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 - Class of 1891

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Text from Pages 1 - 231 of the 1891 volume:

PRBPERW Ur ?3?ii? :MH BUUIIY 'A W IISIDRML Siimm, .mfx:a:xAI9, IM, W. D. WILLARD. No, 'Inn Some Books are to be tasted, others are to Y he swallowed, ond some few are to be chewed Q and digested.-Bacfm. 5 ILZAXJ' ' X 5554 235 yo u :EEE3Up qDEEEE A Q - -'G .A .,,.. W, . -' . l I,.mwL1- uununnlurlnnunnunnu:Tnuun:uugl:-gygyunnnnnunnnIluunuululunulnunuuuununulunuuuuuunulnuuuulcuqgy ---- -I --A-- ---V?--. -..... .?.-,,,-,--,Q ..-n -Wxmf. . .:., 31. f,f.- ,J-Wy. ylvgwiiulmlllil mlmmmnqllm-'mlplllk1K.. . ' . J I Q Q, mg, ,., -, lp ,, e' w Q-'g xihh'-, .SBS 7 Ng-3 N 'Tn-: ' 21-MR-nm-". 'Ez afmfumhrmumimm mllumnmnlllmlllhunvurlblIllunluniiahlnuiliiil 1 1 " ' " 40,4 'II' X' ' E V ' 3 f W " ' if 5 Qf ifj z l f n,oiWQ1ss,A,m..rnmfg5mJ?fu3uirlu algo A www-- U6-Q ,-VV ', 'fi 'H:1':':.:',Q" v E "J aim E 'Lil A , - n Fig ooooo oooo ,fo ,bw a .Mm .mm cz' z- ' -5 x,:,,a' o Q' ff ..n!n,7Tx-via n Q00 'EhJ'1T:hsJGJ2ps,1iakEf'1elf!lgi2snieww e Q26Q 9wMia QMiEmiw hbE9imwQd wneaililoiibrahwiiiaiexiib. QnQQ1Qa2fpmwmw Nmmam Tien-ded lima - W SBYWQm1w Q39il?P9?iE PRUPERTY lli Bllli EARTH Bllllllil lsmmcu sucam, riinmu, mlm. elven sv......-'----- ---- --------""""""""" . O , , . C- I-'- m?Y,E5Ii1 Sf C0-v Tii-31a A Venue I erelyant Tailors. cones --W A-- ' V -- M --'-- P. 'TE T753 Q F? ?2':1.fIM will ,LE - I We Lfmaa- afa.,1a,,f ,GLI :J fa sz? CF: F? -iz: F I f 1 -1--:Hr as-I -f--:-ff--- -- S T - 'cr 4: sf. it-1Tf.'+1'4:'f4:' -iv . A FULL LINE 0F 1 mT .f..5- ' 'FHL FINEST SY , 13 fi 2. ' Lf' ' ' , X . .I N ---v 4.,. ' 1: .. - English, N1i QG- - .gig 5:2 ...- f J DOITIGSEIG LUOOIQDS I . Q e . Riff-131-f"'IEfEfi I S f ' T ' . I' i z-ii 2 Scotch I'i"1l-"I52m"'ll"l' 'lllwl li T, " IN THE MARKET ' W Wlfzal w ' ' ll' wily , ,im f rliifwu if . ,N gtg.-fini.: '..If',!iC'1'.l2l'..L.L3-rn'-:.v.l. ...nqjf lil , 5 .Q ,'sL,4l 'fl' ' 1' . - ,nl 1- 'Ii'i"iSllY!11l1l"1 lwW!"-'J gi ,i. " fl T. hush' Q,!I'3f 1f7QLMKfI'Mi x if ,Zigi +L p1iri'flf.,-,- "'il ll" i'ii16ij?viflT: L'L', F f'l'l',g f' f - Fveneh MJ west DeS'Q'7S "' I :fW9"lw,i lllfifvfj. ,.4' Ill? f 'mfg 4 ll J, . -i3WW'f i'1.'Xlllll,?f',V'l' lt, IIILN it -I 'T ' ImP0r'f8f100S- E ' V la fl ' -6- Reeqived Daily. .-.---.----..-.t.....-- H.- F, QSQY-1 J w. I 31 ig il lilwi A.: Willie ' EE iiii if fT'Ta'f'i'f i, f I I f da lm ..... at .I . P- L 1 : - 'gi-L--HL---+I JA T . f -ll:3g:3-baggy" X gi lfE ?iT : - Priqes from S25 up. - Only Firgt-Qla55 Ufork Done. ' Entire Satisfaction Guaranteed in Emjery Particular. FINEST STORE Arm LARGEST STOCK in T1-is NORTHWEST. . THE -- USURLK - DISCOUNT - TO - UNIVERSITY -- STUDENTS. . MU RDQQK gt CQ., to sg 1.':.S+is:.zA'::2,':i,G2ze:sfS' Wi beadixyg Photographers Qc, as ,,,g,, so q as J on -.,qg,. d CRAYON PORTRAITS A SPECIALTY. 701-7015-705 NlC0l,l,E',L' AVIGNUE, CORNER SEVENT1-I STREIET. QD 8: CO. 'The leading photographers of Minneapolis, have this year made the swf- -- f- ,Q is s------.3 .principal groups and views illustrating this issue of the 4' Qopherfl Noticeable among them that of the faculty and numerous fraternity groups are particularlymeritor- ious. jlfturdocgk 65' Go. have enjoyed the patronage of the Junior glass entire, besides numbers from the many different professional departments. qhe entire graduating Medical Glass were photographed by this firm. Some of the reproductions in half:tone are by the new "fM11.LrdocK half:tone process," and to these attention is especially directed. Each individual. group or view negative is numbered and classed, and duplicates can be ordered at any time. . I nmpmgymg Murdock 83 Co. VVish lieu: to express their zlppreciuition Itn- :ill the c,foii1't.c-:sires :uid pemtronage extended thern bv the 'Universiliy S1f1.lll6'1'11S, solicjriting ss l'01'l1'iI1'l'l2tillCE3 of The szmme c:.oU1..D LE-QEECQVQBHARDT, Bolts Mmzllinc VVorks. Nason Muollino Co. W alter Scott My Co. Nilos Tool NVo1'ks. Goorgv A. Cray, Jr., Co. Brush liloctric Co. George W. Fifiolcl. Edison Mau-llino Co. F. E. Reed. ,, EBERHARDTS PATENT UNIVERSAL AUTOMATIC GEAR GUTTER SIZES: ?2'2", 25", 36", 50", GO", 72" :uxd 8-I-". CONSIDER OUR CUSTOMERS WHO HAVE THESE IN USE. Daft Elf-c'll'lr' Light Co. Pratt. LB Whitney Co. Powell Planlor Co. Wntorvloit Gun Arsonnl. Potter Pfllllllllg' Press Works. W. F. N -I. 1l3u1'u1-s Co. Morgan l+Inginl-vring Co. Washington Navy Yurll. Pond Mau-hinv 'Fool Co. . I --..- - A ll ll A P t t Sh A ln A-lllll la an - a erfs . ,ll CJQWNWA flgz' l wgmm smell: 12, us, 24, 26 and so mom. 3 , Hi n, . . 2 , 1500 IN usa. ' M, '-3STRIKE'f-- fxlj M as eAs1' on vue: . i EM STRIKE 'mln A Q. f if l ' I . V, A f-- 113 lw ll7llLl'l.1 4 All ll"""l1lf?'l,l f U A ri' VM"L3'l1f1 'AA , . 3 ' W"-L--' ' ' ' 'div' ' "" 'fn' ' 1 'Wln Tl!! . U ll :l '. -1 '- M 1 1 v 5 2 A WE EBERHARDTS PATENT ll ,, 1.-ll'all E, .lllw 5- A A .V A lllll ' ,f A ' o I P l llllll llllllllllllllullll A 'HA1"X7"l ' "E" 'Tl . 12gfl""lf A A l A A' A Sues: 25, :s2, 37, '12, 48 nnrl 54 moke. All l' W. I ,,J,'-F-N . ll All ,L -L, M, ....- ll W em", . cunrdmus say: "lr ls me only Drill bum on lAA!'E'l " NlllI MmlnlmlnllqumlmlllllllAA X correct prlneiple5." f X " . O A vl- A FEWV XVHLJ A1113 USING vlvl-II'-gb. D111-I T S Our Tools are being used as studies at the following ' A , A A 'U' I A J 'J' I Universities. " -N'll' "Nl sl' -ll. U'l"7lC JAC. Amomzln1aS'ELl:r1i0l,,Y5llippgllxlnlgxncl lll mg l 150231Looommivgxuliikslglllc o 1 Clelggbmn ?01y1jiYlwic Imigztuteg Gzflngm ?imteUi?33'Z1t?7f f rw 1 ' ' ' , , , ' ' ,, " "e n gy Jorne mvers y. .on 'ru-o na - limncs Vslcnnxn Brake Co. Georgia. bmw- School of l.ochnology. Qolomdo State Agn-ir-ultnral College. University of Minnesota. R. .lloo 85 Co. King lron llridgle Co. lTl"llI'y li. Wortlnngton. If-m0I'Y Uflllflff- UHAVETFATIY Of Illinois. P1-azz lvnf-mule. Ilni- prmt hlmwitmu. lvllivomiw of-fh,nm,SBM,, versity of flennessee. Pnrdne University. Nnnrlerbllt lul- versity. DREKA Fine Stationery and Engraving House. ' "2I Chestnut Street, Philadelphia. Commencement, Class Day, Fraternity, Reception and Wedding Invitations, Programmes, Banquet Menus, etc. Steel Plate Work for Fraternities and College Annuals. Fine Stationery with Fraternity or Class Badge, Monogram, etc. Visiting Card Plate Engraved for One Dollar. IOC Cards from they Plate for One Dollar. All work lsexecnted in the establishment under our personal supervlslou.and only ln the beet manner. Unequalled lacllltles and long practical experience enn ble us to prodnfe the newest styles and most artistic effects, whiluonr rep- utation ls a guarnntee ofthe quality of the productions oi this house, Dc-signs. Suwnples and Prices su-wut. on :tpplicmt ion. L-,, R PEW OP THE Q Y BOOKS. 50,0210 on MORE I SendQpicgzgsogngmdgsglptlons I as wanted. z: :: :: :: - :: :: : Social Singing'-"CollegeSongs." Bllc. " ollcge Sorgi-i," for Banjo or Guitar, each 351. "Good Old Songs We Used to Ping." 31. Tennpernnce-"Tempar- ance Crusade," Slfic or 33.60 doz. Emerson rt Morey. "Temperance Rallying Songs," 35c or 33.60 doz.-Hull. Anthem Books--"Easy Anthems," 80c or S7.2U doz. Emerson. "Anthems of Praise," Sl, or 399 doz. Emerson. "Americinn Anthem Book," 541.25 or 312 doz. Dow's"Responses and Sen- tences," S0c or 357.20 doz. Easy Cantatas--Sacred: "Ruth and Boaz," 65c, 56 doz.: "Rel1ecca.," G5c or 346 doz. Secular: "Dairy Maids' Supper," 20c or 31 80 doz.g "Garden ol Singing Flowers," dl c or 343 G0 doz. Great success of our new ill Music Books--"Piano Classlcsf Vol. 1 and Vol. 2. "Popu- lar Piano Collection " "Popular Dance Music Co'lcction," "Song Classics for Soprano." 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Hardware, Cutlery, Mechanics' Tools ' ' ' I COMPLETE LINE OF-'i ' ' ' Dm-jwing materials, Suwveyinglnstrumentsw Drfawing Paper-fs renown as si-mnpses ooons. maeninists' Gools. eg- Pddis Qaruinq Goolg PARTICULAR ATTENTION PAID T0 UNIVERSITY TRADE. I Qorrqspondenqe Solieil-ed. N s Fon Keuppsu s- Essen New vomq c. nw. msislsluusv, nnirnnsirrwiwoiliiliiiino enoonnr ve' I ' Groqeriqs, prune, iTl'SE1I2'..1, 0. T. SSMETT. Dry GOOCIS and Notions, on o on on me w on on es: ei- on as ee or Iladies' and Gents' Furnislyinq Goods. BEST LINE 0F COLLARS AND CUFFS IN THE CITY. 228 Ce:17tralAvc17ue, - - Minneapolig, Minn. F. A. FISHER. E. F. nonson. l4IN'l'.fXl3l.lHl-IEIJ if-lull. 12. A. PIEIEIQ 62 co., I H I Contrfaetons . and Builders. Large Contracts Taken in any Part of the Country. ' 0l"l"ll3lC 15, IT und I0 Tllllll! S'l'Rl'll'I'l' N., MINNEA PULIS, MININ Qontraqtorg Pillsbury Hall, Qbemiqal Caboratory, Caw Building: and Heatinq Plant. ' r in E. PARKER. The Linrgsst and heading Dealer in-A--V-A -'- - H I fe: --v--- UIQWS' and BOYS' Q'Oi'2ifPQ .4 "'1 I4 ' ' . -- -------ff'-A -e-4 --5-ff--2 -5-3-A--f------A-oN 'ri-is Ens'r sms. Save money by Buyinq Qlobbinql, Hats and- Furnisbino Goods arg Vl2Q 'Qenqral Auenuq. I I Golden Gash Grfooerfy 4413, l liven-ytlxing tu sult the Students. Your l'ut1'olmg'u Sollclted. Q R ! 519 . and . 521 . Fourteenth . Avenue . S. . E. l Veeeve ,e.,.,.e, . 'AAA W-. ..,, ,-.- ..e-...,,-Jw , T-. I I WEB3TE'l'5.,II.!!I.Q.BulI!i!iE,Um,I!IW0NW- The bent Dictionary ofthe EllfulTlL:aszl:g:ul5: Features unequaled for concise information include yum- n a - A BIOGRAPHICAL DICTIONARY 0yuR,pc: ' lle:ARY giving brlot' facts conceanima 0,702 Notcd Persons of nnczii-nc ' ' illl T110 Gl'Il IIHOS, 0'mM"', ' ffm? A GAZETTEER 0F THE WORLD V M -'-. M ---YA-Q-Q, M locating und briefly 1le?ciril1ii1g 25,0012 glfzctaqp and at Vocabulu- 3000 more Words and nearly 2000 more Il- 'ry I Ie Immun 0 0 0 ulustrations than any other Am. Dlctlgngryi AI' IMMuQ::lca2c:,T5,'3,nIg':e3lqSIcry 0 00 ' e-Tholatter-iovnot touml any other Dictionary. Webster is Standard Authority inthe Government Prlntjgg Oillce, ang vglthltlui LITS. SlEpnemePCoui'a. It if- mcomII?l?lIIlII:hieIIybiftEIedtsltIIIwI5nIIalIlA1:In2 I?tT.?T3hpII'lII1sgI,leld, limits' aniII1xsIIliIE:dLI:IlIIImII1lcx S2311 fm cms' V ' V ' ' v CHOICE annnos or: V' X TT usnusns in -I N X -.-.-- ...., :Sb 5. F O tl ,A .WT-i in -.-.. ..-.....+-- ...,, W., urlyl ure and II I t tt n Ro er Process Four 0 I-IDCIQVIZKIDQ . 1 I F'-nom minnesota Hand Lllheat. SPECIAL ATTENTION GIYEII T0 UPHOLSTERIIIG H REPIIIRIIIG. Llniuqrsity Tradq Qarqfully Suppliqd. GRRHAUII RYE HND BUCKLUHEAT FUOUR' 316 CENTRFU-I AVENUE, E- D- J. 4.1. m'rm., vim-ma. Mlm.. 711 QQWQ R X Ill 0 ff! 1 Printinq House of L Kimball Printinq Qompany minneapolis, minn. 1890. I5 ogllesg gif?- .M xxx . -,-,nu ENTRANCE TQ SCIENCE HALL Qian. glnlm 5. iyillahurg, LAAQ14-fx k6.ce.+n1v4-zymll -fnmf! ' ' Q, I !fZfL1i1u.fy!fL1Q? 94f1fAZdAA, WMM? ,4Q:,,fA. 159, .ZZWZ Ninety-Ove "II f'm'1'f' ml f"Ha' H xl 1 FROM PHOTOGRAPH BY MURDOOK. Q 'C ' f hun-1 ' r - 1 - . . Q v 5 .,. 'K 1' 1 x K -s .1 ik.,,.-A I r v 1 Ilu - b:un1n1s-1 :ms sean Wiley, lunlqing Huulh 13-urn xvzmlk in Hu- Alain liuilrlirnr. Mix Preface. " lVho lhinkx zz jwzf-f1ju'ra' lo m- !" l' Thinkx wha! llL"L'l' wax, nor is uw' c'ur nm lr. - ol'E. xfiig- f1IE editors ofthe Gorumu are well aware of the high stand- ard demanded and maintained in recent animal publica- ' tions of students of the larger American Colleges and Universities and notably of our own University of Minnesota. A few years ago such publications were often nothing more than the poorly bound and cheaply printed receptacles for dry college statistics and questionable personalities and caricatures. 'l'o-day the best of them are the truthful and interesting exponents of every possible phase of student life and organization. Finely hound and printed, richly illustrated, containing many articles of a valuable historical or descriptive nature, abounding in wit and hmnor and full ol' artistic and poetical couceits, they are often worthy of a conspicious place in every home and library and are a peculiar witness to the taste and ability as well as to the life of the American student. Such, at least, is the ideal college annual and with such an ideal constantly before us we have planned and labored. It has been our purpose to publish an annual that should be simple and natural in the arrangement, and complete and i1upa1'tial in the statement ol' fact: that should give equal representation to every department, class, and organization ol' the University: that should please all and oflfend none by its jokes and wittieisms and that should leave nothing to be desired either in thc number and quality of its illustrations or in the style and beauty of its binding and printing. It is not for us to say that our purpose is accomplished. Indeed we know that it is not. 'l'he result of our labor is far different from what we planned and expected. We console ourselves how- ever, with tl1e thought so well expressed in the quotation at the top of the page, and with the consciousness that we have given to the work all the time and perhaps more than we could well afford. We have done our best and must leave with our readers the result. lVe trust that in the perusal of the following pages they will experience as much pleasure and profit as we have derived from their production and publication. We expect criticising yet we trust that much will be found that is worthy of eommendation. On , V 9 , ,Z-X, me ,V X V NCULUM Nz X ommausm A an Z A RTIBUS 1 ! X' X9 ,Poo GS ' Q .so ip in 'N ' f , f J xQ', X "c 0, ff vryyy l T ' ra K 'V ,q - f in E Q c 3- .Lv . Q ' " 15 V' sa 0 V Q 0.0 avian E 4 .oo 'Q , 0, 0990 99" f4 1 I F M' 1 2 5 'gs . , . . ' 5i3.lfl4"f,, - Q Q FROM PHOYOGRAPN nv Munnocx. TPIE GANIIJUS AS SEEN P'ROM AN ELEVATION EAST CDF UNIVE1?.S1'fY AV1'1Nl,Il'l. PART I. 6172 University Qrqqtincg. "Il.!"--ffdear old "U, of M,," we sing to thee ! Not ours to wish thy form less rough and drcar, In our hearts still thou art most fair, most dear. 'Varsityl a wonderous interest clings to thee! Ever we think what secrets there must be lleposed within thy breast from year to year. Such plans, such thoughts, such qualms of hope and fear In thee are whispered, guard them jealously,- These dreams of fame, and tenderer dreams of love. Young Spring unfolds her heart to the great sky, lllay not thy children dream upon thy breast ? In all these years thou still dost faithful prove, Note how the stars peep down, the breezes sigh, Nor learn thy secret, safe with thee they rest. Old U.! Thou art a battered hulk, a song Sung through, a withered leaf that's brown and sere And tho' long past its youth still lingers here Like an old man among the young and strong. 'Dost think 'tis in ou1' hearts to do thee wrong? We are thy friends, listen and thou shalt hear That from staunch '91 there's naught to fear, We'-re not the ones to wish thy life less long, For what is outward form to inward worth Thy rough grey walls conceal a l1ca1't most true, Full many a. year they've borne both storm and sun Have waked ambitions and have rung with mirth, Let them deride thee as they will, old U, Thou hast a lover still in '91. 1 10 1 ' . , l b 'V' FROM PHOTOGRAPH BY MURDOOK. AIN ISUILIDING-. I L Il-'72 University of minnesota The Qolleoq of Scierpeq, Uterature ar7d tl7e prts. The State Geological Survvey. The State Natural 1-llstorfy Survvey The School The The School of Mining and Metallungy. Tl7e Qolleqe of meelyaryiq Arts. The School of Pnactical mechanics. of Design, Frveehand Drawing and wood Canvlng TI7Q Qolleqe of pqricultum. The School ol' Rgrvieulturve. The Deparvtment of Veteninany Science. The Rgnlculturfal Expenimenl: Station. 'l'l7e Department of lT1edieil7Q. The College of medicine and Sungervy. College of Homeopathic medicine and Surfgeny. The College of Dentistivy. 'l'l7e Departmqqt of llaw. 11 II The Board of Reoents. Illo IION. GIIIQICNIIEAIV CLARK, M. A., ST. l'.xK'l., 1892. 'l'In- Hon. UUSIIMAN K. DAVIS, M. A., ST. I,AI'L, 1892. 'I'hv IION. KNUTIC NELSON, Ar.lcx.xNnlu.x, 1596. The HON. JOHN S. PILLSBUIIY, AIINNI'ZKI'OLlS, 18915. 'IIIII' HON. HENRY II. SIIILICY, ST. PAUL, 1S9I Iho IION. GORDON E. COLE, I".uun.xm.'r, 1891. The IION. WILLIAM LIGOIC'l"I', Ilrcxsos, 1891. 'I'ho IION. S. M. ENIEIIY, LMQE Cvrv, 1895. ' JUDGE STEPIIICN MAIIONI-EY, MlNNlc.x1'oms, 1895. T110 IION. NY. Ii. MICIIRIABI, ST. I'.xl'l., Ex-OII11-Io. The Governor of the State. Tho IION. DAVID I.. KIICIILIC, LL. D., ST. PAUI., Ex-Oiliceio The Smte Superint,ende-nb of Public Instruction. OYRUS NOR'I'IIIIOI', LL. D., MlNNI1:AP0I.Is, Ex-Oilifiiu The President of the University. OFFICERS op: 'rl-is BOARD. I0 IION. IIICNIIY II. SIISLEY, Prcsidunt. 'I'1n- IION. DAVID L. KIEIILIC, Rofrprding Soc1'0t:n'y. I'liIiSIDEN'I' CYRUS NOIi'I'I'IROI', Cor. Sourvtnry. 'rx-is EXECUTIVE coxvl1vu'r'r'EE. II. B. BROWN, 'I'rc-usurvr 11- IION. -IOIIN S. I'II.I.SlII'IiY, UIlll.II'lII1lIl. Thu IIONLDAVID L. KIICIILE. CY RUS NORTH ROP, U11-rk. 12 P,--..,...-.-,,.-........ .-.-.- -.-.-.--. -- -- ---. ..... .... .... , ...., ---V ., n 5, fff? 'T' ..."FAr- ww-wr-'i. ' L ,' --- FROM PHdTDONAPH BY MURDODKI HOIICNUIC Oli l'lI,l,SlSl7R.Y HALL 'EIQG Lh7iuer5ity of fllinnegota. Q f'lIE remarkable progress 5 gtjfj- of' the University of 5 Minnesota has attract- r 1 1 throughout the entire coun- try. It is well within bounds to assert that no other insti- tution comparable in char- ! acter with this has advanced i so rapidly and yet so sym- 5 metrically within the past 9 three or l'our years. The University of Minnesota occupies an exceptionally advantageous position. lt is sharing in the growth and i prosperity of a great section ol' the country that prizes its educational development as highly as its material. The University lies between Minneapoliii and St. Paul, in such a manner as to be convenient ol' access l'rom both citiesg and its roots are taking deep hold in the varied life of these two brilliant and noble comnumities. Within a few years there will be a million people living within a radius ol' fifteen or twenty miles l'rom the University grounds. It is the good fortune of the University that it commands the respect, awakens the pride, and is safe in the support of the population that is concen- ed the attention of educ- ational men and ol' the press I i H. H. Sibley, Liu. D., Pnes. Board of Regents. trating in its vicinity. its scientific and literary opportunities are now thoroughly appreciatedg and the stream ol' Minnesota youth that 11112-l 110011 tlowing to eastern colleges is steadily shrinking in volume. No other state university in the country is so well situated for the development of professional schools. The University medical college has absorbed three previously existing medical schools, and has already attained a high prestige. Medical education is scarcely possible except in large cities where hospitals and dispensaries give frequent opportunity f'or practical illustration. Minneapolis is destined to become the great western center of medical education. lt is highly advantageous in the study of the law, moreover, that the1'e should be contact with the practical life ol' the profession, and the opportunity that Minneapolis and St. Paul afford f'or law students to combine olllce experience with courses of University lectures, is plainly very superior. The existence, in the immediate vicinity, of many thriving industries also bears a direct relation to the success of the technical work of the l.Iniversity's college of mechanic arts. There is no reason why this department should not in the early f'uture become one of the leading polytechnic schools of America. Not far from the University campus is the fine f'arm of the Agricultural depart- ment, where the University maintains a successful farm school and an advanced agricultural college course, and where the United States government supports an agricultural experiment station. The mineral resources of the Northwest are so vast and so various that there is need f'or a thorough school of mining engineering and metallurgyg and the University ol' Minnesota has determined to build up such a department. lVithin a remarkably brief' time the number of students at the University has grown to a thousand l'rom half that number, and within the next five years the attendance, in all departments, bids l'air to reach t.wo thousand. The liberality of the State and of the Iion. John S. Pillsbury has provided several new buildings that rank among the best educational structures in the West. The energy, ripe judgment, courageous plans and infinite tact of 'President Northrop are of priceless value to the University in this critical period ol' its rapid expansion. The University under his administration keeps the good-will of the State at large, is upon the friendliest terms with all other educational agencies, and is accorded by unanimous consent its proper place of leader- ship in the educational work and the intellectual lil'e of Minnesota. V . TQ., ' ,. gt .qt ll E l'niversity o I' ' I -s vt LJ' en . . T ' . gi- Minnesota, situated ' , in the center ot' popu- ., . " ' lationot the state,within the limits of Minneapolis, and very near tl1e limits ol' St. Paul, has been en- , gaged in college work for , twenty years. Beginning - with l'our preparatory i classes, it did not reach , the full organization of a college till 1869. Grad- u a l ly the preparatory classes have been drop- ped, as the work of the high schools in the state ll , . , . . i-E 'H - , - ' A " ,T has been raised, until now 'Y' 1 1 M ' ' ' ' - ' only one preparatory class remains and that will dis- appear at the close ol' the IV' - - .. .. .. .ft. -. -.,,...... ,.., .. ..,.. w ,,,,,'g,t,yl The Hon. David ll. Klahle, DLI. D., State Superintendent of Publla Instruction pyggent collegiate ygm-, and Regent of the University. T1 Uuixtrsity m lt! ' 1 C ' braces scven colleges: science, literature and arts, mechanic artsg agricultureg law: medicine and surgery, homeopathic medicine and surgery, and dentistry. The last four have been in operation but two years. They have, however, attained a remarkable suc- cess, showing that the time was ripe for their organization, and that a real need ofthe state has been met by their establishment. The number ol' law students is already one hnmlred and thirty- one, and the number of medical students is one hundred and twenty-six. The proportions which these colleges will assume when they shall have been in operation twenty years, it is impos- sible to predict, but they must be very large. The tirstclass which graduated in the College ot' Science, Literature and Arts, num- bered two. That was the class of 1873. The next class was no larger. The class of 1888 numbered thirty-live, and the class of it-190 numberstitty-eight,beingtwenty--three larger than any class yet graduatedg but it in turn will be surpassed by the classes ot' 18512 and 18923. There is littlc doubt, indeed,that the graduating classes are henceforth to be much largcrthan they have ever been, and that in less than six years from the present time they will regularly ex- ceed one hundred in the College ol' Science, Literature and Arts, and in the whole University will approach very nearly totwo hun- drcd and titty. The number of students in the University at pres- cnt is a little over one thousand. This number is not much below the number in the University of Michigan six years ago, and although the latter University has made mighty progress in these six years and nearly doubled the number of its students, the Uni- versity oi' Minnesota is not so far behind, even in numbers, as not to hope that it may yet equal its titty years old rival even in the nnmber ol' its students, as in its facilities for instruction, for labor- atory work, and for investigation, it purposes to equal her whether it does so in mere numbers or not. The inlluence oi' the University in the Northwest is great and is rapidly growing. VVhen its laboratories are examined and seen to he equal to the best in the country, when its classes in the legnlar courses number their students by the hundred, when the labor required to maintain a respectable standing in the classes is as great as is required forthe same purpose in the oldest Univer- sities ol' our country, when the tide of students sets strongly towards the University so that no other efforts are needed to secure students than simply to present the facts respecting the work of the University, as is annually done in the Catalogue ol' which an edition ol' eight thousand copies is exhausted every year, and that, too, in no small part in consequence ol' personal calls for copies, it cannot fail to be seen that the University ol' Minnesota is no longer an institution struggling for existence, nor is it one that is pleading for recognition. It is already recognized in thc Northwest and is rapidly being recognized in the East as one of thc strong educational institutions ot' the countryg and ol' its right to be thus recognized there can be no doubt. For it is not merely in its buildings and apparatus that it presents attrac- tions. lts instruction is oi' a high order. lts Faculty are men ol' --s I' M I I i I I w FROM PHOTOGRAPH HY MUROOCK. LIABORATORY BUILDING FOR T1'1E DEPARTLIENTS OF CIfll'1NIIS'P.RY AND PHYHKJS ll-gc-s. 'l'ha- industrious, I':Lithl'ul, L-urnost. stud:-nt will gc-t :L good V :Lhility :Lud high cultnro, lnost l ol' tlu-in gl'1lllllll.l0S ol' ilu- old l ' ' vollc,-gn-s ol' thu- lflust. A nL:nL- IL:-r ol' lllt'lll h:u'c- Studi:-d in I lflnropc- or :Lt .lohns Hopkins, in 2 - g'I'! courses. 'I' h oy :Lll luring to the-ir work ll.ll 0ll.l'llt"Sl. - spirit :Lnd while tht- utmost hur- :nony pr:-v:Lils und diss:-usions uri- utt:-rly unknown, c-:Lch lllllll is anxious to :n:Lk4- tho most oi' his 1l0lllll'i.lll0llll :Lud to do tha- IIIOSIL possihlc- for tho stud:-nts null:-r his o:u'1-. While- tho l'ui- vursity still luhors S0lllt'Wlllll :null-r the ditlic-ulty rc-sulting fron: thc- :nu-vt-n lll'l'l!Ill'tl.ll0ll ol' its stud:-nts for tht- work, th:-ro is uf-vt-rtlu-lm-ss :L lllllllll'l'Hl: Hon. C. K. Dnvls, U. S.Sanatorfonmln- nesorn and Regent ofthe University. th:- Ullll.l'll.Kflft!l' ol' tho work in souu- tlt'lH1l.l'Llllt'lllSlllltl no falling lL:L1'k 4-lovution from your to yl'll.l' in in :Luy. A uinvh lurg:-r nutulwr ol' thx- stud:-nts ll.l'0 now wa-ll pru- llIl.l'l'll for th:-ir work wh:-n they ent:-r thr- Uliivc-rsity thuu wus thc- r':Ls:- :L ft-w yn-urs Slgflg lllltl il' :L uuiI'ornL lll't'lh1l.l'Il.il0ll ol' two yours in Huw-1-k 1':Ln ho soc-:irc-d l'l'0lll :Lll tht- svhools in which Gr:-1-k is tuught, thl- :uost llll1llll'0Sf:Wl'tl,lill0SS in tht- coursc- ol' study :Ls con:- 1l2l.l'Ull with'th:Lt ol' thu- olmlm-1'r:ollt-gus in whi:-h Gr:-r-k is l'0tlllll'l'll oi' :Lll stud:-nts llllll is :undo :L spot-iully proniinont ft-:Ltura-, will huvl- lu-on l'l'llltlYl'4l. liven lit pros:-nt, how:-vt-r, il' thi- c'lzLssi4':Ll scelnolur gl-ts loss Gr:-4-lc than the student in ll.ll oust:-rn c-ollc-go, lu- gl-ts llllll't' st-i:-tu-v :Lnd 1-spa-viully ho Cllll got, il' ht- I'll0OSOS, tl niuc-h mort- llI'll.0llt'll.l kuowl:-dgo ol' physics und clu-luistry, ol' Zoology :Lud lLot:'Lny th:Ln is possihle for :L vlussicul studr-nt in tht- older :sol- 0llllt'1ll:lUll in thc- l'niv1-rsity. 'l'h:- idlc :Lud ur-gligout student tuuy possihly gc-t through thc- L':Lit'4-1'sity tllltl gn-t his diplouut just :Ls llllllly stud:-nts ot' that :'l::L1':Lc-tt-1' ga-t diploluus ill, lllll'Vfl.l'tl1l.llll xvlllli ',.,.7,. .,.,. - . .. ,...:.,. ...... -,. l l dudge Stephen Mmhony, R Ur-:Iver-alt-y. agent of the llut it is to tlu- 4-rm-dit ol' our stu- df-nts that nLost of th:-lu :Lro in L-urn:-st Illlll lu:-un to llltllit' th:- luost of th:-ir 1-ourso in tho l'ni- vs-1'sity,:Lu4l it is f-ous:-qu:-ntly l'2l.l't' to tind in tht- lllg'llfll'l'lllSHt'S :lily stud:-nt who luLs not l'aLirly tri:-d to do well in his work. 'l'oo :unch :funuot ho suid in pruiso ot' our stud:-nts IIS rc-spot-ts th:-ir cl1:L:':Lut0l', ln-l1:Lvior, dooil- ity, und loyulty to tht- institution. 'I'lu-rv is govt-rmnout, tlu-ro is tl.lllll0l'lly :Lt tho l'niv:-rsity, hut. it is 1llli.lltll'llj' :hut is ll.llllllSl uu- folt, llt'l'llllS4' dc-purtur:-s fron: the 1'c-qLLiL':-Lum-:us of ordt-rum! progress Il,l'0 ll.llll0St unknown. So goin-rnlly do tho students show ll l't'll.lllll0SH to do wluLt:-vt-L' is rc-quirod for thoir own good und tlu- lVllll.ll.l'0 ol' tho l'nivt-rsity, that th:-ir doing this doa-s not St't'lIl in any cuso to ho thi- rm-sult. ol' L-nl'orc-ing luw, hut l'1l.i.lltll' tha- voluntary :Lotion ol' llllllllyyllllllg mon and wotuunly young wouu-n. This is tht- pr:-st-nt situ:Ltiou. llow :nur-h llllSt'lll0l. might he wrought hy :L v:-ry ll-w lltl.1lSlllll0lllH, no one knows hott:-r than tht- writ:-r of this :Lrl.i:'l4-. llut it is not heliovod thut uuy pL':Loti:':Ll 4-xhihitiou ol' th:-so possihlo evils will he tll,t0lllllll5ll in the ns-nr futuro :Lud it is to he hoped that young lll0ll who lltlVt' intolligonw- lllltl kuowlcdgv suilioi:-ut to tlillllll. thou: to tho liuiv:-rsity, will 2l.lWtl.yS huvf- good ss-uso 1-uough to f'llll.lll0 illvlll to l'9lllll.lll in thu l'niv:-rsity. With pc-uc-o within and without, tlu-rn is :L glorious l'utur4- hc-l'oro the l'nivc-rsity ol' Mllllllltlflltl.. lt will not only ll.tft'0lllllllSll for tho Stutc- tho work for which it was orgaumizod, hut it will ln- :L h:-lp :Lnd guido und lIlSllll'lIl,l0ll to thc- young:-r Stun-s Illlll Institutions in thi- llltl.l.i.t'l' ol' tlu- high:-r l':tllll'tli.l0Il. FELL' 4 ' Alll'2 l' n i ve-rsity,'ul - jj ','f"-f,a4a?fti..5-A 7 though it is at Stnte- ,- av' ' ' i , tt., 'TN Institution und di- re-e-tly or indire-e-tly wholly ele-pe-uele-nton tho Stnte- for its support, has he-e-u pe-e-ul- inrly fortunate- in e-svnping politie'ul eremiplivutiems. lt has he-e-u und is e-eluully for- tnnnte- in he-ing.: nnele-r the- eiire-e-t vnre- of at llonrd ol' lie-ge-nts vemipose-el ol' ge-lr tle-me-n who ne-ve-r nllow politie-nl CtlllSltl0l'llll0IlS to hius the-ir juelgme-nt in mntte-rs nll'e-eeting: the- in- ' ' - f,"""""'f"'-.4-11-1 : tvrvsts ol' the- l7uive-rsity. -j :eve - 1 ' , 'W 1 1 At. the- lmael of the lleulrel is . . . - 'ff ' -" ' Ge-uesrnl lle-nry ll. Sihle-y, '------"1'f f - f f - --5-'-441-ft 1-lm. honore-el vitize-n ot' St. Th' Hon' G"""""" c"""" R'9"" " 'h' Paul who has elisvlmr-fe-el Urelvarslty. ' H almost e-ve-ry ollle-e- whie'll n trusting for the- Stnte- the' elntie-s ot' nnd grate-ful people- e-oulel eronfe-1' on him. As n e-itize-n, at solelie-r, nnel at stnte-smnn his he-st powe-rs huve- hoe-n give-n to the- Stutesg und his wisdom, ezemrnge-, upriglitne-ss nnel e-ntholie-ity of spirit have- he-e-n invnlunhle- in the- e-oune-ils ofthe- l'nive-rsity ns we-ll ns in those- ot' the- Stute-. As- soe-iute-d with him ure- e-le-ve-u other ge-utle-me-n. 'l'he-y ure- the- llon. .lolm S. Pillslmry, the- tire-le-ss frie-nel of the- l'nive-rsity, to whose- wnte-hl'ul e-nrv nud pnins-taking ze-ul und ge-ne-rents gifts the- institu- tion is iuelt-lite-el for its prospe-rity more- thnn to emy othe-r pe-rsong the- llon. tire-e-nle-nt' Clnrk, upon whose- judge-me-nt his e-olle-ngue-s e-nu nlwnys re-ly with sole-ty, whose- le-gui knowlewdge- hus ul- wuys he-e-n nt the- se-rvivo ot' the- llonrel, nnel to whose- t'ore-sight, tile- pre-se-nt oruunlzutiem oftl-0 Lnw lle-pnrtlm-nt is large-ly elue-3 the- llon. C. K. lluvis, the- Se-nior l'nite-el Stnte-s Se-nutor, whose- inte-re-st in the- Unive-rsity is shown whe-ue-ve-r his puhlie- elntie-s pe-rmitg the- llou. Gordon li. Cole-, who lll the- short time he' 1 has he-e-u in fhe- Board 1 luis re-ude-re-el eronspicuous se-rvle-o on more- thnn one- - oeee-nsiem und has e-ontri- hute-el more thnn any othe-r me-mhcr to the- sue-- e-e-ss of the- Lnw Schoolg the- llon. Knute- Ne-lsou, who for ye-nrs wus n most uvtive- nud se-rvie-e-ulrlv me-mhe-r ot' the llonrd he- fore- he- we-nt to Washing- tem as re-pre-se-utntive-, und whose- re-ere-nt re-uppolut- me-nt. is n gre-nt grutitle-er t tion to thc- frie-nels ol' the- 4 l7nive-rsity us it insure-s his e-ontinue-d active- in- te-re-st in the- institutiong the- llon. Wlllinm Lig- ge-tt who e-ume- into the- llourd us n. re-pre-se-ntntivv of the-' fnrming inte-re-sts ot' the- Stnte- nnel who hns prove-el lllIllSl'll' n juelieeious nnel e-urne-st e-humpion of those- inte-re-sts nnel luis re-udere-el most impor- tant se-rvie-0 in e-ounce-tion with the- Se-hool ot' Agrie-ulturo amd tht- l'Ixpe-rinie-nt Stntiou: the- llon. S. BI. lime-ry, who like- Mr. Ligge-tt re-pre-se-nts the- ngrivultiirnl inte-re-sts of the State-, who hus he-en vlose-ly nssoe-inte-el with Mr. Ligge-tt in the- e'nre- of the- ngrierultnrnl inte-re-sts ns re-pre-se-nte-el hy the- Sezhool ot' Agrlvulture- nnd the- Ex' pe-rime-nt Station, amd has shown himse-lt' n e-ool und e-leur-he-nele-d e-emnse-lor: und Judge- Ste-phe-n Muheme-y, n grndunte- of the- Uni- ve-rsity, tho tlrst Alumnus on tho Bourd, who is showing' himse-ll' wise- :mel e-ure-ful in iuve-stignting fnezts und e-nrne-st to re-ae'h the- he-st re-snlts. 'l'he-se- nine- lle-ge-nts are- nomiunte-el hy the- tlove-rnor ofthe- Stnte- for at te-rm ot' six years und ure- e-outlrme-el hy the- Se-nute-. 'l'he-y muy lie- re-nppoiute-el as many time-s ns the- E The Hon. Knuu Nslnon, Rogan! of the University. Laboratory of' the Depurtlnent of Botany. FROM PHOTOGRAPH EY NACHTRIEB- . Laboratory of the Departlnent of Bxology INTERIOR VIEVVS IN SCIENCE I-IALL. g executive may see lit to , appoint them. In addi- , tion to these nine Reg- ents there are three others who hold their positions as members of the Board in virtue of the public oflices which they lill- ' the Governor of thc State, Hon. William li. Mer- riam who is proving him- self an interested and wise friend of the Uni- versityg the llon. David L. Kiehle, LL. D., the Superintendent of Public Instruction, whose labors in the service ofthe Uni- versity as Regent, as a member of the Executive Committee I-andvas Secre- tary of the Board, have been most valuab1eTauul finally Cyrus North- rop, the President of the University, who, by the action of the last Legislature, hasthe same rights as to voting in the lloard as have the othcl' lllcmbers. These twelve gentlemen constitute the board of Regents. Into their discussions over the affairs of the University no partisan discussion ever enters, and no one would know from anything which happens at the meetings what were the political or religious or social views of any of it members. It is in fact a mostconscientious, faithful and self-denying Board, discharging its public trust most wisely for the best interests of the State and Hon. Wllllnm Lllggett. Regent of the Unlversity. receiving no pecuniary compensation therel'or. lt is to be hoped that this condition of affairs may be permanent and that the University may be the possession of the whole State over which no partisan battles shall be fought. Z5I7Q Qollqqgq of ffieqlyaniq prts. The College of Mechanic Arts has existed in name since the opening of the University and in past years graduated a number of students in civil engineering, but it is only within the last few years that it has had enough of a special faculty or sullicicnt equipment to wa.rrant its being considered more than a depart- ment ol' the College of Science, Literature and the Arts. At the present time, however, the College ol' Mechanic Arts has a corps of eight special instructors whose entire time is given to its work, and in addition the students receive all instruction not purely technical from the members of the general faculty. Since 1887 the College has occupied a lmilding of its own which in every- thing but size is admirably adapted to its needs. The basement lloor of the building together with a large wing is devoted to the workshops and the Mechanical Laboratory, and, while there are a few teclmical schools or colleges in this country with larger num- bers of tools and appliances, yet it is believed that our College of Mechanic Arts stands fairly in the front rank for the completeness of its shop and laboratory equipment. The workshops, consisting of wood, machine and forge shops and foundry are provided with modern tools from the best makers and as indicated above are lacking rather in the muubcr of certain tools than in variety. The Mechanical Laboratory contains a well selected outlit of apparatus for the testing and comparison of engines, boiler and machinery of all kinds. To this equipment additions are constantly being made of special apparatus designed and constructed by instructors and students: thus, supplying in many cases apparatus for the particular work in hand that it would be impossible to purchase. Among such pieces of apparatus may he noted a mercury colunm of new design, an experimental engine and two dynamometers. The power for the work of the College is furnished by a Buckeye engine which, with the laboratory equipment above " " "T 1-,.g'1.,-I-4.41m .tml with HN, 1-x1101'i1-1100 ot' tht- l':1c11lt,y:1s t'llQilll'f'l'H :1111l :1st1-fu-l1111's Hlltl 11111111 1,1,i1,.l. .md fmwl. .ll,l,li, thv 1-o111'S1-s ol' tho ht-st, tm-1'l111ic':1l sc-hools ot' thc- l'0llllil'j'. 'i'llt'Sl' . . 5 mmm nl- HH,1,H2im,l.mml l'Ulll'Sl'H :11'1- 1':111i1lly tinaling i'llVtDl' llllltillg' young lllt'Il wishing to 1 I-m,nishHH,nnmhwmi-ln,,k, ht-11111110 011gi111-1-1's, :1111l it is not lltlll' rllllllti to 111- 111-1:11ss:11'y illll' :1 A , in! 1-1111111111111 rlntb' :1111l ymlilg Him! to go wifi to niulfl will mwmlwd :mil thmgmigh J ml,m.ityu.inlS of 4.ngim.,, t'Il2lIll't'l'lllg sf-hool. illili this 11-4 the 1-:1sv is SNOW!! 'D' NN' Ulf' . :md lmilws. tl1:1t, tl11-11-:11'v t':11' lll0l'tl l'llQ'llll't'I'lllg SllIllt'lliS ut tho 1ll'4'St'llt tiun- I ' 5 'l'l14' tire-All Ilool' nl' tha- um" "vl'l"wf0l"l' 1 'Naming is dwmml U, l11 all tl11-so 4'0lll'5l'S thv :1i111 has hs-1-11 not only, to 111'ovi1l1- :1 rwitmiml mmm :md ml tl1o1'o11gl1 ftllllltilltillll i11 1111-f:l1:111i1-s 111111 111:1t,l11-111:1tir:s for l'11t111'1- 1 Unicp' VP to this mm, work :1111l study l111t also, witl1i11 tht- li111its ol' 11 iltllll' yt-:11's' t'0lll'Sf', ' HH, Mist rmnm haw lwvn to givv tht- stutlt-nt :1s lnrgc- :111 Illlltllllli ol' p1':1r-ti1':1l work us pos' dwmml to HH, llvlmm- sihlv ill o1'1l1-1't,o tit l1i111 l'o1' i111111111li:1t1' 11st-t'11l111-ss upon Ql'2ltlll2li.it1ll, mom' UI- l1llySh.S' hm HH, :1111l it is ln-li1-1'wl t.l111t thv s111'1-1-ss our g1':11l11:1t,v11 hnvu- l1:11l i11 mumlmviml UI- HH, 'ww ol1t:1i11i11g 111'oIi1:1l1lo 011111loy111e11t is 1-1'i1l1-11110 t,l1:1t t,l11-uo111'svs ura- lnhm.:ltm.V building will i'llil'ij' we-ll' :11l:111t1-1l to tl111i1' plll'Il0St'S. As:111111tt1-1'11t' l':11't it 111:1y HUM full. m.m,Ml, mmm lu- stnte-ul tl1:1t, i1lll'l't' h111'1- iDt'l'll lllvlly iilll4lS :luring tha- past tl-w mmm' mom YWHH, work j't'lll'S whon it,l1:1sl111o11 i11111ossil1h- to tinml 1111v111l1loy1-tl Illt'Il to till Ol- this CHIIUWI l1ositio11s that l1:11'1- I1111111 otl'1-rafml. This v111'y it'l'lll sc-1'411':1l Si1lltil'lli5 Un MH, SM1mNlllUm,m- l1:1v11 ll-tt tha- t'ollvg'1- l11-l'o1'1- g1'111l11:1tio11 to till sitllutions 11011 Wm. R. merriam, Governor of the State and ' h 'Um Hint.. 10 IW rv'-'HMI Regent of me Universtiy, tl111l1111l1l111g' lll't'i1ill'illl't'l' l P I ' I D . . 1111-1'l1:111i1':1l 1l1':1wi1121'oo111s:1111l two s111:1ll l'00lliS tlvvoteml to 4' I1l111- 1" HH' f"1"1'Hf1H "n"""'l 'U m""h'l""'S '1 is IM' U'Hf11H""" wflrlk 'S ll1'i11t" Illltl I1l111tUQ1':1pl1i1f W0l'ii. l11 o111- ol' till'til'2i.WillLfI'0OlllSRll'l' '1f'i'12flf111'wf111f1 Ulm l'YiillH llwilllsillf' Sliwlill 'il'-i"'lt"lHtlw,l miml NWN mmnininguw mm mmm 0l.Hurvm,ing and f,ngim, hmrux St:1t1-11 h1111l g1'1111t,i11 soI':11':1:-1 it1'1-l:1t1-S to tho hlt'l'illlllit' A1'ts,1s ln-111g lllt'lli5 ownt-ml ln' tha- 4'oll1'!11. A I'Utbll.l on the t,l1i1'1l Iloo1'l1:1sl11w11 "m"'i"'l Um- 'VIHIYflllfw'f'fH11's11s:mf1111111111-i:1tc-11 l1ytl1osf-t,l11-y:11'v mlishml rm' thu! N-'mol 0'I. WMM l.:u.x.in2 :md Hmmm wmvh is i11t4-ml:-ul to l1r1111,-tit is shown l1y thc- l:11'g1- IllIlllll0l'S :1v11ili11g tl11-111- s111111liv1l with il lim- 1-olh-1'tio11 ol' r-:1sts Illlltl otha-1' :11i11li:1111-1-s for fwlvf-Hf1l'1l1f-f1111111r11111iry111111 hy the-i1'hr-111'tyoxp1-1-ssio11s 11l'g1':1t,ii HS work' tumh- for I111111-tits 1'1-1'vi1'1-ml. lt is also ll t':11't thut ill il llllllllltll' ol 'l'h1- tfollvm. ol' M1-1-l1:111iv Arts llIl.5 two olvjc-1-ts, ont- ill'llllUf to 1':1s1-1-1 Si,lltlt'lliH 1eo111i11gt,ot.l1o l'11ivv1'sity in tht- tirst, 1111100 to tnliv ll 1-1l111r:1t,11 vivil,1111-t'I1:111i1':1l :1111l 1-lmrt1'i1'11l 1-11,fi111-01's :1111l thv otl1v1'to Sh'.l"t' ""m""' in Shui' work or '1f1111'i'1H hun' Iwo" IMI in "ali" in :1i4l :11'tis:111s 11111l i1ilUSl' wishing to iH't'0lllt' suvh l1y11111:111s1of tht- """'l'l"t" """"S" 111111 w'11f'1'11f1'1- A"m"3'ih" """"5"s 'ln"""'l ft 'S t'tllll'Sl'S ol' i11st,1'11:1tio11 ot' tl11-S1'l1oolsot' l'1':11-tit-:1l M1-1-l1:111i11s llllll lhmlfhl that HN' "H" i" UU' U"n"" and "m'mw"""m or 0"m'N'H ol' In-sig'11. 'l'o :1tt:1i11 tha- tirst ohjr-1-t. 1'ou1's1-si11 1-ivil, 1111-1'l1:111i1':1l mul ""il'l"1" is l""'h:'l'5 th" mmt i"ll""'mm' in Huw "li HH' groin illltl 1-lt-1-t1'i1'11l 1-11gi111-1-1'i11g' l111vo I1114-11 1-st.:1l1lisl1v1l, l1:1sPml llllllll itill' i"i"""5i'H i"V"lV"'l in 5t'm"' l'lf""iH an "W" HH' Simi" IS ,..Y.., .., . .- .,.- YA.. -.-..-.. .,.., ...... R-, , I., ,,., ,wxtaiw 2 .rf-. . I l 1 5 w x FROM PHOTOGRAPH BV MUHDOOK. BUILDING OF THE COLLEGE OF MECI-IANIC ARTS. The School of Freehand Drawino and Ufood Qaruino. i ,fx IIE object of this school is not only to provide instruction in gil, fp- drawing to regular University students, but to l'oster and en- courage a taste for, and knowledge ol', industrial art among others desiring special instruction in ornamental design, freehand drawing, and wood carvin The public interest is constantly growing in the beautiful and practical work that is being accomplished in this department under 1'rof,Ardley, who has entirely built up this school during the past three years. No better opportunity could be o1l'ered the public for the ad- vanced study ol' the useful and ornamental in art, l'rom a practical standpoint, than the University here offers--the tuition being practically l'ree-no charge is made for material used, and no ex- amination is necessary except in the case of applicants for a special course in ornamental design, where a knowledge of ele- mentary drawing is required. It is apparent to the most casual observer that there is an ever- increasing demand for ornamental and artistic surroundings- already nearly every article made is more or less decorated and frequently owes the most of its value to that decoration. The question ol' whether a state shall support only the ruder in- dustriesfincreasing the value of the raw material but slightly in manufactureff-or multiplying it ten-fold--depends entirely upon the facilities for education in industrial art, and when we consider how many millions of money are yearly spent abroad by our man- ufacturers for original ornamental designs which form the basis 163 ol' their diilerent enterprises, we must appreciate the need ol' just such instruction at home. This school also offers a special course in drawing alone-from elementary work in pencil to advanced study in crayon and char- coal--from casts of historic ornament and the antique. No copy- ing from the tlat is permitted. The individual requirements ol' specialists are always kept in view, whether t.hey are scientilie, artistic, mechanical or architectural. The classes in wood carving are instruct.ed in drawing, design, clay modelling, high and low relietf carving, surface aml intaglio carving, historic ornament telementaryj wood linishing, etc. A thorough and complete course is given, either as an accomplish- ment or a profession, and is being pursued by cultivated people ot' all ages aml both sexes. Some ol' their work attracted universal attention and praise at the Exposition two years ago. NVood carving is a heathl'ul and fascinating occupation, elevat- ing in its tendencies and unlimited in its scope, and cultivates both the mental and physical ability ol' the student by developing the skill ofthe hand, the eye and the mind at one and the same time. lt is second to no other branch ol' art, and is rapidly grow- ing in favor and demand among artistic and educated people all over the world. Students receive individual instruction and are not retarded in study by lack of progress or application in othersol' the same class. The regular entrance l'ee ol' S5 per year is required, the same as in other departments ol' the University. 6l7e Department of Saul. IIE Constitution of '2FMinnesota made wise V QM ' ' and ample provisions wi for the University of the ti State, which were follow- , 1 ed in 1868 and 1872 by ,, tg legislation establishing ' 3' rg, ai 4 f 1 t various de pa rt in e n t s . A among which was the X provision for a College of - Law. L The neighboring states of Iowa and Wisconsin had had such schools in operation for some years but nowhere west of them in the Northwest could the young men d e s i r i n g prof'essional training find suitable col- leges devoted to that end, The large cities of St. Paul and Minneapolis, and other smaller towns in the State con- tained many earnest youth whose ambition and tastes led them toward the legal profession, and every year large numbers of them were seeking professional instruction in the schools of other states. ' ln the early part of 1888, the Regents of the University organ- ized the college of Law, and provided for its C0l1llI16llC01JlCl1i2ll.f, The Hon. W. S. Patree, Dann oi' the Department of haw. the beginning of the Academic year ol' 1888-9. They elected a Dean of the Faculty of Law, and engaged from the best lawyers of the state, a large number of lecturers to assist him in the prosecution of the work. At the opening of the Department on September 11th, 1888, there were in attendance twenty'seven students, which number increased to over lifty in a few weeks, and during the Academic yearthere were duly registered in the College of Law, sixty-seven. The Bar ofthe State manifested a deep interest in the depart- ment and several of the most eminent lawyers gladly donated their valuable services in its various lectureships. A course of instructions for two years, extending over nine months in each year, was established as the best arrangement for the present, but with the expectation of extending it to three years as soon as the conditions would warrant the eftension. For the tirst year the department was assigned rooms in the Main Building of the University, which were wholly inadequate to its work, but which were the best the Institution had to offer. The work, however, both on the part of tl1e instructors and students was not cheapened and rendered inefficient by the cramped and insuflicient accommodations. The needs of the College necessitating more room, the Regents in the early part of 1880, preceded to erect for the department a new and spacious edifice, so that on October lst, 1889, the Law Building now occupied with so much protit and enjoyment to the students, was opened and practically dedicated to the study of Jurisprudence. The building is constructed with special reference to the de- lnands of a law school. Large, well lighted, and thoroughly FROM PHOTOGRAPH HV MURDO OK. BUILDING- URI" THE DEl'A.R'l'NIEN'l' OF LAN K i ventilated lecture rooms, f awelladjustedcourtroom a spacious library room, with the beginnings of a library, such as the de- partment requires, a fine hall for the Students' Lit- erary Society, private rooms for the ofiicers and instructors, coat and hat room forthe students, and all supplied throughout with such furniture as the respective rooms re- quire, amply furnished with water, abundantly lighted by gas and thor- oughly heated by steam, according to the best sys- tems known to modern l ,Y ,- The Hon. Gordon E. Cole, Regent of the University. tilllfis- Being between the Union Depots of St. Paul and Minneapolis Qtwenty minutes ride from the former and Hve from the latterj the State Library at the Capital, and the Bar Association Library of Minneapolis are both within easy reach of the students and in- structors of the department. The Courts also held in these Cities are helpful to the students, furnishing them an opportunity to witness trials and listen to arguments in the Municipal Courts of the Cities, in the District and Supreme Courts of the State, and also in the District and Cir- cuit Courts of the United States. Thus equipped, the Department has increased in numbers to U55 students, whose qualifications for the professional work upon which they here enter are generally of a high order. Several are graduates of Eastern Colleges. Many more are graduates from Iligh Schools of this or other states, and almost without exception they are most promising in their preparation and in the studious spirit with which they come to their professional studies. The College of Law is not simply for the students of Min- nesota, but also for those of many states west of this locality. Its doors are open to all those from the rapidly growing states and territories beyond us who wish to share its benefits, and its tuition is kept within the means of any, being on an average but forty dollars per year, inclusive of all incidentals. The Faculty ofthe Department are not unmindfnl of the fact, however, that large numbers of students, an elegant and spacious building such as the College now occupies, extensive library facilities such as the school and cities supply, constant opportus nities for witnessing the actual trials of causes afforded by the numerous Courts, do not of themselves constitute a useful and eflicient institution for the encouragement and extension of a knowledge of jurisprudence. There must be at the very found- ation head whence students repair for draughts of legal lea1'niug the spirit of scholarship, depth and breadth of legal knowledge, devotion to the cause of legal enlightenment, and aptitude and conscientiousness in the art of teaching. To this end it is the policy of the department to keep con- stantly among its instructors men distiuguished at the bar for their learning, their fidelity, and their success, and also those whose love for the Science of Jurisprudence, and whose zeal in thc work of instruction shall furnish a constant inspiration to the youth who come hence for their professional training. The Department of fllcdiqine. ROVISIONH were made for a Department ol' Medicine, when the University of Minnesota existed only on paper. Organi- 'ir zation for instruction, however, was not made until two years ago. lt can be considered a l'ortunate circumstance that the department was not made operative in the earlier history ol' the l'niversit.y. A briei' history oi' medical education in the United States is necessary to show the advantage which the de- partment gained by being established at this time. For one hundred years, beginning about the time when the Colonies first began to show their desire l'or independence, mcdi- cal education made little advancement, and about the close of the Iirst hall' ol' these hundred years, the standard of requirements for practice could not have been lower. The Colonies had laws to regulate the study and practice of medicine, but they were almost totally inoperative. Until twenty years ago there were no laws regulating the practice of medicine. Although diplomas were not necessary, they could be obtained as easily as the lottery tick- ets ol' the day-money, and but little ol' that, being the only requisite. "Medical Schools" of every apathy" and 'ism" existed and Ilourished in all pauts ol' the country. Doctors were as com- mon Illlflllg this era as colonels ol' thc present day. About twenty years ago an improvement on this condition be- gan. Until this time no Medical school required preliminary education, preparation, or examination of the student upon ad- mission to "lectures," 'l'he most that was required for graduation was attendance upon two courses ol' instruction, or more properly stated,the paymentofthe l'ees l'orlecture tickets, attendance being ol' optional importance. As there were both "winter" and "sum- mer" colleges, the students could take both courses ol' in-truction in one year, and eight months from his date ol' entrance he might receive his diploma. These were the lllzlfilllllllil requirements for graduation, and the la1'ge majority ol' medical colleges now exist- 22 ing, have not materially advanced. Public and professional senti- ment, fortunately, has changed, and the standard that twenty years ago was regarded the "maxinnnn" does not to-day meet the minimum demands of laws enacted hy a number of states regu- lating the practice of medicine. The Department of Medicine of the University ol' Minnesota, organized upon this higher plane, is abreast with the most ad- vanced requirements. lts founders are earnest advocates of higher- meclical education, and being untrammeled in the execution of their policy, they have established a course oi' study that meets the great advance that has been made in medical science. The De- partment takes a place with the highest medical institutions ol' the country. The assumption of this advanced position, wasconsider- ably eased bythe work which these men had previously done by securing the enactment ol' a most admirable law regulating the practice of medicine inthe state. The enactment of this law, and the establishment of a high grade medical college places the commonwealth of Minnesota in advance oi' other states in the matter of higher medical education. The department requires a preliminary education such as will enable the student to comprehend the instruction which he is to receive, Il' the applicant is not a graduate or a matriculate olf a reputable college of science, liturature and arts, a graduate ol' a state high school or a state normal school, he is required to pass an examination that shows his fitness for entering the study ol' the medical sciences. The Department consists at present of the College ofdMedicine and Surgery, the College of llomcopathic Medicine and Surgery and the College of Dentistry. The students ol' all the Colleges attend lectures in common upon Anatomy, Chemistry and Phy- siology. The instruction in these branches is thoroughly graded, the First and Second year students receiving separated lectures. I I FROM PHOTOGRAPH BV MURDOOK. BUHIDING OF 'FI-IE DEPARTIVIENT OF IXIIQIDLCINI The character ol' instruction given in tl1ese branches can be illus- trated by a description ol' whatis done in Anatomy and Chemistry. The instructive Anatomy consists of recitations and descriptive lectures, the courses for the two classes being separate and gradedg also work in the laboratory, where each student is required to dissect completely the human body. The practical course extends over a period of twelve weeks, and is under the close supervision of the Professor and of the Demonstrator of Anotomy. In addition to the instruction in gross and topographical Anatomy, there is a course in Microscopy. The work is conducted in the Histological and Pathological laboratories. This course teaches the student the use ofthe microscope, trains him to prepare and mount micro- scopical specimens, and aims to make him familiar with the micro scopical appearance of all forms of normal and pathological tissues. ' The lectures and laboratory work in Chemistry are progressive The instruction continues over two years. In each year the prac- tical work conforms with and follows the lectures of that year. The laboratory work is done in the afternoon and requires six hours a week for the entire term. The labo1'atory has recently been greatly enlarged, and is supplied with every appointment necessary for carrying on every detail of the work. Each student is required to make a sufllcient number of complete an- alyses to lender him familiar with the chemical laws and princi- ples upon which the various methods are based. At the end el' the first year, students are examined upon the primary branches. 'r Fhese who fail to pass the work of t.he first year are not advanced, The same course is pursued for the second year. This method carries out the policy of' the department which insists that the l'oundation f'or the entire medical structure must be well laid. During the second year there is advanced work in the studies ofthe first year. In his second year the student also begins the study of' the practical branches and is required to attend clinics. The third year is devoted entirely to the study of the special practical branches, andin attendance upon clinics. While in thein- struction of each year, special care is taken to indicate the practical application of' each science, the work ol' the third year is clmrac- terized by its practical nature. Clinical instruction is now the chief feature, and the clinical advantages given by the department in some particulars is decidedly in advance ef' that afforded or eb- tained in the prominent eastern medical centers. The students see and examine not only all the cases tha.t can be presented in the allotted time, but they make the applications and operations upon many off the medical and surgical patients, subject to the instruc- tion and criticism ol' the clinical Professor. The 'faculty l'eel that, bef'ore the student is sent out from the college, licensed to practice medicine and surgery he should have some practical experience. l'Ve have no knowledge of' any other school offering such f'acili- ties. In all its appointments the Department off Medicine has started abreast with the most advanced medical colleges, and takes its rank with the four leading medical institutions in the country. The School of flqgrieultu re. HE School of Agri- culture was estab- lished in 1888, the menced on the 18th day of October of that year. It is located on the State Experiment F a rm one mile north of St. Anthony Park station. its site is exceedingly beautiful and picturesque, commanding a charming view of the Twin Cities and the re- gion adjacent. There are, at present, two buildings belonging to this depart- ment. The first, con- structed in 1888, is of Hon. S. M. Emery, Regent ofthe University. wood and Collmins the dining room, kitchen, including all the culinary appurtenances, reading room, oilice, two recitation rooms and dormitories for twenty-live students. l The new building is of brick and somewhat more imposing in its architecture. It was erected last year at a cost of SB26,000, and is admirably adapted to the purpose for which it was designed. In the basement are the lavatories, closets, gymnasium and boiler room. On the first iioor is a general assembly room, with a capac- ity of 150 seats, two recitation rooms and a hall. The three iioors above contain the dormitories which will accommodate seventy- iive students. Both buildings are heated throughout by steam and supplied with both hot and cold water. This school offers to young men who have an ambition to become scientific and suc- cessful farmers, agricultural chemists, botanists, entomologists, first term having com-, and veterinarians, such a preparatory training as will fit them for the systematic pursuit of the line of work which they may select and at the same time discipline their mental powers, cultivate and strengthen their judgment and lay the sure foundations of useful citizenship. Particular attention is given to agriculture, horticulture and allied studies, as well as to those branches oi' which our daily ex- perience demonstrates thc necessity, such as a good fair hand- wllting, mechanical drawing, the use of tools, a knowledge of ac- counts and the mother tongue. Agricultural chemistry, physics, physical geography and land measurement also are taught, to- gether with the following specialties, viz: dairying, stock-breed- ing, farm management, forage crops and grasses, including grains, selection and care of stock,'analysis of soils, improvement and cultivation of same. The students learn how to grow the best crops at the least expense, how to plan for the necessary build- ings and other inclosures, and how to map out and carry on suc- cessfully the :general work of the farm and the garden. This school, from it success and the general favor 'with which it is viewed by the people in whose interests it was established, seems to meet the urgent demand of the farmers for an institution supported by the state, where their sons can receive a good liter- ary and scientific education in which agriculture shall be a prom- inent factor and to which applicants may be admitted with such preparation as they can make in their home school supplemented by two or three terms in the neighboring village. Students who faithfully pursue, as most of them do, the course marked out for them in the curriculum, will graduate with a valu- able business, mechanical and agricultural education, as well as a practical knowledge of the elements of those sciences on which such education is based, so that they may be able to read, observe and think intelligently upo11 whatever may have a bearing upon the work in which they are engaged. 1 FROM PHOTOGRAPH BY MURDOCK. IIADINGS Ulf' 'l'Ill'1 fUiILlUUl.'1'URAl, SCIIOOI SEPT. OI-T. Nov. DEC. JAN. FEB. M An. 2, T. s, M 0, T 10, W. 15, M. 0, M I, T. s, W. 21, T. 24, M 26, W. 27, T. 2s, F. 20, s. 1, M T. 20, 25, T 1, T 0, T 18, W. 22, s M 2, 5, T 2, 0, T. s. Qalenclar 1890-91. FIRST TERM. Entrance Examinations, lor the year 1800-01, begin. Examinations end and Registration begins. Registration completed and classes called at 10:45 Library opens. Literary Societies--7:30, p. lll. Opening Lecture of the Medical Department. Entrance Examinations at 9:00, a. m. Medical Lectures begin. School of Agriculture opens. Term Examinations begi11. " " concluded. TIIANIIsoIv1Ne DAY. Examinations for conditioned students. U GL H Sl SECOND TERM. Registration for second term. 3 classes called at 10:45- Annual Meeting of the Board of Regents. Holiday Recess begins. CIInIsTMAs DAY. NEW YEAII's DAY. Work Resnmed in all departments. University Charter, 1868. W.IsIIINu'roN's l31nTnnAY. Term ExaIninations. Examinations for conditioned students. I: as as as 25 MAR. 9, M. 10, T. THIRD TERM. .Registration for third term. " " " " :classes called at 10:45 27, F. Goon FRIDAY. 28, S. Holiday. 20, S. EAs'rEII SUNDAY. Arn. 10, F. DIAY 18, M. School of Agriculture closes. Examinations for promotion and degrees in the Medical Department begin. 10, T. Senior Examinations begin. 26, T. Senior examinations for degrees in the Law Dep't 27, W. Library closes. 28, T. 30, s. Term Examinations. U f' concluded. coMMEMcEMEMT WEEK, reel. SUN., NIAY 31. BACCALAUR.l4lA'l'l4l SEIIvIeE, - 3:00 P. M BION., J UNE 1. FIELD DAY Srowrs, - 2:00 P. M 0nA'ronIeAI. CoN'rEsT, - 8:00 P. M 'l'UEs., JUNE 2. SENIOR C1.Ass DAY ExE1IcIsEs, - 2:00 P. M WED., .TUNE 8 ALUMNI DAY- g Business Meeting, - 10:00 A. M TnU1c.,.TUNE 4. C0MMl4INCEMEN'l' DAY- Graduating Exercises, - 0:00 A. M Commencement Dinner, - 1:00 P. M 'Drill and Dress Parade of the Military partment, - - - 4:00 P. M l'resident's Reception, - - 8:00 P. M FIII., JUNE 5. SUMMER VAcA'r1oN BEGINS. The year 1891-'02 will begin September 1st, 1801. Ex-I I'0 The Faculty land lnstructoirs. The College of Science, Literature and the Hrrts. The College of mechanic Ants. UYRUS NOR'l'llRO1', LL. D., A K. E., fll B. K., President ol' the University. vvu.L1AM W. FoLwELL, LL. n., A.A1I1, Librarian, and Lecturer on International Law. .IABEZ Biiooks, D. D.,1P T,1l'B. K., 'resident ol' the University, I'roi'essor ol' Politic-al Sei Professor ol' the Greek Language and Literature. NEWTON ll. WINOIIELL, M. A., F. G. S. A., A K. E., lessor ol' Geology and Mineralogy, in charge of the G Survey. Curator ofthe General Museum. CHARLES N. 1lEWI'I"l', M. D., University Professor of Sanitary Seienee, JOHN G. MOORE, B. A., A T, eologieal fl'roIess0r ol' the German Language and Literature. enee and ' CIlltIS'I'O1'lIER W. IIALL, M. A., A T, 1'rof'essor ol Geology, Mineralogy and Biology. Assistar ofthe Museum. JOHN C. IIUTCIIINSON, B. A., O fb, it Curator Associate Professor' of Greek and Mathematics. JOHN s. CLARK, ls. A., oe, , Prol'essor ol' the Latin Language and Liter:'mture. MATILDA J. WILKIN, ll. L., Instrut-tor in English and German. JOHN F. DOWNEY, M. A., C. E, l'rel'essor of Mathematics and Astronomy. WILLIAM A. PIKE, B. S., 1'rof'essor of Engineering. JAMES A. DODGE, M. A., Pu. D., fl' B. K., l'roI'ess0r of Chemistry. MARIA L. SANFORD, l'roI'essox' of Rlwtoric and Eloc-ntion. CHARLES W. BENTON, B. A., 'Professoi' ofthe Fl'8lll'Il IAUIQIIIIQO and I4Itl'l'!ltll1'0. O. J. IIREDA, I,l'0I'0SS0l' of tlm Sl'il.IlIIIIlSI,VIII.Il Langimgn-S and .I4If01'il.tIll'0S GEORGE EDWIN MAcvLEAN, Pu. D., A K. E., -If IS. K., I,l'OI'L'SS01' oi' thc- English Iiangnnga and I.ifo1'utnx'0. CHARLES F. SIDENER, B. S., Assistant I,l'0I'0SSOI' ol' Chmnistry. IIENRY F. NACIITRIEB, IS. S., U fb, I,l'OI1GSSOl' oIfAninn1.I Biology. IIARRY I'RA'I"I' J UDSON, M. A, A K. E., fl- B. K., Prof:-ssoi' ol' Ilistory and I,uc-tnrer on Pnmlngogices. FREDERICK S. JONES, B. A., If T, -Iv B. K., 'I,I'0I'0SS01' of Pllysics. WILLIAM R. IIOAG, B. U. E., A K. E., Assistant I'roI'essor ol' Civil EIlgIlI00l'Illg. JOIIN II. BARR, B. M. E., 011-, H Assistant Professor of Maclmnicnl Enginevring. CON WAY MGMILLAN, M. A., -If A 0, I Inst1'uctor in Botany. HENRY 'I'. ARDLEY, I,l'Ill0Ill2LI oi' the School of Free Ilnnd Drawing, Designing and Wood Carving. ALISER'I' J. SCIIUMACIIER, A 'I' A lnstrnvtor in Mechanical Drawing. EDWIN FORBES GLENN, U. S. A., I,1'0I'05ISOl' oi' Military Science and 'I'zwtics. ALBERT I. JONES, Instructor in Metnl Working. IIARRY E. SMITH, Instructor in Mnulianiicnl Engineering and Wood Work. W. S. IIOULIII, PII. M., I,I'OI'0SSOl' nl' Mental and Moral Philosophy und Logic. 'rr-ns Dapnrzrmsnr or: Li HON. WILLIAM S. PATTEE, M. A., A A -li, Dean oi' thc Department and Professor of Law of Contracts. HON. S. J. R. McMlLLAN, h Lecturer on International Law. HON. GORDON E. COLE, LL. B., Lecturer on Corporations. HON. CIIARLES D. KERR, M. A., Lecturer on the Law of Partnership. CHARLES A. WILLARD, LL. ll., A K. E. Lecturer on the Law of Bailments. JUDGE JAMES O. PIERCE, Lecturer on Constitutional and Statutory Law. IION. C. D. O'IlRlEN, Lecturer on Criminal Law and Procedure. JOHN B. ATWATER. Lecturer ou the Law of Real Property. HON. W. D. CORNISH, Lecturer on .Life and Fire Insurance. CHARLES W. BUNN, LL. B., Lecturer on Suretyship and Mortgages. Practice in United States Courts. 5 -1- ba. lc. RCU. JUDGE JOIIN M. SHAW, Lecturer on Evidence. V SLTMNER LADD, M. A., A NP, 11' ll. K. Lecturer on the Law of Taxation. HON. GEORGE Ii. YOUNG, M. A., LL. Lecturer on the Conflict of Laws. FRANK B. KELLOGG, Lecturer on Equity Jurisprudence. SELDEN BACON, LL. Il., Lecturer ou Civil Procedure. cnAs.B.1+1LLIo'r'r, Pu. n., Lecturer on Wills and Administration. HON. RALPH WHE LAN, LL. B., Lecturer on the Law of Torts. IION. II. F. STEVENS, , Lecturer on the Law oi' Real Property T. DWIGHT MERWIN, A. B., Lecturer on Patent Law. 'rr-ua DEPHRTCDENT on MEDICINE. Tbe Qollqqe of medicine and Surcery. PERRY H. MILLARD, M. D , Dean ofthe Department of Medicine and Surgery and . Professor ol' Clinical Surgery. C. J. BELL, A. M., Professor of Chemistry. n., I!ICl.lA1il, 0. IXEAIQD, M' D., HENRY M. BRACKEN, M. D., L. R. C. S. E, Professor ol' Physiology. Professor of Materia Medica and Therapeutics 28 .fl GEO. A. HENDRICKS, M. D. R. M. BEARD, M. D FERRY H. MILLARD, M. D. HENRY C. ALDRICH, D. D. S., M. D. C. M. BAILEY, D. M. D ALBERT E. SENKLER, M. D., Prof'essor of Theory and Practice of Medicine. CIIARLES II. HUNTER, M. A., M. D., Professor of Pathology and of Clinical Medicine. EVERTON J. ABBOTT B. A., M. D., Professor of Clinical Medicine. CHARLES A. WI-IEATON, M. D., Professor of Principles and Practice of Surgery. FREDERICK A. DUNSMORE M D 9 ' -a Professor of Clinical and Operative Surgery. PARKS RITCHIE, M. D., Professor of Obstetrics. ALEX. J. STONE, M. D., LL. D., Professor of Diseases of Women. JOHN E. FULTON, Pu. D., M. D., Professor of Opthalmology, Otology and Hygiene. FRANK ALLPORT, M. D., Clinical Professor of Opthalmology and Otology. C. EUGENE RIGGS, M. A., M. D., Professor of Nervous and Mental Diseases. AMOS. W. ABBOTT, M. D., Clinical Professor of Diseases of Women. CHARLES H. BOARDMEN, M. D., A K E, Professor of Medical Jurisprudence. JAMES H. DUNN, M. D., Professor of Diseases of the Genito Urinary Organs CIIAS. L. WELLS, A. M., M. D., Professor of Diseases of Children. JAMES E. MOORE, M. D., Professor of Ortlioepiedic Surgery. M. P. VANDERIIORCK, M. D., Professor of Diseases of the Skin. W. S. LATON, M. D., Professor ol' Diseases of the Throat and Nose. J. CLARK STEWART, B. S., M. D., Professor of Histology, Pathology and Bacteriology. J. NV. BELL, M. D., Professor of Physical Diagnosis and Diseases of the Cha st E. C. SPENCER A B. M D , . , . ., Professor of Surgical Anatomy. A. R. CATES, A. M., M. D., A K E., Adjunct Professor of Obstetrics. A. McLAREN, A. B., M. D., Adjunct Professor of Gynecology. W. A. JONES, M. D., Adjunct Professor of Nervous and Mental Diseases. BURNSIDE FOSTER, M. D., Demonstrator of Anatomy. GEORGE A. 1-IENDRICKS, M. S., M. D, Professor or Anatomy. 29 6172 Qolleqse of Homeopathic medicine and Surqery. WILLIAM E. LEONARD, A. ll , M. D., X NP, Professor' of Materia Medica and Tlierapeuties. HENRY HUTCIIINSON, M. D., l,I'Ol'0SS0l' of Theory and Practice of Medicine. GEORGE E. RICKER, A. B., M. D., Professor of Clinical Medicine and Dermatology. ROBT. D. MATOHAN, M. D., 1,1'OfCSSOI' of Principles and Practice of Surgery. HENRY C. LEONARD, B. C. E., B. S., M. D., Professor of Obstetrics in the College of llomeopathy. ALBERT E. IIIGBEE, M. D., Clinical Professor of Gynecology. .IOIIN F. BEAUMONT, M. D., Professor of Opthalmology. HENRY W. BRAZIE, M. D. Professor of Pzeclology. WILLIS IIENRY IIAVI LAND, M. D., Professor of Disease of the Nervous System. WARREN S. BRIGGS, B. S., M. D., Professor of Clinical and Ortho-pzedie Surgery. EUGENE L. MANN, A. M., M. D., Professor of Physical Diagnosis and Laryngology. V B. HARVEY OGDEN, A. M., M. D., Adjunct Professor of Gynecology and Professor of Genito Urinary Diseases. I IIENRY C. ALDRICII, D. D. S., M. D., Adjunct Professor of Materia Medica and Tlierapeutics and Secretary of the College of Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery. D. A. STRIOKLER, M. D., Professor of Otology and Rhinology. TYR Qollqqq of Dentistry. CIIAS. M. BAILEY, D, M. D., l'ro.fessor of Prostlietic Dentistry in the College of Dentistry. THOMAS C. WEE KS, D. D. S., Professor of Operative Dentistry. EDWARD ll. ANGLE, D, D. S., l.,1'OfCSSOI' of Histology and Orthodontia. L. D. LEONARD, Professor of Pathology and Oral Surgery. W. J. BRADY, D. D. S., Demoustrator, in charge of Iniirmary and Technical Teaching 30 3 Y 1 L' N .Ng if .. 'V lt-. 16:55 A ' ' , "N FLORENCE A. BREWSTER. D- W. SPRAGU E. . 'SAMUEL B. GREEN. W. M. HAY3. N. W. MCLAIN. W. W. PENDERGAST. HENRY W. BR EWSTER. " . .sw . , CHAS. R. ALDRICH. OLAF SCHWARTZKOPFF. ..'1' . OTTO LUGGER D. N. HARPER. 'rr-IE conulacla op AGRICULTURE. SAMUEL B. GREEN, B. S., llm'tiuu1tn1'ist oi' the Expvrimont Stutiml. WlLLE'l' M. HAYES, B. S. A., Assistant in Agricfultnre. OTTO LUGGER, Entmnologist and Botnnist of the EXDCl'illl0l1f. Station. W. W. l'ENDERGAS'l', Prim-ipnl oi' thu School ill'Agl'iCll1tllI'0 and Instructor in Plnysir-s, l'I1ysic':Ll Guogrupliy and 1W2l.i.ilUlll1ll1lCH. ll. W. BIiEWS'l'ER, A. B., Assistant Prinr-ipnl of the Sc-huol oI'Ag1'im1lt111'c-, and Instructor in C'l1cn1ist1'y. on-ian opmcsns. LE'I"l'lE M. CRAFTS, B. L., First Assistant Librarian. OSCAR. W. OESTLUND, M. A., Entmnologist, Assistant on Geological Survr-y. WILLIAM ll. YA'I"l'AW, Janitor, in charge of all the University Buildings. 31 DAVID N. HARPER, Pu. B., Chemist of the EXD0l'illl0I1t Station. OLOF SOHWARTZKOPFF, V. M. D. l'rol'vsso1" of YCt01'lllil.l'y Medicine. Vutm'inan'ian1 ol thc Experilnvnt Station. DANIEL W. SPRAGUE, l'IlSf.I'llCt01' in Plllllllillllillill null Accounts at the Sm hool ol Agriculture, Accmlntunt of Univvrsity C. R. ALDIHCII, lnstrnc-tm' in llrznving and Mnnnul Tmining in the School ol' Agx'icu1tnr0. NELSON WYLIE MULAIN, LL. B., Diroutor of the Expcriment Station. E. B. JOHNSON, B. S., Registrar. INA FIRKINS, B. L., S1-cond Assistant Liln'zn'ian. EDWIN ANTHONY UUZNEB, Superintendvut Plant llouse. ,Nw 0 . I f ', ff X 1 fx! u. 252 N A Ll17iUer5ity Alumni flssoqiation. OFFICERS, 1889-'9O. IULIUS E. MINER, '75 - PlHQNIlJl'iN'l'. IDA Y. MANN, '55, - 'l'1uf:.xsU1u-Llc. W. W. KEYSUR. "TSI, Yufr:-Pu1-zslulfrzvr. MACD LYALI. PA'l'ltlCK, '56, - Hrs'1'o1u.xx. S. L. 'l'liLfSS1iLl., '79, . W , SI'1Cli!'l'l'.XlKY. O. J, ROCKWOUD, '79, - - Oluum W. L. l3ASSl'l'1"I'. '79, - - - - Pom. Alumni Day, dune 4, 1890. Uniuqrsity Fqlloxugryip Hssoqiation. OFFICERS. JOHN GOODNOWQ - - - I'lu1:s1l1l-1N'l'. JAMES GRAY, - 'A I". B. HNYIHCIC. ----- 'l'RliASU1tEli. DIRECTORS. C. E. GALE, W. E. LEONARD. J. B. HAWLI-IY, A. H. HALL, P. R. BENSON. 1-1EuuOLLtS. 1888. ULYSSES S. GRANT. 1889. KENIJRIC C. BABCOCK. OSCAR L. TRIGGS. 353 S1sc1us'1'A1n' emss or' 'TEL Warren U. Eustis, B. A., physician, Farmington, Minn. Henry M. Williamson, B. A., editor. Flannlrean, S. ll. 4'l.Ass ol-' '74. liltlwarll t'. Uhattieltl, B. S., X 'l', lawyer, Minneapolis, Minn. George li. Ric-ker, B. A.. X lf, physieiau, Minneapolis, Minn. t'l..xss or' '75. Andrew ll. Cass, B. A , Brainerd, Minn. llelen M. l'l1yQMrs. ll. M. Williamsonj, B. L., Flantlreau, S. li. Ilenry U Leonard, B. Cl. E., physician, Minneapolis, Minn. Julius E. Miner, B. A., lawyer, Minneapolis, Minn. Samuel A. Rank, B. S, B. U. E.. X 1l', mining engineer, t'entrnl City, Colo. t"Simon P. Sterritt, B. A , X NP, physician, Anoka, Minn. Clark Stewart, B. S., B. C. ld., physician, Minneapolis, Minn. ol..xss or' '76, Martha A. Butler fMrs. J. N. Uhilclsj, B. S., Morris, Minn. .lohn S. Clark, B. A., 4-I fb, Professor ol' Latin, State liniversity, Minneapolis, Minn. Robert ll Crafts, B. S., M. S., real estate, Minneapolis, Minn. Lewis ll. Gillette, B. S., X elf, with Herzog Manufacturing Com- pany, Minneapolis, Minn. Eugene A. llentlrickson, B. S., B. U. li., X rl', lawyer, St. Paul, Minn. John t'. Hutchinson, B. A., U fl', Professor ol' Greek, State l'niver- sity, Minneapolis, Minn. Wm. li. Leonard. B. A., X if, physician, Minneapolis, Minn. Wm. ll. Loc-ke, B. S., rlergynntn, QM. EJ, Hampshire, lll. Charles li. Thayer, B. C. IC., banker, Wessington Springs, S. ll. 1'1.,xss or' "7'i'. Matilda J. Campbell t,Mrs. G. F. Wilkinj, B. L., lnstruetor in Ger- man and English, State University, Minneapolis, Minn. Graham C. Campbell, B. A., M. A., '80, clergyman, Ft. Smith, Ark. Joel N. Childs,'B. A., Principal ol' Schools, Morris, Minn. Ebenezer A. Currie, B. A., real estate, Merriam Park, Minn. l-'rank Eustis, B. A., real estate and loans, Minneapolis, Minn. Viola Fuller tMrs. J. E. Mineri, B, L., Minneapolis, Minn. Albert P. llendriekson, B. S., X NP, Assistant Commissioner ol llealth, St. Paul, Minn. ttlohn U. Kassube, B. S., architect, Minneapolis, Minn. Stephen Mahoney, B A.. X 'l', Judge ol' Municipal Court, Miunee apolis, Minn. Walter S Pardee, B. Arch , architect for Board ol' Education, Minneapolis, Minn. .lohn W. Perkins, B. A., X Alf, lawyer, Minneapolis, Minn. Edward B. Pribble, B. S., lawyer, Seattle, Wash. A'Uhar1otte A. Rollitt, B. L., Minneapolis, Minn. Charles W. Savidge, B. A., clergyman QM. Ei, Omaha, Neb. Albert McC. Welles, B. A., with Minneapolis Tribune, Minneapolis, - Minn. emss or' "78. Julian C. Bryant, B. A., Principal of llumbolt School, St. Paul. Charles S. Bushnell, B. M. E., X 1l', stove manufaeturer, Minneapo- lis, Minn. Fred C. ffouillarcl, B. S., farmer, Richfield, Minn. Nettie Getchell, Los Angeles, tial. Judson 'l'. Iiowell, B. S. .lohn Il. Lewis, B. A., Superintendent of Schools, Hastings, Minn. 'Mary A. Maes tMrs. W. S. Crandallj, B. L., Kll.lil.lllil,lNVll.Si1. 'i'il0Ill2lS B. Newton, B. A., Superintendent oi' Money Order De- partment ol' Post Olliee, Minneapolis, Minn. Evan B. Pritchard, B. A., clergyman, Albany, Oregon. Mary W. Robinson QMrs. W. L. Woltordj, B. S., Minneapolis, Minn. llarvey J. Smith, B.S., Art Director Exposition, Minneapolis, Minn. Myron DeV. Taylor, B. S., X ilf, lawyer, Sl. Clouml, Minn. Win. J. Warren, B. S., St. Louis, Mo. Daniel Williams, B. A., clergyman, Esthersviile, Iowa. George A. Wood, B. L., llardware merchant, Milbank, S. D. emss ow '19, Walter S. Barrett, B, S, 0 111, tlraughtsman, Minneapolis, Minn. Wm. L. Bassett, B. S., lumbermau, Minneapolis, Minn. Fred C. Bowman, B. S., I-J fb, physician, Duluth, Minn. Catherine A. Burnes. B. S., physician, llopkins Station, Minn. Timothy li. Byrnes, B. S., X NP, Appointing Clerk ot' Treasury, Washington, D. C. Evelyn M. Champlin tMrs. W. S. Barretti, B. S. Minneapolis, Minn. .loh11 F. Collom, B. A., lawyer, Minneapolis, Minn. Wm. S. llawley, B. U. B., Chief Engineer C. R1 E. IJ. ltailway, Chicago, lll Etta M. Elliott tMrs. E. l'. Adainsi B. A., Allston, Mass. Pierce P. Furher, B. C. B., X NP, architect, St. Louis, Mo. tl'Addison Gage, -lr., B. S., X 'i', Manager Evening Journal, Minne- apolis, Minn. .lohn F. Goodnow, B. A., X 'l', lulnher and fuel dealer, Minneapoe lis, Minn. Allen J. Greer, B. S., X NP, lawyer, Lake City, Minn. Alvin llildreth, B. L., farmer, Montrose, S. IJ. William W. Keysor, B. L, 0 Ill, lawyer, Omaha, Neh. Laura A. Linton, B. S., Professor of Chemistry and Physics in High Schools, Minneapolis, Minn. Frank S. McKean, B. A., X if, Hardware Merchant, Benson, Minn. George li. Partridge, B. S, X W, credit man Wyman, Mullin Co. Minneapolis, Minn. Robert W. lthames, B. A., clergyman, Michigan. Uhelsea J. Rockwood, B. A., 0 dv, lawyer, Minneapolis, Minn. Marion H. Boo, B. L., teacher in Winthrop School, Minneapolis, Minn. Caroline Rollit tMrs. G. A. Woollj, B. L., Milhank, S. ll. Etta Tliompson, B. S., teacher in lligh School, Minneapolis, Minn. George B. 'l'hompson, B. A., 9 fb, travelling salesman, Troy, N. Y. Martha B. West, B. L., teacher in Winthrop School, Minneapolis Minn. Willis M. West, B. A., M. A.. '81, Superintendent ot' Schools, Fari- hault, Minn. vmss or' 'Sth ii'Fred G. Berry, ll. S., Butte City, Montana. Cora l. Brown iMrs. ll. W. Brownsoni. B. A.. Minneapolis, Minn. James F. Bryant, B. A., clergyman, llarlan, lowa. Horace B. Greeley, B. S., farmer, Mapleton, Minn. Clarence L. ilerriek, B. S., Professorot' Biology and Geology, l7ni-A versity ot' Cincinnati, Cincinnati, Ohio Andrew llolt, B. L., 0111, lawyer, Minneapolis, Minn. Joseph lil. Horton, B. L., Gfflv, Register ol' Deeds, Manned City, S. Il. Lizzie A. House. B. L., Minneapolis, Minn. Bessie S. Lawrence tMrs. George Metiregorj, B. L., K li F, Min- neapolis, Minn. Robt, P. A Nix, B. S., Oflf, Superintendent of Schools, New l'lm, Minn. Alhert W. Rankin. B. A., 0 lb, Superintendent ol' Schools, Rm-l Wing, Minn. Minnie E. Reynolds QM rs. W. L. Ellisj, B. S.., Red Lands, Gal. Alva L. Roe, B. S., lawyer, St. Paul, Minn. . Gilman W. Smith, B. S., inspector of hridges for U., M tb St. I'. Ry. Co., Minneapolis, Minn. Harvey P. Smith, B. S., X 'l', banker, West Duluth, Minn. Lillian S 'I'odd tMrs. tl. ll, littlllttltxy, B. S. West Medford, Mass. William W. Williams, B. A.. miller, Lima Springs, la. emss on 'SL George B. Aiton, B. A., M. A., '87, 041, Principal Winthrop School. Minneapolis. Samuel S. Anderson, B. A., clergyman, Toledo. Ohio. tltway W. Baldwin, B. A.. B H II, ll- A dv, lawyer, St. Cloud. Minn. Fred L. B-irdwell, B. S., Assistant Professor ol' Chemistry, Boston Institute of Technology, Boston, Mass. llarlow L. Bonniwell, B. L., lawyer, llutehinson, Minn. 'kllerhert J. Broughton, B. S., teller Uonnnereial Bank. Minneap- olis, Minn. Diana Burnes tMrs. Samuel Camphellj, B. S., llopkins, Minn. 'kWilliam U. Bryant, B. A., divinity student, Morgan Park, Ill. Margaret A. Campbell, B. L., teacher, Duluth, Minn. llerhert 0. Uhowen, B. A., X if. merchant miller, Great Falls, Montana. Lettie M. Crafts, B. L., assistant liln'arian ol' the State University, Minneapolis, Minn. l'1llllilIl.E. fil'illl6S, B. L., Minneapolis, Minn, George S. Grimes. H. S., X 'I', lawyer, Minneapolis, Minn. William IC. llarrington, B. L., eashier Citizens' Bank, lslntelninson, Minn. y Emily L. llough lMrs. W. II. Savidggej, B. A., Pocatello, Idaho. James Jennison, B. S., X Alf, hookkocper, PiIlshury-Waslilnwn Flour Mills Co., Minneapolis, Minn. Charles E. Kent, B. A., X If, lawyer. 'I'oledo, Ohio. William L. King, B. A., 041, missionary, Bangalore, India. David A. Loeke, B. S., physician, Minneapolis, Minn. Samuel A. Loeke, B. physician, Minneapolis, Minn. Ennna E. Maes, B. L., Minneapolis, Minn. Sarah IC. Palmer, B. S., teaehor in High School, Stillwater, Minn. Bradley Phillips, Jr., B. L., 0 41, hardware nierehant. Minneapolis, Minn. Qnintin J. liowley, B. A., physieian, Ilowney, Cal. Win. II. Savidge, B. S., .E X, lawyer, Poeatello, Idaho. Fred li. Snyder, B. A., X "If, lawyer, Minneapolis, Minn. Lilla ll. Williams, 1Mrs. 'Bradley Phillipsl, B. S., Minneapolis, Minn. emss or 'H2, XVIII. -I. Barrett, B. Ag., with 'l'rihnne, Minneapolis, Minn. George J, Bar-kns, B. S., luinher salesman, Minneapolis, Minn. Agues Y. Bonniwell, B. L.. Ilntehinson, Minn. William W. Clark, B. S, 0 -b., lawyer, Minneapolis, Minn. Hraee W. Curtis lMrs. IC. A. Gmyranl B. L.. K K I', Aliee IC. Denton, B. S., Minneapolis, Minn. Arthur IC. IlIl'Ii0I'IIltlll, B. L., X 'I',1-ashier First National Bank, Great Falls, Mont. f Carrie Il. Fletcher lMrn. C. J. Rookwoodj, B. S., Minneapolis, Minn. James II. Gould. B. A., 11' A 1-U, lawyer, Minneapolis, Minn. Frank llealy, B. A.. 0111, lawyer, Minneapolis, Minn. Iinnna A. llendrickson tMrs. C. C. Lyfordi, B. S., K K I', Marie L. llenry QMrs. Frank Healy J, B. L., Minneapolis, Minn. Andrew F. Ilillyer, B. A.. elerk in Treasury Il0llIll'i.llll'Ill', lvash- ington, ll. C. Uarrie VV. 'Holt fMrs. II. W. -III.llllSllllli, B. A., Sioux City, Ia. h".Lydia ll. llolt, B. A , teaeher, Minneapolis, Minn. Mary li. llolt, B. L., Minneapolis, Minn. Mary N. llnghes fMrs. C. E. Sinelairel, B. L., Minneapolis, Minn lliehard H. Johnson, B. L., X Alf. bank eashier, Dickinson, N. D. Louise L. Kilhonrno, B. L, teacher, Schraalenhurg, N. J. Franees A. Knox, B. A., team-her, Salem, Oregon. Frank N. Leavens, B. A., 0 di, wheat dealer, Minneapolis, Minn. William B. Linton, B. S., physician, Merriam Park, Minn. liinily IJ. Mc-Millan, B L., artist, Paris. France. Ilenry F. Naehtrieh, B. S., ll dv, Professor ol' Animal Biology State Ifniversity, Minneapolis, Minn. Alexander II. Nunn, B. A., lawyer, Minneapolis. Minn. WIC. M. S. Pickett, B. A., X lf, assistant. eity editor Pioneer Press, Minneapolis, Minn. 'Mila E. Pillshnry fMrs. C. M. Wehsterj, B. L., K K l', Minneapolis, Minn. llasselas II. Prosser, B. S., fl' A U, eolleetor of U. S. enstonls, Ilnngrry llall, Ontario. liohert P. Shuinway, B. S., luinlnernlan, VVakeIield, Neh. Ilarry A. Strong, B. L., X XP, with Wyman, Mullin N Co., Minne- apolis, Minn. e Charles M. Webster, B. A., X IP, seeretary and treasurer Great Falls Water Power and 'l'ownsite Vo., Great Falls,.M0n1. Iidward Il. N. Whitney, B. S., real estate, Minneapolis, Minn. Jesse fl. Wilson, B. A., U1l', elergyluan, Yates Center, Kansas. emss on-' 'SIL lidwin P. Baldwin, B. A., clergyman, Alhert Lea, Minn. .lohn Il. Barr, B. M. li., M. S., '88, H df, Assistant Professor of Me- ehanieal Iflngineering, State University, Minneapolis, Minn. Bohert M. Boll, B. S., lawyer, Minneapolis, Minn. Samuel ll. Uatherwood, B. L., lawyer, Austin, Minn. Fred ll. Clark. B. S., lnnzherxnan, Minneapolis, Minn. Willlaln IC. Fay, B. A., U lb, physieian in City Hospital, Boston, Mass. lddson S. Gaylord. B. A., X W, lawyer, Minneapolis, Minn. Louise li. Ilollister, B. S.. A l'. teaeher in I-Iigh Seliooi, Minneap- olis, Minn. Annio II. J1-II'oi-son fMrs. Louis Pinkhamj, Il. L., A l', Tacoma, Washington. David P. Jonos, Il. A., X NP, hankor, Minneapolis, Minn. Emlwarcl C. Jones, Ii. S., 0 -lf, real estate, Duluth, Minn. Kate L Kennedy QM1-s. J. II. Barry, B. L.. Minneapolis, Minn. Joseph II. Loc-kv, B. A.. roal estate-, St. Paul, Minn. "iSarah P. McNair, Ii. L., K K I', Minm-apolis, Minn. Anna C. Marston, Il. L., K K I'. Lady Principal Clinton Instituto, Fort Plain, N. Y. .Ianot Nunn. IS. L., teacher in High School, Fergus Falls, Minn. William tl. Potors, Ii. C. IC., Manager Fiflolity Trust Company, Tacoma, Wash. Ilolen L. Pioroo, B. A.. tt-avhor in Marcy Sc-hool, Minneapolis, Minn. George N. Salisbury, IZ. S., U 'ln l'. S. Signal Dllioor, Fort Custer, Montana. Martha A. Sheldon, Ii. A. missionary, Moradahad, India. Charles F. Sidenor, Ii. S., Instructor in Che-n1istry,Stato lfnivorsity, Minneapolis, Minn. Louis 0. Smith,'B. C. IC., X AP. Pr:-sirlent ol' K. C. Coal Alilllllg' Co., Kansas City, Mo. Sumner L. 'I'russolI, Il. S., X NP, Deputy Colleotor ol' liovenuos. Minneapolis, Minn. ' Iinnna F. Trussell, Ii. L., Champlin, Minn. I'Imma. J. Waro, IS. S., I4-:u'I1or, Deer Lotlgo, Mont. vnxss on 'SIL Elmer E. Adams, Il. A., X Alf, editor Journal, Fergus Falls, Minn. Nathan M. Baker, Jr., IS. S., 011-, physif-ian in Ilospital I'or Insane, Ii0I'llI'Sil'I', Minn. Anna II. Ilonfroy fMrs. Z. N. Vaughnl, IS. L., Rod Wing, Minn. Belle M. Bradford, Il L, Empire, Minn. Patrick J. Butler, Ii. A., Minneapolis, Minn. Jeremiah L. Donahue, IS. S., travelling oxaminer for l'. S. Pension Department, St. Paul, Minn. Oscar W. Firkins, B. A., Minneapolis, Minn. George L. Ilenwlrif-kson, B. S., X 'I', rm-al ostate, St.. Paul, Minn. William R. Iioag, IB. C. IC., C. IC., 'ss,1I- A 0, A K IG, As-iistant Pro- fossor in Civil linginooring, State Univf-rsiiy. Minneapolis. iii-Ioseph II. C. llutrhinson, Il A., team-her in Iligh Sohool, Still- water, Minn. Anthony Johnson, IS. A , hooklwoper, Sauk Centre, Minn. Atlalyna Kingsbury QM rs ll. S. Pigottl, IS. L., South B1-ml, Intl. Ili-orgo Il Kloppor, IS. S., toaolior, Tracy, Minn. I'IIi Larson, Il. A., lawyer, Arla, Minn. I44-ssie Laythe IMrs. ll. L. S4-ovellj. B. S., A l', Duluth, Minn. George .I. Loyo, Ii. C. Ifl., engineer for C. St. P. An K. C. Ry. Co., Minneapolis, Minn. Jinnos IG. Manchester, Ii. S.. Prinvipal ol' Schools, Iilno Iiarth City, Minn. Irving W. Mathews, Il. C. IC., 041, surva-yor, Broken Bow, Nell. Ilvnry II. S. Rowell, Ii. S., 0 fl-, editor Saturday Evening Spot-tator, Minneapolis, Minn. Charlos C. Schmidt, I3. S., Prinvipal ol' Schools, I.aIioviow, Minn. Ilannah II. Sowell, Ii. A , Ilonorary Follow in Bryn-Mawr Collogo, Bryn-Mawr, Penn. Susan W. Sr-wall1Mrs W. L. Chapinj, Il. A., St. PauI,'M.inn. Zonas X. Vaughn, Ii. A.. llf A D, Print-ipal ol' Iligh Sc-hool, Iletl Wing, Minn. Iimma Zwinggi, B. S., SI. Potor, Minn. i'l..xss oi-' '81 Ilowarll S. Ahhott, Il. L., fl' A H, A K IC,a1.torm-y for M. N. St. L. Ry. Co., Minneapolis, Minn. Albert M. Baldwin, B. L., X 'I', lawyer, Duluth, Minn. Mary L. Benton, Ii. A.,stuml1-nt State lfllivorsity, Minneapolis, Minn. Ilortlia W. Brown, B. L., Principal ol' Washhnrn Park Sohool, Minneap ulis, Minn. lfldelhort IC. BusImo'1, IS. M. IC., optioian, San Francisco, Cal. 'l:Patri4-lc J. Fitzgerald, I4. C. C., agent I'or tho l'. P. Ry. Co., Dak- loy, Kansas. James Gray, B. S., 'Iv A 0, journalist, Minneapolis, Minn. Curtis L. Groonwoorl, B. S., 0 411, vivil euginoor, Denver, Colo. Mary IC. Irving fMrs. C. L. Grevnwoodj, B. L., A l', Dc-nvor, Colo. Samuel H. Langland, B. A., lawyer, Moorhead, Minn. Cassius M. Loc-ke, B. S., salesman, Minneapolis, Minn. Ida Y. Mann, B. L., teacher in Iligh School, Minneapolis, Minn. Charles W. 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L., A l', teacher in Normal School, St. Uloud, Minn. James C. E. King, B. A., lb A U, medical student, State l'niversity, Minneapolis, Minn. Maud J. Lyall QM rs. George Patrickl, Iowa City, Iowa. Josephine F. Bl1Ll'l'SLNll'S. Preston Kiugy, ll. L, K K l', ltlinneapo- lis Minn. Mary A. Powell, li. L., K K l', Minneapolis, Minn. Elizabeth Q. Sewall tMrs. P. G. Wrightl. B. A., Medford, Mass. Lillian L. Ware QMrs. J. M. Bolesj, ll. S., Butte City, Mont. William F. Webster, B. A , A 'I' A, Principal ol' Schools, Rushford, Minn. Vharles tl, Woodmansee, B. Arch.. areliiteet. Midway Park, Ht. Paul, Minn. vuxss or NT. George C. Andrews, ll M. E., A 'I' A, with Porter Heating Company, Minneapolis, Minn. Franklin ll. Bassett, B. S.. missionary in Japan. Ilenry W. Brewster, B. A., Instructor at State Experimental Farm, St. Anthony Park, Minn. George E. Burnell, B. L, QIIAU, student Morgan Park Theological Seminary, Chicago, Ill. Norton M. Cross, B S., X 'I', lawyer. Minneapolis, Minn. Thomas II. Uroswell, B. S , 041, eivil engineer, Merriam Park, Minn. Aclelhert 0. Ilinsmoor, B. S., 0 slr, grain lmyer, Atwater, Minn. Elwood A. Emery, B. L. X NP, student Boston School of Technology, Boston, Mass. Joshua A: Gilman, B. A. Principal of Schools Glenwood, Minn. Alfred B. Gould, ll A., H flf, Principal ol' Schools, Brainerd, Minn. I'hristopher Graham, B. S., 041, veterinary medical student l'ni- versity ol' Penn., Philadelphia, Penn. George II. llammond, B A., H LI- elerk in Surgeon General's0tllee, Washington, D. U. .Iolm LI. llawley, B. S., X lf, hydraulic engineer, St. Paul, Minn Jesse D. Ilinshaw, B. S.. investment hanker, Minneapolis, Minn. Millard llinshaw, B. A., investment banker and real estate broker, Minneapolis, Minn. Lowell A. Lamereanx, B. S., architect, Prospect Park, Minneapolis. Milton H. Lamereaux, B. S , real estate, Englewood, Ill. Ralph M. McKenzie, B. A., H ill, with 'I'rihune, Iluluth, Minn. Edwin A. McKinney, B. S., vlergynnni, Beaver Falls, Minn. Everson R. McKinney, B. L., clergyman, Edgerton, Minn. William P. Milliken, B. S.. 0 df, Superintendent ol' Puhlie School, Fairmont, Minn. - Tngerval Olsen, B. S , 0 dv, with Duluth Abstract ot' 'l'itle t'ompany, Duluth, Minn. Joseph ll. Rosselot, B. A., 041, lawyer, Spokane Falls, Wash. Mary 1 Smith, B L., A 'l', teacher, Rushford, Minn. Edward Winterer, B. L, law student, State University, Minneapo- lis, Minn. cmss er' 88. Alice A. Adams tMrs. 'Walter l'lg',Qlf-stonl, B L., K K F, Minneapo- lis, Minn. Christian Anderson, B tf. li., 4-ivil engine-er, Portland, Oregon. Lucy L. Baker, B. L., Minneapolis, Minn. Percival B. Benson, B. A., II III., city editor 'l'ribnne-Star, Minno- apolis, Minn. Bruno Bierbauer, ll, S.. A 'I' A, student, New York llomeopathic College, New York City. Mary L. Blanchard, B. L., teacher, Minneapolis, Minn. Edna Cook, B. S., teacher in 'Public Schools, Minneapolis Minn. Charles B. Elliott, Ph. D. QLL. ll , '81 lowa State Fniversityj, law- yer, Minneapolis, Minn. Albert E. Fillmore, B. A., student, Seabury Divinity School, Fari- bault, Minn. Albert A. Finch, B. S., X lf, II B N, medic-al student, University ol' Penn., Philadelphia, Penn. Ina Firkins. B. L.. A 'l', assistant librarian, State Lfniversity, Min- neapolis, Minn. Severt Germo, B. L., 0 III, Medo, Milm. Florence E. Gideon, B. L., A I', teacher, Blk River, Minn. Allmrtg Gmlmr, B, A, H fll, ll B N, teacher, Minneapolis, Minn. Vlysses S. tlrant, B. S., 0 dv, Il B N, student, Johns Ilopkins lfni- versity, Baltimore, Md. Fred IC. llobbs, B. L., teacher, Shakopee, Minn. Walter B. Holmes, B. S., medical student in City and County Hos- pitals, St. Paul, Minn. Edwin B. Johnson, B. S., registrar, State University, Minneapolis, Minn, Eric Il. Loe, B. M. li., draughtsnian, Minneapolis, Minn. Arthur 'l'. Mann, B. S., H ill, Superindendent ol' Schools, Monticello, Minn. Sumner W. Matteson, Jr., B. S., X NP, with First National Bank, Ile- eorah, lowa. .lohn Morris, B. M. E., teaeln-r, lflast Side Manual Training Dc- partment, Minneapolis, Minn. Susan l-l. Olmstead, B. L., K K l', teacher in American School for Girls. Constantinople, Turkey. Sadie B. 'l'illsbury, B. L., K K I', Minneapolis. Minn. Olivia C. Porter, B. L., K K l', St. Anthony Park. Minn. Melville lil. Reed, B. S., X XP, civil engineer with Montana Ventral By. Co., Demersville, Mont. Warren C. Bowcll, B. S., collector for llycl' Bros., Minneapolis, Minn. Anna Shilloek, B. L., K K l', teacher in NVinthrop School, Minne- apolis, Minn. Johannes J. Skordalsvold, B. L., studying in Germany. Bow Smith, B. S., A 'I' A, superintendent of construction ol' Wa-st Superior Iron and Steel Co., VW-st Superior, Wis. Francis N. Stacy, B. A., A 'I' A, journalist, lloward Lake, Minn. Charles Thompson, B. L., teacher, North Branch, Minn. Ilelmns W. Thompson, B. A., fl- A 0, II B N, law student, llarvard l'niversity, Calnbriclge, Mass. John L. 'l'orrens, B. S., Principal of lligh School, Loroy, Minn. William ll. Willard, B. A., tl ill, II B N, secretary ol' Willard Cattle t'o., lilankato, Minn. Ima C. Wincholl tMrs. F. N. Star-y,j B. L., A l', lloward Lake, Minn. c'I..xss or' 'BEL Frank S. Abernm-thy, B. A.. A 'I' A. with W. J. Abe-rnethy, mann' factnrer ol' Folding Window Shades, Minneapolis, Minn. Earle J. Babcock, B. S., Professor ol' Science in State University, Grand Forks, N. D. , Kendric C. Babcock, B. L., A 'l' A, II B N, Fellow ofthe State Uni- versity, Minneapolis, Minn. Rebecca V. Baker, B. L., Minneapolis, Minn. Gustav 0. Brohongh, teacher, Red Wing, lVlinn. William W. Cin-ney, B. A., X lf, medical student, University ol Michigan, Ann Arbor, Mich. Gratia A. Countryman, B. S., A l', assistant in City Library, Min-- neapolis, Minn. Clarence S. Coe, B. C. li., civil engineer, Minneapolis, Minn. Mattie L. Elwell, B. L., teacher, Minneapolis, Minn. .Ioh n U. I"arics, li. A., tl fb, Post Hralluatc SilI1l0Ili,Si.Ili.I' l'nivcrsity,' Minnnapolis, Minn. . Arthur IC. Gitlclings, B. A,,01l1, ll li N, Principal ol' Schools, Maplv- ton. Munn. lolm Paul Goodv, ll. S.. A 'I' A, Profcssor ol' Scicncc. State Normal School. Moorlit-all, Minn. 'i:l"I'2LlllC D. .lone-s, Il. S., H fb, Minncapolis, Minn. Ill-nry Johnson, Ii. I... 041, Il Il N, tual-In-r, Albert Lea, Minn. William B. I.aduv, ll. A., 0 lb, with First National llank, Salvm, Oregon. Alfred Lind. ll. S., ml-llic-al stullcnl, Stall- L'nivl-rsity, Minnoapolis, Minn. Wlcorgc II. Meacham, Il. S., S X, l'rm-scott, VVis. Alonzo D. M4-4-mls, ll. S.,o1I-,clerk in N. P. lly. tTo.'s ollic-1-, St. Paul, Minn. .ll-ssie McMillan, Ii. I.., assistant in Pity Library, Minneapolis, Minn. Itohert I.. MolI'4-tt, Il. L., fl' A 0, ll Il N, lan' stmlcnt, Columbia Col- lege, New York City. Lane Mctiregor, Il. A.. 22 X, Palatka. Florida. Margaret L. Sew:-ll, B. A., assistant in llorticultnral Dupartnnnnt, State Iflxperimmital Farm, St. Anthony Park, Minn. Lydia K. Strolnncicr, ll. A., A I', tl-achcr in Minneapolis Acallcmy, Minn:-apolis. Minn. Alla IC. Smith. Il. S., tcacher in lligh School, Ilraincrfl, Minn. Walter I.. Stockwell, IS. S. 'Iv A D, A If IC, Principal ol' City Schools, St. Thomas, N. D. Nathaniel S. Thomas, B. A.. fl' A U, tl-ac-In-r, Topcka. Kansas. Oscar L. Triggs. Il. A., -I' K 'I', ll ll N, Follow ol' thc State- l'nira-r- sity, Minn:-apolis, Minn. il' I lccvasccl. Maud Thompson, ll. I..,t.r-aoln-1', Farinington, Minn. Ilelvn IC. Wntcrs, ll. l.., Minncapolis, Minn. .lanncs Mnnahan, l.l. Ii., lawyc-r, St. Paul. Minn. Frank J. Smith, I.I. Ii., Charlcs S. Whiting, I.l.. ll.. lawycr, De Smut, S. D. Wallace IC. Bolt, M. D., physician, ltcml Lake, Minn. .lohn A. llernartl, M. D., physician, Minncapolis, Minn. lienollicta I.. Carlson, M. D., physician, Minneapolis, Minn. Ralph lt. Chase, M, D., physician, liau Iflairo, Wis Guy P. Corwin. M. D, Nils G. Dahlstcllt, M. IJ., physician, Minnl-apolis, Minn. Uharlus IC. Dutton, M. D., physician anll surgeon, l'. S. Army, Fort Snclling, Minn. limlward A. lillholm, M. D., Clinical l'roI'l-ssor M1-diral Depart- mcnt.,'State l'nivr-rsity, Minnoapolis, Minn. Wm. II. llanscom M. D. physician, Minneapolis, Minn. Knnto A Kjos, M. D., physician, Fall Rivvr, Dak. Ole E. Liujer. M. D., physician, Wcst Superior, Wis. William F. Mc-Carthy, M. D., physician. Minneapolis, Minn. Goo. W. Phillips,,M. D., physician, St. Paul, Minn. .Iohn A. Rcgncr, M. D., physician, Winth1'op, Minn. v IiIl.lllSl'0l'Il Ridge-way, D. D. S., Dentist, Granitf- Falls. Minn. .lohn South Jr.. M. D., physician, 'I'a1-oma, Wash. liclwin D, Stecl, M. D., l"refl W. l'rio. M. D., physician, Sc-attlv, Wash. Frank A. Watkins. M. D., l'lyssa-s G. Williams. M. D., Minnpapolis, Minn. Iitlwarll W. Young, M. D, physil'ian, Seattle, iVash. 311 lilvnnuurizrnnn. .jrzmlx 1211121-kI111'o.w Qunw, Bachelor' of Science, 'B9. Zlivrl. 1Iuuvml1rv '22hI, IHHH. Glli 3,-Elilhnx gvlxiff ixlivslxvft. Bachelor' of Rrts, '32, Zlivzl 1IL'lUL'llIl1l3l' 30111. IHHH. 03v.w.11'51r 'glL'll1'LI 1'l'II.'1IIil'l1llll. Bachelor- of Science, 'B9. Zvird Zlzxnmmux 'J5tl1. msn. All Graduate Studentg. "Hr 7i'fl'.r.f' rcfifh .lflt'I'llI.' II jllal nl 4f2I1'41' l'.v ll full 1'1nl.e'ei!.' lloward Strlokland Abbot, B. L., '85, A University oi' Minnesota John Merton Alclrivln,.l3. 8., '88 - Dakota Agricultural College Kendrie Charles Babcock, B. L., '89, Mrs. John li. Barr, li. L., '83, - Mary Lathrop Benton, B. A., '85, - Mary Lizzie Blanc-hard, B. L., '88, llenry Webb Brewster, B. A., '87, Joel N. Childs, ll. A., '77, - John Cook, B. A., - - - Gratia Alta Countryman, IS. S., '89, A. L. Crocker, B. A., A. M., - - Lulu Cole:-ati Daniels, - Mrs. James A. Dodge, - - Mary L. llnnwiddie, li. L., '80, John Culbert Faries, li. A., '89, - Ina Firkins, li. L., '88, - Oscar Firkins, B. A., '84, Anna Gale, B. A., - A - William Aaron Hadley, M. A., '88, .lohn B. Hawley, B. S., '87, - William R. lloag.B. C. l'I.,'8-l, M. C. IC., .I ohn M. llolzinger, B. A., '79, - Caroline L. llunt, - - lfniversity of Minnesota. University of Minnesota - University ol' Minnesota Vniversity ol' Minnesota - lTniversity ol' Minnesota l'niversity ol' Minnesota L'niv4-rsity of Minnesota - Bowdoin College University of Wisconsin - Harvaril'Annex University of Wisconsin - University ol' Minnesota University of Minnesota - Vniversity of lilinnesota - - Smyth College- - University oi' Minnesota University of Minnesota. '88, 'University ol' Minnesota - - - Olivet College Nortliwestern llniversity Matilda J. C. Wilkin, li. L., ' 77, Ada Kiehle, B. L., '86, - - lda V. Mann, B. A., '89, - - 'linwene Landon Mann ll. A., '83, E3 9 S. A. Merritt, B. S., '84, - - Viola Fuller Miner, B. L., '77, Mary Powell, B. L., '86, - - George ll. R. Plumb, M. S., '77, Frederick Reed, B. A., - - George Lynde Richardson, 13. A., Marion llooker Roe, ll. L., '79, Margaret L. Sc-wall, ll. A., '89, Frederick 8. Sheppard, - ' Anna Sliilloek, B. L., '88, - Walter L. Stockwell, B. 8., '89, Katherina L. Strohmeier, li. A., George W. Sonblette, B. A., '78, Hina Sohall, Ph. ll., - - Mary L. Southworth, - - Gsm-ar Lovell Triggs, B. A., '89, Jessie L. Van Vliet, '85, - - Elizabeth Wallac-e, li. 8., - lflrlith Waters, B. L., '89, - llllizabetli Waters, B. 8 , '85, - University of Minnesota. 7 'sz-5, sa, U L. L. ik niversity oi' Minnesota niversity ol' Minnesota - - llobart College - 'l'abor College niversity of Minnesota niversity ol' Minnesota - Lafayette College -- Grinnell, Iowa - Williams University ol' Minnesota ll niversity ol' Minnesota University ol' Minnesota L' lv lf nivorsity ol' Minnesota niversity of Minnesota - Kirkville Normal - Albion College niversity of Minnesota - - Wellesley f - - Wellesley ll lf niversity ol' Minnesota niversity ol' VViSvonsin Mnxrox llnx. A - lflnwum M. SI'Al7I.DlNH, .lrzssim M. Nh-ol., - Cn,un.1+:s li. S. M. Ui"r'rs, Uscnxn K. RIVIIAIKIDSIDN, lllcxnx' P. li.xll.m'. .IONl'Il'II llnowx l'nuf:, llattio Louise Andrews, Ulnistian ll. ffhristianson, Charles 'l'hompson Congvr Lana Ma.riah Countryman, Harrison Earl Frylm1'g0r, llenry Patterson liaily, 'William Artemns Heauln, l"rank Joseph lirahec, PL-ter Christianson, llenry Cotton, - Frank Edward Covell, - Charles ltollini IC. M. Untts Warren Maynard Dodge-, .lamvs Colfax Grant, - Utis Carsloy Gross, - '- K'harles William Javkson, v 1 Qlass of '9o. COLORSf SERFENT GREEN AND CRUSHED STRAWBERRY OFFICERS. Pl'0SlKlPIll'. Vim-if Pl'osi4li-mi. Sm-c1'vtary. 'i'l'l'1l.Slll'ttl'. Prodigy. - - - Marshal. ll nam' U0'l"I'0N, - - - ll. lflfxnl. l+'nrnlf:nGEn, AN'I'UlNl'2'l"l'l'l J. Al!I'1ltNl'I'I'llY, H. U.l'l'Ill'ZllINl'1 Cmn"on'l', linvrn VIUIA l"lIll,l.Il'S, l"n,xxk JUSICPII lSn.x1n1:r, f11l.uu.i-rs L. Soxml-zns, - - - - - Chaplain. Appointments Vow Commencement. Valodif-torian. Mnxrox Rl-Lx, MEMBERS. " Thurs, fmrlllifw wil, 1112211 g'1'l1i'll'fj'.H""llIiYIHCN. Classical. Minneapolis. Lewis l-Ienry Kennvdy, - A - - - Bath. 'TS Washington Place, N. Y. - - - Minneapolis. Minnoapol is. Seientifi Minneapolis. - Minneapolis. llntchinson. - - Bath. Prescott, Wis. Minneapolis. Forest City. - Farmington. Minneapolis. - Pickwick. Brooklyn Centre. 44 Gustav Axel Petri, - Joseph Brown Pike, Milton Rex, - - Frm-d Coggswell Wait, e. llarry Martin Kennedy, - Patrivk Kennedy, - llnrt Frank Lum, Louise Montgomery, - - llorhert Gilman Richardson, Oscar Kelsey Richardson, - Albert Woodward Shaw, Edward Martin Spaulding, Max West, - - - Ole Knnte Miilson, - 'Edwin Walter Winslow, Urator Historian - Poet Prophet - Statistician Memorial Orator Salntatorian - Litf-hlield ' ltockford, Ill. - St. Paul Minneapolis. Winona Litchfield - Oshawa - Minneapolis - St. Cloud - Minneapolis Minneapolis Rochester Minneapolis. - Minneapolis. Gilchrist - Minneapolis 3 1 Antionette J. Ahernethy, Victor Solden Flarke, Sarah CH.tilPI'il1f' f'mnl'ort, Flora -I oy Frorif. - Mary Mills, Lxitervany. Minneapolis. Minneapolis. Minneapolis. - .lac'ks.on. - Elkiiivor. Mary lAllli5U'vVCil01', - - Jessie May Nivol. Efiifiil Viola Phillips, - - William Henry A. Ruther1'orfl, Hivcr SCI'lllllgil.I'li, - - Fharles Try:-sring S0llilIl0I'S, - - - - Ellington. Civil Engineers. .lohn Lucius Burt, - Minm-apolis. John Foot llaymlm-n. Wilbur Wainright Dann, Minneapolis. John 'l'u1-nor Higgins. Frvd Luke Douglas:-1, .lcrioo Uonter. Vt. William llausnmer lloyt, l"r1-fl Hayward Gilman. ROS0lll0lllIt. Frod Maynard Mann, - YVilliston Wirt. firm-nwooll. 1 - ' - Mankato. William f'2l.I'1N!ll1.0l' Smith. - Birnvy Elias Trask, ---' - Minneapolis. mechanical Engineens. Martin Hugh Gorry, Jr., Minneapolis. 'l'horwald Eid Nilson, ' lla-rlmcrt M. Woodward, - ' Richfield. K' S ffO L.,T A 44 'lf I sg.:- . , .. r-.A X K, 'X . i',g,s'ml' . I Q Q gif' ts 'fi Xzami X awww' - " X.. -17 rf- , ,. ,...., " "" ' ,A lf .7 Q--. -X 45 Minneapolis. Rockford. Minneapolis Cooperstown - St. Paul Fargo, Dak Hutch i nson Minneapolis M innoapolis - St. Cloud - AiM'Il.f1'1' f'llAllI.l'1N W. Bimv, - filIAlil.lCS IC. GI7'l'lIliIl'I, Roar: A. Bnnn, - ivll,lilAM F. 'l'm7ssl-zu., ANNA li. Gll'I'IllKll'i. - Wn.m.m B. Nl0RlllS. May Bestor, - - Alden Joseph Blethen, Ji.. Charles William Bray, Squire Fred Brown. A .lohn Frithiol' Dahl, Nora Fryv. , - - Anna Loraine Guthriv, Charles lilisv Guthrie, Asa John llammond, Glass of '9n. COLORS! PZACOCK BLUE AND OLD GOLD. OFFICERS. - v Presiih-nt. - - View Prosidont. - Rc-1-ording Secretary. - Uorrc-spondillg Sucrotary. - - - 'l'roasurer - - - Marshal. l'.i' C. Wi-:I-ms, .lonx F. Dam., - 'l'noM,xs W. S1'ou'r, Grfzoiwic A. Sim-n, - Amwzx J. liliI'l'l'Ill'IN, Jn., .Ions E. Nll+1liRll.l,, - MEMBERS. "Snr wha! n igfrnrr is xmfm' on lhfif bmw." Classical. - Minnvapolis, llarlan Edward Leach. Minn:-apolis. John Ernest Merrill, v - - Norwood. William Beaumont Morris, Kalamazoo, Mich - - St. Petr-r - lfllk 'River - Minneapolis. Minneapolis. - - - Lake City John Peinborton, - A Milton Dwight Purdy, Charles A. Savagv, - - 'l'lu-odorv Huraldo Soares, - 'l'hompaon Wcllivor Stout, Curtis:-s Swoigle, - - - Allnart Martin W4-lint:-r, ------ llanililw. Poet Orator - Prophet Prodigy I listorian - Statistician Spring Valley Minneapolis Montclair, N. J South Park White llall, Ill Minneapolis Minneapolis Minneapolis - Ortonvillo L :NF J ll'-wmv. l'h1'lu . Williain llc-nne-tt llublm, - - Sigurd.lol1nson lloynni, Ili Uharlvs Linn-oln l'has1-, - - Albert Arthur Dodge, - Edward Brown Hardini-r, - Dora May Hutliriv, - - - 'Martha V. Alike-ily. - - Rose Ann llehh, - - - - Blanvlio Parker B1-rry, - - Grace Chapman, ----- .lienjamin Philip Chapplv, ih- Arthur Bliss Church, - - - tif-orgo Ari-hilvald Clark, - l Minneapolis l.am1-rv, Dali - llastings l"2l.l'llllllQt0ll Minneapolis Nlinnf-apolis Minnc-apolis Minneapolis Minnc-apolis Minneapolis. denville, Wis. Minneapolis lid!-n Prai rim- Scientific Frank llani't, - 4A-4 - New Ulni 'l'lwodoru Mol". Knappm-n, - - Nlinnoapolis Uhristian l'ni,vrson liomnn-n, Spring Grow- Clnirlos Ilickerman Mativson, livcoruh. Ia Fram-us Montgonu-ry, - - - - Si.. Cloud Margaret Belle- Morin, ---- Albert ima Liiterfany. Myrtle Connor, - - - Nnlliu Malnra Cross, John Albion Dahl, - - William Fred lirinagvr. lvilliam NV. llarinon, - .lamvs Oscar Jorgens, - Lillie May Martin, - - llomor Francis Pierson, - Minnoapolis - Minneapolis - Blinnoapolis. - Nlinnoapolis. - Sauk Center 4 I rand Meadow. - Minneapolis, Grand Moadow I Carl Christian l otorson. George Arthur Hniitli, - Marshall li. PllltHlil'4il', Albert W. Stacy, - - - Willie l"rauuis 'l'1-nssvll, Leonard Casv Wwks, - Minnie Agnes lit-xford, llattio E. Rose, - - - .Fred William Sarnia-son, Edgar Daniel Sias, - Victor Alonzo Stearns, Ava Sumhardo, - - Byron llarvoy 'l'i1nhc-rlaki-, mechanical Engineerfs. son, - - - - Eleetnleal Eng ineervs. Civil Engineers. Waltur Almrani Uliowr-n, ---- Chowon. Ignxwl. Martin Asmk Theodoro D. llall, - - - - St. Paul. linrt Levi-rett Sacrv, ---- Minneapolis. Anehimets. Gvorgo Philip Hnhn, George 'l'aylor l,l0WllI2lIl, - - - Minnoapolis. Ernest Arthur Nickerson. - I, f . lf: 17,4 X ' 1 W 'W K f 1 l V f f f f bff-.FW fl., 7 ,f ' ,Z V . fill , 1 I . ,,, f f 5 W 'ffwfls f new -17 Newark, liak llrown's Valley ll inneapolis. Washburn. Minneapolis. - - liitvlitiold. - Minneapolis. - -- llamlinv. - Minneapolis - - Rochester - - Duluth - - Hamline - Minneapolis Willmar Minneapolis - Elk River inguinal-:'l'l'x1-zm., Qlass of '92. COLORS! CORN AND WINE. OFFICERS. - Prvsith-ni. ffi.AliA N. lxm.l.on, - X wc- I'1'i-simlcllt. lilwlux N. lll'lS'I', - lil'I'l'2It'l' C. llnwz-:x', tlmnlnar-: D. limp, -' lYlm.1Axl A. SICIAIVICIQ, 1 Wn.m.m C. l.l1:,uu', - Clara liflith Bailey, - - - .I illllliri Eva-l'0t1. llram'li'or1l, - Alton M. Cates, ---- Benjamin Franklin Clarke, Rupert Carthalo Dewey, - Frank Herman- Ditten hoefc-r. Esther Friecllanrler, - - - Secretary. , - Preasnrer. Human I-1 IC. llllI.'l', t'1..xn,x li. B,ul.lf:x', - .l. l'lpw,xnp Ullflill-IF, Awrnnnli.xNl'u, - Samuel Havil Paqnin, JZLIIIUS Erastns Philli is 7 Franc Murray Potter, Arthur Rannm, - - - William Arthur Solovcr. - Carlton Wilbert Smith, Stella Burger Stearns, Pnopmv, Axrnoxv Zl'lIll1lNY, - Artist. l'lpw.xnp C. PIIUHNIX, Marshal. MEMBERS. U We urn the growth of gender-fifty :wel in our green. uonceilf' Classleal. - Minneapolis Harry Oliver liannnm, - Minneapolis. Spring Valley Albert li. Hoag, ----- Miinwapolis. Minneapolis llottfricl lflmanuel llnlt. - - Scandia. - Rich Valley. George Lonfesty Keefur, - - Faricanlt. - Lake City William Conner Leary, - Appleton. Minneapolis. Andrew Nelson, - - - Otisville. Minneapolis, .I. Edward 0'Brien. - - - - Lake City. John Wesley Graves, . - Minneapolis. -13 - Pool - Prophet . Oratnr Historian Y Statistician - Chaplain - Little Falls - Lake City - Ortonville La Crosse, Win - - Lake City - Howard. - Duluth. - i.'ffqS1'f ' j. ,-. 1 -uf 1K'.l""' 1-.. llf v'lr11,.'U1l lu, Daniel Eugene Baldwin, - Mary Elizaheth lllassett, George Kimhall Belden, Charles Peter llerkey, ltista Nimmons Best, Mary Graee Bl'2l.tli'O1'tl, .Iohn Grosvenor Cross, - Edward Martin Dickerson - Otto Knute Oloi' Folin Ellie Frances Ames, - Mabel Fletcher Austin, Clara Frances Baldwin, Charles Loran Chapple, Mary Moulton Cheney, Arthur Eugene Covell, Arthur llugo Elftman, Anna Wilhelmine Erh, James Edward Carroll, James Ilerhert Gill, - Edward Parris llureh, - St.Cloud. - Hastings. Minneapolis. Farmington. A Minneapolis. - - Empire City. ltoehester. Minneapolis. - Stillwater. Seientifie. George Douglas llead, - Fred Leopold lloltz, - - Elon 0. Huntington, - - llradford Coryelle llurd, - Clara N. Kellogg, - - - 'Paul Emerson Kenyon, V Everett Buell Kirk, - - Edwin James K rallt, - Sarah Bird Lucy, - r - .lolm Zeleney, - - - - - Minneapolis. - St. Paul. - St. Paul. Beldenville, Wis. - St. Anthony Park. - - Minneapolis. Prescott, Wis. - - Minneapolis. Liitensnvy. .lohn Frederick Farmer, - Charles S. llale, - - - Mary Emma Kemp, - - - Mary Holley Longee, - - Fargo, Dak. James Edward lVIadigan, - Wayzata. Lyman Love Pierce, - - - Minneapolis. Alfred. Fisk Pillsbury, - Minneapolis. Grant lleehe ltossman, - - - St. Paul. George Cushing Sikes, - Fargo, llak. Fred Andrews Smith, Gill - - Wal' l. Cl 'l,. A.Q . - - - Miimeapollis. Gc:iii'gfxeq'l'1l1ie?li:leqtFl - - Minneapolis. Anthony Zeleny, - - - llutehinsou. Spring Valley Minneapolis. - Minneapolis. Minneapolis. Kathrina Emaline Manson, Prospect Park Lizzie llelen Mathes, - - - Minneapolis Frederick Delos Monfort. - - - St. Paul Carrie Adaline Palmer, - - Pontiac, lll x .rx Adelaide Pearson, - - Louise Florenee Robinson Florence .lulia Rose, - - Eveline Van W. Sammis, Carrie Anna Severance. - Fanny Damon Shney, - - llelen lluntington 'I omhs, Mira May White, A - - Rgrfleultune. Sidney Sherman, - - - - Eau Claire, Wis. Civil Engineerfs. - - Minneapolis. John Christian Ohnstad, - Menomonie,Wi-s. Edward W Spottswood, - Elvin Lydiard Higgins, - - llntehison. Edward Chauncey Phoenix, - - LeRoy. Nleehanieal Engineers. 4 - Cottage Grove. Andrew 'Elhridge Stevens, - - Winona. Edwin Robert Williams, Eleetrvieal Engineers. r Menomonie,Wis. Milton Traverse Gibbs, - - - Rochester. Monroe Sherman lloward, William Henry llurtis, - Oshkosh, Wis. William lrving Gray, - - - Lake City. --. xx ti.f5.-'W T.i-.V-W N1--' , -'jjff'-j ,,,L.- -- .ymit . If-,gf .it-,L-15. - E Q- lv- A . ...i..- 5 t 5 . -19 - Maple Lake Stoekton, N. Y - Minneapolis - - Argyle ltughy, N. Ilak nan Lake, S. llak 1 M adelia - Albert Lea - llutehinson Howard ,Lake - Minneapolis - lvlinneapolis - Minneapolis - Minneapolis - Minneapolis Grafton, Dak - Minneapolis Minneapolis. - Minneapolis. A - Lake City .Iuswus M. ll0GELAND, W.u.I.Acn H. Davis,'ru N0lt'l'II1lLDl', G. Krnrnmi, ADA E. Almxus, - - Mauna U. Cononovs, - Ada Edith Adams, - - James Frederick Austen, Albert 'Thornton Birdsall, Ida. Arvilla Burnett, - Maude C. Colgrove, - Martha May Cooley, Mabel Augusta Colter, - May A. Craik, ---- Medora Estelle Dresser, Jessie Helen C. Elwell, - Clara Eyles, - r - - Orra Estelle Firkins, - Mamie Louise Folsom, - Laura Eliza Frankenneld, Don Phelps Fridley, - - - Minneapolis. - - St. Paul, New York City. - - Mankato. Minneapolis. - Minneapolis. - - St. Paul. - Edina Mills. Minneapolis. - Minneapolis. - - St. Paul. ' Minneapolis. Minneapolis. - - Glencoe. - Becker. Glass Of '93- COLORS! GOBLIN BLUE, CHOC0 ,1.-.-..-- LATE AND ROSE PINK. - President. Gn.xN'r W. SPIIINGEIR, - Vice President. 'l'uoM.xs F. W.u.r..wa, - - Secretary. Lrzzm li. Nlcwxcxx, Treasurer. l'Im.m P. llovr, Historian. LEONARD H. Pnvon, Statistician. FRANK L. Baron!-n.nan, MEMBERS. "l9qg'1'f1, be bald, and 7lt'IlflH't' Za be 'rw'.ve." Lxitelvatfy. Lillian Fuller, Oscar Lee Hansen, - - Mary Everett Hawley, - - Helen .Lyon Hays, - - Ida May Herzog, - - - Leila Pamelia Johnson, - Sarah Joslyn, Helen Gage Lyall, - - - Zue Mofllary, Minnie Agnes McCormick, Jessie McGregor, ---- Saidee McGregor, - - - George Emery Means, - - Maren llastine II. Michelet, - 50 - Litchfield. Argyle, Wis. Geneva, N. Y Minneapolis - - Chowen Minneapolis Roch ester. Minneapolis - Minneapolis Minneapolis Minneapolis. - Minneapolis - - Howard. Minneapolis. Marie Antoinette Palmer, Minnie Arabella Perkins, Henry Charles Poehler, - Leonard Henry Pryor, - Grace Randall, ---- Perry Pritchard Salisbury, Gertrude Shaughnessey, E. Fay Smith, ---- George Hancock Spear, - - Anna Laurie Stacy, - - Julius Ross 'l'rissal, - Louise Grace Walther, - Lutie Jane Wallace, - Harry Edgar White, - Una Zinunerman, - Poet Orator. - Prophet. Artist. Chaplain. Prodigy. , Minneapolis - Minneapolis. - Henderson. Redwood Falls. - - St. Paul - Minneapolis Minneapolis. - - St. Paul Minneapolis - Washburn - - St. Paul - - St. Paul - - Algona, la - Clear Lake A - St. Paul Aw., .., .- Ita-wa 'fl , Drum. Phdn, William Angus, - - - Garlield Frank A. Bates, - Minneapolis. Frank D. Davis, - - - Mankato. Charles W. Feree, - - Minneapolis Emma Abbie Gates, - - - St. Paul. Hal Sol Goldblum, - - - Minneapolis Heber Lindon Hartley, - - Minneapolis Nels Jenson, ------ Minneapolis Albert Cornelius Knudson, - - - St. Paul Classical. Richard Claus Lunke, ---4 Lou Francis N. McWhorter, - - - Austin George Plumer Merrill, - - Minneapolis Charles Flagler Miller, - - Minneapolis. Archie Nickerson, - - - Tamworth, N. lI . . Constant Larson, - - - - - Alexandria Kate Aitchison, - Fargo, N. Dak. Ole J. Anderson, ' - - Nicollet. Henry B. Avery, - - Minneapolis. James C. Bale, - - - - Duluth. Caswell A. Ballard, ----- Zumbrota. Frederick William Barton, - - Wayzata Harry Lee Batchelder, - - - Stillwater Frank Leslie Batchelder, - - Stillwater Anna N. Berg, ----- Minneapolis. Andrew Mikkelson Berscth, - Colfax, Dak Sadie L. Bonwell, - - - Blue Earth City William Howard Bovey, - Minneapolis Charles Colgrove Brown, A Minneapolis lVilliam J. Brown, - - Margaret Cecilia Buckle Nellie Augusta Buckley, Alvah Milton Bull, - - Anne Martin Burr, - - Hubert Charles Carel, - Arthur W, Chase, - v Rochester - Farmington Farmington - - Edina Mills - - St. Paul. - St. Paul - Hastings Cyrus Northrop, Jr., - - Minneapolis- Elizabeth Northrop, - - Minneapolis Albert Fuller Pratt, - - - Anoka. Grace Rhoades, - - - Minneapolis. Jessie Virginia Rhoades, Minneapolis. John Olaf Sethere, - - - - - Carlisle. George Franklin Stack, - - Anoka. Edward David Walker, ---- St. Paul. Thomas Freeman Wallace Minneapolis. Arthur William Warnock, Minneapolis. Clarence Leroy Whitman, Owatonna. Charles Elon Young, V - Minneapolis. Ilarvey Officer, J r., ' - St. Paul Elizabeth A. Peters, - - Scientific: Charles Rasmi Christensen, - Owatonna. Charles Frank Cowing, - - - Alexandria. Walter S. Davis, - - - Minneapolis. VVallace H. Davis, - - - Minneapolis. Nettie Dobson, - - - Blue Earth City. John William Erl', - - Monroeville, O. Arthur J. Farnsworth, - V Minneapolis. Hattie Evelynn Fleming, - Minneapolis. Russell Heywood Folwell, Minneapolis. Eva May Foster, - - - Stillwater. William Dodge Frost, - - Marshall. Gertrude Gibbs, - - - Monticello. James Gilman, ---- Minneapolis. Merton Stearnes Goodnow, Hutchinson. Anthony Grotte, - - - Minneapolis. .lohn DeMott Guthrie, - - Minneapolis. Roland Bruce Hahn, - - Minneapolis. Justus Mitchell Hogeland, Hiram Patrick Hoyt, - - Arthur Elon Huntington, - 51 - St. Paul. Minneapolis 1 LllVern0 George Lincoln Huntington, - LuVerne. Herman Mathias Iltis, - St. Anthony Park. Robert Lyon Jackson, - - Minneapolis. Harry Atkinson Kennedy, - - Minneapolis. Ralph Grierson Kimble, - Ridgeway, Kan. George Thomas King, - - Minneapolis. Josephine McCoy, - - - Algona, la. Louise McCoy, ------ Algona, Ia. 'l'homas James McEllig0tt, - - Glencoe. John W. Macauley, - - Menomonie, Wis. Eugene Medley, '---- Ithica, Mich. Harold Ebenezer Mitchell, - - - Duluth. George Hart Morse, ----- Excelsior. Lizzie Burwell Newman, - Fargo, N. Dak. George Perry Palmer, - - Detroit, Mich. Harvey Fred Pearce, ----- St. Paul. John Richmond Pitman, - - Ft. Snelling. August Poehler, ----- Henderson. Franklin Theodore Poehler, Henderson. Frank Ervin Reidhead, - Camden Place, Edith A. Robbins, - G1-orgo A. liookwell, Tllonms A. Rockwell, - A Bl'01'I'liLIllll2ll'k. - Oshkosh, Wis. Oshkosh, Wis. John Magnus Sctnnn, - Si-rurrlur Siffvzildson D U 7 LeRoy Vernon Smith. - Mary C. Smith, - - Hugh Griilith Jones, - - Mzwsliamll. - Minneapolis. - Algonu, Ia. Carl Tl10lll1l.S vvtlllilll, Grant Wosloy Springer. - f .Ianni-s E. Spry, - - - - Roy Whito Squiros, - - -- - Annu Emilia Strohlnoier, - llenjzunin C. Taylor, ---- - - Anoka. M innvnpolis. Min nc-apolis. Minnoupolis - liiohliclll NVonfhLll Phillips Vplon, - ll:u'ry ll. Waikoiiohl, - - - John Vainllooson uYil.li0lll2l.ll- llclos Unylor XVll.SllllllI'll, - Orson Monroe Washburn, - Elk River llutohinson - llustings - - Otsego - Monticello Guy Livingstone Thornton, - - Excelsior. NVilliaun Clmrlos lVi-oks, - Minneapolis Flloyd WV. Triggs, ---- Minneapolis Fred ll llfvlls, - - - Minneapolis - - - Stillqllllik. .lzunos York, - - - - Minneapolis. Agnieultutfe. Minneapolis. Edmund Perry Sheldon, - Prospect Park if Q KW1, if f gsyifgf . 'll f X XJ, 1 ff ,MW .ff Qi. J , ? ff? 52 X ZZ If i X XT' f ' X f I l hw y X X1 f ff llqig 1 f f" " ' 1' ll lux-'-"I, ,X 'r f " ul , , ' , , , ' ' 'C f - f , , , if. ' .'f:ff, J zfff il Xf A I 1:7 . ,t ,, I '. 552-5 . .. ,hh - ' ?,-rr , , 4 4 . 1 'l. " X 'P' f D Wgmaw WQEENSHHTGQSZEIZGQ N. I rw? WED PM MQVRE Wen fw fs 75-'fa MW-WMD QWnwfX?fs M We 'X"V?LQ5,65 06 cfmalzffifgaf 3 fa QQ THL5 QMRW, Sfifzfimswwmsfw w MEUR ' M WfQW'SJ'fMAT X "' Q Tv? , ,, ?RgGHMM QF-mm WVR A - U 'ygiaig Qgvg -me IBLQSSQM ,D B Eli 'Z-E"33 '. - fggwvvff GEMS Q iwvfgfg 55225 5, f F REGGQARS gm? DR? GEQVER 0 ?ff 1 ' jyifhfw Maw? 'LE W 'TW fp , N Ly QQ ,sb iffffi Bii im Q Mu N53 P if QPF gp-r ang ? ffgiigggwgifgogei -fqilf' '4 aww Q 5 gs iff w'nF'1TLY'F U 5 ED PQG5 - Hf iwxwwwfmv me M MPRQMN6 EDM I5 E I? 'Q f' Q sfwfwfgfi Ml Wg' Gmiv.fQM5 2522 QIFM-gy SWWD 'iii 'iw ewfw , if sw MMR NES' mfg-175 IWW' gc? NEW fg Bvliliflgbi SJ Mi' Q23 5552 HQPQYQ fQ'2"'0 f 0 Y sk i-:T-:.T fn , . I ' C :- 0 9 : V-af' -1--1 ' f'.V.,:!f ,w,,, 7 ,Ld .yy 1 .Q -U .ja 'fy 1. - wif i ' ER Flew? ' . ,:-.4 I, R014 1 KJ- Q :ff :W ' ff'-fx. 3: 5 6 Q:,:f'gw,j1. IJ . ,l 1' Oseaa Lovsm. 'l'amos, - Cll.xlu.1+:s Tlloxms lVlOl1'l"E'l"l', - JULIA Alton A. Adams, - - - - - St. Paul. Martha Scott Anderson, - - Minneapolis. Charles Martin Andrist, - - - Roscoe. Sidney W. Bardwell, ---- Excelsior. David Price llebb, - - - Minneapolis Mary Anna Best, - - Minneapolis Maude B. Best, - - - - Minneapolis Abbie Jean Blaisdell, - - Minneapolis Clara J. Blake. - - - - - Minneapolis Harry Walter Booth, - - Pittsburg, Pa. Anna Augusta Brown, - - - Minneapolis Mrs. Brown, ---- - Minneapolis. Fannie C. Burbank, ----- Duluth. Harley G. Bushnell, ---- Minneapolis. Rodney Whitney Chadbourne, Minneapolis Nellie P. Chapin, ---- Minneapolis. Abbie Chase, ----- Minneapolis. Lucy NVood Leach, - - Minneapolis. Henry T. Lee, - - - - Minneapolis Ragnvald Liland, "'Deceascd. Minneapolis Special Qlass. omzlcsns. - President. Amon Clnxnk Dvian, ---- Treasurer and Secretary. - Vice President. Ronmav WlIl'l'NEY CIIADBOURNE, - - - Prophet. Kurs TIIOMPHON, -----.. Poet. MEMBERS. Mrs. Margaret M. Cochran, - Minneapolis Priscilla Grace Gilbert, - - Minneapolis Birdie E. Cogger, ----- Minneapolis Orrin J. Gray, ---- Taylors Falls. Minnie Cohen, ----- Minneapolis Minnie Theresa Grimes, - - High Forest. Mrs. Minnie W. Colborn, - - Minneapolis. Emilie Alexander Hahn Minneapolis. George B. Couper, ----- Northfield Charles Sumner Ham, ----- Irving. lVilliam Henry Cowles, - - Minneapolis John Albion Ham, - - Minneapolis. Kate Cross, ----- ' - Minneapolis .lohn Addison Harris, ------ Kent. Mrs. Malinda Rachel Dice, - Minneapolis Jerome A. Hasty, - - - Minneapolis. William Thomas Drake, - - Minneapolis Martin Havdal, ----- Minneapolis. Alice Clark Dyer, ----- Minneapolis Louis Heile, ---- Minneapolis. Arthur Henry Eastman, - - Minneapolis William Howard Herrick, Granville, O. "'Miller Evans, ------ Minneapolis Anna E. Hill, ---- Minneapolis. John T. Falk, '- - - - Bloomington Mrs. J. C. Hutchinson, - - Minneapolis. Rennie B. Fanning, - - - Minneapolis. Clara Kellam, ---- St. Anthony Park. Anna R. Fleming, ---- Minneapolis Harry Daniels Lackor, - - Minneapolis. Mary A. Folwell, ---- Minneapolis Herbert Servetus Laughlin. Fairmount, Mo William D. Frederickson, La Minnie Blanche Phillips, - Jessie Augusta Pratt, - - - Mary E. Redfield, - - - 55 ke Elizabeth Minneapolis Minneapolis Minneapolis. Emma M. Leavitt, ---- Minneapolis Frank L. Stevens, - - - Ashtabida, 0 Christian Clans Strass, - - - Minneapolis Mary Harlan Taylor, - - Minneapolis Lizzie Bertha lloi-mans. A h Minneapolis Jeannette Lyall, - - - A Minneapolis John S. Mills, --'--- Elk River Charles 'l'. Moffet, ---- Minneapolis llenry Stephen Morris, Sisseton Ag'cy. Dali Mrs. Ellllllil, Selden Moulton, - Faribault Bernard P. Nord. Martin Luther Olson, - - Fred ll. Osterhont, - - Mary Louise Pareher. - - Mrs. Etta S. Pardee, - - - - - - - St. Paul Alicia Patten, Glover Perrin, Minneapolis Minneapolis Minneapolis Minneapolis. - St. Paul MahelAngns1a llohy, Y Virginia ll. Rose, - H Fanny Rutlierforil, - Robert Walter Scherer, Ashley l+'. Smith, - - - Minneapolis. Merriam Park - Minneapolis - New Ulm Y Minneapolis Julia Keys Thompson. Albert Addison Titus. - John W. Tlll'D01', - - C7incinna1i,U Minneapolis - - Minneapolis St Anthony Park Charlotte li. Van Cleve, Q r Minneapolis Rose Maude Upham, - Frances M. Smith, V - lied Wing Martin W. NVatrons, - - - - Duluth Jessie P. Smith, f - Algona, la Warren Lafayette Wattis, - - - St. Paul Alhert li. Snyder, - Minneapolis Grace l". NVatts, ----- Minneapolis Lars Solsnes, ---- - Minneapolis Mrs. Martha Birmlora White, - Minneapolis Louise W. Sommermeyer, Madison, Wis Daisy Caroline WVightman. Edward W. Spottswoonl, - Minneapolis. Clara Williams, ----f Minneapolis 'Emma Stephan, - - - Minneapolis. llalsy William Wilson, - - Minneapolis Frances Sterrett, - - - Lake City. Arthur P. Zimmerman, Minneapolis 9 X Q i Lf :Txx ,KL X ,V if Aff . ex I I , f WL A I E961 fl ff - 'il . A , iili Unelagsified Studentg. Classical. Eugene Kibhey Greene, Brooklyn Centre. llerbert llenry Aspden, - - - Excelsior. Mary Eliza llhoades, - - - Minneapolis. V James Steenson, - - Scientific. Abbie Andrews, - - - No. Vernon, Ind Theodore Clark, ------ St. Cloud. Frank l-ladeven Barney, - - Minneapolis Andrew Donovan, - - Belle Plaine. Edgar Charles Bisbee, - - Madelia. Joseph li. Elliott, ---- W. Liberty, la. Robert Pennel Blake, - - - St. Paul Frank Baker Fanning, - Jamestown, Ilak. George Eben Bray, - - - - Norwood. Everhart Percy Harding, - - - Waseca. W ilber Charles Candee, ---- Kasson Warren Murdock Horner, - - Albert Lea. Norton Ellis Carter, - - - Delevan, Wis llenry Allen House, ---- Albert Lea. Robert Edward Carswell, - - Hayward. Charles Constantine llultquist, - Schafer. Frank .L. VValsh, ----- Long Lake. Lniterfany. Smith Baldwin Bellamy, - - Nashua, Ia. llarry Hughes Gray, - Indianapolis, Ind. Clara Thornton llurnes, - - Hopkins. Elizabeth MCK. Hawley, - Geneva, N. Y. Christian M. Gislason, - - Minneota. Frank Joseph llolasek, - - Edina Mills. Knut Cjerset, - - - - Montevideo. Ruth A. lluntoon, - - - Lakeland. Mary Isabel Goodsell, ' - - llopkins Harriet Jackson, - - lllinneapolis, Maud A. Wells, - - Plainview. 57 Clement Leonard 0. Lucken, - - Eden Prairie. Aaron Eugene Johnson, - .lames Clark Lawrence, - - William Cyrus Muir, - A Nels C. G. Nelson, - - - Alfred Parker Paulson, - Jonina Rose Peterson, - - Johanna 'Fhorunn Peterson, Walter B. Sands, ---- Bertie Ethelwinn Jennison, Wilbert C. Metcalf, - - - Minnie Frances Morse, - - Amanda Loelia Thornton, - Roscoe Percy Ward, - - Crookston - St. Peter - - Marshall llunter, N. IJ - VVheaton - Waseca Newark, S. ll Newark, S. ll Maiden Rock Browntown - Paullina - Minneapolis - Excelsior - Waseca President, Secretary, - .I.1s.A11en,i - - M. M. Anderson, - - Bert A.Avery, - A - Winfield W. Bardwell Otto B. Bickenhaeh, Chas. E. Bond, - NVm. H. Brill, - - - James M. Burlingame Johnston Campbell, - Frank 'I'. Corriston, John W. Conlow, - Chas. A. Dalby, - - Daniel L. Dawley, - llorace D. Dickinson, Geo. P. Douglass, - - President, Secretary, - Guy ll. Arnold, - C. J. Amtzcn, - - Edward C. Bauman, Chas. S. Benson, - Lester II. Bentley, - Jr Minneapolis - Ilendrum - - Albert Lea Minneapolis Albert Lea. Minneapolis - St. Paul - Owatonna. Marine Mills Minneapolis Minneapolis Minneapolis - Smithiield Minneapolis Minneapolis Minneapolis. - Watdehl. - - Duluth. - Anoka. Minneapolis. Department of Law SENIOR CLLRSS. opmcsns. D. L. DAWLIGY. Vice-President. Suu's0N l+'l':numc. Treasurer, - MEMBERS. Simpson E.Ferree,1 - - - Minneapolis. John 'I'. Getty, ----- Minneapolis. Edgerton F. Gunnner, - - - Frazer City. Jas. E. Gyde, - - Minneapolis. Alfred J. Harris, - ' - - Kent. Chas. A. Holt, - Minneapolis. Paul Jones, - - - John C. Judge, - - Minneapolis. Robert S. Kolliuer, - - - Stillwater. John A. Larimore, - Minneapolis. Cassius M. Locke, - Minneapolis. Henry S. Mead, - Minneapolis. Charles J. Monson, - - Otisville. Robert B. Nutting, Northfield. James Paige, - - Minneapolis. John R. Young, - Minneapolis. JUNIOR cnnss. olrpicarzs. - A. C. MeConn. Vice-President, - G. P. Doum..xss. Treasurer, - - MEMBERS. V Ripley B. Brower, ----- St. Cloud. Stiles W. Burr, ----- - St. Paul. lVm. II. Carey, - - - - Duluth. Linwood C. Carlton, - - Minneapolis. Greeley E. Carr, - - - - - Argyle. 58 Ralph J. Parker, - Orrin H. Pettihone, Samuel C. Polley, - Charles E. Purdy, - Wm. F. Rogers, - John Rustgard, - Charles M. Schaeffer, Siver Serumgard, - Jacob D.SlllCli.ZGI', - - - Albert J. Smith, - Harry D. Stocker, Charles F. Stone, - VVm. R. 'l'riggs, - Jas. H. VVaters, - Edward Winterer, - Richard K. Doe, - Joseph Doeflier, - Daniel J. Donahoe, - Michael R. Drennen, Frank X. Ferodowill, W. R. Tnreos S. C. Pomnsx' Spring Valley - Minneapolis. - - Aitkin - Minneapolis. Minneapolis. Minneapolis. - - - Minneapolis perstown, S. D - Minneapolis Minneapolis - -Minneapolis Howard Lake - Minneapolis Minneapolis - - Le Sueur. L. ll. l3isN'l'Lm'. L. L. llumox - Minneapolis. Minneapolis. - Minneapolis. Minneapolis. - - - St. Paul. John W. Best, - Geo. W. Bestor, - A. M. Biddelnan, - ll. A. llolles, - - S. llookwalter, - Edwin F. Glenn, - - Eugene I-I. Godfrey, Charles E. Goodsell, Charles D. Gould, - James E. Gray, - - Lawrence Gregerson, Charles N. Halnblin, Louis L. Hammon, George W. Harden, - Arthur M. Higgins, Eugene D. Iiolmes, - Benj. E. lngwaldson, Jesse. L. Jellison, - Henry L. Knight, - Wm. A. Krause, - D. Lange, - - - .lolm Lindsay, - - F. F. Linsey, V. W. Lothrop, - 'l'Deeeased. - - - St.Paul. - Minneapolis. - Minneapolis. - Minneapolis. - Minneapolis. - - St. Paul. - Minneapolis. - Fergus Falls. - Minneapolis. - Lake City. - - - Geneva. - Minneapolis. - Minneapolis. - - - LeRoy - Minneapolis. - Minneapolis. - Vineland. - Minneapolis. A - - - LeRoy. - New London. - Minneapolis. - Minneapolis. - Minneapolis. - - - St.Paul. Ole K. Wilson, - John M. Casey, - U. M. Corey, - - - Martin V. Davidson, James D. Denagre, - Gilbert G. Dlffliiiflllltll Alvin C. McCord, H - - Ezra E. Mcilrea, - - John G. McGowan, John McGowen, - Flora E. Matteson, - . T. J. Mayer, - ' W. J. Mayer, - - V Theodore Megaarden, Harry II. Merrick, - Thos. A. Miller, - Albert R. Moore, Lewis D. Mueller, - - 'Porter J. Neff, - .Iacob J. Nelson, - John P. Nelson, - - Andrew 0 Ofsthum, Wm. ll. Pitgram, - Alfred G. Racket, F Martin E. Remmen, Gilchrist. J. P. l xx S x X X 59 Rx if 'Q " N :L A U ' "A i.: ' .1 Q 3 255 .e 'ff. ,,QA"5,e,,Q:g' X ,- - 4 'il .l ' '11, ,Jiri ml X Vi1"' Waverly. - Excelsior - Austin - St. Paul - - St. Paul Minneapolis - Hastings Minneapolis Minneapolis - Faribault Union Grove Union Grove Minneapolis Minneapolis Minneapolis - St. Paul Minneapolis ' - 5'Qv v a 3 r-1v--.-- -1 A'.-..:- .-.'.... 7 5.-a S 'L' 4 .."J':': Z :-':':'.go 3-9 '.EcvFlO' '1- :-':"2'2'4'5'3'E --vt.--gO.L... C...-......,,. ,. .......... ...,. ... -:"?:5"?:E'3f5P. . We f 2 E E if E 57 Douglas A. Fiske, William Fosket, - .l. B. Galbraith, - liarry G. Gearhart, - 'l'Albert McF. Gehm, lloraee R. Robinson, Arthur R. Rogers, - Edward W. Ross, - Edwin ll. Shaeffer, - Geo. H. Selover, - Fred. P. Smith, - William Snell, - J. E. Stone, - - F. S. Thompkins, - Ralph D. Thompson, Il. ll. Trowbridge, Geo. W. Tryon, - E 0. Tuttle, - Ole. J. Vaule, A - Jolm A Walgreu, - Geo. D. Walker, - Frank L. Ware, - Thos. J. Wheeler, George Williams, - - - Minneapolis. Minneapolis Sioux Falls - - Santa Cruz, Cal - St.Paul - - Duluth - Buffalo Minneapolis fLu Verne Minneapolis Minneapolis - Le Sueur Minneapolis - St. Paul - St. Paul - St. Paul Minneapolis Owatonna Minneapolis - St. Cloud. M in neapolis Minneapolis. Minneapolis. - St. Paul. Minneapolis. Department of medicine. Fiucnicuron Emsmus FRANCIIERE, Cnfxmncs lIENuv Joxns, - - DENNIS FnANc-is O'CONNOl!, - Frank Wilson Dean, - - Minneapolis Rollo C. Dugan, - - - - - Eyota. Corydon Lovine Ford, - - - Frederick Erasmus I"ranohere, Lake Crystal Ole Frenistad, ----- Minneapolis. Charles Lyman Green, - - St. Paul Frederick Augustus Carrell, - Plainview Preston, S. D - Northlield Clinton Smith Deitz, - Lake Willialn llerhert Dunn, - - Ann Arbor. samorz cnnss. OFFICERS. - President. Conx'noN Lovmn Vino President. Am-'nun Mlrmnn - Secretary. Annnnw Somznmnn, mEmBEr-zs. ' The College of Medlelne and Sungeny. .lohn Louis llennemuth, - - - St. Paul. Charles Henry Jones, - - Minneapolis. John Lyng, ----- Minneapolis. Clarence Jennings Miner, - Ann Arhor. Dennis Francis 0'Connor, - - - Al'ton. Tiinothy 0'Connor, - - - Annandale. The College ol Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery. Arthur Eugene White, - - Minneapolis. The College of Dentistry. Arthur Ellsworth Peck, - - Minneapolis. Charles Alonzo Vanlluzee, - - - St. Paul. JU NIOR CLXRSS. Fonn, - RIIMINVAY, Charles A.0tis, - - - - - Alfred Miller Ridgway, - Ahrain Siemens, - - - Andrew Soderlind, - Joalr Stowell, Jr., - - - 3 Charles Osborne Wright, - Leon Adelhert Wait, - - Franklin Randolph Wright, Mrs. Edith llewett White, - - OFFICERS. .louN 'l'uoM.xs llomcns, - - President. Pwrnu lhxnim, - - - - PllUSl'lQR EIINEWI' Slll'2l'I'AltD, V Vic-e President. Allasunlws F.xi.nlf:Nni-:lui 'l'l-znnvsox, Ln BARON S'r.xNI.nv lloeuwoon, , - . - Marshal. 60 Valedietorian - 'l'i'easurer - Marshal St. Paul - M'nneapolis 1 ., Mountain Lake ' Minneapolis Minneapolis - - Hastings Minneapolis - Minneapolis Minneapolis Ser-relary Treasurer Mrs. Minnie I.. M. Allison, August Anderson, - - Petet Bakke, ----- Peter llalstensen Bakke. Isaac James Beard, - - - Ole K. Bergan, ---f F. J. Bohland, - - - - llarriet Beecher Conant, Ralph Eckley, ---- Minneapolis - - Minneapolis Minneapolis - Kenyon Minneapolis Sacred Heart - - St. Paul. - - Minneapolis Minneapolis. Mama ERS. The College of Medlelne and Survgervy, Thomas Gihhs, ------ Lake City Julius C. Gilbertson, - - - Minneapolis Mrs. Rachel Lucinda llart, - Minneapolis I . Julian Adolph Ilielscher, - - - 1 reston John Julius llove, ---- Minneapolis. Francis Ilstrup, - - - - - Buffalo. Andrew E. Johnson, --f4- Glencoe Alfred Lind, ------- Winthrop Le Baron Stanley O. Lockwood, Minneapolis. George WVllllPl' Moore, - Minneapolis. Loretta J. Petitt, - - - Rushmore. Carl John Ringnell, - St. Peter. John Thomas Rogers, - - - St Paul. Frederick E. Salvage, - - -- Fergus Falls Prosper .Ernest Sheppard, - Lake Side. . Martha Jane Smith, - - Yankton, Dak Allan Blanchard Stewart, - Britton, llak Thomas Shammas Suleeba, - Minneapolis Carl Fjeldstad, ---- Norway Lake Frederick Voss Mohu, - - - Minneapolis. Ahasuerus Falkenberg Tennyson, " Edwin John Upton, - - Minneapolis. James White, - - - - - Belle Plaine. The College of Homeopathic Nledlelne and Surgervy. Warren Wesle-y Drought, - - - St. Paul. Adelhert A. Roberts, - - Minneapolis. The Gollege of Dentistny. llenry Towne Breck, - - Minneapolis. Frank August Holmes, - - - Minneapolis. Louis Wesley Meckstroth, - Le Sueur Ella Z. Chandler, - - - - Minneapolis. Fred Augustus Lenox, - - Minneapolis. Edwin George Riddell, - - Northtield Frank W. Force, - - Minneapolis. Edgar Ilenry Marshall, - - - Plainview. William Johnson Rose, - Minneapolis Frank Chisaln Todd, - ----- Minneapolis. FRESHIVIHN CLKHSS. op-FICERS. G nonon Pnnuv Fnnnlclfz, - - President. Cu,xnLns llAzl':N Game, - Secretary WlliI4IABl lNleIi,w.uN Tuonrsox, - - - Vice President. CnAnl.ns NICIIENRY Cool-nn, Treasurer Jo1lN llaullr Conmss, ------ Marshal. msmalsas. The College of medielne and Surgery. Charles C. Ames, ---- Minneapolis Charles lt. Chapman, - - - Minneapolis John Theodore Falk, - - Bloomington Christopher August Anderson, - Nicollet. Uri B. Connor, - - 4 - Duluth George Perry Ferree, - Minneapolis Peter Andreas Aurnes, - - - Minneapolis John llarry Corliss, - - - Fergus Falls. Herman Olaus Fjeld, - Minneapolis Charles August Bergdahl, Minneapolis James Davidson, - - - Minneapolis Earle Perry Free, . . . Minneapolis George Alexander Binder, - - St. Paul. J. L. Edsall, ------- Minneapolis. Lou Maria Garber, ------ Berne Mary C. Buell, ---- Minneapolis. John Gustaf Erickson, - - Minneapolis. Andrew Jackson Gilkinson, - Kingston G1 lla-rbert llenry llcaly, - f Drayton, N. D llilin Janson, ---- Ivan Janson, - - - - - Samuel Markel Kirkwood, Olaf Emil Krogstad, - - Ragnvalcl Liland, - V Charles Mcllenry Cooper, Daniel Benjamin Ancleregg, Otto .Brayton Bachman, - Arthur Edwin Benjamin, llerbert D. Clements, - - S. S. Davis, Min noapolis Minneapolis Macalester s - - Duluth Minneapolis . Nelson Marshall, - - Minneapolis. . Mary L. Mayland, - - Asphearl. . Louis Niomo, - - - - St. Paul. . Leon Allen Perl, ---- Houston, 'l'ex. . John Hanks Robertson, - - - Albert Lea. . William P. Rothwell, - - - Clinton. Allred Augustus Sabin, - - - Moorhead. THE COLLLIEGE OF HOMEOPHTHIC MEDICINE HND SURGERY. - Marion. Torrey 'l'. Prestegan, - - - - - Austin. 'rr-ua counsels on osprrism-nv. - Mankato. Nelson Henry Ehle, - - - Minneapolis. Minneapolis. Charles llazen Gale, - - Faribault. Hutchinson. Edward llaas, - - - - St. Paul. - Faribault. Miland A. Knapp, A - - - . llastiugs. SPECIHDS. couuaca oy: msmcme nun suncsnv. Minneapolis. N.AlIlllC1'StNClSill1, - - - Minneapolis. Louis Blanchard Wilson, - - - St. Paul. .. 5' rr 6 - o I' 1 "f!4l1hfrmfm,,q ' 2 "UI,-5' S ' ..p,'. HQUIZ'-:W ll -., - F- ' QA "T N . .- is -.- xu. . W 1 'N 'lad E1 7 'h- - -l.""-'-'ih-w- 62 George l4l.Senkler, - - -- St. Paul George Alfred Skinner, ---- St. Paul William Mollwain 'l'll0lllDSDll, - St. Paul Leonard Case Weeks, - Osten K. W'inberg, - - Albion K. P. Witham, - lVilliam llope Whitelaw, WV111. Dickens McAllister, .lames William Paul, - Frank Noble Whittaker, Thomas Folvay Williams, Kate lokler Shemelcl, - - Minneapolis - - lllinneapolis Minneapolis Good Thunclcr Minneapolis - - Minneapolis Minneapolis - Concord A St. Paul 1 1"'- f - M- lf' - 3 , . eu.. ,. I q :x x 5 3 i' j 5 - 7 '-my -V N, Ai, Q0 Agygfflu X. Q Xifk. ' ' ' ' .1 5 A 1 v'5"'3W - ' 'iv W 'Q ' 41 Q? V S' J' A-5 M X' ,F X I 1' A ' ,, X 1 . . CJ . .A .lr ' -Hg? f mf-'S 1-vfb: ' -:ff1,-IWA AVXYY 4 Elf . v X fi 1' - will ' X ff M E 1 s , , ll XFJ X X 'K W J ' 4 N 1. 1 x, X ' X' . 1 f. 11 1 .1 .f . 1, ,.13g,N,'s, ,,f1+., M X ' ,- 1 .. ,- ff 95 1, g 1' H . L, N I J, . Fig Q 1 X I x - 6962+ mf? I , . '11 , Q41 9 1 . A l i "1 C' 4 NH W kia-ilu if Mu :Q x 11111-9 , ' I S' ll Q ' '9 N.. C". '4 Q 1. ' '1.,1I.ff 1 I , , c I All 'SSX . , I I ' I N51 a H Q I , F ul" V '-" 1 I W 1 , 1- i U ' 1 . , -C 1 1 7 11, N Q ' . ,lj -1 1 H' l V" " 'I 1 I, FE i 1 ' .f A f AMA, a t 'r -,A -V-V . I , .iq If tum! 1 x I 4 fl A E .5 Chas. li. Aldrieh, Geo. Barrett, - - Florence IC. Bicknell, Grace lC. Bolton, - Mrs. J. F. Byers, - - Florence IC. Connor, Birdie Cogger, - - - 'W. A. Cleveland, Zaliua llannn, - - Win. Devereux, - May S. Everts, - Etta G. Fox, - - Mrs. Helen Foote, May Hood, - - lClisabeth A. House, C. IC. Hitehings, Anna Hurd, - A Mrs. IC. B. Johnson, Daisy Kueisley, - oo o 1 .W A W. I g i! it I J! - Y In , , 0' rm A, J ly 1 A . 2 1 111 .1 1 L U .ex ,w-X r1fi,, '11 A 'gf it yt' Wg, 1,1 I fl 1 ii' IZNL 'll - - 2935 Almlric-h Ave. S. - - - 509 Hoag Ave, - - - 423 Fourth Ave. N.lC. - 1415 University Ave. S.lC. - 1208 Fourth St. S.lC - - - 2529 Clinton Ave - 2509 Jackson St. NJC - 1329 Hawthorne Ave. - - 1601 Fourth St. S.lC. 2204 Seventeenth Ave. S. - - 328 Tllil't00lltll Ave. S.lC Minnehaha Falls- - 1023 University Ave. S.'lC 509 Central Ave- - - - Hamlin, Minn, - 410 Thirteenth Ave. S.lC. - - 609 Fifth St. S,lC. S . S. IC. Celeste Lane, - - vor. 13th Ave. and 5th .Ct - - 1805 Fourth St. S.lC. - 1603 Fourth St. SJC. ClaraKellan1, - lCnnna M. Leavitt, - Gertrude J. Leonard, Mrs. J. G. Moore, - R. P. Mendenhall, F. M. Manson, - Henry Mather, - - .lulia lC. Orff, - - Mrs. NV. A. Pike, - Mrs. lC. lV. Pyle, - - Fraucisca Perrine, - Helen P. Rogers, - Floy Sloat, - - Henry D. Sloat, - - Olaf Langstad, - Francis Sumner, - Alexander Sinai, - Mary IC. Suilern, - Burton A. Towne, - Ernest A. Wright, f A W 1 1.1 Ulf ' 1 Q N1-Kam - St. Anthony Park. - 1300 Fourth St. SJC. - - 2121 Hlaisxlell Ave. - 2850 University Ave. S.E. - - 18u0 Stevens Ave. S. - - 25 Clarence Ave. S.lC. eor. 17th Ave. and 8th St. N. - - 1223 Fourth St. S.lC. 2525 University Ave. SJC. - - 425 'l'welvth Ave. SIC. - 322 Fifteenth Ave. S.lC. 2639 'l'aylor St. N.lC. - - - ' Freeport, Ill. - 702 University Ave. S.lC. - 1924 Fourteenth Ave. S. - 1214 Seventh St. S.lC. - 312 Seventh Ave. N. - 558 Robert St., St. Paul. - 1416 Linden Ave. -- - 1301 Fifth St. SJC. Clark, Edward J., Grundahl, Olaf, Mashek, GI-or-ge, Anthony, OIG, Asliondcn, Emmot Bird, Charles, Uarm-S, Rohr-rt K., Day, William ll., Elvidgo, Walter S., llill, Uhannc-oy ll., Wcinivko, Gbe Sebool of Practical flieqbaniqs. DIVISION A. FIRST YEM1. Richfield. Olson, Olaf N., - St. Ansgar, la Swift Fall. l'ritohott, John, Minneapolis - KL-wannoo. Townor, Milton Winona SECOND YEAR. - Norseland. Muller, John ll., - .Minneapolis - Minneapolis. Mnther, llenry, - ' Minneapolis Fairmont. Pratt, Iron, - Mapleton St. Paul. Rutherford, llarvy W., Minneapolis - Mazeppa. Smith, Ole U., St. Ansgar St. Anthony Park. Trnesdalo, Alhcrt V., - Minneapolis Lac- Qui Parlo. Woinherfk, Josvpli, - - - Winsted Rudolph, 1 - - - Minnoapolis. 6-L lmy. Bert W, lIoil'. Frunk ll., Jaunison, llurry, - liauluv, Szunuu-l C.. Luke, Utis K., Lyon. livn-rvt,t li.. At-kortnunn, llerlnun, li2l1'lllllllllll, 'l'Itlu'nrtl U., llurlow, Svvor U., - llntes, Uhurlt-s U., li0l'Q,'Btl'Ulll, limlwurtl I". liruct-, Sears, Jr., Ulmlkor, Victor, - Vhnnt, 'Phoomlorv M.. Copa-, Cliurlvs li., Crt-celins, John A., Danielson, NVQ-nlt-y, Fuller, Lestor J., tiitlney, lfltltvnrtl li., ll:u'ri:-um, .lnnws, Division 7 Nluzeppn. l"illlll0l'l'. - Mnzeppn. F4-rtilv. - l4'uirlnont. - Minnoupolis. Dlvlslou Young Alllf'l'lt'lL. - Young Anioriuzl. - lirmluhl. lllinnoupolis. - Minneapolis. St. Anthony Purk. - Minneapolis. Blimwupolis. - Minn:-upolis. Milun, 0. - lit-llo Cll0Sltll'. B. Seaton. Walter Il., SUIIIIIIOII, Andrew, - Sunmlhy, Martin, Tongnt-r, lvun, 'l'ut'to, lt'rt-tl, - Wolluston. limlwurtl. C. Ill-rnws, Clntrlvs ll.. llntchins, Williunl ll., - Johnson, John, - Knutson, Knutc, Jr.. Marsh, Uhnrlrs W.. Nelson, tltlstauwf, Olson, Alhc-rt, - Pintlell, JRLIIIOH B., Rnd, John, - - St. John, Viotor, Shvuhun, Clmrlcs li.. Minn:-upolis 'l'vrgustaul, lin-njmnin Nlinnoupolis. Whitely, Frnnk A., - lixf-olsior. Wolpt-1's,, - ffmiaffi ff. , unGf'L 4 lj ' f mi, C ,f f pf ffm? ' 1, J X. Qi' . 'H . if 52' ' ' f 7 f I 1 .. if. t' Ju- fr.-.-. ....,.,4 U5 Lv Minneapolis Nlinnonpolis Nlilnu-npolis Nl iulwnpolis Miuneupolis'llltllllf Minnoupolis Minn:-upolis ltintlnl Swift. Full wiston, N. Y ltoclit-sttu' Nlinnnupolis Nlinnt-npolis Minnonpolis Flllflllllllit Minnenpolis Minnt-npolis - 'llruint-rtl lit-tl Wing Ira-laml, F. M., l'rosi4lrmt, I - 'Vic-0 'l.'ra-sidr-ni. A llunford, -I. W., .Elllf'l'y, II. II., - llighio, w. S., HllVl'l'l-llltlfi, 'l'. A., Le Vosoonto, John. Mackintosh, ll. S. Payne, C. IC., Adams, A. W.. Bakkon, li. ll.. 'llorvln-rt, A. F., lions, Androw, Day, E. C., - lille-rman, G. A., Fairchild, P. M., Fic-ld, Walter, Flor-kton, John, Galloway, J. E., lliliillan, C. U., Gross, ii. A., - liaigh. G. S.. Hodgson, A. li.. llnmnwl, August IVvl'Holl, l'otvl', TUQ Seryool of flqlrieulturq. R CLIRSS. l'o'ao1-za A. liovl-:ns'r.xn Ronan S. MA1'n1x'l'osil r Reading, ling. - Lake City Grand Meadow 0l"I"If'l1IRF. x Secretary, - - UAIKROI. E. l'.u'Nl-1 I 'l'rvasuror, - - lv.Xltlll'IN W. I FlNDl'llNlAS'I' 'IM HIGHS. Pendergast, VVar I'0ll Pfaendor, livrman, Power, J. A.. Hutchinson - New l'lm Power, N. llak - Holden Sandvrs, J. J.. - - Applotou Hastings Smith, NV.-G, Fond du Lax- Tiangdon Stark, A. O., - - - 'Harris llextvr. Thompson, John. Cottage Grow- B CLIRSS. Minnohaha Johnson, .l. A., Hector Moldon. L1-Voscconte, - Hastings llird Island Zumhro Falls Richfield - Owatonna. - llansvillv, N. Y Znmhro Falls Kaudiyohi Austin Morgan 'Picluvirwk - Mankato - l"org1n-1 Falls - Now lfllll Appleton - -Y Watson Lommon, A. P., Marvin, U. A., Mattorson, M. L., Monson, N. L., - , Spring Grow Garden City - Round Prario Buffalo Laka- Portvr, Norman, Minnvhaha Portvr, Ilvnry, Murdock Porter Wallam-, Murdock Pratt, F. F., - - 'Bvtllel Richardson, F. F.. - 'Richfield Sandston, Emil, St. Anthony Park Sorkness, li. O., - - Ashby Stone, Edward, - - Ashby Strvot, A. ll., Aldon W1-in, II -I., livnvillv Wilson, li. ll., - St. Paul Wing, ll, U., ---- - - - Aspelnnd. 615 lil'1'WElPl', l4l'Flll'1"4l llnlllligtmi. A. L.. Clement. C. l'., Cross, F. ll.. Davis, li. J., - Dany, N. J., Elliott. E. R.. - Emory, L. W. Foley, Josoph, Gnumnitz, A. ll.. llamyc-S, Sc-ott. llnlman, Alfrml, llstrup, F. A.. Jnculr, lV. F., Lindig, J. A., Clmrlvs li. Cnltu 'Fhulnaus F. M4-am, C CLIF! lYl'llKlQ'll. Nlinm-upulis. Cottage Grow. - - lh-il Wing. lllumnington Fvrry. - - liicliticlcl. - 5lilllll'lllJ0llS. - Luke City. Cottngv Grovn-. - St. Cloud. - Apple-t.0n. Cutmalgo Grow-. - - llllfllllu. Zunilrro Falls. - llosvtnwn. SS. Lonnnnn, Bl. J., Mailicllosta-l', J. L., mimi, w. - Nursewing, K. li.. - 'l,l'f'SC0l.l7, N. A.. Sulnnitz, E. N., Shields, J. A.. Shields, U. A.. Shinimimrgcr, A. Shunmn, llnrry, Slnnnani, Fred, Sn1itll,E. C., Tomnhs, W. S.. W1-st.m-rn, John, 'rn-me vsrsninnnv oepnsrrmsur. l'l'us4'ut.1, Wis. Alvxaunlvr lf. Wu linulu-ntin, - llliliilunpolis. Y ' 'J ' 1 fx ' X, 44. fi MR -Q- 4 X K x. ll 7 3- f - Q - g - - 1 f' 4 -,.:,-,f-3.11-'- 67 Spring Grow- Bll'llUlll1llll4', Wis - 'llisuuy - lloldn-n llcrnmn - Stmvurt, Litvlliie-lil - Litullfivlml Lung l'ruiri4- xlllllN'Il.ll0llH Wiclnitn, Kauisus Mininenpulis lluw-I'nr1l Aslnlny St.. l'nnl Summary. 'l'nr: tfoi.l,i':oia on SCIl'2NK'I'l, liI'l'l'2ll,Vl'l'llI'I .iso 'l'lll'1 Awrs: th-auhmic studs-nts, -IS: S1-niors, 58: Juniors, 66g Sophoinores, 885 Freehmcn,158g Spa-cinls, 901 otiimrs rom-oiving illHfl'lll'liUll. 110. 'I'ot:Ll, ----------- hlili 'I'nl4: l7ol.1,1auE ol-' nII'IIHClNI'1 ANI: SI'lllil'2NYI Sa-niors, 18: Juniors, 32: 1"roshin4-n, 803 Spouiuis, 4. Total, ------------ 00 'I'lll-: Coi,l,l-:calc or' llosl l'IUl'A'I4Illl' 'M l':lnc'iN I-1 .iso Sl'm:i':lu': Soniors, 3: Juniors, 2: l"1'1-slillwii, ii. 'l'otul, ------------ H 'l'nif: Col,1,l-:ul-1 or' lil-:N'l'is'1'1u': Heliio1's,lig Juniors, 10g 1"rm-slil1icn,12. 'I'otul, QH 'I'lll-: 17El'AlC'l'Ml'2N'l' ol-' .I,.xw: Seniors, 453 -lnniors,1l0. 'l'otuI, - - i255 Tun: lHf:l'.xlc'rMi4:N'i I-' l'n.x4"1'ifuxl, Ml1:c'1l.xxn's: Tomi, 611 'l'nl-:- IlI'2l'Ali'I'Ml5N'l' oi-' A1um'oi.'rrnl-:: 'l'otni, - 70 'I'nl': lml'.u:'l'Mlf:x'i' or' Vl'Z'l'l'1RINAlH' Sm-limo:-:: 'l'o1ul. V -I 'l'nl': Dl'Il'AR'l'Ml'1N'l' or-' 'Dl'IFlliN, Finale-:msn Dnmvme no Woon l'.XlU'INiI 'l'o1nI. 40 'l'ot:Li, - - - l,0l0 NlIllllll'l' ol' studvnis uounta-11 twice. - 8 Q 1. 'l'oIul nnmlu-r ol' siiulvnis in thu l'nivm-rsity. 1,002 08 Summa ry. f'2llllll1llll.l'!-l for mln- llegrvos nl' ll4wl.m' nl' Plnilusnplny, Nl :un-1' ul' Sl'l4'lll1l', Nlustvr ul',r-rn1,1u-v mul lllnstor 1lf'Al'f,S, ------'-- 4N l'nmli1lnt,4-s l'u1'tIw llugrm-4' ul' llnretm' ol xl4'lllf'lIl0, - llll Uaunlialutes for the lla-grvo ul' llnr-ml' nl' Dmnml Slll'Ql'l'.V, 28 Cnmlimlamfs for thc- Ill-gre-u ol' llxu-lu-lor ol' Laws, - Illia Vnmlielntes for tlu- llugx-cw nl' llausllulor nl' Sc-ie-nm-0, ITG U:unli1l:m-s for ilu- IN-grve of Bau-lnelor ol' I.itm'uL1m-, IIT f'll.ll1llll2ltl'H for tho Ill-gn-e ol' lhueluelm' of Arts, - 85 Czuulielamtcs fm' tho llm-gra-ll of Bmzlui-lorof'Agricllltu1'u, :l Umnlialutcxs for the Ill-gran ol' lim-lu-lor of Civil linngilu-1-1-lung, ' lil lfzunliclxltos l'm'l.l1u Ill-grou nl' llzuslu-lm' oi' M4-1-lmllil-:LI l':ll2lIll'l'I'lllg', T Unmlidntr-Q for tlu- llvgrnu nl' llauflwlor ol' l+Ilor:tl'imLl linxgiunl-willg, 'I' 4':1lnllmlnt,us l'm'1.l1c- llogl-uv ol' Bzuelu-lm' nl' Alwlnituc-t,l11'u, I 'I'ut,nl llllllllltll' ol' Cauulialatos for llogruus, 705 Sllulmnts nut Hunlimlutos fm' Ilvglw-3, - 'HIT 'l'utal llllllllllll'lIl'Slll1l0lllS in ilu: Univ:-rsity, 1,002 G9 fp'-T, xx, W, f Q' ,ff C , 'L If ' I , WW, ,W .AA ,, ,, . ,....T nouns Fluumnn. SENUOI IN TN! SCNDDL 0l"lGllCUl.TUlE mea July zorh, 1869. RLIBERT GEHKT1. JUNIOR IN TMI DIPIITMINT 07 LAW. Died Ostobsr Ilth, l889. mluuen svnus. umm. an 'rua concur or ICIIZNCI. LIYIIITUII. IND TMI' ANTI. Died October l6rh, IBBB. IN KDECDORIRID. Tl PART II. Student Orcgalyizatiolys Gtyq Cost Ceader. tfljm.-.v Haber! ll,l'U7UIll'll'g"'. l .lust l'or a mliainonml Greek pin he left us, .lust for the colors to stick in his coat, Found the one gift ol' which Fortune hereft us, Lost all the others sho lets us devote. V We that had loved hlln so, followed him, honored him. Lived in his great combination oi' note, Learned his line arguments, copied his logic, Made him our pattern to talk and to vote. Barhs who were of us, llarhs who were for us, llarhs who were with usf -they watch from their grav Alone ol' the great ones, a traitor he leaves us, Alone the Fraternity mysteries he craves. We shall march prospc-ring-not through his presence, Barhs he elected--not by his power, We shall gain honors, although he is Grecian, lVe thought the Fraternity grapes had heen sour. Blot out his nalnc then, record one lost llarh more, One more change of mind at Fraternity's call, Une more Grecian triulnph and sorrow l'or Haut Beau, A joke on thc- Seniors, a wonder to all. '74 es, IQ' 5" , 'x -, ' fu A 4 ' I . , . . 4,. . A ,- ,. - -Q , , v ' - f' x- Q . . , 1. -. - -v 1 '.x !sf5"Lv...,.',' us-u.-.rLw,w..,. ..--' .af ff 1' H . . .n ' '- 1 Tll' 4 If 5. gt. f' 1 ' y ,, . r :IU 1. 1 v - . I . v 1 . v ' 1 Q o ui K . 1 ', . . , . . ' - .. C . .,v .v 1 . , ,. U, . '1 r. l , x . . vi ,n ' I 'ly -,. U 5,1 .':1 u 4 : .. 'n. '. : .' ", '.'-" ' v I . f -,I 4. , n H., 1' -3. lrqf' 1-"1 fv"'v",' -. .' g 5 4 x , y V uc og' Alpha 'I'hc-ta, Alpha Mu, Alpha Alpha, Alpha Phi, Alpha lipsilon, - Alpha lvl!!-illlbll, Alpha llvta, Assmeiation AH?-Hlf'llll.lllll JxHSlN7llll.lUll ASHiN'lll.l.lUll Assuclatiull ni' New York Uitv, ul' Mlvlllgilll, ni' Uliiuagn, - ui' HUIIHI 1'3l.l'lillll2l., - ni' Alpha Alpha. 'fbq Qbi Psi Fraternity. FOUNDED AT UNION COLLEGE, 1842. CHAPTER noun. Williams Coiksgu. Miahlli-lni1'y Culiogv. - Wesleyanl?uive1'sit.y. - IlamilmnCu1le2e. lhivcrsity ul' Michigan. - Furniaii l'uivc-1'sity. l'llll'4!l'Slf.y nl' South Carolina. Alpha Xi, ---- Alpha Gamma, l'uiv0rriity oi' Mississippi Alpha Chi, - - Alpha Psi, - Alpha Tau, ' - Alpha Nu, - lfniva Alpha Iota, l'ni'v1 Alpha lihu, - - A - - Steve-us Instituto. nuumpu ASSOCIATIONS. New York. A llotroit, Mic-h. - Claim-ago, lll. -- i'nlumhia, S. U. - - Nllililla-iuwll, Viillll. Association of the Northwest, Amherst Uullm-go Corus-ll l'nive-1-sity Woil'm'4l l'niv1-rsity wrsity oi' Minnusnta -rsiiy oi' xVlr4f'UIlSlIl lllli.g1-1'sl'u'lvgi- Association ul' Alpha Xi, ----- llolmki-n, N. .I Assm-iatifm nl' Nm'tliuru New Ynrk and N4-w ling., Alliagy, N. Y .-lssfwialion oi' Alpha Rim, - - - Now lh'nnswivk, N. .I Assn:-iai.imi oi' xvll.HlllllALffUll, - -- - xvllilllllllllll, ll. I' Assm-iat.iann ui' We-ste-rix Ni-w York, Minneapolis, Mimi. Rocliester, N. Y llrvhwl .IVIIIJ 'l'l7Q Qbi raternity. ALPHA NU- ESTABLISHED 1B74. Glculmll: Ii. RIl'lil'2li, N. POST GRADUATE MEMBERS. Jnnx IB. lI.xwl.m'. . UNDERGRADUATE MEMBERS. 1890. xV.Xl.'l'I'ZlK lflnwm NVINHIADW. l891. Al.l"llI'lID Flsli l'll.l.slu'm'. 'H+'n..xNli ffnlsnl 'l'mm. 'VHII1Ill'Ill'I' Glucllzxlc llwm-:ml.xN. -IUIIN HIIUSVIGNUIQ Cuevas. HS92. GICUIKHIC Kmn.xl.l, ISI-:nm-JN. RlS'l'.X Nmxmxs Bl':s'1'. HlK.XlJI"tllKlD U0llYl'll.l.l'2 llvnm. Wim IH93. lluem' Arluxsus K1-:NNlf:m'. Fllldll liuowxl-1 W1-:l.l.s. 'l'llmus Fm-xml.-xx W.xl.1..u'l1:. Grcmual-3 H.XNl7ll4'K Sl'1':.xlc. RESIDENT MEMBERS. lCmv,umU.Cll.x'1'l4'1l4:l.n, N, '14, .lnxlfzs .ll-:NN1suN, N, 'SL NVu,1.l.xM L. I3.xsslf:'r'r, N. '74, l"man Ii. SNYDICIK, N, 'SL hm' S. GILl.I'l'I"l'I'Z, N, '76, lluuu' A. Swlmxu, N, 'H2. S'l'l'Il'lII'1N M.umxm', N, '77. Iinsox S. G.xx'l.0lm, N, 'Sri hum W. PIGIIKINS, N, 'T'T. AI.IH'lR'1'llN ll. lI.u.r., N, 'SIL C7ll.xnl.l':s S. l5Usllxl1:l.l.,N,'1'S. SVMNER S. 'I'lmss1cI.l.. N, 'S:i. 'l'mm'm' E. Bx'uN1as, N, '79. lhvm P. .InN1f:s, N, 'S:i. Inns F. Guulmow, N, '79, Vl+:nNuN R. vVlUHlI'l', N, 'SIL GIEUILGH ll. P.xm'nllmlc, N, '79, .Inns ll. lI.xwl.l-:Y, N, '87, Ruwus R. ll..xNn, N, '79, Fmfzn D. 'l'unn, N, '88. l'. Cimlclcsox l,INIll.lflY, N, '80, Nuwrox M. Gauss, N, '8T. Hlcmml-1 S. HIIIMICS, 'N, '81, FRANK W. DUWNS, N, '99. RUlH'Zll'l' .l,ullsuN, N, 'SL lI,xlun' J. NIARUII, N, '90, 'lflmstxlm P. Al.1.lf:N, N, '99. 'Hilnaunguml to Law 4'mu'sm-. +LJlmngv1l to IM-ntul Coll:-su. mEmBERS IN THE FRCUIJTY. NVII.l.I.XM ,lfllmxxlm l,lcux.xl:u, N .um lllaxlu' ISN: "1l+'l:11:lv l'lv':usuN HNII'I'Il. VH"l'UI! Amxm S'rv:.xuNs. l7ll.uu,lf1s Smlxl-zu II.u.rL. M.xlc'rlx XVHIUIVI' VV.Vl'll0lYS. Ih'sslf:1.l. HIGYWUOII l"umvl4:l.l RUIIICIFI' A. Mlnlmzlc, N, '92. Wim. 0, JUN:-zs, N, '92. l'Imv.xlm .l. D.xvl4:xl'nu'1', NI, xVlI.I.l.XM Clllmlcv, 0, '5:3. H'I'ANLl'lY R. Kl'I'l'llId1.I1, fl, '7 Alfllldli Smrrll, M, WSH. NVIITITAIIINII. Clmv, M, '7li. XVIITLIAM P.l1Il'I'I', Jn., X, WS. .l. W. T..xwlu':N4:l-1 fb, 'li8. 9 W. F. CA xu'nlcl.l., Ill, '83, l+'l:lcn N. llllmnluclis, I, 'TEL Glculuaw lfl. IEMAN 23 'S2. 7 V FRANK W.xlm, I. 6 6172 Theta Pbi Fraternity. FOUNDED AT UNIVERSITY OF MINNESOTA, 1879. MEMBERS IN THE FFICULITY. .Ions Coluus lIU'l'l'HINBON. .Ions Illcsnv llA1u:. , .Ions Slscmm CJIIPJIMIA J. Rocuwoon, '7!1. Asmww lI0l.'1', '80, IVxr.l,mM W. CI1AlIIi,'82. Fmsu II1a.xl.v, '82. Ihzsm' II. S. Rmvllzlm, '83. 'l'noM.xs lvl. Cnoswmm., '87, Osman: FIIIKINS. ,Lxnrzs COI,I".-XX GRANT. 9FCn,uu,r:s 1mvmua.u:x Gounn. Ilonmz I4'n.-Isms Ihfzmsos. Ass .Ions llsmlosn. lhlun' Onrvmz IIAssUM. GuAs'1' Bl-1I'1lII43 Rossnms. CIIARIIES Enos Yousu. Hfllztllgod to Law Course. 1 w , LLARKE. lhzsm' 1' ILANCIS N'ACII'l'II1I'2Il. RESIDENT MEMBERS. I'mu'v L. Blcssos, '88. Smvxcwl' Gmxmo, '88. llolmvm V. VVINCIIELII, 'SSL W.xx,'1'lf:lc S. BA1ucm'r'r, '79, Awrnun 'I'. MANN. '88, A.I.IIEIL'l' Glmnlan, '88. Umm S. Gu.-xs'1', '88, Enw.uu.m U. Hula. '82, Flmslc N. l.mvn:ss, '82.' Osc-An FIRIIINS, '83. tirzomm I-B. Avros, '81. IIRADLEY PIIlLLIl'S, Ju , '81, Pos'r GRADUATE MEMBERS. .Ions Ulzmu-:wr 1+'A1ur:s. UNDERGRFIDURTE MEMBERS. 1890. lfrufllnlsnlclc M,n'NAlm MAss. FILEDEIIICK Loma Iiomamss .Iosm-ll Buows Pun-1. 1891. 'I'l1lc0uo1uc lII1'I+'Aul.As1s IfNAl'l'EN. C1l.uc.l.Es Lrsoons Uluslfz. WIIAIAIAXI ISmmlos1' Monms. 1892. ' Flush Asmuaws Smrru. Arxros NIOIIRILL UA'l'ES. SAMU1-11. Ssvu, Psqms. "' S'rUA1v1' Blassos. 1803. V 'l'noM.xs Am-xroszo Iiouuwoon. An'1'nUu Wu.x.rAxx Clmsm. CIIAIIIJCS FI.AGI.l41R M1l.l.En. 78 . ' ..'.',a ling L 'C , 1,1 , , i , . 1 , . f w i , , ' ' ' t 5-11: V I . 4 i , , fig? Q 4 U, Q 'w',wL.'a 1: M. 'Qu , X- X - , . f gf , " ' sf 1' X "A x -X ew-t" wg? " Y-'f'fif'i-I-' Nkgx -- 91 if w 'Q ww4I'r ' . ' 1 ""'9-.1 1'i.,f, V-,gf X - mv- :A ,. , . , , ., , x - . 1 if ' ' '- ' ' 'W .W .wx ff-'H+:.f4vu'n1 1+ 'f-Haff'qf'2v '1" f-yr 5 , '- , ' . ,V 1. V , - :Aki - A W- ' ' -- WA- .- " ' ' ' X ' " M - ' '-'S ' niAmmuaLdwx.SnaAih.wm1r.:iKA,.Jiang-4 -Hu , ' ' + . - L. 31:,.xLA ff'-N-.ww.x-MA' - '. :MV " ' Phi, Hem. 'I':u1, Psi, launlulu, Gum mu. Helm, lnm, M u, K nppn. xi, Kappa Kappa Gamma. FOUNDED AT MONMOUTH COLLEGE CHRPTER ROLID. - Boston Vnivursity St. I,uwrvm'c l'nivo1'sity - Syrau-uso lfniversity Cornvll l'nivc-rsity liuclntul C0111-go. XVUOSIAEI' Ullivc-1'sity Inmlimm University lJuP:mw l'niversit.y. llutln-r L'niv1-rainy ' llillsdzllm-Vnllvgm-. - Alll'l:lll ffulla-gc' Hin. - lipsilun, l' psiloll, Chi, Ulllicmll. Zum, Onmgn, Sigma, 'l'h1-tn, Rho, N nu, - 1870. . - Wisconsin UlliVl'l'Hify Illinois NVosl4-y:m UlliVlfI'Sif,j' Nlil'f,l1YN'0HE1.Fl'Il lVlliVl'I'Sil.j' Nbinnefsom lfnivorsity - Silllll:-i0IlCOHl'Ql' Iowan Lfniva-rsit,y KIIJISIXS Vnivvrsity - Nulmmslcn l'nivorsit,y Nlissmlri l'lliV1'l'Sil.V Alle-glumy Pulls-gn Uhiu L'l1iv4,-rsiiy 1 I a ,IM . M 1. 1 1 ! gx . I Q Q ,L A '. Qrmlkrff.fmxco.rsc,run ff , . U S' x N. "q" f1sgeg 1 1 '?'f,- Q 1 KZPPZ' KZPPZ Gamma- ANNA SlIIl.I.0l'Ii. NI'll.I.IIC M.x1.l'n.x Plums. M.uu':l. I"l.I'1'l'I'IlI'lI! AUSTIN. ICl.lz.xnlc'1'u lIl':l.lcN IIlA'l'Ill'IH. .I lass: IC AlIlilIH'I'.X I'IIA'I"I'. Iioslc l7l'H.xNl. Mxm' ANNA I3r:s'r. I'lIlSl'lLI.A Glmr' KA'l'I'1 Bum Cxmss, X. lSI+:l:'1'll.x l'.xMl', X. SADIE l3lc1.l.r': l'1l.l,slsuIn', X. Amr' Mus. ..Iosla1'lllNl'1M.xlmsK1Nr:, X. Mus. Mus Mus rf: M. Blmlw, X. Mmm' 'l'mm S'1'1mNu, X. Al.xm4: Ammx Em:l.rf:s'l'oN, X. II' SNvnr:n, X. C CHI CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1880. POST GRRDURTES. 'SEL UNDERGRRDUFKTES. 1890. IHIIITII Vlom I,llll.l.II'S. 1891. M.xn'1'1l.x Vnu:lNlA ANKI-1Nx'. 1892. liv I-:1.lNl': VAN W. Smnus. ,lilvlvl 11: Fluxcl-:s AM les. 1893. ' MA ln' Ev ICI! l5'l"I' I I.xw1.u-LY. SPECIRLIS. .IULIA Klavs 'l'llml1'suN. Mwmf: B. Blf:s'r. BIINNIIQ B1..xNc'n1a PlIlI.l.ll'S. RSSOCIRTE MEM BERS. 1-1 HII.lIl'1lI'l'. RESIDENT MEMBERS. Mus.An1an..mncWYMNN l'.xw1'1unu 1-1, X. Mus. l'INm.x lII'lNDlIll'liSON l.w'0lcn, III'1l.lCN III.xlms, X. Omvm C. I'om'lcu, X. Nlf:l.r.l I-1 .I l'IWVIi'I"I' IIAL1., X. NIlzs.Amc'1-: Hmm Wim-ox, X. Mus. Annum CAMP .I.xMllcsoN, X. Mns.Sm1: IlIl.l.Sl!l'IlY SNvn1f:n, X. I Mlm. III-zssufz I.AWlIIflNl'l'1 Mvhmqnun Sl X. ,x. M A ll Y Ilmssm I Pm vl'11.l., '84i. lll..xNCn I-1 IIAIIKIGR lirzlucv. 5'l'IGl.l.A lhtluucn S'l'IC.'XlKNS. l.Ucv Woou I4l+iAL'll. ANNA Al7GUS'l'A llnowN. l+'.xNNx' DAMON Sllxrm. C1..xn.x .I u1.1.x BI..-uns. Lxluus Snlcl.noN. Mus. CI..x1:.x GO0DRIl'll IIYRNIQN, X. Mus. Almuf:'l'lunSMl'1'll, X. Mus. IN'l.-xluamwr VVA'I'IiINS C.'nmlmN, I Mus. FANNIE l'I.xxmoNn llowmm, l. Mus. Anmfzv .I l4:wm"1' C.vrl-zs, N. M.xm' Sl':.xn1.l+:s Sm1'suN, N. M us. Mun' Wll.I.l.xxls, A. ltumwz IB, I'1GGl.I'1S'l'0N, A. Delta Gamma. FOUNDED AT UNIVERSITY OF MISSISSIPPI, IBT2. cnnpm-En Alpha, Mt. Union College. Eta, linehtel College. Chi, - Cornell University. Omega, - University of Wisconsin. Delta, - University ol' Southern California. Kappa. - University of Nebraska. ROI.lI.x. Phi Sigma, 9 Lambda, Tan, - X i, Zeta, RIJUIUNHB CHHPTE R. Theta, - ' 82 Cleveland, Ohio. University of Colorado Northwestern University University of Minnesota - University of Iowa University of Michigan - Albion College x 1 llrrlru. f'llllu JlmsoN I.. Wwm l.vM.xN lmvlf: l,lEIfIl'l'1. .lvs'1'1ts 'Nll'l'CIll'1l.I .l, W. M.u'1'K, lx. ff. lu. lu.n'wu, 0. 1NiI42I,ANll. , .lmlN S. Ummm:-1, A. .lmm II. lhlm, 0 D. R. lIIf4Iil1II4I, K. Mounts B. lilclslcl S. 13. lIuw.xun, 0 M. V. l,l'r'rl.lf:, K. , 0 Q, 'r. Alt'1'IIl7H XVx1.m.m xV.XHNUl'li. Dqka Tau Dqka FTat ernky. BETA ETA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1883. MEMBER IN 'rl-IE 1:Acuu'rY. AITISIGIVI' J. Sl'lll'Rl.M'llI'1ll, - - - Lfnd post GRADUATE MEMBER. KIGNIJRII' U. lixlwmwu, '89 F. U. M. UNDERGRADUATE mEmBERS. c1'g1'zuln1:mto lnstrmetm'. 1890 .louN Fmvl' ll.xvm-LN. Fmcn ll.xx'w.xlum GIIMAN. NVILIIIGIQ XVAINWHIHIVI' IMNN, MAX TVICST. ' was thamualc llolfeelnxs llmlm. 18513 I.l':Rm' VERNON SMITH, - RESIDENT mEmaERs. II. C. lhlilill, M. WILL xVRIGII'l', sl. G. C. Axnlmws, li. ll. C. E. lilufzwwlalc, M. W. B. Awuu, K. DAVID BIUIUIAN, II. .I. W. f'lllHSl'llll.l.l'1S, 0. Fmcn U. Coma, 'l'. Ill-:NNY S., N. U. G. VAN Www, A. S5 HAIIIKY Lm: li.v1'4'1lm I'.ut1. 1im+:nsoN KI-:NvuN. llmum LlNmaN lI.m'1'm3x' ,Dl+1ll. Rmsmrr G. ICVANN, 0. A. li. Nl4'lI1ll.N, NP. A. lm1.l.umcN, M. Glcmuuc 'l'. llA1,lHf:n'r, 0. Emu l'1'I"l' U. GIBSON, O. U. J. 'I'n.xx1.1cn, XC Wim. S. l"0nn, ll. IFHANK S. AlH+IHNI'1'l'IlY, C. ll. W11:ns'rl-zu, B. II. li II Pennsylvania Alpha, Pennsylvania Beta, Pennsylvania Gamma, Pennsylvania Epsilon, Pennsylvania Zeta, - Pennsylvania Eta, Pennsylvania 'l'heta, Pennsylvania Kappa, New York Alpha, A New York Beta, - New York Delta, - New York Epsilon, Virginia Alpha, Virginia Beta, - Virginia Gamma, - Maryland Alpha, The Phi Kappa Pgi Fraternity. FOUNDED AT WASHINGTON AND JEFFERSON COLLEGE, 1852. cr-lnrvrsg DlS'l'Rl4"l' r. Washington and Jefferson College. Allegheny College. - Bucknell University. - Pelmsylvania College. Dickinson College. Franklin and Marshall College. LaFayette College. - Swarthmore College. Cornell University. - Syracuse University. - Hobart College. Madison University. DlS'l'lllC'l' 11. - - - University oi' Virginia. - Washington and Lee University. - llampden-Sidney College. .lohns Hopkins University. District oi' Columbia Alpha, ---- Columbian College. South Carolina Alpha, - - University oi' South Carolina. Mississippi Alpha, - University oi' Mississsippi. 86 Roan. DlS'I'llll"l' lll Ohio Alpha, Ohio Beta, - - Ohio Gamma, - Ohio Delta, - Indiana Alpha, Indiana Beta, - - Indiana Gamma, - - -- ms'ruxe'r IVJ Illinois Alpha, ----- Michigan Alpha, - - Wisconsin Alpha, - Wisconsin Gamma, V Iowa Alpha, - - Minnesota Beta, Kansas Alpha, - - California Alpha, - - - Pittsburgh Alumni Association, Cincinnati Alumni Association, - - Springfield Alumni Association, Chicago Alumni Association, - Minnesota Alunmi Association, .Ohio Wesleyan University - Wittenberg College - llfooster University Ohio State University - DePauw University Indiana State University - - Wabash College Northwestern University. University of Michigan. University of Wisconsin - - Beloit College - University of lowa University of Minnesota. University of Kansas. University of the Pacific. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. - Cincinnati, Ohio - - Springfield, Ohio - Chicago, illinois. Minneapolis, Minnesota. I-ur'1ux,x-HILA BYRON IIARVEY TIMISERIIAKE. TIIEODOIIIC GRRALDO SOARRS. GEORGE CUSIIINH Sums. Fm.nYn NV. 'l'Rmc4s. 'VIL D.-kNI1'OIl'l'II IJIURINSON. .I. P. Rm. Gmnuuc P. VVILSON. 'l'. A. Mf7ClIIllJX'. J. K. MoR'rl..xN1m. W. P. Mvlh-LR. F. R. lIlIlIAf'lII1X'K. G. P. I+'l11lucl-1111. .I. P. IIANHNR. A. C. FINNEY. 'VLIIW IJ0lIllI'tIIl0llt. Phi Kappa Psi Fraterlyiliy, MINNESOTA BETA CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1888. POST GRADUATE MEMBER. Osman: Lovmm. 'l'lLIHt:S, '89, F. U, M, UNDERGRHDUHTE IDEIDBERS. 1890. HRNRY PA'l"I'EIlSON ISAILY. UIIARLEH 'I'IIOMI'SON CoNu1+:R. BUWI' FRANK LUM. IIlf:R1sER.'1' M. Wnomvmm. 1891. .loslsru 0scAR .IoRmaNs. UIIIHSTIAN PFI'l'El!SON I.ommN. 1892. IIAIILICY G. BUsuNEm.. 1893 JAMES C.xRMmu.aRr. BALI-1. 'IWVIIILIAM R. '1'Rmus. RESIDENT mEmBERs. L. A. IIUN'1'00N. J. E. WIKIQIC. IJ. Ii. GRAY. U. .I. NIINIIIII. C. R. CAMRRUN. .IUIIN II. Woumcv. li. li. PARK. Il. W. lSmN'roN. W. W. Em:LRs'roN. 87 MIII'I'0N Ilwmuu' PUIIIH NIAIISIIAIIL DONNIII 1 Y SM-Drcon IORN WRsmwGRu1- II.xLsRY WILUAM Wllwllh ,"ICm:1f:1-'R M. IMY .Ioslcxwr II. IJIHOII I.. IQ. 'LuNmm..xlu-1. II. D. IILWIN. U. N. KALIQ. W. II. IIAl.1.0wm M. B. lJAvmsoN. E. Ii, l'RrRs'r. F. N. DARROW. Beta, Gamma, Zeta, Eta. Theta, Kappa, ilainlula, Mu, f Xi, - - lhnif-rim, Rho, A 'l'an, Chi, Psi, - Omega, - - Gamma Gamma, Deltallelta, - Delta Chi, - 'flyq Siqgma bi Fraternity, FOUNDED AT MIAMA UNIVERSITY 1855. CHAPTER noun. V Wooster l'nive1'sil,y. Ohio Wesleyan l'niversit,y Washington and Lee Vniversity - l'nive1'sity ni' Mississippi - Pennsylvania College - Blll'lCll0lll.lllVUI'Sit.V Laliversity of Indiana. - Denison University De Panw l'nive1'sit,y Divkinson Fullege - Butler l'nive1'sity - Roanoke College - Hanover College l'nive1'sity of Virginia. NOI'illlWOSi1Pl'll l'nivei'sity ' Randolph-Macon Coll:-ge - - Purdue l'nive1':-:ity - - - Wabash College Alpha l'psilnn, - - L' nive N8 Zeta Zeta, Zeta Psi, f 'I'hf-ta Tlleta, Alpha Beta, Alpha Gllllllllll, Alpha Delta, Alpha l'1IlSll0ll. Alpha Theta, Alpha Zeta, - Alpha Iota, Alpha llzunlmda, Alpha Nu, - Alpha Chi, - Alpha Oniir-ron Alpha l'i, - Alpha Rho, Alpha Sigma, Alpha Tan, rsity ol' Hmithei - - Center Fnllege - l'niver:-:ity of Cine-iunali - University ol' Mir-higan University oi' California - - liniversity oi' Ohio Y Stevens Institutf- of 'Pcuhnology - - l'nive1'sit,y of Nebraska AlllSS2l1illllSf'i.iS ln:-ztitnte of 'l'c-chuology - - - - n ' Beloit College lllinuis Wesleyan l'niversit,y - l'nive1'sit,y nl' Wim-osin - l'niversity of Texas l'niversity oi' Kansas - Tulane liniversity Alhion College - - Lehigh l'niv4-rsity - - l'niversit,y nl' Minnesota - L'nivi-1'sit,y ni' North i'arnlina l'alil'n1'nia. 1,. fi. v 'Tw kfw Sicgma Qbi Fraternity ALPHA SIGMA CHAPTER. ESTABLISHED 1888. UNDERGRADUATE mErnaERs. 1890. WII.I,I.-xxI IIAI'sxIIIII lIm"I'. 1WIAR'l'IN HIIIIII GIQIIIII' JII.. lI.xIIIIv M,-xIc'I'IN KIINNLIII WAIIIIIQN M.-xYN.xIm Donralc. LI-:WIS 'IIIQNIIY IQIQNNIQIIY. 1891. AI,I:I1:II'I' AII'I'III'II Dlllifilfl. i1lL'l'llUli.BLI9S CIIIIIIHI. l+1nw.xIIIm ISIUHYN GAIIII YFII.-mln' H. GI':.xI:II.xII'I'. V 'HH M. UIIIIY 1893. lim' WIII'I'Ic SQIIIIIICS. IIIIIMI l'A'I'IIII'II lIm"I'. 1894. Ruse-m-1 PIf:III'x' WAIIII. RESIDENT MEMBERS. q'I'I'1I'lll'IN M. l'I.x'I'0N. RII'II.xIIII K. HONEY. WII,I,I.uI MI'GImII'I'x' l'IIIw.xIIIm C. HI-:I.xI. li. P. CEMIIIIQN. CII.-xIII.I41s l'mI'I'I-lm-'II' xI.'XIl'l'lN I.. HO!-'lf'AIAN. .I. W. CIINNINIIIIMI. U. G. RI-IvNuI,IIs. li. l". CoIf'If'Ix. CII.-xIcI.I-is II. l'INIII11II'I'uN. SIIINIGY xv.-K'l'SON. 'I'. Il. MI':III'II,xN'I'. .IIJIIN F. GIQUIIIIII1. IIIIINIII' l'. WILIIIQII. l'. K. AI.I-:x.xNIIIcI:. UIIIN IE, l,IcwIs. C. P. WII,Icv. :'fI.nw D0lHll'Illl0llt. 851 Alpha, Bern, Ile-lm, Epsilon, 'l'In-ta, I otn, - Knppu, Lannlulu, - Mn, Kappa fllpba 6l7eta. FOUNDED AT DE PAUW UNIVERSITY 1B70. CHAPTER noun. DePauw University - l'niv0rsity of Inclinnu. Illinois Wesleyan Univc-rsity - - Wooster Univvrsity - Simpson Collcgv. - Cornoll lfniversity. lfnivorsity of Kanisus. L. . IllVOI'!-lilly of Vermont - Allvglionyffolloge- Nu, Oniicro Pi Rho, Sigma, Tun, 9 Epsilon, Phi, crm, - - - Hanover Collvgr' University of Southern California - - - - ' Albion Collego - University of Nehruskn University of 'I'o1-onto Northwestern University A L'niv4-rsity of Minnesota University ofthe I'au-iIic- - Syrzuvnsc Univ:-rsity llrflrfr Hula Kappa fllpba Gbeta. UPSILON CHAPTER ESTABLISHED 1889 unosncnxnunrs msmssns. 1890. .lwssm MAY Nll'tll1. 1891. NA I,m:.uNr: Gl"l'lllllE. Mun' EMMA Kmw. Umm MM' Gu'1'um1c. 1892. Cuuulc An.xmN1-: 1'.x1,n11a1:. BEIILAII Mcllmuw. 1893. G li'I'Rl'lll'l Gmus. Lolrlsls Gimme NVAl,'1'rmlc. Axrm BIAIKTIN lllflm. 1894. IIAIUHWI' .I.xcusoN, Plcdged. RESIDENT macnasrgs. A Ii. Smvrn, Mus. Mmuox XVIl1I,I'1'I'. 'I'mu-1.1-: Wl':s'r. 91 SARAII C.VI'lIl4IR.INI'1 UOMl"0R'I'. Lim' Mn' BIARTIN XIINNIE Aumas Rl'1Xl"0lllD. KATIIIHNA EMAIIINIC N.ANsnN. IIlamcN lIuN'1'1Nf:'roN Tmms. In.x Anvxmux Buns: ll Mun' C. Surrll. Mun' Cmm-zu. HIGIAICN ff0lKSI'1li. Ohio VVesleyan University Eta, - Kappa. Upsilon, Beta Eta, Beta Iota, - Alpina Omega, Mn Epsilon, Sigma, - Beta Delta, - Beta Zeta, Beta Theta, - Nu, - - Alpha Alpha, Beta Epsilon, Alpha Sigma, Alpina Chi, Phi, - - Alpha Upsilon, Zeta, - Eta Beta, - Umieron, - Alpha Kappa. Phi Alpha, - Xl, - - Epsilon, Mn, - Beta Beta, - DlS'l'liIl"l' I. Z5i7e Beta Theta Pi Fraternity. FOUNDED AT MIAMI UNIVERSITY, 1839. CHAPTER - - llarvard Universitv - Brown University - Boston University Maine State College Amherst College Dartmouth College Wesleyan University nis'rme'r ii. Stevens Institute ol' Technology. DlS'I'llll"I Cornell University. - St. Lawrence University. 'lIl. - .I ohns Colgate College. Union College. V Columbia College. Syracuse University. Dickinson College. llopkins University. University oi' Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania State College. DlS'I'llIt"l' IY. DlS'I'Itll llamprlen-Sidney College. Universit ' of North Carolina. N - University ol' Virginia Riehmoml College - Davidson Colleue Bamlolph-Mac-on College Center College ClllllD0l'Ill.lllI University. - University ol' Mississippi. Rohn. Beta Tlambcla, Beta Omicron, Alpha. - Beta Kappa, - Beta, - Gamma, Theta, ' - Psi, - - Alpha Gamma, Alpha Eta, - Alpha Lambda Beta Alpha, - Theta Delta, Delta, - Pi, - Lambda. Tan, Iota, - Alpha Xi, Chi, - - Alpha Beta, - Alpha Epsilon. Alpha Pi, - Rho, - Beta Pi, Alpha Delta, Alpha Nu, Omega, - Alpha Zeta, - Alpha 'l'an, 1 DlS'l'llIC'l' - - University ol' Texas vi - Vanderbilt Universiiv - - Miami University. - - University ol' Ohio Western Reserve University Washington-.leflerson University - - Bethany College - VVittenberg College - Dennison University Wooster University - - Kenyon College. - - University of Dhio DIS'I'IllI"I' Vll. - DeI"anwUniver-itv. - University ol' lmliana University of Michigan - - Wabash University -. - llanover College DiS'l'IllI"l' VIII. - Knox University A - Beloit College - - University of lowa Iowa Wesleyan L-niversity - University ol' Wisconsin Northwestern University. - University of Minnesota DI5'l'Rll"I' IX. - Westminster College - University of Kansas University of California f - Denver University University ol' Nebraska I.- ....., v' c'Egt0ClO 17.69 . 23555 ffl!! CYIIUS N1lII'l'lIlIlIl', 'In IIAIIIIY 1'1IA1"r Junsox, E. WII.I.IAM nENNE'l"I' IIIQIIII. .loIIN EIcNI4:s'I' MEIIIIIIA.. EIAIN Hman lIIIN'I'INI:'I'nN. Evr:m:'1"1' liI:I4:I.I. Kuna. G I-:oIu:I-1 'l'IImIAs KING. WAI.'I'If:II S. DAVIS. The Delta KEIPPB Epsilon Fraternity. PHI EPSILON CHAPTER. ESTABLISHED 1889. ITIEIDBERS IN THE FHCULITY. GEORGIA! EDWIN MAI-LIQJAN, E. WII.I.IAxI R. limes, -I' E. NIcw'I-Im II. WINI'II1sI.I., O. 4'IIAIII.lcs A. W1I.I..xIum, ll. MAx l'. VANIIIILII lI0lH'li, fl- E. AIIIIAIIAAI II. CATI-ss, E. Evicivrox J. AIIIIo'I"1', B X. UIIAIII.1as ll. llI'N'I'I-III, I3 ll. POST GRADUATE MEMBERS. WAI.'I'I-:II I.IIwm.N S'l'0l'KWEl.I.. MAX P. VANIIIQII Iioiwu. 1IowAxm S'l'Rll'Kl.AND AIIIm'I"I'. XVILLI-U1 R. IIOMI. UNDERGRADUATE MEMBERS. 1890. EnwA1In 1II.XR'I'IN Sl'.XUl.hlNlI. lII1:IIIsIcIc'1' GII.xIAN RICIIARIDSUN. ISEII' "'CII.xIu.I1:s Al.IIER.'l' SAVAGE. WII.I.I.nI WIcIIs'I'EII IIAILAION. EIINIQI-vi' AII'I'IIu1I Nl1'liEl!SllN. AIIIIEN .losismi 1iI.1+.'I'IIIsN, J II. 'iflinzm' LEYEIlE'l"l' SAc'1u':. "'IGnw.xIm NVlIll'l'l.E Sl'O'I"I'SWUOD. 1892. Enwm .lAAIIf:s KIIAIf'If"I'. "'MIIIII.I+:NIIIJIu: KIcI.I.AIc KNAUI' 'kTlll'l0llUIII4l IJwIuII'I' 1IAI.1.. 'YRIQNNIIQ B. FANNINI.. 1893. WAI.I..xc'I-1 II. DAVIS. All'l'lllIlI J. FAIINswoII'I'II. Cvnus N1llI'l'lllIlJI', Ju. III-:NIIY 'l'IImIAs LI':I':, Jn. GIIIUIUIIC PI.UmII-:II MI+:IIIc1I.I.. LxFH.U DEPRRTIDENT. 1891. ' IIII-1.1-:Y Ih1:IIN.IIIn BIIUWICIK. JIIIIN Slim-AIII1 S'roxI-1, Dol'I:I.As Axmuaws 1"IsIuf:. RESIDENT mEmBERS. WII.I.IAM AI.nI1:N, 0. FIIANII II. ScIIoIf'II-:I.II, li Il. CIl.xlu.I':s I-Inw.uIn VxANlH':lIllUlW.'I'- WII.I.IAxI M. IQINUAID, E. IDAVID .IAAIIQII BIJIIIII-:I.I., fb. N. G. SAxII'soN, III. QASHUF M"3l:V'lf'f'4 l'j'1IWUNUN. 0- WII.I.IAM PI'I"I' BIOIIGAN, 0. Wn.I.Is m:ssI:Ie, II-. I.IvuI.IN swim-. Jn., 0. 2-U'U"2'f 5- 1' -i""'1ff1 IU- , , LIMNIFEII 01'lS MICNIII-UI. G- EDNVARD D. Bnowx, II. Rwwmzx A. 'l'oIun', -In 1 4V"'I"'K HENRY 9'VNl"U1"1- lx 'Hifi 0 5- DAVID IVIIII'1'I'l'I BIUIIIIINU ' CIIAnI.Ics EDWARD C0xAN'I', E. WII.I.I.-In D. IVASIIIIURN, 0. Ajf'H'1N'l' ANKPINY H-Hl'I'Zl'2lfL -I X- lII:Imr:II'r LYAIAN Mommy, dv. AI.IxIf:II'I' C. Conn, B. WII.I.IAxI D. IVANIIISUIIN, Ju., Ib. If "4"-W HWNIW H'Nf'K"'fv "'- CIIARLI-is W. MOORE, E. Axms H. CAIuwIcN'I'IaII, II. C. II. WIII:I':I.If:II, E. IWIIUNI' 0""S UUYEYI "'- Iflmlmlt F. BIAIISII, lb. CIIAIILI-:S CIIAI-IE, E. PIIIcN'I'Iss MI1I.I.I4:N VVOODMAN, E. Q- B' J-WKSUNI 0 X GI-:n. R. MI-:ImII.I., 22. FRANK XVILBUR SIIAW, E. E. F. WAITE. U'fUU'EF S-NVE" 529111-Y, 'I'- Fmsnmiucli 'l'. l'EPI'l'. 'I' SIDNEY Howmn Scum, A X. L. D. Wmoxvr, 0. ANDREW 5- K EW, 15- HENRY S. P1IE'1"rEPLAcE, II. 'Not in the University. U. E. 1'U1I1n', A X. 05 N4- flddigonian Society. "f'lll'llIrlfll' 1U'g'7HlfSl'!f fm ll .vnwl .YllL'I.1'0' nu lllalrh ZSM, IS9o. .Sbfllllf am! lilrnzzy IIII l'!.v .myng rn11161'f1l'14q gum! f?fft77tl.VhIY7 fwilh fIIf!lft't'flllIf 1h':'vlryv1lN1l,rum'ji11nmQvz' IQUII 17 hlfqh llmml ha.v1'.v." MEMBERS. I 1891. -mms Enwum I,l':.-u'n, .lonx FIil'l'IlIUI" lJ.un,. Gmluare xVll.l1lAM W.u.1..,u'v-: fl. ISD2. ,Lxxms EVl'2Rl'I'l"l' lilmlwouu. 1893. lflmwzw l'lclun' Slllfmnox. Glauluuf: Exlmlu' Mmxs, UIIAIHIES 'l'nm1,xs Dl0l+'l"l:l'1"l', Special. 96 fff' f "CA . 1' f7 X X W yf -5 Z jf 4, , ,,7, X W! jf X Z TnLl- ' Dar Fun Q - . NITURE ,.- ,...----' -,... s ii ,ye 180 "H X WW WW, f f fi 2 I H, Ffaiefvfiy QOvvQvri0vs. f'hi Psi, -- Waslniugton, D. f'., April, 1891. Pm Knmm PM f'iIlCillllllti, Ohio, April, 1892. Kappa Kappa Gillllllhl, lllooniiugtmi, Ill., Allgust, 1890. ' ' I FOlll'iiil Dist.ffouvuntion, Minneapolis, Apr.,18ll1. Delta Gamma, Y- Ann Arhor, Mich., May, 1891. Sigma Chi, D - f- White Sulpher Springs, Va., 1890. Delta Tim Damn Clevoland, Ohio, August, 1891 . Kappa Alpha Theta, llurliugtou, Vt., October, 1891. lWost'rn Div. Conforeuce, Minlueapolisx, 1800. Beta 'Vheta pi, - Chmmmqlm, August. 1890- Dolta Kappa Epsilon, f New York, N. Y., Ortohi-r, 18510. Summary of fietiue memberg. , filli Psi, ' 18 Sigma Chi, - 123 'I hvta Phi. 20 Kappa Alpha 'l'hvla, 16 Kappa Kappa llaunma, - 22 lima 'l'heta Pi, - R 13 D1-Ita Gamma, - 15 Delta Kappa Epsilon, 26 Dvlta 'Pau Delta, 15 Aihliauuiau, --- - 7 Phi Kappa Psi, A - - 20 Total, - - , - 185 U8 fvgf .1 Q7 . A Y L- ,-J.- -'.. 7 , , . ,f ,' if f1:?f35' L5Ff,, N , I L ' ff- I- -.-?+W1- efavipf -s:::.ft 1- 'M MGIDIFJJJ ' Mwmkmulmxmlxkkwqg Wfylggyfwm W U 1 www mmm wa i f mm4 ,mi M , -1' :' H HII 'f If H 'num' 77060, ! I Pi Beta Nu. FOUNDED 1858. HE Pi Beta Nu is a purely honorary society, organized to pl'flllOtl' tho study of Science, Literature, and Arts, and to mark distinguished merit in the faithful periorinance oi' duties at the University of Minnesota. It selects from each Junior class the tive men " who shall be decided to have attained thc highest intellectual culture at thc University of Minnesota" fConstitution, Art. IQ! These men are not chosen according to absolute marks, but from lists, furnished by the professors, in which are placed, in order ol' merit, the names of those who, in the judgment of the professors chosen to give such lists, have attained the highest degree 01' culture. From these lists ten candidates are sclcctcd, and from the-sc ten tive are elected by thc five outgoing inembcrs. The tive so elected constitute the society for the next year. The badge olf the society is a watch key in the shape of an elongated octahedron, on one side oi' which is the coat of arms of the University ol Minm-sota, and on the other ll B N. Violet is the color of thc society. IIONOIIARY MEMIJEIIS IN 'l'lIlC lf'Al'Ill.'l'Y. Crass Nllll'l'IlItlJl', LL. D. lIA1mY PllA'l"l' Junsox, M. A. Gizonolc EDXVIN BIACLEAN, Pu. IJ. Flililllilillfli S. Jorzus, B. A. Allilhllilflllrel lvuon '88. , llicmius 'W11:i.1,s 'I'uom'soN. ALnn1vr Gaanuu. vvllili Donswoirru Wii.L.x1ui. ALni:n'r AMES Fmcu. L'Lrss1as Sii.smLxN G1mN'r. Mmiuuns FROM '89, KENDILH' UIIARLICS lhuscocic. linxnr Jouusox. 'Roisifxm' LESLIE Mo11'r'n'1"1'. Arvruuu E. Gmnmos. 054-.ue liovrzm. 'l'1uuos. ' nmiiiicus ifuoxi 'U0. 1'A'l'1UUK KENNEDY- CuAni.1f:s I.. Somrnns. .Iosm-ii B. lhiuc. Sivan Sifzuuniomin. lllcum' P. l3A1i.r. H ximiiusus mum '91. 'l uicononu G, Sofxlucs, President. WILLIAM W. llAnnoN, Vice President. Tunonoun M. KNAI-rif1N, Secretary and Treasurer. Asa JOHN HAMMONIL Cll'RIS'l'IAN Pl'l'l'ElU'1ON imiaifzx. lilli Sm!-sox E. Fmuual-1, Enwueu WlN'1'l1:n1f:u, .Ions A. LAIIINIUIKE, XVILLIARI R. 'I'mm:s, .lmm Rus'x'u.xnn, CIIAIKIJCS Il. Gounn, JUIIN A. L.xum0u1-:, Cll.uu.Es F. S'roNr':, llolucvz R. limrrrwnx, Grammar: II. SI'Il.0YlCR, Cu.uu.Es D. Goumm, .Inns Rus'rr:A1m, Law Literary Soeiety. ospncsns. FALL TERM. WINTER TERM. SPRING TERM. 101 President Secretary 'Prensuror Mnrslml l'roHi1l0utz Secretary 'I'l'G2l9lll'6l' Mmwzlml Pl'PSilI0llf. S1-c1'eLu.1'y 'l'1'eaHurer M arshal Dqlta Sicgma Slitqrary Soqiqty. OFFICERS. FALL TERM. TIARRIBUN Emu. 1+'m'IsEm-:Eli - Prwaidvnt. Ilmllm Fn.xNc'rs Pi-:msnx 7 9 Cil.'xu1.Es Wu.l.r.u1 Illmv, - - Vil'0.-P1'CHill0IlC. Hlcolml-1 Awrilltu SMVVII, MINNIIG Aux!-:s Rl+:xl-mum, - Recording S0f'l'6fll.I'j'. S.xu,xu f'.X'l'Ill'll!lNI'1 CiHIl"UIl'l', Ili-:Nuv l'.vi"l'r:nsox l!.um', Murslml. wlN'rER TERM. llmciclsox l'I.x1u. Fmwmnumi, Presidont. 'l'u1-:unmm MCF. KN.wl'Icx, l"lmNli lflmvum Uovlclm, - Vice-I'1'4-simlcilt. Glflillillld Ali'l'lll'Ii Sll'l'l'lI, - M.xlrm+: U. CJm.i:imvl':, - Rr-cox-ding Svc-1-4-m1'y.' Mun' Mll.l.s, - - lilizmu-:n'l' M. NVomm',mn, - - - NIlll'!'lil2ll. SPRING TERM. fqgm-,SN sw,.3m1,1f1. - Pi-1-simloni. VIVIIIGUIIUIIIC MuF. KN.Vx1'l'l-ix, Al!.'l'IllIlL Buss Clluuvil, Yiuu-Prosiilm-n1. limvn-in Fu.-xxuls lwxllcsox, Mx'1i'l'l.l-1 GIGOINIIA Coxxmi, - - Rf-corcling S1-cx'vtzu'y. MARY MIl.l.s, - - - lhxulusux Ihlu, FIIYIHCRGEH, - - Mm'sh:Ll. 102 Cm-responding Secretary - - - 'l'l'02l.Slll'9l' - Critic P f70I'l'0Sll0llKIillg SOCl'0Nl.l'j' - - - 'l'rc-asurex' fu-mf Corrospomling S1-vm-1au'y '- - - 'l're:Lsu1-vi Critic- I joint Debatq. 1887. lhlzsuxmcnz 'l'ln AFFIRMATIVE: o:L'rA SIGMA. lim.:-ll 31UR1J11L'IiB1C1i1'IXZIE. N " ' " ' URIUIN Munnom 11 Lnow lfxmwx- N1 un Q at wc should lmvv :L l'rotem-tive 'I':u'if1'. NEGATIVEI HERMEAN. . u ' 4: "wax .fluu-Y. . GICOIU I Joslcvll I-ILLNRY 1f0NSELO'l'. Won by A111I'1ll3lt1Vl'. 1888. 11ESOI.V1'2lJZ 'l'l1ut the Co .louN P.-un. 1J100D1'1. 1 VCl'llll161lf 911011111 own and opmrutf the '111 1' 1 . . - ,- , -vtgrupn System. AFFIRMATIVE: DELTA SIGMA '1'11E01J011E GI-1nALn0 Sofuucs. 114' ' ' ' NEGATIVE ' HERM . EAN. LNRX 1,x'r'rlf:1zsuN llAlm'. Osuxn 1.ovr:l.l. '1'lm:us. Rmuclcl 1 llolmcm D.xN1f'o1v1'11 llwmxsnx. NVOII hy X4-gaxtivv. 1889. 1,A'I'1111'Ii K NNN!-:m'. 1i1+:s0l.v14:n: 'l'lnut thu Blair 1'11111f'llt10ll1l1 'Bill slnoulal 1104-onw an Law. AFFIRMATIVE: HERMEAN Mn.'1'uN Rrzx. I '- NEGATIVE ' DE . LTA SIGMA. 1 X'l'I1lI'1i K1-'NNI-'m' I1l'Nln P ,. , . . 1, ' A'l"l'I'211SUN 1l.x1m'. IIARRISON1 1 141HIl1'1Ull411 SAMUIQ1, S.xvu. PAQUIN. ' VVUI1 by Ncgntivc-. 1890. lillzsunvlcn : Tlmt thc legal l71'0f9Sbl1OIl has bevn more r-llicient iu maint in ' V1 .xnxl-:lc A1Il1'I"l.lN 141'IlClJS am mug and US11lLb11S1l1ll4Q 116lll0C1'1l.1f1C priuu mlm A and ID emllod '1 "'t1 , ' ' ' AFrlnMA'rnv:: HERMEAN. Mnxros Rrzx. J. lfhmuxlum 0'l3umN SIYVIK Sl'liUNIl'Kl n D l 1 5 115 mm lll formb 01 govexnnmnt, than the clergy. NEGATIVE! DELTA SIGMA. . . . 1, . .1 Q . '1'lIEODOR1G Cr 4 lm bonu- .Lums 1'1RAS'l'1'H I 11lLl1l1'S. " Won by Negative. 115 ..? I I . V- f- ,, 12 ' :Tr 1' 7' H'ZZf?12g 'r f-: ' 1' ' fi-i-, 31.5-" i 'J' W.. :lk-E31 E :iff- ' fri.- Agfqf I 'f gg- EE. ' fgi ,I all -fd .ljff-2 ly Y-V L' " ffl f ff L- iff' Xn , ml , 1- ff? if, .eff ff F' -l 1021 1111601101116 Mull KNA1'l'l+lN Hermean Qiterary Society. OFFICERS. FALL TERM. A lI1f:Nnv C0'r'1'ux, - - - President. lhluu' OI.IX'I'2H IIAXNVAI, - C'm-rospomling Svc1'etan'y Cmumfz ANNA Swvxfn.xNclf: - - 'Vice President. Gmnuua Cvsumu Suucs. - - 'I'rensurcr Y A SNA Imlulm-1 Gl"l'IlRll-T, - lh-vording Hz-c-11-t:u'y. PA'I'IlH'K Kl':NNl4:1mv, V - Mnrslml Mmrox lim, - - - ---- C1'it.ic. ' WINTER TERM. ' JOHN Fowl' llnlwzx, - I'1'vsi1l1-Int. Clms. lC1.1slc Gm IIIKIIC, - f'Ul'l'l'SlNIllllil1g Sec-retzm1'y Urhxlm EIHTII l5.ul,l4.v, . - Viva- .Pre-sidvni. CIIAS. l'l':'rl-in Bvzlzlilcv, f - - 'I'reasurf-1' .I rzsslrz P. SMITH, - lhwwcling Seem-tul'y. II1':Nnv f'u'r'rnN, - - Marshal Mmm' l.UUlSl'2 NVl':nlc1:, - l.'ri1in'. SPRING TERM. l'HAlu.lcs El.lsr: Gl"l'lIHIl'I, - l'rm-siflent. Mn' A. Crum, - C'm'w-spolldillir 50CF'fm"5' MARY lmulsr: Wl4:nl4:l:, - Vive Presimlunt. CIIAIIIAICS I'r-rrlcu 13EIHil"Y, - - 'l'l'02lS1l1'0l' IDA A. Bl'RNI'I'l"I', - - livcordingg Sec-rotary. l'.x'l'un'K Kl':NNl4:ln', - - - Critic' .loam I4'uo'r lI.'n'nl':N, A ' - - Marshal. IU-l x N I fhvlrn. WMI.: Oratoriqal Hggoqiation. oppicens op Home RSSOCIRTION. l'.x'1'IcIc'Ii KIQNNIIIIW, - Presicleui. BUIVI' FIIANIQ l.I'II, HHl5l'I5lll.l'y Hivim SI4:III'AIm:.x1m, - Yicr--l,'1'esidcnt. .lniics 001.1-'Ax GII.xN'I', - 'l'1'ens111'u1' Delegates to State Rssoalation. Waller E. Winslow. 'l'huodo1'u M. Kmippvli. 'l'l1uml01'v G. Sozirvs Oratorg at jflomq Qontqgt. HELD JUNE Snn. 1889. 1890. 'i'Hll1'l'y P. Buily. ll. linrl F1-ybu1'gur. ' Milton llvx. 1801. 'l'lIemlm'r- M. Kuaippen. 'fill ll. 'I'iInlw1'lILkI-. Allwrt. A. lloclgc-. Cllnrla-s NV. Bray. OFFICERS OF STATE ASSOCIATION. lil. U. C.xMI'III':I,I,, llnmlino, - - - - Pl'CSlfll'llt. W. ll. BIII1:ws'1'EII, Mzwailr-stm', - D 'IQIIIGUIDUIRI-I M. K N.xI'I'I-JN, Stun- L'nivc-rsity, - Vim- Prosimlm-Int. VIc"1'un A. S'I'Ic.x1INs, Stntu University, IFB. ll. 'I'imlmorlnko, 1'llau'ry P. liuily, li. li. Maxwell, Orators at Statq Qontqgt. HELD IN MINNEAPOLIS, APRIL 15'rH, 1890. Stalin Uliivcrsity. IIC. U. Uaimplmell, - Slntu lTnivc1'sit.y. .I. K. llnll, '- - - - - llauliliiw. W. B. -Bl'1'lYSlIl'l', ' - - - 'ailwlwl First, l'l:If:v. T Awamlcml Second l'l:II'4-. I Awzmlufl 'l'hi1'ml Plain 105 Soc-I'0tary 'l'1'c-:wil ro I' l lzunlim- Nlziunlestvr Mnuailestm' G i-:mimic A. fimicic, Edi l'.x'i'lucic KMNNI-:m', Swim SERUMGARD, '00, tors for' ANNIE L. Giurlilulc, '91, - Tniao. G. Sounds, '91, lIJcNm' P. BAii,i-:x', '00, - Luuisic MllN'I'fiO3IEJ!X', '00 XVILLIAM II.1Im"i','00, BIANAGINKI Eniwoic, Musm. Fi.i+:'i'ciimii AlYS'l'lN. GRANT Bl-:lc in-: Rossxl .xN. University Publieations. priel pssoeiatioip. OFFICERS. - - - - 1'1'vsidviii. -I. l'Iirw.xlm UWSIIIICN, - hm llfllli Wll.i.l.xM W, lI.xmmN, - - - - - - 'l'rvnsu1'cr. i889-'9O. Editotfs for' 1890-'91 - - - Muii:1ginglCdii0i'. G. A. Cinxicii, - - - -- - N umging, 1'4llli.0l - - - I' 'I'i10M1's0N W. S'l'0U'r, - - ludltoualn - Lituxuyy and Pvrsoimis. YVILLIAM W. IIAHMON, - Lin iuiy amd PCISOIIRIS - - - Note- Book. Ci. P. Lomiim, A - - - Noto Book - llonw Hits :uid Happenings. Eifwiic F. Ames, - - 1-Iomv Hits and Ilappeninar - - ' - Exvlnuigvs. J. Elmxmn 0'Iimlf:N, - - - uxc mn-fm -. - Busim-ss Mzumgr-r. llvnox li. Timmziumulz, Busim -is Nlamuu, 9 Qopiyer Board of 92. f'llAlll,l'2S l,I'I'I'l'lll ISi1:nNl.l4:Y. Iivsixidss M,xN.xrir:u, I. xi xx .ox r ii .KSSOCIAT IC I'1Dl'I'l HKS. Ui..x1u FIIANCICH B.xr.nw1N. BliAlH4'0RD Cniwi-:I.i.1': lIl'lKIl. Lrzzm IIi+:i.i-LN Mwiiifzs. 100 Final: Lif:o1'0l,n,lI0l.'rz .Inns ZI4:m':Nx'. finelyora. olf'1f'n'l,xl, OILGAN 011' nl-:l.'l'.-x uixxlxlx I4'llA'l'i'iRNl'I'Y. A 1 llIl.l'f,0l'lV uhli:-lined by Lzunbdu Chu Jtl'l' lfnivvrsitv oi' Minnvsotzt. . . I 1 . 1-:m'rmzs. MAM Mmm, - - mimi in chief. AVIS iVINffHwh1', - - LOUISE BIOX'l'HUhlI'2IlY, - - Alumnaw News. Luvim BIAHIAII f'4ll'X'I'llYM.XN, ALAICY l'Ir,Iz,xiu':'i'll il.-xssl11'l"l', Assistant lhlaiiwss Mmmge-r. Kappa filplya Ebeta. tll"l-'ICIAL URGAN Ol-' liAl'I'A AliI'llA 'l'Hl'I'I'.X I"llA'l'l'1liNl'I'Y. A f.2llU.l'f.0l'ly pixlulislmd hy Upsilon Clmptor, Univursity oi' Minnesota. l41Dl'l'HRS. MARION EMMA Kmw, - - Editor in Chinf. .I icssll-1 NIM' Nlmi., - I-I1f1I,if1N 1'IuN'rrNc:'roN Toxins, - - Literary- Ax NA Loimixiiz Gwrliiulc, S.xu.xn C.X'l'Ill'IliINl'I Com-'mi'r, Alumnae-. NIINNIE Auxlcs Ilicxivuizn, . Gbe Rainbow. lll"I"ll'I.Xl. URHAN OF lJl'2li'I'A TAI' DlCli'I'.K l"RA'l"I'lllNl'l'Y. A QllllI'Y.0l'ly published by llctzl Eta Cimpter, lTl1iversity of NHIIIIPSUYII. KENIHKN' Uil.xlcl,1f:s lE.xlwm'1c, - -- - 'Editor in Chi:-f. MAX Wlf:s'1', - - - .0 Qx 5, Q X , 93 xiii? B" N . 5- - Q i ' I XY W' N Xi qu. M pl in lf, x x 'f' 4, 5 X XA ,S Q, we ,La 1 . tx S fx 7 we f U L, ts +1 A Q A - n il ti Nb' f, ' 1, - ',.l.L:'.. ff - 'fix gitbivw 'l'. --,qw Qt Wig . - 3 X FE? -0 " .aa 40 if - My z N -1 f iv" X if 471151.-f' v . QW .f f 1 -ff '- ,ra I, X y' - ' ' ' X I " W1 "Z 'f r 1 tbk. . .x . A 4 MKXXX. f 'vi 32,32 if wg Q, u' Q Q ' u ls K f W1 X Y A 'K x 5 ' 'X Q Y , A xi 546 xt X w 4 .1 , win ll! V! f 'b 107 - Clmpter Letters. Business Munagm'. Ulmptvr C0l'1'0SlJ0ll4lt31100 - - - EXCIIIEIIQPS lhlsim-ss NIIIJIIIQPI' AHHiHfilLIll liwlitul Students' Qbrigtian flgsoeiation. ORGANIZED 1869. INCORPORATED 1653. OFFICERS. ivll.l.I.Ul 'IL Braun, - - - Presiilvnt. Wllmllxxl B. Nlolinis, l'o1'r1-spomliiig S4'l'l'l'L'llI'j'. 'l'nlf:onolu-1 H. Soiiucs, - - - Vive l'i'c-sich-nt. Iloiu M. Hl"I'IIIlIl'I, - - Iii-uormling S4'l'l'4'12l.l'-V. Picon-'. ll. P. Jnnsox, - - - - - - 'l'1'4-:islm-1'. DIRECTORS. - l,R0l". .loux F. Ilrmfxnv, - A - Chuirinnn. M. ICMMA Kicnv, ----- Sc-m'ot:u'y. Pho:-'. ll. P. Jifnsox. Pho:-'. C. W. II.u.I,, DEAN XV. S. l'.v1"l'1-:I-1. Ilvnox ll. 'l'mni-:nl..xluf:. C'.x'l'llmuNl-1 C'mlwowl'. Go'1"l'v-'lun E. III'L'I'. Wu,l.I.xxr Il. B1-znn. Lneeturves and Subjects. 1889-90. Uutolwr 27'-f'I'lw Rvv. .Iohn H. Donamhlson, D. D. -"Tho Jauinawy 25---'l'l1u Rpv, Frnnk P. Wooiihnry, D. D.-"Sonia iinptisln of Finn" N'm'o1nlwr3f 'l'h4- llvv, W. illltric'-k, ol' St. 1.,iLlll.""H The Spirit oi' Truth." N'!JX'8llllll'l' 104-lhv Rev. 0. II. 'I1iT:uiy, D. D.-" lho Now Birth." H - .. H V - Novomhur 17, -Tho R1-v. M. Fulk Gjom-xml.----" From Donht 1o i":Lith." Novemhor 24 -Pres. Dnnivl S. Gregory, D. D.---"Tho llvnson- :Linh-iwss oi' Fuitlif' Ili-czmlilwi' H---'l'h0 Rev. S. W. Snlnplv. "'l'h4- lim-Ming of' Iflvolntion on Cllristimiityf' DOCUIIIIDOI' 15--The Rov. A. II. livnth, D. D,,of St. Pilllif -- f"l'h0 Pvrfoct Lnw oi' God." .lnnimry 12 Yfllon. W. S. Pnttoo, Donn oi' Law Dopm'mnont-- "Through Nntnro to Faith." 1 Things the Church Stiauuls For." ' February ZW-'l'he Rev. Clmrles F. Thwing, IJ. IL- -"Uhrist- iunity ns NILTlll'lIl." Fcbrnnry 9-Tho Rev. Loinncl Moss, D. D., ex-President ol tho State University oi' Ineliunn. f--" 'l'he Purpose of the Agora" Fehrnnry 16' -'I'he Rev. lfldwzmi M. Noyes, of 'Dnlnthf-"'I'ho Logical Consoquonovs oi' llolioi' in :L P1-rsonnl Goal." March 2 Y-The Rt. Rc-v. M. N. Gilbert, IJ. ll., Assistant Bishop ol' hliIlll0S0t2l..'- -"'l'hv 'l'1'uo G1-ntl9in:Ln." March 30-Prof. W. S. Hough.-" The Complain Maui and tho Nlorul End of Life." April 13---'l'he Rt. Rev. .I. N. Fitzgerald, D. D.--"1'hristinn Missions." v' ,,,j,:,-. --li V, , -4 f 3 -gf 7, ' -C "1 '7' . .4 , 5 113 i X .,.-' , K, --X, i i 1 i The Students Christian Association Building. Young: mens Qnrigtian fissoeiation. Founoco IN 1844, av Gnome: WILLIAMS, or Louoon, Encuuo Qolleoe Secretaries. of the international Qommitteq. L. D. NVINIIAIID, - P1'inc'etm1. 0. K. Unifxn, Williams. J. R. NIu'r'r. - Um-nwli Qollqqq Qommitteq for minnesota. li. Il. RL'ssEl.l.. J. C. Sl-Il-IIN. W. W. PAYNE. Qollqqe Deputation for minnqaota. 'i'. G. HU.-KREH, A l'l1iversit,ynl' Niii1umm1.zL,'Sl1. U. J. SWAIN, t'1u'i1on, '91 Offiqers of tbe University Association. JVILLIAM B. MORRIS, ---- - i'i-esiilvnt. Cii.m1.r:s W. Bun, - r Vive President. tiicmuii-: if. Saunas, - - - lim-ruspoudiug Sw-retary IIAHLAN E, j,1.gM-U, . - 'l'l'0i'l.':llll'8l'. AI!'l'llUll W. Cimsic, Recording Seirretzwy 111 flqgricultural School. Alumni Association. olrmcsns. A RUHI-Ill S. MAClilN'l'0SII, - l'1'esidunL. 'l'imm-:u A. IIm'l-:ns'r.xn, - - Sc0rotn1'y and 'I'l'6Il.Hlll'Cl' Uuxlml. IC. llwxlii, ' Viva-l'l'esiilmnt. xV.KR,liI'1N W. l'lcNm:m:.xH'l'. - Assor-inte NICIIIIIEI' ol' l'1x'utive Com MEMBERS. Inu:-ns W. Dmrxr-mm. II.-xuwzx' il. lflmznv. Wrmox S, iinalm-:. .Inns In-:VmsuoN'i'lf:. HEIUIAN Pl4'.xl+1NhElt .IAMICS A. Pmvx-Ln. .I :fissile J. H.xNnlcuS. Wll.m.xx1 G. Sxrr'l'H. Al.lmn'r O. Sunni. .lows 'I'lroxl1'suN. Students' Debating Society. opplcsns. ' NI. I.. hI.VI"l'l'IIiSUX, - l'i-usident. -T. A. Juuxsox, Sefsrotnly Y. Ii. NIONSON, Yii'6'Pl'0Hidl'llf. I". lf. l'u.v1"l', - 'l'reusu1'01' Students' Chrvistian Association. W. S. lluamrz, - - - l'i-esiilent. U. IG. l'.wx1':, - - - Sw-retary W. H, SNIITII, - - - - - - 'I'l'P1l.'-illl'l'l'. Students' Relief Society. Quo. l.l':Vlf:sL'nN'l'E, ' ' - - Pri-siilent. Auizusw llmml-xl., - - Virre-President C,uuun. li. I'.xYNl1:, - - - ---- 'l'rcnsl1ri-1'. 112 G. A. Sxirrll, - L. C. NV1c1cKs, C. P. liicluclcv, IS. P. CHAl'l'l,E, Uuwriss Swicmi A. L. BE1isia'rii, Prohibition lub. l'1'usidm1t. Presiilont Suc1'retn1'y l'reusuror Critic Marshal 1 OFFICERS. FALL Team. . wuwzia -rzmvi. SPRING TERM. - - - l'residunt. C. P. Iiiciiiim, - - - l'rusid1-nt, F. W. S.umicsuN, - - - - - Vice Prosidmit, A. M. W I'1llS'l'l'lR, - - Vice President. B, P. ClI.Xl'l'LE, - - Yiw- ' - Sec-rotary. W. I. GRAY, - - Sovrctnry. L. ll. Plivim, - - - - - 'l'rensurer. B. M. Asi,AKsuN, - 'l'r0aw11r0r. E. D. Sus, - - ' .14, - Critic-. G. A. SMi'1'ii, - - Critic. 'l'. W. S'l'OU'I', - - - - Marshal. F. W. S.xluncs0N, - Murslml. 'l'. J. McEi.Liuo'i"1', - A , W V. Wag ami i iiiiiiiilij iiiiliiiiiir i -Q.- xi H Nui 'miliiln iuulmli-li 4:51 ' iiiuiiliiiil xii lifii1iil.ii1ig41iii fi .iii Nm iiiii Mi m y i ixxxliiiu ii Wi. do X 1 ' I K' uh if . ix ii '44 , K. fg fi., A. miii1i---- vw L. . . if X fax W ww ' W3 J' '5 1 Ii - Q -iibajf fh ga' iii , Yi gg - , n i ,... '-L .gig Jay 1125 W1m.l.xM UAlIl'lCN'l'Eli Sm W.x1.'1'1f:u Anlmsl Unewme, M.Kll'I'IN llruu G1':ulu', .li Jeux Lumrs liuwr. linvlx llmums. .Inns Fom' ll.n'nlcN. Fllldll GIIMAN. 1-Imusl-:u'1' M. Weonwum. Encgineerg' Soeiqty. opplcsns. Tn, President. JOHN 'l'U1cN1m llluums, - Seeretau'y and 'I'1'e:Lsurc-1 Vice President. .Innes Enw.uuJ C.umeLI., Business Manager MEMBERS. vvlhlilfli vVAlNlllGll'1' DANN. K. 'IYIIUILWAIM Em Nlnsex. Wl1.1.l,m lI.x1:sm:n Ilm"1'. Iillzxm' Emixs 'l'n.xsli. Wl1.1.1s'reN Wim' Gluaisxweon. FliEIJl'IMll'K NIAYNAILD BIANN. FIUQIJEIKIVK Lum-1 Ileuumss. 114 iiAX'l'ER PIAIUYIN Asmusux. .I .I G uswus 1II'l'CllEl.I. llemamvxn . J. lI.xNlu-:Nsox. . J. M.xsur:li. W. E. Winans. .I .xmas E. S1-nv. FROP PHOTOGRAPH HY MURDOOKQ MACHINE SI-IOP IN T1-IE COTJIJEGIQI OF IVIIQIUHANIO ARTS GuA'l'm CD1fN'rm'AIAN, 'Sth Mn.'roN 'l'1:.xx'1ms1c lhnus, CHARLES Ror,1.1N UU'l"I'S, Wr1.1.mM II. IMY. .IDHN l'1m'ul-:'l"l'. BIUNIKOE S. IIDWADD. .lnllfxs ll. Ulm.. M1I.'rDN 'l'. th mas. 'frye Brownincg Qlub, -on- 'I' I-l E S I B. KATIIRINA S'l'1mlm1-:ll-zu, '89. l.ol'lsl1: MoN'l'umlmu', '90 Usm-,uc L. 'l'lm:r:s, 'SSI F. L'. M. K11:NDmv C.'Du1c, '89 F. Ele trieal E Qi ears' So iet Q '7 17 Q Y- OFFICERS. Presidvnt. EDWARD Pumrs IBURMI, SI.'01'0fIl.1'y. ' Vice President. ANDREW Emzmmal-1 Swzvl-INS, 'l'1'0!l.SIl1'l'1'. IDEIDBERS. ANDREW E. S'rDv1cNs. Glconmc B. Cmnfmu. Nmmlm J. Cmmc. WILIJAM I. Gmw. lhuwm' F. 1'mlu'D. EDWARD P. Ikunvu. 4-louonmzv MEMBERS. .l'lmwlf:sson F. S. .lDNl1:s. 115 NV1m.1AM W. DAKIN. U1lAm.1f:s R. ffu'r'rs. W.-xm'11:n L. Sl'lA'I'UN. Glf1mu:EP. IIUDN. WlI.m,xxl II. BlIR'I'lH. ll,-WID P. Blfznn. Qambcla Siqma FOUNDED MARCH 30, 1889. Mw'l"l'H: lNll'Il'O!1X IIAIIETOE SOI.-XE: C0l.oRS: ROSE PINK AND NILIQ GRICEN. AAliAflfO1J ICN HOA EI l"u,xNK HIIICIUI.-KN Anlf:l:Nl':'i'iiY, '89, l'. G. P. I'."f AICAIIYOE ICN AAII IIOAICI MH,'roN Si'lc.xm'lc l,.xMlf:1i1f:.xux, '87, U. P. F. IXT AAICAIDOI KAI AAICAIDAI EN AKAAIIMEIA 1890. AN'I'0lNE'l"I'IG .lvnsox Al!EIlNl'1'l'llY, G. l-I. N. M. G. U. N. Wil q:,lM,,,,.3S '1',,m,pS0N q:0Nm,m, , . - - G. R A 4 l..xN,x M.-xicmii Co1'N'i'm'xi.xN, - - 0. I. P. und G. G. 19.5 I-li. M11 JOHN FOOT HMVIWNQ - , , . C- E. I. C, 5 I AIAICY BIAHIH Mums, '----- - U. li. W. C. GJ M.,X,.lmmAN yvmq-, ............. A L 11 1- fl'uI'ortuuutc Graduate of n l.'i'ncmlii1g Class. 'l'Cliiol' Provider of Fans and I'mhrqllus.' IGrmid High Muc-lc-ai-Muck ol' the Greatest Combination ofthe Nortliwost. 5Ul'lglllill luvostigntor, l"ouuder and Gramd Gunrdizm ol' Funds. llflluuupiou Liliputiaul Wonder oi' the Civilived ulolne ' llrzuul Rom-vivm' ol' All Contrilmtious. Wifliiel' lintm-i', Imbilier and Consumer of Solid and Liquid liefreslum-nts. 'r+Advom1tc ol' L'u1imitod Extension. A small girl, A tall lioy, A lirowu c-url, M:uumu's joy. Flaxeu huir, Mauumer Proud Youth so fair, Moustache loud. 1 Eyes of blue, Very prim. Boys ure too Round the rim. llouvyed word, Spoonvy Siglig So :mln-mrd! Eating pin. 116 Ruling Minority. World in six, Six in tlireog What 21 mix lt must bo! This eniffmn D ls not obscure g Is 't Lulululn Sigma Why, to be sure. Z5l7Q Lloiuqrsirty Press Qlub, The Q. D. C. Organized April 25, 1890. OFFICERS. Managing Editor, Annes .I. lh.1c'i'linN Ju. Sporting Editor, Falco lhxvwlxuo Gn.u.xs. City Eglitgr, . - .I. Oselxn Jonuifzss. Devil, - llE.M'0N W1l.1.l.xu ll. Ilann. mEmBERs. Max W I-:s'r. Fnun II. Gu.u.xx. A. .l. lh.a'i'llnN, Jn. ll. M. Woonwsnn. Frovn Tnreos. II. Emu. Fuvmiznenn. Wn.i.i.xu. Il. Bmw. .Iosnen 0. .lonenNs. A. W. Snmv. B. II. 'l'IllllEltIl.lliE. I Cu.xui.ns 'l', lylm.-ppp, CONSTITUTION.-Published by Request. Prveamble. lVe, the undersigned, with a view to making our respective papers suffer by our wasted time, do hereby ordain and establish the Quill Drivers Combine, with the following constitution: ARTICLE I. --Name. The name of this organization shall be the "Quill Drivers Com- bine " or the "Anti-Scoop Frat." ARTICLE I I.-'- -Un.: ner. The object of this organization shall be the destruction of as much time and grub as the pooled stuff of the gang will permit. At least one annual feed shall be held, at the West hotel or some other first class free lunch, the bill l'or which shall be paid by an equal assessment of all active chewers. 5 AIRTICLE lll.--NIENIIIERSIIII'. The founders of this organization and their successors may elect to membership any reporter. active or fired --of any local paper of good standing, viz: Ariel and G0l'III'lIl don't count. Such person be- coming a member by signing the constitution in presence of three active members aml paying initiation fee. Alt'l'ICI.E lV.MINl'rI.vrloN lflcliz. The initiation fee of this organization shall be -I cents and a pound of Sllc. candy ftllle. lb., not ton J Said l'ee to be paid at time of signing constitution. AIQTIULE V.----Iianulc AND Uohons. The badge ol'this organization shall be a brass button of such shape and expense as the first elected president shall decide, each member lo be l'urnished one upon his initiation at his own expense. The colors shall be to suit individual reporter's taste and assignment. AIQTICLE VI. -Oivwrenns. The oflieers of this organization shall be a Managing Editor, City Editor, Sporting Editor and Devil, to be elected at the last meeting ofthe school year and get their names in the conunencement write-np. The duties of the Managing Editor shall be those of an ordinary president of an ordinary societyg ofthe City Editor, ofthe corresponding vice presi- dentg ofthe Sporting Editor, o f thecorresponding secretary, ofthe Devil, nothing. llis name is to signify that the devil is to pay in our treasury. AIt'l'ICI.E VII. -lVIuu'r1Nes. A meeting shall be held whenever the Managing Editor sees lit to call one, or any one or more of the gang can persuade him, peace- fully or otherwise, to call one, A quorum shall be four, beside the Managing Editor,and il' they can't pass a measure,his voteshalldecide. In case Nlanaging Editor don't show up at a meeting the next hustler on the list takes the chair, but is forbidden to keep it. Ile must leave it where he found it, when the meeting is adjourned. "ltobert's Rules of 0I'fll'l'n shall govern in all cases possible. lf they don't apply, the Chairman shall become a law unto himselfand run things accordingly. ARTICLE VIII. -A5IENDMI'lN'l'S. Amendments may be p oposed at one meeting and passed at the next. Anything may be passed except the hat and counterfeit money. The editors ol the Govum-Q extend congva.tula.tlons to the editors ol the Ariel. who, with ns, have been deemed unworthy ol membership in an orga.nizn,tlon capable ol producing such a. constitution as the above. We also express our regret because two ol our numbers are among its charter members. 117 University QIQQ Qlub. OFFICERS. W11.1..x1111 l'A'1"1'11:N, - - - Director. LICIIOY V. S111'1'11, - I,I'l'5IIl0III12lIIlI llnsinoss Mznmgei- M.x11'1'1N W. IVA'1'llOUS, Secretary amd 'l'1'ous11ror. 1IA1mx' 0. IIANNLIM, ---- A- Lihrzirizum MEMBERS. I"I RST TENOR. SECONIJ TENOR. G icolm 11: IIUN'I'lNG'l'0N. M. W. W.v1'110Us. R. L. G1..xs11v. C. P. B1c11KEY. li. F. C1.A11111c. A. T. B11msA1.1., L. E. W111'1'E. F. E. li111111111A11. Proqramme Rendered i17 111.11216 CLUB. lfestivril Nznrcli, - - - lx'c1'u Sol1lic1"s lfurcwcll, - - A-IUIIATI 1'A11L K11U1:1c11. llarp. Clouds :mil Sunshine, Chlusiczil Illnstratioimj, lfrzqqn w11.1.A1111 I'A'l"I'lCN. In Exile, ---- Yiruhurl 1111101.12 QUA11'1'1-1'1"1 11. Invitation to thc Dance, - - Ovxlcn MISS Mvlc'1'A 1-'1c1f2NC11. LaI'arla, ---- Aniili 121.1-311: Cl.l?ll. Fairy licliocs, - - - Illilhmr' 1f'111s'1' imss. sucoxu 11.xss. II. O.ll.xNNu11. .I. G. Clmss. J. U. BA1.1a. 1I. G. G11:,x1111.x11'1'. F. M. BIANN. II. M. Woo11w.x11n. E. A. W111r111'1'. L V. S111'1'11. J. A. HAM. E. J. C1.A111c. University Qbapel April 28th, 189 1 I'AUI. KRUGER. GROSVICNUR CROSS. llnrp and Violin. Avc Maria. ----- 01111111111 I M155 MYR'1'A FRENCH. w1l.1.A1111 1'.1'1"1'1cN. Duct-Soprano and 'l'cn0r. A Night in Venice, . - - - Lm'nnIw117 A1155 MAU11 111.1s11c11. 1:11:15 c1.1111. Quinlcttc. Image of the Rose, - - - l:'vAw'1 ' MISS MYRIUX IVRICNCII. 'I'l1cG:1y Uitana, p - - - llnr'r1'1-.1 011101.12 Q11A11'1'1a'1"1'1-1. Spanish Gipsy Girl, - - lliiuzmyfh O Tell it Ilcr CF1'on1 the Rnssianj, - Rec.: Gl.lili c1.U11. Spin, Spin, - - - fuziqzrl Like the XVOOLIIZHILI Roses, lllair 118 THE UNIVERSITY GLEE. CLUB,--1889-90 University Banjo and Guitar lub. Banjos. Alililiziri' Wonlmuxiaim SHAW. J. E. STONE. 1' A iiuw- Qxivrii NN IILI ui II II xi fm-211. N ni s i . . " . .. Aiismfzn 0 "'. Guitars. ll. E.-mr. l"m'liicmil':l:. EIMN U. liUN'l'lNu'r0N. lI.xluiY Gll.nli:li'l' Gi um XIII Mandolin. FRANK IMVIDSUN NlElN'llAN'l'. 5iQma Qni Banjo and Guitar Qlub. Banjos. AIAIKTIN ll. Hi-ziucv, Ju. Wn.mAM II. ilm"1'. Guitans. Ilfxlmx' M, KIf1NNl4IllY. Luv. II. KRNNIQIW, limun''iu'l Mandolin. FRANK D. M iam-ii,xN'i'. 119 'I' I" W: The Uniuergity Qboir. -I. IIIIUSVICNIIII Unoss, IIIl'0I'Ull'. Soprano. Alto. l"n.fxNl'l-:s MoN'1'r:mllc1cx'. I'Ivl-:l.lNl-1 V. W. SAXINIIS. Mun' I'IYI'IIlI'l'l"I' lI.xwl.1-:v. ,Il-zssrlc Auuusn I'n.vr'r. FANNY IMMUN Sxuucv. I'IIIIZAIII'1'I'll II.xwl,m. ANNA AI'1iIIN'I'A Iilmwx. M.-un' Idmm Iimw. Tenotf. W 1IH.mNs Al.'I'I-IIC Alxlmxl UIIIIWIGN. 42. I. I I". IC, ns, I'IIII'IIlI'II luN'rlxu'ruN. Rl-.Inu mn. Huw If' Q' 4, . . fI..X ll Ii IC. f'.XIiIIII'2 AN NA Sl-Lvl-:lz.xx1'I':, PRES:-ima N QUHRTETTE MICIDICAI. IlFI'I " . . IKI3II'2N'I'. I"i1'sI. 'I'n-nor. LI. A. SKINNIC Sm-mul 'I'f-nm'. 120 C. Ii. I'.XIII'M.X Bass. uma M.n'x.xun Nl.-mx. I lvlflulttild I'ulml' Ilunx. n, Flu-zn. Axm IIAIKIIY UIIIVI - 0l'2Il.llISI1. IN! ucws Surrll. IIANN I'IIl'Ht Buss Svvnml Buss. 2 3 1 v 5 ? 5 f XP E Z' H P E I l'3l n University Htbletie figsoeiatiory. opprceas. G1:AN'1' 131c1a111': l111ssx1.1N, - - - PI'6S1C1011t. F111111. 1'11:.x11s111v S111'1'11, - - Vi1f1--1'1-11111111-11t 1111111111114 K15111A1.1. 111+:1.111-JN. - - S111'1'1-t:11'y 111111 'l'1'1111s111'111'. Field Day Sportg. JUNE 3, 1889. JUDGES. S. A. 1i1111'1'11. S. P. J11xEs. 11. 11. 1i1111:1:s. REFEREE. C. 0. I 1111-1.1-zssls, EVENTS 1. 120 Ywrds Hurdle Race.-Hn.y11e11, '90, 1st, 'l'1'ask, '90, 21111, l10ss1111u1, '92, 31-11. 'l'i1111:-2214 se1:1m11s. 2. Throwing Baseball.-I'I11y11e11, '90, lst, Sturt, '92, 21111, 1111l111111, '92, 31-11. Dist11111':c-301 feet 10 i111:11es. ii. Standing Brnufl Jump.-Gut111'ie, '91, lstg Trask, '90, 21111, Head, '92, 3r11. 1Jista1n1:c-9 i'1-et 824 i111:11es. II. 100 Yawln Dauh.-Gerry, '90, 1st, Peirsrm, '91, 21111, 11n111wi11, '92, 31111. 'l'i1111--103 sc1e111111s. 11. Putting 16 lb. Shot.--A1111stg111'11, '91, lst, I1s1y11e11, '90, 211115 111-x, '90, 31'11. Dist11111:11---214 i'111't 4 inches. 6. Running High Jumyz.-l1z1y111-11, '90, 1st, 1111ss111:111, '92, 211115 Trask, '90, 3111. 1111ig11t-4 foot 10 i111:110s. 7. Milf: 1Vr11h.- --111111111, '90, lst, Rex, '90, 21111. 'l'i111eW M8 111i1111tos 1-111111111111-1. R. 4-10 1'1l1'1lR D111-h.-1S11l111111, '92, 1st, P11i1's1m11, '91, 2n11g Go1'1'y,'90, 21111. '1'1l110"'58l s1-1:111111S. 9. Thfrowing the llfr.mmHr.--Mliustgai-11, '91, lst, Start, '92, 21111 I1fLy111111, '90, 51111. Dist11111ecf49 i'1-ct 2 i111:111-s. 10. Sirinzlizm High :IIl7I'lI7.--'1'l'1IS1i, '90, lstg Guthriv, '91, 211115 Ross- 1111111, '92, 31-11. lloight-4 i'1-et 2115 i111:l1es. 11. Ilnif-mile 11511.-rz.----13e111e11, '92, 1stg 111110, '92, 21111, Shaw, '90 31-11. 'l'i111e-2 111i1111tes 11,15 se1'111111s. 12. Running Broad .lump .'-A -B11111wi11, '92, lst, 111-st, '92, 21111 111'1.yK10I1, '90, 31-11. Dist11111:1-, 17 feet i1111l1cs. ,I3. Running High Kirk. --'- lIz1y111111, '90, lstg 1i0S!4l11I1.11, '92, 21111 S11111Z1l, '91, 21111. I-I. 220 Yriwls DIl81l.-Gf'1'1'y, '90, lstg 131-111911, '92, 211113 P1-i1's1111 '91, 3111. 'l'i111em20g sc1:o1111s. 15. Bicycle Race.-Halle, '92, 1st, 1,111-k111', '92, 21111. 16. flap, Skip and Jump-G11t111'i11, '91, 1st, Smith, '91, 21111 '1'1'11.S1i, '90, 3111. Distn111e11-217 feet 121 1l11'1l0S. 17. Mile Run.----111110, '92, lst: 11111111111, '92, 211112 ROSSm11.11, '92, 31-11. 'I'i11111-5 111i1111tes 132 sm-111111s. Tho 1111-111ty 111011111 for 11l0S1 p11i11t11 was :1w111'111-11 10.1. F. 111ly110ll. POINTS BY CLIHSSES. 'kNi1111ty, - - - - 52. Ni11191.y-11111-, - - - - 18 N1111'tj"11X1'1b, ------- - 40. it :XW2l.I'l11'K1 tl111 Silver Cup. 122 Z 1 THE UNIVERSITY BASE BALL NINE. U17luQrslty Bagq Ball Hssoqlatlon. OFFICERS. MAIUVIN llvun Hlqxlclw, - - l,l'0Sid0Ilt. J, lilmxxlm U'l5lm-N, Hmzra-1,:n'y :u Ilmmlm F1c.xNc'ls 1'lalns0N - Vicn1'1'usidel1t. Jnllcs E. Slum' - - - 9 9 UNIVERSITY TEAM-1889. Flmxli .loslcml lilmlslcu, l'itc:lu-r. JOHN C1l1us'1'l,xN UllNs'1'.xn, - Hlfllillflld KIMIIAIAIA I31cl.lnf:N, - U2ltf7ll01'. Abummv lCl,n1um:14: S'l'l+:vl'LNs, - RII'l,l'1Y B. llnmvlcn. - Fi1'stl3aLsc. ALl1'nl':n Flsli PIl,I.SlH'IM', - Glaoluan I,UUliI,,XS llmlm, - - - lils'l'.x Ndlxlmmxs .BlSH'l', - - .lonx Fowl' lI.u'nl4:N, - - - - S1l0l'f.St0ll. UNIVERSITY TEAM-1890. lflmxu .loslsvn lilulzlcu, - Fitcclu-1'. .lonx IFKNVI' IIAYUILN, UICOIIAIIC KmnAl.l. l3mLlucN, - Cntclncr. Wrl.I.l.ul Uiuucv, - DlAR'I'IN XVIHHIIT W.x'l'lc0Us, - First liuso. GIGUIHIE 'l'mm.xs IilNr:, Gxumam llouums llmxn - - Second lim-au. Wlm.l.xM Foxxolc Llc.uu' - 7 5 .IonN C11lus'r1.xN 011Ns'1uum, - - - - 'l'lui1-rllinse. Axnnww Elflllilllfild S'I'I'1VENS, lllaxlw S'l'l'2l'lIl0N Mounts, - ---- Fivldor. 123 md 'I'1'v:Lsu1'v1' - SIZOYUI' 'I'l1i1'd llzmsv mgm. Fiold. C1-lm-1' Field Left Field Slm1',up Fivldcr - Fivldor Fielder - Fivldor I1 IQUIII G Emu Inter-Fraternity Base Ball Leaqgue. al-1 Ilolvnms III-mn, A 'I' A, :lc KIMIIAIII, Iilalmrzs, X llf, MAn'l'lx XVIIIGIIT u'A'1'lIOUF, mr. :md lst ll. Gmmuua Iimlmlm lilcnlwzx, nz. and lst ll. 11ls'1'.x Nmxmxs lilcwr, p. and 211 ln. TIIICIIIYIDIIIG Bll'F.XllI4.KNI'2 KNAI'I'l'2N, p. F1u1:nANmu+:wS Hnrru, c. ' 'I'mmAs Armxmxzu I1m'xw1al.l,, s. lllcmual-J I7m'ul,As IIlf:.m, p. .lmm Fowl' lI,xx'nlcN, 0. Lvxmx I,m'w 1'1lcm'ls, lst, Ir. HAIIIIYGIIIISIQII1'GI'1AlIllAI1'l', p. VVIIJIIAM l'I,u'sM1fn IIm"1', c. 1'IAlmY JIAIUPIN KENNIGDY, lst ln. Grzmusm 'I'nml,w Kmu, c. W,u,l,Acl-1 11. Ihvls, p. 1hr'l,l1:Y IS. Iilunvmn, lst lm. OFFICERS. - I.'resicIox1t. Wr1.1,r,u1 xVIGlIS'I'I'1II lI.umuN, A K Ii, S utm Vice l'rf-sidcnt. llluucv GIIIISICIVI' GI-:.uul.xn'1', I X, 'I rulsurm 1 Qlyi Psi Team. Flu-Jn 1'l1:.xnsuN SMITII, p.:u1m1211 lm. Gldllllllld II.xNl'm'1i Sl'vf:.x1l, v. l'. UIIIIIICIVI' lilmlfzxlf: IJIc'luc1uxANQ 2111 b. 'I'nm1As FILl'ZI'1NI.1S xVAI.l,.Kl'l'I, I. I'. RlIsslf:1,1. lhwwmm 1f'umvlf'1,ll, r. I'. 'flyeta Plyi Team. CIIAIIIIICS D. Gwinn, Ist lr. SAM17ELS,U'II4 I'.xqUlx, 2d ll. GIIANT Blflldlild I1ussM.xN, Eid Ir. Delta Eau Delta Zieam. lhum' I.. I3.vl'c'1lla1,n1au, 2d b. l',xl:1, E. Kr:NmN, 311 Im. 1+'men 1IAx'wAlm Grmmx, I. l'. Siqgma Qlyi Gqam. NVAIIRIGN NIAvx,xlm Ilonurz, 211 Ir. Rm' VVlll'l'lC SQIYIIIICS, 2111 lv. Awrmm li. Cnuucn, r. f. Dqlta Kappa Epsilon Eeam. ' AllI"l1I'2Il BXISK I?'m', s. S. Am IIAMMHND, 1. I'. S'l'xv.xn'1' lllcxsux, r. f. FIIICIJICRIUIQ Lum-1 lJol'm,3xs, 11, l'. Rm' V. Sxtrrn, cr. I'. Klcxlmu' CII.Xl1IlICS l3Am'uclc, r l'. Mllx Wr:s'r, s. s. Louis Illcxm' Iilcxxlfzlw, 1'-. I'. M,xm'rx llITliIlUlCI!lIY,1. l'. llrlmnl I'. IIm"1', s. :-4. W.xl,'rlm S. DAVIS, 211 ln. l'II'1ILIII'2li'l' GIIISLXN liu'll.u11msnx.c I W1l.l,rAM xVI'lIIS'I'ICI1 IIAIIMUN, 311 lm. Illfzlvl' IQl4:vl':lw:'l"1' Sawluc, 1'. I'. HAILl1Y'l'. Incl-1, 1. I'. l'InN1':s'1' Awrnun Num-znsnx, s. s L 12-I THE UNIVERSITY FOOT BALL TEAM,-1889-90 University Football Association. OFFICERS. AIILTUN Rl-ix, - President. B. II. 'l'IMlxi-zluiuu-1, 'l'ypngm-p1- TERM. Cillltilill und Qumtor Buck, - - A. F. l.'ll.i,:-uxuiiv. IIALI1' ii.-wits. Gian. K. Bicnmax. JOHN F. I-I.n'mcN. Full Bac-k, - - - - 5 - - Gu.xN'l' Russxux. iuisil-LINE. B. E. 'l'1xAsii, 1. 0. E. II. DAY, r. 0. A. J. llumis, 1. t. J. E. NIAIJIGAN, 1'. t. M. B. llxvinsux. 1. Gian. C. Sim-1s,1'. Ul'l1fiOl'8,l1t1C1lDt2l.ill'010Ct, - II. li. liuluxsox. SUl!S'l'l'l'U'l'l'1H. li. B. Phiowifzii, Cims. Giwiiiirifz. W. M. 'I'imm'soN. Schedule of Games Played. OIPIPICIAL. Us-t.2li,'Vu1'sityvs.ox-Uo11egintvs,i11 Minnonpolis Ball Punk, 10 to 0. Nov. 11, 'Varsity vs. Sliattuc-lc, at Farilmlllt, S to 28. Nov. 20, 'Varsity vu. Slmttuck on Home Grounds, 26 to 0. liNoif'lf'ICrAI. Out. 5, 'Yawsity vs. " This Miiiiiesutzu-i," at Midway Park, 2 to 0. 125 Uniuqrgity T2l7I'jiS Qlub. OFFICERS. Glcmml-: KlxlnAl.l. lhfznm-LN, - President. Fm-:n M,n'x.x1m BIANN, Soon-tn1'y MAX Wrzsw, - - - - Vice Prosidm-ut. Smlulcl. SAVH. PAQVIN, '1'1-Qn,m,-Q,- EXECUTIVE commITTEE. Fm-in 1lAYw,um Glml,xN. Cll.ual,1-is SUMNI-Ill lIAl.l-1, Chi PS1 Set. Grzulual-1 lilMl:,xl.l, llmml-xx. R1s'r,x NIMNIUNS lhfzwl' Clmlzln-N Svxrxlcu 1Lu.1-1. 'l'llmm:-1 Fnl1:mIAN W.'u.I..w11: , . Theta Phi Set. Gn.xN'r l3l'II'1lH'2 liossxmx. .Lum-:s l' Gn,xx'r. 'l'nm1,w AI.1'llllNZll Ituc'lcwm.l,. Fllldlll-llilffli NIAYNARD AIANN Delta Tau Delta Set. GICUIHIIG Iluucams llmlm. NVIIAIIUIC NvAlNltlliII'l' IMNN. -lmlx Fowl' lhwlncx. Klmnnro UnA1u.l-:s lhlu'uf'u Phi Kappa Psi Set. lflqxm, l,.V,..,-pglcsmlx HAIIAY. lI,xm.lcx' Glvwulzlm lh'suNl':l,l,. -lUSl'Il'Il Hsmlc Jumalcxs. '.luuN XVl+:sm':x' GIKAVIGS 1226 Sigma Chi Set. Roy VVIIITE SQUTRES. lhuuv M.xu'rlN lIl'JNNI'1IbY. ldnwum l3uowN GAIKIDINICII. H'.XRllY Gn.lncu'r Gl':.xulI.xu'l Beta Theta P1 Set. pm, .-,,,,.3y, llouluuic li.xxnAi,i. ltomxsox. liilmm' lGl,i.xs 'I'u.xsK. Mn.'1'oN lim 1 ll L I, Delta Kappa EPSIIOD Set. , y ' H1 ar 1, 'q'4,N,.5 W11.l,l.xM W1'll!S'l',l'1Il l'IAuA1oN. Rllmuv li. lilllNVICll. ll.xu.uY T. Llc: tux n,llI.l.Xll . R "Sow" Qamq. fQIl0fl'1l'.J " e ' ,- ' 1 'cross the tennis net 'l'he muse the em mhnsis were murkedg Ile l'l'0Wl10ll ai vel-V suvawe frown : 1 3 m te .L , l Q l , . 5 'php Sun shmw warm ulpuvo, She let her eyelids full. She softly culled him goose g "VVhut is the score ? " the inuiden asked, " lluve nuuiy others culled you that ?" But he ignored the tender tone lle answered, " ' Fifteen, love.' " 'f Well, yesfsome 'thirty, ull.' " "And erossly growled, U 'The Deuce I' " lle saw his Hvznituge " plainly now. And suid, i'C0l1l0, dropping fun, Just tell ine, do you 'love fifteen ?' " She said, " I love but one." ' 127 lint uh ! what need to tell you more ? The story is the sume g And ere the sun haul sunk to rest 1' or him, why, it was " genie." Uryiuergity Llfbeelmery. op'-Flcsgs. Rm' NVlIl'I'l4l SQITIIIES, - - - 1'1'm-sidonxt. lI.umv vVAl1'1'Eli Bmvru, - Q Q mmm llxluu' DAN1l4:1.s LAc'lum, - S1-1-1'ot:L1'y mul 'l'1'f-us11x'e1'. GICIIIHIIG KINIIMLI1 BIGIIIHIIN, A First. Lu ntvn un ELUN Oman .HUN'1'INli'l'UN, - Second Li0lltL'l1IllltN. IDEITIBERS. linv Wlll'l'1'2 Squnu-:s. Emx Omen lIUN'l'lNfi'l'0N. XVIIAJAM CIIAIKIJGIS Wm-zus. 'l'uoMAs F1ucv:M,xN WAm,.xcl-1, Blum-'only Cn1u'l+:l,l.l-1 llulm, JR. UllAlLl,l'IS IJ1c-lualuuw NI.Vl"l'l'ISON. Wn.l.l IC FIKANFIS 'I'nl7sslc1.l,. lI.xlu:x' vVAl.'l'lilG Buu'1'n. Glfzolmlc KIMIXAIJAUI'2l.Dl'1N. Russ:-11.1, lllcvwmm F0I,WI'1l.I1. Cu,xn1,lf:s 'l'umu's1m Cuxumz. Amxlcx Juslavll Bl1l'1'I'llICN,-IR. C1l.x1u,lcs SUMNIGIK IIALI-1. lhnsv W1m,l,xM Wxmux. 128 .Innx 1'Nll'lIl'1'I"I'. . FIQANK IIA'nwl-:N I3.xnxm'. I"1u':n lhmwxlf: xVI'll,l.H. Surrn lS.xl.nwlN Blf:m..xMx'. IIA Il uv Awuxsux KMNN I-:nv lhum' lD,xxIm,s Lwlmn. .InuN RICIIMUNII l'l'l'M,xN. University Indian Qlub Swincgerg. oprrlcsns. frris f'.XllSl.I-EY Gimss, V- - Big Chia-l'. iii-:suv C1ri"i'ox, - - 01.111 KN17'1'i-1 Wu.r'nN, - liig Medic-inc Maui. Alilll'2ll'l' NV00lJW.kl!ll Sluw, W':u annves. l,.X'l'lill'li liicxxiciw. l?li,xiii.if:s Wii.i.i.xM liiuv. Siviai: Si':l:l'xu:.xim. Ai.ulf:1c'i' W. S'l'.Kl7Y. A. ll. Ilum. ll. Emil. FllYlBl"Ii1il"li i"ic.xNii -IOFICl'll Iiiixiii-Lv. llnuiv BIAIKTIN liiaxxiaiw. Lmfis liicxin' Kicxxi-:mx . . University Qun Qlub. OFFICERS. l'i-Lxiisux SMl'I'll, - l'l'1'Hili1'lli. .hum tiiiusviexmc Uimss. 'l'lil+:uimni4: 1il1'I".x1il..xxif1 IiN.xi'l-lex, f - V Vim- PI'1'Hili1'll1i. l'xIllCIJI'IllIi'li M.xYN,uw BIANN, Ai.i:i1:ii'i' Aii'riu1i: llumaic, fA---- fiilliiiilill. Bongo OF DIRECTORS. Fin-Lu 1ll'lAliFllN Hmvrii. Joim liiwsviexolc Cimss. lflciiziai-Licivii M.u'N.xlm MANN. 'I'Illu0Il0lll'. Mc 1' .Him Aim-1ii'i' AIi'l'IIl'll lluinaic. af -- r' ,MTW .1 ya, V7 KVM 4- ,, f W Lui 2 xm '79 N f Xilli I ll1l:'1LlL. ' ,. ' TZ? 1'-I lhxiici. Eizaaiaxm l3.u.nwiN 6, 478: xi f, T -1 Q f. rv 592 ."' ,.. .H if In Y' 'f A 1 U ' TP. T5 lg 'I f , , 1 pw -- -'.1'l ,f 5 1 2 df " ' X., 4:nI '- 1' X"'-- U, Tp,-" a' 4. ,gllqizllh - . , W' uf., M42 I ""V'7' . 1.1 ISU - Svrilu npum llulmim-1' J. U.uii'1si-Ji.: M I ifrux linux H1-1-ri-1 airy 'I'1-1-:1s1i1'vi' me KN.'Xl'I'EN 1 i I xx l4l:.xx1c fIOSl'II'lI lilmlsllzv, ll. linen. FIIYIIICIHIICIK, IC I-'lvl 1-1 .I. Lfulmuxx 1 llunm-ll: ll. llnmxsux. l'll.xm.l4:s ID. Gmmn. I lun 1'xlXlI',lt. Gl+10llHl'Il7'1 ' Fi rat I', Univqrsity Ril7K flssoeiation. OFFICERS. .ms Cm.:-xxx Ii1c,xN'r, - l'1'esimlent. JUSl'1I'lI Osrxxlc .Immun-Lxs, Hum-ml Maumgm-1'. YiK'0-P1'0Sill4'llf. xv.H.'l'l'1ll linwlx XVINSIMW, 'l'x's-nsm'v1'nml Sm-11-tan-y. Fl: xwvm A Nl las. lll.XN'l'. Univqrsity Dancing Qlub. orrrrlcsrzs. , - - f I'ra-sidunt. S'l'l'2I.l..X IS. S'I'I'l.KllNS V - A 'l'1'v:Lslm'l'. , Sur-rm-t.:u'y. MAX u'I'IS'I', ---f-- PROGRAMME COMMITTEE. FIIICIJ. ll,xvw.xlm Glmux. I"l:.xxf'l-:s DloN'l'mml':m'. FIAOOR COMMITTEE. Rm' x'VlIl'l'I'l Sqrllu-rs. Vll"l'lll! Amxm S'l'IZ.XliNS. Llniuqrsity Qbess Qlub. OFFICERS. - - A l'1'4-sidcnlt. lI.ucnx' H.Kli'l'lN Klcxxl-:mg - Vif'C-Pl'l!:-ZiKlI'll1f. ll. Emil. F1cx'luf:um-zu, ------ Svm'otu1'y. mamsens. Iyurls III-zxm' Klcxxl-:mt Nl.xn'r1N IB. Ihvmsnx. Cll.XIiI.l'IS EIINICWI' HUUIISIGLI.. Ullxlclmxs lA'I'1SILINH SUHMICIRS. Grfzmum Mun. xVlNI"Il'2l.ll W. B.xu1m'l':m.. w1NNE1-zs. - IIUIQAUIG Ii, Rmuxsnx. Second llauso, 1230 ' lhnm' M.x1c'r1x Klcxxum' 1 Vi ,,: f,.1 J E aff? ' 519 o - 1 jug ,1,,.K4f 7f6l':M -. ,1..j,.. , As, 'I , 'J ,ws,.f4f ff,-uf 4: l , , 2 " 1 3- 41 ff :H f h A .- L - ff ,f7 ' ,X ,' 3 rff? - 4 K L, W, - - Y ,T l: Wg! . 1. ., -an 'Z' 4? 'A KW ' -ff" WX5 5 ,'1Mv!: ' ,. ff Elilifiidp' """"""' 456 . A ?,-92 .M N-'af ' ?4 " ,?' X f'-'f -V ,,::- "1--AZQ4 f- 37' " Z .X-X if f' ,M il W1 f ?"'i- "- -- if fwofso-213, -'ez ' Q fl. n I. "jp, f' V 'YQJC ,id I Y 7 - :f f -' - A -'-Q .- , f - 2, ei A w f -' ' - I " - 'Qi ' - 4' -'W' 1 ,2" V V' .L ,-4+ " r - - xr T: 9' ' 1 X rf-in W' 3 5 - H lxb gf 1 3 -M f ..- .. N - .Ns '- ,--- ,. 2 2,11 .R 'Z -----aziifi-1: 1 "" 'A . - S XQ 1 n ' Q ,,-. gg Z X Xi iff . Q9 ' ff- A ' A Q , ' fQ:'.2'f'T N' f "1 Qs, X Q , Q - - N K' N Qlbl. V ---A" ,ov "5:1g41:.4 -if 4 ' f r, ."w'Q'45 XT ' .W 5 7 , was 9' 2 X S 1 . . ff WW-J , .ff -ui' --5.-v J . f Rf- Q li ' , I . 5-??SQ-- r- - 2 ,ff ff -4x ' X ff xg 4, f"m, 1-' ' -l X ,KQZXXXQ If Z - ga M l -E-, X' fi' - -"- ' " "'v- --if liil Uniuergity Qadet Battalion Cornmandant. 1.11-:if'l'mN.xx'1' Iflnwm F. Gmcxx, 'l'wi-nty-iii'tl1 L'niti-il Status lllfIl.llt1'Y Commissioned Staff Officers. Uzulvt Captain :und lxiljllfilllt, A. F. l'll,I,snIfuv. Vmlvt Cnpmill :mil Ql1:u't01'nmst4-r, NI xx NN Non-Commissioned Staff 'Ofi'icervs. Czulc-t Svrgvnnt Major, Li. K. Ulfinmcx. Cadet Q,llll.1'UL'l'lllJLSEQI' Surgwult, !'Y1zvl, .Si'r'1l1l1f l'Y1 fl, .S?'4'0lIff, 7W1'n!, l'bm'M l'UM, I '7'11vl, Slwlllzf 7 Wfnl, f'2Illl'fh v v compnuv -'nu' Il. li. 'l'u.xsK. II. il. liri'lr,xlm,mx, ll. IC. 1+'lcYl:lf11u:i':1c, U. S. lI.x1.1c, II. D. L.U7li4bll, Il. U. Ilvlm, 'l'. ll. Oxlxswxxlm 7 U. IG. Gl"I'lIlHIC, IB. C. 'l'.wr.0R, GICOIUITC MASHI-Llc, ll. P. FIKIIIIMY, R. ll. FUl.Wl'll.I1, Cadet Captains. ..coM,,HN,, HEI.. .l. F. II.n'mzN. Cadet Lxieutenants. W. li. WYINSLUW, A. W. SHAW, Cadet Sengeants. .I. G. Clmss, J. l'lufrlll1:'r'r, U. E. GOUIDSICLL. F. D. Mosh-un'l', .l. R. l'l'l'M.xN, Cadet Conporfals. W. D. I+'lm:4'l', A. lhxxmi, - 132 compnnv Nc. Nl S1 .ximnrxm 4... P Him M Iillih G I' llrllx. C. L. W. W. llmnmx L. 0. III 7N'l'INi lu. J. lx ll Xli'l"'l', W. A. S- .l. IC. Ntlulilillii x IIIADVICN A I4 Cliwlm.. . A. V L NN Flillilllilli The Coliseum or Drill Hall Ili g You "A ll Tho Tho lll'0l 'l'lw 'l'lu- ' 93 " The Ueut. QAIIQ--HUIM1' iff Pfuzu Yiwu," G111n1Q1!l'4.'11v.,l Whvn Iirst you 1-:uno Uonlpuny "Q" Your houorl-ml nnnu- li on our lnunu-rs lloateulg Wlnvu in, or out, l,l"I'0lllI1l nhoul, r slightest, Inova- wus uotvml. With luuulmlv :nic-u Wlwn you wi-ru sm-vu, , l.i1-lm-uuut " wo suiml -Holi Vllllllii wr-ll all-c't,ml, llllll'll 11-spot-toll L'nnll'ocLvml warrior, grunt l4l1'lIT0lHIllL G11-nn -oh. Hut soon tlu- drill llaul cc-:msc-al to till lmoy's fond li0urt's mlcsirv, And your 1-oluinauul At nrnu-1 to stand ight lloods of suppr0ss'cl irog Anil thou "Thu Lim-ut " Scrum-fl more to suit wuy tluit you wi-rv held- ---' oh 'l'hut loss 1'uspvc-L4-ml, llll'2lll'l'l'll!ll l'ml4-jul-tell lnwyl-r, Ising l,ivll1.1-nunt, Hll-un Holi. S24 ww 135 Caine into view, 'l'lu- pot ol' tho lrnttulion: Anil thvn n naunu 7 Not quite thc- smnv fl 'f llul-lii01ll.." wus your coguonu-n. You'r0 strong, null ya-In A 1-ig:u'v1,to llolds you in mullv:-as tllrnll--oh Tliut, ll01l.I'ty, joking, 1-vor smoking N ever cronkin lonfur, 'I'lw plump liioutunnnt Glenn-oh. You know your biz- Suuh as it is- As xx 1-ll :Ls :Lnylrodyg You'ro big :uul lu-:Lvl-, Yoursulf you sluwu, Your dress is nent, not gaudy. And yet, the boys - Your constnnt joysw llnvv mlulrlmoal you "Whisk0rs Glvnu."- 'I'lu1t ovorilowiug, vc-ry knowing, Whiskvr growing uuil'o1'lu, Uur own liiolu,on:u11,G14-nun oh. Qompany " CAPTAIN. U1,,xn.x l3.u,nwrN. IJIEUTENRNTS. Fm-1, - - 0I.,m.x Km.r.fmr:, f'7l1Tf,- - - - Dnn,x Gm-lumpy .SH'roml, - - '- - - Aus W lNl'lllCI.l.. SERGERNTS. 1'2"-A-1, - Mn' Ulmxmv. 7'm'm', I..xunm F1mN1ucNwl1f:l,n Akmmi, - El.IZ.XllE'l'H Nulwlllmv. filllllh, --f-- - -- I,El1.A .lmmsox Mlfm, ---- - ' .lmssnfz Sxrvr conposznus. ' 1171-..-1, ANN1-1 Bum. Hun-M, M.wm2 Comuovl-1 Mnunl, NIAIQY SMITH. Mflh, - ADA ADAMS YWMI, - NIAMIIG Unmu. .Sh-lh, -- SARA Juslxx PRXVATES. K.-vm-1 A1'rvllrsuN. MINNIE H.xsslc'r'r. .l1+1.xN 'Ih,.usn1f:l.1.. Mun' lin.-nwnnv. K'r,,xu,x Ihrumzs.. AIABIGI, f'0I,'I'lCR. 3l,wq-H4 f:0m,, Iloxm Dll,l'ISSl'IR. .Imssllc Emvlcm. H.X'l"l'Il'1 l+'r,mr1Nu. Fnnsml, I,rl.1.lAN F1' GEl!'l'Rl7DlC Gums. l'1MM.x LE,xv1'r'r. .lnsxcvllxxlfz Nlc'l'm', Lnrlsm Mm-Gov. .lice-xsllc Muthclfzuarrlr. HAITI!-Z,MIYGIKHKIUII. MAIN-:N Mlmllc1,1':'n'. Llzzn-1 Nmwxux. MINNHH: l'lcluuNs. ANNA H'r.wv. ANNA 5'l'llU5I 1-:rl-zu. lm BUllNl'1'l"1' 1345 FROM PHOTOGRAPH BY MURDOOK. TICRIOR OI" 'UHIC UOIJSIGUNI OR DRILL H1 Xl ll PFIRT III. Pot-pourri Clasg Day Exereiseg. University Qbapel, 6uesday,Jur7e 4tl7, 1889. 1.-Bridal Chorus Lohcngrin, FT. Swlcmrxu Ii,xNn -Class llistory, ---- 1 Mum 'I'uox11'soN 3.MVocnl Solo U-Little Fisiiur Maiden, - .I 1-xssrl-1 Mc' NIIIJAN 'L -Class Propliucy - - - A M.x'l"ril-: E1.wl1:l.l, 5, 'Alia-11':u:tirni Song, - All'l'lII7li IC. GIDIJINHS li. ---- Class Ovation, - lilcxlu' .lonxsos 7.-Claws Poem, ---- IIHLEN IC. W.x'r1-:us B.-Music -fluvitntion to thi- Dame:-, - FT. SNl':l.l.1Nu BAND U .-'- -Clam.:-is Statistics, - - - Alt'l'IlUll IG. UIDDINIIS 10.'f' 'l'l'Cil.Slll'L'I"H Report, - - - Wim. W. Cn umm' 11.-Vocal Solo' -Umss Laum-nt, ---'f- K.x'riuuN.x SI'li0IIMl'Illill 12.f'RIGIl10I'i2Ll Omtioii-'I'lio Amoricnu Scliolau'-Ilia Mission, - O. L. 'l'luf:f:s, F. V. M Piclas!-1N'i'.vl'roN-Rl-1vm' nv l'noif'. -I unsox. 13.-Song, - - --------- - liv 'I'lll'I Umss 14.-l'1'csi11ent's Adiii-oss, .L Cm.m-:u'r Fxmrfzs 15.--Farewell Song, - Rx' 'Vlilfl Cmss On the Campus. Ovation, ' ----- - liomfzwr LI'ISI,ll'I iilowwr-:'i"i' Cenemony. Song, A f - - lh' 'l"lil-: Umss H35 N Oratoriqal Contest. For tbq Pillgbury Prizq. Junq 5, l889. - MU1l1'l'l1 Mllsil XIIICNIH' Juuxsux, 'l'lu- l,uhm'l'1'ohlvm. J. l'.xl'l, Gllllllld, l'Usc'.xn Il. 'l'mm:s, -- - 'l'lm 'l'im4-s. lilcxnlm' C. l!.xl:4-uma, - - - f,liVK'1' U1-olnwm-I Qk'l'lllcmmn1-G. Som:-zs, - - - John Bright. Gu.vrm l'm:N'r1:vxl.xN, -- A Sllfl'gllil,l'dS ul't.lm Sullmga Slvl-Ju Slfl:l'm:,um, ---- - Stop hy S11-11. 3:AXX'2lI'l1l'll first. plawv. JrAwzu'dufl Fa-vrrlld plalcv. IAwu1'4lu1l l,hi1'd plucv. lndiuiclugl Qompetitiue Drill. For Gold medal presqntqcl by Cieutqnant Glenn. Wlm hy WAl.'l'lf1: F. W,lNSl.llW, - - Junu3h'd,1S8ll. Won lay Ilmzlcx' D. llwlwla, Novumlwr 25111, ISSJ Won hy lI.xum' D. Illwlurlc, - - April 12th, 1890. l Qompany Qompetltlue Drlll. Clilllpillly "Auf l':Lpluin 'l'1':xSk .NlIll1Il0l'0f' l':1'l'0l'S. - - ll-L Company " IS"--wiizlptalill Iluymlun-ff-N11mlwr ul' El'I'0l'S, - 200 I Cmnpzuxy "C" 'Cllllililill llooclum Numlmor ol' El'1'0I'S, - 102. Hlllllallll.:uv:ll'llc-41 tu i'on1p:u1y "A," lil!! ll. lllori-'u'1"1'. 9. TIIUIIAS. W. Cullen:-JY. UVf'l'llll'0, " Lusts l'zm'ol lfonmiquo, W.u.'rz, Ql'AllllIl.IlIC, Yon li 1-1, - l'omcA, - W A ll'l'Z, LAr'c'x mes, GA Ll rv, Yoluc rs, QuAmum.m, WA xxrz, - Pc mm, - The poll, - - - Sqryior Promqnadq. COLISEUM, JUNE 41'u, 1889. Qommittee on ftrranqemqnts. .lldssllfl Mc'Mu,l,.xN. Floor Qommittee. W. ll. L.xnl'l4:. .l. l'. Lioomfz. Promenade Proqramme. - K1-lvl' llvln. lll. llc-11nil1is1'vl1c'vs. - - - - - llinrllvy. IV. Waltz, " Sp:moliu," V. Mcdluy, Murcia, - - ---- l7ont01'l1u. I Dar7eil7Q Prooramme. Ln Gitzum. LAN4-1 ICIIS, - Now Lilo W .u,'rz, - Ruszu. l'ol.K.x, - V Solcsiu. x'Ultlil'2, - 1'ESi,lldlIl.lltiIlil.. College Songs Zur Attuqui- - Valli-slum Nordstern Casino Tzmzv - Erminio QUADllIl.lll'I, SCllll'l"l'lSClI I-1, WA lxrz, - Pomu, LANCI I-ms, You lu-1, - W lx ll'l'Z, l+'n.-xxx ll. -loslcs. li. ll. Illowi-:'l"l'. G1-:omam Ml-:.u-umm. Hull l'l'u'j'. i A Corbin You-m:m oi' thu lluaml - Sprwizll Rvporls. - Hlllllflllg Clnililren. - - - Faust.. f Mother Goose. - - Anna. - - Nnnon. . In Hood llumor. - Pourl of Pekin. - - 'Mm'tlm. - - llonaun lVvllc-n. Music Furnished by Third U. S. lnianrry Band. Refreshments Served by Dcrsett, under' the Gallery. 'Soft stiraiiiiz-i 0lll.l'llllf'illg, Winged fc-vt glaniving, Yunth and Hi'au-1-ilnineillg, Nsfoi' sc-on sm fair. Imvvly vyvsi lwnniing, Sni't,-lim-il lig-his glwuning, Wnltxing :mil iil'4'll.lllillQ, llunisliing vuru Ebq Senior Promenadq. BEFORE mmmoi-l'r. Airily gliding. Manly l'n1-ins guiding, Fair ones conliiling, Rosy nnml bright. Sc-onn vvm' shifting. Fniry slinpos-i 1il'ii'tillQ, Soft I'i':igi':infee lifting, i'il2ll'lll :mil mlvlight. RFTER MIDNIGHT. The vlosing waltz waning, The ilrnssing 1-noni gaining 'l'o find our lint missing, Uni' Mint gnnv astray. I'au't,ing-prolnngings, 'l'iemlv1- gmul nmrnings, A 1lny'H early dnwnings, llig lioaul na-xt ilny. Soft laingliter Welling, Rippling und swelling, Mvrry 1,lmnglit,:-i telling Wmwls light :uid guy. Nlmlimlts swift flying, Lingering nnd sighing, I, to ln- dying, P1-risli away." Ei E-E5 - - '-1 3 51155 ' 2 Z 1 il if-fr E? if ' , ffl, gn! 3: ii i J' ,Q -5- r .. 1 Wyng f fx ,g il j1l,":-.z- 7 if ,, ,ir W it JB., 5 gi ii ,iw L 2' ffl, " E E .TI if . 4 ' K vagf, "1 pi fbi Z - AQQWAF T f. ff ' 141' -E mu """ -4,5 IM rm. It 114' faqs. SP. aim .-u 141 Statistics of the Glass of '9n. NAM rn. Ago. lit. W1 Aims. lll'Il.l11ltlIiNIDICNOMIN.-Vl'l0N3 l-'ll'l'lill if: om'c1n'.x'rloN I'0I,I'l'll'S. Anki-ny, Martha V., - - 21 2 115 "Nl:iLt.iv." llisviplc. 1 l'mlotorinin0d. Of the Coming Party Asllllisfllli UILXWI' M1l1'i'ill- 23 0 165 Unc:0rt.ain. i Moc-hanical Ellgllll'0l' Cosmopolitan. lit-hh, lloso Ann. - - - 21 3 121 'fllosof' Congrvgational. 3 Prohihition-lim-pnhluan llvhh, William lloimvtt, - 22 11,15 145 "Deacon," IIongrcgational. -I0lIl'lliI.llSlll. Ropnhlioan. Berry, lilanohe Parlu-1' - 21 -H 138 uBlll.IlK'll1'.H Congrogational. 'l'ho fntnro will toll. Republican. Blothvn, Aldon .lose-pln, .l r. 20 1 155 ".lov." L'lllVCl'S2l,liSt,. 1 Newspaper man. Republican. Hflylllll, Signrmlnr Johnson, 24 Sjg 147 "S, J." Protcstanig. Vmlocimloal. Mugwninp. llray, Cliarlc-sz William, - 21 0 152 Charlc-y. Baptist. b Doctor. Prohihitionist llrowne, Squire Fred, - - 23 -Sjlf 185 ' Mc-Ginty." Congrogational. ' Lfndeoirlotl Republican. lfhapnian, Grave, - - - 22 5 118 Gram-. lflpiscopalian. Author. D0ll10Cl':1t- Chapplo, llvnjainin Phillip, 26 146 Uncortain. l'nrlcc:i1l0il. Prohihitionism. Clmfw, f7llllI'10S llillwlll, - 20 9 145 "Kaitlin" Presbyterian. 1 llnsinc-ss. Repnh ican. Clnowvn, Walter Ahrmn, - 22 6 140 "llc-avon." Universalist. Civil Engineer. Mugwnnip. Church, Arthur Bliss, - - 20 S 130 Congregational. 1 Undociclvcl. Replllrlican. Clark, George Archilmalml, 25 146 UG. A." Presbyterian. Podagognm-. Ri-linlrlir-am. Connor, Myrtlv, -'-- 18 115 110 "Myrt.ii-J' lfnivorsalist. J tirowing. Democrat. Cross, Nc-llio Malnra, - 20 Il 125 Noll. Congregational. 1 Fishing. Iicpnhlivan. llahl, .lohn Albion, -- 25 9 140 Lntlioran. Q Lawyor liopnhlican. Dahl, John Fritliiof, - 20 ".lm'k." llnthoran. Lawyer. Republican. llodgv, Alhort Arthur, 22 8 147 "limi," Unknown. 1 Politician. Rvpilplir-an. Frost, Flora Joy, - - 22 7 90 Catholic. lfmleoimluul. Blllgwlllllll. 1"1'y0, Nora, '---- 22 1214 Umlooidofl. , 'l'eat'l1ing. llelnihlican. Gardiner, l'1dwu1'd llrown, 21 4 125 "Spider," Universalist. 1 Arclxitoct. Nomlm-script. Guthrie, Anna Lorainv, - 26 5 110 l'1'oshyt.vrian. 'l'c-an-hing. Unknown. Gntlirio, llora May, - 23 6 130 "lloslo." l'roshytorian. Umlccida-il. Not a Dl'lll0C'l'1l,t Guthrie, Charles Elise, - 21 -11 160 Preshytoriani. Teaching. Blllgwlllllll. llannnontl, Asa John, - 20 -515 130 "Asia" Baptist. Doctor. Doubtful. llanft, Frank, ---- 19 0 165 ffllntollyf' Uncertain. l Umlocimleal. Democrat. llarinon, William Woln-iii-r, 21 -8 150 "Wallin" Congrogational. i Lawyer. llepnhlit-zur. lluhn, Gt-orge Philip, - - 20 150 l'r0sllytori:m. 1 I'rol1ihition-Roplllillf in I 142 Statistieg of tlye Qlags of '91---Qontiqued. Nauru. Age. Ht. Wt. alms. ltl'llllt'il0US nnNomN.v1'loN l"l7'l'I1ltI4l 0l'l'Ul'A'l'IUN. l'0l.l'1'It 4 Jorgens, Joseph Oscar, - - 21 410 150 "Joe" Methodist. Lawyer. Always 011 this 011111 bldg Kemp, Mary Emma, ---- 22 - 55 145 Bapiist. Republican, Knappen, Theomlorc Mclfarlane 18 - 816 145 "'l'hede." Don't Know. ltepnhlican, Leach, llarlan lllclward, -' - - 23 0 152 Congregational Not decimleml. Republican, Lommen, Christian Peterson. -' 25 6 .140 Lutheran. Teaching. Republican, Martin, Lillie May, ----v - 21 394 104 "Dot," Baptist. Teaching. ltepnhliean. Matteson, Charles Dickerman, - 20 410 140 Congregational. Banker. Republican. Merrill, John lflrnest, ---- 18 llij 153 'fllickf' Congregational. Minister. Republican. Montgomery, Frances, - - - 21 OM 1123 "Francie," Kindergartening. Republican. Morris, William Beaumont. - - 21 101g 140 HW. B." l.'resbytc1'ian. Preacher. Republican. Nickerson, Ernest Arthur, - - 21 6 140 "Nick," Congregational. Lnmberman. Republican. Peterson, Carl Christian, - P 21 10 150 "Pete," Uncertain. "Frog-ology" Poetry. liflenarehist. Pierson, llomer Francis, - - 22 0 175 "ll, F." ' Republican Pnrrly, Milton Dwight, - -- 23 10 145 "To do Good." Lawyer. Republican. Plowman, George Taylor, - - 20 00 145 Episcopal. Architect. Republican. Rexford, Minnie Agnes, - - 10 Oy, 106 "l'rix'l'1'ixie' Universalist. Give it np. Republican. Rose, llattie Rose, - - - - 10 1 02 llarry. Repnbliean. Sarfleson, Fred vvlllllllll, - 24 150 llon't Know. Prohibitionist Savage. Charles A., - - - - 23 A 05g 1210 Presbyterian. Republican. Sias, Edgar Daniel, - - 20 - 0 1-10 "Sis," 2-log veil ikkef' Prohibitionist Smith, George Arthur, - - 24- 815 150 Teacher. Prohibitionist. Soares, 'Fheoclore Geralmlo, - - 20 6 120 "'I'ed." Baptist. Minister. Free-'l'racle Rcpnhln an Stacy, Albert W., - - P - 22 .11 180 "Pat" Methodist. Umleeided. Republican. Stearns, Victor Alonzo, - - 10 814 140 "Vie" Unitarian. Lawyer. Republican. Stout, Thompson Welliver, - Y 21 0 140 "'l'om." Methodist. Emlitor. Snmbardo, Ava, ---- - 22 3 118 Agnostic. "l'wo years in Paris." Straight liepnblu ni Sweigle, Unrtiss, - - -- 23 0 135 "Curt" Congregational. Reformer. Prohihitionist Timberlake, Byron llarvey, - - 27 8 147 "'l'im." Baptist. Millionaire. 1 Republican. Trnssell, William Francis, -- - 20 1015 107 Congregational. Minister. Independent. Webster, Albert Martin, - - 22 401g 150 Baptist. Lawyer. Prohibitionist 1433 ,Z .,,,.,. .JF ,.,- :,,. k ,ff Z- 15 uni' N Q 0 9?- as 3 ,xe 4 iw Q13 T X S'-'NYS f Pix EF' 3' vii 'lf v Fred YV. Sardcson I james E. ' Carroll 5 Hora 1x1.Gulhric , f.. 'V 2 wnncr A. 1: Chowan Albert M . Wcbslcr ' X .- I S. F. Brown . am ll. Ji NX 1 -if Lars Solsncs i ' J ' in Blanche Berry on Curlisv. Swciglc Beulah McHenry C. C. Peterson a B. P. Chapplc .3 L! t Jilin '- 1 g,. vw? ' J . ' ... , H 4.5. X . 3 Q- Y, Vx, .Pro I... , Q - wx . Q, ."' 'fr dl 'V I ' 1 lil! 4 I 5 l 1 1 l l 4 , 5, f f . A Nora Frye Frank Hanft 1 A M A v A ,, Nfl' N john F. Dahl A XV Stacy .lv Gao. A. f Anna L. 1 Q ,M I Guthrie bnmh . l M- ' Willy: , W, " Bray A . Charles E.. Stout 1 7,22 ' Guthrxc h"j U . gf r George Huhn Rose A. I I:".? f ." I V ' W. F. Trusselljf . ,Q . U f I Edgar D Sins .- :M l A "we ' , 1 J X Aclclaidc Pearson H. S. Morris N 'll' f 4 ' 0 r K R , ' , vlffawhe a+ f v-:mf , X ,M X I Q i ai X ,I . 1 , J B M. Aslnkson John A. Dahl Grace Chapman A A George A. Clark . 1 5. - ' .. l lv' S A lloyum I lill- . . of - ,V Q 1 'r ' ,- it-' Y pa Y"-.X xl' I ' l s his " Harlan E. Leach Flora J. Frost. C. P. Lommen M. D. Purdy T. G. Soares Nellie M. Cross J. G mvCross Gertrude P. Tucker Geo. T. Plowman john T. Victor A . Fred P. Smith M. Emma Kemp Schurch Timberlake T. M. Knappen Stearns B. Morris A. J Blethen, jr Nickerson Hardenburg Mattie V. Ankeny . W. Harmon M. D. Snedicor Joseph O. Minnie A. H. F. Peirson Mary C. John E. Merrill Jorgens Rexford Watson Arthur Church Gardiner Chas. L. Chase Wm. B. Bebb Gertrude Bell A. A. Dodge Myrtle Connor Asa J. Hammond Chas. D. Matteson f X.. ffft 1113, A ff f'f' 'Z-1 in E If .A P H M ::.. ii 5 A ' 5- 5 ll , g,mT1 ffZf2-fl? 7- - .fd-1 - I 7. A --- X X 'T' f-W " -4 ,,.,,. w 'Z X 'M -gig: 1: , Ji V, X , '90 mffwzs- V w - ,ef I Aww, dw .gg lfl , xx ,,- , W 1 ,. -W '1 -52f4"'-3-Ei: f Ig -5: ' X X -X -I" . s- S ' ' .' , X f Sf' f S -" 77 235 f f S f s X . - f Q0 ff X 5 Q VS A ' 1 R X . eff, I ' oqfvi . f i , L if -J:-:Y .X I .au x W,.4fX F M-1 - lo pl Q X0 . -'L , 00 xxx ows X 81 1 c ord. ,rg ' - 'Z' -'F' K, X , , surlfslfw Ig- Q'qeN'1 2' Wm P.mlw"Y'P"3i of fi -Zfi E """' Z' X? Ai -L - 6253 ffl' Xa f " J ,L - X f, f' X xx E E E fi' ' ff '-ff X' X? y APTf1"'h ' ff fp. W Z , 'wg' lf? Ig fjf,-7, ' 4 ' ,Q ' m':lj1,,,.g,, ll, fb:--fig.,---"' 42' kt I um A n ,fuzz lp I -fi. fl A Hr HK K A nQ',83F0f'f'B6- Q - Iliff .'l non,-gl A624126 may 9 ,-if 1 75 ' 'N , Q. ,-f ,gggfgiafeefg 145 'I'here's a hoy I admire, Who my soul doth inspire, With the Ilalne and the iire UI' intense adoration. When I look on his face, I can iind there no tra:-e UI' the mean or the hase, 'l'o for-hid admiration, There is a llHl.iKi,---- I love her dearly, Whose fare is hright With love's warm light, For me- not merely She loves a hoy, A She loves most really, She. loves hut one, ily none she's won, She loves so queerly. Gne ibelicgnt of tne junior Girl. And what joy 'tis to walk In the hallways, and talk With this hoy,- --ah! I mock, 'I'ho' I mean adulation. "Vis an honor to know Such a hoy-H-tho' I show In rhymes that are slow, My deep felt elution. Would you know what the namr ls oi' him whom I claim 'l'0 he worthy sueh fame, And what is his station. You may ask any lass In the whole .Iunior class But one answer will pass, lint one soft intimation. 3 'Tis the "Junior Boy," The gold minus alloy, Who's the pride and the joy, In eaeh maid's estimation. 'fne Lament of tne junior Boy. ' Whom does she love 3 Not I though nearl Iler heart serene- - ller pulse I mean- - Heats quite sin:-erely. 'I'his junior girl I love so dearly, The junior hoy Alone 's her joy. A fraction vlearly, 146 Vw Am I, alas I Who weep so drearly. Oi' her dear heart l own hut part, A segment merely. She loves us all, And loves us dearly, Would she were mine, For whom I pine, And mine sincerely. 'V ff X r - f ,g, f In f We f 1 4 1 X 'mann ff ' , XX'EYfl.5XX my if WQX V 0 lm , if ifvgl Nxxxx a:f:uWiW sfc' v- :SLT .Q f Q -' N' Wi' , 0 4' THEIR courcss Annu-euool ' 5 A I., NS .ff " -.-gr -- 1 ' unu' 5 Q Tf ,WL ' ,?:iry'eq?p,eA'i- !f:- 'J fg"'-Q M NKK ,g ,-- W- -- 1 X If f NV -iid 4 "-l we 3.1 A,A. b R 11 --' ll' svi-xc.a6rR Q10 M-L 1 , N WT , 1- Wm' 49 ff X Www" w f ig. X55 3 -wx " WW A W R X 'B w 1 mre ouae-:'lLI'of-0 L' A 1 M I L ::,c::z"M:::'.:,::m- f fm T' Higgs:-1 fvf Hf"""'4 .A.... L . 147 I To fllma mater. No miser's greed sought out these shades 'l'o build among their vcruul bowers: No wurriorhs mandate 1111011 those gludvs With arches and with towers. From ruvugod woods thy timbers czmlog- From qunrrieml liilh-:idea cume thy stonc-3 The thought thut uuimutes thy frauno Sprung from thc sky uloue. No hound is tixod in rolling your, Or sturry rycle to thy fluy: lu thc,-0 c-von Timo und Futo revvrv A power that mocks decuy. For Mind imperiul us of old, Its stuff of power entrusts to thve, And soptred Thought through then shull hold The lordship of vternity. 148 The main Building as Seen in the Summer' After bbq Qommenqement Ball. llenenth the sheltering eannpns trees The gnllnnt Senior sits 3 This youth, ai dainty one is he,4 Who lives upon his wits And the lucre of his unc-estors, NVhen e'er his pu permits. llis locks :ire smooth, and short :md blonde, Ilis 'stuche is also i', llis eyes ure hunt with silent grief, llis hrow with deepest cure, For he dares not seek the trysting place, 'l'o meet his loved one there. ' lla thinks ol' nmidens he did see, Lust even' :Lt the hull, lle ponders o'er them one hy one, lint luils to once recaill To whom it was he spoke those words, NVhen gliding down the hull. 'l'o-morrow he will liolnewaird go, llis haird earned sheepskin toog llo wishes he might he there now. And that the tryst were through, For that nmid's naune he hams forgot, That he supposed he knew. Oh, stranger, pause a moment, And liston unto mo, While l toyou a talo unfold, Ol' bloody crueltce. There was a joyous puppy-dog, Lived near the ,V2ll'Sli,00, llc' playod about from morn till night, No dog so blithe as he. A J union' chanced to pass that way, And the puppy dog did seo, Says ho, "Come here you little pup, And l'll take you home with me. fl Lecgend. fl Galq of llloe. So he called away that trusting dog, lVitll a bun from tho liakorvo, And he took him into his back-yard And tim-d him to a treo. llut the pup did yolp and howl so bad, 'Twas pitiful to soo, So tho Junior let him go along Up to Biologoe. And when thvy had that puppy-dog WVIICIWE nobody could soo, They tied his legs t1-gethertiglit And yelled and danced with glee. 1 The-n tha-y put a spongo upon his nosr- Wllioh smelt so dreadfulloeg And soon that littlv baby-dog Grow limprf -thou ceased to bo... And alter they had carved him up, ln a lllll,llll0l' wild and lrco, They pickldd all his inner parts And wiped up the debrev. So this is the tale ol' tha- puppy-dog, That played beneath the treeg A part of him 's in alcohol, The rest at the soap l'ac:t'ree. now you've hoard my narrative, And people claim that a spirit-dog So With eyes all lierce, 'Tis true as true van bv: Is often soon about the "U," And many others might be told About this 'Varsitt-e. Ur that viuinitvo. 152 "NieKie" and His Ride. AI':u' uwaiy in Western wilds, Did Nickiu-lmy lust SllllllIlt'l' rmun, As 4-lminnmn on at line survey Did Nickio stray thus fur I'rmn hmnv. Away froin czunp in woodland wild Went Nickiu and his "gang" astray, With hearings oil and minus guidr-, . They really did quite lose their waxy. R Grue Story. l":n', lair frmn 1-:unp in wnmllnnd wild. 'Fhoy mot I'uur mounts-d Sioux, And with tht-in rodo they lmck to vauiip, liaurh puny lltlllllllg two. And wvll tht-y rodv :ind lnvrrily, And lnuglivd ut what tht-y saw, Save Nicliiu on :thrunc:l1nwild. llis ill'l1lS around :L squuw. Skippincg judieiously. 'illl6l'0'S at curtain Junior study. rw lhu llt'fllllllllUQ nl tht- l,tlI'lll, Which is taught hy him cullt-tl ".luddy." All tht- Si'lltlIllll.H strivv tn lt-urn, Whose rvlnurks are often givt-n hull' l'au'v1lu11sly: And thvy start out un tht- sulrjt-vt. quita prnpltmuslt 0110 lliect' Ol' his U'dVl4"3v lint wht-n nvau' thu laxttu-1' part, NVhit:h he S0lll0tllll0S givvs us twim-, Stlllll' iltllllli, with sinking hm-:u't, IS"t011lWf1A'SiH fills Hlllllb' Skill .lWllf'lUllHl.l"" 'l'h:it. thvy Il-:ir this inode ut' study works pa nu tm 153 11: 7 4-fi' " QV il f ,, J :. ,A -S Z B' f Y' --4 , TT? -Q W f ,tha l ':- 0 . 2 3 f-EiN"1 - ' -2 E9 - ff' Q? li S - 'We g. 5-,F . ?, 2 1- 3 1 'f-: - Z ky ., ' 4 ' 1 ' ' - 'i' 4:-f.,,.? - r 1.- 1 2 4 . 1 ,- ' , P -I 4 '- - - - -T 44' f WL? JSA- gi 'W ' -'ei 7 '7' S' fr -f 'H X 6-gx fggf., 5 -Q 5 J 5 I 44, QS 'W' . X A ,'0 jf 7 S SQ? 'F - : 2 -F J, " 53. rf as , '2: f ff'f4 -QQ 17' S Q- 65 ,Q ' ,fi Y ,f ff I 1 ' 1-6 if 12?:" ' fn., A. 7 1 f 5,1 ' f, 0 ,I gl f .1-fl-"'fx . 47 5 1777243 Q 7 H ' ' ,' 3 K X if :-52 i gf RE --I Q f' 57p 'ff , 4 .f -f' A6 F' -mffsfiai .:: -,.': X ' ' -'fiir ' 5 ,L,,,.,L me-1 f- - qQ 1,-fwe -f'4fP" "" gf -3-,qi A "E -4 gfh-f-1-v X K :XA f f? 'U' V 4 -W ' - - 1 V4.2 V , xx x N 1 x I--1 1- J- ' 2 W-X X Q.. - .T -Ahyf .. ' 1 f N i ia.-' V A 1 ,-4 1'iLLyY"5o5: LONDON' . 'C X XX , l- - 5 ' '-Lil 7- I Y X 3 X r. : f - w f2f': X if N .2 f f M -A. 'P-11: ' -lv 'BX Mrk'-.' -i 2 - 4 V ' ' " ""4':f 5"- 'Q N Ngi XX -Ei W ' ' if -L .+ 1 ' 3 ?l'Wm 52 5' faihl E M ' E52 Q -S - 1:52 A ff 'tai' 'Q '.- 1' . ' -' A - a n-1 W: :M f l 5 M y 3 1- '-an V 7 - 2, ix 39" .A-T-iw ' L QE! f-L -147 I ia 54 m l L 1- - 1 - fi - lf.,-4' .. '-" ' - 1 O I I P - Q-, ff W -- - fwf'1 f" -F -- 1-' P , ' 'TX te. 7i,'Q5,..-.:" i if i f lf 1 ii " L 4-41 T - 1' . " ' L, 73:1 '- - '..., nu ' , a ' ,Q X- ,, 4- - - . ff , - A vm-, - ,AQ f ,Q-1 4,42 .- - 4 - - -1 , A -Ll? f- f 'J7 f-f . W7-'Q "-:J : r ?r -L" -1 it - T- ' "M ' wif' .jgiqw FWYAQ . Skis?-2?-L+-.2g, Q -.,.,, 1 10 4- i ,Q V J ,afffffii , E Fl'-l ,555--:Ez-.14-gif? "-9 Q X Hffiibgz 4 1,11 W umm If P' ,,9i i -vi 'Q "'f- 4 ,KZ Y 15 - W - 4 ' - J'-' fi L45-f f::f2f4'f..a2iV f - w -?v -if -uf 52? .Ziflf?'.1 ,M " 9.3 X N ' Ef:::9?2, , f ff ff -'-' 'jg1i1lff:j3j:?, iw 99' .1 Y iii? I buses, F 15-1 s. Wg, . ' 11. -iiiiflmmlqmdimwuHHH mllfi1l?1nn "' lo 7 11. ? fr A -.1 N- -1? 16. ' ' . - - ,. . J- .. -,.,..,- " -. 45, ?f.""" .fi- .-,- an 54472: 5 y EL 2 gg?-Wifi, - 29 f . ff .I-if-Lg? - - 00 . ,- . 1 . - - 15 n QT ' iw. mf -rv - Spam , ,, .-. .UQ-Q if f- :zo - - . :si 99 "1 130 ffl: - . -25 L2 - if Q1 W . A , 2 j 0 I fu -. l ,- ', -- -n-1 5 'Q-ki .T-5-:..l:-L., ', , 1 b 5377? QUVODKIQ for 1889-90 IVIRY. Disaippm-:u':n1co ol' tho mlumlrnpt-tl bvlonging to tho Class ol '90, zuul gonernlly known unch-r tho titlo ol' tho Gophor. l,1'0l'.Sl1.lli'01'Il0X0llSOR l'our Sopho- lnoros bolonging to am company culled Ileltofmms, which, trans- laltoml, nwnns " 'Pho stngo-strut-li D1-lin Signuxsf' R4-lioawsnl ol' tho ll0li70Ili5l.llS. The sanul. V 'l'l10y nrv flisvourngvd. Misses licxforri :uid C'1'oss--"'l'l1v Stnrsn- -compnro notes on prop-- 01' powclor. " 011, No" .' "Tho Lust Loaf" is 1'0lltlt'l'0tl with thrilling oiloct, boforo nr:1'owclwl :uul olltlutsiamstic- house. 'I'lu- tlCIlil1'tlllOlli, ol' llntin oxcusr-s Sophomore- 2LllS0lll't'!S for th o spring term. Jollitimtion ot' :Lbovo nu-ntionofl hophs mu um ol I -. t o m u ull l, 4 , Str Qui or stoln n with thc bruul luxaunimtions bo-'in Contiiumtion ol' thc swnu Conclusion ot' tornu nt Senior ln'o1mn:ul1 1 c, 1 llttlt thc nr K . ' ,J 1. '. .. r. t't' . ht . .' ' . 'rl-IE SUMMER VHCRTION. 'I'lw janitor tolls tho ba-ll tho lust ol' X X Allly, 'l'lu- tired " Prof." goes fur nvross tin,- f .'1"'5Pfl3Q3L f 'l'ho student homc-wnrd Lulu-s his joy- - 4 1' " -iff' t t'n1 waxy, FT." -ff Anal leaves his XVIlSllt'I'XV0llHl,ll minus 'l 'V jj fc-os. -7'1" - fb 5 ZZ ' -an Now filo' the v Nltlllf bofuity I'1-ont 1? -t jfjxzb --Qu.. 1:,.f-ii - t 1 h ' K' f 4 -- if ff tho sight, ,. 1 f ,- f ?f2u...,f - ,' Q 'W - fx? av Q K 1 j ,, V1--'M if . W ' f A9090 Z 11124 22 ll, 1' I ' WZ f mu 1 fl' , F llfltl HVUIY. 8 KA .x ,gfvpf 095 IJ' a .if-f"',F',1P N . ff' . W Apl 1 -: -X ' 'SOI' 4 gl 1r-- ." ' .7 I , lll'2l,l -1 lost lt. bl-1-nno los-it Q, 1' ' L V , . , ,. . t , , ' , "F ol' A 'l' A g ff ,1 -1-M milf' " --5. " - -.: 4. .. ri - .N 1 Q- -,,,.,-..-7 f"-1 -5 ' A - ' ,IQS-4,1 - . x t , a ,y sy ' . wg ' -:egg :I ,fm is L ' , E '7' 'Es - . 1 sae! " " - . CF. ,Y , ,- . ., , . 3 rg'-' pf- 1' 1: 'l'l1 1 s:un f tho' z ' ,, w , 1 ' xrsm- X m p- -Y 'G 5' 1, -I ' for vc-au' ' P f- ' Nh p shin intl tllNlN'lNI nu nt 155 Anml ull tho :Lir so hot und stilling grows, Soon will ilu- " glorious Fourth " tlu- boys mloliglit, And burn grvnt, ll1litK'llt'S in our lhimlgm-t's hose. Old Sol begins to wilt thc tillltlfll' tlowers, 'Pho i'!l1'lN01'S flllllt', and 1-uss, and tht-n Ctblllllllllll, llvuzuu-ie tlwy think tho little- sununvr showers, Aro liable to spoil tho riponing grain. 110110211-ll those ruggvml olnls, that yvw- trc-e's slnaulc-, Lie poau-ofnlly the horsvs, vows and shot-p, At night tlu- boys go on il nn-lon rnial, And now t,ln-y'rt- pl:Lnt.m-ml SOX'fllli-PPI! ll-vt. th-1,-p. Y A. I 1 1 I! I ,Ziff 1 if f ul. Z2 Z 6 Uliu i lliflij fff Zf i Wi ii - H si, "' S SN 9 ' - - .lf ' 'li 'iff 'gg -.. C. gl . 'J N .K FQQ Ys i if iv, , ELM , , ,W 'ig 3 If fd 1' E- r-ff. Eb e g g. A -f o- Av sep-remasn. 4" . I nst degree taken bythe tender ones. 'l'he elans do gather. llauman begins the law ami aea- demie eourse, to be eompleted in one year. Ilall work in good running order. Little Freshie admires Hayden fs says he is so kind and attentive tothe new students. lf'ryberger is elected president ol' Delta Sigma, Bauman ol' lluluth beeomes chap- lain. Sophomores elect ollieers without ereatiug any great disturbanee. S. U. A. gives a reception. f'ofl'ee and craekers served down stairs il' you have a girl with you 5 ergo, girls in demand. ' l"reshmau class election. lligh School annex want to run things and are not allowed. Preparation l'or Senior eleetion. More ol' the same. 'l'he elec-tion. Ulliees altistieally and :estlletieally distributed. Fryberger is memorial orator. 'I'he Senior six drink soda on the cleetion and receive numerous eongratulations. Delta Sigma makes preparations l'or the reeeptiou. No 0'Qfrenh- vnanls. lfreddy is very mueh snutten a ease ol' lirst sight. 1515 V0 1 ,f ffwww , Q . jgwiff, ff. ' 4 f f' " fi. A fig, nf ' L fdrfo sf 'gill 'L u I- F- --'TE-A 4. 'Tj X . 'Qt-U9 , Q . Y.: Ti , NC g f?-5 - - -:E 1 ffsazfz-147515 rl V1 - --- 1:5'7' if i 1: 3 - -T M 2.1 -121155 - 'Eff' - ,.,,g:2-14 .linux 'M' "' ' N . H" ::: ZL- -':r -r 5? . - :.-.:E.':,.i .-, 4 f -..-... ,:,. .gg,11r.1--'- ' -:A-:ggi "" fs- -ffcffe-fr - .1255-2223 22e?f2i:2'ii-g:i1- i""'.3??EL.I,,1ff f-1-f?EW , .:..d ,1.....:.:7 J'-.L-112 Zi- Efiiffggx ' 7if:E:-54:41 .3-Z r :4 . 'P'-i1:iiz:::2 L: :-. - ,L ..1a ..Z7'n:. ' - F J : Q . ' -.ggf-2-'fig ' ' 'M' frfff.. l ,-' '- OCTOBER. Annual reception of Delta Sigma. Prof. llreda dismisses the respect- ive merits ol' aleoholic liquors. A. M.f'l'he llaut-Beaux make their debut. P. M.-Sh---l 'l'here 's no such thing as llaut- Beau. 'l'he Juniors eleet oilicers. Fry- berger pleased. Foot-ball takes a boom in ehapel. The disciples of Ilermean pass amendments. Fryberger chairman ol' the memo- rial committee. Law building occupied. 'Varsity does lilinuesotas 2 to 0. Cadet oilieers resign. 'liicyele and Gun elubsorganize. Grove Cross reads his Bible for one hour. Foot-ball enthusiasm again fills the chapel. . The memorial conunittee meet and Frybcrger "oanvasses the class." S. C. A. lleneiit. Dean 'Patten addresses the com- bined Law Literary and A E, Fourteen members of the Y. M. U. A. go to Duluth on a lark. Susan li. Anthony addresses the " bright young faces." Gerry and Rossman debate on the l'oot-ball grounds. U Dot " Martin goes to Kappa Alpha Theta eonvention. Seniors feast in the basement and beguile professors Sanford and Downey with sweet cider. 'l'he Kappas delude the "p1ebs" with bogus iee eream l'2lllS. ,, ' 3 433 . 7' 'z- ,I -A Q7 - IF- -'r --1 . 3 . 9 f ,... , 7 2, ... . " V - ----'wi .m Q76 7 T56 f- QL- ff -, E 2 29: K1- -,..-.K-Q ,ff-q.1z.1fgf. 'fllZl!lfIIUlUUlllll l gl ey, lllnr 'Z 'Q uf 1 fl?- ' I X - fa Z .K at I-T: -- E -.- --ipl , . 4 if 4 if? !,fx9'2Q f f, L E. if - I I ,f - 'TLTQ-?iLf '.z,'i5.' T- T' .' ' 11:23- -----2. l 'l N. 2 5 li 7 S 12 14. I5 18. 20 . 22. 25. 27 29. nf NOVEMBER. Judson trouts tho Sf-niors to pon- nuts amd npplo , :uid tho Frosh- men get thom. Proxy comos homo, and tho Doc- fO1'1'0tll'0Slll tho midst ol' con- fusion and applause. The rostrum roports tho deoupi- tation oi' Pfttyh n-. The hoys manipulate tho 4-hoir. Vague inquirios concerning il rogistorod lotter. The St-niors ohjoot to 1'ol'l'osll- ments, :md 1'01ll1.f'Si tho co-opo1'- ation oi' tho Juniors. 'l'ho Juniors would Pathol' ont. .Joint mor-ting of Juniors :md Seniors. lf1'ylu-rgox' compro- mises on houillon. llumlino und lll!l,CiLl!l.5t0I' repose upon tho table. Hull' ol' l'1'oI'. lJown0y's upplos disuppour, and the rust :wo lost. Six Juniors :md six Soniors ox- tolnporizo upon military drill :Ls al. l'0llI'lll study. Hamline and Mncnlustor L-omo off the tnhlo :md are hidden. Football. Sooro, 26 to 0. llotu 'Flu-In Pi doth upward ily. Fryhorgol' dom-sn't Iiko it. liuokor wours tho Hlonn modnl. 'llllllllliSglVlIIg1'l'CPl5t'0ll. llznnlino do0sn't oonw. F1'ylw1'gL-1' is prosidm-ni ol' thc- dimving oluh ' 15 an I If ..1q4f-..-- V Qi W T I I ia! ... . . ,,, , sig I-2 7 A .49 CH N' 4-.-, :..--i"" -, 11 lit-.. f:3f'.yx '-"-' IUJ l 0 ,l....- -Y Wyffl iff fff h ' nrixnj la ff.ii9AIEif'ilf A .mf ,.,. V7 .' ' . ...Xml af V IAIJ . 4 . -f 'mini 4 K X.. v,5 Ni . L- 1 zur.-r - ' ,,-:L 1 2 -'T 1 F J vt I' 'V 1 3 893 lion.. Jllllllllllll'l!' I , ,r 1 4 -., ...A , lgyk-a1"'. ' ' "" 'f V eiglgu L- I 0. . .W V I il 5,ff Aww I U, 0 DECEMBER. l"iro in l'illslnn'y llnll Sl'lt'lll'l' in 0OllS0lllll'lll't'l.ll.li1'S2l. v:u':Ltion. Sovorzil lll'Ul-USS0l'S nstoundod, :Ls Miss Cross fnils to ask :L qui-st' ion. Prexy spoaiks ioelingly to Frosh- mon upon the proper uso ol' tho proporthings nt tho proportimo. Whisporod rumors ol' D. K. li. Iflrylwrgor is 1Lg1l,lll'Ill'PSlIlCllt ol' lloltn Signm. ll. K. E., phoinix-liko, risos out ol' fl' A H. Miss 'M th s kindly sorvos ns IL wutolicuso. Stoaun pipes :ire hrokon. Tho :it- mosphcro hooonios saiturutod, :md opaque, in fact, is visible to tho nnkod oyo. 'l'ho zmtniosplloro is still in :L criti- cul condition. Aro you going to tho damoo to- - . 1 night 3 ' 'l'ho nowspzmpm-rs ure :iotivo in lfnivorsity nllnirs, :md tho fann- ous U Lifting Cont1'ovo1'sy" is hogun. Miss Q'-iinds l'1'oI'. Much n's room too w:n'm. l'1'ol'. Muoli -n's room ooolor, :md puhlio honlth oml:uw'o1'0rl. D ho Soininury holds n spooiul nioc-ting :Lt tho invitntion oi' Prof. Nlnol. -n, :md :Lro hliss- fully happy. Homo hoys oouldn't como, whilo somo stziid away. H rr Good-hyos :md inorry wishos for u gonorous Santa Claus. liaunh- du Sigma boys invost thoil' pin money in spoons. .4 ... -.- -' -L ' P E ...- f i 5 G 4: f Ms as '-nlkg Y w - un - ,9'.'fZ5:i:f2:,,-gal' ' 'W' ,.,..2JZf1f .f - . . JL- my 1 r"l m" " ! l a. .-. Q A i I ' A 1 ill - Q -um.-nn N7 , U! , ...X M7544 lil if l Nl - 'E j ' X X11 -22: X-4, SE f , .5 sq f If 'Tl W !'-4:1522 QP tw Q A R 1' 'A f Qxx X 5- an ft-H I ' .. 1 f ,I "7 .., , Q ff' '- ,f:!mr:g.. ' . f"'e ruff... e, 1 F- "ill tg' f'.'..ul"4Q4 R1 M ft' :-' - 1 " it -" fV':',j,. 3.3. ,. .' '..' l, X'wM,w M,pJHwWM - 1-------'F.Z-,'1"4't'f::-'. 'Q' ' ,HN 1 N . 0 N .v 0 'T 8 ll I2 lil I5 lti I7 17 18 22 23 23 24 24 28 30 anuumav. .lennie Amy, '86, and E. ll. Nleliinf ney, '87, are made one. Nledics resume their carving. Blaze in Main building. A godsend 1 9 to the lf., but' hard on the insur- ,K 2222! , ance company. Wil , 0,14 ' ' -6 Students return and Minneapolis' mm ,yi populationthereby increased about ,' tom. lk QnAfQ6?7 5 lVork begins under rather dampen- l ff! ing circumstances. ' Voice of hammers drowns the stu lt, 7? dents' flunks. f fjpif ff The Gornt-:u receives its first sub- E X I. ff' suription. X 1 fp' ,f ,' . Period ol' migrations. Prof. Judson ," ff' ,X .1 r 'f taketh his flock to chapel, while X 4 . f f ' I 1 l'rot'. Hough discourseth logic in ' 1, - -' Tea the room ofthe illogical llermeans. 'l'he Norwegian Choral Society charm Fffl-.,',Wy the Delta Sigma members. g,' f gli -','f7Wf'fZZj" Cupid "put in another lick"-With ."'Q ' chell plus VVinchell. ,LQ,Al..,M7ff' Browne explains amphibious syllo- 'Egg-'-'F' 11517 " ,-JI gltilllli. ', , Second preliminary contest lllbl' Pills- ii! , 'Ay hury Prize. Soares gets there. .f A llelta Gammas and Kappa Alpha .V IQ 'l'hetas enjoy a private spread. ,tl 1 M. ' Newspa ters filled with l'ree ads. l'o1' ' , ,N the "ll," through the etlorts of Phi X. ', llelts and llekes. h Glee Club organize. : gf -R Special police visit the l'. -- 4 -if 'l'he "big and little elephants " ad- 4. Q W.-. dress the students. 31 -flip Prof. Macliean wears' a watch chain ",f, ol' extreme lengthiness. F? li. C. l'auman taketh a l'air damsel to 4 " ' MX? hear Salvini. A, ,"' V. ".' 11 2 Prexy visits the ladies' parlor, after N " which he discourses eloquently , K ,Z 043:21 upon second-hand clothing stores, k','1l' .' .,. . All good students go to prayers the ' X' others congregate according to "atliuity." 158 FEBRUARY. ilUl'lll'llI box in the hall opt-neil. Contents: Urder l'or one f,iUl'Ill'lll, t.wo hymn hooks, one piece ol' gum, chestnuts from last year's G0l'll1tIlt, and one hair pin. Prexy speaks strongly and feelingly on the subject ol' fried cakes. Prof. Downey lectures to a crowded free house. Fryberger cheeks otl' a girl. lfpton reappears in a Prince Albert. Scaffold appears in chapel. The choir refuses to sing. Chapel exercises in the halls--divine exercises conducted in various cor- 11ers. Uonger aids llutchy in biblical quo' tations. l'illy is seen studying in the library. Goru lan room tloocled with valen- tines. Lambda Sigma also get 'um. Engagement party.. Prof. Downey borrows griddy Freshman -"i1'l's picture. 'Vriggs lectures upon Browning. 1 . O Chi Psi party. l'rol'. Judson lectures to Seniors and the .luuiors take it in. l'Vinslow takes a front seat in logic. Bulletin Board disappears. 'l'het.a Phi party. Mr. Sample addresses the Seniors on the single-tax. Mr. Waite adds a few remarks. l"reshman class party at the Lang- ham. Dean Pattee sits in the IJ. K. lf, box Oratorical contest. was 1-I - I W1 V 0' - : iffyyll WWI .-.. .,g. ? 1, L . X, -X, - , f- fl 011171411111 JH ' '11iESTA'lll " i"..-'?- urns, --27. - - -.-. ,iw .---- T -"' 'if-"1 ,M-. ,XQ X 'H rig 31 ,... som 1 P 1! 1. 11,1 nl JN ,-.h. 2 ? 151351 11- z", 5 7-1 K fff ff A 114,111 in- , , .?+" ' 51 Q ,., J, J .. 'rf f , "'?'-'.- .Q i ' 1 ...l 37 g 1 If i p' 1- .fE"' ,., --7 107' 15 1 L1 E-1 11 12 13 15. IH. gr- MJ. 27, 28. 91, N-. 211. 31. MRRCH. 'I'h1+ l11st I'C1'11,1l1.1U1lH 111 t111- w1111.111' t1-1'111. "Skips" 111111111 1111. l1is1111p11ill111rt l1'1'1.ll1'l1S 11111111 "'1'l11- '1'1'1113 111-11t11-1111111." 1' tt I1 ll 1-11111 spi1:n1111s hy 11is 11l1s1-111'1-. 1'1x11111i1111ti1111s 111-gin. l'1'111'11ss11rs s111i111 witl1 1i01lli1Nll1i1'11g111. Stn- 1le111s look s111l 111111 sorions. I'1'111'. -111118011 11111-s11't know st1-11111 1'l'01ll s11111k1-. l'lx11111i1111tio11s 1-o111'l111l01l. S1,1111m1ts 14111110 with 1i11111lis11 delight. Pro- 1'1!SSOI'S 11111k s1111 111111 s1-ri1111s. Now l111l111ti11 l11111r11 1111111111-1 its 11.11- p11111'11111:o. 11it1'r111'y so1:i11ti1-s 1-11-ct spring 11111- !'0I'!-1. FI'-Yl101'g1'l' will not l'lll1. S11I'111gt01'1ll 1'1111111111111:111l. Fiske 111111 111111ti11gt1111 st111't 21 111111111 1-111111t111'. 1111111-s' 1111'l11r torn 111 111111 1111li11s Z-f-.ju1f1.'ff A 1 1 l fl' A 111111111 t111.1111s11l1'es 111l1110l'0llS 111 tho 1111l1w11ys lllld st11i1'w11ys. A 1'1l,11'11l11l101'I1l'0l10S01-1 to sell 1111111111- tion the privi11-ge 111' sitting l111si1l1- 111-1' i11 1'1-1eit11ti1111s. Hllig 1i1'11w1-r" 111111 Miss C111111111' 111'1- lost i11 111115 11111izc 111' the NV2I.1tZ. 1ci1'1'U1'1l1l1l11'2l.l'S 11g11i11 lll101l1i1l0St1l1Q0, 1111111i1'1ning t111- ll1'0V1Lli11iQ i111pr11s1 sion 111111111-r11i11g his 1111-11t11l 1111111111- ness P1'01'9HS01' .1111ls1111 11-11s his 11111111111 joko on the H W11itin11,' School- 111ll,1'111.n 11111111 11111111 with p11liLi1:i11ns. Fry- 111e1'g11rs111'1'y t1111t 1111 is 11 S0ll10l'. Now orgnn 1'111:1111'111i with joy. Ariel 111litors 1l11'i1l1-t1111sp11i1s. lll1G1'1'1'3l.1i 13111111 111111 11e11g1111 11rg1111- im-11. l"ry11e1'g111' W11,1ltH to 1111 pres.- dent. 1"i1't111-11 110011019 t111'1101l looso 1113011 111101111HllSIN'17t1l1g1111111112 11111t11Sig11111 1111l1111.111's 1111 1111 1l1'1'11l' 1-111111 thi1'11 ti1111- 111 1'4ll11' y1'1l.l'S. 1,2-.,f'., , f f 1 !'1f f ' 11 1 Q11 ,ff ff ll 1114.11 ,f il!! ' :f ',. Q 1111 , 22 111 1 1 7' If 6 Q' N ' 'lf' X fl f 4 1 if X 1 1111 "' X19 111111511111 11' - f -W I1 uf 'Z 64 2 1111111 1. li , 11' 1 113 1 1 1551 nPrz11.1. M111'1.1-1111 1'11110l'h11.1I1S 1,1111 S1-11i111's. Ariel 11.l1l101l,l'C1l. 1"1'y11111'g1-r is pro- l'1-ssor 111' 1l11111:i11g. 11111111 111111 As- so1wi11tio11 11111111 olliccrs. 11111111 Fri1111y. S1'1111o1 111'Ag'l'll3111tllI'1' closes. St111l11111s givv two 111' II11well's 1'11r1c11s. S. 11. A. r1-1'11pti1111. ,Miss S11111'11r1l i11S11l'111ftS 1"1'0S111l1Cll110001110 to r1,11:i- 1,11ti1111s, with 1'c1111111's 111111 pencil. Wis111111si11 G11111 011111 c111111c1't. Miss S111nl1111'1111 111111 Prol' M111:,111111n 111s- 1e11ss the works of 'I'111111111s Pnine. NIRLCLURLII 1w1111v111's1-s i11 struct 1'111' 11111111t thu 1' power 111'l11ve." C111 Psi llilllllllt'-313. S11l11101110I'GS 1-lout tlllxll' ' A111111111 " 111111r11. 'I'l111 Univvrsity 111' 'Mi1:hig1111 111111- 011111 si11g111.t111- Gl'11.Ild. l'11iv111'sity 111' Mi11110sot11 wills t1111 St11t11 11r11t11ri011l 1'0ll116St. S11p1111111111'e 111111rd 111-g1111iz11s. Pil111t11N11e1e1-ti1111. '1'1111 men 01111-13- 1111 growl at 1.110 UXDCIISO 11111111111-t1-11 with t1l1'1l' l1o1111r. llonors for Seniors are 1l,Il1l01111U61l Miss Ainws 1'11rg11t to 1111 s111'1e11sti1e. First 011110011 by 11101111111 P11111 111' 11111' own U1llV0l'H111y. Dow1111y 1lis1eo11rs11s on the 1111111111- 111nts 01' 111113. 'l'1111 f'Cl11'1111i11l1-" 1111it11rs1lis1-o111i11111- 1l11'ir1:1l1ol's. I f fz"'f W X il F Q T1 T- ' '-'-sz ,.-Wt' , X T' 45'2'!'ll,' ' ' 3 'X 4 ' 1r"i": f f if f fy f Q- .41 . : -1- 1' 7 Q. f " H, H ' , 4 ww . if" 05 W -Q Xi L , fi Z2 ff Q -L - . . .S p - f-,2f, ,f? 1 - -E ll 2: Q x UV, X 5- tw ,V ,. , Y I in 5 E m' A A - "LWB -- i If X - - L47-E '."'fQ'. 11 A Upfh H gyw W xg: I ,, , f' V f ' ,qfQ?iE32-'1'f3iEE214! A." llfzvaeil - - . 4 :- -- F X, Zjizfi iggglx ' W . I W Q fi WW 1 ' V' .- AA - N E Q. ':"'? .' .I ,in n ll H ' 4 , ,WH ffm?--i6"9v ,i" 'X 5x gf T ff ffm PM ff ffff ww 1" J ff ' ,f7 fff-W 9 ff f .- Y 1 671 X ifl ,,'- WET! X Aiql na iyqhb I - ' 1 w f, WN' f7, -f g :WD yff f .. X-- i.f.Uff4:, -Q. . E '. - x ,f -f new ffg mf, QQ 1 f .,. 'E 3 .T 'Yy,7.aT2 A N. :JAX fr? f 1, E 100 Who is so tall and tl1in and sour, And has no diplomatic power, Whom we dislike more every hour? Nfmriluoiil What dark haired youth doth lusty spe And in the "attic" cons his Greek, And lets us "pass" in just one week? Buomis! Who-- ii' he argued "black was white" Would ne'er stand out all day and nigl lint own at once he was not right? l1'ol.u'lcl,I,! Who never heard of real estate, And wants "all hands" to get up And does not realize her fate? Saiwonnl late, Who iills the air with gruesome noise, And loudly shouts to girls and hoys, And never works, hut merely "toys"? Dooom. Who ne'er sees others imperfection, And to your views makes no objection, lint keeps his own in mute tulgiecfion Moon nl Who is so rough and coarse in tone, And never "kissed the hlarney stone" And always lets "soft seal!" alone? Nl .xela-:,xN! ak, it, lfiee lferga. lVho never likes to crack a joke, And moves as slow as any "poke," And at a glance knows steam from smoke? .TunsoN! Who always thinks "rough ways," "sublime," And only works just half the time, And calls both "art" and "merit" "erime"? Annu-LY! Who never likes things just and fair, Who's built just right Scotch kilts to wear, And never goes upon a "tare?" DowNEv! Who never delves in 'tmusty tome", And hates among the rocks to roam, Because the way's so smooth at home? ll,u,1,! Who looks so full oi' boisterous fun, As though no funeral had hegun, ln every language 'neath the sun? iil4IN'l'0N! Who is so free from all conceit, And graceful walks with supple i'eet, And does not think himself "eomplete"? CLARK! Who's small of mouth and short in prayer, And sits up night to enrl his hair, And lives just, wells -the de'el knows where? ll1"reniNsoN! 161 100 Yard Dash 125 Yard Dash 150 Yard Dash 220 Yard Dash B251 QOIIQQQ Rqeordg. , , ,. Y . , . , . 250 Yard Dash, - 440 Ya1'd Dash, - H80 Yard Dash, - 1 Mile Run, - 2 Mile Run, ---- ti Mile Hun, ---- 120 Yard Hurdle Race, 1 100 Yard Hurdle Rave, - 1 Milo Walk, --f- 2 Mila Walk, 21 Mile Walk, - T Milo Walk, - - 2 Mile Bicycle Race, - - Running High Jump, 1- - Standing High J nmp, - Running L0llg'JlllI1p, - - Standing Long Jump, - Pole Vaulting, - 1 - Tlnrowing Hammer, - Putting the Shot, - 'l'hrowing 'Base liall, - - Drop Kick Foot Ball, - Running High Kick, - - -- 'I'l11'ee-Legged Rave, 100 Yards, 'l'l11'ae-Leggarl lime, 110 Yards, liopv clllllllllllg, 17 1141-t, -- - 10 S., - - 12 3-5 8., - 15 s., - 22 s., - 25 4-5 S., - P JOM S., - - 1 nl. 59 1-5 8, 4 in. 32 2'-5 8, 10 ni. 7 s., - 10 3-5 Fi , - 14 1-5 1., - 7 in. 1 14., - 15 m. 101g S., - 24 m. 14 3-5 58 m. 52 8., 0 m. 55 S., - 6 ft. 12 iu., 5 I't. 124 in., 21 ft. 715 in, 10 ft. 8 in., 10 11. 794 in., 101 fn., 154 11 411 11. 915 111., 1479 11. 5 ill 108 ft. 716 in, 0 ft. S in., - 13 8., - 1 14 4-5 s., 58., 15 m. 41 4-5 s., 1., IC. J. WVOud0ll, - fl. H. Sherrill, C. Il. Sherrill, - NV. Baker, - - U. H. Sherrill, - W. 'Bakery -- - G. P. Coggswell, W. llarlnar, - W. Ilarlnar, - Lane, - - - C1 W 14' 4. ll. H. Il. li. W W VIY l. I 1. A. A. R. .l. C1 NV 41 W. 1 '1 ff. fir. H. Sherrill, H. liudington. C. Wright, - H. Bemis, - H Bvniis, - H. Hemi:-4, J. Kolb, - P. Pago, - Soren, - - G. Shearman, D. Welm11tcrr, D. Godshall, - B Coxa, '- B. Coxo, - H. Troinan, E. Duffy, - - C. Lee, - - H. liudington, H. Sherrill, H. Ludingtm H. Sherrill, 11 1101.1114:n. 1'n1.L1':1111:. nlvrlc. Harvard, - May Yale, - June Yale, - Junc- Harvard, - June Yale, - Juno Harvard, - May Harvard, - May Yale, - May Yale, Juno Yale, - - June Yale, 1 Junc- Yalv, - - - Juno Harvard, - May Ilarvard, - May Harvard, - May Harvard, - Nov. lfn. ol' Penn., - f - - May Un. ol' Penn., May Harvard, - May Yale, - - May Swartlnnoro, - - May Lafayette, I une Yalv, - - May Yale, - - May Cornell, - - May Mich. Univ. May Yale, - - Mar. Yulfu ' - June Ynlp, - June Cornell, - F410- S. 'l'arhell, 1 162 1 24, 1881 15, 1888 15, 1888 14, 181411 15, 18814 111, 1885 5, 1888 15, 1888 3, 1887 15, 1888 15, 18148 8, 1887 15, 1885 10, 18811 12, 1885 111, 1885 21, 1887 21, 1887 29, 1880 28, 1887 22, 1885 29, 1141411 18, 1887 28, 1887 17, 18711 22, 18145 19, 1887 10, 1887 3,1887 25, 18811 eer,1.r:ens. Amherst College, Amherst, Mass., - - Brown University, Proviflenee, li. l.. - Columbia College, New York City. - - College City of New York, - - Cornell University, lthieu, N. Y., - Dantmouth College, llnnover, N. li., - llznnilton College, Clinton, N. Y., llurvzird College, Cznnhridge, Nlamss., - - Lafayette College, Euston, Po., -A-- Lehigh University, S. Bethlehem, Pu., - Madison University, Hamilton, N. Y., - University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, - f L'niversity oi' Minnesota, ----- University of Pennsylvatnin, !,!lll2l.d0llllllll,, Princeton College, Princeton, N. .I , - - University olf Roeliester, !i0Cll0Hl10l', N. Y., Rutgers College, New Brunswick, N. Y., Trinity College, lIan't!'orml, Conn., - - - University oi' Syrau-use, Syracuse, N. Y., Union College, Seheneetnrly, N.Y..4 - - - Vassar College, !,0llg!lkl!l'llH!0, N. Y., - Wesleyan College, Midmlletown, Conn., - Willi:uns College, Williamstown, Mass. Yule College, New Ilnven, Conn., - -- A fh717ual5, Qolorg and Yells of Prominent flmeriqan Qollecges. ANNUAL. Olio, - - - - Lilmer Brunensis, 1'llL0ltS. White and Purple Brown, ---- CoIumhi:ul,'l'he Miner,Blue and White, - Mieroeosln, - Cornelliain, - - qlflgis, - - Ilnmiltoniuu. - Index, A - Melunge, Epitome, - A Szmlnmgnnmli. - Pztllaulium, - Gopher, - Record, Y Brie-at-Brzu-, f Il1!i01'llI'0S, - - Scarlet Letter, - Ivy, ---- Sy1'ueil:s:u1 0nonml:mgre:Ln, Garnet, -f-- llnrpe1"s Bazaar, Ulla Pod1'imhL, - f!ll!l0lllH'llHlIl.ll, - Baumer Pot Ponrri, Luventler. V - - Real :incl White, - Green, -A-- I'ink,4 - - Crimson, - - - Nlnroon :ind VVhite, - Blue und White, Mamgentn and Blue, Cnrdiiml und Gray, Mnroon :uul Gohl, Blue :incl Grey, - Orange :intl Black, Blue and Gray, - Seurlet, - V - Green :xml White, Pink :mtl Blue, - !1!ll.l'!ll!t, --f- Bose, Pink :intl Silver Grny, -- f - Lztvenfler, - Purple, - Blue, - - 1625 , . rlcml. Bnh! Bath! Bah! Bnh! Bull! lizLh!An1-herst! Roh! Rah! Bnh! Bah! Bah! Bath! Brown! Iiurrnh! liurruh! llnrmh! C-O'l'll'lll h-i-am! Kath! Huh! Rnh! C! C! N! Y! Cor-nel!! l' Yell! Yell! Yell! Cor-nel!! Wnh-hoo-wnh ! Wah-hoo-wuh ! lhm!-cl-mlnrtnioutll ! lVnh4hoo wnh! 'I'-I-G-'E-It ! llurrnh! llurruh! llnrmh! lhnnilton! Ziprnlnl hoom ! Bath! Roh! Bah! Bath! Roh! Rah! linh! Roh! Bah! l lnrvnrd ! Rath! Rath! Roh! Tiger! Lzil'-at-yette! Bah -le! Bnh -high! lt:Ll1!lt:il1! Le-high! Bah! Roh! Bath! M-:L-cl-i-s-o-n! Bnh! Roh! Bnh! lf. ol' M.! . Rath! Rath! Bnh! Ski. ll. Mn! Minn som. Ilnrrnh! llnrrnh! llurrnh! Penn-sy!-rn-nin! llurrnh! llurrnhl llurrnh! Tiger! Siss! Boom! Ah! lloil lioi! Hoi! Bath! Bath! Rnh! Boch-esrter! Bull! Bath! Bath! Bow-wow-wow! But-gers! 'l'rin-eye-tee! 'l'1'in-eye-tee! 'l'rin-eye-tee! Srnh! Srnh! Sruh! Syl'-:L-eiise! Smh! Srnh! Sruh! Syr- ufeuse! Srnh! Sruh! Srnh! Syl'-at-1-use! Bah! Bath! Bath! U-n-i-o-n! llikai! llikn! llikn! Rah! Rah! Bah! Yum! Yum! Yum! flfiss! Kiss! Kiss!! Vnssair! . Bnh! Bath! Rath! Wes-ley-ani! Bath! Huh! Roh! ley-ani! Bah! Bath! Rah! Wes-ley-on! lin! lin! Rn! Williauns! yauns! yauns! Williams! Rath! Bath! lieth! Rah! ltnh! Bath! Roh! Rah! Roh! Yale! Y X XXQ IIQ xx K - ...." , W 'L -. F y , A l ,... f, XB Arran ao nns rm-vnu 'ro , , E:-.. -:, --L' X BAusc,un41:P1z Janos.-A:.m1-s ran 23:37 A ' , -1- 'I A1-'r's . 5. I L' , 1 ,. - A ' Hmm INVIGORATOR. 554 gaafr-5 75, gf 2 NI ' nglifgkf - , E -- ' I ' - RI' saC4"9"-T,-E' 7-13 E E E'-1 i '-' --'-' E ... - - -:-... -1-.. K E f 5 2 - '-H L-: Q vr f, ,A - - - '- ', .11--1" "T: -"""""'.1.-...- --li X X --1523551 tf ..... 1- lf , E-Efrxa j -- " S ,1 ' f - 1 -!!3l'E. X -T '-' -1- I I 1, ,. -2 i: :l "' 'J .. - B V23 S x 1"ff' : ' X 'yfffff .EESESS 1-.1 Q 'R I X sac" ' - -1 I ' X X - XX 9 0 "Tl""""H NWI" l'111'0y 1112111 WICmiSl1tU'I'1k-H 80.111 ns- -"1 tnkc vory Vow notes in history, I o111y11ut down wI11:1t 6101111111 tin l'Ing.j -"Pm-oplo don't rc-:1so11 i11 true Iovm---thoy 1'2lII'I." I dmlqt RIN." , ' . . ' I: -HA 1 I-.1 I'-'lin '11 in the IIIUOIIIIWIIU that III! Mlss II1111'1.1f:1'4"l'lo11sv smml up :1 IIIIIIIIIU bel'o1'1-you SIU dow11." I nm mm H, III m ,IM H Q C' m'varI1:1s Ill SIIIIIIQIII. 1 1. ,. ' ......-1 ..' -i"1. , . I um ' 'lf'N'N "II"Y'1'-1"f1"'f'ml1Y- MIM bnullh H I 0 ht'u'd l'11o1-'. I1I.x1'I,1-:AN 'ro Mrss AMES--"1I11st IIFIIIQ your cI11111' up 111-re on' by IIIO. It's f1'0Sl1e1' Ill'I'0.,' "'-'af-H' .1 .' 1' " ' . -- ' . .- lmgfm "Hn lm th' "mi 1"'P"'I' young "mn lu "Ml-111111 lIo17o11f to .I11111o1's-"'I'I11s IS the 1-:1s11-st psychology WlltU.'Il. I lll0ty. - 1 .1 selected It 101' tl1:1t 1'v:1so11. I'l'0III Un. Ilnoolcs full you WRLIII1 11177111111 o11t what peoplc thlllk PUum,-cwoublwl with hay t-M.m.,YM1.I1ln ncmly deudf. Novel, .1I1o11t you, just 11111110 thmn 111.1d. mind, Purdy, ,snwzy death. , -' ' ' ' 1 1' ' '-A V ' I ' 'i Q v . . - - 1 , 1 I IIOI . .I1111so1x Ito htm .nnnj 'W BII,1lS you don t 1111011 It y0lI need nt CUNVNDHWI-V hy is MISS C-Mlmrl. mu! Dummy Ahswhk-BC- "'llmw""0' c-ause sho is tho 11011111-ss of C11--sw. 1 9, ,1A',s'. - :V .--1: -'. - .," 11111. Iumox 1111111 I 11111 tl11t 111011113 LIONL 1llI1ooI1s,111Ql111I PIKE, Hhs mm hmoin PROF. blxmlm mg mouths' Imlooded Iiko tho 1'or1toI' ' 11'1::1---"Wl1iol1 isntln' IIIOSIV i111po1't:111t ov01'to11v?" I'1711111" I4-ES.l.wE 'hmm "' ho 11111Io1'to11o. 11'--"I guess yon're cold y our S111-f:ioS." 11 A1-"1'1-111 11 n.1No111-1'1" --"Nc-xt tinn- tl111t kc-yholv 1101111-s a11'o11111I, Iylll going to nnlook it." 164, CII.-xI'I'I.Ic QM' A lj-"When foraging, they took lambs, turkeys, chickens and all other kinds ol' V0gl-hfl.lll0S.v lloUeII'f"Why does a jeweler not hear the clocks tick in his shop? BIISR CIIAI-AIAN--"BecaIIse he always hears them." FIIYIIEIIGEII.---"Of course IIIy oration woIIld IIot take first place- 'l'he public taste is not yet educated up to lily views." Mn. BfeII-I.fn,-n-"May I have the pleasure of yoIIr company to Delta SigIna?" Mlss M----"No thank yOll, T shall be sick that evening." WIf:ns'rEIt--funacquainted with the interior of astronomy, yet fear- ing the Ilwflll zerol-"I don't recall tlIe exact rotation and sIIc- cession iII this book." l'IIoI-'. CIIAnk--"WlIo preached Ca-sar's funeral mation?" SQUIIHC BltflWN-- "Marc Antony." CII.-Xlilif--HAllfl who reported it?" lSnowNg"Wm. Shakespeare " Mlss lt'-"I think Mr. 'l'. lllllSi2 be itll awful spoon." Mrss C-- "Why, have you had any experience?" -NIIRS RV- "Oh no, .l. don't know him well enough." Paola. Jonson-f"Alfrcd the Great was thought a great man, yet he did not know IIIuch. III fact, he knew no more 2Ill0llt litera- ture than tlIe average Sllll'l'l'0Slllllll.Il.v Fnvnlcnenn--fSpeaking of the oratiou on Savanarolaj--"Yes, I like that oration. I like it better than illly I have seen at the University. I like the style of it. It suits me." Fon 'run PII- K-I'I'- Pss s 'ro ANSWER-avvlltlll an orator becomes a "big gun" in his own estiInatioII is it generally tl'llG that he is a good deal of a "smooth bore" in the estimation of others ? Wl'lIiS'I'ICR---'6PF0f. Judson told IIs wlIy he wasn't a prohibitionist, but he couldn't convert us." Pnon Maellnan-"0l' course not, no more hope of converting a prohibitionist than any other reprobatef' Mrss SIIMIIAIIDO-iII Physics CXILIII.---"Oli Jones! Jones!-If you had called on me with lIalf the regularity when l was present 3 that you did when l was absent, I should have had a passing mark by daily recitationsf' A N0'l'IG WllICIl. lJl!01'l'l4llJ lN'l'0'1'llIfl Gfll'lll'lli S.-XNl"I'UM--Will. U-'IVN -After the proI'use apologies of tlIe other evening, l hardly supposed you would have denied me the privilege of keep- ing yfllll' picture-Alfl-Inf'-III. "Lambda Sigma is a name, Now quite widely known to fflIllll', WlIich doth to certain ones apply Who spend their time iI1 eating pie." 'l'IIIf: CoNIf'I-:ssIoN on AN lNNoeI+:N'I' G1cI1:If:Ii---Qal'tcr Ariel eleetionj P--ml----I1 to M-I'I '--- ll---Hello! .lnhn-llow did last night's elec- tion suit you? M Oh, just right. Exactly tlIe way welIad our slate fixed. I never saw anything go off so well iII my life. I am sorry, tlIoIIglI, that your lllllll wasn't elected. Some of oIIr boys wanted to vote for llllll, but we eouldn't very well. ln order to get tlIe votes we needed l'or our lllilll, we llild to vote l'or the other men--those who were elected. MIss S-Nlllf'---lil! --f'l'o a Haut Bllltlll--lSIl'E it a rather peculiar se- lection tlIe Seniors have made for class day? l supposed that it was customary to choose the bright and shining lights to represent thfllll at tl1at tiIIIe. lI-- I3 -l don't lill0W, perhaps so. lint we had a basis of selection somewhat different i'l'0lll that adopted by most classes. Miss SfMay I ask what that basis was? II-B-Well, you see, we f,ll0l1gllt ll-yd n Itllfl Miss M-lls and a few 0hlll'I'S had run things long enough and we decided to stop iZll0lll. M-ss S-Ah, l see. You succeeded, didn't you? - A craIIk that 's cIIte illld usel'nl, And limps a bit to larboardg Who closely follows fashion's WllllllS, And like Apollo 's favored, Who has a graceful, winning way, And seldoIn wears a frown, Who 's always thinking llll a joke All this is 'Squire llrowne. Found in the jflall. lima ICM. 'I'hat last ol' yours was a dandy--what larks you are having. Its awl'ully slow around here, though we girls get in a good sliee ol' hall work every day. The hoys are getting to line up in lirst elass shape and hefore long we'll have a moln in tow. Oh, you know that handsome fellow I told you ahout--the one that was gone on .I-ss- -well, she is badly seized on him now and they're everlastingly together. Everybody is onto them but they don't give a rap. Sha-'d hetter run him elose as he's a Senior and will lu- out ol' the raee next year. lIere eome the boys, 'I'a 'I'a, Ssnf-. ,li Plf PI4 ,lf Mareh I, 1890. Mr lin.-xu F.vrnl-zu. 'I'hinking that perhaps you would like to hear how I-am pro- gressing in my studies, I take this opportunity to write you a l'ew lines. I have to study exeeedingly hard hut I eonstantly remind myself that you did not have the opportunities that I enjoy and I relleet that this is the great seed-time of my intelleetunl lil'e. I l'nIIy realize the saeriliee that you are making to give me an edu- 11 56 cation and l feel that the least that I ean do in return is to make the most ol' the advantages that your generosity affords me. I very mueh enjoy the society of good young ladies, hut I l'eel that time is too valnahle l'or such trifling in this formative period ol' my lil'e. Indeed the only cessation I permit myself from con- stant study is to attend the weekly meetings of the Students Christian Association. I will say lest you should be apprehensive that sueh application would impair my eonstitution, that I keep in good health by going to hed regularly at 9:30 every night. I enclose a statement ol' my expendi,tures sinee last writing you. llooks are so very expensive that, together with having my pocket picked. I am rather short just now. A eheek would he very ae- eeptahle as the new term will call for eonsiderahle outlay ol' money. s With love to mother and sisters, helieve me, Your dutilful Son, -I. G. Cr-ss. P. S.-JI'he item for charity seems large, indeed larger than it should he. 'l'he only explanation I ean eller is that I inherit from my parents a heart naturally suseeptihle to the sufferings ol' my I'ellow men, so that my judgment is ol'ten overruled hy my sympa- thies, all ol' whieh makes me sometimes l'eel that I have a call to the ministry. Gu-v-- "And oh mamma! you ean't guess what has happened, so l will tell you all about it. You know what l told you last summer about our fraternity being the biggest, most progressive, most popular, and the only national frat.---well--fthat isn't so any more V-we ar'u't Phi llelts now, we're Dekes- -all great men are Dekes, Wand it is surely and honestly the greatest frat in the world 'cause Prexy told ns so in chapel last year. Please take those things in my room with blue and white ribbons and -DAO on them, those pictures of llarrison and Me- Nlillan and that picture of "Fraternal Love and Honor" and give them to the girl. If you see any horrid mean things in the papers about us, d0u't believe thenl-Prexy says it's all right." Eens--s'r N-en-as -N. .vlfvlfitfvk Mx' Dean YoUNo Maxx. Not having forgotten the time when I was young myself l do W not wish to eritieize you too severely but for my daughter's sake l must give you a little friendly adviee. ln order to retain their youthl'ul health and beauty, young ladies require a eertain amount of sleep, and sinee the students are compelled to be at the Univer- sity so very early in the morning it is absolutely necessary that they should retire sometime before midnight. COIN!! earlier and oftener if you wish but let your call-hallway good night and all-be over with by eleven o'eloek at least. Trusting that you will not l'eel hurt by what l have felt it my duty to say, I am --. vkvkvkvlrl 'l'he tinder of these documents died a short but uneasy death shortly after the discovery. llis remains were carefully cremated by the assembled Board and the urn containing the ashes is now on exhibition in the Paris Museum of line Arts. Wa! fff 1 ff, X , f ,yfmhmmteff it 4 I shall be glad to r 4 at your earl Oh ,ff Z'7 if 4 f Z 1 WV, 167 Somq Rqeqnt Llniuqrgity Publieationg. ff CUNVE1iH.V1'l0N g" on ff Wuxr 're Say ANI: Wulvr New 'rn SAY." " How 'r By J. C-ml'--x Ga-N'r. Con H lin Fam. IN Lora wrru llmsicm-'." ' By the author of " How to he Sweet, Soft and Silly." "A FuA'r ow Ona OWN." A dainty little volume, dedicated to the ladies' parlor. By M- -d- C-mn-V-. " llIl"'l'lNG 5" on "How rr was Donn." "lun A comprehensive thesis, illustrating that truth is stranger than fiction. By ll. P. J-ns-N. BIAN Sun Chumn Fen." A modern society novel, full of thrilling adventures and intense situations. By L-N- M. C--N'rarM-N. 'fllew 'ro Look P1!l'l'l"j'Y:" ea "'l'u1c Sl'1CltE'I'0l"'l'llE Cl'" "Suu An invaluahle companion for all young ladies. as well as an ornament for any centre table. By Ga-c- W-I.'r1I-Rs. liovnn ANll'l'lll'JR." A said and romantic tale of University life in the far West, and how the East came out ahead. By M. W.W-'1'1t-s. "lMl'ltUVl5D Mifrruon Ulf' lt1ccl'1wl'1oN." A longiand rambling account of something or other hut just what it is, no one has as yet determined. By F. D. iw-Nlf'-RT. f"l'ii1tl4:l4: Sl'CI'l42SSI"Ill, GIn1.s." By Tun Gluns. Full-page pictures of the Misses Ah-rn--thy, K,-mp and M-r-n-. A romantic story, l'ull of interest to hoys as well as girls. "A SliAYI'1'l'0 F,xsluox." By .l. lflnw-nn Wlln-----N. A sarcastic and stinging treatise on the power of the fashion, which requires collars and neckties even in warm weather. "Bn1c.xks." An artless account, told in the author-'s own amusing style, ol' his thrilling experience with hreaks and how he erawled out of them. By Cu-ur. -Y Cu-s-. o aux A ltns'r.xcnAN'1' 3" on U Tun Slccnm' ew 'run Luncu N'l'l'llt.n The hook is full of practical hints ahout the husiness, giving many new and eccentric receipts. By EI.-N 0. ll-N'r-No'r-N. "Biloxi-iN Oivrus g " on " Fl!A'l'EltNl'l'Y lloxonf' 'l'he only complete and truthful statement yet puh- lished of the causes that led to the expulsion of Minne- sota Alpha l'rom Phi Delta Theta Fraternity. By C-N-Y McM-m.-N. " llaxcrac Manu Easvl' 'f G1f:N'1'l. A text hook that explains how to go the entire length of a hall in three steps, and that will enahle the owner to learn without a teacher. Every student desiring to stand well with the ladies should have this hook. By R-PL-Y Ba-w-n. EllEN'S Gmane." The students of the University are fortunate in heing thus ahle to possess, at a long cost, the secret of tasteful and artistic dressing. The hook has some full-sized colored plates of the most charmimg combinations By Cll-Rl.-S D. M-'r'r-s -N. " Caaxks'-'l'un1a IVIISSION IN 'rua Woar.n." By F. M. S-an-s-N-. This hook is especially devoted to that class of cranks known as kickers, and is illustrated hy cuts of the following: B. E. Trask, military crank g F. J. Brahec, base hall crank 5 G. K. Belden, athletic crank g G. B. Rossman, foot hall crank Q E. F. Ames, crank on woman's rightsg N. M. Cross, fresh air crankg Av-- Sumhardo, Unitarian crank 3 A. M. W-bst-r, prohibition crank: G. A. Smith, an awful crankg C. L. Sonuners, a chronic crank 3 C. C. Peterson, crank from principleg ll. E. Fryherger, general superintendent of cranks. Glye Trials of an fl:-tist, or an HQGDVS Dilemma. We give below the synopsis ol' a live-act tragedy, which our dramatic editor intends to bring out in the near future. The Dramatis Personas have not yet been evolved, nor docs the follow- ing synopsis l'urnish all the elements ol' a tragedy, but the editor hopes that the publica.tion ol' this crude synopsis will result in sev- eral tragic scenes which will cause his heart. to leap for joy, and lend to the undeveloped production the elements which it now lacks. Following is the synopsis: Ac'r l----A striking likeness. "There's millions in it." A great thing. "Give you ten per cent. commission." "lt's a go." A dilemma. Sell it to the students. Ilappy thought. Ac'r II.--A speech in chapel. Great excitement. Magnilicent. offer!! "'I'wo-thousaud-dollar picture for one dollar' fa A book-agent's gall is historic, A thunder bolt 's quite apt to kill: ' A big baby boy with the colic, Commands a small army at will. A conlidence man can be 't l'oxie," At stealing a monkey 's a bird, A sub. will address you as " Roxio," But these things are really absurd. 169 pit-cel. Precious opportunity for the dear students to contri- bute. Vote. Astounding announcement "The picture is yours!! l" Ac'r III.-"Give me one dollar now, or a quarter a week." Per- sonal appeals fail. Written bills the thing. Returns-- nothing. Pen is mightier than the tongue. .Eloquent appeal. Ridicule. "Fate is against me, but 1 will baille fate." Ac'r IV.f-'l'he hero again speaks. Cool reception. Back-number story. Lecture on line art. Moral obligation. llonor delined. Great uproar and rush for door. " It is all up with meg they were too many." Ac'r V.--Another way ol' disposal--the right way. Au angry artist. Contributors bemoan their fate. A prospective book-agent nipped in the bud. "1 will have revenge." For nerve that is lined and cut bias, For cheek that was buill by the job, 'I'hat angelic kid we call K-i-r, The classic heroics would rob. For brass that would shame a hand-organ, For gall that could walk all alone, On the great balance sheet ol' hereafter, Sir K-r himself must atone. Poetieal Hdaptations. K1 lCl"lCIi--5' l want to he an angel." 'l'nussr':l. -" Get thee to a nnnnery." G. A. Snrrn- -ff Ileaven is thy home." Punnv-'t Lovers are given to poetry." Gornnn oi" '90 -U Nothing but leaves." lilcx-" Beware ol' entrance to a quarrel." P1.mvi1AN-- -" lle lives to build' not boast." NVlNs1.ow ,-f'- "A erow doth sing as sweetly." M. A. Glcaln'-"Ile is far gone, far gone." l,ii'l"l'll!UNli-H There is a tavern in the town." lJl"l'UN'--HIE bore the aeeent ol' a luunan voice." P111 nnnr "ll l ll ol it o lt1 ' . .s V- e is 'n 'vi' nous c lll i 'ons. ' lVAl'l'l'1-H Ilark ! it is slowly but surely coming." SAN1+'olmf -" With all her faults we love her still." 'l'n1-1 F.u'n1.'1've -" 'l'hinks too little, talks too nuu:h." I. G. Cnoss J' As smooth as monumental alabaster." K. U. l5.ilSL'Ulfli- -"I'm not in the roll of common men." llonon--"Of their own merits modest men are dumb." llowNnv -'t lle hath a marvelous gift ol' casting count." A. A. llomalcf-'f lt had a voiee, ye gods ! what a voice." . 0 lt ll.iMA1UNlJf"Allil e'en his failings lean to virtue's side." Falun. ll. Gll.n.xN - 'KA pretty boy, young, but oh, my !" Nll'lil'lllSllN--5' l am just as happy as if I had good sense." BROOKS'-H White with the ripe repose ol' well spent years." NVOUDWAIKD-4'Stiff eyes looked love to eyes which spoke again." SNAP lflxnis.-" O heaven ! that one might read the book of fate I" W.xkl':M.xx-t' lie would like to he tough, but does n't know how." ,rw Turf: l"AcU1.'rv- t Ihese men ol't'times better than they seem." lvIACxllliLAN---HNilEUl'l' hath fram'd strange fellows in he1'tin1e." lJ.Xllli0lif'fHTl10 soldier! with his mark of war- 'l'he medal on his breast." . 7 Sll.X1tI42S--ulillli if it be a sin to covet honor I am the most offending soul alive." ,I Unsox-A-" He knows what 's what." fBut he eanlt tell steam from smoke.j lime----" lie is so fresh the new green blades oi' gl ass Turned green with envy as he passed." r w Macluskx-t' lhe tirste verlue, sone, il' thou wilt lore, ls to restreine and kepen wel thy tongua-.' 1 lilil'l'l'.Vl'l0NS ---- "A thing ol' enstomg 't is no other: Only it spoils the pleasure ol' the time." linownn "A man ol' good parts il' we count it by bulk, A man ol' some depth as shown by his feet." N.Al'll'I'Iillf1Il - "The eat is happy when it plays a mouse, The angler when he lands a lively troutg So this old quihhler when in verbal noose lle tl aps a simple wit and tortures him On hooks of COlltI'lI.1ll0tl0ll.7' i,l'I'l'I'1liSON--i' Brass was his helmet, his boot brass, and o'er llis breast a thick plate of brass he wore." Mlss ANNA GUTIIIIIE--H She hath a natural wise sincerity, A simple truthfulness." Coxllnxxv Q-f' What are these So withered and so u'ild in their attire, 'I'hat look not like the inhabitants o' the earth And yet are on 't?" U. 'l'. Cosuicu- "Then softly he the l'air addressed, And as he spoke her tender hand he pressed." Fuvu SF llore Miss Miss Miss unouu-" l have tonehed the highest point of all my great- ness." liuowrw:-"l know that I 'm the most :esthetic man in eolleeef' n-""I'is strange to see how he will sit and look and brood and think." NI.-Xli'l'IN--N Her chin is very neat and pert and smooth, like a china cup." Cuoss -"Can talk, and laugh, and danee, and llash with points of wit." M. E. llAu'l.i+:v" J' Her presence hath the power to soothe, to warm, nay-f -even to bless." AMW, jgm,X..l.,,,N, em, that ,I ,mm might know .l. C. GRAN'l'--hifi' shapes his life more to the whim of private The mul of this rhlyhq 1,n,,inesS ere it Caine-9 eoneeit than to the known rule of general eonseutf' MISS M,,mN--ff Yep gmeeful ease and sweetness void of pride S. SICIKIIMGAIHI---" lieatuiful as sweet: and young as beautiful, and Might hide her faults,if Belles had faults to hide." eoy as young, and gay as eoyg and innoeent as gay." Rev. Q. fl. Seryrarrfs memory System. Olljlf:11'l'.- 711 .ve fl1'.w'11pl1'ue Mi' uzauzwjf fha! Me 1l'1rM',vf .i'fIllli'Ill will he re1'm1'1z In fur.r.v hzillfrzlzl :urnfllimlliwhv. Receiver of Money, SCIIRMI Chief Backer, - - PHENY Referee and llead Yeller, Major Drummer, Minor Drummer, - ' APllll1'f"'N Ulmsn. . S'l'l'lAll Ns. Gentlemen of Wonderful Promise, - WAWE, Pl-1'l'1-:lcsoN, l'l"l'ON. . - .. l'rk1-' Iowuuf'N Qoxuvs Uentlemen ol little or N 1 Al llli. f 5 " 'J ' ' ' L ' "' Y ' ' ' 5' I iXNAl'l'l'IN. - VVl"lN'l'l"lK Suvru l'1Ilsnl'ur Other VVIPUI' aul Poors' A 5 ' ' ' ' .' ' ' N 1 U IWW Nll'Iil'llK4lhN, iXIMllllIC, iiIll4l'I'lIl'1N. Graduates, V - - - ' - Denon, Iluowxlc. 171 Some Rqasorps for .I-HN li-1z'l'-Sore eyes. M-wr-N R-x-Laying wires. M--x VV--S'l"' -Reading G11-ek. M-ln' M-m,S----Refuling Greek. ALI:-lm' D-no---Sick Rr-lntivvsm. EV-ll-'I"l' K--HK -Missvd the 'I'1'il.lll. FR,-NK Bla.,-ls--oy -Reading EIIIEF!-l0ll. I.-ox' I.-Y -uu-- Dotninerl in tho hall. Anim--o l'--LLsn-1z.x'- -Force ol' llobit. CL-um IEA-mmf N-'VVHS writing essays. E-HN-sw' N-czme-nsfx--A.wl'ully Homesirek. E-llll Fnvn--lu:-n-Gaulvassing tho class. V 4-'r-11 ST- -RNS!-Allotuillorl in the hull. S-M P-QUfN-lN:Ls tying to writo poetry. G-um:- K4 f lf'-lc,-Wns studying portraits J 'IIN M ldlllll LI.--Attvmlml pr:myo1'n1r-otillg. Our 172 Occasional ff FIul7Ks." Un-ur.-s D. M-'l"r-sm-N-Curling my hangs. I Jw-owl' P-nm'--llrul auotlmr 0Ilg'Il.QGlllBl1t. rw lll-D-IP S---ll--S--WOHfllllg Punch y' kunh. .l4llN II-YD-N--vVl'ltillg' Letters to L-1.1. - - N. G--uf,:- 'I'-Nh-1.1.-Was rushing for Miss A-. U-ll'l'fSN Sw- -ulf -f-Got tangled up in my hair. lu---WI'-N VV -'l'1cfr1f4Stni1l too late for tho owl vor. ll-ms-wr li-CII-uns-N--MoGr-g-rs hml am l10lll' off. Cam-'-x GR-Nw'-Was running the war clepmtllfellt. W-r.'1'An. VV-NSI,-w-'Phe McGr-gg-rs' had nu hour oil. FR-D SM-'I'll-Lflkll Ilnrrict scenery was so clmrmiug. .l. Enw-'lm 0'Bn- -N-Parting my name in the mifldlv. .T-HN IT. D-III,---Writing orations on American Literature. S-V-R S-R-xmmun-Polcer club Progrmn had to be prepared. Fu-lm G-LMMN-'l'ook too long to walk homo---Miva -1 walks so slowly-- Granslations. Mnnlum.. K snr. Capres quot quisque haheret dicere posse. Every man can tell how many " kids " he has. Und werden erst getotet etc? Because dead for the iirst time. Sannnsoiv. Nur zeitweise weme die langen dunkeln wimperu, etc-- Once in awhile when she winked. J. lIUGltlQGliOR. Der war noch sehr jnng, als sein vater, ete. lIe was not so young as his father. 131.3 AN PA'1"l'EE! Picon. U Leibspeisef' The spice of life. Bmcim. En drain. That means taking it straight. Tenet me summus amor parsimoniae. A great love of persimmons holds me. VVlx1'1'1s--l-you will-he will hear. Professor, I ean't iind a good meaning for " opinarel' llluclrx- -'Get a bad one then, W,Xl'l'l+lffl will'-you will-no ! lle will hear that he has spoken the truth falsely. UHICIJA-'-S1l0li0ll the truth falsely ! Mr. Waite, we have been here now a long time, but - W.xl'1'1c Qinterrupting and beginning againj. l havef-I was! Indeed, really he was not--he gives---hehe is giving you mere talk. Ii1mn.x-llow do you dare -- WAl'1'r+: finterrupting and going on with translationj. But you were-hut l was'-but l saw you--hut l a boy, saw you while a boy--this hass-this is-v-is this made plain to me that l am--that he was,-that he was 11ot Philo crates. .linnna--How is that ? VVA1'r1c Qgoing on with translationj. What do you say ? I am your master and you are my servant ! Speak to me who therefore this one is--whom 1 have a long--whom I have all along said from the first to you--this onewwe will always be found--this one--if he shall. fi Suooestion for Senior Qlagg Day. SCENE: Coliseum Stage. Enter two Heralds with Hautboys, Flnnounqinqb the Grand Procession. llere comes lilcxw the King ofthe class 'Cause he's King, without a lass, Som: :cus around the King we see One who snows his high degree, All his honors on a l'uu+:, And beside him lady-like ls his t!oUN'l'ux'MAN. Next there comes a nohle Maxis, With him one there's Moms than Any other maid of beauty. lIere's one never Cu'i"rs his duty. Any Donor-1 you may expect From the stately EAIKII elect, Glc.xN'1' that .lwelc is not around To de-Mom.-lsu and confound All his deep laid scheming. Now see lill.i.Y, worth a Nlt'llI,, Little Fulfznm' ever iickel- With his C0Ml1'0lt'l' comes in l.',x'1', And now Co'r'l'oN and all that, Wlf:s'r and ElJI'l'll with eclat Finish up the grand procession. fi Story of Qreation. V A fairy once, out ou a lark, Ui' sell' esteem she poured a lot, llid somehow pass the door, Ui' laziness enough, WVIICYG Father Dodge, of chemicals And then some freckle-essence, And acids keeps his store. And some concentrated tough. And i'or her own amusement, She stirred and strained the mixture She mixed some stuil' about, With many an incantation, I Without the slightest idea And added to it now and then As to what it would turn out. Some cranial inilation. 'l'hen as she stirred, and all at once 'l'here came a transformation And this is the true story Ui' P-----'s creation. 174 University Essayg. Freshman. THE KA'r'r. The katt is a domestick annymul N verry nice. They like too etc and sleap an lye on plush kushuns in the day time an lite all nite. I had a grae katt and it dyed. I had a hlak kat M it ate a burd an dyed, i had anuther grae kat an that dyed. I had anuther blak kat 8: its name wus tig-lath-pylezer and i gess it died--leest- waiz its gawn. l got a mawlteaze kat LE it kilt a burden didnt dye. Its name is piptollymus. lt is a luvly kat. llc fit anuther kat las sundy QS: beet it, i wuz glad it beat. The turl' wuz staynd with goar 8: hairz at the seen in the koniiiek. Kats are very nice, i like em. I am alwiz goan ta hav wun. Thay have sawft fer but their is sharp things in there pause wich hurt. They also pur wich is verry nice. This is awl i kann think uv about the kat. Sophomore. -ri-is wonnn. The world is a large place occupying the greater part oi' the cosmos. It is bounded on the north by the sky and on the south by the bottomless pit, at least, such is the hypothesis. lt revolves upon an axis and has a center of gravity which is sit- uated at the University of Minnesota, that is, its center oi' gravity as a whole-the nucleus being in the Sophomore class. This class is composed of overgrown Freshmen, undergrown Juniors and various other elements. Everything which approaches it is immediately drawn in and assimilated with the general mass. From this results an eccentric and entirely original product. lt is of vast importance to the world, for without it, there would be no equilibrium andthe consequences might, in some cases, be fatal. Its influence is therefore universal, its eflect being felt under certain conditions even among Seniors. llaving touched upon the most important features ofthe world, I will close. 175 Junior. 'ri-is mqosssson. The professor is a species belonging to the genus many that is, he generally does, though sometimes he is evolved from another origin. Ile is characterized by his smile and his voluble inquisitorial powers. The smile is a variable quantity, existing in all stages from unlimited extension to an iniinitesimal, while in some varieties it has become quite extinct, owing to disuse. lint the secondcharacteristic is a constant factor. Since the discovery ol' the species he has always had it with him. As an object ol' scientitic investigation, the professor is a very amusing and interesting study and forms one of the chiel' attrac- tions in a collegiate course. ln fact, such a course is not complete without some knowledge of him. lt is agreeable to meet him in the halls oi' Alma Mater when it has been impossible to commune with him in the sanctity oi' his own department. lie is always so pleased to see you upon such occasions. It is also pleasant in the extreme to bask 'neath the droppings of his learning, and, thus lnlled by the silvery cadence oi' his limpid voice, seek sweet soothing sleep in time l'or that electric annihilator of progress' -the hour bell. Much more might be said of the college professor but it is wise to maintain a discreet silence, I will desist. as ak ' wi: :if The editors oi' the Gorimn are sorry that for lack of space it has been necessary to omit the Senior essay. The subject of the essay "A Class Memorial" was one of great interest and the language employed in its discussion was truly remarkable. We think, how- ever, that the ordinary intellect would have been unable to grasp its meaning and therei'ore our regret at its omission is somewhat lessened. fl Senior Qlasg meeting. Mu. Paifzsini-:N'r: " Il' there is no other business to come be- fore the meeting, we will eonsider the question ol' memorial." FICYIIICIUIPIIIZ " Mr. President. I have eauvassed the elass- - we 're an athletic c-lass, -we want to be remembered. A 1-up is the thing." CoNu1cR: H We don't want anything ol' the sort." II,n'nxf:N: SEIIIWIIIAIIIIZ Mr. President ! Corn nv: 5 Piu4:s1nr:N'r: " Hayden has the floor." lI,xvnl':N: "Mi: President. I propose we ereet a soda foun- tain on the campus." ltlries from different parts of the room: ff llot or cold Y" "Tin eup attachment '!" l'Zte.I Mn. GnAN'r: "Mr, President, I kiek on general principles." Miss BI4lN'I'HKlMl'IIlYZ " What is the idea of a memorial? We want something to benelit the institution." V Cuolws or-' IIAI"l"BE.KI'X2 "What do we c-are about the state I" Fnvnlcnol-:lt Iasidel: "Clonfound her! She lost me tifteen votes." SIIAWZ "There 's a motion before the house. l move to amends--" Wus'r: "I rise to a point of order-f " llavnl-LN: "I move we adjourn." Fln'nuno1an: " It ean't be done. I tell you I have eauvassed the elass and am the only man who knows just what the feelings are on this matter." l'n1f:srlncN'l': "Are you ready for the question Y" lflries of"'Question l" "Question !"l I:II'Il"l'2lt lientering from a side doorulz "Right this way, gen- tlemen-mthis is the thing you want. Cheap' -dirt 1-heap I'nll size, IIIICVIIICKI-I'1'll.llll' alone worth the money." 176 Ihvr K I-1NNl':nv: "1 am sure this question can be satisfactorily settled. Let us remember the glorious example set by '89, Now, something in the way of a prize or a scholarship would he---" lG1'0ll.Ill-Lil Sl'Al'I.DINIiZ H What 's the good ol' leaving anything ?" r w 1 'vw Rlenumsos: " lhat s what I want to know . Fnvnmnrzlfznz " Mr. President. I have eanvassed the elass-" XVINSLOWZ " Mr. President. I move we extend a vote of thanks to the class for the expeditious and business-like way in which this question is liable to be settled.' Wl':s'r: " Mr. President. It oeenrred to me that this might be done by private subscription, and I have a little list here that l should like to submit to the c-lass. Twenty-nine names and several more promised. lt might be a scheme to call it the '90 memorial." IIICACIIZ 'fl object! It has been a bulldozing aet from the beginning. Ile went to each one and talked and talked and talked till they were blind and signed it I" SPA1'l,mNu: " My senior year has been a burden and life is made miserable by these quarrels. 'I long for peace-I have been lighting for it all the year." Cunls'rl,xNsoN: " It is true ssince others have done the work and raised the money, why should we now hesitate to give the hand of fellowship all around." 1+'nvnl':ne1-:nz "I object to the way this thing has been done." BEACH! H Ile talked and talked and-" Ga.-INT: Mann and Douglass are members of the elassf' GIIJIIKNZ "I have the l'resident's word to the eoutraryf' SOMMEIISI "'l'heir diplomas wouit he dated '90." S1'.xUl.nINo: " Those proxy votes are not fair." NVINSIAIW lfrom the window, whistling'Aunie Rooney'l: " Ilow happy I am l" Wi-:s'r: " Is n't this fun !" Hines IN Cnonrs: H Oh, do let 's go home l" lOn motion, 1llIj0lll'll0lI.'l ' THE EDITORS OF THE GOPHER OF '91 flcknowledcgmentg. The editor of the GOPIIER before laying aside their pens, desire to express their gratitude to all who in any way have helped in the production and publication of the preceeding pages. None but those wl1o have had experience in publishing matter of a similar nature, know how much of time and labor is required in making snre that everything is accurate and complete. ln seeking infor- formation and help, we have received from professors and students alike the most kind and courteous treatment. We are under spec- ial obligations to Mr. Johnson, registrar of the University, who kindly furnished us with most of the statistical matter concerning the faculties and students. We also desire to express our thanks to all those who in any way contributed to the literary matter in the first part of the book. Most of our pictures were made for us by Mr. Murdock. They were reproduced for publication in the Gornnn by three different firms. All of the group pictures, the faculty pictures and the pic- tures of the members of the class of '01 were reproduced for us by the Lithotype Publishing Company of Gardner, Massachusetts. Most of the pictures of the buildings upon the campus were re- produced by the Photo-Engraving Company of New York City. The pictures of the regents, of the Students' Christian Association Building, of the interior of the Coliseum and of the Main Build- ing as seen in the summer, were reproduced by the ltamsdell En- 0 graving Company of Minneapolis--the process used in their work being one discovered and perfected by Mr. Murdock within the last three or four months. Our printing and binding has been done by the L. Kimball Printing Company of Minneapolis, who are also the printers of the Ariel. We desire to thank them for the interest they have taken in our publication and for the way in which they have carried out all of our ideas and suggestions. We are under special obligations to Mr. Yattow, the ellicicnt. and respected janitor of the University. Through his efforts we secured the room, without which, or one similar to it,our work would have been impossible. Through his kindness also, our sanctum has been furnished and kept in order. The students and orllcers of the University are to be congratulated in having such a man in such a place. Always affable and courteous in his inter- course with tl1e students, and faithful and careful in the perfor- mance of duty, he is worthy of therespect and confidence of all. These few lines mark the completion of the Govlrnn of '91. If we have succeeded in editing a book of value and interest to the students and friends of the University, and one which the mem- bers of our class will prize and point to with pride, we shall feel well repaid for all the time and care spent in its production and publication. flddenda. In the list of members of Beta Chapter of Phi Kappa Psi Fra- ternity, Messrs. Day, Triggs and Dickinson are printed among the members from '93, They are in the Senior Class of the Law De- partment, were initiated before they entered the law, and should have been so classitied. wk sf wk wk - VVl1atever mistakes or ommissions are found in the Alumni Directory, are clue, largely, to the negligence of the alumni them- selves, many of whom failed to answer our inquiries. lVe respect- fully suggest that for the sake of others, if not for their own, the .alumni answer promptly and accurately all letters addressed them by the editors of GOPIIERS yet to be published. sk ae as sf The list in the first part of the book, of the fraternities repre- -sented in the University is not complete. Since we went to press Nu Sigma of Phi Gamma Delta has been established. The mem- bers are R. G. Kimball, Charlie Guthrie, J. E. Phillips, W. A- Selover, Henry Cotton, Frank llatchelder and Robert Jackson TS They appeared with their pins for the Iirst time on Tuesday morn ing, May 13th, and received the customary bouncing. sf wk wk ar In our Chronicle we forgot to mention the fact that Mr. H. Earl Fryberger, in addition to the many other oilices which he holds, or has held during the year, is also a dear-on in All Souls Univer- salist ehurch. We feel that our Chronicle would not be complete ii' so important an item were omitted. We regret that through our negligence it fails to appear in its proper place, and trust that its insertion here will satisfy completely the Deacon's desire for fame and glory. is wk as v ai: i N We regret that the Greek gentleman, with the unpronounceable name, postponed his visit to chapel until so late a time in May. ,Our short hand reporter was present and we have the speech en- tire. lt was absolutely impossible, however. to have it illustrated. We reluctantly refrain from publishing, and will hand it over to the board of '92. ,- EA. -.Xp , 1.-. QVC' 51.7, G' "C-V' 'P' 'fz :- 'J.Q"T"' 'ff '- IN 179 N Yv Q9 ALS! ..,-- ' " -1 f- iii A pnonr pant. C. C. Curtiss, ----- C L. McVean, Tailor, ---- Murdock at Co., Photographers, Gould 8 Eberhardt, Drill Presses, Dreka, Fraternity Jeweler, - Ditson Co., Music Books, - - - John T. Barnum, Trunks, - - Bunde N Upmeyer, Fraternity Jewelers, W. K. Morrison 63 Co., Drawing Materia C. W. Meneilley, Grocer, - - - O. T. Swett, Furnishing Goods, - F. A. Fisher -S: Co., Contractors, - - E. Parker, Clothing and Furnishing Goo Taylor Ss Galpin, Grocers, - - - Webster's Unabridged Dictionary, - Glesner 8 Washburn, Furniture, - J. G. Eitol, Flour, - - - K - BACK PART. M. Lara 8: Co, Carpets, - - - Dorsetts, Caterers, ---- Allen S: Ginter, Straight Cut No. 1, - L. Kimball Printing Co., - - Photo Engraving Co., - - Nelson, the Tailor, - - Ryan 62 Co., Livery, - - J. F. Newman, Fraternity Jeweler, Hobart 617 VVillis, Plumbing, - ls, - Index to Advertisements. ,.1..-.l-1- Minneapolis Electric and Construction Lo, Minneapolis Oiiice and School Furnishing Co Fletcher 85 Gould, Meat Market, - - Warner Bros., Hardware, - - Jay W. Ingison, Carpets, - J. H. Dorner, Confectioner, - - Lawrence Sv Smith, Sporting Goods, Littlefield 85 Moore, Furnaces, - - R. B. Lees,'Carpenter, - - -- Rugg, Photographer, - Lake Harriet Pavilion, - Hennepin Steam Laundries, - J. W. Stevens, Architect, - Art Engraving Co., - - Jas. 'l'. Elwell, Real Estate, - W. S. Nott Co., Rubber Goods, E. C. Cauvet, Plumbing, - Goodnow 85 Lawther, - - Lithotype Publishing Co., - - Barnaby A1 Co., Furnishing Goods, l Jesse Collum, Jeweler, - - - Minneapolis Fuel Co., - - - C. S. VVentworth sk Co., Steam Heating, McCormick Harvesting Machine Co., Mendenhall's, Flowers and Plants. - U The Burlinfrton " ---- U 5 The North-Western Line, "always on time, The University of Minnesota, - - The West Publishing Co., - Baci Covei E cannot submit this book to our readers without calling attention to the advertisements appearing both in the front and back part. The Gorman, such as it is, would be far inferior in quality, were it not for the iinanical sup- port given by those business men, and we ask and insist, that every student, professor and friend, who takes pride in seeing creditable publications, go forth from the University, familiarize himself with the advertisements in this volume, and as far as pos- sible patronize the tirms here represented. This year is the first in which the students have had entire control of the advertising in the GO1'llEl!. lt is not an easy depart- ment to handle, but it should be kept wholly in the students charge, and each Editorial Board should treat the trade just as it would if it expected to publish the succeeding volume. Dealers look upon the Govuifzn as an annual publication, always edited by the same students. NVe have tried to live up to every agreement made with our advertisers, and believe if this policy were pur- sued, and patronage given those who patronize us, it would soon become a comparatively easy matter to obtain the desired support from this source 182 It gives us great satisfaction to know that those who make purchases for the University take interest in tl1eG01'lIlc!t's suc- cess, and aid it in every way they can. The names of those who have received valuable trade from the University, but who say "I don't do business that way," who, "It wouldn't- do me any good," who, "I've got too much business now 9" who, "Vin too busy, I don't think I can do anything for you, or, to come to the point, I know I can't," etc., have been carefully handed to those in whose hands they will produce the most lasting advantage to the University. NVe take this opportunity to thank those whose patronage we have enjoyed, and to express the belief that they will receive more substantial returns. We are indebted to those who have kindly assisted us in securing advertisements: We are verygratc- ful to them, and shall take pleasure in recommending them to our successors. To those, also, whose finanical aid we have received, but whose names are withheld by request, we acknowledge our obligation and express our thanks. WVe call attention to the artistic arrangement of our adver- tisements. THE EDITORS. RICHMOND STRAIGHT GIIT NU. I cnannems. Cigarette Smokers who are willing to pay it little more than the price charged for the ordinary trade Cigar- ettes. will find this brnncl superior to all others. THE RICHMOND STRAIGHT OUT N0. I GIGARETTES are made from the brightest, mont delicately flavored mid highest cost Gold Leufgrown in Virglnm. This in the old and origiiml brand ot Straight Cut Cigarettes, mid was brought out by ue in the year 1875. Beware of Imltntlons, and observe that the firm name as below is on every package. ALLEN 8: GINTER, Manufacturers, ,A,7-,,-,- Y,,,Av- w+,,-v- W-- RICHMOND, VIRGINIA. C. W. DORSETT. M. A. DOHSETT RSET Qaterers and Qonfeetioners wsoomos mm Racaprloms .gfuvuisiwzl with Qfznvvvgt !,flmui-situ: um! yrvuczl in ilu: Qgllust 2L1.q.v1:m.1rzI Qllmmvv. Fine - Gake, - Peerless - Ice - Gream, FINE CONPECTIONERY. ALL GOODS IN OUR LINE SHIPPED ANY DISTANCE. TELEPHONE CALL, 131 2 4!8 NICOLLET AVE., MINNEAPOLIS. ,,..,....-1- 09 5 v lego. Y' 'W 'ff 3' . - :Q sooiyqo gg? yi E T 'ao' 'F 6' Q6 hw Q xx Q Q Q Q v S Q- N. te B Q9 Q2 4 X me we -iii?-f QMQQRAPHINQR, QQ 43' uw i Lg 0 X N Q. 4 1? 0 X X 2, W 5 X l ., 9 uN,,.,S X om- ,i li ljlx Q - "x--. 0 ' I ff!! ki. U XXXFTXVX 6 V 99, jf f 3 X . .Lllx lac 1 X 9 x ,f 051, if gs e'3 and BOOV' 0 Q 0' Z K ' A ' Sb 1 lvl INNEAPGLZIS, vl INNESGTA. 244-6 HENNEPIN AVENUE ORN HASTINGS, JOSEPH TBIPP, CEAS. S. LAWRENCE, QEEHLUSTRHUVE AND ADVERTISING URPQSESHWEE QqM mRWmub N EW Y0 RFQ' MM, TUDENTS X32 PROP-ESSORS Tri? IF-1 YOU WENT Sivxgiifsma Ql0H72S E E E E JUQ N K ORDER Tl-IEYVK RT NEI..SON'S 243 FIRST AVENUE SOUTH, CITY The Usual Discount to University Trade. JOHN RYAN T. A. BOWEN.. ik 'T , . . 9 Q, werfy Sta e. ' 5. X .Q T ,"v .f TT: ' ,ff Vey' 2 1 T , 3' J?" 2752 . ,, -.pi .lf ww f. ,T X - T Q Tii':3T i -it! f' KK 'K lui 1 gi - 'T JN Q..f5Eii"i'I' , RR ese- N 'lei TT' T v' ,. A - Mi.-4 I 3 isexi -:Wifi N if Y Q pf R ? 'K 5. x- ':! V L J--.fs-E S Q 5 fi-4 .---. ... ,ig r fi? 'TT- ' ' - H Q . -Z I ,,,,.,-I5 l No. QO Second Street North, E. D- MINNEAPQIJIS, MINN. INIII' OR I N'Bl I' 'l'l'AWl' XYITII OPFY Oli UIOSLD 1 KK RIAGL. , .,LNT T0 KY! I A111 Ol 'l Hb LITX ON SHOIUI D01 Ill QTIBL1 Qjltitvtltii. TELEPHONE 690 2 'William C. Hobart. H O al L L I SY John F. Willis. SANITARYMDLUMBING STEAM AND GAS HTTING. Special Allcnlirm given in the 'l.h0l'0ll,Q'l1VCl1l.ll'Ill0l'l 'xml Remodeling of Plurnbing Contracts mzulc for Ycwer' :ind Water Connections f. . . ... ... ' I l1f.r,r.1rr xr 42--. I4 N. lrllr I ll Sl., hlrNNrc.-xr-411.1 W. C. THOMPSON. L. L. SANDFORD. G. M. JONES. minneapolis Elqetrie for Qonstruqtion Qo. ELECTRIC BELLS, BURGLAR AND FIRE ALARMS, lilectvln Gun Lipglnhlng. I'lxyuIulmm' OIH1-c Unite I PRACTICAL APPLICATION OF ELECTRICITY IN ALL ITS BRANCHES. The Minneapolis Uffice and School Furnishing Co. OFFICE AND FACTORY COR. BTH ST. AND BTH AVE. S. E. I if ilhz i n E f - -PVC ElEE ' Furniture , . 1-0 lim' , School House and J , . S. , . norrsunrngs, wig Court House, A Brunfwufn A' Furniture. Dcgiffi gi fh'3'I.'d2f"" Sole Manufacturers of lhe Minneapolis Automatic School Desk. 4 1 E4 4 l 4 Hag-FgQwMlIrmmmmmmmmV A ""' "-- . X X XX X B ' 3 lu V gli, :S -,fy MJ -.,, l. ' " -Q Q uo. Qr Q ,fa ' G0 1.1.9 lf rcnnxnv l .. X ry? , , - . 1 WF' . ' ylfggk I . "um JI .." I . . T, 19 Joan STREE NEW ORK if wwww-Uniuergity meat marketfwm ww EEES 9 DEALERS IN Fresly and Salt meats SUGAR QLIRED HRITIS, BRQON, CARD, ETQ. 409 Fourrwzfb RUG- S- E- ' Qareful fitterptiory Giuqn to Univqrsjty Gradq. R. L, WAPNER. F. n. wnnm-:n. Stoves, Ranges, DW-Us 'N UHIDBIIIBIS' TUUIS, BIIIIIIEIS' Hllfl HUIISEKGBDEIS' YR, rf, PHIIIIS, UH, Glass, M,-WV A 'A I T1nRuunng,Elc. ok. gg, s s K wnnusn anus .. ff f"' ' .2612z'3':N'.Caz:,faf's: Minneapolis, Milw- JAY w. mcnson, ,Q 46 E. Tv-uno ST.. X. I n. Q X saygliwn ,ff fwlnduw Shades, -L ff! V E ,Q ff' IJBAPERIES, -i- ff 4" QL- .44 uc: cunnms. Irinpsg sq lg gynd 1,41 .11 IH-lows in the No:-thwvvsl on-J. H. DORNER,- FINE CCJNFECTIGNER' AND CATERER. XYICIIIPINHS .XXII l'liIY.X'I'I'I I-IN'l'I-1R'l'.-IINNIIiN'IS I-'VRNISIIICII XYI'I'II EVIQIQX RI'.1,lI'ISI'I'I'1. 409 NICOLLET AVE., NIINNEAPOLIS. DAWRENCE at SITIITH, Foot Ball Ge Base Balli Phawn Tennis Outfits Supplies. I Sporfting Goocls. , '-.......g,,-w-. . 253 FIRST AVE. SOUTH. Lxargest Lxine in the City. MINNEFIPOLHS, MINN. IJITTIJEFIELD Ea IVIGGRE, 4s,, .--.EF5':Fv'1! -MP6 R N Eglwr-W:-2, ' TIN, SHEET' IRGN AND GGPPER JOB WGRK. QENTRAL AvENe1E E. 19. Q LEPHONE. MINNEAF -. R. B. LEES. - EHRPENTER HF HNII 5 HLIILIIER. REPAIRING AND ALTERATION A SPECIXLTY. Shnp and Ilffima Uniunrsiig and Eih Hvlas. S. E- Tnuzrmoru: 597-2. gms!llguwmmiimlynyupnuiIIuIIuumlulllnmmuulmmavrrxuvrmmnlmwni-mmnnila IIHIIIiIIHilIIlIIHHIlHlIHHHHH''IIIIIIKIIHIIUMMHikimi E77 PTT 'TTA 'I "1 'iAA'TT' -"'TT Y.f 56 SOUIH FIFTIH SIREEI. SggllllllllllllllllllHliillllllllllllllll,ViHllllllillllllfilfiilliiHHWWNIUQ'lllllllllllllllliH!lllilllllllllllllflilIllIlIIIN!llllilllllliiiilllllll E E NS 3 WX'-ikSiiiixzkikxi 5 :gif fi ff ix,..X,..1 X EE CN .ip :ma xi 'W iv ., E A ,. -"k fx mi 9,355 ,.., Y 3 V Q X 1' V: l x qXSQQfSgisQjWN,- I-Ig ' My .Six Nfwiiw 9 'ii l ' ' is-no ,-Yfhfbcikij N flf ' is: "Sy ' 1E I W I 'X -A ii-S' I,-'-A-,flex ,Zi 5 Xzis Q X V 3 l AI,-bizi 3319 QQ' ' W! " .. xy X .M x -fi. B-ezqg . .- - , .A :,xw,-.X ,bw in . .wi .Mi .P iv'-it M-i'A+'g5'E Nm x ww ..fR11'W"2v:'?A -'Wi Q xx .N W V .xiii H555 1- 5-New--N A A 1 fx-mv-' n wi XY X -f"'i:f'fy. FSM vis if , X i , 4 V-.ia-f.b?.? ai: 48.-iubdb-4 f.1bQf.b-f.L- -Qbf.1bf.1bf'frf.i: 'fel f':1E--ab Q IINNIEIiIIIH!iIEiiilIQliQlIIIIlllI-HHHIllwLLHHHliiiilllliiilllllillll!ilIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIHIIWHIIIIIHEIH!iii!HIIIIUIlllilwlllllllliWilillllliiliIiIiIiliIlilIIIHHIIIHIIIIIIIIIIIIH Photographs fb P0 tra't mareisiiuniUiiaumrnmmufnrmlu:rnnmnuInulm:ullllnmm::mmmuusmilllllllllllllllllllllllllmm 'lilllilllllIIIIIIIIIIIHHIIII'illIilllllilIIIIIIllllllliililiillllllf i -vwhxvvs-fxvsr:-'f fs-sfffefe fr,-s'f-'sxvfvvs-:ff 'e' ve ff' i S S' 19 qrouryd F10 S e OW Or 'YY7 5 fu dlb ' 'iii WIIIIHINIIIIHilllililllllllllllllliliI!l!HIw1H1lHIHilllllililillllllll'l!l!ll1lIi3i1iIiHMilmlililiillllfllllllIIIllllIwllliiiwyiwluifwvlvlwwlWlllwiliiwlf'IHSillili ' SPECIAL RATES TO STUDENTS IN CLASSES. I WWW 'Ike , i c . Q5 ZlI'I'1QiZ Q Q avilion. f SSSS W S S,SSS I S S "'1'i7f Season 1890. GOOD MUSIC SUNDAYS Fishing and Boafing. Pi-urge Pienie QK0,'- e ?eP,?9l2Ef.P.?Bfi9n in F?iYfi!Lf2 Pai1Eies. Refgghments Served. TI'iliIlS LBIIVG Wi1Sllillgt0ll AVGIIUG Every 20 MiIlllI6S . . R 5 ..n 4 .....Y,,i,, ., , ,.,. lm b ,K gill' ixl1.'umq.1t 1!'lfuI1L'1'Lj amd Q: 3inpvr.-im.- llhnnlitgg uf fglilnrhl J+ W+ X 1 1 , 1 V E Go To A W t t 7-I 1-lsmnspm W F F6171 G 4, Q. E 94 f kg 4 M ww 501-502 Drake Block, St. Paul. ' XL mrxulxlrmlss I 1 M w,, v , , f j cu Ir! W Q , , as ' + . 1 r Q - E G AVIHG e ephone Orgegiervws Rgcgllgiigrnediate A t: ' ' ' .oeszg erf 5 I-Lib 122 FHJST AVENUE N ,J MAIN omcs, 3118 HENNEPIN AVENUE, 51,9 SENT ' I , WHERI WE HAVE BEEN FUR TWELV L5 '. Gllm crl' e has am uf: 1-ll1' v nt Nn. -101 Fuurt e-4- nth A wlasusvi 1.mwRENcE, pmpr. Q J, 'fYY5!:'-':7S- ELWEELQW gscoiv D, E1fWEH:'?',T H152 ' ELWELL af. HI9CEN'S ADDITIONS N I I HHH 'ro mmmenpoms. I FINE Rl','II IINFI' I Rll N I I' S l'l'lI llI."l MIQNICII 0 III 'K' ONLY SIX I I CIT' I IU .I INIVIIRIITY IIAYINC' ITX WI Vll Il III I TONI WI X K IIIII IKRK INI I I I0 IINIINIIST WIIII I'l I ll IRIIIII I I XITRIC l'IIl IISII IN IIIIIIIII IIXI mg. T. suwsuu, eoz wrigbf mock. I VV. S. NOIFII CO., MANUFACTURERS AND DEALERS Leather and Rubber Belting RUBBER AND COTTON HOSE. STEAM PACKINGS, ALL mnns or nusaen Goons. 28 s th seeo d swear, Minneapolis. IEJIWQL CFXUA4 Eff I I Plumbing, Gas and Steam. IRON, BRASS AND LEAD PIPE FITTINGS, Ere. 18 FOURTH ST. S., EH MINNEAPOLIS. C1ood17owQI.:awt17er, I ! : I g1H'L'4lJg '-WIN?I-5ilN31'vM3Y5Y4M'NVfQQH.LN3fLYZg gwoorn 'Tig lie ' I . - - we I I . 239 HENNEPIN Avenue. ao: 'rsuru AVENUE s. E. Q T.,.,... .,.. ,-... aff!!! -....... 17:3 Qhotype' ublishing .o. GARDNER, MASS., U. S. A. manufacturers of Filyq Book Illugtratiolyg ILLUSTRATING COLLEGE PUBLICATl0NS. Samples Q Sgtinyates Furxqisrged org Application, o puanlsnerzs OF PHo'rocRnvuRE REPRODUCTIONS OF FOREIGN ETCHINGS AND ENGRAVINGS. RLISO PHOTO REPOSIT PRODUCTIONS OF OIL PAINTINGS BY AMERICAN ARTISTS. The Litllotypes in "The Gopher" XVERE BIADIC BY THIS FIRKL tquhxlnfmcs mu! 1'1.'f!7I.' givin gjlmvxxiollrzl Hu: llivtxmrr Cfrzuis un Qnpplicutiun. E. c. Bnnnnev. E. w. cooonrw, f LEADING HATTERS AND MEN'S FURNISHERS 0F THE WEST. flEst.xbl'ished 1865.3 . I7 washington Avenue and 234 Nicollet Avenue flwlicollet House Blook.j 'liwenl y-live yours experience In business should be ll sulllrrient guarantee thntt is the plnce to trndo. We I especially invlle the Indies to visit our establishment und be convinced that ne carry the finest gmods in our line that nn- nnule in the worl-I, and sell them ns close ns they 1-nn possibly be sold.--f--- ' JESSE - COLLOYVY. WATCHMAKER AND JEWELER. I4 THIRD STREET sou'rH. h Watches cleaned and warranted one year, . . . SLQQ Malin und Case Springs llttvd, ench, . . - -IQ XVaLtuh-glasses and llnnfls ilnted. each, .... . . J -lg Clocks vleanull, from .......... 2nc to'1.2n ALL KINDS OF JEWELRY REPAIRED NEATLV. ,- xii guru-nntee ull my work to give aatlsluctloii or refund the money. I l N, X I MIIIIIGHDOIIS F1161 C0. - ,o 9 ggoffffgfg- ' '-Lfilgffififfgfle ' 47 wAsHlNeToN Av:-:. s. W. H. MCMULLEN, PRESIDENT E. W. CLARK, Sl:cm:'rAnv. . G. I-1. MFITHER, Generfal manager. Special Attention Given to UNIVERSITY TRADEQ l cz. S+ WENTWORTH Q co., ' CONTRACTORS FOR ,f 'lyv High and , . fQ..-,,..,,.,...-.,,M. . V -,Wu Yu A WZHW mf Lnouu Heatipqligw Hpparatuga -q'Lg'wL--1'-"xl, Bhd HOC , l -14. 1 XX LU sz te 11 KL I X. Also Natural axpd Meclgaxpical Vergtilatiorp. 1'1'lRI"'l'ICTI Nil UNNA'l'1S1"A CT! DRY S'l'1iABlcn'IlO'1' XVA'l'E1i IIEATINIQ Al'l',XR,X'l'US .X Sl'ICUlAL'l'Y. Am.. RESULLTS Funuv GUARANTEED. Plans und P1101-lllvntlnms lfurnlslmd upun Applla-ntlon. lk-fureme :und Illflll'lllllti0lI 1'Iu-erfully Glvvll. 1 c. s. wznfrwonru a co., 24 .1-le-nnepin Ave., minneapolis, minn. E? +E+'1' ff every:-'s-J:-:fsrfs-ffs:-1'ev4rfQ-T-fs'-sveveewfif' 'ef-Q'fQf-fr--fefffelsffxzffsff 1' " "' 1'-Q' " 'fav--ff-frfs' " N'Xf'Xf'Xf E 1' Y 'Xf'XKX!'Nf f'Nf'Nf f3f' KCC 00,000 MAOHmEs s0L0 IN 1889 L? JREF? REga.4Df 251'-ff' "00' 'WE'--"'T"' ifijfril A'A- E fnfifi "I-.1i.13iEf.2Eff..--m " " -l1E:?l f Z , HE MCCORMICK MACHINE or STEEL. W T ' . I1 Cf? 'ef -cii, . ni. " ri, 6 Y ' 0 . E ...E P' , . f"e- 4 V -TMZTT-3131-'If LL'-:1 ..----iE.: If f L Ew:1E..4f'.f1i2-if 'duff ?f1W3L' i n 'WLT LLL"Lf'iE'M L LLL J L 'M 'LLLfL6LW v 00 0 L , L L WE HAVE MADE AND WILL SELL IN I89U, I00,0ll0 MAGHINES. ONE-THIRD THE OUTPUT OF THE UNITED STATES. 4444 4:15, 1.2.-QELQQQEE QQQLQQQEQQS-giivewg -sef.,p4.xf..:,gf..:J..v4.X 1..:4.XJ.e-Q fra-fbafrw we McCormick Harvesting Machine 00. H. L. DANIELS, General Agent, Minneapolis, Minn. FLGWERS AND PLANTS. E E The Finest Cut Flowers and Designs for 1Vecl1llngn, Fllll0l:Rl8, l,'m't-lmu, E etcl Beautiful, strong, healthy Bedding' und House Plantu, mul every- S thing for the Garden, Greenlmuee or Lawn. Choice Flower Seeds at 1: E ' 9 E scum ron CATALOGUE. S, E I5 Fourth Strict Smith, MINNEHPOIHS, MINN. E gllllllllll Ill!lilIllIIKIIllIIIIIIIlllllllllllllllflilllllllllllllllllllIllIIIIIINIIIIIIHIIIllllIIIHIIIIHIIIIllIIIIIIllINIHIilIIIIIIlllmilllIIHHIIIIIHIIIIIIIIIYllllllllllIIIIIIlHIIIllIllllllllllllllllllllllll IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIHIIIIIIIIIW 66 I-I E B U 131- I lil Q?-T0 N-'f nI""'i eww 0 ' '94ILR 0 P-9 Qgeromq .xfg Q-T524 TI-Iafill-0 Popular Veslibuledi line EAST, - SOUTH - AND -I WEST. 'IlIl'I'I"I'l'I'lVllllillHl'li'I'I'il'l'I1l5l-IVIl"I lVll'Il Illll-III' I '1l'lVl'I' The GrfeatSeen1e Route of the Upper' Mississippi. I I I Iimirwl I I1I:rI li1liliilwliiI'I'l'l lil I lil I:IfIiI,m:iIwIvI.InI l'VIi'I'iI I rIl'Iv'mnl ll - ljeerless Dining Cars 1: rj , AND I Ullman Sleepers .iff W, . ON ALL THROUGH TRAINS I I I I I il I IUIVIN Ili wi I1 HIMIVI IMI iI'l I I I I I I I l'l'l'lAlUl IIINI lilil 'IIVI il'il I I I I I I I TICKET OFFICES: ST. PA UL-Ili! Ifnst Third Street, and Union Ilcpofi. .VINNICIIP0I,IS-.Will Nicollet Avenue, und Union Station. 5 ,rv- Iox I lukuts, Hates, Sli 131510. H. H,-X HRIH. Y T' -4-ping Fur AcvoiixImnlalliolls, :mil :my ini'm'', e.11l on Ticzlu-I Agvu!,ur:ul1l1'r-ss ic-I: l'I'I'sixlI-III.. NY. J. C. KENYON, fIl'lll'l'HT Pzmssuilgv-1' .-Xgenl. T H E W E ST P W5 PUBLJS1-lens OF' , n The NATIONAL REPORTER System. MINNESOTA REPORTS. AMERICAN DIGEST. MINNESOTA. STATUTES. ' UNITED STATES DIGEST. MINNESOTA DIOESTS. VERMONT REPORTS. , MINNESOTA CITATIONS. KANSAS REPORTS. MINNESOTA .IUST'I'CES' PRACTICE . DAKOTA REPORTS. - MINNESOTA MANUAL. ATTORNEY-GENERALS OPINIONS, Etc., Eta. ' lnnuuuummInuumunummnunImnIIIumulxlimllllnlllnmmnlllnullmmIIIIIIIIIIII:IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIImiminIIIIIMIEIIIEIIIIMIIIIEMIIIIHIIIIIEIIIIIIIIIIIIIIImmlllnmmalalmnIimIIIIIIIIIIE11IIIIIuIimlmmuunumuuu ummmIIIIIIIIIIAIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIMAMIummluumIIIIMIIAIIAIIIIUAIIIIMI an GENERAII l'JEa1XhERS IN IIAVV BOOKS. I UARRYIING ONE OF 'PHE L.-XR4,iES'I.' STOCKS IN THE COUNTRY OF TEXT-BUCKS AND REPORTS, NEWAND SEQQND-HAND V Qpvriul Elilvirw mulls: fu Elftxulrnhs uf ilu' Bglztixvvmwifg of ydlinnvrmtzt. ' -- A 1 UIAIIUIKIIIIIIHIIIIIIIIIIIUIIIIIIIIIIIIilIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIAIIIflllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIHIIIIIIIHIUIIIIHHIIMMIIIIIIIIIHIIIHIIIUMIIIIIIIIIIIIIlliIIIIIIIIIIIIIIUIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIHHIII!IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIILMMMMIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIMUIHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIHHIIIIUIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIlllllllIIIIIIIIIIIIIIHUIIIIIIIIIIIIHMIIlilIHIIIIIIIIMIUIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIQIIIIIIIIIL The Lxarfgest haw Publishing Establishment-in the. CQorf1d. . - 52-54-56-58 XVEST TI-IIlQD ST., ST. lI?fXUL.

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