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, , ...524 1 A M ,, H , 1 w 1? 5 , IND PADI IVR Tlxij book i IUIIII IIIHFII ke pff5Pef+y of W I. IIIIILIVIII K NIU XI Jl IILIK 5'f"'mi.'k:f"1L sr1::7.'.QLS.2iaiI.2!.m5mA2.:st:2w:Az'se:V:.3v,am'::ma'n1,, , " 'v5zm's:L'f:m1:E5,3fx.':mxlevrmzg-:szi.::f.'fv::fnh.sxQ'ma21":'1rfrw'An'.f" ":..7::' y:...:xa,,.L.,g... -. ,.: 4.7.-y of -,H wmv arf -S mms num. 'rmnammzfntfn-mzarxaezwmf . Q .: f:Lzicv:ew:eKs. " 'F 'mnrmzzzwlwzuzmusarszernnzeammzamnn' 1-vxvfrmv 10' ':'::rr'.:1:fn:':':fm'2:gg: fr c Q99-cr:-: :iz :-mmm: 3 'B U! iii gl 1 I 4 1 1 1 1 1 4 N 1 1 J -. ,,,'EYJZMM fra f TfmifQQ231fT5w"m?-45Ufm5T'i?'G'f5' ' ng4Lgggg,L,,.:.4g, film? lfA""'?"' "W"?'f'BPY"!C"' 1155, fvew' 'a "5"?'7'5'i.'ff"i Tf':?l79 1-isa-2fJ122'14w Mfi"'N.ewf'mf-'f"'f1'fh' , . 4 :wwf '553!512HsifliaQ2'?,T..r..:""!ADEWZ2.E1'ei.v...'7':' We Young Mamas Prayer OCDO When full of years, O God! and reckoned sage, Companioned by the memories that enshrine 'Tlfe Pastg Kwhenriife has yellowed o'er the page Of Youth, and, musing, l must needs repine The loss of friends, that hitter sign of age, White hairs, the silver sign. Oh, may the Long Ago loom soft and fair, Recalling, not the evil and the stress, But tranquil hours, and gentle faces there, Flashes of joy, and sacred tenderness, A sense of peace along the evening airf Visions that charm and bless! -Richard Burton. nz Hrwessuge and Nlvlorlyf' Lulhrop, Lee and Sfieparzl, Pulvlislrcrs, B i 1 J 5 1 1? P' vw? wk 15 ,,.,1 Lf x . , wg Qs Q 5515 x Q3 JUNIOR TOAST E r loyal,eVer fru iy,j0lly,delO0na Lk file-TOSES yOU may you be. HelenDP The Press and Bmdery TI-IE A B FARNHAM PRINTING AND STATIONERY Co MINNEAPOLIS, MINN The Engravmgs BUFFALO N Y or A BY THE ELECTRIC CITY ENGRAVING Co. S W P 4 Y , , f b X V 1 ' A Q X THE " j N .1 S '-V' W K 5 Q N W 25' -N9 8 'X J. ako f s " Y .. 22 L. Pvghnfnnn Q ,d x N X -0- fg: ANNVALLY DY THE ff x QW Jvmo QLAQLIJ' A6 : gl X4 95" . pf KW Q V ,, cliff 13,1 x Swag .gl 1 .. 523213 E53 J? iL""fZ59 :2.wmQsx....4. VNIVWITYWMINNMOT f '. 'Wfs'w v '1fw 'ZP xv""'1'W""6'0'W" 4 ,.,vx :UVM 5 p Q21 VPWWQ. fff,'xY 5 Jf, 62552 'niig f o 754913 A m X at 0 'J' if -'SWA 'Q 'A We KA ,dx if2afWghr4"x' Q,J,:2 ev me viii gM""5lk3" fismffqnk f' N QW 'Mmm MW' PX 'ag AGSMFS' 'NP 1'5" L " iq avg ' '?'x ' . TI-IE ,BOO OF 'Fl-IB QQ Cufxoff ISF' 19 10 AK MAY-l-1909 - vohvfxus -XXIII da 9 ' n I0 I 5 N I I W -A OPIIIII ' X ., , 2 HOWARD Y. WILLIAMS ALLAN J. WASH CONRAD G. FREDIN FARRINGTON DANIELS J. RAY BUFFINGTON DARTT H. LYFORD EDWARD B. COSGROVE LOUISE A. STRONG CARLOTTA BAMBER GEORGE W. SNYDER FRANK LEON BIBB MARY E. CUTLER MARIE BROWNE HELEN LYDON ARLEIGH R. MILLER ERSKINE W. VANCE WILLIAM D. TIMPERLEY GEORGE A. DUTOIT FRED COMB GEORGE D. HARRIS G. EARL GANNSLE CHARLES L. LEWIS M. O. GPPEGARD HAL S. GOLDBLUM KENNETH J. DUNCAN T. ALBERT PEPPARD W. W. JOHNSTON EDWARD M. MARSH IZ I Hope an Love T Greater .Afmnesota n J I Tll119 Book is Decl1'catecl to rzze ' I3 6 Book One Book Two Book Three Book Four Book Six Book Seven Or er of the o k The University The Juniors The University Year The University Organizations The Bee Hive The Advertisers 771 cl B o Book Five ----- The University Athletics I4 illll UNH! S+- Q 1' LP 6 u A ' A A rf f we 4, e .-v -24? - , . A-. 4g,g:5n'EW 4 S? ,db Q v, ' l P1 -' ' 'nr--1. I ,Q N l l I V, , ,N 4 HH' . , I . 1 I F la ' I X LA gnu' V ..'. O ' 1 ,aus - inf., Ng? . yi! P' . s. f ' , Q. S . Z 1 I - 'VE Lift -I ' 7 . ' K p ' ' 1 . dx . ' r . V . . . oo - . 4 A ' ,, ,q - - o 1 n r I ' l ' I l l ' 5 1"sf . ,- A+ -. ' o": X K S J " - K U . X Vg. w ' 9' if S ' 43? 5.-Sr, 'f - "..rcl5f.'4...:S I 515 GREETING 1 mnesotal x-,9 5 T IO Tho: whos!-3 achlijf Jbdgkn ments ave ma e us y ploudel chllclren and to ff' B313 lg Those whose ene ous UDQ, Jo 'Q 11 enthusiasm ancl courag eous lovalty have made the e Achlevements posslble Gneetmgl To Those that read 1f ln any way Thls Book shall serve to consecrate them to a lull er servxce to Thee and thelr Fellows the Spmt of the Maklng w11l be satlsflecl '-1:1 cluwfw "" wg f5.'55"s..f"'q Qc I5 2-1,'fvs'vm2?'b1rLf'fw'v-rfmmeznwzv 1? Mf,wmA ww-M., ,wif-w. if-gfwwxf ''YeHvfilidsisse''vvmxrawnhwamwmamcniwmffiifimvrsxmuls7.'!:tnm.nX2Yz.i::.xi5iLw L K e 3atun't 11, .forms ripe V Ag'a1nS'1t 'Hi'6 .sfegly gray of wirfrgr skies, whose leaf3g,'vob ga of lwmgh green L Cain l'.d+C1'1j4'k6 df -5inn1f11ex?'.s sunny .slweemy Ag 5eq .5on.s d1an3e., and yeews Head each on each, You 531511 Qemaii xbey' onfl 'k1me,.'3 greedy veacakig f' You 5,511 shall Jam? 'to gourd WQJH1 pride The Safes of Alma Maier, opening mwide Her POY'td.l'5 541 'the can of eager' youfh. Helen Upainkar .12QEmw. I IB 0014 CNE Q . .Q 1 We University X A 4....,.,..,....,,...,,...,,,V..,-., .K .. , A ,,,,. ,. , .11 ,- wg. . ,f I7 Dean Frederick Jones !8 Appreciation o Dean ones By pres1'Jent Northrop 030 My memory at once goes back to the fall of l880, when Fred S. Jones came to Yale College from Shattuck School in Minnesota, where he had fitted for college, and brought a letter of introduction to me from one of the teachers in Shattuck, a graduate of Yale. From that time till the close of his college course he was often a visitor at my house, and I came to know him intimately. I was impressed by his mental ability, his independence, his frankness and his manliness. In the spring of l884 I accepted the presidency of the University of Min- nesota, and a few weeks later I selected Mr. Jones as a desirable professor of physics, and I notified him of my wish that he should specially prepare himself for the position. This he did by special study two years in Europe, after which he came to the University of Minnesota as professor of physics, and he has held the position for twenty years, during which time he has practically created the department and has made it one of the strongest departments in the University. l-lis assistants are all men whom he himself has trained, though some of them have studied in Europe, and he has been peculiarly wise and fortunate in selecting them. As a consequence his department is perfectly harmonious, and every man in it is devoted to the head of the department. Some years ago Professor Jones was made Dean of the College of Engineering. l-le brought order out of seeming chaos in this college, put new vigor into every department, raised the standard of scholarship, has now provided for a five-year course, of which a reasonable portion shall be devoted to culture, and has made the college an example for other tech- nical schools in the country to follow. The Regents of the University have learned AI9 ,,.,,,..,,4...,.,.,. .. Mc.: ,..,...,.4.4i- ss, -':.,.,..-.g,.,s....usas.g..A W ' f ,L :4g,M g3.L,:, 4,9 ,, . .............,. ,An ,,,,, to trust his judgment and his fairness implicitly and his estimates and recommenda- tions are almost always approved by them. For years Dean Jones was the Faculty Director of Athletics, appointed as such by the Board of Regents, and in that office he succeeded in enforcing the regulations of the Faculty and in controlling the sometimes erratic ebullitions of student passion. l-le is young in his feelings. Students find him eminently frank, fair and sympathetic. No man is more capable of using words that will perfectly convey his meaning, and no student need ever misunderstand him. l-le will do everything he can to meet the wishes of students, and no student will ever induce him to do anything which he does not think is consistent with the best interests of the college. He is one of the most companionable of men. l-le has been a member of the Faculty of Letters at the University of Min- nesota in virtue of holding the Professorship of Physics. l-le has also been the Dean of the College of Engineering. No one could have been more loyal and just to both positions than he has been. l-le has never forgotten that he graduated at Yale in the classical course and has never ceased to value that course, though his own special Work has been in science and in the promotion of engineering. l-le is firm, outspoken, and eminently courageous. He is wise in administration. Yale College is to be congratulated most heartily on securing him for Dean. l may be pardoned for saying that l know he would not leave me even for the very honorable position in Yale to which he has been called, if I had resisted his leav- ing, but l have been willing to have him go to Yale because I think he will do Yale a great deal of good. But I shall part with him with the deepest regret- l lose from my daily companionship a loyal and delightful friend and Yale Col- lege gains a first class Dean, who will be an inspiration to his colleagues, a leader in University development, and a gracious and helpful friend to the students-sym- pathizing with them most heartily in both their manly sports and their scholarly studies. CFrom a letter written May 5, 1908, for publication in the Yale News, upon request of the editorj ' za. sf - ee- -a-as-:sw-W--ww, sms---faqewf-sg-W5.,...Lx -sw: ,,. --f-- 1 20 .,....a.a.,.,,,,, , Y., a limits? Tue Minnesota Union The plans for The Union comprise several excellent features which will appeal to all men of the University. The basement has a floor space of 23,716 square feet, accommodating eleven standard bowling alleys and seating space for 600 spectators. Besides, two-thirds of basement is vacant thus allowing for future expansion or development of new activities not now planned for in the building. The first Hoor also has like Hoor space accommodating the offices of the Board of Governors and the Y M C A check rooms for l 500 people several assembly rooms and the Varsity Commons seating more than l 000 people in the mam and private adlolnmg dining rooms The ladies dining room IS one of these The second floor has a slightly smaller floor area Here is the living room grand hall the foyer and the theatre all of which extend through the third floor Faculty rooms billiard pool card and smoking rooms are also on this floor The third Hoor has about I3 000 square feet besides two extensive open balconies and two promenades The visitors gallery overlooking the living room the balcony of the theatre and two promenades overlooking the grand hall are all on a level with this floor Here also are eight bedroom suites for University guests and four large rooms for assembly purposes and other uses not yet designated i ALBERT E.. JENKS. 2I l We Itasca Summer School 020 I-IE first session of the Itasca Summer School of Forestry opened July l, l908. The headquarters were located on the east shore of the north arm of Lake Itasca, one mile from the point where the Miss- issippi steals secretly from the lake on its 2,000-mile journey to the gulf, and some twenty-eight miles from Park Rapids. The former home of the Park Commissioner furnished the sometimes necessary school rooms and the crude office and library. A rough dining hall, built in true lumberjack style4 but airy and comfortable-was located on the lake shore and was capable of accommodating sixty people. That sounds luxurious, but the building with all its equipment cost about 95200. To the northward a single row of 9x9 tents stretch along the shore, the dormitory. I There were some eighteen men following up the lines of surveying, botany, silviculture and forest mensuration, entomology and nature study. High school boys and college graduates worked side by side in this interest- ,ass sr: .. ,. eamdcvassniaaasiul aisA1, i:bKiam.aeLa2eanr.z'2f-af,5sfrxL?f:.L2'1Lif.4.-:Lux5Sambasetx1GtGa2gQ:4GE:zf:3r-wc7lJmwSi',5:r.::Lrzz:azu3Ac:r 22 we fare fm: cfm yszztszfrrevrmis 223123- 1. 4 5 wir ing field work-for at least nine- tenths of the work was done in the Held. The routine school work was, however, but a part of the benefits of such a course. The opportunity to study the life of the great north woods was the great factor. Some there were, who departed August l3th no wiser than when they had come, save for the little they had been forced to absorb in the class work, but all the lovers of the out- side world had received a pretty good introduction to the Red Gods. The lake stretched away to the north, the south and the southeast, filled with fish and surrounded with pine-clad hills interrupted here and there by the lighter green of tamarack swamps. Douglas Lodge, at the south end of the east arm, with its summer boarders, gave the tinge of civilization so pleasant to some. More or less distinct trails lead through all the known types of the northern forests to beautiful springs and small hidden lakes, While he who heard the "call of the wild" had but to plunge from the trail and was soon beyond all trace of human kind in the natural tangle of the "silent places" where he might at any moment come unexpectedly upon the yet undetermined ultimate source of the Father of Vvaters. The park afforded 22,000 acres of game preserve, where deer, moose, bear, grouse, beaver, mink, porcupines, wolves and ducks live undisturbed and unafraid. The curious and cautious woodsman found them easy of ap- proach. Such was the life of the summer school. To the lover of the noises of the city it was one. long continuous boreg to the true camper and lover of the forest life, a joy and a revelation. E. G. CI-IEYNEY. MW- far' iff- wmwslswrtanav .:'s-.1rrmuvL2!aMit1.5:1-7wz1,e:.sirf'zww'.s 1 I waxwfwamzimzmn,:n,Tt2ee:aa!sz2Lra:i:relma:-W-m,w,.r.fzws:.aH::i:r.a.:,"... Xi:..1.5a'f!.1a2Eia':gt+.L:.s.2t, .Q4ursz1:mf:.1:f..51Q2ita:aEwst' 23 HON. A. E. RICE f I HON. JOHN LIND HON. PIERCE BUTLER HON. JOHN A. JOHNSON 728 Board O Regents CYRUS NORTHROP, LL. D. The President of the University I-ION. S. M. OWEN HON. W. J. MAYO HON. C. A. SMITH HON. JOHN W. OLSEN I HON. THOMAS WILSON C. D. DECKER, Secretary HON. B. F. NELSON .,W.....i ..., .. w ' ,..,. ,,,. ., I I f :J I S . I 5 -I 1 li I ii 55 EI 'I A A if 'f I I JI IR ' I li I .I F-I GN I I I I 5. Ii If 7 5 I 2 WILLIAM R. APPLEBY FRANK FAIRCHILD FREDERICK J. WULLING ALFRED OWRE WESBROOK 6 Deans FREDERICK S. JONES WILLIAM S. PATTEE aw.. ' I I JOHN F. DOWNEY ADA COMSTOCK EUGENE W. RANDALL EUGENE L. MANN GEORGE F. JAMES HENRY T. EDDY GEORGE B. 25 FRANKFORTER PRESIDENT - VICE PRESIDENT SECRETARY - TREASURER 26 If of . QI W. W. Norton Maurice Jenness I-I. W. Dahleen Hope Stegner X , X xfff X 21 an QM? fl Gfhffyiif 0 GVSJ A - yggvvoygj U L x C9.I,fQ,Z9Io I f cf 0 . 3 H 4955 5514 xJX I fr! I7 uf 5 N Y iv X K V, ,,f"!,f'! ff mt X03 :I I V . IWT R , K4 XP I I I N 0151- ww If I C, wax fl PRESIDENT - - - Arthur Barke VICE PRESIDENT - - Katherine Crocker SECRETARY - - - Laura Paddock TREASURER 1 Vvilliam Cammack 27 Pg' ik 5? U' .L 'E gym ' f lf fm M ww . , , x , , , 5 H 9 X , X ' ' A L1 ,f E f if WIA GUY W V PRESIDENT - - Haddon Ostlund VICE PRESIDENT - - George Wycoff TREASURER - - Harold Dane SECRETARY - - May Clifford 28 A X ,f I, I 5 Xia 4, f If in KX if M R X Q, flaw! X Kufbgxjyffg tau PRESIDENT ---- Harvey McNair XIICE PRESIDENT - - - Kirk Hillman SECRETARY - - - Mary Bohn TREASURER - - - De Witt Jay Paine SERGEANT-AT-ARMS - - - John Eagan Z9 3 1 30 9 ,1 31 .I Wk 51 . -A f. -f,'f-M fa? ,,LL, H ,L Q iv -1- f W ' xf fx us-1: 32 1 1 x X la' sg ' ,ff Q I . 42. x if "'3':Q3 ' ii W e JA f k '-fi kz lll ,f ,iz-"l K 1' SA 194 ' B' Ziff ' K zzawwg-w.EeP,: f Nzfgf95f fs fi .'-fexfwmhriw-frffia A ' -I' :gsm , , f gil ffgsggwffm -Q , - V .-M53 ' . Rn -y , ku B OOK TWO SEQ, l Tae Juniors f -w1.?p..., W-N,L,..',.,.,9,,,.,..,,.,.. M. . .. .., . , .. . .. i: 5E3NviQx15i5Q JC5 v ie'lQ3I'E2 ERNEST E.. ABEL Butterfield Butterfield High Q ,-,,h 'tHe-re" ,- l BEN W. ADAMS Engineering Pine Island Pine Island High E.ngineer's Society "Benny," a baseball shark FRANK W. ADAMS Dentistry 1- . 5 Willmar, Minn. Willmar High. ,Q JI" e W Bishop Gilbert Society ' "Sliver" doesn't want the boys to hold .. , a grudge against him because that Adam guy ate the apple. N INNES A. ADAMS Law Minneapolis Central High id' 'ljesse James" a A. H. AHRENS Medicine Lyle Lyle High He followeth in his brother's footsteps. I 5 JOHANNA AICHELE Academic A , ,I St. Paul Central High ' i.yki., Y. W. C. A.-Women's League . Q I The girl with a doll face. Has a strong medical attraction. V "E .1 EFL... 'fLgm: Je:mg,MJM"m .Y',.12:rrxw2e3i1iw ' LZSGKAYZY Ci-IAS. C. ALLEN Medicine Ada Ada High .VIN B. S. Carleton, '07 "Physicians mend or end us." .aa f K . ... 'Q X fb . Y ,, , 'Us JAMES H. ALLISON Dentistry Anoka Anoka High "Jimmie" comes from the burg that pollutes the river. IRENE ANNETTE ANDERBERG Academic Sisseton, S. D. Sisseton High Y. W. C. A.-Scandinavian Society In a class with npollu and "BilDl::." CLARA S. ANDERSON Academic Milan Windom Institute Y. W. C. A.-Women's League. Not much talk-a great, sweet silence, OSCAR P. ANDERSON Engineering Wells Wells High E.ngineer's Society "Pete." If diligence be a virtue, then surely he is virtuous. GSCAR V. ANDERSON Engineering Minneapolis Hudson High President junior Engineers, First Lieut. U. M. C. C., Basketball MM." Engineer's Society "Andy," He will talk, ye Gods! how he will talk! 35 V34 VK' A i..r ,gy 4? :amass WALTER EDMUNDI ANDERSON Academic Stillwater Stillwater High Y. M. C. A.-Scandinavian Society Cupid on a large scale. "Nature hath formed strange fellows in her time." DALTON M. ANDREWS Academic C0JH40.l'I',' St. Paul East High Adelphian Club-Press Club-J. B. Ass'n 'Tis better to have loafecl ancl Hunlced, than never to have loafecl at all. ROY HENRY ASHWORTH Engineering Mankato Mankato Normal Engineer! Society All eyes and sweet smiles for the eter- nal feminine. -HANS ASLESON Engineering Minneapolis Dawson High g "Politician" VVILLIAM B. ATKINSON Engineering TT-QT Barnesville Barnesville High Football He's not built like a football player, but- CLARA L. AUST Agriculture Minneapolis North Dakota State School of Science Philomathian-Y. W. C. A. Quiet and busy all the time. Can fnake fine bread. 36 GEORGE J. BAKER Agriculture Alma Center, Wis. Stevens Point Normal .JZ PhilomathianfY. M. C. A. His two ambitions are to own a herd of shorthorn cattle and settle in Wiscon- sin. CARLOTTA BAMBER Academic Rochester Rochester High Dramatic Club-Brush and Pencil- Minnesota Daily-Assistant Artist Gopher Y. W, C. A.-Women's League. Has a fondness for Moonlight and Ersky. The call guy has made quite an ad-Vance with Carl lately. LUVIA BARCLAY Academic Minneapolis Stanley Hall .JW-.l'.l.1-.ellf Dramatic Club-Theta Epsilon We have here a sprightly young maid, who several times has betrayed A somewhat marked fondness For male types of blondness And hair of a coppery shade. ARTHUR R. BARKE Academic Fergus Falls Fergus Falls High lllllgl Adelphian Club-Y. M. C. A.fPresi- dent junior Class-Band-J. B. Association lmmaculate "Abe" has Buck fever. FRANK BARLOW Academic Kasson Kasson High .lK1D- F. L. X. Talks to no girls and wears heavy glasses. HADWEN C. BARNEY Engineering .ITJ Adelphian Club!-J. B. Association "Had"-The boy with the Celestial smile. 37 F . .ps hr VERNON S. BECK Engineering Minneapolis Ashland Y. M. C. A. Oh! so hard on the gas bills. High ' 4 RoscoE C. BELLINGHAM Bellingham Marshall High - ... "Bosco" claims to be different from his namesake. if . Dentistry at '1- ARNOLD O. BENSON Agriculture Glenwood Glenwood High President of Forestry Club "Ben." He goes to see his aunt every Sunday. MERCEDES GRACE BERRISEORD Academic R St. Paul Central High Eulerpean Club-U. C. A. vlvi ' Twinkle toes No. 2. lnclined to be - V Hirtatious. HOWARD MORGAN BERRY Law Maplelon Mapleton High Law Literary-Y. M. C. A. ' The Flirt. DELBERT BERSING Pharmacy Blair Wis. Blair High Y. M. C. A. " e never quits. Commonly called Debsf' Not a Socialist but a very sociable fellow. 'f-24 zsezvamzsmfe 1 54191 3.-9i 4 1 y v y H , 1 1 4 y l, ' m'i2m :lmeL14wQwsrmbmmQmm2wmmm1Ls ldNau'mmf:axz:e'.muMwLSxamvm's "mmf N d w f 38 iq, t ,iz it . ' mv aw .+:zmwxa:.'m'ss WILLIAM BETHKE Academic Franklin Mankato High Castalian "High water Bill"-"Little Lamb, who made thee?" FRANK LEON BIBB Academic Minneapolis Central High JI'-Vw .I Kawa Club-President Dramatic Club 4Assistant Artist Gopher-Daily Staff- Vice President Musical Federation4 Brush and Pencil-Adelphian Club- J. B. Association-Y. M. C. Af Spanish Club-Cadet Sergeant U. M. C. C. "Bantam Rooster" "Oh Slush-Poor Dibbs the Ladies Pet." fQuoted from the Daily Newsj HENRY R. BICKNELL Chemistry Minneapolis East High School of Chemistry Society-Y. M. C. A.4First Lieutenant U. M. C. C. He would if he could, but he can't. He's not married but lives at home. EUGENE L. BILLS Mining Minneapolis East High School of Mines Society-Band. He is an accomplished musician and a poet by nature, but not by reputation. JAMES DATER BILSBORROW Wolverton Moorhead Normal Philomathian Bills makes a good boarding-house keeper or an assistant professor H E. B1NcER Medicine Redfield S D Redfield Academy lx Ill Heinie Ella says he walks just like er 39 Agriculture 4 1 HOWARD D. BLANDING Law St. Croix Falls, Wis. Osceola High "Undertaker" O. M. BOLME Engineering Sperry, N. D. Fargo High Ole has developed into quite a fusser. JOHN B. BOLTON Chemistry Minneapolis East High School of Chemistry Society Halfbaclc fper College Widowj, but not in football. MELVILLE BURT BORGMAN Medicine Minneapolis South High CDPI "Smiles" A medical musical prodigy. MERCY HOWLAND BOWEN Academic St. Paul Central High KK! '-A-lf: Y. W. C. A.-Women's Leaguefrl-heta Epsilon-Tennis Club 'AGoodness Gracious!" A pocket edi- tion of the Declaration of lndepenclence. MAYBELLE BoYsoN Academic Minneapolis East High Alzlzl-AE Dramatic Club-Y. W. C. A. Formerly known as Mabel. Will she have a chance to change it again? Here's hoping. OLE A. BRAAFLADT Dentistry Belview Minneapolis Central High "Ole" admits it was Jeffries who decor- ated his optic. ARTHUR F. BRATRUD Medicine C6 yearf Warren Warren High Thulanian Club-Band "Brat." Come on, Guys, let's skip class this afternoon. EDWARD josEPH BRAZELL Law Tacoma, Wash. Prairie du Chien High .-HUP "Beau Brummeln PETER JOHN BREKHU5 Dentistry Minneapolis Augsburg Seminary "Rev. Peter john" wanted his whole family in this photo. DONALD Ross BREWSTER Agriculture Minneapolis Central High JTJ Mandolin Club-Forestry Club- First Lieutenant U. M. C. C. "Don," He is either going to become an engineer, a forester, or an ofhcer in the army. FRANK W. BREY Medicine New Ulm New Ulm High ,IKK As a freshman he earned some reputa- tion as an after-dinner speaker. 41 Y 2 ii if. is L'YwZ'Z. N. J13iT.T'iZt3f'L'il!31Q?lIA'21??133'94Ti16.'FP'3t 'Wifi 2- ' W .. .. 1"'1'1 "W: am? , UML 2if?'E3?""x ii!-1KT'LQffI1ZS3P.'Uf L. .LMS M w Bm9nr,nQwwmmwuixvwdBmammASuwrim5-Ir'i,M219.'sFcwIaa2iGDi2lLiL4152iEffb1'Mk:b1azm1.Lseu-2i1f xr- .Q, 1. 9 HELEN BRICHAM Academic Minneapolis Muscatine High Equal Suffrage Club She has joined the ranks of the history sharks. MARTHA BRINSMAID Academic Minneapolis South High Y. W. C. A.-Women's League Our college philanthropist. GEORGE O. BROHAUGH Academic Shelly Red Wing Seminary He looks like a cry for help. EDNA MARIE BROWN Academic Minneapolis East High HI! W-JE Y. W. C. A.4Women's League- Tam O'Shanter A college cut up, coy and clever. Absolutely and irrevocably a Pi Phi. Ti-uRzA BELLE BROWN Academic Minneapolis Central High Y. W. C. A.-Equal Suffrage Club Has a yearly lease on a seat in the study room of Shevlin. IVlAR1E BROWNE Academic Minneapolis Central High 214.1 Acanthus-Quill-U. C. A.-Tam O'Shanter-Women's League Council- Sociely Editor Daily '07-'08-Circulab ing Editor of Women's "Mag" '07-'08- Gopher Board. A popular concentration of energy. 42 I l -as f ,A : fwfr- wav.. Aff. - OTTO E. BROWNELL Engineering Ely Ely High Engineefs Society "Buck" From Ely, but virtuous. EDNA A. BRUCE Academic Rockwell, Ia. Iowa State Normal Apple-checked maiden who chaperons her sister. Good ad for Mellen's food. SARAH AGNES BRYAN ACBdCl"lliC Rochester Rochester High Y. W. C. A. "If to her share some female errors fall, Look on her face and forget them all." FLORENCE LUCIA BUCK Academic Minneapolis East High Euterpean-Secretary, Sophomore Class Thank Heaven! She's still at large! j. RAY BUFFINGTON Engineering Minneapolis Central High IX Mitre-Scabbard and Blade-President Adelphian Club-Chief Artist Gopher- Press ClubvBrush and Pencil-J. B. Association-First Lieutenant and Adju- tant First Batt. U. M. C. C. "Buff," "Refi" College minus Helen, Buff couldn't stand it. RALPH E. BURDICK Law Mantorville Mantorville High "-Iimmie's Page" 43 zmwmmmN'emlm2'nu' LOIS I... BURTON Academic Alden Alden High A demure and weeping widow. JOHN C. BUSH, JR. Engineering Duluth Duluth Central High f.l'-HT Engineers Society-Adelphian Club- hl, B. Association-Traclc l908. "Jack" "Listen here!" John Christian Bush, Junior, of Duluth, is the way he writes ii. JOSEPHINE E.. CALDWELL Academic St. Paul Central High Sh:-fs still talking. Will she ever stop? WILLIAM R. CAMMACK Academic St. Paul Mechanic Arts JI' Adelphian ClulJfY. M. C. Af Treasurer I9I0 Class-Chairman Cor- respondence Committeefj. B. Associa tion. Mos! renowned fusser in college, the only "E" he ever got was in Campus- Science, He just loves Kenneth K. HIEL S. CAMPBELL Law lVlantorville Mantorville High 'Sleeping Beauty" HUGH B. CAMPBELL Agriculture Stillwater Stillwater High -H.. Adelphian-Forestry Club "Fish Face." "Snake" A truly won- derful camel. Has been known to go more than nine days without water. 44 STELLA W. CAMPBELL Academic Tracy Tracy High Women's League-Equal Suffrage Club A Socialist, a disciple of Emma C-olde man. J. R. CANTERBURY, JR. Law Minneapolis East High lil-Ill J Ill Styx-Glee Club-J. B. Ass'n.-Tau Shonlca "Chief" CARL ARTHUR CARLSON Academic Minneapolis North High Y. M. C. A.-Scabbard and Blade- ShalcopeanfCrack Squad-President of Scandinavian Society-First Lieutenant U. M. C. C.4Sophomore Debating Team One of the B. P. O. E. of the Campus. ESTHER ELEANOR CARLSON Academic Minneapolis Central High Y. W. C. A.-Woman's League ' ln love with the country-every why has its wherefore. WILLIAM C. CARROLL Medicine St. Paul St. Thomas College :IIYK U. C. A.-President of Class, '06-'O7 "Pat" The Big Young Kid. FRANK T. CAVANOR Medicine Chicago Englewood High .4lx'li' B. A., University of lllinois Better late than never. Uls she to blame?" 45 I a43Z5'M.fIT5.4f l .. - SPRAGUE L. CHAPIN Engineering Luverne Luverne High Engineers Society Has to he known to be appreciated. joHN A. CHASE Law Farmington Hastings High Forum-Y. M. C. A.--Secretary of Chess Club Silent? ISABELLA ST. CLAIR CHENERY Academic amestown N. D. amestown High Womens League-Y. VV. C. A. ' Theta Epsilon n Angelic face. She is fond of the name Anderson. Wonder why. JUSTUS GILBERT CHESLEY Mining Minneapolis ' Anoka High School of Mines Society Wed like to see what Ches would do on a muck stick . ANDREW CHRISTIANSEN Medicine QBHAII VIA St. Paul Mechanic Arts High 'Cork. He is such a plugger. EDNA H. CHRISTOPHERSON Agriculture Sioux Falls S. D. Sioux Falls High Basketball Squad Ned. A maiden bashful and demure but not afraid to go home in the dark. -.1 Qw nm:msw n .I L A-V ws- - 46 ELLA G. CLAPP Academic St. Paul Central High ftifff'-,-IE Glee Club-Musical Federation-Y, W. C. A:-Women's League "Rolling Stone" gathers no "Moses" HARRIET O. CLARK Academic Minneapolis North High Y. W. C. A. Dippy about men. How's Will, Hat- tie ? WALLACE COLE Medicine St. Paul Central J J 10-.Y.f'.V Mandolin Club "Wallie." I'm not in the role mon men. MYRTLE COLEMAN Academic Minnetonka Beach East Brings the breeze of lovely tonlca with her, calm or breezy, case may be. CHESTER W. COLGROVE Law Minneapolis East .1101 Football Squad "Slow Freight" FRANCES L. COLLIER Academic Minneapolis Fergus Falls High of com- High Minne- as the High High Euterpean Club-Orchestra-Women's League-Y. W. C. A.-Musical Feclera- tion A shark drawn toward a "miner" Shafk. ,,,. 47 .,. LUCILE REBECCA COLLINS Academic Minneapolis East High Daily StaH-Women's League-Y. W. C. A.-U. C. A.-Equal Suffrage Club -Secretary of Class, '06-'07. Talks like a native Frenchman in class. "Cinderella" feet. THOMAS JOSEPH COLLINS Academic Minneapolis Springfield, Mass. Central High Castalian-Board Directors, U. C. A. Winner of Dunwoody Debate Prize, '08. Mother's darling, father's pride. The college chappie from Boston. FRED R. COMB Engineering Minneapolis Sault Ste. Marie, Mich., High Engineer's Society-Y. M. C. A.4- C-opher Board This Herr Comb does not scratch but gets scratched. BELLE MAY COMSTOCK Academic Kenyon Carleton College Y. W. C. A. She left her "hits" and honors at Carleton. MARIE CONFER Academic Kansas City, Mo. Manual Training High JI' IF Y. W. C. A.-W'omen's League Willowy and wavy in walk. She is fond of bull-dogs. One of these worth- while people. WILFRED E. CONLEY Engineering Lake Mills, la. .SX-HT U. C. A. He has the laugh that brought O. M. down two flights of stairs to shut up. 48 A ....., ,. -uqggmgm HARRY C. Cooic Engineering Red Wing Red Wing High Engineers Society UCookie." The extra cook who spoils the broth. CHAUNCEY C. CooN Academic Minneapolis Central High HJX Adelphian Club-J. B. Ass'n. Eyes like a kitten. Ancestors must have been sailors-he is so fond of the JAY CoRNoc. Chemistry Minneapolis Peddie Institute Engineer's Society-Chemistry Society Name copyrighted. No infringements. EDWARD BRADLEY COSGROVE Academic State Fair Grounds Le Sueur High IPFA Kawa Klub-Press Club-Adelphian Club--Dramatic Club-J. B. Ass'n.-Y. lVl. C. A.-Assistant Business Manager Gopher-Associate Editor Daily "Ward." Democratic, Dramatic, Sys- tematic. Gao, COTTINGHAM, JR. Engineering Helena, Mont. Helena High Y. lVl. C. A.-Mandolin Club--First Sergeant U. M. C. C.-Drum Major, Band-Orchestra. "Coit," The man with the big stick. RUTH CRAWFORD Academic Minneapolis Central High Minerva-Women's Leaguegliqual Suf- rage Club-Treasurer Y. W, junior Representative, S. G. A. "I have never had even the snitch of a crush." 49 ELLEN MARY CRIMMINS Agriculture Minneapolis School of Agriculture "Nell." A certain D. T. thinks Nell is a perfect queen. FRANCIS ERNEST CRITCHETT Academic New Ulm New Ulm High "A maiden hath no tongue but thought." A mighty good fellow. ETIIEL FRANCES CRITTENDEN Academic Minneapolis South High Equal Suffrage Club One of Mrs. Potter's satellites. KATHERINE MARY CROCKER Academic IYP HA. Ili Minneapolis Central High Thalian-Vice President Y. W. C. A. -Euterpean Club4Vice President Junior Class-Women's League-Equal Suffrage Clubfcreek Club Has been known to practice gym stunts in the corn fields. Of late deeply interested in literary and mission work. A parlor kitten. MATTIE CROGAN Academic Miiineapolis Y. W. C. A.-Women's League A coquette, but harmless. An old- fashioned girl. She sings in the Chapel Choir. South High FLOSSIE WINIFRED CRYSLER Agriculture Agricultural School Mandolin Club nFloss." uShe's married now." Minneapolis 50 'I .1 .ff,a? I .,1,. :gf 5, up 5 i i .IR C ttt . -,fm A. HELEN H. CURRIE Academic Minneapolis East High "Fuzzy," A sweet little, dear little girl. MARY EDITH CUTLER Academic Minneapolis Central High ,lip-,-llt' Quill-Y. W. C. A.-Women's League -Sophomore Representative, S. G. A.- Gopher Board. Acts like a tonic on every crowd. Twinkle feet No. l. LEEDS HANCOCK CUTTER Law Anoka Anoka High "Dissenting Opinion." OLGA C. DAHL Academic Minneapolis South High Y. W. C. A.4Women's League. Modest and simple and sweet. SIGVERT SEVERY DAHL Law Virginia Virginia High Shakopean Pa's Yap. The Wart. PHILIP L. DAHLQUIST Engineering Minneapolis South High E.ngineer's Society "Dolly." Nothing feminine about him. v..s'.:. -Aan .QL 51 A ' W Y . 2 weft RAYMOND E. DAHLSTROM Engineering St. Paul Mechanic Arts High "Dolly." That familiar nuisance who takes twenty minutes to tell a two- minute story. FARRINGTON DANIELS Chemistry Minneapolis East High A10 President Adelphian Club, '07-'08 Secretary Gopher-Y. M. C. A.-J. B. Ass'n.-School of Chemistry Society "Doo" Daniels and all his precipitates. LAWRENCE DEVEREUX Mining Minneapolis East High School of Mines SocietyaBasketball Squad, '08-'09. "I am a man of few words." ,IOSEPH H. DE WITT Chemistry Red Wing Red Wing High fP.I.t' Chemistry Society The "Girl in Bluef, Joe likes "Har- vard" best. THOMAS HUNTER DICKSON, JR. Medicine St. Paul Macalester College .l'.f'.Y The greatest man on earthg if you clon't believe it, ask him. An authority on everything, even railroads. ESTHER GERTRUDE Dlx Academic Elroy, Wis. Elroy High Y. W. C. A.-Women's League4 Equal Suffrage Club "Ch, you're a perfect darling." i 'emf"Sfev'm'rw'1' frrfl'-Huzamgamfzm-,ggrw-v1:1a.'Q-lwmaa-.1.fu:a.Eyzrrfsrrgmzinasmzrzvzxfg-'ga' :.:r.w zssxnznifslsuaaz.-..'Lm-' ua.-wean 52 - ',t1m.n..,::.-n,vN.:...'e -wat.4..- '':.1.s,ni..w" mans.-L-'.':e1::-s:.:f.x:.-suse s:s1.:.'1:.:r+b:.2mt.iz.n.z:z.L'.s1a:. W7 rn.:-uzgmgfzc f..:.:'. .rt,4g1:g?i gi Q51 ti 1. li E2 ti tt il if F x I li 1 f 1, gi ti. 1 P 4 r 4 V :e::e:m rr.ssa:amzL'::u,...."' ':2:.z.:.::a':''2ae.a1a.s,Q1..'.....' f' X RAYMOND L. DONOVAN Agriculture Dundas Northfield High .IZ Philomathian "Mike" Grub boss at the dining hall. He makes a very cute girl, QQ CORA DORSEY A fi Academic - Minneapolis Detroit High .mf VL. --W 2 A ' -I A, X canthus-Womens League h A bit of old time wholesomeness. 4? .t'. JAMES E. DoRsEY Academic Minneapolis Detroit High Castalian4U. C. A.-Second Lieutenant U. M. C. C. A cynic, a cutie. Hard on the world in general. , . LEILA LOUISE DoUc.LAs 5 I Academic In V St. Paul Central High ' Women's I,4eBgUC'Y. W. 1" "Her whole heart's welcome is in her , . iz E . iiy A- smile. JESS E. DOUGLASS Medicine C6 year, Blue Earth Blue Earth High "Do him lest he do you first." KATHERINE MELVINA DOWNEY Engineering Minneapolis Central High "A chip off the old block" 5.2, Q ..,. ' ' ef 4, 4,5 ,JY Nmiwsjwiwczaifii::?4:11:'e:1.1s1m:rm:'4.44ammxmmt-myway, -,-:firlf.-4:v2w.ifeaJsorar:'mnfz-E34aw- an -:.'f1.'-,Q -n-mm mf. . 4 3 misses: .ivzsxwae W fzaefzm Aff RAYMOND V. DUFFY Engineering Kalispell, Mont. Kalispell High "Duff" Unanimously elected class chaplain. KENNETH J. DUNCAN Mining Fergus Falls Fergus Falls High 191'-llxll School of Mines Society-Gopher! Y. M. C. A. "Doa" Frances says he is true blue and she ought to know by this time. GEORGE E.. DU Toir Engineering Chaska Chaslca High B HH-H T Engineefs Society-Adelphian Club- Gopher-J. B. Ass'n. "Don't know what to call him, but he's mighty like a rose." ALTA I-I. DU NLAP Academic Mandan, N. D. Mandan High Hlirh-.IF Equal Suffrage Club-Women's League Beware of her giggle, it's contagious. LELAND S. DUXBURY Academic Caledonia Caledonia High AX Castalian The Apollo of our class. HENRY E. DVORACHEK Agriculture Glencoe Glencoe High Philomathian-Y. M. C. A.-Agri- cultural Club i'Chelc." He studies "Dutch," both at college ancl at Glencoe. 54 .wg - WILLIAM HENRY EBELTOFT Pharmacy 1. Lake Park Lake Park High A good spender when he gets started. Starts depend upon the arrival of checks. LAURA BELLE ECKHOLDT Academic Rochester Rochester High Minerva A close imitation of Carlotta Bamber. 'mr Qty is c HAZEL C. EDGAR Academic St. Paul Hamline She is perfectly frank and has a keen sense of humor. Academic Clara City Granite Falls High Y. W. C. A. -Women's League A Holland Dutch girl with Haxen tresses. Aw K A V' -G' KATHERINE B. EENKEMA ff iff -l EDMUND P. EICHHORN Law Minneapolis North High JKE uHickey" CLAES T. EKMAN Engineering St. Paul Mechanic Arts High Engineer? Society-Second Lieutenant U. 'M. C. C.-Crack Squad "E.ckie." Gives dancing lessons in the Armory every day at l:l0. Ehrlzavfaaxu. .w.2'fzah .era fair. war-1 '-.afiw ,.f'f'1..- 1 ..,-1: :IL :"L-aims:-:.m.zL'1.2f.a3"a.r.':L,-air.-L 55 49 If ESTELLA L, ELKE Academic Chaslca Chaska High Women's League-Y. W. C. A. She speaks when she's spoken to. JAY RINALDO ELLIOT Mining Minneapolis South High School of Mines Society-Y. M. C. A. Ye Gods! Ye Gods! And it has come to this! MARIE ELMQUIST Academic St. Paul Central High Y. W. C. A.f-Women's League-A Euterpean Club-Scandinavian Society 'iwrite me down a student." EDWIN S. EI.wI:I.L Law Minneapolis East High "Never Sweat" msn'-:Iam-au:saz4oe:i:::mrI'av.:-.'sasfw.1vwm a::aav.:-'sixmmmsmumuIuammx wsz?mmmwmm ammsmmmm GEORGIA BELLE ELWELL Agriculture V. Minneapolis East High 9 AEJ V Y. W. C. A.-Women's League i "You'll lincl Elwells everywhere you go. AGNES ROWENA ERDALL Academic Minneapolis Mechanic Arts High Women's Club-Tennis Club Better late than never. "Be careful." i'5mR 1flBW':3K' '9X' 56 l WILLIAM S. ERVIN Law Mankato Mankato High Castalian-Pillsbury Oratorical 'OS- Dunwoody-Peavey Oratorical Prize '07 uprofessorn ELIZABETH RUTH FAGUNDUS Academic Minneapolis Central High l'l0U-.-UL' Y. W. C. A.4Woman's League- Theta Epsilon-Vice President Fresh- man Class "Fagunda." She is devoted to the laboring class. EARL FARNAM Mining Minneapolis Central High . , V . Adelphian Club-School of Mines Soci- ety-Football Team '08 "Big One." And still the wonder grew. Ear worships woman from afar, but he does not say that distance lends enchant- ment to the view. CLARE FERGUSON Academic Minneapolis East High ' ' 2-24.1-A J Y. W. C. A.-Woman's League! Theta Epsilon Stands up for one-half hour after eat- ing so she won't take on Hesh. ROBERT WITHAM FERNALD Acadernic St. Paul Mechanic Arts High I0l'J Y. M. C. A.-Brush and Pencil "Bobbie," "l..engthie." "Sweet and Pure' WALTER J. FINKE Engineering Charles City St. Paul's College Engineer's Society Many are the engineers who croalc, but few there be that sing. 57 'IQ' CYRUS HARTWELL FISKE Academic St. Paul St. Paul Academy First Lieutenant U. M. C. C. "He never killed any of his friends." MARY AGNES F1Tzs1MMoNs Academic F0213-AE Board Directors, U. C .A.-Acanthus- Dramatic Club-Woman's League "Of all sad words from tongue or pen, The saddest are these Can't do without men." LAURENCE T. FLEMING Engineering Minneapolis East High ffl' Adelphian Club4E.ngineer's Society- -I. B. Ass'n. "l..aury." He, like Harry Mitchell, wears the parted pompadour. JOHN A. FORSMAN Agriculture Duluth Gustavus Adolphus Philomathian "Kiddo." A regular attendant at "Lit" and a whiz at drill. GEORGE FossEN Engineering Fergus Falls Fergus Falls High Engineer's Society From Fergus Falls. "Out on parole." JENNESS B. FREAR Engineering Deephaven Memorial University Engineer's Society-Y. M. C. A. "Good morning, I'm B. from Frear's Corner." What's in the satchel? is g gl if I' Q 55 zwcmmvieirzu fm: wmafbsin raw' wvswalniwmwftwwufmwwwwi-.mimiwomen-vnwvmwnmwfaw e. ffmw. :em4.3mnm.:iri.. 'fi ff Y 58 E4 K ' t G nxafwzyiiniwffxlmwwxmiswlar atvviwqtsaaugvsme CONRAD G. FREDIN Engineering Duluth Duluth Central High UJX Adelphian Club-Engineers Society'- Press Club-Business Manager Gopher -Y. M. C. A.-J. B. Ass'n. "Con"-nossieur of campus beauties. HOWARD H. FREEMAN Academic Minneapolis Central High IX Adelphian Club-Spanish Club Sweet, pure, good and kind, "llce." He wears a chaste expression. FRANK PETER FRISCH Medicine Q6 yearj St. James St. James High Doughnuts-and he only sees the hole. GEORGE EARL GANSSLE Law Minneapolis Central High Gopher Board ' "Well I don't know" GEORGE M. GAREN Engineering Stillwater Stillwater High E.ngineer's Society Omce hours-Nicollet Billiard Hall any time. FLORENCE GAUMNITZ Agriculture St. Cloud School of Agriculture Philomathian-Woman's League t'Her voice is soft and sweety an ex cellent thing in a woman." uwamfwawwummmsenhu :ntezwznfaaa-usa.: -wr Ks frf: 59 :zz-nvrzmfxzz -. m:.::n:e1L.:zL::::-rzmL-raz'mz4u:s.'szzmxxmsJ:zmnz-1crr .irrfaeeas-:r:mu'nn'ns:rn1:r:a5r:xwffrm 'rs' mmm f ROBERT MARCH GAYLORD Academic Minneapolis North High XT Snake and Skull4Mitre-Adelphian Club!-Chairman Refreshment Committee B. Ass'n. "Bob" His nose glows with honest pride and other things. JAMES MCBRIDE GEORGE Law Renville Renville I-Iigh Captain l9ll Football Team-Mem ber of 1908 Football Squad 'The Dude" HENRY WALTER GILBERTSON Agriculture Snohomish, Wash. Mankato Normal Philomathian "Gil." A psychology shark. It even causes him to neglect Y. M. C. A. on Sunday afternoons. BEss1E L. GILGER Academic Minneapolis Central High AAA Equal Suffrage Club-Y. W. C. A. She is said to resemble Miss Cohen. A spiritualist and mind reader. Beware! ELLEN GILTINAN Academic Minneapolis St. Paul Central High Woman's League-Acanthus The quietest little creature in all the world. GEO. M. GILTINAN Mining St. Paul Central High .Xlffl School of Mines Society-Track Team "Fat," I keep a mopin' day by clayg awkward and in everybody's way. wsfz. nwmxr:mmE1 ?'?1f:aemwxwuad3qnummein:-...f2f19n.::.a.::.':.:zsrA1'"' ' ' , Lxuzirtiax-.r'u2x'4:tx22m'wn xmmmmn:L mmaMrmmmm-wmmmwmnm nmmm:ummns aLsmmvmvanxufwwmmuMse.nus :u JOHN H. GLASER Law Appleton, Wis. Ryan High Law LiteraryhY. M. C. A. "I would that my tongue could utter the thoughts that arise in me." HAL S, GOLDBLUM Dentistry Minneapolis Central High Gopher-Minnesota B. A. '93-I... L. B, '98 "Doc" says that matrimony and ali- mony mean real money. NORMAN P. GOODRICH Mining Minneapolis North High .SKA President, School of Mines Society- Treasurer, Class 'IO NN. P." Lips of the wise disperse knowledge. JOHN E. GORE Agriculture San Dimas, Cal. Bonita High PhilomathianiAgricultural Club- President Junior Class Honorary member of "Old Maids' Societyi' and 'iMarried Women's Club." ANNA MARIE GOULD Academic Glencoe Stevens' Seminary W0n'lal'l'5 League-Y. W. C. A. Seen around the Daily Office. JAMES RALPH GRAHAM Engineering Fort Worth, Tex. Fort Worth University Forum-Engineefs Society Peaches. Bum steer from Texas. 61 sum-.a:iw.vmQf.41.f-,. E1 A zu 1' 24- X ' 7 JOSEPH JOHN GRANBECK Law St. Paul i Central High AU if... t IIII Glee Club iv "Caruso" MALCOLM E. GRANT Law Minneapolis Faribault High HHH-WJCO Styx Tau Shonlia Chairman Patronesses Committee-J. B. Ass'n.-Basketball Team, '09 "Matrimonial Mac H af ,Ea Z I 4 L HIL , H ETHEL B. GREEN , ig A Academic Stillwater Stillwater High Heavy voice and lots of real hair. -.- W-dl. 'T is If-A.siff?f'in -55',l::,i1'.2 K' RAYMOND j. GREEN 'Q Law Geneva, Ghio Grand River Institute ylftilp Shalcopean "Shall the People Rule?" JACK GREENBERG Dentistry Grand Forks University of North Dakota U. L. A. "Jack" is going to walk home but will rest a few days on the Minnesota side of the Red River. PATRICK J. GRIFFIN Medicine ff: yearj St. Paul Shalcopee High "Doughnuts," Frisch discovered a Cor- pus Leuteum. 62 GLENN GULLICKSON Academic F L X Minneapolis West Salem High CastalianiY, M. C. A.-Orchestra- Band Comes from Mary Heritage's town, nuf-sed. MARGARET E.. GUNDERSEN Academic Minneapolis South High Reports on theatres in Minneapolis. Her write up of the Dewey was particu- larly sympathetic. GEORGE P. GURLEY Academic Pipestone Pipestone High .IX Adelphian-Castalian-Greek Club- Second Lieutenant U. M. C. C. "Dovey," "Coquette," source of income for Donaldson's and the Glympia. FRANK C. GUTSCHE Chemistry Glencoe Steven's Seminary Y. M, C. A.-Chemistry Society i The class beauty. CHARLES T. HAAS Law St. Paul St. Thomas .IX J. B. Ass'n-Regimental Com. and Capt. U. M. C. C.-Law Editor, Daily 'Blather-Skate" HERBERT E. I-IAc.sTR0M Engineering Minneapolis North High Y. M. C. A.-Engineers Society'- Brush and Pencil-Vice President Class The two Saturn artist. When "Hehe" says Hsufferin' cats" he is swearing vehem- ently. HELEN BELLE HAINES AC3dCmlC lVlInneapolIs Central Hlgh Y W C A Womans League Theta Epsllon To know her 15 to love her A slum bermg genIus ADOLPH I HALLER Law Recl Wlng Reel Wm HIgh Y M C A BIJOLI Fxend OTIS A HALLETT Law Calgary Alta Gracevxll Igh Band Stump Speaker CARL L. HAMILTON Agrxculture Dubuque la Dubuque HIgl1 CDKT lVlItre Adelplulan Scablaarcl and Blade Forestry Club B Assn Souse Spencls much of hls hme rachcmg love songs on lns guItar .lol-IN A HAMILTON Law Carrmgton N D Carrmgton HIglu Caesar WILLIAM JAMES HAMILTON ACadCl'IllC Mlnneapolls North Hlgll FLX Y M C A 'BIll " Up to l'IIs -lumor year he was never seen talkmg to a man A slssy, but a perfect gentleman ff""w by 64 Q ,Q '.::ax:'-::fs1:r'z. .mm'sreve :'v-mv"mmH:-fx' "mf A - EVA GERTRUDE HAMMOND Academic Sl. Cloud St. Cloud Normal Y. W. C. A.-Woman's League- Spanish Club Out of twenty-one of us, only Frank Bibb knew her. CLARA HANKLY Academic Minneapolis East High Woman's League--Phi Bela Kappa in Embryo Sharky with hair ribbons. RUDY W. HANNEMAN Dentistry Plainview Plainview High EUYP Ruddyi' is the scarlet man of the class. CHRISTIAN HANsI:N Engineering St. Paul Central High Engineer's Society-Captain Basket- ball Teanl A good mixture of basketball and engi- neering. IVIINNII3 OTI-IILLIA HANsoN Academic Morris Morris High .lI'J Y- W. C. A-'wonlanls League'- Scandinavian Society-Tennis Club Hanson is as Hanson does. WILLIAM C. HANs0N Dentistry Sleepy Eye Sleepy Eye High ETID "Cordelia" denies that he left Sleepy Eye between two days last summer. 65 CHESTER E, HARDING Pharmacy Santa Monica, Cal. Delta, Col. High 0.11 Y. M. C. A.-Vice President, Class A cute kid. Aslc a favor of him. l'le's very accommodating, especially to the girls if they are-wellgpretty, BENJAMIN GODDARD HARMON Mining Sti Paul Humboldt High School of Mines Society-Y. M. C. A. -Track "M"-Secretary Junior Miners "Ben" seemed almost hopeless when he began to talce Mining, but he's learned a few things since. GEORGE D. HARRIS Law Cedar Falls, Ia. Cedar Falls High UH!!-fP..lfP--Styx Tau-Shonlca Gopher-J. B. Ass'n. "Hippo" LESLIE HARRIS Dentistry Park River, N. D. Park River High "Les" was born with wisdom teeth and claims that nobody can slip anything over on him. VERNA M. HART Academic Minneapolis Winona Normal Equal Suffrage Club And still the wonder grew, That one small head could carry all she lcnew. ELLA MERCY HASTY Medicine Minneapolis North High "Giggles" The note of the larlc were naught in comparison. 66 O. W. HAUCK Dentistry Wood Lalce St. Paul Central 412.1 "Osgar" doesn't mind going broke pay- ing a girl's expenses here and having some other fellow steal her. MARY C. HAU PT Academic St. Paul Fergus Falls High 1701!-,III Y. W. C. A.iWoman's League- Treasurer, Tam O'Shanter A demure little "Reuben," who reaps crushes from Fergus, old Saint Paul, and Willie's town. RUPERT V. HAUSER Engineering St. Paul Racine Military .ITJ-I-IT Adelphian4Captain, U. M. C. C.- Crack Squad "Rupe" thinlcs Faribault is an awful nice place. JAMES M, HAYES Medicine Millville Carleton College flflill-li'.Il.l Vice President, U. C. A. "Milce." The gay deceiver. Every fair one he sees is a former pupil. CLARENCE L. HEATH Mining Janesville Janesville High School of Mines Society His voice was ever soft and gentle. C. SUMNER HEIDEL Mining Minneapolis Central High School of Mines Society Once had the nerve to tell Benny that he was unprepared in Mechanics because he had been too sleepy to study the night before. The poor fellow! 67 vp. ' 'L1 - " ' I ' ' " :w..usc...s.ffs. was mmmawwmq mmlwukvxwmmasmmmwmwv M' M JULIUS W HELD Law LOUIS Park A Anna LYNN S HELGERSON Law Plalnvlew PlalI'lVlCW Hlgh JWJ Lanes Drawmg Card MARY HILL HERITAGE ACBdEI'IllC Hudson Hudson High 11013 IE Dramahc Club Euierpean ThalIan Womans League Y W C A Isnt thls a lItIle arcl'IaIc or does my ll'lSlll'lCf err5 HAZLE SEYMOURE HERRING Acaclemlc RIcevIlle Rlcevllle I-hgh Sucks up for the ays WILLIAM C HERRING lVlInIng Blue Earth Wells HIgh School of Mlnes SOCICIY Wxld Blll IS a typlcal rough neck mmer ROBERT C HIGGINS Denhstry Snlney, Ohm Sldney Hlgh ACaCla Preslclent, Class C O D works on l1Is proslhehcs by moonllght I Wuf5s:'i1s,s25:m241.g::: ,z.,IQ.:.Ia,':.4ws1I::sa.IIw-N. I,m.n4-:1.4,,-awwipmisw ...IQ-va ummm-1wm31m sv1mL'sy:53 'mm-iw-"fwsnI.i:.-4.I.Ix:sJlIs:mwa:-3Eszmm1'Q:L-vx'-nIu:1N:I::SIJ:a:,'I:L:..11:: :.gx:':2iz' ::AIf'.1u.x'Qlll 68 FRANK Nl. HILLMAN Agriculture Minneapolis Pillsbury Academy Philomathian President of the "Lit" Society lout a good fellow. V MARABLTH Hoses , Academic fll'J Minneapolis North High A stand-in with Sigma Nu. MARIE HODGSON Academic Minneapolis East High .l1".l-JE Y- C- A.TW0l'Il3Il'5 Lfilgllef Euterpean Club-Vice President, Spanish Club Knobby eyesg can smile but it hurts. ALF HOFF Medicine St. Paul Cleveland High .Y.Y.Y B. S. Minnesota, '08 He entered medicine with a purpose. PAULINE HOFFMAN Academic St. Paul Central High Woman's League-Y. W. C. A. A Delta Chi lady. OLA ARNOLD HOHLE Agriculture Hector School of Agriculture Philomathian-Scandinavian Society- Armour Scholarship-Member of Minne- sota Dairy and Beef Stock Judging Team, '08-Member of South St. Paul Stock Judging Contest in '08, When he gets excited his voice ascends way up into high C. 4' W mai.-twnaxwwn--1w:izm1.."m:ufesizfaxssmwmmvnamwasauaxmvsuwiawauta.xmfww Am 69 V- ia F 7 GY g 5 g wwf :fa wave: :ms rf :max A A .,,,,...... .- ll ANGELL S. HOILAND Medicine Benson Benson High .-llrli' Thulanian Club-Band "Angel" Always with the soft pedal GSCAR M. HOLEN Law Argyle Argyle High 110.1 Thulanian Clulagscandinavian Socieiy -Football Squad MR. S." FREDERICK W. HOLLER Mining St. Paul Central High School of Mines Societygrllraclc Team "Fritz." The ungodly are not so. EDWARD O. HCLM Dentistry Waubay, S. D. Wells High JIJ Orchestra "Stub" is only six feet seven inche tall and three inches broad-or rather narrow. HELEN HOLMEN Academic Kenyon Carleton College "The mild expression spoke a mind4 ln duty form, composed, resigned." MABE1. NATHALIE HOLT .Academic Minneapolis East Higfi "Shes always smiling" 70 WILLIAM WASHINGTON Howes Law Tomah, Wis. Tomah High JIPJ Y. M. C. A. "judge" DOROTHY Rosa HUDSON Academic Minneapolis Central High Thalianf-Womanvs l..eaguefY. W. C. A.--Editor Woman's Mag., '06 Most superior intellect. A modest violet. We wish she'd wear a Ujimmyf' MABELLE HUDSON Academic Minneapolis Central High Thalian-Euterpean+Y. W. C. A.4 Tam O'Shanter-Woman's League Coun- cil-Business Manager, Glee Club. Big head, little wit. Self appointed chief Mogul. , EARL L. HUGHES Dentistry Hope, N. D. Hope High .IIJ U. C. A.-Secretary-Treasurer of Class Earl says there is a divinity that Hughes our end, rough-house it as we may. ENID M. HUTCHINSON Academic Minneapolis Central High Y. W. C. A.-Euterpean Club- Acanthus Has too much conscience to make a good treasurer of a C-lee Club. BYRON P. HUSTAD Engineering Minneapolis Granite Falls High Castalian He worlcs in the registrar's office yet canit pass Mechanics. 71 V A 3 HARRY A. IRWIN Law Belle Plaine Belle Plaine High "Cupid" HARRY JACOBSEN Mining Fergus Falls Fergus Falls High ,-1.10-.l'Kfl School of Mines Society-Adelphian Club-Mitre-Vice President, B. Ass'n. "The Honorable Jake." "jake Junior Ball Association Jacobsen." Is fond of the ladies, and seems especially interested in the auburn haired ones. "Jake" is a man among a thousand-girls, provided he could find that many together at one time. NORMAN JACOBSON Agriculture Port Washington, Wis. Port Washington High Forestry Club "Big jake." As generous as he is big. We hope he sticks around. FREDERICK J. ,IEPPESEN Law Hopkins Hopkins High .1101 "La Fleur de Hopkins" PAUL JEPSON Pharmacy Nashua, Ia, Nashua High Y. M. C. A. His middle name tells it all. The boy with fluffy-rufHe hair. CLARENCE -IESPERSON Engineering Minnetonka Beach East High Engineers Society-Y. M. C. A.- Second Lieutenant, U. M. C. C. He smokes now that he has got through with physics. GEO. W. .IEVNE Engineering Minneapolis South High HT F.ngineer's Society-J. B. Ass'n. "C-enevievef' Likes to get to the bot- tom of things. HELEN EUGENIA JEWETT Academic Fergus Falls Fergus Falls High 1'1Dl3 Y. W. C. A.-Theta Epsilon "Judy," Another celebrity from Fergus Falls. ALGOT F. JOHNSON Mining Cannon Falls Cannon Falls High .fir l School of Mines Society-Football Squad "Johnnie," HA. F." One of the cel- ebrated scientific twins. His motto in life is, "lt wearies me to take a walk, for when l move around, I always have to lift my foot and put it on the ground." CARL M. JOHNSON Medicine Pelican Rapids Hamline University The noisy partner of the Kanthack and Hordy combination. EINER JOHNSON Chemistry Minneapolis Central High Bishop Gilbert Society-Scandinavian Society-Chemistry Society We like him. Most Hintertainingn story teller. FRED R. JOHNSON Academic New Richland Waseca High Forum4Y. M. C. A.--Scandinavian Society-Dunwoody Debating and Ora- torical Teams-Forum Society Team. Official lecturer of the Red Headed Club. 73 HENRY GEORGE JOHNSON Academic Forest City, la. Cornell College A great man to get next to the girls- ITI Class. LEONARD T. JOHNSON Engineering Lisbon, N. D, Lisbon High Engineer's Society If "Rex" should pass away what woul:l l do? MARIE JOHNSON Academic Minneapolis South High Acanthus Perfectly nice about it. MILLIE ELVIRA JOHNSON Academic Minneapolis South High Dearly loves a juicy bit of gossip. PAUL A. JOHNSON Engineering Minneapolis North High LI-IE E.ngineer's Society-Y. M. C. A.- Seconcl Lieutenant, U. M. C. Cfcrack Squad "Jonathanf, Our brick mason. Go easy, he's ticlclish. THEODORE JOHNSON Pharmacy Parkers Prairie Parkers Prairie High Small, but very cute. just a teaser with eyes wide open. Sees everything. R. 'f-f .zpnvfxf 74 W. W. JOHNSTON Chemistry New Richmond New Richmond High 1l7J.l' Y. M. C. A.-Chemistry Society- Gopher The ClaS5I'00l"l'l sleeper. PHILO ERNEST JONES Mining Red Wing Red Wing High JI'-f ltfl School of Mines Society MP. E.. Red Wingis Best." So wise so young. ELIOT B. JOSEPHSON Engineering Red Wing Red Wing High E.ngineer's Society Has to be separated from his money by a force pump. ALBERT E. JULIEN Medicine Furloclc Hamline 'Sphinxf' He came as a phaniom in the night. WILLIAM KELEHAN Law Granite Falls Granite Falls High U. C. A.-Law Literary-Class Treasurer "Kitty" F. R. KELLER Dentistry Minneapolis North High "Pink" belongs to several Social Clubs, the price of initiation to which entitles him lo uliquidalef' 13:-1. 'mc' 75 ADA BELLE KELLOGG Academic St. Paul Central High Woman's League-Y. W. C. A. A little peach. Helen Riheldaffefs shadow. ETHEL FRANCES KEMP Academic Minneapolis Chippewa Falls She works when she works and she always works on history. JOHN CATLIN KENDALL Law Minneapolis Central l-ligh Vice President of Republican Club 'iwords without music." ARTHUR TODD KENNEDY Engineering Duluth Cedar Rapids High .4T41eflt'.'l Aclelphian-School of Mines Society "Toddy." Blessings on him who first invented sleep. FAY KENT Academic Minneapolis Central High Black list five times. Cupid put her there. You can't be in love and a shark at the same time. BEN-HUR KEPNER Chemistry Appleton Appleton High Bishop Gilbert Society-Chemistry Soci- ety-Assistant in Chemistry 'Al-lay Ben l-lur at Minnesota tree yars," by golly. 76 92 1' ' ' sax. A F I . . W . A I A HERMAN KESTING Medicine Boyd Mechanic Arts High Baseball Team You just ought to see him playing base- I ball. WILLIAM ARTHUR KING Law Grand Rapids Grand Rapids High qlftvlp Band-Orchestra Song without words OLAP KITTLESON Medicine Q6-yearj Zumbrota Zumbrota High "Tena," the Viking RALPH Louis KIRSCH Medicine Q6-year, Croolcston Y 'Crookston High .-III It Treasurer of Class S65 for 52.50 4, ANDREW A. K-IELLAND Medicine " Rushford Black River Falls High 9 IDPI A The aicky bird. Have you heard him N whistle? Q HARRY KLEIN Medicine C6-year, Duluth Duluth Central High K. K. K. Uses McCormack's for a study room. mp ve s,mmzLw.wa1r1gwAfifsafif- :-rmwuaww., I '-mf'wrwA,:mHI-rx-e-bfirvefre-n'J,AIe.swe'w4afJw,fLeeswww1-L-awwmrwwawwxwewaum-fussy-mammawywxewxwv.-saw-1:zsftfww-we -:em 77 l CLARENCE I... KLEINSCHMIDT Mining St. Paul Manual Training School, St. Louis School of Mines Society "Klein," "Red," That red-headed gentleman from St. Paul. EMILY R. KNEUBUHL Academic Minneapolis Winona Normal ll,-ll Y. W. C. A.-Woman's Leagueipfheia Epsilon-Equal Suffrage Club! Tennis Club The Hustling Northwest. ILLA KOERNER Academic St. Paul Humboldt High Tennis Club-Spanish Club-Y. W. C. A.-Woman's League Good tennis player, but you wouldn't know it. HERMAN KRAUCH Agriculture St. Paul Mechanic Arts High Forestry Club 'lDutch." He likes nothing better than sauerkraut and grand opera. A. KRAUSER Engineering Minneapolis North High Engineefs Society-U. C. A. If at first you don't succeed, ask him. NELSON VIVIAN LA DUE Dentistry Fertile Fertile High Y. M. C. A.-Vice President of Class "Vivian" must have stolen this name from Joe. 78 , .,:.':'.aw r 'uzsaw' znwimffw4HEs'f'.m5iW2:a ass. '52 M. Qww 52 Guam LAATE Agriculture St. Anthony Park School of Agriculture Philomathian-Scandinavian Society Cnc who deserves much credit for her hard work and willing ways. ARVID G. LANDEEN Engineering Y Garfield Alexandria High 1 E.ngineer's Society-Y. M. C. A.-Band He doesn't look it, but passed mechan- ics with a "B," ANNA MAY LANE Academic St. Paul Central High Minerva-Y. W. C. A.-W0man's League-Sec. Tam O'Shanter- Equal Suffrage Club Will get a distinction in nealness. CLARENCE L. LARSON Mining Waseca Waseca High Forumfschool of Mines Society A Af If there's one thing "Lars" thoroughly ' ' enjoys, it is to participate in a little game of "Red Owl" at some one else's expense. He has got his on several occasions, how- ever. MARTIN S. LARSON Engineering Red Wing Gustavus Adolphus E.ngineer's Society-Band How many choints in that link. Mi i V VERA MARIAN LAUGHLIN Academic Eau Claire Lawrence University W QW' Minerva-Y. W. C. A.-Woman's League ttWearie." She has never known the time when she has not had a bad case. Neither have we. " rrse V'ss l A A ..e 'ls' Fil ,..,, W .,-ae: ...,,..- ...,.'.., .,.xh..,z:Sam.A.,....,t.i.,.,,,.,..,,V .sm .Am .M.,m., . ..r.a11..1......, .m1s,ma,., 79 .liihsvmtwltwhlamiilmmlmii-auwzr A g , . MARION LAWRENCE Academic Minneapolis Central High .l.l.l-.-HH' Woman's League-Daily Staff-Baskeb balla-Varsity Team '08-'09 The original whiner. She loves njimf' EDWARD WILLIAM LEACH Engineering Winona Winona High FI T Engineer's Society-U. C. A.-Castalian -Minnesota Engineer Staff-Secretary of Athletic Board of Control Ed has a preference for the Daily girlfsj. ELTA LENART Academic Minneapolis South High Equal Suffrage Club-Greek Club Always has her lessons. A brick. Deucedly pluclcy. F. MORTON LEONARD Mining School of Mines Society I-Ie'S small and red'headed, but pro- ficient in many things. An artist, a smok- er and a lover of society. F. PERRY LEONARD Academic Minneapolis South High l36llTfMitre Snake and Skull-J. B. Ass'n. "Perry," Possesed of one charming blush and two charming sisters. A mill:- fed Beta with rosy cheeks. CHARLES L. LEWIS Agriculture St. Paul Mechanic Arts High QKW Adelphian Club-Forestry Club'-J. B. Ass'n-Gopher-Daily Staff Charlie went three days without lunch while Mary was at Washington. 80 swsviflvvwvi-are-f'2S11:'uf?ec'e"A5'ff if .1'i2:3friG'Tf!,':eax:'EzE7x2aAe:SQr',xs3:1cz' ,,,,,ae ...,. . tiff . 141. IU' .L .mEes 1 ALMA OLIVIA LIA Academic Hancock Minneapolis South High Y. W. C. A.A-Woman's League Library Bug HOWARD C. LIBBY Academic New London, Wis. New London High ll A favorite of Dean jones. Got canned 0.ll of lllinois, now he's in another pickle. ARTHUR P. LITTLE Dentistry Appleton Benson High JIJ Bishop Gilbert Society UAH" is a hunter and trapper. l-le 15 now chasing White Bear. FRANCES H. LLOYD Academic Si. Paul Central High Woman's League4Y. W. C. A.-Theta Epsilon-Tennis Club Power behind the throne. A musical maid. Lilies James for a name. RALPH STANLEY LONGSTAFF Academic Huron, S. D. Culver II 1' Adelphian-President B. Ass'n. Social lion. They can bite. College widower. Pillar of Kappa Sigs. "Red," Editor of the Daily l-luronite Friesto. Got a stand in with the Alpha Phils. VILDA H. Loomis Academic Minneapolis East High .IJJ Ilu' Y. W. C. A.fWoman's League "You that have so fair parts of woman on you Have too, a woman's heart." 81 'fir EDITH MABELLE LUCKER Academic Minneapolis Central High The lady with a sunny smile. W. W. LUNDBERG Pharmacy Brownton Brownton High Very quiet for a quiet fellow. Has an affectionate smile. Resembles an angel. MARIE LUNDEEN Academic Minneapolis South High Scandinavian Society Peaceful, studious, quiet. HELEN MARIE LYDON Academic Minneapolis East High Minerva-U. C. A.-Woman's League- Equal Suffrage Club-Gopher Doesn't pencil her eyebrows, although appearances are against her. DARTT H. LYFORD Engineering Minneapolis Central High XT Assistant Business Manager, Gopher! President Hockey Ass'n.-J. B. Ass'n.- Baslcetball Sub, Co-education is the thief of time. STELLA LYFORD Academic Minneapolis Central High Irlrl' To be perfectly frank, why does Stella come to college just as the law school lets out? Blooming good scout. Noted for her Frank'neS5. 82. J Q- rar D Mmm' Wsnt fwmlrammwih' Pfzuaft-.Ms-"f"s:i.4Lw.1m:1I::...,..'f'as:,:f:sL S-.aa A 3.5---,S .., gm. Q.- W "'l5'fZ's:LG-'IL-2' : '25 S r:'fs.2izar2m'fW'fsva 'ifvfltfi ,. .fur.:.::m,'-1 'fe-azfsxsfwafwww-:m...'sL::aA4:1mcxieasfssfs-Svruztinaususr.fnzw'1z.fe:r,fem'ax-1 1. 'sosewmrfgmr' " 'ff 'rf Q-::.::x-as , Ne. wt H. H. LYMAN Dentistry Caledonia Caledonia High "Ly" does not care to discuss the "Mystery of the Hammer." HENRY LYSNE Medicine Northfield St. Olaf .Ilrlr B. S. St. Olaf "Hank" Has known a heifer or two in his day but is now "practising" medi- eine. E. C. MCBEATH ' Al Cat! Dentistry Spokane Washburn High .lft-E470 ul dinna fozzle but aince R. EMMETT MCCARTEN Medicine Fargo Mayville High fPl'.l'-lthllfl U. C. A. "Fargo Kid." i'Oh, about three fingers, I guess." HOWARD W. MCCLURE Engineering Litchfield, Minn. Mechanic Arts High Y. M. C. A.+E.ngineer's Society "Mao" He hangs by a thread to Alma Mater. CLARA MOWBRAY MCCULLOUGH A Academic ' Buffalo Alexandria High V v Y. W. C. A.-Woman's League- Equal Suffrage Club f. Black and Blase. gs, x Barnum'mfsfxhiraz2wnwnmK wmmmzmw1ws.smaH mn.v1faz:v-?,.fv5w.rfavzzmze1-1ezaznz:m:.'1:amfs:'mf:ssf,wvs1vwx 83 E. MILLS MCDERMOTT Law Minneapolis East High JI' Styx-Adelphian "Bottoms Up" JOSEPH C. MCDERMOTT Academic Clontarf St. Thomas U. C. A.-Editor of Minnehaha- Secretary Press Club "Well, Joe, What do we?" A tor- mentor of the public. The man behind the black list. EFFIE D. NICDOWELL Academic Hutchinson Hutchinson High Woman's League-Y. W. C. A. Thinks the library reading room was made to fuss in. SAMUEL WILSON MCEWAN Medicine Alexandria Alexandria High HJ1'-.Y.Y.l' uKnoclco, the Monk." Strong on the anvil chorus. WILLIAM HENRY McGINNIs Engineering Minneapolis Brainerd High .I Tj- H T Adelphian-Treasurer B, Ass'n. "Bill." "A Roman hero." April 19th, 1908. JOHN FRANCIS MCGOVERN Law Arlington Arlington High IITQ-10.1117 Law Literary-U. C. A.-Captain Football Team, '09-Halfback, '08- Freshman Relay Team-Captain, Class Baseball "Multum in Parvou 84 T. J. MCGRATH Law St. Paul P Notre Dame A, ,am fn if "Railroad jack" JAMES R. MCKENZIE If Mining Adrian Adrian High School of Mines Society-Vice President Class4Captain Class Baseball If "Mac" wasn't so bashful and retir- ing we're sure he'd make a great hit with the laclies. JOHN MCKENZIE, JR. Academic Minneapolis Lake Benton High .4 T!! Aclelphian-Y. M. C. A.-Daily- 'I Chairman Printing Committee B. Ass'n.fPresiclent Daily Board of Pub- lishers. A quiet member of the Adelphian Club. J. Fimrvcis MCMAHON Law Huron, S. D. Notre Dame lil' Styx uRound and Round" EDWARD D. IVIACMILLAN Engineering Minneapolis East High Engineers Society i'Mac." The Elocutionist R. S. MCQUILLAN Engineering Britton, S. D. Britton High A quiet engineer. 85 Nam :ra:2'n5!vxwardx1f?'an1xQ:x's:sn9srsm!gm:1.Yw:fr+7 . HARR1ET WINIFRED MABlE Academic Minneapolis Chicago High Woman's League Related to the famous Hamilton Mabie JOHN A. MAKER Dentistry Lake Crystal Lake Crystal High "Adolph August" takes his cue ffrom the raclcj and "hands it to his friends." AGNES C. MALOY Academic St. Cloud St. Cloud High 1"Il1B Dramatic Club-Greek Club "Casey" knows the right way to make the Dramatic Clubgtry three times. JAMES W. MALAND Dentistry Rushforcl Rushford High JXJ "Jimmie" wants to know if he must get an epiclermic syringe. EDWARD M. MARSH Pharmacy Pine Island St. Thomas College WJX U. C. A.-Gopher Commonly called "Lefty," but general- ly does things right. JOHN EDWARD MARTIN Law Minneapolis North High Thulanian Club 'Tanned Out" 86 E , u no-3, 7' wwr --- - " ' " -111rr' wmmMegmLwn 1vmwNmamwwmmm WALLACE I-I. MARTIN Engineering Willmar Willmar High E.ngineer's Society-Y. M. C. A. "Shorty." A little boy with a blue shirt and the fog horn supper cll. FLORENCE MATHE5 Academic St. Paul Central High Y. W. C. A.-Woman's League "Nobody loves me, l'm going into the garden to eat worms." VERNE THOMAS MATHER Law Minneapolis Central 10.19 Adelphian-J. B. Ass'n. Is fond of buying orchids in the middle of the winter. CHARLES ALFRED MATTHEWS Agriculture Ortonville Ortonville High .IZ Philomathian-Y. M. C. A. "Fussen" Has been living of late at 1212 Raymond Ave. A. BERNARD IVIEIXNER Engineering Owatonna Owatonna High U. C. A.-Secretary Engineeifs Society "lVlilce." A perambulating edition of Webster's Unabridged. CLYDE METHVEN Engineering Minneapolis East High Engineens Society "Sunny," Not a bleached blonde either. 87 is 'awmawszmszmsmnz-r'..YA '..:.x:qJ:L. ni . .st ll . I 1 -N -...1-:'.:.1m-E 'we'-e-H. .W ,.a..'-rx hr:e+1'.e-m- R -:aww-ma 'R .a 63 L rf N192 in ..'k ' ii axdm .L h, C. FOERSTER MEYER Engineering Minneapolis Aberdeen Normal Engineers Society Will come out somewhere sometime. HENRY E. MICHELSON Medicine Q6 yearj Bismarck Bismarck High IIHIY-.YIIY Cross Country Clubfpresiclent Class Takes a chapel course. We wond why? FRED R. MIIILEISEN Law Topeka Topeka High lf llz'--0 .1 0 Styx-Tillikum Klub "Nationally Famous" ARLEIGH RUSSELL MILLER Academic Minneapolis Central High J TJ El' Press Club-Adelphian-J. B. Ass'n.- President Sophomore Class-Gopher "Barber Shop Loafer" HERSCHEL F. MILLER Law Lisbon, N. D. Stale University of Iowa "Tom Cat" HARVEY j. MILLER Law Buffalo, N. D. Buffalo High Football Squacl "Creme" 88 I -f M' .IENSINE MARIE MILLER Academic Minneapolis East High Y. W. C. A.-Woman's Leaguea Scandinavian Society "Let none presume to wear an un reserved dignity." EVERETT MoHL Law Adrian Adrian High .lllij "Sunny Jim" RICHARD MOLENAAR Academic Raymond Renville High Shakopean-Intercollegiate Prohibition Ass'n.-Y. M. C. A. Piety personified. An eternal question ferj. Ci-ms. U. Mooizi: Medicine Pullman, Wash. Iowa State Normal University of Texas !!I'lD Y, M. C. A. Cabinet NNOW in Y. M. C. A." I-IIRAM MORGAN Law Lake City Lake City High "lVlornin' Si" CHARLES L. MOTL Engineering Alpha Jackson High Komenslcy Club-Engineers Society "Mutt," A student, hut a pretty good fellow at that. 89 we Amos F. MOYER Engineering Montevideo Montevideo High Engineefs Society "Amy." His hair is nourished by his watery ambitions. HAROLD MUNCK Academic Bixby Owatonna High Forum-Scandinavian Society-Y. M. C. A.-Quartermaster Sergeant U. M. C. C. Better than his name would imply. D. J. MURPHY Dentistry Lakelield Lakefield High U. C. A. "Murph," Claims that the freshman was a ringer. FRANK MURRAY Law London, Ohio Ohio State University QBK Castalian4Board of Directors U. C. A. "Third Twin" M. LILLIAN MURSETH Academic Minneapolis Kenyon High Y. W. C. A.-Vvomz-xn's League A quiet little soul. EDITH NAEVE Academic Albert Lea Albert Lea High Woman's League "With eyes so blue and dreamy." You know the rest-nicht? 90 a. Q' L. E J 'iii' mm5m' A I GEORGE NASON Engineering St. Paul Central High Engineers Society-Brush and Pencil- Minne-ha-ha Staff ls responsible for some of the pictures in the funny mag. CARL HUGO NELSON Engineering Minneapolis St. Paul Central High Engineer's Society-Crack Squad- Second Lieutenant U. M. C. C. i'Willy." He likes macaroni, but doesn't think much of spaghetti. CLARENCE OSCAR NELSON Law Granite Falls Granite Falls High Law Literary "Squack" EDNA C. NELSON Academic Red Wing Red Wing High Y. W. C. A. Another one, no one knew. HARRY W. NELSON Dentistry Minneapolis South High EWO Harry Wilhelm was disappointed be- cause he received but eight invitations to dances, etc., this week. OWEN NORMAN NELSON Academic St. Paul Cleveland High 101.114 ML' Dramatic Club-Tillikum Klub-J. B. Ass'n. Marion's waiting .but there's the St. Paul girl. 91 gg . Pas :,,...N Lf iv icq, .. RAY HANSON NELSON Dentistry Hope, N. D. Hope High J VJ uNellie" blew in on a N. D. blizzard and left hope behind. JOHN R. NEWELL Mining Shakopee Shakopee High .Eliot School of Mines Society Jack has been known to sit up until 5 a. m., in the Search for knowledge. Ch, this learning, what a thing it is! RICHARD ACER NEWHALL Academic Minneapolis Central High Greek Club-Chess Club-Y. M. C. A. -Regimental Sergeant Major U. M. C. C. Richard Fourth. CAROLINE E. NEWTON Academic Casselton, N. D. Casselton High Woman's League-Y. W. C. A. "She wears a left-handed hat." BROWNING NICHOLS, JR. Engineering Montevideo Windom Institute E.ngineer's Society His nose is as awkward as his poise In writing. CHESTER L. NICHOLS Law Appleton, Wis. Appleton High Law Literary-Law Debating Team "Green, but Growing" 92 S .X 0. Y A I. 1 , it MARJORIE NICHOLS Academic Pipeslone Pipestone High Y. W. C. A.4Woman's League She has a "jewel" in her bonnet. MARION NICKELL Academic Minneapolis Central High Woman's LeaguefThalian-Treasurer of Equal Suffrage Club Acute HUGH H. NIXON Academic Wells Wells High Y. M. C. A. "Thinking that you are thinking is no sign that you are thinking." CHARLES G. NORDIN Medicine St. Paul Cleveland High IDBH B. S. Minnesota "Tome," The trympanosome of the little "Red Owl." HANNAH ALDEN NUTTER Academic Minneapolis North High Y. W. C. A. Got ME." in everything in her Fresh- man year. Phi Belaf- MARY LORENA OBER Academic Duluth Duluth Normal Y. W. C. A. Shy Mary with the hobbies three, cats, calculus and triloloite. An unfailing source of inspiration to action. 93 V V 1 CLARENCE EMMANUEL OBERC. Dentistry Minneapolis South High "Clarisse Enamel" never told us why he left the choir. jusrus OHAGE, JR. Medicine St. Paul Central High H .1 .Y-.fl Ii' li' Tillikum Klub-U. C. A. "Justus, Jr." What's in a name? ABBE O'LEARY Academic Wahasha Wabasha High U. C A.-VVoman's League Admires serious minded meng has no time For the men at college. FRANK E. OLDER Luverne Mankato Normal ,-ll Philomathian "Deacon." Doesn't like to play foot- ball for a banquet. Ag!-icullun: PHOEBE MATHEA OLSEN Academic Minneapolis Willametta University A541 Y. W. C. A.-Woman's League Has to be known to be appreciated. MARY D. OLSON Academic Lake Park Moorhead Normal Equal Suffrage Club-Y. W. C. A. If diligence be a virtue, then surely she is virtuous. may . if Af'.:mxm2fs mmm'mmm1mWawaammwamnmxwmawfw-KmQw1aa1awv.uKet..sgw- mm nam .mm5m.zwm2f4mmMt21iumwwJb9waM-SmwxnxwwhmanMlwumgmkM7mW fmwmwwvm-mfAmammwma ' gl Yi gf vmluxsziamzmcssfs f,' OSCAR A. OLSTAD gg X ii . Engineering f ' g Minneapolis South High ,K "Hazel." lsn't he cute? f. KVV: ni'.fi 5 . A 1 IVIANFORD O. OPPEGAARD Medicine f Madison Madison High 101311-Kglli Shakopean-Musical Federation-Clee Club-Gopher-President of Class, '06- '07 Modesty forbids. V PETER M. OSTRAND ' i i? X' A Mining . Atwater South High A I 'l .2'K,'I wg 3' t ' Y. M. C. A.fSchool of Mines Society -Football Team-Track Team ' r . ' "Pete" What a piece of work is man! " 3 If you want him to talk get him started J on football or mechanics. Q ' HARLEY GEORGE OVERHOLT Engineering . Minneapolis Central High ' Engineer's Society A conscientious student, fond of original ' research. ' Q , EDMUND OVESTRUD Academic , Spring Grove Spring Grove High A good man to sit next to. ' DANA CAVOUR OWEN ii 1 3 Law Osseo North High lil-Ill-0.10 Styx "Calm ucabletsi' uu.mazua::-a:si.'mknJaz:El3r1lf'Iln-f4sannamm,nEmx 2Hmgwm1se-:,e.-.smsmaxwznwwwff-a::g:-:ina :sum-:rr 11 X his an .4 E Y-'M Q. 1 LAURA PADDOCK Academic Minneapolis North High Minerva-Equal Suffrage Clubfwom- an's League-Secretary Junior Class! President Tam O'Shanter Prof. Sardeson: "Your smile con fuses me, Miss Paddock." HELEN D. PAINTER Academic Minneapolis East High livliv l 4' l lx' Thalian-WY. W. C. A, Cahinet-Secre- tary Musical Federation-Euterpeang Dramatic Club-S. G. A. Board--Wom- an's League. Thinks the ardent lover malces the ideal husband. A second Milton. IRENE M, PARKELL Academic Minneapolis Central High Clwigglesi' CLAUDE H. PARKER Pharmacy Minneapolis Y. M. C. A. A female parasite. MARK Oris PATTRIDGE Dentistry Tracy Tracy High upatu is taking the academic course at McE,lroy's. CARL M. PAULSON Pharmacy Minneapolis Minneota High Scandinavian Society4Y. M. C. A. An lcelander, but not an iceberg. 95 .. 'W' MAYNARD W. PEASE Engineering Minneapolis Central High Engineefs Society "Beans" His foreloclc is his guiding star. THOMAS ALBERT PEPPARD Medicine C6 yearb Minneapolis Central High 0.410-JVQVN Scabbard and Blade-Gopher-First Lieutenant and Batt. Adjutant U. M. C. C.-Adelphian-Cross Country Club -Chairman Program Committee B. Ass'n. Noted for neclcties and scarf pins. ANDREW P PETERSON Chemistry Lamberton Lamberton Hugh Chemistry Society Scandinavian Society Spent last summer traveling sa es ma ERNEST A PETERSON Academic Albert Lea Albert Lea High Shorty SIGURD H PETERSON Academlc Mlnneota Minneota High Shakopean Scandinavian So iety Spanish Club First Prize Freshman Sophomore Oratorical 07 Intra Sopho more Team 07 Shakopean Team 09 Hed undertake to prove by force of argument a man s no horse CARL H PETRI Dentistry Minneapolis Central High Peach Tree Believe me guy take it from me . lu I - If Z1 n.,, A Y? : 97 Q, A x -Sf. gn v I aw ii tl. EARL PETTIJOHN Chemistry St. Paul St. Peter High Chemistry Society-B. A. Minnesota God helps him who helps himself. As- sistant in quantitative and takes the sub- ject. LYLE PETTIJOHN Law St. Paul Central High A1011 Football Team '08 "Give it to Petty" MARY FRANCES PHELAN Academic Graceville Graceville High "A cherry lip, a bonny eye, a passing, pleasing tongue." KENNETH A. PHELPS Medicine C6 year, Fargo Dartmouth College AI. Mandolin Club "Kenny" Smiles like a fried egg. RAY R. PHELPS Engineering St. Paul East High E.ngineer's Society-Chief Trumpeter U. M. C. C.-Treasurer Class A Silent Grin. BRINTON HARRY PHINNEY Law Herman Herman High Shakopean "Emma Goldman" A E'- 1 , lb if 3 nl vE?lii'l3iii?."Ef1BL.ZH '. A fi- 98 VERNON C. PIDGEON Academic Minneapolis East High ZY' Baseball-Baslcetball-Tennis-Man- dolin Club I-le's a bird. Flies high. 1 5' R E OLGA S. PINKUS Academic St. Paul Central High Y. W. C. A.-Woman's League "Where's Jo?" The other half of Josephine. "Together we stand, divided we correspond." MONTE CHARLES PIPER Medicine Carden City Mankato High :Ufff Our winged Mercury. Xvears a hot trail between the class and the Deanis office. EVA LORINDA PITTS Academic Alton, Ia. Alton High Woman's League-Y. W. C. A, Doesn't like grafters. GEORGE ARTHUR PLAAS Dentistry Red Wing Red Wing High EWU! "Blatz." Ml vould lige to leef in Mil- vaukeef' LEE WESLEY PoLLocK Medicine C 6 yearj Rochester Rochester High "Bugs." A horrible example last night. 99 .. Y. W A - 'ir Jim... f.g . ,n :ga . X S1 I EUNICE F. POMEROY Academic Minneapolis Central High A121-AE Y. W. C. A.-Woman's League "'Fraid to go home in the dark." I. A. PREINE Medicine Minneapolis East High WBIY Secretary junior Class Gets anaemia of the brain unless he has his feet twined about his neck. JOHN GUSTAVE PRIEBE Law Minneapolis North High Member Freshman Debating Team '07 H 'Taint no such thing" LESLIE R. PUTNAM Academic Carrington, N. D. Carrington High Y. M. C. A.-Staff Minne-ha-ha "How much do the cash girls get?" A hair brush. If he knew a good answer to one-tenth of the foolish questions he asks he'd have the Encyclopedia Brit- tanica backed off the boards. ADAH M. RACE Academic Minneapolis Redwood Falls High The race is not to the swift, but to the football men. WALTER HENRY RADERMACHER Law Barron, Wis. Barron High Law Literary-Football Team '08 "Strong Heart" 100 1'f:5S:nm':mzm'a-i ts-is:nr:."vrnr'1-Pm 1nf:r'f:a,'-::.":.'1:5:.':nfxz!'asssf!'1vmS:'rxL nl I GRACE RAMSEY ' Academic Minneapolis Sioux Falls High MA 5" , Woman's League ' A blonde from the Dakotas. ,f HAROLD B. RAMSEY Academic Minneapolis Sioux Falls High Spanish Club Childe Harold with rosy-hewed cheek. E .13 RUDOLPH JULIUS RAMSLAND K Academic Sacred Heart Lake Benton High 4 Castalian ' "Relentless Rudolph." "The Flag Pole Hero." A worker. EDWARD P. RANKIN Academic Jamestown, N. D. Jamestown High A. B. C. Club He likes the Wellesley girls becau'e there's a A'Smart" one there. ETHEL E. REED Academic K Minneapolis Pipestone High A Y. NV. C. A.-Woman's League 1 "Oh, Slush!" L . 'f i f E i ll Q A HARRY A. REID l f y ' Engineering QQ' J A Mankato Mankato High A Engineefs Society ' I ff-593' Did you ever hear him sneeze? IOI 'Q Sf W V, Q ANASTASIA M. REMES Pharmacy New Prague New Prague High The only girl in the Junior class whose face didn't break the camera. Some honor that. FRANCES RENNINC. Academic Kasson Kasson High Y. W. C. A.-Woman's League Gone but not forgotten. ANNA DIDERIKKE REQUE Academic Decorah, Ia. Decorah High Scandinavian Society-Woman's League "When taken to he well shaken." GEORGE WESTFALL REYNOLDS Dentistry Minneapolis South High "Georgie" is one of the Gold Dust twins. JOSEPH ALEXANDER RIES Academic Minneapolis Fairfax High No relation to Jacob. ESTHER M, ROBBINS Academic Rohbinsdale East High Q HBO I Woman's League-Y. W. C. A.- Theta Epsilon The only Robbin out of captivity- never fear, Bailey's circus is soon due at Robbinsdale. 'Hearn-JawQ-4-fm-Mf:.,z'w-affu-5-we114:41-M.:n1vs' 112fL'f111's..wnnsH1f -- N I02 .J-.x..L: 1, ' . ,,... 3 E' ,:,A M- V.:-f, wg A1rr.vzai1I 1-was SARAH ROBINSON Academic Minneapolis Pipestone High "Dolly" and Curley went out to stroll RALPH H. Rocicwoon Chemistry Madelia Madelia High School of Chemistry Society Rockwood sounds petrified, but isn't. CAROLINE E. ROGERS Academic Pella, la. Dubuque High Woman's League "Her gentleness has made her great" JULIA A. Rossi Academic Mantorville Mantorville High Y. W. C, A.-Woman's League Has joined the ranks of Cupid. WILLIAM FERRIS ROUNDS Dentistry Sleepy Eye Sleepy Eye High J X .1 Yummle IS trying to borrow a bevel HERBERT C ROWBERG Law Hanley Falls St Olaf College L10 J Danger f Af, .I - -. . . ef. .I n I03 '1xf5L.,1f:r.t:':ss4pe1 .1 BESS M. RowE Agriculture Minneapolis Iowa State Normal Philomathian "Bess." She can jolly, tell stories and teach school. - INA B. RowE Academic ive 5 Minneapolis Much study is a weariness of Hesh. INA PEARL SACKETT Academic Minneapolis Central High .1 I --.Yr-1.11112 Woman's League 'The Sieve." She's a jolly good friend. GUsTAvUs M. SACHS Law New Prague Waseca High "Sherlock" WILLIS R. SALISBURY Engineering Minneapolis East High HJX Mitre-Adelphian-AI. B. Ass'n.-Engi- neer's Society "Willie." He's got a girlg heis differ- ent. V HELEN SALZER . Academic ' EE -'i Minneapolis Central High if g L ,401-AE Woman's League-Y. W. C. A. She doeth the little things that most of us leave undone. :fax .e:a1xas:.1:iL.:.:z.u2:1xQ:rsQ:1:xmm:.1nb2szmi1a, r..mLuze1r1'zs::i.tL1,U''L'1:i'1 r, Y v . i i fa 2' .':RmmzaoMtH3b.:.ami3whe5weaaw rfnffim-nlszifwxrwmmflnmw-Jwmwwlmzfsmalmvw-wmxmsfawxwawwwwxxewxmvamssx "s2.2r2Q-N'YQ1'fAl: . lx: 1. -::rf- -. v--ve: vs x sn.:f.1:fuamL:JI.1ia1,-f,nmsL.uxugss:.....swas - 'ufmgmcfafe . E I-:e-Is,QI,.s::' ' THEODORE SATERSMOEN Medicine Lac qui Parle Windom Institute "Sadie" Always smiling, ever rosy. Our newsboy. BENJAMIN HARRISON SAUNDERS Dentistry Parkers Prairie Alexandria High .J.f'.1 "Sunny" thinks that Benjamin Harrison IS the greatest name in history. EMERSON DANIEL SAWYER Engineering Minneapolis Central High 'tCy" is an awful gym fiend. ERNEST A. SCHLUTER, JR. Engineering Hutchinson Hutchinson High Engineers Society "Lil" hails from 'way out Vvest. MATHILDA W. SCHMIDT Academic Minneapolis North High "My tongue within my lips I rein, For who talks much must talk in vain." EDWIN H. SCHNEIDER Medicine St. Paul Humboldt High "l've paid for these lectures and I'll not miss a single minute." 122.5 ' mai.'f..2:,3'v-:211iAII,ss':E:Aa'Is'...:x.a..' '1v1:sm:mw fHwm1ff' IOS ,faq-guy A "Hr vI,feevrf:vMmw'wwIv: S If el ls. I JESSIE JOHANNA SCHNEIDER Academic St. Paul Elgin High Y. W. C. A. True merit, like a river, the deeper it is, the less noise it makes. I-IERMAN F. SCHRADER Medicine St. Paul Central High J-UXYK-.YE Energids-B. A. Minnesota '02- lVl. A. '03 I-las nothing to say and is all the time saying it. HENRY F. SCHULTE Academic Plato Glencoe High Regular little girl. PAUL R. SEABURY Academic St. Paul St. Paul Academy .1KIu' Adelphian Club "Of their own merit, modest men are dumb." The only Deke that has stayed in college three successive years. FRED G. SEDGWICK Academic Minneapolis York High, Nela. WAY' Mitre-Adelphian-J. B. Assn- I. O. A. D. Doesn't appear to overwork himself. ADEL SEFTON Academic Ellenclale, N. D. Ellendale Normal Woman's League "Peaceful, stuclious, silent." I06 MAX SEI-IAM Medicine Minneapolis North High U. L. A. "'Teddy." Has been convicted twice of fracturing a joke. OTTO J. SEIFERT Medicine New Ulm St. Thomas College U. C. A. Fond of doughnuts. WM. G. SHANE Engineering Gladstone Mechanic Arts High E.ngineer's Society "Cutie" ought to be in knickerboclcers by rights. But in head work he beats us all. WILBUR DUANE SHAW Law Minneapolis Central High XV' Song and Stein-Scabbard and Blade- Mitre-Major U. M. C. C. "Slippery Ike" GEORGE A. SHEILS Dentistry Minneapolis West Concord High Shorty tool: a spirits of Frumenti as Mydriatic MARJORIE M S1MMoNs Academic Hunter N D Hunter High Womans League Y W. C. A.- Captam Class Basketball 07-'0S4Varsity Squad Tennis Tournament A Whiz a ' ' . , . . . . . , IO7 r ,, . JM. gf' JALMAR HEINRICH SIMONS Medicine Waseca Waseca High KMA "-Iellf' Our moral mencler. Swears off about every other week. WM. F. SIMPSON Mining Minneapolis Central High School of Mines Society "Sim." Like a lamb to the slaughter. MYRA JEAN SINCLAIR Academic Minneapolis East High Y. W. C. A.-Woman's League- Secretary of Spanish Club Has a three-cornered affair. ELIZABETH GRACE SINDERSON Academic Rockford, Ill. Rockford High Y, W. C. A.-Woman's League-Ov Cl'lC5ll'aTBa5kellIJallfTennlS Tourna- ment She is bubbling over with college spirit. C-ERTRUDE BERYL SLY Academic Minneapolis Central High Y. W. C. A.-Woman's League A worker. Small, but Oh My! KENNETH SISCHO Law St. Paul Central High AT!! HA. T. O. did it" .su."i'Hv'-'--e' ' ' -may '-fer.-f.m..'wa,'fm.1Yausw-GJ-infw-was I08 fi , FMU " 3 'fl Iw.ff.y.-ww. 1 AI , f. 1-i'5w.vamwn:1Ff VANCE EDWARD SKAHI-:N Law Minneapolis Stanford University IDJIP Styx "Front row" EDWARD E. SMETANA Dentistry Hopkins Hopkins High "Hopkins" lives on raisin pie. ADA BLANCHE SMITH Academic Rochester Rochester High Y. W. C. A.-Woman's League "Oh, you kid" CHARLOTTE SMITH Academic Montevideo Montevideo High Y. W. C. A. My lady has a smile for all. EUNICE HUNT SMITH Academic Minneapolis Duluth Central Y. W. C. A.-Woman's League-Tam O'Shanter4Basketball 'IO-Greek Club "The six-cylinder kid." "Chocolates," J. RAYMOND SMITH Law Barron, Wis. Barron High I-llflll ..Happy.. .'.4ux::sws.-mf".-f . . .W-mmnrfx-fmmwwv-r.nzwmvr5v'a.vmv 109 J F '-t ar T f view. M'1 E::E15mifmmmR: 1mmeaixa,ten:Imemcxcs-:gsmminusmI sswmsrzmnm-2I:i:Im vwIs,nwf+'m.x,rra's:wr:mm.wwmvrmwmwa'iasse::fswr:axf:we.::et',::,zg .wa 1 JAMES RUSSELL SMITH Law Minneapolis Central High Ulla-0.10 Scabbard and Blade-Major U. M. C. C. B. A. Minnesota 'OS "Rusty" "Navajo" LEON G. SMITH Medicine Benson Benson High 01311-KJIA Sub Football Team-Athletic Board of Control "Pocahontas" has been known to visit St. Paul on other than clinic days. MAUDE M. SMITH Academic Miles City, Mont. Miles City High Has "two big eyes of baby blue" and knows how to use them too. SHELDON HALLOWAY SMITH Chemistry St. Paul Mechanic Arts High llllfy' Snake and SkullgAclelphian-J. B. Ass'n.-First Lieutenant Batteryfl. O. A. D. "Smut" a botanical name. A tall bunch of good nature. CHARLES FREMONT SNELL Academic Detroit Detroit High ls really a lady's man but conceals the fact save when on vacations. IRMA SNERE Academic Minneapolis Stevens Seminary Woman's League-Y. W. C. A. Irma goes with a man named "Den- HIS. 1 i rise? M 'vga U ,J 'Q at M 2 A ' I n Q ' k , few lI0 2?e:nf1u1iymmwmmm.w:Npn.-mtmrmgui-2 nmsis5 ?w2Lv5vIvnv::'T'S:!e'm'ex GEORGE W SNYDER Medicine 6 year St Paul Central High WEN Brush and Pencil Press Club As sis ant Artlst Gopher Vice President Class Bishop Gilbert Society Artist of Minne ha ha Snide Has a Mmne ha ha graft Stays at home sometimes SAUI. S SOLOWAY Academic Minneapolis Portland Maine High Prof Sanford used to love him ADOLPH SOMMERFELD Engineering Sleepy Eye Sleepy Eye High Y M C A Engineers So Ley From Sleepy Eye Nuff sed KITAJ1 SONTARO Academic Shingu apan Higher H' , "A hopeless infant here I roam Far from my maternal home." EMIL GEORGE SOUBA Pharmacy Hopkins Hopkins High A book worm. Knows everything worth knowing and some things that are not. Possibly next mayor of Hopkins. Special- ty-Saturday night dances. FREDERICK AI. SCUBA Medicine Hopkins Hopkins High Komensky Club-B. S. Minnesota '08 An ancient exponent of his profession! leech. FWZ? si !!liiE"KYf 'SWG 16'N9?r Et'l 5R WE. A' ti-W tEm1.ikiA'? A T I v . A . . . K - .. T I, . , , . , . - . . . .- c t . J 125 , """' "' ' ' " ' " f - r ' ' "K" ff""'-"fL""' III -Pate: wiefuif-ma, I fcnwfrf-It '.fswI wvaswI-sffww'I1fv!4wv'w-:wewf-f1wMwe'v"'w'fs ,Triax fmvx :,:1L:'iL,i eww rr'-fn-'ir 'fer' ning' pg:'.'-I-M111-:gear slug , LUCIE SOUBA , Academic Hopkins Hopkins High Y. W. C. A.-Komensky Club "Some time I set and think and some times I just set." JOSEPH H. SoUI.I:Ic Engineering Montgomery Montgomery High Engineefs Society-Komensky Club "Joe Gans." Just as harmless as he looks. LILLIAN SPAIN Academic Minneapolis Two Harbors High Y. W. C. A.-Woman's League-Equal Suffrage Club Plump and good naturecl. ARTHUR DIcIcI:RIvIAN SPRING Academic Minneapolis Central High KPKYF Snake and Skull-J. E. Assn.-I. O. A. D. Handsome and lazy and aristocratic. ELIZABETH STARR Academic Minneapolis Central High Thalian-Y. W. C. A.-Woman's League-School of Chemistry Society- Equal Suffrage Club A friend to no one. , M f 'R A f 4 . A .... . E, ,. I GERTRUDI: CHLOE STIEARNS ' 'V W' J 5 Ac aclemi c Hutchinson Carleton College "A quiet conscience makes one so se ren e .' ' IlTifl13gff 5MNa7Fi5i9wWU599Mh 7lq 5mB1MK.EJiiE-55721 MZHKSZUPHKUCQKQQQXLI 5i!L"'W227': .:,Qf'Y.'3l YZ 3if1YfA5'Bifi'lQlfiACii':if'iVi'ff7f'1Y: 'J '1'WR?35l '7:'i'lf 41 XSIXX "'S'S2UiH51fWiq IIZ if B . J - fx F f f EARL WILLIAM STEWART Law Princeton, Wis. Berlin High A1101 President of Class l AC0l'kCI" ' G. GORDON STEWART Mining .fflfil Minneapolis Lirlgerwoocl, N. D., High A School of Mines Society "G" 'tStew." "Yon Cassius hath a lean and hungry look." GEORGE A. STOCKLAND --1 Law ' To Minneapolis Warren, Minn. 15 Thulanian Club .' W l 1 Apreuy., . , 1 ESTHER STOFT Academic Minneapolis Central High Snobby, nobby attitude. ALFRED FINNEY STONE Law Morris Morris High "Roller" G. HARWOOD STONE Chemistry Omro Litchlield High Y. M. C. A.-School of Chemistry Society-Tennis Team The Chemical l0's shark. II3 "-'t' - E:-ifr::1!l.'f.52i.i,.T-.:.27.'2mmm."'r.ff,,e4m w:Tiiw'mmwu',wvA .u 3 Rsurarcwriiisii-ArttrT'2m:::f1?4ntx:: s12".:::'v:za15':z'.:':e-:-:w.1,ww4::':1 fur' wmnerasrawzaimv: zmm,wimvn:sHkwmmmmx.Dmm QSmmam WILTON B. STONE Dentistry St. Peter St. Peter High Hal refused to slam him. WYLIE W. STONE Chemistry Benson Benson High wif' Chemistry Society-Shalcopc-:an4Y. 5 M. C. A. sl 9 Photographer plenipotentiary and fusser extraordinary. HAZEL L. W. STORR Academic St. Paul Central High t'Wherefore those dreamy looks of thine V' Mining A.-Track ETHEL STRATTON Academic Minneapolis Central High .4 10 Woman's League-Y. W. C, A.-Hvice President Tam O'Shanter4Tennis Club The Dream that made ,lim a better boy. Academic If lt' I ' -Equal Suffrage Club always right. ARCHIE JACKSON STRANE St. Paul Central High School of Mines Society-Y. M. C. "Archie" He doth indeed at times show some sparks that close resemble wit. Louisa AMY STRONG Minneapolis East High Woman's League-Tam O'Shanter4 Y. W. C. A.fAssistant Artist Minne- ha-ha-Artist, Gopher-Brush and Pencil Kappa Kappa gormand. Stubborn, but x ?aT.m'Jwnm1ra'3 ,. 5. lu fl ta 1,3 ,T l l i 'rw i P1 .E 4.:::.:4::-sr: .saw ,tsl-at vw-a 221112:wL'2's2w:uf:mzmf:11f:am"necsuf:-4em'::1:f'--w'f2s1zfgfnc 'f II4 iii m ODIN A SUNDIXESS Mlnlng Fergus Fa s Fergus Falls High Vlx 4 School of MIHCS Soclety Presldent umor Mmer Sunny Cupld The other one of the celebrated s rentriic twins He hall from Fergus Falls but he ha hrs rahonal spells now and then PEARL SUTTON Acaclemlc Stlllwater Strllwater Hrgh Womans League Dally Staff PYCSI dent Girls Mandolm Club All the Latm I can construe IS Amo She has a. Krusch GERTRUDE M SWANSON Academlc St Paul Central Hugh Y W C A Scandmavlan Socxety Creek Club Pomt her out some clay to me LUELLA C SWEDBERG Academlc Luverne Luverne Hugh Womans League Y W C A Oh Lu lu M ROY SWEDBERG Engmeermg Luverne Luverne Hugh Y M C A Englneefs SOCIEW Shorty expects to be a surveyor some clay THEODORE SWENSON JR Engmeermg St Paul Central Hrgh Engmeers SOCl8ly The Beau Brummel of the Electrrcals my- f-W 1-v-'-'ew rr H- ' '- II5 lawns' M 49 'Na GERTRUDE SWINBURNE Academic Minneapolis South High Y. W. C. A.-Woman's League Reserve on ice. ELIZABETH TATE Academic Faribault Faribault High .IF-Alu' Woman's Leaguew-Y. W. C. A. Clever with the bow ancl arrow. A great, good heart that beats in time with all. CARL A. TAYLOR Chemistry Jamestown, N. D. Spring Valley High Treasurer Chemistry Society-Assistant Chemistry Got an "E" in organic. Who pays for the gas? MARION A. TEBBETS Academic Minneapolis East High Has a "kissed by the sun" complexion. MARJORIE B. TERRIER Academic Woman's League Ushe has a gentle, timid air." IDA B. THOMPSON is Academic 'f .i I V Grancly North High A "Woman's hopefulness and grace of patience, 7' up Lighting up her face." .i4HLf..n,.L .,,.A Q L.-.L.34XL14L1, 1544.1 .AV uwx.a,v , .4..,21..LL+u.-Lag-,L'Li:.lnn.i.-I-Tl f eiglluwltllnfflnlgaglaiayfoiilil-fizmi-.tfffdm-5'Mf'F6:-:.n.AZ'XII-S't-2,.LUfp..Ll.,.' H6 V... ,yu xmasuavsmaQwmn1la"mxan1es:z.s:vs:f.wze2e'1srw-v:suun9'xwn,?vr2'r-inI 'arf SEARS THOMSON Academic Minneapolis Central High 13011 Y. M. C. A.-Mandolin Club-Greek Club--Y. M. C. A. President, '08-Vice President. '07-Organizing Council of Minnesota Union. "Angels are bright still, though the brightest fell." One of the best men in college. THEODORE W. THOMSON Academic Minneapolis Central High Shalcopean--Freshmen Debating Team '06-Sophomore Oratorical Team-Shalv opean Debating Team, '07, '08, '09-Y. M. C. A. Cabinet-Secretary and Treas- urer Bryan-Johnson Club. He looks like Bryan. Wm. B. the Znd. "Theo." REUBEN G. THOREEN Law Stillwater Stillwater High .AIIVIP Shalcopean "Stripes" ELIZABETH THORSON Academic Minneapolis Glenwood High Does it pay to be serious? MARGARET JULIA THUET Academic Minneapolis St. Paul Central Iii.-19 Woman's League Council-U. C. A.- Equal Suffrage Club-Greek Club T-h-u-e-t please. She admits that ex- perience is the best teacher. ALICE MERION TILLOTSON Academic Minneapolis East High KK1'-AE Woman's League Gets her lessons through Clare. "Tillie Olson." Another jim dandy. r1::1 e:iz:r.'-:sam-x.'i'.:11zr' II7 I :Tw .1 .4-sean. L:m::.:::-huixx A. muh-,ImziSQ,W1.vmsmS3:Rm:mm':'mm"mmf2::n:n:c2Iisfm'IEv11mrnmimbfmmmirafavauwwxmfram a:emAwuer9svamsau93:.'na:2e'L'M11f:Ln'mzvr.wM'51Qvm.-sm WILLIAM D. TIIVIPERLEY Engineering Minneapolis East High ZILIE-01' Seabbard and Blade-E.ngineer's Soci- etyfffraclc Squad-Captain Battery U. M. C. C.-Gopher. ..T-impj. Boss of the big guns in drill. MARY VAILL TISDALE Academic Slayton Slayton High Acanthus-Y. W. C. A.-Woman's League-Euterpean-Daily Staff "Laugh at your friends, and if your friends are sore, so much the better-you may laugh the more." MARY FLORENCE TORNSTROM Academic Stillwater Stillwater High Scandinavian Society Week before Christmas: "Girls, l'm so busyg l believe l'll get married." Takes utmost pleasure in making other people happy. ANKER O. TORRISON Law Manitowoc Luther College Thulanian "Pride of Manitowoc" OLIVIA TRAUTMAN Academic Minneapolis Wabasha High Acanthus-U. C. A.-Woman's League "One year more," she says, "And l'll make the cub staff of the Daily." A. M. TREAT Medicine Minneapolis Blooming Prairie High WP2' Hyperaemia II8 A 1 'IP if la 5 as if JMi!vWT96M.1YIH?,5UI3niK lRL.mGiV'i yryy mm-mv.-anzzmmsm-nlmrl.m:a 1'nbam'u':A::acrx:uw:-nf'-wwz""" Nur.: ww A-ww HARRY MILTON TURNER Mining KZ School of Mines Society-Spanish Club-J. B. Ass'n. A would-be society sport. WINIFRED E. TURNER Academic Minneapolis South High Acanthus-Secretary of Woman's League High-brow with a far reaching Psyche. FLORENCE AURORA TURNQUIST Academic Minneapolis South High "Knowledge comes of learning well re- tained." A. A. TYRREL1. Medicine St. Paul .llxilti "Tracy." just as naughty as the very dickens. CLARENCE UNDERWOOD Agriculture Hutchinson Hutchinson High Forestry Club "Undef Spends too much time writing letters to Esther. ERSKINE WARD VANCE Academic IDFJ Adelphian-Press Club-Gopher-Drm matic Club-Associate Editor Daily-Ar rangement Committee B. Ass'n.-Y. M. C. A. The long of it. "I would if I could, but I can't." Married. 119 ami. , A GZ I, 'WM .--- -V-ww--A .W - Am.. , :H aw ,rm rf? .5 :su-.i...,as. . A x,-.gga,.q,...:,3,.i,5 JAMES HAROLD VIDAL Academic Fargo, N. D. Fargo High AAIP Dramatic Club-Triangle Clul::-Fresh- man Football Team '05-Football Squad '06-'08-Basketball Squad, '06. ls cultivating a crush on Elsa Ueland. A disciple of Platonic friendship. Lord Chumley of the guards. Starting a war against A. T. O. in fussing line. EARL W. WARREN Law St. Paul Charlottesville, Va. High Law Literary "Mellins Food" JESSIE A. WARREN Academic Minneapolis Central High "A maiden never boldg of spirit so still and quiet." ALLAN JAMES WASH Academic Minneapolis Central High Z,-IF Adelphian-J. B. Ass'n.-Y. M. C, A.-Press Club-Editor-in-Chief Gopher -Associate Editor Daily-Secretary Const. Com. Minnesota Unionglfirst Lieutenant U. M. C. C. "Oh, this lnoy lends mettle to us all." MURRAY R. WATERS Law Minneapolis Central High VT-W .1117 Styx uLibrarian's Son" JENNIE ANNE WEBSTER Academic Minneapolis Lake City High AAA Y. W. C. A. "Oh, keep me innocent, make others great." --'w'.Y.1mfw:rf2r R.'R11a,.52-wsiW':e:'cAftA'atz55Iwv4fm'a11mr:m:1.'4.w'fr,ikaavQ'fEs-Ae1v4s6rxvmlS IZO FRANK ELMER WEED Medicine C6 yearj Conway Conway High 1111311 U. C. A.-Komensky Club Only got an excellent in Physics. DONALD MCDERMID WESBROOK Engineering Minneapolis East High 4l'q?HT Treasurer Aclelphian Club4TraClc Team "Don," What happened to him on the Chicago trip?" ALICE MAY XVESSBERG Academic Fergus Falls Fergus Falls High Theta EpsilonfWoman's League- Greek Club-Fergus Club "An unwieldy bunch of good nature." IVIERRITT W. WHEELER Medicine St. Paul State University of lowa WB!!-Ixflfrl "Cupid" Was known to grow weak once at a bloody Clinic. LUCY JACKSON WHITE Academic Luverne Luverne High 115.1-,IE Euterpean-Musical Federation! Woman's League "Pink" wears well with "Bob," HARRY C. WHITNEY Dentistry Wessington Springs Wessington Springs Seminary JIJ "Eli" is hanging around Seven Corners waiting for his overcoat to come. IZI x 59 I V 1 -'wi-mv'zimnrm.fL.m:1f ww" F is 3 in , A,,r., I 2' , , ,I E i y 55 as X 'T-,,,H,r.,-, .?.,.-,a,e,-,..,m. . IJ -" iuWmm "Bm t-v RAYMOND WRIGHT WHITTIER Medicine C6 yearl Minneapolis South High .FIX Mandolin Club-Secretary Oif Glee and Mandolin Club-Second Lieutenant U. M. C. C. "Chubby." Why does he keep up his drill? WALTER F. WIELAND Law Brainerd Brainerd High JTJAKDJKP Styx-Adelphian-J. B. Ass'n. "The Admiralu HOWARD Y. WILLIAMS Academic Minneapolis South High I-ITQ Adelphian-Press Club-J. B. Ass'n.f Business Manager Dramatic Club-Maw aging Editor Gopher-Second Lieutenant U. M. C. C.-Sophomore Relay Team Bright, happy and hustling. The man worth while is the man who can smile when everything goes dead wrong. FLORENCE WINTERER Academic Valley City, N. D. Valley City High J I' Woman's League A living question marlc. ALBERT I... WINTERQUIST Academic Little Falls Minnesota College Greek Clubgscandinavian Club "Goodbye and God bless you" "Deacon" HAZEL M. WITCI-IIE Academic Minneapolis North High Thalian-Equal Suffrage Club-Woman's League-Y. W. C. A. To know her is to love her, and she is well known. l22 O fn- . gf 1 I LEILA A. WITCHIE Academic Minneapolis North High Dramatic Club-Thalian-Brush and Pencil-Woman's League-Equal Suf- frage Club-Y. W. C. A. - Fred Harding, he's a cousin of mine. "She thinks it is not hard to tell. None but herself can be her parallel." GUY H. WOOLLETT Chemistry Minneapolis Central High School of Chemistry Society All wool but it would take a steam rol- ler to make him a yard wide. WARNER G. WORKMAN Medicine C6 year, Tracy Tracy High H917 Scabhard and Blade-Vice President Class '06-President '08-Sergeant at Arms '08, '09-Captain and Adjutant U. M. C. C. Spends his time out of class, fussing. A fellow with a future. HILMA ELIZABETH WRETLING Academic Alexandria Alexandria High Y. W. C. A. "She shows that her soft sex contains strong minds." KATE WYMAN Medicine Northfield Carleton College A. B. Carleton College "The Echo." It is rumored that domes- tic life is to take her from us. OTTO WILLIAM YOERG Medicine Winthrop Winthrop High AIIVK-K,ll.4 Acacia-Energids "Dulce." We Germans do like pretzels and-ancestors. IZ3 I 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 I f' 7 1 1 1 1 . 1 . 1 1 i 1 x A 1 4 1 I l A 1 , ,, , 1241, sta rr M . 4 5x ' 0014 THREE '91 M' Wie University Year ., E lib! , . , , , , --A ,..1.,..,..,.....7Q,4f1.,, . ,M A I25 .1 . 1. -I fa-fsr'::1'52.1:,: sf-v-' 1-waf'-'fwfma-"fav fl I' c c 1 1. . A W I MAR. MAR. MAR. MAR. APRIL APRIL APRIL APRIL APRIL APRIL MAY MAY MAY MAY MAY MAY MAY MAY MAY MAY MAY MAY JUNE JUNE JUNE SEPT. SEPT. I908 usilent Woman,' presented by Modern Drama Class Euterpean Club in Twilight Concert HMonsieur Beaucairef, by Dr. Burton s'Germels-Hausenf' at Lyecum, by Potter, Peck, Schlenker. First Spring Pledge Day Prof. H. A. Krueger of Berlin in Chapel "Goethe and the Romantic Poetsn Military Ball College Women's Club and Puritan Colony Society establish scholar- ships for Women Dean Jones elected Dean of Yale College Mr. G. H. Warren contributes 31,250 to womenis dormitory Gopher Board entertain 'cdefeated candidates" Minnesota beats Iowa, 6-4 Constitution of Minnesota Union adopted '60 I-lanu Sann in chapel, by Euterpean Club 191 I appear in caps All-University Track Meet on Northrop Field Girls admitted to Mag Board Donald Robertson Company in chapel, "Triumph of Youthn and "The Blot on the Scutcheonu Annual government inspection of U. M. C. C. Twenty-second Gopher appears "Doctor of Alcantaraf' at Orpheum "As You Like It," al fresco mlqhe Thinkolodeonf' at the Metropolitan Class day Thirty-sixth annual commencement, E. E. Seeley of the uAtlanta Georg- ian" Three-page Daily, first edition of year College work commences 126 SEPT. 22 SEPT. 23 SEPT. 26 OCT. 2 OCT. 3 OCT. 3 OCT. I 0 OCT. I5 OCT. I 7 OCT. Z2 OCT. 3I Nov. 6 Nov. 7 Nov. I 0 Nov. I6 Nov. ZI Nov. 25 DEC. 5 DEC. I I DEC. I4 DEC. I6 DEC. I 7 DEC. I 8 JAN. 6 JAN. I I JAN. I5 FEB. Z FEB. 4 FEB. 5 FEB. I I FEB. I 2 FEB. I 3 FEB. I 3 FEB. I 3 FEB. I 7 FEB. 20 FEB. Z5 MAR. 2-4 MAR. 5 MAR. I Z Y. M. C. A. reception Cane rush-I9I I wins Dr. Burtonls Wlqhree of a Kind" appears U. C. A. reception Y. M. C. A., Y. W. C. A. reception at Armory Minnesota-Lawrence, 6-0 Minnesota-Ames, I5-IO Junior Ball Association organizes Minnesota-Nebraska, I0-0 Gopher-Mag-Daily football, I5-0 Chicago-Minnesota, 29-0 Purity banquet the third Wisconsin-Minnesota, 5-0 Dr. Oscar Montelius of Swedish National Museum lectures on the "His- tory of the Cross as a Church Symbol" Mrs. Phillip Snowden in chapel on "Politics and Progress in Great Britain" Minnesota-Carlisle, I I-6 Thanksgiving dinner at Shevlin Buck's informal Minnesota vs. Iowa in debate. Varsity loses McGovern elected captain of Varsity, I909 "Good Natured Man" Leland Powers reads "Christmas Carol" Vacation begins I909 Grind again begins Dr. Burton's "Rahab," at the Metropolitan Russel H. Conwell, "Acres of Diamonds" "Campus Carousalf' at Shevlin Senior parade Twilight Concert by Women's League I9I0 junior ball at National Guard Armory President Northrop on "Three Great Presidents" President Eliot of Harvard in chapel Women's League, "Sunlight Dance" Athletic Board of Control election State Day Girl's inter-class basketball tournament Sigma Xi elections in chapel Tuberculosis exhibit First Senior informal Phi Beta Kappa elections I27 128 ' GE 130 Arthur Wheelock Upson An Appreciation 0l0 Arthur Upson will more and more be regarded as one of the chief ornaments of our University. Dying comparatively young, at thirty-one, quiet and modest in his walks and ways, it were easy for his contemporaries to underestimate his signif- icance. But gradually we shall come to realize that, so far, he is the one man of letters nurtured by our Alma Mater and doing work in poetry so distinctive, artistic and high as to assure him a place among American songmen. Hence, he is one of the University's noblest assets. She can do nothing finer than to produce such men. ln honoring him, she honors herself. RICHARD BURTON. 131 FREBHNQH 3 om OMORE CANE Win Fi BY THE HUPHONQRE 132 Gia if' MRS MRS. MRS MRS MRS MRS MRS. MRS. MRS MRS MRS MRS 1910 Junior Ball The Nat1'ona7 Guard Armory Thursday, February 11, 1909 CYRUS NORTHROP JOHN A. JOHNSON JOHN LIND THOMAS WILSON A. E. RICE B. F. NELSON C. A. SMITH S. M. MAYO HENRY B. I-IOVLAND JOHN W. OLSEN J. T. WYMAN JOHN F. DOWNEY 0150 patronesses MRS. MRS. MRS. MRS. MRS. MRS. MRS. MRS. MRS. MRS. MRS. MISS I34 ' FREDERICK S. JONES WILLIAM S. PATTEE E. W. RANDALL GEORGE B. FRANKFORTER FREDERICK J. WULLING ALFRED OWRE EUGENE L. MANN WILLIAM R. APPLEBY GEORGE F. JAMES HENRY T. EDDY F.. W. WYMAN ADA L. COMSTOCK J-Pvbvrrmcnon was mi SQLQH5 ws VV mi vruviwixw iv x -1 Mb - v - QW , ay., +Vmmf W ,,k Msg. -Msaw View -J I37 :amena- 'iz c.:wf-2-.we Sixth Annual Military Ball Tuesday Evening, April 13, 1909 Un1'vers1'ty Armory A rrangemenis J. RUSSELL SMITI-I, Chairman, W. D. Shaw, L. W. King, M. V Jenness, Chas. T. Haas, L. V. Crandall, Robert Nelson. Invitations and Paironesses LEWIS S. DIAPAOND, Chairman, P. B. Palmer, T. A. Peppard, S. H .Smith, H. V. Bruchholz. Decorations WILLIS SHIPPAM, Chairman, R. Bufhngton, C. A. Carlson, O V. Anderson, E. Dorsey, C. H. Fiske, Lars Rand, A. W Howe. Refreshments R. A. PRATT, Chairman, W. D. Timperley, H. W. Dahleen, D. R Brewster, G. P. Gurley, K. V. Hauser. flffusic and Programs R. W. FOULKE, Chairman, H. R. Hush, R. T. C-lyer, W. W Norton, R. D. Newhall. Prinling W. G. WORKMAN, Chairman, H. R. Bicknell, C. W. Bowen, W. F Cantwell, R. W. Vvhittier, Waldorf Ganssle. Floor C-. S. MOONEY, Chairman, C. H. Nelson, L. H. Merrill, C. T Ekman, C. M. Jesperson, R. R. Phelps. Press A. B. STORK, Chairman, Allan Wash, Paul Johnson, Howard Y Williams, Harold Muiick, R. P. Burrowes. L. V. CRANDALL, Treasurer ROBERT NELSON, Auditor 138 V I39 Invitations Fred Blanchett Marjorie Chase Alice Palmer Archie Brimmer Press Max Lowenthal Carl Anderson Allan Stork A. E.. Brockway Decorations George M. Shepard Thomas Uzzell Harry Reid James Walker Sam Stern 1909 Senior Prom 030 ZENAS L. POTTER, General Chairman Refreshments l-larry Reid Walter Leutholcl l-lazel Pennington Thomas Patterson l-l. B. Moyer Programs George Lawton Charles Weithoff l-lelen Mclvor Marion C-ould Virginia Dellinger I40 Arrangements James Beals Frank Randall Fred W. Buck l-l. W. Nleyercling Oscar Davis Music Phaon Caldwell Ethelyn Conway Francis Dunning Jennie Ware Palronesses Raymond Orr Ethel Cosgrove Helen Dickerson Grace Gilbert l-lowarcl Starrett MMM, ,X Z , V gf , fX J, M , 13, A-' 'ii' X , V: X i'-J, An: vii, Q QD ' wx l I .1 k ff, ,K I In k X x 1 A fv ff Q If I ', ' I jf' 41' f' A ,fc I , Zu f J, ifrj ,ff A .:?5f " f J , f J- 1 A,f QQ -zz.-:-amid . . . lf : in-Mix" , . - , a! 1 , fel ' '-QQ, M' v..xf., 1. W .,Yf . 5:5 ff fjul jf - . 1 , ' 'Ng 1 5 L l --I f V 5322, I, xx-,jf V I Y , J 'J hgh ' . , 6- 3 XX Q r, f i n f jf 1, XX ""l'f. ' 4 V 4agQ2 v, S J- -S cl Y X Q :EX 531 r X195 4 W . ! . f' , Q I ,X W , 1 :SR M ffff, Aww Q Q S wr 4' 'W 5 Qu x X ,fjff X X 69 L VMI- xx I 11' 2 f Wi ,I 55 , -Wkh .- Qs 35 V' M xi M ,ff f 2 A q 5 X 1 f ' f ix YH 0 4 , 4 N r X Q 7 A Cl I l 5 vs R L ' ' I N 9 ' X 1,5 F I if 5, , 2 T 4 5 f x i " 4' f J x t I f ' 1 I' , j :X ,' ' W f 5 , J ay : f 'fi N .- f N Q f X J imlmwawuamynammumww -l1: , swab-A mmm 'vm mwaasauffmas"rm-v.az1mf:fa:a:'f-fs:var::::::f:::iaa.m-,:sfv1.-+.x:amnnvnm.1z::.::21r+1:mnuar:- I 4 I Commencement Vxfeek 1909 030 FRIDAY, JUNE 4 - Presidenfs reception to l909 at the home of President ancl Mrs. Cyrus Northrop SATURDAY, JUNE 5 - -------- Senior Picnic SUNDAY, JUNE 6 - - - Baccalaureate Sermon, Rev. John E. Bushnell MONDAY, JUNE 7 - The l909 Class Play, "The Scarlet Arrow," at the Metropolitan TUESDAY, JUNE 8 - - - - Class Day. The Sigma Xi Address WEDNESDAY, JUNE 9 ----- Alumni Day, V909 Senior Prom THURSDAY, JUNE I0 The Thirty-seventh Annual Commencement, Address by Hon. Amos P. Wilder I42 3 5 I , 'iii-QQ ' I il 945 l43 s-map Frm: 'THE .EM I NENT Bo CTOR BY LL 'SENIORS I44 X XM ,. in EW Mi U f Nw, VAX x NN M w if JU f f ZW W XY Hiya xg l'FMf"6vI:WIA A gl W M XA-Fi N 74 JiGfl f?V':?LV'd 'f fT Xi 'Q ! !'V',3 , X llIII 4Nf k , 'I 1 4x Jil N z"1 W3I gp. XX fxk. X by H H16 1,11 xl p fww f 'Ll laJlQ7,1X!XTui74 . SN 'KH H ww fy lgllllmwl ST:2e.'f1r R YU , ,L , V X x X 1 WMS, x"! 1 , xg '-'-.Hiya MUSE: I .fa h, V, m ar flvwm x Mi vp 'fm f 1' W -, 1' P L'x g wzfalgf 1 ffL,M'+E.1-' gl Mw zuf +f ,,f f 'UW 11xxv'nf-fm 'i M 'izffff gms ff S fajh I W,K"1gZklf,i'j, ,,,,!y .,'A 1f.lfQ!vlW lL. 1 JF 51 3- w ' f 'W 6ygpX5f,. T1 f 5mm'mf1HwAj3j mf 4 3a7X2?i X' WL 'eww 6 f .JKEVFFVNQTUN7,l70?L' ' -Ml: fxfi., Q if Z., ..g.,,-:: maz.J1,:a:'::s:..m:.:.:zv.z:.1::r- uf .:mmz',zmumw-.srsrmaazmfmiz.-zxwnvrzem4a.a1.W',L usa: -Q 5.:m::r,::m.L-:A ' -1: I45 ,givin i . ., My f,,' ,Q - l 1 gg B GSK FOUR ig Universify Organiza 10115 147 HERMIONE. V M:D rc5 LVWA ' s mm moms Fam omni. XJ 'WXRRXRR' XC "'l'ULif 'LLFYY' Aunwmek.. , ww , wma mauan-A, 148 FR ATER H ES gmv l 510 L,i. ,f j ii, fwgf m L53 f ll M 5 l ,:1 A 5 , A,, 53 149 TON 1909 Ai Chi Psi - - Kappa Kappa Gamma Phi Delta Theta Delta Gamma - Delta Tau Della Phi Kappa Psi - Sigma Chi - - Kappa Alpha Theta - Beta Theta Pi - Delta Kappa Epsilon Phi Gamma Delta - Delta Upsilofi - Alpha Phi - Psi Upsilon file Fraternities the University of Minnesota in the Order of Establishment 050 AcaJem1'c - IB74 Alpha Delta Phi - I880 Theta Delta Chi - I88I Delta Delta Delta - ISSZ Zeta Psi - - - I883 Kappa Sigma - - I858 Sigma Alpha Epsilon - ISSS Alpha Tau Cmega - - ISS9 Gamma Phi Beta - IS39 Sigma Nu - - ISS? Acacia - - - I890 Pi Beta Phi - - I890 Alpha Xi Delta - - I890 Alpha Gamma Delta - I89I I50 I 892 I 892 I 894 I 899 I 90 I I 902 I 902 I 902 I 904 I 906 I 906 I 907 I 908 ALPHA NU of C111 PS1 .Estawislzecl at the Un1'vers1'ty of Jxffnnes t .May 6, 1874 lil we ,. 3.,'f.53t 'l3'g'l5"?p 563,25 tsgitgs www u9M'?l4g? if t ?4 ft l Pfqli vafbk-iw.. Jiggiggvwgiffii it tif 'gellllsglsiif mir-lf' - T'f',-: gr A tg' ix . 2:-Li :N . --f 1 2. ,. :X N Q n I ,umm-r fx-sawa,:,n.+ 1414-'wxfruR?4PQ5rn.eav4r.an1vw1A'qf I i J :X E. ga - , , m wi ff-A-I -a '-w f .1-ct., fx 3, . 1 t 5 t X' cg ,,, ' ' ' ll H, 2' ., . f .,.Q,... , ,t-ww 5, , p, X. 'lv ill , 'V .Ft E aff, at , . 2 , 3 tam? wt . 2 W,g".5w, E 5 . ,, I 1 N . , , N :Rr P' 1 1' 'll 1 Y I ix :Mo 4 g A K wp' Igflf 1? I 5 :Ely Eff 'wt "ag, - ft Q- A ' Riff: .. , '59 l 'l-I rf ' ,. E 5 E' M"-. " xx " 1 'RSX C Y v as 6' 1 'I P El ,, ddtxdvg w,.i"., iv N glut., 8 KR l I fvix Y 'Q H, . 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Todd Fralres in Universitate Post Graduate Wilbur Duane Shaw Donald Francis Mitchell Robert March Gaylord Raymond Mahlon Gillette Theodore Schwan Abbott jack Sticlcney Sneve Alfred Gardner Ranney Roswell Woodworth Prouty Paul Monser Curry Vincent Ellis Wyman l909 l9l0 l9Il I9IZ 153 James Burrill Beals Donald McDermid Wesbrook Dartt Hendrickson Lyford Wlilliam Reynolds Suflel Harold Crittenden Wyman Joln lxvallcer Adams Ralph Elting Clifford Allan Hatch DeWolf Abbott McConnell Washburn Alpha Alpha Alpha Alpha Alpha Alpha Alpha Alpha Alpha Alpha Alpha Alpha Alpha Alpha Alpha Alpha Alpha C111 PS1 Found J 1 Union College, May 21, 1841 Pi Theta - Mu - Alpha Phi - Epsilon Chi Psi Nu Iota Rho - Xi Alpha Delta Beta Delta Gamma Delta Delta Delta Epsilon Delta OG I54 Union College - Williams College - Middlebury College Wesleyan University - Hamilton College - University of Michigan - Amherst College - - Cornell University - University of Minnesota - University of Wisconsin - - - Rutgers College Stevens Institute of Technology - - University of Georgia - - Lehigh University - Leland Stanford University - University of California - University of Chicago CHI of Kappa Kappa Gamma .Estabffslzecf at the Un1'vers1'ty of M1'nnesota Ap,-1721, 1880 I55 5:56 is S 1" fi ' 1 5 . 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Walters Victor Peppard Long Mather Lane Thompson Andrews Klimenhagen Blanchet! Johnston Ray Nelson Mccanna Little Mccanna Rexford Bryant Shield Melvin nz 5,1 . . .. .. , . ' ,1iH'f.a' ,. 1.1. .PH Z 'Y''ff'm'35519ff53f"?3?"f'42-Xf'5g'5E'f71--332351' "' -, QQ 42 ff i .ffif -fe A l-H?" Lal: Ia ff-fr 2114? is . .,.. P 'f' g'1'i'::.',.f,t1?i:,.g:E'7" Lziiiigtif I ' ' ' ' " ' ' 1-1fif1Qf'5!i5' 21235 W lf? , aff I-ii-fi-i f" ' ' ' fi? . --f1,,:f::f-, . l60 MINNESOTA ALPHA of Plu Delta Theta Clit? Fraires in Facultate George B. Franlcforter Thomas G. Lee Harry Snyder A. S. Hamilton William H. Condit Everhardt P. Harding Thomas Hartzell Fratres in Universilaie l909 Simon Michael Mccanna George Rudd Little Frederick Jose Blanchett Herbert Leslie Thompson l9l0 Verne Thomas Nlather Gwen Norman Nelson Dalton McAllister Andrews Thomas Albert Peppard Frank James Ray 191 I Lisle Alexander Johnston B. Moore Bryant Ferdinand Albin Victor John Pussey Lane Charles L. Walters George Michael Mccanna Sidney Mark Rexford Rexford Monroe Sheild John McKinnon l9lZ Will H. Long l9l3 Charles Lester Melvin Ray Rappe Klimenhagen 161 Pi Delta heta Founded' al Mianii University, December 26, I848 A 71Slza Prov1'nce McGill University Colby College Dartmouth College Williams College University of Vermont Amherst College Brown University Cornell University Union University Columbia University Syracuse University Lafayette College Pennsylvania College Washington and Jefferson College Allegheny College Dickinson College University of Pennsylvania Lehigh University Pennsylvania State College Toronto University Beta .province University of Virginia Randolph-Macon College Washington-Lee University University of North Carolina Gamma prov1'nce Central University Kentucky State College Vanderbilt University University of the South Delta prov1'nce Miami University Ohio Wesleyan University Ohio State University Case School of Applied Science University of Cincinnati University of Michigan Iota prov1'nce University of California Lelancl Stanford Jr. University 050 I 62 Kappa prov1'nce University of Washington University of Idaho Egisflon prov1'nce Indiana University Wabash College University of Indianapolis Franklin University Hanover College De Pauw University Purdue University Zeta prov1'nce Northwestern University University of Chicago Knox College Lombard College University of Illinois University of Wisconsin University of Minnesota iowa Wesleyan University University of lowa University of Missouri Westminster College Washington University University of Kansas University of Nebraska University of Colorado University of South Dakota Eta Prov1'nce University of Georgia Emory College Mercer University Georgia School of Technology University of Alabama Alabama Polytechnic institute Theta .province University of Mississippi Tulane University University of Texas Southwestern University -mv xmu'-ismrakxawfmvbawmmu . Hs1ii'sS5.'mrwx Q:'fc-7mm , wi 1 X LAMBDA of elta Gamma .Estaublzed at the Un1'vers1'ty of .M1'nnesota October 22, 1882 -:axzrawsvlvmkxziw I63 Q,"?'x up gs -.-- ' - f -xH1g?6"nrx,y-fy 'EW 'x , 'QS yi MM., ig 20, W ,g ary !,'QfgggQ3 5 q"Qf'k?3.1 f A ' L -- M5 r X in 'W' ,,1 , .., . -- - .Ab ,agp ,xg-3. 15, J -',' Ziiklig iw -f my J. - X, r--fimierff 62 4 ' 7-ffgiig fi ?'JggggQi ,roi I ,fm-mr r Munn .Lx ww-4 www- 4- 4-xwnnn V l 1 x T RIF? 65 .5 J' I ia, If as ws 0 . 2-Jw r , -1 1 H 2- Qggpmtl dig? E x , F' 'ff' . 6 Vg' "g 13.1, 531158: '?i"F- H X ' .- - WEE r,f?r?'f" 5 f- H5 B?-Ei!! Q 4' ' , Il., is PIZPG. ... QE1- - W i 1 G ,xx Ex 1 v "1 - ,I ' . 5' , R ' 0 .' 'PR ' . ' 9 :Q f I Q E Hfgfrxi :if HQ ' sum" x ' xi l ' fviq blekv ? 3 . ' i- 2' T " X L 1' , . F ' ' . 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EdYVHl'd 'XllCl'lOlSOH Elizabeth Tate Florence Winterer Helen Prest Norma Rosholt Hermione Shearer Ruth Palmer Marjorie Stevens Hazel Storr Delta Gamma Founded at Warren Female Institute, l872 Beta C-amma - Zeta Eta Theta lota - Kappa - Lambda - Xi - Rho - Sigma Tau - Upsilon Phi - Chi - Psi - Omega - Omicron - - Beta Sigma Alumnae Lambda Nu Alumnae - Kappa Theta Association Psi Omicron Association Chi Sigma Association Chi Upsilon Association Tau Zeta Association Omega Alpha Alumnae Chi Omega Alumnae Phi Omega Alumnae Alpha Epsilon Alumnae 0l0 166 - University of Washington - University of California - Albion College - Buchtel College - University of Indiana University of Illinois - University of Nebraska - University of Minnesota - University of Michigan - University of Syracuse - Northwestern University - - - University of Iowa - Leland Stanford University - - University of Colorado - - - Cornell University Woman's College of Baltimore - - University of Wisconsin - - Adelphia College - - Seattle - Minneapolis - Lincoln - Baltimore - Chicago - New York - Iowa City - Omaha - Madison - Denver - Alliance -'ra'+.aAf-.-.maze-s:.f .anmxzfxtsaav 1 BETA ETA of elta au elta Estalzlblzerl at tire Un1'vers1'ty of M1'nnesota March 23, 1883 167 s fig? 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H5251 1:-15,252 ff'-I' ag, ' ' QQ 'V H ' ' 'b il , -. .4 - u . . 1 ... : - - Y 'JE A"V r I' Q 'H'-k"'L , -Q " ' ' 1 -if :gif ' ' ' ,Qrfii'?f22g5 I68 BETA ETA Of Delta I au Delta 0150 Fralres in Facultate Arthur Edwin Haynes William Burcharcl Roberts George Douglas Head john Eldon Hynes Fratres in Universitaie I909 Edward L. Boyle Samuel L. Hoyt Howard G. Ingersoll I9I0 Hadwen C. Barney Arthur T. Kennedy Donald R. Brewster William H. McGinnis Rupert V. Hauser Arleigh R. Miller Arthur L. Scharf Harvey W. Smith Walter F. Vvieland 191 I Clarence W. Bowen Neil S. Kingsley Joseph H. Burgess Dean W. Martin Walter P. Fissel Robert F. Trace Kenneth D. Hauser Arthur R. Thompson Henry G. Weber l9I2 William VV. Burris Arnold R. Nicholson Leland I. Case Amos E.. Nvarner Arthur C. Chase l9l3 George D. Patterson 169 il -was miners , mars 3 .Southern Lambda Pi Phi Beta Theta Beta Epsilon Beta Iota Beta Xi Gamma Eta Gamma Iota elta Founded al B D1'v1's1'on Vanderbilt University University of Mississippi Washington and Lee University University of the South Emory College University of Virginia Tulane George Washington University University of Texas Western D1'v1's1'on Omicron University of Iowa Beta Gamma University of Wisconsin Beta Eta University of Minnesota Beta Kappa University of Colorado Beta Pi Northwestern University Beta Rho Leland Stanford, slr. University Beta Tau University of Nebraska Beta Upsilon University of Illinois Beta Omega University of California Gamma Alpha University of Chicago Gamma Beta Armour Institute Technology Gamma Theta Balcer University Gamma Kappa University of Missouri Gamma Nu University of Xlvashington Northern D1'v1's1'on Beta Ohio University all elhany College, f859 0i0 elta Delta University of Michigan Epsilon Albion College Zeta Xlvestern Reserve University Kappa Hillsdale College Mu Ohio Wesleyan University Chi Kenyon College Beta Alpha Indiana University Beta Beta DePauw University Beta Zeta University of Indianapolis Beta Phi Ohio State University Beta Psi Wabash College Gamma Delta West Virginia University Gamma Lambda Purdue University Eastern D1'v1's1'on Alpha Allegheny College Gamma Washington and Jefferson College Nu Lafayette College Rho Stevens Institute of Technology Upsilon Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Omega University of Pennsylvania Beta Lambda Lehigh University Beta Mu Tufts College Beta Mu Massachusetts Institute of Technology Beta Omicron Cornell University Beta Chi Brown University Gamma Gamma Gamma Epsilon Gamma Zeta Gamma Mu 170 Dartmouth College Columbia University Wesleyan University University of Maine -asrm:.:::zsi1:y -:arena-alas:- :::v..w MINNESCJTA BETA of Phi Kappa si Estawislzecl at the Un1'vers1'ty of M1'nnesota March 2, 1888 l7I .. 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I73 P i Kappa si Founded at feferson College, 1852 Dfstrfct One Washington and Jefferson College Allegheny College Bucknell University Gettysburg College Dickinson College Franklin and Marshall College Lafayette College University of Pennsylvania Swarthmore College District Two Dartmouth College Amherst College Brown University Cornell University Syracuse University Columbia University Colgate University Brooklyn Polytechnic Institute D1'str1'ct Tlzree johns Hopkins University University of Virginia Washington and Lee University University of West Virginia OCDO University of Mississippi Vanderbilt University University of Texas D1'str1'ct Four Ohio Wesleyan University Wittenberg University Ohio State University Case School of Applied Science De Pauw University Indiana University Purdue University Northwestern University University of Chicago University of Illinois University of Michigan D7.StT7.Ct F7AU6 University of Missouri University of Wisconsin Beloit College University of Minnesota State University of Iowa University of Kansas University of Nebraska Leland Stanford University University of California 174 ALPHA SIGMA vf Sigma Estalzlislzed at the Un1'vers1'ty of Jxlinnesot December 7, 1888 I7 11 .1 ,arf , ..- -M .M f .f'.xx::mA. 1 is nsgggrar Q51 2 1 gf? gQ15EEs1S55if1AZs3e'55iQe .X . -5 R Wifi wif Q' ' if Qj zj , s ' ' if, - :J'Y'g.hl kg.j,1f?g 3 N ,en-vs-r Musa :,c1,+ 14-1 xr wwf vxwunonwv' , .1 x gr Wxli? 6: B I., is f.-'er of-1 ra -.ur f . -fr. 'L '1:sQag'L1m,1 I S v1 1 1, 1 fx 1 f -4 V , N1--.sfo 1 ' , gbsf if' ' Q if I Ar gvsivoif "1 is lx yi X' , 'S 1' is A - Vg' 5 1 I f' 4. 6 Q N QM lefletgx lab! x -11 ' 1 'Rl 'L . 1 I -fs Qi y, -1 Q , .wh .. 1 L, fx! gf! , I' I M n '3 1 1 ' -. ,I I I v , X ' 1 1 '- ' ,1 fb. QL 1 1 "e 4 Qx 1' 'I " E 12.39 'Q' .,.' . l' iw 55 - ' 1 1' ,M W-2 -11 'af .' wfrws , . if ef. . 1a,.,f 5.5 :A V 4. , .ffm ia fqrggfgfg , ' 1 if 5, 1. 1, if 9 Q, , 4 51, ,fp 1 I I 1 x M Um Q1 , ' yr up , I ll A ' 1 f 5 7 N' 141 PA 9 I f 1' N V Ar 1 91 EQ? ' ' 5 wh A Q 1 fig' if 5 -. '11 1 " 11 '1 ., 1 A w w K " ,- l A- I Q' "H 1 s f? ' KW ' , Jiz z A 'E' I G f 3 " ' 'k mz'Lw...3f """'6jgjiLgv " -.' f '11 uf' x 1 1 ' 1 -1 "' -1 1 1 , QQ, , -rc1'89+Plx pw r 1 r 1 14 1 1 V L T ' lg- Li rf ' 1 -wr s 9 5 Q ifvfsgig Es' E 151 W1 1451? 1' r Q55 533 Qiff 3 1?-fs' T. Freeman Benham Holmes Barto Lanterman Clefton Strong Poore Carman Morton Conley Stadsvolcl Greiner Bookwalier Burrows Davies Everlof H. Freeman Anderson Libby Bingham Jaques Forbes Bush Hunt Buffmgton M. V5 . 1 2f7'7'4f2'5if1 1 - . 5 , i5g131gf1:, 1:3-4. 1,5 gpg? - 3 'ii '-1' 117-'Yr-459ffYff3?4fM' x'f:"f'AfW3'fF' "' '-i9f1"A4'415:3Hf 1 1 ii' 1 352' ' 'xi' '. S43--' fflifffff - 3 "Sf 75 Q. ff 1 H111 1 J1.. '1 gifts- hf'1'.x.1v "'45'1ce.1,i ..,,' . -111.11 '-+1 -1.: A I "N 2311: fizaf 52 4 ' z1-iJQi',.- www Q, , fella V , Q. 1,1-1. gag, 1451- N. g 11,g,,5- , --15:45.--" 1 1-1 15:-.5 gimp- a. 'I-?f2'f22z' 11-2. ries '21 4114521 51? '11.rfs1:f :-:ir rs' 525115, Q '5 Qf4f:QLf.Qf1 " 51 .5355 15f':':-Q' ig:-3 . .,,. -- . J A -1 " 1115.111-' ' " I76 ALPHA SIGMA Of igma 020 Frater in Facultale W. E. Brookes Fratres in Universitate I909 Mason M. Forbes Robert Jaques Charles B. Bingham Evert R. Lanterman l9l0 Roscoe B. Anderson l-lowarcl H. Freeman J. Raymond Buflington Howard C. Libby John C. Bush, Jr. Wilfrid E. Conley 191 l Harold H. Hunt Joseph S. Boolcwalter Paul I. Carman Sidney C. Stadsvolcl Robert P. Burrows Clifford C-. Davies Donald S. Holmes 1912 Theodore W. Freeman John C. Poore, Jr. Claude S. Morton Oscar F. C-reiner Ci. Elbert Strong. Claude C. Clefton John Leonard Everlof Unclassed Alphonso V. Barto 177 Chi i Founded ai Miami University, 1855 1gma 050 Alpha Miami University Beta University of Wooster Gamma Ohio Wesleyan University Epsilon George Washington University Zeta Washington and Lee University Eta University of Mississippi Theta Pennsylvania College Kappa Bucknell University Lambda Indiana Mu Denison Xi De Pauw Omicron Dickinson College Rho Butler College Phi Lafayette College Chi Hanover College Psi University of Virginia Omega Northwestern University Alpha Alpha Hohart College Alpha Beta University of California Alpha Gamma Ohio State University Alpha Epsilon University of Nebraska Alpha Zeta Beloit College Alpha Eta State University of Iowa Alpha Theta- Massachusetts Institute of Technology Alpha Iota Illinois Wesleyan University Alpha Lambda University of Wisconsin Alpha Mu University of Texas Alpha Xi University of Kansas 178 Tulane University Albion College Lehigh University University of Minnesota University of Southern California Alpha Omicron Alpha Pi Alpha Rho Alpha Sigma Alpha Upsilon- Alpha Phi Alpha Chi Alpha Psi Alpha Omega Beta Gamma Beta Delta Beta Epsilon Delta Delta Zeta Zeta Zeta Psi Eta Eta Theta Theta Kappa Kappa Lambda Lambda Mu Mu Xi Xi Omicron Omicron Rho Rho Tau Tau Upsilon Upsilon Phi Phi Psi Psi Omega Omega Cornell University Pennsylvania State College Vanderbilt University Leland Stanford, Jr. University Colorado College University of Montana University of Utah Purdue University Central University University of Cincinnati Dartmouth College University of Michigan University of Illinois Kentucky State College West Virginia University University of Missouri University of Chicago University of Maine Washington University University of Washington University of Pennsylvania Syracuse University University of Arkansas UPSILON of Kappa Alpha Theta EstaaZ171's1zezf at the Un1'vers1'ty of M1'nnesota February 6, 1889 I79 Qmamm- ...m,:.,.1-,..,+M,..,..4m,......,.. wma, 1-am,nummmawwmwarwwwaawuwmmxawzriyxxfieew 1..u g,a.L.wgo:.1::m ' -..Q 2:f3 QSA35Xl if Six 'Q -fs ,L fff o aa. ff ' A ' 4 W - ' -' 1 ' 'A ,Q-5 . 5 -fX"'5K4.:3 '-' ff mm fagigfiw .V,v ' . A l -.,:. ,, ., .., ,A .- 3 .qv " "'w -f 'Y' N M gs es' ','A we g' fr yo.. V. 32- x WS ? A Yr- .' " 3" . 'Lt . ,V ax t-.. 1 Jrtklfti hh ' I ..: ir -'lik k1'1"r : ., A oswgsisism 5?f,fkg22s2w2 o og sf 6155 +-9 1' Ffiwl , Humes Lovejoy Baxley oyce Know Ikon Child MCMIIIBH HUtChlHSOn Grant oyce Rogers Ha Homan Gruman Fuller ones Raudenbush Leonard Lycan Leland Machen LaVayea -iggw, wg, WW W? frgofvtgiw 15:':'?'f1 'g'213"J'-aff H 335 152 ,. 1 -. ' ' . I.. Zi.:- ,gn Q42-Q 1 5535 l af. fn: fri?-?z:E:f1.-1'f.-:"'5::'-Q -". '-f"f - " 1 J-R-m'femr.rbH'2'1f'QS+S' 180 UPSILON K pp Alpha Theta Elva Leonard Edlth Knowlton ane Machen Lucretxa Balley Helen oyce Ruth Fuller Henrietta Raudenbush Beatrlce Gruman Dorothy Humes Florence Grant Helen Rogers oczpo Sororcs ln Unzversztate Post Graduate Carollne oyce 909 Emily Cluld Rosamoncl Leland Donna Lycan 90 Florence La Vayea Elmor ones Irene O Connor Allce Turner 192 Audrey Homan ean Hutclunson Marjorie l ovejoy ean McM1llan Margaret Hall Dorothy Loyhed of 3 3 ' J I II J I9lI . . . J J , I . J . J . l8I Iota - Lambda - Sigma - Chi - - - Alpha Beta - Alpha Delta - Alpha Epsilon Alpha Zeta - Alpha Kappa Gamma Alumnae Eta Alumnae - Nu Alumnae - Alpha Beta Ciamma - Epsilon Eta - - - Mu - - - Alpha Gamma Alpha Eta - Alpha Alumnae Epsilon Alumnae Zeta Alumnae Mu Alumnae Kappa Alumnae Lambda Alumnae Phi - - Qmega - - Alpha Lambda Iota Alumnae Delta Kappa - Rho Tau Upsilon - Psi - - - Alpha Theta - Alpha Iota - Alpha Mu - Beta Alumnae Delta Alumnae Xi Alumnae - appa Alpha Theta Founded al De Paula: University, 1870 0l0 Alpha D1.StT7'Cf Beta D7.SfT7.Cf Gamma District Defta D7.SfT7.Cf IEIZ - - Cornell University University of Vermont - Toronto University - Syracuse University - - Swarthmore College Woman's College of Baltimore - - Brown University - - - Barnard College - Adelphia College - New York City - - Burlington - - Syracuse - De Pauw University Indiana State University - - Butler College - Wooster University University of Michigan - Allegheny College - Ohio State University - Vanderbilt University Greencastle, Indiana - - - Columbus Indianapolis Cleveland - - Pittsburg - Athens, Ohio Leland Stanford University A University of California - University of Washington - - - Los Angeles - University of Illinois - University of Kansas University of Nebraska Northwestern University University of Minnesota University of Wisconsin - University of Texas Washington University - University of Missouri - - Minneapolis - - Chicago - Kansas City 'LT BETA PI Of Bei' Theta P1 staH11s'lLeJ at the Un1'vers1'ty ofM1'nnesot October 1, 1889 l83 i E i'uYE1q55 v ga5ifgf2sa35f:ilggQsfaa5f1Qaf2lQfl i:fQ flesw g.fw1sw g s ,,, 5 Y . ' 35, -55: PET E ""' V515 rf' H, .- ' ' "- -, Q, , is -My aff3?5g?fm, is gqgiigeggagi ag, jggp, ,?awsi55333g,i3qwllgg gala f gan ,flgmef , Qggnaff S2 :Sei i f RX - . ,ul 132- R-' W- 1 JQVA 3515 .- 'P ' I4 A-fa . , . . , , gp v'1.Q53V,f .L xefvwhg fwlvfa ,di rg N" fiiglyf 'Q fghgflfe fi f q fm55g,.af2?!S5,fl?ffffff'E' E -I Ir.a -h .5 .Z jg l M?iv"t l . :,4 '. - q 'Y 15 V el ff ,gm , 1 A .J 'X ik . .. , iff . , HN I wJ I NS- V -' .. .-em . '-" -' , -Q-.1 'fn ' mix? , ' -ff-W ' A. Erdall Sullwold Smith Peleler Durfoit Faegre Furlow Michelson Ray Wlare Bruchholz Barnum A. Smith Simmons L. Erdall Harris Gran! Gwen Collin Workman Baker Coughlan King Thomson Diamond Foulke Du'-roi! Leonard - "' "X" .. "N no'-o i' cl g 4, a' a'll 3 5 hqlmm '-inf-,lg-Q. U v,l,Q . .,1VV. .bbll J o ol +a-l l a I I84 I BETA PI Beta Theta P Frank M Anderson Chas M Andrrst oseph W Beach Frank H Constant ames F Corbett Warren A Denms Robert W Foulke Sears H Thomson Perry F Leonard Malcolm E Grant Edward D Cougllan Frederlck W Ware Leonard T Erdall MBFVIH C Barnum Arthur P Smith Warner L, Workman A Leonard Faegre Phlhp L Ray 020 Fratres zn Facultate udd U Goodrich Edwln A Jaggard Harry Kesner Edward E Nrcholson Chas P Slgerfoos Capt Edward Srgerfoos Fralres zn Umversztale 909 Lewrs S Diamond Norman M Baker Lawrence W King 90 9 912 George A DUTOII Wllllam H Collln I Barthell Faegre Porteus B Palmer Frank H Slmmons Henry V A Bruchhol Dana W DuTo1t Walter S Furlow Kenneth H Smith Arthur C Erdall Henry E M1ChClSOH 193 Harold H Sullwold Roland O Pet ler Z Of 1 I - I- .I . . . ' I I I D. Cavdur Owen George Harris ' I ll I I 185 Beta lota Upsilon Beta Sigma Kappa Alpha Omega Beta Eta Alpha Alpha Beta Gamma Sigma Beta Mu Epsilon Phi Chi Beta Theta Beta Delta Beta Zeta Beta Epsilon Theta Zeta Nu Alpha Zeta Alpha Chi Beta Chi Phi Alpha Upsilon Gamma Phi Alpha Zeta Eta Beta Omieron Psi Epsilon Beta Nu Alpha Beta Kappa Theta Delta Beta Psi Alpha Gamma I eta hc-:ta 1 Founded at Miami University, 1839 0 0 District One Dfstrfct E14 lzt 9 Amherst Alpha Kappa Case Boston Alpha Eta Denison Bowdoin Beta Alpha r Kenyon Brown Theta Ohio Wesleyan Dartmouth rliitzn L bd Western xlileseirve Maine P 3 am 3 005 er . . D' ' N' D1str1ct Two Dena istwct me De Pauw Columbia Iota Hanover Rutgers Pi indiana Stevens Beta Mu Purdue Wesleyan Tau Vlfabash Yale District Three Chi Beloit Lamda Rho Chicago Colgate Sigma Rho lllinois Cornell Ar h X, K St. Lawrence pbad I M. nnox Syracuse Lam a IC igan Toronto Rho Northvvestern Union Alpha Pi Wisconsin D1'str1'ct Eleven Dzstrvct Four Atptra Beta Iowa Diqkinggn Tau Sigma lowa State Johns Hopkins Alpha Epsilon lowa Wesleyan Lehigh Beta Pi Minnesota Pennsylvania Alpha Tau Nebraska Pennsylvania State College ' ' T 7 Washington and Jefferson Alpha Mu District we ve Kansa . . . Zt Phi Missouri Dmfmf Fm Ci-:aihma Phi Oklahoma Davidson Beta Omicron Texas Hampden Sidney Beta Xi Tulane North Carolina Beta Alpha Vanderbilt Virginia Alpha lota Washington 1 l Alpha Delta Westminster Dmtrlct Seven District T711'rteen BelhanY Beta Tau Colorado rcgmral Beta Phi Colorado Mines Clnl'-Qlrfnalf Alpha Zeta Denver girl: D7.SfT1.Cf Fourteen Ohio State Omega California West Virginia Lambda Sigma Stanford Wittenberg Beta Omega Washington State isa PHI EPSILON of elta Kappa psilon Estalnfvlslzecl at the Un1'vers1'ty of .7W4'1'nnesota November 7, 1889 1391!-slvu4r'f:":: 187 if we f l if -fi? f 'ls lvl-Sf? ei f lgggg, E W , elf M M3 5 .f ' .. lul n mil? l l ..," ' x' ,:.. 'Y' . f 4: F gfvglggf'-'wREx. 1 gs gig? lf ' g I .1-vrxvr numsx 1-Mm-1 xr uw- .Y-ser.-awxnvnnwlx' , 1, X 'W 62 9 ,v in as 4- .1 Q ,F Q , LQ 1 .Q .F Qfgghvk ?! YU' ,ifgwig ,Q ' r' , 5, K A X ' r ' - H45 M fb if "1 5 '1 5 AW 'H 'S 'l Y xx I va gf A A I, fpgzq hg yin? 'Q 4 ki .YI lghl 3 1 we ggi' 1 - f 'Q' 1 is 2' EP' . ie' x li' Sl, " KW . ' P , , 'NE rf vs V, f I . R 1, tl -I '. fl- I Q Y. N X 3 lib Q, l l I " " FV" 'if U. 8 'hun' t V fi! 'K' Z Il' l . if . '19 , ' -A H, N ' fl " E 7 ls milf- :ls , l l if fl . 1 l 1 N l -me lfffffl f ffm .-- . 95.1431 v w, k if 2: W 1, A X X 3 '-'Q 'fs' Jo ' x x' I :J ll 1 ' X Fw c 5, 7 ' , p K-1 " J ' 1- 45' 1'1" li I NR5, Rig ' await' K 'J Q ", fi P l-f1I,,. 1 A Pf-33 ' 'Viiik X L Q 5 H H' x . gg was 5- 6 x ' -. -4 X H ' P. SCl'lUSlCI' V3HdeVCr Brown V Searle H. Sullivan Xxfarclen jumper Kingsley Slciles Mielke Nlartln Allen Hall Taylor F. Sullivan C. Schuster Eicluliorn Doerr Hoag Brooks Seabury 1 if? ' -, '., ' ci' - W1 lm QW' ie?az,f21: j?1 5 ff ' ' Z ff '- " 'Q'Z"""Qjf'afQ5,fg1, R", 5,2 T.,,?.'.,Ii'l. J,"f i fig' - ' " 'll' 5 1 T956 A '11 S53 -4 " ' 5 . 5 I will fi iff?" -,121 1354? 15 1: U " I "" 4 j N b ,V 4' ' . ' - , : j ' ' -fi-zariisl2231233155-'51,g?,21:??:3.Hff-525252-3 4 -- 7 ' ' 188 PHI EPSILON Of Delta Kappa Epsilon Cyrus Northrop E. J. Abbott H. S. Abbott Richard Burton A. B. Cates Burnside Foster Charles N. Brooks Paul R. Seabury Harold R. Taylor Carl H. Schuster William C. Allen Kenneth Kingsley Bruce P. Hall Frank Sullivan Lee Warden Ralph Searles 050 Fratres in Facultate James T. C-erould C. L. Green Jared How Harvey P. Ritchie C. A. Savage Max P. Vanderhorck Fraires in Universitate 1909 1910 Harry Doerr 1911 1912 Charles E.. Maloy Edmund Eichhorn Edwin Mielke Richard L. Hoag Paul Jumper Roy Brown Albert A. Vandever Henry Sullivan Paul Schuster Gerald Martin Thomas Slciles -m.Gwtsamwuaas'!w.T1,M ,,.e.,,,,..-. ,V 189 Delta Kappa Epsilon Phi Theta Xi - Sigma Gamma - Psi - Upsilon - Chi - - Beta - Eta - Kappa - Lambda - Pi - - Iota - - Alpha Alpha Omicron - Epsilon - Rho - Tau - Mu - Nu - - Beta Phi - Phi Chi - Psi Phi - Gamma Phi Psi Omega Beta Chi - Phi Gamma Gamma Beta Theta Zeta Alpha Chi Phi Epsilon Sigma Tau Delta Delta Tau Lambda Alpha Phi Delta Kappa Tau Alpha Sigma Rho Delta Pi - Rho Delta Founded al Yale University, 1844 - Yale University - Bowdoin College - - Colby College - - Amherst University - Vanderbilt University - University of Alabama - - Brown University - - University of Mississippi - University of North Carolina - - University of Virginia - Miami University - Kenyon College - Dartmouth College - Central University - - Middlebury College - University of Michigan - - Williams College - Lafayette College - - Hamilton College - - - Colgate University - College of New York City - - University of Rochester - - Rutgers College - - De Pauw University - - Wesleyan University Rensseler Polytechnic Institute - - - Adelbert College - - Syracuse University - - Columbia College - University of California - - - - - Trinity College - - - University of Minnesota Massachusetts Institute of Technology - - - University of Chicago - - - - Tulane University - - University of Toronto - University of Pennsylvania - - McGill University - - Stanford University - - University of Illinois - University of Wisconsin l90 MU SIGMA Phi Ganfm Delta Estawislrecl at tfzze Un1'vers1'ty of M1'nnes0fa March 30, 1890 l9I W ,553 G S 1 17? -f" ' -11-', -4"Aff ' -1f- '-1 -.f' '1A-'2 r +5t95Sfg'w '51 r 4255 at rift ttt Qi new' MQtK,?EfE i 2 QQQ a if " S, , .gjj . , t t Y 2+-512 'ftiffi t at-f HWQM ,urgffai Wi ,4, We , fe? - t Q 55359 1.5 'ah 5 AQ.. r J, -gl rx . 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Starrett Hoffman Cosgrove Barke Sheftlelcl Safford E. Starrett Larkin Slee er Vance P 'I :rr 4. f V' , -,Qu - -. 15 f 11. f' , .fz'fwf 'rl f- V , 1-2 1, v- '11-1,9 . Vg,-I ." 1:- 'f. mwwwmmww wr- L5.1,-Qafg.-Q.-A-,-,., H ' . 'T-2' 'nXl4'5""f'iNT?-?'7,3'iQ'3"N'5:f"""7fQ h' ' Q ff ' is a 4 my A E r "" --"' ' 'WEw9'Qwww I92 MU SIGMA I I Of Phi Gamma Delta 030 Fratres in Facultate Edward Paris Burch James Milton Walls John C. Brown Robert Allen Campbell Wallace Notestein Fratres in Universitale Orren Earl Salford Howard Marcellus Starrett Dan Erskme Ward Vance Arthur Randall Barlce Robert ames Burgess George William l-lyser Raymond Lee Starrett Ralph Mueller Hoffman Leonard Harvey Clawson Chauncey Graham Smlth Thomas Ernest MCClIHtOCk Edward Everett Eder I 909 Raymond Allen Sleeper Fred Will Shefheld Magoon Easton 90 9 912 Robert Vvltham Fernalcl Edward Bradley Cosgrove Harold Launcelot Downmg Walter Horace Eder llldreth l.. Sawyer Chandler Clement Larkln Harold Eugene Wade Foster Helm KTICS RICSC Arnold Walker Theodore Lawrence Lee Ei I I I I I J . I I93 Phi Gamma Founded al fejferson College, 1848 Alpha Washington and Jefferson College Theta University of Alabama Nu Bethel College Xi Pennsylvania College Omicron University of Virginia Pi Allegheny College Tau Hanover College Upsilon College of City of New York Psi Wabash College Omega Columbia University Alpha Deuteron Illinois Wesleyan University Gamma Deuteron Knox College Zeta Deuteron Washington and Lee University Theta Deuteron Delta Deuteron Ohio Wesleyan University Hampden Sydney Zeta Indiana University Mu Deuteron Yale University Xi Deuteron Western Reserve University Omicron Deuteron Ohio State University Delta Xi University of California Beta University of Pennsylvania Delta Bucknell University Pi Deuteron Rho Deuteron Sigma Delta Tau Deuteron Sigma Alpha Phi University of Kansas Wooster University Lafayette College University of Texas Wittenberg College University of Michigan 020 Lambda Deuteron Zeta Phi Theta Psi Beta Chi Gamma Phi Kappa Nu elta Denison University William Jewell College Colgate College Lehigh Pennsylvania Sta Cornell University te College University Iota Nu Massachusetts Institute of Technology Pi Iota Mu Sigma Kappa Tau Rho Chi Beta Mu Nu Epsilon Alpha Chi Tau Alpha Chi Mu Chi Iota Alpha Nu Omega Nu Xi Mu Sigma Nu Pi Rho Chi Upsilon Lambda Iota Alpha Lambda Alpha Iota Colorado I9-4 Worcester Polytechnic Institute University of University of Minnesota Tennessee Richmond College Johns Hopkins New York University University Amherst College Trini ty College Union College University of University University of University Wisconsin of Illinois Nebraska of Maine University of Missouri Syracuse Brown Chicago Purdue Leland Stanford Iowa Sta University of University University University University University Te College Colorado "Waifz2fumJ:2"Umyv:f1':11 cvszWevmnu:v1:nm.z1fz fzuwrrlwaMzwaxfmrmwwrfrims1d1zfxv:vs:nw31G-'Zwr2 S:zS4x:svitf'1A'rttfur! MINNESOTA vf elta Upsllon .Estawislzecl at the Un1'vers1'ty of M1'nnesota .May 23, 1890 2f:wzwmmuwam' "-aimrxmfzafmmwiw-M ' ' ws. uT.:.2m-.r'.c"1'nr'mmm, l95 lz - . ' .-'. .rl .7 x:9m.l-avian. ' . S' E r a? ' TE- , V- ., . wg. . .,..,. ..-,...- . M .. Wanga- ? il 5 wwwwgl Qiigf enemy Q83 till '53 f5?55Qi35fw'fQgsSiS'K .agg qf ' Fifi ' S eff' 'iilili' 555555 '53 1 555 ' 2 Qi? lell gilfla ' K Egg? gf i?Tx,:?ifhw. ., q VAEQ Qskgfglf ,JF ' S2 114 ,iill ,iff L l gsfflxi' ll? l l H SN ll ,- I A MPX? N f 13 'Nw 371 - '- Q v , wawx- rv-funny,-a.,u,c1.h 1-rw-H xrrvafwfcy-. munw' , , k lax 5 Y-.1u"'0-1 2 'wr 49-0.1 'X' 5 '. 731 -all w"g 'g 6 7 . lr Xp l 9 I 2:1 " X v ,UI 4-l 4 ,gv wx B Fai' ex ik Q 'ri A, 5, l',,+-,EE,1.2-fgg- mx inns i9 S l . ' . X an x 1' ' ' 1 N ,, ' r 1 H In K vi .Q 'l lak ll elf " "lf ff I lf' iv f ' 1" ' f. 'S fx in ' B35 .Iwi I v 1 ' N '11 Ai! 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J III II I97 Williams College Union College Hamilton College Amherst College Western Reserve University Colby University Rochester University Middlebury College Bowdoin College Rutgers College Brown University Colgate University University of the City of New Yorlc Cornell University Marietta College Syracuse University University of Michigan Northwestern University Harvard University elta Upsilon Founded at Williams College, 1834 Miami University University of Wisconsin Lafayette College Columbia University Lehigh University Tufts College De Pauw University University of Pennsylvania University of Minnesota Massachusetts Institute of Technology Swarthmore College Leland Stanford University University of California McGill University University of Nebraska University of Toronto University of Chicago Ohio State University University of Illinois ii Qi gl XE 'ml i 53 it ,K ..,,. UQ -Q EPSILON of Alpha Phi Hislzecl at the Un1'vers1'ty of M1 Seftemlyer 15, 1890 199 Hwaiiaift will fi rm we i lla? I it Eff 'tlggigfgilgtkt ww At-M wt1fa,trrmwxwyzvgtmm:L-wmvz-:samQsmwsmmzswammrawzw mw:znmfm.rmm1immws1rammwweam ivMzwwrv:mmnwmm:fcw:f,:frf:,sw.1. 1 .m nur:-q - . f ,ifaw-ig www 6 , I , 71 Q a r he ,. ' U 4 , vu - E v , g gl' I I vi A 'E u 9 s XM is S, QU! p 1"t ggi!! ll We -iz 2532?-1-3 'iii t rtiltetarififis' '35 Q it t r X 1 'V '. .gifs QI, ,' ' Q 5 i - ' +5 il,-at 'sv' ' .iff ,Y i ff? :fl if 5 ' l riff? i ef it T 5 ' ' ' nl A ,ix Qu ,WS-Q50--. , ' te ' G Q X 5 f llwgll ' H I BJ ' new VW' ir NW ' . 'VK 7 l 2.2" X . ,," - -bint 'f f xref, .f A" IIE .w b ,gi '44, ' xii ff, 1 nga L M v t., '. 'I-1,1 F 554 ,lr I Y iglg 55' f- tip? H 'ti it ff 2 wi 7' 6' ' ff "ffl ig V iew " qi ge Q' 5,Q,5lf,,'f. qt H' S gr , f . qc- , . ,MQ tl., g rjqift... l ,: 9Z2'R'l1ig? , Rx ! i' . A - gs- , 1-1'-'M ,I ' .af .-L va- fi-girl .G ' " 5 f' , an i W 9- K 'G rr .4 X y ' 4- 1 , A Q ,. F F, 54 'bf In ,J 2 :k,,. r K U . r, tk if ' 'E '71 . - 4, sg E . Q if I , , f- ' KX X.- S xi XX tl Traxler Salzer Cutler Sherwood S Pepper Sinclair Stevens Bright C-utgesell Eclsall Ueland Barclay Doolittle Hubbard Ove tratton Roberts Shepley Rippe rloclc Sinclair Dorsey ' 3.5 'Na -xl' E: -.Q ' V'-Y-" 1' 2 --f- f H. Hifi If s f' ' - fr- 'f ig, 455:-2.1, f. - 'F in U- 'i- ' Z' 't"'H"l5-li1'i55"'?3gf"'f'9- " 5--wig ? . f- -. " ref '- f 'f-1 f1 r' L' 4 ,.r:h - ' Q -" :.'-1:-'-Q - 'fl 2211: zrfrf 4? ' 13 A9 .. .. . 5 , k .. ...A .':!-I1-T3 '-'f.', " -'.-15 ,-Qf:,'Qf,:f 1.17, '- f - - ' " ' ' ' "V-251' 5 'J' fn'Z.'.f '-21152-P ' ' ---- A " ' W " ' 'iiili ff. V' 1 fig? .yr-I1z'f M : 'Q'-'fe53f12.--.f'j ' I23iiK7EZ3Yd'i2 TLlflU,?gTiCiJlSEEY:'!'T7,lL'ulS!5bYli'1u?.lZ'u-L1-Wf" ' "nn-iztki 'f"VE3QFimUKKT . ' " "" 33Wi NWdlW'-Sid KlMQ' SBXNHRA 200 y 1 Aclella Hawes Kate Hubbard Luvia Barclay Mary Cutler Elizabeth Bright Mary Louise Edsall Ellen Overlock Dorothy Pepper Lorena Rlppe Gladys Leonard Faith Leonard Marlon Lyon ean Russell Frances Reed EPSILON O . Aipha Ph 030 Sorores m Unzversliatc Post Graduate I 909 Elsa Ueland l9l0 Ethel Stratton 9 92 Unclassecl Dorothy D6flCliSOH Catherine Sinclair Cora Dorsey Helen Salzer Caroline Roberts Clara Shepley Rachael Sherwood Dorothy Stevens Marlon Traxler Florence I-IIII Grace Canssle Marty Barber Mary Bohn Geraldine Fleming Hazel Gutgesell 1 I I I Madeline Doolittle Nora Sinclair I I J . 201 Alpha P 1 Foumlcd al Syracuse University, 1872 050 Syracuse University Northwestern University De Pauw University Cornell University University of Minnesota Woman's College of Baltimore Boston University University of Michigan University of Wisconsin Leland Stanford, Jr., University University of California Barnard College University of Nebraska University of Toronto 202 waxy. 1 -vwrw. luwwmmwmnu 1, 'f W ix.: 1-Lvfazficm.a'2z2-'ms:f:S..'iJ'mzzi.:.:-2':m1z:g"'w2r.+',4z,f fa: Lax in MU of si Upsi on Estauislzecl at the Un1'vers1'ty of .Afinnesota glfay 22 1891 if Q we r ' f r + eee -+4155 -it Mffai rot 5 5 r M 31 ' f 1,5 . -, . , S.. wp- o- j , H I ef: --ul , in .E lf 1 - i 1, , vh s , - 1 'g' , 4- .-- 1:55, ,W f l ' XP 1g3,gfv A a 5' QPU, xiii Q - nl, ., - ' , , ig . I 7 5 I- r . Qs .hyd ? Q K .g,g'3?f5'f5??B.Q -'Nr' 553513414325 ,QQ EES 5?Yfff1ilit.rStf? x ' ,wx-51-r xalanasfnu-rue-nxfuafr 4v..m-xv.4f.e.u1w J , Q. rf? -Q3 5. ,wwe , ww Q far -at vt 1 I , ,F K 4 ' 1 1 A iw ,, .Q f a q x. f ff ',. A g t . Rv ' 1 , "' E I It ff' A-I -K ' .'Zl'57 ' V . Nt? ' Sq E Y, , gy I E 1 44 A: rin, S X - 4 A, 1 4 ' 'V .' '- 1 v Q31 -- - E --md.:-.B " f 1 hh '7't , . , fl .iii A .Q bg., ,cn A A 'Sq F , x E ,fn A7 x . . 7, - .Q 1. ri , .. :H , .A . I, I 5, I: ve' fifrfrk it ww f! itat "E7'x ? .v , s - sie' va H rf Mgt gm ' g rwf-5. 1 ., ,v 4 ,J I -, A h -- f f a' ""' Q M : 1 35' -5 . . 4. dt if . a, .V . gtwn n 'I 5' " J 'W nf' K ,SEB J Q x x.:,,f., x G Q x K X ,M F1 'fm A 'f:f W. McDonald Fish E. Haglin Walker NI. McDonald McNair C. Haglin Miller Brooks Robertson Crocker Roenisch Lewis Farnam Waters Carleton Goodman Atkinson Warren Smith Torrance Baile Berkman E. Farnarr y IM W-32 : 2 fi ' .' ,J -14 1- 5211 1 'A "" 'f"'x Q 33122 gy . ,,, .1 . XG-.4,H,:,,f wb... t.gb3,,L,5, ., . ,IF . 'fm 1:14 -3-511 , jrilt g f' -1 ::':'- 'Q 11211 n A 321-'5 53.-,g:,j,j2,1-iq,g-,1i.g-sg:fy' 39- ' x fig,a-5-':3.1,-.QQ-.,-jg,,:f:,-I.-I. '- 2 ' 415-mfgighjgggg,-3V1lf,5.5g3. " ' ' " -A iii ' ' ' -"4' 204 MU Of PS1 Ups1lon Oio Fralres in Facultate Jabez Brooks Joseph Brown Pike Frederick S. Jones John Sinclair Clark John Corrin Hutchinson Henry Francis Nachtrieb Elikiam Torrance Alvah H. Warren Earl C. Farnam Franklin Fish Edward R. Drake C. Laird Goodman John W. Lewis Loyal N. Cole Allan T. Miller A. W. Rankin Fratres in Universitate Post Graduate J. Russell Smith I909 l9I0 l9lI l9I2 Walter T. McDonald Edward C. Haglin Henry H. McNair Robert L. Brooks 205 David M. Berkman Paul T. Bailey George A. Carleton Murray R. Waters Clinton Roenisch Julian P. Farnam Donald Goodrich Alexander D. Robertson Millard I-I. McDonald james C. Walker, lr. Charles F. Haglin, Jr. Frank Richard Crocker Sturges Lawler S1 Upsiion Founded al Union College, 1833 150 Theta - - - Union College Delta University of the City of New York Beta - - - Yale University Sigma - Brown University Gamma - Amherst College Zeta - - Dartmouth College Lambcla Columbia University Kappa - Bowdoin College Psi - - Hamilton College Xi - Wesleyan University Upsilon Rochester University Iota - - Kenyon College Phi - University of Michigan Cmega University of Chicago Pi - - Syracuse University Chi - - Cornell University Beta Beta - - Trinity College Eta - - Lehigh University Tau - University of Pennsylvania Mu - University of Minnesota Rho - University of Wisconsin Epsilon - University of California 206 1wfvnv1wx2 FumQn w,w-w MINNESOTA of Alpha elta Estazzlvklzerl at tile Un1'vers1'ty of M1'nnesota February 22, 1892 1-M-ff 1-24-Ann!-ewfmwglszawmflxzznlf L 2f1f':.:.'L1:z esxd-1A.va14s:?: At"-1-"f'a14-fra: 21 k's-L-:Tir 207 4 ,M Y fi X S135 M SEM g f4 .iii fa .,. ag gafg'-.fff , f?"-. gf'-Sf A 'Af UN C We M 'm i if 1 'Effie 95? + , E- i Q- ii i wfifffi i i 1 F -. 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Puffer Bryant Woodward Vidal Barnaby Brown Taylor Jacobsen I 172- w ar LP. . f fqrwax, 'Ei 5 -f I fu , 1 1, ig.: .' - jj- . ' 4f.+kv'Q:f1vf3" ' ,. 114 .Z.-,Rf Zn:-,' g, ' ' . . 4 4. - N 2 ,H 111-4:4-2ff3'f'45'i'1ff1 fix wire - .. . S F f"""'?"'. 2. " "LA" T. IT .J gf' ,.,Y, L -'--- , ...::1Jg,4,:,:,'-,.,,, -- " . A'-A '4'f'3"'f523..+-.abr ""l"N"3'fvf Sdfrif-i5"""25"filf! " ' " "" 1 :X :rf ff.-3: r ' r, .5 '. ,.1 1:-,'- 56-1-ge .2 9. 41:5 52 -,L- Q iw '1'4'62?f:l4?Y' A 13 'l'15fiQ 521.11 5 , '-Z-1. KSN. :-551' N- '1 :5"5Sf5" :f-'.'2:E- :'i:'- :I " auf: 15: 21,--ca. sz :azz-I1 Z. w 711125.-af-E . "' 9' Ali 21 54,11 eel. 'fi .2119 3 E ' 1 V , - ' ""' . ' " ' ' " ' ' ' t 5'f""f if .V F' H in ' V' ' " -"' A y :1:zrav2sa.:ee,:fsnasani-u.i-Hsusnvminnsaumu 111f.,m:cu: 1,uf-':::rsrmmu::mu.wr.w.r:fi-',m:a,:.:zc.mL:J,:vm:zm:'c.'cfzfwewrxizmfamu 2. 208 MINNESOTA Of Alpha Delta Ph1 050 Fralres in Facullaie William S. Pattee Hugh E. Willis Henry L. Williams Ames W. Abbott Robert H. Mullin Fletcher H. Swift Fratres in Universiiate IQO9 Montreville Brown William E. Barnaby Harold G. Taylor l9l0 Nvallace H. Cole Farrington Daniels Harry Jacobsen James H. Vidal l9l I Stuart F. Bryant Kenneth O. Klein George LaVayea Clarence E.. Swenson l9lZ Waldorf Ganssle Dale R. McEnary Paul H. Puffer Edward F. Swenson Gordon S. Bryant Dewitte Payne Raymond D. Spicer Archibald F. Wagner E. Raymond Woodward 209 Hamilton - Columbia - Yale - - Amherst - Brunonian Huclson Bowdoin - Dartmouth Peninsular Rochester - Williams - Manhattan Middletown Kenyon - Union Cornell - Phi Kappa Alpha Delta Founded at Hamilton College, 1832 050 Johns Hopkins Minnesota Toronto - Chicago - McGill - Wisconsin California 210 - Hamilton College - Columbia University Yale University - Amherst College - Brown University - Aclelbert College - Bowdoin College - - Dartmouth College - University of Michigan - University of Rochester - - Williams College College City of New York - Wesleyan University - Kenyon College - Union College - Cornell University - - - Trinity College Johns Hopkins University - University of Minnesota - University of Toronto - University of Chicago - McGill University - University of Wisconsin - University of California TAU DEUTERON of H Theta Delta .Estauiflzecl at the Un1'vers1'ty o M1'nnesot Ap 221 1892 f 2Il 5355: gr-fgvfr f1:gl .14 ,fiQE3isf? effgiigli ' f'?'3.1- H. ll .. . - W1 Qi i gs gf miller A ' h 54 ,552 15 4 e Ei. ,, l lfgll? 235363 ., . Q J -'H i . Fx.. ,. .NHL 1.12: 3 WJ' 4. jf' Ygfhrirj' gr fi +4151 , rwmra X .lg Lx "-ight x N -if 5 'R " " "1f ' vi! f 1 A -FX ' MC' 4 lflgggiialigl 355 . f Mille El' X -en 5,1 - . I r,,Q jg Q- . -f. 4 hx, K qr...,.1rfs ""'s' 4- ...K V-A f 4' , , 1' x K iw' '- i , gl N 5 is if xK1mr,5.'- 2 sgQ6"'g,,f' ' Q' .4 Pflpg g' gw s-.3 -Wir dugg, 3 ' tif, 1 I , ll., 2 E uw S: I -Ni S' S : 1 r 5 A 5 1 1 C 5 was ty I v I r I is 4 .P x -1 .rf v , , if f' El :U ,. 82,119 't X ' .JN Q,:nh X Egg gf . 1 if 'K PSA? 'Q X . . 4, ,N + 9: 15. 9 ,Q I , . 5 ,gi igiggfflf. Tl? I l ' 'l Q l HT X125 ln' l qt gf iw S In il: 5' ' 1' if ills? , il ' if as Q' S K J I ff .., Q. '-fxkfiw-W-'ful' 'X' ggladag. fn. -:-?E3fr.l.g.- 3 x Q 57 'QE wflififefzag wif 11558 El wigs' igflgififfi . ,, ., ' x A- L' Butler Laybourne Merrill Bohn C-reenly Block Branyen Riclcert Ferriss Pickering Billings Brown Carpenter Oliage Hunter Huntley Leutliold Coon McEwan Salisbury Freclin f ar' iw v ,Q--f 1215 5 .. . 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Pickering George Bohn 213 Lee Billings Glenn Carpenter Guy Laybourne Beta - - - C-amma Deuteron Delta Deuteron Epsilon - - Zeta - - Zeta Deuteron - Eta - - Eta Deuteron - Theta Deuteron Iota - - - Iota Deuteron - Kappa - - Kappa Deuteron Lambda - - Mu Deuteron - Nu Deuteron - Xi - - - Omicron Deuteron Pi Deuteron - Rho Deuteron - Sigma Deuteron Tau Deuteron - Phi - - Chi - - Chi Deuteron - Psi - - heta elta i Founded ai Union College, 1847 050 - Cornell University - University of Michigan - - University of California - College of William and Mary - - Brown University - McGill University - - - Bowdoin University - Leland Stanford, Jr., University - Massachusetts Institute of Technology - - - - Harvard University - Williams College - Tufts College - Illinois University - Boston University Amherst College - Lehigh University - Hobart College - - - Dartmouth College - College of City of New York - - Columbia University - University of Wisconsin - University of Minnesota - Lafayette College - University of Rochester - Geo. Washington University - - Hamilton College 214 THETA of Delta Delta Delta Estawislzecf at the Un1'vers1'ty of M1'nnesota February 21, 1894 215 mijzjsgigg grip., Rfiffifisgaffiiisiw g gi eiifw i Wm' iiiw re e n is sSfQQigE3x1f'iJf'i: X E. . 'ffm . "J , Nu' ' 'xr ' ' 'G' 1 " f ' f '-,' .-- " , iiis f as m, si, 1,345 N gig 5 Q fe? W :W Qg?f5i? s gif A , 1, 5 g . mf'-x 'JYJL Lg 'gi 'S ' QS QR' X :X Rf,:'J',gn ': is Hellickson Richards Spear Lawrence Babcock Loomis Simms Nelson Webster Palmer Gould Boyson Gilger Nlurfm Maccallum Robinson I E""" 7,1 ' 2 ,511 1 f, z .. . 1' 13. ,gi 1 ' Y rf, 'f 3 ,, . 51-:, 1, ,. L 1, V 1,1 .' f:,- 'I . 5 'ff' 9 ' "53-Alwfgi -' .iv 2- f- -fwf -1-vegan:-'-1:1 'WP fief. " ":..":i':t'Hii' A ' W' ' 'N Q. . fi - :swf ff-if 'ws Q- .. ferze' ai - eff-. 5155? g issfilf' pr- -:aei 5-:Q-. 1: ,iii-. ici' Q3-3 a i rixfy .fir Zsgaliffi iii? sip: na.. -:- rf: 4,:f,,,1 . Q." 54" 4-.-gf " : . "'y',.. , :.v,,.w5,, V.,-X-1 :- 23 4:-g-11 ,Q-,115 'j ii 4- ' "4' ' ' ' 4 '- 5' -"' ' 'i 216 THETA Of Delta Delta Delta 0 0 Sorores in Universiiate I909 Marian Could Jennie Murfin Blanche Hellickson Alice Palmer Florence Spear I9I0 Maybelle Boyson Veda Loomis Bessie C-ilger Grace Richards Marion Lawrence Marjorie Simms Jennie Webstei' Grace Ramsey l9l I Marion MacCallum Nan Nelson Grace Robinson l9l2 Marjorie Babcock Harriet Niles 217 Hazel McCulloch Mary Spies Delta Delta Delta Rho - Alpha A Alpha Upsilon Beta - - Omicron - Eta - Sigma C-amma - Delta Alpha Epsilon - Upsilon Mu - Lambda - Pi - Phi - Theta Kappa Delta Psi - Alpha Xi - Xi - Zeta - Phi - Chl - Beta Zeta - Founded al Boston University, 1888 fThanlfsgiving Evcj ' 0l0 Alpha prov1'nce - Barnard College, New York City - - Boston University, Boston, Mass. - - Colby College, Waterville, Me. St. Lawrence University, Canton, N. Y. - Syracuse University, Syracuse, N. Y. - Vermont University, Burlington, Vt. Wesleyan University, Middleton, Conn. Beta province - - Adrian College, Adrian, Mich. De Pauw University, Greencastle, Ind. - - Knox College, Galesburg, Ill. Northwestern University, Evanston, Ill. - Wisconsin University, Madison, Wis. Gamma province - - Baker University, Baldwin, Kas. University of California, Berkeley, Cal. - University of Iowa, Iowa City, la. University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, Minn. University of Nebraska, Lincoln, Neb. - Simpson College, Indianola, Iowa Delta province - - University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pa. - Randolph-Macon Woman's College, Lynchburg, Va. - - - - Womanis College, Baltimore, Md. Epsilon .province - University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, Ohio - University of Ohio, Columbus, Ohio University of Mississippi, Oxford, Miss. - - Transylvania, Lexington, Ky. 218 ALPHA BETA Zeta Ps Est 67571612 at the Umve s ty o .M es t August 26, 18.9.9 Of . 1 a 1' ' r 1' f inn o 219 1:-xg Ef53f?"?f7i'?15Ltr 5? W' 5 li?? f?sE3lf ??f1iii9i'l W5 t .l fl alfllta w - l 3: Lcllxllll' ?gll'Qx fsgiq llx wr lggxxaklf afllgfg W. I I . ,. Vw. . - : r , T R 'V ,V l I f I-l -fait, ',,S i , E::x.,t ...Nl i-ex , :- fl' nf 9 ' " 'W ifi' o l ltr '9llffl'!lqE :" ' l , Q ' 9 "'A-mzsfsiiil A it " E 53555 M55 9? l Se gif? 'K gg ' eirvttbifi t? x A ., E NE-Egg? 1 I Q c V' x EQ :I I P :I lflxllgi :Mi r-K" ' NMC' 'M 1' K I lg 'QS l algal' V . , M' 1 - ,J -Pg , . ' f 1 ., ?x,gl I v . ly Q5 fi? ? X15 1 X x. Ft tk Q9E:r P A My 5' ' l gf: 2134 5 'fl' Lx ' V P 1 f 'I 5 W of l vw r 'Y "" ' ' ', - V . A I ' Kg , L 1 ,N YSE 11 's XV grief. I. ' 'F' 15 1 ' I- vi-' , - ' S' 5- in 'v 1" ra? A fi., ', 1 '1'r:g.u-.. .Q 14953 , 4 Jw Q. g ' ,X 31,5 - - Wm ff F Qi ffmgd' Schreyer Card Hall Berg Smith Compton Henderson Granbeclc Allen Dow Darby Rogers Stanton Dahl Stone Hubbard Wri ht Maul Pidveon Hawle g D Y f if? vw - fn - T ri' - :iii . , f Il. 4 3 ? tfgiqgf qflfi 5 I -. 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Maul Vernon Carl Pidgeon Theodore Rudolph Dahl Joseph John C-ranbeck Henry Sherman Berge Wilton Blare Stone Earl Bell Weible l9l I Arthur Edgar Allen Bertram Harlan Rogers Clarence Arthur Dow Randall Dorr Stanton George Darby Joseph Moffett Hall l9lZ Albert Keene Smith Alvin Rolland Compton Raymond William Hawley Delbert Russell Card 22I Charles B. Drake, B. A. William Edward Schreyer James Henclrerson Frederick Luther Hamblin Zeta PS1 F cl J I Univcrsily of New York, 1847 DUT! C G Olll Phi - - University of New York Zeta - - Williams College Delta - - Rutgers College Sigma University of Pennsylvania Chi - - - - Colby College Epsilon - Brown University Kappa - Tufts College Tau - - - Lafayette College Upsilon University of North Carolina Xi - - University of Michigan Lambda - Bowdoin College Beta - - University of Virginia Psi - - - Cornell University lota - - University of California Theta Xi - University of Toronto Alpha Psi - - - lVlcCaill University Nu - - Case School of Applied Science Eta - - - - Yale University lVlu - - - Lelancl Stanford University Alpha Beta - - University of Minnesota 222 BETA MU of Kappa Sigma Estawkflzecl at the University of ffinne March 28, 1901 223 g1ffWT52f R559 3 P lrl A Erik, gr Sgvsllglgggi l- Eff 'ffm rw . eg an r ' r-w 5fs,fi'a lr N wifi" ffiifz lll- QESQQ' 3 X 155551 F limi . e fs f ' K RHF-l ' T fi M Eh Q A I .Elly ':-' Q 'Egg 2535 'g 2 a S gigs? 1 ' Y 'X , I Qnnvrv- unamac :-Mum Affair-.--:yu usmr , K Q, ff .rr Nil. rf rf K. 5... fr rf fir -Sf gl, ,gxqilf 16 f vi, R, W v 0, .pvc ex QM: s X, Ykyg- ta I, . 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Turner I I I I I.. 225 Kappa S1gma Founded at University of Virginia, 1867 District One University of Maine Bowdoin College New Hampshire College Dartmouth College University of Vermont Massachusetts State College Harvard University Brown University District Two Cornell University New York University Syracuse University Swarthmore College Pennsylvania State College University of Pennsylvania Bucknell University Lehigh University Dickinson College District Tizree University of Maryland Washington University University of Virginia Randolph-Macon College Washington and Lee University William and Mary College Hampden-Sidney College Richmond College District Four Davidson College Trinity College University of North Carolina North Carolina A. and M. College District Fiive lwflercer University Georgia School of Technology University of Georgia University of Alabama Alabama Polytechnic Institute D7'SfT7'Ct Six Cumberland University Vanderbilt University University of Tennessee Southwestern Presbyterian University University of the South D719fT7'Cf -Seven Case School of Applied Science Ohio State University Washington and Jefferson College Kentucky State College D1'str1'ct Eigizt University of Michigan Purdue University Wabash College University of Indiana University of Illinois Forest Lake University University of Oklahoma University of Chicago University of Wisconsin D7'SfT1'Cf N7'7l6 University of Minnesota University of Iowa University of Nebraska lowa State College District Ten Xxfilliam Jewell College Missouri State University Vfashington University Missouri School of Mines Baker University University of Arkansas District Eleven lkfiillsaps College Louisiana State University Tulane University Southwestern University University of Texas Diistriict Twelve University of Denver Colorado School of Mines Colorado College D7.SfT7'Cf Tiz1'rteen Leland Stanford, Jr., University University of California D1'str1'ct Fourteen University of Washirigton University of Qregon University of Idaho MINNESOTA ALPHA of igma Alpha Epsilon Estalvlfslzerl at the Un1'vers1'ty of M1'nnesota January 27, 1902 L , ,, ,,.. ,. , X. .rif , ,umcmwz wzwmwwrmucwnmsazmrnmvzumm QE? Q I 9 .,-.: 4E?.1 qi Q, Ace iff' . V 1 - va "Q.?m'XST'ii1"""'1Q" f'l21,"' AAb'- aff. .f mr" "Q V mx E ' 1155535 Kiwfafig giiigs idfgjag-.f 5,4723 "5-'S A .. agar Q f. 3 , 9. . 5, ix ? X15 if ,.,1 WH? I - ,,.g25' 6'--,' g 41 5 E ' A W, Q . 5565, is ,.gf,g,.iw,3e.,3Wp,.sg2 N" "iii" -5 2 egg-.ggfgirf-?f.:1. Q QEQSW r -M .1f .Q.:. eifrff er- ?'5f'f?f ' -- FQFQQ B. Prakt Barnard Y. Smiley Beard Horn Quinn Huntington Hensel Carson McKenzie Mather Smilh R. Pratt Perry McNally Nlilkwer Curkiss Hudson Davis Lund Conkey Mihleisen ",- 2 ' ' 5:35 .' ,.' if Auv' . 'iA.x ' Q -,Q.Q'. .-,, , 1-: j -", J-g.,5.,',gi,4gi,,5,,g55gj. rz:..'sra1mxfGiiQ2aiA3::.e9f.w.av1J.' uaziunnisuag tu.1mamzmxwumwsmiezmmvazmlzum:rxwfzzsuszaumwmmmmmxzxmrulrsmwrarmzmuf:Lzma1Ke4:wa2wmwm,'mmL27'mLL:c 3:.2xL.L5i4Ls.'s::ZmE!:Lffs:3i' 228 MINNESOTA ALPHA 1gma Alpha Eps1l n 020 Fratres ln Facultale Chas R Ball Eugene K Green Fralres ln UHlVCTSlfQlC lrvlng McLaren Hudson Arthur Edward Mlttwer Charles Rolland Conkey Lmdsley Byron Curtlss Fred Russell 1Vl1h1e1sen Wrllra Robert Andrew Pratt Clarke Jay Carson William Samuel Mather Kenneth Norton l-lensel William Henry Huntmgton Frank Wrlson Beard 909 1910 Oscar DeForest DHVIS Wllllam Yale Smiley Wllllam Theodore Lund Walter l-larry lVlcNally A lllfl HIHES WE1Sh m Danlel Tlmperley Ben Altee Pratt Charl s Clalbourne Smlth ohn Wallace MCKCHZIC oseph Bowman Perry Frank H111 Durham Paul Arthur ohnson Curtls Hall Pomeroy 192 Max FFHHCIS uxnn Charl s L Horn 913 Mervale Dm more Smiley Thorras Whitaker Barnard Fred Charles Toomey Of O 1 " -J 1911 .. I V . .. . J . . D J 1 I 229 R igma Alpha Epsi on Founded at University of Alabama, Marci: 9, 1856. 01.50 Alpha .province Theta prov1'nce Meme Alpha . Umverslty of -Maine Louisiana Epsilon Louisiana State University Massachusetts Beta-Upsilon Boston University L0 - - T -E Sii Tulane Universii Massachusetts lota-Tau Mass. lnst. of T. euelaea- au P on - R. A - - . - Mississippi Gamma University of Mississippi gi Massachusetts Gamma Harvard University T Rh Univer-it of Texas Massachusetts Delta Worcester Polytch. lnst. exas O 3 y New Hampshire Alpha Dartmouth Iota prov?-nee Beta 1370117.71179 Kentucky Kappa Central University i New York Alpha Cornell University Kentucky Iota. Bethel College New York Niu Columbia University Kentucky Epsilon Kentucky State University New York Sigma,Pi.ii Si' Sievens College Tennessee Zeta Southwestern Presbyterian' Univ. New York Delia Syracuse Universiiy Tennessee Lambda Cumberland University Pennsylvania Qmega Allegheny College Tennessee Nu Vanderbilt University Pennsylvania Sigma-Phi Dickinson College Tennessee Kappa Unlflersny of Tennessee Pennsylvania Alpha-Zeta Penn. State College Tennessee Kappa University of fh950E1fh Pennsylvania Zeta Bucknell University Tennessee Ela Union Un'Vel'5llY Pennsylvania Delta Gettysburg College E p . Pennsylvania Theta Univ. of Pennsylvania 195' on rownce Gamma pr0v7-nee Georgia Beta University of Georgia Georgia Psi Mercer University . Washington City Rho Geo. Vvashington Univ. Georgia Epsilon Emory College . Virginia Omicron University of Virginia Georgia Phi Georgia School of Technology ii Virginia Sigma Washington and Lee University Alabama Mu University of Alabama North Carolina Xi Univ. of North Carolina Alabama lota Southern University North Carolina Theta Davidson College Alabama Alpha-Mu Alabama Polytechnic lnst. South Carolina Gamma Wofford College - Z t prov 'nce Defta .provmce e a 7 Michigan lota-Beta University of Michigan Missouri Qlfha Xeigfnlvijxliy oijielsszilirl X Michigan Alpha Adrian College Nlisomis if a bd P. U es Oni Nlger ky J: Chic Sigma Mt. Union Coiiege e ras a am a- 1 niversiy o e ras a Oh- D I - Kansas Alpha University of Kansas ' IO e ta Ohio Wesleyan College - . 5 - - - - - - - lowa Beta University of Iowa . Ohio Epsilon University of Cincinnati i G I S C ii ohio Theta ohio stare Univeair OWS amma . OW? me 0 ege 'f - - y Arkansas AI ha-U silon Univ of Arkansas f Ohio Rho Case School of Science P P ' ' lndiana Alpha Franklin College - Indiana Beta Purdue University Eta I-erownce ' lndiana Gamma University of Indiana Colorado Chi University of Colorado i Illinois Psi-Omega Northwestern University Colorado Zeta University of Denver Illinois Beta University of Illinois Colorado Lambda Colorado School of Mines f lllinois Theta University of Chicago California Alpha Leland Stanford University ' Minnesota Alpha University of Minnesota California Beta University of California 1 Wisconsin Alpha University of Wisconsin Washington Alpha University of Washington 5 zz weswasss-sa1:f':i4.'.' 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' I I I I I 233 P Alpha Epsilon Beta Beta Beta Delta Alpha Qmega Alpha Beta Alpha Theta Alpha Zeta Beta Iota Beta Epsilon Gamma Eta P Gamma Zeta Gamma Xi Gamma Gamma Gamma Omicron rovfnce .AXIPIMI att H16 3, fnundedaiiaaimond,rfsgna,1s65 Alabama Polytechnic Institute Southern University University of Alabama University of Florida University of Georgia Emory College Mercer Universit Y Georgia School of Technology Tulane University University of Texas 7'0'U777-C6 Two University of Illinois University of Chicago Rose Polytechnic Institute Purclue University 0430 Gamma Beta Tufts College Gamma Sigma Worcester Polytechnic Institute Gamma Delta Brown University Beta Zeta University of Vermont .province F7.U6 Alpha Lambda Columbia University Alpha Omicron St. Lawrence University Beta Theta Cornell University Alpha Iota lVIuhlenberg College Alpha Pi Washington and jefferson College Alpha Rho Lehigh University Alpha Upsilon Pennsylvania College Tau University of Pennsylvania PTOUIIHCE Six .an ci'- UUOUU OOOOOOCUOC5 OUUUUUUUP gag, mwwwwwgmw vgggg W OQIC wwwwmm mm swOl-'W 5 r E Bmw! .,. .- ,. 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Tallant Helen Rrlzelclaffer Etlel C Cosgrove I9 0 Mary A Fltzslmmons Mary Haupt Ellzabeth Ruth Fagunclus Helen E. ewett Anne Hull Helena Frtzsrmmors Hazel Strong LOUISE Sumner Helen Llttle liflary Jones Katherine M Crocker 9 Ethel Robertson 92 ulla Barnum Eva WllklHSOH Florence Lnderwoocl Kathleen Hart Katherlne Sulllvan Unclassed Lella Hunter Albrecht Of 1 r I I Agnes C. Maloy Mary Hill Heritage I I I I I ' r 237 Alpha Beta - Gamma Delta Epsilon Zeta - Eta - Theta Iota - Kappa Lambda Mu - Nu - amma 1 eta Founded al Syracuse Universily, 1874 020 - - Syracuse University - University of Michigan - - University of Wisconsin - - Boston University - - - Northwestern University Woman's College of Baltimore - - University of California University of Denver - - Barnard College - University of Minnesota - University of Washington - Leland Stanford University - University of Qregon Alumnae Chapters Boston Chicago Syracuse San Francisco Milwaukee Denver Minneapolis New York 238 W.1fPaf1:'Jz,ifJiaki..mwff'.izM. sm-www w'.r 'rAWi2mwn'awwir,:Qs,WmH4ziwQ:ww-mnfA2m'ammx1:3w57:r Lvw-fwmwmwmgwfalxskswfwmfarwvrwrnfmzlxwxlvztwv.91-wr Wim vw-aex,avN4wamnmv:.'u:'ffmr:mx.. .V f.wLm - 1 GAMMA TAU 1gma E talrfrslzeoz at the Un1vers1ty o .Almnesota December 10 1904 ' -,a.- wwnH5wmf wm vmt,umrL iaEnnwamm'1wm ' of 3 1.1 S . f , UI, : QHEEEEGEQ 1f'1 E gkii B wwaag ,.. 1:m!..'zz'zL -ww ,- -1 '- . 1, 1, f rf -iivagg k n x X H,,:QN,lx 'gn 922' f if f 'k 5 Vf7" '35. g ?? f?Qf5S1iW Q-KW y fin -g152g,?g h 9 .fajgiige y Ng, Wee y SE? :WK 31 wgyzs- T 1 , i ' wg Qff1,Qn55ff'Mi'gif ,f, f Nyimfaiysgffffggf x?S'.g5544 Qiiiiiiii' y- Msg I Q?fiHa?fiJQi??s yy QQQQQKQQQQQQAQ, Mcgeath Richmond Deaver Kaufhol Bollum Helm Trenkle Ashley Sears Trogner Bintliff Booren Freligfx Barney Ryan Harlow f A3 If 39: ' ., nl neu ff 'M ' 3"-W ' wwf 4.,,,V, ,I 35551 .. . :.:'k. :A:'- :I W 4' 11351 -13'-'7 yzffff-'vL"3f'?v,1f'.g 1-.,'.- bg?-.rfnj:-'1.-Ei'-1-.'f2'f? 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Bintlitf A. E. Bollum W. Trogner Fowler K. Hobbs l9l2 Wilfred P. Freligh Raymons M. Helm Hewitt W. Richmond 241 Sigma 'll Founded at Virginia Military Institute, 1869 050 F1'TSf D 1'v1's1'0n Pi Lehigh Beta Rho Pennsylvania Beta Sigma Vermont Gamma Delta Stevens Institute of Technology Gamma Epsilon Lafayette Gamma Theta Cornell Gamma Psi Syracuse Delta Beta Dartmouth Delta Gamma Columbia Second D1'v1's1'on Sigma Vanderbilt Gamma lota Kentucky 7-717.73 D1'v1's1'on Mu Georgia Theta Alabama Iota Howard Kappa North Georgia Agricultural Eta Mercer Xi Emery Beta Theta Alabama Polytechnic lnstitute Gamma Alpha Georgia School of Technology Fourth D1'v1's1'on Epsilon Bethany Beta Beta De Pauw Beta Nu Ohio State Beta Zeta Purdue Beta Eta lndiana Beta Iota Mt. Union Beta Upsilon Gamma Pi Rose Polytechnic lnstitute West Virginia Delta Alpha Case F1'ftlL Division Gamma Beta Northwestern Gamma Gamma Albion Gamma Lambda Wisconsin Gamma Mu Illinois Gamma Nu Michigan Gamma Rho Chicago Delta Theta Lombard Sfxtli D7'v1's1'on Beta Mu Iowa Gamma Sigma Iowa State College Gamma Tau Minnesota Seventh D1'v1's1'on Nu Kansas Rho Missouri Beta Xi William Jewell Gamma Xi Missouri State School of Mines Gamma Omicron Vvashington Efgllfll D1'v1's1'on Upsilon Texas Phi Louisiana Beta Phi Tulane Gamma Upsilon Arkansas N1'ntL D1'v1's1'on Gamma Eta State School of ,Mines Gamma Kappa University of Colorado Tenth D1'v1's1'on Gamma Chi University of Washington Gamma Zeta University of Qregon Gamma Phi University of Montana Efeventlz Dr'v1's1'on Beta Chi Leland Stanford Beta Psi University of California Twefftlz Division Beta University of Virginia Lambda Washington and Lexington University Psi North Carolina University Beta Tau North Carolina A. and M. College nmvwQ2mK::SamH5:'L2mfmnu.mrnw:mnw:wLMzu1'imm:n-aamaxHmvwwum1wK2emexefM:'m v1':f'mv:fs'::1:se:wasa-:fn-fs:1vs,.2. ::frx::fLrr'r1'11-cra:'nwr:yrszf5fm':v' M KAPH C3013 May 22, 1906 Of Estalzlisvzzecl at tile Un1'vers1'ty of M1'nnesota ,X .,. .4 .,...,. ,wav M-M... ..., i.maaf:caQz:z':x:::.1sWz:rf:m.'r:.a:2-fs:m.:'.v,1u::r:a::.:ufQ.::z: zrrxpizff'-'-M :::'gz:,'F:m 243 V -.-. - ' -l.--1 xv-u-qff '.P"Jh'-uma-1. iw-N-'qt' ' Q 43' . ff wg' Z'f.""f: 11" -WET! .iff QS? -w x l I A -. 5 r 'Sb in 'Ili . ,,,. '-3 -Sf? -41+ 4 ,ef QM 'gl egg" ' gfilsifskffil, " ,un-xvr Mayan.: - uw'-.-1. nf V x Q X X 5 . ,www-,., cz 'mf ,E-1-.1 'Q 3, 5 ' . 2, wi lil 'QS v f- 'wwf Q., A .- e S rg: 7,1 f ya 3 HW -ev. - S-x , X 'S' - 'ff' " 'f 1 sl f ' L Q '-nr '11,-4' ' 3'-fix ' " . , N. ' " - 9 4 " -N -5' ff X 1' wig ' 4 ' ' 1 Q ' A V? 0 1 " F' A V rl lx will l l Me l Q We .cs l l Swim S Ry ,f M E '- "1 J, 4 " ix : Q . 1 A- :fm v"'1.,' K' G1 .'- - f . 41 . 'nf 4-P ' 2 Qx- f fw I ' 4' P gl f 1-fyaf FQ ' -5-'Ng .. 9 'gms--1, . - 'Sf , -, ' jx E I 1 H 4-if X . if fx Q Q We -A vm., b -5 -. 1--f vying 30? I la 1 l kj in nf: vi N B ,H 'xv :gg il' 3 ' ,I Y u L .N 5 4 ' Q -" 'x V , ' f me ll " ' ' f 'rfq'-W ' 1 "" 1 l 535. Rl' I I V Hug . r . ' QL' 1 . D H' rf il vu" V : 1 1.6 - X- Q ' u. Y . M 41 " 5 4' S-. .r 'l .I F Q x L x .14 1' W ' P J 3? Wu' X' M Q, .1 ' ' x 3 " .-.. jar, 'ff 'x-w31. ' H Q I ' 555: 1- ff? f lll f -ay l we .Q1efilS ,f14f"'f vw H ig-5. rphdg . X . 'Stas h rag can rlv.1.vtv:i5I4l ginger W gr, 4,0 W qmflgu, "-refills gf, ga: fi Q l Higgins Rudolph Coleman Sn-:wart Struthers Welch A Norton Campbell Dralce Hornibrook Fullcerson Meyerdlng Yoerg Lamlnerl Herrman Wilson Persinger Baker Anderson Greaves Bacllman l fl, J Y?2 Qgl?.1g:, Ig,:. ,f . . 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Hornibrool-1 F. T. Persinger 51. E. Fullcerson J. Greaves 1910 E. VV. Stewart O. VV. Yoerg W. C. Herrmann 191 1 C. E. Rudolph F. A. Magnuson 1912 L. 17. Knox 245 ar -Y--,.,.--Y,..,M ..-....A WM. W-. .1 J-am...s.,,:c1.iw 0 C8018 Founded ai Uni vgfs ny of Michigan, May 12, 1904 030 Aleph - University of Michigan Beth - - University of California Gimel University of Kansas Daleth - - University of Nebraska l-le - - Lelancl Stanford, Jr., University Waw - - - University of Ohio Teth - - Harvard University l-leth - University of Illinois Yodh - University of Pennsylvania Kaph - University of Minnesota Lameclth - - University of Wisconsin Mem - University of Missouri Nun - - Cornell University Samehlc - Purclue University Ayin - University of Chicago Pee - - Yale University 5 if fz'r4L2w:.z1raza'',.::svmiz.5mh13ff::':tam:uzfT1t.Z:':f::f::mz1 n 1t1f"::7r2:1sa7tf,'- ' ' 246 MINNESOTA ALPHA of Pi Beta Estalnffszzzed at the Unr'vers1'ty of M1'nnesota September 8, 1906 247 eifffnswgv Q55 ' 3EQnng'E'n'i .gs QW? A, I , H 221 f n. r l i QQ 21?f55f ?g?5?5? W if -4 rig' 53 E13 .315 E wi -4 , .',- ' K .55 3 " ' - 9 1 :S f -21 1 I nw? Q'Q,j1.i in - fm?"1gaQ-n sind n n n Q ga' -. "tw , :LS 1 152 4. A 1-j" "E ...' si. , 1 . .' QM?-? ' -- ati A. QQ X xx'- Jlfhnff. " ,:- L : n rs 14:V,L . ' T we. 22:1 on ff? :- K9 gqssg - ZX . H I- car ,LI A :- x.K'.. una. M ,. -Cpgfl A U Clendenning A Chapman Robbins de la Barre Smith DlCkCTSOH Conway Lampert Parmalee Brown Dunlap Van Slyke Gray Anderson ,. Q -- wr -. 'z rv - ,Gln ' ii 's3sw21'g , E f X' Q f' 41 5" . .. . .- .. - . 1 -- F ' I 1 ' " 1 1 ' 248 MINNESOTA ALPHA Of Pi Beta 0430 Soror in Facullate Jessie Matson Sorores in Universitate Post Graduate Abby Langmaid I909 Esther Chapman Ethelyn Conway l9l0 Esther Robbins Edna Lampert Alta Dunlap l9I l Louise cle la Barre Marie Anderson Margaret Parmalee l9I2 Elsa Griffin Laura Randall Beatta Wurdenhoff Helen Dickerson Lois Van Slyke Edna Brown Gladys Clenclening Vera Smith Amy Cray Viola Lenning Loretta Newman Louise Barnaby Amy Shephard 249 -exmnnsauae rw u:1sav.a::as'wa-'nm-sent -sm 1 avr A ,Q I t Vermont Alpha - Vermont Beta - Columbia Alpha - Pennsylvania Alpha Pennsylvania Beta Pennsylvania Gamma New York Alpha New York Beta - Massachusetts Alpha Maryland Alpha - Toronto Alpha - Ohio Alpha - Ohio Beta Illinois Beta - Illinois Delta - Illinois Epsilon Illinois Zeta - Indiana Alpha Indiana Beta - Indiana Gamma - Michigan Alpha - Michigan Beta - Wisconsin Alpha - Iowa Alpha - Iowa Beta - Iowa Gamma Iowa Delta - - Minnesota Alpha - Kansas Alpha - Missouri Alpha - Missouri Beta Nebraska Beta Louisiana Alpha - Texas Alpha - Colorado Alpha - Colorado Beta - California Alpha - California Beta - Washington Alpha ,.Jf..,, ,..t'.4.1 ,..,,.1i, . A V -- V V '- - , sf e , .e. ,nfisrsaexzv-wmnwzilxars Pi Beta P i Founded ai lwonmoulh College, 1867 0i0 Alpha PTOUIIHCC - - - - - - - Middlebury College - - - University of Vermont - George Washington University - - - - Swarthmore College Bucknell University - - Dickinson College Syracuse University - - Barnard College - ---- Boston University - - - Woman's College of Baltimore Toronto University Beta .province - Ohio University University of Ohio - Lombard - - - Knox College College Northwestern University - University of Illinois - Franklin College - University of Indiana - Butler College - - Hillsdale College University of Michigan - - - - - - University of Wisconsin Gamma prov1'nce - - - - - - Iowa Wesleyan University - - Simpson - Iowa State College College - - Iowa State University - University of Minnesota - Kansas University - University of Missouri Washington University University of Nebraska - - - - - Newcomb College - - - - - - - University of Texas Delta prov1'nce - - - - University of Colorado - - - - Denver University Leland Stanford University - University of California - University of Washington 250 4 ' .1 :ssc .mp Q., gist. 0 .,Q gs MU of Alpha Xi Delta Estawflsizecl at tfzze Un1'vers1'ty of M1'nnesota May 24, 1907 ZS' .,..,,,,,, A Q55 4. .:' JAA Q, ," I ' x. 'E'-Elini? 'R'- ' -65 56-'E ff a L swf W .ig P lip -A ,Q-ggi s.41.,4,T Z 'I Q "'.- Q ",A ' 5551 ' ,ff lg Ekfgf . .. . faking we . .. :lf.f X ,x -zqfzlgh' .5555 P135- gf' ,swag 3:51 fi V 5S55f?f? 5 rgmjb X fHS'i1' L' MWWLPJAP 14711031 Kffllffn lift 441901 iJnfH9'AV' Q ,gg 6' Q v, iyidbgewgli in wwf- . 2 rr r , ro., ,L KP sigh, wi i I ' .J , U Q 3 A , y . 1 K xitgigtlnfgev Y 1 rr: :, g"'2?"YQgfF'f:3Q'ft:gw?3r Lx 4 ' x QE J K ,S 51' is 1 x . S gr N fu , K, J v xx 2' I4 . 4 1 .qs P., , ,V as ' , .gf Y gf p, ,1 ' 'ga L kim' 1554 la' ' X 2' f Tw' x in ' 5 ly? A " 'NN ' R ' f ' 1 '1 'Q 'H X' y Q Q' I I I 5 5 v XX 1 sk i if 1 QL 'K ff T W x J' 1 - ' fr i ' Q :Ewa , M 1 v ,, v I yi I . 5 ? W 5 .5 QE I ,na X '1 T,"-,. ,x x 9' X 4 51, gf I if I 5 1 1 , 1 1 ' ' 7 , Q, .. .I R 52' ' - f '14 'X J ., , ' r' ' s 1 r X2 -f 1 ' f 'V ' -M , ' M X w t Vw f, a 1 S f? 25' "'f"v ' - 5' , , , . I g ri. W. W- A- X 1, 1.-rr Jgnifgi K, ' 'Q n X Q ff 1 rw --'f 425 N ff I A -401 Q. ,Spink Olson Benz MacDermott Elwell Schriber Grand Mailre Beck Gilbert While , rw '. f. 75:--. -, ' L -- . . My aigififffsgfg ':1 4 - . ij. -, - 1-J, kg-',i'v, 39. - N 13 lr:-1 .' j-jc. '- 3 1 " l.,5,Q..Z,I.E,g,.A,,,,j, "" ,h 233- n.YK?3:f 1--xggsgz-a.x:'iqs:5-yg " ,, , Q3 A Q 1 219 . f , ,- ' N559-E if-Lx. F'-if"":.,i-Q 552551 iiilz- '- q , P. wx fi-555 4-'v -K tlkiiliif- . . , 522-L: 5 - 'Si Wdrfv 5125? S i2?fif"' M. 'G f:si4:iggg-fPssMg- -gr' 1,2 -1-123 gig:-1-. :-:fp 1: I 25:12 S55 r:E.'5-1 5-T '. "'Yj'.1.,L' S.. ' f i: :gig 2122 ff' .ZA-35? A'-' H A I ii L ' - . V . . '- "" ' 1115-i " ' ''3fi'f ' 252 Grace Gilbert. Alice Schriber Mattie Olson Lucy Wliite Blanche Grand MU Of Alpha Delta OCZO Sorores in Universiiate Maitre Post Graduate Laura Benz I909 I9I0 I9lI 253 Clara Beck Helen Spinlc Georgia Elwell Leila lVlacDermott Ruth lVlcNamee Alpha X1 Delta Founded al Lombard College, April I7, 1893 030 Alpha - - Lombard College Beta - Iowa Wesleyan University Gamma - - Mt. Union College Delta - - Bethany College Epsilon University of South Dakota Zeta - - - Wittenberg College Eta - - Syracuse University Theta - University of Wisconsin Iota - University of West Virginia Kappa - - University of Illinois Lambda - - Tufts College Mu - - University of Minnesota Nu - University of Washington Xi - Kentucky State University Alliance Alumnae - - - Alliance, O. Mt. Pleasant Alumnae - - Mt. Pleasant, la. Boston Alumnae - - Boston, Mass. 254 nus.ammm - ,,,, sum f-1-..-frifzseu-af DELTA of Alpha Gamma elta Establrklzerl at the Un1'vers1'ty of M1'nnes0ta February 14, 1908 .3mwivmfawumunwuwaamw:xmmszmzauA2au7mmrzm:samm:ww:z:mazs um:msmxwwuawa:xmr ufma.1Lw1r:w.m1xvuzvmw- 255 .1 .re-. :" .- .rn f ef' rsh... L ' 'P if ?5v?f2S ' bfiji' Y1s."J' ' '1 ': 'f 'WH I, J..-'rg W - "4-'Ng q- " -,P hw 3 RE Q x nngiigf Q55 MS? 'QQ 25255 mir-I ' , ' - -.,4i:fV"'ax 1'f'if:?2,SaY-:Y 5' n E Wi nu Q .Q Ts 51? 5' "f"f'5?f5P'5Q?5Q?Q'5'5 diff 5 ,N 5 , A , in Q H if M Ponkhan Helen L. Hanson Pomeroy Nlelbourne Sage Qcrxbner Nl. Hanson Reed McConnell PHYSOHS D3nielSOH I4I0dgS0l'I MCKCHHBH f fl, ' 245 'In Q 1" A - ef : --5Ss5,m:fg,m, ,'.'.-1. 5, vga,-:y a 'ii' -A ' --':"-"5--HWS' ff" '- I,:,:L:,'ff.:gz:f.-.',f.:. ' . - ' . " 'gi "?Xl"3'x"f 1'YW5'i-?'3"?'5'7f'i5"5 1152 ' ' A A ' X' W 5- g,?5:,b A 5 5 - , -5,3 If:,1: H g g-4,gx,g9 5. 5.3: Y, K 2342-: ' in :gf 1 'gg-1' , ."-r-"" -:ff--2' -'71 ip: '-1:5 :1-:if f . A f . .m m M 'Q "-' f "'- ' v ' r - ' Qllifigiz':'.f2i',"iZf-Ii fi.-119. ' 256 DELTA Of Alpha amma Delta Jessie L. Danielson Pearl G. McKennan Minnie O. Hanson Marie Hodgson Marabeth Hobbs Edith V. Sage B. France Parsons Lillian Hanson Margaret Thomson 030 Sorores in Univef Post Graduate siiate Julia A. Holen 1909 Marguerite Scribner l9l0 Eunice F. Pomeroy Portia C. Deming Marie W. Ponthan Ella Hopkins I9l I C-uynoir McConnell Mary L. Reed Della Melbourne l9l2 Mary Palmer 257 Laura Harwood Corinne Odell Alpha amma elta Founded at Syracuse University, May 30, 1904 Oil, Alpha - - Syracuse University Beta - - University of Wisconsin Gamma - Wesleyan University Delta - University of Minnesota Epsilon - - University of Kentucky Zeta - - Ohio University Eta - - - De Pauw University Theta Woman's College of Baltimore Iota - - University of Washington Nlilwaukee Alumnae Milwaukee, Wis. 258 PRGFESSIGNAL FRATERNITIES ..,,. ,...-..,,. . ,, ,,,, . , , Y - -, V , , . ,- 6... ..,. w.., ,...,,..,...,...,.... ,.v,..Q1.......f 259 Professional Fraternities At the University of Minnesota In the order of their Establishment Law Phi Delta Phi - - - - Delta Chi - - - Delta Phi Delta - Alpha Kappa Phi - - - MeJ1'c1'ne Nu Sigma Nu ---- - Alpha Kappa Kappa - - Phi Beta Pi - - - Phi Rho Sigma ---- - Dentistry Delta Sigma Delta - - - - Xi Psi Phi ----- Y Engineering Theta Tau ----- Sigma Kappa Alpha - - - pharmacy Phi Delta Chi ---- - AgT7.Cu7tuT8 Alpha Zeta ----- - 260 I 891 I 892 I 902 I 909 I89I I898 I903 I903 I89Z I905 I904 I907 I 904 I 906 DILLON of Phi Delta tawfslzeal at tlze Lrnfversfty of M1'nn 1891 261 wsmffm sp fir? n y M yu , f nfu m' n n 5u'5?"?Ff fp-SH. K H ix? P i ii 5 sf Q-1' - Q Z-if y y kr-A ,.. ? 5 f ' W fgfffimu Q -1535, 'nrfal ' mmfmnsoq is '-N ,un-Q 1- r 1-nun mu 1' M1190-sew1Q'n:.vm -am wnnw- f , , 1, X' 5 , is, ,, K1 ufwf-fu' 2 :rf , lx-.1 H 2. 5 ' ' ,I Q .isxi 'ggi x 9 , ' ' ', WZ' 3 ' Ur '- fv u H fs: a, I ,N A 55. . ,-N4 nv, .1-vm s-x M: s 1 ,Q I , ' f., J b s .8 - 3-, V, x. 'ss' 4 v 'S N " 1 ffxuk-E., ' 'gi W' x . H ' f 1 L 2 3,3 X y ' I vw, 1 . -fs 'M K V ,I 1, 14 I 0 A I w. Q KE., A ni 5 YN ff 1" :Z V. fm. . f 4- "5"'7 1 v 3 Q v 'L Y r ' 'f' wa 66, S. . K '4-4 -Q' ' 't X H vf 1 Q' '.,1,.': .f - 'if 'haw X. - if ff' xf U Q mmm '61--f win: K I ' H 3 5, gg X" X Y' K -xv I 7' ' ' I' F X' ' :fu ' Si ,Uv r f 'I A E ' f 5 -. Q. . " ef 'X J, H V gf, gx Y , s nq g, XL E A ., V I ,J fl . A , .kiw s. 'L 1 ,api 1 ':' U is L-Q x A 5' 1 y ' 1' 5 Q a ,1 z a -' i - I 1 , - fv uibwbgg J pb 5 X 1 ' Mu ,Nw Q 2,4-I X in VK, 5' I r 2 fri? "5 Q fi 'L N m Block Smith Owen McGovern Mlhleisen Burgess Waters Wieland Harris Canterbury Marsh Schuknecht Brown Huntley Gran! Ryan ', 1'?' F15 '1 , W T f ax- ' . s 1 f ll, 'F ft -if klfj :iz ' ' - P ' .iiixffbfyf fs' .zlvsgfv ,, '- A Yi' -- ff'-'ff-4f1'5f2Yff35fH'W M--f1'P'fF' f , 1 -, f " Efilg Q! T1 .ny 2: A "" 5 R. -'-x- Aff- , .fr Q, .,.'f'E1,- -,, . Q. . 3 . -.ur -'Jima -1,11 11-3. fr' ::',1r.- - 2' .,--:ef 1 . ' - , -1 1. 11.1--31:1 z-.g-- -1 . -, - A F- .14-B-aqfemfioii-'Q-j.',se,3, 'A F iqiji 'F ' 262 DILLON Of Phi Delta Phi William S. Pattee A. C. Hickman Earl W. l-luntley Fayette Marsh Edward L. Boyle Dana Cavour Owen Malcolm E. Grant Vance E. Skahen Fred Mihleisen Vlfalter F. Wieland Joseph H. Burgess 050 Fraires in Facultate James Paige Howard S. Abbott Hugh E. Willis Fratres in Universitate I909 1910 I9Il 263 Nlontreville Brown Orren L. Salford John Schuknecht J. Ralph Canterbury Arthur F. Ryan George D. Harris Murray Waters John McGovern Arthur Block Kent - Benjamin Booth Story Cooley Pomeroy Marshall Jay - Webster Hamilton Gibson Choate Waite Field Conkling Tiedeman Minor Daniels Dillon Chase Harlan Swan McClain Lincoln Osgood Fuller Miller Green Comstock Dwight Foster Ranney Langdell Brewer Douglas Ballinger Malone Evarts Thomas Beatty P i elta Founded at llie University of Michigan, 1860 Oifl 264 - - Michigan Illinois Wesleyan - Northwestern - Columbia - Washington - California George Washington - - Union - Boston Cincinnati - Pennsylvania - Harvard - - Yale New York - Cornell - Missouri - Virginia - Buffalo Minnesota - Oregon - Wisconsin Ohio State - - Iowa - - Nebraska Upper Canada - Chicago-Kent Leland Stanford A - Kansas - - Syracuse - New York - - lndiana Western Reserve - - Illinois - - Denver - Chicago - Washington - Vanderbilt - St. Lawrence - - Colorado Southern California MINNESOTA of Delta Chi Esrabifslzed at the Um'm,'fy of M,-mmf 1892 "sr-i ::",:r,.yuZ.:1g:fA5:. Jan' ' - ' X' 265 2. if for 'X + l g . to q - F' t ,?5f?eg,Q3, 95935, zfg w' ' " ' , u ' . 53.511455 .rg at QE,E'?, a 4- 1 idfifggv sggftil rea - ft. 5 ' t of K We pftlf tl . if tt l f fwtflb , lf? itll W Stewie? at f Mft ,, K Q' :'gfl1iM-'51, '-fi 111 . 155' -,-Eh. t'T?33"N'0 "ff"'f-5-"Z-f. Tekle ,ste N x5rii'JfQvYE,X U 5 M ' .,M 'H" " """ a ww? rf '3' . Y- WG X' ing All I li 'ff 'P' . . K X as ' 'lui I 'U 'lwj K S lil! alll' if '3 J Kftffrf if- S Q. 41 ' S 1' A kt, sg ful. ' a txff' . - 1 wHi's'at afffvfrfl L rf' f all r , l I f- X M -eff: a s 5 Q tw gtg H f W xg xg ' N. g r X1 X, 1 A QM. sf ' ' ,""'f ,uk cr W-'r. K -' ' X . ' left 'X K xw ix? -fc X v .J ' A 'C ini R lllfgf: if Ski' I Q ' r ? 5 f 111 .V Us X s 5, :YW .W 'E if' ' , '15 y S' 1 Ig Agar it 1. , if-N' 1, 'ggi K 'gl' lf 1 ' f Ex 1 I l rx eXL i n cw Eg xv ly ,aylfl 'PR I Q 5 ?s 1 X ' Figs. X' ' . H I X3 Q we l f. E- gm Mx 29' 9: , ,iz-W , .'-EVTA ..,. , 1- if ...-'zg-5::Q-F1x1- s 'lf L54 -f'!f8t+1'f, gp 5' Haas Schain Fay Moore Curley Repke Duxbury Sjoselius Cells Rothschild Bromley Lewis Loomis Colburn Robinson Bartlett Palmer Gear e Randall O'Brien Case 3 f""" '.:p,-'--- .,.4 '4 ' , -.Z-' '. .. 1 K q , vzrfi-, 741' ' ., 2 fm iv y, -. . ' ' 'M' -:,T.1.Q-ffl "" "-is U"1V-Qbffil A-A254 "?t'4'3?""l':"YW7li5f'T'i5'5'fW73 '-A ' l '- . I .1 . 15:4511:3f-::9-'gfiyf-?-.Q -Fe-F5--"'w . -Q4-'S: 4f",g, 4.54" P.-HFY fix rfg ' ' X ' 55:53-,-.a:1-13.5.-.-. 'N ' - '1-3151: 6 5: Q1 ie, i, 5141: ef . .- kiif. Ezfi? .-5 2 .4 ii'5,'f' - 4 ig-1-"' js.--"-' 42551213 P?" :fp 'IHEA :Qi:j- :- ' H A """' 1 " A'-u mmm 4 " Q. , - - a u . -. 1 : v . ' ww. .. 4,,,,.', l , .aff-'f I 1. 5 'V ' ' -' "':'-3'-f',-i'2'7'f5'-F: " -'f21Vf."13Z-1:f11'- " ' i ' ' ' J'5'-51!'fF.5Fhfbti-'3fFi55i' - "" ' ' -' 'i '-'Fai-3',',:':'33Ig-13?-g-'1gig.-1,-.'::,-,g.-EiE1f5'::r:i-315:,5,:3'-:':i'3:'1:EE!r ..'. i T 4::.5.f3.3-1-.:::.--31-:.:3f.:4.-ref.:-..,.:-g.-1:2-:g.1.g.".'g:.-,::,- -,f,--L,1f.L -- A' it n' ' ' '"'-'Sise:fzf.1:r:.131-i1if5f2i:z1?.15.5-5frfff-EEE::V ' ' A":::'35'l5:if13fi3'3f5'f'3Q53555517I if Til' . 266 MINNESOTA Of Delta Fratres in Facullate Edwin A. ,Iaggard Charles B. Elliott Henry Fletcher Fraires in Universiiaie l909 David Wickham George Fred Hilton Robinson Claude David Randall George Leland Case james Henry Bartlett Giles Patrick O'Brien l9IO George Poulin Gurley Earle Moulton Moore Sherlock Atkinson Fay Leland Stanford Duxbury Charles Theodore Haas l9l I William Henry Lewis Paul Nishet Loomis Charles Addison Palmer George Burt Sjoselius George Francis Bromley George Aiton Schain Leonidas Vincent Repke 1912 Willis Francis Geib Charles Leo Hayes Williarii Warner Rothschild 267 V elta Chi Founded at Cornell University, 1892 050 Cornell University New York University University of Minnesota University of Michigan Dickinson University Northwestern University Chicago-Kent Law School University of Buffalo Osgoode Hall of Toronto Syracuse University Union University University of West Virginia Qhio State University University of Chicago Georgetown University University of Pennsylvania University of Virginia Stanford University Washington University University of Texas University of Washington 268 GAMMA of Delta Delta Estalnlfklzecf at the Un1'vers1'ty of M1'nnesota 1905 269 .nv-rw-'21Ti"-vs WUI: , rf,-:rw L 1.::wt":?' 'szzazzrsmmxsvzz-m-rr 'mn- .snazz- .3 wmzuuwmzmunwwtfzrznrrmmr va-zstrixiww af 1 wifrffsav we Sw nr fb Ev r f W 53391 . fr-fF 'fef sf? Mkrrr "N 'U- ,J .Qw- '-w A Q1 M5 3441 i x' , My 'K 44 'YA 'Ili 'Smi- MW' if f W s eff . frfewaesrf Egg Sf firm rin - .irrig - i 'N . U X.. . 1 ,. QM Q:-li rx, --' 'U -YP "557?.i""fQx. f:-:'f55'Q95 HN gfek JZSv,g'?Q ,Y : 2: 2' ,. if Aw 53.1. L'un1'4iI my .af A-'SUV-'f TZ-TQ," ' Q 'fgzfge' 335' warvfhp 43' A ...: rig.. --. Mr' :L ll x , A ,.- - UMW ww ' -'zmi' ... - 'fe-3, "1-wif - u M? . Fm'-2 ""-2-.552 ...L . "',,p , N .v.e.u+u.a-n 'M J vm- arm .fr .pf um- -A x gm, -.z5..qj',-2 'v"Waw, ' -. ,1 IVMAQU' A1-fri,-', qyigkgfl -jqlygp pf be F-1 " :"?S55f ""' 2 P ,N 1. 156, .sf g',. A JAN Ae Q E 1 11 J' fm, 1. F q , fxq ifu Q ,. P if '. ' , 4" r 2 W f ' W ,3.,,"" "1 ss WF' W if-3h,,rf3'iw1Z3fgE ,E ' E '31 ' -' ff' iw' 232 V it Il :grain if 5 rf' ca, ' u 57 Ji. g,-T-- ,Q of Ll. ,giv-'ak-J, ,F sam? f.'4y X-.IF .5,,,.,:' 'f " "A '25-s 1 E: 1 df- fb, Q "Er mrs: 0' I3 4. 1 1. ' "-.: Ur-7,.1'a . awrqsf' an f JJ v f Qfx' - Q '93 'QM J1- I' CLI was ' A - , Aw' ' -vgx Q- ' , qu w If - - '-nail?" e .rf , . 'Qzaf Q' rf-'29'1wr4w-"':-age fa 931- Q.. Agia? 1 :W --'I '-nqy9"' gy 'avg "Q.wL"J-3,17-'17 ,xS.,x'-. --wha-13, A 'N JT, . -'Y 'LQ . 'M-15. - - Airy lg" UVM-Y -uv' Norton Bang Rowberg Piper Stearns Nlitchell Jeppesen Helen Cheency R, Lindgren Speeter Bradley Quigley Corcoran H. C. Lindgren Ferguson johnson Colgrove Erickson Hedman Helgerson Flachsenhar Stein Garberg King Howes Mohl Brouillard f Q1 a- -. - we" -f.'v -. f H. 1.25 - , fe 1. - - - ai'-2.1 V, . - d f. rv- '- 'Y3' I-" '-115---Wi? - ' ,g -. ...ffffgqfzsqyga-.2523 H- ,.--N " .. 5 . iii-i.':T1f'. jriff' gg 1.5,-gag, 555, if .T .,... ' I "" I j . . 'f' f: fjg:fji-Iii ssl'-Epi E'5n3:25gq.g-.i ' .-.:,jf5:.-"':-14:.-,'.:f-5-1.35.5 q.-.:2::q1.:gf.i-2r:g.21-Qtif.-x- 5..-'::f2'.i- '- ' 270 .Mnxzw r-Quvmzfbmwu s'H'Jl.m.1:wt.a9e.:mwz4,.wmiarcsnness-a::aw':'uP-.1r:nzrifi -nmmw GAMMA Of Delta Plu Delta Oio Fratres in Universilate I909 Thomas L. Brouillarcl Harry C. Erickson Walter R. Flachsenhar Peter B. Garberg Chas. W. Johnson Richard King John Mitchell John Norton Harry Stearns Harry I. Stein Harry Speeter Lee Broderick l9I0 Chester R. Colgrove Lynn S. Helgerson William W. Howes Oscar Holen Everett Mohl Lyle Pettiiohn Herbert C. Rowberg l9l l Frank N. Corcoran Stanley Ferguson James Quigley C. A. Cheeney I9IZ Gaylord Bradley Cal Sivright Verner V. Lindgren Z7I Victor A. Edman Harolcl C. Lindgren Gerald Callahan Alpha Beta - Gamma Delta Epsilon Zeta Delta Delta Founded al Baldwin Universily, 1901 OCDO 272 ni - Baldwin University versity of South Dakota University of Minnesota Detroit College of Law University of Arkansas - Marquette College EPSILON Alpha Kappa Ph 1909 Of Estalzfrklzecl at tile Un1'vers1'ty of .Alinnesota 273 .rn , . ,- , - .f , Q -x ax A 1. . - -wana :zen num: u-naw Q- - ie my Q ' as vwwv- 1 we f ,mu ' ' - ' . v : ' f i fl? Mgr fi, B, 1-35' f:2.'ii'f1'?"1:5ff lhff gli' . f ..' ' ,WZ " 'M! fs . il A Q, ,, . 'ff ieliife fill? Wg V-ffsfmsi? W. f?" H6151 W 1' rw - v-. QS Qgfs sw 55gi'f.5,g?3l f?,?TfS,R -'N l.. I xr ' lgixiiiffgf xi .F , ?' "T "f ' QF? 1 'iyhg 5 '35 ,, Qvqfgig? Wi '2N'i1-SAS fl l sim' E axilnlaffm 3 rf gig? i .W -if W? i M M W is MH I f H 4 1,4 'Qi Q3 f '-, ', g , , Q E sq H w 1 1 f' 1 " . , if M 5 H f.. . I' 4" I . f , Pi f,5?Qf.t 35, , ,RJ 4 'ge .fig Vs? ,gli x I 4 1+ x u ' ' U 355 Wifi 'Wu xi 1 M -ff S5554 el?" ff 1 ' ' .1 f- S I nf, 1- 'U . q I I S' r JJ I ..-. L fm ' 'P :QQ Alu' if v' ff Hg . . 1 .Y A - l , , l bar l 7 :JI ln? VN X .X N A Q' lu., L ' 'QV 5 f' .V L - ml H4 v .nw k : X 4:55 ' . 1 '19, X., 3 A ,' Q 'A ' .5 , '. . , ,J Q"'!,x:f-,mi '1 ll -. k '1t,Ek,. ' ' ag 2:27 a- n. .-xv, ...Af 1 IQ., ' gi' M: ' .I g . '.Zi3-V. ' '?'flsf"i?7f1fm? A . .H-:rr-leaf 4?PPlSl3- . WF: .1 ' King Little Tlioreen Ellis Counter Green Smith Gere Brazell Hjort Senn Huber Wilmsen Barlow ,,,, ,,,,...,,,,,,, , , - ' ,,,, ,,,. ,,,,,, . H " ' " ' " f' '-J? X 1. K ' Q 'k,I,K5" gk ' W . fi ,- , ,.. .. A I , . 1i1:::.---2:1-.--2:1miizfr.-f:.-,fr-,-11-:-.Hr--fkf " ' ' "1-4 -Lg-5-1-" 315- . ". -1 wwmlg. wf'.?-:slL4: r' Qg,3vwzp1mXwe1-'S ,.. -, ., , , - H I :fi L -55:5e'g:.5::f2g.5'-.-I1:.Q-31, EN ,r.-,Hg:-1::A-'-,rm--11-:avi ,- V. "-f 4 - . . . sqm' - .23 N. .,'. fi 1 ' 1, - +494 -. 32 4311: " 1531: .'x .k" " 'QE4?-as. " A'1.'11??5 . 5:37 54 . -1, 'Z-If 5g55Q'j,,- 'l fL'GE.'?g" 4a,,, -'1'1ng24k, 52.gi5iglgZ5.r-23x 57- 3,22-1-,. 3,-U-gg ,-.,i. 11 13543: 25.1 :iff 25: gf- 'V l,1 .-.1 1: 'ffJ"P- -2132? .zlfifli 2212, 6T...,rx H- .45 .... . EW-'fi':3S23mi,ffm'r+:?f?t1f. ? a ig I "r'r ' b b I -A . .R 1 Z - -A ' 'K ' 274 EPSILON Of Fred W. Senn William A. King ll. Raymond Smith Tlios. McGrath John T. Little john R. Counter OCDO Fraires in Universit l 909 ate Harry Wilmsen Earl E. Huber l 1910 Raymond Green I9Il I9IZ Academic Law Frank Barlow 275 Edward Brazell Reuben G. Tlioreen Carl L. l-ljort Lynn Ellis Champlin H. Gere Alpha Beta - Gamma Delta Epsilon Zeta Alpha appa P i Founded ai Norililueslcfn University 050 2 76 - - Northwestern University John Marshall College of Law Illinois College of Law - University of Chicago - University of Minnesota Y University of Michigan EPSILON of Nu Sigma Nu raH1's71eJ at the University of M1 1891 277 -ww: -Q 1-.ax2.m-xnrasnivm.-1:-rwwnvxrfumfvxcsraeamznau ? 9 5 Q""1ig,r :,?Lf?l' nE'iS1F'Sre W H H M Qfs4"e5ir2sSf?QfeRW efflfffrlifl Q?-H M l ' .Q M 0:11 -ai.. fifilfefifff-il g"l'lQg??l'fi4li5l 'v wr, R35 -A 7 Rl yr X " me N E mgsgrg gf- ar Seng Wil 5155- 94 'I e'?i'?5flxff I or W 5 if rQ?7,4,Wrf5 loaf? 11 r A , ff f . nur, . Q .R vhjn , in 5 by . ir .im 'wa A, :. ' ll rg lf KW Q il 533 9 fi ir 'flilx y 'H N 1 X 1 fi f., A l . 1 1 gy , S35 :af .W - W .gw.,m. A -gi , Qy Q 5 ,.,' X l 9,7 .'v7,.r. 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UU C QHQ 43. 5 Q, no :O ,Log ga -'55-oD':1 mg::P1-4 D--1 - 'D -1 :x W :1 UQ 0 UQ - --0 E" . -1 rn O fb --- H ,-C-' fb cn Q.. o -1 -- 0 OW' -fmifvmg-A 5 '-' vv' o Q ggzsm T 1,4 O 5 L, ,, ,, Qi 279 Alpha Beta - Delta Epsilon Zeta - Eta - Theta Iota - Kappa Lambda - Nu - Xi - Omicron Pi - Rho - Sigma Tau - Upsilon Phi - Chi - - Psi - - Beta Alpha Beta Beta Beta Eta - Beta Gamma Beta Delta Nu Sigma u Founded at University of Michigari, l882 0430 - - - - - Michigan - - Detroit College of Medicine -Western University of Pennsylvania - - - - - - Minnesota - Northwestern - Illinois - Cincinnati - Columbia - - Rush - - Pennsylvania - Southern California - New York - Union - Washington - - Jefferson - Western Reserve - - Cornell - Cooper 4 California - Toronto - Virginia - - Maryland - Johns Hopkins - - Indiana - Buffalo - Iowa 280 PSI Alpha Kappa Kappa Estalrfislzecl at the Un1'vers1'ty of MIIH February 25, 1898 TEE "ff" ' H- '- ' 281 i kb E H t 2552552353595-Wfbwyii iZf55,1fsi?? Wii3?' 95355 Qf l-faifgigi -mg wiv ie fi ri 49 W air? Wg? ,lify r "Y Q65 3,431-ellsllslf. Q f ggigif. ,fi5lgf'1.Q7?'Mr1 2492! f ia? 325' -,-,gg 5' :F 5 ffl' flglilf flf f .'gE?r1ft?fle, 'ggi Miwgieglgwfr or ewg5543ra5?35ff-S - .V ,: - V ie ? A - u i gfz ? A' A? l F ' , e I le? ff il Q Dr. Burns Baker Cavanor Ohage Carroll Brey M johnson Hayes Spear Beresford Kirsch Menclelsohn I Murphy Schrader Mitchell Blakely Pollock Seifert Papez . li Berkman Simons Yoerg Foshager Wilson Declolph Warner Geist Kelly Piper Tyrrell Larkin Kelly Nleyerdang Hoilargl lleedolph Hhgclfaurin iv Flynn Kurz Greaves Campbell Dr. Cool: ysne n erson ei e V' . .:., .',., .-- .h -g: V J, x53:aii.k f -3" Vjf'JjYgg,.'fx--,Q rw.-, J 4,,5:,5.A D -'-' gr gf ff- tiki V " eir- l i M M .1,, V fi.1?,f?:i'?:3,i'Ef!:?jf?E If52 A 1.-5ifa'q,ga155g?fI f55Y:5.iayFf?-P A"- If ' " ' 2 M N ' 2f!l'37W'faD?IL'nl19:EXE-7Jf-TLSLIIXTATIIA'-45135RuA'TL11:iT1Kil'E3fv'.E'f'uEwMTFT-I3Ei 3'u21Ti7 pIHKeiTW'3m'Q3m 331XF5'rifJ7C-'1f2S2'2..Ta2uHEL1x3ilSHnu?,4.8-Eli3ulGLLTx3?5S34LL:4.J.. 282 ..'af.e...z..1.f:. 4 . f .4 51..-.uaee.s....:.x..s..,w.....-...Lam-.:'. at PSI Of Kappa Kappa Fratrcs in Facultate Dr Richard Olds Beard Dr Dr Dr Dr Dr Dr . Arthur E.. Benjamin Henry M. Brack . Alex. R. Colvin George G. Eitel Emil Geist W. R. Ramsey Dr. W. D. Sheldon Dr CII Louis B. Wilson William H. Co Fratres in Univ l909 Albert A. Campbell Clement C. Blakely Henry T. Foshager Selmer M. Johnson Oscar M. Mendelsohn 1910 Otto W. Yoerg Monte C. Piper Angell S. Hoiland Alfred A. Tyrrell Frank M. Brey .Ialmar H. Simons I9I I Albert E.. Spear Archibald A. McLaur Frank M. Anderson George W. Cueist John V. Kelley Paul F. Kelle in y Cecil T. Hei l9lZ W. R. Baker Paul Berrisford Ralph Kirsch Dr Dr Dr Dr Dr . Clark Stewart . Henry L. Ulrich . Chas. B. Wright . Cueo. M. Coon . T. W. Stumm Arthur Sweeney Dr. Samuel E.. Sweitzer Wm. H. Aurand Dr. Paul B.-Cook nclit ersitale Henry W. Meyerding John Wesley Kurz Ignatius Murphy james Greaves Mitchell F. Hayes Herman F. Schrader Frank T. Cavanor Robert E. Flynn Henry W. Lysne James W. Papez Justus Ohage David M. Berkman Whitney B. Mitchell Omar H. Warner Chandler C. Larkin Karl Dedolph Clyde Wilson del Lee Pollock Theodore Dedolph Otto Seifert W. C. Carroll 283 A1 pha Kappa Kappa Founded al Dartmouth College, 1888 Oll Alpha --------- Dartmouth College Beta - College of Physicians and Surgeons, San Francisco Gamma - ---- - Tufts Medical College Delta ----- University of Vermont Epsilon - ---- Jefferson Medical College Zeta - Long Island College Hospital Medical School Eta - - College of Physicians and Surgeons, Chicago Theta - ------ Bowdoin College Iota - - University of Syracuse, Syracuse, N. Y. Kappa - - - - Milwaukee Medical College Lambda - - - - - Cornell University Mu - - - University of Pennsylvania Nu - - Rush Medical College Xi - - Northwestern University Omicron - - Miami Medical College Pi - - - Ohio Medical University Rho - - Denver and C-ross Medical College Sigma - - - University of California Tau - - - - University of South Upsilon - - University of Oregon Phi - - University of Nashville Chi - - Vanderbilt University Psi - - - University of Minnesota Omega - - University of Tennessee Alpha Beta - - Tulane University Alpha Gamma - University of Georgia Alpha Delta - McGill University Alpha Epsilon - - University of Toronto Alpha Zeta George Washington University Alpha Eta - - Yale Medical School Alpha Theta ---- University of Texas Alpha Iota ---- University of Michigan Alpha Kappa - - - University College Medicine, Richmond Alpha Lambda - Medical College of the State of South Carolina 284 M XI of Phi Beta P f 1,1,'S2mz at the Un,-vemfy ofM1 1903 283 Q '-hail,-,-...Rf " Pfrztrztana qw '5 ,E E B 5 if ft E E 2 5 E' 'Q 5 .E S ll It ll 2 if 2 2 S?.S5TtQb'5t,5'i?fQ5 QQ'Qg,t a,9Z?' t3ES11Qtv' t-W l f5l.t tl tlilfithel i n S5M2lFf2lflfi22f? t - Q' -ei -tggggtgggff e iHfz5f4g,t?gafff'f' t Leitch Ruud Smith Christiansen Oppegaard Preine Hengstler Strobel Bmger Hayes Maxeiner lurnaclifl: Nicholson Wheeler Nordin Earl Black Ostergren Olson Milner Glyer Blegen Doolittle '., ' xi - i fn, f V . 111-'M ,, 1.1 f 51+ Ei' " j -'-- '- , v,:gg:.1.,1:f52:g.-.,,Q,,.1 ' 1- ' - A-4.5.13,n23q'f.g-.:j5:5.53 -""x 3 ' pf ts.-35 f 'Ax Q.. rg 4 jf.-5 HSV 4335 - S' f-'ff 4 ' V1-5-iziisz' 355 iff? ?'1"' Zfftirg' J. ' 'ki ?-d'V:k':- 'lf-51315 S3755 H ' t N V' "'-A' i 'E P "bi"4"' A ff I " ' ' if 1.-931 5 286 , X I Of Phi Beta P1 Oil, Fratres in Facultate Soren P. Rees Charles F. Nootnagel John S. Macnie Leslie O. Dart Herman A. Bouman Robert O. Earl C. S. Tyrrell l-l. Welles J. Fowler Avery Fratres in Universitaie l909 William Black Leroy E. Doolittle John L. Delmore Richard T. Cnlyer George A. Earl Eclwarcl W. Ostergren Augustus F. Milner William P. Olson I-lallward M. Blegen Stanley R. Maxeiner l9l0 Manforcl O. Oppegaarcl Irving A. Preine Andrew Christiansen James M. Hayes Leon G. Smith Henry E. Binger Merritt W. Wheeler Charles G. Norclin I9I I ' Wm. l-lowarcl Hengstler William G. Strobel Magnus B. Ruud Murdoch A. Nicholson Dale D. Turnacliff Archibald Leitch 287 Peimrrzrfz-iwvi-A131-irmfirz Alpha Beta Delta Epsilon Zeta Eta - Theta lota - Kappa rv 'msefQxe:i?:::e::1':xi"z'e'se'rswmafwswi.+v wwmmfmwwwwrwwwwmwmamfwrliaaww, 1, uae, taviaemfniatfemzuzwzirwwi-ifm'mu' i Beta Pi Founded at West Pennsylvania Medical College, 1891 Lambda - Mu - Nu - Xi - Omicron - Pi - Rho - Sigma Tau - Upsilon Phi - Chi - Psi - Omega Alpha Alpha Alpha Alpha Alpha Alpha Alpha - Beta Gamma Delta - Epsilon Zeta - 050 - West Pennsylvania Medical College - - - University of Michigan - Rush Medical College - - - - - - McGill University Baltimore College of Physicians and Surgeons - - - - jefferson Medical College - Northwestern University - University of Illinois - Detroit College of 'Medicine - St. Louis University - Washington University - University Medical College - University of Minnesota - - Purdue University - University of lowa - Vanderbilt University - University of Alabama - - - - - University of Missouri Cleveland College of Physicians and Surgeons - - - University College of Medicine - - Georgetown University - Medical College of Virginia - Cooper Medical College Creighton Medical College - - Tulane University - - Syracuse University - - Medico Chirurgical College - - - Marquette University - Indiana University School of Medicine mmnmriamwwiia,,i'.if,ifamse.:mr:sf:i-.vev,z's:x1:f,:zzsi:nauii.svmufiniyrxsazumfexefsivcsaeifnsaairsr 'ii ff' W--,..aii.N1v-v,T,,5,i .i A- -eip- X, ..,. ,4..i,.a. L. m, . i,,,,.u, K -Y 288 THETA TAU of R110 ma Evstalnlislzecl at the Un1'vers1'ty of M1'nnesot 1903 289 5Ei?3f3ff?'rf'Y X55 Q ' Q"3T F5EE51i?Y N W? 25 Wgigg' '- "A f 'N-. Q? mfg' 4 if 1 Ft 'Zea.,fw' ' A r " "' 'f : -'Q ei . ' .b ' "-5 E' 4' 'I 1' le ., me vw fi W e f wi . -My ,. -4 ,Y 1 A 15 fff if .rm Sri w"59V'54f-J"-3:-a' 'flag'-'b :.-gs-Fic. Q :Ez -x an-za, -..X -2- ,, , N' . T- 1. if v N 'ing '32-: - 'uf - s-. ' M N , . 'f-sr eg-,gsm "-53' 5--.. --K fi gym fill!!-Wr Mir' i""'9 .K c JY' 'ii-in xg myrfu r J, 'zkgawrzrs 55 JV ,b ' r ,,-"of an 1-5 gm, ',a- 15' 5 , ' " :M 2'31:' M, , r 55 f '9- ?iY," f , ' 5 ' 3 -'1 N , A "V s- ? , ' "j'9,f . - HA 9- 1'-71 Azgx, 0-r..-up f',, if . . - P -44 ' -,. --Q59 .- I P 12 1 W. , ' v rm 43' ' A--.5 A- ' , :J-, iii J ' 4 gf 1- . J: .veg Ze? .-fa'-K f N f A - iww . Jmsfff 5 ' '32':af ml 3 I Y rfgq ivxiigm N 4 5 A, high. 4.,fg'73f' --,A-'nr i '4'-E'a'e- "531Q05..,Q-. v 521 X av 45.7,-7 -imwgajwg ,C.:2:':'-'2:m,,, " "j-...3 'JE' 'haw'-.2-f H'-'mi' 5.. mx mf Lf,,g'f'3V:2s gf, f A Nordley Dailey Saiterlund Undine Bergman Nyvall Goodheari Remington Raiter May Spurbeck Fagersirotn Dady McCarthy Wlccarten Arneson Perkins Treat Kjelland Corry Condit Vadheim Ingerson Plankers Rosenwald Nlclnlyre Critchfleld Thornby Paulsen Anderson McDonald Lommen Gardner Larson Gelz Oyen Qi" ' 1 f, ,445-. ' f- ' XT 1 Q' ' A r fue -13 J S2356-v.ff1fi . E .fr . - .. 4 . ,. .,.. ,. " Q?5z"5i':f1ffP" ff- 4' 111 'mf 2 155 " A Q "x -- 'H'b'5!"-Q3'54ii'P"'?3i7f1'f'fV"- ' -' fffa---455132. ' 4 "" "" 'f . i'l"S?l'i'X'X,'lQ,-elif' '-ffifg r" 'r " ,, :A1.E54:'.g'.'5-45-11,9 -""X 4'., ' x -. P195 - "' '41 5: 1?-':'. .gy .- 'H -" F,-, , 523:'S5:5I5Qg,gjlgnaaigggg. 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Dady 291 Chas. H. Bradley L. A. Ramaley E. H. Corry P. A. Remington C. A. Uncline A. E. Brimmer R. Spurbeck H. Thornby A. H. Fagerstrom -I. Gelz C. E. May A. L. Vadlweim Y. E.. Nyvall F. S. Raiter M. Oyen F i ho Sigma 5 5 15 ram.: vxxielaziaffqw NL. pu Mra'iE3Qi-:MalekMwmf4aff'5aSf?.E'xxp11E-cream! .' Founded ai Norlliweslern Universily, 1890 0i0 Alpha - - Northwestern University Beta University of Illinois Gamma - - - - Rush Medical College Delta - University of Southern California Epsilon - - Detroit Medical College Zeta - - University of Michigan Theta-Tau - University of Minnesota Eta - - - Creighton Medical College Iota Alpha - University of Nebraska Iota Beta - - University of Nebraska Kappa - - Western Reserve University Lambda - - Medico-Chirurgical College Mu - - - University of Iowa Nu - ------ Harvard University Omicron - - Wisconsin College of Physicians and Surgeons Pi - - - Indiana University School of Medicine Rho - - - Jefferson Medical College Sigma - - University of Virginia Upsilon - - University College of Medicine Phi - - - - University of Pennsylvania Skull and Sceptre - - - Yale University Chi - - - - University of Pittsburg 292 THETA of elta Sigma Delta stalvffslzecl at the Un1'vers1'ty of M1'nnesota 1892 293 5 Fa v Z W ' - -' X ' 'I' ' "" " " "N M" ' " A 'i " ' ' ' "" .- - 'V :,v QQ ' t gn. 5 1, , .I I V ,rg L., ,gg-qNC..::i,,,,-Q ...- .sl,x ....L I f :' lr, Q T . 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' - s 35 ka' M ills?-I ' ' f'.ffiff' . -I: I : .,2f?,xfPb5'9,gf EQ V ' 4 ' xl Q! 1 Phillips Nelson Wielhog Basforcl Ruggles Holm Rand Thorburn Weeks Linder Xvhilney Coad Hughes O'Neil Little Moos Michalson Malancl Maker Saunders Lippitt 5 Mulligan Rounds Ingersoll Miltelslaedt Murphy Hauck Walker th f Wi l p 1" 1 1 iiiavs 53 fiiff? -,. -4- ,ir :jg 'f:fe. iii: l , .. l,,- 1-Q .,.,l.,. .,., i .,-.',, -.,., J .,.,.,5Mh,f,,H ,..-2 Aj ',.. ij-iij 'EL ilffwli '7'i 71793715iJ'KR'S'5'.i.'1?l1'D"IlqW!?f35l5ff.HTf82!l13Yf31'31LV.'.i'1l25Cl lTlf"X'll5:12'ELi2'SZ3f3hIi2z'?fiii5.2'fE'.-fgiliik41:12.3.11fElQKQ5KMNHV1'N5.5EHHi5l EEl5KK4y-73E355ElZZCENl'?h '5KU li 294 THETA Of Delta Slgma Delta Oill Fraifes in Facultaie Charles H. Griffith Rollancl R. jones Norman Cox T. Bradford Hartzell Amos S. Vfells Henry S. Godfrey Herman A. Maves George M. Damon Fraires in Universilate I9U9 Clarence M. Basford Abraham S. Michalson Cecil W. Coad james W. O'Neil Howard G. Ingersoll Frank Phillips Dunbar F. Lippitt Henry D. Rand William F. Linder Arthur W. Ruggles William H. Moos Arthur W. Walker Frank A. Mittelstaedt Seward R. Winter Charles Wiethoff l9l0 Oscar W. Hauck John A. Maker Earl L. Hughes Dennis Murphy Edward O. Holm Ray H. Nelson Arthur P. Little Vvilliam F. Rounds James W. Maland Benjamin H. Saunders Harry C. Whitney I9l I Arthur F. Weeks William H. Mulligan Lloyd M. Thorburn 295 Alpha Beta Gamma Epsilon Zeta - Eta - Theta Iota - Kappa Lambda Mu - Nu - Xi - Qmicron Pi - Rho - Sigma Tau - Upsilon Phi - Chi - elta Sigma Delta Founzieci al Universily of Michigan, 1882 050 - University of Michigan - Chicago College - - Harvard University - University of Pennsylvania - University of California - Northwestern University - - University of Minnesota - Detroit College of Medicine - Vanderbilt University - Western Reserve - - Tufts College - Kansas City Dental College - - Indiana Dental College - Marion Sims Dental College - University of Buffalo - University of Illinois - - Pittsburg Dental College - Ohio College of Dental Surgery - - Washington University - - - University of Colorado - University of Southern California 296 PHI of Xi Psi Ph Llfklml at the Unfvers1'ny of M or October 8, 1905 297 5 2 1 , " 'f' , ' 1- ya., :QM -'-'x N , 1 f - X. ,, . 5 sdggggiffffih ' ' . . ., ,' ' ' :fr 'QE .Q A ' .. l:gv .f"f,f .' 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F-f m,5,L.V 'gm-,,,,.., french.: i, ,mix PHI of Xi Psi Phi OCPO Fratres in Faculiaie Ula E. Heddy H. A. Britzius Fratres in Universitate Cieorge R. Metcalf Harley G. Benjamin John Benjamin Kohagen William Cryderman ohn R. Doris Adolph R. Schmid . L. Porter Ewing C. McBeath Harry W. Nelson Harvey Samuels Torlief L. Stangebye Walter H. Kost William C. Hanson John P Kelly Herbert Delmore I 909 Clement K. Bird Frederick C. Bakl-ie LeRoy M. Chapman Frederick Kaiser Qscar De F. Davis Lewis W. Scott Chas. A. McFadden ohn F. Cahill l9I0 9 Harry A. Wells Francis W. Dunbar Ray T. Morehouse Rudy W. Hanneman Alfred W. Grandy George A. Plaas Arthur O Lindquist Carl Hedman J J J Ill 299 Alpha Xi Psi Phi Founded at University af Michigan, February 8, 1889 Gamma - Delta Zeta Eta - Theta Iota - Kappa Lambda - Mu - Nu - Xi - Omicron Pi- Rho - Tau - Upsilon - Phi - Chi - Psi - Omega - Alpha Alpha Alpha Alpha Alpha Alpha Beta - Gamma Delta Epsilon 050 - - University of Michigan - - Philadelphia Dental College - Baltimore College of Dental Surgery Pennsylvania College of Dental Surgery - - - - University of Maryland - Indiana Dental College - University of California - - - Ohio Medical University Chicago College of Dental Surgery - - - University of Buffalo - - Harvard University - - - University of Medicine - Royal College of Dental Surgeons - - University of Pennsylvania - - Northwestern University - - Washington University - Ohio College of Dental Surgery - - University of Minnesota - Western Dental College - Lincoln Dental College - - Vanderbilt University - Detroit College of Medicine Baltimore College of Medicine - University Southern California - New Orleans College of Dentistry - - North Pacific Dental College 300 THETA of Phi Delta Ch talnffslzerl at the Un1'vers1'ty of M1'nne March 26, 1904 30I ?1ffQ5fa2fiNn GM ' gif- :ff 'Q 1 sf, f' N ? SMH? fe 5, gibsii .b . '.,.1 - ' R ff ww A gi '- Q A I - 351 M 1 3 ., I ' 5 - f Q 5 ' '. . ' - ':':'. ' YKIKRJ A g L . Rb .Z vo 'f ffag I o 1 9 Q 'NS nfl "5Q?'i.Q A we "' i m5Qon . .im no Q Qsf fAef:i"?fs WV n ff in N I fun-mx-r mum-,na :ur fr :M sr ww' an vxvnunww J ,,, k X I L5 .nvmqo .1 2 .pr ,.g-0,1 'X' 5 I i ii .EXQ ' ' 9 f ' " ki 'fr 'Z' F, ' 'hui I 'V 1 1 r y A ex. r f., N urn s. . ' , 'fs 47" ' J 1 , 3 3 'w5??'GIi.' . 3 3 Ngwrrsglu' . Zi I -, . 1 " v N n nw! ' C5 I I 4 3 'LM 1 uv ' rl 5 gl WN K 1 Auf ' y ' M I E S: I-4 ,X - A ffx .iid 1 u C V y Q R Y, f N E Hsu V, 4. -.t e , , 4. v' ' . QW V f , rv F- Y 9 R+.: -4. wh 'gf ,VA 7 Q' fu' ' I P ' Q Lf' 1 T LQ S YQ' e ,QM ' f 9 lv 4 wc- 11 5 1. I 5 I I ' I 1 5 2" if ef. W W if 953' W "U lf gag. 7 It ju x ' E ,gn 5' RQ' H ,,,?gi4g. X H, ' A i 4 H ' , '- v gtg HH, ,. 5 N n -P X -X H Q 4 V' , . It 1. i 4 STE ' E 5 l U vmg vpfg M F ?l 9 'I K- .rx 'f 1 ' ,, , . N. , J ' i ii? H x -QF . sf . x 3 K1 A ,-.x '-.M ,, f, A ,g x I' .4 . ,,, if 57741 Magid' 9974 rift ' . n. Tyrholm Hoppe Peterson Franizke Harding Green De Witt Sievert Root Marsh Bugbee Hotvedt Noer Diessner Speidel Johnston I lf" ri ,.' ' "Z 7 1' - '- frl, . - ' , 'ZSf.:,Q , E ff ' v - i'.fwLHifFH' 'I ' Q 1-1 ,mfv 1' " -' .. . .. , ...... . ,W 1-A - .. : 19 QW. -Q.. .xtfff ., ..-. .. . ETS' ff-'2'-'f-'W : 1 . g- ' 4 N54 1751, ,Puff A . 3:3543 -'-1Pf.fz'-a- -. . '-A ".':- -1. ' ft!" .. 'zt'-- f-J ' ,MB 4 '11-:lv ' x""4 Lvilws? 21' -.II--' Z If!" "1 wi:-if -5: r::..f- . i-1-T '---mr" . 'Q',j', .,,:7-' 'z Q-wg 24, -1133: .liaise ., ..,., H K' '4"' I "" 1 H i. , . . 4 .4 - U . . -. , 1 . - -:E ':"'N ,- .Z -- if 194 ni V V 302 THETA Of Ph1 Delta C111 030 Fratres in Facullale Frederick Wulling Frederick K. Butters Gustav Bachman John A. Handy Fratres in Universiiaie l909 Guy C. Bugbee Elmer L. Hotvedt Harold A. Tyrholm Everard L. Green Arthur F. Sievert Chas. O. Diessner Nelson W. Root Theo. W. Frantzl-ie Harry W. Speidel 1910 Wm. F. Schroeder Hugo O. Peterscn Jos. H. DeWitt Chester E. Harding 3 Wm. F. Hoppe Edward M. Marsh Wm. W. Johnston Victor R. Noer Phi Delta Founded al Universily of Michigan, 1883 030 Alpha - - Michigan Beta - - Northwestern Gamma - - Columbia Delta ------ Wisconsin Epsilon - Philadelphia College of Pharmacy Zeta - ------ California Eta - - Massachusetts College of Pharmacy Theta ------ Minnesota lota - - Maryland College of Pharmacy Kappa ---- Washington Lambda - ---- Texas Mu - - Scio College of Pharmacy 304 LA GRANGE of Alpha Zeta Estabfrlslzezl at the Un1'vers1'ty of .Alinnesota February 22, 1905 0 305 X :sms 512 f a.'.amaiz-zz' 'Q '--mam st: 5 2 tit .ftitttfiite S S 1 M serrttf ti' t' fling t 1 is r'ft5Rl t t lfijplgilmr W' gstttetis get ,tlfiga gm fs? Geist? 1 All it :tif Fax at 'if f 1 2 A J.. ., , , A ' TJ. is ' h - J- ifvsfffiii 'X 4 I mans- r mnawasun. num www- A wmnaumvm-ay , , Q, We - .gg 35. Sf-grey, ff 1 -fQfsgt,,e.f. 1 -vt, -er ff v" .f Nr-.A 'Q 411g ' A-A ff, . 1 5, c a n JAMA. Z Ni 3, E sf , N ,L ' 1 1' ' l r wt 1 4 S - - .Q 1 -, -1 f wt, eil, 1, ' I 2 ll l x l tae". SL W ' -if lux' 'J C l ls I ,: nv H . u .s 1 . A1 I, L N , I .. j writ' gl 9512 14, :5i1,,2g:a, ' ,' fgxg G' . fltgff-Aga slggzfgb ' g' ' , . ' " -ffl-fif, ' Q xii i? x J wil2 Q?-Qi-zG:-- -' Cjfhlv il 'ft 'willf- ' 'fl ' ' ' V f -'35 '33, 'H ' ,,,'- 'Ref' E ' 3 -M? ,g . , 75" ' f' If ,' - " f 5 'r 25. "' - . r ' gl X w A V sf x X t ' .P-' lf ' g ba ll lt Htl, ' 'F' , ' ,Q 1 , 4 ' . . Y M 3' if 5 9 L ggi, gif ,Hx ' if t o 542' . t ,J , nl 4: A ,. -' sz L . EJ .. .3 E . . A , . el ' 3 -,K km an !JL"' . , ,,, tl BUSI1 HUHHXHH DOHOVBH Thompson Merrill Bilsborrow Matthews Older Peterson Baker Crandall Nlaylancl West Patterson Frear Carroll Arny I EW"- ' f n'-' ,. ff. . 9 -. ?f'5'5fEf2E542fs . s H , . ,,s.,s., .A 16: 5 . . . , . . . 55 ' Mm. f"1,?.-'Z. 'I.g"'Q'i.,J f,,,:1,:' 2.4 :ii , - . " 'Y ,321 f ""'x W 5 , A of - - 4 n fl? A sr. , ' .'::.:f-up 1: -L-ff. 4' -'f--G .-:f::.e.:f :.:. '- - -- -------l-- .J'- f.-4ZA::':: fi' faf: uzfnau if - r 1 -fe-1 -5- --If : 1 5 s.J-wfewsfesaser-ips:-z21ftsesf ' '- Q l if Ziff- D 306 E W Randall Harry Snyder C P ull T P Cooper A C Arny Geo F Baker LeRoy Crandall R I.. Donovan C A Matthews F E Older V Hoffman LA GRANGE Alp a Zeta 030 Fratres rn Facultate Andrew Boss S B Green T I.. Haeclcer A R Kohler Fratres ln Umversztate 909 I9I0 9 H N Bush D W Frear A Edwm Mayland EIVID I.. Peterson R I.. West D Bllsborrow Alfred S Merrlll M Thompson Of . . B , , I H. B. Carroll, Jr. Thomas G. Patterson I I I 307 Townsend Morrill - - Ezra Cornell - Keclzie - Granite - Nebraska - Marsey - La C-range - Green Mountain Wilson - - Babcock - Centennial Maine Elliot Morrow - Missouri - California Purdue - Alpha Zeta oumled ai Ohio Slale University, 1897 04:50 - Qhio State University Pennsylvania State College - - - Cornell University - - - Michigan Agricultural College - New Hampshire College of A. ancl M. - - - - University of Nebraska -North Carolina A. ancl M. College A - - University of Minnesota - - University of Maine - lowa State College - University of Wisconsin - Colorado Agricultural College - - University of Maine Washington State College - University of Illinois - University of Missouri - University of California - Purdue University 308 ALPHA of Theta Tau Esfablnlzea? ar the Umversffy of M1 October 15, 1904 309 ggi ,fggyx-'gf gg- gli? f 'E,. A'-. ,, E vange l' Y i ra rl if ai ' farm . , ELL? 'fill EEE Q"-rlgvbf X' ,ga ' 22+ 'lf FH 71 Q., 199-f.."fs-an fri? ' I ig-:-' 11 ',514aQ' ' ' i ' E' X .. fre K4 f,,a,ssfr ri Mil veg ll Sf H " lf' lrfmw rw age gs? QM, X N n , ,rm-,fr ,mam,vl.+ nww-w.w- Jy..mwm1-mfffw , , E ., , 1: Vg? 4 I in t ibgswii Lx ,uf 4- . . Q fm r Nw., fx 4 . 4 if .LST Qxb ,ASF f."' f ": s, sf x as Q - af f H f - - X r ,LN - . nf., -xx st, 'X-.3 gr: x I, Q: N 1 A X 'S -q xx . -' 3 ,x J l I 4 I ' . -. .,,,. 'f .L , Q 1- YL, L is 1 l 4 Q fr, 'l I R I. Agn ,Y 'V' :qi h, '-., .7 ' A' , " 1 5 :UE V all a ' f Q ' B 1' 5 ' 4s 71'l I v -. 7 J' l x le, I- Hy' ,, Q- fgyl ' ,ANN -if'-5, Af - ' fc' f ' ' Q ' F' if f 9 fl! - ,Giga m a, " - 8'-Q4 ,, Q 5' H,- - '.l ,. Pr' rr 123, --4.3 .K r f- N v- K ' , . , f ', . M . . ,r n E. 4 - - . -xx '.,.. K 1.5. , , - f In I 5 I , 1 ', si ff' 1-3 K x M -xr Yvgiqg. Q ,II V4 iff? ll! , S9559 58 in Q2 .W , ff , 1 ' 5 H55 . 1 , r -- ". 4 Q. - " 4 I n ' ' 3 ' f s , he fs- X ff ' ' i , x v 1 va 5' I s V dw' 1 1 A g u Q -X N Q "v 1--M l UU, C' 5 E " 755 'fx 5 2 4 A 7 ,A ' ' 5: Q .. , K B K E Y N ,, -. 9 5' x ul r 1 4 lk eggs. ri.: Y X gf 1 -' gr . 5 51 ,..r '1Q3 P . K nm . H ' A 1 ,., f A Atkinson K. Hauser Leach Bush Brockway Timperley Du Toit Wesbrook Rood Torrance R. Hauser Curtiss Cobban Kruschke lVlcC-mms Jaques Sheffield Buck Shepard Walling Starrett Wrlght 575 ' ' F55-jgllig 53? ' Af,T.1.lff' "" 7.5 W , if 'Q' 112317 'S . ':"T."T7i-,3'7"N:'f5'q V ' I -. ' If " ' 4 f .ZiEgtegixzfgrgigfgli-.. ' , ,- " . lN?'3A3'-A"ll'9 53-.:i?3"?ff SKA. :sg 4 - ' ,.-53:5-.5:111g5:1nj1.j-:ge. 'N A Qi Sf' Elf, -z -3 -. 3 fe, , 31235 5. ' "ns 912:22-2 :iffy A ' , 3.33. A g g-E5rw .141 ilifff iii:-'liz -121-1 ' j "'-" i ' b . "'A"4'A' A "9-?E'ff5.fff,-'f.5if-E 5.4.5-Q'-11" I '-: V 1 V' Yf,-1ff.' 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Kingsley 311 l heta I au Fozuzidecl al University of Nfinnesoiu, October 15, f904 050 Alpha - University of Minnesota Beta - Michigan School of Mines Gamma - - Colorado School of Mines 312 igma Kappa Alpha Willard A. Cole Rolland C. Conkey Jay Crowley Lawrence T. Gavin Royal C. Grant Guy Byron Hognason Kenneth Duncan Harry Jacobsen Arthur T. Kennedy Revillo G. Moody John R. Newell G. Gordon Stewart Charles Beck Established in 1907 ocbo I 909 l910 O. A. Sundnes l9I I Charles Walter 3l3 Samuel L. Hoyt Lynn Rood Julius N. Santo Axel H. Swanson Harold G. Taylor Homer A. Williams Peter M. Ostrand George C-iltinan Norman Goodrich P. E.. jones A. F. Johnson Earl Farnam s Vvilliam ,lahn s WWWMMWWMWWWWM, an on ,,M,mWWm,mm,W,M 2EaN+212sfzfY iiwv vfr efw J w zfafaww w 'fb' -i ff 9 ' f 121 ' ,.. ,. , J . .- . H f'fra':' 1 ji, Q if-gigiwgp ifaffigggefs 2gQ5if,gfEf3gS'?2,Jz3,g 5 M mass EYEMEE nay, A,, ff HN, 35 U 'E-gm' ?gb'egMf' w ?gfgswff4,14?163gQ?3E22 n y ii5w553'5?i??2'3way,Qf?z3ig M yivgfgggiggfffg' aa eNq55,3iaS?g5ff- M was . F r x x' ' X 1'l'25aff:-'ffa '?fz2!1?5i..f. . Q3 .-A !v-' EJQYCPNETI K . Crowley Kennedy Ostrand Swanson Newell Co e Moody Duncan Hognason Santo Rood Conkey Taylor Gavm Stewart li 4 'S-fi: sI "' 5 A 'ff'c19-4flf,""f ol Huggy 5 5 4' A H f- ,Q-sw W2 S 1",-4.-2.5, is Ar Grant 1 'k fry 1,152-: ?4ft'k:f5'.:gnJ' , U ' v 4' 9 5.-:, A 5 :51 fu ' V ' U' . 1513- iw .- - 1.1. gllff 'A - . .. .. -- -.T:'..1: L '.-1 Wa. :rife . -5 3' ""4fi..' ". If .: '- - , , -e -1. Wk- Rf '11 A-.Ls '--1-'Mft "'?'f'?'-"'6"" 1 - '. . . . ,- ,sj - '2 gpg: V -55 Ybxev. I-.,g-,egtg-4.'v5V:,,-.44-1.555 :gg ' , 'N ta -11 5'Xf1',':'ET- " -. 1511- . 61' wg. , ,..' .- .1-.-33.145 - .:-- -gfg,.w,-4 -' 11 11.1-2 gf . -c. Eff-E. 1521: ..- QLZ TW' '.',53"5' LZ-'ildjl fi 112555 "Wil 'z Jil-Z ..f -.'::j -I-?53':g32l 11-2, X525 ::"4i. - Ah-1:3 5 ' - . :L ' J, ..'y- '51 f!:. '11-S"E:Z: 5'-I-t -I gl.-, .- if! f.-.wa gf: i-agar. : - , .",'-rf-'-M514 . 4. Qgfaggf - '.1:-.,'- --in-,1 ::.1-3'--f- 94:12. 511135, 41,15 gg-' 3.--g A-::.,:g ,. .1 74- "-. -gf, ' g+s3'Y':f.?55'. rL"2'-" ' ,wif 55 'I 45312 r-:'. fr -5-fl: .iz-1-51 'fffzip-712' a s s?-QZEIM1 q-,.....Tms5iQz4fZx:sf?if?!-firm' ' 11.25. 11551451 5:15212 -'ff-I:-1's.4.:ff. -' 4-vga? -'155.'r,rg :JL M - - - , 1.y.4::'ggr gfi-:5 51:52 .QQE2gj2:2:.1Q3:g 355L 451115:-x :g.Q,'1'-.5,v:-faq.Fwigg,1-.51'4ng?,fu.,.u:1gA.55m,4:e..3,- IiQ53j1.f': 55.1, .. I, , , ' ai m - , - .,- m n . . -. , 1 . - .-5: A '1:""" I:':3f"'ff':-H' -3 - 5' 7' -' f, H. f","1i'-f.':'1" 5:1-.": Z 'ff-' .' I '. 'ii ' 'f V' H ' -f vaf3Q::::i:14ff-3.1:5-5-gflmrf,-1z.1eg1ef5:::g.::A-V5,5:X12-.1-ue1a:zs::.f-.4 ,,,,5-.1-3,3-:,,:f..1-g.f.---.f.x.:..9,.1.,.,-1.-.- -e '""'3'21.::?iE1:g-1'.5g1:pgf':1-,ogre13-55.-1'-J-:-'-'gr1:-Z-I,g1,g-g:5,- ,- g.q.y:',e,1-:rf-.-i-.-1L-.-.1.21.:1fwe-33:5'.111f5:3:nkz-i'ull-I-ltr'-' ., ' ' ,g.qgf:-Q.'.::r,f5:.-,: A , -' 'J-5525:1-gg.:-3-33:3:5-ilzersf.-,-,fn-sffgziffgmesrf-1f1:g:4-' ' ''"3'F5aEf.:5I'3SEif:1'Ss'1c'f.'1!1:::f.y:-sf:-':Zf.:' . 2.11-315311-'1t:-':1E?45i"1''a'Sr:?I-YE:-.1'11G?5:?--' ' ---:ze-zz .1'I1-,-5:-:,':,:5-:,:.g,.",g,.--' -3 -f--.gfgq-5133-53g5rL.,gg:yg,1.1-gf-5.:gg1-.11-5+ '"-4-55-I-r33f,g32,:-ff:-52::avi-' .1-ln-.:g1' ,, .555:gf-Q-5,f3rrs1gQ:::4sg5z::fQ.- ''"4l5::5lIv:3Ii:fE5i:?i5 .V '5 ' " i'Z'1rQ:':QjQ1f ,,, .- f :L ,.4:95a-52:23:13 : ' . - -mamma: vm iz 314 J R Burr r1c.'rov1'2ijg'Qis5-Efl HONORARY FRATERNITIES onorary Fraternities At the University of Minnesota Phi Beta Kappa Sigma Xi Delta Sigma Rho Scabbarcl and Blade Mu Phi Delta 316 2' l ,r f , '55 .4- 7 . K . P i yen- as .Fill . Lean... -- -- . l4....f'1QN-rx-s-. LL Phi Beta Kappa Founded December 5, 1776 L,,,,.,. .- . . .M .. .. Joseph W. Beach Edla Berger Jabez Brooks Richard Burton William Bussey Frederick Butters john S. Clark Frederick Clements Lillian Cohen Lettie M. Crafts Hans Dalaker Harold C. Deering Minnesota Alpha Established December 13, 1892 Ogfcers JOHN S. CLARK, President CHARLES P. SIGERFOOS, First Vice President DAVID F. SWENSON, Second Vice President CORA E. MARLOW, Secretary LINDA MALEY-O'l-IARA, Treasurer ACf7.U6 Members George F rankforter Frederick jones Edward M. Freeman Leulah Judson James T. Gerould Alois Kovarik Albert N. Gilbertson Arnold Lien john H. Gray Ingebrigt Lillehei Everhart P. Harding Eugene Mann Christopher Hall Cora E. Marlow Rowland Haynes Burt Miner Glaf Hovda Henry F. Nachtrieb Blanche Hull Burt Newkirk John C. Hutchinson Cyrus Northrop Drusilla Hutchinson Matthias N. Olson Albert W. Rankin Soren P. Rees E. V. Robinson Otto Rosendahl Frederick Sardeson Charles Sidener Charles P. Sigerfoos Samuel G. Smith David Swenson Fletcher H. Swift Willis M. West Albert B. White Henry T. Eddy Edwin Jaggard Anna H. Phelan Nellie Whitney Chas. B. Elliott George F. James Alice Pope Norman Wilde Wm. W. Folwell Charles E. Johnson Joseph B. Pike Matilda Wilkin James Zimmerman john Zeleny Members from the Ciass of 1909 Louise H. Bruhn Bertha M. Hanson Elsa Ueland Esther Jean Chapman Gertrude Kline Thomas H. Uzzell Alta P. Churchill Max Lowenthal Camelia Waite Miriam S. Clark Edith Rockwood Louise Welch Alfred Davis Marjorie Smith Amanda Whaley Lewis S. Diamond Mary Toomey nf,.,f . ., ' .. .rf,-mr...eMW. f- .ri ,emi-.,,ww:-,away rvw-we asf 'Q-ww-vfrrir 1-wt vw wnewewv'-tier :H-. H xr.-'f-i f'.:mvA1:v-wfufrezr-'ev ., 'wr A-:vcr 'M-wrvv-ma-1 er we . re'- 3I7 essay' as-Yiwu k Soc1ety of t e H UO. 5' 99 RTW .3t5 L.t3.!.'X'F' M1nnesota Chapter CETS F H CONSTANT President FREDERICK E CLEMENTS VICC Presldent A D WILI-IOIT Recorcllng Secretary ANTHONY ZELENY Corresponding Secretary E P HARDING Treasurer H T EDDY Member ofCounc1l F5113 SU Appleby Bass M Bracken Brown ur K Butters E Clements P Clarke Lllllan Cohen C R Cressy lra H Derby F Downey A Errkson B Frankforter C Frary W Frary F Grout A Gaumnltz W Hall E. Haynes W Hrll P Harding WIZPOHUUITIOI Daly Hone E W D Holway F S ones B onn ton H il Kesner Alols F Kovarlk Margolee Lewls F P McCarthy V Martenxs G N Bauer W E Brooke C Brown C P Bull W H Bus ey G Cheney H Constant Chrlstlanson Cooke H Dalaker Hal Downey H T Eddy J Flather embers M Freeman F Brout B Green S Hamllton D Head L Haecker Olaf Hovda N L Huff A Hummel C E. ohnson W H Kavanaugh W H Kirchner 1 G ee F P Leavenworth L W McKeehan E. Manchester Allce Mlsz H Mullin Newkrrk Nrcholson Pease G Ruggles -lCU3PV""1P'1 f1bl"F"1UJ5U P Sedgwlek G D Shepard on C P Slgerfoos R R Shumv ay Harry Snyder osephme Tllden S M White A D Wllholt ames B Mmer H F Nachtrleh W B Newhall P O Okkelberg Fred H Poppe W T Pyan Herman Schroeder W Sprmger E Shoop W Sardeson F Swenson E Srdener Otto Rosendahl F Wesbrook F L Washburn Anthony Zeleny ohn Zeleny Fl ""1'1 Fl 0.9 'gms .., ow...g, ETTQ-SHN: D2 Q2-2-Living 0 U3 W' USM: ge em F1--1 'qua ..,U.. vacuo .550 U3-'ft' :r':: U, o :1 Wllllam Hardy Frazrer Roy C Grant Slmon H lngberg Charles H Zander E ectecz Martxn L Larson Stanley Maxemer R C Miller Martin Oven A A Potter Frederick H Scott S Carl Shlpley M Sundt Harold G Taylor George Warren Walker John Phlllp Wenthlng February 20, 190.9 Walter C Beckjord Nauda M Berger Alvah E. Brockway Albert Campbell L R Crutchfield Charles Ralph Drake Edeard Fldlar Dana Walter Frear Mary K Hartzell Estelle Loulse Jensen Frank J Klrcher Anders Walfred Johnston - - ....-.,..r..ov1v1a.. 1 at N .. . I ., ,, . ' -. U . mp I' 5 N9 r . g . 5 . . , . 1 . ' Vi, xy ' L . , . r :rrUP1r1.rf-L H. , i I . . . l L. . I 'l w' ' P V as Q . , . ' - 2 3 C0 , . - . kg? , . V ' Z - O 5 yytr r . V U 0 I , 'Q . 'f 1 'f . EQ 5151 'Q Q M ,rrr 1' L1 " e Z 3 ' i 'Q Fd ' . 711000-no-fl 1- A- 'f Q 3 I A 1 ..... 1 . ' 1 . , . , ,CA 4 . ' ! ' V T 318 Charles Lmdelef FYCCICYIC E MUYrlSh W A M Oore Orson B Poore Archer R Robxson George Mrlson Shepard Wllllam Henry Soula Charles Stewart Sutton L C Tomlinson Asa Orrm Weese Wllbur S Wllll8mS 1 Houck Colburn McKinnon Potter k C l D berty Evans Lowenibal N. l-louc Cislason Sinclair Deering .Ierom Delta S1gma bo A O Colburn Benjamin Drake P Devaney M J Doherty Albert Evans Stanley B Houck Waldon M Jerome Zenas l.. Potter ohn Sinclair I-larolcl Deering 020 1nnesota Chapter um Members W O Williams 87170745 llTl707'S Fres 7714171 John McKinnon -I B adcl Gustavus Loevm er O P lVlcElmeel J B Miner W I Norton J G Steenson C R Thompson Max Lowenthal Charles Carlson Norman Houck ' R M' Al nf .. ..L " Jr- 'g J.. ..' .5.. J . . n J . L. 319 Pepparcl Timperley Shippam Hush Carlson Crandall Hamilton Buffmgton Workman Foulke Stork Shaw Diamond Wilson Sigerfoos Pratt National Society of Scalulmarcl ancl Blacle Company Company Company Company egfmental Headquarters at Cornell Un1'vers1'ty Olfl Chapter R077 A- University of Wisconsin University of Minnesota - - Cornell University - Purclue University ' C3 ard nd 8 C ompany B bl h d 905 A Honorary an raterna rgan1zat1on mong the Ca et 0l0 emlzers fn the Faculty Edward Sigerfoos Capt 5th U S Infantry Arthur E. Haynes .Members in the Un1'vers1'ty Chester S. Wilson Lewis S. Diamond Robert W. Foulke Maurice V. Jenness Leroy V. Crandall Robert A. Pratt Warner G. Workman Thomas A. Pepparcl Post Graduates Wilbur D. Shaw J. Russell Smith I909 I9l0 Lawrence W. King Malcolm B. Moyer Allen B. Stork Willis Shippam J. R. Buffington W. D. Timperley Carl L. Hamilton C. Arthur Carlson I9II Howard R. Hush C878 321 . si'.TZ:m.4L7t'::a.':Z"" 'Ie 'arf - x1:xm:1ra1:::c5L:r:'wr:.z:, Jurmc.i:w'an ?H2!ravwnmzmamrlmf 'ancrxsz::emisur:n:m.wrs:ff:4im'1-Due: Salisbury Kinnard Milner F. Bibb Colden Scott Glyer Scott Leavenworth Woodcock Hull E. Bibb Mu P111 Delta fMusical Fraiernily ai the University of Ilffinnesota. Established April I4, 19085 0150 Socius in Facultate Carlyle M. Scott -Socff in Urlve Verna Colclen Scott Agnes Griswold Kinnard Gertrude Hull Anne Louise Woodcock Louise Leavenworth Grace Golden Maurice Salisbury George Meader Socif in Un1'vers1'tate Augustus Milner Eugene Bibb Frank L. Bibb Richard Glyer 322 ffx'!f::-:f:"CtrE':?Ax':f.at5:,: 1"'fl:vtz.!1fLw!c::H:91:z1v1x::w:1:x:a,1yr,x2fLf:f,rf :xv 'A-' ff-1 QMMHZATHQNS Tum umm - maui - Enmmimsosum mmm UF Gminnona OF mmniamn' uruom - SCHOOL WINES 'SUUETY' ' U!1fMl8T5'SOGlET7' - TURESUYY-CLUB - - SUV-GUVUVWUH -AESUUIATPUM ,A ':'-Pg ' , 5 4 ' I: Q 3,7 ,, --'1,.. fl" .E ' -, ' j ji : I KI' rv U 2 JV 1 .141 i . ,F L' sy jfs" , - X I N ,X ci M J f If I Q X K I M, I f , MVN is , 4 'iywmfu J 1 ,E f NW ,. 51,1 H 'v ,m :H 1 s'fffW,H N W f P-5 I ' ' r W ' 7' b MM , X w c'Nx I MIWIMA H M Xxx ' , , 1' 1, NJ 'Q x lfmwfzw + X X 1, ,ll i 41 , X in ' an .hw ' X 1' , ,W X f SQ V 1DONf1 LD J 1.,L.U-'vga 5 3 i E 2 e O 3 7 sg, A l ' x : j. ICQ., , sd f 3 I f I F 'if 1 -A f 4 M at ' uf . ,W f I . 1 14, jf Q' X in . f QQ? ' LW! x fl 9,1 32? .Q Y ! A 'nm , ,Am 4 fM" J A 1' Q -fi f 'l lu N x 'L ' L,XW "F' 'f 'U ' f, 'T ' 5 X fl Q4 . , 1 , f il x ' f Q Q15 V I A W WA g sy tj H nl 1 'Q' 1' My gf' W' X, ' H , - C X 1' f 2 4 1 i 3, , Z, , 7' fl , fl X 'fi xi K 15 4 ff' , , f , , W ' N , ' '21 f , 4,2 w U M V ,1 5' Q4 x v if A f ,Q X H, 4 f A 4 . .U -Z a-v ' 323 .,, , ' mw am aUuamwwmn'9m I Q, Q 2 3 Q 1 : xzv,xL.m.vLm4ssffms1a:::mcwaa:asa4a:fpbe:i,..,..,La ffaaafa.,.-mmanemia-22:efsumwmmasf-.aezeafxezxnwxmmgsgewzawvfrI-wma.zfanavelo i Sullivan Browne Dellinger Clark 1 Sage Hudson Thuet Tallant Dunning Toomey Chapman Turner Waite Th Womans League Founded anuary 19, 1901 em17ers 1 our lzunclrefl C873 ESTHER CHAPMAN, President MARY TOOMEY Treasurer WINIFRED TURNER, Secretary enror Re resentatives Virginia Delllnger Ruth Tallant Frances Dunning Camelia Waite unmr Re resentatfves Marie Brown Mabelle Hudson ulla Thuet Sofkomore Re resentatfves Margaret Clark Edith Sage Katherine Sullivan 1 9 . e 3' I " M 11 gs---f 5 050 X U , 5 ' 19 J ' 15 3 15 Freshmen Rejiresentative EIN!-Yin? 'iii:4if4v!lQ131S2lfim-LA4dl5,iuAl-4-L2ES.1bsLE:5Q:IllLQi.i, fff- M 1HLACJfb4KQ4 2iK2Z7153nYl'f3wypiW:4YJ'135An3vlli3xwfini-ek'?dWEli MRiflU9VHHNlQKCTx57Si'.5.T2?fiM::Q5i'JLHf:A'iY1f5hfBli135Z 324 .Hm!. rPaLu1nwnmuxmemezmstrmnnmvmwwmmwmmarmxamwmawsacnr-csse-:zz.'mszzarsmw:vwfq'+1fe:se'f'1'Siesf.5:1z'vrs1ff: :.w'-0 wx: raw ':r,t:2'rr::1:-'ixmszarqg 2 r Heritage Painter Rankin Stegner Crawford Ueland Rockwood Students' Self-Government Association 030 Officers ELSA UELAND, President EDITH Rocxwooo, Vice President MARY HERITAGE, Secretary HELEN PAINTER, Treasurer HOPE STEGNER, Senior Representative RUTH CRAWFORD, Junior Representative CHARLOTTE RANKIN, Sophomore Representative "f"f""" "' "'k "M A " ,eeefeww-zfrv-Asisnf ,.-vrfmafzv :eieh1fs1urmie2'3.51:T1:1f1A:n- ..,. , , V., F., . . - 325 ri ii li I 1 uma-syamaisxe A johnson Rehnke Coulter Shepardson J k B O i B 1 B 1. en S 00l'6l'l rin J w Cobban rr enness T ay or uc The Minnesota Union 030 The Boarcl of Governors Facuity D1'v1's1'0n A. E. Jenks, President G. D. Shepardson Alumnr' D1'v1's1'on E. B. Johnson, Secretary AcaJem1'c D1'v1's1'on Maurice Jenness Edward Rehnke Ray Orr J. D. BREN, Tre 326 Law D1'v1's1'on Montreville Brown J. I... Brin .Engineering D1'v1's1'on Fred Buck R Cobban H. G. Taylor MecZ1'ca7 D7.'U7.S7.07l Clifton Booren M. R. Coulter Harry W. Speidel asurer ,-.. . ,. ,. c, m..1..-:,.1-saws-R-f,,:.,.s.a.... , A. as , 1, W U ,, 3 I Paul Gaclsby Leach Ellison lVleixner Poore Coblman Williams Shepherd . 9 n The Engmeers SOC1Cty l908--l909 0l0 Offcers W. S. WILLIAMS, President J. T. ELLISON, Vice President l... l-I. CADSBY, Treasurer B. A. MEIXNER, Secretary The M1'nnesota Engfneer Published quarterly by the Engineers Society Editors GEORGE M. SHEPARD, Editor-in-Chief ROLLO COBBAN, Business Manager EDW. W. LEACI-1, Assistant Business Manager FRED W. BUCK, Mechanical FRED T. PAUL, Civil GRSON B. PooRE, Electrical flolvfsory Board Frederick S. Jones John Flatluer Frank l-l. Constant George D. Sheparclson 327 rvwsnWlwmrx 'ml1-MHA? .M 5.565 ..--X -n ngineers ociety W. C. Beck'ord .l C. B. Beery J. B. Bieri Z. Birnberg A. E. Brockway F. W. Buck J. E. Buhl J. A. Childs C. P. Clark R. Cobban C. M. Converse l... B. Curtiss R. M. Davies J. T. Ellison Wm. Elsberg F. F. Esser j. A. Fins F. R. Fleming D. M. Forfar A. B. Fruen l... H. Gadsby F. R. Grant A. Hitzker B. Adams O. P. Anderson O V. Anderson R. H. Ashworth J. Cr. Bazil V. S. Beck O. M. Bolme O. E.. Brownell . ... ,,,,.,,., M6mbCrS 050 nS671.70TS Clayton Harris Chas. Holmgren M. l... Hopkins J. W. Hornibrook Fred Hubbard H. A. Hubbard S. Ingberg Robt. Jaques B. G. Japs H. R. Johnson E.. V. Kaplan L. W. King F. G. Kircher G. A. Kircher O PW W. Knopp . . Kruschke E.. M. Lambert A. C. Lindelef L. F. McKenzie W. Mark J. B. Mitchell A. H. Moe J. E. Morris Juniors T. Buhl J. C. Bush S. l... Chapin F. R. Comb W. E. Conley H. C. Cook P. L. Dahlquist J. W. Dickinson M. B. Moyer F. E. Murrish E.. S. Nelson F. L. Nernec S. R. Okes A. O. Olsen F. T. Paul O. B. Poore J. W. Powles A. R. Robison G. M. Shepard W. D. Shippam S. A. Siverts W. H. Scuba H. M. Starrett M. H. Stillman M. E. Todd E. Torrance L. E.. Turner C. D, Udell B. B. Walling W. S. Williams H. H. Wright l... R. Drinkall R. V. Duffy Geo. DuToit C. F. Ekmann W. Finke I... T. Fleming J. B. Frear C. G. Fredin ' M: 328 "",1:1nxar:'sQ:s:::.x'L,2cava....:a .auezwfxsmazgzsz-nw ..rwr:z,.s.4.u . -f .. f hs.-f W-W . -r we L- - V we - M- Geo. Garen J. R. Graham Earl Grinols H. E.. Hagstrom H. C. Hansen R. Hauser A. H. Jensen S. Jesperson G. W. Jevne L. T. Johnson A. Krauser A. G. Landeen M. S. Larson S. S. Alwin A. R. Anderson -I . W. Barnard l. L. Bishop A. C. Butterworth J. W. Camp A. W. Campbell A. G. Chapman T. H. Curtis C. S. Demarest V. G. Dickey L. A. Emerson A. L. Flygare P. W. Forsberg F. G. Acomb S. L. Avis Neil Bain L. D. Barnard Byron Bradley Wm. E. Brewster J. S. Brodie Hal. Brown E.. S. Byron H. S. Chapin Jay Cornog E.. C. Crane A. S. Crawford E. F. Cummings R. E. Cummings H. A. Daum A. T. Dlnsnlore H. Edwards W. F. Geib R. Herrman H. S. Alden Geo. Fossen F. G. Holliday L. R. Johnson t,.,b..1. ..f..:Mf.a"::as ...lltszfm m?3zzrrra.e:.vSrwa71.:::L"!1:,.t"'.-.1WffiLTvz Jun1'ors- Clontinueal J. I. Layman E. W. Leach R. Mark W. H. Martin . W. McClure A. Meixner A. Mencke Methven F. Meyer L. Motl . F. Moyer Nichols H. Nelson artin Tolstad ZOWJPOOOTUWI -Soplwmores L. Giles L. Guderian Gunderson . Hodnett A. Johnson . A. Judson W. Kasper . G. Klopsteg . P. Lutzi . N. Maney . Markuson K. Miuag I C McCoy Harry Nebil FUWWSPP pooxm Frgsllmen zfmmgzmzgzo A. Olstad . G. Overholt W. Pease . N. Peterson R. Phelps . A. Reid Salisbury A. Schluter E.. Skytte H. Soulek . G. Stahlmann T. M. Swenson W. D. Timperley J. A. Pengilly B. Peterson L. Purves L. Riegel l. H. Russell W. G. Shane Sydney Smith A. C. Walby W. A. Walker . W. Watrous E.. Webb . W. Wilson O Wold N Young OCUCUZPU I ' SUUOOFUOFPUF . E. I ......, . . . . . . . . . foowzwwal- P. -. - . - Q . . J Q Q . , ., .... Zrffrrsor-ow Q ,, . . 'UF'1rf1PJOwr'1'.- . .. ? C F Haglm Wm Heckelsmlller R M Helm C K Hillman C D Hovden Hunt J Kapphahn Knapp Knox Lake Leak Lockwood Loper Mathes W McHale Mertz H Milne Montgomery S Morton A Ogaard 1395071 TLCILISSEDZ R H Kenyon Elmer MacMullan L W McKeehan Dr B l Newkirk H. E Wolff fY.L1ifL4fiE957il -353.1 329 M Orr Chas A Pardee A Patchln N Peterson Rehder K Rickel Ruemmelle S Ryan H Smith C Sorenson W A South Strong Swenson Taylor Thvedt Wade Wales Weston Geo R Zleskl 0110710 H C Sather Webster Stone L A Stover M R Swedberg Pa ul A ohnson 63W'WW1 NfA' wkR?mbEWkf4mnmsRw6 +L'nm2m .Emm! !g :sling 'fy gas: ',.'1g:f.i1:uLlsBtw: M-u1:.':zr!a .:21:441i:-1253. QM' tQ0-9-., iunzutwo. L. -.. ,.,, ew School of MIHCS ociety fl--W 1 ., J. Anderson W. C. Anderson T. S. Abbott E. Bills A. C. Borgeson C37-7 . Burgess . M. Bjorge W. M. Burris J. Crowley W. Cole C. R. Conkey Scott Cirkel C. S. Crouse R. Dickson K. Duncan C. M. d'Autremont V. E.. Ekloft A. W. Fosness E.. Farnam Laurence Gavin N. P. Goodrich L. I-lagstrom C. L. Heath W. E.. Herring B. G. Harmon Sam Hoyt G. L. Harrington R. W. Hawley H. Jacobsen W. F. John Officers H. G. TAYLOR, President N. P. GOODRICI-1, Secretary C. W. WALTERS, Treasurer J. Jenswald T. Kennedy F. Knox L. Kleinschmidt F. M. Leonard J. W. Lewis J. Lea H. R. McAdams J. E. Murray W. S. Milnor E. W. McCullough J. R. Newell A. W. Olson R. W. Prouty Wm. Patterson L. Rood G. G. Stewart O. A. Sundness l-l. F. Schapler R. D. Spicer J. H. Santo W. F. Simon W. M. Teasdale J. R. Tetlie C. Thomas Chas. W. Walters CFP A. Wallinder A. Wehr E.. H. Walker R. Walter .MBMLETS H. Cooke J. V Claypool J. M. Cohen E.. P Baker Chas Beck F. S Bentley D. S Burns E.. Brosius L. l. Case G. D. Coventry J. G. Chesley C. Conkey Geo. M. Drake W. O. Deringer L . Devereaux V. L Fixen J. H. Fabian R. C. Grant F. M. Giltinan E. A. Hewitt J. Hurley C. S. l-leidel F. W. Holler G. B. Hognason J. E. Hayward J. E. Holloran P. E.. Jones A. F. Johnson R. Johnson H. Klossner 330 E. G. Kremer N. S. Kingsley C. L. Larson J. E. Lawton C. H. Lyon lVl. S. Lindholm T. E.. McClintock L. Martin J. R. McKenzie R. G. Moody P. M. Ostrand W. S. Olson J. B. Perry M. F. Quinn H. Rahilly A. J. Strane L. R. Simons M. F. Schultze C. C. Smith A. Swanson H. G. Taylor W. L. Taylor H. M. Turner A. F. Victor H. A. Williams C. lVl. Woodis H. Williams L. R. Whitson H. Yowell A.r:.-.:1,.s.-am f4wz.s.'s:.1:s..' H signals-" 1.m,:'J.':a::L:.J.:z'anz:xuz.n:." u::Lf:ii.......::,...u.'e an ' "' 'f4:'.f.".u.:zn.w.,.W 'wsz.'..' .L 1..ri1a.f....: 52: 2' ,fs 135932 -,f-f 4 Forestry Founded February, 1907 Officers First Semester ARNOLD BENSON, President RAYMOND ORR, Vice President CHARLES LEWIS, Secretary and Treasurer CARL HAMILTON, Sergeant at Arms Second Semester RAYMOND ORR, President CARL HAMILTON, Vice President WALTER MOORE, Secretary and Treasurer ERNEST BUHLER, Sergeant at Arms Members 1909 Raymond Orr Walter Moore 1910 Norman Baker Arnold Benson David Arrivee Frank Beard Clarence Bowen James Brownlie Harvey Blodgett Ernest Buhler William Clymer Grover Conzet James Berry Hugh Campbell Robert Deering Carl Hamilton Charles Lewis Clarence Underwood 191 1 William Collin Donald Williams R. E. Erickson Julius Hoffman Clarence French Adolph Hauge James Gillis Lee Miles Jay Rust Edward Vancura 1912 Harold Donovan Lloyd Johnson Llewellyn Francis Fred Moffat Arthur Hodgman Eliot Orr Max Ireland Robert Wilson George Peak F. N. Youngren 331 Norman Jacobson Herman Krauch Stephen McElmeel Dean Martin William Noble Arthur Oppel Oliver Savre Carl Schwedes John Stevenson Fred Spellerberg , .., ,rf .4-, N 332 yi- Wi X A Y W X Ill ffi N tw? g X may x XLQQ -27,511 Y , ,:, i ff' - ir:- W xl ' N .vsp EZ' V4 V, ,, ff ' 'Li 'if' xg Lu. , V9 1 ff -fi - X ,,,,. ,, ,M f V. v .mags wi X ' NLQV '7' J 'u i S ,, ,, N A "-- 'X V wx, X 1 if f ' 75 ' yy 'T 4 V 012' 1 21.4 will ' 4 Q 3 - s .ff X as 333 '11 Harrison Sinclair Toomey Rockwood Uelancl Saclcett Barclay Browne V Kneubulal Ferguson S1gma Alpha Delta umor omety Founded 1895 030 emlrers 1909 Elsa Uelancl Ruth Harrison Ecllth Rockwood Mary Toomey Catherine Sinclair 9l0 Ina Sackett Clare Ferguson Luvia Barclay Marie Browne Emily Kneubulil M , .- A J ' 5 - , M I 9 mm,mTwmW,.,r.,,, r.,,c,..,,,,,,,,.cg ,, ,i,.c ,,c, . . .n..i,.r, y ,,.. ..,..i ,,i,c.c,, , , ,nn,, ,,n.r - Riheldaffer Jensen Gilbert Briggs Shanley V Sinclair Toomey Waite Bell Kelly Dellinger Acomb Gardner Pope Dunning Beck Hixon Tallant Hudson Pennington Fraiken Moore Chase Hubbard Simpson Overpeclc Conway Chapman Stegner Sigma Tau A Senior .Society 030 Gracluates Hazel Pennington Alice Pope Marion Barber Helen Cummings Margaret Trimble l909 Marie Acomb Clara Beck Grace Bell Mayfred Briggs Esther Chapman Margery Chase Emily Child Miriam Clark Ethelyn Conway Virginia Dellinger Frances Dunning Wanda Fraiken Alice Gardner Grace Gilbert Agnes Hixon Katherine Hubbard Neva Hudson Louise Jensen Frances Kelly Elva Leonard 335 ii Donna Lycan Edna Moore Nell Overpeck Helen Riheldaffer Jessie Simpson Catherine Sinclair Hope Stegner Ruth Tallant Mary Toomey Camelia Waite Yxmmwrwwwnzwywfmnma1wlH9am!!i:amsin'rl:w.w.mwe,ra':eQzwfxatlnzmlmmwmwwmmsvfswf-fwrlwiwmbmvwvww-ivawrvrvw 'rww 'rw-'fri' ,, "1,3'tQ?1f4: ' Overpecl: Waite Toomey Barber Chapman Clark Cutler Browne Ueland Nlclvor T e uill 020 MARION BARBER, l-lead Quill Driver Esther Chapman Marie Browne Miriam Clark Helen Mclvor Mary Toomey Elsa Ueland Nell Overpeclc Camelia Waite May Cutler 4 'a?a:211L5:.m9fr:.u1s,:avww'm urfmmmawsrmwaswmzmvmmlunwrawrzxziwmmE1'a1'I::anL+!.rss.1mft,L.4sv.f: n:'nmlavsr-esrcvpswlaaf-mmalyfrsfzc 4. fl 336 My M.mQ: " ' 1tre Harry acobsen Robert M Gaylord Carl L Hamllton Davld M Berkman J Ray Buffrngton un or oc ety XVIIIIS R Sallsbury Chandler Larkln Frederick S Sedgwlck Paul Barnard Perry Leonard 337 113 6 and Donald F Mitchell Fred W Buck Harold G Cant ames B Beals Arthur D. Spring Sheldon H. Smith Robert M. Gaylord Hamilton Cooke r. George D. Harris J. Verner Claypool I-I. C. Wyman A. Laird Goodman A .Sophomore Oil? 909 I9I0 0C16ty E11 Torrence W W Joyce C E Maloy A W Warren Porteus B. Palmer Perry Leonard Paul . Barnard George Carleton 9 Carl H. Schuster Kenneth D. Hauser Jack S. Sneve David M. Berkman Malcolm E. Grant 338 McMahon Harris McDermott J. Ralph Canterbury Walter Wieland Malcolm E.. Grant Mills McDermott Mlhleisen Grant Wieland Canterbury Waters Styx e 050 George D. Harris John McMahon Vance Skahen Fred Mihleisen Murray Waters 339 . A 'J . Kmtg:xmNN 15 Tatton Cstlund Rehnke Barlow MacMullan Gullickson Wyckog lVIcKeen Bonner Hamilton Huey AEK 340 ames B Beals Norman Nelson Wllllam Norton Harold Cant Fred Buck Raymond Orr Roscoe Anderson Robert Jaques R. A. Pratt Louis Diamond Robert Foulke Sears Thompson T11 lkum K1 b 050 Lawrence King Richard Hoag Howard Starrett Fred Sheffield Raymond Sleeper Maurice enness Ell Torrance ames Vidal Harold G. Taylor Walter Leuthold Earl Maul Harris Wright Vernon Pldgeon Alfred Moe Yale Smile Roland Conkey Lindsey CUYtlSS Fred Mlhlelsen Harry Reid Clarence Hill Harry Carroll Wilfred Freligh Clifton Booren Fred Blanchette 341 V R Fernald Farnam Jacobsen Salisbury Carlton Gaylord Cosgrove McKenzie Peppard Wieland Williams Libby Ray Du Tait Longstaff Lampert Andrews Merrill McGinnis Daniels Vvare Eibb Buflinglon Fleming Spring Freem an Adelpluan cm, OCDO Organized to promote acquaintance among the Fraternity men of the class of l9l0. 342 MR 'S-Q.-N, lan- Aaeipim Dad Andrews Art Barke Bum Barnard Had Barney Frankie Bibb Ray Buflington ack Bush Don Brewster Bill Cammack Hugh Campbell Cleo. Carlton Bill Conley Chance Coon Ward Cosgrove Farry Daniels C-eo. Du Toit Earl Farnam Lengthy Fernalcl C6725 J R BUFFINGTON President PERRY LEONARD Vice President D M ANDREWS Secretary W R CAMMACK Treasurer FARRINGTON DANIELS Sergeant at Arms P R SEABURY Chaplain Members Larry Fleming Con Fredm Ike Freeman Bob Gaylord Ray Gillette Carl Hamilton Rup Hauser ake acobsen Art Kennedy alce Lampert Perry Leonard Chas. Lewis Tish Libby Red Longstaff Dartt Lyford Verne Mather Fritz Merrill Shorty Miller 343 Bill McGinnis John McKenzie Bob Oram Tom Peppard Frank Ray Snux Rickert Bill Salisbury Bob Saxton Paul Seabury Fred Sedgwick Smut Smith Art Spring Ersk Vance Fred Ware Allan Wash Lefty Williams Walt Wieland Don Wesbrook "' 'W "' "" "1 -...X ' t'T1"L?E'?C5.l5i??tT"'T'I'2'55E?-X' "'T ' ' " A ':f ' ' """2!i!!l, b1559656.r- Tau S11on1ca Pa Sanpa A society composed of the Fraternity men in the class of 1911 Organized to promote good-fellowship among its members. DEAN W. 020 Officers J. VERNON CLAYPOOL, President A. F. VICTOR, Vice President JOE B. PERRY, Secretary J. ALLEN SCOTT, JR., Treasurer A. LAIRD GOODMAN, Chaplain MARTIN, NEIL S. KINGSLEY, Sergeants at Arms ' 344 tim.-ff. 'N 3 :rw ,irniisxffrwsr 'w ' - . nangle An inter-fraternity organization in the class OZPO WALDORF C-ANSSLE, President ROBERT BROOKS, Vice President EARLE T. PICKERING, Treasurer KENNETH CANT, Secretary EUGENE BIBB, Sergeant at Arms J. C. WALKER, Chaplain s.MADE'ssmfz1Ms.t'6an"Suf-asian:-miswm' in' ff'-'effmeliw -"rv"-'f-":'1f:"i,7i 2, 1w.smi. .11wEEN5.wm.1mxw: - 345 of l9l2 fi... lfdfL7Ui'Sg3Ymf".J9'lE4xF?maXK iUiFr41K 'S1l'm'wx , "!lQ.3ZBWP7 k'5WIlS3P2Yl'QQ 7 5 . 5 F. Bibb F. M. Totten E.. B. Cosgrove H. R. Taylor A. B. Stork T. H. Uzzell Z. L. Potter Kawa Klub Founded November 14, 1907 030 A fraternal society of upper classmen interested in writing as a pro- fession. John H. Ray Clarence Harter Alfred A. Pickler Guy B. Bland ' 'wNQl H 346 --lv-"9 Press 1 b ce S RAYMOND A SLEEPER President FRED ANDREW I-IARDING Vice President JOSEPH C MCDERMOTT Secretary CONRAD G FREDIN Treasurer Alumni Dana Magoon Easton Algernon Colburn Members Allen B. Stork Ray Bufflngton Carl B. Mouser Edward B. Cosgrove ames B. Beals oseph C. Maland Thomas H. Uzzell Dalton M. Andrews Allan Wash George Snyder Zenas L. Potter Howard Williams Erskine Vance Carl Anderson Arleigh Miller 4 A 347 ,, . ,,,, . ., ,.,,. W, ,,. fr., ,...,..V,,,.,..,. , .t,. N.. Canterbury Gaylord McKenzie Hamilton Wieland Randall Wash Vance jacohsen Longstaff McGinnis Andrews q7ne 1910 Junior Ball Association 030 Officers RALPH S. LONGSTAFF, President DALTON M. ANDREWS, Secretary HARRY JACOBSEN, Vice President WILLIAM H. MCGINNIS, Treasurer Comm1'ttees Arrangements R h t Program Erskine Vance R efres men sl Albert Peppard James W. Vidal Ollfrt gay Ord Arleigh Miller Verne T. Mather ay u ngton Arthur Barke Chauncey Coon Decorations . M ' . usic ?Z3!LerLIi1nEZ1i:land Ralph Canterbury Simon McCanna Frank Blbb . Dam, Lyford George Harris George Gurley Printing Publicity john McKenzie Allan Wash John McMahon Edward B. Cosgrove George Utendorfer Hugh Campbell Correspondence Auditing William Cammack Carl Hamilton Paul Seabury Farrington Daniels Sheldon Smith Norman Nelson . .x..,.-Q, g,,,f12f.Ja.i"fa.Q?:5t.,. .af-1,,, .La 'auf-as .J ' '-W' "v'..:'s1:!,i1zf:.1,:41a4 ,"7w.mL-onefwrurgasis'C--an-mmf-rran-mi-eww H as 4 1 348 Patronesses Malcolm Grant George Carlton Ray Gillette Perry Leonard Arthur Spring Invitations Frank Randall Porteus Palmer Harold Smith - v'-- - www'-vvrwww-1'fr-:run-v.-.mwavifn -:mmm f 1 n...-.1..-aa:-Priswaeva-awk: he Equal Suffrage ssOc1at1On 4 .S6w LyTm- ,mlaamwdaname Local Officers ELSA UELAND, President PROF. CARL SCHLENKER, Vice President PROF. MARY G. PECK, Secretary MARION NICKELI., Treasurer ETHELYN CONWAY, Auditor Nat1'ona7 Offcers PRESIDENT THOMAS of Bryn Mawr, President DEAN BRECKENRIDGE of Chicago, Vice President PROFESSOR MCLEAN of California, Vice President MRS. MAUD WOOD PARK, Vice President DEAN WOODWARD of Wisconsin, Vice President DEAN WOOLLEY of lVlt. Union, Vice President. CAROLINE LEXOW, Secretary DR. MARGARET LONG, Treasurer "Does anyone believe that if the Women had power to make them- selves felt in the administration of affairs we should have 80,000 chil- dren On half time in the schools of New York City? Does anyone believe we should have to boil our water before we drink it? It would make a vast difference in American cities if Women could en- force their will and conscience by the ballot."-Mrs. Florence Kelley. WMH w ' 349 Bookwalter Curral Bufhngton Hag trom Fernalcl Holmes Mclvor Snyder Hlgley Clark Stevens Shonts Bamber Ferguson Strong Wltchre Blbb Roehrlch Nason Dunbar Rood Rexel Vlarle Curlal Carlotta Bamber Frank Brbb oe Bookwalter Ray Buffington Marian Carlmg Esther Chapman Mmam Clark OCDO Paul Dunbar Ida Ferguson Robert Fernalcl Robert Foulke Helen Mclvor Donald Holmes Merle Hlgley Herbert Hagstrom Lella WlfChl6 Honorary Members George Nason Harry Reid Vlctor Roehrlch Lynn Roocl Mary Shouts George Snyder LOUISC Strong Marjorie Stevens MISS Clopath Mrss Steward l Brush and Pencil I r g, a 350 XDEw:..'5i:iw .nzmiwaxvwvzz s ,.44::':1 x 3.-A Q an WR 5? my 'G 'QM Fm wi Q5 1. x Kip' Fin-'s X X Swv qw Sa 353.1 Y Hxffxf hi Ak .aw KE we Swv? M' flush 'N 1-.sq L , v Q91 X J, IW' . ,,,, .,.,. ,,, ,.,.,,, ,... . ..,, 57 35I :ii rw QQ , ,. ,W .J,.,- V, , wen , , 'sz f? 3 'W 1.113-Igggg-7,3437 fm 33336 xr E555 :Sf n 19? l f ifii n 54. r -Q0--Q nn, Ek .. 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' 1. +V -I . - sf W - r a ,. n f lv. 2 ' ZHsaQ2'fv'5?s553?f 6' - ff: Aifwzff L P ' ' ::mK5E'GLf31 ,. 4 l fm TQCI-i .' f1I,- 1 ji' .,.:-.- 7+-.e?-.Lii3fE'ffF1ffi'Cf4fk1:.Y. . ."'.,,A.,l?i!2i,- Ili: ' ' ,. 2' 'fxw-' "'v:2f:f wi" . " 11 .55 335 ' X" Q-eq55-sj.ir1ii?-575551131-5 . " 'N , A Q N :32f:' ' Q kagwz- 1 '-:f G ,G ef : EW-if -"I-i'T'+i??l-'wisp 12712: rx. 'i1:: life? .12 iff: -'-iiifl' 'irbxm-.Amars...,vi1.1gw,w:-1: 10-fL.:m.-.1-.f.'.L.ip1.AJSf1 22-?F51?': 2551 52515 1 . I V I n mmm -.-. . -n ,.n- v.., ..1... -M., n n. -.-.-5: ' " " ' N 352 """"1s Quan- Tlflulanlan olin E Granrud Henry A Erickson Gisle Bothne Frederick W Qardeson A C Peterson Amos Groethe Oscar B Strand Henry T Foshager Arthur O Olson Selmer M ohnson Arthur Bratrud Angell S. I-loiland Anker Torrison Oscar M. Holen Edward Bratrud Lyman Friese, B. A. John A. Siverts John Naeseth, B. A. Facufty .M mt: CVS Carl 0 Rosendahl Alfred Owre Chas E ohnson Hans Dalaker Post Graduates 909 9 O John Martin I9lI l9I2 Hauman Thorsen Alf Teisberg Fred Bakke Phmney O Larson Peter Garberg Samuel S Slverts Erick G. Holden I-lans O. Kjomme Alfred G. Molstad George Stockland Richard Tetlie Richard Vig Oscar Jesness Walter Amber 353 ?fWE 9 eirii A reek Club 'N Li -Ak V -W YY ' M 1 i. V W---,.e, r. '. iLf5 ,, "The Gods have ordained for man, ' that the highest at- - tainment is the ac- , quiring of wisdom." Q. Our Nestor--Prof Jabez Brooks ' Oygicers j ROY ADAMS, President ELSA UELAND, MARTHA KESSEL, Vice Presidents ABBY L. STURTEVANT, ELIZABETH CAREY, Secretaries EDWIN MCKEEN, Treasurer GUY C. MENEFEE, MAX LOWENTHAL, Sergeants at Arms Y WWE? Ml?WflF Y3W: 354 mmf .Lit pamsh l CCTS EMMETT LANE President MARIE HODGSON Vice President JEAN SINCLAIR Secretary HARRY TURNER Treasurer O7l0TtZ7'y .MZMLETS Mr Duflos Mr Tenger Professor Melom Miss Underwood Mem CVS Esther Celin Graduate essie H Horn I 909 George Balcalyar Harry W Dahleen Frank Bibb Ethyl Belle Carlson Elizabeth Ruth Fagundus Howard H. Freeman Donna Bonniwell Evelyn Foster D. Grant Headley osephine Mousley G Raymond Orr l9I0 Eva Hammond Marie Hodgson Millie Johnson Howard Libby I9ll Charles T. Payette Harold B. Ramsey Vera Smith 1912 Nell Overpeck essie Simpson Veda Loomis Sigurd H. Peterson Jean Sinclair Florence Turnquist I-larry M. Turner Beulah Weesner Anne G. Yorke Ray H. Kenyon West A. Rolfe L. Emmett Lane Jennie E. Schow l9I3 Verne S. Cabot Newell E. Storms M. E. Souther Chas. Knox Mark Grady R. H. Van Cleve Louis H. Roddis Ray A. Pease Harold E. Wade 355 P i 356 if Claris-Hun Hcfinifies 357 I'!i311Z'aii?:'5E5ZZ?L3!'.E:Wl . 4' '.:::p,.7sff...?-.'l Ma., '5'.iLEm:inieavx5w2ew-mfaxra Jrmimsfsi 2:-z4.v::1:r:.s::t i:ssQ'.11 . The Place of the in a State niversity 030 "What justifies the existence of the Y. M. C. A. here," is a question which those not acquainted with the association ideals have often asked. This question would be a just one were it not for this one thingg that the purpose of the College Young lVlen's Christian Association is entirely misinterpreted by a great many men in college. The association does not exist for the purpose of banding to- gether in an exclusive touch-me-not style, the spiritual men in the University. The association building is not a place of continuous prayer meetings and the home of long-faced angelic ascetics as some men have said. On the contrary, association ideals are identical with the highest ideals natural to clean wholesome and manly men. To be a help and a personal force in keep- ing men from being subject to the temptations of student life is one of the ideals toward which association men are striving To bring before men in a simple Way the one example the World has ever known of a perfect man and to carry the spirit of that Man wherever we may meet The association has not one ideal that is not the ideal of any clean and soul searching man on the campus It may be a fact that the association is not accomplishing the things that it wishes most to do But will you take it upon yourself to judge and condemn before you have given your whole sympathy and active co operation to bring about the accomplishment of that purpose3 When the Young Men s Christian Association ceases to strive for a state of things here at Minnesota which are clean and pure and manly and when the association ceases to represent esus Christ as an ideal then you will have the right to object and withhold your personality As long as the association can help one man to lead a pure manly life so long is its existence justified .. J . ., . 358 ,.:::.i:. z as.: s.,r:..- ....u...urw,:..nes..o..-,....u.z..,J. . .ren,...,-f:m.,f.A:-.eefs,.m.r. E ,.. sys w-.1.:-mwerwwvai ww. Moore Uzzell Norelius Ford Ramsland Dennis Bruchholz Stone Blakey lVlcKeen Ware Grimes Orr Thomson Sinclair Hillman Tl-re Y . M. C. A. 050 Aa7v1'sory Board Prof. D. F. Swenson, '93, Pres- Prof. Hugh Willis, '03 F. A. Chamberlain, ex-'76 ident Dr. S. Mark White lo, K. Thompson Dr. Chas. P. Sigerfoos, Treasurer Prof. A. E. Jenks Sears Thomson, 'l0 Frederick W. Ware, ll l, Record- F.. B. johnson, '88 Laurence Dennis, 'IO ing Secretary joseph E. Ware john F. Sinclair, '03, Ex-Officio Officers and Cal11'net SEARS THOMSON, 'I0, President TI-IOS. l-l. UZZELL, '09, Vice President LAURENCE DENNIS, '10, Treasurer C. U. MOORE, '10, Alumni Treasurer Ed. lVlcKeen, 'll, Religious Meetings Jas. Ford, 'l0, Bible Study Merton Hillman, ll l, Mission Study Cordon S. Grimes, '09, Educational Work W. A. Norelius, '09, Work for Students FREDERICK W. WARE, 'I I, Record- , ing Secretary JOHN F. SINCLAIR, '06, General Secretary Raymond Orr, '09, Building Rudolph Ramsland. 'l0, Finances Farrington Daniels, 'l0, Socials Henry Bruchholz, 'll, lntercollegian Harwood Stone, '09, Reading Room Roy Blakey, '09, Visitation 359 . Stegner Riheldaffer Gould , Painter Tallant Anderson Sage Crawford Amy Albrecht Si. Amour Crocker Young omen s C r1st1an ssoclatlon OCDO MISS LELLA ALBRECHT General Secretary C673 RUBY ST AMOUR Presrclem KATHARINE CROCKER Vrce Presrdent HELEN AMY Secretary RUTH CRAWFORD Treasurer ommfttees Blble Study Helen Rlheldaffer SOCIHI Ruth Tallant Mlsslon Study Edlth Sage F mance Hope Stegner Devotlonal Helen Pamter Mnsslonary Mar on Gould lntercolleglate Allce Anderson wsory Commnftee A E. Jenks Mrs C C Weber M Wllkln Mrs Cyrus Northrop J B Gllfillan Mlss Laura Robb Snow Woodworth Mlss Edlth Moore Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mlss Ada L Comstock Mrs W A Schaper Mrs l-I T Eddy Mrs E Bell , hu. A ,. ,, A n . . C 6, . f 360 .mums1:r.umw mmwaaimxim:awwnyessnwwn:a:!sm4s: -awry,-LW.:.zQ, Lehnerts McE.lmeel Hayes Young Cassidy Fitzsimmons Murray Hitzker Byrne Collins University Catholic Association Esiablislzed 1900 Olfi ' Board of Dr'rect0rs, '08-'09 A. HITZKER, President J. M. HAYES, Vice President ANNE CASSIDY, Secretary S. P. MCELMEEL, Treasurer F. Murray T. J. Collins Blanche Young Mary Fitzsimmons Prof. Eclw. M. Lehnerts REV. JAMES C. BYRNE, Spiritual Director F ,Q W w12:4hf.m .--'arms ww'.a.fw2s4.r.:L WmW,i3,f.j.f-ff-,g,,,1..f..,f g fifggf y.,,-xgwnl ,...,:, .,,.-...fwfr-+'Ht'mf'1f-ii 361 ft Tiamtimsfidiehirwis wTMiwiaeWwaUWm1a,'wwn' w0 'vN4An5a.r'Wu1:'J' " l Elfstrom Adams Gilbertson Little Oram Daum l-lixon Choslley Johnson Fischer johnson Flemming W l Bates Evenson hlenefee Robinson Kepner Swan f Bishop Gilbert Society Ojgqcers GORDON GRIDAES, President REV. S. S. KILBOURNE, Chaplain BEN I-IUR KEPNER, Vice President FRED G. EVENSON, Treasurer Gordon Crimes Fred A l-'ardmg Frank Adams Arthur P Little A E Elfstrom l'l Arno Daum Vvilbur K Bates Chas S Eron GUY C. MENEFEE, Secretary M Les Graduate A lbert N Culbertson 909 Geo M Geo T Fred l-l Robinson l90 Shepard Tanton Ben l-l Wilfred Kepner P Frellvh 9 Guy C Menefee Victor Bruder l92 lra C Swanman Ray Johnson Geo F Ghostley William I-I Fischer Waldorf L C-annsle William S Flemming ames D Vlfmter UHClHSSSCl D Clinton Edwards Fred G Evenson Emil ohnson l-l C Alden efnr I 1 i Ill l Q 1 . . F... B .AJ 362 ffm!! ' fi X 7 ? f W 3 Wifi? ' E ?A:ye M ff ff ZQME, X f ' 1 , 6 5 , 5 2 , 1 ,,,, . 2, if" iff if Z X f g Q f 7 Smith Dorsey Williams Curley Jesperson Cantwell Bowen Whittier Fiske Nelson Ekman Peppard Wash Brewster Anderson l-lush Dahleen Carlson Bicknell Crandall Mooney Pratt Stork Timperley Foulke Diamond Wilson Sigerfoos Shaw Haas Shippam Burlington Workman University of Minnesota Corps of Cadets Qltl , CAPT. EDWARD SIGERFOOS, Fifth U. S. Infantry, Commandant .Field and Stay? CHESTER S. NVILSON, Cadet Colonel WARNER G. WORKMAN, Cadet Captain and Regimental Adjutant ROBERT NELSON, Cadet Captain and Regimental Quartermaster CHARLES T. l-IAAS, Cadet Captain and Regimental Commissary 364 First Baftallon J. RUSSELL SMITH Cadet Major R BCFFIINGTON Cadet Flrst Lleut nant and Battalion Adjutant L H lVlERRIIL Cadet Second Lleutenant and Battallon uart rmaster 0771 any 0771 any Lewxs S Dxamond Cadet Captam Roberl W Foulke Cadet Captam C Arthur Carl on Cadet Frrt Lreutenant l-l R Bicknell Cadet Fu. l Lleulenanl George P Guflel' Cadet Second Lieutenant Howard Y Wllllam Cad t Second L eu enant Harold Munck Cadet Second L1 utenant om any B Maurice V enness Cadet Captam Howard H Hu la Cadet First Lieutenant E Dor ey Cadet Second Lleutenant om any Robert A Pratt Cadet Captam Allan Wa H Cadet Fir t Lieutenant R D Newllall Cadet Second Lieutenant CCOIIC1 13865311011 WILBUR D SHAW Cadet Mayor THOMAS A PEPPARB Cadet FIYSI Lieutenant and Battallon Adlutant R W WHITTIER Cadet Second Lleutenant and Battalion uartermaster om any Lax rence W King Cadet Captain Porteus B Palmer Cadet First Lleutenant C M je person Cadet Second Lleutenant om any G S Mooney Cadet Captam O V Ander on Cadet Flrt Lieutenant C l-l Nel on Cadet Second Lieutenant om any Wlllls Shlppam Cadet Captam H W Dahleen Cadet F1rstL1eutena"1t C T Elfman Cadet Second Lleutenant Paul olmson Cadet Second Lleutenant om any H Allan B Stork Cadet Captam Cyrus H Fxslce Cadet First Lleutenant om any Leroy V Crandall Cadet Captam Donald R Brewster Cadet Flrt Lleutenant C W Bowen Cadet Second Lleutenant Battery W D Tlmnerley Cadet Captam Commanding Sheldon l-l Sm1tl'1 Cadet First Lieutenant Henry V A Bruclwlxolz Cadet Second Lleuten an Bm! R T Glyer Cadet Flrst Lieutenant and Cluef MUSICIHH W W Norton Cadet Second Lieutenant and W F Cantwell Cadet Second Lleutenant Prmclpal Muslcxan J' ' X V , X . . S . . . . M, ' ' Q e C 16 C 15 "C" C fs " " C 14 "D" . s, ' ' . S., 's ' J. . s , ' . . , ' . . , l ' Q C 15 C 16 "I" C 15 "F" . 0 y ' C ,S "G" f 1 ' ' , I - I . t . . , ' . ', I a C ,Q -f H . , - ' ' E 365 Dodds Lathrop Hoffman Smith Holbrook itvorkman MOOYB Briggs Anderson Hancock Chase Robb Knuteson Blackburn Haw Sigerfoos Lenz Brownell Tlnrd Baffalion School of AgT1.CUlfuTE J. W. l-law, Cadet Major P. A. W. Anderson, Cadet First Lieutenant and Battalion Adjutant C. P. Robb, Cadet First Lieutenant and Bat- talion Quartermaster M. W. Hancock, Cadet Second Lieutenant and Assistant Adjutant Company HKU R. Blackburn, Cadet Captain Hoffman, Cadet First Lieutenant . V. Smith, Cadet Second Lieutenant Company UL" L. Lenz, Cadet Captain . W. Holbrook, Cadet First Lieutenant . G. Lathrop, Cadet Second Lieutenant DUPTQIP mug: Company I iM Y ' M. Brownell, Cadet Captain M. D. Clark, Cadet First Lieutenant E.. F. Moore, Cadet Second Lieutenant Company K iN l l Vin Cbase, Cadet Captain G. Knuteson, Cadet First Lieutenant W, Dodds, Cadet Second Lieutenant Company HO H G. M. Briggs, Cadet Captain George Workman, Cadet First Lieutenant J. W. Dunning, Cadet Second Lieutenant 366 Ek I H lu N l Owen ITIBH Shippam I LIS C S011 BHC C OWC afhal' lVl tt H 1 h B d B ll H Timperley Carlson Rancl G lk y HUSCI' raclc Drill Squacl Founded February, 1906 030 WILLIS SHIPPAM, Captain and Drill Master Members C. H. Nelson W. D. Timperley H. A. Gilkey H. R. Hush E. M. Bill A. W. Howe C. T. Ekman L. D. Barnard E. Johnson Lars Rand C. A. Carlson L. E. Owens Kenneth Hauser E.. S. Mariette 367 P. A. Johnson Bldgu Mffx H58 Mgw OIHPHHY I CTELC qua 0 ege 0 Agr1cu7ture 050 C WINTHROP BOWEN Captam Walter F Beyer Harvey P Bloclgett S Grant Harris Arthur W Hodgman Max A Ireland .MGMLZTS Lee O Mlles Frecl R Moffat C Elllot Magraw Arne Tolaas I-lemrlch Goessler Robert Wllson von Weber Beyer 0 e Miles o a Wilson Harris o man Clymer Weber Bowen Tolaas Ireland C 77 ,L - Wm. R. Clymer jay B. Rust . , Jr. . 555 J ' E5-n .fl-mzamaz'umnmavemmaw:zMmwmmr. mlwEmmwrwmxmwM4wwaMwwm T33 The Musical Federation organized May, 1907 0 0 Euterpean Club C40 membersy Glee Club C26 members, Orchestra C32 members, Mandolin Club KZ5 membersj Band C70 members? Officers WILLIAM W. NORTON, President FRANK BIBB, Vice President HELEN PAINTER, Secretary P. PAUL SMITH, Treasurer GLENN GULLICKSON, Manager Honorary MBMLETS Dr. Cyrus Northrop Dr. Richard Burton Dean F. Downey Frances Potter Dean P. S. Jones Mary G. Peck Dean Frank F. Wesbrook Prof. P. P. Leavenworth Dean Alfred Owre Prof. A. E.. Jenks Dean George B. Prankforter Frederick Klaeber Dean George F. James Bert A. Rose Prof. W. E. Brooks C. M. Scott Dr. George Bauer Prof. Carl Schlenker Prof. Hans Juergensen Purpose: To promote all musical interests in the University and get co-operation of all musical interests: provide Thursday music in chapelg to assist in building up a college of music. Operas presenter! 1906-1907-"Pinafore," directed by Francis Chamberlain. l907-l908-"Doctor of Alcantarof' directed by B. A. Rose. 370 ..1ra...f-icir r:t2:msisis?L..,.A""" :,w,...s.,Af'-' mm .EmuHunwinlnimmihhiiilumnlmlnnmv ZumUsHJnHnnummlmmmnamnummszsmmrwv nuxnmznmsnmammsmawx ur' -u - Dunning Tisdale Crocker Amy Painter Humes Rankin Reely Hutchinson Burlness Sherwin Scott Hanson Lovejoy Rogers Grant Knutson Gould Trimble Sage Hudson White Knappen Smith Heritage Shearer Collier Palmer Leslie Zellar Hallinan Bruhn glue Euterpean C273 KATE HUBBARD President MARY VAILL TISDALE Vree Presrd nt FRANCES DUNNING Secretary ENID HUTCHINSON Treasurer MAYBELLE HUDSON Business Manager Cosgrove Harl 371 fi L, mmesrgs-tim-1' WE' , ivzvmyf. -'ia1LYsi1:aN!eS... 1, 131-f?7iuc Clston Basforcl Wycoff Sende O. Davis Undine Claypool Cole Little Aust A. E. Allen Porter Guderian Cox Whittier Underhill Phelps Watrous C. Davis Bryant Everlof Hunt Swanman Cottinglmam Fish Hubbard Rogers Hensel Goodman E. M. Allen Berkman Leuthold Diamond Norton Pidgeon Chase Qfficers of tlme Mandolin and Glee Club 050 LEWIS S. DIAMOND, President R. M. WHITTIER, Secretary F. FISH, Manager and Treasurer y 372 Glee lub 020 WILLIAM WELLINGTON NORTON, Director ' HERBERT L. OLSTON, Scribe LINDSLEY B. CURTISS, Accompanist F1.TSt Tenors Richard L. Grant, Soloist joseph Granbeck Irving L. Porter Clyde A. Undine F. A. Aust Jonas A. Sende Frank P. Goodman F1'rst Basses Arthur E. Allen, Soloist George R. Little Herbert L. Olston C. M. Basford Stewart F. Bryant C. Arthur Carlson Second Tenors Ralph Canterbury, Soloist Seward R. Winter Russell Underhill Oscar Davis Kenneth N, Hensel Lindsley B. Curtiss SZCOHCI Basses William W. Norton, Soloist J. Verner Claypool Fred G. Acomb Leonard Everlof M. L. Guderian Frank H. Cox Geo. L. Wycoff Un1'vers1'ty Quartette Richard Grant, First Tenor Arthur E. Allen, Baritone J. Ralph Canterbury, Second Tenor William W. Norton, Basso Mandolin Club WALTER M. LEUTHOLD, Leader F7.TSf ManJol1'n Walter Nl. Leuthold Franklin Fish David Berkman K. A. Phelps Clifford Davis Russell Watrous Guitars H. A. Hubbard Sidney Chase Vernon Pidgeon Arthur F. McFarlane Cello Edgar Allen Second .7W4amfo71'ns Lewis Diamond Bertram Rogers Harold Hunt Ira Swanman l. M. Hudson Vic ,ins Ray Whittier Kenneth Hauser V1'o7a George Cottingham, Jr. Flute Loyal N. Cole 'mimi' 373 B A ROSE Dlrector R T GLYER Flrst Lleutenant Chlef Musnclan W W NORTON Second Lleutenant Prlnclpal MUSICIHU GEO COTTINGHAM JR Fxrst Sergeant Drum Major Bass C Tronson Serg S Norman Corp G E. Wolf ,I W Amber E MCCOfmlCk ZIWUDFUO T 'U :PU U, Sow yr-Z..'T'f'D'-'cj 915021 -Q :s--WSL lc 'P cpW'8f'D fp 3 5 fb: -4 Ss UD fl: Omg '27 Som 3 -egg ... I 'Tl WMU 535g UA 550 " On-1 QQ 5 Barnfone W Borst a us A MlkCSh ,l W lVlcKenz1e G S Petterson E Clarmet J D Flor os M Hall Serg flfmefs F P Smlth Serg H Russell E B Croft M S Larson Corp O A Hallett Wm H Hunting Slcl Staclsvold Corp A G Lancleen Wm S Mather C S Chapman Corp H Werner C O Nesse F W Slawson H E C Brunkow C D Slmpson DP M W Wheeler tOIl 156.760 1107165 A W Gutterson C H Petrl Trombones E L Bxlls Serg H G Barley Corp C Bush Vvm A Klng W H Nebel H L Olston os Stratte Carl Thoen R Anderson O Benson H Mllne R West Snare 7'u771S Instruments 0 PCFCUSSIOII Q35 rum Wm P Cottlngham C A Ingerson Corp W W Norton Second Lleut Corp LeRoy Smith 374 5. l C ' 7 0 15 J. . H , . Wj Q . . ' ' ' .Smith M. W lh l l .pfccoioesi Rqylmfjn, Selig L ' Oboe , l , ' J . . , . C7 ' J . . . ' , . . . . , . . , . . . . . ' A. . ' , . . . . . A. . . . , . . . . R. . ' g D f l B .D ' ff we 'I-immwf-1-Litimt-'me :rar-Jaf 'var 2 f 1 ihhs Fruen Nesse Sorenson Riegel Brin Sutcliffe qmith Ainslie Leplant Pease Goldsmith Palmer Ganley Comfort Greenly Phelps Hyser Leavenworth Rice Egan B ugle Corps 050 RAY R. PHELPS, Chief Trumpeter A. F. Ainslie J. D. Brin V. S. Cabot W. G. Clark R. Critchfielcl Rohr. H. Fruen M. H. Greenly Geo. W. Hyser L. N. Leplant S. A. Nesse R. A. Pease L. F. Riegel Niel Sorenson L. Sutcliffe Geo. M. Tibhs R. D. Comfort John Kelly Egan J. F. Ganley G. W. Goldsmith R. O. Leavenworth R. W. Matchen W. Palmer Jerome Rice Chauncey Smith A Lxmnnwmamnmmimu iuxnQxu1mvmsw:tt.Nmms'fa?vMmm2a5!.3n14IHU "EQ-n'1 375 Wie University Orchestra Vic fin s Glenn Gullickson Grace Phillips George Cottingham Fay M. Kent J. I... Thompson Frances Collier Joseph Stratte Anna Hanson lVIary I-lartzell C. B. Bingham Emma Oak Edward Holm Grace Sinclerson P. E. Klopsteg Flutes J. W. McKenzie Jennie Ware 020 B. A. ROSE, Director F. P. SMITH, Manager 376 Clar1net F. P. Smith Cornets J. A. Sende R. G. Smith Trombone W. A. King Horns H. Dane Thos. Ziskin p7aTl0 Elizabeth Williams Frances Lloyd Ceflo E.. M. Allen DTUTUS E.. X. Anderson iz 1 "nw 7, . W? "". - 377 rr. -.-fe., Y ,r --we ramatlc . Bonnie Andrews Carlotta Bamber Marion Barber Luvia Barclay Frank Bibb Mabelle Boyson Henry Bruchholz Miriam Clark Gladys Clendenning Algernon Colburn Edward Cosgrove Hanford Cox Thomas Crocker George Currier Portia Deming James DeVeau Jule Eclclund Mary Fitzsimmons Sol Fligelman Blanche Grand Ma Kathleen Hart Kenneth Hensel Officers FRANK BIBB, President MARY HILL HERITAGE, Secretary CARLOTTA BAMBER, Vice President I-IENRY BRUCHHOLZ, Treasurer HOWARD WILLIAMS, Business Manager GERARD VAN ETTEN, Assistant Business Manager itre .Mem LETS Mary Heritage Ralph Hoffman Dora Holcomb Audrey Homan Neva Hudson Perry Hudson Marjorie Knappen Dagny Knutson Arnold Lien Charlotte- Lilienthal Donna Lycan Dale McEnary John McKinnon ,lean McMillan Alecia Madden Agnes Malloy Augustus Milner Norman Nelson Irene O'Connor Helen Painter Hazel Pennington Zenas Potter 378 Jerome Rice Edgar Rehnke Edith Rockwood Clara Ryan A Arthur Schleher Helen Schroeder Leila Swain Harold Taylor Frank Totton Elsa Ueland Erskine Vance Gerard Van Etten Leota Van Vliet James Vidal Camelia Waite David West Merritt Wheeler Howard Williams Robert Wilson Leila Witchie George WyckoH Enza Zellar ,.... . . .1 W . H..,..,,,,. -V 4, ., .,., Q., .. , .iw-11-... . ., mwnmzwsmm1.w-'mf1:z.f-mv Hg-'lie Good Natured Mani, The Dramatic Club made a record for itself this year in producing a play that was a genuine revival. Not since it brought out Ibsen's "Pillars of Society," several years ago, has it done anything so unusual as the presentation of Goldsmith! "Good Natured Man." The old comedy is a delightful piece, full of racy characterization, drollery, Wit and good-humored satire. The performance of "The Good Natured Man" marked the appearance of Prof. Clure as the club coach, and did him signal honor. The work of the club was full of spirit, freshness, and sincerity. Several members made their debut with marked success. The stage setting and costuming Were beautiful and in the main correct, Those who reaped laurel wreaths on the occasion were Frank Bibb, whose make-up and chronic dismalness were irresistibly funny in the character of Croaker, and Frank Totten, who did one of the most difficult bits of impersonation possible. The ladies of the cast were all charming, with the exception of Garnett, who "did her durndestf' and did it well. Two others calling for special mention are Sol Fligel- man, who made much of .Iarvisg and Hanford Cox, who displayed admirable versatility in differentiating the three minor parts, the butler, the constable, and Dubardieu. The persons of the play Mr. Honeywood Irving Hudson Constable Hanford Cox Croalcer - - - - - Frank Bibb Dubardieu - Hanford Cox Lofty - - Frank Totten Postboy - - - - David West Sir Wm. I-loneywood - Edw. Cosgrove Miss Richland Jean McMillan Leontine - - Tom Crocker Mrs. Croaker Donna Lycan Jarvis - - Sol Fligelman Olivia - Neva Hudson Butler Hanford Cox Garnett - - Clara Ryan Bailiff - Geo. Wyckoff Landlacly - - MARY GRA Mabelle Boyson Y PECK. "As You Like It. ocbo I am glad that the Dramatic Club has fallen into the pleasant custom of ending their year with a production of a Shakespere play. It makes that event one of the Uni- versity's cultural activities and opportunities. The response, let us hope, will, as time goes on, be even more generous than it is at present. The selection last June was especially happy. "As You Like Iti' is of all Shakes- pere's creations that which breathes the very spirit of woodland romance, with youth, humor, love and beauty in a blithe unison of art. The rendition of this charming pas- toral comedy was of great meritg it certainly ranks with the most worthy work the club has done in late years. From this disadvantage-point of time, only the high lights remaing the two players I would first emphasize would be Miss Heritage and Mr. Milner. I feared the formeris Rosalind might not fill the eye as the role required, since the heroine is traditionally a tall, rather, statutesque girl, but it was borrowed trouble, for Miss I-Ieritage's was a Winsome and winning portrayal, having marked sincerity and sympathy, along with a most intelligent grasp of the part, so that the mistake of substituting pertness for archness was quite avoided. Mr. Milner had proved himself before this a sterling actor, and his envisagement of the sententious courtier was a fine piece of work, only needing ripen- ing to meet professional demands. Two more admirable characterizations were the Touchstone of Mr. Simmons, who caught well the peculiar solemn buffoonery of the jester, and the Le Beau of Mr. Bibb, an actor always bringing to his work an airy touch all his own. Mr. Nelson's physique was excellently suited to the Orlando, and he was picturesque and pleasing throughout, failing somewhat in fervor: he should have let himself go more. Miss Barber did a good deal with the thankless secondary part of Celia. I also recall Miss Deming's Audrey with distinct pleasure, it was a capital bit. The cast deserves much praise for ensemble work, in which eulogy lVlr. l-lolt must come in for a generous share. All along were evidences of the most conscientious training. RICHARD BURTON. 380 99 IIKE IT wa., -ww-.-.,-- 1 LES TOUKBULON MAY cvmk maxi mowmi H WO MANS LEAGUE VExVDiVlllE FEB Eb" 1909 .W M.:-,. f..:.. , -11-H fv-' .V-, qw. ., 4 ,. ,, l , . .,,. k, W , W-I A-vV V M,-tnmnwmx A fu WAX P U BLICHTIGDI 'ggi QNanvfMz4Z:Z, - 3 ff Wav sq lkl Wfxr U .,-- ' ' : 7' . f f XX D W we it g VI ev'-Y "'?q, 4 J'R'B CIFFIDGTOD 1 SS:-S. X Q . ns. - off. If 'ln ' x 909 YE 383 Ni'h?biZ'' uezwrivimiddniw . is X. iii lv Q E 5 Ei! 5 3 ,Q 731541299535 Haas Michalson Bailie Leavenworth Totton West Dane Bredvold Leavenworth Cox Lenning Taylor Bruchholz Cosgrove Shannon Collins Cosgrove Wash Overpeck Potter Marden Vance Hudson wie Minnesota Daily 030 Board of puo71'slzers Faculty Dr. William A. Schaper Pro f. Joseph Beach ACdJ6m7,CS Max Lowenthal, President Lewis Diamond, Secretary Raymond Sleeper MeJ1'cs Douglas Vffalker Oscar Davis 384 Engineers Fred Buck Howard Starrett Laws John Brin J. H. L. Kelehan We Minnesota Daily Ofi94c1'a7pa15er of tile Un1'vers1'ty 0130 Published by the Minnesota Daily Association I Staff ZENAS L. POTTER, Managing Editor HAROLD BAKER, Business Manager Assoc1'ate Editors Edward B. Cosgrove Henry Bruchholz Harold Taylor Frank Totton Hanford Cox Harold Dane Allan Wash fResignedj Erskine Vance fResignedJ Ray. Sleeper fResignedJ Society Editor Ethel Cosgrove Marie Browne CResignedD Reporters Men Harold Dovsming Earl Bailie Eugene Bibb Frank Bibb David West R. O. Peteler John McKenzie Richard Leavenworth Chas. Lewis Thomas Myers Lester Rees C. F. Meyer Louis Bredvold fResigne-:lj 355 Department Eolftors Chas. Haas, Law A. S. Michalson, Medic F. E. Murrish, Engineering Alden A. Potter, Agriculture Atlz7et1'c .Editor Yale Smiley CResignedJ Woman Ezfftors Nell Overpeck Neva Hudson Irene Marclen fResignedD Esther Chapman fResignedJ Milo Phillips fResignedj George Foster fResignedJ F. Leavenworth fResignedJ Walter Eder fResignedD Girls Mary Vail Tisdale Lucille Collins Marion Lawrence Viola Lenning Bess Shannon Hope Stegner Pearl Sutton Charlotte Rankin fResignedD Anne Hull fResignedQ Harris Timperley Snyder Johnson Lewis Oppegard Bibb Comb Duncan Gannsle Cosgrove Miller Lyford Browne Lydon Cutler Cioldblum DuToit Peppard Bufiington Strong Williams Fredin Bamber Daniels Vance 77.6 1910 Gopher Board 0 0 HOWARD Y. WILLIAMS, Managing Editor ALLAN J. WASH, Editor-in-Chief CONRAD Ci. FREDIN, Business Manager FARRINGTON DANIELS, Secretary J. RAY BUFFINGTON, Chief Artist Assfstant .Business Managers Dartt H. Lyford Edward B. Cosgrove Ass1'stant Artr'sts Louise A. Strong Cieorge Snyder Carlotta Bamber Frank Bibb Assoc1'ates AcacZem1'c Engineering Law Mary E. Cutler Marie Browne Helen Lydon Erskine Vance Arleigh Miller .7541'n1'ng Kenneth Duncan Jtfeclfcfne C6 yr.l Albert Peppard William D. Timperley Fred R. Comb George Du Toit Mecl1'c1'ne M. O. Oppegard Chemistry W. W. Johnston 386 Earl Gannsle George Harris Dentistry H. S. Cioldblum pharmacy Edward M. Marsh AgT7'Cu7fuT8 Charles L. Lewis -Ienness Potter Beals Stork Uzzell Churchill Sleeper Waite Toomey The Minnesota Magazine A Magaz1'ne of M1'nnesota Literature Published Monthly by the Senior Class of the University of Minnesota Founded by the Class of 1895 020 The Board of Editors THOS. H. UZZELL, Managing Editor MAURICE JENNESS, Business Manager CAMELIA WAITE, Literary Editor A ssoc fa te .Editors Zenas L. Potter Raymond A. Sleeper Allen B. Stork Alta P. Churchill James B. Beals Mary L. Toomey 387 Roelurich Dunbar Allen Putnam McDermott Snyder Nason Mouser Harding Maland M1nne-Hal-Hal MHQHZIHS Founded March, 1908, by Fred A. Harding and joseph O. Maland 030 Editors Arlists Business Siaf Carl B. Mouser Geo. Snyder O. Maland Jos. C. McDermott Geo. Nason L. R. Putnam Fred A. Harding V. I-l. Roehrich ' Ass0c1'ate Stag E. M. Allen Donald Holmes - F. W. Dunbar 388 .,.,,e4.-Sf H is 2:54211 1 ws:g4z1z.z:xgsN:m z,-fuxizv 1ra.zm13: Vvitchie Zellar Carling Dellinger Higley Finkle Witchie Mclvor 77:44 Xwomanqs Number of the Minne-Hal-Hal Magazine Editor-in-Chief Leila A. Witchie 030 Ariist-in-Chief Helen Mclvor Business Manager Hazel M. Witchie Associate Editors Margaret Dellinger Kate Finlcle Enza Zellar Associaie Ariisis Louise Strong Marion Carling Merle Higley 589 J S 6 4 3 E 5 5' w- fs H1 1 M1525 ANU BEE '-mm MW r' sf Wm' , NFQWW MWEMM. 3 1 COME PLAY WKTH ME I J X CARL 1 vw I W I if5 . ... ,efgzipsf-f 1 '. ., - -- 390 LITE A Y 5 0 CIBTIE5 LOUQSE H. 31' HONG.. 391 Giltinan Hutchinson Hubbard Knowlton Johnson Trask Turner Sinclair Fitzsimmons Sinclair Hewitt Pope Trautman Maloy Dorsey Dunning Waite Clark Trimble Machen Pope Chapman Bell Toomey Tisclale Overpeck Browne Acanthus Literary Society Founded 1904 Oil? Oyfeers MARY TOOMEY, President NELL OVERPECK, Vice President MARY VAILL TISDALE, Secretary GRACE BELL, Treasurer ANNA POPE, Sergeant at Arms MARIE JOHNSON, Critic WINIFRED TURNER, Critic 592 l 'rs1m::s'AvawM:'1 sa::-Mt. Wifi zz wi' r ,.,-wwvmmw canthus Margaret Trimble Miriam Clark Esther Chapman Nell Overpeck Mary Toomey Kate Hubbard Marie Browne Polly Fitzsimmons Enid Hutchinson Edith Knowlton Agnes Maloy Cora Dorsey Anna Pope Members Honorary Professor Maria Sanford Graduate Members Alice Pope Seniors Grace Bell Frances Dunning Bess Sinclair Bertha Trask Alden Hewitt Camelia Waite Juniors Eleanor Giltinan Marie Johnson Jane Machen Mary Vaill Tisdale Winifred Turner Olivia Trautman Sophomores Nora Sinclair Alice Trimble 393 Amy Dickenson Swiizer Davis Fligelman Crawford Lydon Paddock Laughlin Ryan Martens Horn Lane White Eckholdt Phillips Pearce Bercham Stegner Kline St. Amour Klimenllagen Mooney Brink 1nerva iterary OC1Cty 0i0 Officers OLIVE KLIMENHAGEN, President IRMA BRINK, Vice President GRACE PHILLIPS, Secretary LAURA PADDOCK, Treasurer VERA LAUGHLIN, Sergeant at Arms 394 M-remix . .,. Q.,werewmawvfmwfzmfri,nvrznzzxzrw'r.,:"1:im?fxQS':.var:ma,z .aa is-sSLw22aa1i.12m,..: ,.,:1:Lsaaaf..2'::::::' ....wm',.csw:.:u ei A ir , ,.,. 5 'S if 5 a if Y r 1 w 5 w E ez E 5 A r E T 2 WMZ5 ,r 1 t ' pt Olive Klimenhagen Hope Stegner Gertrude Kline Ruth Crawford Helen Lydon Laura Paddock Helen Amy Rhoda Dickenson Elsie Switzer Irma Martens , e MIHCTVH .MEMLZTS Post Graduate Jessie Horn Senior Class Ruby St. Amour Helen Mooney Irma Brink Anna French Junior Class Lucy White Pauline Bercham Anna Lane Laura Eckholdt Sophomores Clara Ryan Unclassed Grace Phillips 395 Margaret Davis Frieda Fligelman Vera Laughlin Amy Pearce Nickell Rankin Knight Dayton Pepper Van Vliet Painter Witchie Heritage Julien Crocker Hudson Knappen Starr Child Lycan Leland Hudson Uelancl Churchill Waite Witchie Cosgrove Thalian Literary Society Founded 1900 020 Oyfcers ALTA CHURCHILL, President CAMELIA WAITE, Vice President MARION NICKELL, Secretary MABELLE HUDSON, Treasurer 396 Dean Comstock Professor Potter Rosamond Leland Louise Welch Elsa Ueland Emily Child Helen Painter Marlon Nlckell Ellzabeth Starr Katherine Crocker Leotta Van Vliet Charlotte Rankin Dorothy Pepper "'rf1-,xmu1wvwlzna1?KQ3m'faerJ' Tha 1311 .M em ers Honorary Professor Peck Dr Phelan Graduate Anne Ueland I 909 Donna Lycan I9I0 I9Il Mary Knight 397 Cameha Waite Ethel Cosgrove Alta Churchill Leila Witchie Mary Heritage Mabelle Hudson Dorothy Hudson Hazel Wrtchie Marjorie Knappen Margaret Julien Josephine Dayton it kfxwwiifss- ffl? 4 'vi-'I ' serwraiyemwmmrwwai we J rv raw:-5firm:m:cr,g:az,i. Applebee Jewett Lloyd Chapman Jones Bowen Rosholt Hawes Pitts Haines Chenery . Kneubuhl Clark Anderson Robbins Fagundus Wessberg Barclay Simpson Briggs Rockwood Clark Southworth Leonard Tallan! Riheldaffer Theta Epsilon Literary Society Founded 1900 030 Ofqcers MYRA SOUTHWORTH, President EDITH ROCKWOOD, Vice President HELEN RIHELDAFFER, Secretary MAY WESSBERG, Treasurer srl: 'tems' savzvflxmzzsiife, 'UMw2si4a:'f:'1u7::'a"'fr"':Ym1ws2?rf:s:vrz:'4'r1rmmvw-fizwmi-wffvmenrivwvfwm:-rwzswffwffw:1""1:rPwwfmmmnwwlwwmkfmwawmma-'ai' 398 ,NNN 'MS-1-,QW Theta Eps1lon Ruby Applebee Alice Anderson Luvra Barclay Mercy Bowen Mayfred Briggs Margaret Clark Miriam Clark Isabelle Chenery Gladys Clenclenning Esther Chapman Dorothy Derickson Ruth Fagundus Clare Ferguson Helen Haines Myra Southworth MEMLBTS Mary Wessberg Adella Hawes Anne Hull Helen ewett Elinor ones Emily Kneubuhl Florence LaVayea Elva Leonard Frances Lloyd Eva Pitts Esther Robbins Edith Rockwood Helen Riheldaffer Norma Rosholt Jessie Simpson Ruth Tallant 399 , ,...,.-.. -, r.----. rr' Norclbye Gulliclcson Ronan R. Ramsland B. Hull Young Hustacl Ellis Payette Dorsey Bonner Sletvolcl Ervin Finlcelnburg Duxbury Leach Betluke Collins Simons Laughlin Maland Bulen Krueger H. Hull Harding Alden Carpenter CaStal1aH L1terary SOC1Cty 030 Officers First Semester H. HULL, President l... l... BULEN, Vice President R. RAMSLAND, Secretary K. A. FINKELNBURG, Treasurer J. O. MALAND, Chaplain E. B. LAUGHLIN, Sergeant at Arms Second Semester F. A. l-IARDING, President E. F. CARPENTER, Vice President W. S. ERVIN, Secretary K. A. FINKELNBURG, Treasurer J. E.. DORSEY, Chaplain I-l. HULL, Sergeant at Arms 400 ji zzhl 1 V asta 1an H. C. Alden J. F. Bonner H. H. Brill L. L. Bulen W. Bethke E. F. Carpenter T. Collins J. E.. Dorsey F. L. Dowd L. L. Duxbury L. W. K. G. F. Ellis S. Ervin A. Kinkelnburg Cuullickson A. Harding Members B. J. Hull H. J. Hull B. P. Hustad R. G. Krueger E. W. Leach E. B. Laughlin J. O. Maland F. Murray G. H. Nordbye C. T. Payette R. Ramsland N. T. Ronan L. R. Simons A. O. Sletvold A. D. Young vnvfmszzaniucczean 40l Paddock E.. Anderson Chase Nelson Larson Wilder Eder Pressey Holmer Witte Munck Swanjord Hillman Goodman Turnbull Rodeen Johnson Bauers Qstlund Rehnke Bullard Potter Carlson Norelius Balcom C. A. Anderson Houck McKinnon Forum Llterary SOC1Cty Ofqcers First Semester WINFRED BALCOM, President WM. A. NORELIUS, Vice President LLOYD W. TURNBULL, Secretary-Treasurer EDGAR REI-INKE, Sergeant at Arms Second Semester ROBERT NELSON, President CHARLES RODEEN, Vice President LLOYD W. TURNBULL, Secretary-Treasurer WINFRED BALCOM, Sergeant at Arms De17at1'ng Teams Inter-society Aga1'nst plL1'lomatlL1'an Fred R. Johnson Norman Houck Charles Rodeen Fred R. Johnson G. Eloi Bauers Charles Rodeen Aga1'nst St. Thomas Coffege Aga1'nst St. paul Law 5021007 Henry A. Paddock Charles E. Carlson Ralph S. Parker McKinnon Carl A. Anderson Norman A. Houck .,,.,.. ,,,..,,.. , .,. . , , , ,...,,..,..,e, ,. , . sv. : were-.fe-'Mwefeunwarrsrfsxfzewxexvsrfssutx t.:frv1'.ww:'t'-r.'-f rwwezvrm'1-ww--rr'-rsw':x'www-,warmer'H-'cams 402 d.1.....-..r.', .,.,...,e...4s......-.a. .,. ,.,...,....,,. OI'llII'1 Members fn Facu ty oseph W Beach Carl M Melom David F Swenson ames B Miner Edward M Freeman Olaf Hovda P O Okkelberg Onorary MEMLETS Theodore Chnstianson Algernon Colburn Harold C Deering Zenas I.. Potter Stanley B Houck Charles E Carlson Norman A Houck MIEMLBTS 771 7l1'U6TS1ty 909 Carl Anton Anderson Robert Nelson Wlnfred Balcom Charles E Carlson Norman A Houck John A. Chase Fred R. Johnson Lawrence L. Larson J. Elmer Anderson Merton S. Hillman Adolph F. Holmer Ci. Eloi Bauers John R. Bullard Wm. Cooper Everett E. Eder Geo. H. Gamble, Jr. Wm A Norellus Zenas L Potter Edgar B Rehnke Lloyd W. Turnbull I9I0 l9II I9I2 Harold Munck Ralph S. Parker Charles Rodeen Haddon A. Ostlund Sidney L. Pressey Earl R. Wilder Frank P. Goodman Richard I. Groettum Edwin A. Hobbs John McKinnon O. F. Swanjord Frederick W. Witte 403 Nichols Liehenstein Dennis Nelson Strand Warren Nelson Molstad Kelehan Patterson Spaulding Garberg Comer Wigen Glaser Smith McCrady Wassing Kranz Wheeler Brin Gardner Berry White Law Literary Society G. J. I-I. J. A. J. A. O. L. JAS. Organized in 1888 Oli! Offgcers First Term C. WHEELER, President GLASER, Vice President C. SMITH, Secretary O. WIGEN, Treasurer Second Term L. BRIN, President WIGEN, Vice President E. DENNIS, Secretary PATTERSON, Treasurer 404 '1mms,-mf.'f:.-guaad::anrm?mF1 smmv.fm1f.mum Law L1terary Q 4 H. Berry J. I... Brin G. W. Currier C. E.. Comer L. E. Dennis H. B. Duff G. E. Ganssle P. B. Garberg J. W. Gardner W. Kelehan x J. H. Glaser F. A. Kranz E. A. Leibenstein J. McGovern W. G. McGrady .MZMLZTS C. O. Nelson H. S. Nelson C. L. Nichols Jas. Patterson F. Persinger A. F. Schleher J. C. Smith E. C. Spalding O. B. Strand W. W. Warren 0. M. Wassing G. C. Wheeler J. T. White A. O. Wigen A. G. Molstad smsmaswnsawzaaanmuznaasnzsz.-:m .,-.y:z Lia. 405 awed-:Qian-vhnwm mv.. .vw zesazvsivrmszzrz ve,.,f1-K ti Q1 xp- ni Forsman Gore Buhler Miller Gillis Peck Older Miles Matthews Baker Wilson Bush Bilsborrow Thompson Howard Dvorachelc Bryan Hofmann Aust Corniea -Iosephson Hohle Rice Hagerman Pickett Stewart Evans Taylor Gilbertson Gaumnitz Hillman Adams Uptagraffl Marsden Plnlomatlnan Literary Socnety Founded 1907 020 Officers of F7.TSf Semester F. M. HILLMAN, President WM. G. HAGERMAN, Vice President H. W. GILBERTSON, Treasurer FLORENCE GAUMNITZ, Secretary JOHN A. FORSMAN, Sergeant at Arms 406 Officers of Second Semester J. V. HOFMANN, President I-I. E. DVORACHEK, Vice President F. W. PECK, Treasurer TRESSA A. PICKETT, Secretary W. BRYAN, Sergeant at Arms aww 'zur 'vrwswie1.42"fl..T.4s1s1fP'Be5w65m2'as.T..t7 :india i .':.'x:r:s1.f:5':' 'N ' 'zawscr fy Philomatluan Emma Adams Clara L. Aust G. Baker J. D. Bilsborrow W. Bryan E. O. Buhler H. M. Bush Francis Corniea H. E. Dvorachek Vaughn Evans J. A. Forsman Florence Gaumnitz H. W. Gilbertson James R. Gillis John E. Gore Wm. G. Hagerman F. M. Hillman J. V. Hofmann O. A. Hohle Ro Leola M. Howard Elvira Josephson Gurid Laate Viola Marsden C. A. Matthews Lee O. Miles Ralph Miller F. E. Older Francis W. Peck R. M. Peterson Tressa A. Pickett Richard Poe Mabel E. Regan Maude B. Rice Bessie M. Rowe C. D. Stewart Ruth Taylor M. J. Thompson Leroy Uptagrafft Fulkerson Taylor Valgren Colberg Parker Molenaar Stone Keefe Phinney Ringdahl Green Casey M. Peterson Dahl Carlson Grimes Gutterson Rietz Beddall Fruen Tanikawa Thoreen S. H. Peterson Prigge Lauderdale Lowenthal Gilbertson Slialcopean Literary Society Organized February 15, 1893 0 0 Officers First Semester HENRY W. LAUDERDALE, President RAYMOND J. GREEN, Vice President JOSEPH T. CASEY, Secretary THORWALD I-IANSEN, Treasurer MAX LOWENTI-IAL, Sergeant at Arms Second Semester LAMBERT F. PRIGGE, President SIGURD I-I. PETERSON, Vice President SIGVERT S. DAHL, Secretary THEODORE W. THOMSON, Treasurer HENRY W. LAUDERDALE, Sergeant at Arms 408 Shalcopean H .mar Rall Lee Galloway A. F. Kovarik O. A. Lende Cu. Loevinger Max Lowenthal M. Doherty O. P. Mclilmeel E. B. Pierce B. Robinson C. R. White N. N. Bergheim F. D. Calhoun P. E.. Carlson P. P. Chase A. C. Evans I. A. Churchill E.. C. A. Lundeen B. F. Drake H. A. Erikson L. A. Frye Members A. H. Anderson A. W. Gutterson C. R. Beddal Thorwald Hansen C. A. Carlson J. T. Casey E. Colberg S. S. Dahl A. B. Fruen J. L. Fulkerson A. N. C-ilbertson R. Green Gordon Grimes P. A. Keefe H. W. Lauderdale Max Lowenthal C. V. McCoy E. L. Melin Richard Molenaar R. W. Muir B. W. Palmer A. E. Parker N. V. Valgren E.. W. McKeen 409 S. H. Peterson S. F. Prigge A. E. Rietz N. R. Ringdahl H. W. Schroeder P. M. Stone F. H. Sturtevant Yoshio Tanikawa W. B. Taylor T. W. Thomson R. G. Thoreen Irene Anderberg Carl A. Anderson Herbert I. Anderson J. E. Anderson Walter E. Anderson J. LeRoy Bergluncl Lillian Bennett Augusta Bjeldanes Prof. Gisle Bothne Inga M. Bredeson Louis Breclvold Anna Carlson C Arthur Carlson Esther Carlson Esther Celm Ernest J Colberg Harry W Dahleen Eda Ehrr Marie Elmqurst Scandinavian Society 030 Officers E. COLBERG, President A. O. H. HOLTE., Vice President DIKKA REQUE, Secretary DAGNY KNUTSON, Treasurer CHARLES RODEEN, Sergeant at Arms Edward Engberg Beda Erickson Richard E. Erickson Victor Erickson Otto Flom Albert N. C-ilbertson Prof. E. Granrud Minnie Hanson Nina Haugen Paul Haugen Oscar M Holen Adolf F Holmer A O H Holte Anna N Hoyum Fred R Johnson Henry C Johnson T A Johnson Walfred Johnston Dagny Knutson Albertine Larson E. F. Lee Alma Lia Paul Lovick Marie Lundeen A. C. Matheson George Mecklenburg Jerusine Miller Alvida Morin Harold Munck Robert Nelson Emil N. Nordin O. Oie Peter Okkeberg Margretta C. Olson Myrtle Olsen Marie Oredalen Henry H. Peterson Dikka Reque Helen Lagerquist N. Robert Ringdahl Ruth Ringsred Charles Rodeen Rasmus S. Saby Julia K. Saterlie Lawrence Severson Prof. A. A. Stomberg J. E. Sundberg O. F. Swanjord Gertrude Swanson Prof. David Swenson Ida B. Thompson M. H. Thorson C. A. Thulien Mary Tornstrom Albert L. Vollum Brata Werdruhoff Huldah L. Winsted Albert L. Winterquist . ' xi XM 'Kw.amnG1M'H':'.La1mam:V.f1nQ?SEsZuzs::nr1.mzSea:2zi'1m1um-r'fe,zwrr. ns-nz. 410 QTQ Q KY ' 'N Q 3 riclay, Decemher 11 Western Intercollegiate DeLat1'ng Assoc1'at1'on Potter, Sinclair, Lowenthal Iowa Team Resolved, That American cities should aclopt the commission form of government. McKinnon, Carlson, Houck Illinois Team The Pillshury Prize T. R. Dahl S. H. Peterson - Z. I... Potter - Thomas I-I. Uzzell Lambert Prigge - Walter S. Erwin Clzagiel, March 29, 190.9 Olfl "Americas Mission in World Peace" - - - - "Modern Feudalismi' - "Prohibition, a Political Necessity" - "The New American Gospel" - - - - Ucompetitionn "Back to the People" 412 U' 'UN ff, 101 R15 '4 AN- A 0 W Q1 GSK FIVE Athletics 413 THREE TMHN5 MAQARONI THE POP CORN NAM 415 Football Safford, '05, '06, '08 Schuknecht, '05, '06, '07 Capron, '07 Chestnut, '07 Coughlan, '07, '08 Molstacl, '07 Radermacher, '0 7, '08 Young, '07, '08 Atkinson, '08 Farnam, '08 Hubbard, '08 Johnston, '08 McGovern, '08 Qstrancl, '08 Pettijohn, '08 Plankers, '08 Rosenwalcl, '08 BasLetZ7a77 Deering, '06, '07, '08 Muir, '06, '07, '08 Piclgeon, '07 Anclerson, '08 Critchlielcl, '08 Hansen, '08 Schuknecht, '08 TTQCL Little, '07 Mortenson, '07, '08 Vita, '07 Bush, '08 Harmon, '08 Ostrancl, '08 Smiley, '08 Strane, '08 416 3 Baseiaaff Brown. '06, '07 Caldwell, '06, '07, Capron, '06, '07 Pidgeon, '06 Dretchko, '07, '08 Grangaarcl, '07 Kesting, '07, '08 Larson, '07, '08 Ernst, '08 Lange, '08 Phillips, '08 Rancl, '08 Tenn1's Muir, '08 Potter, '08 GEORGE SCHAIN Vice President W. YALE SMILEY Academic , w 'Q P. M. OSTRAND Engineering . ,.. ,,..,N....?wlulrs4w: .--.-T.-sazvmunuo-sumu,. .,. awww-mzvew Tue Athletic Board of. Control EDWARD COUGHLAN President 417 .en-www imsmmmnnwnemmnwuuswwaarnmrnvsti , EDWARD LEACH Secretary L EON G. SMITH' Medicine T- W. W. HOWES -SW .L-ummuqg. A . NWWTBSNQQ 'E 1 1 I! Q Ji M .gi Jr j. li if E. ! I I 1 i If li fi it 1 i fl, 7 1 1 ung O P- C 2 .,, C .E O '5 C ,. QT! OS LD: ic? .,. 3 45.2 3-2 Q.-.: :fi .II Z U? Je Lvlce .cn 'T". ....., G. CU 10" 5-3 -Dm :E 3- I-S I5 CC 52 Em oo? :IC OQJ Q3 CC Cf O V, .E .Ad E E IU C ,. Fa Y Vx , Aw .gr V arS1ty L1ne p Left End Left Tackle Left Guard Center Rlght Guard Right Tackle Rlghl End PETTIJOHN FARNAM ROSENWALD SAFFCRD OSTRA ND You NG RADERMACHER Left Half Right Half JOHNSTON COUGHLAN HUBBARD October 3 ,VARSITY, 6 LAWRENCE, O Lawrence opened the l908 season, having had two weeks' the start on Minnesota in training. Our team was green, with but four veterans, Captain Safford, Young, Radermacher and Coughlan Mlnnesota s forwards were heavy but the backfield was light and this handlcap told against them The feature was Coughlan s long run from a forward pass resulting ln the only touchdown of the gam 42 , ,. .,, ,.,.. , , ,, , ,. ,, nm!! I. Ve ,VARSlTY, I5 October 10 AMES, IO Minnesota showed a great improvement in a week of training and, al- though outweighed eight pounds to the man, ob- tained three touchdowns against Ames' two. The game was full of spectac- ular plays. Pettijohn ran twenty-seven yards for the first touchdown and McGovern followed with fifty-Hve yards for the second. Plankers went through the line for the last five points rfxmfcztmz12rsw:'s.'in1:au-ai.-:faxrnwnua-.rsazsr-Q-aaf.-.wvvez-:rinse-a:...1-QasQuiz.mmvwmrrageuvuwwwnfn-:r.:e1e4i.hvs+:ns:a:.nusumea'wMmm- new . l r Vi A mwah WWE ..,,,,. -A 2- ra-.4:l:,,:: .ew H, . gw.mrxrsv+msmm wwmwmwas1w fffkx: vwifmfwfzwfm--rfmwvmvnmwnmwsaawanvmm+1zf1 v1s-xwwmmwwwMaw:-M-mmag fxu amwiswgggeai-emmarmfwsswwmmffv-wwsw 5 Octoher 17 ,VARSITY, 0 NEBRASKA, 0 With a nucleus of ten "N" men with V which to begin the I908 season, Neb- raska visited Minne- sota with more than her usual determination to win. The Gopher ma- chine composed of men who had never worked together before as a unit, pushed the ball, time and again under the shadow of the oppo- nents' goal posts only to i lose it and allow the "Cornhuskers" to punt the oval out of danger. 5 H f u c Q. The first half ended with the ball in the cen- ter of the field. Dr. Williams, through a change of line-up in the second half, endeavored to exert new strength, but with no apparent success. The game ended ,with no score on either side. 3 Eiiifms. 23 o nr ar-mszzmafwzresil:-m-aferez 1 amz: w'':5r::iuf'nis:2r.Lf: ,exavmxxzsaav:raaL:16e5i3::ro1':rgEsa2.e:w:wm.1unw :ircaar'.ux:: -t- 'vw 1w.wmmr.wsxwnaeeiWs4w.s1n ifmawmivsmxwwwmwmwnmnwvrerwp-nf -fm-wemmem:wgmmu11m:urfmw:Luf.t:1,1r,tfusasaxmm-mm-1.-et-.v 'VARSITY 0 Qctober 31 CHICAGO 29 Playing their best, but fighting under the handicap of inexperience, the team went down before the Maroons by the heartbreaking score of 29 to 0. Minnesota's line played a strong game and consequently most of the plays were directed at or about the wings, especially after the defense of the great center trio was tested and found impregnable. Time and again the Varsity linemen succeeded in breaking through Chicago's forward passes and as many times Steffens, Iddings or Crowley were thrown for losses. Individually, the Gophers played brilliantly, but their team work told against them. Chicago worked the forward pass at will while Minnesota had little success. McGovern, Plankers and Radermacher played in great form. Wm'-52115Llv-lbiflwmamasvxrivmwwrimra na 11',Hasan-1maawwuwu1-m'Lwe'srsa:1:xLa-Amsawwzmwwawnmumumwsuaamuwawmmm' u'au'm'ssa:L-urfmax,-wsuwuiuh.-1' ' -'- wceamr-sl:11x1nIxvn'e:r-ssA's 423 IWW '. "rw 'L . 1 Q lt? OVCIIIBCI' VARSITY 0 XVISCONSIN 5 Wisconsin furnished us the closest and hardest game of ' the y ar. A great improve- ment was noticeable in the og,-ji' p q Qu A M . 7 ' A work of the players for the Minnesota men played equally as strong a game as was put up by the Badgers and in ground gaining seemed to have it on their opponents. The Gophers got off a number of clever forward passes al- N 7 K Jlii'-ugigufq 4 '42 ' ,,,if1, H though three or four of the elusive plays went wild and serious penalties result- ed. The score was made in the second half by a clever- ly executed forward pass around the left end Lyle ohnston was the bright star of the day at half 424 VARSITY Il ovember 21 CARLISLE 6 The trlumph over Carlisle at the end of the season came as a great For two weeks the team had been drllled climax to the year s work The vlctory was one of the greatest ever won by a Mmnesota team and was western football as thls game marked the only re cent vxctory of a western team over an eastern ag gregatlon on the forward pass and finally they had solved the problem Dr WllllamS had the men worlcmg as nearly perfect as a football machme can be made to work The Gophers had the forward pass clown to a sclence and easrly outplayed the Incllans m hrs H1 department Mm nesota dld no replace a smgle man throughout the entlre game Fifteen thousand rooters frlled the stands incidentally a victory for - - - . . t . V pp ' t 425 6 KV .J va .E lun 2 C G1 0 PN GJ ci 2:3 .E U 542 S 35 az 0 u M2 L1 O 2 M -ls M td I E O U .Ad .2 1 U IL' 15 U 6 5 0 ., C5 Q 427 Prospects for 1909 Prospects for a winning team at Minnesota were never brighter than for the coming season of l909. Probably no university in the west has such a bril- liant outlook to win the "Big Ninel' championship. Only four of the 1908 squad will be lost by graduation, Captain Salford, Hubbard, Plankers and Rosenwald. Of the old guard will be left, McGovern, Johnston, Radermacher, Young, Coughlan, Pettijohn, Farnam, Ostrand and Atkin- son, besides several members of the second eleven, including Powers, Walker, Stewart, Schain, Pick- ering and others. The freshman proteges are to be counted in the running, and each man will make his opponent hustle to hold his berth. With Michigan and Chicago playing on North- rop Field, and with trips to Lincoln and Madison, Minnesota faces the most strenuous schedule since 1903. ' johnny" lVlcCover The l909 Captain 428 BAS " 'li 14' t fi' so F Scores for the Season of 1908 1909 Minnesota Minnesota Niinnesota Minnesota Minnesota Ntinnesota Minnesota Minnesota Minnesota Minnesota Minnesota Minnesota Nfinnesota Olti 429 Ripon Illinois Wisconsin Iliinois - Chicago - Northwestern Nebraska Nebraska Iowa - - Nebraska Nebraska Wisconsin Chicago - Dr. Cooke Kruschke Grimes Mencke .Patterson Leach Grant Rosenwald Anderson Walker Blanchette Hansen Ciltinan B aslcet B all Team 030 Line Forwards Capt. Hansen Anderson Patterson Centers Mencke Walker Guards Rosenwald Grant Blanchette Substitutes Crimes Giltinan Kruschke l - A Q JIRZLL, , -1 ' ,.1. J-- " ' ,4W'?mYmll m mamms,BaavM' H21-K'1'2f'w 'w wmmhurmww-'wszzafazewseexwfffaewurslvwmwmsameazwnwfqmwmmsm ,,,,..5. 'sane-am'-ew -Snasauswstea-mm was 2 ,I , 1 t Slnderson Chase Lawrence Ueland Loberg Erickson Simmons LIME Marion Lawrence - crm slnderson Nellie Loberg Elsa Llelanul - Ruth Erickson Ethel chase - Marjorie Simmons - G Right Forward Left Forward - Center Right Guard Left Guard - Substitute - Substitute lrlss Basket Ball Team Freshmen Champions Cirls' lnlerclass Tournament, February 20 2' 1' l I i I i -f 0 X fy vii... Y .9-fi' - l' If ll 1 f--, V.,-.-. ' I 7 ! I .lgfmln I M If Wie Swimming' Pool OCDO Swimming as an exercise cannot be surpassed, and is a means of strengthen- ing the heart and lungs without strain, and building up a well rounded muscular body. Every individual should know how to swim. Those students of the University required to take regular gymnasium work, who cannot swim must pursue a course of regular instruction, and will be required to swim at least twice the length of the tank before a passing mark will be given them in the work of the department. For recreation the pool will afford great sport, and those who go in for advanced work can find plenty of it in fancy diving and swimming. For competitive purposes, teams will be organized in water polo, and for dashes, and long distance swimming, and diving in interclass and intercollegiate contests. These added facilities for physical training are attracting a larger number of students to the gymnasium for daily exercise which augurs well for the future of athletics at Minnesota. Louis J. Cooiciz, M. D., Director of the Gymnasium. H432 g Vzffi' ' 3 GE W Varsity Hockey 0Cb0 Hockey is an athletic necessity at Minnesota. Coming as it does between football and baseball it gives the only expression for out-door exercise in the sports during the winter months. In eastern colleges hockey takes front rank in undergraduate interest and support. A single institution east of Michigan cannot be named that does not award a letter to the hockey squad, thus placing it on a par with other athletic activities of the 'varsity year. In the amateur association of the Twin Cities, several 'varsity men were stellar lights. A team on the campus would have kept their ability at home. An initial step by Minnesota means the support of Wisconsin and Chicago. It is up to us, will we, or will we not, support hockey? DARTT HENDRICKSON LYFORD, 'l0. 433 77144 1908 Gymnastic Season 050 For the first time since Minnesota has entered the race for gymnastic honors the obstacles to be overcome last year were so great that she could not capture the champion- ship. Her almost complete lack of experienced men and her lack of any "star" on the apparatus, an asset that is almost a necessity to win a championship, combined to force Minnesota to third place in the Western Inter-collegiate Gymnastic Championship Meet held at Madison, Wisconsin, April l2th, IQOS. Minnesota's team was com- prised of Captain Uzzell, Nelson, Rand and Stockland. Uzzell won third place in the all-'round championship and third place in club swingingg Nelson won first place in club swinging, and Rand captured third in tumbling. Nelson also represented Minne- sota in the wrestling championship and held his Wisconsin opponent to a draw in three hotly contested bouts. It is only fair to say for the men who contested in this meet that rarely has a college athletic team begun a season with so little and developed to so great an extent as did the team of l908. It should be mentioned that all the West- ern coaches agreed that Minnesota suffered more than was her share from the inevitable handicaps that a visiting team must accept. What the boys could have done with judges, not locally selected, has often been speculated upon. But all the men worked hard, lad a pleasant trip, learned much for the next year, and they and Dr. Cooke, the coach, deserve great credit for all they accomplished. 434 Foster Dr. l... Cooke Rand Nelson Uzzell Stoclcland 1908 Gym Squad 020 WESTERN INTER-CoL1.EcxATE GYMNASTIC CHAMPIONSHIP MEET Held at Madison, Wis., April lZ, l908. 435 elly Conn YSOI1 La McBean all Tydem HOUCIC 15 z: : Q1 Q eu ,ac ff, E UD LE 3- U 'U s: D D-. 521: :So GJ M U 'E rd 1.. O .: U K5 o U E 5-. He U30 U L: IG s: o DS 4: :1 .-D ..r: E:- rr! U 2 U oss, GQUNT Y First Annual Run. Winner, M. D. Clark. Time, 31 minutes and I7 seconds. Course, 5 miles. Training OCPO Bodily health is assuredly one of the direct results of proper physical training, while these are both conducive, if not even essential to the highest mental development. Any one who has been in the "pink of condition" will testify that then he has had a more wholesome and inspiring outlook on life. I believe that it would be a great step forward, if the University of Minnesota would give credits towards a degree for all attainments above a certain point of excel- lence, and faithfulness in training in the different branches of athletics. For physical excellence can only be attained by a constancy and fidelity in training. The results accruing from a four years' course of training in the highest sense of the term would be more evidently apparent than the individual effects of almost any other course prescribed towards a degree in this university. The mental effect of such a ruling of the faculty as would recognize the time so spent by each student under proper instruction as making that student more of a man, would be far reaching. The moral effect would be far greaterg being lasting and more wholesome, when one has lived a clean, pure, upright life during four years, and knows what are the joys of training. If conscientious training would count toward a degree, then the physical standard of the students would soon rise much higher, and the average student would have as perfect a development as the exceptional athlete has at present, under a system that makes it difficult for the average student to take advantage of training. Dick GRANT. 437 n T it Z' l X 'Q X fl, y - Ii . We-M I 1 ' Z 7 G K Yale Smiley Captain V909 Team ' 1 I A in 9. fx r Z .align We Indoor Track 050 The installation of a cork-covered elevated running track in the Armory marks a great improvement in the equipment of the University Gymnasium. The I6-lap track, with its dished banks at the turns will serve a two- fold purpose. First, from the athletic standpoint: The coach, teaching large numbers of students to run day by day, will select special squads for the various distances and train them for intercollegiate competition, thereby overcom- ing the advantage other conference universities have had over Minnesota for years, in having been long ago equipped with facilities for indoor training. Second, from a hygienic standpoint: Benefiting a large number of students who exercise primarily for healthls sake, and who just lope along the track and develop "wind," These latter will get as much or more benefit from the standpoint of health than the candidates for the track team. LOUIS J. COOKE, M. D., Director of the Gymnasium. 438 i I g. fsgaags D Z .wwazewwx,4e-,--- . were-N sem S-.asf :fe-mm 5 i mmm nv :Vw-q-fsffva-ves+Js:sffx Hull Oslrand Gadsby Ciltinan Harmon Bush Capt. Mormon swam Smiley osmgfen Holler Wesbmok Track Calendar 0 0 May 9 - - - All-University Meet May I6 - Iowa at Northrop Field Nlay 22 Freshman-Sophomore Meet May 23 - - Interscholastic Nleet May 29 ---- Nebraska at Lincoln June 6 - Western Conference Meet at Chicago 439 V 'fri -Y f f - W . V.,,f- W K, , 15 m 440 M 1 ..'- N-A25 f? ir. I 4.3116 I 1. X, Q QQ Q' Stone Deering Muir Potter 44l All-University Spring Tournament Adams-Maloy, 6-3, 6-2 Storms-Crosby, 6-4, 6-3 Adams-Storms, 6-4, 6-3, 6-2 Adams-Storms vs. Mullin-Wester mann, 6-2, 6-4, 6-3 030 All-University Fall Tournament Adams-Potter, 6-3, 6-0, 4-6, 7-5 Pidgeon-Stone, 6-4, 7-5, 6-4 Adams-Piclgeon, 7-5, 6-3, 6-2 Muir-Potter vs. Adams-Washburn 9-7, 7-5, II-9 r 'im wr? Wluryh ill f it Z 7 Ill ,ji W We TCHID. 0 030 HELON E. LEACH, Manager WALTER WILMOT, Coach Line Rand, Catcher Kesting, Second Base Dretchlio Phillips Lange Boyle CCapt.D Caldwell Pitchers Third Base Ernst' SHOHSIOP Larson Walker Cahaley Borrowman, First Base Outfielders Scores for 1908 Alumni - - - I0 Varsity - - - I4 Winnipeg - - 8 Varsity East High School l Varsity - - - I3 Ames - - - 4 Varsity Central High School l Varsity - - S Iowa - - - I Varsity Concordia - - l Varsity - - - 2 Luther College - l Varsity Illinois - l Varsity - - - 2 Wisconsin - 3 Varsity St. Olaf - - 0 Varsity - - - 5 Chicago - - 0 Varsity Macalester - l Varsity - - - 3 St. Viateurs - IO Varsity North Dakota - 0 Varsity - - - 3 Illinois - - - I6 Varsity Iowa ---- 2 Varsity - - - 3 Luther College - 0 Varsity Iowa - - - 4 Varsity - - - 6 Fargo College - 0 Varsity Macalester - 0 Varsity - - - 6 St. Thomas College l Varsity Nebraska - - 0 Varsity - - - 9 Wisconsin - - 0 Varsity 442 g innesota s rew ,f I X 4 OOO fri f i'1l 1 1 1 , ,fy ,Q L- 1 '4,Sxs ' F ,V .. I X244 x af., '-j . f f f ,ff f f M' ' X X Can Minnesota have a crew? This question is being discussed by many of Min- nesota's alumni and such of her students as have realized the importance of the move- ment and who can foresee the benefits which she will derive from the installation of row- ing as a recognized sport. Few colleges in the United States have as many natural advantages for support- ing a crew as are localized at the University of Minnesota. The campus follows the banks of the historic Mississippi, and starting a half mile below is an ideal two-mile course. Throughout the distance the river is wide enough for three shells to row abreast comfortably, this conditicn prevailing for a little more than a mile and a half on a straightaway, and after rounding a gradual bend the remainder lies straight ahead. The current at this point is not swift enough to prove any hindranceg the completion of a large concrete dam just below having lowered its speed so that it can be readily overcome. At almost any point along the course a suitable location can be found for a boat house in which to keep the boats and install the training quarters, while the high banks which beautify the river's shores along the entire course form natural galleries from which an audience of an almost unlimited number can obtain a satisfactory view of a race from start to finish. Whatever expenditures deemed necessary for the maintenance of the crew will be a complete loss, as there is no way to charge admission to the races, thus eliminating the only return for the money expended. But what of that? Other colleges support a crew where the conditions are no more favorable than they are at Minnesota, so why can't we? The initial expenses would reach a high figure, because building a boat house, purchasing boats and equipment and obtaining a competent coach would entail a quite large expense, but after that it would not prove so excessive that it could not be easily met if the state of athletic finances continue as favorable as in the past. At the present time there is a comfortable surplus lying idle in the coffers of the Athletic Association. Why could not a portion of it be used for supporting so beneficial a sport as rowing? Now the question, can Minnesota have a crew? What is there to stand in the way? There is a natural race course within easy reach of the campus and there is sufficient money lying idle in the hands of the Athletic Association to meet all ex- penses. The only other question would be that of material for a crew and out of an enrollment of thirty-five hundred men, enough Varsity material should easily be found to turn out a promising crew. GEORGE KINGSLEY FOSTER, EX '09. 443 vi fa- mga-2-W fr --:sum i:we.nfq:.uux:g.g.f.z:c:vzvsf:.-aa::svx-.f aznxfzya-.ez -L-ai-gusraxze-1z.xsmiz 2-aus' 3 I I. 'C ,, an ram..-naar: sf- 's OH THE DECOR ATSONB WERE THEGHOST ARLUGH ETHEL FOOLS Hii -4214 Q E3 5 2 1: 'R 2 E fi 4' 1. rsnm :wmv wmfsmz sr-puhmezwr 'naw-rm. -ra: .mmm U 0014 SIX NTS fl W 6 sa -, 726 Bee HiV6 - if Qi A x 445 s I 1 E 446 Aw FV55iR THE LAST PLEDGE, POLLX Arm we SHALL XY V5 +K'i' i lV A BE THERE OURSELVESU A-A-A-7x-AlA-AH 2 ll I I THE rvjjfm mania QGNSTANCF. EARLY THC BCC HI C f Wu lllnp. .ith ww. Q-9 6 Sf? K In N'-, WWW' VUAVANQ Q' Z 'FAQ-Z 1-""""' """""' Vinum-ww "rm'i""' ,Sm Q14 -.M ,., ,W-vm,,,,,, lllllllmx S ,QNFX , I 1 . 4 VW 5? fy, Inu--sa -W-MW'-' DIQOQNNY X 4 fl k 4 2 Q. '0 4 V K I , . o-Sigue M, aQLyR'qR, "4g8 1- MJ, "" 1-if giiifag -Y 5- AHL 72,555 J-R-Bvrnnsrorhagffd -3-f ' W so K, W9 -5 Yi -f W Y -ad IZ M. Q-A'-..-EL' Vid ,.:S 4? cb Q-:E an K fb 650 ao. A Q9 59 i7'1: ,gp . me -Q, A E M A '-FE' gpg? ..-4 ':?'9l:,4f' 'X' Q67 ,N sw Q' 447 , TA LE 1,31 I QF CEQNTENTS . AJ Nathim in it I 15 N11 1 ml N Hqaon Y w?,4'N D z . Z pr U2z-z-'z-z- Bee Hive Song Oifl Buzz, buzz busy Mr. Bee p N, But you can't come buzzing me, J Cause, cause I can plainly see 'G You,re just a bum old bumble bee ,,'! You can o, 0 find another beau 1. ,,., g g 'XT 5 Don't come buzzing 'round my door K You can buzz, buzz, buzz, ,Ir 1 f H But you can't buzz me v ,f rm. Because I've been stung before. , .,""f Jfgv 1 hi. XxT 9 Z K . 5 H V341 Buzz Cine--Drone Doings Buzz Two--In tbe Hive The Sting Fasluon Notes 449 . ,f f. - We Q ' " 5? A ii iff 4 5 f el A 3 Qi ,ff M " X qmfM,44 , it is f i Q -X p. Qs : if -I' - 'f o .92 -2" Q f x Q Xl Q it y W XJ in - v - is i A i -A W if af cava, Lyn, g iQ1,g5fqn,,fgislf- V-'iX9s:.gE:w,Qf,g-f':QL Man? sz:-'-S' fyxiii MINNEAPOLIS OUT-OF-TOWN ST. PAUL 15 O NE-'t Drone Doings X , I -Ft 'HW f Wie College Crush The college girl has lots to do She studies hard and makes friends too. The whole day long sheis on a tear She's always wondering what to wear Or else "Oh girls I've such a case I never saw a nobler face! Now hasn't he dark dreaming eyes And splendid taste in choosing ties!" Then soon she wears a "Frat,' pin small He takes her to the Junior Ball A month-the case is of the past For S'College Crushesn never last! Hpoor Peg' Parmu CA Pi Phi, we ihinlfD A young lady unlike Aphrodite To a party went dressed in a nighty. It was covered with snow Which to melt was not slow, And she fled to the door Highty Tighty. 450 . ' X fX N .-av N- K r Z, A -:ix X If f f A N i f-2 1 5 554 N, 2 limi "1 xx X X K t NUM XX 75- YD X Xi KR ff fs X ol 'Ei' ffl ' Xi G64 'kvsul Social Item After much research we are led to believe that Eunice Smith's an- cestors came over in the Wallhower. DEKIQ-ALPHA DELI GAVIE WEATHKRZLOT OF IT CONDITION OI: FIELDZEXCELLENT FOR SXJIVIVIIIIG I ., 'W' -1 x "W1nlll1unvf8 N ""'l II"'IIiIIIIIm':"A AEI IW .Iflu W IQ A-Aw 1 I a A If f In I ww ff I Ill' N , W0 1 I ' A I' I IIIS - n V I .fl L "I - XM M ' BEFORE TI'II:. GAME GJ I --'AND AFTER U ., D1Ac,RAM OF GAME. ff' 'N GRAM mm' HALF 3132? fflf.Q.f 11111 ' - SECOND HALF W ' 1211-f an if fx MI, Y IIN EJ ,Im - -cumin 9 W ,U A new ro um fi ' s N T3 mc: air I 7 7 I' n Q runes plans K , ff 'J 2 I I iff , 2 as , I N ' E Q- ,M I D X f 1 I , 5 y dy ' 5noaszazsxosswfssosssaaswsssazszonsws i X V , -3 ' X ' x I h I om sum A E I ' In me Mun 4 In M rn: nan. 3 3 I XX f A 5 'W' . , I 0109 'Q S J , I fb , 5' 5 - 2 j A DROP KKK ----- -'-- .. ..,, .. THE REFEREF. TAKE5 THE BALL S N- ,I G x X I f - II A Ai WI , I f 1 if -2. v ,j K l u x Wag! Q Q f , 9 A qc ,L ff' 1 , 1' Q !o R J At.. 4 mr mm , f-L a , , , THE SU TAKP. k AR0UND END 0' WWI I A TACKLE yd 451 Social Path nn :anna-igii!.....a.....,..3:5q1?aa i raaaiaiiaaaazmaaiim i ' V I V TdllPl'lW i J fi I, 'V f v 1 X' nie 2 X ' 5 W Hi X! I ki X5 ! xv ,W Z 7 f f ln' f fl f ff Q f L' 17 L 4 J K 77 .,gf!,,,f144fW7!61l'f 7 3 gr 5, fe jf f p f 7 f X f' 'Su 1 ,Mfr X 'a ff ff lllllfmuwllmisxiimlinmyi , V -9 Q ' - 75? cgi? The Gopher Board at Work Interurban Romance A maid-not tallg a hat-not small, A car-three gates to enter. Three narrow waysg a puzzled gazeg A hasty dash for center. Stuck fast-the hatg wrong gate at thatg A college man-a stranger, A rescue bold, the storyis told, In triple gates there's danger. "Oh How Sweetlii Ethel I-lanlce says, "Sawyer sings KCud- elle Up Beside Me Dearie' touchinglyf, Bill Cammack appears to have reached the summit, while Kenneth is on the de- "Klein. H Platonic Friends A maiden coyg a big bold boyg A friendship quite platonic, A little walkg a cozy tallcg And Cupid, God ironic. The maid, quite gameg the man the same, For then he up and kissed her. The maid was fair, what harm is there For one to kiss a sister? Notes Found in the Post Office "I couldn't possibly accept anything of such value as a gift. You will find that this will be quite useful as a scarf pin. H. Stearns. fThe answer she gotj Do you mean you clon,t know me well enough to accept jewelry from me? l-l. Cox. Donit forget this afternoon. I will be over at your house a little after 4 a. m. Bob. B. Why do they call me a Gibson Girl And why am I in a social whirl? "Oh, Gee, I'm easy."-Vera Smith. Why do they call me the Gibson Man And why am I in the social van? "Buzz Wagon.',-Jake Lampert. .IV f '1 We . ,ai , , f p MQW ff' ' xi L Love me little, Love me long. 4, wen.:- A as:-4--emma , his an "W 1 '.f',,,,,guH X' ,A JUN flue nt 'vxs gjlgiinniug E mm amiga nm-in 1 .mf ,aesg"i',,?se , W il0"XUlfr514'QJQ1M Mm ff -p 22 vm-mamma Aw- if 2 """ 0 WQQXKTW H MMI .,...4,,,i' , 'v Wwe mqEi'WBJA, wFii3riYF fj..fliwVVA c 4:55 A il 1.9 14 34329 3 W, Vw. ,, he my pm Q dladnm va vii? Mm ig. M main gf' AAVVA A V 'W Wwlw'QiF?f13g.2i51i'f'm??': V WE fl W? W-A Vg.. Aff: A ff 1W'A-W' . V . VVVVVAA Vim... hmmmww an 6:53 . 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S 'Ragga' 'ire JY Emil G! 5 'Vm.'f.g5?s.1gg,g5. 11of"f,':f f be mann? ,hom Eber- Rf' 33 b""l va1""'vo W cum" 'ik D D .1 nu.-1 'Rug Q ng: Inq ,bv auf n :new he 3 liege Willa ite D than 11' I eq, or v Sen and freaou vu muffler Qchrw Inna? o t Pu-Q Kan, 12 QWWQE An-.,3 gag, N J 4 'Mi ,,.,..,.V AQ V W' 43' 4' Wm x F gb 5, QM, I 1 x ' 'M me E Nw f nkt q, X gk c 25, 45913-uf gvgi-g3b"D' 145. -sb Q3 is H is EP M nah, Q A .5 1 6"'-'vb-:pq mb .Q a f 15:69 3 SA 1 69 il-xl Uv 75 'elm QQ U I D 'Whig IW ai Wf wmftfn A " L n 'i'.S""i' fx Af MV-A M Vw .mM,,,V.... A AAAAVA-AAA www? 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V. ..V. . ' . A V. .,V 2.1: L. 'Ag URM 'SA' 'V ' ' "' " ' - 453 We SGIIIOI' and fZ'if.f l is tri ... , if 'f I X J Vsf Or give to me again the maid With whom a game I lightly played All through one glorious month of lVlay, Until at last one fatal day She turned, my college widow fair, Told me she never dreamed I'd dare, Looked scornfully within my eyes, Gave me a horrible surprise. She taught me much I did not know When I was a Sophomore two years ago. . Tektff-' -' "A K 'fifjfl XX- IL t I, 5 e 1 W ' X ' 5.1- Xayv Oh, river bank, once more I find A maiden in my soul enshrinedg Oh, tell me will a year erase From my remembrance her dear face? Shall I ask her now to share my fate, Or do you think I'd better wait Until I learn if after awhile, When another spring rolls round if I'll On another girl my heart bestow Whom I had not met a year ago? the River Bank Oh, river bank, 'twas long ago! Kind memory turn back and show The twisting lane again to me, Bring me the girl I used to see As I came strolling down the path, Those days when I had cut my math To spend my time in idleness, And wish I might her hand caress To ease my heart,s great overflow, When I was a Freshman three years ago , , ffff,', N. f' A1155 1 1 A ' fm lf' 1 1 I LVVI' Or let me once more wander here Vtfith the Junior girl I knew last year, Vtfho talked to me of things sublime And of the heights to which we'd climb And said she hoped I'd carve my name So that its letters would mean fame. A sweeter girl I've never met, Nor a more earnest suffragette. Perhaps that's why I loved her so When I was a Junior a year ago. A ' 6'3" .4 ' . '.'gilu, ' vu Z .- 'H' W, 7 V -,I aw! 'Z srl vw 454 v After the Game The football game was over, And around the parlor grate, A maiden and a clark haired youth Were lingering rather late. They talked of punts and drop kicks, But they found that rather tame, Till Cupid butted in the game. Quickly he lined the couple up, And made them toe the scratch: He charged upon the left guard, And he tackled left and right, And the way they held that chair for downs Was simply out of sight. The youth was growing nervous ln the right of new found bliss, And he kind of thought the scrimmage Ought to end up in a kiss. So he aimed in osculation, But it ended in a fumble And glanced off in the air. Then he tried to place another, For the game was nearly tied, But he met with interference. And his rush was turned aside, And as he landed on her ear He heard the maiden say, "Youre penalized for holding, jim, Likewise for offside play." Then he tried to place another, And this time he succeeded fine, For he scored an easy touchdown, On the crimson two-yard line, And as they lingered o'er the play, Communing soul to soul, The parlor door flew open, And the old man kicked the goal. Uust an amateur affair, -Unsigned 'pr 7 N f'X w Vw Ng ,N-fc, tr noe efon 31? "f,:,tww1 V ,,4AnvIf,'Qot"MN A 5.5926 f"M'f,N,wuE zL'1'5:tftiaw"7 D i glam T R5 l0Z3 1893, 1162, W 2036 5 5 3 we ,wid pfilta N M 'is ELL0. ,Yeo H ni- yb ovi Fouft' H COME N I PR 5 -ff" S fm' F0 1H"'A A 5904 eaogwe JRCQQIORL cfgkepill Luv1gAmLAY 'RED Hmplltk 1031 t 1163 1961 gm 32.5 1167 PEN om 'nf CME U,,vki'790F1i2eo ugh Y OAHU ,IQ Q, ml' s. 313.00 ft 10 WM-YQNQ. viii! NE rl gal' ANNE LA Donn dm nhaalwcaesfd rg. J B86 17 3 5 f 104v'5..t 1341 50 Aung LW M' M " Q., .:f.r:fI- f ,ff ' HANK? Herliwuw fav "'E':riewsfLf" "fi:1' ,,:i:::"w HQUDUO' V p We .- ovogmusav M,sxi'l-L 455 Un to Camden! Qsupposed io have been written I yr fn , 1 7, 2 K 'LB '3. 4 Q IV L ' X IH! 3 T ?WSf'i.TZfvQzXII 6 I r-MWA ,fa " -Q h 1 flat If by Ray-mond Orr., Willst go with me Lucretia, For a long and dusty stroll, Far away from all things pleasant, And the good old campus knoll? l would take you out to Camden, To some wild unearthly spot, Where every man's a rough neck, Save me, I think I'm not. I had the self same motive When I took you to the farm, To compare Phi Psis with Reubens, It really does no harm, To give you some faint ideas, By comparisons like these Where we stack up socially, That Phi Psi's the whole cheese. What fun it is as on we plod Through wagon loads of dust, No thought have we of turning back, I gf It's Camden Place or Bust! Iii' It matters not how hot the sun, it 'QL ' fnlwz 1 . f Ufi " ' u ., W1 ' V9 guy' I V' f wwf: ., "f E E iX'a ' I I I Pfnl 0- 5 ,', .Jn I , I 3 Ax Before -, ?1., 1 ' IV - g.. . h Zj7 7 I' .X I f ef' - Nor if we scorch and fry, X X r .Z Nor yet how oft you pray to heaven 1, f That you might only die. 'L Anon, anon we hurry on ' 1 A' ', Across plowed fields and stubble 1 'III II II L Our pleasure is so very great, IIm,!iLWH:'klQi.l,' That we quite disregard our trouble. N . 'I 'itll at Ill I I And after I have ranted, l- ' N About everything I know, I Q it II I X We'll turn our backs on Camden And back to home we'll go. Methinks you seem to totter, Lee! Are you about to swoon? if Cheer up, it's only three miles more We'll get there pretty soon. "'i' V I 'b floaterb We're home at last! Let heaven be praised! Z "Goodbye," I faintly squeak 1' . "You ought to be all rested up M In just about a week." fExit Ray, his heart throbbing with the ' soul filling thought, that he has made a large iiiii sized hit with the Bailey person, and perhaps , ' I' I' he was correctj and after eu-Ndq-Y 456 4.45 MN l 'en to i 3 'U 'G VY" K I 0 U it r M . , N l V .,, , R Wd- N -si X 4 f Qgydczv' BUZZ TWO-"In the Hive" If 'twere not for Chemistry Oh, how happy we'd all be Free from note books fdreadful doom Far we'd scatter from this room Ions, acids, all forgotten. Even all those smells so rotten Thursdays ne'er again would find All bound to this horrid grind, Of note books, quizzes, lectures, too. We would all seek pastures new Never more while we're alive Tuesdays, Thursdays-2 to 5. -Lillian Cohen. N l 457 .Gwvx-Y A-.- . ,.... ww W T 1 . - '-C . r is-31.:' - . H 'W'-2 ' A F .,n"' ' h ' : wi fa T-'LJSSINQ F'Am.on ,J ' ' - W . ,yi UQ nmuuu:-un un ffi' ' C C W 'L W, fwsekfsf-fu. Q STUDVROOH .. 4 ' I 'sv 5 Q V ILLSTAY wmv W 624 A N V . ya? 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Q ,'W A' The cook islncarly crazyri if t A Wyre! mamma. says 'tis dreadful. ,,A - K ,Tsheway we all annoys s Thesmonfis-softIyfa.lIix1g, if ' ' The hill is dressed in white, 4, The sleds are in the sibodshed, ' Tiff All painted nice and g , And even i th 'ack 'rss .ssy'l0If,'l'i1"'li Jas p ii wg if xii A clearing off the snowdrlfts, - t . riotaonewili shirk. . V fiom kitchen, clean and brtgiztfi .R The nicest smell comes forth Of all the foes! things in the w f, ' the south yandnorthT r .Assyrian ' wthetfble. ...-. it 'Wyseeitusy 3- e i array papa sittihgit thqsbzadgg i . 'f'4.?ll'h' ????1'!s?4e, . ,Q f l We db ill! ' wmv . sirssaxsvawsmgs, at r Ihvfea tilhil 'td have Q , 'ff , ff ....,f , Q. ,Q 17, Deal' rl.-vCaCl'1CI' Who thinks the Kappas canlt be beat? Miss Cohen. Who thinks Jules Frelin just too sweet? Miss Cohen. Who wildly cries "give me some news Not for myself, but l'cl not lose A chance to tell my numerous friends Some bit about these college hens." Who knows the gossip all around? Miss Cohen. Who takes no part 'cept in the Heats?" Miss Cohen. Who scares poor Freshmen half to death, Until they scarce dare take a breath? Who sits in ushevlin Hall" at lunch And tries to stand in with the bunch? Miss Cohen. Who knows where juicy bits are found? Miss Cohen. Who knows the whole Darn family tree, Whose tongue is always wagging free, Whose eyes are always out for game, To kill some luckless personis fame? Miss Cohen. Single female over thirty, leading prayer in chapel, "Dear Lord, deliver us from the hands of these men." Dr. Allin Ccalling rollj-"Miss Conway." "Prexy" Sleeper-"Coming," Dr. Allin-"Ah, sort of a forerunner, eh, preparing the way?" Hainesf"When are the boys more bashful, before ten or after ten?" Mercedes Beresford fvolunteeringj-"lt has been my experience Professor, that men are more bashful after C ten than before." lVliss Sanford fin high dudgeon, opening the door of the room where the cast were rehearsing King Renelg a' "What is the matter in here?" Mr. Clure4'AWhy it is the rehearsal of the Dramatic In Club play." Miss Sanford fmuch mollifiedj-uohl l thought some of P the students were having a rough house." u Janitor fwatching Frank Bibb helping the Euterpean Club in their Japanese Operettaj-"Who is that fellow?" Fair Songster4"Oh, he's our dancing master." S Janitor-"Huh, didn't know what he was, but l always lcnew he was something fancy." 'A "X Y sf, rw y , Q I , 1 gl If , - Y 1 l ff .M gl , f fm l t 'W G 7 X Wiflf X tl Q ,ll The Tale of a Q1 A l, f Z 1 I iff U ff :Www , nfl PM l f -o lem, t r ft r a fx Y we ll! ,M f ' ' W 1' ' X fl1rlf:f,l?ffiffff2ffff5 X Z .f 1 artlclpatlon C1 I LI MMWZ-J -. vi tg Jolllflcation. 4 l"Ul22f'S f , X ' . . Earn f fllfl' ,tt i X ziziszxzxsn S rg st ul . flffiw' ' llll' is t Examination -1 fx 5 Differentiation t ji' fs Computation. V I f Investigation mi' Disintegration l J k'ixi E ' . fpermission 0 , I "Q iiiA vaporatlon Frank Wingg X ' , 'i..+ 460 l IUD hm es HHHH Y C9635 Gffiesmgmp nsicsrsgi K AR V l ,Wiz , Where our "Beef Flit 0l0 Vvhy is physics like love? Answer: The lower the gas, the higher the pressure 5 xefibxk ' 461 1sx.z:::rs:.f:..p1:.:a::QL.-:wf-r-.V nexgrewazzarv--ef-Hfu":11f -1-In 'e'.zv'L'a.s:'wf-f -vu-mf:-Qmsvszc. "On the dear old farm, Tomis Ditty My Irene is a college dream She is Queen of the Campus Green When she plays on the basketball team A slicker sight you've never seen. Zenas' lass and Vances' gal They never could touch Irene Everybody knows me well- I write the editor-ial ln the college magazine. FERRY HERKTHGE MARGGREI UHRGQRET JU LKEU CLSRK wif Far away from harm." Sister Biblfs Henri. There was a young lady named Fitch, Who heard a loud snoring, at which rwwlif She took off her hat 'Um Mn? " 1 1'fg -if And found that her rat -"i 'ffg if Had fallen asleep at the switch. Florence Hill fsweetlyb-HOh, l am so afraid that my name will get in the Gopher. " fBeholdl her Wish has come truel. ot a Clothes Line but a Cinder Line AQ Z 1 V ,WYM as - gy. .. .,.1,....,.,,-- , , fs-1-1?w:::maumuw:.-u4i1':uu:nmra'mwx umw1mmm1 462 I '7 f lla? 5-Bl, - -' E - , 5 2 ,g- - if Q X ,Q '-4 X es a f: E 5 5.-5. ,- E VVNI H,,mii:i1uf1ff,Z, W , Q. " M W S 3 Wx' .-.ff3"" JJIIy' Q 5 '.' ,' 'A e A i., .. n - is-H ' nu A , I Z ' L . ,'f:" lf JI Eli: f ii i X QQ 'W linlw N ll if M llgjw f l 2 ,fu All 47491 2'f?!!i.1f,,.m I" fb X ' ' ffyfilp f w 45 lil , N ff i ff f ' f f W f!ff'ffffl i'1l lf i -i lu ff fi 'f -MW , ' f Gladys Glendenning W Queen Bee: "Lil" Cohen. Emily Kneubulxl L ' V Sl lc OIS 311 y C Elsa Ueland Harold Taylor The Sting ,af X kg. asp! "Has stung manyf,-E. B. Pierce. Bumble Bee fnoisyl: Fred Harding. "" Dragon Fly fknown to Freslimenl: Miss Whitney. "Bussey": Our Spieler. f-'xx , in e e Ai, RT. H-il 15 ffl 43,1 'lf 1 I pri x ' 'V , if 433 Kirwan. .saw-swssu.wk-mwwmmwmtqmm1,,vs1:s'un:vns:.4aQsLerur2sr:fece::1 :snaf-' 1' atan s Rush List H Name Harry acobsen Residence Given free board Course Domestic science Honors Voted by the girls to be the most popular man at the University Pals The clear Lord Chumley Feminine influences Perfectly obvious Haunts Gamma Phi Beta house ancl Merriam Park Name Casey Cant Residence Birchwood Hats Honors Anti Smokers Club Rufus Club Sons of Erin Doc Qtacler s Famous Mlnstrels Haunts Stage entrance Recommendations Furnlshed free by H S Clapp employment bureau Duluth Supplementecl by the Ladies Aid SOClCty of the First M E Church s .assi E ill ll ll fr lv in it 15 ,, tl Q. ,. il lt .N l U fx i N 1 ft MI Name: Perry Hudson. 3 Residence: S-well A-ncl E-legant home. 1 Course: Extended research in psych- ology in hopes of finding a "soul mate." Honors: Fine clothes-walking ad- vertisement for Thoen Bros. Pals: Numerous fyou know he has been here a year or twoj. Feminine inlluences: Favors brunettes. Haunts: Was seen at church once. Name: Chauncey Coon. Residence: ? Course: First person singular object- ive case. Honors: A private secretary to Mary Bohn. Pals: Tom, Dick and Harry. Feminine influences: Es macht nicht aus zu ihm, so long as they are willing. Haunts: Chapel mostly. Recommendations: Has a black name. I ,Q ,. .v , f. -.if mx me f -ww HARRY MITCHELLX . ' f ard wrestler lvl , Ev H .,,g ' ' 4 I I ' ' . "" --'l -"'T"f' .-.""' l'.'L::-"f", RALPH s l.oNes'rAFF Business Cards fafi, .L!..... rgliflifffq M- ,, ,. as .1 . 1 n ' "" ' "W-if 'T' -i .T.nv-4,,,, ,mgqlrf ' ""Wl'WUll ' ' Qil 6Ua " S . : '- , , . Feminine mlluences: O'Connor and , . . , . . C E D H 'T' N l 464 uvxgig-QXQNNQQYQQSTQ'-9'Q?iZ M1 NX xg, C70 'V We O! ffJ7f ,, . C595 W K ,' fj 1 l L' W X 2 X I N : 1 by N r w . UQ L T V . ' qv I, .N Z I Q if , X Ari fl, QD B5 ll ' X' X ' fffml V H U' W U J, ? ,w 1011.5 4 y y fl 'A W hp' Qi! f Q2 X df fill' -f - ' VI ff mW fW 1 j l 35: lfgmflf 5 M fa 'L V2 , -X, Wil Q 4 6:4 - -if .-,W 'Sum' , "J-"' 5 1 fu W 'rg' V VW3'lf"' K' 51 45 :f,7' s'4!' I Z ,f , .QQ V 4' .,s . X, P, .-. 6 Q QQ A f ff- ,film 5 51 N -1 I4 uns? c yr I l w . 54 ' If' N, ' x 2 .,a1"E,23u 'WVIN X, ,fl ' H YD mff W 1 5 V L' f " wb., ,, J 'YQ ' I X 1 vfrgmywxn f0s0 1J'C0q,? ,, 0 . Q 5 Q J w , , C N fl . ,1 X -A --I cnqpgyuivlex' 'ffggff' 'W K L 51' 1,k X .Q 'K pea ff' A K 1 f Q M 4 X N -'E 1 I I Xu K4 . 1- 1 .. i VM Q: wx W I N ,iixYj.ryjC'Q,,g5Cx":f ' VxTf:fp1wx'JCY,x'f" :'Kg'g3,'3,'3A1QE-izxfrf Y' . . . W kWMCDFSQ 5Q QX 1 465 M ?m!iHQREl K10Df A MAN 1 09 9 'UQ-Qt QQ if W 'f Am' IV y LJ I 1 ' f f s 1 5 'x J R'5-alnmqforl :Ago If TR DU HER ' LUNIVERSWE DE VHHNESOTA 466 Oh 'Lizabeth, 'Lizabeth, 'Lizabeth Bl Your hat squashed so flatly seems funny to me. A huge clislc of blaclcnessfand vivid in tone That saucy red feather is pert and alone. Then, from that low collar of depth so extreme That long snowy columnfyour neclc's what l mean, Forms a startling white linlc from its flatness below To the black has above itAit's Hat, too, you lcnow And I almost passed by the most charming of faces, Vifith patches proclaiming the prettiest places. Oh 'Lizabeth, 'l..izabeth, 'Lizabeth B! Your poster-like aspect bewilders poor me. f ,bf-ft U , wt yw. xkqus, :Wi yung, I f ffp ' T ' 5 fe- X y, " tp Q -1 I 'kiwi 4 ,S 7 X .. z X Q? 1' A . W . ,? in xr . X t Q mf is af X X 'Gil G! x wld ,xy -uf ,jf 'Jil H if J' ff ' fl lf: I f y it fhirl. at the Ealln Ezlfouf the girlie hails Ah Irish O'Connor, I pledge on my honor And faith, an' I mean it, each word of it's true, X X , , bw Vlll lqhat you are the rarest and also the fairest 5 Of all of the blondes who illumine our x Nh Your nose is the pertest, your bows are the flirtest Myfr, That Irish O'Connor would give us the slip! 467 Would get us all goin', but sure an' welre knowin, l And faith an' the Blarney that flows from your lips, Y .LL'.:f-2.33 ' ,H . V y....-Tig, , QE . f'xx 'B 1 . 1- 'Q F 6 .,- x, v F? Q ,-:.-. ,....1-rnibefif ,!,5..L-, K V, ----'-1fe- amz--. .1 - - ' v. "1,- ..ff4"f"7s- if .-- , Q .. f . - V Hffeez. 1,:-..,,.A . . ,- Lage- 4 ,, 5 vw ' M 559 7 ' NX XX' -9 fs ' f v If 7 X' X V " W l if 'l Marjorie Lovejoy X This simple little creation, not extreme in style, is de- h ll for those of our readers upon whom t e ' L . signed especia y umagenta wash tub" is unhecoming. It is very effective f N if i - X l -. Q sf l , IK I in trimmings of pan-ve our an vt in 2 f l d cabbage roses. Nifty clothes for college people. Gal- vanized, padded coat. seams soldered, hand riveted, warranted to withstand any . . . S Roscoe Snappy styles for Sigma ties. This model was designed hy Harry Mitchell. Prices within the reach of every col- ' lege sport. Fifteen and twenty dollars. Ask for the "Boscoe." ,diff . -x illwt' 1 N32 --i . .f1,1nwfZf" ' E Q' , if i it --1 .1 2 Xklzil! llilg 1. lwlf M2 ll Andrews YW!! Longstaff Latest style in "Derby" for jaunty bou s. Acquire the "Long- college youth slaffu habit of wearing. 468 nding contortions in locomotion. ee Agent, Dalton Andrews. i ' N .ou K iv . ' 7 N , K H A X 1 f A W Xl U 5 'V ' all ' fx, F. "xx rl 3 xtqe-W ' V ,J . Y 2 A 355. l L K l N N f ga, . ..iii ' ,f fm X NW J f i K 'iillrft Xl! X X, I isx'- Q4-tg: f l i all AA - W l X Xx X LR ll' ay A quaint and startling arrangement of the hair may be accomplished by tying three yards of rope about the head. Known as the "Way" for retaining elusive puffs and curls. . , I li f N42 TRY f G A 1 X .' fax?" N i i I MV I i l fx X l if ri F Dayton Coquettish coiffure fashion. Guaran teecl to attract attention. Chief attrac- tion-Neatness. i i 'L AY Vera Smith Toque and furs of black bear to match. are extremely charming on the young Miss. The Buster Brown collar and the Platonic Beau at the neck with the furs carelessly thrown back add a touch of girlishness. fb' X Aff X lf is ,sflliwiiy .ian C:-fl it liai' a "Alpine Bunnettu 470 HN! .: 1' S523 BF:--, QQQQ 'SQ 22552 12'-:SQ A K4 'L'-gg 523522:-i, ,ani '51 ::5fSig5: 'ggggn 4 iifs- Eirf '::f:if'Z-, ?'-i3f::,-1 f-Q f::s':ef. Sf A115-:F Ti 'i:f3::2f, 3112: In-ffl.-. 72, :xc '::g'g1f,ii1? P:-Q-:rt '2 15:55:56- .Q 5,251 . 55:4 xegzzufqi ,,. 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' s The assesses at ssfsisaisefg sitlpaidia Fergus Falls' boyls-fa great compliment' lastQweek when it elected Htirry Jlbobldhff president of the Junior'BdI'lf23lH mation. .The J nnior ball place in-,February and, igtftlse Social reveiifiof the 94111989 yehrglilof be an oH:ieer in the which has the event in elim-get considered one ofthe greatest hor.. ora that can befall a ,man during his college Careef Hiiiithe for offices is a keen one. - Harry is the Bret Fergus Falls boy tobedf honored and gr his election "-' proof of his popularity in, world. H.e1is,tlae son Jacobeonoi this city audit , ate of the high school when was always known as abright' student. He is taking the miniqk engineering course and llQ'80 passed all his examinations ably. He takes a loading all the social functions of gtilleeniifli l Tailings from the Mill Prof. Groat: "What term do you apply to de- formaticn which is the result of compression?" Leonard: "l'd call it squeezing." Prof. Groat Cas he credits Leonard with a flunlcl: "Wrong You may have done that when you were fussing on the campus last night, but that term won't do here." Harmon arrived at Mechanics late one morning and found himself locked out of the beloved room 23. Determined to get in, he rattled the door until "Ben- nie" Groat ceased marking down Hunks long enough to unlock the door and see what the trouble was. There stood Harmon with an expectant smile on his face, as he greeted his professor with a ul-lere l am, teacherf, and waited for the glad welcome. 'LWhat do you want? You'll have to call later," shouted "Bennie, in accents loud and angry. As the door slammed in l-larmon's face, that studious youth sor- rowfully departed and resolved to take an earlier car next time. Prof. Groat fto Bills, who has just made a poor recitationjz "What's the matter with you, Bills? You seem sound asleep this morningf' Bills fby way of explanationlz ul attended your lecture before the Enginec-:r's Society last night." And Prof. Groat excused him without further comment. versity,unds,no While the members of the legislature were being haha escorted through the ore testing mill one of the learned - e is in 4 . of the Bchwii. "Bm.,y..igf5grtainBi solons asked Prof. McCarthy if he taught black doing vrellat tliignniveraityi and-Vi Smithing there, Fergus Falls may well be proud of ' A Q' ,',' I A ' 'M' 'f.'.'f:il'i s- . !5 TQQ.V., ?- 'i4: ' hWHFK 5lIivaHFm fWM' 475 BRING TEARS TO A PROPLS LOVE YOU STILL ' 476, COLL GE J " 91 f iff! I W6 is rn TN OF UAW I IIN l VKX 'I lixm I . ' XM .M 6 A -A 5--X I l x 'sux .x. x..5.?-ruin 1 I!!! X f 'M' M1 'Mm ' fl M fy v N h my M' L , If W ffl, X J f f fptkf f J'R-Bu ne o ' ,WWPIAI i w 478 479 LE if if Zi E' Q1 is E if 16 5 E fi L. ii if 5 H. ii E fl W P 2 . F1 5' 9 usernames-arse is 2 3 5 E I I is 'i E Advice to Freshmen Always try to make a hit with jimmy. Ut will come handy in the long runj Always laugh heartily at all of Fletchers near jokes. fWe had to stand them, so try and do the same.J Always look wise when Willis explains any- thing. fHe does not know it himself half of the time.j Always say "How do you do" when you meet the dean. flf you do, you will be sure to pass in equity.J Always have someone answer your name when absent. flt will help keep up your averagej Always give a new excuse for not having your lesson. fThev sound better than old onesj Always make a bluff at answering a question. fYou will get a good mark nine-tenths of the timej Always be sure and get good last year's case books. flt's not worth while copying poor cases., Always use a uQuizzer" when possible. fYou will find it much easier than the real thingj We Radiator When first upon a wintry morn We heard your music low and sweet, Prof. Fletcher, looking tired and worn, Was calling roll midst shuflling feet. The room was oh, so very cold, We could scarcely answer, "l-leref' Fletcher hardly could his pencil hold When your sweet song first struck our ear. Many things we thought of too, That could make such loud confusion. But none of them quite equalled you, And so to this conclusion: l've never heard of any land Wherein "refrigerator" ls synonym of "German Band," And also, uradiatorf' " ia-phi-mvmsmvhwnsiwmseuwmfsaebmmwsmmwskwffimww w ImsAmwmmwwwmuuxunwmmMumra:Mm 4s.usvfm:fumas:nieuz,ga-.1.:m.w,u..1fei:a.muf ii sr14s,.f:ss ti fi base-.w:w..:.. .useewru,aw.Q.ime-e.:.uaw.s-.4muma.w,f.f..m:zunwsnrr s4s.:':r.x..f 'sff.xs:1:,L W f1:::mzLfai..'f 'raszazgefsfesems-Q ' 'uw' 4:44 rsevwzfvfwwwv 7 f . 481 I N ff 1 1 anim? S Q, ew-P' my 2 f wr ci jg J Q? 3 QM JM ,MW--Q X 'e' Q .. ii E rib as i "'. J kjgrygrgf 3:5 K 51, Z LL" I ' , ' 'if-fi?"" V " W f 1' arf -- -,X cg, How Greene Bro e the Broncho. mill M X' " afgvgi f 'Q 4 5 ' pr ' as ' f fi . , ,-A ,5..,,-fig: ,ur :.iH,!!i!:5, '-am ,,: . a ,- .L mf. .1 ' -,X 1151-' 1, er . .wr ,4 '. fx. gig , -'vi.gpi:s,n,. '.v?'Q2Ef 13, . , . . , iwh' ff-12 " .Q i iv? vzfizf' fe-z A Q fx M. -' 41,-' QW' ' '- in-.-.A 3 -- zmjf . ? 'W L. WM . X . ' I O ,' 1 o SV ky o i ,ff 'nr U ,I 'X ' ' , 3 X ' :'!W"9,7K fr Vfifuwf H 5. ,L f'!,:..1- -' B 2 , .wr-.-,,v , A7 5 - I ,QQ Y A fr, I ,G ajft, ,... ,. In , x mngw A , 1 - , If ! fog. V Tx A 3 I 'L 5 .. .V K' K '4 5' fi? ' 3 1 -X WL , -.ff- k oi L'1,fMf?f' f A J" V f L fp W1 Q C gf AX A 1 .L 3 M'-1 fm. V,,L f,fy.Au5 173. K ffm, A, , I 5 f L4 As ,E 4 Sq 1 M A A I ,ji -A-A K ,gif ,,CygQy,z 'U lf ' ,S J- , I, ' N h A 1 H 1 yi, I 15x , F, .L N f I fix L . f,,,,,5,m 4- X 1 Qs ,f uw! 4' ' r' . Q ," r ' s L . A . I! Vx ig I is H ,fi r Qxv, k T, X2 T X 4 . x . f N f . f L NQE X .If Xin: 1 VY A f-I 3 ' RJ, Lx C RWM, ' .1 .I gi' -br ' ' 0 X x V' ! 2 I Y YY W d' - f gi, ff-5, X ' 5 1 , ,o o wr r w4cnJ1fW tw .N , bf, xv ' Q Q' 5' ,L is 9 ,A x .' A 'Ip A ' - ' -L 1 f r Wh ,I lil!! A!! 1!,,1f- 1 rt Q or bam! if ax "4 ,, ,1.1fr.f 4- '2' . . . Sbortborn ACt1V1t16S Regiszmr Drew Holding H15 Our New Dean Taking the Omn- Shorl Course. Ditty Canned Lobsters A coat of fur, A rustle of skirts Lee Crandall. George Ric A hat of ribbon, Nell Crimmens. Fowler Hobbs Foreslerfs Chain Gang at Iiasca. 482 1 ' if ,. ff -if-H ., td' A-We Y ..f'1ff'xI3"' z'i we f- , 3 al-'Wi' 1 , 1-4412 2 V , v N::x:u:":x-:ss P-Q rnrfzmmrf 11 Y Pl i ' ' 'ar so 5 l! 4r'k"r B '.'.. V g 5 1 Q. . -' z 'QM 'i ilfyn . N A n 5 4 lriiif I ,, . s- 1 a A 'Q ' ' wJ' '- - '46 7 "" 11 As. 1- . 1, B , x, mf' t 'au r.... 534+ Kgs 1. h ' ' t qs. 1 v N 7 3 x X 1 . 4 Y l'M',Z51u Q .1 wx 18 'K 1 - - f l api ' ew 55 ga, 483 s ivivilzer M.-L' x ,ua Plimsswieami-arzeiemf i if ,mmm fqiiw ww Complete List of Prominent Organizations Forestry Club: A poplar club among the elder foresters. Its ob- ject is to spruce up the evergreen Freshmen who pine for distinction. Philomathian Literary Society: The chief literary society of the Agricultural College. Members of distinction are: Vocal: Alden Potter. Debate: Deacon Older. Dramatics: Miss Curid Laate. Athletic: Henry Dvorachek. Bouncer: 6'Mike,' Donovan. Agricultural Club: A very ex- clusive club, made up of coming professors. Requirements for ad- mission, pay 25 cents and look wise. Anti-Blair League: A society unappreciative of true art. Board of Executioners: High Mogul, Miss Shepard. Low Mo- gul, Edna Christopherson. Chief Brute, M. Drew. Crafters, Club frestricted to faculty membersjz A very neces- sary organization in connection with the horticultural course. President, Samuel B. Green. Vice president, secretary, treas- urer and board of directors, A. Vye. Professional Painters, Associa- tion: Chief Fainter, Mable Re- gan. Aids-to-the-Chief, Jay Rust and Frank ltvhite. K. K. K. K. K. "KoW Kol- lege Ku Klux Klanu fharmlessbx Contents, John F. Ware, Clinton Cofhn, Samuel Dan'sh. Student: "I hear that Florence Gaumnitz expects to go West after graduation. , ix A K ,,,,3',,,Q3if ?v ms gg M dgg jg xxx 1 ,pdf Q- -TJ .ziiefsfiwi A IQ.. Qm, S. W 'f5"'3fT+-an i i? YS-Q fi 3 J 1, Wag-" 'yi A 115 9. f' E V vi U JV Clk fair." .1 5 N 79 fm 7 I-E A.A" ff- I' -Mr -x uf A if A. '46 1 Tu ,B 1 in Q - ms 'Q 1 v F aff G gi4?:53i2rg:rZ5,f: , -. .,f--at l 1 " Y 'xx X ,. ,.. A Q. X . cy V, A h- , . V 4 -jf :N 3 4- , ."f N11 N ' ,-1, fy, ' la' -X ' ' V' ' 4 . was X. fa' 1 ' ' ' , r ' 2 ' ,f -. 5 x - X A ' 5 ,Q , lx . , X 1 f ,MM ' 1 o Q- '- , ,I A I " ' -If 4- A Q1 ek In -4 .... 4 N , , ,N ff -- :J .A 2, X ' . 1' '- -A ' 1 D' ' 'eu :! I Q," i - 54-fl ' rj - . ,W fi. 4, 1- 2 5 Az" ' ' .. . -' , Il -' ,A x 'X E .H ,. ,, X-w X . f A 5 my ,s V, , ,,.,,, -. -'H-Pl ' - , -V -- . . . ,V fy- f fi, , . - ' I h 1 A-I ,. -4.44.3 V gtv . R .5 ,P ' ':,,f it --Lv ' ' f 'I ' -'-Jififi' "ff5'-Hf'1f'JTfL:t.+-a,i,q'?' k" -- 1"x.,g.,, " - - - ,' 1 ,Z N, gm5ggLf.f.u--f-qgqgff,-Pas, V. . - , ' 5-svr... ., - -vpn ' sy' , A -g:,g:1""i ,:..:ff:-..-.-1'4'f,.--fig?--Jgfwr 'ff' , wh 3- 1- , J X -It :dsE5: ,Vf "..,,, M4, . V -1, li . ua. V I , W ,gg .N g-ds.-7 1 - -gi 1 : i - -1' I F- .4 ' '-E-g:'2a:' L -V - ' L- - " . 17,3-ggiik-"1Vf' ' 1 3 -iQ,-1Q"5'7 ' ' 4 f---- . fx - -- .. -.1--,U 1- 4 ,Q --5 .U 1 If - Q . ,,, - 2. q . 1 .01-., .fr ,, . . . ,N .. sq, , .x-. h fi Vs-:P J . . -Lx - 2:5 ' f. '- 3 T 'ui'i.l" :. -fx, , - ,. . f . k --'rf 4' '1,. ,-53. I . fra f P Q vig - .5-1.5 1 'QR-3 ' 1 '--3.1 ,. Q? ' f ',- '- - ' . . 'fig - ' -1 3- - ". . . eff: . f " sfifggy. - FQ, Hg, - AB. f 7'ffg4gfQ'ffpfq,, v Y Q 31 ' ' ..x'- -'..f ' of' - 1" I., 4 -ff 'C1.', W "f, N --' V - -' 5 4 W Agffp- --L 441, .--- ,1 ' 51533 5 .. -, ' I--,QTF:,3zEk,', 1' -Yi fi 3 Q4--1:55455 - 1--iigv I , -1- M ,, -T' in-:N-'. x 57' 2 Q: . f m.7Lv:.., . . 4,5 V N--1,5 f ,..5,.6. , Egg , F55-nk--1 11-eg,'f5,, . . . 'pc E '-fi? ' " P Y 255. iw 11551511 : Q ,, Q - A J J-f -1 3- L-'H'fFf' i i 2 . , p gfizf L ' x 2412, .- '- 5 .L ,,,, -+3.91 figjlgszv, V gig lf. Ti, ., . : S 1,1-5,i!.-F .-:fi E t V? ' Fi-'E - 'fir'-1. , -. '?"F-7 - 1 H- - V' ' , ' -- .VS-:Qt if " ' 5' - ' , S- . v C' ' is I . " 1. I Zn' "' :Q-g! 1..-, ' f.',Q' r . 1-2 f riff' ' -"A-Vg f' 55?v'y'f, iff " 'fqe , 4 - g ',,?1,41 1 i23f -'5'.j?5ggLj'VfSj, flfififl' Q F. ' F" if ' r 1 'i-Qi?-FEMA - ' Y ' ' - Q T59-I ., i - -. f .- --:fax -.1 fs i -V - if 1 5- - i V Thiri' A . i 1 k H F 93 .. fgszfe, ki Q X fe- . : 1' gv .q,. F77 'ML ' ag - ' , f , 5. , in 4 X -4 - ' - - 5, -' '5 1 5.-1'f' ,iV , " -f f - Q . . A, ' f . - -, g -5.: V 'gh 5 ? JS, ' 1 -. , "' ifsii' T -1 N , if ' ' ' iw, Q.-..,5.9i3iSfj ' K X .,. X - .. A- 551-1 Q . f 1 5 1 23 1 'W E if 'r X Sa J. u I 1 M- A 'Sf , x 3 7 '1 ' M9 L ik ' ' w ' if W R ff .gf l ,R , FQ. I fx-qt I , . .rl 'A 9, ,Q 485 A M El. 486 ' +w i ' " 'Ki .4 ,,,., . 14' , 4... qi . 487 1 0 W"" 0"fff 2 1 Y 1 W 1 Y WW" 5 ' E"77- " Y Af. 2 ff S J 'if iff' ff Mg? 2 f 2 k o- ' k.- c- 1 , N' 1 fx. .X 1 , X 5 g . W I W ' ' fl fxj Y I , Hd IN BLUE 5 : 1 ' Q f , Q II N- X g X. ' I S"-H . EQ H I :'w.,. 1 I X F ' I -14 L. 2 lk A NJA., LW, nil' E + .,.......,AA, can 0 mga. ........ .....,. .,.. . D POLLCJCKPXEETSRN OLDFRIENU " YIIIED AND C1 ARQNER 5EE"SOP'lETHH'kCx' 0 K , ,. ff 'Z . W 1' ,WIN 5 3? ' i .1 ' tml S Z f X -kv Q1 ,LI A W kg 1, A .'.V 3 H , ,, n 'Fm A M , - :AM I K I ,X Q . ,A ln "x f" cnuoxsrawwa f - x X Q green-4 runes 6 vc A M F x Nfxf " S T f 1?-' N- f K Ag., ...... .........,......AA. ju, ..... ....AA A ' ' JESS S'AVESTHEA'BOX'YLlNC1ALLEY" 'O.f5.' KKRSCH ANDHISNEYY STEED. a o , . KMK5 in if m W L QI' ' 1- I: ff fi, ' if-. 4 f , "'iITF.Zi rw ff? M 5: E ,,-K4 44 W' Kwai. MN -4 Kg. fCX?, l , Lu -f , iw,N3 c- 4 'fm-J'Qx fE?'iff X was fg E -' fff I 3 2 ' X f Zfllf 7 T , fp 3- N ff, X Q Q2 ivy: E A. .2 fn. ' f 7 4 ff , Qufl.u.n.- ...-.... , .... , , " , ,L-. ..... ..., .,,....... . . . ' ' SEI FERTAND CARROLL- CONKEDYTYYINS. RNIB THE 0THaR.s - 488 M 9 Dr. Wilcox fin surgeryjx What are the symptoms of acute osteomyelitis? Tyrrell: Local and gen- eral. Dr. Wilcox: Very good: next, etc. "fudge" Snyder Clammfng i A. A I Wyman fto patient in fumigating room at City Hospitaljz What have you had, little girl? Patient: l've had a bath. New instructor fat roll callj: Is L-y-s-n-e here? O,Brien: Why do you diagnose this case as appendicitis? Wheeler: Because that was the only thing that I could think of, doc- tor. Dr. Stewart to Dr. White: I'1l tell you why you pronounce purulent f-W -f upurrulentf' doctor. You see, you find "pusy spelled up-u-s-s" so often by the students that you expect it to purr. Anatomy 1 The Six-Years in Line 490 -vt-.Z Ugjmm IWW ? UU N NWN v X 11 JRB 91 sys .S f ' :1 - , - 5 ef 4, f f--v ti ,.::f .-. :LAW N . Q ADQUSTINQ Rxseuffv, QAM GRI FF E TH "9 2 wommqf, ON :glues H- IN 'ras z.AeoRfvroRY Goldblum-"lVlarriage." Combination is gold released most easily?" Dean Owre in Nletallurgy-"Under what ifflfii fho, fi I 'NP i W ' J ? ip ob 9-Xqnlig Q L I X . gtg TW x of i if Straw Hat4"You are a dentist, what is your specially?" Silk Hat-uputting teeth into pie." The New Anaesthetic Dr. Saunders working on an old gentleman UDoes this hurt?" Old Gentlemanfnlxlot much. Say Doc, give me a chew of tobacco and you can do anything you want." Piclging Her Teeth. Ladies a Specialty . Morsef"Mr. Haarlow, do you want tientf-tn Haarlow---MYes, is it a boy or a girl? Morse-'LA boy." Haarlowfnl guess l'm busy." e apa The funiors. 493 494 wg fu La: .vmimwwmwmvmawnvummwmmwmmmwsmzrxwramwmwumumfw 'ma-nazxma: , vsnam ,,,, lx: 7? 9. 4 21: 11 A in Ev 5 1 51. - F? if ' ai Y ' j P E, r F 'I-w'.2zvleGwsa!uw.2zsv.:aS4gvn:.. " 'f' lam :zuzr+.4wsug,:1a1,a.!::, gQ guguu ,.,...,f,f, . - . . 495 Qf.. , V , , P055 DOC IH A HURRY 3' -, ,. 496 w N Cl'lEPflI5T5 w 498 0014 SEVEN Mr I ' . . '-'ssl' Aclvertlslng Show Your Coffege Loyalty Ivy patron1'z1'ng our patrons R E N T Z B R 0 S 0 Largest Factory in the Northwest Minneapolis 4 -- .Fraternity and Class pin See us for Designs and Jeweiers and MeJal1'sts Estimates 499 Janney. Semple., E99 Co. WHOL E SALE Shelf ancf Heavy HARDWARE Sffortfng anal fltfzzietfc Everytlzfng in Hardware Goods Xvlzolesafe Onfy MINNEAPOLIS MINNESOTA We CATERERS C. W. QM. A. Dmeft ICE CREAM Ea" CONFECTIONS See our New Floral Department NEW LO CATION 51 South 8tI1 Street J. George E99 Co. TAILOR5 CORRECT STYLES and PRICES REASONABLE D1'scount to Un1'vers1'ty Students SPECIAL RATES TO STUDENTS STS-41fi2EfAT1ffcf'n1,Leif' MINNEAPOLIS . . , N Bentson T81lOT1Hg Co. K O DA K S ESTABLISHED 1871 my 1 I Q f ww and Importers of N SUPPLIES T i 5 E! A ' ' l WW' .- L, Foreign anal Domestic m s? Y Spectacles WOOLENS 'I ' Q Fit ted V I 3 Hennepin AVCHLIC MINNEAPOLIS - MINNESOTA C . A. H 0 F F MA N 624 N1'c0llet " H 4' ' Wm' b - th Electrlc A LOCOMOTIVES COAL CUTTERS amz DRILLS Maj , We Luffcf every fart of every maclzfne we self Complete Coal Mine Equipments, Coal and Ashes Handling Sys- tems for Power Plants, Coal Xwasheries, Coal Tipples,Car Hauls. Elevators, Conveye rs, Screens, Crushers, Ventilating Fans, Cages, etc Send for Catalog Zd, and MElltiC1H Subjects of Special Interest to you THE JEFFREY MFG. COMPANY COL UMBU5 - OHIO ,. -vv ,,-, ' ?:E:::: V....-, .-.. . 'nel' B Kp ref? ,.e, e' 5 :gg , .:. 5:j:5: :i : ?: : ,E X kg-ga? 1 'f 1 ,'B2Q:-v- -if:. T5g2'525.2E:3l1.: .'.-,- : "if: "', f-5:f:5:2?f1:51f5255: ,"'- ' 1:1 - 5555 55 55fVf55f5ES!.Qffiiffs ,V'. ii 1 2, 1 f fff .4'VV4 521' F5 "" X,e.,, f0lEYBR05 JKHIY IM PoRTr:Rs. MANUFACTURERS A. jg xf jf g f f '1:5:5::52E5E5: ,',v -1 ,.,' 2, -'f -"' gfqsgf. , ,Eg?rE-E 54.1 ,.,'. 3::m1g1gsfsS5If?fPf WHOLESALE GROCEPS ' ' F5515 ST PAU L- WNN- A e se e eeea Q - 501 WE CAN eip You Select the Best Boo s We edit and publish the best general catalogs of American books. They are depended on in every important library in the United States. We edit and publish a digest of the important reviews of American hooks. Our facilities for the appraisal of literature are l'1Ot excelled. For OUI' special SCI'ViCC we Inake H0 Chafge. our Mail Order Department does an increased business every 77m H. W. WILSON COMPANY Ojifosfte the Un1'vers1'ty Gateway MINNEAPOLIS, MINN. Rates Reasonawe European otei icouet Hote7N1'co77et Co., props. M1'nnea15071's, M1'nn. The Most Popular and Centrally Locateci Hotel in the City Our Cafe Has a Reputation For Excellent Service in Every Detail E. B. Johnson, Pres. C. L. Swain, Sec. H.A. Swain,Treas. H. W. Wilson, Vice Pres. and Mgr. THE INDEX PRESS llncorporatedl Succeeding the University Press Printing and Office Stationery Catalogues , Booklets Opposite Main Entrance "U" Campus Ilglenuss Banquet 1401 University Ave. E. rogammes Society Stationery MINNEAPOLIS, MINN. The Perfect Fitting, Popular Priced Munsing Union Suits Q x ,QV 5541, I . .2 gh, I li 4 i "sg , N tl V 1 5 -ga i 15 e ,Z f. 1 : 5 I ? 52 at r , , i, l ,mf Sensible, Serviceable, Satisfactory Durable, Comfortable, Inexpensive l The constantly increasing popularity of union sults is the talk of the dry goods and furnishing goods trade. Munsing Union Suits Are Yvhat You Have Been Looking for in Underwear Garments that are not too high priced- that are dainty and fine enough to suit the most particular, and yet so reasonable in cost that no one need be without them- garments that fit and cover the form perfectly, and that improve in appearance and feeling with each trip to the laundry- gartnents that are worn with complete satisfaction by several million most par- ticular Americans and that are so popular that a daily production of twenty thousand garments is required to supply the demand. THE MAMMOTH, MODERN, MODEL, MUNSING MILLS, EOUIPPED TO MAKE THE FINEST FABRICS AT LOWEST COST. I-wenty different qualities, every required style and size. Girls' union suits for summer in fine bleached white cotton fabrics in four different styles, at 50c and 75c per garment. Boys' union suits for summer in cream white or ecru shades in seven different styles at 50c and 75c per garment. Ladies' summer union suits and separate vests and pants in five different light weight fabrics and fourteen different styles, all bleached white, at from 50c to S2 per garment. Men's perfect fitting union suits in six different light weight fabrics, regular and athletic styles, every required size, at from 351.00 to 83.00 per garment. Leading! merchants in nearly three thous- and of the larger towns and cities of the country carry Munsing underwear in stock. Treat yourself and all the members of your family this summer to the inexpensive luxury of wearing perfect fitting, non- irritating Munsing suits. If your dealer is unable to supply you send for a Munsing style book and samples of all the different Munsing fabrics. Address The Northwestern Knittin Com Jnnv l . 275 Lylulnle Ava-nue North, Dliuneupolis Two dainty Munsing dolls' vesls, one pink, one blue, sunt upon receipt of I0 cents in stamps. L L ll l i , ,W L ,Lie 503 l 4 U Worth The Price" U A Tallant Suit is built to give you-Every Day-the serene Comfort of being Well Dressed Discount to Students F. E. Tallant, Merchant Tailor DISTINCTIVE CLQTHES FOR DRESSY YQUNG FELLOWS The Masterp1'eces of fl?-6 Znest cfotlzes makers in Amer1'ca await your Insjiectfon Thoen Brothers Company ST- PAUL SHOP Tfze Young Man s .Store ,, U,, SHOP 6 h gf M' 32-34 6th Street So 315 14th A 5 E 504 N ew Weston Alternating Current Portahle an Switchboard Ammeters and Voltmeters Absolutely Dead Beat. Extremely Sensitive. Practically Free From Temperature Error. Theirlnclications are Practically Independent of Frequency and Also of Wave Form. New vfeston Ecllpse D1rect .. anal Voltmeters . uw, M . HXNX X iQbQ,Xp fSoft Iron or Electro-magnetic type, are I V ffm h remarkably accurate. Very low in price if A! Aclmirably aclaptecl for general use in small Q' 1E""f"1f: '-" plants. Well macle ancl nicely finished. All 'X M L of these NEW INSTRUMENTS are excel- .M 4, lent in quality but low in price. f'f1r2'1-spolldr 'llf'9 I Current Swltchlnoarcl Ammeters '1'Iffl1'flfIIljflLC'Y1' and our lI'l'flllCl!fJlL'ILNf1lIIIlIlI'd insirzzmr H24 lffbgflcgf. VVESTON ELECTRICAL INSTRUMENT CO. Newark, N. J. i ! ,' Q H W: A Man is often Eggucgson juclgecl hy his Hat MAKECLIS Donit he misjuclgecl Wear a Gorclon at Get our estimate on your fraternity symbol we illustrate only a few of them. We cheerfully furnish estimates for anything in the line of Pins, Badges and Fobs. Active students can save much in their purchases at Huclsonis Jewelry Store 519 and 521 NICOLLET in Sbcfety is L J Statfogery .YM I. i an vv. ,N-N ' 3 a .X M T1z1'ngs ,167 gr I out of the :gf Ordinary 3 503 K-0,11 f A 49" university men realize the personality the spir- it of service an spirit of commercial altruism for WIIICII tI1's business stan s H art, 659 Marx Clothes L Ro Imse ' , res. mon, reas. I hl'sI1ecI se A XX Y , yi if -x gl 9 1 f A, Q , A X ' - 1 Sooner or later every X thinking college man knows l A 5 71 17 If I fx 1 II' ' '1 ,674 L Maurice . t I'nId P ' David Si T Esta n 1888 M'P'L'S: 7-ne Nicollet, c 4 I1 77m HANDICRAFT GUILD H aI I and Tea Room Ava1'laI77e for Social .Functfons ODD THINGS FOR GIFTS-Made in the Guild Shops CLASSES IN DESIGN AND CRAFTS Wlntel' and Sufnfnel' Se5Sl0Il5 89 South Tentlz St. .7541'nnea1SoI1's W H I T E fs? MACNAUGHT Jewefers FINE WATCH REPAIRING and MANUFACTURING 51-.PAUL Ment1'on tfzzfs cami and receive 71.567117 R ff H GLo13hinq House Jfswunf MONEY CHEERFULLY REFUNDED 407 NicoIIet Avenue MINNEAPOLIS CompIiments of Advance Thrasher Co. MINNEAPOLIS JE KINS BROS. VALVE lll The high quality possessed by these Valves has earned for them a reputation that is world wide. ln metal, in design and in workmanship they meet g r the requirements of the most exacting X l SCrV1CC. , I , i 111 Made in Brass and lron, screwed or flanged in a variety A of types and sizes. Standard pattern for ordinary pressure, p extra heavy pattern for high pressure. , ,.,. f 77 A 'll Please note that in order to obtain the genuine it is necessary to specify ,Q 1- W. ,,., V E ' ,I ?l "Jenkins Bros. Valves" and see that they bear our registered Trade Mark 3 Q- 4 1.11 Also manufacturers of jenkins '96 Packing, Discs, Pump Valves, Gasket Tubing, Water Gauges, Gauge Cocks, Etc. General Catalog mailed on application it JENKINS 131105, New Yon., Boston, clmgo, Pldladehihfa 5 , 5 limi!! 1 ns The penwith the Clip-Capt .VWQEGN 'e Qgy THE STANDARD of high grade, present day writ- ing instruments. There is a style for every pur- pose. A fingers-end convenience that is always useful in student life. No spilling of inkg no skipping or blottingg no scratchy points. ASK YCUR DEALER L. E. lvaterman Co. 173 Broadway, W ,eQFP+: ' Fo 507 Art1'st1'c W Clzoicest Decorat1've .Fforaf plants ancl Cut QWOTL 1 Fjowers L e a cl 1 n g' F1 o r 1 S t S MINNEAPOLIS: 618 Nicollet Ave. ST- PAUL1 GREENHOUSES: Phones: Q Q16 gf'-62536 Endfjilt Arcade St' QLQQQQQQQ Qffm Reeaeleneee T. S. 6106 Perle Either ESL? ll? 6 , ,WE Q S C H O 0 L ee W Q Q 1 Q ? 1, SUPPLIES ee! jg e QR ff Wholesale and Retail QX ' 4 , -" O - 0 X, ,xv fe 04 ov e le 04 PQ e S " SU? 60 We X SU exe? AHPOUS MWF 'I Books, Statmnery, Founta1'n pens, 'UJOLIS MN Drawing anal Surveying Instru- X ments, MeJ1'ca7 Books and 5Uff77.8S, At1z7et1'c Goods, Text Books Write us or can on us for particulars. We can furnish everything needed by TEACHERS, DOCTORS, LAWYERS, ENGINEERS Northwestern School Supply Co. 141371 Ave. 69 4tlz St. 706 Henne151'n Avenue 508 For Your Lunen- For a Bite when Hungry- KRISPY CRACKERS 10 Cents a Package Made fn M1'nnesota WORKS BISCUIT COMPANY Minneapolis St. Paul I Reserved 1 ill What one of Our Good Friend D'cl f Us Z Aff, l- ff? PI-IGTO STUDIOS High Gracie Portrait and Commercial Photography Awarcfecl H7'gZl8Sf Honors xvizerever Eixlzibftecl ST. PAUL MINNEAPOLIS GRAND FORKS 510 1 ! 4 mv 9 5 J I f- - , 5 ' A I nfl, K, X ' Zf, ' XA , I, K 5 4 N ,ff 5 its A V 5 ' V' , , 2 , 's V, N K . Q N X X fi? . K A gf 3 E , X d A " I 5 Q ' A ENGRAVINGS N " ' , L X xxx ' BY ELECTRIC CITY ENGRAVING Co. -.A V BUFFALO. N. Y. X 3 Y Q R Mme" 511 fer - ur ong Nearly everybody to whom the I9lO Gopher will be of interest, in time will have occasion to need some Fine Printing. -fine printing is printing appropri- ate for its particular uses-in which the element of cost is not the main consideration. fCost may be too low, and cost may be too high-for instance, you wouldn't use a sheet of Japanese vellum to wrap up a joint of beef from the butcher's-You catch ine idea? Cost, to be right, has regard to the eternal fitness of thingsj -when you are face-to-face with the problem of what is appropriate and right in conception, in quality, and in price, we ask you to remember that we have been in the printing business twenty years, and we are looking for at least twenty years more of usefulness in a steadily advancing stand- ard of Fine Printing. We do not claim to be able to produce line printing with poor engravings, paper, etc., but we can-and do secure the best results possible from materials supplied. Bring your problem to us and if we do not solve it to your satisfaction, we will try to honestly tell you where you can get the answer. , -but please do not confound our establishment with a dilettant or freak art establishment. Ours is a commercial, practical printing business, in which the cost of production is kept on that commercial basis which would not per- mit us to survive if we were not fit. -in short we do the best modern printing-artistic, high grade and rational-fit for the purpose in- tended-at ordinary commercial rates of cost and profit. The I9I0 Gopher is a sample. Farnham Printing or Stationery Co., four entire floors of the Edi- son Building, 4l7 Hennepin Avenue, Minneapolis. 512

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