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pq -Y V if -31--Q., 1-if W-A -v-fwvvv L" syn, Photo: S. E. johnson S Op gc77'Wg6fA Q'5ZVfxSbEE5v 1?0 GEVKSEWZ so Oivifo 02' an 05 A sw 0? Kip QQQWQQWEEEQEEQQ W Q hr Hnhvf Q ggi? UNIVERSITY OF f MIN N ESQTA G' u Q gif Q MM i Th B k f h Cl f 1909 ?25 i V 1 xxu The Discus Thrower Posed for the Gopher at Lee Studio after Greek Statue in British Museum by a Minnesota Athlete. 5,131.0 lf" 'QIvQ!f "' Ok o ' 54 E14 " 1 S 'AW U15 ,E 1: ax-:mfg 111115 Ili 11 1 315121113 L11 111111 r ll 1 1111 11111111 1111111 11111 1111111 11111 11 11111 11111 1' 111111111 f 5111111111111 111 1 111111111 1,1111 11111111111 111111 111 111 1 1111 11121 11 1111 11111 B11 Ill 111 1 .I P . C1111 IJ II 111111 11111 hm 111lg 11111.19 111.1 LIITIIIPI' 11111111111 1111111 11111' 1111111 1116111 PlIP1',J1llI'P51 fr11111 11, mv h11h1ra1111111111 13111111 11 '11 1 IS PZ E 911' Q vr X Y 'Qs Zed 1 r 7 D ' 1"2" v D 5. . ,G 1' 11 M ye ' ' ll E1 11111 Ill QIIILI 111'1'r F . an Q is I I E 1. W -.4 U TP11 i 11, 1 C 11- 414 ,.' ' ' 1 ' 1- , ' T! 1. 'K11t?- I 11 ll. 1 m khl111 11 11 11 1 lb 1 ll - I ,1 1111 I1 1 111 51 y 1' ' 1 N' 9 - 5 ' Q B, 6 Q. 11:1 Q 11 f 252- 1 11 Q2-112,11 1 1 50Z91gf1'R' 1 V Bhws Dae- . 53-Q r . . ' ,V , Gi. , Q Q-'fig Q. C OU 0 C C C .,,. M- - .M H .g . . ,-,, E5 ii k mxi' N f, N Y , 4, M ' ' L--' :ggi 7' li ,X sa gg Q , v "Rejoice, O young man, in Ury youll1!"- Eccles. X1-9. I. Sing of the body struggling. I sing of the life of the player of foot-ball, I sing of the low crouch, the firmly-set legs, the ey? I I n 3 . , sv v X X s out-standing eyes, the swirling avalanche of on- rushing, thick-padded masses, the thump of the The lure of the great game of games has a grip on my soul: The broad, checkered field, the high human embankments, 'rn F fi 57' clash of well-tutored limbsY"the thrilling embrace! .gp wh .Qf W' 5 : 3 I alive with the wild-spirited multitudes, the nip and the zest of the crisp autumn air, charged and electric with untamed suspense, The battle itself: the nerve-tearing dive at the man with the ball, the red-blooded passion aflame with the gust of the fight, the white and drawn faces looking up at the sun! I sing of the field-home of the giants: hot, heavy- aired, teeming with shout and with groan, areek with the odor of liniment, alive with the industry of towel-girted trainers, plying their bandages, ghastly and white. I know the moan of the strong man aweary, and the pathetic, expressionless face of a player exhausted. I understand fully the naked, conscienceless language burst from the bloodless lips of my team-mate enangeredg I am awed by the majestic tread of nude, white bodies aglow and aglisten with sparkling, unabsorbed drops from the shower. II. I am fascinated by a runner. He swings along at the edge of the Hat cinders, his slightly bent arms keep time with his sinewy legsg he breathes from the depths of his bodyg His soul, wind-swept and free, sings to him as he travels. There is one thing of the world that he fears, the crunch of cinders behind him. 6 His eyes stare at the path straight ahead of himg his mind clicks off the seconds and yards as they liy from under his sharply-clad feet, he miserly spends the strength he has hoarded. l am held by the beauty of muscles in action as with lightness and grace he strides on his way. His body cries out for the end of it allg his unheeding mind is adin with wild passion to win at the tape: The up-cringing arms, the distorted face, the back-sinking head,-soul agony-oblivione The time is announced and brought to him then, a tenuous smile is his answer: He's glad he has won. Ill. I love to grapple the body of my brother, I love the tang of the sweat of my brother, I l love the embrace of joy and resistance. Gocllilce he stands as he awaits the encounter: his arms are pressed outward by reason of wedges of muscle, there's beauty and wonder in each line and proportion. Locked in his arms hc's mine while I hold him: through velvety sheaths of fibres that writhe, I come at the soul of the wrestler, my brother. To the shoclc of our bodies, though blinded with sweat and desire, our hearts sing together, sing the rare song of communion of human with human. IV. Tis sunset, and full into the face of the big, dying sun, my soul, panting with melody, hurls its greeting, exultant and free. primordial joy grips my breast as l sing, as l sing the blood-song of men that are men. l chant a hymn for the earth-joy. l list to the pean of warm, human brotherhood that swells along the street-aisles of the city as l go on my Way. l lie down to slumber: quiclc-fading conscience comes with the touch of my bed, with the fragrance of my rose- bed of luxurious calm and repose, Soft, satiny shadows steal down about my body, relaxed and fatigued Through the black of oblivion tinlcles a tremulous, sweet, siren note, the flute-note blown by the flesh-god thatl worship, The note of the lure of the struggle. -7-,ml H, Uzzey. 7 mln, Q , ' Ih H x "9 ' L..........'3 Cyrus Northrop, LL. D. r 'E EX President of the University QQ Q 2 2 i oo Clio R THIS Him. .IUHY Llxli ' m.. President of thug lrnrinl rlxlllrf lInN.Alo11N A.jm1xsrmx Gow-rr1ox'rwftl1c Slam: Tm-1 lwlox. JOIIX XY. c,JT.SIiN ' .r , State'Sl!p1'1'11xu'x1de11tOflulwlic Inslructimx Tmi IION.'1'll03lAS XYILSUN 'l'H1c Him. B. F.N1c1.swx Tuba Him. A. E. R102 Tm: Hwx.D,xxn21. R. Nwvu. ,PHI-I Hwx. PIERCE BL"l'I.l'IR 'flirt Hmm. S. M. OWEN 'FHIC Hnx. XV. xl. IXIAYU Tllif Hwri. HENRY B. Hmmxxlr 8 Q Cyrus Northrop, LL. D. President of fha Universily xlfmx F. llmvxm, M..-X., C. E. Cullum: uf Science. Literature :uid xhm- .Xrlx Fmiimiftluntx S. joxics, MA. College- of Enuinvurinu and the Meclmnic' Art Eumxiz XY. li.-XNIJAIJ. DSIlH1'l1llElll0fAXIl'iCl1lll'll'k' YV11,l.1,xxl 5. PAT'1'm:, LL. IJ. folleuv of Law X ix I',xl14c1111.1: XX Pisislwmm, BLA., M. Colleue Of:XICdiCiH92lI1ii Suruery 1'll'i2FNF L. MAXN, BMX., BLD. iollvuvs of Ilonlrnpzxtliiri Mwlirille :md Surun .XI.P'lQk1IJOXX'IiPI, D.M.1J., M.l,J. Collrue of De-ulistly I 1 i nmugis sl. XY1'Ll.1N1:, 1',xR.D., L Collm-no 0fPll:11'l1mr'y VX ll.I,1.xAl K. Avv1.H1aY, MAX. SCIUJOI uf Mines Griwkrsri B. FRAx141fuR'1'1i1: Pl1.D 7 School of Cllevuliszlry Gwmkmzi-1 lf. AIABIICS, PH.D. Sclwui of Iidiirizntiml Nm' T. IfIPIYY,C.E.,1Jli.l,.,I,L Grml11zLluScInool Alix L. CONIS'I'HCK, M.A. D:J4xiiofXYmi1cx1 ERYHs'1'1'3. Pliilscri, B.A. Reuislmr 9 -' , ,'s4,s -vi. "ffl-' ,xx : J. ' 4 -'A . V , wr' . F-lf. 18 L ,G ' , . 5. , .' . . ' gf. 1 'oy '-19' . -4-'jft ' .L . . - A . 5,5 ,ar f 1- J "n " Q MW' "' - Y ur' 'a wb." ', ,, . . 1 ' '. ' , " 4'1" Y 'J . Facade of Library The Center of the Architectural Beauty of Minnesota's Campus. Photo: Siruhle Bros ri ?YQ Birches A bit of the Picturesque Campus of the College of Agriculture .- .J V L-f fm . - 1 .4 ' : v. ., .,,.i.. -. , . .. Q X, , M,y, .ggig M.. Photo: H. D. Ayer A 1 1 1 . 4 i Class of I 908 G UY C. BLAND President Calmdvx Ifl'fWz'fv mm' Rm' Officers Gm' C. BLAND, President M.4RY E. SIHELY. Secretary 1XI.lfRED A. PICKLER. Vice-President GUY C. jouxsox. Treasurer JOHN H. IQAY, Sergeant-at-Arms 1 2 E? xx, N X 'I ll E uxf x III RQ? 522. I all Q Kira. 7 X ' l ' -X ' Q ' 3161 'X M an' X Ea 7 f 1 ld, , '- -, f - x.,. :Q fb ,S iw: RN Qlgkwslh' ll wx , f '40 ' Ili I H " V X, 1,5 Q , K- if f '11 I ' N k xtk N-sa S, xg , A fr ' , -X . ,i ,v X IN' THE ENIUH , N RAx'x1ON1w Sl.l2El'lER, President :XLL Class of I 909 lhyxmwlm 81.151-11'11311 P1'z:si4hfx1L Clffnzivx l'z11y5ff mm' IIWHQ' 0H:lCCfS EMILY CHILU, Secretary lax S1 ORIX. Vice-President VV.x1.'1'15R Y1':ATnN. ,lxl'CZlSUl'SI' Cm' mi VV1r.soN, Sergeant-at-Arms 14 M "wh 'Ng I K! M! 1 X 569 mn Q THE JUNIOR QW 74 f f ' W if f ff ff A W N 7 ., mug" C1385 of I 91 O A1c1,1f314,x1 Ii, KIILLEIQ I'l'n snlm-ul Clrfww' ICQWZ fJ7f!!6' aim' Goff! Officers .Xrz1.1crG1l K. lVI1r.r.15k, President I'xLORliXC'E liuvx, Secretary FI.uRENc'1: I.AYAx'1fA, Vice-President Rl'lTCWI.l'II Ii.-XWISLANIU, Treasurer 16 ,Q XZ! ZWIQ W R N X mm X I ii 1' I Ill: I 15" " 0 Nh 52:5 Qi mfs ruunun 1,5553 ,, 'if eg? 4 Q ,MQQMW xi. x X AQX1 'M X Ii' F." X I n - My A XM- I I X E ima! FUI li ' 1 'si'-79" - X x - ""'fL!V 5ur . . Nl Class of l9l I ARTHUR P, Sx11'rH President C'0f01'5: f'm1'f ling' mm' ,f7lrz1'0011 Qfflcers Ax'1'Hm'R P. Surru, President IQATHERINIE L. POND, Secretary WILLIAM S. l'1LE1IMING. Vice-President FRANK M. '1xOT'1'0N, Treasurer NIA1.C1OI.3I A. N.AS1I, Sergeant-at-Arms 18 xwwmtxlulunumlmmmI. , XV E 0 f ' I ,LN I-A lb. 5155 Me!" f u 2355 N-.ri 3 Fall-ggi x I Tgflgil , 4 lE!:'5-L' Q YD f-- cw f 9 AE. 'X J ' O0 L81 I THE FB SHMAN 1, , 'ff' 1 LQQIIII j Z -N .un X' .f" ' , if 'fn x ,vu : YAY A if X -i-'ii3:Q -I-E ' :.l1 I X ixggaigg, --Q n -- A ,jcgx N:--I I ft Win -2- f' E l:l:! 'Nil 1 x nk, -3 x Vu 'll-, mx , ', X . EH'-:gg 3,17 Q . u I - x 1 - a:E2i,..g 'ij f 45 Q .ie lu, I ll I - I JU It ' x'G17llllnl" Wx J ' W- - 0 -X w N - , 'gs' qui: A 'L - 654,1 F . 'QE ' :W J gg ' v 9 Qfficers in other Colleges J Classes of Engineering XY. C. Blzctxjonn. President If. XV. BUCK. Secretary XfVI1.1.IAxI ELSIXERG, Vice-President R01-a1iR'1' Jxggrtri:-1, Treasurer JOHN B111:R1i, Sergeant-at-Arms Law NI. VI. XVOOLEY, President Miss FR,xRx', Secretary K. D. Doxsmin. Vice-President C. j. XVA1.K1aR, Treasurer E. VV. VVENULAN11, Sergeant-at-Arms Night Law R. S. McfKE1.I.RR, President 'THOMAS L. BRU1LI.,1.R1v, Vice-President G. E. C1.U'r'1'lQR, Secretary and Treasurer IANA EASTON, Sergeant-at-Arms 20 Medicine CI,1l-"1'oN ISOUREN, President Miss IQEFIPE, Secretary BI,xie'1'iw I.xiewx. 'Vice-President Nlicziuifi. lf. Hen nas. Treasurer M.x'1'T SVND1' ANU Emi iw l'AI'i,SarvN. Sergeants-at-.Xrnis Iiiav. -IOHNSON IIICKSIUXI.. Chaplain Dentistry iXR'1'iii'R M. lQL'f.G1,if:s, President Miss AI,-XRfiI'liRI'l'l2 SCRIIENER 5ec'y. Crux. XVIIi'l'llHl-'I-', Vice-President PM i. C, Yuietfi-2. Treasurer Pharmacy lfiuxx Si,.1.wswN, President lmirf NIAYIIQRVS, Secretary lixiim' In MAN, Vice-President XViI.I.1AM XIi'NR0i1:. Treasurer Agriculture H. IS. Qt,XRIlO1.l., jiz.. President NIMH' K. HA1e'i'zicI.l., Yice-President A. AX. PuT'i'icie, Secretary and Treasurer liniiii Y. liN0wL'roN, Sergeant-at-Arms 21 Significant Events Distinguishing the Past Current Year V A Page of innesota istory l907 April lith-The opera "Pinafore" given in the Armory. April 19th-The legislature appropriates 3471111000 for campus extension. -The legislature grants 35105000 for increasing the salaries of professors. Governor johnson appoints Professor McVey to the Tax Commission. Vaudeville show given in Chapel, proceeds for campus-theatre fund. Dramatic Club gives "Twelfth Night" on outdoor stage. -Secretary Taft gives graduation address in Armory. Minnetonka Fruit Breeding Farm purchased. -Pasteur Institute opened at University. -University opens with registration over 4500. New main building, Folwell Hall entered. Regents appropriate 552,000 for swimming pool in Armory. 5th-Professor Zeublin of Chicago University gives first of series of lectures on "Common Life." 17th-Delta Upsilon convention opens in Minneapolis. 18th-Senator LaFollette speaks on "Representative Government." 1st-Minnesotas first Purity Banquet, with Chicago as guest. 2nd-Minnesota loses Western Championship to Chicago, 18 to 12 -Burglars dynamite the University vault. -"Dad" Elliot of Northwestern in Chapel. -Political Equality Club initiated. -Kawa Klub born. -Minnesota beaten by Carlisle, 10 to 12. 19th-Ibsen revival begins with the "Dolls House" at the Lyceum. -Mrs. Frances Potter's play ujamiesonn at the Lyceum. -We break even with our ancient enemy Wisconsin, 17 to li. -john Kendrick Bangs in Chapel-"From Adam to Adel' - -Intercollegiate debates: Nebraska defeated: Wisconsin wins. -The "Messiah" given in Armory by students. l908 -Minnesota defeats Columbia twice at basket-ball. 10th--Minnesota admitted to "Association of American Universities." llith-Dramatic Club gives "Esmeralda" F. Hopkinson Smith in Chapel-'tGondola Days in Venicef Booker T. Washington in Chapel. Alpha Gamma Delta installed. Fortieth Anniversary of Founding of University. Alpha Delta Phi Convention begins in Minneapolis. Dr. lf. XV. Gunsaulus in Chapel-"Savonarola." President Schurman of Cornell and Professor Chittenden of Yale in Chapel. Lyman Abbot speaks in Chapel. -junior Ball at the Masonic Temple. University loses E. Eugene McDermott, Professor of Oratory. through death. Hamline Medical Department absorbed by University. April 24th April 25th-H May 16th-- May 31st- june 13th july 29th- Augustlst Sept. 17th Oct. -Lth- Oct. Oct. Oct. Nov. Nov. Nov lith Nov Sth Nov 9th Nov 14-th Nov 16th NOV Nov 22nd Nov. 23rd Dec. 11th Dec. 13th Dec. 18th jan. 2-lid jan. jan. jan. 25th- Feb 11th--- Feb. 14th- Feb. 18th- Feb. 20th- Feb 21st- Feb. 24th- Feb. 2'lth-- Feb. 28th- Mar. -ith- Mar. Tth- Modern Drama Class presents Ben jonson's "The Silent VVoman." 22 XD Athletic Board of Control Till-:onom-1 XYITA ALVIN I. Iiumcylxo XviCC'I'l'CSiLlBI1l Seoro1m'y XV. YALE Smlmzx' 1f:1f11cT XY, Mule Acadc-mic lC1.1A1qm '1'o1u:ANr'14: Oleluaw IC. Su-'zfmm Prewidn-ul Jmllcsa P CAx,mx'm.x, I-'xlggiuevrilxu Mn-mlicimf Lzxw OF THE I o Q PS Q 1 E if ' ff 1. f ff, 'A,. -'ff N,, Y 3 EHKFKS i Wf ofmf Ja" ' ' I it' J .lik 'K' Q2 . Sq, 91 Sf! iff S L N. do Football bvlllwxxl-1n'1x'1' lllxx C xsl-1 IiVIFYI,l.XXlv B xx lll'.I,lX Mnl.s'l'xn Yfmrv: CuF3s'1'x1 'I' lC.xlr1'1m1,xc'11lcl Cxmwx G. Cm'c:H1,xN CXPRIJX II. SW Basket Ball 4 . Ibmcualxu C, Xxlwn-ilesnx Cm xmix' B b ClQl'I'K'Hl-'lIiI,lr ase an llxxsrix , 1'im'l.ra XXHIPIQIVII Ml IR Iil4s'1'1mp - Cxvlwv H. bn'rz1swrtn'l1'1' lim-1'l'r1114n Bm www Track XY.x1,r4 ICR NIKllQ'I'I'2NSl'1X R"553'W 1Ql,jl,Ix4,Rl, 1,XRSHY Lx'1"1'l,r1 UHXN I-Z Y1'1'x Cu,mx1c1,l, GR.XNl1AXXRl. XYMUIQICII I'l"I'Xl'IR Pllllil-ION NMIQCIQM5 pg 25 F Fr 4? A 5 A 4 11 Z 4 . gk, "' ' .wg MM, .59 I 1 Q' WW, -..A E 5 I ,xg I A A my A..- , 1 '1' Y -- 5 , ' V. A sg' . K 3 . J",-'fgy Q, I A ' K .,ws:i, L ' 9 f , 22 . f '9 was fx,,1.., t 5 ww. . ,Y U 11, , H ,rf-,.f.p, ,. u...,..., . ,fl :wk T-1: 'Q ' -- M '- ..., ',,,,,. ' A , W ..., , - v '..y.- 4-- " f , i2 ' ming w'x5e:s P- A ,A ff V, - Y 1 '.. --Q -N, , ., f' 1, .: ----' 4 v p Photos by Luxtou l I l The Qutloolc Some Big Things that Happened in the F all of l 907 The Football Season HHN Minnesota's football team ran out on Northrop Field to play the opening game of the season with Ames last fall, a feeling of un- certainty pervaded the atmosphere of the rooter's section. The team was green. Dr. XYilliams and the men on his general staff freely admitted this point. It was a team of which we could prophesy nothing. Only three of the men had won "Mus in football, Captain Schuknecht, Bandelin and joe Kjelland. Ames Game. XYith this distressing uneasiness hanging over us we were not very enthu- siastic. But soon we had a chance to yell. In the first few minutes of play Ames put the ball on our five yard line by two dashing end runs. Right here our line braced up. Three mighty plays were hurled against that wall of bone and muscleg three times did joe Kjelland and his comrades hold fast, forcing the Aggies to give up the ball. The first crisis was passed. Then our untried team got busy: the ball was worked toward Ames' goal, George Capron finally relieving the situation still more by kicking a beauti- ful field goal. 'iCape" was the whole show in this game, another drop kick from off his boot in the second half giving us a total of eight. The farmers failed to score. But what a score for a Minnesota eleven! Not a touchdown against an erstwhile second-rate team! That is what hurt most. Yet our boys had put up a game scrap, and this gave us hopes for better things in later games. " Peggy " Gets l-lurt. There was one other thing that put a damper on our rejoicing over the Ames' victory. An unfortunate accident put poor old HPeggy" Wodricli out of the game for the season. YVe expected big things of him, we admired the pluck he showed, and we were sorry to see him leave the field with a disabled shoulder. 27 I HVKNECH 4 .'Xl"'I'AlN lfllli' 2 7 73 -I. A Z 4 Ll! Z, z E 2 -c I hi L 4: Nebraska Game. ' The coaches, however, were keenly aware of the coming of Nebraska and no discouragment was allowed to manifest itself in the camp of the players. The "Cornhuskers,l7 our old rivals, were known to be dangerous. Their lasting ambition is to beat Minnesota. Only once have they turned the tricky but that victory is the brightest spot in their football history. Led by Hliingw Cole they sailed into Minneapolis with the avowed intention ot eating us up alive. And they gave us a hard fight, too. Scarcely had the game started be- fore Captain XVeller picked the ball up after a fumble and raced sixty yards for a touchdown. Again we trembled. At the present time we dare confess that with a 5 to 0 score staring us in the face but few of us had confidence enough in our team to believe we really would overcome the lead. Dunn and Case had appeared in the line-up, and their presence strengthened the teamg yet we quaked in our boots. It was plain that something had to be done. The team grasped the sit- uation, too. Everyone seemed to get "mad" just at the right time. The big fellows in the moleskins lit in and began to tear up the Nebraska line. It was great to see. Although stopped once or twice, it was a steady march. Minnesota was not to be denied a score. The Cornhuskers could not stave it off. Capron turned the trick just as soon as the ball was within striking distance. XVith the score 5 to 4 against us, we breathed a bit easier. The next score came in a hurry. Nebraska kicked off to the five yard line where old "5chuk" caught the ball, returning it fifteen yards. i'Raddy" squirmed through right tackle for a dash of forty-five yards. An exchange of punts followed, and a few plays carried the ball to the twenty yard line, whence "Capel' put us in the lead by edging in another field goal. My, but how good that made our football hearts feel! At last we had them going. But the actual scoring was ended. Q No touchdown yet. But the team had improved. Our chances against Chicago were much better. Yet the coach had but just begun his important workg the doctor had the job of his life to whip those crude lads into shape to meet Staggs' eleven on anything like even terms. Ante-Bellum Days of The Chicago Game. As the time for this epoch-making game drew on apace, our uncertainty gave place to more hope that Chicago would be defeated after all. Who of us will ever forget the tense excitement surrounding that game of games? XYhat days they were! The old-timers began to talk of the Michigan game 29 IJVNN PTA l W PN of 1903. NVhen cards bearing the slogans 'iVVe MUST Beat Chicago" and 4 iCro-fer Chicago" appeared in the hats of the men and pinned to the cloaks of the girls, there was something about the whole thing that gripped our hearts. VVe did things hitherto unheard of in the course of a sane college career. It lasted for a week, each hour increasing the agony of suspense. The Mass Meeting. Wfhen the mass meeting of the Thursday preceding the game was call- ed to order CU, the air was fairly throbbing with enthusiasm and loyalty to the Maroon and Gold. We saw a splendid exhibition of loyalty when the great crowd of students left the chapel to follow the band in a Hzig-Zag" down Pillsbury Drive to Northrop Field. Everybody cheered riotously for the whole team, and for every one of those fellows who were training so vigorously to bring glory to their Alma Mater. Finally Dr. XVilliams and Captain Schuknecht appeared. They were the only ones that could calm the tumult. i'Doc" made a short talk, and then big HSchukll was raised to the multitude. He thundered his defiance of Chicago in roclamation- "VVe are not going to be lickedll' W'e knew our team was the shoulders of p . . inspired with this spirit. XVe drew our breath in longer gulps. At last we had faith in our team. The Purity Banquet. Then came the big host stunt on Friday night-a new experience for us. There were great doings. Those who went will never forget it. Good fel- lowship and friendly rivalry were in the air. Stagg and Wfilliams, "Lon" and "Harry," bantered and joked each other like a pair of school boys. HFish" and "Snake" yarns convulsed the banqueters. Dean jones Cwho called himself "Fred"D, Hklimmiei' Paige, judge xlaggard, President XN'yman of the Regents and Dr. Raycroft helped out in the fun making and joke- competitions. Captain Leo De Tray, of Chicago, was a charmingly Coy and bashful boy,mthough he fooled us the next day! And HSchuk" again sounded a clarion war-cry. It was the final note, we were ready for the game. The Chicago Game. The game itself was not for the Hmollycoddlef' Such a splendid exhi- bition of manly grit, pluck, resourcefulness and endurance we may hope seldom to see. The contest portrayed the true spirit of our western univer- sities in magnificent style. VVe do not hesitate to proclaim this one of the most spectacular struggles ever waged on Minnesotals gridiron. 30 Y MU! l Three forward passes won for Chicago. The Maroon team was clever and tricky. They deserved to win: but they had to fight like Trojans to gain the richest of all western intercollegiate laurels. Steffen., DeTray, Paige, Iddings and Merriam were the men who did it, the forward pass is the rest of the story. At the very start our spirits rode a high horse. VVithin a few minutes after the kick-off, George Capron booted the oval over Chicago's cross-bar for four points. VVildly yelled the dense, electrified multitudes on the grand- standsg we had drawn first blood. Our cheering was hysterical. Then the wheel of fortune took a flip in the other direction, and Chicago's handful of rooters tied themselves into knots. The forward pass-ah, that fatal pass! 'Twas like a butterfly spreading its wings. Two men ran far. out at each end of the line, Steffen on the left wing. The ball was snappedg Steffen ran in and the ball was throwng it dropped in his armsg unhindered he scamper- ed forty yards, across the line. We were nonplussed. Nothing like it had ever been seen here before. Now the game was on in earnest. Every ounce of heroism in the boys who were struggling in the name of the Maroon and Gold, welled up within them. The VVindy City bunch was battered back to their forty yard line. They held fast. "Cape" was called upon to make good with another drop kick. It was a beauty. Rising from the fifty yard line, the ball sailed true, and hit the cross-bar. A moment it poised there. A gasp went up from the stands. It finally rolled off on the side next the score-board andewe were aheadl Again uncontrollable pandemonium broke loose. The half was ended. It looked as though we were to win. The wise men who had bet their coin on Stagg's team began to feel nervous. We gave vent to our feverish emotions in a series of yells, barbaric dances and songs such as is rarely seen in this section of the globe. An ecstasy of joy possessed us, quiver- ing through our very souls. The spirit of the Chicago rooters was droop- ingg their silence evidenced it. But, something must have happened during the intermission. Undoubtedly Stagg made a few uncomplimentary re- marks to his men. Anyhow, well,- The second half was on. VValter Camp's pet play jolted us a couple of body blows that hurt yet. That's all there was to it. Both of Chicagols touchdowns in this half were like the first one, results of the long fling. Capron managed to kick his third Held goalg but we were out-tricked and left in the lurch by a score of 18 to 12. We confess without hesitation 31 that we hated mightly to loose that game. We tried courageously enough to swallow our defeat, but somehow, try as we would, a lump would stick in our throats. A Skirmish with the Aborigines. Terrors of the gridiron, conquerors of lVIinnesota's championship 1906 team, victors over Harvard and Pennsylvania in 1907, the Indians came to do battle with the Gophers. Critics, almost without exception, conceded the Redmen a victory. Among ourselves, however, we cherished hopes for a possible victory. The "Rooter's Club,l' composed of upperclassmen, was organized to drown out the knockers who were croaking about the Chicago defeat. From this source originated the new "Can Can" yell: Hwuo can, can, can! NVE can, can, can! MINNRsoTA can, can, BEAT CARLISLEV' Nevertheless it was a trying two weeks for the Minnesota Spirit. There was no such enthusiasm as swayed us before the Chicago game. But when the whistle blew for the kick-off, the team was not alone. The rooters had learned a lesson at the Chicago game and stood by the team to a man until long after the game was over. The Indians came, saw, and conquered us for the second time, though their feathers were badly ruffled in the course of the action. Again Minne- sota scored first, "Cape" doing the hero act, before the Indians were settled down to business. The dusky men fumbled the kick-off, the Gophers got the leather and chose the air line, Capron's kick travelling about thirty yards. The Indians then opened fire on us from ambush with trick plays and the forward pass. The Hscalpingsn were two in number, both goals being kicked. It was thrilling football, but we didn't like the count of IQ to 4 that stood upon the score board when the half was over. The second half was ours from start to finish. Two big things hap- pened, the first was lVIinnesota's brilliant offense. The way our line jumped into the scrimmage, fairly sweeping the Redskins off their feet, was beauti- ful. Twice they were forced to their twenty yard line, twice field goals d as manv times the ball flew wide. For thirty-five minutes the much-vaunted and far-famed Easterners were jostled rudely about the were tried, an 32 5' T CHl'S'I'Nl"l field. Every man battling for old "varsity' played like a true Minnesotan Cwhat more can we say?l and we were on our feet every second, almost beside ourselves with joy and wild delight. Chestnut's Long Run Minnesotafs first touchdown of the year came late in the second half. The Indians had the ball on our ten yard line, where they fumbled. The pigskin rolled out of the pile of players. It seemed an age before-anyone wanted to notice it. But "Eddie" Chestnut spied it, sneaked over and picked it up: then started off on a mad chase for the Carlisle goal. He had a good lead, and Riadermacher joined him to interfere. Down the field they cantered with the raging Injuns hot on the trail. At the middle of the field one Indian tried to dive for HChes," but "Raddy" tumbled him. The other Redmen were gaining on the right flank. Straight as a string they Hed down the sideline. But Eddie was good for itg the Indians were un- equal to their taskg with a forlorn hope, one of them jumped for "Raddy" as they came within a few yards of the line. Evidently he aimed to push him ahead and spill Chestnut. HRaddy'l fell Without touching him, how- ever, and the other Injun dove in. nailing Chestnut as he slid over the line. Talk about excitement! No man, woman, or child took a breath during the progress of that thrilling run. XVe yelled, jumped and hugged until we were weak. "Raddy" was all in. That sturdy little Indian lighter did a good deal of the work that made the run possible. Minnesota's ends did themselves proud that day. Play was fierce from this point, but the gods would not vouchsafe to our yearning, another score. Our thirst for more of the Redmen's blood went unquenched. That thirst was terrible! We could feel it tickling our throats. But Capron was too exhausted to give us relief. The ending ofthe game with the Indians furnished a fitting and dramatic close to a great afternoon of football. It seems that there was a mixup over the possession of the ball just at the close of the half. The crowd in the grandstands, uncertain as to whether the game had ended or not, surged out on the field. Nor was anybody certain just what the trouble was until Rooter King Okes announced to the frantic multitude about the training quarters that the game was over and the score still stood I2 to IO against us. The Badger Fight Thought of the last game of the season at Madison brings up a sigh of regret. This time we thought we had a cinch. VVe all know only too well 33 what happened. The old Madison Hhoodoov still grins mockingly at Minne- sota's football teams. The few rooters who went down with the team worked faithfully but we could not wing a niggardly tie was the best the fates could grant us. Something was the matter. Our team had fallen off. They cer- tainly did-not show the form they displayed against the Indians. The Bad- gers played sterling football fthey always do against a Minnesota elevenj An afternoon's gruelling work brought forth only a score of 17 to 17. Forward passes were worked against the Gophers. This play figuring in three Badger touchdowns. Our boys wrested one touchdown from their hosts on some classy line-smashing by Captain john Schuknecht. "Schuk" was playing his last game, and he surely made a record to be proud of. Capron's wonderful skill in kicking field goals gave us our twelve other points. Three times he scored by the air-line, and three times his kicks missed fire. The big fellow was pretty well used up, but he played pluckily through the game in spite of his lame ankle and a broken rib. His dexterity in manipulating that right leg saved the game. Our gratitude to him is measured inadequately by the mere praise we have bestowed upon him. Minnesota pounded the Badger line mercilessly during the second half, but could not make the points necessary to tip the score in our favor. Those who went to Madison, as well as the stay-at-homes who watched the newspaper bulletins, experienced strange sensations that afternoon. First VVisconsin and then Minnesota would score. Our hopes ebbed and flowed in a most agonizing manner. Our hearts were in our mouths most of the time, but when the game was indeed over, they sank down into our boots. The curtain rang down on a football tragedy for Minnesota. The VViscon- sin game dampened our spirits. Aftermath But disappointing as the actual record of victories is, our football season was remarkable. Starting with a green, unschooled team, composed of crude, inexperienced men, Dr. VVilliams and his assistants evolved a combination whose work at times was truly marvelous. They competed with great credit against some of the best teams in the west and east. We are proud of them for the work they did. Always will we have a profound respect and genuine admiration for Captain Schuknecht and his mighty men of 1907. Their efforts betoken the earnestness with which they worked, and the mere record of victories will never be made a standard in judging their play. 34- A Word from the Coach The football season through which we have recently passed was a most interesting one for many reasons. Championship honors were not brought to Minnesota but the team acquitted itself with credit and developed into a strong and formidable eleven in spite of difficulties and discouragements. The extreme rigor of the regulations adopted by the Western College Conference was severely felt. Of the eleven men who played against Chicago the year before but a single one was able to play during the fall of 1907. An attempt had been made to prepare for the ex- odus which had been foreseen but when the season actually arrived Captain Schuknecht was appalled to find that sixteen of the men whom, in the previous spring he had counted upon, were debarred for one reason or another, in addition to the normal loss which had been expected. The quarter back material had been completely wiped out and this proved a difficult problem to overcome. It was not until within a week of the Chicago game that a man for the position was selected. Though lacking in experience he proved a hard and enthusiastic worker and the team made rapid advance under his generalship, One of the notable features of the seasons work was the rapid and progressive develop- ment from game to game. In Schuknecht the team had a captain who was a truly great player, and following his lead the green and inexperienced material became rapidly amal- gamated into a machine of high caliber. In the Indian game the Minnesota eleven proved itself a worthy representative of the institution and of the VVest. This year there was on the team a particularly bright star-George Capron, whose drop- kicking ability the team utilized to the fullest extent. Much of the attack was planned to carry the ball within striking distance and then allow Capron to try for a goal from the field: team work which concentrated the attention of the public on the individual, but none the less effective or beneficial, though somewhat obscured and receiving little recognition. The season of 1907 saw the new football rules firmly established in popular favor. The forward pass, which was introduced the preceding year, became an important factor in the game. In itself not intrinsically strong, it isa constant menace to the team playing on the de- fensive and furnishing as it does spectacular features, it has gained great favor with the spectators. The ten yards to gain rule, coupled with the forward pass and on-side kick both of which were designed to force a more open defense, have changed the game to a very considerable extent and replaced the 'former mass plays by a lighter and more open attack in which injuries are less common, where agility, speed and the ability to kick are the par- amount accomplishments, and where a brainy quarterback of experience who shall run the team with skill. judgment and rapidity is an all important factor, Team work and team play under the new rules occupies the place of lirst importance, while the brilliant and talented individual is given a greater opportunity to shine. The changes which have been incorporated in the rules for next year will modify the play but slightly and the game will be one with which all football followers will feel thoroughly familiar. , 0 Q A Word from the Captain To the public. the football season of ISIOT may seem to have been, on the whole, a dis- appointment. but to those who are more intimate with the progress of the team during the season. it has been a grand success. The season brought out one illustrious fact, as far as the student body is concerned, and that is that it displayed an undying spirit of loyalty to the team in defeat as well as in victory. The support given the 1907 team has never been surpassed and should be encouraged more and more in years to come. It helps, and makes the players feel as though they have some- thing to work for besides a mere victory over their opponents. 1. 5 A 1 1 1 21 ' 1iSHHBi1iE Minncsotzi Scores 101' The Season of 1907-1908 in 52 33 El 143 3 2 143 19 3 3 14: 233 14 433 32 34 20 12 2 Stout School 12. St. ,Iolink Collvgc 15. St. 'lllionizis Collegu 12. Columlmizl Iliiivn-rsity 8. COll1111lJ1Zl 1fiiix'ui'Sity 11. lowzi Uiiix'u1'sity 12. XYisconsin lfnivcrsity 237. Grinnell 25. lowzi Uiiivcrsity 25. Illinois L1l1lN'Gl'S1fj' 141. Chicago University 213. XYisConsin lfniversity 31. NClJl'2lSli21 Ifnivvrsity 12. Nelmraslczi Univursity 10. Purdue lfiiiversity 25. 1l1inois University 22. Chicago Univvrsity 22. Purcluv lfiiivcrsity O. llmy clofzuiltql 36 L11-, X f Vx 7 Di K -, 4 ...- M9 xff A lx li 1 ll li ll. wk!-. HVIIQ LYVURD sf'Hi'kN!.ClI'1' LI-'xrll rlillrlilxlll CHU!-X 111- IIN! XXI I i I ll NK X HXX Basket Ball Team Line Up Hxxsl-ix . . Left Forward Axlwilcsox . . . . Right Forward ljmiluxrs lCaptz1iuJ . . . . Center CRI'l'LIHIf'IFI,ll . . . Right Guard CAM um' . . Left Guztrcl Substitutes MUN XYUIHQICII St'lll'KYICt'H'I' lxrulzlu 37 SHHCLY ICRICKSUN LOIII-IRL? 'UICLANU l"I,l'1MlN1i NIICLSON Nl'1XV'1'ON Girls' Basket Ball Team MAY NRWTQN fCaptainl7 . . . Right Forward NIARY SHTELY .... . Left Forward NELLIE Lonnizu . . . Center Lot' Frmnxcz . . Right Guard 1'ql"1'H Eiucksox ..., . Left Guard Substitutes ELS.-x Uic1,ANn NI,-XRIF NrE1,soN Minnesota 28, Nebraska 22, at Nebraska. Minnesota 3, Nebraska 9, at Minnesota. 38 SHI LY Il.l-INIINK, UKGIIKGI-IX NICXVIUN I Winner of the lnterclass Tournament The Senior Team NIM' Xisxx'1'ox ....... Left Forward Lum' IFIJZNIIXKZ . . Right Forward ER XCI-2 GMQH xczicx . . . Center Yulrirc Doxivox . . Left Guard NIAIQY Suri-ZLY. Captain . . Night Guard Scores Sophoinores 5, Freshmen 13. Seniors 14, xluniors 1. Seniors 13, Sophomorcs U. 39 E f iii ln 1 ll A ,,-5, JH i -- g-I "T-'I 'ri M. VL my 1907 On the Cinder Pat i I Z -. L -, l W - V TP E ' lg I T " " -L ii '- X v T 1 NX , r 4 ll f MMISDIATELY after the examinations of the first semester Dr. W'illiams assembled the members of the track team and training for the indoor meet was commenced. The prospects for a success- ful season th e only eligible were Dougherty, rich. Ellison Beside these men who had had some were promising them were Uzzell, sen, Smiley, Smith The conference freshmen ineligible of much promising an uphill task to team because of a dates. About six weeks v WUDRIC H were rather dim as "MM men who were Captain Bedford. Norcross, VVod- Vita and lttner. there were several training and' who candidates. Among VanVorst, Morten- and Bohland. ruling rn ak ing deprived the coach material and it was develope a winning dearth of candi- of training put the men in fair shape for indoor work and the annual indoor meet was held on March 26th. The chief interest in this meet centered in the relay races, as the Door facilities for runninf revented any fast time from beinf made. 5-. . The interfraternity relay was won by Delta Upsilon, the track team upheld its reputation by defeating the football team and the sophomore colors were 4-0 l'RA'I"l' CONIYUX 1. DOUGH l'IR'l X MORTPINSUN l'ZZl-ILL XYIIDRIVH NORFROSS MKICAVICS liliDFflRD NALMGREN SMITH H.-XNYLEY DOl'GHl'TRTY wiped in the dust by the f'leet-footed freshmen. Shattuck won the 'iprep" school relay with ease. The first outdoor meet of the year was held on Northrop field on May -lth with Iowa. Our team was in poor shape owing to the had weather we had been havingg and the meet itself was run off in a snow storm. ln spite of the disadvantages we won the meet by a score of 40 to 25. This meet dem- onstrated clearly that we were stronger in the weights than we had been in past years but that our distance runners, probably owing to the cold weather, were not in their usual form. A dual meet with Nebraska was run off on May ll and our weakness in the distance runs proved our undoing. Again Dough- erty and XYodrich captured first in the dashes and hurdles, and Mortenson. after three years of hard training, proved his worth by winning the quarter-mile in a hard fought race. The final score was Minnesota 44: Nebraska 54. A week later, May 18th, the team met XN'isconsin in a dual meet at Madison. Our old rivals had their usual good fortune on V' their home field and won the meet with ease by a score of Ts to 37 IZHDFU 4-1 6, , R D lr- 'l'ht' sickness of lbouglierty, our crack sprinter, who was sure of ten points pix-yeiitecl us from making a better showing. XVeWere also completely outclassed in the weights. Mortenson again surprised every one by winning the quarter-inile from KIUGVQICIIS. On May2T an .Xll-University meet was held on Northrop field in which all members ot the University were eligible to compete. Wlodrich at this time succeeded in breaking the University re- ' cords in the high hurdles, clearing them in 113 seconds. R,,.,,,N,,,N Six men were sent to represent Minnesota in the XYestern lntercollegiate Conference held on Marshall held, june lst. Norcross was the only man who scored a point in this meet, tying for second place on the high jump and Winning the medal on the jump-OH. ,Xt the close of the season eight inen were voted HMT' by the Athletic Board of Control, Captain Bedford, Yita, lttner, Little, Mortenson, Dougherty, Yan Yorst and XVodrich. The season of 1907 was not remarkable as a record of victories, but at the same time the men Worked hard and several freshmen were developed who should prove sure point Winners this springg and While the outlook for this season is not particularly bright, with a hard working man like Mortensen as Captain, a team should be developed that will be a credit to the University. X' 'ff' 1 I 5 ., eam 412 W . , . A I AIIIZITT IIAXVLEY Dll. COOKII FOSTER UZZELL The Gymnastic Season G V lNXESOT.'X has always stood well in gymnastics and the Wk y ' season of 1907 was a remarkable one. Dr. Cooke had but one X 1 experienced man to begin the winter's preparation with, and the best tumbler on the team was put out of competition by an injury just as the first meet of the season was called. Yet the four men who were finally sent to Chicago to compete in the XVestern lntercollegiate Gymnastic Championships managed to return with the championship shield and a good cluster of medals. if figs The Minneapolis Y. M. C. X. team was easily defeated in a dual u meet in the Armory preliminary to the championships. Malcomson, Uzzell, Hawley and Labbitt represented Minnesota at the animal 'XVestern contests held in Bartlett Gymnasium at the lfniversity of Chicago on April lQth. Chicago, XVisconsin. and Nebraska were the other colleges represented. The gopher gymnasts took the lead in the scoring and maintained it to the end, finally winning over XVisconsin by T points. The Minnesota boys were complimented on their evenly balanced team work and the neatness and finish of their individual performances. Haw- leyls work on the rings and parallel bars in which he captured first and second, respectively, won him the generous approval of the audience and coaches present. That he also came within 22 ,. points of winning the all-,round championship adds luster to V ' his brilliant individual execution. For special excellence Labbittls work stood out beyond any other seen at the meet. This is at least true of his club swinging for which he came within a fraction of one point of securing a perfect scorerfa remarkable feat. X 43 ii A .-.if 4' 'Y -PA I: jg -,-n...s....-inf-L.r-'pw-? S S I . . X 311319 .9 Meg? 1 4' Lg , f L - if I. P' 1 :X 2 A r XV S Q ' , J fii.-- , r" lhe Ieamof 4 5 N 1907 NN ly' J . , anager if at FRANK E REED M 1 W. S. KIENHOLZ, Coach Llne Up Gr:xNcz,xAR1+ Ii.C.xv1wx Vatchers 131: r1'l'gH 140 lilwwx RRR xr: Pitchers BIARSHALI. First Base IQFSTIXH Second Base M. Lucsox Russxmx Third Base CAl.1,m'141.1, CCaptair1Q Short Stop I,-xksox DHANR Outfielders XY. 4-4 XYA L K I DRETCHKO NIARBIIALL REED NI, LARSON N. LARSOX DUANE XKALKI'-IR CALDXYELI. KIENHULZ KCOAVH KRAPRUN 'Zu N Ee , To ROSSMAN KI-ISTING On The Diamond HE baseball season of 15307 opened with only fourteen me-neligible, out of a field of' about forty candidates. XY. S. Kienholz had a hard task to put a team in the field on April Q5 to represent Minne- sota creditably against the Hawkeyes who were known to have a very fast team. The men got together, however, and by good team work and timely hitting managed to shut Iowa out 5 to ff much to the surprise of the few loyal rooters who witnessed the gaine. Notre Dame proved to have developed further than our men owing to their having been able to get out cloors much earlier. and we lost to them 5 to fl. The Nebraska game was a see-saw affair anal after practically batting out a victory early in the game the team went to pieces and lost H to T. 45 During the interval between the Nebraska and the iirst Chicago game several shifts were tried and the men got into the game with more spirit owing to warmer weather, and Chicago was downed 9 to 1. In The annu Notre Dame captain contributed largely to our defeat at the h al trip was very successful. Armour were all defeated on their home Helds a Madison by a score of 5 to 4. Coach Kienholz deserves a great deal of cre tha the the had. efliciency credit to owing to what he strong game Dretcliko pitching and t he displayed and the team which he University. He had a great many scarcity of good material and he ce He was ably seconded by Captain and was a good leader. Institute, Chicago and and the absence of the nds of the Badgers at dit for the energy and Finally developed was a obstacles to surmount rtainly made the best ol' Caldwell who played a was the particular star of the team because of his brilliant hitting and his ability to play any position necessary. Of last year's team Captain Boyle, Kesting, Caldwell, Wlallcer, Dret- chlco, H. Capron. and Grangaard are in college and will form a strong nucleus out of which to develope a championship team. XN'alter XYilinot, a veteran ball player, has been secured as coach and the prospects are bright for a strong team. April 25gMi April Q6 May 3 May 6 May 9 May 10 May 11 May 11 Ma y 15 May IT May 24 lNlay Q9 May 30 May an pl une 1 Scores for the Season of l907 nnesota 5f li 4. XVinnipeg . at Northrop Field. 4. .5 tr 4 4 5' lowa 0, Of Notre Dame 5, H lf'XYinnipeg 6, ii 7fNebraslca 8, H i l8f'North Dokota MUN 2, ii GrandForlcs, N. D. 11' N. Dali. Agri. College ll, H Fargo. TfNorth Dakota UU" 1, H Northrop Field. Q-'Luther College 5, ii H H 8f"Creigliton 5, L' ii 9ffChicago l, H L' 3fArinour lnstitute Q. E Chicago. f2fNotre Dame 1. ii South Bend. l5fChicago El. H Marshall Field. 47' "XYisconsin 5, 6 Randall Field. 46 nu. fb! ' va:- f U Nh. N---as-..?, -.,,,.. I.--nnqp,.,..,xm,,.,,,4 ILN -ri-P' gi-K viii. C Hull L P, 'AL L ff. L L x ' L i Q ' 5 X L, ,A A A V f- rf 1' ' A ?L,f - .1., , I V, L 1 ' 1 -7FHfH'f .Q M--...,,,-M ,,,,,, A W k -. -. g ' V X ,Lv W' V .L.V A ,,L . L L , f -, r : , L L L, , L . v K - f K L 1 YL ' fLL L L1LL,L H H 6 , A ,L , L ,L K 4 fi , PM ' x V 'A 'K . 4 K I+., L - L s r xt if Q K in new-. In k 9 1 K ' x , 6,1 an 5 , 6 1 x K If I J L at f f ,Q 5 I K L fL ,W ,L Q x 4, A WW! A K ,mu mm.-Y-W 1 -nl: Ls A M- fy ,., MM-1. L W MLN . in '- - S1 Lf? v www' Q 1 ef . M Lf' ' 4 ' ff . i L MUIR PHTT1-IR C-XRS N STONE PIDGEON Minnesota vs. Wisconsin at Madison MIJLR-Loissczii, 2-6. 3-6. POTTER-GREENE: 6-25, 6-I2 PIDGEON-REHM: 1-6, 0-6. CARSON-LESLIE: 7-5, 6-3. MUIR-PIDGEON vs. LOESCH-REHA1: 4-6, 6-3, 4-6. POTTER-CARSON vs. GREENE-LEsi.11a: 8-10, 10-8, 6-3 Minnesota vs. Chicago at Minneapolis MUIR-GRAX'I -1-6, 6-3, 4-6. PIDGEON-RANSOMEZ 6-2, 2-6, 6 POTTER-CARR: 1-6, 3-6. STONE-HENRY: 0-6. 5-7. MIJIR-PIDGEON vs. GRAX'-CARR! 5-7, 4-6. POTTER-STONE vs. R.ANSOBIE-HENRX'I 1-6, 3-6. Western Intercollegiate Tennis Championship at Chicago MUIR vs. GRAY: 5-7, 10-8, 0-6. STONE vs. OLIVER: 4-6, 6-4, 6-2. STONE vs. CARR: 1-6, 2-6. NIUIR-STONE vs. TicaHE-OL1v13R: 3-6, 6-3, 4-6. 48 new ' I U HE tennis matches for the University championships were held in the spring as usual. Owing to unfavorable weather and a 6 scarcity of courts a number of players who would otherwise have ff? taken part in the tournament were discouraged and did not enter. However there were fifty-nine entries in the menls singles and sixteen teams in the doubles. The lack of room was directly responsible for the small number of entries in the ladies? tournamentg but they made up in skill what they lacked in numbers. I ...if . E K X In the men's singles, after some hard battles, the contest narrowed to "Vern" Pidgeon and "Bob" Muir. As last year's champions were not at the University, this year the Winner of thelinals , H , in each of the menls events became the University champion. Muir beat Pidgeon in a hard match, ti-4, G-3, 6-4. In the doubles, Potter and Stone were matched in the finals against Muir and Pidgeon. The latter won, 6-2, 643, 6-4. In the ladies singles Elsa Ueland played Irene Dunn in the finals and won 6-I, 7-5. She then played Geneve XVales. the University lady champion, for the title. Miss XYales won, 6-I, 6-2. Miss XVales is also lady champion of the State of Minnesota and has held the title for several years. There were no ladies' doubles. Interest in tennis has increased greatly at Minnesota in recent years. So much so that three courts back ol the Law Building and MISSWALES three on Northrop Field do not begin to supply the demand. There is a great need for more tennis courts here. In the "Big Ninew, so called, there is an average of one tennis court to every 150 students. At the University of Minne- sota we have one court to every 600 students. As tennis has been taken under the supervision of the Athletic Board of Control. and they favor a liberal policy in regard to minor sports, this condition will probably be soon remedied. 4-9 "nos Mun FRANK E. REED On january first, 1908, Mr. lfrank E. Reed retired as active t graduate manager of athletics, though he will serve in an advis- ory capacity until july first, 1008. Mr, Reed was born at Glencoe, Minn., jan. 10th, 1880. He graduated from the Glencoe High School in 1898. from the Academic department of the University with the degree of B. A. in 1902. from the Law School in 1004 receiving the degree of L. L. B. He was elected graduate manager of athletics in june, 100-L. For four years he has filled this difficult position with remark- able success. The development of intercollegiate athletics at the University during the last four years is due largely to Mr. Reeds efforts. He has not only been faithful in the discharge of his duties, but he has shown himself to be a man of strong character and possessed of good business judgment. This trait with his personal charm and gentlemanly bearing have won for him the confidence and respect of his own University and those institutions with which we have enjoyed intercollegiate relations in athletics. During his term of ofhce he has had the pleasure of seeing Minnesota Cham- pions in football 1904, 10003 basketball 1905, 1906 and tied for championship in 10073 gymnasium 1007. HELON E. LEACI-I Helon E. Leach began his term of office as active graduate manager of athletics on january first, 1908. Mr. Leach was born ' at Spring Valley, Minn., twenty-four years ago. He graduated from the public schools in 1901, from tne Academic Department of the University in 1905, receiving the degree of B. A., and is a member of the junior class in the College of Law. He is a member of the Theta Delta Chi and Phi Delta Phi fraternities. Mr. Leach has served as assistant manager for two years and is familiar with all the details of the office. He possesses re- markable natural ability for the position to which he has been elected and all predict that in a short time he will prove a val- uable man to Minnesota. Mr. Leach when in the academic department was active in athletics, playing on the basket-ball team in 1904 and 1005, and on the baseball team in 1004. 50 The Carlisle Game 'R Q Ph0l0SI GCD- D- LUXIOHV UOUYHHU A Section of Roolers--Chicago Game GTHEC '!QQQ T5 NN1?5 9?T1AV! P1QU5P! 3 P ALP aD V13 IDE Q K ONE VIEW OF GYM TEAM - Founded December 5, I776 f PHI BETA APPA Minnesota Alpha Esiablished Qecember I3, 1892 OHlCCI'S joHN S. CLARK. President CIIAs. P. SIGERIfoos, First Vice-Presicleiit DAVID lf. SXVENSON. Second VieefPresiclent CORA E. NIARLOXVE. Secretary LIND.A NIALEY. Treasurer Active Members joseph XY. Beach jabez Brooks Richard llurton XYilliam Hussey Frederick K. Butters john S. Clark Frederick Clements Lillian Cohen Lettie M. Crafts Henry T. Eddy George B. Frankforter Rowland Haynes james T. Gerould john H. Gray Everhart P. Harding Christopher Hall I New Elizabeth ljrnchholz Ethel Bush Harold C. Deering Anastasia Doyle Murlen Fellows Albert N. Gilbertson Blanche Hull Edwin jaggard George F. james Edward C. johnson Charles E. johnson Frederick S. jones Leulah judson .Xlois S. Kovarik Linda Maley Eugene E. Mann Cora E. Marlowe j. Burt Minor Henry F. Nachtrieb Cyrus Northrop joseph B. Pike Albert XY. Rankin Otto Rosendahl Frederick XY. Sardeson Charles P. Sidener Charles P. Sigerfoos Samuel G. Smith David Swenson VVillis M. XN'est XYilliam xXYt'Stt'l'lTl2lll Albert B. XYhite Nellie Wfhitney Matilda VVilkin Charles xXvllll2llIlS john Zeleny james Zimmerman Norman XVilde Olaf Hovda john C. Hutchinson Members Elected March IO, 1908 Clarence M. Harter Lucy Hutchinson Rewey Belle Inglis .Xrnold j. Lien lngebright L. Lillehei Mary Amanda Lucas 53 joseph E. Lunn Inez j. S. Norlander Matthias N. Olson A. H. Palmer Alice Pope Fay N. Seaton SOCIETY OF Tl-IE SIGMA Xl. H THE SCIENTIFIC HoNoRARY Minnesota Chapter Officers l 908- l 909 C. P. SIGERFOOS. President F. H. CoNs'I'.iN'I'. Vice-President .XLOIS F. IQOVARIK. Recording Secretary C. OTTO ROSENIJAIII., Treasurer .XNTIIONY ZIELENY. Corresponding Secretary H. T. IEIJDY. Member of Council Active Members Appleby. XY. R Bauer. G. N. Bass, F. H. Brooke. XV. E. Bracken H. M. Brown, ,I. C. Brown, E. D. Bull, C. P. Butters, F. K. Constant, F. H Cutler, A. S. Christianson, P Cooke, L. xl. Clements, Fred Cohen, Lillian Downey, J. F. Downey, Hal. Derby, Ira H. Eddy, H. N. Erickson, H. IX. Flather, KI. sl. Ainslee, G. G. Burns, Keiven Freeman, F.. M. Frankforter, G. B. Frary, F. C. Groat. B. F. Grout, Frank Gaumnitz, l. .X. Green S. B. Head, G. D. Hamilton, .IX. S. Hill, H. YY. Hemingway, E. E. Haynes, A. E. Hovda, Olaf Hall, C. W. Hone Daisy Hutt, N. L. Holway, E. XV. Haecker, T. L. Hummel, ml. A. Harding, E. P. D. jones, F. S. johnson, C. E. Kavanaugh, YV. H. Kirschner, VV. H. Kovarik, Alois F. Lee, T. G. Latimer. H. B.. Leavenworth, F. P. McCarty, E. P. Mullin, R. H. Martenis, john Y. Manchester, xl. E. Misz. Alice Miner, Alamos B. Newkirk, B. L. Nachtrieh, H. F. Nicholson, E. E. Pease, L. B. Rosendahl, C. Otto Ruggles, A. G. Members Elected March l8, l908 Dahl, C. F. Estep, H. C. Canavarre, G. de S. Frary, H. D. Clarke, C. P. G ates, F. XV. Cooper, Thomas Grangaard, H. O. Cressy, C. R. Cox, R. F. Currie, Neil xlohnson, Anna xl. klohnson, Ruth johnson, john B. Lewis, Margolee Lindberg, IX. C. McKee-han. L. XV. McBride, R. S. Morris, T. C. Magnusson. G. .X. 54 Schroeder, Herman Sedgwick, xl. P. Springer, F. XY. Shepardson, G. Shoop, C. E. Sigerfoos, C. P. Sardeson, F. VY. Shumway, R. Swenson. Snyder, Harry Sidener, C. E. Tilden, kfosephine Van Barneveld. C. Wlesbrook, F. F. VVhite, S. M. XVeyreus, E. P. XN'ashhurn, F. L. XYilhoit, A. D. Zeleny, Anthony Zeleny, klohn D. D. F. Robertson. H. Ii. Ryan, W. T. Svendsen, G. P. Stake, Alma L. Vickery, R. A. 'XYalker, Geo. H. Zimmerman. L. P. l im '1' Drill!-. 1 i-LYANS Lul- T I I 5, .NNY uv .IQVRN Glsihx im DIC!-IRISH STIICNSUN lIHI'l'lx Delta Sigma Rho Minnesota Chapler .X 15111-.R NHS!-ZR Qfficers .Xl.i:i1ie'l' G EVANS, PlAL'SidL'Ht XIILQHAFI, J. lJniii:l4'i'l'. Yicw P11-Sidi-llt .Xi.4:ici:xilN 0. CUI,l2L'RN, Sucre-tary S'I'ANI,FY1'5. H4?l'Cli. '1'l'C3Sl1l't'l' Members Al. P. lJuX'zlllL-5' O. I'. Mclillm-el l. .X. Cllurcillill Philip Carlson R. l'. Chasi- ,I. G. Sti6'IlSOll I. XV. Choate G. P. Alone-S XV. O. XYilliallls H. I-. XYildcy li. F. Drzllw XV. 1. Norton joseph lie-:ich C. 'l'. Cii1I'iSti2lYlSOIl C. II. Christopllersoll Stilllibj' 13. Houck C. R. 'IQHOINPSOII O. .X. Lcllclc C. M. XVellste'r .X. G. liV2lllS ,I. H. Hillel' Z. I.. l,Ott1'l' H. H. CMSIZISOII I3Cl'!l2lI'Ci IqOiJiIlSOII 55 GLISTZLVOLIS I.,OGVi115l,'t'I xl. 13. Ladd E. .X. Rollillsoll B. H. '1tiIIlbt'l'lZ1iiL' XY. 17. Lzlilc E. F. Mcfliililis M. KI. l.,Oi1L'1'Ij'. E. C. Luildw-ll H. C. l.,l't'l'iIIgI f x ff' f Q Vs A j N Kxkswk XM 1. L ' -X , N N Xxx Q 1 W x H RH 50 1 - A M l k v -Y .4 Fi .. NYY i f ng, i 3' Q-pm 3 "'-. Castaiian Literary Society Organized 1896 CASTAU Cfficers First Semester H. Come Esrrzv. President A. H. CRAWFURIJ, Vice President H. xl. HULL, Secretary Ri'imr.PH RAAISLANU, Treasurer IFRHID. A. HARDINU, Chaplzrin XVARHER, Sergeant-:rt-.Xrms Second Semester VV. H. CRAXVIVURIJ, President V. R. lthxxrxcz, Vice-President Furzn. A. HARUING, Secretary L. DL'xBi'RY, Treasurer G. P. GL.'RI.EX', Chaplain H. C. Esrrzv, Sergeant-at-Arms 57 y li O. ll MSLAND KELLY RUNNER Y A RE GURLIQY L. S. DUXHVRY H I L IA l C ST Members .Xlden, H. C. Xygarn, E. Bonner. xl. P. Bulen, L. L. Betlmke, Wm. rsaireyfl. G. Carpenter, E. Crawford, VV. F. H. Duxbury, L. L. Erwin, XV. S. Chas. Grass Alex. ,lanes XY. E. Moyer Paul Smith C. P. VVarren xl. NValso P. I. Brown Estep, H. C. Finklenburg, K. Gurley, G. R. Harding, F. A. Hull, H. Al. Kruger, R. G. Kelley. A. R. Maland, xl. O. lNIanning, V. R. Laughlin, E. B. l-lonorary Members B. McGregor E. F. Gilnllian H. B. Gislason Otto Rosedalll G. B. Qtte XY. xl. Norton sl. B. Ladd 58 FXNKLENB 'RG l H LAUGHLIN COLLIN. AL L A Ramsland, R. il. Randall, R. C. Reid, H. C. Stratton, P. D. Simons, L. R. Coan, xl. R. Duxbury, L. S. Ramsland, O. Collins, T. I. Dorsey, -I. E. XVarren XVillia1ns Leslie M. XVildey George P. jones XV. A. Mellflanigal Arthur Blaisdell Paul D. Stratton Victor Peterson ll Castalian iterary ociety I A true fraternal spirit of brotherhood and the cultivation of proficiency in extemporaneous discourse are the distinguishing features ofthe Castalian Literary Society. This fraternal spirit, which since our organization twelve years ago, has always been a marked characteristic of the Society, is broadened and deep- ened by our numerous informal luncheons together. At these times with the restraint of parliamentary usage removed, we have attained a plane of mutual understanding and friendship which could have been reached in no other way. The maior part of the programs are carefully prepared, yet impromptu speeches always occupy a prominent position. Training gained in ability to speak Huently, intelligently, coherently and immediately upon any sub- ject that may be assigned without time for formal preparation, is invaluable. It is a great art to be able to give a carefully prepared oration with linish and eloquenceg but it is a greater art to be able to meet any emergency with concise, convincing impromptu remarks. Thus, as HCastalia," the sacred spring of the Delphic oracle, was an inspiration to the Muses and pilgrims ot Apollo, the Castalian Literary Society is an inspiration for all that is good in impromptu discussions, de- bate, oratory and fraternal brotherhood. W' rfb, ' 1,21 , f ' 'Wx 11" If tilt it at is , , Q9 is it - icffl, . ll if .Fifi . li x.Mt 1 if 5 y 'y 1, 1, if 'I "Ili 1 W 'I lt LEX Law Literary Society Organized in 1888 Qfficers First Term L. E. SIGNIOND, President H. B. DUP'F, Vice President P. B. GAIQBEIQG, Secretary M. M. MCLAUOHLIN. Treasurer Second Term H. N. JENSON, President AI. H. L. KELEH.AN, Vice President E. VV. WARREN, Secretary H. B. DUFF, Treasurer L. E. SRQMOND, Sergeant-at-Arms Third Term ROBT. E. JOHNSON, President - JOHN L. BRIN, Vice President C. L. NICHKDLS, Secretary XVILLIAM KELEHAN, Treasurer H. N. JEXSON, Sergeant-at-Arms 60 XVIGHIN XY.XLKliR l. K!'lLEH.kN 1:1-.lm Mc mms um 1.145 m.RRx ' ' " ' Vw-' QIVXIU Members M. Hurry l'. li. Garbcrg L. Brin H. N. xlenson L. Clarkson liolmt. E. johnson bl. Colvman XYilliam lielehun stef Crahawl Al. ll. L. Kelelmn li. Duff AI. C. Kohn .X. Gage C. O. Kowles H. Glaser .X. G. Molstad li. Grem-n gl. F. McGovern Y. Gainslcy M. M. McLaughlin C. Gunderson C. L. Nichols O. XYiggin li. XY. Xllarren 61 XI1YLS'l'.-KD 43Rl1l1N ' ' S. A. Nelson Floyd PQ-rsinger KI. C. Russell. XY. H. R ad em aclwr li. E. Slaer O. H. Strand Ingeman Swindland L. E. Sigfmond Hon. -lohn Sarri ,l. C. Smith C. ul. XVall1e-r G. C. XVheelcr L I hqvvgpivvvh-qvvvhqvvtvh-lvvvvq 1' f - ,,,,1x, I-.K ,,,j,,,-T Hb-4.21 All ' iw hfil .' 'fi .L r. 6... fr: V. h I ri Hg.. Q A? bi vvnvpq v vvgq v vv :it v 1 v lumjjnfgrf .V Z x.'A h 1 117 its t r., Officers M e w - 2 jf' us First Semester Al.1ar1RT N. Glr,BRR'l'soN. President 'l1HORWAI,D HANSRN, Vice-President XY1l,1,1s T. Nr-zxvrux. Secretary C' EEN.Tl'G8SuI'C1' RAx'31uN11NI. IR f 1t-at-Arms rXI.1zl-ilu' G. IEVANS. Sergeal SCCOIICI SCl'I1CStCf NIICHAI-II. KI. DoHr:1e'rY. President LAM1ama'1' F. PRIGGF. Vice-President RAYMuN11 Al. GREEN, Secretary Y. LA L'1mER DALE, Treasurer HENRY X rXr,HRR'r N. GILISFRTSON, Sergeant-at-Arms 62 NIVIH IMYK c.i"l"IlCRr-NN WILSUX Ill IXNSV' Ix E TH ISO I I XI' H. Anderson R. Bvtlclzlll .X. Carlson T. Casvy G. Clizipin . I. Dolierty G. Evans Lvicl Fivlcliiizm T. Foss B. Fruvn .X. Fryc ll. Gatos N. Hurglivini IJ. Calhoun Ii. Carlson IJ. Chaise, G. livzins .X. Clinrcliill I IAIII K I I'K X IlII NIELIN XIVKI-.ICN 1 ' "1'l"l' ' "r A'1 ' ' rrni ri rue nr 1 Members A. X. Gillwrtson H. xl. Green Gordon Grimes IX. XY. Guttcrson Tliorwalcl IIZIIISCII C. L. Hvss IJ. I. lxling II. XY. IJZIIILIGFCIEIIL' Klux Lowentlinl VV. lN'IcKcQn F. L. Mvlin Honor Roll M. xl. Dolivrty B. F. Drillin- L. Galloway .X. F. Kovarila U. .X. Lvllcls' 63 I-S I III X I IIIIY IIIIIAI IXX III liicliarcl IXWIOIGXIIZIZLI' Ii. XY. Muir XY. T. Newton L. F. Prigge C. IJ. Randall IX. F. liictz Iiolwrt Ringtlzilil XY. XY. Stone F. II. Sturtevzint Yosliio Tnnikztwzl T. XY. Thomson Oscnr XYilson G. LO6'X'lIlQL'I' lu. C. .X. Lnnclcen O. P. lNIcElmwl IC. B. Picrcu , Ii. Robinson C. R. XX'liitt- H Shakopean iterar ociety j The Shakopean Literary Society is an organization ol' men of the University for training in public speaking: and for the cultivation of fellowship and fraternity. You have heard of the "Shak spirit," and a very substantial spirit it is. It is a concentrated essence of Gopher spirit. "The Shaks never quit." The Society was founded fifteen years ago. and during that time has played an import- ant part in the social and forensic life of the University. The Society is justly proud ofthe longline of orators, debaters, scholars, and leaders in the various walks of life who have received inspiration and training on the floor and about the board of the Shakopean Society, And still they come. The name of the Society is native Minnesotan. being in honor of Chief Shakopee. the famous Indian .warrior and orator. The traditional jug from which the grand old man im- bibed the inspiration of his words and deeds, is still preserved in the archives of the Society. The emblems of the Society are a tomahawk and a peace-pipe. It all depends on the point of view. Arnold Frye. heap big war chief Cotherwise Major U. M. C. CJ and prospective Oxon- ian will head a Shak Wigwam at Oxford. Five of seven candidates for the Rhodes scholar- ship from the university are Shaks. The Sophs beat the Freshmen in debate by a vote of two to one this year. There were two Shaks on the former team and one on the latter. just happened to be enough judges to go around. "CoWering Shakes" yelled the Castalians. before the football game, By the by. wasn't Grimes' forty yard kick a pretty one? Verily Shakopee's tribe has increased. His spirit has gone abroad and made all nations disciplesYNorwegian, Swede, Dutchman, German, Irishman. Icelander. Scot, jew, japanese. Yankee, and many others too numerous to mention. are to be found on the Shak roll. Motto of Shakopee,"No one absent from battle but would have been brave had he been there, no one absent from council but would have been wise had he been present." "Al" Evans and "Mike" Doherty have raided the tents of the Iowas and the VVisconsins and have carried off several scalps and other trophies. Al Gilbertson, while excavating burial-mounds last summer, found among others a bone which he claims belonged to the right arm of.Shakopee. He has donated it to the Society to be used on occasion. "Dad" Gleason, a Shak brave from way back, is out for big game the scalps of a dozen big white chiefs. We do not express an opinionfit would be ''insubordinationf' Heard at the Nebraska debate:f"XVhat's the matter with the Forum? "They're alright." "VVho says so?" 'Everybodyf' "VVho's Everybody?" "The Shaksf' 64- NO' I IIIXIJ IilIlI'2l.DAl-'I-ICR 'II-IOXIPSON XX XI I N IDI NI I-I I! l4l'l I'Ii RHI I IXS I I 1 XXRII I I NDI NNIINK I,.XYAYI'1A IEXVIQTT IIAINI S I I It 1 N IfI'1RGl'SUN I UNI X I XR! I XX I I I I X '-XIIIII !l'Il,uWs RMK Kwon!! sul 1HXxuRxH CI KKK IlI'l'I'I'INII1!lNI- IPINX Hills iw Luvia Barclay Mercy Bowen Mayfred Briggs Elizabeth Bullard Miriam Clark Gladys Clendenning Margaret Dt-nfeld Marjorie Edwards Ruth Fagundus Murlen Fellows Clare Ferguson Rae Goodenow Hr-len Haines Rewey Belle Inglis Helen slewett 65 Florence L2lXvZlj'G2I lilva Leonard Frances Lloyd Eva Pitts llelen Riheldafler Catherine Rittenhoust Esther Rolnlmins lidith Rockwood Rosa Ruger XYinifred Smith Mira Southworth Ruth Tallant Sue Thompson Geneve XYQLIQS Mae XYe5slmerg ft? t e ft N t KI n Officers X355 '1 H First Semester X. A. HUVCK, Prf-siclvnt E. IS. R1-iuxmi. X'viCt'-P1't'Sidl'llt XYM. .X. Nukxmlis, SCCS'-,11l't?2lSlll'L'l' AIHIIN l'. 131-iczxxx, S4-1'gc-z111t-z1t-.Xrms Second Semester li. B. RPZIINKPT, President CARI, A. XNIJERSQDN, Vice-President VVM. A. Nm4RI,ufs, Sec7y-Treasurelr N. A. HIJLFQIK, Sergeant-at-Arms 66 ll.Kl,!A0Xl l5l'l.LKlil5 JHHNSUN LKULIIYRN ll17I.S'l'All Xl.-KCKICNI l " 'RYI'l'll IUY UUIST NIVYCK IXNIXIFRM-KV RUDFPY 1 lx RI YN OSI' I 'il lT'l ER ON H IGS N S ART! 4 lf' ON IURI l Hl Ol PL KS YULK IIPR RPHNRI' L Anderson, Carl .X. Heneman, Herbert Ostlund, Haddon Balcom, XY. G. Hodgson, Xxvffl. Petterson, B. Bolstad, S. llullarcl, -lohn ll. Carlson, Chas. Colburn, .X. O. Cox, F. ll. Davis, XY. M. Deering, ll. C. Degnan, ,lohn linggson, Edward llouck, N. A. Houck, S. 13. lohnson, Fred Longquist, li. XY. Mackenzie, ,lohn Moriguchi, S. Munck, Harold Nelson, Robert Norelius, VV. A. Potter, Z. L. Rehnke, E. 15. Rodeen, Chas. Running, A. G. Schwartz, L. B. Stork, A. H. Totton, Frank M Turnbull, L. VV. Zimmcrmztn, Louis P Honorary Members Dow, D. C. Thompson, C. R. Melom, C. BI. Smith, Byron Murin, M. Stevenson, ,l. D. 67 l THUl.5HlRH :uns Orgamzed Thulanlan Club 1899 Faculty Members FIOIIN E. CQRANRUD. B. A., M. A.. PH. D. HENRY A. ER1c7Ks0N. li. E. E. Grsmz liornxli. N. M. M. A. ALFRED OWRE. D. M. FREDERICK VV. SARm:soN, B. S. M. S.. Pu. D. CARL O. ROSENIDAHL, B. S. M. A.. PH. D. CH.xs. E. JOHNSON. B. A., M. A. D.. M. D. C. M. Post Graduate julian A. Holkesvik. B. A. Seniors Henry U. Grangaard. B. A.. Medic. Angell S. Holland. Science Oscar Bergoust. Eng. Ole G. Hozms. Eng, Albert S. Peterson Rudolph T. Solensten juniors Arthur O. Olsen, Eng. Henry T. Foshager. B. S.. Medic. Selmer M. johnson, Medic. Fred Bakkc. Dent. john Lornmen. Dent. Phinney Larsen. Eng. sophomores Arthur Brzrtrud. Medic. Erick G. Holden. Eng. Freshmen Oscar M. Holen. Law Carl B. Halls, li. A., Law Anker Torrison, B. A., Law Hans O. Kjomme. li. A.. Law Alfred G. Molstzld. Law 68 George Rodsater. B. A.. Law Edwin O. Erickson Edward Bratrud. Medic john A. Hanson. Law George Stocklnnd. Law A. HRATRVI7 TORRISOS FOSIIAGER OLSON MOI.S'1'.-XD KVOMNIPI 1-I. IZRATR EKICKSUN BERGOUST SULl'INS1'l-IN IIANSHN HALLS LARSICN ,IOHNSON l'E'I'ICRSON R 7'-kllli LOMNIEN HOLDEN GRANGAARD IIOLICN HUILAND B.-KKKE HOA.-XS STOC RLABIJ 4 Q W ' NQXWBI lf 5 ,My X Z I V - L f. ' ,,,, R A " ,444 7 flPHIL0llATHl!3llf College of Agriculture 0fHcers First Semester xl. R. Grills. l,Tt'SlClL'llf F. li. OLII1-ZR. Vice-I"1'csiclv11t l,HHI,A NI. HllXX'gXlQIl. SL'C'l'0t2lI'j' ,I. Y. Humlxxx. ,lxl'62lSLll'CI' Nmaxlxx ,I.xcm:srmN. Serguzrlrt-at-.Xrln Second Semester G. VI. IQAKICR. P11-sidvrrt KI. xl. VIKIIUNIPSHX, Yicv-Pwsiclerrt X'1nl,A IC. BINNSDEN. SQ-c'1'etzr1'y' H. E. 1Jx'n1:.wHlc14, 'l'1't'2LSl1l'Cl' C. .X. Rl,X'l'HI'1WS Sr-rgezurt-:rt-.Xrms 70 l'l'CTl'fRSON YUVNM IZUSII CLEA'l'UR NIILES XLX'l'llICXVS lAl'Ul!S47N HAUERXIAN GURI-. HILLMAN VOR?-MAN l1ILllI'IR'l'SON GILLIS HHYXN lI4'Hl.l"I HO! WANN lil NSHN t.Al'XlNl'l'l HRYVIN H4ll,MlTERli LAATI. lllvXY,-KRD XIARSIJEN ICYKNS UNIWI RXXUUII I'l'I.U5RAl'l"Ii lTIl.SI1URlUNX lH4vRAf'HEk HAKICR ULIVER 'I IIHNIVNKYY RI'N'l XIFELXI Halter, Ci. CI. lit-nson, .X. O. Berry, J. 13. Hilsluorrow, sl. lb. Bryan, YY. VI. Hush, C. .X. Cfleator, I". XY. Donovan, R. L. Dvorachelc, ll. E. Erickson, R. l. lirwin, May lEV2lDS. Il. Yauglm Iforsman. ,l. .X. Gziumnitz, Carl Gaumnitz , lflorun cc Gilbertson, II. XY. Gillis, Al. li. Gore, ul. E. llzige-rman, XY. lf. llzirtzell, Mary li. Hillman, F. M. llofmzinn. KI. Y. Hollle, C. A. Holmlierg, Ruth ll lflowzirfl. Leola M. hlzicolisoii, Norman Lzmate, Guricl 71 Marsdt-n, Yiolzl h. Matthews, C. .X. Mclllmevl. S. P. Miles, L. O. Older, l".li. Pzirmzilw. .Xlice li. Peterson, ll. Nl. Prosser, E. C. Rust. AI. li. Tliompson, M. gl. Undt-rwood. Xxvllllillll lllltilgffillllit, Lvlioy Y ciii ng, ul. l'. Acanthus Llterary SOCl6ty Founded I 904 Officers .XLICPI Pwvli. Prcsidunt Lrgv Hl7'1'LfIilNSl5N, X"iCi1-Pl'l'SiC16I1t ELIQANMR GlI.'I'PINPTN. SllCl't't?1I'j' CQRACF Bl'1I.I., Treasurcr 72 r rg Q 1 X A 4' V ! 1 t ' 5 r , U 5 I , , 5 it , k k X, I A e i A if E I 'IRASR DURSEY SHEI I FNBIRFI R DIQNNIN1 lIl'XXIIT ILRISPR HIII HITCHINSON SINLIAIR XXAIII' LIITPIXFN Il'AXl"INXORTH RIIIENIIUUSI' CI ARK BFII l ONIIY OXIRIPKR IIOYI F IRINIBLIF XIII I FR 15114 I ROI lx I LOLTI R SI IXIFR IAN R l I lI'R Seniors Alice Pope Ruth Colter Lillian Colter Helen Simmerman Edith Knowlton Bertha Trask Frances Dunning Emma Brock Hilda Miller Margaret Trimble Anastasia Doyle juniors Alden Hewitt Gertrude Hull Catherine Sinclair Louise Leavenworth Catherinellittenhouse Miriam Clark Lucy Hutchinson Grace Bell Mary Toomey Nell Overpeck Camelia Waite Sophomore Cora Dorsey Winifred Turner Agnes Molloy Olive Shellenlverger Eleanor Giltenen Marivale Tisdale Honorary Members Linda Maley Maria Sanford 73 e i A Qi I H H -,VA q A A.. Minerva Literary Society 1 in Officers Bic.xTl:1L:r: XVIl,I,I.XXIS, Pri-Sidi-nt CiER'l'Rl'llE KI.IXE, Vice-President Nmu klixccmlamx. Secretary. IRNA HRINK, Trezisurer .XHHIF Swl'l'Z1G1R, H01-H S'l'liczNl214 CriticS 74- f Q ALLICN LYUON IGPILMAN LXCOUSICN XYHAl.l'iY IZIZRC x XIX !-x.l.ln'1 CUIJQRUYI-. Be-zltricc XVllll21lllS .Xlrlvic Switzvr julia Hille .Xnxm lfreuclw Hope Slligllvl' Gurtrurle Kline .Xlllilllilil VVl1:Lley Hvlcll Lyflml Luvy Xvlllttf X lfgllllil .Xllun Rlwrlzl lliclu-1154111 lilsicr Swilzvr l-.. 5-XYl'I'Zl-IR Ibllkkl-INSUN l'llILLII'S ICRINK CRAXYFURII KLINH KIl'l,I'1Y M XYHITE ST ANIUVR FRICNCH STH x swl'1'ZliR XK'II.I.lAMN I,. lfLI1Ll-ZLNIAN BIS!! SCHIOTS Grace lillint jumors Sopllomores Freshmen Unclassed flfilft' Phillips 75 Vivian Colgrovr- Leah l"ligelm:111 Mnufl Hush lrmzl Brink Pauline Berchem Helen Mooney Rulwy St. Allllllll' XUl'21WlZlCK!lHSUll Ruth Crzmwffwfl Ava Ripley C lam li yzm lfrivrln lfligc-lmzxn GN!-.R HlI,I,l. ,g ..x , ,wh Q Tl-IALIRN f Wx., . H K 4 vi Q4 f g E - - - ,Ji H . Z , , e rrrrO EEEE T hallan Lxterary Soclety Founded 1900 Officers KATE FIRBIIN, President FLORENCE GOIJLEY, Vice-Presi-dent HELEN PAINTER, SECRETARY DOROTHY HUDSQJN, Treasurer 76 IL I I K HXNAN H IDI X Ii DLP X VFLKNI H Ifl-LIN Ik ILDDY S'I ARR XFRXK I I CAS U ARI CR CRI R 'XI IIYDSON III' ICITU I' LA 17 INK-KN IIINIIX NN XITI' IJ HIIIN X Lk I I I' K"HI'KCIIIII CIIII Kate Firinin Monica Keating' Mabel LaDue Elsa Ueland Beatrice Eddy Elizabeth XYare Beth Yerxa Carnelia Wlaite Mary Heritage Florence Godley Emily Child Helen Painter Mary Lucas Donna Lycan Elizabeth Starr Margaret Buchanan Rosamund Leland Katherine Crocker Mahelle Hudson .Xlta Churchill Helen Dean Honorary Members Miss Comstock Miss Peck Mrs. Potter 77 - gi, Bti J rig-5-. z' - ,zifggiil 5" ., K ' f'3i'?? 'qi . '7'T'affff " . ,, L 55351 . ...Lf 1 3 . . . . ' 1, , Si -. nzqgntgv ii ',5.,q..w.,5 K I ,,,::.x?"Q-1 E55 '4 f w 1 ' 4 ,J fkzn' WL'-K - xg 'U ,r , 1 , , M1 1 "-5411. Y' - f'f" " ' --N F XM? . x ' ' 1 f' 1 '- V' - f 3. , s-S12 ". 1 gg i. r l - - if 6,61 ' 'T " -A, 'E t 'ld , V"-Jax 1: ' 1.3- ,, " ' -1' fr . 53: ' 531- sw. -. 5 mf, 5 J gvxx f 5?-'L . A , i ffi-j'f:3 A ' K, E., N , 3 L ' " .1 Q . .' , 4, if ,w e t , . .V A ,, ,AVK X A g of , 5: X N F 'K f- ,,, yxb, XX J Q! xx 3 "' x xx. L22 . i9 ,iv ' ?J.J4vg', , ggyfizf 1.2" - , PM 511 ' V ,455 if .Q ga" Q-iii gg-fb ' f wi 121,-f' zff 'E 'cr' ,rj " 'nt 1 """2 f?"'L-2ff:L'F?1 'W :fl 1 ' f I ' gf ' ' 1 ' V- ' .. , "f . fififxsv, 'G - -' 2 ' 11-:L . fi" -' I f . 1 'wx I -.IJ - "L VY H? fi, "M Y. , li' ff ' 55' L ' M' 'f"'ff W Y? EVE! xr.. 15:-E., ., , DEERINIL IHOHERTY IRN ll ith FYAISS IOITPR The Central Debating Circuit Minnesola, Wisconsin, Illinois, Iowa, Nebraska. Question Ilebatvd by all the Circuit teams on llvveiiilnei' 13, 1907. - fx'f's0fzfan'.' ywtlf Mc' fk'1z'e7'1Ifg'0f'H'1z11z01z! sbnzzfiz' have v.i'ffzzsz'z'c fmzfrol 0Z'l'1' iz!! ifffzzzsjror- zfaiinzz !'0l7507'tZfZ.07lS L7lZg'lZgt'I?i in Z'1Zlll'7'SflZfl' 61z.vz'1zes.v,- fozzsfffzz!1'01m!z'zjf kg"1'lIiZft'll1. Minnesota, supporting the affirmative against Nebraska at Minneapolis, won by a two to one decision. Minnesota was re-presented by Harold C. Deering, .'Xig't'l'llOll O. Col- burn, Stanley B. Houck. Minnesota, supporting the inlgfativc- against XYisconsin at Madison, lost by a two to one vote. Minnesota was represented by Michael AI. Dolicrty, Zenas L. Potter. Albert G. Evans. 79 TQCS wii.i.lAxi smmoxs Presuleiit University Dramatic Club Officers ,XYilii.1.xu Sixmoxs, President lii,s.x UELANU, Vice President Eivirii Rockwooim, Secretary XYii.i+:l'R glovcii, Treasurer Cl,,xRr:Nt'r: HARTRR, Business Manager Carlotta liamber Marion Barber Albert C. Benoit Frank Bibb Maybelle Boyson Ralph Brownson Miriam Clark O. A. Colburn Portia Deming Margaret Denteld Leah Fligelman Sol Fligelman Arnold L. Frye Lillian Rae Goodenow Members Clarence Harter Charles Hensel Kenneth Hensel Mary Heritage Dora Holcomb Henry E. Horwitz Irving Hudson Neva Hudson Xvilbur ,Ioyce Dagny Knutson Louise Leavenworth Donna Lycan Everett AI. Mohl 81 Norman Nelson Hazel Pennington Zenas Potter Edith Rockwood Clara Ryan LeRoy Sanford William Simmons james Swan lilsa Ueland Camelia XVaite Geneve XVales Howard Williams .Xlice XVinter Luella XVoodke Open-Air Performance of Shakespearian Comedy Given on the Campus May, 1907 by H ELFTH Nicnr The most noteworthy and encouraging feature of the University Dramatic lilc last year, was the outdoor production of Shakespeare's5'Twelfth Night." It justified the statement that our Dramatic Club can, at its best, do work f on a par with any like or- ganization in the land. It is good to establish such a record for Shakes- pearean performances within college bounds. As a result similar plays will be staged from i year year, and as l write,' As You Like It" is being cast for the cam- Tui-: Om-:N .Xue S'rAi,ii-1 Dug play of The success of last ycar was due to several causes. Unusually good material was available, especially were the comedy parts in the hands of Nlessrs. Bibb and Sinclair so Capitally played as at times to challenge pro- fessional actors. There is no ques- tion that Mr. Sinclair would, with the necessary training, make a comedian of superior ability. Miss Barber, too, as Viola, gave a note of sweetness and sincerity to the role, and was so charmingly pictorial in it, that her rendition was delightful. ln the com- paratively thankless part of Olivia, Miss Goodnow was so good as to beget the wish to sec her where the oppor- tunity was ampler. AX word of warm praise should be spoken of the Maria in the hands of Miss XVales, who gave thc part just the needed quality of infectious, open- aired English humonfliearty,homely, but not vulgar. Its naturalness was l remarkable. The other parts, hardly with exception, were adequately done. ,HHN SINHIMR AND FRANK Bm: M SIR 'l'0lFY AND SIR JXNDREXV 82 Mr. Mallorys Fool suffered a little by so di- rect comparison with the other comedy parts. Again, the training for the work was care- ful conscientious, skillful. To Mr. Holt, a large measure of praise is due and herewith offered: in such an undertaking, the coach and director is the power behind the scenes. And finally, there was an admirable spirit of earnest co-operation, such as the drama demanded. I never tire of telling college amateurs that the selection of a play i is the first important step, and the aim cannot be too high, just bepause the drama chosen is worth while, the best results will follow: all will be called upon for their best, so was it here. May the performance of 1907 be a fore- taste of a Shakespeare tradition which shall become an honorable part of our finest XIARIHNl.4vl'lSl-1l1ARl!l'1R X5 YIOLA. ' 'University memories". f Richard Burton. "Esmeralda" The four-act comedy by Frances Hodgson Burnett and XYilliam H. Gillette was taken on the road by the Dramatic Club during the Christmas vacation. The play was given at Litchfield, VVilmar, Benson, Granite lfalls, Marshall and Sleepy Eye. The production was well received, resulting not only in an artistic success, but in a round of excitement, pleasure and, in some cases, rather rough experiences for the caste and managers. In nearly every case. cordial'hospitality was shown the company, and many familiar and encour- aging faces were seen over the foot-lights. XYhat with dusty, tiresome rides from town to town, and mediocre hotels and impossible dressing rooms, and an accidental hitch in the curtain at a critical moment, the five days of nomadic existence made Minneapolis seem large and comfortable on the return. The trip savored enough of professionalism to provide plenty of dramatic education, and the unexpected furnished enough variety to the life to produce lots of jolly good fun. The Esmeralda Caste Mr. Elbert Rogers 'A North Carolina Farmer' . . Arnold Frye Mrs. Lydia Anne Rogers this wife- . Donna Lycan Miss lismeralda Rogers his daughter .... . Rae Goodenow Dave Hardy A yonnn North Carolinian . Norman Nelson M r. listabrook ta man of lt-isurel. Irving lludson M 11 .luck Desinoml an American artist in Parisi . Zi-nas Potter Miss Clart Desmond this sister' Marion L. liarber Miss Kate Desmond this sister' "Marquis" de Montessin la French .Xdventurer' . . George Drew Y lan American speculator . Business ltlanaigcr. , . . . . Dramatic Director .,,.. Cliaperoll .... . Mrs. . Dora Holcomb Charles llenst-l . llenry Horwitz Clarence Harker Charles M. llolt Henry H, Barber A I Glee and ancIoIin Club luxxl11.r1uQC'. I4XRIxlX, IlI't'SILIt'Ill I,r1xx'xs S. IJ: xxmxn, Yicn--I'1'esicIu11t XY.xl.'1'1-il: Grissrlzl, Sucrvtam XI.I'II 'If Iixlullf, KIz111z1gvra11cI ,IITCQLSIIIWI Annual Tour I5I'ilIllL?l'LI. Minm-srmtaj IIt5LxA'I1IIN'l' 27. ISHIT. Iiemidji. Minxwsntzli IIITCHIIIIJSI' 28. ISHPT. XYinuIpvg. LIJLIIZUIIL. IIg'Ct'II1I7C1' fit!-III. IEHIT. C1-cuuIcstm1. IXlium-sutflg -Irmuury I. ISHN. Gmml Iforks. North Imlccmtzlj ,lzmuzxry 2-Ii. ISHN Ifnrggo.Xm'tI1 Ikllwtzxi AIllIIllIlI'y 4. ISHN. I'I6I"QllS lf:LIIs. NIi11nesot:I. ,I:n1u1u'y1i. ISHN, ,XIex:1l1fIx'i:L. NIin11vsot:11 KIIIIILIHYH T. ISHN. St. Clourl. INIi111wirwt:L. ,limuzlry N. ISHN. 85 ll CLEE CLUB XVILLIAM XVELLINGTON NORTON. Director MAURICE V. JENNESS. Scribe LINDSLEY B. CURTISS. Accompanist First Tenors IXLDEN POTTER. Soloist SCCOl'ld Tenors RALPH CANTERBURY. Soloist XVILLIS T. NEWTON I. L. POTTER VVALTER MALLORY C. B. HALLS LUDVIG S. DALE JOE GRANBECK MAURICE V. .IENNESS RUSSELL IJNDERHILI. C, A. UNDINE M. O. OPPEGAARD CDSC.-XR DAVIS L. B. CIIRTISS First Basses .XRTIIUR E. ALLEN. Soloist 1. L. NIOXVRY GEORGE R. LITTLE C. C. LARKIN R. B. NIENIIAUSER S. XV. IQEASONER XV . Second Basses VV. NORTON. Soloist EARL DIAIZL HENRX' HUBBAR13 PAUL F. PETTIGRENV G. L. XVYCOFF G. D. HULL University lartette IXLDIEN POTTER, First Tenor ARTHUR E. ALLEN. Baritone XVALTER MALLORY Second Tenor NV. XV. NOR'l'ON. BQISSO Mandolin Club JACK E. H.AX'NES.Dl1'CCtO1' XVILLIAM R. SIMMONS. Concertmeister First Mandolins VVm. R. SIMMONS XVALTER LEIITHOLD IQOY E. CAMPBELL ED. DRAKE TXRTHUR XTALLORY HENRX' HUBISARIJ R. W. VVATROUS C. L. HESS Mandola WALTER GESSEL Flute SAMUEL HOYT Violin Cello EDGAR ALLEN Second Mandolins LEXX'IS S. DIANIONIJ CLARK j. CARSON IQOBIERT NV. FOULKE SHIRLEY VV. IQEASONER B. H. ROGERS First Violins JOSEPH M. GRIEIPITII . Piano F. L. RAYMAN GEORGE A. lYRI:ScHRE L. B. CURTISS VV. R. VVHITTIER Guitars ARTHUR R. lNI.MIFARLANE C. DANA KICGREXX' Ii.-XLPH T. IiN!GHT CARLYLE H. WASII WALLAcE QZOLIE IDONALD BREWSTER 86 f'OSGRUVl'1 GLEASHN Sl'Hl"I"l'If CROCKHR PALNIS MARTINDALH DYNNING IIRUHN VUXXVAY SNIART HULL HARRISON YYALES li, YORK A. YORK FORD SHERXVIN IIUCK KNAPPIQN I.liAY!'INXYl7R'I'lI IIYSI-IR HILLINGS YVHITE HPIRITAGE TISIYALIC KNUTSUN IKCSYVI-ILL MC KENZIE RIELI I'.XlNTl'1R HI-QRRISFURD CASTNIQR TRINIBLI-I INGIAIS lik!-WIN SCARTVM VROZH-QR HUTVHINSUX Euterpean Club Organized in lhe fall of 1905 1QliNYICY1gFI.l.FI Ixuus, 1'resiclc:11t IiI.lZ.XliF'1'H l':RlCl'fN. x'iClJ1Jl'l'Sidl'Ilt Ii.-X'l'IIERlNlC Ckucknk, Swan-tary Iixm IIL"I'culNswx. 'fl'L'2lSl1l'L'l' K'IAR1:Al4r1'1' '1'1elxl1:I.R. Lilmrurizul I,l'l,x'C1mx11-111, Busimfss BIEIIIZIQCI' . Puma C.xR1,YsI,ra Suw'1"1', lbixx-ctor G+:u'1'nu uw: Hrm.. Accompzmist S There are forty members 87 1 w The Minnesota University Band ,I. s.MIRI-194111. lst Licut CiliSfixIll5iCi1Hl. Comets E1.3'IER ISUNCTIZ. lst Lieut. R. T. GI.X'ER, 2nd Lieut. F. L. RAYMAN, ftORP A. B.1.cIIRAc'II I. A. SENIJE R. L. I'IEAI.Y VY. I. CRICSSEI.. Corp. C. Ii. BIRD. Serg. B. Ii. 'IiAYI.OR, Serg. R. G. SMITH E. I. XYIELRE G. fiULLICKSUN F. W. S1.AwsON I. H. RITSSELI. W. M. JONES, Serg. :I.vI-1R.2IIdLieI1t. II. A. ROSE. Director Principal Musicizui li. Ii. TAYLOR. Drum Major Alto Bass Saxophones R. A. SI.EEl'liR,S6l'g. L. C. Sc:HxlI'I'z. Serg. ID. C. FRISE, Corp. XY. I. IQREMER. Corp. Y. FRANTA .X. VV. GIWTERSON NV. B. A'I'IcINsON S. NORNIAN C. H. PETRII2 C. I.. HEss li. TRONSON W, I. Mc:NAI.1.x' G. UAIIIERHOCKER Trombones R. M. PETERSON THOH. ZISKIN H. I. D.ANE Ciarinets Baritones I. S. MIKESH C B. HALS 'X BRA'I'RI'n C S. CIIAPMAN K . L. FRANVIS A. SwENsoN G. E. VVOLE Flute - - Piccoioes S. L. HOYT -I. XV. MCKENZIE lf. R. DAHL VI. M. HAI.L O. A. HALLE'l' M. I. LARSON li. L. BILLS, Corp. I". XY. R.xYNI.xN. Corp H. B. B,x1l.x' C. BI'sH W. A. IQING H. NEIIEI. G. .X. SI-IIAIN S. STAIISVOI. F. P. SAIITII R. F. 1iOESSLER. Serg, F. A. GORDON A. G. LANDEEN H. WI-:RNER G. F. VVIDELI.. Corp. G fi'RIMES E. M. LIER R. I.. FRANCIS Instruments of Percussion Snare Drums Bass Drum GEO. COT'liINGH.XM E. X. ANDERSON VV. W. NORTON F. G. Sc:oIsIE I. CLAYISOVRNE Trumpeters ' S. -I. NEST.-WAI. W. CO'1"I'INGII.uI If. Wooncocx T. R. SMITH R. R. PIIELPS. Corp. W. W. Cl'T'I'liR .L R. ANDERSON FRED HX'SER QI. L. BRIN A. R. BARKE H. DI. DANE ' A. V. DUNCANSON V. S. CAIIOT ORLO SI'xIP'I'Ia:R -I. Ii. D.xx'ENI'OR'I' XY. R. BiI'NRO 89 PUBL ICATIUNS In K I -rf an "DAILY" STAFF be innesota Eaily Published by Ilia Minnesota Daily Association Official Paper of the University Staff ZENAN I.. PO'l'Tl'1R, Blziiiugingg Editor Iioirlk E. joiiNsoN, Business Manager lil'1io1.i'ii lf.-XNlSl.KYl5. Asst. lius. Mgr. Associate Editors Flarence Hrirter .Xllen Stork Board of Publishers ,lOIIX H. RM' MIR.. President XYH. 1. l,ONAIlI'E. Secretary Roirr. li. joHNsoN HIXXIER ISIYNCI4: H. Com: 1"iST1il' H. P. LTot'Nc311.xiAN Stanton Cziwle-5' liaymoncl Sle Athletic Editor Yale Smiley Irving Hudson Stephen Nestnvzil ll. Y, Brucliliolz 1. li. liaegre lfranlc Leavenwortli Allan XVasli CPC li HAliOl.lJ 175111-IRING 'lm' G. IonNsoN Society Editor Department Editors Collegv of Medicine, Elmer Bunce Marie Brown College of Engineering. I-l. Cole listep Woman Editors Null Overpvflc Harriet Levin Reporters Douglas XYallu:r Jllflllitil Dzry NY:ilter XYest Erskine Vzmrt XV:iltvr Kziiser Harold Taylor Blzrrion Igiwrencv Elizabeth lirea-n Carlotta Hsrrnlner Lucilu Collins Ht-len Lyneli Ethel Cosgrove Lester Rees E. lj. Cosgrove lilmer lioss Milo Phillips Newt Hudson Resigned During the Year .X. O. Col.iai'RN. Nlginziging Editor bl. E. SWAN. Business Manager MAX I-owicN'i'H.xi.. Associate Editor lRiiNi2 NIARDEN. Vvfllllilll liditrir ANN Ili LI.. Rein 91 PORTIA DIQNIINYL. Reporter DONALH l'lUI.NIliS. Reporter Flor: Rl xl.ANiv, Report:-r Flu-:D ll.xR111N1z. Associate Editor mrtmbr I'IS'1'l'lRP SANFORD FK! FWD UFFRING R-'SY ILKND IIKRIPR H-KR'lI"R MPFCH The Minnesota Magazine The Literary Monthly of the University of Minnesota Published by a board of editors chosen from the Senior Class Founded by the Class of 1895 Board of Editors CLARENCE M. HARTER, Managing Editor. GUY C. BLAND, Editor-in-Chief ALFRED A. P1c:KLER, Literary Editor JOHN H. RAY, Business Manager LEROY VV. SANFORD, Business Manager H.AROI.Il C. DEIQRING EDXVIN G. EKLUND ROBERT L. Misafir H, COLE ESTEI' 92 A .L , i k,.. X ' Q e 52 ' Biz mN IRIGK to IOHNSDN WAN Nllhl IIRBIR IRTLR IUTTI-NHUUSI' li KOLTPR VHURCHILI The Womanis Magazine Board CA'l'i-imzlnii RV1"1'ExHol'sE, Managing Editor? Al.1'.A CHURCHILI., Editor-in-Chief NIARIE lgRUXVN, Circulation Manager EIIMA liieocic, Artist Associate Editors Mayfred Briggs Florence VanVliet VVinifred Turner Margaret johnson Ruth Colter, Ex-Officio +Owing to the illness of Miss Rittenhouse, this position was filled by Florence Goclley. 93 The '09 Gopher Board Alxxii-is B. Iiiaxrs. Mzinziging Editor '1'ii0M.xs H. Llzziiri.. l':KiiiO1"i11'ciili6ii !ii.iAi4ixl ToRRANi'ic. Business Mzmziger t'1.Ynii XVILSON. ,Xssistrint Business Mznlnggc-r CrliR'YRI'l3Ii I'Il'1,L. Cheit Artist Htil.IfX IXICIYOR. Assistant Artist PIARRY Riiiiu. Assistant .Xrtisr Y.xi.i2 SNIILEY. Athletic Iiditm' Literary Ii1.s,x Uici..-ww, .Xssistnnt Iiditor t'.xx1iii.i.x XY.x1Tii. Album Editor NMRY 'li0OXllCY. Vhronicle Iirlitor Medical Editors S. R. NVIN'1'isR. liciitor-in-Cliief I.. A.. H.xRNm'. Medical Associate lf, A. NTIT'I'liI.S'liAl2DT. Dental Associate Aloilx BI.xJiiicVs. I'hzirin:1cist .Xssociztte I. O. NIAL.-XXII. .Xdvertising Maiiziggrsr Engineering Associate Editors SIDNEY Okiis. Fivil liiigineeringg limliik Foss. Iiloctriczil Iiiiggineeriiig li. M. LARlBER'1'. Mechanical Engineerin X. EARL XYPIARTON. Mining Engineering Law Associate Editors Al, 1iiar,i5HixN. Day Lziw If. XY. Siaxx. Dziy Law Gizoizms XVOODS, Night Law f N'-V Rnizii THOMSON I I-XXI XID MI IR SMILEX' IIARTER XVARE Ahxxlh .Mil BN I XlH'I'TI.l'.Y NINFLAIR LZILIIERTSUN I IL'1'RIl'lISllN I !fI'I I Young IVIen's Christian Association THE UNIVERSITY OF MINNESOTA. Advisory Board Pizoif. D.XX'IID Swiixsox. Cliziirmzm IPR. CIIARLIQS P. SIGHRITOOS. 'lrezisiirer Ii, G. Iiiiiirxiu. Secretary IJROF. Hivsii XX' MR, JOHN 'l'. B.xRNi'x1 XX'.xi.'i'i5iQ C, Roma IDR. S. M, XYiii'i'ia MR. Ii. B. IJIIZRCIZ Trios. H, LIZZELI, NIR. lf. Ii. T.ii,i,AN'i' Pizoif. A. li. jizxiqs Miz. Ii. li. joiixsox Ioiix I". SINCI..-XIR. Iix-Officio The Cabinet XY.xI.'i'icR F. Roma. '08 President G. 1JIli'I'RI4jIISON. 'I0. Alumni 'III'CZlSIII'Pl' H. SEARS 'fIIO1ISON. '00, Vice-President li. G. IiK1.i:ND. '08, Recording Secretziry Tiios. H. I7zZiii,1.. '00 Treasurer JOHN I". S1Nc:1.AiR. '00. Generzil Socretziry Committee Chairmen H. S. 'I'HousoN. '00 Membership .X. N. KQILISIQRTHON, '08, Bible Study Giaoiersiz LAWTON. '03, Mission Study C'i..xRiaNc:12 I'IAR'l'IiR, '08, Iiducatioiial I". XV, IXIo'1"1 Liar, '09 XN'ork for New Students Rox' Aimxis. YALE SxiiLicv. '00. Building IQOISERT RIVIR. '00, Reading Room .XIIGUSTUS IJOYVIBALI.. '0S. Finance Liawis Dimioxiu. '00, Social Tiiizo. 'IIHOlISON. 'I0. ReIig1ious Nleetiiigs 'I0. Sick 96 H Young lVlen,s Christian Association 4 The Young lXlen's tion of the Uni- the most powerful tion in the world. thousand College this most marvel- movement of the C. .L never dicl, never will stand velopment ol the does not put the on the throne as does not stand College man where counts for all: lieve in that type men shrink hack world and hope for The Association these types alone. ment at the Uni- ta stands square- inixture of these The physical, the spiritual,ff blend- and in such pro cluce manhood. Flllll'lllllllH Pills ful STRENGTH: ,llllt ,Yale Quarterback Tells of His Ac- tion Before Big Game With Har- vard-"Tad" Jones Is a Leader in Y. M. C. A. Work. NEW HAVEN, Conn., Dec. 1.--Players whg returned today say that the most impressive thing about Ya.le's football victory over Harvard was the speech of Thomas A. D. Jones, quarterback of the eleven, tamlliarly known as "Tad," de- livered at the banquet la-te Saturday night. Jones had to be handled very care-T' fully by the trainers because the Prince- ton game took almost all his surplus physical energy. At the banquet, after other players had expressed their joy over Ya1e's victory, "Tan" was called upon. He made a fellcitiours speech. Then, coming to a full pause, he said: "It ls a funny thing, perhaps, to tell here, fellows, but I want to say that I I l this morning before we started tor the stadium, I felt that 'I did not have it in me to play the game well. I went back .to my room and prayed. When I came back downstairs I telit that I had lt." Jones is a leader in Y. M. C. A. work, ,here. 1 . - 97 Christian Associa- versity is a part ol' student organiza- Seventy- li ve men are allied with ons Christian age. The Y. M. does not now and for a lopsided de- College man. lt physical element the King of life: it for that type of a midnight oil neither does it lie- where the pious from the wicked something better. stands for none of This great move- versityofMinneso- ly for that divine three elements' intellectual, the ed in such a way portions as to pro- Q 5 1 , f, Ui, 3 ...k i , i ri 5 Si .. -1, s--s. -s V. 2 K till? l Young Womenis Christian Association Cabinet LZLIZABFTH Bu L'cHHo1,z, President EDl'l'H Rocicwoon, Vice-President lVlARGOl.EE LEWIS, Secretary BEA'1'uicE Emmy, Treasurer Chairmen of Committees Rewey Belle Inglis, . Helen VVeld ,... Marion Gould, . Erma Todd, . Ethel Lambie, . Elizabeth XVare, . Ruby St. Amour, 98 Bible Study Mission Study . Missionary . Devotional . Finance . . Social Intercollegiate Student Conference at Lake Geneva M 7, ' Iva 3 L, iff' ..,e THE MINNESOTA DELEGATION IPYKNIC H. HOTT H. CLI!-1' XY. CONLICY NY. NICK! University Catholic Association Qfflcers M. Dcmmww, President H. CLIFF, Yico-President A. QL'1uI.1-iv. Secretary M. 13RUWNlfl, Treasurer 100 l,.XXX'TON DAY!-INPURT ADAMS IDPI IIBIRIS N I Rlll' -X RIXIIS lxlllX rxkkllxl MIXIR Xtlcllxl N IIIIARI ill IXIIX HPF!!! I DIINSHN IUZSTN RPM RUB IRIXP HKRDIX The Bishop Gilbert Society Eslablishcd 1905 Benjamin XY. Adams ll. C. .Xldun Y. M. lrirudcr l. Al. Davenport XYilliam Flenmming' XY. P. Freligh A. N. Gillmertson .Xlden Grimes Fred Harding Members .Kris R. Kelly lien Hur Kepner klohn G. Larson Geo. Thomas Lawton Royal li. Klarklram Robert L. Bleech Guy Menefee .-Xldralram Michalson Fred. H. Robinson Geo. M. Shepard Rr-vervncl Stanley Slmmway Killuourne 101 'v1E'rIEI'll ,A , . . Y T 'ti Q :Ii X i u ,ma . HK I L l'iI.IGFI NIAN CVTLER SINLI AIR HI 1ClIlNSUN klNG'5LI"Y ROCKXVOOD Studenfs Self Government Association Executive Board Clkixtrxa iilNt2SI.IE'Y, President Lrux' Hiweuixsox, Vice-President EDITH Ruclqwrmn, Treasurer Cix'1'H IQRINR SINQLAIR, Secretary LEAN 1"i,ic:m.imN. Senior Representative GRR'i'm'm: Hr'i,i,, junior Representative MARY CL"l'l.llR, Sophomore Representative 102 HVDSOX Cl ARK HRUNXXE l7l'NNlNG Rl'l"1'ENHfl1'Nl'f KP KIIYG YPRXA WAI ES XNAIII lllX" llllll l X Fl l'll-R lliixll l'lRNllN C Oman S eague Th W ' L Officers RL"1'H Corfrrzu, President F1.ouEXcE Gonm-:x'. Yict--President ANAsTAsi,x Dl1X'IrP1. St-crm-tary KATE M. Fruiux. Treasurer Members of the Council Seniors Faculty Advisors Juniors Catherine Rittenhouse Ada L. Comstock Geneve Hales Monica Keating Mrs. E. Y. Robinson Camelia XYaite Mary Lucas Hope MacDonald Frances Dunning lieth Yerxa Mrs. H. S. jones Helen B. Shattuck Sophomores Marie Browne Malmellu Hudson Freshman Margaret Clark 103 ALLEN STURK ll-INAS POTTER TIIOS. H. l'ZZI'CT,I. N ARPINCIC HAIKTI'-IR Il!H.' ll, RAY ALFRED A. l'1I'KLl-IR UTY V HLAVD KAWA KL B Founded November 14115, 1907 A fraternal society Of upperclassmen Interested in writing As El profession. 104- MARY I VCAS CAHPILIA XV.-XITIQ MIRIAM CLARK XXINIFREI7 SMITH MVR! PN FELLOXYE-Z WAKA KLUB Founded Sl. Palrickfs Day, 1908 A supernal society of oversouls, interested in all things purely Hitterary. Klub Song: Blessed be the Tie. 105 I-'LURENFI-I IJUDLEY l-ILS.-K VI-II. ANU l'Kl'INTli'l'I NURRIS l'3AI,l,lMORlC CUHHAN PHX YIXI XI FRN! XY l'Q5'l'El' CVRRIE lflllili ICR SH ICPARU Th E ' ' S ' e nglneers oelety i I907-1908 Officers of the Society NEIL CIYRRIE JR.. President GEORGE M. SHEPARD. Secretary P1ERc:E P. FLKRBER. Vice-President IQICHARIJ F. COX. Treasurer R. j. COBIEAN, Business Manager Year Book of the Engineers' Society Ojfcers 1907-1908 H. COLE lisTE1'. Editor-in-Chief Louis P. ZIMMERMAN. R. S. PRENTICE. Business Mzmager Electrical Iiugineeriug Editor 'l'. C. MORRIS. R. N. DALLIRIORli. Mechzuiicul i'i1lQ.flIlC6l'iHg litlitur Civil lingineeriug litlitor 106 The Engineers' Society The Engineers Society of the University of Minnesota, from a humble beginning in 1887, has, by the untiring efforts of the few men who put their shoulders to the wheel in times of disappointment, grown to be today an important and predominating influence in the Engineering college. On the President falls the burden of inspiration in any society. And it is to our presidents of the last few years, A. R. Fairchild '03-l01g F. R. McMillian '04-'05, F. E. VViesner '05-'06, G. W. Uzzel '06-'07, and Neil Currie, jr. '07-'08, that we owe our recent rapid advance. For many years we have felt the need of a good course of lectures, on the various phases of engineering life, given by prominent, successful engineers. Through the untiring efforts of our Dean, F. S. jones, acting on the Society's continued suggestion, the Board of Regents this year appro- priated 8300 for this cause. Mr. Nay, on "A Day in the Auditor's Office of a Great Railroad," Mr. Blanchard, on "Reclamation of VVestern Lands," Mr. Morgan, on "The Engineering F'rofession," Mr. Waddell, on "A Million Dollar Bridge," together with several others yet to come, are the reward of years of persistent effort. In members we have grown from 75 in 1898 to over 175 in 1908. This is chiefly due to the student talks given every two weeks. These talks are unexcelled in accustoming and encouraging a man to talk and express him- self clearly while on his feet. Given generally by seniors, they are both instructive to the listeners and a benefit to the men. Mr. Currie, on "VVestinghouse Methods," Mr. Estep on Hlron lndustry on the Pacific Coast," Mr. Frary on HRapid Electro-Chemical Processes,'l Mr. Knowlton on HConstruction of a Viaduct," Mr. Sperry on HGas Engine Construc- tion," Mr VVeber on HA Telephone Switchboard," Mr. Poore on HHydraulic Cement," Mr. Stacy on 'STesting Traction Engines," Mr. Zimmerman on HSwitch Board Construction," are some of the many excellent articles on our program for the past year. "Get Acquainted," is the motto of the Engineers Society. For the Senior to meet the Freshman, the HShark," the HCon,'7 the Athlete, the "Grind,'l results in the betterment of all, making each one of us a broader, a higher, a nobler and better man, engineer and loyal Son of MINNESOTA. 107 Engineers Society F. A. Anderson O. xl. Bergoust J. XV. Caslverg C. P. Clarke H. P. Councilman R. F. Cox Neil Currie jr. H. Cole Estep F. G. Scoliie Oliver Sweningsen G. F. XVidell Senior Members F. R. Fleming H. D. Frary P. P. ,Furber S. G. Harwood P. Hetherton G. H. Hoppin C. C. Houston A. B. King G. P. Svendson G. VV. Walker L. P. Zimmerman A. L. lXfIcAfev T. C. Morris L. M. Norelius F.. F. Norelius C. A. Peterson G. T. Peterson Prentice R. S. A. XV. Schoepf F. Swanstrom W. XV. Weibler A. N. Dallimore C. B. Beery pl. B. Bieri ' W. C. Beckjord A. Brockway F. XV. Buck bl. E. Buhl pl. A. Childs R. tl. Cobban C. M. Converse R. M. Davies Junior Members j. T. Ellison XVm. Elsberg F. F. Esser . A. Fitts XV. R. Knopp . M. Forfar G-. A. Kruschke E. M. Lambert L. F. McKenzie F. R. Grant xl. E. Morris M. L. Hopkins M. B. Moyer S. Ingberg E. Kaplan F. G. Kircher G. A. Kircher .l D L. H. Gadsby A. C. Godward F. E. Murrish H. R. Johnson S. R. Okes Sophomore Members A. O. Olsen F. F. Paul O. B. Poore G. M. Shepard XV. Shippam M. H. Stillman C. D. Udell Walling B. B. VV. S. VVilliams H. H. XVright O. V. Anderson j. C. Bush A. J. Krauser B. A. Meixner V. S. Beck KI. XV. Camp M. S. Larson Clyde Methven O. E. Brownell George DuToit R. A. Mark W. G. Shane C. jesperson XV. H. Martin Freshman Members A. L. Giles - Charles Young Raymond H. Kenyon Walter Gunderson Ralph Hodnett X Unclassed Members L. W. Mclieehan David Corbin H. C. Alden 108 MINNESOTA SCHOOL OF MINES SOCIETY I Officers Alrnizlm Lociqii '08, President G. G. 5'l'RW.-XR'l' '10, Secretary and Treasurer R. C. GRANT 'USL Corresponding Secretary Members Seniors C. T. Dahl F. R. Edwards P. Kilpatrick O. G. Hoaas xl. L. Strong xl. S. Olmstead A. K. Knickerbocker xl. S. Peterson Alfred Locke xl. A. Grimes luniors XY. A. Cole xl. H. Santo A. H. Swanson L. xl. Gavin H. A. XX'illiams R. Fletcher S. L. Hoyt R. C. Grant xlay Crowley Earl XX'harton C. R. Conkey Lynn Rood Sophomores A. D. Moir H. E. Farnum M. U. xlohnson O. A. Sundness VV. Simpson F. W. Holler G. G. Stewart K. xl. Duncan C. L. Kleismidt A. xl. Strane L. Devereaux E. H. Quade P. M. Ostrand F. M. Leonard 13. G. Harmon xl. R. McKenzie V. L. Fixen M. Giltinan N. P. Goodrich C. S. Heidel C. xl. Carson .l - XX A H C. -X A H Hill A. S. xlay Elliott P. E. xlones C. L. Larson H. M. Turner C. Heath A. T. Kennedy A. T. xlohnson Freshmen Anderson P. F. Pettigrew E. P. Baker E. A. Englund . S. Milner F. L. Ober xl. xl. Hurley xl. W. Lewis C. Borgeson I. C. O'Brien L. Martin E. xl. VV. Engesc-r l. Rahilly l. H. XX'illiams E. H. X7Valker XV. A. Hoskins B. Melchior A. F. Olson E. Lawton A. VV. Tosness xl. VVehr W. C. Anderson E. l. Lange G. M. Drake F. Victor L. Snydor W. F. xlahn loe Perry xl. XVasson C. S. Beck. C. XV. XlVaters 109 THETA TAU HAMMER AND TONGS l Alohn xl. Kennedy l. Lawrence Strong H erhert H. Knowlton Fred XY. Buck Rohn-rt A. plaques lill Torrance Rollo pl. Colwlban Lynn Rood Alpha Chapter Established 1904 Seniors Juniors George M. Shepard Oscar F. XYotlrich Clarence XY. Mowery Pierce P. Furlmer Malcolm D. Chandler ,Xlva H. W'arrt-11 Howard M. Starrett .Xlvah E. Brockway Benjamin B. VValling George A. Kruschke SOpl'1Ol'1'lOI'CS Porteous B. Palmer Milo P. Fox Robert Minor 110 RUHD COBIKAN TORRANCE HROCHYVAY l5l'I'K MINICR KRVSGIIKIC NYARRICN WYALLING IAQVL5 SIIEYARD ANIILP-IR l"l'RlIl-ZH XVOURICH KI-INNFDY KNtlXYL'I'IIN STRONKQ Xlrlvl' Hammer and Tongs ChaplerRoIl Alpha . . Vnivl-rsity ol Minnesota lil-ta . Michigan College of Mines Gamma Colorado School of Mines 111 GRANT SXVANSON LQAVIN I KVI ll I Rl ROUD if Xlxl X XYILLIAMS XYHARTON COLE HOY1 HOGNUSON X-XXI OK I-'Lli'1l.Hl li SANTU Sigma Kappa Alpha I p pppppp 4 Q " P J vs l l , . X4 n I 3 I lx! 112 5'l'4WRh lIl'lflfIN4.IU3 IIAMlI.'l'lIN PO'l"l'l-IR XYURKMAN SHII'l'AXI XVIQNBI-IKIZ IHNNICSS Nl UNICY NI-WYTUN FUI XVII MAN XX. L. HAVSI-IR NIHYPIR SCUBII' IUI I Rl' RI-ll!-'F CUNI' XH' URI-IK IIULNI ON I- lxl.I'XI7 ISLAND KNOW I.'l'l7N LIU xl X NIIAXX XX II SON IRYI-I ll P l'OL'Qt'lI.wAN SIGPIRI-'OCS Uk! S KAY IHXNIUNID University of Minnesota Corps of Cadets Cxifr. Iimxxanin SIGIZRFOOS, Fifth U. S. Infantry, Commanclant Field and Staff H. P. C'oI'Nr'1I.xixN, Cadet Colonel Ciiiasriik S. VVILSON. Vadet Captain .XI.I.AN I,. lVI1':X1"lili, Cadet Vaptain and Quartermaster First Battalion JOHN H, KAY, Cadet Major Dixxiorm. Faclet lst Lieut. and Adjt. l.'iixx'ls .L Second Battalion DM' I. ONES. Pallet Major I,AwRi3NCI-: VV. ICING. Vatlet lst Lieut. and Arljt. Third Battalion I,.xTriRo1'. Vatlet Major SXYNIN, Cadet lst Lie-ut. antl Adjt. 113 and .Xdju tant I-:xnxx BUWICY f 'mf ' If wx mf Lua I.-ux-os :wsu i1lIl'P-xxl x lIxL'SIfI' If HMM!-' Crack Drill Squad C. D.xN.x lxlkfGl!liXN'. Captain and llrxll Master Members XYillis Shippam Rupert Hauser VV. L. Councilman Robert XV. Foulke Ernest Vllenberg Hugo Nelson Paul johnson 114 Kenneth Hauser Lars Rand Paul Bailey Chas. Ekrnan Howard R. Hush Clarence XY. Bowen C. Elliot McGraw DAY I, ORI-:S Chairman of Arrangements The Military Ball Commlttees Arrangements Patronesses and Invitations IJAY I. ORES, Chairman JOHN RAY, Chairman CARL HAMILTON DANA MCIGREXX' ROISERT FOIILKIC EARL MAIII. CHESTER WILSON LAXVRENCE KING Gm' C. BLAND CHARLES ELLIOTT Decorations Music and Programme XVALTER CROSBY, Chairman HERBERT KNOXYLTON, Chairman LEWIS DIANIONIU M. V. IENNESS R. V. HAUSER J. S. MIKESH WILLIS IYEXYTON XVARNER XVORKMAN I. R. Br'IfFINczTON Floor Printing WILIIUR SI-IAXV, Chairman CECIL HOUSTON. Chairman DANA MCGREXN' R. A. CONE F. G. SFORIE R. NELSON ELMER T. FOSS Press CHESTER WILSON, Chairman ZIENAS POTTER ALLAN WASH ALLEN STORK J. RUSSELL SMITH, Treasurer HAROLD DEERING. Assistant Treasurer ARNOLD FRYE, Auditing 115 Eslablishca' in 1905. An Honorary and Fralernal Organization among llrc Cade! Oficers. i SCABBARD AND BLADE-COMPANY "Bn Members in the Faculty A. E. Haynes, M. S., M. Ph., Sc. D. Edward Sigerfoos, Capt. 5th U. S. Infantry Members in tlie University Seniors Day I. Okcs Herbert H. Knowlton Vllalter B. Crosby Hal. P. Councilman Clayton G. Staclfield C. Dana lVIcGrew Wlilbur D. Shaw Chester S. VVilson Hobart D. Frary Harold Deering -Iohn H. Ray ,lr. Al. Russell Smith juniors Lewis A. Diamond Lawrence XV. King Robert W. Foulke Maurice lenness Malcolm B. Moyer Zenas L. Potter Sophomores Carl L. Hamilton W. L. Councilman kl. R. Buffington XVarner G. XVorkman Robert A. Cone 116 l'IKI,l'NIl DIXXHYNIJ KNIUXYLTUN l!!-'ENIX NH X IIXRX In I Irv lN4Il1AN llxx Axll Hill S RI National Society of Scabbarcl and Blade Regimenlal Headquarlcrs al Univcrsily of Minnesola Chapter Roll Company A . . . . University of XYisconsin Company B . Vniversity of Minnesota Company C . . . Cornell lfniversity Company IJ . Iowa State College 117 GREEK CLUB H EAAHNIKI-I ETAIPEIA 0fHCCYS First Semester MAX LmvEN'1'HAI,, President LLfIlA IIUTCHINSON, Vice-President LUCIA S'1'Rm1c1Rr:N, Secretary W'Ir,LIAx1 juxns, Treasurer Second Semester XYILIJS NEWTUN, President ANNA JOHNSON, Vice-President RUTH LESLIE, Secretary 'XV1l,I,1Axr JONES, Treasurer MAX LmvRx'1'HA1,, Sergeant-at-Arms 118 PK B , A INMLIS CLARK TOOMEY YELAND NX -kill RI'l"l'ENHUL'Sl' HYLL GODLEY KINIATING I ARlil'R QUILL A Club of Girls chosen from the various Boards of College Publications. In the above space would be a picture of Quill if we had money enough to have it taken. VVill those who know us kindly fill in our faces and may the subtle significance of the asterisks do the rest. Believe us. dear college public, Impoverished but still brave. THE QUILL. Membership MIRIAM CLARK, President FLORENCE GODLEY. Vice President CATHERINE IQITTEN HOUSE. Secretary NIARY '1lOOMEY, Treasurer Nl.-'KRION BARBER XVINIFRED SMITH CAMELIA NVAITE ELSA UELANII 119 REXX'EY BELLE INGLIS MONICA IQEATING GERTRUDE HULL GENEWlE VVAIEES, Chaperon VELANIJ liRL'l'Hl-ILJLZ HARRISON RUCKXYOUI7 XIVNRU I"IIlivER'l'1lN TLIUXIEY XX-KI PH SINK l AIR SHI l -XRlJbON 'Sl OONPR IOIKIE Sigma Alpha Delta A Junior Society Eslablishcd I8 95. Seniors Elizalx-th Bruchliolz Margaret Munro liditli Rockwood Ruth Harrison Geneve XN'ales Juniors 120 Clare Lougev Elsa lfeland Elizalx-th Sinclair Elizabeth Shepardsou Mary Toomey w1.I.Iux IL Hex ui' Ll-Llc: ll ll HANK' lUHN ll XX' lil'5Sl"Il.l, SMITH USC,-XR XYUURIK H I X 'Y SXXVUIHD XIX I X l' l Il- Xl Il X' ,s.nX' -Il.1.1u"'l' Ulm IN 2-, 'hr mitrv 3hminr Snriety XYilhnr Duane Slian' Oscar Frwderick XYodr john Henry Ray jr. Arthur Edward Larkin Orren Earl Szirford Sri ?YI3a'k?'4giXQc2f3 Fol HN-45355-H?m: 5t55n"k'CX l-pxgi hfmyvkenm mms 111?:rC8cYfii3XYi6--yi ich I908 I909 121 Charles XYinslow Elliott james Russell Smith XYilliam Ernest Barnaby Lt-Roy Y'V0oclworth Sanford Thomas Peebles 11-OQtYHi'5:kQack?li-XZSXQ 55bk?oPy8XSd9 O'lX,lQSfSlX?55ro5l" ,Q-584' 7 im-snag P56325 dl:-1524?-tb' f'X44StSi?'5X? Aclelpluian Club A society, composed of all Fraternity men in the Class of 1910 for the promotion of good fellowship and the furtherance of a strong spirit of inter-fraternal good twill. OfHCCI'Si FAizR1No'roN DANIELS, President. CARI, HAMILTON, Vice-President. S1'AN'1'oN CAWLFZY, Secretary. EARI, FARNAKI, Treasurer. PAUL SEABITRY, Chaplain. 122 Tau Shonka Pg Sanpa Club Organized to promole acquainlance among the Fralernily men of 1911 Officers Dnxx XY. MARTIN, President. Br:Rx'I.R OSBIHRNE, Vice-President. sl. 15AR'l'HFI,I, FAEGRE, Secretary. DUN XY. IJEVEY, Treasurer. A. LAIRD Goommx, Chaplain. DANA VV. DL'T4lIT, KIUSEPH HARP, Sergeants-at-Arms. 123 GRANT M M,Hlf'IfIN WA'1'l-LHS xii' lu-1kXi1v'1"1' lmlilzls Ill K I L l l"l I I X I Nl Malcolm E. 'Grant Murray R. XYaters George D. Harris Ralph P. Crane Robert L. Storms STYX Lex el Aequilas .lr- 124 Samuel S. Magoflin E. Mills McDermott Asa xl. Hunter KI. Ralph Canterbury D. Cavour Owen 'N , X A 44,8 nw fm-1 . N . P! .. . 'K 4 if , ,, -QS' 1 As 55' . 'W Z-'F-' .. Q SW' " ' .. ,,ff' wk fr 'tk w 3 . ' E: A ,glfi j- z, x 'K 5' i Qzyi' " W . 'ggi .,,,2J V12 71 7h ' K W X N ' 1 w' f-:M K ,V ' gf' , Q , M - 3 L 2 ff' l:r3, H"-1 4? Bl 4 ix W 'f .5 W' I f Q W f' X- , .. pg -.3 Q4 V ,iv I , ' , i 'Y Y Q N x X ' I Y I if 1 xg x Y If -if 15 4 XXX Xa 1 L 2 3' K. 1 3 af N5 , f ff 1' .. x ,. HRYW1 l ,QQ A, -Q K , Wi 22 2 i I I . Xx x 1 ,, 1Q f3:iX .Q B Leif A Q5 , Lf 2. - . -gi , 5 t Ly Q- I 1 H1 i xv .W If igfff' FRl'fDI'1Rll'K IIVKK Prcsuieiit The Junior Bail Association FREIJ. VV. BUCK. PRESIDENT EARL C. NIAUL. Secretary ALYA H. XYARREN. Vice-President LIQXVIS S. DIAIIOND, Treasurer Committees Arrangements Decorations XV. YALE SKIILEY, Chairman VVILIVRED P. FRICLXGII, Chairman M. D. CIIANDLER JAMES B. B-EALS H. H. THOMPSON EYRI, C. NIAUI. Music Programs VVM. XV. NORTON. Chairman LEWIS S. IJIANIOND, Chairman RAYMOND IX. SLEEPER ALEREII H. MOE N. EARL XVIIARTON PAUL M.1iELI.OGc Press Refreshments ZENAS L. POTTER, Chairman RO13IiR1' C. RIERRILL VERNON C. PIITGEON Printing ' FRANK N. BROOKS, Chairman SHERMAN VV. CIIILDS CLYDE H. XVILSON Invitations XVII. P. ROBERTSON, Chairman HARRY C. REID HAROLD G. CANT, Chairman FRED I. BLANCIIETT LYNN Room Patronesses HONX'ARlJ M. STARRETT. Chairman HARRIS H. YVRIGHT G. R.'XX'3IOND URR Auditing IQOBERT A. CONE, Chairman CI.IifIfORD A. BOORIQN 'II-IOBIAS H. UzzEI.I, Correspondence LIARRY B. CARROI.L, Chairman ROSCOIE 13.ANI7ERSON C B. OYBIQIIZN 126 5 I0 CPIIAISTFIIQ S. XX'lI,SUIN General Chairlnari The 1908 Senior Prom Committees Arrangements BIAURICE Ii. SALISIIURI' VVALTER J. GESSliLI. I Decorations ROISIQRT' L, BIEECH, Chairman LEROY W. SANFORD CHARLES F. IQEMER Press CJLARENCE M. HARTER, Chairman JOHN H. RAY JR. CHARLES W. ELLIOTT Patronesses XVILIIUR D. SHAW, Chairman HARRIET D. MOORE NIARIORIE EDWARDS Printing and Programs If-XLPH T. KNIGHT, Chairman JAY G. JOHNSON EDXYIN G. ERLUND 128 Refreshments C. DANA BICGREXY. Chairman J. IQUSSELL SMITII ROl3ER'l4 L. IJEERING Music GUI' C. JOHNSON, Chairman JACK E. HAN'NES XVALTIQR B. CROSBY Floor ARTHUR BIORSE, Chairman VIC1'OR W. FI.E1'czIIER HONVARID J. CLII-'rr invitations A. HAROLI7 PORTER. Chairman JAMES MIKESH JOHN E. DAVENPORT Commencement Week l907 Programme l'-RIUAY, June Tth. 2:30 and 315 P. M.. Metropolitan 'lll1t'!LIC1'. Class Play. SA'i'I'RD.:.x'. JUNE Stli. S P. M.. Presirlenfs Reception to Grncluziting Class. :Ltthe home of Cyrus Northrop LL, D. SUNDAY JI'NEll'1'H. II P. M.. Armory. Bacczilaureme Service. Aclclress by Dr. John XY. Powell. MoNu.A.x', JUNE IOTH. Campus Class Day lixercises. 'l'r'EsuAx'. JUNE llru. Sigma Xi Address. S130 P. M., Masonic Temple. the Senior Promenzirle. XYi51:NEsDAx', JUNE IIITH. lZ2:00 M.. Alumni Picnic. Campus. 3100 P. M., Field Sports. Evening Class Reunions. W'omen's League Reception to Alumni and Seniors. 35th Annual Commencement 'l'Ht'RsD.w, JUNE lCi'1'H. 10:00 A. M.. Armory. Graclunting Exercises. Address: Secretary XV. H. Tait. 129 "Tl-IE BRAING MAN" A Comedy in Three Acts Presented by the Senior Class of the University of Minnesota, l 907 Caste Hiram Hicks. The Braino Man ............................ Tom Horton. who writes Aclvertisments ................... .... Fritz jordan. Horton's chum who plays basket-ball .................... Adam Bicldicnt. Professor in Northern University ..,...,,.......,........ Dean Smiley, Dean of the College of Arts in Northern University .... . Percy Robbins, a recent arrival from "tleah" Boston ................ .. Arlolph Hopkins, :L lazy boy ............,...................... . Bastian Briggs. a rlig .............,................ .. losh Anclerson, a basket-ball enthusiast ............, Charlie Padlet. reporter forthe "Daily Shriek"... Peter, the popular proprietor of the "Pal" ...........,....................... .. XValker, manager for the Bralno Man ......................,......,.............. june Grant If Seniors, chums anrl interested respectively in Horton Frederick D. Calhoun ......XVilliam R. VVells .....Nathan Blackburn ........Herbert Dewart , . . . Edward lf. Swenson ...........Ralph Dyar .....Harry Miller ...........-Xrnold Frye ....,...Claucle Randall .. Herbert YVoodward . ..... Charles Murphy ...,.........Dana Easton Q Sara Preston Polly Porter S and jordan ...............,....,.,.............,....................... 5 Florence Hoftlin Claire Angeline jones. A stage-struck girl ....... ....... K atherine DeVeau Susy Spriggins, a freshman with a crush ...... ............ I nez Applebee Daisy Armstrong, an athletic girl .,................ ...... l iose Marie Schaller Fluff Finley. a fusser girl ..............................,.. ...,..,......,. G race Smith Flora Belle Delamartyr, waitress at "The Pal".... Mrs. Cobb. housekeeper at "The Quarters" .... . ...................... .. Lily. maid at "The Quarters" ......,....................,.......,......,............, . Bill Posters, Newsboys, members of Team, etc. Business Management ......Marjorie Vance .....Saria Swenson ..,..Ethel Spooner Business Manager ...... jacob VVilk Assistant Business Manager . Frank S. Lyon 130 Some ffzzffzblu smzzdfzf-111011vw' has .mzlf A Q5 Muzi .1fZ.7Z7Z6S0fll is S"0Z'7QQ' 10 MC rfqgs S0t'Z.lIf4l' Am! sinh bcfvzg' Mc msn, iw lllflfllfllft' fhzxw f7llxQ'l'S HE Docs 727 'INA Zllh M i n ne s 0 ta is kQ'!7Z'lZAQ' 131 .f44.....za14.,.,L7 flag? ,K .4444 A fs'.....,.. ..,rh1.,Lv-- affa. Z--Ivo-4-'Q lcon--44 f ZZ..C,.4 .if w....1.,z 6-1 Q.. 441.4- cw-.. , Ain! 2.. lt4...Q...., 1.74 .af-92' ,f.g.,.,.,,,4.4...,I' lquugrs J' a,.rl'4.vv-,lfa--qv-Lf af 2-:Anti-4 lag GAA' I-1.4 4,?',,,,.7, 1-4.-fa.-fron. '57-444 M. Y V Leaves from the Editoris Note Book After earring his me books, collecting me Gopher box Coniffburfm, culling me ehaj' au! of his "Daily"jilc, and ransacking his weary brain cells, ye edilor grindelli out the following feeble rib-licklers. F g Sept. llthADowney asks students not to walk on the grass. Students immediately wear 1 out the grass. N Sept. 18th-Nervous Freshman on his way to the lfniversityi "How far are we Q 5 Ri, from Pleasant Avenue?" Conductors "Three blocks." N. F. "This side or the ' I H other? " ' 'Wil f 5 Sept. 19th--Freshman Chi Psi caught smoking in Folwell Hall. tv1" wmv, Sept. 21st A Elizabeth Bruckholtz seen without her ''I-am-more-virtuous-thaw ' gm' ' thou" expression. Sept. Zlflrd-Diana added to the famous beauties of Shevlin llall. Qi Sept. 2-lth The missing link is a "Pidgeon." N Sept. 27thfClasses suspended for the cane-rush. XVe wish we could rush the canlel oftener. lm" ' X 'l M 1 ""VaW 4 fcln Sept. 28th-In his "Bland" way Guy carries oil' the Presidency of the Senior Class. Sept. 30th-Regents condemn land for a larger campus, thereby causing several Frater- nities to move, and increasing the length of the walk to the "Interurban." Oct. 4thfBess Breen seen walking to the Town and Country Club with 'Webb Tallant Oct. 5th-Seventyaspirants display their only too evident inability to tread the buskined stage. Oct. ith-Swenson demands severely: "C:-1n't any one think of any connection -sa w , between something sweet and a slight pressure?" 'fx s ' F- Oct. Sth-juniors elect a Sleeper. 4 .NJ e 54 Oct. 9th--Okes elected Chief Gridiron Barker. A ' XZ Nh L4 is Oct 11th Bren arouses wrath of Co-eds by classification of females on K - foot ball tickets, e. g.: Pennington. stout. Ueland, slim. A X N Oct. 12th Psi U's lose money on the Ames team. ,, Oct. l-lth 'The time to start in to study in earnest has arrived, faccording to Dowue 'X Y , 5 . . . . , . . , 'im it Oct. 19th fF1rkins has his hnger nails cut. Gopher Board hnally gets its flrst .2 joke. i ' i' C - Oct. Qlst Self Government Association announces increase in the girls appetites. Oct. 22nd--Girls' huge hats prove veritable shields for "the man behind" in class Oct. 24th Scrubbing day in the Psychology Laboratory. Expert services rendered by Robert Meech, who likes Psychology because it is so handy to Miss Edwards. Oct. 28th Girls' Rooter Club dies a just death. Oct. Oct. illthe-Chicago game approaching. 30th-Chicago game still on its way. Nov. fd- Chicago game arrives. Dr. Swift attends with his red cushion. 1 ll , Q W sgrii Stout lady at the game. to Lee Sanford: "Could you please tell me what time it is?" Sanford: "VVhy, l haven't my Watch here, but,-say. Taylor, have you got the time?" Taylor fvvho has not heard the lady's questionlt "YVell. Holy Cowl lf you think I'm going to dig through six layers just to find out what time it is. you'd better jump in the lake!" Nov. -lth Dramatic Club desires to stage "The Gilded Fool." 135 Nov. 5th-No gilded fool can be found. Frank Bibb tries for the part, being recom- mended as having all the qualifications, but is told that he does not combine the gilt and the foolishness in the proper artistic fashion. Nov. 6thADr. Bauer, to student in mathematics: L'That is a very strange and most inco- herent explanation of the term "sine." Will you tell me the exact source from which you got the information?" Student ftimidlyj: "From your book, Doctor." Nov. 'lth-Gopher Board gets tenth joke on Fred Harding. 8thgAn unconfirmed rumor is afloat that Bob Merrill is going to get a new hat. Nov. Nov. 9th7Sororities still on the rush. Freshman co-ed's mother who has list- ened to enthustastic descriptions of the D. G.'s by her daughter: "What are D. G.'s dear, Dining Girls?" V Nov. 12th-Gopher-Mag. Team trounces the Daily Staff team. Heavy odds lost among book-makers. Purity Banquet proves grand success. Elsa Ueland refers touchingly to the Daily team as the cream of the College-whipped cream! Colburn speaks for half an hour on nothing. Bland attempts to explain 'tWhy is the WVorld?" and ends by telling why he left Anoka. Uzzell talked on everything in sight and a little bit more. Nov. '13th-Bill Simmons reads "The Gilded Fool" aloud and puts real expres- sion into the lines, "Who woke me up, that damned bird?" No wonder some of the other Betas have to give up dancing to atone for the sins of their brothers. Nov. 14th--Dr. Klaeber commences class on time. Nov. 16thsCarlisle game. Rooter: "Stonewalll Stonewall! Stonewall!" Fair co-ed Ceagerly scanning the ofhcial line-upl: 'tDid Stonewall do that? VVho is Stonewall, anyway?" Elsa Ueland swallows her gum during Chestnut's long run. Nov. I9thWFirst night of "Jamieson," Orchestra plays uMinnesota." Stout lady, still open to conviction as to the necessity of standing: "What is this anyway, some patriotic air?" Harold Taylor: "Yes, I think it is the Star Spangled Banner." Miss Peck causticallycom- ments on Mrs. jessop's costume as a case of "low-and-behold." Nov. 20th-Overheard on the campus: t'VVhat sort of a play is Mrs. Potter's 'jamieson?' "Oh! it would be nice play to read in a hammock of a summer af- ternoon, butf" "But what?" "The hammock would go better alone." 'Nf- Nov. 23rd-XVisconsin game. Farrington Daniels likes the 'w XVisconsin Alpha Delts. He says they took him to the station in a cab. Query: "Was it necessary?" Some of the Minne- sota men have left their voices and goodness knows what else in Madison. M 5 4. 7f s 1 l 3. 1 iE:::::- 5' X N f f X X it K' y af. ff V' N Nr Ill .3 42 G 1' tg ff sgff 7 Q .vflll as I lgj . x fllln lwzumulm Jllul A i , tiff' . f , N 1 fssf P , ,Iggy ,nf 0 S V ag lllug 5 AV s . N ill 1 Dec. 2d-Elsa Ueland does not join anything. milf X " Dec. lid-Gopher Board makes a plea for jokes through the i -Aix 3 I V columns of the Daily. Result: another joke on Fred Harding. Dec. 6th-Thomas Uzzell and Irene Marden receive long coveted in- E N, troduction to each other as winners of the "beauty" contest. Political il S soreheads amalgamate. Dec. 7th-Co-ed overheard refusing to go roller-skating with Russell Smith on the round that she has never met him. Ver ro er s irit! "Esmer- Q E Y P P P elda" caste decides to give farmers a treat. I I' llllll' llllllll-l in , I l ' x 'lA:l' lllll'l u l I .ml Q .:::::--- - which building is the University?" Dec. 9th-Bewildered Podunkite to passing student: "I say thar, Dec. 10th-Search fora "Silent XVoman" begins for Miss Peck's 'Zi Dec. llth-Bangs in chapel. Everyone else too. Dec. e Professors are overworked. CFJ 36 4' - U ' l"l"f'Eu ll ,' .," mhfkia ' 1 -QQ Ben johnson revival. Helen Lynch outclasses all other applicants. 12thfStudents submit to Inquisition from which it is discovered that Ka Dec. l3thgDr. Swift forgets to crack a joke. Dec. 14th-VVe discover that we have in our very midst a "Napoleon of the Bar," Dec. 17th-Miss Comstock caught smiling. Can it be a case of "just 'round Christmas time"? Ian. '7thfMrs. Potter assigns a sonnet to her Milton class.fMable jackson decides to leave college. Dramatic Club is pleased to announce that it scored a big hit on the road. Minnesota towns are to be congratulated on their appreciation of a good thing. jan. 9th-Compressed food tablet man calls at the Gopher Hole. Makes big sale. Ian. 14th-Faculty informs us that we are not overworked. 'E Ian. 16th-Senior Girls again attempt to satisfy their insatiable hunger. fs , 5, W' r- ' jan. 18thsAnother candidate for the Athletic Board of Control creeps in. There must be a few men in College who are not running as yet. Ian. 22d-Mary Shaw sees future for College VVomen on the stage. ' ,lmfi A Girls' Glee Club trills and thrills in Chapel. ,, ,. Qqaug .Y . . 1-fjl'lflllilti1il'i'1,. Ian. 2-1thfBetty Hull wears her cap and gown to "Ghosts," Sits in 1 if the front row. jan. 26th-Olsen Brothers study for exams: Dietrich decides that if Q ig.: ,,,!, he gets in all subjects he will stay out till nine o'clock for three ' 3 3 nights and say "damn" three day's running. f 'TLP 1 Feb, 5th-Y. M. and Y. W.'s grow hilarious at Post Exam jubilee. Mrs. Potter evidently takes the K. K.'s seriously. Feb. 6th-No new sorority formed to-day. Strains of junior Ball music begin to float upon the air. Political luminaries again to the front for the Athletic Control. Feb. lst-Norman Nelson lets this day go by without telling Marion Barber how differ- ent she is from other girls. Feb. Sth-Orren Safford "goes a-shoppin' for to buy a song." Returns without song and with an evident reluctance to discuss his experience. The Gopher Board Sherlock Holmes discovers the facts of the case. Safford threw ten cents on the counter and timidly demand- ed "How'ed You Like to Spoon VVith Me?" Novice behind the counter: "Aw g'wan". Safford, with rising ire: "Have you got the goods?" Novice: "Say what d'yu take me for? Do I look mooney?" Safford: "Hell!"-Precipitate flight. Feb. 12th-The Gopher is chiefly to be concerned with the following: Eunice Smith, Bess Breen, Marion Barber, Lou Crozier VVe are indebted for this information to the following: Eunice Smith, Bess Breen, Marion Barber, Lou Crozier. Feb. 13th-"Men's building" boom on. Agitation begins for Dean of Men. Feb. 15th-Number of jokes on Gopher desk on Betty Hull running neck and neck with those on Fred Harding. Feb. 20th-Frelin tells his annual joke. Feb. 27thfSenior class-play committee announces the evolution of an atrocityin three fits. to' be inflicted later. 5 Feb, 28thiAt the junior Ball haughty youths and stately damsels mingle with ' " 'Q courtly grace in the intricate and inspiring measures of the barn dance. ,M wg? A Feb. 20th-Campus abloom with relics of junior Ball CPE roses. X Mar. -lth--WE. B. johnson appoints himself successor to Noah Webster. Nuff Mar. 'ith---"Silent VVoman" makes a hit. This may be taken as a suggestion. X Mar. l0tl:-A-Mistake happens in the Daily, "Harding, K. M.," instead of "Hard- ing, D, F." 137 14 , iisiiiflll fffliv 29 ' A l ' ii. lfllllllwll' st' PII OH Q Q? M 'll f it Q-A X if I ni.. 4 Ig!" 2. hh.. ,,f gi fa wxss L16 u-.. , t p 1' Xwdhvww 1 5 , y Q i i , . fff2:LLM 1 llhvft 7 T " - ' f f The oiner W X fix I 2 T N , f t T, L . 0 Q35 l i ' , f The Joiner wears a dozen pins grip we 06 3 .M E Q00 53 1, f 5 Q That call for adulation: His frat. his club, and other sins ill? 'EQ Janis? Are marked for admiration 5430 But is this show X f V ,YS Of gold and dough .Y X , 'pdl A little-low X 5 of vulgar? if Ep, X 4 No! 4? K, 'W , ' X ff He goes to meeting every noon: ff f K D xl ,L ff ' The-re're three or four most pressing: I fwyp X1 f "Important business." is the time li P63 'S N ff That keeps our hero guessing. Cf! Oqvf f s 'jf But never quit t' lj X del , X ' Xlfuwfg Tho you olqlit- i X i f Erfite your wit . Qfrxl I gh I . 44, xox Vx' f n meeting: , X46! 97 , 1 Nil? fp YQ wi , T f ,A f ivy ' X Ile also gets some little hills ly! fx Ifor dues.-Oli hotherationl - Those weekly. monthly. yearly ills A65 ML f That hear no conimutzition. But can he mope "VV V X Or ever hope X4-'il . I 'ff VVith dues to cope ,Y X' .xr College? I , I E J , f v KC ,, L ,ff Rope! ' Z I 7 .X ,f ' X 1 -Q ll X, I I X Yi A fx 'X ' ff" f f" , ff' ff ' ,. , L , K, ff K 2 'ix--X ,1 , ifji ,fx if ff? L- 'ffl i ' K ' Z iltxjtf flf f "ff, fx X. S ff fyf' '- f. fe fr mfgg. fi ' i , if y f T i f X sv fa Q4 ' ' ff ,ff . ' '- f' ' ,f X ff if 138 .. 'tu , I . tr . Q V N T 'll' T' W 'WA 1 X 5' + fwenf .,fs ,F fl! 1 W, -3 ! ' I A 4 r , it fi .g fx nf W W R ' 5 .. ' - . . ,, , . y . . . . i ' ig f ' "tu f e . I 'M fn l l 151.4 F.. f-I .V dl .ta unt it is if as V ' I d xf.t.'f new 14,29 is! f Q' - s af s. J' -I ' J' T mm. i t I milk! The Purity Banquet as Seen by Two Co-eds fThe following report was actually written by two prominent co-ecls who sat in the front row of the gallery of the banquet hall and scribbled away on what they saw in order to keep their mouths from wateringj li:-15-The bunch files ing the members of the faculty are busy finding seats that promise to be good vantage points. Prof. Frelin changes his seat seven times, finally settling near a pile of Cake. He looks about nervously. The crowd soon becomes impatient. The 'varsity yell helps let off steam. 6152- -Six Chicago rooters tile in and settle down. They are not as good looking as sons of Minnesota. but they can yell. T100-Band plays "Minnesota" Colburn is patriotic all right. but his face is a bit wan. "Zane" looks guilty about something--Ahl he's raking something toward him under his fist with his eyes on Stork. T:l5- Players enter the Armory, kindergarten-fashion, fthe dear boyslj and seat themselves like shy birds. Captain De Tray is fussed. Captain "Schutie", ditto, T313 Eating begins--everybody busy. Paul Bunce tries to trade an oyster for some crackers--everybody too busy. Girls aloft Cimpotent but cheerfulj are forgotten. 71258-.De Tray not eating yet. Our burly captain still has his toes turned in. It's posi- tively killingl 8205- De Tray smiles, seems almost human. He has a nice smile. The boys keep time with the band by drumming with their knives and forks. It sounds great! 8:25--Y-,'l'he boys have waited half an hour for their desert! It's a shame. The Daily table tips their waiter. "Mose" passed the hat: the black man got all the money, too: I watched it. "Mose" is such a dear! XVhy didn't they let us do the serving? S:-10--.X howl for more grub sets in. Kjelland calls for buns. George Capron takes his seventh, De Tray begins to nibble. O dear! Steffens is behind the centerpiece and utterly invisible, except his feet. He manages them well. however. 8145- The band yells imitating the girls, The girls never yell like thatl I think its just dreadful of them! And it isn't our fault that we do not show them how we do it either. CI suppose a rap is meant for someone here.- lidj H148--'I'lie speeches begin. Our "Doo" is head push. The coaches tell frightful yarns and fling bouquets at each other. Theydcserve it. But I don't think Stagg should have read that letter before our team. 5l:0ll7De Tray must be coming soon for he dropped a bun trying to find his mouthi he arranges his tie, and feels the part of his hair, and seizes a glass of water most recklessly. Schuknecht, ditto. Slzlll--'Sure enough, they are next. Their speeches were great. Their bashfulness is positively winning. but their voices ring with mountains of power. But our dear brave captain is best of all. I'll never forget those last words of his, nor the look on his face as he said them: "The boys are not afraid!" Rah! Rah! Rahl Schuknechtl 139 N'X an ,gy ' if '. Qi - x f 'iv ig , ,lil N J-I fi 0 , ,lx E -is 1 9 1- V A1 cf Old lVlaid's Club "The Old Maid's Club is composed of three," Said Elsa Ueland right mirthfully. "There's Rewey Belle Inglis, Geneve and me-f Rewey Belle, whds a swell, and Geneveg also me. To belong to the club a maid must be Of lovers and sweethearts entirely free, The conditions are simple you'll readily see, Yet 'tis strange how few we can find to agree. Initiations there may not be. But of exitiations we hope to see three VVhen we usher out with ceremony Rewey Belle Inglis, Geneve and me. YVe searched the campus early and late For maidens blessed with a similar fate VVho were willing to share our joys sedate, Till at last we came to Camelia XVaite. 'Nay, there was a man, and he courted me Tho' he and my mother couldn't agree. I longed for he, but' I bowed to she, So a sad farewell to the O. M. Cf So one and all said '23,' Till we're as select as select can bei There's the cat, the canary, the cup of tea. Rewey Belle. and Geneve, and then there's 13 I , ugly' ,f fix-Y " 1 yi: Confessions of a Fusser At college one may win degrees Of every sort and kind of D's,-V But I, alas, have none of these:-- - 'I was a fusser! I never cared for Math. or Greek, For Science I would never seek, You see, my friends, I was a Deke. I was a fusser. My classes met on window-seat Or at the friendly statue's feet? A class of two is hard to beat, VVhen both are fussersl XVhen eager Botanists would go For specimens, ten miles or so. Ou river-bank. my flowers would grow I was a fusser! And though I drew Hunks every day I never cared, why should I. say? It only meant a longer stay To be a fusserl When Profs. grew tired of seeing me. They fixed me for a new degree. And sent me out with my lf. D. A full fledged fusser. But ah, those days to me how dear! I think I'll just return next year. me!" At college then to re-appear. The post-grad. fusser. I N EX ' ,.9 . uid- Q G X 'Zi - ,,,5f ,gy 'lliil'7" n' 2-if My 14-0 V Ienwtmm L nxwrllrnglx and mth tear stftrnerl eyes the edrtors rre here construnetl to retord the untrmelw demrse of that Z1l'fCCllOIl'l.f8 xnd touchrng frrend of the I nrversrty re rdrng publrc the serral luv rl and Xermce Our fond rnfl lorrng labors hue chsclosed the re rson tor the truel hardened and unmrtrgated ftttron of the Bowrcl of Puhlrxhersof the Darlx 111 Quppreserng that chrrmmg yarn uhrle we were wartrng hreftthlexsly for the successrre rssues Xou wrll rec rll my trrends that the departed Bret made rts appear rnce shox ed down rn one corner next to the shoe rd 'l he shoe ad man rebelled declarmg that 'my fool who would read th rt gush wouldn t hfne the hrarns to re ul a thoroughly respt ctahle ad He tlerwrnrled that lux al and X errnce more lt mor ed I he next 1r1st'rllment'1ppt ared along rdc the 4 ollege Inn S three fet ds for one cent story lmmedmtelx Wrtterlte came ragrng rnto the Sanctum loot dovs rr agurrst lnvrng rt rppt rr rrtfrr hrs hash house tall So tltar trremls of tht cltpartetl tht orphan trle rms hnally Qlufterl to the front patt xxhert no rrate adxertreex could lnoclt and Q olburn ht ax ed a cavtrnous srhh of relref B tal rsl Su rn ,Not a lett r Dear 311' lt you pererst rn prrntmg luv rl md X trmce on tht front p we xxe must r'rrQe xotrr postrl ch rrges 10 I be S rt t such w'rterx stutt that rt xprllw or er md contwmrnrtes other adyrcent marl mutter We wrll hrve to rsk vou to share the exptnse ot shrpprng, the llarly ht re tfter rn xx 'iter trght Vins Xouri trulx lht Post Nlaster Brethren let ue pray V V 0 Cx! ' 4 , F ' ' 2 I ' V V V ' V H I v ' .H 2 " 2 ' ' . 2 , ' T V " " 2 . J' ' ' V 2 3 2 : ' 2 - .r Y , , - V ' V V A IVV Y . U l M ' 2 2 : 2 , ' , ' 'A - : :- vowing that ",ILlXIll Z11'1dX7CI'I1lCt'N wus an appetitefkiller and thzrt ht- st-t his ' f 2 ' I 2 A ' 2 22 f2 2 J - , 2 Q. ,. 'f ' ' ' ' ', ,' Q ' ' w ': A ff- L U . rr 2 , '2 U e :V L ' ' ' ' ff 2 2 " X' 21, J .Q 4' 2 z V' , l g leave to t2 e hat it is f 2 4' , " ' A ' A ' 2 2 ' 2 H 2 I ' 2 an ' ' 2 If J - : -- X : ' ' f V 1, l'rn El rnttrry little robin, XT 'Q MN 1 the 1 And I lqettp my hezrd zrholmlnrr, f" X 1 l h'rvtt wrten 'rll his brothers, ,ff eff L V C I 1' V , is .Xnd 21 halt It dozen others' . V . it lJ , , ' Qfi4?5 if Golly, how they tlckle when they sqm ' 141 'ru the t:2rrly luird that always Qt-ts tht rxorrrr SUCH IS LIFE- ON THE CAMPUS HP" james Burwood. student, tacked on the wall over his study table a sheet of white card- board about a foot square bearing a single capital letter . "That stands for 'Pillsbury."' he said to himself, "for the first prize and 310,000 which I will win in the oratorical contest next month. Uncle Evart promised it to me if I land at the top. Ten thousand bones! A small fortune! By heaven! I know I can win if I only work! And work I will, day and night!" Next morning as Burwood came out of Dr. Burton's class and went down the library steps at the end of the second hour. a pretty unknown girl preceded him. On the bottom step she slipped, and had it not been for Burwood. would have fallen. As he restored her to her balance. she shot him one swift glance from her steady brown eyes, which caused him to drop his books and forget to acknowledge the happy "O, thank you, sir" she bestowed upon him. He felt like a man recovering from the grippe. He went home to work on his oration, but all day the girl's smile haunted him and he did noth- ing. I-Iis friends accused him of the drink habit. yet he knew he was merely afflicted with love. The next morning a friend gave him her name4Priscilla Daskam. In three days he had called on herg in a week he had blown tive dollars on theatre tickets and violets, and an Irish firm, Cohen 8 Co., had his watch, in two weeks they went to their first dance togetherg in three, for her, he would jump through a hoop. roll over and play dead. Day after day Burwood postponed work on the oration and devoted his time and simoleons to the girl, so complete was her fascination. The sheet of cardboard and its letter over his table came to have a new meaning,-W Priscilla, Priscilla! Almost before he knew it the night of the Pillsbury contest had arrived. Ill-prepared. but confident, Burwood went into the contest-and lost! His dreamy eyes and red necktie went dead against him. Ten thousand dollars gone, but what mattered it? Had he not Priscilla? His Priscilla? Hisown honey bunch of rhubarb? That night he slept peacefully? At day- break, on the cold gray morning after. just before breakfast, he was idly and contentedly thumbing over the morning paper, when his eye was shocked by the headlines: "CO-ED ELOPES, University Society Belle, Priscilla Daskam, and john Allsport flee in Automobile." 14-2 l-lero Worship j George Capron was the center of speculation 5 among the fair co-eds in the Daily office one . VM ' day just after the Thanksgiving holidays. Y 't if ' -g At chapel time the office was full to over- ,,,4, Howing with editors and co-editors, 'i reporters and reporteresses, cubs Cf F V, if .. and cuberinos. !' .2 Algernon O. Colburn entered 'gs 2: 9 I ,, X!! with a young man, big, athletic- if . looking, goodly mop of hair. kluif ff if 1' maroon sweater, cordial smile. jf " I, V X ,fo "Iwould likeyouto meet George ff it N in ' , gg Capron," said "Gem" with a J? 4 'W , proud and important air, address- X 3 " ' N Z ig ing himself pointedly to the sus- A 1 xlx ceptible sex. f 15' "Capron!" they gasped. Unitedly they rose to the occasion, and clustered around the lucky hero like a charm- ing bouquet. 'tSo pleased to meet you," murmered a re- porteress, furtively eying the football-hair and reflecting how a lock of it would look tied with blue ribbon and pinned on her curtain. The star quarterback was presented 'to one after another of the beaming maidens and to each he gave a cordial handshake and a smile of limitless expanse. "Mr. Capron is going to cub on the Daily." said the Managing Editor. HO, is he?" cried the happy feminine pen- pushers. "If you need any help in cubbing, just come to the Woman's Editor," said Nell O., seizing the opportunity of instructing a real live hero how to paragraph. "Tell Mr. Capron to be sure and come to the Daily masquerade Thursday night," chor- used the girls eagerly. With a final bow and smile, he was gone. The girls looked at each other and whisper- ed in awed tones: "George Capron is going to cub!" They recalled his every look and word and just how his hand shake felt. One romantic girl put on her right glove to keep that hand sacred from the hand shake of other mere mortals. Meanwhile the Daily men had been sitting aside silently, lemonesque-like, surreptitiously watching this exhibition of hero worship. Then they made the disclosure, heartlessly, vindictivelyt It wasn't Capron at all: their "hero" couldn't tell a football from a summer squash! ,4- Humanly lmpossible Did you ever try to settle down to serious study at the library table with your best girl sitting beside you? She most graciously recognizes that it is your busy day and you agree mutually to bend to your tasks. Af- ter a few minutes, when that fool bunch of pilgrims nearly gets to that ever- lasting rock on the New England coast, the corner of your eye gets a glimpse of a dainty little nose, and you begin to wonder whether she real- ly is quiet because she is studying or because' well, you get you cabin com- pact drawn up and your eyes are glibly running through the deep political significance of the thing while your mind, your real mind, is revelling riot- ously in the splendid compatibilities of a slender white neck, a snowy, del- icate lace collar, harmonious waves of rich, brown hair and big eyes to match! You look up suddenly. She feels your gaze and fetches her eyes to her book with a start, only to find said bookeupsicle down! 143 The Week Before Exams Ifor days of early childhood My goodness was extreme XYhen Christmas xx as approaching And Santy's reindeer teaml But now, grown old and sadder, I chiedy famous am Ifor monumental virtue In the week before exam. I take my books to breakfast. My notes to every meal. I strive to dream in German. I study on my wheel. In season. out of season. Insistently I cram: I'm a moral anaconda In the week before exam. I eat but scanty mouthfuls. And all my chums declare I've grown so thin with study I'l1 get through anywhere. I snatch a random doughnut. A sandwich lined with ham: My landlord scores a profit In the week before exam. I greet my loved instructor XVith homage honey-sweet. I lift my hat six inches If he finds me on the streeti I hang upon his accents. Receptive as a lambg His jokes are so amusing In the week before exam. O cynic unbelievers. Whose faith in man is marred. VVho call for proof that students Do really study hard. That college life is earnest. That work is not a sham: Come look on me, ye douhters. In the week before exam. 'Oscar Firkins The Barn-Dance Pray what strange fancy is it which Doth cause both maid and man To hop and jump and turn about At every chance he can?-f It is the Barn-Dance. liar up the hall I see two girls First run, then jump, then hop. Clutch wildly at their combs and pins But nothing makes them stop- lfor 'tis the Barn-Dance! And as I pass the Council-room ln Shevlin Hall at noon. lnstearl of hymns to greet my car lt is some wild dance tune Known as the Barn-Dance! And spinning madly round about Are May and Fay and Polly, And Eunice S. and Luv anti Bess. It certainly looks jollyf To dance the Barn-Dance. O, if you think this is a place To grow both great and wise, I'm much afraid in this regard You'll have a great surprise,-V just learn the Barn-Dance! ,fax ' : , yy ,. all l 1,::'. lg u "Ln In I ":llUlu n':I:'n' lI::'4.' ' 4. l u ::":E' l:: Il'1"lli. Ill' ' .2' :- 1:- A l l..n:.:. I 152- lu alll :uv M W f , .N A JI fl'-5 I . l.. 3,55 X " inet fl -.ev ' f r I A I I 3-I .gina 'I."5. . i' !f"Eii':' I' Aug' ! e::'1i?' " N si IIII' W iv 14-4- 5' s o W Q MEM nl! .lui ll ..- 1- ' ,lr,...luA Hgllgff' azvgffizi' In mllgln ll ll...llI I ll il Iliiizgg ll I!!'lgn ! Q- q ls :fail H203 ll wi' vfinohi 1r"Pa 4f,9' x A uoygh 133' ' sg, ' w'o'A 680 4 i.-A l.:' !u. ,s, - MMI x K .. . 'TN 4gl.:l f I 4 Ill :GH Q F -I r... . 4 4 4 I - u 'I ' 5' 'e-' ..::::fHI MG- llHl::::: .gil mlll::: bln lllllllu . nl nun!! 'll1:-- .:l I. :Yi J ,"b"Ia4 e 'Q I ab. .mp Jug' a'::l ill!" ,935 rj-I . "mx x 5 A g..3g.::: . ...... . . . . n u llll llll lr Q nah- L llniitzjf Illll P ' mu: llll mu , Ill' 0 ' A . 'I -A ' 1 fo "X 3.34 XJ, .sg , D I7 U U.. f X 1 V ,, Q v . fha ul' . ,il my A A ' 'inn lla' iv is ' .. . 5 I:-.anis gl Li' .1 mf! ', ul l I lt' Wig, ' M, x ll f . 3 I 5- 4 1' 4 .ln its . :rig M ,Sufi I' I 'C 1 ' nu x"-I. mu I-UI I I ll 'ul g, l':E::-fl Inu-V ,lb y 1 Ll. DR MATIC GEMS Thrilling Momenls from Popular Plays Seen on the University Campus, "XVaiter! Another peanut sandwich and a bottle of cold milk-cold, mind you! The devil is in me tonight."-Perry Hudson, as the reckless rake in t'It Happened in Anoka." "Sst! Meet me by the old mill tonight at moonrise. Bring the old homestead, fenced and mortgaged, with you. Don't fail me or I'll jam you in the waste basket.',sArnold Frye, as the villain-with-the-mortgage in "Did He Strike to Kill?" "Come into the garden. Maud, and we will watch the little butterflies make butter and the little grass-hoppers make grass." QTomcat twitters.D "Fly with me, love. and we will be as happy as two puppies worrying an old over- shoe."-Buck Harter as Romeo, Duke of Deephaven, in "Skipped by the Light of the Moon." Scene from "The Big Dago of Ancient Rome." The Big Dago-VVill Simmons. Mark Antony-Lee Sanford. Big Dago: "Mark Antony!" Mark Antony: "My lord?" Big Dago: "Seest thou NVillis Newton, the ruff-neck, cracking jokes with yon bunch of low-brows? " Mark Antony: "Yes, my lord." Big Dago: "He is so thin that he looks like 71 bent lath. He eats peanuts, shells and all. He boards at the College Inn. Such fellows think too much and try to run the party Caucuses. Lure him to the bridge with a doubtful egg and push him into the yellow Tiber. His existence annoys me." Parting scene from "All Through a Lady that XVas False and Fair." Bijou motif. Reginald de Booski-Orren Safford. Yvonne Tubbse-Luella Vtfoodke. janitor-Norman Nelson. Coal ScuttleiZenas Potter. QMr. Potter has also starred very success- fully this season as the Hen's Nest in "The Dairy Maid's Drearn."l Firelight Scene. Low sob of the cello heard in the distance. Yvonne Tubbs sits gazing into the grate. Enter Reginald de Booski. He is so agitated that his voice sounds like the whistle on a peanut roaster and his hands want to fight each other. De Booski: "Yvonne! I have looked for you everywhere. I can't give you up." Yvonne: Cwearilyl i'Oh, don't let's talk about it again, Reggie. You know that your aggress- ive neckties put an unbridgeable gulf between us. Besides, you wear a No. 6 hat." De Booski: Cbreaking out fiercely after a sultry silenceb "Ah ha! Likewise, he he! I know that I have a rival. He is that yap from Hopkins. You are hypnotized by his mustache and pretty hair. But he is a white elephant, I tell you. Swear to me that he does not carry your telephone number pasted in his hat!" Yvonne: Cstartingj "You are presuming. Sir!" De Booski: "Ah ha, it is true! Goodness gracious, how I hate him! Goodbye. I'm go- ing. Your bull dog tore my clothes and you are tearing my emotions. Goodbye." Yvonne: Ctenselyl "Where are you going?" De Booski: Crecklesslyb "To perdition-or Chicago." flfalling over three chairs he leaves the room. A moment passes. Then there comes the sound of a splash. A dog is heard running across the ash-pile. QEnter janitor. excitedlyj Yvonne: "VVell?" janitor: "Reginald de Booski has drowned himself, in a pail of whitewashf' IU! S P Nl it "' E-A F min' 0 ff 4 A., ,5a7c,m,!9 Y ,V , ifwlwjf, aoornuiigaigr R zmlihilra. X 2,2963 tt?tg1fQ'E3'G .5-f4f,'?,5,fggv, 2 y fa QW' r. vw lens' 'U -.....feZ'f. I K Le 'ggfwsei-9 ,..m1,f- " The Ascent of Man if fgyg 14-5 'nflix n Q G k Lf 6, y r J OJMTF 1 3 gl? x ifrk 1 e Gia: ur i' L ,0 Sing a song of frat men qcmfmft -V Bull-dog, pipe and stein, 1 T' f fy - 1 ' . if -fffl ,gs to Formals and informals S 1 - T N 'F I, , , gl, E , f Going all the time. if Since true and loyal Greeks they be if ffA,ff5"? X X XYe must our wonder speak, K f "Ei For isn't it a funny thing as i, , 1 " " ' ' 42 They do not care for Greek! I if if ' The Answer of the Pipe O little pipe that snugly fits the palm, Blue-gray, the smoke goes curling from the With carved bowl. mysteriously wrought. bowl, VVhnt cryptic message fills thy friendly And dim as fairy-fancies that we loveg balm? O little friend of Dreams-V ,without a soul, XVhat charm by Man-kind worthy to be NVhy cherish thee all earthly things above?- sought?-M "NVhen cold the frost that nippeth at thy "Theme of all Themes rapturously sung, toes, The make that kindly biteth not the tongue." I go with thee and gently warm thy nose." O parent of all fame-unrealized- The rites of writers show thy magic sway. Pipe-dreams of poets owe themselves to thee As night-mares, stalking openly by dayl- " O Wondrous-fashioned Sages, all who heed The Nonsense of the Incense of the Weed!" 14-6 The Absent-minded Prof. The Faculty lnquisition Once upon a time there lived an absent minded Prof. His mind fre- quently detached itself from his body and wandered off into realms above or below or somewhere and then his body would do very silly things indeed. For instance: one bright, sunny day he was hurrying to catch a train. Suddenly he rembered that he had forgotten his watch. He took it out of his pocket to see if he had time to go back for it, but finally concluded he hadn't and rushed on. Another time he left his study for lunch and tacked a notice on his door saying that he would be back at two o'clock. Returning at a quarter to two, he read the notice and calmly sat down outside to wait for himself to return. He sometimes forgot that he was sleeping alone and would push himself out of bed. One morning he picked up the hair brush in place of the hand mirror, looked into it and exclaimed: UGood heavens, but Ido need a shave!" He was as absent- minded as the nurse girl who tossed the apple core into the cradle and threw the baby out of the window. He was like the man who lowered the coal scuttle into the cistern to draw a pail of water. One day, as the learned man, deeply meditating upon HSome Experiments Recently Performed Upon an Intoxic- ated Ant, " stepped into his class room, he was greeted tumultuously. The boys bowled with mirth, the co-eds fainted dead away. The absent mind- ed Prof. had gone to bed the night before with his clothes on, had made the usual change in the morning and had come to class in his pink pajamas! QA sample of the questions submitted to student body on Dec. 115th and a sample batch of answers.D l. How many vacant periods have you? I have 20 study periods. 2. Do you study Saturday afternoons and eveningsg if not, why not? Nit, only chance to do laboratory Work in modern dramag also a good chance to sleep off one thing or another. 3. How many social engagements do you have per week? Never counted 'em. I'm a Chi Psi. 4. How many nights a week do you go calling? Girl gone back on me-nothing doing. 0. How much time do you spend in going and coming from the U.? Depends on whether or not I meet Mary on the corner. ti. Are you a member of any body that takes any of your time? O no! just a couple of Prof. Anderson's classes. 7. VVhat devotional exercises do you attend? Call on my girl twice a week. 8. Do you do any "work" outside the Univer- sity? I walk to my meals. 9. Do you belong to any fraternity? Not yet: I want to be a Sigma Chi, but so far haven't been able to raise the price for a pompadour. A Line of Sacreligious Sophomores. Fitzsimnions Salzcr Barclay Cutler Eddy llo in 14-7 N W M XX ,E W 4 X0 if x ZIJ A Aff I' a n A WAFER O W Puzzle Picture- Faculty Ball Who are they? A 1 , WCA 5 X , api ' 5 8 T4 Q3Vx,LxjW may lswgoo Little Aids to Eloquence 148 ul . x A X Fgfxx X si tf ff Q fi ff Xp. . .3 2 X x 5 sk i ' Ml 'li ,161 VLA ! . 5. yi l 57 2 at U k I J xx liii5 N f-up Hlyllxi if C7 A N 1 ' S .: .n f C l 1 f -' fi' 1 up in Q. f e l . Q F av sx. an L The Great and the Almost Faculty Meeting and How They Do It Meeting called to order. Miss Sanford and Mr. Schlenker absent. Dr. West "overseeing" his colleagues. Prayer. Minutes by M. Pierce. No ob- jections. Every one happy. Dr. VVest looks tentative. Student Census Report presented. History in lead :Img hours. Dr. West protests-our voiced. Enter Mr. Schlenker Qlatell Sits on window sill. Enter Miss Sanford Clatellb Five pro- fessors rise and offer chairs. She accepts one. Young assistant opens door vigorously whack- ing Mr. Swenson. Retreats----urged to enter. comes in blushing. Botany report study gin hours. Mr. Clem- ents flattered by the Qin. Miss Peck much amused. More reports-Girl with six engagements a week--excluding Sunday. Dr. Northrop: "Oh. he'll come on Sunday as a matter of course." tMr. Frelin moralizesj Motion to have all instructors referred to in catalogue merely as "Mr." Miss Peck again amused. Mrs. Potter much worried. Mr. Anderson: I want to call the attention of the class to this matter--ftcalled down by If I 1 f W My d W Q Mtv 2' S 'R ff f 1 Dr. Sigerfoosj Laughter. Dr. Schlenker 'N deserts window sill. I Telegram brought in from Pres. Seely of 2 Smith'-Protest against Education for women as a drawback to matrimouy. Pres. Northrop ?,N sends answer: "Co-education no obstacle. ll Good preparation for matrimony right here- -E best opportunities. Many useful women un- 'li X married." Miss Comstock and Miss XVhit1iey Z fr much moved. Y A Climax of meeting- Breaks up in general hilarity and specific speculation. f ,ffrffx WX X ' V!! lb I X S tj Q . 1' J Jw 'pw x- X i - 4 Q A 5' v' .. fs l, .' IF ' I 14-9 if We I conjure up rare fancies bright and free, cc,T Lnrwg My College Chum. I light my pipe and sit and muse and dream: By saffron folds of filmy smoke surrounded A brave and gentle face smiles down at me My college chum. The smoke curls up, my lazy thoughts drift back to by-gone days: Out of the past came she, 'Neath shady campus oaks I saw her tirst The laughter of her eyes enraptured me- Dear college chum. The music of our thoughts weaves in for us A single strain-a perfect friendship this, The days Hy past, we soon must part, What shall I do when then this joy of lifeI miss, O college chum? HFHXWMJ yfugmvfj jo Zafu ee A Hint 6' Lrwwef ILM- 971 what does little Birdie Say -W7 UM DLA ably, In her nest at peep of day? Let me sleep a little longer Till my little brain grows stronger-- Then I'll be a P. B. K! Dear Florence:eCan you tell me who the person is who answers to this description: A Sophomore Beta, in dull trousers, rather tall. good shoulders, stunning brown eyes under good brows, mouth that shuts firmly, square chin, irresistible manners.sMercy B. It must be Mr. Owen.-Florence. GRAND OPENING:fI have lately opened a reliable sock mending bureau. - My work is most highly recommended by the Alpha Delta Phi's and other young men around the college. Come early and avoid the rush. fGretta Monroe. 6 Zola, , y f y ififctc emu, L cwfwf wi 7 fafnbfp fwfr Aff, WWW -Mu fl MTW J, fa, Jmfizlwwf Qdkwvdfyv L Cc file ' 704 150 M ,,JJ,Lj,,,,,g - f lfdlfum lg 'I Qjfctaf- 9 gg so Love s Hyperbole Daylight was leaving them to their own and to each other. A dramatic lull was broken by the faltering voice of the girlz- . "How much do you love me?", she asked in slow, velvety tones. "I love you"-he drew closer-"I love you as much as Mose loves "Mim." She was perplexed. "Not enough," she finally declared. MI love you as Marion Barber loves the powers that be." She shook her head. HYou must love me more," was the answer. "Then, I love you"'he drew breath for a supreme effort-HI love as Frankie Bibb loves to mince, primp and scintillatef' But still she remained cold, heart- less. In deepest despair the plucky fellow rallied. "I love you"-his voice brokeful love you as much as the Senior men love Betty Hull. " XVith a fetching little scream she dropped into his arms. Bliss BREEN'HE,ART SMASHER Ref.:-Phi Gamma Delta, Beta Theta Pi, Phi Kappa Psi, Sigma Alpha Epsilon. We have noticed that Elizabeth Breen has a Tallant to do many things. 151 From Adam to Ade. CA Few Bang-lets., VVhen I was a boymbefore I was human. Monkeys published their tales an- onymously, and so they were lost to man. Don't examine into your family tree too far or you will find cocoanuts in the branches. The feminine sex is a stimulant that cheers but does not inebriate. The world has not yet produced a woman that is consciously funny. The only satisfactory servant-maid is the one that comes from the Intel- ligence Office and does not leave all of it there. I once held an important position in the army of a politicial campaign.- I led the rear guard. The first thing I did on becoming editor of "Life" was to write a poem and sell it to myself for Adam was naming the animals: He saw an animal that looked like a pig, walked like a pig, and ate like a. pig-so he called it a pig. Sampson's big joke was the one that brought down the house. The obelisks are antiquejokesAhut their points are obscured. Heywood is the father of comedy, but he failed to bring up his child in the way it should go. I saw a nigger so black that char- coal made a white mark on his face. Dog' Gone It! They Won't Tell Who's Prctticst Man 11 The co-eds at the "U" are indignant. Kvednesday they named the pret tlest man, but they'll have to wait two months to learn who it is. The "Gopher." the junior annual. will announce the results when it ls issued next spring. The girls can't walt. They want to know right away in order Lo catch the fellow before school closes. Some girls are trying to secure advance information, but without results. AMpls. Daily News, Election Returns Results of Popular Elections Held by the Gopher Board in February, l908, to Determine a Few Facts for the Student Body. Most beautiful co-ed Cby the menl Mae Cutler Most handsome man thy the girlsl . Fred. Buck Most popular professor . . Dr. Burton Most unpopular professor ttieb -l Pvt' xylem 1 P1of.Schaper ' Biggest nuisance on the campus . . john Degnztn COMMENT: lt shold he stated here that the above returns were hy no means landslides for anyone. Many had votes that put them in nearly every category. A tabulated list of the "also rails" would doubtless be interestingg lint we prefer to let the highest averrtges stand. The Gopher dulv extends its COllQjl'2Iflll8llOIlS and solemnly confers the degrees set opposite the names. 7l':DlTORS. lg syn, N X .Wi tt f Xxx J V 7 ' 1 W' Q11 -me - lf L 3-. F ri 5? ' X ' 5 n .. Q55 ls f r! rcfwl ,gbi its s l l 'ny r fi lt. xt Jgtx - ,-1 E "kr me X A XV x, .K Mil llnnnlzrrily .Xlvsenticity 152 TRY IT YOURSELF Every Man' Necessity The modern way 'eee Will You Spend a Penn Q, Y ALLAN 1-:D NELL- RUSSELWULUELLA D0 you Realize? Asig Ideal Foodfor Infants Foretemnd the Future , Z' Q, 00 THEYRE 60.14" 09 .9 fi, Q, AL L G xo 6 Q, 95 ALIKE wi' we I 0 O 000 'G 9 A Q Your Own og Q00 AQ W9 o QP 4, Q4 030 eg 'io 4 4 4' f' Q 0 go' QQ. K Q 6337A A A Q Z C3 4305 6' . 'Q Gb' mv Oy ad 0 A21 -6 0 ff '50 3 Q06 00 60 9 6 . 'D ok 'CO X + Z Q Ke' X266 goat ' U7 4 0 Ke Q ,So Q09 .Q 'S fQ6x9 Q0 40 ,,.Q1e f .Q Q Us O Qe e e Zi Q ' ' BQBAMPRACHEL. ItfI'1eaflS cSPl'iI'lg, BILLALJQDGRETTA- c P V R M i ee The Daily Rough-l-louse There is crackling of elbows and knee joints, Tearing of collars and ties, Crunching of battered derbies, Echoes of smothered cries. Then forth from the maddening maelstrom Chastened and meek they fare, Some minus a tooth or an eyebrow Some lacking their gloves or their hair. And some wildly clasp invitations, VVhile some their blue slips hide, And bluffer and shark pass out as one, Alike in their humbled pride. Nay, friends, do not misunderstand meg Their's is not the maniacs' trailg They have merely come with the peaceful intent Of getting their daily mail. Klaeber There was a man in our U, And he was wondrous wise, But he had trouble to pronounce His He's" and Ho's', and Hylsf' "But as for modern English l do not give a dern, I know Old English forms," he said, "ln every crook and turn." ' "So I'll say ipoihaps,' and ivoib' and scorn All criticism rude, For it's by my Early English That I earn my daily foodfl 154- ga ,N Numeral nttrr Delta Kappa EPSIIOH Dealh lite resull o an overdose o Fralernalicily 4C,H-HOH spirits and noloriefy. Funeral Services under Ihe auspices of the Bela Thela Pi 5. Born I 889---Died 1907 f f Prayer of the Dog .JJ V J Oh. stt-cr my bark xxherc I may hitt- XPXYXQWRBGQYK W I S Hia? QA, 2 X a WPN L uf yi KJYIZRHEARD IN 'Hua IN'I'1iRURl4AN CAR As the Inttzrurhzm Car passes tht: Sigma Nll House: '4OI:1. look! The1'u's one mi those follergge hotels xxith the iunuy Latin halves." - 155 The man whose trouser lugs are tight! I cannot grip those xxcak buffons. XYho wear those wide-turked pztntahums Co-En Qztnxiuus to make :t hityz "I can ztlxvztys tell an S. A, man." YALE SmL1ax: "I'1l but you emit toll him murhf' OvERH1c.xR1m IN 'rmi BIEAT MARKET 13I"14l'III2R'S BOY: "I just dt!liYl21't'1lIht' guost- nt onv of thusc 1-tcrnity l1tw11seQ." Right Of-l The Bat Dr. Schaper: "In New England the School Board always embraces the teacher." Romantic Emily: t'Did you ever walk to Bridal Veil Falls about six in the morning?" Lazy Bob M.: 'tNo, I never walk in my sleep." Miss S. CFreshman Rhetoricl: "Corporal punishment is justifiable under proper condi- tions and in the proper places." Geneve Wales: t'The junior Ball on Thurs- day nightl Why, that's prayer-meeting night!" Prof. in Anthropology Class: "The dog is so highly domesticated that he prefers the society of his master to that of other dogs." Nell Overpeck, learning the barn dance in the "Daily" Office, to Harold Taylor: "Oh! I do love to dance! Put your arm around me, quick. " "Hamlet was fat and short of breath: but his soul wasn't fat and short of breath-which is encouraging for people who are fat and short of breath."-Mrs. Potter. Miss Sheldon: Qwith local pridej "Oh, yes, Minneapolis is going to be a great cultural center." Miss Pepper: Cjust over from England, l'Agri- cultural?" Sherman: "How much do you weigh Raech- el?" Raechel: 'tAsk Bob." Bob Merrill: Qcalmlyj H150 pounds." INFANTILE. Miss Judson: "It is good to make out a crib in studing for a history quiz." Knowledge-seeking Freshman: "What is a crib, Miss Judson?" Miss Judson: fmentallyb "Where you ought to be now." as in we Www N lillillltiffil one ms Xkk vu at N X f L.q,g .t: rf Q xg f i 1 Sl N E 'X J f Q I if - X ! sewew i B I Z Q , Q K Q + m so QQBQQGL l-'UEL31 6 t i A f e WY : Ev ss. , N ,I J if Q QE, l f- f l' nf 5 C x Z1-ig 4 X A as-Z ,f if Y K 1. 4 X I jf xl ' ll A ' 'ld I mr X " fm l -1 V TA X 71 X 1 iv : N. J- il' : Q m x 4,5 ' V, I f Q- it ix 1 1 ,f ', : ji XXX 3 I fa - ' ss f lx , t f X fr N I - V! X 4 I X f W ' X 'xl Xl ' I 'Q iilLGllblWVt9 - iflw " " CU , ik . , . fyivul, ssa. t: ffl: 156 Dr. Swift: "Aristotle believed in the hard- ening of infants." Sarcastically, t'Evidently he never had much to do with them." After a pause, "Not that I ever had much to do with them myself, you understand." Mr. Nicholson, regarding Chemistry class in puzzled manner: "Are you going to be here permanently, Miss Lynch?" Helen Lynch: 'Tm afraid I have to be." Nicholson: "Oh yes, "reflectively."This is my Freshman Engineer Class." Precipitate retreat of Miss Lynch. CHEER UP MARY Anxious Thespian: I don't know what to do! I can't find a copy of "You Never Can Tell" anywhere! Mary Toomey: "The idea! Why, I should think anybody would have a copy of Shake- spere." t'That's Florence Godley over there. She writes stories, quite a shark." "Oh, I suppose then she writes fish storiesf Xa f fn J- sf is 1 T 9, -7 ,I ,T UW l ff jee ss- em X e e lfff gg- I X .f 7, lf- 'X -- tg! W-f ' LQ X d 1.N or e ef Q Q Q , ff H K., -NV T f, E ' 50 ,A Y l Yrfr lr - lf. W I QTTTVX cg' T W '- i e if '75 L WX X ig . , . , Q 1 , l 1 Y 'QQFZT-1 if - 'x U ff E ' pf' f f e 777. leee e X p i f f .AZ ' ' f'1-'4'-'T -PC f Pa' :iff ",1.x , 4 V fi f it i'4? I3? 5 f 'r Q T 4 ' SIN 1 e- so- 5 ve: lik 1 -- . -- 5 M 'A' f e ' , .1 .Mi ' j QQ I 19 -1 -5?-5 -iv-I Nil-'f .ff I , ' - ff ' '1 f 411 1 i N-ai m W 'ff gt e UK . l i. 1 574, qi? e pl! Kao' Z S g il! ' f g lll I A l gg' q f fb- ' f WI, 5-X , , 1, '--1 , , 4 43 ,TQRR SN t- H- W Ei IQQQ4-9,122 X . W rw A Q -,jx -fx. Rn ,MLM Li-gwgy i I 1 N f J 1 rx ' K , 'ext l W-Fey 7' it we QM wife- 5' ' is aff sv I4 .ks ,,.mH 'I ll Ci? , REVQ, V The New Swimming Fool Six Best Sellers "Diary of an Old Maid"-Rewey Belle "The Gentle Art of Sharkingw--Lillihei. Inglis. "The Time I've Spent in VVooing" or "How "First Aids to Flunkersn-Alice VVi11ter. to Fill Vacant Hours"-Bill Robertson, Hjoiners in Their Native Haunts"fZenas "The Vale of Anoka"fGuy Bland. Potter. l f '5 42 E 3011 x 1 ill? X Q it M tl it ri The Revival of the Drama at MlnneS0t3 lThe girls like 'mu zuivxx ay CAXII-il ix AND VXLDFN 157 SX M 0 Z 1 S V dwg gf? ff Q? W iw? ? Q2 3032522433 ff 7 158 la' UWN Hf'lLl .qp1lli'? I till Q l .pf Leifjrv - l l Ti? UB Tc-mo-er ' J ix Quai ima l E t 1 - r Our strtemiuus I-lltlczr Brother in acftion. ln Economics fil R. Gaylord, faftt-r a il ' long and weary discus- Xl sion on laboryl iiXYell. 1 what is unproductive XR labor?l' Prof. Plit-lan: HXYL-ll, 3 if a preaclicr Cau't lien-p Zllgll you out of a saloon his 4 . i labor is uuprocluctiycf lf all the world were made of books, And all the books were history, l would do like Anniels loverfm ul would lay me down and dec!" 159 An Historical Hunch There is a Prof. named Albert XVhite, well known to me and you, His legs are long, his arms are long, his head it is long too. 'ATO learn the English Queens," he said, "is easy as can be. For all that Aren't Mariar's are Matildar don't you see." it e . Nb 't ' 5 'GQ f To satisfy the curiosity of our readers we pre- sent Prof. VVl1ite in at track suit. A Bit of Pillsbury. 's The Gophers Favorite tYVc gratefully dedicate this entire column to one great man, He has been the source of the rarest in- spiration to all our rlopusters. We regret that lack of space forbids us to use it all. ---Editoitl There was a professor named NVest, XVho flunked every one with a zestg His ambitions were high But his lectures were dryg May he soon have a very long rest. There's a certain prof. in college And he is wondrous wise, He makes us study history Till we near put out our eyes. And when we tell the fearful fact, XVith all his might and main He pounds the desk and yells at ns, "Study them in again!" Professor West doesn't like this student activity business and had threatened his son, Wallie, with all manner of hard. things if he did not get off the Daily Staff. Consequently VVallie was rather embarrassed when his pater asked him pointedly who wrote the story in the Daily about the Faculty being under-worked. HVVhy-er I told the editor," he said evasively. "Well, sir," said his enthusiastic papa. "That's the best thing I have seen in the Daily this year." It is rumored that Prof. West is getting out a new book, entitled, UThe Rotten Administration of the Academic College at Minnesota" or i'VVhy I'm Agin the Faculty." A monograph is also in preparation on "The Greater Value of History over Mathematics as a Training for the Deanshipf' 160 From a Freshie Preparation as sweet as molasses You get it in Puss Cahill's classes. Barbarisms galore, "Bum," "peach" and some more: You can see them through Pussy's glasses. NVe're studyin' for the second exam, It's a pretty tight squeeze and a jam. Got through on probation Goodbye preparations And Cahill, the prep rhetoric lamb. F rom One Smitten O, I have a gay professor, His name is Joseph B. I know that you will like him? He's very dear to me. He's the most romantic chap I think that you can find. He talks on love, most all the time. And doesn't seem to mind. He has a sly but daring smile? His glance is scared, but coy. He's always in a hurry, toow joe's such an active boy, He's written lots of love poems, too His verses are quite famed: , ,X A Vg i l ff ? I ,x itll if Ziff, C c'i F 9 il f You wouldn't think 'twas he who Said "Lovers are all damned." That's all today that I will tell Of our prof. Joey B. I know that you will like him-fr - He's very dear to me. B! 94- as H N J 'gh-.f,.Js f I V I J 1. ' ly SWENSON-The Sir Galahad ofthe Faculty fr i fa - 'Q 5 Q? fp' ci'yLE'FNfHfR LL:-1 ' "XYliat you suppose Mr. Pickler will say when he proposes to Minnie?" 'tXYhy. he'll say 'Take your Pick' of course' The Sweet Young Thing U. my name is Marion Barber, l'm an amateur actorine: lfor sweet young maids of two decades .Xnd innocent grace I'm keen. The Dramatic Club may select a play XYith fat feminine roles to do, But the only part that suits my art ls the coy. young Ingenue. l'm not so very versatile. But it's not my fault I know, lfor I'm all the while rehearsing Wherever I may gog I cast my shy. bright glances, And coy smiles not a few. 'Tis all in my strife to be true to life. .Ks perpetual Ingenue. 161 QUEs'1'1oN--'XYhat is the real purpose and object of the organization designated "The South Dakota Club?" Axswrzn To foster kindly feelings and mu- tual admiration between the two prominent ex- ecutives. A. A. Pickler and Madge Runey. Four Notes lBrouglit to tht- Goolit-r Holt- fortln-Good of the- Cause-f Mr. Mercy Bowen, U. of M. Dear Mr. Boweni 'Through the Y. NI. U. A. I learn that you are looking for a room-mate. l am also. XX'hy not hitch up together? Yours B. Y. B.. Box- . Dear Miss Peggyi Can you give me the schedule of Basket Ball games for this year.- Portia Demming. Dear Mr. Briggs: Seeing by the llaily that you had a band uniform for sale. Ishould lila- to purchase sanie. if suitable. Address box . Dearest Lorrainei- Happy New Year with worlds of love! Ol' course. it is needless for you to resolve to be better fyou couldn'tl this year. So will have to refrain from preaching you a nice sermon and be your most loving Ht :ward . Dr. Schaper: "XYhat, Mr. Deering, you clitl not hear Miss XYeitzel's recitation? You must sit a little closer." Bauer: "He smiles and smiles and is a vil- lian still." A Gem of the English Language by Mrs. Potter Don't blame the Lord for your troubles If the VVorld dort't seem very good? But remember the poor fellow probably ditl As well as he probably could. Lhb-'I' F0 RIGHT li1I,l-UHF RHv!SPlY4 IIXXIIJX iZIUifKifULTI, RUM fKi?HY I-P :UA :WLM-, xHI'.I'lK'XKU:UN. , 3 -:Q W e I w 1 W N fa .X IQAPIKK IiHf'rglflC'l' il-IT IIAIJ. STARS , .XlAXI54vyI414T'1NLii1. - I 1-111541431-izrziz, xmi' A' PTCAVII IllC'l'Wl'Il'IX 'l'Wl k VI.I'INlf HSS Xi,lI IZIQH-XX, KHSTQXIKNN ' H xv XII urxxm gmlxvyx Q ' . - F1112 CII! 1'SI'S I?l'IlfUII.X'l'I'I Tiiifl ff?-.KIPl,'S V I l-lall of the lnfamous and l-low They Done It Bauer- Given up: married. Dr. Schaper-Ditto. "Prexy"A-The girls think he looks like a nice little boy who goes around looking as though he had a red apple in his pocket which he wanted to get home to eat. Bessie Breen--Hair Hip. Dean Downey- Resembles his friend john D. but he is oilright. Miss Hawley-Faculty Belle. Olga Pinkns, Josephine Caldwell Speak for themselves. I jim Beals- For knowing a ' ' I hundred languages more or less. Zenas Potter- -For his modesty juanita Day--Plays center in -----. ----1 the bread line. +7 Alden Hewitt, Alice VVinter-- Official caterers to Mrs. Potter. jay Poucher-Married: a fact! - 1. .1 1 Harter-Shufties his feet. V Camelia Xvaite- So devoted to V a certain Professor that she has ' . f " adopted his pronunciation and is begging her friends to call her "Cameliar." Bill Hubbard-Senior. ,m in "1 n I, silt ZA W ,1 65 . ' I I 5,-rx ku I ' 'L tthis is a Jokej. Robert Meech - lfor his Intel- K lect Cthis is iroriyj. ...W Nicknames Dr. Swift-Swifty Joe. Klaeber- The nine-minute man. Swenson --Plato's"Gentle Youth." Downey -Campus barber. Madame- -Lady Bountiful. iv' Ill' i Miriam Clark-See Mose. Don Babcock- Piffles. W gf' tm ,wily ! .1, I -as .aa Katherine Crocker - Record for speed in speech. Rae Goodnow- See Charlie-- lflorence Godley 'Tried to tell the truth until the end of the semeser to see how many friends she would have left. Schuknecht-See Nina. R. E. johnson- Important Guy. Arnold Frye-Got his young life shocked on the Dramatic Club trip. Miss Butner- -Gets up little parties. Marion Barber 'Oversoul. Positively re- ' The Sport Sigerfoos -- Trotty. Anderson-Uncle Paul. Cupid. Manchester--Grandpa. Newton-The Philologicalist. Norton-Bandoleiro. Pickler-Long and Lonesome. Bland--Melancholy Dane. Paul Spooner- Pretty Spooner. Elmquist- Ethical Elmquist. Gaghagan-The Crowd. Battleship. janitor of the Armoryeliing Oscar. Bentonfilharlie the Crook. Pidgeon-The Missing Link. Umps. Fred Manning --Fat. Helen Mclvor-Double S. X C, fuses to go on a trip without her Teddy Bear. Be3ACh"Beffml5h BOY- , , 1 . - Springer- bparker. 0 . Dean jones- Has an idea all his own as to Capronixvindv the definition of a real "jag." Lyfordrrrl-he Iladykiller- Pearl McKennan- lieepsamouse trap in her Dr. Clark- -Pudge. D box for the person who steals her Daily. M155 Coleen-sl'f11f Lllllafl -3 Luella VVoodke- -The Maude Adams of the X k University and known as a shrewd political SifienerYDeSgiCa1gr' manager. Does not like newspaper men ex- lgauer-The gopher, cept one. Firkins-La Femme. l 163 W znzied Intel- Our modei Mcsc at A iuiex lt-ctuality game r f poke: I Pl-IILOSOPI-lER'S CCR ER A word in the niind is yvorth two in the crib. All co-eds are not blonde that wear lair hair. Still waters run Deke. How about Babbling Brooks? Every dog has his day and every cat his night. Give the devil his due, but be con- tent to let the gilt go yvith- out the giver. Better be late for roll call than not to gokclass at all. CYou can think up a good excuse before the hourls up. D lt's never too late to 'Tp Tllf Numa roar. 515' H firms l Some inen put on airs because they can't whistle them. Yes, Philander. girls are like roses. The cheap are never dear, and the dear are never cheap. No, Alonzo, to execute a piano solo is not necessarily to niurder it. Since the Carlisle game we have concluded that the only proper Indian Territory is the Happy Hunting Ground. A fast student is usu- ally behind in his classes. People in stone houses shouldn't throw glasses. It's no use for a girl to ,X I xx H Xxyxx Eg x i 'I' 1 ll t -q" 'Q, tl .i lll l lim W. lim M I, lllnwx .K .Q 95 vt. learn. Ask Olson Broth- ers who do most ol' their ' ' studying between two and three A. M. Children and fools tell the truth. XVe once heard ol a Prof. who did the same. To which class did he belong? lt pays to prepare the fatted calf 3 lllltxnnxx yvv vvswyyxwl R V Y Y V V I work for a Phi Beta Kappa ' ' key. Il' she marries, every- one says its her husbandls. Il she 'doesn't every one says that's why. History repeats itself, indeed, for some of us. A penny saved is a penny that may ,x r ya . . be borrowed DZ lor the Regents. Ask the girls. V , . . , . VN here are people registration week An ounce ol sharking is worth a . . that come early to avoid the crowd? pound of con-exams. . V The man who always says just A llelllly Saved 15 3 pelmy eilmcd' what he thinks is rare enough, but he lfllf ll 1055011 W?l1V9Cl IS UOY 3 lf?5S0U is more numerous than he is popular. lC2lI'Nf'd- Too many Hunks spoil the degree. One inanls meat is another manls VVhy study when blufling will serve poor old Fido. the same purpose? 10 fi 164 lg: .L ,nfl 'XJ G twin I ' iii lx l N 44' -gg fainly Kill 24 'ij Hrf'fN,1L '-l :r Q ff o T T ES If Z. Z' 'C' ff. ff Z ,I ,i ' xx! f .ff ew :i.,,f5L'. -y ', . as -F f Bring a girl and the .igirls dance with youg alone. l Be not too dignified . lest you be taken for a footman. -. XVear not too virtuous -i .x face lest men suspect 0 J W bxo l your villainy. X1 X ru Dreamy eyes are, alas. too often schemy eyes. ' M , ,f f V7, X xxxe ei 4, A, '- "WH Stag and you dance V lil H k 2 X .33 49 LL U M ' WT X t R lr rg dll Q If x ' ft 1 f 17 0 A X EE WRX LL QQ '-X. A Lcrnon Q Q E' I A Peach Bluffers have the least labor and most leisure. Two heads are better Man proposes. God disposes, and woman-well woman generallyopposes. Prettiness is only skin deep, but some pretty maidens are so thick- skinned that we are led to believe them beautiful through and through. Love me, love my dog: you will find him equally worthy. Out of sight, out of mindAbest ap- plied to the words in our ponies. Out of the frying pan into the fire. from Folwell Hall dust into the cross country mire. Pride cometh before a fall and alas. too often remaineth after it. . - 4 - than one. This sometimes . H J 7, i An ounce of prevention , . '::m,,,. . , . applies to two heads of hair. JT WJ qv, 13 WOrtl1 il pOuI1d of Cure" Money makes the iU7' '91-Q does not apply when the goi ffl Z, fi ,fl fl, cure is effected with the aid 1 26 V HC is not alyyays proper f -,v.lW,f 5, . of a charming nurse. . . Ln ,V g w fx 2 . ff .cxvh x , - that hath proper conditions. f f X N V X l U1 5 011 are IH ROU10. I came, I saw. I con- ' do as the Roman's do,H qllertud-iButHL1l1kL1d out In which being interpreted ls: drying SO, ' HVVhen you are in college. A college man's word is as good as his bond. XVe ill ll shun all pursuit of know- ledge." W i if l 1 N "ill feel safe in saying this for we know that college men do not possess bonds. Donlt be a clam. You might get in the soup. One half of the world doesn't know how the other half lives: but for that matter neither does the other half. God tempers the wind to the shorn lamlrfand for the plucked: there is always the con-exam. Give the devil his due, but donft consider yourself as such. Before and After Pledxle Day 165 HXVhen the cat's away the mice will play,'7 but the rest of us thankfully grasp the opportunity to sleep. lf by their hats ye shall know them. some of our Freshmen friends must, indeed, be fearfully made. Touch not, lest ye be touched. h X XYonderful how NS ii energetic some Q-,,,. 1.v,QX I 2 li people are to get out of a little O mf Qvggi S feefwg work. HP Wg'-s . fl + 25 ' A fxff1Q2?il . . :E ' X 'f X . .--fred! f 1. :K ....-. ,HU g A. 4 ,. .A 0' fgv lt! . pri ,. 5, . - l, W fl, N ,Lf 'ff' A ,f . . 5 -ru A ,f f X N f f ff! ' 'X' rfyngifiun awww , ' wk. fucks vim 1. Vllhen the night before has spent on a lark, the best thing is to sit next a shark. been to do One swalloxvdoes not make a Spring. hut three or four glasses may he said to constitute a fall. XYantecl: iX society for nw E63 That the klunior Ball the suppression of useless X . ' an anomalous affair is ggcigties, f 5 X Q shown luv the fact that all ff ' - A at ' . . Minnesota has manyflne ' X 5. 5 ill the 'guls Llplledlecl In dw' features, especially on the if iiuls. faceg gf ifg CO-eds' I Dun others only as you ' I would he done hy. X . V f The Grind 1 lg ,..,Wffw Q . i R, 1' T ll , ,. ,,f"' 'f lla ' .. i if l ,. , v f"f mf- 31. s ,i -W 0 J 54914 ' Z R34 .. i l' ll- "X ' f My - 7,17 l Q 'iibifll - f GE illlllzlwililll"Y"i1frm" 'i 7 j ig' g !.1'1',C Q "j f-,TiC, 4- K, 1 M f gg, R A Night llawli A liird A Fra-sliire A Din rip lfil V- Xl 5 ll me il n X i H m M R The Daily Man XVho Bet on the Daily Football Team 166,-. xx xsxs, xfs1,1fa.Nx ,L .Ut xl F ,f 'ilil' Xl'lX HU! sf- II..l.S1iUI.!.Y Hi ll D lM1li5ilf'lrI NIXIN THE DAILY BUINCII l'S ,A , dv-1--nga - -4 my f A ' ., Q -- M. . L gwesymfkf' 4 2 ik an , lu A NIH 'X H11 T111 Ill If PKHFXTHJ AT MINNESOTA A N J-gr , -1 .- t 1 ' l .Xv'l'HAliI1' Sf'I'IXI1Z IN Tlllfl HAT YVA IZ, OF TIiESPHINGHF1Zru7 XFTEII '1'lll'I lllli SVILXI' , , ' UXl.'l'x7'N XXIYl4VNS'l,'."'1V A Z , ,, - 'M' Upper Photo: Geo. D. Luxton Being lales of clandestine gatherings both in and out of Chapler houses N GREEK SECRET CHI PSI- Feb. 22, 1908 Meeting was opened by a short dissertation upon "Prohibition" by Bob Gaylord. Moved. seconded and carried that the minutes of last meeting in Chapel be burned. Decided that a muzzle be purchased for "Chip" to avoid combats on the campus. Also moved and carried to ask the Delta Chi's and S.A.E.'s to do likewise. "Maj," Elliott spoke on "How a full house benefits a fraternity and beats two pair. ' Meeting was adjourned to allow Adams to teach Diabolo. -"Ike" Shaw. XVriter. PHI DELTA THETA-Jan. 28, 1908 Meeting was called to order after bringing several of the brothers from the Tri Delt house across the way. Discussion: t'VVho Shall We Get To Go In VVith Us On Our Formal Party This Year?" No bills allowed. Special assessment levied to buy large picture of Brother Dunn in uniform to hang in parlor. Meeting adjourned to Delta Tau house. I Blanchett, Secretary. DELTA TAU DELTA-April 1, 1908 Meeting called to order by "Dollar" Ingersoll. Dacey talked on "Policies" or "How my Example Influenced Wilson and Miller." Freshman instructed to inspect the House before every informal and to remove all "dead soldiers" to prevent any repetition of previous occurrences. The meeting adjourned early as Cloutier had gotten the active chapter places as supes in the "Girl Question." --john Monaghan, jr.. Bookkeeper. PHI KAPPA PSIfMarch 7, 1908 Minutes of the last meeting at the "Palm Garden" lost. A special assessment is voted after a discussion upon. "The Cost of Running a New House." Social committee reports plans complete for two receptions and an informal during the coming month. Treasurer objects. Moved, seconded and carried to fine the freshmen for misconduct in order to secure funds. Freshmen stand-in with Thetas approved. Meeting adjourns to allow XVilliam VVellington Norton to give a Music lesson. --"Casey" Cant. Recorder. SIGMA CHI-Dec. 10, 1907 Opened with funeral exercises for "Sig" Hal Porter leading and speaking on the subject "The Passing of Sig" or "That Little Cur in Duluth". Discussions on the tonsorial econ- omy of the pompadour followed, enthusiastically led by Roscoe Anderson. Victor XVetherby and Mike Fox. Herb Knowlton delivered a fiery oration on "VVe are Prexy" or "How to Run Athletics and Keep the Graft XVires Hid." The meeting concluded with a warm debate on whether Peggy VVodrich should be allowed to Hirt with the Tri Delts next door. Meeting adjourned to Kaiserhof, Bob Forbes to the fore. --'Bob Jaques, Secretary. 169 BETA THETA Pl4Thursday p. m. Meeting opened by Bible Study, john Ray in the chair. Talks by Long XVinded XVare and Shorty Thompson. Social committee reports that it will be necessary to give up the next informal because so many of the brothers have given up dancing. The Gilded Fool is brought up for discussion and upon refusal of Brother Simmons to play under a freshman it is voted that the freshman give up the part. The cook and the maid enter and give notice of their intention to leave if the fellows persist in having their breakfast in their rooms. Voted to go without breakfast. Meeting adjourned owing to its being prayer meeting night. and the active chapter. minus Simmons and Campbell. proceeded to the service, -t'Chesty" Knight, Manager. DELTA KAPPA EPSILON4Nov. 19, 1907 Bobbie Meech calls meeting to order. Frank Brooks Tells "How to Beat the Alpha Delts in Football." Rushing committee empowered to pledge Capron. Hoag excused. to go "fussing." Meeting adjourns to card room and game of "Penny Ante" resumed. f"Baron" Strachauer. "Banker," PHI GAMMA DELTA,,Nov. 14, 1908 Meeting called to order according to the "Sleeper" Rules of Order. Rushing committee reports that a junior academic is going to run for president of the senior classiand stands good show to win. Empowered to pledge him if he wins election. Brother Dana Easton is present and talks on "How we used to do it before the faculty auditing committee appeared on the scene." Subscription taken up to buy dog. Fifteen dollars secured. Meeting adjourned to allow members to attend a caucus. Buck Harter. Recording Angel. DELTA UPSlLONJMarch 6, 1908 Roll call showsthree majors. six captains. ten lieutenants, twelve sergeants. sixteen cor- porals and private Bibb present. Meeting opens with oral quiz on Tactics by Sergt. Donahue. Crack squad gives practice drill for instruction of the freshmen. ' Eddie Ecklund talks on "Bettering Social Conditions" and the Mallory "Sisters" withdraw. Moved. seconded and carried to have Frankie Bibb write a new operetta to be given in Chapter house. Committee appointed to choose popular co-eds to be invited to the affair. "Brainy" Cone. Battalion Sergt. Major. PSI UPSlLONJFeb. 27, 1908 After breaking up several games of bridge a quorum was finally assembled. Clinton Roenisch moved that all freshmen subscribe to the Delineator. Carried. The matter of leasing the house for another semester was laid on the table until after the blue slips come out. The rushing committee offer plans for getting new men to replace those who will go XVest after exams. Several of the upper classmen spoke on the subject "VVe bet on football to make money." The meeting then adjourned so that the Alpha Phi's might have escorts from their meeting. Phil Chadburn, Rod man. SIGMA NUf-Saturday p. m. Owing to the fact that the majority of the brothers desired to serenade the Theta's later in the evening the meeting was held down town. "Proto" Freleigh. Secretary. 170 ALPHA DELTA PHI--Jan. 20, 1908 XVallie Robb opens the meeting in a suitable manner. Robert Merrill discusses "XVhy XVe Lost Out In Politics." Discussion: "VVhy Brown Came Home." Archie Robertson talks on "Our Athletic Graft or How XVe Lost it XVhen Reed Resignedf' Division over place of adjournment. Bill Robertson advocated D. G. house and Paul Spooner and Lynn Ulm the Theta Lodge. Meeting adjourned and discussion continued. j "Farrie" Daniels. Secretary. THETA DELTA CHI.-March 14, 1908 Leuthold opens the meeting with a few remarks on "How my return will strengthen our social prestige with the D. G s. ' "Marquise" French speaks on "Athletic Graft. how to regain it with the aid of Leech." Committee appointed to look into the advisability of securing the College Inn as a house. Meeting hurriedly adjourned so that Huntley et al. could helpa band of Greek brothers as they struggled up "Robie's Lane." - "C. C. C." Coon, Pharmacist. ZETA PSI. Feb. 17, 1908 Opening exercises lead by Brother Maul. Brother Pidge-on speaks on "The Missing Link." or "My Stand-in with I. M." Discussion as to 'tXVhy should we buy Harry Mitchell suits when our credit is good at Struck's?" Rollins speaks in favor of H. N M. Social Committee no report. House Committee presents bill for 334.69 repairs on furni- ture after last "rough house." Meeting adjourned. so that no more bills could be presented as the treasurer reported all funds expended. KAPPA SIG-Sept. 25, 1907 Entire chapter of six men present, Hubbard excepted. Rushing committee reports names of three eligible men. Meeting adjourns to entertain "Rushees" at the "Popular Little Play House." Flaherty. Secretary pro tem. SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON- March 16, 1908 Quorum of twenty-three members and "Mike" present. Bills allowed: To Veterinary for services rendered 35.00. To one new dog collar 33.00. To butcher bill for scrap meat for "Mike" 952 85. Brother Gessell excused for band practice. Brother Smiley speaks on 'tHow to Regain Our Y. M. C. A. Graft." Strenuous objec- tions by Hudson. Davis. Carson and XVi1liams. Matter laid on the table. Hensel adjourns meeting to go to the D. G. house. "Maud" Conkey, Scribe. ALPHA TAU OMEGA-Oct. 30, 1907 rr On account of the necessity of keeping the house quiet for Schuknecht. who was training. the meeting was adjourned until after the Chicago game when a Reunion will be held at "All's." Q "Pompadour" ijohnson. Secretary. T? 1 71 E 'X 1 il. at ,... .- 1 . -1, g , W ' 5 Vx Q Q5 V , w f 5 J K fix '.E Q' A A ' . x '-. A 'K Q XX 5 Y 2 f , 1.: V - ti? - If h .ff , , .W 'H 2' J 5 if f 3 , jx If L ni 5? 2 I ii 6 '2 Sal 2 A 'gi I uni If f 13 E -. , - - ii f 3 f I A ., ki 3 . 5 - Y 5 1 'f ' 'ZH 1 . Jwf' 'fine A .K - jf, AA , 1,37 2 - 1'-'U qi 5 ' K ,U , , .: ,-vgg - ' ' 5' a., -may . h'vb4'rI M 'flu' c 'U HA LX Elfjl 7 'N ' MT will -'M ft lll lll ll, 3 -nn ME Z L l f rf , A ' V X it ' X. 40 ff The profession ofEngineering la me i ' , f X i ' - is the highest pro ession in the world: e T X- a civil engineer comes nearer than any gn.: be 49 olher man fo being a creaior. l -X - ft il fl l .-1 A , gl .1 :au -I 1 L l-l' . i X l + 'r i l ll-" i , N fl g wzszziegi ii ' X H if -- - r i- X 2 f f X 5511 ' ff! H 'lu Mlfx .il ix l mv- dl 1 1 .4 1 e X K fa. A av. :Ml ' - i 1 N . I nv 1 , - 4- f s se K r 3 DI i if ,L X e 1 iXs the Civnl class ol -1.1. Hill " ' M A i BILL" ITTNER VVhile passing over these lew pages of pleasant memories let us not forget VVilliam lttner. Un- fortunately his eyes tailed him shortly alter the be- ginning ol' his junior year and it was necessary that he give up his lormer close application to studies, so he was forced to follow a commercial line. Though his merits are the best known by those who were nearest him, he made friends ol' all his aquaintances. Those who have known him the longest and the most intimately are the ones who miss him most. lflllfl, we have H 1-isoixliiuz That we hereby express our most sincere and heartfelt distress at the irreparable loss we have sus- tained through the absence ol' one ot the best fellows of our class, Ulglilll' lttner, a gifted athlete, a staunch friend, and a courteous gentlemen, who has the true Minnesota spirit. XVe wish him the best ol success in what- ever he undertakes. A Fools Lament fWi!h Apologies to Ruddy KJ ' They say the fool expected an 'A' .X civil there was and he boned till dark, lliven as you and Il 1 fEven as you and Il. Or perhaps at least a hard earned 'B'- lfor a Mechanics quiz and apassing rnark, XYe watched him dig and thought it a lark: liut the C. li. plugged like a regular shark, lliven as you and lj He laughed, of course. at a possible 'PI So it jolted him much when he pulled a 'CI Cliven as you and Il. 176 ,k I 'Q , ,I -1 I X S 42' if Q X0 'x , D x - K fini M v Alfred Moe limi, Mc-mi. Aliie-d Moe. Caught a ball amd lot it go: XVhem wt- playvcl the Freshmen gram-m XYith our victorious Sophoimort' tt-ami: Emi, Memi, .Xlfrcd Moc. Emi, Mt-mi, .Xlfrcd Moc, Struck at a ball much too low XYhcm ww playa-d the -Iumior mimt-: Thrice hu missed that littlc sphcrt- XVhem it was thrown by 'il'cggief'7 dcar. Emi, Muni, .Xlfrt-d Moe-. Emi, Mcmi, .Xlfrcd Moc, Hit the ball am awful blow, XYhem wt- playcd the Aggiu tt-ami: 'Vhcii' box artist was off a bit' That accoumts for .Xlfrcd's hit: Emi, Mt-mi, Alfrt-cl Moe-. New Song linlillc- Tale' Oi tht- Hamamau OI' "XYho but tht- XYart om lisst-r's Xostzw XV01'ds amd music by Siimum Imgbvrg. Ulsom got ami i.X"im Mechanics oiivc. That was thc tiimt- hc was absumt. 177 mm :rl llmllllm L' f "' III mi, ,,, n wi viH""' ' "" lMl1r1" 9 . INFLUENCE LINES Ell Torrance: Cin HEddie's" Freshmen English classl Prof. could you tell us the origin of the expression 'go to'? Prof. Sanford: Perhaps there was something more to it once and they left it off because it didn't sound well. You KNow WHY HE STAYED E has to write a thesis to cram for an exam: K A He's so very busy, this Senior civil man. Q He can't go home for Christmas, he's feel- ing awful blue: W He has to stay and dig, you know-what else would Peggie do? Prof. Leavenworth: XVhat planets were known to the ancients? Mr. Paul, you may recite. Fred. Paul: There were Venus and jupiter and-after a pause-I think the earth, but Pm not quite sure. Thursday, Oct. 3rd.'-S. Ingberg has returned to school. Although far behind, his claims to remarkable brightness make it possible for him soon to catch up with the rest Prof. Sidener: fin Technological Chemistry? VVhat are the constitu- ents of quartz, Mr. Jaques? Robt. klaques: Pints. Prof. Shoop: fafter picking up a piece of paper slightly discolored by tobaccol If you fellows are going to chew around here you will have to swallow the spit. KI. T. Ellison ffrom the back- groundl I told you to cut it out Shepard. Prof. Shoop: VVell, Shepard isn't the only one. UNPRRPARE11 Prof. Sardeson: Mr. Moe, are you unprepared? Al. Moe: Yes, Sir. Prof. Sardeson: But from what cause? Moe: Laziness, I guess. Prof. Sardeson: XYell I'll just give you a good mark for your up- rightness. Hubbard, H. A. you of the class. may recite. Friday, Oct. 4th, W S. Hank Hubbard: I have Ingberg has all back work not prepared. meds uv- ' f Prof. safdesfmz XVhat's A NTOIDERN SToNRwAI.I. A your excuse? , IACKSON - Q ' Hubbard: Laziness, I HXVho harms a hair in -A I- . SSHGSS-Q ' Olsen's white head dies I I Prof. Sardeson: Ill just likea dog. Move on, Siv- ' SIIVG YOU 3 P001' mark for 52 your plagiarism. erts," he said. ll Among the Engineers A True Account of the Class Meeting of the junior Engineers Accompanied by low music and much scraping of feet, Czar Kircher was ushered to the throne. The meeting having finally settled into it's usual state of disorder, the business of the day began. Upon motion by Foss, HXVisdom" was sentenced to three red-owls for getting 92 plus in a Mechanics quiz. Beery tried to escape but was inter- cepted by his imperial highness, the Sergeant-of-Arms, and the red-owls were administered immediately. Beery stood up during the remainder of the meeting. O. B. Poore moved that the class give a lawn party in February, serving ice-cream and fudge and that each fellow bring two girls. CPoore volunteered to bring six himselfj lien VValling moved to amend by striking out the words i'lawn" and htwo girlsfl and inserting in their places Hdutch" and 'itwo quarts of Budweiser." The Czar complained that the trimmings on the throne were getting rusty and also that he was completely out of 6'n1akin's.l' The class then voted thirty cents to refurnish the throne and buy Kirch a sack of Dukels. Now comes the climax of the meeting: the most stupendous bit of altruism ever displayed by any class at Minnesota. VVe will not weary you with the account of the devious details that led to the enactment of this far reaching bit of legislation. It suffices to say that a motion was passed and approved by the Czar to buy ten new leather upholstered stools for the Senior Drawing Room. Time for Honor System It is the opinion of all engineers that the honor system be inaugurated in the department-at least among the instructors. It is rumored that some carry cribs when sent to the store to do shopping while one of the Mechanics instructors is accused of having cribbed his prayer when the duty of leading the chapel exercises devolved upon him. 179 ,rl JIWW I xpre I'IIT AND IVIISS i'Ras" while strolling about the campus stumbled on a stone step and fell: his companion sympathet- ically inquired: Did it hurt you Ras? Ras: Csaucilyl No, dear, I fell on my head. Enter 'iEddie!' Sanford upon a rough house scene in the Raths- kellar of the Law Building: Gentle- men! Gentlemen!! This looks like a corner of hell in distress!! Friendly Freshman: They say that Dean jones used to be an all- round athlete. Sulky Sophomore: Yes, he still gives pretty good evidence of his ability at the UHot-air throw." Foss: Are you going to the "Scarcityl' for lunch, Poore? Orson B: No, I aim to please and satisfy-the College Inn. CHARLES BABY VVIsnoAl A flattering portrait of lVIerriman's success- or, bath robe, specks and all. A serene and sickly, fuzz-Wuzzy, slobaceous. flub-dub of a syllable slinger. Aspongy-brain- ed, iracible, excresence on society. Out with his his muscillaginous pesti- verousness! 412 ' VVisdom: Qin Physics if fi'2J1!'ffif If 5 1. tw ffl l 'Will 4' ' It G 'P f -- M X , classD Say Professor I Xi O Spighetti, do you think the inhabitants of Mars will ever be able to establish communication with us, or We with them? 180 Instructor: Now, young man, I Want you to distinctly understand that if you are to establish com- municatio. with me you Will please address me my name is and furthe Dago-C.? as lVIr. A4 Z.-: for ot Professor Spighetti, more I am not a IXIEWKIR' Vmesi-in IN POKER Dr. Ne kirk speaking of suction pumps, HNever try to raise it the limitf' Prof. Allin: Cassigning lesson in HPolly Science" on the nature of the individuall For the next lesson you may confine your attention to the 'iartificial person." I'1'm1s "Daddy'l conducted chapel exer- cises and sophomore engineers complacently monopolized all front seats. . HEWee Kaplan gets red-owled for disobeying the iron clad mandate of the engineers,'-'UNO Fussingfl An unprecedented occurencey' Z-Z-Z-Zingle made a, made a rezi- dation, without a, without bl-blun- dering onto a correct C?l answer of some kind. Time: Ten minutes before a reci- tation in virtual velocity. Ralph: Wfhat is virtuous velocity? George: The pace that kills. Shoop: Mr. Buck, what is a down-draught furnace? A furnace in which the draught ocmes down the chimney- Shoop: That will do. Daddyis Inferno--A.D. 2009 Daddy having led the life of a good man had many privileges in the next world. Not having seen a single engineering student in the rather thinly populated realms of paradise. he decided to seek elsewhere. He was given a pass and an asbestos coat and passed through the gates beneath that hope-destroying motto. The guide had shown him through and Daddy disappointed at not having seen one of his boys. was about to pass out when he sniffed a draught of air hotter than any he had yet breathed. He followed the scent and soon heard the familiar refrain of "Cheer, cheer, the gang's all here" coming from what turned out to be the hottest corner in Hell. He walked up to the entrance and seized the guard by the hand. "How are you, Bieri flong Il? XVhat place is this and why are you here ?" jack not being afraid of a Hunk. said, "This is hell for sure. I am Sergeant-of-arms here. The muts you see about are all Minnesota Engineers. As to why I'm here, that's easy. I used to raise hell on earth so much that they put me to raising hell to a higher moral standard with a jack-screw." Daddy threw up his hands in horror but said "I fain would see more," "All right, I'm the candy guide. That thing over there with the crown is Beck He's here on general principles. See those two shades that look like question marks? That's Beery and Moyer, still contesting to see which can ask the largest number of damn fool questions per minute." As they walked on they came upon two souls arguing vociferously. "That's Zingle and Knopp. Zing is here because he used to try to bluff Spig. You know Spig. He has charge of the electric furnace and uses a contrivance of his own to see that none of the departments of hell suffer from adrop in temperature." Next they came toktwo blondes weeping bitterly. "These are Forfar and Shippam. Their punishment is separation. They are here because they grafted to see the comic operas and the Bernard Shaw plays at the Met. On the other side you can see Davies and Walling trying to mend their hearts. They were sent up for being "heart-breakers." At that moment a cloud of blue smoke interspersed with "Hell" "Damn," "Christmas" was wafted their way. "That's Lambert and the two Kirchers doing time for cussing. It's up to them to furnish all the brimstone and sulphur fumes used in hell. Say, they can go some too. "l'here's Mark over there. I'll bet he is telling the fellows how he peeked through a crack and fussed with some of the lighter shades. That fellow being red-owled is jack Morris. He was caught red-owling Kaplan and this is what he got. That's Ewee doing the paddling. Ewee is corporal of the Hell guards. If he drills three eternities he'll be promoted to the rank of sergeant. The lobster with the pompadour is Buck. He is doomed to study forever because he never studied at school but bluffed well. Next to him is VVilliams. No. the one with the drawing board and T square. He scabhed in the drawing room for four years." They drew closer to a group of shades gathered about a single Figure. "That's Curly. He's telling one of his questionable stories again. I wonder where in hell he heard it. The four walking away together are Buhl. Holmgren. Thompson and NVright. They are the cause of the five year course. There comes Shoop the chaperon. He just came from the boiler room where he smokes his pills." They were about to move on when his Satanic Majesty and Dean jones entered. A hush fell on the cavern. The shades were so badly frightened that many were but half souled. His Satanic Majesty announced that the Dean would conduct an oral quiz in t'heat." The Dean tried to make it easier by saying. "XVell. boys, I've seen you in this position before." Here Morris piped up from the hack row the always took back seatsl, "Yes, Physics was hell." - It was time for visitors to leave. Daddy, solemnly walked out with tears in his eyes. One of the boys heard him mutter, "This is Hell." A 181 RECENT PUBLICATIONS Stick, the Stung:-Being a con- cise account of how pluck, persist- ency, pertinancity and perdition enables us to triumph over cons and Hunks and remain in the class of 'O9.1.some, usually.-By the in- numerable hosts of those who 'igot theirs." Such a Doziness:-A sleepy symposium of how to slumber dur- ing PhysicsLecture.-A.Vail Dunk, with a preface by Kreger. '09 Engineer Politics: 'A frenzied fracas showing how to obtain and retain a controlling interest, et cete- ra. "fKircher Bros. Sc Co. NAUCHTY HSpig" has requested us not to make fun of his "basket of plums" as it would necessitate his finding a new simile. So out of kindness and deepest respect for science we refrain from ridiculing the basket of fruit minus a single plum. Early in XVilbur's college career he became downcast, but shortly afterwards brightened up amazing- ly. lt was learned that a palmist had told him that some day he might be a engineer. Since the girls have to be 6 'bunch- ed together" in Physics Lecture why, of course, it was only fair that the Dean should place Frances Cisj Critchett in with the rest. Of courseg Frances wasn't to blame for being a co-ed, nevertheless he had to be favored with -the red-owl. 182 Revised Manual and Drill Code: By Corp. Ras and Messers. Morris and Duffy, members of his staff. Note:-The prelude to the above text was furnished by Serg. Ewee. of the Gumzf By Ray Duffy, who is ably assisted by Profs. Petti and F. Grady john- son. A Scientific Discussion Best Brands of Chewing XVhy is the Quickest Distance Between Any Two Points, or How to Rolla BallDown Xzarc Vers.yf9 V533 This is a delightfully inter- esting treatise by A. E. H. NOTES xl. Flatheryw HlVlr. Thompson the only thing that's right is the title, and that's wrong." Time:-Day after final exams in Sophmore Physics. Dean jones' kid to another East Sider:fHPa gave the Sophmores aTof an ex- amination to-day. He said he'd have to put the passing mark way down so as not to pluck all." ZTNGLE7S ENGINE DlAGliAlNl Birnberg, explaining his diagram in Flather's steam engine class. "I see now why the engine won't work. The crank should be in this positionw fThen he put in the dot- ted lines.l BY-PRODUCTS Bennie-"Now gentlemen, one dollar a bot- tle." The Dean-"Commer Silicker, Si02: what has that got to do with beer?" The Faculty-"VVe would have you know that our Surveying Department is run on the level." Comstocki"Take that thing, put it over here, add fn-Il and multiply by this thing." ACCOMMODATION Prof. Groat-"Well, you have been mum- bling along now for sometimeg tell me some- thing." J. C.-"Tell him to go to--" 183 A COMPLIMENT Groat-"You gentlemen don't seem to show intelligence half of the time." just then Mike the S. A. E. dog strolled in. Groat--"Now there is an intelligent dog." LIKE UNTo HIMSELF Comstock-"Why do parallel lines never meet?" Harmon-"Because the world is round!" The freshmen inform us that the tive princi- pal provisions of the constitution are: Flour, coffee, meat, potatoes and eggs! The Dean-"You fellows cannot study with a mandolin on one side and a "fluffy-rufHes" on the other. ,1- i ky f R qliuyf 1'-FS gp Q fggx L fm N .QMW LAW ttf? ' r 6- ws, gi :Hx , , V i' 'ah 6 sfntrtvif -' ai 1 tug mln I il - . 5 - X I M R, f Q .-.V ai... gs,-.xflx' 5' fd . f. ii IL If 'I lx , gy X Tj 1 v I ,fy X pw- g I , ,- L 4 A f W I 7 f J 1 ff ' ki K 'K J - f'fWi6ii6" Q g J fff M15 7' 'fl . 1 I ' - f ja, I gr , , ff I V W K' fl: xx ' -- ff-YQ X 4 AN ARRAIGNMENT This is the school of the lawversf' the whimpering voices of 0 co-eds, N Q 1 55? Murmur but from the distance-This is the domain of XYillis. i 'T He the judicial minded whose features stately and classic, Bearded with fuzz and with pleasant smiles, picturesque in the . gf - I lm' distance, - I Lighten the dull path of knowledge, as Aurora lighted the Q morning. This is the home of -Iimmie, worthiest apostle of Blackstone, Deep from whose facial Caverns re-echo the words of wisdom. And in accents disconsolate answers the wail of the Freshies. Ye who would have the right of your fellows kept safe and inviolate, Ye who believe in the devoutnt-ss and sacredness of your high calling, List to the eloquent eulogies now sung about by her sagas, List to the tales of love adrift in the law school 'home of the brainy. A "Paige" of Cases for Mondayis Assignment XVebber vs. Davis --H ME 147 Armory vs. Delamene-1 Str. 505 lN'ICCowbie vs, Davis' 6 East 538 Baker vs. Boley- 64 N. Y. 200 Hodge vs. Ry. Co.-'72 N. VV. 1074 Eaton vs. Hill-50 N. H. 335 Hewes vs. Platt- I2 Gray 143 Smith vs. XVood- 03 Vt. 53-1 Gordon vs. Stockdale---80 Ind, 2-10 Glaze vs. McMillan- T Port. 279 Horton vs. jack-V58 Pac. 1051 May vs. O'Neill- 38 So. 1000 Hill vs, Sana 53 Vt. 620 Osborne vs. Potter-101 Mich. 300 ln Torts Nutter vs. Vanfey 5 Atl. -157 Green vs. Ry. Co. -31 Minn. 248 Vogt vs. Hunsbain Sl Minn. 17-1 XVheeler vs. Berry .26 Oh. S -10 20 cases in your text. 15 pages of notes. Rooney vs. Lowell X Day Co. 161 Mass. 153 Minn. St. 1894 Sec. 1 to 509 Harrison vs. Ry. Fo .- 27 Pac. 278 Smith vs. Mfg. Co. -124 Mass. 11-1- Sims vs. Steel Barge Co. 543 Minn. T1 Baird vs. Pettit --'10 Pa. St. -1-TT Note 50 S. R. S. -123 Then they all sighed and resharpened their pencils. 185 The Three , So ,I immie scowled and all was still, Meekly the Freshmen did his will. ,f x, , f - T if For lo! across his handsome face They saw the roaring tempest chase. V Poor hearts! we know it's pretty tough, A in "i' But cheer up freshies, ,lim 's a bluff. -N . And XVillis wandered far away, xg Wandering Hughie gone astray Q Wag? Out on the cold bleak plains of law, ,LQL VVhere bluster the winds of knowledge raw i I Searching amidst those sheepskin stacks, y 'iff' Not principles of law, but facts. Milf And now, all hail, good Dean Pattee! fs Hail "Exponent of Equity!" Xi 'X ,, All thy children love thee wen. Thou speak'st and Middes' aims Hfeel swell." Of old they cried, "God save the Queen!" But this our cry, HGod bless our Dean!" Willis, Hypothetical in Examination A guest at B's hotel lost a gold watch and demanded payment. A quar- rel ensued and a lady guest hearing the noise thought it was a fire alarm and jumped out of a window striking a policeman, who in his haste drew his gun and fired. The bullet struck the tire of a large red Automobile which exploded, causing a horse to run away and strike a double team which, in turn ran away and into a restaurant, causing a waiter to spill a bowl of soup upon a guest, who claiming the landlord caused the trouble, assaulted him and kicked his dog. Can the landlord recover punitive damages for injury to the dog's feelings? 186 BITER DICTA Jan. 10th: Query: "Is the Junior lecture room to be papered?" Reply: UNO, that's only Jimmie with his charts." Query: "XVho sprung the bum joke"? "The Dean." Paige.--Query: "XVhat did the King's Bench hold in the case of Jones vs. Smith"? Lauderdale: "The King." Dean: "VVhich VValker is A. J ' ? A. J XValker: "I am A Jay.' The cause of action arose from a passenger's being put off a train. Freshman: t'Then it must have been an ac- tion of ejectmentf' In Domestic Relations: Jimmie. "XVhat was the grounds for divorce in this case?" Murphy: "Veni, vidi, vici." "VVhat do the boys sing in Judge Hickman's class. when a fellow leaves before the end of the recitation?" Ans: t'Tramp. Tramp, Tramp. the boys are marching." A. Reitz wanted to collect a debt and wrote to a lawyer in the country, asking ifthe credit- or had any property he could attach. The lawyer wrote back: "He died a year ago, and the only thing you could attach is his widow." 'Tis rumored that Reitz left the debt uncollec- ted. Prof. VVillis: "VVhat was the cause of action in this case." McCoy: "The little boy placed a pin in the seat on which May's caller sat." 187 Examples of philosophical questions discussed in the Dean's Equity: Is it possible to take anything out of an empty basket? Why is a circle round? Why is a hen? H. B. Duff: "Who is the American Digest?" Capron's Policy: If the Northwestern Book Store interferes with law, cut law. Dean ou the opening day in Equity: "I be- lieve in fundamentals. Now let us rind out what a lawyer is. Wooley, give us adetini- tion of a lawyer." Wooley: "A lawyer is one whom Dean Pattee has taught." Dean Pattee: "Good. I could not have done better myself." Since Bremer left the front row in Equity we have wondered if Miss Frary's diamond moved him. Xvinthrop was in the middle of a recitation. "You had better open a window, Taylor." said the instructor, "the air is getting too warm." ACTION IN TORT. Issue: Is defendant liable? Can the Plain- tiff recover? Law: He who seeks Equity must hunt the Dean. Facts: The Dean was not there at the time. but XVillis was. Decision: "That's the question I was going to ask you," What do you think?" "Jimmies" parting words to the Middles: "I never laid an egg, but I know a good one when Isee it." Dean Pattee: "You may give the next case. Mr. 'Che hesitatesl .XNYIL CHORVS O'l3rien McCanna Erickson Henderson Ripley Smith Huber Duii "I am not preparedf, VVillis defining a common carrier with an original definition: "A common carrier is one who carries common things commonly to the common people." ,limmie's note book definition of an in- corporeal right: "An incorporeal right is a right arising out of an incorporeal right, such as the right of running water." Professor: "We will stop reciting until that train passes. No. It was only Dow reciting." Q55 T 4"'i1.ctD l if in Z X Ni? .- If 0 sf :Ecu GFNLHER Law Studentis lVlen,s Building lfirst Citizen: Is he going or coming? Second Citizen: He's trying to decide where he will find the more students, in the law building or in the F. X G. Law Loafing Parlour. 188 Paige: "XVhat is an administration de bonis non cum testamento annexo?" Garberg: ttranslatinglyj "An administrator with testimony that he has no bones." Paige: "XVhere did you learn your Latin?" Gai berg: "It is my native tongue." Query: XVhat is a window? Ans.: .X closed opening. Prof. Abbott: "Mr. Garberg, what is the modern idea of a corporation?" Garberg: "The same as the ancient idea. modified somewhat." Paige: "XVhat is a domicile?" Student: 'The right a husband has over his wife." Dickson, tduring the smallpox scarel "1'll hypothecate my immortal soul if I'll be vac- cinatedf' judge Monte Brown has returned from Harvard and' now recites condescendingly to the Middle Laws. Paige: "XYhat is a nuisance?" 1" Kohn: "Your question. Sir. XVALKER IN CORPORATIONS. Abbott: t'Mr. VValker, now my little man, how many sovereigns have we in this glorious Republic of ours?'l XValker: CVVaiting for the voice of his prompter, Lampertj Ah-h Oh, Yes: Two, Sir, The President and Vice President. Visitor in Deans Class: "Is this a Bible study class or a lecture in law?" No liarrn's been meant by any rap. So pass them up and don't care a snap. Some Law Sv lllii ' I i V . --. if ' W I The Judge Like the quietude of solemnity he con- fronts us, .Ind with tones. deep and melodious. He dolefully begins his call of role That he may know. who in the "Code Doth himself console. Slowly but surely do the absent respond, Always "present" and ever and anon, Even to recite by proxy they say. Uh! in thc- judges Class. they do things In a systematic way. " Kohn " Logic Ach! mein Gott! I believe not it. VVhy Mister VVillis tink a bit. Subbose dat man would all once yet .X wager it would be. I'll bet. I made it out once long ago The law in dat can't change my mind Cause but also therefore just so To Insurance like that I'm blind. in Verse fs' N I , I I New 5 'Eli' .N XX Q L J xiii Qs! " Kid " lVlcCoy Not the kid you have heard about. But just as famous and as stout. Knowing what's right, it can't be said To argument he ever bends his head. He'll make a justice of the Peace. And wool from some poor cuss he'll tleece "Defendant dam the evidence" He'll say '4'l'he Plaintiff must have recomp pense." Murphy l am the man of passionate ties. I know where the secret of all law lies. At detinitions ever, I'm immense, Both in length. depth and incompetence. My day dream has often led me on To the day when wrongs shall all be gone Because I with my invincible tongue Shall have detied things which are to be done. My work shall live to honor my name For theirs you know shall be the same. Murphy! Murphy! till the end of all. VYill mean' it's well with the old round ball l-lomer's Assumption I am monarch of all I survey. My rights there are none to dispute lfrom the land, all round to the sea. I'm lord over the fowl and king o'er the brute. Did You Ever Stop to Think v L l ff , NW QCD X Q33 ,. 10 Q ni X + -STLR 3 QLewcxaHY1 413. it 'JXI , V l me QW' v 'Q X.- my .mr I , af...-1 mon, I , Derry! -4-'Nl' U' 1 x N wmv: ma-wr 11. XN'hy Leak and Murphy love to sit by Miss Frary? VVhy McMillan hypothecates so much? VVhy Cahaley never bluffs? XN'here the Dean got the cork-screw iiigure of speech'? Wfhy Lampert never recites? XVhat the effect would be if Sam Stern should sit still in the Library for three consecutive seconds? If Houck should recite without putting on the Italian Ha" on every other word? If Prof. Fletcher failed to use a 'teen syllabic word? VVhere Larkin was when the Dean called the roll? If you could not see Roberts' smile? Of the number of cases XYendland reads? If VVheeler should think the Law was as stated by the Prof? XVhy the class would receive a shock if Capron didn't recite? How remarkably well McCoy plays the counter part of Mark Twain? Of Kohn reciting without Hcallingn the Prof? How strange it would be if Christofferson were present to answer roll call? Wfhat would happen if A. xl. VValker should pay his tuition when due? Of Huntley not volunteering when he had studied his lesson? If Hosrner Brown should plead for his client with half of the spirit he does in selling mining stock? Of XN'illis answering a question? XVhy McNamara stand for free cuspidors? XN'hy XVilson looks so wise? XVhere jim Bartlett spends his evenings? XVhere Abbott got the wink? XVhy Jimmie never gets away from a case? 190 ff , Q , P 2 -we -i ' 3 ' Q.-iziw Gfiflql. I V 4' ff-A 3 ' . ff l' : - ' L If I Yi A ffl fm' 1' 5' A-QVA ' 2 f P7 . . :f1f.' A N r 7 4' "' W N 5-My -, if 1 KX vf fi , ' .ga 15 1 f P . ef' ' -' r- , " I Y , -X Kei- '- Q . .f - ,:.x'- '1 ' ' ' 546-. . . ' f. 0 -" ' sf ' 1 W , P ... m fg .L ,fl ,X X r -1 ,. r , 1 2, ' A 'f . , "F - 155 Lf?-if ' "L'--M., . ' -- -W ' X ' . lg: yf KW ' ----.Jin , , 3151- , .-'Q 4 If 1 1,.q.fZs.,,gQ ff' wb, ' ' ,- LE ,221 55541 , 1 -- x - digg, ng. . V., pg. 'I f , ' M 'Z 5' '- 1 1,11 1. U, "" fee. 'f . : Y If 3:3 ' , A M ,ff Dj 5 I ' ", f ,iff " 9 " ffl , . D yx . ., -X , f 'glf E J, -'Y 1,41-Ejggfgr . . -Qi 1,-9513315 fm fzgef-.-y.q,wf--f:35:3 . ,, rm--W -. 211,63-1, -.q:3.,l,rp":r'r'f 1 , j'g...,--. - 1 75 X .gi ,F 'ff4:w, .. . " f. ff 'F' 'Q J ' fi? "1 'Y 4-1 g 1-"Q'f1'1' ' '3' 3"V - m.:1f2!4-ff -Af'1??5 .225 H jf - 1 iq-51? mu3,?'.L',v:, :arg .1 4 ff- Y-i ,p 'fi:,:Q-5,11 5i35'f'?3g':-11g I, I, M Hi 2 'PH' 1 V 9553253 5 5:5 yy f' .' 'G Hr? ', 3-r,f'.,"'p-R - . I iii' -' gif 3 if I 59 X 2 Sui? ,' .-3"i21:-,Ur "fA'5'- - swim,-5a'kH"a , f ' fg -rsifwfv . , V "-,-ev 1 .5 ps, ,-1:5 4:1-gtg f J, ix-gg, X 1. .,,. .-, .. v X f-4 3 ' g :ifA,:i,:', '-' , N':NA K 3. 1 X 55 t 4 ..,.,-3-X ,.,- , 4, y :' w .y -5 K 1, X ' if ' W, " ig:'i1'5j-iff? --ziff x if gag. ff z " - s ' 1 1 if Abby -'gf' -ye ' ' -A f , gg: x gf, .420 , , 1,1 5 qi .-.. ff ,Q -3,g,,:v, 'L-:?gc7":, gs I 4 ' A.. A1 -l.:3.:n,55Ei' 4i.v47z5:f5?r,4,1,i93Ed ,WAz.. ,l ,V -'P-g..gg1,'f"--. 4- x- .', , ., X L 111Q3i ..Q1g W , , ln the Reign of Owre Al who is also called Owre and who is chief among the wise men and doctors, has gathered about himself many learned advisers. Among these are Amos and "Jimmie," sons of Wells, and Fred who was known as Yeager and Jimmie who was surnamed Walls and Thomas who was called Hartzell. Francis, lr " " fi l ll the son of Schefcik, and Weiss who was own as Oscar Bonwill and Reid who was a ectionate y ca cd "Daddy," These are they who spake words of wisdom unto us and who figured it out on the batting average. By Their Words Ye Shall Know Them Stranger in laboratory Cijust intro- duced to Mr. Lippittzj And where is your home. Mr. Lippitt. Lippitt:'My home is in Duluth. Strangerzf-Oh yes. I see, you're from McFadden's town. Dr. Weiss fexplaining how to trim a plate.J lt is easier to cut off than to cut on. Dr. Hartzell:-'Read H y d e's hook on theHDiseases of the Skin," no joke intended. Dr. Hartzell: ""' 1 will continue the inflammatory quiz at the next hour. Dr. Scliefcikzfljltiasc cut out the Whistling, Mr. Moos, until Friday afternoon at the Dewey. The Girl Question iu the Dent College, 192 A bunch of the "NfVe-Are-Its" Dr. VVells Cexplaining prepara- tion forthe crownzl You dassen't have too big a shoulda' and must use a squa' headed iissurl barr! Dr. Pratt Cspeaking ofthe spread of tuberculosiszl Adults especially should he careful not to kiss in- fants on the lips. Vernez'-Does that apply only to infants? Solem fin Materia Medicazj To prepare a person for chloroform, I would place them on a tahle, put a piece of gauze over the face and then ask them if they were troub- led with any disease. XVhat good is a graft if you donlt work it? Miss Scriher. The Fable of "Mac" i McFadden was a nice boy. Mac wore curls when he , ' was seven years old. He also did fancy work when he was VQ f - .f,, fourteen, and said HGracious mel" when he ran the needle ,. 3 in his fingers. That's the kind of a HCholly" Mac was. , 17 VVhen he was eighteen Cho1ly's ma decided he should study the Dentist business. His ma argued that the Dentist business was so easy and it paid well, too. So i Charles went to Dental College. Mac got his eye on the ball and kept up his batting average and was not benched by the faculty at the end of the semester. Besides learning all about cement inlays and deciduous bicuspids, Cholly accumulated other i i , Q 4 ly gx Si . I f 'rf I yi ,ii I i 1' i knowledge. For instance, he could roll the dice and snap his fingers and say 'iCome Seben" so you could swear it was one of the newsboys at Seven Corners. He could also write more anatomy on a small card that could be shoved up his sleeve than anyone in his class. He didnt care much for prosthetic work because it made his fingers dirty. He told the demonstrator that he expected to hire a man to do that. Finally by dint of looking as wise as possible at lectures and answering loud at roll call Mac passed his Hnals. However, HCholly" is sure to graduate, and after papa has paid his office rent for a year, Charles will probably decide to get rich quick and will go touring the country in a bright red wagon and remove offending masticators for the magnificent sum of twenty-five cents per masticator. Q fh , V ff Wagga ffl 193 FILINGS It h'XVindy" Scott works his face at home as much as he does at school, it stands to rea- son that his roommate Cahill should talk in a hoarse whisper, from the continual exposure to the draught. Moos has worn that broad grin ever since he started specializing in cement inlays. p, Porcelain! Porcelain! First you mix a little dab Then you bake it on a slab Porcelain! Porcelain! i'Cris" Solberg seems' rather backward about coming' forwardg but he is a stranger in town and perhaps by next year will develope into a real live sport. If love and Dentistry clash, Let Dentistry go to smash. -Lippill. HSpindle" Phillips and HPugi- list" Hart, otherwise known as the Idols of Lane's Dancing Academy are almost as inseparable as the Golddust Twins. She stood behind the chair in which I sat. 'Twas not her voice betrayed her presence thereg Nor did I speak,-too overcome for that,g I felt her gentle fingers on my hair. I closed my eyes and waited, still as death: She must have known I could not, would not, speak. She bent above me, and I felt her breath Come cool and sweet against my heated cheek. Ah! What was that? I felt a thrill of pain. A sudden throb-not of the heart, forsooth! Ah. no! for as I writhe, and writhe again, The woman dentist probes the tender tooth! -Selected. IEASFURD Bild PHII Lllb LAL GH1 IN THE ACT ROBERTSON A painless dentist so you claim You mean to you it's painless: The sport you take in hurting folks Proclaims that you are brainless. It's no use for Ness to try to explain. For Nordin can always make things very plain. And here is E, Chapman nearly forgotteni I vuml But he is the fellow you see chewing gum. Q J Married lVlen's Club w ' ,. F O 1 llSOI1 -in 1 , A24 'f Coulter f ! Z Dufner 1 ,-was Lippitt :-1 L Dorris C If - Basford Married Menls Club 195 Query lf a patient places his artificial teeth on a chair, and then sits on them, and they bite hirn, and he gets hydrophohia, is it suicide? XVhat an interrupted mess of words and phrases there will be when Mu-Mu-Mullins quizes Ne- NerNesse. 'Twas durinng a Summer Vacation day? Books in dust and cobwebs lay. How in the worldlfcould that little tly know That each black speck on the page should show, According to its place in the centre or corner, A recitation good or a con or a failure. That innocent fly. as he traveled through, To Hemmingway's dots just added a few. How in the world could the doctor know His own from the fly's dots, or by which t ? So he fljigged up a coin Ca just way in a t' J And now lie all know Ben was conned by a fly. al ,-rf'-Sl ,, X ll"ll'2t T , TM? XX N riff xt 7 Wi My ,aes rs ,ll Su Fight Vas The iight was fast and most terrific. With knock downs not a fewg For Schwartz was quick and scientific. And Ranch all science too. UITINGTON l908 CV QLLEGQWHEDIQINT 1 f' 'u ' Q a l A Doctoris First Lesson Scene: St. Barnabas Hospital, operating room. Entire class in ampi- theater with exception of Fiksdal who stands in arena leaning lightly upon the operating table. Doctor Hunter: Good morning, Fiksdal. Fiksdal Cstraightening up and expanding his chest with a most haughty and superior smile upon the other students, and then in his most pleasing manner replies:D Good morning, Dr. Hunter! Doctor Hunter: Ctaking roll comes to Fiksdal name. Fiksdal responds in his most high and mighty air. Dr. Hunter slowly turns around and looks at him, putting on his glasses in the meantime to get a better look, and delivers this lecturezl Sir, the place for you is up with your equals, not down here trying to butt in, I will let you know. The first thing for a Doctor to learn is that his place is among the rest of the students and that he is no better than they are. Fiksdal, will you kindly take your place? Medios Attention I make a specialty of lunches for medical students. Everything up-to- date. Latest conveniences. Prices most reasonable. The handiest place for medical students to get their lunches in Minneapolis. Pool-room in connection. You can't miss the place. I am located in the rear of the nearest saloon to the City Hospital. It takes Green and VVhite and Brown to make a doctor out of Black. Dr. W'ilcox: Should a hand be drained in a case of acute supperative Timo-Synovitis? Thompson: No, doctor, it should not be drained. Dr. XYileox: XVhat's that? Next, what do you think about it? Thompson: Cpleadingl I did'nt say it should'nt be drained, doctor. Dr. XVilcox: Don't be alarmed, Thompson, I gave you your mark before I asked you your last question. ln Anatomy Professor: "I must beg you to give me your undivided attention. lt is absolutely impossible that you can form a true idea of this hideous animal, unless you keep your eyes fixed on me.'7 197 I C5-bf-.9 Y f 0 O 1 l ll' Sunny jim Sunny im I-lures to Sunny jim, Tall, slender and slim, He loves the girls And with them is, XYhen not attending the Medical bizz. The king of fussers, Upon his throne in the library hall Is prone to waste many precious ioui l 's each dav lflitting and talking with the fair sex gay. The tall, the short. thi: brunette, the blonde. The eyes of blue, of grey. of brown. Hold equally in captivity the heart of this man. K Sunny jim. A Diagnosis Zander. .Xge 334. Occupation. grattvr. Previous diseases: mumps. scarlt-t fever, dipthvria. Result: thickening of his speech. Habits: smokes tobacco and opium. drinks high-balls, Tom-and-lerry. and absinthe. Result: llallucinations and at times epilepsy. Disposition: jealous. ugly, mean, at times unbearable. Present ailment: Now ht- comes to a Specialist seeking aid for his condi- tion. Specialist finds his mind wan- dering, cretinism. cdaema of lace, Tabes doisalis is gradually making its appearance, softening of the brain. liver enlarged, eyes bulging, has no ambition for work, depends on others to do things for him. Progress: poor: at nf--xt attack may pass away. Remarks: I lard luck. 198 Medical lVlent1on Ritchie Clecturing to the class.D Dr. Ritchie Ccalling rolljr The blood, gentlemen, when in- jected With sodium chloride may be compared to the bar-keeps whiskey. Hlts mighty good, but a little thin. " Ritchie Clectnring to the class in O. BJ: At our last meeting the baby had been properly spanked and put in a warm blanket and filed away for future reference. This morning we will take up the proper care of the mother. Caldwell! Caldwell! Here? Any- body know whether that man is taking this course? It's the mid- dle of the term now, and he has'nt been around here yet. XVilcox Cin surgeryjz XVhat is a fracture, Black? i Black: A fracture is a solution of a continuity of bone. Dr.Greenttakingrollj:MaxZiner. Max-iner: E E, English, doctor. - Y 4 Q F'k d 1' h 2 l ' Gwhef E.'l'f0ff We Q must havea e'O'fC?1' Mor- lik 'Qi' l i Oratorv stained the H1- M8011-Whf1fhf1S Swede? "f:umm" Y 3- ' " we-llaein Vibrio cholerae gone make hlmself fl " ff Zgfhe American Medical mont' - fl E societvhave ranted him Barney: Nothing. ' ,." t ' I I ' g. L d Editor: Allright, then 9 1 5 ?leQffEOfafPt't1eOf Of in she goes, his profs , ff N ' E abt ak' should know about it. X' , I V A XVilcox tin surgerybr Patient: l'm not a- Whitd'ieiie1ZChaf.aCt' lraidto die, Doctor, butl If EUS IC S h .it ngerlian do dread being buried ,,,gL,,,,,M,i race' C ml ' 'Ou' 2l11V9- 1 Q , Dr. Stewart: Blakely, Young Medlfifll Clfadl .f ' t I want you to diagnose Ccheerfullyl Don't let -K U . this Case. that worry you. I'll see if Blakely: I fmd the I.0RDl-LACul'1l.L.-KI-1 that you ain't. Heiny Schmidt came to school with a girl to-day. VVas she your sister, Heiny? Doolittle Ccoming into surgery latejz Dr. XVilcoX: XVhat is your name? Doolittle: Do-little. Dr. Green: XVhat is gas in the stomach called, Brumer? - Brumer: Gasteritis. 199 arm hot. Dr. Stewart: VVelI, that's because a fire engine hit him. r XYe have always been aware of the fact that Frise was one of the most energetic of the fussers about College and, as such, have ever hailed him as a brother in arms. But really now, Dudley, when the little girl is obliged to mend all her front teeth, aren't you doing things a little strong? POST Of'-F -::.:.::. f POW A X, WQQUMM "q:o'o.9gq JINULIN ",0'QQ 0 LIRCUQ' o X f 09.5 0 Tic? A ,W K ! - NGTICE E155 CO KISS 1 CHEW v .AAL X u W .L QW M fm if QQ ' - f Wm ' i 93061, 1i.,f9VO4 f J 1- 25 . 175' A xg -4 ::"" GN X MV omwowesrsn H Fa ML lhtx Wu' , P tu I f. ' f 1 S h WN A "X ' , 1 ' 1' A 2 , 1 av 'A ' n A1 1 L I , Q CULTURE AND AGRICULTURE CA Peek at the Program of the Last Faculty Banquetj Toastmaster: LeRoy Cady. Prof. Haecker: HThe XVings of the New Dairy Barn." A few Flights in dairy eloquence by an irrepressible enthusiast. Prof. C. P. Bull: HThe Centgener Method," or HHOW to Produce an .Xll Year Grind from the Three Weeks Variety." Prof. Drew: HChickens and Chicken Pore." Prof. Drew was highly complimented on his talk and in closing told the members that next year they might put him down for a brief talk on his new bulletin, HRegistra- tion and Poultry." Prof. E. C. Parker: HlVlarried Life as it Looks to Me Now." .X sparkling, highly colored talk, by a prof. full of experience and well illustated by a few pointed stories well told, but O my!-. Prof. Ewing: 6'The Ideal Physics Lecture," or HHow to .lump Into a Lecture and Say Something." He said in part, HXVe have before us to- night a question which it is my individual opinion might be considered at some length with considerable profit to us all. But notwithstanding this fact, it does not seem feasible this evening to consider the question to any great extent- CPass the ice waterlj. One On Harry Gore: Say, Carroll, can you tell me where Prof. Vye is? Harry: Yi? VVhy, er, do you take Senior cooking? N6XVRl3lllBllllKllIlL1 201 At the last meeting of the Phul of-Nothing" society, Edith Knowl ton assisted by Tom Pat terson prepared and served 5 refreshments which con sisted of Warm milk, meat salad and green cheese The guests were favored during the evening by the "Aggie Caruso," Alden A. . V Potter, who sang "ln the Shade of the Old Apple Tree'7 and many other ' touching selections from 1 Chester bergestrom gaye an in- formal partx at the Dairy Hall the other night to introduce Mr. Hartzell and Miss Cran- dall Barn dancing seemed to be in order but it was whispered about t h at V V Berge h ad scruples against dancin , so the idea was given up. Ray Orr kept the crowd at high . K pitch with his many parlor stuntsg but his little talk entitled 4My Course in Tid-Bits of Society Among the Aggies - . AIT! , P . . L il g . , ' if .2 A ,, Q 2 mill! . 1 if , f is t Noah's Ark. A Pete" thought the menu reminded him too much of experiments in metabolism and refused to stay. Tom Cooper felt in an extremely happy mood during the evening as he had discovered how to comb his hair so it would not look thin on top. R. L. XVest has just returned from a week's end at St. Cloud Where he has been visiting his rel- atives Veterinary Clinicsl' was enjoyed most of all. Donovan CTO Prof. in Botanyl: XYhat is this queer creature under the microscope? Prof. R: VVhy, that is a nice little air bubble. Miller gets along with his Profs. by working hard. Never helped to make Milwaukee famous, but we hope he will sometime. The Aggie Yell ' Humorus! Humarus! Marsden and Gore, Aggies! Aggies I Forevcrmore! 202 HE EDITUIPS PAGE 0 P H ,-.5 0 All facl and fancy of ye edilofs ken Becomelh dope under ye editor 's pen. Slllll lllll C' lL 0116 NXUnllY K is ietint illy we nt, 1nde,htt,d to crhlllgl, C, ipion lot posinff lor the lrontispiect. it con 1 o iz ve meen w at it is without his patience anr Hood wi . " e liootlmal st vry wzs written by Pierce Furlner under the direction ot the Editor-in-Chief. XYe Could not have carried out one of our most cherished ideas without lfnrlier's unwearying and skillful assist- ance. In a more sulistantial way than this we have expressed our appreciation to Nlr. ,lohn Rene drink Hangs for his contribution to our book. Among those not of the student world who have aided us in our labors must lie mentioned S. E. johnson 62 Co.. A. G. Spaulding X Vo., Strulile Bros., Mr. A. S. XYilliams and Mr. Geo. D. Luxton. Mr. lohnson spent several days in a camera hunt over outlying tields before he finally "shot" the pert little animals that now decorate our tly leaves. Mr. V. li. Struble has belriended us in more than one pinch. Most of all we have to thank the students. our friends, who are not memliers of the staff. but yet gave ol their talents and time to broaden our Gophers artistic and literary appeal. Gopher Hole. XV: naturally nourish the fond thought that our subscribers would like to read our editorial opinions on things about college: but here again we repress ourselves. XVe feel sure that the profound significance of the recently instituted campaigns lor a men's building and a womans dormitory. the movement toward a greater campus. and the slim support given to the new and deep interest in music, by the powers that be. are not lost to us. .Xn editorial dilation on thc-se things we deem not only inadvisalile, but unnecessary. The Gopher can better record progress than aid it. XYe foresee progress for the Lfniversity we have learned to love along the lines we have mentioned and in other dirertionsq and we wish them God speed from the bottom of our hearts. Goviiigia lIoi,ii - Till-I .l'2lJl'l'UR5. "f UR THANKS. lfor the making of this book we have many people to thank, XXX: have w lveen looking forward eagerly to this opportunity for recording emphatically our per- .'i 2 g': 't id ,. Het-t fi' 24' not have been able to say what we have te-lt. ,I it .. Sb. . U I n tl L l h l ,, ll lli l 1 i 203 A f X ff ' 2 ?j4v f X Q Q Q X x .KW LL Ill if X17 17 if l Greek Letter Fraternities At the University of Minnesota ln the orcler of establishment of the Local Chapters Chi Psi . . . . 187-1 Phi Delta Theta . . 1881 Delta Tau Delta . 1883 Phi Kappa Psi . 1883 Sigma Chi, . 1888 Beta Theta Pi . . 1880 Delta Kappa Epsilon . 1889 Phi Gamma Delta . 1890 Delta Upsilon . . 1890 Psi Upsilon . . 1891 Alpha Delta Phi . 1891 Theta Delta Chi . 1802 Zeta Psi . . . 1890 Kappa Sigma . . 1001 Sigma Alpha Epsilon . 1902 Alpha Tau Omega 1902 Sigma Nu . . 1001 205 SNEVE STORMS YYYMAN IDE VEY ADAMS HIFI' HILM.-KN VOLLINS LYFURIB IVARNARD Sl'Fl"lCL KANNEY NVESTXROOK A!IHU'l"1' FISHER GAYLORI7 HONBERGER IKICALS STURER SHAW' ELLHV1"l' NII'l'C'HI'1LL YIELD5 GILLE'1' fv ' . iff., X' 1-lf .. ' Fil ' . ,Qin 'Lf-g.. .', 'V X, Q. , ,.,.1!:f?x3x b 'sfgfn ,j.,,X,,.H:w-.g.X , , -fx. ,lxfisgvs 2 .5 F -.h K 5.307 my -E . X: , A xt -- 5 ' 45 ' vig M- , .a xr: Fez.-4-. 137 'X ' lf ? 2. " ' ilgfay-fy' ,Lg - R' - V' V1 -' in ' fn :Q A-.--'sf' -Q - " gt, LN-1?-H. lf. -2 531 1? L,-F-Q-: E "gW?., f. , ,' ii"ffr.1:',gw-fw-2',g1:Q. gg:"s.?-a Hffi, -M F' if Pggpffgu, ag--21,C 1.ff5q2K, 'ga 1'-f--"-'-'H 233.5475 Ffa, I"-'A ' ."'f.... -1- .6 94 f-si 'ki .HQQJ ' ' , ,g::1Qjf-g?!L'c'f,' .bf - f ' --,-iz.: f'..".-ff 4.4,-.1 , 'Av 7. 4 if V. , ' 5 -' - .5 ,Lvl an - Q, -4g4'i. -,- , . ug' , - Em, ,-- Hknb' 4-- HJ' 1 . J, favs' .:- 7'3fTSlN -'- -' Ti: iff , -:- . . 5 ff: W ' "wif-3'f 1. ' ff' - - :1ff'+'-Q. --Swv win. -- ! gif .1 f ,ez 'i ,, ! 7 41 Q ,..'f MW Q, -Ev-' .:- 1-gif 9 ,Q 1595- 1-+A.-sc -- ---'A-v , , e"- -if - ' Af- 'f ,M -Vg 'fy A " Nea"-'.1,Ji-P2--r ,: -- ., "' . ig. 50 51. Y Q57 A 51-1.1! .T 4 . ' - ' nf' ' b ' f'f?S1QHf '1'f7"T1"f Y-u2' 1f'fl f" ' f' iff? KQJTQ if 4515 25 'Q' ' L - aka ff' ' ' 1- 12"- gixriff ,nf 12.1. ' ' 335.- :TQ-5 -' as f ' A 206 I S RHI Psi E Alpha Nu Established 1874 Fratres in Facultate klohn M. Armstrong john G. Cross XVilliam E. Leonard Alexander KI. Stone Frank C. Todd Fratres in Universitate Seniors XVilbur Duane Shaw Charles XVinslow Elliott George Lord Storer H juniors Donald Francis Mitchell james Burrill Beals Sophomores A Q Harold Cook Fisher Howard Hawthorne Fields Robert March Gaylord Raymond Mahlon Gillette Paul jackson Barnard Donald McDermid Wesbrook Dartt Hendrickson Lyford Freshmen Theodore Schwan Abbott Loren Fletcher'Collins lack Stickney Sneve XVilliam Reynolds Sullel Robert Lemuel Storms Harold Crittenden Wyman Alfred Gardner Ranney Chenoweth Henry Gilman Don XVilder De-Yey Ivan .lay Kipp ' elohn XValker Adams ' College of Law Norman XValker Sanborn B. .-X. 207 Alpha Alpha Alpha Alpha Alpha Alpha Alpha Alpha Alpha Alpha Alpha Alpha Alpha Alpha Alpha Alpha Alpha Chl P S1 Founded al Union College, 1841 Pi . Theta . Mu . . Alpha . Phi . . Epsilon . Chi . Psi . Nu . Iota . Rho . Xi . Alpha Delta Beta Delta . Gamma Delta Delta Delta Epsilon Delta Chapter R011 . Union College . VVilliams College . Middlebury College . VVesleyan University . . Hamilton College University of Michigan . . Amherst College . Cornell University University of Minnesota University of Wfisconsin Rutgers College . Stevens Institute of Technology 208 University of Georgia . Lehigh University . Stanford University University of California University of Chicago Phi Delta Theta Founded al Miama University, IB84 Chapter Alpha Province McGill University Colby College Dartmouth College XVilliams College University of Vermont Amherst College Brown University Cornell University Union University Columbia University Syracuse University Lafayette College Pennsylvania College Washington and jefferson College Allegheny College Dickinson College University of Pennsylvania Lehigh University Pennsylvania State College , Toronto University Beta Province University of Virginia Randolph-Macon College VVashington-Lee University University of North Carolina Gamma Province Central University Kentucky State College Vanderbilt University University of the South Delta Province Miami University Ohio VVes1eyan University Ohio State University Case School of Applied Science University of Cincinnati University of Michigan Kappa Provinte University of Xvashington 209 Roll Epsilon Province Indiana University Wabash College University of Indianapolis Franklin University Hanover College De Pauw University Purdue University Zeta Province Northwestern University University of Chicago Knox College Lombard College University of Illinois University of Wisconsin University of Minnesota Iowa Wesleyan University University of Iowa University of Missouri Westminster College Washington University University of Kansas University of Nebraska University of Colorado University of South Dakota Eta Province University of Georgia Emory College Mercer University Georgia School of Technology University of Alabama Alabama Polytechnic Institute Theta Province University of Mississippi Tulane University University of Texas Southwestern University lota Province University of California Leland Standford jr. University I-IISENGRABER OVURIEN THOMPSON MC CANNA TRYON IILANCHICTT MATHER NELSON ANDREXYS DUNN RAY YIC"l'OR KLINIFINHAGEN HARP1 PIZPPARD OSBORN XYOODCOCK ORN 1133 ,-' fe .k ,KQHI ,X ,VX h' , ,gseifgmx .-59, 5.1.42 t. ,U ,, .',. 4g,,'i3 M Q wk n:,7.,x! x.h A ,Y L .rn fr' -.zjgf ylga 3.13, ,Y XL 3 emi.. Q, ' fc' Q -lk, -. . ' 1 Q Q-'-Q-:T ,- ,J 5 I Y,3..',,rf fv,.-.wk f, V f 455 J. -YY L1 V IIIW' .- .. .-'f f '-.---mm ' " X' -, w rf-uf-fs: ,. ., NW ff" lf'-2-1:"""i"' 'MR ' M" a'?iEfi, '- FV? V4 ' '- 'M . ' P F 1V 'YM'-if H 'wwf ' :,.,.:: L 'iz 3. '- . . .QNVL . ,q.- ' ,. V . 1 1. ff ., Y-I :N--qv ,- -f .fw ff 33-g. vsp,-f Nrr:.-z-by .I.':f.?-3, H-1'-' f 3 H ,1,,M, 1: wg 5--'.. ,-1- ffvff' ,Q4,g.gq1 w5,9:zf1-b2-f - ,-.:,-al-,f 'XA '21 -ur r5?':s,fgE , . Q52---7 gp g' , : -4 " - T51 .V Y '-' ' . V- 4- - , , . 'f A . iff., wg- - - ,mx ,:f,,1 , 2, ..- ' f' ,f iff '17 5 'S'?2i'cfgwg 1zfna., 'f-11 Q ' - 4 ,f:.. e f' : :T I . M13 1" - 9' - nu, M, ' :ll N. Q, 4391-Q 4.-4..5,2' Q: V '17, -U" r 35- 1 ' ::z..-Q ffl' in 65511511 ' --' ' f f W : ' ffm? lx 'H J F ' '! .'-Du ' -: .if Q.. fr, ..,. uf-,Q ,.,.,., V 11.4 :AP AX ,. --ff 1,2-1'.4 .1,,-1m,1,f1-.- f "-Ei".-" ""- f 35515 -'S'-1 V 1 " "" r-1 Al 52:3 -, 1..v-AL-.. fiiib :J 13.5 '.a,.Z?q 'l' QF - 210 i Pl-ll DELTA Tl-IETA , Minnesota Alpha Chapter Eslablisfzed in 1881 Fratres in Facultate Thomas G. Lee, B. S., M. D. A. S. Hamilton, M. D. George' Frankforter, M. A. Ph. D. Harry Snider, B. S. William H. Condit, B. A.. M. D. Everhardt P. Harding, Ph. D Thomas Hartzell, D. M. D., M. D. XV.L.VVesterman, B.A.,A.M. Ph.D Fratres in Universitate Senior Ney Marshall Dunn, Law Juniors Herbert Leslie Thompson Verne Thomas Mather, Law Fred ,lose Blanchett Simon Michael McCanna, Law Owen Norman Nelson Clarence Burke Ollirien, Law George Rudd Little, Law Sophomores .Iohn Fremaine Tryon Gustave A. Eisengraber Frank james Ray Thomas Albert Peppard Dalton McAllister Andrews Freshmen Byrle jacob Osborn ,Iohn Pussy Lane Frank Fremont VVoodcock Merton john Orr .lose-ph Hare Albin Ferdinand Yictor Ray Rappe Klimenhagen 211 SMITH NYlCI'ZliR HUNYEN K. HAUSER KINUSLEY FISSEI. MUNAIZIIAN TINUHICR BARNEY NYIELAND MARTIN TAYLUR KENNEDY MILIJ-QR XYILSHN IHIYLE INGI'-IRSULI. DAFHY MC GINNIS BRl'IYYS'l'liR R. HATS!-IR . "-"Lf, time .nh ' sl' ' ' , 2--gm ,q2g.Q.Qu'vag . UA '- K gk .V-x v -X 4. ,sf Ag f , jk, xi v, 5,31 f vg.-X my .5 -, .e,..i. ,,' - ,N - . .- , by F -"'1""1" RE,-e K r. T V, '.'433" mllim - f.,'f...f, ,:,-'g-iaiy X X., NIL I , MM. fffgsffkfw' Q , 'A ' M' 111 ?1.':'ji - ' ' 'LY -s -. "A".f' F' fv 'i,yM-as x "ga1v'? ,' A-. H-:-fwff--1' fllpl. il , ii V f:..,- ,.-,- - ,1 ,- ,:.- N- uw .-,:2',fw",.- . -x-:- -, ..'..,'-W-Ag 1'-1' H -f, I. 1-Q. .... -- ffm , .1 'nazi-.4-'-: .:,..-f-.y.,,.-- Vf ., - . -W -., 1-K r 'IX3--I -74'-n."' , - ' ,,-- 1 4 'Q ,z H ' MW YT! -'ffl ",-4" ' ,' .'X2'111- - ,A , E"-X '- ffbgqgl L-A ..,Tf'f . 1-2" .J1 .L- ':f""7?f'. .. 011. fsgqbk- 1' -' , ,yijrr . 'IHS 'agp . V- fg fav. 0' , ' +'f2'v5a 15:1 - r -511451 ff, -15 -1 74 .7 gf ' 'Wdflf' :,.'l!,:Cg A YYfg!Ti4f.'u.i E'f'i'3i - --ff 1 "'F:1.,1? 'ihgf' -- -' -- f, 1?3wT'v, ws ' '-. isgf "Hi2ag .,1f' U ff .. -.L,-mf . . .. . .. 1. . 1-'JK - -we, .-' ,- ,f .: .dx-N, K .J H I Jw .,.,-n:t...,g .,.., . , J-A: -in ,amy--.55 h...:,Ly,., , gay-55 .:., -Egg ' Af, 11 gi g ' "-r "'-- -"P wjqfw - .5224 Li?----hr-git? '- -in , ,im iff" k a' X U, :Ska- iii? 212 DELTA TA DELTA Beta Eta Chapter Eslablislwcd in l883 Fralres in Facultate Arthur Edwin Haynes, NLS., lVI.Ph., Sc.D. XVillia1n Burchard Roberts, B.A., M.D. George Douglas Head, B.S., M.D. john Eldon Hynes, M.D. Fratres in Universitate . Seniors XYalter Francis Dacey Patrick james Boyle juniors Arthur L. Scharl Clyde H. XVilson Howard George Ingersoll Sophomores Rupert Y. Hauser john Monaghan Nlr. XVilliam Henry McGinnis Hadwen Case Barney Donald Ross Brewster W'alter F. VVeiland Arleigh Russell Miller Arthur Todd Kennedy Freshmen Dean XY. Martin Coyle Christie Tincher Clarence Wlinthrop Bowen Alr. Neil Stetson Kingsley Harvey XVillard Smith Deane C. Taylor XYalter Paul Fissel Henry G. XVeber V Kenneth Hauser ,213 Delta Tau Delta Founded at Bethany College, 1859 Chapter Southern Division Lambda .... Vanderbilt University Pi ..... University of Mississippi Phi . . NVashington and Lee University Beta Epsilon .... Emory College Beta Theta . . University of the South Beta Iota . . . University of Virginia Beta Xi . .,.... Tulane Gamma Eta . . . George Washington University Gamma Iota . . . University of Texas Westem Division Omicron . . . , University of Iowa Beta Gamma University of Wisconsin Beta Eta . University of Minnesota Beta Kappa University of Colorado Beta Pi . . Northwestern University Beta Rho . . Leland Stanford jr.. University Beta Tau . University of Nebraska Beta Upsilon . . University of Illinois Beta Omega University of California Gamma Alpha . . University of Chicago Gamma Gamma Gamma Beta . Armour Institute Technology Theta, . . .Baker University Kappa . . University of Missouri Lambda . . Purdue University Gamma Northern Division Beta ....... Ohio University 214 Roll Delta . . University of Michigan Epsilon . . . Albion College Zeta . . Adelbert College Kappa , . . Hillsdale College Mu . , . Ohio Wesleyan University Chi . . . .... Kenyon College Beta Alpha . . Indiana University Beta Beta .,.. DePauw University Beta Zeta . University of Indianapolis Beta Phi .... Ohio State University Beta Psi ...... Wabash College Gamma Delta . West Virginia University Eastern Division Alpha , .... Allegheny College Gamma . . VVashington and jefferson College Nu . ..... Lafayette College Rho . Stevens Institute of Technology Upsilon Rennslear Polytechnic Institute Omega . . University of Pennsylvania Beta Lambda . . . Lehigh University Beta Mu . ..,... Tufts College Beta Nu . . Massachusetts Institute of Technology Beta Omicron . Cornell University Beta Chi . . . Gamma Gamma Gamma Epsilon Gamma Zeta . . . Brown University . . Dartmouth College . Columbia University . VVesleyan University Phi Kappa P si Founded ai jeferson College, 1852 Chapter Roll District l Pennsylvania Alpha. NVashington and jefferson College Pennsylvania Beta . . Allegheny College Pennsylvania Gamma . Bucknell University Pennsylvania Epsilon . Gettysburg College Pennsylvania Zeta . . . Dickinson College Pennsylvania Eta . Franklin and Marshall College Pennsylvania Theta . . Lafayette College Pennsylvania Iota. University of Pennsylvania Pennsylvania Kappa .' Swarthmore College District II New Hampshire Alpha . Dartmouth College Massachusetts Alpha . . Amherst College Rhode Island Alpha . . Brown University New York Alpha . . Cornell University New York Beta . . Syracuse University New York Gamma . . Columbia University New York Epsilon . . Colgate University New York Zeta. Brooklyn Polytechnic Institute District Ill Maryland Alpha . johns Hopkins University Virginia Alpha . . University of Virginia Virginia Beta, NVashington and Lee University 215 West Virginia Alpha . . University of VVest Virginia Mississippi Alpha . University of Mississippi Tennessee Delta . . Vanderbilt University Texas Alpha .... University of Texas District IV Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio Indiana Alpha . . Beta . . Delta . . . Epsilon. Case S Indiana Beta . Indiana Delta . . Illinois Alpha Alpha. Illinois Beta . . Illinois Delta . Michigan Alpha . . Alpha . . Ohio XVesleyan University . XVittenberg University . . University of Ohio chool of Applied Science . De Pauw University . University of Indiana . . Purdue University Northwestern University . University of Chicago . University of Illinois University of Michigan District V XVisconsin Alpha . University of XVisconsin Wisconsin Gamma .... Beloit College Minnesota Beta . . University of Minnesota Iowa Alpha . . . . University of Iowa Kansas Alpha . . University of Kansas Nebraska Alpha . . University of Nebraska California Beta, Leland Stanford jr.University California Gamma . University of California '5,f'l!'l"1' PIQXIQCIC HARRIS COOKE K'LAYI'0Ul, I'.'K'1"l'El"I LIZXYIS Sl',l7L2XXlK'l-Q URI! SXIITH ICUHIIRTS l'.KIKf'HII,U H.XNIII.'l'UN FAST NURTUX KlCI.I.lN.fZ MANLICY l'H.KNDl,lCR IZUFK SPRING ,,,. V .ng ' A7-PX , 3- i. 1, wx-T A , , i2':gZ3ZkQW+ 'i " '35 1. "nm, mv ws A H 15,211 , Qrw 'xfiv V. ,-" - ,.- rm - f' : ,r -5, - -figm- W D ,Hu-,M M ?.,7'f jV,',fv"Q,,, u -f - J- -in Y. Q, .. , , vu.-- .-.2 i:i-V:-wgz ihg ,Q--gvisi V' Y . -N .. if-,f+A-+2- . - 4- .V ..ff , 7 :L-.MFL -.. --. - H 43. 3- .4 , v'1:, -f :Af-ji'3.,Q' , JY ,.-- V- '- - 'H' I , ' .5!FA'2!:' HM' " - g f ffwfi f-'ix .ifiifflg Z,,...n-fl g m? r?Hg,'-'fb . f' ,--2' rfi 'Q 4-'i.." ' 3-",..' ' 4-f- 5' 'N-QE'kf?3?'2' ,-f':,3'.f 'Y "1 " -I' .. ' .f-4- .-f 9 l-ff.?f3t,75kf? y'FT,--v1rW7"3i'F 5"'Tv'f5 xv- 44 " -'-' 3 I-pp .21 ,.. A h gf ,., 4- Q., .Q-v ., - , J qw ,ary , -.M .Ty- A. A ,-. Q- , r, .,.,,:,. nag, . ,, M-...M ,,.. '59 N4gu,,,,, -N , -- lr -., ' fa -A f 5: fif '-4 a .'EQf:,fa w-. Qeffg , --wx 4, fr., 1 f---if av f r, '- gwgffgg 194.52 x M7 Vs' An.:- 1 -ll' -' "nl ,"-- -' nnu - T fu- ' ,Q .-"J ,5' -ivv'--'-I 1-fvnifs-frQ-:.1L.:az3::.f:-...' W r 5355 55:5 QL., 'M F-6?-.,-,r 'S' l " ILA-2 -" 4 if f wx Wires- - ?"Vr xr-:gy 216 PHI KAPPA PSI Minnesota Beta Chapter Eslablishccl in i888 Fratres in Facultate A. C. Hickman, LM., LL.I'5. G. F. james. Ph.D. Nl. P. Sedgwick, M.D., B.S. Fratres in Universitate Senior james R. Manley Juniors Paul M. Kellogg Harold G. Cant XYm. XV. Norton G. Raymond Orr Malcolm D. Chandler Frederick XV. Buck Sophomores Charles XY. Fairchild Gordon xl. Pattee Arthur D. Spring Sheldon H. Smith Thomas C. Roberts Carl L. Hamilton Frederick G. Sedgwick Charles L. Lewis -Ir. Freshmen -I. Verner Claypool XVm. R. Pearce Hamilton Cooke jr. Charles L. Harris ul. Allyn Scott jr. Paul F. Pettigrew 217 g PORTER NVODRICH KNUXVLTON FOX SEARLS BINGIIAM ANDERSON NYALKER FORIZICS NINER BUSH 1iU1f1fINGTUN CARMAN HUNT ,IAQUICS :myg . ,W , L m y , .Y va ' .v x Q' X ,. lf 3-Maxx - Yin Lyaqig x xx, i ,, .,-13.4 ,5 338 AN.. V -. H 'g- x ' ra ' -. vm. f S Jw - .:.1 " " 31 -53,35 ,J X egg, 1 - ' - , ., i,i!?"'4Fi' A '-A-ff '-- T 4 V' 3-' yEY.wT1'?A '. ,-,x.Q'..1'n, is-rfJ fimf'L.b ' - Q. i , ' "Y 4 , 3' ' :Q Q' X? ' 11" .vi 4 " """"' W, "-,ya ,135 Wy. Q--gh '- '-,J-,L if , .- ,1 5-f ,, . 5,115 ,315 . , , . . U . M., f ..,. - K . 1+ i- - -- I J. 53 4 -. I .,,.. -4- .sf ,5LAx .A,,5.Lx V x,.,, ,, ,.,,,,Lgj,S.., fra ,JMX 4 .4 .... . . . K ,, T M.4Fz.ij 'HMP "NZ 'x' , riff f 'Vw 'f .,-5'9'5f',i7'- "f f -.JU L-'2Fl1, ' T 'AE "1"'.?: fT5'W5'. - --fh.A fi ' 4 2 131 , .fs Tim - " '. '- ' " T ,-" . V -42' 21' I ' a X3 IJW12. Y. --' t. - 4 s':'- If ' ZH 'ia 'A if, 3 M- gg" 'Q' ffl ' ' :4L'a'fjf1?.':,f? 'Y!'i?:ifW, fx fegff .L "ull " ill i " ' ,:1SG:.g,vg:5 ' gg", a" f57 - ,. P--g 55561 -'-f---i-- -if.---H --. " -' -fs . ' Q tit:-"" x 'f -rr -'mia ' ' V"'h""" ""' "' '-13533 xr ' W' - " 'sg' L-L1 f V ., ' iw :YA Y MA. V. -rw fw- r-- : , 218 H SIGIVIA CHI I Alpha Sigma Chapter Established in 1888 Fratres in Facultate W. E. Brooks, M.,-x., C.E. Fratres in Universitate Seniors Day Ira Okes Herbert Hamilton Knowlton Oscar Frederick Wodrich Allen Harold Porter Spencer Aludd Searls Juniors Robert Sabin Forbes Roscoe Buel Anderson Charles B. Bingham Robert Andrews Jaques SOpl'lOI'IlOI'CS Milo Pitcher Fox V Robert Innes Miner ,lohn C. Bush john Raymond Burlington Freshmen Henry Malcomb -lones Paul Ivine Carman Harold Henry Hunt Unclassecl Frank Gleed XVaIker 219 Alpha . Beta , Gamma , Epsilon . , Zeta . Eta . . Theta . Kappa . Lambda . . Mn . . Xi . . . Omicron . Rho . . Phi . Chi , Psi . . Omega . , Alpha Alpha Alpha Beta , Alpha Gamma Alpha Epsilon Alpha Zeta . Alpha Eta . Alpha Theta S 1 g m a C h 1 Founded at Miami Universilyi 1885 Chapter Roll . . Miami University . University of XVooster Ohio AVesleyan University George Washington University . 'Washington and Lee University University of Mississippi . Pennsylvania College . Bucknell University . Indiana University . Denison University . De Pauw University . Dickinson College , . Butler College . Lafayette College . . Hanover College . University of Virginia Northwestern University . , , Hobart College University of California , Ohio State University University of Nebraska . . . . Beloit College State University of Iowa Massachusetts Institute of Technology Alpha Iota . . Illinois XVesleyan University Alpha Lambda . . University of XVisconsin Alpha Nu . Alpha Xi . . University of Texas . University of Kansas 220 Alpha Omicron . . Tulane University Alpha Pi . . . Albion College Alpha Rho . . . . Lehigh University Alpha Sigma . . University of Minnesota Alpha Upsilon . University of S. California Alpha Phi . . . . Cornell University Alpha Chi . Alpha Psi . . Pennsylvania State College . , . Vanderbilt University Alpha Omega. Leland Stanford jr. University Beta Gamma Delta Delta Zeta Zeta . Zeta Psi . Eta Eta . , Theta Theta Kappa Kappa . . . Colorado College . Purdue University . . Central University . University of Cincinnati . . Dartmouth College . University of Michigan . University of Illinois Lambda Lambda . Kentucky State College Mn Mu .... NVest Virginia University Nu Nu . . . ' . . Columbia University Xi Xi . University of the State of Missouri Omicron Omicron , . UniversityofChicago Rho Rho . . . . University of Maine Tau Tau . . . VVashington University Upsilon Upsilon . University of NVashington Phi Phi . . . University of Pennsylvania Psi Psi . . . . . Syracuse University Omega Omega . . University of Arkansas Beta Delta . , University of Montana Beta Iota . Upsilon . . Beta Sigma Kappa . , Alpha Omega Beta Eta . . Alpha Alpha Beta Gamma Sigma Beta Mu Epsilon . Phi Chi . . Beta Theta . Beta Delta . Beta Zeta . Beta Epsilon Theta Zeta Nu... Alpha Zeta . Alpha Chi . Beta Chi . Phi .... Alpha Upsilon, Gamma . . Phi Alpha . Zeta . . . Eta Beta . Omicron . Epsilon . . Beta Omicron Beta Alpha Psi.. Beta Nu . . Alpha . . . Beta Kappa District l District ll District lll Beta Theta Pi Founded at Miami Unfvmuy, I839 Chapter Roll . Amherst . Boston . Bowdoin . . Brown . Dartmouth . . Maine . Columbia . Rutgers . Stevens . NVesleyan . Yale . . Colgate . . Cornell . St. Lawrence District IV . Syracuse . Toronto . Union . Dickinson . . . . johns Hopkins . . Lehigh Pennsylvania Pennsylvania State College . . Washington-jefferson District V . Davidson . . . . Hampden-Sidney . North Carolina District VI District Vll . Virginia . . Central . . Texas Vanderbilt . Bethany . Cincinnati . . Miami . Ohio 221 Theta Delta . . Ohio State Beta Psi . . . XVest Virginia Alpha Gamma ..... Nlliitenberg District Vlll Alpha Kappa ..... . . Case Alpha Eta , . . . Denison Beta Alpha . .... Kenyon Theta . , . Ohio Wesleyan Beta .... . Western Reserve Alpha Lambda . . Wooster Delta . . ,..... De Pauw Iota . . .... . Hanover Pi .... . Indiana Beta Mu . . . Purdue Tau . . ..... . XVabash Chi .... . . Beloit Lambda Rho .,... . Chicago Sigma Rho . . . Illinois Alpha Xi . . . . Knox Lambda . . . . Michigan Rho . . Northwestern Alpha Pi . . Wisconsin Alpha Beta ......... Iowa Tau Sigma . . . . . . Iowa State Alpha Epsilon . . . Iowa Wesleyan Beta Pi . . . . . Minnesota Alpha Tau ....... Nebraska Beta Tau . .... . Alpha Zeta . Alpha Nu . Zeta Phi . . Lambda Iota Lambda Delta . . Colorado . . Denver , . Kansas . . Missouri Washington . NVestminster District Xlll Omega ......... California Lambda Sigma . . . Stanford Beta Omega . . Washington l.l'1UNAKD ITARNUM IZRVLTHHOLZ lAl'fl1Klu D. Ill' '1'l1I'l ICRIYALI. I-'ULEY GliAN'l' HARRIS XYORKMAN I-'. SIMMONS SMITH G, DU TUIT IFIAMUNIY KING IZUVIHILAN TIIOMSON UXVICN FULYLKIE XYARIC HAYSHS Fl".X'lLUX KNIGHT I'AI.KH'.R H.-XY l',XXll'IYIfI.L SIMMONS 'lALI.AN'l -154' K ff , ' 91 ' N: I ,ji i -. A 'N N xj.,., .,-.',"ii'?w-ax ' 'L 555: ,Af-wtfwx u '- xx, ".f4:.'l,. 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Smith Barthell Faegre Malcomb Grant George D. Harris Edward T. Foley Frank H. Simmons Dana DuToit Marvin C. Barnum XVilliam Hunter Collin 223 RVSSI-1I,L ALLEN F. BROOKS BAILEY KI-ZNKI-II. SI'I.-XHYIQX' HALL NIT l'AK'l'HY MFICITH STICHBINS STRACHAUER NALUY lf IIRUUKS FAVRUN HUAG DOIBHI-I UTHNSON SCHl'5'l'1'1li 'II-XYLUI! - yi' ,A r m , gif, ' ' N' 'Z .rx .4 ,ag " ' , "- -: X? 11, . ,,, ,fp .. , . . . -ng"--.25-T--f fi fmfpiw-SX 5 mg 5,jf,j"Z,L '5 N. xy L 'yi 5:3 , QSM Hag i ,5 AS., : gg., X ' f:-.---if ,M pm 5 : s bay., , mf:u,-. 5,. p2 '.':- A -' Q .k ,1 -' gif-ag.,-.mA ' . - V- -'-,if we A -. -v xg, -1"-1511.21 '1-,. .. , , K ., 5' 2529-' ff1f1f'? , --W Q- - J ! 4,'?i'2-fr A ig:-ws ag - f-J--1-N-H11-1-.:--H:QQu5 .,,f-.. rx-.-..1-1 +-:- .. - -' --' u. ' , - - 5 ,. 1- , ., . 7 ,,. ,.f- -ES...-Q ,VN I , -A ,-,.,--- .... Q-J? RQ Ny- i- - - -1 .. U '11-9-471 .- ef. .--- --. .fn 11. L V ., .. -- .1 , .V . -,1.,-- W ,,...i. V wk- 5, Ef.e5..g1i2Q Af- f N:5?E?1523fI. V,.. A T . ,Tar i35,:""' f ' -f---" fwf ! - 'ffl-'wi' .eff-7' A"'Y'S?75x --+ " " - -4- , 'fl -mg, TT' '+' ,ai eS,f:,,, A- NF r,sQi,.il A' -, 1-4ww1G.,1i'.1s.51:'5g3,qgf2f" 'wg' 2,-. i mg, 4-, - -- f:,, 5 5, M, 1.1, Q. ,f.,4..,.J. -N--.M .,- 3: Q - wi, Q, ..,:,. r Wwe: -F V f f 'ff' :x fjiiiii ' 1g ."'f.. W 1-f.--1,11-, rL::.ff..:h:a1Tg.- - 'W' '.gg M555 " 4 ""' H ' A -W NLE" 'WVA' ' .. ii l imis ...... -, V , Wg. .511 YYY., .Ai ...-, ,.,,l.. , , ..: WE, . --' , is-94 I" I ' 'K-Fx 224- II DELTA KAPPA EPSILO Phi Epsilon Chapter Cyrus Northrup, L. L. D. Established in I 889 Fratres in Facultate E. ml. Abbott, A. B.. M. D. H. S. Abbott, B. L. Richard Burton, Ph. D. A. B. Cates, A. M., M. D Burnside Foster, M. A., M. D. Alas. T. Gerould, A. B. C. L. Green, M. D. jared How, L. L. D. H. P. Ritchie, Ph. B., M. D C. A. Savage, Ph. D. M. P. Vanderhorck, M. D. Fratres in Universitate Seniors Chas. E. H. Maloy Robert L. Meech Eugene B. Stebbins Arthur C. Strachauer juniors Edmund P. Eichhorn Charles N. Brooks Frank N. Brooks Sophomores Harry Doerr George H. Capron Frank G. Haven George P. Dodge Richard L. Hoag Paul R. Seabury Freshmen XN'illiam Allen George C. Bailey Bruce P. Hall ,Iohn Kenkel Carl H. Schuster Harold R. Taylor Orval XY. Tupper 225 xl. Francis Russell Arthur H. johnson xl. Vernon McCarthy Phi . Theta . Xi . Sigma . Gamma . Psi . . Upsilon . Chi . Beta . . Eta . Kappa . Lambda Pi . . Iota . Alpha Alpha Omicron . Epsilon . Rho . Tau . Mu . Nu . Beta Phi . Delta Kappa Epsilon Founded at Yale Univcrsily, 1844 Chapter Roll . Yale University . Bowdoin College . Colby University . . Amherst College . Vanderbilt University . University ot Alabama . . . Brown Universty . University of Mississippi University of North Carolina . . University of Virginia . Maimi University . Kenyon College . . . Dartmouth College Central University of Kentucky . . Middlebury College . . University of Michigan . VVilliams College . Lafayette College . Hamilton College . . Colgate University College of New York City , University of Rochester 226 Psi Chi . Psi Phi . Gamma Phi Psi Omega Delta Chi . Beta Chi . Phi Gamma Gamma Beta Theta Zeta Alpha chi . Phi Epsilon Sigma Tau Delta Delta Alpha Phi . Tau Lambda Delta Kappa Tau Alpha Sigma Rho Delta Pi . Rho Delta . . . Rutgers College , DePauw University . Wesleyan University Rennsselaer Polytechnic Institute . Cornell University . Aclelbert College . Syracuse University . . Columbia College . University of California . . Trinity University . University of Minnesota Massachusetts Institute of Technology . University of Chicago . University of Toronto Tulane University University of Pennsylvania . . . McGill University . Stanford University . University of Illinois University of WVisconsin Phi Gamma Delta Founded al feferson College, 1848 Chapter Roll Alpha . . YVashington and jefferson University Theta . . University of Alabama Lambda . . DePauw University Nu . . . . Bethel College Xi . . . . Pennsylvania College Omicron . . University of Virginia Pi . . . . Allegheny College Tau ....... Hanover College Upsilon . College of City of New York Psi ....... Wabasha College Omega .... Columbia University Alpha Deuteron . . Illinois Wesleyali University Beta Deuteron . . Roanoke College Gamma Deuteron . . . Knox College Zeta Deuteron . . Washington and Lee University Theta Deuteron. Ohio XVesleyan University Delta Deuteron . , . Hampden-Sidney Zeta . . . Mu Deuteron Xi Deuteron, Omicron Dent Delta Xi . . Beta . . . Delta . . . Pi Deuteron Rho Deuteron Sigma Delta Tan Deuteron Sigma . . . . Indiana State University . . . . Yale University VVestern Reserve University eron, Ohio State University . University of California University of Pennsylvania . . Bucknell University . . University of Kansas . . XVooster University . . . Lafayette College . . University of Texas . 'Wittenberg College 227 .Xlplia Phi . . University of Michigan Lambda Deuteron . Dennison University Zeta Phi , . VVilliam Jewell College Theta Psi . . . Colgate College Beta Chi .... Lehigh University Gamma Phi . Pennsylvania State College Kappa Nu .... Cornell University Iota Nu . . Massachusetts Institute of Technology Pi Iota . Worcester Polytechnic Institute Mu Sigma . . University of Minnesota Kappa Tan . . University of Tennessee Rho Chi , ' . . Richmond College Beta Mn . . johns Hopkins University Nu Epsilon . . . NewYork University Alpha Chi . . .Xmherst College Tan Alpha . . Trinity College Chi . . .... Union College Mu . . . University of VVisconsin Chi Iota . . University of Illinois Alpha Nu . . . University of Nebraska Omega Mu . . University of Maine Xi Mu . . . University of Missouri Sigma Nu . . Syracuse University Pi Rho , Chi Upsilon . . Brown University . Chicago University Lambda Iota . . . Purdue University Alpha Lambda, Leland Stanford University Alpha Iota .... Iowa State College S'1'ARICI-I'1"l' FICRNALIJ S, KIXXYLI-ZY IQUI-ill DUXVNIXM lIUl"l"X1gXN VANFIC YYII,I.I'l'S IE.-KRKF C. f'AYVLliY GOSGKQYE THOMPSON HARTICR HYSHR SMITH 1'HRHILZ.XN UX'l'l'lili'fl!N IUKRKIN S.XI"l"URll SXYAN 5I.l'1l-1I'!'fR S'1'.XRRIC'l"1' 5Hl'I!'I4lliI.l7 --el-:Rib . 2 ' ' , t iwxl f D1-if E1 ' ,.n-1:9 wg , - , -,,,:G- 3-9.3 xfypi .-f5f'11'S-ini 'f - Nw -r,-55,5 -, . ., .xg I: 03' Q.. ,A U 4-R4 "5 .V 'i .. .L nh. 1.1, Y 1 , 1 '- r f '-1 q'- . mr' . -MT, -Y-.....,.i1vg-uf fivx--2. 1 f , ,,--.,,, -,., . ..h , W W - ug u. - D., ... i. -f'g.--. ':r'?- 353-F:-gslml 'sir 1 U Q bl +f: , f ., l . -. Y 7TIl?F::"fX" T F 'R Qxvf jf1':f:+, , N-fvavxw-1bffz2wf'As - ' ,. f..,.1" w ws. 1: ' - if . fa- ,Q ' ' 4- N" :'::1:-- . ' - -- .1 '-- fx.. V --V , . 1- -wmlsif n.: 114' -W-f""', ,4' ...2- nrafff- Q V Q,-,.L ,...ff9, Q, f 'f '1,.: W-W 2----'W f:eZ5u'- it fp f---N ,--- " 1..- szfgrtfzhg ,-f3'.f94i'ff5f w" i'f?"1r- V- S Tiff .3 . +-- -Q.. V- , L " N' Wvg' "1"' J',,y:.1 L w,..1"'L'f ,Q , ,"' ' ' fl., Zi' -gk "ff2r s' .1 fisfrfa gd Q --1 5, - - 'L -'. f 1 P1 'r ' 1 ' .W ff-' ' ---"Ur W f- -f ""' . , F. 'Z .-.4 ' if 4772" 4i1q"'2 e 'fL - 1, f-1:11-Ls , film: If L 3: wfni-.rfge wma:1:E?..- - ' f iffy" ml ' 4- if? f9,,'.3iL.,,z.Y , 1 6152, ., ,... fini? Ik 1 228 U Pl-ll GAMMA DELTA l Mu Sigma Chapter Eslablished in 1890 Fratres in Facultate H ii. E. E. wlarnes Milton XYalls, M. D. Edward laris Burc I klohn C. Brown, B. A. Robert Allen Campbell, M. D. George Frank Roberts, M. D Fratres in Universitate Seniors Clarence H. Harter james E. Swan Orren E. Safford juniors Howard M. Starrett Lyle K. Raymond A. Sleeper Fred XV Sophomores 1 Arthur R. liarke Roderick T. Smith Erskine XY. Vance Stanton Cawley Charles Cawley Freshmen Guy L. XYillits , George Hyser, Medical Raymond Starrett Dana M. Easton, B. A. Ralph M. Hoffman Eldrcth L. Sawyer XYalter H. Eder 229 Batterton Sheffield Robert Fernald Edward B. Cosgrove Harold L. Downing Chandler Larkin, Law C. R. Thompson NICDlCRNlI7'1"1' DONAIIOIC GEDNIQY NY. M.XLI,0KY SXCI-'YIHIR VHX l'Yl-2 RI'-ll1SE A, BIALLURY i'ANH'I!l-1I,L ISARCIMXX' VAKSUN UIIAXI 1211213 FARYILL FUKIBIALTK KONII RUUD AINSNVURTH XX'II.I.l.-X318 Xl.XKjK.KW D.XY1-1Nl'OR'l XYILSUN I-1KI.l'5Il XII' LSHIQXX f'RIlSl'ZY CI'l.X1IVINl'1 LUXYI-1 NKIKTUN iff y . N, , .,,1fzg-9,,,6S:- '- "ii2ff'f"03S "E ' gj,q'A5:a 5- ,nl 1 -, gh 5-Q ,EM V X . -- - - - , K .J-1: A mr' "FE-'7 is3s X. ,' Q . . ii-" :7'f .. .. ,. 0 :gn.g5.,f.f .. - fm- -R f ,al ni fzxErge, - N, .1 ,. gs-,L-Vigzifhg. :NL - - - W 55, 7 -f f. - -, fi-146' .Q ' F 2' -Y fish: p f 5.1 gi"i-r:f2eff"'f1'X"fgghQ- 1.,'lQf'Q .wff-P -- ,Q wr :hui-x.',, A - V1.',g,.-3Qf"'5'.1i"i1 i ff -is-, --f E- up 1 1, .. ,j',. . ,-,. 'L p l' 1 i.g,'.Lv-,,, 52.4 Niki!-55' -, 'Sis-hm 4A f - - f- , nf wigs a - - J- -V .a.- r 1 . . :-rr" -'f -: ' .V ,p , -5. - f -QW . IQ5, -4 -Q- ,534 . ,..g',, Av-,.1fLf.i. . , k, .EL ' A 1 A X- - ,,, Q-h,a-iw: .f .. fir' .z xx,-.mfsavqffe 2-wx-,af ff- --- -:Af ' 4 T," M' 11 4 14igQfjfQi.j:N , zzm m 5,1511 ' 'gi , ""E9 Q-'-- P2 'WW 'S'-Nm7f"'fffM' N' WY ? Y-' Wi 49- -' 5 QV: ' x , -ff, ,, ' ,,'.- 1A-'w."vLg5- :gy J- V. ff -, -. V -- mf. -- : 1,3--' ggi 1 . f 1 ' 511 K ' Q34 L-1:.a-1:ff.-yr:-.- .1gLza:a.::.1" " fm r lik-gg vw, "' ' - A 515 Eff , M-,ry-ix Mg , - L ,Lu 44+ '- "YH" ' V132 ' , ,M ?"5 ' 5-Ili. 230 DELTA UPSILO Minnesota Chapter Established in l890 Fratres in Facultate e Christopher XY. Hall, M. A. ,Iohn G. Moore, B. A. ,lolin H. Gray, Ph. D. Edward Eugene McDermott, M. S. .Iennings C. Litzenberg, B. S., M. D. Frank VV. Springer, E. li. liarl R. Hare, M. D. F. L. Adair. M. D. Fratres in Universitate Seniors Clifford C. Champine Murray T. Davenport, B. A. George de S. Canayarro Clyde VV. Norton Harry C. Lawton XYalter Mallory Lynn Rood Charles L. Ainsworth Hogh li. Campbell Arthur Mallory XYalter B. Crosby Edwin G. Ecklund C. Dana McGrew -lolin H. Lowe Chester S. VVilson Juniors Durant liarclav R l i A. C ' ' "Mt one Frank L. Bibi, Sophomores Hugh AI. Pye Williani R. Cammock Stephen'A. Donahue Robert C. Oram Lorenzo M. XVilliams Freshmen C. L. Gedncy F. Hanford Cox Ernest H. Carvill Frank Reese Eug1eneM. McDermott KI. Phillip Carson Eliot McGraw Gustav R. Seeger 231 Delta Upsilon Founded al Williams College, 1834 Chapter XVilliams College Union College Hamilton College Amherst College XVestern Reserve University Colby University Rochester University Middlebury University Bowdoin College Rutgers College Brown University Colgate University University of the City of New York Cornell University Marietta College Syracuse University University of Michigan Northwestern University Harvard University 232 Roll University of VVisconsin Lafayette College Columbia University Lehigh University Tufts College Depauw University University of Pennsylvania University of Minnesota Massachusetts Inst. of Technology Swarthmore College Leland Stanford University University of California McGill University University of Nebraska University of Toronto University of Chicago Ohio State University University of Illinois P si Upsilon Founded al Union College, 1833 Chapter Roll Theta . . . Delta . Beta . . Sigma . Gamma . Zeta . . Lambda . Kappa . Psi . Xi Upsilon . lota . Phi . Pi Chi . Beta Eta Beta . Tau . . Mu . Rho . Omega . Epsilon . . 233 . . University . . . . Union College of New York City . . . . Yale University . Brown University . Amherst College . Dartmouth College . Columbia University . Bowdoin College . . Hamilton College . VVesleyan University . . Rochester University . . . Kenyon College . University of Michigan . Syracuse University . Cornell University . Trinity College . . . Lehigh University University of Pennsylvania . University of Minnesota University of VVisconsin University of Chicago University ol California GOODMAN I, FARNAM BI.kGOI"FIN SCHALLI-IR KENNEDY ROICNISFII LENYIS CARLICTUN IC. FARNAM IJIKAKPI CHADISURN 'YORRANCE BICRKIXIAN SMITH I-IENNI-HIS' NIILLI-Ili XY.-KRRIAIN VROSIIY , '1 YQ "fs, . as rg? 15 I. lf-H15 A ' ffwii f'+a24ifN HQX '+. ag I--" 4 WA., a ,m w. Lx. 45- 'J ,L 'ZX-A 1, X w- : ll.. V V- -f -,,,-, ,, ,,,-, 9e.7'1f' ,J3'fiS333x V K-fi. 9 1- H N, .4 ' H n.' - -1 -..-','.,?f.u."t" ' H -A-" jig 3-'rl'-.v ' Q4 ' , . C77 ' - ',g,g11' Q3"f::i1'-"AW-Y-2. - :EJ v- hm u Nbwr, X'-Q.f-xnfwg. cf'- ' -- V f- f ' -' . , Eff-: 1, - 3 .wig f :Sigh.,i ,-'-1-11'-g,5.4.:+Q,x,,h.,:,,JailM'f5gx .'-:gr-5 . gb vw :vi51f:',- gQit',5L' r-5-if - M- ,gf ,Q 4 Ha? 5 1. ,g3,.. .- '-3 f .'l:55Ex ii, g11,.:--,LT 51544 -- -5- - 1:-q Q rwi, .f - - '.e'.-u'y.'f:f,, -' ,,Qff ,1:1,-gy. - -V H- I QW 1 ,,, -:. Q E343 f ' ,e---'- ,gf 624 ' Sys?-, ,, , '- v, -Q ' ,qfyyl "1 '-" -F4 ..- - r .K - - 1.-2'-1. V: : ff -' 4- uv" '-:fy , ' ' ' ' " ' .q f.. . ng,- ..7 mgg-5Qf4,n3f,,1,, , ,, 11,-. mlb fr- .5 Q fs Q5 '-"-'L' 3 0--if 'vii 'cffmi - A:-fr vm. ' ' iw. --'A X gs-gfpgeg 1 xg Y.. M., -f 15341 . Lu 1 ., w . 1 .. ,. df., ' -3 . , R-'fx -iffm L-51'-' f--'11 mx - 1..x fr-' Y -.-:uw,- M ' 9' ifiggf 5 ,4 '- ' fs A ,,,.,L,L-,1 , .A - M5 -- - ,.,, Fffyfn, ,L 1-,w"' ,4 234- PSI UPSILG lVlu Chapter Esfablished in 1891 Fratres in Facultate Henrv F. Nachtrieb Iahez Brooks V john S. Clark Frederick S. Aloncs Joseph 13. Pike john C. llutchinson Fratres in Universitate Seniors klohn xl. Kennedy klohn Russell Smith Addison Miller juniors Ell Torrance qlr. Alva H. XYarrer1 David M. Berkman sophomores Paul T. Bailey Fred Crosby George Carleton A. Lair Goodman Samuel Magoflin plohn Lewis Philip Chadhurn Freshmen 2 3 5 Karl A. Schaller Earl Farnam Clinton Roenisch ,Iulian P. Farnain Roger Kennedy Edward Drake Murray R. XYater slr Ml' v f 11, .n l'Oli4'k7R.XN CICANI-Y llvXllN.XI'lY LA YAYI-1.X I'xI,liIN IIIQXIJ IJUVLQAN KHILD XX, l', IUYIZI-QRTSUX 'xlI'IIiRII,I. FLM S.'XNl'01zI7 A, W, liulll-1H'1'SuN SIHAUXI-lli '1'.xX'I.ul4 L7uLl-. - :.. '.- x X sh Av w. N 5 X' A .K 2 , gf -ss- 4 .,4Q',f!'f wx, ,NW ml 1. x ,am ,, r .1- 1 4. , xk.,,!,l. ff 4., gy l -Lmxx Wqq nu Q,r,1v 'W ' 1 23' 1 Kf r Y 2r'lG"' V-L fi X v -QA 4gs "Q ' ' gi. 44, ug fu, -ff 4 235: 'P ii , 1 , Af-: il ' " Y' W ' , V' .. . H1-' T' 7i"F1 -f- 5:"a"5F X Y. f 2. A+ W ,' ' ' " ' I + .4-Kg-fgli'-'4' ""' -Y ' Eh., '-Zhi? ' 1 W' --v. W-.-sf THQ L-6 ' '. ,Y . . ,,,..' 4 ,'--' ' i1' fi'-fl-V'-1 'Fd ' - .2 P '42 14.3 1' ' 'L HZHQ .Q ' M'-1 - v"""""'l 6'--irq ' 3, -- '44 '34M ffr' f'f5ffL fif lgi ff' :fe 44 :f 'x 1 . A - J' fa, fm- Q X-.-TB.. Y .-,- '--- . , 2 fa 491 "' ML- -V ."11-wifw A - .:Af',-1fw:-- 'Z - -' -K ' F: 1:1 'a L "" HF .4 L 4 'Q , .-., , yay' " -4 -- 4 --V. - T ' i1 235375 4-- m!'l,Q V 4'3ii':'?S - 'f , f 5:4-'T' .'L91'4'x " A 4 'lf' 15 . .. , . - :U , "5 -. --V, A ,IJ ' .' X fi.-,QQ -5 . -I--My-'V , Q31 'Q - vi-b ,L - ,lg-, yi f g.QT'Li:,r5g ,i WH ' z ,, 9:53 '- F, Af W' 44 -Q 'V V fe fllfiffifi 'wiifaai Q, -rf 1' gQf.-Si'-K' " 13" :1:-1:.1:- v:.:1.- 1g::q:a::.:"" f 9' 'fl K ""' ' ky'-1',7r', " ' ' '- si-ggi? ?g:::,gf-.mffuz-11- ., . ' T' -1: 1 ' Tr-:gb-ga? l ALPHA DELTA PHI Minnesota Chapter Established in 1892 Fratres in Facultate XVilliam S. Pattee, L. L. D. XVilliam XVatts Folwell, L. Henry L. XVilliams, M. D. Amos VV. Abbott, M. D. Robert H. Mullin, M. D. Fletcher H. Swift, Ph. D. Hugh E. XVillis, L. L. B. Fratres in Universitate Seniors Paul Lord Spooner, B. A. li Archibald Wright Robertson l Henry Knox Dougan XVallace Hasbrooke Cole XValter Clarence Robb LeRoy Wloodworth Sanford Juniors William Ernest Barnaby Harold George Taylor Robert Charles Merrill Montreville J. Brown, li. VVilliam Phelps Robertso Sherman Walker Child Sophomores Farrington Daniels Lynne C. Ulm Harry Jacobsen Ralph L. Healy Freshmen Kenneth O. Klein Benjamin F. Corcoran Ralph Pettibone Crane George Leslie LaVayea Clayton Dyar Bill l' li Law l Medicine 237 A. I1 L.D + + Hamilton . Columbia . . Yale . . Amherst . . Brunonian Hudson . . Bowdoin . Dartmouth . Peninsular . Rochester . VVi1liams . Manhattan . Middletown Kenyon . Union . Cornell . . Phi Kappa . xl ohns Hopkins Minnesota . Toronto . . Chicago . McGill . . Wisconsin Alpha Delta Phi Founded af Hamilton College, 1832 Chapter Roll . 1832 . . 1836 . . 1837 . . 1837 . . 1837 . . 1811 . . 1841 . . 1845 . . 18-16 . . 1850 . .1851 . . 1855 . . 1856 . . 1858 . . . 1859 . . 1869 . . 1871 . 1889 . . 1892 . . 1893 . . 1896 . . 1897 . . 1902 . 238 . Hamilton College Columbia University . . Yale University . . Amherst College . .Brown University . Adelbert College . Bowdoin College . . Dartmouth College . University of Michigan . University ot Rochester . . Williams College College of New York City . . VVesleyan University . . Kenyon College . . . Union College . Cornell University . . . . Trinity College . johns Hopkins University . University of Minnesota . University of Toronto . University of Chicago . . McGill University . University of XVisconsin Theta Delta Chi Founded al Union College, 1848 Beta .... Gamma Deuteron Delta Deuteron Epsilon . . Zeta . . . Zeta Deuteron Eta . . . Eta Deuteron. . Theta Deuteron Iota .... Iota Deuteron . Kappa. . . Lambda . . Mu Deuteron . Nu Deuteron . Xi ..... Omicron Deuteron Pi Deuteron . . Rho Deuteron . Sigma Deuteron . Tau Deuteron . Phi... Chi Chi Deuteron . Psi Chapter Roll . . . Cornell University . . University of Michigan . . University of California . College of William and Mary . . . Brown University . McGill University . . . . . Bowdoin University . . Leland Stanford Jr. University Massachusetts Institute of Technology . . . . . . Harvard University . Williams College . . Tufts College . Boston University . Amherst College . Lehigh University . . . Hobart College . .... Dartmouth College . . College of City of New York . . Columbia University . University of Wisconsin . University of Minnesota . . . Lafayette College . . University of Rochester George Washington University . . . . Hamilton College 239 MIQRRII. RICKICRT FRI-IDIN FRICNCH KELLS LICVTIIOLIY t-LIQACPI MC' ICXYAN HVXTLEY COKIN IZRANYICN NV. SALISBURY IZRUXVN OHAGIC M. SALISIZYRX' MORSE HARRISON HLUCK .,1v::.- wx ' Zi ,L QJSVQ is x -.Im QGEQ1 W 2. A N25 5,7615 -rf , -Sf 3 Vw fu J if-Q Q, Br-XM. r. 3, .A 4' 1 - fx ,Q . , Y Af,-A., ff ,1x,5X,.g. r. 5 Q, - Y- W , --A V- ,ek-:gm-Y5,:.., J -- fx 1 . -' -Q., . rg.. . .... V-1 'u.-. - . ... . . . .... 4- , V 1.-.E 3--A.1,,' X- 1 ' . - uv-.., ,- .,g:....f -?..T.,,.,.:..-.- L , 11,1 145-x:4.,.c--".X,.-, . "- 33. wx. 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Fratres in Universitate Seniors Mzrurice Salisbury F. Randall Harrison L. L. Kells He-lon E. Leach Frank Morse Juniors Xxvillttil' Leuthold Lafayette Freneh Earl XV. Huntley Sophomores Paul M. Rickert Fred Merril Arthur Block Asa Hunter S. XY. McEwan -I ustus Ohage lr. XVilliS Salisbury Conrad Fredin Chauncey C. Coon Freshmen ,Xrthur Brown Leon Brzrnyen 241 l'lUI9I-SUN R061-ZRS XYRIGHT DICKINSON STICRN SANVURIJ GRANIIICCK 1.. - IIVIHTARIY TI'llNS'l'R.KND 5'l':XNTON NAYI, ROLLINS YVILKINSUN DAIIL DUN' .XLLIIN ' 55' 'fl " ff-"343'M f+-x ' SRP in I.-'gay xg- - .5 Q Q -. ' 'Q X 1. ' Y W 'Eg ENE , - ..f-: .:i':Y 9 ax - M- , iw ' 1 - 3 V ,, H f 'V!' -'5"f"'-Nl 1 1.1, , guy'-1 y, .rT-r- vu n . .Y . 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'fziff' lf a ,560 iris., ., .keg 9-' 24-2 Q1 ZETA PSI Alpha Beta Chapter Eslablished in 1899 Fratres in Facultate Asa Stearnes XVilcox Henry L. Staples james Burt Miner Fratres in Universitate Juniors Henry Ackley Hubbard Earl C. Maul Harris Hartland XYright Vernon Carl Pidggeon Sam Stern Sophomores Roy Eugene Dickinson Gilbert Clarence VVilkinson Robert L. F. Hinkle Dave Henning Turnstrand Lewis Mortimer Rollins Freshmen Arthur Edgar Allen Randall Dorr Stanton Nelson Arthur Sanford Theodore Rudolph Dahl Clarence Arthur Dow Bertram Harlan Rogers joseph john Granbeck 243 YVALKER NYUUl'.l.l'1Y XYATTS LAXfl'l2R'1' nf... .. lc,XXl7Al,l...-V1 IUliNsuN IIVILIKARI7 Mf'x1A!1uN l.ARlc.-xlll-il-1 1"I.AIiFIi'l'X' R. I.UNllS'1'.XIflf MNH W. ll. l.0N4.:-'l'Al-'F . .ym - iii? mg af -Q3 A5315 E1 A NS' 3 f-,x-Lf'- qff w, 2-fn, X ,5 g' - 'i- 171.4 W '- P : -.-ff W- ,,AM,w,, ,,--,,3c'.!j',f ,ga-,fy-TEN 5- Q 5 l'4g,gQ M F i , --k 5 , V I V31 u. -. - ... . -. . -1 ' - 1- ,gfkr-'wg ,QQ ": ,. ,bt ,, -fl -1, ".- . . I . , w X " 'H M' '-- A P551 fi Wgsfa - W,--. Xs-51:.ffw-- L1 - , ,,W, TT -Lv. :if L-. '-" ' - 2 5 Tw X ' , Y-S-'yf!F , ' ' J- " . -an- .T-1-:', " - ' V: -1- :5.,,.'M L S-1',.-,f - . . -3 . ,A f- , f:,"'1:f'E 'Wf'-F' - A' -aff wwgplw f --- 2531 ig-:w,.-4' 44+ L vif-if 23. .i A -. - .-.- " "' 'L '51-"-v ' f"'k . ..t'f54f',f5'J 'XI-75 .W ' .., --.f -ll.l'.7f'1'--,.' mi?-' 5.5 '-- --"' ,i2'f 'z- "n?Vvvv,"i"E - .af"1'JZi'L,'-'?" ' , ks-'fb- ' ki ' , Y EN? Q4,,3':5f,g - ' -bf" 4,-J ,gf 'fef--'ftHcv1'f ,f43Sk - -' -- ,- 1725: A: -v-'S ff," f-' 'fig 3 ,Qing ran V' ,V T .fggjgl t - af.,-.ffisj Jigga! -- -f 5553. H4 ff 'Q ' fa" iff ,, ' f- -5-M59 - - -2 - , , - V ' , - .. Q. .1f,QT:fi-ggi:-2:1-J 63511 X. -17 -,gi 51,99 .-:-fm-,.,T-1f.n.u:1::.-3 f 4-' gfglei Q "" - :fm X- 2 ' X3 - an '- -- .az Q., MQ.. 'nfs 24-4- I KAPPA SIGMA Beta Mu Chapter Eslablished in 1901 Fratres in Facultate Prol. Samuel H. Green, IS. S. Henry XY. Goehrs, M. D. Fratres in Universitate Seniors Guy C. .lohnson XYm. A. lluhhard Juniors Alfred H. Moe XVm. H. Longstall Frank E. Randall, Law jacob Lannpert, Law Arthur XYalker, Law Mark xl. VVoolley, Law VVm. .X. XYatts, Law Sophomores Sheridan S. Flaherty XYalter F. Larrahee- Freshmen ,lohn F. Mchlalron, Lau' Ralph 5. Longstafl 245 Kappa Sigma Founded al University of Virginia, 1867 chap?-IR011 District I Psi . ..... University of Maine Alpha Rho .... Bowdoin College Beta Kappa . New Hampshire College Gamma Epsilon . . Dartmouth College Alpha-Lambda . University of Vermont Gamma Delta. Massachusetts State College Gamma Eta Beta Alpha .... District ll . . . Cornell University . . New York University . . . Syracuse University . . Swarthmore College . Pennsylvania State College Alpha Epsilon . Alpha Phi . Beta Iota . Beta Pi , .... . District III . University of Maryland Alpha Eta, George Washington University ' University of Virginia . . . Harvard Uuniversity Brown Uuiversity Alpha Kappa Gamma Zeta Gamma Iota Pi Alpha Delta University of Pennsylvania . . Bucknell University . . . Leigh University Dickinson College Alpha Alpha Zeta ..... Eta .... Randolph-Macon College Mu . . AVashington and Lee University Mu . . . VVilliam and Mary College Upsilon . . Hampden-Sidney College Beta Beta .... Richmond College District IV Delta ....,. Davidson College Eta Prime ...., Trinity College Alpha Mu . University of North Carolina Beta Upsilon North Carolina A. and M. College Alpha Nu ..... XVoftord College District V Alpha Beta .... Mercer University Alpha Tau . Georgia School of Technology Beta Lambda . . University of Georgia Beta ..... University of Alabama Beta Eta . Alabama Polytechnic Institute District VI Theta . . Cumberland University Kappa .... Vanderbilt University Lambda . , . University of Tennessee Phi . Southwestern Presbyterian University Omega .... University ofthe South 24-6 Alpha Theta . . Southwestern Baptist University District VII Beta Phi, Case School of Applied Science Alpha Sigma . . Ohio State University Beta Delta . AVashington and leflerson College Beta Nu . . Kentucky State College District VIII . University of Michigan . . . Purdue University . . XVabash College , . University of Indiana . . University of Illinois . Forest Lake University University of Oklahoma . . University of Chicago . University of VVisconsin District IX Beta Mu . . University of Minnesota Beta Rho .... University of Iowa Alpha Psi . . . University of Nebraska Distnct X Alpha Omega . Vtfilliam ,lewell College Beta Gamma . Missouri State University Beta Sigma . . NVashington University Beta Chi . . Missouri School of Mines Alpha Zeta , Chi . , . Alpha Pi . . Beta Theta , Alpha Gamma Alpha Chi . . Gamma Kappa . Gamma Beta Beta Epsilon Beta Tau . . . . Baker University Xi . , . . . University ot Arkansas District XI Alpha Upsilon . . , Millsaps College Gamma . . Louisiana State University Sigma . .... Tulane Uuiversitgv Iota . . Southwestern University Tau . . . . University of Texas District XII Beta Ornicron . . University of Denver Gamma Gamma, Colorado School of Mines Beta Omega .... Colorado College District XIII Beta Zeta. Leland Stanford -Ir., University Beta Xi . . . University of California District XIV Beta Psi . . University of XVashington Gamma Alpha . . University of Oregon Gamma Theta . University of Idaho Sigma Alpha Epsilon Founded al Universily of Alabama, i856 Chatgf Roll Province Alpha i Maine Alpha . . . University of Maine Mass. Beta Upsilon . . Boston University Mass. Iota Tau . . . Mass. Institute of Technology Mass. Gamma . . Harvard University Mass. Delta . . NVorcester Polytechnic Institute Province Beta New York Alpha . . Cornell University New York Delta . . Syracuse University New York Mu . . Columbia University New York Sigma-Phi . . St. Stephen's University College Penn. Omega . . Allegheny College Penn. Sigma Phi . . Dickinson College Penn Penn. Penn Penn . Alpha Zeta . . Pennsylvania State College Zeta .... Bucknell University Delta .... Gettysburg College , Theta University of Pennsylvania Province Gamma Washington City Rho . George VVashington Virginia Omicron University of Virginia Virginia Sigma . . XVashington and Lee University N. Carolina Xi . . University of North Carolina N. Carolina Theta . Davidson College S. Carolina Gamma . Wofford College Province Delta Mich. Iota-Beta University of Michigan Mich. Alpha .... Adrian College Ohio Sigma . . . Mt. Union College Ohio Delta . Ohio XVesleyan University Ohio Epsilon . University of Cincinnati Ohio Theta . . Ohio State University Ohio Rho . . Case School of Science Ind. Alpha .... Franklin College Ind. Beta . . Ind. Gamma Ill. Psi-Omega . Purdue University University of Indiana . Northwestern University Ill. Theta . . . University of Chicago Ill. Beta .... University of Illinois Minn. Alpha . University of Minnesota VVis. Alpha . . University of XVisconsin 24-7 Province Epsilon Georgia Beta . . University of Georgia Georgia Psi . . . Mercer University Georgia Epsilon . . . Emory College Georgia Phi . Georgia School of Technology Iota . . Southern University Alabama Alabama Mu . . University of Alabama Alabama Alpha-Mu . Alabama Polytechnic Institute PIOVIHCC Zeta Missouri Alpha . University of Missouri Missouri Beta . XVashington University Nebraska Lambda Pi . . University of Nebraska Kansas Alpha . . University of Kansas Iowa Beta .... University of Iowa Iowa Gamma . . . Iowa State College Arkansas . . . University of Arkansas Province Eta Colorado Chi . University of Colorado Colorado Zeta . . Denver University Colorado Lambda, Colorado School of Mines California Alpha . Leland Stanford jr., University California Beta . University of California XVashington Alpha, University of VVashington Province Theta Louisiana Epsilon . . Louisiana State University LouisianaTau Upsilon . Tulane University Mississippi Gamma . . . University of Mississippi Texas Rho . . . University of Texas Province lota Kentucky Kappa . . Central University Kentucky Iota .... Bethel College Kentucky Epsilon . Kentucky State College Tennessee Zeta .Southwestern Presbyterian University Tennessee Lambda. Cumberland University Tennessee Nu . Vanderbilt University Tennessee Kappa, University of Tennessee Tennessee Omega. University of the South Tennessee Eta . Southwestern Baptist University XYASFUN PILRKY S1 H.X'l"I lf XYINl1.X'1'l'. SUITH IlKXl5Ll'fY l.l'INlY VAKSON CUNHFY 'l'ILl,lVI'5UN K. HIQNNIII. XVII XRTUS UAW HHN ILXYIS XIUUHY. Xl. XXIII-PX 4 l'155l'1I.l. Y. SXIILI X l"VRHI"1ll HVDSUN ik. IIICNSI-Il. YYILLI KNIS Xll'l"l'XYPfli l'l'R'l --1::?5f ' . E55 1 " , ' slr ' ' .Yu , -- iii- , fx:i'35f:v4?1:X ' XFX? vu.-3 - f' -x .L - ay, ', L .315 5 G -L rl f.5f:- : fa-. V, 5!-XM. 45' 15- ery, 'xl w 5 ,,, MH.-.. "-'e..2vf'F'-fk lef' 5 73: 7-Haig---f - -- 17,1 ,ig'q,f::ig,..-1, -AQ--, F531 LQ. Y y vu. 'y-. - .. -is--rf ,,-. , 'v -2' '- ' f - ' ' ' ' , --'vs . . -'fam -S v B., -...iv + N gk-.xg-ffiwa'-. . , A ' X -n ' - LM-, , -Qu - , 5 4, 1 N Q W.Q:.g.f 4LL -1 -, a. , -V ff,A.,,- ut ': fi'-f' ., -' Lx -2 ' ,, 1 ' ff MQW -' f 1 - ' fl 'f"1f2-if4- - 29? Q22-i1 .1i?5J fi -e -V M- WEE? 11 f f2:..f -' " :e f "f 'xiw 'T f' 1 ..L..:L11. M93 'ka M-Q" ,Fm ,Q-2- wgfQ,-'f A f ,f1sfVQ2 - KJ'-v' W 'ff ' I-bbifx' -+' ' Jr' -f ,.,1?-Wm: v'tQf'-'Nia-AU ze: xxx ' ' - -A --QW :gs ' . -'- '-X-V 44 . .5 7 ' :Af f,- S1 : . If -qfff - cada? ' ff,-xx 31. , A--443, ' -gm? '-: 4? - - ng! '-i r-f J-?.1ffQff-'f:.'w"i", - . 1 4, -wwf. MM - fam -v :mx -3 ff, 4, --Q f .. - ::wcw.r-.,1, fM5??,f.f:f31fW-" wif ,gn - H1 :.:fy if -- '- f '1,f5-- 'Sexy ga-g ff-iff' v S5-gf. A , W fn f ,Q -1 -, ,-... , 1 ' - rg fi Lam 'U-331' - fg .1 V fw ,A .-1-fx:-:ff - f f- 1272? -sais? .1 V ,yy ' 6' XJ : 5,2251 -'Pr -f-' ' Mia w i., - ' -3 iff. 1543, 24-8 1 SIGMA ALPHA EPSILQ Minnesota Alpha Chapter V Eslablislzed in l902 Fratres in Facultate Charles R. Ball, A. B., M. D. E. K. Green, A. B., M. D. Chelsea C. Pratt, M. D. Fratres in Universitate Seniors Pierce Powers Furber Charles Norton Hensel XValter Aludson Gessel Louis Bernard XYilliams Arthur lidward Mittwer Juniors Irving McLaren Hudson Lindsey Byron Curtiss XYilliam Yale Smiley Nathan Earl XVharton XYilliam Theodore Lund Charles Rolland Conkey Fred R. Mihleisen Oscar DeForest Davis SOPITOIYIOICS Benjamin Atlee Pratt Clarke play Carson Lemi Fletcher Bradley john Frank XVingate .Xrthur Stratte Freshmen Mervale Dinsmore Smiley Harold Alessie Wasson Charles Clailbourne Smith joseph Bowman Perry XYilliam Samuel Mather Kenneth Norton Hensel Benjamin Frank Tillotson Mahlon Street Tisdale Mark lhunnel Moore 249 X llAVlCNI'Oli'l' IJIFKINSUN SLYIJE ADAMS MC KHNZIIC NVICSSI X XX'Il,I.I.-XNIS IIVRNS REID SXSILICY IOHNSUN XYALKHR ll. I.. SNIII I.AXX"l'UN UUNAIJ7 'I'H4NXlIRll7lH'1 SikHI'KNl'1f'lI'I' Ifl'5'fI"fM.-KN f'ARRUI,L HILI. Elf 5.1 . 'fin K ' Q ' jf ' ' 1 Jia' , A 1,j-iS'5f5N ," S-A . N53 4, 1 , 'Q' fly!!! -gf-'. 13 .5 mm. Vk f -w 1 :. ff i?'. :GfEflT"'L-1' -mf' igz fg' vgzfifi- ' fs SQ'-1' 4f'f' J. L,--4, Q- -.y..Lg4-Xf fTf '1. ,1,E'--in .. . . 72' L.. 1 'e'1::f.zA ff-vw' -- -' n 1 137 -?-W g:-AM, 2 'e f AM- -, - f- V.- -fylisf wiv -n 'ft-H - A 4+ 's wJ' i?9.ff 7555: 4'--f 44'!i?ff?4' 554 +1 - - 1- 'sf V 1' se.-flag 5- 'f f'3'-i'f1'fw0'1 H -QI -. - 4-,Q-Q, Q:-2 5. .. '--- .-- wa. ,'. ,-' A u -1'-nf A' . cy ,' ..,.f- ,--mg, - X V yy- f:,-'v- fi?--21 5 ' '+V-"fb f-J' - ':'?,--vvrG:,432U' 1"'TQ'w g- 1+ --- --T ,ni .1 51-W? -4' f-. gh- ,gf jf Y J-A-Zfjggy-59. 5 X Mfg 1543-f L Q1:,j.g-jf gg, -3, ,ww A Q ! " -1-A, ' , '4 I 'E HV 455- T " 3'kP?f'f'-"EV aggi.-fQ, '?'fv1 :""g1":L-H Q fl. 4 -' .- -V - X1 1' -f" ,s ,Q -:fm r- .., ,J -W .,: .1 xg' M, .:,,4:f, W' ,ur gg., , M1 -M ""' ,f ii'--' g .v'SsE'Q5 3:5 P xg q5.',j..f f gbggkg J- ' ,. -.. ..- -.. . Q- V--- wr' 1- --xr-Ffa ra.:-" , YP ..-i' 22' -' ff,,m1x.,r...... ,f-m-w M f 1,5355 Q, igrygg -wa .:',w,g, ' 9222. ' 'v vwjif 24 T11- 'f 250 l ALPHA TAU OMEGA Gamma Nu Chapter Eslablished in 1902 Fratres in Facultate G. L. leorhrock, 1s..x.,.x. M., 31.19. J. T. Prelin, B. .x. .Xlois F. Kovarik, 13. A. Fratres in Universitate Seniors George B. Eusterman, Medicine XV. C. Smiley, Law jay G. johnson Raymond Donald, Dentistry Edward johnston, Medicine Leon M. Boyd, Medicine j. li. Davenport H. E. Smiley, Law john R. Schuknecht juniors E. H. Trowbridge, Medicine Harry B. Carroll Harry C. Reid Clarence E. Hill Geo. Thos. Lawton james P. Caldwell, Medicine Sophomores Howard Y. XVilliams john McKenzie Herbert E. XValker Freshmen Fred Roger Burns Frank E. Slyde XValter G. Nnessle Harry Dickinson Kenneth Sischo 251 j Alpha Tau Gmega Founded at Richmond, Vd., 1865 Chapter Roll Province l Alabama Polytechnic Institute Ala. Alpha Epsilon . Beta Beta . . Southern University Beta Delta . . Fla. Alpha Omega . . Ga. Alpha Beta . . University of Georgia Ga. Alpha Theta ..... Emory College Ga. Alpha Zeta . . . Mercer University Ala. Ala. University of Alabama University of Florida Ga. Beta Iota . Georgia School of Technology La. Beta Epsilon . . . Tulane University Tex. Gamma Eta . . . University of Texas Province 2 Ill. Gamma Zeta . . University of Illinois Ill. Gamma Xi . . . University of Chicago Ind. Gamma Gamma, Rose Polytechnic Institute Ind. Gamma Omicron . Purdue University Mich. Alpha Mu .... Adrian College Mich. Betta Kappa . . . Hillsdale College Mich. Beta Lambda . University of Michigan Mich. Beta Omicron . . . Albion College Wis. Gamma Tau . University of XVisconsin Province 3 Cal. Gamma Iota . University of California Col. Gamma Lambda . University of Colorado Iowa Beta Alpha . .- . . Simpson College Kansas Gamma Mu . University of Kansas Minn. Gamma Nu . University of Minnesota Missouri Gamma Rho University of Missouri Neb. Gamma Theta . University of Nebraska XVash. Gamma Pi . University of XVashington Province 4 Maine Beta Upsilon . University of Maine Maine Gamma Alpha . . . Crosby College Mass. Beta Gamma . Massachusetts Institute ot Technology Tufts College Gamma Beta .... Mass. Gamma Sigma . XVorchester Polytechnic Institute R. I. Gamma Delta . . Brown University Vt. Beta Zeta . . . University of Vermont Province 5 N. Y. Alpha Lambda . Columbia University N. Y. Alpha Omicron. St. Lawrence University N.Y. Beta Theta . . . Cornell University Penn. Alpha Iota . . Muhlenberg College Penn. Alpha Pi . XVashington and jefferson College Penn. Alpha Rho . . . Lehigh University Penn. Alpha Upsilon . Pennsylvania College Penn. Tau . . University of Pennsylvania Province 6 N. C. Alpha Delta, University of North Carolina N. C. Xi ....... Trinity College S. C. Beta Xi . . . College of Charleston Va. Beta . Washington and Lee University Va. Delta .... University of Virginia Province 7 Ohio Alpha Nu . . . Mt. Union College Ohio Alpha Psi . . . XVittenberg College Ohio Beta Eta . Ohio VVesleyan University Ohio Beta Mu ..,. Wooster University Ohio Beta Omega . . Ohio State University Ohio Gamma Kappa . . YVestern Reserve Province 8 Tenn. Alpha Tau . Southwestern Presbyterian University Tenn. Beta Pi . . Vanderbilt University Tenn. Omega . . . University of the South Tenn. Pi . . . University of Tennessee 252 Pi. Sigma u Founded ai Virginia Military Insiitule 1869. chapter Roll First Division . . Lehigh University Beta Rho . . . University of Pennsylvania Beta Sigma .... University of Vermont Gamma Delta, Stevens Institute of Technology Gamma Epsilon .... Lafayette College Gamma Theta . . . Cornell University Gamma Psi . . Syracuse University Delta Beta ..... Dartmouth College Second Division Sigma . . . . Vanderbilt University Gamma Iota . State College of Kentucky Third Division Mu . . . University of Georgia Theta . . University of Alabama Iota . . . . . . Howard College Kappa . . N. Georgia Agricultural College Eta . . ..... Mercer University Xi.. . . , . Emory College Beta Theta . Alabama Polytechnic Institute Gamma Alpha, Georgia School of Technology Epsilon Fourth Division . Bethany College . DePauw University Beta Eta . Beta Nu . Beta Zeta . Beta Eta . Beta Iota . . Beta Upsilon . . Rose Polytechnic Institute Gamma Pi . . University of XVest Virginia Delta Alpha . Case School Applied Science Fifth Division Gamma Gamma Gamma Gamma Gamma Gamma Beta . Gamma Lambda Mu . Nu . Rho . . Ohio State University . Purdue University . University of Indiana Mount Union College Northwestern University . . . Albion College University of VVisconsin . University of Illinois University of Michigan . University of Chicago Delta Theta, Lombard University Polytechnic 253 Sixth Division Beta Mu . . . . . University of Iowa Gamma Sigma . . . Iowa State College Gamma Tau . . , University of Minnesota Nu. Rho . . Beta Xi Seventh Division . . . Kansas State University . . Missouri State University XVilliam Jewell College Gamma Xi . Missouri State School of Mines and Metallurgy Gamma Omicron . Washington University Upsilon Phi . . Beta Phi Eighth Division . . . . University of Texas , . Louisiana State University . .... Tulane University Gamma Upsilon . . University of Arkansas Ninth Division Gamma Eta . . Colorado School of Mines Gamma Kappa . . University of Colorado Tenth Division Gamma Chi . . University of VVashington Gamma Zeta . . University of Oregon Gamma Phi . . University of Montana Beta Chi Beta Psi Beta . Lambda Psi . . Beta Tau Eleventh Division . Leland Stanford University . University of California Twelfth Division . . . University of Virginia Washington and Lee University University of North Carolina North Carolina A. Sc M. College YXLKRSII IVRELIGH NI!CNIIAI'Sl'1R FLIi'1'f'HLIR RUSHXIAN HHIHTS ASHLEY SILXRS ILXRNIEY NELSON Sl'LY,IYAN MI' AFEH IZOURHX , kzk g ' 'Z-'f ' X' ' at V 21 .-1 ' X 'lf-ffl: gfii V 4 '- ' "FB 'AL 5: A xg L X' ,5 f--.,'- 235 11. 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Nienhauser Arnold XV. Haarlou' Benjamin E. Taylor Freshmen Fowler K. Hobbs Lynn H. Ashley Lester M. Sears VValter -I. Trogner 255 Professional Fraternities At the University of Minnesota. ln the order of establishment of the Local Chapters. Law Phi Delta Phi, Delta Chi, . . Delta Phi Delta. Medicine Nu Sigma Nu, . . . Alpha Kappa Kappa, . Phi Beta Pi, . . . Phi Rho Sigma, . Dentistry Delta Signia Delta, . Xi Psi Phi, . . Pharmacy Phi Chi, . Agriculture Alpha Zeta . 1255 1891 18512 19412 18511 1898 19113 1903 18512 19115 1904 1903 Kent . Benjamin Booth . Story , Cooley Pomeroy Marshall jay . . XVebster Hamilton Gibson Choate . Waite . Field . Conkling Tiedeman Minor . Dillon . Daniels Chase . Harlan Swan . McClain Lincoln Osgoode Fuller . Miller . Green . Comstock Dwight . Foster Ranney Langdell Brewer Douglas Ballinger Malone . Evarts . Thomas . . Beatty . Phi Delta Phi Founded al University of Michigan 1860 Chapter Roll . . . University of Michigan . Illinois Wesleyan University . . . . . Northwestern University , . . . . . . Columbia University . XVashington University, St. Louis, Mo. . . . . . University of California . . George Washington University . Union University, Albany, N. Y. . . . . . . Boston University . . . Cincinnati University . University of Pennsylvania . . . Harvard University . . . Yale University . New York University . . Cornell University . University of Missouri . University of Virginia University of Minnesota . . Buffalo University . University of Oregon . University of Wisconsin . Ohio State University . . . . . . State University of Iowa . . . . . . . University of Nebraska . Law School of Upper Canada tDormant.l . . . . Chicago-Kent College of Law . Leland Stanford Ir. University . . . University of Kansas . Syracuse University . . New York Law School . . . . Indiana University . Western Reserve University . . . University of Illinois . . . . . . . . University of Denver . . . . . . . . University of Chicago . University of XVashington, Seattle, XVash. . Vanderbilt University, Nashville, Tenn. . St, Lawrence University, Brooklyn, N. Y. , . . . . . . University of Colorado . University of Southern California 257 MARSH UXVICN S.-XFI-'ORD K RXX1 l.!-1.-XVII SC'Hl'KXl'ICH'1' HUNTLICY XYIHLAND SlxAlH"'Xl IZRUYYN ,IUYCIC DAITICY X -XI HX s - 34 ' '-rg ' . fs: S s '1 Nag up Q' : , WS' . Q1 H, ' 'I '- "F 1 '--"1 1 X. 2.0-. ,-7'-f tha, ., iw- ,. ,m rf 1- ., W f - mf- - ...MV 5 ,,.,,,,,.,Y,iQQ .f'YX'1j:'-iw 3 I' rf- ik :un .. .-- 1,T.:-T:-f?- -- -5-Y, R--'my ' 1 " . Y -J- ux - gv5J,32L.1..qg "-mn R f 1' "Y we Lib, 4. XY C333 Nt- 1 -,gggighgf 50 ' ' ,, 1 Y 'Br '--" - - v2x,'l.'J?g X O k k" 4 '2?" '- f V ' ' ' pf' gg Q. : W ,MJ 1 Str.:--' A , fig pg " 5"'- F nk. 1.41 .fi :I-, fx.-2' 5 . :gf-.'-v ,-.4',,l 1' 1.3 T ff -x f-' -- ' --f ' ..- fag: E LQf'a'i3LLL ' -"". ffff'.fv4"'JS, A-.:?'b , 5 M1433 .3 I, ' 1- -Q.. Y-5 y -: .,,F',,3- ' if -', .,,,7- rpg. 4. A ga - fb-ff ,uv Jfggffrlmi ff-ffrfii Twfrea 1 f -: ' ,, ." + ff Qi' fibp. ' 1 S5A,p.'m' wv2"r- ff H -S-M 1' , -f ':-Awf'f4.-1- writ: Q. PM , 3-7. ,QF ieg0.,x:5,3 .H.C- pgpg, ., .Q-.X I Lf!!!-1 -- " - 1 1 --up " r- F4549 -A ' -V --.- wi ML, Y sw, 9, ..,.,, if" --L'-'f' wg- vb, .-1-egg.:-..:r.-g 112tQ2a::.f:-.- lm Lrg. F, lfggj? .... , -, bieylg N 4 - ' :PAQ ng 155, 3 'f,."" , W-fd i -, L,-:JE 258 PI-Il DELTA PI-II Law Eslablishcd in l89l Fratres in Facultate Dean Xxvllllilffl S. Pattee ,lame-s Paige Hon. A. C. Hickman Howard S. ,Xbbott Hugh VVilli5 Fratres in Universitate VValter Dacey VVilbur KI oyce Fayette Marsh Earl Huntley XYalter XVeiland Cavour Owen Seniors Chas. Maloy Juniors Montreville Brown Sophomores Ross Blackwell 259 Helon Leach Laurel Kells Orrcn Safford gl ohn Schuknecht Mahon Grant Vance Skahen KEI.LOKZl5 KAUIJQ ALLIQX IZIIORICN SCNIIT CALDXYI-ILL BAKER DRAKE UR, PARK ULUOXI SUTTON ZANUYCR '1'ROXVl'3RlDGI'1 VICRHY DR. NALLXXI3 IYRUOKS MANLICY EYSTI-IRNIAN S'1'l4ACH.XL'Fli HICNIINGXYAX' STl'flZIfINS Ez?-Qf ' N 5 ' if . , ' ,.'--.-e - '-', -- - . -i a vr- -,-:, - 95:1- ', Mr., ' 2 ' ,gf 'J 5 up .- ... ,,- . if'.5WB-'31- X-E J' ,Y ..,--.,. -... fy,---Y. '1 , f- '-L- jiygfv--1-HW? ' V, ,- f..r':" -'H ff-:mmf - , E1 1:.- f.f,," 531. al- 25-tm . lbw, xWy,,f53,9Zg-3.,.,1f'N is , wg E , V A U b-Y , +. -, , .Nw-5 . ,.,,. 1 i ,sv Ls ,1.,T.K,g., h wwm ,,J.v.----1-gf'.g,....,1-',w,1.,,-5 ,ww ev-..z-L -' .3 ff ii-'.'L.'K'f N. Nz1:51gm.. ' - 0 'rg -if " ""f'i ,. -3"-Q.,N,LfLu1f vfz7'5.?'i .F -if u-'bf nfflss-, 'sf ll--T -'ff pi bf, 4- 44 - - 6- 9, 35:f.j3'k-.?:5'g Q' - ,,f,5,g,.,f4:'g1f ,,, -Y: -4---'.-'U '-fi-QQ: 5,-J, . I in-f 5 ff ,. y 4 " - M- 1 M- .. I , .. .,,......-,J , Vw .. . A . wi, vm 'Na-' f n' , 'x45' ' F ' ffif 1--SQA: U- 'fi-. - f.m..r1. V' 1 vi '- ' J E7 41. X91-fc r':'11E7. ' ' -rv! 'f' - T ' .fr - 6.1, .7 1. --- . ,F , ,.. , -N, .1 f ., qw., -:sn .:-L., Srffy' Vg? "-1"-15 Ar? v :. api YEQLYZ1 .- f ' 15'9f?a:?'9x5 ' 1, ' rfi 'w wf k H 342 -F ' L,-f-- 'vs .f uf 1 2:21 , ,, ' if-, if 'f -- HL-'::1:-.:.'rr'-1a.1::::g:,f fm r lf?-ij? ist QTL, S la s:-fxia 1-ff"'E5-Tfv r ., f ..-..... ..f.,,. at 5., ,vm . V W1 ' 1,44 v- ----- ' vg:,,':. aa. -: M . -Y -, "1 ,M R 260 U SIGMA N Epsilon Chapter Established in 1891 Fratres in Regentibusfwm. Mayo john T. Rogers Charles A. XVheaton john VV. Bell Frederick A. Dunsmoor Arthur j. Gillette George D. Head Thomas G. Lee james li. Moore Louis A. Nippert R. A. Campbell NVarren A. Dennis james T. Giltillan li. R. Hare Thomas L. Roberts Frank C. Todd S. M. YVhite P. A. Hoff Frederick Leavitt Charles j. Bloom john C. Brown Ernest L. Baker Clifton A. Booren Charles N. Brooks james P. Caldwell Fratres in Facultate R. H. Mullen George Senkler john M. Armstrong F. L, Adair Alex R. Hall H. XV. Hill R. E. Farr H. E. Robertson Frank E. Burch Parks Ritchie Amos VV. Abbott james T. Christison Chas. A. Erdman Charles L. Greene VV'illiam A. jones j. VVarren Little VVilliam R. Murray Charles R. Ball Fratres in Universitate Seniors George B. Eusterman Eugene B. Stebbins Arthur C. Strachauer juniors Mathias Sundt Charles S. Sutton E. H. Trowbridge j, G. Cross A. VV. Dunning judd Goodrich C. Eugene Riggs john L. Rothrock Max P. Vander Horck Frank F. Wesbrook Arthur A. Law j, C. Litzenberg H. P. Ritchie M. R. XVilcox A. T. Mann F. R. XVright A. S. Hamilton A. VV. Meyer Chelsea Pratt julius Parker Sedgwick john E. Hynes Ernest E. Hemingway james R. Manley Chas. H. Zander Charles R. Drake Paul M. Kellogg Clarence G. Perry Sophomores Charles C. Allen, jr. Alf. Hoff VVallace Cole Thomas H. Dickson, jr. 261 u Sigma u Founded al University of Michigan 1869 Chapter Roll Alpha . ..... University of Michigan Beta . . . ' Detroit College of Medicine Delta . . XXI-stern University of Pennsylvania Epsilon . .... University of Minnesota Zeta . . Northwestern University Eta . . University of Illinois Theta . . University of Cincinnati Iota . . Columbia University Kappa . . . Rush Medical College Lamhda . . University of Pennsylvania Mu . . .... University of Syracuse Nu . . University of Southern California Xi . . .... New York University Omicron .......... Union University Alpha Kappa Phi . XVashington University.tSt. Lonis.j Rho ..... ...K I efferson Medical College Sigma . . XYestern Reserve University Tau . . . . . Cornell University Upsilon . Cooper Medical College Phi . . . University of California Chi . . . McGill University Psi . . . University of Virginia Beta Alph Beta l-Zeta Et . . Maryland University . Johns Hopkins University 262 Cornell . New York . Minnesota . Michigan . Dickinson . Northwestern Chicago-Kent Buffalo . . Osgoode Hall Syracuse . . Union-Albany XYest Virginia Ohio State . Delta Chl Founded al Cornell University l890 Chapter Roll Law School New York Law Chicago . . Georgetown . Pennsylvania Virginia . . Stanford . VVashington . Texas . . . . . . Cornell University . New York University . University of Minnesota . University of Michigan . Dickinson University . Northwestern University . Chicago-Kent Law School . University of Buffalo . University of Toronto . Syracuse University . . . . Union University . University of XYest Virginia . . Ohio State University . New York Law School . University of Chicago . Georgetown University . University of Pennsylvania . . University of Virginia Leland Stanford jr. University . . XYashington University . University of Texas 263 c.l4,rvRt.l1. Il.-Xli'l'I.l-1'1"I' f'lWLIll'RN MOORE 1-'AY R. l.YI"IRlIARU lZl'R'l.ICY LIQYVIS ' ' l'Al.X1!'lli FULTON DVXBURY MULALLY HRUNVN ROIZIXSON CARSON C.-XS!-1 '1'liIWMI'SUN If. I-ZVHRHARD LSI'KNIiH Ii.-XXIJALL IJUNOIIVI-1 IUHNSUN "-Tsfdftf' 4 ..f:f' , Y 1.11 . ' w 4' - Q-X "3 Z". ,ak f , . 3-"5.k3"fX Y iiflnizz '31,-'xwfvl-Q ' VY3' ,V V. .. ,. ,, ,Q ,-.k LH ? 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W ,, -...F 4-:sm - f -- ' ef 56:34:25 312 Shaw: fa :t.:"::f - 3' " M-:S-V ' ,gz if tt ' W' -- Zia' -1-F " ' 1' -5:-1 J" A 'H , Ti ! 2641 DELTA CHI Minnesota Chapter Eslablishcd in 1892 Fratres in Facultate Edwin A. klaggard, BMX., L.L.B., L.L.M. Charles B. Elliott, BA., L.L.B., L.L.M. Frank T. Everhard XY. Harold Gurnee Robert S. Kolliner, L.L.l3. Henry Al. Fletcher, L.L.lS. Fratres in Universitate Post-Graduate Algernon O. Colburn Seniors David L. Fulton james H. Mulally XYilliam ml. Donohue Middle-men C. Richardlhompson ' M. M 1 David XV. George EMI OOM Juniors Sherlock A. Fay VVilliam Charles A. Palmer Ray M. Unclassed Geo. L. Case Glenn H. Greaves Academic Law Marcus E. Brown Harry S. Carson Claude D. Randall James H. Bartlett H. Lewis Everhard Chester M. ,I ohnson Junior Fred H. Robinson sophomores Leland S. Duxbury George P. Gurley 265 I. I I' vI'l"1' XIAKI-IR IZASFUHI7 XYlCI'l'lIlll"l" IAIICR KNUVIQIC l'HII,I,IYS SPl'Rlil',fK LINDI-IR II,XR'I FHA!! NIALKND XYALKICR NIIT'l'I.I'CS'l'Al-IIIT RI'2MlCI.l-I HICRGII M005 NIILIHALSHN CULENIAN ROVNDS INGICRSOLL IANIIQS SCIIXIITZ L'HK'N'l'RYMAN XVINTICK U'NICIL NY. ,IAMICS 1:'f '5 ' Q in-. ' ' A yr '13 "' ' -R -7 'QJ5f"g, , 325521 A :fag -wg M, - P else, 2 -1 , .., . , :"'- iz' A Y'-'F ' ' . " ' f rm , , ", - 1 - -'f"'g IE52f7x'1il1f 'gf QT , : , 1- Qf. if .v - i1'5H!2'4f:1 .34 - -H 4 af 3? , 535-Lzcw, -',.Q,l.A.L ....,y:if -1 +- -T 35f'v'. -4 -' .J 'MTN-f Q73--,. -'-e , ' mY'1, V ----+V-f-""fW' 1'-egg.: v,.1..," V,-.Q ig , gf ay,wg,',-. .-i,-5-- Ev- ,I f ,. -132, f-1 F, . fwg-.,,.,,,,, 19727. :' , . , --1 ,, if H, A w.,.- U. ,. :-A.. ,.f-.QQ 1 ,, --Nj, -- --, V , . , . ' T .l'.'-.- 515, gag -1- ffhfvf ,Q?1'a'ga 1" wg'-f?4L'H,P' .h - f '..,bg-M14 :- 4 , ' 2. . ' "ml fi -" LM - f nf,--fs, ' ' -:. '1- wiv Q- ---+1 f ur' .5 . VffHg,5,f1z!, was f-W ---' f-- 1 vi -' Qf' "fi " v35'22'i'5'4Z-45 '43 ' ' , f'5Z?'f"5f-K -TQQQQQQ S- Eg' 'fry Q I Juni I. a -1 51' V ., .., Q5-11 1 gnu ip: tg?-B291 "' 'fn Q '-.hggis mi. Q ' -- - .lg 4 'I .- A - ,f ,.:J,. 1 sf-p ,. W- . . -: X44 nr. .. .. --'- - ..,' .1 mi' - f "' ' f 'fa' 'Cv-nf L--f IM. ' : S5-V , 'fe -4 -'sf , :Mai L I ' ,. " 'xl 4w:.,f,'f2 -X:,w,f,g ' p ..-.- 1- " 'ff lf- .. -.12-kv -.--.-.-...,-. ......-1:t?-..T-L- ,-I tgp-.-..-fm 'ff 192' 'QS' t X f -4-ff V fmke' .. .,,., . . .-...1,...,.... M , itil,-YA? :wg .NA N ,H ,Tru 7,51-auf--l.1 - "' 1 M, -, , , 53 -., :fm - ' -IJ? 54,5 , 266 1 DELTA SIGMA DELTA Theta Chapter Eslablished in 1892 Fratres in Facultate AI. Osborne YVells, A.M., D.lNI.D. T. Bradford Hartzell, M.D. Norman xl. Cox. lS.S., D.D.S. F. Spencer Yeager, D.D.S. Amos S. XYells, D.D.S., B.A. Henry S. Godfrey, D.M.IJ. Herman A. Maves, D.D.S. George M. Damon, D.lJ.S. Fratres in Universitate Seniors - H. C. Remele K. G. Knocke C. xl. Bergh L. C. Schmitz R. XV. Countryma xl. XY. O'Neil Al. XN'inter 5. XY. H. Moos T. A. Mittlestaedt D. T. Lippitt S. Michalson XY. XYalker A. .X. xl. XY. Maland xl. A. Maker I'1 Juniors TT. D. Rand Freshmen li. O. Holmes 267 E. M. Lier L. E. Spurbeck L. M. Coleman XY. H. james M. ,l. james C. XY. Coad Charles XYeithoH G. T. Hart C. M. Basford T. J. Phillips H. G. Ingersoll XY. T. Linder XY. T. Rounds B. H. Saunders D.M.lJ ,Xlpha . Beta , Gamma lipsilon Zeta . Eta . Theta . Iota . Kappa Lambda Mu . Nu . Xi . Omicron Pi . . Rho . Sigma Tau . Upsilon Phi, . Chi . Delta Sigma Delta Founded al University ofllflicliigan 1882 Chapter Roll . . . . University of Michigan . . Chicago College . . . . l'-larvard University . . University of Pennsylvania . University of California . Northwestern University . University of Minnesota . Detroit College of Medicine . . Vanderbilt University . . XY:-Lshington Reserve . . . . . Tufts College . Kansas City Dental College . . Indiana Dental College . . Marion Sims Dental College . . University of Buffalo . University of Illinois . . Pittshurg Dental College . Ohio College of Dental Surgery . . . . YVashington University . . . . University of Colorado . University of Southern California 268 Alpha- Kappa Kappa Founded' al Darlmoulh, 1886 Chapter Roll Alpha .......... Dartmouth College Beta . College of Physicians and Surgeons, San Francisco Gamma Delta . . Epsilon . . Zeta . Eta . Theta . . . Iota . . Kappa . Lambda . Mu . . Nu . Xi . . Omicron . Pi . . Rho . . Sigma . Tau . . Upsilon . Phi . . Chi . . Psi . . . Omega Alpha Beta . Alpha Gamma Alpha Delta . Alpha Epsilon Alpha Zeta . Alpha Eta . Alpha Theta Alpha Iota . Alpha Kappa Alpha Lambda ...........'Iufts . . . . . University ofVermont . . . . jelferson Medical College . Long Island College Hospital Medical School . College of Physicians and Surgeons, Chicago . . . . . . . Bowdoin College . . . Syracuse University . Milwaukee Medical College . . . . . . . Cornell . University of Pennsylvania . . Rush Medical College . Northwestern University . . . Miami College . . Ohio University . Denver and Gross Medical College University of California . University of South . University of Oregon . University of Nashville . Vanderbilt University . University of Minnesota . University of Tennessee . . Tulane University . University of Georgia . . . . McGill University University of Toronto . George VVashington University .........Yale . . University of Texas . . University of Michigan . . . . University of Virginia . South Carolina Medical College 269 HAYES HRIQY MAERTZ FLYNN MICXIJHLSUN HUILAXD l!LAKl'ILY IIYFKLY '1'YRRl'1I,I. Ml'Rl'lIY BUCK lf0SH:XGI"1lf MICYHRIIING YUICRIS SI1HR0l'1DIiIi RYAN ,IUHNSUX FRISIC PIPER CAX11'lIl'1I.L HICIIFICI. URANGAARU FAYANUR u 43:23-K g V,--4-EWR, iff Ns "' -SA . xx as .: ,-4f"EQ'Nu5 "A - X:- -'Swlasr-w' - . 2 .- 1-PS QQ: ,J ,. ,-sl X --,A . kms- 'X ' 71 ? 3' - - mfg ff' 42? v.A'--mai? 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"EA " Rf 1 1 Jiffy Align - "1 Jn ,,- yum.-1 1,-gy.. ,QW M ,-my ,-J.. ,'g.,sfvy "h' 'F fn" -- -V Mhz" -F . -:Q - - .-.. -.g- 1 ey my .V-55-1 L3-if - ' --,,--- '- - '1 wx 532' .Mui-mfs, ,f ,wcgfr va. -F ,.- ,, 52,45 ' 270 ALPHA KAPPA KAPPA Psi Chapter Established in 1898 Fratres in Facultate A. E. Benjamin R. O. Beard G. M. Coon NV. R. Ramsey T. XV. Stumm XY. D. Sheldon XV. H. Condit C. B. XVright H. L. Ulrich E. H. Parker L. B. Wilson H. E. Goehrs H. M. Bracken L. AI. Cook A. R. Colvin j. Clark Stewart Fratres in Universitate Arthnr Sweeney W. H. Aurand S. E. Sweitzer Emil S. Geist O. A. Olson Chas. A. Reed VV. F. Braash Paul B. Cook Seniors Roland A. Bock john Buckly Henry O. Grangaard Dennis E. Ryan XVilliam F. Maertz Leon 'vVorelle Boyd Archie W. Robertson Juniors Michael F. Hayes Albert A Campbell Selmer H. johnson Clement C. Blakely Monte C. Piper Otto XV. Yoerg Robert E. Flynn Herman F. Schroeder Frank T. Cavanor T Henry VN. Meyerding Ignatius xl. Murphy Henry T. Foshager 271 Oscar Mendelson Alfred A. Tyrrell Angel S. Hoiland Frank M. Brey Cecil T. Heidel Dudley C. Frise RVSTAI7 SlfliETliR MOH I, NIC l'L'BRlCY LLARIIICRKZ NlANDI'lliI"IiI4l7 QUILTY QVACKI-INISUSH UYGURDON HENDERSON UVRRUVGHS HANG FPZNGUSUN NIITCUELI, FULGIKOVIC ERICKSUN 'NYILLER LOHN GRAHAM GAT1-QS lfl7Ql'lS'l' IHYXIC UOIHXN KING ff-gjx. N. km, ' . . 7-Lx . Lf' ' 24 " ,- 1 X A ,,:.1se.,.s?f ,-fix" - :SL Q . SA 2 g :Lf A. wr: .xx x .f f i 1, '15 .:.,.Q. v - fs- .4 - . -5" 3 . 7-1- A-ff-,-z, ' 5- 5 m2 'ww . 1.-4.1.-:-,:.:4:v.x 41--f -Q,-.gwax -- ' I riff---gg. '1-"i +--" ww ,.w1, . ,, . 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Gates Seniors Franz O. G. klevne L. Kent Lohn Eugene Miller -Ioe O'Gordon Garfield .X. Rustad VValter A. Burroughs Raymond A. Graham Fred Henderson Richard King R. S. McKellar XVilliam C. Smith Sveng Bang Chester Colgrove Stanley Ferguson Middle-men Juniors 273 Marshall il. Dickson xlohn Mitchell H. C. Quackenbush james Quilty Harry .I . Speeter Peter B. Garberg Harold Lindgren Lewis lVlcCubrey Everett Mohl NIi'HULSUN SVIITH PKICINIC CIIRISTIANSUX IIUIZSHN Ul'l'I'I43.XAll17 Hl'1Nl3STI,liR l7UUI.I'1"I'Ll-I mnxcx HAM. fwswl-:msm-px umux x11x.x1-:xc mxvsxe m.1,n,1-.x mzuuomz 1-zxusnimi xm'1'sux IlI'l'i'lIINK3S I-ISSEIQ ANIIHICXYS xuumzxw L.'XNX'lil'1NfE ,::"Tfg -1 - S, .i MQ., K 1-If, ' ' Cl ' ,'-fx I . 'aft x L: , ,x,m1Q.Fm.'i 5 xagax - -.-4. , -. -X .f4f3,gF3'X a 3 W3 :.l3g7'z!- E , fx . H f 'A' 4. gg -. nm. " 4 .5754 V. 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Q, ,A A :af , , .1 Qgf, ,r li- mi , ""' it 3921533422 ' :E,,,,q:.a, 'N ' x .Nil-'P' :,,,.,..,:?':'T A -5' . 'QQ--' .air . 'rr 1 - -I, ,. f- 2' . 1' " fu:-fv.-nu,-.::. . .-...?,.f-.,.., fm , 45:5 wr., 'S :E7?LLZ.f,:i2Jf-.,v-sri?" ' .. ' xzfq ' :Ar 'ff uit:-, PQ' ' sg. Q - x O '-N: 274- Pl-ll BETA Pl ll l Xi Chapter Eslablished in i903 F ratres in Facultate Soren P. Rees, B.A., M.D john S. Macnie, M.D. Herman A. Bouman, M.D. C. C. Tyrrell, l3.A., M. D. Fratres Roy N. Andrews Fred A. Engstrom W'illiam S. Hitchings Tolhert XN'atson . Charles F. Nootnagel, M Leslie O. Dart, M.D. David Lando, M.D. -I. XYells, BMX.. M.D H. in Universitate Seniors Henry Dahleen john Esser Edward KI. Lawrence Edward L. Fortier Juniors XN'illiam Black Hallvvard M. Blegen john L. Delmore Leroy E. Doolittle George A. Earl Richard T. Glyer Augustus F. Milner XYilliam P. Olson Edward XY.Ostergren sophomores Andrew Christianson 1 1 Carl L. Hobson Manford O. Oppegaard Leon G' 5m'th Irving A. Preine Freshmen XYm. H. Hengstler Murdoch A.Nicholson 275 Phi Beta P1 Founded al Pillsburg, Pennsylvania 1891 Alpha . Beta . Delta . . Epsilon . . Zeta . Eta . Theta . Iota . . Kappa . Lambda . Mu . . Nu . . Omicron . Pi . . . Rho . Sigma . Tau . . Upsilon Phi . Chi . Psi . Omega Alpha Alpha Alpha Beta . Alpha Gamma Alpha Delta Alpha Epsilon Alpha Zeta . Chapter Roll . XVestern University of Pennsylvania . University of Michigan Rush Medical College . . . McGill University . Baltimore College of Physicians and Surgeons jefferson Medical College . Northwestern University . University of Illinois Detroit College of Medicine . . St. Louis University . XfVashington University University Medical College . University of Minnesota . . Purdue University . . University of Iowa . Vanderbilt University . University of Alabama . University of Missouri Cleveland College Physicians and Surgeons . . . . University College ofMedicine . Georgetown University Medical College of Virginia . Cooper Medical College Creighton Medical College . . . Tulane University . . Syracuse University Medico-Chirurgical College . . Marquette University . Indiana University, School of Medicine 276 P h1 Rho Slg ma Founded at Norlhweslern Universily, l890 Chapter Roll Alpha ..... Northwestern University Beta . ........ University of Illinois Gamma . Rush Medical College, in affiliation with the University of Chicago Delta . . University of Southern California Epsilon . . . Detroit Medical College Zeta . . University of Michigan Eta . . Creighton Medical College Theta . . .... Hamline University Iota Alpha . University of Nebraska, Omaha Iota Betta . . University of Nebraska, Lincoln Kappa ..... XYestern Reserve University Lambda . . Medico-Chirurgical College, Philadelphia Mu . ....... University of Iowa Nu . . . Harvard University Xi .........A lohns Hopkins University Omicron XYisconsin College of Physicians and Surgeons Pi .... School of Medicine of Purdue University Rho . .....A I efferson Medical College Sigma . . University of Virginia Tau . ...... University of Minnesota Upsilon . University College of Medicine, Richmond Phi ........ University of Pennsylvania Skull and Sceptre . ..... Yale University 277 KII-lI,I,A-RNIB NH' CARTICN VRl'l'CHVXl'1lAll GARDNI-QR IIRIXIKHCR LAWSON PAl'I"fZ 'I'Rl'1A'l' UYIZN l'AI'LSI'CN UVRNS ANl7l'1IiS17N NIC' INTYIQH iff' :Q 9 ' f , ig Y .- ri Ns.. 1, w, '--agx fsf' i Hs". . w - 3-,,, ..f-1 an 1, .Q -. 1 ,fw- 1. ,,,, , ff- -1' '.2'.:- r, Y "ga" ' ml uf- L '4 ax Q " 'T 3 'mm H.: .,5Q:f,,,51i,1..c,"--:-M-X - - 53,124 Q4 '. mfyg .-.5-xigffig' qu -, .' . H--f d . ' fx H- .-.ff , ,.... ,, V 13 .. Mu - . 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Paulsen Archie li. Brimmcr Martin Oycn L. Ray Critchfield sophomores Robert E. McCarten Andrew .L Kjelland Albert M. Treat james XV. Papez 279 'l'YRHlILM M.XH'1lil'!- lllil-1'1'CliKO IIOYYNIAN I'E'1'l'1RSUN LICYINSUN IIUKZIIICIQ KQKUXXULIV I-fRltlII'iNl3KAl'K l,llX'l7.'kIlI. l1I'NDl'IRSY'fX lIUI.Xl4SRlfN 5 1 5-. 'Ali 4 3.31 :QQ ' 1- ' '25,Q,"g, ., 1555 V"f1'-Vi' K Y B H xii . A ,-,-v Q., ,fkyfff C1ag.,,., f 1 13. - e'- , X WI. L.. N-'Fav-F -Lil: -'-ff-i'2'1-.Z--f 'm'mf,iaN ,1'-4 ' 'X 'f41' - -'-Z '-'M' 'ff' 1 X . ,, , ,. " ' " " ' , -'I -i-in -' jgk . gm. . - 'Aff-- 1"' ' -, ' ' , " " ' -'G 5,"' fffv?4P1 -' f 'X' H 156' H". fikfr ' - U-v. xx-.-sir'-1-:ef . -, ' .5 -u f , ff'-H+, ' ? f5a.. ?'fw , x?wfSF , 3 L +'f' TfJ',::bfP 3? Q-bl?-?'i ""'1"4'.', .ag a :af.+ 4ff9.g! t...1 if 7 '41, , .M Q.. . J, V .X 1. . Q' "-x--w,:v - -'.g,..,p',i:w,1-f J- 'K-.-.f . W --.- ....Q,1:-P., . 51 ' -R. -+543 ffvi - 4' -'?P.:,L-,ggi - ' .1--",,-f,y'.':" ,--1. 12-argl. s. - fx 1 ' 45 1 riygfl, Q-.' -5- -' 2:7 -.. v'f?1'-fv:f:g3fV f 7'i.if5 -- Q- ' g -fp :ff QQ' 9 1 '1 "E v' 'eh 4 J 111.5 mm .SWF : KG fi?"-' ' ,Q QE'-fbi., 1 -7-31.35 " Qu + 1 A "'r3 , 1 Q fn. YQ I V- A ,., ff ..'Zip?::f4 jvxqq 1-l,3f:,:- fgfff g N 1 V-ti, :-' 1,-f, I., , . , - V' ., -. .-,. , 1 N ' ,.,1 -.:, mm., if? '41-1. -. ..,,..' '-1 . E mi -4 X' M -7--' 3' ?fY?3f-:Q '-. 3-.i 'F R ' A -5 . 's 'I' ' -. . - 4, ., , Q ,rw '.:Lr-ga, :. ,.-1.1 Q- ,- X R J ,gf '- Y, -,.-:f-1.- W- .f:- ,- ....-,, . -' wi ...AL , 1-1-um:-T.-.-.1-...g1...1-:.. M ,-M5525 ff A ,:::E,g,,,,1. ' f ' ra? ' Q55 ' 'YS Zi' - 2. 280 PHI CHI Theta Chapter Eslablished in 1904 Fratres in Facultate Frederick KI. XVulliug, Ph. D., L. L. M. Gustav Backman, Ph. M. Frederick K. Butters, M. S. john A. Handy, Ph. C. Fratres in Universitate Seniors Alvin L. Dretchko Arthur li. Lovdahl Earl S. Erchenbrack Fred M. Bowman B. Olaf Gronvold George A. Holmgren Alf. A. Gundersen Juniors ,lohn Majerus V Nelson VV. Root Hugo O. Peterson Guy C. Bughee Harold LX. Tyrholm Irving M. Levinson 281 Alpha Beta . Gamma Delta . Epsilon Zeta . Eta . Theta Iota . Kappa Lambda Mu . Phi Chi Founded al Universily of Michigan, 1883 Chapter Roll . . . . . University of Michigan . . . . Northwestern University . Columbia University, New York City . . . . University of XVisconsin . Philadelphia College of Pharmacy . . . . . . University of California Massachusetts College of Pharmacy, Boston . . . . . . University of Minnesota . Maryland College of Pharmacy, Baltimore . . . . . University of XYashington . . . . . University of Texas . Scio College of Pharmacy, Scio, Ohio 282 Alpha . Gamma . Delta . Zeta . Eta . Theta . Iota . . Kappa . Lambda . Mu . . Nu . . Xi . . . Omicron . Pi . . . Rho . Tau . . Upsilon . Phi . Chi . Psi , . . Omega . . . Alpha-Alpha Alpha-Beta . Alpha-Gamma Alpha Delta . Chicago . Toronto . . New York . San Francisco Columbus . Indianapolis . St. Louis , Buffalo . Twin City X1 Psi Phi Founded al University of Michigan Chapter Roll . , . . . . . . University of Michigan . . . . . Philadelphia Dental College . . Baltimore College of Dental Surgery . Pennsylvania College of Dental Surgery . . . I. . . . University of Maryland . . Indiana Dental College . . . . University of California . . . . Ohio Medical University . . Chicago College of Dental Surgery , . . . . University of Buffalo . . . . . . . . . Harvard University . . University of Medicine, Richmond, Va. . Royal College of Dental Surgeons, Toronto . . . . . . . University of Pennsylvania . . . Northwestern University . Washington University, St. Louis . . Ohio College of Dental Surgery . . . . . . University of Minnesota . XVestern Dental College. Kansas City . . . . . Lincoln Dental College . . Vanderbilt University . Detroit College of Medicine . Baltimore College of Medicine . University of Southern California . New Orleans College of Dentistry Alumni Associations . . Chicago, Ill. . . Toronto. Ont. . . New York, N. Y. . San Francisco, Cal. . . Columbus, Ohio . Indianapolis, Ind. . St. Louis. Mo. . Buffalo, N. Y. . . Minnesota 283 'l HUVHUN NELSON MARKICI. YONICS Mi' IEIIATH l7l'NH.fXR S'1'ANGI'1IiY1'1 RIiYNlH',US XYI'1I.LS DAVIS SCHNIID NIl-I'l'1'ALl- ILXKKI-I Xlf' I-.XUIIIQN S'1'1!CKXVI'fI.I LWIAIWIAN IIEIJXLXX IIIRI7 KEY DORIS L'RYI7l'1IiNfAN l1Kl'l'ZIl'5 CAAHILI. SCUTT IIVNCI HAIQMUN KAISICR NIIIESICN IIAGIII-llitl IZXXIDICLIN SINIUX VUNNYAX' XYILLIXXIS KHQLLANII .3'5""i'f . X if '- -IT -. .4 5,5 fi! ' mix 55153 . +4 if-s-5 Q L WSE? ,44.-gk-'S-9 wx ' get x'S2'?'m , .nl H fr -5, fa- an - :4 -7 , .Lg f x:..:3 r : A " r mmlqrz 'ff-'l1rT'f:'?'-1-iifl -Eff '53-'-iw f - C ' '75 'fA:.iT-3.-:.-4-i i " ., , -- A-Q -a I, ,,. ,.,-Hml, , W - . -- - V my, ...fx .,,,--tu X .X N.. . , va.. M L---. -1 4- , - V - - ,W 1 " f "3 R 'af' if ,J ' . 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Simon Elmer VV. Bunce Harry NV. Harmoh Louis B. VVilliame G. A. Hagberg Frederick j. Kaiser Harry A Britzius, M. S. juniors Frederick C. Bakke Oscar DeForest Davis Harley G. Benjamin LeRoy M. Chapman Clement Keyes Bird George Robert Metcalf john Francis Cahill XVilliam j. Cryderman john Lewis Key john Dudley Stockwell Louis XVilliam Scott Adolph R. Schmid john R. Doris Charles A. McFadden Freshmen - Howard Lysle jones, Harry A. XVells Francis YV. Dunbar George XV. Reynolds Erwin E. Thomson B. S. Ewing C. McBeath Harry Wilhelm Nelson Bert H. Markel Torlief Ludwig Stangebye XVilliam C. Hanson Carl E. Hedman 285 CRANDALL K'L7Ul'Y2li XY l'15'I' .-XlNSLHi f'ARKULI, l'.X'l'lCRSON CL!-1A'l'0R CAIN' KHHLICK FRICAR SKWIKUI-IIJFIK 1' XNAX ANNO 5 ETS U1 'X .fr-, ' . x LIN ' N ,f ' 13 M ' iw. , .fgx -:'- N, ig ,, ,-.41-'5Q'Nfa5 fa - kms !.-14. Q . , . M117 -, cf .32 k Hn " QM if 'E-Ta, ,, X , ',1..:. 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TSS 286 ALPHA ZETA 4 La Grange Chapter Fratres in Facultate E. XY. Randall Andrew Boss Harry Snyder S. li. Green C. P. Bull T. L. Hsu-cker LeRoy Cady S. 15. Detwiler C. Schroeder JN. R. Kohler Col. XV. M. Liggett Fratres in Universitate Seniors . Frear G. G. Ainslie XYhite T. P. Cooper George de S. Canavarro Juniors VVest T. G. Paterson Crandall H. B. Carroll, klr. Sophomore Fred Cleator 287 Townshend . Morrill . . Ezra Cornell . Kedzie . Granite . Nebraska . Massey . La Grange . Green Mountain XYilson . . Babcock . Centennial . Maine . . Alpha Chapter Zeta Roll . . . Columbus, Ohio . State College, Pennsylvania . . Ithaca, New York . . Lansing, Michigan Durnham, New Hampshire Lincoln, Nebraska . XVest Raleigh, North Carolina . St. Anthony Park, Minnesota 288 Burlington, Vermont . . . Arnes,loWa . Madison, XYisconsin . Ft. Collins, Colorado . . . Orono, Maine Ya 'I Y? U -I my If 'yie J V Ny - f AS 1 -,gs, 1 ., 31 sig ,314 'pllfill xv: ', xsjx 1 3 ,ug 1 'I 11 gy' 3 X. T-1011 'LLC' N: . ,,.Q.-.3 N- o rM3s'd. V 3 wg , N L' fl Y EQ X L . Cf' xii S ga 'A 'H 1 0 'X L .'.1'.L yi .x ' ,N s,,f i , Qizfzx .J s O ' :VH xg x!,x.." A473 , Ll1a -.'7 Idizuzj . 09 N .- -. 1 1124" -aye 0 Q 0 Sq. nf- W- 671 - ' U oo Y, P1-, ft. "'- fe I f 'WA HH ,, x iq: fra. 'ax 15, -11-40 .1-N 'I-3:0 I,-S as A ,Q -we 4. x 2- f ' 1 'ma cr a 5'- af- V 289 KUNI-IS r'HEliNAL'S1-IK SIGMUNIJ LAXIIII-IRT F. A, BRUWN 1. .l.m'fQTS"N.-. R, IlJ'XKIlT1nlxnI'RYl' ,,Q, i ""'L'i'-Slim..RSI'imhlffim,',l"'m'l"L'Q'1T,.1.a.,N SMH NYILSHN IIANIDY l'.' XNl!'Y1l "LL f'll L l'1Nl. 'X N STHN K',' X RT li, I,. BAKER I'lllI3I'l'Slll-IK l'0MS'l'UCK l'I'-IASF Chapter Roll of ACHCIH Founded' ai the University of Michigan, 1904 Aleph. University of Michigan Heth . . University of Illinois Beth, . . University of California Yodh. . University of Pennsylvania Girnel . . University of Kansas Kaph. University of Minnesota Daleth . University of Nebraska Lamedth University of Wisconsin He. . Leland Stanford jr. Mem. . . University of Missouri University Nun. . . Cornell University XYaw. . . University of Ohio Zayin. . Dartmouth College Teth. . . Harvard University Samehk . Purdue University 290 ACACIA Kaph Chapter Eslablisbed in 1906 Fratres in Facultate Charles A. Erdmann, M.D. X ,Iulins T. Frelin, B.A. Thomas G. Lee, B.5., M.D. Edward E. Nicholson, l3.S., N Adam C. Hickman, M.A.. L.L.D. Levi 13. Pease, lVI.S. Myron H. Reynolds, M.D., V.M. Elting H. Comstock, lVI.S. ,lohn G. Moore, B.A. Christopher XV. Hall, M.A. ,lohn A. Handy, Ph. C. Charles M. Andrist, M.L. Fratres in Universitate Seniors A. Eenkema XY. Howard Crawford john Saari Lloyd E. Sigmond George AI. Brown David L.Fulton,B.A. Lloyd L. Duxbury G. Fred XVidell A. A. Pickler Juniors Henry XV. Meyerding,B.S. George H. Smith Ernest L. Baker Charles R. Drake A. A. Campbell Edgar O. XVilson Fred Coleman, Ph. 15. C. R. C. Baker Edwin M. Lambert KI. XV. Hornibrook las. A. Struthers Wm. VV. Norton . Sophomores Samuel Chernausek, B.A. john A. Handy, Ph. C. Freshmen ' Francis A. Brown Francis YV. Anderson, V.S., M.D V R. C. Higgins Howard L. jones, B.S. 291 SOROR S l Sororities At the University of Minnesota In the order of establishment of the Local Chapters Kappa Kappa Gannna . Delta Gamma . . . KappaiXHma'TheUi . . ,Upha Phi . . . . lbelta llelta llelta . Gamma Phi Beta . . Ph lieta Ijhi . . Alpha Xilleha . . . Alpha Gamma De-Ita 293 1881+ 1882 1890 12490 1894 19412 19117 1907 19118 IVERLQVSUN RUIHCRTS HINYEN NICHOLS UULLARD CHANIIH-IRLAIN l'AIN'1'ICK I. DAYTON LYFORD WVARE Tl LLUTSON KT. DAYTON H. SIIEPARDSUN V. SIHCPARDSON HARDICK EIIXYARDS BRVFHHULZ Xl, TRIMBLIC CL.'Xl'I" STRONG A. TRIVIBLP. wfxraw- 5' .fi .' 5L"lF3' -f-., '.. .Q 1- '., . T5 X' ' '+ " f' ,f.Yw.,,Q. ,ax 2 -.X , '-V? .' 1 , , Fx 1, I4 1 Y ,gm si, 221 4 ,gg-vm Q1 Nw -xc.- .44 1 ill: i l - '1 1 M, Alix. :.:,.f.x , A as x - ' ffm ff ' 1-, -f ' -YW A .f '!'3.'.: 'x a ff'-'7 1 2-" '. :A-f - if 1 ' LR , 'F'-1' ., M b . 1, "iii" Q' f - N"-if EWQ' , 3? 115 15-+532 . -rip' ,.-f- - f-- , -w-2-gp.:-5-:A..:wc.: f ' Lf--fn -mf: ' ia "5 "' ' v 'Hi f ' 1- 'K ' 'Z 'ff-Q 1, J H v f J' '-13' "' ':: -GF' ' . 4 ig?-,..ygeiQ?5q-, 5 la X A.: 4,5 '52:w'95.'f2f-fjgfg VL' -mf Q11 'A . f, '25, ' , X N' " 'lfiffl ' 353' 'gf-1. -24" K ' ' ' ' ' -f pwffe - - , v"+Nrr2z:-ee .1 NA' V .ywhurb .. . .-gezffz, , , . ffm- lr, k V we 1' 2 6 f x 'Av 1 x f fl J 5 x , rx, v"' QSV3 g ' ,. ,- N , N 9, fr 1. ' 1X '53 4, 255: FI. 1 ,ff - N nu Q ,Q-H 1- -Tf',,:?-' lg jf4,'1,i,:,sf 3 if a 4fg"iY:'j', arf? Qjf'-5,2 At 2-25225-25, 11f'9"if - -" 1Qi.E?74.l!!.fj. 4y.L , , Q' -.1 f ,fn ft- ,f 1-5' 'I .4 c .sf 5 L -1 J '7 L- ' ' ,qs ,, X 1 ' 5: 4 . 1, "EYES ' 1 1 13.1-,flui- 555.4 gum, - ' .if 21511 294- l KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA 1 Chi Chapter Eslablished in l880 Sorores in Universitate Post Graduates Louise Hill Ruth Chamberlin Seniors Elizabeth l-Sruchholz Marjorie Edwards Margaret Trimble Junior Elizabeth Shepardson Sophomores Elizabeth Bullard Ella Clapp Marjorie Roberts Ruth Nichols Helen Painter Alice Tillotson Clara Ferguson Stella Lyford Mercy Bowen Florence Hardick Louise Strong Elizabeth NYare Freshmen Charlotte Shepardson xlosephine Dayton Alice Trimble 295 Phi . . . Beta Epsilon Beta Sigma Psi . . . Beta Tau . Beta Alpha , Beta Iota . Gamma Rho Beta Upsilon Lambda . . Beta Gamma Beta Nu . Beta Delta Xi . , Kappa . , Delta . Iota . Mu . . . Eta . . . Beta Lambda Upsilon . . Epsilon . Chi... Beta Zeta . Theta . . Sigma . Omega . Beta Mu . Beta Xi . . Beta Omicron Pi . , . Beta Eta . Beta Pi . Kappa Kappa Gamma Founded at Monmoulh, Illinois l870 Chapter Roll Alpha Province Beta Province . . Boston University . Barnard College , Adelphia College , . . Cornell University . . . Syracuse University University of .Pennsylvania . . Swarthmore College . . . Allegheny College West Virginia University . . . Buchtel College . VVooster University . Ohio State University . University of Michigan , . . Adrian College . . Hillsdale College Gamma Province Indiana State Univerisity . . De Pauw University . . . . ButleriCollege . University of Vllisconsin . . University of Illinois . Northwestern University Illinois 'XVesleyan University Delta Province . University of Minnesota . . Iowa State University Missouri State University Nebraska State University . Kansas State University Epsilon Province Zeta Province 296 Colorado State University . Texas State University . . . Tulane University . University of California Leland Stanford University University of Vlfashington Delta Cnamma Founded al Warren Female lnslilule, 1872 Chapter Roll Alpha . .... Mount Union College Beta . . . University of VVashington Gamma . . University of California Zeta . . . . . Albion College Eta . . . . Buchtel College Theta . . University of Indiana Iota . . University of Illinois Kappa . . University of Nebraska Lambda . . University of Minnesota Xi . . . University of Michigan Rho . . University of Syracuse Sigma . . Northwestern University Tau . . . . . University of Iowa Upsilon . . Leland Stanford University Phi . . . . University of Colorado Chi . .- . . . Cornell University Psi ..... . XN'oman's College of Baltimore Omega ..... . Beta Sigma Alumnae . Lambda Nu Alumnae . . Kappa Theta Association . Psi Omicron Association . Chi Sigma Association . Chi Upsilon Association . Tau Zeta Association . . Omega Alpha Association . . Omega Alumnae Association . . Phi Omega Alumnae .Association . Alpha Epsilon Association . . 297 . University of W'isconsin Seattle Minneapolis . Lincoln Baltimore . Chicago New York Iowa City . Omaha . Madison . Denver . Alliance XY I IYROXYN COXFER MVNRU 'KATE ROSHOLT SAF!-llC'l"l' SMITH 'QITXFL RUCKXYUUIW MUURE FLARK - ', fffimfi' -A l. -L-"vp, n. , fn' if 1 sw?-Six, 23 f , v f. A ' ,. 'QA W: ,. . 5- I. , Wi: 51, 434 ' .apr "' ,i A o f-' w' W ' x X,- m .w w ' Q ' , Am, .lu V, x ' 3 fs , -b 'T ' , x,kx?7Z:f:-lg- y"i.1fCAf- V -f ' 'V 'L ' 'Ralf'- ff"' 1 .' y-.'f..r. ' ' 252-,,. -' " f-T-'2 ', 'L NEW' " 'J if'-1-1-' ' ' '-"- , . .fre J --' 4 -'r g-"x ',' -ff :H ' ",",. 3-e weak" , b- , ' - -gym: 2. ef ws ai ' . -7,99 ' , ,:,s6f,.x5g.- I -'." -- HX'-7,41 + x fvffwv -A.4,g-,f.- f ., w- 1,11 , A Q 4.92 7 - ' M- A L gf ,. L5 f -,uv fb- ,-1.--Arran,-4. 3, ,' A av 'gf:"Q5,.2 54,5 Q3If'3-5,- 'Pg - 1 sfsmgffgf . 311: Vs ga, hex 2 , 'Eh'-'fr , ,f ,f ggi.. :fa- "-f:- ffaaifif f'i'i55'?gEQ v--' 7-- Q, :aaa Nl: 1. ?. .Pf,3fQT5f .ifwf-F? JN-Biff' - ' M595 , 1 298 DELTA GAMMA Lamhcla Chapter Eslablished in 1882 Sorores in Facultate Ada L. Comstock Ina Firkins Leulah -Iudaon Sorores in Universitate Post Graduate Grace XYeitzel Seniors Harriett D. Moore Miriam Clark Harriet Smith Juniors Margaret Munro Edith Rockwood Lillian R. Goodenow sophomores Marie Confer Ina Sackett Elizabeth Tate Freshmen Margaret Clark Dorothy Brown Norma. Rosholt 299 5 144 M 3 SCHI'T'l'E LA YAYICA KNOYYLTON RICHARD IYAILICY DOKTKSTADEK HOYFLIN ENEGRHN l'llILl1 Ll-IONARD PHX!! JONES LHLANU LYCAN IRUXX N ,Q -.1:n.4f.-:- . rl-Q?" A. 'iw 'rf 4-1 -.'v-ew .1 " T -' ' . , . u 5 L xNgT',,h,43- Z 'Vx 103 " A ,, - sus, , xl .I ir 'wk-Zgygvx, N. V 1-. 9 "iff, Q, .gy i giizfim' rg XI, ESV.-I , xxxm . 1 1 X 59 ' ' ' 'S ,f f Nfixf Y Q , , g,y,ugs.:, '-21,1- , ti t ,sew , 471, .,,pfgEQ15g.4, H 1 ,M ' ix, ,Nh 5- -. I V ,. .. V: .J K ,, . 'Tr el:- A QQQQQEQJ.-v-V ,111 f:,Cfj'7g-:V - V wg f"""'X, fm. ' W-'1' f'-" g -Q25 fi 1 .M ,di - fg5i5.,?f:-Zu? 'f 2:14, "---.w hat f "w 1' Q- ' .gm ff - ' sig f' ' 'eg-'., ,- 'Qgfaggg -. 1' V 4: '-.-,,,,.:-3-4 - W , N -.1- -f-::-5-gf-P 1 , g:1,1':',, ., ' 'lp . lg-,D Sf,-f,::. .av ' gf , J- 4: -3:i2?f:i,1z,,a gbgiflzf fi? "' - , -Q.-4 - -if f'f2'55f"'-hi' :f' -N .., ' x'.?,k5f': . nffffxiqf.-,f 5-" X , 'Va'--f',4'? f' ,V V f- ,z V- -rffrfm -f- 'PTM r . .f 5-Lia.,-... '11 'gif it 13- ,qEj1g.,:giq irq V 5 L3 3 . ,f f.'17qS'1' KT?" J-Q. ng Q V ' g.-51.1, - ..-.4 ,j'. .fl , ,iff YL 'ff 1 3 f'n1-ffxvifnf-..v: -i7'f fk2Q5:3'5'a:g RFE? na" ' 14 stir- " iff-.ig '5 .. f x 'f , I f, ,,-,rg 4,1 " 5i 1':T:5:bQ 300 I KAPPA ALPHA THETA Upsilon Chapter Eslablishcd in 1890 Sorores in Universitate Seniors Mildred Brown Rosarnond Leland Cecile Enegren Juniors Emily Child Edith Knowlton Elva Leonard Donna Lycan sophomores Florence LaVayea Marian Richard Elizabeth Horflin Helen Schuttc Freshmen Katherine Pond Elinor jones Lucretia Bailey Mildred Dockstader 301 Iota . Lambda . Sigma . Chi Alpha Beta . Alpha Delta , Epsilon Alpha Alpha Zeta . Alpha Kappa Gamma Alumnae Eta Alumnae Nu Alumnze . Alpha Beta . Gamma Epsilon Eta . Mu . . Pi . . . Alpha Gamma Alpha Eta . Alpha Alumnae Epsilon Alumnae Zeta Alumnx Mu Alumnae Kappa Alumnae Lambka Alumnae Delta . Kappa . Rho . Tau . Upsilon . Psi . . Alpha Theta Alpha Iota . Beta Alumnae Delta Alumnae Xi Alumnze . Phi . . Omega . . Iota Alumnae Kappa Alpha Theta Founded al DePauw University, 1870 Chapter Roll Alpha District XVom Beta District Delta District Gamma District , Cornell University University of Vermont . Toronto University . Syracuse University Swarthmore College au's College of Baltimore . Brown University . Barnard College Adelphi College New York City . Burlington . Syracuse . De Pauw University Indiana State University . . Butler College . VVooster University University of Michigan . Allegheny College . Albion College Ohio State University . . Vanderbilt . Greencastle.Indiana , . Columbus Indianapolis Cleveland . Pittsburg Athens, Ohio University of Illinois University of Kansas Universisy of Nebraska Northwestern University University of Minnesota University of Wisconsin . University of Texas XVashington University . . Minneapolis . Chicago Kansas City . . . Leland Stanford University 302 University of California rr? at r 1 C 1 1 S it I rv X fi STRATIUN SAI IFR DORSEY XXI' fl 'lLl"R l XRLI XX H ILDDY SINCI -XlR I IDDX lOlfI'l' KIITINHOI bl' UPIANU Chapters of Alpha Phi Alpha ..... H3712 . . . . Syracuse University Beta . . 1881 . . Northwestern University Gamma . . 1887 . . De Pauw University Delta . 1389 . , . . Cornell University Epsilon . . N90 4 . . University of Minnesota Zeta . , l8SJl . VVoman's College of Baltimore lita . . 1883 . ..,, Boston University Theta . . 1892 . . University of Michigan Iota . . ISSJG . . . University of VVisconsin Kappa . lS95D . Leland Stanford, jr. University Lambda , 1901 . . . University of California Mu . . l!i03 . . . , Barnard College Nu , . N06 . . University of Nebraska Xi . . lflllfi . University of Toronto Chicago Alumnae New York City Alumnae Central New York Alumnae Southern Alumnae Boston Alumnae 'Western New York Alumnae Minnesota Alumnae Detroit Alumnae 303 U ALPHA PHI l Epsilon Chapter Eslablished in 1890 Post Graduate Helen Deane Sorores in Universitate Seniors Catherine Riettenhouse Clare Louise Longee juniors Catherine Elizabeth Sinclair Beatrice E. Eddy Elsa Ueland Sophomores Helen Francis Eddy Cora Dorsey Luvia Barclay Helen Salzer Ethel Stratton Mary Edith Cutler 304- Delta Delta Delta Chapter Roll Alpha Province Alpha . .......,, Boston University Beta . . St. Lawrence University Eta . . . University of Vermont Xi . . , XVoman's College of Baltimore Omicron ,... Syracuse University Rho . . . Barnard College Sigma , , . . Wesleyan University Tau . . . .... Bucknell University Psi . . . . . University of Pennsylvania Alpha Xi . . . Randolph-Macon NVoman's College Beta Province Gamma ...... . Adrian College Epsilon . . . Knox College Mu . . . University of VVisconsin Nu . . . Ohio State University Upsilon . .Northwestern University Zeta . . . University of Cincinnati Chi . . . University of Mississippi Zeta Beta . University of Kentucky Gamma Province Theta . ....... University of Minnesota Kappa . University of Nebraska Delta . . . Simpson College Lambda . . Baker University Pi . . . University of California Phi . 305 . . University of Iowa GUULD BOYSON MARTINDAL If LAXYRI-INCH YYHBS'l'ER GILGER STAMM MAC LAGAN RICHARDS HELLIKSON MVRFIN PALM!-1R SPEAR QIOHNSON SIMM5 LOUMIS , ,,.45'4:il?"-, 5' -I1-4 , fjfiaffl f -, ,.-'va - " .. ,Qing leak' g.. 'kb ' W'-2 4535 f , ' I- C VX ,.x..,:Z?U:' jx. 1 ff, '-Nvglzf?-M ':' ,I Hx -www ' Q- RR N S eq' 'Y .3 W R , , w 1a':- g..- WH-, N ,h l -' , ,1--22111.- 5 . ' .,.g'if:.", p g-+ 5- ,V x'3Ff'.:1'fQ? fy ,L-., ,rf ,,,,1hf,.'. "1"--A L .rv ' 541'- rg x.y,.y-.M .H . M.,,,- ., ,fp-Q-A M , 4-Q-- 1 fn-1 -4- . . . - ' . 'TfS1'Lfr L - fn ' '--:rg -5 -fm ,f-H ,wk 'Q:w+,?:.-11--1: 1, s , F .2-m...,,,,, 54935, "M ' X -:A -' :+ ,- W-ggfqtm ga-3,9 fr f vu' 1 -, X m v ' -- - - - . ' . -H-111, V" 2' .. , "L,-2" .1 .'f17r1f1r':.'g- -1-"1 , M' ws - - fb.-' 1i5f:L1.i5111 zf-1 ii -SQ -3 ' 24 . f'1"Q':L-A ff' 3:-s' Fifi- ng .' 1Frs,-yggm 3513,- fr. .fn-. 3 g - ' 'f, gg" .F L91 '. fs..:,:1,--.,g,3?lG.f ,.-.eijafw-1. 4' ., Rpm- f ,.f1t-541,31 4.1 Us JST.. 4:5 1,356 4-35, '45 Awfii- 4 "-"V 'Y Jai, Ziff' ' . . 306 . 5, ffi-BQQ Sigrfi-ilvity . ." ' "N-. P.,-I-4.1 -- in "':ef:,.. 1- 1. .-f. , V . Q. ,.... ,1 .. v"':-. , '-Ig. :- - au Avy ,V ' ' km-r -u 2 'anfv .vw 1 g gy ' DELTA DELTA DELTA J Theta Chapter o Eslalzlished in 1894 Sorores in Universitate Post Graduate Freda Stamm Seniors Ruth johnson Juniors Marian Gould Blanche Hellikson Florence Spear Marjorie Simms Alice Palmer Grace Richards Jennie Murfin xlennie VVebster Sopliomores Bessie Gilger Bess Martindale Bonnie Mac Lagan Veda Loomis Maybelle Boyson Marion Lawrence 307 TALLAN T XY!-ILD I-'ITZSIM RIH 1'II,DAl-'VER FAC-VN MONS DVS 5 3 3 Il'IXVE'I"I' HAIVPT VLARK HELL HERITAGE INGLES KINGSLHY MARSHALL ..-v5- A 1 I , def 4 ,H ,KR ,Q ' X, Aw! ', 5' - Vx 'f'-raw: ,H ' , wh . xg X .V :- ,A 5 ""' 'f c' W NW "Rf 1' fx., u- I l - If 15,1-4,,:f4 , " x mg I- .x,., 1'-ajax ,I vm: I, W- , A . 4 if-gig.: ' .,-kgigakh ,fi , ,uiiiffi-'5f'f.4,, ,,- ,..,, 4 dwg, j iwy Y,--.rf-., -.- 3,6-'L-' -7 raqmhmgp -f f '-QL - -b YQ' N . -l. "1 S?C: A ' '.+ ffL"'x-- "ET Lf rv "A ' "if:-x 'Fx f i. ,ff V A, ' ' ":ff3"S-,fi'3'T-"'A'-111-Q ,,-v 911 , T:-:fSE1i9W -'A Q .fa - '-. . f- . ,wk A-4,--r-v ' L., my-,v,. lm- .1 f mv... f.. , ,,.fg,,:14,v:-3:9-f ' ' wr- .,-?,:nq..1f. G . XX Vg win.: .Lu fxgsif gsgffm ' .691-f'.s:1?. V-sf? '- wa, W '59 wc,-8 . 1 , L 'ppp -1, fi--1 -:1 ,::,g:p7 " U... ' ' ' . -- gl ' ,al , CEE-.:?,Qe.. X ' " '-. ZQWQFP I- ' Tw: V45--Bri" f'-"'f . , f 1Y,f?:'f:--G." f 1 ., 'A 45 5 ,.g si f +-1 , ,gn f I, '- ef ,fw ff hs, 1 ' i.'i,f?i:"'::? ' 433'?".'i -LIPS' 'EEN vw . ffP!4JSg5 '7 ,gfeirgsiu 1' SHI rf: 1 ,1-'A 2 ' ' 1Q.,:,L-Fi? A- Q EYB? 308 GAMMA Pl-ll BETA Kappa Chapter Eslablished in 1902 Sorores in Facultate Mary Gray Peck Helen Gritfeth Sorores in Universitate Seniors Rewey Belle Inglis Grace Lu Kingsley Sarah Thompson Marshall Juniors Helen XYeld Millicent Lees Ruth L. Tallant Helen Riheldaffer sophomores Mary Hill Heritage Mary R. Clark Elizabeth Ruth Fagundus Katherine Mary Crocker Mary A. Fitzsimmons Helen Eugenia ,lewett julia Benson Bell Frances L. Young Mary Catherine Haupt 309 Gamma Phi Beta Alpha . Beta . Gamma . Delta . Epsilon . Zeta . Eta . Theta . Iota . Kappa . Lambda . Nu.. Boston . Chicago . Syracuse . San Francisco Milwaukee . New York . Minneapolis Founded at Syracuse Universily, 1874 Chapter Roll . . . . . Syracuse University University of Michigan . University of YVisconsin . . Boston University . . Northwestern University . XVoman's College of Baltimore . . University of California . University of Denver . . . Barnard College . University of Minnesota . University of XVashington . Leland Stanford University Alumnae Chapter . . .E . Boston, Massachusettes . . . Chicago, Illinois . . Syracuse, New York . . San Francisco, California . Milwaukeej XVisconsin . . . . . New York . Minneapolis, Minnesota 310 Phi Beta Phi Founded al Monmouth college, 1867 Vermont Alpha . Vermont Beta . Columbia Alpha Pennsylvania Alpha Pennsylvania Beta Pennsylvania Gamma New York Alpha New York Beta . Massachusetts Alpha Maryland Alpha Ohio Alpha Ohio Beta . Illinois Beta Illinois Delta . Illinois Epsilon Illinois Zeta . Indiana Alpha . Indiana Beta . Indiana Gamma Michigan Alpha Michigan Beta . XVisconsin Alpha Iowa Alpha . Iowa Beta . Iowa Gamma Iowa Delta . Minnesota Alpha Kansas Alpha . Missouri Alpha Missouri Beta Nebraska Beta . Louisiana Alpha Texas Alpha . Colorado Alpha Colorado Beta . California Beta . VVashington Alpha California Alpha Chang- Roll Alpha Province . Middlebury College University of Vermont George XVashington University . Swarthmore College . Bucknell University . Dickinson College Syracuse University . Barnard College . Boston University . . Woman's College of Baltimore Beta Province . Ohio University University of Ohio . . Lombard College Gamma Province . . Knox College Northwestern University . University of Illinois . Franklin College . University of Indiana . . Butler College . Hillsdale College University of Michigan University of VVisconsin . . . Iowa VV'esleyan University Delta Province . Simpson College . Iowa State College Iowa State University University of Minnesota . Kansas University University of Missouri Washington University University of Nebraska Newcomb College University of Texas University of Colorado . Denver University University of California University of Vllashington . . Leland Stanford University 311 V Q. ,, , 1 f i F' -.5 7 A :L 1 Fm 1 "F 21 'if K 5 CUNXYAY j. DAY SHICLLICNBERGER STERLING LYNN HULL KEATING FISIIICR VAN SLYKIC I,EAVl'INXVORTH YVALSTUN LAYBOURN CLI"1XD1'lNING LANlPICli'l' BROXYN ROBBINS DICKICRSON SK'ARTl'XI XYHUDK Ii SMITH f,,4fEZk"", , fl-fi"'f1' fl .H X nfl? ns -A, 135. ' WS'-X it 'fl au? . '1 f'- . xkfsgm '5 -.1 fl . . 1 ' 'f"i?S"5'f 'Wg ' 'in K ,-T75-1 -'1 :" L 7 i -b,aw- JN , N ,M v IJ- - s WW 5 54 3 . "w.. ,Qg,' ' P 12 X ' i 1 ff:-T?? , ' f . ':J"'-i"'jL :Eg-1 'M ., .10 . - 2 A if . T ip ,gw -14.5 v. 's,x,-,:-nz . " 155-Q.A w ,, V -,Q -'--M ,tm-. Q. - ' ', A . .if,JsT5i",3z-,:f,..'1,f.., . 'H-:A- '1g.'L5rf , 1.52 1121514511 f" 'fb ia.. f ' jjg? ':9i" 'Qif4- ,Q 1 f ,,,-, XXNX ' Vw '. 'Cf' 1 . ' J -1 ' 'F 'n5x1'5'11"-1vvfify'.-7 422 "::1- '!gr,.f::-'f,:"'- K- w 15 I ' is-' 4' fs .'?ff'iif'l?1 ffffgis' ...zz-A gp.. ,.?:.?:3Q..i5. f::sEf 1.2 lk mf' .1-1 'Z' ---Me "z 11.-. - ' .-.'i,!?':'-'ga- ,fi 'LJ 1Qrz,2'i 'MP' f9 t'--,gm-, ig- Q F tqA,E.:1,fie,gja ,F '- - f 35,'3"1v3" -- " ,Q -fra-ear? 312 l P I BETA PHI Minnesota Alpha Chapter Eslablislied in 1890 Re-esrablished in I 906 Soror in Facultate jessie Matson Sorores in Universitate Post Graduates Cora Marlon Aimee Fisher Mrs. George Shellenherger Seniors Luelle W'ooclke Irma P. Smith Louise Leavenworth Hortense Laybourn Georgia Sterling juanita Day Genevieve VValston Monica Keating Juniors Helen Dickerson Lois VanS1yke Ethelyn Conway Gertrude Hull Sophomores Edna Brown Esther Robbins Mary Lyon Olive Shellenberger Gladys Clendening Edna Lampert Freshmen Yera Smith Unclassed Constance Day 313 ' K 4 , ' GILBERT GORDINIEK LATHRUP SCHAETZIQL XVHITE BECK HICNZ JONES Hx'1'ctHlN4ss SVINK SCHRIBER SHIELY XCIAYELL MU ONY rf ,gf ., I4-ilm":' fi 4-if .L ,r I K, K 'A' 3.2.4- vw A. " 9 .ln , -3' V.. - -233 ' A XQSSQ M51 1 f Bs Zgsm :,. W 5. x 7 , ' ' ...r . .-1' - V., ...H-.1 X A - , L Q , 11 V . -A -: M . ff. K, ' 'T . :ffQvQSgzi:4:f .,1-1-...Q ."1.:fC5, - -4 78. . , ,uf 'im 'K -f 'R , ., f--X :xi-M -1 ,f ef ' ,, .N '-:q...f. " " , 'xx wgfixg f- f., -' f '-vz ' f ,Q -JL' ,. s K I ' Y 155511,-,V YQ , 4: .V L . - ' .-- ' V H723 pi. -. -v:..,1, 4j5'T--'V Mizz- ,H -,aj Lfklggf A ' A 'E Ziggy ' ' 'F 'aff -vw sf ,fqfif -g.. ' M" gk 1, 2.??f'5bY-,1"U,6"b, .ig 5, r .f 14 'I 1 - --A-.u?:f":Q,f ,fff '- fm H+,-av:' fa:fff:5'g.'." Q . .. , .. ,. v gig 'Hx ,H ,,H-:fr-'. Q' f., ' xv r. fy-.3 . . 1' '- 'Q ' ff 'd4f2E2P4' - jx, 314- ALPHA Xl DELTA Mu Chapter Established in 1907 Sorores in Universitate Seniors Laura Benz Ella Halvorson Florence jones Vin Hitchings Fannie Gordinier Mary Shiely Alice Melony Mina Schaetzel juniors Clara Beck Alice Schriber Grace Gilbert Helen Spink Sophomores Georgia Belle Elwell Lucy XVhite Elsie Lathrop 315 Alpha Xi Delta Founded at Galesburg, Illinois 1893 Chapter Roll Alpha . Beta . . Gamma . Delta . Epsilon . Zeta . Eta . Theta . Iota . Kappa . Lambda . Mu . Nu ...... Alliance Alumnae . Mt. Pleasant Alumnae Boston Alumnae . . . . . . Lombard College . Iowa XN'esleyan University . . Mount Union College . . . Bethany College University of South Dakota . . . Wittenlverg College . . Syracuse University . University of VVisconsin University of West Virginia . . University of Illinois . . . Tufts College . University of Minnesota . University of XVashington . . . Alliance, Ohio . Mount Pleasant, Iowa . . . . . Boston 316 Alpha Gamma Delta Founded al syracuse Unfvmffy, 1904 Alpha Beta . Gamma Delta Epsilon Chapter Roll , . Syracuse University . University of XVisconsin XVesleyan University Milwaukee CAliimni Chapterb . . Universityof Minnesota 317 MC CONNELI, PONTHAN HULEN DANIICLSUX HANSUX MAC KENZIE HUDGSON NTC KENNAN UEMING RUXICY ',4fff""'- J' .r . as ?1ff'T? ' -A 1. .513 'v- 'tg-H'- 1, 14 - 1-V . rwft p A-,Xx52,E.k I w,.,-Ax aiu X L-S, :VI f uk ,. :f" .2Q33hT'fdg s ,d A' 'iff KX 3. ' -:wg A 'v w - 1 1 my 5 su Q x. W ' -. nl 1173 . ' .Q .4f'1T- F ifi. ,- ., - ,F N -A A.-,f , . 1.,5,-JZ . '-f?5"0v,. .42 ' 4. ' ' .. E 4, -Agx , ..A,,.1 . 'M' J ,nxrgh '- , .1 ,RA 4 gf""'.':-1 ,f-' , , -ww A Q 'f"-Ef4z fi11 ' 'r. ff5"152f4 w'4 V f! I yr -- -'A "H , .fvx9,4x',:qfgHf--.., -N 'M-zfcw 'g.Q4'iv-'gr 44- -.feb -..,,.4 gk ,J.-isggigf' ,,-f-"" ' ' '-L x L1 'Fe' 5... fff' '. , 3f2?gLQRjf' "'-33--,. "5" 44i'E'2i'3L. ,q,ga4 '.'2'5?af31v'I' P - .,--.. ,.'-sein, ff N: XX fi: ' ""'f'S1?Y-. .-+:if:'.?',.,2'f' -fy ' 'YH 'Ef'3',ff4g K r u- ' L ' ' gr . '?'z:Z--'30 Hui- W5 .f'5f?I1'-L ' N L. 1 , . I .. VV M542 ,535-3. 5-51323153355 ,gif ,i '-1.1 'zfslgizgzen 'lar . - 533 3, ' ..-gr if --. f :5"f'iF??.f 143' f "J" 54 'gi 'Eh ,xi gn gg. . 'V - .-eh-M,-3fn1F.v' J ---'rg' f-fr , A was .-ff f 12:55-, 5,5X fQjE52E'5'- . Wt-vygfm -e .Qin-,5 gm. , 2- 3.3-:in wi 515-Y 5:1 . "fgg.,ff w r. fer'-'r ,g... . ,,.,,.f, bib-'W W. Q. -mwenf 318 4 LPI-IA GAMMA DELTA Epsilon Chapter Eslablished in 1908 Sorores in Universitate Seniors julia Holen Harriet MacKenzie Madge Runey juniors jessie Danielson Marie Ponthan Portia Deming Pearl McKennan Sophomores Minnie Hanson Marie Hodgson Freshmen Guynoir McConnell 319 ,I X yt , vet 'X XFJXX VI 1 XT! riff XX , X WE! LYX xp- f N' Professor fi " F F UGENE MLDhIiWIO7T V f' V NT. ,f zz ' if M41 aff: NFO ft ! 'fi F ebruary 28, 1008 rf ", X X I I X xc I X v ' ti R- 'f r aft ' EXT . M, X 7 'GQ . X 3 M f X M ix fxy XC xv 1,5 1 111 51? m .k y GVRL f XV' f Ny f Klux -X x Y. X. F , xl wgrf xfefylyj XV f :Hb 1 5, I f" , .zkk Ak 2 ' QA H- A n n 1 . W f Y t K it X . , . '.'k' J ' .. 4. 1 ' i 'fx x X x Students 1908 1iOl5ERT G. COYLER. Academic September 5, 1907 MARGRE1' RICHMOND, Academic October 26, 1907 l909 IANXVRENCE S. OPPEGAARD, Academic july 4, 1907 AIORTIMER ROGER HOAGLAND, Electrical Engineer july 12, 1907 ERIC PETERSON, Forestry August 10, 1907 AXEL ANDERSON, Law September 14, 1907 HENRY DANIELSON, Dentictrv November 20, 1907 l9I0 REBECCA MCNU1'T, Academic March 31, 1908 191 1 THOMAS W. IQAFFERTY, Dentistry March 2, 1908 Unclassed CARL F. BOHN, Forestry March 6, 1908 320 JUHIOR ALBUI1 .! I K' NIARIE R. Aczoxils Central High School, Minneapolis Y.NV.C,A..VVoman'sLeague, Call her Mary and see what haiwnens. PERRY KARL AHLQUis'i' Cleveland lligh School. St. Paul Perry-in the hushed silence of his German class: i'My in- rnost is on tire," CARI. L. ALTENBURG VVells Iligli School Carleton was too small for hiin. Science, Literature and the Arts CARL AN'roN ANDERSON Ilutchinson High School Forum Literary Society, Min- nesota Daily, Y. M. C. A. Amateur enthusiast. A Study in Scarlet. RoscoE BU1-:L ANDERSON VVinona I'Iigh School Sigma Chi, Tillikuin Klub. Sonhornore Football Team '06, Second Team f07, Y.M,C.A.. junior Ball Association. Has been known to get a neat little tank on when time was. Dallied once with the political buzz-saw. 322 Nt Q . K -.5552 ' ' . Lge---F Q Rise . Qs ALICE A,Al'S'1'lN East High School, Minneapolis Y. XV. C. A. She always leads the 'AKing" when hearts are trumps. FAM-in M. B,xnc'ucK Nortliliuld High School He has Ji ''Pimio-nizulissiixio'' rlisuosmon. Doing intensive work in 1'lmt0ri4'. ' it KIATILDA Y. ii.-kIl.I,Il4 Osakis High School lf C. A.. VVonmn's Leaignc. Hera: is the shadow of 11 good substantial chez-rful rock in n weary land of cynicism. iii-mimi-1 B,xKAI.x'.xn Lzikeliclrl High School Komensky. "Sherrie" is a ncrmzinenl oc cupnnt of thc Gymnasium. Science, Literature and the Arts NVINIFRICD GICRALIJ lSAr.rzrm XVlHOIl2l Suite Normal Forum I.iierzu'y Society. Says '4whom" :ind wears glasses. hfIYR'1'Ll'I BELL BAicnsL1-:Y Duluth Central High School VVoman's League. Too good to be true. 323 jAMif:s BURRILI. BEALS Sl. P2llliCL'I1l1'3lHigil School Chi Psi.Tillikum Klnh.Snake and Skull. Manziuiniz Editor Gopher. ,IuniorBallAssociaiion, As soon as he coins-s home he risks some one to bring him his Bible. Catch jim gr-trim: it himself. if thi-re's anyone else Dresent. gz e. Though all of her classmates Emwrnlfz L Br11ARDsI.l4:Y Hibbiug High School "Dearie" keeps the wires hot between 324 Union Street and the Phi Beta Pi. CLARA L. BECK St. Paul Central High School Alpha Xi Delta. VVOIIIEIIIYS League. Her usual calm is beautful to see. but quizzes put her in a dreadful twitter. She is using sister's beau this year. GRACE MARY IEELL St. Paul Central Hiszh School Acanthus. Woman's Leafue "Twinnie." 'Pore L1l+Hy." Science, Literature and the Arts ,-., , , . w x LILLIAN B1f:NNET'r Madison High School Womants League, Serious looking with at sharky tendency in chemicals. Found somethin 7 '- ' ' It's hers, g. Taltc, it to Lil. PAULXNE Josie . St, Paul Central High School Minerva Liter'1ry Societ PHINI-I Brine:-IPM . y, YVoman's Lea u are Dunk. Miss Berclxem refuses to llunk. 324- . s-WH: , ii ' T' K ' K why tw'- 5 4' NANDA MAMA Bantam: St. Paul Central High School A grind of the contirxuctl type. It hurts her to let 510 of any in- formation. l lu Amar Birth! mm iNIARx'IlieA1'r1 Hiltki-ixlmlilvlc RUYVAL A- BLAKKV Cvlllrztl Hiuh Srlmol Smith High Sttlmfzi,Hnllu-zlpulri l,1qC,.Vil1HIIiuI,,1. Iuwgl Sm.I.l,mitiOuS1v mvucvful Has tgikwri in lvilrniiilp scrmtis- Anybud!-S4,,,,1RO,? Thu CHl.H,Q Uf'CUmIm,x.C1, lv and mule than it aura-es with Science, Literature Q and the Arts Fkrzlmmzu' liLAxrl1ie'1'1' Ifr.-vi-zi-'MitBI,xx'rler:1xI5R1f,r.s Elk Rive-r High Srlmcvl I.-mis lux,-x'1'lurf5 11,K1.g1nwI.I1 Mechanic Arts High Schoni. Phi ni-Ira '1'1.em. 'riliikum If"1hft"ff0l"'Wf 5111911111 Klub. I am hut a nraiigt-1' he-re: NYomzm'4 L4-grg11Q,'I'lyr-ggi 1-Lp Is ir zx th-Ssvri or :L French Hvzwell i-. my hnme. silnu. Self Goverxirximu Asst-ci CtliifHI'I'7 mimi. Philosnpliicai Reaxliiig, 325 Cluh. The thinker in tht- Lynvh Brings sk:-lch. Mayfrr-rl is un alumst shark and ahlutte-1' IRMA BRINK South High School Minneapolis Y.VV.C.A., Woman's League. Minerva Literary Society. Not lnuch of a mixer though she occasionaly attendsthehila- rious functions of the VVo1uan's League. FRANK N. liizooks Central High School Minneapolis Dclta Kappa Epsilon. Tilli- kum Klub. Frank's greatest enjoyment is to drill and skin classes. He is zz "Deke" hy e 3 -Y-t 'F .zr piiigi i . .a , CARU Bnowx Central High School Minneapolis xVOll13I1'S League. Tennis Club. Class Basketball team '05-'Uti. Captain 'Oli-'OTQ Girls' Varsity Teain'0610T:Runner-un in tennis tournament 'Oli Finds a snug little laboratory at 575 per month more profit- able than a full collcxfe course. Science, Literature and the Arts 5 fi MAYME E. Buown Granite Falls High School VVoman's Leaitue. A good listener. VVinifred Smith says. There is such a thing as being helpless. l'lAI17EI-I LOUISE BRUHN Norris High School Eutcrpcan Club,Y. XV. C, A., xVOlHB.11,S League. Musical Fi:- dcration. Equal Suffrage Club, just full of conversation in English class. Deserves a Car- negie medal. 326 I 5 " 'fe Y If .av , YU , ii'-fin.: . i. ,gf el f, NIYRLE BURGAN East High School, Minneapolis Y. XV. C. A. Preserver of a golden silence in class. .. ,X IXIARGARM1' lfnANcre. Biriervs Gracuvllle High School XVoman's League. U. C. A. "Bobby," "Say.Wzisitlizi1'll?" Took delmte. Most uirls rlon't have to. Science, ANNA CuAnLo'rTE CAizLsus St. Cloud High School hY0lll2lll'S League. One of the sweetest natures that uvcr camo clown to Pike. f - I CLAIRE l5llSXVI'1I.l, St. Paul Central High School Y.XV.C.A.. YVon1an's League, On seeinu a huan pole, "Do I look like that?" I-l.umi.n G.CAN1' Duluth Central lliuh School Phi Karma Psi. Snake and Skull. Tillikum Klub, President '0fA'08, junior Bull Association. "Casey," in spite of his rosy conmlexion and his Frntvrnity. claims that he is IIOt a seeps-r of high-balls, Literature and the Arts CIIARLI-LS C. CAiei.:ox Humboldt High School Forum. Greek Club. Philoso- phical Club. Forum Debating Team, '08 Has pronounced opinions on co-education anil XVoman'S Suffrnizc. Nziuglity. Nauuhty! 327 ' if S ANNA CQLAIRIC CAS5lllX' Eyotzt High School University Catholic Associa- tion. XVoinan's Lcziuue. Stands as straight as n carl:-t in line for chevrons. Has plana lj'0fOIJll1iOllS.EiIlllliB9IPSll1CIll :ill out on the line. l l A QT A i -A A if l -v A 9 Aff? W 1 A H 57. '57 - Q 15, I-, l7ifsii .. ' , fi .:- A 2, 0- ' I ,L k , Q. t t EMILY CHILD Central High School Minneapolis Kappa Alpha Theta. Thaliau. NVo1nan'sI,cauue, Y. XV.C. A.. INIARMRIE CHASI-3 Central High School Minneapolis VVoman's League. Recemacle of a protractetl OLETHA AMELIA CHRISTIQNSEN St. james Hiuh School Y.XlV.C,A..VVOH131l7S Leallue. A very hkeable lady. though her month is of the prune-m'ism . Secretary Junior Class. I 111-rsnasion. Uouch QU U10 E1Hfl1S11.DeD21'f- Partial to the Alpha Delts. ment. Cfharles Bt-ery 1S1llVCSt- Nothing Ever Causesa ripple on mg heavily hare, her caIm4 clence, lterature an t e rts l L llll ALTA POMEROY CHURCHILL Reedsbnrg High School Vklisconsin M ICLVA A, COLLINS Central High School St. Paul Y.W,C. A., VVoman's League. Thalian. She takes three historius We make no comment. 328 joim CONNFLLY Mankato State Normal Arrived once on time for Much CHN be made Of an fulgt hom- c1355. Irishman tf he be caught young. Q S X . - ryr if J r l'l'l'lll2LXN Gnxicvll-Lvri Coxxxxu' Marshall Hiilh School Pi Beta Phi. Glve Club. Polit- iczi! Equality Club Sutfrauctte, There is et gen' erztl btelitef that "Irish" has lived in every town in the stat:-. Science, HARRY XV. DAllI.EP1N XVindoin lIlSllllllP. Illontevitlt-o Battalion St-:riroant Major ot' U. M. L. C liven Harry has an athletic urnft. ETH!-il, C. Costarzovr: Lo Sucur lligh School Eutt-rnean Club. Y. VV. C. A. Entvrtained the Ohvrlin Glt-P Club at her home. The itlvzt! All thoSe boys! I.t'Lt' llARit1i-:T Ckoxii-:R Central High School lXllllllU2ll70liS liusinvss Blanaut-r of Girls' Glvu Club. Tx'f2z1st1re1'ofMt1Q- icztl Federation. Lulu has decided that if one cz-xn't be bt-autiful. one must bt' bright. Sho is taking a try at tht- latter, Literature ancl the Arts Lt'Dv1G S. DALE XVilltna1' Seminary Glve Club. Y. M. C. A.. Min- nehaha Board. "Diction" fairly slows over with vocabulztry. "I don'tquite See through that." Nobody ox- uected you would. Luddy. 329 t sy i at L , , y., is Q ,ll-zssiii I.0L'1Sl41DANIl-Il.SON Litchfield High School Alpha Gamma Delta. Y.W,C.A.. XVoman's League, Going around with oute hand conspicously aloft. Istliesnark bona tide. Jessie? l l L as A, fr W Ilazicr. B. Davxosns Staples Iliprh School XVoman's Leaxue. Hazel is susceptible, She keeps a sort of painless adding machine to record her crushes, violent but short lived. Science, l'lttR'l'IA C. lbmusrs East High School, Minneapolis Alpha Gamma Delta. Dra- matic Club. Y, VV. C. A.. NVoni- an's League, Minn. Daily Staff. Looks like a fire alarm, or a danger siuual. Affects the wild and wonderful in hair dressiuu. , it LT QP Q Y ee A1.1fR1aD Davis East High School. Minneapolis Shakopean Literary Society. 'iGrandpa. " A tow-head shark who vegzetates in an atmosphere of mild ministerial calm, f Yxiecmra ELIZA IJi4:1.LmGmt Mechanic Arts Hiuh School St. Patil U. C, A., NVoman's League, Tennis Club. "Gin" is a bold person who suffers from boarding-house melancholy. Literature and the Arts Llcwls S, DIAMOND Mankato High School Beta Theta Pi. Scabbard aml Blade. Mandolin Club, Class Vice-President Oti-UT. lst Lieu- tenant and Adjutant lst Battal- ion. Vice President Mandolin and Glee Club, Y. M. C. A. Cab- inet. Treasurer and Chairman Program Committee j unior Ball Association. A'Tubby." Expert in the barn dance. Ask Jenny, 330 Iflitzmzx D1cK14:1esoN Patchouue High School New York Pi Beta l"l1i.Y,NrV.C.A.,xVOlIl- an's League, "Dick,"Bobbie Cobb is goinu well with a chance for first. NVho is the lady blacksmith? M. Drstvos St. Paul Central Iliirh School VVoman's League, U. C, A., Basket Hall 1903-ltltlli. "Nell." "l'd have been :ill riuht but I didn't tinishf' Science, ,I EANNI'-lT'l'E A. Dt'x'1c:NEAt'n Central Hitlh School ltlinneapolis Take a try at prunouncimr it. All of ht-r instructors liztvr sprained themselves on it. XYIOLA C. Dinswmn Austin High School NVmnnan's Lezuzue. Y.NV,C.A, i'Ole." Even her best friends C1lll4ISlHIIllllfl'. FRANci1::-2 D. Dt'NN1Nts lfon du Lac High School. XVis. Y. NV, C. A., Acanthns Liter- nry Society. Euterpean Club, XVonian's Leznzue Council. Tucks a fiddle under her chin sometimes. and just leases de- lectable noise out of the strings. A little bit of all right. Literature and the Arts u v B1-:A'rnicr: 1-1, linux' East Side High School Bl.xket'1-1ni'rr: Lrcii-1 lix4.r.r: East llinh School Alpha Phi,Thalian, Woxnan's lVOmau's Leaxzue. Y, VV, C, A A sweet infant amlztlttezt1'I1est League, Treasurer Y. XV. C. A. "Bete." Used to he at reuulnt glllllem- whirler at foot-ball. 331 L. I"ieANci-Us ENLQs'1'1zim JENNIE S. liucicicsox lfD'vYIN VV Ew Y South High School Anoka lliuh School St. james lliizh School Mmneapolls Like Guy. she's from Allrwka, Y, Nl, C. A. Always has a Stock Supply gf A lady-lilie. modest little Sgcial functions to 14511 gbout, inzin, Afraid of the wenlwr Some of 'em are getting ai litth- SPY shop-worn, Science, Literature and the Arts kkl.. N, K, N 9' L1 ' 5' . 1 LILLIAN SINCLAYR FINKLE North Side High, Minneapolis WVoman's League, A lass of many words and inore giggles. CSERTRUDE FORD St. Panl Central High School Enteruean Club. YNV. C. A., Musical Federation. Much engaged -in fact shr- has the habit, Going to live in Pittsburg when she graduates. She hzisfervrelatives there. 332 ROBERT W. FOULKE Mechanic Arts High School St. Paul l3etaThetaPi. MandolinClnb. Tilliknm Klnh. lst Lieutenant Co, G. Crack Squad, "Bobby Shaftnf' He's a sweet lamh. that he is. itty precious. l .1 1.1 1 v .. Ya K 3 1 1 If ' fir 4 " 0 S VV'?Nfi'l ::'Zf'liu'3Nl Ili-:L1-:N l"R,xNrIs L 114 C' l R-1NkY rx ' DTI!!!ufisullilon SL. Pz111lCe11tr11l Iliuh School 1:11131 11111 Il1gl1Scl1uol Y XX, Ll X K i "l.ovcy," "Olet's11ot." She YNVL X 1 Nle-1 Huui' HZ 'VLUUMI with bid 51111118 Sl Cfrllivlu of lvuutl1s of XYh1r1 s 1 houif, lit-111' n:l1ii1l,yo11 lIlllSIl4l VMI' :mil linking b'm"'A 1 N' talk of such things. "l'is11't "" ' 1lonvi11o111'lst-slswctieiv. Science, Literature and the Arts '15 -s Ni Q 1 ,s -. Mi l h -ii . ' it .K 'F -. ANNA XIAY FR1-:Nc'11 Huricou llisrh I.z1w1'm1ce University NIi111-rvzi Literziry Society. Y, XY, C. AH XYo1111111's1.e:1g111e, "A1111e1'." "MyCou5CieI1ce." XVa111sz1 joh at XVilso11's Book Store. No job fa-r ours whe-11 nur Credit is gzoml 'you know wlxerei. LA1-,u'r:'1"1'E I"1e11NcH .X11sti11lli1gh School ,llllGl2l l7eltz1Chi. 5 St,l'z111lC111t11l H11.l1Sr'1oo His liiuluxess. His I.o1'1lsl1ip, "K-MH' W' N ll Thi-y call l1i111 l1ar111lvs5, 333 today? I 11 nd XVl1:1L? C' ALICE GAIQIDNEIQ Central Hislli School Minneapolis XVoinan's League. Y.NV.C.A. A disliberate damsel. Life is one long, sweet :lrcain to her, with an occasional economics nirfhtinare. Science, Y . . s IXIARIAN Rmzs G0ui.1x East Side High School Minneapolis Delta Delta Delta, VVoinan's League, CabinetofY,XV.C.A, Marian's favorite cuss word used to be "You crazy mut I" Of late she's taken to the Elizabethan "O villainous!" Whence the why. Marian? ARTHVR N, GAUSEMEL Kenyon High School Never did anything snecial, Just a fellow in ueneral. ' tw K ' , 515 if Qiff ' viii? 2 GRAM: GlLiz14:ie'r Central High School. St. Paul Alvha Xi Delta. VVOIIIHII 's League. She lives on caramels and excitement. If sliekl patent the way she got through in history, therc'rl be many of us grateful. Literature and the Arts Goimox Giemrss Central High School liiaarrzrca EMMA HALE Snrinu Valley Hiuh School Minneapolis Carleton College Shakopean Literary. Bishop Share? her mosh dewflcd. all: Gilbert Society nnrer with a girl friend. Trixy Has what is' known among appreciates the value oi a Hood dog fanciers as a punishing jaw. comliasty brick ground' An important youth. conspici- ous in athletics. 334- AIM' l, HAi.i.ncx Duluth Central Ilitzh School XYrmint1'sLt'flul1t', Scraps with M r. lit-enton. Mr. Benton scraps with her. nays pa? - . x f AMY RYTH HANM-:neu Monticello Hicli School Y. XV. C. A.. Economics Club. "Rn1'ns." Curses her stars becnusf' she Speciztliltvrl in ceo- nomics. Did she ever SICK tn first hour on tiine? i 'B v C.'x'1'n1-zluxtl: li. IIANn.x'r'1'v St, Marys Aczitlenxy XXX- tlon't mention the nation- ality. uwimg no furrin poxvcr enouuh ofa grnrirzte. Kate's ull riuht, thouuh hm' name is a rollzllsoynriuin. Science, Literature and the Arts BERTIIA Ai.-XRY C. HANSON South High School Minneapolis Y. W. C. A. Got first in a contest for lon- gevity of nersonal nrnnencla- ture. Vlfnr further enlighten- ment set- the dictionnryf l"Rr1u.A. lliienmo HlIdS0llHill!SCilOOl.xYiSCO11SiIl Bishop Gilbert Society,Castn- lian Literary Socit-:ty.Y.M.C.A.. Editor iXIi!11'1t5hHllH.ASSOClEi18 Editor Daily. junior Ball Association. "Stnile. Oh Piillv. Smile. " "Now you wouldn't turn me down like that?" 4'Yeur Uncle Dudley". VVe have learned his secret'-Fred is shy as a vio- let. and sensitive. XVe are ueutle. 335 1. N 1 I 5' 54- tr . VXA BIAE IPI.-KRT Anoka High School XVoinnn's League-. I "rl111ie.'l4 Took Zoology and just loves it. Auirlsf 5' li1,ANct1111: IlELL1cKstwN IIHFN HIQRUM CHARLES L. H1-:ss South- Hiuh School HudSLm'HiHh School Stevens S1:1ui11ary M111111Aa1sol15 XVisco11si11 Sl1akopea11 I.itt-rary Society Ilulta Delta Delta, Y.W'.C..-X. Wyomaws League. "Pug" desert1,:1l 1he 1:11131 Al111nst left out because she Stole me vm Cmlgtitudou net-rs forthe lzuiitzs. ::gfl',lIa' mt and was a Schull' back in the tlarlt aues. Swears by "Geo1'u.1." Science, Literature and the Arts 'F .V-.k RIARIE A1.m-:N H 1-:w1'1"1f St. Ma1'x"s Academy Prairie dll Cl1it:11.XViSce11Si11 Acuuthus I.llEl'Zll'j' Society, XVo111z111's Lezuzue. Y. XV. C. A. Ii11ocke1'sCl11b. Co11111a111o11 to the Faculty. The other half of tlu-XVi11te1'-Hewitt cliztloutxe act, Since Charles and Alice have been tillilililed, Marie tends to Charles when Alice is busy. C1.A1t1-:NCR Il11.1. C1-11trz1l High Schoo Mi1111ea11olis Alpha 'I'z1u Olllffilil. Has little to do ztucl do do that. 336 Asses li1.ANc4H1-: H1x0N l South High School Mi1x11t-zxpolis Y. NV. C, A.. XVo111z111's es not l,lf?J.KIllU. lNlou1'11f11lly lneek. Afruitl to write Slams 011 her f1'ie11tls.fer f.-111' they'r1 tiud it out Pie A2111-5. they just live on slzuusl 1 1. ' M' Q is Dona IXIMQ: Honcomi-4 Nifarren High School Y. XY. C, A.. XVotnen's League. Dramatic Club. Daily Staff '07, Class Basketball Team'07,GirlsTcnnisCluh'1l1i. Dora's voice is low in the class room. Outside it can be hearrl above all'fsocialenuax1i-- nients may explain this. Science, 9' s NHVA lir:i.l.r: Ilunsox Central lligh School Minneapolis Y.NV.C.A,. W'oman's Leanne. Daily 'UT and 'ON Dramatic Clnlr. "Merry snnshinc':" "O gzuofl- ness. I can't do that." Lauuhs way nu in the fifth position. Got into the Dramatic Club on her voice. C r gi nt. f ,Ll ICYA llo1,M Stillwater High School Has a pronounced prefer- ence for research work in the Ht-lirtew l?lllL1l'li:lHf? and charac- teristics, VIIlLli'l' S. llooyi-:L jackson Hixlh School ller Hold chain caused father to dish un ten of the vulgar Mazume. She sairl so. so it is true. Literature and the Arts QEERTRYDE R. HULL East Sinlne Hitzh School lilinneapnlis Pi Beta Phi, Quill. Acanthus Lin-rary Society, I-Iutt-rtwan Club. junior Representative Student Guvernmt-nt Associa- tion. Artist '09 Gotmher. Y. VV. C. A.. VVo1nan's Leauue. Madame RL'CilI'lllL'l'. She says she's not afraid of what we Say: theres really nothing to say. Really! How nice it must be to be perfect, dear! 337 IIARULD ,l. llI'LI. xVHhl7l3l0Il Hiuli School N, D, Castalian Literary Society. Y. M. C. A. A man who lives in North Dakota has troubles 4-nouilh without Et-tting any whacks on tender stiots. , ., gg kbrh .L - 'f ff ...,. .fr - . ,- - r INIABEL C, JACKSON St. Paul Central High School Girl's Tennis Club, Class Basketball Team 'O5,'06:-06, '0T. U"Have some candy ,labe?" Sure." Trots out of class whenever she gets bored. 'Q LUAURICE VAKNI-:v ,IENNI-:ss XVillinar High School Glee Club, Y.M. C. A., Board of Directors Musical Federa- tion, End. Lieutenant U.M,C.C. A nice kid and an earnest student. Voice Weak in the lower reuister. i'lS'l'ELLl4L Louis:-: JENSEN South High School Minneapolis Y. VV. C. A. One of the sweetest natures that ever came down the Pike Science, Literature and the Arts FRANCES IQEMINGTON lil-:LLY MARTHA CATHERINE KESSHL Annandale lligh School Carlcwn College Y,XV,C.A., XVoman's league. Qfeffk Club: Y- W- C- A- lf meekness Werelnizzht, how She 5 2111 hmm lflovemem- powerful She would be, szuaranteerl, steinfwinder and full Jewelled. 338 OLIVE Esriu-zu liciml-:NHAGEN St. Paul Central High School Minerva Literary Society Y. VV. C. A.. Won1an's League Has a good looking brother. People are popular for various reasons. s GER'rm'nE KLINI-: Austin High School Minerva Literary Society. xV0lI12lI1lS League. Ofall things in the world. she likes an hour nlone to xlrind. ,wr YL DAGNY KNUTSUN St, Cloud Normal School l-lutcrpean Club, Dramatic Club, Musical Federation, VVo- 1nan's League, Y. XV. C, A. My life is one demmed horrid grind. CORA MAE Km-:rs Monticello High School Carleton College Y. XV. C A. XVzrrranted all wool, a yard wirle and storm proof. Science, Literature and the Arts Ric!-Lxlsxx G. liiu'x-:uma East High School Minneapolis Y, M. C. A . Castnlizrn Liter- ary Society. At all times preserves an nn- interruptesi silence anfl so has earned a reputation for intol- lectnality. EMMA S. lilII'1'l'Hli Preston lligzh School Greek Clnh l Tenclerly fostermxl the love affair of littlc sister and Loren- zo. llow would you like to be thu chaperoni 339 S 1 it HE. PERU' LAMBER1' Sauk Center High School XVo1nan's Loallne. Is "it",a uirl? l':THlCl. Loriisrz LAMBHZ Central Iliszh School Great Falls. Mont. Cabinet Y,VV.C.A., XVOnian's Lt-azue. 'il-Sillie" takes tnath. Lots of people take math' for one rea- son or another, Gi-:must-: Tnoxms I.Aw'roN South High School lvlinneanolis Alpha Tau Omega. Shako- pean Literary Society, Bishop Gilbert Society, Greek Club. Y. M. C. A. Cabinet. VVho ever saw George when he harlnlt just stepped out of a band-box? tw 5 T . j 5 t Gimcr-1 ELICANOR Li-:.xcn Spring Valley High School There may be hidden depths of tire. Science, Literature and the Arts . at h if M11.r.rcz-:NT 15. Lsias East High School Minneapolis Gauinia Phi Beta. Got a flowery box for her birthday. The diamond Ure- venterl any inoonliuht promen- arles on shipboard. . . gf. I fi sv I . . 9 A ELYA I.LEw1-:LLYN Liioxfxko East High School Minneapolis Kappa Alpha Theta, Theta Epsilon. VvO1ll2ill'S League. Accustomed to job lots of aclulation. but Hliobbieu Mer- rill is the one for whom all thc lights are turned on. 34-0 RVTH ELIZAIHQTH Llcsuii Carriniltou High School North Dakota Secretary of Greek Club. XVonian'sI.eax1ue. Has written ' Hello. dear heartlll on her P. O. box. Most of us aren't that promiscuous with our affections. .., ga. g A f XV.xLTr1R M. l.l5I'TI!OLD Spring Valley lligh School Theta Delta Chi, Tillikutn Iilub. Glue and Mandolin Clulv. Band. Played the title role in "To Cornell and Back Again in Six Months." SCICHCC, E. tl!-zxz-:VII-:vt-3 Lt-.urs Central High School Minneapolis XVOIll2lll'S Leag11e,Y.XY.C.A. XVheu Gexrevizevtc gets to car- essing the ivories and drztwinxz sounds out of the rosewood box. we can't help chewing the buttons ott our illoves. To bt- intvrureted as you pleast-. Q? lf'l'HI-lL I,r1vr-:Roos flhlflj M- .LPiVIS'1'0N Swmh High 551,001 Ct-ntml Hugh School. St. Pznl Minneapolis 4'Alicc. lliflt- in the Dark." "I would rather tell twenty what were best to be done than to be ont: of the twenty to ful- low ntino own teaching." ' Literature and the Arts XVILLt,xxt IIANIII.'I'UNLtvNtSSTAlfl- lluron llixh School South Dakota HammSis11uzt,'l'illikuxnlilu . "Don't get cold feet." A twu- legtged 'baccy pouch. Ncvttr docs anythinu rash that inf xolves tlxeuszfut'n1onc5 341 PAUL YI. Lmtcx Augsburg Senunary And thc nrt-zttest nf thcst- ts b Lovick. G7 Max LOXYIHINTHAL North High School Minneapolis "Newspaper Max." "Come on, you might as well give ine that news." A good all-around inan but not a born runner. t x i w pf' DONNA M. LYCAN Crookston High School Kappa Alpha Theta, Thalian Literary Society, Dramatic Club, Daily Staff '07, NVOIHBIYS Lcafzue, Y. W. C, A. Has the Grande Maniere. VVas known to talk for two whole minutes once without giggling. But the strain was too much. She has never dont: it since, Auvisnxic AICFICTRIDGE Central High School, St. Paul Y.W.C.A., Woinan's League. "Verne," i'Don't blame me for what I didu't do," Knows the juiciest hunks of St. Paul tattle, Science, Literature and the Arts l l i 1 'ht ' ,M ' i 2' I ' i . . 'fx .Y "" A - l .A ,. Q A W it aai, J .P M ,us A - .... A in X gg L KN V wr E f" 5 Hicmzn L. Mclvoiz Mechanic Arts High School Assistant Artist '09 Gopher, XVoman's League, "Micl-ty." "Oh, honest, 1'll never get this done." Keen on thrills. llas been known to borrow fountain pens, PEARL NICKENNAN South High School Minneapolis Alpha Gamma Delta, W0- man's League Y. W. C. A CORNHLIA li. lVIAND11:1ufl-:LD New Ulm lligh School Carleton College XVonian's Leasiue. .. ' ' A shrinking violet with a Macl' has a really fierce Stem emeriorl disposition. 34-2 R ,itlSl-ll'1l C. NIM..-xxn South llinh Shcool Minneapolis Associate lidittir 'HEI Goplicr, Daily Staff, Minntl-lla-lla lioard of lirlittiiwa. Treasnrvr Debate and tlrzitory Board, llnnwoody Intru-Sonliomorc lit-batte WIT. Castalian. Y.IiI.C..X, The only ina-ixilitii' of the tlopliter Board tu whom this litmk is a t'evelzttitiii I.. ti? i J lHliNl-1 li. 'Malawi-'N liarntisvillt' Hiizh School VVom:tn'sliditorDaily,l'.C.A. junior Basketball team. XVants to lite Editor-in-Chien cess. Got four liids to tht- junior Ball within a week. llas so many callers that tht- S, 14.0. siun is ont almost every night. LI HARi.o'1' 1 ic KIATSUN East lliuh School Minneapolis Y.NV.C.A., NVmnan's Leagntt. Never cnts class. Never' fails to hand in zt paper. XVt:ll. U1'l'llllSiSDCl'SIlil'ElliUIl.fh3l'Sitil. Science, Literature and the Arts EARL CllAl'Nl'l'ZY NIAUL liast lligh School. Minneapolis Zeta Psi. Secretary junior Hall Association. Vice Presif dtent Tillikum lilnb. Glee Clnli. "Chauncey," hi2lllllllP1iS own NVtiotsy Sqnidlunis, VVcars tht: real john Drew effects. And all the squeezes that he sqnoze of the little uirlies waisties, Gtcuiuzi-1 AIECI-iLliNl2l'Rti Augsburg: Seminary i'Rlccky" is the real 'trticl-e on castvrs. lfect are well trained, but his mind could show tm' provenit-nt. 343 Rtwiiiiivr CHARLES Mrzkkirl. East lliuh School . Alpha Delta Phi. "liob"fton5:li muy. Hasbec-n known to soak up a little lin' conrager at time-s, His taste in hats is ctmspicnons by its absence. XVURE C. NIILICS l"I,onENcE HELEN Mocm ici' gyinolm Normal Central High School. Duluth He jnst w0ulsln'l xrivu it un. M in lf VV3 Literary Social!- Y. XV. C. A. "Mooney" "Oh Sorrows." Sclence, M CARI. B. Mousmx Huron High School, S. Dakota A quiet. chnlwby little boy. Once a Shark. always an shark, ,A ' -' , ,Q 'Q - .f - f EIJNA Mooring Central High School. St. Paul Y.XV,C.A.. XVnn1an's League. Tennis Club. Starving to nlczutli in an at- tempt to live on the East side and get her own hrcakfasts. ' Literature and the Arts is A tr, x be mv.. i JENME Mygmy XVAr.'1'ER li. Nr:1L5 Sleepy Eye High School CO1'lCOl'dlZlCOllS2C Delta Delta Delta.Y.XY.C.A. HHS kicked uv so little dust Jennie is a placid creanim. tl1atliisI1I'01II'6S4 tllrouizlx Col- lilcs-kncss shows in every feat- lege has D2lSSL'1l llllllUIlCSd- llllli' Gentle Jennie! 344- A RoBP:R'r NELSQN Pillsbury Aczuleuiy Forum Literziry Socir-tv BIARH1 li. Nilmsicx CentralHiulxSclioolS1,Paul "7e'pl1 "" lsu't il' XYlL1.lAXi.-ln.NUR!-1I.Il'S Luverue Hiuli School ' , . , , ius.tu-rrilwle, Forum Literary Soriety X. Nl C. A.. Dunwoody llebzm- girls? ' QIQNBTJ. X. Rl. C. A.. Dunwoody Deb me flllllll. "Billie," lf you ilori't luoleivu " ' ' hu is alive. prod him. l Science, J 1 .A N H , G ,ff e ,4 ., ,, , Simi!-3 A. SAIQLQENT Neuma- Ccmral lliqli School Minneapolis NVoiuzui's Lvzasrlu-. Y. NY. C. A. I Nm much of A iuiuulur. Sper- iuu-u ol the genus liuruesl Stumleut. iv is alive. prod liim. Literature and the Arts XVI l,L1.xx1 XVICIALINLZ 1 cm NuR'roN Nelwrasku State Ncwruial l'l1i liuppa Psi. Acacia. Y. Bl. C. A. 'liillikum Klub. junior Bull .-kssucizilicm. Soulli D gi k U 1 in Clul1.Prce:4inlc-nl Nlisical Fcrlvf ration. Imzirlm' Glu- Clulx 'limi- 'Uf. 'UT-'08, Director of "Mve- siullf' Corporal of liziud, "Bill " luilxzimlsoiuel Elllll mlm-si1'l :live 11 ram, llzls za tlmrouullly liasvs Voice. NVn: always lianl woiulcwrrl wlull alll-slii. 34-5 K ? HILDA S. Nrsrimxi Suulli lligll Sclu-ul Milxlieapolis Y. XV. C. A. llilrlu durlcs llu- fr-siivilin Turn over 21 new loaf und il uc-giialillerl l-Billie." Ifyou clon't bella Xe ,A uf. CONSTANCE B. OLSGARD Minot High School, N. Dakota Y.W.C.A., Wo1nan's Leaszue Three years of College haven't taken the shyness out ofher. She is rather conspicous for that reason in this Nerve Emporium. Science, NELL SARAH Oviznvecn Central High School. St. Paul Acanthus Literary Society, VVoman's Lcatzue, Y. WV. C. A.. Reporter on Minnesota Daily '06-107. Woman's Editor on Min- nesota Daily 'OT-'08. "Anntief' 'iHe's the cutest little thing you ever saw." Pa- tron saint of the Daily, One of these caller people. . .' A V, L4 ' SL fir 2 'ft X ANNA MAY PITBLADO East High School Minneapolis Y, W, C. A. Beware of a tall dark man. He means business, 1235 ALxcE HAMBLIN PALMER Central High School Minneopolis Delta Delta Delta, Y.VV.C.A., Womanys League. Has recently become the aunt of twin boys. Don't Vex her about it, It is bad enough as it is. Literature and the Arts ZENAS L. POTTER East High School,,Minneapo1is Delta Sigma Rho, Kawa Klub. Forum Literary Society. Dram- atic Club, President class Freshman year, Dunwoody oratorical prize Freshman and Sophomore year, Intercolle- giate d e h a t e axlainst Wis- consin 1907, Managing Editor Minnesota Daily, Intercolle- giate Tennis Team, junior Ball Association, Second Lieuten- ant U. M. C. C., Scabbard and Blade. 'iMose." He sits in earlyand stays late when the game is debate. A confirmed joiner of the malignant type. 34-6 .v ,N 1 N , ie- , E E if Ad .. 'jf EDITH AURA PALMS Augusta Hixzh School Euterpean Club, Y. W. C. A., Wonian's League. A politician by birth and a- doption. f t , - 4 - 'L , gf- li , V X 3: xt ' "f'ff'vw te t, Gminvs Pt"1'MAN East High School Minneapolis Y. VV. C. A. And the need of a world of men for me, SCICHCC, STELI..-x ANN!-1 R1-LELY Spring Green High School XVisconsin XVmnan's League. Euternean Clnh. Y, XV, C, A. "Stella Anne." "That's the limit." Beggecl off on a slam. NVQ: were gentle, XX'e left it out. Ifyon wish to know what it was ask her. .. k A1.1ci1: R-U'1'll ijllIGLl-ZV Bird Island High School l'niversity Catholic Associa- tion, XVOman's League. "Ally." A tnath shark and a man hater. I yi 'Q-ff" Y' CA'rmf1t1Nx-: C. 4jtv1cI.r:Y liird Island High School l'niversity Catholic Associa- tion. VVoman's League. Not so well il.C41il3.1l'llkiIl as appreciate-tl. ' Literature and the Arts EDGAR B. Ri-:HNKI-2 . Kenyon High Shool Forum Literary Society. Y, M. C. A. Thinks theres graft in the Dramatic Club because he dirln't get in. See Aesop's FahlcsfThe Fox and tl1e Grapes, 34-7 l IIARRY Cltawrmtn Rl-:rn Sleepy Eye High School Alpha Tau Omega, Tillikum Kluh. Castalian Literary Sof cicty. Y. M. C. A.. Gopher Board. Junior Ball Association, llas an eye for the crooked lines in all of us. To blame for all these horrid caricatures. ixlARYfiENl-IX'Il'IX'E14117141 North Hisrh School Minneapolis University Catholic Associ- tion. "Mavonrnecn," "Oh Stars." Sentimentally I nm disposed to hnrmony. but organically I am incapable ofa tune, GRAM: li RICHARDS East High School, Minneapolis Delta Delta Delta. XVomzin's Leanne. Y. VV, C. A. Spends the summer in Kok- omo, Indiana. Makes a grent many men friends. They trick- le no to see her one by one, Grnce has tits and starts, 1 at f 5 ir W, if , '7 sf rr fl Ilicu-LN RIlll4ILDAFl'iP1li Central lliuh School Minneapolis Gamma Phi 1ietn.Tl:etzt lip- silon. If we could think of anything mean enough we'd say it. As compliments are tabootetl. we mnst keep silent, Science, Literature and the Arts N. litllil-IRT RINGDAHI. Valley City Normal School North Dakota Shakopean Lita-rnry Society, lfconomics Club. XV h o would have thougllt nnyone could do three years work in two? ' QI g. px J A 'Q Q, RVTH 1-Irm-:NE Rixcsmzp Duluth High School Y,XV.C,A.. X'Voman's League. Ilas an expansive smile and 11. lnrue capacity for learninu Scrioturefif inrlnctrments are ollitered. 348 l t FRI-Lp Il. Romxsox Shattuck School, Faribault Delta Chi. Bishop Gilbert Society. A man from out XVest where people grow large and nnurain- maticnl. ., ,, ti Q 1 ' , 1 EDITH Rocxwmmn North lliulx School Ilt-lla Gani1na.Theta Epsilon. Sigma Alpha Delta, Dramatic Cluh, Y, W. C. A. Cabinet. Self Governins-nt Boaral My. but she is bright. XVhen it Comes lu knowle-flue lidith has the whole crew iii-tl to thc IIIHSI. Science, EVA S.-xL1sBt'm' Nlinnenankon High School North Dakota Y. VV. C. A. Once in Mrs, POIICIJS Class. Miss l-Iva wrote a Sonnet. Forever in the Gopher rolls lit-r fame will rest upon it. Noam G. RtwvEiu'n Caledonia Hiuli School That tall girl from Caledonia. Mr. Duxbury will furnisli am' infrirination required. A is J' ! l-limii: A. RQWE New llainptnn High School lowa Y. VV. C. A. A quiet shark. Most sharks are quiet but tht-y inaku thun- Selvvs fe-lt. Literature and the Arts Ali'1iHl'R Ll5R1wYSCH.vxki' Lake City Iliuh Sclmol Delta Tan Delta. Got excited in last ve-ar's 5' A A 5' Ar.1t'r: 1-lI.izAi:i-:'rH SVIIRIHI-QR St. l'anl Central High School Alpha Xi Delta, Y. VV. C. A . - - 4 - Another bnntllt- of innslin nn- class huh! antl had to lw calm- wuumi- Perfectly uocd immilli ctl by the Strom: ann of the law. 349 N. - 6 .Q v " 72, X .r- t R 1 YI Y ANNA T. Sci-xkolsnisn S Perhain High School ELIZABETH SHEPARDSON t. Louis. Missouri "Naw !" Oh go on ! XVho said Kappa Rapp? Gfauima' Sig! so?" Thinks dancing should be sslilgiglgallggggg X' XV' C' A" abolished. ' ' The Kappa's say she's the hest ever, :MARY Om-:ssA Snoivrs Fergus Falls High School XVornan's League, Y. NV. C. A The map of Holland is print ed on her face, Science, Literature and the Arts ,lUI.Ii:'r Fos'rER SIMMONS Hunter High School, N. Dak. Y. VV. C. A., XVomau's Lea- xlue. The first ofthe name cashed in ages ago, just to spite her scheming rela- tiong Her namesake has ceased to pursue Romeo, ln favor of co-education, 'Q ' G- A 47 in . ,'e 5 SP ltlaieioieie Sums East High School, Minneapolis Delta Delta Delta. Y.W.C.A.. VVoman's League. "Margc.""Oh mercy sakesf' Always promising to do favors. but never comes un to the scratch. 350 V, 4 . v 'V 4 CA'1'Hl"lRINE E. Sixrmam St. Mary's Hall. Faribault Alpha Phi. Sigma Alpha Del- ta, Acanthus Literary Society, VVoman's League, Y, XV. C. A.. President Tennis Club. Secre- tary Self Government Board. How many men is Bessie really engaged to? She wants to have as many options as p0ssible,so as to have her Dick, ix-Q ,- Auinat-:Y NINA Sutra South lliuh School Minneapolis Y, XV. C, A.. XVotnan's League. A connoisseur of dairy nro- ducts, Science, R.1.x'xtoxn A, St.r:i-:rt-114 Slielclon lligh School Phi Gannna Delta. Tillikuin Kluh. Daily Staff 'Of '05, Pres- ident junior Class, Band. junior Ball Association. "Cully." "Anybody poiuu tny way?" The proud possessor of the one uenuine unexnur- gated pornoadonr. lxl.-XRJORIE ELMA SMITH South Iiiizh School Minneapolis XVOIHHICS League. Y. XV. C. A. One of these people who bone and enjoy it. if ' gp.. 1 K lggiw' -- .- - it ti V 'T it . in Hiarsx li. Si-tsx XVhite liear lliuh School Carleton College Alpha Xi Delta. Ever hear Jenks say 'iMiss Spink"? Entertains quite ex- tensively at XVhite Bear. Literature and the Arts XYii.t,iAxi YALE SMILEY Lelllars Hiuh School, Iowa Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Pres- ident Tillikntn Klub 'Uni '01 Academic Representative on Athletic Boartl of Control. Athletic Etlitor Minnesota Daily, Gopher Board, Track Team. Cross Country Team. Captain AUG. junior Ball Associ- ation. fl-'unk." Companion to Mike. A really and sure enough sassafras-scented snee- nnen of the Elect. 351 ' I.ou1eA1xi-1H1-31.1-:N Souix Dewey High School Superior, XVisconsin Lliiycrsity Catholic Associa- tion. VVears so tnuch red that you can ht-ar the echo for hours after she has nassetl. f if ta ' - -:,, . y i ' f':j f5,,: ' ,,, I, 6 Ift.oRt-2Nt:1N: SPEAR East Hiuh School. Minneapolis Delta Delta Delta. XVOIDHHYS League. Y. XV. C. A. Has a time-lock on her niouth. hut when you know the combi- nation. the swag is all there. Science, ALLEN BURNHAM S'roRK Harntony High School Kawa Klub, Forum Literary Society. Y.M.C.A., Vice Presi- dent junior Class, Associate Editor MinnesotaDaily,Second Lieutenant U. M. C. C., Scala- bard and Blade, 'iUncle" lsce i'Auntie."l Something of a girler. Can prattlc some. Considered the prettiest man on the Daily, Runv Ci-tR1s'rtN DE ST. Amount Grand Rapids Hitfh School NVisconsin Lawrence University Minerva Literary Society. XVontan's League. VVonian's Sufferage Club, President Y, VV. C. A. just the sweetest thing you ever saw. Has been seen with a certain Mr. Gilbertson. G W. -, JV f Hot-if: A. Sri-icNER St. Patil Central Hizlh School Minerva Literary Society, Y. NV, C. A, Cabinet, Greek Club. Woiuanys Leauue, Rolls when she walks like a salt just in from a cruise. A cheerful person, but that's nothing against her. Literature and the Arts at F na e , Q' Q 1 1 kik L :,. -. t A t if CLARA STIQATE Moorhead High School Y. VV. C. A., Wotuan's League. "Oh Dear." Champion oiler of troubled waters. 352 ir? 'Sf ' LUCIA Srtzoxioizres Cleveland Hitrh School St, Patil Greek Club. Political Equal- ity LC3t1ll6.X7.xV.C.A.,xVO1D3I1l5 League. Loo-chee-ya. Daggers, man- tillas. stilettos. odsblooti! Vtfhcop-ter-ee! Ansy I.t'c1r.r: S1't'm'Ev.xx'r Los Angeles High School Y. XV. C. A., Greek Club. Lost: one voice. Lixthe. but oh my! Science, Yosmo 'lfxxrxgxwa Takanawa University Tokyo. japan Shakopean Literary Society Y.IVl.C.A.. Philosophical Club. "Good Morning." Has us all skinned and nailed tothe wood- shed door when it comes to philosophy. Inx Sviexsnrix South High School Minneapolis Y. XV. C, A. An earnest stuclt-nt who knows how to urin. Sonic of 'em have forgotten. i M., 1 .F 5 Rt"rH L. TALIANT North High School Nlinnuapolis Gamma Phi Beta. Theta Ep- silon. Y. NV. C. A.. XVOIIIHIIVS League. By her own tleleuation. ade,hats, skirts. buttons, comhs. smuts. etc., for the whole feminine portion of the ranmus. Literature ancl the Arts ,gf-ty vi Emu ELIZABETH Tom: Hurley High School. NVisconsin Y.XV.C.A., XYon1an's Leanne, i'Toddology." 'Erinotonyf' A botany crank. 353 d gtfi , , i C - ,ce lib I.oRI-:T'ra Manx' Toomey St. Catherine's College Acanthus Literary Society, U, C. A.. Sigma Alpha Delta. Quill, VVo1nan's League, Go- pher Board, Like Minnetonka, squally. B1-QRTHA NIAY TRASK Bemidji High School Acanthus Literary Society, Y.VV. C.A., Editor on XVomanls Magazine 1007. Theguarauteedmaterial. No ami silk about her. LLOYD XV. TL'RNBL'LL Stevens Seminary Forum Literary Society, Six of us writing slams, and no one could think of a thing on him. x X g I F f ? l liLsA UELAND Central Ilixlh School Minneapolis Alpha Phi, Sigma Alpha Del- ta, Thalian Literary Society, Quill, Dramatic Club, Greek Club, Gopher Board. Equal Suffrage, Y. W. C. A., VVO1H3I1'S Leat:ue,ClassBasketballTeam, Tennis Tournanicnt,'0S. People say she is a coming Woman. Maybe. But she'llbe late, She always is, Science, Literature and the Arts THONIAS H. Uzzz-:LL Morgan Park High School Chicano Kawa Klub, Editor-in-Chief '09 Gopher, Dunwoody Debate Prize, Treasurer Y. M. C. A., Track Team 106, '0T,Cross Coun- try Team, Gyinnasium Team '07, Captain Gymnasium Team '08, Junior Ball Association. The Main Squeeze. Hot air and sunshine. Takes a melan- choly view of the whole Mill. Attitude explained :Yhc's going to live by his pen. l . V .Ji Lois CLARKE XYANSLYKI-I Northiield Iliuh School Pi BetaPhi,Woman's League. A kicker. Perpetual occu- pant of Window sills in company with men. Tho veiled lady. 354- fiqgiz iii P" -V ra, . .5 . ' f y fiifr- .:, 3 ff? 2- i f ',5il'1fpi" CAMELIA XVAITE Central High School Minneapolis Thalian. Acauthus. Quill,Dra- matic Club, Y. NV. C, A., Wom- an's League Council, Gopher Board, Editor on Wlomans Mag- azine ,Oki Mauauinil Editor EVO- mans Magazine '0T,Waka Klub. "The weight of her tower of knowledge, Combined with her troubles and all. O'er balanced our fair Camelia, In front of Folwell Hall." r Gi-:NEVI-1 XXYALP-QS Central lligh School Minneapolis Y.XV.C.A., Sii:niaAlphaDel- ta, Theta Epsilon, liuteruean Club, VVoiuan's League Coun- cil, Dramatic Club. Girls' Ten- nis Championships in singles, '06, '07, doubles 'Utig Manager of Girls' Tennis Club '06, Class Basketball Teams '06, 'llT. Geneve: "Isu't Dr, Burton great? XVl1at was it he said about hell the other day?" ji-zxxirz Imrlsi-: XYARI-1 St. Paul Central High School Got into the Gopher by the skin of her teeth after sereuely trotting through twtfyears and a half, uuclassvrl, Q we A Vi-zu.-x ELIZ.-XBETII NVr:ntsE Zuuibrota High School Y. XV. C. A. Another of the unfortuuates who arc doomed to breathe out their melancholy lives in the obscurity of the back row. Science, Literature and the Arts ss f . t agffj ,z Q ' if 4 41" , c.......,. , W. Lorlsrz BI. XVELCH St. Paul Central High School Quiteiuipossibly smart. Has a placid exterior. but how her thoughts ilu bubble I AMANDA Nlaius,xRE'1' XVHALEY lIuiuh.Jltlt lliuh School Minerva. Smiles all over her face. 355 4 ' is . A t ' QM- Q . f . . S S S ' .1--2 5 NANNA VVIGFIIRSS Retl VViui4 High School Not weak when it comes to Math. l i l I Th Nettie is quite El jolly person really, and we give her credit for it. V, l . Cnyim H,XV1LsoN Central High School Minneapolis Delta Tan Delta. Tillikuru Klub, junior Ball Association. President Sophomore Class, Gopher Board. "Sl1orty.""Oh,l don't know." The Little Giant. Became rabid in pursuit of Gopher ails. ls slowly recoverinu. Llf:oNA VVOOLSIQY Fort Dodue High School Iowa Nic'r'r11-: M. XVIl.I.E'1'5 da Grove High School is picture is fair libellous. She could do thiufzs. but she nloesn't care to take the trouble. So her friends say. SCiCIlCC, I..ltC1'Htl,ll'C and the Arts WAL'ri-:R J, Yrzivrow Park County High School Livingston. Mont. Treasurer of junior Class. Out with a shotgun after the bright new simoleons. "He who digs for ,fzold where no gold can be-" FRANQ!-:s Yeirrzs Central High School, St. Paul Y. XV. C. A., Captain of jun- ior Basket Ball team, Varsity Basket Ball Squad. "Sl1o1'tie." 'iSDag."Making1 a try for fame bythe basketball route, 356 1 5 josEPHG.BAz1I, Momgoinory lligh School Koinensky Club, "Bill," His over cheerful and smiling face shows his kind and care-free disimsition. XYALT1-:ls C, lil-.c-kjolen CCl1ll'IllHll1ll Scl1m1l,St.l'2.ul Enl:ineer's Society, Presi- dent junior Eiminenrs Class. "Bcck"is a"shark,"but not a i',qrind". He does comb his hair occasionally. loo! gl CHARl.liSBEN'l'ON liici-:RY Central High School Minneapolis Shakopean Literary Society Engineers Society. " VVisdoln.'l The original XVillie Boston livans. College of Engineering and Mechanical Arts JOHN li. BIERI f?N'i"3'4B1RNV"31'G, ALVAH1f. liimcxwmf yyells High Schiml Muclinnics gxlilg lgmh School Luwjrne High School Enggineers' Society. AH H ' 1' rm Y. M. C. A.. Engineer'-s jack is never happier than , 11112 1211kSHH10l14 bm Says Society, Hammer and Tongs whenhcisshirllcssly.hznlessly. 111210 Iholwll llC'i1'mk"S'H'l"5' 'iBrock" knows. soyon need and fearlessly defending his a'U'm"3'W 555' W not tell him: if he does Il0t. you class honors, Everyone has can'l tell him. often seen lack i'Bieri" but he ll3S IIEVSI' been SBSH to foam. 357 ,IUHN E. Bum, Graceville High School Engineers Society. LT. C, A. The nian who suggested the expression i'CIillllSOI1Rlll'l,li FREDICRILZK XVM. BUCK Central Hiuh School. Duluth Phi Kappa Psi, I'lE1lllITlCl'fll1d Tongs, Snake and Skull, liugi- neer's Society. Tillikum Klub. Dragon Club. President Junior Ball Association. Secretary junior Engineers. The social lion of the Engi- neering Colll-ue. JAMES A. CHILDS Mechanic Arts. St. Paul Engineers Society. A typical St. Paul college sport. College of Engineering and Mechanical Arts I ROLLO j. COBBAN Luverne High School . Y. M. C. A.. Hammer and Tongs, Business Manager of the Engineerls Society. HNot i'Percy," nor even Chollief' but just Rollo g some- times tzuilty of BrockWay's COUIDHIIY, XVILLARD A. COLE Lisbon High School, N. Dak. Sitzina Kappa Alpha, School of Mines Society. 'iLignite ," "Nellie the Beautif" "Hath the man Mer- rill any daughters?" 358 l . , .1 3. Rosum' A. Com: Central High School Minneapolis Delta Upsilon, junior Ball Association, Y. M. C. A., 1st Lieutenant U. M. C. C. Taking Math. over because he wasn't well enough ac- quainted with tlie restof the cones and their near relation, the conies. i C1-iAicLEs Ror.r.ANn Coxxny Central High School Minneapolis Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Tilli- kuni Klub. Sigma Kappa Alnha, School of Mines Society. "Maud Eolisf' "Here he conies, smiling like a Turkey Cock." "Can't we have steam engine three times a week?" CLOx'1s M. CUNVI-:nsn Central High School, St. Paul Engineer's Society. Y,M.C.A. "Cloves" thinks this is a strenuous age, so hurry up and get busy! L1Nnsi.i1:i' Bvnow Cckriss Pillsbury Academy ' Sigma Alpha Epsilon. Engin- eer's Society. Y, M, C. A.. Glee and Mandolin Club, Musi- cal Federation. junior Ball As- sociation. Bones" was disappointed in love, so has taken to piping. College of Engineering and Mechanical Arts IQALPH M. DAUES North High School Minneapolis Engineer's Society. Has been known to associate with Lambert. and even Kirch- er Bros. Exhibits some worthy traits notwithstanding! Arzcnirz XYAIL Duscfxxsos Stewartville High School Engineer's Society.Y,M,CA.. Band, Trumpet Corps. lADUHli'lll21SI1'!1llUCl1 to say. That, of course, is due to his ladylike disposition. Belongs to the class of '09. plus or minus, principally minus. 359 JAY T. ELLISON Eninietsburg High School Iowa Hamline University, St. Paul Engineefs Society, The only one in the class that can finish one of Cutler's quizzes in less than four hours. XVILLIANI IZLSBERG South High School Minneapolis Engineering Societyf Vice President junior '09 Class. Noted for his ability to roll the dice. College of Engineering and DUNALD lWIRICK FORFAR Central High School Minneapolis Engineer's Society. In the roll of Damon is occas- ionally seen with Pythias. iSee Shippanrl Keeps his hair muz- zled to keep out the birds. . . N . .PF FRANK FERDINAND Essen East High School Minneapolis Engineers Society. Franks diligent application to Physics has brought tears to the eyesof the faculty. Emma T. Foss ' Anoka High School Engineers Society, Shako- pean Literary Society, Y. M. C. A., Regimental Q. M., Ser- ueant U. M. C. C., Minnesota Dahily, Gopher Board. Fuss,"-there's a reason. From Anoka too, but perfectly respectable, nuff said! 360 A iigf 1iOBERTl'l.FLE'1'CllER East Iligh School Minneapolis Sigma Kappa Alpha, "Bob" i'For1'm 21 mining, mining, milling engineer." Sadly, at the Hop: "Only nine left for the girl!"-Who said anything about absinthe? "Boys. I've reformed I" Mechanical Arts HERBERT C. FRAHM Rochester High School The only authority on an- swers toi'Merriam'sMechanics Problems," sw ICRNES1' Aiwliulc IfRI'rsl1t'Ro Biwabik lligh School Sigma Kappa Alpha. A'Chokc.'l 'Tritzie Schefff Shit-s at the rnstle ofa skirt. Li-:sri-:R ll. Klxosnv Central lligh School Minneapolis l-2ngintAcr's Society. "King: Les" was wanted for a Lieutenant, but found it "too strenuous to keen his shoes polished and wear such an im- maculate collar." LAwnr:Nc1-1 T. GAVIN Staples lligh School Sigma Kappa Alpha, School of Mines Society. "Larry," "Irish" 'iNo. Q." i'Say Follows. is No. 72 in yet?" Mala. gimme a cent, I want to he tough." College of Engineering and Mechanical Arts A. C. Goonaieo lilbow Lake High School lingineefs Society. Ilchas worked for the Park Board two years, and knows all the "bench marks" at Min- nehaha. FRED RAY Gn.xx'r Vvindoin Iligh School Engineers Society An innocent, nnofirnsive fel- low who aspires to social honors. 361 Roru. Cmuis GRANT Dnlnth High School Sigma Kappa Alpha. Corres- ponding Secretary of School of Mines Society. Ul'lysses," "Uncle Sam," VVe who have good wits have much to answer for. ALUI-:RT J. l'l1'1'zKE1z Winona High School Member of Board of Direc- tors of the Minnesota Catholic Association, Engineers Soci- ety. He of the fluent tongue, who dares to question the authority of the Dean himself. Marie thinks that's "just perfectly Qrand of him." QHJY BYRON HOGNASON Minneota High School Sigma Kappa Alpha, Mining Society. ulilubbcrf' "I remember one thing which I never for- f1ot." A whale in studies,'he hails from Iceland. Clams. I-L. IIOLMGREN Breckenridge High School Y. M. C, A., Shakopean Soci- ety. Noted for his perseverance, Shown bythe way he bobs up after each new "blue one" is handed to him, College of Engineering and Mechanical Arts gt MARK L. H0l'KINS y l K SAMUEL LESLIE HOYT F111-:U A. Iltruaaxp Central High School Central High 5011001 New Ulm High School Minneapolis . Minneapolis He has had one of his Gopher No he is not from there, or Sigma kappa A191131 Man' pictures reduced to locket size. Anoka either, and he isn't so easy. dohn Club, Band, School of Mines Society. Main claim to fame: Passed Bennie two and one-half years. Shows his patriotism by hating the Civils. 362 1 llENRY A. lIt'H1:.uui Spencer High School, Iowa Iowa State College Zeta Psi,Tilliku1n Klub, jun- iorBall Association, Glee Club. Hank came to the Univer- sity to discover the minimum of work with which one could graduate. H, lwtsnicno Concordia College Engineer's Society. His sweet temper and ami- able disposition have endeared him to us all. lQoiai21i'i'JAour:s Duluth llitzli School Sitzma Chi. Hammer and Tongs, Engineers Society, Treasurer of Class. Three years ago he was an in- nocent country boy. Now-. College of Engineering and Mechanical Arts Hr-:RMAN R. jnimsox East High School, Minneapolis Engineers Society. just Johnson, Greatest vir- tue: hobnobs with Mark. Eif43EXI'1 Vicrnn IQAPLAN Owatonna High School Engineers Society, Komen- sky Club. Y. M. C. A, "EWee" is always in a hurry, and is quite a "fusser." 363 IAAXVRI-INCE W'A'r5fvN KING Central High School, Minneapolis Beta Theta Pi, Scabbard and Blade, Forum, lst Lieut. and 2nd Batt. Adjutant, Crack Squad. "Larry." "Bright Eyes," His vigorous and manly ap- pearance make him a lion in society, "by heck." ' FRAxk J, KIRCH1-:R Gr-Loran: A. KIRCIIER XVILLIAM REUHEN KNOPP Iludson Hirzh School Hudson High School Humboldt lligh School Nvisconsin XVisconsin St. Paul Eni'1ineer's Society? Engineer's Society Enizineerls Society. HKlfCl19l' No. lf' The CZ31' "Kimber No. II." A"Herum- Our debatcr, As fond of arizu of the Meclianicalsf' Sgarumu 501-t of boy, ment as a bull pup. College of Engineering and Mechanical Arts Gieonoit ALB:-:RT Krzuscnxzs Central lligh School, Duluth Hammer and Tongs, Engi- neer's Society, Mandolin Club, Called "Kruschke" for short. Blnffed the Profs. till his bluff was called-still he may break even. PHINNEY LARSON Fosston High School Thulanian Club. A "Plu41x1er" who never Htroes out." Takes an extra subject in "Tom 8z J." to fill out his time. 364- li. M, LAMBERT Young America High School Acacia, Eni1ineer's Society, Gopher Board. Better known as "Sonny," "That reminds l'l1Ell'll16l1 the audience scatters. Cnsxari-is Ll. l.iNmA.Li-ii-' Central High School, St. Paul Charley is popular with the 'iuirls" 'cause hes uiarrit-il. VVears :t standing collar and sotnetiint-s shares, Lewin-is lf, hlflfl'1NZll"1 Steven's Seminary Glencoe. Minnesota Engiueer's Society. "Laura" is quite a ssentlef man too, Made a hero of hiin- st-lf by helpiuu "One" who had fallen on the sidewalk. XV.xI.1'i-.R clot-tx NIARK Mechanic Arts lliuh School St, Paul Enuiueer's Society. I5 ccuisidel'ot'l an "E Z" by the fair sex. College of Engineering and Mechanical Arts PAH. A. MENLAKI-i Mechanic Arts High School St. Paul Thinks he is in a class with Al Wilson, but he stands alone in his opinion. .rt Ab , Au-'ni-:ir Il IALMAR Moi-3 Central High School. Duluth Kappa Sigma. Triangle Club. University Bridsre and XVhist Club, junior 1iallAssociation. "Professor Duke.of Duluth." This distinguished baritone is making: the hit of the season in his new song i'The Kaiser at the Kaiserhof' or "Fishes have a pleasant life:-they drink when they please," 365 Lewis llARu1st31'oN KIERRILL Hutchinson Hiuh School He not so hungry :luring the railroad exzuninatiun that he forgot the answers to the last ten questions. JOHN E. lx'lOliRIS Hyde Park High School Chicago Engineeris Society. jack loves a military career -and Gladys. NIALCOIAI liR1nta1f3MAN lylnyrgk XVlllllO1ll Institute Enwinceifs Society. Engi- neerls Club of Minncztpolis, First Lieutenant U. M. C, C. 'ilXIac."tl1cn1ulxz1 member of the "cracked" squad, has thus far eludetl the zxuthoritirzs, litcliln-:lust lil. Mtfiuusu Forest City High School, Iowa Engineer's Society Frecl has at host of friends- he has 21 Rambler Bulvhle. However. that is not the only reason. College of Engineering and Mechanical Arts PLDXVARIJ NICLSLHN Mechanic Arts, St, Paul Em1ineer'sSociety,Y.M.C.A. The only man in the class that can work from M30 a. m. to 6:00 p. in. without a bite to eat-and he does it. A1c'1'HUR O, KJLSON Muskegon Iligh School. Mich. Hackley Manual Training School. Enginecfs Society, Brick- layer's Union No, Thula- nian Club. "Dimnles." My treatment for Hunkers will do all I claim for it. It has made ine what I am fask the resfistranl For further information apply to A. O, Olson. C. E. '09, 366 Sxnxlcv R, OKI-:s East High School. Minneapolis Em:ineer's Society, Gopher Board. iiSid'l can do a "Dutch Roll" on the horizontal bar, No re- lative to "Sid, the Rat Man," 3 we Fkrziwzkivk Timicxrox I'.xL'L Centrul High School Minneapolis lingineer's Society. 'Pninputluur Paul." The twelve page wonder of Dr. lidtly's Tux-sdziv Rlorninu Me- chanics Qu izzes. I.x't,1-:l'r:'1'TiioHN Central High SC "Petty" became famous in the cane-rush his freshnian year and has been the Don Quixote of his class ever since. 111101, Sli P21111 Notre Dann: University Stanford University Enuinecr's Society. Hztils from Stillwater. but lloesfless. College of Engineering and Mechanical Arts Uicsux l1lR51-LYPUURI-I, liirtl Island Public School 1-Inuineer's Society. Engineer Club of Minneapnlis. "Dull Care" will never get rich unless he marries "that heiress" and then she will be Poor-e. LYNX Rmrn ,lurivs N. Sfwro Central lliuh School, St. Paul Janesville High School Delta l'nsilnn, Sigma Kappa XVISCOUSUT Alpha, Vice-Presitlent ,lunior Sigma Kappa Alpha. Class, Miners. Junior Ball As- "1'll fell you fellow," Lost Sociation. H all of February eighth and "Cuspitlu5 Cnspidorusf' I ninth. i'Janesville's l'ride"lnot have an idea: O that I could ucitmf-. get it ont!" HA pugilistf' 367 hramrzidocio y llrimmx C. R,'PiPH1: 1 not vicious. Says little and i Fm-:iq VV, SHJQFFII-11.11 Crooltston lligl1SClioul Phi Gainina Delta. The busiest man in class, Sunday Night. Church, Mon- day Night, Study Mechanics, Tuesday and Friilay Night. Ladies: XVednesdav Niuht. 'iPains" Dancing Acailelnyz Thursday Night. A Swell Party for the select few: Saturday C1'Ol11blClS, Kaiserhof.National. 'ds Gmunoic M, Siiilzvmzn Shattuck '05 Haniiuer and Tongs, Secre- tary l5ngincer's Society, Bishop Gilbert Society. A student, an athlete, ancl a clai'n'd Mood fellow. lu VVLLLIS SHI1-inxzxi Central lliifh School Minnuauolis 2nd Lieutenant U, M, C. C. Crack Squad. Pythias, Forfar's right-liancl man. and au awful sport. College of Engineering and Mechanical Arts A. S1EvE1e'1's,jn. St. Olaf College i'San1bof' Secretary of Ol- son's brick layers union. He'll be an eminent 'fstationaryl engineer someday. ITIGNKY G. STAHLMANN College OfSt.'lillO1l1Z!S "Sto1ly" ought to be on the Gopher Board, but he's taking too stiff a course this year. 368 Howmzu M. STARR!-:'i1' East High School, Minneapolis Phi Gamma Delta, Hammer and Tongs. Prefers houseenarties and motoring to drafting. il. Maietis H. STILLMAN Austin High School Engintecr's Society. "Poore's XVartl" and Dean Jones 'Abell-hop." Takes Engineering for fun. AXEL ll. Swaxsox Monticello High School Sigma Kappa Alpha. "Sivan." A somber. tactlcss. xaciturn Swede. HAROLD G. TAYLOR Central High School Minneapolis Alpha Delta Phi, Sigma Kappa Alpha. "Phiziuiatics.l' i'Fusser." "Too good a inan to be a mincrfn "I am different front the cotnnion sort," College of Engineering and Mechanical Arts I nr II, L.TH0M1'soN East High School Minneapolis Engineers Society, Phi Delta Theta. "Fatty." the class fool, will have his jokesiil. even when the instructors frown. Zi ' fa .... . s lfI,1AKIMFl-ORRANCE Central lliiili School Minneapolis Psi Upsilon, Tillikuin Klub. Dragon Club. Snake and Skull, Hauiuier and Tongs, Engineers Society, Business M a n a sz e r Gopher, Athletic Board of Control. A broad minded student who is always alert and working for our University! 369 LESLIE E. 'ITRNER Central High School. St, Paul Thinkslifeaserions problem. poesn't know what joint" and all night push" mean. .4-Li CARL D. Un1f:LL YVells High School lingineefs Society. 'Curlyl' was once seen with lack Bieri. He never was care- ful of the company he kept. lil-:NJAMIN B. XYALLING NVinona High School Hammer and Tongs Society. Engineers Society. Commonly i'Ben." but she calls him "Benny." He's the kind Mrs. Burton Harrison tells about. l. ALYAH ll. XYARREN. JR. Mechanic Arts lligh School St. Paul Psi Upsilon.Snake and Skull, Harnmerand Tongs,Engineer's Society. Tillikum Klub. Vice President junior Ball Associ- ation, lst Lieutenant Battery. Al has acquired great noto- riety as a reckless driver: but the roads he travels are never wreckless. College of Engineering and Mechanical Arts Homme ARLINGTON XVILLIAMS East High School Minneapolis Sigma KaDDa AlDha, School of Mines Society. Secretary and Treasurer Junior Class. "Hot Air." Got wise on the Ucateneryf' Innocence of life and great ability were his dis- tinguishing characteristics. XVILHUR S'r1-:WART XVILLIAMS Mechanic Arts High School St. Paul Enpineerls Society. The first man to appear in machine shop. robed in the sacred surplice of Bill Merri- man, 370 . NATHAN EARL XVHARTON Ashland Hiuli School NVisconsin Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Tilli- kurn Klub. Sigma Kappa Alpha, Junior Ball Association. '09, Gopher Board. "It seems to me-ll i'Com- pany, villainous company, has been the spoil of ine." "O, would that I were an Aca- demic!" H.XliI4!S H. XVRIGHT Fzutxninuton lligh School Zcta1'si,Tilliku1n Club. lun- ior Ball Association. Emgineefs Society. "Fuzzy's" instructors always agree: with him for he is always iXVlritJht. A1e'r1-wk II. .-Xxlncnsox South lliuh School Shakopean Literary Socit-ty Marriage without love is: crime, and you cun't furcv 2 man to coxnlnit a Cl'llIlC. College of La .i 5 7,4 4lAMl.f Ilmxm' l,,xn1Ll4.1T CHARLES B' BINGHAN 15ralnt'1'slHlul1School Slccpy Eye High School pflla Chl: ,, K. , . . . , Sigma Chi, Sunny lun. Null Saul." 371 A'Bi1151o.'i Isstudyiuglaw for a busincsseducution. XVil1prob- ably get it when he goes into business. 1 41 Q, PAUL Li-icovlck BREMER St. Paul Central High School Can set the aii' in vibration over any :loctrine nut before him. NIONTREVILLE j. BRONVN Morris High School B. A. Minnesota '07, Alpha Delta Phi, Phi Delta Phi, Press Club, Boarshead. Minnesota Mailazine Board, Senior Prom Committee, Member Base-ball team '04, '07, Captain '06 "Monte"-a has be-en. He was even too good for Harvard. He prefers to instruct the class rather than to recite. louis L. Bmw Stewartville High School Law Literary Society. "lack," We excuse him from class now, for he puts all his energy in the bufrle. Member of Band and Bugle Corps. College of Law LOUIS C. ClIR1S'l'OFFlCRSEN Pewaukee Iliyzh School Wisconsin Beloit Academy Assistant Coach of Football Squad. i'Chris." The class has just overtaken Christy, 372 HOSMER A. limvww Austin High School "Hos." "Effeniinate." He niay get through for he laughs every time the Professor thinks he ouirht to. MARSHALL J. Dicxsou Fulda lliuh School Delta Phi Delta. "Dick," Rosycheeks. Elo- quent and powerful of speech. KEREN D. DONAHUE WALTER R. FLACHSENHAR .SOL F1r1'1E11"'AN Oshkosh Normal School, XVis. MHHki1i0 Hizll School Soummilljllgzhpiigool D." Has insriruredanew "Flax" Always looks for a Dramatic Club form of logic.. Let us hope Qhat back 1055094 '-Flag H Vvhen gutsideworkis hls CIIGHIS SV1lllll'ldK'l'St21l1Ll1t. called for he has inside Work' vice versa. College of Law P1'3111'111,1-1- 1151111111111 JQHN XV. Gmzlmxrzx IXIURGAN J. IIANRAHAN R911 ll 11114 59111111317 Ortouville lligh School Creighton L'r1ivv1'sily lfawLitcra1'y.Delt:1Pl1iDelta. xvhile inspecting the records Omalxa. Nebraska . 11910-11 1-1015 119011 1111511 901' we found that he bzvlougocl to Degree of B. A., Creighton, 11113 1111011 1131011111131 11115 5151317 the lllilldlu Law Class. 1'Curly." Lust ycarhcworked. 1311051 19511115 1111013 This yez1rhc'stakingzlvacation inthe law school. 373 .all ' T1-toizwA1.D llANsoN Benson lligh School Shakobean Literary Society. 'illansf' The mills of the gods grind slowly, but Mrind exceed- ing small. EARL E. HYBER Ellsworth High School Xvisconsin i'HubcH.' Measurestwo yards from his feet to his chin. He carries the dignity of the State of Vllisconsin with him, Fm-:D B. Hexnmzsox Northfield High School Delta Phi Delta i'Hcnny" makes tlelightfully indefinite recitations. The Dean, however. is it family ac- quaintance. NORMAN A. Houck East High School, Minneapolis Forum Literary Society, Economics Club, President of Forum-Dunwoody D e b ate s 1907-S. Recites confidentially to the profs. Aspires to all the oflices on the campus. College of Law -ww IRVING INIQLAREN Hunsox Racine College Grammar School. NVisconsin Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Sona and Stein, Press Club, Dram- atic Club, Daily. B. A, Minne- sota NOG. "Perry" Principal conrseis Dramatics. Law elective to' relieve the strain. 374- IZARL XV. HVNTLEY Spring Valley High School Theta Delta Chi, Phi Delta Phi. Som: and Stein. Mandolin Club '03--'08, Prize Essay ou Insurance in Economics Dept. 1907, junior Ball Association 1906, Press Club. Gopher Board 1906. B. A. 15107. He has joined the volunteer band of reciters, to save hirn- self from study. l... JAMI-L5ll.L,liELr:1-IAN Granite Falls Iligh School -an-1.7 ,l. Loi'1sKnHN South' Iiiuh School A ham: l.AMv1aR'r I South lliuh School If c. A Law I net-an soci- M1'l"UaW'hS Wn"l'H1'0liS ety. Football squad. Gopher LaWLi1Qf31'v SQCWW- Kappa Sigma. Adclphian Board. Query: Will he get through Club- XYhat will his profession be? the WS' of his llffi by Hskifw "jake" hasn't set thc world Politician? QUUSUOHS? was HENRY XV. L.xi7ur:ic1vALi-3 North llipli School Minneapolis Y. M. C. A.. Fruslunan Soph- omore Oratorical 107, Vice- President Junior Laws. Shako pvan Inter-Society Team '01 "Hank" aspires to be a Daniel Xifebstur. The only like- ness noticeable so far is the Collar. afiro yet. College of Law ll CARI. :Xi'Gl'S'1' Lixs Fergus Falls Hiuli School We just learned that he is a llilnbef of :lui class. 375 Gian. R. LI'l"l'Ll'-Q liassou High School I Carleton and U. of M.. BA. 'QT Phi Delta Theta. Glee Club, Track Team '0T. "Georgie" A "Has Been" athlete. Now spends his time out of class with Glce Club. SIMON INIICHAEL BICCANNA Cando High School, North Dakota Phi Delta Theta, Adelphian Club. L'Mac." He sleeps and sleeps and wakes to sleep again. CLARENCE B. O'BR1EN VVinona High School Phi Delta Theta, Tillikum Klub, Junior Ball Association. Believes that absence makes the Prof's heart fonder. ROBERT XVI-IEELUCK Mum Hunter High School Shakopean, Chess Club, President of NVestern Inter- Collegiate Tennis Association. U. of M. Tennis Champion, Singles and Doubles, Captain and student manager of Tennis Team, Basket Ball Team, Y. M. C. A. Cabinet, Athletic Board of Control. "Bobby." Basketball, Chess, Baseball and Tennis. Now en- tering politics, Law?? College of Law Gu.:-gs O'B1uEN Brainerd High School 'LGuy." The UO'Connelll' in recitation. Loves pickles. He's a corner. 376 '4 Eucuxn llonros NIURPHY Tobin College. Ft. Dodge, Iowa "Let me have room. I must give a detinitionf' Talks like an "Cyclovoedia." LAMBERT F. Piuocn Ada High School Shakopean Literary Society, Peavey Fresh-Soph Debate 1906-7. 1907-S. i'Birdshot Rapid Fire, peri- odical exploding gun." lt CL.-WD!-1 D. RANDALL Humboldt High School St. Paul Delta Chi,Shakopean, Boar's Head, Dramatic Club, Y. M. C. A.. Minn. B. A. l0T. President Class '07, Geo.Elliott Prize, Dunwoody Prize. "Claud.l' Has worked on tax commission lonu enough to avoid taxing his mind with studies. FRANK 1-1. RAXDALL Hamline Academy Kappa Sigma. Adelphian. Conspicuous, chiefly by hav- ing the smooth pate of the class. Fusses most ofthe time, College of Law I .XVAL j. KASMUSSEN Phillips HighSchool,XVisconsin "Bill," The "Damon" of Oflihrien. Draws heavily upon his imagination in recitation. AL1-'RED EUGENE RIETZ XVILLIAM CH i-zsran RIPLFY . . ' FRED XV, SENN Excelsior High School 3111011 ifoufge Kasson High School Shakopeau Literary Society. Law Literary S0C1eff,LHF01- Gopher Board '09, "Alf." Has a copyright ou 1effeQ11'b4 . "Freddie" has been busy jiminy's Latin. Could sell a .A bw boy who acts hke 3 getting dope! XVe'llknow bet- itzfgteoscope to a cigar store lmle Cue' Chews gum' ter how he stands later. GP n ian. 377 XV1I.L1Axi CORNELL SMITH Elroy Hiuh School, Wisconsin Delta lflii Delta, "Sissy, ' Lots of color when excited. Sometirnrrs answers to roll-cull. ' la. SAM STI-:RN Farxzo lliuh School Zvta Psi. Arlelphian Club. 'iNoisy Sainf' l-le knows his name and thc frat he belongs IO. College of Law Xvrcrizizn Bizunsox TAYLOR Litchfield High School Y. M. C, A. One of the watch-dons in thc law school. .mmm-... OSCAR BERNARD STRAND Zuinbrota High School Law Liteqrziry Society. "Shorty" His tender years save hiin from anything harsh. A11'rHU1e j. VVALKIQR East High School, Minneapolis Kappa Sigma, Tau Slionka. Special courses: P, O., S hours: fussinu, 12 hours: pipe, 724 hours: law, V2 hour. 378 XNYILLIAM ALDICN WA'rTs Crookston High School Kappa Sigma. "Bill," Believe-s that silence is impressive. It may be with some Dconle. CI,ARENc1e B. XYEHSTIER St. l-'tftcr Hiuh School He recites in a 'demo' dialect '-when he dotts recite. HARRY R. XYrt.xi5r:N Aberdeen High School, S. Dak. Au acquisition from South Dakota. "My htfartls on tho prairie. My heart is not li:-ref' Sitlv kicker to llulior. College of Law t Osczak S, XYILSON South Iliszh School Minneapolis Shakopcan Club. I love Jimmie. hain't that euouxlli? 379 MARK IAimi.n Wom.L11:v llowarml Lake lligh School Tau Shonk, Kappa Sigma, President Mirltlh: Day-l-aw. Dizniiiecl and assertive. Looks good from bcliiiid, Likes blonds. Kizwjx Axwrsu Tochigi High School A japanese gentleman. You SHESZC XVllCll yOU DTOIIOUHCE his name. ALBERT G. ANnERsnN - - - ., St. Cloud Normal School L' R' Q' HAWK Brownton, Minnesota Football Squad, Sophomore Acacia Fraternity' football lelflm Ol' Says what he means: means The Sphinx ofthe class. College of Law Night Division what he says. Gimizolfz M, liuonicieicx Ig,l'3U- C- BRUDERYCK T'gfxl:':fe5CiRC85'1IgA2D gvhwhn Hhlh School . Winona High School A y 5 51 I His answers are usually "The typewriter is mightier nPiesident of the nlfrht du 151 queries than the penn' O 1 . ' Calm,snave. reposeful, in the 380 class-rooni, l iw- ' , 1 .1 me P, Q,AKli'l1ELI. W aturloll Iligh School L'11iverSity Cillililllfl Associar tion. I .lusi add 'hot ah" ziml serve. XY. H. lixlxxs Tracy High School glass Trzzasiirc-it If at first you don't succeed, Mc." R. ,l. Cixiexi-:S I I Roy Joi-IN Limvimis ixllllllC2lI7OllS XVQSI Coiicoul Iligli School iiGI7llB.l7lllI10lfOI'lIOKll'll." ' ' ' ' ' l..1wL1tei:1ry Society, llzis ai clerical cmmtnenance College of Law Night Division i nw RIVHARD KING AL1:15R'r I.ZL1xnAn1. East Iliuh School, Minneapolis Centrgl Iilifll School Delta Phi Della. Mm"L'a1'0hS Not related no Kinu Richard. A man of few words. 381 JOHN XV. llll'l'CHlCl.L St, Boniface DeltaPhiDeltz1. "Quite a distinction between 1. Mitchell and IXIitcl1ell.,I." 1 1 ALFR1-:n Ilrzimlm Moya Augsbury Seminary Can sneak the lanunzige of Minnezlnolis. College of Law Night Division r VV. L. P14:1'1nes1cN St. Cloud Normal School Thinks twice before he speaks. jonw F.S1NeI.A1R B. A. University of Minnesota Castalian Literary Society, Y. M. C. A., President Senior Academicg '-Ni, Dunwoody P r i z e, General Secretary Y. M. C. A. ' UIfl1'00 fellows will just give S25 each. etc." 382 nw .. Anm.1-11 M. Przrrzusow Ile who talks last. talks most. Emmy: li. YICLIKANJE High School Not an anarchist. and not as bad as his name would 1nd1- cate. Osrxxie ll, .XNl1liRsuN New Richmond lligh School XX'isconsiu Phi Rho Siuiua, Lenkocytv. President Soplimore Bledirzll Class. Slowly recoverinu from the honors of his Soplioiuorc year. Bucs!-:s'r I.Ax1-.Rm-. 14AKi-:ie Vicksburg University School lilllVCI'SlIY of AIlCill5I21ll Nu Sigma Nu.Acziciz1. The-re was El little fellow unnied linker As a single man he was :L fakir He iiually decided to take her' Poor Baker! Lizox .X l3.xRxr:x' River Fall Hiuh School Gopher. Leukocyte, Sigma Nu, Bachelor of Science. Soft of voice and meek in manners. lt lakes lots to Het him starred. hut when once going. he ni-ver sions. XVe would like to see him going! College of Medicine Il.1.Li,w.x1xn Xl. l!Lr14.i-:N Augsburg H gh School Phi Bom Pi, Hal" is a iueiuher of the 'I need the 1noi1c'yu21nu.i 11.11-Loy .L luooizi-:N Still Wlaler lliuh School Tillikum Kluh. Leukocyte, junior Ball Association. Nu Sigma Nu. Sigiua Nu. B. A.. President of Class. "Cliff" got lost on Midway on the way io the Farm School. 383 ARCHIE li, Biuxnii-in Central llish School St. Paul School of Agriculture Phi Rho Sigma, li. A. i'Gaste1'itis.ii i QJHARLI-IS Novus Bieomcs Central lliuh' School Minneaisolis Nu Sigma Nu. Delta Kappa Epsilon. Leukocyte, Junior Ball Association. "Charley." The Peroxide Blond. A social ward-healer. Has known an Acacleniie C0-ed or two in his day. ,lA11lCSPllAON CALnw1-ii.1. Central High School. St. Paul Al11haTaw Omega. Nu Siizina Nu. Athletic Board of Control, Captain Yarsiiv Base Ball Team. Glee Club, Tillikuin Klub. Oshkosh Bush Leaizuer. Gained fainc on the diamond. Fiucn B. Coi,i1::nAN Dodge Center High School Acacia, Hamline University Ph. B. Napoleon at St. llc-lena. College of Medicine Lmaoy E. DrvoL1'r'rLE Luverne High School Phi Beta Pi, Shakopean, Lit.. B. A. Degree U. of M. '05, CHARLES RALPH lJRAKl-I Rushford High School Nu Sigma Nu, Acacia. "Lanky Hank" unknown, "Dooley" a petrified, case- but conspicuous. hardened buttinski. 384- .l GP1lJRGl41 A. EARL, South lligh School Minneapolis U. of M., B, A. Phi Beta Pi, Shakopean, Business Manager Alumni Weekly, Assistant Business Manager 'iMinnesota Daily." The near politician,-pseudo walking boss of class. M. I. 1'1xs1vu mmm.- A A RW ,S K. HHNFK RIQCII um 'I'.Gr,x'1-31: l'I1iY1'1'Si13'V of South Dakota Pima Isluhil Ifiglnkgclmrml M , :gas-mi.Aigdcillyc ,. H South Dakota: Cluh, Phi RIN gif 4. , If 6 PV ' ' ful" . 'AWP'"1f11-wwf' A Slmday "Ray", ,Claim tio faum-: hir- g'ilY1'l'Lr5i,r1iImmlml Mublcllm In School boy' We21'10"""'PHfb "NIuhk.': liaruulu X Bailey clown, lr Q Ifzu-31:1-:Kira Kllexumpxmx' Alexandria High School X la, A CSUIH. .. at l'l1ix'z-Vsity uf NIE hruh 1' 11 idl c a 4: X ' 'uulurlimlisl 1111- RAY 'lf IIICALY Le Sueu1'HiuhSc:luml luely. Iurlu s lilm-rflhl 2 sllalurock for nyc. 385 Ihuu. XXI. IircLL1uQu Shattuck '04 and ' ' I'lu Ixamm Psi, Nu Silllllll Nu. juuior lSaIl.Xssm:izLtim1. "Kel Nullie the Beautiful Cloak Modul, M.-xk'r1N LARSON Atwater High School B. U. of Rl. Phi Rho Sigma, Leukocyte, Varsity Base Ball Twain 707. Vice-President Class. Captain Varsity Basket Ball Team 'Oli and 'Ulf l 'iMartfy Either late or absent. Basket-ball tiencl, Pniuv S1-ii-ZRIDAN MCINTYRE Litchfield High School Phi Rho Sigma, U.C.A..Foot- ball Squad. "Mac" Professional biblio- urapher. liusx-:NE G. McKEowN Carleton College Phi Alpha Gamma. uklackll-A thoughtful self esteeniinif stork. College of Medicine STANLIQY R, Maxi-:islam "Eux1lish,l' i'Faithful Fri- tlayf' HENRY Wit. KIEYERDING Mechanic Arts Iligh School St. Paul Alpha Kappa Kappa, Acacia, Boarshead, Theta Nu Epsilon, German Club. Gopher Board 'UT Associate Editor. Glee and Mandolin Clubs '07, B. S. U. of M. 107. 'iHappy Heinef' Our Dutch- man from St. Paul. 386 OSCAR M END1-ILSON Plankinton High School South Dakota l'niversity of South Dakota Alpha Kappa Kappa Y.M.C.A.. B. A, U. of M. "MendyH Slinks into O. B. uit schedule. slll ' ' 'll 'rwslw xVll.l.IANl l'.-xrl, fDLSllN AVGVS1- If, QXIILXHR N.l.l:olus1-3. om , V v V ' Cm-N11 Qllllem, Kleclmnif: Arms lliull School I lmvl' Iowa L l1lVEl'5lU' Phi Bela Pi. St' Paul PM 15.09 ., "Milly"Ol11'swvvta1nl saimly C'-m11li1l1!'l'F Track Twlll. Ole PM V001 mf" Qing Cgl1y3y'yBi1'll4 "Klol't', "Cap "4Tl1eTel'l'ibI:' Swc'Llv.'y .'Xl'l'il'0d lust Slwrillll by lloimg zl few qlmloler-lxlilv Sllllllfl College of Medicine N CLAliPINt'l41G. l'l4,RRY lflHVARll XV. Os'l'l-1Rl5l:l-:N FDWARU L lun HW ' - l ', ' ' H l l1H'fl. Qlexehlgil Illlllhlf 5911001 Red Eimdiulglvgclwol um mfg: Piilll School ' ' . 0 , , , ,. V , Phi Beta Pi. Track Team PM Rho gimuq Bzulfllliflq NU- I4enk0'55'l'f- 907- 'Ag V K' " XVI 1 - 1. . 'Q .Z ' . . . "fPS1H'YOSwOHul1f-'I Stud' it lll:::,IU gxlllln atlvhilcgllgeilclaicl 11-Ish y I,'??l'E'1"Sl""""L'f mus. Quiet. Guaranteed to mmfrprisilm genius' 1118111112 SVUM- Azmd. llelltlezuldl1zl1'mless. 387 lll'1NRY I", Plwfzlzsox Gustavus Allollwhus Colluue li. A, Ilxcxux' A. Sc1Hx11D'1' VVindon1 Hiuh School ' Pete" "Swellm1's" lie-sl Bs' Ll' ef M' ll" Yo XT c e '2- US Mm Ol U spoke zxLtluAf1'eeSl1u1:n1 banquet KIATHIAS Srxlrr Mzulelia High School N11 Sigma Nu. Alpha Omeua "Heinario." T h 1: s Il hi ll Y Alnlm, I,c-:nkocyle Club, ILA. U of 'Nl lllli "Sunn5u liVexyo1w's Verl- hezulecl l'I'lCIl1l, College of Medicine CHAS. STl4:wA1c'r Sl"1'ToN , , Hr:1u:ER'r HEN1u"1'HoxwsoN Mlllfleflwllfi Acallffllw' Humboldt High School, l B.A. U. of M, St' paul 513 Sigma Nu. Leukocyte. Leukocyleh 1g.A. UI of M u Sur Tl11fS41l1f11'0 mall- "HerbU The medical fuss:-r. The man wilh the jokei. 388 E1.r.swmm'r11 II. 'I'1zowmums1c Central High School, St. Paul Alpha Tau Omega. N11 Slillllll Xu. Tre-rasllrel' Class UN. "Tru" Bin Hairy Bum. JAMES IJutit3LAssXVALm-ite. B. A. Vtiiversity of North Dztkotzt Daily Staff, Sometimes awake in class. Fikstlal's croney. 11.1. Fnnlutxtrk C'tt.xRt.r:s BAKKI-i XYart'tAt1 lliigh Sclitml Xi Psi I'l1i..fl'lmlztxiia1i Chilm. "Prof, link is it stutlent his books are his kingdom. None- but himself can he his parallel. Cl.ARr:xcr: Rl. B.xsst-'men Austin High Stzlmtul Delta Sigma Delta. .Sub. tm Varsity football team tif, "I311d'lis the only man who t-ver flared to luke Qt rap :tt Dr. Scliefriclc. College of Dentistr . .Ml-. CLIQMEN1' K. litkn ,JOHN F- ACAHWL I.. M,C1tAPxmN l.Vt'st Cuncm-tl 1-liuh Schoul V 351103 Hlllh 5011001 I.aH0Sh0r0 liis4l1SCl1ttt1l Xi Psi Phi. MUN Orchestra, Xl Psi Phi, U4 C' A- xviscousin 591-Ream0f"1"lB2md' The little Irishman with it Xi psi phil "Clztret1cee'l really inttendtwtl lm! Wflce- H ' 5 fxfeff-f l Cai AUIilO1'il3'0I1 ifVe1'ytl1im1 iilltl tu be luttitisotnc. llas won st "'i1Cl""e"Y 'Weds milug- will1111dertake11n5'i-vb 110311 01' warm litxlt: nest down in North- ztlive. iiclti. 389 Cieeu. XV. Coax: Ni-W Richmond High School XViscousiu Delta Sigma Delta. "Co-edfl Skittish as au old maid. His face it is the fairest. His cheeks are like the rose, M1+:Lv1L1,r: RANKIN Courxreic Anoka High School i'Cy of Anokall says that marriage is similar to a man pawuiutz his liherty and losing his cheek. OSCAR DICFORIQST DAVIS Carlisle Xi Psi Phi, Sigma Alpha Ep- silon, junior Ball Association. Glce Club. 1 "Standing Cow' the lncliau reciting to Dr. XVells. 'iYou may make a Davis crown this way. See?" College ol Dentistry NV. J. Cizym-:RMAN Devils Lake Hiuh School Nortli Dakota Xi Psi Phi, "Gollding bust itlil X'X'illic is working his way through school beating: rugs for the co-ccls. .loux R.-u'iiAr1I. Doieis Madison High School XVisconsiu Xi Psilihi, U. C, A., Secretary 'OS Freshman Class. ,lack says she isult much for looks. but she is au awful nice uirl. 390 jaxii-is J. DUI-'NER Sauk Center Academy Drake University 'Baldy or Ramesesf' It should be treated with the respect due to old age. As hald as Dr. Erdman, but does not kuow as much. MAX EMU. ERNS1' Cleveland Iligh School St. Paul Moxie. the notorious St. Paul Fusser. Rroorvn W1L1,iAm ERN. North lligh Schoo Minneapolis Rudolph. our friend from Germany. A voice of a hirml with charminu Sweetm-SS RIUHAR11E.G1's'1'A1-'sox XX'inthropIlis1h School Gussy is zt quiet lztdg but we have been told that he forgets himself occasionallyfeven his name College of Dentistry .ARNOLD XV. IiAARLOW Hudson High School XVisconsin Signm Nu. The boy with the porcupine hairvdrops in lhCCflSlOIl2llly to puy us a visit, NVho saiil chickens? CERANT T. IIART Mabel High School Delta Sigma Delta, Grant is known as au'iaccum- ulatotxl' but rarely takes more than he can carry "except when he has at cold. 391 Ilrmuuen G!4ZORfiE INoERsoLx. Brainerd High School Delta-1'1'au Delta. Delta Sigma Delta. Hllikcll has foruotten how it happened, hut one morning he awoke :ind found that hz- hall a clean Shave and hzul his hair out pomparlour. los. XY. JAN1-:t'KY Hutchinson High School lioineusky Club. Rip Van Xlfinkle snores so can sleep tluring lecturw. joux l.i4:w1sli1cY Rock Rapids lliuh School lown Ilurou College. South Dztkotzt loutl that none of the otlin-rs Xi Psi lfhi, "Lizzy is Lt quiet fvllowwlm rides high. goes slow. hut gots tho money. ARxoLu ,l. Lmcsox South Hiuh School lXIiunt-apolis A quiet follow of few words. Slopes iu :tu anterior direction autl has a huccofliugual swing. College of Dentistry XYIlllAXl1"LUX'Ul lwrnitf ' EDNVARD l.Aw1c1-:xox-1 5 ' ' - . ' ' NViuthrop lligh School Sonialfiiigylifllool llc is all crooked. even his , 1-l , tooth, Soo Varsity. Delta Slllud Delta' Sav! Heltl he st winner if he would lutudltr his instruments as he does tho littlt: pasto- hoards. 392 vkfi IWNHAR F. LIPP1'r'1' Central lliuh School, Duluth Dcltzt Sigma Delta. 'iBy Hen" rteuistctwetl a Dent. llels really only a ltalffbrcutl Acztdt-uiic n. 'Q q Kw f lm-:N I.-mm-ix Vu.-is. .X'rc'i1lsoN iXlCl'iAll17l-iN xy T- I Y, Cillvdflllla Hiuh Schmril Cvutrzll lligh Srthwol. Duhith 1,m:Lg:1AfiiMl Siiilircinl 'I-llllllllllilll Chili, Xil-'siPl1i.Y.Nl C. ,X . Klvm- Sigma Axlmm Epsilon' .X Urn-tix' lllilll with Qrilmlvh bvrlbaily Slulfllli' "SIml.U,A tht," lanky Mm 1 hlxir not mzuiiemlz huflil Hllril air. Culnl itll' mill mher Xmwm. --Thx Smilpg lwcmm ml-ii an In-M uirl, kimls of air ' ' , th:-1-well.ll1e1'f'fm'm-still smile-. XVQ-regn-llciulwl by a guy with Curly hai: In 1-very ariglllmwll Hflirillxii had his fum-. L'lIlt'SS hu cuulml talk he was out uf plznrs-, College of Dentistry .XHCHIIC Mc'PHA11 I I - C-1-zummz Iimaniu' M1-:'1'4'ALi' Spriiiu Valli-y ll1x:l1Sclm4il Xi Psi Phi H-'lffllillglhl .V f0l' Slwfir IXluLrofrolita114'p1-tcalffi Built SIYPCIHIU' 15 bl3VUf'5' and stale lin thu lnlrwl'-lrlwk urmlei' juk1'S. 393 ,Xl,leAn,ux S Nli:'1i,ii,Nm llllslfwn llighSchool.XYisr'u11si1i Bisllopflilbr-rtSuc'i0ty.lDa1lln Sigma Da-It.:a "Klilw's' curlv hair :xml :he smilm- whivh 14-lutllm-s hzxrk lu his thirml mulgnrs 1iiaks-f. him zu l'znvm'i1e with thx- fail' sex. FRANK A. lX'll'l"l'IiLS'l'AED'l' Milbank High School South Dakota Delta Sigma Delta. Menxbcr of '09 Gopher Board. liest man in the bunch. won out with Daisy, XVILLIANI H. M005 St. Cloud Normal School Delta Sigma Delta Bill Mons told his Ina. XVheu the rod threatened tick- lish. Those trickling drops of brown Are IlO1lllX1HlHO1'Clll3llliCOI'lC6. GEURGE A. Nnssb: XVinona High School "Nc-esszerf' Y-he-eis, I lu-u- likc nlu-clu-den-tis-tis-try shu- Shure. College of Dentistry Janus Wir.Lx.u1 O'Nm1.L Lake City High School Delta Siuiua Delta, U. C. A. XVcll ' Iill be A--- ! XVell wouldn t thatff--Y! VVell what do you thinkA---I Z! "Tivl' knows how but he can't explain it, ALI"liED A, PAGENKOPF Manleton High School XVho ever heard of "Carne- giesu spending a cent on him- self or any one else? It hurts hint to let go, 394 CARL IQMMANUEI. PET!-:Rsos Xvilllilill' High School Pete was never known to smile. Ile dill once and broke the Sabbath, FRANK j. l'lllLl.Il'S 1iei'1NuLEs'1'rLic l'oie'ri-Liz Loffls L2 l-,UAFY Austin High School XX'illinar High School blan'SV1lJ,TqgL'lli3Il5Cl'O0l Delta Siuinn Delta. U. of M. Glee Cluh. I i . i .A "Spinille's" hair is struiiglil lflu' did not spenml too inuch He walks mu: 3 lull H1111 anal he parts it in the miahlleg time at Hamline he coulcl make WGHHH 1Je11flG2f'11H1f-vm' but you ought tu see his O. G it in two years. He thinks he Curves. can sinu. College of Dentistr Ilicxm' D. RAM: Madison Hiuh School Such at sweet little fellow! Raised in Ohio where the sugar H4605 QJYONV, l. Fu W. RAYMAN Austin Hiuh School Band and Orchestra. l "Hanpy" wears a smile Sapolio Woulcln't phase. 395 that .1 A. C. RUTH Norwood High School "Rin: Rothfl XVhun hi: is thirsty his favorite drink is' we have forifottcn thu nzxine. hut it is eight years olil. Ai:'i'Hi'R M. Ruaimias lCAR1. SALISIEURY Loifis XV, Sc-ora' Osakis lliszh School lf:-imo Collcue Pri-p. School NVaseca lligh School Class Pri-sideiit ,OT-'ON "Sedgwicli.'7 S c li wma r t z - Xi Psi l'hi. "Fli1ffyRi1gglL'sH A woiuler- "'i'11tyou zilew? They "'I'lio-llumaii Calliope. VVhm ii ful comhiiizniou of laieut forcs- ll2lVC1'llSI5Oli9llSlIlCH. NYiiimly' hegiiis to talk lheie and hidilen hegmiy, is too much draft for solilering College of Dentistry MARoi7i-:RITE SANYYER SCRIIENER Cemral High School Minneapolis Secrrttary of class, Dr. G1'ei-iii".-Xncl now you must clry out those canals with hom airfi. lJaisy"9'VVl1c1'i' shall I 5191 ii? l-'AVL So1,mi ,l. Di'm.i-:Y STUCKXVI-ILL South lligzh School Hudson lligh School Miiiueziimolis XVisconsin lle is so slow that he coulmlnit Xi Psi Phi. catch cold. Once in a great 4'lSanty's"specialtyis Choi while he gets to lecture on girls. Vses opera glasses. time. 396 AXR1-,H-R19 Sn-ANSUN Y PAlN"lAC4Y7'1RNl'? .XliTlll'R XVII LIAXI XYU . . .Klllh South lllgh Snhool N'V'l'X5lflCll12h,5ClWf'l .Xlex41n4l1'i1xl'liullSrhoml Mll1'l4'?1lWl'5 V 'lmnedvohx llr-lm Siunm Dm-lui. "XK'hat's in sn name?" Ile 1-"04"lu"'f"Ufcliwsv "Surface tcnsiml. A ruse Smluw U, vnjm, mg Own Com, Alle mx1'l'ws our fllmlsfzmlml of total 4.cliI,eL.: the MCC wht pam. HWS U1 llfl RY"'?'ll""'f H11-ls behind :L blmvmiuu smile. All lunge- H15 llflll' 'S UUVUV Wd- 5011 can thiuli Ofis A raunflmvn 1-Xrcmwlmm-uln-lwluslxc-s in its Elm-V X . , College of Dentistry CHARLI-Ls XVE111-lml 1- Y . . lzlxpuxe O. XX'Ir.s.ux Sl-IXVAICIE li. XX'1x'1'r4 1: NUfll1,H'f'1 Slflmol lizlssml lliulxScl1-ml Swulh llialll 5Cllf"'l DMM Y- K Amwin k-l.:Elel.Hilyl - lllixlm-apulis in , ' ' L 'I H l 'l' lm Dull 15 illgmlllgng-, lug Un-lm Smllm lh-lla. Kll-n ' I '.ll5l'h'ut Ur Qllfv- , trmlhlr-Q arc- little- Ulu-sf"K'y" Enlimrin Clxin-t',Gupl1c-r. f1'ffSH"1 Nlltllscfl Wlll' has lm lroulmlc-S, "4'unnimzl1zxm N Oh uin'L Iu- ',ll'f'h"f HH mmf" lj' I I W1 cum-I NYhal spa-rillxens mluxh lltyhltllx. lun hm- can lull lhv nature smm-lilm-s turn our whn-I1 ihz- ii in A lx1vr1'5 moml! 397 lu ' GUY C,BuczxaE1a Payntesville Hiuh School ARcn1R G. Do'rY Eyota High School A. B, C. Club. Little is known of him bythe Althouuha noisy fellow. his junior Class. but he is well only recreations are the Dewey. known bythe Seniors, and Lanels Dancinu Acafletny, XVtLr.1AM A. EIQICKSON Cashton Iligh School Althouuh Small he burns more :Jas than he pays for room Vllllt. College of l'laI'1TlHCy -lr'-hx Q N.-XTHALIA L. GJERDINGEN Halstatl High School Better known as "Nettie" She has little to do with the boys. HoRAc1-: L. Hamnxrox Lincoln High School "Hamm is continually crack- ing jokes about the Faculty. He always wants a cushion in his chair because it takes too much energy to move, 398 XYALTER G. HOHN Buifalo Hitih School A quiet fellow making: the junior Class in two years' others usually make it in one. A1.1+:EnT L1-ZHQVOLD oEMII.Y Lucius Lvxmw NVatervillu High School, Iowa Gracevillc High School "XVhistling Rnfnsfl Tall. I'nivcrsity Catholic Associf lanky. and nothing to him, ation. "Pinkie'l has been called thu angel on account of her hc- havior. e' w 5 We K '-:i ff jon-IN MAJ:-:RLS jk. Helena High School. Montana Phi Chi. Y. M. C. A. "CuttiniI class is my spec- ialty, "I also enjoy a good fOl'IL1ll'll0llSS.H College of Pharmac XYERA MATTH1-:WSON Iowa State Normal School She is new but understands boys: at least she has them all XVOI'lilI12f0l'llL'l', ' ,I -K Npffrff .-1 . if '- sf , wr vu w I I ft 1',l 2 o get ,., Z., . HAZEL NIAXWELL St. Panl Central High School During class 'iLiz" is always talking to aboy, Finding fault with the lessons is l1er strong Doint. 399 mf its GRACE lxIEADOWCROFT Austin High School Once a nurse. her delight is to bandage boys hands. She insists upon wearing a 'iiiutfy ruiflell hat , .ii Z.. CH!-1.1, hX 2. 'iiusox . nxris T0Ns'1'.xNc'i-: 1-:vii-x Ins!-' IIC NI1 x R C N -X L P vlorrlzux High School XVas1'Ca lliuh School XVl14':1t011 lligh School HH is the clown of tha- class "1iwugiu" knows in is helufi' The "l'1'ish:" of thu class lint hu dislikes to be tensrfcl. to bu late to ClzlSS. than to miss :ind always fnssing. mostly sleep and Lane- s ilzincus, with ll1eeSL-niorsaml:heD4-nts, College of Pharmac kkkk 1- , fJ"f, ,,f' - 559' 2' Q if ' fy A . . L, - 2 ... ' . ' 'iii , .,. ' . Ai if fnluf- K - K L 'EV , " fr iklmurz XY. 1foNTiHAN QC. Ri'i1oI.vH Ri-111-:RSON NELSON M'1Li,r.xx1 Rnoi' fflSV0li-lliil l?lHll 5011001 Spring Grove llluh School lvlankato High School 5l' 12111 "The Swede" pitchm-s inns: ' Phi Chi. Y. M. C. A. AlphaGznn1naQcll:1, of the time. takes slam-n :ind rAn invet me 1' are calamity Y. XV. C. :X..XYO1'l'lEll1 S Leaunr-. Pharinacy tho rest. lmwlvr. YVears 21 fluffy hut. XVavvrs betwuun bcinu a nill-mllei' cn' a lJQ'Zll1IlOllS nurse. 4-00 .'11c'1'1-1111 F. S11-IV1-ZR'l' lfluwx SLuxsuw HMR1' XX' SVHDHI' New R11111z111d 1111411 S1'11oo1 G1'z1rtu1'i111e Hi1111kScf11uo1 N'ff"12111flU"WH'H1'S"'f1"1 V Ile- 911911118 IIIOSL of his 1i1111- 1'1'esi11v11111f P11111A111z1c5 Class. lv Tihfnt' bm 'ID' M1 hi' mm 111 1oz11111u 21111111111 1111- follvum' .X11a1i111'm11111-21111u11or1111t1111- 'I ' 1llI1- 11111111111 was mo 14111111 fm' 111111 Co11ege of Pharmacy 1 ass. no 1J11111s11111f11111111l111u11lo11. 1 11A1w1.11 A. Tx'1111o1.x1 6314141141912 1-2. XV411.F Kuzo Y1'mA111s111 N1-xv R1C111Z11ll1I'111J1l School O1ivia1li1411 Srhool Kix'1111sf-i C0111-uc "Ski1111v4' is 11 1121111 sl1111e111. 131-111-11 1'iIlOXK'l1 as I-AI'l11l1El1.N .X11i11f111isi1ivff O1'i1e11t:11. xx'1111 1-1z'1oo,111-101114510 1.211161 fs1Jz111C- 111' is alwnvs 11111: 111 :l - ' ' ' ' 1111: .-Xcz1r1v111y, bm1yk11f1ws1111-11-11so11. 401 Mosrzs lixkxox IJAULINI-2 li, ZALICSKY . U . . . V St. Paul Central High School 92112-1lH,'fl' Schfjol' Paul Always ready todo what the . L 5"'?f5'9f.l"W15l' l'ltmm5 bow gmmcqt Society, President. 'K ' ' ' ' Always present. always talk- ing. yetf Iimenx' F, EMER1' Lockport High School, Lockport, N. Y. President Medic Class of 1901. A good fellow over fond of hooks. College of Medicine Six Year 1 vlflH'Fm':D P' FKELIGH Glcmktslc A GICIST Stlllwmer High School Mechanic Arts Hixh School St. Paul Sigma Nu, Bishop Gilbert Society. junior Ball Associa- TO what will he attains tion. Secretary Tilliknm Klub. Sergeant Company B., Y- For two weeks 'iPottso wore a beard. 402 Al 7 BIURDOCK A. NICHOLSON Central High School. St. Paul Phi Beta Pi. Always willinu to help. XVXLLIAM G. STnoBr:L ' Mankato Iliuh School Oni' "Festive" friend. IJURANT l3AifcLAx' Mechanic Arts Hiuh School St. Paul Delta Fnsilon. junior liall Association. .-Xftt-1' trying sewn-I':il 1'oui'sn-s he has tlccimlecl that tlwrt- is no place like the "Farm" for hiin. ge Cill'LS'1'i1:R ll. Blvgieuf-.'1'kiuM East lligh School. Minneapolis "Bcrgc.H The man with a pleasant sniilv for evm-ryomv' of late esnecially in lvchalfvof the "Rlcn's Building lfnnti. College of Agriculture Hanley liiixsox CAiueor.1. jr. AHi'iculinral School Alpha Tan Ointfga, Alpha Zeta. Tilliknni Klnh. Gopher lioanl, junior Ball Association. Presitlcnt junior Class Agri- culture. 'Q-Xifgzieisil hiuli-flyer in socief ty. llasn't the livart to slain thc girls. Tnoxms Comm-in Minnesota School of AL1l'iClllUl1't: Alnha Zeta. "'l'om. ' "Conte now. let nie snake. you a business proposi- tion. 4-O3 Lr:Rox' V. CRANDALL Red NVing High School Alpha Zeta. 4"Bi1li.H Evtwylmrly knowS I vt: hall charge of our County exhibit at tht' stats' fair for years." 1 , fx --f ,, it M MARY K. HARTZIQLI, East Hush School. Minneapolis 'iMary.'l a maid with the manner of a man. liicumza RAYMUND Okie Michigan City Hiulx School Iutliana Phi Kappa Psi. Aclelphian Club. junior Ball Association. Y.NI.C.A.. Football Squad 1907. Basket l5all1tl0ti.Pi'es. Forestry Club ISIUT. i'Rayl' In a laundry agency: i'XVhat kind of collars are those ymfve not for I Ctlllt a-niectf. linrrn V. lixowixrnu East lliuh School, Minneapolis KappaAlphaTl1cta.VVcnnan's LC?2iHll8.ACZlIl1.llllS Literary So- ciety, "Teeclee.'l llow :lid it Ilan- Pon that Someone is taking a snecial course at the I'iZiI'l!l Srhool? College of Agricuture I THOMAS G- PATERSON ELvrsv.I.i-:Hopf lf:-:'rr:iisoN ALUEN A4 PO,1.,l.HR Agricultural School H O mia Hiul Sclwo East High School, Minneapolis Alpha Zcta.Baskctl5al1Squad . lonegy Of What. 1? H' H "Pretty.H The Aggie Caruso, lglwfl nicl-maine, Bletabolistic ex- "Om 434.65 Be sweet to me "l'at.'l VVe iiflerxnansil like 'wrt' kid." our corlue. 404- R.xr.i-n L. XN'i-:si QHMHIES lgpilyl-1-H.3 15M-.lg lllcxnx' XY. lJAHi.i:x-lu, Srtlmol ut' Agriculture St. Paul Central High Svhonl East High Sclliool -'xllllld Zn-ta, Dear little Charlil-. Mmmilllolls "'l'ln-.Xggii:F1lsscer," Once Ile ig S0 nice. Y. M. C. AN Studi-nt Assist- npnn a lllill' his solmlwiflc' in- Iii- ,lever giveg giylg gaudy. nn: in CllL'llllSIl'Y. sensibility in s- 1' 0 n sw ni i 0 s lint always semlg nhl-ln niicg I'lI1Ilk,1lfill'IllBl' Oh no lirunglit hini to grief, .X fnsst-r. llank Of the gms-gnu cyvs. lint hist! Ilon't :ell Nnholly knows it- lint Hunk. College of Agriculture I-QVA L. Dui-:ssl-in North High School Minneapolis Y.XV,C..-X.. XVomnn's League. She was never found in a rnin- pus, lint when others have shown their hand. She stands in the shadow and Snickers. And yet she can fnss like the band. . 1, .y I f f f lli,Lr3N Dr:Cfun' Lrxfn St. james High School Daily Stall. Greek Clnb. Xvoinanls League, li, King Cole is a nn-rryold sonl. He- rules oicr the kinglloni of Lynch. ln times of vaccination There is no tllSCl'llIliIlHll0Il. lleh-n smiles. acfiniescz-s. ilmls not llinch. 405 Gicnnm-. Mmciir. llc. Exist lligh Sclnml Minneapolis American Chemical Society. Stnmlent Assistant in Cheni- lSll'Y, Morey. Morey. sweet and gory How does your appetite? Cake anal fnilge wmv know ynn like. lint from all the girls youll- seen to hike lvl itll? t r. 9 , Ltl.l.1AN I.. Nw: Iowa College Y. XV. C. A.. Student Assist- ant in Chemistry. This fair maid is Lillian Nye ll' you ask I know not why. But our wish ahd great desire Is that sht- be at little Ny-wr. Vxcrok HI'1INPIROEllliICli Mechanic Arts lligh School St. Paul Atnerican Chemical Society. Student Assistant in Chem- isxry. Oh Roehrich of slow sweet smile XVe'd hate to lose you for a while. But if you should choose Please leave us your shoes. XV1-'ll tag tht-in and put them on tile. College of Chemistry. pw- tvs NVALTER A. SIQLVIG XVilhnar High School The man with the hoe! ' Oh no I Tis the man with the woe we adore. Poor Selvitz clry-cleaned his new blue jeans But he used H2 S 04. 406 l . , Q32 t . V FAITH STIQRLING Central Hiuh School Minneapolis Y, W. C. A,. XVoman's Leasfue. Extra!! Great light in Physics Class. 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Sent Free Anywhere LOUIS F. DOW CO 316 338 340 Minnesota Street S Lanpher, Skinner or Co STATIONERS SAINI PAUL Photo: S. E. johnson

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