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THE QKEATQJVDRTHERN M' HBUSINESSUNIVERSITY. flanges aaa g bargesf zoaironage Zlargesf FQUZYZYZ J' Q ifwjfvfazff H59 00 0. A i 6 eapfllis H ani P . 230 fb!! MT INFORMA 770lV afofrescy 7 MA N. hd Ap i .,,, " I 'yn 'DM - :f',- , ' .' gf mf , Hwigwf Q- '+5,.fff f RY W! ' M! . 4 , .Lg X llvlflx 3' lift S .. My :ffl IQQQEW' V' .ffphff ' F J:-6 .J""' ,, 15 f A Qu ,li V 1 elm- -'ff' f""AZf Q55 a -EQNSY gm? 4 M. 111 nh- ' fy ,Eff I ai- Q p 1 . . 3, . ,,, r 3 1 gi- h -A A. y- il , UL .- e- , 4.5 ,'- E 'H'-I E-flwfi-1 if: l J ' l - F LJ ' QL '- ' . X 215- S a.,1:Ev:ff2 - Q .: Vyz,-b1?. . 2 A ,IONS QF. Z ALL ' B E 1 :U Srunsnrrunarmse 'Q 5"""1"'E5 Q LANKn-, swvnome P' fi 57 Serunenrrk Ba - 1- - rn I OKI 'Tx K I -., 1-444-5: NFED' i 1", '4-' ' -. HQ f ii 1 ' F: ' Lb 2 wp: ' ll, iffy. L r '? i5 , ' 2 . ' 1 ff Y A-11 fv-vi J ' Qsifk . A ' ., QI P xii- 2 K,-Q, X-E: f 'f' yiff 4 12 - ' af ' az. 'ww . 4,2 "Z r',v,,'f ' 31.11 , gf f' j, T: J V AA -5 21? if 'fi-'Wy-v 1-Lf - 5 L ""'+x , is! T ' H f ng' X 'Aid 'A' ' IEJQ' Ll 'ini II ' 4? 1. E. Bum' U f ' so Qf3JlTt,lF3tlLjLE G25 PORTRAITS AND FRAMES 76 and 78 S. Seventh St., MINNEAPOLIS, NIINN. I Q-Q4-23 XVc mukc a Specialty ot' . . Fine Parfisian . . W pnswran pogrrzalrs No superior work can bc dom: in any custcrq Visit our star s 1 d u 1 ' 1' ' of .nllnkinrls of p tl t x I L L log Y W mailed on aj pl zt , WMA A"""TT r:s'rAel.lsH:D IN 1aaa A Original Painting on Exhibition ut our Store. XX,-X,fX,s....,..,, ,,-,Y w nrthwastarn IP P'AN0 1 A11 Band and y Orchestral Instruments l Harmony Composition ' Complete . Musical Elocution. OF 'N Education Languages .' 1 F. Tun' ggtgfozue Free l C E 1 , '. X ' SUB A mmm Mamie , Spcmal Rates to U. of M. Students. ' CLARENCE A. MARSHALL, ' DIRECTOR. ITIINNEHPULIS 5 n x Y " Secure t ndow 'ere the substance fades." ggi K SWUDEQWS U or Others can do no better Q than Patronize n HHYNES-rv Q K A . nntngranner EP S. fm fi g l NENNVELPOLIS c NQfsfsfQfU Branch of the Art Advanced by the Mastery of Modern Improvements'l.App1ia,nces........ K XX NQ Q x X XX X vwvxsyxsxlwxx wx X ww X -x , 'WX xv xx X 'WXYNNXN XS XX X X X Q NNN V X A X N NX XNKXwWWww lwotograplxs X69 'Portraits 50 SO. 5TI-I S'l'. sp:-Scum. nA-rr-:s T0 STUDENTS IN cLAsses ' xv ' OQ51 066' at 6099. Q ,goo NX OG? ws 40 eo Q . we 4 4 15" 05' opy 900 6 ,1o 109' ,xo Glessner gf Washburn 1Furniture, Garpets, Draperies A , ,.., W fvnr tanlun , f ln l t v.: l 'Y lnrml 2 H HJ lf ff: 1. , - llfllla l i ' i- O c . . F1 .1 "s' W 1 T - 1:4111-' -H11 1 . ' Q11 klr I1 l Wmrluw Shades ..1W: -E :Lb Special Attention Given to YDUNG 81 BELHNGEH, Clotllicrs, Ilattcrs, FllflliSIlCl'S1 s1.ppn.,a 101-103 CENTRAL AVENUE, 227-229 CENTRAL AVEIVUE E. D. UPHOLSTERING and REPAIRING Uurvrznsrrv 'rm-xnn 10 Perf Cent- Discount to StUd9Ut5 Goods Sold for Cash or on Easy Terms. . V A H. K E LLY ci. CC., ' ZZIZZIIZILZZTZ - Pnncrlcnn PLUMBERS - gjjgmm STERM Eno ons FITTERS - Hor WHTER HEATING See Our Show Room For our ELEGANT DISPLAY f so PINE FIXTURES N F :I 5" 1' l l :rw s - -v - Y -f- A-.f- .-f-, - K f-.-.- .4--1 ew 1, rtistie Photographer I I 'I SIXTH STREET AND HENNEPIN AVENUE II I Opposite Masonic Temple - I I . ll Ulll' 53.00 UBDIIIBIS SlllJBI'lUI' Ill Flllu IIIEUB lil U18 NUl'Il'lWBSI I Iwi 'Phu New unit Beautiful I I N AEHTISTO IEHOTOGRAPH, I Absolutely Fadeless, Superior Definition and Finest Finish Ever Produced Iglgsgexed Egg Www Yin TQEEEITITIIORELAND HALL .- Cor Tenth and St. Peter Streets BIGDIm'S Hl1IIil'lU I3Ell1Bl'i1igg.PAUL,MINNI LYCEUM THEATRE BUILDING I H' W- MALCOLM- I 718 Hennepin Ave. I Mcmllci' ol' thc American Society MINNEAPOLIS, - MINN I ui' l'1'olbssm's 0l'IIZll1Cill1.f. ' , New Yuri City. I 'I Bunde Sf Upllleyer' Nl , w I JEWELERSt . ,ELLEN HL- L- N COLLEGE Q S BADGES UF ATT VIXDS OUR SPISCIALTY. Before Buying get our Prices and Styles We g'ua.ra,ntee satisfaction and First Class Goods I 121-123 WISCONSIN STREETZQ 1v1i1wwke2, wig. '? E. G. BARNAHY J. R. SCHWE D FAMILY 5'-NP?-'s2va.nt1'4K's'-'w"""'Q PRESCRIPTION RUQGISI STHTIONERY TOILET ARTICLES FINE CANDIES and GIG-ARS SODA - FOUNTAIN 517 14th Ave. S. Ii., MINNIEAPOLIS, MINN f'1'ClL!llhOl'lC Call 1220-25 15. W. GOIJDARD Z, LEMHNG H TTERS AND MENS FURNISHERS OF 'PHE VVES'l'. mflasulbxisxwfi Sole Agents for the DUNDHP HRT 117 Washington Avenue and 234 Nicollet Avenue, Nicollet House IBlockJ Twenty-ilvu ywws vx1xc1'i+-1100111 buslm-ss should bc :L f snlllclunlz l,flUll'illllUf'l'! that this is the place Ln f,l'4llll2. We vslwciully invite thu lzullvs to visit our estab- lishment :md bo convincvml that wc C1ll'l'y the thu-st goods in our lim- Llmt urn nuulw ln the world amd svll Ulvlll :ls closv :ls they can be possibly sold. XII 444 n 4 A A A n n A 5473 -1,-7-.VAYAV w.- - Y,YA, A M - ,Y Y W vvv Y WY 'Y F 'Y ' l A ' ' A A ' A ' '-1-I-:-tv Gcfrglgl-6-53 g 1 , rfil'l'7l-Z' :Aj I' .A -, Y W ,V v Y , , 7 W v , '4'4'4 V Y W4 W4 .P . ,WK 44144 141414 ' 14444 4444 444 44' 4 44i4' 4', 44444 'W '44 44,4 lvl! 4! 4444 4 444 4144 444 444 '4'4'4 44 444 444 1444 ' 44 444 '4'4'4 4,4'4, W 444 44'4 '4 444 44 444 V444 444, 4 4' 44' 4'4'4' 4 H' 4'4,4! 'H 444 44,4 4 4 4 4: 1 W 4'4'4 X 54 ' ,. W 4' ' . '52 F A' 454 5 -, V " Af, -A 4 t f JK :fb ' 4 'nf 444 I ' 444 :14 4 141414 4- 444 44,4 4414 444 44 4!4'4 4 4, 4144 4 4 I 44' 4 444 444 -4 '4'4'4 44 4 , N4 1 4 444 444 444 H4 X L V V . L44' -44: 4 - 4 444 1 4H4 444 4 4 '4'4' ' Q. 44444 4 14 4 ' 4 4 44444: ' 4:44 49,4 4 4 4 44 4 4 4 141444 4 4 4 I 44 55:2:li2313515151:13?5f31f12E2E3?E5?fii?55:23.-h Biff KENGRAVINGS can qixeffn 4:3 fqf,.f T446 minneapolis Encgrauincg Qompany IIIHIIIU PHOTO ENGRAVING . 1 . ' I F . .... znvo E-rc:-mvc-2 mil" aal Hennepin ave., m44444. --Y's Frfee-I-land Portraits Elegant Photographs S"EC":'0jR'CES ' SJTGEJEETZJTLS OTTR1ELxLx'S Z TU D10 When You . . 11 alld 13 Fifth SI. S0lltI1 lvllllf NICE IVORIC 1. LOU PRICES rcn1cml14 Ll 11 The 0n1y Photo-Gallery run by a Professional Portrait Painter. . ,ru A111 WBII SHIKIHU x , 1 1 1 Inaeblnerfy. Q1 1 111111 ia? E an Xxx NI PS, 4 fN W1 Forlrrigating and Other Purposes. DD S F l111l1US. 5.1, ro,ff4,, Nuvnon or co., 5?--Qf, Ht X 1 F m or 1 1 5 1 1 94? u 1 , ' ' 5 -1 xr FIDE, I1 2 1, N 5- ', xx 1 1, ix RR X T I 7 m r 2 1 X . I 1 13 1 x -:QQ T , ill 2 YV' my -,-- -11'XLAJ vk 111111 12" washington HW' N' HHNNEHPUUS- IY 43.12. ,, ,gf ,pn dr:- " N24 ' .Y N ,, . ' ' -.-' .4.L,,.yg ' , . 'iw , 1 im: " f" 1w..1 Y 31. . ,m.Vw5::j,gii . vl ..- f, ' yu-,, ,L ,J-'Aff ':' ,lwem N rm :Ia f ' K 1'1" .,.,.:,, w, 1, ,U , l. ,1'1'fw.' ,...,,,. ,,. k:,,., -. . ne opner see Publisnecl annually by tne -D ignior Qlass of tne Llnivqrsity of X minnesota ........ . K' X7 , 4 W-:If lkfillyg 'W Uolumen UI. j -12 , Q I , "1 H! , f f W M ff A , ' " .. M ' XX + ff ua. f :W 'Ev V.: !.J,,f5i-07"w7' H3-2 ff' - 4X ,Www , .Q N- "",7" Lvl' Y ' - 'MQ-i, gfQfWQf2" fm. yifwxw, M Q.. 4 Xia W-"xil'5.'M'4, if!!! get 7fff'i" 'A A 'ff I s N ' gk "ff ' 'TW' rE 19 7 ,M 1 1 fl' a + Q : 14ggTQ,,Q , j. Q x Q X , fQfg2 p1i'? I Aff XN'P?5 ?1 A . 5 -567' l 3 Q 1 wma: 6 SSN K .1 6 W, - ,gy N , rf-: 63 e -Vi v in - ff isflfiiglf C1 54,-Liafe ., 5 'Y JJ? -4114 ' f Q ff? fagw V ,pr .QV V 1X1,g.,,v 9 ...A ou Q ana X V, fy 9' I' V Q fp fyggjj sg x . , . 'F if Jw ff fl 1 X fy, ,c:?1..2W,:! JI . VWUY, V M-Mx gf L -ff ff f ff ff W' df C .x.mxw kf 4 , Wy , 'VJ'2fJ- , - , 'K QQ' 2 . 40. ' 4 5: X -g5.gQ.rrg3 -K, AA 1 f il 'ff ?72iN f.w21,ff f,,ff'2 1 ' l ' ' - ,gi 'lf' Q Q 'Q . ' xii "H f'5li1""" ,-: SEM? ' ' Nw W W e f ' ' ,, - Ngsxq ,,..x www - .FS-Q We 5 ' Q . , f xg,- X ..f:,wf7 , L W wr ' ,-f1:1q3f2,a X. ' ' ' 12,555 xii? x -"' 'fi-?,'-,WY Q ', X E g - wyyw Qdf ,J . , xdgildl Tama - I H Q FQ GCG. ' QLLOWING tne custom dnd trddltion of .pres ceding cldsses vve now present tne GOFIMIER of Ninety-three to tne students dnd friends of the University. We oldim for it no especidl superiority ctbove its predecessors, dnd muon of it ls, ds S cl mdtter of course, only old mutter in d nevv dress. Wndt you ddmire vvitnin its pdges, specik to us dloout, dnd vvndt you dislike tell to the Gopher Bodrd of Ninety-four. We ndve received from our cldss neclrty dnd undnlmous support, dnd the look of peclceful joy present upon tneir couns tendnces vvitnln bedrs evidence to tne trutn of tne proverb tndt ff Virtue is its ovvn revvdrd." We on our pdrt ndve endedvored to present dn Annudl of vvnicn they need not be ctsndmed, dnd if we ndve succeeded in our purpose will feel fully repdld for tne time dnd ldbor expended upon it. THE EDITORS. -. ,WW f ZZ . -DX Lf- ' ""' xii? iwalface MM' mu fj?f5'.Taylor Zfzflffrff E5S15i?fAM Slmrh Ninnieferkins XH-.L..HarHe'y A.F.Prm Geo. Merrill Alvl. Beryl X zz ' ASSOCIATESH Sweet- LAW- P1.P'l.CuN5- SJ-Wpyaff Acme Qcrlergelan, 1892-'93 ' August 30, Tuesday, September 6, Tuesday, September 12, Monday, October 4-, Tuesday, - October 11, Tuesday, Entrance Examinations Registration of the term - First Meeting Literary Societies - Medical Department opens. - School of Agriculture opens November 21, Monday, - Term Examinations Begin November 23, Wednesday, - Thanksgiving Reception November 24:-27, - November 28, Monday, December 6, Tuesday, December 17, Saturday, January 3, Tuesday, February 18, Saturday, - Thanksgiving Recess - Registration for the term - - Anual Meeting Board Regents Holiday Recess begins - Holiday Recess ends University Charter, 1868 February 22, Wednesday, - Washington's Birthday March 2, Thursday, - - March 6, Monday, - March 30, Thursday, May 28, Sunday, - May 29, Monday, - May 29, Monday, May 30, Tuesday, - May 31, Wednesday, june 1, Thursday, - - - - Term ends Registration for the term - School of Agriculture closes Baccalaureate Service - - - Field Day - Oratorical Contest - Class Day Exercises - - - - Commencement Day - President's Reception, Alumni Day doel cgsfeaiiniole. . join, P. llEA'l' was born in the village ol' Waterlbrd, Elkhart County, Indiana, August 222, 1856. His father was a physician, and his ancestors were German. He attended the public schools, and subsequently became a teacher in one ol the rural districtsg learned the art of printing: was elected principal of the schools of Millersburg, Indiana, at the age ol' nineteen. I Being inclined to newspaper work from early youth, he began the publica- tion oi' the Millersburg Enterprise' in August, 1876, while teaching. Having resigned his position as teacher, he established the Middlebury, Indiana, Record, in May, 1878, which l1e conducted until he sold out in july, 1881. In Septem- ber thc same year he purchased an interest in the Goshen, Indiana, Times, which he retained until February of the following year. He was secretary of the Northern Indiana Editorial Association for lbur years. Mr. Heatwole came to Minnesota in August, 1882, and contracted for a half interest in the Glencoe Enterprise, which he edited until the next July, when he removed to Duluth and did editorial work on the Lake Superior News of that city. In November, 1883, he returned to Glencoe and resumed charge of the Enterprise until April, 1884-, when he bought the Northlield News. In March, 1885, he purchased the Northfield journal and consolidated it with the News, which he has conducted ever since. In 1886 Mr. Heatwole was elected First Vice President ol' the Minnesota Editors' and Publishers' Association, and in 1887 was elected President of the sa'n1e, and re-elected in 1888. Besides his journalistic work Mr. Heatwole has taken an active part in our state politics. He was a member ol' the Republican State Central Committee in 1886, was elected secretary of that body and also a member of the executive committee. He was unanimously elected a delegate-at-large to the National Republican Convention held in Chicago, june, 1888, by the Republicans of Minnesota. In July, 1890, Mr. Heatwole was appointed chairman of the Republican State Central Committee, which position he still holds. On December 20, 1891, he was appointed a member of the Board of Regents by Governor Merriam. From the above sketch it will be seen that Mr. Heatwole is a compara- tively young many that his lilc has been but one continual march onward. That in this successful and progressive man the University has secured the ser- vices ol' one who is in sympathy with its welfare, we are confident. 7 oanel of IQQQQQT5. The HON. GREISNLIEAF CLARK, M. A., St. Paul, 1898 The HON. CUSHMAN K. DAVIS, M. A., St. Paul, - - 1898 The IION. KNUTE NELSON, Alexzulclrizl, - - 1896 The I'ION. JOHN S. PILLSBURV, Minneapolis, - 1896 The HON. OZORA P. STISARNS, Duluth, - 1897 The HON. WILLIAM LIGGETT, Benson, - - - - 1897 The I-ION. STEPHEN MAI-IONEY, ll. A., Minneapolis, 1895 The I-ION. S. M. EMERY, Lake City, ---- - 1895 The HON. JOEL P. HEATWOLIE, Northfield, - 1897 The I-ION. WILLIAM R. MERRIAM, St. Paul, - ex-Ollicio 'Illlc Gore 1'xl 01' Ol' the State. The HON. DAVID L. KIEIILIE, LL. D., St. Paul, - - - - ex-Ollicin The Slizlte Supe1'il'ltcIltlcl1t ol' Public Ixlstrtlcflioll. CYRUS NORTH ROP, LL. D., Minneapolis, - - - - ex-Oliicio The President of the University. Qffioevs of 'CIQQ Bo-arfd. The HON. 'IOI-IN S. PILLSBURV. - - - President The I-ION. DAVID L. KIEHLIE, - Recording Secretary CYRUS NORTHROP, - - - Corresponding Secretary H. B. BROWN, - - - - - 'l'1'C21SU1'C1' JTGIQQ Executive Gommiffee. The HoN. JOHN S. PILLSHURY, - - C1l2li1'IT'lHll The HON. DAVID L. KIIEHLE. CYRUS NORTHROP, - - - Clerk 8 fcmvnomc , o r cb,-. L ' ' ' 'ljw X' L FAPN NAN05 0 WW X. u len-- Vf ' NCNMI MA, 70,0 ,V y mu.. i I X V wanna X ..p'., 'Yun ' fs 1. W f . f 'Nh 1-vt 1' 'J "i.:, .1g X ., - wwf!! ' i f ig- , . , ,y. ' ' L," ,I r. ' 1 Q4-,lg-.Sin , vi -3' , Q54-.Ei i ' .-A' za' . .. . ,, . ..-, Qi xy 1 Glqivewgiw Qlflumqi glggociaiioq. Qffioersz S'l'liI'lIIEN M.xuoNm', '77, JOHN W. I'muc1Ns, '77, - S. L. 'l'lwssl4I.l., '79, Im V. MAXNN, '85, - Mum L. I'.x'rR1clc, '86, C. j. ROCKXYOOIJ, '79, 1892. W. L. BASSli'l"l', '79, - Alumni Daly, june Ist, Qfqivewgim fgelloinigliip Gjllggocicriioq. Qffi oerfs: C. J. Rocrcwoon, - - - - - A. M. Wn1.1.1cs. - MAX WlES'I', - F. B. Snvmen, Directors-W. Ii. Leonard, A. H. Hall, W. M. Babcock, and President and Secretary cx-Officio. FELLOWS: 'SS--Ulysses S. Grant. '89-Kcndric C. Babcock, Oscar L. '1'rig'g's. '90-J. IS. Pike, Louise Montgomery. '91-Theodore G. Soares, Christian P. Lonnncn. 9 West, Frank X. - MH K - Presicient Yice President - Secretary '1xl'CllSlI1'C1' I Iistorinn - Orutor - Poet - . President Viec President - Secretary 'l'reusnrcr Henley, K. C. Effie Eqjqivehgiig of dvfiqqegoia. Qollege of 5oierzoe,Evifer'e1'Kz.1Pe and iihge fiwlie, The State Geological Survey. The State Natural History Survey. The School of Mining and Metallurgy. JTGQQ Qollege of 'Fzeolgelnio j5P'Cs. The School of Practical Mechanics. The School of Design, Freehand Drawing and Wood Carving. The School of Architecture. JTLQQ Qollege of ,QgPio2.1l'CuPe. The School of Veterinary Science. The Agricultural Experiment Station. The Dairy Farm School. Tfllfge Qollege of Wzedioine. The School of Medicine and Surgery. The School of Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery. The School of Dentistry. The School of Pharmacy. :Fha Qollege, of Eralco. 10 AIAIX BUILDINGS. Riff. - Y--Ygf in , , ' 'fx' ff? 5 3 -if?-flzfiif-'W ,ef if ,if QQ y4,f'ff,g 'f -'f'."'fZj 1, jg--S... 5 '45, " fi ,. 'fr fe' " glff 2515 fi ,,, it ami: " ff ' - fi-f 6 'W . f ,O ,. -i ' ...sri ,ff f y K W, sg. ff, " I Nif fr i- 6 -.V M ff? i mf ff! Mimi fmxfffffej, S -, o f v WW? , J ., 1.., pldqv,.linllQH'gl'i:iZ' I " f f jf' gi ' . K 'll is A-j f' tg .rail l "A" 'f ' ' f' ' " XNQS: feb f'g i.gglli,,:f, W . fS'A..,.W X N at Q ,l TOI li:i1i23?5fiQih3fi" if ,l fx. . PWX4'-,V A i 12 -ff f' ix ff 5.-q,,u-...ff - are 2 7 ,sf . ...nj 5 5 0. ,. -44, K, Qu - 1 4 - -1- , ,W ,f ,--'ff - .WP l Gollege of Science, Tbifeneifune and Pmfts, and TF2eol2-anio flmfcs. CYRIIS NORTHROP, LL. lJ.,.:1 K E, 11' B K, - - 519 Tenth Avenue S. E. Presirlent. WILLIAM W. FOLWELL, LL. IJ., A .fl flf, - - - 1020 Fifth Street S. E. Prolessor of Political Science, Lilmrariun, auicl Lecturer on International Law. 1708 Lnurel Avenue JAHEZ BROOKS, ID. U., ll' Y", ------ Protessor ol' Greek llflll-UJ'llilgCil1lCl Literature. NEWTON H. WINCHELL, M. A., A K E, - - - 120 State Street S. E. I'roi'essor of Geology and Mineralogy, in charge ol' Geological Survey. CHARLES N. HEWITT, M. D., A Ll fb, ------ Red Wing University Prolessor of Sanitary Science. CHRISTOPHER W. HALL, M. A., A V, - - S03 University AVCIIUC S- li' Professor of Mineralogy and Geology, Minerulogist ol' Geological and Natural History Survey of Minnesota. JOHN G. MOORE, B. A., rl V, ---- 2850 University Avenue S. E- Prolessor of the German Language :uid Literature. f A ---- . 3806 lilnisclell A venue JOHN C. HUTCPIINSON, li. A., ll 7, Associate Professor of Greek and Mzlthemuties. 12 aculig. wk ik an JOHN S. CLARK, B. A., ll' T, ---- - - University Professor of' Latin Language and Literature. M ATILDA il. WILKIN, M. L., ------ 622 Fifth Street S. E. Assistant Professor of English and German. .IOI-IN F. DOWNEY, M. A., C. E., ------ 0 Florence Court. Professor of' Muthenmties and Astronomy. D WILLIAM A. PIKE, B. S., C. E., - - - 2525 University Avenue S. E. Dean of the College of Mechanic Arts, and Professor of Engineering. JAMES A. DODGE, M. A., Ph. D., IP B K, - - - S13 Fifth Street S. E. Professor of Chemistry. MARIA L. SANFORD, ---- - - - 1-L01 Sixth Street S. E. Professor of Rhetoric and Eloeution. CHARLES W. BENTON, B. A., ----- 1312 Fifth Street S. E. ' Professor of French Language and Literature. OLAUS BREDA, -------- 1312 Fifth Stre'et S. E. Professor of' Seuinlinzlviam Languages and Literature. Q GEORGE E. MAC LEAN, Ph. D., .11 K E, SP I3 K., - 328 Tenth Avenue S. Ia. Professor of English Language and Literature. CHARLES F. SIDENER, B. S., ----- 1316 Fifth Street S. E. Assistant Professor of' Chemistry. HENRY F. NACHTREIB, B. S., W V, . - - 516 Twelfth Avenue S. E. Professor of Animal Biology, and Zoiilogist of Natural Ilistory Survey of Minnesota. I-IARRY PRATT AIUDSON, M. A., .J K E, SP 13 K, - 316 Tenth Avenue S. E. Professor of' History and Lecturer on Pedagogy. FREDERICK S. JONES, B. A., ll' 1', 11' If K, - 518 Twelfth Avenue S. E. Professor of Physics. WILLIAM R. HOAG, C. E., .Ll K E, - - - 1516 Seventh Street S. E. Assistant Professor of Civil Engineering. CONWAY MCMILLAN, M. A., W J H, - - 322 Fifteenth Avenue S. E. Professor of Botany and Iiotanist ofthe Natural History Survey of Minnesota. HENRY T. ARDLEY, ------ 1521 University Avenue S. E. Principal of the School of Freehand Drawing, Designing and Woorl Carving. 13 acuiig. an wk an WILLISTON S. HOIIGH, Ph. M., ---- 328 Tenth Avenue S. E. ' Assistant Prolessor of Philosophy. WILLIAM REVISEN APPLEISY, A. B., Ii. A., - S100 Fifth Street S. E. Professor of Mining and Metallurgy. GEORGE D. SI-IEPARDSON, A. M., M. E., E E, - 510 Thirteentli Avenue S. E. Assistant I"roIcssor of Electric Engineering. GEORGE I-I. MORGAN, U. S. A., - - - 139 North Seventeenth Street Professor of Military Science and Tactics. SUSANNAII FRY, Ph. D.. K K l', ---- 1603 Fourth Street S. E. Professor ot' English Language and Literature. OSCAR W. OESTLUND, M. A., ------ 506 Oak Street S. E. Assistant Professor of Animal Biology and Curator ol' Museum. OSCAR W. FIRKINS, B. A., II' T, ---- 1530 Fourth Street S. E. Assistant in Rhetoric. EUGENE E. MCIJERMOTT. M. S., J .If - - - 1315 Fifth Street S. E. Instructor in Elocution. LOUISE MONTGOMERY, E. S., J l', - - - Minneapolis Assistant in Rhetoric. KENDRIC C. IIABCOCK, II. L., J TJ, II I! N, - 316 Fifteenth Avenue S. E. Instructor in English and Ilistory. JOSEPH B. PIKE, B. A., ll' I',1l If N, - 217 B. and C. Eighth Avenue S. E. Instructor in Latin. H. E. SMITII, M. E., E E, ----- 713 Thirteenth Avenue S. E. Instructor in Mechanical Engineering. ASA J. HAMMOND, II. A., W V, II I1 N, - - 310 Twelfth Avenue S. E. Instructor in Chemistry. W. W. GREENWOOD, B. C. E., ----- G19 N. V. Life Building Instructor in Mechanical Drawing. KI. M. TATE, - ------ - 727 University Avenue S. E. In charge of the Foundry, Pattern Shop and Carpentry. H. .I. FRAIKEN, ------ - 2805 Bloomington Avenue BlZlCliS1llltll ancl in charge of the Machine Shop. 14- acullg. wk an an CHARLES W. JACKSON, B. S., - - - 35 Twenty-seventh Avenue S. E. ' Assistant in Sehool of Mines. PETER CH RISTIANSON, B. S., - - - 718 Fourteenth Avenue S. IE. Assistant in Mining and Metallurgy, doing post-graduate work. MARIE SCI-IDN, - - - Corner Tenth Avenue and Fourth Street S. E. Instructor in Conversational German. . EDMUND P. SHELDON, ------ 517 Fifteenth Avenue S. E. Assistant in Botany. EDWARD P. BITRCI-I, - - - - - - - Minneapolis Assistant in Physical Laboratory. AMELIA I. BIIRGESS, ------ - - GO Island Avenue Instructor in Free-Ilancl Drawing and Design. OTHER OFFICERS. E. H. LIOHNSON, B. S., - - - - - 519 Eleventh Avenue S. E. Registrar. LETTIE M. CRAFTS, B. L., ------ G10 Filth Street S. E. First Assistant Librarian. INA FIRKINS, B. L., J l', - ----- 1530 Fourth Street S. E. Second Assistant Librarian. PRISCILLA G. GILBERT, K K l', ---- 316 Tenth Avenue S. E. Third Assistant Librarian. DANIEL W. SPRAGUE, ------- 1014- First Avenue N. Accountant of the University. WILLIAM H. YATTAXV, - v - - ---- Main Building janitor, in charge ol' the University Buildings. EDWIN A. CUZNER, - ..-. - - 21-L State Street S, E. Superintendent of Plant House. 15 aculig. ak in wk NEW PROFESSORS AND INSTRUCTORS. SUS.-XNNAH FRY, Ph. D., K K I', ---- 1603 Fourth Street S. E. Professor ol' English Language and Literature. Born in Ohio. Ohio Wesleyan University, '78, Syracuse University, '81, Traveled and studied in Europe '73, '74-. Professor of Belles Lettres in Illinois Wes- leyan University from '76 to '90. Professor in English University of Min- nesota for '02. GEORGE D. SHEPARIJSON, M. A., M. E., - 510 Thirteenth Avenue S. E. Assistant Professor of Electric Engineering. Born in Ohio. Denison University, '85g Cornell, 'S9. Worked with Edison Com- pany in Boston. Engaged in experimental work in electricity, building dynamos and making clqsigns for motors. Instructor in Physicsat Cornell, '90, '01, Appointed to the chair of Electric Engineering ol' the University ot Minnesota, '91. VVILLIAM REMSEN APPLEBY, B. A., K. A., - 909 Fifth Street S. E. Professor of Mining and Metallurgy. Born in New jersey. Williams, '86. Made Mining and Metallurgy a special study in the School of Mines at Cornell, 'S7. Private assistant to Pierre de P. Ricketts, E. M., Ph. D., Prolcssor of Assaying in the School oi' Mines at C0- lumbia. Assistant in Chemistry in the College of Pharmacy, New York, '89. Accepted aposition in the New York Ore Milling and Testing Works: after- ward entered the New York office of Messrs. Fraser 8: Chalmers, making mining and metallurgical machinery a specialty. Called to the chair of Min- ing and Metallurgy ol' the University of' Minnesota '91. GEORGE H. MORGAN, U. S. A., - - - 139 North Seventeenth Street. Professor of Military Science and Tactics. Born in Canada 1855. Appointed from Minnesota to West Point, class of '80: assigned to 3d Cavalry then in Wyoming, transferred from there to Arizona, Texas, Kansas, etc. Promoted to 1st Lieutenant in '84-. Assigned to the University of Minnesota '92. 16 ost Qnaduates. we ax an Andrews, Hattie Louise, Arnett, - - - - Babcock, Kendrick Charles. Bebb, Rose Ann, - - Bell, Mowry Robert, Benton, Mary Lathrop, Blanchard, Mary Lizzie, Brewster, Henry Webb, Brohough, Gustav O., Brooks, Emily, - - Chamberlin, Rev. james A. Chileoat, - - - Christiauson, Christian H., Christianson, Peter, - Clark, Victor Selden, Cohen, Mrs.,' - - Conger, Charles Thompson Connor, Myrtle, - - Cook, john I-I., - - Countryman, Gratia Alta, Crombie, ---- Gilman, joshua Ethan, Hadden, Rev. Archibald, Hays, Mrs. Willet M , Herron, Clark L., Hortvet, julius, - - jackson, Charles William, johnson, 13. B., - - -Iudsoin, Mrs. Il. P., - MCKay, Rev. S. A. Magnusson, P. M.. - Mann, Ida Victoria, - Marshall, Frank H., Medlar, Rev. W. H., - Meeds, Alonzo Draper. - Merrill, john Ernest, - Montgomery, Louise, - Owen, Jesse, - v Pike, joseph Brown, Robertson, William, - - B. A., University ol' Minnesota, '90 - B. L., University of Minnesota, B. L., University ot' Minnesota, - B. S., University oi' Minnesota, B. A., University of Minnesota, '8o - B. L., University of Minnesota, '89 '9l '83 W, '88 B. A., University of Minnesota, '87 - B. L., University of Minnesota, - - B. S. Knox College, '89 'S9 - B. D., Beloit College - - - - - - Minneapolis - B. A., University oi' Minnesota, B. S., University ol' Minnesota, - B. L., University of Minnesota, - B. A., University of Minnesota, B. L., University ol' Minnesota, A. B., Ohio XVesleyan University, B. S., University of Minnesota, B. A., University ol' Minnesota, - - - - - B. D., Yale, - - Drake University, Ph. B., Hillsdale College, - - - University ol' Wiscon - B. S., University of Minnesota, B. S., University oi' Minnesota, B. A., Gustavus Adolphus College, '90 '90 '90 '90 '91 '88 '89 '87 '90 '84- '85 sin 'OU v w S8 '90 B. A., University of Minnesota, '86 - M. A., Butler University, - - - - - B. IJ., Yale, - B. S., University of Minnesota, B. A., University ol' Minnesota, - B. S., University of Minnesota, Mt. Auburn Institute, Cincinnati, 0 - B. A., University of Minnesota, - - B. S., Carleton College, '91 '85 '89 '91, '90 hio '90 '85 og? naeluaies. wk wk wk SZll1lbl'Cl,.IOlllIA., - - B. A., Urown University, '52, if Sarcleson, Fred William, - Ii. L., University of Minnesota, '91 Selnniclt, Charles Christian, - Ii. S., University of Minnesota, 'S+ Selinliclt, Edward, - - - - - Wisconsin University Soares. 'l'heocloro Gcralclo, B. A., University oi' Minnesota, '91 Stacy, Ima Xvlllifllifll, - - B. L., University ol' Minnesota, 'SS Stacy, Frank Newton, - ll. A., University ol' Minnesota, '88 Sturtevant, Charles F., - - Suclclutli, W. Xavier, - Talbot, - - - - Vieo, Oliver Collino, D., 'E :iQ. :1,,1.- " wyi'9f'liiilliiii wi. 'f l lf- Q i H fr Milli- . i "W ,. ..'i.f'.: ...' . +-.mi,.f'pJf,. V, l f' I W .. Mft fi x 18 Maine State College A. M., M, IJ., D. D. S. Ph. li., Royal University of Norway, 'HG wfzffln !l1'v'lwl. l'lnlu Q Q55 of '92 .Lxmlis 15. lllmnl-'olum Axx.x L. Gl"l'llRll5, Louise F. Romxsou, Rl'l'liR'I' C. Imwlsv, Elflfm A. Rocl-nfonn, AN'ruoxv Zlcuaxv, Flush L. ll0L'l'Z, -4 Hailey, Clara li., Bradforrl, james E., Cates, Alton M., - Clarke, Benjamin F., Dewey, Rupert C., Dittcnhoeler, Frank H Friedlander, Esther, Graves, john W., Guthrie, Anna L., llult, Gottlrid li., Keeler, George L., Leary. William C., Nelson, Andrew, - O'lirien, J. Edward, Ranum, Arthur, - Selover, Arthur VV., Smith, Carlton W., Siilsress, Lars, - Stearns, Stella B., Walker, Edward IJ., . PK Pk HK COLORS: Corn and Wine. MOTTO: Oriamur. YELL: Rah! Rah! Rah! Ski-u-ul Who gets there? ' Qlfficerfs: Fzembersz 92: - President Viee President - Secretary Treasurer - Historian Prodigy - Marshal The IIOOIYHII blocklwmls i,2'l1OI'!'llIll-1' read, With loads of lenrm.-cl timher in their l1Ul1l1S.H CLASSICAL. 19 506 Fifteenth Avenue S. E. - - - - Kedron 160-L Chicago Avenue - - - - Rieh Valley 1016 Fourteenth Avenue S. li. - 151-L Bryant Avenue N. 912 Chicago Avenue - Spokane Falls, Wash. - 1223 Fourth Street S. li. - - - - Scandia - - - - St. Paul 918 Nineteenth Avenue S. - - - Otisville - Lake City - - - LaCrosse, Wis. 1015 Eighteenth Avenue S. E. ' - - - Howard - '12 Florence Court - - - - - Duluth 601 Rondo Street, St. Paul Qlagg of '92 Belden, George K., Berkey, Charles I'.. llest, Rista N., - Cross, john G., Folin, Otto K. O., Head, George D., - Holtz, Fred L., - Huntington, Elon O. I 'I urd, Bradford C., Kenyon, Paul E., - Kirk, Everett B., Krafft, Edwin j., - Lucy, Sarah ll., Madigan, james E., Phoenix, Ed ward C., Pierce, Lyman L., Pillsbury, Allred F., Rossman, Grant B., Sikes, George C., Trussell, William F., Tunell, George, - Zeleny, Anthony, - Zelcny, John, - Baldwin, Clara F., Chapple, Charles L., Cheney, Mary M., Covell, Arthur E., Dahl, john A., - Elftman, Arthur ll., Farmer, john F., - Hale, Charles S., Mathes, Elizabeth H., Rexforcl, Minnie A., Rockford, Effie A., Rose, Florence J., Sammis, Eveline Vai Tombs, Helen H., Wallin, Madeleine, . lk Dk HK SCIENTIFIC. LITERARY. 20 - 1703 Fifth Avenue S. - - Farmington 2000 Park Avenue - - Rochester - - - Stillwater 502 Fifteenth Avenue S. E - 1403 Third Avenue S. 1620 Third Avenue S. G13 Ninth Street S. - - - Fargo, N. D. -L15 Laurel Avenue, St. Paul - 34- Eleventh Street N. - 2933 Fifth Avenue N. - - Maple Lake - Cumberland, Wis. - - Stockton, N. Y. - 1001 Fifth Street S. E. - - - Warren - Rugby, N. D. Wilmot, N. H. - Albert Lea - llutehinson - Hutchinson 681 Holly Avenue, St. l'aul - - Beldenville, Wis. St. Anthony Park - 314 Ninth Street S. E. - Minneapolis Prescott, Wis. - Spring Valley - 1800 Third Avenue S. - 1807 Fourth Avenue S. 1520 Fourth Street S. E. 1208 Hennepin Avenue 321 Fourth Street S. E. W. 1714 Hawthorn Avenue - - Grafton, N. D. Fargo, N. D. lagg of '92 Hankenson, john Higgins, Elvin L., .l-. - Couper, George B. , Felton, Ralph P., Gill, james H., Burch, lid ward P 'Q Burtis, William H., Gray, William I., Hownrcl, Monroe Gooclkinxl, Leo, Plowman, George S., L., CIVIL ENGINEERS. MECHANICAL ENGINEERS. ELECTRICAL ENGINEERS. ARCHITECTS. ' f I 'Yr' " 'gum 21 Glencoe - l'llltCllll'ISOll - Northfield - 1300 Fifth Street, S. E. - - Glynrlon Menomonie, Wis. 1826 Fourth Avenue S. - Luke City - Lake City 215 Nelson Avenue, St. lllllll - Le Sneur C-,ifsfistong of Tlrfe geqiois Qflass. ill . 1 N cf 9 1 fl 2' 5 YJ' 1 -nazi' ITII the dignity of Seniorhood comes the diflieult task of manufacturing a class history which shall show us up as the greatest and best class that ever sat in chapel, and which shall force upon lower classmates an idea of' the great loss about to be incurred with the graduation of' '92. Such has been the policy of all previous graduating classes. Sadly it must bc admitted, however, that few have wept as they departed, and few have ever since thought or even heard of these once illus- trious bodies. . The historian of '92 begs that he maybe hmrgiven for depart- ing from this glorious custom ol' history manufacture. He asks that a few scattered notes, taken at odd moments, be accepted instead. not the purpose of' the historian to leave the idea that the present Senior class is any more ordinary than preceding ones, or ones to followg but the various notes were not all made at times when the class was posing for :L picture, and so unpleasant truth may occasionally crop out in what follows. To understand why there is so little history attaching to '92 as a class, one must be told that we consist of' odd specimens of human kind. We repre- sent all nationalities. Now, each member aims to be a learler in something. One 'would reform the world, or rather women's drcssesg another would be the professor in history class: a third aspires to be the abolisher ol' 13-atm-nities in this institution, a fourth would make himself' famous by 'skipping' recitations and thus lengthen his stay to eight years instead of seven. You see, to do justice to the class it would be necessary to write eighty individual histories instead of the general one. Should the historian write these ever so briefly, the Govlllia of' this year could never realize enough money to even bury itself. liver since its Freshman year our class has been looked upon as a 'chump' class. '93 called us that because we didn't give any class parties. Others dig- nify us by that title because we get the wires twisted during elections and thus fail to carry the proposed ticket. The class, when assembled in recitations, is neither prepossessing nor al- ways mannerly. At times it has been the custom of' certain young maseulincs to occupy two chairs and stretch out full length, in order to listen to Seminar papers and at the same time take a nap. This custom may be due to the tired feeling which takes possession of them because ofthe close air in the room and poor ventilation. Yet, strange to say, when certain philanthropists, fotherwise known as fresh-air cranksl in their kindness for suffering humanity, rise and open windows, these very individuals begin a vociferous sneezing and coughing until the poor professor, unable to hear his own lecture, closes the windows. The class of' '92 is divided on the fraternity question. In spite of the large percentage of fraternity people, it is a fact that not a few of our brightest lights are to be found among the Barbs, so called. The Historian dare not relate the part which fraternities have played in the story of the class of '92, but he will venture to tell what befell some of the rankest opposers of this question. One dark night they were kidnapped and carried oft' to a gloomy no eqior Jfigiong. va xc sf cave where fierce goats came, and so butted them and hammered them that they have never been heard of since. If you would know what became of them, consult the fraternity books. A favorite ol' ours, and one in whom we take great pride, is our blind classmate. He has been with us these four years, and by steady perseverence has gained more real knowledge than most of us. Our kind wishes go with him as he continues his way through the world making sunshine for all but himself. We, as a class, have high marks. OF course this docs not necessarily imply that we know a great deal. Glancing at the many pale faces one might be tempted to say that some of us at least had paid too dear for our marks. A few of our classmates have wisely chosen health and a five-year course. These stars we leave behind to brighten the path of present Juniors. We leave little behind to keep our memory green. Our ANNUAL you have probably even forgotten. The reason of its ill-reception was that it contained too much brain production and too few pictures. As to other memorials they are merely what we, as individuals, have erected in the thoughts of professors and younger classmates. We are about to leave the theoretical paths of college for the practical highways of lile. Here we will probably all mingle with the crowd and con- tinue our course through life insignificant, but I hope honorable and happy beings. With many kind wishes for all who are to remain within these ancient walls, we say farewell, and are gone lrom this scene forever. i' ' 5 ,5 " ,Lexx 2 ee e ta.. ififex eijf ,f'7l I 4 4' 9 J, 0 p 23 . gli.. .4 X- 'XX AX' Q: faxgsggggg 552 lj X3 5 JiK , f!f N Q RN' h S ' Cass K We The Gm Damn Th Pg ' f l NOD MYAHEWPE1 I ' v f new d HAL!-.Da Wah YM R I 16'-' , - ., L . f X453 Pffwm f x M , W W ,W p . f X ko A M N if 'ox Q I V Y f , N. ,A 1 X X 5 f' '-A 4 11.2, f sew 4 X X N 5, A x X 7 J C PS S To T e emor 1 , I X 1- , 1or's,ezc e isae Q 9 Folk ' E 5 M Ggx V ou e eo e Z 'fi' A is cams e F Q ' " 'A ' fN5w W f iiQfQ2fE5?A1iiW Qi '-3' K ,fax f , -N 'W X Y! f 5 f ,, 4 fi V X,QX t,j iv, X XX ' I f 4 6 E If ff PX! uf Q X-H51 Lb X x 77 J 1' ,.-- V3 x ff ff Eg ff! f mi W ,L .. ,JA .N 5 "" Q V W, K. f pmgmwu Q V, WH , , Lui 'Q-'EW 'K c if mf H, . W - .N ..f .J A -,LS ff ,. W 1 X .51 'mf . l M sl Q' ' 'af , Q L., ' wi , ' ffl .N An .Q "' E- 'M' 1:-:Hx 'mf 'uf if 4 . .' -fly. 4 'f7:"i2WQJ z 4141? Q. 15,-3:91 , ' ' 61151 WW? , ,fF4Jg3y, , 11' , yifxggf :-W ,gf-'T--15' X '1 1 -, T135 M"-'w:vwf, . .LMQN mf- Jil' ,. - Slew of '92 . HK Bk FK COLORS: Heliotrope and Silver. MOTTO: See Class Plate. YELL: Fee Za Wah A Kha Bay E, Rah, Say We, For 'ggi FRANK W. SPRINGIER, - I-Inman L. H.xriss, - Aim E. An.xMs, I-IHNIU' B. Avlcnv, Don I'. Finnmav, - Mmm IE. Comizovle, Glsoiuaic L. IfIuN'r1N1.:'rox, S'D'F'FioePs: Fzerrzberfsz - President - Vice-President - Secretary Treasurer - Historian - Prodigy Marshal " Thy Purpose firm is equal to the rh.-ell." Angus, William, - - - Borneamp,j. Edward, QI' If W, Briggs, john Gallup, jr., .rl T, Dewart, Harry xl., - - Edson, NV111. N., 115 K W, limpy, Clarence R., - - Ferree, Charles W., H 1-1 ff, Flaten, Nils, ---- Goldblum, Hal Sol, - - Hartley, Heber Lindon, .Ll T A, Jenson, Nels, - - - - Knudson, Albert Cornelius, .41 Larson, Constant, - - Leavitt, Frank Wesley, .Ll T - Lunke, Richard Olaus, - McWhorter, Lou Francis N., Massey, Freedom Chester, Merrill, George Plumer, .rl K E, Northrop, Cyrus, jr., A K E, Northrop, Elizabeth, K K F, - Peters, Elizabeth A., - - Phillips, James E., 115 1' Al, Potter, Franc M., HB '15, - Powell John Walker, Ll T, 1. CLASSICAL. 25 - - Garfield - Valley City, N. IJ. - - Wasioja Faribault - - Duluth Hastings - S21 Twelfth Avenue S. - - - - Dennison - 1-1111 Ninth Street S. - 1116 Seventh Street S. IE. 1613 University Avenue S. - G96 Sims Street, St. Paul - - - - Alexandria - - - - Minneapolis 1318 Fourteenth Avenue S. - - - - Austin - - - Louisville - Eighth Avenue S. E. - 519 Tenth Avenue S. E. 519 Tenth Avenue S. E. - 14.06 Seventh Avenue N. - - - - Lake City 717 Twelfth Avenue S. E. - 320 King Street, St. Paul Qlcrgg of'9?. ak wk wk CLASSICAL.-Continued. Pratt, Albert Fuller, V' fl", ---- Rhoades, Grace M., Sethre, John Olaf, Stack, George Franklin, - - Wallace, Thomas Fl'CCl11Zl.I1, X W, - Whitman, Clarence Leroy. Young, Charles Elon, W Q", ---- SCIENTIFIC. Aitchison, Kate, - - - - - - Bassett, Mary E., A 1', Berg, Anna Naphtalia, - Berseth, Andrew Mikkelson, Ilonwell, Sadie L., - - Carcl, Hubert Charles, - Fleming, Hattie Evclyna, - Folwell, Russell Heywood, X W, Frost, William Dodge, Gibbs, Gertrude E., K A FI, Grotte, Anthony, - - - Hahn, Roland Bruce, A A Qi, - Hawley, Geo. Maxwell B., E 45, - Huntington, Arthur Elon, J' 1" A, - Huntington, George Lincoln, E15 F A, - Kellogg, Clara N., A F, - Melilligott, Thomas james, - - Patterson, Eugene L., A K E, - Poehler. Franklin Theodore, - Sigvaldson, Sigurdur, - - Smith, Mary C., K A Gi, - Taylor, Benjamin C., - - Triggs, Floyd W., sb K ll' - Walther, Louise Grace, K A GI, Wollan, Carl Thomas, - - LITERARY. Adams, Ada, Edith, - - Bell, Gertrude Grosvener, K A 19, - Birdsall, Albert Thornton, A A Qi, - Colgrove, Maude Comfort, - - Colter, Mabel A., ---- Cooley, Martha May - Dresser, Helene Alice K A 67, Elwell, Jessie Helen C., - Firkins, Orra Estelle, A I", - Folsom, Mamie Louise, - Fridley, Don Phelps, - Fuller, Lillian, - Gjerset, Knut, - 26 - - - Anoka - - St. Anthony Park - - Carlisle - - - Anoka 318 Eleventh Street S. - - - Owatonna - 303 Lyndale Avenue S. Fargo, N. D. - - Hastings 720 Cedar Avenue - Colfax, N. D. - - Blue Earth City 337 Maria Avenue, St. Paul 201 Harvard Street, S. E. - 1020 Fifth Street S. E. 918 Thirteenth Avenue S. E. - - - - Monticello - - 800 Central Avenue - - 82 Highland Avenue 1018 University Avenue S. E. - - - - - Luverne - - - - Lu verne -L96 I-Iolly Avenue, St. Paul - - - - - Glencoe - - - Mankato 70 Highland Avenue - - - Minneota - - Algona, Iowa - - 2200 Chicago Avenue 628 Fifteenth Avenue S. E. 595 Ashland Avenue, St. Paul - - - -' Starbuck 404- Franklin Avenue W. - 2029 Irving Avenue N. - - - New York City 1109 Thirteenth Avenue S. E. - 390 Grove Street, St. Paul - - 111 Central Avenue - 618, Fifteenth Avenue S. E. 1002 Sixteenth Avenue S. E. - 1530 Fourth Street S. E. 529 Second Avenue S. - - - - Becker - - Litchfield Montevideo E 1 V ' 1' ' ' 1 'et' 1 in 017' 1 . If -, 1 ' 'R' 1 1 1 W' , f N : '1 Y . X 4 1 1 1 1 . ' 4 X , I In ' ',! x I A .A 1 . ,' ' 1 U X , Q f N 1 1 A M Unmvw 1 rw Lnvvvr Jann W Pnwm 1 pl 3 Gumum, V1 r 5 y1,,,,,,,,, :1 Gm N Mm, mom I sm. - - "-'L ' 1-iv' Q 1 ' if , 1 1 im 1 7 , O 7 , ' 3 1 1 ' 1 Y 1 ' Y , " L 1 ' ' T ' I 9 " ' . I 1' ' 1 1 , I ' 1 : P .lnmm Hmm A amy. Mun A lomq - Jmm N l hmm - AC Munson Annu F Yun' " ku" B H '1'rf'fff' 3 LH! '-ll' i V I A I xs , ..- 'Q -lo rv f I , G. -, - A Af! 1 4 1 141.114 A mv" 5.11m M: umm P1 L Nunn 1 5 fmvmmu Ann N Blnf- Jnw MLOIH-U1 --"" G L Hvuvmvv' 1 A E Hvuvuucm 1 1 - W1 : u - - 4 1 A oo 'I 1'. I 'Q ' . ' 2-r: ! W 5 11 ' 1 Q 11 11 . -. 1 , 1 . 1 ' I ' . 3 , E ' Y M 11 um. I X 1 in I Munn I mm: f, J DPM Gwynn Una Vlmnuv , Gnu Bunn! Am E MAI! ' funn W Smucm 11 W"" ' mv, I g , 1 1 ' w- U W ' , 11 ' ' . ' X Y 1 X ' - f . 4 I 2, x .R J 4 1 ' 1 1 , 1 , 1 1 W , 1 1 1 1 1 but I Vouuo, " N C Ulu. 'mm' wwmu 'ZH' clgmsuu QA' M ML cn - LOW' mfg 1 Gu sum 0 'X vm MW' 1 mf 3 . 1 1 11 X 'IO J 1 an 1 ' .- 5' ' K1 2 1 1 1 4 111 " . 1 1 r I ,- V I N A 1 v 1 xl 4, f 1 -' J .m ' ' , V I 1 1 '. 31. 1 , - 1 J o sum - ,Jn ummm 5 0 Magma- cm W ml X , p,l,,m.,,q, L-Penn :nv CLASS v w S 1 ' X , :I , .- ,V ' 5 X a a. gl 'A V... Q - H. ' . 5 X "K I V Q x ' , , , ,. I LJ' s ' ' ' w f 1 . E-' w .hun 5 Guwm U 4 www-I u n m v g q hm wH'v'we1' 3' JW """"' A W NIH V C Mann , ' I ' . i , V 1 ' 1 L b . 1 . . 'L' " ' W '- N ' 1 in - - ' X " Y 1 ' ' v I - , , ' 1 5 V ' r . , , . L , H 2 1. H 1 " l' ,' ' 5 N A "M UNIV: L f , ,E hmm: H L H X W nuns: M oisr DLHA1 m i mu :rn Y-Guvnvoz E nuns . mnv B Avm JIG M B Hmm Q 1 ff' N W N 'Q J 1 l rl , , 1 -.- 1 Q 'f . ' 1 l ..'.. , , , 1 1 la. I xy A , . - x " 1 X 1 , ' i 1 f , ' x u ' J A y Y - ' I Q I if I - 'I ' Nunn 5 rum C' WNV! Mun C Smlvwgi ,lnm Smvfq ummm L Bm - Lmum Fuum yhmm H ,umm BC Umm , -ov f Y ' . '7 'f , a. ' 9' ll W Y. U11 I x Y 1 Y 'Q ' ' X I ,X , . , W n - ' X N Flour JL, Bunuuur Mn-,nl C Canaan gum, Nunn., Sam: L Banwm n Erunzm A Pfym N .h . cm,,u,,, uwm -, ply pawn, l 1 -ff, x 'fb 1 . kd' 1 ' - . , 0 ' A I , 4 W I. A If A ' , i ,, QQ f I 1- - . 'fm N ' ' Y . ' 1 1 ' ' LP' Ai" , 1 Y ,, w ' x Y I ' ? W , X 1 I ' . , V J . L 1 Y X , . . +1 A T BIKIHILL Cum A PALMER Louma wauwll A0 Onu E fnqnuu Fume M Parvln. Mum. Mau, C Nm mm.. I I hwnluslfx l- , , , ' .f , - . f . , A V . Q9 ' ' , 2 4 9 1 It 1 ,. 5, 1: 5 3 -' ' Q f 'f -,LP , V W1 " , J ' ' J v , ' 'f ' l.. ,gloom F Hman.. Au " ' ' 'L "I ' T'J'M'!wfn" "M'n"""" T W. ' ' " E' Mm Guru. ' CmT Wann Jamlhvnuvv k s OF 93. C? ass Oi '93 . Hayes, Ilclen Lyon, .-l J', Herzog, lfla May, - johnson, Leila Pamelia, - McCormick, Agnes ll.. McCoy, josephine, - McCoy, Louise, - McGregor, jessie, - - McGregor, Saiclee, - - Michelet, M. Bastille Halo, Palmer, Carrie Aclaline,- Perkins, Minnie A., - Pryor, Leonard Henry, Salisbury, Percy P., - - Spear, George IAI., X W, Sumbarclo, Ava, ll If +P, Welles, Isabella W., - White, Harry Edgar, Anderson, Ole j., - - Gilman, james B. - - Hoyt, Hiram Patrick, E X, Ohnstacl, john Christian, Weeks, William Charles, HK Dk lk LITERARY-Continued. 1807 Ninth Avenue S. - - - Chowen - 4-00 li. Fifteenth Street - 10 Twenty-eighth Street li. - - - Algona, Iowa - - Algona, Iowa 1920 Second Avenue S. - - 1020 Seeoncl Avenue S. - - - Minneapolis - - - Onagara, Ill. 1006 Fourth Avenue S. - - Rerlwoocl Falls - Royalston Avenue 2721 Dupont Avenue S. - - - - llainliue - Plainview Clear Lake CIVIL ENGINEERS. - - - Nicollet -L08 Eighth Street S. li. 714- Fifteenth Avenue S. - - Menomonie, Wis. -1-27 Sixth Street S. li. t MECHANICAL ENGINEERS. Avery, Henry B., I3 I-I ll, - - - - - - - 25-l-S Nicollet Avenue ELECTRICAL ENGINEERS. Chase, Arthur XV., W T, ----- - ---- Hastings Dewey, Wm. H., - - - - 4-00 Sixth Street S. li. Guthrie, john I7eMott, fl' l' Al, 12000 Beacon Street S. E. Morse, George Hart, - Pitman, jolm Richmond, Reidhead, Frank Ervin, Springer, Frank Wesley, Washburn, Delos Cuyler, - - 610 Nicollet Avenue - Cold Springs, N. Y. - - - Camden Place :I T, - - - - - - Anoka ARCHITECTS. - - - - Monticello 27 igtorlg of THe Qqvjunion Qlags. 'HEN in the course of human events entrance examina- XEF Q- tion and registration were completed, and the regular work well begun, a decent respect to custom and expe- ffff V x "U" diency demanded that the class ol' '93 form an organ- .. 5 ' v ization and adopt a constitution. The members of the Sub-Fresh Class held it to be sellicvident that their constitution should be adopted. Others contended that all members of '93 were equal: that they were endowed by the University with certain inalienable rightsg that among them were free- dom and power to draw up their own constitution. And, to secure these rights, they poured out eloquence like water, and belabored the ears of the worthy Sub-Freshs with reason and Robert, casuistry and Cushing all to no purpose. Prudence finally dictated that an appeal be made to " I'rexie," as experience had shown this to be the wisest course. In accordance with his decision a new government was formed with its foundations laid on such principles and its powers organized in such form as to eliect its happiness and prosperity. The history of '03 is a history ot' repeated noble deeds and lofty achieve- ments, having in direct obiect the happiness ol' mankind, the glory ofthe Uni- versity and the honor of the class. To prove this let the facts be submitted to a candid world. It has given a noble example of charity to all future Freshman classes by furnishing free ice cream to starving Sophomorcs. It has attained the highest individual Standing in the history of the University. It has entertained the President mightily for two hours and a half' by eloquence and wit unequalled since the days of Demosthenes and liill Nyc. It has marked the beginning of a new epoch in the history of this country by inaugurating a reform in the treatment of the Indians. It has taken the lead in introducing the University Cap and Button. It has, by being possessed of a very unlimited amount of " sand," lightened the burden of Profhlones. A class, whose character is thus marked by every act which may define ability, is well fit to take the lead in this great and free University. In every stage of our progress we have been a pious and dutiful class. Always attending chapel, and never failing to laugh at the puns of the presi- dent, or patiently submit to the bowsf?J of Dr. Folwell. In attendance at rccitations we have been models of punctualityg never disturbing the urbanity of Prof. judson by coming in after the last bell. Nor have we been wanting in attention to our brethren and sistren of '92. 28 union Gjsfigiorfg. wk an wx We have warned them, from time to time, of attempts made hy them to extend an unwarrantable jurisdiction over certain ones of our number. XVe have appealed to their native justice and magnanimityq we have conjured them to avow their usurpations. They have been deaf to the voice ofjustiee and reason. We must, therfbre, hold them as we hold the members of' "9-L and '95: closely, when it is dark and slippery, lightly, when it is otherwise. We, therefore, the class of' '03, appealing to the Profs. liar the reetitude of our intentions, do solemnly publish and declare that we are absolved from all allegiance to "ponies," and that all connection between us and "cramming" is and ought to be totally dissolved, and that as dignified and stately Juniors we are free from all those things, which are suited only to immature Freshman and growing Sophomores, and have full power to contract alliances and do all other acts and things which independent men and women may of' right do. And, for the support of' this declaration, with a firm reliance on the pro- tection of' the faculty and jan. Yattaw, we heartily pledge our every efibrt. fSignedl FRANK Nasnv Slfulxolsk, Wu. Auous, Aim Enrrll Almms, Etc. Etc. v i cimrkw ai, my as , ififigaq 0 if mi, YT 20 www A Nix X ' . V ' Wai' , QW wiv 3 4 i wfff 'iff' ' 1 , w, A 5- ,. cl, gn Q XM K ifllf 'XM-xx I gtg . R 1 ,Je jk NA, 4 l fs? .f X wh mg: -5 X W wx, gi: X y W -. ' 02 I 7 xx 5 2 eva Z" ' !m! 'X L fi 1 I O a 'WW' "9 ' F 13' ,fix 5,0 . QF T5G g657i,? ' .30 Qvon Y Pxgx WLQX I Q9 Q55 of '94. Ev1cmIAu'r P. l1ARDlNG 1-lo1'12MclJoN,xl.o, - GRACE I. Cr..xmc, Clx.xR-Liss M. ANDRIST, lX'I.xRv G. S'l'lil2l.lE, lvlxlu' I. Goonslm., - Auc.l's'rus T. I..xusoN, "Not as a Anderson, Frank M., Arnet, Trevor, - Avery, Edward S., - Bartholomew, Lee B . Crocker, Roland IJ., Erickson, Charles A., Foote, Frederic W., Goldlmlum, Charles, Graham, Olive li., - Greenwood, Charles Dc Hastings, Walter H., HK Pk lk COLORS: Old Gold and White. MOTTO: Sumus quod nos faciamus. YELL: Rah! Rah! Boom! Roar! U. of M. '94. Qlifioerfsz - President - Vice- President - Secretary Treasurer Historian Prodigy ' Marshal 'Fzernberfsz pattern to imitate, but as an example to deter." CLASSICAL. , .. Helliwell, Arthur L., - Hughes, Mabel L., Kielhle, Frederic A., Larson, Augustus T., Leach, Harris E., - Litzenlmrg, jennings C .1 Martin, Harrison B., - - May, Albert li., - Officer, Harvey, jr., Pratt, Helen C., Pratt, Roberta, - Rhoades, Jessie Y., 31 1919 Fifth Avenue S. - Ludlow, England 25-L8 Nicollet Avenue - Charlton, Iowa - 1623 Laurel Avenue - - - Alexandria - - - Red Wing 14-11 Ninth Street S. - - - Anoka - - Garden City 916 Sixth Street S. I3 29141 Harriet Avenue L - - Anoka 2801 Portland Avenue - - Alexandria - - Spring Valley - - -1130 Chestnut Avenue 152 Farrington Avenue, St. Paul - - - 1128 Harmon Place 577 St. Peter Street, St. Paul - ' 1603 Bryant Avenue N. - - 1603 Bryant Avenue N. 982 Cromwell, St. Anthony Park Q? ass of '94 , . Dk lk FK Steenson, J runes, - - Vander Horck, Conrad Z., VanValkenburg, Jesse, Williams, Archie IE., VVright, Ella T., - Andrews, Horace S., Barney, Frank H., Barrows, Clarke, - Bauer, George N., Beebe, Dan G., - Hisbee, Edgar C., Bjelland, Adolph O., Brown, Charles C.. Burbank, David R., Burgess, Georgie A., - Carter, Norton E., - Carver, Walter M., Clark, Grace I., Clark, Theodore, - Coe, William T., Craig, Marion J., Creeelius, John A., - Crockett, Seldon, Everts, Katherine J., Green, Frank E., - - Harding, Iiverhart P., Hovland, Henry B., Hubbard, Jay, - - Hultquist, Charles Lord, Lewis P., - Love, Henry J., - McDonald, Hope, - Mace, Blanche A.. Manson, Frank M., Manuel, Malvern H., - Moffett, James B., Jr., Muir, William C., - Pattee, Charles S., - Paulson, Alfred P., Reed, Charles A., Robbins, Edith H., Setnan, John M., Sewall, Ralph, - Sheldon, Edmund P., Sheperd, Reuben S. - C., CLASSICAL-Continued. 52 SCIENTIFIC. - -' Eden Prairie S Fourteenth Avenue S. E. - - - - Canby 151-L Sixth Street S. E. - - - Rushibrd 4-32 Fourth Street S. E. - 915 Fourth Street S. 96 - 11 Seyin - 504- Oak Street IE. 1005 Nineteenth Street E. - 4-2 Tenth Street N. - - Maclelia - Albert Lea Minneapolis - - Duluth G0 Island Avenue - Ilelevan, Wis. - - Tracy - - - Brainerd - - - St. Cloud 1215 Thirtieth Avenue N. Maekubin Street, St. Paul - - - Milan, Ohio Moorhead our Avenue, Prospect Park . - Bernadette - Waseca - Zumbrota - Mankato - - Schafer - Qwatonna - - Atlanta, Georgia 314- Tenth Avenue S. li. - - - - Hastings 32 25 Clarence Avenue S. E. - - - St. Cloud - 1214- Linden Avenue - - Hunter, N. D. 1319 Fifth Street S. Ii. - - - - Waseca - - - Hastings - - Merriam 'Park - 4-21 First Avenue S. 2430 Portland Place - Prospect' Park - - Dover Q 'Iss of '94- Smith, Albee, jr., Strathern, Fred P., Sumner, Francis B., Topping, Charles H., Williams, Linda, - Andrist, Charles M., Bagley, Horace li., Barto, William A., Bates, Lulu M., Beck, Lily L., - Beebe, Igna, - Bradford, Jessie A., Brooks, Grace J., Burnes, Clara T., Burnett, Ida A., Byrnes, Agnese P., Case, Maud M., Cole, Eugenie L., Crossett, Herbert H., Fall, Nellie M., - Fiske, Wilbur C., - Gislason, Christian M., Goodsill, Mary I., - Hamblin, Susie E., Hawley, Mary E., - Huntoon, Ruth A., Husted, Ida L., Johnson, Cora L., Jones, Katharine D., King, jean F., - McNamara, Herbert H., Mason, Rachel C., Pabodie, Alice C., Poehler, Walter C., Robinson, Jennie D., ROSQCF, Mildred H., Seldon, Katharine F., Shepard, Alice L., Silberstcin, Edward A., - Simonton, William A., Smith, E. F., - - Smith, William A., Steele, Mary G., , Sterrett. Lillian J., Thomas, john Wm., jr., . lk lk lk SCIENTIFIC-Continued. LITERARY. 33 54-2 Wabasha Street, St. Paul - - Minneapolis - Rich Valley - 121+ Seventh Street S. E. - Litchfield Zumbrota - - Roscoe - Melbourne, Iowa - - - St. Cloud - - St. Louis Park - 1018 Second Avenue S. - - 2-L25 Harriet Avenue 515 Fifteenth Avenue S. E, 4 - 501 Sixth Street S. - - - - Hopkins - - Alma City 1929 Third Avenue S. - - - - St. Peter - 100 Oak Grove Street - - - - Faribault - - - Lakeland - 2600 Third Avenue S. - - - - Minncota - - - - Hopkins, Me. 623 Thirteenth Avenue S. E. 1018 University Avenue S. E. - 4-18 Fifth Avenue S. E. - - Chippewa Falls, Wis. - - - - - Elmore - 1529 Fourth Street S. E. - - Vfashington, D. C. - - - - - Tower - - - Baraboo, Wis. - 1301 Fifth Street S. E. - 111 Thirteenth Street S. - - Atchison, Kansas - 14 Tenth Street S. 0 Thirty-ib1u'th Street E. - - - - Duluth - - - Sauk Center - 35 Fuller Street, St. Paul -1-G2 Iglehart Street, St. Paul -' - 2732 Nicollet Avenue - - - - Lake City - 2013 Stevens Avenue S. Qlccgg of'94. wk an wk LITERARY-Continued. Thornton, Amanda L., - - - - - - S09 Fourteenth Avenue S. E. Welles, Maud A., - ----- Plainview Zimmerman, Una I., - - - - 702 Seventh Street, E. St. Paul CIVIL ENGINEERS. Ahernethv, William S., - - - - - - 2101 Fremont Avenue N. liatehelder, Frank L., - - - - Stillwater Cunningham, Andrew O., lValhalla, N. D. johnson, Noah, - - - - Litchfield Spry, james E-, - - - - Minneapolis Thornton, Guy L., - 508 Twelfth 'Avenue S. E. Wentworth, Romeyn W., - 2608 Portland Avenue Whitley, Frank A., ----- ------ I lrainerd MECHANICAL ENGINEERS. ' Corbett, Frank, ---- - - - - 623 E. Fifteenth Street Cramh, Roscoe L., - - - - - - - - - - St. Cloud ELECTRICAL ENGINEERS. Bray, George E., ------- - Chalmers, Charles I-I., McNair, Albert D., - Munro, james N., Pratt, Edward li., - Sehlegell, Frederick von Smith, Edward Ii., Squires, Roy W., - - Wilson, Halsey W., MINING ENGINEERS. Cutler, Harry C.. - ""' ARCHITECTURE. Fuller, Lester J., - - - - - - Gntterson, Frank A., - - - - - AGRICULTURE. Anderson, Alexandria P., - - - - Hoverstad, Torgcr A., 34- - - Excelsior - Lake City - - Danville, N. Y. - - Thellmanton 1018 Hawthorn Avenue 2-l-16 Ninth Avenue S. - - E. Corinth, Maine - 320 Fourth Street S. IS. 028 Fifteenth Avenue S. E. Red Wing 1104- Eighth -Street S. E. - - - Owatonna - Red Wing - Holden eflilslorg of THQ gopliomone Qlagg. Q7 if , . , . . . 4 AINY were the glances oi pity, compassion and even ridicule cast by those superior beings, the upper classmen, as in Septem- ftfll' ber, eighteen ninet , the so-called "frreenies" filed before the ,I U, 1, Y is 'fit registrar with their High School shecpskins, and were hastily gpg disposed of by that busy man with, "all right, your number i t is-3 now go." Had he then known what brilliant minds were arrayed before him, he would not have dismissed us so summarily. Strange to say, those same upper elassn1en soon became wonderfully inter- ested in us all, and avowed such love for us, and praised themselves so highly, that before many weeks had flown, about half of our number had accepted their proposals and joined their ranks "tor better or for worse." As soon as we realized that we actually had our place in college life, we met in chapel to unite our strength in a class organization. For a third and last time the upper classmen manifested a peculiar interest in us, on this occa- sion by a full attendance at our class meeting, by remarking upon motions before the house, and by audibly ratifying our election of oflieers. We fully appreciated the honor paid to us by their presence, but endeavored, by many Signs and phrases, to show them that their kindness was misplaced, and that they would lower themselves by associating with us. , They not seeing it in that light, the boys of our class took thc lowering process into their own hands, and uneeremoniously landed the intruders at the foot of the chapel stairs. Since that memorable hour the class of '94 has been respected and looked up to by the whole University, students, faculty and regents. Our social life began and ended for that year on the evening of November the tenth, at the Guaranty Loan. We eonverscd, dined and danced until the musicians refused to pipe any longer. The remainder ofthe year was spent in making and collecting assessments. After a pleasant vacation, returning to school as Sophomores, we remem- bered the noble example set before us the preceeding year, and therefore consid- ered it our duty to instruct the Freshman classes in college politics and true college spirit. To this end we assembled in chapel at the hour appointed for the Freshman class meeting. Many were present and all greatly enjoyed themselves until the President, summoned by the brave CFD Freshies, appeared in our midst and assured us that our services were no longer necessary. We reioieed that in so doing he bore witness to the fact that ours was no ordinary class, but one which could accomplish great results in little time. 35 gopliomone Gfxfigiong. wk wk wk Some wceks later tl1e Freshics held a party in the Law Building. The lol- lowing morning strange rumors were aHoat about stolen rel'reshments, dark- ness, broken locks, red pepper on the floor, and of the flight of tl1e Sophs: but diligent Search and inquiry among the Sophomorcs have been unable to find a single boy who knew anything about the affairg so of course the guilti lies at some other door than ours. On February first We again met for a social evening at the home ol' one ol our members. A leap-year conversation programme, quotations, and so forth, helped us to pass the evening pleasantly. I Such is the brief and condensed record ol' the class of '94-, the class belbre which all other classes have bowed the knee. For a further account of our achicvenients, a complete list of our virtues, etc., etc., consult Gopher of '94-. e l, K li i ' ' Q ,Oven ' Nos 36 nw. 6211155 of'95. 'Bk x wk COLORS: Orange, Lemon, Bananna. MO TTO: Vincit qui se vincit. YELL: M Di 39? I4i'4Xn V- XVILLARD C. LYON, - Bl-:R'rn.x R. BR.-ilmlforzn, Ln.mN H.vrcu, - I-IARRY W. ALLEN, Lmeov E. CLARK, - lVlARGARli'1' L. L.xwmaNc1s, Cn,xm.Es G. F1.AN,m.xx, "All your streng Aron, A., - - - Aspden, Herbert I-I.. Baldy, Fred, - Clark, Leroy, - Clifford, Elmer, - Colwell, Thomas, - Elwell, Talmage, Flanagan, Charles, Gilhllan, Fred, - Godward, Williani, Goodwin, Godfrey, Gray, George, - Huhn, Carl, - jackson, Katharine, Kennison, Alice, - Loe, Daniel O., - McDonald, VVillian1, - Maxwell, Corinne, Melvin, Fred, - Norris, Harrirn an, Osborn, William, Page, Irving, - Parker, Marion, Peterson, Erick, Qftioens: - President Vice-President - Secretary 'Treasurer - Historian Prodigy - Marshal 'Fzernbensr tl: is in your union, all your danger is in fliseorrlf' CLASSICAL. - - - - - 1713 Stevens Avenue - - - - Excelsior 4-11 Ashland Avenue, St. Paul - 217 Eighth Avenue S. E. - - - - Lake City 712 Fifteenth Avenue S. E. 1002 Sixteenth Avenue S. E. - - - - Mankato 411 Tenth Street E. St. Paul Evansville - 125 Sherburne Avenue St. Paul - - - - - Lake City 309 Lyndale Avenue N. - 1805 Fourtll Street S. E. - .10 Florence Court - Grand Meadow - Fairmont - Hudson, Wis. - - A - Mankato - 31 Thirteenth Street S. - - - Mankato - - - - Anoka - 516 Fourth Street S. E. - - - - Red Wing 37 Qlagg of '952 :of an xi Rogers, Clarence, Scholberg, Martin, Steele, Harriet, Rice, David, - - Stimmel, William, Ten Breck, Joseph, 'I'itus, Mary, - Twing. William, Wells, Benjamin, - Wells, Hattie, - Wright, Blanche, Allbright, Clifton, Allen, Harry, - Andrews, Noah, Barnard, john, - Barre, William, Beaven, Arthur, Bigelow, Hiram, Bonwell, Arthur, Buckley, Daniel, Cook, Roy, - - IJeKay, Cornelia, - Duteher, Kate, - Espey, Lila, - - Fisher, Lizzie, - Flanders, William B., - Fowler, Harry A., Fox, Henrietta, - George, james W., Glover, Harry, - Goodrich, Judd, Guilford, Harry - Hageboeek, August Hare, Edward, - Hateh,Lillian, - Hodgson, John, - Holbrook, Anna, Huntley, William, johnson, George, Judson, Harry C., Kelley, Herbert, Kelly, Orange, - King, Clara, - Lagerstrom, Lydia, Leary, Daniel, - CLASSICAL-Continued. SCIENTIFIC. 38 - - U23 Hawthorn Avenue - - - - Ortonrille 111 Twenty-ninth Street W. - - - Rockland, Mass - - - - Fargo, N. D. - La Crosse, Wis. - - - Rochester - 2-L31 Clinton Avenue - - - - - Duluth 1315 Seventh Street S. E. - 725 Twelfth Avenue S. E. - Brainerd Red Wing - Litchfield - - - Sauk Centre - 1301 Seventh Street S. - 1613 Bryant Avenue N. - - - - Zumbrota - Blue Earth City - - Farmington 18 Fifteenth Street VV. - - - - Red Wing - - - - - Austin - 74 Summit Avenue St. Paul - - - Hotel Waverly - - - - - Kandiyohi - 1609 Fourth Street S. E. 2204 Seventeenth Avenue S. E. - - - - - Rockford - - - - Speneer,Ia. - 2026 Portland Avenue - 139 Aldrich Avenue N. - 631 Fifteenth Avenue S. E. - 528 Eighth Avenue S. E. - - - - Lake City - - - Hamline - 1800 Nicollet Avenue - 1511 Fifth Street S. E. 3140 Second Avenue S. - - - Farmington - Wilton Junction, Ia. - Wilton Junction, Ia. - - - - Otsego - 2310 Emerson Avenue S. - - - - Austin C? Use of '95 Lyon, Willard, - IX'ICD61'1'I1iCi,RC11lJil'I, - Mann, William, - Miller, B. Clarence, Moore, H. Albert, - Mortenson, Mary E.. Niekerson,Harry, - Olson, O. Carl, Osborn, Mary, - Paulson, Oliver, Peck, Horace, - Popeulesse, - - Ramaley, Francis, - Ransom, Charles. Reed, Edwin, - Roney, Katherine, Sehureh,John, - Shuek, Lewis E., - Sehwager, Lewis, Soule, Stephen, - Stout,Wilfi'ed, - Taylor, William, - Tilclen, Josephine, Thomas, Mabel, - Ward, De Forrest - Werner, Carl, - White, McLaughlin, Wilson, Luke, - Austin, Isabella MCH. , Barnes, May B., - Beclient, Eliza, - Bedient, Louise, Bell, Maud H., Boraas, Julius, - Bradford, Bertha R., Byrnes, William J., Cahoon, Cuybert A., Campbell, Mahala P., Campbell, Mary A., Campbell, Walter H., Comstock, Sara L., Crosby, Marion E., Dalrymple, William F., Defrene, Stella D., - Devereaux, Thomas L., DeV0ld, Sophus M., . Pk PK Y SCIENTIFIC - Continued. - , , - - - - - Fargo, N. D. - 1521 Portland Avenue - . - Pine Island - 926 Sixteenth Avenue N. - - - - Faribault - - - - - Elk River - 324- Thirty-third Avenue N. . - - - - Mankato . - - - - Waseca - 1711 Hawthorn Avenue - - - Fontanelle, Iowa 277 Sherburne Avenue, St. Paul . . - - - Albert Lea - - - River Falls, Wis. - - Winthrop, Iowa - 1619 Western Avenue - - - - Fairmont . - - - - Bethany - 1527 Seventh Street S. E. 7 S6 Grand Avenue, St. Paul - 3200 Chicago Avenue - 3225 Pleasant Avenue - - - Mankato - - - Fairmount - 1910 Ninth Avenue S. E. - 1316 Fifth Street S. E. - 1622 Hawthorn Avenue - 1213 Hawthorn Avenue - 1224- Nicollet Avenue - - - - Kasson - - - Kasson - - 2029 Irving Avenue - ----- Hader 824- Thirteenth Avenue S. E. - - - 27 Tenth Street N. - - Blue Earth City - 1100 Fifth Street S. E. 1100 Filth Street S. E' - - - - Alexandria 4:67 Inglehart Street, St. Paul - . - - - Hastings 403 ,Grove Street, St. Paul - - - - St. Paul - 2209 Clinton Avenue 1918 Clinton Avenue S. 91055 Oi '95 1 Doherty, Agnes E., Doherty, Mary H., Eaton, Rose W., Eckholdt, Walte, - Edwards, Christine, Eliason, Adolph O., Ellithorpe, Clarence Feleh, Susie, - - Fillman, Flora E., Hart, Emma M., Howe, Mary C., Hoyt, Mary A., - Iohnson, Edwin M., Knappen, Sarah L., Kohler, Elizabeth L., Langdon, Mildred, Lawrence, Margaret L., LeCrone, john W., McDonald, Margaret, Merrill, Nellie L., - Moore, Lillian R., Morse, Minnie F., - Page, Cora L., - Pendergast, Sophie M., Perkins, Eliza A., - Robinson, Mattie M., Sheahan, Anna M., - Smith, Mary L., - Stageburg, Olaf O., Stevens, james F., Stone, Minnie E., - Thompson, Robert M., Truesdell, Florence M., Tuve, Martin L., - Webb, George C., Wildes, Hattie R., - Atty, Norman B., Bohland, john A., Cassedy, George A., Chapman, Leslic H., Condit, William H., Haverson, Henry D., Tilderquist, William M., - Wilkinson, Charles ll., - . Bk Bk Bk LITERARY - Continued. 608 Seventh Street, W. St. Paul - 608 Seventh Street, W. St. Paul . . ---- Wells . . - - - Rochester - 2-1-21 Ninth Avenue S. - - Montevideo Groton, S. D. - - Elk River - Menomonie,Wis. - - Spring Valley - - - Oxvatonna - 714- Fifteenth Avenue S. - - - Sauk Center - 2712 Pillsbury Avenue . - - Hastings - 74-O Eighth Avenue S. - 1219 Fourth Street S. E. - - - - Faribault - 314 Tenth Avenue S. E. - - 1516 Harmon Place - 24-3 Summit Avenue, St Paul - 905 Thirteenth Avenue S. E. - 2204- Dupont Avenue N. - - - Hutchinson - . 814: Fifth Street S. E. 2608 Seventeenth Avenue S. - 1529 University Avenue S. E. - - - Hoquinam, Wash. . ---- Dawson - - - Spring Valley - - 813 Eighth Street S. - 701 Fifteenth Avenue S. E. - 1703 Vilashington Avenue N. - - - - Dalton Arcadia, Wis. . ..-.- - Mankato CIVIL ENGINEERS. . - - - - - 2010 Third Avenue S. Montroe Avenue, St. Paul - - - Rochester - - - - Litchfield - 1010 Fourth Street S. E. - - - Winona - ---- Vasa - 438 Fifteenth Avenue S. E. 4.0 Q 4155 of '95, wk Lackor, Harry D., Northway, Robert S Pease, Levi B., - Adams, George F., Ames, Ward j., - Clark, Howard S., Dinsnlore, Louis, Ford, Robert E., - Gregson, Wallace A. Knapp, Wilbur, M., Phelps, Clyde S., Staughton, Melville Stewart, Newton P. Tanner, Harry L., - Walker, Frank B., Weaver, Albert C., Wolfern, Otto, - - Wright, Ernest A., Burghardt, Karl, Grnenburg, Benjamin, Kinney, Alonzo G., Sandsten, Emel P., HK ik MECHANICAL ENGINEERS. - G14 Fourteenth Street E. 219 Fifteenth Street - - - - Corner Pleasant and Sumner Streets ELECTRICAL ENGINEERS. ARCHITECTS. AGRICULTURE. - - Oxvatonna - - - - - Duluth - - - Madison, S. D. 518 Thirty-second Street W. - 1219 First Avenue S. - - - - Austin - - Colfax, Wis. - - Litchfield - - - Winona 1130 Chestnut Avenue - 14-2-L Filth Avenne S. - 3045 Harriet Avenue - - - - Lake City - - - - Minneapolis -L23 Twelfth Avenue S. E. St. Anthony Park 1725 Eleventh Avenue S. - ----- Wells - St. Anthony Park MINING ENGINEERING. Kernohan, Robert B., - ---- . --B , . L 1g':"Ql"a' S1 -.r ,K . :. F-v 'N - 4-1 - - Warren, Ohio Eneslimaq Jsfislong. an ak an J J' 3-9 240 ,7 Illllllv - iiihQ L 7 ' lliilll u . 1., A , A if "Eli " C1 ' 'rv' vi -, 'llilf it W " l f 'ff ' f rf' . l i M- ., has suctetdcd in inscribing its deeds with exceeding dis- tinctio11 upon the '1nn'1ls of the University. Born on the Sth day of September, 1891, its career has been one of many successes and but few reverses. The relation which has existed between the classes of '05 and '9-L, renders the duty ofthe historian exceed- ingly difhcult, in that the history of one class necessar- ily involves that of the other. However it is unneces- sary fbr the mere recorder of events to analyze the char- HE class of '95, though distinguished by no special traits, acteristies of the two classes, or to trace from cause the effect. Suffice it to say that from the day the class of '95 appeared upon the scene, the Sophmores manifested an ever increasing desire to show their superior wisdom and right of supremacy. An opportunity soon offered itself. On the morning of Oct. 3d tl1ere appeared on the bulletin board the following: NOTICE: Freshman class meeting in Chapel at 1:30 to-day to elect officers. Norlclfz Sophmore class meeting in Chapel at 1:30 to-day to elect ofhcers. The historian's note-book of this date contains the following account of the meeting: 1:00 o'clock. The tbrces of '0-1- and '05 are assembling and an engagement seems inevitable. 1:30. Freshman meeting called to order amid great confusion. Their great numbers and manifest strength and determination evidently causes disappoint- ment among upper-classmen. 1:-l-0. The Sophmores assemble and excitedly discuss the object of the meeting. The Freshmen in the meantime are tranisacting their business. All runs smoothly till the "Freshman from Lake City" thus addresses the president" "I move we make some change in the constitutionf' Freshmen applaud. The Sophmores, in an effort to show their t' wisdom," applaud. I 2:00. Sophmores still applauding. 2:10. Sophmores elect class orator. He attempts to express his gratitude. Freshmen applaud. Sophmores applaud. 2:25. Both Freshmen and Sophmores still applauding. 2:30. Prexy enters: "All who are not Freslnnen please leave this building." 2:31. Last Sophmore disappears across the campus. This encounter was followed by a period of peace, marked by no incidents of special interest. Early in December the Freshmen decided to give a class party in the Law building. Most complete arrangements were made and the usual supply of re- freshments ordered. On the appointed evening the Freshmen assembled and all thought of the outside world was lost amid revelry, until of a sudden the lights grow distant, fiieker and disappear. The story ot' what followedg how the Sophmores attempted to secure the refreshments and how they failed, and how the Freshmen captured a Sophmore and made him furnish amusement for the assembly, has oft been told and scarcely needs repeating. 4-2 weglimaq Qfsfiglorrg. an FK Pk Such is thc martial history of the class of '95g but wc point with greater pride to its victories in the class room, in oratory and in athletics, which are many and noble. ll' the spirit ll'lZll'lllbStCCl in its short beginning may be taken as a criterion by which to judge the future, its ucllicvcments will bring honor and glory not only to cuch member of thc class of '95 but to its bclovccl Alma M atcr. t of-ffxf X ff. f. .fs , M- It 'V ljrgfaifghv "' i 4 65551 iff' "-'-'EMT-'i', , I, QSZEL7 fi? .G -Wffisl .. 'Q-F11 , f iii, if Mi ,J Milf 1 iu Qjmflw If Q I x '-N53-ax '-iv :, "N:.'Q,:3-,.j, 5...,9.SR ,Q 1' 51" flgllf I , Kim mf X ,Z 'v WK YQ, ,I ,guilt 3, -Q fu y X. T524 ,.j1' 'W x X v qw I 44515 , Jkfxf . l 4? l" ff 'Xff ,,- 'ff qf. f' .- f' ' , if , K, 4 Kg' jlf , , fu f, Q 4, ,f , . X 1 f . Q fpjg f x , ffffllf- N .,-- 7 '15-, l f:21fQffT I, ff 1-159' -4 fi U 611 h, Efflvly ' f 'ff .. ' ' -fa f mywo 37 is 'Z .. -X -s - .xr-J' i X ,M .R - gN iQvf X -V-:. 0.2 ' 'Iii-'X mx-,sf N ' -:--K? X -'figs bp , f '-Ile' f -314,44 l'f.f-axiw01ggg15qfa'tX-:nag 11, X X53 X winks' f i --al ' ff:vWdsS1:'2wi"e ' X.-gg haze-sem. ,X 4 'ffz ,,,', Mm. 5'fAf7E5?T"P5?i1. hx X .wxfevsm X C 'X -- w 'Q - W- f2"'+. -Niki. - WRGSN ' q,,sss Q34 ,mg , .X ,Kilim ., if Q: QXXfd!l,k Xi .sas f it so .. L, ' 'e -1-..-'Q 1 1 1. N lefmimi. si .v if Y Qlsissfri- - XXW1'sfggL'2?iW - X-csv fiff: 221. N- X Qtgffxf Y- vita 21415411 f, lifrgf fbi 12.5, ix rciix Q xWy"i - X X gt'q.wife':.Q.5O.. 1 XX XXX-N ,." ,. ,-.1--53 ,f 'Q E-I XX " Q1 ,Q .'hQ.'.'a.HifQ1f!'M2 5 'X --2.432 If .Gif .1 X-lx :in -'SX X A yy'g.'5,:gj47-.-uff- Q34-15-1y 1,4? iii Egg, figs 3,1 xX '-,AX E 'XNQE Sfiiff 2553? -xilfigrzgi eil? i X 3135444-Z5 x , 5 'kiixj .gg-ii T ig-X, x +. xi. Zffiiifi., X o E - - 12 it X '11:g::H1r:-'mai'-E Sisfaf ' ' Xksgcxssk y g V iisiga iff: X. il: -' fiff.LL.i11l kai, ai 1 xt- 42- Swv - . 1 4"- 1 ' 1 ll ti 1 Lg-m7,,,,,'i.,,..,.jLf,f2iff --.. ,M ,..A ,I , . 'V V512 'fu , rx, -an I n ,iii li -X-fx: i ,, ' ' -L 0-.. va A 1' 'f'--- Y If .. 4 3 ' ffl if Q X, My I fZ f,Z Q ff 6 1 filf f. V. W X, X fy li ji ,fi f ,ff A f , IIII V71 ,f,f 7 , 1 X f A .iffy I f H fi:.4',,yjf, 3545! 5 f fl L CJ! iff X! i fifffi ,?,..5 L4 ?.,7 fi , f ftfffif ' 17? ,X X HQ-ff-QAM 7 Aldrich, Charles R., Ayer, Sophia, - Arkin, Abel J., Bailey, Anna L., Barnes, May li., - Barry, john C., Ileard, liliver lui., - Best, Lillian Il., Bird, Charles li., - llishman, Adam li.. Bjornstacl. Albert Xl' Blaisdell, Fannie M., Bolton, Graeilia li.. Brahee, Addie I., ' Brace, Sears li., jr.. Brewer, .leanette -I., Brewer, May Tuttle, Brooks, L. May, Iirower, Josephine V Brown , Pearl H.. Borgholthaus, Fred H., Burwell, George F., Charnley, Ida F., Child, Lewis H.. Claussen, Oscar L., Cohen, Mrs., - Colburn, May, Daniels, -I. V., - Davis, j. E., - Dennison, Lottie Nl we f -I--lf - - St. Anthony Park 1315 Seventh Street S. li. 1523 Seventh Street S. E. - - - - Elk River - - - - St. Paul - 95 Twelfth Street S. E. 2000 Park Avenue - - Fairmont Otiseo . - - - St. Paul 510 Sixteenth Avenue S. E. - 2701 Colfax Avenue S. - - I-Iutehinson St. Anthony Park 215 Clifton Avenue - 215 Clifton Avenue - 1708 Laurel Avenue - - - - St. Cloud S21 Fifteenth Avenue S. E. - - 13 Florence Court - Minnetonka - Hotel Berkley - - Glencoe - St. Paul - Minneapolis - - - Algona, Iowa 518 Sixteenth Avenue S. - - - Minneapolis 518 Sixteenth Avenue S. E. gpeqicrlg. as wk an Dickey, Hugh L., Eacls, Harold H., - Erfl Jolm W., Q - Fallis, Catherine R., Farmer, John C., - Farnsworth, Ethel N., Felton, Mary E., - Firkins, Frances, ' Fossum, Julius, - Foster, Eva M., - F recleriekson, William D., Gibbs, Elsie C., - Gillis, Frank, Graves, Maucl, Gray, Vanee I., - Hall, Amos H., Harris, Emily R., Hartley, Mary E., Hatch, Henry E., - Ha wley, Elizabeth McK ., I-Iogeland, Justus M., Holman, Linnora A., I-Iooklancl, Sibert, Johnston, Harriet C., King, George A., Kirwin, Peter J., Lang, James S., - Laramee, Eugene M ., Lawrence, Kate M., Leary, Anna M., - Leavitt, Clara K., Leavitt, Justina, Lintner, Charles I-l.. Linton, James I-I., - Livingstone, K athrine A., Long, Louis L., - Loring, Albert E.. Luby, Michael J.. Lunke, Minnie, - Lyall, Helen G., 4-5 - - - Marshall 1808 Colfax Avenue S. - Mourveville, Ohio - 518 Seventh Street S. - - - Spring Valley - 14-14 Mt. Curve Avenue - 1304- Fifth Street N. E. - 1530 Fourth Street S. E. - - - Elon, Iowa Stillwater - Lake Elizabeth Monticello - Anoka Adrian - Lake City - St. Paul f - - Minneapolis - 1116 Seventh Street S. E. - -1-1-L Oak Street S. E. 1018 University Avenue S. E. - - - - Cornell Pa. 1320 Sixth Street S. E. 604- Oak Street S. E. 38 Ninth Street S. - - St. Paul - Greenleafton - Newbury, Vt. - - - Haylancl Avenue 4-10 Sixteenth Avenue S. E. 908 Fourteenth Avenue S. E. 1202 Fourth Street S. E. - - - - I'lartl'ord - Albany, N. Y. - Minneapolis - - Minneapolis 901 Groveland Avenue - - - Minneapolis Park 1328 Fourteenth Avenue S. - 1217 Fourth Street S. E. 6? ecialg. Ik Bk FK McDougall, John C., McKay, Albert J., Manehester, Bertram, M anson, Kath rina E., Mashek, George J., Matteson, Roy G., Mayo, Robert J., Meagher, Kate, Medley, Eugene, - Merriam, A. W., Miller, Jessie E Muller, Sarah H., .,- Mills, Frank J., - Murphy, John H., Jr., Norris, John M., O'Reilly, Gabrielle A., Parry, Anna L., Pattee, Adeline M. Patterson, Ella, - Perkins, George A. Cl Perry, Emma E., Pierce, George A., Piper, Ida M., Pitts, Thomas, v 1 Poehler, Agusta, - Ragan, Marcella, Rheinfrank, George C., Rhoades, Mary E., Ringdahl, Melvin I., Roe, Charles Erwii Rogers, Edward E Rollelson. Carl J., Rosger, Emma F., Iv Rutherford, Harvey W Ryan, Agnes U., - Ryley, Marie J., Sandberg, Alice M., Schmidt, Bertha, Schneider, Albert, Schofield, Edward H., - - Duluth - Stanton, Ya. - - 'Lansing - St. Anthony Park - Kewamie, Wis. - - - ' -. St. Paul - 1027 Bryant Avenue N. - 526 Third Street N. - 721 First Avenue S. - - - - - St. Paul - 904- University Avenue S. E. - - 1800 Filth Street S. - - - - Dwight, Ill. 516 Jackson Street, St. Paul - - 3036 Lyndale Avenue S. ITS W. Seventh Street, St. Paul - - - - - Mankato 603 Marshall Avanue, St. Paul - - - - Merriam Park - - - Red Wing - 2504- Lyndale Avenue S. - - - Anoka - - - Merriam Park 1014 Sixteenth Avenue S. E. - 1301 Fifth Street S. 234- Ridgewood Avenue 255 Bryant Avenue N. - Cromwell Avenue - Zumbrota - - - Stillwater - 923 Hawthorn Avenue . - - Hazel Run . - - Atehinson, Kansas 2505 Buchanan Street N. E. - - - 18 Oak Street S. E. - - New Richmond, Wis. - 525 Eleventh Avenue S. . . - - Northfield Fairbury, Ill. Zumbrota ecicrlg. wk ak Severance, Carrie A., - Shepherd, J., - Shepherd, Burehard Sinsheimer, Estelle, P-Y Skvestad, And1'ew J., Smith, Bessie E., Smith, Frances M., Sn1ith, Harriet M., Smith, Jessie P., - Soares, Claude S., Sommermeyer, Loui Soule, Winnifred, Strong, Carrie, - Strong, john C., Swan, James W., Sweet, Lotta F., Tew, Estella V., - Thompson, Clifford Thorpe, George C., Upham, Elsie C., Van Cleve, Carl E., se W., - W., .lf-, Wakefield, Harry B., Ward, Roscoe P., Warren, Frank S., White, Zada A., - Wilson, Archibaldso n W., Winegar, Frank W., - Woodard, Willis H., 1311 Fifth Street S. E. - - - - Dover - 14123 Fifth Avcnue S. T13 Fourteenth Avenue S. - 7 - Worthington - - - St. Paul 1718 Portland Avenue - - Algona, Iowa 1520 Seventh Street S. E. 220 Ninth Avenue S. E. 14:23 Seventh Street S. E. Decorah, Iowa - White Bear - Minneapolis - - - Rushlbrd - 2021 Chicago Avenue - - - Morris Marshfield - - Minneapolis - Hutchinson, Wis. - - - - Waseca - -1-31 Ashland Avenue - - Spencer, Iowa - Sacramento, Ohio - - Canton, Ill. Lake Stay 'N V K 1 Y. N i 1 ., I A M 4 ,fr QW, . ,, . , . in 5 Y A vw if W f g mul - 1 1' Uni' is lxfii fix 5 x .F VZ:-5,5 1 l Q, ii 9 'Im E' -L l ' . ' ka' --,' M I 4 'if "5 3.ii.?L-Egg. --'TIL' I Wivltifeii ' A' Wifi? ' fr A! , A 3 .xy-1 3 ai ti . l , g it if C . :Miha A la , ' ' V X W 1- R 'VL D '32fTl Tl' ,, T 'iiigif O- A 5 55- 'lg' A' A - iaglfia iii- --1 p . 'O I' if I ..... ,, cliool of Enaciical dvfecliaqiqg. Daniel Buck, - Arthur M. Frzlzee, Casper O. Knutson, Bert B. Potter, - XValter Teall Wyckoll, Clillord jerome Atkin, Christ Ackerman, - Albert J. Bisbee, - Arthur H. Andrews, Gus A. Amunclson, , William A. Cook, Eivisiorz fl. Eivisiorz 'E-3. john M. Chastek, - Herbert li. Il arrington, -1-8 lian Claire, Wis- Peliean Rapids - - Rushford Spring Valley - Worthington Minneapolis Minneapolis Madelia - St. Paul - Crookston - Mazeppa Hopkins Hull, lowa cliool of Enaciical CQVfeqHaqiqg. Eivisiori 'LE3.-Qonfirzued. Ottol: Higbee, De Clinse Glashy, Geo. 'l'. King, Alfred Newgorcl, Peter O. Melsness. john Oslie, John A. Park, I Frank .G. Ryall. Carl L. Stone, Aris Santer, - Henry F. Seherf, - Harry W. Turner, - Hogan Tollefson, Fred H. Andrus, Charles Berg, Gilbert Dake, - 3 H ager B. Christianson. Charles Hallner, - Arthur L. Hill, Henry Hadrath, George Lawrence, Clarkson Loye Gus A. Parten, Daniel O. Olson, Bert Marsh, - Lewis Muther, George W. Reash. Ford Roberts, - Rudolph Schultz, Ole Sandquist, - james R. Taggert, William F. Winch, - Eivisicrz Q. 49 Minneapolis Minneapolis Hunter. N. D. Minneapolis Sacred I-Ieart - Sacred Heart - Waterville Adler, N. D. Winona - Fairmont - Red Wing - Mazeppa - Valley - Minneapolis Hillsboro, N. D. - Minneapolis - Crookslon Minneapols - Fairmont Montevideo Minneapolis Minneapolis Minneapolis Minneapolis Minneapolis Minneapolis - Owatonna Spencer, Iowa - Montevideo - Sacred Heart Minneapolis Hull, Iowa ge ool of Czwfiqiqg aqel Qlvfeialluegg. Paoultg. CYRITS NORTHROP, LL. D.. President. CI-IRIS'I'Ol'I'II3R XV. HALL, M. A., .Professor of Geology and Mineralogy. .IOHN F. DOWNEY, M. A. C. E., Professor of M athematies. KIAMES A. DODGE, Ph. D., Professor of Chemistry. 5 WILLIAM REMSEN APPLEBY, Ii. A., Professor of Mining Engineering. GEORGE D. SHEPARDSON, A. M., M. li., Professor ot' Mechanical Engineering. FRIED s. JONES, B. A., Professor of Physics, XVILLIAM A. PIKE, H. S.. Professor of Engineering. THE organization ofthe School of Mining and Metallurgy dates back to an action in 1887, when the faculty recommended to the Board of Regents the es- tablishment of the school. This action was approved by the board and a com- mittee appointed to outline a plan of organization and to report the same, with the name of some suitable person to take charge of the mining and met- allurgy. The unparalleled development of the University along those lines of work already established prevented the Board of Regents from taking such ae- tion as it desired, until. the Legislature of 1891 voted an appropriation of SG,- 000, as the first step towards the equipment of the school and an annual ap- propriation of S-I-.500 for the payment of the salaries of a professor. of mining and meta'lurgy and an electrical engineer. This appropriation rendered it pos- sible to take the steps which culminated in a real school of mining and metal- lurgy and relegated to the past the school on paper. The establ'shment of this important department of the University was in a great measure due to Prof. C. W. Hall. The obieet ofa school of mining and metallurgy is to give a man training towards accuracy in methods and close economy in working, whatever ores are mined and metals extracted from them. The courses of study aim to give the student a comprehensive training in mathematics, sur- veying and shop work. After that follows his course in mineralogy and geo- logy. Then comes the work in assaying, mining, orc testing and dressing, and metallurgy. The laboratory for assaying is thoroughly equipped and oliers a complete training in the practical line of this work. Steps have already been taken towards securing an extensive testing works. The machinery will be of full size and will illustrate the most modern practice. This, coupled with the fact that the department is under the management ofa man of experience and ability, places it amongst the foremost schools of its kind in the country. 50 C r ..., VROF12 SSOR XYINCIIELI. ANI! OFFICE. SCIIUOL SCHOOL OF MINES. OF 51 PROFESSOR HALL AND OFII IIESIGN. IN Tllli BOTANY ROOM 7 x QQ ool of Tfgegigq. wk lk wk HENRY T. Annlasv, Principal Aismmx Bumnsss, ---- - Assistant STUDENTS. Aldrich, Chilson D. Anderson, Anders, Apleld, Adelaide, - Ardley, Marcia, Beebe, Lida, - Bergli, H. O., - Bicknell, Florence E., - Bowen, Bertha, Brown, Mary YV., Cogger, Birdie E., Cauvet, Viola L., Cliristianson, Lena, Darling, Emily F., Dowling, Myrtle I. Frost, Nellie L., - Gardiner, Helen M., Gillnm, Mrs. H., - Hart, Mrs. L. G., Hall, Mrs. F. X., ' Hoyt, Fraiices, Irwin, Clarence, - Jerome. Charles W., Johnston, Phoebe, Kellogg, Ella M., Knowlton, Mary, Leach, Lncy W., Litzenberg, Jennie, Loemans, Lizzie B. 53 Minneapolis - Mankato St. Paul Minneapolis Minneapolis Gardiner, N. D. Minneapolis Minneapolis Minneapolis Minneapolis Minneapolis - - Bath Minneapolis Minneapolis Minneapolis Minneapolis Minneapolis Minneapolis Minneapolis - St. Paul Excelsior Minneapolis Minneapolis - St. Paul Minneapolis Minneapolis Minneapolis Minneapolis 63343001 of Tebesien- if Meagher, Mrs. W. E.. Mythe, Henry. - Newcomb, Mary, Nexen, Jessie, - Nelson, Mrs. M. O., Noss, Lewis P., Pattee, Flora A., Pattee, Helen, - Perry, Emma, - Reash, George W., Sherman, joseph, Swenson, Georgianna, - Thwing, Harriet N., Tromanhauser, Lila, Turner, Josephine F Van Stan, Clara, FK FK cJ"'6 we W... 4 sv? .Mg 1 45. 7 svn. 54- Minneapolis Minneapolis Minneapolis Minneapolis Minneapolis Minneapolis Minneapolis Minneapolis Minneapolis' Minneapolis Sleepy Eye Minneapolis Minneapolis Minneapolis Minneapolis Minneapolis Ewizeg. as as an 'Pillsburg Prfige. RHETORICAL DEPARTMENT. First Prize, 330. A- -if -A- Second Prize, 525. if if -k I Third Prize, 320. -If -k -A- First Prize, '91, - M. D. I'uum' Second Prize, '91, 1'. J. NEFF Third Prize, '91, j. 0,jo1zo1sNs '89 H-ZQY'T'ZOPix-'Sli 'F3rfi3e. HISTORICAL DEPARTMENT. Prize, S25. Prize, '91, ---- T. J. Soiuuss Tilfzoses TF2,ar'S'Con Solgolalrfsigip 'F9r'i3e. ENGLISH LITERATURE DEPARTMENT. Prize, the annual income from 3I,ooo. Grilleffe-Hergog, TQnFg. Qofe, 'F91"i3es. MECHANICAL DEPARTMENT. First Prize, 350 and Medal. Second Prize, S30 and Medal. v Glenn TFZQOI-al. MILITARY DEPARTMENT. Prize, '91, ------- B. C. T.xvLoR Paige 'F3r'i3e, i LAW DEPARTMENT. For Best Thesis Senior Year. Prize, '91, ------- Ax.1sER'1' MOOIKIE JD 'IN Qjvfemowiam. xc wk as v sw. N NSIEJ Q WFDGM V,JlR f ww ww- 54 'U mx" ' ix? 'X gui I' J gf 1533 if - .ra-:.f 4-,xxx 'fe 7'- 5-f L 5 5 15 'Z 'QWM 1' HT. x IW. 1 'Q 5" 's Q, ww. mf. gm. man. if ' x 3,'liliIT Elance Qiumziwcll, 'Q-52. Q , X f wus. gf. Q. Q?l!1!I7D1f,'88. 'L 'Ji ' -If - 1 1 ' I ,ar :W an , amns LL. illa r, 98. ,fkwgg ff Wi 2fk1ilT grmzuzvcsca MU. Blisvviuv, Qpvriul. if ' ix Qblmvlw Zlvuimz Qinhfvvu, 'sb4. fx 1 ' if Giruillc Lixmnmc ifvluuzwl, yum. 'P f. X I . P 2:- 3 K A uw- fx' v Q if , s nf . 523, . xwzv 'I .:12.'2.?-'eff-fx. FQ A-'S-Gaifam . V ' 1 , 5' x ' ni: " 5+ -ii 'Q 56 JM K S ,lx af-fx 1 LH.-K I, A Lv .T.VT..... Tw-, . x x X J N , , fl I 113171-., ' K . Smx - , XX rj, ,4 'VJ ,QF ,Qtff , .-X, I ' ..LiA1., LlllR.XRlAN'S HI-'FICIL MAIN OFFICE. LIBRARY. 57 ,W fa! f V H . ,151 NT aculig. ak x ak CYRUS NORTHROP, LL. D., President. HON. W. S. 1'AT'l'EE, LL. D., Ileau and Professor of the Law of Crmtraets. PROF. W. W. FOLWELL, LL. D., Lecturer on I11tCl'llZIti0l'IZ1l Law. CHARLES A. WILLARD, LL. B., Lecturer on the Law of Bailmcnts. JUDGE JAMES O. PIERCE, Lecturer on Constitutional and Statutory Law. HON. JOHN DAY SMITH, Lecturer on the Law of Torts. HON. GEORGE B. YOUNG, LL. H., Lecturer ou the Conflict of Laws. HON. H. F. STEVENS, Lecturer ofthe Law of Real Property. HON. C. D. 0'BRIEN, Lecturer on Criminal Law and Procedure. 53 q'He haw Eaculig. FK x wk SELIJON BACON, LL., Ii., Lecture ou Civil Procedure and livideue.-. G. Is. 1iI.LIO'r'r, Ph., D., Lecture on Corporation :md IJSIIYZLIIIC. PIERCY H. MILLARIJ, M. IJ., Lecture ou Medical jurisprlulcuce. CHARLES W. DUNN, LL. Ii., Lecture on Suretyship and lXfIo1'tgnges, and Practice iu United States Court T. DWIGHT MERWIN, IS. A., Lecture ou Puteut Law. -IAMES 1'.X1Gli, LL. Ii., Lecture on I':1rtuership. EDWIN A. JAGGAIQIL LL. B., Lecturer ou Taxation. FRANK Il. KELLOGG, Lecturer ou Equity, jurisprudence and Vroccclure. 35511 Sm? 4' X INR IQ in? Rjepanimeqt. in wk wk items. Tllli law school has exceeded the most sanguine hopes of its founders. It is today one of the most ctlicient colleges of law in the country. Old schools enjoy a prestige which plays upon the fancy of youth, but for down-right efiicieney, thorough investigation, penetrating research and practical discipline, it has no superior in America. No school has a faculty more conscientiously devoted to its interests or more thoroughly imbued with the spirit of investi- gation than our own. 'ii- LxnR.umss are absolutely indispensable in any department ol' education, but more particularly so in a law school. The wisdom ot' ages is condensed in the reports oflinglish and Americanjurisprudence. With us there is no lack. With the library ol' the college, the bar association library of Minneapolis and those contained in the insurance buildings of the city the students have everything which they could find in the old institutions of the East, and in this respect enjoy much better iaeilties than can be found in the majority of the eastern institutions. if M it Tins material for making a law school is mneh better in the West than in the East. The western boy is a natural born lawyer. He has all the mental and moral characteristics of a successful advocate, a wise counsellor and a pro- found jurist. He has pluck, patience and politeness. The girls of the West have many of the same charicteristics, and they are not slow to see the op- portunity afforded them for fame and usefulness. K fr do Paeluale Tueleqlg. : . -- GEORGE W. ACKARD, LL. B., - - XVILLIAM PALMER BL.xcKm.xN, LL. B., S'r1LEs NVILTON BURR, LL. B., - - J.uiEs DEN1s DENEGRE, LL. B., sb A df, ALONZO JOHN G.xI.nR.x1'rH, LL. B., - JOHN PATRICK G.iLnRA1'rn, LL. B., EUGENE I'IARLAED GODFREY, LL. B., JOHN ADDISON I'IARRlS, LL. B., - C1-1.xRLEs N.vrHANIEL HAMLIN, LL., B., - ALBERT RANDALL MOOIIE, LL. B., Q1 A ab, YVILLIAM IIENRY H.xRRIsON PILGRIM, LL. B., J. W. BEs'r, LL, B., ----- DOUGLAS A. FISKIE, LL. B., Al K E, - eqion Qlagg. : -' -- Qffioers. FIRST TERM. V. G. R1E1fsNmER, - - - CAR1. TAYLOR, - J. D. IQELLY, - O1..x1f E. GJERsE'r, - - - - - SECOND TERM. A. F. MCCORMICK, ---- W. E. RIIEUTAN, W. R. BROXVN, - I-I. B. FRYBERGER, ----- THIRD TERM. W. G. DROXVLEY, ---- NORA L. NIORTON, C. R. FOXVLER, W. E. RIIEUTAN, - JOHN J. W.xNOsNEss, - - G1 Minneapolis - Winona St. Paul - St. Paul St. Paul - St. Paul Minneapolis - Kent Minneapolis - St. Paul Minneapolis - St. Paul Minneapolis President Vice-President Secretary - Treasurer President V ice-President Secretary - Treasurer President Vice-l'resiclent Secretary - Treasurer Class Orator eqiorf Qlagg. wk as wk Frederick William Barton, - - Eugene Nimmons Best, A. B., 11' T, William Bennett Bebb, A K E, - Stillson Josiah Bcardslee, - - Charles Staurt Benson, Y' U, Q A QP, Charles Edward Boughton, - - Sigurcljohnson Boyum, B. S., - Walter Reynolds Brown, Q A Fl, A X, john Brown, ----- William Francis Campbell, - Zina Revillo Cheney, - - - Orrin Monroe Corwin, Q A FD, A X, Frank Fremont Cross, - - - john Albion Dahl, B. L., john Frithiof Dahl, I-J A X, - Wilbert Gilbert Drowley, - George Sanford Eddy, - Charles john Erickson, - Jean A. Flittie, E X. - Charles Rollin Fowler, Harrison Earl'Fryberger, A. B., A X, Herschell Burroughs Fryberger, A X, Robert Gallagher, ---- Botolf Garnes, A. B., - - - - Arthur Eugene Giddings, A. B., Y' T, Olut Gjerset, ------ John Dean Goss, Ph. D., X W, Q A SP, john Gruenberg, ----- Benjamin Franklin Harper, - - Joseph Henry Handlan, 27 X, Q A 41, Louis Linge Hamnion, - James Lawrence Helm, - Ludwig Arthur Hermann, John Albert Hendricks, - John Henry Hintermister, - Andrew Lewis Himle, - Fred Ezra Hobbs, B. L., - Alfred john Holmes, A. B,, Frank Alfred Huston, A X, - John Dominicus Kelly, - Edmund B. Kinney, - - Burt Frank Lum, B. S., elf K W, Livingston A. Lydiard, - Andrew Francis McCormick, - Peter Paul Maurin, M. A., - John Francis McLean, - Elvero Lewis McMillan, - Lane McGregor, E X, QP A Q, - Il, If. X.. fl' A 1F 62 - VVayzata Minneapolis - Minneapolis Minneapolis - Anoka - Osage - De Lamcre, N. D. - Minneapolis New Richmond, Wis. - - Richwood - Madelia Lake City - Myrna Minneapolis - Minneapolis - Caledonia - Willmar Minneapolis Mankato Minneapolis - Minneapolis - - Duluth - Minneapolis - - Mabel - Anoka - Montevideo - Hudson, Wis. Minneapolis - Minneapolis Wheeling, W. Va. - Minneapolis - Luvcrne - Minneapolis Sacred Heart - St. Paul - Madison - Minneapolis - - Wasted - St. Paul - Madison - Hudson, Wis. - Minneapolis - Minneapolis - No1'wood - Cold Springs - Graceville - Minneapolis - Minneapolis eqion Qlagg. wk wk ak Harry I-l. Merrick, A X, - Simon Tenstrup Miehelct, Harry Moore, - - Arthur Henry Mohler, Nora L. Morton, - - Leonard J. Mosness, Frank Pleasant Nantz, Porter joseph Neff, A T A, Henry Peterson, - - - Milton Dwight Purdy, A If, di K llf, - Volney G. Riefsnider, Q A IP, William Edwin Rheutan, A X, Albert Woodward Shaw, B S, J V, J X, - john Egbert Sutherland, - Curtiss Sweigle, A B, - - Peter Grindle Swenson, - Carl Taylor, A K E, fl' A sb, Charles Thompson, B L, George Thwing, A B, A K E, John Stewart Wangsness, Ole Knutc Wilson, B S, A T, A X, Calvin Albert Fleming, - Lester Howard Bentley, - Herbert Gilman Richardson, B S, A K E, II' A ID, C120 N,-sl' Hx 63 Minneapolis - Minneapolis Minneapolis Redwood Falls Minneapolis - Minneapolis Minneapolis Bushnell, Ill. St. Paul Park Whitehall, Ill - Oronoco - Winona - Rochester - Chatfielfl - Ortonville - Minneapolis - St. Paul - Minneapolis Minneapolis - Minneapolis - Gilchrist Lake Crystal Montevideo - Minneapolis duqior' Qlagg. bk wk Ik Qfficers. FIRST TERM. E. W. TAYLOR, - S. GRACE Tuvmzsox, - - M,uzus AN'ro1N1z'r'r1s McD1:Ruo'r'r, JOHN QUINCY Amxis, - - . E. W. Hixwmsv, - B. F. Nunn, F. D. RICE, - SECOND TERM. A. G. BRADEN, - F. W. MURPHY, ---- IVIARIE AN'roINET'1'1s MCDE1mo'r'r, Hrznlsswr S. L,xUm'1L1N, - - E. W. TAYLOR, - ALmcu'r W. S'r.xcx', F. D. Rlcrs, - THIRD TERM. W. J. STEVENSON, GEORGE M. YOUNG, - - NIARIE AN'l'OINE'l"l'E MClJIEIiRl0'l"I', L. A. IQENNIEDY, - - - A. J. Brmmax, A. F. MA'ruwm, E. W. HAw1.1zv, IH- - President Vice-President - Secretary Treasurer Marshal Orator Historian - President Vice-President - Secretary Treasurer Marshal - Orator Historian - A President Vice-President - Secretary Treasurer Marshal Orator Historian I . Uvf: V"-7 'f,, j "lv V ' l' , ,,, 1 Way ze- : - ' 5 A- A '- 4 . - X . " .N 1. ,nf v 1 nr X s H" r x - , H 5 . , ' '-46 , .5 Q, 'x"., ' K ' .X 'Q ' 1 , ,. , 4 . . A . K 2 . ' . - '-an . ' , N F Au E E c Y V ' X Mhvw 1' F-A-MAYHwla I I' wnwunu ' " """" uwnu ' WLMumu. , run-n fc" ' dr ' . "H""'ll M""'N , W Y . V - -E - ,. T ""- V 'I w"""", i 'f , g , N nv. 1. vw t. u : 1 1 , 1. , "' " A I. v. 1, 11 t ' ' ' X ' ' .- . v ' N ' z , v, ' I I - , - . 1 ll I W Tmol , T J Mlluvsavv . W fl 5.-M 1 A P 'L""' I I1 B Tun! b PM WU" J,F Annum G 5 SW" ,-ww ww ", . , A ,. - , '- 4 w' . 1' MQ ' ' . ag "' .. ', ' -wv gf- f 2' . M x. QV W, , J V vf . H Q H . - s , J , ' ' ' ' EFBWYWL wJ.S-mme.. WMM... ys1c.x1,.-- QA uma- A 5-C""fl"- EM-Lwl s rm---u ' L, . W , ,, I v:-ffr'-1 "" - -...-- fr 7 nn! M X , F -L H.. Aix' 'V' L . . 'F ' 1 L U 1 A A Q Y ' f- . r' G ml. , W- ' ge z ' 1' "' ,A 'I Q ' " '.j: , A v v. .. X 1' 3. 1, 1- .VA fl Q a I 1 , 3 If -3 . lf H ' . Nn.r.m....... Jcsm. . g 1GWN""""' EM-arw-n..-m -' WH--+1 'A f. num. MPM-vw -If , V ' .1-sul,-, "r 1-5 5 1' "" M -v . . H a ' ' t , P3 , ' f 3 4 , 1 V , , ,Q A ' .-I R A V A 1 , 5 .V r 1- 7. f by ' J , 5 . I ' u-f," - --7 3 .- ,V , NI E1 as ' 5 l -f 'P V x , ' f N . H R A . ,,, ,. 4 ! E N B. l '- P H-,,,,,, J A ohm. c'5"U"L"' L mum. V r.: uw.. A.w.:nM.. H s LW.-U. L ,, ,,,,,,,, Q , Q 3 3 Q' 5 L , '. '- Q . I - "3 , ' WH-Q ,' ' ' H ' ' . ' : -' 'X L ? X ' A ol " ' , . Y. 1 -4 . ' 1 , g 5 Hwww Tirilwmmcu. N Bw- AIIUIH5- ' FVLHUIM .um Saunas Am' nm.. - l.W,HAwLn. .T . 'E ' , V Y , . ,-Tv-...T-.-...... I f' , , 'A .J ' I , . ' ' ' ,.,' ' w ' ' - 1 ' . .Al fr 3A f .1 . f 'B 1 Q. A ,v ' 3: ,rl H1 f. ' al, ., N P A 4 , 4 W A -- Q. wax I A A ' N I We if ' 1? f f , 1 . . V , - V5-Wg' -' ,J g' . 4 1 1 1 - , . num " ' - .Y , nt f' - ' - t..,-.'lQ'n,5,-ir" "' "!EM'a""' ' -' ff7""" i oem... naw-n 1 . are Quan' i CLASS OF' ,93 LAW. duqror' QI John Anderson, - Arthur T. Adams, - john Quincy Adams, - james Frederick Austen, - Fred H. Ayres, - - - Henry Patterson Baily, B S, 055. Dk HK Ik sl'Kll',I1I3N, Angus Gladwyn Braden, A X, - - - - Orin Eugene Barrett, - Lieut. George Bell, Jr., - Rav Wellington Bosworth, Lowell Mason Brock, - - George Wood Buffiington, A X, - Edwin Funk Brightbill, M S, Hans Bugge, - - - Francis Arthur Campbell, - Frank Hallack Castner, - NVilliam Duncan Congdon, - Frank Edward Covell, A V, Edward Michael Connor, - Frank D. Davis, - - Harry Rose Danner, A B, A Charles S. Dever, - - john Arthur Delaney, - - Frank Herman Dittenhoeller. Albert Edward Edwards, - Frank Elmer Encell, - - john William Finehant. Arthur Pierce Flynn. - Edwin Clare Foster, - Frank C. Fuller, - - T. C. Fulton, ---- K E, - Edward Welles Hawley, A B, E 1P, 11' A QP, KP H K. - Frank Hopkins, - - - Henry Gilbert Ingersoll, - james johnson, - - - Louis Henry Kennedy, A B, Tollen Frank Kirkpatrick, - Frank Marion Lamp. - Herbert Servetus Laughlin, Harlan Edward Leach, A B, William Fred Ludemann, - Andrew Unins Mayland, 2X,QA,qf, 1-1 A X, Thomas James MeElligott, 9 A X, Frederick Adolpl1'Mathwig, Marie Antionnette McDermott, A 1', james Martin Millctt, - Samuel Benjamin Morrison, A B, A K E, - 65 Pleasant Valley, N. D. - - Elysian - Faribault - St. Paul Minneapolis - Minneapolis Minneapolis - Hamline Fort Snelling - Clearwater - Luverne Towanda, Penn. Lebanon, Penn. - Alexandria Minneapolis - Minneapolis Minneapolis - Minneapolis Minneapolis - - Mankato Patterson, N. J. - Mabees, Ohio - Ellsworth - Minneapolis zunestown, N. D. - - St. Paul - St. Paul - Caledonia - Appleton - Minneapolis Minneapolis - Minneapolis - White Bear - St. Paul Minot, N. D. - Litchfield - Dundas - Medford Minneapolis - Spring Valley - Ludemann - Aspeland - Glencoe - Owatonna Minneapolis - Hastings Minneapolis QUQIOP Qlagg. ak 1 Solomon Henry Eekman, A George Elzear Fortin, - A. K. Godfrey, - - j. A. Jackson. - - - Samuel Blair McBeath, Nels Tolleison Moen, - Lieut. George H. Morgan, - Patrick Joseph Murphy, Franklin William Murphy, William Lawrence Mnssell, Benjamin Franklin Nudd, - Neils Peter Neilsen, - George Theodore Olsen, Patrick Henry O'Keefe, Richard Pattee, - - Carl Fred Ernest Peterson, Gustave A. Petri, A H, A , Dk Bk B. Plz 7. v Wilson Littel Pierce, 525 A HP, Elijah Willis Prater, - Soreno Newton Putnam, - Charles Edward Putnam Frederick Durkee Rice, Q5 George Albert Robinson. - Adam Roesel, - - - William E. Rowe, - - Richard Nicholas Sheehy, - Lafayette Helnier Shelley, '41 james Shields, - - - George Ross Smith, - LP. Albert Wallace Stacy, B S, Al T, A X, William john Stevenson, Harry Anthony Sundberg, John Cochrane Sweet, 11' T, SP .il Q, - Edward Wesley Taylor, Q .4 SP, - Richard T atterslield, - Sylvie Grace Thygeson, - Albert Deibrrest Tyler. Q :I flf, Harden Benson Tubbs, - Alonzo Underwood, - Frank Lee Winegar, - George Morley Young, - - - Cokato - llayton, Wis. Minneapolis Baltic, S. IJ. Minneapolis - Dalton - - - Minneapolis - - - - Luce Pleasant Vulley, Wis. - - - Hamline - Minneapolis - lillmllO Lake Q St. Peter - Hastings - Minneapolis - Minneapolis Minneapolis - - St. Paul - Paynesville - - Northfield ' River Falls, Wis. - - St. Paul - Minneapolis - Perham Gary, S. D. - St. Paul Minneapolis - - St. Paul Sauk Center - Washburn - Quincy - St. Paul - Mankato - Alexandria Minneapolis - - St. Paul - St. Paul - Sauk Center - lvlinneapolis - - Canton, Ill. - iflrangeville, Ont. veqxqg Eeqiong. joseph Doerller, jr.. - Sumner Bookwalter, Eireqirgg Middle Henry Conlin, - Clayton Cooley, - William John Cowan, George T. Dullam, Percy Downing Godfrey, Charles Julius Heclwall, William Oren Hillman, John G. Hvoslef, Alexander Ingraham, Samuel G. Iverson, - Moses Dibber Kenyon, Flora E. Matteson, - Frank Merrihew, - - Phillip Tollef Megaarden Martin Edward Miley, Charley joseph Murphy, Charles Thomas Moffett, Charles Mordecai Parry, Flora E. Powers. - - Robert W. Webb, Q5 A df, r Qlccgg. I-ll A X. SP Al Q", - Minneapolis Minneapolis - St. Paul Minneapolis Minneapolis Minneapolis - St. Paul Minneapolis Merriam Park - Minneapolis Minneapolis - St. Paul St. Paul Faribault - St. Paul - Minneapolis - St. Paul - Minneapolis Minneapolis - Minneapolis - St. Paul - Minneapolis Evening ciuniors- ' ' William Martin Anderson, Fred Henry Auger, - - Joseph Henry Beck, - Edwin Ruthvcn Becman, - Bernard Bullard Brett, - Richard H. Broat, - Frank Henry Cleveland, - Homer Pierce Clark, - William Lucas Cook, Allred Bernal Davis, - William F. Dickinson, - M. R. Drcnnan, - john Gile Drcssen, - - Henry Duval, ---- William Henry Miller Gemmell, - Thomas A. Garrity, - - - Alvin Keyes Godfrey, - William Beckwith Gcery, - John Oakley Hanchett, - Wendell Hertig, - - William Martin Higgins, - - Arthur Minot Higgins, - - - William Augustus jackson, QP 1' A, Frank A. Johnson, ---- Frederick Lorenzo Kellogg, H. A. Lund, - - - Frederick Saxton Lyon, - William Thomas McMurran, Charles Boyd Moran, - R Robert Moeller, - - Thomas john Mullane, - George Downer Raymore, Henry Clay Salisbury, - Surre G. Sivertsen, - - John Alfred Smith, John Joseph Symcs, - Alfred Hollins Stees, - - Adelbcrt Roland Taylor, B S, Robert Stnart Taylor, - - Clarence Albert Webber, - Charles Louis Weeks, - - - Frank Thurston White, - - - Arthur Manley Wickwirc, A B, Z Yf, New Riel Minneapolis St. Paul - St. Paul Minneapolis Minneapolis Minneapolis St. Paul - St. Paul - St. Paul St. Paul - St. Paul Minneapolis - St. Paul Minneapolis - St. Paul nnond, Wis. Minneapolis St. Paul Minneapolis Minneapolis St. Paul Minneapolis Minneapolis - St. Paul St. Paul Minneapolis Minneapolis - St. Paul St. Paul - St. Paul St. Paul Minneapolis Litchfield Minneapolis Minneapolis - St. Paul - St. Paul Minneapolis - St. Paul Minneapolis Minneapolis Clear Lake - St. Paul IQ W biigncrng Cuwriss Swmous, ALDERT W. S'rAcv, OLE K. XVILSON, JOHN C. SXVEET, HANS BUGGE, - R. W. Bosworvrx-1, JOnN D. KELLY, CIIARLIQS L. Dlzvrclc, P. J. Mulwl-rv, - FRED E. Honns, E. B. ICINNEY, - - RODERT GALLAGHER, Cuxvriss Swlsmlna, - L. ARTHUR I-I ERMANN, P. J. MURI'llX', - J. D. IQELLEY, FRED E. Honns, A. P. FLYNN, - N. P. NElr.soN, - - ROBERT GAI.LnG1'nsR, ocieig. HK an an QfFieQDs.. FIRST TERM. SECOND TERM. THIRD TERM. - President - Vice-President - Treasurer Recording Secretary Corresponding Secretary - Sergeant-at-Arms - - - Critic - President - Vice-President - - - Treasurer - Recording Secretary Corresponding Secretary - - Sergeant-at-Arms - - - - Critic - President - V ice-President - - Treasurer Recording Secretary Corresponding Secretary - Sergeant-at-Arms JOHN QUINCY ADAMS, - - Critic . House of Qorzgrfess. JOHN QUINCY ADAMS, - Speaker FREDERICK A. MATIIWIO, - Clerks FRANCIS W. Murufuv, - - - N. P. Nl:1LsON, - - Sergeant-at-Arms G9 haw, '93, cgvfcde ucreieiie. A. G. BRADEN, First TENOR H. S. LAUGIILIN, - Second Tenor W. F. Lunmmnu, First Bass JOHN QUINCY ADAMS, - Second Bass r 4+ ' we Blackstone's shade visited the U. of' M. on one of those rainy nights in january after the Junior class had been decimated by "fee tail male" and "springing uses." The following purports to be a true account of the old man's experience : 'Twas a night so dark that the stars were drowned. 'Twas an hour so sad that tl1e night queen wept, And the wailing winds n1ade a doleful sound - As they danced on the grave where my spirit slept. They shrieked and ehattered-they called my name. And cursed and raved-when I answered not, Till I had to rise, when the witch hour came, To ride on their wings from the sacred spot. They carried me far over land and sea-- They sat me down in a darksome dell 'Twixt a bubbling spring and an oaken tree On five and eighty's memorial. And there they lifted the night queen's veil. And I saw by the light from her starry eyes 'How a sorrowing soul was breasting the gale And crying his woe to the weeping skies. His face was haggard and drawn and thing His everiy aspect betokencd pain, And the aw ul anguish that raged within Was bringing madness to heart and brain. His eyes were faxed witl1 a vacant glare On some dread vision beyond my ken. 1Ie stamped his ieet and he tore his hair- St. George! How I wished I could comfort him then. But all I could do was to stand inert Denied a voice, and oppressed with awe 'Till the winds came back from the ends of earth To tell the meaning of that I saw. Said the Eastwind: "Look, what a classic face! Once it shone bright with the glow of hope, But it fooled with tl1e 'Rule in Shelley's case,' And here you sec him-a misanthropel' Said tl1e Southwind: "List to him n1oan and sitheg Once he was eloquent, courted the muse, But he lost those powers by meddling with The business end of a 'springing use."' "And ever since then," said the Westwind wan, "He has tried to think-but without avail, If a fee-tail male is an entailed man Or a 'blarsted fool' from the Manor of Dale." "Crazy's aloon in the month of May! Pity him, thou," said the Northwind, wrotl1, "Seven long chapters of Blackstone a day Was the hideous dose that eclipsed his thought." I looked, I listened, I pitied-and then I fled with the winds from the painful sight, A million miles trom the haunts of men To the gruesome land of eternal night. And there on the bank of the Phlegeton I hope while I gaze at the lurid wave That perchance when a thousand years have gone, I can rest in peace in my former grave. -H. BUGGE. 70 iqdg. as FK x FROM FLYLEAF OF SELDEN BACON'S EQUITY. Two lawyers in two distant countries born, Fair England and America did adorn. john Selden all in keenness of wit surpassedg In depth of wisdom Bacong in both the last. The force of nature eouldn't further go, To make a third she joined the other two, Yea e'en their names-and called it Selden Bacon. Kind reader, drop a look, for pity's sake on The fly leaf of this pleading dissertation, . And note the names and brains' rare combination. lb 44- -75 The following advertisement is attracting considerable attention among the students of the Law Department: PAIGE ON PARTNERSHIP BOILED DOWN IN FOUR voLs., 1158.00 PER VOLUME. Containing a carefully compiled skeleton or outline of the entire course of lec- tures on partnership by James Paige, LL. B. ii- M' dl- Senior F-Say AW. do you know why M. resembles necessity. junior B-No, old man, I cannot tell. Why? S. F.-Because necessity knows no law. thisteners expire graeei'ully.j it X- it Earnest Student-Well, just listen- Crank-O! Bosh! don't talk to me, it all goes in one ear and out the other. E. S.-No wonder, there's so little between them to stop it. Y' -K' N. Examiner--I-Iow many degrees of certainty are there in a pleading? Student-Two sir. Ex.--Please name them. Student-lst, certaintyg 2d, uncertainty. -:ff -M- +1- Dean fcalling roll.j-Edward' Wesley Taylor. No answer. Does anyone know that fellow? Is there anyone in this class by that name? ' -Bt -ll' 'ff Mr. - -Give at least a half figure. 'X' '95 Senior-Say, I have the moot court case about the man who brought the action about the buck saw, and I have hunted the books from top to bottom and ean't find a blamed thing on buck saws. 71 ,. QQ' . x A512530 .1 ge iff' ii if aculig. ' ' 'rfclye Gollege of Fzedioine and SUPQQPB CYRUS NORTHROP, LL. D., President. PERRY H. MILLARD, M. A., Dean of the College. Professor of the Principles of Surgery and Medical jurisprudence. GEORGE A. HENDRICKS, M. S., M. D., Professor of Anatomy. RICHARD A. BEARD, M. D., Professor of Physiology. CHARLES. J. BELL, M. A., Professor of Chemistry. H. M. BRACKEN, M. D., L. R. C. S. E., Professor of Materia Medica and Therapeutics. CHARLES H. HUNTER, M. A., M. D., Professor of Theory and Practice of Medicine. EVERTON J. ABBOTT, B. A., M. A., Associate Professor of Theory and Practice of Medicine. CHARLES A. NVHEATON, M. A., Professor of Practical and Clinical Surgery. FREDERICK A. DUNSMOOR, M. D., Professor of Operative and Clinical Surgery. I cccultg. Pk Bk Dk ALEXANDER J. STONE, LL. D., IW. D., Professor of Diseases ol' Women. PARKS RITCHIE, M. D., Professor of Obstetrics. JOHN F. FULTON. Ph. D., M. A., Professor of Ophthalmology, Otology and Hygiene. FRANK ALLPORT, M. D., Clinical Professor of Ophthalmology and Otology. C. EUGENE RIGGS, M. A., M. D., Professor of Nervous and Mental Diseases. JAMES H. DUNN, M. D., Professor of Diseases of the Gcnito-Urinary Organs. CHARLES s. WELLS, M. A., M. D., Professor of Diseases of Children. JAMES E. MOORE, M. D., Professor of Orthopmdic Surgery. M. P. VANDER HORCK, M. D., Professor of Diseases of the Skin. W. S. LATON, M. D., Professor of Diseases of the Throat and Nose. THOMAS G. LEE., M. A., M. D., Professor of Histology and Bacteriology. J. CLARK STEWVART, B. S., M. D., Professor of Pathology. J. W. BELL, M. D., Professor of Physical Diagnosis and Diseases of the Chest. CHARLES S. GREEN, Professor of Surgical Anatomy. A. B. CATES, M. A., M. D., Adjunct Professor of Obstetrics. A. MCLAREN, B. A., M. D., Adjunct Professor of Gynecology W. A. JONES, M. D., Adjunct Professor of Diseases of the Nervous System. 73 Eaqultg . Pk FK lk Qollege of lilorrzeopalfrgio Fzedioine and Surgerg. CYRUS NORTHROP, LL. D., President. HENRY W. BRAZIE, M. D., Dean of the Faculty and Professor of Pzedology. NVILLIAIYI E. LEONARD, B. A., M. D., Professor of Materia Medica and Therapeutics. HENRY HUTCI-IINSON, M. D., Professor of Theory and Practice of Medicine. GEORGE E. RICKER, B. A., M. D., Professor of Clinical Medicine and Dermatology. - ROBERT D. MATCHAN, M. D., Professor of the Principles and Practice of Surgery. WARREN S. BRIGGS, B. S., M. D., Professor of Clinical and Orthopaedic Surgery. HENRY C. LEONARD, B. S., M. D., Professor of Obstetrics. B. HARVEY OGDEN, M. A., M. D., Professor of Gynecology and Genito-Urinary Diseases. ALBERT HIGBEE, M. D., Clinical Professor of Gynecology. JOHN F. BEAUMONT, M. D., Professor of Ophthalmology. EUGENE S. MAINS, B. A., M. D.. Professor of Diseases of the Heart and Respiratory Organs D. A. STRICKLER, M. D., Professor of Otology and Rhinology. HENRY C. ALDRICH, D. D. S., M. D., Adjunct Professor of Materia Medica and Therapeutics. A. P. WILLIAMSON, M. A., M. D., Professor of Mental and Nervous Diseases. Lecturer on Skin and Venereal Diseases. 74- ccculfg. an as ik Q01 lege, of Ee1"z'Cis'C1"c-Ig. CYRUS NORTHROP, LL. D., President. W. XAVIER SUDDUTH, M. A., M. D., D. D. S., Dean and Professor of Pathology and Oral Surgery. WILLIAM P. DICKINSON, D. D. S., Professor of Operative Dentistry and Dental Therapeutics. CHARLES M. BAILEY, D. M. Il. Professorfol' Prosthetic Dentistry, Metallurgy and Orthodoutia. THOMAS E. WEEKS, D. D. S., Professor of Dental Anatomy and Operative Technics. GEORGE A. HENDRICKS, M. S., M. IJ., Professor of Anatomy. RICHARD O. BEARD, M. D., Professor of Physiology. C. J. BELL, B. A., Professor of Chemistry. H. M. BRACKEN, M. D., L. R. C. S. E., Professor of Materia Medica and Therapeutics. HENRY F. NACHTRIEB, H. S.. Lecturer on Comparative Anatomy. INSTRUCTORS. F. E. TWICHELL. D. M. D., Demonstrator in charge of the Prosthetic Clinic. A. D. E. MILES, D. D. S., Instructor in Continuous Gum Work. CHARLES A. VAN DUZEE, D. D. S., Instructor in Operative Technics. -I. D. JEWETT, D. D. S., Instructor in Crown and Bridge Work and the Administration of Anat-sthetics Qollege, of Plgarrnaog. Will open first Monday of October and continue until the first Tuesday in june. ' FREDERICK W. WILLING, P. H. G., Dean and Professor of Pharmacology. 7:- Qiepi on QIQ55 . PK Bk FK ' Qff i Q Q PS lil'S'l'AVE Anrlluie Cun.i:nm', ---- - - President 1'l5'rme Buckle, - - - Vice-President A. A. W lfsrlsnx, - - - Secretary EILIY jnxsox, - - - Treasurer Giaouon Ar.Iax,xxn1sn BINIIEIC, - - - - Marshall Qollege of Wzedioirze and Sungerfc-5. Christopher August Anderson, Peter Andrew Aurnes, Peter Iiakke, - - - Arthur Edwin Benjamin, George Alexander Binder. Gustave Arthur Chilgren, James Davidson, - Enil Alexius Edlen, Joseph L. Edsall, - john Gustave Erickson, Carl A. Ifielstadt, - Eric Alonzo Guiere, - Ferdinand l-lilbert, - - Robert Ignatius Hubert. Eiliv Janson, - - - Ivar Janson, - - - Sam uel M. Kirkwood, - Olaf Emil Krogstadt, - NVelson Howard Marshall Martin Lewis Mayland Fredrick Voss Mohn, George Wilbur Moore, William P. Rothwell, George Easton Senkler, William Sidney Smith, - Gollege of I-Elorrzeopaitkgio Fzedioin Charles McHenry Cooper, Mary A. G. Dight, - Alma Eudora Morrison, Robert Ralph Rossmussen, Surgereczg. Q01 lege of Eenfisfng. -Mildred Austin Knapp, james William Paul, - Thomas Falvy Williams, 7G - Nicollet Minneapolis Minneapolis Hutchinson - St. Paul - St. Peter Minneapolis Minneapolis Minneapolis Minneapolis Norway Lake - Rock Dell - Minieska Minneapolis Minneapolis Minneapolis - St. Paul - Duluth Minneapolis - Ashland Minneapolis Minneapolis Graceville St. Paul - Waseca Q and - Marion - Faribault Minneapolis Albert Lea - - - - Hastings Minneapolis Concord e'or1 jxfistorg. va wk HK Early in October, '89, a body of students quietly met in the Medical build- ing and instantly proceeded to organize a class and elect officers. This was accomplished with the same alacrity and unanimity which has characterized our actions ever since, and thus the illustrious class of '92 was started on its remarkable career. As Freshmen we were conspicuous for our gentle and unassuming manner toward the juniors, our modesty and retiring disposition at Senior clinics, and we gained the approbation of the dean and entire faculty for our meekness of spirit and meagreness of demands. The year sped rapidly on amidst a whirl of' perfect pleasure. One source of great amusement to the class, and a perfect curiosity in its way, was an ingenious automatic orator, which the president was wont to wind up and set working at class meetings, and when occasion offered the peculiar manner in which that mechanical device would wag its jaw and paw the atmosphere was truly astonishing and almost human. Amongst thc luxuries of the year was our male quartette of trained vocal- ists. Many a dreary hour we whilcd away in blythsome song. The four had been trained under the same school marm, and their voices mingled with the peculiar harmony which makes one forget everything but the present. Their strains would now be gentle, melodious and sad, reminding one of an autumn wind moaning through a country graveyard, again shrill and boisterous, ap- proaching the howling of' a cyclone at sea or a Dakota blizzard wrestling with a load of hay. On one occasion the violence became so violent that a new transom for room two became an absolute necessity. Notwithstanding these strong weaknesses our quartette was the recipient of' numerous invitations to praise services, musicales and other similar meetings. The fall of '90 brought together many of the old familiar faces, and with happy feelings and expansive smiles we entered auspiciously on our junior year. The course of instruction has been in the meantime extended to eight months-a change we all hailed with great rejoicing-the more so because we had no alternative. In extending the course it was the idea of our benefactors to afford us time for collateral reading, but when the lecture schedule appeared we found. through some inadvertance or printer's error, the extra time was taken up by about twice the usual number of lectures, and so we were forced to postpone our collateral reading until our Senior year, when we should have little else to do. There are not many items of interest to mention during this busy term. Every one looked pleasant and sawed wood. Toward the end of the term, however, a black cloud swept across the horizon and a class fight wasvpreeipitated, which waxed long and bitter, and unfortunately toward the end assumed a basis of nationality. Both factions were well organized and the situation remained critical until the peacemaker got in his insiduous work by pointing out that the class, instead of being composed of two distinct nationalities, embraced men from every known country in the habitable'globe -except jerusalem. On hearing this terrible news each man gazed upon his neighbor, turned a complete and separate handspring and crept into silent in'- trospeetion. Soon after this we enjoyed a class picnic to Minnetonka where we camped out two days and nights, and each individual captured a seven pound fish and everybody returned happy. 77 eqior' Jfigiorg. -: -: -: We pride ourselves in being a factor in securing the appropriation by the state for the erection ofthe new Medical builidng on the campus. It became evident that while tl1e bill was pending in the legislature that there would be an advantage i11 our class containing a large number of farmer's sons, and need I record that at roll call for inquiry into our former mode of life every Junior was found to be a horny handed son of toil, with hayseed on his collar, honest sweat on his brow, and blue clay on his top boots. Up to the present personalities have been stucliously avoided, but I must confess if I knew the reprobatcs whose practice it was to hire the organ grinder to stand outside the open window and torture our souls during our lectures on water analysis, I should pass their names down to posterity as being unworthy to be engraved on the lid of a common pill box much less to practice the noble art of healing. As Seniors our first sad duty was to record our heartfelt sorrow at the death of our friend and classmate, Uri B. Conner, and to tender our sympathy to his bereaved parents and friends. Our feelings are expressed in a pithy remark by one of our professors: "No two men would be missed half as much as he." With the increased facilities opened to us at the beginning of our senior year, for clinical instruction our time has been indeed occupied and our energies taxed to their utmost. No former class has ever enjoyed such opportunities as have been open to us, and that we have improved them has been many times conceded by those in position to know. As an additional argument in favor of more than an honest year's work done, we point with pride to the fact that the fifteen of our number-undergraduates--who presented themselves for examination before the State Board ot' Medical Examiners, passed the examin- ation with high averages, and even now possess licenses to practice medicine. We desire to record our modest claim, therefore, that this is the best class ever graduated from the institution, and we invite the juniors and all others who follow to imitate closely our many virtues, and if they cannot reach our exalted standard to at least keep their gaze steadfastly upward and approx- iate it as closely as possible. NVere it not for extreme modesty our individual heads would be swelled larger than a houseg we are not built on that plan, however. We are content to smash all previous records and sit down and smile from ear to ear. And now we have reached the goal of our ambition. The reward for our years of arduous toil awaits us. Soon we must part from the care of our Alma Mater and disseminate ourselves to the four quarters of the globe in pursuit of our profession. May we never forget the many pleasant days we have spent together, and as we look upon the class picture which shall adorn our ofiice walls, may it ever remind us of' the brotherly love and undying in- terest we tender each other as we depart. TS Cguqio1eC?Iag5. -' ' ' Qffioerfs. ERNEST L. S'rnmmN, MARY V. IfI.xR'1'zlzl.l., - PIARRY Co'r'roN, - joHN R. Env, - Mies. L. M. Avnm, - FRANK J. Bnixlnec, - President V ice-President - Recording Secretary - Corresponding Secretary - Treasurer - - - - Marshal Qollege of Tlfzedioirze and SUPQQPQ. Rollin Theodore Adams, Louise Mary Aubin, - Edwin Josiah Batchclder, Richard Hudson Beek, Isaac James Beard, - Seth Emil Blumsailgh, john Charles Boehm, - - Emile Sidney Boleyn, - - Edward Augustus Borehardt, Frank joseph Brabec, - Henry Cotton, - - Philip George Cowing, Rolin Edward Cutts, - Gustaf Willialn Dahlquist, Warren Maynard Dodge, Cyrus Bowers Eby, - John Robert Eby, - Thrond Swen Egge, - Charles Andrew Erdman, Corydon Farrand, - - Andrew jackson Gilkinsun, William Glenn, - - - George Delaney Haggard, - H. Fredrick Hendrickson, - Pierre Alphonse Hulbert, Adolph Hirschfield, - Halvor Holte, - - - Seth Evelyn Howard, Charles Milton Kistler, - john Henry Kinports, Jan Coemaad Koch, Anders Larson, - john Larson, - - George Henry Lowthian, - Johannes K. Moen, - - Henry S. Nelson, - Mantorville Minneapolis - Stillwater Minneapolis Minneapolis Minneapolis Rich Prairie Minneapolis - St. Paul Ilutchinson Minneapolis - Fergus Falls Forest City Minneapolis Farmington Rochester - Rochester - Moorhead Milwaukee, Wis - - Oronoco - Kingston - Minneapolis Minneapolis - - Watson - Min ieska - Minneapolis - - Etna - - Viola Minneapolis - Minneapolis Minneapolis - Minneapolis Minneapolis - Minneapolis Minneapolis - - Minneapolis duqion Q?Icc,55. wk wk x Nels Carl Nelson, - Henry William Rinter, - - Edward Whipple Spottswood, - Ernest Leonard Stefhan, - james Lincoln Stewart, - Albert Burton Sweet, - -' - Byron Fredrick Vanifalkenburg, - - Wheaton Rockville Minneapolis - Pine City Minnesota City Hanley Falls Dover City 5T5I'2e Qollege of lilorneopatlgic Fzedioine and Sungerg. William Artemus Beach, - Oscar Kelsey Richardson, Edward Martin Spaulding, Stephen Howard Spurr, liclwin Adams Wright, Esther Hayes Young, - Qollege, Caroline Augusta Edgar, - Mary Vietorine Hartzell, - Thomas Bradford I-Iartzell, - Edward Henry Haas, - - Eugene Pollock Holmes, - William Frederick jewett, - Herbert Burry Hurd, - - George Emery Means, - George Siles Monson, Edward Shedielcl Rogers, William johnson Rose, Henry Hurlburt Taylor, Frank Noble YVhitaker, George W. Wood, - - of Eerzfisfcng. 80 - Minneapolis Minneapolis - Minneapolis - Morris Howard Lake - Excelsior - Sauk Center Minneapolis - Minneapolis - St. Paul - Faribault Minneapolis - Minneapolis - Howard - St. Paul Minneapolis - Minneapolis Minneapolis - Minneapolis - Faribault union Gillfigtong. va va as JTGPQQ Glass of '93, Fzedioal Dopalntrnent, 13. of SYNOPSIS OF A LECTURE ON PRACTICE. DIEFINITION.-All acute specific atlection characterized by a peculiar hyper- trophy and Functional development of the cortical substance of the brain, and a characteristic alertness which appears on the first day and does not disap- pear on graduation. It is unaccompanied by other lessons. H1s'roRv.-Appeared 1801, fall, in the medical college, connected with the University of Minnesota, attacking only about seventy of the two hundred students then in attendance, and electing as its victims those with the clearest skins, the brightest eyes and the finest brains. During the first year those affected might be distinguished by their uniform silence at the entrance or exit of lectures, and only broken at the telling of a good story or a particularly brilliant effort on the part of Dr. Hendricks. During the second year by constant application to work and attendance at the theatre. Cnuslss.-A peculiar miasm of intellectuality present at the time attacking the gray matter of the eerebrums of the alert and receptive type, especially when not indurated by any previous condition of servitude. We are looking forward to the identification ot' the bacillus shortly. SYMl'TONS.-Pll.ilCI1t unaecountably studious four nights a week. Upon be- ing strongly excited sometimes loses control of himself, occasionally tender over the precordial region, and a murmur may be heard when it is proposed to bul- letin examination marks. In certain instances thirst is very marked and the appetite is abnormal. The patient never complained of too much sleep. There is not much irritability or mleieetion, though he is usually more oi-'less aliected by stimulants. Plzomzosls.-Usually more difiicult than the diagnosis, as a rule the patient recovers by graduation. Whether it will be safe to continue his business pur- suits will depend largely on his ability to fondlc the babies and please the mothers. DURATION.-Tll1'CC or Eve years an impoverished state ofthe finances tends to a prolonged attack IJI.mNosIs.-From 1892, by a less exacting application to text books, a characteristic alertness and receptivity, and an almost complete absence of whiskers. From 1894-, by the power of distinguishing essentials, an ability to 81. dlUlSiiO1"' gxpigioleg. -: -: -: block up the hall to greater advantage as evidenced by the sequestration ol Marshal Gurm, and by an inability to recognize comrades when solicited by the Dean ol' the Dental Department. The diagnosis may, however, be complicated oy conditional symtoms in common with '94-, and you may expect a few relapses. An ofthalmoscopic examination will show an enlargement and an increased functional activity of the giant cells in the cerebral centers which control judg- ment and good sense and this will enable you to make a positive diagnosis. TuliivrmlsN'r.-Tliere is no specific treatment. It is almost entirely hygienic. Regulate thc amount and kind of mental nourishment. Proseribe a full easily digested diet which will leave the brain clear and ofa proper specific gravity. The majority of cases require no drugs, but if there he intellectual irrita- bility a change of scene may he indicated. Chicago and I-'hiladclphia are re- commended. Eliminate if possible all poor thinking, insure pleasant surroundings and plenty of' recreation. If there be pain, f11CZlfOI'llI11, wllistum, ElI!.'l1l'lIII7, and in extreme cases girlum minneapolitonum, or other species may be indicated. 82 l fi-7,5 Q! I V r 1 1 7 w " ' Z ' ' if ., A Y' .- 'Q' ,-. - t Q A - V 1 l ik I - .1 . R1, -5 1 , " ' -V 1 X ' h 5 i 5 S 3 ' A , i T5 num! f I ' ilbuu 4. Tyqqfm 5 mm: 1. .ss 55. 1 I munxnmu I Rmmf Cum 1-,,,,,,J mmm., 5fy,m,.3, 1 1 E . f ' . 1 Q 1 0.1 5 5 ,. . - N + f . E ' 1 1 a - ,, "-x . , 4 , ,f' 'I 'Q 14- F 1 - Q x " - L. ' , ff, P K , 3 3 l , t ' YV 'T . Q f 3 , 1 E -- f I 1 1 4 I . i ' E E i . P i ' . ., mn., E . -. Manu i 'G rw-i 1 H-uv 'wi ' HW' CWD- f MH r K.. -4 I, 5,--1.1 'mc : 5---f P F"f ' " '1 " 4 own ww 'W' T "M """' """" Q 1 5 - Q 2 i , ' is 1 ' - V A " . ia: fi X 5 " f . , i 35 2 Q . ' Vt, L , J I 1.1 ' ' I f I 4 1 1 2 ! ' g lllnu-uv 1 I 15511: W , v 4 , ,. H ' :mm A Emu vnw.. ,un I 'H S""""' 5"5"" ,, ,. . : 3, L . fn Y: Q - l M., L,,,,,, v ,ak A 5 ' f ' . ' ' I . ' 5 -A ' s 2 Q, .- ff i " ' F ,. Y . ' . ' I I 2 1 15 1' ' 3 .. . L A ' s A x L N 2 Q lnvllnrn li 4:-.,v1,W - r V u I MfA,L,, E me sum, J mam-m 'v--'U'-rw 3 JPIKI-um : 5- - Q , 1 ' ." 3 Q ft Q ' 1 Q ' ' 'L 1 ig , I 1 A ' Y 1 l ' fw5""""' 0 ' """""" Q' V' 'N .r A um sp- s am.: 2 , L s suv. 1,--n fs 1---2 v' Annu o sm. I A.,mLm.-.- cu' A 5"""' H G w CLASS OF '93, MEDICAL. Eneghmagxi Qlctgg. ' ' ' Fiusmcmeic LEAVI'l"I', W.u.'rlaR B. Homnss, Annm F. GILMAN, - KNOX BACON, - FRANK H. GUNN, - Qffioens. - President Vice-President - Secretary Treasurer - Marshal Qollege of 'Fzedioine and Sungeng. Ernest Villiers Appleby, Michael Arslanides, Knox Bacon, - Charles Riggs Ball, - - George Washington Bolkom, Andrew Marcellus Bush, jr., Arthur Button, - - - David Butler, - - - Edward Jennings Clark, - Albert Arthur Dodge, Frances A. Eastman, - Hermann Olaus Fielde, - Edward Monroe Fly, - Leigh Hill French, - - Charles Theodor Grivelly, Frank H. Gunn, - - Charles Andrew Haas, - Addie Rebecca Haveriield, - Albert Cheney Heath, - Sherman Segewick Hesselgrave, john Turner Higgins, - Mary Elizabeth Higgins, Frank Loraine Hinkley, - Walter Benjamin Holmes, - Andrew Hyden, - - john Egbert Jennison, - Frank Godfrey Landeen, - Arthur Ayer Law, - William Philander Lee, Frederick Leavitt, S3 - St. Paul Minneapolis - St. Paul - St. Paul Bloomington - St. Paul Minneapolis Minneapolis Minneapolis Farmington - Rose Creek Minneapolis Minneapolis Minneapolis Young America Minneapolis New Ulm Rose Creek St. Paul - St. Paul - Hutchinson - St. Paul Luverne Faribault Minneapolis - Brighton - Brandon Minneapolis - Brandon - St. Paul fS1fe5Hman Qlagg. an an sk i Niel Alexander McDonald, Dennis Joseph McMahon, Elmer Ellsworth MeQuivey, Mortimer Winfield Miracle, Edwin Statton Muir, - Leonard Mulle1', - Gottleib Oppliger, james Parkinson, - - William Henry Phillips, - Charles Bertram Powell, Swen Swenson Reimstad, - Edward john Root, - Herbert Rhilandcr Sawyer, George Edward Sherwood, James Dickenson Shreeves, Albert Madison Stebbins, Charles Terrell Steele, Mark Thrane, - - Arthur Lorenzo Turner, - George Edson Vaughn, - jorgen Gunderson Vingen, Arthur Brownell Wright, Frank Chisholm Todd, Anders Albert Westren, Osten Kristenson Winberg, Henry Edward Wunder, Eau St. Paul Credit River Minneapolis - Westford Minneapolis Stillwater Minneapolis - St. Paul Minneapolis - Appleton Minneapolis White Bear - Berlin - St. Paul St. Paul - Hancock St. Paul Claire, Wis. Faribault - Lansing Minneapolis - St. Paul Minneapolis Minneapolis Minneapolis Minneapolis Qollege of lilomeopatlgio T-Fzedioine and Supgerg. Frank Steele Barnard, - Lillian Roselle DeWo1f'e, Anna Fisher, - - Bertha Frost, - Addie Ford Gilman, - Robert Lincoln Glasby, Minnie McClelland Hopkins, Charles Edward Sugden, Minneapolis Minneapolis Huntington, Penn. - Glencoe Wabasha Minneapolis Minneapolis Fergus Falls fgnegliimaq Qlagg. va Qol lege William O. Barrett. - Aksel Traggve Boycscn, - Walter Washington Eberhart, john Alexander Douglass Forsyth Edward Leigh Gidney, - - John Paul Handy, - Marius Hanson, - - - jesse Emmerson Laughlin, - Martin Franklin Lowe, - Frank Herman Mero, - John Vincent O'Connor, - Allred Owre, - - - George Arthur Powers, - Alfred Batchcldcr Sargent, James Milton Walls, - - Frank Jacob Wagner, - Arthur Deming Whiting, - Yosepll David Yoscpll, BK Fl! of Eenfcisfcrfg. my S5 Browns Valley Minneapolis - Mankato - St. Paul Minneapolis Long Prairie - St. Paul Minneapolis Minneapolis Minneapolis Minneapolis Minneapolis - Excelsior Stillwater - St. Paul New Richland - Northfielcl Minneapolis fgneshmaq cjsfisiong. -: -: -: v ON the 6th of October, 1891, there gathered in the elegant halls of the medical building, on the corner of' Ninth avenue south and Sixth street, in the city of Minneapolis, the greater number of those who were to form the Class of' '9-L of the Medical Department ofthe University of' Minnesota. Among this number were graduates from Dartmouth, Lafayette, Ohio Wesleyan, Union, Carleton, the U. of M., Anatolia of Asia Minor and Oroomiah of' Persia Nearly all were matriculate either from colleges or high schools. After a few days, which were allowed for recovery from the severe mental strain of the entrance examinations, we met, as a whole, for the first time, to listen to a lecture in Anatomy. But very few of thc class were aware of the fact the lecture was a Junior review, so nearly all attempted to take notesg not many, however, persisted in the attempt for any lCIlgf2ll.0f.1Ll111C. The maiority of the class were seen to lean back in their seats and look at the lecturer in astonish- ment while he hastily reviewed what we subsequently found to be about two months' work. It is needless to say that we retired from that lecture with a far less hopeful view of the work to be done and our ability to do it, than we had previously entertained. A few weeks later we began to feel the need of being organized, so met in the amphitheatre for that purpose. For an hour or two we had a pleasing and instructive' interchange of opinions on rules of order, but, in the course of' time, it became evident that though this was certainly very entertaining, it dicl not materially assist in the formation of a class organization. We were, there- fore, proceeding with the necessary business when a slight interruption occurred. The class of '93 feeling, doubtless, that they had not yet succeeded either by their looks or recitations in impressing us with a sense of their superiority, decided to do so by breaking up our meeting, and so pushed their way into the room. Now juniors are necessary evils, and we do not obiect to them in their place, but the class of' '94 is like Scotty I!rigg's friend, Buck Fanshaw: " We will have peace at any sacrifice," and it is a well known fact that Juniors in a Freshman meeting and peace are incompatible. Under these circumstances, it became necessary to remove them. This was accomplished with as little delay as possible by carrying them to the head ofthe stairs and gently accelerating their decent. We then returned and successfully completed the work of organization. Certain favors have been granted tl1c members of this class which are un- precedented in the annals of the institution. Among them, the pleasure of a personal interview with the Professor of Anaton1y. These interviews have usually been of short duration, but have been made very interesting for the students. As to our appearance, it can be said with truth that, en masse, we are a peculiarly bright and intelligent looking class. This was witnessed by Dr. Hen- dricks thinking from our looks that we were capable of doing more work, in less time, than any previous class. Alas! that his quiz book should not have borne out his assumption. - However, it is certain that these many trials during our first year, will make us appreciate the more the opportunities which we trust will be ours when the class of' '9-L shall have entered on the second year of their existence. SG Special Qlagg. as lk Bk 5T5l'ge Gollege of Tlfzedioirze and Sulegerg. John Dean Goss, - - Nels Nelson, M. D., fPost Graduatej - Arthur Lyrines Nichols, Christian Reimstad, - Louis Blanchard Wilson, Gel lege of Eenfisfbg. -B. A. Enis, - - - Max Vernett Goetchius, Seward Hudson, - Frank Horton Kyle, - Winfield Scott Lamb, Albert Dean Elmere, D. D Forrest Hoy Orton, - Mamie Rhines, - - Hugh Henry Stevenson, Ernest Ryal Taylor, - Willis Newton Talbott, james Flournoy Beck. - Gisle Biornstad, - - Harry Lee Darms, - Richard Dillon, - - Frank Wilson Force, - Earle Perry Free, - Edwin Dorvin Gallup, - Lou Maria Garber, - . Edward Everett Ielubbard, Ephriam Daniels Klotu, John Joseph McKinnon, John Ogwen Parry, - Mary Hamilton Pennell, William Given Richeson, Alfred Augustus Sabin, Arthur Oscar Store, - F. C. Titzell, - s., Unclassified. 87 Minneapolis - Fertile - Chester - Minneapolis - St. Paul - - - - Minneapolis - Tower - Austin - St. Paul - St. Paul San Francisco - - Duluth - St. Paul - St. Paul Minneapolis Lewiston, Ill. Minneapolis - Minneapolis - Stillwater - Minneapolis Minneapolis - Minneapolis - Cheney - Berne Minneapolis St. Paul - St. Paul Mankato - Brainerd St. Paul Moorhead St. Paul CHEMICAL LABRATORY. MAIN BUILDING AND BARN 536- ' ' ' -' :Lux lmkx, xmlx uL'n.nlxG. SCHOOL OF AGRICULTURE. -, ..-,.-, -mm . V- - ---'----M. , .1.i,..,-i1. ,,,. , i--.,.,-..-,...- Qc . .. GF - iv: ' ,ff i f'fiii:1?'l.4ifLwi' g ,,, f 1"-- we, - V- ff , f , Iii' .xx 3:-' X 'C iw wil X ,-l5'xf'2Lj2j QNX -7219 4" ,f 'xx . "-lf,fk?:w: 2v'f'4l'-aff" L X Jlfjatzf? fufxlff -I t acullg. wk an se Solgool of jignioulfcu Pe. CYRUS NORTHROP, LL. D., - ----- - President. W. VV. PENDERGAST, Principal, ----- H. W. BREWSTER, A. Civics, Physical Geography. B., Asssistant Principal, Mathematics. NVILLIAM ROBERTSON, H. S., ---- C. R. ALDRICH, Physics, Language. Shop Work. SAMUEL B. GREEN, B. S., - - ---- Horticulture and Applied Botany. OTTO LUGGER, Plz, D., -------- Entomology. OLOF SCHWARTZKOPFF, V. M. D., - - - D HENRY SNYDER, - Physiology, Veterinary Science. Agricultural Chemist. FLORENCE A. BREWSTER, - - - - - - CLINTON D. sM1T1f1, 'r. L. HAEQKER, - w. H. PHILLIPS, - Librarian, Matron. Dairy Husbandry. Instructor in Butter-making. Instructor in Cheese-making. so Minneapolis - Hutchinson Anthony Park Anthony Park Minneapolis Anthony Park Anthony Park Minneapolis Anthony Park Anthony Park Anthony Park Anthony Park Anthony Park c ool of gig-Piculiuve. wk ak ik Wu.1.I.x xi G. Su Vru, C. P. lll.Ll., - H. F. Looman, ' - E. J. Nl0FFIi'l"l', W. F. Zll'IllAR'l'Il, "'Arthur W. Adams, 'Coates P. Hull, John E. Galloway, "Frederic C. Meade, 'Edwin ll. Mofiett, "Frank F. Pratt, Carl S. Scofield, - 'iCharles A. Shields, 44- S. j. Wr.vr'r, bl. I-I. Dowisn, - F. l'lORClIliR'l', - A. M. IQOIILIIAAS, Gordon Ames. - Frank I'-I. Iiorehert, Ralph E. Bowerman Edwin Burfening, Francis Coulahan, Herbert sl. Dower, Ole 0. Enestvedt, Ove Flaten, - - Victor A. Fleekten, S. J. Ford, - - A. H. Gaumuitz, Arthur J. Glover, - Thomas A. Haigh, Henry C. Harris, - William G. Hiatt. William F. ZlCl7lZll'lIll, Gmaduafe Student. "P," Glass. "E" Glass. New Duluth - President Viee-President - Secretary Treasurer - Minnehaha Edina Mills - - Austin Alexandria - - Biseay - Bethel Bloomington - Darwin - - Delano President Vice-President Secretary - Treasurer Litchfield Bird Island - Prosper Forest City - Renville - Staples Sacred Heart Granite Falls Kancliyohi Arvilla, N. D. St. Cloud Zumbra Falls Mankato Howard Lake Redwood Falls H. E. Higbie, - - - Alden Edgar Higbie, - - Alden George jahneke, - - - - - - - New Ulm August M. Kohlhaas, ------ - Alexandria 'Members of Class in Faetorynieifs Dairy Course. 00 c ool of Gjlfgnicullune. wx an FK jolm j. LeBorious, Herbert F. Loomer, john O. Loomis, - james McGrath, james Z. Wagner, Ernest W. Maior, Noble A. Munro, - l'Even Nelson, - George W. Nessel, Knute B. Norswing. jens Peterson, - B. W. Porter, - H. E. Preston, I". L. Renne, - E. N. Schmitz, A. C. Sherman, William A. Shields, Harry W. Shuman, Fred R. Shuman, - Harry F. Stearns, F. A. Stevens, - Samuel Strathern, Richard E. Walters, Austin Ward, - james A. Wilson, - Henry O. Wing, j. G. Wink-ier, Albert Bebo, - Arthur P. Breer, Guy Evans, - john H. Gailany. - A. H. Gamble, - R. S. Gamble, W. L. Haeler, - C. M. Hallan, - Theodore Hillstrom Henry jeijens. - jolm jetson, - F. O. jolmson, james S. Kissack, Chester B. Lippitt, W. D. McMillan, Fred Malehow, Martin Mickelson, Plaisance Terrace "Q" Qlaiss. "'AIemImcrs o1'Class in Factor-ymen's Dairy Course 91 - Cottage Grove - - Buffalo - Albert Lea Good Thunder - - St. Peter , St. Luke's, jersey - New Auburn - Madelia - Rush City - - Holden - - Freeborn Great Falls, Mont. - - Rochester - - Rindal Stewart Sleepy Eye - Darwin - Minneapolis Minneapolis - Minneapolis - Arvilla, N. D. - Rich Valley - Lake City - Stewart - Lake City - Aspelund Garfield - Winsted - Osakis - Elgin - Glenwood - Stewart Stewart - Hanover New House - East Union - - Biscay - New House - Sacred Heart - - Wadena White Rock, S. D. - - Edna - Hutchinson - Appleton cliool of gfgrfiquliune. Elmer L. Middlebrook, Andrew Pearson, - Hollinan Peterson, J. I-I. lfurrir, - George Porter, Ernest C. Smith, R. A. Stevens, Harry Suter, Gilbert Tasa, F. R. Walter, - - Hermann Wihlon, - Allred W. Williamson, Rollin M. WOotl, - - Manuel Young, - - Eden Prairie - - Appleton Minneapolis - .Minneapolis - - Red Wing St. Anthony Park - Arvilla, N. D. - - Weleon1e - Holden - Bellingham - W ood IJ u ry Arvilla, N. D. - Arvilla, N. Il. - Wastcdo l'3Pe1o1'2o1"grnen's Ealing Qounse. Dillon Balcs, - Vern Bullis, - Nels O. Burke, - G. F. Carey, F. A. Carley, - E. A. Comstock, - E. J. Graham, - George Gulmon, - P. A. Haessly, - H. K. Hanson, L. M. Hanson, Carl Hartwig, Henry jaehning, BI. J. Jones, - - C. Levenick, - - Magnus Magnusson, - C. P. Mallette, - H. A. Moffett, - Andrew H. Olson, - John Rebbe, - - William J. Rowland, L. A. Sly, - - john Stensvard, A. H. Street, F. J. Sweton, - Roman XValch, O'. li. Wilhelm, Richard Willett, - Rosendale, Mo. West Concord - - Le Snenr - Parker's Prairie - Plainview - Alma City - Preston - Harmony - Herbert, NVis. Minneapolis - Lemond - - Duluth - New Richland - - - Forah Blue Earth City - - - Rendal Garden Grove, Ia. - - - Biscay - Hanley Falls - Albert Lea - Twin Lakes - Sechlervillc, Wis - - Austin - - Alden - Oakland - Mt. Vernon - Balaton - Sumter epanlmqql of Qeieeiqang Ceillffeelicine. 'lT5l'2e T-iB6lO2..llfg. CYRUS NORTHROP, LL. D., President. OLAF SCHWARTZKOPFF, V. M. D., Dean and Professor of Veterinary Medicine and Sanitary Science. J. CLARK sr1swAR'r, A. B., M. D., Professor of Histology, Pathology and Bacteriology. RICHARD O. BEARD, M. D., Professor of Physiology. C. j. BELL, A. M., Prolessor of Che1nist1'y. HENRY F. NACHTRIEB, B. S., Professor of Animal Biology. CONWAY MACMILLAN, M. A., Professor oi' Botany. F. ALLEN, D. V. S., Lecturer on Veterinary Anatomy. S. D. BRIMHALL, V. M. D., Lecturer on Veterinary Surgery and Materia Medica. D l3 l"2ClQl"gI"6ld2.l6lfQS. Juniors. R. D. Eaton, - - J. N. Gould, - J. A. Whitney, - VV. Clankar, - Soren Stromun, Duncan Fisher, - Freshmen. F. A. Illstrup, - - - - A. L. Buliington, - J. A. Scott, - jacob Sutzin, - - - Thomas Falconer, - - , Nels Adolph Christiansen, - E. L. Miller, - - - Flubers E. Livingston, i Minneapolis - Fairmont Taylor's Falls - Minneapolis - Madison Granclin, N. ll. Minneapolis - Minneapolis Minneapolis - Minneapolis - Hendrix - Worthington Fergus Falls Castle Rock ummarg of Tudeqig. as an an Gcn tlcmcn L11 flies To tal 'J Fm.1.0ws, - - 2 2 GRAm'A'rE S'ruDlax'rs, ------- 37 14 51 Col.r.Ec-is or- SCIENCE, I.I'1'ER,x'rURl2 Asn ARTS, AND Col.- Llams OF Mlcclmxlc ARTS Asn Scnool. or MINIES- SCl'liOl', - - ---- - - nn 14- 69 junior, - G6 33 99 Sophomore, - 99 4-1 14-0 Freshman , 129 54- 1 183 Specials, - - - G8 T2 14-0 Senoor, 01-' PR,xc'rlc.-xi. NIIZCIIANICS, - - - 45 45 Sc!-mor, OF Dlasmx, Fume-lmxn Dlmwlxu ,xxn Wmm CARVING, ---------- S 36 44- Scnool, or- Acnucu1.T1'RE, 115 115 Dlav.-xR'rxmN'1' or LAW- Graduzitcs, - 11 11 Senior, ' T5 1 76 Middle, - 13 2 20 junior, 130 1 131 Co1.I.12GIc OF NIIEDICINE ,xxn S1'm:lam'- Senior, ----- 29 29 Junior, - -I-2 2 4-4- Freshmun, -------- 51 1 52 Cor.l.1-:ms ov I'IOMIi0I'A'FlllC 1x'I1'IllIClNIi AND Sl'm:1aiu'- Senior, --------- 1 .. 3 junior, - 6 1 7 F rcshman, - 3 5 S Co1.Llsma UF DrsN'rls'r1u'- Senior, - - 3 3 Junior, - 12 2 14- Freshman, - - - - 19 19 IJ1sl',xu'l'm5x'r or V1:'r1s1e1NARY Slrxzurflcv- Junior, ----- - 6 G Freshman, - - 3 S SPECIAL Mlinlc.-xl. S'rUmiN'rS, 32 3 35 Q 1,0-1-0 23-L 1,324- Connted twice, - - J 5 TQTAL, 1,035 284- 1,319 94- X X N OT - ,I xqxw X N X QB Q- X ygtfg fgs fx X x X N XA. 'xl HA i kfv, . SP NW k ff! f Wfrlf ff X xx 'VJ' ,Jw X rfglx W4 X X Wx fl Www Qlii psi. an FK lk FOUNDED AT UNION COLLEGE, 1841. Cilgapterl Roll. Alpha Pi, - Alpha Theta, - Alpha Mu, - Alpha Alpha, - Alpha Phi, - Alpha Epsilon, Alpha Upsilon, - Alpha Beta, - Alpha Gamma, - Alpha Chi, - Alpha Psi, - Alpha Tan, Alpha Nu, - Alpha Iota, Rho, - Xi Alpha Delta, - Alpha Alpha , - - Alpha Union College - XVilliams College - Micldlelaury College Wesleyan University - Hamilton College - University of Michigan - - - Furman University - University of South Carolina - University of Mississippi - - Amherst College Cornell University - - Wolibrcl University - University ol' Minnesota University of Wisconsin - - - - Rutgers College Stevens Institute of Technology - - University of Georgia fllurnni f-Associations. Duluth Association, - - Association of the Northwest Milwaukee Association, - Chicago Association, - Washington Association, - New York Association, - Detroit Association, - - South Carolina Association, Association of Northern New Association of Alpha Xi, - - - - Duluth , - - Minneapolis - Milwaukee, Wis. - - Chicago, lll. - Washington, D. C. - New York, N. Y. - Detroit, Mich. - - - - - - - Columbia, S. C. York and New England, - - Albany, N. Y. - - - - - - New Brunswick, N. j. eo lin-Awr,I'lu'la, Qlii WSL ak va an fllplfgel Qu C9P'gap'CeP. ESTABUSHED 1B74., FRATER IN REGENTIBUS. S'rI:I-IIIIN MAII0Nl4IX', N. FRATRES IN FACULTATE. Grcunms E. Rxcmsle, N AI.Isx,xNImIe S'roxI2, N. WII,I.I.xII IS. I,Iaox.xIeII, N. UNDERGRADUATE MEMBERS. 1892. GIQOIQGII: K. HIcI.nI4:N RIs'r.x N. REST J. GImsvI2:mI: Cnoss WILI.I.uI H. HUII'I'IS, JR. BRAIIFUIIII C. Hvlzn CIIARLIIS S. HIXIIIE AI,IfRIiII F. PILI.sIII'Rx' I893. TIIOIIIAS F. W.xI,L,xCIa Glaolmlz H. SIIIQAR RIrssIcI.I. H. FOI.wI2I,I. 1894. Hlsxm' -I. Low: W.xI.'rIaIe H. HIXS'l'lNl1S FRIQDIQIIICK A. KIIIIILI-3 FIIIIIIIIRICK VON ScIII.IauIsI.I, AI.IIIsIa SMITH, ju. 1895. WILIIUII M. KNAIII' J. CARVIQII S'I'ImxG CIIIIRLIQS A. REIEII 97 Hipgi. Pk wk ax .FPPSILPQS in lflrwbibqs Geminis. Minneapolis. EIJXVARD C. CIIATEIELD, N WILLIAM L. BASSETT, N GEORGE GILLETTE, E LOUIS S. GlI.LE'1"1'l2, N JOIIN W. PERKINS, N CIIARLES S. BUSHNELL, N HOXN'liI.l. W. YOUNG, N TIMOTHY D. BYRNES, N JOIIN F. GOODNOXV, N GEORGE H. PARTRIDGIE, N RIIEIIS R. RAND, N T. CLARKSON LINDLEY, N GEORGE S. GRIMES, N ROIIERT JAMISON, N JAMES JENISON, N FREDERICK B. SNYDER, N HAIIIIX' A. STRONG, N EDSON S. GAYLORD, N ALIIERTON H. JHALL, N SIIMNER S. TRIISSELL, N DAYID PIERCY JONES, N VERNON R. NVRIGHT, N JOIIN B. I'IAXVI.EY, N FREDERICK R. TODD, N St CHARLES B. GILIIERT, I-I FREDERICK A. PIKE, I RUSSELL P. DOER, I KENNETII CLARK, TI EDWIN C. BEEKER, I1 HENRY NICOLS, A EIYGENE A. PIIENDRICKSON, N A. P. HENDRICKSON. N XVALTER H. DICKERMAN, N GEORGE HliNlDIilCKSlJN, N LEXVIS P. CIIAMIIERLAIN, N . Paul. DS NORTON M. CROSS, N FRANK W. DOWNS. N HARRY J. MARCII, N EDXVARD P. ALLEN, N NVALTER E. VVINSLOXV, N ROBERT A. MILLER, N NVILLIAM O. JONES, N HAIQIQX' H.'IfIiNNlElJX', N FREDERICK B. NVELLS, N JOHN D. GOSS, I FRANK C. TODD, N FREDERICK P. SMITII, N EDNVARD J. DAYENIIORT, AI NVILLIAM CIIENEY, 1-3 STANLEY R. IQITCHIELL, f-I ALIIEE SMITII, A1 NVILLARD R. CRAY, AI NVILLIAM PEET, JR., X JAMES W. LAXVRENCE, Q WILLIAM CAMPIIELL, SP FREDERICK H. HIENDIQICICS, I FREDERICK H. HOOKER, I I-IENRY N. AYERY, Fl NVILLIAM BROOKS, I JAMES D. ARMSTRONG, E CHARLES H. BIGIELOXV, F1 FREDERICK R. HIGI-ILOXV, Fl FRANK N. CROSIIY, N CIIARLES NVRIGHT, N HARRY HORN, N JAMES A. QUIK, N XVILL IJOER, I DAN LIAND, E ROIIERT L. SCOTT, R GEORGE L. BUNN, I .llmlunlfluhn Ag, 5:5 , 4' 1' ' J' ,. RGPPG IQGPPG Phi, - Beta Beta, - Beta Tau, - Psi, - - - Beta Alpha, Beta Epsilon, Gamma Rho, Lambda, - Beta Gamma, Beta Delta, Beta Nu, Pi, - Kappa, - Delta - Iota, - Mn, Eta. - Upsilon, Epsilon, Chi, Beta Zeta, - Theta, Sigma, Omega, FOUNDED AT gamma' ik ik MoNMou1'H cou.:Ge, 1a-ro. Glgapfer' Roll. ALPHA PROVINCE. BETA PROVINCE. GAMMA PROVINCE. DELTA PROVINCE. 99 - - Boston - St. Lawrence Syracuse - - Cornell University University University University University of Pennsylvania - - Barnard College - Allegheny College - Buchtel College - Wooster University University of Michigan Ohio State University - Adrian College Hillsdale College Indiana De Pauw - Butler - Wisconsin - Northwestern Illinois Wesleyan - Minnesota - Iowa Missouri - Nebraska Kansas University University University University University University University University University University University Kfappa Kappa Qamma. sf, an FK Gigi' QI'2sIp'Cer'. ESTABLISHED 1880. IJIWJDJEI KDIIAJDIJAJPJE RIIBBIBJEIIS. IiI.IzAIIIc'I'II H. NI.-VI'llES S'I'IsL I.A H. STIQAIINS I5I.IzAIIIc'rII NoII'I'IIImI' NIARION DI. CIIAII: MAIeI:AIIIc'r McDuxAI.n NIcI.I.IIs MIQIIIIILI. IHA Nl5'l"l'li I. BR li w Lvcx' M. LIQACII FIIANCIQS G. Hovr li R KA'rIIIaIIIxIc F. SI:I.nIsx MAIIcIcI.LA RIaI:Ax SAIIIIE MII.I.IaII 1892- EvIsI.IxIa V. W. SAmIIs IiFIfIIa A. RocIIIfoIIn 1893. MAIIIEI, F. AUSTIN 1894. K.-ATIIIIIIINIQ J. EvIfII'rs Home McDoxA1.Im 1895. LII.I.IAN NIOORE MARI' BIIEWIEII ANNA HnI.IIImoI: SPECIALS. MARY E. H.XXX'l.EX' KA'I'IIIaIIINIs D. JONES ELIZA IIIs'rII M. HMV I.Is v AI.IcIs A. WlihIlJ'l"l' LII.I.IAN BIss'I' E'I'IIIeI. N. FAIINswoII'I'IfI 1 O0 KQGPPG IQUPPU 301111110 . Bk Bk Pk Sorforfes in lflrbibus Geminis. Minneapolis. AIIIaLAIIIIs I'A'I'RIImI-:, X MRS. LILLIAN W. SNYIIIQR, X MRS. MARY T. S'I'RoN1:, X MIQS. ALICIQ H. XVILCOX, X MRS. MAUDIQ B. STRICKIQR, X MRS. FRANCES I-I. PIOXVARD, I MRS. EAIAIA S. SIAIIISON, IZ MRS. MARGAR-I9'I'. W. CAAIIQRIIN, I MRS. NIARY B. MAUIQ, K M RS M RS M RS M RS M AR J IISSI AIIIIIE J. CATIIS, H . ALICE A. Em:I.ES'I'oN, X ISAIIIQLLA G. TRYIIN, X NELLII5 J. CRl:Ii'I', I' FUl.XX'IiI.L, X li A. PRA'r'I', X NIARTIIA S. ANIQIQNY, X NI:I.LIIs CRQSS, X M A R v BIsS'I', X ROSE M. UPIIAAI, X MRS. 101 MRS. AIIIIIH T. SMITII, .X MRS. MRS. CLARA G. BYRNIES, A BIQSSIIQ L. MCGRIQGOR X MRS. AIIRLINI: C. JAAIISON X MICS. JCISIQIAI-IINIQ M. IQING, X OLIVIA C. PoR'rIsR, X ANNA SIIILLOCK, X ELLA GOOIIRICII, BIsR'rIIA CAAIII, X SAIIIIsIII:I.I.Is PILLSIII'Rv EIII'I'II V. PI-IILLII-S, X PRISCILLA G. GILIIIiR'I', IIIQSSIIQ H. SIIIQLIION, X CLARA J. BLAKE, X ANNA A. BROXVN, X MINNIIQ B. I"IIILLII'S, X NIARY DINWIIIIIIR, H CARRIE B. EGf:I.l5S'I'0N, AGNES J. YOUNG, E SUSAN M. FRYE ,.X X fl WH Kijelia Gflieia. FK Bk an Maine Alpha, - New Hampshire, - Vermont Alpha, - Massachusetts Alpha, Massachusetts Beta, Rhode Island Alpha, New York Alpha, - New York Beta, - New York Epsilon, - Pennsylvania Alpha, Pennsylvania Beta, - Pennsylvania Gamma Pennsylvania Delta, Pennsylvania- Epsilon, Pennsylvania Zeta, Pennsylvania Eta, Virginia Alpha, Virginia Beta, - Virginia Gamma, - Virginia Delta, - Virginia Zeta, - - North Carolina Beta, South Carolina Beta, Kentucky Alpha, Kentucky Delta, - Georgia Alpha, - Georgia Beta, - Georgia Gamma, - Tennessee Alpha, - Tennessee Beta, - Alabama Alpha, Alabama Beta, - Alabama Gamma, Mississippi Alpha, Louisiana Alpha, - Texas Beta, Texas Gamma, Qlfgelpfcerf T20 FOUNDED AT MIAMI UNIVERSITY. 1848. ll. ALPHA PROVINCE. - Colby University - - Dartmouth College University of Vermont - Williams College Amherst College Brown University - Cornell University Union University Syracuse University - Lafayette College Pennsylvania College Washington and Jeflerson College - - - Allegheny College - - Dickinson College - University of Pennsylvania Leheigh University BETA PROVINCE. ' - - Roanoke College University of Virginia Randolph-Macon College ' - - Richmond College - Washington and Lee University University of North Carolina - South Carolina University - - Centre College - - Central University GAMMA PROVINCE. University of Georgia - Emory College - Mercer University - Vanderbilt University - University of the South - University of Alabama Alabama Polytechnic Institute - - Southern University DELTA PROVINCE. - University of Mississippi - Tulane University of Louisiana 102 - - University of Texas Southwestern University llrfwvl. l?1ilrl. n:f-ywfgfpf 11 IGH Qelia CSTHQTQ. ak ak :ic Ohio Alpha, - Ohio Beta, - Ohio Gamma, Ohio Delta, - Ohio Epsilon, - Ohio Zeta, - Indiana Alpha. Indiana Beta, - Indiana Gamma, Indiana Delta, - Indiana Epsilon, Indiana Zeta, Michigan Alpha, Michigan Beta, Michigan Gamma, Illinois Alpha, - Illinois Delta, - Illinois Epsilon, Illinois Zeta, - Wisconsin Alpha, Missouri Alpha, Missouri Beta, Missouri Gamma, Iowa Alpha, Iowa Beta, - Minnesota Alpha, Kansas Alpha, Nebraska Alpha, California Alpha, EPSILON PROVINCE. ZETA PROVINCE. - 4- Miami University - Ohio Wesleyan University - - Ohio University University ol' Wooster - Buchtel College Ohio State University - Indiana University - Wabash College Butler University - Franklin College - Hanover College - De Pauw University - University of Michigan State College of Michigan - - Hillsdale College - Northwestern University - - - Knox College Illinois Wesleyan University - Lombard University - University of Wisconsin - University of Missouri - Westminster College - Washington University Iowa Wesleyan University State University of Iowa - University of Minnesota - University of Kansas - University of Nebraska University of Calitbrnia California Bgta, Leland Stanford, jr., University Alpha, - Beta, - Alpha, - Alpha, Alpha, - Beta, - Alpha, Beta, - Alpha, Alpha, Alpha, Alpha, ffllurnni Qlfgapters. - New York, N. Y. - Philadelphia, Penn. - - Baltimore, Md. Washington, D. C. - Richmond, Va. - Atlanta, Ga. Cincinnati, Ohio - Indianapolis, Ind. - Chicago, Ill. Kansas City, Mo. Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minn. 103 - San Francisco, Cal. IQHi Kgjelia q'HeTcr. we wx x 'Fzinnesofel fllplfgel 5T5P2efa1. ESTABLISHED 1881. FRATRES IN FACULTATE. Coxwm' G. M,xcMlLl..xN M. A. Hmuu' Sxvmsn I UNDERGRADUATE MEMBERS. 1892. WlL1.I.xM C. I,1z.xlcY Rl'l'ER'l' C. Dlawlzx' juries E. NIADIGAN XY.XL'l'IiR R. Buowxw O. H. CORXYIN4 1894. Evl2R11A1e'r P. Hmzmxrz E1m.xR C. Blsmclc l'I15RnExc'r H. Cuossxavr joux W. LECRUNE 1895. , WlI.I.l,m H. Coxnrr WlI.LlAx1 A. Gonwmzn 'W I. Il XV 104- f6?Hi fgjelia Glifieia. wk wk wk -li-Pl"'6l'lfl"'GS in Urbibus jniiss Gian, Minn., A AIITIIUII G. I-IoI.'I', Minn., A J. M. ANDERSON, Minn., A W. W. SAIIGIANT, Minn., A H. W. TIIOIIIIISON, Minn., A LU'I'IIIzII TWITCIIISLI., Minn., A W. J. DONAIIOXVIBR, Minn., HII.I.AIw MIIIIIIIIY, Minn., A R. H. PIIASSIQII, Minn., A j. B. GoUI.n, Minn,, A J. C. E. KING, Minn., A CII.IIII.Iss EsI'I.I:N, Minn., A L. A. S'I'IIAIGII'I', Ill., E E. J. Emvlums, Ill., Z C. L. I-Ilalmox, Mich., 1' E. F. S'I'oNIz, III., 15 A A. II. F. A. A. D. C J- XV. Os W. F. Gerninis. M. SIII'Izx', Ohio, A S. Mooius, Ohio, A C. IIIIIIVIEY, Ohio, A G. Ihumas, Wis., A R. SIII:I.I,, Pcnn,, A F. SIAIIISIJN, Wis., A C. TEAR, I1l.,I5 G. W,xI.I.,xcIs, Penn., F H. I-IAI.I..xxI, Wis., A CAI: IfI.xLL.IM, Wis., A F. H'UNT D. I..xII.xIIIcE, NVIS., A LLIXXI W KI I.xcIs Penn WI .. I . . , AI. H. Coon, Ohio, A C J- ' W. F. BIQRNAIIIJ, A 105 B. F. I-I,isIusI.I., Vt., A C. TUIIK, Vt., A FOUNDED AT IQQITG gamma' . . oxrono INSTITUTE, lvnss.,1e-rz. Alpha, Eta, Chi, Omega, Delta, Kappa, Phi, Sigma, Lambda, Tau, Xi, Zeta, Theta, Qlfgeipfcerf Roll. - Mt. Union College - Buchtel College - Cornell University - - University of XVisconsin University of Southern California - - University of Nebraska - University of Colorado - Northwestern University University of Minnesota - University of Iowa - University of Michigan - - Albion College ,Qlurnrzi Glgempterf. , . 106 - - - Cleveland, Ohio 7 gfx fl! .h X X X 'y x 1, M 1 flrrlm , F11 I In Qelia Qamma. ak wk va -1.-b6lfT7bd6l QI'2e1p'Cer'. ESTABLISHED 1582. POST GRADUATE MEMBERS. GR,x'rl.x A. Cm1N'1'Rx'1xl.xN LOUISE Mowrnmllalev UNDERGRADUATE MEMBERS. 1892. CLARA F. BALDXVIN F1.oR1sxc1s J. Ross x8g3. Ru'r11 HARRIS CLARA N. INIARY E. BASSli'l"l' ORRA IE. FIRKINS 1894. MAIQY M. CASE B1..xNcms NIACE HELEN S. PRA'r'r RORETA PRA'l"l' OLIVE GR,x11.xM 1895. MAREI. H. Txmxms MIXIQX' N10RTl5NSON NIARY L. OSHORN Specials. FRANCES FIRKINS JEAN F. ISIING 107 fgjelia Qqmmcr MRS MRS AIRS MRS. M RS Sorfomas in FRANK S'r.xcv, fl GEORGE GRIMES, .fl ALHICRT GRAHIZR, fl Prc'rraRsoN, .Q T. R. CRoswxsLI., fl MRs. . Pk PK Pk Urfbibus Geminis. INA FIRKINS, fl CARRIE HUNT, E KA'rRlN.x L. STROIIMIEIER I LILLIAN GREGORY, fl ANNIE E. S'1'RomrI2uaR, .Il M. 12. I-Ilxsrmw, A IOS -,. r.Awmnwv, v-Mu Rgjqlla CGTQU Alpha, Rho, l7psilon, - Nu, - Gamma, - Tan, - Mn, - Chi, I'si, - Zeta, - Beta, Theta, Eta, Delta, - Phi, - Epsilon, Iota, Kappa, Oniieron, Omega, Xi, - - Lambda, Pi, - - Beta Epsilon, Beta Delta, Beta Theta, Beta Beta, Beta Eta, - Beta Kappa Beta Zeta, - Beta Alpha. Beta Lambda IQQITQ. FOUNDED AT C O I BETHANY COLLEGE, 1859. Qlfgeiptee TQQQI l. - - - Allegheny College Stevens' Institute ol' Technology Rensselar Polyteelmie Institute - - - - Lafayette College Washington and jellerson College Franklin and Marshall College - Ohio Wesleyan University - - - Kenyon College - Wooster University - Adelbert College - Ohio University Bethany College - - Buchtel College University of Michigan - - - Hanover College - - - - Albion College NI iehigan Agricultural College - - - - Hillsdale College State University of Iowa - Iowa State College - Simpson College - Vanderbilt University University ol' Mississippi - - Emory College University of Georgia University of the South - De Pauw University University ol' Minnesota University of Colorado - - Butler University University of Indiana - - Lehigh University Beta lota, - - - University of Virginia Beta Mn, - ------ 'l'uft's College Beta Nu. Massachusetts Institute of Technology Beta Sigma, ----- Boston University Beta Xi, - - Tulane University Beta Omieron, - Cornell University Sigma, - Williams College 100 Rfjelia au TQQITQ. an FK an Beta Evfei CQ2l2a1p'CeP. ESTABLISHED 1883. FRATER IN FACULTATE. IQENDRIC C. B,xncocK UNDERGRADUATE MEMBERS. x89z. Gi7s'r.x1f A. Cnlnmclsx it Lx'xmN L. PIERCE Glsonola D. Hmm PAH. E. IQENYON PORTIBR J. NEFF 'i' 1893. EDXYIN J. BA'I'CIIliI.DER ii jl:s'ri's M. I-l'omiL,xNn HEIKEII L. IALxR'rI.1ax 1894. FRANK A. Bkuxm' XVILLIAM S. AmaRNlc'ruv RALPH J. SEWALI, FRANK A. G1"r'r1insox LEE B. I3,xR'l'iioL0iu1aw 1895. lilcxlzsw' A. Wmnu'r Rox' J. Cook HENRY C. jvnsox A1.mc1z'r H. NIOORE "Mcclical. -I-Law. fllurrzni flssooiations. Nashville Alumni Association, New York Alumni Association, Chicago Alumni Association, Twin City Alumni Association, Pittsburg Alumni Association, Nebraska Alumni Association, Cleveland Alumni Association, Texas Alumni Association, - 1110 - Minneapolis an Nashville: Tenn. New York, N. Y. - Chicago, lll. d St. Paul, Minn. Pittsburg, Pa. Omaha, Ncb. Cleveland, Ohio Dallas, Texas Rjglia au Rejgliq. wk an wk T-xEl"'6lfl"GS in C. 13. 'l'1mx'1au, 0 jmm S.CRo1um15, A JOHN H. R.xms, Q' D. R. PIIGIEEE, K S. B. I'I0w.uin, 0 M. V. I.l'r'1', K J. L. XVICKS, 0 I-I. C. Imlclzlc, .U G. C. ANDREXVS, B II C. E. Bmcwswxe, .fl W. B. Aumsm, K D.xvm AIORGAN, If J. T. CIIRISCIIILLS, 0 FRI-Ill C. Coma, T Hlixkv S. '1'.xYl.oR, N lflrfbibus 111 Gmerninis. C. G. VAN Wmvr, A A. B. N1c110l.Ls, A A. Drau1.G1uzN, .fl G. T. I'IAI.IlERT, 19 C. I. '1'R.xxl.lcR, X F. S. An1fRN1a'r11Y, B H XVILL W. DAMN, B II H. M. Molvrox, N S. F. DIIHILE, A F. N. S'1'.xCY, B H F. H. Glmmx, 13 H A. W. XVARNOCK, B II tl. F. l'I.xx'n1zN, 12 H -I. S. D.xvms, H Gnammla S. Ixmss, M 0 X Y X FOUNDED AT WASHINGTON AND Pennsylvania Alpha, Pennsylvania Beta, Pennsylvania Gamma J Pennsylvania Zeta, Pennsylvania Eta, Pennsylvania Theta, Pennsylvania Kappa, I ennsylvania Epsilon, New New New New York Alpha, - York Beta, York Delta, - York Epsilon, Virginia Alpha, Virginia Beta, Virginia Gamma, - West Virginia Alpha, Maryland Alpha, - District of Columbia A South Carolina Alpha. Mississippi Alpha, Illino Ohio Ohio Ohio Ohio India India Alpha, Beta, - Gamma, - Delta, - na Alpha, na Beta, - Indiana Gamma, - is Alpha, - Michigan Alpha, - Wisconsin Alpha, Wisconsin Gamma, Iowa Alpha, - Minnesota Beta, - Kansas Alpha, - California Beta, lpha - JEFFERSON COLLEGE, 1852. Qlfgaipterf Roll. DISTRICT I. and jetierson College - - - Washington - - - - Allegheny College Bucknell University Pennsylvania College Dickinson College and Marshall College Lafayette College Swarthmore College Franklin DISTRICT II. - Cornell University Syracuse University - Hobart College Madison University University oi' Virginia - Washington and Lee University Hampden-Sidney College - University of West Virginia - - johns Hopkins University - - Columbian College - University of South Carolina - University of Mississippi DISTRICT III. Ohio Wesleyan University Wittenberg College VVooster University Ohio State University De Pauw University - Indiana State University DISTRICT IV. - Wabash College - Northwestern University University of Michigan University of Wisconsin - - Beloit College - University of Iowa University of Minnesota - - University of Kansas Leland Standford jr., University 112 ff'f4' fm I ,Q fl me-v fl! rlfu lllllln, If-Dlii Kappa psi. in as as l5FZi rznesofal 'Beta Qlgeipfcerf. ESTABUSHED1B8l IJIWI ISI CQIIAJDIJAJPIE DIIEDIJBISI S. 1892. Glcolmn C. Sums KIOIIN W. GR.xvIss Glaoiml-3 'llUNliI.l, 1893. J. Ermnum Bolzxcfxuv ILxLs12x' W. Wlnsox Fr.I.ox'n lil. 'lnumss 1894. p CARI. S. P,x'r'rms LEXVIS P. Loma Anemia Wn.r.mMs ' 1895. C. Aiwmne Rixxsom ' Gizoiuns C. 'l'irole1'1a Crnxmsxcla Il. lXfILl.IER I-Immx' CoI.wI:I.I. A1.nlcR'r DI. MQKAY fllurnni Piesooieifion. Pittsburg Alumni Association, Cincinnati Alumni Association, Springfield Alumni Association, Chicago Alumni Association, - Twin City Alumni Association, New York Alumni Association, Philadelphia Alumni Association, Cleveland Alumni Association, I 113 - Pittsburgh, Pa. Cincinnati, Ohio - Springfield, Ohio - Chicago, Ills. Minneapolis, Minn. New York, N. Y. - Pllilaclelpllia, Pa. - Cleveland, Ohio O PM Rgppa Eg. Dk wk wk I -FPPSILPQS joIIN P. REA GEIIRGE I'. XVILSON REV. W. P. MCKISE H. IJ. IRwIN CARI. S'rEw.xR'I' W.xI.'rIcR A. Em:I.Es'roN j. H. PRIOR M. Ii. DAVIDSON H. O. PIIII.I.IIIs XVARREN HIJIQNER W. R. TRIGGS CIIARI.Es T. CONGER CII.xRI.Es G. Rom' M. IJ. PIIRIIV H.xRr..xN P. I-I.xI.I, PIERCE BU'I'I.ER R. C. SAUNIIERS CIIARLES H. TAYLQR IDR. R. A. WI'IE.vI'oN C. A. MILLEII in lfJr"bibus Minneapolis. T. G. SOARES St. Paul. M. D. LUEIIICQR. 114 Gerninis. JIIIIN G. NVUOLIBY L. L. LoNGIIR.xRE F. R. I-IIIIIACIIECN j. E. VVARE H. W. BENTON W. S. DWINNEI. J. P. LANSING H. P. BAILEY I-I.IRI.Ex' G. BUSIINELI. ' EUGENE M. DM' B. F. LUM H. IJ.xNIfoR'I'II DICKINSON LEW A. HUNTQQN B. H. TIIIIIERI..INE DR. GEQRGE N. Knox FREII DICKSON J. H. BOXVMAN T. M. NVHITE R. L. joIINs A. T. HALL -,XNA e e FOUNDED AT X Y x MIAMI UNIVERSITY, 1855, Beta, Gamma, - Zeta, - Eta, - Theta, - Kappa, Lambda, Mu, - Xi, Omieron, - Rho, - Tau, - Phi, Chi, Psi, Omega, - - . Gamma Gamma, Delta Delta, - Kappa Kappa, Delta Chi, Zeta Zeta, - Zeta Psi, - Theta Theta. Sigma Sigma, Alpha Beta, Alpha Gamma, Alpha Epsilon, Alpha Zeta, Alpha Theta, Alpha Iota, - Alpha Lambda, Alpha Nu, - Alpha Xi, - Alpha Omicron, Alpha Pi, - Alpha Sigma, Alpha Tau, Alpha Upsilon, Alpha Psi, - Alpha Omega, Qlgeipfcen lEQOll. W ashi - Wooster University Ohio Wesleyan University ngton and Lee University University of Mississippi - Pennsylvania College Bucknell University University oi' Indiana - Denison University - De Panw University - Dickinson College Butler University Roanoke College Lafayette College - Hanover College University of Virginia Northwestern University Randolph-Macon College - Perdue University - Universty of Illinois - VVabasl1 College - - Centre College University ol' Cincinnati University of Michigan Hampden Sidney College University of California - Ohio State University University of Nebraska Beloit College Massachusetts Institute of Technology - - Illinois VVesleyan University - Uni University of Wisconsin University of Texas - University of Kansas - Tulane University - - Albion College University of Minnesota versity of North Carolina University of Southern California - Lelan 115 - Vanderbilt University d Stanford, Jr., University Qiigma QV? i. ' ' ,'3e1 Sigma Glgalpten. J. H. I'l.xxlmL.xx'i' H. P. I-Iovr W AVAI.'1'lER C. I'oizm.Eiz Oimxmz KisL1.x' A 'I' Law . 'AlcdicaL Springfield, Ohio, - Lafayette, Incl., Cincinnati, Ohio, Indianapolis, Ind., Chicago, Ill., - Montgomery, Ala., Washington, D. C., - New York, N. Y., - ESTABUSHED 1885 IJIilDlEl K9IlAJDIIAffl3 IIIEDIIBIEIIS. 1892. LANE McG1usGoR'i' I893. . M. Donmsif L. H. Kisxxism'-Z' 1894. R. P. WARD JESSE VAN Volxisxisuim 1895. ALllliR'l' IQELLY ,Qlumni Qlgaptens. 116 J. A. Fr.i'1"rIis'I' R. W. Sggumiis A. A. Donoisi' BORGIIOLTIIALTS - Alpha Alumni - Eta Alumni Theta Alumni Iota Alumni Omega Alumni . Beta Alumni Epsilon Alumni Gamma Alumni isvlim QW- ' ' ' 4 T-Pwevcres in lflrbibus Geminis. Minneapolis. A. B. Cuuucn, A E B. F. COFFlN,.-1:5 E. B. GARDINISR, .-1 E W. H. Glslzlev, .-1 E Iilmumlm C. HELM, P M. S. I-Iolflfxmx, A W. H. Howl, .11 E F. D. MERc1mN'r, A E W. D. Wouns, 'ii Fl M. N. IVI,xRcx', A K St. Paul. 1 T. K. AI.1sx.xNn1sR. .S E O. P. LEWlS,1-1 fl J. W. CUNNINGIIAM, F J. F. Glsonmz, EI C1mR1.Iis Pon'rmuf1l2I.n, Z SIDNEY YVATSON, .Q 117 E. P. LEXVIS, N R. P. LEXVIS, A II C. G. Rlsvxolms, B .A qgrieia. . . . Fouwoso AT DE PAUW - UNIVERSITY 1870 I Qlgapterf Roll. Alpha, - - DePauw University Beta, N - - University of Indiana Delta, - - lllinois Wesleyan University Epsilon, - Wooster University Iota, - Cornell University Kappa, - University of Kansas Lambda, - University of Vermont Mu, - - Allegheny College Nu, - ----- Hanover Omicron, University of Southern California Pi, - - - -I - Albion College Tau, - Northwestern University Upsilon - - University of Minnesota Phi, - Leland Stanford, jr., University Chi, - - - - Syracuse University Psi, - University of Wisconsin Omega, - - University of California Alpha Beta, Alpha Gamma, 118 - Swarthmore College fluledgeclj Columbus, Ohio Urfdra, IUNJZ11, mpc wma Gram- UNDERGRADUATE MEMBERS. 1892. ANNA L. Gwmrzm NIINNIIC A.Rlsx1fmm HELIZN H. Toxins M,xmal.INls W.xI.L1N 1893. GERTIQUD15 GIHISS JESSIE P. SMITH IVIARV C. Smvru I-IELEN DRESSER Glmcls XVALTIIIER GIQRTRUIJE BELL Ii,x'1'11muNl2 MANSQN. 1894. JESSIE BRADFORD RUTH IAIUNTOUN Im Bl'lexl4:'r'r ALICE PAHODIE -Ius'r1N,x I,1s.xv1'1"v. 1895. Sovmfx PENn1s1m.xs'r H,xRmE'r STLLE Kxrrs ihclcsox Mmrnxs BELL CIIRIS'I'INli Iirmuxuns LILLIAN HATCH M,x'r'rm Romxsox Pledged. ELSIE Gurus. 1 119 Rappa gllpfia QTHQTQ wk as wk Sorforfes in lfJr' Tmu-1.1: WEST, 13 Cmelzlla P. BELL, II. Mus. MARION NVILLET, A C.vrlua1uNE Cmllfomf, T Mies. S. A. B.xl.nwIx, I. Mus. B. I-I. TIMHISRLAKIE, 2' Mus. CONWAY G. M,xcM1r.r.,xN. bibus T 120 Geminis. I-IELEN Conslsxz, I Mns MARY Consme, I MRS. ELLA Mnaluuu., H JESSIE Nicol., 1" LILLIAN IVIARTIN, 1" ANNE BURR, 2" I'Ixvr'rna j,xcKs0N, 1' ... f mf, -. Bela GPHQTQ Eta, - Kappa, Upsilon, Beta Eta, Beta Iota, - Alpha Omega, Mn Epsilon, Phi Chi, - Beta Gamma, Sigma, - Beta Delta, Beta Zeta, Beta Theta, Nu, - - Alpha Alpha, Beta Epsilon, Alpha Sigma, Alphi Chi, Phi, - - Alpha llpsilon, Beta Chi, - Zeta, - Eta Beta, - Omicron, Phi Alpha, Alpha Kappa, Yi Epsilon, - Mu, - - Beta Beta, Beta Lambda, Beta Omicron FOUNDED AT i 0 O O ' MIAMI umvsnsrrv, 1ea9. Qlgalpferf TQQII. DISTRICT I. DISTRICT II. Harvard University Brown University Boston University Maine State College Amherst College - Dartmouth College - Wesleyan University - - Yale College - - - Rutger's College - Stevens Institute of Technology - - Cornell University - St. Lawrence University - - Colgate College - Union College - Columbia College - Syracuse University DISTRICT III. DISTRICT IV. DISTRICT V. 121 - - Dickinson College - Johns Hopkins University University of Pennsylvania - Pennsylvania State College - - - Lehigh Universitv - Hampden Sidney College University of North Carolina - - University of Virginia - - Davidson College - - Richmond College Randolph-Macon College - - Centre College Cumberland University University of Mississippi - Vanclerbilt University - University of Texas Edu CQPHQTQ Alpha, - Beta Nu, - Beta Kappa, Beta, - - Gamma, - Theta, Psi, - - Alpha Gamma, Alpha Eta, - Alpha Lambda, Beta Alpha, - Theta Delta, Delta, Pi, - Lambda, Tan, - Iota, Alphi Xi, - Chi, - - Alpha Beta, Alpha Epsilon, Alpha Pi, - Rho, - Beta Pi, - Alpha Delta, - Alpha Nu, - Omega, - Alpha Zeta, Alpha Tau, Zeta Phi, - f6Di.akxm DISTRICT VI. - - Miami University University of Cincinnati - - University of Ohio Western Reserve University - Washington-jefferson University DISTRICT VII. DISTRICT VIII. DISTRICT IX. 122 Ohio Wesleyan University - - Bethany College Wittenberg College - Denison University Wooster University - Kenyon College Ohio University - De Pauw University - University of Indiana - University of Michigan - Wabash University - Hanover College - Knox University Beloit College - University of Iowa Iowa Wesleyan University University of Wisconsin Northwestern University University of Minnesota Westminster College - University of Kansas - University of California - - Denver University - University of Nebraska University of Missouri Edu GTHQTQ i. an wk an Beta 'Pi Qlfgapfcer. ESTABLISHED 1889. POST GRADUATE MEMBERS. joux A. SAN1-'onn, Kappa. VIc'roR S. CLARK, Beta Pi. UIWI IEI KDIXAJDIIAJFIE BIIEDIJBIEIIS. 1893. HENRV B. Avlsm' CHARLES W. FIQRRISE 1894. Emmuu S. AVERY DANIEL G. Blzlams Tllxsommlc CLARK JAMES F. CORlllE'1"l' ARTHUR L. I-IELLIWIQLL Huzvlcv Olflflcmgjle. XVILLIAM A. Snlrru 1895. Lmzox' E. CLARK junn U. Goomucu CARL IIUHN XVILLIAM F. TXVING I-Ilamex' B. Nlcmzusox MEDICAL. jonx T. I-Immxs SAMUEL KIRKXVOOD, Alpha Lambda 123 Eder fL9T'HeTa i. HK an an 'PPV-a'Cr'es in M. 1-I. ALBIN, 0 C. J. BACKVS, 13 II J. F. ILXKER, J' Lxawls BAKER, ,F S. L. IEAKER, II J. N. Bl5ARNlzs, I9 GEO. L. Blecmsn, .-1 D. R. BISHOP, T AnnO'r'r Br.UN'r, T J. H. Bow, A .4 F. A. BRISTOL, A A V. S. CLARK, B 17 A. B. COE, I3 .41 M. BQ Clrmzv, O J. B. DONALDSON, T C. W. En1aRI.lelN, A H A. C. EOIQLSTON, N IsA1A11 FARHQS, A GEO. P. HUHN, B H WILLIAM. A. FOs'rme, I J. C. FIFIIQLD, A X J. M. HAWKS, P L. G. HAY, A WILLIAM PIARXVOOD, A I3 JAMES T. IIAZZARD, .rl F. 0. IAIOLMAN, 2' C. B. ITOLMES, GJ li. A. -IAGGARD, A E T. N. JAYNIC, A CHARLES G. JOHNSON. W. P. Kuuuvoon, A A SAMUEL Kuucwoon, A .41 FRANK MCCAR'1'ux' R. M. NICIQAIG, A J. S. MCLAIN, T lflrfbibus Gfervzirzis. 124- JULIAN Mlr.I.A1m, .-1 R. G. MOIIIIISON, A If Graouule O. N1s'r'1'I.1s'rON, R. C. PA'r'rEnsOx, If II I.. W. Pmuclz, A IT F. B. Pnsusox, A .fl F. A. PIER, Il A. O. POXVELL, A Il G. A. Rxsxz, Q5 M1L'PON Rxax, li H C. J. R0msR'1'sON, X J. A. SANFORD, K C. E. SAXVYER, A Il Llclmom SIIARP, H F. S. SlIliI'I'l5RD, X M. D. Smv'r'Nsn, A H E. P. SMITH, A E I-I. L. SMIT1-I, A JI C. L. SOMMERS, B If W. T. S1'RAGlr1a, E ELISIIA M. STEVENS, 1' J. T. S'rOU'1', I' THOMPSON W. S'rOU'r, If fl UIQELLES M. THOMAS, Il C. T. TIIOMPSOX, A II B. TRASK, B II C. T. WARREN. H. W. WILLIAMS, A X JOHN WOODS, A W. NI.-NVOODXVARD, A C H. T. Wluclrr, X B. ROYAL CIIISNIEY, X JO1-IN H. IQIMISALI., X Y. PAYTUN MORGAN, X -1-n-f-.-v .... 'n-'.'. rr .':-11-1 . . .-.fav 'W W C9 cl XX X QHUJVI ETOHQCQ' ffl H1 Rijelia Kappa, Phi, - Theta, - Xi, - Sigma, - Gamma, - Psi, - Upsilou, Chi, Beta, - Eta, Kappa, Lambda, Pi, - Iota, - Alpha Alpha, Omicron, Epsilon, Rho, Tau, Mn, Nu, - Beta Phi, Phi Chi, Psi Phi, - - Gamma Phi, Psi Omega, Beta Chi, - Delta Chi, - Phi Gamma, Gamma Beta, Theta Zeta, Alpha Chi, Phi Epsilon, Sigma Tau, - .I . . . roumnso EPS! orl' AT YALE, 1e44. Gilgeipten Roll. Yale University Bowdoin College - Colby University - Amherst College - Vanderbilt University University of Alabama - Brown University - - University of Mississippi University of North Carolina - University of Virginia - Miami University - Kenyon College - - Dartmouth College - Kentucky Military Institute - - Miclcllebury College - University of Michigan - - Williams College Lafayette College - Hamilton College - - - Colgate University College of City of New York - University Ol-ROCllC5l1Ql' - - Rutgers College - De Pauw University - - - Wesleyan University - Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute - - - - Adelbert College - Cornell University Syracuse University - Columbia College University of California - ' - Trinity College - - University oi' Minnesota Massachusetts Institute of Technology 125 RDQITQ Kappa Epgiloq. wk wk wk New York City, New England, Northwestern, Detroit, - I'aciiic Coast, Washington, ,Qlurnni lgssooialtiorzs. New York, N. Y. Boston, Mass. Chicago, Ill. - Dctroit, Mich. San Francisco, Cal. Washington, D. C. Proviclcnce, - Providence, R. I. Central, - Cincinnati, Ohio Bullalo, - Buflhlo, N. Y. Kentucky, - Louisville, Ky. Southwest, - Kansas City, Mo. Cleveland, - - Cleveland, Ohio Northwest, - Minneapolis. Minn. Albany, - - Albany, N. Y. Central New York, Rome, N. Y. Rochester, - - Rochester, N. Y. Southern, Chattanooga, Tenn. 126 QQITG Kappa Epgiloq. wk Pk an lalfgi Epsilon C9P2ap'Cer'. ESTABLISHED 1889. FRATER IN REGENTIBUS. 0. P. S'r1s.xRNs 0 FRATRES IN FACULTATE. Cvmfs NOR'1'I'iROl', IP N1sw'roN I-I. Wlxcu1sI.1., 0 EVIQRTON j. Anno'r'r, If X Gmmms IE. NIACLIQAN, E CIIARLES A. WxLI.,uum, fl WII.I.l,xM R. Hom., 411 If MAX P. V.xNmaR Honclc, if O I'I.xRm' P. -Iunsox, E Anim!-I.xxr B. Cyrus, E CH.xRr.lss I-I. I'IUN'rlaR, If If C. H. I3o.xRnM.xN, 'P POST GRADUATE MEMBERS. 1891. jorm Ii. NIERRILI. UNDERGRADUATE MEMBERS. 1892. ELON O. I-IuN'1'lNu'1'ux EVliRli'l"l' B. ICIRK EDWIN NI. KR.x1fl-"r CARI. TM'r.oRff 1893. Cvlws Nowruuoxf, jk. Iiumcxla L. P.vr'1'mesoN Glsolmla P. Mlaluunl. 1894. XVILBUR C. Flslila joux W. Tlloxms Coxlmu Z. VANDIQR Houcli x895. Flush C. BALIW Wn.I.l.xM F. D.xI.m'Ml' Wll.I.mx1 O. S'mL"r Rolzlsm' B. IQICRNOIIAM Rolsmw G. NORTIIXVAY "Law 127 Qelia Kappa Epgiloq. an PK wk -FPPGfPQS in lfllqbibus Geminis. W. ALIJIIN, 4' BI. B. ANIIILIISON, M W. B. Blsmx, fl' 13 A. J. BLETIIIQN, 'P E W. W. BI:.InI.IcI', ll E. D. BROXYN, ll M. B. BIENNELL, II' J' A. II. C,II:I'IsN'I'IaIz, ll C. A. CII,IsIs, M D, E A. C. Conn, sl' C. 12. CoN.IN'II, E I-I. I'. DoI'c:I..Is, fl' C. M. FIQIIGUSQN, IP S. C. FIsIeIIIs, E D. A. FIsIcIs, 'I' 15 B. F0s'I'IeII, fl' A. P. GooIIIvIN, E P. H. GUNCIQLIQ, K W. H. HINCIQLI5, II' A. S. KIzI'Ias, li G. T. IQING, lp E W. L. IQLESIN, .LI X H. R. KNAPII, N L. O. MIQIIIIIAIII, '41 C. W. Mooruz, .S Ruv. GIQUIIGIQ R. D'IliRRll.L REV. W. M. KINCAIIJ, E Gxzoxcmz TIIXYING, I-1 YVILLIS BIENNIQR, elf T. M. WI-II:IzI.IzIe, :I X C. E. PI'Izm', A X F. W. FIsIcIc, .S W. F. CLOIIIIII, E ALLAN P. WIQLII, E W. A. L.INc.Is'rI2u, Q' Minneapolis. Y' , ...a 123 W. P. MoIeu.IN, IP D. W. MIJIIIIISIIN, 125 S. B. MoIIIeIs0N, 'P RIQV. M. F. Nlauus, AI RICIIAIIII I'.xuL, ll F. L. PIeIs'I', .I H. S. PIIIa'I"I'IaI'I..xcIa, ll H. G. RIcII.xIeIIsoN, IP E B. L. SACRIL, 'P E M. F. SCIIoIfIIeLII, B 11' F. I-I. ScIIoIfIIcI.D, If ll' F. W. SII,Iw, .S S. H. SouLIc, .J X E. M. SP.II'LnINn, lf' I5 E. NV. SI'0'r'I'sw0oII, fl' E L. SXVIFT, ju., 0 T. C. TIIIIIISTON, A X C. E. V,INIIIsIIIII'ImII, 'I' C. D. VIQLIIQ, T If G. F. WAI'I'Is, M W. D. W.IsIIIIUIeN, I-I W. D. WIXSIIIIURX, ju., 'P C. H. WIIIcIzLI5II, E L. R. WILL.IIm, II P. M. I3o.xIIIIII,IN L. D. WRll3llT, O SAIIIUIII. S. F.IIcIIcs, I5 ALIIIQIIT I-IAIe'I'zIzI.L, .cl X E. O. Hovlsv, Q Rlav. D. H. j,IcI4soN, I-I A CIIAIu.Ias S. JIQLLY, Q9 HIQIIIIIEIIT L. Moonv, 41 ELIIIQII F. NIARSII, Q5 Glaolmla Il. YIIUNG, fl DURNSIIIIQ Fos'I'IaIz Qglia Kgappa Epgilopi 'I-I'3Pan'CPes . HK lk Bk in lflrbibus Gferninis St. Paul. W. R. ALLEN, AI C. A. S.xwx'me, 'P E I-I. P. Ihxunovlc, 22' G. B. SIl.I.lMAN, fP A. F. Bl21ucl.xN, T I' C. SPENCIQR, ll' M. Buoolcs, 2' S. T.xv1.0n, Il K. P. CULLEN, fl J. E. TOUR'l'lil.L0'l"I'I W. DAVIS, A P. B. Vl4:II.LlaR, N C. C. .DIiCOS'l'lER, E F. M. WHEELIQR, A T. A. EATON, E H. S., Fl R. B. TANNINU, 17' E J. XVRIGIIT, 9 X N. GALE, If X E. P. INmaRsm.l., I5 H. Hoxmxs, A G. M. Nomus j. S. How, A S. Nlawlzm., I7 C. B. SANHORN, Q R. S. Nlc1lol.s,E H. T. Llals,jR., fl' If E. W. P12lc'1', 5 F. H. Looms, T W. F. PICIET, J W. H. Lovlmn, 1' If K. Rlcrmunsox, J' A. H. MERINAM, W W. :f.ROllGliRS,.'1 .X O. M. M1:'rc.u.1f, 17 L. W.'l"l', IP 120 IGH Qemme Iota Mu, Nu Delta, Upsilon, Omega, - Theta Psi, - Kappa Nu, Alpha, - Delta, Xi, - Pi, - - Epsilon Delta, Sigma Delta, Beta Chi, - Alpha Phi, Beta Mu. Epsilon, - Omieron, - Delta Delta, Iieta Delta, Zeta Delta, Pi Chi, Eta, - - Sigma, - - Theta Delta, Alpha Delta, Omieron Delta, Pi Delta, - Alpha Phi, Zeta, - Alpha, - Tau, - Psi, - - Alpha Delta, Gamma Delta, Mu Sigma, - Nu, - - Kappa Tau, Pi Delta, - Zeta Phi, Delta Xi, Rgjelia. an as wk FOUNDED AT JEFFERSON COLLEGE, 1848. Qlqapteh Roll. Massachusetts Institute of Technology 130 - - - Yale University - College of City of New York - - - Columbia College - - Colgate University - - - Cornell University Washington and jefferson College - - - Bucknell University - Pennsylvania College - Allegheny College - Muhlenberg College - Lafayette College - - Lehigh University - Pennsylvania State College - Johns Hopkins University University of North Carolina - University of Virginia - - - Roanoke College - - Hampden-Siclney College Washington and Lee University - - - Richmond College - - Marietta College - Wittenberg College Ohio Wesleyan University - Denison University A Ohio State University - Wooster University - University of Michigan - Indiana State University - De Pauxv University - - Hanover College - - Wabash College Illinois Wesleyan University - - - Knox College - University of Minnesota - - - Bethel College - University of Tennessee - University of Kansas William Jewell College - University of California uv ,QW " - "-L Vofmim a f 0,51 , O ucoplj 'x 4 4 of 1 ' FW! 0 I Q2 RA VMS' 1 1' , , Y' . I . I xx' , 1, ' N:'7.1M 1.14, 15 .-Q51 20' " M 3-, ,f .'A,v,.,. .V Y. Z- l mb . ' f -. ' -.' 'r ' - , 3' .' . wr, Jj1'Qg5'i 'tb' 'nl ' ' " +1'..','1 I ., ,., . '-. ,' ext'-, 1 'IQ A yy: A . , X ' V -...h ' .W' .3 . - ,. V, XA I-X gf., N I A - 1, N. ,.- " '5f'f'flQx qf- - -4 - . V- ,fi .X :FX ,if . Lhuq V, Y ,df " ' QQQ. "IL l ik., 7: Ln , w. " Q - :Jfmx . F" 'fu 'S'-A .u ' VJ.. , , . , , ff I. .-, .- 41 Al, .Intex , , , f 4 N vm- - ' 35, " W J fix? -3 V , . i ,,.. R, -1 ,Q .,- , V . X A ' 'V H w N f , " . 1 X P ,s-' 2.-'F quhf, Q "',fQ. "- , . 7 ,:,-.,..,, , , IX X X, gi iw if QQ:-j"f ,' ,V 33. 7 A 'f9Hi Qamma Delta, Epsilon, Zeta, Eta, - Theta, - Delta Club, Kbbella. an an an Gmaduate G3l'2s1p'Cer's. Chattanooga, Tenn. Columbus, Ohio Kansas City, Mo. Cleveland, Ohio Williamsport, Pa. GS East F0l'ty-llllltll Street, New York South Alumni Association, - - - 'B Cu.uu.Iss Ii.GL'1'uRlE Rolmlvr jaclcsox H. F. Hl'x'r L. H. Rxsmleluxo - Baltimore, Md. I-i r'al'Cr"es in lflrfbibus Geminis. Wn.1.mM A. ,Lxcrcsox FRANK Ii,x'l'cxmx.imxm N. W. IQARNHS R. P. Llswls R. H. MlXl'l.l5 131 Ltssnus j. Fur.I.m: R. G. lixtxxs Wn.l.mxl T. Gu.xvl4:s L. H. Klaxxxsm' amma Kejelicc. wk wk wk TFZU Sigma 4?,l'2ap'Cer'. ESTABLISHED 1890. UNDERGRADUATE MEMBERS. 1892. Arvrnlvle W. S1:Lm'lsR C1l.xRI.1ss I'. Blclmlsx' 1893. Glcmcms L. I'IUNT1xc:'1'0x Amuxun E. I'IUN'I'ING'I'ON JOHN D. GUTIIRIE jnllss E. I'lIII,Lll'S ':'?II,uuu' Cmvrox 1894. L1is'rlcl: j. FL'l.l,1ale ALLEN W. li.xR'1'o Iimvmm A. SILIIERSTIEIN "f'j,xm11es M. YVALLS 4?Ronxcn'r I.. G1..xsm' 1895. Ihkuv A. Fowman W.x1.'rExe H. C,xmfnm.L 'Mcciicul 132 . 'WM 5 W ' fi M '-Wm i f Q N, ,U A du! X 1 fjf tlllll3gr .r E lu ."1 , ,Y 'W' V 7 X 4' I, SWF I i'f'7,q- f f XM A ,fmwr V 4' ' L -. ' Y -x' ,ivmmgv 'Niki' 5: 'if Y, I 5 f ' I wwf fir gTgX X CNSx63.liWfN:'7 Q-Pff, f N Q mi' 7. T V- "3 . ' Qinvz-' 3. W sxw mr S law. I' k" :F11w4 " if ' N -3' ,495 Nw H - ff 1 Vg by ' Tim?" .-S .M - ' f fx, X A K: ' ' ' ,. I' 1 if UNDEDUUQ' if vw- Q '30, W f 12- " ',.'gs.f. 553s A if I is ,A SJ 7 u5Tz"" .sg Adxaia. : X NJ' 'T :if rfwefifgfv ' img? . .l,,,,,,,,,::.5..Vu,1,, , Q . he 6 N V' 'hd y nlpynyntfa. I Rbeltcr Qlpgilopl. ik an an Williams College Syracuse University Amherst College Harvard University Rochester University Columbia College Brown University De Pauw University Cornell University Marietta College I-Iamilton College Northwestern University Colby University FOUNDED AT WILLIAMS COLLEGE, 1834. ' Cglgapten Roll. Lafayette College Rutgers College Tufts College University of City ol' New York Union College University of Michigan Adelbert College University of Wisconsin Middlebury College Lehigh University Colgate University Uni-versity of Pennsylvania University ol' Minnesota Massachussetts Institute ot' Technology ,3lur'nni fissooialtiorzs. New York Delta Upsilon Club Cleveland Delta Upsilon Club Chicago Delta Upsilon Club Buffalo Delto Upsilon Club New England Delta Upsilon Club Minnesota Alumni Associations Rochester Alumni Association Syracuse Alumni Association Rhode Island Association Garfield Club of Western New England 133 EDQITQ Qipgilopi. -: -: -: TFZirzneso'Ca1 Qbapfew' ESTABUSHED1B9l ' FRATRES IN FACULTATE. ClIRISTOl'lIIER W. IFIALL, M'y, '71 .IOIIN G. NIO0Rli,CO1'l'lCll, '73 EUGIQNH E. McDl2RAx0'r'r, N. W., '85 UNDERGRADUATE MEMBERS. ARTIIVR IE. CQ VHLI. JOHN G. BRIGGS A1.nlaR'r C. ICUNDSON TRHVOR ARNE'r'r HARRY W. A1.I.IcN HAICIQX' B. .HARE FRANK E. Covrsu. ALIHQRT W. NVILLIAM A. BEACH 1892. BENIIAAI IN F. CLAR Ii 1893. ISNGIQNH MlillI.liX' FRANK W. S1-R1NmcR 1894. .IIENNINGS C. LI'l'ZliNliERG I895. JAMES GEORGE Nxavn. STAuGH'1'oN J. NICLAUGIILIN XVIIITIE Law. GUSTAX' A. PETRI. STACK' Medical. FRANK J. BRAmac OSCAR K. RICHARDSON 13-1- 0. Ix. Luo GOODKIXD FRANK W. L1sAv1T'r JOHN W. Powliu. FRED W. STRATIIERN EDXVARD T. IIARE NEWTON P. S'rxswAR'r ALBERT W. SHA w XVILSON ROLLIN E. Cu'r'rs U a 0 Q ,Q 5 o Qelia Qyjpglloq 'FPr'a'CPes in lflrfbibus Gyerninis. XVILLLIAM ASIIMORE, Br. SOLDN ARMSTRONG, Wes. '56 C. W. AMES, Cor. '78 E. B. BARNES, Cor. '88 G. H. BERRY, Cor. '74- L. H. BATCHELDER, My. '74- H. S. BAKER, My. '69 CuARLEs N. BELL, My. '68 C. D. BELDEN, Br. '68 J. T. BAXTER, Wms. '88 C. H. CHILDS, Mich. '82 G. S. CH1'r'rENDEN, Roch. '65 W. B. CIIAMDERLAIN, Mich. '83 F. E. CORNER, Mar. '87 G. N. CARMEN, Mich. '81 E. DOUGLASS, Am. '51 E. C. EVANS, My. '76 W. J. EYLER, Mad. '90 W. W. FREEMAN. Col. 'G-L F. E. FRISIIEE, My. '83 G. H. FELLON, Br. '69 J. G. FIELD, Br. '70 J. G. GRANT, Mad. '86 P. S. HASKELL, Col. '56 J. B. HINGLEY, Am. '77 A. C. TIEATH, Mad. '79 S. K. HOWES, Am. '82 W. A. JAh1ES,WmS. '62 D. L. ICIEHLE, Ham. '61 D. W. IQNOXVLTON, Col. '83 W. P. LANDON, Union '86 G. LEONARD, N. W. '90 A. R. MOORE, Har. '91 W. D. PLANT, Mich. '91 135 B. IJHILLIPS, Union '46 A. H. POTTER, Mich, '83 I-I. M. PARKER, My. '80 F. K. PRA'r'r, Br. '77 DOUGLASS PUTNAAI, JR., Mar. C. E. ROUNDS, Am. '83 S. J ROGERS, Rut. '59 J. H. RANDALL, Colg. '92 F. H. REAHNGTDN, Cn. '71 J. H. Sc0'1"1', Roch. '71 C. N. Sxirru, Mich. '83 G. W. SMVNI, Col. '83, C. G. S'I'EliLE, My. '60 N. SUTTDN, Mad. '69 li. V. SAGE J. M. 'l'um1l'soN. Mich. '83, J. R. VVARD, Hom. '52 C. Wu.cDx A. D. WILLIAMS, Roch. '55 W. S. BLAuvEL'r, Col. '90 J. E. BRADLEY, W. '65 E. B. CALDWELL, W. '64- F. L. CuEs'rNu'1', War. '79 W. H. I'IARTZIiLL, A. '71 C. D. LYON, N. '4-2 J. G. NEWNIRK, Cn. '73 A. L. S'l'RU'l'llliRS, A. '87 J. M. WI'lI'l'li, Cy. '58 A. J. BENEDic'r, A. '72 J. D. HU'FCI'llNSON, My. '82 E. J. PIERSON, Cn. '83 Ii. TEARS, Rut. '78 W. W. WILLARD, A. '85 C. A. REESE, Br. '75 's pi bella ik ik ik MoFri,nlll:LT'::,Tee7. Glfga Iowa Wesleyan University, Lombard University, - University of Kansas, Simpson College, - - Iowa Agricultural College, South Iowa Normal School, University ol' Iowa, - - Knox College, - Ottumwa fAssociatel, - Mt. Pleasant lAssoeiatej, Iowa Citv fAlumnall, - York Methodist College, University of Colorado, University of Denver, - Hillsdale College, Franklin College, - University of Michigan, - Columbian University, - Ohio University, - University of Minnesota, Tulane University Annex, pier' Roll. 136 Iowa, Alpha Illinois, Beta - Kansas, Alpha Iowa, Beta - Iowa, Gamma Iowa, Beta - Iowa, Zeta - Illinois, Delta - Iowa, Theta Iowa, Iota - Iowa, Kappa Nebraska, Alpha - Colorado, Alpha Colorado, Beta - Michigan, Alpha Indiana, Alpha - - - Michigan, Beta District of Columbia, Alpha - - - - Ohio, Alpha - Minnesota, Alpha Louisiana, Alpha U fl! ll X333 I W? M ' V55 'ff --5' ik I f ffl, 3+In'2rf"M-:su-, 521' f 1 Q ::'. I 5 EFEQA, -151.23 4 ll! PMI , PII lla 2--722, llv-ltr' ll.: '- -q...g,-,QQ IGM Eder ac wk we Fzinnesofa IQIJOQS1. ESTABLISHED 1890. UNDERGRADUATE MEMBERS. 1892. AVA Sl'M.Ii.XRlJ0 S. Bum Lucx' CI..xR.x Es'r1mu F1uxf:nr..xxnrcu 1893- FR.xNc M. Po'r'1'1sR Iinrrrl A. Romuxs 1894. MlI.DliElJ Rosmsk Colm jouxsux 1895. Rosle Exrox Special. MAY Culmuux Sorforfes in lflrfbibus Geminis. Mus. A1'GUs'r D1f1.r.GR1aN Mus. BARTIIOLOMEXV Mus. R. N. MCKAIG FANNY I2U'l'1-mrclfolw Mfwms Tnoxu-sox Fnomaxcrs Srmssleu E'rma1. B.ue'1'l1o1.m11axx' Cluxlm B,x'rcll15I.DlzR 137 Mus. C. W. BREXVSTIEII Mus. F. H. Pmvlsx' Mus. S'r1l.1.xmN MARHQ A. I'AI.MER MAIHQI. Dwmwr LUl.U NI,xRs11AI.L JIESSIE CHANIQY Iixllm' BROOKS S. B.uLl5v ak ak ak rounoso AT SYRACUSE UNIVERSITY, 1872 Qlgapferf Roll. Alpha. - Syracuse University Beta, Northwestern University Eta, - Boston University Gamma, - De Pauw University Delta, - Cornell University Epsilon, - University of Minnesota Zeta, - Iiultimorc Won1an's College lglurnni flssooiatiorzs. Chicago Alumni Chapter. - Chicago Boston Alumni Clmpter, - - Boston 138 U ,A'e'i1A A Nr Q ! ea V 4 fat. """"NN by -383 4 X vxc' M --.. f. 3 -f , :mgg ,,. A . , .1 EH, is -, 'AR' "-J M S.. 'H 1 rf fx 1 J .gn xr I A u ' V' A' ,A . k A, fy .N R3 ' 3 ," . Ja . .."4 s 1 ., 5 - -swf A 6 ' 1 .. ' n 1 " A . x x ,,.f fam' , , ,yizni g , , , x , ,,.-.lg -A 14125 ,. Y' ., - 'A.,,5y,.:,'.3 - , . V1 - V ' 1-MQ 0- , ,, ' E 'N mf? f Q23 Jsw 1, g 5+ f., - A Xi ' X- ' "-.'vi,,', ' -,A ' , 42 X -.. f J: Q,f" ' . I u Q. 'TRN : 6 qlplia an wk an Bpsi lon Qlyapfer. ESTABLISHED 1890. IJIWI IEI KBIIAJDIJAJFIB LIIBRIIBIEIIS. 1893. RIARY H. LUUGEIC Hrsmzx L. HAYES 1894. MARY G. S'1'EEr.lf lim L. HUSTICD GRACE J. Huomcs M.xmsr, L. Humncs Eumaxu L. Coma Lu.I.Ila I.. BECK HlaI.1zN G. Lx'.xI.L 1895. BL.xNcms A. Wlumvr lXI.xm' W. Trrrs Sorforfes in lflrbibus Gfeminis. Rlanlacux Y. B.xKr:u, '89 I-IlcNRl1s'r'r.x M. Comms, B '87 Gzuclf Cu.xm1.xN, '91 Roslz A. Bums, 91 MvIe'1'L1s G. CONNOR, '91 139 I5Dl"1i Rbello Kent, - Booth, Benjamin, Story, Cooley, - Pomeroy, Marshall, Jay, - Webster, Hamilton, Gibson, - Waite, Choate, Field, Conkling, Tiedemann Minor, - Dillon, F9 rin, - .- C9lQelplZe,r' T140 FOUNDED AT UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN, 1869. Roll. - - University of Michigan Union College ot' Law, Chicago Law School. Bloomington, Ill. - - Columbus Law School St. Louis Law School - University of California Washington, D. C., Law School - - - Albany Law School - Boston Law School - Cincinnati Law School University of Pennsylvania - - Yale Law School -f - Harwood Law Sahool New York University Law School - Corncll Law School - University of Missour University of Virginia University of Minnesota QNX:- , T img? rx. , A X 6 km ,., g 1-.. i. . 1 . 4. 1, FDM RJDQITQ as va wk Eillorz Qbelpfer. ESTABUSHED 1890 C3llAJDIIA3Pl3 DIIEDIBIEIIS. JAMES DENIS DANEGRE Al,llER'l' R.INII,II.L KIOORE IIIII IEIICZIIAJDIJAKFIS DIIERIISIEIXS. 1892. CII.xIu.Es S'I'EwAIz'I' BENSIJN AIa'rIIUIe EIIGENI-: GIIIIIINIIS -IosEI'II IfENRY HIINIILAN LANE MCGREGOR VOLNEY G. RIEEsNIIIEIe I-IEIULIN GILILIN RIcII.xImsoN C.-IRL T.II'I.oIz .IOIIN DEAN Goss ROIIERT W. XVEIHR 1893. EIIWAIIII AVIELLES I'IAXVI.EY L0IIIs IAIAIIRI' IQENNIEDY CIIAIILES MORDECAI PARRY FIIEIIERICK PURKIEE RICE l2Imw.IIeII AYESLICY TAYLOII ALIIIERT DEIfoIeIIEs'I' TYLEII JOIIN COCIIRANE SWEET 'lfPPsI'Cr'es in lflrfbibus Geminis. AIIALIND ALIIoECII'I' H. H. G.xI.IIsII.x ALEX. HORN J. D. MILLER LEwIs S. BIGELOXV A. I-I. HALL F. R. I-IIIILICIIECIQ jus. F. MUUIQE W. T. SIIIITII NoIz'roN N. Clmss j. W. LANE PAUL PIERCE GEORIIE SQUIIIES CII.xs. W. FISIQE A. IE. HEII LOCK CIIAS. G. LAWRENCE FREIIEIIICIQ A. PINE G. G. DICIQEIIILIN E. F. GLENN M. B. D,xvInsoN FILINIQ I'IIEAl.I-DY I 4.1 U' : : . FOUNDED AT Alpha. Beta, Gamma Delta, Zeta, Eta, Theta, UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN, 1881 Qlgapfer Roll. - University of Michigan Detroit Medical College -- ---- University of Pennsylvania Western Pennsylvania Medical College, Pittsburgh - - - Northwestern University, Chicago, Ill. - - - - - - - University of Minnesota Chicago College of Physicians and Surgeons, Chicago 14-2 gigma u. FK an an Epsilon C9P2ap'Cer'. ESTABUSHED 1890 FIRATHRIEF IDT FULCIFLTMKTIL Glcolmla A. HIENIIRICIQS, .Al AI.Ill5RT E. Slexmuak, E M.xx P. V.xNn14:1z Honore, 12 C. EUGENE RIGGS, E -JOHN F. FULTON, I5 Jnxns E. Moomc, E UNDERGRADUATE MEMBERS. 1892. Gummls IE. Slsxxmfk SAMUEL H. ICIRKXVUOD FRANK C. 'funn WM. S. Sxlrru Joslil-ll L. EDSALL ' 1893. li. SIDNEY BULIQYN Clms. A. IERIIXTAX Jonx C. BOIQHM ROLLIN E. CU'r'rs FRANK J. Bmxlslfzc JOHN R. Em' Enwmen W. Sx'o'r'rswo0n 1894. Jour: T. I-IIGGINS T-Prfafres in lflrfbibus Geminis. J.xMl4:s T. Clmls'rlAN, M. D. Jonx T. Romans, M. D. CARL J. Rlxuxlfu., M. D. H. EVANS W.xNms1.lN, M. D. Tnoxms C. Gmns, M. D. 143 TQ5Sitf5lP6iI5r1- -' - - Qlgalpterf Roll. FOUNDED AT UNION COLLEGE, 1833. Theta, - ---- Union College Delta, - University of City of New York Beta, ---- Yale University Sigma, - Brown University Gamma, - Amherst College Zeta, - Dartmouth College Lambda, Columbia College Kappa, - Bowdoin College Psi - Hamilton College Xi, - - Wesleyan University Upsilon, - - University of Rochester Iota, - - - Kenyon College Phi, - - University of Michigan Mu, - University of Minnesota Pi, - - - Syracuse University Chi, - Cornell University Beta Feta, - Trinity College Eta, - - - Lehigh University Tau, - University of Pennsylvania 'l 4-4- Wai Zdpgiloq. an wk wk TFZU Qbapfer. ESTABUSHED189Q FRATRES IN FACULTATE. JOHN BROOKS F. S. JONES JOHN S. CLARK JOHN C. I1UTCllINSON I-IIQNRY F. NACHTRIEB J.xs. B. Pune As.x J. HARIBIOND UNDERGADUATE MEMBERS 1892. , ALTON M. Gxrlss 1893. CH.xRr.lfs E. YOUNG Alwlxlvlc W. Clmsls AI.n1sk'v F. PRA'r'1' Gle.xN'r B. Rossxmx HARRY O. HANNLJM 1894. FRANK M. RIANSON JM' HL'lill.xRD ROLAND D. Clcoclucn Al.ma1z'1' E. MM' JOSEPII A. TEN Illmlscli 1895. C1I.xRLIas G. FL.xNx.xO.xN EDXYIN M. JOHNSON JONH F. SCIIURCII Llawls Sclfmuxnlsu LUKE J. XVILSON Fmalnslucu J. G1L1fu.1..xN XVARD Ames ARCIIIHALD W. WILSON LANV. 1892. El'OlsN1a N. BEST ARTIIUR E. GIOOINGS Cu.xm.lcs S. BENSON 1893. JOHN C. Swmrr 145 I0 kfillffsilofx . HK lk HK 'FPPGNCPQS in lflrfbibus Gferhiriis. Lows K. Iil'LL GEORGE H.'l'CIlliR ISAAC A'rwA'1'ER JOHN WASIIRURN W. I'. BREWER J. O. P. AVI-lEIiIAX'RlGlI'l' H. V. XVINCIIELL W1I.Lls' li. NOXAX EDWARD C. GALE R. C. I'IAX'XVO0D A. J. BORDMAN H. A. GALE F. H. BURUMAN DR. J. N. FREEMAN IE. A. KEMPH C. C. BEST W. E. BRUWNLEE A. C. DIcRENsox Jul-lx CRosnx' CHARI.Es C. HUVIEYI GEORGE C. RIRLEX' A. F. SXVIil5'l'Sl'IR C. J. Rocliwoon G. B. AITUN FRANK LIISALY H. H. S. ROXVIELL O. J. NILIES THOMAS J. CROSXVIELL A. B. GOVLD U. S. GRANT A1.1zER'r GRAHISR J. C. FARRIES A. D. MIEADS' J. C. GRAx'r C. D. Gounn WlI.I.1AM B. MoRRls Minneapolis. R. C. AYASIHKFR 146 J. C. S'rERr.1xn HISNIQX' C. Woman GEORGE NVARREN Amos N. CLTRRIIRI BENJAMIN W If ns'rE R CHARLES S. THAYER F. A. BAKER Tlloxms F. QUINHY G. R. Mox'rnoMERv F. F. Sl-RAGUE I'l.1xx' BAR'1'I.E'l"l' S. A. B00.'l'l'l AVIEED Ml7NliO . CHARLES H. GILMAN E. A. SUMNER H. T. WELLES U. F. SCI-mm RALPH VAN BRUN1' T. M. ICNAPPEN W. S. BARRETT G. H.TlluA11'sox BRAm.x' I'l'llLLll'S, JR A. T. MAxx F. L. Doum.As M. H. BOUTIELLIS ' F. A. HOXVERS T. CATIC A. I.. CROCKIER E. F. CATE DARLING FuRmsu A. F. O. F. L. F N. TIIDDIEN 1. W. H. MORSE li. H. PAGE C. M. REEVE 0. C. SAMPLE x I T99 Quogiloq. x wk ak IPP-5I'Cr'es CII.xs. S. BExxE'I"I' Ii. M. DIrIII.Ev C. A. CONGIJON R. R. NEI.soN A. D. CONIJIT R. B. C. BENxE'I"I' W. F. Bo0TII WAI. H. LIGIITNHR W. P. WVARREN W. F. GRAVES W. P. WEs'I'E.xI.I. j. A. HAIGIBIEE C. M. Gmccs W. C. BENNEI-'r W. W. WEI-Io'r'r CIIAS. H. WASIIIIIIRN -IOIIN W. WII.I.Is W. H. SANIIORN P. SANIIOR:-I J. F. MIililill.I. E. C. SPENCER A. P. WAIQIQIEN M. J. GRIFFIN in lflrfbibus Geminis. St. Paul. GEIIRGE R. RIli'1'CAl.F M. j. GRIFFIN LEwIs C. HAI' li. N. S:xII'rI-I E. C. STRINGER Ii. C. H,n'xIE H. L. OSIIORNE J. M. BURNS, H. R. FLINI: A. C. FLING CIIAS. McDox.II.n F. A. BAKER J. B. BRASIIIN W. S. BRADUCR J. H. CIfIANIIIfoR W. F. GRAVE!-2 C. M. GRIGGS H. S. Gizmos L. B. LI'I"r1.E L. H. RICIIARIISQN A. TIGIIE H. C. Woon F. P. SCIIOONIIACIIER L. H. ICEYNNER 14-7 1832 1836 1837 1837 1837 1841 1841 1845 1846 1850 1851 1855 1856 1858 1859 1870 1878 1888 1889 1892 Qlgapferf Roll. 551111050 IMG lem. 1 1- X ,,.,,.,,::1t1iz::, - Ihunhton, Iiannhon Cohege - COll.'IllllJlZ1, - - Columbia College - Amherst, - Amherst College - Hrunsunnan, - Ihmnvn Cohege - Hmyam, -HanmwlCdkge - Iludson, AdeHmrt Cohege - Bowdom, Bowdom Cdhge - Dartmoutli, - Dartmouth College - Peninsular, - - University of Michigan - Rochester, - University of Rochester - Williams, - - - Williams College - Manhattan, College of City of New York - Middleton, - - Wesleyan University - Kenyon, - - Kenyon College lhnon, - lhnon Cohege - Cornell, - Cornell University - Phi Kappa, Trinity College - Yale, ----- Yale University johns-Hopkins, johns Hopkin's University - Minnesota, - - University of Minnesota 14-S urrlm. iw mf QLIIQHQ RDQITQ wk x x Fzinnesota Ql'2-slpferf. ESTABUSHED 1892 FI AZURIES IN' FUACIJLTMKTIL WILLIAIII W. FoLwIcI.I. W. S. PA'I"rIcI:, R.xI.I'II WIIELAN F. W. MCCII'I'cIIIfox CI-I.xRI.Iss N. HI-:wI'I"I' UNDERGRADUATE MEMBERS. 1893. ROLIINII B. PIAIIN ALIIIQIIT T. BIRI:s.xI.L I894. EDWAIID 12. PIIIVPT Rox' G. M.I'I"I'Izs0N 1895. C1-mIII.I9s D. YVILKINSON HAIIIIIIIIAN NIIIIIIIS MEDICAL. ALIIIIRT C. HIEIXTII, - - - - - Dzlrtmouth, '91 AIz'rIIUIa B. WIIIGIIT, - Union, '90 149 grips.. yrjena Iwi X l X 'l7Pr'afPes in lflbbibus Grerninis. A. W. Abbott, W. I. Brigham., S. R. Child, F. B. Daniels, G. F. Edwards, VV. H. Eustis, - Fred A. Howland, A. B. jackson, J. D. Long, - xvilllillfl Norris, Charles H. Pratt, Electus, A. Pratt, A. J. Russell, Edward Savage, W. C. Short, H. M. Simmons, Asa Weeks - Charles S. Wells, George H. Wells, Charles M. Wilkinson, - Minneapolis. 150 Dartmouth, '67 Ann Arbor, '83 Bowdoin, '84- - Hamilton, '71 Ann Arbor, '67 Middletown, '73 Dartmouth, 87 Geneva, 70 Bowdain, 55 - Yale, '54- Manhatton, '56 - Yale, SS Bowdoin, '83 Dartmouth, '60 Dartmouth, '88 - Hamilton, '6-L Dartmouth, '4-6 Geneva, '65 - Amherst, '63 Ann Arbor, ' 71 wlplia YQQITQ ak wk ak Fanatnes Chailes IJ. Gilfillan, Albert C. Heath, Benjamin Hodge, - Lyman D. Hodge, William E. Howard, - Don A. Matthews, - William C. Merryman, sl. H. Skinner, - - Benjamin I. Stawton, - Oscar S. Taylor, - Webster Wheelock. Arthur B. Wright, Benjamin F. Wright, - Thomas A. Abbott, - XYilliam P. Abbott, Thomas H. Alden, William Bramhall, Rev. H. S. Clapp, Charles A. Clark, - Henry R. Cocker, Henry T. Drake, - Rev. M. D. Edwards, Thomas W. Fitch, Fred A. Fogg, in lflnbibus Gerninis. ST. PAUL. 151 Hamilton, Dartmouth, - Yale, Yale, Cornell. Ann Arbor, Bowdoin, - Cornell, Union, - Cornell, - Yale, Union, Union, Hamilton, Cornell. - Brown, Cornell, - Yale, Ann Arbor, Ann Arbor, Rochester, Hamilton, Hamilton, Bowdoin, '53 '91 '93 '57 '83 '92 '82 '81 '73 '81 '63 '90 '62 '70 '79 '56 '77 '72 '75 '73 '81 '70 '69 '69 O LEGAL FRATEHNITY FOUNDED AT FCDQITG ak an FK CORNELL LAW SCHOOL. Qlyapter Roll. CORNELL LAW SCIIOOI. NEW YORK UNIVERSITY LAW SCIIOOI. ALIIANY LAW SCHOOL UNIVERSITY OF NIICIIIGAN LAW SCI-IOOI. COLUIIIIIA LAW SCHOOL NEW YORK CITY LAW SCIIOOI. DE PAIIW UNIVERSITY LAW SCIIOOI. UNIVERSITY O11 MINNESOTA LAW SCI-IOOI. DICKINSON LAW SCI-IOOL ST. LOUIS LAW ScIIooL. 152 Qelia C? i.:kx:k -FFZiRY1QSO't6l QIfgaIp'CeI". ESTABLISHED 1892. UNDERGRADUATE MEMBERS. WALTER R. BRONVN ORRXN M. CORXVIN HIQRSCIIELL B. FRYIIERGER HARRISON E. FRYBERGER FRANK A. HU'FSON PIARRY H. MEIQIIICK T-IaPa'CI"es in ROBERT COLLINER FRANK F. DAVIS ROBERT G. EVANS CHARLES N. HAMIILIN FRIEDRICK N. HOOKER WILLIAM E. RIII5U'I'AN ALIIERT W. SIIAXV OSCAR K. WILSON ANDREXV G. BRAIIIQN GEORGE W. BUIfIfINO'rON ALIIIERT W. S'I'Acx' lflrfibus Geminis. TRAFFORD N. JAYNIQ JOIIN L. MACDONfXI.IJ ROBERT G. MORRISON JOHN P. IKEA HORACIQ R. ROIIINSON CARMEN N. SMITH 153 GDT' eta Qeilia an FK an Beta, - - Gamma Deuteron, Delta, - - Epsilon Deuteron, Zeta, - '- Eta, Theta, - - Theta Deuteron, Iota Deuteron, Kappa, - Lambda, Mu Deuteron, Nu Dcuteron, Xi, - - - Omicron Deuteron, Pi Deuteron, - Rho Deuteron, Sigma, - Tau Dcuteron, Phi, - - Psi, - Qlgeirfge Roll. Cornell University - University of Michigan Rennesslaer Polytechnic Institute - Yale University Ilrown University Bowdoin University Kenyon College Massachussetts Institute of Technology Williams College - Tufts College Boston University - Amherst College Lehigh University - Hobart College Dartmouth College - College of City of New York 154- Columhia College Dickinson College University of Minnesota Lafayette College Hamilton College l7nrlrr1.1'llfhv A. LE GPHQTQ RQQITQ Q i. wk an Frafres in Lirfbibus Gfeminis. M. L1soN.xRn, Kappa '66 GRAND POXVERS, Kappa '72 F. j. KLINE, Pi '68 ll. W. E. A. O. C. E. F. T. W. PIORNING, Psi 73 W. IJAWLEY, Psi 75 j. BROXVN, Om. D. '74- R. ARcx1m,u.n, Om. D. '74 IQIEUFFNER, Beta '78 E. MAx1fnfl.n, Kappa '79 H. Clmoruak, Beta '83 W. LANE, Om. D. '81 M. P.xu'rR1nmc, X. S7 G. M. B. YOUNG, Iota '60 N. GlI.mc1c'r, X. '70 E. S1xmN'1'oN, Eta '67 A. S I-I . H C . N . F. H J- B. GUILIIERT, Kappa '73 A. REED, Om. D. 741 W. Conv, Kappa '67 L. I'Ious1f, Beta '74- B., Kappa '76 W. .loRn.xN, Lambda '81 C. S'1'lsv1iNs, Eta '81 T. jacons, Beta F. Tu0x11'soN, Beta 'SS ' L. j. Bonms, Eta '89 155 GPHQTQ Qqlicr Q? i. va an wk "TB-au EQ,UfQPOI'Z Qlgarge. ESTABLISHED 1892. UNDERGRADUATE MEMBERS. - 1891. JOHN FRITIIIOF Dun. HENRY S'l'l2I'llIiN Moluus Al.maR'r M,xlz'rlN YVEIKSTHR HARLAN Emvmm LEACIK 1892. XVILLIAM IRVING GRM' j,xMl4:s Evlalue'r'r BRADFORD JOHN Furznlalzlcrc Fmmxsle AR'l'lIl'R MARION Fxmzrzls 1893. joux W1I.I,l.xM ISRF I-IENRY EDWIN II.x'rcll Clmlmlis Tnonms lX4o1fFlzT'r Iilmuum Pllculuelvr Scuovuann Tuomms J.'r'v 1894. H.uuus IEATON LEACH MALVERN Him. M.xNuIsI. jnuas BURCII MoFma'r'r, JR. Enw.xlm I'1f:xmx' SIIIZLDON Cx1.xm.xas W. Wxamcs Elmzxun Lms GIQDXIEY R. W.u.L.xcxa VVENTXVURTH 1895.- ELMER L. Cmlflfolm Joi-IN Cox' FARMER Gxsolmlc ANNAND Gum' SOREN PI2'rlcRsoN Rules ilmuxss FIIPIELD STIQVIENS 156 ummcuffg of Bwaievqiiigg. Cm Psi, - - IQAPPA KAI-lux GAMMA, Pm Drzlxm Tllwm, - Dlalfnx GAMMA, - IJlaI.'r,x 'FAU Imlxm, - Pm K,u'x',x Psi, - SIGMA Cul, - - IC,xm'A ALI-lm TIIIETA, Hmux 'l'll1s'r,x Pl, - Dxsrxlux K,w1'.x Evsxnox, Pm GAMMA IJm.'r,x, Illzlxlux U1'slLoN, - P1 BIQTA Pm, Al.l'uA Pm, - Pm Ilmxm Pm, Nl' SIGMA Nr, I-'sl Ux-slum, - ALPIIA IllcL'r,x Pm, Dxewm Cm, - THxs'r.x Dl4:1.'rA Cm, Tu'r.xL, 157 18 26 11 18 17 1-1- 14- 2-L 'IS 16 15 28 10 11 18 13 23 8 12 25 - 339 FOUNDED AT E U. X X Y UNIVERSITY OF MINNESOTA, 1888. I-IE Pi Beta Nu is a purely honorary society, organized to promote th study of Science, Literature, and to mark distinguished merit in the faithful performance of duties at the University ol' Minnesota. It selects from each junior class the five men "who shall be decided to have attained the highest intellectual culture at the University of Minne- sota" CConstitution, Art. IJ. These men are not chosen according to absolute marks, but from lists, furnished hy the prolessors, in which are placed, in order of merit, the names of those who, in the judgment of the professors chosen to give such lists, have attained the highest degree of culture. From these lists ten candidates are selected, and from these ten five are elected hy the live outgoing members. The five so elected constitute the society for thc next year. The badge of the society is a watch key in the shape of an elongated octahedron, on one side ol' which is the coat of arms of the University of Min- nesota, and on the other H B N. Violet is the color of the society. 158 Rai Em GNU. M Dk Dk ' 1BBB. HONORARY MEMBERS IN' THE FACULTY. CYRCS NORTIIROP, LL. D. HARIQX' PR.xTT QIUDSON, M. A. GEORGE EDWIN lVIAcI.EAN. Ph. D. FREUERICR S. JONES, B. A. MEMBERS FROM '88. I-IELMUS YVELLS THOMPSON ALBERT GRARER AVILL DODSXVORTII WILLARR ALBERT AMES FINCH ULx'ssEs SIIERMAN GRANT MEMBERS FROM '89. KENIJIQIC CHARLES BAHCOCK HENRY JOHNSON ROBERT LESLIE NIOFFli'F'lx ARTHUR E. GIDDINGS OSCAR LOVELL Tmcns MEMBERS FROM 190. P,vrR1cK IQENNEDY CHARLES L. SOMMERS JOSEPH B. PIRE SIVER SERUMGARD PIIENRY P. BAILY MEMBERS FROM 'QI- THEODORE G SOARES VVILLIAM W. HARMON THEODORE M. KNAPPIEN ASA JOHN IOIAMMOXIJ CuRIs'rl.xN PETERSON LOMMEN MEMBERS FROM '92. ARTHUR W. SELOVIER GEORGE TUNELL ARTIIUR RANUM C1-IARLES P. HERREv ANOREW NELSON MEMBERS FROM 193. ALBERT C. KNUDSON, President TuOx1.xs F. VVALLACIC, Vice President I-IEEER L. HARTLEY, Secretary and Treasurer ARTIIUR E. I'IUN'l'INGDON BENIAMIN C. TAYLOR 159 'OTHCR . 5' f f Tv- V E! 'X ,COLLEGE NRM Q f-fx , X. TLUNN M ww ff XZA 1 -,M i ww 7 QYXT' X9 1 1 KW if yy , Q f ' U1 9 5' L 'f -1 , is X Q 43' 1 ? 5 ZW' ,' ' f' , 1 K 1 n fy I-f1fz4 . I1Zbj2i3, lK: ' rkiqvvlll lllazklz K I f ' f L . .. .',A- " Q X f' :,lM.h.:!:,- kk, fr ., ,w,., 5. ,.-, 5 K1 , fa .. A X gg? 335557. C V5 ,X W X 'Q ,X f if " ' , V , ,"' 7, S' 4 Www Nx f fy fi I V I V I .f ',fv lr- -' y , r 5' 2' 'ff iii? ' f A " ' f X4 5 . C x " Ay + f f 4 ff Q ll W ff 'f A f E 'gifkxi If 'X f ,f A , i ', . Z-5233 ff f .2 " Z .5 T V A, i V' w Z ' 4 f ff 'A' 1K0 4 s f Aw, f'lr1'lu Kqjelia gigmct. ak ALBERT F. PRA'r'r, ARCHIE NICKERSON, OLIVE B. GRAHAM, PETER J. ICIERXVIN, PIARLAN E. LEACI-I, - FRANK H. WIIITLEY, BENJAMIN TAvI.oR, PETER J. ICICRXYIN, EVERIIART P. HARINNG, JEAN KING, A. A. PAUi.soN, - - THOMAS J. MCIELI.II?iJ'l"l', Joi-iN A. CRECELIUS, - ALllliR'l' F. PRA'l"l', ANDREW M. BERSETII, - FRANK E. GREEN, - CONSTANT LARSON, EVERHART P. I'IAliDlNG. EUGENE A. SILIIERSTEIN, CHARLES C. HUI.TQUIS'l', PETER J. KERXVIN, Bk lk Qffioebs. FIRST TERM. SECOND TERM. THIRD TERM. 161 - President - Vice-President - Recording Secretary Corresponding Secretary - - - Critic Treasurer Mzwshal - President - Vice-President Recording Secretary Corresponding Secretary - - Critic Treasurer Marshal - President - Vice-President Recording Secretary Corresponding Secretary - - - - Critic Treasurer M fl.l'SilZli wmeaq. wk ak CHARLES P. BIQRREY, Mlss IDA BURN1s'rT, Miss CORA JOHNSON, FRANK ANDERSON, LYMAN PIERCE, A. W. S'rAcv, Miss MARX' Sxxrri-1, FRANK ANDERSON, - Louise McCoy, VVILL T. Cola, - - C1-zAR1.1ss P. BISRREY, K. QlEliSlE'Ix, - - IIARRY HANNLYRI. - C. M. ANDRls'r, - MAY COLIIURN, SADIE BONXVELL, WILL T. Cola, MARY C. SMITH, JA Anas E. Pmuvs, Qffioers. FIRST TERM. SECOND TERM. THIRD TERM. 162 - - President Vice-President - Secretfiry Treasurer - Marshal - Critic - President - Vice-President - Secretary - Treasurer Marshal Critic - President - - Vice-President Recording Secretary Corresponding Secretary - - Treasurer Marshal - Critic ' x llfflm, l'fuI,: Qoiqi Kgjebcrieg. an ak an Delta 'Sigma-Baca. FEBRUARY 15, I892. Resolved: That the United States Should Prohibit Foreign Im Resolved: Resolved: Affirmative, Law. GEORGE Ennv, JEAN Fl.I'l'TlE, W. TAYLOR. Negative, Delta Sigma. migrn tion. A. M. BIQRSIQTH, T. J. MCIfI.I.IGO'l'1', ANTHONY GR0'r'r1e. Won by the Aflirmativc. l'ElQl"'l'T1Q6l n-Banco. MAY 2, 1392. That the Poliqv of Territorial Extension Should be Disc as Opposed to the Best Interests ofthe United States. Ahirmative, Hen-mean. J. E. P1-m.L1vs, C. P. BERKEY, GEORGE D. I-Irmn. Negative, Law. F. E. Honns, FRANK W. Mum-11x', CUR'1'Iss Swralcnls. Delta Sigma-Iilermean. MAY 9, 1892. That the Present Party Feeling is too Great Ru' the Be ofthe Countqv. Affirmative, Delta Sigma. A. L. HELLIWELL, F. E. GREEN, H. S. LAUGIILIN. Negative, Hex-mean. PORTER W. NEFF, FRANK ANDERSON, ARTHUR SE1.ovl4:R. 163 onntcnanceal s t Interests N gmculiuml Qepaplmeql. wk an ak Students' Eebafirzg Sooiefg. A NI Ixunl.ll.x.xs, I 'VI Mxcmsu, E W Mxjolz, - I C NIL.LJRA'l'lI, - Ames, G. Brewster, H. W. Colallan, F. Dower, H. J. Flaten, O. P. Gafuny, J. H. Gamble, A. Gamble, R. S. Hiatt, W. G. Higbie, H. A. Hilstrom, T. jergens, H. Johnson, F. O. Lippitt, C. B. Loomer, I-I. F. Meade, F. C. Ideal lonx Tnonxfsox, - - A W IXDAMS, S I WxAr'r, Borclaert, F. Bowcrman, R. Bull, C. P. Boss, A. Galloway, E. Haigh, T. A., Harris, H. C. Hoverstad, T. A. E. MEMBERS. Eebafing 5 MEMBERS. 164- - President - Vice-President - Secretary - Treasurer McMillan, W. G. Midcllebrook, E. Munro, N. A. Nelson, E. Norswing, K. B. Penclergast, W. W. Porter, B. W. Preston, H. E. Rennie, P. L. Robertson, W. Sherman, A. C. Shields, C. A. Stearns, H. F. Suter, H. C. Ward, A. winkjer, j. G. oo i efg. - - - - I President - - Vice-President - Secretary Treasurer LeBorious, LI. J. Moffett, E. Sandsten, Emil P. Scoflielcl, C. Shilds, C. A. Smith, W. G. Stevens, T. A. Ziebarth, W. T. naiorvical glggociaiioq. Qffioers of St-site flissooieltion. ALTUN M. Civrlas, State University, - President Glsmmlc TL'N1cI.I., State University, - . J-A---.. C. A. MCCANN, Hamline, MR. SOU'l'IlXVlCK, Hamline, Qffioers C11,xm.1ss P. I31s1ui1sv, - R1s'r.x N. BEST, - HALsisv W. NVILSON, Ax'rnoNx' Zlsmaxv, Vice-President Secretary - Tl'CElSl1l'C1' of liiorne fissooiatiorz. - President Vice-President - Secretary - Treasurer Delegates to State filssoeiatiorz. ALllER'l' F. PRA'l"I' State ANTHONY ZIELENY Grcolms Hmm Qnatoni cell Qontest. TWELFTH ANNUAL CONTEST. MINNEAPOLIS, APRIL 17:11, 1892. Gvv E. MAXWELL, Hamline, - First Place PORTEIQ G. NEFF, State University, - Second Place CIIARLES S. P.x'r'rE1z, State University, - Third Place 165 -e TO ZX 1 G .ivy WPVW' Qi. ' Ski G'1n5i-- "his leoli drew audience and If-lirntioc M . X ' XX KT l I POP Taillsburg Priges. ARTHUR W. SELUVIQR, '92, FLLOYU W. Tmoos, '93, PORTER J. NEFF, '94, MlI,'l'ON P. Puunv, '91, Joi-IN O. Joumans, '91, GEORGE C. Sucias, '92, CARL PAT'l'EIE, '94, - JUNE Ist, 1891. - The South and the Lodge Bill - - - - - The Slav - The Senate - - - Wendell Phillips - Reform and Permanent Parties - - - Organization and Progress - Ame-rica's Treatment of Inferior Races First place awarded to Milton P. Purdy Second place awarded to Porter J. Neff' Third place awarded to john O. Jorgens 106 Engineers' Qfiociqig. .wk uk va li. L. Ilmnxxs, J. H. Glu., gl. B. G11.M.xN, W. C. XVISIZKS, Glsonms B. Colfmalz, - Qtficens. - President - Vice-President - Treasurer - - Secretary Business Manager Fzembens. F. -I. Hanlzenson, C. IZ. ' G. T. Plowmnn, Arch. Justus M. Hogcland, C. I Theodore Goodkind, Arch. james E. Spry, C. E. jzuncs B. Gilman, C. E. H. P. Hoyt, C. E. Louis Long, Arch. Il.- C. Washburn, Arch. W. I-I. Burtis, E. E. O. J. Anderson, C. E. J. R. Pitman, 19. E. J. W. Erf, C. E. H. E. Hatch, E. E. tl. D. Guthrie, E. E. F. E. Reiclhead, E. E. A. B. Santee, Spc. Alfred Newgord, Spc. Clifford Atkins George F. Adams, E. E. R. P. Shepherd, M. E. XVallace Gugson, M. E. B. G. Tunstad, M. E. Christian Ackerman, Spc. Daniel Buck, Spc. William Fildergrist, C. E. John A. Bohland T 4. 167 W. M. Knapp, IE. E. Otto Wolfrum, E. E. C. S. Phelps, E. E. A. G. Kinney, Arch. H. L. Tanner, IE. E. C. li. Bird, Spc. M. S. Howard, E. E. C. II. Chalmers, li. A. D. McNair, E. E. E. james B. Moffett, C. I R. W. Wentworth, C. A. 0. Cunningham, C. R. NV. Squires, E. E. F. L. Batchelder, C. XV. 1. Gray, E. IE. E. P. Burch, C. E. I-I. B. Avery, M. E. George E. Bray, E. E E. Noah johnson, C. E. A. M. Frazee, M. E. Fred Von Schlegell Harry Dewey, M. E. A. E. Bishinan, E. E. J. F. Corbett, M. E. R. P. Felton, M. E. Frank Gillis, Spc. O. K. Higley Ez? WQMPO Rgelgalilligl Qlub- .2'Ml.'f.'I.I.f'.. For the purpose of promoting etiiciency in extemporaneous speaking. Qffioens. FRANK M. ANIJERSUN, - - - - - - President jlaxxlxrzs C. I.l'1'zx5xnlcm:, Secretary and Treasurer TFZembePs. Frank NI. Anderson, '94 Charles. M. Anclrist, '94 Iloraee Bagley, '94 W. A. liarto, '94 Harry Colwell, '95 Roland D. Crocker, '94 james W. George, '95 Jennings C. Litzenherg, '94 Iidward I-Iare, '95 Harry B. Hare, '95 J ay Hubbard, '94 Clarence B. Miller, '95 Xvlllllllll A. Simonton, '94 McLaughlin White, '95 WI-iilielorf Qliegg Qluka. wk ak sk Qffioers. Hlzxlu' E. I'I.x'rcu, - - - - President XVILIJAM C. Mem, - Secretary and Treasurer Fzembers. Walter M. Carver William H. Cmulit Roy S. Cool: Harry C. Cutler Otto K. Folin George A. Gray Henry E. Hatch 168 T. M. Kennedy M. H. Manuel William C. Muir Edward H. Scofield Roy XV. Squires Harlan E. Leach jesse VanValkenburg Q , fwfr L S ' wi' -CW J f lax X Q, ,r . Q V ..-ii., Wai? Q. f? ffjll.'?7- Qi A 7,125 Q I fi' l i l . R Aj '-v l ,,.. H ge- -- :1LgQT Q . 3' I QF? i C Q Ps. . x RAI.:-H j. S1ew.xl.l., - President Q lflumx' II, Lorie, - - Vice-President - LILY L. Ill-ICN. - Secretary and Treasurer MEMBERS. Lily L. Beck Ida L. Hustecl Saiclee M. McGregor Katherine j. Iiverts Frank H. Harney Thomas F. Wallace Ralph J. Sewall -I. G. Cross Eugenia L. Cole Helen L. Hayes Jessie C. Meliregor Katherine Livingstone Frank A. Gutterson George H. Spear liclwarcl J. Kraft XV. U. Stout 160 Blanche A. Wright Minnie A. Perkins Marion J. Craig Marcia Kagan W. H. Burtis Frederick A. Kielxle Elon 0. Huntington Harry J. Love 5 " ,,,. ff 1 lf, ffff f . ' 9Z1,. iQ.1 V fi 4 ,ii 62 E i .I . f f ' ' ' ' W f f. f f' , Q. . i, f ,gg 1 ,,.. 7 " ' ,f ' f .2 Q 1:21699 IQ X , - ' - X52-KZQQJ' '11 7' V r I ,Lf 15 f sf 'V' 1 f f , f, Q . N lx ' . t 'f JV, --V ! , 4- - I .fl-L: 1.4 if f !'f X ' "- THE ARIEL THE ANCHORA THE GOPHER THE RAINBOW Goplgerf Eoairfd FOP 'Qlk FRANK M. Axm-zicsux, ---- Mnimginpg Editor hllcxxlxns C. I.l'l'zicxlslclcfz. Business Nlllllllgfl' lfmxla A. GL"l"l'lCRSlIN,l , - - Artists lilmrmk C. lilslllili, I K.X'l'lIliRlNli ll. livlau'rs, - Secretary ASSOCIATE EDITORS. .Xr.iuclc'r IE. MM' AIARY G. S'l'l5l5l.lC MAIN' l. Gom1su.1. C1i.x1e1.1fs M. .Xxmus'r lI.ucvm' Olflflciclc Ifmsiufmclc A. K11a1u.1i firzolgcwai. Ofiicizll organ of Delta Gzmnnu Frzltcrnity. A quarterly, publisliccl by Lzimbflu Clmptur, I'l'liVCI'Sil.j' Ol' Minnesota. i - lfflllill'-ill'Cl1iCf INA Fnuuxs. - - -------- Rainbow. Oflicial organ of Dcltu Tzui Delta. Fraternity. A quarterly, published by Beta Eta Chapter, I'nivc1'sity ofMim1esot:l. IQEADRIC C. Bmzcoclc, ---- - - - - - Editor-in-Chief 170 g- nu. THE ARIEL BOARD ARIE UNIVIZRSITX' OF MINNESOTA, MlNNlEAl'OI,lS, Aida, 2, 15402, No, 25, W ARIEL. The Alum. is pnblisln-ll weekly during the eollege year by the Student: ofthe lfniversltyof Minnesota. Nnumlsu linlnm. - - l3mroiu.u.s. - lixelllmclz linlron. - - Nuws Dm l2m'rok-IN-Cllllzll. ' ' Hnxlh lll'rs ANI: llAl'l'ltNlNGs, Lui' lllzl-Alzrmixr, - - Miznlcu. Dnwin'rnnx1-, . - AGiocuL'ruiuu. Ilm-Alx'rxtnN'r. .4 - KNUTIE GJERSET, '93 jELON YOUNG, '93 lll0ltACl5 UAGLBY. 'O-L - - XVM. A. SMITH, 'IN mzrlntaur: J. XY. POWELL, '93 MAUDE COLGROVE, '03 E. CLIFFORD. '05 . - H. S. LAUGHLIN, '93 . NV. B. HOLMES, '03 - - HENRY C. HARRIS M, Il. MANUIEI., 'D-L - - HUSINHSS ZUANAGRR Tnnus.-One dollar und fifty cents per year tulwnys ln advanced. Single copies ten cents. All communications should be oddressed to "The Amsl., University nt' Minnesota, Minneapolis. Minn." Subscri :ers failing to receive the paper promptly are re- quested to notify the Business Mnnngcr. 4 v A -e I Y' -X' X 1 X1 -,,.... X 1 g iq A E V A - r ITH to-day's issue a new board of editors greets ' you. As we take up the work wherethc retiring Besides these, we urge the cuhnination ofa first-class football league, which is now being considered, with Madison, Ann Arbor and possibly the new Chicago University. We advneatca more enthusiastic feeling for the University in general, and consider a closer and more erpial union with the other departments on other than fraternity and eo-educational lines as con- ducive to it. I More hymn books, more ehoir, and a greater variety' ofhymns, would make the ehapel services more enjoy- able and orderly. A few pieces oflurniture in the gen- tlcmen's so-called parlor would he ull use. Especially is there need ofa lourth leg to the study table and secondchair. Also some students who would how to use the furniture when they get it. More Side walks could lie :lppreeiaterl spring weather, particularly on Pleasant also hope to live to see the lri-shnien I chapel: to see more intl-rest and su- niattuisgaxi inter-eollvgiate Iield-d' ern colleges, and in time puri' polities. HE Yllflllitjlillg edi' mQnll-..rtl.u.x- A hoard lays it down we begin to realize the amount of time and labor and thought that is required to keep the Alum. up to its present standard. The last year has abundantly proved the success of the venture as a weekly, not only in finances, but also in quantity. quality and interest. The time is no doubt rapidly approaching at the present rate of growth when a bi-weekly or even n daily will bc required as at Ann Arbor and other Eastern Colleges. Whatever the iiiture may bring, we hope that for the Coming year at least the student body will give their paper the same liberal support and loyalty ns in the past. As regards the policy ofthe Anim. for this year, v' shall try, like every other board nfeditors, to y oirf' opinions ofthestudentsin all mnttersofgeneral in First of all, in regard to ,those old question have been hnnded down ior generations. We plead for u gymnasium and forathletie facili respond with the rise and growth of thcco" ter financial support of baseball and fr for rt better field-day tlmn hithurtog w' in competition, training, and co'- ordsg for fewer sand burrs, es' for n less rigid enhnrecmv- marking systems, and inar methods in th' good sehulanele been secured excel- anyone is in pos' to part with price for them l'liTl'l'l1 - asking chapel ext-ri or the attev miles," s the df ' I flrfiel Board '91, '92, Otto K. Folin, George C. Siltcs, Madeleine Wallin, Evewtt B. Kirk, - Managing Editor - - - Editorial Literary and Personal - - - Note Book Geo. H. Spear, Home Hits and Happenings Ilelos C. Washburn, - - Iixchangc lvllliillll I- Gray, Business Manager 171.3 TMQQUBLICQN x 1 Glen. 'l'UNlsl.L, '92, Aezulemie, CLU 4'Df'FioePS. President :XR'l'lll'R Cm'1:l.l., '92, Aeudcmie,l IS. W. 'l'.xx'l.oR, '93, Law, Rm' Sggulxclcs, '93, Aeademie, F. M. I,.m1-, '93, Law, - Guo. TVNIQLI., '92, Aczmdemie, Rm' SQUIRES, '93, Academic, I.ll4:1f'r1fN.xx'r Mmm.xN,'93, Law, G. A. l"1c'rlu, '93, Law, ' Gian. W. HUlfl"INli'l'0N, '93, Law, Fl.I.m'n 'l'mm:s, '93, Academic, II.xImv XVIIITIC, '93, Academic, A. W. S'r.xex', '93, Law, Member 1 - Vice-Presidents Secretary - T1'ez1sm'er u Executive Committee to represent tl1e:eluh in the County Committee 173 TPTHQ Qlevelaqel G. R. Surru, '93, J. A. FLlT'l'llZ, '92, A. P. FLYNN, '93, L. H. IQICNXIEDY, '93 F. Ii. Honns, '92, G. R. SMIT11, '93, L. H. Klaxxlpnv, '93 P. J. lvluxevxlv, 93, F. W. NIURPIIY, '93, J. Q. ADAMS, '93, F. A. 1Y1A'1'llXVlG, '93 G. M. YOVNG, '93, prfloliibiiioq Q?Iu Cn,xm.x5s P. Brcluuiv ALBERT Scxlxmlusla, Qlub. wk if wk "A bas las plutocratieg en haut la democratie." Qffioers. - President 2- Vice-Pwcsiclcnts - 1 - Secrctzwy , . 1l'C'ZlSlll'Cl' Executive Committee Member to represent the Club in the County Committee R'7.HkPk2k Qffioers. CIIARLES L. CHAl'l'I.lC, - Glaourus W. Blmv, Qommiftee. - - President - Vice-President - Sccrctrlry 'l'1'c:lsu1'er Cu.xm.lis L. Cll.w1-1.12 Glcmems W. Iilux' 17-1- glueleqhs' Q??HxQi5Ticcrg glggoqialioq. Qfficevs. Glcoluuc P. NIERRILI., JOHN W. PmvlaI.L, AUGUST T. Inxlesrix, IQENIJRIC C. BAHCOCK, BOARD OF DIRECTORS. l'Rolf. C. W. I'I.u.I.. Cliznirmzm FOUNDEDIN 1869. - Prcsiclcnt Vice- I 'resident - Secretary 'l'rcusnrer Pnolr. I-I. P. julmsox Plcmf. -I. F. Iluwxrix' IJl4:.xN W. S. PA'l"l'IElE A. C. Iixrnsux W. H. l'l.xs'r1Nus A. T. lnxksox M,u'ma C. Cm.mmx'1c Cmm jmlxsox Glsomn-: P. lN'I1cmm.I., Ex-Oihcio 5. 49. fl. EQOKUPQ QOUPSQ. Nor. 15, PRIas1maN'r Cl1.xMnm:L.xIx, - University oi' Wisconsin Dec. 20, P1u5s1maN'r Romans, - Nortliwestcrn University Feb. 141-, Plclssxmawr GATIQS, - Grinnell College, Iowa April 10, C.xN1f11a1.n, University of Nclnmska 175 501.11391 CQNIQQZ5 QHFi5'i'iG!'! gfggociaiioq. ESTABLISHED AT UNIVERSITY OF MINNESOTA 18870 Qffioers, 1892-18963. H.xIIIu' O. H.IxxI'xI, - - - ----- - President W. A. SIxmN'I'ox, - - - Vice-l'rcsideIIt IEIIWAIIII IC. SxII'I'Il, - Klm'I'cspoIIrIiIIg SCCl'CtIl1'y A. T. Lxlesox, - - Recording Sccrctziry .IIIIIN G. Iliemns - - - Treasurer Souqg Xgomexfg QHPi5:i'iGI'X Qlfggociaiioq. 9FFicePs. Is.IIIIcI.I.Ic WIaI.I.Izs, - A - - - - - PI-usirlcnt .IIISIQIIIIINIQ Mcljov, - Vice-President Mun' M. CIIIaxIaI', - - Recording Secretary LI-:II..x P. DIOIINSIIN, - Corrcspoiirliiig Sccrctzwy Corn L. jonxsox, - ---- 'frczisurcl' GPHQ Glqvegirgaiovg. QFfioePS. First Half of Year. AI.IIIaII'r SCIINIQIIIIQII, - - - - - - - - - - President CIIARI.Ias L. CIIAIII-I.I4:, - - - Vice-President CI..xIIIi BAIIIIUWS, - - - - Secretary and 'rl'CllSll1'CI' Executive Qorrzrniffee. AI.IIIaII'r D.AMcN,xIIc Fman. L. Hulxrz .Lxmlis li. BIUIIIFOIIII Qffioers. Second Half of Year. FRIED. L. HOI.'rz, - - - - ' - - - - President -IIIIIN A. CIzIaCIaI.IIrs. - - - Vice-President FRANCIS SIIIINEII, - - - Secretary and Treasurer Executive Qommiffee. CAIII. LI'nmI,INN A. J. AIIIQIN T. J. MII.l.S 176 f ff 1: d:,,-- ' :i:'3J ffl-ff. ' f 1 f7",.. . frvcg. "'f Q - , fi . 5 flghf Kg? . 'M fffrf"'f" . ' 'ev fy, jx? A 9 l, 14577 I 22. ,ff f 5 fl ,Wa 'Q p . ff I I, 724 if f ' , 'wffidapi ff , , ff.. 1 N xi I W -WI' fi g ,E. Q 1 .. ff fQfyWwW51?Vf7 M y ' -.,,ff,f V' ' Jv,1:,,, ' '1,, ,ez U h KX' . xkkk if' L f A L. .W K Q '1 R !',' ', I! J.: ,. 1 A' "m 11W'm'iY ' 1 X 1 , ' I, ' 4 , Q f' W J WW! - dQ.fH?f" V WV ,lflffw pg' 'Q W' - il' -W: 1 ' -- ' H ' -A y g rigx .1-"K ,.. " -751' '- l. .a ff 4-.1 - Y. , .Ls "v:-,.-,1-fi!-544 . ,:. . ,I 7 6, 'fl f 0 ' g I lim' 'ul ' 1 , K If E K+ ' 71' fjlfxx U xi, ld-gy: f ff' s X 'ya ' -1- fpwwxggxwfw if M Wk' MV W' 1 --iflufi L if .ff M ,1 . ffm rl -ff' ft, 1 Q I ? Z- Nffyflf' All 'xffi ?3 w? H , ff -W .f 1 , ,ff X ,,, 4 :fx x fn Z - Eggsl will wry -WN . ,jj ff v - M if . 0 ' AQc3cAyK7 f 18 f vi: 'x I 5-"'?l'L::?k 'Xi 37 '1::- rx 'QfXL,ggs5'1H ,' Y " ' f X ,X -, XL x " Q' .',-" L ff W: Y A Q ,Nan I -w-I -1 ...I 177 r 4 1 A gg.. ,- f X F17-K Qj':'f?' I.,Qwf, 'X .ff If, X .,- r g.'f"b H ffx. u' 'CW x x .-. . Im I -- n 'J I, -. 4' , - . I ff I Ifx f? ,' . 'N Q1 K 1. ' , 1: MA. kfvi 87X D N- IM 7 ll ' Xi! .rr Y f- ',' " I .fn -1- '1 -5? f I f' 'L 8 I5 J ,, . V4 1,-,J M .. ,i QFXQCJ Vw I K' QI, . 1' ' 32-,tw sn, ,54 7 L X X ' rl r' f 157 ,HI R XXM1.-ff f' uf ', g7m'h 'f 5121-55. ' ffl' y WI fini' Ki' 'ff' ff ' ZA3'4E!zI" 515 ji ' III' . . jf f I. Gnusx'lcxmn: Cmvss, f'l'1'S1II0l1i: nf rm . ' rf img ,f ff, vhl- . ' E - XX! f yi, .912 EL! QQ 1, 6 ' Ho Viv I Hzernbews. Sis ,Isa 'MMI 33 I . X xp . - ' Q FIRST 'rENoR. 'iq A ' Grimemf: I.. IIl'x'l'lxr:'mx A- E- GIDIHNGS lol Im NIzS'l' A. u'RIGII'I' II,xrmx' 0. IN Ii. Iiunxcul 1' ru L. Ii. W.u'r1c SECOND TENOR. Fu Au'rHL'n T. Iin:ns.x1.I. FIRST BASS. SECOND BASS. .I- juux W. P1.lXX'IiI.I. .xxli IE. RICIIFIIISAII GICURGIC II. SPIQAR Glmsvlixnu Clmss Q61 rnpus Quabfeffe. f1IfUIU3Ii I,. IIL'x'r1xc:'rux, '03, Ia. -In ', I I RNLXXII '03, - - II O II wwux lol , '93, IX IV. I'mvlc1.I 'W' ., . -1, 175 First Tenor Second Tenor First Bass Second Buss J,- CA M PVS Ql'AR'1'li'l"l'H. l'IHVlil.L. IIANNVM. lll?XTING'l'4lN. IIORXCAMI 179 1 's X N 1 ff I Q! W 0 1 I X XX. 5 11, e W-f 'W IN 1 G , 'A if! x 5, V xcwx , x X N' W R. G., - - Ii. 0. IfIl'x'1'lxu'rnx, - Ii. A. XYRIGIIT, - - FIRST GUITARS. R. G. GALI5 IE. O. Y'Ilrx'rlxc:'mx II. N. Klcl.l.v J. W. Gxaonma F99 Qgipgiloq Qwqfiegiwa. wk FIRST GUITARS. Iflmelex' O. IJANNUM Lrlclc I. XYILSON XVARID Ames, - - - FREIIERICK j. GlI.FlI.I.AN, 'fxlomms S. ROCKXYIELI., Iimxuxun M. jonxsox, joux F. SCHFRCII, 1 S0 xl' "1'1w9'm' 11" 'Wad' - -N-'.':.-'J five., +-vm ,A sv.. ff 3 52,22 .STM I1 A . -I 1 ' l -Q 5 IR rn A'ff5?f r fx' x T ' 1 X A , ,J ff - ' f , ' 1 I N f- - 4V .V ' 1 N- N 'L A I I1 l 'II' 'H I X X- 1" f M f . - . -1 ,3fn,"1 hpf'+nf5 s' 4 , 1 . -Pu' ff.-'..'Vl,'f 1 O I I f J.-gl, Y -i 0 X X Nl 1 Q , Hwy lk N I ' r 1 1 . X 1 1 f ilfiik 42. , L1 ' 'w.',- 4 f 3 C .5-'Sas'-' ' f x-09' J RQ:-,L-. cfiff 1 Q! "I . 'N '5?f:'5. .-'f' 1 I I k . ggi . S-fx.,- ..-. Mis... iflfilf' -an K ff' Leader - - - F President - Secretary and Tl'CIlS1II'Cl' SECOND GUITARS. li. A. XYRIGIIT R. O. Klcuxmmx H. W. ALLEN Pk Pk SECOND GUITARS. AI.m':n'1' Ii. IVIM' Llcwls Scuw.xman Banjo - Violin - Mandolin - Cornet - Piano GUITAR CLUB. GPTHQ Qqjqbiverfvgiig Qi?Hoi10. FK an x SOPRANOS. .Irassxrs H. C. EI.w1zr.r. M.x1ev li. H.xwLrcx' OLIVE B. Gxmnzxlu joslsvnnxu McCm' K.x'rl-nzxuxlz J. Iivmrrs ALTOS. jl's'rlx.x L1a.wrr'r EI.lZAIIl5'l'II M. Plfxwusx' I.v1sr.1.,x T1-mnx'roN Em M. Fuwrrcu Srsus E. I'IAMllI.lX TENORS. C. B. Buowx R. P. Flarxrux J. Iinwuzn Bolexcnlx' Gnolmrz L. IIuN'1'1NG'roN BASSOS. E. P. I'I.x1unx4: .Ions BRIGGS A. E. WILLMMS W. A. Smoxwox Llcwls SCIIXVAGISR 182 ,dm 'X 57 .fQ'p'c,g41 5 5-7 wb Ll ' '53 K 4 f' usrf' - Q p -5 :i i . - is l 1i??gE:Ei9, X ll -i' ff f i lf- 1 l 'ill 21 i 4 ' ' , A. , , . ' qi pg ' - , -Aiiuv jlilf. , ,f, 41 we , if K ,I Ql Qffioevs. Q. 131.951 O. I'IUN'r1Nn'roN, - - President Grammars K. B1zl.mcN, - - Vice-President Qi! Alxrox M. Civrlss, - - Secretary FRANK H. Biuzxlav, l T - 'casurcrs Rn:-zcms P. XVARD, I I Executive G-2or'rzrni'C'Cee. Chairman - ?-'L - J X YZ 0 + ,Q +pcr cent. Els. C fr. FRATERNITIES COMPOSING CLUB. Chi Psi Psi Upsilon Delta Kappa Epsilon Delta Tau Delta Phi Kappa Psi Sigma Chi 183 z --gN X THLE TIQ fx jf ff J fu-j,fj ,N Wa-if W L X5 M. Glqierf-Q0IIegiaTe Qsliliieiic beague. RALPH Sroxlc, President, - Qffioers. I-I. E. Gkllfwrlr, Vice-President, JAMES E. 1VLxnm,xN, Secretary, I'I.x1u'lcx' CLARK, Treasurer, University of Michigan Northwestern University University of Minnesota University of Wisconsin COLLEGES REPRESENTED IN LEAGUE. Univrausrrr or NIICIIIGAN NDR'l'I'IXYIiSTERN UNIVIQRSITY Uxn'I:Rsl'1'x' UF MlNN12so'1ux Uxlvlcnsrrx' Ulf Wlscoxsm Universifg fl'Ci'3le'Cio lissooieifion. OFFICERS. GRANT B. RossMAN, EUGENE P,x'r'1'l2RsoN, THOMAS F. WA1.L,xcE, Gicoiems I'iAXYLEY,1 1. - H. O. Misssllzuie, I MR. HAItl'l51!, - THOMAS W. ECK, - FIELD DAY. June 3, 1891. 185 - President - - V icc-President Secretary and Treasurer judges Referee Starter Eielel Qalg, dune 3 .'Pk Hkik Eve nts. Running High jump, - - - 1st, Rossman, '92, 4- ft. 6 in., 2d, Ward, '94- Hurdle Race, - lst, Rossman, '92, 20 sec., 2d, Ward, '9-l-5 3d, Hastings, '94- Throwing Base Ball, - lst, O. C. Smith, 320 ft. 10 in.g 2d, Mclilligott, '93 Drop Kick, - --------- 1st,Sikes, '92, 133 ft. 914 in. 100 Yard Dash, lst, Rossman, '92, 11 sec., 2d, A. O. Smith, Med. 3d Folwell, '93 Putting Shot, --------- lst, Harding, '94-, 31 ft Standing High jump, - - - lst, Guthrie, '91, -1- lt. 4- in., 220 Yard Dash, lst, Rossman, '92, 24M sec., 2d, O. A. Stone, M Hop, Skip and jump, - -1--1-0 Yard Dash, - Throwing Hammer, - Running Broad jump, - - lst, Brower, Law, 39 ft. 4-1A,in.g - - - - lst, Rossman, - lst, Brower, Law, 65 ft., lst, Guthrie, '91, 16 ft. 1 in., I-Ialf-Mile Run, - lst, Rossman, '92, 2 min. 31 sec., 2d, R. Standing Broad Jump, - Pole Vault, - - Half1Mile XVallc, Relay Race, Mile Run, Athletic Cup Awarded lst, Guthrie, '91, 9 ft. 1114 in., - lst, Rossman, '92, 8 ft., - - lst, Harding, lst, Rossman, '92, 4- min 533 to '92 2d, Rossman, '92 ed. 3d Belden, '92 2d, Harding, '94- '92, 1 min. 6 see. 2d, Harding, '94- 2d, Harding, '94- G. Matteson, '94- 2d, Brower. Law 2d, Brower, Law '94-, 2d, Will, '94- Forfeited to '94- see.g 2d, May, '94- The "Times" Medal Won by Rossman 186 A 1. .I X , , 4, 1 ff 1 -'Mm -, 9 1 1.54. L- N , if ., I' Q . 4z,f. .nf-1: Lxxaf , .Rf gym . ff .m f L- W . -w. Nh qw fX,Y I X r Q ffjj -s m W4 4 f X XS..-. 7' XS ' .N , 1:- ' 1 Q lx 1' 'If x , , ' 1" :- -Tm f f W -4 ' . SAM: -ff -3 ' '7"'iIQz',i 1' 4',-H951-uf' fx 3:,::j:: ' I x fy, N 4 Q G27 f if: . 4' 9 , , ' 1 ifixn- .:6':L,,,:-5 x ,EQ . fig, N-W jd 111',- ' 3 4 WY X , f X249 f fi Q. "'?'1i71.:li2 . '6"2'. I x I hr 711 1 "NT: I E7 -279 r 57 ff? -5' -- in KU if 5 9 .Ss : -F mum . 923 A , Y 5? f' S --:L ,I " 6' -iff 187 5 r-,lf.:3:'.: L"f X S ,. 1 .-1mW!xkrrr!!!'Mm. "ll E ra, . ,. Q mr:EiQl,.1'.-.Mg.g.,,VW: .il Lf f T4 ig. grim ,cfs , N , .. Y, ,J .4 r'-4 in" ,""" 6 '. ir' - if fi f,,i:?4 ' . . .. is .9 ,,,f-1-, V K, ' f I' -f ' 1 Q 2. -Q NW 4 Fw: . E S- N.- f - X - cis. lyrjrglf, ry, f .4 Ng:-:gi-A X Q . ' W 'ff f R ' " ' ' 11 1 "E2lT-.ll-75.-5 X . H W X X ,I . vv---- Q - ff it , Z ly- 1-.iff-:L - 1? '- Q. Qffioevs FOP 'Ql. Grcormrs K. Brannrsx - - - - - - - - - Evrarerf'r'r B. Krreri, - - Secretzrry Ermuxren A.'IOIl'l.'1'OX, - - - ---- - - - lflrziverfsifg Wesrrn For- 'Ql. W. J. Lri.xru', --------- - juries Mrxrrrrmx, - - Graorccra Srrcr4:s,lK - - 1 R. C. Drawrcv, I Crr.xrzLras G. F1.ANN,mrxN,l' li. P. I-Lxrarrrxfr, - j ' L. C. Ensure, l E. C. Brsrrrsra, - D. R. BrfrerrANK,I Errurcxrs P,vr'rrir:soN,lV Wrr.r.r.xAr Lrmxrw, 1 Ar.rfRr2rx F. Prr.LsrrUrev, CrrArzr.rss S. I-Lxma, - - - - - - President and Trczrsurcr' - Trairrer' - Captain - Center' Tackles - Guards Ends Half Backs Quzrrtcr' Back Full Back SUBSTITUTES. Graormra H,xwr.r:Y Gre.xx'r B. R0ssxr,xN Russriu. H. F0r.wrsr.r. A. T. Lrxrzsox jrrrrsr C. OrrNs'r.xrr A. J. Ilrxrzrzrs R. L. Crmxrrr. Record of Games, 'Ql. Oct. 17.-Minnesota vs. Ex-Collegizrtcs, - - - - - 0-4. Oct. 2-L.-U. of M. vs. University of NVisL-orrsirr, - 26-12 Oct. 31.-U. of M. vs. Grirrrrell, - - - - 12-'12 Nov. 2.-U. of M. vs. University of Iowa, - - 4.2-4. Nov. 1-L.-U. of M. vs. Grirrrrell, - - - - 22-14. Qffioers 'For' 'Q2. Cr-r.xrer.r2s S. Drzvrarr, - - - - ----- - - President Greormrs H. Sr-EAR, - - - Secretary and Treasurer' ISS l l. , EN QC: ,. ,-T Ks S 2 XRS W .Nl"l1lf' 'G . S fllllllhlff ""f r -3, - - - , - .fi ' X 1 . fe :- - . 111 - ,aw - -- C N- -- V, -- i f .A',b L-Fr md Ulf IZ "4 ., Qffioers 'For' '91, BYRON I-I. TlMllERI.AKli, - CHARLES S. I-IAL12. - - Gzaonolf: K. llI'2I.DEN, - Bxatnisx, BRAUEC, PIANVLEY, E HEAD, - Wfvrnous, BURHANK, P,x'r'rxzusoN, 0HNs'rAn, Pmnsnunv, LEARY, - HAwr.lsr, 1 ' Minnesota ' Minnesota Minnesota Minnesota Minnesota Minnesota Minnesota 1 "Tae-.arm For' 'QL Reoonol Hamline, - Hamline, Beloit, - - Madison, - Ex-Collegiates, St. Thomas, - St. Thomas, 'rf - - - Presiclent Secretary and Treasurer - - - Captain Captain and Catcher Pitcher and First Base Pitcher and First Base - - - Second Base Catcher and Third Base - - - Short Stop - Short Stop - Third Base - Right. Field - Left Field Center Field of Games, 1891. ' wo - - 7-4 - 9-5 - 10-5 - 4-5 - 20-7 - 0-s - 20-9 IYXIYERSITY BASE BALL TEAM OF 1R92 age' Ball Gjlggociaiioq, '92 JAMES E. M.xmeAN, '92, Glcmmlc J. MASIIHK, Spe . 9. V . , Ql"FioerfsL cial, - Sceretzwy zu minimis lx. l'iliLDlEN, 9.2, Grsfmmc ACIIARD. - W. J. BYRNIQS, '95, D. R. BURHANR, '94-, F. H. GUNN, Medic, E. HAwr.Ev,Lz1w, - W. C. LEARY, '92, A. F. PII.i.SnURv, '92, Grcmmrs K. Bm.msN, '92 F R C G . J. BRA1xEc, Medic., . L. CRAMII, '94, . K. Fowmzn, Law, . M. HAWLEY, '92, - Grsoum-: OAKS, Law, J. F. SCHURCII, Special, l JTGQGIFTY, 'Q2. 192 President ld Treasurer Captain Third Base Pitcher Second Base Second Base Pitcher Catcher Right Ficlcl First Base Pitcher Catcher Left Field Center Field First Base Short Stop Q' Qllggoqialioq 'lnomxs F. W,xm.,xcla, - FRANI Blumxav, - Rm W. SQUIRES, - Charles S. Hale George K. Belden Heber Hartley Fred C. Baldy Roy W. Squires Frank Gutterson Bert May Rista N. Best Elon Huntington F. C. Sehwager Harry Lackor 5 . Bk HK Bk Qffioens. Fzembebs. rw 5 President - - - Vice-President - Secretary and Treasurer XVillian1 Condit George Hawley Roscoe P. Ward Harry J. Love Roland Crocker Walter Hasting Thonms Wallace lilon Huntington Fred Kiehle J. Carver Strong Frank Barney w g fl rl 40" A WI 0,6 ff'3'v' 11150 ig 55 f QQJJKI M fr' l : f Q 53 . 'rf-.I 'A' Y Srila? fly -.rl ,np mx.. '.2af.", - V 452333, A f af' 09 X V :gl L" 1 ff : iii 'QHLD 71' :V Ml -9' , -f ,f,. I ,4 wall. ,fi r .5 P f' 0 If ", 2 sffiftlzflf J 4ifi'lf.A,v ,:,. . 4-A, 193 Eaaiemii X fflpeqrgig Qlubg . Pk Bk Dk Eelta Kappa Epsilon Set. Fred C. Baldy Robert B. Kernohan Wilbur C. Fiske john W. Thomas Eelfa mam Eelfa Set. Frank A. Barney Lyman L. Pierce Roy Cook Frank A. Gutterson Qlgi 'Psi Set. Geo. K. Belden Chas. S. Hale Resta N. Best Walter Hastings 'Psi Lflpsilorz Set. Albert May Ward Ames Harry O. Hamium A. W. Wilson Set. Sigma Qlgi NValtcr C. Poehler Roy W. Squires Roscoe I'. Ward Hiram Hoyt E3-eta 5T6l2e,'Ca 'Pi Set. Charles W. Fcrree Frank Corbett jillplga Roy G. Matteson Charles Wilkinson Delta 194- liclward C. Avery I. Beebe 'Plfgi Set. Harry Norris Roland Hahn NX I' Q W W R . .K .AP 11' . 1 - d h. N m y ...J . it h nxx 5 - ' ' V' . "1 l4'i'a:-MTA xx 4'-'Q'--j '17 J' f- -I 0 K X x. ffl A 'fe Q J . . A J 1 5 l . J Q 7 Y V 5 S 9 N X ,!. X ,AL . T K- P ' xx Ll A NY l X '.kV X Alz. f b N . kk '-C., ,I s . .3'f1.fl .1 . ,Mc ' I Y I ,L f if if 'W ff , x ll I ll... f -'-- Y J-: J -,W-If ---1-"-"1-:V f wi llllflw. . Pk Pk Dk QI. of lglieelmerg H. D. L.xekoR, - Gisoimlz J. M.xs1 Rox' W. SQUIRES, Jo1xN R. Pwxmx, Miss B. Lvcv, XV. C. Ahernethy George K. Helden Frank H. Barney Frank H. Clark John B. Gilman Elon O. Huntingt Bradford Hurd Charles S. Hale Edwin Kraft Harry D. Laekor Miss B. Lucy Charles Matteson Roy G. Matteson Jolm E. Merrill Arthur Poehler Roy W. Squires QPF i C Q Ps. . . . . - - - President llili, Seereta ry and Treasurer - - - Cap tain Fzembers. 011 195 First Lieutenant Second Lieutenant William Trussell William C. Weeks Miss Blanche A. XVrigllt Y Ernest W right J. Carver Strong Roscoe I'. Ward Roy Jay Cook Walter H. Campbell Norman B. Atty F. Massey P. P. Salisbury Henry J. Love I-I. B. Martin Miss C. Kellogg John R. Pitman George J. Mashek K .fv , M Z! Inf' P f,.. X 1,12 , 5 .gif 2' X U f ' SL X Ji:-si .l J N' il" ' -4 -f aj. IM.. f 1, I " f- " I ' --"1 . - ' 5'f'62'f7fff?:f-:2"'7Af?' 9- 'H - f-' " II R If A ff f . 'IW . -" '? 2 js :.:j.e: ll' F- f' j J N - J,p,,g,eJI.. ," Xt " 1.-NA' Motto: Veni: Vidig Vici. Qfficers. R. W. Sg3I'IRIcs, ---- Pl'CSidC'llt H. B. AvI4:Rx', - - Secretary FRIQII KIIcIII.I4:, - 'Tl'C!lSl1l'C1' Board of Eirfecforfs. R. J. SQI.'IRIcs H. H. AVIQRY FRIQIJ KII2III.Is J. G. CRnss E. O. I'Il'N'l'lNG'l'ON FRIQII Vox ScIII.IzGIcI.I. u I I o 4 ggxca Qu Tuwe mggocrairoq. Q'Ff"ioer's. - - President CI..xRA N., MIXICION J. CRAIG, - K M' I I IsRINIs J. E I' IaR'I's NIARY SAIITII, - - M. J. CRAIG, K. J. IivIaR'I's, M. SMITII, MARY HIXXX'I.lEX', CoRNIaI.I.x IJIQ KAY, CLARA B,xI.IJwIN, MIXIGIEI. 1'IUGIIliS, LII.x' Bxacu, 196 Vice-President - Secretary TI'czIsurer Executive Committee Excuse Comm ittec U 1 . i 1 .1 f 2 A T L, I f COMMANDANT. ll' f X I.ufIv'1'1sxAx'r Grfmmla H. NIORGAN COMMISSIONED STAFF OFFICERS. 5 F. W. FOOT, ------- Cadet Captain and Adjutant C. S. HALE. ------- Cadet Captain and Quartermaster 2 Z NON-COMMISSIONED STAFF OFFICERS. Ii. E. PRA'l"l', ---------- Cadet Sergeant Major W. C. Mum, - - - - Color Sergeant ITARVIEY Olflflclslc, - - Cadet Quartermaster Sergeant C. D. XVILKINSON, ------- Chicf'1'rumpeter CADET CAPTAINS. Company "A" Company "B" Company "C" Company "D " G. K. B1sl.maN A. W. SILLOVIQR H. D. LACKOR B. C. Hulm CADET LIEUTENANTS. First. H. I'. How' R. H. Fo1.wm.L J. R. I'1'1'M.xx B. C. TAYLOR Second. A. P01sHl.l4:R C. W. FIQRREE E. F. Sxlrrll R. 0. Luxrcla CADET SERGEANTS. First. C. Z. VANDER Holecla II. S. GoLlmm.UA1 C. S. l'A'r'rmc G. H. Mouse Second. W. C. Poxslflmsk C. GoLnm.UM G. N. BAUER R. L. CRAMII Third. A. 0. CUNNINGHAM E. A. Wlumrr A. T. Dluzw T. R. ELw1sI.I. Fourth. H. C. TOPPING J. N. MUNRO H. C. Howie F. E. GREEN Fifth. W. T. C015 W. Glusvsox J. S. LANG 197 1 qivengiig QQQIQT Eaiiallioq CADET CORPORALS. . HK FK Pk First. H. Noluels W. J. TAYLOR C. S. Sonatas F. IS. W.xr.KlsR Second. J. Tnonifsox R. Mclliaiuum C. F. Mn.i.1sn W. M. Iixufi' Third. -I. B. B.xRx.xlzn E. A. P1a'l'12RsoN B. Muolue A. Ousox Fourth. N. A'r'rx' G. F. ADAMS june 3, '89, Individual Qompefifive Erfill. For Gold Medal Presented by Lieutenant Glenn. Won by W. F. Wxxsnow November 25, '89, Won by H. D. LACKOR April 12, '90, - - Won by H. D. LACKOR june 2, '90, Won by B. C. Hmm, ju. November, '90, - - Won by JAMES GILMAN December 19, '90, - Won by B. C. TAYLOR March 7, '91, - - - - Won by B. C. TAYLOR Gornpsing Gompefifive Evill. June I, 189x. Company " B," K Company 'D," Ye Ham 2 5'fS1zY xl'-2831316 f A l H 25 198 - First ' Second ,M QJ QJ, :gu y 17 N. u, ffv . 1 'sigh K -.- 7 'Tip 1' ia- V, W , ff 1 f fa 7 N ix N f 4 x XX , I , gi y af fqf f f J ,QQ fl 10.3 Xl ' -GA, V 7 U S4 ,, ::,f , W ,, ,f ,A ,rf 9 2, fo 5 Eltisfeirlgif NSQQSHQRQQ?-ssh iss, U. of M., m my migm, speak to me nemicis of Day, 1-iemias procmim it to Night - 'Ere sne 117 GCIFRDGSS nolds swciy. Snout it, ye Winds, in grcind onorusg Louder roof, focimwtossihg Wcivesj Ecno tne sound, on ye Islands, Trem1:n1e,ye boulder-bound Ccrves. f'Lectrning is morcning triumphant," Over mountain ond pictinj E'en for ciwcly in mid-ooectn, Mcirk ye ner glittering trciin. Prosperity ever before tnee, Victory the tole of yectrs flown, Tne cippictuse of tne world yet sncill Q Press on, U. of M., to tny crown. reet tnee 5 Eigzlecgllj ofiljgucrl Gorgrgcgccnjcgl, Juljc QL. qggl. Qrden of Exercises. MMUSIC-it Pro Patria et Gloria," Pimvlsk, ----- MUSIC-OW'Cl't1l1'6, " Concert," 'l'ORAT1o S,xLU'1ux'ro1uA, ---- ORA'rl0N-The Social Element in Education, 01m'1'IoN-Tlie Work of Reform, - - ORATION-Tlie Progress toward Federation, IiIPHlLOSOl'HlCAL OR,vr1oN-The Ideal Ballot, MUSIC-Selection, "Merry Monarch," - - PIIILOSOPIIICAL ORATION-'1'lie Highest Liberty, IEIPIIILOSOPIIICAL ORA'rioN, - - - - ORATION-The College Graduate, 0RATlON"-VVOITIZUI in Philanthropy - - Wiegand - - - - - Bach - Thcodoro Gcralclo Soares Martha Virginia Ankcny Charles William Bray - Benjamin Philip Chapplc - Arthur Bliss Church - - -- Kerker Asa John Hammond - - Frank Hanlt - joseph Oscar Jorgens - - Dora May Guthrie Pmr.osor-mciu. ORATION-"RCliglUllS Intolerance, Theodore McFarlane Knappen Music--Waltz, "Gondoliers," - - - - - - - - Sullivan PIIILOSOPHICAL ORATION-The World was Ready, john Ernest Merrill EORATION-Wendell Phillips, ---- OR.-x'r10N--College Men in Business, ORATION-CO-CCl11Cr'1ti0l'l, - - 'l'VALED1cTo1zx' Anmuiss, ---- Music-Characteristic Piece, "Simplicity," T1-Us CONFERRING OF DEGREES. Music-Galop, " Geistingerf' 'f By Danz' Orchestra. T Awarded upon the basis of scholarship. lk Excused from speaking. 5De1ivered at the Pillsbury Oratorical Contest. 201 - Milton Dwight Purdy Byron Harvey Timberlake - Mary Emma Kemp Christian Peterson Lommcn - - - - Tobani Rial 0 s cuss Betsy Exercises of ligci Class of Tuesdcry, June Second. PARTI- "fi Piofune of 'vansifg Eri'Fe." ACT I-FRESHAIAN YEAR. Scene 1, - ------ Registration Scene 2, In the Hall Scene 3, - Military Drill Scene -I-, -""' Class Picnic A ACT II-SOPHOAIORE YE.-lR. Scene 1, - ------- Greeting' in the Hall Scene 2, .-lt Reeitation Scene 3, - - David's "First Lesson" Scene J-, ----- Alter the Promenade ACT III-JUNIOR YEAR. Scene 1, - ------ "Gopher" Board Meeting Scene 2, At the Party Scene 3, - - - Minuet FARTIL Music-Overture, ----------- Orchestra CLASS SONG, ----- - - - - By the Class "Wx'1A'1' WE HAVE BEEN"-History, - - - Myrtle Connor. Minneapolis "WHAT WE ARE"-Statistics, - - - Albert Wallace Stacy, Washburn SoNG-" The Seniors that Bloom in the Spring" ---- By the Class Words by A. j. Blethen, Ir. "WHAT NVE SHALL BE"-Prophecy, - - Nellie lvlalura Cross, Minneapolis SUNG-"The Profs." - - - - 'gilginer CLASS ORATION-HA Posse and Esse," - - Theodore lVIcFarlane Knappen Music, -------------- Orchestra CLASS POEM-A Legend of the Campus, - Alden J. Blethen, Minneapolis PREsEN'rA'r1oN or ICNIFE, - - - President Cnrtiss Sweigle, Ortonville RESPONSE, ---- lvfabel Austin, St. Paul, Pres. Junior Class MEMORIAL ORA'r1oN, - - - - joseph Oscar jorgens, Grand Meadow RESPONSE, - - Hon. jol1n,S. Pillsbury, Pres. Board of Regents FAREVVELL SONG, - -------- By the Class 202 C1 CIl"CVS?C!ii 50 erss 5095 of Slowly we gather, dear Alma Mater, Meeting once more in this college hall, Yes, 'tis with sorrow-soon shall we leave thee, Guide of our youth, thee we'll oit recall! Cnomrsz Alma Mater, dear Alma Mater, Rich the help thou freely dost give, May'st thou ever,-"U" of Minn-sota, Glorious, blessed and blessing live! Now as we're standing just on lite's threshhold, Mem'ries oi' college all blend in one: Labor has strengthened, pleasure rewarded, All joins this morning in one glad tune,- School days are over, work lies before us, Broad path ways open, filled with earth's throng, Gladly we enterf each pressing forward, Every one singing the same glad songg-- Joi-IN E. Memnu.. 95 Swiftly the current downward wc're gliding, Youth's bark of pleasure bears us along, Gently the breezes fanning our faces, Straight is the current, health is our pilot, Care comes not to us as we Hoat along. Suddenly turning, widens our river, Quiet, secluded, both river and lakeg Hither and thither skim jolly boatmeng Students barks these, 'gainst which the waves break, Miniature storms toss the clear waters: College life mirrored in this fairy lake. Now we have crossed it, this lake we are leaving, Drifting beyond thee, dear Alma Mater, Wider our river and swifter its current, Life is a stream of wild rushing water, Sadly we leave thee, parting forever, Ever we'1l love thee, our dear Alma Mater. Farewell, farewell, farewell! ALDEN J. BLETIIEN, jk 203 ' Eirsl Qlgixicrsily Ecrcully. Professor of 4' Deceased. APPOINTED AUGUST 2341, 1869. 1. VVILLIAM W. FOLXYELL, M. A., President and Professor of Mathematics. 2. REV. G. CAMPBELL, M. A., B. D.. Moral and Intellectual Philosophy and Instructo Enxxuxun H. TWINING, M. A., Professor of CllE1'l'llSf.l'y and Instructor in French. 4. Vlfusm. J. NVALKER, M. A.," Professor of Latin. 5. REV. -Lunsz Buooics, M. A., D. D., Professor of Greek. 6. A. B. Dox.xLnsoN, B. A.," Professor of Rhetoric and English Literature. 7. MAJ. GEN. R. W. Joi-issox, U. S. A., Professor of Military Science and Tactics. 8. D. A. ROBERTSON, M. A., Professor of Agriculture. 9. ANTI-ll'R B12.xRDsr.Ex', C. E., Tutor. .sooc.nDUMDQuuL"'Q 1: "nj 00.79 Q0 .P ff' i ff 'ia Q' is ' ' 93 if ?w Q A X A eg, EQ f W Elo 'fx .4 '- nl V 0 .jx e -Q ,v- A . we E Q all 1.52 X Q 5 Wh 'fa .-'22 fl D N .0 Q 4 .Mvnirx b 3 pw . 5 5 2. nw A O. nj, .....,. 4 S ,, D44-MTHQ? Q 'J D U ', X.. 20-1- r in German 51"4 wh Q ,,.,f ,. NN 1 -,U wf:.:p.,f wg will .ig-K :fig :Vt CIC? fvj ., - Hs 1 , ZR 'Q . , , . wwyw' iss -1 J -Fw My "' ggi-.1 U f ' , V W , h kv, f Y m I , I L E VK 4 ' 5 1 3'5" V, - X DA . W r A' A D ' A vw . - . W ' fs 1- fs r . 5 A Y' , I , ak iz. '4 V 1 N- - 4 - ' I i . r - ' KQILQQY A ' - --may rs 1 g- v U- 4- L ,253 .1 F b I V yi 11' . ax M if If' .WWW A A , IX- Y ' I Mr:-sg 1-V -V ' 'M' ,, 'H 5 .,X-,,i"7 'A "1 ff-U ff, ' TL 4 Us 35 755 'N NfH5f'Yf 'l'llli FIRST I'NlYIiRSITX' FACl7I.'l'X'. 2. 5 . -I-. 1 I ll i sic lo lljo Gigirycrsily. Air: America. Gather ye student throng Raise now a joyous song, Shout "Ski-UMa!" Lay every care aside, Sing of our boast and prideg Her fame may no cloud hide, Minnesota! Come, ye alumni all, join our glad choral call As in days pastg Your songs with ours upraise, Sing loud your grateful lays: To God address your praise, He hath us blessed. Long, long still shine thy light With glow of morning bright, Our 'Varsityg Thro' low-land send thy beam, 0'er high-land flash thy gleam, That ou1' whole land may deem Thee great to be. J.xM 206 x fm . - t e - . 1 'I I Springs lasl'-barn barlhg , clear--tygj , swuff , "' X. , 0 Paws-rs at moment ,W-Th .Nl-iife Twinlflijga 1-een ' Y i w , WK' AT15 gslfien loelfs in Breezy Flay ,ak my . Half l'eo.s?r-E o.n5 half I'en5er' To repeat f , X x J-ler' song if jfKf5X-fl." Q fl ' ' ' ' ""' -U .. N M ' . - 3. f Yi . fly 15--Ye editors rasatl " I - ' " MEG ' X' scroll and begin to "a1g1al'l'-izel: Gnome X -. N lm J . t May 10.-President Gates: " I told them XX , J T SlliizlinaginigfiyNorth9 they l0St and came . -The cashiers a 'e " l lc - l " ' X X. , .M b3iVf'1 score ol' ten Ito U m base ban X .I ay 22.-A visitor from L d , , , . does not 'cle-Kline to speak. on On, Mm I l 'Il -Hamline dances to our music. Time px f . 26 to 12. ' -J' ,M ' l' if -Del' 1 f A 92 fffnhi ' ,M 9, 5 M'1yxiqJanSucE..1 f 1 1 ,f ' - L ... .- as c ay 0 e iape . N ls' ll 0' -Theta Phi ceases to Si ' I Q . ' ' , , 'Z-Th U.see S, and 12? -i. A Q f I-Iutehinson floats majestleally heavenwarcl. ml' Q CSD ' -bOpher of 92 makes its bow. " ' th?'gl,lQ llll- QB. team drops the hat to -..ass a . .. .Q 2 I Q X511 flSl.ll1gS01ll.Cl'lLZ11llSf?,Hll'lCl'lClSH , Ch .1 K at the Guaranty Loan. " 0 . MW I ln. May 25.-Criblaing and .Exam's begin. ,, , N X 173.5 it , ' Mfly :'21,.- B. club leaves on its trip. 57: ""'::' l M X ix May 2.6.-lhe U. boys score 10 and the I 'l :Z NIJ..-N' I Wls. team goes Bel-o-it 5. X ' jy,,5f,5 ws Nix' Cnggsliilfiplzg S3111 Mrs. john S. Pillsbury i 0.1 EZ . l'l101'S- XIAnogher lpcal-A Ll E, this time. fffffmi' fn' UN -- eginning of the end. ' 1 4 15 -Baccalaureate service. ,.gf'g'y ' June' 1.-Field Day-"Rossman, Flf. U, f"f K l i and Victory." ' W. , ' hi I -Twelfth Annual Contest of the Orator- Q " K , A L lea association. A W f June Q.--Class Day. Promenacle, "Dark- ' X A gt Csll-C..Ol1SC1.Il11" and "Pillie's Search for TY Jxz' I - vv A f r gg? .1f1111gsgo11cXl ' ff ' .une .- umm Day. , 5 If iff' I MHZ' june 4f.-Commencement Dav. 'Alf' J -Last issue ofthe Ariel. ' efuilx -PFCXX S reception. " He let 'em dance." it' filly june 6.-Prexy and Prof. MacLean strike i ill- , W V out for London, while other eare-worn KJV fl X mortals:homewarcl wend their wea- N K ry way. ff, W 'l"1..,b V. Vllllllm, Vx 'fu . I I 1 I fi l , A f. l ,,, . A ' il ' C " il ' 7 S " f 1, , X 1 fr lik Z . I p .ww ' , . X H ,, - WA' -'lil f ' ' ' "Q li LV' W N ' ' N' NN . if ,X X-Es"'9fc.' W' E Z", "T""". . vi' KP "' ' ,,,,, 'T AA. e I 4. . 'lim' W.m...,, 4' ' xi. J -' - . ' ia.. "' -s-....-, 207 ff 2 1' UQTffTJlcmMS5o i ll ' . .s 9 '-'X ,,:.ii:'::Z B ff! 9 1 ' '-'ffl' H "' - 1: 1434 ' Xi.: "Ol wad some power, the giftie gie us, To see oursiels as ithers see us " Aim A11.xx1s- " 'Tis better to have loved and lost i.lhl.I'1'llLX6l to haxeloved at ll K.x1'1: Arrcnisox- "I-Icr air, her manners, all who s lxx adnnierl, eomteous thouoh cox, gentle though retired." 01.15 BI. Anmansox- '.'Cupid on a large scale." W11.1.1,xA1 Axn1's- ' "And gladly wolde he lerne and gladly tulle ' I-Inxux' li. Avmev- "Still in ' F1e.xx1c Ii,x11x1sx'- "I dare G1a1e'1'1u7111s I511:1.1.- 1 the bread and butter 'nge not light but I will wmk and hold out nix non "She bore a mind that envy eould not hut call fan ANNA Bum:- "1 profess not talking, only this, let eaeh one do lns hes ' Axlnelaw B1a1zs1a'1'11- "We grant although l1e had muah wit Ile was very shy in using it." A1.1114:1e'1' I311e11s.x1.1.- "Not so bad as l1e's made out and hettei than manv of ln uit cs " SA11114: BoNw1s1.1.- "A tender heart, a will inflexible lj. Bo1exC,xx11-- "I'Ie bought his sermons, psalms and giaeu, And doubled dow11 the useful planes jo11N Bnmos- "And oi' their own merits modest men .ue dui l ' H1'111s1:'1' CA1e1e1.- "We never knew so young a hodv with so b he. l AR'l'1Il'R CHASE- "I say always just what I me'1n M.xU111a Co1.G1zov1c- "Of arms and the man I sn M1x111f1. Co1.'1'15R- 1g. "With too much quickness evei to be taulflit, With too much thinking to have common tl1Ol.10'lll. 208 uolerliorjs. Maiefrim Coomav- "Mindful not of herself." HARRY DEXVART- "Besides 'twas known he could speak Greek As naturally as pigs do squeak." W1r.i.mM D1swEv-- 'UA clever fellow." Hlzmzxrs Dluassrzn- "Her voice was ever soft, gentle and low, an excellent thing in wo- man." Jiassna ELxvm.r.- "Frosty but kindly." CL,x1usxcE Empr- "He says nothing." Cmxmazs Fismusis- "I-Ie multiplies words without knowledge." ORA Fmiuxs- "The brain contains ten thousand cells, In each some active fancy dwells." HfK'P'l'lE FLmnNu-- "She lives to build not boast." 1vI.un1s FoLsox1- "I have no other but a woman's reason, I think him so because I think him so." Russian Fox,w1sLL- "Grind him he said we couldn't, to make us think we couldg And so we thought we wouldn't, because he thought we would." Dox FR1m.x5x'- 'tSome are born great, some achieve greatness and some have great- ness thrust upon them." NVILLIAM FRos'1'- "He was the mildest niannered man, that ever seuttled ship or cut a throat." LILLMN FULLIQR- "Thy face the index oi' a feeling mind." GER'1'RUm2 GIISIIS- "As the bright sun glorifies the skies, So is her face illuniinecl by her eyes." ANTHONV GRo'rT12- "I-Ie's round, he's big, and let him tell the story, He fills an acre in the field of gloryf' KNUT Ghnsnssfr- "His mind, his kingdom and his will his law." JOHN GUTLIRIIE- "Deeds not words." JAMES Gu.m.xN-- "His eogitative faculties universed in eogibundity of cogitationf' 209 uolerliogs. HAI. GOLDIILUM- "I was born sir when the Crab was ascending, and my affairs go somewhat backward." HELEN I-I,xvEs- "Womans at best a contradiction still." Ilm HERZOG- "Her eap of velvet could not hold, The tresses of her hair of gold." Humn H0r'r-- "Everything in general, nothing in particular." ROLAND IAIAHN- "A pretty wild rose from the prairies of' the West side." Glaorzmz PIAXVLEY- "Then he will talkg Good God how he will talk." ART H l'R Hl7N'I'INl1'I'0N- "A judicious reticence is hard to learn." Glsonma HLlN'l'lN4l'l'ON- "A bold bad man." I-IIQHER HAn'r1.I2r- HI hereupon confess I am in love." Nm.s IIENSON- "How long halt ye between two opinions." LEILA jol-INsoN- "A compendium of universal knowledge." ALM-:RT KNUnsoN- "Away with him! Away with him! He speaks Latin." CoNs'rAN'r Lixnsox- "Strong reasons make strong actions." FRANK LIsAvl'r'r- "LeavLej it." Rlcmxnn LUNKE- "I never dare to be as funny as I am." Lol' 1VICvV1IOR'l'liR-- "One leg as if suspicious of his brother, Desirous seems to run away from t'other." Fmslaoon NIASSIEY- "Studious to please, yet not ashamed to fail." Gisonmz MicumL1.- "So spalle the fiend, and with necessity, the tyrants plea, excused his devilish deeds." Tuonixs MeELL1Go'r'r- "As fair a looking Irishman as ever graced the sod." AGNES MCCORMICK- "I am not now that which I have been." josxsvx-UNE McCor- "Ambition finds no rest." Loulslz McCor- "Disdain and scorn ride sparkling in her eyes." 210 LIOIZIIIOIDS. JESSIE MCGREOOR- "And when once the young heart ot a maiden is stolen, the maiden herself will hie after it soon." SAME MCGREOOR- "1 am not lean enough to be thought a good student." MARAN B,xs'riNE HALO MIClfIIiLlE'l'- "What's in a name." GEORGE MOIISIQ- "A born writer! What a splendid ear for earrying a pen." Cx'RUs NOR'l'lIROI"- He already plays the graybeardf' ELIZA IIIETII NORTH R0 I'- "I am not the kind of girl you think I am." EUGENE P,x'r'i'ERsoN- "A sporty man, somewhat addicted to slang, hut a good iellow withal" MINNIE PERRiNs- "She has a pretty wit: a bright, airy, graceful wit." ELIZABETH PE'rERs- "Whenee is thy learning? Hath thy toil, O'er books consumed the midnight oil?" JAMES P1fuLLlI's- "He thinks too much, such men are dangerous." FR ANC Po'r'rER- "Mistress of herself tho China fall." JOHN POwELL- "I can play the fiddle with my left hind leg." FRANKLIN POliIILIER- "I think the boy hath grace in him, he blushes." LEONARD IJRYOR-- "When I said I would die a bachelor, I did not dream I would live to be married." JOHN PITMAN- , "Time was, when a man lost his brains he died." AI.nER'r PRA'r'r- He "Hughes" steadily on at his statue of Life, while with others, Life fashions herself." FRANK REIDHEAID- "What would this head do if I were lost." jon N SETHR E- "He thinks much, he looks quite thro' the deeds ol' men." GEORGE Siuxcic- "Man delights me not, no, nor woman either. SIGURDUR SIGVA LDSUN- "He attempts to express himself in a language which Nature has denied him." NIARX' Siurrn- "None knew thee but to love thee, none named thee but to praise." 211 LIOlGlllO1DS. PERCY S,xI.1sn1'Rx'- "And of his porte as mcke as is a mayde " GEORGE SPEAR- "My love he was a noble lad and Pea-legs was his name." ' FRANK Smuxmsxz- "Revelling in a gigantic BENJAMIN TAYLOR- jag ofjoyf' "There is a fair behavior in the Captain. FLLOYD Trimes- f"My life is one dcmncd horrid gwindf' Tnoxms W.xr.1..xc1z- - "Trust not those cunning waters of his eyes, for villainy is not without such rheuml' - GRACE hVALTllER- "Her loving looks are murclering darts." CARI. XVOLLAN- "Leave silence to the saints for I am human." Is.xnE1.L.x Wistmzs- "Kindness in women, not their beauteous looks, heart." Hnxzm' lVlII'FE-- "A man who seems of cheerful yesterdays and confide: Dnnos W.xsn nuuN-- "He wore a mustache, a shaggy mustache, like a twirl. " W1m,1.mi WEEKS- shall win my it to-morrows. pretzel it did sv "His physiognomy defied the art ofthe photographer CIIARLES YOUNG- "He's so young and innocent, hut Oh! My! I l I l l Y l l 0 KM' 3' f' 'film .il A it 5 if' bf :- xv , -.. H11 5, Zi "Y ,911-vv affwd fn WL M 21'- Y What the OPHER Board heard fi? . 69' on UK I ,JL That George Hawley wouldn't try for the nine. That -Iudcly Belden has a hair lip. That Mashek runs the University. That thcre's a new Fraternity coming. That the Laws can write poetry. That the junior girls are all handsome. That Mrs. Fry does not allow whispering in her' class. That all the last year Gopher bills are paid. That McMillan can't smoke at home. That Prof. Hall likes to have his picture taken. That Andrist is losing flesh. That Erasmus will join a Frat. That Fryberger is a Greek. That Birdsall is running for the Foot Ball Presidency. That McLean plays baccarat. That combines don't work. That the Ariel Board like to scrap. That there would be a Glee Club next year. That Leary was engaged. That the Seniors are preparing a Greek play. That the President ot' the junior Class is a Sophomore. That tickets to the Promenade will be free. That Peter Pelegs Theocrastus Bombastus Pharselus Hancock is the first name of one of the juniors. That the lunch counter will be open in the Fall. That the book-store docs not make 99 per cent. on text books. That Hough will wear a wig. The kiss through the partition. That '95's Gopher Board would have thirteen members. That Dewey and O'Brien are successful assistants in French and history. That the K's will sell their pictures to the C-i P-i. That the feminine plural of May is Mace. That Miss Montgomery will take up her "cross" next year. Spear talk sense. Nachy say: "It is an indulging principle in all nature, as well as in 01.11 house, that big flies have little Hies to bite them and so on ad infinitum. 213 Ei Juxjior Girlis Hfjrerllj. Thanksgiving day drew near apace, Not a Junior girl had a smile on her face, But with eyes that were fierce, and with mouths drawn down, They were greeting their classmates, the boys, with a frown. For not one of the clears had a bid you see, To the Annual Reception that was about to beg Save the Prodigy fair, and the Poet tall, And-two or three others, that was all. ' What further angered each little maid, Her half a dollar'd been duly paidg For they were giving the reception you know, Yet weren't "in it" and couldn't go. The reception night came, and some of them went With Seniors g1'ave, on pleasure bent, One went with a lawyer, and one went alone, And two of them went with the brother of one. But .the Junior boys were there to a man, And they ate as only a Junior canp Some were with Freshmen, and some were alone, As though junior girls had never been known. But though to the reception tl1e girls didn't come, Their minds were far from idle at home, " While their brothers were eating their ice cream and cake, The girls were pond'ring the revenge they would take. For they thought of the leap year so soon to begin, And of parties to which not a boy should get ing So be watchful, my boys, or you'll learn at your peril What it means to have slighted a '93 girl. 214- uljior Igoyis gTilAOJ9Cl'DC1Dl. Next morn the juniors, out so late, Learned what would be their cruel fate. Deep gloom enveloped them meanwhile, The junior girls they would not smilc. The boys saw then, beyond all doubt, What "U" life meant with girls left out, They now repent and ponder o'er How best they can that peace restore. Till one bright Junior did perceive A party might the past retrieve. A meeting then is held one day, From which the girls are kept away. But at this they do not pout, They see the boys are budding outg For a party 'll be within the year, At which the girls will all appear. And now the Prodigy, fairest of all, Waylays the boys as they pass thro' the hall, And woe was he who came too late To make his mark in the book of fate. And tho' the girls were gracious and kind, A mysterious something was in the wind, For they were planning a pleasing surprise To open with wonder their escort's eyes. That night, when all had assembled there In the beautiful home adorned with care, How the boys did stare as the girls came down, Each one masqued in a "Greenaway" gown. To him was given greatest fame Who rightly guessed each maidcn's nameg And who would have tho't that modest Ben Was the wisest of all our Junior men, When masques were raised gloom clispelled, Rcvengeful tho'ts no longer heldg And every heart was gay and free With peace restored to '93. J. L. in 215 -5: 1ffIZ'3U::q Al, L, Ji XMQA. ,f x ,f, X . fglfmillw Sikh X W fasting ,- f VN 1 X X Sm 4 fj 5 f a ml 3 5 ff of", J ,RWAJ o .K 'KN fx .Jy ,N XX do! 'I K aegis fl ..Zi,i.,,,,5f A95 llictl waslixt-1 c-:ng Ojfij-tougyx "He well prepared before you go, The paragraphs all learned by heart, Thereby you will the better know He does not from the book departq He cannot then your mind beguile With aught but in the volume stated." "Lets stick more closely to the text." " We should get as many friends as possible and keep them." "A child, who, on being told that the atmosphere has weight and that it is compressible, reasons that the lower strata of air is more dense, would be an intellectual monstrosityf' ' Calling the roll in logic class towards the end ofthe term: "Confusion arises on account of the presence of the two Mr. Smiths on the same day." "For instance, now, speaking of association, you can't explain directly the relation between the dog's bark and his brain action, you can only speak dog- matieallyf' "I am-quite-well-really afraid that by changing their seats thus arbi- trarily. I have actually violated the ancient and well known law of natural selection, and caused a shade of sorrow to darken the countenance of several of the good looking gentlemen." "Now for to-morrow in Psychology we will take a somewhat shorter lesson. Beginning with the third word of the seventh line on page 159, take 2716 lines, omitting the fine print, no, I believe you had better take it. Now skip three pages-except the Hne print-in all making 24 pages, GM lines. Learn this topicallyg get it by de-tail." "A genius has just as much of an abnormal mind as an insane persong the only difference is, he is more useful." 216 V lllllllllllllllllll I um f r J !f! XMI xl ff X W iii file GOPHER .Board Saw jensen's small hands. George Merrill at Sinbad. Powell and Miss Colgrove occupying the Ariel editor's chair. Qierset smile. Knudson run his fingers through his hair. Miss Burns trying to corral Carel. Jones conducting chapel exercises. Hartley toll'd by a Campbell. The Sophs play foot ball. Pilly without Miss Livingstone. O'Brien in a dress suit and Birdsall in overalls. Barbs become Greeks and a Greek become a barb. Hough twirl his moustache. Bradford "making over" dresses. Babcock with one shoe blacked. Managing editor and chairman of tl1e literary committee when not together Borncamp keep his face straight. Miss Peters playing tennis. Miss Truesdale throwing kisses to the managing editor lnot of the .-lrielj Triggs growing? a mustache. Pierce when he wasn't all right. Grotte grow thin. Rossman run Sweigle. The Junior girls look handsome. Miss Lucy appointed assistant janitor. Yattaw full grown. The inside of the ladies parlorf?j. Maxwell Shylock Nelif. The girls playing foot ball. Love-ly Cupid with dark hair. Squires picking a rose. Miss Lyall catch a Pike. Mrs Frye kiss MacLean good bye. Silberstein watch the Cofajl-burn all day long. Miss Elwell Frost bitten. Vander Horck joined to De Kay E. Miss Adams start for Hoge-land. Profi Folwell without his basket. Miss Gilbert when she wasn't talking to a Kappa. Mrs Wilkins angry. Proii Clark round shouldered. 217 QPO 0905 OID l.1DlC!lCGll.1GIl 532194. ELL-hum-m-as I was about to remark, I hope none of you had so little grit in your makeup as to sign that petition to get out of physics-um-m-Seems to me by the time one gets to he a junior he ought to have a little of that essence ol' stick-to-it- iveness, vulgarly called sand, somewheres about his anatomy. Hum-m- Just think-this Junior class-biggest talkers in the whole institution- hasn't enough sand to buckle down to a little hard work-humph-no- you'd rather give up-confess yourselves scared out-daresn't tackle a term's work you dou't know anything about. Nervy, you are. What are you here for, anyway? To spend your father's hard-earned cash? Enjoy your- selves? Slide through somehow or other? Oh-well-yes-yes. I know they give me a tough reputation. Say I make 'em work mighty hard. Well-I'll admit 1 am a pretty tough customer myselfi In other words, they haven't learned how to study. What's that? Three hours on this lesson? Three hours nothiug!!!! Looked at the book and thought of your best girl. Think that's the way to get a physic's lesson, do you? If you do, you're almightjly mistaken. Work hard!!! Why man alive, clon't talk about hard work 'till you sit up every night till four in the morning, and then get up at five. Did it myself when I was in college. What ails you fellows is that you haven't sand-nerve-enough to get out and rustle. Of course I wasn't surprised that the girls should sign that petition. Girls--well-girls aren't supposed to know anything about mathematics anyway. But what under the sun made you fellows sign it and then elect physics? Oh-I see-signed it to help the girls out, did you? Pure philanthropy, was it? or the other kind of philos? Chivalrous-you are! ! !! Oh, well, I suppose they'll help you out of a fix some- time, so it's all right. All's fair in love and war. Come to think of it, I was taken that way myself once or twice. But the women might as well learn that if they are going to hold a place on an equality with man, they must take the same work and do it as well as he does. This coming around and claiming equal privileges, and doing nothing to substantiate their claims, don't go nowadays. But above all, don't sign petitions unless you mean it. See? 218 il? , U6.C'lL c jlo'5f5egUXC 4 lir1an4flxQ, Svapg , Xi K. M to O H J '90 . 2 Xa.. lpn?-,A2 5. v. ww ww M - fv Demons Yfgog"g'I,:' suen",An a ggi? . , ZH P ? wirfw a sprnfeb Lffle lfgwnl X 2 ? ? 7 U X..-f L, v R Q o 0 seen ua. -HJ T1xro'H1e4a'.r , ow- Q ivfp an if rm z 7 fi! ':.N 'Wy' 'Niffqofggscgn Hwe Loq ,."tS R0-FP? 6 Q XQ ' 'Lib 'TIE a. curvlous sglnf To SSC?- X f-XXX' ' x-V 'M Rx-, f-A-QQ oE seef1Tl1e kxsx ufjnouf. - A Tn-ke c.or-ner gr0 Esf:Le? huul ff ,l. . ,A I 61' cllamjpaghe dr-in sl'r'ol2eier?TE7!out, A h Q wine rheim LHef? mm71e2f A 4 X-gf" 5 ff g. N J , H V z A W , fl X W 251103 seen 7112 'ffm-not sfa.n5 W X-'fum ' .- . V ig " an? wa.Tc71 AA-' f5'QYi?f Shfon Bqrvevw- wW? CQPT e cur'e5 hfU"'7T'0f-ik Q TYNSTE'-'. I ,LQ J Qfusf fb sfsgvjm 131-ea,T row? -fs 'K 3,1103 Seen 7712 gmw-sTE5.k ' Dfw- an 5 r-bs mLod1inkS If an warmer . mme., :J 7 TQ 52495712 i3?l7l'El12NQC.Of'il, Vfiuile If pffgyegwjyvkfzrr in The Pram evening unm morn? cv Tlxa.TH1e w ire? 0511 e . Lila Qrgwmlliqg nMrj!rSLq5vW Q 'Q Leis :fs WW'-To'vrg3e run MSU ? 'f -' 81195. O li Qlryixicrsily of Qrlixyjcsolict. . Beside Mississippi's famed water, With oaks for her body guard strong, Stands queen-like our own Alma Mater The glorious theme of our song. A temple to truth is our college, Where worship will ever endure, A lane to that trio of knowledge, Art, Science, and Literature. Her aim is the mincl's education, Its wonderful powers to unfold: Its base leaden thoughts transmutation To noble ideals of gold. Whoever's her true son and daughter Should join '93 in the prayer, That long live our loved Alma Mater: And long live her friends everywhere! Hail! Institution of Learning! Full-orbed thy crescent is turning! Brightest of satellites burning Around l'6toile du nord. G. ,I-I. When the airy waltz is flowing From the violin and bow, How our feet are set agoing Ere we know! Long ago at Time's beginning, Long before a polka's birth, The Creator sent a spinning Mother Earth. Since the morning of Creation, She's been keeping up her ball, Dancing is her vocation, Life, and all. Let us, then, with one another, All the joys of life enhance, Children should be like their mother, So wc dance. G. E. H 220 i 3'-" ,-,V A , AN- , ..-W, I S -1,11 X: sv 'zaf- A1 --f ff.f'f-CIW! Q - ff- ,Gi :Hikari JAMA F 1 1 sq,-y f THE COLISEUM. S. C. A. BUILDING. THE CAMPUS, LOOKING XYEST. olcs ID girl by cuj tflrlisl. Y WAY of introduction let me call your attention to the relative im- portanee of free-hand and mechanical drawing. Where there is one object for mechanical drawing, there are nine hundred and ninety- nine lor free-handg if mechanical drawing extends to St. Paul, free- hand will extend nine miles beyond Chicago. That's the dillerence. The first thing for you to do, if you intend to become skilled artists, is to copy my rules for light and shade, and be sure to keep it in your drawing books: I cannot expect that all of you can keep them in your heads. If you 'll ' '1 ueit de'Ll of trouble for in that leave them at home they wi cause you . 3' z . , ease you have to carry a telescope about your person in order to see them. In preparing the coal for thc shading, it is not necessary to make powder of the whole stick at once. 1 came across some young ladies yesterday who had prepared enough to paint a barn door. -' f " ' - ' - L: t the Those of you who are continually applying actual measuiemen s o objects you are drawing will lind some difliculty when you come to draw from actual life. lust immagine yourselves applying the compass to a passing cloud, or the T-square to a dew drop or a microscopic obiect. I am glad to see that you are interested in drawing, but too much ofa good thing is not lor the best, even in this line ol' work. It is not essential to success to be so intensely interested that you have to draw your mouograms on the furniture whenever you may chance to sit. An exact circle is one of the most difficult objects for the student in free- h'u1d work nevertheless the majority ofthe class can draw them as perfect as 5 Y they can be made, with ordinary instruments made especially for that purpose. Q.,-. L 4 E mug, Prexjk 1 'ill fi 212' -f, i P . , i1,sl1i1li1iilw..:- Q M5 N L D'l""ou -DP.EUlvvc-lias ll gl! 5 ,N lv WFPQKJ.-lCi I1 self, mtl Dean Pelle? WET YA eu LITY HATS l"'l'HW . fp., 4 ' ' x Q. Q6 N ,Zz l l X X .-x . A if il f ' , vi f fi If --16' Z ' I 1' 0 ' , ' X ,ff VW AL ' 'L ' - SXENXQL-SA ND . ef? f f -- f.w:"J:f5fk.f , -' --H' - if ---... Slzljc Scicijcc ol- Gljccrlirjef. Of course none of you would dream of cheating-of course not-Sopho- mores never do. But by the way, while you are about it, just hand in all the papers on your desks. Now, as I was about to say, it takes a mighty smart man to cheat me. And another thing, if yon'rc going to cheat don't work oil' any of those stale old jokes on me. Don't write on your cuffs or finger-nails, or carry a Yale panorama. Don't put a pious expression on your face, a far- away look in one eye, and then read a paper three seats in front of you with the other. You see I've been thro' it all myself in my day. Why, when I was in college all the Profs. thought 1 was the most pious, innocent youngster in the whole class. You see, I cheated scientifically, which is the true secret of success. Don't look at me to see if I am watching. Don't look seared to death, but if you will cheat, eheat to make something out of it, and above all, cheat scientifically. Fiovx? lljc SCIDIOPS fuss Pljyslcs. "Now, Mr. W-l-k-r, this is the third time youlve taken Physics, isn't it?" "Y-e-s, I-I-think--so." "Well, just look here. I-Iow on earth can I pass you on this paper? You start out with a bare Statement--reason in a circle and come back to the same place. Give you one for your good intentions? Tl1e next-well, 0 is too high on the third. I'll stick to my imagination and give you ten. I see you wrote the fourth question down so I'll give you two." Sum 13.-"Now, Mr. W-l-k-r, how under heaven's wide dome can I make seventy-five out of that?" " Does seem rather hard, don't it?" "Well, rather! By the way, how many Cons have you?" "Just this one." "Is that so? The registrar told me you had tour." "Well, that there registrar don't kno anything about it." " But now tell me how in the name of eommoi can get out of' this?" "Why, that's dead easy-pass ine." you!! On second thought I think I will. There a' only way to get rid Of is to pass them-th ' W 1 sense we "I-Iumph, pass ie some students that t11e ey ll never get there themselves." 223 nr GV f g Acj tgjl Qgn N 1 ' i L or , JM pews T Q ,Weir C Alma mm 1 W 1 er 1-W Lf SfJ1Q.i,,sm"l2qm5' Q ' 'S Nu S ook? 9 Rhea r Q A' ' , EL . VU - . 99' Tim' FW tif-on 'Eve HU' - . 'fx . SW' 7301 'MQL1 Q" 4 q h f YS E 'TU gee? ue-ve,Zl,c'g?'BS ag . . X cone as ,flncb I Vet, 0 Gln' , Swe 7- HOYLPP x'WKspk ,X ne- ' , 4 cr- Sgem,SC"I!,al Yelfvcaot-'e' '43, ,K Ewn-3 P YIXQD Igeiistps CIMTZ kj I si' . .gap ?'im?Li-SF- S ann 67' ' -X 0, ' - M24 ' 2 dome We sxh im fi "M-'G' ' 3.2 - " 0 ' 32 ':1:g'. 1'fj:i31-fi Xp G e 7564 'Lei-T L N 'i '41 1 ,pQ6j A' Br-,E , EGU-t Y, Q24 ' Q H. fi 1. Wee '44 ,E L-f 'f ' ' P , w las vf to "VHF J ,gf - 4-. fgg,"fg1',z,, mfs a 9 gd, .7 l Q x, C 5 , Sim' recukgt '?T'edmS ' . A-Y 4-tv? g gtg Q form are Q., 7 Xanl' jj IZQT 'HIL 26 P0Segr'iT'of, xXN4'ZWgffrfff - -- ibtnws 1 lug? .,.g,,.gg I' Cxlyervs NI I U 'wf: ' 'Sl i i -l X" Jw T I o U ure tasnns rnermee. C0016-S To rqur' Tix-e 'fury of Ieqqi5 . 'ITS me Time wxlmen douxrbles . NAI? 'nyc 3008 .JS 5cLme,cro1ueT ygsqgvvv QCVE nn? Agum EUPITUSC , 'A Plcgles :IT off, 111 'Purogiitlp so o monqw mmq Jwrvle-s f "" gi, ,,,. Q, Time has usxber-eg Fqajdly W1 V1.3:ug:' 1?-Zi-S-'fxf Ang vu-iv-e nfs fm' Some Swee-T luke where The waves lq Xlqm,1qS5'x1yreqsK,. I xx. gy 11,6 white 150995-12-b,l1o5g1,n1 H , ' -Slurqloer-5 on'll1e Hyfyugeflxs l1US0'Tl A05 7112 mm-lar ev: r'ffJ12f'! ?C ' ,Sees The lqc-mn10cK?, swed wmfrnfe g ,Eu xl kxkx Kwai' X'xv L WQQEL Qt 1112 weak 05 SONIEIUTIE Pai" ITEBSQ clue nic Sf-uIPK9-xl in ,- Q, Lv l siwm Uk Ydnowl-1 nj 'wiht'- :, go qnoihkf' month use-QlCiSJP2, X ,My K Hvflgy Cnrfnoes wnl' Jud ang PIECLSJTP- 'W-GTE X Som has IMSSQS c-wvfj' Srum as JMS Jaeger-e we -Kemw 4-,or1oS'S xQ1gQg,f1qfQ, 1 . . . ,, Q ,A rqqqacs eww Ire als UI Qlckafflilg AQQUST Las H y Tcicziiococl-5 og E1DeIiislj.7' Lfxnncs ,xxn GliN'l'Ll5IKllEN on Tllli Flelasmmx Clnxss: -At various places and in divers places in the long ' t ' ' eycle of years now gone by, this course ol' lectures i iitiwl has been delivered by Prexy, Professors MacLean, , fa Ili". Sehwartzkoph, Sanfordland Yattaw. At length, as fi a last resort, at the most urgent request of the fae- il I-Iii' ulty, regents, and the general student body, espec- I: ,IP ially the Sophomores, who are most deeply inter- Y ' Z, 9 csted in the welfare of' the Freshman, I, the well known eonstruer of many languages, have with I' much hesitation and sense of modesty undertaken y i the somewhat arduous task of initiating the wild U and woolly Freshmen into the mysteries of Old J 959 l 1' ' .' . '. - . : Q ,Wm znghsh. As a fitting prelude to this deeply mtci- fg ,J estmg, most practical and profitable study, a short IT E M M,,,t!,,y talk on moral philosophy and theology may not ' ' ' f,"'W.' come amiss. In the first place, one ofthe most es- sential things for a Freshman to learn, a matter upon which his future pros- perity and welfare largely depend, in which the capabilities of a mind struggl- ing for intellectual supremacy may find full opportunity for the exercise ol' its highest powersg aye, where even the infinite longing soul itself' may find a so- lace for its sorrows and a pleasure for every pain is that laundry work Cby the way. patronize home institutionsj is not so very dear after all. Having fully realized and appreciated this most interesting, important and ethical fact, he will then be ready for the second lesson in the Catechism of'Children's The- ology, viz: Shoes should be blacked at least once a day. Ah, I see I have for- gotten mine this morningg fact ofthe matter Was, I had only one box ofblaek- ing, and I really, well really dislike you know, to go with only one shoe blacked. But as I was saying, if you ever intend to sit in the President's chair in the White House, while he is calling the servant, il' your ambition, in its wide per- amhulations, would lead you to behead in the footsteps of Julius Czesar, if the hidden longings oi' your heart impel you to strive to attain to the immortal glory of john L. himself, take me as a shining example and black the heels of your boots, il' you have to borrow a box of blacking. Another institution embracing in its outcome the most widely differentiate results, an institution very essential to the welfare of society, an institution reaching even to the nethermost parts ofthe earth, prevalent in the far distant land of China, is that of fingernails. Clip them short as you do your recita- tions. But the saddest sight of' many a day, one that caused the centre ofmy circulatory apparatus to flutter like the heart of a stricken doe.'was to see a lpfxgg lf C lgerlococlj O19 lggellislj. kind hearted and philanthropic maiden essaying to supply, with a hall' dozen pins tthat usful invention of the ancient Egyptian astronomersj the lack of buttons on the dress of the girl who sat in front of me. Sad, oh sad to relate, her attentions were eoldly received. In other words they don't speak as they pass by. You will further observe that 1 never part my hair in the middle. l con- sider that a breach of good taste in my present condition. Still there are those the balance ol' whose minds would bc destroyed by any other management of their golden loeksg so let them still revel in their wickedness. And now, child- ren, having iixed deeply in your tender hearts the sage advice, based on long experience with the cold and cruel world,wl1ich I have so kindly and gratuit- ously bestowed upon you, remembering that politics, not merit, eontrolls the world, that the wily Sophomore lies in ambush on every side, seeking whom he may devour, that sic vita est, and non compos mentis, that the unruly Sen- ior will soon be a thing of thc past, you arc fully fitted to launch your frail bark out upon the stormy sea of college lilc, a life, however, rendered soft and sweet by my continual, abiding presence. ,--usd L ff -1 p t is 1 3 W ' 'F V! t4 I fav' "ff f 414 ff if ff - -5-'T...,...?:f' On a. Foam-H Av:Ie.!4f' 1,2- Wig lggovx? Was it surprising, Spring just arriving, He should go riding? No. Why should he go though In a wheel-barrow? Ask Lou lor she'll know. Yes. Think you he was bright, Riding in full sight, Right in broad day-light? No. Thought she that none could see, Where neither shade nor tree, Hid them from students three? Yes. Gaily he took his seat. Down hung his many feet, Facing his steed so sweet So. Each handle grasped she strong, Lightly she tripped along, Thought not that it was wrong. No. Out on the public road, Full some Clfolsomj ten rods she Boldly she bore her load. Yes. Who then should come in view, But students not a few. Blushed she at those she knew? No. Back she her barrow turned. Crimson her blushes burned. Hard was the lesson learned. Yes. She-well she is not old. He-no I will not seold. For the tale itself has told. Yes. Moral.-Maids be hold at night Boys go riding out of sight, Otherwise be seen you might. Yes. strode. fin, Notice.-That barrow Lou hauled Hiram The same sinee then has oft been seen, Reminrlinff us of what has been. D Yes. ,IT 223 S fs nf 5 . , ' lf E? l A " i f 'A ' MF-5 if , PX SHN f A 'fl M ii - f 5 NNN IX "'r-- vga- M--X.. ..r?f:.'t.-- I 'Twas oe'r Nantucket's golden strand She wandered, parasol in hand, While he, in blazer, deftly rolled A cigarette as on he strolled. She was a blonde, bcwitching fair, With violet eyes and golden hair, Black were his eyes-his mustache, too, Was of the darkest ebon hue. Apart they walked, as strangers do, For neither one the other knew, I-le had arrived that very day, And happened on the beach to stray. Now, as they strolled she cast a glance At him, to see if he perchance Were handsome,'or if she might know His rank in liie, if high or low. When he, polite in the extreme, Returned the glance Las did bcseein A gentlemanj she dropped her eye, He picked it up and heaved a sigh. Now, when that sigh She saw him heave, Her senses she could scarce believe. A man so seeming weak and slight To heave a sigh of so much weight. 229 I-Ie rolled his eyes and blessed her, when She stooped and rolled them back again And, when he thanked l1er cordially, She smiled upon him tenderly. They strolled together now and talked As by each other's side they walked, He told her of his lasting love, And called her his sweet turtle dove. She laughed at this and tossed her head He caught it-gave it back and said: "O, let me be thy slave, and I Will at thy every bidding fly." "Then be my slave, obey my whim, And fly away," she answered him: But he, of course, did not do this, But Hew at her and stole a kiss "O, villain! base and bold!" cried she, "Give back that kiss you stole from me." He did, 'tis useless here to state. With compound interest up to date. And when they parted, people say, She had already named the clay: At any rate I know one thing- That very day he bought a ring. 230 W. O. S X . 6 X ,.-.f X , ... 7, ,.,,- Q X S .,i4 -i X + Q Q 1 7 X " A 1 '-,ur X ff, . wi:-lv ., Q ' fg , I,-1 -Qllfb ,QQX QX. 1,119 , L f -K nulw I X :HM v-X ,fl Q x Qx I x X X f 'x 1 0 1 M ,hlf L ' 1' rg , , - K R913 I 'N 0 F F 'H' 4f5QQ ' iwfI5WW if: X- Y H fn !,sfA I , Q, , H11 U fviv N -:,?:iQ-If .X W4 ' , ":qf",,I 'iff Y, . ,,.jL'v lu g , xg, - 1 , D uf-K If Kfgmlf: Q . 4 f Mfg S LAM A5 "fLf-do . X U :5 ' ..g,, gl i 5 fm 3 X Q: ,, X 'Q ,1 W1 Y -E 5 3 lg. :i,'gf,Q'k M A :'f g Q f fcf2f'L4,1,-,', A- -,:1ii, , ,. E, . QQ-fa. Q, . 4' f , Q., ,l 4, . ...ggi 1,jgf',1f4niA,,L ff VZ- -if ff? Q QQQ- ' qty! A 46 f ff- ' ,iff Z,.ff- ' ,,A..1fj ,ar ,ull if" ff' I TPREXY Wlbuc I we Qgilw' , . H n s P L c 5 H . i 1 , fffx., 1 N 'E EOWNLY ,anti ' " gl N G A mmm ' WMI -'Wil Q E WQWW ff ,ffhi VW WH, ' , er-' mf -twxfllfmg HI I L "" . I W ' ----Y. 'l l j 'VW - IKXLVX, mi.-f S SRX 7 "l7iwog - 231 I - 1 1, ,N Z - - f , X Z -L V 'Q "Am 4 u 4 f bv . I U T 'r 1' ,? f A Q f ali: if' 'jrlvx fx, 2 X .fit ,f".:.i Y ' , ,, f XQX ,, lx , Q, ff ,A X -5-rl' f Xf S 0 1 Q X Q f jimm Q 444 Q , X Q X 5 X X Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q Q AQUA W IJC of CI rl2bOLISCIIDCl. S A STUDY, Prof. Macmillan far exceeds any of Q the specimens in his own herbarium. Belonging x to the class-man-he exceeds the ordinary as K"""f much in his mental capacity as in his size, hav- ... X ing, as we learn from friends at Lincoln, Nebraska, aston- B ' ishcd them by his work in the Classical Department. and "'N T5 I still more so when he turned about and became a scien- I ' X' he tist of the deepest and most typical kind. --- T, He will be most easily recognized when he has on his X velveteen coat, glasses, brown derby, and carries t11e cane without which his toilet never seems wholly complete. A true follower of Del- sarte, in that his feet seem to be continually trying to catch up with the rest of his body, he presents a unique and scientific appearance. Abrupt he is in every move, and this is his most striking characteristic, as one realizes with new force whenever one is cut od' in the middle of a question with a short affrmative that may mean yes or no. But for all his youth, he's wise, and being wise and odd, it behooveth those who have him to study and learn. X as-'5 p wx ' Q5Nf ' gf! W - 1 I fx wx al XIACHTRIHU AND ills PETS. 232 'PHO YOlO!'5'p1'fParc'Jq'f:cg0ly-G49 '5Efd4'!9 - - Taufcwiifl iff' Gvafwgw. -1-'Ykwgy YJVFW ' 'R-WEE " , 1 X - ms- if .. , 1" "?S4!-fi 4 .- if ,3,,3.i,,.1-lvzks-lwkr F n- gg . , . J 'W' 'MW fo ' W' " f- ' 1 ' s ,dvi F.. -n g -,- m 1 F 2 5 F QA J L ' i-1919 -m- fr I Qv- ix' '40 'bu low'-Cf 'LT 't iff' :fix fi? v ' f 5'qxcJ'b ' A wad Xl' 'ff 6 -ffgfbsiog 'nw fr F fy 1' too- ,L1 7 Q --5.1-V - .1 ,I - 1- , 55' gg- -jI,- .ik -gh,y.decRqr-who-Q -.1 " '-1-'T bxfmxx.giNl'-rhr ww .ew WMM' qv -1 fy X J' Q STWT' V fu 9 .. u. Wljv lxk ... -- I - ,Q 111 . MQ ' .- if il --Y pg 90 - ,-- ' ' -fvw. 1' ' ' K 5" -' --' '- - 1 Q. ' ? a,wa:'s 1 A .ms-uSx2xw-MQW-09' I FL f 1 T: :KH-yy gun--PQXV C99 "I xxx V' '-'- - .rims - .-,,.,. -X 1 152 H" X ix 'J Q Mk , y fx Q KSJ M' 7 7 Nrfhtiigfi :QTJQ .- -,..-9 , I 1 nf- . , Q Q Q - , if X ..-iL,49. X K X ,Xxx QNX X . - 4 X-Q 1' , -As" '4 uf 1 11' . NX . '-..Q, X 1 X..-,' " .1 lyxoo WI I Jug! -'htjovtmfilqvg . I ' I V -rw'K1 ik?:! .4 ggi ':..,.:"-- 2 rg: 6, "- YBY3- Cin 1'-Mfg u .33 cluccnliioij. We had thought for many ages, As we studied o'er the pages, Men alone were meant for sages, Women should not share our lore, But as o'er our books we're gaping, Yes, and sometimes even napping, XVe have heard a noisy rapping, Rapping at our college door. 'Tis those females, we have muttered, Rapping at our college door, Only that and nothing more. We were constantly maintaining Female minds could not have training Without suffering some strainingg Still in vain they did implore. Firm were we, and all believing In colleges alone receiving man, and still Continue leaving maids without our college door. And we still continued leaving maids Without our college door. Let it be so, ever more. But that knocking, never ceasing, Seemed to be ever increasing, ever Pleading, coaxing, teasing, till Our hearts were sick and sore. And the longer we resisted, still the stronger they persisted, Till we tho't the throng enlisted must be many thousand score Till we tl1o't the throng enlisted must be many thousand score Still we answer, never more. Yet these maidens, nothing daunted. Still their powers befbre us Haunted Till our very halls seemed haunted By their never ending roar. Then we heard them all accusing That the cause for our refusing Was because we feared of loosing honors we had had before. just because we feared of loosing honors we had had before. Merely this, and nothing more. But at last there came a feeling, That we could not help revealing, That this most sincere appealing It was useless to ignore. Pride and wisdom whispered, " do it," And our conscience drove us to it, Tho' we feared that we might rue it. So we tore away the barriers and opened wide the door, So we tore away the barriers and opened wide the door, Saying, " Enter ever more." 234- I JLICCIIIOU. Now we've learned so much about her We could hardly do without hcrg And we never more will doubt her As we used to do of yore. Womans' worth appreciating, Mind of man and maid equating, She will End a welcome waiting Always at our college door. She will find a welcome waiting Always at our college door. Welcome here forevermore. -E. L. C. J CIDIOI' GIGISS GTGGA. I believe in air universal and air in particular? I believe that every one of my male members should be trained tojanitor duty, such as opening and shutting windows, and that every female member should ask at least three times a day for "more air Professor." I believe that Prexy isf all rightgi' that memorials are expensive, that girls should have their way, that athletics are my forte. I believe in Dr. Folwell 5 SEZ in quiet electionsg in monopoly of chapelg in peace- able communion one with another, and that the glory of this University will de- part when I go hence.-Ah, there! 'Especially in Juddy's room. 1-He invited mc to his house once and fed lTlE.f' ilfle believes in fresh air. LIIDIGP GLEISS. I believe in tranquility, the all powerful text book, and the eiiicacyof petitions. I believe in religious organizations. I believe that my only recreation should be politics. I believe if I persistently discountenance invocations, shun ill social in- tercourse, keep out of all oratorical contests, I shall escape the Fiery remorse of conditions and failures, and shall ultimately, complete in all my parts, with not one member lost, be gathered unto the Alumni. 235 rcujslcrlioigi. " Il devenait solicluire de la France." He became solid with France. " D'etatllir un chair cle langue torture." To establish Z1 chair of the language of '1lLl1'l2!l1'llS 51 Auf clem Riicken deises treuen Gefiihrten SCl11'lCl1.H " He wrote upon the back of his true friend." "Ne soyez pas si infutne de votre espritf' "Do not be so struck on your intellect." "Irrumpit cuhieulum menum mater." BORNCAMI'-"My mother snatched away 1uy little bed." Pnoif.-"MzLkc it ll crib and he clone with it." Pllclc-"Are you very hungry? L-21-l Avcz vons une grande lemme." PIKE fblushingl-Non muclemosclle. If you flon't see this look it up in the Inrlex. 2313 tx S xi ry. " K .4 5, KE , ' Q f- -'Q' Q 9- 6 V, -f .z QS Q fd, o - 5 1- 55 0K . lv ff 5 W' Koloa, s E QA Maps q 6,56 I Noovxw N35 :fx '-05' - 1? Q RQXQ' f n QD X00 9 V i Q, 'S Vv Oo A S' .A Q so , ffm, cw., Qs .- NGS 0 Q0 Gm- I eff. WS all XM' 'je 'fs 5'6" XX 'Ji' :xi .sweet :gif A Quai 4 51" 1-5.-The motley crowd commences to C GX In U l . - arrive and nut cracking for entrance be- ,,, , 1 gins. 1 I l n' if 0.-The " Champions" begin practice. , Z X 10.-First Conffreffational church re- -. ft Km I ceives students mal iiiofessors. ..,. , 5 5, ..' J llfi.-':cA:'iel" dropsciu tor liislfirstiial-l. lt? My , M .1.- . .J-ers msis on scnc mg 'ieir 5 6- I V QW, 'lu Ntokens to the dear ones through the Ariel -' V .A ' i 16 and 17.-Solicitous and flattering fgf' il! , -care bestowed upon the Freshmen. ,il 2, A Yam, ,G M? l 19.Tll1nior election of ofiicers. ' li 33 1 if' ' 23.-Dadclyturns ns loose with the rest 1- X H 'gd QM of the farmers to enjoy the Harvest Fes- ' ' 'llYlii.3'-5ll- 5 tival. A 'Sa 5. , f X 25.--We and the big-uns hold class , TTS, M - f' ff. meetings. llligyfflhgffiinlzl' T X ' ff 26.-More of the same without us. iQW.'-'liL'-7"' - ll I- Kyfgx 29.-Soph's elect their chiefs. 1215 f V 3.-Sophs and Fresh too many forp - u wwf chapel, and "Pa" too many for the!i W ii , j Sophs. 'V X , 'Vi'-Q F 10 -Sophs and Fresh meet-at cliflercnt ,, , 5, ml ' 5- times. ' 'P 13.-Ward Ames appearsin chapel with X a swelled head and a W. U. pin. ' ' f K 16.-A gentleman from the country isi v '-."'f,X,u RL 0 ml let loose in the ladies' parlor. A ,fx ' 4'4f,Qf,'f, acne., V X tiff 17.-Foot hall team drops a game to , fffifffff 2.4. f lyl Af' 1.4 ,- the ex-collegiate a'fgregation-4- to 0. A U-ivf l" Y4JQ3 21.-Y. M. C. GA. state Convention X U 'yi -X 11. ,qllllx ' bl! A T opens with the " U" Association. 1 ,. ' ff' X ' Q9 if 24.-Thefootball-ometerrecords,"W1s- RF . Q li cousin. 121 U., 26. was-ij X c U Y 26.--Geological Seniors leave lor Tayl- iA"'F"5 I Y or's Falls to-Llill it in 'ourselves.j 1- ' ,- ,PL 1-M 4 9, , . 5 a fh V 13 14 27.-Return ol thc same. I ,Ni " Q """4l' V - ' 31.-Grinnell and 'Varsityvcall it a tie. y ff, ,f i " 'j All : Q -' nfl. -'ff - e- --e -- . A .4 - h 4,5 ,. .,r 35-499, ' 3' -Q .- 'Wx l a ll +I' 'fi ,V I Qiw f 7' X49 A . ,, ff X7 W -' v - VA l .Yi ly 4 7 t wal- , 1- X i xt Q wi it in +A ,- ,.E.J"....,, - 1 it I .V I 1 L , 'E-i , f ,f l v ' ff K, ' :N f I 5. Sf ' 2, ' ' --GF" Mg . ,g . . R , kv 3 .. 237 'An ye Rich, iQ..g, 1Q....,if I. The West Side girl, bows her stately head And fixes her stylish lips In a firm hard way, and lets them go In spasmodic little sips. II. The North Side girl, removes her speeks, And freezes her face in a smile, And sticks out her lips like an open hook, And eheweth her gum meanwhile. III. The South Side girl, says never a word, And you think her rather tame With her practical view of the matter in hand, But she gets there just the same. IV. The East Side girl, the pride of tl1e city, Whether wife, widow, or miss, Looks into your eyes, with her startling orbs, And puts her whole soul in the kiss. V. The Carleton girl, is a trifle shy, But she gradually sees the point, And gets off her base, if you stop with a try, And goes home with her nose out of joint. VI. The Hamline girl, in her orthodox style, Suips her kiss like a Methodist preacher, And you think a big think, with a cold in your breast That she'll never need you for her teacher. VII. The St. Paul girl, l1as an iron nerve, And her lips are tough and callous, And her kiss is as cold and as eheerless too As the breeze from an old ice palace. unsentimental beware. 233 ij CIFC, RCICJI. VIII. I have sung you a song of girls that kiss And set lTlEI.Il'S brain in a whirl, Hut to reach the height of this earthly bliss You should kiss the State "U" girl. r lk. XVith arm 'rouucl her waist, and her lace upturned In a sweet, eoniicling way, You care not for the whole wicle world, Though the wind tll1'0l1gll your whiskers play. X. As closer together your lips you draw, Till they meet in a rapturous glow, The small boy hidden behind the fence Cries, " Gallagher, let her go ! " In behalf of our German and Irish bretheren, who, perhaps, haven't the opportunity to experiment upon the rest, we submit the following. I. The Deuteher girl mit her zwei little lippen Is buxom and rosy and rounclg But her kiss is as noisy as Bismarck in war, Two parts sweetness, to fourteen of sound. II. The girl from Cork, with her Irish blue eyes, Has a rich and "ilegant" brogueg She puckers her smackers, gives you two little crackers And calls you her Uschwate little rogue." elk 0 4' 15 V Q rf if v ,. . P, W-, .qv . uv I ,-W' E 4 4 ,,, ,S hiv 1. . ss e f f- 5?f.f name . as ' Q v ,Mtn G -'sxxc fi' Q 'IWAL ' 4 figxif EE' X. ,, s tlllyy, A B IFE:-E, :cl.uP'r4c rf E? 0 fl X I iffifff "Don't think of the figure, just cut loose and swing right out into the heavens." "I predict that the spectroscope will be used in the future more than any other instrument in procrastinating the weather." W' In 18-1-4 the satellites went on their way rejoicing." 'l"'We do not realize the earth's motion, but were it suddenly to stop, we l s lould take a rapid journey Eastward at the rate of nineteen miles a second." IEIHSOHIC of you don't know, perhaps, that Ig. Donnelly is ubiquitous and eternalg but in Alexandria, something like 400 years ago, iust before he beffan . CI work on his Cryptogram, he started out to prove that the ancient Egyptians knew all about astronomy. His proof was this: In the group of pyramids near Thebes, take the third one in the left hand row, facing South: divide the sum of the lines forming the base by one-halfthe line drawn from the vertex to the Northeast corner, multiply this hy the slant height, divide by 31416, add three-lburths the altitude. multiply by 206,265" and the result is approx- mately IT. Ergo, the ancient Egyptians knew all about astronomy." E "For instance, this comet would make the linest kind of a good, old- fashioned, Dante's Inferno, orthodox, Hard-shelled Baptist Hell. Clixeuse me, I am a Methodist. I mean Hadesl. At pcrihelion it will bring you close up to the sun and make you sizzle and frizzle until a faculty meeting would seem nethermost spaces of outer- eool by comparison, and then whirl away to the most chaos, where a chunk of ice would serve for a coal stove." ' "The harvest moon, like other rounders, is always fullest at about three in the morning." ll "You have probably observed that in cases of necessity we must some- times make use of even the most humble and homely apparatus. Now to illus- 9? "' 5- :15-H-'i-1 ' re 0 f-YZ"-I D f' Y, -1 1+ 5.034 f-r'r-T "-1:-O "" - 226, T:-2 ...c-sg-'S' 'L' -1'-1... - 92-:Q 2. 5 "'-0 F? ZZ-' pt 5' EQQA 3 :,,.-if: pe 7' O 50:1 -h :L-"4 ff ::nPg F ,.. ."l4Z.-1 0 -....- 0 .11 :- 9 I S' ..- 5 :ff rr 2 F P In " 'ng : .. .- 6 .L-" :Tl '-' 5,-1 O -C U7 gf,-Q Q Qi ,., EE. 2 25 E "2 ..... ,., an U-I '49 5 'T-' u: f' : o .. F- ..- E 2 .4 5 - cn. E7 -A f-1 'U O 2 n ... .. re ..- .. rn -: 9 Orbit not exactly determined-lialimle to appear at any time. 2-1-O EAR Papa: You can't imagine how strange and funny it is at the University. I have a real nice boarding place but I spend most ol' my time at the University, if at my rccitations and studying in tl1e Ladies parlor. That is what they call the room where thc girls put their hats and coats and get together and talk it ':" 1' about everybody and comb their hair and sleep. 'A Sometimes they all get to studying out loud and f':5'l' then every body gets mad at everybody else and goes off' somewhere else to study. There are so many teachers here I get them all mixed up. One that I have, Mrs. Fry, teaches in Paradise Lost an hour every day, except Tllursdays when we are iree that hour. She wears glasses, and it is real hard to tell whether she is looking at you or not, but if you take your chances, and look her straight in the eye, you are all right. This is a class of Juniors that am in and these juniors love each other so much that they can't.exist an hour without seeing each other and and so one comes and raps at the door and calls another out just to look at him and tall: to him. Otherwise they don't seen1 so alteetionate. Another of my teachers is Frenchy. They call him that because he teaches French but his real name is Mr. Benton. Sometimes he says something in French and the class all laugh because they know it is a joke, but they don't see it. A French joke is an intricate problem. Then there is a funny little man who teaches "Anglo Saxon and Tidiness." He merely gives lectures on the latter subiect however. They must be heard to be appreciated. There are more of them that I have not told you about this time but my time is all gone so no more at present from Your dear, A. M. 241 Slzljcrl RPCSlD1'IJGl1D Early. l. T'was a11 evening in December, In the year of ninety-oneg Well to be remembered By those who shared the lllll. The night was dark and gloomy, The moon was hid from view, But 011 tl1e watch was Yattaw, Besides a cop or two. II. For on' tl1is evening were assembled, In Pattee's legal hall, Freshmen of all description, With maidens great and small. The air was filled with music, With joy they all were bles't, For Dorsett was to serve below His rarest a11d his best. III. To the lecture room they wended, Where the sumptuous feast was spreadg Each green but gallant Freshman, A blushing maiden led. They were bragging of their bravery, How the Sophomores they would fightg Wl1e11 suddenly the gas expired, And all was black as night. IV. In the tuinult then e11sui11g With its hubbub and its roarg Though oft assailed, he never quailed, Great Yattaw kept the door. The maidens hid ill corners, Tl1e braves roared loud witl1 fright, For they feared the bloody Sophoinores Were surely there to fight. 2-I-2 I Rrcsljrrgczrg Poorly. X" The door Out rushed tl 1 f But: before thi I They were sprawling in Although they kiek'l Although thev ibn lt was rent nsnnder, le rightened bnndg 1. freshics knew it, the sand cc and shouted , ' gl and toreg Son ' IC xx ent nenrer heaven Than VI. The scattered Freshmen guth In 21 hired dancing hull. But that pepper was so thiel They found no fun at allg So with bluckest hate in eve1 With blood in everv they ever were before. ered, iv 'y heart, . CYC- They left for home determined To do those Sophs or die. 'U3.-A. C. xl. n. n. 'r.-'U-14 Q' G 10 X433 KF +9 'F NM 4.:f,':m1h 243 csjemc o"i cr Gcujeiiclcrlc. AY, are you going to run lbr President? No, are you? Well, I had not intended to, but seeing you requested me to and don't want it your- self, I guess I will. How many votes can we get? T1lE1'C,S yours and mine to start on, that will make a good nucleus, and one big advantage is that we know just who we can count on. Say, take Miss D-- to the concert to-morrow. You can work her all right, and I will see Rossman and have him get his managers for the different classes at work. Now, let me seep if I promise the Pi Sioux to support their candidate for Presidcnt of the next Freshman class we will have twenty-two votes, and then I must cocldlc Mi- a little and he will think I am the best man in the world for the place. Let me think. Oh, yes, it was the Alpha Zeta's who took a man away from Delta Omega Gamma last year. Well, I will tell them tha't they have a good chance to get even now, and then when I promise my support to thc Barbs for the next Ariel election and sign thc base ball and S. C. A. subscription lists, I think I will have done all I could without appear- ing anxious, for I don't want an oiiice, ifI have to get it by wire-pulling. Of course, a fellow must let his friends know he is running, and that reminds me I will have to buy two tickets to the show up at chapel to-morrow night, or else the Chi Alpha Tau's will feel hurt. Now I must say, we have no combine, but that we have at least sixty votes sure, and that the other man has cholera infantum with an inherited tendency toward pulmonary meningitis. Well, as I said before, if I get elected no one can say this wasn't a clear case of the ofiice seeking the man. The day after the election in which his opponent was elected by a vote of 197 to 3, this memoranda was found on the chapel Hoor: Dr. To 1 subscrip. to base ball, ---- - Eli 5 00 To 1 " to S. C. A., 1 00 To 1 " to foot ball, 1 00 To soda water, - - 10 To soda water, - 10 To 2 tickets, concert, 1 50 To street car fare, - 20 To loans to "friends," - 3 25 To printing of ticket, 50 Total, ----- S 12 65 Cr. Three votes at 356.3215 per vote, - - 12 65 Balance, ---- - IJ-- D- 24-4- FH . A .Ig W - ,, Yu lf, my wx,T-'-"'f- A ,LS g -K - ,va mf - xx fl x W A flirtevson worlii In 32x-DEN MAKE., Af'-ONS DANE LL 50" 6 ' nu 'rf-we: Home caoumns. cf' Af ' X ' I ff-E1 f ax ' Q We Q xx ff X ' N 5 . , A W I' w w 15,3 Q- j' gf, Hy '41 1,2 JLQLQV ' CRANE LD ' 45' EMS UP A FLY - F1.f.vSC?lfwf' 'HAwz.aY mmas A Q. BREAK IN T,-1: 50,4 Sham . . L 7 Qi., X CD gg . 'M V X P It W H Z jf! A9 BQ X X' fy! ' f M! , 1 fi ,I - 45 H C! 1,14 LEARN: mxes ONE' or BRABEC,S ACHARD AN 'NSHOOTL UP-Curkvss. coRlRS WT Asmom G. KAWLEY 2 ,MX , L1 'rAnasA f KY' 1'4sa.uanIs 4 Mi , Cf-Kolci-3 ofwsmn ,Q XA 3 GETS ONTO N , A HIGH-FLWGRJ ,KX ' X-Q" M' HAM1.1Ne "' nf' IIXSE HALL AT THE 'VARSlTY. 24-5 c glory of lljc A certain Freshman, once avowed To those who happened near, As he pursued his college course, No girl should interfere. "I'm here for business," said he, "And it shall bc my rule: No one shall point at me and say, 'Another match at school! " "I shall not do as J-dd-e did, I will not be so silly. I will l1Ot do as C-- -s has done, Or even our friend P----y. I see the bad effect they have, Those fascinating looks, My glances shall forever Be fastened on my books." Well did this freshman keep his wordg Most wonderful to say, Hc had no time for girls at all, Until a certain day. He chanced to meet a certain miss, The lady sweetly smiledg One look from out those charming eyes The student's heart beguiled. Alas! Our worthy student, Most bravely did he try To keep his resolutions, Oh, whither did they fly? And when he seemed succeeding, And tho't the spell was o'er, Along would come the maiden And smile at him once more. And now, no more a freshman, Much wiser has he grown, His old time foolish notions Have most completely flown. No more he hides himself in books, Nor chapel does he shun, There was no use for him to try, 'Twas plain the deed was done. 24-G '?"NQvsmL S A ff ' A If-:cs are slnwi dropping olfgold '. QQ ' ' " I ' ' T e .Y V' J if i C ' C5 li yl1mEiW'llnsQ00'L.m0NJ l . -. ' .F ."'.f-is n I ' . ' ' , lpn Tries his 1701l'lUr3ouL I Sol is Ci 'ch wild W'5fl moamngvi o .-- - , filxi ll i ,-f V Ll7.fg1,, ig 'Um ' houSC T' X-' e A -xii 1 Nov. 1.-Attempted introduction ol' ul ' X , new yell. ' 'i I," f 'P -"U" F. B. tezun-"ll" of Io " P T1 if 'D' lB.te'un' 4-9-4 i' 'W 4.--Bzirnev sulxstzmtintes l?l his repu- I 7 f i ff l . . - 3 . 3 . ff JA , tation lfi as il seralppe ' ' ' " f ,' ft l 6 -De'1n l att '- I NU- ' , ,meetings held by the "lxookt'ul hloek- age ' I ,l1ends." -:2"ig.5e-, , .-A 1' l 1-L.-The "BzLrlJs" ol' 'S-I-L give their 7---'mf ' first party. i ll is if ., L, , i s. i t .,. . 1 :17211 , A J"'S.., -:. Q 1 we ll' A 4, P i W on ell ff iii P' f M K-X, IJ li W lui . . ' tc., jr., entertains his fraters and their ladies. S.--The smile and " Squire " call round. 12.-Yth number ol' the series of class 17.-Fil'SllHC!l1J und lmutton " commit- tee meeting. 18.-Frenehy tries to spring ntioke. 20.-Eli Perkins lectures under the 'spices of J. E. 21.-Bloody SllOXV'lJZlll fight. 25.-Tlizmksqiving reception. 29.-Qi. l'. rl. gives an iIlilll'l'llIll tion. Dee. 1.-We hegin to suv wood again. 2.-Birdsall becomes lieziwl-sall. -Dr. Folivell gets the dates in his joke bool: mixed. " lilztnlcet " story No. 2. -1-.-The whiskers do peep, the girls do weep, and Phillie is in his glee. 7.-Prex leaves to visit the lhrmers. S.-jones delivers an finished oration. 10.-Chaplain llirdsali oliiects tof ml ifgueen Nlilfgllfctyh curses in RiCll2l':Cl Ill.: , , X 'i' i. gf, '..- 4 12.-Fiasco at the Law Builciingx .15 .A 'AW fi, .8191 ef' ji gh! "Pretzels" donates his eravnt to tnei 'J as i. ,pf ,Fresllies and theydanee to the tune ot Wi" -, K" ' ' Ithe recl pepper fiend. 'W 1 ' L iff wi f ,fm 4. .1 .. . '- "'li'i - . 'dv-AR 5 1 'f v f -" U 0 - i v V' '3 ' JAZZ , I csv ,ifqv -p -W . rigid ' -A .swf ffif , '.w. lu, in L 4, I, vm? .V - - 1 Iwi .nm . 2 . X --:v ..,' f- .l f' -.g f '41 JW it . if l, i iii"-f gill g I, 5 Mg' -'?',f-"y',g251 i L ,, ll AVN ujjg ' -X' 'H fl f tfi : rj i q I V -i. wfiili i f-"1-' iff f-' 3 ' ,f V f ' ' 3 'ff' ' ' . 2. ' ,' ...I 3 1. . L,- A1 247 ! 5 I 1 I I . 1 PILLSHURY HALL OX FIELD DAY ulsicle expel Igsicli. A girl with wealth of nut-brown hair, And cheeks couleur dc rose, My window passes by each morng Who is she? Ah! Who knows? A Saxon lad across the street I see is coming down, With golden hair, and sunny eyes, And face a healthful brown. Daily I watch these Freshmen pass Each side the quiet street, They come, they go, so near, so far! And yet they do not meet. 'K '96 'K' N' N' 46 if -M- Gone are the golden autumn daysg It is December weatherg Little it matters to the two, For now they walk together. 'I ' 41- 'K' 'K' N' 'K' -ll' 'X' Four years are passed, in College Hall An usher finds me place, And there among the graduates, I see my dear girl's face. She is my girly although she knows Not of my blessed claim: Child of my heartg while she is called By yet another name. And there's n1y ladg a manly man- His mother seems to care Less for her son, than for the gems That sparkle in her hair. How eagerly I watch the twog And proud am I to see They lead the class, and yet I know They have no thought of me. They were inside the College walls,- I was outside, and yet, The noble boy, the bonnie girl, I never can forget. - A. H. R. 24-9 i S ,gg gow GRI D5 M'27Qz4as G. Lto Hind, throwing paper over the iloorj-"If you're not careful Yat- taw will issue a writ of man-dam-us." Hind--"He'll issue it without the 'man,' then." Judson-"What was thc name of this parliament?" M-r-i-l-"God bless Barebones." Mrs. Fry fto Miss Ad-ms, about to read the essayj-"Is this is a joint production? " Miss Ad-ms-"No, we each wrote one and mine was thc best." S' -l-'- -' fin U. S. History!-"-People went armed almost constantly in m 1 1 e 1 those days and sometimes even went to bed with their arms on. l P 't'ms resenteda tmillinery' pe- junior Girl fin Historyj-"Oh,yes,t1e uri . p tition to the king." 250 PIIDJS crgcl Jolgcs. Hough lto T-y-l-r entering latej-"You will lind a seat in the next room." Han-n in-" What was the fodder of the Papal bulls?" Powell-" Provisions." CCI1-se and M-l-er calling on Misses M-e-e and Poe, conversation lagsj- M-l-er-"Miss M-c-e, where is Miss Poe?" Miss M-e-e-"Oh, she's sleeping up-stairs." Ch-se Qimpulsivelyj-"Yes, I thought I heard her sleeping when I came in." Professor fspeaking of the " Black Death"J-" Why did the people die more rapidly in the towns than in the country?" Ward-" Because there were more of them." Pike to Fr-st ltranslatel-"Which is the stronger the ring finger or the forefinger ? " Fr-st fblushes and hesitatesj. K. C.-"What is the botanical name for peacock?" Soph. fto Freshmanj-"Do you have Ifmerton in history this term?" Fresh-"No, we have K. C." Hough-f' Why, finally, do we need friends?" Lunke-"Because birds and other animals love each other." S'g't. Pattee fafter roll call in Co. Aj-"All those not present please an- swer to their names." fFive minutes for laughteixj - . Ca-s-d-y fin surveyingj-"Are we expected to carry all these formulas in our heads?" Prof. Hoag-"Not and enter this room." St. Paulite lspeaking of Springer whom he sees in a 'U' cap, smokingj- " Well, 1'hat's the first Salvation Army man I ever saw smoking." S-g-v-l-d-s-n fnoticing a sprouting Pisum rationni in McMillau's laboratoryj "Thank heaven! Peas on earth and good will toward men." Hough-"What is the function of a noble man?" Cr-ss-" The function of a noble man is to harp well." Miss Sa-d-f-rd fto Cates reading his essay in a hesitating wayj-"Mix C., perhaps if you had brought the book you got this from we would get along faster." ' Mrs. Fry-"Is Miss Bolton present?" Goldblum fbasso profuudoj "Here!" Prof. Brooks-"What does 'IT P O 4' P .Q N' mean, Hartley?" H-r-t-l-y--" Er-um-well . " Prof.-"Why, heartilyg fHartleyJ, of course." Ex-Gov. Pillsbury fto Sp-ar and Trig-s reporting proceedings at the State farml-'f Well, boys I suppose you'll be going back to the farm, to begin seed- ing in a day or twog take good care of the pigs, pork'll be high in the fall." 251 CIDA Jokes. Miss J-h-s-n-"This is one of the maxims which has come down to us from posterity." Judson-"What was the penalty for heresy?" ' Pr-tt-"For the first offense burning at the stakeg tor the sccond-for- the--second- I've forgotten what that was, professor." Hough-"What is a dilemma?" H-r-s-ll-"It is a dilemma with two horns." Mrs. Fry-"I believe we should get all the enjoyment that we can here and then we'll have plenty to do in the life to come." B-r-s-ll-" Oh ll Whew! ! ll Jones fin a lecture on the quadrant electrometerj--"A n1an that uses this instrument will never go to heaveng I can certify to that." Nachtrieb fin zoiilogy classj-"I shall be able to attend to you at once in a little while." Hou h-"Mr, Ba-n-v Jlease 'five a concrete exam le of an external stimu- g . . is P lus somethin that draws and holds our attention." Y Barney-"A girl." Y-n-g fto Prof. Clarkj-"There is only one thing in my whole course that I have found dullcr than Livy." Prof.-" What may that be?" Y-n-g-"The Prof. that taught it." Prof. jones-"Mr, P-u-l-s-n, of what practical use is the microphone?" Mr. P-u-l-s-n-" Well, professor, you can hear a fly walk a hundred miles." Grotte treading his essay in Eng. Lit.j-'tl can't read my own writing." Mrs. Fry-"That is common with great men." ,- Le Crone fto Hough who desires an example of disagreeable objects con- nected by associationl-"If I should be studying my Psychology lesson I should think of you." Hough-" Certainly." G. L. H-n-t-ng-t-n fin logicj-" He is either a fool or he is not a fool. He is a fool. He is not a fool." Prof. Shephardson-"Mr. McN-a r, describe the Holtz electric machine." MeN-a-r-"I have not studied it professor but will give my ideas." Proi S.-"Sit downg we don't care for your ideas." Lieut. fto Mr. BJ-"What do you do when you want a squad to go ahead." Mr. B.-"Give 'Forward Mareh."' Lieut.-"Yes, but suppose the men could not walk straight." Mr. B.-" Give ' Right Dress.' " Lieut.-"But suppose the man on the right had a short right leg and the man on the left a short left leg?" Mr. B.-"Change them around." 252 QPPZSPODQGIJCG. EAR Mamma: You need not have been afraid that - I would not know how to get along in the big I Af? . . , I-, x city or feel lonely among so many strangers. Phe N President is very kind to me and some of the boys 4 in the University are great friends of mine already. ff YesterdayI got a new pair of pants at one of the largest clothing stores in the city and only paid a dollar and ninety eight cents for them. They are what are called spring bottom and have a large crease up the front just like Mr. Pillsbury's who is one of the most stylish though not handsomest of the students. I will not buy any more paper collars as one of the conductors on Mr. Lowry's street cars told me you could get celluloid ones almost as cheap and they would last longer. I wish you would send me the odd cud' button with the monogram letter on it as a great many of the boys here wear " Frat" pins and that will look just as well and will not cost anything either. There is a real nice old lady wl1o hears the Reading and Writing classes and we all call her Maria only you 111l.1S11lt call her that to her face or you will get a Condition. ' I think I must be a favorite of hers for she recites lots of poetry to me and the other day she told me all about when she was young and went to college. But the nicest ol' all the teachers is Mr. Downey for it' you don't know your Algebra he doesn't get mad at all but just puts it down in his note book and yesterday when he gave me an example to do and I said I couldn't do it he said "you musn't study too hard" and I felt real mean for the night before I had gone to the Dime Museum and it seemed mean to let him think I was studying so hard. Mr. Clark teaches Latin and is real fat and funny and whenever he says anything in English we all laugh. We have church every day and the teachers all sit in the pulpit but the boys and girls sit together and some of them talk all the time and the other day one of the teachers when he prayed said "Amen" and then he remembered something more and so he went right along and prayed a lot more. They have a restaurant here down stairs and the other day one of the boys took a piece of butter and it was so strong that it bent his knife but it looks real nice and yellow. KI didn't sec it bend his knife but I asked one of the waiters about it and he said "probably '." D 253 I " Barb" or a One of the new boys asked me the other day if I was a "Greek" and I told him I was a larmer and he said he dicln't need to be told that, but I guess he is a joker. Your loving son, N. D. S. Qdds and Ends. Hough tto Tr-g-s, who has been sitting on the back seatj-"Your ability to recite upon this text does not depend wholly upon temporary-reproduction, dues it F " She walks into the chapel with martial step, And he with simple grace: K ' the ehoir stand, He takes his seat in ' L And she in the nearest place. lflrzivepsitg Politics. A held for the student, ambitious, strong-willed, XVhose noddle with dreams of preferment is iilledg Anil woman finds here that her sex gets its due, For she is allowed to do wire-pulling too! G. Ii. II. 25-1- f 992 56 f ,A., . 55 D C TH 1' U M- x 'Q-.4 Q klwmla. mmiujmdbwfrhq-wb Whuuldgvnkif-Amk Miha 'SM .1 f1'.'Z1J.Mx4a A M aww Hifaluivwvvx 'QHAM-'QnA1R,41 'bin-xLrl'9oz1 'vvvw'e0-mm bwalu'hAtuM.anL'w0.QQ-KM?-4 had -MLA Muwl VK hx 429 Tu-M-xfmfwltth Jzwamwwv Acme QW L, an Hy m5dJ4 pw.ui IJZJM dat cswfwfzw 0121. 1 W aawwwpmwwwy X OSYJA Mzbiwnimj AHMM. MWA . I MW W. -umm, d.,.cv..1..- . , 'uwlhwxlml Q wa.-.K G..dfw62mA41.0-P. Aamwfwam ., c""'-'9-'lv Jw cearw f...,.,p,...1...x Hv M35 MMULWJ, .' r19TlM..o...MJ,f-w-A7 -gA,i1,,,,,.,,,,4 'TM-dww, UA ma wvldm mwaum 3f.A,vfnl,.. Lis.-V.-firm 'fwkcw d...fuJ3fM1fgvfxMw.7 uf,,,,fzIZIi Damn. agmwxww W x, 9 U 'K CW' who o Amr ' 'r SQ-QED 7 r- ' ,, . - 4 Q K x- A 'L 1 sm , n ,A ' Puri, ? , fi: Y 'l V - f'j1' ," " 94 um mm. 1 1 ' KT , ' n . a y I' I .qndz vvvvvu 0. ' . I' i ' .W , M ' , ' , ' X K E n 'ju-.lg"wl M V . -'ana V a. v 'R,'w'Us. V L K . , : ' ana ' .W - , xyvxmm , ' , in :rw GIAAMA .' BW J -4AAlVUY1sa4jAA, MUK-5 YJ-1 ' ' H '4 : - --- F - , X :Q er , .qw W, f - ww c. . , ' If ' . .Tv ' ' x W w ' . 3' N Jw W- WW' Fi- - Q J-3,,W'U+s I ' I -' ,K -wxu mmm :faq 1 - Ao my - GM I Q .f.'mMNs. - N , X, " I I vm wwuv ml 1' -A , . w j CL ww Q I . , ' vmm- cu rw J ' ., A km nv' n o Lo ' QM 4 I mem -f-aww 8 FX X. " M an .mul -umm... f 5' gr num-ig 2- 'CJ' I 'M' "" 'C-ILT:-W.. I K L':::L1:"'.? . . "ANNE W - 2' v , ., , w 4. - , 1-- - , - .Ju rs' 4 My .A Woulghji illl9i9l5 I1 of flfsm. IKNUDSON Lin Englishj-"Come kiss me with those rosy lips of thine." Miss PERKINS-i'NIOSt of the junior girls want a boy."--- Lovxs 'ro HAS'1'INGS-iiYOll talk a lot about hugging girls, but you wouldn't do it if you had the chance." HASTINGS 'ro Love:-"You do it a lot, but don't say anything about it." BERSETH 'ro Miss Paulims-"Wait 'till I meet you alone some time." VVALLACE-HYOII can't get the general idea of a shape until you see it." Tmc PRESIDEN1'-"All those in favor of Mr. Triggs for artist, say 'I.' " MR. Tnmos-"l!!!" i A Sovuomoma GIRL 'ro A Somxomoiuz Box' fat inspection drillj-I'd hate awfully to wear those pants, with those "loud " red stripes down the sides." PROP. SANFORD-H Once I tried to make a speech at Northfield and I got full."- MIQRRILL-" - - this - - GOPHER work, anyway. It is tl1e ---- ----- stuffl ever tackled in all my -1- days." The Foot Hall team is with us And our Field Day shows up bright, For the Laws have gone in training And the Co-Ed's will compete. But our Gym's without location, And the chapel congregation Fails thc front seats yet to fill. 31.4 I 4.5 I .5 x a1'.'i it M li' 'f ll .5 ' .ia il gf! - . 5 f 3, I xl- . I - I ..-.Lili -f " ARICL Room amen Room 256 Jzfmimlisf aege 65 ea U . LOU Z I tei ME., 44-"M ' 5315. JQFLIN, M7 cs of 130,80 a lhe TQBPUQU Svnsiwine Tiofs L counl as 309 af o.venueS an? go-if-'S T - The bags X We JMS 'M 'Am' HJ po.-me .,,. ffm? Swans 'Ae tgve. can-,C ang goin- - - --5. VF- ,f4,',U ffiiifr tif- nga iii -'Lt' "R, gp gag .ff . 10.1 f -- if A I, jan. 5.-Opening day and beginning Wi ofthe grind. A , XV if ,gi ,,, 9.-The sl1ade of Q A 9 comes back K ' 'U 4 J. ' and swipes the football team. G 'L jd ,?g, 12.-First game of ladies' football. kj? , X 'X 21.-"Pete1 the Great" loses his ,AJ 5 ,js way in the ladies' parlor. Pity him. I, 5 5Z2ii,jj'g 23.-Seniors take to the pit to listen 'J ' ffiggjpiyggg to gi-anger Graves' oration on "The ' V x., . Farming Science." A lp . 28.-Day of prayer for schools and X - fn' 'X Qzyjfggif collegesi I H Q I V I f Q -5 Agfa 29.-. rapaloes tript 16 lgltS an- ' N ' ' tastic" at the Berkley. o'egfg-In I 3-:mm "-iii L Feb. 1.-SOPI1 Party at Miss Steele's. A"'i'f-Hr' .15-..Z.1. ' ' Gopher box opened,2jokes and 31 cts. fuem maid, ' y 2.-Board gets drunk on the latter. 044-M 4- 1-Lang, 'Sf' f 3, 4 and 5.--Board recovering from iz' !j,",'2 VMQ Z? .LN the debauch. ri 1 Q' .f y 10.-Electioneering and cold weath- -1-ZFA. l .X er set in in earnest. Qin 1 12.-O'Bricn and Dewey receive 0 i e -IQ' their History and French appoint- , me 1 - ments. Arapahoesholdanotherpow- Ledngsa REFUIXM X- , .ffM,,M,g-2 wow at the Berkley. EQ ' 4" . 13.-Bradford expounds the mys- N Qglj l "5 teries of the ladies' wardrobe and ex- , C' Me, ' x I patiates on "Dress Reform." y QQ ., ' .vi . ,nfl 17.-Iunioi class party. The sf ir,ij'Ix Q f .-El :L Sphinx we had easier recognized than EQQORMEH, , MLW! , ',. QL- those girls. E, f ,I I "J 's '72 -fl A Q ioins the throng J' fm M ' ' iii 4.12 .4 . . 1 ' .t K fl will Q 25.-Geo. Huntington loses his mus- D '. ' m.EQe4LqSt dw ofchq ml x 2513-lil. Jw. 9 U 59:-Eicamiiiation again. February W ,, X ,!jjQQn !,1llkQl E?-' X Yleaves us underl:he , TU. "f x ' N 2 ff yi: . I M W 11 7 -Q. .X 0 X If 41 Uwyfll ,ZH L X, . N ' ff 'wqfig - LK '7 X "" T . - 912' Lira . "" . .51 'il .,, l if e N .djllliillii V il' fmffwe gs -X -A UN if 'Q J it 122' Wff' e 257 SI fcxlriclqis visil lo l i 'Twas the eve of St. Potrick, And the Saint of the green Came to earth, just to see What there was to be seen. He came down, perhaps, More in order to see If his color was worn In this land of the free. First he went to New York, And he smiled a broad smile, For green was worn there By rank and by file. Then he went further west, But it caused him to mourn To find that his color Was not so much worn. I-Ie reached Minnesota, And his erstwhile glad face Of' keen disappointment Bore many a trace. For he found that the green, Seen so oft in the East, In the West did not seem To be worn in the least. IQCGI cfm. 259 At last, much distressed At these sad affairs, At the old U. of M. I-Ie stopped for repairs. The Chapel was open- The Saint stepped inside, When lo! what a sight! His eyes opened wide. Such a sight as he gazed on He never had seen- The pit of the Chapel Was crowded with green. "Holy Murther! " he cried, " What does all this mean ? I ne'er e'en,in Ireland Ever saw so much green." As he made this remark A Soph chanced to pass, Who replied, " My good sir, That's the new Freshman class As the Saint left this earth He remarked, "Seems to me That we are the people In this land of the free." W. O. S. ' Uma Sdizors Riff we Defcaieffn rp Qgfls Q5-iffrZTL, Wiflgi GBH551 411 I Mgsfaf Oliinrm xi Mawr"-'f M 1 has 4: V? V Y 4 I I' 'fn ia 35512 2221129 liffffiil 123553-igefegsm ffff1E:gaQ1Q1m 'isp Y if 555154 diownx Li moo?-5,867 sfeals tfe vgqler-Q 721- gnf 5:9-fs ffvfffsf-.znf L Siqfr ,Mft fffi fa sxzaw ff? f 5 , L-J J .F A I I . ,N Cum. 1-5 shffiigi ifjf 5l'Yflv ffl HI AQYV' O' 4 C S - lil' I GHHGI' ll' v lf: 72jgf?fg5i,5f',ff4fg, 129 fe J T1 Ed 4 'H J f s 1 F 4 J ,via 1 J ' AL,l1ol?3-"5 A P ' A HW 51435 ' f W f wav -Irs vfveff. - -Ere'-weffrof. ll.-uf, H 5:5 i Sij-" ff.:: 'T .fflfi OF J J' 4 H 1 3 4 9 J f 1: A V ' :ff.fgg5H I-4 4 jf'M' ,far angf nur is no'w fbi surf-inf sea. 'TE fvfdbaf-l,I1f.x-Nfl!! af-I fr-ee.754 r -r P ' ' I ' 4 is-rafigzjjjrgi-aj-,S W J F k R 'MMD oi cegn wins arg flow'-:nf fulganff-free Tffls lsllife. for me. 4: -T 1 I Q: :H r ' J " If we would study the is l1istory of our country we ' .Q would find that our fathers G, f-e, re - U., 4 'bf sg a11d grandiathers were a N l great deal meaner tl1an we ' 'f.,d:'f4HQ1r , are. ' ' Xa, .Qi "Human ignorance has ' - " U 0 19"-L7 ,Q ' ' ' av U I , ,, ever been invincible. F- Z f IH? "A girl of 18 has 110 -I , H very definite opinions about .1-bun ' anything." 1, ,Q . . ,Kas X F " The tariff on wine was 'GLW reduced befcause its con- -'-" 5' f s 1Jt'o1 ' nat 'ts 11111111- ui? ,sag IW: 11111 1 1.1 1 1 U . l ilk. 'G ,my faeturc, was a native 1n- :HF1 I' Eff! i dustrv " - . . - ,,,,,, I . ,Z-,,,, 1 . 11' -if fi: 1 .W-f?fj4 5 g5:'g5fg5,e4-f 1941- N "All women are born :g:...-,, Q . ,::.:. N Q -gg: ,f 5' qignyl 1:1 "' X lll1lI1lJl.lg'S.H -11 l a f g ,gil ff- g H . A Ae- g f' H .5 It was a picture of su- - . z 1 - .age-54 ,Q . . . ' preme, nlagmhcent, p1ctur- n l L K . 5' 5 jf "H 11 .11 51 -' ,--' " O, Buchanan?-A 11ice old lady." esque stupidity." "jackson may 11ot have been sure they were guily, but he was very sure that he hung them, a11d that was tl1e principal thing after all." fBookworm Senior, who doesn't read newspapersj-" Professor, where is Boulanger now?" Professor-" I hardly dare say. He committed suicide last week." fWhile seating tl1e sophomore class alphabeticallyJ-"j-j- What! no jays here?" "One of tl1e great principles of liberty which was firmly established i11 the reign of Edward III, was that 110 person should have more than OIIC funeral, or more than 0116 hearsef' " O11e of tl1e most amusing things to listen to is an American bragging of the great victories of tl1e war ol'1812, and then realize that tl1ey were all 011 tl1e wrong side." Charlesl lost l1is l1ead te11 years before he stepped upon tl1e scaliblcl at Whitehall." 1 1: Yes, to the band of spirits noble Zllld rare, Whom God hath given to bless our native air, This man belongs. By tl1e true zest for learning he is marked 3 By every fruit of cult11re he is graced 3 By the iirm Christian virtues hc's adorned. Classes join one and all Glad to obey l1is call. And C0ll1C each day to share The wisdom out-poured there. For to these throngs, They say this man belongs. 260 Elecliog Ecljocs. MR. OlBRlEN-Tillli about ability. I tell you that abili1.y without combina- tions is simply not "in it." MR. SWEIGLE-If the barbs are not going to be more united in the future. the tiaternities will run the University to the devil. MR. SIKES-I never combine-never on principle-but I-I have 19 votes, and if you have 19, perhaps we can make er-arrangements. Mlss CoLGRovE-I am in favor of combines and I most heartily support the combination. Come, girls, just vote for a good barb? girl. Mx. Blzusisru-Politics have come to such a turn now-a-days that a fellow will have to vote for the man of his own party, though he be an elephant. MR. RossM,xN-What I should like to see is a combination strong enough to knock all opposition out of sight. FRAT'-vVll0 are you going to vote for? We are all going to work for Gjerset. Bmw-Is that so! We are all going to vote the "Straight Ticket." MR. MAS!-IEK-Do you suppose I am doing all this dirty work for nothing. Not by a jug full. I have an eye on the editor-in-chief and business manager-ships. MR. DEVER-All this talk about "being elected on his ability" is all nonsense. I have had some experience myself, and I tell you that an office is not presented to you on a golden platter. Ifyou want it, you have got to hustle for it. Miss KELLOGG-No combination has a mortgage on my vote. Es ,jzf -gli J f' qi U L ,lf 261 Qerrsily Corp. I saw it Hrst of all Upon a Senior tall, And again ' It graced the gentle niien Of a maiden, sweet sixteen, Freshman then. By the By the Or, And it To the He band is known the class, shape a lad from lass. alas, gives a classic air student, anywhere may pass. " I know it is a sin For me to sit and grin At it here." But the red, right:-angled hat, And' the tassels, and all that, Are so queer. If you should chance to be At the Uni-ver-si-ty, Some years hence 3 You will smile as I do now, Yet in secret will avow, 'Tis immense. E. N. When worn by the youth, on a head knowledge laden, It makes appearance becoming and neat, But when worn by It just caps the the fair University maiden, climax of everything sweet. G. E. H. M K ,llgA f gK cc ,' fi ? 262 ergrgajl fron? lljc Records of lljc Wriinc ol? lljc Jugiorilcs, ND it came to pass in the latter part of the e'eventh month, that the tribe of juniorites ended their work of the fall term and went eaeh one to his own home. But on the first day of the week they were commanded to appear again before the wise men of the tribe and to continue their work even as they had done in times past, and when they looked into the book of the law, which is called the catalogue, and read the duties which their fathers, the Faculty, had assigned to their lot, they turned away with sadness, for behold it was written, each classical stud- ent must continue his Greek, and the literaries must study English or French. History ye should also take that ye may know the works that your fathers have done and how ye also may imitate them. These things shouldst thou study, and one more, to which thou shalt apply thyself with all diligence and zeal, and thou shalt not skip from it nor slight it, but ye shall medi- tate upon it day and night, that it may make you wise and may open to you exceeding great truths, and this study which thou shall study is called Physics. The young men of the tribe did indeed dispair, and they said, " Bebold, the law which is written remains." But the young women of the tribe said, "Come, let us reason together." And when they had reasoned. they did indeed write upon a scroll, and the scroll when it was completed they did call a petition, and the words which they wrote thereon did testify of exceeding great and arduous duties which the fathers had laid upon the juniorites, and in gen- tleness and respect did the words of the petition appeal to the fathers that they remove the study of Physics and allow the people to choose easier paths. And the women, when they had finished writing the petition, did pass it to the men that they also might write their names, even as they themselves had done. But when the men had looked upon the scroll, they shook their heads and did indeed doubt that the requests would be granted which the women had asked. Then were indeed manifest the words which the prophet had spoken, " Behold, the faith of woman is greater than that of man." And the petition, when it was completed, was given to the chief among the fathers, that he might read it to them and see what the fathers would do with it. And it came to pass on the day which was appointed for the fathers that they should assemble and judge concerning these requests, that the Juniorites left their work and sought the fathers where they might find them, aud some they met by the wayside going up to the great council, and they did stop them and reason with them and persuade them that they might grant the requestsg others of the fathers they visited in their rooms and there did they seek to persuade them to do these same things. And along about the fourth hour on the sixth day of the week, the fathers assembled and their chief broke the seals of the scroll and read all the words that were written thereon, and as he read, behold all were deeply moved, for they saw that the duties which 263 Orergrrjexjl fron? 'llgc Records of llgc Tribe ol lljc Qlugioriles. had been laid upon the people were more than they could bear. After they had listened to the reading of the scroll, behold the door opened and straight- way there stood in their midst three women of the t1'ibe, who had come up to the council to speak for themselves, for the men indeed were still filled with fear. And as they stood there, behold they trembled with great fear, and straightway the chief of the council badeth the women speak lor them- selves, then Belle, the bravest of the women, stretched forth her hand and spoke for herself, and the words which she spoke were exceeding powerful. But the women when they went out lrom the council knew not what their words would work, and they went straightway to their own room, which is called the Parlor, and behold here a multitude of women met them and flocked around them that they migl1t know the words which the fathers had spoken. But all were filled with exceeding great awe, and trembling did they fall pros- trate upon the floor. There was weeping and flying of tongues, and behold on the morrow, after the fathers had granted the requests of the Juniorites, which was the seventh day of the week, they did send forth word that all the people might know. And it was announced by the tribune of the people, after the manner of the times, and in all the journals of the land was it also written, and the people when they heard it were exceeding glad and on the Sabbath day they entered into the courts of the Lord with praise, and throughout the land there was not a house which was not filled with thanks- giving and joy because the wise men of the Faculty had borne away the burden of Physics from the juniorites and had given them peace. Z X1 F -'OU lr ,fx ' ml - x i q? E fi 264- PIIYSIC XL I AIBUR STORY. BOUXCIXG OF A XEXY "FRAT" IXITIATE. TRANSIT HOUSE. GREEK CLASS ROOM. 1 IX THE ZOULOGY ROOM cujls, Hof Sole, Elo. 4.-Denied. Professor Hutchinson to lengthen his prayer so that the juniors will get out oi' Astronomy. The moon to shine seven nights in the week.-P--w-ll and several others. l'hy:-:ical culture certificate.--Miss M. S-in-ll. Syndicate to buy IA, the hole under M-sh-hs nose. A pair of knee pants.-T-0-pe. The world-T-n-ll. More beef-steak and less Schlitzer.-U. of M. Glee Club. Automatic key-hole.-By those who attended the banquet. ITPQP Sale. A controlling interest in the U. of M4 also the Ariel board, including my- self.-M-sh-k. ' Recipe for passing Greek without attending recitations.-Hastings and nine other Soph's. The originals of all cuts appearing in this GOPIIER by Tribune Co. Ideas and information on juice. Warranted to fit the occasion-Springer. "Coon Hat," in good repair--A. W-ls-n. A clear, cold snap, on th: Gopher board.-T. W--l-a-e. Large stock of good nature, slightly damaged by contact with the cold, cruel world .--T-n-ll. ' Wo Evoeirz. For a consideration-Pony in Antigone: well thumbed, but still in good condition.-V-n-e H-r-k. Nerve, in unlimited quantities.-Spear. Meter for measuring a girl's love by tl1c light of her eye.-J. C. S-e-t. JTGQ "T5Paide. Twenty votes for a pair of boots.-M-sh-k. Board bill ot' Iowa State Oratorical Delegates for a piece of unencumbered property.-Psi Upsilon. 266 MOQIKQGJ' N mamma ner Us btw 'Tm to ,...f1.c,. yang., age-In Mu. flegua .5 1,f.s-Wig.f-efh H 8 'fl Fi? . - - Tile Simi, :mb gloria-:S SUR C claus afhl IL rainbows waviiulg, ' e tp I I c ue, Au rim ma ,30'n2me5f'ni gaq slxenb Swim if M-cn2,:- me 0 V1 A Fil 5 in 'Q morn' .Aid weargf lite 550115 mx Svrubgh P cg n E1 - .F . gi .52- . -:- 4, if - - - .f- ' f ' l , W w-iq ' March 3.-Freedom again. The! , . examinations have closed. PM M ,N 7.-The Arapahoe tribe captured ii M 34- '-" by the Dreamy Waltzes. 9 'Vi ' , ' 15.--The new caps make their "hill X debut. N' , ' 10.-Ariel election and "wo" ol' the ' "Straight Ticket." H 1 , 'J . - . g if f" A ml 1.-Plercc runs into a lad if 1 I 1 n y . yy w io ms ' 1C mumps. 5 QW' 3.-Pierce comes down with the f mumps. . Q' 9.-Gopher election. Second pre- f' liminary contest for the Pillsbury 4 5 I prize. Ames celebrates. Cigars at ' 1' 'Q a premium. , at X f . 7 11.-Gopher board has its picture ' . , -f taken. i -f . gfkxy f' 1-L.1Iuclcl1c requests to be bounced X F X r wh-45 lor a snap photo. We wipe the f' ' '., 'x' iloor with the Ariel board and sun- . ' ' - i' Kyyp QQ' dry seniors. .K ,nf-'Sn s ' ' f, . 1 ' Mashck claims that he had an idea . 4 ' year before last. ' Q 'V 4' 20.-Delsarte gratis to the ladies - ' c ,., 'fl " and Prex. Q ' , 1 if .nf1Hf f VI JJ 1li55'l5liW1fi ' for pussy willows. x A " f.:?rff"!""" 'M L, we I 1,1 Q N ' 'Q if -if A I. i Wxxni1?2 22.-Il. B. N. election announced. Arapahoe ibrmaliycloses the season. 27.-Andrew Nelson made an F. U. M. 28.-Mrs. Alice Freeman Palmer speaks in chapel. 30.-The monkeys monkey and Alma Mater gets scorched. The "Annal"-ist hands over the magic , Q. i Q- o f .- Eff X Q 17 wg rdf -. I, lf X I X it f t , W. Ii. X ii ll, X i I U S X I 92? w 21.-Hastings climbs an oak tree 'YQNEN 2, . sw: il 04 S '44 Q I 1 ' W w Z ,N i A fd ff! . f T5 Q 1 I l GA 4 mi f F .. scroll, and rests his weary pen. , 2-L lk u . -. ' X ! L' 'QNX I I I' ,f . i . i .f i, fix Z f' J R, -W, I ,j I G i ' jf ff lf? 'i f' A XE, J! f 99+ V, ? ,, l ff ' ' u . ff 5.-r-1 il-fy 1 .E i Y Nuff. ,ant 267 L9 'I of Waslc Ecrslggcl. " 2-1-G." The Straight Ticket. FOR ARIEL EDITORS. '92"93- KNUTE GJERSET, la. B. YOUNG, , MISS M. coI.Guox'12,' -""1'm" J. W. Pow1s1,L, D H. S. 1a,xGr,x', 1 X I WM. A. SMITH, I 501' 'S' IE. C LI If FORD, I:l'l'SlllllIlU This Ticket is Alll110I'l'ZClI by thc Class Cmzuzzittccs. And it went. X. ' 5 L "r "N I 4 ,V , MX Mfxcflfnan fm 1 ' ,becomes G 'fu-H Qiill, Professor. S-f-L - "Wu-CR 268 THE GOPIIER BOARD OF '93 ff . ' s - xQX X Y. r77'L , f',7,.5' J mr.. f , 6 . 1 , Q vm . . f 1 . 1 ' A i IP- 1 - fi My l , ix, f ll gf.. , , ' 5 xx b .ll . Z : in l l lll l 4 5 1 14 ill - Y f 3' 4 2 i 5 - CQ l rn - ll? 2. .. . N . 1- ---- 1 l ---. . A...-r , " ,L ,:.-,. --" P' Prof. Moorc's white horse. Anything deinoralizing to children. The new library building. Manuel's Mouth Impressions. How Prof. Judson cats ham-and's- lJillsbury's Best-see page 236. Snap shot of the corner behind the chapel. The "Acldisonian Insert." "College Politics," an historical essay showing the rise and development of Bossism combination. By "Grand Boss." "How to Manage College Collections," a treatise which should hc i11 the hands of every student who desires to lead his fellows: full instructions for the management of 'varsity factions and independent students. By author of' " College Politics." Who Hale found out was the wrong girl. What juniors spent the night in jail. What Grant Rossman said at the hai-li caucus. University politics-"A delusion and a snare." C-t-s-"I'le's too smooth, but not quite smooth enough." A. W-l-s-n-"Call you that a hat?" D-d-g-"Now, young ladies, please don't look at me: it makes me nervous." H-t-c-h-ns-n- "It gars me greet To think how many counsels sweet, How many lengthened sage advices The Freshman frae the I"rol'. despises. 270' it WX. - N I 6,7- 336' X WCIQQQDXIQIQCJQQIIXQQTS. we an wk - loriryligg - cujcl - biljffliljg - of- Ibis book IS - lljc - vxporlrg - or- lI9c: Gffxffifsuqe dok: pviqiiqg Q? of I. lr-lfvirjlpcglgolis. 117196 . Cclilm . 1101519 lo cxprcss . 11,611 . sfrpccrc . 11,9915 . for . 119 0911191916 . Qsgzslmcc . QQJU9 . Us . 119 . O 1 crllcmpl . IQ . pfoclucc . Q . 1701111996 . 01. 190,19 Q11-1511.6 . cxCC11C19CC. 117194 . 996 . C1C1,1,9E,S . 9951 . .9051 . Of. 1196 19011. 101965 . vxycrc . PM-,clucccl . 199. 11,6 dwiqqeapolig Eqgvfaviqg Qc, Ivo vfpljonj - VOC - orc - STIFCIICVLII - for - lljc Lgigclly - fgfcrcsl - cujcl - cwicicyjf - VQOPI5. V QSQQSXQQW 256 El 'Z- FKGNWAVE 56 , R TQOMADQ Kwon uBl-lc LE 27+ QLLII' rliscrs. Curtiss 8: Chapman, University Book Store, I. E. Burt Portrait Co., N. W. Conservatory ol' Music, Haynes, Photographer, I. IE. Rugg, IN'llOl10g1'fl1JllC1', Murclock, Photographer, Young 8 Belanger, - Glessner ik Washburn, Dorsett 8: Company, North Star Dye Works, J. O. Braa, - - Mendenhall, - - Warner Brothers, G. A. Robinson, - - - Hennepin Steam Laundry Co Miller, Photographer, - Eimer It Amend, - J. F. Newman, - - - M'pls Electric K Construet'n Co., XII C W. Meneilly, - - - Minneapolis Street R. R. Co A. Sanborn K Co., - - Dorner, ---- University Barber Shop, Benston Tailoring Co., H. A. Maas, - - Trainor Brothers, - - University of Minnesota, Drcka, ---- Pillsbury, Washburn X Co., Minneapolis Fuel Co., - IE. B. Meyrowitz, FRONT. I H. Kelly 8: Company, - VI I1 j. A. Brush, Photographer, - - VI - III Malcolm's Dancing Academies. - VI - III Bunde 8: Upmeyer, - - - VII IV BI. R. Schwencl, - - - VII - IV Barnaby 8: Company, - - VII - V Minneapolis Engraving Co., - VIII - V Cottrell, Photographer, - - IX - V Naylor Ek Company, IX BACK. - X Kennedy Brothers, - XVIII X Ilale, Thomas S: Co. - XIX - X Il. L. Aulfl, ---- XIX X G. K C. Merriam 8: Company, XIX - X The Burlington, ---- XX X Domos, Tailor, - - - XXI - XI john Earthagen, Tailor, XXI XI O. Ames, ----- XXI XII C. A. Smith 8: Company, - XXII XII Art Publishing Company, - XXII C. A. Sylvester, - - - XXIII XII M'p'ls Ofliee R: School F'ng Co., XXIII XIII The Cody-Iflineline Co., - XXIII XIV Van Atta 8: Cook, - - - XXIV XIV L. H. 8 H. II. Trask, XXIV - XV Luther A. johnson, - - XXV XV Ii. I. Horseman, - XXV - XV The Northwestern Line, - - XXVI XV R. B. Lees, ---- XXVI XVI Minneapolis S: St. Louis R. R., XXVII XVII Stryker Seminary, - - XXVIII XVII R. H. Hegener, - XXVIII XVIII xl. I-I. Harper, - - - XXVIII XVIII The IVest Publishing Co., - XXIX 7r- Ci W. Donsxs'r'r. M. A. Dous1:'r1. l DORSETTS, UElIEl'El'S Elllll'-'iii UUIlfEUIllJIlBl'S. WEDDINGS AND RECEPTIDNS Furnished with Every Requisite and Served in the Most Approved Manner. Fine UHKB, Peerless IGB Dream. FINE coNFEcTloNl-:Rv. All Goods in our Line Shipped any Distance. '1'l5T.liI'llUNliCAI.I. 1117-11. 418 Nicollet Ave , minneapolis. 1311111011 Store, T12 Hennepin A ve. Flowers T M5 Flowers Qggig ITIENDENHRLL The Floiiet ol' the North- west. can I'urnish you with "3"""'i" the CI-IUICEST of Flon ers for Weddings. Parties. Fun- erals and ull otlierpurposes Large ussortxnenl. of line bedding and house plants, Choice llower seeds. Send for Catalogue. 'l'eleg'r:1ph orders for funerals proniptly iilled. IIIENDENHFILL GREENHUUSES, First Aw. S. and ISU: Sl., or City Store, I5 Fonrtll St. S. MINNEAPOLIS, IVIINN. H3315 DYEINGA--f AND CLEANING OF LADIES' AND GENTS' GARMENTS. licnls' Suils0Icnnc1I, 81.503 Dyed, 83.00. NORTH STAR DYE WORKS 723 HENNEP.N AVE. 1011. "'l'hm+ Lyev11n1."l E, F, WEITZEL, Prgph 5.0. BRAA, l'i1:l11rcs, Pinluro l"l'an1vs, Room Mouhlings. Arlisl Mzlleriuls. 0nm'us, Easels, llimlow Slmllus, lilo. Sw-elzll Attentton elven to l"l'llllliIl2I Pictures and Mounting 1'l1otog1'uplxs'. All work guaranteed to be First-Class. Formerly lfor 7 years! foreninn in XV:Lles X: Co.'s Framing Estuhlislinienl.. 52 SOUTH FIFTH STREET, ---Minneapolis. R. I.. XYARNIQR. F. R. XYARNER WARNER BROS. Ill Xl HRS IX Builders' and Housekeepers' HARDWARE. Stoves, RZIIIQCS, Carpenters Tools, Paints, Oil Glass, Tin Roofing, etc. 423-428 FIRST AVENUE S. II. Telephone Call G36-2, NIINNEA POLIS, IXKIINN. FOR PROMPT DELIVERY Superior Quality of W ork HENNEPIN STEAM LAUNDRY COMPANY 120 and 122 First Avenue North. MAIN OFFICE. 318 HENNEPIN AVENUE, Where we have been for Iifteeu j'U1lI'S. TELEPHONE ORDERS RECEIVE IMMEDIATE ATTENTION Mr.-I. P. Gilmore has an Agency at 4-01 Fourteenth Avenue S I WESLEY M. LAWRENCE, PRESIDENT. I' ARTIST. IDI'I0T0GR AIDI'IER, w - HIGHEST GRADE. 35.00 .PBI H02-I UEIJIHEI PIIIIIIIJS 955.00 PM BUZ- W X SPECIAL RATES TO STUDENTS. 1 53 MINNEAPOLIS: ? ST PAUL 427 and 429 Ni 11 t A if 171 d 173 E t S th St t X! TIMERXAMEND QD 205-Zll THIRD FIVENUE, NEW YUHK. Kl1llllll!lUilll1'Cl'S :incl Importers oi' W---M a CHEMICALS--aaa-Q if fhzmiqal and Physical Apparatus. SPECIAL OFFERS IN Bzilnnees and Weights, Glass Bottles, Burettes, Burners, Crucible Dishes, Filter Paper, Flasks, Sole Agents fin- Zeiss' Fulmels, Fu1'nzlccs, jars, Pl. til 11 W: r ' '1 1 1 ll 1 L, Rubber Goods, Supporters, Test Tubes, Galvzinie Batteries, etc. IFILHLOIJS J1IiC1'0SI'01IOS ,5233233533251igigigiggggiiigE?E?EE3E?gEiEEiiL W. C. Thonlpsolix XI I Y I.. L. S: it l E minneapolis Electric 81 QQKTEWMA Dunslrunlinn Gumuang, In f 9 27 FOURTH STREET s. l iiil'Cil'il'ili Supplirs, Si0l'ilg0 I3:1,ti0i'irs CO Mmiufneturcrs ol' Q TH:-: CRESCENT BATTERY. rex e - W "Minaturc Lamps." Q l if g c. W. MENMLLEY, ., K IV Vf if I4 xVhUlCS1llC!I.Ild Retail , V, . ' UNIVERSITY A 'ig' ' 4 , - DEALING ' 1 ' ' I ' 391 - i T 1 9 JOII STRUE TI -al i T ' if NEWWYRK T cnocsnv fi' Groceries, Fruils, Butler and Strictly Fresh Egg 'Tiiffzizizaizia2z2z2:2zS:2z:giif5252225225223 5 403 FOUR-I-EEN1-H AVE' 5, E, X O A. oovovnooooooooqoeooovvoovooawnvoooooaovo oneovweave.fvnovuooofooeooeoseon we Iliinneuaiinlis Street 53:35 Sagjnhmga Q HEIIIWEIU GD. 3 - new eeeee ,L i l'ERl'l,IlIl,E Finn' LAND For runs CENTS. bake + Harriet + Pavilion Lighted by Electricity. Cool, Comfortable and Cosy. 106 Arc Lights. Music Afternoon and Evening. A Most Charming Resort: to Spend Your Leisure Hours. Large and Pleasant Grounds. SlIBElBIIl ll'lJl'l1 IDB Sllll IJU USU, l"3lllIBEl lJl,l l'l3l'l'lBl'S Breezes ng Nighi The Finest,-lNlosAt Aynilzihle, Picturesque Sl'lIl1l'I1C1'iRC501't in gre XV-orlcl. eg. Nature. Ever Iimmtiful, Ilns Lnvislierl Her Favors with so Generous am ,Egg Ilmicl, that One Womlers where Nature Leaves Oil' :mil Art Begins. GOOD FlSl'Ill'lU, ESU HOW BUHIS, B Sail BIJHIS BAIT, POLEZS, LIN ES. Competent Oarsmen can be secured if clesirecl. PIGIIIG PIIPIIBS will receive Special AIIGIIIIOII. A FlI'Sl-ClHSS R6SIHlll'I1Ill lll P8.lllll0ll A Flock of Fleet-Footed, Funny, Frolicsome r' N ' '+?S1U1 ETLAND PONIESQ For the Children, Driven in Tiny Vehicles. H1150 Sl-IDDlxE PONIES FOR THE LITTLE EQUESTRIENNES. INTEHUHBAIV ELECTRIC CARS every I-'ive Minufes to ST. PAUL, fare 100. ELECTRIC CARS every Five Minutes to the Picturesque and Romantic FALLS OI' MINNEHAHA, fare Five Cents. QOQOQOQOOOOOOOOOQOOOQQOQOOOQOQOQOODOOO 0V-O0Q996009QVQQGOOQ44409QOQ64QQObOQQOOQ+OO HOW T0 GET THERE. i WHAT T0 130. Eleetrlc Cars leave Exposition Building.: 3 3 I 1-very Ilve minutes for Luke llnrrlet, vlu 3-W-N'-3 IIe:lrtl1eMusIc, Ride or Drive the Pon- Ihnnepln Ivenur D'I"lIlL,Nlt0ll1l,lllIll'il' 1,1 R. S, Don Shu, es ' f '- ' ef ' - ' ' - - !........X los ' sh iw J: il '. I .' - X R ..'t i 'I ',l"".V.'lII -l' IIIIII 1.1. .' ' ' .' ' ' ' Z liimi1,1l4ii':il'iI,liil3l1elN:'lxl'1mlim 'ml N In S I 3 keep Cool, Lvl. the Little Ones Wade :mal I-are Five cents Return Home Ilnppy. oQOQQO0Q0490OQQQt+OQOQQooQvvv-OQQOOOQQQ ovvQQvQo0o09QvvvQQv0Qo XIII .og- vx 0 G XNMIINIAW gel' ids? ' 'ix ,Z i Zag' Jfffl, X lg Eg sci ' ' S ?f?H4' A " - ' ".' Ya A 1 714 'ff qw-A ff -' P1 f "A-. Q--Q :LLM ' ax' -GQ f M Q! Q- D . fN ' , 9 ,Q yy . xc 0 I. D0RNERS 9 7 IGE, CREAM EDARLORS. 409 NICOLLET AVENUE. CATERING FOR Wzgdldlnxgs, Fariiles, amd, Regeptionxs. HOT CHOCOLATE, BOUILLON, CHICKEN BROTH, COEEEE, CANDIES XIV X " , . 1 Q Q 1 gm l4LIl7iuQr5ity V519 l i . is X 1, - . .. N- N 'V ', N -' ,.1.fg -- x, .W l ' 1 N 'I -wt'-1' . X, L ix .1 , . ., A .'.ri?X:Y! - T ' 1 Zf' A49 it 'Nix- f .1 si Barbqr KW Sbop. sam. s. nisvunnns, Prop. 4,11 1-Tourteenth,A,ven,ue S. E. J, X ml .ith l Q ' " 1 ., ill' fi ff w e To 3 '- , " 'Q .fi-f:'f5-f 'f ic' ' ' " ' ' ' ,gg-1 ' 'f , f 1 'fl gif 1, ,, 'M AQ QH QJ. - 1,195 X ,, 1--m- 3, -7- 1 r f ------A gr - , - ' 51:1 X C .la-, g ,, V' Y -fi , 'llty 'V 5 ,Q g g- l 1, -1 , T 1 GETS THERE JUST THE SAME. i The catcher ol thc visiting team is alit- tle bow-legged, but sufTcrs no ineou- veniencc on that account by reason ofl the above ingenious device.-Fromjudge. BENTSON TAILURING CO. IM PORTERS UF FUl'BlLIl1 Ell'lIl 1' 1 DDlTlBSllG WUIJlBl'lS. 117 NICOLLET AVENUE i Opposite City Hall, MINNEAPOLIS, MINN. N O1-1. A. MAASQ l l , Y , AY, ,,,..........,.?i. Y Wil Caterer ll? E+-+1 . 1 11 1511 1fR,nvKL1N AVENUE. l Banquets and Refreshments of all kinds served on short notice. Ijoel Creams a Specialty. Y V Sbaviryq Outfit5'Fur:7i5l7ed at Reasonable Prieqs. TRAINOR BROS. Con-trac-korg and Builders Rough and Cul" S-tone. ESTIM A TES GIVEN ON ALL K INDS OF Ill A SON WORK. Oflice, 305 Kasota Building. 5,,....I ...W .rw . X AX Zig-' fl E If ,'3'7?5lTY If NW HE UNIVER ITY OF M NNESOT IS MADE' UP 0F THE FOLLOWING NAMED COLLEGES: 1. A COLLEGE on SCIENCE, LI'rEIe,x'ruIeE AND AIe'rs, with a four years' course, leading to the degrees of Bachelor of Science, Literature and Arts, with one year of extra work leading to the Master's degree in the same lines, with two years of extra work leading to the degree of Doctor of Philosophy. 2. A Co1.I.EoE on AoIcIcI'I.'rUIcE with a four years' course leading to the degree of Bachelor of Agriculture. 3. A CoI.I.EGE OF LAW with a two years' course leading to the degree of Bach- elor-of Laws and one year of additional work leading to the degree of Master of Laws. The Baehelor's degree of this College admits the person possessing it to practice law in this State without examination. 4. A COLLEGE on MIZDICINIE ANU SURGERI' with a three years' course leading to the degree of Doctor of Medicine. 5. A CoI.I.EGE on I'IOMOI5OI'A'l'llIC MIEIJICINIQ .INII SURGEIQY with a three years' course leading to the degree of Doctor of Medicine. 6. A CoI.I.EGE on DIiN'I'IS'l'RY with a three years' course leading to the degree of Doctor ol' Dental Surgery. 7. A CoI.I.EoE OF NIECIIANIC Awrs, comprising courses in Mechanical, Civil and Electrical Engineering, a four years' course leading to the degrees of Bachelor of Mechanical, Civic and Electrical Engineering, with oIIe year of extra work leading to the Master's degrees. 8. A SCIIooI. or MINING ANII lN4'E'r,xI.I.uIu:r with a four years' course leading to the degree ol' Bachelor of Mining Engineering. 9. A COLLEGE oIf PIIAIQMACY with a two years' course leading to the degree of Bachelor of Pharmacy. 10. A DI5I'.xIz'rMI2N'I' on VETERINAIH' MEDICINE with a three years' course lead- ing to the degree of Doctor of Veterinary Medicine. Beside the above the Universfly offers courses, not leading to a degree, as follows: A SCI-Ioor. on AoIzICUI.'rn1eE. A SCIIOOL or PIzAC'I'ICAI. MECIIANICS. A SCIIooI. on DESIGN. Students who are prepared are admitted to special courses in any of' the Colleges of the University. ' TUITION IS ABSOLUTELY FREE except in the str'etly professional departments. A large catalogue, giving a complete description ot' all of the departments of the University, will be sent FREE to any address upoII application. Drop a Postal Card into the Jllzziland get A CATALOGUE, Address, CYRUS NORTHROP, President, MINNEAPOLIS, MINN. XVI DREKA FIDE SIEIIIUHEILI EIl'lEIEl1U1'ElIIIl'lU House COLLEGE INVITATIONS WEDDING INVITATIONS CLASS STATIONERY VISITING CARDS FRATERNITY STATIONERY BANQUET IVIENUS PROGRAMMES, BADGES DIPLOMAS AND MEDALS STEEL PLATE WORK FOR FRATERNITIES, CLASSES AND COLLEGE ANNUALS. All Wm-kiscxwitcil in the ustahlisl IIII cnt 1 IIII 101- IIIII- 1 1-S IIIIII 1 super H, III1 sl muy in thc Icstn1annc1'. Uncqtmllcd fuciiities :md I0l!H'lll'llCtiC1lI . pcricncc cn'lIl is tu produce the ttl al t t'1. HL hl ltt' ' Lint I'tl l1I't5 1' ewes s yes nr mos zu' is me cc s, w ie mn' rc m :z '1 is :r fu: 1 me fl an ' o the productions of this lmusc. Designs, Samples and Prices Sent on Application. HALF TONE, PHOTOTYPE AND PHOTO-ELECTRO ILLUSTRATIONS Furnished from photographs, designs sent us or designs furnished by us. IX ' , 'X , LLIQIQQRXSS I3LESl II ,Swv BEST R E Z .:f"i513iiijg3l , J' Q 11" , ':,X.X, X 'jf fi' RTS-FIW I X 'lf -GDS Bmw -Ge f I .XXXX III? " I fhei ' " PILLSBURY'S BEST" Makes Better Bread Than Any Other Flour in the World. FOR SALE TRY ALIQ FIRST CLASS I'IR,0CICRIS. VI IIDIXI rum DI I I I W mr IRKIILI lvl NI 5l'l'l'l'IIll'y. W Interesting, lnslruclive, Useful 0 0 Q I Y. V - Miimeepolis Fuel Co y, I Puvslcmns STUDENTS rmr2Ar,rsRs IN N Q Cover slides fe 1 Glasses I slams X If Wm" ' L. ' I if I9 CFISIHIS Scissors QMS: e".1.,i.Q0 Liners pplies, Coke Wood KO DA K S 2? etc., Developing and Printing I ' - 47 Washington Avenue South, I I4 . , gyfmgigj MINNEAPQLIS, ,mf MINNN Q11-riciaxu Telephone, 566.2 42 S. Fourlh SI., MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. ,A . I , Northwestern , I Y G I9 E, , Headquarters , H i ' We :we Agents fm' the Celebrated M fxwmzwicn SAFETIES , X Qacloimterlilgr flu: IIng5ed States xx ,Qlkxx ' , K I The American Ra,mb1er, 5 1 I , I New Mail, Tourist, f I' XNXX ' 0 ' ave amon . r, .NK I? " ,'I', 'V ,V AI I I 'Ill A Full Line ol' Medium Grade -:.u..:g?,.' gf: ,. Q., ,f.N , L-gm,-if-I , f:',,,'f ,M .-heya 3.,.m-X M.. ff-f""ff-'f-M ' ' - SBIBIIBS, Trieueles, IIBIUGIDBIIBS Lawn Tennis, Base' Ball Supplies, Fishing Tackle. GUNS, AMMUNITION E GENERAL SPORTING GOODS SPECIAL DISCOUNT T0 UNIVERSITY STUDENTS. KEN N EDY BRQS., 36 Washington Ave. South. INKIINNEAPOLIS, MINN. XVIII I lI.II.II, 'IIIIIIIIS ll CII., - EVERYTHING IN - ' .ggi tt -1, - I . .- its . I .tl I oo S - E 1-:gm , J II in - I ,IQJ . .,, W W , xx ,1 , k ., ya ,I M ,, by ,., . J , .. 1. I .- -. f . I I I ttiim. 1 I I: N ' it if I ir, . . X M :fl H ,E loa Sz. I JIEQ Q' .I,' ,ll,I.,i p ,, 5 333121, 3 3, I "li W I' U miie rivtie af, O32 J, It . KY L If pf Q. M INN: t X QT fx ,Jw v x txmlif. ,lf -' , I . IIW '- .A pt .. ti. , M.. , liosterg, ,IC -a ll M. ' 'A Wh V l., 1 . ' V' l':' - J. AM .. , I- , L,3r??af,.., rg .Wy ml rr Y 'E lt ' Elly .4,q,t:'5'!f.lg:, ' V ' . f. . W ALL THE BEST AND MEDIUM GRADES. , ' A A---uhm .3 Mniu ORDERS bmi' IINMI mb W"'hK""'h' iw-ot-ive spot-Iul attention. eoinpl-t.:-nt help MRS, O'H0N,,,-14c uisy, Moiclmciy m- 5-Q'lI Iooklngnftt-r this :ll-p:trt.i1wnt exclusively tihrive me into convulsions will mlthc ticklin' I I,:lIB:,m:,lEII.iggl -From Puck. :ts our city l'l'ltXIlllS. ,. ft HALE, THOMAS 8: CO. ..... MINNEAPOLIS, MINN A .L -vu , e . sr ur u F' ' THE NEW WEBSTER'S DICTIONARY. A GRAND INVESTMENT FOR EVERY FAMILY AND SCHOOL. New from Cover to Cover. Fully Abreust of the Times. Tho Authentic " UnnhrirI5.1efI" tstill copyrighted? has been revised and enlarged um crthesupervinion of Noah Porter, D. IJ., LL. lJ.,ot' Yale University, nnll as it rlistinpzuishing title, hr-m':-I the nomo ofWVeImler's Intenmtioiml Dlctlonury. The work ot' revision wus in pro- gress over 10 years, 100 mlitorinl Inbox-ers having been employed, nnd over S300,000 oxpenvlell before the lirst copy was printf-tl. GET THE BEST, WEBSTEBJS INTERNATIONAL DICTIONARY Tho International, which The International is sohl lly ull booksellers. A descriptive pamph- let containing specimen pages, il- lustrntiotis, testimonials, etc., will he sont prepaid upon application Lo the publishers. Cuutlon isneetled in purolmsing ri lliutionnry, as pliotogrnphie rt'- prints of nn obsolete mul eotnpzlru- t.ivt-ly worthless edition ot' Webster nre being mnrkcted under various names, often by misrepresentation. bc-airs the imprint of G. 6. C. MERRIAM 6. CO., Publishers, Springfield, Mass., U.S.Af. XIX -'The BURLINGTON "A omEc'r 'ro cl-ncAco AND s1'. LOUIS. Three Hundred Miles of Mississippi River Scenery, 9 Jr' O SQL llvnl' the pllg.:rlm's,IoyI'nl shout.: 'K 'l'h1- liIll'HllLZl0ll'N n deunly route: 01.111-1' lines we lIl'llC1'f0l'lll sllout., This ls the only llrsl.-clslss rout:-5 lilvul vlnhns wo In-11-lay sc-mil., Nonv can 1114-also Us hnl. Lhls 1' liuunlllullvvs Ill'VUl' 1.001 llzlll' ns llll'1' ns on this mill.:-. Xllll the l'o:ulln-:ls ln-1'vzll1u11l -',u.,,f.,, . :JL ,1- PM9. 0 0 All :ml ronglx, 4-xc:-pl. this mnlng oft 0 K :ull ln-yum! dispute, I ln- lh1l'linu:I0n's thi- lmnlwl' l'm1l.v. 135 Hours to Chicago. 22 Hours to St. Louis. ullman Vegtibulzcl rains ' T0 CHICAGO AND ST. LOUIS. FOR lNI"URAl.X'l'lllN CALL UN ADDRESS J. F. llIlcELROY, City Ticket Agenl, JNO. R. HASTINGS, Gen'l Supl., 300 Nicollet Ave., Cor. Third Sl., Minneapolis, Minn. Sl. Paul, Minn. W. 1. C. KENYON, General Passenger Agent. XX DOlVIOS 5 john Eas-khagcn T Serta 1,21 GLW Merchant lHarcI1ant'l'aiInr. f Tailor NO 6 SOUTH THIRD ST. P First Class Work and Fit 323 NICOLLET AVENUE Guaranteed' lvlinueaqfmolis. - hflinn 0. A NI EDS, ivf' University Lxiverfy, SALE AND BOARDING STABLE, l5I4 Fourth Street S. E. UHHBIHGES FDB IJPEHFIS, IJFINGES, EIU. HEFISUNFIBLE HHTES GQ 52 G90 R ,, 5?-' ANUNACTUFIERS AND D n . ,Y-xx EALERS IN ow W U LA TH B 2,5 .4 ? ' ,-A f l 1 SHINGLES E 'P S-eau-f-ffiszs ,.. , .m... 2.,- .Q-.,.-.4--.. Rooms 315 and 318 I 920 6th Ave. 8.2. I Mill: and Main St. and 4th Av. Lumber Exvhv-We I cor. Plymouth ana N.1:. , , A , A I'?ndmiYF.t,,.v . ,, IXZIINNEAPGLIS, IXKIINN. . . . 6123 . . . f k 131' ' ra Q50 lg mf 0. V .-.A- MM,-1 Gawdnew, Afgaggv. -:-.W Q,- -A- Enfraavervg Qulvliglgerag gprvinkerfvg ?fg Qfi Rina gook lllugtwahiong bay all Sflodervrz pwowgogwg a jpecialtcy. lllllu trvaxted e 2 FOP Qolle 2 Vjulalieation fumi Iles! at Rea on- SD So ll? Y sa sa able Rate? Eamfleg and Egtimategv I1 zmniglged on Clpplication. OQI2ooi""'iii I i w ,Q fer- IIIIIIIII , . A4 ' ' f ' M g I 11 K1lJ.5.S f ,f f I .f ' -A ' - 495555 Cord Wood 5 .. f '1 N Q Oak Slab Wood , o I f, - . AQ l f H- K M111 Wood ANI LXCITING IXIUNII NIT X L I kc ,H IL I tv Car Load Orders Bolicited. p., I I tl t t runs. .Agency ENTERPRISE Steam LAUNDRY I 3 t I I t H 1, t 1. R rlflg s ' '- ' I t I I II It L t 'ntrc- ' I"II. 'I' 9 II I LI t't LH QF wbgff J ' 1 Ie i C. A. SYLVESTER, THE MINNEAPOLIS ' Office and School Furnishing Go. Office and Factory, Cor. 8th St. 84 8th Ave. S. E. MANUFACTURERS OF' SCHOOL, Court House CHU HGH, AND-- BANK some OFFICE FURNITURE. We make a. Specialty of A11 Kind f ORDERED WORK. Prices quoted on application. MINNEAPOLIS, - MINN. XXIII I i 1400 4111 sf. s. E. MffmEAPoLls Plumbing .'.'.Bf!1d.'.'. as f Fitting 8i'2i'Z2iH THE CODY-HINELINE COMPANY IO4 Central Avenue . 5g:5111v:.1:.515-51523211111:gA1lv:g:3,lv.-1529 E ' IQONDQN TAILORS, ' PH VAN ATTA X COOK, .. T '1f' 1 Trousers, 55.00 in 512.001 suns, 320.00 10 sauna. K T nvsnnmws, 320.00 tu N S . iii?Ei?iii2Z5EEEEi??3235333222W xv. EE E L. H. 6. H. 5. Trask, DEALERSIN HLIFLUUH, FEED -AND HAY.If T4 E E5 4 1 Q45 T Orders Takexp for Wood and Coal DELIVERED TO ANY PART OF THE CITY. .f-g,f-+fs.fs.f-g,f- 414 FUUNBBHUI HVBTIUB SUUIHBHSI, MINNEAPOLIS, - - - NHNNESOTA. YYIY 1 6 LUTHER A. JOHNSON, QQ-i --:FnoR1sTff--T 3 ' ' IQOURTXIAI AVE. S. EZ. ALL KINDS OF CUT . FLOWERS . AND . PLANTS ljoquets and Designs to Order WFMEV' EEEE EE WEg 5 FINETEN I5 In wr .: .5 SPECI F3392 MEMEM EWEW ET XXV HM n 5 l A WE . M'3li.Tl3."lE Ulm' TU..9ll'.0igP. ECQST F!,M:8: 0. RY THE NORTHWESTERN LINE-C. St. P. M. E 0. R'y now otlers new and hetter train service annl with more comfort for travelers to the XVorlil's Fair City, as follows: BADGER, STATE EXPRESS fllailyl Leave Minneapolis 7.15 A. xl., St. Paul 7.55 A.M., Eau Claire 1 1 A. M., Dinner in Dining Car and arrive Milwaukee 7.55 P. xl.. Cl1ieagoil.35 l'. M. This train with Luxurious Parlor Cars gives Xl daylight ride through the most beautiful portion ol' Wisconsin all'orrling a flclighttul panoramic view the entire distance and reaching Chicago in ample time to connect with more night trains for the East and South than hy any other line. ATLANTIC EXPRESS flix. Sunclayj Leave Minneapolis -14.35 P.M., St. Paul 5.15 1'.1u., limi Claire 8.241 P. M., and arrive Chicago 8.00 A. M., connecting' with early trains of the Chicago N: Granrl Trunk, Monou, Chicago 8: Alton, Illinois Central, Wahash and other lines. This train has Palace Sleeping Cars with Bullet Service-Lunch served at any hour. VESTIBUI-E LIMITED fDailyJ Leave lylinneapolis 7.25 1' Al., St. Paul 8.05 r. M., Eau Claire 11.00 in M.. arrive Milwaukee 7.25 A. M., Chicago 0.30 A. Al. In arranging the time of this "Vestibule l.in1itccl" it is not made a fast running train, although consuming only 13W hours St. Paul to Chicago, hut it is timell mr comfort, making but very lew stops which gives long, steady runs, and with the handsomely hirnishcd neu: and improved Sleeping Cars and lighted hy Gas together with the Breakfast Service in Ilimng'Car before arriving in Chicago the trrp is one of comfort and luxury unapproaehahle hy any other iine. Secure Tickets and Sleeping Cer Accomodations, via. TI-IE NORTH- WEBTERN LINE, at following otllces: 159 East Third Street, 13 Nicollet House Block, 332 Hotel St. Louis Block, ST. PAUL. MINNEAPOLIS. DULUTH. R. B. EES, CARPE TERM? UILDER REPAIRING AND ALTEFIATION A SPECIALTY. SlII'EBl'l DDUTS, Wllltlllllll SIJPBBHS Hllli SiUl'IIl Sash Made to Order and I-'ut Up on the Shortest Notice and Warranted. NONE BUT THE BEST MATERIAL 'USED OFFICE AND SIAIOP, UNIVERSITY A ll SIXTH AVES. S. E. Telephone 597-2. D4i1717GE1pO1iS, INNEHPULIS sf S .Lnuls H . TH E I '95 Y xx W THROUGH PULLMAN 1 DAILY TRAINS SLEEPERS TO CHICAGO, BURLINGTON, HANNIABAL AND A ST' PAUL AND M'NNEAPoL'S ST' LOUIS' To CHICAGO,ST. LOUIS,KANSAS THROUGH CONNECTIONS I CITY' DENVER' COLORADO WITH PALACE SLEEPING CARS I SPFHNGS' COUNCIL BLUFFS, FOR OMAHA' ' HANNIBAL, QUINCY, CEDAR . , ATCHISON, 1 ST JOSEPH RAPIDS, ALBERT LEA, LEAVENWORTH AND KANSAS DES MOINES, WATERTOWN, 6.0. CITY. ALSO THE MINNEAPOLIS L.lNE TO LAKE MINNETONKA H Xx11,iNf...- ff.,-Z7 Y A Y"K'A'A'-Q""'X - fi' ' "W FREQUENT TRAINS. LOW EXCURSION AND PARTY RATES. 'AWA-,zB..g.gg14,'f,v-Wx, f'7T-Jtvx c. M. PRATT, G. T. a P. A., MINNEAPOLIS. W. H. TRUESDALE, RECEIVER. xxvu -.- ..-. - .l iii ii , 4 5 Fiiiizilflf I Ti' fiilii ,,' ' l I it ,. f.'f1ili"7" n V A i , ffl Y' --5 X 'uc , ff QL ' 11515. 1 ' 22, - ,I J ' f f N fi o H' HX an ' Xi My i li -I H mi' w ill ' .Zi ' ilifiil P l w f in . - -" ' + ' - ,f v ii H H , fi 'hf i ics., A i .ik 2.1-ali'-l-gli ' ..-me f V , -L 4, 5..-B.n: H '-5-.n , ,I JL- all .- i ' Wi' lH'WPl'F'! W 'W Jil' W ' - Ml-iiiliiliiiiWli"ii3Sliiiiiiiliiiifififiiiifiiiii. ii' A 'ifii!54?i':ii,,,,miiiii'iiiiifffifif!hifi"inwm,-i,,,W im'W"'-- Y -'E2-SThYKeh-5emiwAnY- Om . .STRVKER SENIINARY, ST. ANTHONY PARK, MINNESOTA: A Boarding and Day School for Girls, located in thc midway district between St. Paul and Minneapolis, on the line of the new interurbari electric railroad to be ' ' ' ' ' Y' 'th all modern improvements. large grounds. built this season. New buildmi.,s wi 1 commanding site. Thorough instruction in English studies, modern and classical languages, muisc and art. For particulars address, MISS ANNA K. STRYKER, Principal. R. H. HEGENER, VA. b , Barfberfs Supplles, ' six ,mx AND ALL Kmns or FINE cunsnv. ii E x . ,, im0"iiS3i??'XTZi'iMi..Siiwlii1ill?"i'fi'5l5a.ii.T,2"""l Iqbmmwms Country 0I'llHl'S promptly attended to. ' ' N' 207 Nicouuar nvsnue, -k ivunnsnpoms. r, fggf W D. N. i-mnpzg, Gm-i. minimise: ff f H' ilfigglzbi-2.97, n ' 5 Pnoto and llfood Enoraulno bog '.-VF. N ,X CJ-Q'rl.Ql-larafboro, .SX Vx 'NN A, , 4.,fnQf'? Us Roonegten glock, 51210025 polls-' 0 2 is '-'iUl" Diw 0 'wax lu -. J A Y i F' S oocvfo-o Publignqrs of minneapolis Illustrated---R Souvenir. 9 THE WEST PUBLISHING CU. 'ea . . . IDUISLISHEIQS OF . The National Reporter System. Aineriean Digest. ' United. States Digest. A Vermont Reports Kansas Reports. Dztkotzt Reports. - Minnesota Reports. Minnesotzt Stzttutes Minnesota Digests. Minnesota Citations. ' Minnesotzt justices, Prztetiee. A Minnesota Mzlnuztl Attorney-Genera1's Opinions, lite., lite. Clergeral Dealers irg haw Books. CARRYING ONE OF THE LARGEST STOCKS IN THE COUNTRY OI' TEXT-BUCKS Ano REPORTS - NEW AND SECOND-HAND. Special Priees made tu Students nf the University nf ltlinnesnta The Largest Law 1?ubI.ishin.gj Establishment: in the World.. 52-54456-48 WEST THIRD STREET, ST. PAUL.

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