaterinan Ideal Fountain Pens. Prices S2.00 to 56.00. E E We Guarantee Every Pen We Sell E TI-IE H W WILSON COMPANY E 1401 University Avenue S. E.. MINNEAPOLIS, MINN. E PATROMZE THE Gopher S Advertisers E I THEY REPRESENT THE El E BEST IN THEIR LINES 2 : 7- .. 7. - u L' :Tzummmnum:ummrimmununmnmuuuuunnmuummmmmmmmnnmmmmumnnmnumnumnuannumu:munnunr:numnummmunnnnumnnmmnnuununuunnurifi Programs. Weld Sc Sons, 620 Nicollet Avenue, Minneapolis

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