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 - Class of 1953

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w 0 1 5 L -vw-rg' 'X 1 qxg. . - - -X 1 ,g- 2 If ,U Qt " R . 'A "' is 5 Gf,. , x A.,'- 2 'u M . wh ' ,wgg X1 A -3 lk? QI: gk ' ,fb -. , wx, - -r 5 . Q .gg , V - Y. 1- R ,.,..Av v W QR- S is ,, 4 N, w,gu.f,-gdfisf 1.,,:' 1 , ' , QQ.. Q 1-L? . wf,, f- , .x ,Q ws: W-W f .1-4-eq. - ,V .. , ' K-4 Q FM NTKQH 'fg-gm' ' Q -fax fat 5. Q Q. 1','m.Q , Q , -Ks ' f vym, Q 3 , A 2, Qx 76? QWQQEQQVL ,.,, . K "' 'A 4 A X 3 . 5 1 .. fi? "8 W-H, f W.. lx , 9, . ., Q H Q 4 X -1.1 'X . gf 51 sf A , fl 5 eg X ' '..1" f 5,15-sr .Q i l A 1 kk ' X-xi Q Q i X" f" Q ll 'Q gy- . I ,ii 0 O, . -1, 'I .. .iii Q Ta W at ,ng Q - K 'E -I Q X . 5 I 5 Q M Q ,f .-ff , V X QQ 'I S ' ' ' A ml 1 t 3 ,Q ' . ,..:. Q, . - , X 5 .7 9 .I xl. . 3 We: Q , Q , X ' A P .Qs 'P Q K ' x 1 Q 3 Q . 9 in ' " D X X K. W NQ,,m35v.3X- X .MW NEA ,, Q VW ,S-A W N W x 8 Q- f Q jQQ,A, N, 0 an .rv S221 Q1 my km 'skkix X A N ,-x 'mx x, va 23 Nw ,.f.f, + . N 'X x A Q N N xg Q,x+ f vw ref Qx P xg Q rvjxm y ?HQ+:Ws:M M TY-X SSAT' if "Sf l ++ wi ' sus fgx. Q' A- 'lx,,Qr,Kg33,.3 L .J '. Lgwji? -A -L Q, ., if Q gr QQ ', - .. ,ev msg. K ,.Q. ,N , . .Q ef ' .M X" I .-.QQ , .fxiisi s ,V fp ,S ,A Q . A X . ix , ' Meg - ,Q 8 Q' ' Q5 ge , JN ., v.Q, M 155 4 "','4Wx'ixfSlf" ' 4- ..bvfKfxF ,,1! W ' -nfxxz -XXV, 'fr -. .ki,5.w--x ,Q QQ W' Q Fxb 5561! :KA 3 ' if hwy wr' , Q , K Q K 'Y 4 . x . -. ' . P Q Q ,. yin .L QQ Pbwapxx Q Yr Q X W 'ian ' N.. ' f 259836 I M if 5- X 4 Q yiiwff-2. ' M AN! ,"" AM 'tg 'Q' JG. M. Q4 .1 THE 1953 EAUET u EADET STAFF Russell Ladd, Editor-in-Chief Richard Murray, William Regan, Business Managers Sage Lyons, Ernest Edgar, Assistant Business Managers Gordon House, John Watkins, Feature Editors Wllllam Clarke, Fred Cushing, Military Editors Jake Reiss, Donald Smith, Sports Editors Arthur Meeker, Photographer TBUS 1953 1 f IZDET 1 N I oh, 'I PUBL SHED ANNUALLY BY THE SENIOR CLASS OF The University Military School n JY ' X i Chapfeff AUMI ISTHATIU University Military School at Dauphin Street and Georgia Avenue As We turn the pages of time, We see the University Military School concluding its sixtieth year since its founding in 1893 by the late Dr. Julius Tutwiler Wright. This Worthy institution has had three sites: first, at Warren and Conti Streets, next, at Dauphin Street and Georgia Avenue, and after Dr. Wright's death, at its present location, 1315 Dauphin Street. At this Very :I "' A '13 S -4- .Ln ,-1. ' e r Z 1' gb Time Marches Un University Military School at 1315 Dauphin Street moment, plans are in the making for the school of the future, to be located on a spacious tract on Mobile Street. To use the Words of Dr. Vernon Broyles, alumnus of the Class of '23 and noted Presbyterian minister, "The University Military School has had a great past. It has a Worthy present and under God will have a glorious future." I Y - -5- TIME MAPICHE5 UN Col. William Sherwood Pape PRINCIPAL. 1931-1943 Dr. Julius Tutwiler Wright, A.M., LL.D FOUNDEIR OF THE UNIVERSITY MILITARY SCHOOL 1893 lflodioaiioo . To lVirs. Dolores M. Williams A sincere guide, a staunch friend and an inspiration to her students THE CADET FOR 1953 is respectfully and lovingly dedicated. -7- Administratiun . . Mr. Ben H. Harris CLASS OF '27 CHAIRMAN OF THE BOARD OF TRUSTEES U.M.S. ALUMNI AND PARENTS ASSOCIATION, INC -3- Thomas Clarke Huckabee, B.A., M.A. PRINCIPAL CHEMISTRY Col. Paul Bainbridge Robinson, B.S SUPERINTENDENT -9- Administrative Assistants Thomas Caldwell Delaney, Jr. B.S., M.A. DEAN OF BOYS HISTORY Wllham Sherwood Pape BUSINESS MANAGER :M Robert Erastus Hanks, B.S., M.A. ATHLETIC DIRECTOR ECONOMICS Anna Boulet Stlckney, A.B. REGISTRAR it SQ' H-ii? Y Lucille Tisdale Sauls SECRETARY Carol Walters TYPIST -10- Hiqh School 17 aculty . Myrtle Harris Boazman, B.S. LIBRARIAN Boardman Rivers Chambers, Jr. B.A SPANISH-ENGLISH Bruce Filippini, B.S. GEOGRAPHY-MATHEMATICS Andrew Miles Hinson, B.S., M.A. MATHEMATICS Roland Wallace Killcreas, B.S. PHYSICS-SCIENCE Capt. Daniel B. Nolan, A.B. ENGLISH-LATIN -11- Primary Faculty . Dolores M. Williams SIXTH GRADE Hazel Pape Crown, B.S. FIFTH GRADE Jean Yuille, B.S. FOURTH GRADE Harriet McMillan Pfister THIRD GRADE Grace Harris Durant SECOND GRADE Edna Posey FIRST GRADE 112.- In Memoriam . . . Jimmy Ifl'Bryan, 1945-1952 4f0fze 'we all lz',5ea', One we will always remember. -13- A f Q CAalafer 2 AE DEMIE Senior Class of 1915 Front row, left to right--Parker Draughon, Conrad Armbrecht, Platt Roberts, Daniel Cole. Back row, left to right-T. S. fPatj Cowan, Zimmern, Arthur Kimball, J. Leslie Taylor, - George Nichols, Frank Leftwich, Warren Woodruff, Marion Draughon. "I lhinfq that one of Mr. Wriglzfs can1'1'nal pr1'm'1'p!c.r was to rc- zmzrd cz .vlzfdenl for good work and to punisll him for faflzfrc' I0 lqccp up with his studies."-PLAT1' ROBERTS, '15, X li Q - ' N1 r : f - no 1 l 14 Photo, Courtesy Mrs. Thomas Moore 5 A Time Marches Un Senior Class of 1953 Front row, left to right-Fred Cushing, Jake Reiss, Russell Ladd, Richard Murray, Gordon House, Arthur Meeker, .lohn Blacksher. Middle row, left to right-Dan Corte, John Watkins, William Clarke, Clifford Jackson. Shirley Cochran, Juddy McGuire, Fred Doehring. Back row, left- to right-William Regan, Edward Cobb, Donald Smith, Martin Long, Billy McComb. Mfilto of lfzc' U1z1'z'c'1'.f1'Iy M1'l1'tr1ry Scfzooff "The fear of thc' Lora' is Ilzc' bC'gl.lll1l'lIg of zw'fe1'on1."-PROVLRBS 9:10. i 'AA ..15-- Senior Class . . . Cadet First Lieutenant William Edward Clarke, Jr. "Cadet" Staff. 4 "Battalion Review" Staff. 3 Quill and Scroll Society, 4 Photography Club. 2. 3. Secretary-Treasurer. 4 Crack Platoon. 1, 2. 3, 4 Sergeant. 2. 3 First Lieutenant, 4 Junior Varsity Football, 2 Cadet Captain John Leslie Blacksher President, Freshman Class Vice-President, Sophomore Clars Outstanding Cadet in Band, 3 Sergeant, 1, 2 Platoon Sergeant, 3 Captain, 4 Varsity Football, 2, 3, Captain. 4 Junior Varsity Football, 1 All-City Football, 4 All-State Football, Honorable Mention, 4 Junior Varsity Basketball, 1, 2 Baseball, 2, 3, 4 "W" Club, 2. 3, Secretary-Treasurer. 4 Cadet First Lieutenant Edward Rogers Cobb, Jr. National Hcnor Society. 3. 4 Honor Council. Secretary-Treasurer "Battalion Reviewu Staff, 3 Cadet Chorus. 4 Hop Committee, 3. 4 Vice-President. Freshman Class , 4 Secretary-Treasurer. Sophomore Class Crack Platoon. 1. 4 Sergeant. 2 Platoon Sergeant. 3 Second Lieutenant. First Semester, First Lieutenant, Second Semester. Varsity Football. 3. 4 Junior Vargity Football. 2 Junior Varsity Basketball. l Manager, 3 "W" Club 3. Vice-President. 4 4 4 Cadet First Lieutenant Shirley Henry Cochran, Jr Photography Club. 2 Crack Platoon, 4 Sergeant, 3 Second Lieutenant, First Semester. 4 First Lieutenant, Second Semester, 4 Varsity Football, 3, 4 All-City Football, 4 Junior Varsity Basketball. 3 Baseball, 2, 3, 4 "W" Club, 2. 3, 4 317- Senjorywpglass . . Cadet Captain Frederick Cushing, Jr. National Honor Society, 4 "Cadet" Staff, 4 Quill and Scroll Society. 4 Cadet Chorus. 4 Crack Platoon. 1. 2. 3. 4 Sergeant. 2. 3 Captain. 4 Junior Varsity Football. 2 Manager, 4 "W" Club. 4 Cadet Captain Ernest Daniel Corte, Jr Sales Executives Es: ay Contest Winner, 2 National Honor Society, 4 "Battalion Review" Staff. 3 Cadet Chorus, 4 Hop Committee. 4 Crack Platoon, 2, 3 Sergeant. 3 Captain, 4 Cadet Second Lieutenant Frederick August Doehring National Honor Society. 4 Forensics, 4 Library Club. President, 4 Second Lieutenant, Second Semester, 4 Cadet Captain James Gordon House, Jr National Honor Society, 3. 4 Honor Council, 3, 4 Forensics. 3 "Cadet" Staff, 4 "Battalion Review" Staff. 3 Quill and Scroll Society. 3. Vice-President. 4 Cadet Chorus, 4 Photography Club. 2. 3. 4 Outstanding Cadet in Platoon. 3 Crack Platoon. 1. 2. 3, 4 Sergeant, 2 Platoon Sergeant. 3 Captain. 4 ..19- Semi,-,1,11J91aSS . - . Cadet Captain Gilbert Russell Ladd, III National Honor Society, 3, President. 4 Forensics. 4 "Cadet" Staff. 4 "Battalion Review" Staff, 3 Quill and Scroll Society, 3. Prezident, 4 Stamp and Coin Club, President, 2. 3. 4 Vice-President, Junior Class Outstanding Cadet in Platoon, 2 Crack Platoon. 1, 2. 3, 4 Sergeant. 2 Platoon Sergeant, 3 Captain, 4 Golf. 1 ...20.. Cadet First Lieutenant Clifford Henderson Jackson National Honor Society, 3, Vice-President, 4 Honor Council, 3 "Battalion Review" Staff, 3 Photography Club, 2, Secretary-Treasurer, 3 Vice-President, Senior Class Sergeant, 2 Platoon Sergeant. 3 First Lieutenant, 4 Varsity Basketball, 3, 4 Junior Varsity Basketball, 2 Baseball, 3, 4 "W" Club, 3, 4 Cadet First Lieutenant Martin David Long Outstanding Cadet in Platoon. 2 Sergeant. 3 Second Lieutenant, First Semester, 4 First Lieutenant. Second Semester. 4 Varsity Football. 3, 4 Junior Varsity Football. 2 All-City Football, 4 Varsity Basketball, 3, 4 Junior Varsity Basketball, 2 Baseball, 4 "W" Club, 3, 4 Cadet Second Lieutenant Billy Junius McComb Sergeant, 3 Second Lieutenant. 4 Varsity Football, 3. 4 Junior Varsity Football, 2 All-City Football, 4 Varsity Basketball, 3, 4 Junior Varsity Basketball, 2 Baseball, 4 "W" Club. 3, 4 -21- 5EUl,9,F,,,'-H355 Cadet Captain Arthur Cowan Meeker "Cadet" Staff. 4 Quill and Scroll Society, 4 Cadet Chorus, 4 Secretary-Treasurer. Senior Class Crack Platoon, l, 2 Sergeant. 2 Platoon Sergeant. 3 Captain, 4 Cadet First Lieutenant Charles Jordan McGuire Student Council, Secreta ry-Treasurer, President, 3, President, 4 Cadet Chorus, 4 Hop Committee, 3, 4 President, Sophomore Class President, Junior Class President, Senior Class Outstanding Cadet in Platoon, 3 Crack Platoon, 4 Sergeant, 3 Second Lieutenant, First Semester, 4 First Lieutenant, Second Semester, 4 Varsity Football, 3, 4 Junior Varsity Football, 2 "W" Club, 3, President, 4 2, Vice Cadet Major Richard Murray, III National Honor Society, 3, 4 Honor Council. President. 4 Forensics, 3 "Cadet" Staff. 3. 4 "Battalion Review" Staff, 3 Quill and Scroll Society, 3. Secretary-Treasurer, 4 Cadet Chorus, 4 Hop Committee. 4 Photography Club, 2. 3 Secretary-Treasurer. Freshman Class Secretary-Treasurer. Junior Class Outstanding Cadet in Platoon, 3 Crack Platoon. 1, 2, 3. 4 Sergeant. 2 Platoon Sergeant. 3 Major. 4 Junior Varsity Basketball. l, 2. Basketball Mgr.. 3 Golf. 2, Captain, 3, 4 "W" Club. 3, 4 Cadet First Lieutenant William Cummins Regan, Jr "Cadet" Staff, 3, 4 Quill and Scroll Society, 4 Cadet Chorus, 4 Photography Club, 2, 3 Crack Platoon, 1, 2, 3, 4 Sergeant, 2, 3 Second Lieutenant. First Semester. 4 First Lieutenant, Second Semester. 4 Junior Varsity Football, 2 Cheer Leader, 4 HW" Club, 4 ..23,. Senimlglagg - -- Cadet Second Lieutenant Donald Lee Smith Boys' State Representative, 3 "Cadet" Staff, 4 Quill and Scroll Society, 4 Stamp and Coin Club, 2, Vice-President, 3 Crack Platoon, l, 2 Sergeant, 2. 3 Second Lieutenant, 4 Varsity Football, 4 Junior Varsity Football, 2, 3 Junior Varsity Basketball, 2 Baseball, 3, 4 UW" Club, 3, 4 -24- Cadet Captain Jacob Reiss, III National Honor Society, 3. Secretary-Treasurer, 4 Honor Council, Vice-President. 4 Forensics, 3, 4 "Cadet" Staff, 4 Quill and Scroll Society. 4 Hop Committee, 4 Crack Platoon, 1, 2, 3. 4 Sergeant, 2 Platoon Sergeant, 3 Captain, 4 Junior Varsity Football. 2 Junior Vanity Basketball, 2 Cheer Leader, 4 "W" Club, 4 Midget Football Coach, 4 . tw ' E w :X Xb Cadet First Lieutenant John Cumming Watkins, Jr. Forensics. 4 "Cadet" Staff. 4 "Battalion Review" Staff, 3 Quill and Scroll Society, 4 Photography Club, President, 4 Hobby Club. 2. Secretary-Treasurer, 3 Outstanding Cadet in Platoon, 1 Crack Platoon, 1. 2, 3, 4 Sergeant, 3 Second Lieutenant, First Semester, 4 First Lieutenant. Second Semester, 4 Seniors Uff Guard Big? 3 ow Shmoo -25- Cork ran Gorgeous Gordon Dago Dan Tootie Fang Twenty-five he Contmental - 26 Mad Dog ot Breath Juddy Scooter Dick Plavbo Jake Put-Put Junior Class . . . Brinkley, H. Drane, F. C. Edgar, E. Haiman, B. Herring, T. D. Hill, W. H Inge, C. C. Jacobs, L. E. Leatherbury, E. R. Lyons, G. S. McKinley, K. R. Nichols, R. Rogers, D. Rollings, W. A. VanDevender, C. E. Wilson, F. C. - 28 - Freshman Class . . . Biggs, C. R. Blackwell. R. 0. Bryars, M. D. Burgett, E. R. Cleveland, L. P. Cobb, W. 0. ov. Cook, G. G. Daniel, R. Fox, L. W. Gilbert, D. W. Gillespie, W. Godwin, 0. 0. Green, D. Kelly, W. C. Martin, A. D. May, W. J. Patrick, M. I. Pattison, S. Pettiss, J. Pilgrim, C. 0. Ripps, H. W. Starkey, C. L. Turner, 0. P. Whigham, R. E. Williams, B. Williams, J. H. Zavros, A. .. 30 .. Voran, R. 5-A Class . . . Atkeison, C. A. Bond, J. S. Campbell, H. S. Carrington, J. C. Clower, W. T. Cook, D. P. "Q- Davis, C. W. Eastburn, E. T. Fairchild, R. L. Friedlander, G.A. Gardner, R. L. Gunn, J. L. Henderson, T. B. Ladd, E. B. Macpherson, J. R. Meaher, A. Midgette, M. W. Moore, W. H. Tru, Newberry, C.A. Pedersen, O. E. Ramsey, W. Simpson, D. Smith, F. Stephens, C. D Stidger, J. A. Towle, J. A. Turner, J. M. Wallace, J. E. .. 31 .. E DET5 E TEHING AT MID-YE H Front row, left to right: Rogers, L., Everett, P. Back row, left to right: Corte, A, D., Whitman, S., Glenn, C., Youngchild, K. Scholastic chievements . . . W. S. Pape Award . . . Optimist Citizenship Award, 1952 . Best All-Around Boy in Junior William Lyons High School, 1952 Sidney Phillips Junior League Award Winner, 1953 . . i i -:Q 5 , , James Cook Donald Smith - 39 - Boys' State Representative, 1952 . . lg , Chapter 3 MILITARY X Company "A" assembled at Monroe Park in 1922 Cadet Prayer Dear Lorcl and Heavenly Father, As we search for lqnowledge and wistlom, Grant that we may not forget That Thou art the Giver Of all goocl ana' perfect gifts. Teach as to play the game with honor, 1 ln oar W07'k ana' in oar play. May oar words ana' deeds he such That those who were before as Will not he ashamed, Ana' those who follow after Will final in as An example of truth and courage- The spirit of our school. X 5 """ ali T ig eg, ' I - 40 Q- Ph c 1 Mr. Powell wm ia ms, '27 X b Time Marches Un Officers-Center at Hannon Park in 1953 Gin' fo 115 fl noble' spirit Thu! mc, with our lc'z1cfzc'r.f, May go forufzzra' to fll'fZl'C'I'6' Tlzc' lziglzcsl goofy in life. Bless our fffzool, Am! aff who fC'lll'!1, And all who lc'm'n. Aim' Tlzinc' bc' Ifzc' honor, Arm' glory f0rf'1fc'r, Anzcvz. IDAVID H. EDINGTON, ,QQ Q E , ,j A --41.. Hattaliun Staff . BATTALION COMMANDER Cadet Major Murray, R. CAPTAIN ADJUTANT BATTALION SUPPLY OFFICER BATTALION SERGEANT MAJOR Cadet Captain Corte, E. D. Cadet First Lieutenant Long, M. Cadet Sergeant Major Haiman, B ASSISTANT SUPPLY OFFICER Cadet Second Lieutenant Doehring, F. -42- Battalion Sponsor . . . t Miss Eleanor Hunter Erarnlinq Company "A" Staff . COMPANY COMMANDER Cadet Captain Reiss, J. PLATOON LEADER, FIRST PLATOON COMPANY EXECUTIVE PLATOON LEADER, SECOND PLATOON Cadet First Lieutenant Cobb, E. Cadet First Lieutenant Jackson, C. Cadet First Lieutenant McGuire, C. J ,441 Company "A" Sponsor . Miss Verna Louise Cottrell Company "A" CGIXIPANY COMMANDER Cadet Captain Reiss, J. c:lIm0N Corporal llarris, .l. Commxwv EXECUTIVE Cadet First Lieutenant Jackson, C. l'LA'l'O0N LEADERS Cadet First Lieutenant Cohh, E., First Platoon Cadet First Lieutenant McGuire, .l., Second Platoon COMPANY SERGEANT First Sergeant Leatherbury, R. lf1,A'ro1.N SFIRGEANTS Platoon Sergeant Blaeksher, J. li.. First Platoon Platoon Sergeant Dukes, R., Second Platoon GUIDE SERGEANTS Sergeant VVilliams, J. H., First Platoon ASSISTANT SQUAD LFIADERS Corporal Cook, G., First Platoon Corporal Cook, D., First Platoon Corporal Friedlander. First Platoon Corporal Bond, J., Second Platoon Corpoal Bunkley, C., Second Platoon Corporal McClammy, G., Second Plaioon PRIVATES Albright, VV Lips, I. Athey May, .l. Bauer, H. lVieLaug'hlin, li. Berry, J. Mitchell Burton. G. Pederson Campbell, li. Pipes, S. Coker, J. Potts, B. Cook, J. St. George, W. Cotton, VV. Thurber, VV. Sergeant SQUAD LE Carrington, J., Second Platoon ADERS Sergeant Patriek M., First Platoon Sergeant Parker, F., First Platoon Sergeant Voran, R., First Platoon Sergeant Gillespie, VV., Second Platoon Sergeant liastburn, F., Seeond Platoon Sergeant Ripps, ll., Second Platoon .- 45- Edgar, WV. Turner, J. Gilbert, D. Ziegler, S. ld. Glass, J. tioodloe. 'I'. Green, D. Kalas Kilpatriek, J. Cumpany "BH Staff . i 1 COMPANY COMMANDER Cadet Captain Ladd, R. PLATOON LEADER, FIRST PLATOON COMPANY EXECUTIVE PLATOON LEADER, SECOND PLATOC Cadet Second Lieutenant Nichols, R. Cadet First Lieutenant Watkins, J. Cadet Second Lieutenant Lyons, -43-. Company "BH Sponsor Miss Margaret Taylo H H Company B COMPANY COMMANDER Cadet Captain Ladd, R. GUIDON Corporal Ladd, E. F. COMPANY EXECUTIVE Cadet First Lieutenant Watkins, J. l7l.A'l'OON LEADERS Cadet Second Lieutenant Nichols, R., First Platoon Cadet Second Lieutenant Lyons, S., Second Platoon COMPANY FERGEANT First Sergeant McKean, G. l'l ATc.oN sRnc:EAN'l's Platoon Sergeant Turner, ll., First Platoon Platoon Sergeant Hansen, D., Second Platoon GUIDE SF.ltGEj!XN'l'S Sergeant VVhigham, R., First Platoon Sergeant Turner, P., Second Pfatoon SQUAD LIQADI-Lns Sergeant Bragg. R., First Platoon Sergeant Brock, P., First Platoon Sergeant Stephens, L., First Platoon Sergeant Davis, C., Second Platoon Sergeant Henderson, lm., Second Platoon Sergeant Ladd, li. H., Second Platoon M50- ASSISTANT SQUAD LEADERS Corporal Clowcr, VV., First Platoon Corporal Williams, B., First Platoon Corporal Moore, W., First Platoon Corporal Slaton, B., Second Platoon Corporal Hartridge, E., Second Platoon Corporal Biggs, R., Second Platoon PFHVATES Arnett, J. Brinkley. ll. Butler, C. Case, J. Clark, G. Fowler, C. Gibbons, W. Harrison, I. Jackson, G. Luce, G. McCall, D. McLemore, T. Noble, S. Panayiotou, G Pattison, S. Penick, .l. Pickron, .l. Potts, W. Robinson, P. Ross, L. Salter, R. Smith, .l. Stevenson, J. L. Stidger. .l. Story, .l. Sutton, J. Underwood, VV. Vl'arren, G. N. VVittmann, ll. N Wiegand, ll. G. The Colors NATIONAL COLOR BEARER Sergeant First Class Herring, D BATTALION COLOR BEARER Master Sergeant Rogers, D. COLOR GUARDS Corporal Zavros, A. Corporal Green, D. 152, iliiary Advisers . . Colonel Robinson Major Hanks Captain Chambers Captain Nolan Cumpany 'AC' Staff . COMPANY COMMANDER Cadet Captain House, G. PLATOON LEADER, FIRST PLATOON L COMPANY EXECUTIVE PLATOON LEADER, SECOND PLATOC Cadet Lieutenant Cochran, S. Cadet First Lieutenant Clarke, W. Cadet Second Lieutenant Inge, 1 -54.- Company HE" Sponsor Miss Huth Breiston Company E COXVIPANY COMMANDER Cadet Captain House, G. GUIDON Corporal Gunn, J. COMPANY EXECUTIVE Cadet First Lieutenant Clarke, W. IPLATOON LEADERS Cadet First Lieutenant Cochran, First Platoon Cadet Second Lieutenant Inge. C., Second Platoon COMPANY SERGEANT First Sergeant McKinley, R. PI ATOON SERGEANTS Platoon Sergeant Harris, B., First Platoon Platoon Sergeant Jobc, N., Second Platoon GUIDE SERGEANTS Sergeant Lindsey, G., First Platoon Sergeant Ernest, W., Second Platoon SQUAD LEADERS Sergeant Grant, H., First Platoon Sergeant May, W., First Platoon Goodloe, R., First Platoon Sergeant Coffer, R., Second Platoon Sergeant Sergeant Pilgrim, C., Second Platoon Sergeant Russ, S., Second Platoon -55- ASSISTANT SQUAD LEADERS Corporal Corporal Towle, J., First Platoon Lyons, W., First Platoon Corporal Simpson, D., First Platoon Corporal Torbert L., Second Platoon Corporal Wallace J., Second Platoon Corporal Meaher, A., Second Platoon PRIVATES Baker, L. Godwin, 0. Barney, H. Jackson, G. Blackwell, 0. Meaher, .l. Bridges, C. Myers, B. Broadus, J. Panayiotou, N. Brooks, L. Smith, D. Campbell, H. Smith, J. Chamberlain, B. Smith, F. Chapman, B. Speakes, S. Cody, W. Stevens, T. Cooper, A. Stoneburner, G. S Corte, A. D. Tate, G. Crawford, L. Tull, G. Derkits, J. Wilson, J. Dukes, C. Youngchild, K. Fairchild, R. Eumpany "U" Staff . COMPANY COMMANDER Cadet Captain Meeker, A. PLATOON LEADER, FIRST PLATOON COMPANY EXECUTIVE PLATOON LEADER, SECOND PLATOON Cadet Second Lieutenant Drane, F. Cadet First Lieutenant Regan, W. Cadet Second Lieutenant Wilson, F -53 .., Company "U" Sponsor Miss Suzanne Dryer H H Company U Turner, J. M., Second Platoon Atkeison, C., Second Platoon McAllister, R. II. Miller, l-I. Mostellar, J. Patrick, T. Peebles, E. B. Penick, D. Ponder, B. Reilly, W. Richey, R. G. Robinson, J. A. Salter, R. Sorrels, W. C. Starkey, C. L. Talbot, B. VVallace, M. Walton, W. Willingham, E. I VVilSon, B. CUMPANY COMMANDFIR ASSISTANT SQUAD LEADERS Cadet Captain Meeker, A. Corporal Ramsey, W., First Platoon Corporal Stephens, C., First Platoon GUIDON Corporal Corporal Cropp, E. C0l'D0ral Corporal Harris, N., Second Platoon COMPANY EXECUTIVE Cadet First Lieutenant Regan, VV. PRIVATES Barrett, 0. Pl,A'l'OON LEADERS Bodie, B, Cadet Second Lieutenant Drane, F., First Platoon Bryars' M- Cadet Second Lieutenant Wilson, F., Second Platoon Byrd, 0. 'W . COMPANY SERGI-:ANT Uuwe" P' First Sergeant lflllisor, J. L. Dunaway' S' Eckberg, F. PLATUON SERGLIANTS Fairchild' R. L, Platoon Sergeant Graddick, J., First Platoon Harold' R. Platoon Sergeant Pettiss, J., Second Platoon uarreu' K. GUIDE SEHc:'F:AN'1'S Hays' W' S' Sergeant Ward, G. V., First Platoon Henley' J' Sergeant Kelly, M., Second Platoon llorst, J. Hudson, B. SQUAD l.EAl1EHS Huffman, B- K. Sergeant Daniel, R., First Platoon J k J Sergeant Midgette, M., First Platoon ac bon' ' Sergeant Macpherson, I, Second Platoon Lawrence' B' Sergeant Burgrett, R., Seeond Platoon Lord, L. ,601 Band Staff BAND COMMANDER Cadet Captain Blacksher, J. L. BAND EXECUTIVE Cadet Second Lieutenant Hill, H -62- Band Sponsor . . . Miss Agnes June Easthurn Hand Band Commander Company Executive Cadet Captain Blacksher, J. L. Cadet Second Lieutenant Hill H Company Sergeant First Sergeant Hansen, J. Squad Leader Privates Sergeant Younce, D. Coggin, J. Sergeant Mahoney, A. Ingersoll, W Sergeant Steele, B. Martin, D. Sergeant Davidson, G. Price, D. Assistant Squad Leader Corporal Cleveland, L. -641 Q. U,-wwf ex ' 'wrfhgxx .mv as ' .iv Wx .-- xlmxw gfygskx xr,-Ywy i, 'f H, Q 'X Primary Battalian Stall . BATTALION COMMANDER Cadet Captain Cushing, F. BATTALION EXECUTIVE BATTALION SERGEANT Cadet Second Lieutenant Smith, D. First Sergeant Phillips, S -55- Primary Battalion Sponsor Miss Mary Lydia Sheehy Primary Battalion First Grade . . . PLATOON LEADER Cadet Second Lieutenant Edgar, E. GUIDON Corporal Haas, M. PLATOON SERG EANT Platoon Sergeant VanDevender, C. FIRST SQUAD SECOND SQUAD Lord, W. Miller, R. Gaston, G. Munch, D. Jackson, R. Schultz, F. Bacon, R. Lee, J. Errington. C. Simmcns, C. Trigg, J. Montlel, C. Tappan, C. Dixon, W. Russ, R. Wing, A. Summers, G. Bennett, F. Geeund Grade . . . PLATOON LEADER THIRD SQUAD Milling, B. Meaher, R. Munch, G. Kennington, R. Shaffer, C. Daniel, J. M'tchell, R. Coody, C. Faircloth W. Cadet Second Lieutenant McComb, B. GUIDON Corporal Otts, M. PLATOON SERG EANT Platoon Sergeant Jacobs, FIRST SQUAD SECOND SQUAD Bauer, J. Harris, R. Bayley, W. Coker, E. Radcliff, R. McCorquodale, W. Cooper, D. Coker, D. Folmar, F. Hallett, W. Moore, C. Hagan, J. Huller, C. Robinson, D. Crabtree, W. Cabral, W. Milling, R. Guest, R. Laurendine, E. Worthy, E. Third Grade . . . PLATOON LEADER L. THIRD SQUAD Weaver, R. Gates, H. Gibbons, C. Luce, J. Chamberlin, J. Costa, E. Kennedy, D. McCafferty, E. Maddox, R. Jones, M. Cadet Second Lieutenant Rollings, W. GUIDON Corporal Haffner, W. FIRST SQUAD SECOND SQUAD Bush, A. Miller, J. Chifders, H. Walker, R. Washburn, J. S. Leff, J. Francis, J. Cook, C. Eades, R. Santa Cruz, G. Hegan, A. Ladd, S. Morgan, M. Howser, G. T. Hill, R. Tate, W. THIRD SQUAD Thurber, C. Hansen, J. Arnett, D. Reinhart, D. Blackwell, F. Coffer, K. Scheuermann, Burns, P. E. ,,.,.,.....-f-- W sl' L' uh, Crack Company . , COMPANY COMMANDER JUNIOQQ Gmddick J Cadet Major Murray, R. PLATOON LEADERS Cadet Captain Ladd, R., First Platoon Cadet Captain Reiss, J., Second Platoon SQUAD LEADERS Cadet Captain Cushing, F., First Squad Cadet Captain House, J. G., First Platoon Cadet First Lieutenant Jackson, C., First Platoon Cadet Captain Blacksher, J. L., First Platoon Cadet First Lieutenant Cochran, S., Second Platoon Cadet First Lieutenant Regan, W., Second Platoon Cadet First Lieutenant Watkins, J., Second Platoon Cadet First Lieutenant Clarke, W., Second Platoon ASSISTANT SQUAD LEADERS Cadet First Lieutenant Cobb, E., First Platoon Cadet First Lieutenant McGuire, C. J., First Platoon Codv W Campbell E Cadet Second Lieutenant Rollings, W., First Platoon Loffer R Gluesple W Cadet Second Lieutenant Smith, D., First Platoon Cadet Second Lieutenant Inge. C., Second Platoon Cadet Second Lieutenant Lyons, S., Second Platoon Elhsor L Patrick M Cadet Second Lieutenant Nichols, R., Second Platoon Emed W vman R Cadet Second Lieutenant Drane, F., Second Platoon Goodloe R Williams Crack Companv on St Francis Street Best Ulilled Eadets, 1952 . . . Uutstandiuq Cadets in Platnuns, 1 Left to right: Blacksher, J. L.: Murray, R.: Myers, W.: Goodloe, R.: Car- rington, J.: McGuire, J.: House, J. G.: Sutton, J.: Crawford, L. 1 X C'Aa,,fef 4 ACTIVITIES "These pictures were made in the horse and baggy days. Richard, lhe janitor, rode several of as home from school every Saturday night in the baggy."-MILTON LADD, '12. Q- Q 1 I X - 72 - lr C sy, Mrs. Milton Lad epard, 'o' Z X lL Time Marches U11 "Sofft though zz man misc' in his own conceit, Tfzcrc' is more hope of az fool than of hZ.772.,,-PROVERBS 26:12. Q4 f L f .. X - --Y,i -71-I.. wr Yk 3 51551 g X gg .. .N 5 '51 V U 2 sf 'vi wif' " Vsf Q 'wif X sas Q si X x W X X X. rx SI'-SFT in x Honor Council . . . President H Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer Adviser Adviser Sitting, left to right-Wilson, F.: Cobb, E.: Murray, R.: Reiss, J.: Murray, Richard Reiss, Jake Cobb, Edward Major Hanks Captain Nolan House, G. Standing, left to right,-Major Hanks: Eastburn, E.: Harris, J.: Phillips, S.: Hansen, D.: llloill and Scroll Sooiol . . . President C o, C C C Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer Adviser C . , C C C, , . Ladd, Russell House, Gordon Murray, Richard Captain Chambers Seated, left to right-Cushing, F.: House, G.: Ladd, R.: Murray, R.: Smith, D. Standing, left to right-Clarke, W. E.: Watkins, J. C.: Nichols, R.: Regan, W.: Lyons, S.: Rogers, D.: Meeker, A.: Reiss, J. L 75 Q Battalion Review Staff . . . Editor in Chief , 7 .. A......,.. .. ,. , 7 ,.4.7 ......,. . .. Robert D. Nichols Associate Editor and Cartoonist .. .. oiiio,io,ioo,oooooo,o,. o,,, . ooo,, Rob Leatherbury Feature Editors . . William Rollings, Forrest Wilson, Don Rogers Scuttlebutt Editor .. r,oe, e,ee,, . . iee, e,eeeeee,eee, . . . eeeee Frank Drane Primary Editor ieeiee Barrie Haiman Sports Editor .. . . ,,ee,eeeeeeeeee,e A . iee,e Sage Lyons Asst. Sports Editor . .. . . eee,,e eee,, . ,eeeee eeee,,ee , . ,iee . ..Ben Harris, Jr. Faculty Advisers .. . .. ..Mr. B. R. Chambers, Mrs. Myrtle Boazman Left to right-Rollings, W.: Wilson, F.: Drane, F.: Harris, B.: Rogers, D.: Haiman, B.: Nichols, R.: Captain Chambers: Lyons, S. Hep Committee . . . Sitting, left to rightf-Cobb, E.: Murray, R.: Reiss, J. Standing, left to right--McGuire, J.: Lyons, S.: Inge, C.: Corte, D, 1761 Lihrar Club . President Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer Adviser Left to right-Ward, G.: Blacksher, J, U. Doehring, Fred Cody. Walter Ernest, Walter . , ,, N N Mrs. Boazman Phillips, S.: Ellisor, J. L.: Doehring, F.: Ernest, W.: Cody. W.: Left to right-Mostellar, J.: G dd ra ick, J.: Davidson, G.: Younce, D.: Ingersoll W' Turner H.: Hansen, J.: Campbell, E.: Voran, R.: Stephens, L. Standing-Bragg. R.: i7an'Depender, QW . J., - 1 Left to right-Gibbons, J.: May, J.: Mrs. Boazman: Macpherson, J. R.: Carrington, .l.: Ladd, E. B.: Henderson, B.: Dukes, C.: Whigham, R.: Pattison, S.: May, W.: Williams, B.: Cobb, VV. O.: Zavros, A.: Patrick, M.: Gillespie, W.: Godwin, O.: Kelly, M.: Turner, P.: Blackwell, R.: Cook, G. ...77-. Stamp and Eoin Club . . . President e ,L , Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer Adviser L 7 eree it L, Ladd, Russell Davis, Carl Haiman, Barry Mr. Delaney Sitting, left to right-Daniel, R.: Haiman, B.: Ladd, R.: Davis, C.: Clower, B. Second row, left to right-Smith, F.: Pedersen, O.: I-Iolleman, J.: Stevens, T. Last Lyons, W.: Towle, J.: Fairchild, R. L.: Simpson, D. Not pictured above-Wiegand, H.: Ramsey, W. Student Council . . . row. left to right- President , , Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer Adviser ,, Sitting, left to right-Phillips, S.: McGuire, J.: Lyons, S. Standing, l J. A.: Patrick. M.: Ladd, E. B. ..78.. McGuire, Juddy Lyons, Sage Phillips, Sidney Mr. Huckabee eft to right-Harris, Photograph Club . President Watkins, John Vice-President Leatherbury, Rob Secretary-Treasurer Clarke, William Adviser J .. ,. J Captain Nolan First row, left to right-Atkeison, C.: Brook, L.: Myers, W.: Ladd, E. F.: Leatherbury, R.: Gilbert, D.: Wallace, J. M.: Clarke, W. Second row, left to right-McClammy, G.: Smith, J. T.: Captain Nolan: House, G. Not pictured above--Watkins, J. Science Iflluh . . . President Pettiss, Jeff Vice-President Martin, David Secretary-Treasurer Pilgrim, Carl Adviser , . J .lVlr, Killcreas Left to right-Burgett, R.: Lips, I.: Case, J.: Gardner, R.: Friedlander, G.: Pilgrim, C. Pet- tiss, J.: Mr. Killcreas: Martin, D. Barney, H.: Wallace, J. E.: Eastburn, E.: Barrett, 0.: Torbert, I.. Not pictured above-Jackson, G.: Lindsey, G.: Russ, S.: Williams, J. H. ... 79 Q Eurensics . . . DEBATE TEAM FIRST AFFIRMATIVE SECOND AFFIRMATIVE FIRST' NEGATIVE SECOND NEGATIVE Sage Lyon John Watkins Robert Nichols Russell Ladd TOPIC FOR DEBATE: "Resolved that the Atlantic Pact Nations Should Form A Federal Union." DEBATE ASSISTANT . . . POETRY INTERPRETATION . . x l Fred Doehring J b R I aco exss Cadet Chorus . .X , F """""""'w ' l Front row, left to right-Moore, WV. H.: Ingersoll, W.: Towle, J.: Jobe, N.: Brinkley, H.: Ellisor, J. L.: Gunn, J.: McKean, G.: Murray, R.: Corte, D.: Gillespie, W.: McGuire, C. J.: Cobb, E.: Campbell, E.: Meeker, A, C.: Brooks, L. Back row, left to right-Captain Nolan, Steele, B.: Davidson, G.: Blackwell, R. O.: Graddick, .l.: Dukes, R.: Ward, G.: Phillips, S.: Ernest, W.: Younce, D.: House, G.: Cushing, F.: Van Devender, C.: Regan, W.: Wilson, F.: Hill, H.: Mrs. Durant. Huhh Eluh . . . President . .. Harris, B. Vice-President Jobe, N. Secretary-Treasurer Brock, P. Adviser . Captain Chambers Left picture, left to right-Steele, B.: Meaher, A.: Stephens, C.: Grant, ll.: Jobe, N.: Coffer, R.: St. George. W. Right picture, left to right-Starkey, L.: Hartridge, C.: Goodloe, R.: Brock, P.: Harris, B.: Mahoney. A.: Coggin, G.: Cropp, E. Middle picture, left to right-Slaton, B.: Midgette, M.: Bunkley, C.: Captain Chambers: Gunn, J.: Bond, J.: Harris, J.: Butler, R. Not pictured above-Fox, L.: Newberry, C.: Robinson, .l. ... 81 .. Q a 'T Courtesy Mobile- Pre-ss Re-gush-1' N'-N. Top left-Sally Sharpe Top right-Edward Cobb Lower right-Martha, Lowe Lower left-Clifton Inge -82 1191195 HI1 Heaux if -Y E Activities 5' 751 v, HQ W3 M152 X 1 X 55. X In L Q Q. , '11 f .fig lr V., V t ' "' Swiiislfg if JS , gf? S fm ww .U X . ,JR Q W5 . ,gf "Wt-4 'wg Wmwh Q A nga' .Q K ,. A X P' ,k'R'mx?N "' M' 'nu W' V an , Q . K r ,AHA v 5 i su 1 x . -1 , Qlniki Q.:-,ms D 3 F 1' Q41 'ill-1-..,,, ' yr? ii L -X' ia ff ik 5 JH fi!i.'Ei'i.'i:' MW 5 .1 H U. M. S. Hemeeeming . . . me IZAUETVS NF S f iH5lZ'H,3 THEY JUST RETUHNWIVERY SIXTY-YEAR51 wvmzume imma 1 Q E 5 They Returned . . . ' 1-S' Sty-Z Q LQ Q... . . min me ,.. asasazsca W Mr. Rainer, Mr. Harris, Mr. Harris Three Generations: Barnev -Barnev -Barnev Faculty Heeeivinq Line . . . -86- 'EW X if Q x X, , '11 ' 'Un arf 1 .L 5 A f 1, ef aw--Q 5 NF NNNBQ , 3 "M--N, wg W' Manu-up 1 5. ,,,..ww mf ff 2 J' 6 is 'wir' Eemmeneemem, 1953 . . . Awards . .. SAGE LYONS AWARD JULIUS TUTWILER WRIGHT AWARD SCIENCE AWARD Richard Overhcy Gilbert Dukes James llirs eq,-f THOSS ATHLETIC AWARD WILLIAM CAFFEY EDINGTON W. S. PAPE AWARD Earle Smith MEMORIAL MEDAL Sidney Phillips Fred Siegmund -33- Awards . I S ,, ,M ,i SALES EXECUTIVE ESSAY CONTEST WINNER CAPTAIN, BEST DRILLED Wilton Finch COMPANY Earle Smith Eummencement Drill ,891 Pield Da 1952 . i . 5 Field Day Winners of '52-Frank Taylor, Clifton Inge, Robert Whigham, John Harris, William Tate ,90- FRIENDS AT LUNCHTIMEN . . gfmfggssig .. -,.-.-- "OUR GOOD MAN FRIDAY" 4191" A O I 'vw' ' 'irtmwwfm In-if 5-. .QA vii Da . .i f .M 'M .- ,. . gt A mi, fps, V , that qmf - .aalvyjg , fla g: 4 V Left tn ,-ight-mvie Mctirew, Mary Rogers A -gmt T,,,.m' Cadets off Guard FIRST GRADE Brazil Simon 5' .W FF N mi x M K my X' - P v Mx wa in 5 -at Q4 "?'We,. mmf K x P? L, DSW" k 'iff 2-E fe V wx ,M 'Ei 9 t 'SEQ 5 'Wx 5504650 xx, WING' Y Wx im HE S wS SEQ-sw QQ-TX 2 ay Qgfm' . 'Q ' vr 'QQ Wg Mews' 99 ,,,...Q-if -f-v""' S s 'R 1 'hi W 4 1 x -Qw- i . WX 5 J ' Wt' ...YS gf.. Y 1 5 , f 1:1-W 5 ' 'FI 5555? J 6Aa,afer 5 ,? X ATHLETICS UNIVERSITY MILITARY SCHOOL FOOTBALL TEAM CITY CHAMPIONS-1912 Front row, left to right-Jeff Caffey: J. Leslie Taylor: Frank Malone: .lohn Moreland, Jr.: Duprey Hays: Marion Gaines: Neal Davis: Freeman Turner, Jr. Back row, left to right-Ira Swift: Richard Spencer: Melvin Haas: Sidney Phillips: Felix Cleveland: Henry Izard: Coach Ed Overton: Mastin Cleveland: John Mc-Alpine: Willie G. Ward. "This was L1 Ifum of grad! a'etcrmfzzuZio11 and Ll fQL'C'II 561150 of lzumor. They were not plzysimlfy cvzdowed and were our mafzzzca' in wary guinea" -ED Ovr1R'l'rmN, Co.-VLH. f if 4 X gf- , X 1 1 A f 5- fs - , I -93- Photo Courtesy. Mn, 'l'homas Moors Time Marches Un , nfl' ' K 36:95 . N . .Luka--.b-4 .l " 7 THE TEAM THAT DEFEATED MURPHY IN 1952 Top row, left to right-Sidney Phillipsg Billy McComb: Martin Longg Juddy McGuire: Harvey Hill. Middle row, left to right-Shirley Cochran: John Blacksher, Captain: Clifton Inge: Ollie Byrd. Bottom row, left to right-Donald Hanseng George Ward: James Hanseng LeGrand Ellisor: Charles VanDevender. "This team that defeated Murphy was one of great determination and over- whelming courage. Their strength was in their indestraetihle spirit as a team." -R. E. I-IAN1-Ls, CUACH. Z ig H44 - Y -Y l 1 -99, arssity Squad . Q First row, left to right-Green, H.: Voran, R.: Mostellar, J.: Graddick, J.: Whigham, R.: Jacobs, L.: Gillespie, W.: Bryars, M.: Ernest, W.: Davidson, G. Second row, left to right- llansen, D.: Lyons, S.: Ward, G.: Phillips, S.: Long, M.: McComb, B.: Smith, D.: Cobb, E.: VanDevender, C.: Byrd, 0. Third row, left to right-Hill, B.: Ellisor, J.: Herring, D.: Han- sen, J.: Cook, D.: Inge, C.: McGuire, J.: Cochran, S.: Blacksher, J. WON-LOSS RECORD 1952 VARSITY FOOTBALL Bay Minette 0 U. M. S. . 20 Fairhope 0 U. M. S. . 33 Foley 0 U. M. S. 13 McGill 7 U. M. S. 0 Tate 0 U. M. S. 45 Vigor 12 U. M. S. 14 Ashford 13 U. M. S. 18 Greenville . 7 U. M. S. 7 Robertsdale 0 U. M. S. 20 Murphy . . 6 U. M. S. 13 P1151 Team . . LINE-Left to right: Cook, Blacksher, Ellisor, Hill, Cochran, Hansen, Inge. BACKS-Left to right: McComb, McGuire, Phillips, Byrd. -101- Athlotio Coaches . . . COACH BRUCE FILIPPINI COACH R. E. HANKS COACH ANDREW HINSON Football Line Coach Head Football Coach Assistant Football Coach Assistant Basketball Coach Head Basketball Coach Baseball Coach Golf Coach Football aooqors . . . Frank Drane, Fred Cushing, Ben Harris -102- Eheerleaders . . . l-'ront row, left to right,-Joanne Torbert: Charlotte Robinson: Agnes June Eastburn Marilyn Percy. Back row, left to right-William Regan: Ernest Edgar: Raye McKinley: Jake Reiss. Lefs Yell 1 1 -103- Phillips Teases Tate Tacklers Line Forms To The Rear CADETS DEFEAT BAY MINETTE The Cadets opened their '52 season with a 20-0 victory over Bay Minette. The Cadets first score came in the second quarter after James Hansen had blocked a kick. Two plays later Juddy McGuire stepped across the goal on a hand-off from Sidney Phillips: Donnie Hansen converted. The half ended 7-0. Late in the third period Shirley Cochran pounced on a loose ball and three plays later Billy McComb connected with Clifton Inge for the second score. Hansen again converted. The final score came when fleet-footed Ollie Byrd scampered 97 yards for a touchdown after inter- cepting a Bay Minette pass, The game ended 20-0 in favor of U. M. S. Byrd Breezes By Inge Snags One U. M. S. BEATS FAIRHOPE The Cadets saw their second victory of the season after defeating the Fairhope Pirates 33-0. The first score came after a 69-yard drive. Passes accounted for the set-up of three other scores. The highlight of the game was when Ollie Byrd returned a punt 58 yards to pay dirt. The game ended 33-0 in favor of U.M.S. CADETS DEFEAT FOLEY, 13-0 The Cadets chzilked up their third successive victory with their 13-0 score over the Foley Lions. The Cadets' first score came when "Mighty Mo." Ed Cobb. nipped through the line to pay dirt. The point zifter touchdown was no good. The half ended ti-0. The finzll score cznne on ai short run by Ollie Byrd. Donnie Hansen converted. The game ended with the Bulldogs victory. 13-0. McGuire and Long Lead Tacklers HARD FIGHTING CADETS SEE FIRST DEFEAT OF SEASON Scrappy Faidets found themselves placed on the short end ot' at 7-0 score by lVICGill. The gznne wus nip :ind tuck :ill the way into the closing minutes ot' the fourth quarter. The only score ot' the gznne cznne on LI short screen pass from Cottrell to Burch. The game ended shortly utter, with the Cadets seeing themselves beaten l'or the first time out ot' four gzunes. Inge Scores Jacket Back Is Stung Battalion . . . Mount the Stands! yrd Gives Fairhope Defender The Evil Eye Mc-Guire And Ward Clear The Way SPECTATORS WATCH BULL- DOGS BLAST TATE 45-0 IN FIRST HOMECOMING Perhaps the most outstanding player was Ollie Byrd. Fleet-footed Byrd ac- counted for four of the seven touchdowns. Following Ollie were Juddy McGuire with two and Sidney Phillips with one. The Cadets gained a total of 359 yards rushing, 266 of which came in the second half. Not only did the Cadets put on a good offen- sive show, but a defensive one as well. by holding the Tate Aggies to a net total of four yards rushing and 33 yards in the air. McGill Back Slips Inge Eludes Robertsdale Tackler CADETS UPSET UNDEFEATED ASHFORD The Cadets desire to win contributed mostly to the victory over Ashford. Billy McComb accounted for two of the scores, while Byrd followed with one. Ashford scored first and held the lead all the way until the last 45 seconds of the game. Score: Cadets 18, Ashford 13. CADETS UPSET VIGOR, 14-12 The under-rated Cadets out fought and out classed the Vigor Wolves. 14-12. Not only did the Cadets out smart "The Wolf Pack from Prichard," but they featured sparkling blocking and tackling as well. This perhaps was the best game they have played this season. U.M.S. scored f'irst on a 60-yard drive late in the first period with the help of Ollie Byrd. Billy McComb, George Ward, and .Iuddy McGuire. The score came on a Red Dog Is Snowed Under short pass from Ward to Inge. Midway in the final quarter the Cadets gained posses- sion of the ball after recovering a Vigor fumble. Starting from the Vigor 17-yard line. Billy McComb. after a series of plays. found his way to pay dirt. If it were not for Donnie Hansen's "educated toe" per- haps the game would not have turned out as it did. Both the Vigor scores came on Wil- liains' passing and Crawfords and McFar- rin's receiving. Phillips In The Clear Ten Down. One To Go Panther Back Is Surrounded Pile On U. M. S. - GREENVILLE BATTLE TO 7-7 TIE The Cadets after recovering a punt on the Greenville 35-yard stripe scored in three plays. Ollie Byrd and Donnie Hansen got credit for the seven points. Greenville drove 50 yards for the only score late in thc final quarter. The Cadets were mostly on defense during the final period. Captain John Blacksher, Shirley Cochran and James Hansen did a great defensive job to hold Greenville to only one score. He's Stopped In Time CADETS DOWN ROBERTSDALE, 20-0 Eight plays after the opening kick-off, a Phillips to Inge com- bination seored the Cadets' first touchdown, The second score came when Phillips passed to Inge for the tally. For the third time and for the third score the Phillips to Inge combination could not be stopped. Donnie Hansen completed two out of three conversions to make the score 20-0 in favor of the Bulldogs. -108- CADETS DEFEAT MURPHY FOR THIRD TIME IN QUARTER CENTURY It was a glorious Thanksgiving day for the Red and Gray of U. M. S.. for beating the high and mighty Kittens of Murphy High School is not a thing often done. The victory for the Cadets was the first over Murphy since 1941. and only once previously, in 1927. It threw the city area championship race into a three-way tio with Murphy and McGill. It just goes to show that no matter how great the odds. hustle and determination still win ball Nice Kick games. as was seen when the Cadets. undrrdogs. beat Murphy 13-G on the Ladd Stadium field. The first score cf the game came when the Panthers promenaded all the way from their 20-yard line to pay dirt. Bobby Savacool made the tally. The Cadets overcame this to score two touchdowns. The second of which came after Juddy McGuire blocked a Murphy punt. The Cadets then marched to pay dirt with Byrd car- rying the ball over. The first tally resulted from a Murphy fumble and a pass from Phillips to McComb. Donnie Hansen kicked the extra point for the last touchdown. This was the Cadets' second victory over Murphy since 1927. Cheerleaders Bring Their Own Transportation Murphy Fumbles Junior Varsity Squad . . . First row, left to right-Voran, R.: Mostellar, J.: Graddick, J.: Bryars, M Whlgham R Green, H.: Ernest, W.: Gillespie, W.: Davidson, G. Second row, left to right-Biggs Bragg, R.: Brinkley, H.: Green, D.: May, B.: Williams, B.: Coggin, J.: Coffer R Lindsey G Cody, W. Third row, left to right-Campbell, E.: Green, I-I.: Turner, H Theodore Murphy Vigor G McGill Vigor G First Team JUNIOR VARSITY FOOTBALL RECORD GG G GG GG 32 U. M. S. 32 U.M. 6 U.M. S. .,r, G GG G 21 U. M. S. GG G 6 U. M. S. LINE-Biggs, Davidson, Mostellar, Green, Voran, Blackwell, Brinkley BACKS-Cody, Graddick, Campbell, Bryars. - 110 - Juniur Squad . . . First row, left to right-Stevens, T.: Reilly, W.: Bond, J., Wallace, J. M.: Clower, W. Wallace, J.: Stidger, W.: Pettis, J.: Gardner, T. Second row, left to right-Lyons, B.: Harris J.: Huffman, B.: Eastburn, E.: Carrington, J.: Potts, W.: Bunkley, C.: Harris, N.: Campbell, H JUNIOR RECORD Baltimore 0 U. M. S. . 7 Galvez . .... . . ..... . 0 U. M. S. 18 Florida-Emogene . .. 0 U. M. S. . 8 Thomas James .... .. 6 U. M. S. .. .. . . 7 Rickarby ......... . 6 U. M. S. . .. . 0 -Ill- idqet Squad . . fs.-m...-V . A . .. . .. First row, left to right-Ziegler, G.: Peebles, E.: Sutton, J.: Clower, P.: Barrett, O.: Wil- son, J.: Derkits, J. Second row, left to right-Tate, W.: Lord, L.: Walton, W.: Goodlce, T.: Warren, C.: St. George, W.: Robinson, J.: Turner, J. Tin mite Squad . First row, left to right-Laurendine, E.: Worthy, E.: Moore, C.: Costa, E.: Noble, B.: Robin- son, P.: Blackwell, F.: Hansen, J. Second row, left to right-Bush, A.: Thurber, W.: Thurber C.: Berry, J.: Ponder. W.: Pickron, B.: Cooper, A.: Blackwell, J. -112- Basketball F arsity Squad . First row, left to right-Byrd, O.: Phillips, S.: McComb, B.: Long, M. Second row, left to right-Ward, G.: Jackson, C.: Cook, D.: Inge, C. Below-Edgar, E.: Drane, F. VARSETY BASKETBALL RESULTS Semmes .. 45 U. M. S. .. Baker 54 U. M. S. . .. Murphy . . 47 U. M. S. Theodore .. . . 43 U. M. S. Fairhope . . . 48 U. M. S. Vigor . .. 86 U. M. S. . .. Monroeville .. 58 U. M. S. . Semmes . 54 U. M. S. Monroeville . 71 U. M. S. . .. McGi11 50 U. M. S. .. Theodore 41 U. M. S. .. Baker 47 U. M. S. . Murphy . 58 U. M. S. . Fairhope . 37 U. M. S. Vigor . . 72 U. M. S. . .. McGi11. . 54 U. M. S. . DISTRICT TOURNAMENT Grove H111 45 U. M. S. . .. 49 Murphy 63 U. M. S. . 55 - 114 - Managers . . Left to right-Haiman, B.: Nichols, R. VARSITY BASKETBALL Xx br 9: VW wi,,.,., m 1 Y 1 x, , . 4 . ff ff' Nfrmexfffig a Is. 8 il? ,I M -- sm 1 ff ff . gil ' ff - 15 Mrs we . Ye' if .-,A W t AX ,x , N QA b : 'wvfmfmr l -' ' if Q Q ,v 5. M A. ff ik ,.K, if.vf,.5, '13 .Vg I ,. !, fs? if 5 in at 5133989 F ii . Q L. KEN az. km if Junior Varslt Squad First row, left to right-Whigham R Carrington J Cleveland L Cody C McKean G Second row, left to right--Blackwell J Patrick M Ernest W Hansen D Stephens L JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL RESULTS Baker .l,.e.s.. Murphy ..A.. Theodore Fairhope Vi gor ...,.,s.see Monroeville Semmes ,..,. Monroeville McGill soeeses Theodore Baker Murphy ,,,., Fairhope Vigor ,rr.rrrer McGill ,es,.,. Junior Varsity Basketball . . . Intermediates . . . First row, left to right--Brinkley, H.: Ellisor, L. G.: Graddiek, J.: Campbell, E. Second row left to right-Blacksher, J. L. fcoachlg Cochran, S.: Leatherbury, R., Hansen, J.: Van Devender, C.: Voran, R.: Blackwell, R. 0. Juniors . . . First row, left to right-Tull, G.: Robinson, J.: Gunn, J.: Gardner, R. L.: Wilson, J.: Sutton, J. second row, left to right-Macpherson, I.: Harris, J.: Reilly, W.: Harris, N.: Newberry, C.: Slaton, B.: Coach Chambers. -V -119- Baseball . . . Shirley Cochran and Baseball Managers Jacobs, L. and -l20-- arsily Squad . First row, left to right-Patrick, M.: Blacksher, J. L.: Voran, R.: Pattison, S Cobb E Whigham, R.: Pettiss, J.: Ward, G.: Phillips, S.: McComb, B. J. Second row, left to right-Byrd, O.: Smith, D.: Long, M.: Cochran, S.: Hansen, D Jackson C.: Inge, C.: Hansen, J.: Cook, D. March 20 March 24 March 27 March 31 April 2 April 7 April 10 April 14 April 17 April 21 April 24 April 28 May 1 May 5 May 7, 8, 9 U. M. S. BASEBALL SCHEDULE Foley McGill Murphy Semmes Theodore Vigor McGill Alba Semmes Theodore Murphy Vigor Foley Alba County Tournament -121- Sage Park Hartwell Field Hartwell Field Sage Park Sage Park Hartwell Field Hartwell Field Sage Park Semmes Theodore Hartwell Field Hartwell Field Foley Alba Hartwell Field Baseball John Blacksher Donald Smith and Edward Cobb - 122 - Clifford Jackson Billy McComb and Clifton Inge Gulf Team . . . Coach Bruce Filippini, Lyons, Murray, Ripps Intel'-City matches will be scheduled. X - Xl W 5 4? 0 255 Ric-hard Murray Sage Lyons Harold Ripps - 123 -- lfedei Staff . . . Editor in Chief . . . Russell Ladd To our subscriber friends and advertisers, We extend our grateful appreciation for their generous support which has helped make the book possible. Business Staff . . . Business Managers-Seated, Richard Murray. Standing, left to right, William Regan. As- sistant Business Managers: Sage Lyons, Ernest Edgar. -124- Eeature Editors . . . Seated, Gordon House. Standing, John Watkins Photographer . . . A thur Meeker Military Editors . KY Seated, William Clark St d g F dC h g Sports Editors . Seated, Donald Smith. Be Proud of Your Boy's Appearance . . . OUTFIT HIM CORRECTLY IN Mobile's Most Complete Boy's Department COMPLETE LINE OF U. M. S. REGULATION o SHIRTS 0 TIES 0 SOCKS 0 WHITE GLOVES I I - C 1 S S 1' O S. "Buy Fashions From Specialists in Fashions" 204 - 206 DAUPHIN If Iz C onzcs From Gabriel? It'.v G ood ! 0 S7 iliill UQU ISU 5 mme Haus Q4aGt3 Jewelers Since 1902 When You Think of THAMESJACKSON- HARRIS CO. INSURORS - REALTORS 60 St. Francis Street DIAL 3-9545 F I N E S H 0 E S POWERS COMPANY Inc jgilllflbg 1621. -I .. JIOBILE l4,ALAn.m.x I O SHOES O BAGS O HOSIERY 'Th House of America's Finest Shoes for 72 Y 205 DAUPHIN STREET , 9 106-8 St. Michael Street ' G4ENE OOTWEAR Office Furniture School Supplies Duplicator Machines and Supplies PHONE 2-6621 I Every City Has an Outstanding I Shop. In Mobile, it's I I Ang!! 51' Apparel and Shoes of Di.vtifzrz1'o1z BATTLE HOUSE BUILDING COMPLIMENTS OF S. H. KRESS 81 CO. 5, 10, and 25c STORE Mobile, Alabama ll ..... 'I lllllm, Tw I Ill llll 'WfffZH'fWff?I3i The World's Most Complete Line of Power Mowers E'th 1 ing blade or rotary blade typ ' ' t ft y d - from the smallest home 1a t th 1 g t t t g lf S th t y d 1 Umm- If . Hardware 6- Supply 'Compahy . MAY SUPPLY CDMPANY PIPE, VALVES. and FITTINGS PLUMBING and HEATING MATERIAL This Book Printed and . . . SYMBOL OF SERVICE Bound bY C I L L , PRINTING 8z STATIONERY ' COMPANY 1 17-19 NORTH NVATER STREET Z MOBILE, ALABAMA STEAMSHIP CORPORATION 61 SAINT IOSEPH STREET MOBILE, ALABAMA COMPLIMENTS OF TAYLOR, LOWENSTEIN SI COMPANY Naval Stores and Factors MOBILE s, ALABAMA Have your complete uniform I cleaned and pressed at CHlN'S LAUNDRY 81 CLEANERS Laundry 81 Cleaners ONE DAY SERVICE AT ANY OF OUR BRANCH OFFICES I I l I U Metzger MOBILE - PRICHARD Arrow Shirts - Dobbs I-Iats Hart, Schaffner 8: Marx Clothes Bostonian Shoes McGregor Sportswear COMPLIMENTS OF MOBILE RUG 81 SHADE CO. 305-7 DAUPHIN STREET RIDE THE ESCALATOR AT W. T. GRANT CO. "Known For Valuci' 171 DAUPHIN STREET COMPLIMENTS UF LORD'S TIRE 81 SUPPLY CO. GENERAL TIRES Government at Bayou St. Phone 8-1514 GREEK for GROCERIES GREEN'S BARBER SHOP 1062 Dauphin Street AIR CONDITIONED Three Barbers to Serve You I V I "Ladie,f' Wear Exflu51'Uc'ly" READY-TO-WEAR MILLINERY ACCESSORIES 1 1 l 1 1 1 1 Baking. M at :ls Bestlxx 'A , 5 i f l 1 4t xwgxlxw 21. it X ,, M. C. FARMER-Contractor Xe-llll llfull 13- H3233 I Roads - Streets - Driveways SNOIYVFLIRKE M I 2152 HALL'S MILL ROAD ggaskgirss 'Il . Dial 6-6457 Vfgfg Mobile, Alabama K , . ' f , .X l xl S wllnfe ' "' Et G Xl cnAC"ERs COMPLIMENTS OF RAY-BROOKS MACHINERY CO. Mobile - Montgomery ROCKET AHEAD WITH A ROCKET OLDSMOBILE FOR 1953 HAMRICK MOTOR COMPANY 358 St. Louis Street Dial 2-4521 Mobile 10, Ala. CUMPLIMENTS OF RADCLIFFE GRAVEL COMPANY I ... SHARPE-WHEYLAND, I INC. 158 ST. LOUIS STREET Mobile, Alabama Serving Food Stores, Restaurants . ,Institutions and Homes COMPLIMENTS OF THOSS SPORTING GOODS COMPANY Exclusive Distributors of GOLDSMITH and RAWLINGS ATHLETIC EQUIPMENT SPOT-BILT SHOES 76 Dauphin Dial 2-5624 "Son" Thoss - "Chick" Malone BIG 3 ST. LOUIS MOTOR CO. 277 St. Louis St. - Mobile Dial 8-2515 TOULMINVILLE MOTOR CO. 2314 St. Stephens Road - Toulminville Dial 7-6069 MAIN STREET MOTOR CO. Wilson Ave. Sz Main St. - Prichard Dial 78-8821 Spot "Cash" For Your Car N A T H A N FURNITURE CO. 400-410 Dauphin St.-Corner Franklin Phones: 2-0447 - 2-0448 Mobile, Alabama PRICHARD STORE 67-69 N. Wilson Ave. COMPLIMENTS OF CUSHING HARDWARE CO. 2050 Grant Street MOBILE, ALABAMA Compliments of A Friend I 1 7 n MOBILE PRODUCE ' RILEY-STUART SUPPLY CO., Inc. BUILDING MATERIALS Eagle-Picher and DuPont Paints Virginia at Conception St. PHONE 3-7465 COMPLIMENTS OF QUlGLEY'S 600 St. Louis Street CADILLAC -- PONTIAC FRIGIDAIRE - GOODYEAR D CO., Inc. I I ial 2-4466, Day Dial 6-7447, Night l GULF COAST MARINE SUPPLY Co. I K Distributors I MARINE and MILL SUPPLIES PLUMBING .andh HEATING MATERIAL PIPE, VALVES and FITTINGS Royal and Monroe Streets Mobile 6, Ala. 'lfltlf is - COMPLIMENTS OF CITY SALES COMPANY COMPLIMENTS OF LYONS INSURANCE COMPANY 204-6 First National Bank Annex 2-3683 General Insurance and Surety Bonds THAMES 8 BATRE Every Kind of INSURANCE AND SURETY BONDS 108 ST. JOSEPH STREET L 2-0451 ED FIELDS FRUIT DISTRIBUTING LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY, Inc. DRINK GR. C. COLA" Nehi Bottling Company LET US DEVELOP AND PRINT YOUR FILMS W 0 J 0 H N ' S 16 So. Conception St. - Dial 2-6882 Slide and Sound Projectors BEST WISHES JESSE FRENCH CO. "Fine Piunox Since 1875" Band Instruments - Radios 12 South Joachim - Phone 2-8378 COMPLIMFNTS OF TROY LAUNDRY 81 DRY CLEANING COMPANY ENGRAVINGS FOR THIS BOOK BY GULF STATE S ENCRAVINC CO. COMPLIMENTS OF U N D E R W O O D Builders Supply Co. "Better Service lo the Buildvrv 401 So. Royal St. - Dial 2-3581 WARLEY FRUIT 81 PRODUCE CO. Quality, Service, Satisfaction 57-59 S. Commerce St. 56-58 S. Front St Telephone 2-7775 P. O. Box 129 - Mobile, Ala. Registered Ieweler, American Gem Society GEMS and GIFTS 3 South Royal Street Cobb-Rarret Motors Incorporated HUDSON Sales - Service - Parts - Accessories Corner St. Louis and Warren Box 1533 Telephone 3-5517-18 Mobile, Alabama JOE MONTGOMERY Life Insurance A Friend of U. M. S. CYJMPLIMENTS UF THE AMERICAN NATIONAL BANK 81 TRUST COMPANY COMPLIMILN T5 oF THE REGAN COMPANY Laundry Supplies Dairy Equipment Serving the Greater Gulf States SALES - INSTALLATION CLIFF HARRIS .IEWELRY 81 CAMERA C0. DIAMONDS ' WATCHES ' SILVERWARE ' CAMERAS "IS Years Mobilcfs Only Certified Watchmalqern if L. 8z N. Railroad Watch Inspector 203 Dauphin Street Mobile, Ala. Phone 2-0258 HEASTMAN KODAK AND VIEW MASTER DEALERS" WE HAVE AN EXPERIENCED' ORGANIZATION TUR ER SUPPLY, C0. Machinery Industrial - Electrical and Contractors' Supplies 1 A good pIaCe to Inanlz . . . M -2-i Njlii , TODAY and TOMORROW! f 4211? I ii- Cit' ff 'I . L 3, ' I 55555 . Wffs. A, 2 3529559 S 1 11 ' -I f V--, nl: mnennnrs NA'rloNAl. ' ' ' ,"l I EY --tt ig?f:fff,I I ,:V:p, E pzqz ,, EIEIPR IE ,.LL25,i,gg:31- ,l. f A -,, ' ii? :V it Lf . .'. , I ppq, 'A '- ----,, . .. ....,...... ., .....,.,....v-'--- ' MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION i l . I Greetings and Best Wishes From ALABAMA'S OLDEST BANK I TO THE STUDENT BODY OF U. M. S. We hope that in the years to come you will bank with us and bank on us to help you climb the ladder of success. l I 'SEIU Flkslsllmg If I Alubamds Oldest Bank- Every Modern Banking Service I I I-' ' F 'ss " ' '-' A Reach for Smztlfs S U N B E A M COMPLIMENTS OF I mmmm X, HEITER-STARKE The Bread 0 y an, - You Need sf y PRINTING CO. I For Energy fi f i? f f MOBILE, ALABAMA A Xe A Ji? if A BIDG00 D STATIONERY ' COMPAN Since 1846 COMPLIMENTS OF ROBERTS and LONG 'Iv 'ything For Your Officcu Phones: 2-0517 Blue Print Dept. 2-6017 67 St. Francis Street P. 0. Box 82 Mobile 1, Alabama Co. SCOTT-LUTTRELL Truck 81 Tractor Co. 320 N0 LAWRENCE SALES C0 Toasted Peanuts RTH ROYAL STREET Peanut Butter Crackers Delicious Candies and Phone: 6-0177 - 6-2271 ROBERTSDALE, ALABAMA 1985 Halls Mill Road at Fulton J l COMPLIMHNTS OF PHOTOGRAPHIC ,pitiful DR U6 STORES "ONE DAY P HOTO FINISHING" "GREETING S" Mobile's Most Complete Department Store SEARS, RDEBUCK 8 C0. ROYAL AND CONTI ST., MOBILE, ALA. PHONE 3-5531 BEST WISHES FROM- f I aaso,a all I l all I Y P 1 ..nn.o.d..e!un. 1f.o.o.d., A FRIEND TOOMEY DRY GOODS COMPLIMENTS OF McPHILLIPS PACKING CORPORATION Bayou La Batre, Alabama Pucker: of Tenderpack Vegetables and Dunbar Brand Seafoods COMPLIMFNTS OF C0-Q Inc. Ciddens XL Rester Theatres Wholesale Dry Goods 8z Notions BROOKLEY DOWNTOWN Menss Furnishings CHICKASAW CRICHTON 13-15 N. WATER STREET AIRSH0 EMPIRE Mobile, Ala. AUTOSHO TERMITES Federal Exterminating Service, Incorporated 716 Holcombe Ave.-Dial 6-8689 FREE INSPECTION -- FREE ESTIMATES Bonded Guarantee Semi-Annual Inspections COMPLIMFNTS UF LOOP NATIONAL BANK CONGRATULATIONS! THE SENIOR CLASS AT U. M. S. Delta Beta Sigma I 6 6 7 7 ABE ..-. --I-....- -l BEST WISHES FROM DeVAN'S FO0D STORES WEINACKER BROS. CONGRATULATIONS CADETS F.E.SMlrH fp 4i v Lighting Fixtures - Lamps - Supplies Display Rooms 800 Holcombe Avenue Mobile 18, Ala. Congratulations T0 THE C L A S S ' 5 3 -FROM nalpms 105 DAUPHIN ST. "Mobile's Fine Shoe Store" Gov't. St. Loop-Eight Mile Citronelle-Toulminville Horace S. Turner, lnc. LUMBER and BUILDING MATERIALS Moffett Road 85 G.M.8zO. Railroad Crossing TELEPHONE 6-4451 COMPLIMENTS OF The National Appliance Division of The National Butane Co. 58 N. Royal St. - Mobile, Ala. PHONE 3-9554 S y it with PhOI16 Flowers" 2-4667 ,q67flZ6f7!d7Z7!6!A9 The Florist 9 NORTH CONCEPTION STREET MOBILE 3 ALABAMA BAYLEY'S PLACE RRANNAN SPORTING GOODS CO. Distributors of A WILSON 205 GOVERNMENT ST C UM PL1 M ENTS OF HERBERT LYONS 81 CO. COMPUMHNTS UF INSURANCE-SURETY BONDS J. 60 St. Michael St.-Mobile, Ala. PRICHARD, ALA. Tel phon 2-3572 ROBINSON TRUCK 8 TRACTOR CO. A HOME OF GMC TRUCKS 659 St. Anthony Street at Washington Ave. Telephone 8-1676-77-78 Mobile, Alabama FIRESTQNE STQRES 210 sr. LoU1s STREET Inv Mobile, Alabama ' I I MOBILE, ALABAMA Phone 2-2705 PHONE 3-2635 hirst stops here Tlio Coca-Cola Bottling Company of Mobile YES sm: l 43 Years of Bo Ll Po I HONEST CLEAN SERVICE "Made Good for 30 Years in Mobile" I Mobile Paint Mfg. Co. ' IMPERIAL LAUNDRY I I COMPLIMENTS UF COMPLIMENTS OF . T. , , I . . Southern Llthographlng Sem Nyhc I NEW YORK LIFE INSURANCE CO. 308-9 First Nat'l Bank Bldg. Office 8-3601 - Res. 3-1975 , eawillaniindi Famous for Fine Foods the World Over Mobilcfs Finest Restaurant U 9 I1 NORTH ROYAL srnssr --.-a Mobile Elevator and ST APLES-PAKE-GRIF F IN Equlpment C0'9 Inc' 100 N. ROYAL STREET Contractor and Engineers Mobile, Ala. Elevating and Material Handling Plhone 3-3745 Equipment ry...T.:,-r.-ya-,M v,,., ,M ...f ,, E :.v, a-I-iv., ...,. ...,.. ..t-.-.,:,,.,,.. ........,.,, 7 A2233-va-fm.. v..,,. .,...,....,.,.,.,,.,.. 5 .-A:- j ""..,... 'V Z: :fa : , ,. , ..,:, Z., A . In t asaawii 5' ia 2 E Wfffa KV ' R U 5 5 F r f r n nia o r o - a r B C S evefage 0' ,,no fU'?Ti5 6005 n Mobile, Alabama i"1'11 -A f ,F '- A' if "1" 4'f 3f,f5f,5QS ,,,, 9 ,,,,,nnn jg.,f,f.Q,,Qg,,gQg ' PROFIT AND PROSPERITY No other section in the United States offers the home-seeker or investor surer returns for his money than Mobile County, Alabama. We have more than four hundred miles of paved roads, and more being constructed, mak- ing every section of the county easily accessible on paved roads. Fruits of every variety, Farming, Cattle Raising, Bee Culture, Wool, Truck Growing, in fact everything that is offered in different sections of the country is embodied in the possibilities offered the industries of Mobile, one of the seven most progressive cities in the United States. Thousands of acres of virgin soil are available at prices far below their intrinsic value. Climate and water are equal to the best in the United States. Investigation and correspondence are solicited. For further information - about this wonderful section, communicate with Mobile County Revenue and Road Commissioners A. B. Jefferies, Chairman Chas. F. Hackmeyer, Commissioner C. H. Jackson, Commissioner Leroy Stevens, Commissioner Geo. A. Toulmin, Commissioner E. C. Doody, Clerk Donald L. Smith, Engineer Wm. V. McDermott, Attorney - T t th Wh l F 'l ' ' TOPS IN QUALITY it rea e 0 e aml y Tonight with MELB A ,- ' vi J ' My ms IN mwah f 1 C E C R E A M Rgflzm. r- : llihq 'M VON ssz: 4 IT'S MOBILE'S FINEST "If you think NIGHT and f.. EVENING h th meaning. note atllie di-iffsigrlift "" AT DEALERS ALL OVER TOWN effect they have on a gown." gii-"rg COMPLIMENTS FROM McKinley Real Estate S1 Insurance Co. 17 N. ANN STREET -- 8-4791 FIRE AUTOMOBILE LIABILITY ACCIDENT STORM WORKMEN'S COMPENSATION HEALTH BONDS PUBLIC LIABILITY BURGLARY PLATE GLASS OCEAN AND INLAND MARINE LIABILITY REAL ESTATE - RENTS - MORTGAGES - INSURANCE Alabama Life 81 Casualty lnsuranee Company HOME OFFICE EMPIRE BUILDING General Agent, Charles McKinley 17 NORTH ANN STREET PHONE 8-4791 In 1 l n 3 i THIS SPACE PURCHASED BY THE UNIVERSITY MILITARY SCI-IO0L In recognition of the enterprise of those students through Whose efforts this annual was designed and prepared. L E 6 E N D ....,...., Aumo-vlsuu. as snowns conmoon as Locus noon ,. ,, nomo-vnsun. so sumvuv vo umonv attmuo noon ga ggsmggnnoou I I twxnloo ss 2:s5SINO noon " :E COIIIDOI M gg UVUGNIASIUII-AUDITORIUN " noun as onessma noon 1, cuss noon nr nnonv ., I -: 3 zzwsavg ro m.conv .. -- - so mean noon -I "' - -- u snowns M .- H " S1 UNASSICIID Sflcl conmoon ss nnconv :nuns 1--1 I-f cuss noon on conmoon mf' 3 2155-5207-W' .." " 20 PNIIARY CLASS NI. I1 H Y - - - on umarrs I. 55 'renin ' ' 23 53329 -4 zo ouvoooa -rncmnc 1: neu nv ,, ,, iz - - 1on.u " W ' - ' ' ,gljgp n zz :sawn Ir: nxE:LglrT:ANgg'.g " I " fx as ltuovtO,,- "' i I-.ilu omc: 10 :nur roncn 1...-.a- .0 ur UE..-f" 4 52.5578 , so - 11 cunnoou Qi HL.,-" ,,,,....-f' ---' ::.:aw:::,':r' 'z - - f Kg" - --- - ' wifi' noeu :for E? E E 2,5 FLOOR ff Z ,fffpg-1--I,-2-gf -T-O. - ,Pr -::' " f as :s::::' -" 4 ',f,i"P7':'?T 5 ' N N 1. Q f , . -ron.u 3 ounce ,Q0,f ,cffrjff gg , ll' 1 1 , - at coluuuon as nous: ff f f fffjf f f 1 l ' I oo oovucn FASSAOI uv ucwnz noon ff -71,-R 1 1 I :Q :::::::'- :: He" 'eo' ,f f ,f -- ,' . 1 1 , Q, as noun so - - f 1 f , I ' ,' , ' 1 1 ' , 1 ' 44 noun noon in vonns f 1 f ' , -.K as common an cuss noon 1 1 ,Lu . fyf 511, 1 l I 1 as umonv ncnon sa - - I f "A If ' ,,f f f 1 1 ' 41 uunonv 1 onvnuo 1 Ac! 1 V' 4 ,, . - I nv - A , I6 1 gf - ' W 4 1 , ,..- I ff f ,473 ' '77 Q fxox ,I 'V " 'L W1 ff ,v 'Q - ' If , 1 A . I X i U 7 I - f f I " I iw, f I A ff 4,1 1 f M an sf ,, f if X ff f f ' MW - f ff I- ff' ff f - I - W y I f , , 1 Q 4 TWV! f f f! 4-""' ff ' ' H ,cj !Ql pf ff ff! , ' 1' 051 A ' , . --1 , ve! ff f f 1 ff I ' If 1 0 f I ff -- I 1 - f ' f l 1 If f . f -11 u ,? 1 IV, 1 uspnu. . f ' .' v , ,Of . f ,. 1' 1 1 ouiaono A X. ' X" if J' f. .77 1 v- o n '- u .f 'N!!.f':'V . I X on 0 v f ! I l f X 1 ' " n '- f I I ' , , I I f - X I ' .If If f ,, I ' f If X l I A 'L 'T ,:I.Q- f ff fl , ', I 1, ff I I 1 , ' r ig..-ff' ,Q M .f I 1 ' 1 I f I I ,-..----f I if W ' f . -. Q ' - I' fp - I . 1' ff ,, 1 ,gf . ,f 'r' f- I ,f ff . 7 ff- O fn 1, f ' , I ' 4 f ,V ,gp ff' , Of 4' 1 -I f - 1 f :- vf 449 YQ' ' " K I K . I I ' ' f' - fi' 1-I,--J P: ,AQ ,"" LlQgS'L.-.44..:.i'-',lZ:'- Q, iq X Tj' 'lf' -If se:FaE,:,'x,,.-- 3-.-.Q--I-:-:'g....-I.:-.:.-4:-.. .... --1i,,,,,,-,,,,,.--1-------i-I ---- u?,.- ,QRAPHIQ QQALQ I I. .x Q... sa- 1 an by I w PROPOSED SCHOOL FOR ' UNIVERSITY NILITA RY SCHOOL uname, ALABAMA PLATT ROBERTS 8 COMPANY ARCHITECTS MOBILE, ALABAMA Q- g RYS f I E lllllxx 2 ,f KQMMM X QRANDSTANU mxwxxxxwgj xxxxxxgxxxxxxxxgxxxefxggjkigxxxxxrxxxxxxxxb, f ,DDD D f , S TE PLA ll x5,..v--1-5 K ' --H 1 " Qllligfliff X 'w 7 . x---::.1:2:iafif?iZ5Q"N Nqux 1 ,Q ,ff---" jfQQ:'f:, 6-Q--f' 1 ...J 'r"' VJ'-fr ml ' Y n 7 ,ff-1.1- 1 A f , -::,.1q? -.::- .- ' ' ,f4 ff ' f N5x::,,..- :Y ' - W! , K xt? Q gg-i---- ---fjff 4" ' I . " 3, xxi-5""'-'7+m- . . P X .. ' 65: W ' - , i V, ' , Q x I 'W I I as ,, , J' ' ' 5 . "' , -- ' I - 4 - H J f 1. .j' ,, f 5, . U A I I , ' '. .n Q. I X ' - . ' I D ff . ' - X . 'Af ' .- 7 4 - 1--om" "Hu ' ' ' . . - ,ff h 1 an y A ' Y 7 1 ill! ' L. 7 .W s , . . 1 . ff ,X Zu X - , . W . ,,... I ' U !,:. . If X ' f ff 1 ga, , - ' ff W A + ff X F1 , X, A f 1- 5 L , ' y , f j Q-- 1 , 1 H' A f ' f A K X I : ' ,fflxlf lp:f,f:wif fn ii: Lin, l f N I O R - -f Q. - A xv ,f J U f f 5 5 a f f f L X 1 0 1 11 F 0 O 1 B' A L f " ,., 5,5 f,!, X , f Y! W-W.. RN. , ' I f V! V " ff D xx f I I "lm 'x f ' F 1 E L ' X 1 M, '-X in ,. f X ,f I '- V1 1, f 7,1 4 ' ' fl " f N F3211 1 , W if JW, ' - -. , . Q , ,L QM: ,.,.,AMAL.,,Y--, j"' if M ,R - 'f l f'X X ' 1' 1 X XS, 1 :.::Li::1i ' - -' ' T T :iii ZZ 3 ZEEEE3.?i-7 -'14 i4-iw J ff---"--N--' ,---'jr--EE7f f . f fL'--'ff'- , ,- 1 -" a E 'H H fmazf

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