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L The Gbopher Published Annually by the Junior Class of the University of Minnesota The Book of the Class of 1904 VOLUME XVII H The Bound of Editons I U MANAGING EDITOR ,... . Louis Loren Collins 11 I1 EDITOR-IN-CHIEF ,...,. Harry Victor Fuller it I It I il BUSINESS MANAGER, . . . Francis Le Roy King ' ASSISTANT BUSINESS MANAGER, Edward J. Cheney " It ll ,, , I. in ll ll ARTW- ----' iklliumifadviilliiii I l ll Hssociate Editons 1 ll I.iterar1n,' Committee , I I it Norman Leslie Newhall Ruth Eddy Leonard ,, :Q Lilian Bird Garrow Il "W Hnt Committee Y ' ' Eleanor von Bodenstedt Edith L. Thompson I :X Ghrronicle Committee I 'I William Henry McGrath Alice Annette Bean Jl Marjorie Helen Cole Alois F. Kovarik lx Department Repnesentatives ll LAW-Day ,.... F. A. wines, Jr, li II Night, . . Harry Thomas ff I, MEDICINE, . . John Eldon Hynes if fl DENTIJTRY, . . . . Arthur Cox I I PHARMACY, . . . George Borrowrnan , AGRICULTURE. . Mary Lockwood Matthews 4 I I , 1 Pzvessg' T '-' dllymkfkf HINNEAPOLLS' ' 0 NwNwf,-WNwAANwANwyANwNwNWNwNwNwNwNwNwMwNvvE DEDICATION Q thee, O Yellow Slip, we dedicate Chis Gophen of the Glass of I904. with calm and equanimity we bone Che pnesent of two hundned thinty-eight, Blood banded like younself. without debate we stood the ieens of those who'd gone befone, Hnd placed you as a warming semaphone, Hnd knelt to you as Kismet, Kanma, Fate. wNmNmNwN vvvwANvANwN 'aio But now, O Slip, you senye but to nemind Us of the Happy Days long since gone by. Still Sophomones will come and go and find you just as potent,---ask the neason why The Registnan is always so unkind Hnd neoen sends you to the tinesome gnind. vvvvvvvvvvvv VF! ' A1Q ffCvPEi' , w Qlffra Mfg 11923, Q of rl iw Q1 9 'J if v . gww fg ef X 11 f QQ, ,5 S ffm g Q0 15 it ELM mb! 1 wx is 'r"'T K Ln-I U Nm LH C vi Ill K dz Q L 1 "WVU 0 Nfl L 'kniiuiggf WT I L X1 Vg gf:-ifgiiigegggr QE.-51-:if I 4 '51 11 11 -again f, 5...-.Hg , -f f ' .. 3- E-sf?-.?' Q?i'84'5? '5 ei. 553Eise. s2g'ii'.n-w2e.n1 on 53 xv C X X X U Q' V x 'I , R?-Xl,X. f-f J Tb v 1 , 1 Q H J f I ff 1 73' 7911 WO' ' H f 5 ' xl! Y, C v I " A :X x J N4 A P Wx -A 1 I Q x A . 7 N , 1 1 ' 'I 1 ' VR! X En 7 X V X : f Q3 1 ,, I 'ff f Q51 X X 'KL W xnx AI 1i D ld H riff , gym 4 11 x ' ' X 131 gf fa x T , k,f1 X, Q PM K, 115 iQAYX 1 -1 ss k X " '1 " '1"' fi,VS,V'p2m1QdMm 11m?b1mfw,N,fLwWVWW,7xQW,11yf V T i! IQ' .' 1f'f,fd1E V. ' 'pg X H- A -, q 1, I 1 ! W ifxpxw, 1 - U A Wwmll 'xl X-'za KDWaEmMWWMMMfM1MQimQ qpqm i,7,,X,f ig? ,? !n!,E:q ,l!'E!-3-?i111g1E'!lV!2!!!!..i.Llfl1,g'g!!!'!g!?!!!'!'Q fl!!l!igl1II5TY'l T!!!"!'!!!'.!!!F!qLglwq I D Q L U 5 XZQ- +371 "MH "' !','1 Nr 1 I, 'I' Y If 1. ,,.- "x' - f "xx ' YY A t UN X . ld , Tmlglwif '1 L lJ' o 1 Qgfmjx KV fm1zwfWww'wH,wW'W1wff' ' ' ' 1 A 1M M 111 1 ff' 2 11V I' 1.1, mm" QW! ,...'W'1i.,.1'1 '1,,4w"'uQQ1, 1 W W Q9 9,1 "' ,'., 'C ,, 'ff 4: I Hui .', 1'-1 1.:: ..1'... .::! H111-I-l:1 uu:1: hwlxl 1 l y'1 'h wxx, K 11 " "11'11', 1 11. CH! WL1!1UWWp111WqvN11l1'111WlW '1' ". 5 .,A' by .,,NV' 1 1 fQ!',m 1, 19 .111, HB M1 N1 Nba' 1 1 '1 1 1 '11 1111 u 111 111111111111 Y U' :Q Q V356 ',':V X11 111f111.11M11.1l11111 M..1 11W ll , 1 '-Q- ' 111 111119 11 q 4 irt' W 3 1" "' ' Y 11:'WI""11 'iX1i1 1771 , ' ' 'X '1' 1 ni V 1 J J- .1 H , , ' f '11 fE!Q11ME?Ex1Y11!W W 1111 V -- W QHLUM1 ' ' N , 111 by ,. yi , lpieifrf 11,1 11,,11W1, qi. ylvhuml , , 1 Q -3 111'-, 11 ..,.,, ...,,...... ' WW f g C A EN" d?!fi4L V'gJ'l1!L ?u x'W1WnT.l'! 1?Ws'wHwxN 11 11 TVT YIMAP im! 'Au CG . W AQ it " if F lr. 'l",,1LV "" 3 'ZH' N '1 wx W 5' ' ' E f'Q"M"fM , ' 5 ' 'J' 91, 11. 1,111 mfx, f 1115111192 x xl xl! 11 M1l1111"U ' 1 ,N m1w9fwm1W.!mMMW1MMMW Q QW 1 ,X xlh L 'J,'1, E -,1 ,,,,1 ,Vx 11 17 ifiif W! W sg . itil ubll 12: 2 i HMM? YJ NHMM 1VU-K 45, Q sq , xl 'f -'1 'L ' 1 1 1 111 111 11111111 1 111 -' 1: ,911-1 , , ' ', 2r272?' T' '?E':Q??z5:i?4'2ig1 1 wwf ' 11' 4 ff f E262-:f-f 1 ", f. ' 1 1 J, "', A 3 1' RFQ: " 1-f25',?".n'3-3i"'1,A'Q ' Q I ' ' LL FQ?53 - ' 1 3 .-Qmevffgffiigi. YZ' fa, "ai??"??-252 I 9 idx? '35, ' 'vw-2 1231.-f' gi fwgjag?-le' .L - J -35:3 V ? L Q QQQ EEW 532252335 if-iff fx NVQ' WT' ta ,BQ.,fq.,M fi qfi Y The HOIN GREENLEAF CLARK M A ST PAII 1904 J i' CYRUS NORTHROP LL D MIVWEAPOLIS Ex 0171010 ' The President of the University. I The HON. SAMUEL R. VAN SANT WINONA,Ex-Ofiicio The Governor of the State. - The HON JOHN W. OLSEN ALBERT LEA . Em-Omcio The State Superintendent of Public Instruction. THEODORE SCHURMEIER, ST. PAUL, . . , HON. STEPHEN MAHONEY, B. A., MINNEAMILIS. Secretary of the Board. President of the Board The The HON. The HON. O. C. STRICKLER, M. D., NEW ULM, . The HON. JAMES T. WYMAN, MINNEAPOLIS, . The HON. ELMER E. ADAMS, B. A., FERGUS FAI.I.S, The HON. THOMAS WILSON, ST. PAUL, . . The HON. WILLIAM M. LIGGETT, BENSON, . The HON. A. E. RICE, WILLMAR ,.... Executive Officers CYRUS N01lTHRO1', LL. D., President. STEPIIEN MAHONIEY', B. A., Purchasing Agent. E. BIRD JOHNSON. B. S., Registrar. D. W. SPRAGUE, Accountant. c LW -'IJ Qi Jf g WD 115 X? J' .Ji I 425 Qzw nm pn. 6 . E I Y+Y, VN:5 x V- .L - X,-:W ' J' K Q I ,vw f S A ' fx A A T I 'f 7-Y .E -, Q E S" jx I ' ' OARD BE EHTS gil? si. ' Pr,- Q .4 of ' aw f is - , if fy . 4 1 + I . I ' . I a 5-lb-1 LDCD OO 4131 1907 1907 1909 1909 1909 1909 FREDERICK S. JONES, M. A., Dean of the College of Engineering and the Mechanic Arts. WILLIAM R. AI'PI.lQBX', M. A., Dean of the School of Mines. WILLIALI M. LIGGETT. Dean of Department of Agriculture. WILLIAM S. PATTICIC, LL. D., Dean of the College of Law. PARKS RITCHIE, M. D., Dean of the College of Medicine and Surgery. ALoNzo P. VVILLIAZIISON, LL. M., M. D., Dean of the College of Homeopathic - Medicine and Surgery. YVILLIAM P. DICKINSON. D. D. S., Dean of the College of Dentistry. FREIIERICK J. WULLINII. PII. G., Dean of the College of Pharmacy. FREIIERICK D. TUCKER. B. A., Principal of the School of Agriculture. YVILLIATM WATTS FOLNVRLL, LL. D., Librarian. LETTIIC M. CRAFTS. B. L., Assistant Librarian. INA FIRKINS, B. L., Library Assistant. ANNA L. GlI1'IIRIE, B. A., Library Assistant. MARY S. MQJINTYRE, B. S., Librarian of School of Agriculture. TIIOMAS G. LEE, M. D., Librarian of Department of Medicine. HUGH P. WILLIS, LL. M., Librarian of the College of Law. CHRISTOPHER W. HALL, M. A., Curator, Geological Museum. HENRY F. NACIITRIER, B. A., Curator of the Zoological Museum. ALLEN W. GUILD. Superintendent of Buildings. EDWIN A. CUZNER, Superintendent of Grounds. 10 THE FAQU LTY E? bb r N , KY? 2 3 'Q I 'N , f ' ui 4 i T, f f , , xs ane 'N NT' U ' ' f V .X f X Q , , 1 A 1 1 aff, X Q ' ff '4 -I .fs x uv i 1 Xe.. : sw f M 1, I L If g ,r h, W K ,-V. J X 11,4 'I , I' B ' x ' Q H I w 3 6 .J A -a Q , mmm. .mx . W 1 MH "' " N, ff P 1- . 'P ' ff'- ' Crlctfs NUli'I'lllifJI', LL. D., President. NV1L1.1M1 W, Fo1.wm.1.. LL. D., Professor of Political Science. JAm4:z Buoolcs. D. D.. Senior Professor of Greek. Jonx G. AIOUHIZ. B. A., Professor of German, CIlRIS'l'0l'lU'IR W. HALL. M. A., Professor of Geology and Mineralogy. Joux C. Iii"1'n'rliNsoN, B. A., Professor of Greek. Joux S. Clnxlzii. B. A., Professor of Latin. JOHN F. Dmvxicr, M. A., C. E., Professor of Mathematics. M.x1c1ix L. Sxxifoun. Professor of Rhetoric and Elocution. ClLXliI.lQN W. Bicxrox. M. A., Litt. D.. Professor of French. HENRY F. N.xc'il'1'n1L:l:. B. S., Professor of Animal Biology. Flciiinlziaivli S. Joxlcs. M. A.. Professor of Physics. CoNw.u' MAg:lN'I1l.1..xN. M. A., Professor of Botany, WII.I,IS M. VVICST. M. A., Professor of History. GEORGE B. F1:AN1i11'o1m:i:. M. A., Ph. D., Professor of Chemistry and Director of the School of Chemistry. 1 Fimxcrs P. L1c.xx'1-:xwo1:"1r. M. A., Professor of Astronomy and Director of the Observatory. RILTIIKXRIJ BUR'1'oN. Ph. D., Professor of English. Fluimcmcn Kl.AEn14:1:. Ph. D., Professor of Comparative and English Philology. Josmfu BRONYX PIKE, M. A., Professor of Latin. Jeux S. CA1cI.soN, Ph. D., Professor of Scandinavian Languages and Literature. CH.xRL1:s P. SIGIGRFOOS. Ph. D., Professor of Zoology. FRANK L. MUVEY. Ph. D., Professor of Political Economy. Joifx Zi-zucxy, B. S., B. A., Associate Professor of Physics. SAxir'i:L G. Smrrri, Ph. D., LL. D., Professor of Sociology. CHARLIQS F. MvCI.UMrlIA. Ph. D., Professor of English Literature. Gicoucii Fimxcls JAMES. Ph. D., Professor of Pedagogy. 12 EM1L OBERHoE1fER, Professor of Music. MAT1LDA J. VVILKIN, M. L., Assistant Professor of German. CHARLES F. SIDENER, B. S., Assistant Professor of Chemistry. EDXVARD EUGEXE NICDERLIOTT, M. S., Assistant Professor of Rhetoric and Elocu- tion. WiLL1Ax1 H. KIRCHNER. B. S., Assistant Professor of Drawing. EDNVARD E. NICHOI.SCJN, M. A., Assistant Professor of Chemistry. Louis J. CooKE, M. D.,Director of Gymnasium. HENRY L. VVILLIAMS, M. D., Director of Athletics. FRANK M. ANITERSON, M. A., Assistant Professor of History. NORMAN W11.DE, Ph. D., Assistant Professor of Philosophy. Qln charge of de- partmentj CARL SCHLENRER. B. A., Assistant Professor of German. ALBERT B. YVIIITE, Ph. D., Assistant Professor of History. Wu.LIA1r A. SCIIAPER. Ph. D., Assistant Professor of Political Science. GEoRoE N. BAUER, Ph. D., Assistant Professor of Mathematics. JouN PARSONS BEACH, Assistant Professor of Music. HAYIIN S. CoLE, lst Lieutenant U. S. A., Military Science and '1Va,ctics. Instructors ARNOLD AZEMAR, French. I .TosEPH W. BEACH, M. A., English and Rhetoric. FREDERICK E. BECKMAN. Ph. D., Spanish and French. CHARLES P. BERKEY, Ph. D., Mineralogy. EMMA BERTIN, French. GILBERT AMEs Buss, Ph. D., Mathematics. OSCAR C. BURKHARD, B. A., German. , ANNA M. BUTNER, Physical Culture. HENRIETTA CLQRATH, Drawing. LLLLIAN COHEN. M. A., Chemistry. ADA L. CoMs'roCK. M. A., Rhetoric. HANs H. DALARER. B. A., Mathematics. SAINIUEL N. DI-IINARIJ. M. A., Semitic Language and Literature. HENRY A. ERIKSON, B. E. E., Physics. OSCAR W. F1RR1Ns. M. A., Rhetoric. EDWARD M. FREEMAN. B. S., Botany. HARLOW S. GALE, B. A., Psychology. JonN E. GRANRVD. Ph. D., Latin. EVERHART P. HARDxNc:. Ph. D., Chemistry. CA'1'HER1NE HILI.IISIIkIllXI, B. A., Animal Biology. CLARA I'I1LI.I-ISIIEIIXI. B. A., Chemistry. 13 JANE KENNEDY, M. D., Medical Examiner for Women. JENNINGS C. LITZENRERG, B. S., M. D., Gymnastics. HAROLD L. LYON, B. S., Botany. HOPE MCDONALD, M. S., History. ELIZABETH MAY NORRIS, Drawing. OSCAR W. OESTLUND, M. A., Animal Biology. MARY G. PECK, M. A., English. FRANCES B. POTTER, M. A. English. C. OTTO ROSENDAHL, B. S., Botany. BERT RUSSELL, B. A. Chemistry. EDWARD P. SANFORD, B. A., Rhetoric. FREDERICK W. SARDESON, Ph. D., Paleontology. CHARLES A. SAVAGE, B. A., Latin. WALDELIAR SCHULZ, Ph. D., German. DAVID F. SWENSON, B. S., Philosophy. WILLIALI I. THOMAS, Rhetoric. EDITH THOMAS, B. A., Chemistry. JOSEPHINE E. TILDEN, M. S. Cryptogamic Botany. CLAIRE C. WATERS, French. ANTHONY ZELENY, M. S., Physics. Scholars and Assistants SEAVEY M. BAILEY, Political Economy. MARGUERITE BARBOUR, Physical Culture. W. W. BENNER, Chemistry. HELEN E. CAIVIP, B. A., History. BERNICE M. CANNON, 'Il. A., Philosophy. ANNA DEWITT COOK, Physical Culture. ALICE DOUGAN, B. A , Rhetoric. HAL DOWNEY, Animal Biology. NIEL S. DUNGAY, Animal Biology. FRANK GROUT, Chemistry. E. E. HEh1ENWAY, B. A., Animal Biology. CHARLES M. HOYT, Pedagogy. DAISY HONE, B. A., Botany. JOSEPH HOPKINS, Chemistry. GEORGE H. JOHNSTONE, M. A., Psychology. ALOIS F. KOVARIK, Physics. LINDA H. MALEY, B. L., Rhetoric. E. MCM. PENNOCK, Philosophy. ANTON R. ROSE, Chemistry. ELLA C. RUSCOE, Rhetoric. HERMAN SCHRADER, Botany. JESSIE L. SCIIULTEN, Rhetoric. ROYAL R. SHUMWAY, Mathematics. RALPH SLYE, Chemistry. ELLIOT SMITII, Observatory. 14 The College of Engineering and Mechanic Arts CYBUS NORTHROP, LL. D., President. FREDERICK S. JONEs, M. A., Dean. WILLIAM R. HOAG, C. E. Professor of Civil Engineering, in charge of Road and Sanitary Engineering. FRANK H. CONSTANT, C. E., Professor of Structural Engineering. FREDERICK H. BASS, C. E., Instructor in Civil Engineering. JOHN J. FLATHER, Ph. B., M. M. E., Professor of Mechanical Engineering. WILLIAM H. KAY'ANAUGH, M. E., Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineer- ing in charge of Experimental Engineering. EDD C. OLIVER, B., M. E., Instructor in Machine Design. WILLIALI H. MERRIBIAN, Instructor in Machine Work. JAMES M. TATE, Instructor in Carpentry and Pattern Work. ROBERTSON COOK, M. E., Student Assistant in Laboratory. EDWARD JOHNSON, Instructor in Foundry Practice. HARRY C. GILMOUB, Assistant in Carpentry. CHARLES MCDANIEL, Instructor in Forge Work. WILLIAM AGATE, Machinist. HARRY DIXON, Chief Engineer. JOHN CATES, Assistant Engineer. GEORGE D. SHEPARDSON, A. M., M. E., Professor of Electrical Engineering. FRANK W. SPRINGER, E. E., Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering. HENRY T. EDDY, C. E., Ph. D., LL. D., Professor of Engineering and Mechanics. ARTHUR EDWIN HYXYNPIS, M. S., M. Ph., Sc. D., Professor of Engineering Mathe- matics. WVILLIAM E. BROOKE, B. C. E., M. A., Instructor in Engineering Mathematics. CARL ALBERT HERRICK. M. E., Instructor in Engineering Mathematics. FREDERICK S. JONES, M. A., Professor of Physics. " JOHN ZELENY, B. S., B. A., Associate Professor of Physics. ANTHONY ZELENY, M. S., Instructor in Physics. HENRY A. ERIKSON, B. E. E., Instructor in Physics. GEORGE B. FRANKFORTER, M. A., Ph. D., Professor of Chemistry. CHARLES F. SIDENER., B. S., Assistant Professor of Chemistry. EDNVARD E. NICIIOLSON, M. A., Assistant Professor of Chemistry. WILLIALI H. KIRCHNER, B. S., Assistant Professor of Drawing. NELLIE S. TRUFANT, Instructor in Drawing. HENRIETTA CLOPATH, Instructor in Freeehand Drawing. ELIZABETH M. NORRIS, Instructor in Freehand Drawing. JOSEPH A. THALER, E. E., Instructor in Drawing. WILLIALI E. ACOMB, M. E., Instructor in Drawing. FRANKLIN R. MCMILLAN, Scholar in Drawing. I5 F Q WILLIAM W. FOLVVELL, LL. D., Professor of Political Science. WILLIAM A. SCHAPER, Ph. D., Assistant Professor of Political Science. FREIJERICK W. SARDESON, Ph. D., Instructor in Geology. EDWARD P. SANEDRD, M. A., Instructor in English. JosEI-H BEACH, M. A., Instructor in English. HAYDN S. CoLE, Lieut. U. S. A., Instructor in Military Science. FRANCIS P. LEAVENXVORTH, M. A., Professor of Astronomy. L e c 1 u r e r s VVILLIAII S. PATTEE, LL. D., Lecturer on Contracts and Torts. EIJXVARD P. BURCH, E. E., Consulting Engineer, 'tHeavy electric railroads." EDNVARD SCOFIELIJ, Electrical Engineer, Twin City Rapid Transit Company, 'tElectric railway operation." AR1'IIUR L. AI31!O'F'1'. E. E., Superintendent of Construction, W. I. Gray 8: Co., "Interior wiring." TRUMAN HIBBARIJ, E. E., Chief Engineer, Electric Machinery Company, "De- sign of dynamo machineryf' GUY V. WI1.LIAMs, District Manager Bryan-Marsh Company, hlncandescsent lamp manufacturing." CHAs. L. PII,I.sRURY, Consulting Engineer, "Electric and hydraulic elevators." H.ARI.lII1lII PARKIII'RsT, E. E., Engineer with Electric Storage Battery Company, "Management of storage batteries." School of Mines CYRUS NOR'fIIROP, LL. D., President. VVILLIAM R. ARI-LERY, M. A., Dean and Professor of Metallurgy. CIIARLES E. VAN BARNEVELIJ, B. A., Sc., E. M., Professor of Mining Engineering. PETER CHRISTIANSON, B. S., E. M., Instructor in Metallurgy. BENJAMIN F. GROAT, B. S., Assistant Professor in Mathematics and Mechanics. EDXVARD P. MCCAR'I'Y, E. M., Instructor in Mining. LEYI B. PEASE, M. S., Instructor in Assaying. CHRISTOPHER W. HALL. M. A., Professor of Mineralogy and Geology. CHARLES P. BERKEY, Ph. D., Instructor in Mineralogy. GEORGE B. FRANREORTER, Ph. D., Professor of Chemistry. CHARLES F. SIDENER, B. S., Assistant Professor of Chemistry. EDXVARD E. NICIIOLSON. M. A., Assistant Professor of Chemistry. GEORGE D. SHEPARDSON, M. A., M. E., Professor of Electrical Engineering. FRANK W, SRRINCER, E. E., Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering. JOHN J. FLATHER, Ph. B., M. E., Professor of Mechanical Engineering. WILLIAM H. KAVANAUGII, M. E., Instructor in Mechanical Engineering. FREDERICK S. JONES. M. A., Professor of Physics. VVILLIAM H. KIRCIINICIR, B. S., Assistant Professor of Drawing. JoHN ZELENY. B. S., B. A. Res., Associate Professor of Physics. 16 , , 5 W. MEDICAL DEPARTMENT N, I 3 fa ' 2 .I f 1 ,,f f X! p 4 41, I ii' vi my fa 'Y'- 1 fkp Af- xl . gif--.1 ' . . f. f . bf, . ' , i .3 ..' ' v 1- if .12 ff ji f A- M A, Q .. 4 E J., ll.. ,' 5 'Z' Q. 5 22 if ik f ,L ""' fl ffff ' " 632152 k V X Vw f 'mg fr 6 Mme. A "-"' ' 'ti " 'I flwifg-i5 ,i ff ll ' H viii? 1 'gi fff 7 ' 'nf 'Z A " ,jig fi f - - .W 1 , 2.1.1 0 fff amuure oouusow 1, If CYRUS N1JIi1'11ROI', LL. D., President. P.xRKs Rrrculi-:, M. D., Dean and Professor of Obstetrics. TIIOAIAS G. LEE, B. S., M. D., Professor of Histology and Embryology and Librarian. RICHARU Oumixo BEARD. M. D., Secretary and Professor of Physiology. C1i.xRLEs A. ERUMANN, M. D., Professor of Anatomy. CIIARLICS A. Wirmrox, M. D., Emeritus Professor HENRY lVI.xRT1N BRACREN. M. D., L. C., C. S., Edin and Therapeutics. FRANK FAIRCIIILD XVESIBROOK, M. A., M. D., C. M of Surgery. ., Professor of Materia Medica ., Professor of Pathology and Bacteriology. CHARLES H. HUNTPIIR. A. M., M. D., Professor of Theory and Practice of Medicine. EVERTON J. ARROT, A. B., M. D., Associate Professor of Practice and Clinical Medicine. J .W. BELL, M. D., Professor CHARLES LYMAN GREENE, M. Diagnosis. HARRY L. S'1'Al'l.ES, A. M., M. JAMES H. DUNN, M. D., Professor of Surgery. FREDERICK A. DlNsx1ooR. M. D., Professor of Operative and Clinical Surgery. J.sMEs E. IHOORIC. M. D., Professor of Clinical Surgery. J. CLARK STEw.xR'r, M. D., Professor of Principles of Surgery. JUs'rUs OHAGE. M. D., Professsor of Clinical Surgery. JouN T. Rooms. M. D., Professor of Clinical Surgery. AR'r11l:R J. Gu.1.ET'rE. M. D., Professor of Orthopaedic Surgery. A. B. C.xrEs, A. M., M. D., Professor of Obstetrics. ALEX J. S'roNE, M. D., LL. D., Professor of Diseases of Women. Amos W. ARBo'r. M. D., Clinical Professor of Diseases of Women. A. IVICLAREN, A. B., M. D., Clinical Professor of Diseases of Women. Joux F. FULTQN, Ph. D., M. D., Pro'fessor of Opthalmology and Otology. FRANK C. Toon. M. D., Clinical Professor of Opthalmology and Otology. C. EUGENE Rioos, A. M., M. D., Professor of Nervous and Mental Diseases. W. A. JONES, M. D., Clinical Professor of Nervous and Mental Diseases. Tuos. H. R.0BER'1'S, M. D., Professor of Diseases of Children. MAX P. VANDER Houuic. M. D., Professor of Diseases of the Skin and Genito Urinary Diseases. W. S. LATOX. M. D., Professor of Diseases of the Nose and Throat, ARTHUR SXVEENEY, M. D., Professor of Medical Jurisprudence. J. E. SCIIADLE. M. D., Clinical Professor of Diseases of the Nose and Throat. GEO. D. HEAD, M. D., Professor of Clinical Microscopy and Clinical Medicine. of Physical Diagnosis and Clinical Medicine. D., Clinical Professor of Medicine and Physical D., Professor of Clinical Medicine. 17 Corps of Clinical Professors and Instructors BURNSIDE FOSTER, A. M., M. D., Clinical Professor of Diseases of the Skin, and Lecturer upon the History of Medicine. JAMES T. CHRISTISON, M. D., Clinical Professor of Diseases of Children. C. NOTHNAGEL, M. D., Clinical Professor of Medicine. H. J. 0'BRIEN, M. D., Clinical Professor of Surgery. HUBERT W. DAvIs, M. D., Clinical Instructor of Obstetrics. GEORGE M. CooN, M. D., Clinical Instructor in Genito-Urinary Diseases. LoUIS A. NIPPERT, M. D., Clinical Professor of Medicine. ANDREW M. HENDERSON, M. D., Clinical Instructor in Medicine. ' J. L. ROTHROCK, M. D., Clinical Instructor in Gynecology and Pathology. L. B. WILSON, M. D., Senior Demonstrator in Pathology. S. M. WHITE, B. S., M. D., Assistant Professor of Pathology and Bacteriology. WM. M. CHOWNING, B. A., M. D., Junior Demonstrator in Pathology and Bacteriology. H. C. CAREL, B. IS., Assistant Professor of Chemistry. WINIERED S. NICKEIISON, Sc. D., Assistant Professor of Histology. MARGARET L. NICIQERSON, M. A., Instructor lin Histology. M. RUSSEL WILCOX, M. D., Demonstrator in Physiology. ELEANOR M. WILKINSON, Instructor in Physiology and Dietetics. J. WARREN LITTLE, M. D., Clinical Instructor in Surgery. GEO. E. SENKLER, M. D., 'Clinical Instructor in Physical Diagnosis. A. W. DUNNING, M. D., Clinical Instructor in Mental and Nervous Diseases. FREDERICK LEAVITT, M. D., Clinical Instructor in Obstetrics. BENJAMIN, M. D., Clinical Instructor in Gynecology. H. REED, M. D., Demonstrator in Anatomy. MANN, M. D., Clinical Instructor in Surgery. WRIGIIT, M. D., Clinical Instructor in Dermotology and Genito-Urinary Diseases. - S. . REES, B. S., M. D., Instructor in Physical Diagnosis and Clinical Medicine. JUDD U. GOODRICII, M. D., Clinical Instructor in Surgery. WARREN A. DENNIS, M. D., Clinical Instructor in Surgery. HIKRRY PARKS RITCIIIE, M. D., Instructor Clinical in Gynecology. . R. COLVIN, M. D., Clinical Instructor in Surgery. V. APPET.BY, M. D., Clinical Instructor in Opthalmology. C. LITZENBERG, B. S., M. D., Clinical Instructor in Obstetrics. PTP P 'U spew Clinical and Laboratory Assistants P. BARBER, M. D., Assistant in Diseases of Children. A. LAW, M. D., Assistan-t in Operative Surgery. A. CAMPBELL, M. D., Assistant in Diseases of the Nose and Throat. CHARLES R. BALL, M. D., Assistant in Nervous and Mental Diseases. E. F. REAMER, M. D., Assistant in Opthalrnology and Otology. WM. R. MURRY, M. D., B. A., Assistant in Opthalmology and Otology. WALTER RALISEY, M. D., Assistant in Medicine. DAVID LANDO, M. D., Assistant in Medicine. E. R. HARE, M. D., Prosecutor in Anatomy. W. H. CONDIT, B. S., M. D., Assistant in Materia Medica. P. A. HOEE, Assistant in Clinical Medicine. J. D. BRIMHALL, M. D., Assistant in Orthopoedic Surgery. JAMES GILEILLEN, M. -D., Assistant in Clinical Medicine. LESTER W. DAY, Assistant in Clinical Medicine. TPUPF' University Scholars Assisting in Laboratories IN ANATOMY-CARL A. KLEMER. IN HISTOLOGY AND EMBRYOLOGY-JoIIN E. HYNES, HUEERT COULTER, E. E. OLANDER and C. VV. YVILKOYVSKI. IN PATHOLOGY AND BACTERIOLOGY-CHELSEA PRATT, GEo. D. RICE, GEO. K. HAGAMAN, F. W. DAVIS, H. W. OLD, D. L. TILDERQUIST, J. J. CATLIN. IN SURGICAL PATHOLOGY-O. W. RowE. 18 College of Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery CYRUS NORTIIROP, LL. D., President. ALONZO P. WILLIAMSON, LL. M., M. D., Dean and Professor of Mental and Nervous Diseases and Medical Jurisprudence. WILLIABI E. LEONARD, A. B., M. D., Professor of Materia Medica and Thera- peutics. GEORGE E. RICKER, A. B., M. D., Professor of Clinical Medicine and Physical Diagnosis. ROBERT D. IVIATOHAN, D., , , I A. E. COMSTOCK, M, SCU M' D., Professors ofPrmczp!es andPractzce 0fSurgery WARREN S. BRIGGS. B. S., M. D., I l , M ARSHALL P' AUSTIN, M' Du ProfessorsofC'lzmcaZ and0rlh0po:'dzc Surgery B. HARVEY OGDEX, A. M., M. D., Professor of Obstetrics. EUGENE L. MANN, A. B., M. D., Professor of Diseases of Nose, Throat and Ear. FREDERIC M. GIBSON, M. D., O. et. A., Chir., Professor of Opthalmology. GEORGE E. CLARKE, Ph. B., M. D., Professor of Theory and Practice of Medicine. GEORGE F. ROBERTS, M. D., Professor of Diseases of Women. HARRY M. LUFKIN, M. D., Professor of Diseases of Children. OSCAR H. H.XLL, M. D., Lecturer on History and Methodology of Medicine. ROBERT R. ROLIE, M. D., Professor of Clinicial Obstetrics. RALPH ST. JOHN PERRY, LL. D., M. D., Lecturer on Skin and Genito-urinary Diseases. A. E. BOOTH, M. D., Lecturer on Surgical Emergencies. W. H. CAINE, M. D., Lecturer on Clinical and Orthopmdic Surgery. O. K. RICHARDSON, B. S., M. D., Lecturer on Life Insurance Examination. EDWARD. M. FREEMAN, B. S., Instructor in Botany. FRED S. BEGKLEY, M. D., Assistant in Diseases of Women. ETHEL E. HURD, M. D., Assistant in Ophthalmology. ANNAH H. HURD, Phm. D., M. D., Assistant in Ear, Throat and Nose. PAUL A. HIGBEE, A. B., M. D., Assistant in Surgery. WILLIALI B. ROBPIRTS, A. B., M. D., Assistant in Surgery. DAVID W. HORNING. A. B., M. D., Assistant in Practice of Medicine. MARGARET KOCH, M. D., Assistant in Paedology. HUGH J. TUNSTEAD, M. D., Assistant in Obstetrics. HIRAM H. BINGHAAI, M. D., Assistant in Medicine. GOTTFRIED SCHAIIDT, B. S., I CHARLES ARTHUR DAWSON, j Dl5p'm'm'7 Ajszsmms ' Instruction in the following branches is received in common with the stu- dents of the other colleges in the department of medicine. CHARLES A. ERDBIANN, M. D., Professor of Anatomy. RICHARD O. BEARD, M. D., Professor of Physiology. CHARLS J. BELL, A. B., Professor of Chemistry. THOMAS G. LEE, B. S., M. D., Professor of Histology and Embryology. F. F. WESBROOK, M. A., M. D., C. M., Professor of Bacteriology and Pathology. 19 A -,-,. ' wp-up """' ' v,4' " XN'A as-A .t'.5 ,...,,,, , X , Y -'af -.- 7', Q - .. . , I I , S-fbgji-jAc11Q65 """ J.. -me-ass "' '-' " '-' 'z' fr ig Q '1-- P2943-gg,1g,fZ'Q.1'.2f Q. -. ..,...-.- 9. Q-gas -1- X ,.-" -2- 6? ihb ,N Q- . .A.- , ,. CYRUS NORTIIIEOP. LL. D., President. FREDERICK JOHN WULL1NG, Phm. D., LL. M., Dean: Professor of Pharmacology, Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Jurisprudence. HENRY MARTYN BKACKEN, M. D., Professor of Materia Medica. ................................ProfesSor of Phvarmacognosy. CHARLES JOHN BELL, A. B., Professor of Chemistryg General, Medical, An- alytical and Organic. CONWAY MACMII.LAN, M. A., Professor of Botany. FREDERIC K. BUTTERS, M. S., Instructor in Botany and Practical Pharmacog- nosy. FRANK FAIROHILD WESBROOK, M. A., M. D., C. M., Professor of Bacteriology. GEORGE B. FRANKFORTER, M. A., Ph. D., Professor of Organic Chemistry CPost- graduatel. GEORGE DOUGLAS HEAD, B. S., M. D., Instructor in Clinical Microscopy. RICHARD OLDING BEARD, M. D., Professor of Physiology. M. RUSSICLI. WILCOX, M. D., Instructor in Physiology. JOHN F. FULTON, Ph. D., M. D., Professor of Hygiene. A. M. WIEBSTER, B. S., Instructor in Medical and Pharmaceutical Latin. H. C. CAREL, B. S., Instructor in Chemistry. W. H. CONDIT, M. D., Instructor in Materia Medica. G. BACHBPAN, Phm. D., Assistant in Pharmacy. College of Dentistry CYRUS NORTIIIIOP, LL. D., President. WILLIAM P. DICKINSON, D. D.S., Dean and Professor of Materia Medica. TIIOBIAS B. HARTZELL, M. D., D. M. D., Professor of Pathology, Therapeutics and Oral Surgery. OSCAR A. WEISS, D. M. D.,Professor of Prosthetic Dentistry and Orthodontia. ALFRED OYVRE, D. M. D., M. D., C. M., Professor of Operative Dentistry and Metallurgy. CIIARLES A. ERDMANN, M. D., Professor of Anatomy. H. C. CAREI.. B. S., Acting Professor of Chemistry. THOBIAS G. LEE, A. M., M. D., Professor of Histology and Embryology. WINFIELD S. NICKERSON, Sc. D., Assistant Professsor of Histology. FRANK F. WESRROOK, M. A., M. D., C. M., Professor of Bacteriology and Path- ology. S. M. WIIITE, B. S., M. D., Assistant Professor of Bacteriology and Pathology. FRANK R. WRIGHT, D. D. S., M. D., Lecturer on Anaesthesia and Chief of Anaesthesia Clinic. MARY V. HAILTZELL. D. M. D., Instructor in Comparative Dental Anatomy. H. M. REID, D. D. S., Instructor in Prosthetic Dentistry. E. FRANKLYN HERTZ, D. M. D., Instructor in Prosthetic Dentistry and Dental Anatomy. JAMES O. WELLS, A. M., D. M. D., Instructor in Crown and Bridge Work and Operative Technics. JAMES M. WALLS, D. M. D., Instructor in Operative Technics and Operative Dentistry. F. W. SPRINGER. E. E., Lecturer on Electricity. H. V. MERCER, Lecturer on Jurisprudence. MARGARET L. NICKEICSON. M. A., Instructor in Histology. H. K. READ, M. D., Demonstrator in Anatomy. M. RUSSELL WILCOX. M. D., Demonstrator in Physiology. 20 College of Law CYRUS NOIi1'llR0l', LL. D., President. WILLIAM S. PATTEE, LL. D., Dean and Professor of Law. Equity and Inter- national Law. A. C. HICKMAN, A. M., LL. B., Professor of Law. Pleading and Practice. JAMES PAIGE, A. M., LL. M., Professor of Law. Torts and Criminal Law. EDVVIN A. JAGGARD, A. M., LL. B., of the Ramsey County Bench. Taxation. HENRY J. FLETCHER, EsQ., of the Hennepin County Bar. Contracts and Real Property. HOWARD S. ADRo'rT, B. L., of the Hennepin County Bar. Corporations. ROBERT S. KOLIIINER, LL. B., of the Hennepin County Bar. Personal Property. GEORGE B. YoUNG, LL. B., St. Paul, Minn. CEX-Associate Justice of the State of Minnesotaj, Conflict of Laws. HON. JAMES O. PIERCE. Minneapolis, Minn. CEX-Judge of the Circuit Court of Memphis, Tenn.J, Constitutional Jurisprudence and History. HoN. C. D. O,BRIEN, St. Paul, Minn., Criminal procedure. HON. JoIIN DAY SMITH. LL. M., Minneapolis, Minn., American Constitutional Law. HoN. HPIRBl'IR'F R. SPENCER, Duluth, Minn., Admiralty Law. JoIfIN COCIIRANE SWEET. LL. M., Minneapolis, Minn., Mortgage Foreclosure. JARED How, LL. B., St. Paul, Minn., Landlord and Tenant. RANSONI J. POWELL, LL. M., Instructor in Justice Practice. FRED E. Homss, B. S., LL. B., Instructor in Moot Court Practice. HUGH E. WI1,I,Is, A. M., LL. M., Librarian and Quiz Master. Special Lecturers UPON KFQENERAL TOPICS FOR 1903 C. W. BU NN, St. Paul, Minn. iGenera1 Counsel of the Northern Pacific Ry. C00 M. D. GRovER, St. Paul, Minn. fGeneral Counsel of the Great Northern Rail- way Co.J M. B. KooN. Minneapolis, Minn. fEx-Judge of District Court.J J. F. MCGEE. Minneapolis, Minn. CEX-Judge of District Court.J College of Agriculture CYRL's NKJIl'l'IIR4Dl', LL. D., President. KVM. M. LIGUETT. Dean. SABIUEL B. GREEN. B. S., Professor of Horticulture and Forestry. HARRY SNYDER, B. S., Professor of Agricultural Chemistry. T. L. HAECRER, Professor of Dairy Husbandry. M. H. REYNOLIIS, M. D., V. M., Professor of Veterinary Medicine and Surgery. VVILLET M. HAYES, M. AoR., Professor of Agriculture. ANDRI-IXV Boss. Associate Professor of Agriculture, in charge of Live Stock. VIRGINIA C. MEIREDITH, Professs of Home Economics. JUNIATA L. SII1-:Pri-:RD, Household Science. FREDERICK L. YVASIIIEURN, M. A., Professor of Entomology. FREDERICK D. TUCKER. B. A., Principal, School of Agriculture. Co.xTEs P. BULL. B. Agr., Assistant in Agriculture. Zl rf L TheC1aSSeS 56929 Egg JU , Cl ass o IQQ3 Colonsglinccn and Lllhitc OFFICERS. Q W 1 J 1'resiclf5-un . , 15l'.XJ.XXIIX IJ1-:.a1q1c. Ju. First Vive-I'1'esir1Q11t . . . Buuzy IJIIIISIAIC Second ViCQAP1'QSid911l lmixng M1310-:1231LxN SGC1'E'fH1'j' G14:1:'l'1:L'D15 L.xLLAx1:n 7l'1'eas111'o1' . . . .... HAI, Hoxlzn Sergeantis-at-A1'ms . Iw:1:,xA1 Iiwsxlcss. RI,XlA'0l.XI M.xcL1-:AN Z4 Y 1 x. J President . Vice-President Secretary . Treasurer . Sergeant-at-Arms Colons-Red and Ulbi ass ef I9 OFFICERS. 26 te O4 CYRUS P. BARNUM EOITII L. THOMPSON . . RUTH L. COLE . RAY VARCO . VVILL H, HALE f. 1 i C I a s s of I 9 O 5 Colons-Onangc and Black OFFICERS. President . . A. E. XV,xI.KEu Vice-President . . M,x1:Y MCINTYRE Secretary . . L.u'1:A J. TAFT Treasurer . . G. E. GARBER Z8 ' 1 Q . ' K f E ri 5 rf . 3 s, :I 4: President . Vice-President . Secretary . Treasurer . Sergeant-at-Arms ass o I9 OFFICERS. 30 O6 XVILLIAM H. PRYOR . . J. B. BELL G1f1Nr:x'11av1a JACKSON . PAUL STRATTON . Jorrx GLEASON X X XX 4' i K r , by wg.,-.Wm. w J Q W! ' ,fi , W 1, . 1 I 'lv ' . " f ' wi .li"f E 'Ti f'7, . 'Vx - "-' . . ' .r '- ' f- Lkii' ., X U1gQ4HV"'1'4' i f 1 ' 1- x X ,,wuililwv':3'Miii1?,f1i'i ' 1 ,, v, Y .l g'!'IIW " " -Imuuv uiiidlWlW"-'--- ,511 . X ..', A I x .' wif' W" " A . . II U I. I p I ,,,A .K . M .x . p . '5 .. ' A W ' 'gL' H 5 ll 'UM JV i A an-:.-4 Q 'Ulm " . .H".. ' H '- A .,1w:E, .L ggiiiun Q. Y, .. N, .WWW I UN . Q ,-L,, . ummm U , 'W 1 mg 1.4, f , ' , - , , . . , i, iw- f A Q , 'U . I .L w -- . i ,,..A A. 1 f f ' ""' H fin, Wfi Y' 1525 , f T wi mee 1 . ,... f : A Q. ... pw mlm. eww f .. .z-,.eQf.,m1, L4.L im f f I W UW' ,,", qftffwil ii 1' ""' . 351. ff fi F i - f Y' ' .1 A 'fi if H Ml? " 1" ,." it M 'Iv glff-' 15.4 ff" 'i',",l.Y. 1 -r 11,1 ' "vi-'21,i7Q5lf.'?fLV?"" '4 ,- ', 'Q '4i?T.?3f'i'55iH.5' 'W ,. I-3. my w.m:c,i'.-spa-W A .a ., :yp.',MW . , X X 'wi KN 1 f Will. 1 E- " h iii:wi..3l"313iii ' -'ff ' i w T . r 1, " -' "i11fii,,ixw' ' 1 ' l 'ij il WU? . M., , i.'gLQU!1 0 " z U Ji ' 1 W Q' - ' N . .- ilk. ' 1' " Wi "" ,""'i'- 'H' ' wlvmlwnfv-5-Iiuwwuailili' 5' Y 4 . hm'mmm"" Y ' ' M X In College of Science, Literature and Art MARY M. ALDEN. ---- Minneapolis. Minneapolis Academy. Dramatic Club, Y. W. C. A., Woman's League. wie HELEN JAKE ALDRICH, V - - De Eas-t Denver High School. h Theta, Theta Epsilon, nver, Colorado. Womans League. Kappa Alp a ELrzAr:E'1'H AMES, WG Litehiield. LoU1s P. ANIHERSON, - Southerland, Iowa. Minneapolis. M. LEROY ARNOLD, ---- Central High School. Beta Theta Pi, President University Dramatic Club, Junior Ball Association. MARTIN AYGARN, 4---- Choice. Rushford High School. Castalian. 5 g., -I ur sf ANNA BAKKE, - - - St. Louis Park. CYRUs PAINE BARNUM. ---- Minneapolis. Central High School. Beta Theta Pi, Junior Ball Association. President 'Junior Class, Sergeant Company E, Vice President Y. M. C. A. MERTON F. BAKER, ----- Elgin. Winona State Normal. Arena, Sergeant Company F. ALICE ANNETTE BEAN, - - - - New Prague. Carleton Academy. Delta Ga mma. Theta Epsilon, Gopher Board, Dra- K ,g"f53j'! N matic Club, Tennis Club, Wo:nan's League, Y. W. KX C. A. Q L 3 , 995, 1 A 1' ,f CAROLINE L. BEDFORD, ----- Provo, Utah. Salt Lake Collegiate Institute. v I ' if p Y. W. C. A., Woman's League. Q . . ..r ETIIEL REMIXGTUN BEEDE ---- Minneapolis. g if ' fh 1 ...ll , E .A East Aurora High Sohool- - " ' bf xx f x 4 A 35 H xi, NN-2 1 r it kj kfm...w:q"d . W aa 4 ' L P '11 ,vi 5 I 1 Xa , 3 -udtjfmf R. ilk, f ll 3 T Tv iq' MH JANE PRESCOTT BENNETT, ---- Minneapolis. East Side High School. Kappa Alpha Theta, Thalian. Q36 MARGARI11' R. BIRNBERG, - St. Paul. SIGURD BOCKMAN, ---- St. Anthony Park. South Side High School. Phi Gamma Delta. ali? CLARENCE LE Roy BLANCHAR, - - Fairmont. Fairmont High School. Forum. 1 T"m""'K..,: in v 'ii' C NK X' ' 1" ELEANOR VON BODENSTEDT, - - - St. Paul. 3534 ff st. Paul High school. J M ,.'Lp pkf. m,ftf.QA Delta Delta Delta, Theta Epsilon, Gopher Board, 4.15 Woman's League, Y. W. C. A, T V -K ...kl V ff ,tl MARTAN ANGLIN BOLIN, ---- Brainerd. K . A g ...: .i. mm Brainerd High School. . '2'V ' g X Womanis League, U. C. A., Y. W. C. A. f ,J --lim 36 S-...ff Q53 J 1 M. Q Eli! ...lwwfl1il ' 5 FWD A s !,,N ,,,:,, V itrl 7 Q? ..,, if fN1 ui! i'...:: Q. INC-MAR J. BORAAS, ---- Hader. Red Wing Seminary. Forum, Scandinavian Literary Club. EVA AUSTIN BRADFORD, . . . - Minneapolis. Farmington High School. QX FANNIE PAINE BRADFORD, ---- Minneapolis. Farmington High School. -, I A -- X 1 I .: sic? PAUL ANDROS BROOKS, ---- Minneapolis. L' Q2 Central High School. . .. " i t . . . . . 5 . , . P111 Kappa PS1 Dramatic Club, President Junior .4.,Fg,'.x3 N , '55 Ball Association, Sergeant 1n Cadet Corps. - an -I 1 ff 1 MADEL CLAIRE BRYDEN. ----- - Rushmore. Worthington High School. N Y. W. C. A., Woman's League. ELLA L. BUELL, - - Minneapoli QE, X X! N ' 'K if 37 xii? 4, .,, , NX. f ELIMA C. BURDICK, - - - Minnewaukon, N. D. Park River KN. DJ High School. Mayville KN. DJ Normal. ole? ' A MAY BURNHAM, - Minneapolis. LEE Bnooiqs BYARD, ----- Minneapolis. Central High School. Arena. ETHEL CASE, - - - - - Minneapolis. Anoka High School. ISAAC WATTS CHOATE, - - West Barnet, Vermont. Peacham Academy. Phi Gamma Delta, Arena, Freshman Debating Team. ole CLARA CHRISTOPHERSON, ---- Faribault. Faribault High School. Secretary of Scandinavian Club, Woman's League, 38 Y. W. o, A. . , , ll l l f N fr--N l' "NM . ? QQ ..... 5. i 0 i AX .N -I M 9 IRVVIN ALLEN CHURCHILL, ---- Rochester. Rochester High School. Y. M. C. A., U. L. A., Shakopean, Inter-Sophomore and Iowa Debating Teams. Central High School. i, : . 'FEE-Qty' . . Q Shgglf Eu ff , W: T "' MAHGARE1' CLANCY. ----- Saint Paul. lil N fy f Saint Paul Central High School. 1 v - W? VVVV L K i - iff. MAIRJOIKIE HELEN CoLE, - - - Minneapolis. fr Central High School. l Alpha Plfi, Theta Epsilon, Gopher Board, Secretary of Class in Freshman Year. X 5 RUTH LAW COLE, ------ Minneapolis. ! Alpha Phi, Dramatic Club, Secretary of Class in Sophomore and Junior Years. Lotus LOREN COLLINS, ----- St. Cloud. Rioimnn DELos COLLIN St. Cloud High School. Chi Psi, Scorpion, Arena, Managing Editor Gopher, Associate Editor "Daily," Junior Ball Association. ah S, - - - Windom, M Windom High School. Delta Upsilon, Track Team, Basket Ball Team of Class. 39 ff inn. X ESTER HELEN COLTER, '---- Saint Paul. Saint Paul Central High School. Y. W. C. A., Woman's League. QQQ MARY COTTER, ----- Austin. Austin High School. Womans League, U. C. A. Q96 AMY JOSEPHINE Coorc, - - - . Minneapolis. All Saint's School. Thalian. WILLIAM SUMNER COVEY, ---- Minneapolis. Central High School. Alpha Tau Omega, Hermean, Junior Ball Associaf tion, Sergeant Company E. elf' BESSIE ALM1RA COVERT, - - East Randolph, N. Y Delta Delta Delta, Y. W. C. A. JAMES ARTHUR DANFORTH, - - - Parker, S. D Parker High School. 40 I W 5 WWII " 's lm ,,,, A CARR K i N.. Wx -3 ,Il,l1" lu- J .ml - 1 , lllh A. My xl lalrdvul 1 x .,'u:gi0:' Wu i 1313!--ra. 1' lglimfl ' ,,,1, m ' A wilt. W nl Wmmm'lWIl!1.14nl wl1IQ"'mJ Q! SCOTTIE PRIMUS DAv1s, - - - - Saint Paul. Saint Paul Central High School. Y. W. C. A., Dramatic Club. QQ in MARIAN ETHEL D1NsMooR, - - - - Austin. Austin High School. Woma.n's League. ELIZABETH GLASSFORD DOCKEN, - - Eureka. Central High School. Y. W. C. A., Art Club, Woman's League. SY? HARRIET ANNE DORSETT, ---- Minneapolis. Delta Delta Delta. DoN CARLOS Dow, ----- Worthington Worthington High School. Forum Debating Team, 1902 and 1903, President Minnesota Literary Union. QQ? CLARENCE E. DRAKE, ---- Mitchell, Iowa. Cedar Valley Seminary. Castalian, Inter-Sophomore Debate. 41 C Q? MINNIE DUE NSING, .Q xx, Central High School. Minneapolis. U. L. A., Y. W. C. A., Womanls' League. 'PSF I. NEIL S. DUNGAY, ----- Faribault. Faribault High School. Y. M. C. A., Arena, Scholar in Department of Ani- mal Biology. LEORA EASTON, ---- - Easton. Owatonna High School. Thalifan, Woman's League, Y. W. C. A. CARL NJOHN Emu, ---- Minneapolis. South Side High School. MARY FEELEY, ----- f St. Paul. W St. Paul High School. X im at? efrl 5.12. 3955 E .. NIARY FISK, ----- St. Pau . St. Paul High School. N 'N J, Woman's League, Y. W. C. A. O 4""...."7 X. 4 :r.!'lf:2.f!!.,..- .. rf' ' I 5 KHHEW Y WI ,ml W , 'llllilllw g was .... I'lllllu "il'JlIIIl vig 'WU X :gf " sf SADIE FITZGERALD, ----- Litchield. Litchfield, Minn. U. C. A., Woman's League. ' 99,9 , ull' MABLE-CLARE FLEMING, ---- Minneapolis Y Chicago High School. WINNIE Avis FLEMING, - - - St. Paul. St. Paul Central. Y. W. C. A., Wom'an's League. QQQ . ELSIE FOULIIE. ------- St. Paul. St. Paul High School. Delta Gamma, Y. W. C. A., Woman's League. MABEL BLANCHE Fnosr, ---- Norway, Mich. Hudson High School. Woman's League. QQ? LILIAN BIRD GARROW, ----- Saint Paul. St. Paul Central High School. Gopher Board, Y. W. C. A., Womatfs League. 43 Ng A A Wm, Ill Z 3 mumm I Q' vi in Mlllllllmlllu 'W nm '1 xl X at K if 'la W1 W My , L, ll. 4, Mill 1 i r Nm' xx I N L gf". D. A. GAUMNITZ, ------ Minneapolis. State Agricultural College. R5 5 ARCHIBALD R. GIRRONS, - - - Austin. we gk 3 , Austin High School. ' Delta Upsilon, Mandolin Club, Sergeant Co. B, A 1 its 3394 we Junior Ball Association. i Xfjbfzi ' T N COURTNEY THOMAS GLASS, ---- Luverne. ,A Luverne High School. ' Delta Upsilon. KATHERINE GOETZINGER, ---- Fergus Falls. Fergus Falls High School. Y. W. C. A., Woman's League, Art Club, Girls' Glee Club, Class Poet '03. CLARENCE W. GOODSELL, -' - - Flandreau, S. D. ' Flandreau High School. Glee Club, Second Sergeant Company D. etc M LAURA GOULD, ----- Minneapolis. 61 i . Central High School. '- Theta Epsilon. Thalian, Y. W. C. A., Woman's League. . 'llllll-llaslllf I i. ilvvlt lllllilu H it K Mygllawulwwwn V Y. 21 .nllmu . -ll 2ill"', .lllll ,Q-'Mil lllllli"'l M14 I -:N LJ HH' ., 61:11 .1 sl il. ll Milli' .N II T I ly f R. 'Il ll it lf: l A . Q lldld-w,q,,,u,,wm!Jm5'5gl L MARIE HARHOLDT, ----- St. Paul. St. Paul High School. MARIAN J. HARRIS, ------ Lake City. Lake City High School. Woman's League. Qiff .9 GEORGE WARREN HARSH, ---- Lanesboro. Lanesboro High School. Zeta. Psi, Varsity Strong Man, Football Squad, As- sistant Editor Daily, Track Team, Winner Shot-put, Iowa Meet. Q96 3 EDITH G. HERBST, ----- - Osakis. Faribault High School. U. L. A., Y. W. C. A., Woman's League. l . .. A BLANCHE HIGGIXBOTIIALI, - - - Kansas City, Mo. I' Central High School. Z Kappa Alpha Theta, Y. W. C. A., Woman's League. ANNA HILLESHEIBI, ----- Sleepy Eye. Sleepy Eye High School. U. C. A., Y. W. C. A. Q is! . Q NN MARY J. A. HILLESHEIM, ---- Sleepy Eye. Sleepy Eye High School. U. C. A., Y. W. C. A. alle JENNIE ISABELLE H1scooK, - - - Minneapolis. East Side High School. Y. W. C. A., Wornanls League, Chorus, Girl's Glee Club. S5962 W. R. HOAGLAND, ---- State Agricultural College. V Qi? St. Anthony Falls. JOHN G. HOLM, ----- Minneota. Marshfield High School. Shakopean, Associate Editor "Daily!' EDNA CHRISTINA HOUCK, - - - Preston. Preston High School. Minerva, Wom-an's League, Y. W. C. A. EDWARD E. Hovpn, ------ Wabasha. Wabasha High School. Engineer's Society. 4 if 1. ll, wqnfllillln W -.1 "' sl li n, ,ll 1 ' wink ny . - nw 4 '- 14 i1Hluil:nxrluwnmW""' vllvml' CLARA BLANCHE HULL, ---- St. Paul. St. Paul High School. Y. W. C. A. QQ? INA FRANCES HURD, ---- ' A - Minneapolis. W South Side High School. ly Y. W. C. A., Woman's League. l 929 . ALICE MAUD HYSER, ---- Minneapolis. Central High School. ' 7 SF Gamma Phi Beta, Wornan's League. ' N l S ' AGNES IVES, ------- St. Paul. Saint Paul Central High School. ' , Gamma Phi Beta. Q96 e i , 3 MARY IVES, ------- ' Saint Paul. j Sain-t Paul Central High School. Gamma Phi Beta, Wo1:nan's League. E1si1LY FLORENCE JANNEY, ---- Minneapolis. Central High School. Dramatic Club, Theta Epsilon. ' H . X. f g Q Y will l ll' m lu af' O 4 Y ,fl ,1 N, W ,ul ' Q GRACE MAE JENKS, - Minneapolis. DAGMAR CHRISTENCE JENSEN, - - - Saint Paul. Saint Paul High School. Woman'S League. 956 GERTRUDE ELLEN JEWETT, ---- Saint Paul. Saint Paul High School. Y. W. C. A., Woman's League. 'fic ARTHUR MONRAD JOHNSON, - - - Minneapolis. Warren High School. ' Gopher Board, Scandinavian Club. JENNY JOHNSON, Gassleton, N. D. EMILY JOHNSTON, ---- Minneapolis. ' L East High School. Thalian Literary Society, Winner of Girls' Tennis ' Tournament of 1902, Captain Girls' Basket Ball Team 1903. 48 f l ie mi fm' "W i " V' ' : 'way f A "wi fa , ,. -Wm: " x -- .4.z:w.5 Mamox Is.x1:1f:LL1-3 JONES, - - - Central High School. Gamma Phi Beta, Theta Epsilon, Y. W. C. A. Q22 SARAH H. Jos1.1N. - - - - Moline High School. Alpha Phi, Vice President Class in Freshman Year. QQ Lu.I.1As ANNE JOY. - - - - - Saint Paul, Saint Paul High School. Y. XV. C. A. LUCAS CAIQLYLE KkZI.LS. ---- Sauk Center. Sauk Center High School. Shakopean. CARLETON GALE Kl'II.SlI1'. - - - Minneapolis. East High School. Y. M. C. A., Hermean, Quartermaster Sergeant Bat- tery. ale ROBERT PIOXVARD Krzwzs, ---- Minneapolis. East High School. Beta Theta Pi, Junior Ball Association, Business Manager Dramatic Club. 49 Minneapolis. Minneapolis. s .+'?'5"T"X .1 Vai fwfr f ,, 1 av J V' 2 1 QAM 3 . S ll FRANCIS L. KING, ----- Ellendale, N. D. Phi Gamma Delta, Scorpion, Business Manager Gopher, Junior Ball Association. alle NORA EVELYN KOEIILIEIK, ---- Zumlorota. Zumbrota High School. Womans League, Y. W. C. A. sic ALOIS F. Kovmu K. " ' - - Minneapolis. Decorah Institute. Shfakopean, U. L. A., Gopher Board, Pillsbury Inter- Sophomore Prize, Scholar in Physics. Q96 MARY HELEN KRAF'rs, - - - Minneapolis. North High School. Y. W. C. A., Womanis League. Q22 i . t 1 fy JAMES P. KRANZ, ---- - Hastings Hastings High School. Arena, Inter-Sophomore Debate. ah HUGH Ems LEACII, ----- Spring Valley Spring Valley High School. Theta Delta Chi, Varsity Baseball Team '01, '02, Captain '03, Varsity Basket Ball Team, Junior Ball ti Association. 3 50 K Q 1-.eftfrlwvii :F','l1'j'1l! ' rr 'Kill I .1 sl ll ll l W l l ml l ' Milli!! ll W 1' I " H N ...ii-""'u www' J 4-X1 ELEANOR G. LEES, ---- Minneapolis. ' ' East High School. Wornan's League. RUTH EDDY LEONARD, ----- Minneapolis. , - .- 'F C: fi' East High School. wa. Kappa Alpha Theta, Theta Epsilon Dramatic Club, E g Y. W. C. A., Wo1nan's League, Gopher Board, Ten- ,Q 5 V. his Club. . f xt ' LAUi!EL LEWIS, ----- Saint Paul- 'in :L , Duluth High School. Y. W. C. A., Woman's League. Q22 ALICE LINKFIELD, ----- Minneapolisf Central High School. ii N11 LURA MAE LITTLEFIELD, - - - Minneapolis. South High School. ,Q 5 Greek Club, Woman's League, 95? EARL ALFRED Looivus. ---V - - Owatonna. Pillsbury Academy. Secretary of Shakopean, Y. M. C. A., Republican Club. 5. K Zh, IEW ay CLARA ANTOINETTE LIKCKER. - - Minneapolis Central High School. ' Woman's League. QF CORABELLE LUDWIG, ---- Minneapolis. East High School. Y. W. C. A., Woman's League. elk? CLARENCE NIALAND, ------ Rushford. Rushford High School. Arena Literary Society. Qi? ELSA MANNHEIMER, ----- St. Paul. Mechanic Arts High School. h Q22 THOMAS ROY MARTIN, ----- Mantorville. Mantorville High School. Q24 GRACE Lovnu. MAY, ------ St. Paul. St. Paul Central High School. X 52 it re - E , ,, , . cg ia, gVc,.gX,,g,X-7 ., -, ,. E -if ' CORA L. Moony, - Minneapolis. Q26 GEORGE W. MORGAN, ----- Minneapolis. East Side High School. 'Pia MYRA BICCARRIEL, ---- Minneapolis. Princeton High School. MYRTLE MCCURIJY, ----- Minneapolis. East Side High School. WOInan's League. 95961 PEARL MCCURDY, ----- Minneapolis. East Side High School. Womans League. his VVILLIAM HENRY' MCGRATII. - - - Waverly, Iowa. Waverly High School. Phi Gamma Delta, Scorpion, Arena, Freshman Ora- tor, Sophomore Debate, Junior Ball Association, Gopher Board. 53 ' '.-1... at Q 'Nd,+T'q- , . - Q. , . a at .".af'1a.,J ,..:,e"' S.: -' '43 3 .fry N . vffgi lm P in Zz 4 A K 4 fi N ,.. i ie xg I K X., I , -I lim, b KE-ft ELIZABETH ELINOR MCKIT'DRICIi, - - - Minneapolis East Side High School. QQ? WILLIAM AIILISON INTCMANIGAI., - - - St. Paul St. Paul Central High School. President Castalian Literary Society, Sophomore vice Debating Team, Vice President Minnesota Literary Union. 9952 ETI-IEL MAY MCMILLAN, ---- Minneapolis North Side High School. Woman's League, Greek Club, Y. W. C. A. MABEL Louisa MCMURRAY, - - - Minneapolis Park River High School. 1 .f' L. M W AW, "'4fvL "' NORLIAN LESLIE NEWIIALL, - - - Minneapolis. . " 'f af' at J ' I rt! Central H1gh School. Zeta Psi, Vice President Tennis Club, Vice Presi- jg dent Republican Club, President Bowling League, 4213. ' x' .. V- Junior Ball Association, Gopher Board. 'tr' ul Q89 .ffm ff, 2 WILLIADI AXEL NORD, ---- Willrnar. gf!! iii Willrniar High School. 1 I iff" X fr, I . v - X, Forum. 'M 1 -M! xfdiilltv "', I ' 441.4 54 IJN 4 ,, sl 7 ff' Fiumc E. NORTON, ---- Minneapolis. Marshall High School, Castalian, Inter-Sophomore Debating Team, Cas- talian Debating Team. QS? MARY Loclsn NORTON. ---- Red Wing Faribault High School. Gamma Phi Beta, Omega Psi, Woman's League Board, Thalian, Y. W. C. A. Q29 K!!! hw "' 4 , .A A T AA, - -' , 'ggi 'tg ki A EDGAR L. Norms. ---A Minnetonka Mills. R, I - North High School. ' , , Kappa Sigma, Republican Club, Forum, Y. M. C. A., S V First Sergeant Co. E., President Freshman Class, . g, Treasurer Minnesota Daily Board, Junior Ball As- ' Q. ,L V 4 sociation. 'F x ' ' E ,fda aa ,ff A MARSHALL ALUAA NYI-.. - - Minneapolis. ,g,,,,, q -AAN - ,AW A ,ff R ' ' , 45,5 gaze, North High School. 54 f ff if ,SQ Q Eiga 455, NINA DELIA Ours. ----- ,,?mff,'f': if lik J 4 jim Minneapolis Academy. Y. W. C. A., Greek Club, Woman's League. A- 2 QEQQ Brix g ALFRED EDWARD OMAN. ' ' - - Hastings. Hastings High School. Q Arena. isis, , RQ C ,J .af , . ,gi giiiiiieiii im 5 - .3'rSsf.zisg- Vg -"' . l . m y if, X is K YT' , . R ' ,Qu . it paw ALICE MARGARET PARKER, ---- Minneapolis East Side High School. U. L. A. Q96 RICHARD STORER PATTEE, ---- Minn l' eapo IS. Phi Kappa Psi, Junior Ball Association, First Sergeant Cadet Corps, Football Squad. 'YP CHARLES PEHOUSHEK. ----- Minneapolis. East Side High School. Q98 GERTRUDE MAY PETELER, - - - - Minneapglis, North Side High School. Y. W. C. A., Woman's League. A QR? LEROY PETERS, ---- St. Joseph, Michigan. Phi Delta Theta, Junior B HORACE E. PETERSON, - - - - Pi all Association. llager. Worthington High School. Arena Literary Society, Scandinavian Literary So- ciety, Winner Wyman Prize 1902, Sergeant Com- pany E. 56 f . CLIF1-'oizn VIVIAN PIERCE, ---- St. Paul St. Paul Central High School. Shakopean, Y. M. C. A. fi? SUE M. PITBLADO, ---- Minneapolis. East Side High School, Y. W. C. A., Woman's League. QQ FRANK lRICII.-XRDSON PIXGRY, - - - Minneapolis. East Orange High School. Y. M. C. A., Greek Club, Daily Staff. ei? Flu-:UERICK HLXROLIJ Poi-PH, - - - Milbank. Milbank High School. Alpha Tau Omega, Junior Ball Association. 95? L1-:is MARSDEN POXVELL, - - - Montgomery. Minneapolis Academy. Phi Delta Theta, Junior Ball Association, Sergeant Cadet Corps. sis' PRUDI-:Sci-: PRATT, ---- Minneapolis. East Side High School. 57 xl by tgp' EDITH ELIZABI-:Tu PUTNAM, - - Minneapolis. Central High School. Minerva, Woman's League, Y. W. C. A. ALICE WILLIAMS RIQIIFIIQLD, ---- Minneapolis. cemrai High School. 'f Gamma Phi Beta, Theta Epsilon, Woman's League, A Y. W. C. A., sigma Alpha Deira. , 4, xi, " -A ALBERT C. REMELE, ---- - Sleepy Eye. Sleepy Eye High School. Arena, Y. M. C. A., Republican Club, Basket Ball, Sergeant Company C. Q elf? IVA MYRTLE RICIIARDSON, - - - Elgin. Winona Normal. Minerva Literary Society, Y. W. C. A., Womants I League. I .A ' . . E . . gf, TRUMAN E. RICIQARIJ, ---- Minneapolis A Q l U' J East High School. ,i.g..1f'TQ' A. Zeta Psi, Y. M. C. A., Band, Junior Ball Association. LTLLIAN RUTH ROSIIOLT, ----- Minneapolis. Normal School, N. D. H553 Delta Ga-mma, Theta Epsilon, Woman's League, Y. Qfagdf XX W. C. A. 'X 3 A f' 1 1 -R, ,,, M-. ...rf f',-wnxxx W lvvy ig. xlgq , ' A ERN Fx 1 ' rx Q8 1 f L1 A me ...Q l' -1 ." Af' sl X.: ,X X wig? 4 G ' La ' .1 .jijg-..1fi'..,,.,w' BENJAISIIN GEORGE HOERGER, - - Faribault. Faribault High School. Delta Upsilon, Glee Club, Band. Qi? ! A . fur-v .ssl 'P AGNES RUETII, - St. Paul. CAROLYX TYLER SAL1sm:RY. - ' - - Saint Paul. Saint Paul Central High School. Alpha Phi. ALMA JANE Sciufrr, ----- Minneapolis. Feller Institute, Province of Quecec. Y. W. C. A., Woman's League. BESSIE SCRI1'TL'lll'I. ' ' ' - Minneapolis. , East High School. Kappa Alpha Theta, Womans League, Daily Staff. Q-9:2 SAMUEL SEVERSON. ' ---- Brandt, N. D. Augsburg Seminary. Arena, Scandinavian Literary Society, Y. M. C. A. 59 . T2 . v 1.5.x xg-,M 19. Q t . , .. . .. , M .4--' L 1 4,4 iw . if f.- I t - ai vw f " :fy L f Q ,5 , Q 1' ye.- .., 1 ' 3 ELEANOR SHELDON, ---- Minneapolis East High School. Gamma Phi Beta. QQ? ARTIE NETTIE SKooG, Red Wing. WARREN E. SHUCK, ---- Rushmore. Holton High School. ' Arena. NATHANIEL FERDINAND SODERBERG, - Dawson South High School Hermean, Scandinavian Literary Society. Q98 HORTENSE M. SMITH, - - - Algonia, Iowa ' ' Algona High School. . Y. W. C. A., Won1an's League. LILLIAN BROWNELL STEBBINS, - - Minneapolis ' f Central High School. f L ' 60 CHARLES Sumxm' STEVENS, - - - Faribault Faribault High School. ella Fm-:neuron ALEXANDER STEVVART, - - Minneapolis Minneapolis Academy. Hermean, Minnesota Literary Union, Scandinavian Literary Society, Vice President Republican Club, Cadet Captain and Chief of Artillery. We GEORGE HARTWELI. STONH, - - - Jamestown, N. D. South High School. Sigma Alpha Epsilon, President Greek Club, Y. M. C. A. elk LILLA GRANT STOXE, ---- MinneaDOliS- South High School. Y. W. C. A., Woman's League. l Q29 Mosns L. STRATTYIERN, ----- Rich Valley. Hastings High School. Alpha Tau Omega, Treasurer Junior Ball Associa- tion, Football Team '00, '01, '02, Q96 CARRIE SWIFT, - Minneapolis. 61 1 H. T. SYDOXV, Sleepy Eye QQ? JENNY LIXD TEETER, ---- - Austin Austin High School. Y. W. C. A., Woman's League. his Lois AGNES TENNANT, ---- Minneapolis. East Side High School. Delta Gamma, Sigma Alpha Delta, Theta Epsilon. ale l JOSEPHINE LYDIA THOMAS, - - - Minneapolis. Central High School. Kappa Alpha Theta. We EDITH LILIAN THOMPSON, - - Spokane, Washington. Minerva, Vice. Pres. Junior Class, Y. W. C. A., Gopher Board. Q96 Josaru THOMSON, - . ----- St. Paul. Psi Upsilon, Secretary Jnnior Ball Association. 62 tm it W ' ii . fm :WUI 1 I ill , ui, 'I!I!Qg"j . 1 I '",Wll1m..t..,.,,.,,..t.......w' swf rl' " W X -I " if WV ' W I 'N..':1WeI""JU tl l -iv! rl ' 'Iva dll' 4 l v . ull A K MARGARET PIIIPPS VAN BERGEN, - - - Minneapolis. Central High School. Delta. Gamma, Sigma Alpha Delta, Theta Epsilon, Woman's League Board, Y. W. C. A. I sic A. RAYMOND VARCO, ----- Austin, Minn. Austin High School. Theta Delta Chi, Varsity Basket Ball Team '01 and '02, Varsity Basket Ball Team '02-'03, Winner 100 Yard Dash Fresh. Soph. Meet '02, Treasurer of Junior Class. ati LULU MAUDE Vizzziuicizx, ---- Spencer, Iowa. ax Spencer High School. Gopher Board Artist. 95? i -A, Ivy ETTA WAGNER, ----- Moorhead. Moorhead State Normal. ,iq X Woman's League, U. L. A., Captain Junior Basket ax Ball Team. at :Q GRACE EMMA WASHBURN, ---- Minneapolis. Bradford, Vt., High School. Minerva. ALTA M. VVAYXE. ----- Minneapolis. Minneapolis Academy. Woman's League. G: ' 555 1 A atm aaimxixax QE! 6 l 5 l .A i wi l for l KW JULIA CORINNE WEBSTER, - - Minneapolis ' Stanley Hall. Alpha Phi, Vice President Dramatic Club, Y. W. C. A. W. W, WEDGE, - Plain View SUE ALLEN WEIR, ---- Minneapolis Central High School. Kappa Kappa Gia.1nm'a. AMELIA LOUISE WIER, ---- St. Paul Stillwater High School. U. L. A., Y. W. C. A., Woma.n's League. ALBERT BYRON WELLES, ---- Center, N. D. VVLV K Central High School. , fwfoim Arena, Treasurer Class '04, Sergeant Company A, Junior Ball Association, Y. M. C. A. i,.ff'e,-af... -.w,o?1z5:z, .,,, or gif' wif'-fy ' if in ,-': sgfeegg., Af.. BESSIE WHITTIER, ----- Minneapolis. South side High School. Y. W. C. A. 64 L, ' il' A, .mu My li W l 'sir . " .1 Q? I l 'U , 3 it l VLHU w "2 Wnnwlsquwwww' CARL JOHN A. WOLD, ----- Minneapolis. South Side High School. Q95 ul CELIA A. Woon, ----- Adrian, Michigan. A Earlham College. Y. W. C. A., Woman's League. me K DAISY MABEL WRIGHT, ----- St. Paul. ' K f St. Paul Central High School. Woman's League. ale CHARLES YOUNGQUIST, ----- Minneapolis. Minnesota Normal School. N Casta.lian Literary Society, E 92? 'ff J 3 HELEN PAULINE BIJIQBRIDGE, - - - Minneapolis. 1' Minneapolis Central High. W H W Kappa Kappa Gamma, Dramatic Club, Woman's it ,l League. Z an P 5 ef S . E 71 MARY LocKwooD MATTHEWS, - - Cambridge City, Ind 3 M- ff, 65 , 4 J A k'ikX'x:b"'..!3p . I f ,f Q Civil Engineers NATHAN HERSCHEL BOGUE, ---- Castle Rock. Nonthiield High School. ai? WALTISR ANTHONY DOIIERTY, ---- St. Paul. ' st. Paul Central High School. elk? GEORGE L. GILLETTE, ---- Minneapolis. East High School. Chi Psi, President Glee and Mandolin Club, Vice President Junior Ball Association, First Sergeant Company G. Qi? JAY CLARK HOLLAND, ----- Minneapolis. RX Hillsdale College, Michigan. 3 Phi Delta Theta, CityEngineers' Club. C we E. E. Hovna, - - Wabasha FRANKLIN R. MCMILLiKN, ---- Luverne Luverne High School. Assistant in Engineering Drawing, Engineers' S0- ciety. fix Nl Rib .ff 'f' A fx 66 .M t jf . -..f3,.faf:g: -me-p'f Ni:Ls Bnxoxr NELSON, ---- Preston Preston High School. Third "Times, Good Roads Prize," Engineers' So- ciety. his ALFRED J. R.KS1IUSSlfIN, - - - Houston. Houston High School. Band, Engineers' Society, Scandinavian Literary Society. Qtr PAUL Rorur, ----- ' Moland. South Side High School. Engineers' Society. S596 XVALTER KRAUUQL TANNER. - - - Cannon Falls. Cannon Falls High School. Engineers' Society. ROBERT XVILLIAM YVICST, - - Rochester. l 9294? SIIELDON Woon. Minneapolis. 67 i a ,. ine' 'P' g it x T 'N K X., M echanical Engineers GEORGE LUTHER ANDREWS, - - - Green Valley. 'Pie' FRANCIS CHARLES CUTTER, ---- Tracy. St. Paul Central High S-chool. Engineers' Society, Hockey Club. Q96 JAIKIES WILLIAM HOWATT, ---- Wabasha. Wabasha High School. CHESTER H. KIXNARD, - - - Minneapolis. Sigma Chi. EDWARD BUNKER LEWIS, ---- Willmar. Willmar High School. Engineers' Society. ROBERT WALTER OTTO ----- St, Paul. Mechanic Arts High School. Engineers' Society. i S R if J sl JOHN N. PETERSON, - - - 92? RAYMOND EDWARD STANTON, ---- Mechanic Arts High School. Engineering Sociefty. P242 Electrical Engin VERN HOWARD BOSXVORTH, B. M. BOUMAN, ------- Norden Gymnasium, Ostfriesland, Germany. Engineers' Society. Minneapolis Academy. -ww-'avf-Ls ix! fs..- Lirchneid. st. Paul. K 161 'H 6 8 I' S 'f - Utica. XX 7 Murdock. ess. sic? E EDXVARD J. CIIENEY, ----- Minneapolis. I Assistant Business Manager Gopher, Engineers' So- ciety, bnakopean. GEORGE W. CRABRE, ----- Minneapolis. East Side High School. . Q51 K f 'sa.,.,L Aj' W' . X jf 5 E i A . . A' J' VICTOR E. GOODWIN, ----- Minneapolis. Minneapolis Central High School. Q96 Engineers' Society. FRANK CHAR1,Es Hrzmrs, - - Cumberland, Wisconsin. 9962 JOHN HOWATT, ----- Lake City. Lake City High School. Engineers' Society. 2961 BENJAMIN LONG HUFF, - - - Tonawanda, N. Y. Tonawanda High School. Beta. Theta Pi, Junior Ball Association, Engineers' Society. '-299 Gicokois R. NIANTIIEY, ---- NVinona. Winona High School. Shakopean. QQ. ll HARRY GARFIELD 1Xi0ii'1'OX, Merriam Park Yi 'M ...,, Q gig. . 1 FRED ARTHUR OTTO, ---- St. Paul. Central High School. Engineers' Society. sk ARTHUR VVILLIABI SAUNDERS. - - - St. Paul. Central High School. Chi Psi, Junior Ball Association, Engineers' So- ciety. QS? ROBEIIT B. TAPLLN. ----- Minneapolis. Brockville High School, Canada. Delta Tau Delta. Engineers' Society, Sergeant Com- pany B, Hockey Club. ale School of Mines SAMUEL THAYER B.xss, ---- St. Paul St. Paul Academy. Psi Upsilon, Hockey Team, Junior Ball Association. ah FRANK A. BOWMAN, ---- Minneapolis Central High School. School of Mines Society. ale Stillwater High School. , 71 HARoLl1 IRYING Blcosiots. - - - Stillwater V Ng ALLAN B. CALHOUN, ----- Minneapolis. North Side High School. School of Mines Society. FRANCIS C. DEVEREAUX, ---- Minneapolis. ft East Side High sehooi. f-' A. H. DONALDSON, ----- Minneapolis. ,Q East Side High School. 1 FRANK NORMAN EDMONDS, - - - Minneapolis. Central High School. Theta Delta Chi. 1 WILLIAM H. HALL, ---- Minneapolis. Central High School. Beta Theta Pi, Sergeant at Arms of Junior Class, Junior Ball Association, School of Mines Society. J LEWIS K. HOULTON, ---- Elk River. l f St. Cloud High School. I Q65 . President School of Mines Society '03-'04, Band. ll PQ .144-fig,-,X NNW 72 Y W YW T+ Y fx f' bt ,,,,,,,, , Y W 1 fx tl llel. E 3' W -I gy , ,,,. " flu.- ,JIQQ "Wu, ' 'I Hmwllllilq MERTON STEPHEN KINGSTON, Eveleth. AMOR FREDERICK KUEHN, Minneapolis. 41' V if W5 X5 T I av' ian , I w ANDREXV LEONARD MGCARTY, - - - Good Thunder. Q' f Y VG Mapleton High School. WN? , be i t-:Q School of Mines Society, U. C. A. 'G A K if fi E SIDNEY LATHAM SHONTS, ---- Fergus Falls. Advisory Board, School of Mines Society. 73 LUCIEN MERRITT, ------ Duluth Duluth Central High School. School of Mines Society. 5 W. QR , T x J HERBERT JEFFERSON PEXFIELD, - Spokane, XVashington. 4,1 Zeta Psi, Junior Ball Association, School of Mines Society. el? Qs ,AM 1 :.L.'a1a.s,,M:k v J M .52 X X X . . ,. y M, ERICK JULIUS SHRADER, - - - Minneapolis. East Side High School. School of Mines Society. Q89 Dnwm' C. SQUYER, ---- Minneapolis. Central High School. School of Mines Society. sic CARL Vox Roim, ---- - Winona. Winona High School. Zeta Psi, Mandolin and Glee Clubs, Band, Junior Ball Association, School of Mines Society. Q86 School of Chemistry RAYMOND CALVIN B1f:NNr:n, - - Sauk Centre. FRANK FITCH Gnorrr, - Rockford, Ill. ah Science and Technology STEWART GlxRr112LD COLLINS, - - - St. Cloud. St. Cloud High School. Chi Psi, Scorpion, Vice President Engineering So- ciety, Junior Ball Association, Captain Company C. H. 74 '11 f qt fi M... ---" . 4, . , ,f . af Xp J Mechanical Engineers LYMAN SHEDD Annex, ----- Minneapolis. Central High School. Engineers' Society, Junior Ball Association. J elf Lewis PARK CAxt1'1:EI.r,, ---- Duluth Duluth Central High School. Engineers' Society. atc GERALD HVXTLY Dowxs. ----- St. Paul Mechanics Arts High School. Delta Tau Delta, Vice-President Bowling League. elf? HARRY Victor: Fti1.l.14:1:, ----- Mankato Sioux Falls High School. Phi Delta Theta, Scorpion, Editor-in-Chief 1904 Gopher, Junior Ball Association, Second Prize Briggs Essay Contest, Fourth Prize Wilson Short Story Contest. tit? C. Rm' SIIAROOD, .,,.. - St. Paul St. Paul Central High School. Delta Tau Delta, Engineers' Society, Junior Ball Association. at XVALTE1: B. Su1f3LDoN, ---- Red Wing Red Wing High School. Phi Kappa Psi, Junior Ball Association, Engi- ,F neers' Society. 75 1 A +- 55 College of Science, Literature and Arts JOIIN WALTER DYE, ---- - Winona. Winona High School. Gymnastic Team, Football Squad, Class Football Team. iii? J d ,E ELIZABETII MCLAUGIILIN, - - - - - MHD1'3t011- "'f',fL-MH' Mapleton High School. pf U. c. A. E942 College of Engineering Minneapolis. at - - Onslow, Iowa 95? CHARLES ASA DAVIS, ifm m JOIIN WILLIALI DUNN, U fu 63 3554? ,, LEWIS E. FAGAN, - M:l1'1I183.DOllS. - - Austin. CLARENCE O. MALLIBERG, D Austin High School. , -y-wvImQf'.-6 1, on : -' ,W ..,1,W HL' ,Vi IN 44 i z- -? -.1 J f'5uu College of Medicine and Surgery ARNT GRUNTVIG ANDERSON, - - - MiI11193'D01iS- South High School, U. C. Seminary. LUDWVIG WALMER ANDERSON, - - - MiI1D9HP01iS- ,ff East Side High School. if, +JA3IES ALAN BALLARD, ----- St. Paul. 5+ St. Paul Central High School. Kappa Sigma, Phi Alpha Gamma. SSS GEORGE BELDEN, ----- ' Hl1'EChiHS011- Spokane High School. , Alpha Kappa Kappa. ,-,' . 5 ah fl ii S THEODORE JUSTUS BENSON, - - - Northiield. ,W Northield High School. 'Wfi"f Y. M. C. A. Q26 'TE JACOB BIEDERMAN, B. S., '01, - - - Star Prairie.!wf9-- Stillwater High School. f ffm, f 49 jfffomeopatliic M. and S. , . KF uf ff -P.. L 2 ii 'bi is 3 ii L+ , ,, , Q A . .1 if I 1 ,-.,1.' ,ffghc aff, .f' 27,51 an Kp. 1 .117 Q95 !,' '. x 4' 5: K fcfjgf 5,55 Q , 'hun ' hw.,-F aw 77 :lf Q M"'l'::f'O'af--1'-' 'wahf ,f Wan., ,f re. '-,aw y ,e AQ, .ff 1 'fl N. is .S X x 1 ,ff'i.j'. 3 .ff 'mf W mw- J, ., ,A43 Q 1, qi. Q R L 1 - sun-f-1,-' CH,xRL1+:s E. Biomow, - - - Buffalo Prairie, Ill Dodge Centre High School, Carleton College. Q96 EGIL BOECKMAN, Berlin, Germany. Delta Kappa Epsilon, Football Team, Track Team. sis Tonms BIRNBERG, ----- Loubert, Austria. St. Paul Central High School. sic? AMY I. Bum, --A---- Osakis. Spearfish, S. Dali., Normal School. Alpha Epsilon Io-ta, Y. W. C. A. ILT,IA1K'E ALGERNON BRAND, - - Big Stone, S. Dak. Milbank High School. Nu Sigma Nu. Qin CHAS. E. BROWN, ---- Highland, Kansas. Highland Normal and Kansas University. Y. M. C. A. , A, , fl J V ,f3.1f,Q.i'f"f1ff N' - 3 7g isa.,-M - - - - St. Paul. f? Nxt, ,ff ff .., JL' was 3 -Wi, , 2' .fy 5, W, Lx 23 .X gk- xi HWS Q ,f 'Rl LORNE ALEXANDER CAINIPBELL, - - Ottawa, Ontario. Smiebs Falls High School, Ontario. ROBERT WILSON CABIPBELL, - - - - Tracy. Tracy High School. SAMUEL DAVID COFFIN, ----- Lyndale. Two Years in Academic College. President Junior Class. GEORGE DART CROSSETTE, ---- Minneapolis. Hyde Park High School, Chicago. Sigma Chi. LEON CORIA, ---- - - Minneapolis. Minneapolis Central High School. Sigma Chi, Mandolin Club. THOMAS JALIES COSTELLO, ---- Graceville. Graceville High School. 794 ga 'www it . LA 1 . I if YR ,atb Vx . ,ll '29 .ani E9 f Jw" fall .APY 5 1' i 4 if , l fm., NA KX.. J oHN LEO DIVINE, - - - - - S-t. Paul Central High School. Alpha Kappa. Kappa. GEORGE CLAUDE DITTMAN, ---- 'Wiki' if "N .. Mia V925 '."Tf1".'l-'ti E GEORGE EDVVIN DIX, - - - gym ' Y' ' 'f Canby High School. vc, ua. t.,-,f::s' X V I A Alph-a. Kappa Kappa. Q22 LOUIS EUGENE DAUGHERTY, - - Shattuck School. Delta. Kappa Epsilon. E98 f. ." f 53 EDYVIN B. DAUGHERTY, - - - Shattuck School. T7 ' Delta. Kappa Epsilon. JOHN T. DUNN, ---- Waseca High School. St. Paul Central High School. g St. Paul. St. Paul. Rochester. Duluth. Duluth. Waseca. FN.. 7 CJ WM. STANFORD ELIBIERSON, - - Port Perry, Ontario. Port Perry High School, Manitoba Normal. Q98 HARRY M. FREEBERG, - - - Charles City, Iowa. Charles City High School, University of Iowa. Y. M. C. A. Qi? CHARLES DONEY FREEMAN, ---- St. Paul Central High School. Delta Kappa Epsilon, Nu Sigma Nu. QRS' WILLIAM STUART FROST, B. S. fMinnesotaJ, Willmar High School. Phi Kappa Psi, Nu Sigma. Nu. Yi' PATRICK J. GALLAGHER, ---- Graceville High School. gil? C. EDSON GATES, ----- Rochester High School. Alpha Kappa Kappa. fha Y- l v ff f . I R y fri 5 zg up Wi A six" t fi 1 St. Paul. is Sikh VZ ix 'ifsvffffe 1 X.. , 3 f 5 ., Minneapolis. ' ,ff lj ff- - 5 "gf ff fl st. Paul. kv, ,fig-I, avid? '11 .it Rochester. 3 iq, pdf QX . .gina m'5'X 1. iss...- K-at Ei 2 5 Xf -if J QQ. ' .1 I I V, ,ff ""-1a..,fv.A.f' Ng 4 5 n K X GLENN DEAN GALLUP, - - - Hudson, Wisconsin. Hudson High School. do HARRY J. GOVVENLOCK, - ---- Barnesville. Barnesville High School. Q96 ABE NATHAN GUNZ, Phrn. D., - - Minneapolis. Austin High School. W5 HENRY JOHN HUTcH1NsoN, - Hyde Park, Lynn, Mass. Hutchinson High School. ' IRVING WILBUR HIGGINS, ---- Hutchinson. Hutchinson High School. WALTER FREDERICK HOL'FAIAN, - - -' Minneapolis. Minneapolis Central High School. Eta Pi. S2 hui 'ii UQ ,, , ,f,.1 .. . J sv W i- 'vw '-1 ANDREW D. HOIDISLIC, A - - - Dawson. Dawson High School. Qi? JoHN ELDQN HYN1-zs, Ph. C. CMinnesotaJ, Winnebago City. Delta Tau Delta, Nu Sigma Nu, Scorpion, Gopher Board. We GUNLAUGER F. Joxxsoxl - - - Barden, Iceland. stef University of North Dakota. al-1' HANS Jonxsox, ----- Willmar. Willrnar High School. :Jr ' f g-aa. 1 egg .fz..Q1i3.ii.?f1-.5 645' CARL A. KI.E3IER, ----- Faribault. ,, it Faribault High School. f "Zi Delta Kappa Epsilon, Nu Sigma Nu. sawing. Leif JOSEPH ROBERT KUTH, ---- Minneapolis. , St. John's University, Collegeville. if ., vu, A ef I-.tue-1" 'J' , ff' X. K LI' PERCY FRANCIS KEARNEY, - - Janesville, Wisconsin. Janesville and East Minneapolis High School. Alpha Kappa Kappa. N c HAROLD KOREN, B. S., ---- Minneapolis. Windom Institute. Vioe President Junior Class. OLAF KNUTSON, ------ Mlapleton. St. Ansgar College. LAMBER1' M. LUNDEMARK, - Cumberland, Wisconsin. Cumberland High School. Knockers' Club. film. AraAMs MACKEEN, - Strathdorn, New Brunswick. University of New Brunswick. JOHN A. MATTSON, ---- - Dassell. St. Cloud Normal. Knock-ers' Club. lic M. and S. 84 N '-A . fx 1 V LH EDMUND L. MAURER, ------ St. Paul. HARRY E. MCKIBBEN, - - Webster, South Dakota. ,XI mo X U M K -N. '--.. .1 V X. Browntown High School. Webster High School. .Y - Alpha Kappa Kappa. 3 . Q CHARLES B. MQREY, ------ Winona.. ' Q Winona High School and Normal College. if 3 ARTHUR J. Mov1Us, - - - Ledgerwood, N. Dak. Fargo High School. Nu Sigma Nu, Y. M. C. A. it t l vi 4 K ff ..p. f JACOB ERIC NYQUIST, B. A., - - - Hopkins. gig , Gustavus Adolphus College. .ww EDWIN A. OLANDER, B. A., ---- Minneapolis. Rock Island College Ullinoisl. Demonstrator Histology and Embryology. C, if bfi 85 xlfjli'-My 4. if-ii 1,-7 Q , ' if 2 .si 'wma H ii . an ,, , l... 1 X ,., .Q '3 E? A 'gg K xx in GEORGE M. OLSON, ----- Minneapolis Sflvilfh Minneapolis High School. We CHELSEA C. PRATT, ----- Minneapolis. East Minneapolis High School. Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Nu Sigma Nu. sic? JOSEPIH W. PREISHYGEE, ----- New Ulm. New Ulm High School. EDWARD M. RANSOM, - - - 'Minneapolis Central High School. Eta Pi. SAMUEL ROSEN, ----- '- Minneapolis. South Minneapolis High School. sl? JAMES S. REYNOLDS, - - - New Hampton, Iowa. New Hampton High School, Iowa State College. 86 I :Ng :wi -f-f'3iii"l. 1' I 4 I im me n 1--- ,I f. 7 GEORGE BENJAMIN' RIBBLE, B. A. fMinnesotaJ, St. Peter. St. Peter High School. Delta Tau Delta, Nu Sigma Nu. sic WILLIARI G. RICHARDS, - - - London, England. St. Clements, Brownsbury, London. Secretary of Class. ,cx ,X ,,,,.I'." fi' if Y-ff fi . Q., RAY P. ROBBINS. ----- Sauk Center. ALBERT GUSTAV SCHULZE, ----- Duluth. Sauk Center High School, Carleton College. f' Duluth High School, Two Years in Academic College. . Q nl? , I Eff!!! Aj. JOHN P. SCHUTT, B. A., ---- Minneapolis. Gronde Lique College, Ontariog McMasters University, ' Toronto. GEORGE F. TIIoMAs, B. L., A - - St. Paul. St. Paul Central High School. F 4 kt , ,f K X., S. ml Ill, ll .E .lfif ax .-41 .Mlm R. LAUNCELOT TEBBITTS, ---- Minneapolis. Esterville, Iowz., High School. Theta Delta Chi, Alpha Kappa Kappa, Track Team, Band. WILLIAM S. TITUS, ---- Tracy. Tracy High School. Nu Sigma Nu. ell? CHARLES J. WALLACE, - - - Superior, Wisconsin. Superior State Normal, Northern Indiana Normal School. Class Treasurer. QR? ALBERT M. WEBSTER, B. A., - - Minneapolis. Hastings High School. FREDERICK LACY WHEELER, B. S., - - Minneapolis. East Minneapolis High School. at? MCONRAD W. W1LKowsK1, - - 4 Morristown. St. Paul's College. Phi Alpha Gamma, Y. M. C. A. this Mland S. 88 Xi-P .W QQ tix .1 " sl fin College of Dentistry CHARLES U. BELL, ----- Cedar Mills. High School, Hutchinson. D. W. BENNET, ------- St. Peter. n X b High School, sr. Peter. lf! 1 Q2 Q 535' W Rf bf., ' 1- -E ,x ,M me 1... r' ' ,-" . , ag , len A . 13 me ' 'WI r ARTHUR H. Cox, ----- Wasioja. 31 -5 me-if. I -. ,gy W. M. Seminary, Wasioja. Secretary Freshman Class, Delta Sigma Delta, University Band, Gopher Board. 'els VVALTER C. CULLUM, ------ St. Paul. Mec. Arts High School, St. Paul. Delta Sigma Delta. .1 f V 'Il 5596 4 M xg ' 1 ,f . . .f .wi . ., . N Jig .- .,,, ,ly J. M. FREEBURG, ---- Charles City, Iowa. iff ff r -,nr-Q High School, Charles City. .......i"-f ,,:-fx: President Junior Class, Glee Club, Y. M. C. A. , J, R la ROBERT O. GREEN, ------ Florence. Gustavus Adolphus College, St. Peter. 4 46 rx s . ,Y is-M, 5.3, .. ,if 89 fi' , 1. fn. an XL . f 1 V' 1 K5 VVILLIAM O. GREY, ---- Cadott, Wisconsin. High School, Cadott. LEONARD JAMES JOHNSON, - - - Hutchinson. High School, Hutchinson. Y. M. C. A., Treasurer Junior Class. 0' ff' I- n 1. A Al 4 I A .4 ' Y 'i..J+Q' 9 nf" WILLIADI J. LEEEEK, ---- Ellendale, N. Dak. High School, Ellendale. Secretary Junior Class, Delta Sigma Delta. We A. O. LILLEHEI, ----- Luverne. Red Wing Serninary. vile WALTER H. MCNEIL, - - -' - - Alexandria. High School, Alexandria. Delta Sigma Delta. DUNCAN A. MCRAE, ---- Sleepy Eye. High School, Sleepy Eye. Delta Sigma Delta. 90 " 'Nil K i v'i1,ii-lim WJ V ,N , , ,, ,W Xif -1 mi" iii' l,s,Q 4 I 1 if xg EDYVIN WILLIABI GEORGE MIHLEIS, Ellsworth, Wisconsin. High School, Ellsworth. Vice President Junior Class, University Band. ALBERT CARLOS NELSON, ---- Litchfield. , - High School, Litchfield. if f 5' i , Ii,-. "Wynn ALBERT ALONZO REED, - - - ' - Balfour, N. Dak. I' H High School, Humbolt, Iowa. F Vx ARTHUR NELSON RICE, - - - Adrian. High School, Adrian. ,Vx Delta Sigma Delta.. Qui f' , ' '- 1 2 , , X422 .A 55, ,YM hz K - . I 9352 dn ve 3.3, 5 fy" if .1 tj , ff. I: -31-m.'1,g2 DON D. RIDER, ------ Minneapolis. dj 'fl' f 7 Central High School, Cleveland, Ohio. V Alpha Tau Omega. S1 2 JOSEPH A. SCHACHT, ----- Fergus Falls. East Side High School, Minneapolis. Q X K X.. ., 3 4 1 W ,:.,w,1. ,R :V Q- it will 1 1. ml, ln. 13 wg: . l in 5 W ., ,, v " M131 ' . ll 5 Wgiuwrg GUY B. ISTEADMAN, ---- - Anoka- Anoka High School. Delta Sigma Delta, Mwand-olin Club. ale? WILLIAM H. STRONG, ---- Graceville. Graceville High School. ale WALMER TURNER STURE, - - - Center City. St. Cloud Normal. President Freshman Class, Glee Club, Minnesota Daily, Y. M. C. A. ala CHARLES EDGAR WAISTE, ---- Minneapolis. North Side High School. Delta. Sigma Delta. elf? College of Medicine and Surgery STEPHEN E. W1LL1AMs, - - River Falls, Wisconsin. River Falls High School, University of Wisconsin. Nu Sigma Nu. HUGH SPAULDING WILSON, - - - Minneapolis. University of North Dakota. Alpha Kappa Kappa. 92 ll ml l n W l . J' lin N' 1 l .fm 2' -1, ,um Hill- l lm ll Mil ' N i l "Fil m Q E A ,fl X . College of Pharmacy HELEN J. BARNES, ----- Minneapolis. Carrington, N. Dak., High School. Secretary of Class. GEORGE L. BORROWMAN, ----- Stillwater. Stillwater High School. 7 Gopher Board, Vice President of Class. I rrbgw f LINN BRADLEY, ----- Camp Point, Ill. Maplewood High School. HERBERT W. CUTLER, ---- - Osage. Iowa- Osage High School CLAUDE W. GRAVES, - - - W3T5'9-W' GEORGE STEVENS HANSCOM, - - - Willmar. . FQ Willmar High School. Q2 93 X GEORGE A. HANSON, ---- Crookston. Crookstoii High School. FLOYD H. HUBBKKRD, ---- Rochester, Rochester High School. VVALLACE EDYVIN MEAD, ---- Marshall. Marshall High School. W. F. PASSER, ----- New Paynesville. Le Sueur High School. ALICE M. ToDD, L ----- Fergus Falls. Fergus Falls High School. EMIL AKER, ------- Montevideo. Montevideo High School. 94 2 Qi' -I sf U Y ' M W ,4 Y Wmwimnllnlwwxlwnnnvnwwww l ' Schoolof Law LEROY ABRAHAAISON, - - - Auburn, Wisconsin. St. John's Military Academy. Q95 if HIRABI S. GOEF, ------ Mapleton. X Mapleton High School. Q98 fs. FRED A. ALEXANDER, ---- - Kasson. 5 ' Kasson High School. ,- Alpha Tau Omega. X ROBERT TATLOW BARXARD, ---- Minneapolis. East Side High School. ns' Chi Psi, Phi Delta Phi, 'Varsity Baseball Team '01, i Assistant Coach Football Team '01, ,Ji Y. "Q x"g?5Ut4k'k t xv fx if E as A 3, J J' it I H. C. BARNEY, ------ Mankato. Mankato High School. xt CARL BAUDLER, Kappa Sigma, Delta Chi. QQ? Austin High School. 95 Austin. W' 1' . 'A " fr ,lf 4' if it, ' Nm:-Myy, amz-I 'Mukhi K 1 f .. ja 1 CHARLES Y XJ' DARIAN BEAGLE, ----- St. Raul Central High School. N l St. Paul. Kappa Sigma., Delta. Chi, Law Literary, Assistant Manager Daily. RAYMOND BRIDGEMAN, - - 9242 Yankton College. Law Literary Society. Qi? Vermillion, S. Dakota. OLAF LUDWIG BRUCE, ---- Minneapolis. Minneapolis Academy. USHER LLOYD BURDICK, - Minnew-aukan, N. Dakota. Mayville Normal. Kent Literary. HARLAN JOHN BUSHEIELD, - - - Miller, S. D. Dakota. University, Mitchell, S. D. Law Literary. ala CHARLES H. CALLOWAY, B. A., - - Nashville, Tenn. Meigs High School, Fisk University. Kent Literary. 96 S.nufEL R. . 4 .fr-11'-' KL H . .-wmfn . ,M S Muff ' '- .Y 'W 'Ii N. f . ai' if HENRY DoN CAM Beta Theta Pi, Edit x . R. w ' ,Q ,. 'ii ff W. . PBELT., A. B. - , - - - St. Paul St. Paul Central High School. or-in-Chief Minnesota M agazine ,02, President Dramatic Club '02, Adjutant Bat- talion '02. W. B. CARMAN, ---'- A. E. CIIILSON, H. CLOCK Detroit. Detroit High School. Webster, S. Dakota. HARVEY S1'AULn1NG Crnufr-. ---- St. Paul. St. Paul Central High School. Phi Kappa Psi, Phi Delta Phi. H. CLARK, ----- Stephen. Little Falls High School. Q-Q52 - - - - - - Minneapolis. Ellsw t or h College, Iowa. 97 'wit It I 2 as , :EDXVARD G. CI.osNEI:, ----- Pine Island Pine Island High School. Blackstone Literary Society, Law Literary Society. nic EUGENE CLOUGH, 4--- Fosston Carlton College. Kent Literary. DIXVID TIIISTRAIII COLLINS, - - - Gladstone, Mich Gladstone High School. fe? J. F. Corrox, Nashua High School. P242 ELIAS B. CURTIS, ---- Menlo High School. Delta Chi. We CLARENCE DIEPENBROCK, - - - Red Wing High School. 98 Nashua, Iowa Menlo, Iowa Red Wing J- Y V W I ELMER O. D1EsoN, ---- - Heron Lake. Heron Lake High School. Alpha Tau Omega. C. J. DOUSMAN, ----- Northfield High School. Blackstone Literary. ale Gnoicoi: Dm-toon, Law Literary Society. Q96 EIJXVARD K. ELI,Ilf'SlJN. - - - Dawson High School. Northfield. Lake Crystal. Law Literary Society. alfa Acotsr G. Eiucksox, - - ' Pillsbury Academy. Shakopean. at? AIRZA I. EVANS. Mankato High Schoo I. 99 Dawson. Comfrey. Mankato H1Xl!RY FELBERBAUM, ---- Northfield Northfield High School. We HENIEY CLAY FLANNERY, B. A., '02 - - Minneapolis Minneapolis Central High School. Phi Delta Theta, Delta Chi, ole ARTHUR N. FOWLER. B. S., - V - Sheldon, N. D N. D. Agricultural College. Law Literary. R962 GEORGE WALTER FRANKBERG, - - - Fergus Falls. Fergus Falls High School. VV. H. FREEBIAN, - ---- St. Cloud. St. Cloud High School. l ARTHUR SHERXYIN FRENCH, ---- St. Paul. St. Paul Central High School. Psi Upsilon, Phi Delta Phi. 1051 I'w...WH!g,wllhX I , .ar '1' -,353-.ah 'fx jf -u., my X E. R. FR1ssi:LL. ' ' ' - New Richmond, Wis. New Richmond High School. Law Literary. QQ? LEWIS MoRToN GLASSNER, - - - A Duluth Duluth Central High School. ati' DAY L. GRANNIS. ----- Fayette, Iowa. Upper Iowa University. Member Intercollegiate Debating Team '03, Law Literary, Delta Chi. elf DomNcE Domrxx Gm-zmlz, - - - Lake City. Lake City High School. Athletic Board of Control, Law Literary. Q96 OKIX HAROLD Gkiuos, ---- Virginia. Virginia High School. Kappa Sigma, Law Literary. Q96 M. Z1-31.1. GIQTIIRII-I, ----- Pierre, S. D. Northern Indiana Normal, Dramatic Club, Law Literary. t 101 .rf .N xxx if 52 JOHN N. HAAGENSON, - - - Carlisle. Minnesota Normal. Blackstone Literary. eta H. STANLEY Haxsox. ----- Minneapolis. South Side High School. Q96 WALTER H. HANSON, ----- Osseo, Wis. New Lisbon High School. HANS B. HAROLDSON, ------ Duluth. Duluth Central High School. Delta Tau Delta, Phi Delta Phi, Track Team. Qi? CURTIS L. HTKRRIXGTON, - - New Richmond, Wis. Hayward High School. Sigma Alpha Epsilon. at? M. Josicrrx HARR1 NG'roN. Avoca 102 ELMER E. HEIKLEY, Fergus Falls. H. A. JOHNSON, B. A., ----- Eau Claire. Northwestern University. Kent Literary. SIDXEY RICHARD JOHXSON, - - - Cannon Falls. Cannon Falls High School. GEORGE PHILIPS JONES, ---- - Luverne. Luverne High School, Winner Pillsbury Oratorical Contest, '03. Castalian. all? ALICE KIRCI'Il2R, ---'- St. Cloud. St. Cloud Normal. Secretary '04 Class, Minerva, Woman's League. Q99 AUGUST E. KUEHNE. - - - Rock Valley, Iowa. Mankato High School. l io q J 'RIP' ff P-... ... 9... .- K , ftwi. , .5 I I 1 9 l , Q. ,. as 1 . ' NAN- ..... 2. ,, if .ff Y f' Quan, x l ' KH if xml I Ll li J. B. LADD, ------- Sanborn St. Paul Central High School. Alpha Tau Omega, Intercollegiate and Class Dee bating Teams, Castalian, lst Lieutenant Co. C. We C. G. LANDON, ------ Minneapolis Jamestown High School CN. YJ ffilrf' ITQALPII NELSON LICLTTILOLD, - - Kasson. Carlton College. Phi Gamma Delta. Eizxicsr C. A. LUNDEEN, Northfield. Elini. A, IWACVICAR, ---- Eau Claire, Wis. Eau Claire High School. President Junior Night Law Class. als ALBINUS lVlALoN1-xr, ---- - Waseca. Waseca High School. 104 l .f"4"'1-,Q 1 i -M JP 4-1 f' xii-gx5"' 33 f .. t ' K 'f . 2, . Rl iw da X - Wie. 3, ,ff .1 .gf,i" ,gf .ltwfrifff I' W? il R SFF!!! , X :rim :iii . .- . . .L ,. E .1 5 4 is "F 'QQ v wi:- qv F. J. lNLxTo1'sHEK. Minneapolis. Cir? JOHX HENRY McG,xRnY, - - - Glenwood. , Glenwood High School. Kent. .hmzs F. INIEHAN, ----- Minneapolis. Mechanicsville LN. YJ Academy. JOHN MOE, ------ Duluth. Duluth Central High School. Kent. 4, ARTHUR LEROY IWYERS, ---- Lake Cit , Lake City High School. .. Zeta Psi, Delta Chi, Dramatic Club, Daily Staff. er .Q is 4 Ruuioxxm H. MY!-Lies, B. A., - - - Minneapolis. Minneapolis Central High School. 1 F.. fx Zeta Psi. 105 0 new fx Ei? ff' an' r f 4 A J' .. 2. WJ. ,.,-e ,Y r 5 ff ' 'x QF, X53 s -.. X 'we 'HJ 'R 1. Q 'TA M.. Joux FizE1c11AN NICII0llS. - - - Rice Lake, Wis Rice Lake High School. Castalian. alle H. F. O,H.ARP1, ---- New Market, Canada New Richmond iWis.J High School. We Hlxxs M. Orsox, - Belview. VVILLI.-XM H. Oprnxuizuuzn, ---- St. Paul. St. Paul Central High School. Treasurer '01-'03 Law Literary. QS? L. M. PHILLIPS, ----- Minneapolis. East Side High School. 2962 ANTHONY JOSEPH P1:,xx1cL, ---- Lamberton. Carlton College Academy. 106 W JOHX GLEED REDDING, ----- Windom. Windom High School. Kent. We F. E. RIEEIJ, ----- Glencoe. Stevens Seminary. Alpha Delta Phi, Phi Delta Phi. WILLARD A. Rossxmx, ---- Minneapolis Chatfield High School. Shakopean. GEORGE H. RJEBETII, ----- Minneapolis North Side High School. Delta Chi, Track Team. QQ? Eowix C. RUISLE, ---- - Willmar. XVil1mar Seminary. Kent, Scandinavian. QQ? :EDXVIN A. RCSDELL, ----- Earlville, Iowa. Earlville High School. Delta Chi, President Middle Night Law Class. 107 ff? "" 2-N... a P. J. RYAN, St. Paul. CARL A. SASSE, ------ Vienna, S. D. South Dakota Agricultural College. FRANCIS M. SCoBL1C, ---- Olivia. Minnesota Normal. Law. SALERI F. SCOTT, Hallock. JOHN C. Snixiocii. ----- Minneapolis. Long Lake High School. NTVVILLIABI HENRY Sin-za, Ju., - Sparta. 108 .Tl -ff" ...Am :C 2' aff' J. W. SMITH. ---- Chippewa Falls, Wis. Chippewa Falls High School. Law Literary. Clie FRED FARLEY SP.uYI.DINu, - Renville. Law Literary. Sie Jussi: G. Srlclcxsox. ----- Eden Prairie. Minneapolis Academy. Forum, Prize in Pillsbury-Dunwoody Contest '02. ale DENN1 s PATRICK SUI.LIv.xN. - - - Mapleton. Mapluton High School. Law Literary. eta J. N. THELICN, ------ Stillwater Stillwater High School. Zeta Psi, President Rooters' Club, Peavey Prize De- hate. ale HARRY Husli THOMAS, ---- Minneapolis. Minneapolis East High School. Delta Chi, Gopher Board. lflfl M ag. M ,' 5 J. B. THOMPSON, ----- Fergus Falls. Willrniar Seminary and Luther College. Kent Literary. Q96 WALTON W1LLA1zD THORY, - - - Britton, S. D. Pillsbury Academy. Sigma Chi, Phi Delta Phi, Football Te-am '01-'03. alle H. VAN FREDEXBERG, ----- Alexandria. Alexandria High School. Football Squad. elf? ROGER E. WEARNE, ----- MiHI16HD01iS- Brookings QS. DJ High School. LYMAN P. WELD, ---- River Falls, Wis. River Falls High School. Law Literary. 986' F, A. Wiums, JR., ---- - Minneapolis- M-ankato Normal School. Gopher Board, Kent Literary. 110 ',fM1,,g,a. H. LESLIE XVILDEY. - ' - - - Kahehan. Anamasse High School. Castalian, Iowa-Minnesota Debate. ale WARREN O. VVILLIARIS, ---- Minneapolis. East Side High School. Delta Chi, Castalian, Iowa-Minnesota Debate. BEN.mM1N W. Woon, ---- New Richmond. Waseca High School. President 1904 Law Class fDayJ. elif GEORGE WYATT, ------ Minneapolis. Clinton High School. Delta Chi. R. H. Cnouic. ------ Minneapolis. The Gopher Board, after a lengthy discussion, de- cided that neither of the two likenesses of Mr. Clock did him credit. In justice to Mr. Clock We print both of them. ale College of Engineering Ar.Ex.xNm-:R B. Roor, - Emerson, Manitoba. 111 WW' J S., ,gi K . Q M M,,, V - - Qikwiw ,f in if . - lu V. ' . 53 bg , 11.5 A ggi ' I I s 'wig' my A 'QWQW , VK wo: 'gif' -f'1fCf"' W,- V JP' 'X-.Q Nix. 'Q ,, I N L.47 A LIST OF THE FRATERNITIES AT THE University of Minnesota in the Order of the CHI PsI. KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA. PHI DELTA THETA. DELTA GAMMA. DELTA TAU DELTA. PHI KAPPA PSI. SIGINIA CHI. KAPPA ALPHA THETA. BETA THETA PI. DEL'DA KAPPA EPSILON. PI-II GAMMA DELTA. DELTA UPSILON. PHI DELTA PHI.-Legal. NU SIGMA NU.--Medical. DELTA CHI.-Legal. PHI BETA KAPPA. Establishment of the Local Chapter Academic ALPHA PHI. PSI UPSILON. ALPHA DELTA PHI. THETA DELTA CHI. DELTA DELTA DELTA. ZETA PSI. KAPPA SIGMA. SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON. ALPHA TAU OMEGA. GAMMA PHI BETA. ' SIGINIA ALPHA DELTA.--Local. Professional PHI ALPHA GAMMA.-Medical. ALPHA KAPPA KAPPA.-MedIca1 DELTA SIGMA DELTA.-Dental. Honorary SIGMA XI. 114 Alpha Alpha Alpha Alpha Alpha Alpha Alpha Alpha Alpha Alpha Alpha Alpha Alpha Alpha Alpha Alpha Alpha Alpha Pi . Theta Mu Alpha Phi . Epsilon . Chi . Psi . 'Dau . Nu . Iota . Rho . Xi . . Alpha Delta Beta Delta Gamma Delta Delta Delta Epsilon Delta Chi Psi Founded at Union College, 1841. CHAPTE R ROLL. 115 . Union College Williams College . Middlebury College . Wesleyan University . Hamilton College . University of Michigan . Amherst College . Cornell University . . Wofford College , University of Minnesota . University of Wisconsin . . . Rutgers College Stevens Institute of Technology University of Georgia . . . Lehigh University Leland Stanford, Jr., University . . University of California University of Chicago Chi Psi Alpha Nu Established in 1874. FRATRES IN REGENTIBUS. STEPHEN MAHONEY ELMER E. ADAMS A FRATRES IN FACULTATE. GEORGE E. RICKER ALEXANDER J. STONE FRANK C. TODD WILLIAM E. LEONARD FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE. . Seniors. EDWARD MORSE FIELD, JR. PUTNALI DANA MCMILLAN Juniors. ARTHUR WILLIAM SAUNDERS STEWART GARFIELD COLLINS EARLE DANIEL JACKSON GEORGE LEWVIS GILLETTE LOUIS LOREN COLLINS Sophomores. CHARLES DUDLEY ROBINSON JOHN BENJAMIN SANBORN, JR. THOROLD FAREAB FIELD HARRY SEVVALL MITCHELL ALAN GIBBS CAREY JOHN STEELE ABBOTT Freshmen. GEORGE EDWARD SUFFEL WILLIAM DAVVSON, JR. KENNETH TAYLOR COLLEGE OF MEDICINE. WILLIAM PITT ABBOTT. COLLEGE OF LAW. ROBERT TATLOVV BARNARD EDVVIN GEORGE ALLEN 116 '-, ., V N " 1 . . . . , ' . zu' , l , .,..+:-, .:-- :, ,- ,. ,, , , - ' MQ" .-:,1 ..-'..- - 411' --:.Y'.'-'- :.-.', , .. 1. 5 4 - .. .11 - , .x.,,:gJ.-: ,N-xA-13 -. .Vx ,..'M::'.:Qg..-,ILW3 .w -. -'--,uw-s-.,-.le - ., ' '- 'N'?.' .- ,..-1'-'1x,, . 5 ... . ,U A -. N53 - .-f ':':':51c'.'7,'51':Z"'s"' V .... , V . ...A ' -a.dH" -Q1 ,ff .. ,, Q' . ', - , . fiigiiflgggnwi ' ' Li,-.f .gf 15, ,f--A l 'A gy x K :. , ' 2. .. - , fm--fa N .tw X -- ff P W ggyig: 3Tiq':121?,::Li:-:gf'H Mf.iia'??x A . - , , 6,555,113 ' H. ' M 'g"'1.fF"i!x ff-gui!-11-,faasqzi 'X 5 5 5 1 M g,Qff:Piq1gf ,:'if'e:l:.h.-,."Q1?1 1 A wfifwafwf'fv1ey P+ Eff- x 21 , 5,43-.11-':'w.-45" MM fr 'N' ' i's'3':wfQ'2?rZ: ' '- H rn. 'Q-91.4 r.:-2:1 1 1'5."Jv-'ff-'vis lift ' psp. TX. MQ , 'R ' sg 1 54-YN-M, -9'k?QL.+S.,' 5-'ix ' Am. riff X N 2' V W ' 'wt-:.'1:-izywwzs :milf wana? 359. QA: an ,,. tw f.. D:f:,gws:M.1w.w-A 1--Q-9, '- 4' 1 wmwzrgfwf-,..,,, -.'.. 2' 'gf-'wkfwflgf-:e,-'ggaxf ax flip: K "FJ" gLv:5fe.3 j V -' 4 rv"1Aw1-.-3!'?:':sW--a 61.55 faq'-.1lffW" . K "x .C:,,f-'-,Ag- ,, frm- V15-gyfugxx, fxgr, ,v Qkmfww, H. ,J ,:.5.:y- Sk: -Ury xx df' , ,,,.,' . 4 Q:w.1sI' w NSBA-Lwggyvm-.Z rv' W-Mb' X' Sa,-riff'-1, rfvff 5 f : fx Q ww ff:g,sJadfw1f,':xw,,!-A 4:"21Qy+-ki bf'-W WE: fi 1 Xvfxpf-5":f7rx-ff'W , fed?-55, 4'f'2li!f3!: Q J S J' " J i1S:lzl7:Pi1H?W5f1f5fff:f'41 Q? kifiiiifllEfiif-5Mg?:!Cz,lf ff? WZLT-A ' 4- 'U ffl :-fpffywzfi Lef'aw'::wfg,i-xp, '- -f,1:,' ,Q Q 1.41.1-:ff'V,,JN ,, ,WTL 1'-QF 1 ' ww-K -mfsmr'T-if '2PZ'+n,-Y.g'fs: WEE,-Jwgrw J? a::,1.,3?:zK1-'nmff--44-f-if wry-vgfl'-1 Luu,1:.'f. 1 Z 024' p'r1!f?1"?i Ef3'2'-L21-.'gJ"'5L"Ii 3 "IW1"kf,3a1g'h'?3fe-vzwfiyex-,:1i,,gj:fi-,,W f,fu"Q4rff--, AQ .,-Qc. vi'-iff. awi'fE'S' 4521711 ?Cf.5fif2'5'L'5 "'-'WL24' -SNP' iw" ,fiw 4: v ,X -f-' -. H -'L ,-np wwf M 7,1 ,S J,-,cf .,Q, .:'2 A ' ff- ig' .L,,3,17:,-,W " I . 1 ' , W, ', N . 'V' Yf"li'12'wveg,:ff I 47"i1f'?gr"H"".1fw 'v vii'',3:1a,i:f:i:1,fL3,?'f'1i"sf'f'"J-"Xi ' E '5 ,'f1"L-fff' ' fl. Iff"L7 f?3Pi5,f""P3?? ' Y - Yi-49 limi? ff!-434' ' A 'Q f 5 K iwrj M' 'ff ' "gf , gif' i?if,2-vfff1f'f4,,. ,Q ',, X - - .K Q,,yf5,,.,,-5 , f kfiilkfq-,i' U f ' 1 W' 1 yi-fl' x'5g15j2'q1- 'AQ .I , : wk 'NL ' , K -g' -J jggf' 3 Q - X gs 4 ,f - -2 4 5, 2- ' -' ' 1 A. ,a Ka . ' f X ,,. . 1 ., I' 73551 . V .L ,3? X 35 Ja ,f .f ' 13 gg.--:lv .. -- - 1 w ,. 5 1-Q-if "' Q 'Y' ..- 'if 2' 7 -I f' R '.'-Qipflffflv 1 1 . ?lI5x4'4.-ig? ' , ' fxggw, fl' ,-My "fi, --2'J'i"w 'A , Q -Q. ffzf' - ,Q--.g1 ,, , fa. ,, . ,, mw2.V.'S V ,. ui L ,T W ' ',f:'f5- 4, , N , . I if ' f f ' ' K y, 2 fd , I4 , I F, A fda' ,wg X' giryf ix, yn' uf, . 2 ,. ,L ,f gg. yf 11 ff 1 pf", is f f f:. -. 5 t 'm,:,,,,,f Q -, ' -' 4 E 5, ni Q KV Q- :X Q N, I -A F .Q 1' W. ,557 'i C.-.Q-' J xg, 1,0146 -Q , sig, , ' Q ,ff BL. r 4 Phi . . Beta Epsilon Psi . . Beta Tau . Beta. Alpha . Beta Iota. . Gamma Rho Lambda . Beta Gamma Beta Nu . Beta Del-ta . Xi . . Kappa . Delta . Iota . Mu . Eta . . Beta Lambda Upsilon . Epsilon Chi . . Beta Zeta. . Theta . Sigma . Omega . Beta Mu . Beta Xi . Pi . . Beta Eta . Kappa Kappa Gamma Founded at Monmouth College, 1870. CI-IAPT ER ROLL. ALPHA PROVI NCE. BETA PROVINCE. GABILIA PROVINCE DELTA PROY INC E 119 . Boston University Barnard College . Cornell University . . Syracuse University University of Pennsylvania . . Swarthmore College . Alleghany College . . Buchtel College . Wooster University Ohio State University . University of Michigan . . Adrian College Hillsdale College . Indiana University . De Piauw University . . . Butler College . University of Wisconsin . University of Illinois . Northwestern University . Illinois Wesleyan University . University of Minnesota . University of Iowa . University of Missouri . University of Nebraska University of Kansas . University of Colorado . . University of Texas . . University of California Leland Standford, Jr., University Kappa Kappa Gamma Chi Chapter Established in 1880. SOROR IN FACULTATE. HOPE MCDONALD SORORES IN UNIVERSITATE. Seniors. HARRIET LOUISE ARMSTRONG FLORA ALICE EDWARDS ELIZABETH SHEFFIELD BROWN CORNELIA KENNEDY ELSIE ATKINS STONE CLEORA CLARK WHEELER ' Juniors. POLLY CAROLINE BULLARD HELEN PAULINE BURBRIDGE SUE ALLEN WEIR m S ophomores. HELEN CLARKE KATHLEEN ELIZABETH GUNCKEL HELENE KENNEDY HELEN JEANETTE PATTERSON Freshmen MARJORIE LOUISE BULLARD ANNE FLQRA JONES GRACE LOUISE GILLETTE MARY WYMAN LAWRENCE ELSIE NEUKERCK KOPIJER Unclassed EVA SMITH 120 ,,... "V x. N f',x. mx,- , 9... :i:s:v4-fc" y4,p.A',7KQf-,,,i-,-fhiir: .1 4 HMM, "ZIP .-Ig., :,,.,,LmL -1 9 H . 'K ' '- , Wx, ' ,""w ...'!:'f',-'.-- - ,fb X 3, ..., ,,5,,.x I f.. ,.-,5..,:.-.13 , , .. , x L.-5, ' '--A .."g--.W-.-.1 , ,. , - ' 3 t' xb .' ' Q 1.".',1 -:jf '-,H-ff . UM f H' . -','.fw,:.:f.1-fr:-'.-,fpfi ,. ' 5 J' ,, ., .-, ' "MU 1-'.'.'Q-IE--1'-' 7 V -.1 I.-'-:gg lm W M"R'3'1 .' ":". . , "' - -' .f rf- f'-5: -'-3424" " Q .5,::3?-.,- 10 ,ga f 1 -21,21 A 2 L G 1 A, 4 df' I ' :k"fi1"'1'-f.+.v . ff" R 1 " ' , H -...1,3,,,: ' V .w. 13- r .W ,,.,. M ,M , ,M,,.,x ,K . x l A ., , , , . L, A All KA, ,. 1 W . 1' Phi Delta Theta Founded at Miami University, 1848 CHAPTER ROLL ALPHA PROVINCE McGill University. Colby College. Dartmouth Col-lege. University of Vermont. Williams College. Amherst College. Brown University. Cornell University. Union University. Columbia University. Syracuse University. Lafayette College. Pennsylvania College. Washington and Jefferson College. Alleghezny College. Dickinson College. University of Pennsylvania. Lehigh University. BETA PROVINCE University of Virginia. Randolph-Macon College. Washington and Lee University. University of North Carolina. Central University. Kentucky State College. Vanderbilt University. University of the South. DELTA PROVINCE Miami University. Ohio Wesleyan University. Ohio University. Ohio State University. Case School of Applied Science. University of Cincinnati. University of Michigan. THETA PROVINCE University of California. Leland Stanford Junior University. University of Washington. GAM MA PROVINCE University of Georgia. Emory College. Mercer University. Georgia School of Technology. University of Alabama. Alabama Polytechnic Institute. EPSILON PROVINCE Indiana University. Wabash College. Butler College. Franklin College. Hanover College. De Pauw University. Purdue University. ETA PROVINCE University of Missippi. Tulane University of Louisiana University of Texas. Northwestern University. ZETA PROVINCE Northwestern University. University of Chicago. Knox College. Lombard College. University of Illinois. University of Wisconsin. University of Minnesota. Iowa Wesleyan University. University of Iowa. University of Missouri. Westminster College. Washington University. University of Kansas. University of Nebraska. University of Colorado. 123 Phi Delta Theta Minnesota Alpha Chapter Established in 1881 FRATRES IN FACULTATE. CONWAY MACMILLAN, M. A. THOMAS B. HARTZELL, D. M. D., M. D. GEORGE B. FRANKFORTER, M. A., PH. D. HARRY SNYDER, B. S. EVERHARD P. HARDING, M. S., PH. D. THOMAS G. LEE, B. S., M. D. WILLIAM H. CONDIT, B. A., M. D. FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE. X Seniors LANVRENCE KIMBAL SOWLE THORWALD ROSS JOHNSON Juniors LEROY SAMUEL PETERS WILLIS HAZELTINE FRISBEE LEE MARSDEN POYVELL Sophomores CHARLES BRADLEY GIBSON EDNVIN JENSEN ELMEB BISBEE Freshmen CYRUS SNELL BROWN HERBERT LESLIE THOMPSON FRANK RAY MOSES KENDALL KERR, JR. WALTER SOMERVILLE HILLLIAN FRANCIS REA HAYNES COLLEGE OF MEDICINE. GEORGE E. HOURNE. FRANK MILLSPAUGII ZANNER WILRER HUGH MCKELVEY CARL BENJAMIN TEISBEBG COLLEGE OF LAW NATIIISN FISIIE BANFIELD, JR. HAROLD JAY PECK HARRY CLAY FLANNERY 124 1 .mxmb 1 ' Q . - ai- ."' - ,..v:.,- ,,. . 1 K gi., - :'- .'-.1 -.:.'.'.1 'H -':':'.'1".-':f: ' "' M - xr- .,..i.--.,-- wg. , . "-4' ."-.:.'. L' 2 s My . -':-.13 .. ., . , -- - '-.'.a:'f "-. -' ----.'-. -5 . --an -- - . -,4g.,. -.--.-...wg - T51 5 A - 1-'I'.'Q'.g2".-'-'N , ' , '.f 1- - .' - , ,-:W W. " .2-:Jr ' " V ' H ,. . afzif-..ff-4 ,, A"-'- TMX7., D N ' V .W M-ws 'M -, 1'.': 1. ..- . 1. ,- ,," - -V L-5-4 ,qu --jf I H .- I 'Z 'Z "' 'I' ' A v. . jf . , . .-am -3:-Sbs 1' 'K' gain xp , A ,lb - .V '- 447 RQ 44 l!3.5"'v:.J 'sinh ' .,... Y -. x'2Y5,sd'f,-gy, tj fxg xx ' i.XQl4':,v,'1'g SQ' I 4 'Q A 5.R? 4z::. . yg -Q ' Q-:arf-f -W F. , 1 .'.5ig.g 4.5 4"Qi2,2+ "9"21U- 'y'.'f,'QQjQ tp-.525 Q, 4 , , .. x - x . .X ' 'Wx' L' if : .. x R x tx V ,UQ sf 'nuff X 'A",P-H f f 11 f' 4- ' K M ' T fi+.'w+2 7.75: .v-. ,,.:'f .- 'H Q. 9 , Q 1 , -: 'f t' ,aff .- .1-. X . I 4,f,1Q.ggwg3k:1 q69g:?F 'Niggas X ' W1 , J , . h ... .- ' ' H- , .,r,3,....1,:,,5,-1--fm y -LJ: -hx, - . , ji .. fl., X SN .'x'1- 2rg,22:f-if'::3.- TL , 1' f-ff . I f -- ' f " - ' -1- , -2 A,-2' 'nz'-' eu , 'Fei 1 I3 fb. - 1231 K? 6 .e :SX I ' 1-1-.1 l -1" 1 :V i sa 1'-f 1' v . L:':1-1fr'e5,..,1e- 1-w'1:....2.... ul .. ' , ..r u . wwf - ,V 1 A - -,, . -. Mk, ,-,.,9.,7,35,-1-inf, .... -gl , Q , f ' Q, 'vw-:F M-1. 1 P .. ,. - ' 54" N515-.wx-M . tr- 1- -1 1 ' f K . ..1--' 511 21 ff- .HA -. hwy- we -reg! . u-QFH-1 f ' Q, I' ma:-v f ,. x 1-it eggs-' M 1-2 . L M 4, an A .:g?ae2i,gv?x5?"'f'k5! af. wi , IX, V H ' , 1' ' hiigyaxf 'P-1 is ,Jig -, 4, 1 . 5 , I-f'a - 2' 2 ':f"f-, 2 k:f.LJ'i" ,555 'Q ,-lb" at 1- iii"--5'e,'f, t ,":'-WI:L:f... eff' Q H .'--.--.- ".m2X2fie!,,ama,.e twggigy wwf--':e:'. .1 f,"::'- ' Nami .1-::-:1?'.1',vf:5 1325553111-fipgainkf xljmg-5. -f gflirnm, '-Q..-'v' , 4- 31. 4' 1. -.rwfy ff-v .or4r1af.w-H, .A- mish .-:S:T'23w'f?,1'wz5i'gSk'vJ5uvf If -o3"N5 1' J 9 ' :arise : 45,66 'f 2'-:rv Q'-ng-,W-2-:Q-:ff-A3.'!f: ' 'f-22'-4-. f .W -S,- 55:54-zsass.-,A . .--afg,+ 5,5-Q:.'1,-:fs-su--r t.:1.,,,,4g'Qpgggg5is 5-hw .1,1,,.....,T. . ,, ,J - 0 .::.:3.,.,,,. ,, R.6,.zzA,l,., - 1f.fau,3n,"- .L ww- 2,1 J. ' -- '- qzwgggav ff. '- f1zus:fff'1'-- L 1' S15-f fail- .- 323-9 5,31 ' 'Q 2 1 " 'ff:'.11' ,,J' - -: , " Ev' li.. . . ,LD ' .'.,:ii.' -. ,. ' 1 I., . ,J a S- - . ,. 1 Q.. H '-' xr' S ,- 1 -.xr ' .f .2 3, 'Q 3' 0 L! Delta Gamma Founded at Warren Female Institute, 1872 CHAPTER ROLL Alpha . .... . Mt. Union College Zeta . . Albion College Eta . Buchtel College Theta . University of Indiana Kappa . . University of Nebraska Lambda . University of Minnesota Xi . University of Michigan Rho . . University of Syracuse Sigma . . Northwestern University Tau . . . University of Iowa Upsilon Leland Stanford University Phi , University of Colorado Chi . Cornell University Psi . Woman's College Omega . University of Wisconsin Kappa Theta Alumnae . . . Lincoln, Neb. Psi Omeron Alumnae . . Baltimore, Md. 127 D e l t a G a rn m a Lambda Chapter Established 'in 1882 SORORES IN FACULTATE. ADAH L. COMSTOCK ELIZABETH M. NORRIS SORORES IN UNIVERSITATE. Seniors LEULAH JEANETTE JUDsoN LEoNoRA CATHARINE MANN MARY LOUISE LONGBRAKE Juniors ELSIE A. FOULKE ALICE ANNETTE BEAN NELLE MAY STINCHFIELD ESTHER ELIZA KINSEY RUTII ROSHOLT Sophomores CAMELIA HOLLINSHEAD ' LOUISE WINCIIELL ALICE ELLEN CARTER LILLIAN MAE SMITH MARGARET PHIPPS VAN BERGEN LOIs A. TENNANT Freshmen HELEN MAUD SMITH GERTRUDE Mclvon EDITH L. FROST FLORENCE A. DICKINSON HARRIET BUSHNELL VAN BERGEN 128 a '.., 1 - ' z.. I - if ' ' gifs,-:fa-.-:J ,Vw-' ..,1g-.-.. ,',,':g'.7. . ,1'2.L'afx-'Eli' '-,gig V'f"72" fc' ' "'x.-'.-:Q'5-f.u.- - X1 . 1-.'.'..Jgs-pf Q' . 9- " '49-I5 ,...-I--5 1 -,.. ' - . '-----'rn-'-'e 4 -,LF V A .1 fi.:-!:?1,g:3:?:.-,.-J.. . 5 --kj, Q oo I J 52333115-ZEYL . 'if'r.-. .1-.-. . , ,, A Lv JQx.n:g-,fi - 1,-,Q ,Fr :M u ff . - .--'-.. ' 1. ang f- ' v . mx " a H51-lf.. '24 " ,QQFF L'-S X' . fl, . .- . -x. .wg -- 1, X, v 33,-vw ',..f. Q Sze, .:, R674 'B ' ' Lan!! .N.z.-- hp, 9, ,Q 1 I K :v crm Ri ' 5352: . v' ' '::.- ....? , . ..-w f V '-' "pw," r-'fl ,X 'Y Aviv- J, -,- . , ' 1" ' ,' 1,021 1313? 1 fm- I '1 f .'36. ,f-- -, ' I 'E r -'.!g:52:4 IV? ffiftsl' .. 'I-'92 3' i, Q. iqggd-5 ,M f 415: Q, ,'.q.:,-449231-.,1,' , . 1 'P . f W- i -4, 194 "" -WL? 1-'-tiixfdfiiffil 'l.- , 7- --'T'-:"f?7" ff '-ff"f' 5 6-f,g,a97?D -N -f-f?5T':' , .F 7' , mf' 1-wtf 1, 4. -1 . ies' ,1 .' '4'ff:,efz'!w ima? , ' 5 F' 'Wx ' ' x 5' Q',5M.f ,, waging Q ,, .,..f,, , ff. TW W, ,gangs , . ,..5,, ,,,f4.v, ..,-,, . , . pzzwe, 'Z?f?c,fQ5?3bN ...1- . ... -' "w .-w-.-Z1?-Jvw: 'raH:Q1.ff1'1212z22qwizf'i1t'.a:11.. 42' iff ' iii. ' ' " "' i3Eii?'?v7 E-'Qi-wa :I-13: - .ff :L.:1.4:nm, :pg ,, 4. .. 9-inn fy 1 If:-,.:.:' . f2::qa 2'.:51JA -H.-' 1. .- 11.3 55,23 .Ev-15 -gg3Q,...55.-1 f ,. 1. g.,,.'f.f,-xug- rl . .gh . -1-wlaays, ,-1 . - ..v ut- I Q ffsmses 1.1511-"'-vfxdlx-3.241 , " - fi' N-'Ac' -qu-1' -1: ,hinriiiyi " .e1Er"Fs5...'.-1' ':?:4-,w .-'Fw -0.-1 I- w ..-'.1' .fp 4..' 0 -.. . f ' '1- 'Jsf' -' "- -ag I '-f' 1i3Y.:'3'5'f:V1:' v. Ri:--',. ,QQ ,l Q 5311:-4117 A -- '-2359 .3 7 "Tres uf f' . .1 '- ...zu .45 5, .L' '. . ., S.. I. - ,, ' Lin- ' -'Ig 1, .1 - -ffgtia ,- . .- 1 . .,.,, Q v, '- 4 4 s :F ' " ' ' ' '- J lr, l ".. 0 'M 'S 1: :' - 3 Vijay? LJ Lambdia P1 . PIII . . Beta Epsilon Beta Theta . Beta Iota . Beta Xi Omicron . Beta Gamma Beta Eta . Beta Kappa Beta Pi . Beta Rho . Beta Tau . Beta Upsilon Beta Omega Gamma Alpha Gamma Beta Beta . Delta . Epsilon Kappa . Zeta . Mu . Beta Beta . Xi . . . Beta Alpha , Beta Zeta . Beta Phi . Beta Psi . Gamma Delta Alpha . Gamma Rho . Upsil-on Omega . Beta Alpha Beta Mu . Beta Nu Beta Chi . Beta Omicron Gamma Gamma Gamma Epsilon Gamma Zeta elta Tau Delta Founded at Bethany College, 1859 SOUTHERN DIVISION . . . . . Vanderbilt University . University of Mississippi Washington-Lee University . . . Emory College . University of the South University of Virginia . . . . . Tulane University WESTERN n1v1s1oN . . . . . University of Iowa . . . University of Wisconsin . University of Minnesota University of Colorado . . Northwestern University . Leland Stanford, Jr., University . . University of Nebraska . University of Illinois . . University of California . . University of Chicago . . . . Armour Institute of Technology NORTHERN mvisiox . .. . Ohio University . . . . University of Michigan . . Albion College . Hillsdale College . . Adelbert College Ohio Wesleyan University . De Pauw University . . Kenyon College . Indiana University . . Butler College Ohio State University . . . Wabash College . . . . . . West Virginia University EASTERN DIVISION . Allegheny College . . Washington and Jefferson College . Stevens Institute of Technology . Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute . University of Pennsylvania . . Lehigh University . . . . . . Tuf't's College . Massachusetts Institute of Technology . . . . Brown University . Cornell University . Dartmouth College . Columbia University . Wesleyan University 131 Delta Tau Delta Beta Eta Chapter Established in 1883 FRATRES IN FACULTATE. ARTIIUR EDWIN HAYNES, M. S., D. Sc. GEORGE DOUGLAS HEAD, B. S., M. D. WILLIAM BURCHARD, ROBERTS, A. B., M. D. FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE. Senior CHARLES WALTER BROOKE Juniors ROBERT BAIRD TAPLIN CHARLES ROY SHARWOOD GERALD HUN'FLY DOWNS Sophomores ELBERT WEBSTER SPRING FRANK LORING FISHER HORATIO PHILLIPS VAN CLEVE LOUIS LEROY CRANDALL ELMER BARBER MCCARTNEY Freshmen RALPH SYLVESTER BLITZ GEORGE ELDON ANDERSON WILSON MCGILL DRAKE BOTTENFIELD WILLIALI ANDERSON ROSE COLLEGE OF LAW. LOUIS JOHN O'MARR A RAYMOND ROBERTSON HANS BURGER HAROLDSON HAROLD BARTON DOUGLAS COLLEGE OF MEDICINE. JOHN ELDON HYNES GEORGE BENJAMIN RIBBLE 132 l J Pennsylvania Alpha . Pennsylvania Beta . Pennsylvania Gamma Epsilon Zeta . Pennsylvania Pennsylvania Pennsylvania Eta . Pennsylvania Theta . Iota . Pennsylvania Pennsylvania Kappa . New Hampshire Alpha Massachusetts Alpha . Rhode Island Alpha . New York Alpha . New York Beta . New York Gamma . New York Epsilon . New York Zeta . Maryland Alpha Virginia Alpha . . Virginia Beta . . West Virginia Alpha Mississippi Alpha . Tennessee Delta . Ohio Alpha Oh-io Beta . Ohio Delta . . Indiana Alpha . Indiana Beta . Indiana Delta . Illinois Alpha . Illinois Beta . Michigan Alpha . Wisconsin Alpha Wisconsin Gamma . Minnesota Beta . Iowa Alpha . Kansas Alpha . Nebraska Alpha . California Beta . California Gamma . Phi Kappa Psi Founded at Jefferson College, 1852 CHAPTERS. District I District II District III District IV District V 135 . Washington-Jefferson College . . . Allegheny College . Bucknell University . . Gettysburg College . . . Dickinson College Franklin and Marshall College . . . Lafayette College . University of Pennsylvania Swarthmore College . Dartmouth College Amherst College . Brown University . Cornell University . Syracuse University . . Columbia University Colgate University Brooklyn Polytechnic Institute Johns Hopkins University . . University ot Virginia Washington and Lee University . University of West Virginia . University of Vanderbilt Mississippi University . Ohio Wesleyan University . Wittenberg College . University of Ohio . DePauw University . . Purdue . Northwestern . University University of Indiana University University of Chicago . University of Michigan , University of Wisconsin . . . Beloit College . University of Minnesota . . University of Iowa . University of Kansas . University of Nebraska . . Stanford University . University of California N 4 Phi Kappa Psi Minnesota Beta Chapter Established in 1888 FRATRES IN FACULTATE. A. C. HICKMAN. A. M., LL. B. G. F. JAMES, Ph. D. FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE. Seniors ROBERT WINTIIROP PUTNAM Juniors RICHARD STOORS PATTEE EDWARD MCMASTER PENNOCK PAUL ANDROS BROOKS WALTER BROOKS SHELDON Sophomores ' MARSHALL SHAW JACKSON MYRON BANCS JACKSON RENE TREVANION HUGO FREDERICK TRACY FAIRCHILD BERTHOLD ROBERT NEUSTADT SCOTT HAUXHURST DE LONG ROBERT ROY REED Freshmen FREDERICK WARREN PUTNAM CHARLES PHILLIPS HASBROOK ARTHUR STEEN GOBLE ROBERT COUCH KINNEY GORDON MATTHEW CRAIG ALEXANDER GORDON WOOD COLLEGE OF LAW. CLARENCE ALFRED PAULSON HARVEY SPAULDING CLAPP JAMES CLINTON SCRIBNER JOHN RALPH NEVERS JAY KENNICOTT COLLEGE OF MEDICINE. WILLIAM STUART FROST 136 X r W w N N N ' .-'I .I I . - 1 . - ' . . , - .fh . A -M'-g. au.. u ,.. . ,.. .-,- .., ,Q-5 A - ,':':'k'::l:r, f,'.-, f'!"2'f ff: x'I.c:z" '::7' '-'K-3 x ' , g..Qv..J'.'-.5.-'.- - . .. , - f--L. ,--5-5 5 ff-2 '- .. .. 1-.'-'-':Ngv..'- - ,-.. ., . - 1. x sb .,- .Q rn- . Digi.:-i::.::E ,, .., , .,-:-,,.g.g.'.-,H "hs ,la .:-::: - y 4111273-TYT'-fx f i"r- ni .'f"'?3 v- , A ' ' . fg.Z.f4iffz5:Z ' wfff1:fH A '54 55? 1'-Y? ' mf- ., , . Lff,'?'1'w5,':'9Z"-Q-H7. ' 52' ' ' V ' v. 7 .,,1vf Q. Agxsgkwf-.'1: 113,-A--Q Q, ., V , ,A 3 . WV., K- .Q Al Qfbvltviq In G2,:y:,' 1 .1 A J ' A :te -Mask - 5212- v k 1f':-224 mawfbi:EQ'.i' ix:-'f , N-4 v i, ng K-'vi-' . if c 1-1-1 WN' V "AX 'isbn' Yx'v5'7.'f .a- ' . -2 h ,A.f'.,f,r+v' ' , v bf - ,-',,,,- - ki, 'SX T"QL31Q7t'q'?4kx X B . V I,- - Q3 4 , X-ff 1 - H '7 ww M, . , . f I 'W "EM - K ..'j.5,gv. . , A ,grf.f,E9. 3,1 ,- . . ' ,.,- Jr- .wp M ggw I V 1. V. ,S 1 . - MQ. .1 . . , J 1 , f 3 QM Ag , Q- 9... 1, .' . ,- -. 5 -. ' .. An,-' X' - ' - '.: X 'S nf! I f V' . ' xzfiigfir-?gVB N -'f viii'-Ti' .'523y"""'.vE'4:'55f32'q5- -5' "w g 'U J' I 'fr' .N rar- X., f ', x- mkniggi-gggkggg..-g,3::ggy.-1.2. ,zfw 17.1. 'Jul ,,-4--:.4,g:!syif,1, Q 4, 1.,-a::'.rm, , . LV- .- Pn" K I 'X-' li-5"" n.fI4'1E6.E1-gziwirijniii ' + 'fs ' 4-1-4-' 2"fx:212' ,-2 .'f!i':"'--115 -G 4 V Q53-, ' 12,-5 , gr X f gwg., ps s X PM vii: ,L fy ,F I U ,Q -my if:?gg,":,E,, ., X j ,,. B., in " , ,px ' J-1?-j '5f5p'..n,nw-lg: 5, ,'- 5, rn- v., A ' '-5 , rv' . ,,...,' L 1, 1 , :f,,-.::- ' , , -1, , jf' 'f 54314433-, --' v-iz, 'az-Via 413.15 iw. fbi, fis t . H'-"f'5!' if 5 3 ' I 'S "2-v""gY'?fC5v-' ! ' .: 'rf .. -- w rf Jef., 315' ' cw QV ,,,q,-1- gi -:-.- - , v ff- . Hy- , seg: . .Hi ,.l,p,,xq55,, M 4, .. ., VN? 4 . 1. M ,. N if 1, .., 4' 4 ,U r, ..-:ff-, . f ""1 1- '-21 ' V Q--.,'?'g1i' ' A-f2p'f'.. ' E' .-1:'I'74-'Tf'i"- Ai?z':3'.y 1 .Q5Ll.7JiQ . "':gf:1fQ'l A 3 '45 ,""' Ti" ' ' 'N' 5211955 f :?2',f2'f2Q, 'v . ' was , fmiiggqgba' I.-gig. ,..'?2f'W.Tag1ra4EEf.,. . ' ..fS3't--f.-f"'J':'f ww'- ilra, ,.,-1afPiQf?E.WQ-mga! .firmvf : , ... iv? 'f 19' 1. flwgfseiwi.-zffhfszg-3-M , Q-.'.':'7.-.-15:10 wg .,v vp... 5 1' Jw- queue ,Q - 'Af-5, wffggg 1,155-yffE,'f, .,. - .J -1 -' W :5gs4g:5gs.,,.- 5 A 331-1,24-:Q V- p,5:a4:- 1 , .glx1si!tZ.ig:.,i , JG., '-1395" -i, .,: ' .gf ?iiE,f'-- fly- . - 1'5" " 91.5" ' ' .. '-1111? . up .. X- 'K . . 4. - I, 1 1 .' if Q'-1" ' " '-"1" 'cf ' .fu - 5 1 . 1 , .Ji 1 1 f ' ' -J: :H -'I I 'riff' , Q f 2- .- - I . 16 .- .Y . ,. ,n :H F' 'V 1 . 3 'X 'L .: ' Q D 0 ' 1' 03 LJ r 4 Alph-a . Beta . Gamma Epsilon Zeta . Eta . Theta . Kappa . Lambda . Mu . Xi . Omicron . Rho . Phi . Chi . Psri . . Omega . Alpha Alpha . Alpha Beta . . Alpha Gamma . Alpha Eta . . Alpha Epsilon . Alpha Theta . Alpha Zeta . Alpha Iota . . Alpha Lambda . Alpha Nu . . Alpha Xi . . Alpha Omrioon . Alpha Pi . Alpha Rho . Alpha Sigma . Alpha Ups-ilon . Alpha Phi . Alpha Chi . Alpha Psi . . Alpha Omega . Del-ta Delta . Zeta Zeta . Zeta Psi . Eta Eta . Theta Theta . Kappa Kappa . Lambda Lambda Mu Mu . . Sigma Chi Founded at Miami University, 1855 CHAPTER ROLL . . Miami University . . University of Wooster The Ohio Wesleyan University . . Columbian University Washington and Lee University The University of Mississippi . . Pennsylvania College . Bucknell College . Indiana University . Den-ison University . DePauw University . Dickinson College ' . Butler College . . Lafayette College . . . Hanover College The University of Virginia . Northwestern University . . . . Hobart College . The University of California . . Ohio State University . The State University of Iowa . The University of Nebraska . Mass. Inst. of Technology . . . . Beloit College . The Ill. Wesleyan University . The University of Wisconsin . . The University of Texas . University of Kansas . Tulane University . . . Alb-ion College . , . Lehigh University . The University of Minnesota The University of S. California . . . Cornell University . Pennsylvania State College . . Vanderbilt University Leland Stanford Jr. University . . . Purdue University . . . Central University . The University of Cincinnati . . . Dartmouth College . The University of Michigan . The University of Illinois . Kentucky State College . . West Virginia University Nu Nu .,.. Columbia University Xi Xi . . . The University of State of Missouri Omicron Omicron , . . The University of Chicago Rho Rho , , . . The University of Maine Phi Phi . . The University of Pennsylvania 139 Sigm an Chi Alpha Sigma Chapter Established in 1888 FRATER IN FACULTATE W. E. BROOKE FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE ' Seniors WARREN CUMMINGS KNOXVLTON JULIUS GIRABD NEWGORD, JR, GEORGE WESLEY CIIILTON GEORGE AUGUSTINE GALLAGHER AMOS EDWARD PURDY VVALTER SCOTT LA FANS RALPH INGERSOLL JOHNSON Juniors VERNE HOWARD BOSWORTII CHESTER HAYNES KINNARD JOHN WILLIAM DUNN G1-:ORGE'DART CROSSETTE NIICIIAEL IANSELN KIEFER LEON F. CORIA WALTON WILLARD THORPE Sophomores DAY IRA OKES ALEXANDER MEREDITH OBMOND1 CHARLES EDWARD SAINSBURY RICHARD MAUBICE FUNCK HRXRRY J. VAN VALIQENBURG EDWARD FRANKLIN WILLIAMSON JOSEPH HENRY KANE Freshmen HARRY CLARENCE NEYK'GORD GEORGE WALKER MORRIS WOOD CHRISTIE ERNEST LEBABON YERXA PAUL KURTZMAN LOUIS KEATES HULL 140 a n 1 .a. , ' , 1 . . Q l ,..-:: .- .- .... . I .., ,, -.. 0: 1 .F .f:g'.',.:1..j:!:':'..:., - 1 ' I -2 I s. -rf 'lf' ,- g' afar-Eg2.i:".'.f' 'D J' W. . , '-1'.'Q-:A-v3.'-" ' . . -::- 1' -.N if 6'-'Q Ing, ' ', :Nfl e' , , 'Q' '.':'.'z',LV-1 ' ' 1 .-. ..-- - -'.'.'-'-'I . .3-gn nl.-. ,Z .-::.?:- hz.. . ' 'I'-I " 51, .::J:. " " 5. -' . nn S. .::?'f'. Ea? :PI ,, I-vi" " ' V " K, ' .. ' ' 'V Xgxfff-531 . . 1, as , . lip- , -' gg: Q-,QQ 3155? 4.1 . ' . ., ff.-:'f ,- K x5iJ12f'2'f, 5' 'A ' ng -"l, -f.:.'Qg::... fi-Q22 -34.11-" ,gy If:-.P - 'rf 1 - . 33'-rv ' ! 'ffm .-" F31 V ,3" ' h" .7,if .'v5:' 'L - v " , H . f .3 . I 4 1 I -S'-' f, . x 1 , ,, 5 ' 11 - -"A: .'4- 3- ' 4 ' X ., ' 'f : f i,-'f-ff .M , 7. ,.-.'E J!g2YJ' W, 511 K wa 9-' 'pg 3: vw - . 1 'z : f 9 -Y" JI'--fn . , P -. A' ' W.-,1" -5' 1-"?Z'.: i . .. ' '31-'f , , 454, il., lf 5, - , gui, 5 'r .' :V xl'-1? 1 ,, - 65521-Q :Q-A 4' wager Em' sf. figdfsfn. N-.. v,f.LefiiQ5uEQz., xg' Egg: 11,1 6 E ig: -H., +14-:ffv ,sm , : , a?f- 1--. 'Q 221 was A 5 4-f Q'-ff +1-Q: x - -5-.fmiflvz-4f !i ,sr ,mis .. -3.e..1iv--.,,:!'1,:,:is:11- -1:,.:"Q -1 mall'-1. 'aff wi.-HY. in-.11 " - ', V- ' ... .H . E121--flgaaffw ' . wh.-a ,Sz-.. ' 555291 fffifih. 1-li . -s-jgxlgisii.-5 .'1!'.2-55'--'1":. '?3'vf:-iz v'-1'-25?-15,i: h gy- ."'. Qgejfyif, P- " ' 7-ggi. ' 4. -, - QQ ,-uf'-4-F-L'-tw -" ,Q FW' ,, .. Svfyf ,Q L.-,:J 1 Q, 1, -.9 f- -.,u,-5:::.-vw ' 'f'- -L,-:11,.,r-J. ,'1 W wndl'5e:Jff:'I'a-,.-X. " """5iZ5'v3QFf'f- "' 41 ' .'1-- s:!,sn3x5??11,T 15, : .1112-.1 , .- 3 greiqiwr, .- .. 'ix ' ' 'f,'.I I In 'J"I" I Z' mi --. g - ., ., A- ,, , -. P. 53:5,:'y '., Qjf' 1' Q2-, . if ' ni" "y11' ' .:f4.:'- " , I j 2 ','. 'VZT 'J ,F .5 1 . , .- , " - ' . A 1 K' -.- sy K F '.: ' UE f a Q39 K Iota . Lambda . Mu . Chi . . Alpha Beta Alpha Delta Alpha Epsilon . Alpha Zeta . Gamma Alumnae Eta Alumnae . Kappa Alumnae . Alpha Beta . Delta . Epsilon Eta Kappa , Pi Rho Tau Upsilon Psi . . Alpha Gamma . Alpha Alumnae . Beta Alumnae . Delta Alumnae . Epsilon Alumnm Zeta Alumnae . Lambda Alumnae Mu Alumnae . Phi Omega . Iota Alumnae . ,-,-i appa Alpha Theta Founded at De Pauw University CHAPTER ROLL. ALPHA DISTRICT. BETA DISTRICT. GAMMA DISTRICT. 143 . Cornell University . University of Vermont . Allegheny College . Syracuse University . . Swarthmore College Woman's College of Baltimore . . Brown University . Barnard College . New York City . Burlington, Vt. . Pittsburgh, Pa. . . De Pauw University . Indiana State University . University of Illinois . Wooster University . University of Michigan . University of Kansas . . Albion College . University of Nebraska . Northwestern University . University of Minnesota . University of Wisconsin . Ohio State University . Greencastle, Ind. . Minneapolis, Minn. . Chicago, Ill. . Columbus, O. . Indianapolis, Ind. . . Athens, O. Cleveland, O. . . Stanford University . University of California . Los Angeles, Cal. Kappa Alpha Theta Upsilon Chapter Established in 1889 SOROR IN FACULTATE. ANNA LORRAINE GUTHRIE SORORES IN UNIVERSITATE. Seniors GRACE WHITE LAVAYEA ALICE JACKSON GRACE SIMIS GLENN BACON STOCKTON HABRIET WATSON Juniors HELEN JANE ALDRICII JANE PRESCOTT BENNETT JOSEPHINE LYDIA THOMAS BLANCH HIGGENBOTHALI RUTH EDDY LEONARD BESSIE SCRIPTURE Sophomores FLORENCE REMSEN ANSLEY KATHERINE DEERINC BAILEY EDNA GAIL KINYON KATHERINE STOUGHTON Freshmen CATHERINE DE WOLF BREWER AGNES GI-ESSNEB RUTH HAYNES BESSIE DOCKSTADER ADELAIDE LAMPHERE FLORENCE PARKER HARBIET SHANNON 144 wP""' ' EKG:-x... 1 A X , 4 am-fqm Q ' -42511. ' ,Qswf'f'C"w. K .QQ K haw. 2 QTJZTZ53' R .1 ' 69? G ' ! AV Y W-K 5 E . 5 .YL .K -Q . H Q X 5 ef:-Xg 'f"' W? 3 t X ' Kb' Ju'-' .,- ' f ---'ww 'xQ5f',.v ,' F I . . P " ' in Q? x Z' W'-.. Hs! bf' H a 'L .Aff Q: -Af . . , WL . A .rb :'f,':iTi "" - H-N "m'Q' fl'---A J , -V-Klmqi.. V' 14: . ff T A-ig.. Q My i13'3"'l1,- if 2 w3:'3'f'.1 -i: P L' . ' 'mf ' , f.: :Wins 37 -, I. JET? lf? uclqiamigwdg, V ,i3A,riy,lv.1L , , t 1 , ,ik - : zgfqrzgff H ,..25"' ,, ,Qa:112,:, 'Q f gy Q'-114.342 H fv P' V if ti-y-X.1.A.i3bi,,31..:.1:.1.v.vg4 . K 5 diff' glinuway 6,6 -ummm , , -L K 1 'naw ' ., - gli-Br.: - "A ' A "ik 1 u , ,45A"' :""'r' J ML K 3"i'3i'4Q3g5 Mu- 1 X i 1 Lf ' 1 I F 3 s 41 4 5. ,, Q , 3 1 1. 3 . V . ,f , x x f 'K -v' 1 S , .. wr ph sz 1, .X I -VY Y , Y A: X! A V' xx Qt-5 ,' in Jax 'gy' N li 4 .1 V, W 4 vii:-5, 1:3 ,NL 1 . , fx , . iffy 3,1 .asf km .. ' .5 Y 4' w. , a ' -5 M ' Nm-. , sq f R.,-" 4 I "-Wav! mrjim. A i I H ' 'Q M, F- . 3 , g Q W, X, . Q 2 4 , 3 y X fx 312. R if ,fi A .ff "z f-'glut' J f '- , . w,,...,f-f .,,zMW, .MM If , T f 3,2 , 1. ,, J 1' -..h...z1" Kappa . . Upsilon . Beta Eta Beta Iota . Alpha Omega Mu Epsilon . Phi Chi . . Beta Sigma . Beta Gamma Beta Delta . Sigma . . Beta Zeta . Beta Theta . Mu . . Alpha Alpha . Beta Epsilon . Beta Theta Pi DISTBICT I. DISTRICT CHAPTE R ROLL Founded at Miami University, 1839. . . Brown . Boston . Maine . Amherst . Dartmouth Wesleyan . Yale Bowdoin II. . Rutgers . . Cornell . . Stevens St. Lawrence . . Colgate . Union Columbia . Syracuse DISTRICT III. Gamma . .Washington-Jefferson Alpha Sigma . . Dickinson Alpha Chi . . Johns Hopkins Phi . . . Pennsylvania Alpha Upsilon . . Pa. State College Beta Chi ..... Lehigh DISTRICT IV. Zeta .... Hampden-Sidney Eta Beta . . North Carolina Omicron . . , Virginia Phi Alpha .... Davidson DISTB ICT v. Epsilon ....., Central Beta Lambda . . . Vanderbilt Beta Ornicron .... Texas DISTRICT VI. Alpha ...... Miami Beta Nu . Cincinnati Beta . . . Beta Kappa . . Theta . . . Psi . Alpha Gamma Alpha Eta . Alpha Lambda Beta Alpha . Theta Delta . . . Beta Psi . . . Western Reserve . . Ohio Ohio Wesleyan . Bethany . Wittenberg Denison Wooster . . Kenyon . Ohio State West Virginia DISTRICT VII. Delta .... . D9 P3.LlW Pi . . Indiana Tau . Wabash Iota .... Hanover DISTRICT VIII. Lambda . . . Michigan Alpha Xi . Knox Chi . . . Beloit Alpha Beta . . . Iowa Lambda Rho . . . Chicago Alpha Epsilon Iowa Wesleyan Alpha Pi . . Wisconsin Rho . . Northwestern Beta Pi . . . . Minnesota. Sigma Rho ..... Illinois DISTRICT IX. Alpha Iota .... Washington Alpha Delta . . Westminster Alpha Nu . . . Kansas Alpha Zeta . . Denver Alpha Tau . Nebraska Zeta. Phi Missouri Beta Tau .... Colorado DISTRICT X. Omega ..... California Lambda Sigma . . Leland Stanford Beta Omega . . Washington State Beta Theta Pi Beta Pi Chapter Established m 1889. FRATRES IN EAOULTATE. FRANK M. AXDERSON, M. A. FRANK H. CONSTANT, C. E. EDVVIN A. JAGGARD, A. M., LL. B. CHARLES F. KEYES, A. B, EDWVARD E. N1CIiOLSON, M. A. EDWARD P. SANFORD B. A. CHARLES S. SIGERFOOS, Ph. D. JOSEPH W. BEECH, B. A. WARREN D. DENNIS, M. D. JUDD U. GOODRIOII, M. D. FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE Seniors RAY ROBERTS KNIGHT HARVEY ELMORE BARLOVV LEIGHTON HE1iBERT SLIITH Juniors MORRIS LEROY ARNOLD WILLIALI HAMMOND HALE CYRUS PAINE BARNUM BENJAMIN LONG HUFE ROBERT HORVARD KEYES Sophomores LOUIS FREEMAN JACKSON ARTHUR HARRIS THOMPSON ALBERT CHARLES KOCH EDWIN MALLORY DOANE CARROLL NINDE SMITH FREDERICK ADOLPH LARSON ROY HOWARD SMITH HARRY DAVID LYON Freshmen EDWARD M. HAW'ES STUART MOMILLAN THOMPSON NILES OWEN WERNER, JR. RALPH FBITZ MODOUGALL 148 JAMES SPIER JAMES FRANK ARTHUR KELLEY LUPPE BARNES LUPPEN LUTHER EUGENE TOMM. 1 D Phi . Theta Xi . Sigma Gamma . Psi . Upsilon . Chi . Beta . Eta . Kappa Lambda . Pi . . Iota . . Alpha Alpha Omicron . Epsilon . Rho . Tau . Mu . Nu . . Beta Phi . Phi Chi . Psi Phi . Gamma Phi Psi Omega Beta Chi . Delta Chi . Phi Gamma Gamma Beta Theta Zeta Alpha Chi . Phi Epsilon Sigma Tau Delta Delta Alpha Phi Tau Lambda Delta Kappa. Tau Alpha Sigma Rho elta Kappa Epsilon Founded at Yale University, 1844 CHAPTER ROLL. Yale University . Bowdoin College . Colby University Amherst College . Vanderbilt University University of Alabama . . Brown University . University of Mississippi . University of North Carolina . University of Virginia . Miami University . Kenyon College . . . Dartmouth College . Central University of Kentucky . . . Middlebury College University of Michigan . . Williams College . La Fayette College . . . . Hamilton College . . . Colgate University College of the City of New York . . University of Rochester . . Rutgers College . De Pauw University . . . Wesleyan University Rennselaer Polytechnic Institute . . . . Adelbert College . Cornell University . Syracuse University . . Columbia College . University of California . . . Trinity College University of Minnesota Massachusetts Institute of Technology . . . . University of Chicago . . University of Toronto . . Tulane University . University of Pennsylvania . . McGill University . ' Stanford University 151 Delta Kappa Epsilon Phi Epsilon Chapter Established in 1889 FRATRES IN FACULTATE. CYRUS NOR'1'I'IROP, LL. D. C. A. SAVAGE, A. M. E. J. ABBOTT, M. D. M. P. VANDERIIORCII, M. D. C, L. GREENE, M. H. P. RI1'CIIIE, M. D. WILLIAM R. HOAG, C. E. H. S. ABBOTT, B. L. A. B. CATES, M. D. FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE. Seniors JOHN BUTLER, JR. KELSEY S. CHASE EDXVARD FREEMAN GEORGE K. :HAGAMAN DIALCOIIM A. MACLE. Juniors EGIL BOECKLIANN LOUIS E. DAUGHERTY CARL KLEMER EDWIN B. DALGIIERTY CHARLES D. FREEMAN BENJAMIN W. SCANDRETT Sophomores JOHN BIDLAKE AIYBROSE L. HIAMMERICL GLENN M. HARRINGTON CHARLES A. WIIEATON Freshmen EDWARD BREXNAN CLARENCE FREEMAN GERALD M. LIVINGSTON ROY MCCARTHY NIATHI-XXV H. MURPHY RICHARD D. STRIOHLAND DAVID C. SHEPARD SAMUEL M. SHEPA 152 D l Phi Gamma Delta Alpha Theta . . Lambda . Nu . Xi . Omicron Pi . Tau . Upsilon Psi . . . Omega . . Alpha Deuteron . Beta Deuteron . Gamma Deuteron Zeta Deuteron . Theta Deuteron . Delta Deuteron . Zeta . . . Mu Deuteron . Xi Deuteron . Omicron Deuteron Delta Xi . . Beta . . Delta . . Pi Deuteron Rho Deuteron . Sigma Delta . Tau Deuteron . Sigma . . . Alpha Phi . . Lambda Deuteron Zeta Phi . . Theta Psi . Beta Chi . Gamma Phi Kappa Nu . Iota Mu Pi Iota . Mu Sigma . Kappa Tau . Rho Chi . Beta Mu . Nu Epsilon . Alpha Chi . Tau Alpha . Chi. . . Mu . . Chi Iota . Alpha Nu . Omega Mu . Xi Mu . . Sigma Tau . Delta Nu . Sigma Nu . Pi Rho . Chi Upsilon Lambda Iota . Founded at JefTerson College, 1848 CHAPTER ROLL . Washington and Jefferson University . . University of Alabama . . De Pauw University . . Bethel College Pennsylvania College University of Virginia . . . Allegheny College . . . 'Hanover College . College of City of New York . . . Wabash College . . Columbia University . Illinois Wesleyan University . . . Roanoke College . . . . Knox College Washington and Lee University . Ohio Wesleyan University . . Hampden-Sidney . Indian State University . . . . Yale University . Western Reserve University , . Ohio State University . University of California University of Pennsylvania . . Bucknell University . University of Kansas . Wooster University . Lafayette College . University of Texas , . Wittenberg College . University of Michigan . Denison University . William Jewell College . . . Colgate College . . . Lehigh University . Pennsylvania State College . . . Cornell University . Massachusetts Institute of Technology 155 Worcester Polytechnic Institute . . University of Minnesota . . University of Tennessee . . Richmond College Johns Hopkins University New York University . Amherst College . . Trinity College . . Union College . University of Wisconsin . University of Illinois . University of Nebraska . . University of Maine . University of Missouri University of Washington . . Dartmouth College . Syracuse University . Brown University . Chicago University . Purdue University Phi Gamma Delta Mu Sigma Chapter Established in 1890 FRATER IN REGENTIBUS. SAMUEL R. VAN SANT FRATRES IN FACULTATE CHARLES FLINT MCCLUMPIIA, PII. D. FRANK LICTLOND NICVICY. PII. D, GEOIIGIAI FRANK IROBICRTS. M. D. CHARLES PETER BERKEY, PH. D EIWVARD PARRIS BURCII, E. E. ROBERT :XLLEN CAMPBELL, M. D. JOHN C. BROWN. B. A. FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE. Seniors ARTIIUR ELON PIUNTINGTON' M. W. H. BOCKMAN FRANK IXNTIIONY FRANIIOYIZ Juniors FRANK OSBORNE FERNALD ISAAC XVATTS CIIOATE THOMAS ROBSON KELLY CHESTER FAY FIRKINS FRANCIS LE ROY KING R.XI.l,II NELSON LEUTHOLD SIGARD BOCKMAN WVILLIAM HENRY IVICGRATH Sophomores MARII DAVIS WOOLERY WINSIIOW CLARKE CHAMBERS JOHN DE VANEY WALTER JACOBSEN EDVVARD CLARKE 0,BR1EN LEONARD HAROLD .IACOBSEN CHARLES WHEELER NYE Freshmen LOUIS GAGE CHRYSLER CLARENCE EWVING TUTTLE DANA MAGOON EASTON CLARENCE LESLIE TANNER NATHAN BUCKLEY 156 VME EF V1f55,,M,4sw,f,A.h...e it Ll , .W N-, ,gwffff 2f"fff'ih2rT:v,, ,J Q , '-v-.2 X X ,.ffs'4' M Rig. y 4 ' X E ,.f:2"" 5' X ' df' wb 5 mlb- MQ... ..,.qfWff, AE ' 4 5 ."wm':ifn:m-5fr'J ,, '-f'r:,bQff,:1."s1v.1- E Z I . J gf' ' 4945 - Q f ' X V . 1 W, Af-:"T"r--f-.., j ,gy M' 5 K yn' , ..,n1'iW""f"I?1'A:'-v-N' f f1"7. -1 .mf f I " .' 'C 'X Q- Q. 1-ff ,'rr,il'7-" :' 'C' ' Y JN T lj. K, .1 In bmi N ,., If , , X -W. VJ,--W-M--.hrs Q . ,135-,.3,x 3 . " RQ , . , fm' :xx 9, ,gg gif . Vi- V ' ig L,:gL-21555. V 'I W- , VT, I V: A LA ,fit Li. S , .K1LL,,,m -,it'?F?,:,TAi-,fiffaqgm-N V, MS' , , 33 N' 2 ': 1. Ng,-f ,fx ' fi-','?:X.-f1!'3'f'-wa if tim, ' . V A, -I . ,fx,,.J- M A W, K A. ,:- W.-L r ' 1 Q, "HJ . muff.. ff' f:1,.H,-. - 't,lgw" 1 -5 fm, -4 L-A " - , ' ,L-" L., .f , .z F" ' -GH-":t"-. 5-"1 Lf ' Q" Y' iv. 5 6 xg T ---f gl,,,w',A,y:.af5-12d5v4'f'- , X EM in , ' 8 '4- , kmzadwg f ggwivf' ,km e. A559915 Yr. SWHE .fv 'WG . , 141 .F 'wzqm Q: Nha'-H-m.,m' . . .Jr 'Na 1' u si23'H-mQ,m:bac.: ,WHY gy? Jammu?-w ITQHLQR -Q M VA 3,4 ,A wa. . , . pf -H - -W . 'wJ::.:z-L-W,-:uw-f' F1 -M Q A Y Z3 f ' K ga L 2, f m 3 1 as 'gg A 3 f f ' 2 2 ff ii .4 fi 41 .N -V? 'f '-Q -ng x I -f A an I' 1' fir, Z s ig, If N.. 5 5 1. Q9 E eww",,h 2 KK .J -. X: k 5 I . '-f5,umV,.'i E? g Q f ft, xr, A v Q, ,i 1. i f ?A x f' x " A JW-Lf..-pf' 'Ria .uve New A J,,,f" ' D4"'!'1mw::v59',vf X, Delta Upsilon Founded at Williams College, 1834 Williams College Union College Hamilton College Amherst College Adelbemt College Colby University Rochester University Middlebury University Bowdoin College Rutgers College Brown University Colgate University University of the City of New York Cornell University Marietta College Syracuse University University of Michigan Northwestern University Harvard University University of Wisconsin Lafayette College Columbia University Lehigh University Tufts College De Pauw University Universi-ty of Pennsylvania University of Minnesota Massachusetts Institute of Technology Swarthmore College Leland Stanford, Jr., University University of California McGill University University of Nebraska University of Toronto University of Chicago 159 Delta Upsilon Minnesota Chapter Established in 1890 MEMBERS IN FACULTY CHRISTOPHER W. HALL, M. A. JENNINGS C. LITZENBERG, B. S., M. D.. JOHN G. MOORE. B. A. EARL R. HARE, B. S., M. D. EUGENE E. MCDERBIOTT, M. S. OSCAR K. RICHARDSON, B. S., M. D.. FRANK W. SPRIXGER, E. E. CARL A. HERRICK, M. E. UNDERGRADUATE MEMBERS Seniors ALLAN REGINALD BRONVN STANLEY SHUMYVAY KILBOURNE EARL PETERMAN MALLORY BLANDINO FISHER CLAUDE LEONARD HANEY Juniors RICHARD DELOS COLLINS ' COURTNEY THOMAS GLASS- BENJAMIN G. HOERGER ARCHIBALD RAY GIBBONS FRED ROBERT HILLS Sophomores MARION CRAGG WALSTON RALPH HERBERT MITCHELL HARRY ELDON GERRISH RAY GIFFORD MARSHALL. WALTER WILLIA BI LYTZEN Freshmen MYRON DUSTAN HOLCOMB MARK DELOS HAWKINS JAY ERONSON DAVIS JOHN HUMPHREY MAYNARD MAX HOWELL DECKER HARRY COMEGYS LAWTON JOHN MARCO LOWE NED EASTON COLLEGE OF LAW MILTON WALTER MOORE COLLEGE OF MEDICINE EUGENE PAUL CAMPBELL WILTYIABI FREDERICK BROASCH COLLEGE Oh' DENTISTRY HARRY DWIGHT BARNETT 160 . , .A 6 V , ,mv .,f,.f 1 I' R A X . I 1 1 xx, X fx .wwf s A x Q, ,M 4,-' , -my X J .,, .,pJ,...........Q y . ff' 7 X f if 25 I ,-.. f L T X ' Y 1 mk.N,,,,..f' gig N.. 'N K 1 I 1 1 1 I 11 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 y Alpha Phi Alpha. . Beta . Gamma Delta . Epsilon Zeta . Eta . Theta . Iota. . Kappa . Lambda Founded at Syracuse University, 1872 . . Syracuse . Northwestern . De Pauw . Cornell . University of University University University University Minnesota . Woman's College of Baltimore . . Boston University . University of Michigan . . University of Leland Stanford, Jr., Wisconsin University . . University of California 163 Alpha Phi Epsilon Chapter Established in 1890 SORORES IN UNIVERSITATE LAURA MAE RORB MARTHA FALLIS HARRIS RUTH LAW COLE MARJORIE HELEN COLE SARAH WILHELMINE HEINE CORINNE FRANCES MCMILLAN EVA MAUD BLAISDELL CORDELLE PAULINE COGGI-:SHALL Seniors Juniors GERTRUDE ELLEN BALLARD CAROLYN TYLER SALISBURY DOLLY SARAH ANDREXVS S ophornores Freshmen ELOISE SMITH Postgraduate EDITH ISHAM 164 JULIA CORINNNE WEBSTER BESSIE OLIVIA HEALY VIRGINIA GERTRUDE DE HAAS GRACE GRETCHEN GRYGLA ALICE ELSIE BOEEERDING ' . ' Q 1 . , . 3:1 7 .mf-I ii:,.l:-'....u: ' A in u' ..- ,QS ' ',gQ':'g.j,'f: :L-C ,.,-139 .- g'.'.'v:.L'.i.'1',-,'.f': , vias ':.s -. .5-1,o'-i",'-5,6 "W'4.!S'z':. -. -':-y'JfKJl-..'- - U , , '- ' "'::.':.' '. ' " r' -' -1: '.-.'-11-.S " ,z o ,...4, 31, . -:,.,1','., -as Q-1 . - . ff- -Jr 'T-:Jg-'.--5-s--."' -' K- '- .rig -.'.. - . , . , ' . fn A, - .. .. 5:-3 '...' N f 'ax fr: :,. I . X, ,' . Q I 5-.IEA . . .. fffggy, VE, fi'2Q4":1. 'abr-'Q' - L2-uf x wi,--A -'fvm 3- ' QQ,-v, - mf --20 V 'ff-T5 "W-1:1 B fu, M N , , .,. :fn 'g,.,:I: ,gg ,ln X 6 4 A 1,r:,k,- ,pd-55 1 " ' 5 T 1 V 'u'57- fflirg-fit' '. hi. 'Y -- Egfr f. f: h i ."Qf,,, -. Q! I :q.,L-" , I x ,-.. ..-g . ,-.-,: ,,- gnffi, 5 9 A :L'-'WW A - . ' 'A 1 Wil..--1--' A ff' 'riff M .4 -Q , f 'sfgff v fqfi' 'VI --'17 " L" ,- .- V 1 -J -' H ,':2,ci9'f?f , T ., 5 ' X ,,,,h,'ex-rg '+.-f1f.3:j?, r-1h5'ggfq.2'qg. ,-'-1'-:.:,-:'.g.,, :Sf -WEP if-T ":i.11f,i "-" -"- :.-'Riff-'15155lii2!53zQ179' K- gre.: . 4 ' Q .f..12:1iN21keA .,, -4531, fy ,, ,r1f:Q-V3-aiffgf - nd'- ,J -s !' aw Q ?.Q1f4'f2f1. fi' .2 nt " for ' - - ' -' ::51a2s2ss.',.x ' N. 4- ga ' nQgrafQ:,?',-rv -ig sag, .ffl-. - 1534-iilxfg-f'I'-L.Lg:: . "ji: 'g'. 5-.hzz Q "' 5:5 255555, ' -LL 53.1.5 X: 1? f:55,:' j.,, , t I '2iI:E-..:Eef: f"'-'f 53 AJ ,La f -.ZH . if ,. f 2.-"' '-75 ' .Ti ":E.52' " - ' 11' I u .. ,. . '- s Qvg 9 . -XJ 3 E ., r 1 , I . fag: J 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 Theta . Delta . Beta . Sigma . Gamma Zeta . Lambda Kappa. Psi Xi . Upsilon Iota . Phi Pi Chi . Beta Beta Eta . Tau . Mu Rho . Omega Epsilon si Upsilon Founded at Union College, 1833 ROLL OF CHAPTERS 167 . . Union College New York University . Yale University . Brown University Amherst . Dartmouth Columbia Bowdoin . Hamilton College College College College College . Wesleyan University . University of Rochester . , Kenyon College . University of Michigan . Syracuse University . Cornell University . Trinity College . . Lehigh University University of Pennsylvania . University of Minnesota , University of Wisconsin . University of Chicago . University of California Psi Upsilon MuChapter Established in 1891 FRATRES IN FACULTATE JABEZ BROOKS F. S. JONES JOHN S. CLARK JOHN C. HUTCIIINSON HENIRY F. NACHTRIEB JAS. B. PIKE JOIIN C. SYVEET FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE. Senior SEAVEY MOOR BAILEY Juniors SAMUEL THAYER BASS JOSEPH THOMSON DWIGHT KEYES YERXA Sophomores GALE CLIFFORD MERRICK ARCHIE DEAN WALKER DONALD TVVOGOOD BOARDMAN GEORGE ALBERT BOARDMAN Freshmen CHARLES ROLFE MCCOLLOM FRANK WALLIS TEASDALE LEE EINIMETT IVES CHARLES ARTHUR LANG FREDERICK RITZINGER COLLEGE OF LAW. ARTHUR SHERWIN FRENCH ROGER GRAY 168 N q ,My ' ,fm ' fm' ' 1 ,.' ,..'!:.'.-. 'W ,M 1. . ,- I ..,- .. . ., mn, .-,- ..' ,. - '15 5 1 + L. 1 '. ,, 'mf um bb In ' I"",v r L5-' ' I ,' -.' , , '.'.-. ' H... . ... . .. "' ' .'Z- .' L' 7. .Q"..f.,gT K'-2,13 ?.- . ...' , -- B., W . . . fy " " P-., 7 ' -','.'J: '-' "H.'- -' - - -I Z'-'11 '-E ' ...vb sq. - .V .qi 5 - .,::ch.t, . l. .0 ".'.-i..':....:'-Hy, X '1'-":2::-' M' ' x "' ':ff'!' 1' ' 4 " ..-- .. ' AK, .. N - A X ,, 4 1 I ' V '1'.'. '...- -- , A U5-. .nf A.. . .. . R . ,K ,f f W "eA-A-ff -' - ww . ' . X ' H-ff ' 1-X I . .'f?"x?'Br' h . .f S, 4. A , V ,N .. 55. .- ' up P- 1-gpg' A-. q. X ,sy . ,, I .- ' 1 . Hs A 4 kv: wa, .. 5. ' At, , N ,- '-vQg,::,3y,ww! ' fa1g.:-- .fa on -35,115 - ,gy rg.-.2 . 'kr fx fq-Q. --,v-mf 1, ,aww V X few f .-1-- . wx. X ffl- Nr. vw:-va me ' ' 11'-gil, gc- B V .. -.J Jenna- . . " , -' : " '- ' f ,.. 1.: """ f N - IJ g , Z I 15,-r X 4 T " ' 1'- Q ll 'I -X. M' fe- nw 'Z'-L -Zi. F' - , A . .V , Z i 3 is u gkyf U., A. ,A Q. 5-'gin' ASK' I ,2'v:,bi-Z.1.- .- A ' --1 ,, ml 1-. .. sd-'-mf'-f-1,.. t..f,a-f41::::'.1,.. -A -1 sf 1 QW' K - .W V. x- Af-:ff ' X -a-ffev' . x 1-Q 'ibiza".1-..-'eltmfiaigseif-f-Tfmlf ' 1731- -'12 A-1 - ' f1W?ia '55':'YrQ ffgfifxrgwfre' - . . gin- , Q-ami. . '23-'Eff -'?f42Y"i6-L ' -f -af-531:55 :gs . , wljr f5s'iQ2? gb 3' ,' 4 K ,Y 1 A, fag 4' X 'rf ., an Q,-'2 Jfg, ,V - 11 1, -7- . , ' 1 "UV " T' 4 , 'ff' 1 , .f-2-' -'?'Q.-'1- - -' 'rib' " F ,S , " '- 'f ' v. ff -:Lf '4 - ' " ?fZ'i?'f ' 'lf' ,1wfr4fx'i25 Wikia' lm" 'J -ffsf fn fy? ff- ' Y -f KE-:i47,,d 3-Mew' : -'A-spas, Q41:-ar ' ' "inf 453155 jg ' , -j f "' "5 glj ' 59555.-'., 1.4 . " N I ,mf 'f!55'1'u. - 1 -'95 ' .ff -f1,:. f ws' fy 'R 4 "Q 1 "'-A ' F rm ' . :IV E . ,sd :, 1, ' " if A 'Af Q .M 'G' , mt 'altar-1 gs! 1? V-'Ins X' u . " 'us. f. 57 mils.-.1"T K s 3 , ' ! ,J '7 'wg A H .X 5 Ii, , r- 'v wx , M if f Q .. 1 A f,,f 3: f ff 5:"'2-ca-an ' x"h,,,.,--Jfw-5 wp, XKQQSJ xkgwwf wxefqf 4' ixmz..-uf"0, 4 Hamilton . Columbia . Y-ale . Amherst . Brunonian . Harvard . Hudson Bowdoin . Dartmouth Peninsular . Rochester . Williams . Manhattan . Middletown Kenyon . Union Cornell Pni Kappa . Johns Hopkins Minnesota , Toronto . Chicago . McGill . Wisconsin . Alpha Delta Phi Founded at Hamilton College, 1832. CHAPTER ROLL 171 Hamilton College Columbia College Yale University Amherst College Brown University Harvard Adelbert Bowdoin . . Dartmouth College College College College . University of Michigan . University of Rochester . : . . Williams College College of the City of New York . . Wesleyan University . Kenyon College . Union College . Cornell University . . . Trinity College Johns Hopkins University . University of Minnesota . University of Toronto . University of Chicago . . McGill University . University of Wisconsin Alpha Delta Phi Minnesota. Chapter Established in 1891 FRATRES IN FACULTATE WILLIAM VVATTS FOLWELL, LL. D. VVILLIAAI S. PATTEE, LL. D. AMOS W. ABBOTT, M. D. HARRY L. VVILLIABIS, M. D. HVGH E. WILLIS. LL. M. FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE Seniors PAUL SIIERRURN SMITH ROBERT EVANS VAN BERGEN HAROLD JOSEPH HO.ARlJ JAMES VON WILLIAMS OTHO HAROLD CAMI-BELL Sophomores HARRY ALDRICH ARCHIBALD WRIGIIT ROBERTSON CHARLES MURRAY STOCKTONERNEST AUSTIN WOODWARD RANDOI,PH JAMES MCRAE WALTER HALL WHEELER GARFIELD WILIAM BROXVN Freshmen HENRY KNOX DOUGAR RALPH DAWSON BRADLEY FRED CARROL ELSTON CHAS. HENRY MOVEY LELAND EDWARD HEALY JOHN HENRY BOGART COLLEGE OF LAW FRANK ELISHA REED JOSEPH ALFRED PIERCE COLLEGE OF MEDICINE JAY ISAAC DURAND 172 I I I 1 w Y Y w w Theta Delta Chi Beta . . . Gamma Deuteron Delta Deuteron . Zeta . . . Zeta Deuteron . Eta. . . Iota . . Iota. Deuteron . Kappa . Lambda . Mu Deuteron . Nu Deuteron . Xi . . . Omicron Deuteron Pi Deuteron . Rho Deuteron . Sigma Deuteron Tau Deuteron . Phi . . Clni . . Chi Deuteron . Psi Founded at Union College, 1848 CHARGE ROLL 175 . Cornell University University of Michigan University of California . Brown University . McGill University . Bowdoin College . Harvard University . Williams College . Tufts College . Boston University Amherst College . Lehigh University . Hobart College . Dartmouth College College of the City of New York Columbia University University of Wisconsin University of Minnesota . Lafayette College University of Rochester Columbian University . Hamilton College Theta. Delta Chi Tau Deuqteron Charge Established in 1892 FRATRES IN FACULTATE SOREN P. REES, B. A., M. D. GEO. H. JOHNSTON, B. A., Ph. D. A. M. WEB.sT1-JR, B. S. FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE Seniors VVILLIAM CHAPMAN DEERING JAY NELSON PIKE Juniors R. LAUNCELOT TEBBITT HUGH ELLIS LEACII FRANK NORMAN EDMONDS ALMON EDOLPH CHILSON ALBERT RAYMOND VARCO Sophomores HELON EDWIN LEACH GEO. WESTEEEIELD WARD JAMES B. IRSEIELD BERTOX J, BIRANIJON Freshmen ROY MANNING PIKE LAUREL LUCAS KEI.LS HARRY J. BARTRAND EARLE MARSH BABROWS ALVIN HERRMANN COLLEGE OF LAW GEORGE BURBANK WEBSTER 176 4 I Alpha . Beta . Gamma Delta . Epsilon Zeta . Eta . Theta . Kappa Lambda Mu . Nu Xi . Omicron Pi . Sigma Upsilon Delta Delta Delta Founded at Boston, 1889 CHAPTER ROLL 179 . Boston University St. Lawrence University . Adrian College Simpson College . . Knox College University of Cincinnati University of Vermont University of Minnesota University of Nebraska . Baker University University of Wisconsin Ohio State University . W0man's College . Syracuse University University of California . Wesleyan University Northwestern University Delta Delta Delta RUTH ELOISE BABCOCK ALICE E. DYAR HARRIET ANN DORSETT ISABEL CAROLINE STENE GRACE FISKE HELEN M. MAYO EDITH MEGHILL THOMAS Theta Chapter Established in 189.0 SORORES IN UNIVERSITATE. Seniors JOSEPIIINE M. WIIITTEBIORE Juniors ELEANOR M. voN BODENSTEDT Sophomores Freshmen Unclassed AGNES SOMERVILLE CRAIG Post Graduate 180 RUTH HOULTON BELLE L. PARKER BESSIE ALMIRA COVERT ETHEL GILLETTE PALMER ADELLA J OIINSON EDNA ADAMS MRS, LORA ALLEN CHENEE Zeta Psi Founded at New York University, 1847 CHAPTER ROLL Phi . .... New York University Zeta . . Williams College Delta . . . . Rutgers College Sigma . University of Pennsylvania Chi . . . Colby University Epsilon . Brown University Kappa . Tufts College Tau . . . Lafayette College Upsilon , University of North Carolina Xi . . University of Michigan Lambda . Bowdoin College Beta . . University of Virginia Psi . . Cornell University Iota . . University of California Theta Xi . Toronto University Alpha . . Columbia University Alpha Psi . . . McGill University Nu . Case School of Applied Sciences Eta . .... Yale University Mu . . Stanford University Alpha Beta . University of Minnesota 183 Zeta Psi Alpha Beta Chapter Established in 1899 FRATRES IN FACULTATE JOHN DAY SMITH, M. A., LL. M. HENRY M. STAPLES, A. M., M. D. FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE Seniors WALTER JQAVENIJER VERGE Juniors TRUMAN ELWELL RICIQARD JOHN NICHOLAS THELEN CARL VON ROIIR ARTHUR LE ROY MYERS GEORGE WARREN HARSII OTTO N. DAVIES NORBIAN LESLIE NEWIIALI. Sophoonores JOIIN ALEXANDER JARDINE DON CAMERON ANDERSON HICRBERT JEFFERSON PENEIELD GXVILYM IOAN AP ROBERTS KARL ALBERT SIMMON PAUL FAY BUNCE Freshmen ARTHUR ROBERT WILLEORD ELMER MENDELSSOIIN JONES CHARLES MCLAREN LAWRENCE GEORGE WILCOX BARNARD IJUTIIER A. T. RENFORD COURTLAND ROCKWELL SANBORN Post Graduate Members RAYMOND HORACE MYERS CHESTER A. GRIGGS GUSTAVE SCHOLLE 184 1 r 1 , r w W ,7 11 1 1 Kappa -Sigma Founded in the University of Virginia, 1867 CHAPTER ROLL DISTRICT I. Psi . . University of Maine Alpha Rho . . . Bowdoin College Alpha Lambda University of Vermont Beta Alpha . . Brown University Beta Kappa . New Hampshire College DISTRICT II. Alpha Alpha University of Maryland Pi .... Swarthmore College Alpha Delta Pennsylvania State College Alpha Eta . Columbian University Alpha Epsilon University of Pennsylvania Alpha Kappa . Cornell University Alpha Phi . . Bucknell University Beta Delta, Wash. and Jefferson College Beta Iota . . Lehigh University Beta Pi . . Dickinson College DISTRICT III. Delta .... Davidson College Upsilon . . Hampden-Sidney College Zeta . . .University of Virginia Eta . . Randolph-Macon College Nu . . William and Mary College Beta Beta . . Richmond College Eta Prime . . Alpha Mu, University of North Carolina . Trinity College DISTRICT IV. Beta . . University of Alabama Alpha Beta . . Mercer University Alpha Nu . . . Wofford College Alpha Tau Georgia School of Technology Beta Eta Alabama Polytechnic Institute Beta Lambda, University of Georgia DISTRICT v. Theta . . Cumberland University Kappa . . .Vanderbilt University Lambda . . University of Tennessee Phi Southwestern PresbyterianUniversity Omega . . University of the South Alpha Theta Southwestern Baptist Univ. Beta Nu. . Kentucky State College DISTRICT vI. Alpha Ups-ilon . . Millsaps College Gamma . .Louisiana State University Epsilon . . . Centenary College Iota . . Southwestern University Sigma . . Tulane University Tau . . University of Texas DISTRICT VII. Xi . . . University of Arkansas Alpha Psi . University of Nebraska Alpha Omega William Jewell College Beta Gamm-a Missouri State University Beta Omicron .University of Denver Beta Sigma . Washington University Beta Tau . . . Baker University Chi Alpha Gamma Alpha Zeta . Beta Theta . Alpha Pi Alpha Sigma Alpha Chi . DISTRICT VIII. . Purdue University . University of Illinois University of Michigan . University of Indiana . . Wabash College . Ohio State University Lake Forest University Beta Epsilon University of Wisconsin Beta Mu University of Minnesota Beta Rho . University of Iowa DISTRICT IX. Beta Zeta Leland Stanford, Jr., Univ. Beta Xi . University of California Kappa Sigma FRANK C. HLVGIIES GEORGE F. SIIEA JAMES A. BALLARD, JR. CHARLES WM, L. HOFFMAN EDGAR L. GUSTAVE J. DALEY FRANK A. BROVVN, JR. WM. R. MORRIS ,, Beta Mu Chapter Established in 1901 FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE CHARLES P. STERLING ADRIAKN D. MASTENBROOK HARRY C. BARNEY O. HAROLD GRIGGS S. DOAK LOXTRY Seniors PETER F. SCIIROEDER Juniors D. BEAGLE NOYES Sophomores J. EDWARD FINLEY Freshmen RUSSELL L. MooRE FRED W. BURVVELL ARTHUR M. TORRELLE Post-Graduate EMORY LEE JEVVELL 188 WM. H. SHEA, JR. HENRY W. GOEHRS PAUL F. BROWNE CLARENCE B. RANDALL ,"-Rm' ,T ' f M4555 1 , ., . ,W '-'fwjwg J . X W ' 1 N W nw, I W L M 3, ,E -Wf 1 ff L xx 1 if ,Qs .N E' , ' x I Y' :EV "'fmwsxv,Q'L"' an Q I . 'A , 4 .M RQ, A 2, 4 ,QF ,ff'Tf'f"?'7"K' .- , , 2, kg lnmmv-1' ,,M3""'Wf3i,13 xflrx, X M -f 3254? 4 i P, f' " ' 1-2 J ,xx-'L 'ZW' "fx, ' S yy' rv ymi-.2 A Aa: . gf "'-M ' 4- bg , ,n,,f'fV1:ff,, l I 'QQ'-0 5 WA.,f5Ig':::4-W :sr 1 ,-fwj22'5'f-:J 1 , ' , .e51::.u-,f,,4i'e1g' 1-, fb:-,-' -,ff A '- ff' f WffSY'- 1 J:-193 N'H1A'3N"?Q'V,mffK1:-'f:':2:-. 1 ,XX 6 ' Quill?"-11745-v1Q1M"gg,ffv' ' M gf . M r -N vm " 4 Q in L, n.':?769d i n J ML., R in N 'VT-'s:z.z.1 , 1 1 , E Yi 1 4, " L' 'fu vi. if if Tw X 5 1 my V 4 M , M1 v V, K I tn I 1 I ,., . K 2 4 Q 1 .A , H fx 1: I n ' 'Q ,H JA, 'J' 1 ' H4 V A' - Kia.-fn-1:9 WH K' aww ' ,- -M11-mem N., J ' .fyfwvd A T Sigma Alpha Epsilon Founded at Uwiversity of Alabama, 1856 CHAPTER ROLL PROVINCE ALPHA Massachusetts Beta Upsilon Massachusetts Iota Tau . Massachusetts Gamma . Massachusetts Delta . Maine Alpha New York Alpha New York Mu . . New York Sigma Phi . Pennsylvania Pennsylvania Pennsylvania Pennsylvania Pennsylvania Pennsylvania Omega . . Sigma Phi . Alpha Zeta . Zeta . Delta . Theta . Virginia Omicron Virginia Sigma . . North Carolina Xi . North Carolina Theta South Carolina Gamma . Georgia Beta Georgia Psi . Georgia Epsilon . Georgia Phi Michigan Iota Beta . Michigan Alpha . Ohio Sigma Ohio Delta . Ohio Epsilon Ohio Theta . Indiana Alpha . Indiana Beta Illinois Psi Omega . Illinois Beta . . . . . . . Boston University . Massachusetts Institute of Technology . . . . . Harvard University Polytechnic Institute University of Maine . Worcester PROVINCE BETA . . . . . Cornell University . Columbia University . St. Stephens College Allegheny College . . Dickinson College , Pennsylvania State College . . Bucknell University . . Gettysburg College . . . . . University of Pennsylvania PROVINCE GA M M A . University of Virginia . Washington and Lee University . University of North Carolina . . . Davidson College . . . Wofford College . University of Georgia . . . Mercer University . . . . Emory College . Georgia School of Technology PROVINCE DELTA . University of Michigan . . Adrian College Mount Union College . . . Ohio Wesleyan . University of Cincinnati . Ohio State University . Franklin College . . Purdue University . Northwestern University University of Illinois Minnesota Alpha PROVINCE EPSILON University of Minnesota Kentucky Kappa .... . Central University Kentucky Iota . ..,..... Bethel College Kentucky Epsilon . . . Kentucky State College Tennessee Zeta . . . Southwestern Presbyterian University Tennessee Lambda . . . . Cumberland University Texas Nu . . . . . Vanderbilt University Tennessee Kappa . . University of Tennessee Tennessee Omega . . University of the South Tennessee Eta . . Southwestern Baptist University Alabama Mu . . . University of Alabama Alabama Iota . . . . . . . . Southern University Alabama Alpha Mu ........ Alabam-a Polytechnic Institute PROVINCE ZETA Missouri Alpha University of Missouri Neb. Lambda Pi University of Nebraska Missouri Beta Washington University Ark. Alpha Upsilon University of Ark. PROVINCE ETA Colorado Chi . University of Colorado Cal. Alpha, Leland Stanford, Jr., Univ. Colorado Zeta . . . Denver University Cal. Beta . . .University of California PROVINCE THETA. La. Epsilon, Louisiana State University Miss. Gamma, University of Mississippi La. Tau Upsilon . . Tulane University Texas Rho . . . University of Texas 191 Sigma Alpha Epsilon Minnesota Alpha Chapter Established in 1902 FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE Seniors ALFRED CARPENTER WHITNEY CHARLES MAXWELL MCCONN EDVVARD FRANK HUMPHREY MARK LYMAN PAGE Y g Juniors MERTON STEDIIEN KINGSTON LUCIAN MERRITT GEORGE HARTWELL STONE Sophornores CHARLES NORTON HENSEL GEORGE WATSON WALLACE ROBERT STANLEY MERRIAM JAMES HUGH HARTZELL RALPH HARVY BALDXVIN GEORGE WYNDHALI CAPLIN HARRY SINCLAIR MCKAY Freshmen ANDREW PAUL DUNN CHARLES NYE CROSMAN IRVING MCLAREN LAWRENCE PERCY HYDE BAINRRIDGE WILLIAM FOSTER COLLEGE OF LAW MAURICE VAUGIIN EVANS URNI SYLVENUS DUNCAN BENJAMIN CARLTON BOO COLLEGE OF MEDICINE EUGENE KIBBES GREEN CHELSEA CAROL PRATT ALBERT GUY ALLEY AXEL BORG LUND 192 3 L , vi Q., , , , ' 'I . 3 I fp'-H f -' 4: 1, L D W 1m..,,,, , Ms. fb-U f ----naw-' , f :":f'f4 asf, Alpha Tau Omega Founded at Richmond, Virginia, 1865 PROVINCE I. ALABAMA AND GEORGIA. Alabama Alpha Epsilon . Alabama Beta Beta . Alabama Beta Delta . Georgia Alpha Beta . Georgia Alpha Theta . Georgia Alpha, Zeta . . Georgia Beta Iota . . PROVINCE 11. California Gamma Iota . Colorado Gamma Lambda . Louisiana Beta Epsilon . Texas Gamma Epsilon . Texas Gamma Eta. . . . . A. and M. College . . Southern University . University of Alabama . University of Georgia . . Emory College . Mercer University . School of Technology CALIFORNIA, COLORADO, LOUISIANA, TEXAS . University of California . University of Colorado . Tulane University . . . Austin College . . University of Texas PROVINCE III. ILLINOIS, INDIANA, MICHIGAN, NEBRASKA, KANSAS, BIINNESOTA Illinois Gamma Zeta . . Indiana Gamma Gamma . Michigan Alpha Mu . . Michigan Beta Kappa Michigan Beta Omicron . Nebraska Gamma Theta . Kansas Gamma Mu . . Minnesota Gamma Nu . . University of Illinois Polytechnic Institute . . Adrian College . Hillsdale College . . Albion College . University of Nebraska . . University of Kansas . University of Minnesota PROVINCE Iv. MAINE, MASSACHUSETTS, RHODE ISLAND, VERMONT Maine Beta Upsilon .......... University of Maine Maine Gamma Alpha . . Massachusetts Gamma Beta Rhode Island Gamma Delta Vermont Beta Zeta . . PROVIN New York Alpha Omicron . New York Alpha Lambda . New York Beta Theta . Pennsylvania Alpha Upsilon Pennsylvania Alpha Iota . Pennsylvania Alpha Pi . Pennsylvania Tau . . . . Colby College . . Tufts College . . Brown University . University of Vermont CE V. NEW YORK AND PENNSYLVANIA . St. Lawrence University . . Columbia University . Cornell University Pennsylvania College -. . Muhlenburg College . . W. and J. College University of Pennsylvania PROVINCE VI. NORTH CAROLINA, SOUTH CAROLINA, VIRGINIA North Carolina Alpha Delta . . . . . University of North Carolina North Carolina Xi . . .... Trinity College South Carolina Beta Xi . . . College of Charleston Virginia Delta . . Virginia Beta . Ohio Alpha Nu . Ohio Alpha Psi . Ohio Beta Eta . Ohio Beta Mu . Ohio Beta Omega . Ohio Gamma Kappa . Tennessee Alpha Tau Tennessee Beta Pi . Tennessee Beta Tau . Tennessee Lambda . Tennessee Omega Tennessee Pi . . University of Virginia . . . . . Washington and Lee University . . Mt. Union College . Wittenburg College . Wesleyan University . . Wooster University . . State University Western Reserve University . . . . Southwestern Presbyterian University . Vanderbilt University . Southwestern Baptist University . Cumberland University . University of the South . University of Tennessee Alpha Tau Omega Gamma Nu Chapter Established in 1902 FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE. Seniors J. B. LADD. Juniors TEDLEF A. VELDEY MOSIES L. STIIATIIEIIN FREDERICK H. POPPE WILLIAM SUMNER COVEY Sophornores LEWIS P. CAMI-BELL WILLIAM C. STREISSGUTII VVILLARIJ E. THUMIISON Freshmen LEON M. BOYD CII.xI:I.I-:s S. Moon WILLIALI G. Donn COLLEGE OF LAW CHARLES LEVVIS AI.ExANmcR, A. B. FRED A. ALEXANDER R. H. CLOCK ELM:-:R OBERT DIESON COLLEGE OF DENTISTRY D. DlIVI'II.I,O RIDER GEORGE A. NELSON 196 Gamma Phi Beta Founded at Syracuse University, 1874 GREEK LETTER CHAPTERS Alpha . . Syracuse University, Syracuse, N. Y. Beta . . University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Mich. Gamma . . University of Wisconsin, Madison, Wis. Delta . . . Boston University, Boston, Mass. Epsilon . Northwestern University, Evanston, Ill. Zeta . . . Woman's College, Baltimore, Md. Eta . . University of California, Berkeley, Cal. Theta . . University of Denver, Denver Colorado Iota . . . Barnard College, New York, N. Y. Kappa. . . University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, Minn. ALUMNAE CHAPTERS Boston . Boston, Mass. Chicago . Chicago, Ill. Syracuse . . Syracuse, N. Y. 199 Gamma Phi Beta Kappa Chapter Established 190.2 SOROR IN FACULTATE MARY GRAY PECK SORORES IN U NIVERSITATE Seniors . HI'ILl'IB' RlJZl'I1"1'E HIIINIJIQIX LORENA NIACFARLANIG RETII SPEAR Juniors ALICE IVIAUDE HYSER MYKRION ISABELLE JONES AGXES SIIERWIN IYES DIARY LOUISE NORTON MIKRY IVES ELEANOR SIIELDON Sophomores MARGARET GEORGE BELL MILDREI1 ILxEI1ERDAI.E FLORENCE ELIZABETH SNOOK FLORENCE ETIIEL YVORKS Freshmei-I EIJNA ELBIIAIR GRACE FOSTER KATHERINE WIALINDA TANEY SARA IWIORROXV PRESTON Special OLIVE MAY BROOKS MARGARET DOWNEY JESSIE P. SOIILENIIER 200 LYS 11" .o,. Q ' ' '- .' o' , , . . . I ,slff :',a'.... a U A f., :-- .-wg -.,.'.'.Z -f x-.15 -'2'!."If.':!: 'jg , ' , ,-fi-yistigif-1-iff, Q -2 N .,'.-' 1-.-..3-.-1 -x.. . . . . . . 1:5-.-.,.. - 1:dw1-.- . '-.".':i':,11.1 - " '12":E.':f sl-fl ' ' , r?.'!-151--14 5-'.' -.' -- "'4' ' an 'u' ' " , , -Mhz . ,., -. -- , ,- Q . V - If X '--- - , - ,. A 5- V' ,.v. - .H '- .. -- -11.1. . " , -T1-.F '-- -Z5 A , . , MQ--f f l A L.,--f QF? was K ..' "' 1 '-1 L ' -- ' - -1 -1 fl ' 5 Q .. ..,i . 1 1,1-.fl. Bx?,K, V , V eff 2 -iii " '- .affix-:fm 'is-NH' 'f'Ws-,- ..nw , L- psy yL."i.,p i.3E lv F.. X Y . xghgzvsv " .- 271' ' r w - 64' '35 'viii W- 0 v :YS -' 'bfi -3, .f2fL,gi - -.f.g..g-- .iq 4-.As .,, uf ,.,,.f. 1 .,.vg'-5 if 42.4.-gf Q -. -" 1- ' zu api? 1 'f-.s, gn- B . V W, ,. am z--f if A ' 9 , 2 I :ix-'f ,,,. '1l T ' ' ' 4 I 1 'f ,fy ' -Q. D f --"LL .",7 g.-5"-Q' . . 9 . ., Q si as ,V - -- 'sf ,K nv- ,. ,mx , .- E1 1 : ,. . ' -'1 ' A f ' 65'-11? Ml 79:1 ff'-,eg 3- QMS- , ,- 1g"f1,jg,.,,. 1 g ,- . :p.:. V , , 5.5, .,1'fgv-My --S7.:gFq?EH:,,,.. ,.: Pg.-, if fa.g:1a-f,Z:f:-.1.,..,,,,.w 4-5 Q ,P N71--. :Laffy 'i4m.:azi1aE1Ewf1iYa2izm2::sz,11'rfsy: rn -"gff+,-1-'-v -5-1, ' wma :,.f:f-:g.--,-- ,:+. ., k w , ,231 43.11 ' - B, ..",'5. W - lg.-ri-,zaguiqizz 1 -vlfwh . '- .' ' VF-LEEliz"-JE"T':53iZ1if1:.:i?5fL.. -' . , Y ' .143 23:1E'Q,':.-"H 'rxf' fWEi,."l 1 . . ' Qqfyf 'U ax ,,, "1'5"5iQfs Jifih. fipifdt Q. Aa?'i12'- ' 'S-rw: .1,'m1"15 f1':K.51iz,.- .-':','.-f-'-.-w: srwrwaa .,11a2a,-':e,4:gig:!w'Zi' -Af-af-1-sc. eps- , + .w-:Jaw ,-.qwffimsh '11-' '- A fa' .-':2wZ11'3, ' 'mn-4.f ffl, ' f--fS'f4::.f'V, -"wrt "WN ."z55atV-'fri-ir?'l,J':l?K'?Q911x:5gg2i 55-1,-.3 ,:g:J"--6-ixflv 'Aff ' 4-531, fy ,. xhg, 1",4PJSiK"-iii.5iv1g!Q5'ifLfL.?F1 -s 'S f 19 . -152212: A ,QW .-Ss-,J .- 4 1- r-:ff N 53733,-ggZQ2Lf52r3g' 1 ,J -J-' Y ' ifif -'5i1f:f3fEi-Lf2?. ' "ff" " '1' " 'n w- , '-pig--322-5-2--'a 'fr -12:34 fifg- ' ,l3,,.,. ,. L.-:,: ' 1 .5 'Z' '-551' -"Q," -- . '12 , - ' L, Af'1'l7': .'.::2 . .:.'E1 ' "" 5' 5 3 1. - ' gil- . 0 ' . ,.- -g . . 4 , 927 N f D ,.. -. fi ,: ,ary . 9 .E 3-' w F 0 Q39 231 QW Q tr Wu YFEA 'A NRL. J QB :LL qqy " ,li ' OOO 4 Q . N' 5'A i "ff 'Z' Q V X V 5' I . af XA f A Q' . A in , ' 1 'F ' W b 9 Ax - A A Q... ', ' fy! . . Slgma Alpha Delta LOCAL Seniors ELSI143 AI4ICl'1 STONE MARTHA FALLIS HARRIS LEONORA C. MANN DOLLY SARAH ANDREWS MARY LOUISE LONGISRAKIC HARRIET LOUISE ARMSTRONG Juniors ALICE XVILLLAMS REDFIELD MARY LOULSE NORTON IVIARGARICT PHIPPS VAN BRRGEN POLLY CAROLINE BULLARIJ Lols AGNES TENNANT 202 Kent. . Benjamin Booth . Storey . Cooley . Pomeroy Marshall Jay . Webster Hamilton Gibson Choate Waite . Field . Conkling Tiedeman Minor . Dillon . Daniels Chase . Harlan Swan . McClain Lincoln Osgoode Miller . Fuller . Green . Comstock Dwight Foster Ranney P h i D e l t a P h i Founded at University of Michigan, 1864 . University of Michigan Illinois Wesleyan University . Northwestern University . Columbia University . Washington University . Hastings College of Law Columbian University . Union University . Boston University . University of Cincinnati University of Pennsylvania . . Harvard Law School . Yale Law School New York University . Cornell University University of Missouri University of Virginia , University of Minnesota . Buffalo Law School . University of Oregon . University of Wisconsin . Ohio State University . State University of Iowa . University of Nebraska . Law School of Upper Canada . Leland Stanford, Jr., University . Lake Forest University . University of Kansas . Syracuse University . New York Law School . . Indiana University Western Reserve University P h i D e 1 t a P h i Dillon Chapter Established in 1891 FRATRES IN FACULTATE WILLIAM S. PATTEE, LL. D. A. C. HICIil1AN. A. M., LL. B. JAMES PAIGE, A. M., LL. M. HOYVARD S. ABBOTT, B. L. JOHN C. SWEET, LL. M. FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE Seniors CLARENCE ALFRED PAULSON JAY A. KENNICOTT GUSTAVE SCHOLLE RAYMOND ROBERTSON JAMES CLINTON SCRIBNER JOSEPH E. AUSTIN EDXVARD FREEMAN WILLIAII E. ALBEE EDWARD ROGERS Middlemen HARVEY SPAULDING CLAPP AR'l'HU1l SIIERYYIN FRENCH ROBEIIT TATLOXV BARNARD HANS BURGHER PIAROLIJSON FRANK E. REED JOIIN BIDLARE, JR. VVALTON VVALTER TIIORPE Juniors R01lPIR'F WIXTIIROP PUTNAM JAINIES VON WILLIAMS JOHN RALPH NEX'ERS Post-Graduate PAUL E. VON KUSTER 204 Alpha . Beta . Delta . Epsilon Zeta . Eta . Theta . Iota. . Kappa . Lambda Mu . Nu Xi . Omicron . . Alpha Kappa Phi Rho . . . Sigma . Tau . Upsilon Phi . Chi . N u S i g rn a N u Founded at University of Michigan, 1881 CHAPTER ROLL . . . . . University of Michigan . . Detroit College of Medicine Western University of Pennsylvania . . . University of Minnesota , Northwestern University . . University of Illinois . University of Cincinnati . . . Columbia University . Rush fUniversity of Chicagoj . University of Pennsylvania . . University of Syracuse . University of Southern California . New York University and Bellevue . . . . Union University . Washington University CSL Louisj . . Jefferson Medical College . Western Reserve University . . . . . Cornell University . Cooper Medical College fSan Franciscol . . . University of California . McGill University 207 Nu Sigma N U Epsilon Chapter Established in 1891 FRATRES IN REGENTIBUS 0. C. STRICKLER FRATRES IN FACULTATE PARKS RITCHIE AMOS W. ABBOTT CHARLES LYMAN GREENE JOHN F. FULTON MAX P. VANDER HORCII C. EUGENE RIGGS ARTHUR J. GILLETTE JAMES E. MOORE W. A. JONES FREDERICK W. DUNSMOOR THOMAS G. LEE FRANK T. WESBROOIQ CHARLES A. ERDMANN JOHN W. BELL CHARLES A. VVHEATON JAMES H. DUNN FRANK C. TODD JOHN T. ROGERS JAMES T. CIIRISTSISON GEORGE D. HEAD GEORGE SENKLER CHARLES R. BALL HARICY P. RITUHIE ARTHUR W. DEMMING J. L. RATHROCK W. R. MURRAY ARTHUR A. LAW S. M. WHITE HALDOR SNEvE M. R. WILCOK J. W. LITTLE H. K. READ E. R. HARE FRICDIQRICK IJICAYITI' THOMAS S. ROBERTS ARTHUR T. MANN R. J. SENVALL PEDER HOEF JUDD H. GOODRICH J. C. LITZENRERG JAMES S. GILEILLAN WARREN W. DENNIS L. A. NIPPEIET FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE Seniors BERNARD S. NICIQEIISON GEORGE K. HAGAMAN IYIICIIOLAS N. VVEIGIQR RICIIARD J. PIIELAN JOHN L. SHELLMAN RAY HUMISTON Juniors WILLIAM STUART FROST JOHN E. HYNES CARL A. KLELIER WILLIAM S. TITUS A ARTHUR J. MOYIUS CI-IELSEY C. PRATT 1905 FRANK T. BRIGHAM PAUL L. ASHLEY VVINSLOVV C. CHAMBERS LEONARD JAOORSEN EDWARD L. TUOIIY 208 JAY I. DURAND JOHN BUTLER, JR. GEORGE D. RICE FRED E. SCHACHT CHARLES D. FREELIAN GEORGE B. RIBBLE STEPHEN E. WILLIAMS WM. A. BRAND THOMAS C. KELLY OLIVER M. PORTER JOSEPH A. KANE ANDREW W. HILGER W, N1 wfxmk x . S -' Q ' . ' -- .- ,- , A' 1 . ' LU f ' . , 15' ,..':: .- f .-I. . -' 51 -,pi R ,: :-.1 ,a 1 ..- '-51 V Hpgi I . Q- . .f:,..g,'.-1. ,' 1 . . , ., f.'1::,! ff 'Z' Nlvj ,. - v .xv . -s..-f . -,:. 5 4 A ff .--C?-'z'-.uF'.'f-r-'3 - . '- ' ,ui , P. '.u,.-xs.,,.- t...-x,, ,. 5:5 -., -F -:'. ua, f .,-:J-... . 7 --4 :x1.- - . -1 5 - ,.,.,.,.,... ',.,'v.- '-'-"1!.'!! SL' U 1 . ' ' , 1".'-'Fr'-'-2-'-' g - -- ,.,' . .1-:' ' " it ' -'. , 3'yi..A-.,.,, 1 , Ugg. , ' '1-. s. - ,.--A" V . .. , 5 Q' i E ' 1 .X 1 if in H1 ' Q3 V, V,--M 'E ., s, A u.j.1-.ix . , ,.,, ,.f--H"f"'1-:N 'N ' ,f W A fr 1- ,Q J ,f gswfqx,-',41-iseqx:?w,,.,,k K x . - . ,.' N,:9t, ,Q-V X P .1 . . 1., ,. , .,- , - 3 , , , .- j-'a 1 -w. ff? sv --lg ,,1.L -. M .tt 03,4 El ag- .4 f' 'J 5,12-2 5 i ,:5x,,. .- -. 4 41 -+--raw, .X Qiffmf ,,-gg '! X 7 Eraynm , ff. A 5523 Nik, '7- "2 ,k A ,L 'M 1-' v W Wa- sn f 'A' A .1 -- V: 'Tfz-H--"ff - x -Y f " M.- ,L 34, - - 1' '1 J! , . TLV-A145 , . 11' ,M f f'Ef2f.2 s .gflg Y .fig-,sg-Q5 il ' , if 2 97" , . f 'fQ'.i.'i,ifi-f' if iff, A Q Q il 1 ' H J.--1 gr- Gig-,.L!53g1i',iuvv.iA1.x, ty E 5, Q., 1 x 7 '- iff gigli-7'ff-5 1'-, Aw 'Q !"'.i-f.:'f. ' . -4 : "1 XR 11" l23,,f.fsiig3f,f' 1,7 1.22 C , b 5 ,A , ,f if , ,- J, 74 j,, Qu-f '. ' ' 2 1 1 ff '. 14' ,5 14-' J" rf f ,, -" K' , , 7 ' K' ' 'J ' .lf "Yg,,:1fif .195-' ,.e T.. 1' .ig ' ,. 1 ,.f P 'V .- '- . . '-:QV ' Q-I-:fx , J.: ., . . I A -.. " "A, ' 1 1 s 'fini' 9- I5 . . ,rf ' -.w ' g- , . . , . ' 1 vi ' ff -J-5 -gl . . ' , I.. . . a .Z O Q3 .,A,f'K V . fm ,Eg fer-fm L X Sv xg f ' . ,,,.. x iii. Y 5 f, x 'VW' , A 7' we L "QT :f.E, 'la' . 'fr' .F ., E' mf-1.f:T1'f'i1gwfff' 'az , A ,A , .-1, ,,f,, . ,gx 1. ,, -,fy-ff... ,f, .9 , ATT- , . f...,.X,1- Mmhgg , '- -4 A -.1+'f,,13,xfQ v rx-7.:7'l:1, ' F-Xi' I -'.V',p,,.lx -5-.L ,:,:::fi,,,,.t, ,-.veg ,f.1,f:+-Mil -- y,,.,5,: Nm- -b , - Mm, LE-jf . -,x1,Af,,.1,gk Y .1737 K-341'iaQ:2i"i' '-' 1nu1Q,43Q3k Nr, 5 5.2-I 'A , Jig, 3 1 ' J 1 4i,,5il?iQ'Q Qifiiifgi 'f Q 4 J if ,xg ,T 37,13 , , .7 f .'iQzfC.LIy. '84 + it f '--mn .1 .- ,-5---1,4 -- T...g, , , .. m.,,.. , M J: :.'Q9?'Q5'!- 'li N - -:C r , ,Aw V fb K . X f 4 , N- 5 ' 5 1' 'J-1 fx ' 3 . ,., I I . A XM ., -. -..- .. . ,. ' . n ' -rieeszm. .N . ...iv .uh-5 ' - 1 gl ..e A , I I 1 g -D . 3-.. "rx 5 Alpha . Gamma Delta . Eta Zeta . Theta , Iota . Kappa . Lambda Phi Alpha Gamma Founded at New York, 1894 CHAPTER ROLL . New York Homeopathic Medical College . Hahnemann Medical College, Philadelphia . . . . University of Minnesota . Chicago Homeopathic Medical College , Cleveland Homeopathic Medical College . . . . Pulte Medical College Homeopathic Medical College of Missouri . , . . . University of Michigan . Hahnemann Medical College, Chicago Zll Phi Alpha Gamma Delta Chapter Established iii 1897 FRATRES IN FACULTATE A. P. VVILLIAIXISON. M. D., LL, B., A. M. GEORGE F. ROBERTS, M. D F. M. GIBSON, M. D., 0. et A. Chir. W. E. LEONARD, M. D., A. B. E. L. MANN, M. D., A. B., A. M. R. D. MATCHAN, M. D. G. E. RIUKICIC, M. D., A. B. A. E. BOOTH, M. D. FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE Seniors C. ARTHUR DAWSON GOTTFRIED SCHMIDT, B. S. HARRIS D. NEWKIRII, B. S. PERCY E. RILEY GEORGE E. PAGE, B. S. Juniors JAMES A. BALLARD C. WILLIALI WILKOWSKE Sophomores Roy C. LOWE HERBEIKT V. KIXG MICHAEL M. JORDAN 212 1 ff i al "1 l 1 l Alpha . Beta . Gamma Delta . Epsilon Zeta . Eta . Theta Iota . Kappa. . Lambda Mu . Nu Xi . Sigma . Psi . Omicron Pi . Rho . pha Kappa Kappa Founded at Dartmouth College, 1888 CHAPTER ROLL . . . Medical Department, Dartmouth College College of Physicians and Surgeons, San Francisco . . Tufts College Medical School, Boston, Mass. . Medical Department, University of Vermont . Jefferson Medical College, Philadelphia, Pa. . Long Island College Hospital. Medical School College of Physicians and Surgeons, Chicago, Ill. . . . Maine Medical School, Bowdoin College . Medical Department, University Syracuse . . . Milwaukee Medical College . . . Medical Department, Cornell University . Medical Department, University of Pennsylvania . . . . . Rush Medical College Medical Department, Northwestern University Medical Department, University of California Medical Department, University of Minnesota . . . . . Maine Medical College . . . . Ohio Medical University . Medical Department, University of Denver 215 Alpha Kappa Kappa PSI CHAPTER Established in 1898 FRATRES IN FACULTATE DR. GEORGE M. COON DR. LOUIS B. WIIISON DR. RICHARD OLDING BEARD DR. HENRY NIARTYN BRACKEN DR. J. CLARK STEXVART DR. ARTHUR E. BENJALIIN DR. YVALTER R. RAMSEY DR. ARTHUR SYVEENEY DR. XVILLIAM H. CONDIT DR. SAMUEL E. SYVEITZER DR. WILLIAM M. CIIOVVNING DR. OLOE A. OLSON FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE Seniors HARRX' GARFIELD IRVINE JOHN CLARENCE STALEY OLIN XVALLACE ROWE FREDERICK VICTOR LYMAN GILBERT DOWNS TODD WILLIAM FREDERICK BRAASCII EUGENE PAUL CAMPBELL ROBERT CLARK HERI!ERT COULTER Juniors HUGII SPAULDING WILLSON GEORGE EDWIN DIX JOHN LEO DEVINE HENRY JOHN HUTCHINSON PERCY FRANCIS KEARNEY AL1lER'D GUSTAVE SCHULZE GEORGE GREGORY BELDEN HARRY EDVVIN M. KIBBEN CHESTER EDSON GATES ROBERT LANCELOTTE TEBBITT Sophomores PIIRAIXI SEPTIMUS ARGUE PHILIP GARFIELD ARZT OSCAR THEODORE BENSON CLEMENT CAMPBELL BLAKELY DANIEL RAY CARIPBELL GEORGE HEEMAN FREEMAN GEORGE WELLINGTON FRASIER HENRY WILTJIALI GOEIIRS FREDERICK EVEIIETT HARVEY ABNER JVSTUS MATIIEWS ARTHUR LOUIS MATHEWS BERTON JAY BRANTON ALBERT GUY ALLEY 216 Delta Chi Founded at Cornell I,vlIiZ'C7'Sif2l. 1890 CHAPTER ROLL Cornell University. New York University. University of Michigan. University of Minnesota Dickinson College. Chicago College of Law Buffalo Law School. Osgoode Hall, Toronto. Northwestern University. 219 D e 1 t a C hi Minnesota Chapter Senlw' MILTON MOORE Middlemeaz HAIQRY HUGH THOMAS EIJWIX A. RUNDELL CHARLES D. BEAGLE HARRY C. BARNEY ARTHUR L. MYERS GEORGE O. WYATT DAY L. GRANNIS GEORGE N. RIEBETII ELIAS BEERS CURNSS HARRY CLAY FLANNERY OTTO N. DAVIES VVARREN O. W1LL1AMS Junior DON CAMERON ANDERSON 220 ,,..l,f..g . K , fv IQ ,, V M JS, Y 'N r ,Q U 3,1 mA,f-,r'r'-nxt. ,NP Wtxx " gi' ' , , - - JJ 1 . f. . X . ' 1iss.:M2:':'1 11 -A -. Agh.1.S3,,w--'-11,,f- 'mg' ,xg Vs. ' 1 .3 -- , , 5 .LX MJ! L- 5' ith , 65" 43' A- -,A 11:44 ?.f.':-'X , 13255 QW 5- ' FTA- Q V " " 1 1'fxLlT 711- k-F. fe3J'52""-fi'fi2f:ff":w QQ"-Q32-5 7 5 9 if an-T-1' V - sw' fri wa- V- - :.::w'1-f slr xx ' -- 4? . xii, ,NYM . .K 5 .5 .,,l3,,ki151f ,V ra? ,x.:',l.Q-v,-ai: 1 71,-.',::.. -.- 15, Vx -, 1 v -' ---W fs mg' W ,Lf 9 ,,,- 'L '- P 1 T , Q9 .MMQMQE ALM P M b .,,-yi X 'w x .' ' "f , f,Q?' 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Northwestern University . University of Minnesota Detroit College of Medicine . Vanderbilt University VVestern Reserve University . . . Tufts College . Indiana Dental College Marion-Sims Dental College . . University of Buffalo University of Illinois . Pittsburg Dental College Delta Sigma Delta Theta Chapter Established in 1892 FRATRES IN FACULTATE. XVILLIAII P. DICKINSON, D. D. S., DEAN THGAIAS BRAIIEORIJ HARTZELL, M. D., D. M. D. JAAIES OSBORNE VVELLS, A. M., D. M. D. E. FRANRLYN HERTZ, D. M. D. FRATRES IN UNIVERSITATE Seniors HAROLD XVARREN XVIIITCOAIB FRANK PRENDERGAST CECIL CHESTER SPARROXV FREDERICK SPENCER YAEGER GEORGE JAY PATTISON JAY HUGH BURNS MICIIIXEL FRANCIS Co0K GEORGE EDXN'IN HOURN Juniors ARTHUR HENRY Cox CHARLES EDGAR VVAISTE WALTER HILL MCNEIL WALTER CORNXVELL CULLUM GUY BENJAMIN STEADMAN DUNCAN A. MGRAE WILLIAM JOSEPH LEFFEK ARTHUR NELSON RICE ALVIN EUGENE CARR Freshmen HERAIIXX ALBERT MAYES NELSON JOSEPH FREDERICK SHELLMAN HARRY ELIJAII BARTON EVERETT LEROY YOUNGBERG 224 1 . 1 , , ff-'mx K: ,,., x --N -.. ' Nw 241 x A 1 'V 1fT1cjfq3,LA.N 'X' fy ' fsfknfggf Q X R ' we ,. Q' lim ff' wif T' -..., Q 4.-,,5,,L.:f 2 , .. v Y X -. .sg ,f ,v f, ,- L' 4 , ,. ,,,. ,, . . 4 x I , f 1 4 x 5 , ik! ,iL?,1.1?,.,A.N,31 V X ,Mm Q 4 75 H 4 ,, ' 1 'fu3'.g: Q 3 1 H' ' ' " W- if fi' -Q ,-f'f"' W .. . ,f-fffjx K Q' f 1 X , . Xx 'gflvvf fs" 'gy If 565.52m 1..,1gfv,z+.i. , - 1' .X . T N w 2 . ' -, . 19 ' 2' 'Z ' M, R' ,lu -W. .x E Q, hi, gg' ., .gf , M ..,w ' 213 N7-,,,. , . A M ' ,- f'f 1- J -ww e-. , . '.1 v . hmm' fa"'1.'.' '. - ' W .NE I, .. . , , , A4 V :1l.f:Qg' Q 11,1 ,..,:' . . -. L:-F " "4 N...,,..f1,f" 1 " Y 1 A , , 1 iq, . . ---3, -. 1: ,, ,. 2.',f1 ,:j,ATliJ,y!k gr' 1 'L If' :K J H .' - 'lx T"i .-f"fSfv in-f ,Mn 1 19 .W ' ,-, 1 -, , gg, 4 5 7 KM, f .,.: , NH-Q ':Ii2.x,2:xv4z-zyf'',,,.,,,we2,5 GZ-5 f, ,..f-A Jw. m f - -U 4 gg. ,Mani A xv-x2',ivE'39"g"xffQ:gD.. ' u'jfX.w.'f:g 4-Q --wr ' ,gg -fl Q vs L . A , ,,."-'- N. mf.-,-. ' -.12 uf' '- xt fjxmg xwj, Phi Beta Kappa Establish ed in 1776 ALPHA CHAPTER-STATE OF MINNESOTA 1892 OFFICERS: Nl?lilNlAN WILIJIC, PH. D. . - President WlI.I.IS M. WEST. M. A. , . First Vice-President CHRISTOPHER HAI.L, M. A. . Second Vice-President MISS CLARA E. BAILEY Secretary MISS ANNA L. GUTHRIE . Treasurer MEMBERS: PRESIDENT CYRUS N'OR'1'HROP DR. WILLIAM W. FOLWELL DR. JAREZ BROOKS DR. HENIIY T. EDDY PROP. JOIIN S. CLARK PROP. MATIIIIJA J. WILKIN PROP. HENRY F. NAC'II'FRIEB PROP. FREDERICK S. JONES PROP. CHARLES F. SIDENER PROP. GEORGE B. FRANKFORTEB JOHN ZELENY PROP. AI.1lEIi'I' BEICBE WHITE DR. CIIARLES P. BERKEY DR. EVIGRIIART P. HARIJING MISS HOPE IVICDONAIID MR. DAVID F. SXVENSON MISS LINDA MAIIEX' MISS HELEN CAINII' MR. HANS DALAKER PROP. PROP. PROP. PROP MISS DR. RICHARD BURTON PROP. JOHN C. HUTCIIINSON CHRISTOPHER HALL HON. JOHN DAY SMITH PROP. WILLIAM R. CONNVAY MACMILLAN PROP. JOSEPH BROXVN PIKE PROP. WILLIS M. WEST E. EUGENE MCDERLIOT1' PROP. NORINYAN WITIDE DR. FREDERICK W. SARDISON Ll-ITTIIC M. CRAFTS HOAG MISS ANNA L. GUTHRIE MR. IEDYVARD M. FREEMAN MR. OTTO ROSPINIIAIII, MISS CATHERINIC HILLESHEIINI MR. JOSEPH W. BEACH MISS LILIJAN COHEN MISS KA'PI1lCRINI'I JACOBSON MISS NELI.IPI A. WHITNEY MR. C. H. CHRISTOPHERSON MR. CIIAS. JOHNSON MR. B. S. NICKERSON ELECTED IN 1903 MISS RUTH BARCOCK MISS GERTRUDE BALLARD MR. SAMUEL CIIIGRNAUSEK MISS ALICE DYAR MR. EDXVARD HITBIl'HREY MR. NICIIOI..AS HANSON MISS ALICE JACKSONMISS URSIILA JAMES MISS LEULAH JUDSON MISS IRENE MCKEEITAN MISS FLORENCE PERRY MR. ELLIOT SMITH MR. ROBERT TEN BROECK MISS RUTH WEST I 226 President . . . Vice-President . . . Corresponding Secretary . Recording Secre-tary . Treasurer . . W. E. ACOAIB W. R. APPLEIIY F. H. BASS G. E. BAKER C. P. Bl-IRKIZY W. E. BROOKE J. C. BROWN F. K. BUTTERS P. CHRISTIANSON LIILIAN COHEN F. H. CONSTR NT L. J. COOKE H. H. DALAREII J. F. DONVNEY H. T, Emu' H. A. ERIcIcsoN J. J. FLATIIER G. B. FRANKIPOIITER E. M. FREEMAN B. F. GROAT CI.ARENr'E E. AUSTIN A. T. BEYER HAL DOWNEY B. T. EAIERSON M. C. FINDLAY H. F. SCHRAEIIER Sigma Xi MINNESOTA CHAPTER 1896 OFFICERS 1902403 ACTIVE MEMBERS C. W. HALI. E. P. H.xI:lmINII A. E. HAYNES XV. M. HAYS W. R. HONG E. E. Hlllhi I NGXVA Y CA'l'I'lICRINZi HII.I.EjSlIICIAl CLARA HILLESHEINI J. A. HUMNIEI. R. R. IRELAND F. S. JoNEs W. H. K.x'.1xN.xI'I:II W. H. IIIIICIINI-LI! T. G. LEE M. N. LANIIO F. P. LEAVICNXVORTII H. L. LYON E. P. MCCARTY C. MAOMILLNN L. B. PEASE ELECTED 1903 MAUDE FLETCHER DAISY S. HONE J. P. JENSEN I. T. JOIINSRUD I. G. K-IOSNESS J. ScIIIrNIArHI1:n E. E. VVHITELEY 227 JOHN F. DOWNEY J. J. FLATHER F. W. SARDESON W. H. KIRCHNER H. A. ERICKSON H. F. NACIITRIEB E. E. NICIIOLSON OTTO ROSENTHAL F. W. SARDESON B. RUSSELL G. D. SIIEPARDSON C. F. SIDENER C. P. SIGERFOOS P. S. SMITH HARRY SNYDER F, W. SPRINGER JI-:ss1E STEVENS D. F. SVVENSON EDITH THOMAS JOSERIIINE TII.DEN C. H. VAN BARNEVELD F. F. WESBROOK W. A. WHEELER S. M. WHITE L. B. WILSON ANTIIONY ZELENY JOHN ZELENY A. PRI-:NDERGAST ELLEN M. PRENDERGAST HENRY RAMSEY L. G. RASK 0. B. ROBBINS J. C. VINCENT L ' ' is E5 ,, . I- ' x g ,x N E ' I QLQMUA 2 . 5 , - - 3 . .3555 .--' If " 'df ' :E 'Elf' 2 35, kk If ,, V Jilin.:-5-3:1 :R J -is 'f' 1: 1 X I. I- X fffffrf. rf. ' ?E:.aI.fj1f:-:1-'..:.-4-uv.. -.,, , ' -A '-'f"?'-.,-f5ff'7ff9f 4 N- "Sig "Jn"""5"'f1l?Z'."P?7-'iii . ' ' . . ' '3' -.':' . l ' '.".' 2 . ,, A1 . 9?-I 4 I " 5 a 0 u t" N 412'1f.- A , 4 , .rg o Q .J -4--in ' ,OQ QU xV"" '- Q -5 O gli, -3 J if 1-53' ' 0 " 5" .. 5 -' 1 XQ,-Q. A 0 91 " r"i - 2' o,,g ?:,3.,,i.L Q-wi, - om Q C N by . . ' A W' g Q vj,-gf ' ,ffhg , Q-1,2 3 , . 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BL.xNc11A1z A. C. BOLSTAD I. J. Bolmss A. E BOSTRONI . . R. H. CAMPBELL C. CAM:-B1X:I.I. C. T. CIIRISTTANSON E. C. Cluzssx' D. C. Dow F. B. GUTIIRIE G. C. HAINES H. G. HANSIHN O. HOVDA A. XV. JOHNSON B, M. JONES E. J. LARSON W. MENNE C. G. TYIINER J. Z. NEBERGALL O. NIQWBERG W. A. Norm C. B. PARMELEE J. RANSUM H. E, RUBLE J. H. S.xN'1'Er: E. SMITH B. SMITH .. C. R. THOMPSON J. P. W1X:Ym5Ns S. WILLIJXBISON 251 f L 4-QTN. A-q'?i' -. .C ' V M fr- - - -- I --'.1f1A:.... . I - 7 35 .Q - I X., -I A - , 'ti-.2 .I .fgiijllz ' 53:5-U H: 1 "-ff' V, , , A , E I. VK xl:-. A L x .- -. .:gl1Z.: 11-MA'T' ' lmmgi X X R img Hg. -df , P 'Y' ,,,. ,Ji . ,Q ,4 - 1,903- OFFICERS President . . . . . P. E. CARLSON Vice-President . E. A. HEALICY Secretary . . E. A. Loomis Treasurer . F. XV. VANSTRQM Critic . . R. H. PR.x'1'T CZZII' . . . . D. T. COLLINS Sergeant-at-Arms . . . C. C, CONSLR MEMBERS Fmcn I3.x1c'1'r:.x1' C. W. Bmcsrlaoxl H. W. B1c.xAr.E'r1Hx A. L. BIlCJXX'Iil1iC5 P. E. C.xl:LsoN R. P. CHASE LA. Clll'Kl'HII.I. D. T. COLLINS E. J. Culexlzx' C. C. Coxslcu B. F. DRAKE. Ju. A. B. DA x11.l:r4:uo J. W. DYE G. A. EARL A. G. Enlcrfsox L. E. FACES O. J. IFINSTAID mv. Fuclauxrxx GoRx1AN M. W. H.xL1.m:.xN E. A. H1Q.x1.r:Y B. B. HE1's'1'0N J. G. Hum: ' J. A. Jlcxslcx V. JOHNSON XV. E. KIQELEY L. C. KEI,I.S A. F. Kovxmx J. A. IQKYNI4, O. A. Ll-2311141 E, A. Loomis E. C. A. Luxmcsx F. S. LYON L. WIAGNUSSON G. A. MAN'r1Im' G. V. Mc'L.xL'1a1II.1N H. S. 1N1l'l'CIIEI.I. E. R. Mosman G. E. PAGE C. V. PIIQRCE R. H. PRA'r'r M. J. RAM: F. I. ROCKWIQLI. W. A. Rossxux T. A. SCHACHT J. P. SM1'r1r M. L. Sruwuzr A. D. STROUD E. L. TVUIIY F. XV. V.xNs'1'1:ml T. A. VL:1.m:Y W. VV. W1-mmf: C. R. WRIGIIT J. ZI1cI.1q1c E. L. Yuvxclzlclccz 233 4 I 1 . ' 1 'V' 1 A - ' ' V ' A ' Q . -' .':1ffE,i2.'.71 1 il Q- " fifs. A Q. -- iefif? .14 5 ff - A A A f V' R151 .iff .-ca In . F . 1.11. ,.. h .K -...fy . SQL- ,i -t . 1 5:1 3355 , 7 X " .X ' ' 'S-Eff "' . '-ME'fL-iiisif' -.YF .' 1,.g.f.f 71" ' A" -'Tj . .-TL. 'W A X f 1 ' 4 If z'?Ii,2:' ff: '- f SW .ffgjillf H 9 V V " Lx - X M fi ' """ f? " ' ,552 ' 1' ' , ji ff '-If' . lx 31- -5 " ,H-lf'-.ff ' . .' XD W , W 1 A f'zf'V3jf.j5ff'f?f 1 ' . . if "7 TE? fuflf' Q A V f uzsnnallluzlislnc X ' ' ' ' ' C'- Castalian Literary Society OFFICERS President . . A. BICAIANIGAL Vice-President . J. C. SCRIBNEI: Secretary . . C. E. PHILLIPS Treasurex' . . . C. L1-:WIS Critic: . . . O. A. HAMMOND Sergeant-at-A1'ms . . J. KENNICOTT MEMBERS M, D. AYu.x1:N M. H. AYu.x1:N A. BI.fXlSIll41l.l. C, E. Dlcxluc O. B. FL1x1n-:ara H. GOOIINVIN M. M. GL5'1'x11zll4: J. P. H.xx'mcN J. A. IfEXNIi'0'1"1' C. H. Ll-Lwls O. A. Iwlxxuwxxv J. 11.X'I'IiliXYS RY. A. BICBIANIGAI. F. Nu1:'1'oN I". NICIIULS C. E. P11lI.I.l:Ys V. Al. P1c'1'1cRsoN H. R. R1-11-111 W. Sc'11l"1'z E. F. SL'lIlfIiNIfICI1I'l' J. C. Svlzllzxlcxc P. D. S'rl:.x'1"1'oN A. C. TIIONIPSON films. Y1n'm.Qn1s'r C. Cl..n"roN G. R. Rumi: H. Pmozc HONORARY BSEMBIIRSZ C. Gluss Amex lxxlcea i-ixul. SMITH J. P. F. BROWN C. P. W.xl:1c1cN B. MvGl:1f:faul: EQ. F. G!l.l-'lI.l.AN G. B. OTTE O. Rus1f:ND.x11.xl. VV. I. NURTUN J. B. LAM: NVARHEN WU.l.1.xMs LICSLIIL JVIIJJICY G1-30. P. JON rcs 235 H. B. Glsluxsolx f H W ' r . " -if A1..V .-....gv.S1f+.,., J,-3:.,.f --,, '- . .,,.j:.:.. QQ . an . , dz.-, , ' 'I' , ... . President . Vice-President Secretary . TI'88.Sll1'Q1' . Sergeant-at-Arms C. BIALAND N. S. DKNGAY ': ". I' "H-...q. .A ' ' 1. "f"i.."'1'3 " I' . Rf " ' ' ' - ' W,.Jf,,:54:Jf fmvigddliih - ,- ' V sew., ' Y . 1.5,-5 , i 1H.5,:. me h .MQ Q - . A ,Q OFFICERS MEMBERS H. E. PETERSON W. J. JAco1:s1-:N --.- I . S. O. 4'-il ' VY-55: 1-'E' f - rzqq,-,f5,:,f' , N-1 'f 5 M ' 153.5555 .,,- . . .- - Q30 . A. B. Wr:I.L1:s . S. O. SEVIQRSON . H. E. PE'1'1a1zs0N . A. L. PET1cRsoN J. C, ST1zoMsw01.D SIQYIQRSON A. L. PE'l'l'IRSON A. C. RIiXIEI.E F. H. NEWELL J. P, DEVANIQY J. C. STKOMSXVOLIJ H. L. BImCKw.xx' E. C. O'B1m:N H. C. Rr:1m.xN R. F. S.xxvouD L. A. Sc.xcE H. XVALCIILI R. G. Wxclsliory F, BAKI-ZR L. B. Bxxxnlm I. W. CHOATE L. L. Co1.L1Ns R. G.x1.L.xuHl4:R J. P. IQRANZ W. H. BICGRATII W. E. Suucri A. B. XVICLLICS J. F. Slxczmln M. R. KIETII C. L. GILMAN C. E. Tl"r1'1.1c J. R. Mulzmcl. 237 V w W W i 4 1 , . .. Z.-ffm' " ' r 1 uf' 5243: 'f J IAM., Vi.k'.,- .M 1 . .,Q, , I1llIlT'fJ? -I ' v . L'a-"'-'.- LH, -,Q-. f-', . ....-,..-. ffu,.-.L i+ff"'-'ff' 1-2::g1i1:,gg:s-.:ii7e I : IQ III Q 'C If 124. .N -g.jj..3:5 l uffffiiii ,,Q::e'f-.H g.,Ijf-52 'E-iff.. . '1'-. .- A., .353 . . ,. Ni . I -4 ' ' A .fjJ':1'.,- .. Q ...'lj:'E?"lE- -4-2' wzf-J.-:5 'N-. 1:-"' -I gl'-I .gr .gf '- Ht' " f . - 4' gal - 11152 -wg-, 'F'gf5 V . III f.2'E'ZX- . ' zflfjif . 4.2','v',-..1:' - . . -'.+.-'Aj-,jg-.-..g....'.,-..-,-.:,- , I --. ..,-b.. . rf,-. rife. my,.p1.-1- : ft .. . ' - ' 1- . , f 'WJ' 5.-s.4,Q Lf...-., J. , , ,. z,:'... , ' I Q Q 'vw 9- IW W!-ff5.r,:2':f1'-" 4:f'2"5-1-I-' ..-1:- 4 :iz 13" , ,,,- . ,.. ,.., 'Q'l'r 1 s X sf! .rr 1 ,N ,I ,- I Q, ,, . , , 4 fm. I, :',2,'x,jf"r1,,.,.- . 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ANNA BIALEY MEMBERS AI'GITsT.x BAKE1: LOUISA EOl"1'1-31.1.11 NI-:1,l,II: CNSIIAIAN JENNIE CI.AYI'0Ol'I JOSH: Cmcxisri BI':I.I.1c DKEDGE FANNIE FI.IE1:1aI,M.xN AAGNI-IS GLASOI-3 EDNA HOUCK ETIIEI. HIfX'f'Ii ?.IYlK'I'I.E HOLMES URs1'L,x J,x.xxI:s INEZ KEI.sIcY AI.Ic'I1: Kl4IIilIlIl4fli ANNA M.xI,lf:Y HONOIM IWICLACIILAN K.X'l'IIl'IliINPI IXIOLACIIIAN EI.1ZABIc'1'II IVICLAUGIILIN MARY MCINTYRE BICRTIIA NEXX'ICIllIi IRIS NENVKIRK 1IYR'l'I.I'I OLIVER RI"1'II PIIlLI.11's EUITII PUTNAM Iv.x RIK'IIARIlSOX MABIZI, SII.XRI'I'I EDITII THO:.u'sON BIAIIGARET THORNTON LOI'1s1-: THORNTON Gzmcxc WASIIIIURN 239 X ? GMM S J . J S K .QT 1 l L Law Literary Society OFFICERS President . . H. L. BORGENDALE Vice-President . . . E. R. FRISSELL Secretary . WM. H. OPPENuEurE1: Treasurer . . . . B. S. PAYNE Sergeant-at-Arms . . . , J. L. MURPIIY MEMBERS IWATT BALDNVIN C. D. BEAGLE H. T. BORGENDALE N. J. Bo'ruNE D. E. Bows C. A. Bmnummn H. J. Bl'SIIIfIlCLll C.x1:l:0LL J. H. Culceumx E. K. ELLEFSON H. C. FI..xxN14:1cY A. W. FOXYLEK E. R. FmsS1':1.L H. S. Gow D. T. GRANNIS R. XV. GRIQENIQ D. D. GREIQL: 0. H. GRIGGS J. B. IIIMSL C. A. JUIINSON MCGOVICRX A. K. M.xRsHALL T. J. M.u'R1x R. L. BIOORE J, L. XIUIIPHY A. Nrcwconu M. C. O'D0NNl4ILI. WM. H. Ox'Pr:N11E1ME1a B. S. P.xYx1c O. XV. Sc11L'Lz M. Su01:LIc J. SIIICNIHCL J. NV. Sxlrrrl F. F. S1'.xU1.lnNu A. STAMM D. P. SL'LI.1v.xx XV. Vouc XVARIG W. H. W.xR1cEx LYMAN P. WELD 241 'ff E N 7.5 '3.?I- , " Ei XY- 5 2' '-" f -1- :?::,' f, Wi" .f.':'.-2,1 A " ' f - - --I S --.. 3 A.. A A .. "f'.fff,,ofM .s-D I' '94 AVN v isa 1.. ' I ff UN D - R ""' AB p f? OFFICERS President: . Vice-President . Secretary . Treasurer . . Sergeant-at-Arms ADA ALEXANDER P. J. ANDERSON, B. A. LOUIS P. ANDERSON J. G. IXSIEJORNSON DERORAH ANDERSON EMIL ANDERSON I. J. BORASS I. O. BRAABLADT ELSIE BARQUIST CARL BOMAN J. S. CARLSON, PH. D. MRS. J. S. CARLSON G. W. CALLERSTROM LILY CARLSON PHILIP CARLSON CLARA CHRISTOPHERSON N. A. CLEVEN H. H. DALAKER. B. A. DOROTHEA DAHL C. FEROE 0. J .FINSTAD AGNES GLASOE LENA FALK GJERTSEN J. E. GRANRUD, Ph. D. AMALIE GRANRUD GURIENNE HALVERSON MEMBERS H. C. H1-:KTNER JOHN HALVORSON J. F. HENDRICKSON ALAGDA HOFF ELLA HANSON J. B. HAGEN A. P. HUSTAD MARIE HENRIKSEN NILS J. HOLM N. B. HANSON BESSIE JOHNSON E. M. L. JACORSON J. P. JENSEN L. R. JOHNSON A. M. JOHNSON WALTER JACOBSEN S. R. JOHNSON M. A. JOHNSON RUTH KNATX'OLD H. O. LILLEHEI L. LILLEHEI R. A. LINDQUIST SADIE NELSON A .E. NELSON N. F. NELSON LIZZIE NIELSON O. L. NOVIO 243 N. A. N. CLEVEN . BESSIE JOHNSON CLARA CIIRISTOPHERSON W. A. WESTERSON . J. P. JENSEN J. E. NYQUIST H. M. OLSON MABEL OLSEN THERESA OLSEN P. OIIKELBERO FRED H E. O. L. A J. A. R. S. T. R OLSON PETERSON PETERSON RAS MUS SEN ROSE REQUE UTH SANDVALL J, F. SANDSTROM N. F. SODERBERG J. C. STROMSWOLD RIIODA SWENSON W. A. WESTERSON CLAUDIA WOLD SYVERT WILLIAMSON D. F. SWENSON, B. S. ANNA SAND C. A. SVVENSON MARTIN STAGEBERG S. O. SEVERSON F. W. VANSTROM NEI.LIE THOMPSON KE Tl-:RARY soclsvr A ,lm V . 4' , A - A . A , J ' i+ G . . 4' .Q 1 5 ' ' - 1 A, 91 J -. 1, I ' AA a x . ji 3 , OFFICERS President - F. H. Hovrilxs Vice-President . . Emvxlm GLfG1s1314:1cG Secretary . . U. L. BURDIUK Treasurer . . . L. A. H1c.xD1.r:Y Sergeant-at-Arms A. B. Guxmzlcsox MEMBERS L. A. HIf:A1xI.lcY F. A. W1LD1':s EIJWARII Gtczrslxrzlua A. B. Grxmclzsox E. G. HJXIEIQNIISS F. H. HOPKINS W. L. Blmmlcxq L. U. Brlzlmlvxc P. M. BURNS F. A. C.KLl3NVICI.L A. F. CIIILSON E. D. CLOLTOH L. L. COOK Il. J. lXIC'CLl'I.KRN J. H. NICGARRY W. J. More J. G. Rlcmmrxu E. C. RL'1:LE P. J. RYAN A. M. SAYRIQ C. H. C.xu.OwAY J. B. LYNN J. SINNI-:s J. B. HIQNIJHYX F. C. MOGIVIHQN J. B. THOMPSON C. A. JOHNSON G. H. PORTER R. W'.xuR1cN E. G. H.x1c1cNEss 244 1' ' . n "Hr, 'F -L 1 , 5 3. LS,,3.x wagzxnfxg-2f,4:.wW'fH fhfwrt F 'X 'sw 1 ws' N - K 9rf X "lim 1 IQQQ sua' i 1' ., i... I 99, a' 1 i l N I Q X N .',jr,',-,.3.,..,::,,:.,p5..-r..-,-.-3-:-,:-,-',:g-qi.-:...-.-,.1.',4.:.-: .3 1 - -1:-lf,--5,-,-..,.g-L.,,-,Q -wp,-.-::.g. 3"--I-..uC-'-'15-Zfifi'-f'-'IQ"1:Zai:':12'--'.-"-if'?f5PZZJPL1231-1ff,'ZiS'.ff.5.f -32 E 1 fe '11:ff2i.".7:1' Q'-I-'ifil - nz: s :rf , '. I : - ':':':':' ffm' .f -:,f-ixrzafv :' : 5 ', ,-, '- . d w-KT":,..: 11 2-4.1.--,T ff- 9-.-.--' Lg waht' . ' T ,-. AHA: li- lv: Mlm: ' ' 'A 1.1. ' 7 Ag" " I 1 I - ' 112 . 2' - 2 ...l.., 0 , ' ,-" L ,-- O 1 , ' - 3 -.fu TNETR 99811251 U TERARY SUCH: I Y OFFICERS President . RUTH WFST Vicre-President . Luilm Gown Sem-etqal-y . JICXNIIG IIITCIIIBGS Treasurer . GLENN S'l'ocK'x0N MFIMBERNS HLLEN Awlucrl RVTII BAIICUCIQ GER'I'1ll'IbE BAxLL.xRD Al,1f'l-1 Bl-1.xX ELE,xXm: max BIPIJl'INS'l'l'IIl'l' I'11.x1:L BVIII AI.xm..x1:1-Yr VAN lllclzulcx Glawlli C1l.xnxx'11'l-Z M.xI:,m1:1li Col IC AAI.Il I-3 IJYAI: Yzm,lNlAx D1-1 Hyxs livru Hm'1.'r0N .ll-gxxn-3 HI'l'l'IIIXl1N Al.XlI'l'II.X Humans Cul:NPtI.r.x Hol.l.lNs:slllc,m L.xl'1:.x f:0I'l,D L1-:l'1..xll .IL'1usoN EMILY .IANNIZY .Nluzlux .loxl-is RVTI1 I.EuN.xlm AI.xu1' l,rmr.r:n:.x1cx4: 1,mxo::.x MANN L.u'l:.x Rum: li1"1'11 RlDSlI1JI.'l' ALICE RICIJI-IIQLIJ LOVISIC IIAY Glmxx S'l'04'K'l'0X NI'II.I.Il-1 S'1'iN1'111f1l-im Lula 'f'+:xx.xN'r Ihfrxi W1 2-15 4 ,L,,,, ,, ,L ,,, ff? . K I I -ww. V If 1 ,fn f' ' " UWA, ix m jwy W www i 5 E'5'i,LQ3v,Fk F' 3: E A , .. . I N-A ,ITAL ,E A aff A ,, If K A f 5 KG? For the Study of Modern Drama OFFICERS President . . . ' LOUISE PEOK Secretary and Treasurer . . LEORA EASTON HONORARY MEMBERS ADA COMSTOCK MIARY PECK ACTIVE MEMBERS LOUISE PECK MAGDA HOEE FLORENCE FULLER MAUDE FLETOIIER GRACE CIIADXVICK DORA PARKER LOUISE RAY LAURA GOULI7 1WARGARli'I' CLANCY AMY COOK EMILY JOIINSTON JANE BENNETT MAYME NORTON LEORA EASTON MAUDE JOHNSON LOUISE WINCHELL BERTIIA KINNARD FLORENCE SNOOK KATHERINE SVVENEY EUITII PECK 246 R PQ ff '- x v XQYQEF. ,gif- ff N' I- , 7' , g ' L "0'4n2.7?, n r YQ,-QM' 1 ,J 14'-25' 'lf ff mi-'vivfn . .ws -1' -- I K lfrffa :- b1W"Z'?75 "zz NW'4!fM'a 4 . ,:a 'Wu lj l 127 'H' N f 1 WEZIQEER ' ' 4 .L 6 Gb .5 3' -14 'Iv K! 357 'UPL 3 Ziyglwifag X A r-X g V aff' W W " Y i 4 The 1904 Junior Ball UNIVERSITY ARMORY JANUARY 30, 1903 OFFICERS OF THE ASSOCIATION President ..... PAUL ANDROS BROOKS Vice President . . . GEORGE L. GILLETTB: Secretary . . . . . JOSEPII THOMSON Treasurer ..... M. LANE STRATHERN COMMITTEES Arrangements Floor R. H. KEYES H. V. FULLER J. M.xcM.xI:TIN W. B. SIIELUON S. F. BASS E. L. NOYES H. J. PENFIELD Patronesses Refreshments M. L. ARNOLIJ M. H. IXICGRATII D. K. YERNII C. VON ROIII: R. S. PATTEE A. W. SAUNDERS W. B. H.xI.E W. H. FRISBE14: Correspondence Music L. L. COLLINS W. S. COYEY F. H. DOWNS W. B. SIIELUON L. RIERRITT H. J. PENFIELD Printing Programs A. B. XVELLES F. L. KING H. E. LEACII E. M. PENNOCK C. H. KINNIIRD B. ,HU1-'E. Decorations Auditing L. M. POXVELL R. S. PATTEE E, M. PENNOCK A. H. DONALDSON M. S. KINGSTON L. R. PETERS J. THOMSON Press N. L. NEWIIALL F. C. DEVEREUX 249 University of Minnesota Cadet Corps LT. HAYDN S. COLE, U. S. A., Commandant. MAJ ORS FRANK 0. FERNALD URNI S. DUNCAN CAPTAINS T. A. BEYICR C. L. HANEY E. R. MOSHER S. G. CoLI.INs P, D. MCMII.T,AN B. DIBBLE F. A. STEVVART FIRST LIEUTENANTS OTTo SABOTKA C. W. BROOKE J. B. LADD R. R. KNIGI1T M, L. PAGE A. C. XVHITXEY A. F. STOCKIIAN SECOND LIEUTENANTS J. D. HALLECK E. H. VVILLIAMS . W. E. SMITH 250 School of Agriculture Battalion U A. S. MAVK O. DAI.!iO'l'TE.X W. G. .Iouxs iversity of' Minnesota Cadet Corps MAJOR E. G, B01-Luxrilc CAPTAINS mx A. IV. Pl2'1'E1:soN O. A. RIHTZ FIRST LIEUTENANT AND QUARTERMASTER J. HIAKTIXS FIRST LIEUTENANTS H. B. XV111'1'r: IV. L. DUXAVAN FIRST LIEUTENANT AND ADJUTANT S. H. NV1 NSLOXV SECOND LIEUTENANTS TON L. H. SIIELIJON G. XV. SHREL-EI. SECOND LIEUTENANT AND CHIEF MUSICIAN G. E. ROTH 251 :KS IlllllIlllI?1M IlIlIIIHlIIIIIl llllllllflll W Wlllllll lllllllllllllllllllllllllllllri llllmunlunumunnu I NX l Illll HIlIHlMIII lflllllllIllflllllllllllllllllllltl llllllllllllllllf lIllIIHIIlIX 5523 S w' llMl!FllWll l lll ll! K it in , V '.Vl , EW ,O LQ 1 BOARD OF DIRECTORS DR. GEORGE N. BAUER, Chairman PROE. GEORGE D. SIIEPARDSON PNOF. J. CORRLN HUTCYIIINSON PROP. JAMES PAIOE DR, GEORGE D. HEAD PROP, A. E. HfXYNl'IS E. B. JOHXSOX H. XV. SEAGER C. H. CIIALMICRS H. G. HANSON B. M. JOXICS OFFICERS President . . . .... B. M. JONES Academic Vice-President . . C. P. B.xRXUx1 Medical Vice-President . XV. F. Lxssxrx Law Vice-President . . . F. H. Horicixs Engineering Vice-President . O. G. Tu.x1xExx1 ri Treasurer . . . . H. G. HANSOA Recording Secretary . M. J. RAND General Secretary . . P. O. HANSON Medical General Secretary . . . .... . C. E. BRONVN Jlemlzersllili opml to all mcu of the Uizirersity. A cosmopolitazzl organization of .920 men. from all clepartmewzts, having for its object the flerclopzzzcfzzf of Christian character and general lzelpfulfzess to men of the Fnlvgersity. 252 W1FW"v"WMMUUmWWW IIN A mill!!IIIIIWHHIIIIIIIIIIIYIIIIHA Nm m fIm11nIWl Young Wornen's Christian Association Established at the University in 1891 OFFICERS President . . . . CELIA A. WOOD Vice-President . . GERTRUIIE BALLARD Vice-President fMedicaU . . MRS. MCKEEN Secretary . . . AIARY LONGBRAKE General Secretary . ADA B. HILLMAN Treasurer . . . ....... AIAUDE FI.Ii'l'CIIlCR Y. NV. C, A. MEMBERS OF JUNIOR CLASS DIARY N. ALDEN AI.ICTI42 ANNl'I'1'TI4I BEAN FIANNIIG P. BRADFORD HELICXE PAFLINI-I BURRRII BIIISSIE ALM IRA COVFIRT LICORA EASTON LILLIAN BIRD GARROW Gl'IRTRl'DIG EDITII HPIIQRST EIINA CHRISTINA HOUCK EMILY 141I.0l2l-lNl'li .IANNEY LIIIIIIIAS ANNE JOY KATE KAPI' BIARY HEI.IfIN KRAFT CURAIIEIIE IIUIWVIG E'I'IIPIII IVIAY MCMILI..AN NINA DIIILIA OLDS SVSAN PITIKLAIDO L-ILLIAN RU'fII ROSIIOI.'I' ARTIE NI'II.l.II'I SKOUIJ RIIOIIIA SAVENSON JOSEPHINE THOMAS SUE E. AVEIR IGI ELIEARETII HARICIET AMES CAROLINE L. BEDFORD ELLA LOUISE BUELI, IAIARIOX A-ALICE COLE SCOTTIPI PRIMYS DAVIS NIARY EDNAII FISRE IQATIIICRINE GOI-:TZINOER .-ANNA 1'III.I.l-ISIII-IIAI CLARA BLANCIIE HULL GRACE MAE JENKS GI-:RTRIIIIE ELLEN JENV1'l'l"I' LAURA E. KLEIN RUTH EDDY LEONARD BIYRA IWICCARRIEL GRACE JANE LOYIIILL MAY ALICE NIARGARET PARKER EDITH ELIZARETII PUTNAM ALMA JI-:AN SCYTT HOIl'l'I'INSE M. SMITH CARRIE SNVIFT JULIA CORINNE XVEIKSTER ELEANOR 1AIA'I'IIILDA TON BOllICNS'I'lCIl'I' R.UTII LAW COLE INA FRANCES HURII .II-:NNIE TEETIER J l'LI.k CORINNE VVEBSTICR ANNA HELEN BAKKE AIAMIE ANGLIN BOLIN AIAUI-II. CLARE BRYDICN ESTHI-IR HELEN COLTER IHIXNIIC 1311-INSING ELSIE A. FOULRE LAURA GOULD BI.ANl'IIE HItiGlXRll'l'II.ABI ALICE IVIAUDE HYSER MARION ISARELLE JONES FIADRIIINCIG EIINA .IOIINSON NORA EYELYN KOEIILIIR LAUREL LEXVIS ELIZAIZETII IAICKITTRICIQ MAY M IC LOUISE NORTON Gl'lRTRlfDE BIAY Pl'I'l'l-IIIER IYA BIYRTLI1 RIC'II.XRIDSOIi CA KOLYN TYLER SALISRURY LILLIAN M. SBIITH FLORICNCIII M. TUCRER EDITII LILLIAN TIIOMRSON BI4ISSlI'I BIAUICILI-I XVHITTII-IR CLARA SOI-IIIA CIIl!lS'l'0PIIl'1NSON MARY .IOSEPIIINE HILI.I'ISIIEI1T ALICE ERNESTINE LINR1fIELD IVIARGARHI' PIIIPPS VAN BERGEN CEIIIA A. WOOD, CPreSiden't of 253 Y. XV. C. AJ 1-Pi? LLCFI-S X 'E .JW or NX fx M 1 4,,,,Ahff S M..-,I X X E 'xxx Xxqxxxk QxX X X 5 x V4' a Mg' 1: gy, ,- U 21 6 I OFFICERS Presidenit . , O. P. NIGELMEEI. Vice-President . . J. A. LAYNIQ Secretary . .. JOSEPHINE CONXISII Treasurer ..... ...,... A UGUSTA Mlxaumlc The spirit ufhieh unites people of kindred faith and cfoninionly only finds e.r- pression in organization. asserted itself among the Uatholie young people of the Uni- ifersity in the spring of lfloo, and the result was the University Catholie Assoeiation. It had the definite purpose of enlightening its ni,ein,hers upon, questions of eoininfon in- terest and of uniting them in eloser bonds of soetal sympathy. Thus far the Assoeiatioii has made good progress in the emeeution of its aims. Tivo very sueeessfiil courses. one in the study of ehureh doctrine by Rev. .?. J. Danehy, and one in the siilriecrt of Catholic philosophy by lfeu. H. Jloynihan, director of the Assoeiation. have already been completed. and a third under the latter, is near- ing a satisfactory close. The Association has heretofore received generous nec-oniinodation, from the other Christian organizations of the institution, but now the adraneenient of the Associa- tion's ioorh and the eiter u'idening seope of its aetirities inalce the necessity for inde- pendent quarters iniperatiive, Aeeordingly definite plans for the erection of a build- ing for the Assoeiation's use have been eonreived and are being carried out. The building will be located in the region of the eanzpus. 254 OFFICERS OF THE ENGINEERS SOCIETY AND EDITORS-OF THE ENGINEERS YEAR BOOK Engineer's Society President . . CIIARLES W. BROOKE Vice-President . . STEXVART G. COLLINS Business Manager . J. C. VIXCFIN1' Secretary . . . SIGIIVNII HIXIIICIS Treasurer . . LI-:WIS P. CAMPBELII 1 J 1 I v If ff K 4' 1 255 47 WRT MS- Ts 'FP' N X ff-pb.. 3 xXx R iij f " XY if ':' mlmllnmn. 1 ' .mnllmnmmlilumlmuilluummlgmv 1 nmMMlulIlnllm1mmlnlanumuuiu.sfN f mmnmnm eclnh Tlxompsoux '19 l' TJ. !-ilmftlpf' T .,1, Mi5'I: .f..1,..,.ff.-1 ' 3 , , 1 A if . - ' If ' vu .Z . ,, t ' - ,rw 5 .4 1: :gtg .Y Y.-U L- V 7 f '42 - : 55 -':'L ?E g:'ighLi , all ' ,lids i g V 5:-1 E , -i f 'vig "-? :i-+ :fn .T g . 331-13' SH 'i A Brig 5i51,A?ll-E 1.7-',f,Q,-'11 5 fvg P M lfffllf' :fig '--T ,Q , - -2 , -if ','..-'g-:,,. ,'-'+!- -+- ,--1.1 4 132111 3 3? ggi?-1-V -3112 5gg.,.'5'5g1.3 " ', , E3?Eg X 'r-- y'f I '-1-1 Yi' ''-,Q-9211144-,1--11.1 ' -.rsifz-: -l- a' f l ifg - 45: , E A -Wu' " A -N" 'i .. ve1e:.mrPvfq"JQ: '... ' .f I V 31,5 Q:-V - 3 ' ,,gf!1fu3,,.',,- A:-19? .l -:.,'Asa5xsg::'.g3, '? ' - ,,.-Z. , -fi f,A ' 2:5 jg ' J Qiryff-gl K,-1 ' K L . n v . L sf,-Y inf , Xxx , - g.-1: 1 E 5 , , , ef 7, E, fs- - - 1 1212. vrqsigaee-12-411:-, -1 25? g A. fi--SEL L, , A .1 XM, . '-' Q- " 12-1 ew- f Q3v.3:,fg.t:f1-i f- -N X X f 1' . f 5 ., l I ,.1r:f,1--'aff h " f ' 1 ' .,Lf"" " c i a t i o n . BERT RUSSELL . ALLCIQ Dxxxiz Nic11oLAs HANSEN . BERT IIUSSELI. . Crxrluix Amus . BERNICIA: CANNON IJANIEL J. LOTIIROI' XVARRICN O. YVILLIAMS University Liberal Asso President . . Secretary . Treasurer . Graduate Club President . Vice President . Secretary . Treasurer . . Republican Club President ............ Academic Vice-President . Medical Vice-President Law Vice-President . 256 NORMAN NEXl'IIrXLL . C. E. BA1:TLET'r . Gl1:0RC.1f1 DRICDGE ef' u 3 .lie ag C'-5 QC? gcaaaasalgq Q6 ifiiliiliflffl it 'X Q-csccc-ww if Q 2 5 M 3 N-1 alillllltl f J wogmfr ina K 1 5 kan 3Q""l He" PM I t"nw3'Kf '5 x z .1.--.-..-...-...i-1----i... .... -.....1T..----..--.--.. 11" -2 ff :1 ',:rYt,7.-fr, ,f f-"L: e " '1" 'f'F O' .' f ' 1' ' 4' :ff 2 .-1: we-ifw 1- fl -we e ' ' ' 'ev 4'e- ff . 'V .ffm :qxV.. r". . - X-1' 1 gr . ' f.. ' f 5 :o v -I' ' 5 v -, , ', '. f Q- T ' f 1' ', .' Q Q Qep. ,, . 1L q ' : iQ , 5 3 JPY 3 in i- Q y . ,J gg i p j f, f 'QC ' ' Lf' ' 7f' 1'1-L3 .L 02 f 1 i g, . Q 5 " "' 2 g -. .Q 1+ , ' 5- . 1 ,V Y O4 J 4 A V Q , ,ef X, 'WE-9 . .g: f fe ,Ny-are--ff ' A J ' 1 '-g rak 525 2- T f 1 ' e :. 1- , :: ' . X5 13 ..3 f l j:Z:5- .pk V3 f A 2 5 . - k if , ' V .1 , 1. 1-2 e 2? ' . N- ','. f 1 . - -- A . .A J 5. rr wf K :L-2. '- M' v in .. ,f faig ' Hmm? U A - 3. ., Z ::- r fx ' ' rx Y ..g. .1 -111 ' .,..-. Q . 1 ' ' 5 1 nv 1 '-gag.. - f -f L- 1:-L ., -i 5 , '-QF V - ':- : , 5- 1- I 2? x T- -J:' ?. . 1. . ' " ' -"' P . -a e . 465' f S iii, ' ' , 4 vlf I LJ'-'-.iilwp 6.45 . W omen's League Established January 19, 1901 OFFICERS President . Vice-President . Secretary . Treasurer . ......,. . Junior Jlembers of the IJ:z'cc11ti1'c Board. Muay NOR'I'f3N Mexncalfz WYAN Bum Soplzomorv ,1Iembf'rs of thc lf.u'1-zliirv Board E'1"r.x Mn'CAm: 257 LAURA ROBB LAURA Gounu LOUISE PECK URSULA JAMES EEN J. M. LOWE fi? ,,-7-X ,Ji Q' f A Z f4'ff""1:rv - 'f www ' ', I y flfff -ffff : 'f f. A .O . AM, 7, f 0 ' X J fl 4 , A - S MCT if K . J ,V X I C J X X X K f 'f I A . X X 1 x XX I K1 I .O lx . I I .A Lf I FK . I A K K. f 2 3 L L-.--'L--ff' , 7 X 4 K X' - X 2 FRAQQEQ Y J - - "2 ,LJ il 55312 1574! fi: ' A .1 A. 4 U BX if ei" -A 6:-T--.jj O , Z .'Q.2 i , ..? Twy ' f age: 'Z' A H :N L' ff A.. li: 'I :ff 1 ', 'lm--if 4 12 - , ' 5 I1lVf 1, fix' 1 A if 5 ff f, WH' f X.: 1-iff X' if Q f f ff! 'ff 11421 , "' XX fr? if X70 4 1' f 1 f f V ff f X X X A Q President . . . Secretary and Treasurer Corresponding Secretary Advisory Board . . L. PICNHOICL E. E. XVIIITELEY A. VVINTIIER CADWI-:LL H. C. RAWSON E. F. HIIRIJ H. H. ANGST H. S. MOKAY B. R. NI'IUS'l'AD'f D. BOARDBTAN C. W. BARNES VV. H. VVIIEICLICR MERRICK G. F. R. A. ZIESIAIED R. M. CROOKEE J. J. ROBERTSON T. F. HOWES G. W. WALLACE SIIERBIAN I. NV. O. E. M. KELLER C. W. STEELE T. F. FIELD A. C. NOERENBURG R. S. MEREIAM W. H. ROSE H. E. OLUND W. C. CIIAMBERLAIN J. H. BOGART R. P. YATES S. HINTON D. J. XV. A. H. D. C. C. J. E. FR A. W. C. M. J. B. S. M. E. J. M. C. J. H. L. P. L. A. E. A. R. OFFICERS , , S. VV. COIIICN . . . . . . T. F. FIELD . . . . . S. G. SIIONTS E. E. VvHI'I'ICLI'IY, M. S. IQINGSTON, H. S. MCKAY MEMBERS: BOTTEN 14'1l'1l.lJ P. EDNVARDS VV. LYTZEX L. VVICEKS J. HOAKRIJ M, PRATT A. HOITCTC MORGAN N. 110YI.AND W. SMITII ldll PIILLS YVILLIS G. DOES E. SCHMIDT H. DI'ICIIl'1R A. CU1'.T.Yl'ORD F. N0I4IHT. O. SNYDER A. WEST K. PARKS C. DEAN J. H. MAINARD J. MURPIIY BRANUT E. LOYE 1WERRTTT H. XVILKINSON R. SOYVLE F. KUEIIX J. SCHRADER B. CALHOUN A. lVIf'Ol'AT 258 M. F. S. G. NV. E. D. A. VV. S. O. F F. E. H. IVING NV. SMITH W. COHEN F. WJIIISI-11. F. INIOIQNKE S. O,CONNOR C. SQUIER L. NIVCAl!'I'Y H. HALL L. SHANTS ROED C. DEVEREAUX A. BONVINIAN R. EDGERION E. G. WUNDER GUY HA1l1RINli'1'llN R. NIICLLA C. B. LIPPITT O. G. KEIL M. S. KINGSTON K. O. JOHNSON J. H. GI'LIc'Ir R. I. JOIINSON L. P. HYDE S. T. BASS F. N. EDXVARDS J. JAMES J. S. FLYNN L. K. HOLTI.'I'0N R. MCCOLLODI LEE IVES R. W. DIXVIES Q .qwuilp "WY" 1, 1 f 1 J X ., 4,2 H f f N i X, M ,X f 1 w. JW t va' hr-m,'wz',' .01 -X j,.g9,M,f ' Lg? H fx' , A X- f 1 . v H NNI " n4"'yMV"lby V1 0 JU ,, I TX I 1 1 f 4' fp u lawn ,.-9 aw l"01fp,7' , N' K J . . . . . M" vgEiW "5M'w'f9m u't-'f." r 16 A fu f ff r ' . Qgffi d FK Q., D W, ,fp f,.:m A 1 .. -'N rll- My ,u,' A - J , , ' ' ' ,f - N f' , - , -Qc. K' We-5HWf544ss':M32 Q15 J 5 2, J X F '- V 9 ASQ:-EAfriTL?AL'fl54a3'-rsh" .fd . , xv 1 If J A .ffm 4, -5 O5C6iGi41W'a9'7f:!1Zfigf wif r -X ff, A K Q. ., 1, -f " 4 HL. F3515-fly? ' .. 5'-9"if 'f ' ' --'I f ffh' '.f"v- 6 -T -X fsff' 2?-' " 2 ,5 -""""5'i- 15 ' A f E4 " 1 " " , t 4.1 Ig ,'1-QW' -f ,, .,.,, 4 Q N ' ' '- , .f,,..4rn fgp .N- 'f -W' f . Q K r T Florence ESnw . O f f 1 c e r s FIRST s1f:mr:s'1'1cx: President . . GP24IRLilfI STQNF Vice-President . Huucxl-:'1' NVEN'rwo1c'rH Secretary . E'flII4II, MCMILLAN Treasurer . R. C. Trix Bnol-:CK SECUND s1cm:s'r1-:xc President . . E. R. BIOSHI-LR Vice-President RIARION Coma SGCYQEHTY . , NIAY SULLIVAN Treasurer . C. E. AUSTIN 259 T CIM QJEULQUEESEQS I?-E21-GGDILDUQJDUDU QERESUWENT SAILEWE CBLEDRIEIISEIR QVZJEQEQIWZSIZSYIIEJIZIXIT IELRGEE EUWANEST ESE SSEERETGJIEW EZJIEMEIID Hl'STl3Y':0E:S3l3lB 'TEQEEGSEHKQIEEZ - 7 --- 1 f W f A 4 University Dramatic Club OFFICERS President . Vice-President Secretary . Treasurer . MEMBERS MIXR1' M. ALIJICN M. LEROY AIQNOLD CYRUS BROWN PAULINE COGGESIIALL H. DON CAINIPBELL HELEN BURBRIDGE EMMA B. GALLAGHER KRXTIIEIIINE J. G-ATYLAGIIER J ESSIE GILLESPIE NEYX'TOX HPIGET, AGNES IVES EMILY JANNEY EDNA GAII. KIXYON RAY R. KXIKEIIT CHARLES PARMICLEIC A. L. MEYERS RUTH LEONARD KATHARINE STOUCIITON STUART THOMPSON FRANK LYON GERTRUDE BALLARD CORIXNE VVEBSTER M. M. Z. GUTHRIE , 262 M. LEROY ARNOLD . CORINNE WEBSTER . EMMA B. GALLAGIIER . BRADLEY GIBSON I ALICE A. BEAN EVA BLAISDELL RUTH COLE MARY FAGUNDUS PAUL A. BROOKS BRADLEY GIBSON CORXELIA HOLLINSIIEIID ROBERT H. KICYES ALBERT C. KOCH FLORENCE PROUTY HYXRILY MITCHEIIL HORACE REED EARL P. MAIYLORY L. B. LUPPEN HATTIE VAN BERGEN GEO NVEBSTER One Summer's Day By Henry Esmond Annual performance at Lyceum Theatre, Monday, Feb. 23, 1903. Presented also en tour: St. Cloud, Thursday, Feb. 26. Fergus Falls, Friday, Feb. 27. Moorhead, Saturday, Feb. 28. Mankato, Friday, April 17. Faribault, Saturday, April 18. CHARACTERS Major Dick Rudyard .... . BRADLEY GIBSON Phil Marsden . . . . CYRUS S. BROVVN Theodore Bendyshe . . M. Li-:ROY ARNOLD Robert Hoddesden . . FRANK S. LYON Tom, his Nephew . . HORACE REED Seth, a Gypsy . . . ARTHUR L. MYERS The Urchin . . . STUART M. THOBIPSON Irene, Hoddesden's Niece . . . MARY M. ALDEN Maysie, his Ward . . . ALICE A. BEAN Chiara, 'a Gypsy . . . CORNIZLIA HOLLINSIIEAU Mrs. Theodore Bendyshe .......... RUTH LEONARD Bess, a Gypsy ........... JESSIE M. GILLESPIE Dancing Girls MISSES BLAISDELL, BURBRIDGE, COGGESIIALL, COLLINS, DICKINSON, JANNEY, KINYON, PARKER. PROUTY, SCRIPTURE. STOIIUIITOX, VAN BERGEN, XVIII-IELER MANAGEMENT Directors . . ..... , MR. AND MRS. CHAS. M. HOLT Business Manager . . . ROBEI!'F H. KEYES Director of the Dance . . . THOMAS SVVEM 265 , 4 24-Z wQ.,N Ni , b ' "W J M 1' 7 Al W X. ,Tx .' wa f, r,, .. A X' ark ,nigh M , , Lngjgn , x f if ""'-xl--f. University Band OFFICERS Chief Musician and lst Lieutenant . . . . S. A. HATQH Principal Musician 'and lst Sergeant . . C. W, COLBY Director ...... . . . B. A. Ross MEMBERS Solo Corrlets . HATCH. HUTCIIINSON First Coriiets . . . . DAx'1s, VAN CLEVE Second and Third Coruets . . OSTYIG, CLIPFELL, DAY Solo Claririets .... . . . . . COX, IIILE First Clariiiets .......... SANBORX, SAINSBURY Qrld and 3rd Clariiiets DAVIS, Ri3S3IUSSEN, DVNN, LUKKASUN, HoUsKA, RICARD, Hlumis Piccolo .............. VON Rom: Sazvaphoiies ..... SINE. VVIRTII Altos . . . PEIIOUSIIIQK, HOLDEN, VORUM, KARN Baritooies . ........ COLBY, AAKE1: Trorrlborles GROTH. F1NsETH, NELSON, BRADY, BROWN, ROWE Basses . . . BROWN, Havoxzsox, BOWMAN, MALEY Snare Drums ,.... REI1IlD, WINNER Bass Drum . . HOERGER Cymbals . . NEWSTADT 266 University of Minnesota Glee and Mandolin Club OFFICERS President . . . . GEO. L. GILLETTE Vice-President . . DXN'IiiIl'f K. YERXA Secretary . . . EfKRI.E M. BARROXVS Treasurer . . . F. TRACY FAIRCIIILIJ Business Manager . . RENE T. Hum Leader Glee Club . . J. M. FREEIsI7RG Leader Mandolin Club . . A. .S FRENCH Student Manager . . . . . A. .S FRENCH MEMBERS lst Mandolins A. S. FRENCII G. L. GII.LE'I'TE R. R. KNIGI'l'l' D. K. YI-IRNA L. A. RI-:XEORII E. VV. SPRING .liifl Mandolins F. T. FAIHCIIILIJ FREDERICK RITZINGER K. TAYLOR A. R. Gnmoxs L. E. FAGAX Guitars VV. B. SIIELIION E. B. HICCARTNI-IY C. E. BENXETT J. vox WII.I.I.uIs Violins A. S. GURIE G. B. STE IIIMAN J. B. DAVIS , Cello M. C. WAI.s1'0X Flute C. Vox ROIIR 267 L. A. LARSON E. M. BARROVVS J. R. ELY H. G. SYDOW C. W. GOODSELL W. T. STINE First Bass A. C. KOCH Second Bass E. A. BURMIESTER M. D. HAXVICIXS First Tenor M. C. BOWLER M. D. WEBSTER 268 R. T. HUGO J. V. TURNER E. M. JONES O. P. F. BUNCE E. MXKELLER' H. H. AUGST W WW WWT Commencement Week, 1 902 Program Sunday, June l . . ..... B,x1'c'.xr.Ai'iu5.xTE SERMOX Rm. Muuox D. SIIUTTI-:iz Monday, June 2 . ...... Class Day, Slcxlok Clnxss PLAY Tuesday, June, 3 . . . Slcxmn Pimul-:N.xlJ1-1. AIIBIOIIY Wednesday, June 4 ...... Alumni Day, PIII BETA KAVPA Aooicmss REV. VVILLIABI E GR11f1f1s. D. D. Thursday, June 5 .......... Cox1M15N4'EMr:N'r DAY Memorial Exercises for GOVERNOR JOHN SARur:N'r PILLSBIQRY, Presentation of Diplomas. 270 lll'lllllIlllT" 1 if-Q-,QQ L, TN E4 '!i1:fFfff55'f5H!-rffffffr"HH:-5:'53ffH'5'5-l1'Hr-I --n I qu ' -' :ES.iiii'f 5 ' " ' 'K ., P f " ini? - 17 ' llll'l ,lilvli llllll .."l'll'4li. 'lllfl xifllfll- Wil' W X E49-V - E . gif: 9.-QX"ql'AnIf mulls! I ilrvm. Avwl. -1'nv'lni..flle'mlIf,alfl ffgfi- L. fi Q gi, IIIIIIIIIIIIIIllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll , .ff . .. 4-' b ,, 'A lll,L'!lll.lll'll-gllllll!.l.lUlUllIl'lllll-Q!! Af' I 'ff' iff' giff,-aa' ff, 9"-X V4.1 1llF:'ll'5EW71JlgJllll 1ll'lI .Illia I. :will WA j K Y fi.. 'If-pg! ll mn Ill!" I1 1. L llll lg! l -ll" lvllll - -' pg' LJ- . f - - i' ff 1 mly1vqnm'gwn.uIvull1 --a' VIVII. In llllnl' " I 1 , lll llinlliulhll ' Q, ,'-I Y 'I Yi T , ,Yu - un L.- , H qllnqullnlluglluffllggalghl! WMI- iz , ? ' f aim' IKM lllxnfnuln. 4 ,, lv-vu mmm. "1l"ll wlF'IlL.Il"Ilt 'llllllllll 5 ... A. VV , nunnumlullnn A -A r f. V I f' R A N" Ill- Ill 'lllF""1ll' 'VIII A Il-ll .hllll 'NHIAI I Ill 1 IIIVKIH 711. ul wuz 'l'll. 1 A A , llullmllliilililn IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIKIIIIHIIIIIIIII , - an 4 , lll-lllll-lIIlIlllll-l-lllllll-II-lllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll A +- r ' SE.Gnrd ner Monday, Matinee D' ector of Specialties "Onoega" LYCEUM THEATER and Evening, June 2, 1902. . . . Mics. Aim GATES MCADAIIS Ir . . . . C1.AY'roN D. GILBERT Director of Play . Music-al Director Glzonurz E. S1I.I.ow.xY H. D. C.xII1'I:I31.I. IVIARY SANFORD CIIAS L. ALl'IX.4NIbl'IR BQABICL ABB0'1'T . . . . . . . . OTTO PANIIOPF CLASS PLAY COMMITTEES Chairman and Manager JA Mics G. S'1'ANl.I:Y Authors of the Play DIARY F. S.xNI'mcn HELEN R. FISH Direrftor of Rehearsals GERTRUDE BIARHIIALL Assignment of Parts HFIT.l4IN FISII ALICE DUGAN G1-:ONCE SILLONVAY Costumes and Properties GRACE WHNATUN LUCY FOVVLER ELMEI: D1LI.s 271 .. N mm mem Class of 1902. UNIVERSITY ARMORY June 3, 1902 COMMITTEE Chairman . . . ARTHUR N. COLLINS Arrangements CIIAS. BRAND DONALD CAINIPBELL Programs FRANK REED GEORGIA SXVETT Decorations WILLIAM D. GALVIN J UANITA WILLIAMS CARL KELLOG Press BRUCE F, HARRIS HOMER HORTON Refreshments NORMAN LIND Music DWIGHT H. NIOODY Patronesses CLAIRE WYMAN HARY'EY CARR MARY HAIRRINGTON 272 Commencement Day University Armory Thursday, June Sth, 1902 , Program of the Day Music-"Overture, t'Bride Elect," ...... . . SoUsA Prayer ..... . . . . . Music-"Vision," .... ..... F R. VON BLOM Address ...... . By PRESIDENT CYRUS NoRTHRoP Music-Characteristic, "Anvil Polka," . . ..... PARLOW The Conferring of Degrees . . . . Music-Hymn, "God Bless Our Native Land," Music-March, "McKinley Memorial," ....... CHAMBERS Memorial Exercises for Gov. JOHN S. PILLSBURY. Addresses by PRES. CYRUs NORTHIIOI' HoN. GREENLEAE CLARK HON. JOHN LIND HoN. STEPHEN MAHONEY Benediction . . . .... . . . . PRIZES AVVARDED '89 MEMORIAL PRIZE Department of History. Awarded to .......... WILLARD A. RossMAN Subject: "The Transition in New York from Colony to Commonwealth." Awarded to First Prize Second Prize Third Prize Awarded to The Albert Howard Scholarship Prize. . . . . . . . . . DANIEL J. NORTHBOP, '99 The Pillsbury-Dunwoody Prizes for 1902. . . . . . . . . . . THOMAS D. SCHALL The Pillsbury Intersophomore Prize. . JOHN A. LAYNE J, G. STEENSON . . IRWIN A. CHURCHILL, ALOIS F. KOY'ARIK, J. P. KRANZ The Peavey Prizes. The debating prize was awarded to the Freshman team, consisting of J. P. DE VANEY, R. VVEISKOPF, L. H. Joss. The prize in Oratory was awarded to . . . . . GEORGE WARD, '04 Awarded to First Prize Second Prize, Third Prize Awarded to Awarded to Awarded to The Wyman Prize. Subject: 'tThe Small Producer and the Trust." Times' Good Road Prizes. Briggs Prize in Foundry Practice. . H .E. PETERSON MARK WOOLERY JESSIE STEVENS N. B. NELSON . . . . . . CARL F. BOHN, HARRY V. FULLER Iowa Debate Prize. . OWEN P. IVICELNIEEL, OLAI LENDE, ALEX JANES Michigan Debate'Prize. . . . H. J. MCCLEARN, W. I. NoRToN, BENJ. DRAKE Medals in Debating, Awarded to: OXVEN P. MCELNIEEL. OLAI LENDE. ALEX JANES. H. J. MCCIIEARN, W. I NOR' 'roN. BENJ. DRAKE, RALPH WEm:E, J. H. KANE, J. B. LA1111. 273 i E c 5 ,M 'Mr x 5 2. Sf 5 . f ,- A ,V . gm f '4j,fQSfiE5W'L7 ,ll V Liiigigi' ' .233 iff' . .,,f i "'k Q C' 1 1. Q: f , V. .. I as ' -sv ff., f 5' a ,N .Q-1' ' ,M 'QL iw ' 4 s'Q,,w-" e 5 ri ' H- .-1 rf f gg. f- f y, - QQ A ... T '55 wg: ,425 my gg, , A.,A. W MQ ' , 5,551 -5523: A, WE- L,:, V, ,L ' ?gE.gzZ:wEE , P 5.527 QM -2:-f ,wwf eww THEMINNEWMSUTZ1 U s ww CUNCENTRAQ , Q ' A I W' me P531 UN CANDIDA V NC P1 US rung , I . 'UW PRESIDW emo PRUSPEQT up J ,, ,,,, Bmw s , JA ,, , rfsr fvm - - sg 12' 5, Q Ni5T'LT.g,LIiT'N'm--.. A .I W it PM I Y Hp-1 W wiv. v-ff' . W "' "5 V X , ff 4 4 I 1 1 v 3 5 f I.. The Minnesota Daily Managing Editor Business Manager Assistant Business Manager Athletic Editor . Society Editor . JOHN G. HOLM AGNES GLASCOE C. L. GILMAX V. H. LAIBLE E. C. O'BRIEN RUSSELL L. MOORE W. T. STURE GENEVIEVE JACKSON CATHERIXE MCPARTLIN ASSOCIATE EDITORS G. VV. H.ARSII REPORTERS L. H. NO3'DIIROI' N. A. CLEVEX A. L. NIYERS LOUISE BUUTELLE 276 . J. I. DURAND . J. A. LAYNE . . . C. BEAGLE MALCOLM A. MIXCLEAN . GRACE W. LAVAYEA SUMNER M. LAD11 H. S. IVES L. L. COLLINS A. L. BROVVNRIGG M, W. HIKLLORAN C. E. BOHN MARY MCINTYRE BESSIIC SCRIPTURE F. R. PINGRY The Minnesota Magazine Founded by the Class of '95, Managing Editor Editor-in-Chief . Literary Editor . Exchange Editor Secretary . . EARL P. INIALLORY I'ROl". FRANK L. MCVEY. Ph. D. EDITORIAL STAFF ADVISORY BOARD Prior. CIIARLI-Ls F. INICCLl'Ml'HA, Ph. D. Business Manager . . Assist. Business Manager 277 EuwA1cD F. I'Il'MI"IIREY . OTHO H. CAMP131-:LL NIALCOLM A. MACLEAN . . NEWTON HEGI-:L . RAY R. KNIGIIT MAX MCCONN Josizvu BEACH, M. A. . P. D. MCMILLAN, JR. . . C. E. AUSTIN Engineers' Year Book ENGINEERS' YEAR Book Editor-in-Chief . . . . . . . . BARRY DIBBLE, '03 Businegg Manager LYMAN S. ALDEN, '03 Assistant Manager ..... p . . . . NORMAN RISTE, '05 DEPARTMENT EDITORS Mechanical Engineering ........ INGRAM G. KJosNEss, '03 Electrical Engineering . Jo11N H. SUHUMACHER, '03 Civil Engineering . . WALTER J. BENNETT. '03 The Minnesota Alumni Weekly Volume II. Published weekly in the interests of the .alumni of the University of Minnesota. E. B. JOHNSON. '88, Editor. Shortly before commencement of the year 1901, the present editor of the Weekly submitted a plan for the starting of such a publication, to the business manager of the D a i l y. It was thought if three hundred subscribers could be secured, a paper such as was then contemplated, made up wholly of matter taken bodily from the Daily, could be made to pay expenses. Several alumni were seen and all were enthusiastic over the idea, and before commencement week was over, more than four hundred subscribers had been secured, and the hearty reception of the plan by the various alumni associations caused the broadening of plans made for the paper. At the request of President Northrop, Mr. E. B. Johnson, of the class of '88, under- took to edit the paper, and has been in charge of it during the two years of its ex- istence. The subscription list went to six hundred and fifty the first year, and in- stead of simply selecting and arranging matter taken from the Daily, as at first planned, nearly one-half of the matter published has been new. The alumni have stood b y the NV e e k ly and have given it most loyal and hearty support. During the two years of its life the Weekly has fully proven its right to exist, and that it does supply a real need. Hearty words of appreciation and encouragement come from all classes of the alumni and there are hundreds of the most loyal sons and daughters of Minnesota who look forward to its weekly visit as to the coming of an old and dear friend. 278 The 1904 Gopher Board Managing Editor. Editor-in-Chief . Business Manager . . Assistant Business Manager Artist ..... Assistant Artist . Associate' Editors . Loris Lomax COLLINS Ilixlzny XYICTOK FL'I.LExa . Fimxris L. KING . EIDXVAKD J. CIIICNEY LL'1.U BIAUIJE XVICRIIAKEX A1c'l'1Il'1z MONRAI1 Jouxsox RI"l'll Elmy LEONARD M.x1c.r01m: H1-:LEX COLE LILIAN Brian Gaimow A1,IC'lf1 ANSI-J'l"rlC BEAN NtJR,XliXX LESLIE NEXN'II,XI.L Amis F. ICOYARIK EI.l'f.X Non vox BlJI5l'INS'I'lA1IJ'l' XVII.l.Lxx1 Hizxuy 1IlfGRATIl EDITH L. Timxrvsox. Dcpartmvnt liegfwzsevztcltifes Law-Day-F, A. XVILIJICS. JR Deiitistryf.-Xwrilrn Cox LawSNigl1t---Hxlmy H. Tumlixs P11a1'macy-Gltlcmluzlc BOHROXVMAN 1VI6diCi1'1G-JOIiX Eumx HYNr:s Ag1'ic111t11re-Mun' Lmwiwoam 31.KTlIl-IXVS 279 K DEBATE AND 0 RATO RX Then and Now in Debate and Oratory Things are good or bad largely by comparison. If debate and oratory in Minne- sota are not yet what we should like them to be we can derive some comfort from looking backward. Tradition says that in the dim and distant past there was a fioodtide in Minnesota forensics. However this may be it is certain that the ebb came in the early '90's. Then we had no local organization worthy the name. Any three men who were willing to bear all their own expenses and shoulder a deficit if need be were at liberty to challenge a neighboring university and patch up an annual compact to cover the contest. From three to six weeks was as much time as the most ambitious man was willing to sacrifice for preparation. The word "sacrifice" is used advisedly because it was regarded as a sacrifice to take so much time from one's books. It need hardly be said for the enlightenment of our debaters of today that those men seldom won ever- lasting glory for themselves and imperishable renown for their alma mater. Three languishing literary societies-one of which expired later-furnished fuel for this sickly flame. Oratory was scarcely better. A very loose "Oratorical Association" was feebly supported. It is grievous to admit that the one lonely prize of EB75.00, generously offered by the late John S. Pillsbury, was looked upon as "hoodie," Few men had any pride in their effort and most of them were willing to do just enough work to "lift the prize." We belonged to an interstate league in oratory and our representative attended the contest in the uncertain hope that "luck" might favor him but chiefly because it furnished him a free ride on the Pullman. Competition was -so lax that in one of our local contests only eight of the ten places on the program were filled. The other two were open to the first applicant. Six of these eight contestants forgot their orations and two of them left the door without finishing. Some of the orations were finished the night before the contest. Small wonder that in this particular year we held the eleventh place among eleven competing states. 282 This deplorable state of affairs existed not because the Minnesota youth of ten years ago had less brains or less ambition then than now but because we were Without tradition, ideals or proper stimulus. It is hardly necessary to call attention to the advance made. Every student, at least, is familiar with present conditions. Then men spent three to six weeks in preparation for an inter-collegiate debate. Now they spend as many months. Then they selected their subjects for orations a month before the contest, read little, thought less and practiced none. Now they select their subject-s a year in advance and no man feels that his best effort is too good for the contest. Then We were pretty sure of a place well down on the list of competitors. Now we are just as sure of a place well toward the top. Last year, for instance, we won undisputed championship of the West in debate and missed first place in the Northern Oratorical League by a fraction of one per cent. Then we had no local organization. Now there is no more efiicient one in the country-East or West. Then we were always in debt. Now we are always out of debt. Then we had one lonely prize of 575.00 for oratory and none for debate. Now, thanks to the untiring efforts and personal generosity of Professor Sanford, every student has a chance to win prizes which amount to nearly S1,400. Then men cared for nothing but the money. Now they have pride in their work and covet the honor of victory quite as much as the money prize. Although the future of Minnesota along these lines is bright much remains to be done. Tradition has not yet begun to play the part that it will play later. We are young yet. It takes time to establish precedents and ideals. Princeton has her two famous old literary societies, the Whig and Cliosophic, each more than a century old, each housed in an 580,000 marble hall furnished with libraries, reading room and lodge room, each hallowed in the memory of great men who won the Junior prize in oratory or the splendid Lynde prize in debate and thereby secured imperishable renown for their beloved societies. Every Princeton Freshman with forensic aspirations looks forward to these prizes with feelings of admiration not unmingled with awe and no man enters the contests without a full sense of his responsibility. But these conditions cannot be secured in a day. They take time. We are mak- ing history and tradition in Minnesota now. Every student of debate and oratory who sets the standard a little higher does much for himself but more for those who follow. We want several things here yet and we are not without hope that we shall get them. "All things come round to him who will but wait" and work. We Want some public spirited man to immortalize himself by giving 310,000 as a fund the proceeds of which shall be used as permanent prizes in debate and oratory. We want some- one else, more ambitious and generous, to build a handsome hall that shall furnish a permanent home for our eight literary societies and a suitable auditorium, stage and scenery, for the use of our dramatic club. We hope some Minnesota millionaire will discover that these donations will furnish more lasting and eloquent tribute to his memory than bronze or granite. May our hope not be too long deferred. E. E. MCDERMOTT. 283 Debating Board Faculty Members Du. A. B. WHITE, President PROF. M. L. SANFORD PROP. E. E. MODERMOTT DR. W. A. SCIIAPER Student Members Vice-President . .... . D. L. GRANNIS Secretary , . T. A. VELDEY Treasurer . .......... H. L. WILDEY PILLSBURY ORATORICAL CONTEST First Prize won by G. P. JONES, "The Age of Coalf' Second Prize won by J. A. LAYN1-3, "Let Us Not Forgetf, Third Prize won by J. L. STEEXSON, "Defense of Webstefs Seventh of March Speech." 284 fi. DEBQTING x.5,. . NNESOTA MINN OWA The Northwestern Debate at Chicago J annary 16, 1993 Question: Resolved, That the importation of Chinese labor into our insular pos- sessions should be prohibited. ' Minnesota A17irinatiye. R. P. CHASE D. L. GRANNIS E. C. LUNDEEN WON BY NORTHWESTERN The Iowa Debate At Iowa City, April 12.4, 1903 Question: Resolved, That the adjudication of disputes between employers and employees should be made a part of the administration of justice. INTERPRETATIUN: Granted that special courts with appropriate rules of procedure may be established if desirable. Granted that labor unions may be required to incorporate if necessary. Minnesota Ailrmative IRWIN A. CIIITRCIIILL WARREN O. VVILLIALIS H. LESLIE WILDEY The Wisconsin Debate At University Chapel, May 8, 1903 Question: Would the relinquishment by the federal government of its rights to tax inheritances to the states exclusively, be preferable to the relinquishment by the states of their right to tax inheritances to the federal government. It being mutually conceded: Q13 That all rights of taxation of inheritances now possessed by the states or by the federal government can and will be transferred by either to the other. C25 That the federal government stands in need of revenue, and that the federal tax can become a law. Minnesota A17Zi'matiiJe H. J. MCCI.E,fkRN BENJAMIN DRAKE, JR. RAYMOND P. CHASE 286 , 1 wx ' J-fi A 7- -'VT0'-fff y w r ' - ,.... ,,....,, N, . U . - -of-,,-,, ww . 3w,m,,,.ww,.... g rg J, f rw, Z? 'I nil! Vail M1865 ,, . . '11 R "if- fff f'7E gg W WMM ff 'f f'- NWN-' fi .yi 'M f f '.:,1,.1:2e5 1- -:1 W ff -.srz-12:22:32 , J: . nu za-. "IA ,av ff . A .za W ff 'rf-1'-' "Hug .'g:,, "Q 'Y' - -Q , I - . .,Q:g.-1:51. imap- .mm s.. ml :. - tu' gr.-1:-.1 2:'.-,f.x:,f:---'.11:-.'1-'-- I 'L---1f.':.a3-5: . . Q3 ...,. ..: 1.14-V-, '15, s- ,-Q.-1-'.'f-:::.-gg,-:r:1j:.f551-',I . H-H1 1 .. 33 1. 5.-55:-3,-gg-sgigsgg-1" I -f "Q, ffff,gf:wf+,2 af -',z:3'g1f.-r..j.:nz-.-1' If . wEze.."2. - G I Al: I' ,-:gf '.-',"ii:1r.Ll1. ,Q '1 II . - 1 ' 1 I A 1, 11,1-3f.3f,11-I ' Z - . K - ' : .1 .,.f.. 5' wig.:-' ' - ' ,'. ,-15' ijt-tif. z'- ,. - 2 . l -I ,-,::.3 , .--L.:-g A .....1 ,,,-. jf-!.. 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V, -f 17 of J x f V344! ffff w"V"""-f'-f'-fff 'fffff , , -,-31- - ,f 5 g'.:g:.y. -,-.zz .5 .1-, ,.A:.'.1'.1.gv :p :Eg-it .53-2'-.'.'!:5,f'::: ,gin-:.-,:j5,1.g 255.1155-Q5A:,3,:,5 '-,'.'-5.',Zj::.',-.1?':"fEPfi- - 3 -.1---'-'-','-12131522I'-1-'1Tgi-15-Qs.1'g1'.C-f:5f .':-':1315'5-,:1Z-',c- :ii z-..:.a51g,- 1:53.55-, 1 ,-, :-' -5. 1 TL- 1.:-1,-gf,-:, - 1-.' f. -.' - 5 - ,-.1-,'-,g.'-,-5:13:11-5:-.1 V .1 - QT. :i,fQ':,.1g3 -,g5,f:g'5j1-Sian,-jg. 51: 5-.,1-334111-' 15.19.-.,:3.j.3g.-.:.3a::',':1f "' " ' ''-3-I-1522-V-4-1"-'-133'-'-'-'35.2211153 tai'-' -1:-'11"'-'fiff-11f:" E":'2'i3 .'r..-:v.'.f12'- I-414211-'1'.--!:'-.2,Q'a'.''. :.'.f:.qf'f:-' 22:-it-fri: 1-14 -':f'.'.iJ1 il ..-. ..- .. I 179, ,. ,r- .+t3:'.51'- .',-.1111-:,'.-:. -'-1 'f .:1'. . .J .' ii- rf" 1:5:'.. ' '--:ig 13,-j-'JZ . 1 ri' "f, -. 'Iv'1,1f'4.S nj.,-:-.-,-.'.'::-,':.f: .- : :un-Ifgu -:'.1::. 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' '.!,-:.', . ..x , . ,,-- .U dz... n,.,,...,,u-.I ,,',:,L, XC 5 X' 46 x" 90,99 S k 6' 00440 1, SIA ':f0?Q4v 0 vp 1 mm FE MEN WHO II-!Ql9O24 iilll 1 WEAR' THE 4 1903 4 ..-..-.9 FLYNN HARRIS ROGERS DAVIES KNOWLTON GRAY TIIORPE IRSFELD VAN V,-XLKENBERG SMITH SCHACI-IT STRATHERN DOWNING LIGGETT NVARREN IIOECKMAN LEXCH L1 FANS YARCO REDMAN ALLEN TVCK KIEFER DEERING IRELAND TEBBITT ROBERTSON HARSII EVANS BIDLAKE MCPHERSON GREEN MURPHY BOCKMAN METCALI4' RIEBETH BROWN SHEA JORDAN E. R. PIERCE C. C. PIERCE CAMERON 289 V " 7" YW' W ' ?'i' W 7 FO OT W 3' .4 - Schedule 1902 September 18, Northrop Field, Minnesota 5, Second Team, 5 September 22, Northrop Field, Minnesota 28, Minneapolis C. H. September 27, Northrop Field, Minnesota, 33, Carlton College, 0 September 30, Northrop Field, Minnesota, 59, Hamline, 0 October 4, Northrop Field, Minnesota, 16, Ames, 0 October 11, Northrop Field, Minnesota, 29, Beloit, 0. October 18, Northrop Field, Minnesota, 0, Nebraska, 6 October 25, Iowa City, Minnesota, 34, Iowa, 0 November 1, Northrop Field, Minnesota, 102, Grinnell, 0. November 8, Northrop Field, Minnesota, 17, Illinois, 5 November 15, Northrop Field, Minnesota, 11, Wisconsin, 0 November 22, Northrop Field 'Varsity, 11, College, 5 November 27, Ann Arbor, Minnesota, 6, Michigan, 23 Sche dule 1903 Grinnell at Minneapolis, October 3. Ames at Minneapolis, October 10. S., 0 Iowa at Minneapolis, October 17. Beloit at Minneapolis, October 24. Michigan at Minneapolis, October 31. Open date, November 7. Illinois at Champaign, Novembe r 21. Open date, November 21. Wisconsin at Madison, Thanksgiving Day. i 45 , agen? , i r EDWARD Rooms, Captain, 1903. WP V Ao" k 1 l ' Sv zgxv 1 293 g L First Team EDXVARD L. ROGERS PAUL SMITH JOHN B. VVARREN JOHN FLYNN, Captain. M. L. STRATIIERN' J. VAN VALRENDERG VVALTER TIIORP FLOYD DOWNING VVARREN KNOYX'I.TON EGIL BOECKMAN FRED SCHACIIT ROCQER GRAY SIGMUND HAIKIRIS OTTO DAY'IES J. B. IRSEELD XVALTER LN FANS ROBERT LIGGINITT S e c 0 n d T e a rn O. L. BIfRIJICIC FRED BEROEN RICIIAIID PATTEE CHARLES WALSH JOHN BIDLAKE EARL CURRENT HENRY OLSON GEORGE TUCR GEORGE XVICBSTER GEORGE-1 NYE XVILLARD FREEMAN J. DEI-IRING 295 5 , 1- " if I ' I - ' I --"Q ..4' .,.4,. , .- U . - , - . 1. 5 hpgi R, Vzbnn " ir t l , , i l ., .- ""' x B , e,ir ,afi f . f WV deff: A,-.,Q,., 5 -y.1i - f i? ..., " Q:,glQ..?. ,, ,,'7f '17 A - I X ,XX , ., .4 I, ,X -,-' 5? ' f ff 5 fifffjzigi 9-1, ' M W 1 , , ,ff--1:1 ,511 'ff '-f ff A-.:.z k April April April April April April April April May May May May May May May May ,at Record of 1902 Nicollet Park, Minnesota, 3, Minneapolis League, 8 at Northrop Field, Minnesota, 12, Minneapolis C. H. S., 5 at Northrop Field, Minnesota, 11, Minneapolis, S. H. S., 1 at Northrop Field, Minnesota, 13, Minneapolis League, 6 at Northrop Field, Minnesota, 1, Minneapolis League, 7 at Northrop Field, Minnesota, 7,West Publishing Company, 0 at Northrop Field, Minnesota, 11, Mechanic Arts H. S,, 2 at Northrop Field, Minnesota, 3, Nebraska, 4 at Northrop Field, Minnesota, 2, Carleton College, 1 at Fort Snelling, Minnesota, 15, First Regiment U. S. A., 3 at Northrop Field, Minnesota, 6, Iowa, 1 at Northrop Field. Minnesota, 4, Luther College, 3 at Northrop Field, Minnesota, 5, Notre Dame, 9 at Northrop Field, Minnesota, 9, Notre Dame, 7 at Northrop Field, Minnesota, 7, Wisconsin, 5 fCancelled on account of iiood at Decorahj, Luther College At Cedar Rapids, Minnesota, 3, Iowa, 3 At Lafayette, Minnesota, 6, Purdue, 10 At Bloomington, Minnesota, 10, Indiana, 11 At Crawfordsville, Minnesota, 6, Wabash, 8 At South Bend, Minnesota, 2, Notre Dame, 22 At Beloit, Minnesota, 5, Beloit, 6 296 BASEBALL LINE-UP, 1902 Mm'crALF, Captain CAMERON . . SIIEA VABCO LEACH, Rooms, ALLE N Rooms. BRowN. GUXDERSON . . . BRIGIIAM, Jommx, HOURNE Livrjmiomz . REDMAN 7 . First Base Second Base Third Base . Short Stop Catchers Pitchers . Left Field Center Field Right Field X I TRACK ATHLETICS Minnesota:Iowa Track Meet Event. 100 yard dash. 220 yard dash 440 yard dash W mile run 1 mile run 120 yard hurdles 220 yards hurdles High jump Broad jump Pole vault Discus throw Hammer throw MAY 9, 1902 Won by- Bockman, Minn. Pierce, Minn. Tebbitt, Minn. Murphy, Minn. Green, Minn. Bockman, Minn. Beckman, Minn. McPherson, Minn. Roff, Iowa, 23 1-5 10 3-5 sec. SGC. 52 4-5 sec. 2:06 1-5 4:55 3-5 16 1-5 27 1-5 SBC. SGC. 5 feet 5 inches 21 feet 10 inches E. B. Pierce, Minn. Swift, Iowa. La Fans, Minn. 9 feet 114 feet 2 inches 110 feet 5 inches 35 feet 9 inches Half mile relay-Minnesota's teams: Robertson, Pierce, Crosette and Beckman Iowa's team: Yazarsky, McCoy, Sivers, and Anderson. Won by Iowa. Minnesota won 11 firstsg Iowa won 2 firsts. Shot put Harsh, Minn. Minnesota-Wisconsin Track Meet Events. 100 yds. dash Mile run 120 yard hurdles M mile run 15 mile run 220 yd. dash 2 mile run 220 yd. hurdles Pole vault Discus throw High jump Shot put Broad jump Hammer throw Relay race, w MAY First. Bockman, Minn. Keachie, Wis. Beckman, Minn. Poage, Wis. Breitkreutz, Wis. Poage, Wis. Dead heat between Smith, Wis. Bockman, Minn. E. B. Pierce, Minn. Wastoon, Wis. Abbott, Wis. Knowlton, Minn. Koch, Wis. Long, Wis. on by Wisconsin team: 22, 1902 Second. Hayden, Wis. Hahn, Wis. Saridakis, Wis. Schoephoester, Wis. Daniells, Wis. C. C. Pierce, Minn. McEachron and O'Brien, Minn. Muckliston, Wis. La Fans, Minn. McPherson, Minn. La Fans, Minn. Hueffner, Wis. Francis, Minn. Poage, Schoephoester, ielisz Time, 2 min. 31 4-5 sec. Minnesota, 5 iirsts, 6 seconds, total score, 37. Wisconsin, 10 firsts, 8 seconds, total score, 66. -v J OO 101-5 sec. 4 min. 40 sec. 15 4-5 sec. 52 sec. 2 min. 231-5 sec. 22 4-5 sec, 10 min. 40 sec. 26 3-5 sec. 10 feet. 1.10 feet 3 inches. 5 feet 9 inches. 26 feet 5 inches. 21 feet 15 inch. 111 feet 9 inches. Hayden, and Dan Games Second Annu-al Spring Field E'L76'I'LtS. 100 yd. 220 yd. 440 yd. 15 mile 1 mile dash dash run run run 120 yd. hurdles hurdles run 220 yd. 2 mile High jump Broad jump Pole vault Shot put Hammer throw Discus throw First. C. C. Pierce C. C. Pierce Richards Murphy Haroldson Bockman Bockman Haroldsou McPherson Crossette E. B. Pierce Harsh La Fans La Fans F4m v4o'ogv AV fm 1 0 4599074 r 95 1 I Saturday, May 3, 1902 Second. Boeckman Tebbitt ' Robertson Treadwell Green Sanborn Robertson Stockton Robinson Harsh Jensen Boeckman Mattson Knowlton T hird. Varco Crossette Tebbitt Riebeth Colburn King Ostvi Freedman Collins Collins Sanborn Knowlton Francis Thorp 'YHA ' F ""'f MICIIAPIL BOCKMAN The Chicago Inter-Col May, 31, 1902 MINNESOTA'S RECORD MINNESOTA WON FIFTH PLACE 220 yards, low hurdles Beckman 120 yards, high hurdles Bockman 440 yard dash Tebbilit Total points, 9. Minnesota also won the relay race. 301 10 2-5 sec. 23 3-4 sec. 51 1-5 sec. 2:1315 5:1 15 4-5 sec. 27 1-4 sec. 11:59M 5 feet, 5 inches 21 ft. 2M inches 10 feet 34 feet 6 inches 109 feet 9 inches 106 feet 9 inches A Y vgonog it 'Ai legiate First place Second place Third place Secon Event. 50 yard dash 65 yard low hurdles 1 mile run 1000 yard run Annual Indoor Meet MARCH 25, 1902 Boeckman, Bockman, Varco. Bockman, Ostvig, King. Colburn, Friedman, Kidder Treadwell, Stockton, Rubeth Time. 5 4-5 sec. 7 2-5 sec. 5:19 2-5 2:45 2-5 High jump McPherson, Bockman, Collins 5 feet 7 inches Broad jump O'Brien, McLennon, Treadwell 18 feet 15 inches Pole vault Jensen, Robinson 8 feet 9 inches Shot put La Fans, Boeckman, Knowlton 41 feet 5M inches Football vs. Basket Ball Relay, won by football team, Hoyt, 0'Brien, Boeckman, and Knowlton. Inter-Fraternity relay race, Won by Alpha Delta Phi, Sigma Chi, second, Psi Upsilon, third. Freshman4Sophomore relay, won by Sophomore team. High School Events 50 yard dash, Myrick, South Side, Shedd, East Side, Thayer, Central. Time, 6 seconds. 65 yard hurdle, Myrick, South Side, Hasbrook, Central, Bangs, South Side. Relay race, South Side, iirstg CentraI,secondg East Side, third. Third Annual Indoor Meet March 31, 1903 50 yard dash, Varco, lst, Bockman, 2dg Redman, 3rd. Time, 54-5. 60 yards high hurdles, Bockman, Ostvig, Sanborn. Time, 8 fiat. 16 lb. shot put, Harsh, Warren and Pattee. 40 feet 915 inches. High jump, Twidt, 5 feet 4 inches, Tuck and Robertson tied at 5 feet. Pole vault, Jensen, 9 feet 6 inches, Pryor, 9 feet, Campbell, 8 feet 6 inches. The fraternity half mile relay race was won by Sigma Chi, Phi Gamma Delta, second, Delta Tau Delta, third. Time, 3 minutes, 14 seconds. The Freshman-Sophomore half-mile relay race was won by the Sophomores. The Sophomore contestants were Armstrong, Nichols, Murphy and Redman. Time, 3 minutes 9 seconds. The third relay race between the track and basket ball teams was won by the basket ball team. High School Events 50 yard dash, Myrick, lst, Hunter, 2ndg Smith, 3rd. Time, 6 iiat. 60 yard high hurdles, Myrick, Towler, Yerxa. Time, 91-5. The High School relay race was won by South Side in 4 minutes and 20 seconds. The team consisted of Bang, Capson and Myrick. 302 Freshman:Sophomore Annual Track Meet Events. 120 yd. hurdles Broad jump Pole vault 100 yd. dash Shot put 220 yd. dash High jump 1000 yd. run Discus throw 220 yd. hurdles Hammer throw First Meet, April 30, 1902 WON BY CLASS OF 1904 First. O'Brien, '05 O'Brien, '05 Pierce, '04 Varco, '04 Harsh, '04 Richards, '04 Collins, '04 Haroldson, '05 Thorpe, '05 O'Brien, '05 Francis, '04 Relay race, won by '04 team: minutes 30 seconds. Won- Sophomores Freshmen . Second. Third. Time, Etc. Collins, '04 King, '05 16 3-5 sec. Harsh, '04 McClennan, '05 18 ft. 115 in. Sanborn, '05 Robertson, '05 9 ft. 6 in. Boeckman, '04 Redman, '05 10 3-5 sec. Boeckman, '04 Titus, '04 33 ft. 10143 in. Robertson, '05 Tebbitts, '04 24 sec. Tie, Tuck, '05, and Robinson, '05 5 ft. 4 in. Colburn, '05 Treadwell, '05 2:32 4-5 Titus, '04 Alden, '04 104 feet King, '05 Collins, '04 29 2-5 sec. Mattson, '04 Harsh, '04 99 ft. 6 in, Richards, Collins, Crossette, and Tibbett. Time, 2 Firsts. Seconds. Tliirds. Total. 7 6 5 58 5 5 6 46 303 I css vv- INTER-F RA TERNITY BOWLING LEAGUE. President . . NORMAN NEXX'IIiAI.I. Vice-President . . BIALCOLBI A, BIACLEAX Seeretary and TI'9?1SlII'Q1' ....... . H.x1:Rx' C. Hxuxm' TEAMS IN THE FINALS. DlCL'l'.x Iiixrlax Evslmx Zinn Psi Prii Dl4lI.'l'.X Tiiwrix Tlliyixx IJICLTA Cui B1-:TA Tilmxx Pl DELTA TAIT 1Jxf:1.'1'.x Championship won by the Zeta Psi Team. The men ou the team were Newhall, Simmou, ,-Xndersoii, You Rohr. and Davies. i 304 l mn. -5,-f Z-1 The University Tennis Association President. . . . XVIl.U.xxr DEERING Vice-President . . . NORMAN Nl'INX'IIrXI.I, Secretary and Treasurer . Louis Nowrimor Manager .,......... . Rom-:1r1' IQEYICS FALL TOURNAMENT OF l903. The Tournament was won by Louis Northrop. CHAMPIONSHIP OF THE UNIVERSITY. Louis Northrop defeated Payne 6-1, 6-3, 6-4, and is now University Champion in singles. Minnesotazlowa Tournament Held at Iowa City. Payne vs. Edward Baileyg Payne won 6-0, 2-6, 6-2. Wyman vs. Hullg W'yinan won 4-6, li-4, 6-1. Northrop and Huyek vs. Marsh and Hullg Northrop and Huyck Won 4-6, S-6, 6-3. Huyck vs. Marshg Marsh won 6-4, 6-4. Northrop vs. Jack Baileyg Bailey won 6-2, 6-4. Wyman and Payne vs. Bailey Brothersg the Bailey Brothers won 6-4, 6-0, 7-5. 6-4. The Tournament was declared a tie. 306 Minnesota:Wisconsin Tournament Held on the University of Minnesota Courts. , Wyman and Payne vs. Helmholz and Byeg Helmholz and Bye Won 7-5, 7-5, 7-5. Northrop and Huyck vs. Morley and Seamang Morley and Seaman won 2-6, 7-5, 6-4, 7-5. Gillette vs. Seamang Seaman won 6-2, 6-3. Newhall vsf Morleyg Morley won 6-3, 6-3. Wyman vs. Helmholz, a tie. The tournament was not finished on account of rain. Girls Tennis Club OFFICERS. President . . . Brzssus JONES Vice-President . Jmssnz Nr:'r'rLEToN Secretary . EMILY JoHNsToN Treasurer . . FLORENCE JOHNSTON Manager .......,..... GRACE Porn The First Annual Girls' Tennis Tournament was won by Emily Johnston. 307 E , 5 Q F L Aw ' 1 -3gf"" K W? - ' , Q ff e f,Zj!,' X C ,bl 1 :I - '. A 5 W, . Et' -. 4 :-: ff .. , - . ' . '-f ti-.R.a3T':i255.S:Z13 Fr- - ' -' 'Q J Y ---- -'-320 4 finale.. - Ja. . 535-. 5' V' H, 3 s .I n ..- ' A A Q M5353 , W 5 ,sf 'Q A . . -fix' E?.'Eiii5Pf"f'f2?ff?'f.iF?555:'-155155xiii? + 3 5 17: 3141" ' '3 F S25-2?i:.fiiJ5fif'r211-ii?Ziff-if21355: ' t' K 1 252 fyfg:-g- 2- ' '55 3 5 - g -: ' RECORD Minn. Oppnts January 8, 1903, Faculty, Armory . ' . 44 4 January 15 1903, C. H. S., Armory . . 42 6 January 22 1903, Grinnell, Armory . . . . 39 2 January 23 1903, Fargo College, Fargo, N. D. . 57 11 January 24 1903, Fargo H. S., Fargo, N. D. . . , 41 20 January 1903, N. D, Agricultural, Fargo, N. D. . 31 13 February 1903, Superior Normal, Superior . . 37 10 February 10, 1903 Superior Normal, Superior . 44 6 February 12, 1903, Anoka H. S., Anoka . . . 37 4 February , 1903, Fargo College, Armory . . 60 6 February , 1903, Fargo College, Armory . . 46 7 February , 1903, Wisconsin, Armory . . 38 11 March 7, 1903, Nebraska, Armory . . 41 14 557 114 WHICH MAKES US THE CHAMPIONS OF THE WEST W. C. DEERING 1CaptainJ . . Left Forward A. R. VARCO . . . Right Forward M. A. Kmifiga . . Left Guard HUGH E, LEACH . Right Guard Ceo. A. TIICK . Center 309 GIRLS' 'VARSITY BASKET BALL TEAM EMIIJY JoIINs'roN CCaptainJ .......... Left Guard ELIZABIQTII J. Cox . . . Right Forward 1-IATTIE VAX BICRGEN ....... . Left Forward MAI!l4lI, E. SIIIT1I ....... . . Center MAIQYVLOMIIIIQAIQIAL, S'x'I.YI.X FIQANK, Ivy E. XVAGNEK . . . Right Guard SECOND TEAM HANAII ORICN. FAE CoI,I,rNS LOUISE XVINGHIQIIL IsAI:IcL DUNN. ROWENA I-IAIIIHNG JLSSIIII BOYCE RECORD OF GIRLS' BASKET BALL TEAM Minn. 0pp'nts January 17, 1903, North Side High, Armory ..... . 12 0 January 31, 1903, Central High, Armory . . 13 11 February 14, 1903, St. Paul Central, Armory . . . 35 5 February 28, 1903, Superior Normal, Superior . , 15 11 February 29, 1903, Superior Normal, Superior . . 9 7 February 14, 1903, Stanley Hall, Armory . . 12 3 March 20, 1903, Stanley Hall, Armory . . . 15 3 111 40 WIIICII MAKES TI-115 TEAM THE srA'I'R CHAMPION GIRLS' BASKIQT BALL TEAM, 310 Inter:class and Department Basllet Ball Tournament Teams. Games Played. . Won Freshmen . . 4 2 Sophomore . . if 3 1 Teams. Games Played. . Won. Medics . . . 4 4 Dents . . . 4 . 0 fDefaulted game to Freshmen. The Medical team won the championship and fzrith 'it the Cup. 311 Per Cent. . 500 . 333 1-3 Per Cent. 1000 .000 H Girls' Inter:C1ass Basket Ball Tourney Juniors vs. Freshmen ...... Freshmen, won. Score, 5-4 Seniors vs. Sophomores . . . . . Sophomores, Won. Score, 8-2 Sophomores vs. Freshmen . . . . Freshmen, won. Score, 9-8 1906 Girls' Basket Ball Team MAB1-:L SMITH . HATT11-: VAN BERGE LUCY PIALXVICK . ISABELLE DUNN . IVIAIIELLE ROGERS VVILHELMIXA BEYER N CCaptainJ . Center Right Forward . Left Guard Right Guard Left Forward . Substitute The University of ZlMinnesota Hochey Team Joux S. A1:Bo'r'r FRANK CU'r'rER FRANK TEixs1mAL1c R. S. BL1'rz Goluxox XVOOD 'W. A. Rosie Fmcn EIlH'l'i7X A14'IHL'R TAPLIN THAYICR Boss, Captain. RECORD. University . 4 Minneapolis Central . 0 University .... . . 4 Virginias ...... 3 The hockey team was organized late in the season, and it was impossible to arrange a good schedule of games. The work of the team was creditable and an impetus was given hockey at the University which assures the popularity of the sport in the future. A 313 23 Zi F- V' E Lu E' J' Z 3 1' 'I fl u nf 3 :a .A F 3 All Western Collegiate Gymnastic Meet Armory, April 3, 1903 Side Horse-First, J. W. Dye, Minnesota, 25 2-3 points, second, tie between Haeb- erle, Minnesota and Persons, Wisconsin, 25 points each. Long Horse-First, Von Rohr, Minnesota, 24 2-3gsecond, Hartson, Minnesota, 245 third, Pettit, Chicago, 23 2-3. Club Swinging-First, Burnside, Grinnell, second, W. B. Dye, Minnesota, third, Drake, Wisconsin. RingswFirst, Pugh, Wisconsin, 273 second, Wallesee, Grinnell, 26 1-3g third, Ost- vig, Minnesota, 25. Tumblingw-First, Pugh, Wisconsin, 281,Qg second, J. W. Dye, Minnesota, 2215, third, Wallesee, Grinnell, 21 2-3. Parallel Bars-First, Haeberle, Minnesota, 25 2-3, second, Hartson, Minnnesotag third, J. XV. Dye, Minnesota, 24 1-3. Horizontal Bar-First, J. W. Dye, Minnesota, 251-3, second, Wallesee, Grinnell, 25g third, Haeberle, Minnesota, 24. N All around championship was won by J. W. Dye of Minnesota. MEET VVON BY MINNESOTA. FIRST ANNUAL GYMNASTICS AND YVRESTLING. Events. Heavy-Weight contest Middle-weight contest Light-weight contest Boxing contest On German Horse On Horizontal Bars On Parallel Bars Contests, April 11, 1902 First Bout, Won by- Boeckman, '04, Bray. '03 Blanchar, '04g Smith, '03 Gilflllan, '02, Remele, '04 Jackson, '05, Brown, '05- Preliminzzrifs, llfon bv- Dye, '04, Smith, '03 Dye, '043 Granum, '05 Dye, '04g W'akefield, '02 315 Final. Tie Tie Remele, '04 Tie Dye, '04 Dye, '04 Dye, '04 ' 1 DR. L. J. COOKE A Brief Statement of the Work done in the Gymnasium. There is no greater educational fallacy than the idea that the brain is educated at the expense of muscle, and muscle at the expense of brain, that excellence in both cannot ,be attained simultaneously-Wey. The gymnasium of the University of Minnesota exists for the well-being of the students from the points of view of health, strength and skill. The primary object of all exercise in this department is health or a normal condi- tion of all the organs of the body. A secondary object is strength or the ability of the parts to bear shocks and en- dure strain. A tertiary object is skill or the ability to perform intricate and complicated move- ments by the training of the nervous system. That the department actually accomplishes its three-fold purpose is shown by the following: Report for four consecutive years from Freshmen taking required work in the gymnasium. Effect of exercise on health: tal Improved .... 74 per cent Cbj Maintained 26 per cent ich Impaired ...... None Effect of exercise on mental application: tal Improved ...... 70 per cent tbl Maintained . . . 30 per cent fcj Impaired ..... None Effect of exercise on digestion: fad Improved .... 72 per cent tbl Maintained . . 28 per cent fcj Impaired . . . None Effect on breathing: tal Improved . Q. 79 per cent ibj Maintained . . 21 per cent tcj Impaired ..,... None At the beginning of the required course of exercise each student receives a thorough physical examination and attends a course of lectures on personal hygiene 316 extending over a period of five weeks. The regular course of exercises consists of classes in calisthenics and heavy apparatus. At the close of the year each student is re-examined and the following results as revealed by this examination are signincant. tData obtained from examinations of four consecutive yearsj. Average improvements- Weight increased Two and one-half per cent Chest expansion . . Twenty-six per cent Lung capacity . . ' . Six per cent Strength of back Thirty-seven per cent Strength of legs . . . . Forty-seven per cent Strength of arms . . . Eighty-four per cent Strength of heart Forty-one and four-Iifths per cent Total strength . Thirty-three and two-fifths per cent STRONG MEN. For four consecutive years Minnesota has won an easy third place in the American Inter-Collegiate strength contest and has been surpassed only by Harvard and Columbia Universities. In '98 and '99 four Minnesota students were awarded places on the All Amer- ican fifty strong men. - In '99 and '00 eight Minnesota students were awarded places on this list. In '00 and '01 but five Minnesota students secured places on this listg but this year Minnesota secured first place on the listg the highest record being made by R. W. Allis. In '01 and '02 ten Minnesota men were awarded places on this list. An inter-class and department contest is held each year and a silver cup is award- ed to the class having the highest total number of points made by twenty-five men. The real value of these contests to the students is not found in a high record but in the physique which comes from the regular training required of the contestant. Here is given an opportunity for men to compete and be given credit for their actual performance, or the number of points made in a test. EXERCISES OF SKILL. All exercises requiring skill come after those for health and strength. When a student is healthy and strong he is in fit condition to educate his nervous system by following a course of advanced calisthenics and gymnastics. During the year a gymnastic contest is held for University championships. This year the gymnastic team is further advanced than any team in the history of the de- partment, though similar teams in future years will no doubt, improve on the ex- cellence of the present team. Large numbers of students exercise daily at hand-ball and basket ball. The com- petitive game of basket ball has always had a prominent place in the department. A tournament of games played by class and department teams is held annually. The regular Varsity Five while technically under the jurisdiction of the Athletic Associa- tion has always been coached by the director of the gymnasium. This team has not been defeated in two years, has four times won the Western College Championship and last year had a good title to the National College Championship by defeating Yale, the Eastern College Champions. The refusal of the Eastern Champions to play Min- nesota this year has left the National Championship unsettled. The second annual Western Inter-Collegiate Gymnastic Association meet was won by Minnesota this year with a score of 37 points out of a possible 63 points, leaving the total points of our opponents-Wisconsin, Chicago and Grinnell only 26 points. CIRCUS. The most prominent and what proved to be the most successful and popular event in the history of the department occurred February 28th. This feature was the big "University Circus and Menagerie." About 51,200 was taken ing S230 of this was cleared. This balance will be used to purchase additional apparatus for the gymnasium, L. J. COOKE. 317 fu l WJ 'Ll --l Sf M -z- Y'- U .Lf 'r' -9- c 22- - 3 s , , , , A 5 O Quin Q 4 ffl. 5 A Q .f gF.9 'O 'Q Q. ' Q., f ' ".o.o"' S An Old:Time Haunt How well I know it! The same shy glade Where the shadows play hide and seek And the poplars rustle and elm trees slzaid Turn yellow, and ferns hide meek. There's a chestnut grove in the distance, see, XYith dusk-white blossoms-Oh, joy, The autumn days when the Winds made free With the burrs and blithe was a boy! And across a field or two, a slope Leads straight to an upland fair, VVith an orchlard crowning it-fond hope Of the lads foregathered there. And all about in the woody haze, Pass shapes fbe they gnome, or elf?J Or only mists of the dear, dead days, The shades of my vanished self? -Richard Burton. 4L,Q,w-Luffy., lf 6 Proffjverbs The Proffs favor is toward a wise student, but his wrath is against him who will not work. Many will entreat the favor of a Prof. and every student is a friend to him that giveth grades. A Prof. offended is harder to be won than 'a strong city. A horse is a vain thing for safetyg neither shall he deliver any in the hour of their examinations. The Prof. is lifeless who is faultless. A merry Prof. doeth good like a medicine. Take care of the Profs and the grades will take care of themselves. A Prof. in the "pen" is worth two in the "Varsity" A strolling Soph gathers no knowledge. A collegian and his money are soon parted tif he registers latej. A friend in a "final" is a friend indeed. Junior hat-s don't make the Junior. Disappearances are deceptive. A word to the wise is resented. He laughs best who initiates last. Necessity is the mother of "cribs" It's a long Layne that runs the Daily. Registration in time saves zine. Where there's a Rob there's a Ray. Money makes the Mayor go. A thing of duty is a bore forever. All roads lead to Knowledge, except along the River bank. Wilde by any other name would be as fierce. A pony in the hand is worth two in the locker. Pride goeth before a fiunk. All is not bright that bluffs. The Early Bird catches the Freshman. K Man wants few quizzes here below. Nor wants those quizzes long. f fi 4 . Alf 'TO 5 fffg..-X744 fgpfa l 3 .J t t f i Q l i jf le . . - ... , I . it fig i 4' ' " V 1 --- 1 " I. bf in " nf l f WH i fri 'WL ee 9 i i I Z A 'IA' ' ' Q'- Qmhegi' C9 QL' t .h1l fr22- 321 College Animals I Have Known 'X MEX N NN The Shark t A The shark is a very fierce beast, A To him a dry bo-ok is a feast. He studies all night f Clt's simply a frightl, And twelve hours a day at the least. Wige1fp,,,,, rife , , Xa 1 ,V'Q1'v 'Q vga L ici' , ffffl x X fff 'A Q -,Lf ,f-,.-q T uh e B o a r The Boar, he sees you from afar And buttonholes you in the car, Whence all but you have Hedg And when at last you're rid 'of him, And in the distance he is dim, You Wish that he were dead. ,A l Q 3,1 If In ll, i X f i f fa " 5 ll , Z 4 .. Y jf ix Q X - XXX f- x 1 - Im , ll 'NU j il-- l. ll , -- 4 , -, gl 1 AMB The Sponge The absorbing sponge We all abhor, He's less wise than the shark, He's more dense than the boreg He borrows undismayetl your very brightest thought And cheats so in quizzes you tremble lest he's caught. .iff x J FRN' lg , AWN ,' 'iid 'I f . X? f fluid' fa: ll ,nf W 6 fix? 'gif' 1 1 ' f ,S X , ! ,L Vw Q M n , v J 1 X ' W' L 0 ,,48 XZ gf! f fu!! In Z , 5 .I 'Z ff' l' I 71.355 Q 4 Y g L ,,. ' om -1454 " ' l . - .5-AWK ' W :"lV"'X'U , T h e P o n y ' I The pony is a funny beast, . -1 Q All made of ink and papers. 5 X, . He quickly reads your Latin through, ' , x f'-V Anal cuts up lots of capers. 4? if X. Q He's often seen at colleges, 9'-gi vi IN' ls bought at a book store- 'QT ' jx' Anfl you Wonder when once you'Ve used him, ,gg ' 'V f How you got along before. 322 Hx!-9 1 Ego X .Q l x'f W l Silt t, Q11 1, A I viii The Day Before the Circus She found this note in her box: "Dear Nelly:fBe sure to vote for the camel, for I'm the front legs." Debate A highly instructive and entertaining debate took place in chapel some time this Spring on the subject, "Resolved that Co-education is an Unmitigated Evil." The affirmative was ably represented by Mr. E. Peterman Mallory and Mr. Gordon Wood, Who spoke with much oratorioal Hnish, but their efforts seemed lacking in con- viction. However, the gentlemen are to be commended for their ability to speak so volubly on a subject for which they have so little sympathy. The negative seemed a little embarrassed at the outset of their argument, but soon warmed up to their subject. Mr. Elbert Spring took up the first argument for the negative and spoke in his usually breezy manner. He concluded his remarks in a highly original way by singing his celebrated song, HThe Lady's Man," He made an unusual hit in the refrain, "I'm a good substantial, first-class, full-fledged lady's man." Mr. Robert Putnam closed the debate for the negative and in his summary he said, "Who can deny the influence of the fair co-ed who dispenses her merry ray of sunlight throughout this institution?" So great was the applause after this remark that Messrs. Mallory and Wood left the room. The Judges then brought in a verdict for the negative and it was greeted with prolonged applause from the attending eo-eds. And we Thought Dr. Schaper so Harmless Dr. Schaper tto a young lady who has just broken her glassesj-"That r-omes of girls being so horribly affeotionatef' After explaining the merits of a new spring in his own glasses, he adds: "Before 1 had this spring my glasses used to be broken about every two weeks." 32.3 Z"" ' xv I N X iff ,W W Rebellion I have no time for them that seek Old battered books in musty stallsg I scorn not ,Arabic nor Greek If washed, but somehow dirt appalls. No yellowed title page enthralls Nor turns my soul with envy greeng I much prefer our modern scrawls- I like my bookish learning clean. I've never loved the haunts of worms, My simple liking seldom calls For friendly intercourse with germsg For holes, I use a punch-or awls, The pawnshop with its trident balls As literary coin, I Ween, Is worth full forty golden halls- Still, I prefer my learning clean. A a f f 1 I , Af' xx Z Eff, Q? f , f Xl To me indeed Fate's been unkindg Most bitterly my heart it galls- The scope of my collector's mind Was limited at Turkish shawlsg No lust of worn originals I boastg my sentiment is mean. Though it were Socrates' or Saul's, I still should want my learning clean. QQ .lf , 1 N ff f-:fl ' -.Q-.,V: I But ye on whom the Demon calls, Think not that this is writ in spleeng I merely state-whate'er befalls, I'll take MY bookish learning clean. Modern Prose Once upon a Time a Damsel, seeking Culture, ambled into the Sanctum of a very polished Proff, a Princeton Grad in truth. She listened with rapturous Avidity and early in the Game, got Wise to 'the Fact that she was chuck full of knowledge But she was 'on the Home Stretch and could not Back Pedal. However, the Wily Damsel de-termined to make tracks to escape in some Manner. Clinching an Opportunity when the Proff had side-stepped for a book, she thought she would adorn the Chapel steps. By a. Sacheting Undulatingly through the Mob until she reached an Exit, she was about to do the Gas act when up popped the Proff. The Maid- en extracted herself from his clamorous clinch and avaunted. Ozone filled the air as she meandered. A Moral:-When skipping classes avoid the Professor. 324 Even as you and I, 0 '11 I' S 7? cn 50 W5 0 5 Q E m U 2 C50- 3 WSL! To the Prof. wh HERE was a Freshman who made his prayer, 4-ix 41' I To a Varsity Prof. who was scant of hair, 5 We have learned he is kind as his icy stare, s - hm both wise and 12 'LX I Xia, But the Freshman thought 1 fair. Even as you and I. X ' he'd truly The Freshman was flunked, tho tried, I X Even as you and I, ' Q' x Which the Prof. might have seen when he cast Xp' him aside, " XO 'JF 1 But it isn't on record that gentleman tried, X ,X So his handicap lived, and his hopes half died. fr Xi Even as you and I. ' a te and the years we waste, . Oh, the hopes we w s , And the work of our brain and hand, X All for the Prof. who never saw why, ' All because of the Prof, who never knew why, ' X And never could understand. f I ' X fApologies to Kiplingj. - 'XXXX H i m m e l h middle ages Germany was X f- is Miss McDonald:-"In t e made up of duchiesf' Nt? We want "Jones of Rock" Xxx XMXX ' .' ' Prof. Leavenworth:-Please work the problem mentally X , Y N so that I may hear you. 3 J Q v an 555 W ff f fy? fvfff :J f' N Xfjzifi egg if -XJ ffx X-liQ fijbe L 5 iz ,-fx -lillilwsy QQ: ,M Ji., a pimixtxg X W W? ' I r it , off to Know She wanted Crowd tat mass meetingj :-t'We want 'Boolaf " Junior Co-ed:-"Who is 'Boola'?' " But-Too Late DOES McGrath Ctranslating in Spanish classj-t'His parents advised him not to get mixed up in--" Beckman tinterruptingj-"The Gopher business." .fr in Amiga Mt X X Ss gi 9' X sb LE ROY ARNOLD A GYMNASTIC STUNT Americans of Tomorrow R. EDWARD PURDY is a man of whom it may best be said, "He follows his life work, turning never from the path." His per- 1 sonality is highly interesting and he richly deserves all the credit 1 the public is -inclined to shower upon him. He is earnest and hard- working. This is best shown by -the statement that he is finishing the prescribed four year course in the University in two years. His prominence may be attributed to his study of municipal conditions as they exist in Minneapolis. There is no department of the city government with which he is unfamiliar, his friends are alike among the higher officials and the police force, and his success has been due to hard, conscientious work. Mr. Purdy seldom takes time for recreation, but during the last year he has taken an interest in the light opera and the study of the theatre. He is a young man, not more than twenty-four years of age, and much may be expected of him. l t X I wx X' Sumner M, Ladd is a typical example of the progressive young politician. His great native ability, combined with high ideals, has already won him an enviable place in Washington. His start in life was made through the field of journalism. He has contributed several important articles to the newspapers and periodicals of the coun- try, among them the Minnesota Daily on which he now occupies a staff position. Per- haps the best and most representative piece of writing he has done appeared in the Daily of March 20th under the head of HY. M. C. A. Program." Mr. Ladd's tastes are aesthetic. He is a student of art and his paper on ancient Chaldean art prepared for the art department of the University has attracted a great deal of favorable criticism. It is to be hoped that Mr. Ladd's love for politics will not keep him from engaging in artistic and literary pursuits for it is here that he has do-ne his best work and given an indication of future success. As president of the sophomore class Mr. Archie Walker has made an excellent record. Coming to the University two years ago he entered college resolved to com- plete the mechanical engineering course. His work in this department has brought him attention both from faculty and students. In fact the attention given him by the faculty has not been paralleled since George Webster took academic work. Mr. Walker is a firm believer in the strenuous life and his treatise on "The Relative Merits of the K. C. and Cooperative Alleysv has been well received by the K. C. management. He has also dabbled in literature, in an editorial way. and it is said that he edited Prof. Haynes recent article, "The Confessions of One Who Never Smoked." It will be well to keep an eye on Mr. Walker. His record is said to be 256 and this was done recently. A new figure has entered the realm of wit and humor. His name is Alfred Whit- ney and his home is in St. Paul, Minnesota. Mr. Whitney does not sail under false colors, he makes no attempt at the serious in literature but confines himself exclusively to the humorous side of lifeg his wlorld is the realm of fun and in it he reigns in a highly entertaining manner. He first sprang into prominence in a literary way when his rollicking "Transcendentalism as It Applies to the Scientific Writings of the 19th Century," was published. This little sketch startled the college with its daring disre- of grammatical form and its humorous use of slang. It has been claimed that Mr. Whit- ney is of too frivolous .a nature to ever succeed in the vocation of letters but this we do not believe, although we admit that an air of cynicism pervades his work which is not altogether agreeable. However, if Mr. Whitney can learn the faculty of applica- tion and study, we prophecy a brilliant future for him. 326 w il Among the younger educators of the state, Huntly Downs has taken a prominent- place. Mr. Downs was formerly a student in the engineering college and intends at return to the University to take a M. E. degree. At present he is devoting himself to educational work. He left college after the iirst semester to accept a position in one of the larger high schools in the state and his work in a pedagogical way is no less creditable than his work in the college. In fact Mr. Downs seems to have found the vocation for which he is best suited, judging from the endorsements and tributes he has received from men qualitied to judge. No less an authority on educational work than Henry Swift Ives said recently concerning Mr. Downs, "He is my ideal of a successful young teacher, combining as he does, the faculties of imparting and absorbing knowledge." This, com- ing as it does from one so able to judge of the qualifications of a teacher, is the best tribute to Mr. Downs we can publish. some future time to 1 eg . . It would be unfair to conclude this article without a tribute to that most versatile and interesting of men, Mr. James B. lrs- feld. Mr. Irsfeld's fame does not rest on any one quality, it ex- tends to many branches of activity. In the Sauk Centre High School, before he came to college, he made himself famous by his sensational performances on the football team of that institution. When he entered the University his admirers were not dis- appointed for although handicapped by an overabundance of work in the mining school, Mr. Irsfeld is now regarded as one of the promising players of the institution. Light in weight, his weight does not exceed 180 pounds, he succeeded in spite of this physical drawback in making the 'Varsity team and he is now familiarly known as the "pony back." This appellation, it must be understood, is given him on account of his weight alone, at least Mr. Irsfeld is said to hold this opinion. In addition to his prowess on the gridiron, Mr. Irsfeld is well known as a poet and as a vocalist of the Bud- weizerian school. A Gopher Board Suggestion Let's abolish jails and prisons, Include the workhouse too, Away with penal servitude, We'll tell you what to do. Let expulsion be forgotten. Let suspension be no more, The problem of good discipline Is solved by Naughty Four. Create a monster Gopher Board That then is our suggestion. Elect to it all culprits, and- You've solved one reform question, f l - ' . Y , W A Hx X ss R210 feet fe fe ii E es? ',x:-2 . Qc. l 'UQ' it "Y4uSs1"'g'fU1'Lim5?F5'5l""" if ' -J Q" fi -7 'Fw -id. X ' . N-I t . , f 5 lr Nh P., . .9 6 .SCF t- A ey. X A we ., ' I IQQWRX DT iiiee ' un' i ,aff 7' N fs 0 K f iqllmi. l 1 2 ' V gk .f"'l I" 'XX XZ? V4 ', W Zyl V? I US' 25 l viz ' p as rflil--f ' ' ?v1.l1u-,-fvX- Joh.:-ysawu... XVHEN THE '03 GOPHER APPEARED 327 The King can do no Wrong 4 X ING of the auburn hair CFrancis LJ had been told by Claude, K tof the Kimball, Storer Companyb, the man who makes the ,745 money tthat is the money is to be paid himb, that the pro- ,1 prietor of the International Stock Food Company Cwho owns : g I t 45. 4 9 'KV . Q . . . Z Dan Patchenl was interested in the University, had a son X Q in college tthis was not truej and all that sort of thing tsome of this was truey. If it had not been for Mac CWilliam X303 Henryj, -the auburn one's side partner, nothing might have come from it but it so happened fhow luckyj that Mac too had heard fsee abovej and Mack is not of a retiring disposi- tion tapplause from the Gopher Boardb. Anyway CNicollet Avenuej they looked up the address in the telephone book and started in search of the manager of the Stock Food Company. King thought it wasn't much use, but Mac was after experience tKing had ith and insisted. When they en- tered fthe officej they asked for the proprietor iMac didj and King blushed the doesn't do it nowj as he modestly reached for his business cards fthe Gopher paid for thesel. When they were told that the business could and would get along without an ad- vertisement in the great annual of the class of 1904 tthis is ith King was ready Cpunj to depart, but Mack was looking at the girl behind the typewriter and wouldn't take the hint Clvlac never would take anythingl. lt was embarrassing Cfor the girly but something had to be said so King said it Chow funnyj. He began, "But, my dear sir, I'm sure you don't understand what a tremendous impetus would be given your busi- ness by an advertisement in the Gopher. Think of it! Of the four thousand ffabrica- tion firstj students in the University, fully 98 per cent are the sons and daughters oi' farmers tfabrication secondb. The Gopher is taken home by these students ffabrica- tion thirdj and the members of the family peruse it Cfabrication fourthj as they gather 'round the table after supper to chat and while away the evening. It is easily the most prized book of the household Cfabrication nfthj and it is read from cover to cover Cfabrication sixthl. The farmer will see your advertisement tfabrication seventhJ and will send for your product tfabrication eighthj. His neighbors, too, seeing the ad. will send for your article Cfabrication ninthl. You cannot afford to miss this oppor- tunity"-at this stage the man at the desk interrupted. He was finally convinced and he signed a contract for advertising at once tKing drew it up. Mac was busyb. As Francis L. King and William H. McGrath left the building they glanced up at the sign above the door. It read: "---, --, Tents and Awnings." tThis is a true storyj. v,-fs. .aa 4, -.f,. -1.2 sq +45 'f , .1 ,tt Another on the Busxness Manager X. ' 'VIW When Frenchy King his rake-off makes, L,-V Of wheels and autos, clothes and fakes. Then over his bright face there breaks l ff The Smile that won't come off. . - l , l fl . Ag, af fg I The Badgers' Gym. Director. L- ' - me 323 l Coats of Arms of Prominent Collegians . mm51'm:nm.wrru nz. 'taut' 'emzsezzzei :::::e .:::E' ':!f:.. """" Q fo Q S fwffqh Gif,-,f ,..,. waizi aff 1 A 24:1-' vmz 'ffusiidgv qwfg? fw-NZM Y- 3 'wmv -'Milf ,rs-X3-'Eve 2 f ff .MW he ,L . . 1. M Q W J 41.2 -. jf!! V . I . 15 W f M . ' T f 1, If V ur C 1. UQ-fs f MRD if 'ii Fsxei A The vo11Bodenstedt Crest. The Barnum Crest. The BOCICIIIHH Crest np? IA THE ACTOR! , f X wx f- A I , 1,1 , n . N i mucus: K-W .1 tfpzsa. f 2' . "-- M rf 'T V .avgf -. C ,C . C CS Thaw! A h ieigghyi' - 'f The McMillan Crest. The Arnold Crest. The I,addLJ. B.JCrest. N f NM V Y N SPORTS MAKE THE MAN , f. sp a ffl , . fy W U A 4, ff N. Sb J jf, 5 ? The King Crest. The XValker Crest. 329 A x WV, A ' , ,:f'f,"? 1 ' l J: 4 , 1 VST 11751, l fi ' r. ff, 1 y ig li cd J' 1, I y" fi! ,,,g!:,d .,,f,Q l lil f E iii , f 'M il , El 1' l ll 1 'ik i ia 'i 'Y iis in 'ii mf ' Wisconsin The drops of rain were falling fast, As up the campus street there passed A youth who bore, with high held head, A banner made of White and Red- Wisconsin! 4 His smile was perk, his step was light, shone bright, His pose was grand, his eyes ln chapel he his voice raised high In an exultant, piercing cry- Wisconsin! "Try not the passj' so King them schooled They tried it and were badly fooled. And joyful rooters far and wide Drowned out the one weak voice that cried Wisconsin! The shades of night were falling fast As down the campus street there passed A youth who bore in shame and fright The banner made of Red and White- -, Zeta! A 96-llili' 'il HW , 2 Y . , .c ' Y 5542, f , 4,4!'7,f' I 1 f- ggi.-.r i A ,-' A tx s r US fl I MMVX i f .51-,M fn' 4 v ,ff ,f . ,W ,745 1 , WN K iffifgy f if W pil! , yi wi I ' ' fy Y!! ray r 6, f Wisconsin! '9 - Upper Class Statistics HE following statistics have been obtained from the men of the Senior ,gif 33i"' and Junior classes. NVe do not vouch for their accuracy, but we Er, ' C print them, nevertheless, believing that in them the members of the i Sophomore class may find food for reflection-380 votes were cast fi in this contest. mgrxb ral' Favorite tobacco-Bull Durham, 379 votes, Duke's Mixture, 1 vote. Mr. MacLean, ion here. He claims '03, is responsible for the division of opin- that "Duke's Mixture" is the official Trinity tobacco and remains true to Alma Mater. Favorite Theater-Metropolitan 378 votes, Bijou 2 votes, Dewey 0. Jack Hynes' vote was ruled out of this competition by unanimous vote of the Medical College. Favorite Overtown Eating HousesMrs. Russell's Coffee House 379, Schields Cafe 1. It was hoped that ia unanimous opinion could be obtained on this subject but at the last moment th The Gopher upper classes. e insistence of Bill Deering in casting a ballot made this result im- Board also succeeded in getting a few statistics from the girls of the Phe returns were meagre, but the summary revealed a few interesting possible. m facts. In the atter of eyebrow pencils for instance, 150 votes out of the 152 cast, expressed a leaning toward the Rene Hugo kind. The expression of opinion concerning the care of the ad in another p disciples. hair proved beyond a doubt the popularity of the Mallory tonic. CSee art of this bookj. The Downey and Beckman preparations had many 330 K pf, fm, THA? , 4, ,Agqfgqg V JU if F? me-f ' WRU? N if X -glf 1 ' 7 99 9. AK ?-:2 f'L'0 ANN .ffl-film-isf21,ql:1'f , I llguhf .Lvll Imiilif Q .1 ' fx, Q ' The QSTJGPD X X WE RE- OF THE GAME l Oh how he V S ann' The Flmsh. il if XL r- - I L Lament Poor ancient tales of hearts that yearned, Heaped in disorder here forlorn- My letters which She has returned, The emblems of a trust outworn. Frail 1over's lines of halting verse, And tinseled marvels of romance, Here sketches, pictures, jokes or worse- Lost trophies of our game of chance. Her note of parting too-so brief! Firm in finality, and yet Designed in pity for my grief, Couched sadly with a kind regret. My fond, fond hopes, ye soared too high Beyond the thoughts of common meng Log where your crumbled ruins lie, The Vain outpourings of my pen. Burn them? ah, nog they'1l not be burnedg 4-.3 MZ ',, X. . 1... 2 4 ' 'if' Af' " ,elif Z-. -vi .X 12 ?' 'fl' ivfpjfg -: 'LQ 1 A' 5 f f m if Eff' iyf'-. 2 ,' -' y ' '-,ge-I A ,i ff AZZW5- s. - fs.. ' -eli f 1. if x f .1 ,Q xx I 'X 5 5"f ,,, f 1 I I of f W sf. 1 1 -I ff ,f JQ ' lk '?5 4 1' M1 f 1, Zi ' I W W ll ' x u 'Q ,w ?f 1 X v ,, 1 ff ff 1, f J' ff-lx Q "' X444 . 1, ,af ' l bm' lf 'z li IV", ,, aw' fj , . l f , f AUM 'fi 1 ' f 1.7 ,,. 3, , 1, l WL' 'iso 407' K , . ff Iwi, ,..2f,,.f5,j 'Q X ff' ' af, was in I 1 ' 5 ,ff 'VL 9 f fx! ' fn fy. L 1 1 ,W Ng f ' ,f :f wx .4 x-.iwix X 1 ' s -5 ,f 1- -l Q ' Yu ,W tr., ,, f Jft'Ulx'w - Hs t-:"4':' J 111. ps X f xg? '4 w i x ly lj M I x Ni' .- , fig ,nu U N X cl .4 , Q M , xx 1 ' F11 v- Q ' C Some day a better fate may blessg Theyire not the first which She's returned- " If A sweetheart? N-o-o-ol an Edzt'ress.' M argl T r u a rx t S p r i n g How sweet to lie beneath the trees 4,,,.,q 1 And watch the birds returning,- s. rf- , LQ 1 4 X llillll: 3- . '17 Im e J, , iff Z N r f ff 1 XLR ' in 47 ffnm 2 J' 1 - , 4' Y' -awe? - 1, W g? ,, - t , I could for pleasures such as these Forego the joys of learning. A Distinction with a Difference Student-"Well, Mr. Groat, what do you think ,L f on that subject?', M Groat-"I don't thinkv-I know." Student-"Well, you see, I am in the same fix on that subjectwl flon't think I know." XVILLIAMSOX SINGS. ' Contemporaneous Sarcasm YVhy is the Gopher like the Daily? ' Because it doesn't publish news items. no qiizgniggnigfvxtf. meant M' M, Wm Dm,.1,,Q,,1 I ' , Mfrffff-ffm f '--,Y ..... --"'f'+-1iN Q--mzsaz.-fs. Tl.: my H1 f-g,:g.fM..,,.,e'.pi5.-.,7,,a,35kNj I sf! fr 3 - . . f 4-ure' v , is t . i I 2" ' ' ,V M., ffwwfz-BL1 I I I . A ibm, Witty!! VZ' nrqgfaaff ff-f 1'1" i . W. , . '. , , . ' , l mf., w.1fn,lf1Qf.,..f,,. Am.: ff. n..a.,qw rm 11 ,umm zulu 1f51,fl,t1,f1 rd '1"f"f"ff 'f""f-q V , PM 1'l,sf11,jfl,'. f" A we i-V- ff'?'-' f -- -W D ,,,,. g:f,.,,. , 333 Freshman Rhetoric In looking over some freshman essays from the rhetorical department we learn the following new delinitionsz X Equestrian-One who asks questions. Q 5 Franchise-Anything belonging to the French. ' , f Idolator-A very idle person. Irrigate-To make fun of. Republican-A sinner mentioned in the Bible. 324' Plagiarist-One who writes plays. X f 4 Demagogue-A vessel to hold beer. A X Regale-HA strong wind blowing the second time. Here are a few choice sentences from the literary efforts of the freshmen: "He was totally dlismasted with the whole performance." kid ,g i ,I ? "" i , xiii in xl. "The leopard is watching his sheepf' fl' . H V If 00001 "They had a strawberry vestibule. "The coercion of some things is remarkable, as bread and And"C1ey-enwalked ,, the floor." molasses. "The supercilious maiden performed with vicissitude when the parental oppor tunity occurred." From the Economics Class "Mason and Dixon's line is the Equator? "Russia is very cold and tyrannical." 'fThe imports of a country are the things that are paid for, the exports are the things that are not." . "Climate lasts all the time, weather only a. few days." 'AA bill becomes a law when the President vetoes it." "The first Conscientious Congress met in Philadelphia." And This From a Senior In Money and Banking. Prof, McVey: "What is seigniorage?" Sanbe: "Seigniorage is the bullion left over after the coin is made? The Golden Rule In praise of the same fair lady, The nephew duet sang a lay And if J-o escorted her homeward, Ed took a roundabout waye He did this with pious intention, And he walked with step halting and slowg Hoping Joe would do unto others, As others were doing unto Jo. Capillary Reminders To Prof. Beckman:-i'And verily I say unto you even the hairs of your head are numbered." But remember dear proiessor, "A hair in the head is worth two in the brushf' 334 X' If V. " J e n n y " . Our 'tKeeper of Keys" at the Armory Hall, Our strong supporter in Basket Ballg One on whose sympathies we depend, ' J She's tried and true, a trusted friend, . 1 I fp, ,fff iff ' "Keeper of Keysu and the hearts of many-Our Jenny. f ff A X 1' mm in fx fn? 5 Q, l ja X a,t.vq--Aw Annabel Crossing the Alps Gasping for breath and struggling for a foothold on the slimy slope, I essayed to mount the jagged crag. Here a dark water abyss, there a huge insurmountable rock! A step too far to the right and I am hurled into the chasm. The slightest hesitancy and I should slip back to where I started. So I lhurried on, advancing slowly and painfully, a heavy summer rain drenfching me. At last-I thought I had passed all diffi- culties when a huge wall of solid mud hid from me the haven to which I sped. I fought valiantly, I seemed to gain a desperate courage. I was rewarded by leav- ing the adamantine wall behind me. Then before my eyes reared the splendid edifices of the University. I had safely crossed the Alps of 14th avenue where the new bridge is being erected and stepped hopefully forward into the murky mire which alone sep- arated me from the labyrinth of learning. Smith of the Uniform f?I5l37 . Oh! Leftenant Smith of Company A, fl' " lf With his markedly stylish and soldierly way, To watch him at drill is an ocular feast, . TP ' One would think him a colonel or captain, at least. I 'I f And really when Leftenant Smith's on the ground, HY' X The captain scarce utters an audible sound. xy" V " X With his "fours close upi' and his "cut out that cough," If 15? ' His favorite expression is "eight, nine, step offg" IM Q I Which he delivers with a deafening shout, Q When the captain commands to the fours right about. xl I presume that in other ways, Smith is all right, IX AM., When he takes off his cap he is certainly bright. tl Ml , , A - Conway at the Nebraska game. 333 AList of Calamities ' A 4, We were sorry to hear that: 1? 4 I Paul Smith had been robbed. f f 0 Dick Pattee had seen too much d f M of the brewer. L bfilm 077 Emily Johnston had gotten all balled up. X Archie Robertson will soon be t or bankruptg he has a plumber too frequently. 1 f I xX XX l X y ' L ' .9 V 5' i , ' 1 Q X mi. :siz- I Y f if "ff . 'l' it 29: 52 Sf? if A+! .,,,-. PATTEE ON THE PARALLEL BARS. Their Conviction Frau Vkfilkinzslf I say I met Herr Aldrich this A. M. and asked him if he were coming to class and he said that he was, that would be indirect discourse. Now, if I met Herr Aldrich and asked him if he were coming to class and he said "Yes, Frau Wilkins, I am coming to class," what would that be?', Chorus:-"A lie!" fHcwry told this to one of the Board for publicationj. And yet she gets Good Marks Of all the letters from A to Z, Poor Flora Edwards can only see V. This is Hard to Guess XYhy is Harvey Clapp taking up the Swohoda system? He is trying to get his Arm strong. A Toast g,,,j 0 'J Here's to the fellow who studies all night, In order to pass an exam with Prof. White! 75 Herels to the fellow who fusses all day P1 ,J And passes this work in a praiseworthy way! E ii' wk ac we Pk as wk sv as at an fa- For one there awaits the A. B. degreeg 'Baa rf For the other there's coming an E. B. decree. 7 N 0 t R u t h I e s s ,vfQ MacLean: Hello, Chase, how are you fixed for coal? ' x Chase: Well, I find it pretty dear. There was a young man called Yerxah! l VV ho walks you will note with a jerk, sah! 4 His duties at teas, JA I Are to pose and to please, ffl And his duties at school are to shirk, sah! 336 . Celebrities Incognito LONG FELLOW LOYVICLL BURNS KNOX VVORDSWVORTH SYVIFT S MILEY STEELE KANT MORE YOUNGE LABIB DICKENS STUBRS W 4 H J ITTIER SIIELLEY YIQRNA L. COLLINS SUNNY TIIORPE DANA MACMILLAN LEROY ARNOLD MIKE BOCKMAN BI-:ssIE HICALY LAURA ROIIR ALICE CARTER GORDON CRAIG STUART THOMSON ELBERT SPRING MALCOLM MACLIEAN "SIG" HARRIS ROGER GREY CRAIIIIE Perennially Verdant Dramatis Personae: A Freshman and an known. Scene: Campus fAs the freshman walks along meditatively pull- ing Iat his pipe he runs into an unknown gentlemanj Unknown: "Young man, I shall have to ask you to cease smoking." Freshman: "But I don't know who you are." Unknown: "Unfortunately for you, sir, I am Cyrus Northrop." Climax, Denouement and Curtain. Representative Organizations The Red-Headed League President-fWhen the Gopher board decided not to publish matter personal to the members of the board it became necessary to omit the names of both the President and the Treasurer.J Vice President-Prof. Beckman. Secretary-Ernest W. Smith. Un- . wig: .N W!-ZIIIWI Llllv R. I'-4 vl 'P' 'I .' ,I3rHj"'9 L!! I NZM .. H' Ili Il "LH ""5ff . ff 1 .M illi fj ff 'I Ziffllu f ,' ,ffl -f ff 60' fc J, J K I "4f'e3f3'7lf I yang 1 jj" ., I eff , 'AN W I I ,. I ... ff A Wwygfijd, lj! .f M I , I ' , , f I 1 .1 ig M f L7 ffl' lj Q If R OOSE VELT IN CHAPEL. The KnocKer's Club Chief Hammerer-Ed. L. Noyes. Knocker Extraordinary-Harriet Armstrong. Members. Wheeler Nye, Dana MacMillian. Leighton Smith. Raymond P. Chase. The Ancient Order of the Slouch Hat fThis organization flourished at the U. of M. from Christmas until Easter, 1903.1 President-Blanding Fisher. Vice President-Henry Ives' Secretary-Paul Brooks. Treasurer--Louis Northrop. tlfiesigned and bought a new hat. The M. 0. 0. L. B. 0. First Hatless One-Frank Sutton. Grand Lower Button One-Edward Sanford. Second Hatless One-Ernest Woodward. Honorary Fashion Plate-J. MacMartin. 337 J l , The Gopher Board has obtained the following clippings from the country newspapers of the state. Some of them contain interesting information. LTCHELL ary he frames. STEVENS among effect ' Field ade in a. net.EB .90 'illiam akes the at comes is no TINSON an n not think same fix 'P Lsome of a 'wen he .11IIl' .Laney low, if ilsregard by leav- qualificat daring wf the 'est CFroxu the Brainerd 'iJournal."J Brainerd Proud of Earl. A short time ago the editor of the Bugle wrote Earl P. Mallory, the Brainerd boy who is causing such a sensation at the State University, ask- ing him for a picture and a short his- tory of his career at that institution. We have received the picture and pub- lish it elsewhere in this issue. Mr. Mallory modestly refused to give us the complete list of the honors he has won in the course of his college career, but mentioned inadvertently that he had been president of the Junior Ball Association and the picture represent- ed him in that capacity, with the green ribbon of distinction plainly visible. Mr. Mallory also informed us that he had just completed writing the senior class play, having been delayed in its production by his work as editor of the Minnesota Magazine. Although the whole tone of his letter was typical of Earl Mallory as Brain- erd knows him, modest and unassum- ing, we gleaned enough from it to state without fear of contradiction that Brainerd is the home of the most popu- lar man in that great institution, the University of Minnesota. CFrom the Red W'i11z"I'Ierald."D Howl Robert Putnam Honored. lsept 10N COLE ifchers .,..Lo1zAN VICINTYRE 9 inches net.Sl.?5 kind in a, 1, package, display w l l l l l er, green X vies. WLEAN rrzrnon. makes it ngers, l l 'atters '1 eyed l The Republican has learned with pleasure of still another honor which has been conferred upon Robert Put- nam, second son of Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Putnam of this city. Robert is a senior at the University of Minnesota and has recently been made a member of S. and S., an honor- N 1 Sunday, Vice-Pres iw. T. s g Presiden' N. A. l l.10 feet l Novemu- Saridaki AMAIU' ary society of that institution. Song1The and Stein is a local society and very exclusive, so Robert is to be congratu- lated on his membership. Red Wing is proud to boast a collegian like Robert, and the Putnams may well be proud of their son, who has received thus far every mark of appreciation that be bestowed upon him. 338 Music- . i Presideni i220 yard 1 120 yard Editoria' 1 of the could Pres ties, l l 3 l Senic A step painfully coming seeking century," fought v nowj as O. J "' Treasl. to coll- And fl use but Secretary No. X472 Noveml Wedn Direct his rol, Leader Student Music- try amor NELLIE 'I , Second I do no. Busines '-dvise Music Le? we CFro1n the Marshall "Post"D Our Von Doing Well. Again we are called upon to join with James Von Williams' numerous friends in heartfelt congratulations on his recent election to the highest office in the gift of the baseball fans of the University of Minnesota-the presi- dency of the Inter-Fraternity Baseball League. Our bright young fellow- townsman has held perhaps more offi- ces than any young man hailing from this 'tneck of the woods," but never be- fore has he achieved the very highest position in any one line. XVhen we re- Q member James' generous, open-hearted disposition and his unselfish thought- fulness for all his host of friends, we are not surprised that our great state institution has shown its appreciation of a young man of industry and refine- ment. This country needs more men like young Williams, So go ahead, E Vong Marshall is behind you. A1. Sanot Varco MRS. 52 sec. 220 yd. lzz, 1902 ADA CARI. Treadwe 5 feet 9 EMIL DEROR i on. Than 10 feet. Secretary 9, 1902 NJ S. 15 4-5 se K MARIE HJ 2 m11e I PHILIP ber 10. gold Delta, s feebly year we res. The ome com 'tants for early " ' ever- that in Time, 6 The ons were sentative chiefly dly be ed fuel d any got their e it was "erously ime, 3 ond, Psi ,conds. to Ulift the ill li lFrom the Pipestone "Gazette."5 Oh, Oh, Oh, Sammy. The many friends of Mr. Samuell !Hatch, who is one of Pipestone's best I known citizens, will not be surprised to learn of his rapid rise at the U. of M., I which institution he is now attending. Going to the University comparative- ly unknown, his great musical abilityl gave him a position in the band, one, of the greatest college musical organi-' zations in the world. After acquittingl himself creditably he was made direc-I tor of the Mandolin Club and was at one time the leader of the aforesaid band. Mr. Hatch's talents, however, did not confine themselves to the realm of music. We have today learned ofl his marvelous literary ability. No col- lege publication, it seems, is complete without a fragment of something or' other by Mr. Hatch. His many friends are Waiting expectantly for Sam to ac-I complish something as a result of his many honors. I 339 V loo for t.. has al' regard offered Treasure held willing t April 14 lasting atten to ch' to sa Koch, great 'e Mrs. contest. said for 229-W had supy Rober lecided the pri pride Peter Jes Frederick Jensen's Favorite Expressions Q 'fTo-day I made the best recitation in physics that Z7 4 ever has been made in that department." "Nachtrieb says that I am the star in Zoology." f "I have without doubt the highest marks in the ' senior class." fr i "To-night I must go and help some of my friends M in physics. They can't see a thing without my ex- 14 planationsf' 4 t Lyon says that I am the best student of boa any in the university." f t'Of course, I am in the Sigma Xi. I ought to be in 5 the Phi Beta Kappa also." Zig. An Affair of Gopherdom A 1 1 In Two Scenes. A nnAx1.xT1s 1' Miss H.-A member of the Sigma Phi Alpha fraternity. Miss E.-A member of the Sigma Phi Alpha fraternity. x Miss B.-Of the 1904 Gopher Board. Q: Other members of Sigma Phi Alpha. .Q scam: 1. 2 Place-The Library Corridor. VXA' 5' Time-1:45 P. M., January 15th, 1903. Miss H.-trushing up to Miss BJ-'iOh, Miss B., are you really going to have the girls' fraternity pictures in the Gopher this year? I think it a horrid plan and We don't want ours in-we simply won't have it." Miss B.-"Why, Miss H. I'm sure I'm not responsible. All but two of the sororities are represented on the Board you know and there seemed -to be no objection when we decided to run the pictures." Miss B.fHWell, I think it disgusting. Why, a servant we engaged who came from Watab said that she recognized me by the picture she saw in last year's 'University Bookf I simply won't have my picture Hoating around all over the state. The other girls feel the same way, too, and we are not going to hand in a picture even if we have to stay out of the Gopher altogether." 1She disappears in the direction of her lockerj. Miss E.-Qappearing on the scene from the right.J-t'Oh, Miss B., when must we have our picture in for the Gopher? We don't want to be late, you know." Miss B.-"Why, I was just told that you weren't going to have your picture pub- lished this year." Miss E.-"NVeren't going to have our picture in the Gopher? Why, of course we are. Who told you such a thing? We decided that long ago. Certainly we wish our picture in the Gopher." Ozzrtaiiz. sclcxu 11. Place-The waiting room of one of the leading Minneapolis photographers. Time-11:00 A. M., January 20th, 1903. CA group of Sigma girls are gathered around the Chinese gong, Miss H. among them. All seem worried and glance anxiously at the clockb. Miss H.-"I d0n't see Why she doesn't come. Here live been waiting for thirty minutes. We simply can't have it taken without her and the Gopher Board must have the picture in a weekf' iAt this moment Miss E. appears on the scene and there is great rejoicingj. Curtain. 340 Slumber on, my little Spanish students, Dream of your incomplete work. Do you hear me, hear me in the dreamland Where your fond fancies lurk? Slumber on my unsuspecting students Dear little Junior boys VVa1t Oh walt until the slips remind you vffmw fx . ' . v r C Kg. '1 rj! . , . . 2 . M- gc ,J ' Y 2 Fgff And then recall past joys. I X Www A . Letters We Have Received a """4 ' Published below are a few replies to personal letters sent out by the '04 Gopher Board to prominent Collegians. Dear Gopher Board:- Am I the handsornest man in the Junior Class? This is a question which mou- esty forbids me to answer. However, I may say that my friends do not consider me a monstrosity and have said some very nice things about my personal appearance- regularity of my features, etc.-so I send under separate cover a portrait of myself in publishing which you may use your own discretion. Sincerely yours, PAUL A. BROOKS. Dear Gopher Board:- The report that I am negotiating with 'the Lilliputians to act as contrast to lVlr. Tom Thumb is entirely fictitious. I am at present engaged with the 'tOne Sumrner's Day" Co. and when I discontinue the engagement will let you know. Respectfully, CHARLES B. GIBSON. Dear Gopher Board:- Your letter of the lst inst., at hand and contents noted. We wish to state posi- tively that we do not intend to engage in the circus business this year, as Mr. Barnum is very much occupied in his capacity of class president and Mr. Baily is busily en- gaged in economic research. For these reasons we have decided to turn our contract over to L. .I. Cooke who has exhibited unusual interest in this line and has had un- precedented success so far in the show business. Sincerely yours, CYRUS BARNUM, SEAVEY BAILEY. Dear Gopher Board:- No, emphatically no! I did not get eight yellow slips last semester. How could I when I only took three subjects? Yours unblushingly. KEG WALKER. Dear Gopher Board:- There seem to be some people around college who persist. in mistaking us. For the benent of those who cannot tell us apart we herewith send you a formula for their use. I. Marshall, always dress in stripes and habitually wear a sunny smile, I am very careful not to appear with my brother and thereby give people cause to confuse us. I, Myron, affect a modest garb becoming to my style of conversation and am al- ways to be seen with Mac Pennock in Chapel at the second hour. After these careful instructions it is hoped that no co-ed will speak to the wrong one. Yours dually, MARSHALL AND MYRON JACKSON. I l li 341 'NTB'-5, F il ll AL J af' T' in I, W It , fn 'P Q, eel? . W 1 Xu ill 2 A lil' , Nl ll' nm..-l 'W pf ' -lm, f W ii jk: W I 1 I if Who Are They? 'W Wi M1 4 , fa Xb P' 4 '2 ll" 1 ..... M W' N Vi' "llSl' f' lx If ' l' ,ff X A M 4 NK 'H 127 x x ' Q' T51 if ix f" 1 X f f f 1 nf , r ff We E57 ",, vu, MZ? N' lf! . .txt wx. xx 7 .fu W ,gg Ex W X 4 ffffjfl Ji, Qqnff 1 'I V . fffwwjlg W y 'kfffyf - i K U ' .,l' Sling' NNE if NA , mf, xg f iffwlffi rs. it' R", 'Via i Lv'l7 'A To ii? ii Nw- jul .:,r,j, T h e y A r e The Pious Prof. The Prof who puts us to sleep. The Prof who Hunks us with a smile. The Patriarch. The Prof we love. The Prof with a German Tailor. The 27-hour Study clay. The Prof with the noisy muffler. The Prof who defends the laboring nian fnot the laboring Stndentl. 342 Chapel Visitors , , K lvl? -1 i f 552 17, 57 11 " f , If lg X 'I T- T ff f-. fi W- 7 lc., Nfl ff ,f- 'V , vflydi AZEWI Y 55, if ll ll, ,-, lf AQ if my M tx Xt ui i ll s1'T1g liilW , f fffi Xl his kin "' ' Mini ,,,, , ,, if l, 0 nf, gllgh . qi A!'1J sq.. From the Daily The "Daily" of March 15, 1925, has the following interesting Heditorialu regarding changes which have occurred in the college curriculum of the University of Minnnesota. It says in part: "The Board of Regents has seen fit to sanction a novel departure at our Institu- tion. They have decided to introduce a department of practical sciences and have placed at the heads of the various branches those graduates who, in their college days, showed phenomenal ability along these different lines of work. new chairs with the instructors who are to occupy them are as follows: The The The The The The The The The The The The The The Chair Chair Chair Chair Chair Chair Chair Chair Chair Chair Chair Chair Chair of Fussology-E. P. Mallory. of Political Science-Edgar Noyes. of Courting-Louis Northrop. of Cussol'ogyFFrank Lyon. of Pluggeologyflvlalcolm MacLean. Bluffery-Prudence Pratt. Scrapaticsfhlary Longbrake. of of of Knockometry-Will Hale. of Loafonomy-Guvvy Ives. of Banking-Ed Purdy. of Jollyologyeliileen Kennedy. of Roastographyvibilois Kovarik. of Twosonomy-Alex Stewart, Lura Littlefield." For Max McConn we all must pray Do not delay another day. For what I say is not a yarn One day last month that boy said DARN! fiifff 01118 -.9 .f fssx u ,v .., J VV , f m F O r Q2 W ' I 1 171 mf M an ht ' x ' Y 1 E. B. JOHNSTON, Ringmuster. 0 , - ff V G-ZQL, Z 1 Z f 9 f f ff ff 2 2 f ' f , Z 4 1 X 9 f 4 LZ 4.x p .Z , Z f 9 ff f t h e P r i n X 'frm V 4'X Q N r r N nw M f' f 2,L.e.iL- A Eg ,J 1 ' . W ,, -H'-, 'Wm 1, I if' Q, X Y .AJ r if sv 2 w W., ,,,,,-, Fm 93 x Q1 N Yr L " "' A L: , uf - ,if :JJ ,wg,'.jqW',5 an ' N. 'J , VV., I Si Y X , r K. ,,.J Q- X 'xi JA 'Xf 4 lil" 1 1 M3 EE un 'qpf' " 2 -1 4 '7' "-img.-lu-.15 i' JOHN FLYNN, Progfr. of Side Shows. ASSi5t21I1t. 3-15 JONES OF ROCK, ipals ANN -4 4 55537 K I vga? ,L NX! X. , . ' If .J X .J-5Zi 4 'Z L. J. COOKE, Sole Proprietor s. A River Spring Song All along the river where the running waters sing Through little leaves the laughing winds go murmuring. Why this singing? Why this laughter? Comes the question, friend, from you? Some are walking by the river, two and two, and two and two. There across the river lies the hurried working world: In the open heaven lifts the sordid smoke upcurled. Here long since we have forgotten there is any work to do, And go walking by the river, two and two, and two and two. Here beside the river where the trees are fair and green. Cupid and his sweetheart Spring delight to live, I weeng And they love to linger with you and smile sweetly down at you, XVho go walking by the river, two and two, and two and two. Conditions "Conditions,', so the wise men Are governed by the stars, But 'tis not so. the "U of M," For E. B. gives us ours. S352 346 iw .f 5 A .V ,Rf .nyiseif . 'E mqnmm DR. XX EST l,143c'r1r1ucs. gil. .5 , I X s Qi "M-qi , - Q, Q . 44? . at . f k J f y , 'Q , JOHN LAYN1-3, Tm: CHIEF x t X, X Xxf ff' A as, l MMU iffy 4' ' N ' I SKK I 114.7 D' 5 g X. X l' xi, 'A . f ll Elly X l ilu W W X x AMC - llll i ss 1 1 l ll, ull XXX f J 'YN ' X 1 fX fe ,r , . 5 ' -LI IN THE SPRING IN True: FALL In Harmony Quietly, one by one, the harmony class had assembled. Voices, in concordant Whispers, were heard in the hall of music. Suddenly howling and screeching, discord as it were, rent the air up, Caused by the dragging of benches into their proper arrangement. Pained was the teacher's expression-his ear so accustomed to music- Despair seemed to rest on his features untl the confusion was over. Then notes he 'gan write on the blackboard, which in harmony each student copied, And soon he did call from the classmates, a youth-a youth, who with fear and with trembling Did place on the staff in the treble, notes that ,he thought were in concord. Upon the piano he played them, and awful the sounds he created. Horror seized on the master and rythmically he was unjointed. Into a chair he did falter, and there he sat many a minute VVaiting his ear to recover from sounds so discordant and frightful. Quickly he went to the blackboard and erased the cause of his misery, Into the notes of the bass clef, himself he added the treble. Again on the key-board he played it, and lo, in tones most melodious, Seething wth harmony dulcet, swelled forth the new composition. "Gnd" says the Master in rapture, his face all inspiration. And unto his seat in the back row quietly walks the composer Feeling as if he were Mozart or some such another of music. How glad was the teachers expression and "Gnd" was the work he had written. 317 ni, A Q u e r y We thank you, Mr. Dooley, Q it , For the things which you have said, K , We thank you very truly , 2' 4 For the merry race y0u've led. , I f If I The game was always Chaney, W,-- N. I N But your simple neeromancy " J X V N Went and wooed the public fancy, 4 lip? Went and Wooed and won and wed. Mr. Aide and Mr. Dinkel, " 1 nf We are grateful for your pains, ' . Eke for every wile and wrinkle ,fm That society sustains, 4i',iff,z,kill' 'i We 'thank you, every grafter Will' l1 ,lbw Q In the realm of modern laughter, Iwuwltlml , ir, iigfitigx Be ye daft or be ye dafter, MM," R X M'iil,iitl Just providing you have brains. Fhmlslf' viliimi' ' it X It vi, i , 'Quw l Q ,lil It W X M!- But good gentlemen of fortune. llillilxiili. ll it 'W Let us ask one thing of youg - ' 'll.l,l,i4,, l l X , vardon us, if we importune, - . , I ,l For its not the thing to ao. ,ffl li Far from us to try unmask you, lifillliltl Far from us to take to task you, ,Og '14, trail I' 1 But permit us just to ask you, g,Qll1l 'l1 X Aren't you pretty nearly through? f T i OUR CLA ss Piuasiniixr. Little Classes Little caps and gowns, Little colors, green and whit Makes the Senior dignified, 7 Think he's out of sight, Little Junior balls, Little Junior Gophers, Make the junior students f J 'ff Little Heonsv and 'ftlunksf' Little slips of yellow Makes thc happy Sophomore, A wiser, saclcler fellow. , if gf J Little knocks and slams, W H Little jests and jokes, LN i lfl L ,f ff L if if?ff!7f"x Ji , V N ff' wfmll aff el il ,Q I ff il III: V :Wi KI . ly V fiigfllr, W L if Y A Make the best of Ski-U-Mahs ei Become the junior loafers. -,V s HAVORSEN Goes TO PRACTICE. Out of Freshmen Lambs. 343 W'e recommend the Elsie Stone, Daily Editors, Edna Kinyon, Katherine Brewer, George Hagaman, Mac Pennock. I Gopher Board, Dwight Yerxa, Harry Aldrich, Hattie Van Bergen, Will Deering, "Bob" Putnam, Johnnie Flynn, Rene Hugo, James Irsfeld, Frank Fernald, Le Roy Arnold, following books: "Artie" "'The Layne That Hath no Turning. "The Little God and Dickie." "Lovey Mary." The Scnipture. "If I W'ere King." "The Virginian." "Idle Thoughts of an Idle Fellow." "The Strollers." 'tFunny Sayings of Lit- tle Louf' "Like Another Helen? UJo's Boys." "That Old Sweetheart of Mine." The Delineator. 3 fzfy Bs' :say s,r'a2 ZX ,J DR, COOKE do ' 1101-:s THE A Few Minutes with Dr. Folwell 19 BOSTON 1 ' ' DIP. "Now, letts see how many of us are alive this fine morning. Mr. Broughall is with us, and Mr. Conser and Mr. Edwards-I beg your pardon-Miss Edwards, and Mr. Fisher still survives, Mr. Hanson, of course, Mr. Ives. Mr. Ives did you come in yesterday? Yes-I thought so, and Mr. Johnson is still among the living, Mr. Laveyea I see you--Mr. McGrath-I don't see him, Mr. Newhall, yes, I marked you present last time, you were here last time, were you not? Yes, just so. Mr. Purdy, is this side of Jordan, and Mr. Rickard, he'll be here. Miss Spear, I see you, and Mr. Varco- not yet-Mr. Varco played well-I saw that game and was astonished at the way our boys played, but I have been laid up ever since and only just left the sick bed in time to meet my class this morning. Well-all are present or accounted for? I wonder if you know what leads so many men into the army and navy? Well it is because they like to get away to the vagabond life where they are not held in re- straint by the gentler sex and don't have to go to church. How fondly I remember my years of army life. I'll never forget a night which I spent with some other officers in the rain, etc.,l" During the last fifteen minutes of the class the doctor lectures from his charts un- til Hanson raises his hand. This is a signal that the -,N hour is up and the professor says, "Good morning," ,4f5gf:v" xLN 4 ,.e ,wx . . An Equation - FtF3tF.t f f ff 16 f' f FX 7 E, B. J. E's for Ebenezer. B stands for Bird. J oft means Johnson, At least, so I've heard. if 4560.1 F stands for failure. j -5 'W , C, they say, for condition. So 3 F over E B J must mean See Prexy for readmission. HUVDES' FIRST NUMBERS. 349 Professor Ernest Woodward -'es I " 1 Fancy Dances and Jteps of all ' descriptions taught. Instruc: N. ,f tion in the Latest Novelties M u l' from Europe and the Great Jhattuckean Jlide. ' Reference: M::t Van Ban. Walter Sheldon Ladies' Tailor my Special attention given to Shirt Waists S b All work under my personal inspec: l tion and supervision. Satisfaction 5, guaranteed. ifle 'gk Reference: Hun Bae. "How to Play Pokerl' Don Carlos Dow 'frhe Mixing of Drinksv 7 "What I Saw In Paris" Sl ' D7 Teacher of Oratory Bf0adWaY BY N'ghf Spicy Entertaining Literature Oratory taught successfully by new method. No Sem bl' mall- all for 51-00 money paid until you are satisfied with my system. Reference: Dr. William Schaper. 1515 University Avenue Southeast. Refrigerators Made to Order. The Freeze-Out Refrigerator is essentially more efficient than any other and insures a perfect frost to all .Hrdor and Enthusiasm. Temperature uniformly 380 to 480. Agent: Miss C::a Wh::r. TALKING MADE EASY. 'j MISS LAURA ROBB, Teacher of Conversation Instruction given on all topics of the day. War- ranted to give a fluent and easy manner in Society. For reference: Apply to Paul Smith. 350 Psychological Pscenes There was a professor named lVilde, x VVhose teaching on touch was most milde. X- - "Hold the hand now," said he, 1, X .V 1 uOf the nearest fairee. in VW 'Tis touching," he said. Q' ff Then he smilde. ' ' f'3" 'fo why? o why? o Why is this PM y Cnr dear old Profy said. X7 X "VVhen you hear, ,4 f ttyzfc T Dtye hear your car? ff M Or do vou think your head? 171 "" C" ,' Are circles round? They're round I trow, f But why is toothache, anyhow? M44 ' . V And Susy Anne, wilt tell me this: NVhat is the feeling of a kiss P" The Faculty Picnic J' ,I HE faculty had a picnic the other day at Minnehaha. They all had a lovely time. The weather was so pleasant, in the first place that 'M i Professor White fairly beamed upon the party all day long. Dr. Beck- fl' ll man was very imposing as chaperoneg that is, he imposed upon some of the people, but not on Professor MacMillan, no, sir! Conway picked x , flowers right and left and pulled up all the fungi he saw, in direct de- fiance to Dr. Beckman's efforts to have the park regulations observed. Dr. Beckman had some trouble, too, with Registrar Johnson and Mr. Sprague who would go in wading where the current was swift. Profes- sor Jones and Dr. Williams got so excited in riding around the ring on " the ponies that they had to be called three times to lunch. When they finally heard the summons they thought it was training table and came so fast that they upset Miss Comstock and Eddie and Joe, who were peacefully discussing the 'tsonnet form" as they strolled toward the table. When Miss Sanford unpacked her basket she found that she had inadvertantly packed it with statuettes of Venus de Milo fassorted sizesl, instead of food. It was all right, though, because all the professors in the mining department had more lobsters than they cared to eat, and Professor Moore Cwho had just planned a new joke for the freshmen and felt good-naturedl, offered her some of his baked beans and sugar. Mr. Butters helped out some with the sandwiches. Poor Miss Firkins couldn't eat a thing because, as soon as she got a fork in her hand, she thought it was a pencil and began rapping on the table with it. Her brother did not con- sider this retined, and would have left at once had he not been prevented by the situation of one of Dr. Harding's feet. Miss Guthrie got to cataloging the viands and became so abstracted that she was only recalled to herself when Professor Sigerfoos kicked his napkin under the table and prepared to escape with a book in his hand. Poor Professor Oberhoffer had a dreadful time with his lettuceg for the only utensil he had brought was fa tuning fork which was rather blunt, and besides that he kept putting fit to his ear instead of his mouth just from force of habit. Professor Anderson got along all right till he gal- lantly offered his hat to Mrs. Potter to sit on. After that the wind kept wafting his curl till it got all tangled up with his sandwich and proved, in fact, most annoying. The picnic broke up when Professor Frankforter discov- ered too much C O2in the pop. The faculty scattered in some trepidation lest they should all blow up. I suppose the reason they didnlt, was because they have all done so much blowing Eddie at the Gym, up already that it would take a good deal to affect them. 351 l F"7'T'x m,uThe Junior Faculty Dramatis Personae. Chopin Beethoven Galeg aged six. Hefliennger Flynn Williiamsq aged six. Herbertia Spenceria Wildeg aged two. Stubbs Taswell Langmeade Whiteg aged live. Virgilia Ovidia Livia Clark, aged five. w'-'Q'Q'5WWVb, Dutch Guildg aged eight. Scene: Campus. Time: two years from present date. tl-Enter Chopin bearing a huge base viol, followed by Hefflefinger, who divides his attention between a football and a pair of dumb-bells. The little Wilde girl comes next wearing glasses and earnestly looking over a big volume of Kant. She is followed by Stubbs who has a historical manuscript under his arm and drags a large map be- hind him. Virgilia with a little Latin pony brings up the rear.J They advance to the center of the stage and bow. Chopin Ctuning his viol and singingjz "My parental ancestor, a master of induction, Has written my biography, I need no introduction. My name is Chopin Beethoven Gale. I've mastered the mysteries of the A scale, At the age of six I play lVagnerian operas On Chinese chop-sticks. VVith a, father like mine, I'll never fail, For the greatest of men is Harlow Gale. Hefllennger Cthrowing the football at Chopinbz "You take that back, you lobsterette. Your dad's the very worstest yet. He never saw a football game, And mine's Coach Williams, known to fame As Coach, as Hurdler, Doctor, toog I know, l'm just as old as youf' A- ' Herbertia freluctantly closing her bookjt H-Wbblo J- M "lVlr. Williams, your manner is slightly a"'ff1'aveti11f" And to my intellect is most exasperating. You vaunt your father's brutal force, ln football games, this wins of course. But father says in each man's life Will is transcendant in the strife. 'l'hat's why the scholar, Norman Wilde I-Ias instilled these precepts in his child." Stubbs Tasvs ell Langmeade funrolling his scrollj. "Teaching by precept is old style for good teachers, It's only lit for 'old fogey' preachers. Now, my fatheris- 'teaching is right up-tosdate' He urges his pupils first to relate The lives of lords, and ladies too, Who deeds of bravery once did do And then he tells the scholars how They too are making History now, And if they'll follow in his track, Fame, Honor, Power, they'll never lack. 'lAJLQ,J,4,, na-3 I1 z-lv 352 Virgilia traressing her ponyl : t'Your egotism is eerte a mystery, You'd better subsidere and read your history, Or else you'll maybe be offended At what l'll say prior I'm ended. Your Pater works one from dawn till dark And then falls all 'cept me, who's a shark. The eausa for this Carus XVilson tells 11s, When he boasts of the number of ponies he sells us Mihi videlur that l've said enough To pr-'we that Clark is the only good prof." dam fAt this point as the rhildren join hands io circle to the left, little Dutch Guild, with a b1'oom in one hand and a scrubbing brush in the other hurries upon the stag 9. As he brandishes the broom the rhildren run away and he recites this soliloquyzl 'tThese here kids just make me tired, If it wasn't fur my dad their dads 'ud be fired. Did you hear that XVilde kid talk about VVilde. XVhat she said was so silly. I purty near smiled. An' if White or Clark or Choppy Gale Come back here, l'll make lem wail. Young Heiiie lVilliams 's the best of the lot, But what he said made me mighty hot. There's only one man who's ace high around here. Therels only one man that the students all fear, That man is Super of Buildings Guild, And I. Dutcfby am his only child. To Frank and Ernest t'Teddy" junior in the Spring, So the papers said, Went with nothing but his hair Upon his curly head. We could stand for that in "Teddy," He is his fathers song But really now, in "Ernest," Frank, Don't you think it overdone? 353 If r ib X It fx 9,,1y,'Nl X If Al N gim- l mx, ."x ' ,J 1 I ,., .x 'V' 4, :jf If! '4f'U5,gQ il f 1eaK...m - i, ff ' 'nib Jfflti 'ily -fir. Ns f if zftffx-i .tiff if isis X ll ' lillgpftfif-3'-' 'nh ' Ye . ,' 1 ..:L'- -ul .'I,, .1-9,3 ,W.7,',.?' ,,-i.,,,3.:,,,h, xt , few at nm, I-52.42-anal iw . ff 'iM,fl"F , liuiikfrlk " ' , rf .g,,.I -V ,if .f DEQIQI, I 1 ffl" iffft 5 ,,,k"' lj J'-5 5 ,aff tiff' wt. .X i'Ffn'.'z, 'WF' '13 7 -E xox l if .,- l Y W ff' 'Q , 'gn 15.3 w i? i. f Q f -fi?-3' ff-'-f f 44'-win. T - .Q f 3 QTL -Qlfi And fussing with Co-eds is strictly barred, She said the word, and so I'll do the rest. When I left home I promised not to dirt, Or look at anything that wears a. skirt, Pfexy Watches aFffShmHH meeting fix Soul Sonnets of a Freshman haw I. KN i Today I interviewed the Registrar, - X ...K I, ' , And showed him my diploma from High School. -' W ' V, He said that from my marks I was no fool, ' JMU X!-'f W", And if I'd study hard I'd be a star. , wwf "f .VV f Of course, I called all that just plain hot air 5 Af 'If' f r ,LN ,I A But then, I mean fto make a steadfast rule 'f ,I,5'IVI'f-,' fm f A To abjure bowling, billiards, cards and pool, ' I I' j'-,,,,2'f.-2 " ' X My life is up to me to make or mar. MU, ' ' X mn . , "' 0' .V , ' Of course, for Her sweet sake Iill study hard, ' I ' Wifi' LLM- ft If nothing else moves me to do my best , I K ' 'FW' VJ I I, IMI II. I wonder who the girl is next to me In Chaucer class. She dresses mighty swell, Her voice is like a tiny silver bell, Her shirt-wasts and her skirts fit to a T5 Her hat's a triumph too, in millinery. I asked Old Billy Bunce if he could tell How I could meet the girl. He answered "Well, Just walk along the river bank and see." I took a walk along the bank and found The lady holding court with twenty meng Some were standingg some were on the ground. I tried to catch her eye, but all in vain. I wonder what the attraction is? Alack! I sipose it's 'cause she wears a Habit Back. III. I flunked to-day. In Algebra I failed. The problem that I got I couldn't do. Dear Downey looked me suavely through and through. And then with accents soft he gently nailed Me with a fright. My poor heart throbbed and quailed. You see I'd only worked to forty-two, Because I went out walking with Miss Drew. And tha.t's the real reason why I failed. It's not so much the flunking that I mind, For "He who's never flunked is very dull." But mamm'a's going to write the president And get my marks, to see how far behind Her boy has dropped since he began to cull The Golden Truth from Wisdom's element. IV. To-night a fellow stopped me in the "Main," The one who eyed me so at chapel time. He said, "I know you don't know me, but I'm A Sophomore in Coll. My name is Layneg And now to be both short and blunt and plain, Fld like to have you dine with me sometime, And meet some other men. Well, I must climb, It's nearly four. 1'll see you soon again." I'm awfully glad I met dear Layne just then. Now, I'm the proudest boy in all the HU." I-Ie introduced me to a lot of men. They took me to the show down-town and blew A bunch of dough on me, then one named Hugh Asked me if I would join the P. D. Q. 354 WHT! HITHEII BOM BODK I C Q3 There was on old Prexy Who lived at the HU," Who had so many students He didn't know what to do. He made them buy books Stuifed cram full of knowledge And then urged them all To work hard at college, Little Max Horner Sat in a corner Writing a "Magazine" lie. He then jerked his thumb And cried, "Students, come, See what a great boy am I." HI. There once was a Maid, and what do you think? She lived on the strangest of victuals and drink. Lunch counter pie was the chief of ber diet With nice river water-and still she thrives by it. IV. Ding, Dong, Dones, Soph'mores deep in groans! Who put them in? Tall Professor Jones. NVho eased their pains? Dear old Papa Haynes. X X13 Q V I Lf .. 1 'I am , V. Gooosie, goosie, gander, Whither' do you wander? Looking for a maiden from her fourth hour class. Brown, Smith or Jones-who's the lucky lass? It isw-- Well, I won't tell, Just see if you can guess. JJ!! VI. Guildls dog came tearing out of the Main, ln manners he seemed quite insane. He could sing nothing but fiddle cum foe. Great big Happy and little Jo: Bark, dog-dance, cow, It's awfully funny as you'll allow. 356 VH. .1 There were two blind men went to see Q 'lwo cripples run a raceg 5 A miner fought a medic man, And scratched him in the face. Q div" A VIII. The fusser sat 'neath the statuette And if he's not dead, he sits there yet. IX. Cry, sophie, cry, Put your finger in your eye, And tell E, B. ,twas all a lie. 7 X. Ah . f Sing a song of Campus, 'X' Medios full of fun, li X 'P -Q I-c .N Trio of policemen ,I , -.7 ,Q started on the run. When the Medics caught 'em, ,Q If Tied 'em up-ethatis all. 7, W'asn't it a clever scheme ' To send 'em to Sit. Paul? XI. Hark! hark! hark! The dogs do bark. The freshmen are coming to college. Some are green Some are keen S! But all are eager for knowledge. yy' 'P E .ay In '-r 'G XII. gg Funk! 'WX Rest, Gopher Board, on Fame's lofty top, 'H faux When You cut classes your cradle will l fly rock, fggl' -i ff' -Ugg The slips will come out, and your cradle 'E-A 5 Ng, "QQ win fan, fig lr' Oh, then down comes the board, the UQ-"Ajf',f U Gopher, and all. A 1 .-. f f XIII. The man in the moon, Came down too soon. And asked the way to the U. He went to the "Main," And was driven insane, By eating lunch-room stew. XIV. Hey diddle dickle The Guild in a pickle The cow has jumped up to the big round moon. The curly dog laughed To see such craft, And a dish eloped with a lunch-room spoon. 357 XV. Little Miss Lill On the Window sill Sat talking to Archie one day, When along came big Glen Scowled a few times and then He frightened friend Archie away. XVI. O, dillers and dollars! The ten o'cl0ck scholars, How do they make it so soon? They aim to start at seven o'clockg But they don't show up till noon. XVII. If all the world were Appelby, And the water tanks held ink, And college walls were Groats and Halls NVha1, would the Miners think? XVIII. Simple Simon met a pieman. Going to the U. Says Simple Simon tothe pieman, "NVhat you going to do?" Says the pieman to Simple Simon, 4'I'll try to earn il dime From every pretty Co-ed NVho skips at chapel timefi XIX. Upon my word and truth Once in my early youth, I did meet Earle Without a girl. Upon my word and truth. XX. There's a fellow named Holm, and what do you think? He dabbled in nothing but blue printer's inkg Blue printers' ink was the chief of his dietg And in HDaily,' meetings he couldn't keep quiet. XXI. Trig is wild Vexlation, Hist'ry just as bad, Phsychology perplexes me And Physics drives me mad. 358 901155 0 XXII. Cheer up, oh students, we have the crack teamg Prexy's a nobleman, E. B.'s a dream, Lots of the profs here are wearing gold keys. Where else can you find professors like these? XXIII. There was a little prof. and he had a little tongue Which he kept slowly wagging in his head, head, head, He stood before the class for a long weary hour Which made their eye-lids heavy, just like lead, lead, lead. XXIV. One bright and sunny noontide, When there was lots of weather A youth went dashing past me bs With his coat Just half together. -X I be an to complimentg but he'd not even grin, ""' And I heard him murmur faintly, Im late to drill aginf' f X XXV. The Chemistry lab has lost Blanche Hig Just leave her alone shell gravitate back With her chemistry notes behind her. XXVI. If a man from the wilderness asks of you How many good students there are at the "U" Just tell him with a smile that Wins, There's nobody here but the Jackson twins. XXVII. The south wind doth blow We'll have no more snow And what will the statue do then, my dears? Just stand out in the sun And look down at the fun Nor tell of the billings and cooings he hears. 359 XXVIII. To W11SOH'S! To W1lson's! To buy a fat Livy, Back to the "U" again jiggety rivy. k " 15 Xxx! ji To Wilson's! To Wilson's! To buy a fat pony, Back to the HU" again riggety jony. XXIX. There was a man in our school And he was wondrous Wiseg He jumped into a pile of books, And Worked out both his eyes. And when he found his eyes were out With all his might and main He jumped into another book To work them in again. XXX. Humpty Yerxa was awfully tall, Humpty ran into the door of the hall. All Kingls horses and all Kingis men XVent to work plast'ring his head up again XXXI. As I was going to college upon a Saturday I met a football man, sir, a pacing on the way, The Way, the way, the way. He was the grandest thing, sir, that ever Was, they say. Admirers flocked behind, sirg he wore an M beforeg This man was ten yards round, sirg indeed he Was no more, No more, no more, no more. This man was ten yards round, sirg indeed he was no more, And high he held his head, sir, so very wondrous high, As I've been plainly told, sirg his nose quite touched the sky, The sky, the sky, the sky. As live been plainly told, sir, his nose quite touched the sky. A ram-rod down his back, sir, so stiff, it made you laugh And on the college team, sir, they say he played right half, Right half, right half, right half. And on the college team, sir, they say he played right half. 360 Extract from the Art Thesis of a Senior Athens as an Art Center "Athens had natural fortifications for her art, literature and other developments. On the wonderful emminence, of the Apocrapha were collected the finest speciments of Greek architecture. By far the best work is the Parthium, built of pure marble of the Pellican mountains. The impediments of the Parthium are 1 i 3. ITEC l ll. fm fl tl ,l , l il A I much mutilatedg but many of the friezes are still intact. Among the 'separate pieces, Myron's dish-thrower and the six female figures supporting the architecture are gems of art. The Lacoon of Perfldious is also particularly strong. '- It is impossible to realize the effect of these works as units, still less can we picture to ourselves the effect productd by them in groups, and still more by their coloring." For Admirers of Carolyn Wells The jelly-fish bleats on the briny hillside- The giddy sheep dance o'er the sea. The silk bearing squirrel weaves himself a cocoon, And the pink rabbit hangs by his tail from 5 The Fate of the Freshman . They found him lying where he died, T A ln Chapel row, and there beside, - Thev found the box lunch he had tried. ly I J I lvl' fi Harris, of the James-Warde Company I've heard of many kinds of birds Of ducks and geese a scoreg Of lyre-birds and eagles. And just as many more. But of all the feathered creatures, Of which I ever heard, The superlatively fearsome- Is the Ebenezer Bird. 361 And knew the cause, a suicide! ll if fi W T 'V mwlax f LfM :,1:N 'V tl W , www ll or a' ,rl Lu' lx. 'l1ZZ7jixx T t ll ll lf f ' 4ff'l'f:'f l ll, gl, 4. SPT cl 5 gg .eli f We 1 gf Ylf Y? af 4 1 5 Q Gopher Wants WANTED-A small boy with a bass voice to answer roll call for me in Prof. McClumpha's second and third hour classes. Apply to Henry L. Ives, Daily Office. WANTED-Youth of considerable agility between the ages of 18 and 65 to put on lady's rubbers, hold coat, open doors, etc. Address Eileen Kennedy, Library Corridor. WANTED-Young man with run about, closed carriage, theatre tick- ets and an indulgent papa, to make himself generally agreeable. N0 students need apply. Caroline Salis- bury. WANTED-Eight strong men to han- dle kegs. No Registrars need apply. Address The Secretary of the Song and Stein Society, U. of M. WANTED-Young lady to act as com- panion at University functions, to a pleasant and widely traveled young man. File applications with A. C. Whitney at once. WANTED-An antidote for Prof. Hall's lectures. Everybody. WANTED-By a young man of slight means but of phenomenal ability, a half interest in a cosmopolitan news- paper. Address E. C. O'Brien tcare of '05 Gopher Boardl. WANTED TO SELL-One second-hand bicycle in good repair, 1893 model. Apply to Prof. Eddy, U. of M. WANTED TO BUY-One or more good interlinear translations of Brown- ing's Poems in words of one syllable. Apply to Box 11. P. O. A Welcome Creditor With heartless duns my halls are lined, All through the heartless dlayg And some I beg, and some I blind, And some I drive awayg But there is one who comes each morn And laughs my wisest wiles to scorn. Each day he struts within my door, A youth of tender years, Such creditor as ne'er before Took place with Worldly peers. He figures with a feathered dart My score upon a blood-red heart. A dapper, brusque land busy knave, He foots 'the daily bill: His words are short, his eye is grave, He waits on no man's will: "Love-13 carloads-freight," says he, "My trade, sir,-strictly C. O. D." FOR SALE, MEDALS+I will sell cheap any of my 57 varieties of gold, silver, or bronze medals. This is a great chance for Harry Francis or any other athlete. Mike Bock- man. LOST AND FOUND. LOST-In March of 1903 Louis North- rop, E. C. O'Brien, Chas. Sainsbury, Bessie Healey, Cornelia Hollinshead, and all other members of the 1905 Gopher Board. LOST-My collar and my pair of cuffs. Finder return to Mr. Oestlund, Zo- ological Laboratory. LOST-One superb black mustache. somewhere between 398 10th av SE and 1398 4th st SE. Return to Mr. Pike, University Faculty. LOST-Somewhere between Library and Main buildings, one box of turk- ish cigarettes, one litre stein and one stack of blue poker chips. Return to O. W. Firkins, Main Building. LOST-Lower button of my coat. Re- turn at once and receive reward. Very important. Edward Sanford. LOST--The address of a reputable bar- ber. No reward offered. Lucas Car- lyle Kelis, class of '04. FOUND-Near Armory, one petrihed oyster patty, labeled 1903 Junior Ball Association. Owner may regain same by applying at the Gopher -1 . . . l office, otherwise it will be turned 1 over to the Geological department. 1 .ulmnq-ou-.Mxnn.. 27255: 2. , my if may Qfz1.feT1:,,g.2?y' 5 b 1 The umimaghsa. fl , of ll.: , i,,?f4-Mfe'w'-- frm ,Wm-l,..11., fvwm- ,wmrmnm lf, , l 'fo ,'zz..'jf.-Eglzlff fir 5134147 .24 .47 elfrrf A-'ii i ...L ltwftif Efqf it R135 Mgr. w,?,,',f , L W 9' ,Q . , f :N-7 'AM'-tai J! V t ,A W ,f"52.eZ LLft+.fff1.rv 4Qe.f-rx., .f.-SCZK. ,if':'f,f.W7 2342 fll-Laurie ,, ba.-, Q . ...1.JL.. av .tracy , ' mf fdggggi ! 6-as-4,,1M.,:-ff, A',!iLt7g" N 4 History of the Sophornore Class. ES! We did all the things that freshmen from time immemorial have doneg started in to win a long line of letters after our names because we knew that after all, knowledge could only be obtained by degrees. We went to all the football games and - rooted until our friends were ashamed to own us. We ran the gamut of everything, from railing against the lack of news in the Daily to trying to love Shakespeare under Prof. Sanford. So in the course of time we became Sophomores, poor sophomores, struggling along to make up freshmen "Cons.', But we have more conceit than we had last year. We have learned to boast of our great men, "Siggy" and Irsfeld and many others. Every other class envies us these two. There is not much of "Siggy," but he makes the whole world so enthusiastic at foot- ball games that they eat their colors and banners. There is no field of college activity that we do not excel in. Basketball, track athletics and anything you wish to name. Do you wonder that we are brimming over with conceit? Of course you don't. We will say goodbye now and send best wishes to the next sophomore class with the hope that they may be one-half as famous to day as are we. Sophomore Girls Who Became Famous Queen of the Rooter girls, 'Varsity guard, Down by the sweet river bank And all o'er the Campus her power is felt, Many and many a scalp at her belt- Viva La Sylvia Frank! Athletic prodigy, marvel of skill, Knows how to row, swim and box. Basketball heroine, pride of the Gym, Cram full of science, courage and vim- Viva La Bessie Cox! Glee chorus singer, happy and gay, Greatest of Sophomore digs, Football enthusiast, ready to cheer. Paleontologist, sweet sonnetier-- Viva La Helen Riggs! A Sophornore's Synopsis of Fact Learned in Physics PART I. Mechanics. "Nothing can stop a couple except another couple." PART Il. Heat and Electrostatics. "Iron has the property of not wetting mercury."-John Zeleny. Prof. Zeleny can show an old fashioned method of "sparking through ia piece of glass." "The unit charge tries to lift itself by its own boot straps." "A solid is something that can stand a pressure without squashing out at the sides."-Jones. "You can weld two pieces of iron together with rivets."-John Zeleny. V 364 Sophomore Ambition Charles Carrigan-To receive Mercy-des. Nellie Cashman-To beat the Shaks just once. Mrs. Burdick-To graduate when he does. Mr. Carlson-To go to Congress. Inez Kelly-To show the men that the women are their equals. Catherine McPartlin-To grow. Mary Mcintre-To make a happy "Holm.l' Hugo Liable-To have his picture in the Daily. Rowena Harding-To keep her hair fixed. Frederick D. Calhoun-To make Frederick D. greater than John E. C. O'Brien-To win a speer. Bessie Healy-To cultivate a frown. Gabriel Garber-To blow my horn and to elect my candidates. Sig Harris-To make Phi Beta Kappa and beat Michigan. Belle Dredge-Just to have one little Shak to call her own. A. L. Brownrigg-To own a Park-er sit beside one. K Parmelee-To be a better clown than Jensen. S C WB. 365 The Seaside Station. The Minnesota Seaside Station is a biological camp and laboratory under the direction of the Department of Botany of the University of Minnesota. It is situated on the west coast of Vancouver Island, just opposite Cape Flattery, and commanding a. View of the Olympic mountains and the Pacific. It opens for business about the middle of July each year, at which time the skies are clear and may be expected to remain so for a couple of months, although this is the region of heaviest rainfall in America. A magnificent forest of spruce, hemlock and cedar surrounds the buildings of the Station and behind them rise the mountains of Vancouver along the valleys of the San Juan and Gordon rivers. Parties of students and investigators go each year from the University to this far- off Pacific camp and learn something of the mountains and the sea. Last year thirty- eight were in attendance, all of whom became members of the Order of the Energids, and learned the true cytological Word and grip of a chromosome. There will be other candidates in 1903. 366 The innesota Verdure Vol. 1. Minneapolis, Minn., May, 1903. No. 1. Published by the Freshman Class at the University of Minnesota. Cane Rush a Tie Annual Soph-Freshman Battle Won by Neither Class. Sept. 16-lSpecial Correspondence to the "Verdure"j-eAfter a bloody battle yesterday morning the Freshman-Sophd more Cane Rush resulted in a tie. Immediately after chapel a vicious crowd of Sophomores was seen trying to separate a Freshman and the cane-or rather, a common gas-pipe. The Fresh- man was otherwise inclined, however, and refused to yield till Upper Classmen took hold of the atfair and arranged matters more scientifically. A space was cleared -the gas-pipe tossed-coats came off and the fight was on. Nothing could now be seen through the dust of the battle but a conglomerate jumble of human parts. Several hungry Sophomores hung around the edge of the iight like vultures, and whenever a Freshman leg or arm showed out of the mass of tangled humanity they would swoop down upon it and tug with might and main, with the result that some poor Freshman would soon find himself jerked to another locality. With such tactics it is no wonder the Sopho- mores should have been victorious in the first half. Infuriated by the bloody sight and the jeers of the Sophomores, the men of our class made matter lively in the second half. So lively, indeed, that when hands counted it was found that the was ours. Nor were our casualties heavy. We lost but one man, Flinders, who was all cut up over the affair. So much, in fact, that medical aid was nec- were fight essary to patch his head together. On the other side the Sophomores presented a. really pitiable appearance. CFor around their miserable forms, many a fair, white shirt now blackened, tattered and torn.J After the contest the Freshmen seemed uniformly proud at the way the Rush turned out. We have always believed in keeping in the background to a certain extent. It might be mentioned that the Sophs won the wrestling and boxing matches, but in these we took little interest. Freshman Election W. H. Pryor chosen President of the Class ol l906 The Verdure has been advised by its special correspondent of the recent elec- tion in the freshman class. The reports are as yet incomplete, but such as they are, they are highly gratifying. The choice of officers is commendable, and speaks well for the judgment of the class. It is believed the election was entirely satisfactory to every one, with the pos- sible exceptions of the defeated candi- dates and the janitor, who had to pick up the ballots and other debris. The meeting was scheduled for 10:30 A. M., but long before that hour the hall was packed and intense excitement was exhibited on every hand. When Pres. Northrop called the assembly to order, standing room was at a premium. The Presidents presence and address had a quieting effect. on the audience. but 367 Z THE MINNESOTA VERDURE. The Minnesota Verdure. Vol. 1. No. 1. PUBLISHED BY THE CLASS OF 1906 At the University of Minnesota. Editorial Here we have again another case of 'tclass spirit" springing up, which, if not as yet in its most malignant form still at this point seems to call imperatively for comment-for or against class spirit, one of those things which it is not well to allow to continue Without a sensible and rational understanding concerning it. In the first place, it is likely to effect ylsnoirg the general moral and social tone of the class as a class. We repeat, it is Well to have, once and for all a complete settling of the matter. So we say that in nine times out of ten, the freshman ideal is a much abused and long suffering thing. It all depends, we assume, on the kind of an individual as to what his ideals will be. That, indeed, seems to be the only com- mon sense view to take of the matter. lt is self evident. It needs no proof. For you see in the first place it takes the ideals to make the man, and in the second place the man is made by his ideals. Would it not seem Well, then, to have these ideals what they should be? Can we, indeed, afford to have them otherwise? No, we think not. Such a course would reflect on ourselves and on 'K ? ! ! - " 'i il' it ? Let us, then, weigh our de- cisions carefully in the matter of class spirit, and once having taken our stand, allow nothing to dissuade us from it. iWith apologies to the "Dailyf'J when the nominations for president were called the spirit of battle in the air immediately became apparent. From the start it was evident that the class was divided into two parties, the engineers and the third hour argumentation class. For president the engineers nominated Burwell, and the opposing faction put up Reilly and Pryor. The first ballot was a deadlock. On the second, however, a decision was reached, and amid cheers from the one side and groans from the other, Pryor, that syno- nym for virtue and ability, came forward and assumed the leadership. The T. H. A. C., after an exciting race, unanimously elected J. Bliss Bell to be Vice President. 368 For Secretary the candidates were Miss Grygla and Miss Jackson, and the latter supported by thc T. H. A. C. was awarded the decision in the first round. Perhaps the excitement reached its highest pitch in the election of treasurer. For watch- dog of the treasury those two scrappy and well pedigreed mastiffs, Batson and Stratton, were the nominees. In an excit- ing race Stratton won out by his neck. The meeting then adjourned. The T. H. A, C. escorted their victorious candidates from the field, and the engineers retired to the tune of "Ain't That a Shame." Tid Bits About the time of the first term final exams, the verdant freshman begins to realize that the Downey road to Algebra is not the soft snap he thought it would be. The Rhetoric department is to be con- gratulated on the fact that its efforts in bringing out the best literary expression from the students are being furthered in other departments. Mr. Bert Russell, the well known genial assistant in Chem- istry, requires his classes to write touch- ing essays on Carbon and pathetic trea- tises on Hydrogen, etc. etc. Literary Chat In looking over the recent publications received by the t'VerdureH we notice one breezy little volume entitled "A Higher Algebra." This bright little piece of fiction is the product of one of our own beloved faculty-Prof. John F. Downey of the department of Mathematics. As We glanced over its pages from time to time we could not help noting the skillful handling of the plot and the great depth of some of the theories advanced by the author. While these theories are not all original, as the author magnanimously acknowledges, still, he has succeeded to an unusual degree in making them thor- oughly incomprehensible to the mind of the average reader ffreshmanj. This story may be said, like Thackeray's 'tVanity Fair," to be a novel without a , THE MINNESOTA VERDURE. 3 hero, but a great many characters are introduced, too many in fact, so the in- terest never lags for want of concentra- tion. The author has also Very cleverly followed the example of Stockton in his story, "The Lady or the Tiger?"-in leav- ing the outcome of the story for the reader to decide. Some say it is a comedy, but from personal experience we say most emphatically that it is a tragedy! Although the book has, of course, many glaring faults, still we must in all fair- ness say that the author is certainly a worthy individual and has a brilliant future before him-if he will stop writ- ing algebras. Speaking of Directness Do not be misled when Prof. Sigerfoos asks in a genial off-hand way "Well, what about the earthworm?" or "What about the crayfish?" or whatever the quiz hap- pens to be on. The question in itself seems to invite to glittering generalities, but this is not what the professor wants. He wants just one thing, and that always the one about which you know nothing. Athletic Note The Verdure's athletic editor has re- ceived inside information that a new luminary has appeared to brighten the pugilistic heavens. Someclairn that this can be no other than our honored con- temporary Kelly. Kelly has had as yet but a few matches, but in these he has shown such marked ability for both giv- ing and receiving punishment, especially the latter, that his friends predict a promi- nent career. It is rumored that Kelly's next bout will be with either Fitzsimmons or Jeffries. Society Notes The many warm friends of Mr. Ralph Bradley will be pleased to hear that that enterprising young gentleman has accept- ed a position behind the counter of the "Nuz', cigar store. Those who know say that with Mr. Bradley's talents this must eventually lead to a partnership in the business. The Verdure wishes our young 369 friend every success, and we will be most pleased to receive our "Bull Durham" and other necessities from such hands as his. It is rumored that since the end of the Hrst term several shining social lights of the Freshman class have been taken seri- ously ill, necessitating their return to their respective homes. Although the Verdure is still in its in- fancy, it is already beset with all the ills an older publication is heir to, and not the least among these is the Spring Poet. The following pathetic wail will no doubt touch a responsive chord in the hearts of all Freshmen. It IS entitled: THE LAMENT OF THE FRESHMAN. I came up to the "U" this year to learn a thing or two, But the Registrar, he up an' says, "l'll have a whack at you"g An' the Sophimores standin' up in line, they giggled Iit to die, But I outs to the campus, an' to myself says I: UO, it's Freshie this!" and "Freshie that!" and "Freshie, go away!" An' it's "Hip! Hip! little Freshie!" when the band begins to play. When the band begins to play, my boys, when the band begins to play. O, it's "Hip! Hip! little Freshman!" when the band begins to play. I went into the Chapel, as solemn as could be, An' there sat Prexy Northrop in all 'is majestyg But he joked about the Freshmen and made ,em laugh at us, Till a Soph'more hollered, "Cane rush!" -an' 'neu they wuz a fuss. O, it's "Freshie this," and "Freshie that," an' "Freshie, go away"g But it's "Go it! Mister Freshman!" when the Soph'more gets too gay. When the Soph'more gets too gay, my boys, when the Soph'more gets too S332 O, it's "Go it, Mister Freshman!" when the Soph'more gets too gay! Yes, makin' sport of Freshmen, you seem to think is fun, You seem to have forgotten that you wuz ever oneg ' But if sometimes our soerrit shows itself in bright red paint, You mussent think we're lobsters, ,cause -we-ain't. I f' L From the Engineering School.- Integral Calculus A Lecture by Professor H-yn-s. "There is a vile odor of cigarettes in this room this morning. I don't know that it is cigarettes, but the stench is something awful so I suppose that it is cigarettes, Tan- ner, you may leave the door open. I am going to distribute a little pamphlet among you this morningg the oflicial organ of the Anti-Cigarette League, in which I have an article called 'The Confessions of One Who Never Smoked! I should like to have each and every one of you read it and give it to your brothers and sisters to read. I am sure that it will do them all good. Taplin, as you have never smoked a cigarette in your life you may pass these around. If any one wants an extra copy they can get it by calling at my oflice or on the registrar. I've given him 500 -to distribute. I am going to report upon the Monument Fund this morning. Mr. Frank Force sent fifty cents from the Philippines and the law students have contributed eighteen cents. All those who have not paid their pledges may do so at any time by calling at my office. lf I am not there just put your money under the door and I'll send you a receipt. Well, I suppose you have worked all the problems in the lesson. It is a delightful- ly interesting lesson, too. As my old friend Dr. Olney used to say, 'There isn't a col- lection of more interesting problems in the whole range of pure mathematics than this lesson this morning! Why, when I was 'a boy back there in Hillsdale if I got in a tight place the first thing I did was to go to my dear Dr. Olney and he would always help me out. Mlany and many a night have we sat up together with our sleeves rolled up and the sweat running off at the elbows, working those same delightful problems. Now, in my day we didnit have the fine text books on this subject that you have and we had to rely more upon our memory. Why, my dear friend, Dr. Olney, could repeat the integrals of 155 different differentials, and I could remember nearly as many. You may now all go to the board and I will assign each of you a problem. No, Bosworth, you will not need your book, you may leave it at your seat. Why, my dear old friend, Dr. Olney, never thought of using a book except to get the statement of the problem. - Is that the bell? Wellg I'm sorry that you haven't hlad time to do your work this morning, so you may hand them in later in the day. Of course, I shall have to take one oi from your mark, as an hour 'is enough in which to work any problem. I will assign the new lesson. You may take the next twenty pages in the text and the next eighteen problems on page 164. Youill find them delightfully interesting, 1 assure you., Many is the night that l've stayed home from a strawberry social and worked those self same problems with my dear old friend, Dr. Olney." Potential Differentials Dr. Eddy: "There is nothing more elusive than dynamics, except the Great De- ceiver Himself." What did John Howatt do with the other seven cents? Dr. Eddy fafter an exposition of Simpson's Rulej: "I see your faces are still sicklied over with a pale cast of doubt? Wasn't that a "hot scheme" when Springer formed the arc with the feather duster? There's "no doubt about it." Formula for love: It varies inversely as the distance, directly as the time of year and the ccrefficent of mutual attraction, Jones' First Lecture to the Sophomores "Now right from the start I want this class to understand that only those who play football and are academics can expect to get through. I make it a point never to pass more than one-third of a class and then I have to add fifty to their standings to bring them up to the passing mark. You men in the balcony-that railing was not placed there for your feet. It was put there to keep you from falling off in case I couldn't keep you awake. The text book that we used last year is very bum. I wrote Carhart that if he ex- pected me to use his book he would have to revise it and bring 'it up to date. The one that we are going to use this year is little better but I guess that with my lectures you can get something out of the course even 'though you do fiunk. For problems you may work as mwany as you want from Jones' bookg not mine, but another Jones. If I had written it there wouldn't be a problem in it that you could work. I was going to give you an experimental lecture this morning but Mr. Zeleny has been so busy on a new theory of Ionization that he hasn't had time to set up the ap- paratus. I guess that is all this morning." 371 X FE I X . W ., N 1 5 , Q A F I L - V011 Y . 7. Charles John Bell. Charles John Bell was born in Somer- ville, Mass., in 1855, and died in the same place on Saturday, January 4, 1903, whither he had gone on his wedding trip. He was educated at John Hopkins Univer- sity, and took post-graduate Work in chem- istry in Germany. He was professor of chemistry at the University of Pennsyl- vania for a time, but soon he received a call to Minnesota and held the chair of Medical Chemistry up to the time of his death. Professor Bell was held in highest esteem by the faculty and students of the University. Gentleman, philomath, and lastly "man.', His memory will long linger at Minnesota. ...vol The Department of Medicine The creation of the Department of Medicine of the University of Minnesota was provided for in the original Constitutional Act but it was not until the year 1883 that the department was organized. At that time its faculty was named as a State Examin- ing Board authorized to examine and license practitioners of medicine in the State of Minnesota. It fulfilled -this function until the year 1888, when the act creating the Minnesota State Board of Medical Examiners passed the Legislature and the Depart- ment nf Medicine of the State University was organized as a teaching body. The three private medical institutions existent at that time in and chartered by the state surrendered their charters and merged their interests in the Department of Medicine. A faculty was appointed from their teaching staffs, of which Dr. Perry H. Millard was appointed Dean. Dr. Millard filled this position up to the date of his death in Febru- ary, 1897, and during the nine years of his service devoted a large part of his time to the interests of the department. To his untiring industry, his professional enthusiasm and his political acumen the university remains deeply indebted for the security and success of the professional schools grouped in this department. These schools are the College of Medicine and Surgery, the College of Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery, the College of Dentistry and the College of Pharmacy. The department is housed upon the University Campus. During its early years it occupied the quarters of the old Minnesota Hospital College but in 1892 the iirst of the group of buildings in which it is now resident was built. This building goes by the name of Medical Hall. In the same year a Laboratory of Medical Chemistry was erect- ed. In 1895 the Laboratory of Medical Sciences was added, and in 1899 the Laboratory of Anatomy and the University Clinical Building. In 1897 Dr. Parks Ritchie was elected as Dr. Millard's successor in the oflice of Dean of the College of Medicine and Surgery and still fills this position. He is assisted in his executive duties by Dr. R. O. Beard, the Secretary of the Faculty. The educational progress of the Colleges of Medicine has been coincident with the development of higher medical education in the leading professional institutions of America. Its entrance qualifications at the date of its organization were elementary, they have been gradually increased until today the equivalence of admission to the sopohomore year of the College of Science, Literature and the Arts is demanded for entrance to the Medical Colleges. Within the past few years the course of study has been extended from three years to four and the length of each yearls course from five and one-half months to eight and one-half months. The department commands the clinical opportunities of the cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul, the dispensaries and hospitals of which are open to its students. The faculty looks forward to the early creation of a Minnesota State Hospital which may be built upon or in the immediate neighborhood of the University Campus. 374 A Medical Around the Campus grass I slouch My trusty briar smoking, This cursed Physiology Is really most provoking. I sit at night And bone and bone And muscle and gray matter Run riot in one wild melee And force my thoughts to scatter. In frenzy wild I seek the woods Where there's naught to vex us Yet rises to my thoughts e'en then That awful lumbar plexus. Down the canal of Hunter wide I wander, seeking dross Till I reach a pons varolii Which in vain I try to cross. And I wander, wander madly Crazed with fancy, dream and fact Till I ride my cardiac cycle 'Round the crossed pyramidal track. And my piaduramater Answering to la serenade Wanders forth with Bili Verdin 'Neath the Palmar branches' shade. Reve Voting Conte C if I I , fi 'l.' ? FT"?Q' 7. ,fi :lt ,y ,ff Q, if , X 'jf V SX 4 '4 xg? ,y , -5 N v 4'- fff ' ,ct ff ly.. ff! ' ' ff ' ' -Q Vf f X v I .wee I Q fu ilu I ull r f , Styli 'n,nI jf y fu f , ff I , I 4 J w ,dt Ppv I wi A' 'Wa Ngfuf 4 Ugg? -il' ' A 'H 1- N:-.-alia. 1 at xiii A x 17 'EH As a result of the popular voting contest in the medical class of 1904, the follow- ing wonderful information was elicited: Tebbits was unanimously elected class beauty and Freeberg class sport. Miss Bird was named as the most popular girl. Costello was voted the biggest grafter, Hoidale the greatest social light, Ballard, the biggest fusser, Morey the meekest, Birnberg the grouchiest, while Boeckman and Hynes were tied for the hardest worker. Humiston and Movius were tied for the laziest, Dr. Erdman was voted the most sarcastic professor, Dr. John Bell the most kind professor. The most polished professor was voted to be Dr. Wesbrook, the most conceited Dr. Rees, the general favorite Dean Ritchie. Little Medics Ten little Medics came to school so fine, "Dickie,' got one and then there were nine. Nine little Medics studied hard and late, But Erdmann iiunked one-then there were eight. Eight little Medics prayed hard to Heaven, But Tommy "conned" one and then there were seven. Seven little Medics bacteria did fix, One caught infection--then there were six. A Six little Medics into work did dive, f But one rode a swift colt-then there were five. Five little Medics Over "Path,' did pore, . One didn't see enough-then there were four. , Four little Medics plugged at Surgeree, 6 Dunn dispensed with one-then there were three. 9 ' Three little Medics, hoping to get through, A One lost his nerve with Riggs-then there were two. Two little Medics well their stint had done, One died of overwork-then there was one. - I CDB One little Medic, Avery melancholy, Tk- cg, Worked hard and finally, became an M. D. jolly. 375 GBX 5 ,,fr5fg i"lM ' Q-'XIW . Xi AN xi' A mg it-'a fl! s Qs A 7 N P11 .1 li.-iw - J-f iw f f iffy it MMM!! if f ff 7 f f f V i' A '1" "1"' T W QR . .f I JA 4, if f -,, .,NQ f X 'l I, f-4J1'.'f 'NJI 1 f' " 'I I M ZW f 1 J' Z X "Summer Graduates." Some Are Not. A FARCE is THREE Acrs. PRESENTED BY THE CLASS or 1904, COLLEGE OF MEDICINE AND SURGERY. Scenic Locale- Act I, Scene I-City Hospital, Minneapolis. Dr. Rees and class present. Dr. Rees: "As I call the roll each man will stand up, hold up his right hand and shake his left foot so I will be sure he is really present." Scene II-Same place. Dr. Rees giving a clinic. Dr. Rees: "Hark, don't you hear those distinct blowing sounds?" Whereupon Costello strikes Freeman. The class comes to blows and even the wind blows in sym- pathy. Act ll-Pathologic Laboratory in form of a Fortress. Lundmark, Mattson, Hans Johnson and Dunn attacking Fortress armed with carrots. Freeberg makes ineffectual attempt to attach a sheet of laboratory paper to the Hag staff and all within sing "Hold the Fort? Scene II-Attacking party routed and others emerge from the fort in armor made of autoclaves and singing "We Want Two Dollars Back." lndistinct words are heard as though a conversation were thawing out, "Say, Humiston, lend us a few cover-slipsf' "It's your day to mount sections, Kleiner." "Here Chelsea, did you mark me absent?" "Dick, give me some Xylol." "Well, that's always the way, the one who does the most work always gets the lowest mark." "Let's have a little harmony." Scene III-Cocci Brothers are seen hiding behind a malphigian tuft. Strepto is in Scene I-Costello winks at a lady on Summit avenue. Sequel will follow. Free- man with right hand extended 'above his head and left touching the toe of his boot makes the leap for life. Shultze, sitting at a typewriter, proceeds to assign clinics. Scene II-E. B. Daugherty armed with a repeating rifle and dressed in full cow- boy regalia kisses his hand to the audience and then shoots Traube's Theory of lm- munity all to pieces. Hertwig and Easy Mark slowly saunter toward the Histologic Laboratory, The sagittal section of a chick crows lustily was they enter. Scene III-Cocci Brothers are seen hiding behind a malphigian tuft. Strepto is in chains, and Staphlo in bunches. Vibro Metschnikovi holds up a chicken he has recently captured and then dives in a hanging drop. G. F. Jonnson is seen conducting a clinic for the benefit of some trunks he is hauling to the Union Station. Hutchinson and Costello do some Ward and Vokes impersonations. Closing chorus. , 376 l ' '- 'Sv Mr. CAST OF CHARACTERS. Oom Paul Autopsy, an undertaker, Sam Coffin. Mr. Hi Dive, a. long jumper, Chas. D. Freeman. Big Mr. Mr. Mr. The Mr. Mr. Chief Siwash of North Dakota, a. cock fighter, T. J. Costello. De Profundo Basso, from Bassorn, H. J. Hutchinson. P. Lugger, foolish enough to study, A. J. Movius. Elephantiasus, tries to spring a joke, C. J, Wallace. Duke of Argyle, a knocker, John Mattson. B. Ran Mash, a soft feeder, Pat Kelly. Percy Verence, a bluffer, Percy Kermey. Mr. Spion Kop, looking out for breakers, A. M. Webster. Mr. Mr. Mr. Hi Tenor, from Tennessee, with a sibilant role, G. B. Ribble. Get-Rich'Quick, a speculator, Harold Koren. Sporti Wynn, a gambler, H. M. Freeberg. Captain of the physostigmas tCalabar Beansl, L. E. Daugherty. A Pipe Dreamer, never without his pipe, Chas. Blais. Mr. Percushion, looking for a patent, W. S. Frost. A Foreign Gentleman Never in a. Hurry, Egil Boeckman. MUSICAL NUMBERS. O Where is My Wandering Phagocyte ............... ..... H ARMONY GANG Iodine, My Iodine ...................... ........ L . M. LUNDMARK Our Soothing Anodyne ............ ...... T HE HOFFMAN Brcos. Leukaemia .......................... .... R IBBLE AND HUTCHINSON I'm Nothing But la Poor Millionaire ..... ............ H ARoLD KOIREN What Salicylic Acid Has Done for Me ..... ....... ...... ..... T . J . COSTELLO New Jokes that Are Very Old ................................ ,.... C . J. WALLACE Three Cheers for Class Politics and the Empty Dinner Pail .... ,...... ........ COFFIN, KOREN, RICHARDS AND WALLACE We're Benedicts .............. .... W EDST1-:R. W1LKowsKx-:, KELLY AND DUNN Cutting Down the Gas Bills ..................................... CHAS. D. FREEMAN GRAND FINALE CHORUS. We're the king-pins of anatomy and histology, We're crackerjacks in Path don't you see, We meet the Dean and Dr. Beard in mute defiance, We're the doctors who are soon to be. FROM SCENE II or "SUMMER GRADUATES.U CAPTAIN LOU AT THE HEAD OF Hrs COMPANY. 377 N ,A iW J THE CLASS OF 1904. Stray Notes on My Cuff Like a port sculler one physician plies, And all his art and all his skill he triesg But several physicians, like so many oars, Conduct you faster -to the Stygian shores. Carbolic acid is the suicideis favorite route to paradise.-Moore. The science of cooking defined: "Carbohydrates, much cookedg proteids little cookedg fats, uncooked."-Beawl. Minnesota Daily, 3-13-'03: "H, S. Ives has been ill for a few days with a bad case of mentho-nephritis. He is under the care of Dr. Ribble." Lundmark tells what iodine has done for him. Bigelow told Dr. Abbott that the chief symptom of pulmonary tuberculosis was some expiration. Klemer evolves a pure food theory. Freeman suggests that he feed Kelly a bran mash. Wallace: 'tD'octor, how is it that typhoid fever in an oyster doesn't affect the oyster?,' Dr. Williams: "Perhaps you could not make a diagnosis on an oysterf' Dear Dr, Crowning: "Please protect me from those bad boys. They threw carrots at me and nearly rocked me to sleep." H. M. Freeberg. For ambulatory typhoid order a carriage.-Freeman. Liars are divided into three great classes, liars, other liars and skilled statisticians. -Stewart. Boeckman recommends exercise for one of Dr. Gillette's patients but says he has never 'tried the remedy himself. "The arrangement of the diphtheria bacilli reminds one of a Chinese washing bill."-Wesbrook. HThis artery is prone to be attacked but is hardly get-at-able."-Erdman. Dr. Ritchie admonishes Dr. Beard that he should be more musical that the stu- dents may not cut his classes to go to chapel. "Gram's Stain consists of aniline water to which the stain has been added. In our case it was Gentian Violet and tihen the solution is known as aniline gentian violet." -Dittmian. One of the "Chronics" at the dispensary remarked to a student recently: "Why, doctor, a young and inexperienced practioner like you should not attempt to tell an old chronic invalid like myself anything." 4'The saphenous nerve supplies the heart."-Brown. Jim Dunn he came into the room. And quizzed and quizzed until nearly noon, But weill fool him some day, don't you know, For we'll see him coming and away we'll go. 378 Lmsu sniff! gf' ml -new 5 ' M-'WWW W W Dentistry in Minnesota. To write a complete history of dentistry in the state of Minnesota from the time that the earliest practitioner first .hung out his shingle and engaged in the profession would be no easy task. The exact date which marks such a beginning is by no means a fixed one. For some time before the organization of any dental society, from whose records alone we are able to obtain reliable data and information, there were dental practitioners throughout the state, but of these men we know little or nothing. On June 26, 1872, pursuant to a call signed by fifteen practicing dentists, the first dental meeting ever held in Minnesota convened -in St. Paul. At this time the or- ganization of the old Minnesota State Dental Association was perfected and sixteen dentists, most of them residents of St. Paul and Minneapolis, became charter members. The first work taken up by the association was the drafting of a bill to regulate the practice of dentistry in the state and reduce the prevalence of quackery, apparently the chief annoyance of the practitioner of that period. But the time was not yet ripe for such action and the attempt failed for want of cooperation. Later an attempt was made to establish a College and Museum where models, anomalies, etc., might be per- manently preservedg but this died for the want of nourishment, as did the association itself after its meeting in 1876. While the old association was short-lived, and every attempt toward advancement and enterprise were apparent failures, yet no one, especially of its members, will say that it lived to no purpose, At each of the five meetings held there were papers read, and discussions upon such topics as were of interest, viz: The rubber dam, vulcanite and other appliances and inventions which were engaging the attention of the profes- sion at that time. For six years following the last meeting of the old -state association, nothing of importance occurred in the history of dental practice. In 1883 another attempt was made to unite the dentists of the state by organiza- tion. This attempt proved more successful than the former, for on March 3rd, 1885, through the united efforts of the new organization and those of the Minneapolis Dental Society which had just been organized, the first law to regulate the practice of den- tistry in Minnesota was approved. By this law a Board of Dental Examiners was pro- vided for, and in March of the same year, by popular Vote of the association, a list of names was sent to the governor for appointment. This was a gigantic stride toward the advancement of dental art and science. But the work of the association did not end here. Had it been so, the ground thus gained would have been lost and the public would still have been at the mercy of ignorant and unskilled operators. From the date of its organization until the present time the association has ever been the true and loyal guardian of the welfare of the profession in the state, and for this protction every practitioner owes his deepest sympathy and his most loyal support. Among those who are foremost in the work and instructive clinics of the associations are the members of the faculty of the College of Dentistry. Our own "DaddyU Reid was chosen presi- dent at its first meeting and Dr. Alfred Owre has since been elected to that office. The year 1883 may be said to mark an epoch in the history of dentistry, not only is it the date of the organization of the present state association but in tha-t year the first step toward the establishment of a dental college was taken. This step was a mere outgrowth of 'the progress of dentistry as a profession and was taken by the Board of Directors of the Minnesota Hospital College in organizing a dental depart- ment. The course at first consisted of two years of five months each. For admission, applicants were required to pass la satisfactory examination in the most common branches. The course was taken in common with the medical students and the clinical requirements consisted in the treatment of two or more patients, one plate, one thesis on an original subject and one mechanical specimen to be deposited in the museum. For five years the college remained under the supervision of the Minnesota Hos- pital College. In 1888 with the founding of the medical department or the University of Minne- sota, the College of Dentistry, together with the College of Homeopathic Medicine and the College or Pharmacy, was made a. part of the institution. The course was length- ened from two years of five months to three years of eight months each. From this time the entrance requirements and the standing of the school have been gradually raised until now it ranks not only as a part of one of the leading universities but sec- ond to no dental college in the land. 380 James Milton Walls, D.M.D. James Milton Walls, D. M. D., was born in St. Paul, September, 1870. He attended the public schools until the age of fourteen, when he entered Mfacalaster preparatory school from which he graduated three years later. The next fall he entered Macalaster college remaining there during freshman and sophomore years, He entered the State University for special work in 1890 with the junior class, devoting part of his time to financial pursuit. In 1891 he entered the medical department, pursuing full medical course for two years. graduating from the dental department in June, 1894. In January, 1902, he was appointed by Gov. Van Sant a member of the State Board of Dental Ex- aminers from which he resigned to accept the position of instructor in operative tech! nics and operative dentistry. A Toast Here's to the melodious voice That lightens our work each dayg With no introduction it comes from the soul, And his name is "Chipmonk" they say. Here's to the man from "Luwerne," As fair as ever was seeng You cannot but smile when he comes around In search for the "Waseline." Dr. Walls:--t'What filling material is used exclusively for the anterior mouth?" 5. N Www is UM NK Mr. Montilius:-"Oxiphosphate of copper." Scene-Daddy Reid's laboratory. Time-Any old time. Enter W--t and Slg. "Hast the crude material gots?" ff 'tHast.', "Wouldst go down to the babbling krook?' "Wouldst." Exit back door. Since the recent scientific experiments of Prof. Robert O. Green, Mr. Steadman seems to have relinquished all claim to his original title. 381 l ff' lgldf , W" 1' sk . 4-7 Q .mt -H :ll U 1' ,h,,5,5tuma ,N ., I ft ': m 'N ! l r S Sale B l' .K .NW x If , N X 1, ly. NK 'cvs " X. s A x- -. rx .fd p ff .Q , t . fi V " CD2 'Hlfk 'V' Y? fl 5 h 5, Q- f f if. Y xx Xfj, X - ,f! ff . X ,ff , w 'mfffffl 'ull XX 'lyrlllk X71 W1 S' "Tl L COLLEGE O 1 EIFIIAJRJMTACC Y 1' n M lN' ' ' ig MW, sf I' MSC? xp 1 '7 7f f ff Q f X 5,-fx 5 lynn 2 'S f ,W ML 3 Will' J M l 95 fix! fi R My 'X 'gk J 4 ,Q?""fi' Z J """ 'x f X 4 X i 2 ' 'NX NF xl X XX! E fig? X 5' 5 :ii slJ5wW fiwMfl 1 M IflMv?"Wf"'1'H 'JW 1 I wmwn F-'fn 5-.xq v - TZJ1' ,Y , ' nmmmllu.. TM "'N"'4 1' 'I K Y A "ii" 'U' ' 1 if T ' l. ' ly J N I ,Q ,Q Q-QI I 1 "I ' ' ...... mnlllnmliqf-.25-' MIT X K nl 1:12 - 'lg -5-+L ,, vf ' X iw li g W: W1P' 'fH' L. " A' ' W 'kmw iuxw f , ff 'f ffl ' khan V9 Z ffffhql , "-. gg Q uhh" f . 1- - - 'L am' f X f' ,," 5.7:f5:s,':5fF,f W W a MVN ff' X X ""'1'K"""" Z Y, ix ill' '1'ww'x :W J W 1 E Vf"" 4lE' ,M , 4 1 4 3' 'M ls M .P . , M Q :wif 49,4 I , .. W'N'W' QM " X f :ff 2:-1 ' .. gp, Af Ms' ,n 3 fy f f g W 'w i 'W 1:1 , + X - f ' ' 'v 7.,3f'T' V N J- f 'V' i iii 'fxll - fy , f 7 A-K . : me 3' f' kg of ' N QM ff- ,jj Z-f,, f' fr' f .Wg 'ff AE! ' , 'wx 5- fd' X" , 5 ,,, l - M I' Uv 1' f 'f1i f2--'L' 7' L " I ' 4:-- P1 u . . , :ESWAEL : Department of Pharmacy. Class of 1904. OFFICERS. President . . . . HERBERT W. CUTLER Vice-president GEORGE L. BORROVVINIAN Secretary . . . . . HELEN J. BARNES Treasurer ............. BELLE MOREY Facts descriptive and historical concerning Junior Pharmacists. "The time has comef, the Walrus said, "To talk of many things, Of shoes and ships and sealing wax, And cabbages and kings." 1 -Lewis Carrol. To do justice to the Pharmacy class of '04, to set forth in adequate language its remarkable characteristics, to narrate vividly the many incidents that characterize its short but brilliant career, would require talent and time not at the command of its scribe. There are, however, a few facts which are necessary to supplement the fore- going portraits. To begin with, we are not a mere dozen as might be inferred from the pictorial representation. The class of '04 numbers twenty-four, of whom three are young ladies, whose presence undoubtedly has had much to do with the gentleness and moderation exhibited by this class at all times. Eighty per cent of this number are High School graduates, a standard not surpassed hitherto. Investigation disclosed the significant fact that no less than six states are represented. North Dakota has been honored by the residence of one individual, South Dakota by another, Wisconsin claims twog two are from Iowa, one from Illinois and the rest left happy homes in Minnesota. The na- tionalities are as variousg two claim English descent, six are Scandinaviansg two have Scotch blood, three Irish, three German and the remaining number are plain Amer- icans. Historically the Pharmacy class of ,04 is a striking example of what a few months of college life can do on the right material. Only a few months ago this precocious class emerged from the woods, figuratively speaking, and presented themselves to the Dean as unaffected as children and as verdant as the campus lawn. But oh! what a change is apparent to the interested observerg the uninitiated applicants of September have become the sophisticated Juniors of today, as cosmopolitan as any on the campus. September the twenty-fourth, was the beginning. How the Dean jollied us in that opening lecture and raised our hopes with prophecies of the future! How soon in spite of the efforts of Mr. Butters did we find ourselves struggling almost hopelessly with the difficulties of Botany. Botany the hugbear of most students! But the strain and monotony was much relieved by the entertaining conversation of 'tShorty" Passer and Hanson, whose discourses on Botany often called forth admiring comments from Mr. Butters. But it was not until December that our lives became truly strenuous. At this stage of the game we were introduced to Pharmacy Lab., it was here that true interest and enthusiasm were displayed and originality let loose. Already Caldwell's Whoop- ing Cough Remedy and Toddis Potion are recognized compounds, and Mead's Disinte- grator is a marvel of ingenuity. Wasn't it Specific Gravity that we opened up with? And then came Aquae, Infusa, Decocta, Tinctura Extracta and so on through Remington's little pocket manual, with an hour a week with Mr. Backman who kindly gave us an opportunity to unload. How we labored those days! What feelings of triumph when an Extractum Fluidum passed inspection, what emotions of despondency when syrupus Ferri Iodidi refused to be pale green! Even 'tMr. President" caught the spirit and in his roaring farce entitled "Grinding" furnished a truly inspiring scene. The second semester brought materia medicag also qualitative and the reports on "unknowns" showed that at least some members possess that secret of transmutation for which the alcheimists labored. The strain of long hours was occasionally relieved by a lecture from Sidney who as spring drew near, became a frequent visitor. Then also there were restful Friday afternoon hours when t'Nick,' entertained and opinions were exchanged on subjects chemical. 384 With the advent of April came the annual "tired feeling" and the desire to lie draped over the steps or- on the campus lawn. And then the baseball fever, a team is now in embryo. On April sixth a change in schedule seemed designed to meet the new conditions although the Dean warned us against the temptations of spring days. Phar- macy Lab. was dropped, Mr. Butters took compassion on us and led us occasionally into field and Woodland to explain to us the mysteries of Botany. Already vacation anticipations are in evidence and summer plans are vaguely presenting themselves. The recent argument between "Shorty" and the "ex-peda- goguo" about following a binder was suggestive and we wonder what "Shorty" will do with all of those "Iives" when he returns next year. MEMBERS. Mead, W. E.-Alias 'tShorty," whose sunny smile is a source of aid in times of trial. Cutler, H. W.-A philosopher undisturbed even by such things as a quiz from the Dean. Passer, W. F.-Tall youth, curly locks, witty tongue, cheerful disposition. Hubbard, Floyd-Who hails from Rochester but as yet has exhibited no unsound symptoms. Bradley, Linn-An earnest seeker after truth, with the inquiring mind so much commended by the Dean. Graves, C. W.-Very grave, profound student. Barnes, Helen J.-Smiles and blushesg quiet and studious. Hanson, Geo. S.-Independent, self-reliantg one who has served full apprenticeship. Aker, Emil-Ex-wielder of the birch, with athletic as well as pharmaceutical am- bitions. Hanscom, Geo. A.-Alias "Fatty," cool, staid and steady. Todd, Alice M.-Fair pharmacist from Fergus Falls, blue eyes, soft voice, pleasant smile. Harms, Fred-Who seems to be fond of the Dean's phrase: "Go to work." Caldwell, Ph.-Fair Apollo from Saintly City. Fitch, F. C.-The member from S. D,, modest and persevering. Noer, F. J.-Who spent a year at Madison, but concluded to finish at U. of M. Gash, T. C.-Who says little but thinks much. Richards, H. J.-"Mr. Richards, especially, has shown great improvement."-Carel. Hartman, B. F.-Who is getting practice with theory. Kelley, John-Good looking member from St. Paul. Stadeck, Louis-Who, one person was heard to say, is a typical pharmacist. Kelley, H. P.-"Don't get personalf' brother of John. Swendseid-Whose name, Mr. Condit, is not "Swedenseid." Morey, Belle-Whom chemistry seemed to trouble. Borrowman, G. L.-The humble author of these lines. 385 Important Events with Approximate Dates. Sept. 24-The Dean gives opening lecture. Oct. 18-Class elects oflicers. ff? Jan. 20-Prof. Carel makes PH3 with melodramatic results. X 3' Feb. 26-"Shorty,' gets 95 in Pharmacy. af. time March 19-Class makes the Agricultural School a visit. 1 Q March 24-Kelley, H. P., arrives on time in Phar. Lab. I ,AX if f April 7-Hubbard buys an Easter hat. 4,91 Vmfgtlt. ,vf It Is Rumored- ' That Cutler will study parliamentary law. my f te That Bradley wiu limit his questions. V mf, ' That Kelley will get an alarm clock. 'Ii ' i That our secretary will begin to take the minutes of meetings. f' I J Mr. Condit:-Mr. Hubbard, how about sulphur? ' r Mr. Hubbard:-CTaking table for dispensing counterb- ' ' Which will you have, washed or sublimed? 4 Mr. Butters:-What were you doing Mr. Hanscom? V ' Hanscom:-Washing my hands. ' Mr. Butters:-Very peculiar manner, very peculiar place, Mr. Hanscom. . The Dean:-"You may now proceed to Hnd the specific gravity of the boiling point." "Mr. Hanson what is the shape of spirogyra cells?" "They are elongated spheresf' A Quiz In Pharmacy. Time: Fi1'stHou1'. 1. tal Name sixty-two 1623 tinctures, tbl give preparations, icy official titlesg Cdl doses. 2. Tell what you know briefly of the eighty-eight 1883 fluid extracts. 3. Describe the inorganic salts of pharmacopoeia. 4. State what part of plant is used in preparations of U. S. P. 5. Give index of Remingtonis Pharmacy. A Tragedy. 'Twas a critical moment. He strove manfully to control himself but his dishevelled hair, congested face and bloodshot eyes betrayed his wild emotion. His parched lips were seen to move but the silence was broken by a Whispered curse. He surveyed his small but doughty antagonist once more. Suddenly his face assumed a look of des- perate resolve and into his eyes crept the light seen only in those of one who has risked all in one last effort. A cruel, sinister smile now played about his mouth. With a quick motion he thrust out his right hand and his fingers clutched the handle of fblame him not gentle readerj tne handle of a razor. And then "O, horrible, most horrible! horrible!" he seized with the other his victim, and with skillful -strokes slashed the helpless thing in parings. Not a sound Was heard save the death dealing strokes of the weapon. With flendish delight he fell to examining his work and as he peered through his microscope a smile of triumph o'erspread his features. He had found an archegonium in a ferm-gametophyte cross-section. 386 ' l I D E PARTAENT i LAW GMM 1 History of the Law Department The College of Law of the University of Minnesota is over fourteen years of age. Its natal day was September 11, 1888. The day of its birth was appropriately cele- brated by a formal assemblage in the University Chapel, then located in an upper story of the Main building, at which time Dean W. S. Pattee delivered an address before the Board of Regents, members of the Faculty of the University and the student body in general, on the general theme of "Jurisprudence: A Science." . The cradle of the Law School was the Hermean Room in the basement of the Main Building. But the infant soon outgrew its cradle and the next year was moved from the Main Building to its present quarters in what is known as the Law Build- ing, which was completed and ready for occupancy in October, 1889. The nucleus of the library, back in those days of small beginnings, consisted of two or three sets of state reports and less than fifty volumes of text-books. Now the library contains about thirteen thousand volumes. Moreover, the library of this school has about three thousand case books. This part of the library, so far as we know, is distinctively a feature of this school, and forms a free circulating library, where books are issued on cards, and thus places in the hands of the students at no expense to themselves almost all the reading matter necessary for their regular daily classroom work. The library may now be called a most excellent working library, and, as its growth is assured, it will in a few years be one of the best in America. In the beginning of the Law School's history, the course of study covered a period of only two years. However, in the night school, organized during the iirst month of the department's work, a three year course was maintained. In 1895 all the under- graduate courses of study were made to cover a period of three years. In the same year this change was made a graduate department was organized, leading to the degree of LL. M. In 1898 there was offered a course of advanced work in political history, comparative jurisprudence, Roman law and the philosophy of jurisprudence, which course was intended to introduce the student to the broader Iields of legal learn- ing and entitle the candidates ito the degree of D. C. L. Gradually a system of moot courts has been established, giving the students drill in practice, and this system has grown yearly more and more efficient. The requirements for admission as a regular student have now been raised to a first-class high school education, although men can enter as special students and not candidates for a degree even though they do not have this preparation. The faculty of the Law School when it was first established consisted of one man. There were a number of lecturers, but there was only one man who devoted all his time to the department and that man was W. S. Pattee. When he appeared it was com- monly said, "There comes the Law School." Since that time Mr, Paige, Mr. Hickman and Mr. Fletcher have been added to the resident faculty, as well as a librarian and quiz masters. The increase in the number of students has been phenomenal. Twenty-seven stu- dents matriculated the first morning, and sixty-seven enrolled during the first year, and three who had already studied one year elsewhere graduated in the spring. But the number of students has been continually increasing until the maximum number of 530 was reached in 1900. There were twice as many students in the second year as there were in the firstg and forty-four graduated at the end of this year, as the first regular class. Authorities Cited Martin: "Newly Coined Words Mispronouncedf' Dredge: "Minn, Statues and Statuary Provisions."' Calloway: "Duration of Period of Minority." Goff: UAtitudes of a Young Attorney." "Judge" Williams: "History of Carrieris Liabilities." "Healy on Conflict of Law and Comic Opera." Greer: "Politics in Law," 1st edition. Meyers, A. L.: "Questions of Public Policy." Jones of Rock: " Stepping-Stones to Notorietyf' 389 1 '23 ' Modern Gaul " . ,-, Collegium Legis est omnis divisa in partes tresg quorum 'Q' 2 unam incolunt Seniores, aliam Middlemeng tertiam qui ipsorum lingua Junior, nostra Freshmen appellantur. Hi omnes lingua, I professoribus, legibus inter se differunt. Horum omnium prudentissimi sunt Middlemen, propterea quod a cultu atque humanitate universitatis longissime absunt, minimeque ad eos co-eds saepe commeant atque ea quae ad ef- feminlandos animos pertinent important. Qua de causa Middle- ' men quoque religous studentes virtute praecedent, quod fere coti- 4 I X A danis proeliis cum Jimmie contendunt. How Strange It Would Seem If Ryan shouted. If Fowler llunked. If Weld remained silent. If Volk didn't quiz the Prof. If Moe did not call out, 'tlouder!" If Oppenheimer could not repeat the statutes. If Shillock agreed. If Harrington backed down. If Nelson didnlt hypnotize the Prof. If Redding ever reached a lecture on time. If HSunny" Thorpe could not avoid a Hunk. If we should forget to mention "Judge" Williams. Sayre Vs. Redding 12 January, 1903. Sayre had a little grip, , QAS middlemen all knowl, And everywhere that Sayre went That grip was sure to go. It followed him to school one day, IZKRN As it was wont to dog KN V And gave the boys wherewith to play X ' Q Until the i'prof" got through. 1vL.r,,Wll5 . ,' If When Sayre set out his grip to seekg H if ,twil l . . . l . N ,V vf I He saw no grip in sight, ff .Q X M Saw signs of guilt on Redding's cheek, , iQ" And straightway it did smite. The dogs of war at once broke looseg ' The carnage then began. - Two fast and furious rounds were fought 'gt lm While blood in oceans ran. ' f "A draw" the god of war declared, fmm, if' UYour case I can't decideg .?.. 7 m'm"" I recommend the college court, By its decree., abide. 390 Law and Dicta. If K3 Kimball: "Life is presumed to continue, and courts f have even gone so far as to hold that it is homicide to kill " " Kiln a man the day before his deathf' ' ll - . . n xg , ' fy. Kuehne: "A partner's interest is that which is left ,QQ WRX ,I U If after deducting from the capital the assets and the liabili- , t . . ,, N , h N ties of the partnership. N X ' vffwg X Lecturer: t'Before the fire the building burned." 5 , H. X 4 'MQ If V gg Healy: "In Burnett Vs. Bisco, 4 John, 235. Plaintiff mx th XXX I' X, ,.',l'l'. had refusal of defendant's farm but when he came for it QQ?-w ml I ' 'X 'V 6 "hull defendant refused to let him have it." I A ' -3" .W , Prof.: "What do you understand by refusal?,' Healy: ff ' . ' fy, 'fwhy the rubbish etc." I wi ' ' 'lg Freshman Co-ed ientering campus at 8:30 A. M.J: -- ' ' "' 'fWho are those sleepy looking fellows leaving at this time?" 'At this point I must tell a storyft Junior, Co-ed: "They must be night laws returning from lecture." Paige Cafter leading cases in N. Y., Mass., and Penn., on the point in question had been cited and discussedj "Do you think the holding in these cases good law?" VVeld: "No, sir: I have read a decision handed down by our municipal court hold- ing to the contrary." Mr. Moore: "Suppose a husband and wife don't live happily together and the husband wishes to deed some property in which deed the wife refuses to join, is there any way he can compel her to? What would be the best thing to do?" Prof.: "Use a club." Meyers, A. L.: "The plaintiff had his team there as agent to represent him." Caldwell: "A man has an insurable interest in his own life equal to three-fourths of its value." Paige: 'flf I gave you an estate until you received a diploma from the law school, what kind of an estate would -it be?" Barnard: "A life estate." Judge: "Mr, Shillock, take up that topic, please." Mr. S.: "Do you want me to tell what I think or what I know about it?,' Judge: 'fTell what you know, if it is not too much." It is reported that after Judge Hickman directed the middlemen to get a copy of Bliss on Code Pleading , one ,A of the number brought to class a copy of Dr. Bliss's . "Common Complaints and Remedies? - "'lffWm'f,f,XX Student: "In Colt vs. McMeachem the court held : .VB 'JIM H+ that the sudden falling of the wind was an act of God." f ,wr J It Prof.: "Yesi. Mr. Sayre, have you a question?" I Q3 1,2 I QQ., Sayre: "I don't think that is right, it should have '- K' ' K"'Jf!iw been held to be an omission of God." . K Student: 'flf one kills anything that has ever been riff . a human being, it is homicide." 4 Mm. Paige: "Is an oral republication of a will good?'l Student: "Yes, sir, when it is properly beginned L 'X and in writing." ' y .Lecturer on-Insurance: "There, cannot be a valued by . policy on wheat in an elevator that is going up and down ', ml 1 constantly." H t Paige fenumerating the code statesjz There are Mm ' 1 ' W 'I no others although a state might adopt the code without ,WM lm, -- My knowledge. Paige: "No doubt. Mr. Freeman, you got that thought from someone else." P. I. Thompson: "Notice may be served on the de- fendant personally or left in his office in a suspicious place." 391 Prof.: "ln conflict of law regarding willsg the law of the place of his last death Will holdf' Prof.: "Did you get that law out of the Dean's note book?" Student: "Yes, sir, and thought it must be very good law seeing it came in such an expensive volume." Prof. ito Junior who had made a bad flunk in recitationbz "Sit down, you talk like a Senior in a final quizzf' Mr. Porter: "When a man has not been living for a year he is supposed to be dead Gleason: "ln this case the plaintiff had a life insurance policy on her husbands house." From the "Lake Crystal Hera1d,', January 13, 1903: their fellow t0WI1SIl1a,u .JJ saying that . , and the . V throughout his experience he. had ef the the Lille, Ulf-lllght never seen anything quite so thrilling. ! He is test, read other ty oefore ther A LAKE CRYSTAL PRODUCT. Open to 'tin A jrgeggstgl Our genial young friend, Geo. Hrst 39131 ime ,ahsnnryl Dredge, spent Sunday with his parents College p miversrratrs y and gladdened our sanctum by a brief find UQ 11-M manrraye N visit Saturday evening. George is at- lf'3Cf'93'510U- --qty. tending the State University, and from S113 they veeks lnl what he says ne must be pretty nearly Put dw three to l the whole thing in the law school. me last. V I-hen men He is acknowledged to be the great- life has fa' eendrtions. est politician the college has ever 1151112 Qpef 1 -ith nreeenr lknown and would be a veritable Moses of Nhlch S-K familiar 1 if it werenot for onesmall obstacle. All all be us- - ads are l his plans and candidates have been ig- Wi Peffnan inner, hiel norniniously defeated for want of suf- PUZGS In C whreh he rs ticient followers. This does not speak Date and .nrrrenr with well for the good sense of his class, Vote Wa had one but George does not think them wholly Jack Ha- Then 1 incapable of recognizing his superior elght Conv -Lys ent of K qualities and intends to give them sev- led .Out P? New We ere! eral further opportunities to get on the .Sm of H s in dem. i band Wagfm- ms Qomfs re arwey 1 He is known among the students as Pubhc S?-4 lasseey- 1 the genial politician and friend of the man ,to HIP broken r Law School. We always knew that Ortahze hm at youngl George would make himself heard if Self by glvi J entered 1 opportunity presented itself. 310-000, as stedy When! - F' M' UIBSQ Wide so THE MAN AND THE HOUR. fund the to hold! The occasion presents itself in every Da Ierience ' man's career, which, if grasped to its ey 5 tj andl self cannot effect 'mf' efwifr from the . LQ A pf 2 , , . ,I , . . lg W I' K A young chap studying law 'P T ff VVrote home one day to papaw: , PMN Z "Dear Daddy, Fm broke. X 49 'S X My clothes are in soak, I I Jr nl , ' Regards to yourself and mamaw. ' I dl Q' ' "l "Y M l' WM J. 392 Kennicott at Nebraska game X Amen ' '74 I , I Il" -xl N t NN f i E 5 Pi l Uv If-I TH I-: LAKE CRYSTAL "PRoDuc'r" E Y F my Q' Vin . I 1-1,1 ... E: 5' .. SS. if b. 'si 1 E h TJ E1 Sf a , E . f .A V1 . 4. IAAA J AH'''Z:gmmMm 2gmEW2mmmwmwWwwPDwDvmwWmmmmww5,W . f fp .,,,, ,za 9711"-2 , L ' I E E 0 "1 l I I 1 V, .-. -f ,wr ' . . i -. hz' E 1? F354 fi " ' f gi 4,-LQQQQQLE1. 5713? I I 'ii A I Viv, lf if -I 2 'Q- X ,jlsfj ,WE 7 JILT 1' Q35 , . :wi ' 5"1?f2 ,,. " RE Ei 132. , 3155 x E .- -' gf: N21 .15 . .. -.1 . ,zf .n. '-' " CHQ., .-.'. 4 :N .xg 'c 15 -.4-,g ..,--,,., 9. , ,'-gifs' 1 577,-1 , .' fy' ' ' . vm. t , l z 1,20 3 eil. J- 5,71 -M L J ,-,,., A- , 53 , -?9Q':5,g ig . L. 1- ,A 1- .J--,-IH, -. -1 -'ff' 4-1 gr-. S, 4.1 -1-525,-,, . ,Q . . ,, -11 Sim-11 " 5'-em sf' fi-ft-pmulfeawani-1111:'fffxmf 'f-fl-A--1.1 -3 14' -. 25 aff: X57 'Lai:-'ziggy'F''x5T'f5ggg-f1-:L-.-.g:2122,...:'.-L, -iii-J -'i'- A ':'5"x'i'If-Q55 Aran. ' Ti' :il : re-,'az?:,:,. '-3 .uf r.'-ggi-G... 'S':,3.:.g4.A,nq,',-',-1-,., .-1,-.1-5-':x5':1 . ,Q-.px " -'fncf-Az.w?2in,.,,,.5 '. . .D 514 , E -Qty! 33 'A'-Cffswaw3-'+"'.,k:f-45-:1-4-'r,z2favf:-wpv1.f.v--.- .0-22.54 ...+:-11 .' ' ww, : - -A J 5--.'?.f.-im--'35015-:1-ziveifztim-ref'iiegirqsii-.--:'far:fri1':y:. 122.-,-.5 , r,-ff V' f i ,.,:.:s.'.w?f:d'Q,,,.1-,1l?45:35:.,-:f11'g'Mxx:,2iyEYhvT:-rv I, ul: E 3 5 1 LH ., ga, 15,15 . X a1:.,..,..Af4tf' "" s . E161 E1 W5 QV: Tf:i::ifJifE! J A , 'f' "4 ' 1" ' -gm . f- flu- 11-V 1 ,fr 1- . 3-. -Q - -rv Z " .lf ,P A A - -1:3132 -' 4 x ww 5. : ' X 3 .. "" 1. -Jas Q "' vu .. J?-1, .,"1 E- 2 nl ,- ' ' ,.4f' - 'Q-52 "3-', iii' x 1' ff.-' "--r' 2 Www v" Q 115 f, Ji- 'A 4' f 49-5 1 F fin, ,-, 14 , fx, ,gn r 52 Q, -, 41 f. 4 fy. gg. M221 2: E . " F- an f 'V 551 315 ' . A' ..? If ' ,fi ' 1 fy'-. --in -f-1292136 .J 'f-V, . QQYET. ,E jg 5 le. 5? 5 I J-Z!.., ff'-. Q5 ,'. X f b Q .'1'ffPEg:ifn' .ir Q : ::,.i':' 1.1. ' ,git-'fr' -11"-.:.-Q-".':J-'g:,,m5? -.-r-:nf 1'f:1'1-'xiii-ff'-FG: E -ling? I-'.'A-Eiup-.'?E?Zqv-.cfaz1f5'i.:'g1i1? - ., ,- e. ng.. -fiug: ,4 rug.,-:ii-1-35.5 ,3 ' 2,315 f 1 . Q-f,,:,f'.. fr:,-upA'-Ay:-'-gfff:gf-Qigcn-:QW .nf 71151-fiwig-, gegwi .2 I, .. .V my zggiyfggygiggtgiigggnggffg, ,iff ,, . ..,Q1,f: 'V 'E-,mpg ffl.-,--, ,fy-, f . .- 553-3.fzve1,1zf1' -ffi-sim -ffm:faigff1sg7,z,w?'F:' gif! ,xA ,119-7 ,. .--,J,.,ML1L 24 .-X. Af-f '17 , .N .-: 'g 'Qf- -'vrawaf 1, 'gg fqfgg .3 R '7+3LHf'r'1i13IZ'-'23 -, 'QELJ We .551 ' eq?-ZW" fi ."9' ' T :ET gg,"-g.'.'j::af?a '-if N 5, . gg ,f . Q 12135: :F:.5.,5, "'5w1ff-. V' ,f ,.-fy:f-.ypr.-m1511'1Li1'f-:tiff-'- ,, 2.42 1- fff-Q-1.1-,uf R ,ia-f'::.-,-zf.-',-21-.'1 , : - 1-ggzgsf,warren:-Q3-'x1,.g:, -g, S0 -r 2-'-gm vgfn ,,,., , A -.-,-.- .. V. .. . ,HH 15:::.:::,!-p,41-if-SQ1-be 1. 1.1 3 , I: ,V,.,.-,f,,,:. l . 1-3252.152-.1.: 7,2134 'a N -I .A :, .,,1: V-.-' 1' 'Jig .. ' :-zu, . 1 -vf 13 wg! f-51,-' 'J' f L..g3,. . xx... r 1 ' ' l .. -7 ' . A. 175 ,f:',Zz'Jiy33g13.Q1?-5. 'inf-ifzi 4:1 .1 Q-gal' -- -1'.3l 5' -. -Jrrif 341 ,, 1 ..r,, . p. Notes from the Agriculturists The Agricultural College Has professors learned and wise Whopossess a fund of knowledge That will make you ope your eyes. Like all the other colleges This small one has a Dean Who with his mighty power Runs Well his great machine. The students learn to love him, And when trouble's in the airg He will settle matters firmly, But with justice true and fair. When we wish to know what land Is the best for oats or peas, Professor Hays Will, if we wish, Give a learned talk on these. "Few to several" things we'll learn, If we have a half a mind "In a general way" to listen To this Prof. so Wise and kind. Sometimes the bugs will spoil your crops And you will lose all hope: Then to Professor Washburn turn And get for them the dope. We learn the chemistry of milk, Of many foods and soils, To drive these things into our heads, Professor Snyder toils. Prof. Haecker loves the dairy cow, And will for us portray The ways, the wherefores, and the whys Of making dairies pay. Professor Green knows all the trees, That grow in different climes, And we must study all of these, To "keep up with the timesf' Prof. Robertson with merry eyes, Sets all our fears at rest, When we 'appear in Soil Physics And apply ourselves with zest. He says the things that hurt us most, And never seems to care, But if we strive to do our best, He's sure to treat us fair. A cook book now we never need To make pies or pureesg And to Miss Sheppard wise and kind Is due all of the praise. To cook is not the only art That's useful here below, 'Tis Mrs. Blair who teaches us So deftly how to sew. Dear reader you will plainly see When we're, with this, all through- Of farming, all the lore we know, And all the science, too. 394 I HE 1904 Gopher Board wishes to call the attention of the Readers of this book to the following pages of advertising matter. Were it not for the business men of Minneapolis and St. Paul who each year generously support the Junior Annual through advertisements in its pages, it would be impossible to pub- lish-the book. A return should be made these men for their courtesy, and this can best be done by the patronage of the places of business enumerated. 396 N , , f fjff ,V X , f Q V 1, f,! 7 f M'f,2!! ,,7 W X f W Rlscommruns , J' 2 - , f THESE PLACES f 0F BU 'NE ,, f -ro vnu- Q If 7 am 7, f V!! y f 2 i f f 1 xfy fh M ff A N' 4 W ' H ywwmaagg ima. 6222- ii. Q. X W f VCEGELI Sells PURE Drugs at RIGHT Prices 6q lQ3 QX3XGfEE91E53XQCQElQXQXwxv7QApf65 gs we 3 WE ARE READY S? Q ei Q for your order. Our tables are groaning under the weight of QQ New Goods. fe Q . 2 Overcoatm s Q9 . . Q2 Black and Business l O C 5 Sultmgs Q 9 63 Sei sg Fancy Vestings 2 e . 5 Trousermgs EE, GE? 539 QQ -69 QE? Q Q They are here in abundance, awaiting your selection. Moderate prices, best work. Q 2? Q2 V G9 E. E. TALLAN T, MERCHANT TAILOR Q 38 SOUTH THIRD STREET Q Qeieereiiaiiefe zez z z z U STUDENTS PATRONIZE U FURNISHERS 598 VOEGELVS is the UP-TO-DATE and POPULAR Pharmac Q p llolley Gasoline lllolorell, . . 0550.00 5 H. P. Engine. , ii 000. Longuemare CFrench0 Carburetor. A 1 00 . '53 3 . 5 if gh565525155Oi1f,,iZQfSie52,,e!Qilfimiiiignaiiig re ' Qualities than most of the higher 5 'P -0 ' Q priced rigs. Waverly Elcclric, . . 0850 lc 5l500 HOLLEY MOTORETT. The Wheel ci the future. .ie- If , :A ' 37 XZ gif rioclgflzilililggind HERCULES MOTOR X J I , . . . . . 0200 I Q .- P XQxJ,- if li-in . Moron TANDEMS, .... 5250 'E W-fffmh . ,. - Th 1. ' t cl ti Te t d . tl r 1 'V , , "l Acge 132 55053, ellie f:.,5fle,5f,.,,f 'f ell 0 0 1 Oyjflllelitdll In Ruby 0r Black Finich. New if inch Pitch Sprockets on Racer. E V 535.00, 540.00, 545.00, 550.00 and 555.00. ,. ' Old Reliable T iger Bicycles. , 1 . 5 pf, CQ S25.00, S30.00, S35.00, 540.00 and 050.00 Special equipped D. SLJ. Hanger vi 81 Thor Special Racing Hubs Ei rg ii J , -Ea-yr K W f 16. 1 I M , 15 0, 0 G50 WJ". .0 ,li , X il' 'A .WF x, 5 in "rf, Road Special Chainless A, -5, 4. CLEVELAND ... ' 7"T',, . 0. Haynes Tires Guaranteed, . 55 Per Pair. .. M 0. QIARA M49 ' Warm. N-rf:"o 'eh ' 0... , 0 .Vi . W5 - I Q . .4 ,W -iw' ' r' V Qi Af lf H' ' 'i ' ' rf" AHI0 f 62 t A S M. . . lei' 0 gf! 01, , . 7 IS . ve. ., rnneapolrs, Minn. 0 gi, mimi My Dealers in qi 5' W' Vim Bicycles, Molor Cycles, Aulomebiles, and All Sundries lor Same. W 305120 U SAVE U'r MONEY AT THE U EURNISHERS 399 Y VOEGELI SELLS PURE DRUGS AT RIGHT PRICES 2 IQEEQEILBBIHIB Wholesale and Retail 7 Q Athletic Outfitters W u fiiiiiifffiilll Base Ball, Tennis, Golf, Etc. Gymnasium Goods. B ats C noes I 0 3 3 3 IQ. , gLrF1l2', ty W 'f' it will ll ull? M' is I K K W J -4 Launches. Kodaks and Photo Supplies. Fishin Tackle Cam Outfits Guns, E a P i and Sportsman's Goods. Columbia and Imperial Bicycles. XVe carry a larger stock of up-to-date Sporting Goods to select from than all tl D l ' tl T ' C't' Qlummemzemeniz innitaiiums SPECIMENS AND ESTIMATES FURNISHED The ifiezracrl gurl: tllfunqzrmtp Class ilfeizzorzkzls. Pz'f!211'cs and Casts. Alera amz' f1zfm'esz'z'ng Szzlykrfs for Class Room Defomlzlnz. C077'6.S1b07ZdE7lfK 1m'z'!m' . EZ-1 Nirrrlirt gkumtitr IS ea CIS 111 le Vl'1l1 l ICS COH1- bined : : : : : : : : : : KENNEDY BROTHERS, Cor. Robert and 3rd Sts., ST. PAUL. -Y Uniuensity of minnesota 4, College of Homeopathic medicine and Sutfgeny The next session commences September 8, 1903, and continues eight and one-half months. Four years attendance required. Unexcelled Laboratory Advantages and Abundant Clinical Material. HOSPITAL APPOINTMENTS OPEN TO GRADUATES. For further information acldress the Dean, db Q + H. P. Llhlhamson, m. D., 602 Dicollet Huenue, minneapolis. UFURNISHERS CATER T0 U STUDENTS VOEGELI BAND CORRECT PRESCRIPTION WORK ARE SYNONYMS 0 -g-- JTANLEY HALL-E 50,4 IRDLVC and day school torgirls, opens its fourteenth year September Ijlh, 1903. The school occupies its own buildings, which consist of a fine modern residence andla school building azyoining, located in one of the most desirable and easily ac- cessible residence portions ot' the city. In furnishings, sanitary conditions, ana' general eouipfnent the school is a model ot its kind, 756' CUIWSF-Y 01' Sflldlf prozfide the customary curriculunz for all grades hom Primary fhf'0N.L'h Iwo ,lfears ot College work inclusiz'e, and also offer ertended work in Instrumental Xllusic, flistory, Literature, English, Elocution and Physical Culture under specialists whose standing and work have done much to give Stanley lfall the enzfiable reputation it has throughout the country for sustaining a high standard of required work, and at the same time imparting that polish and grace of mind and character to its students so much desired by all thoughthll parents. Certificate Privileges Stanley Hall graduates hom the fouryears' classi- cal or scientihc course are priffileged to enter upon certihcate from the school nearly all colleges and unizfersities where women are admitted upon certificate-an universal recognition of superior work not gizfen any other academic school, public or prizfate, found in the IVest. ' Sirscholarshi s Czfalue 3200.00 eachj are offered to graduates of Jcholarshlps Stanley Hall Aziflcademic courses, or to graduates of other schools maintaining courses ot eoual rank. Lecture Courses upon Literary, Sociological and other topics bv the best talent the country affords are each year offered by Stanley llall, not only to its students but to the general public, at merely nominal prices. Attendance upon these courses and abstract work upon the sarne is required of all students above Freshman Grade. ' Beginning with the year 1903-04, special opportunities are Culture Jtudles to be offered in tllusic, Piano, Molin and Voice. l:'locntion, and Yraining of the Speaking Voice, Art ana' Art flistorv, Physical Culture, Dancing' and Department. Only teachers of tine ability and of the broadest training are employed for these subjects. Correspondence is solicitea' regarding these departments, as it can be easily demonstrated that better opportunities are oficred in these lines of work at Stanley Hall than at any other school of flcademic grade in the Northwest. Yheflnnual Announcement, containing hill inforrnation as to courses of study, prices, etc., and illustrated brochure of the school will be sent upon application to STf1.vL1fV11f1LL, Mfmm1p,,111v. nzfmf. OL! 175 ADELE EI"liA'S, Principal. EYERYBDIIY IS SATISFIED AT U FURNISHERS 401 DO YOU LIKE FINE PERFUMES? VOEGELI HAS THEM. NATIONAL TAILGRING CO. UP-TO-DATE TAILORING. MOST POPULAR PRICES. WORKMANSHIP AND FIT GUARANTEED. BEST SUIT EVER OFFERED FOR S15.00. GIVE US A TRIAL. IT WILL PAY YOU. 209 Washington Ave. So. Minneapolis, Minnesota. r 1 1 THE NORTHWEST S GREATEST STORE -? ffi2:, i.. - ? ", Q1 .?-faiig 5 N Visit this great store when rf' in tlie cilgf. Makel use of 1 ' 1 I MWF? i3f'-if ' - the est 00m on t ie sec- .ff 21 ,524 ,iswtxglf fx - ' ond Hoof- ii ln::IL3" :ew ' L , . , 1 1. -. ,,., ft-'.-I ,,,-.,.,.-Mali.-gil I- I-li SPE mg-I-Kg '-ii..:,N-I-, . I Iwerything that sdesirable - I . li2I:f1"': -s.lN1m!,!1l if-s.p1,.' --I -- . . ".,-Ii 5 iw: ,,,'1lII.!: tiigsll, ,.,. " in general merchandise- i"i"' II-I T.---i.ii!li !lT i5'Sff?w.t--Q' 'LII' - - ,IQjqwgfgg-.1,!ig. ,I:I:gg - . including ready - to - Wear 1I..f'Q'i'I!!NI15I?:Q 'q','iI III:"!-3 'I'l"1i'i5:iia ': " S apparel for both Women I-"'I"I' rl 'I ' 'I' i"""' 'I d ni n isl ere t a gf t ' an 9 -' 1 3 ea .Q , Saving fo you- Put HS t0 .t,. ..,-mt. L., - . 1.I !1.ll.u... 4 I '-- ' -e-e ICI Send for Catalogue if you live out of town. his free for - "'-f-,-7'--.----,.: - ---,,-.32,?,-f.55-T.?:i,- --v - - - --- -- - - -- - - - - -- SCHUNEIVIAN 84 EVANS ' The NGi:QxRiesII,Store ST' Sixthvltzfilkiiasha Streets THE BEST DRESSERS GO TO LESTER'S FOR THEIR CLOTHES 402 VOEGELI Guarantees HIGH Quality and FAIR Prices on Drug Store Goods. John W. Thomas 62 Co. Dr Goods m , s m C-The kmd to depend upon it ' Jackets Suits , Skirts, Etc. 'W fwg' 47,92 A ' 6 gi 5 w'X Wy' ' 'X l R Men's Goods Q Shirts, Ties, Collars, Cuffs F"-'-"1-"iN I LA MARGUERITE::Our new Corset. I Hand made. A genuine tuhalebone corset. The very height of corset ele: gang-e, A Perfect:Fitting, Hygienic Corset ............-...i..J STER MAKES A SPECIALTY OF FULL DRESS SUITS 403 SICK ROOM SUPPLIES AT VOEGELPS. QUL L EG-EVlENAN,Qee'EQY5 WHO WEAR "PALACE" CLOTHES, GET A ll tl HIGH MARK FOR LOOKSASWELLAS BRAINS THIS APPLIES T0 HATS, SHOES AND FURNISHINGS .....AS WELL..... f i I 0773 or L I A ,, v Y 'CLOTHING H0 55 CO. 1 Dorsett... we " " IVIANUFACTURICR OF Caterer. Delicious Frozen Creams 4 4 and Fruit Ices 4 4 Als f ll line f Home-Made Bakery Goorls Nicollet Ave. I t f III our sulvurba l lx sPrce1AL Rlvrrs TO sTUD11:N'rs, 712 Hennepin Ave- l Q she Dontbwestenn Lime Co. wHoL1Q5AL1f: IJICALIQRS IN C C I C I C C I C C C C C ZQQLQIQQECNQS CC C fQ,Qg,C Cglgggg, I Building POR-I-LAND Flint Wan Plaster, ATLAS Fife Brick, ' Mortar Colors, CEMENT Hair, Etg, USE RUBEROID ROOFING. GENERAL OFFICES: 7I AND 72 Lowfk Lfvff, JOHN YVIIARRY, President and Treasurer, ' R, C. BRONVN, ViceAPresideut. t. n . F. M. XVILLIAINIS, Secretary. , VOEGELFS Drug Stock is ALWAYS Fresh Because He Sells the lVIost Drugs. 404 After the Show Comes VOEGELITS Delicious Ice Cream VVhile Waiting for the Cars XIV NW We it ALL PHOTCS S SIN THISSESS eeee ee iiii C9 Q PUBLICATION MADE BY+4. illi 5 Q PHoTo STUDIOS 301,305 NICOLLET AVE. ' Th e Latest Styles o Photo Frames L Nh NVQ Q ov LESTER ALLOVVS U. OF M. STUDENTS SPECIAL DISCOUNT. 405 TELEPHONE YOUR DRUG WANTS TO VOEGELI. urtis 84 Yale Co. SASH, DOORS, NIOULDINGS and INTERIOR FINISH. : BUILDING PAPER AND HARD- WOOD FLOORING. : : : : : : : : : : 609-614 Lumber Exchange, - Minneapolis, Minn WAUSAU, WISCONSIN AND MILWAUKEE, WISCONSIN. ioooooa-e--o+4v -A-- -an ---A--A- A-H A-AA- A -A---A--- ---- - A----------A----4+++u+,4++++vuq4++.++wq4Q4+u++wa+QQ+4o+u+o Blwwn BV9S'm'G9' ooo +MwowQNoo+++4oou4444oov+wvQ4o+o ooo++o+ I 'V I merchant CGIIOYS .... Special Discount Students. 2I s. ew sr., minnzapclis i,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, , , , , , , , , ,, ,,,,,,,f++vv4+v+o++vQ+4-.+.+.+.+.oo++o.QQQQQQNQQQvffQv+444u+vv++w4+4 Lester Has All the Latest Novelties to SeIect From. 406 Goods WellBought Are Half Sold. That's Why VOEGELI Does So Nluch Business. E 45, THE FAMOUS ' ' E 13 HA NNIBAL HA MLIN 5 SEED AND HA VANA CIGAR Q Made Famous by its Superiority-Different From Others-Have You Q Noticed it?-All Sizes-Hand Made LA VERDAD AA CLEAR HA VANA CIGARS Egg All Sizes-Ask Your Dealer-For Sale Everywhere Q WE UM- WA TT CO., Dist. Qi 311-315 FIRST AVENUE NORTH Q MINNEAPOLIS MINNESOTA Z Zgiifiiiitiiikiiiii Ei,ZZCEEE':"Q1EEE?,Z.EEi?:c,LiEE?2,83fQff?5,'5 Q is SHEYLIN-CARPENTER CO. if 95 LUMBER MANUFACTURERS Q5 1 E K- MINNEAPOLIS MINNESOTA jJ7'Zf?YZ P47187 N 1 f A A E Q Q1 , ba N gg' 2EfQQfZ97 W' ' 'iff 'm f07fD799'5Q949'dQQQE5 1-72 ig ,Q ' Ffflf, ' E1 ,EEE ELL- E15 .E BE SURE AND SEE LESTER BEFORE PLACING YOUR ORDER. 407 4 VOEGELI SISLLS A 35.00 BATH CABINIET FOR 33.50. Donlt Vlforry your rnind nor Vklaste your time looking for Better Prices. Nyeifg Brundidge PHOTOGRAPHERS You are looking for our trade in your line and we are looking for your trade in our line. : : : : : The Old Stand 81 I NicolletAve. MINNEAPOLIS .5-'I Browning, I fl V King 61 Co. 415-419 Nicollet Ave., Minneapolis. 3 THE LARGEST MANUFACTURERS AND RETAILERS OF Fine Clothing IN THE WORLD. 1 "No Clothing Fits Like Ours" l EVERYTHING THAT A STUDENT WEARS EXCEPT SHOES. 2::1:::.f:zf'l:5E.i'f'RPoRATm 'siiifm Cllnight, Kay HENNEPIN COUNTY QD SAVINGS BANK QD MINNEAPOLIS, MINN. Oldest Savings Bank ln the City. DEPOSITS: January lst 1894 ................ S 878,834.32 January Ist 1895 ........... .. , 965,275.37 January lst 1896 ..... 1,171,316.14 January 1st 1897 ..... .. . 1,217,989,259 January 1st 1898 ..... .. . 1,559,029.1O January lst 1899 ..... 1,763,359.S3 January lst 1900 ..... .... . 2,135,359.04 January 1st 1901 ..... ..... 2 259,229.79 January 1st 1902 .... . . .... 2,727,550.24 January lst 1903 ..... .... , 3,203,145.53 TRUSTEES: JoHN E. BELL, DAVID c. DAVID P. JoNES, AND. THoRALsoN, BELL, XV. H. LEE . Company Manufacturers of High Grade FRATERNITY EMBLEMS, FRATERNITY JEWELRY. FRATERNITY NOYELTIES, FRATERNITY STATIONERY, FRATERNITY rNvrTAT1oNs, FRATERNITY ANNoUNcEMENTs, FRATERNITY PRooRAMs. Send fon Catalogueand Pnice-list. Special designs on application. l40:l42 Woodward Ave., DETROIT, : : MICHIGAN. LESTER CAN PUT YOU NEXT TO ALL THE LATI3 STYLES. 408 VOEGELYS CEDAR LAVENDER FLAKE KILLS MOTHS. 150. PKG. WHITE ZSL lVIacNAUGHT, JE WELE RS. fine watch Repairing and manufacturing. Liberal discounts to University Students. 407 Nicollet Ave. MINNEAPOLIS. IF you had commenced a year ago to lay up tive dollars a month you would now have B60-and you'cI never have missed it. One dollar starts an account drawing interest. JLANTHONY FALLJ BANK QTAPITIXL. - - - 5123000.00 SURPLUS AND PROFIT'-, 5511000.00 Total Resources, Over One Million Dollars. JOHN lVIcLEOD MERCHANT TAILOR 'Phone Main 1422 L-I. 825 Nicollet Ave., Minneapolis, Minn. GEORGE REDDING, Wholesale and Retail GROCERIES AND MEATS. .25 Central Avenue. TELEPHONE: N. W. 500 J-2 East. T. C. 6156. HOFFMAN HOUSE COFFEE YERXA BROS. 8' CO., Wholesale and Retail Grocers. I I5- I I7 Central Ave. 425 to 429 NicolletAve. X NTXIWWIIM. ,Xi li ltllnllxnnX X WA X W ,Q M WNWWXIN ,tnlltw 0 015 , Nl I Nix W Mmisllsntxllw xl wi WW MWXIIIX lmttninnnnt Photogtfaphs The Finest Equipped Studio on the East Side 329 Centnal Hvenue, Fins! Class Lllonk I l MINNEAPOLIS, MINNESUTA. a specialty NMNNEAPOLIS y ,, ,,+Y,, Y ,, I 1 Statement of 1 , Q 0 f l , ....Peoples Bank of M1nneapol1s.... x.l,, 7 "f11liQ 'i11lLlffiiffffiw'.liiiiiii YYQLQ l EQYf391be1'- 35911. - 1903- . I RESOURCES I,IABII,I'l'IES l Loans antl Discounts. . . 1SZZZ,749.-19 Capital Stock, .... EF 60,000.00 I I Overclrafts, .... 80.76 Ifndividecl Profits, . . 7,628.56 , Bonds and Stocks, . . 9,750.00 Deposits, . . . . 300,558 .14 , Furniture and Fixtures, . 1,500.00 W ' Real Estate, ...,. 25,000.00 I i Cash and Due from Iianl-tsl i 2092106.45 i i W i W i i i I I Total, . . . 25368186.70 Total, . . . 35368186.70 5 i XVALLACE CAMPBELL, President. C. CAMPBELL. Vice-President. 1 l GEO. J, SIIERER, Viceflaresitlent. C. 12. COTTON, Cashier. W DON'T MISS SEEING LESTER BEFORE GETTING SUIT OR OYERCOAT 409 , sQsWee?g3?ZGiii5IsQ2Li2AggiZ2?ZSdgsit31iJ2Sileiivigifiteelfsteigy S S S BACK TO NATURE gi fkPJIJ'TTiIE'VVfKFf L.J.CO0KE M. D. DIRECTOR or Gymnasium, State University And of His Private Institute of Physical Culture :D g Devoted to the Restoration and Mainten- if ance of the Health and the correction of Common Deformities. WWMM WWWW A Complete Institute of Mechanotherapy where exercise is given according to the individual's need. VVe successfully treat Constipation, Stomach Disorders, Nervous- ness, Neuralgia, Obesity, Rlieumatism, In- somnia, Weak Heart, VVeak Lungs, Round and Uneven Shoulders, Spinal Curvature, 4? Hollow Chest, Small Bust and VVaist, Etc. Q, gi Special Courses for gi Z O P S O B O a N s D- o ET E '1 0 : WMMWM WWWWWW Steam and Shower Bath Massage T counsns BY MAIL 612 Kasota Bldg., Minneapolis Phone: N. W. Main I806:Ll Send for Ill slrated Booklet Mailed to You at Our Expense Posing is aiu Art Every Woman Should Know S DON'T MISS SEEING LESTER BEFORE GETTING SUIT OR OVERCOAT 410 VOEGELI FILLS YOUR R's AS YOUR DOCTOR ORDERS THEM. YM' 7'?t'1.11 C'1'l1'f's' bus! a1z11'.s'111'z'.fi DU' Gomfx HZYIISI, YM' mfvsz' .THIN 01'a'cr HtI7!.Yl.' in Mr' 1W17'i!l7z'1ivi Field, Schlick Co. H1fg'h g1'nn'4', 41i'ff11s1'7'1' 111f1'f0n1zn'z'.vf nz' fIIZ'l' j5l'l'!'t'S. alrways. zum' nfnvays Ma' 1lt'Zl'FSf af Mr 11670. NfvslvvsAAAlvN Dry Goods Carpets Women's Shoes Men's Furnishings Women's Complete Outfitters St.PauI . . . . . . . . . Minnesota Q THE HAMMo D 5 f wo Q i """' S'G"f f t THE TYPEWIHTEH of the Two Hemisphefes. a t THE ONLY POLYGLOT 3' Vsing on the same machine, one hundred O V ' " type shuttles, in twenty-six languages, in- ? .!'- imjhm x stantly interchangeable. I Q I AN INDESTRUCTIBLE MACHINE 0 V 5"2+-HPF HZ ' 'V . N' I T if 'i I , . . XVIII last generations anml outlive ten type- ' .-- har machines. XYrites like printing. .1 'Z Prints like writing, The earliest Ham- EEA 1 mond does better work than thc newest 'T' ' ' ' f. f machine of any other make. THE BEST MANIFOLDER The one machine producing perfect and permanent alignment with uniform impression. E THE HAMMOND TYPEWRITER co. E Minneapolis Office: 15 Fourth St. South. .QfQfQfLQfQf'ifLQfQfQfiifQfQ'Q'i'Q-'Q'Q'ifQf'i'iQ'Q"Q'i"ifi'l The Delta V's will give an Informal three weeks from next Friclay night. QMINNEAPOLIS JOURNAL IT1cM.j 411 VOEGELVS Sarsaparilla Removes PIM PLES and BLOTCHES From Skin. 75c. Gl:'lY7'l,lf,ll!flY O!" 77115 lf! lic! Your Laznzdry Work Dom' at tim The People's ningfa P gli S Q t e anm Steam Clothmg House. 7 0 P Y PP ll 0 0 0 0 0 Y L. ROSENTHAL, Proprietor. Proprietor. 'if' Y Y Suits Sponged and Pressed. ....,............ 40c Pants Pressed, while you wait, Mondays ...... l0c Pants Steam Cleaned ................... 40c 123 Nicollet Avenue. 'ffff 11 A- A f f f flies: REPAIRING NEATLY DONE. Depot with Sam Reynolds, Ski-U-Mah Bar- ber Shop. 706 Hennepin Ave. Minneapolis, Minn. F. STODOLA 8 CO. University Tailors 4128 FOURTEENTH AVE. S. E. Pressing and repairing neatly done. Special discount to students ............. Gamossi Glove Co. N0.20. 610 Nicollet Ave., Minneapolis. 421 Wabasha St., St. Paul. Wants to sell you all the Gloves, Parasols and Umbrellas that you need. Nothing else sold. Filling Oculists' Prescriptions and Fine Repairing our KITTREDGE LIMRTIN. ILXVIES N Specialties. : : : ENGRAVER' ' "4" 'W I Nvvvvvvvvv-fv N., SOCIETY STaXTIO1NTERX' Tel. T, C. 863. M ' , anufacturln ,..f..... AU...-.T 1..- 4'c?1Eo' Iiifun . , gi r-400 Nxoonnmr A vnxrn: ERT ICO E O MINNEAPOLIS. ptlclans' ' ' ' fweef A -Wee f-A - WE are prepared to show our exclusive novelties and fashionable patterns for the present and com Overcoats and Suits, . . Trousers, . DUNCAN ing seasons. .if .al .al .if . . . 320.00 to 340.00 . 35.00 to 312.00 sz BARRY, 1-QI-5111.9 B5 1 sv E. Fourth street, ST. PAUL, MINN. Q Best ln the World ewelt g ewrlters if 412 Jewell Typewrilers is Saaazsrsmgzf f6oo o o o oloo? f"i""""""""""""'i'N TAILOR LEE 9 HE SATISFIES ' Grand Opera House Annex ST. PAUL ' x.............-.........J ' EXCEPTIONAL facilities enable me to buy all ' my goods direct from the mills, thus saving ' middlemen's profits. I occupy a whole building, which was espe- cially put up for my exclusive use. It is the ' . largest building used for tailoring in the Northwest, and the finest in all America. fi"'T""""""1""'-N I O I make Suits to Measure from 8518 to S40 I I and guarantee perfect satisfaction in every instance I I I give discount to students. TAILOR LEE bfi'-O-O-C-Cl 413 ewen gpe IiIIcIfs 2e:.:.:::.Irf,::1 I Twin City Telephone N. W. Telephone, Ma I 1956. 2417 J 2. Qi W fr Dr H. B. WHITTED, ANmwANWN Zbarles E. Rice . . Flclfist . . . L Q It A MMM I L15 J Mail and TeIe1,zraph Orders Receive Uur Prompt is 1 Attention, west liotel Building A A A A FUNERAL DESIGNS A SPECIALTY. I I iq, Flowers for Weclclings. Parties. Dinners ai I mg Every Social Occasion. Q W 409 NICOLLET AVENUE, ' I NIINNEAPOLIS, NIINN. A King is H one invested with supreme authority over it notion, country or tribef' also, H :I Chief among co1npetitors.': IVhon the head of the Empire Statcfs school system applied this title to ' CC ' 7 7 1 - . . . , H 4 L l Gi n ,Y I 53 ' ' I ' ' . ' CL I ' 0. ' 77 ' pl , Y A A 7 K WEBsTER's INTERNATIONAL DICTIONARY how aptly he used Words The Supreme authority P ' Xes 'G1l0USJfl1fISh'WG Said S0 Usually by hereditary successio P 'I rue EL fain ioi the first Webster Weis builded nearly a, century ago Lhief amono compemors 'P It would be presuming for us to s-Ly so but if you Wont to know what others think Write us .Ind we will tell you. You will be 'l'ILf87'I'Sff'fZ in our .spfldmen pngffs sent frrfe. ,llil-.i C. Sc. C. IVIERRIAM CO., Springfield, Mass. , v Smant Glotbes for men EVERY CARE USED IN MAKING CORRECT GARIVIENTS, ESPECIALLY DRESS CLOTHES Business Suits, S30 to S40 Trousers, S7 to S12 "V 0 ll2E4thSt IH. F. mcBnide, LHIIOIY, sr.'PauI. ' CLASS OF 1904:-MANY FLUNKS BUT FEW' FREAKS. 414 Jewell Igpewrilers is Ss .12.::.':.!Y.",::? .f---"-'--13 O O B O O KS 1 O O H 5' no E. 4 no -5 U3 al K4 UU C O 2- U3 f'f C "1 rn Q . a is the largest College Book E Store in the United States. ' 3 ee--e i e T 0 O We have a large and carefully selected stock of Miscella- 3 ' neous books, and We are especially strong in Medical, S ' Scientihc and Technical Books. S ,.-, ...i c MAIL ORDERS RECEIVE OUR BEST ATTENTION sl-ll M ign The H. W. WILSON CO. 0 W- The University Book Store f' Publishers to the University of Minnesota 'f'?'5'Q'ifQ"LfQf'ifLfQfGifQQflr'Lf1'i'LQ'L'i'Qf'ifli'L'Q'Qf. The following poem, continued from page to page, was responsible for the one 1904 B L W1 th tt f 'ts p bl"at'on C e to a Xote the Gopher oard con roversy. ien e ma er o 1 u ic, 1 ,am f Hayes' outnumbered the "nays" and as a result the poem is herewith presented. The ' 'ty 1 ' , 2 laimed the knowlel e f the 1 bl' -at' f tl e' ames as opposed t th 1 bl' :at'o' of th 1 rn. They H V I ll I. L C ll ni and XV. H. Mc- G tl 415 THE FRESHMAN. He comes to school with a roll of dough Ut doesn't take it long lo god W 416 N, W . ie . . A P f 2 5 Ba nu? if R25 51 HQEHHEF Q 5' ' ri Q.H.m,5ig li. QQ 5 agua u ' 1 I A . l H ' .al , , Q lf - Q ' 'lim R 1 Q . ' 1 RL---.Q 21f43A W -fe' NORTHWESRIN EDICAL SC GOL UNIVERSITY .... .. ICHICAGO MEDICAL COLLEGE? DR. N. S. DAVIS, Jr., Dean DR. W. S. HALL, Junior Dean Four Hospitals with SOO Beds. A Dispeusary Treating 25,000 Patients Yearly. New Buildings and Equipment. A Superior Fac- ulty. A Reputation as a Leader in Medical Education. Clinical Work in Every Year. Ward Walks Daily for Seniors. FOR CATALOGUES AND PARTICULARS ADDRESS DR. ARTHUR R. EDWARDS, Secretary 2431 Dearborn Street .......... CHICAGO Pr eparatiou Room Pathological Laboratory. He got heartfailure in E. Bi1'd's lair And Cooky gives him an awful scare. For several weeks he may be seen On some days blue but always green. 417 The Intercollegiate Bureau oi Academic Costume. Emacs!! Cougar .Q LEONARQ ALBANY, N. Y. Makers of the Caps' .t Gowns ,. E and ' A-rg, In it Hoods 1 1 to t ie Lniversity of Minnesota, Univer- sity of Chicago, University of Pennsyl- vania, University of the South, Harvard, Yale. Cornell, Princeton, Brown, VVil- liams, VVellesley, Bryn Mawr, Mt. Holyoke, Tulane, Leland Stanford and the others. Illustrated bulletin, samples, etc., upon request. Rich Gowns for the Pulpit and Bench. EW YORK CANDY STORE CANELOS, Proprietor FINE CONF ECTION ERY ICE CREAM and SODA' WATER Chocolates 85 Bon Bons a Specialty Telephone, T. C. 1897 245 NICOLLET AVENUE R S Beautiful Roses, Car- nations, Lilies, and ilir 1 f all the Flowersin sea- son. Christmas and Easter Flowers in abun- dance. FUNERALS A SPECIALTY. Tele- graph orders for funerals and parties promptly filled. Seeds and other Florists' Supplies. 1stKAv. S. and 18th St.. City Store, 37 6th St. S. MINNEAPOLIS, MINN. A. E. ZIHMlYlERlVlAyN, I L TIS H 0 TEL. Connection with Billiards and Bowling. 500-504 Central Avenue, Minneapolis. ABBQQMFL ET! .UH Et QF UYXQQLENS 0ur stock is of a Magnitude and Variety in Novelties as well as Staples never before attained, and comprises besides a large assortment of the leading foreign makes, a tremendous line of doniestics, which shows at the first glance the remarkable advance made in this country in the production of quality and design. Sults and Overcoats to order, S20 to S50 Pants and Fancy Vest to order, 35 to 814 I ' 'L ' I 104 1 THE UP To DA TE E. Seventh St. , St. Paul, Minnesota. X .9 He monthly writes to pa for money XVhich he expendeth on a pony, Razors keen, 'a larger hat, Chapel seat, a swell cravat . 418 "IT LEADS THEM ALLf' ....DAILY To.... MILWAUKEE, CHICAGO AND ALL POINTS EAST. ELECTRIC LIGHTS IN EVERY BERTH. FAMOUS TRAIN OF THE WORLD. Chicago, Milwaukee 62 St. Paul Ry. I .... DIRECT ROUTE TO .... Winona, La Crosse, Madison, Racine, Northfield, Faribault, Austin, Mason City, Cedar Rapids, Kansas City XKIIICII you travel let us have your patronage. We appreciate it. OFFICES: I 322 ii'5f1L'S'6ET',esJi523?.m'i5' W. B. DIXON, Northwestern PassengerAgent, St. Paul. And tickets for Sid's lecture course. He doeth many things much worse. He at the Occidental chews, And reads the Daily for the news. 419 For Bicycles and Repairing go to DAVIS BROS., 815 Wasllillgtoll Avenue S. E. ssWss'7li?llfS3es Il4!5!L? .Fl Special Discount to Students D. LU. Phone, main 2734 L-4 9 I-2 FIFTH ST. SOUTH CROWN 2, Second Howl Minneapolis, - - Minnesota 10 Per Cent. Discount E , D , B E S T T0 UNIVERSITY STUDENTS AT The Optician S. Jacobs C3 Co. 409 Nicollet Avenue Minneapolis, Minn. 518-520 gigollgt ,vez O l A O CDPSAHIJS American Tent K Awning Co. C. M. RAWITZER, Proprietor. PHOTOGRAPHS Speak for Themselves. Cotton Duck, Oiled Clothing, Horse Blankets, Awnings, Tents, Flags, Umbrellas, Sails, A H L Paulins, Feed Bags, Horse Covers, VVagon . . Covers, and XVindow Shades. PHOTOGRAPH ER TENTS Fon RENT. BOTH PHONES. '. -' I6 W. Third St., 125-127-129 lStAv. N., 23 South Sixth Street. ST. PAUL. MINNEAPOLIS. L'ENVOI. The freshman has his ins and outsg He may have brains-we have our doubts. 420 3239eaeaeaeeeeaeaeeeeaeeeeoeooeeaeaeeeagg G5 G5 GD G5 2 'I he Jewett , 5 e 1----lf e 6 G5 3 3 G5 G5 9 Q 3 0 2 G5 G5 G5 G5 G5 GD G5 6 G5 25 3 G5 G5 3 ce G5 G5 G5 G5 G5 G5 G5 G5 G5 G5 G5 G5 G5 G5 3 "A Typewriter of Quality" E G5 'Nas designed to nu-et tl1e demands of the begi 1111 er and expert alike. It 6 is simple, yet poss esses many cc 111x' eniences not fm 111c l on other Typewriters 3 3 J ewett Typewriter Co. e 8 Facloryhaofxg H0126 Qff'lce:1DEi'tMC?:1i,E?J OIOWA 3 3 GEO. C. WEBB, Northwestern Agent, 3 G, 237 Hennepin Avenue MINNEAPOLIS, MINN. Q XV 0 ll 22eaeaeaeaeaeaeaeaeaeaeaeaeaeaeaeaeaeaeaeaeaeseaeaea9922 "Phonetic spelling would lie good in r':f1'Iain c-usvsg it' you spelled write. rite that ld be Flf'llf.U+KIf'ClllIllD1l3. D 471 Prof. Nactrieb Cafter Miss Jones has drawn her interpretation of a goblet cellbz "Well, that's not the kind of a goblet Pm used tof, STANDARD PORTABLE .ff f' f A fff "' H i ' efLTZ - , A' "' T2 ' Am I 'tb - W," fl 4?5f?Z"Q?515fir-ifffz'-1l"w ' XS .tx A ' ii' o tme i 'T T, il j' i 1 1 ll j ,' 7 hlvl 1 tif 2 A m m e t e 1' s --..', c - - - " 1 ., . For Laboratory Use Weston Standard Voltmeter These instruments are the most Reliable, Accurate and Sensitive Portable Instruments ever offered. ESTON LECTRICAL NSTRUMENTCO. Waverly Park, NEWARK, N. J. THE .... NORTHWESTERN NATIONAL BANK OF MINNEAPOLIS. Capital, : : : : : : : 51,000,000 Surplus 62 Und'v'd Profits, 525,000 An average of over 8 per cent dividends paid to stockholders since organization in 1872. Dividends paid since organi- zation, 152,130,000 OFFICERS: .IAIVIICS VV. RAYINIONI3, President, NVM. H. DUNVVOODY, Vice-President, E. VV. DECKER, Vice-President, JOSEPH CHAPMAN, Jr., Cashier, F. E. HOLTON, Assistant Cashier, C. W. FARXVELL, AssistantCashier. Special Discount to Students of . . . PETER THOMP O MERCHANT 231305 O 102 SOUTH THIRD STREET iii'-L OPPOSITE POST OFFICE T MINNEAPOLIS, MINN. Prof. Oestlund: t'The grasshoppens forelegs have developed into rnouth organs 422 The Tram for omfort every night between Minneapolis, St. Paul and Chicago is the fzuuous orth:Western Limited IM Tin-3 No1eTr1-VVEs'1'1cRN Lrxic It is Without exception the most brilliantly illuminated, the most hanclsoniely furnished and most luxurious train in every respect in the world. J, A, 0'BR1EN T. W. TEASDALE City Ticket Agent General Passenger Agent can and Nicollet, MINNEAPOLIS ST. PAU L, M 1 NNE s OTA WAvANvWNv 'Slang is a flirty-faced chilfl with bright eyes. NVl1en Dr. Burton kisses that child he sees only its bright eyes. When I kiss it, I see only its flirty face." Oscar Firlcins. 423 Minneapolis DYE OUSE. KPIA French Dry Cleaners of Ladies' and Gents' Clothing, and all Household Goods. 242 K' 522 Nicollet Avenue. Branch: 229 Central Avenue. Phones in all Stores. 'L FOR ALL PEOPLE AT ALL PRICES Q-QP , -P' 27 VVE RENT pianos at very mo der ate rates mm' allow rwz! iafwzrfr fnzrfhzzse. I ' M 1 11 n Bldg. gggggfn .,5::':tz.:, Minneapolis,Minn. J JUST WHAT YOU WANT FUR SUMMER . . . 4. Base Ball Flshlllg 1 1 'ffffggifaaf .. X f..,:,g,,af ERS PAT Do 45 iii, A, V? Goods Xi vga 1.5 U F? f"' .,11,..5, . Tackle lx X PA'-M-XKEPOSOA - 'gory gl -' - -V fd' G M L la. uns K inf? sm f gf! so Balls ' f , af ? "' . , 2 rx , H YL' ' 'lm "l 'Til Ei' W' - wil l 'ww . Emil Wl'i!l, n '3-'M ' l?: ,nY l- l l iflyylgglqgilfllfff Boxlng Bwycles P Ayew' W ' lwll' :l + 1 -r3KlW1e-G 'L Gloves ' CUT N2 869. Ask for Palmer Hammocks for Comfort Hackett, Walther, Gates ST. PAUL Hardware Co. They keep it on ice at 1322 424 3555533 h'i"ihiim i i is hill East' Liygpy, 1 ALBERTPICKERING JOHN BESSETT, Prfoprletor. First Class Service at Reasonable Prices. Also Hearses and Carriages for Funerals. EEE? HDPE- T. C. 6111. NAV. 131151511 4 I4-416 First Ave. S. E., MINNEAPOLIS, - MINN. M 1X G E E R141 ST1X UIQANT ANJJ BIXCI-IELO R'S HOTEL COR. FOURTH AND ROBERT STS. ST.PAUI1, MINN. Novelties in Stylish Oxfords and Boots . sl v- ' "--- KIIODIGIICIYS ' '----'-'- 1 new 1 - in ftlffg gm Bongo The Photographer , ' SI7 MAKEJ PHOTOJ ' INCOIIQI As You Like. .. HUCIUIQ " '-., . ll Jee our "" ' ""' 4 Fifth Jt. J. E., Minneapolis. NEW GOPHER SHOES 100 New Spring Styles, Per Pair 531: SPGCI'-9' Dl'SC0U'1f tv SfUd9HfS- The University Press T. H. COLWELL, MANAGER HDoc" Rickard is ever late and seldom knows the lesson, He never reaches first hour class because he's home a-d1'essin', Yet "Doc" will make his mark some day, though I fear that time is farg So he'cl better ask St. Peter to leave those gates ajar. 425 HIS 255.00 TRUNK AND SUIT JOIIN T. HARNUM . CASESTXIQE WAY UP. IEVERY TRUNK MANUF'R THING FOR HTRAVIELICRS 715 NICOLLET AVE. AT B A R N U M 9 S i -.,o... Dr. Granrud Cto Mr. Nye and Bockman who have misbehaved shockinglyjz 'lYou small boys seem to be trying to make it as homelike as possible for meg I have two of them at home-the older is about six years of age." 426 ' s"9 :Ts Q5 Correct ,Styles 'Glue Best Wofrkmransnip Perjjeitilfits TU NQUIST 6"be Gailor Young mei g'x'e us satisfaction Our work Juits from 320 a is trial and we guaraitec NN our best zidvertisei ent. i 616 First Avenue Joutb upwards MlNNEAPOf,lJ, MINN. E EH M ESTABLISHED 1851 Rathskeller Cafe EIMER at AMEND A-at A ff E ee W ll l:ii3iT'5if Tnos. F. LALLY, P,-op, 205-211 Third Avenue, fCoruer1Sth Straw NEW YORK CITY 312 FIRST AVENUE SQUTHJ Importers and Manufacturers of 11711117 kt? CI-IENIOALS Banquets, Chemical, Dmner Parties, Physical and Scientific Apparatus EVERYTHING NECESSARY FOR THE LABORATORY. : : : : : : : : : GLASS BLOWING DONE ON PREMISES Weddings, Etc. P RWAELQI N LNQ-LBDOM Q 4-L B351 -1 AQLASSL SPLAQEJ Telephone Main 299 I. Jewell gpewri ers i:e,2a.11.::.':.,Y.",:L'? SEE OUR HDAVIS SPECIALH BICYCLE at 815 WASHINGTON AVE., S. E. .- w -" 'P Q4 "' Z' Qu " 1' .U '2' f' Ea 'Z' Ta -Qs :Ta :Ta -'S "' :Ta -'N "' sf: -W4 'E' :Ta T4 :Ya :Vs 10 gf .5-5' .3-5'S.giQ..gF.,w ,g'.,Q.g-iQ,.4u ,z2S.:iQ,.4Ev ,gQQ,.,e5-5.-gfw .g1.g.:ug.-:pw , .q5.Sf,,:f..5,.4w .a2Q,g-w5.14'w .aw effh'y0.1Q as 2,34 ip agp ip ep :gp 2,9 ig.: up by ip egg :Ap sp sp sua tp :La 1,1 e 1 sg: :J eg 53 vp qs sua ana 5,3 4, qu S' ' 5, ...-1, .' ff. f Eg ,mf FH' I-2 ui " gn any 5 sg, ,sm gd , .3 'K-. 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L: A4 PTS, 673, W4 F" vs' w' as ' ,uv evps ,sv anna .,.wf,n1.,w ,nv .,y.Q,.,e-agua ,ao qyof, aiyw ,gaf-,nGnv MJQQMNMW Qgaiffx' ES' 523' 25' ZS' Qs' Sax' HS' fp' 251' Ep" sp' 553' 251 sg' ep' fp' S51 ia' ep' 53 Ep' ep' sr za' nl' 428 4-"1 MW-1 ,J W, ew, sf' W, 5.1 Q.- ""': Em, Q., ,pw- , 4 05. HA' sf? wh 4-.1 1..- .1-. wx, 1:3 ,fi .W '35 4.14 1: ,- Q.. v -v wi 0.1. fi :.. Q. v 1 way 5" M U ..., E. .. I- . "ev -1 .Q 1' uP! wa. wt, G'-Y 'rm gba :Rim 'J :. 1-, FQ' Q s ", I Fx W vu 'T n ' 3 E 1 , 1 , 4 W 0 ' Fa 9 Q ev , m 2-, qw s ,M xv' 5 E 9 4- 4 E .ar f", 4 F Q" S ' 3 E 2 Q 'vm Ear, 91 ,,x 0 wil hi- 'J :.. 4-.Q W .- K -Lk. ..,. .V " .- ,po ui! 'J z. 4-. W I .gm ... "ha , . Q., ua, 'J :.. Q. ,- -v. .ar Q :W fa., L, aj A Q. . 'su e,va E 4 n nn: 3 f 3 Q. s .4 1 E 1 v 7,3 5 Q em un" 3 F 3 1 91 A s ...yu aw? I 4 ev, m f 3 a 1. s 's nf em 49 I pa 'M 1 v ef' Archer 62 Stewart Tailoring Company 411 Hennepin Avenue. Also a Complete Line of HA TS, CAPS, and GENTS' FUR- NISHING GOODS at medium price Popular-KPriQe Tailors, sed if CO. SEED GRQWERS W. 0. Barndt Lumber Co lwlgfgufeisof PINE and I-IEMLOCK LUMBER MINNEAPOLIS MINNESOTA Qi6?9Z5G3G19IlC91 G35 SGH EDI 16556215 C63 5691 C631 565 U. or m. Shoe SIGN CHRIST. JOHNSON, l'RoP'R 2 7- ln4:,xL1cR1N-7-- 71 BOOTS AND SHOES i All kinds of Shoe Repairing neatly done. 427 Nfl? HUB. S. E- IIYIIIIICGDOIIS 5615 HCQBHCEIQI T635 T55 16525 E91 ia T656 Q63 161 Translations I.1Leral,5oe. Interlinear, Sr 50 147 vols v 1 A 1' w a in, Bree 1 ' I I Drctronaries Gcrnian French It'LIian Spanish I. L C k, Snow, fllld Sims. Completely Parsed Caesar, Book I. Ilas on meh page, 1'nz'erZinea1- trtlnslzitifwn, literal trzmslntimn, nnrl er-my ward ramfrlelely parsed. Sr.5o. Completely Scanned and Parsed Ae- neid, Book I. 31.50. 1Zeady.e11zgu.rt,xgoo. HINDS Br NOBLE, Publishers, 31-33-35 West 15th Street, N. Y. City Schoaibaok: afallpublixhcrs at one sfore. 429 THIS ELEBRATED STOCK FARM OWNS DAN PATCH IZ59E, UIRECTUM 22051, ROY WIIKES 22064 THE THREE FASTEST sEAEuoNs EVER OWNED BY oNE MAN on BY UNE FARM 'NTEEHATJ,Q0E'AEE 29.20 UWM I TER ATIO AL STOCK FOOD CO. 'INTERNATIONAL STOCK FOOD' Wa Fssns Fon one czurw I0 BUSHELS OF CORN COMBINED WITH INTERNATIONAL STOCK FOOD GOES AS FAR AS 15 BUSHELS OF CORN WITHOUT IT HAWK:-YE IOWA GENTLEMILN I have tried International Stock Food on my calves and hogs with the best kind of results I can make ten bushels of corn go as far with this food as I can fifteen bushels without it I shall alwavs use it ou my stock and recommend it to my uerghbors as no farmer should fail to try it and be com inced of its worth yours truly B S BEMIS 5300000 S OCII 0 II FREE THIS BOOK CONTAINS 183 LARGE ENGRAVINGS OF HORSES CATTLE SHEEP GOATS HOOS AND POULTRY Also a Finely Illustrated Veterinary Department and a History of the Different Breeds of Stock It cost us S3 OOO to have the Engravings made XX e will mail you much stock you own VI rite at once for thls book capital 51 000 000 Internatlonal Stock Food Co., IIIIEQJPZLIS ...l.... .-.-.. 6 9 u If 1 A-. . .1 . ,,, : ' . ' 5, .' ' A ' "7 l ' . N . . A I . . . . ' . one Copy freepostage prepaid, if you tell Ist.-Where you saw this offer. Znd.-How . . . . , . , ., . . . International Stock Food Co. has had one of the most marvelous growths in the history of business life. They now occupy over 70,000 feet of space and employ over 300 peo ple Their office force consists of 125 people, of which 55 are typewriters. They have the largest ofllce of any kind of business west of Chicago. International Stock Food is endorsed by every high class Farm Paper in the United States and Canada. 'YY 'The straightrsz are ithreelforil at 132277 A A short time ago a noted man died. He went to a large University."-Barker 430 Coral Stoves and anges Are the only FIRST CLASS Stoves and Ranges manufactured in the Northwest. Made by Min- nesota Mechanics, for Minnesota People. If your dealer does not handle them, write to W i . 4 , yt MINNESOTA STOVE CUMPANY Manufacturers : : : : : : : SHAKOPEE, MINN. 4 Q 4 QXHHHHEHHUHHHHHHHHQHQHQQHKQQQQQQQMZ ?4333GO-QSCCIG2Z35123559062ZC2333313CSG0404966iCCi OOOOOC Ctttiztttttrlzi OOOO 0623252325553lllfftitiettttttizhvbbkg Q Q E are MU lowes! jbrifm' 5 Q Rs WW a ,xx if !fU1FfZ'4iWiS tif? Q Q Norfhzzfesf. Let us figure Z , ' m' no he en' fe- sa S wlhm-12 0L1f0He5e'Et'ffiH7?L E f?'cQ?f'5'Yf51 S2 The Wallblom Furnlture QQ Q E? Carpet Co. Si 409-JI7 Jackson Si S7 Pan! 5 Q Q SW o 2 , 0 o , 9 Q .......,......,..,..,...................................,..,,....,,...........,......,...,....................,: Q 0 Qgcooooouuooooooookoombooooooeoooofrm UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU ann 0 'mnwnnnnnnmwie Mr. Schlenker: fflllss the order of that sentence is on the bum." 431 24 5 e5 e5 5 5 i5 5 5 5 e-5 +5 +5 5 75 +5 5 e5 +5- 55 5 5 55 +5 +5 75 5 5 +5 15 5? 'dc' 1 i i i fsicfwicffsictfc UWBWIWF fsiwmtctfttmtd 1 O Z I 2 Em W I'Tl 9'W mg? Q-tm 3.55 cg. 39 3 rv I1 Sn FN -I 9 989999955155 'sic' 95+ t l -4 9 il li il -as CD 'U :Um 22 05 253. ITIQ Eff Qt' if Fl '24 x-1""yvv"' 5 sg 'Q is A ,,q-vvvvvsw-,,,,,qr, 5 Qvv 'ii ' so -" ll0U ' 5 -ef ,, .Q Q 5 -,cog 4 ie . C n ,fi 'U U 8. tl? 4 5 .I N Are composed of Pure Carbonate ot g S5 if I Lead, Oxide of Zinc, Pure Linseed 0il and -4 t5 I . . Q Pr 5- If Q. enonghTurpentme and lapantolnsurecorrectdryrng cp 4 +5 if- 5 and working qualities. Our outside white contains onl " V- +5 . . . 4 2 2 Lead andZrnc for pigment, and rs 1 ei is E STRICTLY PURE gig " . . . . Eg 1 The light trnls and other shades contain as coloring matter, the best Oxides, 1 3 Q 1- .tlchres and Chemically prepared colors to he obtained. ' vi as Ig. 45 eg' DIREQTIOANVS.-Shir the paint tlro-roupxlriy before using, :uni except for priming, f Q ii aprplyibpmst as 1b.cU'rrr:?111 t?i1QCE?libI'llSllbl1,"Jj1U cout vlreil. Shel lp pl mid U if ea t ltnots before Dllllllllm, putty' mini holes and cracks afterp g U d . ltts 1 Q A 5 11 uii'2fiiQPil'2iniiiltd3Ifid2J.'.3dQiSl33ti23331Eiilillae 2'?5nfii?t'i2eJiifS3?-530to m3'p1'id' ,," 5 +5 if 1 Q t 4' 5? Q IJ gi ef, FARWELL, DZMUN, KIRK 84 00. Q.: ag Y' MANUFACTURERS Q ' 1- so 1 gg 'UST 1 5fa11.usvf " 09' 5 2? is 'he ' fs. QQ ff 5 'H 4 A 'F f' E4 X 4' UL 4 ' Je' +5 ' , . Q54 UAIVLJAQ tiki' 41 amends ' ef- Q54 'nnnnhn aicwicwtdvmotdotcdnfdn Wiwlwlwlwlevlwlwk FOR SALE BY Ha rdwa re Nlercha nts. -fevismwtwnvtwlsvcvovrsazsasvisvssas-awsvwovsvfwwt-nwcawsfwcasev 432 :.,. . W . .A Vi. .,.,, mm ,m m Q . Mg.a.f, f. , ,..,. M Mi , W .,.,,,,-.M-...Z - .et:'.x::saw.,m:, ,.,. ,gsm , . ,. f A VACATION TRIP TO THE PACIFIC COAST HI inagnifieent mountain scenery of the GRLAP BORFHERN its luxurious new equipment and careful and attentixe ein- ployees, make it the favorite route to all points west. Stops can be made at Sp0kal1e with its famous falls and water power' Lake McDonald, 'Ihe Crown of tl1e Continent' Lovely Lake Chelan, unequaled in tl1e world. For tickets, full information, descriptive booklets, etc., call on any repre- sentative of GREAT NORTHERN RAILWAY. Send Ze stamp, each, for booklets, "Across America," "Lake McDonald," "Lovely Lake Chelan,'l etc., to F. 1. XVIIITNEY, G. P. T. A., St. Paul, Minn. 1'lLl y. reat orthern Hailwa "The Way Io the GSZ' " 4 .v:-v -. ' t Q AMX-jl.:a3g:4,i 433 We Q w I 5 f , w.x.wxx.oRoN.. Fancy Dyers, French Dry Cleaners, Renovators of CLO THING 1'LZf,','fL'.""2 92537 NicoIIetAtJe. 630 First Ave. Jo. BOTH PHONEJ. M. H. GAVIN, Lli9LQQss ,LITIQICM 1614 to 1618 Lyndale Ave. So., MINNEAPGLIS, MINNESOTA. Qi H ' -gg, ,fu 2 ?2,f?Yf T ' Q ,1 T, , ff" f' " ' ff? 'm f , !-gL35 .f :EL Sai: if 5 "QRll'l'fiN1'? Q 5 4 ,nfl 'r rf- 'T . 1 X DIAGONALLMQPPOSITE ' ffmmwefwous POST OFFICE 0' lr' MINNESOTA. C- G- NelS0l1 Wm. Erickson Phone Main 2759 J-2. NELSON 62 ERICKSON Staple and Fancy GROCERIES 425 Central Ave. Minneapolis, Minn. ,Go CALL YOUR N ATTENTION TO OUR STOCK OF Sporting Goods, Cutlery, Fishing Tackle, Drawing Iustruuieuts, Mechanics, Tools, Builders' Hardware, Paints, Etc., Etc. VVe have "the latest" iu all these Iiues. W. K. MORISON 8' CO., Stoves and Kitchen Ware. 247-249 Nicollet Ave., MINNEAPOLIS. ,F X J " H 3 gift in 060 HJ' X D5 8 6 Y Ns 00, 1. Yr e Songs of All the Colleges Ilximlfe cIAo"x Isimliuz-churzuiirr design 300 souefeworrls :url 11n1sic:A3'0llpaxg, ff All I k,-tmw, Ml m1z.'i:.'t1 es, or -sf..w,.f.rpffi1 fr n 2 the p,zIJI'.'Iz4'r.' 'f , Q, 4. " lf x 46518 gg.-el V ' 3135 X gm ' ,W ' V . Prof. Sanford: HWhat did you do for your Work to-day'?'I Miss Ballard: "I read thirty pages in Italy." 434 f' N Zompliments ofgi PlVm0lIlI7 libillg . . . I i , R. H. HEGENER, en l Barbers' Supplies. 1 uf ff 207 Nicollet Avenue Minneapolis, Minn. ..5A3f5.!e. Gfocet TAlL0RS'Is,lg.ElXR.gIS. ROGERS P12552 f1'R'ii"EYi mon, cunu nsconmrirm, mzon coNcAv1N0. C. W. BERGQ U IST, f?3fiT55l,fZiiii'f1' 'W ' UNIVERSITY Fancy Bakery. C- W- Menellley, mmm. .1 igagefnc-Qigpcy Grocerlese 51514thAve.S.E. Minneapolis. 400:402 14fhAve.s.E. B0ahPh0nes. L C 31 W L HUTCHINS i F'-'CTS ABOUT THE ' ' ' ' 7 G T V ffNX,V Y Y Y Y Y Wall Paper and Paints l I R I I I I I I ' Pamtmg and Decorating g A" f"d"f"'9 ReP"'a"0"cc f Pl A N l Y 431 14th Ave. S. E. Tel., E. 323 J-1. C i 3 -V -rv-T.-Y V V -V,vY?Yw'-YW'-wiv'- 3 if , Oi Unsurpassed Excellence. l ' lnlj Wi 'iii inif, and ' 'I-hairs the Fischer Piano. 1.-pr 5iTty,t?vfH ?,eH,.S this 1- I' 1 'tp l: - Co' with tlln-1x1uSiC+l0ving.g pe-uplr. XE2l3?nil1lr5e.lii liaazggezglllgi ground so surely that there RYEllUlVlll0l'EUl'fIllf1ll in use OWNED BY UNIVERSITY STUDENTS. than anv other pixma mwde-. I'47Dlll3.l' llSCZlllSC' worthy. 5 The "FlSCl'lER" means excellence combined with urice Telephone: mnderalion. XYrite forcnlnlog of :ill our line insirunieuts '11 Q. 1f3o4. N. w. Iiast 518 L-2. Howard Farwell 8: CO. l , , , 20 W. Filth Street, St. Paul. 330 14th AV' S' E" Mmneapohs' ii 707 Nicollet Avenue, Minneapolis. AJ WCII gpewrilers In '3e:.2'g.:.'::,,?.i",:Lffe Morgan Br00ks,P1'es. Geo. W. H yes, Sec. 8: Trees. Electrical Engineering Co. W710!esrzle and Refail Dealers in EVERYTHING ELECTRICAL Electric Light and Power Supplies. Electrical House Goods. Telephones.: : : TELEPHONE Main 1722. 248-250 Hennepin Ave. MINNEAPOLIS, MINNESOTA. f Wi We Serve Over 2000 MEALS A 0AY 10 and CCYIIS Che College Illll Q Q Q 1314-16 4th St. S. E., MINNEAPOLIS I x J The Swedish , American National Bank MINNEAPOLIS, MINN. Deposits, - - - 82,700,000 Surplus and Profits, - 85,000 HINMAN K' COMPANY. UFE'P3'2fYL,MC.?f Market 407 Fourteenth Ave. S. E. FRESH AND SALT MEATS. GAME AND FISH IN SEASON. There was a young fellow named Brown, With dress suit he took in the town, He saw the French Ball, Wore his "frat" pin and all, And he grafted a sweet Paris gown. ,Win .0 ,vp F N. O. WERNER, Pres. 1. c 32 0 " -1. ff! Y 51.2" -' 7 ,X C. s. HULBERT, vice-Pres. , nf 19' 444057 X if '- + A.:-:snr saw' F. A. SMITH, Cashier. A2152 f iigigigi - i: 3i7l1 E. L. MATTSON, Asst. Cash. "' '-'- If sweetness you wish for a sweet "Baby Lou,H You'll find it in plenty at One Three Two Two. 436 M 0 TORS and D YNA M OS GENERAL ELECTRIC AND SPRAGUE LINES. 'il Large Stock of Alternating and Direct Current Apparatus. 'ii Gugler Electric Mfg Co. 329 Hennepin Avenue, MINNEAPOLIS, : MINNESOTA. N 0 T IC E! Do You Know X1 'QQLPX fb E1i5iLQ,i THA T Johantgen QQ Kohl Wholesale Manufacturing Jewelers Make all kinds of Class, College and Fraternity Pins, Rings and Badges at reasonable prices? . . Repairs of all Kinds Ac- curately Done. Second Floor 306'-308 Nicollet A ve. MINNEAPOLIS. ff A 1"I0Nf'1Sl minneapolis Jewelny N. W. Main sus? and laws. T. C. isfvs. Co fqaiaie fi'1:13511Ag.:, C A S N E L L ' v 0 0 9 Fine Jewelry, XX atclies, Refraetionist and Optician MEDICAL BLOCK, 608 Nicollet Avenue, MINNEAPOLIS, MINN. Silverware, Cut Glass Mcflals anml Trophy Cups a Speeialtv : 2 2OI-3 Hndnus Building GO TO ALJ J i ' WZ 'Y' 'Y Z ii 7 "" f U iM R 1 1 A af if ui, 'EQLLL EE 3531 Qi Q. Q, WIHHIII When you want a Good Meal 3 O ,...,.al a Moderate Price... .. 'W' Dinner 15 Cls. Board 53.00. X A, L. CARPENTER. 3 I- rnislied Rooms. Open till 1 1 ofof G'Z':.,g Frank Glessner. TELEPHONES w. P.Washh n. , tgigui N. w. East 67.12. Twin cny 6112. X ,X " ffgugj 'N X "N, GLESSNER KWASHBURN gyms 1926 r Underlakers and Embalmers p Special Attention given to V Upholstering and Order Work 313-321 Central Ave.. Msnneapiiis, FUf'Di5h9f'5i 5 ig f' ' A , 1771.3 ewell ypewrilers :A is .1'.:.: g,?.t0,:L'f .....Rambler Touring Car..... For 1903 is considered by the best judges as one of tl1e best automobiles in the market. ' We used 37 Ramblers in this city in 1902 which gave good satisfaction, and many im- ' provenients are to be found in the 1903. Has artillery wheels, 78 in. wheel base, and 6 actual Brake horse power, and one of the prettiest rigs built. As the demand will 0 far exceed the supply for 1903, it is to your interest to order at once. O 0 O QQ' QQ SANTOS DUMONT, Sl,500. Talking Machines and Supplies oi every description, Full line ol Athletic Goods, Canieras, Etc. a ? 0 erofoee smsts 1-use 9 Woven.: SWGLE 70 0 N as 0 E v, Q 4. ""--sf L' 'if' 2 RAFYDLE Hamas rffv. We carry the largest line of Bicycles and Sundries in the Northwest. Here are the peop1e's choice: Columbia, S40 to S903 Dayton, S25 to S505 Orient, S40 to S503 Racycle, S40 to S505 Great Western, S25 to 535. CASH OR EASY PAYMENTS. S O O Great Western Cycle Co. 0 601-603 FIRST AVENUE SOUTH. gsfssfssfssfssfssassfssfssfsfsfssfssfssfssasfsa Br-dl-y G-bs-nz t'When we go on our trip We will have to put our own make-up on." Al-c- Be-nz 'tWhy, I can'tg I don't know a thing about putting on rouge." 438 MARINEGA OLINE ENGINE 4- YL lc' HITE' O EXGLUSIVE FEA1'URESg0verliow Suction Feed: Glass Feed Cup, showing supply ot gasoline: Self-Cleaning 'Ispeed 200 to 500 rev. Device lor Ignition' Reversiblesh att. Electrodes' Ball Governor per minutel ' Special Time SURE RUN THE TIDE Uses Ord i- nary Gaso- ine Distil- late. 4CYLINDER BUILT IN SIZES 15 TO 32 H. P. fwr :ne ye r :3'fuin.t defects in ma- terial xr rknmmhipg ill deli er more h. p. than sg swirled. ming 1 gallo gasoline per IIIDS W1 0115 IIIISSIIIL Ll, S l' 8 I I'0 L. 9S and not affected by extreme 'hanges of temperature. MARINE 1 2 3 AND 4 CYLINDER, TO 82 H. BTITIONIRV HI1'-A o-Maas u.soT o-r-ru Q2 o24H.P. WIITI FOR CATALOGUE MARINE OR STATIONERY GLOBE IRON WORKS CO 2457 UNIVERSITYAVE.MlNNEAPOLIS.MINN. Q 1 1 TO AS 1 OI' 4 I ll C I WVU P' WI NV V S J L "I ll Indicated h. p. for 10 hours run full load: starts readily, 'th ' ' r s ok n u 'li c weather, L 1 I 1 1 P. , N 1 Hn N Y 'r 1 . bQOO0OOOO9 EIIIIJ YIIIIII CLEANING DYEING PRESSING REPAIRS ALTERATIONS Gents' Suits Cleaned and Pressed. 51,00 Ladies' Skirts or XYaists Cleaned and Pressed ............... 75 cts. 1000 NICOLLET AVENUE. N. W. Phone, Main 2862 J-I. Q I. . - , ffl' gl!!! E: !fYA,g,lg ,,,..,.,, i,?'5' W, ll ,Q,.1QX "TVX 'A VY A I gr-If"flL-wwlx IT PAY , ' IQ ! RTUEXX I J, I I - " ,gx K IJ' I '7 1 1, I j K ' 'IQ na 'nec g I4 -' ' 2 I I'f. Ii-N, F I Y I 2 II' b Q I ,fju I umffygzx x V I ' I ' ' A ' QM' I I exxctzm C fl Q, , , I X ' , , I -I -,QQQZI , A Mix i f , , W f II ' I ' -' , ff, ' x ,NEAI IL! I wmv, . ,X XX LV ff 'J ,f..L?.VI. ' -'IlW"'W - .-we , e I - -are N ' I g fgj' ,eVi , '-.5 f If " ' , lflnw, III V. III, ff' I " N Y N ' iggf X ! eyge... 9 if X V Di. I -iqm ' M 4 'K 'lb X I I fin! I 7 1, XI f I I i If' we ff S A I887 fab' 1 . J VOEGELI S D g St ck is ALWAYS Fre h B H S ll th M t D KIMBALL 85 STGRER CO. Printers Publishers Lithographers Blank Book Y Manufacturers Y Bankers' Supplies 14-16 So. Fifth Street NIINNEAPOLIS, - MINN -141 V Tl G SPOTS I THE ORTH EST. A are many places in tl1e countrv ofthe Northern Pacific, some inexpensive, ,-2? others better and more expensive, where one can spend the summer days pleasantly and healthfully. Among these are VVALKER, in the Leech Lake country, and DETROIT and BATTLE LAKE, in the Lake Park region in Minnesota: EATON,S RANCH, near Medora, N. D., HUNTER,S HOT SPRINGS, in Yellowstone Valley, and MIssOULA and the BITTER ROOT VALLEY, in Montana, LAKES PEND D'0REILLE and COUR IYALENE, Idaho: NORTH XVAKIINIA, in eastern Washington, and GREEN RIVER HOT SPRINGS, in the Cascades, TACOMA, SEATTLE, PORT TOWNSEND, PORT ANGELES and XHCTORIA, on Puget Sound, and many places along the COLUBIBIA RIVER and on the PACIFIC OCEAN from PORTLAND as a center ....... . Those east of the Mississippi who wish a decided change should go to the Rockies or the Puget Sound and Columbia River and sea coast country. VVe can only hint at these things here but write us, giving particulars as near as you can, and we will try to give you the needed information to enable you to End what you want. And don't forget that X7ELLONVSTONE PARK is the chief of all tourist shrines ....................... Send to CH?-SS. S. FEE, General Passenger Kgent, St. Paul, Minn., ior UWONDERLAND I903." You need it in your business. 442 , D. F. BROOKS. A. L. IQROOKSV, II. lf, GIPSON. BI, J. SC.-XNLOX. it President. Vice-Presul t S t 5 Trensu H1 I if its - ' S3 QQ Scanlon-Gnpson Dumber o. Sf G I Q Lumber Manufacturers QQ , W4 Q. gi Mills and Yard at Minneap- Norway Piling, Long Joist fi olis, Minn., Nickerson, Minn affd Timber U Jpecialty af and Cass Lake, Minn. Nwkerson' ii ro I White Pine Lumber a Jpe- L3 Office N0- 103 cialty at Minneapolis and it os A Lumber Exchange. Cass Lake. ,ll EQ Q2 gg, MINNEAPOLIS, : : MINNESOTA Q2 'X i iw MCCLELLAN PAPER CO. . SX i i . Sl Q . . . Furnished the Paper . . . gi CQJ 2 For this Year's Gopher. Isn't it a beauty P tv W" 7 7" 77 7'7 7 7 ' ' 7 7 7 7 7 54 7 77 7 7 77 7 1,7 77 " 7 7 7 7 7 7 i 52 Q When you desire a paper on which can be produced the very best Work, use is EMPERUR, CZAR, VICTORIA Ccolorsb, or gi KING SATIN FINISH ENAMELED BOOK fii i 5 Y . VW i i .i 5 1 1 1 il I S 61.7.7 , T ,l ,TT i W Q Every Kind of Paper for Every Purpose S Printers' Papers, Wrappings, Bags, Stationery, Etc., Etc. F 245-24 7-249 FIRST AVENUE NORTH J T Prof. Leavenworth: There are serious difficulties in the way of making good tele- scopic observations of Sirius. 443 SKI - U - MAH Barber Shop and Bath Room 1326-28-30 Fourth Street S. E. SAM REYNOLDS, Prop. We carry a full line of Razors ground and Barber Supplies and honed' Toilet Al'fiCl6S. Mail orders promptly handled. Also an assortment of Laundry agency in Con, fine Toilet Soaps. nection. 444 I Jewell TQIIICWITOICPS iz- 3'.3?.1'.:.t.2'5.?Y.",:L'? 3665 fff ? ? 'U 96555: ...Washington Irving... f HA VA NA CIGA RS 3 0 ' 0 E : SHIGI-:EST QUALITY! S S I I Z GEO. R. NEWELL :Q CO., Distributors QrEi'QfQfQf'Qfi'QfQ'QfifLfQf'Q-Qfifi'ifQ'QfQfbQfQ"Qfii'Q"Q: J. D. H IQNSII AXV TLXILOR .,,- .. ., 1 h41 -0-i 1 B05 I modenn Cloth A'f modcnate P -'U 3 A i i WALLACE-BALLORD TIMBER CO. l 5 -1.f11i"i'SUCCESSORS mil ii i Wallace 8. White Lumber co, A N i FIR, CEDAR, SPRUCE AND YELLOW PINE LUMBER i W AND RED CEDAR SHINGLES. : : : : EASTERN WASHINGTON AND IDAHO WHITE PINE. .fi-f f .1 :Af f :fs A.. L. 1 A LA if i A 727-728 Lumber Exchg., Minneapolis, Minn. Lulu Judson: "Is watm' absorbed into the blood as H20 or just as water?" 44' M. F. PA'1'Ti5RsoN, Pres. A. LEONHARUT, Vice-Pres. CHAS, E. F. TODT, Secy. and Treas. Fyifialisrm Iingliupgvi emfvfgl H eoilliiilfiiiieiiiioiiiscik. 116 sr. MILWAUKEE: 141 Wisconsin St., Goldsmith Building. DES BIOINES: 216 Fifth St. 608 NICOLLET AVENUE, Medical Block, Second Floor, MINNEAPOLIS, MINN. Carl Jones. Chas. E. F. Todt. Established 1891 0hio Picture Frame T. C. Real Estate Is the foundation sfaiiieiilifl We can g gelllou some ufougndagonw Or perhaps you want some one to handle your real estate. If so, UGOPH E Rl' Manufacturing Cu. Q Chute Realty GQ. is Z Y 'lm 4 'gd 301 Central Avenue 113 WASHINGTON AVE. No., IVIINNEAPOLIS. We make all styles of Frames to order, F'S'U1'Sf'SrO SQWQQQOVWUQSQQQQQQOOQOOSOSOSWWSOWUW THE HAMMOND V wo ' THE TYPEWRITER or rm: Two HEMISPHERES jj R""" S'G"f THE ONLY PoLYGLo'r -H,, . ! N N., J ,- Y-Vw wi., v: ' Using on the same machine, one hundred ' type shuttles, in twenty-six languages, ,X ' I 1I'1Sl311tly interchangeable. In 1 AN INDESTRUCTIBLE MACHINE H ?Q'YH+j5,1vr', UZ- " .. 4' w'f is f' XVill last generations anal outlive ten type- i i bar machines. NVrites like printing. Prints H' -Q Ei like writing. The earliest Hainmontl does j better work than the newest machine of any Tii other make. --ZH ' " THE BEST MANIFOLDEK The one machine producing perfect and permanent alignment with uniform impression THE HAMMQND TYPEWRITER C0. Minneapolis Office: 15 Fourth Street South s QOWQVUWSQQQQQOQOQOQQQQQQOSWWOOQSQOQSQQQQ O First Junior: "Did you know that the HU of M" bakery was making a specialty of ,, U the 'Campus Lioafl Second Junior: "No, how ill-bred!" -146 GREAT MANY of the photographs in this volume M were made by, and dupli- cates can be obtained from C. J. H I B B A R D Mail Address, 323 Hennepin Ave., Minneapolis When you visit Minneapolis stop at Hotel Vendome MALCOLM'S Dancing Academies Masonic Temple and 500 E. 24th St. Twentyesixth season opens October. 1903. I to :incl class lessons in Society 19 S- Fourth St' and Fancy Dancing. EUROPEAN PLAN S'l'RIC'1'l,Y MQDERN S e n d f o r Cir c u l a r lgaifgeiifrinffiiilfrwfilfsii gifi?iliiiYg5i4M'Pi?ifPM5 a,ifPQQ1iic'Pi5icg afaeaffaa aka? i qgfl I i 5 l Gen'l Office Mills Yards tg sift! 4th St. and Hennepin Ave. Main St. and 4th Ave. N. E. Central Ave. and Broadway C55 B. F. NELSON s. G. TUTHILL tal 5+ F? NELSON-TUTI-IILL l i ii LUMBER CO. i g MINNEAPOLIS. .gg CEP i lg ?fFnv-.n-nn 1 -fn crossover mnsgsi--W is-.As so s . s , sl-ED igEl?yltt56frie?l??h?f??il?J6t?iitll6?ht5eii5fi96h95W5h?l9?5f?ltjlW5695h?h?Ft?M6JMgi 2070 Discount fn- he -' on all Framed ' URf?P 5Hf' 4 ,5 I Pictures. Buy --HO-I-gi f V ggwff now, d0n't wail, M1N.vE2ilvoL1S. Frames at Fac: W f iff Y Y tory Prices. l if f Q QQ, Ei? E fl' Q' f 'aif Q Q 'Q Q ' Geo. E. Spears Frank Billlle i il' i Spears 84 Billiter t CO. lwest H0teIBiIliards and Bowling Vendome Hotel Minn p Ii M' 417 First Ave. South - - - -- - ff 3 - 447 1 l . l l l Swanson Thar S FPBC1 SChlGk CO. 1, at dau sos, of ,121 Q 1 H' f RESTAURATEURS 5' I o lf 1 s t 1 S: if T :-,,ia,f,a 1 1 N 618 Nicollet Avenue, N 1 Telephone Main 1120. MINNEAPOLIS, - MINN. so 1 1111 T T iii 117-119 Endicott Arcade, l 4'5'4'7 Third Street So' ST- PAUL, - - MINN. MINNEAPOLIS, MINNESOTA. NWNWNVWMNWNWNWNwNWANWAANwNwM'WWAAANw'WNWNWANWNwNwNwNwNWNWNwNVv5 YM 2 1MPQ BIESRS QE FN QLISSSH AND SQQTQHWQQEENS GQ. 569 1 Qxobqae. V xeovaevo l , OXXG we 'oeweeo , 615 stjzellglotggn go sTUnENTs1 wo 1 ee 1 a 150' A Special Discount to all 5 students of the U. of M. Style, Fit and Workmanship Guaranteed Q : : : : : : 448 Drugs. Special free catalog showing a niost 0UR FREE GATALDGUE AND SAMPLE We are the largest house in me Northwest selling all kinds of merchandise direct to the consumer, and can always furnish you any kind of goods you may want at much lower prices than you can buy elsewhere. Leforc von buy any 'urtitle of an ' kind from . L . 1 . 1 . 5 your sion-keeper at lltllllt' or elsewhere write us for our special catalog containing the article 01' articles wanted, and ue will send you by return maid postpaid. free with our l'0llllllillll'lltS, a spe- eial catalogue or a eolnplete set of samples show- ing the exact goods you want in all the latest styles, lnakes and grades, and at the same time will nmne you prices so low that you will he sure to save money, either by ordering from as or by eolnpelliug your dealer at holne to sell you for lnueh less than he would if you 1linlu't have our prieesg lu-nee no xnatter what you want to buy you will lose lnoney if you ll0u't first write us and get a special catalog: or set of samples of the goods wanted together with our lowest prices. THE FOLLOWING SAMPLES IND SPECIAL CITA- LOGS WE GIVE AWAY WHEN ASKED FOR. If you are now interested or likely to be inter- ested in the future in knowing all about any par- ticular line of goods at the lowest prices ever named for salne, write for such of our free spe- cial eatalogues, booklets or salnples as you are interesieel in as listed below, or if you are in doubt as to what special catalogue the goods you want will be found ia. simply drop us u postal card and ask for a special catalog containing' the goosls you want, simply mentioning the kind of goods, and our latest special eatalog, booklet or samples wvith lowest prices will he seat to you by return nmil postpaid. Agricultural Implements. A book containing a complete line of the highest grade farm imple- ments of all kinds. including Plows. Harrows, Rakes, Cutting and Grinding Machinery, Fanning Mills, Shellers, Incubators, Hay Tools and other implements used on the prices. Baby Carriages. This tains a line of late styles at about one-half the The hook is free. farm at the lowest special catalog con- prices charged by others. Band Instruments. This special catalog show- ing our complete line of high grade band instru- ments. both brass and silver plated, also Snare and Bass Drums. Fifes. Flutes, Piccolos. etc, Boots and Shoes. Everything in Footwear for men, women, boys and children of all ages. VVom- cn's rubbers, 32c pair. llells. Farm, schoolhouse. church and factory hells at sensational prices. Bicycles. A free catalog showing the very lat- est styles of bicycles for 19021. also a complete line of bicycle sundries and supplies. Blaeksmiths' Tools. A complete catalog show- ing Blacksmiths' Tools and Supplies. Books. A free catalog of everything in Books and Stationery at lower prices than you can buy elsewhere. Carpets. Our Carpet Catalog shows a big line of Carpets. New Carpets, l0c yd.: 36 in. Xew Granite Carpet, 220 yflg New Ingrain Carpets, 290 yd. 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A free catalog showing the most complete line of everything in fancy and colored Dress Goods. Silks, Novelties. Domestics. etc. Dairy Supplies. A free catalog showing Milk Cans at factory prices. Separators, Churns. But- ter Workers, etc. complete line of all kinds of Drugs at a fraction of the price you pay others. Electrical Goods. Everything in Electrical Goods and Appliances for power, light, telephone, electric wiring. etc. Fencing. Free catalog of everything in XYire Fencing at money saving prices. Fishing Tackle. Everything made in Fishing Tackle, including all kinds of St-ines and every- thing used by a lishernian. l+'urailu1'e. Free catalog showing a most coni- plete line of Furniture at factory prices. Furnishing Goods. Free catalog showing a complete line of lfnderwear and Hosiery, for men. women and children, also everything in mens and boys' shirts, sweaters, gloves, hats and caps, etc., at astonishingly low prices. Hardware for Builders. 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Free catalog of every- thing in Xvatches. Jewelry and Silverware and Clocks at prices never made before. XYIndmills. Free catalog. showing the highest grade 6-foot windmill made at 251225. Other sizes at proportionately low prices. XYagon Makers' Tools. A free catalog show- ing a complete line of XVagon Makers' Tools. Sup- plies and Materials at prices never before known. Wvall Paper. Big sample book, showing our complete line of samples of highest grade XVall Papers in thellatest designs. Grocery List. T.Ve publish a very complete Grocery List every thirty days. which contains wholesale prices on groceries of every descrip- tion: also offers great bargains in merchandise of many kinds. 'VVP will send you this grocery list free, as issued. if you will send us your name and address with a request for it. Guns, Rifles, Revolvers and Sporting Goods. VVe sell more guns than any three northwestern houses. We sell all at wholesale prices to you. FREE You Ask For SEND NUVV T T. . oberts Su I INGDRFURA TED. I y 717, 719, 721 Nicollet Ave. MINNEAPGLIS, IIINN. aaaeaaaaaeaeaeeaawaeaeaaaeaaameaeaaaesa OU LEAVE YOUR MEASURE WE'LL DO THE REST WWSQFWQQWQQSQGSQHWQHWWQQHWWQGSWWQGWQHQQQYQHWQQWQWHQQQHQWHSQHSWHQHQQQHWWQH 5 WMh95QSe6RSf95Q5969S95e9525wY606QS95QSe?6QUf95ff96QSW2f5hf96Qf92Shf92SQSf92S'QSf925f46f92Sfef983ffvf92FMZS2Sf92SQM?6fffk We have always in stock a choice SWELL CLOTHES lfiliigig T REASONABLE PRICES LOFGREN 8 LUNDQUIST Tailors mln the woxld beslde nolses, there ale suences Whlch we never heal. These sllences speak much louder than words."-McC1umpha. LM J 1 1, 1 . 4 1 1 1 1 1 1 . 1 1 4 ,. . A A 1,1111 X OUR CLO1 IILS OI' LI',5'l LR .wif BOWIQON BLOCK . Index to Advertisers .-l1neric:tn'l'e11tx .Xwning Co ..., ...,-1J1f Mutmtwolitun Music Co .... .. ,...13A1 .'X1'1'11er X Ste-w:n't 'l'ztiloriug Co, .. .,.. -119 Mt-tropolitnn Tailoring Co ..., ..,, 4 -1X 1mx'n1lt.Nl'. O. Luinlut-r Co ,..,. .... 1 L11 Aliinit-nwvlis Dyz' House -... .. ,... -134 liztrnnnt. John 'l' ....,....... .... A 131 Minnt-zxtmolis1Qiigt'ztyix1g Co ...... .... 4 111 ISL-ztrtl Art Co ......,,,.. . .... 41111 Nlinnt-aimlis .It-wcrlry Mlg.C1v. ..., 457 I5CI1jZi11lllLf2I'1M'k'1',.. .... A135 Minncrtiuoli-4 Stcnnt LIlllll1ll'j' .... .... 4 13 l1crqnis1.C, W ... ,... 435 Minnesota School of Business. ..4.11 liussett, John ,......... .. .... 125 Mii1tiesot:tStox'v Co ,...,,... .,., A 1.11 llcst. H. II, .,................ ..,.- 4 111 Mo1'iN11n,Xl'. K. C11 ...... .... A 13-1 liintlitt Illztnntzictnring Ct: .... .... 4 17 National '1'ni1ot'ing Co .,,.,.. ..,, A 1113 Brown Bros. M, Co ......,....... .... 4 11" Nc-leon N 1'il'l1'kS1Jll ...,....... ,,,.4.l1 l9r1vw11it1g.King A Co ...,.............. . .... 4115 Nelson, 'l'ntl1ill Lninlwe-1' Co. .. ...., 147 ClllC2lLIO.f:l'1'2il Wt-stern Railway ......... .... -1 ln Newvll. 11. 14, X Co ....,....,.. ...A14S QlllCZ12O,BIlllY1lllliE'6' X17tn:xhzt Railway .,.. .... 4 1.3 New York C:tntlySt1nt' ..... .... - 115 Cl1lL'2i2U.BIllXY1lllk6'f' A: St. 1'ztul Railway .... 4111 N1ll'lllL'X'111,ilClilL' Railnzty .. ....1A1J Chute Realty Co ..,..,.. .,...,..........., ..,. A 1 111 N111'l.lll'llll.KlDLQ N Co .....,.... .,.. - 1311 Collcxgt- lnn .,.........,,,,......,......,. .... A 1511 Nortltucslern Lime Co ...,,.... .,.. A 1111 Cook ltr l,.J ...,.,. .... A 1111 Noxtliucstern National Bunk .... 1111 Cantrell X l,conar1l ... . . . , 11N NfntliwesteritMt-1li1'ztlSQliool .... . . . .A117 Curtis N Yrtlw .,.,... ..., A 11111 Nyc X lirunclislgt- ,..,...,...... . . ... .A11lH Ilztyicg ....... .... ,... A 1 12 Uhio l'ictnrclf1'ztn1t- Mtg Co .... .... A 111+ I1ztyi4 llrom ....,, H1111-114 f7l14Zllll.JX Ii ....,.............. .,.., 1 llv Dcvrseli .,............ .... A 1114 Pulzict Clothing llou-w ....,......,. .... 1 114 11nn1'ttnX1Sz1rry ,.....,... .... A 112 Pztntorinni ........................,..,. .... A 1.14 1'Iawt5itlt-Iirzty Line ,....,.. .... A 155 l':tt1t-rson, RI. 1'i.Dt'!ll1ll Supply Co-, ,...4A1h lilectrivztl linginccritigg Co. .. ...-1.311 Pt-oples Uztnk ol'3Iinn6:t1v0lis ....... ....-11111 lfllllkl' N Amend .......... . .. ..,. A137 1111111165 St:-z1n1Clothing lflotwe ..,.. .... 4 11 l+fi11irtn'i11nt, The .,............, ,... 1 .vi l'lyn1outh Clothing llousc ..... ..., 4 ll FZlfXVCll.li7lllll'Il.1ill'kXCO... ,...-191 1'icl-caring. A. 1, ........ ,...4Jr lficltl, Scltlick X Co .......... .... 4 11 Ratllfkcllct C4111 ,,........ ,.,. 4 27 G:1tno5siGl11ye Cn., No. 31.1. .. .,.. -113 Re1l1litig.1,Ge11 . . ..,.... ...,uno Grtyin. 51.11 ..,...,........., .... A 1.14 Ric:-.Clu1s.1i .......,.,..,. ...,41-1 Gln-s41i:A1'X Xl':14ltlnx1'n ,... .,.. 1 17 R0bert'4. T. 11, Supply Ilonsc- .... .,,. 4 4" Glolw Iron XYoi'ks ....,... .... 4 .W Rogerw llotel ,...,,..,..... ,.., 4 17 Grant Northern Railway ............, . HA135 Rugq .Mt Co ...,,,,,.... ..... , . ,-11111 liI't,'!llXVSSlE1'1l Cyclc- Co ...,....,...... .... 1 RN Scanlon. Ciiwou Lntnhet Cn. .. ...., 1-1.2 Httglc-1'1Clect1'icz1l Mrttintncturing Co... .,,. -1.97 School lQ1ln1':ttionC11... ..... ....1lY fl2'1CliL'll,xY21llllPI',fQ1ll6!4 Co ........... .... 4 I4 SClllll11'l1lHll x lixnns ....,...... ,...A11l3 llztnttnoud'1'ypewi'itGt'Co .... ..111-A11n Snell, C. .X .. .. ................. .... A 137 Ilnyutw Cycle- Co ................ S1112 She-ylin Cztriut-titer f,lll1ll11'l' Co ,.,. .... A 1117 lf1c5.feticr. R. 11. X Co .............. 133 Schink. Ifrt-1lCo ,........,..,..... .... - 14m Hs-iititApin County Sztxings Bank .... A111w Ski-l'A1lnh llztrlwer Shop ,...... .... A 141 llilvlw:tr1l.C.J .................... ......., A 1-17 Spears X Billitei' ........, .... - 147 11iull4,Nolzle-KCC... .... 13-1-1211 Stanley llztll .......... . ,,,.-1111 Ilimnan S: Co .......,.. .,.... 1 .111 Stodola, If. X Co .,.....,... .... 1 12 Tlinsliaw. J. IJ ......,... .... A 1A1i St. Anthony 1f:lllsl1:tnlA:... .,....... .. . .4111 llowztrtl 1fm'wc'll K Co .... ...AHS hxyttnson, ....,.,..., .,........,,.... .... 4 - 1:1 llntchins. I.. C. X W. I ,...... 1.23 Swellish Atnvriczin National Bank .... .... A 1314 lltis Hotel .........,........... .. 41N 'l':tllftnt. lf, li ....,............,.,..... .... 3 'ln International Stock l:1JU11C0,.. ... 1.111 ,ltl11JlllLl4..l,XY X Co ....,....,. ..... . ...-1113 .1acolws.S. 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Ten bottom lines XV:tll:tcQ-13zlllorfl'l'itnlm1f1'Co .......... ..,...,....,.. - 1-1F Liclt-en Sz Smith ......., ........,........ 4 lx Wztllhloni 1"urniturt' Co .,,...........,,..........., -131 Lofgren X Lnnclquist ,...., .. ...A1S11 XVCUSIQTAQIlllefllkllltlllfll1JlCl.l1JT1i1l'y.,. . . .-114 Magee ,...,.... . ..,.. ....,...... . H425 XVc4tet'n Pile-ctricztl instrument Co .,.. ....,,.., 1 32 Malcolm Dancing Acuclciny .... ...A147 XVenn1-Watt C11 .,.. ..,...,....,. . .. -..4 ....... A 1117 Mztthemvn. .X ................... ...A121l XVildcy N Faulkner .,...... .... . . .... -124 4311A-1.46 Mrliritlt-.A.1f .... ..... . ..A1l-lA lVhitc X 5It'N:ttlght, ., ,... .....l4l0 BIc'Clellztn1'ttperCo .... . ..A1.1,1 Wliittul.11.11 ..,..... . .. 114 1lc1,e-ml,.1ohn ........ ..,Al1l'l ll'il4o11.ll.NV.Co. .. ...A1lS Men1l1-nlmll ......... ,..A1lm XVright. Km' X Co ... .. .-11W Mencilley, C. W .,.. .A1 H Ye-rxu liros. K Co... ,... -1119 1 .A 1 V 1 . 1 1 v 1 4 Y 1 A 1 4 1 Llub 1lI',R Mgltklub A b1'P,ClAL'l'Y Oli I' l 1 LL DRLS5 SUITS 451 L CC L . 1 j I ' I n I

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