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Lwswri.. .L ,.-sf ., can-f Q. .mug aiu THE SENIOR CLASS OFTHE UNIVERSITY MILITARY SCHOOL NPRESENTS 3 dlze Cade! 7525 2 2 ' 4 5 Lfallllw 3 9 f J lll"I W ff A N fp? Q' XT 5 . x 15 N x X I 1 9 mx gf P11 'VI KX C 5411001 .91 jf ui fi 4 fl M ' v H' I . ,fx i VA W Xf'?3- w X! L' IU I 'wldwllkm I" . I, ,yt fu If ,ff-,um +5 -1wR17s 5-3 Lg 'J ,V P ' , .foreword- iizifziik. - It is the privilege of the Cadet Staff to pre- sent to the student body and especially to this year's senior class a book of pictured memories of their days at U. M. S. We have had two purposes in view in pre- paring our bookg first the preservation for the seniors of a record of the happy days they have spent here. Second, a presentation to those who do not know us and our school an impression of our activities during a typical school year. We hope that We have achieved some suc- cess in both aims and that you will like the fruit of our labors. ffribute- , Dr. Julius Tutwiler Wright Founder of tho University Military School He built men, and his handiwork shall endure in the lives he touched -and the institution he founded. n w . 92' aw 2. if 'K 2721 it 3edicalz'on - The Staff of 1943 takes great pleasure in dedicating this issue of the Cadet to a man who for six years has been our friend and guide, who has proven his love for boys and his devotion to the principles upon which this school was founded by giving whole-heartedly of his time and energy to our education and the inculcation in us of those principles upon which he has based his own life- loyalty, manliness and courtesy. We admire him because he has been more than a teacher to usg he has been an inspiration. His enthusiasm fostered our campaign to build a gymnasium on the campus, and his sponsorship of our annual minstrel show has made of the dream an assured reality. Most of our student or- ganizations owe their origin to his desire to have us know one another better and thereby draw closer together in friendship and common interest. His work as a coach has taught us to use our bodies well and to know the thrill of a game played to a battling close. It is in gratitude for all this and with admiration that We dedicate our annual to Coach Marvin Smith. 'wav E. Marvin Smith L Mui ffm -ww... wp: wwf, , O hpffs Al' F. in A :,fNZ3'f k . , sw . .K f5ig,,,.?4' +P w x s wg? Jzchzevenzenr In ten short years Dr. Julius T. Wright's character and ability had already won for U. M. S., when I graduated in 1903, national recognition for scholarship standards and for the character of its graduates. Wide open doors and -an unquestioning welcome awaited a graduate, not alone in our state universities, but farther afield in such great institutions as the University of Pennsylvania, the Univer- sity of Missouri, and many others. The graduate who chose the business world found the uniform which in school days had opened doors socially into the homes of -all the finest of our old Mobile families still lived in spirit, in the think- ing of Mobile's businessmen, as an emblem of character and sturdiness and ability: they got jobs and were given to understand an extra measure was expected of them. Only on graduation could a student realize fully what Dr, Wright had done to him and for him. He remembered the example Dr. Wright set of highest personal life stand- ards, sternly lived up to: the daily morning talksg the in- sistence on grades in studies and the grind week in and week out, with Saturdays for the making up of 'deficientsf Such memories finally made clear the eternal worthwhile- ness of it all. And the fruit of such years resulted in a loyalty which dies only when the Great Call comes. In my library I have two books given me by Mrs. Wright after Dr. Wright's death. They are his personal copies of the American Revised Bible and the famous essays of Bore- ham, in his Bunch of Everl-astings, on Bible texts which meant most in building the characters of such great his- torical figures as Martin Luther, Sir Walter Scott, Oliver Cromwell, and others. Pencil scoring by Dr. Wright keys the thoughts which appealed to himg and I can picture him a bit after four o'clock in the morning-for that is when he started his work for the day-giving first thought to the preparation of his daily character-building talk, with the Bible and such books as Boreham's before him. Can we wonder that through the years the graduates of such a school have been preponderantly men this community and other communities have found could be trusted to deal squarely, to show above the average intelligence, and to sf 'mf Q If-v leave footprints in keeping with the training in a school such as U. M. S.? i 4 i ' A Looking back over forty years of life since my gradua- tion, I can put my finger on many crucial decisions, vitally affecting my course of action, which were definitely in- fluenced- by U. M. S. training during my formative years. Other graduates cannot but say the same, I know. A U. M. S. graduate leaves that school with a "'g'ood'n8me." and if he is loyal to its training' and tradition, -he holds to that above all else. Today, as in 19QQ, and -as been true through its fifty successful years, are few,-.who sell their U. M. S. birthright for a mess pottage. The Staff wishesivi express its gratitude' to Wallace Par X the Class of 1903 for this tribute to vi S. .Hdm inisiralion w is P? ui' W I V f am K W Col. William S. Pape A.B. University of Pennsylvania Principal, Latin and Mathemaiics RFQ 4:21 x ' 'igifaf fksii E. Marvin Smith A.B. Howard College Director of Athletics, Science Robert R. McEwan A.B. University of Alabama English and Spanish 'f Caldwell Delaney B.S. Spring Hill College History Q Ji. , -5- 'im H339 ii 'QU-. , gy Villa Q W 3 I9 F. I .lt :F X 1 " tmg-'Y A X . K s. I' fi-I :qi .Tl Eli ve- A it 1: M. Q, E ,rf 1 P W 1 egg' M.. F 22. . gb? , .QFQEZ c mi.. ,4 KW' . -1 .1-. V . .,...51 ' ,":f2?5 Dolores M. Williams Instructor of Intermediate Department Stella J. Smith A.B. Howard College Instructor of Primary Department Mae A. Pape Q Secretary 1:32 ?'7QW'. Q N 'www' ' 2 f ffv'y'f1-jE1r:':'r15Wzm . K . Hazel Pape Crown Junior High School Instructor Librarian Harriet McMillan Pfister Instructor of Primary Department 1 QQ, f x Qswf ik M 3 iwzku , lf ? S? Mi Na ' 1, - Qu if - , Wx,'w 5 , 1 , .Www ,W 4 A I -plum 4 E LX N559-Xik XX. Q L' 1 , ,f whim '-Wifi? f , M,-+Qf+,, Ah WJ- x . , ,Y , ., Q: K , , , . 5 ws, w I I ., X W ,B . ,wwf Efililary "QQ Hr , 12 Q' A Q74 X f11x?a, I 4 ' bk!! Q fin W I4 ' . ' Q 7 V ,U W ZZ ZZ! in , ,. 5 A L-fx -33 11555 xg ffm! JZ 1 1 1 X f 5 1 9, 1- f' hi 56 . 2 ' X xg ,IW X' 1':3E:EE37 A X f' 2-rf 'N Howard Adair James Tillman Henry Apfelbach Graduates of the school now serving in our armed forces are too numerous to mention by name, so to all of them we pay tribute by saluting these three of our classmates Who have left school this year to do their part in the war for freedom. gq.:2f'H.- ' . QSC 1-xx Q KXQESSE. X 'L 'T-f"ff'f 4 j.wgu""1-aff: vo H mm company H I7 Albert Hart-Captain Victor Lomers-First Lieutenant Willie Kelley-Second Lieutenant Blackwell Bowman, W. Brock Carroll Cobb, G. Dungan Darring Fitzgerald Fonde Gay Grimes Guillot Harding, John Hagan Heubach David Skinner-First Sergeant --RO STER- Hines Hirs Hunter Kidd Kimmick, H. Lee, G. ' Leiser Lemon, T. Lyon-s McCleskey, Joe McClure McGowin Malbis Martin Meeker, W. Metzger Minnis Moses Munger Portella Praytor Rainer Slaton Skinner Steiner Sutton Sweigart Taylor, T Terrell Wold, R. Yarbra In . , , 1. T V.. V E" xg -' :.f 2 -'Y' 9- , -3 ' ' . V- ff il - Y' ..t:' . ' gl' 3,38 x G S - 4. F M. 'Wi' WWW FP' "Wf-Wg?-61' if '1-A1 'Jfmijifefg-5'f' --fqpyffy:ifyf53g,f L, K Mm ffI5'iQ'!f7ff.f ffij. :WH fi? , .- t K . 5' V'-gf,1.'iP. L 'V ' 4 A. , ,-'.-W.,1,i 1 -, I .' , s company U53' ' l Royse Bomar--First Lieutenant Jimmy Nelson-Second Lieutenant Ballard Bedsole Blacksher Bosdell Bowman, Broadus Brown Cevene Cobb, J. Colvin Edington Edwards Evans Fowler Gambrel F. Matt Moore-Captain Alex Hancock-First Sergeant -ROSTER- Graddick Harding, James Helt Hudgin-s Kahalley Kimmick, S. Lauten Lee, R. Lilley Luce McCleskey, Jim Mitchell Pate Pritchett Prince Riis Robertson Schroeter Shackelford Taylor, W. Teitgen Thompson Turner Ulbricht Weston Whitner Wiggins Willard Wold, F. Yon Staff-- A COMPANY Albert Hart-Captain Victor Lomers-First Lieutenant Willie Kelley-Second Lieutenant BATTALION Jack LemonHMajor B COMPANY Matt M0ore+Captain Royse Bomar-First Lieutenant Jimmy Nelson -Second Lieutenant !W5..--- 'ii' Vw? : mzagwf . 5 'v ' i . " ' ' .iff . -lu Q 'x E Sponsors-W A COMPANY I N Virginia Shackelford Tela Turner Ethel Clair Jones BATTALION Shirley Reed B COMPANY Marion Gowey Betty Lavallet gl., ' . J 1 K '91 if . w ' .TVN Y X. ig: Q fx ' . ,,,g,X ,Wu F95 WSW 'I' Q- . .. WN., MW L,,y,? 'Q MQ.: anis. K ' I x 5 'i-X1 Cfwabf XCX4- Glasses i f Q wrggx Ng X asv wi 'C 7 , 2,1 A ,r , " a f 1 x , b if n flzf 1 A - Q 'W -Ill , v Z 'Willa Q . If Q. 119 ' , QV, A Q 6,0 :D "Z . M Q N ' fx? ' Wm la' st A X. Yu? x M, ..,.... L22 X 3' ilu 1-"""'LM 5 gk . -if 'I 5 31' f' g , 727512 . , . . . , A V was n,.yfffL f. QL ,- P an , Y 7 5 if .f Y , TSM! 3 - , ig NA 10114511 Q x7 g A Nur wx wrszrfvulwsffz W . Q . 1 ,-"N ' 4 1, 1. 1 Q A QNX x , wav-8 '5,f :apf,fs::w4w A 7 w"f1"wf.m4 V, n.nm,.Awx .. .UW , . ,..4u::ma.u1n.fn.. nz.-Q. ' ,f:s..Q. 1 in Cadet First Lieutenant Royse Bomar Football-4 Baseball- -4 Minstrele-4 UW" Club-4 Cadet Captain and Adjutant Earl Haigler Football-3, 4 Baseball-3, 4, Captain 4 Sports Editor "CADET"-4 "W" Club-3, 4 Basketball-3 Minstrel-3, 4 f 1 will To those Cadets who follow immediately upon our foot- steps, we the Senior class, out of our bountiful possessions and in our characteristically selfless spirit, do hereby be- queath the following attributes. May the Junior class of our beloved school emulate our example in whole heartedly striving to put the aforesaid attributes to proper use. Royse Bomar to Fred Ulbricht and Warren Taylor: My well known propensity for saying the right thing at the right time. Earl Haigler to Norman Moses and David Skinner: My undeniably rare gift of reconciling quarrels and differences by bringing to bear my sweet temperment and persuasive manner. Albert Hart to P-aul Brock and Alex Hancock: My envi- able ability to carry my great learning with modesty and grace. Willie Kelley to Louis Raue and Joe Kahalley: The deafening roar of irrepressible laughter with which I am wont to greet any and all attempts, however feeble, at humor on the part of my ever grateful classmates. Jack Lemon to Frank Evans and John Ballard: The great interest and enthusiasm which characterizes my every action. Victor Lomers to Frank Munger and William Gay: The enfectious nonchalant grin with which I meet all occur- rences, good or bad, fortunate or not. Remember the four- teen-runs-off-one-hit inning, or that glorious day I won the essay contest, not to mention the accompanying cash. Matt Moore to Jimmy Nelson and Richard Wold: The skill which enables me to require a high degree of per- formance from my men and at the same time retain their good feeling and loyalty. Cadet Captain Albert Hart Editor-in-Chief "CADET"-4 Minstrel-4 Hop Committee-4 Cadet Captain and Adjutant Henry Izard Football--3, 4 Minstrel-1, 2, 3 HCADETN-3, -lg Business Manager 4 Stamp Club-2, 3 ,Ut W. 2 A 5 ..1, ...ivgn-,g,x,Z?,5.. .V . . .Nm WI ll' V B' . . . 2 fin -H' 'f 'lf jaropllecy Though thinking man has long derided the idea of seeing beyond the present the future unfolding of eventful time, new thought has shaken profoundly this conviction. Modern psychology admits of the possibility of predicting future behavior and consequent effects by the proper scientific study of existant characteristics of behavior. There- fore the carefully formulated predictions which follow should be looked upon not as the haphazard intuitions of your modern soothsayers, but als the inevitable consequences of courses already at work determining t e uture. Royse Bomar will cop the best-dressed-man-in-America crown sev- eral years running and will display his satorical splendor in a most conspicuous place. He will be Head Floorwalker at Saks, fifth avenue, New York City. Ten years hence, Cadet Captain Adjutant Earl Haigler will have made his mark, his fatal fascination for the ladies catapulting him into a most enviable positiong that of special ladies day umpire of the National League. Albert Hart's talents will take him far, but not quite in the direc- tion he might most prefer. Technical skill and training acquired dur- ing the years 1944 to 1948 will become secondary to personality traits in influencing the course of his life. In short he will forsake the engin- eering field at the age of 28 to enter the diplomatic service. A long and distinguished career as representative of the government in South America will follow. Willie Kelley will be the only member of the group who refuses to settle down. His restless spirit will forever follow the high road of adventure or loiter in the by-paths of romance. Jack Lemon will find after having been drafted that army life suits him down to the ground. With awakened interest and latent en- thusiasm aroused, he is inevitably slated for a brilliant career as a pro- fessional soldier. Victor Lomers, after several years serious endeavor following the war, will have become by late 1950, and continue to be throughout a long life, an inveterate politician, this not so much as a consequence of his own inclination but rather his friends recognition of his vote getting qualities. His technique with infants-in-arms, will be indeed masterly! Matt Moore utilizes his ability to handle men in a successful career as an industrialist in the constructive field. He will be called to Wash- ington to assume the post of special assistant to the President in 1952. Mr. Roosevelt is getting on and leans heavily upon young Mr. Moore's shoulders. . "fel 'J ff ' 4-M' as- yk, .4 5, 1 A . gg Cadet Second Lieutenant Willie Kelley Football-4 Baseball-4 Basketball--4 "W" Club-4 Minstrel-4 Hop Committee-4 Cadet Major Jack Lemon Football-4 Baseball-4 Basketball-4 Minstrel-3, 4 "W" Cluli-4 MOSTHTFIELETIC- MOST STUDIOUS- . Q ?' YfS52 cw'Y" mf I 'Zi " GX f . M MF' I and - I, I, . X 47 I, 1 -- ""?g- Z1 ""f2 f x -I BW 'Wmww ' fin - 1 ff If ILLIE lcELL7f ' -ALBERT r ymm- A K 5 f? f' N f l CAS 1-,, TAI-LEi1lT'TC?T Moone ' Q Y in ' E ,. I f Z QAELQSSM ff " Af "W EA' S ,Z 3:-' ff j- N Ee 7-H in 6 C19 em, 7 .4-3 7 f ' X 4' I I st xl X 'ff' m ff fy , Y K J: 1 , ' Z2 X-' G 5 ', N ,4 H gg , , X ' -, 'ZB30 J - ff THQ, . if GAY ST WN ' 6!lRGE'ST' -vuc Lomms- - LLOYD oueeale- ff 5 ga 1 C -A 492655 ' ""' ' aj Q , X Q62 , ' VI " 1E. f si 42 WWW 1 2 QP X fflgi i Q5 fy' f in f , , 5 Mes-r CAReFRe:- 'Q , . N, BEST SFFICER -Royce Bomgg.. MOST ROMANTIC' 5 -fACK LEMON- CTHECAOET' DH-5 Eofviodb "' EARL HRIGLER Cadet First Lieutenant Victor Lomers Football-2, 3, 4 Baseball-2, 3, 4 Basketball-2, 3, 4 Minstrel-1, 2, 3, 4 f'W" Club-2, 3, 4 Cadet Captain Matt Moore Football-3, 43 Alternate Captain 4 Basketball-2, 3, 43 Captain 4 Baseball-2, 3, 4, Alternate Captain 4 Minstrel--2, 3, 4 "W" Club-2, 3, 4 L, 1, +. , 4 4 V 1 1 1 nn , A f' L r a ,V X ' Q Rr. f 1 up A , 1 W .. ,JWIH1 , SK 1 W v 7' JA Q? 1.1 A 4 . , x. . . . ,J , fig' , QW 1 f 1. .. ' A, J.,- ,...,.m-eu. Q33 :ff ' 1 JOHN BALLARD PAUL ABROCK FRANK EVANS WILLIAM GAY ALEX HANCOCK -N 4... f.-'uw,..,'..--.-N .-, ,mv V fm , vw 5 Q, JQE KAHALL1-:Y NORMAN MosEs FRANK MUNGER JIMMY NELSON LOUIS RAUE DAVID SKINNER WARREN TAYLOR FRED ULBRICHT RICHARD WOLD ' "1 .N X y x w . hagqf.. .., ., a . . ,xi LN." , ,tx-gg' J. JV. , AM . if A 'A 4 Vx, a ' i'fK:?f,i:1.jf Af' L51 on-A v fs UMA K, i ,, , , . V 1, ,U . ...A .,....,. 2 J M. ,.. Qfnw M A Q, f - . will 'Emi :','?m,.L1.f:. - f.,.v--Q - ,., "' PALMER BEDSOLE VERNON BLACKWELL FRED BOWMAN PHILIP BROADUS JOHN GRIMES , , 5 Y gf . X--J' , -I. "fm W -,,.. . ,.,.. ,,, iw... -- .,..,.,,, , ,,,,.,,. ,Mrs "T" '.4 TY ' 'il ,. 'V N .?","Y. uf", GENE. HINES HOMER KIMMICK TUNSTALL LEMON . TOM MARTIN JOE McCLESKEY A,i'f-P535 J If 1 J ' ,plp 13.1 Xu? 2 . JOE MCGOWIN ERLING Rus VANCE THOMPSON RAY WESTON GEORGE YON Y 3 is l ., W A, YA., C. h ,, 2- ,, '31,-., f-'V his ? . ,rm fb D ,I w w: , 9 51 Us a, J 4 rf J' I ,W W' Ex' x Kg? Pa , , if f 4. ,F W 'im ,MY N' 11 J? , FP f ir . 1?5f' Q U? iv". -, u1af if 0 CARL CARROLL EMERY CEVE-NE ROBERT EDINGTON EDWARD HIRS MARBUT KIDD RAY LAUTEN A xii' EDWARD LILLEY JOHNNY PORTELLA FRANK ROBERTSON CRAWFORD SLATON JOSEPH STEINER in 'K ,Q Q 3? ispvh L 1 'H N w 1 ff ' .JM , . ' 'LN- ir, AHNQLALQ , 2143 X I ' X 51 1 4 ' ,x , X I mu L' jug-'Ki L. ,J - n H1 ww- MQQLJN Q- Lam- Tommy Dungan Teddy Edwards John Graddick James Harding John' Harding Scott Kimmick George Malbis Hugh McClure Aristide Minnis Walter Mitchell Iohn Shackelford Tom Twitty mW3yWzv5r'zw'w'nfN,w-q.rQ , WW. , .M ., ., - .. . - - V r l e l A , ' ', v 2 - ' ,pf . ' ' ' 43 .22 .x. ,N T? A ff .a J 4 1 5 1 3 , -3 y ,W H-, 4 4 Tv- N gr A , U., W, 3 6 I 'Q I .-5 Albert Darring Tommy Fitzgerald Max Guillot fi 111.5 Billy Hagan Ben May Jim McC1eskey fig Leonard Metzger ulcky Pate Rowland Yarbra 'i ,i 13 .G 1 LLL .,', 1, , 14,55 .,:: 3 ik 1? if iw sf S N 5,k,,.f -' T? 4 Vg. A X as 1 770-il 5 4 4 . -. Q 1,1 1 ' ' ' 2. L vi . x ' 1 - . . A , gf D K vm I. 1 rx . , 'r' . ..1.. ' I 1 ,K ' ' 'JEL 1,'7.'7'.' "Q .' Q5 ,Y ' . 'MQ -3. ,. . 4 , Y A K x X. W F -. , . . . Ji - 1 ,F M , Q 1 '5.,, ' x S 1 4 .. 1 '. A, 5 . uf Kwan . .0 M , J.. .1 nw, N W yy WAT. ' Q' ' , 1, iq, g A,. L- Nr J I :T R. ,A V' ,, Q T! , . 19 , f 1, W 'Xh, if + .1 1 ir, ,, f- 1 Y . K 1 -uf' . 4 H R . rf , M, ,,. ,. and W . JN .A . .M ,-Q If 'V nw- ' - . ,:- gy fu .A U4 '. A 1 We .. mm Av John Fowler George Lee Richard Lee Richard Luce Bill Meeker George Schroeter Beverly Sutton Wayne Teitgen' Harry Whitner Ebbie Willard Francis Wold .35- Ililly Bl2ll'kSlll'l' Charles Bosrlvll Glvn Cobb Edgar Fomlv - Sanford llelt Ronnie Heubach lidwaril lluntor Alvx Pritchett Jimmy Rainer MRI! 7' X if t 1"iwwm..o ,sf f l f Billy Bowman Charles Brown Jen Cobb Gene Colvin Porter Fowler James Hirs Charles Jones Marvin Kuffskie Arthur Leiser Mark Lyons Richard Overby Sidney Prince Martin' Smith Roy Sweigart Tommy Taylor Selwyn Turner Durwood Twitty .93rimary fbeparlmenl W W! Shirley Cochran' Russell Ladd Arthur Meeker 1 Jake Reiss Ted Vaughan 0 Gordon House Finley McRae King' Palmer Staples Shearer Jimmy Walker i E 1 5 3, . 44: ' .Q ..:.f.5I Jack Baker Frank Drane Lee Jacobs Sage Lyons Colon Brown Barrie Haiman Rob Leatherbury Paul Peterzell David Smith .awards-7942 Julius Tutwiler Wright Memorial Medal to the Senior making the highest scholastic record-to Norborn C. Stone. Sage Lyons Memorial gold wrist watch, given by Mr. and Mrs. Mark Lyons in memory of their son, Sage, to the best all-round boy in the high school department-to Rolfe C. Harper. Adam Glass gold medal, given by Miss Lillie Glass in memory of her father, the late Adam Glass, to the best all-round boy in the junior department-to Aristide Minnis. Gold medal given by National Society of Colonial Daughters for the best patriotic ess-ay-to Henry Izard. Medal given by the Lions Club of Mobile, to the winning speaker at the school-to Norborn C. Stone. Medal to best senior athlete-to Tom Martin. Medal for best intermediate athlete-to Alex Hancock and Ken- neth McCaskey. Medal to the best junior athlete-to Peter Hamilton. Medal to the best midget athlete-to Edward Williams. Medal to the best sub-midget athlete-to Edgar Fonde, Jr. Medal to the best tiny-mite athlete-to Russel Ladd. Silver Footballs were awarded by Coach Smith to the following senior lettermen: Billy Yost, Rolfe Harper, Richard Gibson, Guy Dur- den, Phidias Haginas, Pickens McMillan, Richard Flowers. Frank Robertson and Frank Munger were awarded achievement medals. Billy Yost was awarded a football trophy for outstanding play. "A" Company, commanded by Norborn Stone. was the winning company. Cadet Paul Brock was the best-drilled Cadet in "A" Com- pany. Cadet Billy Lyons was the best-drilled Cadet in "B" Company. vet .71 '- WB .N CLUB M9239 3 MXN' 'N X 'flxx 'N ' My v l, If If .su f, iffy 'L D 70" club The "W" Club, sponsored by Coach Smith, is composed of lettermen and managers of the various competitive sports. The purpose of the club is the stimulation of interest in athletics to such an extent that every boy in the school will Wish to make a letter for the distinction of Wearing the "W" and being a member of the "W" Club. During the basketball and baseball seasons the club is host to the Brewton teams when they stop overnight in Mobile to play against us. Parties and outings during the school year provide recreation and an opportunity for the members to meet outside of school hours and in an atmosphere of relaxation. ,- OFFICERS Commander-Matt Moore First Vice Commander-Victor Lomers Secretary-Alex Hancock Second Vice Commander-Jack Lemon Treasurer-Frank Robertson Edwards Kelley Kahalley Haigler Hancock Robertson Bomar Steiner Slaton Coach Smith-Sponsor 'N 4-MEMBERS- Cevene " Loniiiers Weston Wold Guillot McGowin Whitner Hines 7 Munger Moore Evans Lemon Moses Minnis Lauten' Skinner Martin u + wg: 'E f k THE STAMP CLUB " ,MQ WM g ff L 7 ctflze Stamp Club --OFFICERS-- President ,..... ,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,, Treasurer ..... Secretary ..........., Vice President ...,,, ...,,,,,,,,,,,-,,,,,,,,,r,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,4,,,,, Sponsor-Coach Smith -MEMBERS- Lemon, T. McClure Ulbricht Metzger Nelson Fitzgerald Weston Helt YOI'k Evans Minnis Shackelford Sllton Mitchell Hancock Raue Brock Munger iii faux ll t tit 1.71142 .Black mask Glub The Black Mask Club was founded by Coach E. M. Smith on March 19, 1942, upon the prin- cipals of friendship, loyalty and cooperation. These cardinal virtues are 'being stressed at every meeting, with the expressed purpose of stimulating a better and lasting love for the school and student body. The Black Mask Club is the youngest of all the organizations at Wrights, but its age hasn't hindered the work of developing the members into broader fields of brotherly love. The club meetings are secret, and this has produced a great deal of interest among the student body. New members are elected by the active members of the club. There are twelve charter members, selected by the founder from the undergraduate classes in order that the roots of this organization might take a deeper grip within the student body. Motto: "A man of courage is also full of faith." Colors: Black and Gold. Flower: White Rose. vm' ZW M9"EiY"'373FN5K"ffs'. W ' . 1 ,H Twin' V i. EA- President .......... Vice Presiden-t ..... Secretary ...,....., Treasurer ..........,. . Sergeant-at-Arms .,....... Chaplain ....,,..... .,,,. OFFICERS CHARTER MEMBERS .Frank Munger ...Jimmy Nelson .. Alex Hancock Tunstall Lemon Aristide Minnis Ray Weston Erling- Riis Frank Robertson Joe McGowin Ray Lauten Frank Evans Palmer Bedsole glze good Uld Eays A Calendar for the school year of 1909-1910, copied from the CADET of that year. Calendar Entrance Examinations-Thursday and Friday before the first Monday in October. School Opens-The first Monday in October. Holidays-Thanksgiving, Thursday and Friday. Christmas, one week. Mardi Gras, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Field Day-The last Wednesday in M-ay. Commencement Drills-The last Thursday in May. Commencement Exercises-The last Friday in May. Daily Routine 8:00-Room Call. Every instructor at his desk for half an hour before school opens, to answer questions or explain difficulties developed by students in their home study of the evening previous. 8:30-Assembly and Roll Call, issuing orders for the day, and reading Military reports for the day previous. 8:45-Devotional Exercises. Talks from the Principal. 9 :00--1 1:40-Recitations. 11 :40--12 :15-Military drill. 12 :15--12 :45-Recess. 12 :45-Assembly. 12:50--3:30-Recitations and Athletic Work. 3:30--5:15-Confinement for the school demerits of the day, the Military demerits of the Week previous, or any other disciplinary delinquency. Also special teaching, and re-examinations for those whonhave failed on the examinations of the preceding term. .Wfinslrel Rf: vo fp i 5 7 HHSMXLQQQ I JQMXXW1 7 Q7 X Z f X 4 QC I X MLW N I em , f M , Axyyjig , V! .hw ,- lf! 1 if ,111 A4 MIM 'Q .X ff ,,5,AWf F4 fff' A 1 f f 1 u , Q, ffffjff , 1,1 . , ,zf?,?ZZ! V - J .' I ,,,.-fx wa Z? f' 1 f f, 6 f f I I ' 1 K X X v j I f I4 I Z A I I f 4 f '4'bf .' M ' j 14 1! 6 is OVERTURE National Anthem Introducing Minstrel-First Part OPENING MEDLEY Interiocutor-Jack Miley "Moonlight Becomes You" ..... "Loud Speaking Mamma" "My Dream of Tomorrow" ...... "Alabamy Bound "I Can't Give You Anything But Love" ..... "Chesapeake Bay" CHANGE OF END MEN .............Joe Steiner ...Richard Gibson ..........Jack Grove .........Philip Broadus .........Mazie McDonald Charles Morrison "Little Red School House" .................................................... Roy Sweigart "What Will You Do When There Ain't No Women" ...... Marion Davidson "Why Don't You Fall in Love With Me?" ........................ Gloria Herndon "Beautiful Ohio" .....,..................,. Chuck Campano and Grace Ray York "Cotton Hollow Harmony" ...... ........................... M arcus CTutJ Thublin "You'll Never Know" .....,.. .... I ......... E dgar Davidson "The World Is Round" ..... ...................... ........ J i mmie Cooper DANCERS ' Anna Mary Thublin, Mazie McDonald, Joyce Lowry, Gloria Herndon, Vera Moore, Grace York, Barrie Haiman, Joyce Heubach, Shirley Heubach, Dorene Heubach, Jeanette Heubach 1 Program of our sixth annual minstrelg not including the vaudeville acts which followed the opening by the school "Circle." 5 r ,M-..f,.-., ,W , N - I K V EZFNZ gr 4 vt W , -fe . I . amy, ,H V 4,9-5,7-v. 1,3 ?,,:T:C3,b:,,,mx?5w.,iQ,Wm3,w V awww ,.fi?f"lX CX be u .C ,J QX - ' lg if W ' Nl XB' V1 me Q ,llixkxt fzjxxg' ,V Q f Q! ,Q 'gpg ' Q . gg X g g ey C M ,M 'us,,,, G - ,, xN ff ff v to El l l l l l l -T f 1 4 l A X0 , Ill 8 ga mug , WI' ri, li!!!!i,,,iLi in ' 2 l t o " l X S -n ' P' U . p lgllk sgfjgifm As the curtains parted on our sixth annual Minstrel and Vaude- ville show we looked out from the circle into a house packed to the walls. We could see them standing in the rear of the auditorium, and we knew that this was the most successful of all our shows. But our happiness was more than mere pride in a performance well patronizedg we were not suffering from footlight fever. We were happy because the success of our show meant that we were one step nearer the achieve- ment of the goal toward which we worked in presenting itg the erection of our own gymnasium on our own campus. With the aid of Mr. Jack Miley, a minstrel man of the old days, and the starring performance of Jimmy Cooper of Al G. Fields' Min- strel, our shows continue to improve and our fund grows. When the war is over we shall be able to start construction of the building sketched above for the Cadet by William Henry Peck, Class of '41. M4 kk.- wsgkuq i .A . 75- ff-A W., if--A - - X . fi. M, S 5, u x 'S . X S Sa far is in gl 1 ' iv 4, Q ,, fp it A fi, 'Mf"5"Ui -4 , :ia ,, . I A we, fr sg ,I o 5 r'5' lv"-5? WY' 's-f7'1,l5:.fl. lla 52? . fy ,, Adair--Captain NAME Martin McGowin Minn-is Riis Moses Lauten Bomar Minshew Tillman Adair Kimmick, H. Lemon Haigler Moore Hancock Munger Weston Lomers Steiner Portella Kelley Robertson Izard Evans Apfelbach Kimmick, S. E. Smith-e-Coach Moore-Alternate Captain -TEAM- NUMBER 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 .10 11 12 13 15 16 17 18 20 21 22 23 2,1 25 26 27 33 P0 SITION Halfback Quarterback' Halfback Halfback Guard End Center Halfback Quarterback' Halfback Quarterback' Fullback Fullback End End Center Halfback End Guard Guard Tackle Guard Tackle Tackle Tackle Quarterback .V - M .football 19423 Wrights Cadets crowned City Champions. This was the goal every boy who was participating hoped to win over again in 1943. Twenty-two hopefuls turned out on September 1st, nine of these returning lettermen. This was the smallest turn-out of any of the three high schools, but the boys worked hard, gradually getting set for their first clash. After much drilling, the Cadets opened their season with Chatom at Murphy Stadium on Thursday, September 22nd. The Chatom club outweighed th-e Cadets, but because of their military training and their firm comraderie they came out of a sterling performance, 26 to 0. Adair paced the Cadets with two touchdowns and was aided by Moore and Martin's six pointers. James Tillman and Earl Haigler led the blocking for the swift runners. Not taking the first victory as satisfactory, the Soldiers trained harder and on Friday, September 30th met the Jackson Aggies. Jackson was a fast, effective team, and everyone was anxious to compare the Cadets with Murphy, who had defeated the Aggies 7-0 the week be- fore. The Cadets showed smoothness, speed and deception, struck swiftly and surely on Murphy's field to defeat the Aggies 33-6. Coach Smith promised the fans a show of razzle-dazzle football and the Sol- diers treated the fans to some nifty ball handling behind the lines. The first score was set up by Haigler, who blocked a punt deep in the Aggies territory. Evans recovered on Jackson's three yard line, and two plays later Adair scored on a reverse. Haigler booted the extra point. A few minutes later, Haigler intercepted a lateral, only to have the play called back on a clipping penalty after he had traveled 40 yards to a touchdown. The Cadets' scores in the second half were on breaks. Adair intercepted a pass and scampered 95 yards for a touch- down. The final score came in the last minutes on an 87-yard pass play. Matt Moore snared a 47-yard pass after wrestling with the Ag- gies' backs and scampered to pay dirt. Haigler booted the extra point. Jackson made their only score in the last quarter when Morton sneaked through center from the one foot line after generalling the Aggies on a 71 yard march for most of the yardage. The following week the Cadets traveled to Pensacola to have their first defeat handed out to them. Pensacola struck, to score twice by passes from Hughy to Ward, who also added the extra point, making the score 13-0 at the end of the half. In the last half Newmann plunged to score the final points. Even though Kelley and Martin showed great spirit, the Cadets were defeated. Friday, October 16, the U. M. S. Cadets turned Tom Martin loose on Fairhope High at Murphy Stadium, with the final result being, Cadets 40, Fairhope 13. Martin's run carried him 61, 54, 60 and 45 yards for four six pointers. Teamed with Lucky Adair, this pair con- stantly put thorns in Fairhope sides. Fairhope was not without its heroes, despite their losing effort. Garner and Miler starred for Fair- hope, but were not able to compare with Adair, Martin and company. The Cadets real test came on Friday, October 30, when they locked horns with the McGill Yellowjackets. Out of a heavy fog came James Tillman, Cadet quarterback, wide open for pay dirt. He had inter- cepted a McGill pass. Adair kicked the extra point. Lemon racked up the next score on a seven yard plunge off tackle. The third Cadet mark came on a pass from Martin to Adair. Lucky caught the pass on the five and scampered away with six more points. He booted the extra point. M'cGill's 13 points were scored by Bellanova on a 7-yard plunge and Patterson who intercepted Martin's pass to travel 42 yards, es- corted by a convoy of blockers. Thus the Cadets had come out of the smoke for a 20-13 victory to clinch the first part of the City Champion- ship. Moss Point invaded the Cadets on Murphy's field November 5th and really showed the Soldiers some fancy ball handling. Inability to find the correct ball carrier hurt the Cadets. The Tigers lightning ball handling was too much for the bewildered Cadets to fathom. The Sol- diers tried, but were not enough to turn back the 26-0 licking the Tigers had thrown on them. Friday, October 13, Martin, Adair and company put havoc into Atmore's club. Atmore used an aerial attack but it was not equal to Adair's and Martin's swift runs. Martin skirted from the 31 twisting, squirming and bulling his way to the one-yard line in three tries. Adair then took over to make the touchdown and booted the extra point. The Blue Wave played hard, but the Soldiers just threw a hard 7-0 defeat to them. When Brewton invaded Mobile the Cadets took them on for a 19-13 count. Adair, Haigler and Lemon were the big guns for U. M. S., while Hags Martin shone for Brewton. Murphy boasted a heavy and high-spirited team, which outweighed the mighty midgets 20 pounds to a man. As the game progressed Mur- phy's Panthers won the City Championship and sweet revenge by throwing a 31-6 defeat into the Cadets battling faces. This victory meant more than city champs to Murphy, for it wiped out thoughts of their 14 to 18 loss to U. M. S. in last year's game. Halfback B. T. Greer was Murphy's big gun in the Panthers attack as he scored four of the five touchdowns for them. Greer gained half of Murphy's yardage by sweeping end and off-tackle plays. Red Noonan, who expected to wreck havoc on the small Cadets, was bottled up nearly all night. The Soldiers only score came in the third period on a pass from Martin to Lomers, into the end zone from the four yard line, where the ball had been placed on runs by Adair and Martin. Thus the Cadets ended this season, winning six while losing three. "A" TEAM Hancock-Center Kelley-Guard Kimmick-Forward Lauten-Forward Lemon--Guard Lomers-Forward Martin-Forward Moore-Center Robertson-Guard Skinner-Guard "B" TEAM Brock-Forward Dunnavant-Forward Evans-Guard Hines-Guard Minnis-Forward Steiner-Guard Wold-Center E. M. Smith-Coach Matt Moore-Captain Joe Kahalley-Manager swf 'W -it .ygasfielball U. M. S. opened it Basketball season against McGill with the experience of only four lettermen on the quintet. From far behind, the Cadets put in a strong finish and de- feated the Jackets 35-30 with Moore and Lemon bringing the margin of victory. The struggle against Murphy High school was futile, the following week. The Cadets bowed to the Panthers 31-20. Similar games were played against McGill and Murphy the following week. The Jackets defeated the Cadets 36-22, while the Panthers followed suit with a 44-12 victory. With the will to win, Captain Matt Moore led his cagers into victory in the next game ag-ainst Fairhope. The game was a rip-bang affair with the Soldiers on top 51-15. A first class group of players from McGill defeated the Cadets in their next game, 35-26. Martin and Lemon spur- red the Cadets on, but their effort was not enough to halt the Jacket charge. gvwmgw-annwmfwvv ' E. M. Smith-Coach Earle Haigler-Captain Matt Moore-Alt. Capt Evans-Rightfield Lomers-First Base Moore--Leftfield Steiner--Catcher Skinner-Second Base Bomar-Shortstop Lemon-Centerfield Kelley-Third Base Munger-Rightfield Haigler-Catcher Robertson-Rightfield Nelson--Rightfield Edwards-Rightfield ,gd W .Baseball The Cadets went from basketball to the All American game, base- ball. Five lettermen returned, and it was not long before the first game was underway. Coach Smith's Soldiers decided to try Murphy for their first game, on Murphy's diamond. Tom Martin and Capt. Earl Haigler were the U. M. S. battery, with Roger Stevens and Ralph Pyburn embarking for the Panthers. For the first four innings it was a pitchers b-attle, but when the Cadets came to bat in the fifth it ceased to be one. Before the Panthers could gather their wits three runs had been pushed across. The score was 3-0. In the sixth it was three up and three down for Murphy, with the Cadets doing likewise. In the seventh, with the bases loaded, Coach Smith called for a triple steal, and Tom Martin stole home. Murphy almost came back to turn defeat into victory in their stay at bat, three runs were scored. With no out, Haigler, Soldier catcher, caught two men off first, with the bases loaded and the score tied, nipped Capt. Pete Milne off first. So the first game for the Sol- diers was a thrilling and victorious one, the score being 4-3. In the next game the Cadets defeated McGill by the score of 4-3. Lomers, Martin and Haigler worked for the Cadets, with Rice and Klinzing working for McGill. The next contest proved fatal for the high-spirited Soldiers. Er- hardt and Wiseman defeated Martin 10-9, Moore and Lemon did some great fielding for the Cadets, but the Panther batters hit the ball where there weren't any fielders. 5 In the next two games the Cadets faced defeat with McGill and Murphy respectively. On the week-end of April 16th the Cadets, having trouble securing gas, traveled to Brewton for a two game series. In the first game it was la pitchers battle between Martin and Robertson. In the last of the seventh, Brewton tied the score on M'artin's wild pitch and after going three extra innings, Martin tossed another wild one past Joe Steiner, Cadet catcher, and the ball bounced around in front of -a large Brewton crowd while Brewton's third baseman, Byrne crossed the plate stand- ing up with the winning run. Final score, 3-2, in their favor. ""' A ' -fvfwe-mffffm On Saturday the game was played on a flooded field with Captain Haigler holding Brewton hitters for six innings. In the seventh, Brew- ton found Haigler for four hits and four runs, but there it ended with U. M. S. on top 6-4. After traveling part of the way home from Brewton in a kerosene driven car, the Soldiers lost a heartbreaking game to Murphy 6-5. The next game brought new hopes to the Cadets as they defeated the Yellowjackets 6-3. Martin and Steiner worked well defensively, for Coach Smith's boys. Six days later the Jackets came back with a group of boys who made our players feel ashamed of themselves, but by luck the Cadets pushed over a 16-3 victory. The next game was a pitiful loss to Murphy. After taking three hours to play a seven inning game, the Cadets staggered home de- feated 21-10. After giving his boys a pep talk,- Coach Smith invaded Murphy again a few days later for another heartbreaker. Haigler, Moore and Lomers pounded Murphy's pitchers all evening. At the last of the seventh, the Panthers came to bat four runs behind, but it wasn't long until the Murphy team blew U. M'. S. up, and when the smoke had cleared the score was 13-8 in Murphy's favor. On the week-end of May 7 and 8, Brewton came down for a two- game series with the Cadets. A heavy downpour flooded the field pre- venting the boys from playing the scheduled game on Friday, making it necessary to play a doubleheader on Saturday. The Cadets defeated the Brewton club both games, 6-4 and 3-2. The last game of the season was played against McGill at Lyons Park on Monday, May 10. LeGross was McGill's hurler with Haigler pitching for the Cadets, backed by six seniors playing their last high school game. From the very first it was a pitchers duel. McGill dented the rubber once in their first time at bat, but the Cadets came right back and scored once on Haigler's triple and Moore's single. From then on it was a pretty close game. Finally the Cadets cut loose with three runs while the Jackets fell short with only one run. Although LeGross pitched a great game he was not able to down the Cadet nine. The final score was 4-2. F4 3 5,7 jgpjifii gy. 'flr 'Lf ' ' , wa ' A Q A 4' .H I i -' 'Q Q ' 1 '3 1 'V-4 ,V vj ' 52 3' .V . J , - f, 1 5 z ,Q ,214 .. V- " ' - ,HZ . F "'r ' . ... 'fl W H w .-vi' . . , in V ..,, K 3 1 , 1 ss' Q-'Jef .-gm-., 1 1-,Dre X.. ,M . ' ag r , rs.. ,. , .- A ,-3 . ' K5 "5 af ' ' , f f 'ff ,g A fi , , , ,yy A ,A., 2, 1 tl H. .1 ' 5' If'L..QEc ' . 1 wfis I V W Q af ' ' ' "f,,,'1 , , x k X P ' X 5 I k - A- , g V . , ,, , 9? ,.-- -A V X.: ,.-, , :, .wh rl ya-1, ' A VK Af Q, 3.T,A,4.k,,51g, F. " - fi'1'5j.iv, KN' :V ' gag? - .S k if' "' V, 3, ,. f n 'L ? ., . H vi,w,frLi ,J , ., . ,., - 41, . 4 . , .,..1 , 4 WN., 1 'X 'f A Q , ,gg , .1 ., K, L ,1 , , , H , , " T - H X' f. ,',,, " , ' f, we. A 13155 '- , '5 , X1 x gf, -A ,-if 11251 -f, ' , . - Miyif4',5f'G'1 N A: gif:-2-5-Sf ' 'ff' 5' M' ,. -1235 ff.-,:,,' ., K1 " 'ww -.Q ff ,V L M, ez fx.fg."E ' .44 ag 4. ,Sw - .v .V '5.-H.. H .'. V .A ' 1,-+,7FS,,, - ,T VZ C' , ,. lf f, gn" , 2321 4f.wz'S A 1 A J:-'msg uw 'r w "H ' H , ,A - '-Qggg6,.,: W- , ,U 3155! 54 rf' J' 5' R . inn Compliments of Walgreen Drug Store Jos. P. 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