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ipumur is all right in its place." iff , ! .f T, as sn 1 1 Q 4, , Q 'Q dx F .lr K .I 'Q 1 w 2- X Ll 1 5 - V x 1' ' K Q 4 ,L'L A x ' , ' ,, .,1, . If 75 x kk V 5 f , ' i f ,,L L L , .L Vi A , .Wu ' N fg KR 777 is W 4 3 ' 6 frm' W, ai V : V l gV h ' xx ark 8,1 x ,Q 3 h , 'f x 4, 1 4. xf , , . , Rx X Q-, M I X L X SX 4'-fx , Tw. w , N' '22, 0 V. , wb . J f,,. ' THE GOPHER THE BOOK OF THE JUNIOR CLASS OF THE UNIVERSITY OF MINNESOTA THE GOPHERT J 'HV V I I I N I5 SEE' W of Th Taz ! farw1'zm1wffff?i'55W5'E -Lf QA 5 VOLU ME XX PUBLISHED BY A BOARD OF EDITORS CHOSEN FROM THE CLASS OF 1907. TO THOSE ENERGETIC STUDENTS XVHO HAVE SHOXVN UNTIRING ZEALQ TO THE LOYAL MEMBERS OF THE FACULTY YVHO HAVE MOST HEARTILY CO-OPERATEDQ TO HIM XVHOSE GENEIZOSITY HAS MADE THE HOPE OF THE XVOBIEN OF THE UNIVERSITY OF MINNESOTA A REALITYQ TO ALL VVHO HAVE EXERTED THEIR EFFORTS XVHICH HAVE RESULTED IN THE ERECTION OF THE ALICE A. SHEVLIN HALL, NVE DEDICATE THIS BOOK. 4 -ls - A 72 Elf? The Gopher Board Managing Editor . . Edward C. Starrett Editor-in-Chief . . Nathan B. Blackburn Business Manager ..... J. B. Mitchell Asst. Business Manager . . Earl Huntley Artist ...... . Ralph E. Dyar Asst- Artists . . Florence Hofflin Katherine DeVeau ASSOCIATE EDITORS Clara Bearnes Vera Cole Richard L. Griggs Isaac Hanks Stanley B. Houck Herbert Woodward Will Hubbard Monica Keating John Lowe Henry Meyercling Amy Oliver Ralph Stone s "I t 'S 9 The Alice A. Shevlin Hall is an idea back of the Woman's Building. W3 lt has to do not only with physical comfort or ff " . . . ,,l.f,.li?Q:ii5l1 even with health, though the building is designed nw lu 4, "M", Alrzffap I QD XM' i f ' 05 for both health and comfort. lt is an idea-or . A ideal-of education for women as including more than mere training of the mind. Refinement in personal habits is part of the idealg a taste for beauty in surroundings is another part, but the greatest ele- ment of all-next to the mental training-is hard to name. Let us call it a sort of personal cultivation which women students derive from free, happy, helpful intercourse with one anotherg and which manifests itself in tact and sympathy and comprehension and the open heart. Of this ideal the Woman's Building is the incarnation. ln the degree, then, in which the Alice A. Shevlin l-lall is more than a building, the gratitude of the University to Mr. Shevlin is more than gratitude for a money gift. Mr. Shevlin has given sub- stance to an ideal. ADA coMsTocK. 6 EIUVIV EIHXL . V "I'IVH NVIAEIHS Students' Council of onlan's League Knowlton Colter Wales Scllain Rich Keating Hill Peterson Talley Smith Radcliffe XVllSOIl F8.gllll1ll1S RiYlSllllOllSb UIf'I"I4'liRS. Katherine M. Talley, Presiclent. SENIOR Irene Radcliffe Helen Smith, Yice l'1'esillent. Anna li. Knowlton, Secretary. .'5xllllCC lF2lg'LlllClLlS, fl'reasnl'er. MEMBERS. JUNIOR SOPIIOBIORE FRESIIMAN Ruth li, llilson Ruth Colter Geneve Hales Josephine Schain Monica C. Keating Catherine Rittenhouse. Jessie B. inn Irene Patterson Elizabeth Rich Faculty ,Xclvisor-iXdzl Comstock 7 T J. X I X X y XX x 1 i ff The Ihwn. .Iznncs T. XYy111z1n, lIi1111ca11oIis . .... 14,307 l'1'csicIc11t of the I3n:11'cI. Cyrus No1'tl11'up. IQI,. D.. BITIIHCHIJOIIS . . TI1C The The The The The The The The Thc Ihmn I 'Ion Hun. I, Ion Hon I Ion. Hon I I Iu11 Hon Hon .. .X. T resident of thc U11ix'c1'sity. john AX. IOINISO11, Saint Pctci' . Goveriior uf the State. I XX. Olsen, -Xlbcrt T.CZl . . State S11pcri11te11dc11t of Public In Stephen KIz1I1m1cy. IS. AX., Kliiiiicznnrmlis SCC1'CIE11'y of thc l341:11'rI. . H. C. Stricklcr, KI. D.. New LTIIH S. C. L'O111stock. No41rl1cz1cI . 'ITIIOIUZIS NYiIson, Saint I"z1uI NYi1Iiz1n1 IXI. Liggett, Benson IC. Rica-. XYiIh11z11' . . Iffiigciic XY. Rz1n1Iz1II, Norris . IDZHIIQI IT. Noyes. Saint I'zu1I S . E.1'-Oriifin E.1'-Officio . E,i'-Ofiidn Qtrnction. 1907 JQO7 11101, 1900 1900 19011 IQ 1 0 1 QI O THE FACULTY Executive Officers Tina UNIVERSITY. A 1 wsu Q Y yrns Northrop, LL. D., Pz'c'sz'clvuf. ix, ' irq , f EH. im-CQ,1z.A.,Rfg1'mm-. -, Aft, ..,. px Q C. D. Decker, .-ilffounfoizf and Pzzri'lu15z'11 A i 1 " THE c'ol.LEGES. 1, I. F. Downey, lll. A., C. E., Dean of flw College of Sfltlltf' 1 for c'rofu1'c' mul flu' Arfs. Frederick S. Jones. M. A., Dean of flu? Collvgz' of lfllglillll an XVillizun R. Appleby, M. flu' .lli'l'l1o11u' flrfs. A., Dean of flu' .S'vlzoolof.lI1'1u's lVilliain M. Liggett, Dean mul LlI'l'A'l'ff7l' of flu' College of i-lg1'z'v11lfzu'l'. Xvlllllllll S, Pattee, LL. D.. Deon of flu' College of Law. Parks Ritchie, M. D., Dam of flu' College of ,llf'dI.l'Z-Ill' and S1H'gz'1'y. Eugene L. Mann., M. A., xvllllillll P. Dickinson, D. D. S., Deon of flzc College ofDU11fi.rfry. Frederick J. Wiilliiig, Ph. G., Deon of fllc College of 131111711106-Y. Dexter D. Mayne, Primipal of flu' Svlzool of Agrz'vulfure. George B. Frankforter, George F. James, Ph. D., llenry T. Eddy, C. E., NVilliznn VVatts Folwell, Ph. D., Dean of tlzc Sclzool of Clzmnisfry. Dean of flu' College of Ed1flCt1f1.07Z. Ph, D., Dean of flu' Groduafrv Sfhool. 1.m1m1e1Es ANI: MUSEUMS. LL. D., l.1'lrz'r1r1'orz. Lettie M. Crafts, B. L., Asslsfrzlzf l.1'lvz'uru111. 1. ,, ' lna liirkins, R. L.. Lib Anna L. Guthrie. B. L. Mary S. Melntyre, B. Thomas G. Lee, M. D., llngh E. NVillis, LL. M., U73 Asszsffzzzf. , L1'lJ1'm'y Assfruirif. S., L1llII'cIl'ltlll of flu' Svllool of 44gl'1'C1fllflll'l', I.1'bl'tll'1'tllL of flu' lJL'fltIl'lllll'Ilf of llrffdlfllllf. LZ.lJ7'Cll'1'l17Z' of flu' Collage of Law. Christopher W. Hall, M. A., Curafoz' of flu' Geological llhzsmmzy. llenry F. Naehtrieh, B . A., Curator of flu' Zoologffnl illuscum. Allen XV. Guild, S1lf70l'1-JlfL'JldC7lf of liuflflizzgs. lidwin A. Cnzner, Sul' czizzfcazdvzzf of Cjroznuls. 9 M. D., Dunn of flu' Collage of Honu'opafl11'c All vll1'cz'1u' cmd The College of Science, Literature and the Arts THE FACULTY. , C. E. Dean and Professor of tllatheinatics Williaiii W. Folwell, LL., D., Professor of Political Science nior Professor of Greek. Professor of Gernian. T. A., Professor of Geology and Mineralogy rofessor of Latin. essor of Rhetoric and Eloeution. 5 2 yrus Northrop, LL. D., President. P E E Pi' Jolm F. Downey, M. A. ' 1 giiiii. QE' Jabez Brooks, D. D., Se John G. Moore, B. A., ge! Christopher VV. Hall, lX 3 John C. Hutcliinson, B. A., Professor of Greek. 152 f 101111 s. clark, B, A., P P l A A Maria L. Sanford, Prof 1 Charles VV. Benton, M. Frederick S. Jones, M. A., Professor of Physics. Conway MacMillan, M. A., Professor of Botany. Willis M. West, M. A., Professor of History. George B. Frankforter, M. A., Ph. D., Professor A., Litt. D., Professor of French. Henry F. Nachtrieh, B. S., Professor of Animal Biology. of Cheinistry. Francis P. Leavenworth, M. A.. Professor of Astrononzy. Frederick Klaeber, Ph. D., Professor of Coniparatiz'e and English Philology. Joseph Brown Pike, M. A., Professor of Latin. John S. Carlson, Ph. Charles P. Sigerfoos, D., Professor of Scandinavian Languages and Literature. Ph. D., Professor of Zoology. Frank L. McVey, Ph. D., Professor of Political Economy. John Zeleny, B. S., B. Samuel G. Smith, Ph. A., Associate Professor of D., LL. D., Professor of S Physics. ociology. Charles F. McClumphia, Ph. D., Professor of English Literature. George Francis James, Ph. D., Professor of Education. Norman VVilde, Ph. D., Professor of Philosophy and Psychology. al Science. Frank M. Anderson, M. A., Professor of History. Charles F. Sidener, B. S., Professor of Chenzistry. M athenzatics. Richard Burton, Ph. D., Lecturer on English Literature. Williaiii A. Schaper, Ph. D., Professor of Politic George N. Bauer, Ph. D., Assistant Professor of Ada L. Comstock, M. A., Assistant Professor of Louis J. Cooke, M. D., Director of Gyninasiuin. Samual N. Deinard, Ph. D., Assistant Professor Everhart, P. Harding, Ph. D., Assistant Professo John E. Granrud, Ph. D., Assistant Professor of Rhetoric. of Semitic Lan Latin. l-larold L. Lyon, Ph. D., Assistant Professor of Botany. A. W. Rankin, Associate Professor of Education. H Hope McDonald, M. S., Assistant Professor of istory. Edward Eugene McDermott, M. S., Assistant Professor of Rhetoric and Elocution. Edward E. Nicholson, M. A., Assistant Professo H Frederick W. Sardeson, Ph. D., Assistant Profe Charles Albert Sava c, Ph. D Assistant Piofess Josephine E. Tilden, M. S., Assistant Professor Albert B. Wliite, Ph. D., Assistant Professor of Matilda J. Wilkin, M. L., Assistant Professor of James Burt Miner, Ph. D., Assistant Professor o IO r of Cheznistry r of Cheznistry. guage and Literature Frances B. Potter, M. A., Assistant Professor of English. ' ' 1 svor of Paleontology. or of Latin and Greek. Carl Schlenker, B. A., Assistant Professor of German. of Botany. istory. German. f Psychol 083'- Henry L. Vllilliams, M. D., Director of Athletics. Edward D. Solenberger, Ph. B., Lecturer in Economies. Carlyle M. Scott, Professor of Music. 1NsTRUc'roRs. LeRoy Arnold, M. A., English. Emma Bertin, French. John C. Brown, M. A., Animal Biology. Oscar C. Burkhard, M. A., German. Anna M. Burner, Physical Culture. Henrietta Clopath, Drawing. Lillian Cohen, M. A., Chemistry. Hans H. Dalaker, B. A., lllatlzematifs. Hal Downey, M. A., Animal Biology. llenry A. Erickson, B. E. E., Physics. Francis C. Frary, Clzenzistry. Oscar W. Firkins, M. A., English and Rhetoric. Jules T. Frelin, B. A., French. Charles M. Holt, Education. Percy Hughes, Ph. D., Philosophy. Hans Juergenseri, German. Jennings C. Litzenberg, B. S., M. D., Gymnastics. Owen P. MeElniell, LL. B., Rhetoric. Linda H. Maley, B. L., Rhetoric. james E. Manchester, Sc. D., lllathcnztatics. Cora E. Marlowe, B. S., History. Carl M. Melom, M. A., Spanish and French. Lillian Nixon, B. A., Rhetoric. Oscar VV. Oestlund, M. A.,Allllll0l Biology. Arthur L. Parsons, B. A., Illineralogy. Mary G. Peck, M. A., English. Bert A. Rose, Band. C. O. Rosendahl, Botany. Royal R. Shumway, B. A., Mathematics. David F. Swenson, B. S., Philosophy. A. D. Wilhoit, Chemistry. Anthony Zeleny, M. S., Physics. SCHOLARS AND ASSISTANTS Edward Anderson, Chemistry. Frank M. Ball, Geography and Geology. Wlalter Badger, Chemistry. Irwin A. Churchill, B. A., Political Economy. Charles Cressy, Chellzistry. james Doran, Chemistry, Charles M. Holt, Pedagogy. E. C. Johnson, Botany. Alois F. Kovarik, B. A., Plzysics. Jessie Matson, Physical Culture. Carl M. Melom, M. A., French. Claude G. Minee, Geology. H. M. Newton, Chemistry. Eunice D. Peabody, B. A., Philosophy. A. Harold Porter, Chenzistry. Ella C. Ruseoe, Rhetoric. Edith von Kuster, Chemistry. Rodney West, Cliemistry. ll 'College of Educauon THE FACULTY. 1. f.L yrns Northrop, LL. D., President. i George F. James, Ph, D., Dean and Pmfessoz of Education E X , A. VV. Rankin, Professor of Education. E " " C. H. Holt, Instructor in Education, g i? X Charles NV. Benton, M. A., Litt. D., Pzofessoi of French E :L john F, Downey, M. A., C. E., Dean and Professor of Mathematics U F' :ff john Flather, Ph. D., M. M. E., Professor of Uechonical En ineeizn ' l fl 'J P' George B. Frankforter, M. A., Ph. D., P1 ofessoi of Clieznistig Christopher W. Hall, M. A., Professor of Geology and illineralogfy Frederick S. Jones, M. A., Professor of Physics. Conway MacMillan, M. A., Professor of Botany. Frank L. MeVey, Ph. D., Professor of Political Economy. john G. Moore, B. A., Professor of German. Henry F. Naehtrieb, B. S., Professor of Animal Biology. Joseph Brown Pike, M. A., Professor of Latin. Frances B. Potter, M. A., Professor of English. Maria L. Sanford, Professor of Rhetoric and Elocution. Williaiii A. Schaper, Ph. D., Professor of History. Norman 'Wilde, Ph. D., Professor of Philosophy and Psychology LECTURERS. E. NV. Bohannon, President State Normal School, Duluth. Charles H. Cooper, President State Norinal School, Mankato. R. E. Denfeld, Superintendent of Schools, Duluth. Charles M. Jordan, Superintendent of Schools, lllinneafvolis. Guy E. Maxwell, President of State Normal School, Vlfinona. J. Wh Olson, Superintendent of Public Instruction, St. Paul, C. G. Schulz, Assistant Superintenclent of Public Instruction. VV. A. Shoemaker, President State Normal School, St. Cloud. A. I. Smith, Superintendent of Schools, St. Paul, Frank A. Weltl, President of State Normal Sclzool, Mloorlieod. IZ The College of Engineering and the Mechanic Arts TIIEFACULTY. A ' '-2 yrus Northrop, LL. D., P1'1's1'1Ir11f. 2 Frederick S. Jones, M. A., Dean. B fi L OFFICERS OF THE DEPARTMENT or civil. ENGINEEIUNG. E .f XVIIIIEIIII R. Hoag, C. E. I'1'0f1'ss111' of C1711 Ellgllll'U1'Zllg, 111 clzarg 5 Road and Y11f111g1'af1l111'c1l E7'lgfIlL7L'l'Zl'Z1g. 5 dam- f Frank H. Constant, C. P1'0f1':.v01' of SfI'IlCflll'tIl E11q1'110c1'i11g ,A 1-... .5-1112! Q ' ' I A Y. I ' 1 . Ifrederiek H. Buss, C. E., flss1sl1111t 1J1'0fL'5S07' of C1r'1l l111g111cc1111b ,Ish 5 ,,.n7i0., F 1 , U W I ,' , 1' 3 ...1-.,, ,,, . 111 rung of I 11111111111 and Sczmtafy 111g111111111g, OFFICERS OF THE DEPARTMENT OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERING. john J. Flather, Ph. B., M. M. E., P7'0fCS5lI7' 0fJl'l111'l1a1'11'r1llE11gi11c'e1fi11g. XViIIian1 H. Kavanangli, M. E., ,'lJ.S'f5fl1l1lL P1'0fv.r5111' of .Il1'c'11r11z1'rr1l E11gi111'1'1'1'11g, E.1'f1'1'i111r111'11I Ellgi-llt'l'l'illg. Edd C. Oliver, M. E., Ill.Yf1'MCf0?' ill MUCIZI-IZL7 Dr'.v1'g11. Roy S, King, M. E., I11,s't1'11C1'01' IVII ,Il1'Cl1111111'aI fflI,QI'IlC7l'l'IIIg. NViIIiam II. Merriman. I11.rt1'11rf111' 111 rII111'!11'11U II'111'k. James III. Tate, I115t1'1,1rl111' 111 CLll'f7t'Ilfl'y and PLlfft'I'llf I'I'7UI'A'. Edward Johnson, I11st1'11r!111' Ill 17UltIld7'j' I'1'41ffi1'1'. Henry UIrieh, KIJSI-Sfdllf ZIII Cf1I'fIL'lIf1'j'. Peter Johnson, fllwlzilzirf, Geo. P. Mnnger, .A1.vrirt11111' 1111 Forge I'V01'k. Ilarry XV. Dixon, Chief E11g1'11Ce1'. Robert XVherIand, ASSISILIIII E11gi11vC1'. OFFICERS OF THE DEPARTMENT OF ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING. George ID. Shepzirdson, A. M., M. E., fJl'0fL'SS0l' of EIC7Cfl'Z'L'f1l EIlfgIIlCC7'f7Zg. Frank VV. Springer, E. E., ASJ1.5flI7lf P1'0ft'.Y501' of EZCCfI'1-L'LIl E1lg1'llt'Cl'i7Zg. OFFICERS OI-' TIIE DI-IIHXRTMENTS OF ENGINEERING AND MECHANICS AND MATHEIX Ilenrv T. Eddv. C. Ph. D., LL. D., P1'0fr,v.r01' 11fE11g1'11z'f1'1'11g and JIfCCl101l1AL'5. Arthnr IEKIXYIIIDIIZIXIICS, M. S., M. Ph. D., I'1'11fC5s111' of EIIgI'!IFfl'I'Il,Q ,IfLIf!1f'lIlfIfZ.t'5. XViIIian1 E, Brooke, B. C. E., M. A., I11sI1'11c'f01' 1'11 EllgZ'lIl't'I'Z'1Zg fll11fl1c11111t1fs. orE1CE1cs or THE 111-:PARTA11-:NT or PHYSIUS. Frederick S. Jones, M. A., P1'0f1'ss111' of Physics. John Zeleny, B. S., B. A., ASSOCIIKIIL' Pwfvssoz' of I'l1ysic'.v. Anthony Zeleny, M. S., IIlSfI'1lCfUl' 1.11, Pl1y.r1'1's. Henry A. Erikson, B. E. E., I11.vf1'11rf01' Z-ll Plzysirs. OFFICERS OF THE DEPARTMENT OF IJRAVVING. W'iIIia1n II. Kirchner, B. S., .4s.rfs1'1111i PI'17fL'JS07' of Dl't1Tx'l'I1.Q. John S. Quense, C. E., M. E., f1l.Yfl'1lL'f07' I-ll D1'arvi11g. FrunkI5n R. Meklillan, .S'1'11dr11f flxszkfczzzt Z-ll D1'aw1'11g. I3 111 1'11111'g IATICS. The School of ines THE I".-XCULTY. - 4 Vf yrus Northrop, LL. D., I'1'c'sidc'11f. E - ' OFFICERS OF THE DEPARTMENT OF MINING AND x1ET.xI.I.1T1uzY. 51 f NVIHIZLIH R. Anlclmy, M. A., Dean and Pro FJSOI' U T1ffFfUHltI'f7' i f ' Cllurlcs E. van Bzlruevehl. IS. A.. SC.. E. M., P1'0fv.v.vn1' of .Ufzzfrzg LII NS R ,i ' ' , gzzmfrzzzg. Peter CETISTIZIHSOII, B. S., IL. M., lzzsfmftm' HZ Mvifxllzywgy. Benjamin F. Grout, B. S., .-I.f51'5lm1l l7I'0fC5.YUV of ,1ltII'fZC11ZflfI.LlY and .1lz'4'.71a1z1'm. Edward P. McCarty, E, M., flz5f1'1u'!0r1f1L Mining. Levi B. Pease, M. S.. 171SI'1'Ilt'fO7' in .ls5ay1'11g. oIf1f1CERs olf THE 1wE1',xl:TA1ENT OF csEo1,oGY AND M1NE1c.xLoGY. Ch1'iStOPI'lCl' XV. llzxll, M. A., l'1'r1f'u5.w1' of T11fIIL'7'C110Qj' and Cfvology. Arthur L. Parsons, U. A., fI15f7'1lCf07' in Mfllvrcllogy. OFFIFERS OF THE IiEP.XRTMlCNT OF ELECTRILIXI. ENGINEERING. George D. Shepardson, M. A., M. E., IJI'0f1'.YS0l' of Iflvctrimi Ifllgl-7IL7Fl'l'lZg. Frzmk XV. Springer, E. E., flssislazzl Proffssoz' 0f1iZ0c'f1'icful Engiizrvrmg. OFFICERS Ol' THE IJEIHXRTBIENT OF MECTHANICAI. ENGINEERING. John J. Flathcr, Ph, B., M. E., Profcsxol' of ,1IL't'1lf1lI1.L'C1I Elzgilzccrilzg. XVilliam H. Kavauaugh, M. E., Assistant l,1'UfCSA'0I' of Mvvfmazzfcal !51zgi1LCm'z'ug. 14 The School of Chemistry 'l'I IE FACULTY. - yrus Northrop, LL, D., l'1'1's1'd1'11l. ficorge 13, I:I'IlllkfOl'tCI', Il. S.. XI. A., Ph, IJ., 1701111 111111 P1'0f1's.r111' of , ' C'l11'1111's!1Qv 111111' T11.1'1'1'11!11gy. N' 0 ' Chas. F, S1111-11c1', B. l'1'11f1'J5111' of f11ltIIj'lf1'1Il Cll1'1111'.vt1'y. 1,1 7' Iiclward Nicholson. Il, S., M. A.. fls.fixl1111f P1'11f1'ss111' of A111113 ',? , - MIL j flxfllf C!11'1111'.ff1'y, -A P :A lfx'c1'l1:1rt P. II:11'cli11g. U. Ph. IJ., 1'l5.91'.v!1111l P1'11f1'.vs111' of O1'g1111i ' f1fl1'l1l'Zl.YlLI'j' llllli Hj'g1-l'llC. T,iHia11 Cohen, Ii, S. H. .X.. f11.vl1'111'1'111' 1.11 G1'111'1'11l C11c1111'.vl1'y. Francis C. F1'Zl1'j', Il. S., I11.vl1'111'1'111' 111 l'l1y.v1'1'11l C'f11'1111's1'1'y. Albert U. VVilhoil. U. A., I11sl1'z1c1'111' 111 .1JlLIIj'fI't'tIZ CflCI7II'.Yf1'j'. H. H. Ncwtoll, l11.f11'111'f111' 1.11 O1'g11111'1' L'f11'1111'.vl1'y 111111 T11.1'11'11I11lgy. Rodney XI. VYQSI, l11sl1'111'1'111' 1.11 G1'111'1'11I 111111 O1'g11111'1f Cf11'1111sf1'y. Chas. R. Crossy. l11x11'z1C!111'. XY111. XY. Ke1111c4iy. l115f1'111'!111' 1,11 -41111Iy11'1'11I Cfl11'1111'5I1'y. James KI. Doran, l11.vi1'z11'1'111' 1'11 fI1111ly!11'11l C,11lL'IlIfA'f7'j'. Edith V1111 Kustcr, J11.f1'1'111'!111' IAII G1'111'1'11I ClZt'IIIfJ'fl',X'. YV. Il. I3:11'1111by, 1-l.v.91A5t1111!. E. A. Aurlcrson, Jl.v1v1s!1111t. Irving D, RO1JillSl1Il. 1lssf511111l. hxvillifllll Xlulllelcy, l.1'1't111'1' .1.v51'511111f. Tilda Ottcrsou, 1I.vs1x1'11111'. '5 The College of Law ",: 1 yrus Northrop, LL. D., 1,l'C'.YldL'lZf. ,' Vlfilliam S. Pzittee, LL. D., Dean and Pmfvrsoz' of Law-Equity and Izzfcrzzfziiozzal Law. A. C. Hickman, A, M, LL. B., Profvssoi' of Law-Pleadmg and James Paige, A. M., LL. ll., P1'0fvs.w1' of LarL'-Torts and C1'1'nz1'1zc1I ll ll lillllll lll ifwllll lllllllwil Law. Edwin I. Fletcher, Esq., Pmfcssoz' of I.41w-C0azmirfs and Rm! I'1'ofve:'ty. Edwin A. Iaggard, A. M., LL. B., of H10 Ramsay Cfmzzzfy BL'!IFlZ-YlG.1'UfifIlZ. Howard S. Abbott, R. L., of the Ht'IIlll'fI'l1 Cozuzfy H411'-C01'pu1'i1z'1'011s. Robert S. Kolliner, LL. B., of H10 f'IU1lI1Cf7Z.lZ' Czmllly B6ll'fIJL'I'.S'UlllII P1'0pC1'ty. I.EcTU1uc1Qs. George B. Young, LL. li., Sf. Paul, Jlizzzz. fav-.-ls5ou1'41fu Instr' f'i' of the Staff of Mimzcsofaj- C01z.x'1'rt Laws. Hon. C. D. OlBrien, St. Paul, illifm., Criuziizal l71'0I'L'd'Z'H'C. Hon. James O, Pierce, .llizzzzvapoizi .llimz Kai'-fzrdgv of the C1'1'r111'f Court of Mczlzplzfs, Tvzzizj -Coz1.vt1'tuti01zaIf1zl'i.vp1'zm'm1rr and Hz'5z'0ry. Hon. john Day Smith, LL. M., Mfzzzzvczfvolir, Mimi., Azzzcrivazzl Cl07l.S'lZ.lL'MlLf01'LC1l Law. Hon. llerhert R. Spencer, Dulullz, Minn., fildilzzraffy Law. James Coehrane Sweet, LL. M., .lffIIlIt'Uf70ll'5, .ll1'111z., illarfgugu F01'c'cI0s1n'C. Jared llow, LL. H., Sf. Paul, Minn., I.a1zdZ01'd and Tcnaizf. Fred E, llalmbs, B, S., LL. B., I1z.rt1'14Cto1' in f1ft.Yf'lL'L' and Moa! Court Prafticc. Hugh E. XVillis, A. M., LL. M., Qui: .Uasfer and I1z.vfz'uct01' fu Law. svicctmr, LECTIJRICS UPON GENERAL Tomcs, role 1905-06. C. VV. Bruin, St, Paul, Mimz., fGC'IlL'l'tIZ Couusrvl of thc N01'!l1v1'1z Paciic Ry. C0.j Frank li. Kellogg fGL'IIFI'Ul Couzzsvl for flzc Clzfrugw Great ll"v.fIvrn Ry, Coj ll. B. Koon, Kcxr-fudgc ofD1'si1'fCf Cozzrfj, HL'!lIl1'fI-Il Cozzzzfy, lliulz. VVillia1ii Louis Kelley Uudgc of Disz'1'1'c't Courtj, Ramsey County, illirm 16 he College of Agriculture THE F.'XCUlfl'Y. 5 if yrus Northrop, LL., D., I'1'vsidmzf. XVilliam Liggett, Dean. Samuel B. Green, B. S.. P1'nfrs.ro1' of Ho1'fii'11H111'i' and I701'f'5t1'y. llnrry Snyder, B. S., I,I'f7ft',Y.YUJ' of .4gI'I'C1lIfllI'tI1 Cl1r111f.rf1'y. lXl. H. Reynolds, M. D., V. N., Professor of Vz'fv1'im11'y ,lICd1.l'i1'lC' and aa W - .ef iii" ' l. L. llaecker, I,l'Uft'.YS01' of Drury Hu.rba11d1'y. " Zzmijiri- " -- .-Xnclrew Boss, I'1'ofrsrm' of .lgriculfzzrc and .-1111711111 IIn.rl1and1'y. L lfrecleriek L. XVzxSl1luurn, M. A., Profcssoa' of Enfolzzology. D. D. Mayne, 171'fHL'ff7l1l of SFIIOOZ of flgrz'c1zI!zz1'r, lf4'Oll0lIII'C5. Mrs, F. C. Boutell, Prvcefvfz'vs5. INSTRUCTORS. I. A. Vye, Pczzzzzczazxlzijv, .flc'f0u1zts. J. M. Drew, Blt1L'L'.YlIII'l111lIlg, Poultry. Juniata Slieppercl. KI. A., C100iJI'Ilg, Lazmdcrixzg, Margaret Blair, Svfeffzg. John A. Hummel. li. Agr., :lgI'I'C1tIfIl7'Ul C11v111fs1'1'y. C. P, Bull, B. Agr.. .flgrir1zIlz11'r. XVilli:nn Ross, 17111711 .S'l1'11z'i1u'Cs. A, L. E. XVing, Nl. S., .'l4QI'I.t'll!f1lJ'!'lZ Plzyszlpv. .xs5IST,xN'r 1N:s'1'1u'ci'ro1cs. A. I. Ruggles, B. S. A., lfzzfomology. D. A. Gruunuitz. ll. Ayr.. Qlflfllllll Hzrsbalzdry. A. D. Wilson, B. .-Xgr., .'lg1'1v1zHzz1'e. E. C. Parker, H Agr.. .'l4Q1'I't'1ll1'1l7'L'. C. C. Lipp, D. V. M., l'!zy.rfoIogy and I'vlv1'irzu1'y ,lft'lf1'L'IAIlC. F. G. Clleyney, A. ll., flU1't'.YI'l'j'. ln the College of Agriculture three regular courses of study are offererl: A course in agriculture, 21 course ill forestry, and Z1 course in home economics, T7 The College of Medicine and Surgery THE FACULTY. yrus Northrop, LL. D., President Y 27- :Fc Charles A. VVheaton, lll. D., Emeritus Professor of Surgery. 1156.5 L it John. W. Bell, M. D., Enzeritus Professor of Physical Diagnosis and 'N Clinical Med. Parks Ritchie, M. D., Dean and Professor of Obstetrics. Pizorizssons. . E. A 555149,-,N Amos VV. Abbott, M. D., Clinical Professor of Diseases of lifonien. V Everton I. Abbott, A. B., M. D., Clinical Professor of Medicine and lllhliltmmfesiefit-limi:eiihillitttzznfu Clmf of -Mmm! Ut'W' Richard O. Beard, M. D., Professor of Physiology. Henry M. Bracken, M. D., L. R. C. S., Edin., Professor of lllateria .Medica and Therapeutics. Herbert C. Carel, B. S., Professor of Cheniistry. A. B. Cates, A. M., M. D., Professor of Obstetrics. James T. Christison, M. D., Clinical Professor of Diseases of Children. Frederick A. Dunsnioor, M. D., Professor of Operatizfe and Clinical Surgery. Charles A. Erdman, M. D., Professor of Anatomy. Burnside Foster, M. A., M. D., Clinical Professor of Diseases of the Slain and Lecturer upon the History of ililedicine. Arthur I. Gillette, M. D., Professor of Orthopedic Surgery. Charles L. Greene, M. D., Professor of the Theory and Practice of llledicine. George D. Head, B. S., M. D., Professor of Clinical Microscopy and .Medicine Charles H. Hunter, A. M., M. D., Clinical Professor of illedicine and Chief of Medical Clinic. Williaiii A. jones, M. D., Clinical Professor of Nervous and Mental Diseases. Thomas G. Lee, B. S., M. D., Professor of Histology and Embryology, and Librarian Secre- tary of the Faculty. I. Vlfarren Little, M. D., Clinical Professor of Surgery. Archibald MacLaren, A. B., M. D., Clinical Professor of Surgery. James E. Moore, M. D., Professor of Surgery. William R. Murray, A. B., M. D., Clinical Professor of Rhinology and Laryngology. Louis A. Nippert, M. D., Clinical Professor of Medicine. C. Nootnagel, M. D., Clinical Professor of Medicine. Henry J. O'Brien, M. D., Clinical Professor of Surgery. Justus Ohage, M. D., Clinical Professor of Surgery. C. Eugene Riggs, A. M., M. D,, Professor of Nervous and Mental Diseases. Thomas L. Roberts, M. D., Professor of Diseases of Children. John T. Rogers, M. D., Clinical Professor of Surgery. john L. Rothrock, M. D., Clinical Professor of Diseases of Woinen. Iaeob E. Schadle, M. D., Professor of Rhinology and Laryngology. George E. Senkler, M. D., Clinical Professor of Medicine. Henry L. Staples, A. M., M. D., Clinical Professor of Medicine. I. Clark Stewart, B. S., M. D., Professor of the Principles of Surgery. Alexander I. Stone, M. D., LL. D., Professor of Diseases of Woinen. Arthur Sweeney, M. D., Professor of Medical furisprudence. Frank C. Todd, M. D,, Professor of Ophthalrnology and Otology. Max P. Vander Horek, M. D., Professor of the Diseases of the Skin and Genito Urinary Organs. Frank F. Westlbrook, M. A., M. D., C. M., Professor of Pathology and Bacteriology. IS ASSISTANT PROFESSORS. VViniheld S. Nickerson, Sc. D., Assistant Professor of Histology and Embryology. S. M. VVhite, B. S., M. D., Assistant Professor of Pathology and Bacteriology. Louis B XVilson, M. D., Assistant Professor of Bacteriology. CLINICAL AND LABORATORY INSTRCCTORS AND DEMONSTRATORS, E. V. Appleby, M. D., Clinical Instructor in Oflztlzalznology. A. E. Benjamin, M. D., Clinical Instructor in Diseases of W'on1en. Jno, B. Brinihall, M. D., Clinical Instructor in Ortlzoffcdic Surgery. R. A. Campbell, M. D.. Clinical Instructor in Kliinology and Laryngology. A. R. Colvin, M, D., Clinical Instructor in Surgery. VV. H. Condit, B. S., M. D., Instructor in ,Materia Medica. George M. Coon, M. D., Clinical Instructor in Genito Urinary Diseases. I. G. Cross, M. D., Clinical Instructor in lledicinc. H. VV. Davis, M. D., Clinical Instructor in Olzstetrics Warren A. Dennis, M. D., Clinical Instructor in Surgery. Ira Harris Derby, B. S., Instructor in .lledical Clzcnzistry. A. VV. Dunning, M. D., Clinical Instructor in Nervous and Mental Diseases. Judd Goodrich, M. D., Clinical Instructor in Surgery. George D. Haggard, M. D., Instructor in Physiology. P. A. Hoff, M. D., Clinical Instructor in Medicine. Arthur A. Law, M. D., Instructor in Opcratizfe Surgery. Frederick Leavitt, M. D., Clinical Instructor in Obstetrics, Secretary to tlie Dean. Alfred Lind, B. S., M. D., Lecturer in Mecliano-Therapy. J. C. Litzenberg, B. S., M. D., Instructor in Obstetrics. A. T. Mann, B. S., M. D., Clinical Instructor in Surgery. R. H. Mullen, B. A., M. B., Dcnzonstrator in Pathology and Bacteriology. M. L. Nickerson, A. M., M. D., Instructor in Histology and Embryology. Walter Ramsey, M. D., Clinical Instructor in Diseases of Cliildren. H. K. Read, M. D., Dcnzonstrator of Anatomy. S. P. Rees, B. S., M. D., Instructor in Physical Diagnosis and Clinical Medicine. H. P. Ritchie, Ph. B., M. D., Clinical Instructor in Diseases of W0i'iiei'i. M. R. ItVilcox, M. D., Denionstrator in Physiology. V H. L. Williams, M. D., Clinical Instructor in Diseases of W'0rnen. F. R. Vllright, M. D., Clinical Instructor in Dermatology and Genito Urinary Diseases Van H. IViIcox, M. D., Instructor in Operative Surgery. CLINICAL AND LARORATORY ASSISTANTS. F. L. Adair, M. D., Clinical Assistant in Obstetrics. W. H. Aurand, M. D., Clinical Assistant in lllcdicine. John M. Armstrong, M. D., Clinical Assistant in Gcnito Urinary Diseases. Charles R. Ball, M. D., Clinical Assistant in Nervous and Meiital Diseases. L. O. Dart, M. D., Clinical Assistant in Diseases of Children. James T. Gilhllan, M. D., Clinical Assistant in llffedicine. E. R. Hare, M. D., Proscctor in Anatomy. Alex R. Hall, M. D., Clinical Assistant in Pedriatrics. A. S, Hamilton, B. S., M. D., Assistant in tlie Pathology of the Nervous System. I. S. Macnie, M. D., Clinical Assistant in Diseases of tlie Eye and Ear. Marion A. Mead, M. D., Clinical Assistant in Rliinology and Laryngology. jennette M. McLaren, M. D., Clinical Assistant in Obstetrics. W. D. Sheldon, M. D., Clinical Assistant in Mediciiie. Thos. W. Stumm, Clinical Assistant in Medicine. H. L. Ulrich, M. D., Assistant in Clinical Microscofy. . I9 The College of Homeopathic Medicine a n cl S u rg e ry THE FACULTY. K F LZRWA Q yruS Northrop, LL. D., President. A .' 'Q 1' f Eugene L. Mann, A. B., M. D., Dean, 694 Endicott Areade, St. Paul. V . .si f X MATERIA MEDICA AND THREAPEUTICS. ,g"f.g,,n7L., VV. Leonard, A. B., M. D., Senior Professor, Andrus Building, ggi 1, FM 3 yn, ildinneapolis. V li ii Adolph W. Johnson, Lecturer on Pliarinoey, 109 E. Seventh St., St. 's au . AV la ,-jf t PRACTICE or MEDICINE. ' ""' ' A. S. Willcox, A. B., M. D., Senior Professor, ildasonie Temple, Min- -B. A , W A . - f . .:. neapolis. - A O. H. Hall, M. D., Professor, Ernst Building, St, Paul. D. W. Horning, A. B., M. D., Professor, Pillsbury Building, lliinneapolis. Anna H. Hurd, Phm. D., M. D., Lecturer, Pillsbury Building, Minneapolis. CLINICAL INTEDICINE AND PHYSICAL DIAGNOSIS. H. M. Lufkin, M. D., Professor, Germania Life Building, St. Paul. D. W. Horning, A. B., M. D., Professor, Pillsbury Building, Minneapolis. Norman M. Seeisth, M. D., A. G. Pheeps, M. D., H. O. Skinner, M. D. SURGERY. R. D. Matehan, M. D., Senior Professor, Masonic Teinple, Minneapolis. W. S. Briggs, M. D., Senior Professor, Ernst Building, St. Paul. A. E. Comstock, M. Se., M. D., Professor, N. Y. Life Building, St. Paul. A. E. Booth, A. B., M. D., Professor, Andrus Building, Minneapolis. XV. B. ROhertS, A. B., ll. D., Pillslrury Building, lllinneapolis. VV. G. Cobb, M. D.g A. E. Ahreus, M. D., Assistants. OBSTETRICS. B. H. Ogden, A. B., M. D., Senior Professor, Ernst Building, St. Paul. Hugh I. Tunstead, M. D., Professor, 829 Snvteentli Ave. N., Iliinneapolis. GYNAECOLOGY. R. R. Rome, M. D., Senior Professor, Andrus Building, Minneapolis. E. E. Austin, M. D., Professor, Andrus Building, Minneapolis. S. G. Cobb, M. D., Assistant. OPHTHALIXIOLOGY. H. H. Leavitt. M. D., Professor, Pillsbury Building, ll'f1.'7'l7'1Fl115Ol'iS. OTOLOOY, RHINOLOCY AND LARYNGOLOGY. E. L. Mann, A. B., M. D.. Senior Professor, Ernst Building, St. Paul, L. D. Shipman, M. D., Clinieal Professor, I628 Nintli Ave. So., .Minneapolis SKIN AND GENITO-URINARY DISEASES. C. H. Neill, M. D., Professor, Medical Building, Minneapolis. PAEDOLOGY. George B. Hamlin, M. D., Lecturer, Minneapolis. ELECTRO-THERAIIEUTICS. Ethel S. Hurd, M. D., Leeturer, Pillsbury Building, lllinneapolis. ANATOMY. C. A. Erdmann, M. D., Professor, PillslJury Building, fllinneapolis. PHYSIOLOGY. R. O. Beard, M. D., Professor, Pillsbury Building, 1llffi1'Z'7lUCIf?0liS. HISTOLOGY AND EMBRYOLOGY. T. G. Lee, B. S., M. D., Professor, tlie University. PATHOLOCY AND DACTERIOLOCY. F. F. VV'eSbrOOk, M. A., M. D., C. M., Professor, The University. CHEIxIIS'rRY. H. C. Cnrel, B. A., Professor, tlze University. 20 The College of Dentistry THE FACULTY. ',,gL P115 f 5 yrus Northrop, LL. D., President. -by, I I 2 Alfred Owre. D. M. D.. M. D.. C. M., Dean, Professor of Opvrati'-z'e 4. C9 Dentistry ana' rlletallurgy. "L -If XVillian1 P. Dickinson, D. D. S., .-lmlrzzs li111'lfl1'11g, Professor of .lla- AQ I tvria Jlediea. Q Thomas B. Hartzell, ll. D.. D. M, D., .Alnilrus lluildfzzg, Professor D V of Pathology, Tlzeropeutfcs and Oral Surgery. 1 - 15? Oscar A. VVeiss, D. M. D., 506 Masonic Tvnzflv, Professor of Pros- tlirlir Dentistry ond Ortlzodontia. Franklin Ilertz, D. N. D., Andrus Building, Professor of Dental Anatomy and Prosthetic' Teelznics. James O. Wells, A. M., D. M. D., Masonic Teinfvle, Professor of Crown and Bridge lVork and Porrvlain Art. Charles A. Erdniann, M. D., Professor of Anatomy. Richard O. Beard, M. D., Professor of Physiology. Thomas G. Lee, A. M., M. D., Professor of Histology and Embryology. XVinliell S. Nickerson, Se. D., Assistant Professor of Histology. H. C. Carel, H. S., Professor of Clieinistry. lm Harris Derby, H. S., Instrnftor in Clzeznistry. Frank F. XVeshrook, Xl. A.. ll. D., C. Xl., Professor of liaetiviology ana' Ilatlzology. S. Rl. XVliite. H. S.. M. D., Assistant Professor of Bacteriology and Pathology. Frank R. XVriglit. D. D. S.. M. D., lfetzzrcr on Anaestlzesia and Chief of Anavstlzvsia Clinic. Mary V. llzirlzell, D. M. D.. .-lndrns Bzzflcling, lnstritvtor in CtUlIf'tIl't1lI-TT Dental .-lnaloniy. H. M, Reid, D. D. S., 423 .lIvo'1'eal Bloele, Instrnrtor in Prostlietie Dentistry. james Rl. XVzills. D. M. D., St. Paul, lnstrzzetor in Operotirfe 7lL't'lllIll'5, and Dvnzonstrator of Opvrutiiw' Dentistry. Fred S. Yzieger, D. D. S., Instrnvtor in Crown and Bridge l'Vork. J. N. Pike. D. D. S., Denzonstrator in Oiveratife Dentistry. Andrew J. Vlleiss, Instructor in Technics. H. K. Read, M. D., Denzonstrator of Anatomy. M. Russell Wilecmx, M. D., Denzonstrator in Physiology. F. R. llzire, M. D., Proseetor of Anatomy. Frank XV. Springer, E. E., l,ec'lnrc'r on Electrieily and Its Uses in Dentistry. H. V. Mercer, LL, M., Lecturer on Jnrisprna'emfe. A. L. Moore, lllfll'llIL17'j' Clerk. 21 The College of Pharmacy THE FACULTY. A 5" ' 'X yrus Northrop, LL. D., President. E ,A Frederick John VVulling, Ph. G., Phm. D., LL. M., Dean, Professor gl of Pharmacology, Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Pharmaceutical E furislfv-udence. 5 MTI' Z Henry Martyn Bracken, M. D., Professor of Illateria Medica. M ite' f I-Binh. H. C. Carel, B. S., Professor of Cheznistryj General, .Medical, Analy- lfff., 5' ""' lf'6Q25n6 tical, Quantitative and Organic, Toxicology and Hygiene. Conway MacMillan, M. A., Professor of Botany. Frederick G. Butters, M. S,, Instructor in Botany and Practical Pharinacognosy. Frank Fairchild Vllesbrook, M. A., M. D,, C. M., Professor of Bacteriology. George B. Frankforter, George Douglas Head Richard Olding Beard, M. Russell Wilcox, M. G. D. Haggard, M. D., Arthur L. Parsons, B. Gustav Bachman, Phm. D., Instructor in Pharzrzacy M. A., Ph. D., Professor of Organic Chemistry CPost-Graduatej. , B. S., M. D., Instructor in Clinical Ilifieroscojry. M. D., Professor of Physiology. D., Denzonstrator in Physiology. Assistant in Physiology. A., Instructor in Mineralogy. and Laboratory Assistant. Q L Derby, B. S., Assistant I rofessor of Cheinistry. NV. H. Condit, M. D., Instructor in illateria Medica. C. N. McCloud, Phni. D., M. D., Lecturer on First Aids to the Injured. A. E. Carr, D. M. D., Assistant in Pharnzaceutical Cheinistry. F. A. Loomis, B. S., Assistant in Pharmaceutical Chemistry. 22 '1 1 1 F R 1 4 i , A. Officers of the Junior Class RICHARD L. GRIGGS, President JAMES E. KREMER, Vice-President ROSE MARIE SCHALLER, Secretary WALL G. COAPMAN, Treasurer CHESTER JOSEPHSON, CLAUDE RANDALL, Sergeants-at-Arms LELLA HUNTER ALBRECHT-Walnut Hill School, Natick, Mass. 1'. 49. B., Euterpean Club, Woman's League, Y. W. C. A., Secty Euterpean Club, Y. VV. C. A. Cabinet. ELLA M. ANnERsoN-Hibbing, Minn. VVoman's League. FLORENCE FAY ATWATER-St. Paul Central High School. Y. W. C. A., VVoman's League. 23 DONALD C. BA12cocK-Minneapolis East High School. Forum, Student Volunteer, Pres. of Y. M. C. A. LORA D BACON-Mankato High School. WO1HH11,S League. WALTER LUc1Us BADGER-Minneapolis Central High School. Freshman and Sophomore De- bate '03, '04, Assistant in Chemistry, Sergeant Co. B. LM 4 41!vviJf1 KATHERINE BARNES-Minneapolis Central High School. Y. W. C. A., Vlfomanls League. EDITH M. BARRETT-Stillwater High School. VVoman's League, Y. W.'C. A., Bohemian Club. CLARA LHUGHES BEARNES-llIl11llCZ1IJOllS Central High School. A. T., 9. E., Tennis Club, Y. VV. C. A., VVoman's League, Secretary of Class during Freshman and Sophomore years, Gopher Board, Quill. 24 JULIA GRAY BEARNES-Minneapolis Central High School. A. T., 9. E., Woman's League, Y. W. C. A., Class Basket Ball Team '04, '05, Captain '06, Varsity Squad ,04, '05, Tennis Club. EDLA GUSTAVIA BERGER-St. Paul Central High School. Greek Club, French Club, Mathe- matical Society. HERLIAN BERGET. , . 1 BLANCHE BICKNELL. NA'fHAN BISHOP BLACKBURN-POftlElI1d, Oregon, High School, Colby College. A. K. E., Editor-in-Chief of Gopher, Dramatic Club, l3oar's Head, Economics Club, Junior Ball Association. CARL NV. BLEGEN-.'Xl1gSlJL1I'g. Y. M. C. A., Greek Club. 93 MADGE T. BOGART-Minneapolis Central High School. 2. A. A., Woman's League, Y. W. C. A., Class Basket Ball Team ,O4 and '05, Tennis Club, WOm311,S Magazine Board 'o5. EDNA BEATRICE BOWLER-Minneapolis East High School. Euterpean Club, XfVoman's League. ETHEL SERAPHIA BROOBERG-GfOtOH High School. MARY PEARL BROOKS-Renville High School. Woman's League. NIONTREVILLE I. BROWN'-Morris High School. A. A. LP., Forum, Boar's Head, Jefferson Soci- ety, Junior Ball Association, Track Squad, Tennis Club, Varsity Base Ball Team IQO4, Captain of Academic Team 1905. Essuz M. BURGAN-Princeton High School. Woman's League, Y. W. C. A. 26 BEULAH BURTON-Miuiicapolis East High School. VVouiau's League, Y. W. C. A. CARRIE BUSH-Dover High School, Wiuoua State Normal. Minerva, Womaifs League, Y. W. C. A. ETHEL ESTELI.E BUSH-Dover High School, Wll1OllH Normal. Minerva, Y. W. C. A., W'omau's League, Girls, Glee Club. l3,w221A,f CZLVM. 15 ""' ' ANNA BUTLER-Minneapolis East High School. Womaifs League. MARIETTA BUTLER-Minneapolis East High School. VVomau's League. ALMA BEATRICE CAMPBELL-Minneapolis East High School. Acanthus Literary, WOm3ll'S League. I . G ANNA JEAN CAMPBELL-lXIinneapolis Central High School. VVoman's League, Y. W, C. A. HENRY GUY CARLETON-Minneapolis Central High School. All-XRTIN JOSEPH CASEY-JO1'd31'l High School. EMILY K. CHAPMANTSlOL1X Falls High School. Wo111an's League. F. lXl1LDRED CLARK-lllinneapolis Central High School, Y. W. C. A. NVILLIAM GEORGE CLARK-Minneapolis Central High School. A. T. A., junior Ball Associaa tion. 28 W .awe 5 Ex GUY EARL CLUTTER-lAllOli8. High School. Forum. NVALL G. COAPMAN-Columbus High School, Columbus, VVis. Forum, Boarls Head, Treas. Junior Class, Assistant Editor Minnesota Daily, First Lieutenant Co. B, Mandolin Club. EDNA GERTRUDR COCKBURN-Lll1l11C8.1'JOllS East High School. Y. W. C. A., Woinaiils League. Acanthus. Ifdwmef 2-.f"" PANSY BLOSSUM COGRAVE-l1LlI1llJOlt lligh School, St. Paul. Y. VV. C. A., VVOIHHIIVS League. FLORENCE COOPER-Red River Valley University. lVO11lZ1l1i5 League, Y. XV. C. A. VERA V. COLE-Minneapolis Central High School. A. 'l'., Thalian, '07 Gopher Board, Daily Staff, Vice Pres. of The Quill. 29 I lVlARY E COPLEY-St. Paul Central High School. A. fb., U. C. A., Tlialian. ELLA G. COX-Cloquet High School. Y. W. C. A., Minerva, Economics Club, Woman's League. EARL HERBERT CRESSY-HHSfl11gS High School. Y. M. C. A., Forum, Economics Club, Forum Team lO2. ROSE A. CROSMAN-Minneapolis East High School. Minerva Literary Society, Y. W. C. A. AGNES RAY CROUNSE-Minneapolis Central High School. Y. W. C. A. ANNA C. DOROTHY DAHL-Minneapolis South High School. Y. W. C. A. 30 E1-'FIE LIARRIET DAHLBERG-Fergus Falls High School. Y. VV. C. A. RAYMOND HENIQX' IJART-AHIIIICSOUI School for Blind. KATHARINE LEE IDEVEAU-Blll1ll63.1JOllS Central High School. Dramatic Club, Assistant Artist of Gopher Board, Y. VV. C. A., VVOITlElll,S League, Minn. Daily '05, Quill. HERBERT DEWART-St. Thomas High School. GRACE DICKINSON-Bllff3lO High School. Minerva, Y. W. C. A., VVoman's League. ALTHEA DIETHER-St. Paul Central High School. Woman's League, Y. VV. C. A. 31 liATHARINE DONOVAN-St. Mary's Academy. U, C. A., Minerva. AUGUSTUS DOWDALL-Minneapolis North High School. IRENE DUNN-St. Cloud High School. xVOI11ZlI1'S League, Tennis Club, Junior Basket Ball Team. 'C RAI,l'H E. DYAR-VVinona High School. Gopher Artist, Economics Club, U. L. A. AIICHAEL ll. EBEIQT-GlC11COC High School. RUPERT ElkiliIIOl.ZER-'0NVHtO1111H, Minn., High School. 32 ELVEN T1NUs ELLEFSON-St. Olaf College. The University Liberal Association. CULVER EI.1.Is0N-Minneapolis Central High School. B0ar's Head, Track Team "M" 1905. EDNA ELMER-Minneapolis Central High School. 1'. 42 B. SW Elf J. LOUIS ENGDAHL-Minneapolis South High School. Press Club, Boar's Head, Y. M. C. A. Greek Club, Economics Club, Olympian. FLORENCE l'lOFFl.IN-Stallley Hall, 'Wellesley College. E. A. A., Dramatic Club, Thalian, Quill Assistant Artist '07 Gopher, Daily Staff '04 and '05, Society Editor lo6, Girl's Maga- zine Board '04, Class Basket Ball Team '04, Captain '05, Tennis Club, Y. WY C. A. Vtfomanls League. BIAY ERWINQST. Paul Central High School. 33 Agplgjfvafwa l., ...,--1 wmv- GERTRUDE S. EVANS-CL15tCT County High School, Miles City, Mont. VVOIIIZUYS League. ELIZABETH P. I:AIRFIELD'-hll1'lllCH1JOllS Central High School. Y. VV. C. A. L. AIQNOLD FRYE-St. Paul Central High School. Greek Club, Y. M. C. A., Peavey-Dunwoody, Oratorical Prize, Dunwoody Debate Prize, Lieutenant Co. UAF HELEN 'TOLMAN GALLU1'-St. Cloud High School. K. K. 1'., Thalian, E. A. A., VVoman's League. AIILDRED BELLE GAUS-lXlinneapolis South High School. Y. W. C. A., VVonian's League. GERTRUDE L. GEE-Monticello Hiigh School. Y. W. C. A., VVon1an's League, Euterpean Club. 34 M.-ual-:L l'lASTINGS GIBBS-WHt6fX'lllC High School. Y. W. C. A., WOlT1311'S League. MARY P. GLEASON-St. Clara College, Sinsinawa, Wis. Greek Club, U. C. A. EDNA HALL GOUl.D-Rl1Sl1fOfd High School. A. A. A., Y. W. C. A., VVomau's League, Vice Pres. Y. W. C. A. E1.1:ERTA GREEN-Minneapolis Central High School. DEAN BuA1mD1sH GREEG-AI1ClC5VCf. A. A. fb. LIABPII. CBREGG-Pl2ll1lVlCW High School. 35 IQICHARD LESLIE GRIGGS-Virginia High School. K. ff., Boar's Head, Gopher Board, Pres. junior Class, Associate Editor Mimi. Daily, Press Club, Junior Ball Association. FLORENCE LAVINIA GRIME-Minneapolis Central High School. Womaiils League. C. CLARICE GRINDELAND-Warren High School. FLORENCE K. GUTHRIE-St. Ioseplfs Academy. EDWARD SAMUEL HALL-Red NViug High School. A. A. 'I'., Boar's Head, Associate Editor Daily, Press Club. AIABEL JULIA HANSEN-WCllS High School. NVoman's League. 36 LOLA HAMMONI1-Bliuueapolis East High School. NVomau's League. LIUNVARD H URLBURT HARE-Minneapolis Fast High School. Y. M. C. A. CONSTANCE BIARGARET liAIiTGE1ilNG4-PFCIJ. Course of South Dak. State School of Mines, Rapid City, S, D. Y. W. C. A., South Dakota Club. DAISY ll.XR'l'SOX-3llllI1Q3.DOllS North High School. NVomau's League, Y. XV. C. A. IRMA LIATHORN-lXIllSfCll Park High School, Buffalo, N. Y. A. F. CORINNI? HEFFNER-Minneapolis East High School NVoma11's League. 37 NIARY CLYMo HELSON-St. Paul Central High School. VVomau's League. FRANCES HICKS-Hastings High School. A. A. A., Y. VV. C. A., WO11lHl1iS League. AIARIE AALICE HIGBEE-lllinueapolis Central High School. Y. W. C. A., VVoman's League. Euterpean Club. ADELE LUCILE LIIGGINS-NSW Richmond High School. FANNIE HIGGINS-Minneapolis South High School. HELEN H1l.L-Sf. Cloud High School. K. K. T., E. A. A., VVomau's League. 38 RUTH HARRII-:T lllu.-Minneapolis Central High School. Y. W. C. A., Woman's League. CLARA ELIZABETH HILLE-Fergus Falls High School. Minerva, Y. W. C. A. FRANK CORRIN HODGSON-Elbow Lake Minn., High School. Economics Club, Y. M. C. A., Greek Club, Olympian. J. GUY HONNOLD-Le Mars lligh School, Economics Club, Minneapolis Philharmonic Club. XVILL A. HLfl!BARll+lXlll1l1CE11J0llS East High. K. E.. Boar's Head, Press Club, Gopher Board, Assistant Editor Daily, Director of Daily Corporation, Treas. Junior Ball, Vice-Pres. Sophomore Class, Tennis Club. EARL W. HUNTLEX'!S1UTlllg Valley High School. 9. A. X., Mandolin Club, Press Club, As- sistant Business Manager Gopher, junior Ball Association, Boar's Head. 39 ALEXANDER IVAN IEDICKA-Red Wood Falls High School. Forum, Olympian, Jefferson, Eco- nomies Club, Freshman-Sophomore Debate. CHARLOTTE JEFFERSON. ANNE AIARIE JOHNSON-Minneapolis Central High. Y. WV. C. A., VVO1'I'12ll'l,S League. IDA AMANDA JOHNSON-ROCl1CStCf High School, Winona Normal. Y. W. C. A., Woman's League. MYRTLE lX1ARY JONES-Minneapolis Central High School. Y. W. C. A., Woman's League. CHESTER A. JOSEPHSON-RCd Wing High School. Castalian, Economies Club. 40 I VIOLA RIARTIN KIXNIPF-DOdgC City, Kansas, High SclIool. Greek Club. MONICA C. KEATING'-Sf. Paul Central High School. Thalian, Student's Council of VVoma1I's League, Gopher Board, Quill. ESTHER BERNARDINE KEI.LY-St. Paul Central High School. WO11lHll,S League. 'T 4 , I N, N I C55 EDITH BELLE KIEHLE-Minneapolis Central High School. Y. W. C. A. ELIZABETH KNAPIIEN-Minneapolis North High School. A. CP., Y. W. C. A., VVOlT121117S League. LOUISE KNOBLAUCH-Minneapolis Central High School. Y. W. C. A., Woman's League. 41 JAMES EDVVARDAKIQEBIER-XA7ll1OllH High School. A. T. 9. WALTER K. KUTNEWSICY-R6dliCld Academy, Redfield, S. D. AI,BERT LAGERSTEDT-Pillsbury Academy. Olympian. CORA MARGARET LANE-lllinneapolis East High School. HORIEIQ BARKIER LATTMER-Minneapolis Central High School. Y. M. C. A., Shakopean OLIVER I. LEE+Wll1ClO11l Institute. Y. M. C. A., Forum, Glee Club. 42 gym W LOTTA E. LINDER-Al21l1liZ1f0 High School. A. P., Womau's League. KATHERINE B. LINTON4S8.l1tZ1 Monica High School. Thaliau, U. C. A., Y. W. C. A., VVoma11's League. LIARY F. LoFTUs-Minneapolis North High School. F. S. Loomis-Pillsbury Academy. 2. A. E., Shakopeau, Boar's Head, Foot Ball Squad, Junior Ball Association, Economics Club. HELEN S. LOVELL-Miuucapolis East High School. Y. 'll B., Uterpeau Club, Womalils League. LOIS RUTH Low-St. Paul Central High School. Y. W. C. A. 43 'Q EVA A. LYDIARD-Minncapolis East High School. FRANK S. LYON-Minneapolis South High School. B. 9. H., Shakopean, Boarls Head, Presi- dent Dramatic Club, Vice-Pres. of Y. M. C. A., Secretary Junior Ball Association Business Manager Minn. Alumni NVeckly, ETHEL N. BICCAULEY-PlllH1l7OlClt High School, St. Paul. Y. VV. C. A., NVoman's League. IXIAY C. BICIDONALD-BllU1lCEIDOllS Central High School. lXlAY MCGREGOR-Minneapolis Central High School. NATALIE lXICKAY-Stevens Seminary, Glencoe. 44 JESSIE GILLESPIE AICKENZIH-lloorlieacl Normal. llVO1TlZl11'S League, Y. W. C. A., Greek Club. NVINNIFRED G. BICIJENNAN-ClCVCl3.11f.l High School, St. Paul. VVoman's League, Y. VV. C. A. ELLEN ELIZA1lI2lI'H 1lC'PARTLlN1SiCVCllS Seminary. U. C. A., WOl11Rl1lS League, Quill, Daily Staff, Assistant Editor. 7762464 LLIRA ETHICI, 1lAneuANT-Miimeapolis Central High School. EI.1zAIsET11 G. Al,XRSH-SllllVV2l.tC1' High School. A1112LA1DL E. AIASON-fXlCX21llKlC1' High School, Normal. 45 A. PEARL BIAYNARD-LOIIQ Prairie High School. VVoman's League, Y. VV. C. A. CARROLL K. BIICHENER-Sllflllg Valley High School. E. N., Athletic Board of Control, Press Club, Boar's Head Club, Junior Ball Association, Associate Editor Daily, First Scr- geant Cadet Corps, Tennis Club, Y. M. C. A. HAIQRY HERBEIQT MILLER-Litchheld High School. Forum, Scabbard Sz Blade, First Lieutenant and Adjutant of First Battalion of U. M. C. C, RIARGARET C. lXlILLER-Sl1ClClOl1 High School. VVoinan's League. ALICE MARGARET M152-St. Paul Central High School. HARRIET DUNBAR lXlO0RE-iXlCCl'l21l'llC Arts High School, St. Paul. A. F., VVo1nan's League. 46 VVSILLIAM BIOIQRIS-Wlll0llH High School. DOROTHEA H. AICJULTON-DHWSLJI1 High School. ROY JASPER NIOULTON-IDRWSOII High School. Jefferson Club, Economics Club, Second Lieu- tenant Co. "D," RoB1zR'r W'1iE1iL1:ck Klum-llunter, North Dakota, lligh School. North Dakota Club, Tennis Club, Varsity Basket Ball Squad. Second Lieutenant Cadet Corps. PIATTIE RUTH NELSON-Minneapolis North High Sehool. XVOINZIILS League, Y. NV. C. A. AGNES Nlzwl-:LL-Morris High School. VVOIIHIH-S League, U. C. A. 47 REUBEN VV. CJAKliS4VVOI'thillgfO11 High School. Y. M. C. A. AMY SILVER OLIVER-Eau Claire High School. Daily Staff, Gopher Board, 9. E., VVomau's League, Bohemian Club, Quill. EDVVARD J. O'NE1LL-Graceville High School. Economics Club, Baud. R1LLA Whom PALMER-St. Mary's Hall, Faribault. NVoma11's League, Economics Club. I. ALICE PEDERSEN-FCI'gL1S Falls High School. CLAUDE CLAIR PERKINS-Pllle Island' High School. Olympian, Economics Club. 48 Elodlm a,..,,.,9 -'Q' P--- CORA A. PETERSON-E.lbOXV Lake High School. Y. XV. C. A., VVomau's League. AURA I. PHELPS-Sf. Peter High School. Greek Club. EDITH MAY PHELPS-St. Peter High School. Y. VV. C. A. muah c N YZLAQW., F,L.W..M.W C1,.x1:A P1cENT1rE Pl'l'TS7ghltUll, lowa, High School, Grinnell. l.11.1,1AN PLUMMER. liuuxxkn J. PoH1.M.xNN-XViuoua lligh School. Y. M. C. A., Olympian, Second Licuteuaut zmcl Battalion Quartermzlster Second Battalion, Secretary of Glen' and Mzmclolin Clubs. 49 ARcHn3ALn OLIN Powlsu., JR.--lVl6Cll211llC Arts High School, St. Paul. B. 9. U. MARY QNAOMI PowERs-Granite Falls, Minn., High School. Woniaiils League, Y. W. C. A. SARA NIORROVV PRESTON-Minneapolis Central High School. T. 47. B. HARRY C. QUACIQENBUSH-W6St Concord High School. CLAUDE D. RANDALL-Humboldt High, St. Paul. Shakopean, Olympian, Economics Club, Y. M. C. A., Boarls Head, Dramatic Club, George Eliot Prize, Dunwoody Prize. HiARRY L. RANDALL--BI2ll1k2ltO High School. Color Sergeant. 50 me A 'I-1 rv. ,X V- FRED BARNUM REPlDfiDCCOI'Hl1, la., High School. ELIZABETH RICH7BllllllC3DOllS North High School. 9. E., Y. NV. C. A., NVomau's League Council. ALVIN I M. ROBERTSON-SlCCpy Eye High School. Castalian. 0141 CLARA ELIZABETH RossfSpriugiield, Niuu., lligh School. U. C. A., Y. W. C. A., vVO1112lll'S League. ARTHUR GALE ROSSMAN-St. Paul Ccutral High. CLAUDE VVILLARD ROSSMAN-lXll11l1C2l1JOllS South High School. E. N., Vice-Pres, Freshman Class, Junior Ball Association, Boar's Head. 51 NIARGARETTA EDNA ROTH-hll1111CE1130llS North High School. Euterpean Club, Womaifs League, Y. W. C. A. BTADGE RUNEY--SOL1lh Dakota Agricultural School. ANNA CECILIA RYAN-St. Joseph's Academy. University Catholic Association. KY I - as wx x. ci Ld A , . lXlARGARET ANNE RYAN-St. lX'lary's Hall, Faribault. A. fb., 9. E., E. A. A., Y. W. C. A. GUSTAVE lXllCHAEL SACHs4XVaseca High School. Forum, Y. M. C. A., Olympian, Economics Club, Liberal Association, Inter-Sophomore Debate. LOUR CLARENCE SLXGE-DS11lSO11, Ia., High School. Castalian. 52 l2UliEKA SAHLBOM'-xN7O1'tl1lI1gtO1'l High School. VVoman's League. ROSE RIARIE ScHALLER-Minneapolis Central High School. A. 'l'., Secretary of Junior Class, ,07 Basket Ball Team, Dramatic Club, U. C. A., VVoman's League, Daily Staff. JOSEPHINE SQTHAIN-Browns Valley High School. 9. E., Y. VV. C. A., Euterpean Club, XVO- I1l3.1l,S League Council, VVoman's Magazine Board 1905, Quill. A 1,11-yn- ' "W LILLIAN C. SLHMwrgllinncapolis Fast High School, Carleton College. JOHN RllBl2RT SCI-lUKNECHT?FOl't Dodge, Ia.. High School. A. T. Q., Right Half Foot Ball Team. NV1LL1Ax1 A. SCHUMNIEHS'-ClllCClO11lZl High School. Boar's Head, Hand, Economics Club. 53 Llafmu. A ,-hyww, FRANCES E. S141NNER4lXli1meapolis North High School. A. F., Y. W. C. A., Womans' League. CARRIE LIEMMING SM1TH-Hampton, la., High School. Y. W. C. A., NVoman's League. DANIEL DANA SMITLI-'CZllCClOlllH. Forum, Pres. of Class '04-'05, Foot Ball Team '03-'04-'o5. GRACE I. SMITH-Minneapolis North High School. Womanls League, Y. VV. C. A. MYRTLE IRENE SMITH-High School Miles City, Mont. SIMON SOLIE-lllHllk?ltO State Normal. Olympian. 54 'gafwnaiu Xlfuoxliia HANNAH D. SPARKS-'xlll'lllCZlDOllS Central High School. ETHEL B. SPUONIQR-St. Paul Central High. Y. VV. C. A., XVonian's League. FRIEDA Louisa STAMM-St. Paul Central High School. A. A. A., NVoman's League, Y. XV. C. A. IAQ AIARY SOMERBY STEBBINS-Bll111lC31'JOllS Central High School. A. fb., 23. A. A., Y. W. C. A. THEODORE T. ST12NBE1eG4St, Olaf Academy. The University Liberal Association, Olympian. HELEN ST13vi-:Ns-Minneapolis Central School. A. fb., Y. W. C. A. S5 CHARLOTTE ISABEL STEVENS-Faribault High School. VVomau's League. MINNIE STINCHFIELD-ROCl1CStCf High School. A. F., E. A. A., 9. E. EDWARD FRANCES SWENSON-LUVCYIIQ High School. Y. M. C. A., Boar's Head, Dunwoody Prize, Inter-Sophomore Debate. FREDA EBIILY SXVENSONlCiCV6iZl1'ld High School, St. Paul. Y. VV. C. A., Greek Club. SABRA SWENSON-Minneapolis East High School. Wo11ia11's League, Dramatic Club, J0i1P'WY1 School of Music and Oratory. i S. W. Swi-LNSON-Jewell College, Iowa. Castalian. 56 l'lARRlET SNN'lT'Zl'IIi7Vll'OflllE1 lligh School, W'is, Minerva, XVon1an's League, Y. NV. C. A. BIABEL E. SXYITZER-vYlI'OQl1El. High School, NVis., Oberlin College. Minerva, Y. W. C. A., xlV01IlZil1yS League. A.NES KATHRYN TAAFFE-St. Clara College, Sinsinawa, VViS., Minneapolis South High School. U. C. A., XvT0ll1Zl.11.S League, Greek Club, '11, B. E., Daily Staff. fi: mf mwifm ELNORA llAlu:.xi:A 'lillElSl'fN-YVlllOllZl High School. NVonian's League. EDNA :ELIZABETH Tow1.E1c-Minneapolis Central High School. FLORENCE lXlAUD TUizns-Miiinezipolis Central High School. XVonizin's League, Y. XV. C. A.. Uterpean Club. Bohemian Club. 57 fi 27 imp V K I A . 1. 7-I. I 5 lx if "' - fl ' 'lla xx , BLXRJORIE EVANQELINE VANCE-Decorah High School. Dramatic Club, Wloiiiaiils League, Daily Staff, Bohemian Club, Quill. ADELE FLORENCE VVALKER-Minneapolis Central High School. EDNA VVALLACE-Mimieapolis East High School. NVomzu1's League. Y-C.:-,uf-c JENNIE E. VVALLACE-Iql11T1lDOlClt High School, Humboldt, Iowa. XXVOHIHILS League. MARY GENEVIEVE VVALSTON-Miiiueapolis Central High School. WOIUHIISS League Y. NV. C. A. f GRACE B. VVEITZEL-Minneapolis Central High School. A. T., VVoman's League, Y. NV. C. A 53 GRANT A. WHITE-LLIVCYIIC High School. Economics Club. HELEN W'H1TNEY-Minneapolis Central High School. Womaifs League. JACOB VV11.K-Minneapolis Central High School. Jewish Literary Society, Dramatic Club. ... ps A 6 ,V A i V T3 ANNE EIJZAUETH NV1LL1AMS-St. Paul Central High School. Y. W. C. A., VVoman's League. RUTH E. VVILSON-lXfICCll21l1lC Arts High School, St. Paul. 9. E., Y. W. C. A., Student's Council VVo1nan's League, Managing Editor VVoinan's Magazine Board IQO6, Quill. CLARA E. NVOODWARD-St. Paul Central High School, Carleton College. 50 Uilul GUSSIE BEATRICE 1-IEFFRON-Bemidji High School. Y. W. C. A. ETHEL ROCKwoon-Minneapolis North High School. 13. T., 23. A. A., 9. E 'nl'-w -Q91 60 Junior Engineer Class Officers H. A. Gcraglity, President. Randolph Moline. Yice President. ll. li. Smith. Secrctarv. ll. N. Gage, Treasurer A. F. Norcross, Sergeant-at-Arms. C01w,a644.Q flERBl-IRT D. :XL'l'ON?l:Zl.l1'II'll7111 High School. Engineers' Society. RAYMOND I. XXNDRUS-lXli1SO1l City, la. 7- MAURICI-: LJWIGIIT liEl.I.-Bll!l1'lCE1l3OllS Central :ind South lligh Schools. Engineers' Society, Business Manager of liiigiiiecrs' Society, Captain Co. C. 61 2,054 I. WRsL1zY ASH-Elbow Lake High School. Y. M. C. A., Student Volunteers, Pres. S. V. B. VVALTER C. KIQAG-High School, Hampton, Iowa. ARTHUR NORIXIAN DALLIMORE-St. Paul Central High. OSCAR B. BJORGE--Dllllltll High School. Engineers' Society. - .PIJALMAR F. BLOMQUIST-Lake City High School. Olympian Society, Engineers' Society. PAUL S. BUHL-Graceville High School. U. C. A., Engineers' Society. 62 PETER FREDERICK COUNTRYMAN4Appleton lligh School. JULIUS A. DOERIFLEIQ-Sf. Jolnfs University, Collegeville, Minn. JOSEPH DOUGHERTY. E. FRANKLIN FEE-Duluth High School. A. A. '1'., Mandolin Club, Junior Hull Association. NICHOLAS A. GILMAN4St. Cloud High School, A. K. E., Junior Ball Association. -I. ALLEN GR.NNT-Wl11ClOl11 High School, Y. M. C. A., High School Class Poet. 63 FRED H. GIQEEN-RL1Sl1f0fd High School. HENRY D. HAVERSON-Wl1101l3 High School. Engineers! Society. GLENN H. HOPI'IN-NOTtl1ll6ld High School. Engineers' Society, Vice Pres. Engineers' So- ciety. flffw DAVID B. HUSTON-Minneapolis East Side High. LEWIS A. JONES-WOTtl1l1lgfOH High School. Civil Engineering Society, First Lieut. Co. A, Crack Drill Squad. EARL W. KELLX'-DLllL1tl1 Central High School. Engineers' Society, Student Assistant in Drawing. 64 JAMES M. MEANYW-Lake City High School. JOHN B. 1XlITCHEI.L-BllSlllCSS Manager Gopher. JOHN NEKOLA+LZl. Crosse High School. Engineers' Society. f . FREDERICK CHANNING POVVIELI.-AlCCllZ1I1iC Arts High School, St. Paul. B. 9. U., Truck 'l'ez1ni. Quarter-master Sergeant. BYRON ETON SXlITH-XYOI'llllllgfOl1 High School, W'aylancl Acacleniy. Forum, Engineers' Society, Track Squad. JOHN HDNVARIJ SM1'rHSON-Paynesville lligh School. Engineers' Society. 65 VVILLIS VVARE SPRING-Minneapolis Central High School. LP. K. '14, Presizlent junior Ball Association. .ELMER NEILL STACY-Minneapolis Central High School. Engineers' Society. CHAS. AUGUsT SVVENSON-VVl1lfl1l'Op High School. Olympian, Foot-ball Squad. :'T,fXQ" H 'f1w.l.-JJJ5 EDVVIN l3UizD12T'1'E THORNTON-136115011 High School. K. 2. XVIL1.1.xni ll1aN1w 'l'RA1aE14T-lXlinncapolis Central lfligh School. Y. N. C. A., Engineers' So- cicty, President of Sophomore Eng. Class. OLIVER G. TUl2BY'?hlCCl12lI1lC Arts High School, St. Paul. Acacia Club, Engineers! Society. 66 W 14.18 GEO, XV. UZZlil.l.-AllIl1'lCE11JOllS Central High School. Secy. Engineers' Society, liaskct Ball Squad. O. H, XVAGNE1:-New Richland High School. Engineers' Society. XVILLIAM Ll xVOEHl.ERfAI'llI1gtOll School. Q .,..m-,:.- -an QSCAR B, Llil..XND+XlVlll0IlZ1 High School. 57 . Lf:- E School of Mines ROBERT H, BASSETT-Red Wing High School. School of Mines Society, Passed Bennie Zlfi years. JAMES COVVIN-lXlll11lC8.IJ0llS Central High School. Hammer and Tongs, Sec'y School of Mines Society. FRANK RAYMOND EDWARDS-University of South Dakota. School of Mines Society. SILAS LEE G1l,LAN-VV. D. High School, Milwaukee, VVis., University of Wiscoiisiii, E. A. E , School of Mines Society, Junior Ball Association, Integral Club, Passed Bennie 25 years. lsA.xc BAKER l'lANKS-lXll1111C21DOllS Central High School. A. T. A., Hainnier and Tongs, School of Mines Society, 1907 Gopher Board. CHARLES F. JACKSON-Blinneapolis Central High School. E. X., School of Mines Society, Junior Ball Association. 68 rXRTIil,iR S. 1lCfClilElEliN'-NOYIIIllfflfl High School. R.xNDol,I'H I. lXlcRAEgGlcncoe High School, Glencoe, Qntario. -X. -3. fll, Vice President Athletic Board of Control, Captain Basket Ball Team, Vice President Junior Class. llannner and Tongs, School of Mines Society, Junior liall Association. G. F. lNlA1.col.MsoN-Illinneapolis Central lligh School. School of Mines Society, Passed Bennie Ciroat :Vg years. l3.x14'1'l.EY lf. NtllCIll.fIq!lSSLJl1 lligh School. School of Mines Society, Passed llennie :W years. :XNTOX Cl'1:'r1ss Omiizrs-Hznnline. School of Mines Society, Passerl llennie gk years. lllixxlxo ll Ol.LfNlJ7l,lllLlll1 Central lligh School, St, Paul Mechanic Arts lligh School, School of Mines Society, Passed Bennie 2Vz yczlrs. 60 NVALTER H. PARKER-Stillwater High School. School of Mines Society, Passed Bennie 25 years. EDGAR K. Prxiuis-Brainerd High School. School of Mines Society. ELMER A. PRoBsTSNVabaslia High School, Hamline University. School of Mines Society, Passed Bennie 2M years. 0I.AF Roisu-lllinneapolis Academy. School of Mines Society. EDGAR VV. SMITH-Minneapolis Central High School. School of Mines Society, Passed Bennie ZVZ years. QSHARLES VV. STEELE-Rlinneapolis Central High School. School of Mines Society, Passed Bennie 22 years. 70 1441" L., KAIQI, P. SWENSEN-Minneapolis East Side lligh. School of Mines Society, Passed Bennie 25 years. RlICHAEL A. XVIEST-I'ICI1ClCfSO1l. School of Mines Society, Passed Bennie ZW years. llARRY M. Z112sEM1-:R.--Fergus Falls High School. Sehool of Mines Society. 4-i. ,Q 'is' I 71 Class Officers Middle Laws DAY SECTION. President, VV. R. VVells. Vice President, F. A. Jackson. Secretary, I. Swinland. Treasurer, J. A. Hosp. Gopher Representative, H. S. VVoodWard. NIGHT SECTION. President, N. A. L'Herault. Vice President, E. P. Allen. Secretary, I. M. Reiff. Treasurer, VV. H. Murhn. Historian and Gopher Representative, Ralph VV. Stone. VVILLARD CRANE ADDY-Minneapolis Central High School. Z. '14, 3. X., Dramatic Club, Tri- angle Club, Junior Ball Association, Y. INI. C. A., Glee Club, Black Arab. VVALTER GILMORE AMUNDsoN-St. Peter High School. Z. XP., Triangle Club, Glee Club, Black Arrow. ALLPIN PRESTON ASHER1G1'Zl.llllC Fall Ifligh School. A. T. A., 'Il A. fb., Foot Ball Squad. 72 "fl" OTTO BAUIJLICRHALISH11 High School. Law Literary. HAROLD D. BRANHAM-Miimeapolis Central High School. H. G. BINGHAM-New Ulm High School. 968, v:?v,45. XV11,1.1.ur Ciuxkic llieooks-Miuiieapolis Central High School. A. K, E., fb. 3. 'IR PERCY P. liuvsii-Klztczilester Academy and College, A. T., Foot Bull "M" '04 and '05 Emir Jl'l.ll'S C.x1c1.soN-Clierokce High School, Cherokee, Iowa. 73 IZSDNYARD L. CASEY-Oshkosh Normal. HARRY HUBERT CLOUTIER-Minneapolis North High School. A. T. A. ALGERNON CDLRURN-Minneapolis South High School. Forum, Jefferson Society, Track "Mf' Forum Debating Team. JOHN P. CULEINIAN-A1'lOk21 High School. Shakopean, Representative Athletic Board of Con trol. EDWARD ST. JOHN CONDON'illll11l63.DOllS Central High School. Law Literary. CLAYTON C. COOPER-Adrian High School. A. fP. A., Law Literary Society. 74 .xv as W1I.I.lA1u P. CosTE1.1.o-Graccville High School. Castalian, Jefferson Society, U. C. A. CHARLES NYE CROSMAN-lXlllNVZIl1kCC Academy. 23. A. E., A, X., Black Arrow, Treasurer Class of IQO4-05. DAVID DAVIS-Phillips Exeter Academy, lQQ, New Hampshire, School of Agriculture Uni- versity of Minnesota, lOI, University of lllinois, ex '05, Track Team, Strong Man, University lung capacity record. if NV11.l.mM C. Dcmivla-St. Cloud lligh School. Foot Ball Squad. JOHN H. l1:K'KHARIJT+llZlUliZ1tO High School. llELMER h'lA'l'l-IEW' FEROE, B. A.-Granite Falls High School. Castzilian, Thulanian Club. 75 JAMES I. FITZPATRICK-VVll1Oll2L High School, Normal School. Castalian Literary, U. Cath- olic Association, Board of Directors of U. C. A. FRANCIS EARL FLYNN-LHliC City High School. Law Literary, U. C. A. NVILLIAM HENRY HARRISON FRANKLIN-lllEldlSOI1, St. Paul. 9404 7""Y LORENZO JAMES GAULT-Sf. Peter High School. RAYMOND LllI.TON GOULD-lllinneapolis Central High School. A. T. A. NVILLIAM L. GREENLYACanaclian High School. 9. A. X., 'Il A. fli, Triangle Club, Black Ar- row, Daily Staff. 76 REX VV. HARR1s-W'ehster High School. OTTo FRED HARIQEE-lXflH11k3tO High. JOSEPH A. HOSP-Hopkins High School. Shakopeau, Treasurer of Mid Day Law Class '07 Louis FREEMAN JACIQSOX-xXVll621tOl1 High School. B. 9. H. J. GILIZEIQT JEI.I.IE-l'll1IUlJOlllt College, Iowa. Law Literary, Y. M C. A. ARTHUR I. JOHNSON-Northfield High School. Law Literary Society. 77 JOSEPH T. JOHNSON-Sf. Peter High School. GEORGE E. KliIiNIER-1X1lllllC3DOllS Academy, 9. A. X., fi". A. 'Il GEORGE S, L.xNGI.AND-Marshal High School, E. A. 3. X., Black Arrow. N. A. L'HERAL71.T-Miiincupolis East High School. Presitlcut Night Law, Forum. LUENNIS FRANCIS RICGRATH, JR.-BZlI'11CSYlllC High School. Shakopcau Literary Society EDXVARID E. BiClJUGH4Zl1l11lJI'OtZ1 High School. 78 Q14 KENNETH Nc'lXlAN1c:.xL-St. Paul Central High School. Shakopean Literary Society, Presie dent of the Academic '07 Class Freshman Year, Shakopean Debating Team IQ05. Freshman Debating Team IQO4. ALBERT HERMAN M.xNUs, A. B.-Orange City, lowa, Academy, Dubuque Seminary. jeffer- son Society. GEORGE F. AIEADER-lxllllllCZlDOllS Central High School. 'Il K. KP., 'll 3. ilk, 9. N, E. STvseL Cn.xiu.Es 'l'noxIAs xlL'Rl'HY-AlOOI'llC1lll High School. O. ll. NE1.soN. lfluxlq STEEL Nll'll0l.AS4St. Paul Central High School. A. X., K. X., Black Arrow, Daily Board Directors, Historian Night Law Class, Business Manager lllinn, Daily, next Pres. of Y. M. C. A.. 79 CLIFFORD N. N1LSON-Morris High School. FRED A. OLIVER-Lisbon, North Dakota High School. I. O. PETERSON-Dixon College. VICTOR M. PETERSON-B. R. Falls, VVisco11si1i. Castalian Literary Society, Pres. Castalian, Inter Class Debate '03. JOHN VV'1L1.IAM PETERSON-1lOI1tCVlClCO High School. Law Literary Society, The Jefferson Society. CHESTER VVILLIAM PRATT-Minneapolis North High School. A. X. 80 JAQL4 MQ vvmwr-' JOHN ELMIR RANSOM-Albert Lea High School. Forum, U. L. A. HOWARD G. RICHARDSQTN-llfI3.dlSO1l, Iud., High School. Law Literary Society, Iuter-Society Debater. HUGH A. RoB1zRTsoN-Sleepy Eye High School. Law Literary. ELLIS Asrou RIJBINSON-OSLTZIIICICT, O., High School. Forum, Bryau Prize Essay 1905, Pres. of Forum, Pres. of Literary Union, Pres. of Jefferson Society, Iowa Dehatiug Team 1906. .AUGUST SAV:-:LAiValparaiso College. jfxcols A. SCHAI-ZTZli1.iSlOllX Falls High School. Strong Men Squad. 81 CHARLES P, SCHOUTEN, B. A.-Lisbon, North Dakota, High School. A. T., Scabbard and Blade, Magazine Board '04-105, Daily Board of Directors ,O4-'05, Athletic Board '03- 304 and '04-'05, Cadet Major First Battallion, Assistant Business Manager '05 Class Play, Senior Prom. Committee '05, LoU1s LEON SCHWARTZ-Minneapolis East High School. Forum, jefferson, Jewish Literary Society. FRED ALTON SNYDER-AUStl11 High School. Strong Mens Association, Law Literary, Foot Ball Team, Track Team. VVALTER HUBISARD SPRAGUE-ShZ1ftl.lCk Military Academy. A. T,, Scabbard and Blade, Captain Crack Squad, First Lient. Cadet Corps, Track Team. GOTHFRIED SWANTEE SWANsoN-Brainerd High School. Forum, Literary Society, Y. M. C. A. INGMAN SXVINLAND-CO11CO1'dl2l College. Law Literary, Jeffersonian Society, Sec'y Middle Law Class. 82 L.,,,,Z GEORGE C. VAN DUSEN-Minneapolis Central High School. B. 9. H., Treas. Dramatic Club IQO5-06, hlaudolin Club, Y. M. C. A., Junior Ball Association, Tennis Club. IWELVIN I. VAN VoRsT-Paynesville High School. Law Literary, Track Team. Louis A. VIl.LAUME7CTCtl11 High School. HANS NVALCHI-Kalispell lligh School. Inter-Sophomore Debater of Class of 'o5. CECIL E. VVARNER-Studied Abroad, to-wit: Anoka. Room-mate of Robinson Csee his record on former pageb, sometime room-mate of Christiausou, fsee his record '06 Gopher, page 305. WILLIAM RAYMOND WEI.l.S7.AlJ6fdi'C1l High School, Aberdeen, S. D, Law Literary Socict,y A. X., Pres. Middle Day Law Class, Treas. South Dakota Club. S3 . A RAY L. VVILSON-'Rhll16lZl11KlCI', VVis., High School. Shakopean Literary. HERBERT S. VVOODNYARll'Sl'lZ1t'EL1Cli Military Academy. A. A. qi, 41 A. '12, Press Club, Gopher Board, Associate Editor Minnesota Daily '04-'05, Athletic Editor 105-'06, '04 Gymnastic Team, Track Squad. REES P. VVOODVVURTH-XfVlllO1lZ1 High School. '.,..7 ...-. . .- ,baggy FRANK E. XVR1i:H'1'-Appleton High, Minn. DANIEL B. CHIsHoL:x1-Paynesville High School. CARL LEE HICFITIQON-BCll1lfljl High School. S4 Six Year Medical Course LEON AM1sRosE BARNEY-River Falls High School. 2. N. CLIFTON A. BOOREN-Stillwater High School. E. N. ARCHIE E. BRIMMER-Agriculture School and St. Paul Central High School. fb. P. LYMAN RAY C:RITCHFIELD-lilllltfil' High School. Basket Ball Squad. JOHN LEO IJELDIORE-RIZ1l'Slll:1ClCl, Wis., High School. Glee Club, Forum, Daily Staff HENRY BRYAN Dlllikvsf. Paul Central High School, Glee Club, Maucloliu Club. 35 RAY GARDNERLPl1lC Island High School. fb. P. E. MICHAEL F. 1qAYES4L3.11CSbO1'O High School. BL-'XRTIN LARS0N4Atwatcr High School. Varsity Basket Ball Team. HENliX' VV1L1.IAM BIQEYERDING-BlCCl12ll'llC Arts lligh School, St. Paul. Boar's lleacl, Gopher Boarcl, Glee and Mandolin Club. IGNATIUS ML'1wHY-Lalcehclrl High School. U. C. A., 'Vraclc Team, Foot Ball. EDWARD L. P4XlfLSEN-R6Cl Vlfiiig High School. CP. P. Z, S6 CLARENCE GEORGE PEliRX'4Hlll1lbOldt lligh School. Pres. Fresllmau llledics. HENRY ALBERT SCHMID1'4WlI1ClfJ1ll Iligh School. Y. M. C. A. HERBERT HENRY THLJAIPMJN4-l'll1IlllJOlClt lligh School. E. FRANKLIN ZOEIiIX+,'XlgO1'l12l, XVis,, lligh School. Y. M. C. A 37 The School of Chemistry JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS. President, Edward Anderson. Vice President, John Lowe. Secretary, W. W. Kennedy. Treasurer, H. M. Newton. Sergeant-at-Arms, E. V. Manuel. EDWARD ANDERSON-Laboratory Assistant in Qualitative Analysis. CHARLES ROYAL CRESSY-Minneapolis East Side High. Laboratory Assistant in Quantative Analysis. JAMES lX'liAURlCE lJORAN-ROCl1CStCf High School. S8 4-If L.. 4 U EDWIN T. DAVIES-Minneapolis South Side High. Society of Engineers. XVILLIAM HARDX' FRAZIER-NVahasha College, Crawfordsville, Ind. ilWILDRETH JANET HAGGARD-Minneapolis South Side High. NVILLIAM VVALKER KENNEDX'fllQJCllCStCY High School. University Catholic Association. JOHN M. LOWE-St. Paul Central High. A. T., Boar's Hcad, Press Clnh, Gopher Board, Bus iness Manager Daily '05-'06, Junior Ball Association. JOHN XAUER NEUMAN-New Ulm High. S9 H. M. NENVTON-Sf, Olaf College. A. HARLJLD PORTERJiXIlll1'l6HIJOllS East Side High. ZX., Boar's Head, Junior Ball Association EDWARD C. STARRETT-CLllVC1' Military Academy. fb. V. A., Boarls Head, Press Club, Manag- ing Editor I907 Gopher, Assistant in Chemistry ,O4, Vice Pres. Junior Ball Associi- tion, Board of Directors Minnesota Daily, Crack Squad, First Lieut. Co. E. EAIQLE V. MANUEL-Plainview High School. Q0 The College of Agriculture DON.-XLD S. BLAIR-lAgl'lClllfL1I'Z1l School. E. N., Bo:1r's Head, Junior Ball Association, Guild Medal. GEORGE DES. CANAVARRO-Oahu College, H. T. A. T., Boar's Head, Junior Ball Association. JOHN D. RoSE-Agricultural School. A. Z. Z""'Q XV11.1.I.xn1 HENRY 'IOMIIAYE--:Xg'l'iCL1ltUI'3.l School. A. Z. QI 1 CN ? S, X 5. is Ke' 1 fi f xx . :Sli X xl QSYN lf Q N ss: x P' . 1 x xfsfsr z' C x n ll ' 5 N X . XX X M N15 Neg NN 1 1 1 N 1 3: l x E7 "' ' N -. ?e.,3'?4- 'x A fir ' X f , -N 4 N 1, 1 , gy - .1 iw 'ls ,D 7 X t- ' xvffii-,'-s 'F ' f N ea , px n A A- 51-fj35:?ij.:b .. N' 7 f ' .1 l -4 22-Q' "-1 e " ' A I sxxxxxxxx TxxxxkgxxxxxxxxxxxxxxwxxxwxmxxxxxxxxxxgXX Q YS ,.-. mmm xx xxxxxx r::f::::4+j 1 me ,G ,Hs i .J.SE?x'xx'xx xx VFX xx x CTXQTXX lllg, - 4 ."?f3"R ' . I 'yj"'-T.: .2163-'-3'f,','J,lll-'"-.11 fl4f"'.Q.7 xl'Q.' :-' " .'- Q 1 L QA- .v.: .1 7,5 Qs - A' " 'S ' '. -1' '-1 " '14-QL' .r'f'j1'N'f'.,',I Ln'-!z'a1f"..i:-!r,:..:' " Si " ' ' ' " ' "'.C',- -.1 H La: :SLA . f. 1 'D' Bla-x'6',v-.,Z4:. ,.,. ,4-5 gm. " 'V 1- ,"n,g . 1 .ab ..,-". .'1 i ..-vv. .-.-.. .-.g.. , Officers of the Senior Class President. .lOl111 Sinclair. Vice President, Leslie Clement. Secretary, Agues XVZHSOII. Q2 'lf1'easu1'e1'. Ralph Rz1wso11 :gm Q ?3'i+iP Q ' N o-'-27 'oi -t 5 e 5 ... Til- ry! I 'IQ I Z - T ffgl llnl -, WM I111 W k W ,,,, M XL " ur ""' "" ' ' IW r fffb ' QT? ' fr Ei! fi as 1-5 ..i- T.: H o o T w'3? 2' :: " 'i : .::.::.:,-,,, s:::::::::: . i . - . EFF" "" '::i" - lliiilmesglmglhhhidg -an : The Sophomore Engineers ntLrxss IJFIVICICRS. Presiclelmt, Irving Prcine. Yice President, Arthur li11ickcrbocker. Secretary, Harry IV1lfI1'3.l121lN. Treasurer, F. XV. Fiske, ,lr SCYQEZIIIU.-Zlt-.X1'lNS, Artlmr I.. Krcitter. 93 X f 797 Z f? , .2 Z ,gi f P Wx w X .-.. J A ?A go g hp' W 6 J 1 R lf? .A .' W .. ff - 45- 57 1 ff! I 1 l X , f , if f' R , ,aa 1 - NU , 'f?K "4" " 1 Y- B' . -fs. S. N' f! fy' I , T1 V 1 ' 'Q X ' ' b ',. M V 1 Q x K ,- -K ' 'J-5' "5 1'::5 -J e . A e rj, XX , - - ?-..- -511.24 ' " : ' o L 5. K -7 " -gvffsifiz Q12 K X ,,,,f,ff,,fff,f,fWfff,Wfffxffffff1ffffffffffff fff f fffd xi - 'x"lQS:f5ff5i " 1 ffff fffyfffff 'ffv ,fu v fffffffffffffx 1111 lfffffi-aff--I.'? '2"""'??.':'-'-'e.5Qi1f:?f Q - W -7?-'fsfi 1:-sae: :1-:P1s'.:-ff,'1f,.,- eg. '4if1.-v-Qivilf' F: 21' -S'4'W f"'1"' J . " 2:32-. aus -ff'1ffz'f?, Sophomore Academies CLASS 0l"FICliRS. P1'6SiCIC11tv, Albert Evans. Vice l'resident, lXIi1'i21Hl Clark. Secretary, Maude Bush. rf1'C3SU1'Cl' Louise Leavenworth Sergeallt-at-4X1'ms, Orren Safford. 94 -7-f,-Y-W -ww . -..-wiv-w --Y-.Vw .Y---YV-V N- -, o 1 Y- V. ,, ti i ' fi A J - 2 , I, v Ji -,i s fi V 1-IQ? .fp fa JE flu ...J ww .1 4 , 7,5 fd V .mp .3 ,J 4.5 .343 ,U . Q .SA ' '55 . M ., f r -"ff :S 5 R ,rg :A 3' f 'Tis ,Ti QE' .3 f ? .V+ is .fr 1,4 . y -r, 1. '-, 'I A 'Q .A D he 7 X14 I, f 2 X I KW fj Nt W 1' 'f KW' 'N 74' 11 0, 1 R 1 Q l -J 1 57 f ' 1- 51 IWXQA 1 ' I 4 Les. 52 X f W W I ' 7f """ 1'r- f .W " - x 1 ,1-- 1 ,, fn 1 M! Ti 5 X ' 2 f 5' y ' 5 .. A-,, A YJ 5 X N -4 6- 1 -i-.vgl.l,-QSM -4 '.,4 lf" 1 X' ' -If :H V- 1 1111,-g111yf1 111111111111ow111w11111111111111 1111111111 11 111 fffd X fi, K ht' XE?-5:53 ' 1 1 fl 1 If 1 1 1 1 fl 1 ff ll ll flfff ff f '. fffifffffffff ' 1 ' . -.,,, . , . 1' '.- r-. 'I g - 1-:L 'E !f'."'.": fffr-,-'ff' ".-- 4:11 . " ' U '- 5 .'."f:?. -' ,? CZ - " ':3":9S'3 E:'3n'f'.:." 'fi' ':"-mf.:-"l35fHsf-5' "":'f:'7'La"- "' I , : ga' . '-1 ' f- fx-1-w w' 1' . 1' Freshman Academics Pl'CSiClC11f. Zcnus L. I'ottc1'. CLASS UFIFICERS. Vice Ifrcsideut, James Beals. SCC1'6T2lI'j', Elsa LYCIZIIICI. Treasurer. Clydc XYiIsfm Sergeant-at-4X1'1us, john Shirley. 95 2 re ." 1' if! 3, Z gr' ' 4 - K , Q slim? j f ni 'E'-5 X P l M X '01 .W , at if lf f as rl K Ye Rime of Ye Freshman Mayde It was a weeping freshman lylayde In ye shade of Pillsburieg '4Pray listen to me tale of woef' She frantic sayde to me. ifler e'en were wilde and glazed with fear, I sate me down besydeg 'iWhat it is P" She grabbed me by ye sleeve And gasping, she replyed: "For fourteen hours, l've stood in line, I wish to register, At every window that I call, They send me quick across the halle. Me steddie gave his hard earned cash, A campus check to buy, Me monthls allowance, too, is spent For HDaily" and "Ye Xlaff' it went,- 5 We're broke. both he and If, f R T'-' ! gf :p gsql mfg 11533, " s , it i l afliii has at She ended and l soothed her griefe, 't'Twas hard at hrstf, E H L ' .J 'V Q i's" l o f tx Nm ' i 1 ' ff ivwqfll X xs- 3 -L ' f xfgf ,M i ll? r f .si .... . Rn Q , ,ff"'5 1""" ll X Nu. I I 'A I N H lg jauff-z N' nil 9 X ' ll l f A i l i i A i x ,fi , Q I , , NWN if 1,7 nl ll " 4 Q? Q .. llut some time later she complayned, That things were growing worse. Her papers writ with painful care Came back all marked with blue, A Bryn Mawr grad, with ghoulish glee llad slashed them 'El1I'Ollf'fl'l and throuffh 5 'Cs And written, f'SpellinQ' incorrect- , . js lNith bitter tears all streaming downe And hot and fevered brow, She let me lead her to ye fount But-when she stooped to slake hci tlnrst She sudden back did shrink "Water, water, everywhere, Nor any drop to drinkf, Such work will never do.', 7 ' "ZS ,J Where pure sweet waters flow Z , ,gf xxj N, X . 4'-1 ' I 1 xl' 1' ' f " Q' , f f xv , X X! -Y f - I f f f f X ! 96 f j .M .J 1 4' .. F W J ' . '39 ' .7 v" --vi -. . - , ' AT Phx' -2.- 1-.4 "'5--..i:'f:x- ' f. ', H f 1' '--:P L .. . . L hh: , ,- ', -- - , ,, , I." in ,, 4 k Ah ,.,.v , .. , , ,gwx W.,-.b. , , ig .fr ik , ,,!'., gi '1 FQL f ss ' L: 1: ' 4' .. 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A: .fd ' I f Q, 1 -V 3 . ,r - - J , rug , . j iz , . - f f -N ' - A : 1 1- ' - 1 fr f .-' 1 Q g. , 4 4 ' " I : sy, ,.: an 3 - - "ri -r ,wi -' ..-:wa 1: 1 . i ' if ' , . 5 2' gy-Ln.: 1. , 41 E ff - H fivffmwi f . vu .. ,- f' T . 3 - . ,Qgpb gj " v" . I - ' - "Aff, , ' ' ti t ig? isa. rl 1 '3 f Z ' 'r , 1 ff . 4 3 E j X Q I. H 5 1 Q t ' . L s E 5 2' my f K 4 P I Sgr ry 'iz 4 ' ' "' , L , X s I 4 ' k t 5 gf I ' X I f A I f 4 r f X if 1 I 2' ' 1 ' ' z 1 ' P 'R' 1 1, H ,S 4 I .rf -, , 1 W I, , X f , kg. I 2 -,H ig 5 ri , 5 Q if 1 L hf 4 1 L X7 El gl '49 'X ' L J ni 9 i -i 4015. 9 3' . 4 hi IM x 4 J . 4 3354 as 1, Q tl 50' '1 U1 ' 7 R ' I .A r 2 N lj c all a i J i qv X L F, P' v i gf 1 4 1 1' T 5, 5512! 5 u , Y ZX ,K 1 , L ! 5 ' V 1' 'N-up A 3 . 'NX " -fQ....,w 4- -M-- - 1 V g"" - -- H ,...- . am-H.:-H1'.' - 13.15.33 , w , asf .4 ' .1 'f ' ' :...... .. -L--f'w'---..---143-1.-M-as4.Lg::Lf's1,.,'....I'f . - 4:1 .....-.-Y .. " EM112 " A Minnesota Story. BETH D0 RNER SPEAKS. As I was waiting for Macka on the Library steps, I heard a group of barb girls talking within a few feet of me. "There comes Macka Lester," one said, "Look, she's walking with Harvey Friend, and there are about a dozen fraternity men trailing along behind her. She is the most independent." "Well,', said a mild little girl, f'I'Iarvey Friend is just as good as a frat man, I hope." "But there arenit many of the Chi Tau girls that think so," replied the first girl. Then up came Macka, breathless, with blown brown hair and earnest face. VVe two went on up to the Senior meeting. The parts for the class play were to be announced, but we were early so we had time for a talk. "Isn't it a queer thing,', Macka said, absently, Hhow some people are just natural born enemies. I mean Harvey Friend and I. In my Freshman year, we worked next to each other in Zoology lab, and weld get into such arguments that we'd forget to cut up the crayhsh. Then I never saw him much till last Fall, when he got his man in for Senior President in place of Dick Potter. They say he can do anything he wants to, politically, because most of the barbs would work their heads off for him. Beth, why do you suppose he wears such a foolish looking overcoat all winter-and such old shoes ?y' HI suppose he couldnlt afford to have any others. jack said that Mr. Friend was pretty hard up. I guess men don't earn much working on down-town papers." "I've seen him on some of the coldest days with just that thin little overcoat flapping around him. I wonder if he really-. But I was telling you about us. YVell, for the last three days, I have walked up from French with him and, of course, we got into more arguments. Today it was about Reincarnation. VVe're going to finish it tomorrow at fourth hour." By this time the meeting had begun, and we forgot all about Harvey Friend in the excitement of the assignment of parts. Carol Jeffries has the chief girl's part-the woman f'Diab1o," the villainness of the play. Harvey Friend, of course, will be the star as the "Count of Killarney" and Eva Belle Smith is the gipsy girl f'Zeetaf' She will be good with her black eyes and gracefulness-but, O dear. I was so disappointed that Macka didn't get that part. Any way she has the next best one, f'Ellen," the Count of Killarney's sister. jack Spencer plays opposite her, as the fiery young lieutenant, and Kenneth has the comedy part-the little old bowlegged man that tells fortunes." 97 After the meeting most of the class came crowding around to congratulate Macka, and the boys began yelling, f'Speech, speechf' just as though she was to be the chief actor. I have no real part of course. I am to be one of a group of three, and we each say about two lines. HARVEY FRIEND SPEAKS. W'e used to be good friends in our Freshman year, Macka Lester and I-but I guess she's forgotten all about that. She used to work next to me in Zoology. Qne day, I caught a live frog that was hopping all around her. She looked up at me as earnestly as if I'd saved her life, and said-"Thank you so much. Frogs are so cold and slithery and it almost jumped in my face." But this year, everything happens to make us enemies. The day I was to see her in chapel, I was late and when I got there she was having a confidential chat with jack Spencer and didn't even see me. I sent her a box of candy though and that helped to fix things up. I guess all girls like candy. Once after this, we had planned to walk over to the bluffs early some morn- ing. She likes to walk and the air is fine and clear. I said I'd call at six-thirty Thursday morning for her and Beth Dorner, and we planned to get back by eight. Well, Wfednesday night Dill had a jumping toothache and kept me up a good deal fixing him up. The kid is a Freshman and only seventeen and when he has the toothache, he gets lonesome and homesick. He's so young and has such a kid's face, you feel as if he were an infant. It was about morning when we did get to sleep. I had put the clock right by the bed and it's a good alarm and always goes off, but when I woke up, it was eight o'clock. That night, I went to rehearsal as usual. I told Miss Lester that my room- mate had been sick and I had overslept, but she didnlt seem to think that was much of an excuse because she was cool as a refrigerator. She plays the part of Ellen, my loving sister, but whew! Viihen she ought to run to meet me, she walked slowly up with her head held high and a lofty tilt to her chin, looked coldly beyond me and said-"Terryl Home again! Vlfhat fun! Dear old Terry, I'm so happy to see you!" Miss Smith and some of the rest began to giggle and I forgot for a minute who I was talking to and said, good and strong, "Really, I haven't killed your mother or anything, you know. I'm just your big brother that you haven't seen for a year. How can I act while you-U "Perhaps, Mr. Friendf' she said, sweet as honey, Hyou had better not try to act until you have read your lines." It was true. I didn't know my lines extra well. The director was rapping for us to go on so we did, but the rest of the rehearsal was punk. I saw that she and jack Spencer made their love scene mighty realistic. I had a talk with Beth Dorner and she said she understood about the morning walk and it was all right. She is a trump. Last week the worst thing of all happened. Young llill got in with a Fresh- QS I R,-:W I -Y - - -ff-' -V - U f ' A '----'--"""'-"""'-f--' s P VN. 1 4 , 1: if 5 E. 5 E gm w L x 2 4 Q Q 3 5 2 5 ? KN BY iw 1 .0 ,n rrf 429312 man gang-well meaning kids, but young and foolish and green to the city. On my way home Monday night, I saw a bunch of these youngsters on the street, pretty well tanked. I left two of them to be run in, but I pulled the kid onto the back platform of a car. Inside, up in front, I saw Macka Lester with a girl and two fellows, all laughing and having a good time. IfVhen they got off, I thought theyfd get by without seeing us, but that fool of a Bill! just as she was going past us, he leaned over, putting his arm across her shoulder, and asked in a mushy voice, "Can I wind your watch, dearie P" I yanked him back with a jolt and never felt so much like choking him. Miss Les- ter recoiled with a shudder of disgust and said slowly, "W'ill you please hold onto your friend till I can get off the car ?', I held onto him so hard that I found red marks on his arms when I put him to bed that night. I threw him onto the bed and went outdoors and walked and walked. The night was warm and starry-and it cooled me off so that before I went home I could see that it didn't make any difference anyway. She might have liked me once, but I had done everything wrong-and Spencer is more her style, a fraternity man and all that. "See here, kid," I told Bill the next morning. "You got me into trouble and now youlve got to get me out of it." But he was more anxious to explain than I was to have him. It seems that Bill, too, has a big admiration for Miss Lester. And all the time rehearsals go on-but I'm sick of it all and they interfere with my Herald work. Beth Dorner has only a small part but always goes to re- hearsals. Once when Macka couldn't remember her lines, Beth prompted her from memory. Macka laughed and said, "Honestly, you know it better than I do. If I die or anything, you can easily do my part, Bethf, She is as pleasant as everylleth, I mean-and I like the way she looks at you with her wide innocent eyes and believes every word you say. VVe went to the theatre together the other night. Sometimes it's refreshing to talk to a girl who doesn't pretend to be witty or brilliant. She told me about Macka-how she's always in some scrape or other, and how she keeps things stirred up at the Chi Tau house. VVe talked about the Gopher finances, too. The board claims that they lost money on our Gopher of last year and the class may have to pay up. It's a big sub- ject, for the faculty is investigating and if they find any graft there they will ex- pel some of the Board and Bush McDermott, the star half-back, will be the one to go. He planned to come back and play next year too. Beth said innocently that she didn't believe Bush McDermott and VVill Lawrence could be grafters. I have a hunch, though, that things arenlt going just right, and if not, it's just as well for me to have the story first. TH REE DAYS LETER. Lord, what a fool! But who wouldnlt have though it? The faculty them- selves thought it was graft and last night when I saw Prof. Elwell going to the 99 faculty meeting, he looked pretty serious and said it was hard on foot-ball but thc faculty would stand pat and expel if they were sure of graft. On the car, I saw E. P. Manswer, the Iioardls advertising man. I asked him about it and he looked wise and said it might be crooked dealing, but he had his pay and wasn't going to make trouble for the boys. Then he waxed confidential and said, since every- body would know tomorrow about their being expelled, he might as well give me the story. He explained the whole business in a plausible way, but got off at the Union depot before he had finished. I was going to the dress rehearsal and didn't have time to write the story up so I ,phoned to Bill, who is pretty good at sling- ing English, that McDermott and Lawrence were expelled and the Senior Class was hot at having to pay up the deficit. I was so excited over the scoop that I had a hard time acting at all. She was there. She wore a red dress. I had never noticed before that red was her most becoming color. It wasn't a deep red, but an intermediate tone that matched ex- actly the Hush of her cheeks and contrasted beautifully with her deep blue eyes. For the first time I felt jealous of -Iack Spencer and would have been only too glad to have exchanged parts with him. But she wouldn't have liked it, I know, so I guess itls just as well, that we are just brother and sister in the play. The mass meeting this morning was called to arouse enthusiasm about the track meet with Chicago, but so many people heard that the faculty would report on the Gopher investigations that they all came and chapel was well filled. Every Senior, every athlete and almost every frat man in college was there. Of course, the girls are always there so that it seemed like the good old days last fall when chapel used to be crowded at the foot-ball mass meetings. As soon as the religious part was through, Professor Goddard came on the platform with his round old face shining, and 'fwas pleased to announce that although the faculty investigation of Gopher finances had resulted in the discovery of dishonesty, that dishonesty had nothing to do with the University, but with an agent hired by the Gopher Board." He told about how the man had cleared out, and said that the board was to be criticised only for trusting a rascal-but I didn't hear half of it. I was knocked silly. For a long time I didn't hear a word of what was going on. I had a vision of my story copied by papers all over the state- f'More Graft in the University''-"Gridiron Hero Expelled for Graft"-etc., the comments by other college papers, the hot editorials-"McDermott-graft-foob ball"-What had I done? The crowd must have been pretty worried about McDermott because now they went mad over the news. They were giving the yell-all on their feet, giving it strong and hearty, the girls joining in with spirit. From the platform wing where I was standing, I tried to yell too, but no sound came. K'Rah l Rah l Rah. Ski-U-Mahf' Well, what's the diff? VVhat is Minnesota but a bunch of buildings and an, 100 aggregation of profs? It had been a toss-up with me about coming here or going to VVisconsin or Michigan. "Varsity-Varsity Minnesota !" Minnesota! VVhat did it mean? The campus, the library and the river bank? Northrop Field and the team running out onto it? The part of the bleachers that showed maroon and gold streamers and gave out a roar of 'tRah! Rah! Rah! Ski-U-Mah ?" But there was something, some personality to this strong young Varsity grown up in the NVest, something that it was a disgrace to have dishonored. The girls had started the song. "Minnesota, hail to thee, Hail to thee, our college dear." After all, I had done nothing particularly wrong-at least, not intentionally. I had only- "Wie shall guard thy name and adore thy fame, Thou shalt be-our Northern Star." They began yelling for McDermott, and that knocked me flat again. What hadn't I done to McDermott-Bush McDermott-one of the best fellows in school, and Lawrence, too? Then something happened that made me feel better. That whining Kenneth Brown pushed by me onto the platform with a Herald in his hands. He gesticu- lated a while to Prof. Goddard and then tiptoed forward, with a hectic flush on his long face, and read my story in a thin excited voice-but every soul in chapel heard it. W'hew! Billy had made that strong-but I told him he could use a lot of English. XVell, you'd have thought the crowd was struck dead. There wasn't a sound. Then excitable Prof. Spooner did some of the hottest talking I ever heard. He didn't know nor care who wrote that article, but whoever did was a low blackguard who had maligned, not only the two men mentioned and indirectly the foot-ball team, but the whole University. No correction could half undo the harm that had been done, he said, and in discreet faculty language he hinted that this was a pretty tame place and dead bunch if they didn't make it so hot for the lying reporter that he would leave before they had time to expel him. Some of the other Profs tried to calm things down, but Spooner had stirred up the mob spirit and they couldn't stop it. Then came the lowest sullen growl, the most ominous sound I ever heard. It was the cry of the thousands "Friend,', "Friend,,' commanding me to appear. That brought out the fighting instinct in me, and I had an insane desire to meet, to oppose them all. It was not till I was out on the platform, staring straight down at them, that I remembered I had done anything to be ashamed of. Over and over in my mind some meaningless words repeated themselves. Afterward, I remembered that they were "Benedict Arnold the traitor. Benedict Arnold the traitorf, 101 I never saw such a pale strained hate on so many faces. There were McDer- mott's and Lawrence's crowds, there was Kendall, the Freshman I'd got a job for, there were three fellows I had roomed with at different times-all of them good friends of mine and some good enemies-all coolly looking me over with scorn and hate. There was Billy, too, staring at me in the greatest bewildered disappointment. That was the worst. All-everyone-but I deserved it. VVith one general motion the crowd rose and swayed forward. I raised my head and folded my arms and waited-but they stopped. They began hissing then. You don't often hear a college crowd hiss. It was not loud,-it was a low snake-like, blood-curdling sound, long drawn out. At last they stopped, waiting for me to speak. HI have nothing to say," I said, "I seem to have made a mistake and I'll have to answer for it." They did not hiss again. They settled back in their seats and eyed me curi- ously. Professor Goddard came forward, anxiety written on his benevolent face. "I believe," he said, "we have no more need of Mr. Friend here this morn- ing, and as the purpose of this meeting is the discussion of the track meet to- morrow, we will proceed with that businessf, Most of the crowd left at once, though, blocking up the doors so that I had to wait. VVhen I did get out, there were curious eyes everywhere I looked, but I was given a wide passage. I was aware that people turned and watched me till I was off the campus. Had She been there in Chapel, hissing with the rest, I wondered. Of course she had. She would have been no true Minnesota girl if she had not. Suddenly a familiar voice called breathlessly, "Harvey, O Harvf' It was Billy trying to catch up with me. NGO away, kidf' I said gruffiy, "you don't have to walk with me just because you're my room-mate. Youlll lose your popularity f.i' He looked at me a long time and then said slowly, "I thought you might want me to help you wire other college papers that it isnit true. You see it was half my faultf' Then he put on such an air of exaggerated cheerfulness that I couldnft help laughing, and he said, thumping me on the shoulder, HCheer up old man. Itfs going to come out all right." I got good news in the next hour. Cn account of the mornings fire, the Herald would get out an evening extra and the story I'd write on this affair could g'o in. I wrote it in a yellow style, telling a little more than the truth about the ad. agent's villainy and his smoothness in inventing the story about the innocent Varsity men. It was his story, so clever as to deceive everyone, that had been published as the truth in the morning issue. I spent a pleasant ten minutes per- suading the City Editor that it was better than the original graft story and getting him to promise to give it a good head. Now that I have something to tell them, I am going to find McDermott and Lawrence. IO2 TWO HOURS LATER. On the campus, I met .lack Spencer. "You're a fool, Friendf' he said and shook hands with me. "I want to see McDermott and Lawrence somewhere where I can talk to them without having the whole University looking on,,' I said. "Go on over to the house, then. Illl bring them overf, It wasn't so bad after all. Theylre certainly square fellows, especially Mc- Dermott. I told them about Manswer and what Ild done to clear things up since, and they both shook hands with me and said the best thing to do was to forget the whole business. I think jack had been talking to them. The next thing is the play. I'd rather be shot than go down there tonight, but I donlt see any way out of it. BETH DORNER SPEKKS. Eva Belle Smith was saying, "I think it was an outrage and everybody says we ought not to let him be in the play. He's a disgrace to the Seniors and still we let him have the chief part. Wliy, Kenneth said he was surprised I was Willing to play opposite him. Vtlhy, I won't do it. I can't bring myself to.'y Carol Jeffries said sarcastically, "How would you fix it? Of course, the hero can drop out without hurting the play !" i'Kenneth could do it," said Eva, quite positively, for her. "He knows every Word of the part. You know how he learns everyone's parts just from rehearsals. Don't you think he could do it, Beth? Anyway, I couldn't act with Mr. Friend. Kenneth said-" "VVhy don't you tell the director you wonlt be in it then,', Carol demanded. She can't stand Eva. "Of course it's out of the question to have Kenneth. Here he is, why don't you tell him ?" VVe left Eva with the director, supposing of course that she would drop her foolish notion, but she was evidently not doing it, for she soon began to cry and then went home. Think of it! Twenty minutes to eight, and the curtain would go up at a quar- ter past and no heroine! The villainess was here and the hero's sisters, but no Zeeta, no gipsy girl for him to be in love with. NVe could get Eva back by force, but Eva in. one of her crying moods could no more act than she could fly. Macka stood pensively gazing at nothing and counting on her fingers. 'fBeth," she said suddenly, "You must do my part tonight. Don't say you can't. You know it better than I do and-I' she smiled strangely, "I shall not be able to take it tonightf' 'fMacka," I gasped. "are you going to desert, too ?" But she was gone-talk- ing earnestly with the director. I glanced across to the other wing and caught a glimpse of Harvey Friend 103 with his coat off and his hair rumpled. I saw Bert Page come up and talk to him. Harvey looked up startled and when Bert had finished, the look of boyish enthusi- asm died out of his face and for a second, his head went down onto his hands. Just then the director strolled up and said very pleasantly to me, "Theylre waiting to make you up in Miss Lester's dressing room. You will take the part?" "Ye-es," I said, "but what about Zeeta, the heroine Fl' "VVell, it looks pretty bad, but it may come out all right. Une of the other girls can easily do your part, so don't worry about thatf, But as we separated anyone could have seen that we were both worried. O! the miserable fizzle that that first scene was. The audience showed their hostility to Harvey by not applauding. He didn't do half as well as he had at rehearsals, and I was scared and though I didn't forget anything, I knew all the time that I was spoiling Macka's part. I never could have got through the fiirta- tion scene except for Iackls cheery boldness. Carol Jeffries stopped me as I was going to dress for the next act, and said, "VVhat do you think jack Spencer is doing? He has gone out in front with a copy of the Herald that's just out, and is reading I-Iarveyls correction of this morningis story. Listen!" VVe could hear Jackls good earnest voice say as he finished reading, "So you see you have hissed him for believing a guy that was smooth enough to take in the whole Gopher Board and pull the wool over the eyes of the faculty. To- night Friend is going to show you some of the best acting that has ever been done in a class play, unless you make it impossible for him. Miss Macka Lester asked me to announce that, as Miss Smith is unable to take the part, she will play Zeeta the gipsy girl." This was too much for the University audience. They liked Friend but they almost worshipped Macka. 'fThat ought to clear the atmosphere some,f' I heard Dick Potter say. How could I have thought anything else of dear old Macka! Macka was pretty frightened when she first went onto the stage, but in a few minutes was as much at home as anyone. I think it was the ease of the other actors that gave her courage. Harvey Friend was fine as the young count, so easy and magnetic that he could have held the audience without saying a word. In the scene where he is attacked by the three thieves he tears off his coat and goes at them exactly as if he were angry and excited. Afterward when he is their prisoner, he cannot resist making friends with the rogues. For a lark, he helps them to rob his own brother, but later barricades them all in their cave and escapes. In the next scene, he acts the gloomy jealous lover. Zeeta, the gipsy girl, has by this time been educated into a court lady, and all through the second act she leads him a merry dance-giving him rebuffs and repulses and amusing her- self with his rivals. Carol Jeffries meanwhile was doing fine work as Diablo, especially in her 104 stormy interviews with the count, and in her mad scene. Jack and I and all the rest of us got along fairly well, and so it came time for the very last scene. The audience knew that Macka was unprepared to play "Zeeta" and so they watched her, at first ready to laugh at everything she did. But they didnit have much opportunity to laugh. Of course she knew most of the part from hearing it at practice so many times and with the hurried rehearsals of cues and "busi- nessv between acts and the whispered help of others on the stage she gaily impro- vised and got along without so very many mistakes. So far, she had been subor- dinate to either the "Count,' or "Diablo.', But it was the last scene I was worried about, for that is the reconciliation of Zeeta and the count and Zeeta's part is hard and she is for the time the chief actor. There was another reason that I was sorry for Macka. She and Harvey were "enemies" at least she could not get along with him at all, and I knew it would be hard for her to do one of those "surrender" love scenes with him. At one end of the stage there was a fireplace, throwing rosy light on Macka's white shoulders as she sat in a deep arm-chair. The count, gloomy and tender, stood behind the chair, partly in the shadow and spoke low and earnestly. Macka should have made sarcastic answers to him, but she didnlt know it and did just as well by shrugging her shoulders and saying nothing. But as he went on, it was harder and harder for her to look severe and at last she began to laugh. Then as Harvey seized that opportunity to come nearer and grow warmer in his love-making, she rose to put out her hand in protest. 'fPlease don't talk this way. I-I-3' Heavens, I thought, has she forgotten where she is? For Macka had left off her Irish drawl and was not speaking nearly loud enough. And there they stood, facing the audience-near one end of the stage-and Macka, proud Macka who "just couldn't stand that Harvey Friend" was a picture of shyness and blushing confusion. HGee," Jack said to me, "let's get in there quick before they begin fussing in publicn--so we entered, followed by the whole class. Harvey, as unconscious of the crowd on the stage as of the audience, came closer to Macka and began his closing speech. 'fZeeta, you know how it is. I don't have to tell you how much I want you! Tell me you love me. Tell me it's true, Mackaln Everyone was startled at that, you can imagine. Macka grew pink and for a second, the softest sweetest light in the world came into her eyes. But she remembered that everyone could see her, and forcing the tenderness out of her face, she looked roguishly up at Harvey, her 'enemyf' and said, "Indeed and I do, Terry." 105 1' 1 jf' 7,1 YZ-V I ,-Y xi K f'-XY AZ E 5 " ff 'i'gf: M'T 1 ,K is :M ,fx U X ?Mf 'X-X A77 J-f ka-fl' If 1 hvf- if 7f 1X-. , -li' V+-YJ L li f, - ff 7 ' X flef- Ja -Eiii T1 - 4 Iw7i?i HU mgn mn. ,J 5f1?XIH an I Mgr ish.. 'Allin 7 , f. b if mm ,sff-' L ,mm MQOMQ' zigff 7 l IYVV V I - I 1' XT' , mlm . fllllm-... 0' H A 1'-mi? f "-' 5f?"i'!'a: . J'-' 1 X 1 H !ffji!!!:7f!!!lr55.i 1 Xlqyfyl V -1 fx, 45514. "E"-'E 'L fi 'Epi' "g1i522'5555:Q,gi E+'-15 4125259951 "W ff ' 'fl' ..--i-.:Si'-' -JI'ff9?Z'f -Q ff-5355555553lF""w"El!Il1lll!i!'l5 llllllllIlIl"5f1i5'?:5'f ' QQJQHEQBEIEQY A-r,:f:.,L:. . I . sfjrgfglqgw 555E55EE555555r X 3.5!-V 5,-.l XY Niki: f v - - . V , fl 4, A,.. - - A K W ,Q--M A - 1 S ' Q A '.11:4?f?f E1 ' 'I 7 fi 1 51- .. ,.- -- .... ,,, - P -, - 1 ' ' fy, ZIV V1 . X ur X 'X X X be law Eepartment "AT THY CALL THEY COME." Since the inauguration of the various intercollegiate contests at the Uni- versity of Minnesota, the Law College has each year responded to the call for contestants, by sending out her best sons, marked by their own individuality, and known for their industry and skill in their respective lines. Invariably they have brought credit to themselves and reflected glory upon their alma mater through their willingness to serve and their sense of fair play towards all opponents. The University and their college in particular have always been glad to claim them as their own, whether they met defeat or victory, for in the one there was sure to be credit without dishonor, and in the other resplendent glory without a spot to mar its brightness. You, the bearers of the Maroon and Gold on the gridiron, accept the sincere thanks of your fellow classmen for your services so unselflshly rendered. We too deeply appreciate the work you have done to be blinded even temporarily by the narration of iniquitous practices which were conceived in the sordid mind of the narrator, and were attributed to you not through love of fair play or bona fide desire for reform, but for the commercial value of the narration when written. To you, our athletes on the Diamond and Track, we extend the same hand of goodfellowship and congratulation. Your work though not so well known to us is appreciated, and our indebtedness to you we willingly acknowledge. XVith our forensic heroes we have only to rejoice. VVith you who were defeated we are satished. You need no laudation here, for we know the sacrifices you made, the untiring efforts you put forth, and the never-quit spirit that you displayed. For the victors we can merely record the victory. An honest victory, such as you have won, is its own reward. VVe merely congratulate you and let that silent handshake convey to youithe thrill of pride that arose in us when the victory was declared yours. Z X e Z Sy . l 9 i, f 'fPra1se Jim who makes the Law School go, "W gm . . . 'rt ffl Praise him, ye juniors here below, .JN Praise him above, ye senior host, "lr ,,xmwmZ',, . . ' V Praise Pattee, too, but Jim the most." iul'Iw,,,u 2137" X 1: IO7 A Lecture by D--- P ----- on Equity VERBATIM STENOGRAPI-IIC REPORT. "Young gentlemen, I noticed with great sorrow as I entered the room this morning, that some of you are so forgetful of my constant beseechings and exhortations as to the courtesy due an instructor, and so regardless of all the law- ful, proper and decent rules of decorum prevailing in the Law School, as to sit in the lecture room with one foot crossed over the other. Such actions are very improper, indecorous, and, considering how kind and good I have always been to you, ungrateful. Vifhy only yesterday I excused you from class half an hour early so that you could attend the mass meeting 4'For-the-Purpose-of-Raising-Money-to- Send-Missionaries-Among-the-Poor-Deluded-Half-Crazed-lRig-Xine-Faculty-Foot Ball-Destroyers-XVho-Imagine-They-Know-How-to-Reform -the - Game - Because- They-Read Edward-S.-jordan's-Compilation-of-Cigar-Store-Gossip.,' And furth- ermore, I always stand ready to excuse anyone from class who wishes to at- tend the religious exercises in Chapel. Please bear this in mind, that any time one of you wishes to attend those exercises, or to go to the morning prayer meet- ing of the Y. M. C. A., that I will not allow such a trivial thing as my lecture on Equity to keep you away and upon application to me, you will be marked present and then allowed to go where your soulls welfare will be better looked after than it is here in this department. My only regret will be that I am so busy discoursing to you about the benevolent old Chancellor who told Mr. Pattee to put ten thou- sand dollars in his vest pocket, that I myself am unable to give you the religious instruction which I am sure you would all like to receive. Turning to our lesson for this morning, I find that we are dealing with the Doctrine of Election. Perhaps some of you do not know it but this doctrine was first propounded by my old friend the Chancellor. A case came up before him during the reign of Henry VIII, in which it appeared that a little girl, two years old, had been out riding in her automobile and had lost her smelling salts. A cute cherub of a bootblack picked up the bottle as he was suffering from appendicitis at the time, commenced using the smelling salts as a gargle. I-Ie had used half the bottle before the little girl discovered that he had it in his possession and when he was brought before the benevolent old Chancellor, my venerable friend decided that it was a case of where the bootblack would have to elect between acting as a nurse maid for the little girl's doll for two weeks and keeping her eyebrow pencils sharpened till june first. Now my dear boys, while I dearly love to sermonize to you, still I would rather use as my text some more ennobling and uplifting subject than your be- havior in class. However, I am again at this extremity, and I will have to request Mr. Brooks to please unwind his legs from around that post, and Mr. Snyder to please take his feet out of Mr. Mantis' neck. If my children knew how much pain IOS it gave their dear instructor to have them disregard his wishes, I am sure that they would never allow themselves to fall into such undigniiied positions. And I also want to remind you not to giggle so much in class. Now it is all right for you to laugh gently when I crack one of those delightful little jokes of mine which do so much to make my otherwise sleepy lectures bright and amus- ing, and enable my lofty and soaring thoughts to be understood by little boys of your limited comprehension. But when any member of the class says anything funny, I want you all to remember that you are not to indulge in any laughing or snickering whatever. ' Now before we are dismissed this morning, I want to ask one more question. "If a Maltese kitten I3 days old should be sitting in a pink clothes- basket, could a lame poodle dog with two ears and a white spot on his left hind leg, jump into the basket and occupy the same space as is being occupied by the aforementioned kitten ?" Mr. Sinclair, I'll call on you to answer that question. Sinclair slowly arises, a section at a time, nine feet to a section.--"VVaal, to-aw the best of my-aw ability, er-aw, I should-aw saw not." Very good, Mr. Sinclair, I see that you understand one of the funda- mental principles of Equity and I will give you a one plus for your excellent reci- tation. Tomorrow we will take the next case in the book, and I want you to read over again very carefully the page and a half of notes under Election. The left hand section may leave the room first today as they have be- haved very well even for them. The center section will now pass out quietly. The right hand section is now excused. Good-by, children." BOOKS OF THE YEAR. HHow to Bluffu-By Henry George Bingham. This book is by an author with practical experience and is especially valuable for freshmen. "The Evils of the Public Dance Hall"-By Frances Earle Flynn. None of the spice is left out. "I stood on the Bridge at Midnight, or, Stalled on the VVay Home from Robie's"- By VV. QRex Harrisj. Enough said. "The Trials of Trying to Travel in High Society," including his pamphlet on 'fThe Tailor's Revenge, or, VVhy I Rented a Dress Suit."-By Rollin E. Schutz. These two little volumes are more interesting than instructive. K'Raising Ready Cash, or How I Sold My Clothes"-By 'fArtie,' Stangland. This book speaks for itself. 109 PERCY BRUSH, Cupid's Court. STATE OF UNCERTAINTY , -. . . COUNTY OF LOVE- ss. 1. e. Sit up and take notice. OTTO VON BAUDLER, Plazhiiff, i VS. PETITION FOR RELIEF. I Defendanf. l And now comes the plaintiff and for his cause of action shows unto this honorable Court as follows:- I. That Res Controversae now is and at all times hereinafter men- tioned was the affianced of plaintiff and that plaintiff is the acknowledged suitor and sworn true love of said Res Controversae. II. That on or about the first day of September, IQO5, while said plaintiff was living under the happiness of antenuptial anticipations and expectations of future matrimonial bliss, and in the midst of the aforesaid pleasing and alluring contemplations, said defendant did then and there without sufficient, just or any cause or provocation whatsoever, knowing- ly, willingly, with malice pretense and without regard for plaintiff's rights, privileges and immunities, butt in, and attempted to and did deprive said plaintiff of said Res Controversaels aid, comfort, society, soothing influ- ence, assistance and counsel and elevating associations and by reason of the aforementioned malicious actions of the said defendant, plaintiff has been and still is, wrongfully and unlawfully deprived by defendant of said aid, comfort, soothing infiuence, assistance and counsel, and elevating asso- ciations, of said Res Controversae, thereby causing this plaintiff to suffer great distress of body and mind, and mental and physical pain, agony and anguish, in consequence whereof he has suffered two flunks and other great irreparable and irretrievable injury and damage, to-wit: the loss of said Res Controversae. VVherefore, Plaintiff demands judgment against said defendant for the sum of three bits, with interest since September first, 1905. JACKSON 81 NVARNER, Attorneys for Plaintiff. G. JELLE Sz DEAN PATTEF, Of Counsel. ! Defendant appeared for himself, with him was Miss Josephine Schin. IIO M ennyaplis, nzannesota, March hwe times. Mae dear Yon :- Vell, ay skol got to Varsoty all rayt, an mae fren, Mr. Murphy, hae skol met mae at Law Bilding. H ae say, wee skol looking at classes dis morning. Law Bilding ban gude place, it ban rnade of nice brick, an hard wood. Vell, wee skol go up to door in front hall, an ay hear something in das room go "Tap-tap-tap." Den Ay say, "Vas ban here? Vood-pecker class?" Murphy hae lat? and say "No das ban yust Dean Pattee teaching Eqwityfu Den wee go in. Dean Pattee hae ban nice fat nzan, an hae skol talking nice, tu. But all dae fellers dey ban crying. Ay ask Murphy wy dey skol crying, and hae say, "Yust you wait." So ay wait, an by-an-by Dean Pattee hae make joke, an den Ay cry, tu. Den wee go tu nother room, an Ay hear awful row, an yelling, just lak St. Peter ban broke loose. Murphy hae skol say, "Now, Ole, you not ban 'fraid. Ay ban big man an Ay skol taking care of you." So wee go in, an dere ban little man on platform, an mae gudeness, hae skol holler some! Murphy hae say das ban only Yiin Page. Ay lak Yiin rale well, wen Ay get ower mae scare. Ay skol saying to Murphy, wy hae nerfer come home? Hale say, hae not got dae coin. Hae blow it all in bying note books. Ay say, was ban note-book. lllurphy hae say, "Note-book ban lot of blank paper an little print' paper bind up in leather." Ay ask wat dey ban worth, and hae say, "Fifty cents, but dey skol soak us 32.25. Ay say das ban bad steal, and ay tank ay go by Visconsin. In dae hall ay skol met 'mae fren Greenly, an hae gossip ynst lak usual. Hae say, "Mur- phy ban stuck on swell co-ed."' Ay say, wat ban co-ed. Greenly say, "Co-ed ban animal on two legs,' hae skol liwe on campus in summer an in library in winter. Hae eat lunch an hsk for lawsf' Ay tank co-ed ban dangerous bird. Ay met little feller in lzall, and ay skol say, Vat you want little feller? Yu ban lost?" Greenly hae skol latf an lat? an wen ay say, was ban matter, hae say das ban lifillis, an hae ban instructor. Ay tank Greenly lak to foshing tu well. Now ay inust rang oht, an go to library so quick sum ay can, an tall Nlr. Northrop how to run warsity. Ay skol writing bime-by an letting yu know bout all de rest of Varsity. Yure ole chump, Ole Carlson. III Willis-Quiz in Corporations VV'illis-"Today, gentlemen, owing to the absence of Mr. Abbott, on the grounds of public policy, I will leave with you a few thoughts which I did not mention in your course in personal property. I knew them then, but they skipped my mind at the same time and I think we can profitably spend a few minutes to- day in considering them. Vvfho will give me a definition of a corporation ?', Greenly here showed his hircine instinct by raising his right indicator. VVillis seeing the signal and recognizing the sign of the buttinsky order gives Greenly the floor. Greenly-"A corporation is a man made beast invisible and intangible, and being a mere creature is soullessf, "Tell him it is wliiskerlessf, Snyder whispers. Vtfillis-"That is very well Mr. Greenly, thank you. Now the definition just given gentlemen, Mr. Greenly has taken from the case of Dartmouth College argument of this case that Marshall took a D tive-minute recess in order to take another v. VVoodward. It was during the ff .5 fieix mm, 0 lys, Pr ,KH we 5,9 if up . , lw Q i Il ' ll Y 5' is , 12' H f !f fQf . f' f ff' 'r 'yn f' X", lf e Z ill X 1 I gg ,, llxi x g jl gs ,Q il' fg , us iilii V jj ' f K , 1 drink, and allowed Daniel to go out upon the green and vent some of his boyish enthusiasm. This case also marks the period when Ameri- can oratory reached the most dazzling heights that it has ever attained and has never been excelled until my own day. "Now in looking over the newspa- per this morning, I find something very in- teresting for us students in jurisprudence and allied sciences of law. That was the incident in which a ship was lost at sea, together with all on board by running against a rock. The question at once arises as to whether the cap- tain would be liable, what would you say to that, Mr. Stangelund?" know nothing of the facts and will have to answer without any preconceived opinion on the matter and without prejudice or passion towards any mang but I fail to see why the captain would not be liable Stangelund-"Qf course I at least for punitive damages." VVillis-'KI think that is substantially correct, Mr. Stangelund, thank you. There is another principle that might enter in however, and that is, the captain being drowned he might be estopped to speak. Mr. Qliver will you give us the doctrine of estoppel P" Swindland-'IDO you mean me? IVell the doctrine of estoppel is that if one will not be allowed to speak when he won't speak then he will be allowed to II2 speak when it is to his interest to sit quiet, otherwise not. This is based on the theory that if one does not talk when he has the power of speech he cannot be heard to speak if he looses that power and makes signs. VVillis-'fThat is about the most concise statement of that doctrine that I have heard, thank you. I think it is directly in point in this case, especially as we haven't any of the facts at hand. This closes the lesson for today gentlemen and it is hoped that Mr. Abbott will be here Monday, although I understand the doctor does not want him to meet any of you for sometime as he is afraid the least shock will make him worse." VVhile VVillis assigns a lesson for the next two weeks the class dismisses itself. 'fAnd everybody laughed at Hugh, VVho this foolish quizz did hold, fBut what good came of it at last,' Quoth little Harkie bold. Why that we cannot tell said they, But at least it passed the time away." AS OTHERS SEE US. A. P. Asher-Solemn as an owl, but not necessarily as wise. Davis-"Foxy Grandpav in disguise. Chisholm-Is very quiet in class, but o, my! when it comes t ball. Poppe-Dean Pattee thinks he can't raise whiskers, but Poppe intends to fool him some day. J. NV. Peterson-That man whom whiskerless Poppe envied most. Van Vorst-Nemo Yan Sant. He runs faster than he thinks. Folsom-Tries to give the impression that he knows more than Schutz. johnson, A. J.-An unknown quantity. Pratt-Vociferous voiceher of the Law School's loyalty to the football team. Addy-In spite of his Greek pin and winning ways, VVillard missed the Athletic Board by several votes. jackson and Coleman-The Mark Hanna and VVilliam Mc- Kinley of the Law School. Heffron-His sunny locks are only equalled by his sober looks. II3 o billiards and base :fi I I 'x XV V1 . N -7 xx rj lx I ,z Ax lvl my 'mf' fl y 11 L' NF: ,A 'ffl , W- W 5 '-, V 4' july lil , X fl! rf f f X Q i "7 ,f X ' , fy f X ., fy. 'X 1 Wx, I' 'L Sept. 1. Sept. 16. Oct. 6. Oct. 31. Nov. Io. Dec. 1. Ian. 13. Feb. 2 Feb. 3 Feb. 27 Mar. 2 Mar. 5 Mar. 6 Mar. 9. Mar. 17. Mar. 18. Mar. 26. April I. D D D 'J D 3 D REMARKABLE EVENTS OF PAST YEAR. Partial eclipse of the moon. jelle had a hair cut. Grcenley refrains from butting' in. Brooks had a case written up. Total eclipse of Baudler's honey-nioon by a large Brush. DeCourcy, afflicted with insomnia, stays awake through an entire lec- ture. Colburn didn't run for something. The Dean permits the disturbing rumblings of a passing train to pene- trate the lecture room without tapping his pencil for order. VVoodward cites Pickwick as an authority. C. R. XYright gets a shave. NYhy? No one knows. Remarkable memory drill. Nelson at the instance of the Dean counts live. I. O. Peterson recited without an interpreter. F. E. Vtfright with a white collar. What became of the blue Flannel shirt? Debate-Question Cpropounded by XYillisj "The sovereignty is in the sovereign is it not P" Robinson put on his debating face and van- quishes Wiillis. Davis appears without a red tie. Class fails to recognize him. Stangland comes near reciting upon the point at issue. Nilson accidentally cracks a smile. Synder agrees with the prof. 5 Oliver forgets his liattle AX plug. Asks permission to go home after it. Permission denied. 1 I4 l V l l i 1 I 4 l TRUOW men Kbeae IDl'666l1f5Q That we, the under- signed, Fred Atrocious Snyder, embryonic attorney and general bluffer, as principal, and Also Ran Park and Alway Running Colburn, as sureties, all of the County of Politics and State of Commotion, are held and firm- ly bound unto the VV'ildey Gang, generally, and Eddie Sanford, the puppet of said gang, particularly. in the penal sum of ten blue chips and the drinks all around to be forfeited to said obligees, their heirs, executors, adminis- trators, or assigns, for the true and faithful performance of which we bind each other jointly and severally together with our heirs, executors, adminis- trators or assigns, by these presents for the period of five years, unless we, or any of us, should graduate before that time. The condition of of the foregoing bond is such that if said Snyder does again enter the political arena and attempt to procure, solicit or secure and gather unto himself votes, by means of bribery, undue influence, duress, or any other, or any, or all corrupt and nefarious practices or by gratuitously offering Va. Cheroots C3 for 5D or by disposing hot air, un- mitigated falsehoods, prevarications and base untruths concerning the ver- acity, integrity, wisdom and ignorance, foresight, and executive ability and disability, and general moral and mental qualifications and disqualincations, of the unfortunate opposing, deluded beings, who are unluckily impreg- nated with a desire for political aspiration and honors, or in any way at- tempts, contrives or conspires to mitigate and militate in any Way whatso- ever, against said beings, or procures others to do these said things for him, then this bond shall be binding and of full force and effect, otherwise to be null and void. FRED ATROCIOUS SNYDIQR. ALso RAN PARKs. ALwAYs RUNNING CoI,1:URN. COgrI:3EYo1?PA012?nICfr'fggS' ss. QSons of Snyder, et. al., Also Ran Parks and Always Running Colburn, being first duly sworn neither for himself and both for the other, says: That he is one of the insecurities named in the above foregoing undertaking, that he is a promoter and instigator of said State of Commotion and County of Politics, that he is worth the amount named in the foregoing undertaking over and above and below his just debts, incredibilities and unreliabilities and property exempt from execution by the laws of said state. ALWAYS RFNNING CoL1zLTRN. ALso RAN PARKS. Subscribed and sworn to before and all around me in this hour of political re- form and purification. CHARLES IXTURPHY, TTT- l Ward Healer, Late of Tammany. 1 Trade Mark W 115 Qty: '4 - , v. ' E I if: Q ,I 'fan r 7 EM 'E ' 1 'f Cl L :ui a ' :s :Er :' F effgf 3.1-, wh- - ,gint -f F3114 '72 511' W5 Ili?-f x I GLII '- ' ' , ii iszsffae :. f " e-WfH'2L . pslfinm Nlivgflfn? w - ,Jn -?14!4I7ZmE:10' 2535: si: ,,-,f' 'i 'ill ,,L . r v leg 1 ,. , -,. A IH. : L ii? I fm -rf: 11,4 ill I llll V. it , P . N K I l P."'5rA-, V -- iil. will ffl, L -I lllll ll. lllltll ,fx 7 E 1? i Stands for ifessor Abbott who started Corporations, He thanks you most politely for any recitations, He always says "Good Morning," with a broad and kindly smile, He'll pass you just as easy as Dan Patch goes a mile. Stands for Henry Fletcher, and Estoppel certainly. A very careful marker, so the llunkers all agree, And a lecturer so fluent in an entertaining' wayg llut if a man's a bluffer, he will get him every day. Stands for our friend Hickman, He taught to us Code Pleadingg And his class was of the sort, Where persons slumbered undisturbed, who were out the night before. Rough house reigned supreme, and chewers spat upon the Hoof Stands for Kolliner who loves the subject Sales, He drives home his points like a carpenter driving' nails, lle slides down in his chair and often shows his white hose, But no matter what he talks about, you can bet he always knows. ls for Dean Pattee and little jimmy Paige, The things the Dean would stand for would put Jimmie in a rageg And his habit of calling' roll is fixed but very loosely ,Iimmie rattles off with vim and then cries, 'tAttention gXl3SQLUTELY.U 116 nt 5 1 if "P 1 Stands for XYillis. he is willing as can be But wanders in his lectures, like a ship that's lost at sea. - VV'ho gives us ancient history like a farmer feeding hay, But he will be a teacher in some far off distant day. so ,, 1 -- V.:-1.15:-f fl,-nb Q - ' A i 'I 'r 'u I F' J f My 5' glfumh 6 X 1 I WW Q V , . 'CG-WM If r-Vy 'M' iff 1 :!!ef4':'.t' 1 xy, Y zu I 1' X f lf f i?" I mx m ---,.. . 1'-H ,, 1. 'fi S ' -1: 3 LF". IE - 'Qlli ii!'i9 'WW 1,251.4 - w . . . . . Is for Stevens who in lns high chair sits, And if a student whispers, he throws a bunch of fitsg I-le goes after everyone who passes books around, And the jobship of quiz master is the goal toward which he is bound. I I ' 1 In 1' He wears the quiet gum shoes of a Minneapolis cop, And feet upon the table must quickly take a Hop, Because he's always watching like a feline, don't you know, "You are banished from the library, now take your books and go." CLASS HONORS. Condon-Best all round athlete in the class. Also one of our most prominent poli ticians. Costello-Recognized lobbyist of the class. Crosman-The man who is helping Schlitz make Milwaukee famous. McGrath'-The acknowledged connosieur of colored woolen shirts. Marius-The best behaved man in the Law Department. 'ECTOLIS 3. -Timmy-"Define an accident, Mr. Groatf' Denny-"An accident is a thing that happens accidentallyf v U Prof. Paige-"Can a corporation commit arson? Prof. Groat-f'lVell. really, professor, I don't know." Prof. Paige-"I thought you would use your head. That question that a child of ten ought to be able to answer itf' is so prepos II7 The Night Law Class of l907 "Lawyers are a society of men, bred from their youth in the art of proving by words, multiplied for the purpose, that black is white, and white is black, according as they are paid." This class, tho few in numbers, contains some worthy members, falling within the foregoing definition, and destined to become distinguished in the profession of law, and among them the following may be mentioned, together with a forecast of their probable future attainments. "l3ick', Bicknell-VVill probably succeed judge XVillis when the latter inherits 1immy's position. Doane 8: Uhl-Pedagogues and socialists. Jackson-XVhen he doesn't know his lesson, he declines to answer on advice of counsel. He has been offered a position by the Standard Oil Company. 'lNapoleon" L'Herault-President of the class. Now in the post-office depart- ment. He has the support of Jimmy for the office of postmaster general. Roup-Famous now and always for his striking physiognomy. "XYaddy" XYilliams-justice of the Peace in Reuben County, North Dakota. lXlurlin-"VVaddy's" clerk. Stone--Special referee in bankruptcy to whom are referred petitions in bank- ruptcy of students who have been compelled to buy law note books at 32.50 apiece. The office is an important one and the cases numerous. Allen-Chief Justice of the College Moot Court. sg sg: rg: sg: 1,1 Jimmy Paige lost his first and only case. He was defending a man charged with a certain crime. The rules of the court allowed him one hour for his closing argument to the jury. Jimmy, being young and inexperienced, sought the advice of a learned lawyer as to how long a time he should use in his speech to the jury, and he was told that he had better use the full hour. But jimmy, of course, had a different opinion, and said he intended to speak only ten minutes. "You use the full hour," said the old lawyer, 'fbeeause the longer you talk, the longer you will keep your client out of jailf, IIS Hl'l.ET1lORlC P.x'i'r11:i2." "Everybody works but Pattee, He sit around all day, Feet ill front of the fire, Draws his yearly pay. Jimmy runs the law school, As plainly can be seeng Everybody works at our school, But our old Dean." Judge XVillis has adopted the principles of the Quaker and avoids as unchris- tian all participation in the law courts. The profession of an advocate is incom- patible with, and the profession of pedagogy more suitable for, his saintly char- acter. Kolliner, teaching TORTS related the following conversation which he once had with a client of his, whom he called "the Patient Klan :U Patient Man: 'Suppose a woman makes it so hot for her husband that he can't live with her, and he leaves her, what can she do F" Kolliner: "Sue him for support." Patient Han: "Suppose she has run him so heavily into debt that he can't support her, because his creditors grab every dollar as quick as he gets it, besides ruining his business with their suits F" Kolliner: "If for any reason whatever he fail to pay her the amount ordered, he will be sentl to jail for contempt of courtfl Patient Klan: "Suppose she drives him out of the house with a Hatiron, and he is afraid to go back ?" Kolliner: "She can arrest him for desertionf' Patient Man: "XYell, I don't see anything for me to do but go and hang myselff, Kolliner: "lt is against the law to commit suicide, and if you get caught attempting it, you'll be fined and imprisoned. Ten dollars, please. Good-day." II9 wg V! V N- s to m y t ,. Ml ca f as U, 1112? -S t Ei 5 'Z XX , l tr! it 2 f i " llllli ? if l ille, ti ill 'lf l V S V .s XX' ll Till i t " 3i"I if . FQ ? I pagill '11 W .W we y ' gl Kaitlyn T ,grimy N "'. ll!! ww, ww J lr' Q Njljllnojw In M!!! li Wit' 9 ' vf f l gwlllljjlwll L 1' lf ll l llll V ll i r .t ' l t r W l 1 la. 'L R " 41 A '-"D NX -"' t if t i 1 lil f 1 a s . 4 ,i wwilli 4 . l I ll 'V W------75311 f "V W1 Q,,,,'N 3' Qllilllil V W ' , ,jlll -W WA,,e,,ef'o gQggF,t--avg l ' ' Wm H 'i l' fffwf ff f'f'f' iU'l"'f'- 1 --sf" , ' ff 7 I .mm ' il! I i i f IZ," li li lirll' 'ffffkj f .Vi Ha lf 'xii 'pl v t H , s W , It , 1 D il I I Ki jiji, ffl gill ll! 1- 1 ll l "'III O 1 gl it ' 1 llll ,lg J ' ct 1 j Wat! ML lt HH' una J A 4- wx " ew: 'lltixliilill l'7ii "i i 1' u YI ,ww Q ll - X x x i l l , . H K. , . . , v, -.. , i. , , , , ., , ggg .1 , . W . V 1. 'Q . m X in . .1 .,-I- .L '-1.1--.-., Lg 1, 1- img- i Q Q Qz:.'.g4z5i4- 5- A- im --1 hassle- .ge -fi' iiii l - t W1-if-ew l ff M Ti l .4 i ll I SE i at , , f if ' 5 .14-g- -' sffy-ff a--f--W -- -", CLASS POEM. The class at the start was inimense, 'l'hirty-three was the suni of the gents, At the end of the year Tween conditions and boek beer, But twenty survived Qin a sensej. lu Physics the slaughter was great, The number decreased at a rate, VVhich startled instructors, And compelled the deductors, To stop with the crowd at twice eight. To give their complete genealogy VVould require countless words of apology. The list that I add, ls as short as its bad, For counrniation consult their Histology. 120 There's Murphy and Barney and Hayes Three Frinch wid their iligant wayes, Thot Perry's another, And Tom1ny's his brother, Iist aint they the lads for these days? Meyerding, Zoerb, Larson and Gardner W'ith Delmore thrown in for a pardner, Set the pace for the class Not one loves a lass, Tho that statements a broad one for Gardner. Booren rarely goes without meals, His principle diet is seals. On gold rings of course Just consider the source, XVhat a world of surprise it reveals. Poor Schmidt-Could a name be more worse? It's hardly the subject for verse. Fate'll strive to conceal him. XVill the future reveal him Or open the strings to his purse. Dear Paulsen, is the climate up there any torrider Than Sahara or southermost Florider? Do you know when your toes, Down below are quite froze? Is the first or the last question horrider? XVhat's to be said about Critchfield and DOI'l'? They existg that you cannot ignore. But to put them in rhyme To get meter and time- Their music. Ach himmel !! Abhorlllll Rrimmer filled up a glass to the brim, The contents thereof filled up him. Now who was the tighter, Brimmer, the glass or the writer? 'Eres to ye. Put your lips to the rim. I2I MORAL. Wlieii a clodhopper tries to Write verse Is the subject or rythni the worse? Look above at the facts, Decide, take an ax, Kill the toughest and call in the hcarse. PM Dr. Hare: "lN7hat passes throrugh the stylomastoid foramen. Barney: "You can search nie, I don't knowf' Dr. Hare: 'iIf I did, I probably would find outfl Dr. Nicherson: "Is there any one who does not understand the theory of cross-striation ?', Thompson: "I donltfl Dr. Nicherson 1 "VVell whatls the trouble, can't you comprehend it P" Thompson: "Well, I comprehend it all right, but I can't understand itf, Schmidt: "Der Schneider schlacht eine lausz, Der Schneider schlacht ein, lie, la, lause I.ausz." Dr. Brown-K'This is the last time we meet, at least for some of you. I hope that none of you will be present at the next term's work." Qfarewell lectureb. Delmore: The difference between a lizard and is snake is, that a lizard can wink his eye, a snake cannot. Some folks sleep the livelong day, Some sleep the clock arounl. Some take sleepin' standin' up, And some a lyin' down. Some prefer to sleep at night, Some folks sleep a heap. But how and why and when and Where Does Clarence Perry sleep? 122 - 1, ,. , ,iw -1- fy -- mv.-LL,-,1.,-,fue.-fix,---W wi.-,.3LL,M-gi 1,g.... ,,,--L ,, L -- V, f , ' fl- f- W - ....,f"-ff.: r- ,,1,,,,--.-f' 1,-+ .Aw .?,L+A..-LJ xr v-w,,,-3:-W4 NWN .W M 'RFQ We I I Jail M U1 K1 f ff.. 'Y' al 'Va vi' Jn lvl awww- KW..-J 4' .3 'N-, M2 'f I Q q'?rh in ..ivf-'If' ' 43? """5w.Qf ,+,--v-zz-Igfz W- xA Qeswa 'fz ' ff' , .M me '-'.1.f.., L il r 0. 1. af' zu il: 'Q S , . ' ,,,- xkiagi I 'V , - ' : ja-' 'ff' , . 1 ss: . gl - 1445 , 1 ef P ' I . ,fam ,,1-4. Qfwv 't- ,, .A . fd . 4'-fha., ,gfs',-- -' H 'Q ' , ,M1"" ""' 1 sr "'i'if,'f. '.'?f',g: Sf2'5f'f...,:'?? , -g. '-F if, ,. ,, '- . ff ifw' fhiw."-,'7",l1QQk? 78,1-f?' L L L L.E,.,.fp,f2',QgL.Qfff'f". . g b" 1525 4' 11 3 1Llflf17":1 ,izxij ' W " , ' Uh 'ui 11517 4: 332: '-w::-"T?f?,ffff7s 6 '1 ' 'Q 'Q' ,Y.Yq' , :LA-T ,- .fu 1, L A A A . 1. , 1 ' rff.jw-'1:jw,vLg.':,.I-" r' H-LL-:K he ' 'lhiigzl . 'fi-P u :ff ' I ..'f+ii6f?rTf'f-ffe4:224ef. Qiif ff, Q, -1: 'g 'fegaxjiffjfi f',f'xgk 'TfQ1Q53 rfL?':'4nf,jj.f','Qf,j?fi-. . 1, " L 'L - fu' 'L-'g ' - - LQ ,,,ggP,.,,..L,, fr - ,,, f L,. .-1, ,- , - -- ' , .,L , L ,L.,w LQQL, X. . 'ZL pe 11 'aAi,f'i.l aw ,-:.. .- :gm ' " A - - . ' ' Ay, - A H:'.:,": Q if ' f 1a I :Ag Wg. v if A- ,+L mix, L ' 55' , ,,: ' -,f'2 :1 p37,?,gff i.,0 Q L E Lai! ' I N.12,1N-Q1 L -A-L L -gif V L L ,z W3 V 3 ', 11 , L . . , M. , "' ' fy ,yty-.", ' . if-igf? ff f W , L f L, 'VL wg , , 4 :" -- ' . L LL 1,i, ,. pm ,M ,, 1" ' 1554. 2 ,, ff F' 5 J V 4 W- , K , ' 3,3 ir 1,9 2, 35,5 fl -L ' . '15 --., ' 1 11? '1""f '. ,.,f-"9 X 531 ,L L, VJL., .L,.L,, L, gi . .. . W ,J - Y . ' ', , 'TE . 1, fL.,Ji,L.,' L 4.1 L ,Mx ' L 0 ,, . ...A , , , L ,gg 0 1,1 ,qi-, gif , .- "-, A f ' ,-1 L32 my A ' E931 ' I rw- 'fur' x 1.21: -' ' b ' ? Y 15.13" , , t - F H L fi? A , . ' 7 . ,AQ J ,ni if Tiff? X -1, .Y , V ' '5 , F,f'.4 A f K .. ...W if 3 I- . 41 , L , ye w, ,gs V 55,3 ,. "" 44 .fx . Y' 1-A "-x L ' 4, .-f"' " 435: ff? . -gg. A i'L.?yQFgL L , X ' a ygfllfi L L :L I1 - 1 Vfwf. fgxfi' . ' ,ff 5954-Lai, , -'Pe' L52 fx ,Fw ' , -1 ' .Lyle , N Vjriitff. ,L L1 - ,,4 A V 593 .wg 1 , L-.1 . A V L- .x- + L.--f.-Y,Jg- 3 fa.. 1,4 . - mf, . , Eff E53 -' 7 . . I ' 54 f 59- - ' '--'I55Ux" 3 W QT . 'i'-, I f . 's I I A L' J m"l2Z5'?,, f .vat 'g f. L A .. , . 41.9 -qv,-, , ..,,,. , . ,, ,na Q. , , Qfiwl' , X 7' ' " ' Q , 'L ki' ?"'l:'1.'t!rfg- , 'f M" '-Lv 'xfig r I , I ' 1 ' A ' 1 'av zv3:?gl?1 'EV ' ,G , J L ' "1 . L L H, , ,, g 'nn 4 s nf,-Q,-'a'1'6i,f'g 'f. J. WL' ., . -M. ,M ., ,F , , ,- sv-1 , ..' .' lx' 1 'f' -1 wr- ff Jul- 'YQ25 '.f .1 -1.4 - ' .0 Q, 1, . f f -, I 1.,f -r . V ,".'r.-'A . N. ai 121 5733 Lv 9 1, Q , uf . , ' ' ' - fx: '7 " 1- ' "1 , - '-,-'- J L' . L- ki 1' ' ' , . i -. A A 7 L 1. if L f lf- gif , fi N , '-455315: ,3 , - '-fr" s.,..,ff' L' f ' i3' :4:l'i53, - 'fp g,.,gLL , ., 'A X ,' .. L 5- fi L' - M+f'Jf"f L S' . , "": 1.ri', .:2' . ' F" - ' , V 4 . ,V 9' N , ' g' Wlm.gYvrf' LV T. LA! gift, ,ff ii: 'JEL 2 Q' fi, l,,afj' . ,L ,L Lf , ,A f L. . W LX - A . Nw, , - -z L. LL 5 .L,.,,. vALn,.,.J, .,. , .A if - 1' ' . X. .A Q 'V , gf- .14 . , , ' ' ' -, . 1" f ,AZ54i: .Q'-.1 9231 f . , L ,--ff' - Q , , . I ,'m.e' ' " 1 M ' fw-wsugpgj'fl-.S W ' '- 3 fr '97 ,I ' .v 'J ' - di, 7 f 7 - 'M ull IZ , 1. Lf' 4' ' 4 . - - -5"5Y'54iff F21 - - 1 . "b ' A ' , F' QPZWTW' aa 2: ff , 1 , ,, 4-n 1 Q-' 35: rv -Q M , 9 QV. Y ' L' L K- " , ' gf ' Sl + - 44,2 ,U v ff ' 3 ' - ' ' 12 - --v -- "- 41. ', '5 -, 3 , , , ". J 'H ,.,.f .3 Q L A L- LL. L 'ii - W' N7 if Q, 1. 'Q IL If L L , , W LL V . , ,,,L . X, , ., ,, , , ' , i L ii- ' , I P . f L. . A Ag. Ll- A., 'ff , 435 ,L ei 5 -f..w.,k ' . ' -V -"5 Q"- - 'ff' K X - ag' ., , ' . V ' Ifmf ,Q ' , 5 I -. ' " srl 'ia ,V , . 'fAi"fi1K ' is n 1,4 Ks 32 .M M ' We " s' r 'Asa w "' rv-aff' V1 bww wsu H, 'QV' 'V ,Nun If ff' LBC b 'ku 4 l gf A V ma L 9 x N if 1 We fl -HY , W.. ,Lx '1 4 .Rik U' 'f Q '14 .. ---........,,,. 155335 v S JF? WM ei 2 fs, 1 4 1" Mk 'wiv' Y 3 it :aw 5 xx pg? 'Z sg-44 :Lf Eng R., ff i I 11,52 1, 5551? f P Q 5f51,f 7 4 ,Sie if -gag., A VY MH K'-?.w"'.."F Q mx X 'F' WA 19' -2264-4 52:-ww fl6l' SOME OF OUR "PROFS" AND THEIR ENGINEERING EQUIVALEN TS Frederick S. Jones, M. A., Dean "Hoch der Kaiser, Frederick, Dean!" Wm Brooke, B. C. E., M. A. "Brookey Boy" Henry T. Eddy Jr- etc. "Doc, the other Wiseman" John J. Flather -1- etc. J? Arthur Edwin Haynes Jr etc. Dzgidy Haynes-Dear Old Duffer E. E. Nicholson V CZHQO4 Geo. O. Shepardson "Problem!" Shep John Zeleny Long John Henry A Erikson Erik the good fill Wm. H. Merriman Uncle Sam's special John H. Quense "Quinzy infiooinzen B. S. Shoop Soup Springer X Anthony Zeleny Mad Anthony-Spighetti Wm. R. Hoag "We the Head of the Department" SIDE LIGHTS ON THE FACULTY To see a life-like picture of Prof. Hoag, "The-a-ah head-ah of-a-a the-ah departmentn shut either eye, tilt your head to one side, talk-ah like this-ah-a and look into a mirror. Professor Bass announces that he received a communication substantial- ly as follows, from the senior class on Vifednesday, Nov. 29, 2 p. m. sharp: "Dear Professor, the seniors will not show up for work with you this p. m." signed by members of the class. Professor Bass, then, merely said, "I'd like to know who's going to run this institution, the students or the faculty?'I Since then the seniors have been engaged in divers work at I-Iastings at odd hours. Daddy Haynes is the man of whom, by whom, for whom and with whom engineering mathematics it was and ever shall be. He originated that delightful term, admits, declares and exults in it without being afraid or ashamed. Si C 1- r -1 1 Q I . , f Pwf. 5aae1-.2-'5 E-K..-niorw. 124 DEAN JONES' ANNUAL LECTURE TO THE FRESHMEN. QGiven in a tone of thunder, very impressively and founded as is gen- erally the speeches of the dean, upon scripturej Thou shalt have no other dean before meg lo I am the dean. Thou shalt not make unto thee any crib or any likeness of anything that is in heaven above or that is in the earth beneath nor that is in the H20 under the earth, for thy aid when thou art stuck. Thou shalt not cuss. Qlfd. note "except - - --Nj. Thou shalt not kill time. Thou shalt consider thyself lucky if thou dost not Hunk. QThe freshmen are always escorted and assisted to the front door by the sophs, etcj Thoughts from A. Zeleny. QSpighetti shakes his head, rolls his eyes and shakes his fingers. Vvhile speaking.. "Mv de-e-e-er Sir, if you take a bushell of beans and take out one of them, you have just as many as you had before." "Well mv dear sir, the current that would flow through the voltmeter would be such a wee tiny bit that it might be overlooked, as it would be a negligible fraction of the whole. Morro CCopyright H. VV. Springer after the class had unanimously cutj. f'XVhen a man treats me white I believe in treating him white, otherwise 'Xf " DADDY HAYNES. Mathematics is a toad and you can do problems so fast that your head will sw1M. QTo the Class-l--D. R. FJ "Nothing is so disgusting as to see the youths of the coming generation going about the campus, sucking a dirty old pipe, pol- luting the fresh spring atmosphere with the vile odor of tobacco smoke." CTO the Civils the morning after their banquetj f'This is one of the most delightful classes I ever had. Every member is of good moral character, personal habits, studious and gentlemanlyf' Q"The worst of it is," say the civils,'l "itls true'-between you and me and the fence post."j Ulf learning were a bird and I had caught it, I would let it go again for the pleasure of catching it again." 125 Merriman: 'iXVhen I served my time in the U. S. arsenal-'I Tate Qafter losfng his eraser in a vain attempt to erase a gas jet off the blackboard-"B'gum, you know I can't see after four o'clock.,' Holden: QTries buts fails to succeed.j Brooke: CShutting his bookj HO, I wish I had you out on a quarter sec- tion all alone! In public I can,t express myself-I don't know how I came to pass you last semester-maybe I did but it was a mistake, but I always correct my mistakes the second semesterf, Doc. Eddy femerging from six place logarithms for a minutej "Speak- ing of a free body rotating about an axis which is not its principal axis, this phe- nomenon is the result of the equatorial protuberauce of the earth's surface, result- ing from the eliptical eccentricity of its orbitf' ADDENDA ACC'T DADDYHMATH. W2 Daddy has hobbies: QIt was he who placed the W baby under the radical with a minus sign and challenged W W the parents to solve the problemj. He says of his "dear I NX lu pupil," Peter Field "he was the greenest. gawkiest and lu P. most countrified lad I ever saw but-and let this en- K 1 Q ,gf courage all of you-he got over that and became a great X Ilas watched the campus oats grow through all the in- X Z Nix X I fl mathematician." IIe is acquainted with Doc. Olney. tix f 4 Hnitesimal stages mentioned in Murrayfs Infmitesimal X7! ' X bi-double plated calculus and has read, learned and re- XX ported certain stanzas, verses and gems of poetry. Speaking of a certain problem he says, "The foreman of the gang brought it to Dean Downey-I wasn't here yet then." LQ' rr ,gram X WITH THE TOILERS. Kelly to Shoop: But Professor- Shoop to Kelly: Don't call me that frame. lluhl offers certain revisions of XVebster's smelling. fb Buhl: Gasolean, wich, verry, sepperates, reequired. setts abrashun CW'ebster-K'aberrationf'j 126 Vita to Brooke: "Now Mr. Brooke, I'm here to study and not to play foot ball and if you Hunk me, I'll smash your face. Baer eats on the animal side of the College Inn. "QUESTION!!" VVl1y is Oliver Brown wearing military pants in his junior year, without officers stripes on them? Ans.-Ask Tom or Brown. R. VV. Kerns has received a promotion from front rank No. 2 to No. I of same rank. The Sophs are working to "one Merriman" ln shop now-a-days. Kelley, Nekola, Doerlier are henceforth and hereafter to be denominat- ed 'The differential elements of the facultyfl Tnbby is looking for the "nothing pointu of the galvanometer. Johnny Quinn no longer picks up his transit and turns it around in order to look south after he has been looking north. He is now known as the Anarchist. I. Wlesley Ash-I-an occasional reminder by the Committee of the xyholera pretty good little boy. F011 Nm: --'-- Away. , ..,., Box No.2 0 f m,.sam.,1 ..,.. ,C, IS. Societies. ., .. ., ., , ,. ,, ,, Honou, uc. .... We shall responsible for names miupcllzd. Write plainly. ,144 Plus: return than blank: pmmpcly in znvelopc no Box No. 704. F27 In P Sept. Sept Sept Sept Sept Sept Sept. Sept. 29. Sept. 30. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. . 22. J The Campus Calendar "Once more beneath the oaks" Pierce and the campus rivals for attention. Freshmen buy river bank tickets from Henry Mackall. The Dean, Drs. Bauer and Schlenker shave mustaches on a bet. Big Drum llajor wanted for the Band. Long jack Sinclair rejected. Dean Grew is mistaken for the ianitor. 15 . Hal Porter assumes the professorial air. lt's becoming. Class vrize tifrhts. 'OS victorious. Larkin b good for two bouts. Prof. llole tby proXy.j Schaper elected chaperon of the Gopher 8:25 a. m. Madame llertin calls down l Hour class for tardiness. Dramatic Club Trials. Earl Huntley-"I Love Every Girl in the XVide, XVide XVorld." Rejected: too dra- matic. julia llearnes-"XYhere is my W'andering Sister, Now?" too pathetic. ,lilorence llottlin-i"lihe lirown Birds are Sing- inguinot true to life. liill Greenley-Wllhe Golden Crown Awaits Ne." Humorous. XVillard Aclclyinltv and "Always," Success- ful. Senior Rough House. Sinclair elected. Stew 'l'hompson gets a subscriber for the Mag. Mrs. Potter's "The l3allingtons" comes out. No classes attended. Hotly contested Junior election. jim Kremer in spite ot strenuous objections this ownb elected Vice-President. Delta Tau Delta opens Social season. Milli frappe and gingerssnaps. unior Hall Association formed. Spring, Star- rett, Lyon and Hubbard are the ofticers with Brown as the Committee on Arrangement. 129 life "Off Guard." Mailing a Letter Alone. An Everyday Incident. N l Chapel Time. Nothing to be Ashamed of. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Oct. Nov Nov Nov Nov. Nov Nov. Nov Nov Nov Nov Nov Delta Chi Banquet. Dick Funck insists on Hjust one" more toast. Girls Fiiterpcan Club organized. Luella NVoodke sings4"Moonlight on the Hudsonf' Grace Grygla makes a hit with "liillie,'l and Constance Day shouts "O Bliss," Busy day for the Dekes. Mary Morgan visits college. It rains. Ralph Knight protects her new red dress from the dampness from 9 a. m. till she goes home. "How many fraternities will organize Bible classes ?'y First Mass Meeting. Minnesota-Iowa. XYhy is Fritz Putnam always in debt. -liecause he exelaims, NIO." Sigma Tau organized. Episcopal Club formed. Cupid plays havoc with the faculty. Ralph Rawson claims he will be the next. LeRoy gives his first lecture to a small but ap- preciative audience. Minnesota-Lawrcnce Game. Frank Lyon begins dancing lessons. Hes a member of the I. H. Association. Mass Meeting. Dan says A'VVc can always do our best with llright liyes looking on., NVisconsin defeats us I6 to 12. Cutting the hero of the day. Bob Merrill breaks into the Gopher with the remains of a hat. Alumni alan to enlarfre the camius. Fussers l D I need more room. New Yell. Old "Ski-U-Mali" put on the shelf. Dr. Smith takes Pathologists to Stillwaterg Sociologists invited for the evening. The Mag subscriber leaves college. Oliver and Vance form Iiohemian Club. More honors for the Gopher. Press Club Dance. XYhat became of the 57.187 Minnesota Nebraska Game. 35-O. First Gopher Board Meeting. T30 Nov. Nov Nov Nov Nov. Dec. Dec. Dec. Nov Dec. Dec. Des. Dec. Dec, Dee. Dec. Dec. Dec. Jan. Jan. jan. Jan. jan. Jan. Jan. Scabbard and Blade formed. Minnesota-Northwestern Game. 7.2-6. Purity Jordan exposes Minnesota in "Collier's." XVe withstand the shock. Senior Civils give faculty a holiday. Rare treat. Earl Luce and Irslield sue Collier's for dam- ages. Proceeds to go toward building Theta Delta Chi Tennis Courts. 1'General Culture is a rubber band to be used in making out the Phi Beta Kappa lists." Dick Griv' s celebrates his nineteenth birthdav. P: .f Freshman numerals awarded. Glee and Mandolin Club Concert. 'lWlio is that man Champagne, I never heard of him." Fred W'iesner separated from Elmer Adams. How? Crack Squad organized. Dramatic Club presents 1'Cricket on the Hearth," and "Nance Oldtieldn at the Unique Theatre. "Bugs" is lost. Reward if returned to the Managing Editor." Did you see the Editor-in-Chief come through the transom? "l'alcum'l Club organized. Christmas Daily. Lawrence and Bixby soak their watches to go home for the holidays. Foot-ball "M's" awarded by Proxy. Senior men and women in caps and gowns. Fond farewells-and heavy suit-cases. Faculty give Senior Civils holiday-at Hast- ings. Raw treatment. Many lapses in New Year's Resolutions. Fire in Old Maing an excuse for cuts. Dean Jones represents Minnesota in foot-ball conference at Chicago. Bill Hubbard goes to Astronomy Mary Rankin's recipe for popularity is di- vulged. Two words express the magic- A'Creamed Lobsterf' If you're a lobster, she will make you harness the pony. Interfraternity Bowling League organized. I3I He Just Got OITZ The Woman's Building. Going to Fourth Hour Cl Dance. 2 S gi ' ,W ., ,T an ga, ,K lv at , I Q .. My W gi., . . it?-:Sky V iZ'7I,?T'A, , f '13, 1 - A Class in Old Main. Our Favorite Haunt. The Walks in Winter. Jan Jan Ian -lan. -lan Jan Ian. Jan. Feb Feb. Feb Feb Feb Feb Feb Feb. Feb Feb Feb Feb Feb Feb Feb Feb Feb 17. 18. T9 20. 2 25, 26. 27. 3. 4 6 8 9 IO 13. 14 15. 16 17 19. 20. 2l. 24. 26. 27. 3. NVhat does Jeanette Baier carry in that red opera bag? E. Huntley entertains. For particulars see the Journal. Northwestern wins in debate with lllinnesota. Dr. Hughes goes to board at Mrs. Browns. Surveyors boots the latest in foot-wear ae- cording to the fashion plates. Nance Knowlton says that she will study from now on until exams. Dr. Hughes leaves Mrs. Brownys. Food is too rich. Examinations begin. Second Semester. Registration. Committee on Students, XVork meets. "We shall be glad to see you back-next Fall. Psi U. 'fsurveying party" leaves. Cons. are outgin Social Science. Junior Ball. Breaks the record for Beauty, Originality and Vivaeity. Sadie P. said-"Re- freshments were the best l ever tasted." Alumni Association enjoys the left-overs. Y. M. C. A. edits Daily. XVas as dry as Sar- deson's jokes. Valentines Day. Y. XV. C. A. sells hearts. Firkin's Fine Frills for Flirts. 1. Gaze upon the loved one with a limpid eye. 2. Put passion and pathos into your voice. The tremolo effect is very good. Henry lXleyerding receives his twenty-hfth box of fudge. Oliver Tubby joins Frelin's lirst hour class. He has learned "Je t'aime." Sigerfoos lectures on "the missing link" and quite forgets himself. Deke surveying party leaves. Senior lnformal. One underclass girl attends. How about next year? VVhy are the Cadet Boys so popular on Sature day. The "uniform must make the nianf' Carroll Niehener Hunks two days straight. Spends his time in Guild's ofhce. Student Volunteers go to Nashville. '03 Gopher Board Election. 132 Feb 38. Mch 2. I l ch. 3. K I eh 5. Mch. 7. Nell. S. Mch. IO. Meh. 11. Meh. 13. Mch. 15. Meh 16. Mch 23. Mah. 17. Mch 24 Meh Meh. Meh Meh Meh. 26. 27. 28. 30. 31. Band lnfornial for part of thc evening. Fourth llour dances by "the fraternity men" to be started. .Kll thc girls who are keeping Lent wax wildly popula1'. Nance Knowlton. Ruth Wilson, Grace firygla and Jessie llill re- ceive from four to forty bids to cut class and go. Harold Cook was seen on the campus. Dr. SIllllll+'iciiX'C an exainple of the depeini- ent classes." Jessie llill-"VVhy the Univer- sity Students are generally considered depend- cntf, llrush by Conference decision barred from the gridiron. Hazel Lauderdale is glad that she graduates this spring. Girls liasket-ball 'l'ourna1nent. Seniors win from Sophoniores by a hard struggle. llasket llall. Minnesota 20-ClllCZlgO 17. lfloyd is broke. Basket llall tickets twice the sanie week. Jack Devaney argues the negative of "Are wonien successful in newspaper work?" Girls form The Quill. .Ndvice-Don't eopy the Press Club. Pillsbury Oratorieal Contest. Miss VVay wins iirst place. Dr. llughes goes to Mrs. Snider's to board. St. Patricks Day. Track Meet. Basket-ball Minnesota-XViseonsin I6-IO. Y. VV. C. A. holds annual election. Minnesota-Nebraska .25fI6. Minnesota undisputed Champions of the VYest in Basket Ball. xV01llZl1'l.S League holds unique contest for "The Most Popular Man in College." Prize- a bid to their party. Jackson wins. Dr. Hughes leaves Mrs. Snider's. "lf he stayed there longer, he feared that hc would lose his personality in the discussions with the other boarders." Mass Meeting makes foot-ball history. Y. M. C. A. banquet and election of oliicers. Triangle Club gives last dance of season. State Superintendents appear on the cainpus. The Senior Girls look like Easter. Paul Sukey forgets his lady after Fourth llour llance. Katherine goes hoine alone. April 1. April Fool! 133 y ,. 1 2 I ff--:ev7Z"' ::. Which is the Taller? I l The Only Time Dibble Ever Hid His Face. l 1 V 'ii I A , 1 .Q . g l Jai L' K, . i l' . 1 .ii . V... ,i i me l 4- A, ...Nw ' 1 - I ,,1,.-un. --f-'i A Snap Shot. niversity Reformation Society Founded-The year after the Exodus of Batson, Recd, et. al. Supervised and under direct control of the Schaper-Anderson Co., Ltd. Charter members of the Faculty-Monopoly Combine. RULES GOVERNING MEM BERSH IP. I. No student is eligible who has not attained an average of 98 per cent in a course of 44 hours per week. 2. Temperance pledge as submitted by the Y. VV. C. A. must be signed and rigidly conformed to. 3. Membership limited to those who are bona fide members of the Y. M. C. A., Bishop Gilbert Society or U. C. I-X., Maria Sanford's Anti-Tobaceina Anti-Cursina Club and in good social standing with the Minerva Literary Society. 4. Dues per month: One simoleon. All accumulated surplus to go towards increase of salaries of underpaid professors. 5. All Candidates must be acceptable to the undersigned com- mittee. JIMMY P.xIGE-Tamniany of the Law Department. BENNY Gkoxi'-l'aige's Freshman Law. socIE'rY Morro. "Let us live our lives untainted throughout For if 'the good die young'-Hthere is no doubt That our lives are short and our days are few, For we are good i1I all that we do." SOCIETY SLOGAN. "Lie, swear, steal, and drinlcf, VVhen you lie, lie to the Committee on Students' NYorkg in swearing, say f'Piffle" with a binding limit of UOII! Fudge!'g in stealing, take so1IIe useful article, such as liaird's slouch hat Qand choke it to deathj g when drinking, dodge the dishwater in the Library Rotunda fount. OFFICERS. President-Louis Collins. HA man with a recordf, References: Purity Press Club and P. D. P. Bros. Office now at Schiek's Ice Cream Parlors or Law Library Qocca- sionallyj Vice President-Edson Bixby. No references as yet furnished. Office hours, changed from I :OO to 4 :OO 134 a. in. on 2IO-819 Nicollet, Hennepin and First Avenues to 1 :go to 1 232W p. m. Minnesota Daily ofhce. Secretary-Dana Easton. Reference: Leslie XYildey's Credit Department. Headquarters, changed e from Dewey Theatre to "Halls" Treasurer-XVilliam Dawson. ' "Oh, the Auditing Board have wondered, VVhere the Gopher money went, And the Magazine subscribers doubt, If theirs was wisely spentff And he is still in school! Scene-Assembled meeting of the U. R. Sfs. Place-Y. M. C. A. rooms. Time-Before dark. Extracts of minutes of preceding meeting read. "Debate on "Resolved, that the Faculty Auditing Board is more effective in its one act howling farce 'Raising Helingeneral' fcontinuous performance a la Uniquej than Mayor Jones starring in the touching scene of 'Spiking on the Flour City Lidf H Decision rendered for the affirmative supported by Richard Thompson, Dan Smith and C. A. Swen- son." "Malloy, Davenport and Dick Hunter holding P. G. D. political sup- port are elected as honorary members." "Meeting adjourned to allow Perry Hudson and Monte Brown at- tend a Seven Corners Revival Meetingf' Kellog stated that Nan old Shad was in town" so he was excused to go, too." President Collins rises to read the notices for the week. "Stein Thompson will talk tomorrow to Lyonfs Dramatic Aggrega- tion on 'Personal Recollections of Sarah Bernhardt, or Supeing with the Big Five Gangf All remarks are to be verified by the Head Slave, Bobby Greyf, "The afternoon series of inter-collegiate backgammon games will be postponed on account of the conflicting condition exams of jim Kre- mer and Joe Cutting. Claude Randall, Secretary pro-tem. ffiaston absent, trying on a spring suit it Harry Mitchell's-Daily trade adj 'Dr. Schaper urges the adoption of the following rules: I. The use of the words Court Chambers Cafe, Barge's, Tooz:'s Crombie's or Schiek's shall be sufficient grounds for the expulsion of any member. 2. That the club endorse the system of charging students an 135 admission fee to all campus buildings-to be reckoned on basis of Eg'SIo.oo charge for the use of Armory. 3. That the word "snuggling" shall be blotted out of the Dictionary. Suggestions unanimously adopted amid singing of song- Air: "Forsaken" "Doctor Schaper, we like you. You're our friend, tried and true." Christianson-rising-MMr. l'resideut, a point of information, what was done with the Press Club Party money?', ,Xmid cries of "out of order" and a "brick shower," Christianson fades away. john Sinclairgl am requested to state that owing to a chapter meeting at the Chipsihoff, XVyman will be unable this afternoon to appear and give his talk on "Doing Minneapolis in an Afternoon hoxy ever, Hr. Putnam will speak on "The reasons why the number of cigarettes smoked Daily by Steal Nicholas materially affects the tobacco market." Putnam4"Mr. President''-interrupted by commotion in the rear of the room. llank Dougan caught in the act of negotiating a time loan from that inoffensive Freshman Sukey for carfare home. Dougan reprimanded by the Chair for numerous repetitions of this offense. Huntley moves for adjournment. He pleads that he must study for 'fArt l,ectures.', fleartily seconded by john Lowe for the same reasons. Time called by Mike Payne while Shorty Criter ejects the Decidedly Under- sized Brush for refusing to show his social credentials. . . President Collins-standing on his dignity so that he might be seen-"'l'he subject for discussion at our next meeting is "Did llosses Starrett and Hubbard or the Spring-Brown Combine put through the junior Ball Slatefl Speakersvlmomis, Hall and jackson for the affirmative: Por- ter, lilair and Powell for the negative. Meeting adjourned. 136 QQW ww? Q01 . QQ-6925539 QQQQQ. Jw ww . ' so W590 JW? Qw- ' 'WSQQQ :muff QSQ . ' 'WQQQ "mf Q39 ., WQQQ, Jw wg ' -WQQQ-QQ-Z Q . eo ' MQ p 0926 B MQ WQQQZ fm: Bw T :QQ bf in E Z-3 .ff 'WQQQ Iflftat QQ an ff I an Uftbza . QQ. JS 1 an 'QW 'WQQQ atzfnif QQ QQ, JW 1' my I0 blismn in "'Uhf,,S"'f JW 901 'fl QQ . ,QQ at JD if th ffl, 13 as Ourclassed Matter- neapolis WW QQ . QQW. MQ? QQ' . QQQWQQM- QQQQQB Jw QM . 'Qsgbfmf ivy , amor? QSQ . "'QQ?W. W6 QW' 0 'WSQW New QM' Q ' 650690. W-Q Qmf ' 'UQSQM -New 2 Q fm 0 u-Q Q , DIRECTORY. DISTRICT I. DISTRICT II, DISTRICT III. Sigma Nu. Sigma Chi. Alpha Tau Omega. Delta Upsilon. Alpha Delta Phi. Delta Tau Delta. Phi Kappa Psi. Delta Kappa Epsilon. Sigma Alpha Ifpsilon. Alpha Phi. Delta Delta Delta. Theta Delta Chi. Beta Theta Pi. Zeta Psi. Chi Psi. Kappa Alpha Theta. Gamma Phi Beta. With the Editor. Dear Sisters- Kappa Kappa Gamma. DISTRICT IV. Delta Gamma. Phi Gamma Delta Psi Upsilon. Kappa Sigma. Phi Delta Theta. Again we make our appearance into your chapter rooms. Once more we unite with you in the praise of lita Pi. Again we will en- deavor by sisterly advice and an exchange of confidences to further the interest of Eta Pi and help to make it to others what it is to usg a force and a living power. This time, sisters, we appear with fears and apprehensions for a most disgraceful affair has occurred since our last issue. An incident unprecedented for the most part, in the fraternity life of an Eta Pi. The facts are these, Sisters. Wie do not publish the names, for strange as it may seem, the guilty sister still holds a membership. On the afternoon of March sixteenth, several members of the Kappa Gamma chapter were walking toward the Library Building and on entering were astounded to find one of their sisters talking to a barb girl. An investigation followed and the member to which we refer admitted the facts. She claims that her conversation was brief and that no one was looking and that two years ago she saw Paul Spooner talking to the same girl. But, Sisters, ponder on the disgrace, ponder on the years of toil during which we have striven for the prestige and almost gained it, only to have all thrown over and lost by such an occurrence as this. Now that it has happened, we may at least study the moral which is brought home with such force. It is this: Sisters must observe more closely the rules governing the conversation with barb men and women Qfound in Chapter 32 "VVhen You Mingle with the Unwashedfij Especially the following sections. Rule 87. f'It is permitted during certain periods such as class or 6 Gopher elections for sisters to smile, in passing, at non- fraternity people being careful that only barb men see such action. This has been known to bring many votes' 138 Rule 103. "Sisters are permitted to have speech with non-fra- ternity girls when off the campus, only when by vote of the Chapter it has been determined that the benefits of such mingling will overbalance the risk taken. QSee further r. t. X 36-Secret Manual No. 8.5 Is There an Eta Pi Type? This question has been often asked the Editor of the Pitlecator and we take this opportunity of answering it. There is most certainly an Eta Pi Type. In our travels as walking delegate, we have had the fact forced upon us in a hundred ways. Not only do we feel convinced that there is an Eta Pi type, but we feel positive that each chapter of our glorious brotherhood may be said to have its own distinguishing characteristics. Not long since the Editor was visiting in District H. Here, by the way, the types are most highly developed. XVhen a pledge, who perhaps, at first, differs in many ways from the type, has been initiated. he soon like a sponge acquires by contact the chief characteristics. VVhen a man has verbally or by note, induced a co-ed to speak to him, having previously notified his brothers of the meeting, and when the entire active chapter crowds around in order that each may spring his merry jest on the bewil- dered but contented co-ed. the whole taking place in as prominent part of the Chapel as can be found, when this occurs we have one type of the Eta Pi. This type, Brothers, is to be encouraged. It takes little time from the study, which may be done evenings, except when a basket ball game is being played, and even then inasmuch as the tickets are not collected before the dance, it is not necessary to arrive till later in the evening. Basket ball informals will also be found to be a very economical means of entertaining visiting brothers. Chapter Letters. Greetings to all Brothers in Eta Pi. XVe have been stronger this year than ever and feel that in time we may rank as one of the good fraternities at this institution. Some of our fellows were down at the National the other night, and Brother Taylor proposed the toast: "To H- with Beta Pi." The Uetas wouldn't support us in the Daily election after that. so we were sorry it happened. XVe don't usually go to the National because none of us know the Management and we have to pay full price for all orders. VVe always aim to butt in everywhere-in fact, our motto is "Make up in Promi- nence what you lack in Qualityfl -l1ERlZ XVooDw,xR1J, pro Alpha Delta Phi. 139 I 13CZ11' 13111111015 z- ' 11 1115111111 1111111111 1110 011110005. XYO Mi11110511121'5 f2ll11C 111 111111-112111 1112100s 11C1' 111 IC 11' '2 4 2 ,, ,., 111111: S01111k1100111 111 1111s 152111 111011101 1111111111111 :41Zl1lC1 fO1' 11 13081 111't1I11Cl'S 2- XVO 1121v0 two 111611 111 1110 A021c1011110 D1-1121111110111 1 Z1 011115111 who 11121y 011101 111211 1101m11111011t 11 110 110011105 11 211111 111011 10 11101100 21111111101 lllC1l11JC1' 01 1110 1411112111 11111 1115 011101- T11111 P1c1i1:1.1c5, 111-11 A1111121 '112111 Omega. 1115 y0211' 211161 0110 of 1116 10110115 11215 1 0111110 111 111111105011 ' ff 1110 111017112111 s021s1111, XV11C11 W0 112111 2111 fjlll' 5001211 502151111 was Z1 v01y 1111sy 11110 111111115 1111111111211 1101010 01'01'y g211110. 1JCll1' BI'O'E1lC1'S 111 15111 Pi: 111 111211 10511001. 1.21t01y W0 1121V0 110011 C1l11CtCl' 171.11111 L0111115, 1110 Sigma A1111121 E115i1011. XV0 2110 11101111 10 say 111211 W0 102111 1110 501001 s00i211 001010 110211 at 2111111105011 11 001110 215 11112 I'CS111I 01 Il 11021vy 1110111211 51171111 211111 21 sys10111:1110 sis10111. This 15 1'1'10w 110 11111 it." N1311CCf1:1'CS11111C1l 2110 111 1111111 11lC1l' 111 1110 f0110wi11g S01110 01 1110 girls 2lC1C11f1011S 112111 10 110 11111110. 1JCZ1I'CS1 5151015 111 12121 Pi: NVO Zl.1'C 51111 1iv111g 5111101111 1701121 C111 13111101111. - 1211Cg11J11C1y 1.is1, 2101111011101100 g1115. EV21 1111115111-11 S211110 131051011 C121121 1102111105 1111121 1162111108 R050 K1-Z1l'1C S011211101 312115' Morgan l1211y H111111215' Ixllllll. P11ff01' A111121 C211111111011 31111116 S1111011110111 C01111110 1101111101 A121llL1t' 5101112111 131155 XVCFC 50 15l1Sy 111211 111051 COl11C1l11f go 10 0v011111g 152111165 50 501110 H. LENYIS, 111-0 T110121 D01121 C111. Z1 511001, 511111110 CX1S1C11CC 111 1111s 110211 0111 00110g0 W111111 01 01115 211111 11140 1111110111105 2110 1111sy 11i1t111g 1111111 0110 5001211 210111'i1y 10 1110 11111011 O 'Y1'1Q ' 111050111011 111 0v01'y 1111050 of 00110g0 :10111'11y 211111 Zl1'6 S11'1Y1Hg' W1111 2111 ur D11 5 a10 101 11111 111111011 01310115 111 11121110 E121 P1 It 5001211 1210101 211 M111110511121. N111 1211 1'1'0lH 1110 02111111115 YSSIS 0111 00zy 111110 11211 111 1w11 1'011111s. ':1111C1'C W0 C0llgI'Lfg2l1IC 0v01v 110011 211111 C11Zlt 215 W0 5110211 fOl' 0111105 211101 02111111011 011011105 W1111 Olll' 11211-111115. XVO Z1l'C 50 f-'12111 111211 y1111 01111111 112110 50011 115 wi111 y0111 OXN11 0y0s 211 C011v011t1011 101' D 0111 110W 1121111 11 15 10 1105011110 2111 1110 0112111115 of 11111 011111 girls. 11 1111g111 500111 11110 fairy 121105 10 y011. :xC11Cl1, 110101011 5is101'5. 1.11111 G1111D1N1:, 11111 G2111111121 P111 130121. 140 x Brother Editor: This year we have inaugurated a new plan in regard to rushing and expect to follow it out every year in the future. XVe expect to cnt out rushing entirely during the first three days of the Christmas vacation. Of course we will no doubt lose many a good man by thus shortening our rushing season, but our society is in a very prosperous condition and the members feel that theylrest will do them good. Thanks to, ther Sprague who is Lieutenant General Commanding of the Journal Khaki Kadets, m Q our members have officers' commissions in this great organization: your writer being ' 'ess than a Major General. The only trouble is that Sigerfoos doesn't recognize our rank. Cnssrizu XVILSON, ' pro Delta Upsilon. Dere Brudders 2- Tt gives me grate joy to tell yous dat we's de hole ting here just now. For we tink dat it is quality and not quantity dat counts. Our new house is getting along line. lt is not far from de campus and very easy to get to when you come home on de car or in a carriage. NVe are tinking of renting rooms to the Y. M. C. A. boys if all ours do not come back. At de present writing we have live strong brudders in college and we certainly make things hum. Tings are going line. Closing with our pass word, "Tappa Tappa Kegfy Yours sincerely, NEVER XVo1zRv GILMAN, pro Delta Kappa Epsilon. Dear Brothers: XVe heard some one say-"Dibble is as homely as a Tau Delt"-we dont see why they brought us up in that connection. Minnesota is very dead in a social way. NVe give Parchesi parties every few nights for our alumni. VVRIGHT PAGE. pro Delta Tau Delta. Dear Brothers: We of Sigma Nu Chapter are still delivering the goods. Never hefore have we had any greater success than this year for our-that is we still rent a house and our credit is good at the New England. P Socially we are top notchers. Mich and Colyer still bring them around and DonM well, Don is strong with the l3oar's Head. REPEATER NIAQLSKJN, pro Sigma Nu. Brothers 14 Our life at Minnesota is all that you can xvish of a fraternity like ours and our motto -J'Git all ye kin while you're gitting it" is the goal of our dreams. Through Brothers Raxvson and Lyon in the Registrars office xve all manage to stay in collegeg while Bro. Anderson, Chairman of The Committee takes care that no graft is carried on and that we escape exposure. Our position is so well established that brothers Hock to Minnesota from other colleges and although the inside of a doughnut is tacked to their names we are able to allow them entrance in college and class work. Our front steps are continually wearing out and we are now using the kitchen door 141 to preserve tl1em for evening functions. Then, too, we save our windows and reputation by boarding up the east side of our house. Yours. till Gabe blows his horn, Pkixvlziz lklliETING LARKIN. pro Beta Theta Pi. Dearest Sisters: VVe are looking forward with greatest anxiety to this issue of our beloved fraternity magazine. XVe believe that it will bring us some solution of the problem that has been vexing us so much! How shall we discriminate between those to whom we should speak and those to Whom we should "throw the icefberg?" One of our Freshmen has broken rule S43 X. S. M., many, many times in spite of our remonstrancesg but she insists that "they always speak to everybody in St. Cloud whether they are social stars or not." On the pillows of despair, BIARY RANKIN, ' pro Kappa Kappa Gamma. Dear Sisters: All our minds and attention are now upon our new house. The situation is excellent-between the Alpha Delts and the Dekes-and the archi- tect informs ns that he would advise a light-house style. He says that with the environment that will be the most suitable and advisable. just now we are very busily employed in raising the Hwbercwithal' and let me tell you dear sisters of our new ideas. XVe have most brilliant schemes. Uh! l dare not even write it for the people at college have not guessed our secret. kVe take in washing-we iind it a most lucrative Way to build our house. lt beats the fancy work sale scheme all hollow for now our friends feel that they are really getting something for their money. Yours from the suds, CI.ixk.x l.o1Tcsl2E. pro Alpha Phi. Brothers in Eta Pi :- This year has been most successful for us. Out of a Freshman delegation of eleven, we have three in college. But it was an easy way to increase the number of our alumni. Last fall. wc and our Auto and Cook were the talk of the campus. Now, we are quiet but we are thinking a lot. L.xsT or THE OLD GUARD LANG. pro Psi Upsilon. Dear Brothers:- Our Brother from Red VVing met with a narrow escape the other night and we are all congratulating ourselves that he was not run in - - to, by the water wagon. As the above named brother was returning from church one Saturday night about one o'cloek he thought be saw a tire and grabbing a red lantern ran to put it out. The heroic lad ran up and down Nicollet Avenue trying to hnd the tire until- . Sleep o'er takes me, XVRITING -FLUID-BIXBY. pro Phi Kappa Psi. T42 Esteemecl Sisters:- VVe deem it to be impudent and unpardonable for us to be asked to contribute a pic- ture. Thus we would be exposed to the vulgar gaze of the whole college world which we so strenuously oppose. By doing this-Sisters. we cannot think of sending you our picture, will not this cut do just as well? Frigidly, HENNEsY fl.XYNES, pro Kappa Alpha Theta. Dear Brothers:- A million dollar house! Not quite that, of course, but almost. XVe have not yet decided whether we shall build a tlat-iron building, an Auditorium or a Swiss Chalet. At pres- ent we incline toward the Auditorium as Our Minnesota Glee Club is very prosperous and it would be so convenient for practice. Yours from the clouds. XVRY Annv, pro Zeta Psi. Dear Sisters:- All that we can say is that we are trying our best to follow in the foot-steps of our P. G. Sister Palmer. and we have to hurry. JESSIE LOCKMAN. pro Delta Delta Delta. Dear Brothers in Eta Pi:- At present we are comfortably settled in our Chapter House at H10 Sixth Street. S. E. XVe shall. however. change our residence next year. but we have not yet been able to get just the kind of a house we want. The truth of the matter is that we are having ditlieulty in convincing landlords that it is good for their property to use the doors and window sashes for lqindling the tires and feeding the furnace. Our present landlord does not object because he expects to tear down the house. anyway. this summer. Yours for the cause. CUTEY HIELD, pro Phi Gamma Delta. Brothers: The year has been a most pleasant one in every respect. XYe report prosperity in every undertaking except when Bro. YVeitbrecht tried to vote for Lewis at the IQOS Gopher Election. But we are convinced that if it had not been for the eagle eyes of Tergitory Thom- son, Election Judge. and Unbribeable Deering in penetrating his disguise. the ruse would have been successful. XVith greetings to all the .sister chapters. CH.x1"rE1c EDITOR. pro Phi Delta Theta. Brothers:- An incident happened the other day in which l am sure all the brothers will be interested. Nancy Knowlton was talking to a group of men in the Daily office. Edson Bixby T43 came in, just in time to bear these words-"l was sitting on the window sill when he came up and laid his head right in my lap. l never thought he liked me very well and l Was thun- derstruck." t'XVho was that?" asked Edson B., his eyes bulging out of his head. "Sig, the Sigma Chi dog," was Nancy's answer. This will show you our position in the University so that I need write no more. Effulgently, CLAPP, pro Sigma Chi. Dear lirothers :- The baby chapter takes great pleasure in making its initial bow to the brothers and sisters of Eta Pi. Although the youngest chapter at the University we have taken many honors. Bro. J. A. Sinclair has been elected to Phi Delta Phi. a law fraternity. Bro. John Sinclair is a member of the Dramatic Club and starred in their performance of "Cricket on the llearth, or XYhy Holt Forgot to Squeak." Brother jack Sinclair was elected Drum Major of the Band but the exclusive nature of our local chapter compelled him to resign. We cannot close our letter without a word of appreciation regarding our chapter of Sig Sisters. - Yours at length, JOHN SINCLAIR, pro Sigma Phi. Editor's Note. You will obserye that letters from three of our most loyal chapters are missing from this issue. just as we are about to go to press, the following teles- phone message comes from the Delta Gamma Tlouse. "Hellol Hello! ls this the Eta Pi Pinecator? Well, we were just writing the chapter letter when the water pipe broke. Can't you please send us a plumber quick ?" tSilence. Then another sweet voice is lieardj f'Couldn't you understand her? XYell, no wonder, Florence has been using the tooth-pick cure to reach the high notes for the Euterpean Club Concert and her enunciation suffers in consequence. Of course, you won't put any slams in about us, will you, for you know Clara's on the Board. Good-bye." A telegram came from the Chi Psi Lodge to this effect-nllusy. Cant write. Everybody watch T.ochren's ascent in the Literary world." lt was signed by llrick Hiyman, so it must be true. llill lilubbard came strolling in from the Kappa Sig llouse and wanted to know "XYhen the copy must be in." The Editor told him that it was then too late so he drawled out-"XYell, T have been so busy that l couldn't get around any sooner, but .l'll write something for you next week if you can use it." Then he sat down and talked politics for two hours. I-14 fm?N5z?W---N Catalogue of Illbusical Deities 15115012560 DQ the QIGG H110 lEllf6I'lD6f1l1 GUIDE. UDZEC ZIIIC GIIIQ 3 ERTIIDIZ. 5- 1If QOII C811 EIHIIO IIIOIIZ, C0l'l'l6 to 21 Gwiligbt COIICGIZY. Ipllblifvbeb UQ U36 jfllbge QQDHFIIIIGIII of the 19. Tllfl. GZ- El, to provtbe 8 Sllllh fllllo fOII Olll' ViCIil1l5. 1.l Cry these on your IDi8ll0-if it'e renteo.- 'QUalt5e5, Ewa Steve, etc. furniebeb bxg the bout. See llbaberewshi TROUIIIS. 1- -? 'hr lgrma Glluh Sung. Tune-The Road to Mandalay. ln a sawdust sprinkled eellar underneath the Court Cafe, 'llhere's a jolly place for rounders that is ready night and day, For the steins are on the table and the darky waiters say: "Come ye baek, ye thirsty Press Club, to the dear old Court Cafef To the dear old Court Cafe, Where the selzer bottles play, Canlt you hear the eorks a-popping ln the bar of the cafe? Oh, the dear old Court Cafe, Where the empty bottles lay And the booze would keep on flowing Just as long' as you could pay. XYith a handful of good fellows and a steinful of good beer There were never days so jolly as the nights we wasted here: For we've tried most all the liquors and we know most every bar, But that dusty dirty Cellar is our favorite booze bazar. lt's our favorite booze bazar. And they all know who we are, For the Press Club will he with them, just as long' as beer's on par, .Xt the dear old Court Cafe, etc. Uh, the faculty have wondered where the Gopher money went, And the Magazine subscribers doubt if theirs is wisely spent. Tho the editors are silent, the eommittee should, they say. Investigate the waiters at the dear old Court Cafe. At the dear Old Court Cafe, They stow their wad away, And the faeulty 'd be wiser, lf they headed down that way, To the dear old Court Cafe, etc. NOTE-A11 1116111b21'S of the Gopher Board resigned when this was perpetrated 145 r ' GIG GLEN AS SUNG BT MONICA KERTING. ,,, , wht Gtgglrr ,, ww, C1roRUs. NVhene'er we hear a giggle, As we step into the hall, There a standing is an Irish maid llegorral by the wall. And there a' talking to her Hvithout a blush of shame, Is a lad well-known in college! By the name of F. lYitts Paine. Euhhlru Fair Childhood's joys I still retain, B U B B ln the glorious past I live again, I blow my bubbles in the air Y They rise like ships of fancy fair. They drift o'er campus crowds and VAEEA E green, , I A , a And sail into the far unseen. J QF CHORUS. T im iiiii Bubbles, bubbles, sailing in the air Ilubbles, bubbles Hoating everywhere. ' I dreamed I was a Kappa And a Delta Gamma too ' P That all the frats had rushed me YYith a vim both strong and true just as I was about to pledge To them all, the favored three G, 0 Ny bubble broke, my dream was done, K G I was an Alpha l'hi. - 146 Eve rywhe re. Sung by Hcnvj Ma.clKaH and F1'f3:Pu'fT1aTrL. f 1 - 7-S 1 2 1 - E." L 3 ' 7' , Q ' I 1 1 r-I 1 1-., - U A 1 1 L1 1-J" 1-ay ,f 351-1-J f . Q, . ,, Ev' - , ,X - whtrej EV, - Q lk.1 Ev. - Q vj - where, Ev, - ry wearer- you, EY1 , - ry - vwkcvg F1 Y l Vx :li11?'e'- Ufl X l A' - - 'v We - w.m Hf'i'1 . I' K 1 1 1 1 , aa- - 45 1 JJ . - ..f-Xi' 1 Tv 5 . 1 3 , 3 ,I-xx 1 I1 . 1' . -- 7 ? - ' 2 l f-J9Lf 1 1 1 1 1 I rj ,. 1 ,.,.. X, 11 1 3 2 lung: I 4, 1 1 1 ff, 1 1 'H'--L g, '- -p 1 1 tk'-Y-1 1 , 1 QW- - - 0 Aj-c - -J , :f-5 1, ' g 1 1 5 , 1 1 R , 1 1 JL' , 1-1 ' " 1 v 57' H: Us I p 1' ' 1-c W V' gf III 4 ,- ' ' 'he'er seg us :L - p,1,rt , ...- We Know Fu5a1.rnd0.S an 3.1-tj ii vnegt us ln th: hui , gf jaw 513 X-5 di the Sami., 19 v11e'U be Muna, -M we p.x . 11111 hp 3. 1-.1uLd,1,l -fr 1 5 1 1 1 1 x ' ra. ' 1 il 1 11 X11 - 1 ' ' i 1 f Xia 7 7 uf 1 J 4-5-,', 4 J 4 V Xl Us '1 i fl- 3 X E ri ' nth L 11 -4 L1 A -4 -4 1 m1 ' 1 I I 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 I 1 1 l 1 X -:L ' "" -QL Rf' ' 't 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 lc- 1 1 51"- I-gf: 1, J JE 1 W 4. :Vx - - Ty ' Wbenh Ev' - - 1-J - mlhereg... To Ev' - - -1-J , W xeve, Ev' V' - h, re ,. W I L-1 5 - rj - where! Ev' ,Z - 'Jhgrcjs Wg r"" If-XJ 1 1 1 1 1 . . 1 mg. .1 . K. X 1 . . ,1 nn U 1 A 5 -E 3 V ,fs-J F1 V -1 ,- - 1 1 1 1 F 1 1 1-1 ' 1 1 L-Z R 1 'I 1 ' 1 1, ' - 4'-xx 1 -lr I U J I 5,4 ' J ' i- 1 I 1 , II 2 S ---1 1 1 E: 1111.3 1 511 1 1 1 5, . . ,1 11- 51 - . , 11 un , , - , gy v Db .wh-ave --E - 'I C 115 B Y-h. an camt b CV- ry- where. 1?-,. cw- v Sv 5 i- -vvhevg. f-f - -wherg, Ffi- - . where wevev can be wwssed F am p -YJ - wheve ?-i ' 1 1 A 'A 1 3 un g 3 3 1 do 13 1. '5 ' , are alv-fads he-1-e am :have Am 1 ' 1 I 1 A fr lil in T of Q I 4 , 1 . ,- 1 7 Q'-i i S 1-.1141 -g:i1n.:--- L : -- f 1 12: - "": -- "-':::.:u... '-1 4 I DS. ,911 1 -'il I1 in b I "": 17 7 177 1' El: ""Si . . "-:Ei i ' f- if T. f 1 T zv'1-ywnm . a 147 4 Ginn. Qlun, Ginn. Con, con, con- We wish your color would fade Con, con, con- lfrom deadly vitriol made Con, con, con! Of the violets heavenly hlue NVe dreamed well wear thc P. B. Key Until our eyes saw you. Con, con, con! You cainc in groups of three. Con, con, con! From you, we were never free. Con, con, con- ln Ilistory, French and Math Upon us all, poor Freshies, we You hent your cursed wrath. Con, con, cong l sent you home to Dad Con, con, con- And he was mighty mad. Con. con, con- He telegraphed me straight Come Home at Once, Slcidoo, My Son, Yours are the Hoe and Rake." Ein' Easlgful Eiarlgrlnr. sexo ny lznwxinv HALL. Oh! I'm a hashful hachelor lad My eyes are always down and sad. I hang my head in deepest shame For I have never learned the "Co-ed gam e. I fondly watch my brothers So happy and so free As they walked about with college girls In groups of two or three. I clasp my pipe the tighter As I raise on high my stein And drink my toast, my favorite toast, "The I3achelor's life for mine." Mari ran IDANUEIL. .As S-,wwe ar Bam, Elem, Bam-url. SUNG DY MARY PUXYERS. XYill your frantic friendship last IVhen the days of joy, the college years are past? Dan, Dan, Dan-ucl, Tell inc why my eyes are bright YYhy my face is full of light Oh, tell me my Danuel. I F ig A WX i, f y - R ,if . ,vfgpf q ,y- wivix C ll ll 11,3 p7 f . 35:1 ,M fly f gf ill. It i , igintnrg. iilnr Ghnrua nf Qlilixrh Tllnirm. ln our college is a gang of profs both wise and stern Who think that their department is the only place to learn If you take their subjects, you may study till you're green You'll be lucky if you get a mark like seventeen. History, Historyg Study, grind learn the past See how long your dollars last. History-History, .Flunk'em, Soak'em XVhen you'ye broke 56111, History!!! The course is such a heavy one, itls worth its weight in gold, Books that you're supposed to read, would take you till you're cold ,-Xnd the twenty-question game that Frank springs every week XVould make a Cherub-angel swear, and Freshmen grow antique. History, History, "You'll find the facts are given best, In amy, little bookv by VVest. History, History, l7lunk'eni, Quiz 'em. When you've broke 'em, History! ll 149 liirha nf zfifrzntlirr Elilnrk Engrilgrr. As you look about the Campus You are always sure to see Groups of students Laughing, talking, ln loud hilarity. They stroll in groups together Or perhaps they walk apart Always whispering, always talking, Seemingly as heart to heart. Cnomrs. For birds of a feather Hoek together So the people say just take a fowl and like a wise old owl lfle won't ehum with a jayg 1 ia " of A e EATHER FLOCK llut take a jay. a college jay And the result you'll plainly see For on the campus the very next clay A eouple of jays therefll be. J it IT bow? SEEN. I-IKE HQME To Me Assume ev p Q WALTER-eiassftt. lit Eunfi Strut Eikr ilinxnr Fin iilr. To college eame A farmers son A-Xnd he was green and shy He had never seen an automobile Or even a ear run by. .X fair eo-ed saw him one clay His hat brim high in the air "Napoleon." she loudly cried, "He has his tony staref' This Reube-n's son, he looked abashed And as he wildly fled, These words were borne upon the breeze And this is what he said. "Oh! l miss the village belle And the dear old family well Uh! l miss all the things l loved to see. Oh! l miss the corner store ,Xnd eaeh scene. I'd known before. Oh! college don't seem like home to me. 150 Olatalngnr nf Hiuniral 691115 sinh Gbpvrzm ani! Surrrznful Hiuniral lgrnhnrtinnn. Uh! the Deuce, XYliat's the Use You Never ,Know XYhat's Going' to llappen Next . Mother, llin a Rose on Me . My Honolulu Maid . . Life ,'Xin't XYorth Living' VX'hen You're llroke Mary ..... " . fwith four Variationsj The Man in the Overalls .Xdniiration March Qsoloj . Show Me the Mvay to go llonie llahe The lflatterer . . All You Ciet is Sympathy lfrery Little llit llelps . l Look .Xwfully Good to Mother Putt-l'uff-llutf . . . luva . . The Man llehind . . The llelle of llald lleaded Row The Girl I Left llehind Me Inst Une llour Late . Ct JNTIQNTS. . . , Rose Marie Sehaller lilsie Tileston . . . Jeanette Haier . . Count Conayarro Hank llougan Mvillis Spring . lid. Dihble . Lynn lfarnain . Robert Meeeh Dean Gregg , Fred Calhoun Louis L. Collins . . Clittord Chanipine Marion llarlmour . Grace NYeitzel Donald lllair Don Taylor VX'alt XYheeler . john DeYaney . lfrank Reed Stewart Thompson . . . . . Lilian Day The l lannners will go Rap! Rap! Rap! Qduetj Marjorie Yanee and Aniy Uliyer Cupid Has Found My lleart ...... Lee Gillan lllll Longing for My Old lientuelcy lloine . Ruth llall l'ni So Lonesome . . Ol Miss XYhite , , Mabel Stocking ljsi LY. lfreshinen Iql Weather Vanes Pillsbury Hall. In Fillsluury Hall XVC stucly all The bugs aucl worms And other germs ln the Sigerfoos collection. Ancl rocks and stones That Dean Hall owns, And reptiles olcl Coal lmefls that folcl Ancl wisdom in perfection. Medical Building. Han Call Dog come Lasso fall Noise some lf of Ill. llanim-'s frigl Dark room ,llloocly sight Daily paper Xext clay "Bugs lost. NYill pay." as ll 1-1 ' ,ff x., Armory. Our Athlete, l le ca11't be beat lly any other "Ll" llc wins the prize, NYllCllC-CI' lie tries As all our fellows do. 152 l si' n F ' f'?A as Keep it up, lloys, Let them Cwme, Yu qeml them all. l'eteg XYC welcome, L . wi NI. meh, Yu 3-4 lll x 1 ll qllulwllll lmun lt! ,J l lvllbxll I l it n Original Designs Y. M. C. A. fi . mf Yum! AUKUWT M FD H 2 fa UI ,.. : P+ LJ ,. H r-4 C :- fb .2 4 C - U1 :- M .- .. O ml Yum! Observatory. llis hook in hancl. he walks past you Star Gazing' A stone, oblivion, then a fall lle Sees them clearly, Mars auml all ix Star Gazing li ,ltiitjjfgll ,, .t:1'flllllll7' -yfftlstsiiaezilt t...Q.'QtflflllIll :'i .,,, ii,, if E lb.. Y 'K' Fussei Gather Fussei' lltmei' For the one awaits the "dollar fee." lien' th Library. ', htmers. grimlers, all here within the hall 5 till the chapel seats S griiifl 'mitl l:ll'l4il'lvS heats e other a l'hi lleta Kappa key. 153 Extracts from the U. of . Catalogue "At the request of the Society for the Prevention of Gastronomic Cn- easiness, we include in this bulletin information for the benefit of unfortunate students who are forced to buy from one to five meals a day near the campus. A pamphlet has been published containing the actual experiences of ten Medical students who have lived through it. Students who contemplate this great risk will find herein stated the stern and unpleasant side as well as the brighter side of such a life. A copy will be sent free to any address upon application to joseph Cutting, Chief of the Poison Squad, S. l'. G. Lf." "ln the immediate vicinity of the Cniversity. there are many restaurants and eating' houses which afford the students all that they desire in the way of noon lunches. lt is not necessary, of course, to patronize these caterers for many of our most intelligent students and even members of our faculty are members of the Full Dinner l'ail llrigade which meets in Chapel from the end of lfourth llour until the janitor sweeps up. lt is not the desire of the faculty in presenting' the list of eating-houses to recommend any particular one at the expense of the others for, contrary to gen- eral custom, the professors do not hold a majority of the stock in these companies too. The l'lain-beef-and-brmmwn-gravy llouse is a charitable institution supported by the students for the benefit of the proprietor. l lungry marks are allured by two devices: Americans are expected to eat on the European side and are protected by a fence from the Europeans who eat on the American side. Plain beef and brown gravy Cten eentsj being the motto of the house is to be found perpetually on the menu. l'rime ribs of beef minus the ribs are also exposed for sale and dogforters for the uninitiated. Coffee or mill: is compulsory with any of these orders. Wiaitresses are not paid but live on tips. The number of student wait- ers is not limited and often exceeds the number of boarders. Seniors with special training in shaving but- ter are in constant demand. Terms: Twenty cents will feed a man a week. 154 The Jewell is especially recommended to Law and Engineering students whose hearts are hungrier than their stomachs. Here cherry lips and peachy cheeks stand among the pies and baked apples, and sugared smiles are peddled out with beans and "small steaksf, Perhaps the most virtuous and economical diet for students is plain mush tfive centsj, with goo tten centsj. You can get nothing without Hirting for it. Terms: It all depends. The Sparsity Lunch is strictly up-to-date except for an occasional egg. lixcellent service is provided, no waitress being allowed to carry more than one dish at :1 trip, even if she could remember more. To destroy im-' purities in the food, vituals are frozen before being served and the tables are kept antiseptic by abolishing the use of table cloths. lf the cashier wears skirts, a smile will go a long ways. Terms: Pay for what you can't eat. .1?"E"""'4,Z-. 2. rj , if - fi" 169, . 1 1 f+".Krig 4 ,X ,, el, if , y fe? N . 55. . v 1 . ,, I .f ' J gf f I " ' .- - E- ,,,.. 'V' 'J T f' f 555, x RD. "'-191 Pasturage may be found down on Fourth W IVWV R street at the Cohasherative. "Lots to cat and plenty of it" is the guarantee of the proprietor. Beans ' come Monday, XYednesday and Friday: hash on J Tuesday. Thursday and Saturday. lt is said of the M!fQ' ,ii latter that where ignorance is bliss, ,tis folly to get -i wise to it. Gate receipts go to the International lt- A - - l 79 Stock l'ood Company. Terms: Three feeds for one cent. X 4 W Tmpecunious "co-eds" find refuge at the M Confectionery where hot chocolate, hot buns and K innumerable cold viands are spread in tempting ar- ' ' " : "1 ' '. buy 'L coumle of If V 1215. The usual procedure is to I . 1 I R.D. pickles and a sliver of cheese at the corner for three V5YtttfSi'?"Z4 cents and bring the sack with you to the Confec- tionery. Terms: A banquet for a nickel. The Man lYith the Suit Cases sells l'arcel Lunches in front of the Libra- ry every day. There are three kindsg ten, fifteen and twenty. The tenners were fresh yesterday: the hfteens are fresh today and the twenties have enough for two. Terms: Take your choice. T55 A-' W- Q, , jg - 2- Vi: I i f A I lm I -5. .i ,.-if. , - -1- 7 ' f . -' N' W' ' 4 . ' ' ,'fffff"I-,'2'f'?f'f'iiiifiiifl,cZVl'I'Z'Z'1".'I. - ,L A 1. nfs- W 5 'i IQ ini! gf 4-ww 'ijtil,ff,-,',',',az',',',:',:97, 97, 1" ',f,',,,,',9i Z' L in-T' "i'i'4"-Agri ' . --'ff' 1277.WL.s7'7fi"74W f?5 E ,y ,V s i fl nf- 'LQ ff I ,c, ze Zi ,,,,,,,,,7,, -4 , ,. w w g fe 1, 's .. 15141-"9-.1 f ",Qc1',c4',',Q . ,v-2.1.7, ff. A- - ,. 71.555 ff' 'fZffff4fff'.fTiff ' ".. Ii' i-T -Av - WT if - "" ',w - ' gf' ,3P'if- -. 'i!5?:?f4'5'-353174 .1 99, . .m:m..2 ww, , ' ... ,5....4E5q1:e1:.:. 5,5 f 5 .6151 ,.z.. 1z.zex: 1 -Jff-in . yu V zggggqgzeu ' R ff ,f g Fvh-1.1.13 -1 -ge. s 1. --Y I :ma -' ':mgm:a ,wmv ,gpggg g f ' --mmm. Legg , .aws 'sz.. urvf v .s .1 f ' '4 Lg-g gfggmwgzawg 1-'f Lg:-4 " i X Jfgzsz' - 'E nd ,q i . ,f .3. t,fi,,f 'x .w--- -" L ""-"' , - -' -- 1..l re ' Y' -- 51' ' - ... ...,. -, 751- X .. . . r,....,, , ,. ---iffrdifsyh ' ri " 'iaq.3 "' ' 'H f 'lnunm w'-L - " 'ff .-:.',--.i:geEi"-' t"?-'1".'.'. f'-'-TIL'-"4-'-'.'4''uhiW- . -:- V -.,.g. V - 4252?-1 ' f'F357i!?5i71 1, f , Wh- .L ..- ...--.--,.-.----.J-Hsu.-- nee- ',.----.- . 15 ..,...,....-1 , lg!-SEM I ' -Tmilulli i. ...,,..,.-----...---....,..sl7 pw ' i , 'git ish:-:xiii ,, , , I -,M , - A V v:1111pr::1p.-..-......... X 'f 1:71, .4211" ' 7 ..-11: b X, ...z5ggg,,,,,- Q!-.... if W: X - -- . --'EF' , ,,, ,, . ...... .2 J -- v - 'F' - - i ff' , " "" - i'f: V -ffl ' 'L' 1 H3 1 'ff 1 5 f,fff,f,f,f,f, if yzfp H ' 351 iii!! R ' -.-... me--1 ' 1- A 11- ff f - 1 f g f- fig s f---1-9 , 1,.fsmmz,,.,.,:... 5:32 5-mb., 'rg ' "'v ,FMA v :w fi YE, V Y 3-'fnzeacizfac' 5-ka --lp' me 391 S-spicy if ,ffwff tiff af ww 5 . 2, ' ,p 3. :::. I :, 'ng' ,5 ', ,gn ,...... V, ' ,fm I 3 ' ' "'I.'..5,4-:Q 4 '.v.-a1au,u--1-- 5"-'5" J- 'aa li - ... ivy 'Ha ff' l mfvlil tNXNiQ:.1:,,..ff " "':.-.mmzzaczzfatf 11111 I . -f m fi, t --...,..-. X , , ,,,,,, , H.-5,5 -: ef , ff.: . -MW: 31533--2-5 't': .g.. E., ,' 4 ' ?azv.::::' xx "-'Q1Gz.,.a.d 5 2:1 ffm- iw 4-E fPi7 .vw f1+1.1r""tf:s f if wi-Ffeffciff l,'m!'j:m1':.e V7 4, Y'-49916415 What?" 1. +11-2 ,... .i . I N. ff ix, it if . ,, a ,Z F-:4f -aa ::::- rj 1- L.: ,.,, 'A .1 ir-:xrzaf 'iff-ff' I .4 522:15 - 'f. f C, -.gegfgzgzg ,,.,,,,,... 1: :mn . -A i Illlllllllllllllllllllll . 1, ,,,.fm1..a. , Q ------------, ZGZZLZZSS . A . - A . .. J' T. A 2 ,I I, --:z...,... .L f' --v'1z.v5u4 ' ,,,,..1,n .... '.--,-, ,,....:-.--,.1... ?7v.+1-, 1, ix. -Q . f' 1 ' L2..-1..-...junk .1 , -4g.,?j..-.....f I- f .i:: ::iE25: -:::::E:::::: ::-- iEii!E: :::i5EI::::::. X ' f ' - Cf' ., v 5755E555E 5::5::5i5iii.'EE?E?5i!!! - i 'ii5iEE!? 7FiE5E -3E!iii T...,,.. iwiigiiiucuccz' 2 i573. y:f' -"""":'.:2Ewl::::.-::::::'.'3::::::::.-- :, T' fl' i t E . y 'H'-2":"55'1'1.1L' :zzcz.acq:::. .-.- I ---seg .H55-::::5:::g:::::ggq:5::::4g, .- 1: l' lil li' E , ll 1:.'.a+1i1f12g,,4 9'513L--.. 2.::L- -- 9-S-335:::.:::.:::::-.:.:..::::1ff' I , ti, tl it it - ti, -.m-35: -sun... ,nufuffq-..--.s,,. - -4,,,,::::,:,::,:,:.-.......-1- . t I 1 i i . -:.- M aa, ,K .: ------ f5gqL?.1Li- :':::7 'T -'-:":::---25-"ia, I I i , t I . '7 4" .L 15171 'GWZW' 1' i s -., " I . X ' I 23" ftlllwnih tangy- I y , g: I 1 - F ,gf ig ..,.. mann' I' l' :l I mx ' s rf, , 51,1 wf-11' , f I ., f 1 - ' ' ex f Wm. iff, , ' I rg ,I . x X., .-run mg, W I - ., 5 .. , pw , W sc ,.,,,4.,1 I' ' ' ' v t J ' vn -.L1L.5L lw tl t ,l . - f 5 .1 t T , -,m,,,,.. gf f xi t i , .,..m.. .' ' -- -- 1- '- f, , i -D " '-me .Iust Dope M. lfrelin in Ifirst Year French had concluded one of his sermons with this moralA"So you see you are known to be good or bad because you are seen often with good or bad people. Miss Constance Day, how do you know that Mr. Hawley is a good little boy?" "Because he's a Phi Camff whispered Marjorie Yance. but by this time ll. lirelin himself had answered his questionA"because he always associates with good little boys." Fred Payne with his smuggest and most complacent smile said, HO my, but I got mad the other day and I said 'Damnf I said it three times. The fellows caught me and scrubbed out my mouth with soap, so I promised that I wouldn't do it again." ,Xnd this man has not resigned from the Press Club. Can it be that that august body has been slandered in the past? It was I5ernhardt's K'I.a Toscai' in the scene where ten University girls appeared as white-wigged empire-goxvned be-pearled court ladies. At the close of the second act, all rushed to the fainting queen. The curtain fell. There was a call for La Tosca-Mme. Bernhardt, of course, and it was up to the supes to get off the stage, but they leisurely began crossing it. Up went the curtain to discover no Illme. Iiernhardt but seven or eight supes scattered artistically about, some of them still moving. And 156 Avis Lockerby who was caught square in the centre of the stage turned toward the audience and when the curtain was fully up, she bowed low as graciously and as gracefully as the Divine Sara Herself could have done. b An Incident. They were a pair of canned sardines. Their two front lamps sputtered and their faces bore as many marks of dissipation as the backs of their watches. They imagined they were Sousa's band on parade Hlld their imagination was beau- tiful. The drum major after a few select contortions circled his bunch of soloists at the corner where they gave a free concert. It sounded like a free lunch. Deserting the band they became war-canoes decked in holiday attire. They had just murdered two unsuspecting soldiers in cold ice when we hailed them. XVe tacked suddenly and came up along side. As soon as we started sig- nalling, they forgot the naval engagement and sailed back to land. A two by four breath labelled "Poison" with the skull and cross-bones projected eight yards in front of each. Shoving it aside we asked them what they wanted and for answer they shuflied up in front of a blue ribbon counter. One got a yard and a half of the goods that made Robitshek well known and the other called for a blue vitriol high ball. After the knowing clerk had measured out the froth and pushed twenty atoms of shush water into one of wood alcohol, we took our Mayor jones' delight from the Indian Medical Springs. The joyful ones rendered f'Friends that are Good and True,', with varia- tions. They mopped that poor harmless song along the floor, pushed it in the frame work and sent it groggy to its corner. Every time they struck the right note, the ribbon clerk piloted a schooner safely across the bar. And the two pushed through the door way without any pronounced stuttering in their walk. About then the chimes of their feed factory struck six. They refused to work after hours and shied towards that famous feed emporium known as Sherry's but often more vulgarly termed the College lnn. We were ushered into the grub sanctum by a female personage that resembled the days o' Lang Syne and seated at a table that was suffering with a weak back. After passing us a hand painted tissue paper bib and a cross grained tooth pick. she forced a slab of card-board before our befuzzled orbs, at the top it read "Dinner-VVe Strive to Please"-lest we sl1ouldn't appreciate the fact. The fairy-god-mother-waitress leaned affectionately on the shoulder of the drum-major and asked in her dainty effeminate way, "Somethin FU After the band-master selected the viands that he could read. Tlebe led in a cup of coffee done on both sides. a cross section of Uppers Maud. and a T'ear's Soap Pie. The coffee resembled the Missouri River on a rainy day. The steak was tougher than XYashington Avenue on a Saturday night and rare as a day in june, while the pie reminded me of a ilitting glance of an Egyptian pyramid and was several months stronger on age. 157 Behind an inlaid mahogany partition came the thud, thud, thud, of a Night Law massaging a piece of bovine anatomy into a semblance of edibility. Suddenly the drum-major clamored to his feet, determined to deliver an oration. He had an idea on how to make a million dollars, he said-something that would make the Daily 'Board of Directors look like as much of a side affair as a saloon entrance after twelve at night. He was thrown out for smoking in the presence of ladies and we followed the scent. Outside he stopped long enough to attempt to wind a sheet of wrapping paper around a bit of bituminous coal which he fitted to his literary face. s: ek :ec rs: :s: wk A benzine careless cart hurling distance over its shoulder at the rate of thirteen policemen a mile slided up to the curb and gathered in the two. XVe watched the man-destroyer boom away into the smoke and we were alone. To the Automobile. Oh! thou so uncomplaining and so true VVhose faithfulness a lesson is to View I praise they patience and thy praises sing, And hope these lines will thee some honor bring. Thou knowest naught of Shakespeareg Drama and Many things you Auto understand But comfort lies in this at any rate, You also serve who only stand and wait. 158 TO RUTH. I've travelled with the hards in every elime,- XVith llomer, Shakespeare, Dante-and have seen The fairest women, whether maid or queen That elcr have graced the spacious realms of time That star-like queen, who drew that host sublime XYhose blood for ten years purpled l3hrygia's green And chaste Lucrece, Alceste's 'risen serene Make rich the changing chronicles of rime. Yet none of these shall lure my humble muse But far from pomp, charmed by the gentle ways, Of one by goodness beautifiecl, Td choose To sing to thee, sweet Ruth, an ode of praise, For midst the alien fields thou art more fair Than all the queens of earth though rich and rare. sr T-rs 'qfgifl Tiki " 1 ?1g.Jf"igLrf'- pike -- Ffiif f iff --I-4,i'4'ff'T' i:i" 74' ' x- f Vi Y, 17557 XJ ,. 'f :lj 7,7 Y Airs- ' , 4:i3.1 'Fi' XAETT- 7171-gil'-1-34 M ,Si -if J-':T-5 51,1 :fix V L?-E' 4.7 -- 5-1-Q . 5 NN TX I' 41 1 f f ,J .41 La.-:L f If N '-Xf',f'ff.f j ' A43-.: . rt. - ,T T4Zl',--'AZ .fri , I --:ETA ,IW w e .SSL Q X' f X2 2-395 A I W- V A WH X X ' l wmv. X if Q an grl - 'Cf lqlculagq Xnixxq. X l ' 4 Q..-llillilf X 4 I ' L- "FS-si:. 5. L hive' ir fr: H -1 f X VQSQU . figs' Y 5 if f xx X f Q X K N -it Y X 22,422 ' f f' iv l ll' ggi-fi'-: N V T ' 4 , X 2' A545 S, A B A R C LAY? NNN asf - 2aiziSeQse5im:'-- T , '. . T - i l fa lvl. C A E' D 1 T 0 R X Q vl.,f:5eg, AN N UAL .6 Lf ' l miata, IN C H IEP ,ff ff Eiiigziilggi , 12-Q-ll7 QE' , L smqgeszxaa l, up . rg- g X - ' "lieth vl' .L . ,..,., is fy! ff! K ,x X vqf. ' f X A ei' X 'N X31 , 5 X f-as . 'A 11 5. ff we-Ezzfzgssxxlisz -,-4 ? '17, A:-:S ft?-A --skool, e r j' QT V " R i D Y A R The Whole Thing in a Nut-Shell. 159 I "V" 1 m --T E tt fri 0,541 f X Q llfllx X, l f l l fem? 1 X Q32 fr my i ft . le ix ,ll f I gl ill il l o l ln i I1 W I ,V 151 To Be Continued. lm Utne Next The Shark. Deep within his books he's buried ls the shark. On a train of thought hels carried Toward his mark. Mark-supreme of earthly bliss Summit of his every wish Horrors! what if he should miss Phi Beta Kappa. lie may work until he's weary Burning oil Study, grind and dig with dreary Wearing toil Toil he may, but just the same Wvithout "son" upon his name Therels no chance for him to claim Phi Beta Kappa. A Bit of Ethics, In an institution noble On a rolling river shore llappen circumstances woefnl And they happen o'er and o'er In the halls are rows of lockers Locked and barred with skill sublime Of this skill. though. there are mockers As appears full a many a time For the owners all coniiding Leave their lunches, money, books ln their lockers safely QPQ hiding liar, they think from prying looks. llut somehow those things are not there XYhen students come tripping back Yanished have they into thin air So the owners fair must lack Lack-and learn the college spirit ls to share and share alike. ,fake it if you are but near it just you take itAand then hike! -ll. B 160 The Fusser. XVe don't need grinds or fossils, In the Minnesota HU," But what without the Fusser, Vtlould our poor college do? He fusses down in chapel, He fusses in the hall, And if the maid be dark or blonde, It matters not at all. He takes Madge to the Qrpheum, He sees Rose after drill, And vacant hours, both Grace and he, Hold down the window-sill. VVhen Helen gets her Algebra He really must assistg Small matter, if by accident, A class or two is missed. He teaches Bessie Calculus He coaches Ruth in Dutch, Altho of German literature, He doesnlt know so much. The Fusser is so stylish, And so swell and swagger that The co-eds dote upon him And the way he wears his hat. XYe surely could not spare him, Educations not complete VVithout a thorough knowledge, Of the Fussers that we meet. JIM IIN P113 PIE fi? ii fi .- , as v itll, ff' A' A 1 Q f' it ,E ,N ,X it -nd l an xy. M M, Lili , N il-. 1 ii N ' Nag" i iilgh' lt " THE TOWN OF GRAFT. The verses of a Spotless Town Qnce won their writer much renown And sad enough this rhym-ed dope WVas used to swell the sale of soap. They claimed their stuff "Dirtls Greatest Foe But in their rhymes they failed to show The Bad and Sinful town of Graft Upon this subject we are daft. And trust that we may be the means That brightens college life and cleans For grafters from both far and near Are seeking education here. Our motto, then, as can be seen wr I ls i'Down with Dirt," "Make College Clean." The first graft which we mean to show Is our Cadet Corps, which you know. Drills like a lot of wooden men Gr corpses, or boys under ten The list of officers is full Of those who have a goodly pull. The Infant-ry, we here must face Are members of the Freshmen Race They look, when gazed at in a lump Like Earth's green vegetable dump They do not know their foolish talk Makes them the college laughing stock. Though High School Grads they once have b Conceit is now their blackest sin. Our Cavalry we never see Except in time of misery They drill but twice in every year They're timid soldiers, full of fear But when we have examinations The Pony Corps is our salvation The Prof. with elen the sharpest eyes But seldom our maneuvers spies. 162 CCH Our-Tillery, as you can guess Is State Farm School, no more no less Here they learn things that do some good How cabbage grows, how to chop wood It's part of our own Varsity For a reason you can plainly see It's easier to get the "mon" When farmers think that we are one. The morning when the Junior Ball management distributed the blue slips, there was fun for the public-watching Hattie Van Bergen march into the Reg- istrar's office to investigate matters, and noticing the sly way in which Paul Bunce tucked his up his sleeve. They roared cheerfully when the Freshman who was showing his mother and father around the campus, said-"Now, this is the rotunda, and that's the drinking fountain, and here's the post-office. Guess Iill look in my box." But the good little boy jammed the ominous-looking yellow envelope hastily into his pocket and strangely enough started his parents off in the direction of the Pills- bury Building. Monte Brown put his own genuine blue slip carefully in his pocket and then approached Bobbie Merrill who stood looking ruefully at the imitation slip. Monte Qgrufflyj-"Wliat's that you've got, a blue slip ?" Merrill-"Looks like one." Monte-"What in P" Merrill-"VVell, it says Social Science. What does that mean ?" Monte-"That's what they call Chemistry. Now, what do you mean, kid, by coming up here and disgracing the fraternity the first term? You ought to be ashamed of yourself. What was it, a flunk or a con ?" Merrill-"T don't know, it doesn't say." Monte-"Go on in and ask the Registrar about it-and see that you don't do any more of this monkey business." 7 A.. - will v . . ff, li! McVey fin an argument with - Q, . . as s --H w g .: fm the Sociahstj-"Now I have you between yi pyjyi , h d 'l 1 I 1 H J'ill-QW ' t e CVI ant tie ceep sea. QEEEEPE,-Z', f Vi, W., The Socialist-"Wheres the 3.1311 deep sea ?l' 11, ff' N ff' gyxmyx. N 4 fjipvev R L DXAP A id . -, L 4,,l,y. -n i 1, " 'A ' gfllff MM. H ull , f I flaw- inl JM I. arf .liylayg ,T Q 97 X Z .,,.:f5' . :-- - Tn' .s S - :A T S' 'T 163 A 'i1" l U 7 N02 . 1 ,fw fr f ,f M wf V Q -a A -r ,Q - f r 1 ww 9 We M a t 4-lm 1 ft l ' 9 , o 6 if f . ki mill 'A T at W'1"l-l llllllll i f 5' p pf' -Elini'-1 W it L. a lsille .vw mx A - , , , ,mp , AA, 4 f The Grind of College Life TO WRITE A SONNET. A LA XVATTS. just find three Words that rhyme with Spring, And three that rhyme with weather, Then choose a few that sound like blue And fit them all together. Then think some thoughts, Wfith alliteration blended To ill the fourteen lines in all XVhieh are already ended. Now when at last your stanza done You proudly gaze upon it lTwould not be out of place to find A subject for your sonnet. 164 THE SPECTATOR. It was Sunday night. The bowery toughs were loose. Young men callers were everywhere at large. The kitchens of the city had yielded up their mighty host which now Hocked in countless carloads to Camden Place and Cedar Avenue. I was down town about to take a car. The moment arrived when I stood by the open gates waiting for the passengers to file out. Now I have thought since that perhaps that topmost step was slippery. At any rate the first person to reach the ground did it without the use of his feet except to land a terrific blow upon one of mine. The next passenger, a dignified gentleman, rode to the ground with an undulating motion and found himself sitting squarely on the pavement. But he had not failed to give my poor wounded ankle a fresh blow. VVhile he whispered something under his breath, I was saying to myself, l'Three times and outf' I scrambled for my life. but the next-ah, the next was a young lady. I waited and she sprang into my arms with a theatrical little scream as if she had never known other dwelling place. This thought I will bear repeating. But alas! O foolish youth, when will you learn wisdom? I glanced upward but not quickly enough. It was a two hundred pound K. M. She was chewing gum and had her eye on a Men-nahaw- haw car. I saw her begin the descent. She slipped, she tripped, she turned full about. Then she was upon me like a hogshead of lard. :sz rs: :if if Pk sk ac They gathered up the pieces-but all they could find of me was a suit of clothes and a hat. "Can it be that literary sharks do sometimes descend to the common- placeness of having a good time F" thought the Spectator as he got on a car, and saw Fred Calhoun and Jimmie Watts in a front seat, the former chucklfng, the latter emitting a cackle of mirth. As the Spectator sat down behind them. he heard Calhoun say!-'fand Browningis technique is positively side-splitting, par- ticularly his use of the double rhyme." U And the great ones laughed uproarously. Dr. VVilde-'KA pun is the essence of irrationalityf' 165 ' I ' ' I I I I I V I I I I ' --:- S . H f .... ...i , ff ',' if c - 'tw ' ' : if c I N f' ' " e' s I I' i I .--a 1-. A' I- .QW W, . f s-as X xx 'e a t in iq my W -sg? . .I . , , ,' A I . 1 is 1 zzf wy, . -- if-gs x. X .,- -1-'I-'I u' if I' ll I K ' kir my I ki iiiqiwig ' . ilrxinnzr ' UI' - Kr. i 1 , .. .. ' . . . ,, .3 0212 M ia. ,if h 5 f 1 -I I e A Failma!! 'lofi ti. 1 s as I ll ' s. , a f s jg it 'w'M'h""""M""' it " f fg wml 'I' sa: , . .l f ' f - is NN' f.: Q - I . x ' iz if' fl gf ' ,. -A , as 4522" ' '35 C 111 I N i N 1 My ,,A 38 0: . gf' IE. KL W-1.ni12f:.!ii fi I 47 Q . I . cap Hes I 2 A y5ii,?? f p, . , V'-V' f:2'iN . Dr M ar . i t H - 'rv A-I- - s i ePaf'W -titgrmlvl' A,,, " 7 .. I L I ' :,, 1 . .A . , ,:L:g V i y 6 p p p p . A . e i ' ' -- .i ' ' r The Campus Beautiful-in March. lt was one of the coldest days last winter but the auto was in front of the library. As he came out from his four hour class, he met Dean Downey and became engaged in warm conversation with him. The flight of time was un- noticed, until from beneath the hood came a gentle reminder-"Hurry up, LeRoy, IIIZIIIIIUZIFS feet are getting coldf, Found in the Rotunda, Flops Dear:- I'ni awful sorry you are so sick Cso is Montej. I missed you like every- thing Cso did Ijaulj. Everybody went around with a long face Qso did VVaifj. I was intending to come out and see you this afternoon Qso was Ed.j but we eouldn't find Hopkins on the map. If you don't get well and come back soon, I will have to quit school Cso will Ralph Dyarj. Now, Flopsie, dear, do hurry up and get Well and if it is just the same to you try not to die because the class has spent all their money for the decorations for the Basket Ball Tournament tonght. Cf course you want to keep posted on all juicy bits. Vera didn't get a letter from Ross today. VVith love, Ed. Note.-IVe refuse to give the name of the writer in print. Ask Earl. 166 Marjorie Vance and Amy Qliver were visiting the City Hospital. After having gathered statistics regarding the officers and salaries of each, they entered the sick wards. An old lady seeing them conscientiously asked, "Be you the people sent here by our good Lord F" "No," said Marjorie, with a sigh, K'Dr. Smith sent us." , . X1 vo 2' 1455157 -' .,,Q,3wfMvW""" ff 1' f? ' K ff fllllllff Z , y Y . . ll i, 1, Q! ' O Nieholsongwll e will not give out the ' ii 4. case very dangerous HCN indiseriminatelyg only to F T we special students and engineersf' 'Fll K Y' 'ir' L.-.55 lt was at the Press Club banquet at the Court Chambers. XVaiter-to Bill Hubbard-"XVhat's yours ?" Bill-'Tll take some ale." XVaiter-f'VVe haven't any ale on draught." Bill-"XVell, then make it ginger ale." Freshman Girl at the ,phone-"Hello, ls this the Delta Tau Delta House PU Feminine VoiceH"Yes. I am the matronf' Freshman Girl-i'XN'ell, is Paul Asher there FU Matron4"No, none of the boys are here. Theylve all gone to the Dewey." Fannie Higgins and jim Kremer were discussing the evils of smoking the other day. jim was saying, "I have always smoked and I don't think it ever hurt me anyfl when she replied, f'But aren't you afraid it will stunt your growth ?" Claude Randall-"A social group is a eonglomeration of light minded individuals held together by physical ties and sharing each others sorrows and joys." The definition he was trying to give was-UA social group is a body of like minded individuals bound together by psychic ties and pursuing together a common endf, 167 Definitions of Religion. V 'Q R l ff if Y 5124.48 Mini 5 ,jf 4 f-94 -x ," . . 1' 1 Q 9 is slr M 4 ffl' 'x lf! - f Hb f '13 un IW ffff! W7 , i 72" 41 3 'fb e . , I 7 , If veg if ll V Sr g YQ- 'ly Mi ' :l ni Sf fy , , f. if , f ct f ai Q 4 ' f f V A iff K f it Ml ll if iw WW lm w f f lxl i I I I X -7' f til ' X 'Htl .ll lf Q i ' if I uilljllf iff uh, X I f llllllxfff K ,mf xlffflffllfffgfiff lr ll 'lf 1' Sigma Tau R..E.Dy6r Prof. Firkins-"Bliss S., XYl1at two great conunandinents in the system of ethics deduced from l1yron's poetry?" Nliss S.-"Hate your neighbor and love your neighbor's wife." Prof. Firkius-"Yery goodf, Dr. Smith-f'NVhy is Sociology as a science, indefinite and inexact P" Lotta Linder-'iXVhyl Sociology is indefinite and inexact because it is so uncertain. " Minnie Stinchfield-"To be good is my religionf, Mabel Stocking-Hlnstinct touched by emotionf' A young man bearing the ear marks of ambi- tion for feminine favor, bustled with short, aristocratic steps around the Bookstore Corner on his way from XYildey's to the College Manger. Across the street there stood a huge bouquet of Minneapolis beauties waiting for the car. The young man did not see these, of course, but l noticed that when he saved himself from falling upon the slippery sidewalk, he shook hands with him- self and rejoiced. But he was not to get off so easily. NVith a motion like that of the man in the play who is shot through the heart, he saved himself a second time by grasping the rail which skirts the brim of Gus XVeb- ster's Ski-U-Mah. "Good,' said l to myself, "two out of threef' erslrdlh I 168 But O, ye wilful gods-Venus why didn't you save him. The young man while celebrati a short story long, then-oh, how shal ng his past victories forgot the perils of the future. To make he even gla11ced round to see how they were all taking it, and l I break it gently ?-he and the sidewalk met. Now he may have been killed for all I know, but even before he investi- gated the matter fo M i f X i UW If f .A 'll f fl lf' H . V, lzwxf u ' ' If , '.5:2:,g,. 'xxx 5.5.4, .b HL"--, NEW' 9. ' -9:21 'fr 'Iv am .px . 'L 'T'- 4'q , , f ' Methane Bill. Dick Griggs. . . Earl Huntley. Bill Dawson. Clara llearnes. . . jimmy Lawrence. . Stewart Thompson. 'lack DeVaney. . . Lotta Linder .... Irene Radcliffe. . . The Psi UTS ..... Alpha Phi's. . . . Alpha Delts ..... The Beta's. . . . The Band. . . . . r himself, he rubbered around to see who was looking. Prof. McClumpha-'KNOW Miss Bliss, I want you ie story. HMiss Howe who was a beautiful young-" Maud Stewart Bliss-"Lady" Prof. M.-"Married a miserable-'T M. S. B.-"Man." Prof. M.-"A perfect recitationf' tell me tl Some Ideas of Heaven. A million of XVildey,s chips, all at once. A row of beer kegs a mile long and a stomach a little larger To belong to a thousand Press Clubs. To wear 57 varieties of frat pins. A pile of cigarettes a mile high and a leather tongue. 98 subscribers to the 'fMag.', A daily without any girls on the staff. just Clarke and a thousand miles of shady walks. To live in a Physics Lab. A university without any Profs or Hunks. A school without any Kappa's. To have thirty Qgoj Dibblcs in the house all the time. A chapter house with a thousand pillars. To have IQ couples at one of their informals. Mrs. Marlow-"Does any one know what the name of the king's mother was Fl' Mr. S.-H Her name was lVlZlL1Cl.H ' 169 to 443 or 1443? Hubbard's Note to Fee. lu P aww WCVZWMWD4 s wr 7f7LlawWa3Znfl-wta., ypuff-1. dig URM f,tfWwlewcsQ.Q.AJJJ ,uw M f.Lu-fvvx ,wth zu 'MW- wL,i:l6Lplz.,Q,r'Lwv.fa' cou.L.x3iI,1tA1.Jl X LM 64 Www- JJ. b,W.'9h Lf-13. The sound of voices filled the rotunda and then gradually died away. The seventh hour was over. Dejeeted, alone, with his head resting upon one arm, he sat at the Daily desk. All around hiin lay papers in confusion-a chaos of news. Suddenly the door of the office opened with a bang and a tall ffolden- fe 6 haired girl entered. 'fOh! Miss Oliver!" began the nieek little man from behind his piles of paper. But the girl rushed to the telephone in mad haste: "Hello! Hello! Central! Give me the Pillsbury Building quick. Oh! Mar'-f - l l' k- ' " ' " J oi ant s sa es come down to the office quiek, ul. XVatts is editing the Daily and its Five oieloek now." 170 'THE CUB'S DIARY" or "A WEEK IN CHAPEL." II have been cubbing on the Daily for a Week and every day my assign- ment has been "Chapel.', No one has made any speeches, but I have tabulated the leader, the hymn and the Bible reading for each day, hoping that theyill put it in as a feature story at the end of the Weekj MONDAY. Leader :-Peter Hanson. Hymn :-"XYhere is My XVandering Boy Tonight." Bible Reading 1-Proverbs 23 'KBe not among wine-bibbers, for the drunkard shall come to poverty. NVho hath woe? Wlho hath contentions? VVho hath babbling? Who hath redness of eyes? They that tarry long at the wine, they that go to seek mixed wine. Look not thou upon the wine when it is red. At the last it biteth like a serpent, and stingeth like an adder." Attendance: Faculty 8 Students 475 Notices I--A'I6Ctl11g' of Prohibition League at I :3O. Meeting of Episcopal Club 4130. TUESDAY. Leader :-Leroy Arnold. Hymn :-Blessed Assurance. Bible Reading :-Proverbs 18. "Wlioso nndeth a wife findeth a good thing." lHe is interrupted by titters from the girls side, so he stops, con- fused, and begins againj Proverbs 8. HI love them that love me and those that seek me early shall find mef' lMore giggles. Mr. Arnold turns to the notices.l Notices :-Usual Y. XV. C. A. meeting tomorrow noon. Beta Bible Class meeting tonight. Attendance: Faculty I2 Students 397 XVEDNESDAY. Leader :-C Jscar Firkins. Hymn :-Work for the Night is Coming. Bible Reading 1-Proverbs 24. "Apply thine heart unto instruction, and thine ears to the words of knowledge. A wise man is strong. For by wise counsel thou shalt make thy war. If thou sayeth Behold, we knew it not, doth it avail? Prepare thy work without." Attendance: Faculty 5 Students 611 171 Notices :-U. L. A. meeting tonight. Olympian Literary Society will elect officers. THURSDAY. Dr. lX'lcVey as usual, held his second hour class fifteen mim1tes over time so I missed all of Chapel except the notices. Notices :-Press Club meeting at Chapel time tomorrow. Committee on Students' XYork will receive from two to four this afternoon in the Dean's office. Attendance: Faculty 3:35 Students 724 ffSigma Xi announcement. FRIDAY. Leader :-f-Qscar Burkhart. Hymn :-"Minnesota.H Bible Reading dispensed with. Attendance: Faculty 8 Students 532 Debate Mass Meeting. sAirURDAY. Leader :-Wim. A. Schaper. Hymn :-VVatch and Pray. Bible Reading :- "These things speak, and exhort, and rebuke with all authority. But avoid foolish questions, and contentious and strivings about the law. For there are many unruly and vain talkers and deceivers whose mouths must be stopped. Put them in mind to be subject to powers, to obey magistrates, to be gentle, shewing all meekness unto all men. Exhort them to be obedi- ent unto their own masters, and to please them well in all things." Attendance: Faculty 7. Students 346 Notices:-The auditing board would like to meet representatives from every student organization, for an informal chat. The room was still, preponderous silence, such as pervades the interior of a grave-yard or the deep recesses of a forest upon a summer's day, lay upon the atmosphere. A girl, sitting at one end of the table clutched her handkerchief nerv- ously as she wiped the huge drops of perspiration from her brow. Then the mellow voice vibrated through the room. HMr. Dibble! You may tell us in diplomatic terms the progress of the nation which existed at the time of the striving of the dictatorial government of France to attain - - -'l Every one listened with unabated interested and held their breath. For Mr. Dibble was reading the Daily--- 172 l, , I , T keg Tm' - " " - ' 'S E f - ai 22 sei asf' fa Q fa Z7 Q 4 A A 6 ,A ir- 1 My 'll ' 'I 'ig liiiaia l ' D il". 'ql2.J:"4" Fi", Lge' i f 'if W ,iliivlliilmfx-'1"'"''7lW"lvfg:,c biiml i 'lr D2 rf i lili.-t l iwefaafllllliilrgf Fir? 7 nib 'ffl' ..ff0,,,U-i f 0,,,,,.- V . - ' -f W N itiqliixxii ainrvnmfw afm xxlflmul "' h" " Muw' 1 LK V I 1 tml' i wwf, 4 , if HI L I V... ,NZ - sf X Q 1 ' .iw 1 - ,Wx .453 ,ffl .f,, :,. 5351 f Wi Q 75-'N ii i I X Tj? H2521 S 5 I 7' ,gli , Z iii., ,lo if ff 1 1 W1 ' "" K e -'E' 'WJ . Z .. it ti l 0 tx.-"lflllllyY?xp ill-f' t, .uf..:.i.iillLli:, mine . The Six Day System Before. After. LESS FLUNKS. Registrar Pierce, in his customary pre- exam talk, gives out the comforting news that he believes that there will be a much smaller percentage of Hunks and conditions distributed this semester than last. The opinion is based on the fact that the students have become well accus- tomed to the six day system.-"Daily" of STUDENTS DROPPED. It is learned from the Committee on Students W'ork that the number of stu- dents debarred from taking work in the University the second semester, on ac- count of receiving conditions or failures in sixty per cent or more of their work the first semester, is forty-eight. A great many others, on account of poor work. the first semester. have been required to take less than full work the second sem- jan. 18, 1906. ester.-"Daily" of Feb. 20. Prof. Beard: Gentlemen, I have some interesting statistics to read to you. CGreat interest manifested.j There are II6 students in the class, of these 59 are medical and 57 dental students. VVhen I called the roll yesterday 57 medi- cal and 47 dental students answeredg thus making a total of IO4 students present. HI think the medical section is to be complimented" on these figures. But my assistant tells me a careful count showed only 84 students in the room." 173 . A . ,vffsizikw 'i'il:ff,. V , if QL THE ONE SEMESTER MAN. stays with us but ive short months He does the best he can His college career is very short 4 The One Semester Man. m E :I ..i 15 si " " .-.Q -7-'fx A F E . ,.. ae, 56. . He likes to fuss the fair eo-ed He joins some fraternal Clan He wastes no time in studying This One Semester Man. He strides a pace a notch too fast He fain would lead the van Alas! he cannot keep it up This One Semester Man. Examinations cause his fall On them he did not plan He leaves the MUN and goes The One Semester Man. 11.3, qJhfi,vr.s?xa5-if 'i V x KVA , A, 2 , If ijili, W as X., X N Y i el K 'f ,p f wwf' ' back home ig? 1 WD 130 QM Q W x "Fw A an ci of 1- . to or 0912 il. Smmhv, i v1.21 I M 5? PALMIST X, CHARACTER READER ,hmm l xNsTRvc'roR y W A l 309 WASHINGTON AVE. s. E. I' ST. PAUL INTERURBAN CAR I l If ,..,.w.'w ' Sundays and Mondays MINNEAPOLIS l 174 HIS MONUMENT. 'Twas the close of the Phi Delt informal Woe is me and alas! And the girls donned their wraps to start homeward QWoe is me and alas lj NVhen one said-"Now where is my rubber? Woe is me, well-a-day " 'Tis under the bed," quoth another. QWoe is me, well-a day U She reached her hand under and, horrors! Woe is me, may I die! She brought forth a big empty bottle, QAll corkless and drylj "XVhat is this PM asked one girl of another. CWoe is come o'er the town lj Said Hattie, " 'Tis only a relic Cf our friend, Cyrus Brown " 175 TI-IE BOOKS WE BUY. r That stealthy insect, Ngermus graft' ls surely in our water quaffed How else, I ask you, could it be This germ should reach the faculty? Unless he had a thoughtful mind A student would be slow to find In words of learned profs and good A graft but slightly understood If he some bookstore recommend It does not mean he would befriend The earnest struggling man or lass Who may be members of his class. I know this tale will give you pain But Thomas Lawson must explain It seems the profs with clever thought Some shares of book store stock have bought And all the money that we pay To hands of profs will find its way The books they write and make us use Are copyrighted. They refuse To let their wisdom come to print Unless there is a rake-off init So book stores print the books as well Cf course they are a cinch to sell The dividends then heavenward fly Thatls why they tell us where to buy. 176 G if 7 ff I X is- i x X A 'gif' -J' xl lf 0 ':, Y I I ,.,' I cy B G RADUATE INSTRUCTION. Welve knocked at almost everything, And now we take our final Hing. Uh woe! 011 misery! Destruction! For such is Hgraduate instruction." Each dollar that is saved in pay Means that much knowledge turned away. How long will Learning's fountain flow If we thus clog it up below? Qur North Star keeps her brilliant glow Through what her children learn to knoxx Economy is rampant when VVe're taught by boys instead of men. For Scripture says, I think you'll lind "A blindman cannot lead the blind." Vtfisconsin with her foot-ball team Became a victim of this dream A two years' test of just such men, And they got Phil King back again. Cnr Gopher Grads are wise, ltis true VVhen they have finished at the HU." VVe saw the product being' made And that's the reason we're afraid, Four years is long enough to stay Oh, take these amateurs away! PRQPER TX T77 1887 1888 1889 1890 1891 1892 1893 1894 1895 1896 1886 ISS7 1888 1889 1890 1891 1892 1 900 1 Q0 1 1 902 1887 1888 1889 1890 1891 1892 1893 1894 1895 1896 R. M. McKenzie D. S. Slllitll 101111 C. Faries 1Xli1to11 Rex Curtiss Sweigle 12111165 E. Bradford George P. Merrill 1esse Van Valkenburg Carl H. Fowler Elmer E. Lofstroin "Has Beensv Presidents of Senior Class. 1897 1898 1899 IQOO1 1901 19021 19031 IQO4 T905 1. Burt Miner B. S. Adams Rudolph A. Lee Olai A. Lude Alvis F. Kovarik Harry Mitchell H Managing Editors of the Ariel. F1-aiik Stacy Percy R. Benson A. E. Giddings Patrick Kennedy G. A. Clark Otto K. Folin Knute Gjerset 1893 1891 1895 1896 1897 1898 1 899 C. Elon Young Arthur L. Helliwell Chas. H. Topping Alexander Caldwell C. H. Cliristplierson Chas. A. 1o1111s011 Waltlroii M. 1eron1e Managing Editors of Minnesota Daily. Sidney DeS. Adams W. H. Muriin 1ay I. Durand Howard T. Abbott A. F. Pillsbury A. F. Pillsbury Horace R. Robinson W. 1. Leary Alfred Pillsbury 1an1es E. Madigan G. E. Crippen Augustus T. Larson 1. F. Becksted Football I 1903 Henry S. Ives IQO4 Charles Gilman Captains. 1897 101111 M. Harrison 1898 Ben Scandrett 1899 Ben Seandrett 1900 Leroy A. Page 1901 Warreii C. Knowlton 1902 101111 Flynn 1903 Edward Rogers 1904 Moses Strathern 1905 Earl Current 78 Managing Editors of Minnesota Magazine. 1894 Carl H. Fowler 1895 Edgar R. Barton 1896 Chas. McClure, Ir. 1897 Fred U. Davis 1898 Minot J. Brown 1899 Joseph W. Beach Managing Editors a Vol. I, 1888 Wm. D. Willard, Editor-in-Chief. Vol. II, 1889 Oscar L. Triggs, Editor-in-Chief Frank D. Jones, Business Manager Vol. III, 1890 J. F. Hayden, Managing Editor Max West, Business Manager Vol. IV, 1891 Wm. B. Morris, Editor-in-Chief Byron Timberlake, Business Manager Vol. V, 1892 Chas. P. Barkey, Editor-in-Chief Lyman L. Pierce, Business Manager Vol. VI, 1893 Thomas F. Wallace, Managing Editor B. C. Taylor, Business Manager Vol VII, 1894 Frank M. Anderson, Editor-in-Chief 1900 VVill XV. Massee IQO3 Ralph E. Squires 1902 Edward F. Humphrey IQO3 Richard Lavell 190.1 Harry Mitchell nd Editors-in-Chief of the Gopher. Jennings C. Litzenberg, Business Manager Vol VIII, 1895 Loren P. Rees, Editor-in-Chief George Cassedy, Business Manager Vol. IX, 1896 Warren W. Prendergast, Managing Editor Vol. X, 1897 Wm. F. Kunze, Editor-in-Chief I Vol. XI, 1898 Edward M. Freeman, Editor-in-Chief Vol. XII, 1899 Rudolph A, Lee, Managing Editor Clarence Dinehart, Editor-in-Chief Vol. XIII, 1900 James H. Nicol, Managing Editor Paul Fande, Editorrin-Chief Vol. XIV, 1901 Sidney Adams, Managing Editor Paul Smith, Editor-in'Chief Vol. XV, 1902 James C. VVyman, Managing Editor Angus McKinnon, Editor-in-Chief Vol. XVI, 1903 Allan R. Brown, Managing Editor Royal R. Shumway, Editor-in-Chief Vol. XVII, 1904 Louis Collins, Managing Editor Harry Fuller, Editor-in-Chief Vol. XVIII, 1905 Edward C. O'Brien, Managing Editor Ansgar Lagerstrom, Editor-in-Chief Vol. XIX, 1906 Horace Reed, Managing Editor VVilliam Dawson, Editor-in-Chief 79 1 x Y Q I C s-Xfx ,.. I my fa-1um9r14NLH-l'w 1 'Xa 'W-1 x-M r"',., "fwn"'l ,,.m V 1 Am ls IH J 1 N VI-lfru , I fs' 1 4 M I f I ' WMA ff bf 714 1 .af-f' W Q 'U fp' 1. f ' rf,J,14f1mukv?3aF ,1,ff.U. -N f al t qj V 'tilt' if 'JI ff WV,f7g2'W13 24. ufhriijbf , x, 29 5' Q9 'WW i. ..,. .- 'X S..--. .M-1 mr" u""1'l, J f'f"1r s 1. M42 1 5 r r . I ,Mills 1 ll if QEWES 'J 3,70 -... H I WI NJ S ,vw .L-'Q gs QMS W- 2 Q N S-Tikx f R 'K-N..gL, 1 M W4 , iv if U 1 'SH fl. wx W, M441 ff no 7f', 15' iw! 'y 1 N11 up fx I f ,vgmlglf Mille? ul s A I I v 'f ',, "W -V A 1 , " ,A ' Ru.. . I ,U fm 1 f 4 I ?'w'fF'f ' ' u mn HMM' wir r K ' , ff f , gi V , ,,d, , . . , I A , R, , - - W 1' , VV W ' XV X " 'X "1 - f -el-Y 'f . . . " Q 1 Ai if " 17' ' " ' 7 .if ff' Tr ' --1--5-E L-- Y K I, 4 .J ' ' - T Q. Ev " ' X ,Q , A . V . 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L1 G F , - GJ .9 ,H ca 5 3 O 213 ik 32 M5 Q L. 3 M M,- O.: 83? rn '55 EEE--E cggwll' : Us Z 10 3 D E Eu VO 'fi Emi 2 Q - 2 'cs E GJ L3 11 .2 M as E .E O .K D IE Q +-I ua H .E 'S 5 ES O O A fi F I2 : za O CU rn DC 'U E1 8:5 in Z 25 2 Z 1905 ,fnnthall Ulisam Earl Current Frank E. Reed Dr. Henry L. Williams Gilmore E. Dobie Sigmund Harris . Sidney Stephens Captain . Manager Coach Assistant Coach Assistant Coach Assistant Coach Team Robert Marshall . . Left End William Ittner Left Tackle Theodore Vita . Left Guard William Bandelin . . Center George Oech . Right Guard Percy Brush Right Tackle Fred Burgan . . Right End Arthur Larkin Quarter Back Joseph Cutting Left Halfback John Schuknecht . Right Halfback Earl Current fCaptainl . Fullback glIl.l5fitllt25 Weisel Kjelland Smith Kremer Sanborn Safford Jackson Loomis Mowry Dolan Robertson Greaves 183 Football at the University of Minnesota. SEASON OF 1905. HE football season of 1905 will long re- main as one of rather particular inter.- est in that it was the last under the old regime before the regulations of the Big Nine Conference and drastic faculty action had re- duced the number of games to five, abolished the training table, limited the length of play- ing eligibility to three years, declared the hold- ers of degrees ineligible, and in other ways so legislated that the general strength and efficien- cy of the football team was greatly reduced. During the fall of 1905, eleven games were played by Minnesota and a total number of 542 points scored which proved the point record for tl1e year. Michigan was a fairly close second as a scoring machine, having secured 495 points in thirteen games. Carlisle scored 340 in ten games, Yale 22 in ten games, and Chi- cago 244 in ten games. During the late summer of 1905, the usual DP- H- L- Williams practice of a preliminary training camp was kept up and in the last week in August a squad of twenty candidates assembled at Coney Island in Clear Water Lake where two weeks of strenuous preparatory work was indulged in. This early training has always proved of value not only from the standpoint of improvement in the play later in the season, but also from the fact that the men have been drawn together in an intimate relation of friend- ship, and an esprit de corps has bee11 developed that has been an important factor in the team's success. The outing, too, at the end of the summer has proved very attractive and has been an additional feature in making it desirable to men of ability to come out and give their foot-ball services to the University. The games between the University and the High Schools have been played for the last time on Northrop Field. For the past six years it has been the custom to open the season in the fall with a game with the Twin City Central High Schoolsg Minneapolis Central playing one half and St. Paul Central playing the other. This has always proved of interest and as each High School has played but fifteen minutes and the Varsity Team has been crude and unpolished, the scores have been low and no High School player has ever been injured. This last fall an- other practice was started which it was the intention to have become a custom, 184 namely, an early season game with Shattuck and Pillsbury, each school playing a short half of twenty minutes. The benefit of having the large preparatory schools brought in contact with the University life had been thought to be sufficient to make these games desirable, but this will also have to be abandoned in the future. In the season just passed, the Twin City Schools put up plucky contests against the Varsity as did also Pillsbury and Shattuck. South Dakota, Lawrence and St. Thomas each met the University for light practice and were of decided value to the team in giving them a test and experience which is to be derived alone from the actual play in games. It is to be sincerely regretted that in the future these pleasant University relations must be served by decree of the Chicago Conference. They are never attended with keen excitement or undue interest or strain for the reason that the small colleges are in no sense rivals or in danger of winning their games from Minnesota. On the two Saturdays just preceding the Iowa game, the University of North Dakota and the Ames Agricultural College of Iowa were encountered. Each of these contests furnished excellent practice and proved an interesting game. The improvement which has been made in the play of North Dakota from year to year is noteworthy and shows how rapidly the game has been developing in the younger institutions. Ames has for years furnished Minnesota with a good con- test and for the last four seasons has put the rush line to a severe test on defense with its heavy mass plays and Harvard tandems as taught by Mr. Ristine. The first game of the season which served as something of a try-out, was the one with Iowa on Uctober 2Ist. Team work was beginning to develop by that time and although the centre problem still remained unsolved, the defense was strong and the play as a whole showed improvement. Iowa secured first down twice by rushing, during the two halves of thirty minutes each, while Minnesota secured SQ points from seven touchdowns. The only serious disappointment during the year was the loss of the game with XVisconsin, the latter winning I6 to I2 by a goal from the field after one of the most dramatic and spectacular contests ever played on Northrop Field. The other games on the schedule were won handily, Northwestern alone securing a score, making a total for the year of 22 points for opponents. The development of the team was unusually slow. owing to illness and un- avoidable accidents and it was not until the second week after the Vlfisconsin game that the regular eleven was finally selected and the machine began to move with its old time precision. power and force. Nebraska arrived on the scene of action November 18th, and for the first time in the history of the game between these institutions met a Minnesota team in its full strength, ready and primed for action. An overwhelming victory was the result: the score 35 to o being a few points more than that scored by Michigan against the same team a little earlier in the season. On the following Saturday, the last game of the year was played with North- western on Northrop Field, an unusual feature of the season being that every 185 game throughout the entire fall took place on the home ground. The weather up to this time had been almost flawless and this day proved no exception. For sev- eral weeks previous the Held had been covered nightly with hay and in the final contest the ground was in excellent condition for fast play. Northwestern had a light plucky team, but Minnesota was in her best form of the year and irresistable. Seventy-two points were scored to six by Northwestern. The last ten minutes of the second half were abandoned at the request of the Purple captain as his team was completely exhausted. If the "first elevenu of IQO5 were to be named, it undoubtedly should be that which was selected for the line-up against Nebraska on the eighteenth of Novem- ber. Ends, Marshall and Burgang left tackle, lttner, right tackle, Brush, left guard, Vita, right guard, Oechg center, Bandeling quarterback, Larkin, left half- back, Cutting, right halfback, Schuknechtg fullback and captain, Current. In ad- dition to these, the men who played in two or more games and won their "M" by creditable work are XVeisel, Kjelland, Smith, Kremer, Sanborn and Safford. Current proved himself in every way an ideal captain and at the end of the season was accorded the unusual honor of a re-election. HENRY L. VVILLIAMS. FOOTBALL SCORES FOR 1905. Minnesota Minnesota Minnesota Minnesota Minnesota Minnesota Minnesota Minnesota Minnesota Minnesota Minnesota High Schools .... Shattuck-Pillsbury St. Thomas ..... North Dakota . .. Ames . ....... . Iowa ...... Lawrence . . . VVisconsin ..... South Dakota .... Nebraska .... Northwestern . . .3 .N Q A A 1 I ME VKCIOIII :iris Wloo Wear an T be Tal li 'R Q9 2 '22 E - H , ' - yg51?:v:3..s'W',jf,j 1 ' V, V sgfj 'l4fQf-1 '-'L i' A 1 8' 8 e 8 ' A", if iii . f-fiififfii 5:31 I -1: -1 - ' '. 1 .Q'. f .Qi.: 8 7 f '555'f - - .Mil 1 Xi A jFDUI1J811 Cutting llanclclin ljurgan Current lirush Ittncr Kjellancl Kremer Larkin Marshall Oech Smith Saftorcl Sanborn Schulcnecht 1Yeisel 'Yita 258558 215811 Hugh Leach l lclon Leach llrown Metcalf Lincle Bond Brigham Bergh Gleason Tyler l .innehan Labbit Varcoe Rodgers 21585381 215811 Hugh Leach McRae Martin Larson Helon Leach Lewis Larson Brown Redman Clarke Uzzell Yarcoe 187 rr W 72223-ij 5 ff if f , D i rfg - , 1-gif?-yy - Ara 7 ? FQEV EFL 1 E - W 2 ' 7 Grew.- WI Y .2 u.-51 54 2' Qs ..r Z ' M .. , D. 5. S,-r .ax , '- 1 fl' "AV. f'g xXQ.f-Q! M TRAQELF ey. 5.-X'l'IjRU.XY, MARCH 18, 1005. Relay R3C64xXYCDI1 by Sophomores. 60-yard IlL11'fI16SYXY011 by Sprague. Time 77 2-5 seconds. 60-yard D3Sl1fxxYOl1 by Iluuter. Time 0 3-5 seconds. High IumpANV011 by '1'wic'lt. l leight 5 feet, 5 inches. IJiSC11SfXYO11 by Davis. High I'1VL11'CH6STXVO11 by Staub. P016 Yzmlt-XY011 by Lammers. DUAL IVIEET WITH NORTHWESTERN srx'rUu1w.xy', Mm' I3, r905. Totals, Klilmesota 72 ..... Northwestern, S4 TRACK IVIEN VOTED "IVI'S" Robertson, A. Stubb Dougherty. I. Davis Lzuumers 151115011 Van Metre Bedford Colburn Greaves 188 g ft. 5'l...'Z..-4 in s a : 2 IM a 5 'xii 2' sw " " E E ' Q l Q 5'a,f.a j 612112 9g.....:m ' 3 ' E E my 3 E 5 :, 5'-ji ".,...... : 2 E rs 6 " I .17 t I 2 uf 3 ni wsu, :fl 1 1, fn : gm' 9,-sf" 2 1 2 5 ff 2 5 .9 nul""9 5 5 E 5 , , Q , E .25 in-5""""" " 1 5" 'L 1 . F 7 0 ' 407, 4 f 1 7 1 l?2 xx F . 7 f s. f, . rf?-Y 24.445 5 rig: -f Q fji, i 2-' sg X:-as:-4,31 ff ' X .5 , 4? :, .ft R . wifi f W ,, f ' f - 2 :1"'7 "' ' X. ' ,ff "' f ' EX N LJ 1.1 L.r '47"i ' L, -LJ, ag .N 5,1 VV 'vi 3 'Lk ,K ,az Li? 1 L5 if if 4 f Wqfl f - si , Q ' 2 2 2 'Hi 0 n 5 v - 1 ' 1-e 7 ., vi, sfiwfj is 4 ff- - -4- -- H is -N - f NY, - ..-4,211 ME? -- W WESTERN CHAMPIONS. Fnisr T12.xx1i Pos1T1oN. SECOND TEAM- R. J. McRae tCapt.j Left Forward Robert Deering S. G. Clark . . Right Forward ll, M1111- Louis Larson Center ,,,,- Q- S- Ely Alilflill L211'S011 Right Guard . Oscar W'oodriek, L. R. Critehneld G. XV. Brown Left Guard . . . George Uzzell Minneapolis, Dee. 20 Minnesota 27 Central lligh Sehool Minneapolis, Jan. I2 Minnesota 49 Macalester Minneapolis, Ian. I7 Minnesota 47 Holcomb Minneapolis, Jan. 24 Minnesota 47 Holcomb Minneapolis, Jan. 26 Minnesota 27 Faculty . . Minneapolis, Feb. 7 Minnesota Sl University of lllinois Minneapolis, Feb, I6 Minnesota 26 Fargo A. C. . Madison, NVis Feb. 23 Minnesota 24 University of XNIQLOHSIII Lafayette, Feb. 26 Minnesota 27 Purdue . . Crawfordville, Feb. 27 Minnesota I6 M'abash College Champaign Feb. 23 Minnesota 27 University of Illinois Chicago, Meh, I Minnesota 31 University of Chieag Minneapolis. Meh. I0 Minnesota 20 Chicago . , Minneapolis Meh. 17 Minnesota I6 University of Xylsulllsill Minneapolis, Meh. 24 Minnesota . 25 Univ. of Nebraslq T89 Cummings Newkirk Dunn Brown Gordon VauBergen GIRL'S BASKET BALL TEAM. Left Forward . . . Helen Cummings Left Forward-Substitute . Mildred Gordon Right Forward . . Harriet Van Bergen Center Forward I . . Caro Brown Left Guard . Isabel Dunn. CCaptainj Right Guard . . Iris Newliirk Games and Scores. Varsity . 53 Drummond Hall . 2 Varsity 72 South Side High .... 2 Varsity 39 Central High .... IO Varsity 60 Valley City Normal, at Valley City . II Varsity I5 Fargo Agri'tural College, at Fargo . I4 Varsity 62 Stanley Hall ..... O 190 VauBergen Gordon Stocking Dunn Newkirk SENIOR GIRL'S BASKET BALL TEAM. Inter-Class Champions. Left Forward . Mildred Gordon Right Forward . Harriet Van Bergen Center . . Iris Newkirk Left Guard . Isabel Dunn Right Guard Mabel Stocking IQI Debate and Oratory The Central League Debate. T Minnesota vs. Northwestern, at Minneapolis, jan. 19, IQO6. Minnesota Team: Theodore Christianson, C. Richard Thompson, Stanley B. Houck. VV on by Northwestern. Iowa Debate. Minnesota vs. Iowa, at Minneapolis, Feb. 23, IQO6. Minnesota Team : J. P. DeVaney, Ellis Astor Robinson, Gustavus Loevinger XYon by Minnesota. Northern Oratorical League. Minnesota Representative and Pillsbury Vvinnerz Miss Lucile WYay. Subject, "The Passing of the Home." Peavy Prize Winners. Freshman-Sophoniore Debate. VVon by Sophoinores. Sophomore Team: A. Evans, M. Doherty. H. Deering. Peavy-Dunwoody Prize. First-Z. Potter. Subject, f'The Negro Questionf, Second-H. Deering. Subject, f'The Railroad Probleinf' Third-A. Evans. Subject, HDefense of the Southern XYhites. Pillsbury Oratorical Prizes. First-Lucile XVay. Subject, f'The Passing of the Hoinef' Second-O. B. Flinders. Subject, "john Marshall." Third-Fannie Fliegelnian. Subject, "Hack to Democracy." Officers of the Debating Board. Prof. john Zeleny, President. Prof. Maria L. Sanford. Prof. E. McDermott. Prof. Hugh E. NVillis. Paul D. Stratton, Treasurer. XYillian1 Cary, Yice President. Stanley R. Houck, Secretary. 192 DeVaney Robinson Loevinger lm. Thompson Christiansen Houck 193 LJ KN., nw... I f . 5 fn if 3 , Quan-F' Qu! 1905. A The Senior Class OF THE UNIVERSITY OF MINNESOTA PRESENTS UNDER THE DIRECTION OF MISS ETHEL MALCOM, "THE PLEDGELINGH A COLLEGE COMEDY IN THREE ACTS. General Chairman ..... COM MITTEES. AnthorsSArthur Upson, Cornelia Hollinshead. Catherine McPartlin. Assignment-A. R. Joyce, Helen Clarke. Arth ur R. Joyce Specialties-Charles Gilman, Lois Tennant, Rowena Harding, John B. Sanborn. ' STAFF. Business Manager . . Assistant Manager . Director of Rehearsals . . . . . HTHE PLEDGELINGU PERSONS or THE PLAY. MEMBERs or THE om!-:GA NU FRATERNITY. VVilliam Burnham falias "Bun" or "Billy"J . . . . James Van Vorst, his chum, known as "Punk" or 'fJimmie"J Fred Hungerford C"Bos'n"J . . . . . George Slattery C"Slatsl'J . Herman Cole Cthe "Prod"J VVinthrop Brewer C"BussUJ . . Cholly St. George .... Mr. Budson, a Nicollet Avenue Jeweler . Mr. Gold, an instructor ........ Msumzks or THE TAU CHI RHo SORORITY. Anne Mordolph, secretly engaged to Burnham Elizabeth Fay, her chum .... Lillian Garty ..... Margaret Michaelson Sally DeCamp . . . Mary Jane Norman . . . . . AND OTHERS. Mrs. Justin Mordolph, of Ann Arbor, Anne's Aunt Mrs. Mowper, Matron of the Omega Nu Lodge . Miss Chippendale, Chaperon at the Tau Chi Rho Lodge Madge, a house maid ....... Cora Patkin, of the "Shoplifters" Chorus . . . . Harry Aldrich Charles Schonten Miss Lois Tennant John P. DeVaney . A. R. Joyce E. Mac. Pennock . Bradley Gibson Geo. W. Morgan Howard Puffer F. Tracy Fairchild . Milo WelJster H. D. Brockway . Bessie Healy . Isabelle Browne Bertha Kinnard Virginia DeHaas Rowena Harding . Helen Fish Helen Clarke Lois Tennant Estelle Conway . Bessie Cox . Kate Finkle Vivian Vaughan, the Pledgeling, leading lady of the "Shoplifters,', Appearing at the "Met" ......... Cornelia Hollingshead T95 Senior Promenade 1VIaY29, 1905 CoMM1T'rEES General Chairman Arthur R. Joyce ARRANGEMENTS Tracy Fairchild, Chairman H. B. Peterson C. B. Smith D C YTIONS Walter Jacobson, Chairman Geo. W. Morgan Eric Shraeder, Chairman Karl Simmons John Abbott, Chairman Howard Puffer G lL R H. L. Brockway, Chairman Chas. P. Schouten. PATRUNESSES Willard Thompson, Chairman Estelle Conway Margaret VanBergen US C Fred Wirth, Chairman A. T. Lagerstrom M. J. Davenport, Chairman Helon Leach. 196 U ,,,.f:'1 wp' :Ei M km 5 3- Q ' - f- .. H X M , , , 'Q . '51 J 5' 5? I Wm ll I gf f , HWIIIMIMI R I fr ll ll MMM JL' I ' S W f , r X I all il I if . 4 .f .IxllNmI'b2f'llXYS W 'VIY E Wri i I C WWQ S PRIZE S AWARD ED . f-I , Z 1 nj Commencement Week, 1905 PROGRAM sATUIzpAY, MAY 27. Class Play at Metropolitan Tlieatre, afternoon and evening. SUNDAY, MAY 28. Baccalaureate Sermon by President Northrop at Armory, 3 p. m. MoNIiAY, MAY 29. KID Class Day Program on the Campusg C2j Senior Promenade at Armory in evening. 'rUIss1mAY, MAY 30. Decoration Day. wIznNI:sImAY, MAY 31. Alumni Day. QIJ Chapel, 8 p. m., Sigma Xi address. 'I'HURsDAY, JUNE I. Thirty-third Annual Commencement Ex Senator Knute Nelson. ercises at IO a. m. Address by Honors to 1905 Class. '89 M EMORI AL PRI ' . LE XVOII hy Frederick A. Xviftll. BRYAN PRIZE VVOII by E. A. Robinson. Names of graduates reported to war department and whose names will be carried in next Army register: Chas. P. Sehouten, Ausgaar T. IJZ1g'Cl'StI'Ol'll H . oward A. Puffer. T97 V 1 4 4 1 J ., A f ",, M ' , r, .471 ' !"-- - V- b f j Ai, A N flgigh QXV 5 3? 9' Hilti, if 'fx J. U- :eff " 1 f" " " ' ' " ,""L 'f ' ' A 1 -3 ' W' ,' .. .' 51 . . '1 j' I , -'T A . " . 4. 5 .11 , - iq: gdsw V 3- 3 ,Qi A 1 It ,Al Jugs . Egifrv, A. .if.a.- 4 , Q. - A3 'z- ' -,+ Vfa bi b qi? az' 5 A1315 - - AN' Af ' 5' 'ff - . 'Mx :iff .52 I, , .EE -L V L.. 5 Q A . .J-, ' if 57575 fi , A' 'Ss . A f i"1 f f 5" ' 2 ru' 'A -ff L ' FQ , 1 ' I nt gy A A lg' . A A ' Fi' 1 'ku . ' ' . :ff A ' f x . , ,M I mA, ,, A , 5, . - ,f 1 qv., . . w A if V . sgff 2 Hi: A S .A? N fx A 36" 3 , . 511 . ' -G 13? f11zf.rJ'3"f,': ,, ., Ai '- ig . A bw , ggi I L I I XX 5 X - iw, ' j 10' 31 Bw fif' 5 A' 2 A ' ! Ai -wiv I :J FP' .g ui 3.2 W F A .Y , A 1 1 . , L' ,1 ' A if ' AH ' . " ?'4?i7 l A Q ' K A9 'fu !' xfY 'Afa,, .- ,A I ' , , , ' in ' -AA sfsagg, " AfI1-,g if , I lil ,L PR if ,1-g4?Q'i?Qqs Q vis" JA , f H tfw K A if, ,aowf A,.- ff- J 'A Y? X FF. NXM 1 JE -sw-A----A A5 M. ff - MSX al A 1 14 'Fi " 'Q Kg! 3 ,!. , Ei xvrlifiiy - Ju " E, 1 .-4 4 . X, iz f A , A t 'Q ., -W ,git ' A ' 5 K X - , L: ' ,, ' fr, .Q 52.351 4 , n M gf, .,, gvgv- 4 . A- , . ,, 1 4 -H ' Eg X v 1 A-1 E A A i ' --g , , f.-'Q ,AS i g fif, 'iiE3p,4Ef?A :'i':- .EQ j' 4, 2 ' if W ,rv Q Pg?-K :5'g5c,gfg.Q. .ex t Sq 5 , V E, ff A - .A ,.1f:,,: e.pfA,- Af ' 1:1 , Y K , A lim ?fi1'1g:,- 'Q-3' AEA? MA-A A "u-1" - 1 ., E A 657' :4Ff:.' H I' , QQ . -J. -- ' ' " H Q" 'fjj:1:....LL-:L 1, 3, A . DX J-2'-T-i v ,- - , 'A L ASE- 'elF.?f' 4AA,a?::i , 'AiE5j5P?tj:iA2.s1-gfQ. I A 9 X if ' ' ' ' +:l3fsic?1s.aA:15g..nA. :Ev:+5f:As:1-Af fl, Ng. 5 ' 1 . ii. 'E LA . A-1 ,gfgfg X ' A A . "i3a1E21,i5L 41 1 ' .- .lJ:,g,, 'ifffix ,Q I 143 ' Q.: 3? S571 V: ,, . Liu,-QQ. '-fy ev , M: 1 . 5gN j.L g, , g, Wmlimi' .m 1..,, ,! ,I 6 A IA A.,:j1gF -I J '- A X, " ' 1 A - , , v I- ' ..:,,gg ' f 2 A - . A - . E5 ' A, l , 1 , Q, . vm- - ffm 5 A gli fb : , Y 55255 --EEF Affiifiyiz :"i,"C.wT,Y!-'iii Lf' 3 5 , V ' 5 'g F -, 7? :Yi ' -AAA I Q A- A' A. 'Sv-A anna? A'A'-1'-fi,-."Afuw5-sig. A " . , ' 'fsiii .iiwt-"'A' 3 2?pt:?1'gpglui.,"'1,.A. 'E:'??ffg,w gf 'e AQ' , jf A ,I -X ' , 1 A A A''-""" A """1t.43':4:." . 11'-551.5-,':!Q:.' 3.3. , 51- 7: I '--4, 'JA K .:yf,,.,.n-1-,-Ar: ' -"wif iff! 1f.5.yq'4.,'-.' . WA, JL , ... A ,... ,., 15 A 1 wff x 'qw-Agff fe:-gi Aw A '2HE?"1"'Z?'T'f"f "" -FW il ' i "A , ' sl' ' vi '.h'N Aw A , QA agfifgf ' A ': E- f.g,?'A: xA.m 0. 2 Q H, J , f f A TV -f.-A 1- 1-2"ff-Z 14 - '. Abliii- ' s 'M a XX. .- 9'3" 3-'E' , .., L... ,' ,ff ..v' tax !'fq'A'v ,man-Y. -f . 11 2fzAA.A5'AQ5E1fa,iz'?v5lA?sq -f!1.,,za1a1gAQ 1 his my 2,:f,fi'Q?if,i'f3Q1Alg:. 511232115 'Q v " . A-4-gy " A f2f"m'iAf5 ig A Q2-'.'lg " j, 'b 5' 'iff i 5 , xx' 51 4,A.-,1-avg, A. -'J'+W'--f--- . ALJ A. -A .-s5,,1,,g-,Ag-. ,. 1 . 1 iw . , A 413' i'A"imA52i3:u,K1Ap5..fgT I 4 '- . , " ' ' l?lQ5'fQ2q1??Hi1 ?Af,1q3'A?"'--'- uw i I ,il - 51511: . A. A.,, .5.,L,4w H . , A U, .1!-.i-A11 .1 lk- 9 Q . A1 yr if A '-'v'A1'.- -' A Sf-11,45 J 'A' MKS ,S 1 m wr? A1 -br .19 117- .A - M1145 2 fgfi5"1i!211f5 :fl ffiwe ff- wife- Aw 'pw '.:A-:mf ' iA I5 '1??,E 'A?,:-1 X-12,45 A7' ,,2MTjs:'1g.Z L AQ: N QTALP5 AH,-A , -.. e',ge'2 A ff'-Ir' E , ' ' sig jp -Afl ilk g2fAQ1yg!iEi?3g'A A f ' Q2 H,ji122 L1-,.g",2i'l'13-' Af f,,-2 2 iw X , 'P A "Aff -' Sain , 1 - ,V i-Q55-,3.,. gig-qgfw-if '5,fA1J.iQgf3':z4p?.55' -." A . V A "Z.,.kgQ, 'NL ., jg ? m y f . '5.' 1 "pig ' '31 ii-4 53- -. ' ' A' 1' if :HFQQQQ ,145-A . A A . A' A' wif'.A4rigiAa-'sifeiwme Af1A?A5gsAas??wfrgnffaiz My 1,fffil4:?gA :UAS if QRADAY' " QQ,-AAHAA?f1Aff'2,'Z41i4Awf:A.2i,A 'f A4 VAA'l'f" A 'Aff V . ,L . ,, rgani ati --1 University Catholic Association John I.. Gleason -Iohn Blot iroarty Mary lf. .XI'lNSll'UIl I'iiUl'L'l1CC Sclirocclci' Xxviiiililll Carry llllililwl' I Linda Haley CC I'l'QSIKiCl1t Prcsiclelit Secretary ii1'C2lSl11'L?I' E Francis 1"itzg'eralcl .l. liiitzpatrick john Becker I 99 Alsop Mowery Adams Uzzell Hoppin Wiesner Bell Batson Nekola Stephenson Engineers' Year Book BOARD OF EUITORS. Elmer E. Adams Editor-in-Chief Harry VV. Mowery Business Manager D1z1'ARTMlfN'r l-iD1'l'ORS. C. D. Batson Civil Engineering John Nekola . Mechanical Engineering O. H. Stephenson Electrical Engineering ZOO The Fred E. VViesner . Glenn H. Hoppin Maurice D. Bell George W. Uzzell Engineers Society 1905-1906 OFFICERS. Ernest B. Alsop E. E. Adams H. C. Alden E. B. Alsop H. D. Alton G. Anderson L. E. Baer M. D. Bell O. B. Bjorge H. F. Blooniqnist P. S. Buhl P. Bunce . R. J. S. Carter H. B. Childs N. Cohen . M. Hanauer G. H. Hoppin E. W. Kelley J. M. Meany J. Nekola . R. H. Rawson O. Roepke . F. VV. Schweder J. E. Smithson T. A. Stenger C. Steinberg W. H. Trabert C. Ungerman O. H. Wagner F. E. Wiesner MEMBERS. '06 T. H. Copper '08 M. Cornelius . '06 H. P. Councilman '07 E. T. Davies . '07 L. W. Eddy '07 C. F. Englin '07 H. C. Estep . '07 A. R. Fairchild '07 P. B. Ford . '07 H. D. Frary . '06 E. Grandzow . '07 E. F. Haeberle '06 M. Harwood . . '06 H. D. Haverson '06 C. Hoff . '08 T. A. Jones '07 R. Kems . '07 H. W. Mowery . '07 A. F. Norcross '06 A. F. Reed . . '06 N. Rose . . '06 B. E. Smith . . '07 E. N. Stacy . '06 O. H. Stephenson '07 H. G. Stone . . '08 O. G. Tubby . '06 G. VV. Uzzell . '07 E. Weber . . 06 VV. A. Zimmer 2OI . President Vice President Business Manager . Secretary . Treasurer '06 '06 '08 '08 07 '06 '08 . '06 09 '08 '08 . '06 '08 . '07 O6 07 07 9 1 9 9 9 9 . 06 . '07 . '06 9 . 06 07 07 06 '06 07 ,O7 . '06 . '06 I 3 9 9 if ,' 1 i !,ff,g,y4 -'P ' -f' , j g,gf2g,iZ?, 1 fffnL-sfrafif ' 532552-53? -...Qi fllvapw.. f rj iiiiffl ff-1..'fiQET'??f5:'5,nFGmmIi ' fe-3'-P im fi 'kwe f f i-WASWFM ' fem Wald .f'?1-??:"5 p?g -fx UF' ,- -219'-. N ' 'E .,u"XwrF ' . lllifi. ...1l:. . ' fi s 4 - A E A iv ' ' :ix - when M I H., , it Rh NE yiixw A R31 .lriiiqf .T 1 f miie wif T OFM nm . l r - ' ' x W ' 1 'Nf'f:Qf.' ., 1-"W , L,Q,w.,eg'q,qQg XJ- .f.' lufb ggryfjiw Gil X . EZ? ,-,, '- ll' . 'fifty Mn.. ...M OFFICERS. President Vylalter H. VVheeler Secretary . james Cowin Treasurer . . Eugene Grygla ADVISORY BOARD. Edward C. O'Conner . XVilliam F, lloenke Edward C. O'Conner Geo. XV. XYallace, Jr. John lfrant James Cowin Karl Swenson Charles VV. Steele A. C. Qherg B. lf. Noehl NValter R, Congdon Laurence J. Strong Frank Halladay Durant Barclay XVm. Goodwin Adin P. Tyler Alfred Locke C. Ered Dahl A. E. Fuglie E. I. Flanner A. H. Swenson E. A, Eritzberg L. T. Gavin R. Rubele Duncan Moir A . Wfilliam Doell. MEM IIERS. SENIORS XValter ll. XVheeler Horace C. Rawson XVilliam A. Rose JUN Frank Edwards Harry W. Ziesemer Charles F. Jackson Vlfalter Parker Randolph I. McRae SOPHO John A. Becker XVIII, A. Deichen Alden Grimes Geo. Vanstrum Patrick J. Boyle Rohert Fletcher Eugene Grygla John Kennedy Robin Jacobson Guy P. Harrington Paul S. Kurtzman Lester L. Clement IORS S. L. Gillan Edgar NV. Smith Edgar Parks M, A. Vlfiest H. E. Olund MORES XY111. R. Parkhill J. S. Peterson XValter Miss lsaac li. Hanks Arthur Knickerhock Harry Bischoff john Ohnstead Courtland J. Young Lynn Rood FRESHMEN Edward H. Quade Geo. S. Kearney Roht. Moody L, I. Shields L. C. Hicks N. E. NVharton VV. E. Mowatt Clarence Thomas F. R. Mihleisen Richard Graves Clarence Heath J. H. Santo 202 Cl' E. Andrew Probst Berthold R. Neustadt Charles lllorgan Frank T. Howes G. E. Malcolmson Arthur McCreery Olaf Roed R. H. Bassett E. A. Probst H. A. Millar Lynn Earnam Jay Crowley Sidney O. Snyder O. G. Hoaas jesse Davy Lafayette Knox Jack Haynes A. F. Perkins Harold Taylor LeRoy Gaston The Dramatic Club of the University Frank S. Lyon, President. of Minnesota OFFICERS. Rose Marie Sehaller, Vice President. Ruth Haynes, Secretary. lVillard Addy Jeannette Baier Mary Benjamin Nathan Blackburn Frances Chamberlain XVilliam Dawson Dana Easton Ruth Haynes Charles Hentzel lYilbur Joyce Ray Knight Frank S. Lyon Ethel Palmer Hazel Pennington Claude Randall Rose Marie Schaller John Sinclair John Stradley Stuart Thompson Elsa Ueland George VanDusen Genevieve VV'ales George C. VanDusen, Treasurer. Paul L. Spooner, Business Manager Sam Andrews, Assistant Manager MEMBERS. Sam Andrews Marion Barber Eva Blasdell Fred C. Calhoun Raymond Chamberlain Katherine DeVeau Mabel Goodrich Florence Hofllin Mildred Hunter Blanche Kinnard Louise Leavenworth Edith Moore Fred Payne Sara Preston Orrin Safford Mabelle Schneider Paul Spooner Sabra Swenson Elsie Tileston Harriet VanBergen Marjorie Vance Jacob VV ilk 203 "Nance Oldfield" A COMEDY IN ONE ACT , From Charles Readels Story, "Art." Mrs. Anne Oldfield, a famous London actress . Mabelle Schneider Susan Oldfield, her cousin and companion . Katherine DeVeau Nathan Gldworthy, attorney from Corentry . . . Frank Lyon Alexander Oldworthy, his son, a poet, in love with Mrs. Oldfield . . . . . Nathan Blackburn Time and Place :-Mrs. Oldf1eld's, London, 1706. "Cricket on the Hearth" John Perrybingle, a carrier . . Mr. Tackelton, a toy maker Caleb Plummer, Old Gentleman Porter . Dot's Father Dot . . Bertha Plummer Mrs. Fielding May Fielding Tilly Slowboy Dot,s Mother his man A THREE ACT DRAMA From the Story of Charles Dickens. John Sinclair Sam Andrews VVillard Addy Nathan Blackburn . Dana Easton Fred Payne . Elsa Ueland Ethel Palmer Ruth Haynes Hazel Pennington Florence Hofliin Marjorie Vance Presented by the University Dramatic Club, at Unique Theater, Minne- apolis, December 14th, 1905. Faribault, Minn., February 2211Cl, 1906. Hastings, Minn., March 3rd, 1906. Under the direction of Charles M. Holt and Samuel Andrews. 204 1 fi- 'fx-'fy.U'ff'V'5Lf4'W'3?""'?F"f'F?l'f'14':45-s'HPF' Y'4'?-?l'W5il" We VV'VV1:V V VG- Vffbif " TPI-U' ifaw-..:.Vsru'vw"a1-fi-13-M, " mf-.--.wx-V -'a UV V-1 V- -V 1 - + - - ,VVV .-1-..V. . V . . .. f. . . . . VV V - ,um Vw . ff -. ..V-1 VV ...- 5FTfU5??1l34i -i5:A:fiQ,g4Zk'.2-VHVVJV V F612-3'Ri'?V": .xQ5V:fH"'QLf-ffa. 52 T517 ugqwiilirff is fi' ,Vfefivzir -QV N, -V-V V5 ,v VV. ,ww V. 4,4 Hqky- Plkgifr aw, , 1 ,, .V. ,L 651 .V A- VJ? V ,:wf:Js.,V:,. 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Ve.. VV ,-V':f:t- -V K'-01, Mfg, 3? , :V ,, VV- V . .V .V M K Barnes Abbott Crounse Bush Utley Brucholz Huclster Gould Brown XVales Woodke Young Womens Christian Association CAB l NET. President, fiC1'II'llCiC Wales. Yice President, Edna Gould. Medical Yicc Prcsidunt, Mary McMillan. Secretary, ,Tcssic Abbot. Treasurer, Agnes Crounsc. General Secretary, 205 Edna jeraldine Brown M CA Q i' lfff 'E if Q Qgxvxwbk Vg X I, X M W , L4 Young Dr. P. Sigcrfoos Dr. S. M. VVhitc F. E. Tallcnt Hugh E. NVi1lis TC. Il. johnson President, Edward F. Swenson Men's Christian Association .XDY1 Si DRY Bi LXRD. Prof. john C. Hutchinson J ohn T. Barnum D. C. Babcock If. ll. Pierce IC. F. Swenson john H. Ray oifF1C1QRs. Yicc President, Howard H. Haro ',i.11'C2LSU1'C1', Donald C. Babcock Assistant Trcasnrcr, Vvaltcr C. Robb 206 Recording Secretary, John H, Rai ' Q , 'Q.7f1i5'9'Q,f Z-,X Jr' , 'Wi' ' 5 'ri ,sg 'G' ,M L QM gk ff g M ,, Y, , If I I K 7 -, FQ, . Aw ,x ',,.f'5 I JL K A , X 5 Q ' mX.., ,W ig e f K, ! QM Q V N f X , 4 1 -. v fNf X .fp , ,f R f' J . . , f X , A M xYx X fd i A ' - ...avekx E , , l+ Members of the Junior Ball President. NVil1is VV. Spring M. R. A. N E G. F. E F. D C Association OFFICERS. Yice President, Edward C. Starrett I. Brown, Chairman L. Griggs, Chairman H. Porter, Chairman li. Blackburn, Chairman XV. Huntley, Chairman Cannovaro, Chairman S. Lowey, Chairman F. Fee. Chairman S. Loomis, Chairman S. Blair, Chairman F. Jackson, Chairman Secretary, F. S. Lyon Treasurer, VV. .-X. Hubbard COM M l'I'TIiES. ARRANGIELI ICNTS. XV. Clark C. K. Hichener DECORATIONS. J. E. Kremer L. M. Jones MUSIC. Nicholas Gilman R1-QFRILSIIMENIS. Randolph McRae PRINTING L. F. Boyce PRESS. G. F. Heador coRR12si'oNDENC1:. C. XV. Rossman PROGRAMS. J. M. Lowe I1.x'1'RoNliss1f:s. George YanDusan F1.ooR. N. R. Gillan AL'nI'rINo. VVilla1'cl .-Xddy 207 . Delniore Cnrtiss Lee Scliutz Hubbard Mowery Milner Maul , Larkin Lindgren jones Wiggins Caldwell Ely May Mallory Pullman Kreitter Potter Bunce Chamberlain A. Krusclxke Cole Van Dusen Ralph Knight Sears Thompson Fee Eklund Folk Savage Anderson Coapnian, Samuel Tlxonipson Ray Knight Tyler Haynes Larkin Hoyt Newell Simmons Kemper Taylor Clxampine Huntley Meyerding Leuthold Chamberlain 208 The Glee and Mandolin Clubs OFFICERS. President . . . Vice President Secretary . Treasurer Manager THE GLEE CLUB. FIRST TENORS. SECOND TENORS. BARITONE. Ray Chamberlain E. J. Pollinan Orriman S. Ely A. A. Potter VValter Mallory Paul Bunce A. L. Kreitter G. G. Xlfiggins Jason Mowery Leander E. M. Jones C. C. Larkin Oliver J. Lee A. J. Milner A. L. Caldwell Harry Ervin, Acconipanist. THE MANDOLIN CLUB. C. C. Champine DIRPICTOR-Rilj' R. Knight. FIRST :sI.xNIIoI.IN. Kenneth Taylor . 'Paul Bunce Telford Thompson . E. J. Pollman Chandler C. Larkin Clifford C. Champine BAss. XVayne H. May M. D. Cooper John Delmore Rollin H. Schutz Henry Hubbard Earl C. Maul - D. VV. TElylOI' George Tyler Earl Huntley William Simmons SECOND M ANDOLI N. W. H. Kemper Sears Thompson A. T. Anderson XV. G. Coapman MANIIOLA G- F- Savage - . R. W'. Foulke O- E4 D0elY G. C. Van Dusen E. G. Eklund G. A. Kruschke VIOLIN. Jack E. Haynes H. W. Meyerding FLUTE CELLO Saul L. Hoyt F. E. R. Chamberlain XV. M. Leuthold GUITAR. Ralph Knight S. J. Thompson NVallace Cole E. Franklin Fee Arthur Larkin 209 J. R. Newell Bush Woodke Schnell Kingsley Switzer Hubbard Holt Inglis Albrecht Way Roth Ferd Lovell Sinclair Higbee Gee Miller Croshier Richmond Billings Day Conway Garbett Cole Tubbs Gould Leavenworth Brown Grygla Hull Bowler Trimble President . Vice President Secretary Treasurer Louise Leavenworth Edna Gould Luella Woodke Geraldine Brown Isabelle Cole Catherine Sinclair Margaret Richmond Lulu Crozier Ethel Bush Helen Lovell Euterpean OFFICERS. MEMBERS. FIRST SOPRANO. Margaret Trimble Josephine Shain Katherine Hubbard SECOND SOPRANO. Blanche Holt Constance Day Rewey Belle Inglis FIRST ALTO. Lillian Miller Marguerite Roth Gertrude Gee SECOND ALTO. Abbie Switzer Gertrude Ford Eleanore Schnell 210 ub Geraldine Brown Louise Leavenworth . Lella Albrecht Grace Grygla Vera Billings Edna Bowler Gertrude Hull Marie Higbee Lucile Way Edith Garbett Grace Grygla Lella Albrecht Ethelyn Conway Grace Kingsley Arthur T. Rowe A. Backraeh . R. C. Cannon H. Allen . Ed. Anderson A. L. Anderson E. L. Bills . A. Blix . F. L. Brown Paul Bunce . A. Berthe . W. A. Cole W. H. Dahl A. P. Dunn . L. L. Duxbury D. C. Frise . R. T. Hoyt . A. S. Hoiland N. M. Hokanson R. F. Koessler I. S. Mikesh C. I. Neilson E. I. O'Neill O. Risendohl . Geo. Schain . W. A. Schummers F. E. Sigmond L. C. Schmitz R. A. Sleeper D. Smith . R. S. Thompson W. E. Weber L. T. Johnson J. G. Johnson . VVilliam Channan Geo. Cottingham, Jr. E. M. Lier . A. C. Duncanson F. L. Raymon W. M. Leuthold J. M. Stransky The University Band B. A. ROSE, Director PRINCIPAL M USIVIA NS. 211 B Clflatj Bass, Chief Musician Ist B C1-Tlatj Cornet . Drum Major ISt B CFlatj Cornet . Tenor Drum B CFlatD Clarinet . Slide Trombone Solo B CFlatJ Cornet 3rd B CFlatj Cornet Solo B QFlatJ Cornet . . Piccolo B CFlatj Clarinet . E CFlatJ Tuba Slide Trombone . Bass Drum . Saxaphone . . Flute B fFlatD Clarinet . . Baritone B QFlatD Clarinet . . Baritone 2nd B fFlatj Cornet . Tenor Drum Solo Slide Trombone . . Clarinet . . Cymbals . Trombone E CFlatD Tuba . Melaphone . Piccolo . Tuba String Bass . Trombone . . Tuba . . . Flute . E CFlatJ Alto 3rd B CFlatJ Cornet . E CFlatJ Alto . Clarinet E fFlatD Alto Trombone Dawson Easton Hubbard Hudson Michener Putnam Huntley Griggs Lowe Starrett Payne Engdahl The UHlVCfS1ty Press Club OFFICERS. President . . . . Wan. Dawson Vice President Murray Davenport Secretary . . I. Louis Engdahl Treasurer . Edward S. Hall Sergeant-at-Arms Fred Paine Stuart Thompson Richard Griggs VVilliam Hubbard Paul Spooner John Gleason INIEM BERS. Edward Starrett Dana Easton John DeVaney Louis Collins Irving Hudson Carroll Michener Edward Hall 212 Paul Spooner VVillian1 Dawson J. Louis Engdahl Fred Putnam John Lowe Murray Davenport Earl Huntley S. Vance Hall Lochren Knowlton M Vance Griggs Dolmore l'IOl1lliI'lll?lIl Clxamlserlain Michener XVomlward llubluarnl Dawson Payne ilasum Barrlwell Riddell Coapnlan llollman Oliver Clmpnmn Lowe IJcVaney Hofllin. Cole Colyer W'a!ts IA. H 41 V. - Cw iyf f W7 Eff!- Q- .Q Y w Q "PPT L 5 Nl' - Jlv..-,'1::h.-454: ' -HMG-tfif 2111 -f ,,-55.-"4'f'lg N ' , Y wa. in 1 . in x .lolm lJt'XlZlllQf' john M. Lowe lf. XY. Payne A lXSSOl'l.X'l'E Em'mRs. lvlll. Dawson. Ir. Ell. S. lflall XY. A. l'llllllJZll'l ASSIS'l'lXNT ElJ1'l'ORS. . Managing' liclitor . Business Manager Ssistunt Business Blilllllgkfl' Dana Klfaston C. lf. AllCllCllCI' l R. l.. Ciriggs ,Xnna lfIlOXYllUl1 li. li. llixlmy .Nlarjrm1'iQ Yancc ' xxlllf' Oliver lfllcn lXlcl'zu'tli11 XY111. l.wcl11'en 1e1il'om'l5I:s. lu-nc llunn IQ. fl. Colycl' bl. ll. l-z1w1'v11cl- A. Cl. l'lOllfIllZLll R. L4ll2lllllJCl'lZllll Ycrzl Cole S. XYZUICC Rulmcrt Xlcrrill listhcl' flllllllllllll ll. S. ll'uuclXX'2ll'cl l.Xtl1lL'llCj 213 XY. lf. llrcculy Max Lowulllllal l"l+n'cnQc Ilwlllin fQSocie1yj Dawson Spooner Mackall Putnam Dansingberg Christianson Thompson The Minnesota Magzine Theodore Christianson Irving Hudson . Paul Dansiugberg Stuart M. Thompson Fred Putnam Managing Editor Literary Editor . Editor-in-Chief Business Manager ASSOCIATE EDITORS. Henry C. Maekall Paul Spooner VVilliam Dawson 214 f . 3 Houck Mitchell llleyeriling Hanks Griggs Huntley' Keating Hubbard Hotllin Starrett Bearnes Lowe DeVeau lilacklmnrn Cole Oliver Dyar The 190 Gopher Board lfclwarcl C. Starrett Nathan lllackhurn il. B. Mitchell lfarl Huntley Ralph Dyar . Katherine DeYeau Florence Hotliin Vera Cole Richard Griggs lsaac B. Hanks Stanley llouck XVil1 Huhbarrl Ralph Stone ASStJt'lA'1'I2 EDITORS. 215 Managing Erlitor Editor-in-Chief . Business Manager Assistant llnsiness Manager Al'flS'E Assistant Artist Assistant Artist Monica Keating Clara Bearnes Henry Meyerding John Lowe Amy Oliver Herbert XYooclwarcl Moulton Robb TllOlIlDSO11 Frye Norton jones x Coapman Bell Mackall Davidson Starrett Sradtheld Hawley Sclrouten Putnam Funck Capt. Sigcrfoos VVeizel Iiurwell Haney Peterson Miller Dawson Councilman Cadet Offlcers Capt. Sigcrfoos, U. S. A., Cmumarulaut. STAFF. Claude Haney, Licutcuaut Culoucl NV111. Dawson, Jr.. l1Cgl1llC11fZll Afljutant MAJURS. C. ll. Sclloutcu R. S. Smith 1:.xTTA1.1oN AIJWI UTANTS. H. P. Councilman H. C. Millcr R. KI. Vuuck G. lf. lllcizel ll, C. Xlaclcall R. G. Davidson Lewis Jtmss Roy Moulton OFNCFRS OF THE LlNE. c'.x1-'r.xlNs. F. XY. llutuzuu H. G. Hawley L, D. llurwvll QX. S. Pctersml FIRST 1.uiL"1'EN.xNT5. E C. Starrett XV. G. Coapmau ll. D, Ht-ll C. G. Stzlflttiultl lllattcryl sricioxlv"riaN.xN'rS. C. XY. Norttur ll. L. Tlrmupsou L. A. lfryc lYilltCI' Robb tllattcryl 216 HDVHO GVHCS HO l HH NH I HHA H Al LHGVD O O dH 'S 'gdejjj euHe.xdg O o 1: : O. Z! 5 YE :, 'U -1 nw 3 O Q M EZ D2 M uw FEET ES :W 'cn ,,- 2 H O -1 S UI-TI Vim EE CD J uoxmogq A23 ploj mag JS :D Q 2 5 ,L v,,..--f 217 The Forensic Honor League l-IE Forensic I-lonor League, organized in l904, is com- posed entirely of men Who have represented Minnesota . in an inter-collegiate forensic contest. The active mem- bership of the League consists of all men duly elected, Who are resident at the University. The associate membership consists of such representatives as have .1 .. I been elected and are not now resident at the University. This organization joined with Michigan, Wisconsin, lllinois, Nebraska, lowa, Chicago, and Northwestern in May, 1906, to to form an inter-collegiate fraternity to rank in time with Phi Beta Kappa. The following is the active membership roll at present. DeVaney, J. P. Loevinger, C. lVlcElmeel, O. P. Carlson, Phillip Churchill, O. A. l-louck, Stanley, Thompson, C. R. Christianson, Theo. Robinson, E. A. Robinson, Bernard 218 E W N W 3 ix gm 5 THE 1393 GREEK CLUB y ml nwiv w 1nn mimnmiwminiiE ' 4? . 5 ? + sm ah 'W gf P i 2 5 Mm ' MM 5 'Q HEAAENIKH ETAIPEIA Q mm., , Bergh Aspelund Pederson Cluistianson Olson johnson Estrem Ostvig Brekke XVoId Preus Hoass Fuglie Selvig Solensteiu Kaasen Larsen Hagen Linde Grangaard Peterson Hoiland Thulanian Club H. H. Dzxlnker, U. A. H, A. Erickson, B. E. E. T. C. CI11'istiz111sm1 A. S. Peterson L. N. Bcrgh C. ESt1'e111 S. I. .LXS13Clll1ld, B. A. H, U. G1'a11g:1:11'd R. N. Pccle1'so11, H. K. O. Bjorge O. G. Hozms H. j. I.i11clc, B. A. C2111 XVUIKI. U. A. FACE LTY M E M lllilxb. ACADEMICS. MEIHCS. DENTS. Carlus Sclvig 1:Nc11x1i1Q1cs. R. N. Ostvig's. J. .-X. O. Prclls. ll. .X. 220 F. Q1I'2ll1g'ZlZ1l'CI, Ph. D. F. XV. Sa1'cleso11. P11 T. Solemnstcin, B. A. C. Ii. 1011118011 . Lund . .-X. 015011, U. A. S. lloilnllcl . O. Lzxrson J. Hagen, B. S., H. A. K:1:1s1-11 F. l711gIiu J. H1'ulilic, ll. fx. KI. Ifcroc. H. A. Cannox axro Ellison Swenson Brown Loomis Meyerding Randall Rossrnan Lowe Starrett Blackburn Blair Griggs Engdalil Scliummers Nlicliener Coapnian Porter Smith Huntley llubbard Gates The Boars Head ll. I. llrowu Don S. lllair lVall G. Coapinan Culver Elison Cassius Gates Earl lluntley Floyd S. Loomis Henry Xleycrding Harold Porter Claude Rossman BIIEMBIZRS. Ii. F. Swenson 2.21 Dan Smith Georges dc S. Canuosarro I. Louis Engdalil Richard L. Grigg lYill Hubbard John Lowe Carrol Miclicner Claude Randall XYill Scliumniers E. C. Starrett S F frmivffiif -R . 'fl XA an MW ,c xx 5, . Cx 0 l ' 5 I I I FRESHMEN SOCIETY MEMBERS. G. C. Beckwith G. L. Storer VV. B. Joyce P. B. Palmer R. Rheem F. XV. Buck N. C. Jamison XY. A. W'arren XY. R. Simmons T. Loghead, Jr. F. G. Haven E. Torrance, jr. 22 The Tillikum Klub ORGANIZED TO PROMOTE ACQUAINTANCE AMONG FRATERNITY MEN President , Vice Presicleut Secretary . Treasurer OF THE CLASS OF 1909. OFFICERS. 223 Robt. C. Merrill Earle Maul .Leo S. W'elel1 . Fred Buck 0- 2. , if . Cornelia E. Whine Ruth E. Wilson Marjorie Bullard Emily Brock Dorothy Hudson Grace Dickinson Katherine Taney Marion Barber Rewey Belle Inglis Managing Eclitor liclitor-in-Chief Rewey Belle lngl Grace Dickinson Marion lflarber Emily Brock Cornelia Vllaite Dorothy Hudson Katherine Taney 0man's Magazine Board ASSOCIATES. Ruth E. VVilson Marjorie Bullard is Junior 224 . junior Sophomore . Artist Freshman . Freshman Ex-officio l 1 w - L F i : il Q V . S . , ' i , - - 3 - - li A f N, . ' McPartlin A Bearnes Clark Van Bergen Oliver Cole Rittenhouse Radclitte jackson DEVCHII Schain Vance Crosby McMillan Bullard Chapman Knowlton Keating VVilson VVay The Quill QA Gir1's Press League, composed of members chosen from the Daily Staff, Gopher Boards, Magazine Boards, and Senior Play Committees., OFIFICERS. Prcsiclciit . Marjorie Yzmcc Yicc llrcsidcnt Secretary . Treasurer lit-ncvicvc jackson Xlztrjorie llullarcl Irene Radcliffe Ruth llzlynes Ycra Cole Xlztrjoric Vance Mary Mcklillan Monica Keating M ICMBERS. liathcrinc DQ Yeau listhcr Cliapnian lflllllj' Crosby Xnnn linowlton llZll'1'lCl Yan llergcn l.ncilc XYQ15' lillcn Xlcllartlin 225 Anna Yera Colo Knowlton Esther Chapinan .Xiny Ulivci Ruth Wilson lflurcncc Hoftlin tilura llcarnes .lost-pliiiic Schain Xl iriznn Clark fillillilflllk' Rittenhouse Solenstein Thompson Swanson Ransom Graham Swenson N. Houck Norelius Babcock Campbell Nebbergall Stork Hodson Arvid johnson Stroud Schwartz Saby Rouken Colburn Robinson Lee Christiauson Davis Okkelberg h R D 226 r'f ??R5 .. K ...l..L1 P'O M ORATORY GOOD CITIZENSHIP HONESTY DE BAT E FRATE RNITY CV LTVRE, F -"?'S!V.F5 Law...-23 QQEZV 'z5Z 'K OFFICERS. PfCSiClCUt - . . E. A Robinson Vice President . H, H H1115 Secretary and Treasurer N, A Houck Sergeant-at-Arms . , A I I ge Arntson, A. E. Campbell, C. G. Christianson, C. 1. Coapman, NV. Davis, G. Deering, ll. Dowclall, A. I. Graham, G. R. Houck, li. Johnson, A. Johnson, -lens Lillihei, l. I. Nebbergall, Dow, D. C. Murnn, XV. M EM IIIERS. Norelius, XYIH. A. Uyen, M. Ransom, Selby, R. S. Smith, Dan Stork, A. llabcock, ID. C. Carlson, C. A. Clutter, G. E. Colburn, A. Davis, Him. Diquan, l. liberllarflt, A. HONOR ROLL. Stevenson, D. Melom, C. M. 227 Gray, C. XV. jecllicka, A. johnson, C. E. ljllerault, N. A. Manus, A. H. Nelson, N. F. Okkelberg, l'. O Potter, Z. Ronkin, Q. C. Schwartz, S. S. Solenstein, R. Swanson, G. SXYCHSOII, li. lf. Smith, llyron 'lihompson, C. R. C. R. NYrigl1t Albert Evans C . H. Moe U. lf. Rouiug' C. H. Noe . A. N. Gill1ertso11 ll. Ii. XYIICCICI' II. XY. Lzuulerclale 12. 'llanlwell . S. Barry J Cf l1.Beery IQ. XY. Bielmell XY. UGI'gSt1'Oll1 F. D. CaH1ou11 l'. l3Z111Si1lg'bCl'g M. bl. Doherty AN. Evans A. N. ff3ilbertso11 301111 Gleason IT. I-X. ITa11so11 U. l'. .Wel2l1111ee1 1- 1- Y KOPE. OFFICERS. FIRST SEM IZSTER. SECOND SEM ESTER. ROLL C. AX. Hewitt C. TC. llol111g're11 Q.. J. A. Hosp R .X. 51011115011 5. II. U. I.ati111er L. ll. XV. L21l1dCTC1Zl1C N. G. I,OCVi11Q'CY QX. I". S. Lvou S. 17. S. I,'OOlNiS K4 Mikesh I I. Noe K I osher Xess Oppegarcl O. Oppegarcl Cf. IjCtC1'S01'1 Il. l'elerso11 D. Randall Max I.owe11tl1a1 John Ray K. 'I l. QXfck1u11e U. Rol1i11so11 li. G. Heklauigal F. T. Rfmekwell HoNoR.xRY. I. Cl1urel1ill ki. I.oevi11g'er 228 . President Vice President . Secretary . Treasurer . President President Yiee . Secretary Treasurer O. Rowing' XY. TW. 'l'utl1iH XY. XYZ1IlSiCk1CH ll. IC. XVIICCICI' Ray XYilso11 C. R. XVrigl1t lf. Yeager Wvillis Newton P. CUIGINHII Cl. Lawson NY. I". 'Vobiu 13. Robinson f f, W! Wffxwa 1,f f f y KW H0 ' XJWWWWW I fffzff '71 If 'LZ fi f UWM 1 f fig QMHZIZMI ZZ! My f M 1 'W www ffffff f f ef f 1' if ,WffWffff4 XXXWW ffjf iff f f XZ! 1 ? WJVWW Q ylf fi JMU ff! ff! QM UW lil X if XA ll I ff ! , W ffffw f I ZW! f ', f ff! A YA J X 1 , Q l I0 f . iw at re EGASSHC f f fl 04 Q If lefgfff 7 f ' L xii' Q ' I ef' , . f ,,. . Q ,.',. V X. , V , M' X "f" "5 ' , 'C14.f,i',,, I fy f f 1 I l f L4- 9 I -f f A'f A W .ip wg 'W if I W W 1 'J if ff will V . 5 . , - f ,, - I . - . M 'X YI 'i1' t"iiQg Lf M V T' g i f, gl 1 ' , fi g. P ily V: - 'I a+ Q-- -e?H :eil l W f' 2 ISE: 2:1-??i5?g ' el-1 E PPTP 1 4 f12:ii f xc ff ' 33 51.2.5 J- so it In -11: Q -.,i'F fx, are S i ' 7 ' 1. '14 QE 5 'QT T-+?, "xii 'ill-5 Lil,-. 1-Yi? "'L-if-, -li 23 President . vice President Secretary . Sergeant-at-Arms Critic . . President . Vice President Secretary . Treasurer . Sergeant-at Arms Critic . Charles Grass Alex Janes W. E. Moyer Paul Smith C. P. Warren M. H. Aygarn Edwin Aygarn A. R. Barnes C. R. Cannon E. F. Carpenter V. R. Chase OFFICERS. FIRST SEMESTER. SECOND SEMESTER. HONORARY MEMBERS. J. 'NValso P. I. Brown B. McGregor E. F. Gilfillan H. B. Gislason Otto Rosendahl G. B. Otte XV. J. Norton James B. Ladd Warren Williams ACTIVE MEM BERS. E. G. Constantine R. G. Davidson C. R. Drake H. C. Estep J. J. Fitzpatrick O. B. Flinders M. F. Hayes C. A. Iosephson A. O. Kramer S. G. Moran F. W. Putnam R. C. Randall 229 John F. Sinclair Harvey C. Estep Chester S. VVilson Magnus H. Aygarn . S. G. Moran Victor M. Peterson Arthur R. Barnes . NVilber R. Taft Harvey C. Estep . John F. Sinclair Chester S. XVilson Leslie M. Wfildcy George P. Jones IV. A. McManigal Arthur Blaisdell L. C. Sage P. D. Stratton John F. Sinclair W. R. Taft C. S. NVilson C. P. Stanley euson Doyle Flynn Baudler Manion Clark Sarri Robertson NVaters Condon Gage jelle Kelley Van Vorst Garvin Kimball Swinlaud Diesen Clarkson McLaughlin Richardson R. E. johnson Norton Russell Shimizu Cowels R D 230 Z ZQ:3,i,?fjQE ' EXE. Rx X 1 ggv -2 L S 5522 - ii- -sQsiS rsfieil. ' Tai 'ln' ff' ,ig ' X iigii. . -fifiii rf . , z", 72-1 fr , :YF -f- gf fel M21 I' 3 3 vf., ' -, 1 Z, YA fir, 'ff' ?-' if , .- . . 5 . ik . - -- -s - . . , ., '-- . f- Y , ...,.:4.., 'Bak - .f ,f -- ,. -! f- - ' ,Z . XZ. -X ' , V f' .- ifiiifrrffi 5 , if f ' V W - ff L- 5 533 ,4 . - ' - 6 'I E Q1 .' -i . A x-Q feerefi- if-::'fL3s..ii'E 5 2' ix ' ' ' - . f I f' '- . Q, ' 3X-i ' ', ' ' 4' 2 52 :Y . . ref? " ' x x' - - 7 . ' ' X - . L ' V Y' TQ3 1 7 'gil-:?i T X 4 ..f.. -- ..x .. ? - lxf 5 K3 X . . 1 1 ,gs 5' 'S-'A 'gf Q . P fx ' V ' I ll - 'P 1 1 Q iigr g , PPL 21, Q . - Ng xX5 N X f P--V 'ig 4 x , .z 1 'm "' 7' XC- f - f' ,f '---1i- - .:Q:5a fs--Q sasss-- e NS f 21:2 .- -,E - Q., V 3 5 - ...Q -.Q -.2 ii Ek- -, osx. . --5 iliggagsi ,-sgexb XS X V' -.. . .fx 'X x ' ' -C 3 X Cx X s XX E T " 5 l- FD I C Fx ' L. Kimlvall P. M, Clark A. J. Johnson John Swinland XVm. Carey . F. R. Gavin John Sarri . L. E. Symond M. J. Van Vorst E. L. Kimball . John Swinland M. J. Van Vorst H. N. Jenson O. Baudler . F. R. Garvin V. F. Anderson, '06 VVm, Carey, '06 P. M. Clark, '06 J. H. Corcoran. '06 F. R. Garvin, '06 E. L. Kimball, '06 Jolm Swinland, '06 S. M. Waters, '06 ll. G. Richardson, '07 M. J. VanV0rst, '07 X OFFICERS. FIRE I I l'.RM . SECOND TER M. TH l RD TERM. M EMBERS. A. J. Jolmson, '07 l. Swinlancl, '07 Jolm Sarri. '08 H. J. Clarkson, '08 XV. Doyle, '08 J. T. Manion, '08 R. Gage, '08 H. Coleman, '08 J. E. Diesen F. E. Flynn, '07 H. A. Robertson, '07 O. Handler, '07 E. Condon, '07 J. G. Jelle, '07 F. A. Jackson, '07 J. NV. Peterson, '07 F. E. Snyder, '07 XV. R. VVells, '07 231 . President Vie: President . Secretary . l'I'C21SL1l'Cl' Sergeant-at-Arms . President Vice President . Secretary . 'Vreasurer . Sergeant-at-Arms . President . Vice President . Secretary . Treasurer Sergeant-at-Arms C. Cooper, '07 L. E. Symond, 'OS R. F.. JOlll'ISOIl,'O8 R. J. Cowels. '08 J.M0rton, '08 M. McLaughlin. '08 H. N. Jenson, 'OS J. C. Russell, '08 F. L. Kelly, '08 Hamrum Carnes Wilson Sorenson Allison Brenna Ballon Foster Pattison Williamson Searles Cady Dempsey Lockerby Carpenter Miller Rice Baker Forbes Smith Judson Green Washington Eenkema Crawhall , f fifix ,L gf' l i 1 If N .55 l, fe A, I , . E R-D 252 A T T E L ,ff f .X 1 lf.,,.,, ,, W fc f f, f H f . Q. ijfgft p. -Vj,4i?t - ' we f ,,,- Q ,fp f W eielll 5 Si ,Lf , L vu ff: arp g f ,M .pq ff. f ll el Y E ll, 72 ml lf: ff lla Il, EC S gig! 2121- 7 'N , fffh P i. ' C ff . ' Cf X OFFICERS. FIRST SEMESTER- SECOND SEMESTER- W. H. Dempsey President C. C. Carpenter F. J. Williaiiis Vice President R. I. Carnes E. S. Pattison Secretary R. Piper S. J. Searles Treasurer NV. F. Dacey H. S. Carson Sergeant-at-Arms. XV. K. Foster Chaplain M. M. Forbes MEMBERS. L. R. Allison N. Sorrenson J. B. Baker D. Smith E. L. Ballou L. XV. Crawhall W. F. Dacey W. K. Foster A. Haniruin VV. E. Judson R. McAllister F. B. Rice S. J. Searles G. Sullivan C. A. VVilson R. R. F. W'illian1son M H. S. Carson H E. S. Pattison H E. P. Cady C. J. R. Cole R. A. Eenkeina 233 C. Carpenter J. Carnes . M. Forbes B. Green G. Higgins E. Lockerby Piper L. B. Schwartz H. Stearns F. Wfilliains O. C. Brenna S. K. Johnson O. H. Dempsey D. Washington XV. E. Miller S. O. Oistad , Xb, 3 , W V W 5 5 in ii .W - Qi L " , Y i Y -- ' 4 jul WJ. ,JSA f Wright Cox Maud Bush johnson Cole Crossman Stegner Clara Hille Abbie Switzer Colgrove julia Hille Harriet Switzer Dickinson Carre Switzer Ethel Bush Ripley Fannie Fligehnan Elliott Horn Newkirk Leah Fligelmau S ' i I Y R- - D 234 7 N , N. J J MIN ERV Y L I T E RARY ,S O CI E T Y 7' fif a . ' iz. 92 ,, .1 49, Nellie M. Elliott Jessie Horn . Clara Hille Ethel Bush . Fannie Fliegelman Carrie Bush Isabel Cole Ella G. Cox Grace Dickinson Nellie Elliott Leah Fliegelman Jessie Allen Alice Kaercher Louise Boutelle lil? oF1f1C1aRs. MEMBERS. Julie Hille Ethel Bush Judith Johnson Yivian Colgrove lris Newkirk Rose Crossrnan Emma Ripley Katherine Donovan Abbie Switzer Fannie liliegelman Mabel Switzer Clara Hille IIONOR ROLL. Elsie Everett Josephine Cornish . President Yiee President . Secretary . Treasurer Sergeant-at-Arms Jessie Horn Olive Klimenhagen Ruth Phillips Hope Stegner Hattie Switzer Elsie Wriglit Inez Kelsey Mary McIntyre Mrs. O. P. MeElmeel Mabel Sharpe Kfafy Xlxfecd lJiCllG DfCdg6 255 Belle VVynr1e . -ai. ,, W 4 Grygla Clark jackson C, Bearnes Oliver Van Bergen Mclntyre Wheaton Stocking Faguudus Chapman Rockwood j. Bearnes Wales Rich Alnble Edwards Bullard Wilson Ryan Schain A I R W J 236 x r ,...x ' l M al' p EPSILON OFFICERS. Marjorie Bullard . . . President Amy' fjliver , Vice President Margaret Ryan . Secretary Treasurer Esther Chapman Florence Amhle Clara Bearnes Edna Broom Frances Chamberlain Miriam Clark Marjorie Edwards Grace Grygla Rewey llellc Inglis Marie Moreland .Xniy Oliver Catherine Rittenhouse Margaret Ryan llelen Smith Mabel Stocking Ruth Wilson M IEIVIBERS. 237 Hattie Vanlgergen Julia Bearnes Marjorie Bullard Esther Chapman Lillian Day Aimee Fagundus Ruth Haynes Genevieve jackson Ethel Melntyre Elizabeth Rich Ethel Rockwood Josephine Schain Minnie Stinchneld Gertrude Wales Faith NN'heaton ' v 5 l I L 1 X Maybelle LaDue Brooks Tucker Gallup Godley Cole Eva LaDue Kiunard Pattee Copley Ives Keating Young Taney Otis Hill Firman 3 i, ' r R! D 233 1- Z' HALIAN lillanche Kinnard liessie Tucker Maude Johnson Jessie llill Frances ll. Potter Katherine Taney Harriet Young Illanelie Kinnard Sidnee Vallee lrene Radcliffe llellen liallnp Monica Keating' Maude Johnson l7lorence llorctlin Mary Copley Florence Godley Mary Ives Kate Sweney OFFICERS. Yi HONORARY MEM BERS. Ada S. Comstock MEMBERS. 239 Jessie Hill Genevieve Jackson liessie Tucker Eva l.alDue Yera Cole Katherine l.inlon Ellen Brooks lflorence Schuyler Cecelia 1 Jtis Mary llolliday Kate Firinan .Xlalmelle Due lflizalmetli Brucliliolz President ce President Secretary r Freasurer Mary Peck P- o ' El ' ,an V 1. K L. Colter Pope Leavenworth Miller R. Colter Toomey Clark Campbell Chapman Maley Doyle Brock Armstrong Hull Hutchinson Tallnman Overpeck Ellison Waite 3 4 r S L - r R, D 240 I 7 ACAN I X , 2 xl lil? ,N ' HMMMMLUAUAkKLVlLl!lLUlMMMIWMAMNIMMMMLUAW Ruth M. Colter .-Xnastasia 'Doyle Gertrude llull Alma Campbell Camelia Waite Lincla ll. Maley Carrie Swift Craig Florence Ainble Mary Armstrong' Emma Brock Alina Campbell Miriam Clark Emlna Cockburn Lillian Colter Ruth Colter Anastasia Doyle Sabra Ellison Ulf l"lCl2RS. IIUNURARY LI li M UERS Francis Dunning ,xci'r1x'E M1231 BERS. Camelia Waite 241 IMMMLVZMLVLMKV . l'resimlent Yiee l'resi4lent . Secretary . Treasurer Sergeant-at-Arms Kate E. Tallman Ethel Blancling Gertrude I lull Lucy Hutchinson Louise l,eavenworth llilcla Miller Nell S. Overpeek Alice Pope Katherine Rittenhouse l lelen Sirnmerman Bertha Trask A l ary Tooiney 1 I 1 ur'- FRATERNITIES University of Minnesota in the order of the establishment of the Local Chapters. ACADEMIC Chi Pei, 1874 Phi Delta Theta, 1881 Delta Tau Delta, 1888 Phi Kappa Pei, 1888 Sigma Chi, 1888 Beta Theta Pi, 1889 Delta Kappa Epeiloh, 1889 Phi Gamma Delta, 1899 Sigma Nu, Delta Upeilon, 1899 Pei Upeiloh, 1891 Alpha Delta Phi, 1891 Theta Delta Chi, 1892 Zeta Pei, 1899 Kappa Sigma, 1991 Sigma Alpha Epsilon, 1992 Alpha Tau Omega. 1992 1994 PROFESSIONAL Phi Delta Phi, 1891 Delta Sigma Delta, 1892 Delta Chi, 1892 2 A ee e r r ' 4 i H ' ' H Grygla Rees Storer Elliot Mitchell Beals Jamison Loyhed Beckwith Gray Wyman Irvin Cribb Shaw Decker Taylor Abbott, W. P. Brown Collins Abbott, J. S, Dawson 0 gg ff' 3 524 'W-f 9671? Z, ,mf 695- 4 0 z QM, , .. f ,V 1 Qf? G e fe A AJ sk X YW J I V I , l 1 1 ll l ' 1 X 1 1 I K l l ' 1 1 1 l 1 4 1 l, ' l l X g . 1 l 1 l B 5 244 W C h i P s i Alpha Nu Establzfslzed in 1874. FRATRIZS IN RIZGEXTIUUS Stephen Mahoney 1-'R.x'rR15s IN 1f.xcUI.TATI: Geo. E. Rieker Alexander Stone l Frank C. Todd XVilliam li. Leonard 1fR.xTREs IN UNIV1+:Rs1T.-x'1'E S 6'1ll'0l'S Kenneth Taylor XVillia1n Dawson S0f7!Z0llI07'CS Harry Clay Irvin Donald Francis Mitchell XVilbnr Duane Shaw Eugene lirasm Grygla Robert Paul Gray Charles VYinslow Elliott Lyall Decker Frcslmzezl james llerl Beals Evan Rees Toni Loyhed Neil Camp Jamison lloraee Kratz Haldenian Xyllllillll .Xbbott li.OClll1Cl' College of Jfcdlciizc VVillia1n l'itt Abbott John Steele Abbott College of Law Ernest Cribb George Chipnian lleckwith llarl Francis Vvylllilll George Lord Storer Louis Loren Collins A 245 CHAPTER ROLL OF C I P Founded at Union College, X841 X BW g 1 vu Alpha Pi . Union College Alpha Theta Williaiiis College Alpha Mu . . . Middlebury Alpha Alpha XVesleyan University Alphi Phi . . Hamilton College Alpha Epsilon University of Michigan Alpha Chi . . Amherst College Alpha Psi Cornell University Alpha Tan . NVofford College Alpha Nu University of Minnesota Alpha Iota University of Wisconsin Alpha Rho . . . Rutgerls College Alpha Xi . . Stevens Institute of Technology Alpha Alpha Delta . University of Georgia Alpha Beta Delta . . . Lehigh University Alpha Gamma Delta . Leland Stanford, Jr., University Alpha Delta Delta Alpha Epsilon Delta - , t Z 0:4 .4 J 'gf if X - 2 , ,ff 3, 1 gay, gg, 'ff ff Lyfgzafffff 477 , A fy' f f f 1 f f W 1 f A f f '1 1- 1 Q , 4' ff? Y ,ff Li iff? , . University of California . University of Chicago f f fax ar QWQ2' gf D Ah ahgft- 246 -'fav fawrie ', fffzf T21 gf 'Z Wg1wW4gZaa.1,5?42y fag-,W ,-' azfr ' af , W Y -f fra' ?7Z rs' 'ii 'W' 2,2 Q of , , fx- Q-4 rg Agfa f , CHAPTER ROLL 'F 552550 rf af-'f f OF WMM 4 ' if M C W a r W 3 za? IKEA BW its PHI DELTA TH ETA Founded at Miami University, 1848 ' Y ax! fe, 1 f as K 'wid A 1 ty I ALPHA PROVINCE. McGill University Colby College Dartmouth College University of Vermont Williams College Amherst College Brown University Cornell University Union University Columbia University Syracuse University Lafayette College Pennsylvania College Washington and Jefferson College Allegheny College Dickinson College University of Pennsylvania Lehigh Unversity Pennsylvania State College BETA PROVINCE. University of Virginia Randolph-Macon College Washington-Lee University University of North Carolina GAMMA PROVINCE. Central University Kentucky State College Vanderbilt University University of the South DELTA PROVINCE. Miami University Ohio Wesleyan University Ohio State University Case School of Applied Sciences University of Cincinnati University of Michigan I-:PsII.oN PROVINCE. Indiana University Wabash College University of Indianapolis Franklin College Hanover College De Pauw University Purdue University ZETA PROVINCE. Northwestern University University of Chicago Knox College Lombard College University Of Illinois University of W'isConsin University Of Minnesota Iowa Wesleyan University University of Iowa University of Missouri VVestminster College Washington University University of Kansas University of Nebraska University of Colorado ETA PROVINCE. University or Georgia Emory College Mercer University Georgia School of Technology University of Alabama Alabama Polytechnic Institute THETA PROVINCE. University of Mississippi Tulane University University of Texas Southwestern University IOTA PROVINCE. University of California Leland Stanford, Jr., University KAPPA PROVINCE. University of Washington . .. ,1f, , 410 ., '7 43 " fcwlff We 'QQ ' fri' 9 f if ' 9055165 A A . " 2 Af I W XZ. K f z fig!! if - fl - - 1 M, , " - f,, 77- if ., - YV Boyce Teisberg XVeitbrech1 Frisbee Godarg Thompsgn Shield Lewis Sowle O'13-rieu McCanna Mnchels Vance ., . 4 ,Z ' WU' - fs Vf :W ' fd Z f' , A W W 'ifav Qhim -1'lP'44r' M V' -' XA A f A v 0 A X as . , Y , W , 4 1 s 4, , W , 1 ' X W W 1 ,I , I ' 1 I , 1 4 a N S 248 T752 ,WW Phi Delta Theta Minnesota Alpha Chapter Establislzed 1881 FR.-XTRES IN FACULATE Conway MacMillan, M. .-X. Thomas llartzcll. D. M. D., M. D. Harry Snider, B. S. Everharclt lf. Harding, M. S., Ph. D. Thomas G. Lee, B. S. M. D. lYilliam ll. Condit, ll. A., M. D. George ll. Frankforter, Bl. .X.. Ph. D. A. S. Hamilton, M. D. 1fRA'1'R12s IN UN1VIiRSI'l'.X'l'Ii Sezziors Willis Haseltine Frisbee Charles Davicl McCanna Carl Benjamin Teisberg funiors Leonard Frank Boyce Herbert Leslie Thompson Soplzomores Robert Beals XYeitbrecht joseph Phillip Michels Freslzuzczz XValter Goclart llarolcl Martin Lewis Merton Vlfinthrop Sowle Clarence Burke CylTl'lC11 Stanley Mayhury Vance Marcellus Crocker Shield 249 4 .l l - ,A 5 14 ' s r s .yo f s' of Marshall Clark Rose Gould Dacy Bliss Zierold Hanks Asher Cloutier Rowe Page Pond Morgan Babst Cosgrove Vfk ph 4 V' f 1 ' 5 pg 1 4 f ,f J fn? , ,1 ' 5 5 age?-Q Qi '4 4 nf' 'M34 J' 'Y 1 mf xxu p N N, 4 l I S , Y , 1. X I l ' 1 , l 4 1 I 1 I l l l l l , , lx lx W 1 l B E. 250 Delta Tau Delta Beta Eta Chapter Established in 1883 FR.X'l'RES IN FACU LTATE Arthur Edwin Haynes, M. S., D. Sc. George Douglas Head, B. S., M. D. Vllilliani Buchard Roberts, A. B., M. D. l"R.Yl'RlES IN UNrx'ERs1T.x'rE Post Graduafte Thomas Hayward, B. A. Seniors Williani Anderson Rose Joseph Henry Cosgrove Arthur Taylor Rowe f1fHZf1'07'S Arthur Adelbert Zierold XVillia1n George Clark Samuel Benjamin Pond Edward John Hollern Isaac Baker Hanks VVright Benton Page Sophomores Herbert Spencer Bliss Freshmen Rupert Hauser Lee Murphy College of Low Allen Preston Asher Harry Hubert Cloutier Raymond Milton Gould XValter Francis Dacy Paul E. Marshall Harry F. Babst Everett E. Morgan 251 OF 'r f DELTA TA DELTA y Founded at Bethan College, x85g A ,I t 'W ' ' W ,, , E 'A -e.-..,., ' ,x SOUTHERN n1v1s1oN. Epsilon Albion College Lambda . . Vanderbilt University Zeta Aclelbert College Pi . . . University of Mississippi Kappa . . Hillsdale College Phi . . Wasliiiigtoii-Lee University Mu Ohio VVesleyan University Beta Epsilon . . Emory College Chi .... Kenyon College Beta Theta University of the South Beta Alpha . XVabash College Beta Iota . University of Virginia Beta BCM DePauw University Beta Xi Tulane University Beta Zeta . Butler College Gamma Eta . . Columbian University Beta Phi . Ohio State University Beta Psi . . KVabash College - WESTERN MVISPN' I Gamma Delta West Virginia Uni- Omricon . . University of Iowa Wrsity Beta Gamma . University of Vtliseonsin Beta Eta . . University of Minnesota EASTERN DIVISION' Beta Kappa University of Colorado A111113 - f - A-H6gl1C11Y College Bam Pi , V N01-thwestel-U Uuivefsity Gamma W'ashington and Jefferson College Beta Rho Leland Stanford, Jr., University R110 - 5f6VC115 I115t1U1TC Of TCCl1110l0gY Beta Tau , . University of Nebraska Upsilon . Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Beta 'Upsilon . . University of Illinois 0111680 - U111VC1'S1fY of PC1111SYlV21111?l Beta Omega . University of California Bela A115121 - - 146111311 U111VCfS1TY Gamma Alpha . University of Chicago Beta M11 ---- T11ffS College Gamma Beta Armour Institute of Tech, Beta Nu Massachusetts Institute of Tech- nology 1101OgY Gamma 'fheta . D Baker University: Beta Omrieon Cornell Univeersity Beta Chi . Brown University NORTHERN l7lVlSlON. Gamma Gamma Dartmouth College Beta . . . Ohio University Gamma Epsilon . Columbia University Delta University of Michigan Gamma Zeta XVesleyan University f--ifgkgzfzfei -fwifyw 6223 F' "iff-' Y We A..W7f,za ff M afia? V29 'vi , 4 E ff or B T I CR ' ix T -P P 3 Q Q! 252 Wiaf'fV,4' fz,0f'fffff1af,e wi fe , . 55,2 ff, CHAPTER ROLL OF K Founded at jefferson College 1852 k X ' V79 i DISTRICT I. West Virginia Alpha University of West Pennsylvania Alpha Washington and Ieffer- Vlrglma U ' , D son College Mississippi Alpha University of Mississippi Pennsylvania Beta . Allegheny College Tennessee Delta . Vanderbilt University Pennsylvania Gannna Bucknell University Texas Alpha . , University of Texas Pennsylvania Epsilon . Gettysburg College Pennsylvania Zeta . Dickinson College DISTRICT IV, Pennsylvania Eta Franklin and Marshall Ohio Alpha Ohio Wegleyall Univergity C ll , ' . ' . '. Pennsylvania Theta Liffaeilfte Colle e Ohm Beta ' Vvlttenberg Umverslty PX I . , '. uf y g Ohio Delta . . . Ohio University cnnsy vania Iota Univeisity of Pennsyl- Indirma Alpha De Pauw Univerqity vania ' - j Pennsylvania Kappa . Swarthmore College Tndlmm Beta Umverslty of india Indiana Delta . . Purdue University DISTRICT H' Illinois Alpha . Northwestern University New Hain shire Al ha Dartmouth C ll - - ' - ' M 1 D' p O egg Illinois Beta University of Chicago Rlasiacftisettls Alpha . Amherst College Illinois Delta . University of Illinois 1046 S am Alpha ' Brow? Unlversfty Michigan Alpha . University of Michigan New York Alpha . Cornell University New York Beta . Syracuse University DISTRICT V New York Gamma . Columbia University 'I U A New York Epsilon . Colgate University VViseonsin Alpha University of Wisconsin New York Zeta Brooklyn Polytechnic Insti- W15C01lS11l Gamma - - BCl01t .College tute. Minnesota Beta University of Minnesota DISTRICT IH, Iowa Alpha . . University of Iowa Maryland Alpha Johns Hopkins University Kansas Alpha - UUIVCYSWY Of Kansas Virginia Alpha . University of Virginia Virginia Beta XVashington and Lee Uni- versity f"'f' ,zf 2:5455 , 2 ' 2 Q W? X ' . A ' Q C Nebraska Alpha . University of Nebraska California Beta Leland Stanford University California Gamma University of California Wx ,7 Zselafbefa Vf 1? LN' 'rf WJAIY x Q' li yea? f?49CQ - fav 3,1 1.221421 -wee ff f. A eaf ,f ,.:y,f '-va?i'44 Wfui fe 'fag , 2,3 1 ' if T ' ,fa yy ' ,,,: If ,257 , ,Z V 2 A Y - - r Barkly Bixby Manley Meade: Cant Chandler Buck Lawrence Kellogg Spring Foster Barnum Richards Putnam jones Neustadt 9 W,-, ff V' ff Z fi 4 ' ' -' f 4'. 0576252 ' . V5 ' V? '1 Mn :gh W0 e.f,QfelfffW,4, fame? ZW! A ,, ,f .W 256, ,W ,ga ,,1 Afm W74,f ffl l, X all W 1 g agfx , J 7 'J . P l 'N Tl ' Sw li , r l l l , N r 1 1 l l 3 lx QI l ' l w 4 W W' r H l if l l ll! M , , A W 13 W all W 254 Phi Kappa Psi Beta Chapter Established in 1888 FRATRES IN 1f.xCUI.TATE A. C. Hickman, A. M., L. L. B. FRATRES IN UN1vERs1T.x'rE S6711-OTS Berthold, R. Neustadt David M. jones fmziors XVillis NV. Spring SOf7lZ0Ill07't'S John Carver Richards Frcslmzen james K. Lawrence Frederick NV. Buck George K. Foster College of Medicifze James R. Manley College of Law George F. Meader 255 G. F. James, Ph. D. Frederick XV. Putnam Malcolm D. Chandler George G. Barnani Harold G. Cant Paul M. Kellogg Edson K. Bixby f ,f 3 X 'f QD . 9 , , ,. Y ,Y -. Y ,A-n, X Z , McFau1 Lovett Woodrich Porter jackson Clapp Forbes Fox Funck Kennard Knrtzman Graham Wilberton Forbes Carpenter Evans Anderson . , - ,. f I ' AV! 7 e f 1 or Q W'v"i,m f 2 fun Am. QA AQ . I i s iq ff ' rf 'QL 497 22 .7 125 eva sg ' -ff , X25 I , or 1 l S 1 r r rg ' i W w W W 1 ry wr 1 , rr u V P I N E I r 1 , P 1 ' 1 Ib. W A 256 W Sigma chi Alpha Sigma Chapter Establislzed in 1888 FRATRE5 IN l7ACUl.'l'A'l'li XY. E. lilrooke, ll. A., C. E. FR.X'l'RliS IN L'N1VliRs1'F,x'1'E 5011110118 Richard Maurice Fnnck Paul Starr lqUl"EZH12L1l fzzfzfors Charles lireoman Jackson Allen Harold Porter Soplzofizarcs Oscar Fredrick XYooclrich liclwin Griffin Clapp Mason Merrill lfirbcs Milo Pitcher Fox .-Xrchibalcl Joseph llcFaul Qscar lirooke Kinnard Fresh men llcrbert Abel Bly Robert Sabin Forbes George Lawrence NVilberton lfugcnc Xyllltilll lfvans Roscoe lluel Anclcrson Reginald David Graham Cyrus Clay Carpenter. 257 CHAPTER ROLL f M f , WWWWQW W? f 2 OF A fy gym fag -14 1 affzgfffk SIGMA CHI gf 'PY . A Founded at Miami University, 1855 A I g tw g g g 1 we Alpha . Miami University Alpha Nu . . University of Texas Beta . . University of Wooster Alpha Xi . . . University of Kansas Gamma . . Ohio Wesleyaii University Alpha Omicron . . Tulane University Epsilon . . . Columbia University Alpha Pi . . . Albion College Zeta . Wasliiiigtoii and Lee University Alpha Rho . . . Lehigh University Eta . University of Mississippi Alpha Sigma . University of Minnesota Theta . Pennsylvania College Al ha U silon Universit of Southern Cal. P P Y Kappa . Bucknell University Alpha Phi . . . Cornell University Lambda Indiana University Alpha Chi . Pennsylvania State College Mu . . Dennison University Alpha Psi . . Vanderbilt University Xi . . De Pauw University Alpha Omega Leland Stanford, Ir., College Oinricon Dickinson College Delta Delta . . . Purdue University Rho , . Butler University Zeta Zeta . . . Center College Phl Lafa ette Colle e Zeta Psi University of Cincinnati Y g Chi . . Hanover College Eta Eta . . . Dartmouth College Psi . . University of Virginia Theta Theta . University of Michigan Omega . . Northwestern University Kappa Kappa . . University of lllinois Alpha Alpha . . . Hobart College Lanyla Lambda . Kentucky State College Al ha Beta . Universit of California Mu Mu . . VVest Virginia University P Y Alpha Gamma Ohio State University Nu Nu . Columbia University Alpha Epsilon . University of Nebraska Xi Xi . . Missouri State University Alpha Zeta . . . Beloit College Omieron Omicron , University of Chicago Alpha Eta . . Iowa State University Rho Rho . . . University of Maine Alpha Theta . Mass. Inst. of Technologyy Phi Phi . . University of Pennsylvania Alpha Iota . Illinois Wesleyaii University Tau Tau . . VVashington University Alpha Lambda . University of VVisconsin Upsilon Upsilon University of NVashington 'ff , J 4 4 7 Zi' ' f"' r I Y .Rf Zffif f ff Q aa CHAPTER ROLL ga t Zi? fif?i5Z?i. UF BET TH ET PI aw A A 'ki K Founded at Miami University, 1839 X DV! ' ' UQ! DISTRICT I. Beta Kappa . . . Ohio Kappa . . Brown Theta . Ohio Wesleyan Upsilon . . Maine Psi . . . .Bethany Beta Eta . . Maine Alpha Gamma . Wittenberg Beta Iota . . Amherst Alpha Eta . Denison Alpha Omega . Dartmouth Alpha Lambda . Wooster Mu Epsilon .VVesleyan Beta Alpha . Kenyon Phi Chi . Beta Sigma . . . Yale . . . . Bowdoin DISTRICT II. Theta Delta ' Beta Psi . DISTRICT VII. . Ohio State. West Virginia Beta Gamma .... Rutgers Delta ...... . Depanw Beta Delta . . . Cornell Pi . Indiana Sigma . . Stevens Tau .... NVabash Beta Zeta . St. Lawrence Iota .... Hanover Beta Theta . Colgate DISTRICT VIII. Mu . . . . Union Tau Sigma . . Ames Alpha Alpha . . . Columbia Lambda . Michigan Beta Epsilon .... Syracuse Alpha Xi . Knox DISTRICT III. Chi . . Beloit Gamma . . Washington-Jefferson Alpha Beta . . Iowa Alpha Sigma . . Dickinson Lambda Rho . . Chicago Alpha Chi . . John Hopkins Alpha Epsilon Iowa Wesleyan Phi . . . Pennsylvania Alpha Pi . . Wisconsin Alpha Epsilon . . Pa. State College Rho . Northwestern Beta Chi ..... Lehigh Beta Pi . . Minnesota DISTRICT IV. Sigma Rho . . Illinois Zeta .... Hempden-Sidney DISTRICT IX. Eta Beta . . North Carolina Alpha Iota . XVashington Omicron . . . Virginia Alpha Delta Westminster Phi Alpha .... Davidson Alpha Nu . Kansas DISTRICT v. Alpha Zeta . Denver Epsilon . . , . Central Alpha Tan . Nebraska Beta Lambda . . Vanderbilt Zeta Phi ,.., . Missouri Beta Omicron . . . Texas Beta Tan . . . Colorado DISTRICT VI. . Alpha ..... Miami Omega ..,... California Beta Nu . . Cincinnati Lambda Sigma . . Leland Stanford Beta .... Western Reserve Beta Omega . . Washington State I A112 Q? 0 1,5 fl g a ' 72471 I E , ' A ff 'is 2 , I - - - f Q ' ' l i 7 w -, , .. V Y., o ,, .,- W , , Z , 1 Palmer VVelsh Thompson, H. S. Simmons Joyce Diamond Moore Foulke Coughlan Knight, R. T. Larkin Thompson, S. J, Ray Lyon Van Dusen Powell, F, C, Thomson, S. M. Smith Payne Rawsou Powell. A. O., ,Haynes , " ,. .f 1'l H0 A 7 l f ' If ,. .l . WZ? iff Aw J f 'f f ' 1 l X 1 f lll f WW me ,L ,f o 1, . - .ja , , .5 2- 5 V f hiM299"5Q,9' W ' -N ' " l Z' K 4 X Q V 4 J ' l W, .N lf t S X 1: ' W l Y l l l l I l' 1 l 1 K 4 lx W 5 ' l 1 1 ll YP We W B 1,1 260 B e t a T h e t a P i Beta Pi Chapter Esfablislzcd in 1889 FRATRES IN FACULTATE Edwin A. Jaggard, A. M. LL. B. Edward E. Nicholson, M. A. Chas. E. Sigerfoos, Ph. D. Frank M. Anderson, M. A. XVarren A. Dennis, M. D. Morris LeRoy Arnold, M. A. Frank M. Constant, C. E. Arthur XV. Upson, B. A. Capt. Edward Sigerfoos, B. A. Judd U. Goodrich, M. D. FRATRES IN UNix'1zRsI'r.xT1z Sczziors Stuart McMillan Thompson Roy Howard Smith Albert Charles Kock Carrol Ninde Smith Ralph Harry Rawson Fred W'itter Payne George Cross VanDusen ftmiors Charles Drewry Batson Frank Shiland Lyon ' Archibald 01011 Powell, Jr. Frederick Channing Powell Louis Freeman jackson Sophomores Arthur Edward Larkin Ralph Thomas Knight Samuel joseph Thompson John Henry Ray, Jr. Jack Ellis Haynes I:'7'8ShlIlClZ Albert Presbury Moore W'ilbur Birch Joyce VVilliam Reed Simmons Robert XVilliam Foulke Porteus Brodrick Palmer Oscar Christianson Lewis Severson Diamond Henry Sears Thompson Charles Tackett VVelch Edward Daniel John Coughlan Roy English Campbell Webster Tallant fUnclassedj 261 f p , , ,4, 8' ff 'Z?'2 -Y 27 ' ,- Lf ' - Rheem Hoag Haven Brooks, C. NV. Baird Brooks, XV. C Stebbins Blackburn Strachauer Gilman Meoch miwogm ' , , ' ,g,, d'5V if a if 'Ya 2 ,, ,g . 5 I K lj, Q f lg, Q! .' , -f' ,4 ' ', 4 ' ' M., , is an awk!!-Sify W ' VA W 8 X L 'X 4 J X, 4 1 S 1g K, 'X 1 r x 1 ,I , X ' 1 1 1 , W W r W fx I W 1' ' X N 1 ' X 4 A A .. U1 W A Y? Delta Kappa Epsilon Phi Epsilon Chapter Established in 1889 FRATRES IN 1'.'XCUl.TATlE Cyrus Northrop, Ll.. D. C. LX. Savage, Ph. D. M. P. Vanderhorck, M. D. E. -I. Abbott, M. D. Burnside Foster, M. D., Xl. .X., H. P. Ritchie, M. D. VVillia1n R. Hoag, C. E. ll. S. Abbott, B. L. C. L. Greene, M. D. iN. B. Cates. M. D. FRA'r1zEs IN UN1VERs1T.x'rE Jzmiors Nicholas A. Gilman Nathan B. Blackburn XVilliam Clark Brooks Soplzomores Robert L. Meech F7'USll7116ll Edward R. Baird Richard Hoag Royal Rheem Frank C. Haven DL'f7Ul'flIl67Lf of iUedz'cz'1ze Arthur C. Strachauer Eugene B. Stebbins Charles Noyes Brooks 263 1' if CHAPTER ROLL Xia tfafwaffftwia 4 W e OF ,WQQO ga' 57 4Q4', .ff my 1 DWI g, ff p ,- 527 2 ,f if ff, 2 Y ' f' f f ya My f f ef 'f 7191 ' I f 1 V!! fjfxf' ,, fQa e ff A 2 61,27 4454 ? f 4 Founded at Yale University, 1844 Zawya' W, Q47 I fffv f ' f f ' KZ 1 lax ,ka Delta Kappa Epsilon if 54 aa ' WU Phi . Theta Xi . Sigma Gamma Psi Upsilon Chi Beta Eta Kappa Lambda Pi lota . Alpha Alpha Omicron Epsilon Rho Tau Mn . Nu . Beta Phi Psi Chi Psi Phi . Gamma Phi Psi Omega Delta Chi Beta Chi Phi Gamma Gamma Beta Theta Zeta Alpha Chi Phi Epsilon Sigma Tau Delta Delta Alpha Phi Tau Lambda Delta Kappa Tau Alpha Sigma Rho Delta Pi 26 gf f 4 247 I 'Q' y J ' f . -4 ,fa A 7:97 7 l . Yale University Bowdoin College . Colby University . Amherst College . Vanderbilt University . University of Alabama . . Brown University . University of Mississippi University of North Carolina . , University of Virginia . . Miami University . . . Kenyon College . . . Dartmouth College Central University of Kentucky . . , Middlebury College University of Michigan . Wfillianis College . Lafayette College . . Hamilton College . . Colgate University . College of New York City University of Rochester . , Rutgers College . . De Pauw University . . . Wesleyaii University Rennsselaer Polytechnic lnstitute . . . Cornell University . . . Adelbert College . Syracuse University . . Columbia College University of California , . . . Trinity College . . . University of Minnesota Massachusetts lnstitute of Technology . . . University of Chicago . University of Toronto . , Tulane University University of Pennsylvania . . McGill University . Stanford University University of Illinois M ff 71 fy? f fzfayeaf 5 N aawax ,, ,eo , X f. . if f I gif?"-?Q12-,Q' 'fa V5 ,qjf A '44 V 1 .Wayan f W 4"f,,,,h 4, fW9"2Z if 1fZV5Qi?',f ,.f, 1 ,f .,f-, . . , , ' '- fat Phi Gamma Delta 22143 2937 53112155 affix 0 2' ' f ?f Founded at jefferson College, 1848 'W V te Z f X l v f , 4 17 I K I P Alpha W'ashington and Jefferson University Theta . . . University of Alabama Lambda De Pauw University Nu . . Bethel College Xi . Pennsylvania College Omicron University of Virginia Pi . . Allegheny College Tau . . . Hanover College Upsilon . College of City of New York Psi , . . . Wabaslia College Omega . . . Columbia University Alpha Deuteron Illinois XVesleyan University Beta Deuteron . . Roanoke College Gamma Deuteron . . Knox College Zeta Deuteron Washington and Lee Uni- versity Theta Deuteron Ohio Vtfesleyan University Delta Deuteron . . Hampden-Sidney Zeta . , Indiana State University Mu Deuteron . . Yale University Xi Deuteron NVestern Reserve University Omicron Deuteron Ohio State University Delta Xi . . University of California Beta . University of Pennsylvania Delta . . Bucknell University Pi Deuteron Rho Deuteron Sigma Delta Tau Deuteron University of Kansas Wooster University . Lafayette College University of Texas Sigma .... Wittenberg College Alpha Phi . . University of Michigan Lambda Deuteron . Dennison University Zeta Phi . . William Jewell College Theta Psi . . Colgate College Beta Chi , . . Lehigh University Gamma Phi . Pennsylvania State College Kappa Nu . . Cornell University Iota Blu Massachusetts Institute of Tech- nology Pi Iota . Worcester Polytechnic Institute Mu Sigma Kappa Tau Rho Chi Beta Mu Nu Epsilon Alpha Chi Tau Alpha . . University of Minnesota University of Tennessee . . Richmond College John Hopkins University . New York University . Amherst College . Trinity College Chi . . . . . Union College Mu . . University of Wisconsin Chi Iota University of Illinois . University of Nebraska . University of Maine University of Missouri . Syracuse University Alpha Nu Omega Mu Xi Mu . Sigma Nu Pi Rho . . Brown University Chi Upsilon . . Chicago University Lambda Iota . . Purdue University Q ,fig Z ,ff f f N fgy zap 7 lg ,aw - ffaeaffa L f' an ff . 9: ,af 1 2 50 . 1 .a . wif , W ' X 1 m 'e'r 4 ,wr .',V 'f' 53953, fa.: -, 3, f .22 557 21016 ,fag , p,.f..,- H, ,da . f 04 'ef MLM! , L"Z W' ' 4, , ,I M .,,. ,,. 4 , 4 J ' V if , ' Y, 6,12 f, - Y - Alpha Lambda Leland Stanford University a if 26 .Q 5, Hoffman Hawley.j. Hall Starrett, H. Robertson Sleeper Larkin Swan Vanstrum Safford Nye Hield Batterton Hawley, N. Hill DeVaney Starrett, E. Weum Easton Foley MW f ,H Z ff ' , ,f ,, 4'l fffffift' 4 'Van N ff? :ZZ M Wham V Q 4 ' 4 '52-Q 74,7 Qi :fl 'FX 'i P l x Il ly wx W wx ' w I Y , , r , , 1 ww' t ,, lx , ', 1 I 1 N , s W I 1 t ' 1 P I x t l b. 'W m,l7 266 Phi Gam ma Delta Mu Sigma Chapter Establislzed in 1890 g- l"RlX'l'RlCS IN FACULTATE Charles Elint McClumpha, Ph. D. George Frank Roberts, M. D. Robert Allen Campbell, lXl. D. Frank l.eRond McYey, Ph. D. john C. Brown, ll. A. Edward Paris llurch, E. E. james Milton Wlalls, M. D. FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE Seniors Charles NVarren llill, li. A. Thurston lVilliam XVeum I mzli 01's Dana Magoon Easton Thomas R. Foley Neal C. Hawley Edward Chamberlain Starrett John Patrick DeVaney, B. A. Sophomores Chandler Clement Larkin James E. Swan Orren Earl Safford George llucld Vanstrum F1'ES1ZlllCllf Francis Depew Hall Arthur Charles Hoffman Lyle Knappen Batterton Jesse Barnum Hawley Norman Douglas Robertson Howard Marcellus Starrett Raymond Allen Sleeper Clifford Chase Hield 267 - - ' , .A - - Rood VVilson Tyler Barclay. D. Mallory Woodcock Levings Eklund Newton Lowey VViE:'S1lBI' Adams Brush Lawton Champine Barclay, A. Weisel Canavarro Haney Davenport Schouteu Lowe Holcomb Broughton V V 0 . ,, 'G 4 ' 'fp J' 0 7- .- -I ,P ii- ' ' N 41: " 'KA . W 25' WQVWWZ. in -, f- Mn M W J ,A 4 , ,Wy f 1 9.44 Ae-4f4g.,f 'f v,, ' ' ZQAJ WA QQAV A ' , v"" N if K . , ' 'N I , 1 i S , w , 4, N , W l 1 , r W 1 ' ' 4 W ,X 1, ti, W xp ' 5 W 268 Delta Upsilon Minnesota Chapter Estab!z'slzed1'1z 1890 lfR.XTRliS IN F.XCUl.T.X'l'E Christopher VV. Hall, M. A. Earl R. Hare. B. S., M. D. John G. Moore. B. A. Jennings C. Litzenberg. B. S., M. D. Frank NV. Springer, E. E. Oscar Richardson, B. S., M. D. ifkxiclzes IN Ux1vERs1T.x'r14: , Seniors Elmer Ellsworth Adams Herbert J. Charles Harvey Barnett Frederick Edward XViesner Claude L. l laney, B. A. Juniors Percey Porter Brush, A. B. Charles Pearsall Schouten, A. B. Alexander Barclay jr. XYalter H. Sprague John M. Lowe Myron Dustan Holcomb G. de S. Canavarro Frank bl. Lowey SOPIZOIIIOITS Murray T. Davenport, B. A. Edwin G. Eklund Durant Barclay Vlfalter Mallory Clifford C. Champine Lynn B. Rood Vkyalter B. Crosby Adin P. Tyler Chester S. VVilson Freslzuzen Robert A. Cone Walter Seegar VV. S. Levings George F. XVeisel David R. XYoodcock Harry C. Lawton Hamilton Broughton 269 fbfvf ' f f ifiy i o 77glhi? 'ZfJ .' ' f in-fa?-la! if W 4 -X 21, 1:5 W My 52,4 fy X4 ' 1 c g f 4 ,, 225' I I CH APTE R ROLL Z ' ff ,- Q 7 if DELTA UPSILO 2 Founded at Williams College. 1834 1 X 1 VU 4 12314. V--wgff OF 45V X722 X I 'Z' C I 4 ' f f' 2 Z 3 Eiff gjfff M25 A f fm Williaiiis College Union College Hamilton College Amherst College Adclbert College Colby University Rochester University llliddlebury University Bowdoin College Rutgers College Brown University Colgate University University of Wisconsiii Lafayette College Columbia University Lehigh University Tufts College Depauw University University of Penn. University of Minnesota Massachusetts lnstitute of Technology Swarthmore College Leland Stanford, Jr., University University of California University of the City of New York McGill University Cornell University University of Nebraska Marietta College University of Toronto Syracuse University University of Chicago University of Michigan Ohio State University Northwestern University University of lllinois. Harvard University ,S f fc i - 4 ne w e gg f M -A gi lofty a 'di if ' ' Mil G? 'A f Y Yi Y i Y X37 4 CHAPTER ROLL OF , ng nfl: fast ' N4 Founded at Union College, 1833 I A .Q I i Z A 1 xi f - Theta . . . Union College Delta University of New York City Beta . . . Yale University Sigma . Brown University Gamma Amherst College Zeta - . Dartmouth College Lambda Columbia University Kappa - Bowdoin College PSi . Hamilton College Xi - . Wesleyan University UPSHOI1 . Rochester University Ipfa . . Kenyon College Phi . University of Michigan Pi . Syracuse University Chi - Cornell University Beta Beta . Trinity College Eta - . . Lehigh University Tau University of Pennsylvania Mu . University of Minnesota R110 - University of VVisconsin Omega . University of Chicago Epsilon . University of California f , ff Q afghan ,. , ' A ?5 LS. 271 -Hedderly Shields Alva XVarreu Rollin Smith William Warren Ralph Slinll Harry Shull Perkins Schaller Torrance Bowman Smith, J. R, Farnaln Lang Powers Warren, E. S. Kennedy f 4 ' L. ' if " f4z'4'5' 1 'QV' ey 1 '-k i X 4AwtQ,Z M WMQQ4 a1..v Ma , ,: mv :LES xg! NJLT I X l i I S is ' W W l 1 i 1 'X 4! 1 I i 1 . r , , l , i, ' l 1 1 v l r r rr an Psi Upsilon Mu Chapter Established in 1891 FRATRES IN FACU LTATE Jabez Brooks Frederick S. jones Henry F. Nachtrieb james B. Pike john S. Clark John C. Hutchinson 1fRA'rR1zs IN UN1vERs1TATE Seniors Charles Arthur Lang S0f7lZ0l'l101'6S Edmund Levings Wlarren Charles Edward Powers John Joseph Kennedy James Russell Smith Franklin Chaffee Farnam Freslzmen XVilliam Allen XYarren Elliakim Torrance Rollin Leonard Smith Karl Anthony Schaller Aliah Hall VVarren, Jr. Lytton James Shields Allyn Farmer Perkins Samuel Henry Bowman, Jr. Harry Alfred Shull Earl Roster Hedderly Ralph lNalter Charles Shull 273 ff - Hutchinson Merrill Robertson, VV, Dibble Child Vidal Hall B S f d C1 B b T 1 G T lo Jacobson VQAWZZ9 fi 24912 . 1- A f 3241, JA g. if x' f 4 . 1 7 'f f 7411 14567 ' 4 1 ' 2f,7'f J' X Z Z yr !'4 ff I fW Z if ' f f, ,M gf:Q 'Z 3' W f 9 . 1 4 1 1 1 I A ,? f Van ergen an or o e arna y ay or regg ay 1' McRae Woodward Fee Dougan Robertson, A. Wheeler Brown, M. S ooner Brown, G. P ' af if y ,L Q ,r ij? ' 1 A B" fl, ge X I ,ff 4 1 dw! egg ,,, 'ff QV 2 K' Q? 5? -44 A6022 g fa 4, 1 f v 4, A f 'I 4f ! N , 1 1 ll Q' AL N A 7 5 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 , l f- f 1 awuv f ff 1 f Vee 'Z a ,f K 43? 'Za '. 1 I 'I 1 , l 1' 1 1, , , 11, W 5 274 1 ll Alpha Delta Phi Minnesota Chapter Esatblislzed in 1892 FRATRES IX F.XCUI.T.XTE XYilliam XYatts lfolwell. LL. D. William S. Pattee, LL. D. Amos XV. Abbott, M. D. Henry L. XYilliams. M. D. Hugh E. W'illis, M. A. Robert H. Mullen, M. D. FRATRES IN UN1x'1zRs1'r.xT15 Seniors Garfield Vlfilliam Brown Henry Knox Dougan W'alter H. XVheeler Paul Lord Spooner C fzmioffs Ernest Franklin Fee Edward Samuel Hall Randolph McRae Montreville Brown Herbert Starr Woodward Dean Bradish Gregg S01'7f10IIl0'7'6S Fred S. Yan Bergen Leroy XYoodworth Sanford Wvilliam Ernest Barnaby Edmund Barry Dibble Robert Clark Jacobson Archibald XVright Robertson Wlallaee Cole NYalter Clarence Robb Donald Vlfest Taylor l'aul XYillia1n Giesslar FFCSIZIIICIZ Harold George Taylor Robert Charles Merrill james Harold Vidal XYilliam lfhilps Robertson Sherman Walker Child Clement johnson Hutchinson 275 CHAPTER ROLL Iliff BW ALPHA DELTA PHI Founded at Hamilton College, 1832 Q6 gf? i in Ca, .'fs'4?2.i,2i,, " Q2 ,wie at Mi' W V2 fag fe- 4 ,1 f 544 I I 1 ee t Q aff' , 2 f 'I C QM asv I la , T i 1 gs J Ur YA Ji Hamilton Columbia Yale . Amherst Brunonian Harvard Hudson Bowdoin Dartmouth Peninsular Rochester VVilliams Manhattan . Middleton Kenyon Union . Phi Kappa . Johns Hopkins Minnesota Toronto Chicago McGill . VVisconsin T 4 g3"ff'7j Hamilton College Columbia College . Yale University . Amherst College , Brown University . Harvard College . Adelbert College . Bowdoin College . Dartmouth College . University of Michigan . University of Rochester . . Willaims College College of New York City . Wesleyan University . Kenyon College . Union College ' .f f .- Trinity College .Johns Hopkins University University of Minnesota . University of Toronto University of Chicago . . McGill University University of lfVisconsin ie? .4 ,, ,Mtf12f544f! aaa .wana ff 'wif' 'QV I ,: 'f Z " -' 'fee if "' ' i '55,-fa 556411 :ef ' 'fy v ez- ff.,.-A ff of 'Z gd' , 50? J " fe? ' f, e A er S e A ' rl' 276 'ffl f 41 f. 7 . 1 4 , 45 ,W W-z' V211 ffliffix 'Vw-A ae C f 5 f ' 4 , f fi fr ve I CH APTE R RQLL . f f f J gf 2-My gg A 3 OF few! I ff? 3 , M g ,, is Q, 5V I HEI DELI CHI ff v Y i K Founded at Union Collcge, i845 x U 1 vez Beta . . Gamma Deuteron Delta Deuteron Zeta . . Zeta Deuteron Eta . Iota . Iota Deuteron Kappa . Lambda . Mu Deuteron Nu Deteron Xi . . Omieron Deuteron Pi Deuteron . Rho Deuterou Sigma Deuteron Tau Duterou Phi . . Chi , Chi Deuteron Psi . . Eta Deuteron I f,-f,Z,'f.4f ,ff fy Q 6, +A n,:CQ1942iq if Z 4 Q 7 : 42? f e " ' ff f I f 4 1' M , Q f' l ,. f W 4 , 4' 6 4 1,6 f Z I f ,. if? , . Cornell University . University of Minnesota University of California . liroivn Ifniversity . McGill University . Bowdoin College . Harvard University VVilliams College . Tufts College . Boston University Amherst College Lehigh University . Ilobart College . . Dartmouth College College of New York City . Co'lumhia University VViseonsin University Minnesota University . . Lafayette College University of Rochester Columbia University . . Hamilton College Leland Stanford University fry fly! VV4 1,4 ydif Q 'Al X Q' il -,,2- ffaria - f f.",- D '1 - 225121 f 2:52 cv.. A M af ya., z,,',3f, f my 445 r :f , g?1.fg1' V '- ? Q: 4724- f ,af , 15, 3 , fa 932 277 Y , .. W 7,43-,V Y H Greenly Chamberlain H. E, Leach Ohage Luce Newcomb McEwan Martin H. P. Leach Salisbury Morse Huntley Tyler Harrison Moffett L. Varco Kremer Gardner A. R. Varco Barton Leuthold 'bfnfd ff 'xv my X ,,, ,ze wif? WVRIQZAI QAM W1 GW ' W4 M3 574 W K 1 , ' l 1 l l l f ll l l S l 1 l l l 'Q ' ' I: ,"",f L W 'L 47749 4,-. " if zf?A,!W'Qr 7 H 2544 99435 gl l l 1 l l wg 6 In Z' h ff?-'Q v 2 ? 5 'Qf2WZfZ'f'1" 'K W ' 4' u v' ll W B l 1 1 2 l Y 1 ' Y Vi C "1 ' V1 if QQ ? ' L e e " l Theta Delta Chi Tau Deuteron Charge lisfablzklzcd in I892 FRATRIES IN FACULTATE Soren P. Rees, B. A., M. D. George H. Johnson, R. A., Ph. D. ifR.x'rR1zs IN UNIVIQRSITATE Seiziors Hugh L. E. Leach, R. A. Harry J. Bartron Marvin J. ligleston, B. A. A. S. Newcomb George H. Tyler Richard L. Gardner fZHll'0I'S Thniomas R. Martin, B. A. Earl NY. lluntley Albert R. Varco, ll. A. XYilliani L. Creenly Harry P. Leach George R. Kremer Erlc D. Luce Soplzonzorcs S. N. McEwan Maurice Salisbury Francis R. Harrison IJ7'FSlZlllCIl NYalter L. Leuthold Justus Ohage, Ir. Lynn Yarco Ray Chamberlain Frank Morse Clyde Moffett 279 :QL f' V ' f Sanborn Congdon F. Amundson jones Bunce Colwell W. Amundson S. Smith Addy Thompson Andrews Maul Kemper Riddell Hubbard 2. H 0 ' A f J i , 4'B f 4:3421 f 1 fe? 2 f Zf9?'g' If MUZM- 40 ZZ 'fe f f 'F' 144352 afgpzvf f' f, JQ L. pdvnyf My 4 n 5, if ,fx agykxvfe ZiAg M gW5' 51 v A , N I 6 4 w , ,L P J 1' 1, nl W X w tl w , W W X w P X w 1 ' , p , n J w W m In m w lx ,N b xx F Xxx W Y? A 5 me 35 280 f W Zeta Psi Alpha Beta Chapter Established in ISQQ lfR.X'l'RliS IN FACULTATE H. L. Staples, M. A., M. D. John Day Smith, M. A., LL. M. FRA'i'R1zs IN UN1y1cRs1'i1x'rE 50111-075 Paul Fay Bunce Frederick Arthur Amundson f znziors Willard Crane Addy Walter Gilmore Amundson lflmer M. Jones Courtland Rockwell Sanborn Sofvliomorcs llarold Finney Colwell XValter Bannister Congdon Henry Ackley Hubbard Charles Eastwick Smith, Ir. Hazlett Britton Thomson Freslzmczz Samuel Maharry Andrews james Hines Furher VVillia1n Harry Kemper, Jr. lfarl Chauncey Maul Archie Cleveland Riddell Harold Henry Smith Earl Bell XYeible 281 ff ffflff Q 3 ' 2 7,1 3 . ' . 41:2 ffc fe CHAPTER ROLL 'fi J' "4 'f' 257: 'all ' lf 3' .- L' '51 ,A '54 ' ,ziiiiflizifh ff? vztff, " ' ff if . zigfhff V 1 , We ?f 4" "Q':,,L"lf,1. 1 A ga I ZETA PSI .ff :Q Q f f6ff9 ?jfff l 4712? ml , I , , X ff WV, fff' faf 2 f A 4442 I , I ,X 4 iff' f ' ff, fl f f , ,f ! f 'f 14 , 4' f 101' CC V S , 661, 2 ,I , 1 f 4 f ,, X , f Aff, gf, , 'f iff, ' 5 Z 1 X' f f Y 5 w X4 2' f f CAV ' fi 1 r Founded at New Yor University, 1847 ' VY!! Phi Zeta Delta Sigma Chi Epsilon Kappa Tau . Upsilon Xi . Lainhcla Beta Psi lota . Gamma Theta Xi Alpha Y V 7 Alpha Psi Nu . Eta Mu . Alpha Beta if Q i V f i et f New York University . W'illia1ns College . . Rutgers College University of Pennsylvania . Colby University Brown University . Tufts College . . Lafayette College University of North Carolina . University of Michigan . Bowdoin College University of Virginia . Cornell University University of California Syracuse University Toronto University Columbia University '. ' .' ' -McGill University, Case School of Applied Science . . . Yale University . Stanforcl University University of Minnesota " Q Q 441 ver" We? ,I cw:'M221Y?-'ffygz wwf f ' '4444' f fl!! flyefafwgxr V if f M fi--fm f 1f.f99'?' we 4 4 W F ,A ,A ,y Q ff'-5 t W Ay ' T f if to c B S ' Ni 282 DISTRICT I. ff if 1 , Cf f ff fdfff 'a 019115 ef JZ? fy' 'fy CHAPTE R ROLL of 1 424, f W ff, , 'rf' afieff, ,jf 'fir' ,ff ' ff f 41 if 4252: f r ' 'f f5i:f.i?f2 , OF 4 fa 5 KAPPA SIGM A 9 4 ff Founded at University of Virginia, 1867 I f X l V 1 V? ', T ' 1 '-,.-........,.I Omega . . . University ofthe South Psi . Alpha Rho Beta Kappa Gamma Epsilon . Alpha-Lambda Gamma Delta Gamma Eta Beta Alpha Alpha Kappa Gamma Zeta Pi . . Alpha Delta Alpha Epsilon Alpha Phi . Beta Iota . Beta Pi . Alpha Alpha Alpha Zeta . . Eta IXIII Nu . Upsilon . Beta Beta Delta . Eta Prime . Alpha Mu Beta Upsilon Alpha Nu . Alpha Beta . University of Maine . Bowdoin College , New Hampshire College . Dartmouth College . University of Vermont Mass, State College . . Harvard University . . . Brown University DISTRICT II. . . Cornell University . . New York University . . Swarthmore College Pennsylvania State College University of Pennsylvania . . Bucknell University . . Lehigh University . . . Dickinson Sollege DISTRICT III. . University of Maryland Eta George VVashington University . . University of Virginia . Randolph-Macon College . . Wasliiiigtoii aIId Lee University College College VVilliam ZIIICI Mary . Hampden-Sidney . . . Richmond College DISTRICT IV. . . Davidson College . . . Trinity College University of North Carolina North Car. A. HIIII M. College . . . NVofford College DISTRICT v. . . Mercer University Alpha Tan Georgia School of Technology Beta Lambda Beta . . . . University of Georgia . University of Alabama Beta Eta Alabama Polytechnic Institute DI STRICT VI. Theta . . Cumberland University Kappa . . , Vanderbilt University Lambda . . University of Tennessee Phi Southwestern Presbyterian Ifniversity Alpha Theta Southwestern Baptist Univer'ty DISTRICT VII. Beta Phi Case School of Applied Science Alpha Sigma . Ohio State University Beta Delta Wasliiiigtoii and jefferson Col. Beta Nu . Alpha Zeta Chi . . Alpha Pi . Beta Theta Alpha Gamma Alpha Chi . Gamma Beta Beta Epsilon Beta Mu Beta Rho . Alpha Psi . Alpha Omega Beta Gamma Beta Sigma Beta Chi . Beta Tau Xi . . . Alpha Upsilon . Kentucky State College DISTRICT VIII. . University of Michigan . . Purdue University . . VVabash College University of Indiana . . University of Illinois . Lake Forest University University of Chicago . University of Wiscoiisiii DISTRICT IX. . University of Minnesota . . University of Iowa . University of Nebraska DISTRICT X. . Williain Jewell College Missouri State University . VVashington University Missouri School of Mines . . Baker University , University of Arkansas DISTRICT XI. , . . Millsaps College Gamma . . Louisiana State University Sigma . Iota Tau . Beta Omicron . . Tulane University Southwestern University . . University of Iexas DISTRICT XII. . University of Denver Gamma Gamma Colorado School of Mines DISTRICT XIII. Beta Zeta Leland Stanford, Ir.. Uniyersity Beta Xi . . University of California DISTRICT XIV. Beta Psi . . University of XVHSIIIIIQIOII Gamma Alpha Gamma Theta . University of Oregon University of Idaho 1 yn , X rg: N ffl, 124 - .l l A , li ' 1 diff V if l"'- Linton Shea Moe Torelle . Griggs jones Smith Thornton Nicholas Reed Stone Hubbard Rowley Longstaff Hall J. O. E. johnson Browne G. C. johnson ,, f W , fx J Q f if 2 32525 ' I ,E wen lf Q1 fm! - 21- Q 47' ' ff 9 ' Q.,-Lf" ,f-1, " x ' ' ' v lf -ar 2 QEJQLQQ-54257 l ij , , gl ' 4 ,L 3 , l f 1 s l , 1 'X l l w 1 'l 1 1 I l Y l , , l I W X , W r 1 1 l L 1 , l l l ll 5 W 5 G 284 Kapa Sigma Beta Mu Chapter Established in IQOI FRATRES I N U N IVERSITATE J. O. Elmer Johnson Richard L. Griggs Will A. Hubbard Paul F. Browne Alfred H. Moe Harry F. Brown Leroy VV. Hall Hugh Rowley VVillia1n H. Seniors ' Albert P. Reed fznzioffs Edwin B. Thornton F. Steele Nicholas Ralph A. Stone Soplzomores Henry B. Jones Guy C. Johnson Freslznzeu Edward M. Shea Roy V. Linton Alfred C. Smith Longstaff Arthur Torelle 285 , M13 - Y ,fix Z! f , W ,Q 3 'K' xi K -f x 5 px , ,- , Furber Judson Curtis Smith Hudson Conkey Burrill Mehlxeson Dunn Gilbert Loomis Crosman Gessell Williams Mirtwer Sayre Poster Mackall Lund Gillan Langland Strang Smiley f f4f1'4'5v We . WB' M m 32 25 Q Gi. f 1 f -Q Wf,,ZW-W . 'A W ff ff 47 74592 s i 'Q' , p N i s 1 , W ' N , 7 Y K I Q i 1 Y W , I l l X b N l Q Y? s Sl 286 Sigma Alpha Epsilon Minnesota Alpha Chapter Establrislicd in 1902 FRA'r1uss IN UN1v14:RsiTATE Post Graduate Paul C. Burrill Seniors Axel B. Lund George XV. XVallace A. Paul Dunn Irving M. Hudson Henry C. Mackall Juniors S. L. Gillan C. Nye Crosman B. XV. Foster F. Sterling Loomis XYm. E. Judson Clarke S. Smith George S. Langland David M. Strang Soplzomores Pierce P. Furber Lindsay ll. Curtis Walter J. Gessell Royce VV. Gilbert Charles N. Hensel Freslzmen W. Yale Smiley C. Roland Conkey Arthur E. Mittwer N. Earl W'l1arton Louis B. VVilliams Benjamin Pratt Fred R. Mehlieson XVayne M. Sayre 287 fz,W.4hn',f ff flgfffff-yga 34 1, 1 ,, C1 ,x.,f,"Wfaff,4 CHAPTER RCLL 1. Q 0F za Z , are 6 .ffW..kJ 'fs waz Jw he igma p a ps1 on 65 1 QA Founded at University of Alabama, 1856 i f B W ' ' WU I PROVINCE ALPHA. PROVINCE EPs1I.ON. . Maine Alpha . . University of Maine Georgia Beta . . University of Georgia Massachusetts Delta Worcester Polytechnic Georgia Psi . . Mercer University Institute Geor ia E silon . . . Emory College . . g. P, . Massachusetts Gamma Harvard University Georgia Phi GCOfg1Zl School of Technology Massachusetts Beta Upsilon Boston Uni- Alabama Iota . . .Southern University versit . Alabama Mu . University of Alabama Y , . Massachusetts Iota Tau Mass. Institute of Alabama Alpha Mu Alabama Polytechnic Technology Institute PROVI NCE BETA. New York Alpha . Cornell University New York Mu . Columbia University New York Sigma Phi St. Stephens College Pennsylvania Omega . Allegheny College Pennsylvania Sigma Phi Dickinson College Pennsylvania Alpha Zeta Pennsylvania State College Pennsylvania Zeta . Bucknell University Pennsylvania Delta . Gettysburg College Pennsylvania Theta University of Penn, PROVINCE GAMMA. Virginia Omicron . University of Virginia Virginia Sigma Washington and Lee Uni- cersity North Carolina Xi University of North Carolina North Carolina Theta . Davidson College North Carolina Gamma . Wofford College . PROVINCE DELTA. 5 Michigan Iota Beta University of Michigan Michigan Alpha . . Adrian College Ohio Sigma . . Mount Union College Ohio Delta . Ohio Wesleyan University Ohio Epsilon . . University of Cincinnati Ohio Theta . . Ohio State University Indiana Alpha . . . Franklin College Indiana Beta . . Purdue University Illinois Psi Omega Northwestern University Illinois Beta . . University of Illinois Illinois Theta . . University of Chicago Minnesota Alpha University of Minnesota Wisconsin Alpha University or Wisconsin PROVINCE ZETA. Missouri Alpha . University of Missouri Missouri Beta . xlVHSlllllgtOl1 University Nebraska Lambda Pi University of Ne- braska Arkansas Alpha Upsilon University of Ar- kansas Kansas Alpha . . University of Kansas PROVINCE ETA. . Colorado Chi . . University of Colorado Colorado Zeta . . Deliver University Colorado Lambda Colorado School of Mines California Alpha Leland Stanford, Jr., University California Beta University of California PROVINCE THETA. Louisiana Epsilon Louisiana State Univer- sity Louisiana Tau Upsilon Tulane University Mississippi Gamma University of Missis- sippi Texas Rho . . . University of Texas PROVINCE IOTA. Kentucky Kappa . . Central University Kentucky Iota . . Bethel College Kentucky Epsilon Kentucky State College Tennessee Zeta Southwestern Presbyterian University Tennessee Lambda Cumberland University Tennessee Nu . . Vanderbilt University Tennessee Kappa University of Tennessee Tennessee Omega University of the South Tennessee Eta Southwestern Baptist Uni- versity. 5-1 ,f"f',2'f1ff'ff 'fora a,-eff ef, . a, ez-fif,5'i if CHAPTER ROLL OF 75' ff"f,?,, VTT5 Alpha I au Omega an 1 Founded at Richmond, virginia, 1865 I x ' V79 PROVINCE I. VermoIIt Beta Zeta University of Vermont Alabama Alpha Epsilon A. and M. College PROVINCE V. D - Alabama Beta Beta . Southern University New York Alpha Lambda Columbia Uni- Alabama Beta Delta University of Alabama Universityp V w Georgia Alpha Beta Universit of Georgia New York Al ha Lambda Columbia Univer- , Q y 13 Georgia Alpha 'Iheta . . Emory College Georgia Alpha Zeta . Mercer University Georgia Beta Iota . School of Technology Florida Alpha Omega University of Florida PROVINCE II. California Gamma Iota University of Cali- fornia Colorado Gamma Lambda University of Colorado Louisiana Beta Epsilon Tulane University Texas Gamma Eta . Universfty of Texas PROVINCE III. Illinois Gamma Zeta University of Inninois Illinois Gamma Xi . University of Chicago Indiana Gamma Gamma Polytechnic Inviti- tute Indiana Alpha Onlicron Purdue University Michigan Alpha Mu . . Adrian College Michigan Beta Kappa . Hillsdale College Michigan Beta Omicron . Albion College Michigan Beta Lambda University of Mich- lgall Nebraska Gamma Theta University of Ne- braska Kansas Gamma MII University of Kansas Minnesota Gamma Nu University of Min- nesota PROVINCE IV. sity New York Beta Theta . 'Cornell University Pennsylvania Alpha Upsilon Pennsylvania College Pennsylvania Alpha Pi . and I. COIICKYC Pennsylvania Tau University of Pennsyl- vania ' Pennsylvania Alpha Rho Lehigh University PROVINCE vI. - ' North Carolina Alpha Delta University of North Carolina North Carolina Xi . . Trinity College South Carolina Beta Xi College of Charles- ton Virginia Delta . University of Virginia PROVINCE VII. Ohio Alpha Nu . Mt. Union College Ohio Alpha Psi . . Witteiibiirg College Ohio Beta Eta NfVesleyan University Ohio Beta Mu . . Wooster University Ohio Beta Omega . . State University Ohio Gamma Kappa W'estern Reserve Uni- versity PROVINCE VIII. Alpha Tau Southwestern Pres- byterian University Tennessee Maine Beta Upsilon . University of Maine Tennessee Beta Pi . Vanderbilt University Maine Gamma Al ha . . Colb I Colle e Tennessee Beta Tau Southwestern Ba tist P 5 E , . Massachusetts Gamma Beta Tufts College University Rhode Island Gamma Delta Brown Univer- Tennessee Omega University of the South sity Tennessee PI . University of Tennessee V?-f-f.i,-'fgygag-ff, " waz' i 1 infra 'K' QQ", 9' i -QV? Zig? " Wg? 4 f IQ, fZi" V ' L,-Z Y -. W W 5 Xi 28 4 A A A 41324 o. - - - 'W V f Y v Peebles Schuknecht Olson Pourtales Carrol johnson Caldwell Castor Hill Southworth Rogers Doualds Fusterman Trowbridge Nelson Strathern Childs Kremer 4 , A VL Nw, ? A .1 P fl ,A - o Y 4 J f' 47, -, H., 1 ' j ,. , f "' w Q A A, 45, if ' Q 2 1 ' 125 - U , , 0' ' V f i f f 7 " ff ,wh 4, U ' V . Q 3,55- ' . 2 - Ax A Q4 V' 'V' o f 0 I Q YN " AV , Jy-Q ivkvt f KL ' 4, . s ff , y 1' M 0 S w , w s s W 1 ' H 1, 1 o' + 1 W , I , x, N ' I 1 I o ' x , P 1 1 l N TA Nw 5 290 Jes W Alpha Tau Omega Gamma Nu Chapter Established in 1902 FRATRES IN FACULTATE I. L. Rothrock, B. A., A. M., M. S. D. D. Rider, D. D. S. FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE Seniors George Andrew Nelson Piere Quane Southworth John Chauncy Childs fu 71 io rs Moses Lane Strathern, B. A., ,O4 Fred XV. A. Poppe, B. A., ,O4 James Edward Kremer John Schuknecht Soplzomores Thomas C. Peebles, Jr. Clayton H. Morse Newell R. Olson Leon Morelle Boyd Edward james Johnston George Bliss Eusterman Fresh men Elsworth Hayden Trowbridge Clarence E. Hill Paul Butler Castor Fred Rogers Louis Francois de Pourtales Robert Saxton Harry Benson Carrol, Jr. Roy Donald James Phaon Caldwell 291 263, ' , 72- - -, - ' -, -, ,, 5412- -,,f 1 I A - f - A 4 fm, l f QQ Y I ,7 f Burney Mc.-Xfeo Rowe Schulz Sullivan Blair Wilkinson Folsom Olsen Colyer Michenex' Nelson Holmes Straugelancl NVeld Freliglx liooren Rossnxau Kreitter , , A X , L . ' ,f f ,1'l ff ' I ' A bvfzvf- Y W , ' 4 1 Ov nf Aff ' ' 'af ,, , 'g , jf ,, 'f f 'i 1 ,, .45 2- 1 X f nw- if M L in W0 xv" B f A f if AM if Jim X ff 0 , K , ' I' 1 97 W1AJMii x A Q AV ' l .-- 0 . 'Q ' , ,g l i , x 1, 1 S X X' li 4X X X l x ll l l l ' ' 4 1 ll Y i 4 l l I Y 1 1 4 l 1X XX 'Q Tx 292 i uw S 1 g m a N u Gamma Tau Chapter Esfablislvcd in IQOJ FRATRES IN UNIVERSIT,XTE Seniors Melvin S. Nelson Carlton P. Olsen Vtlilliam Henry Rowe, Jr. fzmiors Leon A. Barney Donald S. Blair Clifton A. llooren Arthur R. Folsom Carrol K. Michener Claude XY. Rosslnan Rolin ll. Sehutz Arthur VV. Stangelanrl S0plz011101'c5 Robert G. Colyer Arthur VV. Kreitter Allan l,. McAfee FresI111'1e1'z VVilfred P. Frelight Robie E. Holmes George F. Sullivan Quade C. VVelci Charles P. XVilkinson , 0 CHAPTER ROLL OF IOMA NU as BTW f' fk? Founded at Virginia Military Institute, 1869 A f t tw g 1 ve: DIVISION I. Pi . . . Lehigh University Beta Rho . University of Pennsylvania . University of Vermont Stevens Institute of Tech- nology . Cornell University DIVISION II. Beta Sigma Gamma Delta Gamma Theta . Sigma . . Vanderbilt University Gamma Iota . State College of Kentucky DIVISION III. Mu . University of Georgia Theta . . Universitl of Alabama Iota . . . Howard College Kappa North Georgia Agricultural Col- lege Xi .... Emory College Eta .... Emory College Beta Theta Alabama Polytechnic Institute Gamma Alpha Georgia School of Technol- ogy DIVISION IIII. Epsilon . . .Bethany College Beta Beta . . De Pauw University Beta Nu . Ohio State University Beta Zeta . . Purdue University Beta Eta . . University of Indiana Gamma Pi University of West Virginia Beta Iota . . . Mt. Union College Beta Upsilon Rose Polytechnic Institute DIVISION V. Gamma Lambla University of VViscOnsin Gamma Gamma . . Albion College Gamma Beta . Northwestern University X if ZQ fZ?2'f Ag? ff! Xvff I ! -X Gamma Mu Gamma Nu . Gamma Rho . Delta Theta Beta Mu . Gamma Sigma . University of Illinois . University of Michigan . University of Chicago . . Lombard University DIVISION VI. State University of Iowa . . Iowa State College Gamma Tau . University of Minnesota DIVISION VII. Nu . . Kansas State University Rho . Missouri State University Beta Xi . , Williaiii Jewell College Gamma Xi State School of Mines and Metallurgy Gamma Omicron . XVashingtOn University Gamma Uosilon . University of Arkansas DIVISION VIII. Upsilon . . University of Texas Phi . . . University of Louisiana Beta Phi . . . Tulane University DIVISION IX. Gamma Eta . , State School ofMines Gamma Kappa . University of Colorado DIVISION X, Gamma Chi . University of XVashington Gamma Zeta . . University of Oregon Gamma Phi . University of Montana DIVISION XI. g Beta ClIi Leland Stanford, Jr., University Beta Psi . . University of California DIVISION XII. Lambda . Washington Zlllfl Lee University Psi . . University of North Carolina Beta Tau North Carolina, A. Sz M. College -new 5 ciigi f f.- Sfiafazf f?fC79.z.:ie'f1.2 ,. 'Z MAPK' , ffi f' Qc,-4 of? ff rgijgaaaa aff? 'Q .I 1 3,425 iff: Y df .,,, Z., Y X. 1, f 1 A V f W1 ' Q' M 2' V, f aff .-'fffy' ' fy Q ' I C' I 92,332 2 'KVA . ff? f -.' "4 A f-kfnrpfi ',, CHAPTER ROLL - , V- ff 4 - ag. 'riff ' eflftf' 'X ' ' YY' ff W awp r, e f mf L PHI DELT PHI W xviaf Founded at University of Michigan 1864 V751 1 Q1 , f 6 f if f if f 5? f -F i 1 5f,,,,f,.!g' We W fide 'Q C21 ' ' f 115 , fZfQf' 1 f ' Z 'ff ' I f f., , 3 MIALYY OF fy , he K WWW 'K ' 2 9 'ff ? WXV1' , 7? QV Lf? f A 1 1, ' cf 9 9 . ,ff W! W f , i 1,57 WW- , Z4 Q 14176 f 1 -9 fl f'Vf 1555? Q mfs -gf? 7 fir 4 xx - - V- Q . I 1 .x P Q University of Kansas University of Syracuse New York Law School . W'illiams College . . Rutgers College . Brown University University of Michigan . . Bowdoin College University of California Syracuse University . Toronto University . Columbia University . . Yale University . Stanford University University of Minnesota Kent . . University of Micliigan Green . Benjamin . lllinois Wesleyaii University Comstock Booth . . Northwestern University Dwight . Storey . Columbia University Foster .... lndiana University Cooley . . Wasliiiigtoii University Ranney W'estern Reserve University Pomeroy . . Hastings College of Law Phi . . . New York University Marshall . . Columbia University Zeta . jay . Union University Delta . NVebster . . Boston University Sigma . . University of Pennsylvania llamilton . Cincinnati University Chi . . . Colby University Gibson . Pennsylvania University Epsilon . Choate . Howard Law School Kappa ..... Tufts College VVaite , . Yale Law School Tau . . . . Lafayette College Field . New York University Upsilon . University of North Carolina Conkling . . . Cornell University Xi . . . lfredeman . . University of Missouri Lambda . Minor . . University of Virginia Beta . . University of Virginia Dillon . . University of Minnesota Psi . . . Cornell University Daniels . . . Buffalo Law School lota . Chase . . University of Oregon Gamma . Harlan University of NVisconsin Theta Xi Swan . . Ohio State University Alpha . . . McClain . lowa State University Alpha Psi . . . McGill University Lincoln .... Nebraska University Nu . . Case School of Applied Science Osgoode . Law School of Upper Canada Eta . . Miller . Leland Stanford, Jr, University Mu . Fuller . . . Lake Forest University Alpha Beta . V1 X' C" " Q W fs ti S C A Aka o Wy P' r 295 22 fif-11 13 - '--, Q V r L3 ' ' Q2 l , J , ' wa Kremer jones Sinclair Bixby Folsom Brooks XVo0clward Hunter Luce Asher Connors Bell Van Dusen Tyler Leach Brown Collins Meader "Q , . f r, , ' 4 , ,f 70 'f ,d in . h as l f V fa f ' "' WJ- ,Pl ,, j ,K 62234 'fag xl 7 1 A f 4, x v '- Pfl QQ W if V , ff D l W , ' l l l l r ' y 1 l l , ll I H l 5 l , lx 1 , X W A - YD lw l h W ls. 296 Phi Delta Phi Dillon Chapter Establislzed in ISQI FRATRICS IN F.XCULTATE Dean Pattee Hugh E. NVillis Prof. James Paige Judge Hickman H. S. Abbott 1fR.x'rR1Qs IN UN1V1cRs1'1'A'r13 S c11z'02's Garfield VV. llrown James Bliss Bell Louis Loren Collins Hugh E. Leach George H. Tyler George VanDusen flf1'Cl1dlClllCIl Allen Asher lYilliam C. Brooks Herbert Vllooclward Erle D. Luce Willialn C. Greenley George Kremer George Meader Arthur Folsom f1m1'01's E. K. Bixby John Sinclair Dave Jones Ralph Connors Earl lVyman 297 WZ, ,ff I 'f . f d f - ga-. - V Everhard Lyons Knapp Nicholas Reed Wells Case Mackall Pratt Gilman Brown Fuuck McCanna Riddell Addy Langland , V 1 L ' f f 'I ,. , ef.. ,Z ff 539' ., 7 4 0,4 kg, 5 4 ,l-39, 4 Vfffhyagg N232 , A1 ' f Lwqv Mdtfffzy ZEQAQWMQW , 4' WQJVQM Aahzkfilk 749 i ii! " '54 'Q'37'A -'far 'x 1 I l r 1 A l l l l l l I, ll ' v l I 1 - M 5 298 W Delta Chi Minnesota Chapter Established in 1892 FRATRES lN FACULTATE Henry Fletcher, LL. ll. Robt. S. Killiner, LL. B. Edward Sanford, B. A., LL. B. Edwin A. Jaggard, ll. A., LL. B., LL. M. FR.xTREs IN UNIVERS1'l'ATIi Seniors Richard M. Funck Albert P. Reed Charles D. McCanna Denny M. Lenien Richard Gardner Denny S. Lyons Howard V. Dyer Herbert S. Gilman 'XVarren llfilliams .llz'da'Ic'11zc1L Charles N. Crosman Chester C. Pratt Vllillard S. Adcly VY. R. XVells li. Steel Nicholas George Langland fznziors A George L. Case Archie C. Riddell Clion Knapp Harry F. Brown Henry C. Mackall L. Kenneth johnson Frank Everhard 299 J - 11 ,V , f I, fffgfj CHAPTER RULL 1 yi? L 25' Vu., , dir? 2 lk! V, W 2 1 V, r 1 DELT CHI 6 1 Founded at Cornell University, 1890 1 WU 1, f f f , gf! y ef ,f 2 ,fi Q f el fi 4 P ' 6 ' f 1? ' Zi? OF ',-'f f 1 52 Q 4 I f 1 I 1 X Ogg if ,fb 25? W5., 1 4 7 2 2 f f X, , fri? 444 Q 2 f W 7 rx? f C, fm JZ af 2 1 ' aff, f X Q f4Q I 1 l Cornell University New York University . Albany Law School CUni0n University of Minnesota University of Michigan Dickinson University . Northwestern University Chicago-Kent Law School University of Buffalo . Osgoode Hall of Toronto Syracuse University . University of XVest Virginia Ohio State University . New York Law School University of Chicago Georgetown University . University 0f Pennsylvania University of Virginia . Stanford University Chicago Chapter . New York City Chapter Buffalo Chapter . ACTIVE CHAPTERS. Collegej ALL' M N1 CH APTERS. 1890 1891 1892 ISQZ 1892 . 1893 1393 1894 1897 1897 . 1899 1902 1902 1902 IQO3 1903 . IQO4 1905 . 1905 . 1902 1903 1905 , 5 , M, ff ,, .. , 7,2 ,1 , 44 fm' , - 1 I h ' - Y , W - - !, - ,XEK72 300 Z , CHAPTER ROLL 1552, .ta-m e ef., .ae a -aan' , g, .L 4? , Q. . 12 M Sf, 7 Azynfi .1 gzgflfaw e OF fgfifhfgifg g h , Delta si ma D lt g 6 3 .ek fl A Founded at University of Michigan, 1882 we il nw ' U 1 ss- Alpha Beta . Gamma Epsilon Zeta . Eta Theta Iota Kappa Lambda Mu . Xi . Oniricon Pi . Rho Sigma Zkhyi' rnf Univ ersity of Michigan Chicago College . Harvard University . University of Pennsylvania University of California Northwestern University . University of Minnesota Detroit College of Medicine . Vanderbilt University . VVestern Reserve Tufts College . Indiana Dental College Marion Sims Dental College . University of Buffalo University of Illinois Pittsburg Dental College ' '?, Z 0,A"f , xv V , ' - lf ., iii' ' 'Ci ,521 ,M ff wg It QQ ,fr 4 f ' f Z f' a s e 2 Se 2- 301 ,qw gf Z' , 9 2- 4-V -K Y L 1 eZ5 ,5 T ' v ' 11514. V f 1 1 Knocke Lier Remele Collins Damon Huntington Korfliage Weaver VVells Griffith Rowe H. Weaver Layne Wells Butler Selvig Tomasek 'fb , U 4 0 Y' ,, ,f A , ,J , qw. f f , V' ,J ' " 1 - Ql fwikfg if Z' 47" 7 f P 7 , 1 ff 5 'f ,. '- ,, 2 - . 4 v M g ,' A '41 2 23,11 1 W M '11, 9 3 1X 21457 13 L f A-tyi-as wg? 1 ' ' 4 N 0 ' 1 , 1 l 1 l 1: l 1' 4 '1 ll X 1 ' 1 1 N 1 N l , I l ' 1' l l 1 1 ll l 1 1 N 1' 1 1 xl 1 1 TA Y? 1 5 302 Delta Sigma Delta Theta Chapter Eszfablislzed in 1892 FRATRICS IN FACULTAT12 James Osborne Vlfells, A. M., D. M. D. Frederick Spencer Yeager, D. D. S. E. Franklyn Hertz, D. M. D. Thomas Bradford Hartzell, M. D., D. M. D. Norman Cox, D. M. D. FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE Louis VVilliam Korfhage VValter S. Huntington Ralph Mortimer Weaver Joe L. Tomasek Amos S. 'Wells Emil Hjalmar Lier James Thomas Layne Leslie Maley XVoodbury NValter Herbert Smith Juniors George Myron Damon Edward John Hollern Charles Arthur Griffith Stephen Vincent Conway Archibald Beery Butler Homer Abraham Wfeaver Fresh nz en, Herman Charles Remele Karl GCOFUQ Knoche 6 Myron Eugene Collins 303 SGRORITIES AT THE University of Minnesota in the order of the establishment of the Local Chapters. Kappa Kappa Gamma, Delta Gamma, Kappa Alpha Theta, Alpha Phi, . 1Delta IDelta llelta, Gamma Phi Beta, . Sigma Alpha Delta, QL 1 Junior S OCS. 304 fy-l 1880 1882 1890 1890 1894 1902 1895 I "df"-?lV WW' 2 ' ' 1 a f. fiff 26' fee? CHAPTER ROLL 'Hi-Wee? Kareem 4 410 alzsxgw X X193 fe fvffff ,Y vgg -L, iffy? 72 ff p Ka a Kappa Gam Founded at Monmouth College, 1870 EW ' WU '17 f f f f f I va 5. af, aff! ! A , Aff Za Pl' 1 Mfr ff, ff I igftiv , 0522! Z2 4. 4 ,VA Zifwflfrf' 6 f f ZZi6,f4lffl if I 75 4, 423, 1 '-. .zz 'P ff' 2- 1 ' 1 5 ,4 X Www' 1 qw,---7' V 5' 65142, ,hh Q - 7 hy? 1 ,, -., Z lwgafaff ,aaa ' , W of of ,gf fy Ia f, '17 2 'f 4' 2 , hier Q ai a I , ,, 4 I I I f f GA? ff ' J ix 0 T i ALPHA PROVINCE. Iota . De Pauw University Phi . . . Boston University MII . . Butler College Beta Epsilon Barnard College Eta . . University of NViseonsin Beta Sigma . Adelphi College Beta Lambda . University of Illinois Psi . . COrIIell University Upsilon . . Northwestern University Beta Tau . Syracuse University Epsilon . Illinois XVesleyan University Beta Alpha . University of Pennsylvania DELTA PROVINCE. Beta Iota . . Swarthmore College Chi . . University of Minnesota Gamma Rho . , Allegheny College Beta Zeta . Iowa State University BETA PROVINCE. Theta . Missouri State University Lambda . . . Buchtel College Sigma Nebraska State University Beta Gamma . VVOoster University Omega . Kansas State University Beta Nu . Ohio State University Beta Mu Colorado State University Beta Delta . Michigan University Beta Xi . . Texas State University Xi . . Aflflilll College Beta Omricon . . Tlll2lllC University Kappa . . . Hillsdale College Pi . . University of California GAMMA PROVINCE. Beta Eta Leland Stanford, jr., University Delta , Indiana State University Beta Pi . University of VVashingtOn . f ' ' 30' , l'?.f, - Z ve I f tif G 2 f ff-f ' QI 46 H ff Q52-Vp? , Y W Y, Y , ' 305 0 ag .5 f 55,3 fs ' , - - - Y f .. , , fx - 4 A it' 3 ' , , M . ,Q , 1 Lyford Moore Wyer Bruckholz Brearley Bullard Tileston Ghallup Sykes Hill Rankin Edwards Sunpson 2 ' ' ,',:' ff, 4' .f 21x f'ZH2?2,2f -JW, 162 ' 4 42 'Aj f 1 f J 'ff , lr 'Ziff , Y . , ' 35 306 Kappa Kappa Gamma Marjorie L. llullarrl H elcn T. Gallup Mary XY. Rankin Marjo Iessie Simpson Stella Chi Chapter Established in 1880 Post Graduate Eclith R. Moore sokolzl-is IX UN1x'lcRS1'r.xT1+: rie ll. Edwards Seniors Polly C. Bullard Siclnee Pattee fn1z1'01's Helen Hill Sofllzonzorcs Elizabeth C. llruchholz Faith M. Wheaton Harriet li. Rrearley Freslzlzzen Elsie G. Tileston E. Lyford Ruth .-X. Sykes 307 , X L o, - , , o , -M Y o , o- ff' ,gl my k- 1 4 f' ,, ii ' ,- j. Bearnes Edith Rockwood Clark Hathorn Moore Day C. Bearnes Dickinson Smith Spooner Skinner Puffer Woodcock Linder Ethel Rockwood Ware Otis Weitzel Murry Stinchfleld Van Bergen Holloway 308 Delta Gamma Lambda Chapter Establislzcd in 1882 soRoR IN FACULTATE Ada Comstock SORORES IN UNIVERSITATE Seniors Florence Augusta Dickinson Ruth E. Holloway Harriet Bushnel Vanllergen Helen Maude Smith fznziors Ethel Rockwood Frances Eleanor Skinner Minne Stinehheld Lotta li. Linder Grace Beatrice Vkfeitzel Harriet Dunbar Moore Florence Theresa Schuyler Erma Hathorn Mary Benjamin Julia Gray Bearnes Clara Hughes llearnes .Sloplzonzorcs Cecelia Elizabeth Qtis Lilian Day Katherine Lord Spencer Miriam Sinclair Clark I:7'L'S11llZf6ll' Anna M. Puffer Ilessie Leuella Murray Anna Louise XYoodcock Edith Rockwood Grace XV are 309 , " CHAPTER RoLL www UF Iffil. Gm if f 4, 6Yj',gf? we DELTA GAMMA di? lfef if IK7 Founded at Warren Female Institute, 1872 M 1 N 'X' my Y Y i 1 bf -, A117113 , Mt. Union College Beta University of Wasliiiigtoii Zeffl . . Albion College ETH . Buehnel College Theta University of Indiana Kappa. . University of Nebraska Lambda University of Minnesota Xi . University of Michigan Rho University of Syracuse Sigma Northwestern University Tau . . . University of Iowa Upsilon Leland Stanford, Jr.,Universitj: Phi . University of Colorado Chi . . Cornell University Psi XNvOll1Zl.1l,S College of Baltimore Omega . . . University of VViseonsin Lambda Nu Alumnae Kappa Theta Alumnae Psi Omieron Alumnae Chi Sigma Alumnae Chi Upsilon Alumnae . Minneapolis, Minn . LineoIn,Nebraska Baltimore, Maryland Chicago, Illinois New York QC? " .' ' 'f!"' V s . Q. . . V- 1' -,few Q '12-QQ? 4-f 4 LV 'Q 'Q edgy? -f 4 1 ' QL W ifi , Y 7 S 41 'fix 310 5 fi X4 A EGM lfeiikhfsf 'fwffw Q' V21 .fait aatwr Kappa Alpha Theta Founded at De Pauw University, 1870 Y EXW 'Saw 4 .,af,, -'fav DMI ' V70 f 1 f , CH APTER ROLL ' 'T 1 f 0 , 05 Cf 4' , . 'eff ,. , '4 ,A -v.n,'h2f,fL-,-- f, f ,ff , ,f2.aa2ffQ'f , . f f flfyiexf WW," 1 ers f 1 ,f 1 ' -Q 4 If fy, 6 4, 1 ff , X ?,! M get 4 9 f ,fi f X f R 'fin ? Q 'f ' WW' ,X ew ff , f f 'f 4 f Ka! 1 9 If f AZ V Z 916, f f 0 f 4 f f ' 1 I ff I i I 1 I , f r ykffff ,+A k ai 7 D , f 4 4 5 fa 1 f f fa ff W 1 X ALPHA DISTRICT. Iota . , . Cornell University Lambda . University of Vermont Sigma . Toronto University Chi . Syracuse University Alpha Beta . . Swarthmore College Alpha Delta VVomanls College of Baltimore Alpha Epsilon . . Brown University Alpha Zeta . Barnard College Gamma Alumnae Eta Alumnea Nu Alumnae BETA . New York City . Burlington, Vt. Syracuse, N. Y. DISTRICT. Alpha Alumnae Epsilon Alumnae Zeta Alumnae Illu Alumnae Kappa Alumnae Lambda Alumnae Greencastle, Ind, Columbus, Ohio . Indianapolis, Ind. . Cleveland, Ohio Pittsburg, Pa. . Athens, Ohio DELTA DISTRICT. . Delta . Kappa Rho Upsilon Psi . . . Alpha Theta . . University of Illinois University of Kansas Northwestern University University of IX'linnesota University of VViseonsin . University of Texas Alpha ' ' ' De Palm' University Beta Alumnae . . lXlinneapolis, Minn. Beta . Indiana State University Dclm Alumnae p I Chicago! IH, Ellsllfm ' ' Vvooster Umverslty Xi Alumnae . . Kansas City, Mo. Eta University of Michigan Mu . Allegheny College GAMMA 1"5'1'Rlf'TA Pi . . . Albion College Phi . Stanford University. Alpha Gamma . Ohio State University Omega . University of California Alpha Eta . Vanderbilt Iota Alumnae . I.os Angeles, Cal. iff 1" f .1 f . X W, X U- - Qgk gdk vsgyz. ,. fslgli Zt a, 51 A 631 v A , 7W7'S'cf' - wit 1 his We ,IA g fq .KJ ,xx-X ? xx BQ f ff.. Ek' A Y. e- - I O 'xx f 1 iw L "-' T ' W 3 E TSfe2ji4f 311 NA-q K QNX X Ngx xx X x m Y-X P O IW! rw!! X f LP M 31 GF Kappa Alpha Theta Upsilon Chapter Established in 1890 SOROR IN FACULTATE Alice Jackson SORORES IN' UNIVERSITATE Seniors Adelaide Lamphere Ruth Haynes Genevieve Jackson. Juniors Mary Tomlinson S 0 ph onztores Mildred Brown Edna Broom Bessie Dockstader Rosamond Leland Freshmen Alice Hasson Edith Knowlton Miriam Pfaff Elva Leonard jane Mackin Emily Child Donna Lycan 313 .2 g l S , , ef f -e s : Mathewson Eddy Sinclair Pfau Robbins Neal Covey Rittenhouse Ryan Copley Uelaud Schaller Lougee Downs White Stevens Stebbins Blaisdell McMillan Grygla Knappen Cole Hubbard My if Zlfzfgi QI. , Qwfji Aly M-fe, AV, 132,11 Mae, Digi 21 vi ' 1 1 4 1 S 1 1 1 W ' l l 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 I I 1 , l ' l 1 ' 1 1 1 '1 N 1! W A W A 65 314 Alpha Phi Epsilon Chapter Esfablislzcd in 1890 souoli IN F,xcUI.TixT12 Martha Fallis Harris SORORES IN UNIYERSITATIE Sc'11z'01's Corinne Mcllillan Eva Maud Blasflell Grace Gretchen Grygla fIl1II'0l'S Vera xi cole ' aim Stebbins llelen Stevens Rose Marie Schaller Margaret Ryan Elizabeth Knappen Mary Copley Sofilzozzzorcs Lillian Mchlillan Clara Lougee Catherine Rittenhouse FVCSIZIIICIL Grace Klathewson lleatrice liflcly Darwene Robbins Catherine Sinclair lilorence Xeal Rene XYhite Louise Covey Germaine Downs lilsa Celancl Katherine Hubbard Mary l'fan 3f5 7 5 22 V79 ,Wiz ,Z CHAPTER ROLL 'Q W I if 25325 fvwwfifa X af, ef, I fr f 1' 2,6 Iva? ' fiff .1 'V I f is ff' f f , 1' 1 4, f ' '-ff f 3 OF W fn 1 -21 f' f4?'5l 'dfffc V7 if f ff 0: ld C-15 6 , ,W Qwr V -vw' b ,Z , ,. f ', ff I if 4 K I af 0 ' ffl" H A PH I M Q Founded at Syracuse University, 1872 L p J EW ' p Wy Alpha Beta Gamma Delta Epsilon Zeta Eta Theta Iota Kappa Lambda Mu . , . New York City Alumnae Minnesota Alumnae Southern Alumnae . Syracuse University Northwestern University De Pauw University . Cornell University . University of Minnesota VVoman's College of Baltimore . . Boston University University of Michigan . University of VViseonsin Leland Stanford, Jr., University . University of California . Barnard College New York New York Central Alumnae Syracuse New York Southern Alumnae Buffalo Chicago Alumnae . . . Chicago Minneapolis Baltimore Wav ' Qi 422 ff 54 f ,f ff" . L f, .,, , K A , ' r U E f 316 724 41 f 0 fflyff CHAPTER ROLL Qfghgqwh 1 A' -4 f ,1 , J , -, NJ, ff. ,fl 43,355 OF elta Delta Delta M KA Founded at Boston, 1889 I f W ' 'RZ Mx, Z! 'df f ' , , 7 f I J4'P7?Zrf Q49 V K 77 'f Q. Us , a,ff9 I IW? Z Z Z 4 ffif f f 4,4 A5 , vf 'Z 7 Q, ,i , 5 i i Alpha Beta Eta Xi . Oinierrnn Rlio Sigma Tau Psi Gamma Epsilon Mn ALPHA PROVI NCE. BETA PROVI NCE. gr f Zyl 1 ' ? 1' A f eff, , ff . ,, Q , , 42220 ,f CA ia Z fy 1 5 f f 4 2 1 f 5 , , Z ' f lv f 10 rff C Q A 'X' 32 in S Y ,-1-,-......,,1,,il . Boston University St. Lawrence University . Vermont University WOHIHIIIS College Baltimore . Syracuse University . Barnard College XVesleyan University . Bucknell University Universit ' of Penns 'lvania 5 5 Adrian College . . Knox College University of XVisconsin Nu - Ohio State University UPSNOU Northwestern University Zeta University of Cincinnati Chl . . . University of Mississippi GAMMA PROVINCE. Tllfrtfl . .University of Minnesota KHPDH University of Nebraska Lambda , Baker University Delta . Simpson University Pi University of California Phi University of Iowa X X, , , 2 E , 317 yf - , ,o , of , 2 f , - , - - ez, .Y , . ,r 221 f J- f 4' - 4 L r A 7 4, li Lockman Simms johnson W. Gould E. Palmer Stamm Spear Richards Hicks E. Gould A, Palmer Quinn Newton Huelster wwflfm 4 ,,f , Q ly M'd'5Vw Z6ag I fffhgg Zay ed? f V W' f?5ff'W61-Kgffv ' .- Q " ' Z1 if 5 If -. A292430 Ni l ' 7 ,f X r I l l l 'J 'l l l ' l I W l , 1 I N V , l l ' 1 1 1 l l v l u W B W lx Q 318 Delta Delta Delta Theta Chapter Esmblislzfd in H5594 sonoiuzs IN UNIYERSITATE Ufzflassca' Jessie Lockman Sc1zz'01's Fay Margaret Newton Ethel G. Palmer Mildred Estelle Hicks fzznziors Frances Hicks Eclna Hall Gould Freda Stamm Soplzonzores Ruth Johnson Frcslzwzzczz Helen Quinn Marion Gonlcl Marjorie Simms Florence Spear Grace Richards Alice Palmer 319 7,1 7 X ,.-,,f ,M s -' f , of iff? ,fn - - Q2 f 4 Qffiwbzff 1 262 :A f4vq,4,',AA .D if 40 A I isis P es on e mer Moreland Brook l ox ell re1 er bell Preston Ives Goodmg Marshall lnghs Lees ,. , , AMWUW 4 1 ' ,iff 43 46674 " g gig? 44 MQ 2532! 59.29 A M 4, K. Tauey M. Hunter Riheldaffer Kingsley Youn Albrecht Hall G. Hunter 2 C. Taney W t W ld El s , ' K 'd Camp ' '. ' , ff. 5 fs ik ' -f ' 7 - f ,ef ,f , fi me J. f ,Afaf 1 , J-' ,f 066, 4 , ' Q ef ff ,a ff , "!,7f '7',ff "2 ff 6 -mv ff Q . z' 6 gf f ' -0 V W Yf Q12 W M W ' W , 14 if if ff f I wi W v f 4 ff- J K f 70" ' 41 fl ,,f l V A Q W 5 I ' ' ' 7 4 Q 14 J yX 5 Z 1 X Q' A X1 ' ? y l ' f - I S l .R W I l l l W r l I 'ul B 1 l I W 5 320 1 vb ll Gamma Phi Beta Kappa Chapter Ifsialzlzklzca' in IQO2 so1:oR IN FACUL'l',X'l'E Mary Gray Peck SURURES IN UNIVICRSITATE Seldom Katharine Malincla Taney Hattie May Young Georgiana E. Campbell Marie Footner Moreland fmziors Sara Morrow Preston Eclna Elmer Lella Hunter Albrecht Helen G. Lovell Soplzomorcs Grace Kingsley Lora Gooding Ellen Brooks Sarah T. Marshall Rewey Belle Inglis Freslmzczz Helen Rihelclaffer Pearl Estelle XVeston Ruth Kinnaircl Hall Helen XVelfl Grace llunter Lorene Kreider Clara Taney Millicent Lees 321 C A e fa H PTER ROLL yamaha fI,r- , , V. ,L A f li I, I egf.42w.d.4LVarf 722325 5 f A. 'f MW ,ff 4 jeg? ' GAMMA PHI BET 1 ' ff if f Founded at Syracuse University, 1874 i f new y W 1 vu if fy Q ff ' f ff ,af 69 594 22,2 09647 ', Q ' B riff!! 4 1 x Q W9 aff f, f iff ' e K z ia 1, Y as ,A Aw! ,- f I ' ' M 5 we I , ff f f ,, Q52 0 ir If , L42 fi, Q ff t r X f l Alpha Beta . Gamma Delta Epsilon Zeta Eta Theta lota Kappa Lambda Mn . Boston Chicago Syracuse . San Francisco Milwaukee New York ALUMNAE CHAPTER. . . Syracuse University of Michigan University of VVisconsin . Boston University . Northwestern University VVoinan's College of Baltimore . University of California University of Denver . Barnard College University of Minnesota University of Vlfashington Leland Stanford University Boston, Mass. . Chicago, Ill. . Syracuse, N. Y. San Francisco, Cal. Milwaukee, Wis. . New York 1 fy , , , M., 1 ,- ,.- V syegfa-2 Va: 'OW , 1 L 7 4 f, aft 4 Zgcf 9 5 we " 4 X ' W- I , ,,fL7" 4 -, 7 , - ' ' - ' ' L s e , s Aa e r Q ee N 322 J iQ 'Y' 'W l s , l A ' L , A Blasdell Grygla Pattee Holllin Smith Brackett VanBergen Stebbins Ryan Rockwood Hill Bogart Gallup Stinchfield Sigma Alpha Delta vlunior Society Esfalwhslzcd in 1895 1906 Grace Grygla llclcn Smith llarrict Yau llcrgcu llva lllasrlcll Siclnce Pattcc .Xlice llraclcctt 1907 Madge lilogart Hclcu Gallup lflurcncc llofllin Margarct Ryan llclcn llill Mary Stelmlmius Minnie Stiucliliclfl lftlwl Roclcwoocl 333 John C. Hutchinson Charles P. Sigerfoos Albert B. VVhite Corra E. Marlowe Linda Maley . Jebez Brooks lrwin A. Churchill Lettie M. Crafts Horance I. Eddy George B. Frankforter Everhart P. Harding John C. Hutchinson Frederick S. Jones Eugene E. McDermott Hope McDonald Linda Malcy Cora E. Marlowe Vera Barrows Theodore Christiansen Sara Goldman Charles E. Johnson Theresa Olsen HONORARY SOCIETY OE Phi Beta Kappa Minnesota Chapter Estafblzklzcd in 1776 UFFI CIQRS. M EBIBERS. Cyrus Northrop Joseph B. Pike Charles lf. Siclener Arthur Upson XVillis M. NVcst Norman VVilde Frederick K. Butters John S. Clark Hans Dalaker XVillian1 VV, liolwell Christopher Hall XVillian1 R. Hoag MEBIBERS EI.EC'l'EIJ M ,XR lrene Radcliffe ' Alice Stewart 'l'hcodore Buengcr Fannie liliegehnan Elizabeth Hatch 324 . President First Vice President Second Vice President . . Secretary Treasurer George lf. Janies Alois S. Kovarik John Zeleny Conway McMillan E. L, Mann Henry F. Nachtrieb Eunice Peabody lfrctlerick NV. Sardcson Charles P. Sigerfoos Alice VVebb Albert B. XVhite Klathilda VViekin cn I2, 1906. Edward C. Johnson Jarvis Partridge Elvin Stakinan Nellie' Thompson Dr. Thomas G. Lee Harry Snyder . A. F. Kavorak S. M. VVhite . C. G. Rosendahl HONORARY SOCIETY OE Sigma Xi - Minnesota Chapter OFFICERS. Bt FARD OF ELECTORS. . President . Vice President Recording Secretary Corresponding Secretary . . Treasurer Zeleny F. S. Jones J. F. Downey H. T. Eddy Chas. P. Sidener John C. W. Hall F. W. Sardeson A. L. Parsons A CTIVE M EM BERS. Hal Downey J. J. Flather NV. K. Kavanaugh H. A. Erickson A. F. Kavorick VV. R. Appleby F. H. Constant F. H. Bass A. E. Haynes C. McMillan Josephine Tilden E. M. Freeman E. C. Oliver R. S. King G. D. Shepardson H. Vanlglarneveld F. Groat B. Pease C. P. Sigerfoos F. K. Butters F H. L. Lyons G Clara Hillesheim C Daish S. Hone E H. F. Nachtreib E W. Springer . Frankforter F, Sidener . Nicholson P. Harding Lillian Cohen F.. E. Hemingway . C. Brown A. S. Hamilton ll. XV. Hill C. F. Shoop N C. Ruggles A. S. Willioit 2. E. Hoff G. M. Albrecht '. M. Ball F. S. Jones John Zeleny P. Christianson F. P. McCarty T. G. Lee F. F. VVestbrook S. M. VVhite ll. M. Bracken G. D. Head W1 E. Hoag 15L1sc'r1-:D APRIL 5, 1906. VV. T. Crawford M. Cornelius N. Cohen S. B. Dietweiler G. P. Harrington M. Hanourer li. C. Johnson C. F.. Johnson B. VV. Loye P. Okkelberg H. G. Payne E. P. Vlleyrens J. Partridge WV. A. Peck VV. A. Peterson 325 W' E. Brook W. H. Kirchner L. H. Quinse H. T. Eddy J, F. Downey F. P. Leavenworth G. M. Baurer H. M. Dalaker R, R. Shumway L. J. Cook D, F. Swenson Irene Radcliffe A. C. Ringsred P. Schneider . H. Smith E. Stakman C. M. Ungman E. L. XVeber J. R .X : Z , A1- my fl lgw-t'Vf?: ww!! R 3 XWWIIXXJE 326 TROU BLE5 ENSE OFHUWWU SCHAPER 1foR.5A Soo CHO WE ARE CLo5mlo- OUT Jw. uCy07 XTISHS: mal, 'BMS "W " 'W 11111111 We Make Your Old Clothes Look Like New Qryeyrynila' E ' I' I yByothy'l3hon es 111111 MARK 'Gi 1 French Dry Cleaner N0W5Tf'mA Best in The City pfV , , f 1, fff- -1 11 . fO1c! 01' Firma Om'ers ,SOZl'CZ'l'6ff, CHARLES L. LOVE RING A THGROUGH BUSINESS TRAINING AT Crompton's Shorthand Academy CYWU P161 K4 TE S1'hI70f, is what you need to finish your education and secure a A successfulbusiness career. Geo. F. Crompton, principal. Official Y. M. C. A. Shorthand Instructor. The .lob Printing Department of The Northfield News Produces work of especial merit. Whether ofthe ordinary sort done exceptionally well or some novel design, the results are always pleasing and attractive. Doing all Job Printing uncommonly well is one of the rules of The News. Then there is the Fash- ionable sort. lt 'pleases because it is new and original, or may be there is an individuality in it. We do all sorts of superior printing and ask for an opportunity to make estimates orthfield News Northfield - Minnesota . T. Sidiford Official Photographer 'For Che 190 7 Gopher SIS mC0llQl HW. ' milIllQdD0liS, mimi. W- eisigimeb -- JL' I QQ W S12 PAUL 338 cemm ST, CHICAGO MINNE-APOLIS 426 ANDRU5 BLDG. MILWAUKEE DESIGNERS 'ELECTROTYPERS Emomxverzs rm NlCKLE"TYPERSf" ,W - Y -E ' -f A ' -1 l ulfxperienced Management" We are not in our ex- perimental stagesff r and therefore solicit your orders with aff feeling ot contidence born ot preparedness, and await with interest your advice as to how i we can best serve you. Es time tes cb e erfafgf funrllsfz ed l , I , - , X if ' ii mi X CTE s.1!fE SUCCESSOR TO LOFGREN 8: LUNDQUIST Merchant Tailor T I: L E P H 0 N E S T C 34597 N. W. Main 2866 L 4 30-32 SOUTH FIFTH ST. M I N N E A P O L I S RENTZ BROS. M A K E R S O F Fraternity Pins AND ALL KINDS OF MEDALS Manufacturing jewelers Largest Factory in the Northwest 519-523 FIRST AVENUE SOUTH MINNEAPOLIS, MINN. MINNEAPOLIS, MINN. MANUFACTURERS OF Caskets and Hearses . Deslgns for all Oc Phones: N. XV, Main 14921 T. C. 2706 Z Oo SDF? Q5-'rg Sli:- CDCD Gif? OCD ' "1 : Q E E 352:-ir-D2 PP FU casion 85 South Tenth St., Minneapolis, Minn. Qllesidence samej 1Ol'dC1'S Deliveredj For Choice Cut Flowers, Floral Designs, Hardy Plants ---CALL 0N--- Wanson's MINNEAPOLIS ST. PAUL 618 Nicollet Avenue Endicott Arcade and 31 E. 6th St. Green Houses, Merriam Park TYPEWRITERS ffiiind OFFICE SUPPLIES inneapulis Stationery Qinmpanp 405 Hennepin Avenue, MINNEAPOLIS PH0NE1VlgfVNgfg3E32glE656 ' . xwxx N N f-E- -- fe ff ' - rt" Ag f 1 t M t r'il .f 1 N 'T' - -e t hi ' , ,, , Q19 , 1 lim? ir 5, 4 05 S t r u C lc 85 C 0. igigh Ari Cflailnring 112 Sozcik Fifih Sifrcf - ,Vz'7z7zL'ap0Zz's, fllifm. ' e', ' rlrrr - ii' C f r llll fr -B f e rlrr elon e fx...'P.s, l 1 2 + r C f if llrr , f 'L it Q- A' ' t rllr ELEVATINC CONVEYING -AN D- Power Transmitting Machinery Chains, Hangers, Pulleys, Shafts Conveyors, Friction Clutches Grain Elevator Machinery a Specialty Sheet Iron Department Engineers Founders Machinists Weller Mfg. Co. Send for our 440 page Catalogue, No. I8-K q2ma.s'x9:L,:.,:5zQpe:iQC--"v"'-- ' tee' ragga ASK YOUR DEALER FOR Q The Munsing Underwear 5' fi The best made, best fitting, most comfortable, fl durable and satisfactory underwear at popular prices that modern machinery I and skilled labor can produce." ., For complete information as to styles, sizes, fabrics and prices, address 5 The Northwestern Knitting Co., Lyndale Avenue North, Minneapolis, Minnesota. if gk gfi frflv-at if 1 L2 1 t-it, :Li 3:-an K Nz? Y -,.. i W , ..,.. L INSTRUMENTS CAREFULLY BOTH REPAIRED AND ADJUSTED TELEPHUNES uhlo anufacturing Company Manufacturers of Surveying, Engineering, Jllining Astronomical INS TR UM E N TS 97 East Fourth Street ST. PAUL, MINN. Wholesale Sheli and Heavy Hardware SPORTING END ATHLETIC GOODS K. S- if Guns, Ammunition Skates, Sleds, Etc. - - - .::f'i'??l e . Fishing Tackle, Tennis Eiigwjn f lrtiitg iiigfpgs Cutlery, Bicycles Croquet, Foot Ball Goods , ' G h I S f iena ' . Base Ball Goods l A 3lJ12J!i?i2ifi, ,.fig, mp Op mnes Gvmnasium Supplies ,igf EI Q Sewing Machines ' -fi5V:"m"??,'.g:5i " " e auf -.,. ' -- " 'L . F: JANNEY, SEMPLE HILL 8: COMPANY M' I' , , mneapo ls, Minn. OOD CLOTHES for Men and Boysg Hats and Fur- nishings, too. Highest Award St. Louis Exposition, 1904. 415-419 Nicollet Avenue. SMITH COSTUME CO. C ostum ers TELEPH Es: T L 3441 N.W. Main4 39 B l N G, K l N G 86 G U . 35 South Seventh Street, Minneapolis. Minn, ' WHITE Q M NAUGHT Shevlin, Carpenter Co. ac Jewelers Fine NVatch Repairing and Manufacturing Liberal Discounts to Vniversity Student L v M B E R 407 Nicollet Avenue, Minneapolis, Minn. MANVFACTVRERS MINNEAPOLIS, MINN. R. L. HARRINGTON Tailoring AND Gents' Furnishing 407 HENNEPIN AVENUE S. JACOBS Q CO. Diamonds and Fine Jewelry 518-20 Nicollet Ave., Minneapolis. Minn. NI, ..A.C . M .H.G. ,. Phone-51 GERBER BROS. Printing, Binding Blank Book Manufacturers Fine Art Binding A Specialty 322-324 Nicollet Avenue, Minneapolis, Minn. Dorsett, the"U"Caterer Delicious Frozen Creams and Fruit Ices A full lin fHrvn1e-Mzide Goods direct from oni' subui b l I S R S iefy- SPICCIAL ATICS TO .l'l'I'lJl'1N'l'5 712 Hennepin Avenue, Minneapolis, Minn. Do You Know that Johantgen Kohl Wholesale Manufacturing '-Mi Jewelers Make all kinds of Class, College and Fraternity Pins, Rings and Badges at Reasonable Prices. Repairs of all kinds accurately done. Room 10 30l:305 Nicollet Avenue, Minneapolis Second Floor Phones: T. C., 2586 Northwestern, 1804-J 1 One of the largest factories in the Northwest 33 ' ' H Horsman . i ffiifq , Tennis xiii- e f Y 'N l ill -I .ma Rackets vi ' For 1906 stand First in I Design, Workmanship, Playing Qualities and Durability. Unrivaled in Balance, A Stringing and Finish. ' NEW MODELS 1 The "Centaur," Double Frame and Mesh. The i'Hyde," Patent Knotted Stringing. The "Seabright," Cane Shoulders ' The "A-1" Model, Patent Central Stringing. The HBH Model, Narrow Shape. The LiHOfS1l13.11 Expert," Cane Handle. Send for Illustrated Catalogue E. I. HORSMAN CO. 554 Broadway, New York Sole U, S. Selling Agents for the famous "F. l'l. Ayres Cham- pionship Tennis Balls" approved by U. S. N. L. T. A. B e ntso n Tailoring 0: Established 1871 313 Hennepin Ave. Minneapolis Gas Fixture "-L CO. 11-D MANVFACTVRERS or Gas and Electric iFixturesi Dealers in Gas and Electric Globes, Brackets, Welsbach Burn- ltiers, Mantels, acl 802 Nicollet Avenue, Minneapolis ETO Electrical HSt1'l11T1CHtS for Itahoratorp Gliesting ann Stnitchhoaril Elise Weston Standard Portable Voltmeter HE continued development and improvement of the well-known Weston Electrical Instruments has resulted in the present practically per- fect models. Our standard laboratory instruments are the most sensitive and accurate obtainable and are recognized as standards throughout the World. 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Ybe Ideal Clzyi-Clap, an exclzesfwe fentzrre, fs a 7ZCIlf,fL'1'71ZlZ7Zl?lZf 01'- iiiiiiiiiiiiis I uQ52iElaaa.a,iilif narnent, 750sz't1'z'etfV fl'ETf67lf1'7LQ' your fountain fJen from falling ont of tbe fwclret. Uni' ,bens fnrntsnca' with every known degree et' jben-nib ana' t0 suit all styles of bana'za1'z'tz'ng1',' fully gnaranteezl, exfbangfes nllowezl. Solzl by all reliable zlealcrs. L. E. Waterman Cornpany .773 I?r0aztzffay, ,Vern Hurt: Cfilcfl GO SAA' FRArVClSCO BOSTOA' JIOAVTRE,-IL Teachers, Doctors awyers, Engineers E can supply you with everything you need in your respective lines. Write us or call on us for further particulars. We are publishers, Stationers, Dealers in Books, Fountain Pens, etc., etc. We furnish the University teams with all their athletic goods. Also Wholesale and Retail School Supplies Northwestern School Supply Co. CSUCCESSOICS TO SCIJOOL l:'1JZ,'C'.eI7IOA' C'O.U The great Student and Alumni l-leadquartersfcorner of Four' teenth Avenue and Fourth Street S. 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PW have Me pzrss mjnaflly, vfmferfal mul Zl'07'k7ll67Z lo please Me mos! LlIZ'Sl'I'Z.l1ZI.7ZlZlZ'7Q.Q' lZlZIZ'C7'l'Z'SCl'. A ll we ask is zz KTACUZFU lo llirl on your work. The Northfield News Northfield, Minn. ix 0 e j

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