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7- 5 THE 1958 CADET T GET E QQJ ET PUBLISHED BY THE SENIOR CLASS OF THE UNIVERSITY MILITARY SCl'l00L -3- Dedication T0 COACH R. E. HANKS Who is now the full time athletic director, and who will always be a patient and understanding friend and a firm believer in good sportsmanship at U.M.S ....1.... In memory of MRS. JULIUS TUTWILER WRIGHT Wife of the founder of our school. In memory of ' I' MR. RICHARD L. BUTT A true friend of all who knew him - 5 -. Col. William Sherwood Pape l'RlNl'IPAI,, 1931-1943 Dr. Julius Tutwiler Wright, A.M., LL.D FOUNDER OF THE UNIVERSITY MILITARY SCHOOL, 1893 Administ ation MR. BEN H. HARRIS Chairman of the Board of Trustees U.M.S. Alumni and Parents Association, Inc. MEMBERS OF THE BOARD Mr. Glenn Cobb Mr. Ervin S. Cooper Mr. Gilbert F. Dukes Mr. C. Ernest Edgar. Jr. Mr. T. K. Jackson. Jr. Mr. Ernest F. Ladd, Jr. Mr. Gilbert R. Ladd, Jr. Mr. Frank L. Leatherbury Mr. Mark Lyons. Jr. Mr. Leonard Metzger, Jr. O. M. Otts, Jr. . James T. Overbey R. H. Radcliff, Jr. E. A. Roberts Thomas J. Taylor, Jr H. W. Thurber, Jr. Leon M. Torbert Noel Turner Thomas E. Twitty B. R. Wilson, Jr. Administration Col. Paul B. Robinson, B.S. SUPERINTENDENT-HISTORY Lt. Col. T. C. Huckabee, B.A., M.A PRINCIPAL-CHEMISTRY -3- dministmti e ssistcmts Col. Clark W. Whistler, Ruth Russ Maj. Sherwood Pape B.A., B.D. REGISTRAR BUSINESS MANAGER CHAPLAIN Maj. Daniel B. Nolan, A.B. Capt- Durwood Moore, IV:-A. Maj. A. M. Hinson, B.S., M A LATIN-ENGLISH-TYPING EIGHTH GRADE-SUPERVI. OR NIATH -COMMANDANT GUIDANCE DIRECTOR ELEMENTARY, INSTRUCTION ' lyn' :mamma Maj. Bruce Filippini, B.S. Maj. R. E. Hanks, M.A. Joseph A. Mitchell PLANT ENGINEER ATHLETIC DIRECTOR CAFETERIA MANAGER MECHANICAL DRAWING SO. SCIENCE-PHY.-ED. -Lg-. Capt. Samuel J. Hamrick, B.A.. M.A. ICNGLISII Fm'1Nc'H Maj. Wright B. Slaughter, B.S., W.L.B. MfX'I'lIl'IMA'l'IL'S Capt. Fred W. Addison, B.S. BAN ll l7llIlC4"l'C bl! Faculty Capt. Charles A. Smith, B.S., M.A. PHY. ED.-JUNIOR HIGH MATH, Maj. Roland W. Killcreas, B.S. BIOLOGY- PHYSICS Capt. Allen G. Clements, B.A. ENGLISH A 10 - Charles E. Story, B.S. MATHEMATICS l I Capt .Howard Fortney, B.M. SPEECH-CHORAL MUSIC Capt. Thomas Comer, B.S. PHYSICAL EDUCATION Capt. LeVaughn Hanks, B.S. SOCIAL SCIENCE COACH AASSISTANTI Capt. Fred Cone, B.S. MATH.-PHY. ED. Capt. Marvin E. Rhodes, B.S. LIBRARIAN Faculty Capt. Samuel B. Miller, B.A., M.A. FOREIGN LANGUAGES Capt. Perry Lowery, B.A. GENERAL SCIENCE-SHOP Capt. Kenneth Orso, B.A. SEVENTH GRADE Capt. Kent Wyatt, B.S. MATH.-"B" TEAM COACH -11- Colonel W. G. Rhinehart, B.S. EIGHTH GRADE 9 'Y xiii? 'T Jean Yuille, B.S. SECOND GRADE Faculty R A ' 'XX . . 5 . .2 ,, - .1 . Zolncr Hanson, B.A. Edna Posey Wilamac Newton SIXTH GRADE FIRST GRADE FOURTH GRADE Sarah Hanks . Hazel Crown, B.S. Flpq-H GRADE Margarita G- Wal5h, B-A SIXTH GRADE ELEMENTARY FOREIGN LANGUAGE Mae Gill Carlin, B.S., M.A. May R0bel'fS M3501 Roberts KINDERGAHTEN KINDERGARTEN FIRST GRADE Lois Hinson, B.S. FIFTH GRADE Ernestine Youngblood THIRD GRADE Mrs. Hubert J. Grant ADMINISTRATIVE SECRETARY Faculty Helen Muscat, B.S. THIRD GRADE Grace Durant, B.A. FOURTH GRADE Harriet Pfister, B.S. SECOND GRADE Alberta Jones SPECIAL INSTRUCTION is Mrs. B. V. Bodie Lucille Sauls ALUMNI SECRETARY BUSINESS SECRETARY -13- If 10 H., . if . ' 1 W-v mv- Nymw M :E 5 ws If Fin! --Ynu Nl N.. 5 EQ Z f'C ww d W1 i- Q 5. x ,ji In 5 .AW 3 75 I 3 UCRCY- N"4l-+-ann., C10 Od Qfimeo Ht. lk, was S2 1' F -M. I! ffl ,so mistreated , W... ,M .W W... .Q X ..f, .Www in 1 . lf-H 3 . f. fi 'Avi : Q N N., . 1- v 7 " .g ,Y ry '11 - I. A 1 A ZH 1 1 , '-1 ,.. ad, . "7 In Tw - Ielylf y U . '01, A lsamvlmll spx-cL1xuu's. 1161.4 N5 , 'Ury 4158100 L hri 'ICC M5 Xuu. . f ,Hy KN in m Vw' C VV Simms up 'V' Huw NM Cadet Captain Carl Jones PRESIDENT. SENIOR CLASS ' x D Y a -s Senior Prophecy I walked up the fading white steps and entered the building. There in front of me was Major Hinson. He was talking to Lt. Col. Neuman - "I don't like it at all, you hear, at all! Keep people out of this foyer!" Seeing that the major was busy, I headed back toward the publications room. There coming out of the Faculty Lounge was Jim Delaney. "Hey, Jim," I called .... Hardly had the words been spoken when I was hit on the back of my head with a blunt instrument. I turned and there stood Major Hinson exclaiming something about being quiet in the hall. After several apologies, a "how are you", and a "good-bye", I went seeking Delaney. I found him in the Cadet Store. "Hi Jim, what in the world are you doing here?" "Oh, I was just trying to sell the basketball coach some insurance, what about yourself?" "I'm just looking around," I replied, "it's been quite a while since I was last here - five years, I believe." I went over to the drink machine and as I started to drop a dime in the slot a big, slow moving man in green overalls knocked me into the wall. "Move bud, I gotta fix dis here machine." I looked around and saw the man's back. There in neat letters was the name: GLASS'S VENDORS. "Glass," I thought, "no it couldn't be .... " My thoughts were interrupted when the man turned around and hit me in the shins with his tool box. Yes, it was Copley! We said hello and sat down with Delaney. After discussing how eachaof us was doing, we started talking about our old class- mates. "What ever became of Butler," Glass asked. "Oh," I replied, "after studying taxidermy at W and L for two years, he and Mr. Purdue went to Afghanistan to hunt Gnu and they have been there ever since. Say, what about Rhinehart'?" "Er, I think he is still at the Institute for Advanced Study. He is working on some new type of Nuclear Reactor," said Jim. About that time a fat, damp faced little man with a note pad in his hand and a press card in his hat came walking in and proceeded to buy a soft drink. "Grover Jackson!" exclaimed Glass, "come sit down and tell us about yourself." "Oh, I'm the U. S. Correspondent for the Nippon News and .... " He was interrupted by a lot of little voices yelling, "Coach Lyons, Coach Lyons, tell us that story again, huh." Through the windows we saw the coach take some faded yellow press clippings from his pocket .... "There I am," we could hear, "All American .... First and ten on our own twenty yard line .... I call for a pass .... " Back to our conversation. I learned that Ladd had graduated Magna Cum Laude from the Mobile County Trade School - his specialty, spot welding. St. George was designing model boat hulls for a toy company and Boykin was studying speech control at Oxford. 1- After we had talked for about an hour, a mob of seniors came running in having a rubber band battle, so we said good-bye to each other and started off on our individual ways. As I stepped out in the street I walked in front of a great red sports car driven by none other than Norman Cox. The ambulance roared off, leaving a strip of rubber about twenty-five feet long. The jolt was familiar. Then an even more familiar nausea swept over me as we careened over a curb, just miss- ing a parked watermelon truck. Rose stuck his head out of the truck and yelled at our driver to slow down. I exerted all my remaining energy to turn my head up front so that I could see who was driving. It was Fink - I just shut my eyes. About halfway to the hospital I peeked out of the back window and saw a large black car which seemed to be chasing the ambulance. As we turned ' -is-i a corner I could read what was written on the door of the car, it read, "Jones, Robinson, Slaton, Moore, and Moore - Attorneys at Law." As Fink and Torbert were carrying me into the hospital, Leon stopped to unwrap his pepper- mint stick, and he spilled me off the stretcher onto the street. I passed out. As they rolled me out of the operating room toward my room, a nurse ran by me screaming, "But Mr. Shoemaker, you're supposed to have a broken back!" This was followed by the pad of bare feet across the corridor. I caught sight of a flying bedsheet. The other bed in my room was occupied by a man who was all banaged up. Just to make con- versation, I asked him what had happened to him. I received a faint reply, "My home lab blew up." "Oh," I said. "Sounds like someone I used to go to school With." About that time, the poor fellow rolled over, Sure enough, it was he. His eyes were full of tears. I later learned that he had melted some iron, which got into an explosive mixture of CSHS COHJS and HNO3. During the next couple of weeks I learned that Malone was catching for the Yankees fThe Pusan, Korea Yankeesj, Charlie Smith was the Green Bay Packers' star blocking dummy fit moves, it talksl. Gregory was playing forward for the Johannesburg Jungle Men, and Brewer was working for General Electric the coaches the womans basketball teamj. After a while they released me. I walked out of the hospital and boarded the now one-year- old Mona-Rail. The car swished away from the platform and settled to the ground with a crunch- ing sound. It seems that because of faulty design, the whole structure had collapsed. While I was waiting to be freed from the wreckage, I considered asking for my dime back but I decided that the owner must have enough troubles now. When they got me out I was greeted by an irate little man who was jumping up and down and yelling something about sueing the contracting firm of Knodel and Savell. I noticed that he looked like my old classmate, Marshall Wallace. I tried to speak to him but I was shoved away, unrecognized. I walked away and about a block later I was sprayed all over with a jet of icy water. I looked up and saw David Ellisor atop a street Sweeper. "Sorry old man," he said, as he drove off to spray other unwary pedestrians. I looked down the street and saw a glowing sign: "IRWIN'S JEWELRY SHOP. I walked in and before I knew what was happening Irwin had climbed over the counter, grabbed my arm, applied a hammerlock, and proceeded to try to sell me a diamond stick pin. While he held me down, he called his two little boys from the back of the shop, and together, they went through my pockets. When the boys found nothing, one of the little beasts started kicking me in the shins - "Cheapskate," he cried! About that time Irwin recognized me, pulled the kids off, and invited me to sit down. I struggled to my feet and fell into a chair. The chair collaped - I lay there. "Gee, I'm sorry," said Irwin. "Here, get-up." "No thanks," I replied, "I'll just lie here." We struck up a conversation and Irwin told me that John Harris .vwas a drill instructor at Parris Island and that John Henley was aboard ship some- where in Alaskan waters. It seems that Bill Myers was married and working as a day laborer at Radcliff Gravel Co. W I left Irwin and walked into the book store next door, which, to my surprise, was run by Onie Barrett. Onie asked me if I had read Tom Stevens' latest paper back. I replied that I had not, so he looked around warily and pulled the novel from under the counter. The cover of the book was adorned with a girl in a low cut white dress. I plunked down 7594, tucked the book in my pocket, and headed for the dock. Five minutes after I was back on board, the old tramp steamer sailed, and I was on my way back to my missionary work, teaching plastic surgery to the Ubangies. ..19- T we -ve Years Ago wzvwilim ,. GROVFIR LEON MARSHALL JOHN BILLY TOM YOHN ERNEST BAILEY CHARLES - 20 - Senior Glas Cadet Second Lieutenant Onie W. Barrett Corporal, l Sergeant. 2. 3 Second Lieutenant. 4 Crack Platoon, 4 Platoon Leader, 4 Hobby Club, 1 Photography Club. 2 Rod and Gun Club. 2, 3. 4 Varsity Football, 3 Junior Varsity Football 1. 2 Cadet Captain Howard Hunter Barney National Honor Society, 3, 4 Highest Average in Mathematics. 2 Sergeant. 1. 2 2nd Lieutenant. 3 Battalion Adjutant, 4 Crack Platoon, 4 Science Club, 2, 3. Pres1dent, 1, 4 Photography Club, 4 Senior Salute Staff. 3 "Battalion Review" Staff. 3 "Cadet" Staff, 3 Editor-in-Chief of "Cadet", 4 -214 enior Cla Cadet Second Lieutenant James Richard Brewer Vicc l'1'm-sirlcrlt. Junior Class f11lfil't Chorus. ll l,ilm1':1r'y C'll1lJ. 2. Vice President. 3 iilrli and Gun Vinh, 3. 4 "W" Clulml Prl-siflcnt, 4 Sergeant. Il Scconri I.icutcnant.-1 f'l'1It'ii Platoon, 2, 3. 4 .Iunior Varsity Football, 2 Junior Vznslty Baslu-tlxall. 2 Varsity lfootbznll, 2, Il. 4 Varsity Basketball, Zi. 4 l'cVI'c1-I Attenrlznlce-, 3 Cadet Second Lieutenant Joseph W. Boykin Homecoming Court. 4 Corporal. 3 Second Lieutenant, 4 Crack Platoon. 4 Internnediatc Basketball, 3 322-. Senior Class l Cadet Second Lieutenant Charles Randolph Butler, Jr. National Honoi Society. 3. 4 Rod and Gun Club. 3 Hobby Club. 1. 2 "Cadet" Staff, 3 Cheerleader. 4 "W" Club, 4 Corporal. l Sergeant, 2 Platoon Sergeant. 3 Second Lieutenant, 4 Crack Platoon, 4 Intermediate Basketball. 4 Track Team, 4 Cadet First Lieutenant Charles W. Bunkley Key Club, 4 "W" Club. 3. 4 Rod and Gun Club, 3 Photography Club, 2 Corporal. l Sergeant. 2 First Sergeant. 3 First Lieutenant, 4 Crack Platoon. 4 Best Drilled Cadet in "D" Co., Sixtli Grade Junior Varsity Football, l Varsity Football. 2. 3. 4 Track Team, 4 Perfect Attendance. 1. 2. 3 Senior Clczs Cadet Second Lieutenant Elwin B. Cropp Science Club, 1 Rod and Gun Club, 2, 3 Hop Committee. 4 Sergeant, 1, 2 Plzitimn SCl'f.fl'ZlYll. 3 Serge-ant Major. First Scmrstcr 4 Sccorrl Lieutenant, SL-cond Scmcstcr 4 Crack Platoon. l. 2, 4 Junior Varsity Football, 2 Cadet Second Lieutenant Norman Wade Cox, ll Science Club Secretary. 4 Library Club. 3 Hop Decoration, 4 Battalion Supply Officer. 4 -24.. Senior Class Cadet Second Lieutenant James Ross Delaney National Honor Society. 3, 4 Honor Roll, 4 Forensics Club, 1 Library Club, 1, 2, Treasurer, 3 Cadet Chorus, 2, 3 "W" Club, 3 Key Club Secretary-Treasurer, -l Cadet Second Lieutenant Charlton M. Dukes, Jr. Library Club. l. 2 Cadet Chorus. 2, 4 Corporal. 1 Sergeant, 2, 3 Second Lieutenant. 4 Perfect Attendance, 3 Good Conduct. 3 Corporal, 1 Sergeant, 2 Second Lieutenant, 3, 4 Crack Platoon, 1, 2, 3, 4 Most Valable Cadet in Platoon. 2 Tennis Team, 3 Perfect Attendance. 1. 2 -25- eniar Class Cadet Captain Albert Fink Editor-in-Chief, "Battalion Review", 4 "A" Honor Roll, 4 National Honor Society, 3, 4 Science Club, 3 Seeretary-Treasurer Hobby Club. 2 Key Club, 4 Second Lieutenant. 3 Captain, 4 "Cadet" Staff, fl Cadet First Lieutenant David F. Ellison DOTHAN HIGH SCHOOL President, Freslinian Class Student Council. 1. 2, 3 President Elect, Senior Class Key Club. 2. 3 "D" Club, 1. 2. 3 Varsity Football, l. 2, Il Varsity Baseball. 1. 2. S, UNIVERSITY MILITARY SCHQNDK, President. Key Club, 4 Vice Prtsllent. "W" Club. 4 First Lieutenant. -l Varsity Football. 4 Varsity Baseball, 4 -26 -. enior Class Cadet Second Lieutenant John Barfield Gregory Forensics Club, 3 Rod and Gun Club. 3 Second Lieutenant, S Varsity Football. 4 Varsity Basketball. 4 All District Basketball. 4 All Tournament Basketball, 4 Honorable Mention. All City Basketball, 4 Varsity Baseball. 4 "W" Club. 4 Cadet Chorus, 3 Crack Platoon. 4 Cadet Second Lieutenant Copley Brooks Glass, Jr Key Club, 4 Cadet Chorus. 3. Commander, -l Science Club. 3 "Battalion Review" Staff, 4 Corporal, 3 Second Lieutenant, 4 Crack Platoon, 4 Intermediate Basketball, 3, 4 Tennis Team, 4 L27.. Senior Class Cadet Second Lieutenant John Steele Henley I7l't'Sl1ll'lll. Spznvlisli fllllll. -l llonor Baud. IL f'llll1'1'I'l lianrl, l Stzmip and Coin Club. If First Scriu'ant, J! Seculifl l.iL'L1ll-llzml. 4 .Iunlor Varsity l" Qrtn tball. 11 'Vrack 'l'1-am, -l Cadet Major John A. Harris National Honor Society. 3. Vice President, 4 Honor Council, Seventh Grade. Eighth Grade. 1 President ol' Class, Seventh Grade. Eighth Grade. l Secretary-Treasurer of Class. 3 Highest Average in Class. 3 Junior Rotarian. 4 Sergeant. l Platoon Sergeant. 2 Second Lieutenant, 3 Major. 4 Most Valuable Cadet in Platoon, Fourth Grade, Eighth Grade. 1 Crack Platoon. l. 2, Commander. 4 "Battalion Review" Staff. 4 NW" Club. 3, 4 .lunior Varsity Football. l. 2 Junior Varsity Basketball. l. 2. li Varsity Football, 3. 4 Varsity Basketball. 4 Varsity Baseball. 2 Track Team, 4 Winner ol' Division. Field Day, Second Grade. Fourth Grade. Sixth Grade Perfect Attendance, 2. 3 Good Conduct. 1. 2, 3 ,283 enior Class Cadet Captain Grover Emile Jackson National Honor Society. 3. 4 "Cadet" Staff. 4 "Battalion Reviewu Staff, 3, 4 Highest Average in Sophomore Class Highest Average in Foreign Language. 2 Salutatorian. 4 Science Club. 1 Sergeant. 1 First Sergeant. 2 Second Lieutenant. 3 Captain. 4 Crack Platoon. 1. 2. 3. 4 Perfect Attendance, 2 Cadet First Lieutenant John Lindsey Holleman National Honor Society. 3. 4 Honor Roll, 1. 2. 3 Sergeant. 1. 2 Second Lieutenant. 3. 4 First Lieutenant. 4 Best Drilled Cadet in Company. 2 Best Drilled Cadet in Battalion. 2 Crack Platoon. 1, 2. 3. 4 "Cadet" Staff. 4 Stamp and Coin Club. 1 Forensics Club. l. 2 "W" Club. 3 Science Club. Vice President. 4 Library Club. 2 Cadet Chorus. 3 Baseball Manager, 2 Q... Senior Class Cadet Second Lieutenant Bruce D. Knodel Photography Club, 2 Corporal, 2 Sergeant. 3 Second Licutcnant. 4 Crack Platoon, 4 Cadet Chorus. 2. 3 "Cadet" Stafi. 4 "Battalion Rcvie-W". 5 Perfect Attcndanco, 2 Cadet Captain Earl Eugene Jones, Jr. National Honor Society, 3. Secretary-Treasurer, 4 President. Student Council, 4 President. Senior Class Junior Rotarian. 4 Honor Roll. 3. 4 D.A.R. Award in History, 3 Honorable Mention, First Foderal Savings Essay. 4 Kcy Club, 4 Club. Il. Secretary-Troasurvr Library Club, 2 "Cadot" Staff. 4 Corporal. 2 Second Lieutenant, 3 Captain. 4 Junior Varsity Football. 2 Varsity Football. 3. 4 Varsity Baseball. 3, 4 Varsity Basketball, 3. Captain. 4 -30.. nior Class Cadet Captain Irwin Donald Lips National Honor Society. 4 "Battalion Review" Staff, 3. 4 "Cadet" Staff. 4 Photography Club. President, 4 Science Club, 1. 2 Hobby Club, 3 Key Club, 4 Hop Committee, 4 Most Valuable Cadet in Platoon, Fifth Grade. 2 Crack Platoon. 1. 2, 3, 4 Corporal. 1 Sergeant, First Semester. 2 Sergeant First Class, Second Semester, 2 Platoon Sergeant, First Semester, 3 Master Sergeant. Second Semester, 3 Captain, 4 "W" Club. 4 Cheerleader, 4 Perfect Attendance. 2. 3 Good Conduct. 3 Honorable Mention First Federal Savings Essay Contest, 4 Track Team, 4 Junior Rotarian, 4 Field Day Winner in Junior Division, Eighth Grade Honor Roll. 1 Cadet Captain Ernest F. Ladd, III National Honor Society, 3, President, 4 Honor Council, 1. Secretary-Treasurer, 4 W. S. Pape Award, 1 Junior Rotarian, 4 Highest Average, Freshman Class Highest Average in Foreign Language, 1 Highest Average in English, 1 Vice President, Junior Class Valedictorian, 4 U.M.S. Winner of First Federal Savings Honor Roll, 1, 2, 3, 4 Key Club, 4 "W" Club, 4 Science Club, 1 Photography Club, 2 Rod and Gun Club, 3 Sergeant, 1 Platoon Sergeant, 2 Second Lieutenant, 3 Captain, 4 Crack Platoon, 1, 2, 3, 4 Freshman Football Team, 1 Freshman Baseball Team, 1 Varsity Football. 3. 4 Essay Contest 31 Senior Glas Cadet Second Lieutenant Ray Perkins Malone Forensics Club. 3 Corporal. 2 Sergeant, Zi Platoon Sergeant. Sl Most Vlllllilllll' Cadet in Platoon. 2 Crack Platoon. 2. Il. if Second Lieutenant, 4 Cadet Uliorus. 2 Junior Varsity Football. 2 Varsity Football. Il. 4 Intermediate Basketball. 4 Varsity Biseliznll. 2, il, Captain 4 Club, 2, 3. -l Cadet First Lieutenant William Hunter Lyons Optimist Award Winner, Sixth Grade Azalea Trail Representative. 4 Hop Committee. 3. Chairman. 4 Honor Council, 2, SOCl'0lZll'y-Tl'0ZlS1ll't'l'. 3. Set.-at-Arnis. 4 "W" Club. 2. 3. 4 Cadet Chorus 1. 2 Sergeant. 1 Platoon Sergeant. 2 First Sergeant. 3 Primary Battalion Adjutant. 4 Crack Platoon. l. 2 Best Drilled Cadet in Battalion. 2 Best Drilled Cadet in "D" Co.. Eighth Grade. 2 Most Valuable Cadet in Platoon. 1 High Point Man. Field Day, Eighth Grade. 2 Field Day Division Winner. Eighth Grade. 2 All City Football. 4 All American Football. 4 East-West All American Game. 4 Varsity Football. 1. 2. 3, 4 Varsity Baseball. 2. 4 Track Team, 4 Junior Varsity Basketball. 2. 3 Intermediate Basketball. 4 Perfect Attendance. 2 Senior Class Cadet Sergeant Major Donald Moore Cadet Michael Lee Moore First Sergeant, First Semester 4 Second Lieutenant, Second Semester 4 First Sergeant, First Semester 4 Battalion Sergeant Major. Second Semester 4 Crack Platoon, 3, 4 Library Club, 3 "W" Club, 4 Cadet Chorus, 3 Cheerleader, 4 ...33... Senior Class Cadet Captain Robert Rose Rhinehart National Honor Society. 4 Honor Roll, 4 Junior Rotarian. 4 Key Club. 4 "W" Club. 4 Hop Committee. 4 Rod and Gun Club, 3 "Battalion Revicw" Staff. 4 Sergeant 3 Captain. 4 Honor Band. 3 Concert Band. 4 First Tronibone, Il. 4 Intermediate Basketball. 3. 4 Varsity Football. 3, 4 Cadet Captain Meredith William Honor Council. 3. Vice President. 4 National Honor Society. Zi. 4 Key Club. 4 "W" Club. 3. 4 Junior Rotarian. 4 Honor Roll. 1 Science Club. 2 Photography Club. I Secretary-Treasurer. Freshman Class Secretary-Treasurer. Sophomore Class Secretary-Treasurer. Junior Class Vice President. Senior Class Sergeant. 1. 2 Second Lieutenant. 3 Captain. 4 Most Valuable Cadet in Platoon. Sixth Grade. Seventh Grade Crack Platoon. l. 2. 3. 4 Junior Varsity Football. 2 Junior Varsity Basketball. 1. 2 Freshman Football Team. l Freshman Baseball Team. l Varsity Football. 2. 4. Manager. 3 Good Conduct, l. 3 Perfect Attendance l. 2. 3 -34.. Myers Senior Class Cadet Second Lieutenant Johnny Ray Rose "Battalion Review" Staff, 4 Key Club. 4 Library Club, 3 Cadet Chorus. 3 Corporal, 3 Second Lieutenant, 4 Crack Platoon, 4 Cadet First Lieutenant John A. Robinson Vice President. Key Club, 4 "W" Club, 4 Library Club, 1. 2 Corporal, 1 Sergeant, 2 First Lieutenant, 4 ' Crack Platoon, 1, 2, 4 Junior Varsity Football, 1. 2 Junior Varsity Basketball, 1, 2 Varsity Basketball, 4 Varsity Baseball, 2 Tennis Team, 4 -35-. l l Cadet First Lieutenant Jackie Savell Secrc-tury-Treasurer Class, 4 Hop Committfe, 4 Library Club. 2 Cadet Chorus, 1. 2 Photogrnpliy Club. 1. Vice President. Z3 Key Club. 4 Sergeant. 2 First Sergeant, 3 Company Executive. 4 Ciwurk Platoon. 2. 4 Good Conduct. 2 nior Clas Cadet First Lieutenant William S. St. George "Battalion Review" staff. 4 Cheerleader, 3 First Sergeant. 3 First Lieutenant. 4 Honor Band. 3. 4 Crack Platoon. 1. 2 Track Team, 4 -36.... Senior Class Cadet First Lieutenant Edward Bailey Slaton Science Club, 1. Vice President. 3 "W" Club, 2, 3, 4 Junior Varsity Basketball, l, 2 Intermediate Basketball, 3, Captain, 4 Football Manager, 2, 4 Baseball Scorekeeper, 3, 4 Corporal, First Semester, 1 Sergeant, Second Semester, 1 Guide Sergeant, 2 First Sergeant, 3 First Lieutenant, 4 Crack Platoon, 1. 2, 3, 4 Cadet Major Roy Frederick Shoemaker, Jr. President, Junior Class Vice President, Sophomore Class Student Council, Secretary--Treasurer, 2. Vice President, 3 National Honor Society, 3, 4 Honor Council, 2, 3, President, 4 Corporal, 1 Platoon Sergeant, 2 Second Lieutenant, 3 Major, 4 Crack Platoon, 2 Best Drilled Cadet in "B" Co., 2 Boy's State Representative, President Pro-Tempo, 3 Azalea Trail Representative, 4 Junior Rotarian, 4 Key Club, 4 Hop Committee, 3, 4 "W" Club, l, 2, Secretary-Treasurer. 3, 4 All City Football, 3, 4: All State Football, Honorable Mention, 3 Junior Varsity Football, Eighth Grade Junior Varsity Basketball, Eighth Grade Varsity Football, 1, 2, 3, Captain, 4 Varsity Basketball, 2, 3, 4 Track Team, 4 Varsity Baseball, 1, 2, 3, 4 ...37-. enior Class gl? First Lieutenant Charles Jacob Smith, .ll Honor Council. 3. Sgt.-:it-Arms, -l 'W" Club, l. 2, 3, -S Cadet Chorus, l. 2, 3 Forensic Club. 3 Corporal. l Color Guard, 2 Sergeant, 2 Platoon Sergeant. 3 First liicutcnant, 4 Crack Platoon, 1. 2. 3 Varxity Football, l, 2, 3 Varsity Baskctbull. 2, 3, 4 Junior Varsity Basketball. l Track T1-am, -l All City Football, 3. 4, Honorzilqlc Mi-lution. 2 All State Football. 4. Honorablc Mention. 3 All State Football Game. 4 Junior Varsity Football, Eighth Grade Cadct Second Lieutenant Thomas M. Stevens, II A Hi 'ii-mv Cluln l l.llllA2lI'V Clulm 'l "W lllllh, -l lil nl :unrl hun lluli, 2 fiulvl t'luml'lls 'V torpol .nl, l Si it mt " -1- l .1 Plilloon 'ii-l"'4"1I1t 'l SPVIPIIK fn Crack lllutooli, l. 2 li-rims 'l'c'im " vorl 138- Senior Class Captain Leon M. Torbert, Jr Science Club President. 3 Stamp and Coin Club. 1 Key Club. 4 "W" Club. 3. 4 Cadet Second Lieutenant James Marshall Wallace "Battalion Review" Staff. 4 Photography Club. 2. Secretary-Treasurer. -1 "Cadet" Staff. 4 Cadet Chorus. 1. 2 Library Club. 1. 2. 3 'iW" Club. 1. 2. 3. 4 Corporal. 1. 2 Sergeant. 3 Second Lieutenant. 4 Crack Platoon. 1. 2. 4 Intermediate Basketball. 4 Varsity Football. 3 Junior Varsity Football. 1. 2 Basketball Manager, 4 Baseball Manager, L Sergeant. 1. 2 Second Lieutenant. 3 Captain. 4 Crack Platoon. 1, 2, 3, 4 Junior Varsity Football. 2 'Varsity Football. 3. 4 All City Football Second Team. 4 unior Class Pittman, C. Potts, W. Reilly, W. Reinhart, T. Rutherford, J. Schmohl. J. Screvens. M. Sills, J. Singleton, T. Stevenson, J. Stoudenmire, S. Sutton, J. Tate, J. Taylor, H. Taylor, V. Terrell, G. Therrell, G. Thompson, G Turner, J. T. Turner, J. W. Underwood, W. Veale, W. Warren, C. Whigham, M. Williams, J. Wittman, H. .. 41 ... Sophomore Class Lord, L. Luce, D. McAna.lly, K. McCain. J. McGowan, W. Meador, T. Meaher, J. Mills, A. Nettles, J. Penton, J. Pickron, J. Pipes, S. Pitman, B. Price, M. Rambo, A. Riddlehoover, T. Rubira, E. Schramm, H Smith, D. Sorrells, W. Story, J. Terrell, R. Threadgill, 0. Thurber, H. Warren, R. Wright, J. Wyatt, D. -43- reshman Class Miller, E. Mitchell, L. Moore, 0. Mullen, J. Newton, P. Norman, G. Noble, B. Norris, A. Ogburn, A. Owens, E. Panayiotou, G. Peebles. E. Perkins, A. Phillips, G. Platt, D. Richey, R. Roberts, B. Robinson, P. Sandretto, L. Smith, E. Speakes, S. Stackhouse, R. Thomas, R. Walden, W. Wilson, B. Wood, B. - 45 -. Eighth Grade Amos, F. Arm-tt, D. Baddley, C. Barthlett. Blackwell, F. Boatwright, E Boone, F. Carrington, D. Chase, W. Childers, H. Coffer. K. Cook, C. , I Davis, N. Davis, R. Davis, T. Dieser, W. Eades. R. Fowlkes. T. Gates, W. Gs-er, V. Gilmer, M. Greaves. T. Grow. D. llaffner, W. Hanks. VV. Hansen. .l. Hiles, T. Hill, R. Jones, F. King, W. E W Ladd. S. Mclnnis, N. McKinley. L. McLemore, H. McLemore, T. Mann, R. 1 46 .- Eighth fade Miller, J. Moody, R. Morgan, M. Morris, C. Morris, W. Mostellar, J Willson, Peake, J. Peck, R. Post, S. Santa Cruz, G. Sawyer, R. . , , W 1 Scheuermann, E. Sharpe, W. Sokol, K. Stoudenmire, W. Stoneburner, W. Tate, W. Taylor, E. Thurber, C. Wallace, A. Waterman, J. Young, G. Zampieri, J - 47 ... Seven th male Adair. T. Armbrecht. C. Brandon. M. Brinson. R. Bruckmann, P. Chamberlin. J 2. -x Callahanf C. Coker, D. Cook, T. Cooper, D. Costa.. E. Counts, J. Cunningham. T. DoAngc-lo, I.. Deane. A. Dismukes. H. Edington. W. Eichholz. J. W! Everett, A. Elliott. R. Fessler. L. Folmer, F. Gibbons, G. Grow, J. Godshalk, K. Hallett. W. Harris. R. Hertz. C. Hess. C. Hicks, B. Hicks, If. Johnson. N. Jones. M. Kntzberg, R. Kennard, P. Laurendine, E. ... 48 .. Secven th fade Lawrence. T. Luce, J. McCafferty, E. McClain, J. Militano, M. Montiel, R Moore. C. Moore, F. Milling, R. Neidenback, G. Noble, S. Otts, 0. Packowski, E. Post, J. Reeves, W. Radcliff, R. Robinson, D. Russell, I-I. Smith, B. Smith, R. Stanard, G. Taylor, S. Walton, N. Weaver, R. . is . X .MJ Jw! V f x. Williamson, S. Wood, J. Wriglitxlflwv U ..49-. Sixth Grade Nichols. V. Pierce, R. Purdy, E. Roberts, H. Russ, R. Shaffer, C Shilling, A. Shipp, F. Simmons, C. Tacon, F. Tappan, C. Turner, N Wilson, G. Wing, W. Wimmer. J. Worthy, E. 1 5, EQ' -51- Fifth Grade Spencer. J. Summers, S. Thomas, R. Thurber, R. Twilly, R Walden, J. Winsor, D. Yost, R. ...4-an-,..,.,..,,, -53- ourth Grade Rose, C. Russ, E. Schmohl, G. Scott, G. Sherwood, W. Simmons. L. Smith. L. Strachan, J. Strickland, J. Swan. R. Turner, J, Zingelmann, C. Nw . ,rw "" Eifajszwi if -9-...six N 9 W J llbl rx , O ,sqm ...N Aikens, W. Bennett, C. Brothers, G. Downing. H. Third Grade Aldridge, G Boulo. T. Brown, M. Durant, E. Goldston, S. Grant, H. . Anders, R. Anderson, F. Arnett, R. Attaway. VV. Box, R. Breunig, W. Brewer. T. Bridgford, J Bruckman, R. Beurger, L. Courtney, J. Crown, F. Ennis, R. Flenniken, B. Fogle, A. Glenos, ll. Green, R. Green, W. Harbin, F. Harbin. P. Henderson, W. Howell, .l. Hill, A. Hope, J. Inge. F. Inge, Z. -- 55- Thi d Grade King. J. Lambrecht, T. Luce. G. McGrew, J. McLaughlin, C. McMurphy, J. Pate, R. Phillips, D. Rambo, W. Robertson, H. Rowse. M. Rutherford, M Smith, D. Smith. E. Tappan, D. Theodore, G. Threadgill, W. Waltman, C. Waterman, T. Whistler. C. Woolford. C. .... 57 .. Second Grade U I is t .: X v J V, Aldridge, R. Allgood, C. Brown, J. Bruckmann. B. J? Crenshaw, .l. Gottlieb. R. Altmayer, J. Apple-white, H. Barrett, C. Boylan, G. if Burgess, G. Caskey, F. Clark, B. Cochran, R. Grady, D. Grant, R. Hall, G. Hamilton, R Hartwell. 'l'. Hinsun. S. Juhnsun, D. Johnson. W. Kirkpatrick, J. F. Langham, S. Mursul. A. Marques, J. Metzger, L. Miller, J. Milling, M. Mintz. C. McMurphy, E. Ohm-rkirch. Ii. 0'Conn0r, R. Ogletrec. R. Olen, S. Pate, S. .. 58 - Second Grade Porter, J. Roberts, T. Rogers. J. Rudisill. F. Saucer, M. Shaffer. E. Snodgrass, R. Stern, P. Stillwcll, S. Stimpson. F. Tanner, M. Thompson, W Wacker, C. Williamson, H. Worthy, P. fr .MM 7 W, u -59- B1-ash-y. M. Cain, R. l"itzg4-rald, L. lloblon, li. Kuffskiv, C. McGregor, .l. F irst Grade Black, M. Bryant. M. Burgess. A. Butler, A. Byrne, A. . J Clark. T. Dees, J. Dismukes, G. Drinkard, B. du Bruyne, F ...MD Gentry, D. Gln-nos, W. Goldfarb, W. Hanks, R. Hargrove. D. Herndon. W. Horton, K. lluckabee, T. Inge, C. Johnson, W. Ladd, .l. La Grave. W. Loftin, J. Marsal. J. McDonald, D. Mc-Le-nn, M. Musgrove,'C. Newell, L. Oswell, C. Peebles. J. N so - irst Grade Redmond, A. Reid, K. Rester, H. Riley, R. Robertson, S. Rouse, C. Schmohl, R. Smith, R. E. Smith, R. T. Sparks, H. Speas, G. Spence, D Strauss, B. Vickers, R. Wallace, F. Walley, E. White-Spunner, D Wilkins, M. Willis, C. - 61 ... Kindergarten Anders, J. Barton, M, Boylan, H. Bullock, J. Burch, G. Carpenter, T Cogglns, J. Damrich, J. du Bruyne, R. Fuchs, E. Hamilton, C. Holliman, C. King, E. Lee, R. McKean, R. Macon, P. Metzger, L. Miller, B. Moore, E. Moore, D. Nowak, M. Ollinger, T. Peet. G. Robinson, J. Stimpson, S. Taul, T. Trotter, C. Tyson, J. Walker, J. Walsh, M. .. 62 - Cafeteria Staff X X an Y 5 3 , J .. s """ .,,.:, . S , J, , S GH si - J was if ' '--f- f 1 J Q Left to right: May Carter, Alvenia Power, James Stevenson, Ora Lee Davis, Clarissa Lawson, Francis Bearden, Jimmy Wiggins, Clarice Smith, Vonceil Lewis, William Robin- Janitorial Staff lf 'VN . Ledell Jackson, Lewis Morgan, James Hollis, Alfred Austin, Brazil Simon. -63- ifrxyt 'R Junior Banks. John Ford. .'l'M-mm. HM- -:A 7-MW Il 'V w.M,....., , W, N" Www K. f .- .R ,Mn I .K ., V' N i:1,i,?lNw,- ' 1? M 'K K' Q, .. 5 N nwxx ,V f X by K , 434 .... ,, wg? V. 3,71 Q A . 'I ' 'ffiiilxfx' X I '31, fl 3 of , s ' V I . ' ' . 1 , . 1 X I' 5 5 f bf 'fig fb 5 - My ..,A , Q 1 E A 1 . ,jj , ' N 'IQFQ' "3 7 I ' . ., - f , ' M vp, ggi .nw " .fi F 45,3 A, i ' LVN '51 ' X .v we Mi! if ,E-,V Z3 .3 1,3 V -wff"s""7QQfgfa 2Jf3iw.i'3Q354 P . Mx' , f V iq. ,335 gf ' Wi ' L: wsnfl lj Aw "1 Q, 11 3 ' NIJ- My ' ' , f ' K- Q' I I Ir 1 I . Vs' ,fanf- E7 UMA f.z':'.N , iq. 5 .. D5 ' E 1. Q 2 . Jw- f- sf!" . wgiawqy'. '-" 4 -5 4 F T39 X! "L f fl! -wi ,nl ,. YMALM ' ' -, - x s W" ,xgfsxf v 9 M 1 5? ' nm-'W' " , .W-sk k- .4 J ,N 1 ' 1 ' 1 1 X N151 51 If X ?""" X ' I I A. . . wr X 4 Uh 5' bp allfyl ,mww . 4 ,if f? x , ,f H if ,,uk J ,. in W m,,. ,sfudy www A ww. 7-X1- W WN t"hY W A'W' U X xvu1'RXlXQ, bum V KWH' HDon'1f diszurb n A ie, I am cm mm' " ..chf,ff'1Z7JM'U'f' I1 Cadet First Lieutenant David F. Ellisor PRESIDENT. U.M.S. KEY CLUB ational Honor Society President . . . .Ladd, E. Vice President .,e,e ei,,,,eeei, . Harris, J . Sec.-Treas. , Jones, C. Advisor ., eeee ....Co1. Huckabee Standing: Lips, I.: Barney, H., Fink, A.: Rhinehart, R., Delaney, .Lg Holleman, J.g Jackson, ' ' ' C ' H ' J.: Ladd, E.: G.: Butler, L., Shoemaker, R., Myers, W. Seated. Jones, ., arrls, Col. I-luckabee. Left to right: Veal, W.g Hall, W.g Whittman, V., McPhillips, F.g Williams, J.g Chamberlain, B.: Potts, W.g Thompson, G., Harris, N. ,68... Student Council President ,,, , .- ,A ...Jones, C. Vice President . ee.. ......,....Rei11y, W. Sec.-Treas. e,ee Threadgill, R. Standing: Sharpe, W.: Hudson, V. Seated: Reilly, W.g Jones, C.g Threadgill, R. Honor Council President .... . ...... . Shoemaker, R. Vice President .... .......,Myers, B Sec.-Treas. . ............... ....... Ladd, E. Sgt.-at-Arms .... Lyons, B5 Smith, C Standing: McCall, D.g Thomas, R., Blackwell, F.g Potts, W.: Williams, J., Jackson, T.g McCa.fferty, EJ Katzberg, S. Seated: Lyons, W.: Ladd, E.g Myers, W.g Smith, C. -59- Science Club President ., ,A ,,., Y.4...... ,.4, B a rney, H. Vice President eee,eeee.eee Holleman, J. Sec.-Treas. .ee,ee ,... .e.,., T h ompson, G. Advisor ...... . ......... ...., M aj. Killcreas Standing: Veale, W.: Katzberg, S.g Hunter, S., Cramer, D. Seated: I-lolleman, J.: Barney, H., Thompson, G. Photo mphy Club President ......,.,.,,s.,,i.sss Lips, I. Vice President Schramrn, H. Sec.-Treas, ..... , ............... Wallace, M. Advisor ............ , ............... Maj. Nolan Standing: Clark, R., Lowe, W.g Roberts, R., Perkins, A. Seated: Barney, I-Lg Lips, 1.5 Schramm, I-I. .-71-. Coin Club Standing: Tacon, F., Frezell, J. Seated: Mrs. Hansong Coker, D., Col. Rhinehart. Hop Committee Chairman S Lyons, W. Standing: Shoemaker, R.g Turner, T., Savell, J. Seated: Lips. I., Lyons, W.g Rhinehart, R. -72- Cadet Chorus BASS SECTION Harper Baddley Copley Glass LeVern Greneble Bill Hall Nat Harris Mike Herring Billy Hicks Lynn Hines H. Hoffner Billy Morley Don Muller Johnny Pate Teddy Reinhart Gene Sandretto Ray Warren TENOR SECTION Charles Baddley Charles Caddis L. N. De Angelo Tommy Dyess Walter Edgar W. H. Edington Ray Elliott Sandy Foreman Ken Godshalk Bill Hanks Howard Harper P. M. Harris Douglas Hill Larry Lord Mack Mclnnis G. L. Phillips Emile Scheuermann Billy Tate Norman Walton John Waterman - 73 ALTO SECTION Robert Baldwin Tom Cunningham Norman Davis Glynn Dickens Leonard Friedman Gary Neidenbach O. M. Otts David Robinson Paul Robinson SOPRANO SECTION W. F. Chastain C. Cooper David Crowley Bob Cunningham David Dukes Jim F'itz-Gerald Henry Foncle Mike Hancock Jeff Hicks R. L. lttmann Wayne Lord Gordon McEnaney Bert Milling Stephan Milling Leland Moore Thomas Payne J. Potts Robert Rubey C. Rose G. F. Sehmohl Jimmie Spencer Larry Simmons R. Twilley Battalion Review Staff L4-ft to right: Jackson, G.: Malone, R.: Robinson, J.: Wallace, M.: Fink, A.: Rose, J.: llurris, J.: St. George. S.: Sandretto, G.: Miller. .l.: Edgar, W.: Jones, C.: Katzberg, S.: Lips, l. Editor-in-Chief Albert Fink Associate Editor Steven St. George News Editor Bart Chamberlain Business Manager John Robinson Sports Editor Grover Jackson Military Editor John Harris Feature Editor Gene Sandretto Primary Editor T. K. Jackson Makeup Editor Johnny Rose Advisors Capt. Hamrick, Capt. Orso Reporters Edgar, W.: Katzberg, S.: Harrison, I. Typists Wallace, M.: Malone, R.g Chamberlain, B.: Rose, J. "The Paper is out!" Hard working advisor. - 74 -. " J " Club President . , Brewer, J. Vice President .E11isor, D. Sec.-Treas. . Jones, C. Advisor Coach R. E. Hanks Standing: Lyons, W.: Shoemaker, R.: Wallace, J.: Lips, I.: Stevens. T.: Moore, D.: Harris. J.: Robinson, J.: Rhinehart, R.: Malone, R.: Slaton, E.: Butler, C.: Delaney, J.: Myers, W.: Bunkley, C.: Gregory, J. Seated: Ellisor. D.: Brewer, J. Left to right: Potts, W.: Foreman, A.: Whigham, M.: Gwin, T.: Hall, W.: Williams, J.: Herring, M.: Taylor. V.: Harris, N.: Lewis, J.: Baddley, H.: Turner, J.: Reilly. W.: Dram-, P.: Turner. T.: Rutherford, S.: Tate, J.: Goodloe, T. 175- Christmas, 1 95 7 Right: The third graders at their Christmas party. wwf The Christmas music program. K- ,M,,,g, , 1 W Left: The first graders' party was a success, as were all the Christ- mas parties. "iii -,wg -3 , .+ -1.1" 1 1 -, " W X News 3 ...img 5. 455. . ,J ff- .5 -Q . ,z ' ' A' y ' v M wan' ' "Wai vrtfx. K w t 3" , Q.: " 5 ' X w . 1' 1 by ,V- WE w ' w N FN 1 A X ,N 3 KE X X . QE :1 .M mv W if . e 9 A I A -A Lf F. grimy 3 A , MP5-b, ,gw X .xg N Q, ww X vw mn ,,. ,... .v..., N... . fx 5 W E EEE 63 X' 4 S f Y QR gg f Mg 'W W M fa , x, fp N as tx SQ P x Q ,Gig taiwfssiwkwf' Q 4 i 'Wi 3 vw' s Z Q X ' L ' 'I if A ' M.-..,, 'rw ,, ff' , z :zz-A. .MB ji"'A1 V,,, , Q Y J fi 1, if - -N - K f V, :W wiki ku K? x 6 R 3, vw M , ,Y 1 HWQ ,iw K ! ! 9 x N aw A "' Qs. X , A IQ s J . , Nii'igf X .fi .sggxg ' Q ff Q 2 9 ww -,x,,,e5 we A A veils Hifi 3' Q Field Da Winners, 1957 Robinson, D.: Myers, R. Shoemaker, R.g Myers, R.: Sharp, W.g Robinson, D.: Hinson, S. - 79 .. Azalea ourt, 1958 MISS SANDRA JONES escorted by BILLY LYONS MISS LOIS DEES escorted by ROY SHOEMAKER ' lg x X X 7 K X . x ,Q xg ,Q :rf ,1w,.,,.- I "mf ' nmwS'1'F' up I . V- YH. 1 F mm m'nuu'4-ew' 3' W " ea-.uw Ve 3122 R 1 ' ' 1 .' 1 W I IF . '5- QS? QQ . Qi ff x .Ii F " :Rin 1 W ' M ,. A 0 ' I U .. - Xi pi! eilfkii. v 1 Wav R K xvik Y Qs N ix X NK S5 Km A r al x ' K , ,,V,,:: ,A my + M-951 -- "J L f 1 If !- x if Sy - 9. 95 ' I 1 tw 2 3 , 4 1 ws s Ma W, w. f Q5 iff .N 5 -Wm Ki . . Q , Q 5, I L , , Ji Www , , gg ' . - -www N' few- J A X ' , , 4. .Y-ALgj?w" 1 My -" :ZxE5:,1'f N 8 xg. Q 5 4 61 W M V V. My .A i 4' W , .:...l:., , ,L -:- ', H ' " 39 V : g sg . 'gy ,?JQ,,V ' g ii " .N , gzwifwfgig- wx , ,- ' x -Qvfgmwnm' 2,ag,gf.-.. m M 5 - QQ " Eiga Q 5 , f w ,f ,xi jail A J , X . v gf f' 35 V are an Agia. ,X H. - 7 5 X x M . P ::,5N,,.:4:- Q 5 ,W -V digg. , , . . i f A xx H ' : "A V 11 Qi 'War J 1 if X X1 xx Q I Q 1 1 Ski X3 5 M 'L A ax, k Q f Q x K if " 1 f r -. , . 'M ' if 1 me . Q55 Q, A x X ,1 'Q' W X Ky, 'wi Q. X NM x ya if N Q Q my X ff Li y-,K . L M X lv + W g W, , S img t- M, Mx M 1 ,5 v. 3 'X 'L A - "A 'f " b xgw Qbmn m wx .imxw W A , QNX. WM., W-,ss-if-'f' A M. Cixrrxpub CAL wwMt9vkm, V N 5 ir Q -, mx Ln Q,-k SWQQQMHW X "www fr -fy XQWX MW HW.. Ififjllt X k 'Ik Im tl 1 M 1 wfnlffdlltlll Rvvmw, .MMWWMWM ' 0 wmk sn had mwf.Nmw,.wN.,mMmQM:,w., XNDIANS. A h , ' ' Q 'zhx QE gf , , HAH Siluamel b Q 46'47'43-49- 50-'51-5153.5 4 5, L -.l 0-5- 1 . 124, , , K '7"171'f-" c Sw., 2 Inf .JJ-U11 Vw AV, - Q- 'FKQWLE' wif ' ' ' K li k ' ' :M 5 .Q ' 2 h,. A i , if ' 1.41: ' . W' M f my I f ' 1 MW r f Ar -,w f m,,x , P10 1' yu ,.-f' . 4-' Ma if , , , 0117 ' - - 4,4 K Ks K- K, x ,N f I W N G, i,f,Qf ,M-bfi!-Q,'fNM ' A' Q A IDOUSIU Q -' X X QQ, ' W, Ef'G""'4'v- V. x 'Yo ,Q h A ' 4 W , .i J 6 x A ,Q 4130 K ' , L L I-17421 V, ,m , r - x hC1pQYS. jgLL4,tg5 . Dudley and A Y WV Cadet Major John Aldridge Harris SENIOR BATTALION COMMANDER y , Q W., 1- :M , xws 3,122 , ,, , "sm X 0 4 - Y Nffgvy wa, ',,QvQw.,. Senior Battalion Staff SENIOR BATTALION COMMANDER Cadet Major John Aldridge Harris C'AP'l'A1N AD.1U'1'AN'1' BATTALION SERGEANT MAJOR Cadet Captain Howard Hunter Barney Cadet Sergeant First Class Elwin Cropp -gg- Senior Battalion Sponsor n n MISS LUCY RADCLIFF Primary Battalion Staff PRIMARY BATTALION COMMANDER PRIMARY BATTALION ADJUTANT Cadet Major Roy Shoemaker Cadet First Lieutenant William Lyons i'AIJl'l'l' sP:c'oNlu l,1RU'1'f-:NAN'r PRIMARY BATTALION SERGEANT MAJOR Charleton Dukes Cadet Sergeant First Class Marshall Wallace Primary Battalion Sponsor MISS SUSAN IJAUGHERTSYSSS Band Compcm COMPANY COMMANDER Cadet Captain Robert Rhinehart COMPANY EXECUTIVE FIRST SERGEANT Cadet First Lieutenant William St. George Cadet Master Sergeant Lynn Hines -g2- Band Company Sponsor MISS PAT PIERCE Bcmd Company SNNN. Sl'l'Il'lALlS'l'S f'1mjL.'l'. ll. .l. SI'l'lC'lALlS'l Nr-tiles. .l. SI'l+X'lAl,lS'I C term-nts. ll. Q i':inu'i'. R. Evans. ll. 's 'S Sl'lC.'IAl.IS'l'S Alrlrirlgv, 'I' Allen. ll Boone. l". Hrunrlon. M CN-:ppl-l'. ll. llielu-ns. Cl. Sl'l'lC'lALlS l5:li'ilils'l1. lu, liurnvs. W. Clzirk. ll. clHl'iUl'. ll. T! DRUM MAJOR Cadet Second Lieutenant John Steele Henley FIRST CLASS SPICUIXIID CLASS 'Vlllllll CLASS l"OlTll'l'll CLASS l"ll"'I'll FLASS SPECIALISTS SIXTH CLASS Sokol. K. Harris. J. T. Hudson, K. Hudson. A. Kyser. C. Johnsnn, W. PRIVATFIS Lawson. T. Baldwin. R. McKinley. L. Bartlilett. J. McLain. J. Brown. R. Hill. D. Gough. A. Harper. H. C behrarnzn. H. M. Sorrells. W. Robinson. P. Mullen. T. Grenoble. S. Penton. J. Kimbrough. R. Roberts. B. Phillips. G. Weaver. R. Dyess. T. Taeon. F, Jones. F, Taylor, E. King. W. Wing. A. Mann. R. Purdy. V. Milling. B. Wimmer. J. Milling. H. J. Moore. G. Harris. R. Panayiotou. G Hicks. B. Richey. R. Melton. D. Warren. R. -94- QA, .,... fr 2 'A' P . .1 4 1 A fig, 5 , Q Qi A ga.. - pus V49 i 1, 5 Yfdgf fl' qi, , , A-..., , Q Q - 1A,4,k F X, ' 3 5 if-?Qffimpjs, fav? Lg! 'b:'L,n1 Q 5 x 3 1 E I . ' V' Z1 V 2:55 ' I ' k ' rr H "A, . , 2 ' .' w Vx' "' V I E- W K Q -v K W : i ann in U, ,Hg 'H ng, E . ' V '. DY g 'J R ti: 1 LW ? X 5 saw f Q 'F-WNW W F ' A k I , M., 9 aw . .Zu gd? IDN ICQ!! Nswfi 'Q O ' u 1 6 f x 1 n.,.WV?1'Q ' 'ii' A Ji, . ff fix x 7. , , 'Nfl Qi? ' 'q ' . ' i H . - 5 qu X? .1 X A 53? VZVTKQQK-3f,,sfff ' 5- "il 'H . ff lump! 1 . ff iff' A 1' f f ,, TW .sq-fp 4 tx W M' M' f ,J of 5-W - fi? f nu ,QL 'f .. N, aw is 4, Q . - V ', - in ' , , , Y 'W AXLW ' , X 1" V A. ,w Q , X 1 'R Xa Yin. A Company Staff COMPANY COMMANDER Cadet Captain Ernest Fleetwood Ladd III COMPANY EXECUTIVE FIRST SERGEANT Cadet First Lieutenant Charles Bunkley Cadet Master Sergeant Van Wittman -96- A Company Sponsor MISS BETSY PEAKE F irst Platoon PLATOON LEADER Cadet Second Lieutenant James R. Delaney lst Sqcl.ASgt. Herring. M.: Sgt. Burden. M.: Lamey. J.: Gritler. B.: Norman. G.: Mesa R.: Cooper. G.: Rodgers. G.: Lawrence. T.: Hargrove, W.: Corp, MeLemore. T. 2nd Sqcl.--Sgt. Delaney, W.: Sandretto. L.: Amos. F.: Chastain. W.: Elliott. R.: Cook, T.: Turner. N.: Russ. R.: Terrell, R. Ill-cl Sod. -Corp. Lzrdd, S.: Blankenship. T.: Duke. J.: Grow. J.: Boulo. H.: Shaffer. Hamilton, G.: Corp, McCain, J. . 4th Sqrl.ASgt. Bixler. W.: Daughdrill. C.: Ridcllehover. T.: Hilcs. T.: Hill. R.: Dumont. A.: Twilley. R.: Platoon Sgt. Rutherford, S. Lv,-4-I S321 I-A gn I' J- ,-Qfi aff ,M -iam' -.V -w A "-Nr 'ef W?Qm.vm.,... .... . W Y ., .,.- t J M MM' , A . -.- Q8 .- Second Platoo 2 ' a 4 :.,. 1. M' if 1l'?'.F n. ' PLATOON LEADER Cadet First Lieutenant Bailey Slaton lst Sqd.-Sgt. McNicler. J.: Sgt. Baird. F.: Brandau. W.: McCowan. B.: Stanard. T.: Robin- son. D.: Pilgrim. J.: Galauos. C.1 Corp. Tatv. W. 2nd Sqd.-Sgt. Hudson. T.: Ogburn, P.: Stzickhousu, D.: Zampcri. M.: McCal'l'e1'ty. M.. Dismukes. H.: Bacon. R.: Byrdette. W.: Corp. Coffer. K. 3rd Sqd.ASgt. Thomas. R.: Lowe. W.: Dezis. J.: Mclnnis. N.: Moon-. R. N.: Pierce. R.: Childers. H. -ltli Sqcl.-Sgt. Kilpatrick. J.: Platt. D.: Post. S.: Coker, E.: Monro. C. C.: Miller: Lowe. D.: Eskridgcg Corp. Ch:-iss Platoon Sgt. lVIcPl1illips. I". I.. .,:..,, 1' 'W ' cm, awww.. -99- B Company Staff COMPANY COMMANDER Cadet Captain Carl Eugene Jones COMPANY EXECUTIVE FIRST SERGEANT Cadet First Lieutenant John Robinson Cadet Master Sergeant Jim Coker - 100 - B Company Sponsor MISS IEAN THOMAS F irst Platoon l-wb-I .flff .., - '. Ali". ." 1-5' ' . -.Jil-frQ '--". ' . . , A I f I' X 'ww' ,-fP,i:..-wi HJ 1, . 2' '.',5."- ,.,n'-wdll' s'- PLATUON LFIADER Cadet Sccoml Lieutenant Thomas M. Stevens 5 fo 45. - vs lst Sqclf Sgt, f'I'ilWl'lll'tl, Il.: Sgt. 1,111-1-. D, G.: St-lmmhl, J. G.: Mllllilllll, lVI.: Giblmnns. J' Lurcl. W.: Mtllll'i'. F. D.: Roberts. H C.: Fountain. S. H.: Corp. Millcr. J. C 12ml Sqd.-Sgt. Lorcl. L.: Arm-tt, J. E.: I'I0l'll0I'. J. N.: Puckowski, E.: Broaclus. J. lVlastc1's, J.: Selwyn-V. B.: Tlu11'lw1'. Il. C.: Corp. Watvrman, J. B. .lrcl Sqml.-Sgt. I'vrrt-ll. Cf. FI.: Pittman. C. G.: McAnully. K. E.: KL-lluy. H. S.: Hess. C. Wilson. M. G.: Shipp. F.: Corp. Grvuvcs. T. O.. M.. -ttlu Sqrl. -C urp. Kelly. J. L .1 Sgt. Bl'lflgUS. C.: Bvnnvtt. G. B4 Cnmplnull. R. D.: Crznm-r. IJ.. Gmlslmulk, K.: Smith. H.: Julmsun. N. C.: Corp. lVlc'I.0mo1'u. H.: Platoon llurris, N. P. Sul 5. ersiggx ' N. -102 - econd Platoon PLATOON LEADER Cadet Second Lieutenant John B. Gregory lst Sqcl.YSgt. Turner. J.: Sgt. Glass. J.: Boswell. D.: Dixon, R. M.: Olson, D.: Morris. LY: Dukes. D.: Munch. D.: Thomas. R.: Corp. Blackwell. F. 2nd Sqd.-Sgt. Sills, J.: Jones. H.: Perkins, A.: Reeves, W.: Tappam, C.: Deane, A.: Sum-- mcrs, J.: Corp. Stoudenmire. B. 3rd Sqd.-Sgt. Harrison. I.: Brandau. R.: Rubira. E.: Brinson. R.: Costa. E,: Cunningham. R.: Worthy, E.: Friedman. W.: Corp. Peck. R. -lth Sqd.ASgt. Story. J.: Rumbo. A.: Aldridge, J.: Russell, H.: Newton, W.: Hartwell. R.: Walden. J.: Williamson, S. L.: McKinney, J. M.: Platoon Sgt. Myers R. I-64-I v , 1 SA., ,. :rf mtg 53.1, ae' x RR' QP' -103- -Q C Company Staff COMPANY COMMANDER Cadet Captain William Meridith Myers COMPANY EXECUTIVE FIRST SEHGEANT Cadet First Lieutenant Charles Smith Cadet Master Sergeant William Potts -104- C Company Sponsor MISS GLORIA MERRY First Platoon .H .nk k ... ,I .Mil Q' A A A5 l. ' ' 5 ,, 5' M".""'q'h -rjrcfilflaf' f'. I, A' 4 4 .4- PLATOON LEADER Cadet Second Lieutenant James Brewer Isl Still. Set. Diwiiiv. ITL bet, lVlL'l,1lLlLQllllIl, ln.: Iiuttrell. li. l..: Cook. L. C.: Otis. U, M.: l31'i1ckmz1nn, P.: Shilling, A.: Jensen, R.: Corp. Davis. 'I'. .lml Sqft. Sgt. lleinhurt. T. M.: Gilmer, L.: Me1'1'it.t. R.: Wright, D.: Spencer, J.: O'Coi1mn'. lrrl Szgcl. get C.: Lee, J.: Corp. Tl1LlI'bL'I'. C. . Wliiglium, M.g Boiley, M.: Holbein, R.: '1'ziylor, S.: Mum-li. G,g Bennett. F.: Naylor. D.: Curp. Morgan, M. till Sqft. Kkvrp, C'zi1'ringgtun, D.: Sgt. Dunawuy, M.: I-Iut'l'mzm. F.: Hunter. S.g 'l'lllll'lJl'l'. W.: SL'llt'llt'l'lllllllll, E.: IJ2lll1't'lldlY'lU, E.: Rudelitt, H.: Cnrp, Hanks, W, l..: Plaitmm 92341. f'll2lIIll.JUl'l2illl. B. L..- . 2. ' A ix' ,QM M e.,o nur" QW, . t ..wQx55,l.,,. ' ' ' i -106- 1 was ... 'x Second Platoon l .gbamqw 1 PLATOON LEADER Cadet Second Lieutenant Johnny Ray Rose lst Sqcl.-Sgt. Turner, J. T.: Sgt. Goodloe. T.: Buckmam, H.: Wcmd, J.: Christizm, B.: Fcssler. L.: Glenos. P.: Davis, N.: Folmar. F. 2nd Sqd.-Sgt. Pipes, W.: McKinney, R.: Hanson. J.: Cunningham, T.: Harbin. D.: Eichnltz. J.: Moore, P. iirci Sqd.-Sgt. Meaher. J. D.: Smith, B. B.: D0Ange1o. L.: McLaughlin. K.: Jones, M Alverson. J.: Yost. G. -lth Sqd.ASgt. Cooper. R. A.: Pitman, B. W.: Morris. W.: Wallace, A.: Chamberlain. J. W.: Montiel. R.: Argiro: Corp. Mostellar, J.: Platoon Sgt. Pate. J. 1-.44 ,.,A-naar'-" A1415 A wyixsf ' 3 .Q Lak. -107- D Company Staff COMPANY COMMANDER Cadet Captain Albert Fink COMPANY EXECUTIVE FIRST SEHGEANT Cadet First Lieutenant Jackie Savell Cadet Master Sergeant Doe Williams -108- D Company Sponsor MISS MAXINE MIDDLETON First Platoon A 1 PLATOON LEADER Cadet Second Lieutenant Charles R. Butler lst Sqcl,-Sgt. TllI't'llflL1lll. H.: Sgt, Mills. A.: Wright. J.: Hicks. C.: Jackson. H.: WlllSt6l' Jultnsrm. B.: t'm'p. Arnett. D. 'ml Sqcl. Sgt. Chill-s. J.: Case. G.: Fowllis, C.: Dixon. ll.: Nc'id0nlvac'l1, G.: lF30llt'lllJl'l',Q Ilillarft. lfl.: Curp. Gt-er. V. b ircl Sqnl,-C'm'p, Davis, R.: Deane. G.: Stuneburnor. G.: Boatwright. E.: Bixlvr. H.: P1 l'lllf.1lUll. CY 4th Sqcl,-Unrp. Miller. E.: Sgt. l"orvman, A.: Post. J.: Mundy. R.: Moore. l..: Katzhvrg Nit-lmls. H.: Simmuns. C.: Corp. Ecklmerg. F.: Platmmn Sgt. Stuuflemnim-,' 5 -110- econd Platoon lst Sqd.- .. - ve- riff! PLATOON LEADER Cadet Second Lieutenant Onie W. Barrett Sgt. Boclic. W.: Corp. Dieser. W.: Therrell. G.: Walden, W.: Edington. W.: Luce. J.: Everett. A.: Potts. J.: Corp, Baddley. C. 2nd Sqd.-Sgt. Hall. W.: Screven, L.: Wyatt. D.: Kennarcl. P.: Hertz. C.: K1'vtzcx'. L.: 3rd Sqd. Crowley. D.: Corp. Gates. W. D. -Sgt. Dykes. J.: Duffill. B.: Young, G.: Bauer. J.: Haas. W.: Ladd. M.: Bryant. R.: Fonda. H. -lth Sqd.-Sgt. Fowler, C. E.: Sharpe, B.: Wilson. R.: Long, H.: Walton, N.: Lovy. D.: Breckenridge, J.: Corp. Santa Cruz. S.: Platoon Sgt. Bacldlcy. H. 'A s il' L 1 Q . -111- fb, Q E Company Staff COMPANY COMMANDER Cadet Captain Irwin Donald Lips FIRST SERGEANT Cadet Master Sergeant Jimmy Tate -112- E Company Sponsor MISS LESTER KOHORN First Platoon .AL ' PLATOON LEADER Cadet Second Lieutenant Michael L. Moore lst. Sqd.-Sgt. Smith. D.: Schmuhl. G. F.: Boulo, T.: Oglctrcv. R.: Ruthcrford, M.: Bvnnotf D.: Spa-as. R.: Hargrove, D.: Hcaron. D. G. 2nd Sqcl.-Sgt. Newton, P.: Childress. J.: Burgess, G.: Shaffer, E.: Black, M.: Fitzgerald L.: Strickland. J, L. 3rd Sqd.-Sgt. Owens. E.: Goldston. S.: Lambrecht. T.: Wacker. C.: Wallace. F.: Hanks R. E.: Ingo. C.: Simmons, L. 4th Sqd.-Corp, Grow, D.: Sgt. Spcakcs, S.: Miller. M.: Purvis, M.: McPhil1ips. H. Brcwvr, T.: McMurphy, E.: Stern, P.: McEnancy. J.: Platoon Sgt. McCall. D. -114- Second Platoon .X .X . ' sg f 9 J Y! wi'- PLATOON LEADER Cadet Second Lieutenant Bruce D. Knodel lst Sqd.-Sgt, Jackson, T. K.: Ganaway. J.: Arnett. R.: Smith. D.: Rogers, J.: Newell, L.: Peebles. J.: Redmond P.: Breunig. W.: Fitzgerald. J. 2nd Sqd,-Sgt. Edgar. W.: Milling. S.: Metzger. L.: Rowse. M.: Crenshaw. J.: Cain, R.: Riley. R.: Cain. E. 3rd Sqd.-Sgt. Morley, W.: McLaughlin, C.:: Gottleib, R.: Bruckman, B.: Tanner, Rudisill, F.: McLean. M.: Anders, R. 4th Sqd.-Sgt. Chapman, W.: Hope. J.: McGrew. J.: Allgood, C.: Hinson, S.: Hancock. M.. Caskey. F,: Kuffskie. C.: Platoon Sgt. Thompson. G. ff' " P xml: ' -115- ompcmy Staff COMPANY COMMANDER Cadet Captain Leon Torbert FIRST SERGEANT Cadet Master Sergeant William Veale -116- F Company Sponsor MISS HILARY LYONS I 1 Y F irst Platoon PLATOON LEADER Cadet Second Lieutenant John L. Hollcman lst Slltl.XS:Lfl. Sutton. J.: Sgt, Pm-blvs. lfl. B.: Brown, J.: Smith, Z.: King, J.: lla-id. lx Gentry. D.: Herndon. S: LaG1'avt-, W.: Inge. Z. 2nd Sqcl.-Sgt, Green. B.: Strachan. S. M.: Miller, M. B.: Bcaselcy. M.: Loftin. Rvstvr. H.: Smith. T.: Hartwell, T. K. 3rd Sqd.-Sgt. Keller, K.: Lyons, J.: Phillips, P.: Brothers, G. H.: Williamson. H Cochran, R.: Glcnos, W. A.: Crown, F. 4th Sqd.-Corp, Fladcs. R.: Sgt. Goodman. R.: Rosc. C.: Foster, L.: Saucvr. M.: Brut man. li.: Robinson. S.: Burgess, D.: Rogers, C.: Platoon Sgt. Dt-rkits. J. -118 -Q Second Platoon 5 PLATOON LEADER Cadet Second Lieutenant Joseph YV. Boykin lst Sqd.aSgt. Lewis, J.: Sgt, Singleton, J.: Graham. T.: Milling, F.: Musgrovv. Berger. L.: Johnson, W.: Aldridge, R.: Nassar, P.: Grant. J. Zncl Sqcl.+Sgt. Gray, J.: Zingleman. C.: Aberkirch. G.: Flenniken. B.: Snodgrass, Willis, C.: Walley, E.: Wilkins. D.: Tappan, D.: Stillwcll. S. 3rd Sqd.-Sgt. Caddis. C.: Turner, J. R.: Gordersparks, M.: Langhan. S.: Stross, B. -ltlm Sqcl.vSgt, Geary. J.: Threadgill, W.: Clark, H.: Olen. G.: Dismukvs. G.: Harton Pate. S.: Barlon. J.: Bryant, D.: Platoon Sgt. Reilly, W. 2 .. W .. V ..... . V. .. . . V ' , .... QQIAE . 3 . 7 f -Q--"" 'X .. - A as .wi - . 1- 3 4 . f: , V . z ,x .t5,:.-.-sl M - Q ' A it I' P ' ' ' : 'K ' . -. P . , : I if V. :M- : .Ea . , -' " W.. S . ' 'se z -ll9- Harbin. F.: Green. B.: Butler, A.: Harbin. C D P K G Company Staff COMPANY COMMANDER Cadet Captain Grover Emile Jackson FIRST SERGEANT Cadet Master Sergeant Walter Underwood -120- G Company Sponsor MISS BETTY WILLIAMS First Platoon "nf, .,.,-,.'.f, 1. J,- '7,,,q,Wnr .nv iv -- .mf . 'W . '-fZ?'ii?":?.:rf"g"15 -. Nz? 2' A . 1 ,V ' . n , "Q -2 , gthsixsssfwwrdj 6' ., 4:..,4Sw YW. Sk , -za ,.. 4' mains'-fi . NVQ". iv., .lf 4- 0 PLATOON LEADER Cadet Second Lieutenant Ray Malone lst Sqcl.-Sgt. Ml-aclor. J.: Sgt. Cooper, A.: Kerr, D.: Whistler, C.: Scott. G.: Russ. FI.: Altmzxyer. J.: Bennett, C.: Burns, D. 2nd Sqcl.-Sgt. Nolmlc. B.g Hicks. J.g Pate. D.: Inge, J.: Mintz, C.: Spence, D. 3rd Sqcl.-Sgt. Wood. B.: Aikens. W.g Waterman, T., DuBrine, F.: Hamilton, R.: Marsal, R.: McDonald. J. -llll Sflllpf Corp. Peake. J.: Sgt. K4-ttcll, C.: Roberison, R.: Frczell. J.: Hall, G.: Glenos. Il.: Smith. Il.: liowsc. C.. Mc-Gregor, J.: Platoon Sgt. Warren, C. -122- Second Platoon .L : 41 PLATOON LEADER Cadet Second Lieutenant Copely B. Glass lst Sqd.-Sgt. Lawrence, R.: Sgt. Muller. J.: Bidie, F.: Payne, T.: Vickers. R., Wultmun C.: Huckabee, T.: Goldfarbe. P.: Hutchins, W.: Clark. S. 2nd Sqd.-Sgt. Davis, C.: Myers, J.: Rubey. R.: Roberts, T.1 Hill. A.: Applewhite, H. Green, R.: Whitespuner, D.: Osxvalt, G. 3rd Sqd.-Sgt. Smith, E.: Howell. J.: Milling. M.: Grant, R. S.: Dees, T. D.: Clark. T. Barrett. C.: Reiss, N. -ith Sqd.-Sgt. Katzberg. S.: Kretzer. M.: Otts, D.: Thompson. W.: Miller, J.: Kirkpatrick J.: McMurphy, E.: Ladd, J.: Platoon Sgt. Gwin. T. -123- ,4 'Q Colors E E J!. Norris, A., Foreman, A., Baird, F., Dye, A. - 124 - Crack Platoon SENIORS JUNIORS Barney, H. Barrett. O. Sutton, J. Burden. M. Harris, J. Knodel. B. Gray, J. McNidc1'. J. Lipps, I. Bunkley, C. Veal, W. Myers. R. Malone. R. Jackson. G. Derkits, J. Harris. N. Rose, J. Glass. C. Thompson, G. Morley, W. Myers, W. Cropp. E. Sills, J. Tate. J. Robinson. J. Moore, D. Pate, J. Underwood, W. Gregory, J. Moore. M. Hall. W. McCall. G. Brewer. J. Boykin. J. McLaughin, E. Lewis. J. Fink, A. Torbert, L. Potts, W. Reilly. W. Ladd, E. Delaney, J. Goodloe, T. Stoudenmirc, T Butler, R. Wallace, M. Turner, J. T. Slaton, B. Holleman, J. Savell, J. - 125 - Military Advisors Maj. Hinson, Col. Rhinehart, Maj, Nolan, Capt. Comer, Capt, Clements, Capt. Lower Norman Cox, Battalion Supply Officer - 126 -- Best Squad Leaden 1957 Best Drilled Cadets in Companies, 1957 Most Valuable Cadets in Platoons, 1957 Left to rxghtz Schramm, H.: Threadgxll, 0.3 Peck, R.: Lawrence. R.g Coker, J.p Caddls. C.: Pickron, J' Morgan, M' Twilley Rs Oswalt G. Not pictured: Rogers, R.: Crown F -l27- l J William H. Lyons ALL AMERICAN END , 5 . f-Q4- " Lasyk ,'ifg,,. - www- WP- 'fin 6 4 ff xv-f'Q .',, 1 .1 'WK " , KW :wfx-gx ' 3 5 vw Q- 'lm fr, W.. 4, xl" , A ex. f , A ,, NW ii X 4, -1-- -- . -4 -1- vk 3 A :Q .. New f 31- X A ,5 . Q. Kqiqg Q 4 L. 3, 55,41 iqpgg, . f vm, .- Y 'R' in M I I 4. ' ' A A 3 V 4 ' ' T4 .tt aria Lapse 1 1. AY ' ff f .Q J W f . .Q A ' -L A , . ,M '- F' iff , ,,rf"'E - ' ef N ff f ' -L 'F' if , 'L '- f Q S, W Q,,. ' H ., , 1 A is, - .Q va ' ' X .M Q fy-W x ' . 'L x 1- K . ' Q- 1 4 M, 1+ ve., 4 1 K' as 31 ,R ., A x4.w,.fvm.w 4' V w fv .X 'xm'U"' X.Qv.0' ,'3g5x.'f1,"'7'xJW"G 'F' W ,X N J,-' 1 T, A .M W x ' "'Yi1'.1 V. ' , Q. 5 N56 , :app vqtwh xr ' 'f 4 .. I ' , '- X f 145 .W . ' my -M 1 , -I x - Q, ' , 4 ' 'Qi - V1 ,Q ,, ,Q T., L, , Q .. M M 3 A A 5 W , 4. . A. ,X ,, 0 ,V , A, M , - ., . y, M35-in ,A-4 - 'Q , f -1NF:fx"ww4'K1 A f M-ff V f ' ,V lf -M muffib I-W 1 . 'f A E5-..x,,w,,-A ,.ev,,:..' , m...'m A 54 ff, W '. . f-if--.., Seniors on Squad Roy Shoemaker, Capt. All City, All State Charles Smith David Ellisor All City. All State All City 2nd Team Carl Jones John Gregory Charles Bunkley - 130 - Billy Lyons All City. All American eniors on Squad Ray Malone Ernest Ladd Jim Brewer Billy Myers Bob Rhinehart John Harris Leon Torbert All City 2nd Team -131- Varsity Squad 4th row: McNider, J.: Derkets, J.: Terrell, G.: Riley, W.: Lewis. J.: Myers, R.: Herring. M Whlgham, M. 3rd row: Harris, N.: Potts, B.: Turner. J.: Pate, J.: Williams, D.: Taylor, G.: lhuthvrforrl S.: Baddley, H. 2nd row: Brewer, J.: Tnrbert, L.: Myers. B.: Harris, .l.: Rhim-hart, B.: Ladd. E. lst row: Ellisor. D.: Shoemalu-r. R.: Lyons, B.: Malone, R.: Smith. C.: Gregory, .l.: Jones. 4 F irst Team .Pm fy, -132 - , , J M R T353 in S- -,. gf, A.,,A,i , .,h.,.,,, . wif ESM 4 ww ,ffm -4: ,. '- Vw W ...X 'W' 5.3 -M ' J . '. wk '. wggi ,W YT ENE ' Eg' , fi -sv My 1 ,S Q X xv 5 335 : Coaching Staff 4 I L R E Hanks Head Coach W. L. Hanks. Asst. Coach Charles Smith, Trainer Managers 18 Wilson, R.: Slaton. B.g Gwin. T.: Smith. D. - 134 - heerleaders Back row: Lipps, I.g Moore, D.: Stevenson. J.: Butler, R.g St. George, S. Front row: Cynthia Godshalk, Jackie Wall, Lynn Derby, Lynn McPhillips -135- li 'l'hi' l7iitx't-Vsity Militzii'-x St-liiml vl.-vt-ii npuiiml its 1957 svzismi with :iii ixitpiwssixi P L.:-ti xii-thry tlX't'l' tht' St-iiitiivg lligh Hiilltliigs :it lfitlcl lVlomui'izil Stiiclitihi, lilly Slltlt'lll!llU'l'. thi- vziptzitii ul' thx- sitiizirl. tzillit-rl thi't'v triiirlicltiwiis hi tht- tiist hzilt lit qtiiclily put tht' Vaitlvts :ilivzitl tw stziy. 'l'hc l'tlllI'lll Vzirlt-t 'I'lJ umm- with lvss thziii six iiiiiiittvs lt-tt iii tht- lti'st hzilt. whvii 'yViii'i'i-ii Ili-illy iiittfivsptrcl an St-iiiiiims a,ci'izil :tml wuht '42 yzirrls lui' tht- st-111-1-. Slim-iiiziki-i"s titrst st-uriiiu ittuit waitin- on :iii tfiqht vzirrl siiifish mm-i' lt-t't tziclili- Nliiiiitvs lzitvi' hm- clnslim-fl till .vziiwls with ai SL'Illllll'S punt tm' tht' Cziclt-ts' si-until TD. X Nut llxiiiis tif Slim-iiiiikvi' tiziss vliclii-cl Ullllly iii tht- sm-uiicl qtiziitvi' mill zittui' L'lizxi'lia- Smith 1-mmvt-i'ti-rl. tht- Siililitfrs lt-rl 151-ll. Sl'Illlllt'S thizilly I't'2ll'll1'll trip' flirt i':ii'ly iii thi- Ioiiith cutizirtt-1' whvii Wziyiiti lirziclix sc-un-rl uh zi mit--yzitwl sxxx-vp, 'l'ht- sc-i-mill hzilt' wats cluiiiiiiuttwl hy St-iiihitfs whvri tht- UMS twist-i'x't's tuuk uxwi' Smith, liillx' l,-wuts. :tml .liihii llzirris :ill stmmrl init Htl rlctkiisu thi' tht' Girls-ts. he-slwrutc lunge. lht- llhiw-Vsity lx'lllIl2ll'AY Srlimvl i-lvw-ii sziw tht-ii' liupt-s tm' :iii tiiiclvti-sitt-ml si-zismi ws hy thv lmmirrls its thc- Mtirlihy l,1lllllll'l'S St'Hl'l'fl am lt-l-Ill x'ictm'y trvt-i' tht' Cziclcts, lVltii'irliy smilw-ml first iii tht- t!lJL'lllllL1 pxwiml ?ll'll'l' :iii vxvlizihggt' ol' llzmhlos whivh sziw tht- l':mtli1-i's tukv tivvi' mi tht- Sultlii-1' 41. 'l'mmiiy lizcll czippucl tht' Miirpliy mlriw- with :I wmv-yaircl swt-vp :iimtiritl viitl, .Mi aitti-iiiptt-cl riiii thi' tht- ttxtrzi point tziilvil. 'l'he- Sulclii-Vs hzittlt-rl hm-li to vu-ri tht- scorn- wht-ii Huy SllUl'lllZlliL'l'. who sptirlivtl thi- t'zich-t ttttkfiist- :ill iiiuht. sm-im-cl mi il ltl yurrl i-ml run. Dzivirl Ffllisui' missvtl zz plungi- lur tht' iwtrai piiiiit. .-X it-4-m'vi'4-ml llllllllilt' hy 1-tirl Billy' Putts gzivt' tht' Sultlit-is ai gultlvri vliaitivv tu stwiri- hut thiqx' Iziilvtl lu :lit sh wht-ii tht' hzill t-mlm-tl with tht' hull iiisiclv tht' with yiiitl ltiiu. lVlltl'lJllAY sthiw-cl in tht- thircl llLlZ!lilt'l' wht-ii Iimll I'l'lltI'IlULl ii LIMS piliit to thi' Ciitltt Ji, lhi- l':iiillii'i's iiiiwvel tn thi- lil zmcl tht-ii lxviiiiy Wiiitm-i' pzissvfl tn Dzivicl Stvplit-its tw' what ziyiptiaiiw-rl tit ht- si tisut-licliwwii, lllll thi- play was iiiilliliucl hy zi pviizilty, thi tlxv in-xt play, litiwt-vt-i', Vlfiiittfi' ltllllltl .liiiiiiiy Dill in thi- mid mint' thi' thc llillL'lltiltlXK'll. Oiivv :iguiii tht- try thi' tht- vxtitzi tiniiit was llllS1lL'L't'SSl'lll. 'l'hi- lust llllirtiliy st-wiv 4-ziiiiv on at I-Itlfvzinl rim hy liclrlit- lVIitt'ht'll, 'l'ho try tm' tht' pmiit :iltvr titiivlizluwii wus mit Lgiztitl. Thi- Vzulvtg trim-tl In t-him' hawk :tml wvrt- uhlv tu scott- :again iii thi- lust qii:ii'tvr wht-ii Iillisui' pic-lu-rl up ii first tluwii ini thc Pziiitliui' umm Slitwiiicilwi' plimge-cl that tiiiail lV2lI'tl lui' tht' 'l'lJ with zihutit thi'i't- tiiiritttvs lull. Clizirlit- Siiiith's zittoiiiptccl t'mix't-i'se-ii: wzis lxluukvfl. Miirpliy twink the' titlluwiiig liit'lu1t'l'aii1fl iisvcl hzill ctmtiul tn wit up tht' rwiiiaiiniiig ttmt-. trait -V After a listless first half. the Cadets of UMS came alive in the second halt' to defeat ai stubborn Foley High team 27-13 in a game witnessed by 1,401 spectators at Ladd Stadium. Two breaks were instrumental in the Cadets' third period TD, one being a fine piece of defensive work by Charles Bunkley who tackled a Foley back on fourth down deep in Foley territory. After two plays which moved the ball but two yards. Foley was penalized 15 yards to the 15 and the Cadets moved on to the touchdown that tied the score with Warren Reilly going over from nine yards out. The Soldiers tallied twice more in the last period to wrap up the contest. David Ellisor scored the Cadets' third TD on a 3-yard smash, and Reilly ended the scoring for the night with a one-yard sweep. Charlie Smith converted after three of the touchdowns. Foley scored first when Nate Graham. Foley back, brought a UMS punt back 50 yards to start a scoring march for the Baldwin County club. Phil McKenzie scored from six yards out and the try for the extra point was good. UMS came back to score immediately, going 63 yards in nine plays. A Nat Harris to Roy Shoemaker pass in the end zone was called back because of a penalty. but the Soldiers. not to be denied, moved to the 25 on another Harris-Shoemaker pass and with Reilly and Ellisor carrying the load. moved to the one where Ellisor plunged into the end zone for the score. Foley scored in the second quarter when McKenzie went 26 yards for the TD. the extra point was good and Foley led 13-7 until Reilly scored in the third period to put UMS back nito the ball game. Upended. The Cadets scored their third win of the season at the expense of Ozark High in ei 14-6 game played at Ozark, Ala. The game, originally scheduled for Friday, October 4, was postponed until the next day when the officials scheduled to work the game failed to make an appearance. Ozark scored first in the first period on an 82-yard reverse. The try for the extra point failed. The Cadets bounced back to score twice in the second quarter with Roy Shoemaker capping a 70-yard march with a 3-yard scoring run. The other tally came when Warren Reilly broke off tackle and went 50 yards to score. Charlie Smith converted after both scores. Leon Torbert, Charles Bunkley, and Smith stood out on defense for the Cadets. The Soldiers season record now stands at three wins and one setback. -l37- 111 1111 11111 111 11 11 1111 11. 11111111111-1, l'111.. 115' il S1'llI'l' 111 311-ll. 1111- g111111- was 111i1j'l'11 111 C211l1111l11l1'1l1, 19111, VMS x1-111'1-11 11s 1'11111'1l1 11-111 111' 1111- x1-11s1111 111 1111- 1-x111-11s1- ' - - fn: -1 ' ,1'111' 1'11111-1 s1'111'i111g wzix 11-11 115' 112l11'1Jl1l'1i Huy lVI11l11111-. 11'1111 1-2l'11l'l'I1 1111 1'1111s 111' 111 211111 '11 vX'11l'11S. 111- 11Is11 H1-1 1111 1111' 1l1i1'11 S11l11i1-1' TD XV1111 il 1121722111111 -111-y111'11 1111111111 1111111-1'1 131111I' 111111 1'11111'li1- 1311111-1' s1'111'1-11 1111' 'I'1111-. '1'l11- 1-x11'11 13111111 11111-111111s 11111-1 1111111 I11111'1111111111s l'11111'11 VMS 1111111-11 21211111 111 1111- 1'11111'1l1 111-1'i1111 wl11-11 il S1-1'i1-s 111. plays 1'111'1'i1-11 1111- 111111 111 1111- '1'i111' 11111- 211111 11111111 1illis111' s111z1s111-11 l11'1'11SS 1111' 1111- TD, C'11111'li1- 51111111 111iss1-11 1111' 1'i1's1 1'11111'1-1'si1111 11111-111111 11111 11111111-11 1111' 11111L'l' 11111 8111'- -sxliilllv, .1l111 1i1'1-111-1' 111111 filll '1vilj'1111' 11-11 1111- cvl1111'1 111-l'1-11six'1- l'1'1'111'l, Slippery wh1-n VVPL Vig111' lllgli 111, 111'i1'11111'11 111111111-11 UIVIS its S1-1'111111 l11ss 111' 1111- S1-11s1111 115' 1111- s1'111'1- 111, 11-11, '1'l11- 1L:11111- 1111s 1111IX1'11 111 11111111 812111111111 l11-1'111'1- 4.8118 S111'l'1211111'S. '1'l11- XV111Xl'f3 Y1'111'1'11 111'11-1- 1-111'l-1' 111'1111' 11111-1111111 111-1'i111'1 111111 1111-11 111-111 1111 111 ,111-11 1111 I 1111- XY111, 11111-1 f11111'11l211l, Yiwu' 111111111-1'l1111-k, l'1111llJ11'11'11 il 1111ss 111 1-1111 I3ll111121 'F111111 g111111 1111' 111 -Y1l1'115 111111 11 111111'l11l11xx'11, l1111'111'1- S1-1'lyv 1'1111x'1-V11-11 il1411.'I' 1111- 111llL'111111XYl1 111 11111 X1115111' 11111-1111 T-11, l-'11111' 11111lLf1l'S 11111-11 K1-i111 1111141-111'11111p. Vig111"s l'11lll1111'l1 XYl'1l1 111'1-1' 111s 111111 11-11 si111- 111 1111- li111- 111111 1'111'1-11 1111w11 1111- si111-li111- 1111' 1111- 111111'111111w11. Sl'U1yl' 111iss1-11 1'11-1 1111- S1-1-111111 111111 111111 Vig111' 11-11 121-11. 'l'l11- 111i1'11 111-1'i1111 wus sc-111'1-11-ss wi1l1 UIVIS 111111111114 1111- S1-1'i1111s 111l'1'1l1. E1 111'i1'1- 11'l1i1'11 111111-11 111 1111- V1:g111' 111111' y111'11 11111-. V1Q111"s 12151 111111-1111111111 1'111111- 1111 il 11111- y111'11 5111-11k 115' L1l11L'11lilIl. Mil1'1i Wi1li11111s 1111-111-11 1111- 1'X11'11 11111111 111111 1-11111-11 Vi1g111"g s1'111'i11g 1'111' 1111' niglrl. l'1VIS 1-111111- 11111'1i 111 Sk'11l'l' 21 111111'111111w11 111 1111' 11151 111-1'i111l, 'l'l11- l'i1's1 1'111111- v1'l11-11 C1111 I I-Y111I4 1111111 Z1 11111-1111111 1'1'11111 N111 l1111'1'is 111111 W1-111 111111' XZ1l'C1S 111'11111111 1-1111 1111' 1111- s1'111'1-. N 1-111111111111111111 111 I1111'1'1s 111 Billy I,y1111s 111151-1-s 211111 111-11111111-s 21112111151 Vl1J,l1I' 111111 17l'111l.L1111 1111- 111111 111 1111- Vigui' 111111' 111111 1111-11 'I'11yl111' S111-11 11111111101 1-1111 1111' 1111- S1-111'1-. Huy 1Vl21111I11'1S 1111-1111111-11 1-1111v1-1's11111 wus 111111- 111111 1111- s1'111'1- was Vi,Q111' 211. UMS 15. '1'111- Cl111l'1 TU 1.111- 1-11 1111' g111111-'S S1-1111i11,u. UMS 1111s l11Zl.Vl1l1L 1111- 11111111- 11111111111 1111- S1-1'vi1'1-s 111' 11-1'11 l111l1'l1111-ks. 1'1111111i11 11111 111'111ll1i1'l' 111111 .11111i111' xV1l1'1'1'1l 111-illy, VV1l11 w1-1'1- 1111111 11111 11'i1l1 i11j111'i1-s, - 11111 --- The University Military School Soldiers scored twice in the last half to defeat a touch Fairhope High team 14-7. After the two teams battled through a scoreless first half. Billy Calloway. Fairhope tailback went 81 yards to score and put the Buccamiet-rs ahead, Hamilton converted and Fairhope led the Cadets 7-0, UMS's first TD came on a 26-yard pass-run play from quarterback Nat Harris to end Billy Lyons. Lyons caught the ball on the thirteen and ran the rest of the way for the score. Charlie Smith kicked the extra point to tie the score 7-T. A short Fairhope punt left thc ball on the Pirate 23. Lyons tried an end-around pass that missed the target and on the next play the Soldiers surprised the Fairhope defense by trying the same play. This time Lyons elected to run and moved the ball to the 11. Roy Shoemaker. who sat most of the game because of a knee injury, came off the bench and gathered in the remaining yardage for the touchdown. Smith again converted and the Bulldogs were ahead to stay. UMS threatened again in the closing minutes only to have the clock eziteh up with them, David Ellisor and Leon Torbert led the Cadets on defense, igititlltrt as Ellisor scores. UMS absorbed its third loss of the season when it dropped a free-scoring KH-ISI earni- to the Pascaeoula Panthers. Pascaeoula scored twice in the first half. the second TD being the result of a bitterly disputed play just as the half ended. When the horn sounded for the end of the first half, the UMS defensive team began to trot off the field. lVleanwhile. the Panther quarter- back faded bark and threw to one of his ends for the score. Nat Harris connected on a pass to Billy Lyons and the Cadets had their first score of the game. The play covered about 50 yards. Charlie Smiths attempted conversion missed and the score at the half was 13-6. Pascaeoula sewed up the game in the second half when they scored four times. Roy Shoemaker tallied UMS' second TD when he went six yards around right end, Lyons scored the third Cadet touchdown on a pass from Harris which covered about five yards. Smith made one of the two extra point tries to give UMS its other point. The final score was Pascagoula 38. UMS 19. -- 139 - me 5 W 5 sp, M A94 ' X V W y S 3 as X ' 3' f ,Y .N lx, J' I gg wp' 1 1 gs im is x ii . Y , , Q 'NA .Q Vw n , f Q , , xx. 3 W! V-3 .1, - L 'I V W Q 'WK , if , fu... 3 'iw X 1- :09 K 0 .wut 1 -1 if as ,H .fy wr 34 . .44 ,I QI .Q . -. Q4 ow Junior Squad Q-. Ns- v Top row: Phillips. .l.: Koffvr, K.: Robinson. P.: Sawyer. B.: Hanks, W.: Platt, D.: Baldwin .: Young, G.: Grow, .l. Bottom row: Pfake. T.: Mclnnis. N.: Gvavvs. T.: Fri:-dman. C. IlilI'I'lS. R.: Morris. C: he-ar, R. a Midget Sq uczd . wisin. . .. 'lop row: IN-Arlgvlo. l..: Bruvkmann. P.: Godshalk. K.: Czlddis, C.: Mitchell. M.: Blackwell. l': Walton, N.: Moor:-. l..: Callalmn. C.: Masters. J. S1-cond row: Radcliff, R.: Gates. WV.: oudrnmirc-, W.: Childa-rs. ll.: Moors-, C.: P1-ck. VV.: Lzuxrondixw, E.: Noblv. B.: Chusv, W. Third row: Mchnughlin. K.: Frazer, D.: Combs, VY.: Donn, A.: Otts, M.: Folmur, F.: Bronson, li.: Nc-itlviilmck. G.: Iiddington. VV. Bottom row: Carrington. D.: Milling. B.: R1 -4-vos. W.: Davis. N.: Robinson, D.: Baddloy, C.: Boatright. li. - 142 W Tinymite quad F.. Top row: Jackson, R.: Coach Comer: Hudson, A.: Lawrence, T.: Katzborg, R.: Mctfafferty E.: Lord. W.: Shipp, B.: Hillard, E. Second row: Brown, R.: Huggins, R.: Rodgers: Ladd M.: Luce, J.: Costa, E.: Dukes: Pilgrim, J. Third row: Eskridgc-. J.: Cunningham, B. Counts, J.: Thurber, R.: Levy, D.: Windsor: Potts. J. Pee Wee Sq uad Top row: McMurphy, J.: Inge, Z.: Hinson, S.: Applewhite, H.: Stern, P.: Smith, L.: Woo! ford, C.: Tappan, D. Second row: Smith, E.: Rogers: Phillips, P.: Yost, R.: Miller: Paym- 'l'.: King, R.: Hancock, M.: VVhistler, C. Third row: Stimpson, F.: Cain, E.: Lyons, J. McPhiIlips. H.: Hutchings. N.: Simmons, O.: Jenson, R.: Nassar, P.: Brown, E. Bottom row Ollen, S.: King, S.: Mcfirew, J.: Mintz, B.: Hill. A.: Crown, F.: Hope, J.: Durant, V. Rutherford, M. - 143 -- Varsity Basketball quad Coach Hanks: Drane, P.: Hill, ll.: W'illiams. D.: Harris, N.: Shoemaker, R.: Smith, C.: Tate, J.: Brewer, J.: Harris, J.: Jones, C.: Robinson. J.: Gregory. J.: Mgr. VVallace, M, DATE "Dm- 'DPC KTJVC' Us-1' 'Dvcx " Dvv. 'Jun Jan Jan 'Jan "Jan .lan Jan. 4 Jan, 31 Foh. l-'vb 'Fa-h Fvln 'Fvh Feb 'Fvh ' lnrl is -21 vs Hmm' Gun TEAM Bakr-r T, R. Miller W. S. Neal Fziirhope Thcoclorv City Schools Tournament Murphy McGill McGill Baker Spring Hill College .I. V Vigor Murphy Theodore McGill Fairhupc- Murphy Sharlvs Valley Bessemer Vigor T. R. Miller W. S. Ncal Rolwrtsflalc -144- U.M.S, OPPONENT 47 40 53 49 73 45 62 45 39 40 46 60 65 36 63 6l 58 46 64 55 47 62 50 65 57 67 56 48 66 35 51 76 59 77 76 58 45 77 5l 44 T3 56 83 56 Til. 1284 H88 Seniors on Squad Carl Jones, Captain John Gregory Jim Brewer Roy Shoemaker All District John Harris John Robinson Charles Smith -145- ,flag rfg i! Wil? EH i 8 ww 4 kai . wi - Q : W E59 ,..:g--'sf' M Q3 W B " if 3' ' QP I if L , 3 x 'W ,JK 'XXRX X x R. QQ, H 4 . . mf X ff wk 'I :H I ....,, QE 35 W3 , ,.':V 5435533 H A asf ' w W -f 5' f Q Ries- Y 3 "2' ' A3 Q -?. , Junior Varsity quad Top: Pickron, J., Manager. Second row: Crawford, H.: Thomas, R.g Nettles J Plpes S Bodie. B. Bottom row: Evans, J.g Harper, I-1.3 Hanks, W.g Wood, B.g Cooper A JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL RESULTS U.M.S U.M.S U.M.S U.M.S U.M.S U.M.S U.M.S U.M.S U.M.S U.M.S U.M.S U.M.S U.M,S U.M.S. 43 ,,,,,, U.M.S. 41 ,,,,,, U.M.S. U.M.S. 41 Baker 26 T. R. Miller 45 W. S. Neal 43 Fairhope 30 Theodore 38 McGill 45 Baker 20 Vigor 44 Murphy 40 Theodore 50 McGill 34 Fairhope 41 Murphy 61 Vigor 55 .T. R. Miller 69 W. S. Neal 31 Robertsdale 55 Tinymite Squad v1tRs,,, 9 0: Jlmwffffc. .f Y HH 'ff Top row: Lvvy, ll.: Lord, A. Second row: Ladd, M.: Hillard, E.: Haas, M.: Pilgrim, .l Bottom row: l-Iskridgv, J.: Thurber. R.: Rodgers, G.: Dukes, D. Midget Squad :mn XJ Top row: B-Mn? 1-M917 Davis. N.: Reeves. W.: Harris, R.: Hallett, W. Second row: Katzberg. R.: Lau rendinc, E.: Lawrence, T,: Neidvnback, G.: Robinson, D. Bottom row: Mcflafferty, E Radcliff, R.: Grow, J.: Moore. C. -150- Junior Squad Top row: Blackwell, F.: DeAngelo, L.: Miller, E.g Mitchell L. Bottom row. Otts, M.: Robinson, P.: Carrington, D.: Childers, H Intermediate Squad Top row: Wallace, M.g Thomas, R.: Rhinehart, B. Bottom row: Slaton, B.g Butler, R.g Ellisor, D. -151- Varsity Baseball Squad ..g- x --1 2--W, -'...:.,- ,tr - . . rg. - ' , rg, E' .Q . Standing: Crawford. H.: Taylor. V.: R.: Sc-ated: Coach Comer: Herring, I-Illisor, D.: Smith. KT.: Shoemaker. R. Irvs! 'WV Cooper, A.: Malone. R.: Lyons, B.: Harris, N.: Myers Terrell. ti.: Jonos. C.: Grc-gory, J.: Baddley, ll Top: Sufi' on first! Top right: David hunts! Right: Bztddley scores! -152- Seni01's on Squad .. .1 M 4 ,V M, V , .. M: .Q H 5, , L.. , . .. W ff. .. M w ill f fl jgfvw , :rw zu f.4W,wv6k I xgg 6 , . V Q ' 'sk ifxq, 7 . U, If Q, W wwf ,Mg W ,, ' 1 ,, ' g i' " ' M, K ' '4 4 ' ' T ' 4 'W' Qf33X,,3g, N . M1 18 , - X, fy ,N , U if 1 , f" JM, N VA- :.f , , W Wx.. f, U :M is My fwn ' fx r 1 .1 ww 11, . A: - . , Q, N M 'YM R W fit' W 1 fgw w?Y'5K1'fJi7 w fm f?,,4 mf , ' dw Q. , - m. K L. My fy M.: 7 Q r ' , ,yy ,L .1 V3ki52,,f,. I , ,V Aw K, is ik? Q A- U ' , V 4 gwjjfxtf ff 4 ' ,. .... , L , U "" ' ' ' . " 'f3'r"w- f, 52- I ,,j-..,, Q YWZWQWA ap -Q Q? V 'gpm-N.. 7 -w x wb . 1, A ,V 4, Vw Q- - - A . - ,W P ,VT ' W. MQ .-'QA- ,. W fifiiw Q-33,5 ' " ' , 4: I V ji' is s3V"'?:f5?.' 1' li 1 sf Ray Malone, Captain Billy Lyons Charlie Smith Carl Jones U , 'i ,N ww M gal 5: '. W . V 1 L A fir-'. ,s, . V , F ' i --g."f'R'gF'24 w h. f'::.:2fx:gg ' -'lf " " 1. H af ,:.. 4, me .,5g+i - V '99, 9"Sw,1 J' -5 . -',.- .. I - 512,936 wkfff 54l'1?i '1-9 1ffk'?"'9i""Y 71" ,. :ff f?w.fQZLi'1L'5 .,.. ZF L, My 'X XT A' ' A1 5 .vw ,f,,fif,i K . " 'V - A ' Law 5.2 4 V, L jgm H s , xiii-.z 1, K lp ' -,535 L 'Wifi A Q,f,gpagff 564 QNX f Fr 'J smfdf fx -. 1 I 5 , ff . f mf, . Min 1.,,. , .- gg, 4f5,:.g' ' L John Gregory David Euisor Roy Shoemaker -153- Golf T eam 99.4 .1- . Q4 , -sue. Underwood, W.: Cooper. R.: McPhillips, F.: Stoudenmire, S.: Pate, J.: Coach W. L. Hanks Tennis T eam Glass, C.: Wood. B.: Lewis, J.: Foreman, A.: Lord, L.: Warren, C.: Robinson, J. - 154 - Track T eczm Standing: Coach Loweryg Veal, W.: Duke, J.g Kettell, E.g Bunkley, C.3 Shoemaker, R.: Harris, J.: Butler, R4 Myers, R. Kneeling: Henley, J.g McKinney, J.g I-lolbein, R.g Nettles J.g Threadgill, R.g Lips, I. Left: Veale puts the shot. Top: Billy over the hurdles. Right: Doe at the high jump. -155- Cadet Staff av' .my ' 1-rwnml. W.: Uoopvr, A.: .Inc-ksun. 'l',g Schramm, H.: Lips, I.: Knodvl, li.: Holloman, J.: Barney Flclitor-in-Chief Business Manager Caclet Designer Sporls Editors Military Editor Assistant Editors Hunter Barney John Holleman Bruce Knodel Grover Jackson, Carl Jones Irwin Lips Walter Underwood, Alex Foreman, T. K. Jackson Assistant, Business Managers Howard Schramm, Angus Cooper, Advisor Dan McCall, Marshall Wallace Major Daniel Nolan -A 156 i x i We of the CADET staff would like to express our appreciation to everyone who helped malqe this hook possible: To the FACULTY of U.M.S., for their complete cooperatlonj to MAJOR DANIEL NOLAN, our faculty advisor and helperj to the KEY CLUB of U.M.S., for their help in soliciting aa'zfertisers,' to THE MOBILE PRESS REGISTER and THIGPEN PHOTOGRAPHY, for the use of several of their photographsg ana' to the personnel at GULF STATES ENGRAVING COMPANY as well as GILL PRINTING COMPANY, for their technical assistance. -157- ADVERTISING SECTION TO TI-IE CORPS: TI-IIS IS YOUR CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING SECTION, A GUIDE TO BETTER BUYING AND SERVICE IN MOBILE. We strongly urge you to patronize these merchants, tor it is their cooperation which has made this CADET possible. Your cooperation with them will insure a larger and better publication for us in succeeding years. Thank you. TI-IE BUSINESS STAFF COMPLIMENTS OF UNIVERSITY MILITARY SCHDOL In recognition of the enterprise of those students through whose efforts this annual was designed and prepared. T R I - S T A TE srumos 504 AZALEA ROAD SPRING HILL STATION en S LL Ov Coca-Cola Bottling Co., Inc MOBILE, ALABAMA Compliments of A FRIEND FIRST GRADE Weatherby Furniture Co. "Fine Furniture and Appliances for the Home" Mobile 309 G0v't. St. HE 2-7751 Chickasaw 105 Shipyard St. HE 3-5110 Compliments of AMERICA-gun NATIONAL B K m,RUQ1N0,,,,If' This Book Printed and Bound by GILL PRINTING and STATIONERY COMPANY, Inc. 17-19 North Water Street Mobile, Ala. BEST WISHES SENIORS Ciddens 81 Rester Theatres Brookley Downtown Auto-Sho Empire Air-Sho "Gay 90" Playlond "Say if with Flowers" DEMERANVILLE Mobile's Telegraph Florist 9 North Conception St. HE 2-4667 Mobile, Ala. Insured Savings Earn 31Ack at IW THU? 1950 Government St. 410 No. Wilson Av t th L p Prichard Downtown Mobile MWHERE THOUSANDS SAVE MILLIONS" Compliments of RCNZHE Undertaking Company, TRAIL CADILLAC - PONTIAC Inc. Compliments of HEITERSTARKE of PRINTING CO' Ross JEWELERS Manufocfurers of Carbon Forms r Pr Den Car ' MOBILE d PRICHARD 67 S icha -6-x GULF COAST MARINE SUPPLY CO. Distributors Marine and Mill Supplies Plumbing and Heating Materials Pipe, Valves and Ftitings Royal and Monroe Sts. Mobile, Ala. GAYFER'S Mobile's Finesf Department Sfore Since l879 BREAD with a BONUS Energy to go on . . . play NIlfl'I.fl,f1H to grow 011, SMITH'S BAKERY METZGER BROS. MOBILE-PRICHARD Arrow Shirts-Dobbs Hats Hart, Shaffner and Marx Clothes Bostonian Shoes McGregor Sportswear Compliments of B as 99 S T COMPANY Cropp Constructi n C 0 1919 Duval St. GR 9-6401 0 gg' ' , X- M-J, f 171 . lr 1 r' I' -:Zig-5 3, 1 in I fni. 7 f I Yi' gyiwgffi 'f e . ,.. 'V ---' BANK Wfffkf E M11 if 1. -J UG-" f-fb " 'L , . 'JI--"' Nil' ff , ...., , - . 1- , - A - I - -U . - - fl Qlrfslzirfiff " f- I 251154435 T, Q I' ' Mai Q 4 avg L F 'S - - 526253, IQ 2 ----- .SW - .- ,-L In r ' ' "fg,., -L Lis ' " comfmfmff - D - L -1,-.,-A Q - - L - -1.1. ..---- ' . ,.-. . :RTR H N lulit 94 , - 31 .452 D if ,, . ..... g ..- 1 -, --.Fi - I . if 'A" ' . D ".- .,,. CENTRAL BANK LE 2820 SPRING HILL AVE. O MOBILE, ALABAMA Complimenfs of H00 A RIJUPPIYCQ "BeHer Service fo fhe Builder" 401 S0. Royal Sl.-HE 2-3581 Complimenfs of JACKSON SUPPLY Complimenfs of "C" Company Company Commander CAPT. WILLIAM MYERS Company Executive lst LT. JOHN HOLLEMAN Platoon Leaders lst LT. CHARLES BUNKLEY lst LT. CHARLES SMITH 1 I I4 4' arc' proud to bc' of .fC'l'l'l'l'C' to the Cadet.: of xb' ll Il IV I R S I 'I' Y M I I. I TA R Y S C II 0 0 I. Active boys require wholesome, delicious meals. jiiifif' I 4 We take pride in serving only the finest. MURRISUII FOOD SERVICES A Division of the Morrison Cafeleria Company COMPANY 'NO FINER FOOD . . . ANYWHERE!" "D" Company C0mPHme"f5 of Company Commander, Albert Fink Company Executive, Jackie Savell lst Platoon Leader, Randy Butler 2nd Platoon Leader, Elwin Cropp SEMMES NURSERIES Engravers Commencement Invitations, Cards, Diplomas, and Stationery "Soufh's Finesf Greeting Cards" G W I N ' S QEstablished 1913i SEMMES, ALABAMA 8 So. Conception St. Famous For Fine Foods the World Over MOBILE'S FINEST RESTAURANT Q 9 u Noam novu srncn Compliments of Horace S. Turner, lr. Lumber Co., Inc. SEE ON TV CHANNEL 5 WED., 6:30 P.M. "CASEY JONES" Firestone Stores 210 St. Louis Street Mobile, Ala. HE 3-2635 Compliments of Farmer Construction Co., lnc GENERAL CONTRACTORS 2152 Halls Mill Road Mobile, Ala. GA 6-6457 Compliments of Higgins Mortuary lno. Compliments of MOBILE PRODUCE CO., Inc. W AT E ROM A N Steamship Corporation 61 St. Joseph Street MOBILE, ALABAMA RILEY-STUART SUPPLY C m Hmm of CO., Inc. BUILDING MATERIALS V g t Con pt St NESBITT d FROSTIE HE 3-7465 When You :Think of FINE SHOES fic B. R. WILSON, JR. fl A O ,fINffI0011wR GENERAL INSURANCE 3101111.13 14, AIAB1-UIA "The House of America's Finest Shoes for 76 SHE: 3 2647St t 76 years" 205 Dauphin St t J For Sure K "Pay Dirt" . . g I A Q QXJ WAWA5 , 1 1 ' X fffiw START SAVING 1? I 1 bf ' 1 , , B NOW AT THE s55i5:Lf DOWNTOWN MOBILE PRICHARD THE LOOP Member F d I Deposii Insurance Corpor I' Compliments of THE BATTLE HOUSE RESTAURANT LAFAYETTE BEST WISHES FROM Mobile Rug and Shade Co 305-7 Dauphin Street Compliments of ,lack G. Moore "Your Neighborhood Druggist" Westlawn Drug Store Nlcllliillips Packing Compliments of Corporation Mobile, Alabama A Dunbar l l Canned Shrimp Crabm Oysters Lawrence Sales Co. TOM LAWRENCE, Owner Toasted Peanuts TOM'S Peanut Butter Crackers Delicious Candies "Serving Mobile and Baldwin Counties Over 21 Years" 1985 Halls Mill Road at Fulton ARKELL and SMITHS Since 1859 The Oldest Name In Paper Bags U.M.S.'s Favorite E tertainment Place DRIVE-IN THEATRE Highway 45 and Wolf Ridge Road "D" Company H y You All OUT Thor' in YEAR BOOK LAND COMPLIMENTS OF GCA!! COMPANY FRESHER FRUITS f FRUIT DISTRIBUTING COMPANY, INC. 66633 g dgt HE 2 7751 COMPLIMENTS OF COOPER STEVEDORING CO.. INC. Compliments of BEST WISHES FROM Thigllen Ph0t0graPhY Pl1illip's Furniture Company Commercial, Aerial, lndusfrial 163 STATE STREET Mobile' Alal'ama THE Compliments of VARSITY SHOP HA GenfIemQn'5 Shopff Mobile Steel Co., Inc. Visit Us For The Latest In Men's Wear . Mobile, Alabama 2524 Old Shell Road GR 1-2123 HE 2-2705 Most Smart People Say FOR MY MUNEY ITS THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK MOBILE, ALABAMA P f S 8 5 b d I C MCGOWIN-LYONS Hardware 81 Supply Co. Wholesalers THAMETS AND BATRE EVERY KIND OF Insurance cmd Surety Bonds 108 ST. JOSEPH STREET HE 2-0451 GREER Complimenfs of G for ' I'0CCI'lCS . Serving Mobile, Baldwin, and Clark Lord's Tlre and C00 Counties in Alabamag George County CREER'S GOT IT Rogers Insect Powder Co. PASCAGOULA, ROACHES MOBILE, ALABAMA MISS. ANTS P. o. Box 1223 MICE Puoma on s sisz - ms 2 2490 Thousands of Satisf' d Customers WHOLESALE - RETAIL COMPLIMENTS OF Rogers Exterminatinq Co. 615 DAUPHIN STREET COMPLETE GUARANTEED SERVICE PEST CONTROL TERMITE CONTROL PHONE HE 2-2490 LANG Mobile's Qualify Dry Cleaners Mobile's FIRST Residential Air Conditioning Specialists Give Us A Call 758-760-762 St. Louis St. Phone HE 2-2701 CONGRATULATIONS Mc:KINNEY CO. 1ndSGO0dgCk Q fe enior oss o 3358 Old Shell Road at foot of Spring Hill GR 9-5476 A 1958 The South's Largest and Finest Exclusive TV - RADIO - HI-FI Store 'GEORGQE 'SCHMOHL 6. CO. SALES - - - SERVICE 2104-2106 Grant Street Phone GR 7-0419 Compliments of H A M M E L 9 S MobiIe's fine deparfmenf store since l872 AND AND PIANO SA'-ES CO' HAMMEUS . ADAM GLASS Everything Musical Our store for homes Mobile, Ala. Royal, Dauphin and Conti Streets BARNES MOTORS, Inc. BEST W'SHES FROM IMPERIAL - CHRYSLER - PLYMOUTH "Al f E fh' " Sales and Service mos Tlery mg 50 So. Broad St. HE 3-1645 "Meei Your Friends of Weinocker's Rest Wishes From ':f:.: Vhhqbig... -41:s Algg ,qbbvrzf ri Sf, rL2 L A L:ln L A 9 Complimenfs of R U S Beverage Co. D E L A N E Y ' S Mobile, Alabama Congrafulofions fo the Class of '58 From CENTRAL OPTICAL CO. Compliments of Crichton Pharmacy SHEFFIELD'S Department Store 2773-75 Spring Hill Avenue Mobile tCrichtonJ Ala. GR 7-3351 BRRANNON Sporting Goods Co. Distributors WILSON-RIDDELL SHOES 259 Dauphin Street Phone HE 3-3721 Compliments of TURNER SUPPLY CO. Contractor's Equipment Machinery - Steel Products Industrial and Electrical Supplies 250 North Royal Street Compliments of REISS BROS. Mobile's Most Complete Boy's and Student Department 204-206 Dauphin St. RETBEZE AXLE, BRAKE, WHEEL, AND SPRING SERVICE TRUCK BODIES TRUCK EQUIPMENT 3255 Moffat Rd. GA 6-8641 "KEEP BABY TIDY - USE OUR DlDY" Protect Your Baby's Health with the ONLY Laboratory Tested Diaper Service in Mobile 41 " 3s,,,,,-so 1-fi fn L:--. . ,Lff2'f'1. ','f':,-7!'.,7:ftjx n k ' .Y " 1 -EN fa. . ., . . 821358 - - -ei 12 E! gl 52 A l i 5 fd .A fl. L W it jonnzkai 7Lfrfqrkn1'c Dlklfbffll CSSQVICL 2251 Old Shell Rd.-S.W. Corner of Old Shell Rd. and Florida St. Dial GR 8-8496 Compliments of Calagaz Photo Supply, Inc. 417 Holcombe Avenue Azalea Bowling Lanes MOBILE, ALABAMA 16 Automatic Pinspotters Photo Finishing - Suppies - Equipment Air Conditioned 'Ill Williams St GR 7-0488 ' ' Phone on 7-3323 Day or Night can KILPATRICICS GARAGE 24 Hour Wrecker Service WRECKS REPAIRED PAIN'TING Compliments of WE REPAIR ALL MAKES OF CARS ALL WORK GUARANTEED A G L ' P ' LEAN E A 418 Fulton Rd. fat Loop! Mobile, Ala. C PICK UP AND DELIVERY Monuments . 4 Grant at Glenwood "Memorials of all kinds" 1067 Virginia 'SL Phone GR 7-6670 Mobile, Ala. "Serving this Community for over 67 yeorsi' ' Phones: ' A HE 2-1306 HE 2-0566 Compliments of .loc Bullard Oldsmobile, Inc. 1306 St. Stephens Rd. Q5 Pointsj Dial HE 3-1831 An Honored Nome In Meats For More Than 90 Years! gf , f , SEE ON TV - "THE GRAY GHOST" EVERY THURS. - 7:00 P.M. CHAN. 5 lDlAiVIS Motor Supply Co., Inc. Since 1933 250 Sl. Louis St. Mobile HE 2-3623-4-5 17 So. Craft Hwy. Prichard GA 6-2427 COMPLETE PARTS AND MACHINE SHOP SERVICE Compliments of Gulf Construction Company NATIONAL A. W. WILLIAMS Inspection Co., Inc. 208 Virginia St. - Mobile - Est. 1921 Company Representatives throughout U.S.A. SAMPLING - INSPECTIONS TESTING - ANALYSIS OFFICES IN Members. MOBILE JACKSON EVLRGREEN ASTM, AWPA, AOCS, ACI, ACS, and AWS MONROEVILLE ROBERTSDALE CITRONELLE . . . ATMORE . Affiliated with . American Council of Independent Laboratories CALKIFF HARRIS .IEWELRY and CAMERA CO. 74 Years Mobile's Only Certified Wofchmoker 25 YEARS ON DAUPHIN STREET NOW AT NEW LOCATION - 51 S. CONCEPTION ST. fCorner Contij MOBILE'S CLASS RING JEWELERS AND GIFT HEADQUARTERS Cpl f C. M. DYKES GARAGE Clmplimenfs of ,lOHNNY'S and LEW'S DRIVE INS me of .lohnny's Big Bo Complimenis of HOLIDAY MOTGRS Complimenfs of C I f COKER DISTRIBUTING Company SPRING HILL CLEANERS SHARPE'S INC. 662 St. Louis Street Mobile Ala S d S I d Congrafulafions fo the CLASS OF '58 FROM Gus B. Thames John O'C. Jackson 1 1 G 'TTL' 105 Dauphin St. "Mobile's Fine Shoe Store" 20 WALLET SIZE PHOTOS Ben H. Harris THAMESJACKSON- HARRIS CO. MADE FROM YOUR SCHOOL PICTURE INSURORSREALTORS BRING US YOUR NEGATIVE OR PHOTO 60 St. Francis St. VAN ANTWERP'S HE 3-9545 CAMERA CENTER Headquarters for FORMAL RENTALS MAXEYIS See New Ivy League Tux 70 Dauphin St. Powers Company, Inc. 106-8 St. Michael Street Complimenis of THOSS SPORTING GOODS COMPANY Since 1886 Exclusive Distributors of MacGREGOR and RAWLINGS ATHLETIC EQUIPMENT SPOT-BILT SHOES OFFICE FURNITURE SCHOOL SUPPLIES 76 Dauphin St. HE 2 5624 DUPLICATOR MACHINES and SUPPLIES HE 2-6621 "Son" Thoss - "Chick"Mc1lone gifs j Q DISTRICT CONTEST STATE CONTEST MARCH, 1958 APRIL, 1958 "BAND" COMPANY CAPTAIN ROBERT RHINEHART 1st LT. STEPHEN ST. GEORGE 2nd LT. JOHN HENLEY Alfhough ofher editors mighf fell you that fhis space is reserved for cufographs, we prefer the frufh: We did nof have enough ads fo fill fhis lasf page. However, if you so desire, you can puf aufographs here, or, for fhaf matter, you can puf mosf anything here - Drawings, Algebraic Equafions, Tic-Tac-Toe Games, Telephone Numbers, Efc. VJ x

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