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POPULAR 31 ION p MIC POPULAR EDITION MICHIGANENSIAN UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN ANN ARBOR, Ml. 1975 i m IS 31V1S ONianna wi MVN31HSVM NVDIHDIWM MICHIGANOPOLYMICHIG Ulrich ' s NICKEL ' S ARCADI-. DdONVDIHDIWAlOdOJ u u ICsIOPOLYMICHIGANOPO MICHIGANOPOLYMICHIGANOPOLYM HIG Campus Life 8 Campus Scenes 12 Expressions 14 Young Old 18 Laughter 20 Communications 22 Classrooms 24 Vernors-Botanical Gardens 26 Woodsman Conclave 30 Study Breaks 32 High Jinks 34 Football Saturday 36 Spirit 38 Homecoming 42 CEO Strike 44 Market Place 46 Politics 48 Problems of Today 50 Tomorrow Sports 54 Football 60 " BO " 62 Cross Country 64 Swimming 66 Gymnastics 68 Hockey 72 Wrestling 74 Basketball 80 Men ' s Club 82 Women ' s Team 86 I.M. 92 Sports Composite Arts 96 U.M.S. 102 P.T.P. 106 Soph Show 108 Jericho 110 Gilbert Sullivan 112 School of Music 116 Behind the Scenes 118 UAC Concerts 124 Ann Arbor Music I 128 Z 130 D 132 T 134 A 135 T 136 P 137 P 138 139 C 140 C 141 S 142 [ 143 S 1441 145 F 1461 1481 1501 152 F HIGANOPOLYMICHIGANOPOLYMICHI Organizations 128 ZTA, Gamma Phi 130 DC, KKG 132 Tri D elt, AEPhi 134 Alpha Phi 135 Theta 136 Pi Phi 137 Panhel 138 ADPi 139 Cook 140 Chi Psi 141 Sigma Chi 142 Delts 143 Sigma Nu 144 Theta Chi 145 FIJI 146 Lamb Chop 148 Theta Xi, Chi O 150 UAC 152 Publications Seniors 170 Through 219 BFA BS MS BBA MAM BA BSF MRS MME BSEE BSI OE Player Won 39311O3 1VI1N3QIS3U n TJ c in Z z VDIHDIWM MICHIGANOPOLYMICHIGIOP STATE ST. Campus STANGERS ARBORETUM S. UNIVERSITY PETAL SHOP DdONVDIHDIWAIOdON u ilC u JOPOLYMICHIGANOP ' O LU CO u O i i oe. O I ) BROWN JUG DETROIT ST. FARMERS MARKET PRETZEL ft BELL I Campus scenes: pictorial poetry 10 Silhouettes highlight asolemn U A spirited community 12 f 13 Campus life: young and old Youth beholds happiness gleaming in the prospect. Age looks back on the happiness of youth, and, instead of hopes, seeks its enjoyment in the recollections of hope- S.T. Coleridge 14 15 16 Generations iving together 17 Laughter lightens the load 18 fm 19 2G Communication . . . continuing concern it mi 1 1 21 22 Classrooms: tradition vs. innovation 23 24 New learning at Vernor ' s, Bot. gardens BOTTOM LEFT, CENTER, RIGHT: Botanical Gardens provides various plants for all to enjoy. TOP LEFT, CENTER: Advertising students working with a major soft drink company. 25 26 Woodsman Conclave-1974 Another form of education took place for foresters as the School of Natural Resources held the 23rd annual Midwestern Conclave. Foresters from 10 midwest schools gathered at Michigan ' s Fresh Air Camp to compete in bucking, log roll, dendrology, and other logging skills. Michigan students and fac- ulty began camp preparations last spring and the hard work paid off with Michigan placing third in overall events. TOP LEFT: Forestry student during one man bucking. BOTTOM LEFT: Doug Soules prepares log while Professor Arch Cowan judges last cut. RIGHT CENTER: Patricia O ' Flaherty performing match split. BOTTOM RIGHT: A tobacco spitter strives for distance and accuracy. 27 Foresters convene 28 1 29 Div 30 Diverse study breaks in U dorms 31 Dormitory high jinks 32 33 Football Saturday! 34 GLEE MB " r - 35 Cheerleaders, band ignite spirit ;_:; - 36 37 38 Homecominga time for alumni 39 Mudbowl, scrabble highlight HC events 40 41 CE( 42 CEO ratifies first U contract 43 Open air markets: a unique charm 44 45 Political year 1974 5 t 46 TOP LEFT: Candidate Perry Bullard converses with students. BOTTOM LEFT: Senator McCovern supports John Reuther with an appearance at Hill. TOP CENTER: Stephen Stills with Reuther after benefit concert. BOTTOM CENTER: Conductor Cavender and Gover- nor Milliken at U of M football. BOTTOM RIGHT: Dr. Ed Pierce in- troducing Reuther at Hill before McGovern ' s speech. 47 Community expresses problems of today 48 49 Campus life: looking beyond tomorrow 5O . . K- , - ' ' " K JL 51 VDIHDIWM) MICHIGANOPOLYMICHIGIOP NAVY 52 MINNESOTA! 49 31V1S NV9IHDIW dONVDIHDIWAIOdO l OPOLYMICHIGANOPO JNES01 WISCONSIN 24 20 Bo ' s boys roll toward big 10 co-championship TOP RIGHT: Substituting for injured Dennis Franklin, Mark Elzinga hands off to Chuck Heater behind the awesome blocking of George Przygodski. PANEL: Rob Lytle breaks into the clear, beating a Navy defender into the end zone. His touchdown dance is performed with glee as Michigan romps over Navy 52-0. TOP RIGHT: Dennis Franklin taking to the air against Navy, hits his split end Keith Johnson with a pass. 55 Gridders crunch Spartans, Boilermakers 56 TOP LEFT: Slippery rock?! BOTTOM LEFT: Cordon Bell eludes Purdue defenders during Michigan ' s 51-0 romp. CENTER LEFT: Tom Drake breaks up final Purdue threat. TOP RIGHT: Jeff Perlinger nails Spartan running back for another loss. BOTTOM RIGHT: Wolverine defense devours MSU wingback. 57 Beat by OSU toe The story: A powerhouse team led by co-captains Dave Brown and Dennis Franklin smashed their opposition in their first ten games. In the showdown against O.S.U., Michigan burst into a 10- lead in the first quarter behind a Franklin to Chapman T.D. pass and a Lantry field goal. After that it became a battle of the defenses. In the process, O.S.U. kicked four field goals. A last second ' M ' field goal attempt failed and O.S.U. went on for the upset 12-10. The result: A team that has compiled a 30-2-1 win-loss record over three years has never gone to a bowl game. J I 58 toe e process, Js. A last failed and 12-10. The TOP RIGHT: Kicker Mike Lantry connects for three of Michigan ' s 10 points against the Buckeyes. CENTER LEFT: O.S.U. running back Archie Griffin is stopped for no gain by linebacker Calvin O ' Neal. TOP LEFT: Dennis Fra nklin prepares to complete the lone touchdown of the game to Gil Chapman. BOTTOM RIGHT: Michigan defenders Dan Jilek (81) and Larry Banks sack Ohio State quarterback Cornelius Greene in one of Michigan ' s outstanding defensive performances of the year. 59 .- 60 t Bo Schembechler: a man in motion Bo Schembechler ' s record speaks for itself: 58 wins, 7 losses, and 1 tie. During his six years at Michigan Bo has amassed five championship teams. Labeled as an extremely hard coach, Schembechler has shaped every one of his teams into a winner. The only goal eluding Bo has been that Rose Bowl Victory. Rose Bowl win or not though, Bo Schembechler may probably go down as one of the greatest college coaches of all time at Michigan. 61 62 Harriers trek to Big-10 Championship TOP LEFT: All-American Mike McGuire overtakes an opponent in the country. BOTTOM LEFT: Mike Mc- Guire and Bill Donakowski team together to place 8th and 6th respectively in the Big Ten Meet, right behind 2nd place finisher Greg Meyer. LEFT CENTER: The 6- mile record holder Jon Cross sprints to the finish. RIGHT CENTER: Senior Jim Simpson finishes a long race. TOP RIGHT: Teamwork was the name of the game this year, as captain Keith Brown and Jay Anstaett pour It on in lifting Michigan to a 1st place in the Big Ten. 63 Young tankers win 64 65 Gymnasts exhibit strength, style 66 67 Dekers skating toward .500 season 68 - BOTTOM LEFT: Freshman Dan Hoene brings the puck down the ice against M.S.U. CENTER: Robbie Moore has the best seat in the house during one of hockey ' s ' notorius ' fights. TOP RIGHT: All-Ameri- can Robbie Moore makes another save. BOTTOM RIGHT: Senior Captain Randy Trudeau slaps a shot past an M.S.U. defenseman. 69 TOP LEFT: Doug Lindskog fires a perfect strike on the State goal. TOP RIGHT: Kip Maurer chases down a loose puck. BOTTOM RIGHT: Eluding an Ohio State player, Greg Natale sets up an ' M ' play. 70 l leers build for 76 Season In his second year at the helm, Coach Farrell is sport- ing a young team that has a lot of potential. A Junior, Angle Moretto, is one of the top five scorers in the WCHA and Kris Manery is not far behind. Backing up the front line is an excellent defensive core that will only be losing one senior next year. This year the team, as a whole, has been sporadic to say the least, putting together a 15-13 record at mid season; but with some consistancy and its veteran team, Michigan should create a formidable threat to the top spot next year. 71 Grapplers gain successful season 72 BOTTOM LEFT: Ed Neiswander traps his op- ponent helping Michigan to place in the top 20 teams in the nation. CENTER: Michigan ' s only All-American Jim Brown grapples with a Rhode Island wrestler. TOP RIGHT: Bill Schuck looks to the ref for the call. BOTTOM RIGHT: Spur- ring the team to an 11-2 half season record, Ed Neiswender pins his man. 73 Kupec sparks Blue attack TOP LEFT: C.J. Kupec struggles past Indiana defenders. CEN- TER LEFT: Sparkplug Wayman Britt overcomes his Ohio State guard for an easy basket. CENTER RIGHT: Guard Steve Grote smothers an M.S.U. player with his tenacious defense. TOP RIGHT: Wayman Britt and Rick White combine to shatter Wisconsin ' s defense. BOTTOM RIGHT: Dave Baxter barrels over an Indiana player enroute to two points. 74 75 Cagers rely on defense TOP LEFT: An Indiana forward is checked by Wayman Britt ' s mean defense. BOTTOM LEFT: Joe Johnson pops for two with a jumper. LEFT CENTER: Wayman Britt drives past his defender. RIGHT CEN- TER: Steve Crote slides through a maze of Indiana defenders for another Michigan bucket. FAR RIGHT: Johnny Robinson strives to prevent an Indiana basket and is fouled by a Hoosier forward. 77 Courtmen struggle through rough season 78 FAR LEFT: Joe Johnson grabs an M.S.U. pass. CENTER: Johnny Rob- inson snowed strong signs this sea- son of becoming a Wolverine standout. TOP RIGHT: C.J. Kupec grabs another rebound in Michi- gan ' s quest against Indiana. BOT- TOM RIGHT: Smothered by Wis- consin defenders, Steve Grote jumps for a Michigan bucket. : ' _ 79 8O Club Sports: cavalier competitors 81 Female athletes crusade for status, equality 82 83 84 Women liberate U sports scene 85 : ' M ' students star in Intramurals JE 86 87 88 II One-on-one confrontations highlight essence of competition 89 Intramural sports a study break 9O 91 92 Champions I TOW of the West 93 wniacuianv IH VDIHDIWA)dC MICHIGANOPOLYMICHIG JOF ALVIN AILEY DANCERS POWER CENTER wniaoiianv IIIH ANOHdWAS NOQNO1 DdONVDIhDIWAlOdO IIGUOPOLYMICHIGANOPO 00 MARCEL MARCEAL U.M.S. leads campus arts Since 1876, the University Musical Society has brought to Ann Arbor a wide variety of out-stand- ing music and dance artists from all over the world. This season the UMS brought to Ann Arbor performances ranging from chamber art quartets, operas, ballets and dance, to orchestras and solo- ists. The UMS bridges not only the cultures of the world but the musical preferences of the young and old as well. 96 TOP LEFT: London Symphony, Andre Previn conducting. TOP CENTER AND TOP RIGHT: Warsaw National Orchestra. 97 Bridging cultures through variety of arts 98 jrts BOTTOM LEFT: Pennsylvania Ballet. BOTTOM CEN- TER: Chinese Opera Theater. TOP RIGHT: Marcel Marceau. BOTTOM RIGHT: Alvin Ailey Dancers. 99 Cla act I TOP LEFT: The " Messiah " performed by the University of Michigan Choral Union, the Interlochen Arts Academy orches- tra and guest soloists. BOTTOM CENTER: The Cuarneri String Quartet. TOP CENTER: Carlos Montoya, Flamenco guitarist. TOP RIGHT: Russian cellist Rostaprovich. 1OO Classic musicmakers accent UMS concerts usii a! Society MjMp He liiversilv of Mirhigii Cari lontoya Fla . nco Guitarist 101 FTP: premiere productions The Professional Theater Program serves as a coordinator for nearly all of the major theater productions on the Ann Arbor campus. In addition to the traditional five Broadway Hits, it sponsors the City Center Acting company as well as various other professional repertory companies. The PTP also recognizes the wealth of student talent on campus by sponsoring the well known University Players as well as the less publicized Show- case, Black, and Arena Theaters. 102 ons % for in Arbor 1 Hits, it various ' cognizes the well id Show- BOTTOM LEFT: " Edward II " . BOTTOM CENTER: Shake- speare ' s " Love ' s Labour ' s Lost " . TOP RIGHT: " The Time of Your Life " . BOTTOM RIGHT: " The Three Sisters " . All are City Center Acting Company productions. 103 Drama, spectacle highlight pro theater i 104 : BOTTOM LEFT: " Sty of the Blind Pig " . BOTTOM CENTER: Rehearsal- " Cyrano de Bergeac " . TOP RIGHT: " Seesaw " . BOT- TOM RIGHT: " The Killing of Sister George " . 1O5 " Damn ' Yankees " - hell of a musical! A dream, a team, and a deal with the devil set the tone for a Soph Show which broke all records for audience attendance and acclaim. The efforts of Robert Bianco and Florence Reese, producers, and director Robert Alexander, along with Marcia Milgrom, choreographer and Larry Iser, musical direc- tor, make " Damn Yankees " a smashing success. 106 ' tone for tendance Florence cal direc- TOP LEFT: Lola (Jill Lindsey) and Mr. Ap- plegate (Eric Riley) discuss their previous deeds. BOTTOM LEFT: The trial of Joe Hardy. TOP CENTER: Joe Hardy (Robert Howard) and Lola " Two Lost Souls " . TOP RIGHT: The Washington Senators ' locker room. BOTTOM RIGHT: Mr. Applegate reminisces about " The Good Old Days " . 1O7 Jericho: musical comedy highlights theater season " Jericho " was in spite of itself. Never has the maxim " the show must go on! " fit so perfectly. Riddled by unbelievable difficulties and catastrophes, " Jericho " made a sweeping debut. " Jericho " , an original musical comedy, was written in 1971 by Jeff Canning, Jim Ford, and Jack Mclaughlin, then students at the Defense Language Institute in Califor- nia. Based on the fun-filled humorous aspects of Canning ' s experiences as a newspaper reporter in upstate New York, this production stars Jack Mclaughlin as Joshua as well as director and features Jim Ford playing the music and songs that make " Jericho " what it is. Exactly what it is is a bril- liant musical comedy with remarkable choreography, fan- tastic music, and a wonderful cast. 108 1O9 Gilbert and Sullivan Society showcases " H.M.S. Pinafore " 110 1 11 University bands: spectrum of sounds The School of Music sponsors an array of student musical groups and their pro- ductions. These groups composed of mus- ic majors and other talented students con- tinue to delight Ann Arbor audiences with the variety, originality and proficiency of their numerous diverse programs through- out the year. 112 TOP LEFT: University Jazz Band. BOTTOM LEFT: University of Mich- igan Marching Band. TOP CENTER, BOTTOM CENTER, BOTTOM RIGHT: University Symphony Orchestra. 113 TOP LEFT: Men ' s Glee Club. BOTTOM LEFT: Faculty Chamber Arts. TOP CEN- TER: The Friars. TOP RIGHT: School of Music production " 100 Akerwood " . BOT- TOM RIGHT: The Arts Chorale. 114 ; HT: School of , Merry melody makers 115 v 116 Music masterpieces: poise perspiration, behind the scenes 117 Concerts capture variety of stars TOP, BOTTOM LEFT: Joan Baez. RIGHT: Aerosmith performs. 118 I k i .rf- 119 TOP LEFT: John Prine. BOTTOM CENTER: Paul Siebel. TOP CENTER: Linda Ronstadt BOTTOM RIGHT: Leon Redbone. 120 UAC gigs feature Ronstadt, Prine 121 TOP LEFT: Steam Heat. BOTTOM LEFT: Stephen Stills. TOP RIGHT and BOTTOM RIGHT: Todd Rundgren. 122 Campus concerts crowd local pubs 123 Ann Arbor music encompasses all tastes 124 muss BOTTOM LEFT: Honky-tonk music, beer, and peanuts at Bimbos. BOT- TOM CENTER: Local folk artist in con- cert at the Ark. TOP RIGHT: The Pret- zel home of the RFD Boys and Ann Arbor bluegrass. 125 n 2 " 3 Q. C (Q g c Z-n OH Z wa-Noirsin INOdd VDIhDIWAM MICHIGANOPOLYMICHIG 0 PHI BETA KAPPA 3.6 GPA 917 NOINII ON 3911 A TIIH 1311IH ilC DdONVDIHDIWAIOdON U u OPOLYMICHIGANOPO Q- OC _J I i 917 fm WCBN 89.5 fm ZETA TAU ALPHA TOP ROW: Carol Bennett, Marilyn Fletcher, Jan Crode, Loretta Antonczak, Jan Qja, Sandy Morris. SECOND ROW: Marianne Machala, Ann Nelson, Carolyn Mekjian, Marilyn Pukkila, Madeline Shep- ard. THIRD ROW: Debbie Richman, Rita O ' Connell, Randee Lively, Kathy Partain, Debbie Donahue, Bonnie Smrcka, Molly Adams, Marcia May. BOT- TOM ROW: Sue Sember, Kim Melchiori, Barb Thie- sen, Kathy Kroh, Dawn Lancaster, Linda Sells, Phyl- lis Culpepper, Terry Kettner, Anita Cardocki, Pluma Walker. NOT PICTURED: Jane Adams, Sue Bieke, Annabelle Burnett, Sue Filkins, Flora Cillis, Laurie Krause, Cheryl Marinetti, Becky Pierce, Sue Porem- ba, Vickie Rosenbusch, Jan Sleeman, Lois Stone, Barbara Sutton, Patty Sweeney, Linda Towers, Sara Ubbes. 128 ; Bieke, , Laorie Porem- i Stone, ft Sara GAMMA PHI BETA TOP ROW: Donna Zielinski, Sharon Nepstad, Helen Whiting, Robyn Main. SECOND ROW: Chris Cole, Claudia Wingblad, Lee Ann VanHouten. THIRD ROW: Pam Young, Cathy Beaumont, Sheila Haynes. FOURTH ROW: Cindy Beaumont, Pam Luecke, Dee McCann. FIFTH ROW: Harre, Horton, Mary Ann Mac. NOT PICTURED: Sara Barnes, Gail Kellberg, Micki Wencel, Debbie Ullrich, Paula Flicker, Donna Duwe, Susie Agay, Jan Odorowski, Peggy Syrowik, Heidi Wagner, Valerie Dray, Julie Hafford, Mrs. Vogel, housemother. 129 DELTA GAMMA TOP ROW (I to r): Ann Krieger, Julie Else, Anne Red- ding, Sue Amentorp, Marian Strong, Karen Kitchen, Barb Kakenmaster, Tammy Hanson, Lynda Kitchen. SECOND ROW: Eileen Kieran, Beth Devork, Nancy Veneklasen, Marian Coppo, Meme Forrestel, Barb Smith, Sandy Truffelli, Laura Nalli. THIRD ROW: Aurelia Boyer, Nancy Bidigare, Jody Comstock, Jo Ann Tylicki, Laurie Jameson, Mary Poat, Barb Lang. FOURTH ROW: Mary Finlayson, Sarah Finlayson, Wendy Wilderotter, Jane Brundidge, Lori Cruse, Deb- bie Cruse. LAYING DOWN: Susie Massingham, Lori Hanna. NOT PICTURED: Sue Kitchen, Stephanie Spoerl, Sally Doyle, Jill Rempter, Mari Campbell, Max- ine Schy, Polly Youngblood, Cindy Lund, Laryn Peterson. 130 fordon, ONDRi Sherry l vitz, R| Shields, Alayne ROW:N Streicher Smulsky, AnneScI Karen Ci ter. PIFI Grebe, P, KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA TOP ROW (I to r): Sally Dayton, Cathy McMichael, Susie Funk, Liz Bando, Gail Fordon, Karen Wismer, Sally Stone. SEC- OND ROW: Ann Coraci, Debbie Rice, Sherry Krawchuck, Barb Bell, Kim Hour- vitz, Rhondi Moe, Cathy Wilcox, Sue Shields, Liz Freeman, Wendy Chapin, Alayne Spencer, Kris Bolthouse. THIRD ROW: Nancy Wiltz, Sandy Gray, Suzanne Streicher, Candy Perry, Patti Kranz, Carol Smulsky, Diane Marshall. FOURTH ROW: Anne Schreiner, Carol Janz, Kay Kalvelage, Karen Cummiskey, Val Silvas, Wendy Stot- ter. FIFTH ROW: Marge Stephens, Sally Grebe, Paula Brown. 131 DELTA DELTA DELTA TOP ROW (1 to r): Linda Long, Shawn Waclawek, Mom Dad-Pat and Terry Trickett. SECOND ROW: Kathy Lillie, Betsy Montgomery, Bobbi Bergmooser, Mary O ' Donell. THIRD ROW: Dodi Ducker, Lisa Chiasson, Claire Saurer. FOURTH ROW: Nancy Mof- fat, Tina Manuel, Linda Lar- key. FIFTH ROW: Kathy Bly, Karen Bayekian, Mary Pat Lovernick, Cindy Lawson, Sue Rodgers. SIXTH ROW: Lisa Root, Patty Hirt, Cindy Dug- ger. SEVENTH ROW: Sally Tolles, Jenny Cotner, Mary Pat Rhoades. EIGHTH ROW: Linda Brown, Michelle How- ey, Kathy Rhoades, Sharon Easton, April Fenton. NOT PICTURED: Debbie Connell, Arlene Janjckian, Cindy Mal- som, Carol M erz, Lin Paradi- so, Barb Bowen, Betty Ann Rosenzweig, Barb Amann, Anne Fosdick, Leslie Imirie, Peggy Sattler, Maryann Miller, Karen Zabell, Jan Zorn, T. Coh. Deni Hah Kaft Debt enfi 132 iK fc ' ' jifcHi r, " f jf O I- IP " . TOP ROW: (I to r): Mrs. Jean Donahue (Housemother), Marsha Katz, Lauren Silverman, Wendy Bauer, Robin Kat- anick, Debbie Marx, Connie Lowenstein, Elaine Feldman, Susan Shaw, Susie Pevaroff, Paula Krasney, Sue Sheiner. SECOND ROW: Diane Soskin, Francie Leader, Joyce Les- ser, Amy Gardner, Sherri Bilinski, Cathy Nachman, Judy Zipkin, Lauren Levine, Fran Davis. THIRD ROW: Jan Cold- berg, Kay Ellen Klein, Cindy Jacobson, Cheryl Silverstein, Denise Pollak, Linda Felsenthal, Judy Greenstone, Janet Hahn, Nancy Lindauer, Ruth Lipnick. FOURTH ROW: Kathy Agin, Susan Koblenz, Lisa Jacknow, Marsha Linver, Debbie Bienstock. NOT PICTURED: Carolyn Dorfman, Kar- en Feldstein, Beth Friedman, Carol Leslie, Elaine Levy, Lisa Nitzberg, Barb Schlain, Linda Wasserman. ALPHA EPSILON PHI 133 ALPHA PH TOP ROW (I to r): Malinda Brownlee, Terri Cold, Betsy Connors, Debbie Justice, Jeanie Forrest, Terri Cook, Martha Wiess, Pat Con- nors, Pam Engle, Diane Falk, Laura Novak. SECOND ROW: Bette Blanchard, Sue Bowen, Val Eurs, Sandy Ranke, Ginny Huette, Karen Dubac, Paula Kelsay, DeeDee Eurs, Mary Beth Sullivan, Kathy Kehrl, Kathy McKay, Debbie White, Sue Objniczak, Kathe Killins, Gina Cap- albo. THIRD ROW: Andy Allen, Becky Knowl- ton, Laura Centofanti, Debbie Masten, Anna Marie Kersten, Pat McGauley, Jenny French, Lauren Leimbach, Margie Ducker, Deb John- ston, Nancy Kelly, Bonnie Bernstein. FOURTH ROW: Jill Grubbs, Sue Allen, Judy McAtee, Heller Ewbank, Gretchen Van Dam, Nancy Norwicki, Anne Hassard, Anna Tori. NOT PIC- TURED: Jody Swanson, Betty Bettman, Barb Bettman, Jackie Scott, Betty Gavula, Deb Rucker, Sue Maunders, Marian Fredal, Pam Mapes, Anita Bachwich, Karen Daly. I 134 ah Fische da Burk, House. SI ston, Lori i Karei N, Jackie Stuart, Lil k Bevei KAPPA ALPHA THETA TOP ROW: (I to r): Carol Lundy, Barbara Severance, Debor- ah Fischer, Patti Hedges, Cheryl Marecki, Sue Brenkert, Lin- da Burk, Anne Prindiville, Penny Ehrlich, Sue Keller, Sue House. SECOND ROW: Jane Pince, Meg King, Barb John- ston, Lori Sparks, Jody Jones, Carolyn Carpenter, Lisa War- ren, Karen Dairs, Gretchen Olsen, Kathy Segar, Marsha Per- ry, Jackie Boyden, Martha Knecht, Debbie Jenkins, Christie Stuart, Libby Gardner. THIRD ROW: Celeste Hoffman, Bee- key Beyer, Kathy Shaw, Carol Remen, Karen Glenn, Liz Col- lier, Nancy Rauch, Debbie Odehnal, Ann Rioux, Kim Greg- ory, Patty Blaney, Anna Tryznski, Kit Hollway, Teri Rieff, Wanda Schrader, Julie Steeb, Suzanne Kreger. FOURTH ROW: Sheri Rieff, Sally Helm, Sally Lockwood, Patty Balzhiser, Kathy Rhodes, Karen Marheine, Vicki Budd, Huda Fadel, Jan Tebbel, Mary Patchak. FIFTH ROW: Diane Mather, Nancy Abbs, Lynn Beatty, Barb Moon, Sally Morris, Emily Rohr, Mary Kurkjian, Sharon Hamlett. 135 PI BETA PHI TOP ROW (I to r): Cheryl Steiner, Kathy Settergren, Jane Mosher, Beth Whitehouse, Jan Pinkham, Gail Hansen, Sara Beis, Nancy Moylan, Kris Mulder, Maria Pleskaczz, Deborah Hoke, Lauren Sickels. SECOND ROW (form chair): Katie Karzarnoff, Ellen Shoemaker, Judy Renfrew, Melissa Cerber, Tena Henson, Nancy Trinka, Martha Zimmermann, Ruth Ec- ker, Pam Rossbach, Verda Gurol, Linda Hayes. THIRD ROW: Mary Toshach, Diane McNulty, Marcia Stoklosa, Liz Day, Mary Cockerline, Judy Barton, Diane Domke, Jeannine Timm. FOURTH ROW: Betsy Armstrong, Sue Wood, Sue Williams, Mary Medlar, Karen Bowman, Wendy Barwick, Linda Yentz. NOT PICTURED: Jan Anderson, Sharon An- drews, Kathy Blayney, Karen Bruer, Sally Bublitz, Elaine Engibous, Carol Fairbrother, Laurie Gillingham, Maureen Greene, Robyn Guenther, Mary Hanke, Sandy Henning, Lois Huissen, Wanda Kent, Kathy Lyons, Kathy Makielski, Lorie Taylor, Patti Wilson, Sandy Wonnacott, Ruby Yeh, Lise Zahn, Cheryl Povlick, Judy Dobles, Kathy Zimmer, Kathy Oas, Lynelle Killinger, Deb Hughes, Robin Ramsey. 136 PANHELLENIC ASSOCIATION Executive Council Nancy Jack, President, Aplha Epsilon Phi Carol Murz, Vice President, Delta Delta Delta Kathy Makielski, Secretary, Pi Beta Phi Robin Main, Treasurer, Gamma Phi Beta Barbara Severance, Rush, Kappa Alpha Theta Lauren Sickels, Social Chairperson, Pi Beta Phi Robin Guenther, Publicity, Pi Beta Phi won An- tz, Elaine :lski, Lone Yeh, Lise ier, Katnv Representatives Carie Mulholland, Alpha Chi Omega Vicki Nurmi, Deb Barton, Alpha Delta Pi Paula Kelsay, Alpha Phi Robin Roberts, Chi Omege Beth Dwork, Delta Gamma Susie Brenkert, Kappa Alpha Theta Sharon Felber, Kappa Kappa Gamma Mary Toshach, Pi Beta Phi Linda Brown, Delta Delta Delta Jan Burkey, Sigma Delta Tau Lisa Jack, Alpha Epsilon Phi Sharon Andrews, Pi Beta Phi Micki Wencel, Kathy Mewhort Sharon Nepstad, Gamma Phi Beta 137 ALPHA DELTA PI TOP ROW (I to r): Mary Salutz, Nancy Jack, Chris Klein, Kathy Schmidt. SECOND ROW: Barb Bock, Alison Endler, Judy Bilinsky, Lisa Keathley. THIRD ROW: Marji Mclntyre, Sandy Peterson, Anne Hendricksen, Anne Stephen- son, Lynn Nega, Suzi Mclntyre, Peggy Surbai- an, Mary Jo Chcoine, Lynn Wattenbarger, Sue Valentine, Deb Barton, Sue Hatfield. FOURTH ROW: Deb Armbruster, Sue Wilson, Sue Marks, Francine Brenner, Deb Wilson. FIFTH ROW: Mary Gremel, Colleen Mucha, Deb Gladstone, Wendy Allison, Kathy McKinley, Carol Jennings. SIXTH ROW: Karen Cossa- boom, Jan Soley, Karen Ryan, Paula Bartosz- wiez, Chris Plumb, Jan Burdick. i _. TOPRO Bethea,! Baier. $[ toy, Lis Crider.C Wisner, Helena P abetn E 138 PI MARTHA COOK RESIDENCE TOP ROW (I to r): Jennifer Cotner, Barbara Horldt, Jean Bethea, Marilyn Tsao, Cynthia Schweitzer, Anna Tsao, Nancy Baier. SECOND ROW: Julie Schraudt, Brenda Cagle, Janet Eary, Lisa Burks, Elise Bates, Jeannell Mansur, Catherine Crider, Gwen Wade, Sharon Grech, Heidi Bergson, Elizabeth Wisner, Joanne Sobezak, Janice Winfree, Dawn Wilbur, Helena Page, Barbara Ager, Anita Thoen. THIRD ROW: Eliz- abeth Eagan, Meredith Hackel, Jane Ross, Nancy Grace, Claudia Miller, Rosanna Moorehead, Paige Davis, Susan Smereck, Carol Van Ess, Vera Bergermann, Alexis Beck, Pam- ela Rossman, Debra Hughes, Laurel Ronis, Melanie Samson, Karn Egge. FOURTH ROW: Jean Lewis, Barbara Manica, Janet Parker, Debra Koivunen, Patrice Romzick, Gail Greenstein, Tamara Bloch, Hilary Franklin, Rhonda DeMason, Barbara Simonds, Deborah Day, Marian Ayaub, Kim Lewis, Ewa Piat- kowska, Lisa Sommers, Winona Schweitzer, Karen Raubinger, Linda Mohler. FIFTH ROW: Elaine Fischer, Barbara Jackson, Betsy Richart, Diane Klemer, Barbara Moser, Lynn Shaler, Mrs. Mailyn Hoag (Dietitian), Miss Olive Chernow (Director), Linda Loving (Asst. Dir.), Nancy Ayres, Nanci Johnson, Mary Alice Bates, Meg Munson, Deborah O ' Hara. 139 CHI PSI TOP ROW (I to r): Chad Turman, Jim Walker, Rick Navin, Bill Burlingame, Russ Collins, Gary Graser, Ron Parsons, Wes Tagami, Larry Daugherty, Pete Haberkorn, Steve Regier, Bill Scollard, Warren Winters, Jim Sulli- van. SECOND ROW: John Lyons, Dicran Haidostian, Stephen Foster, Chris Anderson, Neal Sadler, Michael Malone. THIRD ROW: Ernie Richards, Todd Rahmes, Peter Dabos, Michael Weisman. NOT PICTURED: Wil- liam York, Robert Wise, Daniel Smith, Christopher Vasileff, Fritz Stirler, Krut Utich. 14O I BACK ROW (I to r): Louie King, Dave Rossow. STANDING: Dave Slagle, Rick Bosch, Steve Mull, Ron Weans, Rick Kaplan, Doug Wright, Jim Engel, Geroge Kozloff, John Cawkoswki, Kevin Klok, Mike Kubinski, John Werenski, Alec McLeod, Steve Denerfeld, Jim Hoose, Russ Kernath. FRONT ROW: Jim Bergantz, Scott Bosch, Terry Lajeunesse, Ivor Janci, Chuck Ihling, Bruce Jodar, Ron Williamson, Scott Moore, Howard Patterson. NOT PICTURED: Rich Cook, Tom Grieger. SIGMA CHI 141 DELTA TAU DELTA TOP ROW (I to r): Doug Cook. SEC- OND ROW: Jack Simms, James K. Bal- lun, Ken Corba, Steve Nichols. THIRD ROW: Dan Moncrief, Jon Braun, Ran- dall Hall, Dave S. Lindsey. FOURTH ROW: D.R. Icehenberg, Mike Bozomo- ski, Conrad Thurstone. FIFTH ROW: Mike Healy, Guy Sewell, Mike Dixon. SIXTH ROW: Art Brereton, Dennis Leshiak, Lee Deangelis. 142 SIGMA NU TOP ROW (I to r): Neil Fortin, Dave Tamsen, Mike DuClarme, Mark Bot- trell, Jim Eckman. SECOND ROW: Mike Baker, Todd Fedoruk, Neil Marty, Frank Hartge, Don Hudson, Glen Engman, Doug Stein, Tom Rapu- cci, Dave Kurtz, Dave Brill, Stu Wien- stein, Line Frazier, Gary Lewk. THIRD ROW: Joe Martarano, Paul Moore, Walter Talamonti, Dean Couphos, Craig Teschendorf, John Shekerjian, Mike Nedeau, Dan Chen, Mike Lucez, Al Petro, Bob Walters. 143 THETA CHI TOP ROW (I to r) Bob Kelso, Denny Yuzenas, Tom Duranleav, Lee Byron Benson, Jeff Babb, Bruce John- son, John Merrill, Pete Damken, Rick Lowman, Joel Goodman, Pete Carrazzone. SECOND ROW: Jim Z. Tavrazich, Thorn Lahiff, Tracey Beggs, Mark Hovinga, Jeff Livense, Greg Cook, Dave Harmon, Kurt Wicks, Craig Rowely. THIRD ROW: Rob Davis, Randy Strong, Ron Gentile, Dave Faulk, Jay Kennedy, Don Norman, Mark Lebeis. I ev, John Hay, Tim SECOND hard, Doi 144 I PHI GAMMA DELTA yr TOP ROW (I to r): Don Nelson, John Kelly, Bob Bradly, Jim Lowe, Mike Ruch- ey, John Chapman, Bill Deuchler, Dave Hay, Tim Frye, Bob Morse, Dan Wiemer. SECOND ROW: Tom Dobles, Mike Shus- hard, Don Ross, Ken Heck, Jim Pitlosh, John Arteminleo, Tim Pederson, Mike James, Ralph Wilson. THIRD ROW: Mark Persitz, Paul Fuhs, Lee Shaffer, Paul Bur- tell, Dan Hardie, Brian Anderson, Mark Hrabuski, Jim Allen, Gary Sulzer, Doug Etsell, Jeff Lutz, John Chavez, John (Jack) Walleer, Bob Montgomery. FOURTH ROW: John Dulas, Chris Simmons, Phi Conaty, Al (Wildcat) Wall, Mark Kalish- man, Tom Diroff, Larry Beuke. 145 TOP ROW (I to r): Gordon Tucker, Scott Kindra, Kim Bloomquist, Gary Gallopin, Bud Swager, Tom Ham- mond, Greg Hughes, Jay Ritter, Craig Fitzgerald, Jim Olney, Paul L. Johnson, Scott Ossewaarde. SECOND ROW: Jim Olsen, Jon Zeschin, Pat Parker, Steve Car- nevale, Paul Malloure, Scott Timmer, John MacDon- ald, Jon Holmes, Mike Ritter, Dave Everett, Bob Stead. THIRD ROW: Greg Jones, Rob Fuller, Paul C. Johnson, John Valencia, Rick Schiedt, Jim Fortune, Mark Reidy, Jim Gardner, Howard Beatty, Jack Par- tridge, Karl Ibershoff. FOURTH ROW: Wayne Leim- bach, Gary Walton, Kevin Mills, Ernie Li, Tom Hibler, John Malloure, Jeff Neal, Louie Leonard, Tom Chale, Steve Grimm, Greg Partridge, NOT PICTURED: Phil Downey, Doug Reith, Mike Bartholomew, George Isaac, Mark Summers, Pete Anderson, Len Van De- Wege, Jay VanDuren, Bill Merchant, Leon Sompolin- sky, Gary Telling, Ken Burke, Dave Burnham, Harv Ely, Mike French, John Mullen. 146 LAMBDA CHI ALPHA 147 THETA XI TOP ROW (I to r): Jim Haslett, Jim Simpson, Ben Nemeic, John Niparko. SECOND ROW: Sue Pritula, Dean Harden, Cindy Matteson, Dean Wilson, Leslie Capell, Doug McCowan, Jeff Curry, Wendi Farrer, Cheryl Pomerance, Dave Pytleski, Al Lansky, Roger Palm, Mark Goldsmith, Meg Robert, Blanche Terice, Glenda Gerbstadt, Barry Ryder, Margaret Molina, Jon Sidor, Andi Rosenberg, Don Same, Steve Blum. THIRD ROW: Tris Carta, Garry Rizzo, Mike Cangemi, Jeff Buch, Andy Munson, Mike Buch, Morra Stein, Jerry Morgan, Frank Cooper, Becky Tift, Mike Ginsberg, Sue Reid. 148 CHI OMEGA (I TOP ROW (I to r): Dora Nowicki, Diann Ohman, Margie Ratkow, Becky Happel, Penny Pietras. SECOND ROW: Sheila Bluekamp, Laurel Smith, Jill Stewart, Jill Munger, Nancy Heimonen, Rita Fratti, Karen Rollins, Becky Ray- mond, Willa Cohen. THIRD ROW: Chris Hall, Barb Klopfer, Sue Hill, Sue Goodenough, Paula Hoffrichter, Lauren Pioch, Arlene Neeb, Val Wilson, Beth Bowling, Sue Neinhuis. FOURTH ROW: Kathy Kennedy, Carole Christman, Carol Kinze, Sue Neeb, Sue Crippen, Wendy Stalo, Linda Bradham, Carlene Frank. FIFTH ROW: Gwen Beaudette, Marsha Hahn, Lynn Easton, Jan Berger, Joanie Brenkert, Jeannie Bach, Kim Williams, Cindy Ver- nier, Kathy Krohn. 149 UNIVERSITY ACTIVITIES COMMITTEE 150 r TOP LEFT: Susan Billmayer, Co-ordinating Vice President, and Jane Steger, Secretary. TOP CENTER: Robert Eckinger, President. BOTTOM RIGHT: Charles Gerdts, Chief finan- cial officer. NOT PICTURED: Diane Tremblay, Public Relations Vice President. 151 152 DAILY superstars TOP LEFT: Uncle Karl Diener is still playing that same old tune. TOP CENTER: Daily press ready to roll. FAR RIGHT: Business Manager Marc Sancrainte drives a hard bargain. BOTTOM RIGHT: Editor-in-Chief Dan Biddle re- laxes after a hectic day. BOTTOM LEFT: Daily support crew-the men in the shop. 153 BOTTOM CENTER: Photograph- er Pauline Leubens. BOTTOM LEFT: Managing Editor Judy Ruskin. TOP LEFT: Good sport George Hastings and Marc Feld- man. CENTER RIGHT: Typical DAILY desk. FAR RIGHT: Photo- grapher Karen Kasmauski. 154 Strong staff paces DAILY 155 TOP LEFT: Sue Stephenson. RIGHT: Marnie Heyn David Warren and Becky Warner. BOTTOM LEFT Howie Brick and Laura Berman 156 J 84 years of editorial freedom 157 Schwartz, Tucker, Albert, Salvette spearhead MICHIGANENSIAN staff ,H fle taff TOP RIGHT: Managing Editor lean Al- bert drives a hard bargain at the picture booth. BOTTOM RIGHT: Mary Medlar designs another of her schemes. FAR LEFT: Business Manager Dave Salvette ponders his next plan of financial wiz- ardy. CENTER LEFT: Editor Marty Schwartz delviers one of his infamous 60-second lectures. 159 Enti FAR LEFT: Sales Manager Rod Wilson ponders the financial situation. CENTER LEFT: Arts Editor Jean Coulter assigns the University Philharmonia for photos. RIGHT: Sports Edi- tor Steve Makowski converses with editor Marty Schwartz who ' s not really listening. 1 160 Enthusiasm heads Ensian team 161 162 Jr staff supports stalwart cause TOP LEFT: Campus Life Editor Pam Rossbach relaxes. BOTTOM LEFT: Publicity Director Irene Hashimoto prepares a DAILY ad. CENTER LEFT: The last Ensian spread ready for mailing. TOP RIGHT: Design Editor Mary Medlar and Senior section Editor Liz Day hustle senior pictures on the Diag. BOTTOM RIGHT: Organi- zations Editor Judy Barton makes another photo assignment. 163 TOP LEFT: Ensian Executive Editor and photographer Gordon Tucker. BOTTOM LEFT: Photo Technician Jack Mazzara. CENTER RIGHT: Chief Photographer Tom Simmons. 164 NCN photographers document TJ ' pulse TOP ROW: (left to right): Tom Simmons, Gordon Tuck- er, Martha Zimmerman. SECOND ROW: Jane Pince, John Upton. THIRD ROW: David Bloniarz, David Cap- paert, Lance Burghardt. 165 TOP LEFT: Board secretary Maurice Rinkel considers a budget question. BOTTOM CENTER: Chairman Larry Berlin comments on the Ensian budget. TOP CENTER: Board member Agis Salpukas analyzes the Daily ' s current crisis. BOTTOM RIGHT: Elliot Chikofsky scrutinizes the NCN income statement. s I 166 BOARD FOR STUDENT PUBLICATIONS " I fa u ' H uk ' ,n 167 w O3 z o o m en wanivN SOdWVD HiHON iav do IOOH:; VDIHDIWAldC MICHIGANOPOLYMICHIG OF Placement PHARMACY CC LITTLE MUSIC SCHOOL NORTH CAMPUS 311111 3D AOO1O39 ,OdONVDIhDIWA lOdON ilG JOPOLYMICHIGANOPO NURSING SCHOOL MEDICAL CENTER KRIS AASVED BS Nursing NANCY ABBS BA History of Art GERALD R. ABEN BS Zoology JACK ADAMS BS Chemistry MELANIE ADAMS BA Physical Education ELLIS A ADCER, JR. BSEE BRYON ADINOFF BCS KEDRICK ADKINS BSIOE DENNIS AENIS BA Education JEROLYN AENIS BA Education SUSAN AESCHBACH BA Psychology FEREIDOON AFSHARI BSCE Civil NAVEED AHMAD BSIE PATRICIA AILOR BA Psychology PAUL AINSLIE BSE JEAN ALBERT BA Religion WALTER ALIX BSCE Civil WENDY ALLISON BA German MARK ALLSHOUSE BA Political Science JAMES ALMDALE BBA HENRY ALUBOWICZ BSE CYNTHIA AMES BA Journalism Political Science JEFFREY AMMON BA Philosophy JOANNE AMUNDSEN BA Speech Therapy CHRIS ANDERSON BA Economics JOHN ANDERSON, JR BA Economics MARK ANDERSON BA Economics LEE ANDREWS BA History LORETTA ANTONCZAK BS Nursing MICHAEL APPLEBAUM BA Drama 170 SUSAN ARCHAMBAULT BS Nursing LYNETTE ARCHER BS Microbiology JOHN HENRY ARKISON BSCE Computers DEB ARMBRUSTER BA French Political Science JAMES ARMOUR BCS PETER ARMSTRONG BSNE MARTI ARNOLD BA History ANN ARONSON BS Medical Technology LAURA L. ARTZ BCS PHYLLIS ASKEW BS Nursing KATHLEEN MARIE BAAD BGS STEPHANIE BABBONI BS Nursing CHARLES T. BACH BA Education CAROLYN BACKUS BS Nursing SHIRINE BADER BSCE Chemical KATHERINE BACLEY BS Nursing SAM BAIR BCS LAURENCE BAKER BA English Political Science JOHN BALDWIN BSNA-ME ILENE BANKLER BS Dental Hygiene VERONICA W. BANKS BS Nursing CAROLYN BARBER BS Botany DAVID BARICK BM Music History PATTE BARLAND BS Nursing SALLY BARLING BS Nursing SHIRLEY BARROW BCS JUDITH MARIE BARTON BA Political Science MIRIAM BARUCH BS Dental Hygiene ELLEN BASS BA History French WILLIAM A. BASSE BA Political Science Economics 171 All BASSIRPOUR BSEE LAURIE BASSUK BA Speech Pathology NORMAN BATES BSAE PATRICK BAUER BS Physical Education JANET BAYLERAN BA Psychology EUGENE H. BEACH, JR. BA Philosophy ROBERT BEATTY BCS ALEXIS BECK BA English BARBARA BECK BA Education KRISTIN BECK BGS BARBARA BECKLEY BA Education ROWENA BEEBE BS Nursing GINGER BEHR BS Nursing LAURA BELCOVE BS Anthropology Zoology LYNNE BEMER BS Biology CAROL BENNETT BS Psychology Speech Hearing DANIEL BENSON BSC Computer Science BOBBI BERCMOOSER BS Nursing SHELLEY BERK BA Speech Pathology ALAN BERKE BA Speech WILLIAM BERNSTEIN BSCE Chemical DELORIS BERRIEN BS Biology JANICE BERRY BS Biology CLARY BESTOR BS Nursing BRIAN BEZRUTCH BBA Accounting 172 CYNTHIA BIENER BA Anthropology Zoology JERRY BICIO BS Microbiology TERRY BILLINSKI BS Nursing JUDY BILINSKY BBA SUSAN BILLMAYER BA Anthropology LINDA BINEK BBA Accounting BONITA BINCHAM BA Education SHERRY BINCNER BA Communications French LEWIS O. BINITIE-CASSIDY BSNA-ME Civil ROLAND BINKER BS Sociology STEVEN A. BLAIR BSCE Civil PATRICIA BLANEY BFA Interior Design BRENDA BLANTON BS Natural Resourses DEBBIE BLAUER BS Nursing MONICA BLAUNER BA Psychology CHERYL BLEDSCE BA English Anthropology JEFFREY BLOCK BA History JUDI BLOCK BS Nursing JUDITH BLOSS BCS KATHLEEN BLY BS Nursing LARRY BOATWRICHT BA Journalism BARBARA BOCK BBA Finance CAROL K. BOEKELOO BS Nursing NANCY BOELDT BCS LOIS BOER BS Nursing 173 EARL BOCROW BS Zoology BELINDA BOLDEN BA Speech Communication THOMAS BOND BA Speech DEBORAH BOOKER BA Anthropology CYNTHIA BOUCHNER BFA Design KAREN BOWMAN BFA Design LARRY BOWMAN BA Psychology RACHEL BOX BS Nursing AURELIABOYER BS Nursing DAVID BOYER BA Economics Psychology POLLY BRADLEY BS Nursing JAMES BRADY BCS KAREN D. BRANCH BGS ROBERT BRANDENBRUC BSME RHODA BRANYAN BS Pharmacy TEDBRASSEUR BBA SARA BRAVERMAN BA Psychology KRISTIN BRAWNER BS Nursing SUSAN BRENKERT BS Nursing MARTIN BRENNAN BBA FRANCINE BRENNER BGS GERALD A. BREUER BBA Marketing SHERRY BREZINA BS Nursing ARLENEBRISTER BCS HELEN BRODSKY BRODY BA English JOAN BROLICK BA German LINDA BROOKS BA Education ANDREA BROWN BS Nursing DEBORAH ANNE BROWN BS Biology MARSHALL BROWN BM Winds 174 LINDA BROWN BA Speech Pathology Audiology PAULA BROWN BFA Advertising design ROBERT BROWN BCS RONALD J. BROWN BA Psychology SERIENE BROWN BA Psychology Education SUSAN BRUMMEL BA Speech Pathology JANE BRUNDIDCE BA History of Art VINCENT BRYSON BM Music Education PHYLLIS BUCHOLZ BS Nursing VICKI BUDD BFA Design RENE BUENTELLO BA Spanish JAMES T. BUETER BS Pharmacy MICHELE BUJAK BS Nursing BARBARA BURCHAM BS Nursing JANET BURDICK BA Political Science CAROL BURG BS Nursing DAVID BURHENN BA History ILENE BURK BA History KENNETH BURKE BBA Accounting MARK BURKE BA History CYNTHIA BURNER BA English JOSEPH BURT BA Psychology CAROL BUSH BCS CHARLES BUTLER BA Latin-American Studies MICHAEL S. BUZAR BA Asian Studies KATHY BYLSMA BS Physical Therapy DOUGLAS BYRUM BSEE TOK CALVERT BA Economics MARY ANN CAMPBELL BS Nursing MICHAEL CANGEMI BS Anthropology Zoology 175 CLARE ANN CANHAM BS Phsykal Education MARY CANNON BFA Design JAMES CARALIS BS Pre-med ISABELLE CARDUNER BA Spanish French CURT CARLSON BSCE Civil SUE CARPENTER BA Psychology Accounting MICHAEL J. CARTER BSEE SHEILA CARTER BCS BRIAN CARTWRICHT BA Anthropology NANCY CARTWRICHT BS Nursing DAVID CASSELMAN BA Psychology ELDRED ROY CAYENTANO BA Linguistics Anthropology RENA CHAFETS BA Mathematics JACQUELINE CHAN BS Pharmacy JOHN CHAPMAN BA History KATHLEEN CHARITY BCS KAREN CASE BA Psychology Philosophy STUART CHEMTOB BA Politcal Science KARL CHEN BS Natural Resources WUI-CEHONC CHENG BSAE WILLIAM N. CHEPULIS BS Botany MARY JO CHICOINE BA Education SALLY CHIN BS Nursing KATHLEEN CHRISTMAS BS Nursing DENISE CHRYSLER BS Sociology 176 BARBARA CICANIK BA Speech Pathology Audiology BARBARA CLARK BS Nursing MARY CLARK BA History English MARLENE CLARKSON BS Nursing STANLEY CLINCERMAN BSCE Civil MARYCOCKERLINE BSF Forestry BETH CENYA COHEN BS Zoology CARRY COHEN BA Economics MARCY COHEN BS Mathematics Psychology SANDY COHEN BS Speech- Radio TV ZELMAN COLBERT MA Arc hitecture ALMA COLI BS Nursing CHRISTINE DIANE COLE BS Zoology KAREN COLE BBA Accounting JENNIFER A. COLLINS BS Zoology JOAN COLLINS BA History STUART COLLINS BS Natural Resources JUDY COLTSON BS Nursing BARBARA CONLEY BS Cellular Biololgy PATRICIA D. CONNORS BBA Marketing CURTIS CORKIN BSME JEANNE COROMBOS BS Zoology ELIZABETH COULES BA English KENT CPREK BA Anthropology DONNA CRAIG BS Nursing 177 JEAN CRAIG BS Chemistry Cellular Biology RICHARD CRAIG MA Architecture TERRY CRAMER BA Psychology ANN CRAMTON BA Education DAVID CRANE BGS JEFFREY CRANE BCS ANA MARIA CRAPSEY BA English NANCY CRAWFORD BS Education PEGGY CREWS BS Dental Hygiene DEBORAH CRIST BS Pharmacy NATALIE CRITES BSCE Computer CLAUDIA CROFTON BA Education VIRGINIA CROPSEY BA English MELVIN C. CROSS BS Architecture HARRY R. CROUTHAMEL IV BGS 178 LORI CRUSE BA Education KAREN CUMMISKEY BS Zoology LAURIE CUSHMAN BS Nursing NAOMI PAULA CUTLER BA French DOUGLAS D ' ACOSTINO BBA Accounting KEVIN DALY BBA STEVEN DALY BSCE Civil MARILYN DANOSKY BBA Personnel Management PATRICIA J.DARISH BA History of Art JOHNH.DAVIDSENJR. BSE Atmospheric Science CATHERINE DAVIDSON BS Nursing DONALD DAVIDSON BS Pharmacy JANET DAVIES BS Nursing ANDREW DAVIS BSNE EE FRAN DAVIS BA Education 179 ROBERT J. DAVIS BA German JOANNE DAWLEY BA English MELANIE DAWSON BS Dental Hygiene DEBORAH K. DAY BS Microbiology ELIZABETH J. DAY BS History VALERIE DE BEAUSSET BS Zoology KATHRYN DECKER BA Psychology DENISE DE CLAIRE BS Nursing PAUL DENZER BSEE NANCY DE TIZIO BA Education SANDRA ZYLSTRA DETRISAC BS Nursing RANDALL DE VELBISS BA Education JEFFREY DEVRIES BS Zoology KEVIN DE WITT BS Anthropology Zoology DERK DE YOUNG BGS LISA M. DICKINSON BA Economics PAMELA J. DIEDRICK BA German ANN MARIE Dl LORETO BCS SANDRA Dl NATALE BA Italian Literature Language THOMAS DIROFF BSEE ROBERT DISTER BS Zoology DENISE DITTMAR BFA Weaving MICHAEL DOBBS BSEE TONI DOHERTY BS Nursing BECKY DONALLY BA History of Art MARGARET ROSE DOUGHTY BM Vocie ROBERT DOUGLAS BA History DIANE E DREWNIAK BA Speech DOROTHY DUCKER BA Sociology JAMES DUERR BA Education 18O MICHAEL DUKES BA Psychology DEBI DULBERC BA Psychology KATHLEEN DUMAS BS Nursing MICHAEL DUNCAN BSCE Chemical DENNIS DURST BSME DIANE DUSTIN BCS ELIZABETH EACAN BA Psychology TAD EARECHSON BS Natural Resources JUDITH EARL BS Dental Hygiene DAVID L. EATON BA Economics KAREN EBERT BFA Painting RUTH ECKER BS Medical Technology ROBERT ECKINCER BA Economics DERETHA EDDINCS BS Nursing NINA EDWARDS BA Psychology SUSAN El BA History of Art FREDERICK EICKHOFF BSME SANDRA ELLISON BCS ELAINE ENCIBOUS BA German JAMES EPPERSON BSE Applied Mathematics MARK ERLBAUM BS Zoology BRADFORD ESCHLER BS Pharmacy ANDREW ESTRINE BA Political Science CHRISTINE EVANS BA German DIANNE EVANS BS Education MARK D. EVANS BCS ROBERT EX BA Political Science BEHNAZFARMANARA BBA WILLIAM FARRAN BA POLITICAL SCIENCE CELIA FARRAR BA History 181 SHEILA FARRELL BA Psychology PHYLLIS FEDER BA Psychology MARC FELDMAN BBA Accounting SUSAN FELDSTEIN BS Education JAMES FENTON BBA IRA FENTON BA Anthropology Zoology ALEXANDER FERNANDEZ BSCE Civil MARCIA FERRAND BS Nursing DARREL FIELD BSEE DORITA FIELDS BS BOTANY RODNEY FILCEK BBA Accounting THOMAS FILLION BCS KAREN FINGER BS Nursing MARY FINLAYSON BBA BRIAN FISCHER BA Political Science Journalism CAROL ANN FISCHER BS Nursing DEBORAH FISCHER BA Education SUSAN LYNN FISCHER BS Nursing JULIE FISHMAN BA Education LESLIE FISHMAN BS Zoology MARCIA FISHMAN BA History of Ideas LES FISSETTE BS Pharmacy CYNTHIA FITZPATRICK BA Education RICHARD FLAHERTY BA Political Science Journalism ILISSA FLAMM BS Dental Hygiene 182 KATHLEEN FLANAGAN BA Anthropology Zoology DEBRA FLANZ BA Political Science PHILIP FLEMING BS Zoology SUZANNE FLESZAR BS Nursing CRAIG FORHAN BBA JEAN FORREST BA Speech MARY FORRESTEL BS Education WILLIAM FORSTER BSCE Civil JAMES FORTUNE BS Zoology WILLIAM FOSS BSCE Computer JEANNE ALLYSON FOX BA Political Science Journalism JAMES FRANK BS Zoology JO FRANK BS Botany MARIAN FRANK BA French JONATHAN FRANKLIN BFA Painting KENNETH FRANTZ BCS PATTY FREEDSON BA Education MILTON FRENCH BSCE Civil MELISSA FREY BA History of Art GERTRUDE FRICKO BA-German BS-Zoology PAUL E. FRIEDBURC BCS DAVID FRIEDLANDER BBA BARBARA ANN FRITZ BS Nursing ROBERT FROELICH BSEE ELIZABETH FROMM BS Physical Therapy 183 DONALD H.FUHS BSE Naval Architecture ANN TAVI FULKERSON BA Speech CHARLES FURMAN BM Education PATRICK CAILLARD BSIE JAMES M. CALVIC BM Education SUSAN CANICH BS Pharmacy SHARON M. GARDNER BA Education DIANE FELICE GARLAND BS Nursing LOLA GARLAND BS Nursing PETER GARRISON BA History STEPHANIE CARVIN BS Education JOSEPH GASPARRINI BA Anthropology GERALD GAZDA BGS JAN CEDDES BA English History of Art JEFFREY S. GERLICH BBA MICHAEL GEIGER BSME TERRY CELLERMAN BA Education DEBORAH GELSTEIN BA French RONALD GENTILE BS Zoology CHARLES CERDTS BA History SUSAN CERSHWOITZ BA Sociology RITA M. GIBES BS Nursing JAMES ALAN GIBSON BA History RICHARD GIBSON BS Zoology BARBARA J. GILES BBA Finance JOHN GILLETTE BSCE Civil LAURIE CILLINCHAM BS Medical Technology MICHAEL BINSBURC BS Biology DEBORAH GLADSTONE BBA DEBRA CLASSMAN BA hreiii_h Psychology 184 DAVID CLOVINSKY BA Psychology DAVID GODFREY BS Microbiology JULIE GOLDSTEIN BS Zoology MARK GOLDSTEIN BA Political Science MITCHELL GOLDSTEIN BSME SUSAN GOLDSTEIN BS Nursing DAVID COLLWITZER BBA PAMELA GOLTZ BS Nursing CONZALO GONZALEZ BA Psychology BARBARA GOODIN BS Pharmacy DAVID GOODMAN BSCC BSECE DEBRA C GOODMAN BS Pharmacy DIANE GOODMAN BS Dental Hygiene IUDIE GOODMAN BS Nutritional Physiology RANDOLPH CORDON BA English SCOTT GORDON BA English SUZANNE CORDON BA Speech DIANE GORMAN BA Nursing JONATHAN GOTTLIEB BA Psychology DEBBY GOUDREAU BS Nursing KAREN COUZE BA Psychology F. CHARLES CRABOWSKI BS Zoology WILLIAM CRAMANN BA Psychology DENISE CRAY BA Journalism SANDRA CRAY BS Physical Therapy BRENDA GREEN BA Anthropology NANCY GREEN BS Dental Hygiene GARY CREENBAUM BSI OE LYNNE F. CREENBERC BA English MARCY CREENBERT BS Dental Hygiene 185 DIANE GREENFIELD BS Nursing JUDITH GREENSTONE BA Political Science DENNIS CRECA BA Psychology Anthropology PETER GREGORY BS Zoology LAURIE CREIC BA Speech Music PETER GRIFFIN BBA Finance KAY GRISMER BA Theater GAIL CRIWICKI BS Education JANIS CRODE BS Dental Hygiene DEBORAH CROSS BS Nursing LAURIE CROSS BA Speech Journalism REBECCA CROSS BS Botany ROSALINDA CROSS BA Psychology LYNN CRYLLS BS Nursing ANNA GUESS BCS VERDA CUROL BA Psychology ARNOLD CUTTERNBERC BCS DOUGLAS HAAC BBA Accounting NANCY HACKMEIER BA Education MARGARET HADCOCK BS Education THOMAS J. HADFIELD BBA Accounting MARK HAFFELI BBA Accounting CEORGINA HACEMEYER BS Pharmacy DEBBIE HACERTY BS Zoology Sociology JOHN C. HAGMAN BS Natural Resources 186 MARK HAHN BA Sociology CAROLE HAKALA BS Education ROBERT HALK BS Chemistry ELSBETH HALL BBA WILLIAM HALSEY BSNE DEBORAH HALVAKS BA History ROBERT HALVAKS BA Speech - Radio TV CRAIG A. HAMILTON BS Architecture ROBERT L. HAMILTON BS Architecture JOAN HAMMAN BS Nursing HARRY HAMMITI BA History History of Art ANGELA HANEY BS Pharmacy DENNIS HANSEN BS Architecture EILEEN HANSHEW BS Medical Technology ROBERT HANUS BS Computer Science KHONDAKERE.HAQUE BA Economics Political Science JOHN MICHAEL HARASIN BS Biology DENNIS HARBIN BSAE DANIEL D. HARDIE BA Political Science DAVID HARMON BSME CATHERINE HARRELL BA Psychology PATRICK HARRIGAN BA Religion BEVERLY HARRIS BS Education JAMES HARRISON BA Mathematics ARIEL HART BA Education 187 ROBERT HARTSEMA BS Zoology LOIS LEE HARTZ BS Natural Resources DENISE HARVEY BA Psychology GEORGE HASTINGS BA History Political Science RAY HATCH MA Architecture CHERYL HAUCH BS Nursing CYNTHIA LYNNE HAVRAN BA Journalism LINDA HAYES BS Pharmacy DAVID HAYS BS Chemistry MICHELLE M. HAYS BS Nursing DANIEL HEATH BSCE Civil JEFFREY S. HECHT BA English PAUL F. HEISS BSI OE VICKI LYNN HELLER BFA Ceramics Painting GARY HELMS BS Natural Resources JAMES R. HEMSATH BSME BETTY HENDERSON BS Nursing SHEILA A HENDERSON BA Speech Pathology JOEL HENNING BA Psychology SANDY HENNING BS Architecture CHRISTENA HENSON BS Nursing ELLEN HERBSTMAN BS Human Nutrition DIANA HERRING BS Education DIANNE HERSEY BA Political Science Psychology LAURALEE HESS BS Nursing NANCY HEYL BCS THOMAS M. HIBLER BBA RITA HICKS BGS GERALD T. HIGGINS BSE DENISE HIJA BA Psychology 188 CONSTANCE PARKER HILL BS Nursing LINDA HILL BS Nursing LYNNEC. HILL BS Physical Therapy PAMELA HILL BS Nursing PATRICIA HILL BS Botany SUSAN HILL BS Mathematics WILLIAM HILL BSEE DAVID HINMAN MBA ANNE HINSPETER BSE Oceanography RICHARD A. HODAS BCS DEBBIE HOFFMAN BFA Design GARY HOFFMAN BSME CEDRIC HOLDEN BA Education MARILYN HOLLAND BS Nursing JAYNE HOLLANDER BS Medical Technology RICHARD L HOOVER BA Political Science BARBARA HOPPS BS Zoology DAVID HORNER BS Zoology PATRICIA HORVATH BS Nursing MARK HOSLEY BS Zoology MARK A. HRABOVSKY BBA FEILI HSU BA Zoology ROBERT HUDCINS BSME JAN HUFNACEL BBA Accounting LOISHUISSEN BS Nursing DIANE HUMES BS Zoology Botany ROBERT HUNT BCS TIM HUNTER BS Education WILLIAM HUNTER BA Philosophy Speech GEORGE HUSSEY BA History 189 NANCE HUSTON BS Nursing CAROL HUTCHESON BA Journalism JOE HUTSON BS Natural Resources HOWARD HUYSER BS Zoology MARY HYDE BS Physical Therapy BARBARA HYLAND BS Physical Therapy PATRICIA HYTTINEN BS Cellular Biology ANNE IDEMA BA English CHARLES IHLINC BCS JAMES IOCCA, JR. BS Natural Resources CATHERINE IRWIN BA History GEORGE ISAAC BSI OE PHYLLIS ISACKSON BS Nursing SUSAN M. JABLONSKI BA journalism JUDITH JACCARINO BFA Interior Dessign BARBARA JACKSON BA Education JUDITH JACKSON BA Drama PHILLIP JACKSON BS Asian Studies MARK JAFFE BA Psychology PETER JAKSA BA Psychology JOHN JAMERSON BBA Real Estate MICHAEL JAMES BCS SYLVIA JAMES BA Speech LAURIE JAMESON BA Education ANGELA JANIK BS Nursing 190 BARBARA JANIK BA Psychology MELVIN D. JEFFERSON BBA DEBORAH JENKINS BS Dental Hygiene BRUCE JOHNSON BSE Oceanography CAROLYN JOHNSON BS Education EDITH JOHNSON BS Microbiology JANET JOHNSON BM KIM JOHNSON BS Nursing PAUL JOHNSON BS Anthropology Zoology RICK JOHNSON BA Education THOMAS K. JOHNSON BSCE Civil DEBORAH JOHNSTON BS Microbiology SCOTT R JOHNSTON BS Zoology BRUCE JONES BS Zoology ALETA JORDAN BA Economics DONALD JORDAN BSME SHARON JORDAN BA Journalism JODY JOSEPH BA History GARY JUSELA BS Psychology BARBARA KAHL BA Psychology JOSEPH KAHN BBA Accounting CHARLA ANN KAMM BSAAE JAMES f. KAMP BS Microbiology KURT KAMPE III BS Education WALID KANDAH BS Biophysics 191 HOWARD KANE BS Zoology DIANA KANECIS BA Psychology LINDA KAPLAN BA Psychology LINDA KARTES BA Sociology JERRY KARZEN BA Speech Pathology KAREN KASMAUSKI BCS BARRY KATZ BA Political Science MARLENE KATZ BA Psychology PATRICK KEARNEY BA Anthropology LISA KEATHLEY BA Journalism Speech RICHARD KEBLER BSCE Chemical GARY KEHRIER BA Political Science LYNN KEIDAN BA Education MARK KELLMAN BA Political Science CYNTHIA KELLY BS Medical Technology MAUREEN KELLY BA English NANCY KELLY BS Physical Therapy MARJORIE L. KELSEY BS Nursing KATHLEEN KENNEDY BSCCS PATRICIA KENNEDY BA English JAMES W. KENNEY BA American Culture WANDA KENT BS Nursing ADREA KENYON BA Psychology JAMES KERN BS Economics KATHY KERRIDCE BCS 192 JOEL D. KETTLER BA Psychology EUGENIE KIMURA BS Nursing DAVID H. KING BS Natural Resources MARGARET KING BA Anthropology Spanish VICTORIA KING BM Education LESLIE KINNARD BS Nursing JIM KINZ1C BA Economics MICK KIRK BA Architecture E. JEAN FORD KIRKLAND BA Education STEVEN KIRSCHNER BCS EILEEN C. KLAIN BA History of Art CHRISTIANN KLEIN BA Political Science JUDY KLEIN BA Education KAY-ELLEN KLEIN BA Linguistics MAURICE KLEIN BA Political Science ELIZABETH KLIBER BS Natural Resources CAROL KLOSS BA Speech GARY KLUKA BA History KATHLEEN KLUTE BS Nursing MARYBETH KOCSIS BA Literary History THOMAS KOEPKE BA Education STEVEN KOHN BA Economics ANDREW KOKAS BCS NANCY KOLODNY BA Religion ROSELYN KOMISAR BA Education 193 CHRISTOPHER ]. KOMOREK BBA KAREN KONARSKI BS Botany STEPHEN KORN BCS STEPHANIE KOSARIN BFA PEGGY KOSKELA BS Nursing STACY KRAINZ BA Linguistics SUSAN KRAMER BA Education JEFF KREACER BBA GARY KREISSMAN BA American Studies WILLIAM KRETZSCHMAR, JR. BA Medieval Studies ALLAN ISRAEL KROLL BSE LINDA KSIAZKIEWICZ BS Nursing MARY KUITUNEN BA Education CHARLES KUPEC BA Economics ROBERT LABANOWSKI BA Economics MARSHA LABENSKY BA Psychology CHRISTOPHER O LADA BSME THOMAS LAIRD BGS ELLEN LAKE BS Mathematics DEBRA LAKIN BA Education MICHAEL LAMB BA Political Science BARBARA L LANG BS Nursing JAN LANG BA Speech - Radio TV WENDY LANG BBA MARY ANN LANCE BCS ALLAN LANSKY BS Zoology JAMES LANZETTA BA History JAMES LA PINE BA Education GEORGE LARDAS BS Astronomy Physics LOUISTINE LARRY BA Political Science 194 KAREN LARSON BS Nursing LINDA LASSER BCS GERALD LAURIN BSEE LEE LEARNED BS Microbiology CONSTANCE LEAVITT BA American Studies DAVID SUNC-KI LEE BSME JOYCE LEESER BS Architecture STEPHANIE LEHRER BA English WAYNE LEIMBACH, JR. BS Zoology PAUL LENNON BS Chemistry VALERIE LENTINI BA Community Health Care RICHARD LENZ BM Piano NANCY LE ROY BA Psychology CAROL LESLIE BFA Design DAVID LEVINSON BCS ELAINE LEVY BA Speech Pathology Audiology KAREN LEWIS BA History of Ideas STEPHEN LEWIS BSCCS STEVEN LEWIS BA Near East Studies CLEN LIBBY BS Zoology ANNETTE LIBNER BA Spanish KATHY L1LLIE BBA NANCY LINDAUER BA American Studies JOHN LINDEN BCS KATHRYN LINDER BS Nursing MARSHA LINUER BA Psychology KATHLEEN LIPINSKI BS Nursing JAMES LITTLEPACE BSME MARGARET JOYCE LIVINGSTON BA Philosophy JANIE LOCKE BS Nursing 195 GLEN D. LOCKLEAR BA History Political Science ANITA LOEWENTRITT BS Pharmacy NANCY LOFTUS BA Journalism WILLIAM LOH BSME DIANE LONG BS Physical Therapy LINDA LONG BBA NATHAN LONG BS Chemistry SUE LONGF1ELD BCS JEAN LOVE BS Journalism MELINDA LOWELL BA Political Science RICHARD M. LOWMAN BSE RICHARD LUBIN BA Journalism FREDERICK LUCAS BA English History PAMELA LUECKE BS Medical Technology KATHY LUNDQUIST BA American Culture 196 NANCY LUTH BS Nursing EILEEN LUTHER BS Education DENISE LYONS BS Nursing THOMAS MAATMAN BS Psychology PAULA MABREY BS Dental Hygiene MARY ANN MAC BS Zoology ALEXANDER MAC DOUCALL BSCE Chemical MARY SUE MAC CUIDWIN BBA Accounting CHARLES MAILE BS Zoology CONNIE MAJOR BS Education STEVEN MALACH BCS ALAN MALINCHAK BGS SUSAN MALKEWITZ BS Nursing CHARLES MALMSTEN, JR. BSCCS BSAE DIANE MANNING BS Nursing 197 LARRY Y MAR BBA Accounting ALAN MARBLE BCS RICHARD DALE MARCUS BA Economics MARCIA MARCESON BS Music GALE MARCULIES BA Psychology WILLIAM MARINO BSE Meteorology MARY JO MARKEY BS Nursing JEFFREY MARLIN BA History NANCY MARSH BS Nursing CAROLYN MARTIN BA Education ESTHER MARTIN BA Education SUSAN MASSINCHAM BS Anthropology Zoology ROSITA MATHEWS BA Psychology MICHELE MATICE BA English MICHELE MAY BBA Accounting NANCY MAYER BGS MARK MAZUR BSME JACK MAZZARA BA English Political Science CAROL MC ALL1STER BS Natural Resources MONICA MC CABE BA Advertising Communications ERNEST MC CAMPBELL BS Zoology DENISE MC CANN BS Nursing KATHLEEN MC CARTHY BS Education THOMAS L. MC CARTHY BS Microbiology JAMES MC CLUSKEY BGS 198 PHILIP MC COOL BA Political Science DONALD MC FALL BS Natural Resources KAREN MC CAUCH BA Sociology WILLIAM MC CRATH BBA LAURIE MC INERNEY BCS GEORGE MC KINNEY BA Education BARBARA MC LEOD BA Political Science ANDREW MC MILLAN BSEE JOAN MC NEELEY BS Physical Therapy EDWARD MC PHERSON BCS -f J ' CAROL MC VANNEL BS Nursing MARE MEDLAR BFA Graphics CHUCK MEIBEYER BCS CHRIS MEKIS BCS VICKY MELANCON BS Nursing ILYNEMENDELSON BCS SHELLEY MERIWEATHER BA Political Science JAMS MERKOVITZ BA Psychology TOM METAS BS Cellular Biology KATHRYN MEWHORT BFA Design MARYMIAO BFA Graphics MARILYN MICHALUK BA Education DAVID MIKOL BA Psychology JOSEPH A MIKLOS BCS DARLENE M. MIKOLAJCZAK BS Nursing 199 A,, PHILIP MILLARD BA Political Science GLENN MILLER BBA Management JACQUELINE MILLER BA Political Science JOAN MILLER BA History MARC P. MILLER BA Psychology MARIA C. MILLER BA Political Science ROBIN MILLER BA Biology ANNE MINTZ BS Education KESTUTIS MI SKINIS BA Economics DAVID MOCK BS Geology LINDA MOHLER BA French JAMES N. MOLITOR BCS ANNE MONAHAN BA Education JANE MONROE BS Nursing JOHN MONROE BA English THOMAS W. MONTICELLO BS Chemistry BARBARA MOORE BFA PAUL MOORE BA History DENISE MORGAN BA Speech PAMELA MORRIS BS Nursing MARGARET F. MORRISH BA Education THOMAS R. MOSELEY BA History DEBBIE MOSS BS Education MARGUERITE MOTLEY BA Education MORTEZA MOVAHHED BS Zoology COLLEEN MUCHA BS Education MARY FRANCES MUELLER BS Medical Technology KATHERINE MUIR BS Psychology CAROLYN MULHOLLAND BS Nursing SANDRA MULLER BS Nursing 200 JACQUELINE MURPHY BS Nursing MICHAEL R. MURPHY-SMITH BA Economics TERRI MURTLAND BS Nursing TERRY NAFFZICER BBA COLLEEN NASH BS Nursing JAY NATHANSON BA History MARY NEAL BS Education KEVIN NEALER BA Philosophy WILLIAM R. NEBE BSCCS SUZANNE NEEB BA French ROBERT CARL NELSON BSME DEBRA NESSELSON BA History RICHARD NEUBIC BS Chemistry JILL NEUMANN BA Education KENNETH NEWBURY BA Psychology SALLY NEWMAN BA Education DEBORAH NICHOLS BS Nursing EMILY NIEMANN BA Education SUSAN NIENHUIS BS Dental Hygiene NANCY NIXON BA English HOWARD NOBUNACA BA Geography DEBORAH NOVESS BA Journalism Speech LISA NOVIC BA Political Science NANCY NOWACEK BS Nursing STEVE NUSINOW BS Zoology DENISE O ' BRIEN BS Nursing LORRAINE OBRZUT BA Education KEVIN O ' CONNOR BA Psychology SUE OLEJNICZAK BS Nursing KAREN OLSEN BA Mathematics 20 1 BETTY OLSHANSKY BCS LAWRENCE OLSON BS Zoology Psychology MICHAEL O ' NEILL BA Latin DENISE OSBORNE BA Music J. DOUGLAS OTLEWSKI BCS DEBORAH OTTO BS Natural Resources SUSAN S. OWENS BBA Marketing JANICE OXENDINE BS Physical Therapy HELENA P. PACE BA History KATHLEEN PACE BS Natural Resources JOEL PAINE BS Biology GREGORY PALEN BBA Finance CINDEE PALLITZ BA Education ROGER PALM BS Natural Resources SUSAN PANOZZO BS Nursing CAROL PAO BM Strings NANCY PAPPAS BS Microbiology SUZANNE PARKER BA Psychology PETER PARKS BA Economics MARTHA PARMELEE BS Nursing NANCY PARR BS Nursing RONALD PARSONS BSCE Computer JOHN S PARTRIDGE BSI OE WANDA PATRICK BS Education MARGARET PATTERSON BA English Literature 2O2 RICHARD A. PATTISON BA Political Science RONALD PATZER BA Education ALEXANDRA PAUL BS Nursing MARGARET PEARL BA Speech Pathology SUSAN PECK BA Political Science JEAN PEDUZZI BS Zoology PAMELA PENNINCTON BS Nursing NAOMI PERMAN BA Psychology SUSAN PERRY BS Zoology TERRY PERYAM BA Education JEROME PESICK BA Political Science SUSAN PETERSEN BS Physical Therapy DENISE PETRICK BM Education JENNIFER PETROSS BA Psychology NADER PEZESHKI BSME SUSAN PFEIFFER BA Political Science PATRICIA PHELPS BS Nursing ARTE PIERCE BA Liberal Arts SANDRA PIERCE BCS PENELOPE S. PIETRAS BA Journalism HELEN PICCUSH BS Nursing JAN PINKHAM BS Nursing NANCY PIROCHTA BA Education KEN PITERA BSEE ROBERT J. PLISKA BSNE 203 MARY POAT BA Education TIMOTHY POLK BFA Interior Design STANLEY POLLACK BCS MARY POLOPOLOS BA Spanish Social Studies JUNE PORTER BS Education GARYPOSNER BA Zoology LINDA POSTLE BM ROBERT POTTER BSCE Civil DOUGLAS B POUCHSA BSE Atmospheric Oceanography BRADLEY POULSON BS Zoology WILLIE POWELL BBA MOLLY POWER BS Nursing WILLIAM POWERS BSCCS JANET PRIMEAU BS Nursing ANNE PRINDIVILLE BS Zoology FRANK PRIVACKY BA History German LYNNAE I.N. PROKOPOW BA English ELAINE PROKURAT BS Zoology ILONA PROSKIE BS Nursing CHRISTINE PSUJEK BA English STEPHEN JAY QUALMAN BS Zoology HOWARD QUEENAN BBA Accounting MARILYN QUINE BA Education GRETEL QUITMEYER BS Nursing JAMES RAMGE BS Pharmacy LAWRENCE RAND BS Chemistry RANDALL RAPAI BBA Accounting KAREN RAUBINGER BA Sociology KAREN RAY BA Journalism VICKI RAY BS Nursing 2O4 JANETH KNAPP REAM BA Education JOYCE REBAND BA Political Science JOSEPHINE REED BS Nursing SHARON REED BBA MARK REESMAN BCS SANDRA RECIANI BS Zoology ROBYN REIHM BA Linguistics WILLIAM DOUGLAS REITH BSI OE BONNIE REITHEL BS Pharmacy DEAN RENNELL BBA Finance RONALD REYNOLDS BA Psychology FRED RHINE BSEE KATHLEEN A. RHOADES BBA DEBORAH RICE BS Dental Hygiene JUDY RICH BS Medical Technology DEBORAH RICHMAN BFA Visual Communications GREGORY RIDELLA BA Economics PAUL RIDLEY BS Architecture MARK RIEDY BA History CAROL RIGAZZI BA Spanish RUTH RILEY BS Nursing MICHAEL RITTER BBA Marketing PAUL RIZZO BSME RUSSELL I. ROBERGE III BS Zoology CANDACE ROBERTS BS Pharmacy MARGARET ROBERTS BA Education EDWARD ROBINSON BA Chinese Studies LARRY ROCKAFELLOW BCS STEVEN ROCKLIN BSE Bio-Engineering SUSAN RODCERS BBA 205 CYNTHIA ROE BCS DANETTE ROE BA English JEFFREY ROE BBA PHILLIP ROGERS BA History of Art SHERRY ROGERS BA Anthropology Zoology THERESA ROLFES BCS RODERICK ROMILLY BSE LAUREL BETH RONIS BA Near Eastern Studies DAVID RONK BSCE Civil MICHAEL ROONEY BS Zoology JAMIE ROSEMAN BA American Culture ROGER ROSEN BS Zoology MARK ROSENBERG BS Biology JEANNE ROSENTHAL BS Zoology MICHAEL ROSS BS Zoology STEVEN ROSS BA Political Science STUART ROSSMAN BA Political Science ALDEN ROTH BA Education JANE ROTTACH BFA Advertising Design MARTA ROTTMAN BA Psychology MICHAEL STEVEN ROWE BS Zoology NORINE ROWE BS Nursing BEATA RUDNIK BS Nursing MARY ANN RUTKOWSKI BA Speech PATRICIA RUTOWSKI BS Nursing 2O6 RICHARD RYKOWSKI BSCE Chemical LEO SABATINI BA Social Studies JOHN SACHER BSCE Civil ANDREA SACHS BA English NEAL SADLER BA Mathematics ANITA SAKOWITZ BA Political Science AHMAD SALEH BSEE MICHELE SALEHAR BA English DAVID SALVETTE MBA Finance AUSTIN ). SANDERS BA Education LINDA SANDERS BS Nursing DAVID SANDWEISS BA Political Science SUSAN SANFORD BFA Drawing KATHLEEN SANTO BS Biology PATRICIA SARAN BS Nursing BEVERLY SARVER BS Zoology ANDREW SASSACK III BS Zoology ROBERT SAUSER BA Philosophy ROBERT SAVAGE BA Psychology BRUCE SAWAI BSEE JULIE SAY BS Human Nutrition ANNETTE SAYAD BA Psychology JUDY SAYLES BS Nursing DONALD SCHARC BA History RONALD S. SCHEINBACH BS Zoology 207 LINDA SCHELTER BS Human Nutrition JAMES SCHERR BSE Oceanography LINDA SCHEY BS Dental Hygiene GRAEME F. SCHIFFER BS Mathematics GREGORY SCHIFFER BA Economics KEN SCHILSTRA BA Psychology JAMES SCHIOP BA English GARY SCHIPPERS BSE Naval Architecture PAUL SCHISSLER BGS DEBRA SCHLECEL BA Japanese Studies JANICE SCHLICKER BS Nursing DAVID SCHMID BA History ELLEN SCHMIDT BCS JANICE SCHMIDT BS Nursing PHILIP SCHNEEBERCER BS Natural Resources SANDRA SCHOCK BS Anthropology Zoology FRED SCHREYER BBA Accounting MARSHA SCHULMAN BA Psychology NINA SCHULTZ BA History KAY SCHUMACHER BA Education CATHY SCHWARTZ BA Psychology SEYMOUR SCHWARTZ BCS ELAINE SCHWEITZER BS Geology Mineralogy WINONA SCHWEITZER BA Education ELIZABETH SCOTT BS Education GARY SEABROOK BS Pre-Professional LENNY SEGAL BA Economics JANIECE SELECKY BS Nursing VIDA SELLERS BA Speech LINDA SELLS BBA 2O8 SAMUEL SERRA BBA KATHY SETTERCREN BS Pharmacy PAMELA SHARROW BS Nursing ROBERT SHARROW BS Architecture THOMAS SHAW BA Psychology CAROL SHEEHAN BA Economics CATHERINE SHEPERD BBA STEPHEN A. SHERMAN BCS KAREN SHOUPE BCS CATHERINE SHUCRUE BA Psychology LARRY SHULMAN BA Political Science NORMA SHUMAKER BS Nursing STEVEN M. SHUMER BS Zoology CHARLOTTE SHYNE BA Psychology JOHN SICILIANO BBA CHARLES SIDOR BSCE Civil JOHN A. SIDOR BS Zoology CRAIG SIEFERD BA Theater Music CINDY SIEMEN BGS DEBORAH SILVERMAN BS Nursing RICHARD SIMMS BSCCS BRUCE SIMON BBA Accounting DIANE R.SIMON BS Education LORI SIMON BS Dental Hygiene MARGARET SIMON BA Political Science BARBARA SIMONDS BA Education CHERYL SINCLAIR BA Education WAYNE SINGER BS Zoology GILBERT SKINNER BA Education ROBERT SKOLNICK BA History 2O9 DENNIS SLOTNICK BS Natural Resources THOMAS SLYKHOUSE BS Biophysics JANICE SMALL BA Education DEBORAH SMART BS Biology SHARI SMART BS Physical Therapy ANN SMELTZER BS Pharmacy JAYNE SMILEY BS Anthropology Zoology CURTIS SMITH BA History Journalism HAROLD SMITH BS Biology HENRY SMITH BA Economics JIM SMITH BSE Naval Architecture KIMBERLY SMITH BS Psychology LINDA JOYCE SMITH BA Psychology PAUL W. SMITH BCS ROBERT SMITH BS Zoology SUSAN SMITH BS Nursing WAYNE SMITH BBA NANCY SNODDON BA Economics THERESA SOBANSKI BS Nursing JULIE SOCHALSKI BS Nursing TIMOTHY SOCHOCKI BCS CRACIELA SOLER BA French RICHARD SOLOMON, JR. BCS LEON SOMPOLINSKY BA History ROCHELLE SORKIN BS Education 210 JANET SORKOWITZ BA History of Art BARBARA SORVARI BBA MARCIA SOSNOWSKI BS Nursing DAVID SPACE BFA ALAYNE SPENCER BFA Design JAMES SPERLING BA Psychology STEPHAN SPETH BSME CLARK C. SPETZ BA Journalism Political Science JAMES R. SPIEGEL BSEE RITA SPILLER BA Psychology Speech THOMAS SPOERINC BSE Atmospheres Oceans DAVID SPRADLIN BA Natural Resources DONALD SQUIRES BSE Computer GREGORY STACK BS Architecture JOHN STAFFORD BSEE KAREN STAHL BA Sociology Near East ELIZABETH STAINSBY BS Nursing ROBERT P. STANDO BBA KATHRYN STARK BS Mathematics JOYCE STEIN BS Nursing CHERYL STEINER BA French DAVID STEINCOLD BA Political Science SUE STEPHENSON BA Journalism Political Science CATHIE STEPIEN BS Nursing ANN STERNBERCER BS Physics Astronomy 211 DEBORAH A. STEVENS BA Speech Journalism LIZBETH STEVENS BA Speech Pathology JOHN STINSON BSE Environmental Science RAM STOEFFLER BS Nursing MARCIA STOKLOSA BS Botany ALAN STOLER BCS DAVID STONE BA Mathematics RICHARD STRACH BCS MICHAEL STRAYER BSNE MICHAEL STRUB BS Zoology MIRA STULBERC BA Psychology EDWARD STURRUS BBA Accounting CAROL SULKES BA Journalism ROSE ANN SULLIVAN BS Natural Resources GREGORY B. SUOMALA BBA SAMUEL SURLOFF BA Polit ical Science DAVID SUSALLA BBA Accounting SHARON SWANN BS Nursing DANIEL SWANSON BCS THERESA SWEDO BA journalism DAVID ALLEN SWIDER BBA Marketing WILLIAM SZCZECHOWSKI BA Psychology ILENE SZUREK BBA ELAINE TANAY BA Psychology HENRY TANG BA Psychology JENNIFER TATE BA Psychology LORENE TAYLOR BBA Accounting HABTEMARIAM TEDLA BA Psychology BILLTERRASI BSE Environmental Studies BARBARA TERRIEN BS Nursing 212 CRAIG TESSMER BSME CAROLYN THEISS BA Mathematics MARK F. THOMAS BA Psychology RICHARD D. THOMAS BCS THEODORE B. THOMAS BS Zoology Natural Resources GERALD THOMPSON BA Zoology KRISTINE THOMPSON BS Physical Therapy CAROLYN THUR BBA CYNTHIA TILLMAN BS Physical Therapy JAMIE TOBIN BA Political Science History MICHAEL TOBIN MA Architecture SUSAN TOFFANETTI BA History of Art PAUL TOMASHEFSKI BCS TOM TOMPKINS BSME RICHARD TOOKER BS Zoology LARRY TOPPING BA Journalism WILLIAM TOPPING BA Political Science ANNA TORI BA Education LINDA TRIERWEILER BS Anthropology Zoology HERBERT TRIX BA Political Science JOHN TROBAUCH BS Zoology SUSAN TRUCHAN BS Nursing SANDRA TRUFFELLI BA Sociology ROBERT TRUMBLE BA German Spanish JUDITH TUCKER BS Education LORI TUCKER BA Psychology SUSAN TURCKE BS Nursing MITCHELL TURITZ BA Near Eastern Studies MARGIE ULLMANN BS Nutrition FREDERICK UPTON BA Journalism 213 JOHN UPTON BA Psychology YOLANDA URBINA BA Political Science KATHY UTLEY BS Physical Therapy JAMES AKIF UZMAN BS Zoology STEPHEN VACO BA Psychology SUSAN VALENTINE BS Nursing JAMES VALK BCS KRISTY VANDENBERC BS Education DOUGLAS VANDER MOLEN BSCE Chemical RUTH ANN VANDER MOLEN BM Instrumental Education DELORES VANDER WAL BS Nursing BARBARA VAN EENENAAM BS Pharmacy CYNTHIA VAN CELDEREN BBA Accounting MARY JANE VAN LOON BS Nursing PAMELA VAN RIPER BS Nursing JANICE VAN SWEDEN BCS ELIZABETH VARCA BSCCS HENRI VARNER BS Education TENORIO VASCONCELLOS BSEE KAREN VECCHIONI BA Psychology Speech ROBERT J.VELTKAMP BS Natural Resources CYNTHIA VERES BS Microbiology KURT VILDERS BCS LEE VINES BA History ANDREA VIVIAN BS Pharmacy 214 JESSE VIVIAN BS Pharmacy CHRISTOPHER VOCEL BSME GARY VOICHT BBA JEFFRY VON WALD BBA MARK SINGH VOSKO BA Psychology DIANE WACLAWEK BBA GWENDOLYN WADE MA Education - Administration JEANNE WADE BS Nursing DEBORAH WAGNER BS Pharmacy ROBERT WAINESS BA Religion j PHILLIP WALDROP BA Geography DAVID WALLACE BA History NANCY WALLACE BA Psychology MICHAEL WALTON BS Zoology LEONARD WANEX BSE Naval Architecture DAVID WARNER BCS KAREN WARNER BS Nursing GARY WAS BSNE EARL S. WASHINGTON BA History MARK WATROUS BS Mathematics CHARLES B. WAUCH BSCE Civil EVA WAWROWSKI BFA Graphics Design JULIA WEATHERLY BCS MARK WEBB BM Choral Education HEIDI WECKWERT BA English 215 TONY WEICHOUS BS Zoology ANITA WEINBERC BA Criminology SHARON WEISS BS Physical Therapy SUSAN WEISS BA Judaic Studies JONATHAN WEISSLER BS Zoology ANN WEITZMAN BA Anthropology PETER WELCH BA Political Science FREDERICK WELDY BM Piano Performance THOMAS H. WENKSTERN BBA KEITH WEST BCS WENDY WESTLUND BA Anthropology DEBORAH MARIE WHITE BS Nursing GAIL WHITE BS Microbiology MARY WHITE BS Education HELEN WHITING BFA Education RICHARD WIELAND BCS BSE MARTHA WIESE BA Education DAWN WILBUR BBA REBECCA E. WILDCEN BS Nursing HENRY WILKINS IV BCS DONNA WILKINSON BA Speech Pathology ANNIE WILLIAMS BA Journalism HARNETHA WILLIAMS BA Psychology JAMES K. WILLIAMS BSCCS KAREN WILLIAMS BS Nursing 216 KAREN Y. WILLIAMS BA Psychology NINA WILLIAMS BS Psychology PAULETTE WILLIAMS BS Speech Pathology ROBIN MARIE WILLIAMS BS Cellular Biology SANDRA WILLIAMS BS Biology SHARON D. WILLIAMS BS Nursing DEBRA ANN WILSON BS Nursing GARY WILSON BSCE Chemical JAMES WILSON BS Physics JAMES WILSON BA Political Science KENNETH WILSON BS Nursing LESLIE ANN WILSON BS Education PATRICIA WILSON BS Architecture RHONDA WILSON BA Psychology RODNEY WILSON BSE Engineering Science SUZANNE WILSON BA Education NANCY WILTZ BS Nursing JACK M. WIN BSE Computer LESLIE WINNE BCS ALICE WINTON BA Speech Pathology JAMES WISNER BSME JANICE WOLF BSCCS MARY CARDYS WOLD BS Chemistry BETH WOLFFE BA Speech GERALD WONG BSIE 217 THOMAS WOODWARD BS Natural Resources EDWARD WOJTYS BS Zoology EUGENIE WOLFSON BS Latin American Studies YIU KAI WONG BSCE Civil KENT WOODS BA History MARIBETH WOOLDRIDGE BS Nursing RICHARD WRIGHT BA Economics MARGARET WU BM Piano BA Microbiology MARY SUSAN WURZ BA English LINDA WURZMAN BS Psychology Speech CINDY WYSS BCS DAVID YATES BSE IOANNE YEE BS Psychology JAN YOKOTA BA Sociology DEBORAH YONKOSKI BS Human Nutrition GARY YOURA BA Anthropology Zoology DIANA YU BS Zoology MICHAEL ZABRESKI BA Speech ESTHER ZAMORA BA Education CYNTHIA ZANDE BS Pharmacy PAMELA ZARKOWSKI BS Dental Hygiene GARY ZAUSMER BA Political Science MARTHA ZAWACKI BS Nursing ROBERT ZELMAN BA Psychology JONATHAN ZESCHIN BBA Accounting GREE: HR MER 218 MARY JOSEPHINE ZIDWICK BS Microbiology THOMAS ZIMMER BA Economics POLLY ZIMMERMAN BA French MARTHA M. ZIMMERMAN BFA Design CLAUDIA ZINIUK BA History of Art JO ANNE ZLOTNICK BS Nursing GERALD R FORD LS A Class of ' 35 38th President of the United States NUNNELY HOPKINS THAYER VOORHEES HARRIS STOLI GREENING CONKLIN MACDONALD STERLING WARREN HR BECKWITH MENEFEE FORD FOSTER GRIGSBY MER REYNOLDS TEST CARSON D. DAYTON 219 GORDON TUCKER JEAN ALBERT MARY MEDLAR KAREN BOWMAN RAM ROSSBACH . STEVE MAKOWSKI JEAN COULTER . JUDY BARTON LIZ DAY ROD WILSON IRENE HASHIMOTO 1975 Michiganensian MARTHA ZIMMERMANN TOM SIMMONS MARTIN A. SCHWARTZ Editor-in-Chief Business Staff DAVID SALVETTE Business Manager Photo Staff JACK MAZZARA Photo Technician Executive Editor Managing Editor Design Editor Graphics Editor Graphics Editor Campus Life Editor . . Sports Editor Arts Editor Organizations Editor Seniors Editor . . .Sales Manager Publicity Director Photo Editor Chief Photographer GENERAL STAFF: David Bloniarz, Lance Burghardt, David Cappaert, Cindy Cheatham, Jane Pince, Gordon Tucker, John Upton CONTRIBUTORS: Bob Foulkes, Patrice Fox, Steve Kagan, Joey Lebovic, Marsha Linver, Michael Streicher, Marcia Stoklosa, Mary Cockerline, Charlie Schrock COVER DESIGN: Karen Bowman Photo-Graphics Cordon Tucker-8tl,11c,12t,13,14b 16t,bl,17,18,19,20,21tc,26-30,32,34,35 36l,38r,39,40br 41b,42,43 44t,46 47,48b,49r, 50,54t,56tl,r,57,58,59 ,60,64,65 ,68 ,69,70,71t,74tl,75,76,77,78,79,100b,106,107,114tl,114c,115b,118-123, 125b,131 138,147,152b,153tc,154bc,158fl,159-163,164b 165c,166,167,168. Tom Simmons-8c,9,10t 11r,12b,37t,bl,38l,40l 51,54bl bc,55,56bl,71b,91b 92tl,93,97 98r,108,109,158c Jane Pince- 14t 16br,36r,40t,41t,66,67,80l,t,81b,86r,87t,bl,90bc,91tr,92tc,114bl. Lance Burghardt-21fr,48tl,tr,49l,61,74r,78c,81t,82l,84t,89,90tc,fl,101l,150,151,164t. John Upton- 72,73,80br,82r,83t,84blc,85,92blc,153fr,bc,154t,bl,155-157. Dave Cappaert-22r,23t,24bc,bl 25fr,86l 87br,92bl,101fr,112,113. Martha Zimmerman-24t,25l,44b,45,116r,bl,124fl,125t,179 196,197. Cindy Cheatham- 15,110,111,1151. Reggie Burks- 31,83b,84bl. Pat Fox- 22l,23b. David Bloniarz- 96b. Jack Mazzara- 1fr-b. Michael Streicher- 88. Kevin White- 33. Joey Lebovic- 37br. IS 31V1S oisiiaiina wi MICHIGANOPOLYMICHIG O Ulrich ' s NICKELS ARC AD ilC NOPOLYMICHIGANOPO OdONVDIHDIWAIOdON u u CO I LU CO LU en 00 The micHicnnEnsmn University of Michigan Yearbook Phone: (313) 764-0561 or 764-2425 420 MAYNARD STREET . . Student ' Publications building . . . ANN ARBOR. MICHIGAN Dear MICHIGANENSIAN, The editors and staff of your 1975 edition have devoted many painstaking hours to the goal of keeping you alive as U-M ' s most revered publication tradition. But unless a new spirit of enthusiasm is generated by our successors, your fate is clouded at best. We hope that you will not be another chapter in the sad commentary being penned by the current plague of campus indifference to your real worth. Because only the highly enlightened and only those who fondly possess one of your dusty predecessors can appreciate your sentimental value, you are now in need of a fresh breath of life. We hope that the zeal, fervor, and kernel of spirit given by your ' 75 authors spark that elusive spirit of enthusiasm for readers yet to come. We hope they realize the true value of this great tradi- tion and continue publication in your much heralded name for future generations. Your friend, Martin A. Schwartz Editor-in-chief P.S The editors and staff would like to express their sincere thanks to the friends of the MICHIGAN- ENSIAN for their undying efforts: Sam Lyndon of Walsworth of Michigan, Gerald Schneider and Sam Fields of Delma Studios, Karl Diener, Arch Gamm, Mary Rafferty, and the Board for Student Publica- tions, especially Larry Berlin and Maurice Rinkel. MAS 224 WALSWORTH Marceline. Mo., U.S.A. MICHIGAN )f iiasm ler your live ladi- ;AN- ' 5am ilica-

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