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University of Michigan Ann Arbor, Michigan 968 MICHIGANENSIAN Volume 72 ' " _..�. __....., " When we start at the center of ourselves, we discover something worthwhile extending toward the periphery of the circle. We find again some of the joy in the now, some of the peace in the her, some of the love in me and thee . e . " Anne Morrow Lindbergh 5 INN••■11111= 11111■111111111•1101■. " Just couldn ' t take it any longer. " " Yeh, it blows my mind. " " Afterall, me can only take so much. " " And we ' ve had it. " " So? " " Let ' s cut the booking for tonight. " " And groove . " 9 " Them is only one man in the wmid and his name is Ail Men. There is only one woman in the world and her name is AIR Women. " Carl Sandberg 4111‘ us a At - Vali tic=1. 1016 Za =IS =11111 =.11111 --.-.II. ••••13. =XL —1:14 1M. .. - _IL .. ..., - V I ' a ONCERTS 14111•■•■ X ASCII lit, 17 ' llow can you get them to mow the kwH after they ' ve smelled the grass? " 21 22 _ _ " Hear my words that I g h teach you, " Take my arms that fi might reach you, " But my words like silent raindrops fell and echoed in the wells of silence. " Simon cold Garfunkel 24 476. French impressionism. Prequisite: Hist. of Art 102 or permission of instructor. 0. (3) Isaacson. A study of impressionist painting in France in the second half of the 19th century with emphasis upon its sources in midcentury realism and land- scape painting as well as upon the character of its mature expression. Attention will be given to HIC relationship t© contemporary criticism and to con- current and succeeding art movements. Major painters discussed will be Monet, Monet, Renoir, Degas, Pissarro, and Sisley. 27 " r ti 30 31 32 33 34 35 President Robben Fleming, Mrs. Harlan Hatcher, President Harlan Hatcher Hatcher, President of the Uktiversiiy, September, 1951 December, 1967 36 " Our task within the University community is to proceed with patience, compassion, humor, and a sense of history. But it is also to stand firm on those principles without which a university forfeits its claim to distinction. The price of our failure will be loss of control over our own affairs. " Robben W. Fleming Commencement, Michigan State University December, 1967 academics 37 Rackham 38 academics 39 40 academics 41 ur5k1g academics 43 44 academics 45 Engineering " Two plus two equals three—for sufficiently small values of two. " academics 47 48 ■ 1111111•1111••••••111••••••■ 111•••••••1111•••••1111•••1 • 11111••••••••••••111111• ■ 111111•1111••••••••••••■ Business AdrAnistration academics 49 11116616,41 I II. Architecture and Design academics 51 52 s c academics 53 Education academics 55 " You look tired. " " Yeah, I am. nut I really studied for this bluebook. " " That ' s good. I don ' t know if I ' m prepared enough. It sure is going to be a tough one. " " Well, I pulled a righter last night. " " Gee, that ' s tremendous. " " Well, that ' s true. I ' ve spent a lot of time on this course. How about you? " " I ' ve been spending five hours a night for the last two weeks re- viewing and memorizing. And then, all yesterday morning and afternoon too. " " Oh. " " Well, good luck. You ' ll do OK. " " Yeah, ok, I guess. " 56 Literature, Science and Arts I A academics 57 academics 59 id 60 P N ■.. ■ University Symphony Orchestra 64 Men ' s Glee Club arts 65 " Sometimes, l redly wonder if I should loin the marching ha d. " " Why, what ' s your problem? " " Now, truthfully, cm CA Friday night before CA football game, during mid-terms, how would you like to spend the evening? " " Not on the football veld practicing a marching routine. " " Exactly. " " And then, Saturday in front of thousands of people, making SUM HAW you keep in step and hit the right notes too--that ' s SUM o lot to ask from anyone. " “Faum.,9 " You sit right on the field and hove to bead everyone in the Victory Song. " " True. " " Besides, you hove to be really good to get On. They don ' t take lust anyone. " " Well ... " " After all, U-M marching band is known as the hest. " " Yes, but I ... " " I see your point. It takes real dedication and talent. " " Gosh, l think that I could . . " " Listen, I ' ve got to be going. Then it ' s settled. NO see you at the 66 field for tryouts tomorrow. " " Yes. " Choral Union; " Messiah " arts 67 68 Soph Show, 1967; " Once Upon A Mattress " " Boy, that bed was tall. Twenty kirlOittresses. " " Seveniteen. " " What? " " There were °My seventeen mattresses. I counted them. " " Oh. I was too busy woriy- ing about her falling off. " " She didn ' t. " Gilbert and Sullivan; " The Mikado " arts 69 MUSKET, " Sweet Charity " 70 arts 71 Van Cliburn, Eugene Ormandy; May Festival 1967 Dmitri Rostropovich, May Festival 1967 arts 73 University Musical Society; National Ballet Company 74 Erich Leinsdorf; Boston Symphony Jean Martinon; Chicago Symphony Leonard Bernstein; New York Philharmonic arts 77 78 University Musical Society; Nathan Milstein, violinist arts 79 Creative Arts Festival; " Doctor Faustus " by Peter Arnott puppets 80 Creative Arts Festival; Miriam Makeba (above), guitarist Peter Griffith (opposite) Irving Howe, Writer-in-Residence arts 83 University Players ' production of " King John " 84 Student Lab Theater Children ' s Theatre production of " Cinderella " " Boy, those kids out in the audience sure are vicious. " " Yeah, they really believe this stuff. " " I sure am glad I don ' t play one of the wicked stepsisters. Those kids would kill me! " " How? They ' re only kids. " " I know, but there are four hundred of thood " arts 87 University Players ' production of " The Ghost Sonata " 86 WEEK The GOON guild INURS.. FRI., SEPT. 28-2 AT TO0 AAA (1:051M1 POI MOT kOs itioKAWA 56 Subtitioi Skt-SUN. 30-OCT, I AT ' Wpm MD pm IAN No IS m fr PAWL 14131 Bch %Mit Ns %Pt i 0 Ninolt iltftry fl lni wort( of Maroc itos. 88 Andy Warhol ' s " Exploding Plastic Inevitable " arts 89 Jean Piaget, " Voices of Civiliza- tion " i 1 Shoji Hamada, " Voices of Civiliza- tion " , Sesquicentennial Edwin 0. Reischauer, " Voices of Civilization " arts 91 0,90F0,145 owtdrAtir NI J I UM Barry Goldwater, Controversy ' 67 Mark Lane, Controversy ' 67 92 Bishop James A. Pike, Controversy ' 67 arts 93 Kelsey Museum 94 University Natural History Museum arts 95 96 arts 97 APA: Helen Hayes, " The Show Off " APA: Eugene lonesco ' s " Exit The King " 98 APA: Ellis Rabb, " Pantagleize " arts 99 " The Fantasticks " " V sure hope my parents don ' t see this play. " " Yeah, me too. " " But, really, V guess we ' re not as had as those kids. " " Actually, we ' re pretty angelic On comparison. " " And, after all, they ' re still teeny-hoppersr PTP Play-of-the-Month: " The Impossible Years " 100 " The Roar of the Greasepaint, The Smell of the Crowd " arts 101 " Vfhat time is it? ' ' " -ki " Monday nionaing or night? " " Tuesday morning. " " Oh, already? Give me another hem, would ya? " 103 104 .‘ " Fritz Crisler, retiring Athletic Director " Who ' s going to be the new Athletic Director? " " l don ' t know, but it really doesn ' t matter. " " Why? " " There ' ll 41ever be another Fritz. " sports 107 Dick Vidmer 108 Dave Porter, Tom Goss, Dennis Morgan MICHIGAN OPPONENTS 10 Duke 7 9 California 10 sports 109 Tom Stincic MICHIGAN OPPONENT 20 Navy 26 0 Michigan State 34 20 Indiana 27 Jim Mandich 110 Ron Johnson " Did you know that Johnson set an all-tanio rushing record against Navy? " " That ' s great, but we lost the game. " " Well, Brown set an un-time Big Ten total yardage record against Indicma. " " That ' s great, hut we lost flint game too. " sports 111 Ron Johnson blocking for Dennis Brown Jim Berline, John Gabler and Pete Mair 1 112 Dennis Morgan, Dick Williamson and Phil Seymour sports 113 Coach Bump Elliot and Rocky Rosema 114 MICHIGAN OPPONENTS 27 Wisconsin 14 14 Ohio State 24 15 Minnesota 20 7 Northwestern 3 21 Illinois 14 George Hoey Jim Berline Ray Phillips sports 115 Dennis Stewart Rudy Tomjanovich MICHIGAN OPPONENTS 79 .. Kentucky 96 104 .. Detroit 99 72 .. Duke 93 70 .. Davidson 91 80 .. Oregon State 61 91 .. Arizona State 92 93 .. Butler 76 84 .. N. Illinois 77 65 .. Houston 91 75 .. Wisconsin 77 81 .. Michigan State 86 70 .. Ohio State 103 Opposite: Jim Pitts ALt ' - ' ,. 116 �: Ken Maxey Opposite: Dennis Stewart ref! C(HII refit ([1n ihO VOW ' Bob Sullivan Sid Jensen 120 Charles Froeming Dave Jacobs, World Champion 1967 Wayne Miller, World Champion 1966 sports 121 111 Fred Brown 122 Far left, Bob Kircher and Ken Wiebeck Juan Bello sports 123 sports 125 _ Fred Stehman Pete Cornell Opposite: Dave Porter, 1966 NCAA Champion Lou Hudson Tom Kearney and John Reynolds Michigan, 1967 Opponents 80 .. Illinois 71 93 .. Chicago Track Club 61 University of Miami 41 2nd place Big Ten Meets Gary Knickerbocker, 6th in N.C.A.A. 128 Ron Kutschinski 0 Jack Harvey, Big Ten Champion sports 129 Michigan 1967 Opponents Michigan 1967 Opponents 7 s1 7 Chapman College 5 2 4 10 Ohio State Santa Clara 0 5 1 Ohio State 6 Chapman College 8 Detroit 0 2 Arizona 21 2 Northwestern 0 3 Alburquerque 2 4 Northwestern 2 0 Arizona 2, 0 Wisconsin 4 5 Arizona 6 1 5 Wisconsin 2 8 Arizona 12 7 1 Western Michigan 8 7 Cochise College 2 Notre Dome 6 7 Arizona 0 4 Western 0 tern Michigan 2 5 Arizona 3 8 Bowling Green 3 Iowa 6 9 0 Eastern Michigan 1 3 3 Central Michigan 5 11 Detroit Central Michigan 5 3 Detroit 1 Central Michigan 7 6 Notre Dame 3 5 3 Michigan State 4 8 5 Indiana 2 6 5 Michigan State 4 6 Minnesota 2 Indiana Minnesota 4 sports 131 Dick Dell, runner up Big Ten first singles " Couch Murphy-- you look upset. What ' s the matter? " " Big Ten tennis results are in. " " How ' d the team do? " " Second " " Say, that ' s go d. Whas the mutter with second place? " " We won the lust three years. " ifOh.99 132 Ed Waits, champion Big Ten fifth singles MICHIGAN OPPONENT 2 Miami 7 3 Miami 6 8 Wisconsin 1 6 Northwestern 3 9 Minnesota 0 9 Iowa 0 6 Notre Dame 3 8 Indiana 1 9 Ohio State 0 4 Michigan State 5 9 Purdue 0 9 Illinois 0 Second in Big Ten Brian Marcus, champion Big Ten second singles sports 133 • .,,,.; ..„,. Chip Groves Coach Bert Katzenmeyer, Captain John Schroener 134 Elmo Morales, M Club president sports 135 136 r. M hltramuraOs 138 sports 139 " Want to go play basket- ball? " " Yeah, but there aren ' t enough COUlliSo " low about paddleball? " " Yeah, but ter aren ' t enough courts. " " How about tennis? " " Yeah, but the only hCAN.- decent courts cost too much. " " How about ootball? " " Yedhp but u the street? " " Wen, how about swf-ifo- Ediug? " " Yeah, but the oo n the pooB fell in. " " How about drinlcing? " aiSCAC.19 140 sports 141 1111111111=111111T- " See that great looking girl over there? " " Yeah. Why don ' t you ask her to dance? " " See that huge guy in the M iacket standing next tO her? " " Sure. " " That ' s why. " 143 145 146 148 " It ' s homecoming-- a great weekend. " " Are we going to the parade? " " No. " " How Ethout the Mud Bowl? " " Sorry, 11 0 Hero. rye got to study. " " To the concert? " " Want to ... no tickets left. " " Then why did you ask me out? " " It ' s Homecoming. Aren ' t you excited? " 154 155 156 " Well, I ' m going out with her Saturday night " " The girl from dinner tonight? " " That ' s the one. " " Big deal. " " Well, I haven ' t noticed you getting a date. " " Give me time. Give me time. " " If you have so much thine why don ' t you dean up this place? " " It ' s not aoessy enough yet. " " When will that be? " " At least not till you keep quiet about it. " " OK. Forget R. Let ' s try, to study. " You know, companionship is really a great thing. " " Sure, tell me about it. And COMMUnd living is a soy. " " 158 162 163 " Welcome! Welcome to my home. " " What a beautiful house you have. " " " honk-you. And where owe you f [mull? " " Walters, Oklahoma. " " Oh. Well, what me you studying? " " Yugoslavian history. " " That ' s interesting. Would you like a cigarette? " " I don ' t smoke. " " Oh. Then how about a mint? " 164 1 65 166 r. ,o E�SS -- .. 169 YOU GET A BETTER WASH YOUR FAVORITE AIDS 170 ; AlMEL Roger Rapoport, editor IVOchigan Dally Michael Heffer, city editor 172 Neil Bruss, night editor William Krauss, business manager organizations 173 Clark Norton, sports editor Neil Shister, magazine editor 174 Meredith Eiker, managing editor Robert Klivans, editorial director organizations 175 Kitty Rittschof, personnel director Sue Schultz, managing editor Joanne Martindale, editor; Kathy Kutsche, as- sociate supplement manager 176 Dan Reitman, business manager aiganensian Bob Albertson, design editor; Chris Meyers, copy editor organizations 177 Generation Murray Ehrinpreis, business manager Randy Rosenblatt, associate editor 1 David Appel, editor 178 Garg oyle Standing in the middle, from left to right: Robert Rinzler, business man- ager, Dick Plotkin, associate editor, Rick Bohn, editor organizations 179 Board on Contro of Student Puoeatilons Professor Luke Cooperrider, chairman Professor John Field Maurice Rinkel, Secretary 180 S bailher5 Werner Mattson, office manager; Mary Rafferty organizations 181 M ichigan ec anic Curt Crysler, editor; Rick Wittkopp, productions staff; Morris Moriuchi, productions manager 182 Wally Rhines, president Engineering Counci Sue Ocobock, secretary organization 183 Ruth Baumann, executive vice president Bruce Kahn, president Student Government Cound Marty Lieberman Lewis Paper, administrative vice president 184 Sam Sherman, treasurer organization 185 Steve Brown, president Don Racheter, executive vice-president 186 Fred Feinsod, social chairman Inter-House Assembly Nancy McKeller, Palmer House representative 187 Bruce Getzan, IX, president Bill Sage, XcP, executive vice-president rilterfraternky Cound Tom Morton, Xcti, rush chairman 188 enk Cound Linda Sloan, PIO vice-president Ginny Mochel, president ne an organizations 189 U nwersRy Activities Center Walt Heiser, co-ordinating vice-president Don Tucker, president 190 Roz Braeman, executive vice-president Dean Cummins, administrative vice-president organizations 191 Carol Spenceley, publications Tom Lovell, travel-international 192 1 1 Bob Neff, research advisory Berinthia Rosenberg, personnel organizations 193 Jack O ' Hara, general co-chairman Homecoming 967 VM-der Weekend. 11968 Ann Haake, general co-chairman 194 Howard Weinblatt and Bonnie Yujuico general co-chairmen Bob Sparks, general chairmen Labor Day Weekend it 967 Steve Eklund, assistant chairman organizations 195 Rick Friedman, Kathy Forsythe, general co-chairmen Sop Silow Lucy Rapp, secretary 196 Leslie Wayne, tickets Mark Peterman, general chairman Kate Siegel, assistant general chairman Howard Travis, co-director Mark- Rosenberg, treasurer Nancy Davidson, president; Judy Oppenheim, vice-president; Kathy MacDonald, secretary Miss Marie Hartwig, Advisor; Sue Cole, Emily Dawson, Carolyn Kilkka 198 Claudia Zuck and Linda Short Emily Dawson WormenC5 nk_?.tic As5odation organizations 199 Richard Ayers Acimiiistrative Advisory Committees Richard Cutler, Vice President for Student Affairs John Bishop 200 A[ mold err Sockty and Ange organizations 201 onormies " Paleface, what you be-uno? " " Me be-um damn humbleD " " Paleface, where you go-um? " " Me go-uin seven flights up and seven flights downD " " Paleface, what you do-um next year? " " Me fight-urn like hell for Michigan and Michigamual " Michigamua Fred Brown Dean Cummins Joe Dayton Bruce Getzan Walt Heiser Rick Hunt Harold Kaplan Bill Krauss Bill Lord Lee Marttila Alex McDonald Bob McFarland Wayne Miller Clark Norton Ray Phillips Dave Porter Bill Sage Ernie Sharpe Don Tucker Ron Ullyot Richard Vidmer Ken Wiebeck Howard Weinblatt 202 Druids Jim Berline Stan Broadnax Ken Coffin Vic Conant Jaime Dennis Tom Goss Dave Graff Frank Groves Wayne Hansen Harold Herman Derrick Humphries Jim Lumsden Steve Kessler Jeff Messner Elmo Morales Doug Nel son Scott Paris Dan Reitman John Salassa John Schroeder Scott Spear Bob Thomas Bill Waterman Dick Yanz Sphinx Buzz Barclay Randy Binnie Neil Bruss Pete Cornell Larry Deitch Dick Dell Bud Forsythe Bruce Friedman Doug Galbraith Jeff Hensen Dave Jacobs Ron Johnson Tom Kearney Gary Knickerbocker Michael Koeneke Howard Kohn Jon Kramer Ken Krauss Ken Maxey Dave McClellan Dan McCreath Bob Neff Mike O ' Connor John Preston Dav e Renkiewicz John Robertson Bob Rorke Mark Rosenberg Mike Sasick Warren Sipp organizations 203 Vulcans John Albrecht John Bair Jeff Bowden Craig Clarke Curt Crysler Hugh Downer Stu Edwards Harold Kaplan Jim Martin Rick Miller Richard Moore Morris Moriuchi Dick Ramsdell Wally Rhines John Richart Joe Schipley Tom Williams Alan Winkley 204 Mortar Board Judy Altman Mary Benjamin Roz Braeman Barbara Jane Cohen Cheryl Dembe Judy Greenberg Louise Hartung Kitty Rittschof Martha Medlar Chris Meyers Susan Meyers Sue Ness Rayna Rapp Susan Redlich Ann Richmond Adria Schwartz Marianne Tipmore Shirley Van Antwerp Mary Weil Triangles Tom Arusoo Jim Bogenrief Al Brook Gene DeFouw Pat Fulford Tony Gazzarato Tom Holmes Jim Hosier Steve Jaros Chris Jorgenson Ron Kutschinski Don Leopold Rick Lodwick Tom Lovell Jay Mahler Clarence Martin Jay Meaden Tom Morton Ken Purdy Richard Waxweiler William Woods ornanizations 205 Senior Society Ruth Baumann Roberta Berger Gay Blanchard Sue Elan Gable able Carol Kassab Giovanna r Erica Keeps Longo Ann Martindale Julie Lovinge Joanne McFarland Marlotte Vpiiargealapage Suaero Price Carol Laura Stevenson Scroll Margaret Asman Susan Amy Cohn Nancy Diamond Plessie Drake Hansher JNRauansnteictybipiaEa Ida Jeter Sue Ladewig Sue VirginiaLindarl nor Polly Stagg Pat Terry burg an Young Bonnie z neneyWuyiiuttiecnno 206 Wyvern Opal Bailey Lee Mary Danielson Susan Demirsky Beth Downs Ann Haake Lynn Hansher Jan Hartka Amalia Joanou Chrystie King Martha Koenig Leslie Mahler Claire Martineau Sherry Meyer Fran O ' Dell Jennifer Rhea Berinthia Rosenberg Bess Runyon Sue Schultz Circle Ellen Bitner Merle Jacob Valerie Jahier Susan Krieger Marian Kurata Carol Pintek Toni Reisman Gloria Schoettle Beverly Sherman Susan Trowbridge Jeanne Withers Christina Zuk Naomi Zwecker VV C B N " My God, we made it! " " I can ' t quite believe it ' s all over. " " Yep. At last we ' re out of this place. " " Four years just slipped by. I used to think college would be my whole life, but now ... " " Now, we ' re free to do what we want. No more straining lectures to go to, no more exhausting crammings for exams with problems we never heard of before. " " But no more Friday TG ' s or quick trips to the Bell to get in shape for the hourly the next day. " " Well, we ' ll never have to spend another spring day in the UGLI, or wait in tiring lines in registration or at the language lab, or roam the stacks of the General Library for books that aren ' t there. " " I guess then we can forget late coffee dates and those damned involved talks with the kid down the hall. " " Oh yeah, the one that ' s a dove. " " While I ' m a hawk. " " He pushed free love. " " I ' m a conservative... " " He read Ginsberg and Avantgarde . " " And supported the legalization of marijuana . . . " " Boy did that interfere with our sleep. " " And with our minds ... " " Well, anyway, we ' re done and we don ' t have to worry about those crazy people here ... pseudo hippies, didactic professors, protesting radicals and marriage-minded girls. " " Don ' t we ... ? " " But it ' ll be different. " " Different? " " Well, the people—they ' ll be ... " " Still insecure, cynical, apathetic ... exciting, dynamic, intense ... " " But we can forget ... " " Can we? " " But out there, the people will be " " Still the most important thing in the world. " I. Don Morelli 2. Al Kesterke 3. Roger Mikulas 4. Paul Thoen 5. Ken Davis 6. Dick Wilmoth 7. Ron Scherer 8. Denny McLain 9. Chuck Huber 10. Rick Brodoski 11. Dave Taylor NOT PICTURED: Jack Butcher Terry Darling Tom Redder Greg Schulz Don Sweeney greeks 209 Mph a Chu Omega 210 1. Elaine Zaleski 2. Marilyn Rubach 3. Meryl Salvette 4. Barb Boyse 5. Lou Lambert 6. Judy Lasage 7. Mary Jean Dombrowski 8. Cheryl Wilton 9. Jill McElroy 10. Cathy Brown H. Ellen Larkin 12. Sally Thomas 13. Mary Low 14. Jeannie Pierson 15. Mary Anne Vanderwerp 16. Sue Hansen 17. Sue Barber 18. Brenda Ebersole 19. Trink Beckert 20. Phyllis Trimby 21. Pat Pettes 22. Kay Harting 23. Holly Pendergrast 24. Carole Coleman 25. Ann Anagnost 26. Nancy Callan 27. Mary Lou Houston 28. Marcia Palmer 29. Pam Thraen 30. Debbie Dalenberg 31. Martha Nichol 32. Wendy Bickes 33. Louise Miller 34. Ba rb Moore 35. Jane Parrish 36. Mimi Bales 37. Susie Johnson 38. Nancy Huttenlocher 39. Jan McConnell Carolyn Berger 40. Judi Johnson Heidi Bernhardt 41. Karen Cousino Bonnie Black 42. Barb Asman Pat Boyland 43. Julie Romine Barbara Bryant 44. Judy Eames Patte Cahalan 45. Carolyn Lehman Barbara Clelland 46. Val Cavin Peggy Crawford 47. Carolyn Russell Loretta Dipboye 48. Liz Lazar Sandy Driggen 49. Pat Parmenter Sue Drouillard 50. Peg Bickes Janet Ellstrom 51. Kathy Wilson Sandy Griffin 52. Marilyn Cheney Jane Hotneier 53. Birnie Pree Linda Langstaff NOT PICTURED: Sue Lapine Jann Angell Kathy Lenard Marilyn Barone Barb Mayer Patti Beach Marilyn Meyers Marsha Nowosad Elise Phebus Kathy Pilon Barb Pusack Lucille Rhine Dottie Ruggles Margie Rupert Marg Sato Marsha Stegath Diane Sypitkowski Eloise Sewell Carol Thompson Judy Tunkl Betty White Eileen Yavorcik Diane Yost Sue Yoder greeks 211 1. James Chapin 2. Henry Idema 3. Paul Koss 4. Hal Benham 5. Doug Halve 6. Bruce Michael 7. Bob Ritter 8. Rick Beirwaltes 9. Dick Ashmun 10. Bart Johnston 11. Bob Skinner 12. Rick Fischer 13. Terry Mattison 14. John Runyan 15. Don Wayne 16. Bob Mallen 17. Dave Wright 18. Gene Denk 19. Tom Richards 20. Tom Zick 21. Ron Kapnick 22. Dick Stark 23. Nick Lekas 24. Kirk Olson 25. Frank Karthe ser 26. Clark Stevens 27. Bill Ellis 28. Tom Kalleward 29. Jim Schoolmaster 30. Dan Brodeur 31. Jeff Morrow 32. Jack Kleene 33. Alpha D. Phi NOT PICTURED: Mehmet Altun Tim Bays Paul Burstadt Mark Christiansen Jack Cronenwett Tom Doyle Geoff Drake Chuck Dwan Al Groom Bill Grosset Joe Hills John Jirrine Pete Korinis Steve Lester Jim Lumsden Sandy Moore Jerry Newman Al Peterson Mike Praught John Preston Jim Robinson Ernie Sherer Mark Wolcott 212 Alp Delta lei greeks 213 1. Karen Hansen 16. Anne Roller 31. Susie Fellows 46. Linda Jardack 61. Betsy Hansen 2. Kitty Rittschof 17. Cindy Pretzer 32. Janice Kemp 47. Linda Berry 62. Mary Anne Halligan 3. Penny Haugner 18. Janet Bondy 33. Nancy Raab 48. Mimi Riggle 63. Susan Beaudway 4. Sharon Stuart 19. Jeanne Forsthoffer 34. Jan Hartka 49. Sally Glaesner 64. Peggy Higgins 5. Leslie DeVille 20. Jaquie Cochran 35. Gail Johnson 50. Lee Jenkins 65. Joyce Kohlenberg 6. Mary Bielawski 21. Jackie Delaney 36. Jane Raubinger 51. Betsy Anderson 66. Melissa King 7. Joanne Thompson 22. Mary Ryan 37. Jean Scott 52. Roberta Straley 67. Mino Duffy 8. Mikki Caparelli 23. Pat Felton 38. Nancy Patton 53. Karen Purucker 68. Judy Doetze 9. Katie Bellairs 24. Sue Wenger 39. Sally Phinisey 54. JoAnn Gillon 69. Mary Beth Clark 10. Debbie Rogers 25. Dianne Wittenberg 40. Suzanne Chase 55. Marilyn Link 70. Karen Neilson 11. Sue Cole 26. Lorend Fitzpatrick 41. Marilyn Wierman 56. Diane Maskeny 71. Kathy Boardman 12. Carol Scheenke 27. Judy Johnson 42. Marcia Tomaszewski 57. Carol Spencer 13. Janet Bly 28. Rica Hyde 43. Sue Brownson 58. Theresa Hakim 14. Patty Rajala 29. Barb Cejka 44. Barb Brown 59. Mary Riker 15. Karen Rundles 30. Sandy Traback 45. Jeannine Powders 60. Debbie Paulen 214 Ili A Deka po greeks 215 Alpha Eril on Phi 2 16 I. Debbie Greenson 2. Annabelle Dolgin 3. Jan Dubow 4. Ann Lehman 5. Barbara Jane Cohen 6. Amy Cohen 7. Jane Smith 8. Layne Zimmerman 9. Betty Gittleman 10. Carol Lipsitt 11. Sue Shiffman 12. Jane Roth 13. Laurie Stark 14. Julie Solomon 15. Bonnie Gollub 16. Barb Rosenberg 17. Joyce Portnoy 18. Andrea Nadich 19. Mary Benjamen 20. Barb Hirschfelder 21. Lori Weston 22. Amy Mandel 23. Myra Singer 24. Amy Fine Nancy Lawrence 2 Barbara Harrison 27. Jean Wohl 2 Connie Zucker 29. Marlene Klein 30. Lynn Simon 1. Sandy Stone 32. Ellie Berson Barb Glancz 4 Nancy Warren 35. Kathy Krauss 36. Jean Einstein 7. Nancy Lauder 3 Sherry Risner 39. Laurie Roberts 40. Berinthia Rosenberg Marty Puklin 4 Carol Kadushin 43. Connie Diamond greeks 217 ill „la, rort r „A 0 r, f ' ' ' ' r A 46 41 ikAl r ( rs -:Mr ' affAilik A1phi Epalon 21B 1. Earl Kaplan 2. Ed Schmidt 3. Dave Shane 4. Richard Firestone 5. Joel Rubenstein 6. Ken Szymanski 7. Jacob David 8. Dave Ostrowski 9. Rupert Barkoff 12. Mark Harris 13. Joel Markowitz 14. Les Pittle 15. Stephen Smiles 16. Mark Jacobi 17. Aron Levko 18. Steve Berger 19. Pete Cobb 20. Lew Becker 23. Paul Talarico 24. Jay Kaplan 25. Art Chodoroff 26. Mark Halpert 27. Mark Singer 28. Elliot Glass 29. Jack Abelson 30. Mike Steckles 31. Chuck Vanocur 34. Robert Stark 35. Jim Heiser 37. Richard Sonn 7. Lloyd Schulman Sam Gutterman 9 Steve Froman 40. Richard Siegel 41. Don Cohen 2. Sam Offen 42. 45. Ken Kammer 46. Mike Carpenter 47. Phil Schatz 48. Steve Wechsler 49. Mike Wengroff 50. Jeffrey Hibshman 51. Warren Baum 52. Bob Salzberg 53. Dave Goldfarb 10. Lew Green ley 21. Scott Dichter 32. Don Schon 43. Dave Schwartz 54. Bob Kirby 11. Michael Leibson 22. Mike Goldberg 33. Dave Jaffe 44. Steve Shedlofsky 55. Les Goldstein greeks 219 1. Gege Mattison 2. Judy Jessc 3. Beth Scheddel 4. Debby Silva 5. Kris Danielson 6. Peggy Sawin 7. Ellen Shenefield 8. Sandy Johnson 9. Donna Jacobs 10. Linda Mackert 11. Marty Mosher 12. Leslie Anderson 13. Sharon Cappo 14. Sue Lewis 15. Joyce Rock 16. Sue Hall 17. Miriam Dorsey 18. Sue Sanford 19. Jana Coleman 20. Resha Miller 21. Jane Durham 22. Peg Selby 23. Kathy Indoe 24. Sandy Bayer 25. Mary Einfeldt 26. Jan Sasamoto 27. Barb Lowrie 28. Linda Huyghe 29. Ann Gabriel 30. Sara Sun 31. Sue Benschop 32. Clarice Wocholski 33. Darcey McGraw 34. Carol Gels 35. Jeanne Mares 36. Trudy Moss 37. Jean Ludwig 38. Marilyn Hunter 39. Linda Houston 40. Kathy Mooney 41. Sandy Crossette 42. Ann Finlayson 43. Francie Hartman 44. Ann Katzenmeyer 45. Val Brown 46. Ann Rutledge 47. Judy Ancypa 48. Joanne Hovnan 49. Marnie Culligan 50. Lynne Steyer 51. Karen Jensen 52. Connie Sprauer 53. Linda Smith 54. Andrea Brostrom 55. Linda Stevens 56. Pat Soulliere 57. Judy Jackson 58. Connie Foley 59. Ida Jeter 60. Mary Wood 61. Sherry Hannon 62. Val Thacker 63. Sue Riley 64. Cheri Burns 65. Margie Wallace 66. Nancy Beatty 67. Barb McCarthy 68. Nancy Rosenfield 69. Ann Snyder 70. Mrs. Leora Brighton NOT PICTURED: Katy Beebe Penny Brigham Donna Cherin Liz Curme Donna Curry Bonnie Fisher Marlene Gronda Anne Haake Sue Haake Dee Kincaid Marta Kalback Debbie Klomparens Karen Lungerhausen Marty McCune Pam Mears Gail Mejeur Georgia Morgan Melissa Scooros Kathy Templeton 220 ha GmTarim Delta greeks 221 octivoir • u , a luso sad affil NO w itios , ON AM MI 2 NOW MN Miaow simit a OM s:k;111.11 elsalinallieilsolata• WM 1111111W 011111111111 1WININSMONIMMISOM Sal anissOIMBAINIVIII01111111011•111Marl 081111111111111111411MMII■10111111111•11111.11 WIMMIMINIMME111111111111111AMPIMMIIIIMC. 11111111111111•0111111,1111111111011111111111 11111111111111111111111111111111.11118111111W=137 sinVIr_1111_,jtall111111111O1111INIM, . IIIIIMON ' " --- 1 111111111MI : :7:: ' i -._:-.L---7n.:1_1.....— ' , ,_:r7.....,,-, Li V e ., A , f___,_,i,. i-ii:TJ---.1 _r_i_3—._„____„—__r_L-7- " 1-1,...„--7---,, -1:1-T51 .-y.L; , . ,,t, ' ,,,---HT‘i_? " . fir- -, i ■ i 7 1..— 1 t I. " - 1 - 1 ; k L.,_.:_.1_____.1 ' AL.....,,L7_,J ) ,4. i j ----j;____H-J___:_j____ : --, -...J........_A i 7 ---,-,,.,—.17_1 ___L.:T___J....t..i....-1_ l t 11_ !.., ' ......7-m.-:--v- 4 MMMMMf, ,-..J-1 _,, .„1__.., 7.4. ∎ t , AA WA 4 " ANON 1. Frank Greenberg 9. Terry Cochran 17. Roy Burgess NOT PICTURED: 2. Pete Haas 10. Fred Humburg 18. Bob Scherba Steve Ehrenkreutz 3. Doug Smith 11. John Willis 19. Paul Montgomery Ernie Hershey 4. Phil Rogers 12. Bob Acker 20. Jim Leys Mike Macksey 5. Joe Jones 13. Chris Smith 21. " Big Ugly " Dungan Eric Nixon 6. Ken Webb 14. Al Kovacs 22. Bill Neuser Gene Toler 7. Ricky Daehler 15. Tom Ewing 23. Les Spengler 8. Charlie Webb 16. John Hopkins 222 a Mpha Kappa II am od greeks 223 Alpha Oink ' on 224 1. Cheryl Flight 2. Kathy McAdaragh 3. Donna Reif 4. Pat Johnston 5. Karyn Nicholson 6. Susie Schoen 7. Nanci Perkowska 8. Jan Sutyak 9. Kay Kindy 10. Linda Fitzjohn 11. Nancy Elder 12. Kathie Brand 13. Diane Hassig 14. Diana Kunkel 15. Jan Harris 16. Ann Peterman 17. Judy Murray 18. Julie Avenson 19. Carol Schmoekel 20. Jeannette Bassinger 21. Linda Simon 22. Billie Warson 23. Bev Wilson 24. Kathy Lavelle 25. Faye Hershberger 26. Sally Rasmussen 27. Mary Vocke 28. Bev Huntsman 29. Mary Weller 30. Cookie Connell 31. Mrs. Potter 32. Sue Ripson 33. Mary Kay Hamilton NOT PICTURED: Maggie Bassett Karen Benning Gail Campbell Fran Bladt Lurie Cook Julie Cox Cheryl Dominy Betty Federoff Judy Gustafson Carol Sue Ivory Kathy Kapolka Linda Kell Karen Kline Judy Lacina Susie Lamb Alice Landon Sue Leitch Joanne Long Judy Longpre Paula Maczewski Pat Nicholas Rosemary Noel Andrea Odle Sandy Oliver Betsy Pense Terry Pleason Lynn Ramay Cindy Richards Dorja Smith Leslie Swatman Mary Teahan Gracemary Young Barb Zawacki greeks 225 3 A pill a Ph 226 1. Madeline Caughey 2. Joanne Miller 3. Eileen Keskeny 4. Diane Murphy 5. Cindy Merry 6. Pat Reagen 7. Marilyn Pfeiffer 8. Erica Swanson 9. Rhoda Clugston 10. Chris Lange 11. Ann Noecker 13. Ann Holmgren 14. Susan Brackett 15. Janelle Severy 16. Ellen Jones 17. Shartel Brown 18. Sally Seiler 19. Lynne Cook 20. Chris Meyers 21. Patsy Boynton 22. Ann Palmer 23. Nancy Sinkowski 25. Kris Linder 26. Mary Jo Tatlor 27.. Johana Beltz 28. Jeanne Groenevelt 29. Debbie Dawson 30. Kris Hutton 31. Sheri Lagalo 32. Mary Vaughn 33. Chris Smith 34. Jean Spencer 35. Linda Colombo 37. Sue Lane 38. Colleen McLean 39. Blanche Gemrose 40. Margret Asman 41. Linda Weiss 42. Mary Logan 43. Judy Monahan 44. Linda Pontious 45. Judy Wade 46. Ellen Wall 47. Suzanne Toroli 49. Cindy Klutsenbeker 50. Peggy Koch 51. Donna Mills 52. Linda Zummach 53. Chris Guthrie 54. Ellen Reer 55. Kathy Van Streain 56. Andrea Voros 57. Judy Norris 58. Joey Porcelli 59. Martha Wagner 12. Laura Frost 24. Paula Speier 36. Sue Heathfield 48. Susan Mieler greeks 227 1. Leo Bonaparte 2. Dwight Roberson 3. Arthur Greene 4. Marvin Brown 5. Elliott Maddox 6. William Dale 7. Ronald Clark 8. Solomon Espie 9. Theodore Jobe 10. Calvin Roberts 11. Walter Lewis 12. Steven Reynolds 13. David Robinson 14. Michael Edwards 15. Grady Benford 16. Henry Braddock 17. Michael Washington 18. George Hoey 19. Albert Hogan 20. Gregory Harden 21. William Dixon 22. Warren Sipp 23. Don Rice 24. Willie Edwards 25. Larry Smith 26. Carl Rayford 27. Samuel Jones 28. Martin Washington 29. Stanley Broadnax 30. Billy Buck 31. N. Maurice Cherot 32. Terry Banks 33. William Collins 34. Robert Shannon NOT PICTURED: Dwight Alexander Reginald Anthony Inman Breaux Charles Edwards Harold Fillyaw John Harper Ronald Johnson Fletcher Jones Robert Liggins Edward Lynch Larry Mann Timothy Miller Alvin Riddle Harold Scott Robert Sheppard 228 I. Cecelia Hunt 2. Charlene Richardson 3. Brenda Jones 4. Sharyn Pilgrim 5. Minnie Smith 6. G. Roberta Walden 7. Irene McKinney 8. Alexis Jefferson 9. Veronice Holt 10. Constance Pope 11. Vivian Yates 12. Kathy Hoard 13. Carol Peaks 14. Bennetta Moore 15. Stephanie Coleman 16. Eloise Cain 17. Linda Van Buren 18. La Vonia Knox 19. Opal Bailey 20. Debra McIntosh 21. Sandra Davison 22. Susan Palmer 23. Paulette Duncan 24. Lynnette Nappier 25. Patricia Terrell 26. Claudette Brooks 27. Rachel Washington 28. Myra Downs 29. Freda Hudson NOT PICTURED: Paula Chester Deiadra Crider Diane Clemons Adrienne Davis Rita Donoho Ivey Leftwich Susan Reed Claudia Tate Charlita Williams Allpha Kappa Mpha greeks 229 I. Dickson Brown 14. Dan Miller 27. Jim Martin 39. Bill Silvis Stan Goldblatt 2. Bill Fitch 15. Jim Linton 28. Rich Dinges 40. Allen Sonnanstine Mark Goodman 3. John Sanborn 16. Dennis Groysdale 29. Dale Manty 41. Ted Jastrzembski Bernie Heade 4. Gil Goodman 17. Rick Emery 30. Jerry West 42. Bruce Poznak John Heuer 5. Matt Bombery 18. Mark Hopson 31. Frank Seavitte 43. Don Danyko Bud Koch 6. Russ Reinhardt 19. Terry Christenson 32. Don Kaufman 44. Terry Johnson Skip Kruse 7. Jim Brandt 20. Randy Mackie 33. Tom Muck 45. " John Thomas " Tom Markus 8. Steve Gnewkowski 21. Doug Powell 34. Curtis Lundeen NOT PICTURED: Dick Miller 9. John Baker 22. Jeff Stearns 35. Pete Blond Tom Architetto Scott Simon 10. Kent Mudie 23. Steve Eklund 36. Tom Frayer Dick Cope John Varnum I I. Joe Costick 24. Kimball Woodrow 37. Carl Ostrowski John Emley Joe Vecchio 12. Greg 011inger 25. Scott Lovelace 38. Todge Setla Dave Fayram Doug Wesley 13. Roger Jensen 26. Bob Cope 230 A ph Soma Phil g reeks 231 Alpha Tau Omega 1. Lou Hudson 2. Bruce Strosser 3. Steve Smith 4. Pat Quinlan 5. Jon Hefflefinger 6. Roscoe Johnson 7. Paul Rosen 8. Alan Hardesty 9. Tom Fleszar 10. Phil Mathews 11. Doug Walker 12. Russell Nuffer 13. David Horn 14. Charles Cady 15. Peter Lentz 16. Theodore Ray 17. John Kozerski 18. Robert France 19. Tom Van Baskirk 20. Dana Conedera 21. George Mager 22. Chuck Garabrant 23. Roger Steiner 24. James Mitchell 25. Peter Shumar 26. Robert Lotz 27. Andrew Balch 28. Tom Renshaw 29. Robert Bauman 30. John Robinson 31. James Berluchi 32. James Daverman 33. Oliver Gibson 34. William Krauss 35. George Covalle 36. Robert Weed 37. Thomas Pleune 38. James Stoetzer 39. Steve Ladd 40. Chas. Thompkins 41. Joe Calcaterra 42. Graham Downer 43. Douglas Taylor 44. John Judge 45. James Crosby 46. Christopher Wolfe 47. Thomas Gifford 48. Ernie Weinstein 49. John Cotner 50. Greg Murphy 51. Greg Still 52. Keith Pietila greeks 233 Alpha Xi Delia 234 I. Cathy Schallhorn 2. Karen Reider 3. Cheryl Kline 4. Winnie Hamilton 5. Catherine Walker 6. Gretchen Strandhager 7. Peggy Smothers 8. Carole Thompson 9. Linda Dewey 10. Barb Wilson 12. Linda Shaffer 13. Karen Wagner 14. Beth Downs 15. Ki White 16. Joan Price 17. Elida Giles 18. Sue Hopkins 19. Kathleen Dickson 20. Sally Gillette 21. Camille Serre 23. Judy Johnson 24. Kathie Davis 25. Shirley Hawkins 26. Patsy Kiebach 27. Sharon Olsen 28. Mary Ott 29. Chrystie King 30. Judie Bair 31. Janet Hart 32. Dana McCurdy 34. Sue Ward 35. Ruth Williamson 36. Karen Wallis 37. Beth Linscheid 38. Heidi Stocker 39. Judie Nutting 40. Vija Danilaus 41. Nancy Myers 42. Kathy Kalls 43. Sue Branner 11. Mary Anne Erickson 22. Martie Goetman 33. Pat French greeks 235 1. Mike Hankwitz 2. Jon Walker 3. Dave Clemons 4. Scott Bradley 5. Doug Baribeau 6. Arnie Segal 7. Mark Davidson 8. John Hellner 9. Jim Mandich 10. Dave Crowley 11. Jim Davidson 12. Terry Schmidt 13. Dick Williamson 14. Dave Minnick 15. Tom Wittwer 16. Herm Meilinger 17. Lew Calver 18. Jon Kramer 19. Greg Gorga 20. Ben Dover 21. Hal Weichman 22. Tom Tollefson 23. John Prusiecki 24. Roger Starkweather 25. Breck Owens 26. Larry Cressman 27. John Sharum 28. Dave Zimmer 29. Jack Kelley 30. Bill Canning 31. Geoff Zahn 32. Bruce Hoffman 33. Dave Denzin 34. Barry Pierson 35. John Skudlarick 36. Rick Waxweiler 37. Ken Creason 38. Tom McCaffrey NOT PICTURED: Greg Anderson Jack Beam Dave Black Steve Briggs Dennis Brown Bob Cady Steve Carlson Vince Combs Bill Cordes John Cotsirilos Pete Damm Joe Dayton Doug Dok Jim Duffy Dave Fisher Dennis Fitzgerald Doug Galbraith Barney Harris John Heyns Ed Howard George Huntzicker Jerry Imsland Ken Jacques Doug Jeffrey Jim Kalisz John Keto Steve Klotz Chuck Kopec Tom Kraeger Bruce Laing Doug Laing Mark Larsen Ralph Lipford John Locke John McAllister Dave McClellan Tom McCraken Rick McCurdy Todd McMillen Wayne Miller Ed Moore Denny Moothart Tim Nicksic Stu Pettitt Mike Rafferty John Reynolds Rich Rice Dick Richards Don Roble Rocky Rosema Dave Rudyk Terry Schmidt Phil Stevens Richard Swiss John Thomas Tim Thomas Neal Touran Charles Von Reis Mike Wills Brad Wingard Walt Winnicki Beta Meta Pi greeks 237 1. Kathy MacDonald 22. Lynn Heyboer 43. Barbara Allen 2. Judy Altman 23. Alicia Ryden 44. Barbara DeCamp 3. Sue Ness 24. Mary Pease 45. Susan Murany 4. Jana Skinner 25. Ginny Dilts 46. Carolyn Tuttle 5. Sue Hewer 26. Sue Martin 47. Susan Hill 6. Ann Filson 27. Penny Faber 48. Mary McNickols 7. Ursula Koch 28. Cindy Burcroff 49. Margie Keliar 8. Carol Sesson 29. Gretchen Hughes 50. Anne Potter 9. Edie Nelson 30. Kris Deibert 51. Nancy Fogoros 10. Sherry Gallagher 31. Barb Hills 52. Carol Schaupner 11. Nancy Zanolli 32. Janet Calland 53. Mrs. Marie Eager 12. Sharon Brossy 33. Kathy Talbot 54. Karen Stoy 13. Cheryl Witt 34. Judy Stanley 55. Elizabeth Gardner 14. Fran Werner 35. Katie Webb 56. Mary Jo Roberts 15. Anne Biasell 36. Nancy Kitchen 57. Lynn Culver 16. Nancy Nikkinen 37. Barb Boase 58. Judy Henry 17. Joan Kerredge 38. Beverly Bencks 59. Kathy Anderson 18. Jill Hotchkiss 39. Lynda Howard NOT PICTURED: 19. Laurel Ingre 40. Pat Hoganson Sue Betz 20. Olga Bogdanov 41. Sandra Lapham Karen Bishop 238 21. Paula Hutchins 42. Jackie Montgomery Chris Collins Kim Corsiglia Lee Danielson Wendy Kress Penny Dazy Linda LaChapelle Linda Derewanko Pam Meisenhelder Donna Drumm Chris Parks Lynn Erikson Kathy Quinn Lynn Faber Bess Runyon Barb Ford Kathy Schleck Tina Franzen Janet Schmaltz Bette Fuller Sue Schwartz Kathy Gallager Lori Shingleton Jackie Gilbert Janet Stafford Barb Hatchard Janet Stefango Mary Hath Sue Talley Nancy Heinz Pam Vallett Marsha Hetherington Shirley Van Antwerp Sue Hill Barb Van Looy Kay Hosier Pat Van Overmeer Jocel Janas Barb Vlk Laurie Keetch Sue Waisenen Jane Kindig Mary Wagner Fran Korbelac Betty Walter greeks 239 Chi Phi 1. Jeff Buchanan 2. Jim Embree 3. Tom Burpee 4. Brian O ' Hara 5. Nick Hulchiy 6. Don Faloon 7. Jim Stachulski 8. Steve Shiels 9. Dick Northway 10. Dave Bergstrom 11. Glenn Thompson 12. Don Karl 13. Chuck White 14. Rob Schrock 15. Bill McConnell 16. Randy Bruckner 17. Bob Ponte 18. Dr. Charles Smith 19. Ron Jones 20. Frank Miller 21. Mark Connard 22. Mike Wholey 23. Steve Blair 24. Bob Kreps 25. Dean Bell 26. Wes Schulz 27. Jeb Burbott 28. Ken Nisbet 29. Ivan Miller 30. John Pink 31. Mike Hamburg 32. Jim Couch 33. Jim Culker 34. Brian McCullough 35. Dave Cotter 36. Robert Deresz greeks 241 1 242 1. Michael Schuette 13. Richard Winegarden 25. Thomas Barrett 37. Ronald Harris 2. Steven Gasper 14. James Brandt 26. Alan Johnson 38. Steven Stanley 3. Lawrence Parrott 15. Paul Godsman 27. Dean Fledstrom NOT PICTURED: 4. Patrick Fulford 16. Kevin Fossee 28. Earl Cassidy Steven Eldredge 5. Douglas Peoples 17. Paul Giardina 29. James Danforth III David Farabee 6. John McNair 18. E. A. Haley 30. George Burgess Gordon Willett 7. Hugh Riddleberger III 19. Kenneth Purdy 31. Bruce Westover John Hicks 8. John Montgomery 20. Craig Dykstra 32. Michael Hightield Robert Rorke 9. Richard Burns 21. Richard Weber 33. Larry Nelson Douglas Martin 10. Bruce Grimes 22. Jon Holt 34. Thomas Smith Michael Stuffier I I. Gregory Giles 23. Gerald Yax 35. Thomas McKee 12. William Stothfang 24. Frederick Westover 36. William Klumpp g reeks 243 I. Betty Wagner 2. Ann Fuchs 3. Amy Glasser 4. Susan Ross 5. Peg Watson 6. Jane Davis 7. Becky Havill 8. Ann Nemetz 9. Carol Bashara 10. Betty Krause 12. Kay Heideman 13. Marzy Winder 14. Judy Conrad 15. Marsha Kaiser 16. Kathy Viger 17. Jan Smith 18. Sue Young 19. Libby Sarvis 20. Mary Runkel 21. Nancy Budzynski 22. Betsy Goergen 23. Linda Moeller 24. Francie Cuthbert 25. Carol Stair 26. Luanna Kepelka 27. Susie Coleman 28. Mrs. Rhoads 29. Nancy Stewart 30. Sallie Watling 31. Martha Moore 32. Andrea Sankar 33. Emmy Janssen 34. Melinda Churches 35. Francie Thurber 36. Sally Duff 37. Ann Reitz 38. Ellen Winegarden 244 Collegiate Sorosis greeks 245 1. Greg Broad 2. Don Lecky 3. Jim Kirkwood 4. Jerry Newport 5. Linn Peterson 6. Bill Mashinter 7. John Hasse 8. Sheldon Wolberg 9. Charles Esler 10. Paul Wary as 11. John Brown 12. Steve Peebles 13. Keith Little 14. Doug Shelton 15. Bruce Martin 16. Paul Fassbender 17. Alex Kalymon 18. Lyman Flook 19. Mike Simon 20. Bob Todd 21. Frank Morrey NOT PICTURED: Dale Djorklund Stan Dobry Ken Field Phil Holt Mike Novak Dave Pawlick 246 g reeks 247 Delta Delta Delta 8. . Anne -Kueleyni andnbrtnrnydtabeel aeOaklandi Rowa,oeutulai eeezmn st maos nne r s 3. Linda Kr 4. Joan Griffith S. Barb Joseph ' 24 9 .1 e v CsyluaNreekhl 6. SsuhseireryAS 9. Jan znealckh Betsy n Miller CindyAJJMau neyr egywRBeasleyKellyHathawayI. Lindhout " Fran Hotchkiss 18. ilinsideysSmith Icaubkeeddet Sandy WhFj Cindy Katie Doerr eY ge Phar 32220465.... Sharal Carolyn Kilkka Hoek Kris Olson 37. Chris yn 27. Chris Maureen Young xSoweitzer 28. Is oung Cindy 32. Don 31. 44. Elaine Vicki °err WDtialalilinses Liantdhay Fo Carol Baker oekirymengt Dehmlow 433098.: Kris Chris Cedar Jane Cook 43. Sue Barof Mary an 42. I Ruby Kmsrrtiae Barb Gwen Elliott wen Flick Jane Fox Y house e yBOPoet Meyers Jeanie Hilbler Sandy r eyePhillipeil a k y Sue LawrenceJon Julie awrence uates ySaud M i k Linda Morrisr 0 heiug hm s _hi p ees a n Sh Mary Scott Lynn Thompson Cindy la Pr° st • Nan Sarbermond Marcia Lin da Youmans s Lynn Stipe Smith Meredith Sue erk,• n Williams D otti Jane w Wilson Krisan e vH, aoncaliffon_sHatdsetroras Nelson g reeks 249 ta Gamma De 250 1. Carol Warner 2. Kathy Jens 3. Jane Fulton 4. Gwen Wilner 5. Kathy Horsfall 6. Kathy Dewey 7. Peg Lubbers 8. Pat Lillie 9. Nancy Shannon 10. Guna Spacs 11. Marion Evashevski 12. Nancy Krupp 13. Debbie Taber 14. Joan Moir 15. Chris O ' Connell 16. Diane Levenson 17. Jane Hodge 18. Janet Hey ' 19. Minn McCombs 20. Margaret Idema 21. Janice Townsend 22. Ellen Auwers 23. Martha Mack 24. Mrs. Grace Kehl 25. Debbie Roth 26. Robyn Ranney 27. Lucy Bennett 28. Leslie Heustis 29. Marilyn Compans 30. Judy Zander 31. Diane Harvey 32. Betsy Bowles 33. Barbara Bane 34. Pat Munson 35. Sharon Stubleski 36. Barb Arnquist 37. Julie Ziegler 38. Patti Price 39. Carol Richard 40. Pat Brown 41. Karen Clarke 42. Marna Lynch 43. Peg Talburtt 44. Martha Lage 45. Mary Artibee 46. Judy Wilderotter 47. Maureen Matthews 48. Gay Doty 49. Sue Jobin 50. Laurie Moses g reeks 251 1. Ron Salamander. 2. James Wurzbach 3. Terry Summerfield 4. Charles Borders 5. Robert Anthony 6. William Dibble 7. John Lawrence 8. Flash Ploughman 9. Bert Heidiman 10. Michael Smith 11. Unidentified 12. William Hevd 13. James Polacker 14. Ralph Anthony 15. Russ Bright 16. John McColloch 17. Tim Sanders 18. John Brown 19. Dave Perryman 20. B. Wilde 21. Mark Retsloth 252 Delta Kappa Fp- greeks 253 1. Gayle Meskin 2. Cindy Yellin 3. Anita Spector 4. Patti Blumberg 5. Darla Chajes 6. Beth Mayer 7. Elaine Mechanic 8. Linda Rubin 9. Marty Ayres 10. Joanne Dresner I I . Carol Rosenthal 12. Stephie Riger 15. Joyce Levinson 16. Margie Adler 17. Harriet Parker 18. Barb Pachter 19. Barb Oleshansky 20. Laurie Shapiro 21. Roberta Steinberg 22. Jan Wallace 23. Lynn Lewis 24. Judy Rosenfield 25. Rozzie Heideman 26. Roberta Wine 29. Sherry Erman 30. Rebecca Rovin 31. Cheryl Cornell 32. Joan Tauber 33. Janet Lerner 34. Carol Goodfriend 35. Debbie Schloss 36. Sherry Bame 37. Sue Bernstein 38. Sari Shubow 39. Bonnie Gottlieb 40. Joan Martin 43. Lucy Aptekar 44. Mrs. Bower 45. Judy Robinson 46. Linda Rubin 47. Katie Abraham 48. Gilda Zalenko 49. Rosie Goldfine 50. Joann Slater 51. Gail Phillips 52. Elaine Adler 53. Wendy Fried 54. Denny Sismon 57. Marlee Tulpin 58. Judy Goldstein 59. Judy Cederbaum 60. Dayle Berke 61. Leslie Carnick 62. Elaine Silvermintz 63. Joanne Parr 64. Cheryl Paul 65. Fern Bomchill 66. Judy Kerwin 67. Chi Chi Starman 68. Debby Gordon 13. Eileen Silverman 27. Sue Freehling 41. Joan Toder 55. Laura Harris 14. Leatrice Hauptman 28. Peggy Galinger 42. Bonnie Sermon 56. Roberta Krieger 254 Delta Phi Rl greeks 255 ... Defta Sigrana 256 1. Mike Szabo 2. Bruce Meilinggaard 3. Bob Hoyng 4. Ken Harding 5. Jerry Redhoge 6. Larry Yeager 7. Mike Ferrante 8. Rich Haag 9. Tim Ward 10. Bill Tobin 11. Dan Lewis 12. Tom Hoyt 13. Jim Sweeton 14. Don Wilson 15. Art Baessler 16. Jerry Poniatowski 17. Bob Pritula Bob Elgin 19 Bob Darling 20. Dennis Eurich 21. Mark Knapp 22. Mike Aho Ken Whipple 4 Chuck Holmes 25. Dave Garbo 26. Ted Lowe 27. Jim Quebbeman 28. Marshall Ochylski 29. Paul Otto 30. Larry Botsford Jim Buell 3 Chuck Benaugh 33. Bill Buchanan 34. Jim Dulzo 35. Mike Tofteland 36. Brian Murphy 37. Norm Stewart 38. Jeff Ford 39. Jim Robert 40. Carter Hicks 41. Dave Bacon 42. Gene Bowles 43. Denny Levin 44. John McCarthy 45. Ron Simmons 46. Ed Krisak 47. Dick Billiet 48. Mark Matthews 49. Rick Hnath 50. " Bardie " 51. Dick Pittsley 52. Gary Ampulski 53. " Sparty " 54. George Knuszewski 55. " Whiskey " 56. Dennis Leppek greeks 257 258 1. Gloria Woodard 10. Myra Leonard 19. Retha Wellons NOT PICTURED: 2. Muriel Williams 11. Diane McCall 20. Geraldine Robinson Pamela Bargon 3. Kathy Bryant 12. Barbara Ann Johnson 21. Betty Brown Karen Dobbins 4. Linda Sloan 13. Betty Osborne 22. Joan Lanier Elwanda Jackson 5. Yvett Casey 14. Beth Duncombe 23. Gail Brown Alyce McGregor 6. Joan Goodwin 15. Deborah Duval 24. Patricia Walton Jacquelyn Ogletree 7. Carol Goings 16. Joyce Cain 25. Nancy McCaughan Janice Parker 8. Suzanne Craig 17. Peggy Daniels 26. Patricia Terry Sharon Robinson 9. Karen Lyons 18. Sharon Bishop 27. Veronica Mason Betty White Cheryl Wright greeks 259 1. Alan Barczuk 2. Gregory Oldani 3. Glenn Ernst 4. Kenneth Wall 5. Terrance Auch 6. David Young 7. Timothy Jaress 8. Thomas Demery 9. John Collins 10. Brock Plumb 11. William Young 12. John Wolff 13. Joseph Jones 14. Gregory Anderson 15. Charles Higgins 16. Michael Miller 17. Alan Huellmantel 18. Robert Weyhing 19. David Aronson 20. Philip Bayster 21. Stephen Kessle 22. David McKeague 23. Donald Gardner 24. Aurthur Bartholomew 25. George Stover 26. Thomas Stringer 27. Thomas Pare 28. Thomas Schrader 29. Robert Schmidt 30. Thomas Lundahl 31. Christopher Norman 32. George Clements 33. Louis Arvai 34. Robert Haack 35. Joseph Hutchinson 36. John Arvai 37. John Synhorst 38. Douglas Levy 39. Gordon Walker 40. Philip Crissman 41. Mark Dillon 42. John Yablonkey 43. Sydney Baxter 44. Ted Fisher 260 Delta Twi Delta g reeks 261 Deka Up LiA 262 I. Bob Wheeler 2. Dave Smith 3. Jerry Lohla 4. Mike Mincher 5. Jeff Walker 6. Jim Tolonen 7. Brian Manoogian 8. Dep Kirkland 9. John Debo 10. Jim Robson I I. Bob Nelson 12. Dennis Madigan 13. Brian Lance 14. Russ Rojakovick 15. Jeff Weiland 16. Jeff Hlavin 17. Jim Shryock 18. Rich Bardsley 19. Steve Yochum 20. Nate Higbee 21. Chip Rhode 22. Bob Scharff 23. Jim Sandler 24. Tom Morawa 25. Bo Stevens 26. Mike Reidy 27. John Merriman 28. Al Dehorn 29. Jim Klee 30. Bruce Kloster 31. Jim Batsakis 32. Doug Dold 33. Tim Holt 34. Rick St. Louis 35. Bill Steere 36. Pat Feehan 37. Dave Hartwell 38. Bob Cook 39. Tim Chalfont 40. Tom Bottrell 41. Jerry Brownstein 42. Larry Schultz 43. Fred Feldkamp 44. Al Goodman 45. Jim Hribal 46. Chuck Stuart 47. Jim Willis 48. Bruno Jandasek 49. Mike Anderson 50. Jim Rosbe 51. Lon Von Renner 52. Tuck Jackson 53. Bob Kircher 54. Tom Mowry 55. Dane Foucher 56. Don Souter 57. Ron Fairchild 58. Garth Black 59. Tom Darnton 60. Myron Hartwig 61. Bob Dugan 62. Chuck Clusen 63. Brandy III greeks 263 ,vano Se 1. Larry Joseph 2. Tom Linn 3. Tom Carney 4. Jim Luke 5. Tim Gorman 6. Ken Trefilek 7. Randy Reith 8. George Stern 9. Larry Degroat 10. John Bologna 11. Dave Orvis 12. Dan Schewe 13. Joe McNeely 14. Jim " Flong " Delong 15. Bill O ' Malley 16. Jim Mimikos 17. Roger Mell 18. Jerry Charter 19. Mike Leahy 20. Paul " Rat " Hanrath 21. Fr. Emelio Vanni 22. Mike Nelson 23. Jim Felske 24. George Tweed 25. Peter Keith 26. Mike " Stork " Leonard 27. Gary Zembala 28. Jim Keene 29. Peter Miller 30. Fast Eddy Nold 31. Tony Adams greeks 265 I. Pam Ligget 17. Pam Haltom 33. Lynne Homan 48. Ellen Heyboer Sue Hulce 2. Heather McKay 18. Betsy Begle 34. Kathy Nixen 49. Margaret Black Donna Kasten 3. Cindy Szady 19. Linda Darling 35. Diana Bozarth 50. Linda Canning Barb Kaufman 4. Flip Herman 20. Marty Fruin 36. Darlene Nelson 51. Nancy Sipes Mimi Lampert 5. Rindy Carter 21. Sharon Hutchison 37. Pam Tominac NOT PICTURED: Vicki Lynch 6. Mary Nell Wiese 22. Micki Perfetti 38. Jane Flartough Leslie Aderhold Peg McCormick 7. Carol Brandi 23. Susan Bumford 39. Mary Fox Debby Barnes Dorothy McNab 8. Jeanne Mulder 24. Donna Babak 40. Kris Potts Marlene Blair Dianne Miles 9. Carol Purdy 25. Mary Alice Godfrey 41. Patti Clark Margaret Clark Margaret Nelson 10. Roberta Anderson 26. Cathy Parent 42. Sue Stevens Anne Friedrichs Judi Richards II. Mary Gretzinger 27. Kendra Smith 43. Barb Oliver Claudia Gayda Susan Schaaf 12. Judy Bell 28. Linda Krusel 44. Kathy Deming Diane Gilchrist Carol Spence l3. Kitty Carroll 29. Judy Grier 45. Nancy Neely Becky Head Polly Stagg 14. Maureen Delong 30. Eleanor Fish 46. Mrs. Duffell Sally Hoelzer Pam Van Syoc 15. Kathy Maguire 31. Julie Maienknecht 47. Ann Allwein Marcia Hollar Debby Youhass 16. Nancy Beard 32. Kathy Gerstenberger 266 g reeks 267 1. Randall Boyd 14. Sandra Morter 27. Marilyn Klotz 39. Kathy Burgum Julia Birkhold 2. Mary Jo O ' Conner 15. Deborah Christenson 28. Jean Hammond 40. Brenda Abbot Chris Dodrill 3. Nancy McAllister 16. Cheryl Engle 29. Jane Reed 41. Jean Thomas Mimi Edwards 4. Marcia Day 17. Nancy Wallace 30. Marian Johnson 42. Jane Hoffman Sally Foglesong Kathleen 5. 5 Kennedy Ken Sue 18. 1 Wiant 31. Pam McClellan 43. Laurel Davidson Ellen Ford 6. Constance Hunter 19. Carol Kinderman 32. Margie McCracken 44. Tish Reese Adrienne Gault Graeff Judith 7. 7 Linda 20. Heuman 33. Kathy Armstrong 45. Blair Vaughn Loralyn Helms 8. Ann-Marie Kreuger 21. Linda Layman 34. Connie Kossaras 46. Connie Leu Kris LeAnderson 9. Chase Nancy Ban Cindy 22. Banger 35. Marty Romanak 47. Martha Cross Leslie Mahler 10. Mary Messier 23. Nan Tull 36. Cary Thompson 48. Sue Bach Gail Monroe 11. Linda Perkowski 24. Sue Cooper 37. Nancy Seabold NOT PICTURED: Mary Russell 12. Martha Medlar 25. Terry Mills 38. Betty Breuhaus Sharon Anderson Beth Steely 13. Cathy Garnett 26. Sue Mahr 268 Kappa A phi , greeks 269 Kappa Deha 270 1. Jane Hill 2. Chari Brenner 3. Ann Jarrett 4. Sue Carson 5. Liz Siebert 6. Carol Brown 7. Betty Alexander 8. Nancy Wyble 9. Karen McKinnie 10. Diane Kuehnle 11. Ginger Naegle 12. Pat Dishuck 13. Kerry Pendell 14. Linda Elliott 15. Sharon La Venture 16. Pat Morris 17. Dahlia Conger 18. Kathy Burke 19. Carol Stevens 20. Sue Babinski 21. Keye Luke 22. Sharon Hoy 23. Snidley 24. Anne Bruedigan 25. Sue Sieber 26. Mary Long 27. Karen Kosnik 28. Barb Rochford 29. Sara Stubbins 30. Barb Carlson 31. Susan Shafer 32. Jane Peebles 33. Mary Berhalter 34. Pat Rowe NOT PICTURED: Kathy Beyer Betsy Clark Mary Danto Dee Duncan Marlee Frederick Penny Garner Annabel Grimm Gwen Hamilton Judi Joerger Kathy Koliba Marina Kruse Bonnie Larson Sue Loonsten Jill Martin Linda Mayer Pat Miers Jan Mieske Paula Morgret Louise Preston Mary Roudebush Marcia Schaefer Heather Taylor Mary Taylor g reeks 271 Kappa Sap a Gamma 27 2 1. Connie Corston 13. Nancy Dillinger 2. Kim Kendall 14. Pat Ryan 3. Alison Lang 15. Pat Harmon 4. Cathe Mackin 16. Ann Griffith 5. Susan Croseman 17. Bobbie Crispell 6. Becky Brake 18. Barbie Corlett 7. Fran O ' Dell 19. Laurie Popp 8. Bonita May Lantz 20. Peggy Crispell 9. Nancy Stutsman 21. Margie McLarty 10. Ann Douglas 22. Starr Townsend 11. Cathy Vance 23. Katy Hiett 12. Jan Griffin 24. Sharon Davis 25. Bonnie Busse 37. May Ann Carr 26. Susan Shemanski 38. Donna Duletsky 27. Diane Hanna 39. Dee Marshall 28. Debbie Diekman 40. Kathy Forsythe 29. Marty Ryan 41. Bev Smith 30. Nancy Pitts 42. Wendy Pearson 31. Chris Wearly 43. Marsha Rosenberg 32. Sue Harrington 44. Kim Kelso 33. Ann Tilley 45. Robin Wright 34. Susan Eastlick 46. Sandy Omerso 35. Shannon Halloran 47. Mariko Fukudo 36. Debbie Garrison greeks 273 I. Kip Hubei 2. Greg Baumann 3. Pete Burkey 4. Jack Warren 5. Pete LaFond 6. Mike Holmes 7. Dick Marsh 8. Glen Bowler 9. Scott Smith 10. Marty Herbenar 11. Jim Bader 12. Gene Liskiewicz 13. Dave Duvall 14. Steve Myhra 15. Chuck DeGryse 16. Bob Gibbs 17. Bob Elder 18. Dick Vallin 19. John Borchardt 20. Dick Ingersoll 21. Dale Sielaff 22. Geoff Jarpe 23. Gary Brumo 24. Rich Cook 25. Jim Grigsby 26. Little Annie Fanny 27. Jim Lawson 28. Tome Kowalak 29. Jeff McCullagh 30. Joel Grover 31. John Moyer 32. John Thomas 33. Steve Frechtling 34. Russ Blake 35. George Breslauer 36. Chip Goodwin 37. Harry Carlson 38. Chuck Kelly 39. Albert Einstein 40. Ken O ' Bara 41. Vic Bolles 42. Tim Kruer 43. Doug Wozniak 44. Bob Merchant 45. Ken O ' Bara 46. Vic Bolles 47. Tim Kruer 48. Doug Wozniak 49. Dale Ehresman 50. Scott Myers 51. Jim Tishler 52. Ray Rigles 53. Dave Toeller 54. Rich VonLuhrte 55. Herb Jensen 56. Bob Dill 57. Bob Gibbs 58. Czar 274 Kappa Sligraia greeks 275 1. Charlie Day 19. Denny Sirosky 37. Jim Banar Mel Gouch Dan Meyer 2. Dave Arnold 20. Jim Peggs 38. Dave Brewer Dave Graff Bill Molloy 3. Bill Brater 21. Art Tai 39. Rich Kay Ron Grand Jamie Quackenbush 4. Bill Jackson 22. Rick Johnson 40. Terry Richmond Chuck Gulash Dave Rhodes 5. Mike Farrell 23. Pete Graff 41. " Major VII- Mike Head Carl Rust 6. Jim Neel 24. Dick Boies NOT PICTURED: Tom Heidtkc Phil Schpok 7. Rick Curtis 25. Doug Heyliger Tom Baily Doug Hickman John Schroeder 8. Bruce Carlton 26. Al Vellucci Denny Beemer Jan Holcomb Bob Stevens 9. Don Heyliger 27. Rick Adamy Bill Boldue Craig Johnson Dave Thompson 10. Rocky Pozza 28. Bob Kraft Dave Brouwer Jim Johnston Kim Stertzbach 11. Bill McDaniel 29. Bill Cerny Bob Chandler Kurt Lauer Roger Ulrich 12. Jeff Messner 30. Pete Koepke Chris Chatain Jerry Mason Skip Vandermolen 13. Fred Matthaei 31. Ed Donnelly Dave Colwell Matt Mason Kim Von Blohn 14. Dave Tull 32. Jim Williams Denny Dill John McCloskey Larry Wagle 15. Art Golin 33. Larry McKay Jack Dugan Thom McLaren Bill Zolkowski 16. Pat Niland 34. Pete Emond Tom Gaffney John McPeak 17. Scott Kerns 35. Kerry Norwalk Monty Georgeson Mike Messner 18. Doug Comb 36. Mike Keebler 276 Lam oda Ch Mpha g reeks 277 H Deka Theta 278 AB DDerekDERJohn oni cbdl are t e bk, e Es lt rredi wi vs roei 2 B Jackson 3. Dan Hot Dog 5. Dennis Bush 7. Chick Dogson 8. Charles Hood 10. Ron Franklin 11. Tom Snakenson Winner 13. Gape 14. Dan Fatner 16. John Yantis 17. G. B. Valerio 19. Bill Crater 20. Uriah Heep 22. Warren Sipp 23. Chuck Medler 24. Bruce Baughman 25. Mike Lunch 26. David Bear 27. Bob Noel 28. Bill Jury 29. Fred Grove 30. Hugh Shardon 31. Tom Black 32. Tom McCaslin 33. Jack Harpering 34. Jim Hulk 35. Terry Cosgrove 36. Bill Wright 37. Bubba Smith 38. Rick Price 39. Mark Boulding 40. Ralph Farley 41. Rick Lavers 42. J. Bagley O ' Neill 43. Bovine Alvey 44. Pygmy 45. Carrol D. Truck 46. Charlie Pechos 47. Harry Lockton 48. Drynn Bacon 49. Bob Schram 50. Steve Morrison 51. Steve Hossmer 52. Donn Ulmer 53. Eric Reger 54. Brent Amato 55. Dick Rogers greeks 279 1. Don Seauvageau 2. Don Leopold 3. Larry Carter 4. Gary Ohring 5. Dave Miller 6. Jim Reading 7. Jim Graf 8. Buzz Brenkert 9. Tom Kuzma 10. Tim Thieme 11. Don Grise 12. Jim Spurrier 13. Doug Fiedler 14. Rich Kenney 15. Gary Munce 16. Ralph Wilson 17. Louie Bonafiglio 18. John Eckhold 19. Brian Lucas 20. Denny Vietch 21. Steve Montgomery 23. Leon Grundstein 24. Ron Butler 25. Ken Hosto 26. Rick Seabolt 27. Clint Knowles 28. John Wendt 29. Rick Herrington 30. Pete Lundeen 31. Dave Noshay 32. Neal Kamin 33. Mike Panutich 34. Max Hall 35. Andy Jurow 36. Al Wagner 37. Bill Huss 38. Paul Ritvo 39. Tom Lovell 40. Al Wyatt 41. Buz Barclay 42. Spark Hutchison 43. Paul Platt 44. Bucky Shulte 45. John Frazier 46. Scott Paris 47. Sherm Drew 48. Steve Braden 280 Phi Gamma Delta greeks 281 I. Rich Pniewski I. Tom Spink 21. Damon Hyde 31. George Morro 2. Pete Kruger 2. Terry Bochanty 22. Pete Mildner 32. Randy Hammond 3. Al Francis 3. Mike Bucchianeri 23. Bill Rotzein 33. Dave Murray 4. Greg Lipton 4. Fred Sample 24. Doug Hanna 34. John Ballantine 5. Pete Bohnsack 5. Dave Oglevee 25. Pete Drehmann 35. Garrick Hu 6. Al Bruni 6. Brian Healy 26. John Huntly 36. Werner Hall 7. Pat Ronayne 7. Jim Wilhite 27. Joe Bologna 37. Dan Petit 8. Bob Perlberg 8. Carol Richard 28. Fred Boucher 38. Jell-Grill 9. Greg Kelly 9. John O ' Connel 29. Jim Hewitt 39. Paul Katona 10. Bob Spink 20. Hal Koss 30. Phil Cassone 40. Jay Mandler 282 Phil Kappa Psi greeks 283 Kappa Tau 284 1. Geoff McKenty 2. Wayne Witkowski 3. Jim Cantrall 4. Eric Standen 5. Gil Samberg 6. Ron Gross 7. Dick Porter 8. John Kendrick 9. Tom Haeusler 10. Dave Robbins 11. Walt Meyers 12. Dave Greenwood 13. Gary Skoog 14. Rob Pinkel 15. John Betzner 16. Dave Scott 17. Mike Cooper 18. MGM 19. Fran Blatt 20. Sean Kelly 21. Mike Dawson 22. Dave von Oeyen 23. Fran Giuliani 24. Ralph Johnson 25. Steve Hatchett 26. Bob Brownson 27. Ardin Goss 28. Helmut Schick 29. Jim Seavitt 30. John Wiss 31. Calvin Kirchick 32. Fred Lifland 33. Ken Winter 34. Charlie Goodrich 35. Carl Bloch 36. Dave Collier 37. Doug Wilson 38. Al Carlson NOT PICTURED: Lou Andraski John Batterton Chris Bloch Doug Elerath Chuck Esterel Rich Geiger Greg Grenzke Dan Hill Ben Liu Mark Miller Dan O ' Sullivan Giovannino Perry Wally Rhines Sandy Rhodes Chris Rowland Walt Wheeler Shaw Whitney greeks 285 Phi Sigma Deka 286 I. Ian Warner 16. Randy Eason 31. Kim Fawcett NOT PICTURED: Bob Rothman 2. Chuck Feuer 17. Murray Sheldon 32. Neil Hiller Barry Black Howard Saxner 3. Bob Ginsberg 18. Don Holtz 33. Lester Feldman Dale Brozozsky Peter Sheiman 4. Dan Reitman 19. Mitch Nelson 34. Jerry Askin Richard Davis Mike Sieberg 5. Jim Wolf 20. John Burkoff 35. Al Weiner Rick Fine Bob Silverman 6. Bob Frielich 21. Ted Kalick 36. Al Mandell Fire Chief Gary Weintraub 7. Ted Schneider 22. Gary Cigler 37. Paul Rice Al Goldstein " Yoric " 8. Mike Sheldon 23. Robert Essick 38. Les Pollak Gary Grandon 9. Mike Feldman 24. Scott Weatherwax 39. Al Deparry Bob Green 10. Bob Solow 25. Nate Falk 40. Steve Van Vliet Rick Kohn 11. Peter Gray 26. Cary Pollak 41. Harold Ose1T Ron Lessack 12. Paul Marokus 27. Barry Howard 42. John Gislason Tom Lowe 13. Harvey Zimbler 28. Phil Goodman 43. Fireman Joe Mandiberg 14. Jay Lieberman 29. Bob Sandy 44. Dave Ruttenberg Sandy Morris 15. Gordon Wormser 30. Mike Goran Al Morton greeks 287 I. Bill Seck 2. Ron Buszek 3. Bob Kamenec 4. Carl Krueger 5. Mori Moriuchi 6. Paul Angelino 7. Bob Kenney 8. Brad Behrman 9. Doug Hakala 10. Jim Anderson 11. Dick Heaton 12. Paul Faes 13. Rich Jacobson 14. Walt Fitzhugh 15. Larry Manderville 16. Tom Hysong 17. Curt Crysler 18. Pete Ebert 19. Russ Loughlin 20. Rick Wittkopp 21. Jim Blok 22. Eric Lund 23. Steve Waskerwitz 24. George Burgott 25. Dave Paldan 26. John Ottewell 27. Dave Willard 28. Fred Leonberger 29. Bob Tolles 30. Jack Lowry 31. Don Pfotenhauer 32. Doug Pratt 33. Bob Swanson 34. Tom Doyle 35. Bob Schmelz 36. Dave Weisheit 37. Bill Harrison 38. Ron Peal 39. Charge 40. Bob Hughes NOT PICTURED: John Baur Ron Craine Tim Hurd Rick Lodwick John Pollock Bill Smith Larry Timte Don Wang 288 oi Sigma Ka opa greeks 289 I. Sherry Gordon 15. Marcia Sayres 29. Lorraine Podsaid 43. Lynne Jacobs Barbara Haas 2. Alice Nusbaum 16. Kathy Rosenberg 30. Mrs. LaFerne Newell 44. Susan Reznik Phyllis Hendelman 3. Sima Juliar 17. Faith Adler 31. Ruth Shur 45. Betty Dobra Randi Katz 4. Deanne Warren 18. Judy Stovack 32. Karen Dunn 46. Sue Simon Barbara Leeser 5. Jackie Gilson 19. Ellen Scheuer 33. Mary Hogan 47. Ann Pizer Marilyn Merdler 6. Karen Hertz 20. Lois Welber 34. Linda Ball 48. Sue Levitt Linda Milinsky 7. Judy Axelrod 21. Michelle Abramowitz 35. Nancy Shafer 49. Paulette Poladian Maris Monitz 8. Alice Bird 22. Merle Feinberg 36. Shirley Fischer 50. Lynn Landesman Joan Neff 9. Jennifer Korn 23. Elaine Rosen 37. Susan Brot 51. Nancy Behrens Debby Orloff 10. Judy Krasnick 24. Ilene Sturman 38. Ileen Kurlander 52. Nancy Schild Ann Posner 11. Barbara Pollack 25. Marilyn Lederer 39. Hila Howard NOT PICTURED: Kay Schwarzberg 12. Roslyn Braeman 26. Gayle Barak 40. Lynne Lipton Marsha Barnett Marti Weiner 13. Susan Shapiro 27. Diane Friedman 41. Nanci McLean Terri Edelman Arlynn Zeldman 14. Dee Dee Baker 28. Betsy Zeligs 42. Joan Spitzer Judy Gotlib 290 PM Sigma Sligma greeks 291 Pi Beta Pali I . Debbie Bloomfield 2. Cindy Damps 3. Sharon Corombos 4. Jan Kembel 5. Judy Nickel 6. Cindy Kalis 7. Claire McKnight 8. Pat Young 9. Cindy Straight 10. Nancy Mammen I I . Camille Gollon 12. Lynn Woodruff 13. Gail Lanard 14. Pat Jarvis 15. Jan Wickham 16. Henny Kussy 17. Claire Martineau 18. Nancie Fisher 19. Cass Webber 20. Katie Schulz 21. Linda Barnes 22. Gerda Jurgenson 23. Mrs. Brough 24. Sally Herndon 25. Barb Nunn 26. Nancy Schmidt 27. Priscilla Riches 28. Jan Stewart 29. Linda Line 30. Diane Zube 31. Candy Love . 32. Carolyn Delevat 33. Karen Hunchberger 34. Gail Ewald 35. Ginny Mochel 36. Margaret Van Winkle 37. Anonymous NOT PICTURED: Joan Bennett Beth Berry Madeline Brandt Candy Branigan Eileen Burke Carol Canda Trudy Carlson Kathy Champe Meg Champe Misty Connors Sandy Dabovich Lynn Dempster Sue Fordyce Mary Grammens Joan Hoeft Shari Jensen Roz Juve Mary Jo Lincoln Mary Margaret Livingston Paula Lugannani Cheri Martin Margie McKenney Jane Nelson Jan Phlegar Anne Saslaw Shari Stiver Marty Tapley Lynn Tar Corey Trubey Louise Williams Jane Ziegler areeks 293 294 I. Bob Mizhlin 2. James Silverman 3. Ron Miruis 4. George Sternbach 5. Rossco 6. William Lamoreaux 7. Arthur Hurvitz 8. Charles Spirer 9. James Brahms 10. Ralph Pepper I I. Michael Schwartz 21. Charles Bockoff 31. Fred Kellner 12. David Fogel 22. Henry Langberg 32. Peter Bedrich 13. Sanford Birnholtz 23. Thomas Fishbein 33. Glen Rogin 14. Sanford Levinson 24. Stephen Slusky 34. Marc Wohl 15. Charles Brenner 25. Jay Bishko 35. Stephen Liman 16. Bruce Kor t 26. John Bookston 36. Brucey Jaffe 17. Daniel Fisher 27. Tobchev 37. Bruce Cohen 18. Kenneth Kornheiser 28. Charles Averbrook 38. Raywin Goodman 19. Kenneth Zuckerman 29. Dean Reiger 39. James Schiefelbein 20. Mark Oemke 30. Mitchell Hauptman 40. Marc Segal 41. Casey g reeks 295 1. Charles Khuen 2. R. Michael Kelly 3. Harold Weckler 4. Jeff Colton 5. Bill Haughey 6. Don Avriett 7. William Martin 8. Bob Stenson 9. Michael Carpenter 10. Lawrence Smith 11. John Bishop 12. Art Darden 13. Robert Titley 14. Cory Devor 15. Walter Clark 16. Douglas Cook 17. Fred Olds 18. James Krebs 19. William Morrill 20. Mack Beers 21. James Norlander 22. Lloyd Anderson 23. William McPherson V 24. Dennis Mollard 25. Thomas Smith 26. Douglas McElhaney 27. Ed Gabrys 28. David George 29. David Church NOT PICTURED: Bob Davidson Barry Dove John Farrin Robert Hamilton K.T. Lundgren John Mabley Doug Richardson Eric Smith David Snavely Judd Spray Sam Swisher John Topliff Blandin Wright 296 Psi Upsilon g reeks 297 I. Tom Marra 2. Art Schroeder 3. Mike Bowen 4. Ron Schebil 5. Bob Brown 6. Mark Wilderotter 7. Toni Freed 8. Wootb, Wilson 9. Tom Hall 10. John Kraft I I. Bob Miller 12. Wiley Livingston 13. Juanma Avila 14. Brian Sullivan 15. Gary Gold 16. Randy Erskine 17. Mike Trese 18. Dave Fielding 19. Gary Kohlman 20. John Snyder 21. Rick White 22. Larry Crosby 23. Jim Stropkai 24. Tom Curtis 25. Rich Rogel 26. Don Warner 27. Gordy Nepstad 28. Pete Lelich 29. Greg Hayward 30. Juan Ramos NOT PICTURED: Ken Blair John Casey Craig Dever Paul Deveraux Terry Flanagan Dave Hall Bruce Hegstedt Mark Henry Glen Konkle Karl Langral Terry Mahn Denny McDonald Scott Montross Rory Moore Bruce Moorstein Lunsford Phillips Jim Pidgeon Jim Robinson Lance Scheffler Phil Seymour Carl Snow Bill Tarr H. J. Weiland Barry Weldon 298 Si grna Allpha Ep o on greeks 299 Sigma Akoha Mu I. David Baskin 2. Howard Baker 3. Peter Pollack 4. Paul Ingber 5. Robert Berg 6. Rich Addison 7. Jay Mahler 8. Gordon Moss 9. Jerry Fishman 10. David Kahn 11. Don Cohoes 12. Don Borod 13. Dave Sugar 14. Jim Wares 15. Rick Rochlin 16. Bob Deutsch 17. Larry Dietch 18. Dick Siegle 19. Jeff Graff 20. David Kuniansky 21. Lou Rosenbaum 22. Friend 23. Mel Schwartz 24. Alan Lichter 25. Bob Burack 26. Larry Levitt 27. John Van Dalson 28. Dan Stern 29. Darryl Giannetti 30. John Nemerovsky 31. Rich Frey 32. Mark Leemon 33. Steven Wainess 34. Jim Wolfson 35. David Saginaw 36. Scott Harris 37. Harrold Leach 38. Bob Kanter 39. Larry Goldman 40. Jeff Schwartz 41. John Briegle 42. Gary Harris 43. Robert Hubert 44. Don Zolla 45. Jerry Fishman 46. Jim Bershof NOT PICTURED: Rich Amend Jeff Beal Don Borin Mike Borin Jeff Champagne Fred Cohen Andrew Cooper Al Dohner Marty Fenster David Fink Paul Fink Howard Friedlaender Howard Fruman Jim Gerwin Ron Green Gary Hirsch Steve Kushner Joel Letvin Paul Mandel Carl Marion Steve Mitchell Mel Muscovitz Eric Muskowitz Lew Paper Rod Parrot Rick Perlman Buddy Pregerson Richard Resnick Al Ross Jim Shanker John Siegle Jim Silk Gary Smucker John Stafford Ken Steinman Steven Steglitz Joel Stillman Mark Stolorow Dick Strong Ben Trinkel Bill Waxman Howard White greeks 301 111ilt WASHER 111All N [ul C N I. Peggy Hensley 12. Sue Schultz 23. Danny Rittschof Hillary Esbit 2. Stephen Kay 13. Sharon Bader 24. Kitty Rittschof Bruce Friedman 3. Dan Omohundro 14. Kathy Kutsche 25. Francie Cook Marcy Gekoski 4. Bob Albertson 15. Cindy Fadool 26. Laura Mansnerus Ann Haviland 5. Linda Grossman 16. Cathy Schallhorn 27. Brian Murphy Chris Meyers 6. Mr. Mattson 17. Chrystie King 28. Mark Rosenberg Dean Rieger 7. Carol Kadushin 18. Linda Bennett 29. Joanne Martindale Bob Sheffield 8. Bruce Moorstein 19. Sandy Crossette NOT PICTURED: Ron Sekerak 9. Eva Bea Meyer 20. Sally Watson Sue Bradford Steve Van Vliet 10. Gary Allen 21. Dan Reitman Gillian Carmichael Pat Wilkins 11. Jane Kilburn 22. Mike Bennett Tom Copi Gwen Wilner Dennis Zeisler greeks 303 1. Barbara Robinson 2. Rhonda Starr 3. Margie Schrank 4. Terry Pink 5. Sharon Galin 6. Natalie Cohen 7. Franny Cohen 8. Marcia Talberg 9. Marty Koenig 10. Anita Lazier I I. Rusti Hansher 12. Ila Krause 13. Susie Kahn 14. Maxine Marion 15. Kathy Ellis 16. Joan Borinstein 17. Gail Solomon 18. Martha Heavenrich 19. Ruth Wilner 20. Merrill Hoffman 21. Rena Wish 22. Susan Jospey 304 Sigma Deka Thu g reeks 305 I. Heather Hamilton 15. Joanne Miller 29. Nancy Diamond 43. Diane Orrico 58. Patty Nielan 2. Marty Van Loo 16. Susan Brown 30. Kay Anderson 44. Kathy Steyer 59. Judi Borkowski 3. Char O ' Brien 17. Kathy McCarthy 31. Priscilla Howes 45. Betty Yendall 60. Karen Lowe 4. Cheryl Nelson 18. Bonnie Ledebuhr 32. Sue Behrend 46. Kathy Lanard 61. Marilyn Stoutenburg 5. Patty Barter 19. Nina Hodge 33. Sue Peters 47. Val Kains 62. Kathy Hallisy 6. Barb O ' Conner 20. Diane Schmutzler 34. Pat Meyer 48. Claire Becker 63. Anne Kane 7. Mary Lou Isgro 21. Jeanne Machlik 35. Patti Plume 49. Stephanie Berg 64. Donna Ness 8. Chris Anderson 22. Glen Hahn 36. Ann Crozier 50. Mrs. Margaret Davidson 65. Jackie Jones 9. Mary Means 23. Peg Hill 37. Kris Maki 51. Barb Wells 66. Sue Boothe 10. Connie Booth 24. Cheryl Ploucha 38. Susan Ruotsala 52. Carol Barnes 67. Linda Wonderley I I. Claudia Ross 25. Carol Niemira 39. Marianne Tipmore 53. Missy Hickes 68. Barb Cranham 12. Pat Dovas 26. Ginny Duenkel 40. Marilyn Golan 54. Ann Kasiborski 69. Peggy Holliday 13. Barb Panlener 27. Nancy Masino 41. Jane Pilot 55. Marilyn Damm 70. Chris Hanson 14. Kathy Loeher 28. Laura Goodrich 42. Jan Coulter 56. Gretchen Gustafson 71. Maureen O ' Shea 57. Barb Crawford 72. Becky Hickes 306 greeks 307 Sigma Kappa 308 1. Kurt DeVries 2. Tom Engdal 3. Jim Morse 4. Martin liable 5. Keith Wicks 6. Doug Beck 7. Larry Richey 8. Craig Ramsay 9. John Kronmeyer 10. Tom Deuries 11. Grant Carlson 12. Mike Wahl 13. Rolf Hille 14. Bill Nebe 15. Carl Stevens 16. David Ellies 17. Dan Hopp 18. Tom Robinson 19. Tom Goodwin 20. Mark Day 21. Torn Bendzinski 22. John Neumeister 23. Jim Szczechowski 24. Rich Cohen 25. Jim Clark 26. John Sanguinetti 27. Bruce Peters 28. David Cummings 29. Ned Brandt 30. Matt Douglas 31. Rick Fenwick 32. Tom Stanar 33. Art Clemente 34. Bob Beckcrleg 35. John Duerr 36. Mal Houck 37. Mike McClaren 38. Don Sevener 39. Jim Morris 40. Bielic 41. Chip Drotos NOT PICTURED: Rick Bopp Bob Cotman Rick Bowen Ralph Dixon John Jablonski Tom Pearce Mike Shitski Ken Silverberg Dale Tuggle greeks 309 Sigma 310 NOT PICTURED: I. Dave Smith 13. Dave Verdier 25. Ken Hair Alt Ainslie Hal O ' Kray 2. Bill Corey 14. Bill Mertz 26. Glen Ruffner Graeme Badger Carl Pian 3. Keith Horniman 15. Dick Thaler 27. Tony Weighous Jim Beck Bob Remich 4. Arnie Foess 16. Dave Evans 28. Walter Harrison Riff Braun Don Root 5. John Vargo 17. John Gunning 29. Al Carrotta Amby Burleigh Art Sherman 6. Steve Wright 18. John McNeal 30. Gordy Jones Craig Clarke Randy Snow 7. Jeff Gould 19. J. B. Bonnelli 31. Duane Ellis Rene de Leemans Toni Sonneman 8. Mike Vernarelli 20. Bob Johnson 32. Ed Linsell Mike Eadie Jack Storey 9. Jim Mulder 21. John Guba 33. Charles Kao Hank Lukaski Jerry Swift 10. Pat McCapfrey 22. John Allen 34. Martin Pailes Spence Maidlow Dino Tolias 11. Dave Thoits 23. George Mercer 35. JeffJones Gary Michalek Steve Trombley 12. Phil Scott 24. George Ladner 36. Fred Braseth Ron Natale Scott Webb greeks 311 1. Ronald Kefgen 2. Jacob Haas 3. Richard Underwood 4. Edward Arbut 5. Charles McCuen 6. Dennis Burke 7. Michael Hill 8. Richard Kreuz 9. Gregory Hykes 10. Peter Harris 11. Peter Chiaravalli 12. Craig Johnson 13. William McCaddie 14. William Fox 15. Rick Noble 16. Thomas Tepas 17. James MacLachlan 18. Martin Trupiano 19. Clare Coles 20. Jack Secrist 21. George Heenan 22. Paul Mathis 23. Dean Sommerfield 24. Robert Davidson 25. Robert Vizas 26. William Andrew 27. James Walton 28. Richard Burke 29. Gary Hallam 30. Karl Mihalyfy 31. Douglas Gabriel 32. John MacMullen 33. Douglas Buczak 34. Charles Broman 35. William Brown 36. Robert Cavalieri 37. Gary Johnson 38. Al Killka 39. Edward Nemetz 40. Gary Sawdy 41. Stephen Glidden 42. Randall Ball 43. Tony Valentino 44. David Blaess 45. Joseph Shannon 46. James Hibler 47. Glenn Wendella 48. Ronald Gee 49. Christopher Lee 50. Robert Johann 51. Stewart Kingsbury 52. " Schwartz " NOT PICTURED: Eric Anderson Edward Barter Dale Blum John Bonds John Branston Jim Chopp Jim Cotter Donald Culver Jim Daugherty Dave Dean Nick De Haas James De Weerd Bob Douma Alan Gilchrist Jim Gregory Larry Harris Stevan Horvath Tom Jones John Kapusky Gary King Donald Krahnke George Lancaster Ralph LeBlanc Steven Lowden Chet Maslowski Peter Meagher James Offenhauer John Peterson Pete Plietner Steve Rauworth William Schlecte Douglas Smith Andrew Walcott Dan Wedge Edwin Wolfe Richard Wright 312 Sivm Phiqp5don greeks 313 I. George Stears 2. Larry Metnick 3. Steve Wood 4. Fred Ruben 5. Dan Wittkopp 6. Don Kuzak 7. John Chasteen 8. Glenn Redmon 9. Mike Witherell 10. Dan Omohundro I I. Paul Koval 12. Harvey Bell 13. Bob McPherson 14. Dave Clifford 15. John Allan l6. Larry Keller 17. Doug Brown 18. Jim Woller 19. Booth 20. Frank Baccari 21. Dave Moore 22. Jerry Meyer 23. Greg Bower 24. Jim Sewell 25. Ted Bates 26. Don Koos 27. Ted Gillespie 28. Guy Rainey 29. Mike Roessler 30. Tom Harris 31. Donn Reinelt 32. Ken Snodgrass 33. Jerry Price 34. John Muste 35. Bob Green 36. Jim Donahue NOT PICTURED: Bill Clark Bob Fraker Joe Harlan Bruce Malcolm Jim Mayle Bob Minuth Jon Van Landschoot John Weber 314 greeks 315 Sigma Pi Tau Deka 1. Paul Tarnoff 2. Neil Dickman 3. Rusty Kallenberg 4. Bob Sacks 5. Alvin Sallen 6. Dave Wiss 7. Jeff London 8. Hal Willens 9. Dave Baer 10. Alan Borlack I I. Steve Horwitz 12. Chuck Soberman 13. Al Pryor 14. The Kid 15. Mike Eder 16. Marty Dim 17. Dick Baum 18. Alex Hammerman 19. Mark Brody 20. Mark Vanderhout 21. Mike Sternberg 22. Dick Bass 23. Lou Wechsler 24. Vance Leone 25. H.S.B. Baraf 26. Rob Ruby 27. Bugs Moran 28. Jim Figatner 29. Ray Lederman 30. Melvin Fosman 31. Jeff Last 32. Rich Steinhart 33. Stewart Bluestone 34. Marc Goldman 35. Mike Perlman 36. Bob Kaplan NOT PICTURED: Bob Axelrod Eggs Benedek Neil Berman Buddy Brody Shirley Campbell Steve Cohen Steve Edelman Howard Fichenbaum Bobby Freund Ned Gershenson Ken Gordon Steve Grossman Nebach Keiner Dave Fishklap Al Klein Paul Kuneck Duke Lederer Lanny Lesser Tom Lesser Stu Levine Ken Levy Rich Levy Steve Mash Dick McCamey Tony Michaels Tom Miller Ron Riback Barry Robbins Jon Rosenbaum Tavie Schmier Bruce Temple John Tigner Torn Tuft Jim Ullman Howard Weinblatt Stuart Weisberger Gary Winter Dick Woodward Jeff Yachin greeks 317 318 I. Jerry Deputat 11. Bill Sharkey 21. Andy Zajaczkowski 31. John Powell 2. Dick Kopcke 12. Dick Astrom 22. Budweiser 32. Jerry Collyer 3. Dave Lowe 13. Don Blakley 23. Jim Wiseman 33. Don Gillain 4. Pete Fodor 5. Wade Shull 14. Jim Gleeson 15. Don Treadwell 24. Rick Flagen 25. Larry Hable 34. George Nagy 35. Jack McGovern 6. Jim Redden 16. Chris Wisniewski 26. Jack Lenz 36. Chuck Lungerhausen 7. Dan Proctor 17. Mitch Fleischer 27. John Go11 37. Fred Collison 8. Dana Houston 18. Mark Hayduk 28. Dick Post 38. Rod Gawel 9. John Jordan 19. Al Osterman 29. John Walton 10. Chuck Wilson 20. George Yingling 30. John Oliver greeks 319 act inala WIWI WNW VIM ■ IOW laaa NEW WWW tWall t.44r41 iblia NM SWIM WOW =II OM MOW WWI la IWO MOW •••••• IttC4 WWI WWWWW1 MIAMI OWNWIWON WWW WWI IWO WWI WWI. WOW MOMS taatall1WWINWWWIWW alla WW1 MI MS WOE IWO WM WOW WWI al OWN Ma WNW 11•1111 NM Mal WWICWWWW1 110 WNW AM UM OM 01•11 SW= WNW WWW ISWINIMIWWWW15. WW1 WW1 MN Ma OWIS WWWWWN WWW WWII 111•21111 IN WNW WWW WNW UMW • a WS MN aW111111101w..- 4 WI Ma 1•1•1 Oa -4 SOW WWW OM MI MI OM MO IN MIN WW AWN WNW WININDIWO I WWII a -S 1 AS uMl Ma IMO OW I IN ea I. Dennis Plautz 2. Mike Polifka 3. Jim Gibson 4. Gary Van Gorp 5. Bill Van Ittersum 6. Warren Major 7. Bill Diefenhach 8. Rick Egebrecht 9. Bruce Carlson 10. John Higbie 11. Jim Anderson 12. John Farron 13. Larry Fitchncr 14. John J. Smith 15. Tim Byrnes 16. Doug Newland 17. Scott Terhune 18. Ron Biedron 19. Dan McMurtrie 20. Paul Stager 21. Terry Haynes 22. John Feeny 23. Ernie Mark 24. Larry Toot 25. Bruno Ragan 26. Dick Dole 27. Quentin Skrabec 28. Jay Jonekait 29. Gil Nilson 30. Jim Schneider 31. John Morris 32. Jack Machek 33. Ed Smith 34. Bob Lewis 35. Denny Berry 36. Mike Kehoe 37. Gary Vartanian 38. Clyde McKenzie 39. Tim Johnson 40. Dave DeMaso 41. Dave Flanigan 42. Jim Lulek 43. Al Tokar 44. Bob Jensen 45. Jon Grube 46. Rick Lausten 47. Chris Christie 48. Marc Meffe 49. Dave Park 50. Denny Bandyk 51. Joe Menger 52. Dan Christiansen 53. Phil Huddy 54. Phil Stevens 55. OX NOT PICTURED: Kent Breese Greg BuhyolT Rick Cordes Scott Dodge Ed Hyatt Bill Janner Kevin Momence Dick Rollins Marshall Slocum Scott Woodison 320 1 heta Chi 1 g reeks 321 I. Chuck Dornbush 1 I. Mike Watts 21. Clarice Wocholsky 31. Larry Bell 2. Bruce Trefz 12. Sue Bailey 22. Barbara Ellworth 32. Ron McElhaney 3. Dave Herr 13. Mike Kelso 23. Tom Szymke 33. Bill Dennis 4. Mark Bennett 14. Charley Fox 24. Phil Hammond 34. Jim Hartough 5. Dave Johnson 15. Bob Vreeland 25. Mike Jones 35. John Entenman 6. Cathy Hand 16. El Magoon 26. Steve Chapman 36. Tom Tollefson 7. Pat Richardson 17. Dennis Keefer 27. Tom Schaffer 37. Pete Doren 8. Barry Morris 18. Bob Vollbracht 28. Jay Dudley 38. Mark Laessal 9. Roland Erhardt 19. Wally Laitner 29. Dave Troup 10. Bruce Andeen 20. Ray Wilcox 30. John Schoonover 322 [Theta Deka Ch g reeks 323 1. Mark Goodma 2. Al Peterson 3. Paul Gow 4. Bill Appel 5. Bob Stow 6. Craig Kick Smith 7. K. ig Squire Mark Brakonie 10. Sid Boarders Mark Well Brakoniecki 9 Steve ers 1 I. oEalrldiotman 12. Dave Brown Elliott Bill Deacon 13. 14. Jim Alsip Vince Birlcson 1 16. Mike Quinn 17. Craig , Inn 18. Dan gi Albright 19. GaryLEelvdienre ' 20. Mike Becke 21. Chris Wyatt 2?.. John Harry Eps tein 23. Benne 24. Ken Phillips 25. John oilnuSdcallyvveigert 26. 27. Pete Chalifoux 28. I Jcazckoobvitz 30. Howard v,nen Gil ' ard Sacks 31. Larry Calleys 32. R 33. Geoffg Bo N. tahme b a u Joel Welber 324 1. Thomas Kennedy 2. Pierre Leroy 3. Harry Vanicelli 4. John Van Roekel 5. Robert Podd 6. John Cox 7. Michael Antonow cz 8. Frederick Milne 9. Dan Yee 10. Michael Amos II. Read Johnson 12. Michael Touma 13. Terry Mo 14. David McBride 15. Alan Davis 16. Conrad Macina 17. Michael Huhns 18. Steven Seto 19. Michael Neuhauser NOT PICTURED: Ronald Adams Frederick Agdern David Carrier Philip Heller Roger Paul Melvin Vorel Donald Warmuth greeks 325 Trigon 1. Phil Alsup 2. Bob Schaibley 3. Tovarishch of Trigon 4. Rob Seiter 5. Gerald Graves 6. Sam Listiak 7. Dave Strom 8. Denny Miller 9. Fred Sewell 10. Larry Burger 11. Doug Wasama 12. Lauren Tremper 13. Jim Roach 14. Chuck Shedd 15. Mike Bell 16. Ike Evans 17. John Slinker 18. Jack Preston 19. Lee Friend 20. Karl Held NOT PICTURED: Jan Carline Steve Fast Dick Follett Carey Gross Nick Kozel Daryle Marjanierni Jim McMillan George Potter Dave Weiler g reeks 327 Beta a RA 1. Bob Yolles 22. Jeff Stern 43. David Mann Ben Friedman Ross Lerner 2. Dan Slomoff 23. Bob Rosenthal 44. Horace Weener Rick Friedman (Sr.) Jon Lubens 3. Ken Lasser 24. Jeff Kreinberg 45. Mark Rosenberg Rick Friedman (Soph) Dick Metzger 4. Gary Schwartz 25. Sam Zell 46. Louis Hecht Jim Gaines Gene Monroe 5. Richard Epstein 26. Ed Altman 47. Reid Slatkin Gerry Garfield Steve Nissen 6. Steve Welkon 27. John Nannes 48. Bruce Friedman Steve Gershenson Norm Pappas 7. Jim Katz 28. Bob Schwar tz 49. Marc Gertner Mark Glarer Brad Perlman 8. Frank Tell 29. Mike Prussian NOT PICTURED: Marshall Goldstein Mark Peterman 9. Richard Borenstein 30. Julio Catallo Howard Arnkoff Bob Graham Steve Pollack 0. Mark Myron 31. Tom Glaser Larry Arnkoff John Hammerschlag Ed Presberg 1. Barry Morguelan 32. Steve Sweet Bryan Auerbach Bruce Harter Andy Quinn 2. Mike Feder 33. Jim Dale Paul Bader Steve Hearn Chris Rose 3. Marty Burnstein 34. Ed Pappas Steve Beerbohm James Heisler Bernie Rosenbloom 4. Jon Stamell 35. Bryan Beresh Larry Berkowitz Lee Hess Ken Rothenberg 5. Larry Sosnow 36. Steve Samuels Bill Boas Bob Hirshon Rick Rubinson 6. Marvin Oleshansky 37. Rick Feferman John Brizolf Charles Jacobs Richard Schloss 7. Bob Scott 38. Howard Franklin Bruce Broder Bruce Kahn Joel Siegal 8. Pete Ewing 39. Elson Haas Richard Broock Bruce Katz Randy Sims 9. WORK (Alan Kaplan) 40. Jeff Floren Don Carroll Jim Kaufman Bob Weinstein 20. Bob Kraft 41. Dick Lees Dan Ewing Jim Kraft Harry Winer greeks 329 21. Scott Spear 42. Jeff Hoelzcer Barry Fetter Jeff Kukes Bob Yarmuth Rex Lanyi Bryan Yolles 1. Suzy Southon 2. Sue Gazley 3. Mary Fisher 4. Cathy Jabbot 5. Betsy Wardwell 6. Margret Clements 7. Margie Davidson 8. Marsha Mayhew 9. Jennifer Tower 10. Barbara Hamilton 1 I . Sharon Goodman 12. Linda Homeier 13. Ginny Smith 14. Cherise Lutone 15. Pat Turner 16. Mrs. Cameron 17. Julie Spiess 18. Cindy Bowcher 19. Kathy Larson 20. Arlene Janis 21. Susie Winter 22. Linda Gost 23. Debbie Winter 24. Jane Rosser 25. Gail Morrison 26. Debbie Owen 27. Lynn Kitzel 28. Mea Rutan 29. Skrogs 30. Janie Poulton 31. Berta Adamson 32. Maryann Cardoni 33. Lynn Taylor 34. Patti Connoley 35. Patti Kelly 36. Patti Clayton NOT PICTURED: Amy Agni Ingrid Alfredson Kim Barclae Cathy Barton Nancy Bell Sr. Nancy Bell Jr. Bobby Bignell Cathy Collins Patti Dailey Linda Ester Kathy Fliss Carol Hileman Judy Lane Mellow Lane Carol McFadden Ann McLean Darby McGlinnen Sue McOmber Kim Mack Pam Manvel Chris Miller Barb Nelson Barb O ' Boyle Kay Pant Marty Parker Lissa Perry Caryn Podlesak Deb bie Proctor Nancy Rytina Sherry Smolek Sue Taylor Patti Uitti 330 Zeta Taui Allpha greeks 331 Hayden House East Quad I. Ted Katz 2. John 01Tord 3. Robert Patrick 4. Jim Maras 5. Dave Beemon 6. George Caruso 7. John Habel 8. Bob Chase 9. Eric Zimmerman 10. Harold Rosenthal 11. Scott Arrowsmith 12. Mike Quigley 13. Nelson Hairston 14. Ken LaRose 15. Steve Gortmaker 16. Al Shuaib 17. Doug Smith 18. Harry Williams 19. Keith Bankritz 20. Ken Ventura 21. Renaldo Rondon 22. Bruce Van Vlack 23. David Winship 24. Tom Tynan 25. Rhodes Copithorn 26. John Fralick 27. Mike Holda 28. Dennis Keshishian 29. Harold Benson 30. Mark Meador 31. Chuck McQuillan 32. Mrs. Frances Betts 33. Collin McKenzie 34. Richard Luczak 35. Eric Reger 36. Ken Katona 37. Mark Ridolphi 38. Ken Jonas 39. Toni Trankle 40. Bill Hummel 41. Steve Rosen 42. Bob Meyer 43. James Hines 44. Rick St. Louis dorms 333 2. Pa . . Snair 1 Jan Sna 4. CmaattrrhicerlaineFiredlich 6. 11 1Liandagaret Joseph Linda Me; Ho 7. Nancy Horton cy Loy , 9. Noreen 1_, _ ' Debbie t n rBD rivdi s 10. pa 11. Sally Lewis 13 m 12. Jane G. 14. Sue Grant Gruber Marcia R 11651 Sue meiingtep 17. Susan Edgerton Shepard 18. Margaret Milauc 20. Km a ry Stewart 21. lam mureh. 22. Beth Howard le 23 24. Candy R 7 23. Jan Ft (war - ter 25. Sue y Campbell 26. Ranstadler r_on K ans 27. Rosemary 28. LA ie Gitiete 29. Eva B Griffin Anne G - , 30. LNA ea Meyer 32. Paula Byti k a ' Kathy la s Yarbrough 34. Sue H s 13 Marilyn B brough 35. Marcia ule, 36. Julie scull . 6. 37. Katie Williams 38. Jan atie Reynold 39. Sandy c . ndM;t h Reynolds 40. Karen Willis 41. , ren Williams 42. u,e Hill ; s 43. Connie Day 44. Li . n ' i_L Wright Linda ' sc.Vyw h ary 334 ordain [-1 dorms 335 Martha C©o 1 A 1. Jackie Cook 2. Mary Woodruff 3. Pat Chopp 4. Susan Redlich 5. Judy Badger 6. Laura Woolley 7. Rima Boyer 8. Sue Elan 9. Mary Nash 10. Ann Liebrecht 11. Robin Adams 12. Karen Reynolds 13. Donna Lynch 14. Wendy Wirth 15. Theora Riech 16. Debby Dunkle 17. Mrs. Quail 18. Debby White 19. Barb Connell 20. Ruth Winick 21. Vicki Bergsma 22. Lynda Lomax 23. Sally Weiss 24. Dorothy Ye nni 25. Karen Friedman 26. Betsy Williams 27. Dorothy Kerkhoff 28. Sheryl Vande Bunte 29. Natalie Trix 30. Mary Greiner 31. Mona Mikhail 32. Joan Gussin 33. Chris Johnson 34. Betsy Boccaccio 35. Carol Lehmann 36. Anne Mills 37. Marilyn Lankfer 38. Gloria Gladman 39. Jane Rosengarten 40. Sue Silber 41. Carol Toll 42. Cyndi Bartsch 43. Irene Barr 44. Sara Virga 45. Kathy Kutsche 46. Yoko Hashimoto 47. Karen Sidley 48. Ginnie Hart 49. Suzy Price 50. Nancy Wieswasser 51. Gayla Smith 52. Sharon Banachowski 53. Elaine Macklin 54. Helen Kronenberg 55. Lynn Kutsche 56. Karen Beemon 57. Lynne Sebastian 58. Shirley Tanner 59. Judy Newman 60. Lois Harder 61. Gay Blanchard 62. Ellen Mosher 63. Kathy Donaldson 64. Cheche Lim dorms 337 81. Susan Zeringue 82. Sue Schreiber 83. Sandy Rapai 84. Judy Walker 85. Victoria Kohn 86. Marilyn Henry 87. Connie Cardy 88. Beverly Sharp 89. Pamela Heindl 90. Carol Yager 91. Elizabeth Uzdavinis 92. Elaine Wassenaar 93. Karen St. John I. Joanne Hovnan 2. Jane Franchi 3. Diana Hurst 4. Vickie Veale 5. Sue Craig 6. Deena Young 7. Ann Elias 8. Helen Hill 9. Beverly Spotts 10. Angie Sweet 11. Jane Smith 12. Linda Johnson 13. Laura Lauber 14. Mary McNichols 15. Lynn Stern 16. Sue Smith 17. Marilyn Smulsky 18. Darby McGlinnen 19. Sherry Smolek 20. Patricia Skalny 21. Sally Jones 22. Judy Sarasohn 23. Deborah Duval 24. Ann Neuberger 25. Leora Weinstein 26. Karen Smith 27. Sherilyn Clarke 28. Karen Brown 29. Judith Paul 30. Carol Berndt 31. Lynda Schmedlen 32. Kathleen Rabiteau 33. Joanne Bowers 34. Doris Rubenstein 35. Susan Schuster 36. Jane Brundage 37. Joann Huston 38. Carol McKendry 39. Jacqueline Shuler 40. Gloria Klein 41. Muriel Williams 42. Rose Cortex 43. Shelley Kaplowitz 44. Nancy Moore 45. Sandy Thurmon 46. Susan Lewis 47. Ellen Markus 48. Claudia Vernier 49. Martha Robertson 50. Lora Metzger 51. Priscilla Yuchartz 52. Deborah Helzel 53. Marnie Culligan 54. Linda Wenning 55. Gail Hibbard 56. Lynn Adams 57. Lynda Ringenberg 58. Judith Kochmanski 59. Mary Worth 60. Brenda Starr 61. Ellie Moberg 62. Joann De Roche 63. Diane Zybach 64. Kay Hoyer 65. Linda Muskus 66. Andrea Pusakulich 67. Sally Ellis 68. Margaret Christiansen 69. Virginia Barret 70. Dale Heimbach 71. Mary Wright 72. Diana George 73. Patricia Zingheim 74. Pat Green 75. Elizabeth Turner 76. Barbara Preston 77. Joan Weinstein 78. Kathy McAlpine 79. Ralphina Hinterman 80. Gail Smith 338 IVIlosner =11a) dorms 339 Thronson Hou5e SOUth Quad 340 I. Cheryl Herman 2. Sheila Jacobs 3. Ann Vandegrift 4. Anita O ' Kulich 5. Nancy Hitpas 6. Tobie Kranitz 7. Dianne Rose 8. Darlene Morris 9. Marilyn Shapiro 10. Lynn Levin 11. Sharon Bobrowski 12. Margaret Patchak 13. Judith Cummins 14. Chris Parks 15. Shelley Gordon 16. Iris Exelrod 17. Marsha Oberman 18. Kathy Schultz 19. Susanne Fleischman 20. Ronna Smith 21. Sue Bosch 22. Pam Quinn 23. Cheryl Nicholson 24. Karen Farkas 25. Judy Ploeger 26. Arlene Rosenbaum 27. Judy Smigel 28. Andy Wolf 29. Lois Silverman 30. Cheryl MacAllister 31. Lynda Grcgerson 32. Pat Duffle 33. Joan Lessen 34. Ruth Nadelman 35. Vivian Gould 36. Laura Lowenthal 37. Carol Zell 38. Judy Smilack 39. Carol Ann Carl 40. Diane Aronson 41. Kathy Wohlert 42. Judith LeViness 43. Lynne Matson 44. Marsha Ishii 45. Kathy Worgess 46. Janis Rosen 47. Janet Ball 48. Susan Biernat 49. Anne Abrums 50. Ellie Cass 51. Marjorie Adelsberg 52. Dorothy Gold 53. Lee Bernstein 54. Arlene Friedberg 55. Carol Chartier 56. Sue Truskowski dorms 341 1. Sue Shapiro 2. Cindy Weiss 3. Diana Klein 4. Karen Segal 5. Betty 6. Linda Nutt 7. Joy Radke 8. Sue Warnick 9. Becky Vashak 10. Sheila Seward 11. Gaye Averbuck 12. Sarah Pemberton 13. Sheri Sager 14. Marlena Robinson 15. Carol Chepulis 16. Ruth Mayer 17. Freda Lengel 18. Sue Krieger 19. Margie Kaatz 20. Nancy Warren 21. Roberta Steinberg 22. Sharon Dombey 23. Cindy Walker 24. Kathy Koliba 25. Kris Watia 26. Sherry 27. Susan Easlick 28. Nancy Schreiber 29. Kathie Gaskill 30. Cindy Fadool 31. Edie Hunt 32. Janet Agranoff 33. Mary Hartman 34. Frannie Johnston 35. Iris Hiskey 36. Susie Hagadorn 37. Alicia Chapin Angell House Alice Lloyd 1. Lee 2. Debbie ahno 3. Jilibbie Rankin 4. Gail -Martiankin _56... Joan rnnall)Si y:pnri t ' ll(znmeorarnd ; . 9. . . Carol tar owW-1 Shaw GuernseyPorter ci ch r 12. Christine Jansen 14. e C D . 13. Dheristineenerd, 1165.. JmKuarrsenHoRexnadthburarn Ian Judy Mark wick kwiek dorms 343 I. David Lloyd 2. Michael Jones 3. Carl Spath 4. Thomas Moore 5. John MacNeal 6. Richard Kaul 7. Neil Zechman 8. Peter Wolf 9. Louis Barnes 10. Michael Panutich I I. Kirk Bunting 12. Daniel Rothwell 13. Kirk Hampton 14. Robert Klose 15. Charles Webb 16. Steven Hill 17. Boris Brezden 18. Gilbert Rood 19. Peter Robinson 20. John Werner 21. George Miller 22. Steven Anderson 23. Bruce Kloster 24. James Hennerty 25. Edward Stafford 26. Charles Mallar 27. Robert Klein 28. Anthony Patrick 29. Donald Shettel 30. Bruce Parent 31. John King 32. Steven Kim 33. Mrs. Dorothy Gugino 34. Randolph Miles 35. Mark Hartoog 36. James Ruddy 37. Henry Grix 38. Dale Simmerman 39. Kent Hertzing 40. Thomas Savory 41. Carl Winberg 42. Greg Meszaros 43. Lawrence Garden 44. Benjamin Hackett 45. John Anderson 46. Thomas Shrader 47. William Miller 48. Mark Wojciechowski 49. Thomas Smithson (R. D.) 50. Michael Kalis 51. Kenneth Harlan 52. Donald Clark 53. Michael Willie (R.F.) 54. Richard Semenik 55. Daniel Levine 56. Douglas Dold Greene H East Quad ouse 344 I. Elizabeth Grant 2. Martha Moore 3. Gail Smith 4. Marianne Gellatly 5. Carolyn Haynes 6. Lynn Cartwright 7. Louise Sarkisian 8. Dianne Reaver 9. Susan Smith 10. Nancy Colombo I I. Kathy Counihan 12. Marie Mavis 13. Pat Dishuck 14. Nancy Dolan 15. Paula Leszczynski 16. Carol Bosh 17. Chris Jacobson 18. Margaret Craig 19. Melanie Fors 20. Nadine Martynow 21. Marcia Gomley 22. Sue Lerner 23. Connie Crowley 24. Lorraine Chorkey 25. Dorothy Bean 26. Barb Murray 27. Jackie Johnson 28. Susan Heatherly 29. Liina Paasuke 30. Kathy Erwin 31. Julie Romine 32. Rose Gackstetter 33. Ann Firth 34. Ann Braithwaite 35. Margaret Arnold 36. Andrea Larsen 37. Pat Keil 38. Gwen Nagle 39. Carol Yahne 40. Julie Kessell 41. Cheryl Barkovich 42. Connie Molloy 43. Allison Cooke 44. Mino DufTy 45. Melany Honson Nixon 46. Mrs. Rosalind Nix [EH den New 3 enry dorms 345 1. Kathy Kraus 2. Mary Louise Hinsdale 3. Ethel Davis 4. Peggy Priest 5. Janis Hayes 6. Blanche Lynn 7. Gretchen Zielke 8. Cynthia Tootle 9. Pat Darron 10. Sharon Sheffer 11. Marilyn Zimmer 12. Ellen Warnock 13. Cathy Hoben 14. Shirley Goldsmith 15. Mary Richman 16. Pam Whately 17. Linda Seligman 18. Diane DePalma 19. Julie Seymour 20. Chris Anderson 21. Peggy Berman 22. Barbara Bell 23. Connie Hill 24. Suzanne Swayze 25. Barbara Nelson 26. Sue Ditsler 27. Crystal Hacker 28. Francie Cook 29. Judy Gloomis 30. Barbara Aiello 31. Irene Lewandowski 32. Ellen Kennedy 33. Vivian Wright 34. Kirsten Rohde 35. Cindy Marine 36. Barbara Puglisi 37. Debbie Scott 38. Dee Lefkowitcz 39. Judy Friedmar 40. Ilene Block 41. Alice Levin h-zdalle 11-[ ouoe Ake Hoyd 346 Hunt House South Quad I. Ann Shakespear 2. Fran Chessler 3. Teri Simpson 4. Susie Hilligoss 5. Jean Vial 6. JoAnn Lindenfeld 7. Marlee Russo 8. Jean Ruth 9. Nancy O ' Reilly 10. Elaine Herman 11. Debbie MalolT 12. Ann Ballance 13. Sue lgdaloff 14. Lynn Hill 15. Nancy Johnston 16. Cheryl Anderson 17. Nancy DesJardins 18. Barb Schonen 19. Ronna Ault 20. Marne Anderson 21. Sally Adams 22. Dorothea Steck 23. Peggy Collins 24. Heather Dunlop 25. Sue Morris 26. Sandra Jim 27. MarDee Schissel 28. Carol Lang 29. Candi Hammel 30. Linda Thompson 31. Allyn Lantis 32. Linda Bennett 33. Joyce Hennessee 34. Mrs. Davis 35. Colleen Finley dorms 347 1. Diane Achterkirch 2. Roberta Ellias 3. Cookie Avrin 4. Donna Dosenberry 5. Cindy Culbert 6. Linda Plein 7. Sue Kohler 8. Linda Maddock 9. Mary Beth Metevia 10. Linda Macunovich 11. Ingrid Sturk 12. Ann Anagnost 13. Chris Quinlan 14. Janet DeCapite 15. Pat Cahalan 16. Barb Goldberg 17. Candy Brown 18. Gretchen Millich 19. Marilyn Mernitz 20. Mary Ellen Bloom 21. Dorcee Clarey 22. Jan Blood 23. Valerie Scott 24. Pam FederolT 25. Alice Underwood 26. Donna Meiselbaugh 27. Becky Perich 28. Elberstein Craig 29. Janice Schaefer 30. Sue Ritchie 31. Kay Yoffee 32. Fran Sockowitz 33. Chris Smith 34. Pat ley 35. Thea Teich 36. Barb Rosen 37. Jenny Wolin 38. Cindy Tierney 39. Bonnie Sack 40. Ruth Walker 41. Gwen Tanguay 42. Ruth Sommerfeld Melinsieuck House A ke Liloyd. 348 I. Gretchen Hughes 2. Marian Miller 3. Renee Lake 4. Chris Dabrowski 5. Judy Kerwin 6. Linda Griffin 7. Pat Breitkreitz 8. Linda Fechner 9. Margaret Weaver 10. Nancy Chapman II. Melissa Scooros 12. Kerry McCloskey 13. Linda Rexer 14. Nancy McKellar 15. Rosanne Pitchford 16. Heather McKay 17. Karen Sharkey 18. Jan Donke 19. Kathy Zook 20. Mary Southwick 21. Connie Hunt 22. Cindy Oas 23. Cindy Golisek 24. Paula Stylski 25. Barb Prins 26. Mrs. Chapman 27. Joyce Montgomery 28. Sheila Summers 29. Mary Ellen Quinn 30. Linda Young 31. Bethany Parsons 32. Pat Chamberlain 33. Sue Sparrow 34. Ann Benjey 35. Dianne Matz 36. Janet Westhoff 37. Marcia Klein 38. Loretta Shloss 39. Joyce Hazen 40. Helen Levin 41. Cindy Atkins Pallmer House Afice Uoydl dorms 349 1. Terry Bessey 2. Jane Sallade 3. Nancy Kelso 4. Carol Niffeneger 5. Martha Koning 6. Jean Avis 7. Elaine Brudi 8. Jan Halash 9. Sharon Smith 10. Kathy Norton 11. Ceal Phelan 12. Mary Cook 13. Jean Mooney 14. Dee Valvanis 15. Peggy Ferm 16. Mary Benclelow 17. Sue Carleton 18. Marlene Gronda 19. Karen Lapin 20. Jody Burke 21. Amy Cohen 22. Bettie Duvall 23. Sue Bowerman 24. Lori Frost 25. Margaret Heyn 26. Laurie Omness 27. Margie Kelliar 28. Judy Brey 29. Mary Hawkins 30. Mrs. Alma Abrahms 31. Catherine Walsh 32. Mrs. Madeline McGrath 33. Carolyn Richey 34. Katy Whitford 35. Donna Benore 36. Claudia Northrop 37. Nancy Frayer 38. Pree Birnie 39. Mary Ann Gronda 40. Margaret Malnight 41. Carolyn Printup 42. Veronica Mason Stockwell 350 1. Doug Meyers 2. George Johnston 3. Ron Polidan 4. Tom Anderson 5. Geoff Gardner 6. Dick Mahn 7. Len Sholtis 8. Dave Yentz 9. Dave Tipmore 10. Tom Ricci I I. Mark Skasley 12. Nartural Kathroda 13. Jeff Tirengel 14. Randy Johnson 15. Paul Sharpe 16. Chuck White 17. Tom Damuth 18. Keith Heidorn 19. Howard Kahn 20. Bill Vicars 21. Gary French 22. Rich Shpritzer 23. Wade Webster 24. Keith Hanley 25. Morris Abrahams 26. Dave Buckley 27. Mrs. Purnell 28. Tahitia Nishigami 29. Warren Abrahamson 30. Mike Senneff 31. Larry Fitch 32. Greg Quidort 33. Jim Tonn 34. Ted Gibbs 35. Keith Smith 36. Jim Colbert 37. Jim Crawford 38. Rick Shepherd 39. Charles Dietrich 40. Marco Antonio 41. Russ Hammond 42. Bruce Hassan 43. Steve Tom 44. Jerry Goldberg 45. Ken Music 46. Gene Lee 47. Eduardo Gomez 48. Andy Balch 49. Den Flory 50. John Morris 51. Ramsey Mahadeen 52. Dave White 53. Larry Moore 54. Steve Kowaloff 55. Paul Pratt 56. Charlie Schmidt 57. Dimiter Imkiov 58. Steve Elliott Strauss House East Quad dorms 351 FRONT ROW: Steve Mitchell, Jeff Bowden, treasurer, Jeff Messner, president, Scott Spear, vice president, Frances Hartman. BACK ROW: Ty Gillespie, Mary Hutchinson, Wayne Adamo, Judy Goodlad, Dave Metzger. SENIOR CLASS BOARD Jeff Messner, President of L.S.A. Scott Spear, Vice President of L.S.A. Wayne Adamo, Secretary-Treasurer of L.S.A. Ty Gillespie, President of A. D. Dave Metzger, Vice President of A. D. Rhoda Clugston, President of Education Judy Wade, Vice President of Education Nancy Sinkowski, Secretary-Treasurer of• Education Jeff Bowden, President of Engineering Steve Mitchell, Vice President of Engineering Frances Hartman, President of Nursing Judy Goodlad, Vice President of Nursing Trudy Burkett, Secretary of Nursing Mary Hutchinson, Treasurer of Nursing 352 Arthur L. Aaronson, B.S. in Psychology Arthur M. Abbo, B.A. in Economics Jack I. Abelson, B.A. in Political Science William K. Abend, B.S.E. in Electrical Engineering Kate M. Abraham, B.A. in Psychology Sharon Abramowitz, B.A. in Journalism Suzanne Abrams, B.A. in Education Katherine Adams, B.A. in History of Art Donna J. Adler, B.A. in Psychology Edward Adler, B.S. in Cellular Biology Joseph Agosta, B.S.E. in Electrical Engineering Susan M. Ahman, B.A. in English Frederick L. Aiken, B.A. in Economics Maria H. Aiken, B.A. in Education Robert E. Albertson, B.A. in Political Scien ce John T. Albrecht, B.S.E. in Industrial Engineering Christine L. Aleksoff, B.S. in Mathematics David T. Alexander, B.A. in Economics Dwight E. Alexander, B.A. in Political Science Sharon L. Allan, B.A. in English 353 Gary F. Allen, B.B.A. Aaron N. Alpert, B.S.E. in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering Carolyn R. Alport, B.A. in Near Eastern Studies Philip F. Alsup, B.A. in Political Science Judith A. Altman, B.S. in Medical Technology Mehmet Altun, B.S.E. in Mechanical Engineering Ann T. Allwein, B.S. in Interior Design Shahla Amoukhteh, B.S. in Chemistry Gary W. Ampluski, B.S. in Physics Bruce R. Andeen, B.S.E. in Mechanical Engineering Carol L. Anderson, B.A. in Education Judy L. Anderson, B.S. in Physical Therapy Kay J. Anderson, B.A. in Special Education Robert D. Anderson, B.S. in Physics Thomas E. Anderson, B.S.E. in Aerospace Engineering Willis E. Anderson, B.Arch. Celeste T. Andreozzi, B.S. in Education Daniel J. Antonczak, B.S.E. in Industrial Engineering David W. Appel, B.A. in English Mary M. Appelt, B.S. in Zoology Bradley W. Arbogast, B.S. in Cellular Biology Edward J. Arbut, B.B.A. Cheryl L. Arft, B.S. in Nursing Howard S. ArnkofT, B.A. in History Richard S. Aronsohn, B.S. in Zoology Margaret J. Asman, B.A. in English Kathryn M. Augustin, B.A. in English Robert J. Austin, B.S. in Chemistry Mandy J. Averill, B.A. in History and Social Studies Alan L. Axelrod, B.A. in History Michael A. Aznavorian, B.S.E. in Mechanical Engineering Bryce A. Babcock, B.S. in Physics Sharon Bader, B.S. in Special Education Judith D. Badger, B.A. in English Jane E. Bailey, B.A. in English William J. Bajcz, B.S. in Chemistry Bette Jo Baker, B.S. in Nursing Carol A. Baker, B.S. in Nursing Joyce A. Baker, B.A. in Social Work Linda D. Ball, B.A. in History Rob W. Ball, B.S.E. Charles H. Ballard, B.S.E. in Nuclear Engineering Walter L. Ballauer, B.S.E. in Aerospace Engineering Jane E. Balmer, B.S. in Nursing John N. Balog, M.S.E. in Civil Engineering 354 Michael E. Banaszak, B.S. in Chemistry Gayle H. Barak, B.S. in Education Gary N. Barber, B.S. in Pharmacy Jerry Barenholtz, B.S. in Mathematics John L. Barkai, B.B.A. Carol A. Barnes, B.A. in Special Education Deborah Barnes, B.A. in English Linda H. Barnes, B.B.A. Marsha L. Barnett, B.A. in Special Education Dorothy E. Barr, B.A. in History Irene B. Barr, B.A. in History Gerard J. Barrett, B.S.E. in Electrical Engineering Bonita F. Barry, B.A. in Education Edward W. Barter, B.S.E. in Industrial Engineering Arthur P. Bartholomew III, B.A. in Economics William R. Bartlett, B.A. in English David R. Barton, B.S. in Mathematics and Economics Karen L. Bartsch, B.S. in Physical Therapy Lawrence H. Bassett, B.A. in English Margaret A. Bassett, B.S. in Nursing John W. Baur, Jr., B.S.E. in Mechanical Engineering James E. Bayson, B.B.A. Philip G. Bayster, B.B.A. David J. Beach, B.S.E. in Mechanical Engineering Anne E. Beasley, B.A. in English Richard F. Beaubien, B.S.E. in Civil Engineering Susan B. Beaudway, B.A. in Mathematics Steven E. Beaver, B.A. in Sociology Anne E. Becker, B.A. in English Claire S. Becker, B.S. in Nursing Kathryn L. Beckert, B.A. in Education Barbara A. Beckett, B.S. in Biology Dee A. Becklund, B.S. in Interior Design Kathryn L. Beebe, B.A. in Education John S. Beechler, B.S.E. in Mechanical Engineering Bradley W. Behrman, B.S.E. in Civil Engineering and B.S. in Geology A. Nancy Beleau, B.S. in Biology Judith L. Bell, B.A. in Education Lawrence D. Bell, B.S.E. in Mechanical Engineering Patricia J. Bell, Pharmacy D. Robert K. Bendelow, B.A. in Economics Sandra L. H. Benet, B.A. in Music Literature Mary E. Benjamin, B.A. in English Charles P. Bennett, B.S.E. in Physics Lowell A. Berg, B.A. in Russian Studies 355 Carl G. Berger, B.A. in Economics Roberta L. Berger, B.A. in Speech Robert A. Berlow, B.A. in Political Science Joe A. Berman, B.S. in Pre-Medical Studies Maxine L. Berman, B.A. in English Neil D. Berman, B.A. in Philosophy Sharon Berman, B.A. in French Judith S. Bernstein, B.A. in Political Science Claire L. Berteel, B.S. in Mathematics Charles L. Betsey, B.A. in Economics and Spanish John C. Betzner, B.S.E. in Electrical Engineering Kathryn L. Beyer, B.A. in Mathematics Winifred A. Bickes, B.B.A. Linda E. Bidelman, B.A. in Mathematics Richard L. Billiet, B.S.E. in Mechanical Engineering Nancy J. Bingham, B.S. in Design Barbara A. Bird, B.A. in Anthropology Barbara A. Birenboim, B.A. in English Literature Julia A. Birkhold, B.A. in Social Work Donald R. Bishop, B.S. in Meteorology Karen M. Bishop, B.S. in Nursing Barbara E. Bitner, B.A. in English Literature Barry M. Black, B.A. in Mathematics Gary M. Black, B.A. in Political Science Ann L. Blackson, B.A. in Psychology Kathryn A. Blair, B.A. in Education Marlene D. Blair, B.A. in Art Education Gay L. Blanchard, B.S. in Dental Hygiene Mary E. Blessing, B.A. in Education Carl J. Bloch, B.S. in Nuclear Physics Leanore A. Block, B.A. in English Linda J. Blood, B.A. in Speech Linda A. Bloom, B.A. in English Stewart J. Bluestone, B.A. in Psychology Dale C. Blum, B.A. in Psychology Deborah E. Blum, B.A. in English Michael J. Bobik, B.A. in Psychology Elizabeth L. Boccaccio, B.A. in English Terry R. Bochanty, B.A. in Economics Marion Boenheim, B.A. in Psychology Michael A. Bogdasarian, B.A. in English Richard L. Boger, B.A. in Economics Robert K. Boggs, B.A. in Sociology Anita L. Bohn, B.A. in Anthropology and Social Studies Cynthia A. Bohr, B.A. in English 356 John D. Boley, B.S. in Advertising Design Marcia R. Bolt, B.A. in Education Allen S. Bomes, B.S. in Meteorology and Oceanography Janet A. Bondy, B.A. in English John M. Bookston, B.A. in Mathematics Gale D. Boraks, B.A. in Speech Therapy Claudia E. Bourgin, B.A. in Psychology Jay A. Bouwens, B.S. in Chemistry Mary C. Bowles, B.A. in Special Education Allan R. Bowman, B.S.E. in Electrical Engineering Rima L. Boyer, B.A. in Education Carolyn Boykoff, B.A. in English Lynda L. Boynton, B.S. in Physical Therapy Susan D. Bradford, B.A. in History of Art Carol J. Bradley, B.S. in Zoology John A. Bradley, B.S. in Mathematics Lois R. Bradley, B.A. in Mathematics Michael D. Bradley, M.P.A. William S. Bradshaw, B.S.E. in Mechanical Engineering Barbara J. Brady, B.A. in Education Roslyn F. Braeman, B.B.A. Michael I. Bragalone, B.S.E. in Mechanical Engineering Philip A. Brand, B.S.E. in Civil Engineering James P. Brandt, B.S.E. in Chemical Engineering Susan J. Branner, B.Mus. Robert L. Bratzler, B.S.E. in Biochemical Engineering Susan N. Braunstein, B.A. in Education Elizabeth J. Breedlove, B.B.A. Antonina M. Brem, Ph.D. in Epidemiological Science Joseph F. Brendel, Jr., B.S.E. in Electrical Engineering Avrom M. Brendzel, B.S.E. in Aerospace Engineering Donald P. Brezinski, B.S. in Physics Penny Brigham, B.S. in Nursing Richard R. Brink, B.S. in Zoology Karl R. Brinker, B.S. in Zoology John H. Brockett, B.A. in Chinese Susan A. Brodie, B.A. in Special Education Ronald E. Brodowicz, B.S.E. in Electrical Engineering Elene R. Brogan, B.A. in German Richard A. Broock, B.A. in Political Science Linda S. Brooks, B.S. in Nursing Susan E. Brot, B.A. in English Linda G. Brouwer, B.S. in Medical Technology Barbara F. Brown, B.A. in English Barbara K. Brown, B.S. in Chemistry 357 Betty A. Brown, B.A. in American Studies Candice E. Brown, B.S. in Microbiology Carol L. Brown, B.A. in Psych ology John M. Brown, B.S.E. in Mechanical Engineering Manuel L. Brown, B.S. in Zoology Nancy L. Brown, B.A. in Economics Paula L. Brown, B.S. in Microbiology and Pre-Medical Studies Peter W. Brown, B.S.E. in Mechanical Engineering Richard F. Brown, B.A. in Mathematics Robert A. Brown, B.A. in Psychology Rosemary L. Brown, B.A. in Education Robert A. Browne, B.S. in Zoology Susan S. Brownson, B.A. in English Jerome A. Brownstein, B.B.A. Anne K. Bruedigam, B.A. in Political Science Richard W. Bruni, B.A. in English Annetta NI. Byrne, B.A. in Sociology David A. Bubolz, B.S.E. in Mechanical Engineering Neil P. Buderman, B.S. in Zoology Irene J. Buitkus, B.A. in Sociology David G. Bullard, B.A. in English Literature John W. Bullington, B.A. in Sociology Joyce A. Burchett, B.A. in Education Howard E. Burg, B.S. in Cellular Biology Roy H. Burgess, B.S. in Zoology Robert F. Burnaska, B.A. in Psychology Cheryl A. Burns, B.A. in English Jean M. Burns, B.A. in English Richard R. Burns, B.A. in Political Science Catherine A. Burnstein, B.S. in Special Education Paul D. Burstein, B.A. in Psychology Ronald G. Bush, B.S.E. in Mechanical Engineering Bonnie D. Busse, B.A. in Political Science Elizabeth A. Butsch, B.A. in Anthropology Gilbert D. Butson, B.A. in Economics Jon M. Buyle, B.A. in Psychology Bonnie E. Cabot, B.S. in Dental Hygiene Joseph A. Calcaterra, B.S.E. in Industrial Engineering Mitzi L. Calhoun, B.A. in English Janet NI. Calland, B.S. in Nursing Jane J. Callaway, B.A. in Special Education Tanya S. Calnicean, B.S. in Nursing Michael M. Campbell, B.S. in Chemistry Nancy L. Campbell, B.A. in Spanish Richard L. Canfield, B.Arch. 358 Linda J. Canning, B.A. in English Charles E. Care, B.Arch. Beth P. Carlson, B.A. in Education Richard L. Carlson, B.S.E. in Electrical Engineering Lisbeth Carson, B.S. in Interior Design Susan J. Carson, B.A. in Journalism George D. Case, B.S. in Chemistry Peggy A. Cashour, B.A. in English Mary E. Caspersen, B.S. in Nursing Michael R. Casselman, B.S.E. in Mechanical Engineering Wendy E. Cassidy, B.S. in Special Education James R. Castle, B.B.A. Judith G. Castle, B.A. in English Dorothy A. Cataldo, B.A. in Political Science Valerie L. Lavin, B.A. in Journalism Barbara E. Cejka, B.S. in Chemistry Joan B. Cerin, B.A. in English James W. Chamberlain, B.B.A. Lynn C. Chamberlain, B.S. in Dental Hygiene Roger Chamberlin, B.S.E. in Aerospace Engineering Carol T. Chapman, B.A. in Economics Stephen N. Chapman, B.S. in Physics and Mathematics Suzanne K. Chase, B.A. in Mathematics Bruce A. Cheney, B.S.E. in Civil Engineering Carol D. Chepulis, B.A. in Russian Language and Literature Darryl R. Cherdron, B.S.E. in Electrical Engineering Donna T. Chernin, B.A. in Journalism Paula L. Chester, B.Mus. Cynthia J. Chonkich, B.A. in English Patricia A. Chopp, B.A. in English Lorraine A. Chorkey, B.S. in Mathematics Richard A. Chudd, M.S.E. in Civil Engineering William V. Cichocki, B.S. in Mathematics Georgann R. Citron, B.S. in Design William G. Clark, B.A. in English Douglas G. Claucherty, B.S.E. in Mechanical Engineering Brenda L. Clay, B.A. in Education John C. Claya, B.A. in History Patricia L. Clayton, B.S. in Cellular Biology Barbra S. Clelland, B.S. in Dental Hygiene Terrance A. Clink, B.S.E. in Industrial Engineering Robert N. Clinton, B.A. in Political Science Nancy L. Coats, B.Mus. Jacquelyn 0. Cochran, B.A. in Speech and English Judith Z. Coffey, B.A. in Education 359 Kenneth R. Coffin, B.S. in Physical Education Barbara J. Cohen, B.A. in English Carol S. Cohen, B.A. in English Howard S. Cohen, B.S.E. in Electrical Engineering Natalie R. Cohen, B.A. in Mathematics Steven R. Cohen, B.A. in Pre-Legal Studies Amy E. Cohn, B.A. in History of Art Barbara A. Cohn, B.A. in Political Science Nancy F. Cohodas, B.A. in Special Education David A. Cole, B.A. in Psychology Carol C. Coleman, B.S. in Chemistry Jana M. Coleman, B.A. in Education David J. Collier, B.A. in Journalism Phyllis D. Collins, B.A. in English Susan E. Colman, B.S. in Mathematics Niela M. Colquitt, B.S. in Design Grace I. Combs, B.S. in Nursing E. Colleen Conklin, B.S. in Nursing George W. Conklin, B.B.A. Christeen A. Conlin, B.S. in Nursing Claudia J. Cook, B.A. in Social Studies Jacqueline C. Cook, B.A. in Speech James A. Cook, B.A. in English John 0. Cook, B.A. in History Judith W. Cook, B.A. in Psychology Philip J. Cook, B.A. in Economics Keith W. Cooley, B.S.E. in Engineering Physics Carol A. Cooper, B.A. in Special Education George E. Cooper, B.S.E. in Industrial Engineering Claudia Copeland, B.A. in Journalism David M. Copi, J.D. Jane L. Cornette, B.S. in Computer Mathematics Frederick C. Correll, B.Mus. Steven A. Correll, B.S.E. in Chemical Engineering and Science Engineering Susan S. Cosgrove, B.A. in English Patricia A. Costello, M.A. in Education Laura M. Cote, B.A. in Education James M. Couch, B.A. in Psychology Gary W. Cox, B.S.E. in Industrial Engineering James E. Coyle, Jr., B.A. in Speech Patricia E. Craig, B.A. in English Susan M. Crane, B.A. in Political Science Barbara Cranham, B.A. in Journalism Patricia E. Creese, B.A. in Education Joel L. Cressman, B.S. in Design 360 James C. Crosby, B.B.A. Mary L. Crosby, B.S. in Design Curtis 0. Crysler, B.S.E. in Industrial Engineering Jules I. Crystal, B.A. in Political Science Suzanne E. Culp, B.A. in English Evelyn T. Cunico, B.A. in English John C. Cunningham, B.A. in Education Gerald C. Cupchik, B.A. in Sociology and Psychology Nina L. Cutter, B.S. in Nursing Alexandra K. Dabovich, B.A. in Journalism and English Andrea R. Daisy, B.A. in Education Laurelynne B. Daniels, B.Mus. Kristin A. Danielson, B.S. in Nursing William H. Darbee, B.A. in Economics Karen L. Davidson, B.A. in Art Education Mark H. Davidson, B.A. in English Dorothy D. Davinich, B.S. in Medical Technology Diana V. Davis, B.A. in History of Art Donna W. Davis, B.S. in Nursing Lucinda J. Davis, B.S. in Nursing David S. Davison, B.B.A. Nancy S. Davison, B.S. in Physical Education Marcia S. Day, B.A. in Sociology Diane L. Dayton, B.S. in Nursing William R. Dean, B.B.A. Darlene A. DeBene, B.A. in English Janet M. Decker, B.S. in Microbiology Sclden S. Deemer, B.A. in Near Eastern Languages and Literature Adrian DeGroot, M.B.A. Gianfranco Deledda, B.S. in Mathematics Rene L. DeLeemans, B.B.A. Kathleen L. DeMare, B.A. in Sociology Cheryl L. Dembe, B.S. in Chemistry Diane L. Demo, B.S. in Nursing Lynn T. Dempster, B.A. in Mathematics James L. Dennis, B.A. in Political Science Mary-Kaye Denomme, B.A. in Political Science Paul J. D ' Eramo, B.A. in English Anthony S. Deutsch, M.A. in Economics Jeanne M. D ' Haem, B.A. in Psychology Nancy C. Diamond, B.A. in Mathematics Scott W. Dichter, B.S.E. in Mechanical Engineering Carolyn J. Dick, B.S. in Nursing Carol A. Dickerman, B.A. in Education Kathleen M. Dickson, B.A. in English 361 Attilio E. DiMarco, B.S.E. in Industrial Engineering Frank R. Di Maria, B.S. in Pre-Professional Studies Garth B. Dimkoff, B.S.E. in Mechanical Engineering Robert D. Dingeman, B.S. in Zoology David H. Diskin, B.S. in Mathematics Lynore K. Dittmer, B.A. in Psychology William S. Dixon, Jr., B.A. in Political Science David A. Dodge, B.A. in Pre-Legal Studies Nancy L. Dodge, B.A. in Journalism Scott H. Dodge, B.B.A. Christine Doele, B.A. in English Judy K. Doetze, B.A. in Speech James L. Dolan, B.S. in Social Studies and Physical Education Joseph E. Doll, B.S.E. in Electrical Engineering Constance T. Dompkey, B.S. in Education Kristine C. Doney, B.S. in Chemistry Ann D. Douglass, B.A. in Education Marilyn E. Dowgiallo, B.S. in Special Education Richard L. Doyle, B.A. in Psychology Carole L. Drachler, B.A. in History of Art Geoffrey B. Drake, B.A. in Political Science Marc M. Drasin, B.A. in Psychology and Chinese Mark E. Dressendorfer, B.A. in Pre-Legal Studies Martin M. Dresser, B.S.E. in Nuclear Engineering Jane T. Dreyfuss, B.S. in Design Sandra L. Driggin, B.A. in Economics Brenda R. Drumm, B.A. in Education William D. DuCharme, B.A. in English Literature Joseph J. Duchi, Jr., B.Mus. Carolyn L. Dudlets, B.A. in English Carolyn L. Duffy, B.A. in Political Science Lawrence P. Dufour, B.A. in English Robert J. Dugan, B.A. in Polit ical Science George M. Dunham, B.S.E. in Industrial Engineering Alan M. Dunker, B.S. in Chemistry Lenore J. Dunn, B.A. in English Donald L. Dziadzio, B.A. in Political Science Dorothy J. Ebeling, B.A. in Physics Terese A. Edelman, B.A. in French David R. Edelstein, B.A. in Psychology Charles R. Edwards, B.S.E. in Industrial Engineering Richard F. Egebrecht, B.S.E. in Aeronautical Engineering Martha A. Eggers, B.A. in Psychology Dale J. Ehresman, B.Arch. Murray N. Ehrinpreis, B.A. in English 362 Meredith J. Eiker, B.A. in English Mary S. Einfeldt, B.A. in Social Studies Joan L. Eising, B.S. in Pharmacy Susan V. Elan, B.A. in English Nancy G. Elder, B.S. in Nursing Cheryl L. Elford, B.A. in Social Work Elizabeth A. Elling, B.A. in Journalism Linda S. Elliott, B.S. in Medical Technology Nancy L. Ellis, B.A. in Social Studies Daphne K. Ellison, B.A. in Education Janet L. Ellstrom, B.S. in Special Education Katherine J. Emerick, B.A. in English Judith Emme, B.A. in Speech Donald 0. Engelbrecht, B.S.E. in Mechanical Engineering Judith S. Epstein, B.A. in Political Science Beatrice A. Erdos, B.S. in Pharmacy Eric S. Ericson, B.S. in Zoology Herman M. Esch, B.S.E. in Electrical Engineering Charles K. Esler, Jr., M.S.E. in Mechanical Engineering Raymond P. Essell, B.Arch. Ilene L. Evans, B.A. in English Jean L. Evans, B.A. in Education Gail S. Ewald, B.A. in Fine Arts Thomas L. Ewing, B.A. in Geography Judith L. Falick, B.A. in Speech and Hearing Science Jane E. Falk, B.A. in English Mary C. Fallon, B.A. in American Culture Thomas W. Fant, B.S.E. in Mechanical Engineering Carole A. Farber, B.A. in Education Gene A. Farber, B.A. in Pre-Legal Studies Jeffrey E. Farkas, B.A. in History Stephen J. Fast, B.S. in Zoology David J. Fayram, B.S.E. in Engineering Mechanics James P. Feeney, B.A. in Political Science Richard N. Feferman, B.A. in History Susan M. Feigenson, B.A. in English Joseph F. Feinberg, B.Mus. Susan K. Feldman, B.B.A. Barbara L. Feldstein, B.A. in Special Education Alice A. Fellman, B.A. in English Gilbert G. Fennimore, B.S.E. in Electrical Engineering Charles M. Feuer, B.S.E. in Electrical Engineering Susan M. Fillhart, B.S. in Nursing Lesley 0. Finkelman, B.A. in English Marc A. Firestone, B.S. in Physics 363 Richard A. Fisch, B.S. in Education Claire E. Fisher, B.S. in Special Education Margaret C. Fisher, B.S. in Nursing Wayne A. Fisher, B.Mus. Linda L. Fitzjohn, B.S. in Art Education Lorena D. Fitzpatrick, B.A. in English Robert W. Fleury, B.S. in Design Greta L. Ford, B.A. in Music Literature Thomas M. Forman, B.S.E. in Aerospace Engineering Edward Forstenzer, B.A. in Economics Judith A. Fortus, B.A. in English Gerald F. Foster, B.S. in Pharmacy Charles F. Fox, B.S.E. in Industrial Engineering Dean F. Fox, M.B.A. Janet M. Fox, B.A. in Political Science Mary V. Fox, B.A. in History William W. Fox, B.S. in Physical Education Virginia L. Frank, B.S. in Microbiology Karen A. Franks, B.S. in Nursing Thomas D. Frayer, B.S. in Economics Nelson M. Frew, B.S. in Chemistry Gary L. Fried, B.B.A. Martin L. Friedburg, B.A. in History Dana E. Friedman, B.A. in History Richard J. Friedman, B.A. in Psychology Stephen F. Friedman, B.A. in Journalism Charles D. Friedstat, B.A. in Mathematics Masako S. Fukawa, B.A. in Education Bette C. Fuller, B.A. in Special Education Charles R. Fuller, B.S.E. Helga J. Gable, B.A. in German and Spanish Edward J. Gainer, B.S. in Communication Science Gloria J. Galanes, B.A. in English Linda L. Gale, B.S. in Dental Hygiene Frederick G. Gallagher, B.A. in Economics Sherry L. Gallagher, B.S. in Dental Hygiene Cynthia I. Games, B.S. in Speech Therapy Connie R. Garb, B.A. in Education Susan M. Garbett, B.S. in Nursing Julius M. Gardin, B.S. in Zoology Nancy E. Gardner, B.S. in Medical Technology Richard L. Garey, B.S. in Pharmacy Gerald Garfield, B.A. in English Marcia E. Garfield, B.A. in Education Marie Garian, B.A. in Pre-Legal Studies 364 Penelope A. Garner, B.A. in Speech Diane D. Garrison, B.A. in Education Jaye M. Gassel, B.A. in Psychology Carol J. Gauthier, B.S. in Medical Technology Susan J. Gazley, B.A. in Political Science Valerie J. Gebhardt, B.A. in Psychology Blanche M. Gemrose, B.A. in French Sharon F. Gennick, B.S. in Zoology Gladys J. George, B.A. in History Adamont N. Georgeson, B.A. in English David B. Gerges, B.S. in Mathematics Lawrence M. Gerstein, B.S. in Zoology James D. Gerwin, B.B.A. Roy R. Gettel, B.S. in Chemistry Bruce D. Getzan, B.A. in History Raj S. Ghaman, B.S.E. in Civil Engineering Andrea K. Gilbert, B.S. in Dental Hygiene Donald B. Gillain, B.A. in Economics Karin J. Gillett, B.A. in English Eleanor A. Gilliland, B.A. in Special Education Jacqueline Gilson, B.A. in English Robert S. Ginsberg, B.A. in History Sally L. Glaesner, B.S. in Dental Hygiene Robert V. Glamb, B.B.A. Stephen W. Glidden, B.A. in Political Science Lawrence G. Glover, B.A. in English Richard C. Gobeille, B.S. in Zoology Paul K. Godwin, B.S.E. in Electrical Engineering Marilyn Golan, B.A. in Education Gordon S. Gold, B.A. in Political Science Michael A. Goldberg, B.A. in Economics Robert J. Golden, B.S.E. in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering Susan C. Golden, B.S. in Nursing Lynn N. Goldsmith, B.A. in Speech Deana E. Goldstein, B.S. in Nursing Camille E. Gollon, B.S. in Zoology Judy E. Goodlad, B.S. in Nursing Iris K. Goodman, B.A. in Education Philip J. Goodman, B.A. in Economics Don ald S. Goodrich, B.S. in Forestry Carl H. Goodwin, B.S.E. in Aerospace Engineering Laura Gordon, B.A. in Sociology Stephanie P. Gordon, B.A. in Education Barbara J. Gorelick, B.A. in Education Jean Goren, B.A. in Education 365 Marily Gorr, B.A. in Education Ann Gosinski, B.A. in Education Janis M. Gosline, B.A. in English Thomas A. Goss, B.S. in Physical Education Alison L. Gostow, B.A. in Psychology Richard F. Gottlieb, B.A. in Psychology Carole M. Gottschalk, B.A. in Special Education Nancy 0. Gouin, B.A. in Education Montie R. Gould, B.S. in Zoology Sharyn Gould, B.S. in Psychology Lucretia H. Granda, M.A. in Library Science Rolando M. Granda, M.A. in Library Science Neil Granader, B.S. in Zoology Margaret L. Granger, B.A. in English Cheryl L. Grant, B.S. in Biology Denise C. Grant, B.S. in Botany Elizabeth L. Grant, B.A. in American Culture Judith L. Grant, B.A. in Education Stuart B. Grant, B.A. in Economics Stuart E. Grass, B.A. in Economics Andrejs Graube, B.S.E. in Chemical Engineering Margaret E. Gray, B.S. in Nursing Peter D. Gray, B.S. in Mathematics Barbara T. Green, B.A. in History Carol L. Green, B.A. in Political Science Jeanette E. Green, B.A. in English Ronald L. Green, B.S. in Zoology Deborah A. Greenberg, B. A. in Psychology Judith A. Greenberg, B.A. in Journalism Gail M. Greenhouse, B.A. in English Frederick T. Greiner, B.A. in Philosophy Gayle L. Greisman, B.S. in Special Education Mary F. Gretzinger, B.A. in English Cheryl A. Griesinger, B.A. in English Dennis H. Griffin, B.S.E. in Aerospace Engineering Susan A. Griffith, B.A. in English Robert A. Gross, B.A. in Psychology Steven A. Grossman, B.A. in Economics Joel W. Grover, B.S. in Physics Marilyn K. Groves, B.A. in English Jerome M. Gruber, B.S.E. in Mechanical Engineering Imogene M. Gruenberg, B.A. in English Gordon P. Guenther, B.S.E. in Mechanical Engineering Larry Guidi, B.S. in Design Steven L. Guise, B.A. in Economics 366 Richard B. GUndlach, B.S.E. in Metallurgical Engineering Gretchen R. Gustafson, B.A. in Latin Carol A. f laack, B.S. in Nursing David P. Haas, B.S.E. in Civil Engineering Robert C. Haas, B.A. in History and Political Science Crystal A. Hacker, B.A. in Education Thomas C. Haeusler, B.S.E. in Electrical Engineering Gary A. Hagan, B.S.E. in Industrial Engineering James C. Hagen, B.B.A. William J. Hagerty, B.S.E. in Science Engineering Theresa A. Hakim, B.A. in Education Nancy K. Ilalieki, B.A. in Special Education Susan E. Hall, B.A. in History Lee H. Haller, B.A. in Psychology Mary K. Hamilton, B.A. in Latin Phillip R. Hammond, B.A. in Economics Stephen E. Handelman, B.S. in Economics Steven P. Handlee, B.A. in Political Science David G. Hanna, B.S.E. in Electrical Engineering Sherry K. Hannon, B.A. in Education Judy P. Hansen, B.A. in Journalism Suzanne C. Hansen, B.A. in Spanish Rusti Hansher, B.A. in Psychology and Speech Lois E. Harder, B.S. in Mathematics John C. Harmon, B.S.E. in Civil Engineering Susan E. Harold, B.S. in Zoology Byron H. Harris, Jr., B.S. in English and Sociology Janet S. Harris, B.S. in Nursing Janet K. Hart, B.A. in Education Karen E. Hart, B.A. in English Virginia L. Hart, B.A. in Linguistics Katherine A. Harting, B.A. in History Dale R. Hartka, B.S.E. in Nuclear Engineering Frances S. Hartman, B.S. in Nursing Louise 1. Hartung, B.A. in Botany Diane E. Hassig, B.A. in English Susan T. Hatch, B.A. in Russian Studies Barbara L. Hatchard, B.A. in English and Spanish Carol J. Hathaway, B.A. in Education Margaret J. Hathaway, B.A. in Sociology Norma Hatter, Jr., B.S.E. in Electrical Engineering Linda L. Hawkins, B.S. in Microbiology William A. Hayden, B.A. in Economics Mary E. Hayes, B.S. in Biology Timothy A. Hayes, B.A. in Economics 367 Forrest R. Hayford, B.A. in Economics Leo G. Healey, B.A. in History Susan J. Heatherly, B.A. in Mathematics Kencil J. Heaton, B.S.E. in Aerospace Engineering Richard C. Heaton, B.S. in Chemistry Ernest C. Hebert, B.A. in Political Science David E. Heilala, B.S.E. in Mechanical Engineering Walter W. Heiser, B.A. in English James T. Heisler, B.A. in Psychology Charles E. Hemeyer, B.A. in Mathematics Mary R. Heminger, B.S. in Nursing Eileen R. Henry, M.A. in Mathematics Michael A. Henry, B.A. in Economics Sarah R. Herndon, B.S. in Design Richard A. Herrington, B.S. in Zoology Karen A. Hertz, B.A. in Education Susan Herzog, B.A. in Political Science Kathryn M. Hetmanski, B.A. in Education Lesley J. Heustis, B.S. in Design Jo Anne Heywood, B.S. in Mathematics Ann M. Hichenberg, B.A. in Psychology Melissa Hickes, B.S. in Nursing Rebecca Hickes, B.S. in Nursing Margaret A. Higgins, B.A. in English Cheryl A. Hill, B.A. in Education Gerald W. Hill, B.A. in Psychology Barbara J. Hills, B .A. in Education Barbara A. Hirschfelder, B.A. in English Lucy W. Hirshfeld, B.A. in History Shirley A. Hoaglin, B.A. in Education Glenda K. Hobbs, B.A. i English Drew W. Hodge, B.A. in Economics Thomas A. Hoffner, B.S.E. in Mechanical Engineering Kathleen H. Holland, B.S. in Mathematics Annette L. Hollister, B.S. in Mathematics Linda A. Holman, B.A. in Education Henry A. Homburger, B.A. in Psychology Thomas C. Homestead, B.S.E. in Electrical Engineering Peter A. Hooberman, B.S. in Zoology Karen S. Horn, B.A. in Education Susan C. Horn, B.A. in Education Helene I. Horowitz, B.A. in Education G. Dennis Horvath, B.S.E. in Mechanical Engineering Carol A. Horwitz, B.A. in History of Art Jane R. Hotneier, B.A. in Spanish 368 Lynda C. Howard, B.A. in Biology William F. Howard, B.S.E. in Aerospace Engineering Bruce F. Howell, B.A. in History Brenda Howitson, B.A. in History Sharon A. Hoy, B.A. in Special Education James F. Hribal, B.A. in Economics Tony S. Hsu, B.S.E. in Electronics Robert T. Hubbard, B.A. in Economics John Hudenko, B.A. in Russian Richard G. Hunt II, B.A. in History Marilyn J. Hunter, B.A. in Social Work Millard E. Hunter, B.S.E. in Electrical Engineering Robert D. Hutchens, B.S. in Chemistry Mary K. Hutchinson, B.S. in Nursing Nancy Huttenlocher, B.A. in Speech Linda A. Huyghe, B.A. in Education Anthony T. Hyde, B.S.E. in Electrical Engineering Marguerite E. Hyde, B.A. in Psychology, Speech, and Hearing Science Kitsa M. Iakovides, B.A. in Psychology Jane D. Imerman, B.S. in Dental Hygiene Dick K. Ingersoll, B.Mus. Pauline K. Inwood, B.A. in Education Charles W. Iseler, B.Mus. Joseph J. Isgro, B.S. in Mathematics Donna J. Iverson, B.A. in History Susan A. Ivory, B.A. in History Dennis C. Jackson, B.S.E. in Civil Engineering Judith A. Jackson, B.A. in Political Science Merle L. Jacob, B.A. in American History Anngail Jaffe, B.S. in Design Marilyn A. Jaffe, B.A. in Education Thomas A. Jane, B.A. in Psychology Valerie E. Jahier, B.A. in Anthropology Lois E. Jainchill, B.A. in Sociology Neil D. Jamron, B.S. in Zoology Arlene B. Janis, B.B.A Michael T. Janiszewski, B.S.E. in Mechanical Engineering Saroj Janveja, M.A. in Library Science Linda C. Jardack, B.S. in Design Jon Jeffries, B.Arch. Lee M. Jenkins, B.A. in Psychology and Speech Therapy Linda E. Jenkins, B.A. in Education Arthur C. Jennings, B.Mus. Russell R. Jennings, B.S. in Political Science Herbert P. Jensen, B.Arch. 369 Madelyn S. Jensky, B.A. in Journalism Judith M. Jesse, B.S. in Education Ida G. Jeter, B.A. in Speech Ruth A. Jobse, B.A. in Education Robert K. Johann, B.A. in Economics Andrea K. Johnson, B.A. in Education Elizabeth J. Johnson, B.A. in History Gail J. Johnson, B.A. in Education Judith L. Johnson, B.S. in Zoology Karen R. Johnson, B.S. in Education Malcolm C. Johnson, B.S. in Astronomy Marian P. Johnson, B.A. in Education Susan K. Johnson, B.A. in Psychology Thomas C. Johnson, B.S. in Chemistry Brenda C. Jones, B.A. in English Cynthia E. Jones, B.A. in English Rosalind M. Juve, B.S. in Physical Education Elizabeth S. Kahn, B.A. in Social Work Marjorie B. Kalb, B.A. in Political Science Marta H. Kalback, B.S. in Nursing Joan E. Kalbfleisch, B.S. in Nursing Cynthia A. Kalis, B.A. in English John M. Kamins, B.A. in History Louise Kantrow, B.A. in Sociology Alan G. Kaplan, B.S. in Zoology Alan N. Kaplan, B.S. in Mathematics Harold E. Kaplan, B.S.E. in Industrial Engineering Janet G. Kaplan, B.A. in Geography Mary Kaplan, B.A. in English Atul Kapoor, B.S.E. in Mechanical Engineering Mary F. Kasdan, B.A. in English Ann K. Kasiborski, B.A. in English Carol A. Kassab, B.A. in English Donald H. Kaufman, B.A. in Political Science Burton A. Katz, B.B.A. Mavis Kazmers, B.A. in Psychology Ann A. Keeler, B.S. in Medical Technology Erica J. Keeps, B.A. in Sociology Edward D. Keeton, B.A. in History John P. Kefels, B.S.E. in Industrial Engineering Maruli J. Kehoe, B.A. in Education Patricia A. Keil, B.A. in Mathematics Gene L. Kelley, B.A. in Education Patricia M. Kelley, B.A. in Political Science Barbara J. Kellman, B.A. in History of Art 370 Fred N. Kellner, B.B.A. Brian J. Kelly, B.S. in Physical Education John N. Kelly, B.A. in Political Science and Economics Kathleen J. Kelly, B.S. in Design Warren C. Kelly, B.S.E. in Aerospace Engineering Carl F. Kemp, B.Arch. Linda Keppelman, B.A. in History of Art Joan R. Kerredgc, B.A. in Special Education James S. Kerwin, B.A. in Economics Deborah S. Kessler, B.S. in Biology Lawrence B. Kessler, B.A. in Psychology Stephen R. Kessler, B.B.A. John P. Ketels, B.S.E. in Industrial Engineering Marion R. Kiernan, B.S. in Dental Hygiene Laura L. Killin, B.A. in History Kathy A. King, B.A. in English Keith R. King, B.B.A. Calvin B. Kirchick, B.A. in History and Economics Ruth M. Kirsh, B.A. in Psychology Martha Kishner, B.A. in Psychology Charles B. Kitchen, B.A. in Psychology Roberta L. Klatzky, B.A. in Mathematics Janice E. Kleim, B.A. in English Edward J. Kleiman, B.S.E. in Industrial Engineering Alfred Klein, B.A. in English Kenneth D. Klein, B.A. in Political Science Richard M. Klein, B.A. in Psychology Shari M. Klein, B.A. in Special Education Alice A. Kleinhans, B.A. in American Studies Ronald A. Klempner, B.A. in Political Science Robert L. Klivans, B.A. in Honors History Rebecca A. Klock, B.A. in English Deborah J. Klomparens, B.A. in Psychology Marilyn A. Klotz, B.A. in Education Kathryn A. Knudson, B.A. in History Miriam S. Koch, B.A. in English Peggy N. Koch, B.A. in Education Paul L. Kochajda, B.A. in Pre-Legal Studies Shelley L. Koenke, B.A. in English Katherine M. Koepcke, B.A. in Education Paula Koepke, B.A. in Political Science Thomas E. Koepke, B.S. in Zoology Thomas D. Koepsell, B.A. in Cellular Biology and Sociology Martha L. Kohler, B.A. in French Warren G. Kohlman, B.B.A. 371 Anne L. Kolb, B.S. in Zoology Jerry Kolins, B.S. in Zoology Shirley A. Kollenberg, B.A. in American Culture Raymond R. Komray, B.A. in Zoology Wayne P. Koppe, B.S.E. in Mechanical Engineering Amy V. Kopperman, B.A. in English Literature Andrew G. Kopy, B.A. in Psychology Randie H. Korchak, B.A. in Anthropology Jennifer I. Korn, B.A. in Speech Therapy Monica A. Korzeniowski, B.A. in Speech Wanda M. Koscien, B.A. in English Constance M. Kossaras, B.A. in English Nancy A. Kotlarczyk, B.S. in Medical Technology Ellen L. Kotlus, B.A. in Special Education Bruce R. Koviak, B.S. in Education Robert B. Kozman, B.S. in Political Science James M. Kraft, B.A. in English Language and Literature K. Donald Kramb, B.S.E. in Electrical Engineering Judith S. Krasnick, B.S. in Physical Therapy Justin F. Krasnoff, B.A. in Classical Studies Jill L. Kraun, B.A. in French Cheryl B. Kraus, B.A. in History of Art Joan R. Kraus, B.A. in Mathematics Terrel A. Krause, B.A. in French William L. Krauss, B.B.A. Roderic L. Kreger, B.S.E. in Electrical Engineering Lynn M. Kreil, B.A. in Education Wilmont R. Kreis, B.S. in Chemistry Susan J. Krieger, B.A. in Mathematics James Krogsrud, B.S.E. in Science Engineering Linda B. Krohner, B.A. in Education Ellen L. Kroll, B.A. in History M. David Kroot, B.A. in Economics Ann-Marie Krueger, B.A. in Political Science Dave L. Kuklenski, B.B.A. Fredda P. Kulick, B.S. in Dental Hygiene Suzanne Kunik, B.S. in Nursing Eugene K. Kurata, B.S.E. in Electrical Engineering Marion Kurata, B.A. in Pre-Legal Studies Caroline M. Kursman, B.A. in Education Martha C. Kurzweil, B.Mus. • James A. Kushman, B.S.E. in Mechanical Engineering Edward V. Kussy, B.A. in Astronomy Katherine L. Kutsche, B.A. in Geography Faith M. Kuzma, B.A. in Speech Correction 372 Susan J. Kvasnica, B.A. in Special Education Robert A. LaBudde, B.S. in Chemistry and B.A. in Mathematics Susan H. Ladewig, B.A. in English Mark E. Lafer, B.A. in Psychology John G. Lafond, B.S.E. in Aerospace Engineering George J. Lambrinos, B.A. in Spanish and Political Science Marc D. Lamparelli, B.S.E. in Electrical Engineering Mary M. Lampe, B.S. in Chemistry George E. Lancaster, Jr., B.S. in Education Judith A. Lane, B.S. in Special Education Douglas R. Langham, B.S.E. in Mechanical Engineering Judith A. Langoni, B.A. in Political Science Beverly C. Lannguist, B.A. in Political Science Millie A. Lantinga, B.Mus. Dennis H. Lanyon, B.S.E. in Chemical Engineering John P. Larkin, B.S.E. in Aerospace Engineering Kathy J. Larson, B.A. in Education Robert C. Laskowski, B.A. in Economics Susan D. Lathrop, B.Mus. Eric R. Lausten, B.A. in Political Science Nancy S. Lawrence, B.A. in Pre-Social Work Carolyn R. Lawson, B.A. in Education Linda J. Layman, B.S. in Design Diane B. Leaf, B.A. in Education Lalah M. Lebbon, B.A. in Economics D. G. Lebut, B.S.E. in Mechanical Engineering Robert F. Lederer, B.A. in English Sema E. Lederman, B.A. in English Christopher L. Lee, B.S.E. in Science Engineering Jessie D. Lee, B.A. in History of Art Nancy A. Lee, B.A. in English Susan A. Leff, B.A. in Education Ivey J. Leftwich, B.S. in Nursing Carol S. Lehmann, B.S. in Mathematics Judith H. Lehrman, B.A. in Pre-Social Work Fran Leib, B.A. in Education Jeanne E. Leighten, B.Mus. Sarah S. Lentz, B.A. in Linguistics Stephen R. Leonard, B.S. in Zoology Spencer LeRoy III, B.A. in Political Science Ronald D. Lessack, B.S.E. in Electrical Engineering Thomas B. Lesser, B.A. in Psychology Jo-Ann M. Levine, B.A. in Sociology Joel L. Levine, B.A. in American History Phyllis Levinson, B.A. in English 373 Anne W. Levy, B.A. in English Literature Barbara J. Levy, B.S. in Fine Arts Kenneth A. Levy, B.A. in Economics Lawrence A. Levy, B.A. in Psychology Richard J. Levy, B.S. in Political Science Hugh F. Lewis, B.B.A. Marlene B. Lewis, B.A. in Political Science Edward Lichstein, B.A. in Psychology Allen S. Lichter, B.S. in Pre-Professional Studies Jay E. Lieberman, B.S.E. in Industrial Engineering Michael R. Liepman, B.S. in Honors Zoology Paula B. Lifchez, B.S. in Special Education Pamela .1. Liggett, B.A. in Political Science Peter Ligotti, Jr., B.A. in Economics George E. Lilly, B.S. in Physics Michael B. Lindemann, B.S. in Zoology Debra E. Linick, B.A. in English David C. Linnen, B.A. in Actuarial Mathematics Thomas E. Lipps, B.S.E. in Electrical Engineering Hinda Literman, B.A. in Sociology Kenneth R. Little, B.S. in Chemistry Douglas E. Livingston, B.S. in Physics Anne M. Livo, B.A. in Philosophy Robert B. Lockwood, B.A. in Political Science Robert R. Lohrmann, B.A. in Political Science Giovanna M. Longo, B.A. in History and Pre-Legal Studies Robert G. Lord, B.A. in Economics Suzanne M. Lorenz, B.S. in Nursing William L. Lorimer, B.A. in English Mary E. Lothamer, B.A. in French Helen B. Love, B.A. in Journalism Sharon Lovell, B.S. in Microbiology Philip T. LoVerde, B.S. in Zoology Julie A. Lovinger, B.S. in Mathematics Mary E. Low, B.A. in Spanish Jean L. Ludwig, B.A. in English Paul W. Luebkert, B.S.E in Mechanical Engineering Patricia A. Luecke, B.A. in English Dieter W. Luelsdorf, B.S. in Chemistry Maureen A. Lutz, B.A. in English Ronald S. Lux, B.A. in History Edward A. Lynch, B.Arch. James C. MacBain, B.S.E. in Aerospace Engineering Kay MacGregor, B.A. in Psychology Harry M. Macksey, B.S. in Physics 374 Xavier S. Mrsmra, B.S. in Journalism Patricia A. Magann, B.A. in English William T. Magee III, B.S.E. in Civil Engineering Judith E. Magid, B.A. in History Sue M. Mahr, B.S. in Design James D. Maki, B.B.A. Edwin V. Malesky, Jr., B.S. in Pre-Professional Studies Jerry C. Maliot, B.S. in Zoology Gayle Mallon, B.A. in Political Science James L. Mallory, B.S. in Chemistry Judith B. Maloff, B.A. in History David B. Mandel, B.A. in Computer Science Paul D. Mandel, B.A. in English Eileen C. Marchak, B.A. in Political Science Jane E. Margolis, B.A. in English Ronald L. Markowski, B.B.A. Paul I. Marokus, B.A. in English Laura R. Marr, B.S. in Design Katherine C. Marshall, B.A. in English James B. Martin, B.S.E. in Industrial Engineering Wayne H. Martin, B.A. in Social Studies Joanne S. Martindale, B.A. in Journalism Sharon A. Martinow, B.S. in Mathematics Charles S. Mason, B.A. in Economics Matthew J. Mason, B.A. in Political Science Saundra P. Mason, B.A. in Mathematics Sharon A. Masters, B.A. in Political Science Elissa M. Matross, B.A. in English Burton N. Matross, M.B.A. Brooke S. Matthews, B.S. in Zoology William 0. Mattick, B.S.E. in Materials Engineering James F. Mattimore, B.A. in French Virginia L. Mattison, B.A. in Mathematics Brian W. Mattson, B.S.E. in Electrical Engineering John E. Matulaitis, B.S.E. in Electrical Engineering. Richard W. May, B.S.E. in Aerospace Engineering M. Kathleen McAdaragh, B.S. in Education Nancy A. McAllister, B.A. in Education John G. McAlpine, B.A. in Russian Language Patrick D. McCaffrey, B.Mus. Pamela S. McClellan, B.A. in English Thomas F. McCormick, B.S. in Mathematics Beverly A. McCotter, B.A. in Special Education Margaret A. McCracken, B.S. in Nursing Margaret A. McCracken, B.A. in Education 375 Jeffrey S. McCullagh, B.A. in Journalism Dana M. McCurdy, B.A. in Economics Timothy J. McDaid, B.S. in Mathematics William P. McDaniel, B.A. in Economics Kathleen S. McDonnell, B.A. in English Robert E. McFarland, B.A. in Political Science Susan J. McGeen, B.A. in Education Kathleen A. McGlaughlin, B.A. in Special Education Kathleen M. McGraw, B.A. in Sociology Michael D. McGuire, B.A. in Journalism Beryl E. McHenry, B.A. in Psychology Earl E. McHenry, B.S. in Biology Rodney J. McIntyre, B.S.E. in Aerospace Engineering David W. McKeague, B.B.A. Marcia L. McKean, B.A. in German and Philosophy Ann C. McKenna, M.A. in Library Science Kathleen A. McKevitt, B.A. in English Literature Judy A. McKimmy, B.S. in Medical Technology Karen L. McKinnie, B.S. in Zoology Judi th McKinnon, B.A. in Education Peter F. McNenly, B.A. in History Martha E. Medlar, B.B.A. Patrick H. Meehan, B.S. in Conservation Gail A. Mejeur, B.A. in Education Sheryl L. Melber, B.S. in Nursing Dale A. Melcher, B.A. in English Literature Ann E. Melpolder, B.A. in Spanish Brian D. Melzian, B.S. in Fisheries Nancy K. Menees, B.Arch. Robert C. Merchant, B.Arch. Jeffrey R. Messner, B.A. in Economics Marsha M. Mestre, B.A. in History Meribeth C. Metevia, B.Mus. Larry H. Metnick, B.B.A. David J. Metzger, B.Arch. Jean A. Meyer, B.A. in Education John R. Meyer, B.S.E. in Chemical Engineering Christine L. Meyers, B.A. in Journalism Gary L. Michalek, B.S. in Mathematics Judith A. Michelson, B.A. in French Paul C. Mielke, B.S.E. in Industrial Engineering Barbara M. Migdal, B.A. in Psychology Peter G. Mikelson, B.A. in Political Science Marcia L. Mikrut, B.A. in English Linda R. Milinsky, B.A. in Special Education 376 Alan K. Miller, B.Arch. Barbara E. Miller, B.A. in Social Studies Charles T. Miller, B.A. in American Studies Christine M. Miller, B.A. in Anthropology David S. Miller, B.S.E. in Naval Architecture Dennis A. Miller, B.Mus. Jill E. Miller, B.A. in Psychology John R. Miller, B.Mus. Jon L. Miller, B.S.E. in Mechanical Engineering Kathy G. Miller, B.A. in French Louise M. Miller, B.A. in English Michael J. Miller, B.A. in Economics Richard N. Miller, B.S.E. in Physics Sandra G. Miller, B.A. in English Wayne A. Miller, B.S. in Pre-Professional Studies Cynthia J. Mills, B.A. in Political Science Emerson D. Mills, B.S. in Forestry Terry L. Mills, B.A. in Education Wendell H. Mills II, B.S.E. in Mechanical Engineering and Mathematics Michael W. Mincher, B.S.E. in Civil Engineering Pasquale Minicuci, B.S. in Mathematics Dianne E. Mintz, B.A. in English Richard L. Mintz, B.A. in Political Science Charles Mitchell, B.S. in Psychology Janice L. Mjovig, B.A. in Social Work Virginia L. Mochel, B.A. in German Camille D. Modzelewski, B.A. in Education Michael J. Moir, B.S. in Zoology and English Manmohan Mongia, B.S.E. in Industrial Engineering Maris C. Monitz, B.A. in Psychology Eugene W. Monroe, B.A. in Economics Stephen P. Montgomery, B.S.E. in Mechanical Engineering Pamela A. Montone, B.A. in English Richard C. Moore, B.S.E. in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering Stephen C. Moore, B.A. in Latin William A. Moore II, B.A. in Speech Joel G. Moranz, B.A. in History Donald R. Morelli, B.S.E. in Electrical Engineering Robert W. Morgan, B.B.A. Stephanie J. Morgan, B.A. in Social Studies Margaret J. Morgenstern, B.A. in History Paula G. Morgret, B.A. in History Morris H. Moriuchi, B.S.E. in Industrial Engineering Beverly J. Morley, B.S. in Nursing 377 Betsy A. Morris, B.S. in Dental Hygiene Patricia Morris, B.A. in Speech Richard A. Morris, B.A. in Economics Robert P. Morris, B.A. in Economics Allan H. Morton, B.S. in Zoology Patricia A. Morton, B.Mus. Margery J. Moselle, B.A. in History Carol L. Moses, B.A. in Sociology M. A. Moshaver, B.A. in Political Science Ellen E. Mosher, B.Mus. Patricia A. Mosher, B.A. in Education Joe D. Mosier, B.A. in English Francine S. Moskovitz, B.A. in French Gertrude S. Moss, B.S. in Physical Education Diane Mott, B.A. in History of Art Carol A. Mueller, B.A. in Psychology and Spanish Gail A. Mueller, B.S. in Mathematics Nancy M. Mueller, B.A. in Economics Ron C. Muir, B.S. in Zoology Jeanne E. Mulder, B.S. in Nursing Thomas D. Mullin, B.S.E. in Civil Engineering Dorothy C. Mullison, B.A. in Psychology and English Marilyn C. Muma, B.A. in English Linda M. Mumaw, B.A. in English Gail E. Murphy, B.A. in Education Joanne E. Murphy, B.A. in History of Art and English John L. Murrel, Jr., B.S. in Design Melvin J. Muskovitz, B.A. in Economics Erik S. Mustonen, B.Arch. James W. Myers, B.S.E. in Industrial Engineering Mark C. Myron, B.A. in Psychology Barbara E. Nagels, B.A. in German Badri Narayan, M.S.E. in Industr ial Engineering Mary A. Nash, B.A. in English William H. Nash, B.S.E. in Science Engineering James A. Nazarko, B.A. in Social Studies Charlotte V. Neagle, B.A. in Economics Gregory P. Neff, M.S. in Physics Adele F. Negro, B.A. in French Judith A. Neibrief, B.A. in History Arden V. Nelson, B.S.E. in Engineering Physics Catherine B. Nelson, B.S. in Design Lawrence W. Nelson, B.A. in Astronomy and Physics Susan K. Nelson, B.Mus. Carole S. Ness, B.S. in Special Education 378 Thomas F. Netkowski, B.S. in Geology Edward R. Neubauer, B.A. in History Allan F. Newman, B.S. in Mathematics Donald L. Newman, B.S. in Zoology Elaine D. Newman, B.A. in Political Science Helen M. Newman, B.A. in History of Art John E. Newman, B.A. in Industrial Psychology Karen L. Newman, B.A. in Sociology William H. Nichamin, B.A. in Economics Patricia A. Nielan, B.A. in Education Karen A. Nielsen, B.A. in History Richard S. Nigosian, B.A. in History Nancy A. Nikkinen, B.A. in Psychology John S. Nixon, B.S.E. in Chemical Engineering Roselee.A. Nolish, B.A. in English Clark R. Norton, B.A. in Political Science Thomas S. Nowinski, B.S.E. in Mechanical Engineering Marcia L. Nowosad, B.A. in Russian Barbara J. Nunn, B.A. in Special Education Alfred A. Nuttall, B.S.E. in Chemical Engineering Russell E. Nye, B.S.E. in Mechanical Engineering Lorna E. O ' Chotny, B.A. in Sociology Kathleen L. O ' Connor, B.S. in Dental Hygiene Samuel G. OfTen, B.B.A. Ted R. Ogle, B.S. in Wildlife Management Terry R. Ogle, B.S. in Wildlife Management K athleen A. O ' Gorman, B.A. in Journalism John P. O ' Hara III, B.A. in Anthropology and B.S. in Zoology Lawrence P. Oksala, B.A. in Political Science Roger E. Oldenkahp, B.S.E. in Civil Engineering Mary K. Oliver, B.A. in Fine Arts Diane L. Olsen, B.S. in Dental Hygiene Michael C. Olshausen, B.S. in Astrophysics James A. O ' Malley III, B.S.E. in Aeronautical Engineering Michelle A. O ' Neil, B.S. in Nursing Monica E. Oppenheimer, B.A. in Education Georgia D. Opple, B.A. in Spanish Helaine D. Orkin, B.S. in Physical Therapy Patricia M. Orkisz, B.A. in Education Joy L. Orley, B.A. in Education Suzan J. Ormandy, B.A. in English Douglas S. Orrin, B.S.E. in Mechanical Engineering Mildred F. Orringer, B.A. in Special Education Barbara J. Ort, B.S. in Nursing Harold R. Oseff, B.A. in Political Science 379 Phyllis A. Osinski, B.A. in Political Science Louise M. Osseyan, B.A. in German Robert J. Oswald, B.S.E. in Aerospace Engineering Julie Otterbein, B.A. in Sociology Judith R. Pacernick, B.A. in Special Education Jeffrey C. Padgett, B.A. in Russian Studies Diane P. Page, B.A. in Political Science Martin J. Pailes, B.A. in English Ann S. Palmer, B.A. in Communication Science Karen Palmer, B.S. in Nursing Timothy J. Panian, B.S.E. in Aerospace Engineering Sharon M. Panush, B.A. in Education Arthur J. Papazian, B.A. in English Herbert Papenfuss, B.A. in Pre-Legal Studies Lewis J. Paper, B.A. in Political Science Norman A. Pappas, B.B.A. Maija B. Pareizs, B.A. in History Michael C. Parent, B.A. in Economics Scott G. Paris, B.A. in Psychology Christopher G. Parker, B.A. in Economics Gerald R. Parker, B.B.A. James F. Parker, B.B.A. Patricia A. Parker, B.A. in Sociology Ronald J. Parker, B.S. in Physics Thomas D. Parker, B.S. in Mathematics Barbara G. Parrott, M.A. in Library Science Dennis J. Paruch, M.B.A. Robert S. Pasick, B.A. in Psychology Susan L. Patrick, B.A. in Special Education Kay A. Patten, B.A. in Education Lucille N. Pavan, B.S. in Dental Hygiene Denise A. Pavlie, B.A. in English David E. Paxson, B.A. in Economics Cleve H. Paxton, B.A. in Latin Gerald F. Peaks, B.S. in Education Michael J. Pear, B.A. in English Douglas E. Pearson, B.S. in Astronomy Patricia A. Pease, B.A. in History of Art Silvia Pedraza, B.A. in Sociology and English Jeanne M. Perdue, B.S. in Education Howard N. Perkins, Jr., B.S.E. in Electrical Engineering Giovannino A. Perri, B.S. in Zoology Jonathan W. Peter, B.A. in Sociology Linn A. Petersen, B.S.E. in Mechanical Engineering Roger W. Petrie, B.S.E. in Metallurgical Engineering 380 Curtis B. Petterson, B.S.E. in Mechanical Engineering Patricia E. Pettes, B.A. in Design Max E. Pettibone, B.S.E. in Chemical Engineering Sharon Pezanowski, B.S. in Mathematics Margaret A. Phebus, B.S. in Nursing Harold A. Phillips, M.A. in Actuarial Science Carlson C. Pian, B.S.E. in Aerospace Engineering Miriam E. Pianfetti, B.S. in Zoology Sarah J. Picken, B.A. in Education Karen L. Piel, B.A. in English Joyce K. Piell, B.A. in English Kathy A. Pieper, B.A. in History Richard J. Pietrzak, B.A. in Pre-Professional Studies Barbara A. Pilarz, B.A. in English Jane E. Pilot, B.Mus. Robert Pinkel, B.A. in Physics Ann M. Pizer, B.S. in Physical Education Nancy R. Pitera, B.A. in Psychology James A. Pitts, B.A. in Physical Education Daniel B. Pinkert, B.S.E. in Electrical Engineering Susan J. Plafker, B.A. in History Richard H. Platkin, B.A. in History John E. Platt, Jr., B.S.E. in Naval Architecture Sarah Pokempner, B.A. in Sociology Paulette C. Poladian, B.Mus. Margaretta E. Poler, B.A. in History of Art Barbara S. Pollack, B.A. in English Joan K. Pollack, B.A. in Special Education Cary D. Pollak, B.A. in Political Science John T. Pollock, B.B.A. Marlene S. Pollock, B.A. in History James E. Ponitz, B.S. in Zoology Linda A. Pontious, B.A. in English Florence H. Pooley, B.A. in Education Constance E. Pope, B.A. in Education Kristin E. Potts, B.A. in Education Eugene F. Powers, B.A. in American Studies John M. Powers, B.S. in Chemistry Linda A. Preda, B.A. in Education Nick G. Preda, B.B.A. Bernard M. Pregerson, B.B.A. Patricia A. Preis, B.A. in Spanish Louise V. Preston, B.A. in English June H. Price, B.A. in Nursing Susan C. Price, B.B.A. 381 William H. Pries, B.B.A. Marcella H. Prisby, B.S. in Special Education Robert V. Pritula, B.B.A. Sharon N. Pritula, B.A. in Journalism Debra G. Puente, B.A. in Spanish James R. l ' ugh, B.S.E. in Electrical Engineering August Pupedis, Jr., B.A. in Psychology Carol A. Purdy, B.S. in Nursing Karen S. Purucker, B.A. in German Mark E. Putney, B.A. in Political Science John C. Qua, B.A. in English Pauline L. Quick, B.S. in Nursing Katherine R. Quinn, B.A. in History Timothy J. Radigan, B.A. in English Lynne B. Ramay, B.S. in Design David C. Ramsay, B.A. in Political Science Richard L. Ramsdell, B.S.E. in Industrial Engineering Shelley C. Randall, B.S. in Education Julia J. Rankin, B.A. in Pre-Legal Studies Robert B. Ransom, B.A. in Sociology Roger Rapaport, B.A. in Journalism Jean M. Rappaport, B.A. in Education Barbara E. Rattner, B.A. in Education Helen Rauch, B.S. in Biology Carol A. Rauss, B.A. in Special Education Jeremy M. Raven, B.A. in Psychology Ellen Reagan, B.A. in French Susan A. Reas, B.S. in Physical Therapy Mary L. Rector, B.A. in English Language and Literature Nancy D. Reder, B.A. in French Suzanne L. Redfern, B.A. in Philosophy Susan E. Redlich, B.A. in Sociology and Economics Lee G. Redstone, M.Arch. Linda S. Redstone, B.A. in History Susan F. Reed, B.A. in Education Richard A. Reedy, B.A. in Economics Leslie K. Rcicin, B.A. in Social Studies Barbara J. Reid, B.A. in Political Science Wanda J. Reif, B.A. in English Barbara L. Reitman, B.A. in Education Nancy K. Reinhold, B.A. in Education Martin Reisig, B.A. in English Jack M. Reisman, B.A. in Psychology and English Toni R. Reisman, B.A. in Spanish Patty S. Reistman, B.A. in English 382 if Daniel Reitman, B.S.E. in Engineering Mechanics Richard E. Resnick, B.A. in Economics Susan L. Reynolds, B.A. in Speech Walter E. Reynolds, B.Arch. Dale B. Rhinchart, B.S. in Conservation Walden C. Rhines, B.S.E. in Metallurgical Engineering Ronald H. Riback, B.A. in Economics David L. Richards, B.A. in History Charlene V. Richardson, B.A. in Education Patrick P. Richardson, B.A. in Political Science John D. Richart, B.S.E. in Materials Engineering Priscilla E. Riches, B.S. in Sociology Anne Richmond, B.A. in English Dorothy L. Richmond, B.A. in Spanish Adele F. Richter, B.A. in Political Science Duane J. Riege, B.A. in Actuarial Mathematics Sandra K. Riemer, B.A. in History Bernard Riff, B.S.E. in Science Engineering Stephanie Riger, B.A. in Psychology Mimi J. Riggle, B.A. in Special Education Charles L. Riley, B.A. in Anthropology Robert M. Rinzler, B.A. in History James C. Ritchie, B.S. in Zoology Daniel Rittschof, B.S. in Zoology Kathlyn J. Rittschof, B.S. in Nursing Laurel K. Robbert, B.A. in German David P. Robbins, B.Mus. Sandra M. Robbins, B.A. in English Jack C. Roberts, B.S.E. in Mechanical Engineering Judith F. Roberts, B.A. in Education Mary J. Robertson, B.A. in Education Sandra L. Robertson, B.S. in Physical Education Carol S. Robinson, B.A. in Psychology Jane E. Robinson, B.A. in Special Education Jon W. Robinson, B.S. in Zoology Mary H. Robinson, B.A. in Geography Michael E. Robinson, B.A. in Far Eastern History Susan L. Robinson, B.A. in Education Barbara A. Rochford, B.S. in Nursing Joyce A. Rock, B.A. in Sociology Paul D. Rockett, B.S. in Physics Jill R. Roff, B.A. in French Gerald N. Rogan, B.A. in Philosophy David H. Rogers, B.A. in Economics Lawrence G. Rogna, B.A. in Psychology 383 Elaine Rogos, B.S. in Nursing Diane Rogow, B.A. in Psychology Deanna H. Rokicki, B.A. in English Margaret E. Rolling, B.S. in Medical Technology Mary J. Rollins, B.S.E. in Engineering Mathematics Martha Romanak, B.A. in Special Education Barbara T. Rose, B.S. in Nursing James C. Rose, B.A. in English Madelyn Rose, B.A. in English Theodore P. Rose, B.S.E. in Industrial Engineering Joyce E. Rosema, B.A. in English and Latin Dorinda A. Roseman, B.A. in Special Education Elaine J. Rosen, B.A. in Education Mark J. Rosen, B.A. in Economics Jonathan Rosenbaum, B.A. in Near Eastern Language and Literature Kathy E. Rosenberg, B.A. in History Ronald I. Rosenblatt, B.A. in English Bernard M. Rosenblum, B.A. in Pre-Legal Studies Susan D. Rosene, B.A. in Psychology Judith Rosengard, B.S. in Zoology Barbara P. Rosenthal, B.A. in Sociology Frederick C. Rosin, B.S. in Pharmacy Jeanne I. Rosinski, B.A. in English Nancy Rosenberg, B.A. in English Susan M. Ross, B.A. in Political Science Tamara J. Ross, B.A. in Mathematics Kenneth H. Rothenberg, B.A. in Economics Lynne C. Rothschild, B.A. in English William C. Roush, B.A. in Political Science James D. Rozsypal, B.Arch. Frederick G. Ruben, B.S. in Geology Gayle F. Rubin, B.A. in English Richard B. Rubinson, B.A. in Sociology Stephanie A. Rudman, B.A. in Political Science Laurel A. Rudolph, B.A. in History Lee A. Rulis, B.S.E. in Mechanical Engineering Susan Ruotsala, B.A. in Economics and Speech Susan D. Russell, B.A. in Sociology Patricia J. Ryan, B.A. in Education Barbara K. Rybar, B.A. in French Susan M. Rybka, B.A. in History James T. Rybock, B.A. in Psychology Karen D. Rye, B.A. in History Terrie A. Rymer, B.A. in History Stephen A. Sadow, B.A. in Spanish 384 1,4 Kenneth J. Safran, B.A. in Economics Rene L. Saint Pierre, B.S. in Chemistry Leonard A. Sak, B.A. in Political Science Richard R. Saliers, B.S.E. in Mechanical Engineering Arthur D. Salomon, B.A. in Mathematics Barbara L. Salsburg, B.A. in Sociology Barbara J. Salzman, B.A. in Education Susan D. Samrick, B.A. in Sociology Gerald W. Sanburn, B.S.E. in Aerospace Engineering Richard L. Sanderson, B.A. in Anthropology Sue A. Sanford, B.A. in Education Nancy S. Sarasohn, B.A. in Spanish LaDonna M. Sargent, B.S. in Dental Hygiene Patricia Sarr, B.S. in Zoology Gloria D. Sarver, B.S. in Mathematics Somesh R. Sathe, B.S.E. in Mechanical Engineering Scott B. Saulson, B.A. in Political Science Barbara J. Sautter, B.A. in Education John P. Savage, B.A. in History Gary L. Sawdy, B.S. in Zoology Joel B. Saxe, B.A. in Pre-Legal Studies Renee S. Sayre, B.A. in French Leonard S. Scalia, B.A. in Education Marcia E. Schaefer, B.S. in Sociology Robert W. Schaibley, B.A. in Economics Richard D. Schanhals,.B.S.E. in Industrial Engineering and Mathematics Carol J. Schaupner, B.S. in Nursing Nancy L. Schemanski, B.A. in History Richard C. Scherr, B.S.E. in Chemical Engineering Ellen R. Scheuer, B.A. in Mathematics Leslie J. Schimpke, B.B.A. Richard H. Schloss, B.A. in Economics Patricia A. Schmidt, B.A. in Education William E. Schmidt, B.A. in Journalism Donna.R. Schneider, B.S. in Cellular Biology Mary J. Schneider, B.A. in Psychology Stephen R. Schneider, B.A. in English Susan J. Schnepp, B.A. in History Henry G. Schneps, B.S. in Mathematics Susan G. Schneyer, B.A. in English John F. Schniepp, B.S. in Physics Gloria A. Schoettle, B.S. in Physical Therapy Penny R. Schore, B.S. in Nursing John R. Schrader, B.A. in English Elaine Schraub, B.S. in Zoology 385 Ronald W. Schreer, B.A. in English Elinor P. Schroeder, B.A. in French Susan K. Schroen, B.A. in Education Peter D. Schultz, B.S.E. in Mathematics Judith A. Schut, B.S. in Physical Therapy Lee A. Schutzman, B.S.E. in Mechanical Engineering Robert L. Schwarb, B.S. in Pre-Professional Studies Adria E. Schwartz, B.A. in Psychology Nancy D. Schwary, B.A. in Education David H. Schwarz, B.A. in Economics William C. Sclar, B.S. in Cellular Biology James M. Scofield, B.S. in Chemistry Robert M. Scott, B.A. in Economics Cheryl K. Scully, B.A. in English John A. Secrist, B.S. in Chemistry John D. Segall, B.A. in Psychology Robert A. Seibel, B.B.A. Martin N. Seif, B.A. in Psychology Diane B. Seifer, B.A. in Education Donald M. Selcer, B.A. in Sociology Ruth M. Seligman, B.A. in English Thomas A. Sellgren, B.S. in Mathematics Bruce F. Sells, Jr., B.A. in History Sandra A. Senakiewich, B.A. in German Kevin D. Senie, B.A. in Economics Howard A. Serlin, B.A. in Political Science Barbara J. Settergren, B.A. in Journalism Eloise Sewell, B.A. in English Frederick Sewell, B.A. in Political Science Dennis P. Sexton, B.B.A. David N. Seybold, B.A. in Mathematics and Music Composition Lowell M. Seyburn, B.A. in Economics Carol B. Shalita, B.A. in Psychology James L. Shanker, B.A. in Political Science Ellen V. Shaw, B.A. in Political Science Nancy E. Shaw, B.A. in English Ira S. Sheffey, B.A. in Philosophy Peter D. Sheiman, B.S. in Pre-Med. Susan H. Shemansky, B.A. in Education William H. Shenk, B.S.E. in Electrical Engineering Robert D. Sheppard, Jr., B.B.A. Beverly P. Sherman, B.A. in Political Science Harish K. Sheth, B.S.E. in Mechanical Engineering William E. Shevin, B.A. in Psychology Georgia H. Shoberg, B.A. in English Literature 386 Roger H. Shoener, B.S.E. in Electrical Engineering Mary S. Shoemaker, B.A. in Education Peter H. Shumar, B.B.A. Ruth M. Shur, B.A. in Special Education Linda J. Shyavitz, B.A. in Sociology Joel L. Siegel, B.A. in History Martin S. Siegel, B.A. in Economics Michael M. Siegel, B.A. in History Richard G. Siegel, B.A. in Economics Robert C. Siegle, B.S. in Design Ilene C. Siegler, B.A. in Psychology Daniel P. Siewiorek, B.S.E. in Electrical Engineering David W. Sigetich, B.A. in Psychology Rene Silva, B.S.E. in Physics Esther A. Silver, B.A. in Special Education Kenneth H. Silverberg, B.A. in Economics Daniel C. Silverman, B.A. in Psychology Donald H. Silverman, B.A. in Philosophy Robert A. Silverman, B.S.E. in Industrial Engineering Stephen Silverman, B.A. in Economics Eve H. Silverstein, B.A. in Special Education Linda C. Sima, B.A. in Design Steven F. Simmons, B.A. in History Anne B. Simon, B.A. in English Christopher Simoni, B.A. in English Lesley E. Singer, B.A. in Russian Language and Literature Mark S. Singer, B.S. in Zoology Sandra R. Singer, B.A. in History Nancy R. Sinkowski, B.A. in Education Jana D. Skinner, B.S. in Physical Therapy Gary R. Skoog, B.A. in Mathematics and Economics James A. Skurka, B.S.E. in Mechanical Engineering Mitchell J. Slater, B.A. in Economics Emily H. Slavin, B.A. in English MaryAnn M. Sliwinski, B.A. in History Linda J. Sloan, B.S. in Nursing Elizabeth L. Slowter, B.A. in English Diane R. Smaller, B.A. in Education Mark J. Smelson, B.A. in Linguistics William R. Smigielski, B.A. in English Michael J. Smilg, B.A. in Mathematics Ann E. Smith, B.Mus. Brenda M. Smith, B.A. in Psychology Brion C. Smith, B.A. in Journalism Carolyn L. Smith, B.A. in English 387 Charles A. Smith, B.S.E. in Aerospace Engineering Connie L. Smith, B.A. in Social Studies Douglas J. Smith, B.S. in Economics Edward W. Smith, B.B.A. Gregory F. Smith, B.S.E. in Metallurgical Engineering Janet M. Smith, B.A. in History Kay A. Smith, B.S. in Nursing Patricka L. Smith, Pharmacy D. Pet er V. Smith, B.S.E. in Chemical Engineering Richard T. Smith, B.B.A. Ronald T. Smith, B.S.E. in Industrial Engineering Susan E. Smith, B.Mus. Susan L. Smith, B.A. in Social Work Margaret A. Smitheram, B.S. in Special Education Rita Snyder, B.A. in Psychology Sylvia J. Solem, B.S. in Design Ernest F. Soller, B.A. in English and History Julie A. Solomon, B.S. in Physical Therapy Robert M. Solow, B.S.E. in Chemical Engineering John H. Sommella, B.S.E. in Naval Architecture Dean B. Sommerfield, B.S. in Zoology Janis L. Sorkin, B.A. in American Studies and History Larry S. Sosnow, B.A. in Sociology Judy A. Spang, B.S. in Special Education Robert A. Sparks, B.S.E. in Industrial Engineering Madelyn R. Spatt, B.A. in Political Science Scott L. Spear, B.A. in Political Science Laurie J. Spector, B.A. in Education Carol A. Spenceley, B.A. in Political Science Carol A. Spencer, B.S. in Design Leslie L. Spengler, B.S.E. in Aerospace Engineering Judith J. Sperling, B.A. in History Barbara J. Spinner, B.A. in Education Stephen L. Spitz, B.A. in History and Political Science Maxine Spool, B.S. in Zoology James J. Spurrier, B.A. in History Susan D. Srb, B.S. in Medical Technology Polly M. Stagg, B.S. in Biology Martha E. Stahl, B.A. in Mathematics Jared B. Stamell, B.A. in Economics Judith K. Stanley, B.S. in Education Susan S. Stann, B.A. in History of Art Frank 0. Starr III, B.A. in Economics Mark C. Stauter, B.A. in History Jacek Stawiski, B.S.E. in Electrical Engineering 388 Katherine L. Stec, B.S. in Nursing Daniel J. Steck, B.S. in Physics Michael J. Steckelis, B.A. in Pre-Legal Studies Nancy L. Stefani, B.S. in Dental Hygiene George L. Stefko, M.S.E. in Aerospace Engineering Stephen A. Steglitz, B.A. in Economics Daniel D. Stein, B.A. in Russian Language and Literature Ell en R. Stein, B.A. in English Sondra G. Stein, B.A. in English Vicki L. Stein, B.A. in History Gabriel N. Steinberg, B.A. in Political Science Judith Z. Steinberg, B.A. in Political Science Linda Steinberg, B.A. in French and Political Science Richard A. Stern, B.S. in Psychology Rosalynda J. Stern, B.A. in Political Science George L. Sternbach, B.A. in Political Science Jon R. Sterngold, B.A. in Microbiology Bruce M. Stevens, B.A. in Psychology Philip Stevens, B.A. in English Philip K. Stevens, Jr., B.B.A. Linda J. Stevenson, B.A. in Sociology and Social Work Bruce A. Stewart, Jr., B.A. in Psychology Bruce E. Stewart, B.S. in Zoology Karen E. Stewart, B.A. in Education Robert G. Stiber, B.S.E. in Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering Russell C. Still, B.A. in History Richard C. Stitt, B.S.E. in Aerospace Engineering Elene S. Stoler, B.A. in History Rosalind L. Stone, B.S. in Design Timothy M. Stone, B.A. in Political Science Marilyn A. Stoutenburg, B.A. in Mathematics Bernard H. Stover, B.B.A. George W. Stover II, B.B.A. Karen M. Stoy, B.A. in Education Cynthia A. Straight, B.A. in Russian John J. Strang, B.S. in Design Susanna M. Strube, B.A. in Anthropology Amelia M. Stuart, B.A. in History and History of Art Daniel J. Stubblefield, B.S.E. in Chemical Engineering Vivian E. Stubblefield, B.A. in Education Joan T. Stubleski, B.A. in Psychology Laura L. Stumpf, B.S. in Medical Technology Ilene S. Sturman, B.A. in Special Education Nancy E. Stutsmare, B.Arch. Paula Stylski, B.A. in Education 389 Catherine E. Subia, B.A. in History Robert E. Suggs, B.A. in History Michael Y. Sugimura, B.Arch Richard G. Sullivan, B.S.E. in Electrical Engineering Lynne H. Supovitz, B.A. in Social Studies Barbara L. Surbrook, B.A. in English Laura S. Sutta, B.A. in Sociology Trudy B. M. Svala, B.A. in Political Science Warren L. Swaney, B.A. in History Thomas I. Swanson, M.B.A. Nancy J. Sweet, B.A. in Education Sharalyn Sweitzer, B.B.A. Ann M. Swier, B.A. in English Richard S. Sygar, B.Arch. Dolores M. Szyniszewski, B.S. in Nursing Deborah S. Taber, B.A. in English Margaret J. Tassi, B.A. in Political Science Mary H. Tassier, B.A. in Sociology Ronald M. Tauber, B.A. in Philosophy David R. Taylor, B.S. in Chemistry Heather S. Taylor, B.S. in Design Mary E. Taylor, B.A. in English Richard E. Taylor, B.A. in English James B. Tchobanoff, B.S. in Chemistry Bette J. Teall, B.A. in History of Art Nancy Teeter, B.A. in Latin Diane K. Temple, B.A. in Economics Dennis R. Tencza, B.S. in Psychology Sybil D. Tenenbaum, B.A. in Social Work Thomas G. Tepas, B.S.E. in Chemical Engineering Patricia J. Terry, B.Mus. Sheri B. Tessler, B.A. in Education Steven B. Thom, B.A. in English Christine L. Thomas, B.A. in Economics Deanna D. Thomas, B.S. in Microbiology and Zoology John B. Thomas, B.B.A. Linda E. Thomas, B.Mus. Pamela A. Thomas, B.S. in Nursing Robert W. Thomas, B.S. in Physical Education Sara F. Thomas, B.A. in French William N. Thomas, Jr., B.A. in Mathematics Leland E. Thompson, B.A. in Anthropology Mary E. Thompson, B.A. in Journalism Mary F. Thompson, B.S. in Medical Technology Pamela S. Thompson, B.A. in Psychology 390 Lynn M. Thomson, B.A. in English Anne C. Tichenor, B.A. in Psychology William M. Timmer, B.S.E. in Chemical Engineering Marianne Tipmore, B.S. in Nursing James H. Tishler, B.S.E. in Industrial Engineering Robert H. Todd, Jr., M.B.A. Catherine M. Tokarz, B.Mus. Edmardo J. Tomei, Jr., B.S.E. in Aerospace Engineering Pamela J. Tominac, B.A. in History Jennifer L. Tower, B.A. in Social Studies Andrea A. Transue, B.A. in Education Kenneth R. Trefilek, B.A. in Speech Bruce R. Trefz, B.S. in Zoology Michael T. Trese, B.S. in Conservation Diane K. Triplett, B.A. in Education Nancy J. Troup, B.A. in Microbiology Cornelia J. Trubey, B.A. in English Martin J. Trupiano, B.A. in Political Science Donald F. Tucker, B.B.A. Joan R. Tucker, B.A. in English Nan H. Tull, B.A. in English James A. Turbett, B.S. in Mathematics John S. Turk, B.S. in Physics Edward L. Tury, B.S.E. in Electrical Engineering John L. Tuttle, B.A. in Political Science Leo B. Twiggs, B.S. in Pre-Professional Studies Earl E. Uday, Jr., B.A. in English Richard 0. Uhlman, B.A. in English L. James Uldrych, Jr., B.A. in Political Science Rosalind K. Ulin, B.A. in Sociology James A. Ullman, B.A. in Political Science Roger S. Ulrich, B.A. in Economics Richard Urbanik, B.A. in Psychology Elizabeth J. Vallance, B.A. in Psychology Mark Van Allsburg, B.A. in Anthropology Shirley J. Van Antwerp, B.A. in Special Education Mary A. Van Belois, B.S. in Medical Technology Kenneth A. Van Bree, B.S.E. in Electrical Engineering Andrew M. Vander Molen, Jr., B.S. in Physics Sarah L. Van Gunten, B.A. in German Robert W. Van Hellemont, B.A. in Economics Thomas E. Van Lente, M.B.A. James T. Van Loo, B.S.E. in Electrical Engineering Elizabeth M. van Reuth, B.A. in Biology Marcia L. Veeneman, B.A. in Education 391 Joyce I. Venema, B.A. in Special Education Letitia D. Villareal, B.A. in Education Robert J. Vizas, B.A. in Pre-Legal Studies Robert E. Vollmar II, B.A. in Economics Richard L. Von Luhrte, B.Arch. William H. vonReichbauer, B.A. in Economics Lonnie C. Von Renner, B.S.E. in Aerospace Engineering Linda L. Vorhees, B.A. in Economics Robert G. Vreeland, B.A. in Economics Riley W. Vroman, B.A. in Sociology Marie A. Wacht, B.S. in Nursing Judith A. Wade, B.A. in Education Elizabeth A. Wagner, B.S. in Design John C. Wagner, B.S. in Chemistry Kim A. Wahtera, B.S.E. in Aerospace Engineering Elizabeth J. Wainstock, B.A. in English Kim P. Walch, B.S.E. in Aerospace Engineering G. Roberta Walden, B.S. in Psychology Gregory N. Walker, B.S.E. in Civil Engineering Michael K. Walker, B.S.E. in Civil Engineering Ellen A. Wall, B.A. in English Karen E. Wall, M.B.A. Janet A. Wallace, B.A. in English Patricia A. Walton, B.S. in Special Education Jerome S. H. Wang, B.S.E. in Chemical Engineering Carol I. Warner, B.A. in Sociology Cheryl A. Warren, B.A. in Fine Arts Sandra M. Warren, B.A. in Pre-Professional Social Work Paul A. Waryas, B.A. in Psychology Allen Q. Watkins, B.A. in Political Science Charles T. Watson, B.S.E. in Engineering Mechanics Ralph H. Watt, B.A. in English Kathryn A. Watterson, B.A. in Latin Donald F. Watts, B.Arch. Michael M. Watts, B.B.A. Julie Waxman, B.B.A. William M. Waxman, B.A. in Political Science Catherine J. Webber, B.A. in English Steven W. Wechsler, B.A. in Psychology Dan R. Wedge, B.A. in Speech Gene B. Weinberg, B.S. in Zoology Howard B. Weinblatt, B.A. in Psychology Linda J. Weiner, B.A. in French and Spanish Suzanne J. Weinstein, B.A. in English Gary D. Weintraub, B.A. in Psychology 392 %miaow. Iti;lustsul . Gail R. Weir, B.A. in English Nan S. Weiss, B.A. in English Sally J. Weiss, B.Mus. Susan Weiss, B.A. in Psychology Tania L. Weiss, B.S. in Cellular Biology Nancy H. Weiswasser, B.A. in Journalism Retha V. Wellons, B.S. in Nursing Barbara L. Wells, B.A. in History of Art Catherine A. Wengren, B.A. in Social Work Michael N. Wengroff, B.B.A. Wayne A. Wentz, B.A. in English Barry M. Wepman, B.A. in Psychology Richard E. Werder, B.S. in Forestry Kathy M. Werle, B.A. in Art Education Frances A. Werner, B.S. in Nursing Terry G. Westbrook, B.A. in Economics Sandra J. Westra, B.A. in English Robert L. Weyhing, B.A. in Economics Ralph A. Wharry, B.S.E. in Aerospace Engineering Eleanor H. Wharton, B.S. in Physical Education Betty J. White, B.A. in Education Howard W. White, B.S. in Zoology James B. White, B.A. in Economics John T. White, III, B.S.E. in Mechanical Engineering Robert C. White, Jr., B.A. in Political Science Terri E. White, B.S. in Nursing Lynn D. Whitehead, B.S. in Special Education Sharon K. Whitmore, B.S. in Mathematics Susan J. Widiger, B.A. in Education Linda S. Wiens, B.A. in Political Science Mary N. Wiese, B.A. in History Allen J. Wilcox, B.A. in Psychology Robert W. Wilcox, B.S. in Meteorology Sally A. Wiles, B.A. in Special Education Linda K. Wiley, B.A. in History Sally J. Wilkins, B.A. in Political Science Donald F. Williams, B.Mus. Donald J. Williams, B.A. in English Jeffrey R. Williams, B.S.E. in Electrical Engineering Louise E. Williams, B.S. in Nursing Paul S. Williams, B.S.E. in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering Ronald D. Williamson, B.A. in Political Science Richard J. Wilmoth, B.S.E. in Chemical Engineering Charles L. Wilson, B.S. in Physics Jane A. Wilson, B.A. in English 393 Nancy J. Wilson, B.Mus. Cheryl L. Wilton, B.A. in Mathematics Barbara .1. Winhun, B.S. in Nursing Janet M. Wind, B.A. in English Ellyn D. Winegarden, B.A. in Political Science Dianne K. Wingard, B.A. in English Ruth E. Winick, B.A. in Education Susan E. Winkclhaus, B.A. in Education Delbert E. Winn, B.S. in Education Sandra L. Winnick, B.A. in Education Debbie Winokur, B.A. in Education Laurence E. Winokur, B.A. in History Robert J. Winshall, B.A. in Psychology Joyce M. Winslow, B.A. in English Frances Winston, B.A. in English Paul D. Winston, B.A. in Political Science Gary M. Winter, B.A. in Economics Richard A. Winter, B.S.E. in Industrial Engineering Terry A. Wishnetsky, B.S. in Special Education Dean Wisniewski, B.A. in Economics and Speech Robert M. Witajewski, B.A. in Political Science Jeanne M. Withers, B.A. in Special Education Wayne C. Witkowski, B.S. in Chemistry and B.S.E. in Chemical Engineering Cheryl J. Witt, B.A. in English Diane G. Wittenburg, B.A. in Speech Diane D. Wittlinger, B.A. in Psychology Thomas C. Wittwer, B.A. in Economics Clarice K. Wocholski, B.S. in Chemistry and Cellular Biology Marilyn A. Woehrle, B.A. in Special Education Steven M. Woghin, B.A. in Economics Patricia A. Wolak, B.S. in Medical Technology Sheldon J. Wolberg, B.S.E. in Mechanical Engineering James B. Wolf, B.S. in Zoology Charles E. Wolfe, B.S.E. in Science Engineering Martha D. Wolfgang, B.A. in English Fred Wollner, B.A. in Social Work Linda A. Wonderley, B.A. in English Mary H. Wood, B.A. in Education Mary E. Woodruff, B.A. in History Lawrence E. Woods, B.S.E. in Aerospace Engineering Carol L. Woodward, B.A. in English and Speech Barbara A. Worden, B.S. in General Science Waite W. Worden, Jr., B.A. in Spanish Kathryn I.. Worgess, B.S. in Biology Janis I. Wortman, B.A. in Education 394 James M. Wouczyna, B.B.A. Charles L. Wright, B.A. in History Cheryl K. Wright, B.A. in English Jennie Wu, B.A. in Economics Nancy A. Wyble, B.A. in English Eileen M. Yavorcik, B.S. in Special Education Kenneth L. Yeasting, B.B.A. Martin J. Yedinak, B.S. in Biology Eugene Yee, B.S. in Chemistry Marshall C. Yee, B.S. in Chemistry Jinnie Yeh, M.A. in Library Science Betty J. Yendall, B.A. in Special Education Murray L. Yoffee, B.A. in Economics Diane L. Yost, B.A. in German Barbara J. Young, B.A. in English Fred M. Young, B.S.E. in Mechanical Engineering G.R. Young, B.A. in Political Science Rodger A. Young, B.S. in Chemistry Suzanne Young, B.A. in Theater and English Lynn L. Youren, B.A. in Education Bonita S. Yujuico, B.A. in French Paul H. Yungblut, B.S. in Natural Resources Terry R. Zack, B.A. in Social Studies Andrew L. Zagrzejewski, B.A. in Russian Studies Karen D. Zalenko, B.A. in Sociology Elaine M. Zaleski, B.A. in History of Art Betty L. Zeligs, B.A. in Psychology Harvey Zimbler, B.S. in Zoology David R. Zimmer, B.A. in Political Science Catherine W. Zinck, B.A. in Spanish Robert J. Zitta, B.A. in Political Science Rosemary S. Zitta, B.A. in Special Education Kenneth S. Zuckerman, B.A. in Psychology C. Edward Zwinck, B.S.E. in Industrial Engineering Judith J. Zyzyk, B.A. in Education 395 396 6 0. and D remember my youth and the feeling that R--ue er come hack anymore—the feeling that 0 could last forever, outlast the sea, the earth, and a men; the deceitful feeling that lures us ©n to joys, to perils, to love, to vain effort— to death; the triumphant conviction of strength, the heat of life in the handful of dust, the glow in the heart ihta with every year wows dim, grows old, wows stria, and expires- and expires, too soon, too soon before life itself. " Joseph Conrad 397 SUBJECT INDEX Acacia 209266 Pi Beta Phi 292 Gamma Phi Beta Alpha Chi Omega 210 Gargoyle 179294 Alpha Delta Phi 212 Generation 178 Pi Lambda Phi 296 Alpha Delta Pi 214 134 Psi Upsilon Rugby 136 Alpha Epsilon Phi 216 Golf Greene House 344207 Alpha Epsilon Pi 218 Gymnastics 120 Scroll Senior Society 206 Alpha Gamma Delta 220 Hayden House 332298 Alpha Kappa Alpha 229 Helen Newberry 345 Sigma Alpha Epsilon Sigma Alpha Mu 300 Alpha Kappa Lambda 222 Hinsdale House 346 Sigma Delta Tau 304 Alpha Omicron Pi 224124 306 Alpha Phi 226 Hockey Homecoming Committee 194 Sigma Kappa Sigma Nu 308 Alpha Phi Alpha 228 Hunt House 347 Sigma Phi 310 Alpha Sigma Phi 230 Interfraternity Council 188 Sigma Phi Epsilon 312 Alpha Tau Omega 232 Interhouse Assembly 186 Sigma Pi 314 Alpha Xi Delta 234 Intramurals 138 Soccer 136 Angel Flight 201 Jordan Hall 334 Soph Show Committee 196 Angell House 342 Kappa Alpha Theta 268203 Arnold Air Society 201 Kappa Delta 270 SStprhaiunsxs House 351 Baseball 130 Kappa Kappa Gamma 272 Student Government Council 184 Basketball 116 Kappa Sigma 274 Sunbathers 181 Beta Theta Pi 236 Labor Day Weekend Committee 195 Swimming 122 Chi Omega 238 Lacrosse 136 Tau Delta Phi 316 Chi Phi 240 Lambda Chi Alpha 276 Tau Epsilon Phi 324 Chi Psi 242 " M " Club 135 Tau Kappa Epsilon 318 Cinema Guild 88 Martha Cook 336 Tennis 132 Circle 207 Michigamua 202 Theta Chi 320 Collegiate Sorosis 244 Michigan Daily 172 Theta Delta Chi 322 Couzens Hall 343 Michiganensian 176,302,408 Thronson House Track 340 Delta Chi 246 Michigan Technic 183 128 Delta Delta Delta 248 Mortarboard 105 Triangle 325 Delta Gamma 250 Mosher Hall 338 Triangle Honorary 205 Delta Kappa Epsilon 252 MUS KET Committee 197 Trigon 326 Delta Phi Epsilon 254 Palmer House 349 UAC Vulcans 190 Delta Sigma Phi 256 Panhellenic 189 204 Delta Sigma Theta 258 Phi Delta Theta 278 WAA 198 Delta Tau Delta 260 Phi Gamma Delta 280 WCBN 208 Delta Upsilon 262 Phi Kappa Psi 282 Winter Weekend Committee 194 Druids 203 Phi Kappa Tau 284 Wrestling 126 Wyvern Engineering Council 182 Phi Sigma Delta 286 206 Evans Scholars 264 Phi Sigma Kappa 288 Zeta Beta Tau 328 Football 108 Phi Sigma Sigma 290 Zeta Tau Alpha 330 STUDENT INDEX Abbot, Brenda 268 Andrew, William 312 Ball, Randall 312 Beers, Richard 296 Biernat, Susan 341 Abelson, Jack 219 Angelino, Paul 288 Ballance, Ann 347 Begle, Elizabeth 266 Billiet, Richard 257 Abraham, Kate 254 Anspach, Susan 249 Ballantyne, John 282 Behrend, Susan 306 Bilsborrow, Richard 320 Abrahams, Morris 351 Anthony, Ralph 252 Bame, Shirley 254 Behrens, Nancy 290 Bird, Alice 290 Abrahamson, Warren 351 Anthony, Robert 252 Banachowski, Sharon 337 Behrman, Bra dley 288 Birleson, Vince 324 Abramowitz, Michelle 290 Antonia, Marco 351 Banar, James 276 Beirwaltes, Rick 212 Birnholtz, Sanford 295 Abrums, Anne 341 Antunowicz, Michael 325 Bane, Barbara 251 Bell, Albert 314 Birnie, Priscilla 211;350 Achterkirch, Diaffe 348 Aptekar, Lucille 254 Banger, Cynthia 268 Bell, Barbara 346 Bishko, Jay 295 Acker, Robert 222 Arbut, Edward 312 Bankritz, Keith 333 Bell, Dean 241 Bishop, John 296 Adams, Anthony 265 Armstrong, K. 268 Banks, Terry 228 Bell, Judith 266 Bishop, Sharon 259 Adams Robin 337 Arnold, Margaret 345 Baraf, Herbert 317 Bell, Lawrence 322 Black, Evan 262 Adams, Lynn 338 Arnold, William 276 Barak, Gayle 290 Bell, Michael 327 Black, Margaret 266 Adams, Sally 347 Arnquist, Barbara 251 Barber, Susan 211 Bellairs, Katharine 214 Blaess, David 312 Adamson, Roberta 330 Aronson, David 260 Barczuk, Alan 260 Reitz, Johnna 235 Blair, Stephen 241 Adamy, Eric 276 Aronson, Diana 341 Bardsley, Richard 262 Benagh, Charles 257 Blake, Russ 274 Addison, Richard 301 Arrowsmith, Scott 333 Baribeau, Douglas 236 Benecks, Beverly 238 Blakley, Don 319 Adelsberg, Marjorie 341 Artibee, Mary 251 Barkoff, Rupert 219 Bendelow, Mary 350 Blanchard, Gay 337 Adler, Elaine 254 Arvai, Louis 260 Barkovich, Cheryl 345 Bender, Deborah 334 Blatt, Fran 285 Adler, Faith 290 Ashmun, Richard 212 Barnes, Carol 306 Bendzinski, Thomas 309 Bloch, Carl 285 Adler, Marjorie 254 Askin, Jerald 287 Barnes, Linda 293 Benford, Grady 228 Block, Ilene 346 Agra noff, Janet 342 Asman, Barbara 211 Barnes, Louis 344 Benham, Hal 212 Blok, James 288 Aho, Charles 257 Asman, Margaret 227 Barofsky, Mary 249 Benjamin, Mary 217 Blond, Peter 230 Aiello, Barbara 346 Astrom, Richard 319 Barr, Irene 337 Benjey, Ann 349 Blood, Janis 348 Albright, Craig 324 Atkins, Cynthia 349 Barrett, Thomas 320 Benner, John 324 Bloom, Mary 348 Alexander, Betty 271 Auch, Terrance 260 Barrett, Virginia 338 Bennett, Linda 347 Bloomfield, Deborah 293 Allan, John 314 Ault, Ronna 347 Barter, Patricia 306 Bennett, Lucy 251 Bluestone, Stewart 317 Allen, Barbara 238 Auwers, Ellen 251 Bartholow, Timothy 260 Bennett, Mark 322 Blumberg, Patricia 254 Allen, John 311 Avenson, Julie 225 Bartsch, Cynthia 337 Benore, Donna 350 Bly, Janet 214 Allwein, Ann 266 Averbook, Charles 295 Bashara, Carol 244 Benschop, Susan 220 Boarclay, Buz 280 Alsip, Jim 324 Averbuch, Gaye 342 Baskin, David 301 Benson, Harold 333 Boarders, Sid 324 A1sup, Philip 327 Avila, Juan 298 Bass, Richard 317 Beresh, Bryan 329 Boardman, Kathleen 214 Altman, Edward 329 Avis, Jean 350 Bassinger, J. 225 Berg, Robert 301 Boase, Barbara 238 Altman, Judy 238 Avriett,•Kon 296 Bates, Ted 314 Berg, Stephanie 306 Bobrowski, Sharon 341 Amos, Michael 325 Avrin, Frances 348 Batsakis, James 262 Berger, Steven 219 Boccaccio, Betsy 337 Ampulski, Gary 257 Axelrod, Judy 290 Baum, Richard 317 Berglund, Elaine 249 Bochanty, Terry 282 Anagnost, Anne 211; 348 Ayres, Martha 254 Baum, Warren 219 Bergsma, Vicki 337 Bockoff, Charles 295 Ancypa, Judith 220 Babak, Donna 266 Bauman, Robert 233 Bergstrom, David 241 Sues, Marilyn 334 Andeen, Bruce 322 Babinski, Suzanne 271 Baumann, Gregory 274 Berhalter, Mary 271 Bogdanov, Olga 238 Anderson, Betsy 214 Baccari, Frank 314 Baxter, Sydney 260 Berke, Dayle 254 Bohnsack, Peter 282 Anderson, Cheryl 347 Bach, Susan 268 Bayer, Sandra 220 Berlucchi, James 233 Boies, Richard 276 Anderson, Christine 306;345 Bacon, David 257 Bayster, Philip 260 Berman, Margaret 346 Bolles, Victor, 274 Anderson, Greg 260 Bader, James 274 Bean, Dorothy 345 Berndt, Carol 338 Bologna, John 265 Anderson, James 288 Badger, Judith 337 Beard, Nancy 266 Bernstein, Lee 341 Bologna, Jospeh 282 Anderson, James 320 Baer, David 317 Beasley, Anne 249 Bernstein, Sue 254 Bombery, Matthew 230 Anderson, John 344 Baessler, Arthur 257 Beaudway, Susan 214 Berry, Linda 214 Bomchill, Fren 254 Anderson, Kathleen 238 Bailey, Opan 229 Beck, Douglas 309 Bershof, James 301 Bonafiglio, Louie 280 Anderson, Kay 306 Bailey, Susan 322 Becker, Claire 306 Berson, Ellie 217 Bonaparte, Leo 311 Anderson, Leslie 220 Bair, Judith 235 Becker, Lewis 219 Bessey, Terry 350 Boncher, Fred 282 Anderson, Lloyd 296 Baker, Deanna 290 Becker, Michael 324 Betzner, John 285 Bondy, Janet 214 Anderson, Marna 347 Baker, Howard 301 Beckerleg, Robert 309 Biasell, Anne 238 Bonnelli, J. 311 Anderson, Michael 262 Baker, John 320 Beckert, Kathryn 211 Bickes, Margaret 211 Bookston, John 295 Anderson, Roberta 266 Balch, Andrew 233;351 Bedrick, Peter 295 Bickes, Winifred 211 Booth, Constance 306 Anderson, Stephen 344 Bales, Mary 211 Beemon, David 333 Bielawski, Mary 214 Booth, Marvin 314 Anderson, Thomas 351 Ball, Linda 290 Beemon, Karen 337 Bielec, Marvin 309 Boothe, Susan 306 Borchardt, John 274 Borders, Charles 252 Borenstein, Richard 329 Borinstein, Joan 304 Borkowski, Judith 306 Borlack, Alan 317 Borod, Donald 301 Bosh, Carol 345 Botsford. Larry 257 Rowell, Thomas 262 Bowcher, Cindy 330 Bowen, Michael 298 Bower, Gregory 314 Bowerman, Suzanne 350 Bowers, Joanne 338 Bowler, Glen 274 Bore les, Elisabeth 251 Bowles, Gene 257 Boyd, Randall 268 Boyer, Rima 337 Boynton, Patsy 227 Boyse, Barbara 211 Brackett, Susan 227 Braddock, Henry 228 Braden, Stephen 280 Bradley, Scott 236 Braemar, Roslyn 290 Brahms, James 295 Braithwaite, Isobel 345 Brake, Rebecca 273 Brakonieck, Mark 324 Brand, Kathie 225 Brandi, Carol 266 Brandt, James 243 Brandt, Ned 309 Brandt, James, 230 Branner, Susan 235 Braseth, Frederick 311 Brown, Shartel 227 Carroll, Catherine 266 Brown, Susan 306 Carson, Lisheth 249 Brown, Valaree 220 Carson, Susan 271 Brown, William 312 Carter, Larry 280 Brownson, Robert 285 Carter, Orinda 266 Brownson, Susan 214 Cartwright, Lynn 345 Brownstein, Jerome 262 Caruso, George 333 Bruckner, Randal 241 Casey, Yvette 259 Brudi, Elaine 350 Cass, Ellie 341 Bruedigam, Anne 271 Cassidy, Earl 243 Buell, JUT) 257 Cassone, Phil 282 Brumo, Gary 274 Catallo, Giulio 329 Brundage, Jane 338 Caughey, Madeline 227 Bruni, Al282 Cavalieri, Robert 312 Bryant, Kathryn 259 Cavin, Valerie 211 Bucehianeri, M. 282 Cederbaum, Judith 254 Buchanan. Bill 257 Cejka, Barbara 214 Buchanan, Jeffrey 241 Cerny, William 276 Buck, Billy 228 Chajes, Daria 254 Buckley, David 351 Chalfant, Timothy 262 Buczak, Douglas 312 Chalifoux, Peter 324 Budzynski, Nancy 244 Chamberlin, P. 349 Rumford, Susan 266 Chapin, Alicia 342 Bunting, Kirk 344 Chapin, James 212 Burack, Robert 301 Chapman, Nancy 349 Burhott, James 241 Chapman, Stephen 322 Burcroff, Cynthia 238 Charter, Jerry 265 Burge(, Mary 334 Chartier, Carolyn 341 Burger, Larry 327 Chase, Nancy 268 Burgess, George 243 Chase, Robert 333 Burgess, Roy 222 Chase, Suzan. 214 Burgott, George 288 Chasteen, John 314 Burgum, Katherine 268 Cheney, Marilyn 211 Burke, Dennis 312 Chepulis, Carol 342 Burke, Jody 350 Cherut, Nicholas 228 Burke, Kathleen 271 Chessler, Frances 347 Burke, Richard 312 Chiaravalli, Peter 312 Burkey, Peter 236 Chodoroff, Arthur 219 Cohen, Donald 219 Cross, Martha 268 Cohen, Francine 304 Crossette, Sandra 220 Cohen, Natalie 304 Crowley. Constance 345 Cohen, Richard 309 Crowley, David 236 Cohes, Don 301 Crozier, Ann 306 Colhert, James 351 Culbert, Oelcna 348 Cole, Ann 249 Culkar„lames 241 Cole, Suzanne 214 Culligan, Marnic 220:338 Coleman, Carol 211 Culber, Lynne 238 Coleman, Jana 220 Cummings, David 309 Coleman, Stephanie 229 Cummins, Judith 341 Coleman, Susan 244 Curtis, Richard 276 Coles, Clare 312 Curtis, Thomas 298 Collier, David 285 Dabrowski, C. 349 Collins, .lohn 260 Dale. Vii illiam 228 Collins, Margaret 347 Dalenberg, Deborah 211 Collins, William 228 Damm, Marilyn 306 Collison, Fredrick 319 Damuth. Thomas 351 Collyer, Jerome 319 Danforth. James 243 Colombo, Linda 227 Daniels. Peggy 259 Colombo, Nancy 345 Danielson, Kristin 220 Colton, .1elfrey 296 Danilaus, Vija 235 Comb, Douglas 276 Danyko, Donald 230 Compass, Marilyn 251 Darden. Arthur 296 Concdera, Dana 233 Darling, Linda 266 Conger, Dahlia 271 Darling, Robert 257 Connard, Mark 241 Darnton, Thomas 262 Connell, Barbara 337 Darron, Patricia 346 Connell, Mary 225 Daverman, James 233 Connolly, Patricia 330 David. Jacob 219 Conrad, Clara 244 Davidson. James 236 Cook, Douglas 296 Davidson, Laurel 268 Cook, Frances 346 Davidson, Marjorie 330 Cook, Jackie 337 Davidson, Mark 236 Cook, Lynne 227 Davidson, Robert 312 Cook, Mary 350 Davis. Allen 325 Cook, Richard 274 Davis, Diana 249 Cook, Robert 262 Davis, Ethel 346 Brater, William 276 Braun, Eleanor 342 Breitkreitz, P. 349 Brenkert, Karl 280 Brenner, Chari 271 Brenner, Charles 295 lireslauer, George 274 Breuhaus, Elizabeth 268 Brewer, David 276 Brey, Judith 350 Brezden, Boris 344 Briegel, 301 Bright, Russell 252 Broad, Greg 246 Broadnax, Stanley 228 Brodeur, Daniel 212 Brodoski, Richard 209 Brody, Mark 317 Broman, Charles 312 Brooks, Claudette 229 Brossy, Sharon 238 Brot, Susan 290 Brown, Barbara 214 Brown, Candace 348 Brown, Carol 271 Brown, Catherine 211 Brown, David 324 Brown, Dickson 230 Brown, Douglas 314 Brown, Gail 259 Brown, John 252 Brown, John 246 Brown, Karen 338 Brown, Marvin 228 Brown, Patricia 251 Brown, Robert 298 Bur koff, John 287 Chopp, Patricia 337 Burns, Cheryl 220 Chorkey, Lorraine 345 Burns, Richard 243 Christensen, Dan 320 Burnstein, C. 329 Christenson, D. 268 Burpee, Thomas 241 Christenson, Terry 230 Busse, Bonnie 273 Christiansen, M. 338 Buszek, Ronald 288 Christie, Chris 320 Butler, Ronald 280 Chrysler, Curt 288 Cahalan, Patricia 348 Church, David 296 Cain, Eloise, 229 Churches, Melinda 244 Cain, Joyce 259 Cigler, Gary 287 Calcaterra, Joseph 233 Clark, Donald 344 Callan, Nancy 211 Clark, James 309 Calland, Janet 238 Clark, Mary Beth 214 Calley, Lawrence 324 Clark, Patricia 334 Culver, Lewis 236 Clark, Patricia 266 Campbell, Candyce 334 Clark, Ronald 228 Canning, William 236 Clark, Walter 296 Cantrall, James 285 Clarke, Karen 251 Capparelli, Michele 214 Clarcy, Dorcee 348 Cappo, Sharon 220 Clarke, Sherilyn 338 Cardona Mary 330 Clayton, Patricia 330 Curdy, Connie 338 .Clemente, Arthur 309 Carleton, Susan 350 Clements, George 260 Carlson, Alan 285 Clements, Margaret 330 Carlson, Barbara 271 Clemons, David 236 Carlson, Grant 309 Clifford, David 314 Carlson, Harry 274 Clugston, Rhoda 227 Carlson, Philip 320 Clasen. Charles 262 Carlton, Bruce 276 Cobb, Peter 219 Carney, Thomas 265 Cochran, Jacquelyn 214 Carnick, Leslie 254 Cochran, James 222 Carotta, Alan 311 Cody, Charles 233 Carpenter, Michael 296 Cohen, Amy 217:350 Carpenter, Michael 219 Cohen, Barbara 217 Carr, Marx 273 Cohen, Bruce 295 Cooke, Allison 345 Cooper, Mary 268 Cooper, Michael 285 Cope, Robert 230 Copithorn, Rhodes 233 Corey, William 311 Corlett, Barbara 273 Cornell, Cheryl 254 Corombos, Sharon 293 Corson, Connie 273 Cortez, Rose 338 Costick„loseph 230 Cotner, John 233 Cotter, David 241 Couch, James 241 Coulter, Janet 306 Counihan, Kathleen 345 Cousin°, Karen 211 Covalle, George 233 Cox, Dorcas 343 Cox, John 325 Craig, Elbertstine 348 Craig, Margaret 345 Craig, Susan 338 Craig, Suzanne 259 Cranham, Barbara 306 Crawford, Barbara 306 Crawford, James 351 Creason, Ken 236 Cressman, Larry 236 Crispell, Barbara 273 Crispell, Majorie 273 Crissman, Philip 260 Crosby. James 233 Crosby, Lawrence 298 Croseman, Sue 273 Davis, Kathie 235 Davis, Kenneth 209 Davis, Mary .lane 244 Davis, Noreen 334 Davis, Sharon 273 Davison, Sandra 229 Dawson, Deborah 227 Dawson, Michael 285 Day, Charles 276 Day, Marcia 268 Day, Mark 309 Day, Mary Luz 334 De Camp, Barbara 238 De Capite. Janet 348 De Groat, Larry 265 De Long, James 265 De Long, Maureen 266 Dc Parry, Al 287 De Roche, Jo Ann 338 De Ville, Leslie 214 De Vries, Kurt 309 Deacon, William 324 Debo, John 262 Degryse, Chuck 274 Dehlow, Christine 249 Dehorn, Al 262 Delbert, Kristin 238 Delaney, Jacquelyn 214 Delevitt, Carolyn 293 Dells, Ginny 238 Demery, Thomas 260 Deming, Kathleen 266 Demps, Cynthia 293 Denk, Gene 212 Dennis, William 322 Dentin, John 236 399 Depalma, Diane 346 osenberry, Donna 348 Ehresman, Dale 274 Deputat, Gerald 319 oty, Madelon 251 Einfeldt, Mary 220 Derdarian, C. 343 ouglas, Matthew 309 Einstein, Jean 217 Deresz, Robert 241 ouglass, Ann 273 Eklund, Stephen 230 Desjardins, Nancy 347 oval, Patricia 306 Elan, Susan 337 Deuries, Tom 309 over, Ben 236 Elder, Gary 324 Deutsch, Robert 301 owner, John 233 Elder, Nancy 225 Devor, Charles 296 owns, Elizabeth 235 Elder, Robert 274 Dewey, Katherine 251 owns, Myra 229 Elgin, Robert 257 Dewey, Linda 235 oyle, Patrick 288 Elias, Ann 338 Diamond, Connie 217 rehmann, Peter 282 Ellias, Roberta 219 Diamond, Nancy 306 resner, Joanne 254 Ellies, David 309 Dibble, William 252 rew, Mowitt 280 Elliott, Linda 271 Dichter, Scott 219 rotos, Julius 309 Elliott, Stephen 324 Dickman, Neil 317 ubow, Jan 217 Ellis, Duane 311 Dickson, Kathleen 235 udley, Jay 322 Ellis, Kathy 304 Diefenbach, William 320 uenkel, Virginia 306 Ellis, Sally 338 Dickman, Deborah 273 uerr, John 309 Ellis, William 212 Dietrich, Charles 351 off, Sally 244 Ellworth, Barbara 322 Dill, Robert 274 uffie, Patricia 341 Elman, Stephan 295 Dillinger, Nancy 273 uffy, Mino 214;345 Embree, James 241 Dillon, Mark 260 ugan, Robert 262 Emery, Richard 230 Dim, Martin 317 uletsky, Donna 273 Emond, Peter 276 Dinges, Richard 230 ulzo, James 257 Engdahl, Thomas 309 Dishuck, Patricia 271;345 ungan, Paulette 229 Engle, Cheryl 268 Ditsler, Suzanne 346 ungan, Fenton 222 Entenman, John 322 Dixon, William 228 unkle, Deborah 337 Epstein, Harry 324 Dobra, Betty 290 unlop, Heather 347 Epstein, Richard 329 Doerr, Mary 249 unn, Karen 290 Erhardt, Roland 322 Doetze, Judy 214 urham, Jane 220 Erickson, Mary Anne 235 Dolan, Nancy 345 oval, Deborah 259;338 Erman, Sherry 254 Dold, Douglas 262;244 uvall, Bettie 350 Ernst, Glen 260 Dolgin, Annabel 217 Duvall, David 274 Erskine, Randy 298 Dombey, Sharon 342 ykstra, Craig 243 Erwin, Kathleen 345 Dombrowski, Mary 211 Eames, Judith 211 Esler, Charles 246 Donahey, Cynthia 249 Easlick, Susam 273;342 Espie, Solomon 228 Donahue, James 314 Eason, Randolph 287 Essick, Robert 287 Donaldson, Kathryn 337 Ebersole, Brenda 211 Etter, Janet 334 Donke, Jan 349 Ebert, Peter 288 Enrich, Dennis 257 Donnelly, Edwin 276 Eckhold, John 280 Evans, David 311 Doren, William 322 Eder, Michael 317 Evans, Ike 327 Dorfman, Gail 343 Edgerton, Susan 334 Evashevski, Marion 251 Dornbush, Charles 322 Edwards, Michael 228 Ewald, Gail 293 Dorsey, Miriam 220 Edwards, Willie 228 Ewing, Peter 329 Ewing, Thomas 222 Gasper, Steve 243 Exelrod, Iris 341 Gazley, Susan 330 Faber, Carole 238 Gee, Ronald 312 Fadool, Cynthia 342 Gellatly, Marianne 345 Faes, Paul 288 Gels, Carol 220 Fairchild, Ronald 262 Gemrose, Blanche 227 Falk, Nathan 287 George, David 296 Faloon, Donald 241 George, Diana 338 Farkas, Karen 341 Gerstenberger, K. 226 Farrell, Michael 276 Gertner, Marc 329 Farron, John 320 Giannetti, Darryl 301 Fassbender, Paul 246 Giardina, Paul 243 Fawcett, Kim 287 Gibbs, Robert 274 Fechner, Linda 349 Gibbs, Theodore 351 Feder, Michael 329 Gibson, John 233 Pamela 348 Gifford, Thomas 233 Feehan, Patrick 262 Gildart, Susan 320 Feferman, Richard 329 Giles, Elida 235 Feinberg, Merle 290 Gillain, Donald 319 Feldberg, Michael 320 Gillen, Jo Ann 214 Feldkamp, Frederick 262 Gillespie, Ted 314 Feldman, Lester 287 Gillette, Constance 334 Feldman, Michael 287 Gillette, Sarah 235 I Fellows, Suzanne 214 Ginsberg, Robert 287 Felske, James 265 Gislason, John 287 Felszar, Tom 233 Gittelman, Betty 217 I Felton, Patricia 214 Giuliani, Francis 285 Fenwick, Richard 309 Gladman, Gloria 337 Ferm, Peggy 350 Glaesner, Sally 214 Ferrante, Michael 257 Glancz, Barbara 217 Feuer, Charles 287 Glaser, Thomas 329 Fiedler, Douglas 280 Glass, Elliot 219 Fielding, David 298 Glasser, Amy 244 Figatner, James 317 Gleeson, James 319 Filson, Anne 238 Glidden, Stephen 312 Fine, Amay 217 Gloomis, Judith 346 Finley, Colleen 347 Gnewkowdki, Steven 230 Finn, Patricia 334 Godfroy, Mary 266 Firestone, Richard 219 Godsman, Paul 243 Firth, Kristine 345 Goergen, Betsy 244 Fischer, Rick 212 Goettman, Martha 235 Fischer, Shirley 290 Goings, Carol 259 Fish, Eleanor 266 Golan, Marilyn 306 Fishbein, Thomas 295 Gold, Dorothy 341 Fisher, Daniel 295 Gold, Gary 298 Fisher, Mary 330 Goldberg, Barbara 348 Fisher, Nancie 293 Goldberg, Jerome 351 Fisher, Ted 260 Goldberg, Michael 219 Fishman, Jerry 301 Goldfarb, David 219 Fitch, Lawrence 351 Goldfine, Rose 254 Fitchner, Larry 320 Goldman, Laurence 301 Fitch, William 230 Goldman, Marc 317 Fitzhugh, Walter 288 Goldsmith, Shirley 346 Fitzjohn, Linda 225 Goldstein, Judith 254 Fitzpatrick, Lorena 214 Goldstein, Leslie 219 Flagan, Richard 319 Golin, Arthur 276 Flanagan, Dave 320 Golisek, Cynthia 349 Fleischer, Mitchell 319 Gall, John 319 Fleischman, Suzanne 341 Gollon, Camille 293 Flook, Lyman 246 Gollob, Bonnie 217 Flory, Dennis 351 Gomez, Edward 351 Flott, Cynthia 249 Gomley, Marcia 345 Fodor, Peter 319 Goodfriend, Carol 254 Foess, Arnold 311 Goodman, Allan 262 Fogel, David 295 Goodman, Gilbert 230 Fogoros, Nancy 238 Goodman, Mark 324 Foley, Constance 220 Goodman, Philip 287 Ford, Jeffrey 257 Goodman, Raywin 295 Fors, Melanie 345 Goodman, Sharon 330 Forsthoffer, Jeanne 214 Goodrich, Charles 285 Forsythe, Kathy 273 Goodrich, Laura 306 Fosman, Melvin 317 Goodwin, Chip 274 Fussee, Kevin 243 Goodwin, Joan 259 Foucher, Dane 262 Goodwin, Thomas 309 Fox, Charles 322 Goran, Michael 287 Fox, Kathleen 249 Gordon, Debra 254 Fox, Mary 266 Gordon, Shelley 341 Fox, William 312 Gordon, Sherry 290 Fralick, John 333 Gorga, Gregory 236 France, Robert 233 Gorman, Timothy 265 Franchi, Jane 338 Gortmaker, Steven 333 Francis, Alan 282 Goss, Ardin 285 Franklin, Howard 329 Gost, Linda 330 Frayer, Nancy 350 Gottleib, Bonnie 254 Frayer, Thomas 230 Gould, Jeffrey 311 Frazer, Roger 324 Gould, Vivian 341 Frazier, John 280 Gow, Paul 324 Frechtling, Stephen 274 Graeff, Judith 268 Freed, Thomas 298 • Graf, James 280 French, Gary 351 Graff, David 276 French, Patricia 235 Graff, Jeffrey 301 Frey, Richard 301 Grambau, Geoffrey 324 Fried, Wendy 254 Grant, Elizabeth 345 Friedberg, Arlene 341 Grant, Susan 334 Friedman, Bruce 329 Graves, Gerald 327 Friedman, Diane 290 Gray, Peter 287 Friedman, Karen 337 Green, Pat 338 Friedmar, Judith 346 Green, Robert 314 Friend, Lee 327 Greenberg, Frank 222 Froman, Stephen 219 Greene, Arthur 228 Frost, Laura 227;350 Greenly, Lewis 219 Fruin, Marsha 266 Greenson, Deborah 217 Fuchs, Anne 244 Greenwood, David 285 Fukuda, Mariko 273 Gregerson, Lynda 341 Fulford, Patrick 243 Greiner, Mary 337 Gabriel, Douglas 312 Gretzinger, Mary 266 Gabriel, Elizabeth 220 Grier, Judith 266 Gabrys, Edward 296 Griffin, Anne 334 Gackstetter, Rose 345 Griffin, Jan 273 Galin, Sharon 304 Griffin, Linda 349 Galinger, Peggy 254 Griffith, Ann 273 Gallagher , Sherry 238 Griffith, Joan 249 Garabrant, Charles 233 Grigsby, James 274 Garbo, David 257 Grill, Jeffrey 282 Garden, Lawrence 344 Grise, Donald 280 Gardner, Donald 260 Grix, Henry 344 Gardner, Elizabeth 238 Groenevelt, Mary 227 Gardner, Geoffrey 351 Gronda, Marlene 350 Garnett, Catherine 268 Gronda, Mary Ann 350 Garrison, Deborah 273 Gross, Ronald 285 Garrison, Diane 273 Grover, Joel 274 Gaskill, Kathleen 342 Groysdale, Dennis 230 400 Grube, Jon 320 Harris, Ronald, 243 Heyl, Janet 251 Gruber, Jane 334 Harris, Scott 301 Heyliger, Donald 276 Grundstein, Leon 280 Harris, Thomas 314 Heyliger, Douglas 276 Guba, John 311 Harrison, Barbara 217 Heyn, Margaret 350 Guernsey, Carol 343 Harrison, Walter 311 Hibbard, Carolyn 338 Gunning, John 311 Harrison, William 288 Hibler, James 312 Gussin, Joan 337 Hart, Janet 235 Hibsman, Jeffrey 219 Gustafson, Gretchen 306 Hart, Virginia 337 Hickes, Melissa 306 Guthrie, Christine 227 Harting, Katherine 211 Hickes, Rebecca 306 Gutterman, Samuel 219 Hartka, Janet 214 Hicks, Carter 257 Haag, Richard 257 Hartman, Frances 220 Hiett, Katherine 273 Haas, Elson 329 Hartman, Mary 342 Higbie, John 320 Haas, Jacob 312 Hartogg, Mark 344 Higbie, Nathan 262 Haas, Peter 222 Hartough, James 322 Higgins, Charles 260 Habel, John 333 Hartough, Kathy 266 Higgins, Margaret 214 Hable, Larry 319 Hartwell, David 262 Highfield, Michael 243 Hable, Martin 309 Hartwig, Myron 262 Hight, Cheryl 225 Hacker, Crystal 346 Harvey, Diane 251 Hill, Anna 306 Hackett, Ben 344 Hashimoto, Yoko 337 Hill, Connie 346 Haeusler, Thomas 285 Hassan, Bruce 351 Hill, Helen 338 Hagadorn, Susan 342 Hasse, John 246 Hill, Jane 271 Hahn, Glen 306 Hassig, Diane 225 Hill, Lynn 347 Hair, Kenneth 311 Hatchett, Stephen 285 Hill, Michael 312 Hairston, Nelson 333 Hathaway, Margaret 249 Hill, Steven 344 Hakala, Douglas 288 Haughey, Wilfrid 296 ' Hill, Susan 334,238 Hakim, Theresa 214 Haugner, Penelope 214 Hille, Rolf 309 Halash, Janice 350 Hauptman, Leatrice 254 Hiller, Neil 287 Haley, Enoch 243 Hauptman, Mitchell 295 Hilligoss, Susan 347 Hall, Maxwell 280 Havill, Becky 244 Hills, Barbara 238 Hall, Susan 220 Hawkins, Mary 350 Hines, James 333 Hall, Thomas 298 Hawkins, Shirley 235 Hinterman, Ralph 338 Hall, Werner 282 Hayduk, Mary 319 Hirschfelder, Barb 217 Hallam, Gary 312 Hayes, Janis 346 Hiskey, Iris 342 Halligan, Mary 214 Haynes, Carolyn 345 Hitpas, Nancy 341 Hallisy, Kathleen 306 Haynes, Terry 320 Hlavin, Robert 262 Halloran, Shannon 273 Hayward, Gregory 298 Hnath, Richard 257 Halpert, Mark 219 Hazen, Joyce 349 Hoard, Kay 229 Haltom, Pamela 266 Healy, Brian 282 Hober, Catherine 346 Hamburg, Mike 241 Heatherly, Susan 345 Hodge, Jane 251 Hamilton, Batbara 330 Heathfield, Susan 227 Hodge, Nina 306 Hamilton, Heather 306 Heaton, Richard 288 Hoelzeen, Jeff 329 Hamilton , Mary 225 Heavenrich, Martha 304 Hoey, George 228 Hamilton, Winnie 235 Hecht, Louis 329 Hoffman, Bruce 236 Hammel, Candace 347 Hedstrom, Dean 243 Hoffman, Jane 249 Hammerman, Alex 317 Heenan, George 312 Hoffman, Jane M. 268 Hammond, Jean 268 Heffelfinger, Jon 233 Hoffman, Merrill 304 Hammond, Philip 322 Heideman, Bert 252 Hogan, Albert 228 Hammond, Randy 282 Heideman, Kay 244 Hogan, Mary 290 Hammond, Russell 351 Heideman, Rosalind 254 Hoganson, Patricia 238 Hampton, Kirk 344 Heidorn, Keith 351 Holda, Michael 333 Hand, Kathleen 322 Heimbach, Dale 338 Holliday, Peggy 306 Hankwitz, George 236 Heindl, Pamela 338 Holmes, Charles 257 Hankwitz, Mike 236 Held, Karl 327 Holmes, Michael 274 Hanley, Keith 351 Hellner, John 236 Holmgren, Sylvia 227 Hanna, Diane 273 Helzel, Deborah 338 Holt, Jon 243 Hanna, Douglas 282 Hennerty, James 344 Holt, Timothy 262 Hannon, Sherry 220 Hennessee, Joyce 347 Holt, Veronice 229 Hanrath, Paul 265 Henry, Judith 238 Holtz, Donald 287 Hansen, Karen 214 Henry, Marilyn 338 Homeier, Linda 330 Hansen, Suzanne, 211 Herbenar, Martin 274 Honen, Jeff 329 Hansher, Lynn 304 Herman, Cheryl 341 Honson, Melaney 345 Hanson, Christine 306 Herman, Elaine 347 Hopkins, John 222 Hanson, Elizabeth 214 Herman, Florence 266 Hopkins, Suzanne 235 Hanze, Douglas 212 Herndon, Sarah 293 Hopp, Daniel 309 Harden, Gregory 228 Herr, David 322 Hopson, Mark 230 Harder, Lois 337 Herr, Frederick 280 Horn, David 233 Hardesty, Alan 233 Hershberger, Faye 225 Horniman, Keith 311 Harding, Kenneth 257 Hertz, Karen 290 Horton, Linda 334 Harlan, Kenneth 344 Hertzing, Kent 344 Hotwitz, Steven 317 Harmon, Patricia 273 Heuer, Susan 238 Hosto, Kenneth 280 Harrington, Susan 273 Neuman, Linda 268 Hotchkiss, Frances 249 Harris, Gary 301 Heustis, Lesley 251 Hotchkiss, Jill 238 Harris, Janet 225 Hevd, William 252 Houck, Malcolm 309 Harris, Laura 254 Hewett, James 282 Houston, Dana 319 Harris, Mark 219 Heyboer, Ellen 266 Houston, Linda 220 Harris, Peter 312 Heyboer, Lynn 238 Houston, Mary 211 Hovnan, Joanne 220;338 Jacobson, Richard 288 Howard, Barry 287 Jaffe, Bruce 295 Howard, Elizabeth 334 Jaffe, David 219 Howard, Hila 290 James, Sandra 249 Howard, Lynda 238 Jandasek, Bruno 262 Howes, Priscilla 306 Janis, Arlene 330 Hoy, Sharon 271 Jansen, Kay 343 Hoyer, Kathleen 338 Janssen, Emily 244 Hoyng, Robert 257 Jardack, Linda 214 Hoyt, Linda 249 Jaress, Timothy 260 Hoyt, Thomas 357 Jarpe, Geoffrey 274 Hribal, James 262 Jarrett, Ann 271 Hu, Garrick 282 Jarvis, Patricia 293 Hubei, Kip 274 Jastrzembski, T. 230 Huber, Charles 209 Jefferson, Alexis 229 Hubert, Robert 301 Jenkins, Mercilee 214 Huddy, Phillip 320 Jens, Kathryn 251 Hudson, Freda 229 Jensen, Herbert 274 Hudson, Lucius 233 Jensen,, Karen 220 Huellmantel, Alan 260 Jensen, Robert 320 Hughes, Gretchen 238;349 Jensen, Roger 230 Hughes, Robert 288 Jesse, Judith 220 Huhns, Michael 325 Jeter, Ida 220 Huizinga, Elizabeth 249 Jim, Sandra 347 Hulce, Susan 334 Jobbe, Ted 228 Hulchiy, Nicholas 241 Jobin, Suzanne 251 Humburg, Fredrick 222 Johann, Robert 312 Hummel, William 333 Johnson, Alan 243 Hunchberger, Karen 293 Johnson, Barbara 259 Hunt, Cecilia 229 Johnson, Christel 337 Hunt, Connye 349 Johnson, Craig 312 Hunt, Edith 342 Johnson, David 322 Hunter, Constance 268 Johnson, Gail 214 Hunter, Marilyn 220 Johnson, Gary 312 Huntley, John 282 Johnson, Jacqueline 345 Huntsman, Beverly 225 Johnson, Judith 211 Hurst, Diana 338 Johnson, Judith C. 214 Hurvitz, Arthur 295 Johnson, Judith F. 235 Huss, Willard 280 Johnson, Linda 338 Hutchins, Paula 238 Johnson, Marian 268 Hutchison, Norman 280 Johnson, Ralph 285 Hutchison, Sharon 266 Johnson, Randall 351 Huttenlocher, Nancy 211 Johnson, Read 325 Hutton, Chris 227 Johnson, Richard 276 Huwen, Marcia 227 Johnson, Robert 311 Fluyghe, Linda 220 Johnson, Roscoe 233 Hyde, Damon 282 Johnson, Sandra 220 Hyde, Marguerite 214 Johnson, Susan 211 Hykes, Gregory 312 Johnson, Terrence 230 Hysong, Thomas 288 Johnston, Bart 212 Iczkovitz, Michael 324 Johnston, Frances 342 Idema, Henry 212 Johnston, George 351 Idema, Margaret 251 - Johnston, Nancy 347 Iffland, Frederick 28 5 Johnston, Patricia 225 Igdaloff, Susan 347 Jonas, Kenneth 333 Imkiov, Dimiter 351 Jones, Brenda 229 Indoe, Katherine 220 Jones, Ellin 227 Ingber, Paul 301 Jones, Gordon 311 Ingersoll, Dick 274 Jones, Harold 320 Ingve, Laurel 238 Jones, Jacqueline 306 Isgro, Mary 306 Jones, Jeffrey 311 Ishii, Marcia 341 Jones, Joseph 260 Jabbot, Cathy 330 Jones, Joseph P. 222 Jackson, Harry 262 Jones, Michael 344 Jackson, Judith 220 Jones, Michael L. 322 Jackson, William 276 Jones, Ronald 241 Jacobi, Mark 219 Jones, Sally 338 Jacobs, Donna 220 Jones, Samuel 228 Jacobs, Glenn 324 Jordan, John 319 Jacobs, Lynne 290 Joseph, Barbara 249 Jacobs, Sheila 341 Joseph, Lawrence 265 Jacobson, Christine 345 Joseph, Margaret 334 401 Jospey, Susan 304 Kelley, Jack 236 Klein, Gloria 338 Krause, Ila 304 Lapin, Karen 350 Judge, John 233 Kelliar, Margie 350 Klein, Marcia 349 Krause, William 233 Larkin, Ellen 211 Juliar, Sima 290 Kellner, Fred 295 Klein, Marlene 217 Krebs, James 296 Larsen, Andrea 345 Jurgenson, Gerda 293 Kelly, Chuck 274 Klein, Robert 344 Kreinberg, Jeffrey 329 Larson, Kathy 330 Jurow, Andrew 280 Kelly, Gregory 282 Kline, Cheryl 235 Kreps, Robert 241 Lasage, Judy 211 Kaatz, Marjorie 342 Kelly, Kathleen 249 Klose, Robert 344 Kress, Linda 249 Lasser, Kenneth 329 Kadushin, Carol 217 Kelly, Patricia 330 Kloster, Bruce 262;344 Kreuz, Richard 312 Last, Jeffrey 317 Kahn, David 301 Kelly, Michael 296 Klotz, Marilyn 268 Krieger, Roberta 254 Lauber, Laura 338 Kahn, Howard 351 Kelly, Sean 285 Klumpp, William 243 Krieger, Susan 342 Lauder, Nancy 217 Kahn, Susan 304 Kelso, Katherine 273 Klutsenbeker, Cindy 227 Krisak, Edward 257 Lausten, Eric 320 Kains, Valerie 306 Kelso, Michael 322 Knapp, Mark 257 Kronemeyer, Jon 309 Lavelle, Katherine 225 Kaiser, Marsha 244 Kelso, Nancy 350 Knauss, Kathy 217 Kroneberg, Helen 337 Laventure, Sharon 271 Kaiser, Martha 249 Kembel, Janis 293 Knowles, Clinton 280 Kreuger, Ann-Marie 268 Lawrence, John 252 Kalick, Theodore 287 Kemp, Janice 214 Knox, La Vonia 229 Kreuger, Carl 288 Lawrence, Nancy 217 Kalis, Michael 344 Kendall, Kim 273 Knuszewski, George 257 Kruer, Tim 294 Lawson, James 274 Kalisz, Cynthia 293 Kendrick, John 285 Koch, Peggy 227 Kruger, Peter 282 Layman, Linda 268 Kallenberg, Rusty 317 Kennedy, Ellen 346 Koch, Ursula 238 Krupp, Nancy 251 Lazar, Linda 211 Kannewaard, Thomas 212 Kennedy, Kathleen 268 Kochmanski, Judith 338 Krusel, Linda 266 Lazier, Anita 304 Kalls, Kathleen 235 Kennedy, Richard 280 Koenig, Martha 304 Kuehnle, Diane 271 Le Viness, Judith 341 Kalymon, Alexander 246 Kennedy, Thomas 325 Koepke, Peter 276 Kuniansky, David 301 Leach, Harold, 301 Kamenec, Bob 288 Kenney, Robert 288 Kohlenberg, Joyce 214 Kunkel, Diana 225 Leahy, Michael 265 Kamin, Neal 280 Kerkhoff, Dorothy 337 Kohler, Susan 348 Kurlander, lleen 290 Leckey, Donald 246 Kammer, Kenneth 219 Kerns, Scott 276 Kohlman, Gary 298 Kussy, Henriette 293 Ledebuhr, Bonnie 306 Kane, Ann 306 Kerredge, Joan 238 Kohn, Victoria 338 Kutsche, Katherine 337 Lederer, Marilyn 290 Kanter, Robert 301 Kerwin, Judith 254;349 Koliba, Kathleen 342 Kutsche, Linda 337 Lederman, Raymond 317 Kao, Charles 311 Keshishian, Dennis 333 Koning, Marsha 350 Kuzak, Donald 314 Lee, Christopher, 312 Kaplan, Alan 329 Keskeny, Eileen 227 Rocs, Donald 314 Kuzma, Thomas 280 Lee, Gene 351 Kaplan, Earl 219 Kessell, Julie 345 Kopcke, Richard 350 La Fond, Peter 274 Lees, Richard 329 Kaplan, Jay 219 Kessel, Stephen 260 Kordich, Maralynn 343 La Rose, Kenneth 333 Lefkowitcz, Dee 346 Kaplan, Robert 317 Kesterke, Alan 209 Korn, Jennifer 290 Ladd, Stephen 233 Lehman, Ann 217 Kaplowitz, Shelley 338 Khuen, Charles 296 Kornheiser, Kenneth 295 Ladner, George 311 Lehman, Carolyn 211 Kapnick, Ronald 212 Kiebach, Patricia 235 Kort, Bruce 295 Laessal, Mark 322 Lehmann, Carol 337 Karl, Donald 241 Kilkka, Allan 312 Kosnik, Karen 271 Lagalo, Sharron 227 Leibson, Michael 219 Kartheiser, Frank 212 Kilkka, Carolyn 249 Koss, Harold 282 Lage, Martha 251 Lekas, Nicholas 212 Kasiborski, Ann 306 Kim, Steven 344 Koss, Paul 212 Laitner, Walter 322 Lelich, Peter 298 Kathroda, Nartural 351 Kinderman, Carol 268 Kossaras, Constance 268 Lake, Renee 349 Lengel, Freda 342 Katona, Paul 282,333 Kindy, Kay 225 Kovacs, Allen 222 Lambert, Louise 211 Lentz, Peter 233 Katz, James 329 King, Chrystie 235 Koval, Paul 314 Lamoreaux, William 295 Lenz, John 319 Katz, Ted 333 King, John 344 Kovar, Jeanette 334 Lanard, Gail 293 Leonard, Myra 259 Katzenmeyer, Ann 220 King, Melissa 214 Kowalak, Tome 274 Lanard, Kathleen 306 Leonberger, E. 288 Kaufman, Donald 230 Kingsbury, Stewart 312 Kowaloff, Steven 351 Lance, Brian 262 Leone, Vincent 317 Kaul, Richard 344 Kirby, Robert 219 Kozelko, Karen 249 Landesman, Lynn 290 Leopold, Donald 280 Kay, Richard 276 Kircher, Robert 262 Kozerski, John 233 Lane, Susan 227 Leppek, Dennis 257 Keebler, Michael 276 Kirchick, Calvin 285 Kraff, Robert 329 Lang, Allison 273 Lerner, Janet 254 Keefer, Dennis 322 Kirkland, Deppish 262 Kraft, John 298 Lang, Carol 347 Lerner, Susan 345 Keene, James 265 Kirkwood, James 246 Kraft, Robert 276 Langberg, Henry 295 Leroy, Pierre 325 Kefgen, Ronald 312 Kitchen, Nancy 238 Kramer, Jon 236 Lange, Christine 227 Lessen, Joan 341 Kehoe, Michael 320 Kitzel, Lynn 330 Kranitz, Tobie 341 Lanier, Joan 259 Leszczynski, Paula 345 Keil, Patricia 345 Klee, James 262 Krans, Rosemary 334 Lankier, Marilyn 337 Leu, Constance 268 Keith, Peter 265 Kleene, Jack 212 Krasnick, Judith 290 Lantis, Allyn 347 Levenson, Diane 251 Keliar, Marjorie 238 Kleim, Nancy 334 Kraus, Kathy 346 Lantz, Bonita 273 Levin, Alice 346 Keller, Lawrence 314 Klein, Diana 342 Krause, Betty 244 Lapham, Sandra 238 Levin, Carol 257 402 Levin, Helen 349 Lucas, Brian 280 Markowitz, Joel 219 Mieler, Sue 227 Nemetz, Anne 244 Levin, Lynn 341 Luczak, Richard 333 Markus, Ellen 338 Mihalyfy, Karl 312 Nemetz, Edward 312 Levine, Daniel 324 Ludwig, Jean 220 Markwick, Judith 343 Mikhail, Mona 337 Nepstad, Gordon 298 Levine, Daniel 344 Luke, James 265 Marokus, Paul 287 Miklas, Paula 334 Ness, Carole 238 Levinson, Joyce 254 Luke, Kcye 271 Marra, Thomas 298 Milulas, Roger 209 Ness, Donna 306 Levinson, Sanford 295 Lund, Eric 288 Marsh, Richard 274 Milauc, Susan 334 Neuburger, Ann 338 Levitt, Larry 301 Lundahl, Thomas 260 Marshall, Dee 273 Mildner, Peter 282 Neuhauser, Michael 325 Levitt, Susan 290 Lundeen, Peter 280 Martin, Bruce 246 Miles, Maurice 344 Ncumeister, John 309 Levko, Aron 219 Lundeen, Robert 230 Martin, James 230 Miller, Barbara 220 Neuser, William 222 Levy, Douglas 260 Lungerhausen, C. 319 Martin, Joan 254 Miller, Danny 230 Newland, Douglas 320 Lewandowski, Irene 346 Luria, Bruce 320 Martin, Leslie 343 Miller, David 280 Newman, Judy 337 Lewis, Daniel 257 Lutone, Cherise 330 Martin, Susan 238 Miller, Dennis 327 Newport, Gerald 246 Lewis, Lynn 254 Lynch, Donna 337 Martin, William 296 Miller, Frank 241 Ney, Patricia 348 Lewis, Robert 320 Lynch, Marna 251 Martineau, Claire 293 Miller, George 344 Nichol, Martha 211 Lewis, Sarah 334 Lynn, Blanche 346 Marty now, Nadine 345 Miller, Ivan 241 Nicholson, Cheryl 341 Lewis, Susan 220:338 Lyons, Karen 259 Mashinter, William 246 Miller, Janet 249 Nicholson, Karyn 225 Lewis, Walter 228 Mac Allister, Cheryl 341 Masino, Nancy 306 Miller, Joanne 306 Nickel, Judith 293 Leys, James 222 Mac Donald, K. 238 Maskeny, Diane 214 Miller, Joanne F. 227 Nielan, Patricia 306 Lichter, Allen 301 Mac Lachlan, James 312 Mason, Veronica 259;350 Miller, Louise 211 Nielsen, Karen 214 Lieberman, Jay 287 Mac Mullen, John 312 Mathews, Phil 233 Miller, Marion 349 Niemira, Caroline 306 Liebrecht, Ann 337 Mac Neal, John 344 Mathis, Paul 312 Miller, Michael 260 Niffenegger, Carol 350 Liggett, Pamela 266 Machek, Jack 320 Matthaei, Frederick 276 Miller, Peter 265 Nikkinen, Nancy 238 Lillie, Patricia 251 Machlik, Jean 306 Matthews, Mark 257 Miller, Robert 298 Niland, Patrick 276 Lim, Cecilia 337 Macina, Conrad 325 Matthews, Maureen 251 Miller, William 344 Nisbet, Kenneth 241 Lindenfeld, Jo Ann 347 Mack, Martha 251 Mattison, Terry 212 Millich, Gretchen 348 Nishigami, Tahitia 351 Linder, Kristin 227 Mackert, Linda 220 Mattison, Virginia 220 Mills, Anne 337 Nixon, Susan 266 Lindhout, Laurel 249 Mackie, Randall 230 Matson, Lynne 341 Mills, Donna 227 Noble, Frederick 312 Line, Linda 293 Mackin, Catherine 273 Matz, Diann 349 Mills, Terry 268 Noecker, Ann 227 Link, Marilyn 214 Macklin, Elaine 337 Mavis, Marie 345 Milne, Frederick 325 Nold, Edward 265 Linn, Thomas 265 Macunovich, Linda 348 Mayer, Beth 254 Mimikos, James 265 Norlander, James 296 Linscheid, Beth 235 Maddock, Linda 348 Mayer, Ruth 342 Mincher, Michael 262 Norman, Christopher 260 Linsell, Edward 311 Maddox, Elliott 228 Mayhew, Marcia 330 Minnick, Dave 236 Norris, Judith 227 Linton, James 230 Madigan, Dennis 262 McAdaragh, Mary 225 Mirchie, Miriam 334 Northey, Robert 324 Lipsitt, Carol 217 Mager, George 233 McAllister, Nancy 268 Mirius, Ron 295 Northrop, Claudia 350 Lipton, Lynne 290 Magoon, Elbert 322 McAlpine, Kathy 338 Mitch, Janet 334 Northway, Richard 241 Lipton, S. Greg 282 Maguire, Kathleen 266 McBride, David 325 Mitchell, James 233 Norton, Kathy 350 Liskiewicz, Gene 274 Mahadeen, Ramsey 351 McCadie, William 312 Mizhlin, Bob 295 Norwalk, Kerry 276 Listiak, John 327 Mahler, Jay 301 McCaffrey, Thomas 236 Mo, Terry 325 Noshay, David 280 Little, Keith 246 Mahn, Richard 351 McCall, Diane 259 Moberg, Eleanor 338 Nuffer, Russell 233 Livingston, Wiley 298 Mahr, Susan 268 McCapfrey, Pat 311 Mochel, Virginia 293 Nunn, Barbara 293 Lloyd, David 344 Maienknecht, J. 266 McCarthy, Barbara 220 Moeller, Linda 244 Nusbaum, Alice 290 Locher, Mary 306 Major, Warren 320 McCarthy, John 257 Moir, Joan 251 Nutt, Linda 342 Logan, Mary 227 Maki, Kristine 306 McCarthy, Kathleen 306 Mollard, Dennis 296 Nutting, Julie 235 Lohla, Jerry 262 Mallar, Charles 344 McCaughan, Nancy 259 Molloy, Constance 345 O ' Bara, Kenneth 274 Lomax, Lynda 337 Mallen, Robert 212 McClaran, Michael 309 Monahan, Judith 227 O ' Brien, Charlotte 306 London, Jeffrey 317 Malnight, Margaret 350 McClellan, Pamela 268 Montgomery, J. 238 O ' Connell, C. 251 Long, Mary 271 Maloff, Deborah 347 McCloskey, Kerry 349 Montgomery, John 243 O ' Connell, John 282 Lotz, Robert 233 Mammen, Nancy 293 McColloch, John 252 Montgomery, Joyce 349 O ' Connor, Barbara 306 Loughlin, Russell 288 Mandel, Amy 217 McCombs, Marilyn 251 Montgomery, Paul 222 O ' Connor, Mary 268 Love, Candy 293 Mandell, Alan 287 McConnell, Janet 211 Montgomery, Stephen 280 O ' Dell, Mary 273 Lovelace, Robert 230 Manderville, L. 288 McConnell, William 241 Mooney, Jean 350 O ' Hara, Brian 241 Lovell, Thomas 280 Mandieh, James 236 McCracken, NI. 268 Mooney, Kathleen 220 O ' Kulich, Anita 341 Low, Mary 211 Mandler, James 282 MeCuen, Charles 312 Moore, Barbara 211 O ' Malley, William 265 Lowe, David 319 Mann, David 329 McCullagh, Jeffrey 274 Moore, Bennetta 229 O ' Reilly, Nancy 347 Lowe, Karen 306 Manoogian, Brian 262 McCullough, Brian 241 Moore, David 314 O ' Shea, Maureen 306 Lowe, Theodore 257 Manty, Dale 230 Mc Curdy, Dana 235 Moore, Larry 351 Oas, Cynthias 349 Lowenthal, Laura 341 Maras, James 333 McDaniel, William 276 Moore, Martha 345 Oberman, Marsha 341 Lowrie, Barbara 220 Mares, Jeanne 220 McElhaney, Douglas 296 Moore, Martha 244 Ochylski, Marshall 257 Lowry, John 288 Marine, Cynthia 346 McElhaney, Ronald 322 Moore, Nancy 338 Oemke, Mark 295 Loy, Nancy 334 Marion, Maxine 304 McElroy, Jill 211 Moore, Thomas 344 Offen, Sans 219 Lubbers, Margaret 251 Mark, Ernest 320 McGlinnen, Darby 338 Moran, Bugs 317 Orford, John 333 McGovern, John 319 Morawa, Thomas 262 Oglevee, David 282 McGowan, Maureen 249 Morelli, Donald 209 Ohring, Gary 280 McGraw, Darcey 220 Morguelan, Barry 329 Oldani, Greg 260 McIntosh, Debra 229 Moriuchi, Morris 288 Olds, Fred 296 McKay, Heather 266; 349 Morrey, Frank 246 Oleshansky, Barbara 254 McKay, Lawrence 276 Morrill, William 296 Oleshansky, Marvin 329 McKeague, David 260 Morris, Barry 322 Oliver, Barbara 266 McKee, Thomas 243 Mooris, Darlene 341 Oliver, John 319 McKellar, Nancy 349 Morris, James 309 011inger, John 230 McKendry, Carol 338 Morris, John 351 Olsen, Sharon 235 McKenty, Geoffrey 285 Morris, John K. 320 Olson, Christine 249 McKenzie, Clyde 320 Morris, Patricia 271 Olson, Kirk 212 McKenzie, Colin 333 Morris, Sue 347 Omerso, Sandra 273 McKinney, Irene 229 Morrison, Gail 330 Omness, Lauren 350 McKinnie, Karen 271 Morro, George 282 Omohundro, Dan 314 McKnight, Claire 293 Morse, James 309 Oole, Richard 320 McLain, Dennis 209 Morter, Sandy 268 Orrico, Diane 306 McLarty, Marjorie 273 Moses, Laurie 251 Orvis, David 265 McLean, Colleen 227 Mosher, Ellen 337 Osborne, Betty 259 McLean, Nanci 290 Mosher, Martha 220 Oseff, Harold 287 McMurtie, Daniel 320 Nlosseri, Abraham 230 Osterman, Alan 319 McNair, John 243 Mowry, Thomas 262 Ostrowski, Carl 230 McNeely, Joseph 265 Muck, Thomas 230 Ostrowski, David 219 McNeil, John 311 Mulder, James 311 Ott, Mary 235 McNichols, Mary 238;338 Mulder, Jeanne 266 Ottewell, John 288 McPherson, Robert 314 Munce, Gary 280 Otto, Paul 257 McPherson, William 296 Munson, Patricia 251 Owen, Deborah 3 30 McQuillan, Charles 333 Murany, Susan 238 Owens, Breck 236 Meador, Mark 333 Murphy, Brian 257 Paasukc, Liina 345 Means, Mary 306 Murphy, Dianne 227 Pachter, Barbara 254 Mechanic, Elaine 254 Murphy, Greg 233 Pailes, Martin 311 Medlar, Martha 268 Murray, Barbara 345 Paldan, David 288 Meffe, Marc 320 Murray, David 282 Palmer, Ann 227 Meilinger, Herman 236 Murray, Judith 225 Palmer, Marsha 211 Meilinggaard, Bruce 257 Music, Kenneth 351 Palmer, Susan 229 Meiselbaugh, Donna 348 Muskus, Linda 338 Panlener, Barbara 306 Mell, Roger 265 Muste, John 314 Panutich, Michael 344 Mellington, Pam 334 Myers, Nancy 235 Pappas, Edward 329 Mercer, George 311 Myers, Scott 274 Pare, Thomas 260 Merchant, Robert 274 Myhra, Stevan 274 Parent, Bruce 344 Mernitz, Marilyn 348 Myron, Mark 329 Parent, Cathy 266 Merriman, John 262 Nadelman, Ruth 314 ' Paris, Scott 280 Merry, Cynthia 227 Nadich, Andrea 217 Parker, Harriet 254 Mertz, William 311 Naegle, Ginger 271 Parker, Susan 320 Meskin, Gayle 254 Nagle, Gwendolyn 345 Parks, Christine 341 Messier, Mary 268 Nagy, George 319 Parmenter, Patricia 211 Messner, Jeffrey 276 Nannes, John 329 Parr, Joanne 254 Meszaros, Gregory 344 Nappier, Lynnette 229 Parrish, Jane 211 Metevia, Meribeth 348 Nash, Mary 337 Parrott, Noble 243 Metnick, Larry 314 Nebe, William 309 Parsons, Bethany 349 Metzger, Lora 338 Neel, James 276 Patchak, Margaret 341 Meyer, Eva 334 Neely, Nancy 266 Patrick, Anthony 344 Meyer, Gerald 314 Nelson, Barbara 346 Patrick, Robert 333 Meyer, John 274 Nelson, Cheryl 306 Patton, Nancy 214 Meyer, John R. 333 Nelson, Cynthia 249 Paul, Cheryl 254 Meyer, Patricia 306 Nelson, Edith 238 Paul, Judith 338 Meyers, Christine 227 Nelson, Larry 243 Paulen, Deborah 214 Meyers, Douglas 351 Nelson, Michael 265 Peaks, Carol 229 Meyers, Mary 249 Nelson, Mitchell 287 Peal, Ronald 288 Meyers, Walter 285 Nelson, Robert 262 Pearson, Wendy 273 Michael, Bruce 212 Nemerovski, John 301 Pease, Mary 238 403 Peebles, Jane 271 Potts, Kristin 266 Reinhardt, Russell 230 Rosen, Barb 348 Sarvis, Mary 244 Peebles, Stephen 246 Poulton, Jane 330 Keith, Randy 265 Rosen, Elaine 290 Sasamoto, Janice 220 Peggs, James 276 Powders, Jeannine 214 Reitman, Daniel 287 Rosen, Janis 341 Savory, Thomas 344 Pemberton, Sarah 342 Powell, Douglas 230 Reitz, Ann 244 Rosen, Paul 233 Sandy, Gary 312 Pendell, Kerry 271 Powell, John 319 Renshaw, Thomas 233 Rosen, Steven 333 Sawin, Margaret 220 Pendergrast, Holly 211 Poznak, Bruce 230 Retsloth, Mark 252 Rosenbaum, Arlene 341 Sayers, Marcia 290 Peoples, Frederick 243 Pozza, Rocky 276 Rexer, Linda 349 Rosenbaum, Lou 301 Scatkin, Reid 329 Pepper, Ralph 295 Pratt, Douglas 288 Reynolds, Karen 337 Rosenberg, Barbara 217 Schaefer, Janice 348 Perfetti, M. 266 Pratt, William 351 Reynolds, Kathryn 334 Rosenberg, B. 217 Schaffer, Thomas 322 Perich, Rebecca 348 Preston, Barbara 338 Reynolds, Stephen 311 Rosenberg, Kathy 290 Schaibley, Robert 327 Perkowski, Linda 268 Preston, Jack 327 Reznik, Susan 290 Rosenberg, Mark 329 Schallhorn, Cathlyn 235 Perkowski, Nancie 225 Pretzer, Cynthia 214 Rhode, Chip 262 Rosenberg, Marsha 273 Scharff, Robert 262 Perlberg, Robert 282 Price, Gerald 314 Ricci, Thomas 351 Rosenfield, Judith 254 Schatz, Philip 219 Perlman, Michael 317 Price, Joan 235 Rice, Don 228 Rosenfield, Nancy 220 Schaupner, Carol 238 Perryman, David 252 Price, Patti 251 Rice, Paul 287 Rosengarten, Jane 337 Schebil, Ronald Peterman, Ann 225 Price, Susan 337 Richard, Carl 282 Rosenthal, Carol 254 Scheddel, Marybeth 220 Peters, Bruce 309 Priest, Margaret 346 Richard, Carol 251 Rosenthal, Robert 329 Scheenke, Carol 214 Peters, Sue 306 Prins, Barbara 349 Richards, Thomas 212 Ross, Claudia 306 Scherba, Robert 222 Petersen, Linn 246 Printup, Carolyn 350 Richardson, Charlene 229 Ross, Susan 244 Scherer, Ronald 209 Petersen, Sheryll 324 Pritula, Robert 257 Richardson, Patrick 322 Rosser, Jane 330 Scheuer, Ellen 290 Petit, Daniel 282 Proctor, Dan 319 Riches, Priscilla 293 Rossio, Jeffrey 295 Schewe, Daniel 265 Pettes, Patricia 211 Prusiecki, John 236 Richey, Carolyn 350 Roth, Deborah 251 Schick, Helmut 285 Pfeiffer, Marilyn 227 Prussian, Michael 329 Richey, Lawrence 309 Roth, Jane 217 Schiefelbein, A. 295 Pfotenhauer, Donald 288 Pryor, Alan 317 Richman, Mary 346 Rothwell, Daniel 344 Schild, Nancy 290 Phares, Madeline 249 Puglisi, Barbara 346 Richmond, Terry 276 Rotzein, William 282 Schissel, Margaret 347 Phelan, Cecilia 350 Puklin, Martha 217 Riddleberger, Hugh 243 Rogin, Rebecca 254 Schloss, Debra 254 Phillips, Gail 254 Purdy, Carol 266 Ridolphi, Mark 333 Rowe, Rebecca 254 Schmedlen, Lynda 338 Phillips, Kenneth 324 Purdy, Kenneth 243 Riger, Stephanie 254 Rowe, Patricia 271 Schmelz, Robert 288 Phinisey, Sally 214 Purucker, Karen 214 Riggle, Mimi 214 Rubach, Marilyn 211 Schmidt, Charles 351 Piech, Theora 337 Pusakulich, Andrea 338 Rigles, Ray 274 Ruben, Frederick 314 Schmidt, Edward 219 Pierson, Barry 236 Quebbeman, James 257 Riker, Mary 214 Rubin, Linda 254 Schmidt, Nancy 293 Pierson, Jean 211 Quidort, Greogry 351 Riley, Susan 220 Rubin, Linda Rose 254 Schmidt, Robert 260 Pietila, Keith 233 Quigley, Michael 333 Ringenberg, Linda 338 Rubinstein, Doris 338 Schmidt, Terrance 236 Pilgrim, Sharyn 229 Quinlan, Christine 348 Ripson, Susan 225 Rubinstein, Joel 219 Schmoekcl, Carol 225 Pilot, Jane 306 Quinlan, Patrick 233 Risner, Sherry 217 Ruby, Robert 317 Schmutzler, Diane 306,343 Pink, John 241 Quinn, Mary 349 Ritchie, Susan 348 Ruddy, James 344 Schneider, James 320 Pink, Terry 304 Quinn, Michael 324 Ritter, Robert 262 Ruffner, Glen 311 Schneider, Throdore 287 Pinkel, Robert 285 Quinn, Pamela 341 Pitchford, Rosann 349 Raab, Nancy 214 Pittle, Lester 219 Rabiteau, Kathleen 338 Pitts, Nancy 273 Radke, Joy 342 Pittsley, Richard 257 Raetzel, Marcia 334 Pizer, Ann 290 Ragan, Bruno 320 Platt, Paul 280 Rainey, Guy 314 Plautz, Dennis 320 Rajala, Patricia 214 Plein, Linda 348 Ramos, Juan 298 Pleune, Thomas 233 Ramsay, Craig 309 Ploeger, Judith 341 Rankin, Debbie 343 Ploucha, Cheryl 306 Ranney, Robyn 251 Ploughman, Raymond 252 Ranstadler, Susan 334 Plumb, Brock 260 Rapai, Sandra 338 Plume, Patricia 306 Rasmussen, Sally 225 Pniewski, Richard 282 Rathbun, Karen 343 Podd, Robert 325 Raubinger, Jane 214 Podsaid, Lorraine 290 Ray, Theodore 233 Polacker, James 252 Rayford, Carl 228 Poladian, Paulette 290 Reading, James 280 Polidan, Ronald 351 Reagan, Patricia 227 Polifka, Michael 320 Reaver, Diane 345 Pollack, Barbara 290 Redden, James 319 Pollack, Peter 301 Redhage, Jerry 257 Pollak, Cary 287 Redlich, Catherine 334 Pollak, Lester 287 Redlich, Susan 337 Poniakowski, Jerome 257 Redman, Glenn 314 Ponte, Robert 241 Reed, Gilbert 344 Pontious, Linda 227 Reed, Jane 268 Pope, Constance 229 Reer, Ellen 227 Popp, Laura 273 Reese, Patricia 268 Porcelli, Joanne 227 Reger, Eric 333 Porter, Richard 285 Reider, Karen 235 Porter, Shawn 343 Reidy, Michael 262 Portnoy, Joyce 217 Reif, Donna 225 Post, Richard 319 Reiger, Dean 295 Potter, Anne 238 Reineldt, Don 314 Rittschof, Kitty 214 Rundles, Karen 214 Ritvo, Paul 280 Runkel, Mary 244 Roach, James 327 Runyan, John 212 Robbins, David 285 Ruotsala, Susan 306 Roberson, Dwight 311 Russell, Carolyn 211 Robert, James 257 Russo, Maree 347 Roberts, Calvin 311 Ruston, Joann 338 Roberts, Judith 249 Rutan, Mary 330 Roberts, Laurie 217 Ruth, Roberta 347 Roberts, Mary 238 Rutledge, Margaret 220 Robertson, Martha 338 Ruttenberg, David 287 Robinson, Barbara 304 Ryan, Martha 273 Robinson, David 311 Ryan, Mary 214 Robinson, Geraldine 259 Ryan, Patricia 273 Robinson, John 233 Ryden, Lynne 238 Robinson, Judy 254 Sack, Bonnie 348 Robinson, Marlena 342 Sacks, Howard 324 Robinson, Peter 344 Sacks, Robert Robinson, Thomas 309 Sager, Sheri 342 Robson, James 262 Saginaw, David 301 Rochford, Barbara 271 Salamander, Ron 252 Rochlin, Richard 301 Sallade, Jane 350 Rock, Joyce 220 Sullen, Alven 317 Roessler, Michael 314 Salvette, Meryl 211 Rogel, Richard 298 Salzberg, Robert 219 Rogers, Deborah 214 Samberg, Gilbert 285 Rogers, Phillip 222 Sample, Fred 282 Rogin, Glenn 295 . Samuels, Stephen 329 Rohde, Kirsten 346 Sanborn, John 230 Rojakovick, Russell 262 Sanders, Timothy 252 Roller, Ann 214 Sandler, James 262 Romanak, Martha 268 Sandy, Robert 287 Romine, Julie 211,345 Sanford, Sue 220 Ronayne, Patrick 282 Sanguinetti, John 309 Rondon, Renaldo 233 Sankar, Andrea 244 Rosbe, James 262 Sarasohn, Judy 338 Rose, Dianne 341 Sarkisian, Louise 345 Schoen, Susan 225 Schon, Donald 219 Schoner, Barbara 347 Schoolmaster, James 212 Schoonover, John 322 Schrader, Thomas 260 Schrank, Margery 304 Schreiber, Nancy 342 Schreiber, Susan 338 Schrock, Robert 241 Schroeder, Arthur 298 Schuette, Michael 243 Schulman, Lloyd 219 Schultz, Kathryn 341 Schultz, Lawrence 262 Schulz, Catherine 293 Schulz, Wesson 241 Schuster, Susan 338 Schwartz, David 219 Schwartz, Gary 329 Schwartz, James 301 Schwartz, Melvin 301 Schwartz, Michael 295 Schwartz, Robert 329 Schwary, Linda 334 Schweigert, John 324 Scooros, Melissa 349 Scott, David 285 Scott, Deborah 346 Scott, Jean 214 Scott, Phillip 311 Scott, Robert 329 Scott, Valerie 348 Scully, Marcia 334 Seabold, Nancy 268 Seaman, Linda 249 Seauvageau, Donald 280 404 Seavitt, James 285 Seavitte, Frank 230 Sebastian, Lynne 337 Seek, William 288 Secrist, John 312 Segal, Arnold 236 Segal, Karen 349 Segal, Marc 295 Seiler, Sally 227 Seiler, Robert 327 Selby, Margaret 220 Seligman, Linda 346 Semenik, Richard 344 Senneff, John 351 Serman, Bonnie 254 Serre, Camille 235 Setla, Thaddeus 200 Seto, Steven 325 Sevener, Donald 309 Severy, Janellc 227 Seward, Sheila 342 Sewell, Frederick 327 Sewell, James 314 Seymour, Julie 346 Shafer, Nancy 290 Shaffer, Linda 235 Shakespcar, Ann 347 Shane, David 219 Shannon, Joseph 312 Shannon, Nancy 251 Shannon, Robert 228 Shapiro, Lauren 254 Shapiro, Marilyn 341 Shapiro, Susan 290 Sharkey, Karen 349 Sharkey, William 319 Sharpe, Paul 351 Sirvermintz, Elaine 254 Silvis, William 230 Simmerman, Dale 344 Simmons, Ronald 257 Simon, Linda 225 Simon, Lynn 217 Simon, Susan 290 Simpson, Theresa 347 Singer, Mark 219 Singer, Myra 217 Sinkowski, Nancy 227 Sipes, Nancy 266 Sipp, Warren 228 Sirosky, Dennis 276 Sisman, Denise 254 Skalny, Patricia 338 Skalsey, Mark 351 Skinner, Jana 238 Skinner, Robert 212 Skoog, Gary 285 Skrabec, Quentin 320 Skidlarick, John 236 Slater, Joann 254 Slinker, John 327 Sloan, Linda 259 Slomoff, Daniel 329 Slusky, Stephen 295 Smigel, Judith 341 Smiles, Stephen 219 Smith, Beverly 273 Smith, Charles 241 Smith, Christine 348 Smith, Christopher 222 Smith, Cynthia 249 Smith, David 311 Smith, David P. 262 Smith, Douglas 222 Solow, Robert 287 Sommerfeldt, Ruth 348 Summerfield, Dean 312 Sonn, Richard 219 Sonnanstinc, Alan 230 Sosnow, Larry 329 Soulliere, Patricia 220 Souter, Donald 262 Southon, Susan 330 Southwick, Mary 349 Spacs, Guna 251 Sparrow, Suzanne 349 Spath, Carl 344 Spear, Scott 329 Spector, Anita 254 Speier, Paula 227 Spencer, Carol 214 Spencer, Jean 227 Spengler, Leslie 222 Spiess, Juliana 330 Spink, Robert 282 Spink, Thomas 282 Spirer, Charles 295 Spitzer, Joan 290,343 Sports, Beverly 338 Sprauer, Constance 220 Spurrier, James 280 Squire, Craig 324 St. John, Karen 338 St. Louis, Rick 262,333 Stachulski, James 241 Stafford, Edward 344 Stair, Carol 244 Stamell, Jonathon 329 Stanar, Thomas 309 Standen, Eric 285 Stanley, Stephen 243 Still, Gregory 233 Stocker, Heidi 235 Stoetzer, James 233 Stone, Sandra 217 Stothfang, Fred 243 Stoutenburg, M. 306 Stovack, Judy 290 Stover, George 260 Stow, Robert 324 Stoy, Karen 238 Straight, Cynthia 293 Straley, Roberta 214 Strandhagen, G. 235 Stringer, Thomas 260 Strom, David 327 Stropkai, James 298 Strosser, Bruce 233 Stuart, Charles 262 Stuart, Sharron 214 Stubbins, Sara 217 Stubleski, Sharon 251 Sturk, Ingrid 348 Sturman, Ilene 290 Stutsman, Nancy 273 Stylski, Paula 349 Sugar, David 301 Sullivan, Brian 298 Summerfield, Terry 252 Summers, Sheila 349 Summers, Sherry 249 Sun, Sara 220 Sutyak, Janet 225 Swanson, Bob 288 Swanson, Erica 227 Swayze, Suzanne 346 Sweet, Angela 338 Sweet, Stephen 329 Thompson, Carolyn 268 Thompson, Glenn 241 Thompson, Jo Anne 214 Thompson, Linda 347 Thraen, Pamela 211 Thurber, Frances 244 Thurman, Sandra 338 Tierney, Cynthia 348 Tilley, Anne 273 Tipmore, David 351 Tipmore, Marianne 306 Tirengel, Jeffrey 351 Tischler, William 274 Tishler, James 274 Titley, Robert 296 Tobin, Leo 257 Todd, Robert 246 Toder, Joan 254 ' Foeller, David 274 Tofteland, Michael 257 Tokar, Alan 320 Toll, Carol 337 Tollefson, Thomas 322 Tollefson, Thomas R. 236 Tolles, Robert 288 Tolonen, James 262 Tom, Stephen 351 Tomaszewski, Marcia 214 Tominac, Pamela 266 Tonn, James 351 Toot, Lawrence 320 Tootle, Cynthia 346 Toroli, Sue 227 Touma, Michael 325 Tower, Jennifer 330 Townsend, Janice 251 Townsend, Starr 273 Sharum, John 236 Shedd, Charles 327 Smith, Douglas L. 33 Smith, Gail 345 sSttaannnley, u s Judith Susan4 Sweeton, James 257 Sweitzer, Sharalyn 249 Traback, Sandra 214 Trankle, Thomas 333 Shedlowsky, Steve 219 Smith, Gail 338 Stark, Laurie 217 Synhorst, John 260 Treadwell, Donald 319 Sheffer, Sharon 346 Smith, Gayla 337 Stark, Richard 212 Szabo, Michael 257 Trefiler, Kenneth 265 Sheldon, Michael 287 Smith, Jane 217 Stark, Robert 219 Szady, Cynthia 266 Trefz, Bruce 322 Sheldon, Murray 287 Smith, Jane 338 Starkweather, Roger 236 Szczechowski, James 309 Tremper, Lauren 327 Shelton, Douglas 246 Smith, Janet 244 Starman, Leslye 254 Szymanski, Kenneth 219 Trese, Michael, 298 Shemansky, Susan 273 Smith, Jimmie 320 Starr, Brenda 338 Szymke, Thomas 322 Trimby, Phyllis 211 Shenefield, Ellen 220 Smith, Ka ren 338 Starr, Rhoda 304 Taber, Deborah 251 Trix, Natalie 337 Shepard, Margaret 334 Smith, Keith 351 Stearns, Jeffrey 230 Tai, Arthur 276 Troup, David 322 Shepherd, Richard 351 Smith, Kendra 266 Stears, George 314 Talarico, Paul 219 Trupiano, Marti n 312 Shettel, Don 344 Smith, Lawrence 296 Steck, Dorothea 347 Talberg, Marcia 304 Truskowski, Susan 341 Shiels, Steve 241 Smith, Lawrence G. 228 Steckelis, Michael 219 Talbot, Kathleen 238 Tully, Nancy 268 Shiffman, Susan 217 Smith, Linda 220 Steere, Frank 262 Talburtt, Margaret 251 Tull, William 276 Shloss, Loretta 349 Smith, Michael 252 Steinberg, Roberta 254,342 Tanguay, Gwen 348 Tulpan, Marlee 254 Sholits, Leonard 351 Smith, Minnie 229 Steiner, Roger 233 Tanner, Shirley 337 Turner, Elizabeth 338 Shpritzer, Richard 351 Smith, Richard 324 Steinhart, Richard 317 Tarnoff, Paul 317 Turner, Patricia 330 Sharder, Thomas 344 Smith, Ronna 341 Stenson, Robert 296 Tauber, Joan 254 Tuttle, Carolyn 238 Shryock, James 262 Smith, Scott 274 Stern, Dan 301 Taylor, David 209 Tweed, George 265 Shuaib, Al 333 Smith, Sharon 350 Stern, George 265 Taylor, Douglas 233 Tynan, Thomas 333 Shubow, Sari 254 Smith, Steven 233 Stern, Jeffrey 329 Taylor, Linda 330 Uday, Bud 324 Shuler, Jacqueline 338 Smith, Susan C. 345 Stern, Lynn 338 Teich, Thea 348 Underwood, Mary 348 Shull, Wade 319 Smith, Thomas 296 Sternbach, George 295 Tell, Franklin 329 Underwood, Richard 312 Shulte, Bucky 280 Smith, Thomas W. 243 Sternberg, Michael 317 Tepsa, Thomas 312 Uzdavinis, E. 338 Shumar, Peter 233 Smith, Virginia 330 Stevens, Burrowes 262 Terrell, Patricia 229 Valentino, Anthony 312 Shur, Ruth 290 Smithson, Thomas 344 Stevens, Carl 309 Terry, Patricia 259 Vallin, Richard 274 Sidley, Karen 337 Smolek, Sherry 338 Stevens, Carol 271 Thacker, Valerie 220 Valvanis, Demetra 350 Sieber, Susan 271 Smothers, Margaret 235 Stevens, Clark 212 Thaler, Richard 311 Van Buren, Linda 229 Siebert, Elizabeth 271 Smulsky, Marilyn 338 Stevens, Linda 220 Thall, Barry 320 Van Buskirk, Thomas 233 Siegel, Richard 219 Snair, Janet 334 Stevens, Philip 320 Thieme, Elliott 280 Van Dalson, John 301 Siegel, Richard G. 301 Snodgrass, Kenneth 314 Stevens, Susan 266 Thoen, Paul 209 Van Hamm, Krista 249 Sielaff, Dale 274 Snyder, Ann 220 Stewart, Janet 293 Thoits, Dave 311 Van Hoek, Chrisrine 249 Silber, Susan 337 Snyder, John 298 Stewart, Nancy 244 Thomas, Jean 268 Van Loo, Martha 306 Silva, Deborah 220 Soberman, Charles 317 Stewart, Norman 257 Thomas, John 274 Van Reuth, E. 320 Silverman, Eileen 254 Sodowitz, Fran 348 Stewart, Rosemary 334 Thomas, Sara 211 Van Roekel, John 325 Silverman, James 295 Silverman, Lois 341 Solomon, Gail 304 Solomon, Julie 217 Steyer, Kathryn 306 Steyer, Lynne 220 Thompkins, Charles 233 Thompson, Carole 235 Van Stream, K. 227 Van Vlack, Bruce 233 405 Van Vliet, Stevan 287 Van Winkle, Margaret 293 Vance, Catherine 273 Vande Bunte, Sheryl 337 Vandegrift, Ann 341 Vanderhout, Mark 317 Vanderwerp, Maryann 211 Vanicelli, Harry 325 Vanni, John 265 Vanocur, Chuck 219 Vargo, John 311 Vartanian, Gary 320 Vashak, Rebecca 342 Vaughan, Mary 227 Vaughn, Kathryn 268 Veule, Vicki 338 Ventura, Kenneth 333 Vellucci, Albert 276 Verdier, David 311 Vernarelli, Michael 311 Vernier, Claudia 338 Vial, Mary 347 Vicars, Billy 351 Vietch, Denny 280 Viger, Mary 244 Virga, Sara 337 Vizas, Robert 312 Vocke, Mary 225 Vollbracht, Robert 322 Von Luhrte, Richard 279 Von Deyen, David 285 Von Renner, Lonnie 262 Voros, Andrea 227 Vreeland, Robert 322 Wade, Judy 227 Wagner, Alan 280 Wagner, Karen 235 Wagner, Martha 227 Wahl, Michael 309 Wainess, Paul 301 Walden, Roberta 229 Walker, Catherine 235 Walker, Cynthia 342 Walker, Douglas 233 Walker, Gordon 260 Walker, Jeffrey 262 Walker, Jon 236 Walker, Judy 338 Walker, Ruthie 348 Wall, Ellen 227 Wall, Kenneth 260 Wallace, Janet 254 Wallace, Marjorie 220 Wallace, Nancy 268 Wallis, Karen 235 Walsh, Catherine 350 Walton, James 312 Walton, John 319 Walton, Patricia 259 Ward, Susan 235 Ward, Timothy 257 Wardwell, Betsy 330 Wares, James 301 Warner, Carol 251 Warner, Donald 293 Warner, Ian 287 Warnick, Susan 342 Warnock, Ellen 346 Warren, Deanne 290 Warren, Jack 274 Warren, Nancy 342,217 Warson, Billie 225 Waryas, Paul 246 Wasama, Douglas 327 Washington, Martin 228 Washington, Michael 228 Washington, Rachel 229 Waskerwitz, Steven 288 Wassenaar, Elaine 338 Waterson, Jane 249 Watia, Kristine 342 Watling, Sallie 244 Watts, Michael 322 Waxweiler, Richard 236 Wayne, Donald 212 Wearly, Christine 273 Weatherwax, Scott 287 Weaver, Margaret 349 Webb, Charles 222,344 Webb, Katherine 238 Webb, Kenneth 222 Webber, Catherine 293 Weber , John 243 Webster, Wade 351 Wechsler, Lou 317 Wechsler, Steven 219 Weckler, Harold 296 Weed, Robert 233 Weenan, Horace 329 Weichman, Hal 216 Weighous, Tony 311 Weiland, Jeff 262 Weiner, Allan 287 Weinstein, Ernie 233 Weinstein, Joan 338 Weisheit, David 288 Weiss, Cynthia 342 Weiss, Linda 227 Weiss, Sally 337 Weiswasser, Nancy 337 Welber, Joel 324 Welber, Lois 290 Welkom, Stephen 329 Weller, Mary 225 Wellman, Mark 324 Wellons, Retha 259 Wells, Barbara 306 Wendela, Glenn 312 Wenger, Susan 214 Wengroff, Mike 219 Wening, Linda 338 406 Werner, Frances 238 Werner, Jack 344 West, Gerald 230 Westhoff, Janet 349 Weston, Laurie 217 Westover, Bruce 243 Westover, Frederick 243 Wehling, Robert 260 Whateley, Pamela 346 Wheeler, Robert 262 Whipple, Kenneth 257 White, Carolyn 235 White, Charles 241,351 White, David 351 White, Deborah 337 White, Richard 298 Whitford, Kathryn 350 Wholey, Micha el 241 Wiant, Susan 268 Wickham, Janet 293 Wicks, Keith 309 Wierman, Marilyn 214 Wiese, Mary 266 Wilcox, Raymond 322 Wilde, B. 252 Wilderotter, Judith 251 Wilderotter, Mark 298 Wilhite, James 282 Wilkins, Patrice 343 Willard, David 288 Willens, Harold 317 Williams, Elizabeth 337 Williams, Harry 333 Williams, James 276 Williams, Julie 334 Williams, Karen 334 Williams, Muriel 259,338 Williamson, Richard 236 Williamson, Ruth 235 Willie, Michael 344 Willis, James 262 Willis, John 222 Willis, Sandra 334 Wilmoth, Richard 209 Wilner, Gwen 251 Wilner, Ruth 304 Wilson, Charles 319 Wilson, Donald 257 Wilson, Douglas 285 Wilson, Jane 249 Wilson, Katherine 211 Wilson, Ralph 280 Wilson, Woodrow 298 Wilton, Cheryl 211 Winberg, Carl 344 Wind, Janet 249 Winder, Margery 244 Wine, Roberta 254 Winegarden, Ellyn 244 Winegarden, Richard 243 Winick, Ruth 337 Winship, David 333 Winter, Deborah 330 Winter, Kenneth 285 Winter, Susan 330 Wirth, Wendy 337 Wiseman, James 319 Wish, Rena 304 Wisniewski, Zenon 319 Wiss, David 317 Wiss, John 285 Witherell, Michael 314 Witkowski, Wayne 285 Witt, Cheryl 238 Wittenberg, Diane 214 Wittkopp, Dan 314 Wittkopp, Richard 288 Wittwer, Thomas 236 Wocholski, Clarice 220,322 Wohl, Jean 217 Wohl, Marc 295 Wohlert, Kathy 341 Wojciechowksi, Mark 344 Wolberg, Sheldon 246 Wolf, Andrea 341 Wolf, James 287 Wolf, Peter 344 Wolfe, Christopher 233 Wolff, John 260 Wolfson, James 301 Wolin, Jennifer 348 Woller, James 314 Wonderley, Linda 306 Wood, Mary 220 Wood, Stephen 314 Woodard, Gloria 259 Woodrow, Kimball 230 Woodruff, Mary 337 Woodruff, Lynn 293 Woodruff, Laura 337 Young, Linda 349 Worgess, Kathryn 341 Young, Patricia 293 Wormser, Gordon 287 Young, Suzanne 244 Worth, Mary 338 Young, William 260 Wozniak, Douglas 274 Yuchartz, Priscilla 338 Wright, Connie 334 Zahn, Geoffrey 236 Wright, David 212 Zahnow, Lee 343 Wright, Robin 273 Zajaczkowksi, A. 319 Wright, Stephen 311 Zalenko, Gilda 254 Wright, Vivian 346 Zaleski, Elaine 211 Wurzbach, James 252 Zander, Judy 251 Wyatt, Allan 280 Zanolli, Nancy 238 Wyatt, Christopher 324 Zechman, Neil 344 Wyble, Nancy 271 Zeligs, Betty 290 Yablonky, John 260 Zell, Carol 341 Yager, Carol 338 Zembala, Gary 265 Yahne, Carol 345 Zeringue, Susan 338 Yarbrough, Kathleen 334 Zick, Thomas 212 Yates, Vivian 229 Ziegler, Julie 251 Yax, Gerald 243 Zielke, Gretchen 346 Yeager, Lawrence 257 Zimbler, Harvey 287 Yee, Dan 325 Zimmer, Dave 236 Yellin, Cynthia 254 Zimmer, Marilyn 346 Yendall, Betty 306 Zimmerman, Eric 333 Yenni, Dorothy 337 Zimmerman, Layne 217 Yentz, David 351 Zingheim, Patricia 338 Yingling, George 319 Zolla, Donald 301 Yochum, Stephen 262 Zook, Kathleen 349 Yoffee, Kay 348 Zube, Diane 293 Yolles, Robert 329 Zucker, Connie 217 Young, Christine 249 Zuckerman, Kenneth 295 Young, David 260 Zummach, Linda 229 Young, Deena 338 Zybach, Diane 338 407 Susan Bradford, campus life editor Hillary Esbit, associate academics editor Bob Albertson, design editor Sharon Bader, associate campus life editor Jane Kilburn, academics editor 408 Kathy Kutsche, associate supplement manager Joanne Martindale, editor-in-chief Dan Omohundro, supplement manager 409 Bruce Moorstein, associate organizations editor Mark Rosenberg, organizations editor Chris Meyers, copy editor Linda Grossman, arts editor Bruce Friedman, sports editor Dennis Zeisler, associate sports editor Sue Schultz, managing editor Stephen Kay, associate arts editor Carol Kadushin, associate arts editor 411 412 Dan Reitman, business manager Sandy Crossette, publicity director Ann Haviland, senior section editor Linda Bennett, associate sales manager Chrystie King, sales manager Eva Bea Meyer, Cathy Schallhorn, Linda Bennett, Shirley Goldsmith, Sally Watson Kitty Rittschof, personnel director Cindy Fadool, contracts manager Jim Forsyth, photographer Thomas R. Copi, photography editor Robert Sheffield, technician Thomas Sheard, photographer 414 Richard Lee, photographer Jay Cassidy, photographer Michael Bennett, photographer Bernie Baker, photographer 415 Every individual nature has its own beauty. In every company, at every fireside, one is struck with the riches of nature, when he ... sees in each person original manners which have a proper and peculiar charm, and reads new expressions of face. Ralph Waldo Emerson It is the " individual nature " and the " original manners " of human beings which we have tried to emphasize in the 1968 MICHIGANENSIAN, by picking out and representing the diversity of the individuals who were the University of Michigan in the year ending in April of 1968. The individuals cannot be classified into types; they would then lose their in- dividuality. Rather, it is their separateness that makes them individuals. This, too, we hope to have shown—not types, but separate human beings. Each face represents a separate being. They were all at the University of Michigan this year, these separate beings pictured here. And they made the University what it was. For the worth of the U. of M. this past year, we feel, has been the worth of the individuals composing it. We would like to extend our thanks to those who have helped us to make this book possi- ble: Tom Copi, Photography Editor; Bob Sheffield, Darkroom Technician; Mr. Edwin C. Hackleman, American Yearbook Company; Mr. John F. Taylor, Shelby-Craftco Corpora- tion; Mr. James T. Colonna, Colonna Studios, Inc.; Mr. Roger Rapoport, Mr. William Krauss, Mr. Clark Norton, The Michigan Daily; Mr. Thomas Butts, Director of Orientation; Mrs. Les Etter, Athletic Publicity Office; Mr. Gary Schaub, Professional Theatre Program; Mr. Gail Rector, Executive Director of the University Musical Society; Professor Luke Cooperrider, Professor Sheridan W. Baker, Jr., Dr. William E. Brown, Jr., Professor Oliver A. Edel, Professor John V. Field, Dr. Richard Cutler, Mr. Michael Radock, Mr. John O ' Brien, Mr. Robert Silbar, Mr. David Copi, Mr. Richard Metzger, Miss Laura Sue Sutta, The Board in Control of Student Publications; Mr. Werner Mattson, Mrs. Mary Rafferty, Mr. Kenneth Chatters, Student Publications Building; Mr. Rick Bohn, Gargoyle; Mr. David Appel, Generation; Mr. Daniel Rittschof, Personnel Staff; Mr. Maurice Rinkel, Auditor of Student Organizations and Secretary to the Board in Control of Student Publications. Joanne Martindale for the Staff 1968 MICHIGANENSIAN All.

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