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 - Class of 1955

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THE CADET EDITING STAFF B H a R ss sst Edto P bIISI'lEdA n a y THE SENIOR CLASS of THE UNIVERSITY MILITARY SCHOOL Moblle Alabama I T -1- - '-Q, 3:01 - - Norman Jobe, Editor en orris, Jr., nd Sam u ,A . i rs u ' n u II by r DEDICATION ALBERT EUGENE MAHONEY JR 1937 1953 We the Class of 1955 dedicate this volume ot the Cadet to the memory of Buck our friend and classmate who would have graduated with us this year We shall not forget the warm friendliness which made hum one of the best llked boys ever to attend U M S 2 , . I I II ll ' I I . . . . - . . Q 0 0 Co' Wllllom Sherwood Pope A B Prmcloal 7931 7943 Dr Julius Tufwller WrlghT A M LL D Founder of fhe Umverslfv Mrlrfary School 7893 . , . ., .. , 1 1. , .. I I - 3 ADMINISTRATCRS L1 Col T C Huckabee B A M A Principal Chemlsfry Col. Paul B. Robinson B.S. Superinfendenf fu Ja 51 f v hr' 'it- 4 ADMINISTRATIVE ASSISTANTS Q 31 :IQ 'Q Coldwell Delaney BS M A Malo Dean of Boys Hlsfory Anno B Shckney A Reg sfrur Speech Wllhczm Sherwood Pope Business Manager ucllle Tusdule Souls Business Secretary Robert E Hanks BS Aihlefrc Director Economlcs English Busmess Law Ruth E Russ Campaign Secreicry . 5 n QL FACULTY K. 01.-r '05 i If Capt Warren K Berner Myrtle H BOOZWOH BS MA Capt B R Chambers J Engflsh Mill ary '-lun-A Capt Thomas Comer BS Physvcal Educahon Mufh Mfllfary Z Librarian S A Hazel P Crown BS Ffffh Grade BA MA :anrsh Englsh Milli: ry flu, Q5-4 -iii-. Grace H Durant AB FourH'1 Grad ,ay Capt Bruce Fllnppmn BS Zolner L Hanson AB Capt AnclrewM Hanson BS MA Geography Math Third Grade Muflwnmfrcs Sports Mechanical Drawlnq Science Sporfs 6 ,gui ' Z ' , .W h ' ' "S 'B' , 4 ,,,,x 1 , r r of X ' I V f se' . 1, , , ' f' . . , B.S. - s , -A, . . . , r. S, . . I. I I 1 Aj" A ,fi , 1 5 1 I . I M B N f 6 rf xi c 1 r ff sfrs+2:p C ml C . , . H , ,S 12 B, - , I E X Q f ' ' . 1 X N , . 9 Y : .l:" A 'B . jf' Mfr I -:,.- .- "' Q E ,Q I 1 .4 Q 5 ' , K , Q ' A X- A FACULTY 47 ,e "Sl, X- 'sl C001 Roland W Kl'ce:1s RS C pf Dame-l B Nolcm AB H:1rrnetM Pfnsler BS Eng sir Lol Th d G ad g M Edna Posey Dolores M Wllllcms .leon Yullle BS F sl G ode S fh G ode Seco d G de CAFETERIA STAFF JANITOR x il! an Elvne McGrew Mary Rogers Cafefe Cgf t Broznl Slmon .I n o THE CLASSES TWELVE YEARS AGO Porter 0 RlChCll'd ff,-iii. in 51.-:I LH-4 Abi -11" en Sam D0 e 9 FIRST CLASS Q 'hn- James Uriah Blacksher Robert Lee Bragg Forensics, 3, 4 "Cadet" Staff, 4 Library Club, President, l, 2, library Club, l, 2 Vice President, 3 Science Club, l Outstanding Cadet in Platoon, 3 Sergeant, 2 Member Best Drilled Company, l, 2 First Sergeant, 3 Crack Platoon, l, 2, 3, 4 Platoon Sergeant, 2 Glen Porter Brock, Jr. Forensics, 2, 3, 4 "Cadet" Staff, 4 National Honor Society, 3, 4 Honor Council, 4 "Cadet" Staff, 4 Hobby Club, l, Secretary, 2, Vice President, 3, President, 4 Crack Platoon, l, 2, 4 Sergeant, 2 Second Lieutenant, 3 Captain, Co. "A", 4 Hobby Club, Vice President, 3 Crack Platoon, 2, 3, 4 Second Lieutenant, 4 Junior Varsity Football, 2 First Sergeant, 3 Cheerleader, 4 Highest Average in Junior Class Second Lieutenant, 4 "W" Club, 4 Perfect Attendance, l, 2 Junior Varsity Basketball, l, 2 Certificate of Accomplishment, 4 Junior Rotarian, 4 Field Day Winner, 2, 3 Honor Roll, l, 2, 3, 4 School Representative, "Youth Airs Views" Television Program, 3 Bebe Cradle Robber Ears LA, 5' EL' 'iv-4. 135- . ""'P Ollie Hiram Byrd, Jr. James Chapron Cocke Thomas Walter Cody "Battalion Review" Staff, I Crack Platoon, 3, 4 National Honor Society, 3, 4 Library Club, Treasurer, l, 2 Sergeant, 3 Library Club, l, Secretary-Treasurer Outstanding Cadet in Platoon, 'I Second Lieutenant, 4 Crack Platoon, 2 Crack Platoon, l, 2, 3 Varsity Football, 3, 4 Sergeant, 3 Sergeant, 3 Baseball Manager, 4 Corporal, 2 Platoon Sergeant, 2 "W" Club, 3, 4 First Lieutenant, 4 Second Lieutenant, 4 Second Lieutenant, 4 Varsity Football, 'l, 2, 3, 4 Varsity Football, 3, 4 All City Football, 2 3 iradiot, 4 Junior Varsity Football, 2 Junior Varsity Football, l Junior Varsity Basketball, 2 All State Football, 2 lhonorable mention, BU5Sb0ll, 3, 4 second teaml "W" Club, 3, 4 Varsity Basketball, 2, 4 Junior Varsity Basketball, l Baseball, 1, 2, 3, 4 All Regional Baseball, 1 All City Baseball, 3 All District Football, 4 Tweet-Tweet, the Bird Snatch Deacon Nat . 11 . FIRST CLASS '20 mia wr-.rf ' "' ,nor Richard -wif "Battalion Review" Cadet Chorus, 2 Hop Committee, 4 Library Club, l Sears Dukes Walter Crenshaw Ernest, lll John Russell Goodloe, Jr Staff, 3 ,ICadet" Staff, 4 Cadet Chorus, 2, 3 library Club, 2, Secretary-Treasurer, 3 Hobby Club, Vice President, 'I National Honor Society, 3, 4 Forensics, 3 "Battalion Review" Stall, 3, 4 Photography Club, 4 Photography Club, President, 4 Outstanding Cadet in Platoon, 2 Hobby Club, i, 2, 3 Best Drilled Cadet in Company, 2 Member Best Drilled Company, l, 3 Outstanding Cadet in Platoon, l Member Best Drilled Company, 1 Crock Platoon, l, 2, 3, 4 Member Best Drilled Company, 'I Crack Platoon, 'I Sergeant, 2 Crack Platoon, I, 2, 3, 4 Sergeant, 3 Platoon Sergeant, 3 Sergeant, 2 Platoon Sergeant, 2 Second Lieutenant, 4 First Lieutenant, 4 Second l.iEUl9rl0t1f, 4 Varsity Football, 2, 3, 4 Sergeant Mqior, 3 Junior Varsity Football, l Junior Varsity Football, l, 2 Golf, A Perfect Attendance, 3 All City Football, 4 Perfect Attendance, 2 National Honor Society, 4 All District Football, 4 School Representative, Mobile Youth Honorable Mention All State Football, 4 Honorable Mention All American, 4 Varsity Basketball, 3, 4 Junior Varsity Basketball, 2 "W" Club, 3, 4 Council, 4 Honor Roll, l S, F 4? MQ S. +1 High-Pockets Puddy Rugty . 13 . FIRST CLASS it' ' ve .E q5s93fq!,wY.',Wt'f iff r Q Y'-Y tv 'gin' TIP' Jesse Elias Graddick, Jr. Houston Elmo Green Donald Raymond Hansen Cadet Chorus, 2, 3 Library Club, 2, 3 National Honor Society, 3, Library Club, 2 Hobby Club, I Secretary-Treasurer, 4 Hobby Club, Secretary, I Crack Platoon, 2 Honor Council, 2, 3, Vice President 4 Member Best Drilled Company, I, 2, 3 Sergeant, 3 "Battalion Review" Staff, 3 Crack Platoon, I, 2, 3, 4 Corporal, 2 Library Club, I, 2 Sergeant, I Second Lieutenant, 4 ViCe President, Sel'll0l' Class, 4 Platoon Sergeant, 2, 3 Varsity Football, 3, 4 Crack Platoon, 2, 3 Sergeant Maior, 4 Junior Varsity Football, I, 2 Platoon Sergeant, 2 Varsity Football, 2, 4 "W" Club, 4 First Lieutenant, 4 Junior Varsity Football, Captain, 2 First Sergeant, 3 Varsity Basketball, 3, Captain, 4 Second Lieutenant, 4 Junior Varsity Basketball, 2 Varsity Football, I, 2, 3, 4 Football Manager, I Junior Varsity Football, I "W" Club, 2, 3, 4 Varsity Basketball, 2, 3 Intermediate Basketball, I Junior Varsity Basketball, I Baseball, I, 2, 3, 4 All City Baseball, 2, 3 Honor Roll, I, 2 "W" Club, I, 2, 3, 4 Swabby Speedy Fuzz . 14 . ,Raft-f.?5r" iii c . , ,- to-f -1.1- 'vs in-ue Benjamin Harte Harris, Jr. Warren Allen Ingersoll Forensics, 3, 4 "Cadet" Staff, 4 Cadet Chorus, 2, 3, 4 Library Club, 2, 3 Photography Club, 4 Sergeant, 3 Corporal, 2 First Sergeant, 4 Optimist Junior Citizenship Medal, Sixth Grade National Honor Society, 3, 4 "Cadet" Staff, 4 "Battalion Review" Staff, 2, 4 Hobby Club, President, l, President, 2 Good Conduct Award, 3 Best Drilled Cadet, Co. "A", Eight Grade, l Outstanding Cadet in Platoon, Fourth Grade, Fifth Grade, Sixth Grade Crack Platoon, l, 2, 4 Platoon Sergeant, 2 Second Lieutenant, 3 Captain, Co. "B", 4 Varsity Basketball, 3, 4 Junior Varsity Basketball, 2 Golf, 2, 3, 4 Football Manager, 2, 3, 4 Junior Football, l "W" Club, 2, 3, 4 Junior Ratarian, 4 Honor Roll, l, 2, 3, 4 ", l' y' -,v Tosh lngerace 15 in-P W-ow Norman Russell Jobe Boys' State Representative, 3 National Honor Society, 3, Vice President, 4 Honor Council, Secretary-Treasurer, 4 Forensics, 3, President, 4 "Cadet" Staff, 3, 4 "Battalion Review" Staff, 3 Cadet Chorus, 2, 3, 4 Hop Committee, 4 Hobby Club, Vice President, 2, President, 3 Stamp and Coin Club, l Crack Platoon, l, 2, 3, Commander, 4 Platoon Sergeant, 2 Second Lieutenant, 3 Maior, 4 Cheer Leader, 3, 4 "W" Club, 4 Highest Average in Sophomore Class, 2 Highest Average in Mathematics, 2 Highest Average in Social Studies, 2 Honor Roll, l, 2, 3, 4 Junior Rotarian, 4 Perfect Attendance, 3 Valedictorian, 4 Ape FIRST CLASS L9 Q-gy-A Q George Donald Lindsey Michael Turner Lipsitz George Harold McKean National Honor Society, 3, 4 Forensics, 4 National Honor Society, 3, 4 "Battalion Review" Stott, 3, 4 Photography Club, 3, 4 "Cadet" Staff, 4 Library Club, 3 First Sergeant, 4 "Battalion Review" Staff, 2, 3 Photography Club, 4 Second Lieutenant, 4 Cadet Chorus, 'l, 2 Science Club, Vice President, l, 2 Corporal, 1 Member Best Drilled Company, l First Sergeant, 2 Crack Platoon, l, 2, 3, 4 Second Lieutenant, 3 Sergeant, 2 Captain, Adiutant, 4 Second Lieutenant, 3 Junior Varsity Basketball, 2 Captain, Co. "C", 4 Football Manager, 3, 4 Varsity Football, 3 Basketball Manager, 3, 4 Junior Varsity Football, 2 "W" Club, l, 2, 3, 4 Golf, 4 Junior Rotarian, 4 Perfect Attendance, 3 Honor Roll, 'l, 2 Junior Rotarian, 4 Honor Roll, I, 2, 3 Junior Football, 1 Hook Sahib Lollypop . 16 . N silnrvrf James Carl Mostellar Library Club, l, 2 Member Best Drilled Company, 2 Crack Platoon, 'l, 2 Sergeant, 3 Platoon Sergeant, 2 Corporal, 2 Second Lieutenant, 4 Varsity Football, 2, 3, 4 Junior Varsity Football, 2 "W" Club, 3, 4 "Cty Sidney Elwood Phillips W, S, Pape Memorial Medal, 'l National Honor Society, 3, President, 4 Student Council, 'I, Secretary-Treasurer, 2, Vice President, 3, President, 4 Honor Council, l, 2, Vice President, President, 4 "Battalion Review" Staff, 4 Cadet Chorus, 2 Library Club, 'I President, Freshman Class President, Sophomore Class President, Junior Class President, Senior Class ,x', ,,..,- W Samuel Edgar Russ National Honor Society, 4 "Cadetl' Staff, 4 Cadet Chorus, 3, 4 Library Club, 3 3, Photography Club, 4 Science Club, l, Secretary, 2 Crack Platoon, 2, 3, 4 Sergeant, 2 First Lieutenant, 4 First Sergeant, 3 Scrapbook Work, 3 Honor Roll, l, 2 Outsfanding Cadet in Platoon, 8th Grade Crock Platoon, 3 Corporal, 'I First Sergeant, 2, 3 Captain, Primary Battalion, 4 Varsity Football, l, 2, 3, Captain, 4 Junior Varsity Football, l Varsity Basketball, 2 Junior Varsity Basketball, 'I, 2 Varsity Baseball, l, 2, 3, 4 "W" Club, l, 2, Vice President, 3 President, 4 Youth Council Representative, 3 First Federal Savings Scholarship Winner, 4 Mule Sid P. . 17 . Slade HRST CLASS ' Q Q' 3 ' in-v-" 5' I .. y X, 'Q-4 Fred Mixon Segrest Everett Hugh Smith, Jr. Bert Lee Steele, Jr "Battalion Review" Stdff, 4 Cadet Chorus, 4 Cadet Chorus, 2, 3, 4 Hobby Club, Vice President, 4 Photography Club, Sergeant-at-Arms, 4 Hobby Club, 'l, 2, 3, 4 SBCONJ Lieutenant, 4 Crack Platoon, 4 Crack Platoon, l, 2, 3, 4 Sergeant, l, 2 Platoon Sergeant, 3 Second Lieutenant, 4 Cheerleader, 4 "W" Club, 4 fx -iq Fred-Chile Snake Fly-Boy . 18 . Sv" TI' iv il-' 5.1. v... 1,1 Larry Elwood Stephens "Battalion Review" Staff, 3 Library Club, 2, 3 Photography Club, Secretary, 4 Hobby Club, l Crack Platoon, l Sergeant, 2 Platoon Sergeant, 3 Second Lieutenant, 4 Varsity Football, 4 Junior Varsity Football, 3 Junior Varsity Basketball, 2 "W" Club, 4 Intermediate Basketball, 3 First Lieutenant, 4 Horace Samford Turner, Ill Library Club, 2, 3 Stamp and Coin Club, 1 Member Best Drilled Company, l Crack Platoon, 2, 3, 4 Platoon Sergeant, 2, 3 First Lieutenant, 4 Junior Varsity Football, 3 Varsity Basketball, 3 George Vester Ward, Jr "Cadet" Staff, 4 Cadet Chorus, 2, 3 Hop Committee, 3, 4 Library Club, President, l, 2 Vice President, Sophomore Class Vice President, Junior Class Member Best Drilled Company, 2 Crack Platoon, l, 2, 3, 4 Sergeant, 2 Platoon Sergeant, 3 First Sergeant, 4 Varsity Football, 2, 3, 4 Junior Varsity Football, 'I All City Football, 3, 4 Varsity Basketball, 2, 3 Junior Varsity Basketball, 'l Baseball, 1, 3, 4 "W" Club, 2, 3, Secretary-Treasurer All District Football, 4 Short-Man Horrible Country 'Tater 019s FIRST CLASS it-D LQ !f"""" 7""b N915 kv Noel Sldney Whutman Forensics 3 4 n e 3 4 a e Richard Younce Amermcan Legion Oratorlcal Contet Wnner 2 3 Natuonal Honor Society 3 4 Hop Comm: e T easurer 3 Photography Club Secretary r Vuce President' 4 Hobby Club 2 Member Best Drilled Company 3 Sergeant 3 Flrst Lleutenant 4 Varsity Football 4 W Club 4 Intermediate Basketball 3 Honor Council 2 Forensncs 3 Battalion Review Staff 3 4 Cadet Chorus 2 3 rary Club 'I r Best Drilled Company l Membe Sergeant 2 Second Lleutenant 3 Thrift Essay Award 4 Perfec Attendance 3 Ro arlan 4 Speakers Bureau 4 Jumor .lunnor Honor R Clvnton O Salutatoruan 4 ratorucal Contest Wmner 3 ,1- ,f Si m Preacher o ' 20 I . M542 LL .5 SOPHOMORE CLASS .l:1C.f A Baldwin, E. Beck, J. Biggs, R. Carrlngfon, J. Colc2r, R. Cook, D. -L , 4. "' "lr A , -v. Davis, C. Eastburn, E, Friedlonder, G. Gardner, T. Gunn, J. Henderson, B. Klumpp, S. Ladd, E. B. Macpherson, J. McCue, W. Meaher, A. Mrdgefte, M. 1' 2 Q ' "' ..I' N9Wb9I'fY, C. Ramsey, W. Simpson, D. Smith, F. Siephens, C. Towle, J. Wallace, J. E .23- FRESHMAN CLASS fe-V, 1'6- Barney, H. BafreN, O Bunkley, C. ButJer, R. Case, J. Cropp, E. Lg -wavy. Delaney J Den? D Dukes C Fosfer G Gabe C Gubb pq fi 3 5? Harold, R, Piariis, J. Holleman, J. Jackson, G. Kearns, R. Ladd, E. F. ons H 5, Q.-f Lyons, W. May, J. Myers, W. Robinson, J. Savell, J. Shoemaker, R. S a u laion, B 'YES x --7 S Sioudenmire, S. Thompson, G. Turner, J. W. Underwood, W. Warren, C. Wiifmcann, V 5 A CLASS S T' 2 ZS -vn , 1- Briicin, J. Colrer, J. Derkits, J. Graham, B. Hines, L. Kalas, P. Lewis, J. e- McColl D McNlder J Mulhcm W PGHGYIOTOU N Poe J Pedersen O Penlck J I , , I I I ? Y CT Harrison l H nley O Hudson, V. l. rs n, A. McAllister R M er E I4 1 . I 6' 3 QS- Yi w , 'Qgfv ,.. W Mitchell, L. Mosher, B. Noble, B. Nobles, J. Ponoyiotou, G. Peebles, E. B is ,g . Perry, W. Poofes, W. Richey, R. Roberds, A. Robinson, P. Ross, L. E. fm l . w-... S Salter, R. W. Speolces, S. Stoneburner, G. Thomas, R. Ziegler, E. . QQ . FIFTH GRADE -.,. J.. Q' fa- 1'- Arneff, D. Blackwell, F. Burnes, P. Bush, P. Chase, VV. Childers, H. Colfer, K. ii 'V' Coggin, G. Cook, C. Davis, T. Eades, R. Everett, D. Hoffner, W. Hansen, .l Hill, R ef 4-C Q' vw' , Knudsen, M. Ladd, S. Mann, R. Millwam, T. Miller, J. Morgan, M :N qs-A. Presfcn, B, Pugh, .l. Rogers, l.. Soma Cruz, G, Sclveuermcinn, E, Tale, W. Thurber, C .3Qn FOURTH GRADE ,as wr 4 Milling, R. Moore, C. Noble, S. Radcliff, H. Robinson, D. Weaver, R. THIRD GRADE-Section l Bacon, R. Bixler, H. Castro, J. Coody, C, Errnngron, C. Haas, M. Hillard, E 'Q' Jackson, R. Lee, J. Lord, W. Meaher, R. Miller, R. Milling, B. Porter, W . 32 . V- a -acq- N-sr Russ, R. Shaffer, C. Sheridan, D. Tappan, C. Trigg, J. Wing, W, THIRD GRADE-Section 2 Sis il 1 'Z' Bauer, J. Benwetf, F, Box, R. Brown, R. Crabtree, W. Dfxon, W. 4vL,-A sp. Johnson, R. Kysvr, C. Mclvod, K, Maddox, F. Mifchel' . 33 . x-4'9" xy M M... w , x . x Munch, G. Simmons, C. Turner, N. Worthy, E SECOND GRADE 4. Ach .,', 1? Hartwell, D. Huggins, R. lvfmcnn, R. Jensen, R. Kvnningtnn, R. Ladd, M. Long, H. Melton, D. Moore, P. O'Connor, W. Pilgrim, J. Rodgers, G ' -1- SmiYl'1, L. Summers, G. Thurber, R. Winsor, D. o u FIRST GRADE Benneif D Boclie F, Cope, L, Coin, E. Compbell, S. 'Tig Campbell, R -no I,,s- """' at 'sv' -41 J agar 117 xy... Ceylon, C Furnell, H R, Fitz-Gerald, J. Fogle, A. Fosier, l., Graham, T. Q., 'WX ...Q 'QQ' v-'Q 'wwf Green, J. Kerr, D. Lyons, J. McDonald, E Milling, F. Milling, S, X. Nav" q-ov Myers E Oswclf C Payne T isps Reiss N R ss L M ss, E. Scoff, G. Simmons, L, Sfricklund, J. Tollon? NEW ARRIVALS AT MID-YEAR 'Ps Marion Ludlow and James McGraw .37- A, an '- E '4- .fu an A s ,f 7"TY,,dp?J w Si '- "- X..- ,Hql wil' W' 'cirux ' L.. f- JZ" 44 'K kim M .W ,NHS-v wi K1 . A xx 'va V V f . . 1 Q ,, 1 . JA, '. . 0 5:- MAH y ' ' I 1 Qffwa? ,M ,M Q.. fa , D s f. '? THE ACTIVITIES FEATURE EDITORS Warren Ingersoll and Roy Coffer HOMECOMINC- CCDURT LEFT TO RIGHT Muss Mcrllyn Whlgham lMald A Col Mass Patty Clayton CMad B Col Mlss Sandy Townsend lQueenJ Mass Kay Haas lMaud I I Alice Ketchum 'Maud D o THE U M S HOMECOMING The U M S Homecomxng celebratuon was he'd during the half tame of the U M S Cotholnc Hugh football game At that tnme the Queen Mass Sandy Townsend was presented to the Battalion by Cadet Malor Norman Russell Jobe After she was presented the mdnvndual mauds of the companues were presented to the companies by the Actmg Company Commanders lt was a very beautlful show and was well receuved a 40 ,, ,, 47 . i . . I HC, Co.: MES . x . I ,, ,, C -I' . . .' . , , , by ll. I I F ELD FIELD DAY WINNERS DAY 1954 WINNER JUNIORS HIGHEST NUMBER LEFT TO RIGHT Gerald Rodgers Tlnymnes Emile OF INDIVIDUAL POINTS Scheuermonn SubM1dgefs Bull Bodne Midgets Robert Whlghom Intermednotes W H Lyons .41. I , We lil ' I 'Ky COMMENCEMENT SPONSORS Deta Catt Marga et P tchett Kathleen Hand Tery Raue Lena Cul er Ed th Dunn o c The Commencement Drlll of the Umverslty Mllltary School was held on Frlday mght May 28 l954 at Ladd Stadium This very ampresslve ceremony featured compe tntnons among companies platoons and squads of the battalnon Awards were also gnven on thus occasuon for mulutary achnevements by Cadets and Oftucers Graduatuon ceremomes were held for the Class of 1954 at the Admnral Semmes Hotel on June 4 The Benednctnon was guven on thas occasion by Dr John Frnst h Salutatory Address was gnven by Cadet Captaun Robert Nnchols and the Valedlctornan was Cadet Malor Donald Rogers The Graduation Address was gnven by Brugadler General Russell Keullor Sage Lyons Memorial Award Cadet Captain Sage Lyons Jullus T Wrnght Award Cadet Captain Sage Lyons Colonual Daughters Award Cadet Captam Ernest Edgar Mathematncs Award Cadet Coptam Sage Lyons Scnence Award Cadet Captam Robert Nnchols Daughters of the Amencan Cadet Farst Lueutenant Barrie Harman Revolutnon Medal 2 -f r , r ri , , r , v , i , P tri la Herron. I I I ' - I 1 - . . . . . . .,. . . . I 6 1 0 4 U i n l 1 HCP K.: The annual commencement hop was held on Wednesday evenmg June 2 at the Admural Semmes Hotel The honor ot opening the hop went to Cadet Captam Clifton Inge whose company won the yearly compet tnve drnll held at Ladd Memorlal Stadium He chose Lena Culver to open the dance Call outs were Cadet Capt Cllfton lnge Lena Culver Cadet lst Lt Edward Leatherbury Marllyn Muscat Cadet lst Lt Frank Drane Amalle Eppes Cadet lst Lt Lee Jacobs Patrucua Karl Cadet Capt Wnlllam Corte Jody Armbrecht Cadet 2nd Lt Harry Grant Flora Noble Cadet Capt Sage Lyons Kathleen Hand Cadet lst Lt Barrie Harman Shlrley Racks Cadet 2nd Lt Charles Van Devender Katherune Dull Cadet 2nd Lt Hugh Brmkley Marrletta Hartman Cadet Capt Robert Nichols Terry Raue Cadet lst Lt Donald Herrmg Elizabeth Meador Cadet 2nd Lt Raye McKnnley Mary Stokes Cadet 2nd Lt Thomas Abernathy Geraldine Fmch Cadet Capt Forrest Wilson Ann Quar es Cadet Mal Donald Rogers Deta Crat Photos Comphments of Allen Crowell o Q l K J 1 XDNXN-bfhv-I ff: l Hill, Pat Herrong Cadet Capt. Ernest Edgar, Margaret Pritchettg Cadet lst Lt. Dexter : . ' , : - , . . . . . I - 1 l I ' r 'il -Aw l 954 THE NEW U. M. S. SEATED lettt ght M Glbert Ladd M B n H Harrs M J Flatt Roberts Col Paul B Robms n STANDING Sidney E Phulllps On the mornmg of October T8 T954 tne dreams of a great many people were realuzed when the ground was broken for the new U M S The speakers for thus occa slon which was attended by more than a thousand spectators were Mr Ben H Harrns Chairman of the Board of Trustees and Colonel Paul B Robinson A representatlve from each class participated ID the ground breaking These representatives and the years In whlch they will graduate are the tollowlng Sidney Phullups 55 Ben Wrlllams 56 John Carrington 57 John Harrns 58 NatHarr1s 59 T K Jackson 3rd 60 Paul Robinson 6'l Harry Chllders 62 David Robinson 63 Char es Errmgton 64 Gerald Rogers 65 45 ACADEMIC AWARD WINNERS WILLIAM S PAPE AWARD John Ccrrmgton FIRST FEDERAL SAVINGS AND BOYS STATE REPRESENTATIVE Sndney PhIIIIps Norman Jobe 46 I LOAN ASSN. SCHOLARSHIP 1954 O O HIGHEST SCHOLASTIC AVERAGES sl HIGHEST AVERAGE IN CLASS Brock G P Junior Class Rupps H W Sophomore Class Ladd E B Freshman Class HIGHEST AVERAGE IN SUBJECT A EA I.a EB Engllsh Social Sfudnes Foreign Languages C-OOD CONDUCT AWARD WINNERS PRIMARY AND INTERMEDIATE DEPARTMENTS I-IRST ROW, Ieff io rlght Alberf, Fogersirom, Dumont, E JUNIOR AND SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL SECOND ROW Pllgrlm, J, Long, Melton, Winsor Harms' B H f and E05IbUrnf E T 0470 ' N A C X I 1 . X' A 1 , A ' , 5 ,Trl 1 - -1 . ' s, 'i- - , , . ., 4. 1 - -1 R dd, . . I AZALEA COURT RIGHT-Dandy George Davidson and Miss Alice Ketchum X .480 LEFT Dandy James Mostellar an Miss Sandra Townsend HONOR COUNCIL T ROW left to gh Bock a e D Ph II ps S E Jobe Pe!! ss SECOND ROW F N P Ldd E F Ha s J A Whlgham Carrington Easfburn ADVISER Capt B R Chambers INOT PICTURED! Jackson T K PRESIDENT Sudney Phillips VICE PRESIDENT Donald Hansen SECRETARY TREASURER Norman Jobe NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY ROW Cody Russ S E Ha s B H Goodloe J R Da ldson McKean Lundsey Back WIII ms J Mal B rgett NOT PICTURED Yo nce Rpps Dukes R S PRESIDENT Sudney Phlllnps VICE PRESIDENT Norman .lobe SECRETARY TREASURER Donald Hansen 49 FIRS , rI I: r g H ns n, .5 I I , , .5 5 I . : urrg Harris, , .5 a , . .5 rri, . ,Q ' 7 ' 5 . : . . . . FIRST ROW, leff to right Plnillips, S. E.g Jobeg Hansen, D.p Lf. Col. T. C, Huclcabee Iadviserl. SECOND : : , . .r fri , . .z , - .: v' : 2 ' 1 r 1 i 'c , . H.: r Ing u . : u g I p , . . C I STUDENT COUNCIL FIRST ROW, lefl lo rlghf: Williams, 5.5 Phillips, S, E.: Carrington. SECOND ROW: Harris, N. P.g Harris, J. A.g Jackson, T. K. ADVISER: l.l. Col. T. C. Huckubee Knot picturedl. PRESIDENT Sidney Phillips VICE PRESIDENT Ben Willioms HOP COMMITTEE FIRST ROW left to righi Jobe Whitman D kes R S SECOND ROW Pefhss Ward Furr ADVISER Mr Cold well Delaney Cnot picturedj 50 I , ' 2 1 ' : U , - - CHAIRMAN D ,eeeE. 7,,,, , D. ,,7,. ,, ,E , ., , George Ward PHOTOGRAPHY CLUB FIRST ROW left to right Savell Burgett Huffman Gaham Cook J A Tate J L Baldwin Martin Ingersoll SECOND ROW Steele Russ S E Smith E H Dukes R S Coggin J C Lindsey Whitman Furr Pulgnm C O THIRD ROW Simpson Ramsey Stevenson Donnelly Godwin Goodloe J R Wlllams J H Turner O P ADVISER Capt D B Nolan Cnot plcturedl PRESIDENT Richard Dukes VICE PRESIDENT Sudney Whitman SECRETARY TREASURER Larry Steohens STAMP AND COIN CLUB FIRST ROW left to rnght Meador Fowler Chapman Cooper A R SECOND ROW McCann Burden Horst Arnett J E Drone Turner J W Pedersen O E Rutherford McCall FOURTH ROW Holleman Smith F M FIFTH ROW Torbert Chamberlain B Kearns ADVISER Mr Caldwell Delaney Cnot plc turedj NOT PICTURED Coker J P Derklts Gwln Luttrell Sutton Towle Wlnter Patrick A PRESIDENT Wulluam Lyons VICE PRESIDENT Leon Torbert SECRETARY TREASURER Damel McColl 0510 , ' 1 2 : : Y 1 , . -2 , V .1 ' : ' 1 . : : , - .: ' , . -: , - -1 ' , - -1 ' : ' 1 , , A . -,,,,, , . 4, I , . .5 , . . : . . . . . , ' 2 : : : , - - 1 ' : : Goodloe, T. B.: McLaughIing Thompson, G. F.: Smith, D. GJ Moore, R. P.g Lyons, W. H. THIRD ROW: 1 , - .: : , . -: , . -: : - 1 : ' , . . : g ' , .7 . : . ' - - : , - -: ' : ' z : : z ' : ' , . LIBRARY CLUB fi Ps FIRST ROW left fo rlglwf Henderson Sioudenmlre Delaney J R Gibbons J H Robunson J May J Underwood Ladd E B Macpherson SECOND ROW Mrs Boozman Iadvlserl Klumpp Dukes C M Wallace J M McCue Mldgetfe Meaher J I. Biggs NOT PICTURED Dovns C W Eastburn Frled lander Stephens C D Wallace J E PRESIDENT Early Eas+burn VICE PRESIDENT Sherldan Klumpp SECRETARY TREASURER Augushne Meaher HOBBY CLUB FIRST ROW, left to righi: Dykesg Bridges: Meaher, J. L5 Lane. SECOND ROW: Sorrellsg Kilpairick. THIRD ROW: Segrestg Brock: Cook, G. G4 Bunkleyp Barren. ADVISER: Capt. B. R. Chambers. PRESIDENT Porter Brock VICE PRESIDENT . ..,.,. .. ..,... .. ...,, . ,, , Fred Segresi SECRETARY-TREASURER ,. . ., James Kilpatrick Q o W CLUB FIRST ROW left to rlght Jobe Harris B H Foster G Bragg Shoemaker Steele Starkey SECOND ROW Pettlss Wllllams B Whlgham Cody Byrd Turner O P Cleveland Carrington THIRD ROW Pattison Voran Godwin Rlpps Y rk W R Cook D May W S nth C .I Blackwell R O Smith A FOURTH ROW Stephens E L Geen H E Ph Illps S E Hansen D Mostellar McKean pictured? NOT PICTURED Baldwln Eastburn Patnck M PRESIDENT Sudney Phlllups VICE PRESIDENT Donald Hansen SECRETARY TREASURER George Ward FORENSICS CLUB FIRST ROW left to rnghf Ingersoll Jobe Mrs Stlckney Iadvlserl SECOND ROW D laney .I R Ladd E B Salter R A Holleman Panayaotou N C Klumpp THIRD ROW Mldgette Meaher A NOT PICTURED Blacksher Llpsltz Scales Donnelly Furr Gardner Biggs McCue PRESIDENT Norman Jobe VICE PRESIDENT Hugh Furr SECRETARY TREASURER Leonard Donnelly PARLIAMENTARIAN Augustune Meaher .53. 1 ' 1 1 ' 1 - .1 - 1 .1 1 1 1 . 2 ' 1 ' ' 1 .1 ' 1 1 1 1 . .1 1 ' - 1 ' 1 1 '1 ' I0 1 . -1 1 -1 1 -1 m'1 - -1 1 . .1 ', R. . 2 , . .5 r , . .5 I I , . .5 , .1 5 g Whitmang Coggin, J. C.g Cockeg Davidson: Graddickg Wardg Ernest. ADVISER: Maior R. E. Hanks Knot . . , , , . I 1 1 1 , . Z I I . . . . I 0 1 - -1 1 . -1 1 . .1 1 ' 1 . .1 . 1 ' 1 1 1 1 1 ' ' 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 - SCIENCE CLUB FIRST ROW, left to right: Thurber, H. W., Lord, L., DeIaney, W. R., McNider, Gwin, Barney, Smith, J. L., Story, Pickron, Jackson, T. K., Lawrence, R. W., Bixler, W. H. SECOND ROW: Wittmann, Crawford, Sutton, Penick, Harold, Panayiotou, N. C., Milham, W, W., Reilly, Hines, Wiegand, Luce, D. G. THIRD ROW: Crapp, Lips, St, George, Dent, Glass, Butler, C. R., Salter, R. A., Britain, Ladd, E. F., Gabe, Dunaway, Capt. R. W. Killcreas iadviserl. NOT PICTURED: Case, Chamberlain, Cooper, A. R., Harris, J. A., Harris, N. P., Moore, R. P., Myers, M. W., Pate, Patrick, A., Slafon, Warren. PRESIDENT Hunter Barney VICE PRESIDENT , Warren Reilly SECRETARY-TREASURER David Dent BATTALION REVIEW STAFF FIRST ROW left to right Davidson Phillips S E Segrest Lindsey Harris B H SECOND ROW plcturedl NOT PICTURED Martin May W Midgette 54 Stevenson, Goodloe, J. R., Burgett, lFurr. ADVISERSL Capt. R. Chlambers and Mrs. Boazman Knot THE CADET CHORUS me F T ROW left to rnght Dukes C M Jobe Panaylotou N C Ross L E Panoylotou G C Lord L Lone Plckron Cooper A R Fowler McCann Bridges Sorrels Sutton Burden Thomas Robnnson P Edgar Poates Cok J A Dykes Huffman Chamberloln SECOND ROW Russ S E Savell Pattison Stevenson Boldwun York J C Voron Arnett J E Klumpp Slmpson Mrs Duront 'Instructor Romsey Lyons W H Turner O P McCrory Scales Martun Godwin Starkey Donnelly Steele Furr S nth E H Mostellor Coggln .l C Underwood PIANIST Ingersoll NOT PICTURED Dovls C W Iss S :th C J S nth R A Towle Whlglwom Potrlck M D nt Horrls N P Derklts Goo oe T B Gro om .55. BOCJKS WITH MEANING Y. LIBRARIAN Mrs Mark Boazman In the latter part of 1953 our lIbrarIan Mrs Mark Boazman undertook a prolect whIch she called Books Wnth MeanIng Mrs Boazmans purpose was one of far reachmg meanIng to secure from people outstandmg IU VGYIOUS fuelds books that held meanIng for them or books whIch In theIr opInIon would enrIch the lIves of the students at U M S The response to thIs prolect has been most warm and generous Books have come and are stIll comIng from all over the word Not only are they autographed but generally they are accompanIed by a letter tellung lust why the donor selected thIs partIcular book Many books have been cdded to our lIbrary as the result of thIs prolect There has been an Increased Interest In the readmg p ogram of the school but perhaps the most satIsfyIng result IS that whIch IS Intanguble an aopre cIatIon of man s Interest In hIs fellow man AGcoveDny unnsumnqunr EU'1'I'l1l lflfl muqnan ,Af MNA NDN t 56 . fl s. . X X. X L 2' "si , ,V I , - I ' ll ' ' ll I - . . I I . . . T 5 . : I - . . , . . . ' ' 11 .4 12 ' 4. -1' ' tl .JLUV ' I, 'l -I I - 1 ff , A 9 ,dt Vgll 1 ' X .il ' : C U YW M55 f400ff040fzd E , . Lfxgff ppm ed 2 'WW' Miss SHARON W AIL 1-MTTALIUN SPONSOR Cudzr Valor Norman Ruuell lobe f fgfaffwaffd Miss DEANNE DLMOUX I BIPKNY SPUNS Fudd Captam G1 n Porter H101 I .fix 1' 59 9 ' ll ll Y IU . ' A .' QOR I D . , .S , . .k' ,- I I A PJUWMQM ul eo R Q Miss SUYANNL Dlx 1 OTJPANX B SPUNS JR Cadet Caplazn Benjamxn Hayle Hafrls K j.. 'SWA F0 . . 2 N" fgxbx 9 if Iw . 131' ,Y . ,P ff U I A . 5. . K. K . I U fdwmafw Slum. 'Vx ,f""""'l:q,6 PHAINII1 71 EMAN MISS Su KUNJPANX SPUNSUR dvq 61 Cade: Cap tam Ceorgc Donald Lm X65 !!Mff!fZ4 n620 ii' MJ' Cadet Captain D I Miss FRANCES MORRIS COIWPANY "D" bPONSOR a r Rifhard Younfe f-,..1P-.. JM M153 IXIICIA IX!-ILHUM l'x1 I ITRPS N4 fadct Captain f t0lgt' Curdnzr Uzzzd on r .ai f2.""" 63 we-, ' Xa , gif. Y in L 7 7-1. ',,' DR '. AND nl' ZLIA. in g www mu f f f ' I' ' I - if 5 , I U N. -Ji ' 4...- 4, -' NY . 44,14 in X THE MILITARY MILITARY EDITORS Robert Bragg and Porter Brock 65 S: X Y twiwril' O O MILITARY ADVISERS LEFT TO RIGHT: Colonel Robinsong Captain Chambersg Captain Nolang Capfain Bernerp Captain Comer, Col Corporal Barrel' O IA C I 66 I LEFT TO RIGHT: Corporal Robinson, J. CHD" Co.Ip Corporal Stevens, T. IHC" Co.Ig Corporal Harris, N KHBH 4: ' I H H on l ' COLOR GUARD ,ff 1 I N. ,a V' X, in ,, if hx .G LEFT TO RIGHT Corporal Klumpp S Ser san? Fxrsf Class Godwm O S rgean? Y rk J C Corporal McCrory J nl'K'? 67 THE BATTALION BATTALION COMMANDER Code? Molor Norman Russell Jobe 0680 . f ' , THE BATTALION BATTALION ADJUTANT-Cadet Captain George Harold McKean BATTALION SUPPLY OFFICER-Cadet Second Lieutenant Fred Mixon Segrest BATTALIQN SERGEANT MAJORACadet Master Sergeant Jesse Elias Graddick, J COMPANY U Code? Coptoln Glen Porter Brock Jr 70 COMPANY COMMANDER . , , , 4 'ff "f fr Q Faq A", We A' '55, A SP . l Y ge.. ' x 1 Q .L v -. . - , , 'Q in ygyjx V Q K 'W , W' s 2 "1" gk X ' 'N'Px Q-vt-,ng x Y '?t'?F'-gf:-1.8 V L 6 w I N 1 g N N 5 3 X X , 5 , . g 4 1 fi I K .. , 'ff .4 sth 9 A Q I ' ' n 7 -I-U-.I A ah P ' W-, ,f X ,, 1 A l f u 1 R .1 4 ' 2 . I 4 , , 4 QT ' U f 5 , A . A . f Q-Q. W. 9 f F - ?ig.:afE,3f'f iv A ,of '. ,. g Z' "'1. ,:I5'fQ 4 .I4rff5a'F ff" . L. ,wfgsv .- x ' M ,,,.....K,,,.-H... FIRST PLATOCDN 4'....2 -v 4,1 GUIDE SERGEANT Cook, D. SQUAD LEADERS Wiegond, H. Dewey, C. Meaher, A. ASSISTANT SQUAD LEADERS St. George, S. Smith, R. Smith, C. PLATOON LEADER Cadet Second Lieutenant Richard Sears Dukes PLATOON SERGEANT Vorcn, R. PRIVATES U51 Squad? Und Squadl Kfird Squadl Cooper, D. Jackson, T. K. Burnes, P. Lewis, J. Luttrell, R. Hines, L. Moore, R. Miller, E. Kulos, P. Preston, B. Newberry, C. Milling, R. Rutherford, S. Thomas, R. Suvell, J. Turner, J. W Thompson, G. .72. Zfrx.2'-M4212 'Z Y 75' ., - J SECOND PLATOON .di rf., GUIDE SERGEANT Midgetle, M. SQUAD LEADERS Harris, J. Cook, G. Wallace, J. E. ASSISTANT SQUAD LEADERS Cook, J. May, J. Dukes, C. PLATOON LEADER Code? Second Lieutenant James Carl Mosfellar PLATOON SERGEANT Turner, P. PRIVATES flsi Squadj K2nd Squadb l3rd Squadl Burden, M. Coker, E. Chase, W. Delaney, J. Dykes, J. Cook, C. Earl, J. Edgar, W. Costa, E. Keffer, J. Meaher, J. Lord, L. Ladd, S. Miller, J. McLaughlin, E Pedersen, O. Salter, R. A. Rogers, L. H. Stoneburner, G. Santa Cruz, G. 073. COMPANY '19 COMPANY COMMAND R CadefCap1c1m Bewlcsmun Harte Horns Jr 74 COMPANY MB" COMPANY EXECUTIVE-Cadet First Lieutenant Samuel Edgar Russ COMPANY FIRST SERGEANT--Cadet First Sergeant Jefferis M. Pettiss, Jr FIRST PLATOON 1 - r 5" , .1 11" "L ' 4 if 2 1,4927 f' M I ,... . A, 4' Z- yu- . 1-iff .5-Y f "lt ' 'f PLATOON LEADER Cadet Second Lieutenant Walter Crenshaw Ernest, Ill GUIDE SERGEANT PLATOON SERGEANT Davis, C. Blackwell, O. PRIVATES flst Squadl 12nd Squad? 13rd Squadj SQUAD LEADERS Butler, F. Coggin, G. Coker, R. MacPherson, J. Dent, D. Folmar, F. McCue, W. Furr, D. Haffner, W. Luce, G. Perry, W. Friedlonder, G. Harrison, l. McCain, J. Sutton, J. Robinson, P. Stevenson, J. Thurber, C. ASSISTANT . SQUAD LEADERS Tate, W. Ziegler, E. Case, J. Huffman, K. Torbert, L. .76. SECGND PLATOON PLATOON LEADER Cadet Second Lieutenant James Uriah Blacksher GUIDE SERGEANT PLATOON SERGEANT Ladd, E. B. Pilgrim, C. PRIVATES SQUAD LEADERS fist Squad? 12nd Squad! 13rd Squodi Henderson, B' Boyley, W. Arnett, D. Arnett, J. Burney, H. Bruckmann, P. Coker, J. Chamberlin, J Ladd, E. F. Morgan, M. Cook, T. Eodes, R. Pootes, W. Cooper, A. Nobles, J. ASSISTANT Robinson, D. Huller, C. Pickron, J. SQUAD LEADERS Story, J. McColl, D. Underwood, W. Noble, B. Gibbons, H. Holleman, J. n77. COMPANY ?' COMPANY COMMANDER Code? Cczptcun George Dowold Lindsey .78- X X fs- ' .M jr COMPANY UC" COMPANY EXECUTIVE- Cadet First Lieuiencnnt John Russell Goodloe, Jr COMPANY FIRST SERGEANT-Cadet First Sergeant Harold W. Ripps FIRST PLATOGN ..-1-one PLATOON LEADER Cadet Second Lieutenant Elwood Larry Stephens GUIDE SERGEANT PLATOON SERGEANT Wlwigham, R. Pattison, S. PRIVATES list Squadj 12nd Squadb I3rd Squadl SQUAD LEADERS Donnelly, L. Bridges, C. Gibbons, C. Starkey, L. Evans, J. Kearns, R. Gwin, T. Simpson, D. Foster, G. Kilpatrick, J. Hansen, J. Stephens, C. Fowler, C. Lawrence, T. Larsen, A. McCafferty, E. Moore, C. McNider, J. ASSISTANT Speakes, S. Smith, D. Milham, W. SQUAD LEADERS Stoudenmire, S. Baldwin, E. Wittmann, V. Lips, I. -80. ggfif, f 1f21:..'!I I' 7""1 ,W SECOND PLATCDCDN F., f m- .. 3, ,,4 , K H ' ' '. 4, :Rug-L Nm H f an 'gg ' ': GUIDE SERGEANT Ea:-tburn, E. SQUAD LEADERS Gunn, J. Jackson, G. Myers, W. ASSISTANT SQUAD LEADERS Slatcn, B. Bunkley, C. Harold, R. Cadet Second Lieutenant Robert Lee Bragg 13rd Squad! Coffer, K. Coker, D. Gloss, J. Knudsen, M. Mann, R. Roberds, A. COMPANY COMPANY COMMANDER Cadet Captain Dale Rlchard Younce 82 CCMPANY HD" X .V 4. - COMPANY EXECUTIVE-Cadet First Lieutenant Noel Sidney Whitman COMPANY FIRST SERGEANTfCadet First Sergeant George Vester Ward, Jr FIRST PLATOON in L vu.. . ' wks- ,fr-' 'fda 1 ,N .ye- . 4'-'ylnbwuv AWN. me-I-Sou. i' Q? e. .,. GUIDE SERGEANT Carrington, J. SQUAD LEADERS Williams, J. Gardner,T. Ramsey, W. ASSISTANT SQUAD LEADERS Shoemaker, R. Chamberlain, B. Butler, R. PLATOON LEADER Cadet First Lieutenant Donald Raymond Hansen PLATOON SERGEANT Williams, B. PRIVATES Ilst Squadj I2nd Squadj I3rd Squaclb Armbrecht, C. Drune, P. Dunaway, M. Eckberg, F. Hagan, J. Laurendine, E Gabe, C. Hudson, V. Milham, T. Henley, G. Jones, M. Mitchell, L. Noble, S. Lawrence, W. Patrick, A. Pate, J. Smith, H. Sorrels, W. Weaver, R. .34. SECOND PLATCDCJN GUIDE SERGEANT Lyons, W. SQUAD LEADERS Towle, J. Smith, F. Cropp, E. ASSISTANT SQUAD LEADERS Reilly, W. Tote, J. Wallace, M. PLATOON LEADER Cadet Second Lieutenant Thomas Walter Cody PLATOON SERGEANT May, W. PRIVATES Clst Squad? 12nd Squodl l3rd Squodj Blackwell, F. Britain, J. Berry, J. Childers, l"l. Hill, R. Bixler, W. Everett, D. Lane, J. Badie, W. Harris, R. McAllister, R. Hallett, W. Salter, R. A. Richey, R. Horst, J. B. Maddox, R. Radcliff, H. .850 DRUM AND BUC-LE CCDRPS DRUM AND BUPLE CORPS COMMANDER Code? COPTOIN George Gardner Davidson Jr .g6. x I ' ' Ass J , . DRUM AND BUC-LE CORPS BAND COMMANDER Cadet Captain George Gardner Davidson, Jr. COMPANY EXECUTIVE Cadet Second Lieutenant Gerald Calvin Coggin PLATOON LEADER Cadet Second Lieutenant Bert Lee Steele, Jr. FIRST SERGEANT Cadet First Sergeant Warren Allen Ingersoll SERGEANTS PRIVATES Biggs, R. Goodloe, T. Cleveland, L. Graham, B. Martin, D. Penick, J. Scales, C. Perry, D. York, R. Panayiotou, N. Panayiotou, G. Ross, L. E. 087. W ' 5 f .nm A ' , Ts' XE. Q lv v-.A w mg, , A Q P if 3 by b , I 'fb V rf H ' ga yw- .,. !"f' 1 4, :r"' sf J 4 , .,.,- wx, J. X , ' mi vii! ffm ff ,, s' ff-9 .x gi ,ful ff, li an Q r ,JW P uf I Q A -e 1 i ,ei- 's MILITARY AWARD WINNERS BEST DRILLED CADETS LEFT TO RIGHT: Moy, W. 14 Case, J. P.: Whighom, R. E. BEST DRILLED Cf-DET IN BATTALION Lyons W H MOST VALUABLE CADETS r . ' lvvk I LEFT TO RIGHT: Wiegond, H. G4 Peftiss, J. M.: Harris, J. A,p Eostburn, E. T.: Ccrringfon, J. J.g Williams, I O B D Marfln A D NOT PICTURED Klumpp J S Ladd E B 89 PRIMARY BATTALICDN PRIMARY BATTALION COMMANDER Code'fCc1pfcxln Sidney Elwood Phullzps .90. 0 t R R A 3, VX S- f ef. v I X 'L' I 153: at 5 Y S, !! R fx . PRIMARY BATTALION PRIMARY BATTALION EXECUTIVE-Cadet Second Lieutenant Michael Turner Lipsitz THIRD COMPANY COMPANY COMMANDER Cadet Second Lieutenant Ollie Hiram Byrd, Jr. PLATOON SERGEANT GUIDON Warren, C. Hillord, E. fist Squadl Und SquadJ 13rd Squadl Milling, B. Castro, J. Jackson, R. Coody, C. Wing, W. Tappan, C. Porter, W. Lord, W. McLeod, K. Bacon, R. Bennett, F. Shaffer, C. Errington, C. Dixon, W. Munch, G. Johnson, R. Haas, M. Meoher, R. lee, J. Simmons, C. Munch, D. Bixler, H. Worthy, E. Trigg, J. Turner, N. Kyser, C. Sheridan, D Russ, R. Brown, R. Box, R. Crabtree, W. Bauer, J. Maddox, F. Miller, R. Mitchell, M. 0920 SECCDND CCJMPANY COMPANY COMMANDER Cadet Second Lieutenant James Chapron Cocke GUIDON Moore, P. Clst Squadj 12nd Squadl 13rd Squadl Rodgers, G. Huggins, R. Pilgrim, J. Kennington, R. Long, H. Melton, D. Gulas, J. Thurber, R. Glenos, P. Winsor, D. Ladd, M. Gibson, D. Dumont, E. du Mont, B. Ittmann, R. Hartwell, D. Summers, G. O'Connor, W Albert, A. J. Fagerstrom, L. Bryant, R. Argiro, G. Fonde, H. Haagensen, L Butler, D. Jensen, R. Smith, L. 093. FIRST COMPANY PLATOON LEADER Cadet Second Lieutenant Houston Elmo Green GUIDON Milling, S. fist Squcdl l2nd Squadl 13rd Squudi McDonald, E. Lyons, J. Fitz-Gerald, J Turner, J. R. Coin, E. Phillips, P. Cayton, C. Ross, L. M. Milling, F. Kerr, D. Fornell, H. R. Campbell, R. Myers, E. Oswult, C. Strickland, J. Russ, E. Scott, G. Foster, L. Cope, L. Reiss, N. Bodie, F. Simmons, L. Bennett, D. Payne, T. Green, J. Fogle, A. Campbell, S. e940 CRACK PLATOO N CRACK PLATOON COMMANDER Cadet Major Norman Russell Jobe PLATOON GUIDE SQUAD LEADERS Lindsey, G. Goadloe, R. Harris, B. Brock, F. Turner, H. FIRST SQUAD SECOND SQUAD THIRD SQUAD FOURTH SQUAD Ward, G. Russ, S. Blacksher, J. Sfeele, B. Smiih, H, May, J. Ladd, E, B. Bragg, R. Coffer, R. Pilgrim, C. SY, George, W. Coggin, J. Stevenson, J. Paffison, S. Graham, B. Williams, J. Donnelly, J. Cropp, E. Reilly, W. Slarkey, L. Dewey, C. Case, J, Wallace, M. Furr, D. Simpson, D. Dunaway, M. Panayiofou, N. Martin, D. Torberi, L. Cook, J. Arnelt, J. Chamberlain, B. Pafrick, T. Pickron, J. Gunn, J. Lyons, W. Turner, J. Lawrence, R. Sioudenmire, S. Jackson, G. May, W. Kalas, P. Sealon, B. CRACK PLATOON COLOR GUARD Klumpp, S., Godwin, O., York, J., McCrory, J. . 95 . in L w'll 0.3, THE ATHLETICS Quil- PORTS EDITORS Walter Ernest George McKean an George Word 97 l', F9 ' Q S Fe, T f if S cl FOOTBALL COACHES Bruce Filippini ond R. E. Hanks VARSITY RECORD, T954-55 6 Murphy 37 Fairhope 7 Foley O McGill 26 Boy Minetfe VARSITY SOUAD FOOTBALL MANAGERS George McKean and Ben Harrss VARSITY RECORD 1954 55 Vlgor Selma Robertsdale Cafhohc Hugh McGill FIRST TEAM Vlgor 42111 LINE, left lo rlghi Ernest, Davidson, Mosiellar, Hansen Cocke, Voran Cook BACKS, leff to rlghf Whig ham, Ward, Phllhps, Byrd 0990 . A li' 3 , T - ' . 1 j K : , " NK - 9 ' ..,. A 4 A ' 1 ff- A-rf. - , U I U. M. S. T3 ' 7 U. M. S. 27 O U. M. S. 51 O U. M. S. 53 ' ' 6 U. M. S. 7 ' , ., T3 ' T4 SENIGRS ON VARSITY SQUAD WW Wai Phillips, S. CCapt.J Hansen, D. Graddick, J. ,D Cocke, J. Ward, G. KAII City, '53 and '54J Byrd, O. CAII City, '52 and '54J Vtfhitman, S. Cody, W. Green, H. Davidson, G. CAII City, '54j Stephens, L. Ernest, W. KAI! City, All State, Mostellar, J. All American, '54j 'IOO' FRESHMAN FOOTBALL T ROW left io right Sf Geo ge S arrefi O erry enlc c ner K las P Robinson J Pa? J SECOND ROW Captun Com achh Copp E To bert L Gob FRESHMAN RECORD 'I954 55 Mae Eanes Barton Enght Mule Sidney Phillips M VARSITY PRACTICES -101' FIRS , ' 1 . r , .5 B , .5 P , D4 P 'li, .14 M N'd , 1,5 Lewis J o , .5 ' , .5 e, . 1 i er Kco 5 r , .7 r , .5 Wallace, M.: Harris, N.g Reilly, W., Case, 1.5 Harris, J.: Ladd, E. F4 Kearns, W,g Patrick, A. lmanagey I . 26 U. M. S. 0 18 U. M. S. 13 ' ' 6 U. M. S. 32 ' ' ' O U. . S. 6 U. M. S. vs. MURPHY The U. M. S. Cadets opened their T954 football season with the highly favored Murphy Panthers. The Soldiers held the Cats to a scoreless deadlock for the first half, but the Panthers came back in the third quarter to score three quick touchdowns. ln the final minutes of the last quarter the Cadets scored, and the game ended T9-6 in favor of Murphy. George Ward scored for U. M. S. U M S vs FAIRHOPE The U M S Cadets won the second game of the year by the score of 37 O over the Faurhope Pirates at Ladd Memorial Staduum The leaders nn the Cadet attack were Ollie Byrd Sidney Phnllups and George Ward Phnllups scored two touchdowns Byrd scored two touchdowns and Robert Whrgham and Walter Ernest scored one touch down each Hansen kncked the one extra pomt of the game U M S vs FOLEY The thurd game of the season saw the U M S Cadet out to try to wnn theur nt was not their night as they scored a safety to move ahead 2 to O at halftume The Soldiers came back an the thnrd quarter when George Ward scored a sux po nter Ward also made the extra pomt The remainder of the playing trme the two teams played on even terms except In the last three munutes when Foley recovered a U M S fumble and marched to theur only score of the night The Luons were aided greatly by the runnung of Buddy Lauter durvng the scoring dnve The game ended wuth U M S on the short end of a 9 to 7 score 102 second game of the season. However, the Foley boys soon let the Cadets know that f x fs?" if 31 A , A U 1 . Xum.- 1HII1:E?Ff-: Q af , sv 'M MT, . . , , 'Tv-M MWX Q A ,Ju -A- +2 -b Q 5,1.w ,: ,.. -ew? -,w wf , ,. gm KJ , N., ,1 .3 V' -62--.1 ' 5' ,gg av-1-55' af, , Q f ..,. ' Q .fy . '?"f .Q ' ' , ', .,.'f" ' , N Y ,,.., .da-k N 4 w. "5 . , . .. ,,,, . zln A ,lik ' :Eggs f , :Sw Qj X k 2 .. K y at I V H . 15 , - . A fy M ci Q W f .u V.1,..5f' A aww, Q , , sf, fi ,L W, N.f21'?f'sw-LW1 ' , ww? vw wif -ff A I , hw N . ,. , A , .AFA ,M W . jx :wg W , g vggafw ., wx , , X 4 24 ' , W xx 2 2 smww :V - Q:"ff',4 ,2m1"5?3x:'gY'?Mi"'x:33923 vs 1 -'Q ..-N . -v.:.:l::z: LQ' A' . .. A , A . . , 'W-4 x R Q - S'-3 k , 55"'L" ffl' Sffifw k x iff V ' , ,. f i ' , TL ' WE' F f f 'Q'- . K - b , Q Q . ww- 1'-iv' D K 1 f as ' 2 s N A 7 4 Queen Sand Capt Phllhps Byrd wants for mterference 'TOA- CoCap1 Stephens L "Ccuntry" Ward penned in Whngham around end U M S vs McGlLL The Soldiers of U M S ran up agalnst the McGlll Yellow Jackets In theur second mtra cnty game of the season The score was O to O at the halt with the Cad ts hcvung the edge In statistics ln the thlrd quarter McGllls Tony Carmona raced 58 yards to set up McGill s only score of the night but what proved to be the wnnnmg touchdown of the mght Harry Clark scored a few plays later when he bootlegged the ball atound end He also made the extra polnt The game ended with the Jackets ahead by seven points even though they were out gained rushung by 78 yards Byrd trapped 105 . - . . D . . V 4 . . . . . , . , . . . , . o a U M S vs BAY MINETTE The Cadets met Bay Mnnette at Bay Munette on a cold wuntry nnght The Soldlers couldnt get movnng nn the furst quarter but scored twnce In the second quarter The tnnal pomts were added durlng the last half wlth a score an each quarter The game ended wnth U M S on top by a score of 26 O Scoring the touchdowns were Sndney Phullnps ltwot Ollie Byrd and Walter Ernest tone each? Scorung extra pomts Donme Hansen ltwoj UMSvsVIOR The Soldlers of U M S met and defeated the Wolves of Vugor Hugh School In thenr flnal nntra clty game of the season at Ladd Memorual Staduum Thelr T3 7 wun put the season record at a three three mark The fnrst U M S score came on a pass from Sidney Whitman to Walter Ernest Donme Hansen converted The final score for the Cadets was made by Sidney Phnllnps on a quarterback sneak of three yards Scoring touchdowns were Walter Ernest and Sidney Phlllnps Scoring extra mounts Donme Hansen Qtwot UMSvs SEMA The Cadets met Parrish Hugh of Selma at Ladd Memorual Stadnum The weather was a but cold but lt dldnt slow the Bulldogs down for they defeated Parrlsh by a score of 270 Only one touchdown was scored In the first half but the Cadets bounced back to score three an the second Scorung touchdowns were Sndney Phllllps Robert Whngham George Ward and Walter Ernest Scorung extra pomts Donme Hansen ltwot and Dennus Cook fpasst U M S vs ROBERTSDALE The Cadets of U M S smashed the Robertsdale Bears by a score of 51 O The game was controlled throughout by the Bulldogs who scored 26 pomts the fnrst half and 25 the second half Scoring touchdowns were Ollle Byrd Ctwol Robert Whngham Ktwoj George Ward Dennns Cook Ralph Smnth and Warren Really Scornng extra pomts Donme Hansen ftwoj and Dennns Cook ' 106 , . . . . . , . I . I . . . , . 1 1 . . I . . , 1 1 - - 1 - 1 1 1 1 1 ' o M' uf xv ip S A Q 5 1 , '- "' .I Y Q ,pa W . " fv ii W XM ,' N A " 'ww qv ffynfwe ff' 1 ,I 3 'R .R 'A "Nm ,A . A U. M. S. vs. CATHOLIC HIGH U. M. S., playing their T954 Homecoming game in Ladd Stadium, marched over Catholic High of Pensacola by the score of 53-6. The Cadets scored 40 points the first half, adding the other I3 points in the last two periods. At halt-time Sandy Townsend, Homecoming Queen, was presented to the crowd. Scoring touchdowns were Ollie Byrd Cthreel, Roy Shoemaker Ctwol, Roddie Voran, and Early Eastburn. The six extra points were made by Donnie Hansen. Dont let him get away U M S PLAYS IN JAMBOREE In a round robin football game sponsored by the Fifty Prichard Quarterbacks with the co operation ot the Mobile Junior Chamber ot Commerce the U M S Cadets won the first halt which was played by the T954 teams and came out third in the Vugor was winner with fourteen points to McGill s thirteen and to the Cadets seven The game consisted of six ten minute quarters with each team playing four quarters Scoring the touchdown was Ollie Byrd while Donnie Hansen made the extra point 108 last halt ot the game. The second half was played by the probable 1955 lineups. PEE WEE FOOTBALL T ROW left to glut Rad lff M c elf o mso o SECOND ROW L ce J R Ar brechf B c ma H Ile THIRD ROW J ckson ence o e a ia e d N PICTURED Lcurend ne B o oo e Cos a H llard Ba Rlckarby Crlchfon Lyons Toul'mnvllle Florida Emogene Hannon Sprung Hull Crawford Crawford PEE WEE RECORD 1954 55 JUNIOR BOWL M TINYMITE FOOTBALL T ROW leff io right Scheuerman s o er er Eckberg Ch lders Chase Eve elf SECOND ROW Cadd s L dd S G Berr uckwell F Thurber C e W L1 a a COACH Ccpio n Comer Knot plciurecll NOT PICTURED Rob nson P Balhmore Thomas James Crawford Brookley Heughts Galvez TINYMITE RECORD 0 T954 55 MIDGET FOOTBALL FIRST ROW, left to right Story, McCain: Mosher, Cooper, A. R., McAIIisIer, Pickron, Thomas, Bush, Lewis. SECOND ROW: Bodie, C. W., Horst, Jackson, T. K., Peebles, Roberds, Thurber, H, W., McNider7 Crawford, Lord, L., McLaughlin, Ziegler. THIRD ROW: Dunaway lmanagerl. COACH: Captain Comer Knot picTured1. NOT PICTURED: Penick. MIDGET RECORD, 1954-55 Merfz . 9 U. M. 5. O Hannon Lyons Florida Emogene l. 110' CHEERLEADERS Norman Jobe Potty Clayton Jerry Coggm Sandy Townsend Robert Bragg Koy Haas Bert Steele Suey Dlx '111' BASKETBALL CCDACHES BASKETBALL MANAGERS George McKean and Roderuck Voron Knot pucturedj ' H2 ' 3 m I , I V S Q 1 X , - f 1 5 , l . L, ,J f A , A g R. E. Hanks and Bruce Fiiippini SENIORS ON VARSITY SQUAD Wa ter Ernest e .fx ,K Jesse Groddick Ollie Byrd fCoptcinJ I i Sprung Hu Baker Theodore MCGIII Fonrhope Vngor Foley McGuII Theodore Boker Vugor Foley Folrhope Foley IIJV VARSITY SQUAD T ROW left f gh! By d CIe el d G o d ck W OND ROW H B H A Cook D Whg cm RD ROW E nes? Moy W Stephens E L B ck II VARSITY BASKETBALL RESULTS DISTRICT TOURNAMENT M 114 FIRS , Ori . Tj vungrdigYork, .R SEC . orris, . .f Smiih, R. ., , ,, i h THI 1 Y I f -I , . .g Io we , R. O ' ' . . 44 U. M. S. 61 U. M. S. Murphy 72 U. M. S. 41 U. M. S. ' .57 U. M. S. ' 65 U. M. S. ' 50 U. M. S. 70 U. M. S. ' 71 U. M. S. 56 U. M. S. .. 59 U. M. S. ' , 63 U. M. S. . . . 60 U. M. S. ' 71 U. M. S. . . 54 U. . S. JUNIOR VARSITY SQUAD Boker Murphy Theodore MCGIII Fcurhope Vngor Foley MCGIII Theodore Boker Vngor Foley Fonrhope T ROW lei? Io h Wallace J m I fx y Du a cy ng I SECOND ROW Eosfb Her N o e TH R RO te e s JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL RESULTS II5 rms , . fig 1: . . E. I gr., Myers, ou. SEI' Hifi, If lg' pm. ID I W, TPI. n'Is'cfg Shoemaker, case. Founm ROW: Davis, c. w., Newberry Towleg smnh, C. J. 34 U. M. S. 38 U. M. S. 20 U. M. S. ' 36 U. M. S. ' 27 U. M. S. ' 63 U. M. S. 57 U. M. S. ' 36 U. M. S. 24 U. M. S. 9 U. M. S. ' 60 U. M. S. 33 U. M. S. ' 32 U. M. S. -.X-.r X RETMQ Y I a x 1 ,X L fi 's - S' - - ,o - c 3'-W-" " sional 1 IQ' Q x Sa 1.595 .13 - was , if ,Iv iw qc 'wit f- 4 .. :Y Q W . " wr, hr- x 1 if du., AJ -5 iq? wi j J. fi 'J BASKETBALL PRACTICE -118' SENIOR BASKETBALL I FIRST ROW left to lght S tton Macahe son Er a Robinson J KaIas SECOND R W Tate J L Ga d e Winter Pa Pa r ck Chambe Iam Captain Comer Icsachl NOT PICTURED Bodle C W SENIOR RECORD T955 Sprung HIII Forfeut Plateau Methodust Cottage H1II Forfelt GaIvez MCGIII Vukmgs PRESS REGISTER TOURNAMENT Ruckarby M JUNIOR BASKETBALL FIRST ROW Ieft to ugh? Graham Roberds La rence T W Cooper Plckron Crawford Smnh D G SECOND ROW Captain Comer Icoachb Thurber H W Mosher L CI L Goodloe T B A ett J E McLaughlin JUNIOR RECORD 1955 Lnttle Hotshots St Marys Barton St Catherune Lnttle Flower PRESS REGISTER TOURNAMENT Thomas James 21 U M O : 1 . .g r rin F5 I' gi 391: TIE 'IW rl' A' ' ' . ' U. M. S. ,,,,,, ' 27 U. M. S. , ,, ' H , H , ' U. M. S. , , 46 U. M. S. ,, I 29 U. M. S. ' ' 30 U. M. S. , , , ' 22 U. . S. , ,, , r' : 7 p w , . .5 , A. R.: . .QI 1 Jr , .fl I I, . .g rn ,., .5 '. I , ' ,, ,, 5 U. M. S. , , ,,,,, ,, H ,, . ' , , 26 U. M. S. , ,, , , ,,,. 30 U. M. S. , W , . ' , , 50 U. M. S., ,, , , ' , I3 U. M. S. MIDGET BASKETBALL FIRST ROW left to rght Poates Blackwell F Berry Chase Robinson P SECOND ROW Caotan Comer coach C ffer K C Ziegler Pugh Thurber C C Ladd S G NOT PICTURED B sh Han en J C Bruckma MIDGET RECORD 1955 St Marys Sprung HIII A Crawford LuttIe Flower Galvez PRESS REGISTER TOURNAMENT Thomas James M Ruckarby M Galvez M TINYMITE BASKETBALL FIRST ROW Ietf to right Folmar R bmson D MII ng R J McCafferty SECOND ROW Hallett Laurendme H rrs R M Moore C C Radclnff COACH Captam Comer Knot prct redl TINYMITE RECORD T955 St Marys M Thomas James M Rnckarby M Crawford M PRESS REGISTER TOURNAMENT Cathohc Boys Home M Rlckarby M St Marys I8 U M 5 I I : I I I: 0 , . .: J . : , . .: f . ' I8 U. M. S. ' ' " " 4 U. M. S. 'IO U. M. S. ' I8 U. M. S. 33 U. M. S. . 19 U. . S. Little Flower 26 U. M. 5. ' 25 U. . S. 41 U. . S. I I I , : 1 0 , 4: ll 1 - -J . ' I4 U. . S. I3 U. . S. ' . 9 U. . S. .19 U. . S. . ' ' 8 U. . S. ' 9 U. . S. BASEBALL X FIRST ROW, left to right: Clevelandg Cook, D4 Wardg Hansen, D.g Phillips, S. E4 Codyg Byrdg Whighamg Pettiss, SECOND ROW: Captain Andrew M. Hansen lcoachlg Friedlanderg Baldwin: Davis, C. W., Smith, C. J., Varang Smith, R. A., Shoemakerg Cocke cmenugerp, Gunn lmanagerl. March 22 Baker Sage Park March 23 Murphy Prichard Park March 29 Foley Sage Park April ll McGill Prichard Park April 5 Robertsdale Robertsclale April 6 Vigor Prichard Pork April 'I2 Murphy Prichard Park April l5 McGill Prichard Park April 20 Foley Foley April 22 Vigor Prichard Park April 26 Robertsdale Sage Park April 29, 30 County Tournament Tentative May 3 Pensacola High Pensacola May 6 Baker Sage Park May 10 Pensacola High Sage Park -122' GOLF LEFT TO RIs.5Hf: broudenmnrep Loggm, J. L4 Lzndseyp uooaloe, J. K4 Harris, B. H.g mppsg York, W : in r ' r I. 'I 4 20 . . ,, H 'I T2 'I 29 6 . I3 I6 ' COACH Capfa Thomas Come Inof plclu ed U M S GOLF SCHEDULE March 25 Apr: Apr: Apr: Apr: May May May -123' Gulfport Murphy Sprung Hull Murphy Pensacola McGnll Pensacola McGlll B Team PHOTOCRAPHER , . Jcck Stevenson BUSINESS STAFF FEW gl! J U Blocksher Business Manager Jerry Coggm ond Harold Rlpps Ass? Business Managers AUTCDGRAPHS 'cm ,.W..,.,:.n X , an - rl . , fix .Q , , uid. V A-5,2 Y s.. . . , , . A,,,,,','-,,,,',"",,-.,-,,"--,-..-,,x',x,,x,x,N, Be Proud ot Your Boy s Appearance Outtlt Hlm tcmectlx Moblles Most Complete Boys Department pl te L Q R if SHIHIS ,tr me if SOCIXS if WHITE GLOX PS Buy Fash ons From Spec al sts Fash o 204 206 D-Xl PHIIN I . 0 O ' , 111 l I I Com e in of U. M. S. egulation 1 VYN1 L K VY if JL X1 'Y K K Y YWY JA U 204 DAU PHI N H i i i in ins" - A J Y Famous for Fine Foods the World Over w W Mflblle Elevatfll' and Staples Pake Crlffln Eqlllpmfillt Co, Inc RL1lEStdtL Leases lnsurmu 100 N Vatu Strut 100 ,N ROYAL STREET CONTRACTORS AND ENCHNFERS H 5 3 4 Elex atmg and Mateual Handlm EQLIIIJTNQIII gm we Www? 355 ,W N we Rus s Dplrlff Beverage Co I 9 Ni' J' 'TS GOOD MOBIII4 XI XBXMX xx WK kay' Complimenfs of . N1 I O k - - O I . . -. -- x z '- Y V. . ' , . . . . . 1 '. , , I J . . - E . -. T 0 Y . ty Q. . Q 'wrt ' 9 ' 9 . V if. - ggi . ww 3, ,.,, ' Sled 2 2 'V , M- V. , ..... . : X ' If b, "" f qi" . ' ' Eff' 4,14 .V , .. fvqrf.-' 4 ' A' fi' f-. 'F f ....,,... 11-,fiai 3 f A---v ,.:sE55T"f, Q 1 A 1- f f f EEE. -:, . -,.,,.:,..-.:.fE,kip' 7.1-qw I .. 1: .U . 4- ..-::I3:.fe1..:.sS12-i" 2. , - Thames 6. Batre INSURANCE AND SURETY BONDS St J HE 20451 'IHF BAND PHI I I IPS I+URNIl'UR14 IOMPANY FRI' SHLR FRU ITS Frult D1st1'1but1nq Company Inc 66 68 BEAUREGARD ST HE 2 7751 Porter Land 1 0 "R C Cola" Nehi Bottling Company I 603 South BIOLNI btlcct MOBILE Compfimeltfs of 1 41 1 1 Every Kimi of Compliments of 108 . oseph Street N J J ke ' W ' r 1 A J J Y 1 C pf' f W 1 Y J K 1 I 1 0 from I I I - 1 0 - , 0 0 HEAIJQUAH I FRS FHv41ShIIruU Store MAXFYS LIIION X X 0 Dil I IIINT SI TURNER SUPPLY C0 MAQHIINI4 RX INDUSTRI XI I'I I+ C TRIC XI LON'I'RAL'I'0Rb Sl PPI II+b I I Save A Lzttle . Save A Lot The Warm Welcome You Receive Is Not Measured By The Size Of Your Account At The MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION ful' O 1 I J L 1 W YYY 1 F t K I A Prescriptions As Prescribed 9 w J L flil' " I lu . 7 I I' . ."'. WE HAVE AN EXIJERIENCED ORCIANI.7IA'I'ION Q 1 Y 1 Y 4 J L Y W Y Y I J ---- J .4 1 .I . 1 :md 1 1 H19 Y Y W Y A K I J J ff I U f . Illllllllll . . . I Compl e fs of J F PATE CDNSTRUCTIGN CGMPANY BEST VNISHES 'IO THL CLASS OF Sdve Se,-V196 Stations Whltman Tlmber Company M bll Al Compl menfs of SEMMES NURSERIES Semmes Alabama im n I O 7 1 Compl' enf f . . I I I 0 ' c. a. i I , A. Q - - . . . SYMBOL OF SERVICE awww SHII U I x mn: PX xiaxxl x this Hook l'1'intcd and lioumi lay GILL Printing and Stationery Company Xu X lltl Su L alll BEST WISHES FROM GERALD LEFF LEFF ENGINEERING C0 Congratulations fo fhe CLASS OF 55 from RALPH S llh Dnuphin Strut Mobiles Fine Shoe Store Whell You Think of FINE SHOES ZW Z fm Ioonsr ue IBII I l O NHOFS O BKT S O HOSIFRX Th u L 1 1 1 20:1 DA UPHIN STREET POWERS COMPANY, Inc Office Furniture School Supplies Duplu ltor M1ChllllS nd Supplus HE 2 6621 ' I7-IW Q nh V1 -- Q 1--1 , Mol' ,i. .x1.,x, O S'I'i',,-XN1f ' Cf Rl URfX'I'ION ol Siu "1 lflSH'lI S'l'RIili'I N11 , 1., ,. W 0 I . IC J - , K Qmglllrlck 60' 106-8 St. Mlchael Stleet V lc? . 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Plumbing Fixtures and Materials Y 1' u 1 S D I 5 B Y 9 Cllif Hcrrrls Iewelry 6: Camera Co. lll.-XINIUNIJS ' XX'A'l'C'llFIS ' Sll.VFlRVVAllI4l ' l'rXlNll'lll.-XS U75 Years Mobile's Only Cerfified Wofchmoker" L. 81 N, Railroad Watch Inspector 203 DAUPHIN STREET MOBILE, ALA. HE 2-0258 ASK '1'o sm: 'rnrz VVA'l'L'll K'l.'IFF Mfxm: Fuom lmw lvl,-X'l'l'IlllAl. MEASTIVIAN KODAK AND VIEVV MASTER IllCAl.ERS" J P ALTMAYER 8 G C CDGGIN TIMBERLANDS P 0 Box 171 MAI -XLINE POINT ALABAMA Phone HE 2 0529 LAWRENCE SALES CO Todstbd Ptfmuts In Downtown lVIob1lL TOMS Peanut Butter Crackers Dellclous Candles DIS FRIBUFOR C A 6 0177 1983 Halls Mull Road at Fulton C I O O w r 1 , I4 , A A 4 w 1 TornI.-uwrs-ucv, Owner ONE - STOP SHOPPING CENTER MCPHILLIPS PACKING CORPORATION Complpmenfg of MOIllIt'. xxldhdllld DUNBAR C umed Shxlmp Ox sters Cr 111 Mc It CHN mmm 8' mmm Glddens Si Hester Theatres BROOKLEY DOW WTOVI N AUTO SHO CRICHTON AIR SHO EMPIRE Federal Extermlnatlng Servlce, Inc SAVE AT THE 716 Holcombe A GA b 8689 TERMITE CONTROL Powder Post Beetle Control Free Estlmates and Inspeetlon Compllmenfs of C M DYKES GARAGE 56 S SCOTT STREET HE 27561 V I z 1 " - 1 .' - z B2 Compliments of O Q N1 v , . 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Alu. wo ' 2 L ' a ' ' V -' ,f Complimenfs of I n C ' I Greefings and Besf Wishes From ALABAMA S OLDEBT BANK TO THF STUDENT BODY OF U M S We hope that m the xears to come Xou xull bank xx 1th us and bank on us to help xou Lhmb the laddex oi bucusb 7 FLILLNAILQ RANT MOBILE ALABAMA Alabamczs Oldesf Bank Every Modern Banking Service FOR EXTRA ENERGY Ifzruy If rc 1 01 Smith s WZ 'R Snvfh TL A BREAD SMITH S BAKERY Friend of ine Family for Over 50 Years Comphmenfs f HEITER STARKE PRINTING C0 MOBILE -XI ABAMA BIDGOOD STATIONERY COMPANY Smce 18-16 Everyfhlng For Your Office BLUE PRINTS PHOTOSTATQ HE 2 0611 Blue Prmt Dept HE 7 6011 67 QT FRANCIS STREET P O Box 89 Mohllc All Complrmenfs of ROBERTS and LONG COHSIFUCIIOH C0 7 D1 ' . . v . ' , . . ' , , X . . L IN , . . A . J. . . A 0 ,A ' A xr f f - f w .4 -. A my , ., - --fgfga, S. 3 , wlb Sunbeam 1 vi N4 4 '-I I 1 , Q A 1 ll ' 4 ll I ki i L K . .. ,-, . , H ' - R -1- V . aa- . . . . . . . .' .. ' X a. BRANNAN SPORTING GDODS CO. Dist1'iIJL1'um1'Q WILSON W RIDDELL SHOES 259 Dauphin Street Phone HE 3-3721 , 49 wi EVERY CITY HAS AN -A It OUTSTANDING SHOP . BATTLE HOUSE BUILDING ROYAL AT ST FRANCIS ST COKER DIST RIBUT ING COMP ANY CI1ChtOn Pharmacy BEST WISHES FROM THE Do DIIVG In pl etso Warehouse, Inc 902 SOUTH CONCEPTION LLEN con MACHINERY WOOD OR ING MACHINERY Compliments of W . f In Mobile, II's Z. I 1 . , 1 W C pfmenfs of Com im n f Wholesale Furnlture AA-- ' -w,,--AmL,.L7Sk w K . MACHINE KNlVES'HEADS'CUTTERS ALLEN cm M "m7'ma1a,. rlhe Prescrlptlon Store RIPDIQXI RIXXI LLNTPR 1 D lxexcd PRICII XRD XL A mf' Bowllnff Alleys Azalea Bowlmff Lanes Red M111 Crlll SHEFFIELD S Department Store S1 ng, H ll As num M blle fC11eht nj Alfa 1 Furmture Co Bl F kl SAVINGS ACCOUNTS EARN 3172, LOANS TO BUY BUILD INSURED TO S10 000 OR REPAIR HOMES FIRST FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION 100 ST JOSEPH ST MOBILE 79 S WILSON AVE PRICHARD A , 6 ' ' I Compliments of I k O O ' I 'f I C 1 I ' X I K tg ti A L' . . . 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Baldwin and 71 . 1'Hl1CiS SlI'C0i Clarke Counties E 3-2647 .K I m im n of 1 1 A 0 'VIS ICI COBB FINANCE CO BEST WISHES MG1b1S Bakery TH Ernest Constructlon AMERICAN NATIONAL Company BANK 81 TRUST COMPANY Contractors and Engmee MOBILE, ALA Rcgislcrcd lcwclcr, ,Xmcriczm Gem Socicty C115 Q nm SFTS 3 Swuth Ruynl Struct I Complimenfs of O 556 . Louis Strcct Complimenfs of Complimenfs of I US DFX ELOP LYNIIJ IRINI XOUH PII MS WOJOHN'S lf S0 COIILLPUOII St HE 21882 Shd1 md Sound Projutors RYAN STEVEDORING C0 , Inc Engravings for This Book GULF STATES ENGRAVING Compllmenfs f TRDY LAUNDRY 8 DRY CLEANING CDMPANY pl UN DERWOOD Bullders Supply Co Be er S r f the B er 401 S0 Rovll gt HI' 2 .1581 Compliments of T 81 C FINANCE CO. 74 N WILSON AVENUE Prxchard, Alabama GL 2 2302 I , . ' 1' , . N, . i ' . 'X ' Q . - '-' By Compliments of C0. 5 I I Com imenfs of . N . ' o " H evice o uild " SCOTT-LUTTRELL Truck 81 Tractor Co. 320 NORTH ROYAL ST. and RUSERTSIJALE. 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