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ra With cheek to earth the grass is a world 2 n - . into and onto itself with a way to see it from two sides: 6 n all the grass together, a biggish green blur; n 9 A or each grass individually 10 H2 n heavy topped with silver drops to make them lean toward you 12 rap 13 both called the same. 14 P3 To 15 To lean toward you, but never touching where you see, only where you feel 16 rj I and 17 and if its too much sit up hey! you can sit up 18 It, . " - ' . : ' . :: ' : ,.,, W nnnr " i. ns 19 and lay down again. It ' s a rushing. 20 n 21 Listen. The earth is speaking. 22 ' - r F .- h " ' . 23 Sounds of red and brown, with answering colored tones. 24 n 25 Smell on smell. Relax. Its very nice and maybe happy 26 27 for a long time to lay apart of the grass 28 - until you know that the laying and the part are what there is to share. rc 29 Why else put it in words? Why else be there if not to share? 30 rs 31 Yes, it ' s beautiful this. What time is it please? 5:00? 32 rs Its 4:30. oh 33 A 34 pick up the pace run run then far away fast now hurry as quickly as you can don ' t think about con- trolling the motion let things pass don ' t think about coming back. rs 35 36 r why anyway? can ' t remember farther than a half-hour but quickly past the steps over the street through the gate into the field until you can ' t remember why to run 37 38 but are only conscious of the wind and the pavement. don ' t stop till it ' s more country and wider new buildings near closing all these people and no one knows why I ' m running but I ' m not free. take off my shoes. take off my clothes? 39 40 fu a fountain the sun is shining and pavement is hot but I ' m not running fast enough tired though lots of running left. funny how many people you don ' t know who don ' t know you when you ' re running. n 41 i 42 n things passing you as if they all passed through you at a rough time and came out untouched and happy but you had to come out touched. 43 44 it must be can you tell me what time is it please? so he took the watch out of his waist pocket opened the lid switched from one hand to another coughed closed the lid put it away and said 4:30. moving again oh no DO NOT ENTER WRONG WAY m i ra 45 46 the problem is my mind is going faster than me so I have to slow down but if I slow down too much what? the problem is my mind is going faster than me so slow down but not too much. I ypK : 47 s - 48 eventually slower drag back take up time head is tired should I go back? yes don ' t be melodramatic slowly every single step watching feet and frayed pant edge 49 _ so huge steps not far enough apart that you have to jump but far enough that you need to look at what you ' re stepping on concentrate on the steps themselves be come what you see. I Sgfcd n 51 . 52 53 54 so much to tell what have I thought before that I ' d want to say again? maybe it would be only thoughts thought as said. n 55 j 56 will I remember what ' s important? ran further than it seemed can barely remember passing maybe I ' m late it ' s been so long what time? oh 4:30 n 57 58 passing a window somebody smiles and nods and waves who looks surprised but later the same restaurant inside with other people at the table and H3 59 - no smile wave nod as if that communication had never been established. as if that communication had been established 62 sometimes it ' s so lonely that all you can do is stare at your feet and wonder Si?S 64 if there ' s another pair going in the same direction for a little way maybe then you know where the moon is m The face was a clown ' s face whimsical, funny, strange. The clothes were 66 clown ' s clothes bright baggy pants, patched shirt, tennis shoes with 68 BLUES FESTIVAL BLUES FESTIVAL 69 holes in the toes, and a big, floppy hat. And the eyes were clown ' s eyes, 70 ORIENTATION if a ORIENTATION 71 if all clown ' s eyes are gentle, but usually you ' re laughing too hard, or 72 REGISTRATION REGISTRATION 73 are too far away to see and maybe not all clowns have gentle eyes. And 74 BAM CONCERT CAUCASIAN CHALK CIRCLE 75 I the painted-on mouth was sad, but his own was smiling, because he knew, - 76 TENNIS 1 m " Joel Ross Mark Conti anc TENNIS 77 Ramone Almonte C9 Kevin Senich and everyone else knew, that he was playing games. He came because she - 78 LITERATURE, SCIENCE AND ARTS LITERATURE, SCIENCE AND ARTS 79 had been looking sad she hadn ' t been aware of it and he said he really 80 GREEKS GREEKS 81 hadn ' t been either, but someone had mentioned it, and once something is 82 GREEKS GREEKS 83 noticed, it ' s hard to understand how you didn ' t see it before. So he came 84 MICHIGAN MARCHING BAND tocli MICHIGAN MARCHING BAND 85 to cheer her up. There were two eggs in his hand one he put in his 86 PTP- PLAY OF THE MONTH You ' re a good man, Charlie Brown I " Zorba " PTP-PLAY OF THE MONTH 87 : ' " Plaza Suite ' " 1776 " breast pocket as he squeezed the other one In her hand. They were empty " Zorta " 88 89 shells. And he took two little flowers that looked like dandelions would 90 LOS ANGELES PHILHARMONIC ORCHESTRA MOSCOW TRIO 91 look if they were white and wilted. And smiled and held them in her hand 92 SOPH SHOW Debby Peckham Frank Begun SOPH SHOW 93 as they walked outside ... he with his red nose, she with her red pajamas 94 SPEAKERS Jane Fonda SPEAKERS 95 Huey Newton n under her raincoat. Only two people had known he was coming. Maybe he 96 BASEBALL TRACK 97 was afraid he ' d back down at the last minute. Or else, maybe he wanted 98 ART SCHOOL , R I I to ART SCHOOL 99 to make sure he wanted to do it and wasn ' t just forcing himself to 100 ACTOR ' S COMPANY Summertree folio ACTOR ' S COMPANY 101 In The Matter Of J. Robert Oppenheimer I - - ; Little Murders follow an earlier impulse. But once he had gotten dressed, he wanted 102 ART FAIR ART FAIR 103 c people to notice. So they walked around where they lived for awhile. 104 DORMS I DORMS 105 Probably some people thought he was in a psychology experiment. Or else 106 n 107 an advertisement. And some people had given up trying to understand or 108 CAZZIE RUSSELL CAZZIE RUSSELL 109 react to anything a long time ago . . . those were the people who walked on 110 SPEAKERS Jane Hart by. SPEAKERS 111 .;:: William Kunstler i Hart by. After a while, they sat down on a fence and talked for a while. And 112 FOOTBALL FOOTBALL 113 Billy Taylor (42) he ' d tip his hat at people passing, and once a boy passed whom he 114 FOOTBALL FOOTBALL 115 recognized. And he said, " I know you. You ' re the one I thought stole my 1 1 6 MADAME BUTTERFLY v MADAME BUTTERFLY 117 laundry soap. " And the boy gave a half smile, took his girlfriend ' s hand 118 RUGBY ' m and RUGBY 119 and walked a little faster. When he first called up to ask if he could 1 20 SAN FRANCISCO MIME TROUPE BB . .. SAN FRANCISCO MIME TROUPE 121 come over, she had not wanted to see him. But she didn ' t say no, because 122 FOOTBALL tew FOOTBALL 123 Dan Dierdorf (72) he was busy, and she didn ' t see him often, and because it was nice of 124 HOMECOMING J- v w- " 5 " - _ ; - y - jf ' - ' i1iTj!i!ititJtftfttTt!i ' jWti HOMECOMING 125 Steve Miller him to call. And perhaps it could have been that the street would have 126 HOMECOMING rn i - HOMECOMING 127 turned into a carnival path, with the music from record stores becoming 128 v , t ..- l ; BHHMMMMJBOHBBDVlCIlMlBOO 129 130 rs 131 an organ grinder ' s tune, and the stores becoming little white booths of 132 ENACT f -A CM An Ralph Nader -. y all kinds of things. But it didn ' t happen. They kind of forgot what he 134 ENACT ENACT 135 136 FOOTBALL Don Moorhead (27) FOOTBALL 137 P I Werner Hall (75), Guy Murdock (53) Glenn Doughty (22), Reggie MacKenzie (65) looked like ... or maybe it was easier to talk when the masks showed. And 1 38 PENNSYLVANIA BALLET COMPANY PENNSYLVANIA BALLET COMPANY 1 39 both of them tried not to be too anything to keep the mood. And it was 140 SPEAKERS I Rennie Davis, Mike Lerner oka SPEAKERS 141 Senator George McGovern okay to talk about balloons. And it was right that he should tell her to 142 f 143 keep sending her balloons into the air, because even though sometimes 144 NURSING SCHOOL " IK NURSING SCHOOL 145 Ji L they break, they ' re easy to replace, and they people the sky with bright 146 HOCKEY I i 1 I shii HOCKEY 147 shining faces. And that was important. There wasn ' t much time. She had 148 PILOT PROGRAM 1 55al PILOT PROGRAM 149 a paper to write; he had a meeting to go to. But that wasn ' t wrong 150 FOOTBALL FOOTBALL 151 either. It was understood what each of them was to do, and how long they 152 153 ADULT " featuring POPULAR MAGAZINES.... BEST SELLING PAPERBACKS JOKE AND NOVELTY ITEMS should do it. So they walked back to her house and he patted her on the 154 BAM STRIKE hea BAM STRIKE 155 head, she smiled a thank you and he walked down the street. The next day 156 BAM STRIKE BAM STRIKE 157 people came up and asked her if it had worked. At first she didn ' t know 158 CHILDREN ' S DAY CARE CENTER CHILDREN ' S DAY CARE CENTER 159 what they were talking about, but when she did know, she ' d say yes, 160 ELECTIONS ENS 4 bees because that was what they wanted to hear. 162 BASKETBALL Ken Brady (15), Dan Fife (24) Captain Henry Wilmore (25) BASKETBALL 163 Dan Fife (24; Rodney Ford (43) 164 BASKETBALL i i fe Ken Brady (15) Johnny Orr, Coach BASKETBALL 165 Wayne Grabiec (40) 166 AFSCME STRIKE AFSCME STRIKE 167 168 SWIMMING WRESTLING 169 I I 170 FACULTY Don Davidson, Art Orsamus Pearl, Classics Warren Hecht, Creative Writing, Residential College 172 GYMNASTICS Rick McCurdy, Co-Captain Ed Howard, Co-Captain; Newt Loken, Coach GYMNASTICS 173 I Dick Kaziny Murray Plotkin 174 LIFE CULTURE WEEK William Kunstler Phil Ochs LIFE CULTURE WEEK 175 I 176 And maybe it did. I 178 back in my room the clock 4:30 the chair rocking back forth when I was little and shared the seat we thought it was the whole world IIIMII n 179 180 back to the air the grass the touch shoes brown leaves fallen and no more coming back in pretend y 182 l " 3 forth to what we haven ' t seen talk about poverty racism hunger and all those things look we haven ' t seen except in pictures do they touch? h 184 i v 186 C3 ' X, M 188 P3 back to the chair drawn to the enchantment everywhere no real focus and If it hurts get up 189 190 forth to know this and take the world with you into a dream of how things could be maybe if you try very hard snap a picture of yourself with the world smile 191 192 rs forth to know time is passing in too many things too long although all you might get for catching it in the end is an unfinished idea - Angela Davis 194 H3 back now a number of days a number of days at least at most P3 195 196 some times there seems to be a great big hole right in the middle of things F3 197 198 and everything stays exactly the same or is the middle what there is back tock tick forth H3 199 Richard Nixon 200 r confusion between good and bad maybe there is no choice and relationships like everything are a matter of chance and timing and their ending held by the same unholdable forces 201 202 a series of days feelings felt thoughts thought the time between a minute within a second a series of days and your life as it comes 203 204 or a reason in the world with all thats left maybe a world maybe not less of a life a little more of life WELFARt MOTHERS 1 206 a little of both or this could be not the choice after all 207 208 if I could make the world the way I think it might be I i -- ' 209 For my brother ' s birthday I sent him a blank book fifty pages of empty white sheets bound in a hard cover. It was to be filled, just as untouched diaries or logs can be, with his personal thoughts, opinions, dreams, angers or unspo- ken ideas. The book itself was a novelty but the blankness wasn ' t. Every page of this yearbook can be just as open for those who can put them- selves into what they see. Pictures and words are all that ' s given but how people are moved, reminded, endeared or frightened is up to them. Inter- preting what it feels like to be alone, together, oblivious, aware, defeated, successful, frustrated or elated is not directly available from this or any book. It comes from personal experience and the individual ' s sensitivities. If any section of this book evokes a response cling to it. Those areas which are disagreeable can be ignored but the book should not be discarded in its en- tirety fo r on every page there is a segment of someone else. The 1971 Michiganensian is a simple book, which revolves around the indi- vidual, participating in groups while retaining his own identity. There are no claims made that as a yearbook it has discovered truths or contributed solu- tions to life ' s problems. There may be those who will interpret it as a value judgment in one direction while others will only notice its lack of college tradi- tions. As a book of only one year, the Michiganensian lightly touches areas of experience not only for a specific campus but for all people who feel a moving and growing force inside them. Basically it is a particular moment when thoughts pass and time doesn ' t. The series of sections follows a progression which could be termed movement but the direction is up to individual choice. The essence of this yearbook is just that a choice. Deciding what does or doesn ' t make sense is up to the observer. Choosing to remain passive or active when confronted or becoming absorbed when stimulated is all of per- sonal evaluation. Whatever is felt feel it! This is your blank book. Joey Porcelli, Editor 1971 MICHIGANENSIAN 210 SENIORS Barbara G. Abramoff B M Choral Education Robert I. Abrams B.A. History Harold I. Abramson B.B.A. Business Administration Diane G. Achterkirch B.A. Political Science George Adams B.A. Social Studies Elaine J. Adler B.A. German Fredrick A. Agdern B.S.E. Naval Architecture Amy Agni B.S. Physical Therapy William K. Ahrens B.S.E. Aerospace Betty L. Alexander B.A. Speech Pathology Cynthia J. Alexander B.S.N. Nursing Eric C. Alsterberg B.A. Secondary Education Douglas B. Altman B.A. Political Science Jerome S. Amber B.S.E. Civil Engineering and B.G.S. Suzanne K. Ames B.S. Medical Technology Alice Ance B S. Pre-Dentistry Judith A. Ancypa B.A. Elementary Education Paul J Anderer B.A Japanese Soren T. Andersen B.A. Political Science Christine M. Anderson B.S. Medical Technology Karen M. Anderson B.A. Elementary Education Lenore Z. Anderson B.S.N. Nursing Roger Anderson B.S. Forestry Robert C. Anderson B.A. pre-Law Cheryl A. Andrews B.G.S. General Studies Kathleen A. Andrews B.A. Russian Studies Stephen G. Andrews B.A. Political Science Karen C Anhut B.A. Elementary Education Inge Antoni B.A. Modern Languages Samuel D Appel B.A. Psychology Janisse R. Appelblatt B.A. English Hillorie A. Applebaum B.A. Psychology Larry Arnkotf B.A. History C SENIORS 211 Carole A Ashley B.A. Spanish Lee W. Atkinson B.A. English Ginger M. August B.S.N. Nursing Les Baer B.A. Economics Ralaine K. Baker B.A. Political Science Susan L. Baldauf B.S. Special Education James F Bale B S. Zoology Elizabeth A. Balko B S. Elementary Education Ann E. Ballance B.A English John R. Ballantyne B.A. Psychology Dale Robert Banks B S.E Naval Architecture Margaret A. Banning B.S.N. Nursing Joan E Bannon B.A. Journalism Jerry Baral B.A. Political Science William A. Barasa B.S.E. Mechanical Engineering Dana S. Barber B.A. Elementary Education Richard Bardsley B.S.E. Industrial Engineering Valerie S. Barger B.A. Elementary Education Cheryl D Barkovich B.S. Physical Education Stephen L. Barstow B. Arch. Architectural Design David J. Bartezak B.S.E. Materials Engineering Bruce A. Barth B.S. Metallurgy Kathleen A. Barton B.A. History (T.C ) Sandra L. Baseman B.A. Romance Linguistics Jane E. Bates B.A. American Culture Sue K. Bator B.A. Special Education Barbara J. Batson B.A. Psychology John F. Battaglia B.B.A. Business Administration Susan P. Battani B.A. Special Education Karen Bauchat B.S.N. Nursing Bethann G. Baumann B.S. Design Charles Baylis B.S.E. Electrical Engineering Brian E. Bayus B.A. English 212 SENIORS Mark S. Beach B.A. Economics Jack M. Beam B.A. Political Science Nancy Beatty B.A. Social Work Bernie A. Beckman B.S.E Aerospace Jennifer Lynn Beemer B.A. English (T.C.) David C. Beemon B.A. Journalism Barbara Been B.S. Medical Technology (A.S.C.P.) Cathy A. Beevers B.A. Spanish Larry A. Behnkendorf B.A. Residential College Sandra L. Behrens B.F.A. Painting (T.C.) Jim Behymer B.S.E. Industrial Engineering Marcy Beinish B.A. French and Russian Michael A. Bell B.A. Pre-Law Laxmirant L. Bembalkar B.S.E. Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering Thomas T Bender B.A. Journalism Stephen A. Bendix B.S. Pre-Medicine Lenny Benjamin B.A. Economics John S. Benner B.S.E. Mechanical Engineering Lauren J. Bennett B.S. Design Mary F. Bennett B.S. Zoology Scott L Bennett B.A. Political Science Harold P. Benson B.S. Mathematics Robert J. Benson B.A. History Susan E. Bergsman B.A. American Culture Cathey L. Bernhard B A. Psychology Ronald E. Berry B.S.E. Chemical Engineering Linda B. Berryman B.A. English Mary K. Bickley B.A. Elementary Education Billie J. Bideman B.A. Elementary Education HileneS. Bilchik B.A.Latin Vicki J. Billing B.A. Sociology Larry J. Birchfield B.S. Fisheries SENIORS 213 Lawrence A. Birkhead B.A. Psychology Marilyn A. Bird B.A. History Sharon L. Bishop B A Psychology Joyce A. Blades B.S.N. Nursing Elizabeth E. Blanock B.A Economics (T.C ) Mary M. Blanock B.A. Spanish Barry Blauer B.A. Mathematics Marcus L. Bleckley B.S. Natural Resources ArunasJ. Bliudnikas B.S Physics lleneG Block B.A. Mathematics Gerson Darrell Bloom B.A. Philosophy Janice M. Bluhm B A Actuarial Science Howard H. Blumenfeld B.S.E. Electrical Engineering Carol L. Bocknek B A Elementary Education Timothy J. Bogar B A. Mathematics Armando L. Bolmey BSE. Industrial Edward Bolt B. Arch Architecture Marvin G. Bolton BSE. Industrial Norman Bolz B.S. Chemistry Judith Ann Bommarito B.A English Lee Annette Bonds B A. English Diane M. Borgus B.M. Applied Vocal Jane E Borman B.A Social Work (pre-professional) Randolph D. Borys B.S. Oceanography Meteorology Karen A. Boucek B.S. Physical Therapy Barbara A. Bowman B.A. History Shirley K. Boyce B S. Pharmacy Lynda M. Boyd B A. Secondary Education Evelyn Bradley B.A. English James L. Bradley B.S.E. Engineering Physics Rebecca J. Brake B.S. Physical Therapy Mary E Brammer B.A. English (T.C.) 4 American Culture 214 SENIORS Karen A. Brancheau B.A. Political Science Daniel K. Braun BSE Aerospace Engineering Patricia Brecher B.A. Psychology Gay Breidinger B.S. Biology Winifred Louise Brewer B.A. Pre-Law Frederic A. Brick B.S.E. Aerospace Engineering Gail S. Brocklebank B.S. Medical Technology Charles B. Broman B.S. Cellular Biology Lin B. Brooks B.A. English Barbara L. Brown B.S. Physics Gail L. Brown B.A. Social Work Jon W. Brown B.A. Economics Katherine M. Brown B.A. Elementary Education Marvin L. Brown B.A. Architecture and Design Susan L. Brown B S.N. Nursing Elaine R. Brudi B.S.N. Nursing Peter T. Brunei B.S.E. Electrical Engineering Robert C. Bruns B.A. Religious Studies John H. Bunn B.A. Speech Marilyn J. Burgard B.A. History (Res. College) James D. Burggraaf B.S.E. Science Engineering Arthur N. Burleigh B.A Speech Gail A. Burleson B.S.N. Nursing Valentine J. Burroughs B.S. (Pre-professional studies) Michele J. Burtoff B.A. French David C. Bus B.S. Architecture M. Architecture Charlotte Ann Busch B.S. Design Dennis J. Bush B.S. Zoology Kristin I. Butler B.A History of Art Stuart J. Butters B.S. Chemistry Karen S. Calhoon B. Architecture Landscape Larry Galley B.S.E. Aerospace Engineering Susan M. Callihan B.S. Pharmacy William S. Calvert B.A. Computer and Communications Science Candyce M Campbell B.S Medical Technology Carol A. Campbell B S.N. Nursing Kathryn A. Bryant B A. Political Science Michael A. Buchanan B.A. Economics Robert J. Buckler B.S.E Mechanical Engineering Lorraine K. Buckner B.A. History (T C.) Marylynn Buckosky B.A. Elementary Education Ursula M Bujak B.A. German (T.C.) SENIORS 215 Rebecca J. Chapman B.A. English History (T.C.) Joan M. Chappa B.S Dental Hygiene Roberta A. Charnas B S Special Education Charles M Charnawskas B.S.E. Electrical Engineering Janice L Charter B.A. ore-Law Charles G. Chavdarian B.S. Chemistry Roberts Canner B S Zoology William F. Canning BA Economics (T.C.) Claire M Cantow B.A. Art History Dana Sue Caplan B.S. Elementary Education Paula R Capoferi B A. Psychology Christine M. Carlson B.A. English David J. Carlyon B.A. American Studies Ruby N. Carmen B.A. History Holly Carper B.S. Special Education David B. Carr B.S Chemistry Dennis R Carter B.S E Aerospace Engineering Susan K. Gary B S Pharmacy Patricia A. Casey B A. English (T.C.) Alice L. Cassel B A. History Robert L. Castle BS. Mathematics Judith L. Cederbaum B A. Special Education Rae Lee Chabot B.A. English Linda A. Chaplik B A. Secondary Education Spanish Cheryl J. Cheger BM Organ David C. Chien B.S.E. Naval Architecture Marine Engineering James M. Chopp B.B.A Business Administration Jannie Chow B B.A. Business Administration George S. Chu BA Psychology Michael S. Chune B S Zoology Melinda A. Churches B.A. English Barbara J. Ciochon B.A. Secondary Education Paul E. Clancy B.S Zoology James F. Clark B.A. History Patrick W.Clark B. B.A. Business Administration Ronald L Clark B.A Political Science (T.C.) Thomas C. Clark B. Arch. Landscape Bruce J. Cleland B.A. History Kathleen A. Clinton B.A. Elementary Education James A. Clough B. Arch. Architecture Sherry L Coats B B A Business Administration Ina C. Cohen B.A Economics 216 SENIORS Judy Sue Cohen B.A. Honors English Marc D. Cohen B.A. Economics Nancy L Cohen BS. Special Education William D. Cohen B.A. Russian Language Literature David L. Cohn B.S. Zoology Nadine R. Cohodas B.A. English History Donna R.Coleman B.A. Speech Michele Y Coleman B A. pre-Law Suzanne M. Collins B.A. French Nancy C. Colthorp B.A. Communications Science Douglas M. Comb B.A. Anthropology-Zoology Olivia B. Compton B.A. Social Studies Psychology PeggyA. Compton B.S. Physical Therapy Edward N. Comstock B.S.E. Naval Architecture Marine Engineering Dana E. Conedera B.G.S. General Studies Daniel Conklin B A pre-Law Gail Connor B.S. Communications Science Cynthia L. Cook B A Secondary Education David R. Cook B.A. History Political Science Joseph N. Cook B.S. Microbiology RochelleJ Coonley B.A. Sociology Carol R Cooper B A. Elementary Education Laurie A. Cope B.A. English Richard D. Cordell B.A. Psychology Virginia M. Cordes B.S. Special Education Cathy A. Cotler B.A. Zoology-Anthropology Kathleen E. Counihan B.A. Elementary Education Thomas C. Crumplar B.A. History Jonah M. Cuker B.S.E. Electrical Engineering Rachel Cuker B.A. English Celena M. Culbert B.S.N. Nursing James Cullen B.A. Psychology Mamie L. Culligan B.S. Physical Education SENIORS 217 Paul F. Gumming B.B A Business Administration Donald G. Cunitz BSE Aerospace Engineering Hua Tu Cuong B.S. Naval Architecture Marine Engineering Katherine Cushing B.A. Anthropology Deborah L. Dalenberg B.S. Medical Technology Anita L D ' Alleva B.A. Psychology Gregory M. Davenport B.A. Secondary Education Keith E Davey B.A. Mathematics Joan M Davidson B.A Secondary Education Glenn S. Davis B.A English Gloria J. Davis B A Elementary Education Lynne L.Davis B.M. Organ Nancy K. Davis B.A Psychology Anthropology Noreen M. Davis B A Mathematics Rebecca S. Davis B.A French Robert J. Davis B.S. pre-professiona Dentistry Sarah E Davis B.A. Elementary Education Debbie J Dayton B.A. Elementary Education Douglas M. Dean B.A. Secondary Education Deborah A. Deatrick B.F.A. Advertising Larry Deck B.S. Physics Janet M Decker B A Mathematics Allan B. DeHorn B A Psychology David R. De Maso BS Zoology Anne C. Derleth B.A. Political Science Jo Ann De Roche B.A Economics Charles A. Derrow B S Anthro-Zoology David P. Devlin B.S.E. Naval Architecture Jane C. De Vries B A. Sociology James F. De Wilder B.S E. Aerospace Engineering Gary L De Witt B.S. Secondary Education Paul T. De Witt B.S. Psychology Susan D. Dexter B.S. Elementary Education 218 SENIORS SENIORS 219 Renee Diamond B A. History Jonelle C Dick B.A.French Karl M Oiener BSE Mechanical Engineering Robert J. DiLaura B A Psychology Sociology Marty L. Dim B. A. History Michael T Dimuzio B.S. Chemistry Loretta L. Dipboye B S Medical Technology Debbra J Docsa B.A. History Neal D. Dodell B.A. Political Science Louise M. Dodge B A. English (T.C.) Alan R. Dohner B.S.E Aerospace Engineering James A. Dolecki B.S pre-Medical Sharon R Dombey B.S. Design Janet E.Domke B.S Geography Steven Dorm B A German Zoology Kathleen M. Doody B.A History of Ideas (Residential College) Jill M. Dougherty B.A. Russian Pamela J Dougherty B.A. Russian Language PatricaN Dovas B.A.English EdwinaE.Dowell B.A.English Lauretta E. Downs B.A. Psychology Stephen R Drew B A Economics Donna F. Drumm B.A. Mathematics Margaret C. Dudley B M. Music Carol A. Dunitz B.A. Speech English Garf L. Dunn B.A. Political Science Music Kathleen A. Dunn B.S.N. Nursing Judith Eileen Dunn B.Ed. Speech Pathology Barbara A. Dupuis B S. Physical Therapy Thomas Wayne Dutcher B.S. Wildlife Management Larry Dworkin B.A.English GaryE Dysarz B.S Biology 220 SENIORS Joseph R. Dziedzic B A. Secondary Education Susan B. Easlick 6. A. American Culture Charles W. Edmunds B. A. History Barbara E. Edwards B.A. Elementary Education Michael J. Edwards B.S. Secondary Education Jean M. Einstein B.A. Sociology Evelyn J. Eldridge B.A. Journalism Diane A. Elliot B.A. American Culture Peggy M. Elo B.S.N. Nursing Marc M. Eltman B.S.E. Aerospace Engineering John S. Emley B.S.E. Electrical Engineering Peter M. Emond B.A. English Literature Susan C. English B.A. English Christopher D. Erickson B.S.E. Electrical Engineering Eric R. Erickson B.A. Political Science pre-Dentistry Thomas L. Ervin B.A. Geology Psychology Joseph Eshaghian B.S. Honors Zoology James D Eskra B.G.S. General Studies Robert J. Essick B.A. pre-Law Mark J . Esterly B.S.E. Electrical Diane M. Eston B.A. Psychology Victoria R. Evanoff B.A. English Marcus Evans B.A. Political Science History Wendy E. Eynon B.S.N. Nursing Philip R. Fabrizio B.A. pre-Law Patricia S. Fahey B.A. Elementary Education Dennis T. Faleris B.A. Russian Language Donald W. Faleris B.A. pre-Law Nathan Falk B.S. Political Science David A. Falls B.A. English i Sandy Engel B.A. Secondary Education Susan K. Engel B.A. Speech Karen Engelbaum B.A. History i J SENIORS 221 Doug P. Falls B A. English Karen A Farabaugh B. A. Psychology Linda M Farina B A. French Mary Jane Farkas B.A. Linguistics Paul H Fassbender B S.E. Electrical Engineering John M. Feeney B S E. Industrial Engineering Lucy G Feldkamp B.A. Speech Michael Feldman B.A. Economics Ruth Feldman B A Psychology Gary V. Feldt B.S.E. Aerospace Engineering David A. Fellers M.Arch. Architecture Cynthia Fenley B A Elementary Education Stephen I. Field B A. Psychology Radcliffe J Finley B G S Chinese Studies Patricia L. Finn B S. Zoology Nancy E. Finnegan B.A. English Susan L. Fisk B A Mathematics Kathleen R Fitzgerald B.A Child Psychology Elementary Education Dawn M K Flannery B A. English Political Science Penney P. Fleming B.A. Secondary Education Thomas L Fleury B.A. Political Science John R Flinn B S. Zoology KathieJ Fliss B.S.N. Nursing Mabel A Flodin B.S. Physical Education Steven E Flodin B S.E Civil Engineering Dana E Flothow B.A. Social Anthropology Linda J Flumerfelt B.S. Physical Therapy Kathy A. Flynn B G S General Studies Esty Forbes B.A Speech Correction Carol R. Forman B.A Psychology Stephen R Forrestel BSE Science Engineering Bob A Forst B.B.A. Business Administration Brenda J Foster B.S. Medical Technology 222 SENIORS Nancy Lee Fox B.S.N. Nursing Michaels. Frank B.S. Zoology Donna M. Frazis B.A. Psychology David S.Fredrick B.S. Pharmacy DeeAnn Freedman B.A. Secondary Education Russian Susan L Freehling B.A. Elementary Education Elizabeth A. Freytag B.A. English Social Studies Candy Friedman B.S. Medical Technology (A.S.C.P.) Jim Friedman B.A. History Susan A. Friedman B.A. Journalism Marsha Rae Froelich B.Ed. Speech Therapy Marianna K. Fronczak Ph.D. Romance Languages Laura T. Frost B.A. English Linda J.Frye B.M. Wind Instruments Paul C. Fuener B.A. pre-Law Charles Fujita B.A. Mathematics Mariko Fukuda B.A. Geography Far Eastern Studies Bryan B. Fuller B.S. Microbiology Raymond R. Fullerton B.S. Mechanical Engineering E. Ann Gabriel B.B.A. Business Administration Susan J. Gaede B.A. pre-Social Work Donald Gagacki B.S.E. Industrial Engineering Barbara J. Gaide B.A. Elementary Education Margie H. Gale B.A. Elementary Education Margaret J. Gall B.S. Special Education Dianne R. Ganfield B.S. Medical Technology Stuart H. Gannes B.A. Honors History Geoffrey A. Gardner B.S.E. Naval Architecture Richard S. Garelick B.S. Zoology Barbara L. Garfinkel B.A. Sociology Sherry S. Gates B.A. Mathematics (T.C.) Judith A. Gaynier B.S. Zoology SENIORS 223 Oavid A. Gellatly B.A. Economics Marianne E. Gellatly B.A. Actuarial Mathematics Myrna S. Gelman B.A. English Anne C. Gent B.A. History Frederick J. Gentner B.A. Economics Maryanne C. George B.A. Journalism Political Science Thomas A George BSE Naval Architecture Marine Engineering Deborah J. Gersell B.S. Zoology Thomas R. Getty B.S.E. Science Engineering Josephine Giancola B.A. English (T.C.) Joan Gierz B.S. Interior Design Richard I. Gilbert B.A. pre-Law Constance M. Gillette B.A. English Leslie E. Gilman B.A. French Mark S. Giroux B.S. Political Science Roman W Glamb B.A. English Paul W. Gleich B.S. Zoology Judi A. Glick B.A. History Kenneth S. Gluski B.A. pre-Medical Steven M. Gnewkowski B A. English Margaret E. Godley B.S. English (T.C.) Karen B. Goldberg B.A. Elementary Education Mark S. Goldberg B.S Mathematics Paula R. Goldman B M Music Education Shirley R. Goldsmith B.A. Psychology Barbara Goldstein B.A French Carol A. Goldstein B.A. French Deborah K. Goldstein B.S. pre-Medical Joanne Goldstein B.A. Near Eastern Language Literature Paula S. Goldstein B.Ed. Social Science Vida F. Goldstein B.A. Anthropology Daniel P. Goltz B.A. History 224 SENIORS DaleR.Gonyea B.M. Music Education James L. Gooding B.S.E. Aerospace Engineering Andrea B. Goodman B.S. Physical Therapy Richard J. Goodwin B.A. Political Science Jacqueline B. Goodyear B.S. Chemistry Fran S. Goran B.A. Elementary Education Lynda S. Gordon B.A. Elementary Education Eileen Goretski B.S.N. Nursing Scott L Gorland B.A. Political Science Steven L. Gortmaker B.S. Mathematics Sociology Jeff P. Gotschall B.S.E. Mechanical Engineering Ralph M. Gottfried B.A. History James W. Gray B S.E Naval Architecture Richard J. Gray B.A. Political Science Christopher A. Green BS Zoology Diane S. Green B S. Medical Technology Linda M. Green B A. Speech Pathology Audiology Ronald T. Green BSE Industrial Engineering Susan D. Greenberg . B.A. Economics Karen L. Greene B.A. Elementary Education Sandra E. Greene B.A. Elementary Education Lewis A. Greenly B.A. Psychology Karen A. Greig B.A. Elementary Education John E. Greiner B.S.E. Civil Margaret E. Greiner B.A. English Beatrice A. Griffin B.A. Romance Linguistics Bruce G. Grimes B.B.A. Business Administration Donna J. Grode B.S.N. Nursing Marlene Gronda B.S. Dental Hygiene Frederick H. Grossman B.G.S. General Studies Bonnie S Gottlieb B A. French Diane M. Grammatico B.A. American Studies (T.C.) Robert D. Grappel B.S. Physics SENIORS 225 Curtis L Groves B.A. Psychology Jane E. Gruber B.S. Secondary Education Sandra M. Guillermety B.A. Latin Donna R. Gully B.A. Special Education Joyce K. Gumieny B.A. Latin Richard P. Gunderlock B.S.E. Mechanical Engineering Jack R. Guskin B.A Computer Science Geri Gutstein B.A. Psychology Stephen B. Gwin B.B.A. Business Administration Carol A. Haag B A. Psychology pre-professional Social Work John C. Habel B.A. Political Science Patricia Hackett B.S.N. Nursing Eleanora S. Hadgikosti B.A. History (T.C.) Joanne E. Hadjiyanis B.A. English (T.C.) Sigrid J. Hagelthorn B.G.S. Journalism Glen E. Hahn B.A. Economics Judith R. Hahn B.B.A. Business Administration Janice M. Halash B.S.N. Nursing Sharlene K. Hall B.S. Physical Therapy Kathleen G. Mailer B.S. Chemistry Mike Hamburg B.S.E. Mechanical John H. Hamilton B.S. Biology Shirley Hamilton B.A. Psychology N ile Lorraine Hammock B.S.N. Nursing Kenneth E Hammond B.S,E. Electrical Engineering Anita F. Handelman B.A. Honors English Paul A. Handelman B.A. Philosophy Robert W. Handley B.S. Zoology Keith J. Hanley B.S.E. Civil Engineering David J. Hannes B.S. Mathematics Charles B. Hantler B.S. Mathematics John C. Harding B.A. Sociology Craig H. Harris B.A. Economics 226 SENIORS Gary B.Harris B.S. Zoology Larry J. Harris B.A. History Lillian B. Harrison B.A Social Studies Linda Kay Harrison B.S.N. Nursing Marsha L. Harrison B.S N. Nursing Deborah R Haroff B.S.N Nursing Jim Hart B.S. Economics William T. Hassig B.S. Chemistry Robert R. Hatch B.S.E. Aerospace Engineering Paulette G. Hatcher B.A. Speech Pathology Steven G. Hauring B.A. German Alan R Havrilla B.S.E. Electrical Engineering John R. Hawkers B.S Computer Communication Science Howard F. Hawkins B.S E. Aerospace Engineering Carolyn D. Haynes B.A. English Literature Linda K. Haynes B.S. Mathematics Communication Science Susan M. Heathfield B.S. Special Education Howard R. Heideman B.A. Urban Studies Margaret J Hendrickson B.A. English Rickert C Henriksen B.S.E. Electrical Mary D. Hensel B.A. Mathematics Florence Herman B.A. American Culture Michael G. Heroy B.A Economics Gary L. Heseltine B.A. Psychology Randall J. Hess B.S.E. Industrial Frances A. Hessler B.A. Psychology James R. Hewett B.S.E Industrial CreigG.Heyl B.S. Zoology John W Hibbard B.A. Economics Martha J. Hickey B.A. Elementary Education Gerald K. Hikel Ph.D. Sociology John S Hildebrand B.A. Journalism Jane E Hill B.A Political Science Neil H. Hiller B.A. History Gayle A. Hillmann B.S. Dental Hygiene Donald Hills B.B.A. Business Administration Dale D. Heimbach B.S. Physical Education Pam Heindl B.A. pre-professional Social Work Marilyn R. Heiser B.A. English (T.C.) Ruth E. Held B.A. English History Martha E. Heller B.S.N. Nursing Deborah L Heizel B.A. History of Art SENIORS 227 Martha J Horvay B S Design James E. Hosking B.S. Industrial Engineering Stephan B. Hosmer B S pre-Medical Jacquelynn A. Hoston B.A. Journalism Michael A Hough B.A. Social Anthropology Penny Carson Hough B A. Elementary Education Sandra S. Hirsch B A Secondary Education Martin A. Hirschman B.A. History Joseph E. Hoagbin B S Zoology Christa M Hoberg B A. Psychology Margie Hochdort B.A. Social Work Barbara D Hock B.A. English (T.C.) Sally Ann Hoelzer B.A English Jane L Hoffman B.A. Elementary Education Marc H. Hoffman B.A. Psychology Roger D. Holberg B.A Journalism Michael E Holda B S Zoology Laura L Holms B A Speech Pathology Audiology Donald J. Holtz B S.E. Industrial Engineering James E. Hondroulis B.S. Marine Engineering Naval Architecture John L Hoogland B.S Zoology Nancy D. Hoover B A Elementary Education Jeffrey H Horen B.A Mathematics Marion Ellen Hornstein B A Elementary Education Mary Howard BA Computer Communications Science Tom Hoyt B S. Zoology Janice L. Hrcka B.S. Mathematics Dianne T. Hruska B.S. Zoology Garrick T. Hu B.S. Mathematics Diana D.Huang B.S. Zoology English Thomas W. Hubbell B.S.E Industrial Engineering Helen R. Huberman B.A. Special Education Patricia A. Hudson B.A French (T.C.) Gretchen H. Hughes B.S Elementary Education Susan E.Hulce B S. Physical Therapy Susan Humphrey B S. Dental Hygiene Sharon E. Hunter B S. Mathematics John S. Huntley B.A Economics Roger B. H jrst BSE Electrical Engineering Arthur L Hurvitz B.A Psychology Phyllis J Hurwitz B A Elementary Education James G Husband B BA. Business Administration 228 SENIORS Barbara E. Huse B S. Medical Technology Jacalyn K. Huss B.S. Medical Technology (A.S.C.P.) Joe F. Hutchinson B.A. Honors History Julie B. Hutchinson B.S. Dental Hygiene Ken P. Hutchinson B.S.E. Industrial Engineering Margaret E. Hutchinson B.S. Physical Therapy Roland S. Hwang B.S.E. Mechanical Engineering Joseph M. Iczkovitz B.S. Zoology Michael L. Iczkovitz B.A. History Margaret P. Idema B.S. Special Education Janineldziak B.A. Philosophy Beth Imbey B.A. Secondary Education Dennis C. Ingram B.Arch. Architecture Anne Isaacs B.A. English Louis M. Isaacs B.G.S. General Studies Laura J. Isenstein B.A. History Dianne Isherwood B.A. English (T.C.) Allen P. Iskow B.S. Computer Communications Science Susan E. Ivey B.A. Psychology Jan Z. Jackson B.M. Strings Susan M. Jackson B.A. Elementary Education Bruce G.Jacobson B.A.English Christine Jacobson B.A. Elementary Education Margot R. Jameson B.A. Elementary Education Christinas. Jamian B.A. Elementary Education Ann R. Jarrett B.A. Journalism Ted R. Jastrzembski B.A. Philosophy Andrew A. Jawlik B.S. Mathematics Carol R.Jensen B.A. pre-Social Work James E. Jensen B.A. History Robert L. Jensen B.S. Computer Communications Science Christine L. Johnson B.S.N. Nursing Frederic N. Johnson B.G.S. General Studies SENIORS 229 230 SENIORS Karl R Johnson B. A. Psychology Leelyn M. Johnson B. A. Anthropology Linda Rae Johnson B.A. Secondary Education Randy D. Johnson B.S. Zoology Shirley A. Johnson B.A. Social Science Steven P. Johnson B.A. Social Science Susan M. Johnson B.A. English Gladys L Jones B.A. Elementary Education Jeffrey A. Jones B B A Business Administration Katherine E. Jordan B.A. English History of Art Margaret J. Joseph B.A. English History FayDe ' Neine Joyner B.S.N. Nursing John H. Junior B.S. Zoology Dale A. Jurcisin B.A. Political Science Virginia M. Just B.S. Physical Therapy Christine A. Kahan B.A. Speech English Howard L. Kahn B.S pre-Professional Michael A. Kahn B.S.E. Industrial Engineering Diane Kalata B.A. Spanish Daniel Kahsh B.S. Mathematics Ruth E. Kallio B.A. Mathematics Rick Kalmbach B.S.E. Chemical Engineering Shelly R. Kamln B.A. English David A. Kanaan B.A. Economics Jonathan J. Kaner B.A. Cell Biology Ronald L Karash B.S.E. Science Engineering Robert A. Karby B.S.E. Mechanical Engineering Fred D. Karp B.A. Psychology Michael S. Kaslik B.B. A. Business Administration Barb M. Kass B.A. Mathematics Jeanne E. Kassekert B.S.N. Nursing Shelley M. Kassman B.A. Speech SENIORS 231 Ellen Sue Katz B.A. History (T.C.) Kay H. Kaufman B.A. Psychology Joan E. Kazda B.A. Russian Language Literature Dennis P. Keefer BSE Mechanical Engineering Marjorie R. Keliar B.A. Economics Nancy Keller B.A. Secondary Education Ellen L Kennedy B.A. English Vicki Kennedy B A English Esther Keramaris B.S Secondary Education James M. Kern BSE Industrial Engineering Judith C. Kerwin B.S. Special Education Marcia H. Kessler B.A. Elementary Education Linda Kidder B.A. English (T.C.) KathyR.Kiehl B SN Nursing Leena Kiirats B.A. English Allan A. Kilkka B.S.E. Industrial Engineering DarylR Kimberly MSW Social Work Rebecca S. Kime B.A. History of Ideas (Residential College) Connie S. Kinder B.S.N. Nursing Edward H.King B.S.E. Civil Engineering Janet L. King B.B.A. Business Administration Jo-Ann A. King B.A. Elementary Education Rufus L King B.S.D. Design Stephen C. Kinnaman B.S.E. Naval Architecture Patricia A. Kinney B.A. Mathematics Howard Kirchick B.S. Zoology James S. Kirkwood B.S.E. Engineering Physics Susan L. Klaiman B.S. Medical Technology (A.S.C.P.) L Cort Klein B.S.E Aerospace Engineering Marcia D. Klein B.A. English Ellen M. Klemman B.A. Social Work Linda Ellen Knapp B.A. Elementary Education 232 SENIORS Glenn A. Knoblock B.S.E. Science Engineering Mary F. Knoll B.A. History Elizabeth Kochanczyk B.A Spanish Judy Kochmanski B.A. American Culture Karen J. Kohl B.A. Special Education Joyce C. Kohlenberg B.A. Psychology Journalism Diana Lynn Kohler B.M. Music History Literature Kathy Koliba B.A. Russian Studies Thomas A. Kollin B.A. English Diane F. Komasara B.A. English Ziona Kopelovich B.A. French Kathryn A. Koperski B.S.N. Nursing Andrea L. Korenkiewicz B.A. Secondary Education Sharon N. Korman B.A. English Hal J. Koss B.B.A. Business Administration James M. Kourt B.S.E. Aerospace Engineering Rosemary Krans SB A Actuarial Science Linda S. Krapohl B.A. Elementary Education Stephanie L Krupp B.A. French Beverly A. Kuhn B.A. Political Science Elizabeth A. Kuitunen B.S.N. Nursing Helen Kurz B.A. English (T.C.) Nancy Kux B.A. Elementary Education Tom G. Kuzma B.A. Anthropology Zoology Aloysius K. Kwan B.S.E. Electrical Engineering Herschel D. Kwinter B.A. Psychology Barbara A. La Chance B.B.A. Business Administration Stephanie P. Lachman B.A. Sociology Stephen L. Ladd B.A. East Asian Studies Janet L. Lambeck B.A. Linguistics French Randy P. Lambert B.M. Choral Education Alice Ann Landon B.A. Social Work Derith A. Lane B.S.N. Nursing Janet M. Langeland B.A. Special Education Joan E Lanier B.S. Medical Technology Susan Ann Larkin B.A. Elementary Education Kathy J. Kraus B.A. English (T.C.) Myral. Kraus B.A. Secondary Education Barbara A. Kress B.A. Psychology English Karl F. Krueger B.A. Linguistics Barbara E. Krugliak B.A. English Timothy S. Krupa B.S. Chemistry SENIORS 233 Marjorie Lefkowitz B.A. American Culture Ann L. Lehman B.A. Psychology David W Leitner B.S. Psychology Kathryn J Leonard B A Anthropology Myra D. Leonard B A Economics Susan J Leopold B A Elementary Education Janis A. LaRoche B.A History (T.C.) Robert G Latorre BSE Naval Architecture Marine Engineering Frances M Lattanzio B F.A. Art Hank Lautenbach B.S.E. Industrial Engineering David R. Lawrence B.S.E. Aerospace Engineering Susan K. Lawrence B A. History Katherine Layman B.A. French Carol Lazerick B.A. English Ronald L Lazarus B A. Political Science Margaret M Leaver B.A. Physical Education Laurence J LeBlanc B B A Business Administration Donald M Leckey B.S.E. Industrial Engineering Bonnie D. Ledebuhr B S Biology Raymond K Lederman B.G.S General Studies Michael A Lee B.S.E Civil Engineering Deborah L Leed B.S Physical Therapy James Edgar Leed B.A Economics Steven C Leeser B.M. Instrumental E. llene Lesser B S. Mathematics Grace Evelyn LeSure B.S. Psychology Bruce S Levine BSE. Electrical E ngineering Dan Levine B S Resource Planning Conservation Lisa G Levine B A English (T.C.) Ann L. Levenick B.A. Journalism Marilyn Z. Leventen B A Elementary Education Loren S. Levy B.S.N. Nursing Irene E Lewandowski B S Mathematics Lynn S Lewis B B A Business Administration William Lewis BS Zoology Ann E. Undberg B.A. Anthropology Sharon R LJchon B.S. Dental Hygiene Natalie Candace Light B.M Music Education Linda M. Lilly B Arch Architecture Gary S Lincoln B S Secondary Education Susan Marie Linden B.A pre-professional Social Work Paul H. LJnnell B A Psychology 234 SENIORS Sharon Lee Linn ert B.A. Elementary Education Patricia Upton B.A. Elementary Education Suzanne B. Lipton B.A. Secondary Education Karl J. Liskow B.S. Physics Ray H.Littleton B.S. Biology Wah Sun Lo B.S.E. Electrical Engineering Denise Lockman B.A. Elementary Education Stuart M. Lockman B.A Political Science Yolanda E. Lodise B.A. French Sarah A. Lowell B.S. Physical Therapy Sharon A. Lowen B.A. Humanities Fine Arts Margaret E. Lubbers B.A. Physical Education Richard R. Luczak B.A. Psychology Everett P. Lunsford B.S.E. Naval Architecture Blanche C. Lynn B.A. Speech Karen A. Lyons B.S. Biology Karen S.Maatman B.A.English Bruce R. MacDonald B.S Zoology James M. MacLachlan B.A. Economics Margaret MacLeod B.A. Geography Leland D MacMillan B.S.E. Mechanical William MacPherson B.B.A. Business Administration Brian J. Maes B.A. Political Science Suzanne E. Main B.A. Social Work Vincent H. Mains B.A. Psychology Jan E. Maisel B.S. Cell Biology Tom A Majer B.S.E. Aerospace Engineering Judith F. Lodish B.A. Psychology Lani J. Loken B.S. Physical Education Jean A. Louis B.A. Political Science Joanne Lovell B A. English Butord M. Lovett B.S. Architecture KathyA. Lowe B.A. English (T.C.) SENIORS 235 Nadine D. Major MA English Patricia A Major B A English Elyse G Mallin B.A. English Kathleen D Malloy B A. Elementary Education Roslyn K. Malmaud B.A Honors Psychology Margaret J. Malnight B S N Nursing Cathy Mancino B.A. Physical Education Sherry Manis B.A. English Paulette Mannin g B.A. French (T.C ) Brian C. Manoogian B.A. Political Science Randy C Marcos BSE Mechanical Engineering Laurel K. Marcus B.A. Psychology A. John Mardmly B.S.E Engineering Physics Jeanne E Mares B.S Dental Hygiene John L Margolis B A. English Lynne A Marshall B.S. Zoology Marcia J. Martensen B.A. Elementary Education David G. Martin B A Classical Studies Lynn R.Marvin B.S Mathematics Chet Maslowski SB A. Business Administration Gail J. Mason B.A English Michael J. Matesic B.A Anthropology Martin S. Mathamel B.S Chemistry Keith T. Matsumoto B.A Psychology Robert W Matteson B.S. Bio-physics Frederick C. Matthaei III B.B.A. Business Administration DiannMatz B.S.E. Oceanography Diane Matza B.A. English Suzanne C Maudlin B.A English Delia May B.A. Psychology (T.C.) Elementary Education Eugene May B.S. M.B.A. Business Administration Colin A. Mayers B.S. Mathematics Jeffery C. McCabe B A Anthropology 236 SENIORS Ann L McCann B.S. Dental Hygiene Mary E. McCarthy B.A. Elementary Education Robert J. McCarty B.E. Electrical Engineering Mary L. McClatchey B.S. Design Alan K. McComb B.S.E. Civil Engineering Marilyn McCombs B.A. English Jean K. McCown B.A. History Becky McCu Hough B.A. English Catherine A. McDonald B.A Secondary Education Gail C McDonald B.A. Business Education Carolyn M. McGannon B.S. Secondary Education Darby M. McGlinnen B.S.N. Nursing Stephen E. McGrath B.S. Mathematics Cecilia Anne McGuigan B.A. English (T.C.) Heather L. McKay B.S.N. Nursing Dorothy I. McNab B.A. Elementary Education Connie L. McNitt B.S. Biology (T.C.) Finley D. McRae B.S.E. Electrical Engineering Joyce M. Meads B.S.N. Nursing Pamela A. Mears B.A. Anthropology History of Art Robert C. Medlar B.A. Speech Claude A. Mehnert B.S.E. Mechanical Joanne Mei B.A. East Asian Studies Robert J. Meier, Jr. B.B.A. Business Administration Jacqueline A. Melega B.A. History of Art Hannelore U. Melzer B.A. English Roger G. Memmer B.S.E. Civil Engineering Alex J. Mercanderti B.A. Music Literature Zoology George D. Mercer B.A. Political Science Lora Jean Metzger B.S.N. Nursing Beth A. Meyer B.S.N. Nursing John O. Meyerhoff B.A. Residential College Drama SENIORS 237 1 Richard D. Meyers B.A. Economics R. Bruce Michael BSE Aerospace Engineering Joann E. Michalski B S. Mathematics (T.C.) Paulette K. Mihelcich B.A. Latin Lorraine K MiKelonis B A History Linda M. Milkovich BS Biology Zoology Betsy F. Miller B.A. Elementary Education Donald E. Miller B.S. Design James Allen Miller B.A. Economics Marcia Miller B.A Spanish Mark Allen Miller B.B.A. Business Administration Mel A. Miller B A History William Miller B.A. History Phillip A Mills B.A Political Science JoanH Milner B.A.English IrisMintz B A Elementary Education Ellen N. Miszewski B.A. Elementary Education Janet Mitch B.M. Music Deborah V Mobley B.A Social Studies Michael J. Modeiski B A Political Science Susan M. Moiseev B.A. Social Studies Constance M. Molloy B.A. Economics Judy E. Monahan B.S. Secondary Education EricM.Monberg B.S. Chemistry Craig M. Monroe B. S. Geology Oceanography Janet I. Monson B.A. History Kathleen J. Monson B.S. Physics Joyce A. Montgomery B.S.N. Nursing Jacqueline Montgomery B.M. Music Dale P. Moore B.S.E. Materials Engineering Deborah L Moore B.A. Social Studies Thomas G.Moore B.A. English Speech 238 SENIORS I SENIORS 239 Timothy E. Moore B.A. Economics Michael P. Morgan B.Q.S. General Studies James P. Morgenstern B.S. Physics Dan Moriarity B.S. Fisheries Beth L.Morris B.S.N. Nursing Kathleen D. Morrow B.A. Anthropology Michael J Moscynski B.S.E. Aerospace Engineering John P. Mosesso B.S. Conservation Christine M.Mosier B.S. Dental Hygiene David S. Movsky B.A. German Michele M. Mugerdichian B.A. Elementary Education Betty Jean Muller B.S. Mathematics Rosemary P. Mullin B.A. Mathematics (T.C.) Susan F. Mundy B.A. English (T.C.) Brian M. Murphy B.B.A. Business Administration Kathryn A. Murphy B.A. English Barb A. Murray B.S. Medical Technology David W. Murray B.S.E. Industrial Engineering Susan B. Murray B.A. Psychology Jack A. Myers B.B.A. Business Administration Constance Nagi B.A. Speech Pathology Audiology George Nagy. Jr. B.S.E. Mechanical Engineering Maria J. Nasjleti B.A. Social Work David E. Navarre B.S.E. Civil Engineering Michael E. Neal B.A. Psychology William S. Neale B.G.S. General Studies Gary T. Neibert B.S.E. Civil Engineering Carol A. Nelson B.A. Physical Education David E. Nelson B.S.E. Electrical Engineering Robert A. Nelson B.A. Economics Ann E. Neuburger B.A. English (T.C.) Susan D. Newell B.A. Social Work Maria S. Newman B.S. Special Education 240 SENIORS Patricia Nicholas B.A. Mathematics Mary Catherine Nicholl B.S. Dental Hygiene Ralph P. Nichols B.A. Economics Barbara J. Nienhuis B.S.N. Nursing Elizabeth S. Noor B.A. Political Science Richard Norcutt B.S.E. Mechanical Engineering Paul Norr B.B.A. Business Administration Wessie L. Norris B.A. Psychology Claudia M. Northrop B.A. Social Work Kerry C. Norwalk B.Arch. Architecture Judith A. Novak B.A. Elementary Education Michael T. O ' Brien M.A. Physics Andrea K. Odle B.M. Voice Rich CHdakowski B.S.E. Applied Mathematics Joan V. Oleck B.A. Journalism Steve T.Olson B.S. Chemistry Lambert P. Onuma B.S.E. Electrical Engineering Richard B. Oole B.A. Political Science Dwayne R Overmyer B.F.A. Art Claudia R. Overway B.S.N. Nursing David J. Overway B.S.E. Engineering Physics Judith J. Pagel B.S.N. Nursing Carol A. Palmer B.A. Psychology John Palmer B.S.E. Civil Engineering Angelo Paparell i B.A: pre-Law Mary Papas B.S. pre-Medical George M. Parilla B.S. Biology (T.C.) Richard A. Park B.S.E. Mechanical Engineering Michael E. Parks B.A. History Psychology Richard Parks B.Q.S. Journalism Janet M. Parrinder B.A. Elementary Education Bethany A. Parsons B.S.N. Nursing Brenda K. Parsons B.A. Mathematics (T.C.) Residential College Ronald L. Passiak B.A. History Christine Pate B.A. Elementary Education Laura M. Patt B.A. Special Education Janet M. Opdyke B.S. Design Karn Osathanondh B.S.E. Industrial Engineering Helen Jane Osbourne B.A. English Ronald L. Osgood B.S. Mathematics Ludwig E. Ouzoonian B.S. Mathematics Robert M. Overhiser B.Arch. Architecture SENIORS 241 VH ft IF Frank J. Piatkowski M.Arch. Architecture Thomas L Pickles B.B.A. Business Administration Keith D Pietila B A Economics George Pilko BSE. Chemical ZekeE Pires B.S. Wildlife Management Judy L. Platt B.A. Political Science i F James C. Paul B S Aerospace Lowell S Paul B S Zoology Nancy E. Paul B.A. Social Anthropology William J Peer B S Chemistry William R Pence B.S. Pharmacy Rebecca L Perich B.S.N. Nursing Richard M. Perlman B.A. Psychology Suzanne M Perren B A. Elementary Education Mary L. Perri B.A. Political Science Kathleen A. Perry B.S.N. Nursing Valener L. Perry B A. English Mary W. Pew B.B.A. Business Administration Kay M Wenninger B.A. English (T.C.) Julianne Phillip B.A. Elementary Education John G Phillippo B.S. Physical Therapy Gail H. Phillips B.A Elementary Education Ken J. Phillips B.A Speech (Radio-T.V.) Eliza I Piatkowski BSE Electrical Paul J. Plan B G S General Studies William M Pokrywka B.S Geography Chris B Pdaczyk B A. Political Science Sharron Pollack B.FA. Art Carol A. Pollock B S. Medicinal Chemistry Glenn R. Poison B.S.E Industrial Jeffreys Pomerantz B.A. History (T.C.) Michael E. Porath B.A. Political Science Joey Porcelli B.A Journalism Joyce K Portnoy B.A. English Gregg E Powell B.A Economics Richard M Pratt B. Arch. Architecture BethPreble B A Psychology Gregory P. Preston M.B.A Finance Louise V Preston M.A. Behavioral Sciences (Education) Thomas W Prior B.S.E. Electrical Mary Margo Prokopp B.S.E. Applied Mathematics Joseph P. Provenzano BSE Aerospace 242 SENIORS Cesar Puente B A. Spanish Claire M. Purdon B.A. Special Education Andrea M. Pusakulich B.S. Physical Education James F Quebbeman B.S. Cellular Biology Judith A. Quesnelle B.S.N. Nursing Gregory A. Quidort B.S.E. Aerospace Engineering Catherine J Quinn B.A. Psychology Joseph S.Quinn B.A. Economics Manuel G. Ouiogue B.S.E. Electrical Engineering Cheryl A Radcliffe B.A Psychology Richard A Radcliffe B.B.A. Business Administration Joy M. Radke B.A. English Jeanne M Radley B.A. English Marcia A. Raetzel B.A. English Cathy Rafferty B.A. Spanish (T.C.) Alan D. Ramsby B.A Political Science Linda J. Randall B.A. History (T.C.) Sandra A Rapai B.B.A Business Administration Karen S. Raskin B.A. English (T.C.) Andreas Rauer B.S. Zoology Caryn S. Rautbort B.A. Elementary Education Stephen A. Rauworth B S. Pre-professional Studies Deborah A. Raymond B.G.S. General Studies Patricia Raymond BS.N Nursing Roslynn L. Read B.A. Psychology English Richard W. Redick B.A. Mathematics Catherine L. Redlich B.A. English Edward C Redmer B.S E. Aerospace Engineering Sharon A. Redmer B.S.N. Nursing Michael A. Reidy B.S. Bio-physics Donn E Reinelt B.S.E. Science Engineering Lynne J. Reinhardt B B.A. Business Administration I SENIORS 243 I Shan R. Reisin B.A. English Sally A. Reisman B.A. English Psychology Marilyn R. Remus B.A. Sociology Donald E. Renz B.M. Choral Music Education Jane E. Resnick B.S. Physical Therapy Thomas V. Ricci B.S.E. Electrical Engineering Sharon L. Richards B.A. Spanish Thomas G. Richards B.A. ore-Law Alvin B. Riddle B.S.E. Science Engineering Carol L Riddle B.A. Elementary Education James N. Riethmiller B.A. Spanish Richard J. Rini B.A. Psychology Carrie A. Ripley B.Q.S. General Studies David Ripma B.S E. Electrical Engineering Susan K. Ritchie B.S.N. Nursing John G. Bitter B.S. Physics Carol E. Rivchun B.M. Education Ann Zalewski Roback B.S.N. Nursing Dwight L. Roberson B.S. Pharmacy Betsy Robertson B.A. Psychology Nancy Ellen Robins B.F A Art David S. Robinson, Jr. B.A. Political Science Economics James W. Robinson B.A. pre-Law Lorie Sue Robinson B.S. Dental Hygiene Mark L Robinson B.B.A. Business Administration Charles D. Roebuck B.S.E. Chemical Tyler A. Roehm B.M. Wind Instruments Richard H. Rogel B.B.A. Business Administration Martha T. Roiter B.A. History Leonard H. Rome B.S. Chemistry Howard B. Rontal B.A. History English Hugh A. Rose B.B.A. Business Administration 244 SENIORS Judy S. Rose B.A. English Kathleen Rose B.A. Psychology Nevin A. Rose B.A. Economics Barbara G. Rosen B.A. Social Studies (T.C.) Steven S. Rosen B.S. Pre-Medical Aaron D Rosenbaum B.A. English Maxine K. Rosenberg B.S. Special Education Nan Rosenberg B.A Elementary Education Jerome Rosenthal B.A. Psychology Barry Rowe B.S Mathematics Gary A. Rowe B.A. Political Science David Rowley B.A. Chinese Russian Studies Doris S. Rubenstein B.A. Spanish Sandy J. Rubenstein B A. Spanish (T.C.) Danielle L Rubin B.A. French (T.C.) Ginger Rude B F A Painting Sterling C. Ruffins B.A. English Ira T Russell B.S.E. Electrical Engineering Marty E. Ryan B.A. Elementary Education Barbara MRylko B.S. Micro Biology Valerie A. Sabb B.A. Political Science Darrick K. Sabo B.S.E. Electrical Engineering Davis B. Sabo B.A. Political Science Joy L. Sachs B.A. Journalism Paul F. Sachs B.A. Sociology Cynthia J. Sadzlkowski B.A Special Education Suzanne L. Sanders B A. Psychology JohnM Roska B.S. Zoology James H. Ross B.A. Political Science Vivian Ross B.A. History Kathenne L. Rosselot B.S. Physical Education Howard S. Rossman B A. Political Science Daniel Avery Rothwell B.S. Chemistry SENIORS 245 James C. Sandison BSE Naval Architecture Marine Engineering James G. Sandier B.A. Political Science Richard Sanger BM Music Judy Sarasohn B.A. Anthropology Joseph C. Sarnecki B.S. Geology Charles J. Sautter B.A. Political Science Thomas K. Savory B.S. Zoology Maud B. Schaafsman B.A. pre-Law Elizabeth M Schaefer B.A History English Terry Schafer B.S.F. Forestry Mark A. Schalte B.S.E. Mechanical Engineering Karl E Schank B.S.E. Science Engineering Carolyn Ann Scherer B.S. Chemistry Karl W Schettenhelm B.A. History Sandra Ann Schiffer B.S. Medical Technology Kathryn A. Schlecte B.A. Anthropology Debra Schloss B.A. Elementary Education Lynda R. Schmedlen B.A. Political Science Widdicombe S. Schmidt B.A. Social Studies Janet E. Schmiege B.S.N. Nursing Dan A. Schnaar B.S. Zoology Christine F. Schneider B.S. Physical Education Susan C Schneider B.A. Psychology Lynn E. Schneidewind B.A. Special Education Valerie B. Scho B.A. History Ashley G. Schoenberg B.A. English Joanne M. Schoenheide B.A. Elementary Education Douglas R. Schrank B.S. Zoology Nancy J. Schrank B.S. Fisheries Susan C. Schreiber B.S. Biology Fred G Schriever. Jr. B.S.E. Industrial Engineering Lee W. Schrock B.S.E. Nuclear Engineering Claudia Schuette B.A. Mathematics 246 SENIORS Linda D. Schuetz B.A. English John Schultz B.S. Electrical Engineering Sharon H. Schumer B.A. History (T.C.) Ronald C. Schurin B.A. Political Science Charmaine M. Schwab B A. English (T.C.) Dennis R. Schwartz BSE. Aerospace Engineering Michael H. Schwartz B.S.E. Nuclear Engineering Jill M. Schwartzberg B.A. Psychology Deborah J.Scott B.S.N. Nursing Mary B. Scott B.A. English Thomas B. Scott B.A. English (T.C.) Richard L. Seabolt B.Q.S. pre-Law Robert M. Seeger B.S.E. Naval Architecture Catherine A. Sekora B.A. Psychology English Richard M. Selik B.Q.S. General Studies Peg L. Sell B.A. Elementary Education Joseph S. Sepos B.A. English Bonnie S. Serman B.A. English (T.C.) Sharon A. Setter B.S.E. Aerospace Engineering Anne Seybold B.S.N. Nursing Iris Faye Shannon B.S. Speech Pathology Audiology Marc S.Shapiro B.A. Economics Marilyn S. Shapiro B.A. French Susan P. Shapiro B.A. Sociology John F. Sharemet B.A. Psychology Robert B. Sharemet B.A. English Beverly S. Sharp B.S.N. Nursing David A. Sharp B.S E. Civil Engineering B.S. Geology Julie A. Sharpe B.A. Economics Dudley A. Shaw B.S.E. Chemical Engineering Patrick A. Shaul B.S. Mathematics Laurie B. Shcolnek B.A. Speech Pathology Audiology i SENIORS 247 Michael J. Shea B.A. Zoology Nancy E. Shelden B.A. pre-professional Social Work Jenny S. Shen B.S.E. Electrical Engineering Michael D. Sher B.A. History Brian D. Sheridan B.A. Political Science Carol A. Sherman B.A. Sociology Don L. Shettel B.S. Geology David H. Showalter B.S. Fisheries Richard Shpritzer B.A. Economics Jacqueline A. Shuler B.S.N. Nursing Dana Howard Shultz B.S. Computer Communications Science Steven J. Shuster B.A. Statistics Werner Siebert B.A. Political Science Barbara G Siemon B.A. History (T.C.) Felipe R Silva B.S E. Aerospace Engine David W. Silver B.A. Political Science iring Eileen K. Silverman B.A. English James A. Silverman B.A. Mathematics Elaine I. Silver mantz B.A. Social Work Barbara L. Simon B.A. History (T.C.) Sara R.Simons B.A. Indian Studies Nancy A. Sipes B.A. French (T.C.) James M. Skiba B.A. English (T.C.) Walter J. Skotynsky B.S.E. Mechanical Engineering Quentin R. Skrabec B.S.E. Materials Engineering Wanda Morgan Skratek B.S. Dental Hygiene Brian D. Slack B.S. Physical Education Geography Karl Slatner B.A. Economics G. Craig Slayter B.S.E. Industrial Engineering Debora Ann Slee B.A. English (T C ) Judith A. Slingerland B.S. Dental Hygiene Kyra A. Slivlnsky B.A. English 248 SENIORS Ann E. Sloan B.A. Psychology Carol J. Slutsky B.A. Elementary Education Daniel G. Smedley B.S. Physics Carolyn J. Smith B.S. Biology Christine D. Smith B.A. History (T.C.) Fulton Smith B.S.E. Electrical Engineering Karen Smith B.A. Elementary Education Kendra C. Smith B.A. Mathematics Linda L. Smith B.S. Conservation Madeline M. Smith B.A. Elementary Education Marcy A. Smith B.S. Special Education Paula F. Smith B.A Elementary Education Marilyn J. Smulsky B.S.N. Nursing Stanley M. Smyka B.S. Zoology Cornelia A. Snyder B.S. Computer Communication Science Bonnie A. Soffin B.A. Speech Pathology Diane K. Sommerfield B.S.N. Nursing Richard D. Sonn B.A. History Alan E. Sonnanstine B.S. Astronomy Physics Mary M. Southwick B.A. History of Art English Patricia N. Soulliere B.A. French Robert L Spangler B.A. English Irving G. Sparage B.S. Psychology Gay F. Spiegel B.A. Secondary Education Daniel R. Spike B.A. Sociology Nancy J. Spilker B.A. Mathematics Sandra D. Sprowl B.A. Mathematics Edward W. Stafford B.S. Zoology Carol A. Stair B.A. Sociology Jonathan D. Stamell B.A. Far Eastern Studies Phillip G. Smith B.A. Latin Philosophy Ralph R. Smith B.A. Economics Susan P. Smith B.S. Elementary Education SENIORS 249 250 SENIORS Alan Major Stamm B.S. Zoology Bruce Stanton B.A. Political Science Susan R. Stapleton B.S. German Cecily B. St. Clair B.A. Secondary Education Janice L. Steen B.A. Special Education Janet L. Stefango B.A. Mathematics Walter R. Steffy B.A. History David F. Stein B.A. English Arlene J. Steinberg B.A. Mathematics (T.C.) John M. Steinberg B.A. History Roberta G Steinberg B.A. Psychology Steve P. Steinberg B.A. Philosophy Barbara S. Steiner B.A. History Joseph F. Steiner B.S. Zoology Sherry L. Steinman B.S. Special Education Judith A. Stenson B.A. Literature Residential College Brian L. Stepek B.S. Mathematics Cynthia D. Stephens B.A. Political Science Herbert G. Stephens B.S.E. Naval Architecture Marine Engineering Ruth J. Sterner B.S. Dental Hygiene Barbara L. Stewart B.A. Elementary Education Carla C. Stewart B.A. Special Education Judy K. Stewart B.A. English Carlee I. Stewner B.S. Earth Science Angelika Stiller B.A. Secondary Education Ruth A. Stock B.A. Elementary Education (T.C.) Pamela J. Stone B.A. History of Art Lawrence W. Strelow B.S. Botany Kenneth E. Strong B.S. Pro-professional F. Wallace Strong B.A. Economics James H. Stroop B.A.D. Architecture Design John F. Strough B.A. History i SENIORS 251 5 I a i Jack W. Strunk B.S.E. Industrial Engineering Martha A. Stubbins BM Music Norman J Styczynski B.S.E. Mechanical Engineering Sara B. Sun B.A. English Sherry Y. Sutler B.A. English Pamela J. Swedberg B.A. Spanish (T.C.) James D. Sweeney B.S.E Electrical Engineering Richard R. Swor B.B.A. Business Administration Linda M. Syptak B.A. English Spanish Sandra S. Szabo B.S.N. Nursing Gary F. Szalwinski B S. Secondary Education Arlene Tack B.A. Elementary Education Diane R. Taliaferro B.A. Speech Pathology Linda D. Tardy B.A. Geography Suzanne M. Taroli B.A. English Renee S Taylor B.A. Psychology (T.C.) Donald A. Teeple B.A. Political Science Dennis P. Teeter B.S.E. Mechanical Engineering Thea Teich B.A. Cellular Biology 4 Zoology Franklin D. Tell B.A. Economics Katharine M. Templeton B.S.N. Nursing Christopher A. Teras B.A. Philosophy William R. Thauer B. Arch. Architecture Katherine K. Thayer B.S. Physical Therapy Madelon K Thebolt B.A. English Mary Alice Theiler B.A. Political Science Nancy D. Theodoroff B.B.A. Business Administration Larry N. Thibos B.S.E. Electrical Engineering Peter B. Thies B.S. Geology 4 Earth Science (T.C.) David R. Thoits B.B.A. Business Administration Elizabeth Tholen B.A. French Barbara S. Thomas B.A English 252 SENIORS Marcia L. Thomas B.A. Speech Mark A. Thomas B.M. Choral Music Education Deborah J Tierney B A. Psychology Karen L. Timmons B.S. Elementary Education Douglas M. Tisdale B A. Psychology Charles G. Todoroff B.S Zoology Terry R. Toll B.A History Robert S. Tones, Jr. B A Political Science Stephen D.Tom B.A. Economics Lillian Tong B A Psychology Michael W. Touma B.S.E. Naval Architecture Patricia M. Touma B S.N. Nursing Joann Towner B.A. Psychology English Anita L. Townsend B.S Physical Therapy Lauren R. Tremper B.S. Geology Karin B. Trendelenburg B.A. Philosophy German Norman R. Trepeck B.B A Business Administration Thomas L. Treppa B.G.S. Political Science Thomas E. Tynan B.B. A. Business Administration Deborah A. Uetz B.A. Political Science Donn A. Ulmer B.S.E. Electrical Engineering Abid H. Umar B.S.E. Aerospace Engineering Karen J.Upton B.M. Choral Education Richard A. Urbin B.A. English TonyT. Vadinp B.S. Biology Neal B. Vance B.S.E. Electrical Engineering Mary W. VanDike B.A. Economics Christine D. Van Hoek B.A. Elementary Education William T. Van Looy B.S. Celluar Biology Ruth M. Van Zyl B A English Linda R. Varone B.S.N. Nursing Jan Varsa B.S. Dental Hygiene Rebecca B. Vashak B.A. History (T.C.) Sue Vedder B.A.German Julie V eneklase B.S. Education David D. Verdier B.A. Political Science Patricia C. Trierweiler B.S. pre-professional Studies Kristine L. Trowell B.S Design Neal L. Trubowitz B.A. Anthropology Linda G Tucker B.S.N. Nursing David W. Tull B.B. A. Business Administration Gilda R. Turitz B.A Spanish Russian SENIORS 253 I ' I J i Marjorie S. Warnock B A. Psychology Nancy L. Warren B.A. Elementary Education Douglas R Wasama B Arch. Architecture Michael A Washington B A Political Science Sue M Wasvary B.A. Social Studies Geography Fred B Watson B A Social Work Barbara J. Vickery B.S N Nursing Jerry W. Vink B.S E Engineering Mechanics Michael R Violanti B.A. Psychology Virginia N. Vlietstra B S Physical Therapy William H. Vogel B.S Psychology (T.C.) Kimber H Von Blohn B.S.E. Naval Architecture Richard J Waggoner BSE Mechanical Engineering Howard J Wagner B.A. Economics Karen Wagner B.A.English Chris Waisanen B.A. Psychology Comparative Literature Paul E. Walk B.A Political Science (T.C.) Cynthia M. Walker B A. Social Studies (T.C.) Judith A. Walker B.A. Russian Studies Jan H Wallace B.A. Secondary Education Roger K Walther BSE Civil Engineering Susan J. Ward B A. Political Science Cynthia A Ware B A Psychology James D Wares B.A. Psychology John C. Webb B S. Chemistry Linda J Weber B A Elementary Education Linda J Weberman B.S Mathematics Ted E. Webster B.S.E. Civil Engineering Thomas H Webster BS. Zoology Neal R Weinberg B A Psychology Nancy A. Weiner B.A Special Education Steven M. Weintrob B A. Psychology Stuart A. Weisberger B S E Science Engineering Constance M Weisenthal B.S Medical Technology Cynthia L. Weiss B.A. English Jeffrey H. Weiss B A Psychology Kenneth S Weiss B.S Zoology Michael J Weisz B.A. Political Science Frederick A. Welch B.S.E. Science Engineering Terry R. Welf B.S E Industrial Engineering John S Wendt B A Psychology Anita L Wetterstroem B.A. Political Science 254 SENIORS Walter K. Wexel B.S. Chemistry Zoology Andrew A. White B.A. Political Science Richard A. White B.B.A. Business Administration Marc G. Whitefield B.A. History Kit Wicke B.S Dental Hygiene Darrell L. Wickman B.S.E. Industrial Engineering Cheryl R. Wieg B.A. English Dana L Wiggins B.A. English (T.C.) Social Work Wendy D. Wilhelmsen B.A. French Frank A. Wilk B.S. Nutritional Science Janice M. Williams B.S.N. Nursing Robert C. Williams B.A. Anthropology Sandra K. Willis B.A. English Sociology (T.C.) Beth A. Wilson B.A English Dorothy C. Wilson BS Chemistry William M. Winkes B.A. History Peter S. Winston B A Mathematics Shelley A. Winters B.A. History Gary R. Wirth B.A. Economics Nancy A. Wirth B.A. Elementary Education Karen Witthotf B.A. Psychology Gerald B. Witty B.S. Honors Mathematics Paula K. Wohlfeil B.S.N. Nursing Gail R. Wolfson B.A. Elementary Education Marc W. Wolfson B.S. Oceanography Craig A. Wolson B.A. Political Science Kwok Sheung Wong B. Arch. Architecture Anne E. Wood B.A. Anthropology Gloria G.Woodard B.A. Psychology William H. Woodruff B.S. Speech Therapy pre-Dentistry Debbie Woolary B.S.N. Nursing Simon P. Worden B.S. Physics Astronomy Dorothy M. Woster B.M. Piano Bernard J. Wright B.S.E. Civil Engineering SENIORS 255 Geoffrey C. Wright B.S.E. Nuclear Engineering James E Wright B.A. pre-Dentistry Sociology Vivian J. Wright B S.N Nursing Wanda L Wright B.S. Physical Therapy Cathy A. Wunderlich B.S. Psychology of Speech Hearing Science Carol A Yager B.S.E. Chemical Engineering Deborah A. Yaw B.A Special Education Mark L. Yecies B A Political Science Robert J Yellan B.A. Psychology David F. Yentz B.S. Zoology Paul A. Yhouse B.B.A. Business Administration Deborah L Young B.A. Psychology Deena Laurel Young B.A Education Linda G. Young B.A Psychology Mary E Young B.M. Music Penelope A Young B A. English John C. Zarrer B.A English James H. Zarafonetis B.S. pre-Medical Diane M. Zarr B.S.N Nursing Margaret J. Zavela B A Mathematics Robert Zeiger B.A. Economics David B. Zeiset B.F.A. Sculpture Painting Diana L. Zeiset B.A. Elementary Education Nancy D. Zeldner B.S Special Education David M. Zenz B.A. Secondary Education Keith D. Zick B.A. Political Science Larry Zietz B.A. Psychology Marilyn A. Zimmer B.A. Political Science 4 Speech Eric H. Zimmerman B.F.A. Art Caroline L. Zisette B.A Anthropology Latin American Studies Deborah J Zurcher B.A. French Douglas R. Zusman B.S. pre-professional Daniel J Zwerdling B.A History Sandra Franke B A English (Secondary Education) 256 257 258 HONORARIES MICHIGAMUA (Not Pictured) Peter Newell Dan Dierdorf Dan Fife Mike Rafferty Don Moorhead Jim Sandier Philip Goy Paul Gamsby Dick Rydze Bill Mahony Geoff Holczer Dale Gonyea Jerry Noddy Bill Harris Steve Morrison Henry Hill SPHINX Karl Bagnell Jim Brandstatter Butch Carpenter Punch Cartier Tom Darden Phil Dombrowski Glenn Doughty Bruce Elliott Bernard Gagnon Frank Gusich Jim Hagan John Hanilton Tom Huiskens Dick Kaziny Mike Keller Mark King Byron MacDonald Reg McKenzie Ken Marshall Dan Mulvihill Al Mumby Guy Murdock Ken " Nemo " Nemerovski Mike Oldham Joey Ross John Scherbarth Brian Skinner Mike Snow Jim Storey Buck Straub Bill Taylor SCROLL Alison Cooke Chris Dabrowski Jennifer Gibbs Glen Hahn Carolyn Koppy Barb Kress Alice Landon Ellen Leschen Eva Bea Meyer Sharon Mills Patricia Nicholas Barb Nienhuis Joey Porcelli Judy Sarasohn Elaine Silvermintz Sandy Sprawl Janet Stefango Barbara Vickery Anne Wood Brian Tom I Row I: Joey Porcelli, Judy Sarasohn. Row II: Sandy Sprawl, Ja- net Stefango, Barb Nienhuis. Row III: Elaine Silvermintz, Carolyn Koppy, Barbara Vickery, Chris Dabrowski Ho I:! HONORARIES 259 Brian Murphy, Fred Mathaei, Bill Canning, Jeff Grill, Doug McLaury, John Rosha, Andy Bateman, Ed Moore, Jerry LeFebre, Tom Merra, Merle Falk, Bill Lyle DRUIDS Ed Moore John Roska Tim Cech Bill Canning Bill Bush Brian Murphy Andy Bateman Jim Burton Jeff Grill Bill Lyle Fred Mathaei Doug McLaury Greg Zahn Bob Zahn Tom Marra Merle Falk Jerry LeFebre MORTAR BOARD Sara Sun Deanna Datsko Jane DeVries Joan Kazda Kathy Kiehl Connie Molloy Pris Lindsay Barb Abramoff Donna Coleman Sue Fishbein Ann Gabriel Carol Rivchun Debbie Gersell Linda Golden Shirley Goldsmith Marsha (Hetherington) Hall Jeanne Kassekert Stephanie Lachman Louise Myers Joan Oleck Gayle Rubin Ann Stueve Terry Toll Gloria Woodard Row I: Sara Sun, Stephanie Lachman, Barb Abramoff. Row II: Kathy Kiehl, Ann Gabriel, Shirley Goldsmith, Debby Gersell, Terry Toll, Donna Coleman, Jane DeVries, Carol Rivchun 260 UAC in Jim Sandier, President Homecoming . UAC 261 Sha- Na-Na 262 UAC Musket UAC 263 Michigras Phil Goy 264 STUDENT GOVERNMENT COUNCIL Marty Scott, President STUDENT GOVERNMENT COUNCIL 265 k Jerry De Grieck 266 MICHIGAN DAILY Nadine Cohodas, Jim Neubacher MICHIGAN DAILY 267 Marty Hirschman, Editor ft Judy Sarasohn, Larry Lempert, Lynn Weiner 268 MICHIGAN DAILY J Sports Staff MICHIGAN DAILY 269 i B H Chili SUMMER DESCRIPTIONS b J fWM Of v , Business Staff 270 TENANTS UNION APAR 4T " OR RENT GENERATION 271 272 MICHIGANENSIAN Brian Murphy, Mel Miller, Joey Porcelli (Editor), Bruce Kaplan, Katrina Schuur MICHIGANENSIAN 273 Joey Porcelli, Patty Major 274 MICHIGANENSIAN Grace Pinta Randy Edmonds MICHIGANENSIAN 275 Sue Malloure, Deidre O ' Donoghue, Dave Thoits Lauren Bayleran, Bruce Kaplan, Sue Sklar 276 MICHIGANENSIAN Patty Major Penney Fleming . ' Deidre O ' Donoghue, Leslie Spiegal, Grace Pinta, Kim Kuhlman, Sharon Reppenhagen, Joey Porcelli. MICHIGANENSIAN 277 Gare Gustafson I :; Kathy Waronek, Joey Porcelli 278 ALUMNI ALUMNI PATRONS Dottie D. Day Miss Betty E. Yonkers Alfred Touma, M.D. E. C. Schacht(1918) J. L. Pintek(Lit. ' 41) Thomas V. Gorey Jr. (1 949) H. Earl Hoover (191 2) CONGRATULATIONS, GRADUATING MICHIGAN SENIORS. Now that you have finished your undergraduate education at Michigan, you are cordially invited to join the University of Michigan Alumni Association. Membership in one of the 150 active Alumni clubs around the world entitles you to receive The Mich- igan Alumnus magazine with its up-to-date informa- tion on your classmates and the events in Ann Ar- bor. You will be invited to attend the Alumni Association ' s family camp, Camp Michigania, on Walloon Lake near Petosky, Michigan. You will also be eligible to travel with other Michigan grads all over the globe. Membership fees are $1 0.00 a year. Mail your check to the Michigan Alumni Association, Michigan Union, Ann Arbor, Michigan 48104. API The The The PHC 52,! 271T RSW 51B, 92,! 143, Johr 62T, 128 Larn 1371 Conr Tom BillG Tom Terr) Dem ART Katri Grao Gare Gwer PHOTO CREDITS 279 AP PICTURES The Flint Journal: 186, 187, 189, 190, 191, 193, 195, 198, 202. The Grand Rapids Press: 181, 182, 184, 185, 193, 196, 197. The Ann Arbor News: 179, 183, 186, 189, 191, 192, 199, 200, 205, 206. PHOTOGRAPHERS Randy Edmonds: 2B, 6, 8, 10, 13B, 16, 19-24, 32, 34T, 39, 44, 52, 53, 55T, 56, 57B, 58B, 59, 61, 62B, 66T, 67, 75, 88, 90, 91, 98, 99, 107-109, 112, 114, 115T, 118, 119, 122, 123, 129R, 130L-137B, 142, 150, 154-157, 162-171, 176, 177, 200, 201, 208, 218, 238, 249, 256, 257, 258, 259, 261 T, 262T, 263-269, 271T-277. RSW: 2T, 2B, 3, 4, 5, 1ST, 15, 17, 25, 28, 29, 33, 35, 38B, 47, 50, 51 B, 55B, 57T, 60, 63, 64, 68, 69, 71 B, 74, 806, 81, 82T, 86, 87, 92, 93, 95, 100-103, 115B, 124T, 125L, 126-128B, 129, 141, 143, 151, 152B, 166, 167, 260, 261 B, 262B. John Broder: 8, 12, 14, 31, 34B, 36, 37T, 37B, 42, 43, 45, 48, 49, 62T, 66B, 70, 83-85, 97, 106, 1 10, 111, 116, 117, 120-124B, 125R, 140, 145, 158, 159, 180. Larry Erickson: 9, 38T, 41, 71 T, 72T, 73, 79, SOT, 82B, 104, 105, 137T, 144, 145T, 148, 149, 152T, 153, 161T, 271 B, 272. Conrad and Luca: 18, 40, 58T, 130R, 160, 161B, 178. Tom Gottlieb: 7, 51 T, 84, 85, 128T. Bill Botkins: 46, 138, 139. Tom Sheard: 76, 77, 96, 97. Terry McCarthy: 172, 173. Denny Gainer: 146, 147 ART WORK Katrina Schuur: Cover Design, Dividers, 94, 273 Grace Azole: 89, 229 Gare Gustafson: 30 Gwen Wiedershine: 206. Randy Edmonds 280 1971 MICHIGANENSIAN STAFF Editor-in-Chief Managing Editor Business Manager Copy Editor Design Editor Photo Editor Personnel Director Publicity Director Sales Manager Associate Sales Academics Editor Associate Academics Arts Editor Associate Arts Campus Life Editor Associate Campus Life Organizations Editor Associate Organizations Senior Section Editor Sports Co-Editor Sports Co-Editor Joey Porcelli Bruce Kaplan Brian Murphy Patty Major Katrina Schuur Randy Edmonds Mel Miller Penney Fleming Jan King Bob Handley Grace Pinta SueSklar Lauren Bayleran Sue Fisher Sharon Reppenhagen Nancy Raines Kathy Waronek Leslie Spiegel Kim Kuhlmann Deidre O ' Donoghue Dave Thoits TRAINEES Gare Gustafson Sue Keller Sue Malloure Peg Greiner Karen Frierdich Sally Stitt Gary Verlinde Bev Butch Pat Kramer Andy Kraus Dana Wiggins Larry Cohen The 1971 Michiganensian would like to thank the following for their help and co-operation this year: William J. Keller Inc.; John Renaud, Stevens Studios; John Taylor, Shelby-Craftco Corporation; Richard H. Emmons, Robert G. Forman, Michigan Alumni Association; Dave Nicolette, The Grand Rapids Press; Barry Edmonds, The Flint Journal; Maurice Rinkel, Carl Diener, Mary Rafferty, and Arch Gamm.

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University of Michigan - Michiganensian Yearbook (Ann Arbor, MI) online yearbook collection, 1974 Edition, Page 1


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