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UNIVERSITYOFMICHIGAN EIGHTEENSEVENTEEN NINETEENSIXTYSEVEN ' ' .! ' . " I5E ' .. B Sag ' " EX LIBRIS i M r Hflfl Others here have gone before you See where they have found a path They have left for you a heritage of free pursuit Michiganensian 1959 Registration 1947 Michigan-Minnesota game 1919 American Hotel Annex c. 1900 Michigan Union Circus Parade 1909 Homecoming Queen Chris Anderson 1902 Protesting c. 1950 Student room 1898 BONUS , un A Ps EVERYI LOW PRICES Predecessor of MUSKET 1954 c. 1930 President Ruthven ' s bi-monthly teas c. 1935 c. 1950 Graduation c. 1900 " A college education is an infringe- ment of a student ' s ignorance, " re- marked Professor William Porter at a journalism seminar. This process of infringement began here 150 years ago, when the establish- ment of the Catholopistemiad, or Univer- sity of Michigania, was approved by the Territorial government of Michigan. This process has since become a multi-billion dollar complex. The establishment of this complex was led by three men. Father Gabriel Richard was a French Sulpican priest who had arrived in Detroit in 1798, and almost immediately began to set up elementary and trade schools. Augustus B. Woodward served as chief justice of the Territory. Reverend John Monteith was a young Presbyterian clergyman. Judge Woodward drafted the legisla- tive act founding the Catholopistemiad (the term was his); his vision was a controversial one in three respects. Science was emphasized and eco- nomics introduced at a time when the classical curriculum was in its heyday. The University was not to be an isolated intellectual citadel but rather was to function as the keystone of a territorial later state-wide system of education. Here, Woodward was using the University of France established by Napoleon I as his model. There was to be no supervisory board; professors would run the Univer- sity. The Reverend Monteith and Father Richard were appointed president and vice-president respectively of the Uni- versity. Annual salaries were drawn up: President Monteith received $25; Vice- President Richard got $18.75. Because of various defects in Judge Woodward ' s original plan, the Territorial Legislature issued a new charter in 1821. This charter changed the name of the institution to the University of Michigan. It created a board of 21 trus- tees which supplanted the faculty as the governing body of the University. Both Monteith and Richard were among the original members of the board. The functions of this new body were twofold: the trustees would supervise the educational aspects of the Univer- sity, and would act as custodians and managers for the University ' s properties and money no easy task considering the precarious state of University fi- nances during the first decades of its existence. As preparations for statehood neared completion in 1835, new emphasis was focused on the need for developing a comprehensive educational system with- in the state. In 1836, Governor Stevens Mason appointed John D. Pierce as Su- perintendent of Public Instruction and charged Pierce with drafting a plan for a state-wide school sytem. Pierce ' s report was submitted to the Legislature the next year. With regard to the University, his plan called for the establishment of a Board of Regents which would govern the University and appoint professors; and it stipulated that the University would consist of three departments: literature, science, and the arts; law; and medicine though only the first was in operation when the University opened. Relocation of the University from Detroit to Ann Arbor was prompted by an Ann Arbor land company ' s offer of 40 acres of land for the campus. There were two sites available within Ann Arbor: the Rumsey farm and the Now- land farm. The former, now known as central campus, was selected; the latter is part of today ' s North Campus. Five buildings formed the original campus. There were four faculty resi- dences. The president ' s house on South University is the only one remaining; the other three were destroyed to make room for the Chemistry and the Natural Science Buildings and for the Clements Registration 1948 Library. Also, there was a large hall which contained classrooms, a library, a chapel, and a museum. In 1841, seven students, six freshmen and one sophomore, entered the Uni- versity. There were two faculty mem- bers: a professor of mathematics and natural science and a professor of Greek and Latin. Life at the University for these first students was spartan. They rose at 5:30 more, son of one of the first Regents, depicts campus conditions during these years. Ann Arbor, October 3, 1843 My dear Father and Mother, The mail is going to Pontiac tomorrow and I thought I would take the opportunity to write to you. I thought I would never " A college education is an infringement of a student ' s ignorance. " a.m. for chapel, cleaned their own rooms, and chopped their own wood. They paid the University $10 for room and tuition and boarded with families in Ann Arbor. Like all students, they engaged in collegiate pranks; among the most popular were filling the chapel with hay and bringing a cow into a classroom. A letter written by James Olin Whitte- BEGIN ISTRATION Haven Hall fire 1950 sleep as well as I did at home but I did not .wake once till Pat came along with his bell and then we had to get up in a hurry. I did not have time to make my bed until after Prayers. Our room is comfortable and warm, and we have everything for our comfort that we could have possibly. I have taken the liberty of giving my laundry to Mrs. Hanglin, the mail boy ' s Construction of Mason and Haven Halls 1951 lishment of a professorship of modem languages. However, these years were also ones of difficulties for the University. A mood of pessimism spread among faculty members after the growth and the uncovering of secret fraternities. One professor commented, " There was no where any enthusiasm or even hope- ful feeling in regard to the University. " A critical attitude emerged on the part of the Michigan populace: " The citizens of Berrien County, Michigan, hereby petition to close the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor. The University is a useless institution, educating a small handful of students, while hun- dreds of Michigan children lack suit- able primary schools. . . " Deciding that a strong hand was needed to guide University policy and to deal with current University prob- lems, the Legislature issued a new charter which retired that the Regents appoint a permanent president. The Regents complied in 1851 by naming Dr. Henry Philip Tappan to that office. mother, who does it for 2 and 6 (2 shillings and 6 pence) per dozen. I find it very hard to keep up with my classes so far but I live on hopes of it get- ting easier by and by. We have a lesson in Horace in the morning that is at 11:00 a.m. and one in trigonometry in the afternoon at four. It has been pretty cold and rainy here for the last three or four days. . . The next decade was a period of expansion and of academic diversifica- tion. The enrollment and the size of the faculty increased gradually. With the opening of the School of Medicine in 1850, the student population reached 159. The program of studies offered at the University had a heavily classical orientation. Nevertheless, there were significant deviations, such as the estab- Annual salaries were drawn up: President Monteith received $25; Vice-President Richard got $18.75. I thought I would never sleep as well as I did at home but I did not wake once. ... I did not have time to make my bed until after Prayers. Our room is comfortable and warm, and we have everything for our comfort that we could have possibly. Campus diag after the Civil War Previously, faculty members had served as president for one year on a rotating basis. Tappan was a brilliant educator who did much to modernize the University. He firmly believed that students should be free to choose their area of concentration. Toward this end, he established a scientific curriculum as an alternative to the classical one. He permitted students to spend all of their time in one department and granted these students certificates of proficiency, rather than a diploma, in that area. Finally he instituted the rudiments of a free elective system. Tappan was a controversial figure, however; many of his actions antago- nized faculty members, Regents, and local citizens. He ended the practice of balancing the faculty via religion when he de- clared, " there is no safe guide in the " . . . the University is a useless institution, educating a small handful of students, while hundreds of Michigan children lack suitable primary schools. . . " In 1863, the Regents passed the following resolution: " Whereas, it is deemed expedient and for the interest of the University that sundry changes be made in its officers and corps of professors, therefore, resolved that Dr. Henry P. Tappan be and is hereby removed from the office and duties of the President of the University of Michigan. " Tappan left the country and was appointment of professors save in the qualifications of the candidate. " He assumed certain duties and re- sponsibilities which had rested previ- ously with the faculty, such as the selection of library books. Furthermore, Tappan was not from the Midwest. Both he and his wife were Easterners who seemed, at times, to regard themselves as cultural mission- aries. Such an attitude offended the Michigan citizenry- An article in the Kalamazoo Gazette maintained: " Of all the imitations of English aristocracy, German importance and Prussian imperiousness, and Paris- ian nonsensities he is altogether the most un- Americanized, the most com- pletely foreignized specimen of ab- normal Yankee we have ever seen. His thoughts, his oratory, his conversation, his walk, and even his very prayers are senseless mimicries of the folly of rotten aristocracy over the sea. " The conflict between Tappan and the various components of the University community grew more intense. Observatory c. 1910 succeeded by the Reverend Erastus Otis Haven, a former member of the faculty. The last years of the 1860 ' s witnessed the rise of debate on the question of co-education. President Haven ' s initial reaction was unfavorable. In 1867, he wrote: " Youth is a transitional period when passion is strong and restraint is feeble and if, just at this period, multitudes of both sexes are massed together, not in families and not restrained by the discipline of the home circle, consequences anomalous and not to be cultivated by an Institution supported by the State are likely to ensue. " However, Haven changed his mind. Perhaps, he hoped that the presence of females on campus would improve behavior among male students. Post Civil War students were a remarkably rowdy lot. Class and school loyalties were deep, and often fights broke out between freshmen and sophomores or between " lits " and " meds. " In addition, with six breweries and 49 saloons in Ann Arbor, student drinking prohib- ited by University was a problem. Art class in the Lawyers ' Club c. 1930 In 1870, during the administration of acting President Henry Simmons Frieze, the Regents ruled definitively: " No rule exists. . .for the exclusion of any person from the University who possesses the requisite literary and moral qualifica- tions. " Miss Madelon Stockwell enrolled as a second semester sophomore almost immediately after the Regents ' decision. Her reception on campus was somewhat chilly; male students pointedly ignored her. By 1871, there were 14 women in the literary college. Romance Language Building 1952 James Burrill Angell was inaugurated as president of the University in 1871. He presided over the campus for 38 years, the longest tenure of any Univer- sity president. During these years, the University expanded considerably. More importantly, the nature of the University itself changed. During the Previously, faculty members had served as president for one year on a rotating basis. Health Service 1929 " Of all the imitations of English aristocracy, German importance and Prussian imperiousness, and Parisian nonsensities he is altogether the most un-Americanized, the most completely foreignized specimen of abnormal Yankee we have ever seen. booming post Civil War years, Michi- gan became a complex and diverse educational institution. At one time, it was the largest university in the nation. Between the retirement of Angell in 1909 and the inauguration of Harlan Hatcher in 1951, five men have served as presidents of the University: Henry Burns Hutchins, Marion LeRoy Burton, Alfred Henry Lloyd, Clarence Cook Little, and Alexander Grant Ruthven. Considerable changes were made in the structure and in the academic pro- cedures of the College of Literature, Science, and the Arts during those years. The departments of anthropology, political science, and journalism among others were established. The English and rhetoric departments were merged; while the departments of psychology and philosophy and of economics and sociology were sepa- rated. The four point grading system was substituted for the previously used " passed, " " conditioned, " and " not passed. " Library c. 1900 " Youth is a ... period when passion is strong and restraint is feeble ... if ... multitudes of both sexes are massed together . . . consequences anomalous . . . are likely to ensue. " To prevent students ' erring either in the direction of over-specialization or of over-generalization, the program of concentrated study was introduced into the literary school curricula. These years also saw changes in the student body changes not only in numbers, but also in attitudes. The 1920 ' s was the decade of the flapper and the Charleston. Class dances such as the venerable J-Hop, the Freshmen Frolic, and the Senior Reception were enormously popular. Greek membership grew substantially. The twenties represented, in a sense, the final flowering of " Joe College-ism " for a number of undergraduate tradi- Chemistry Building 1909 V tions which had, at one time, seemed an indigenous part of the college experi- ence ended during the Depression years. The frosh-soph class games were discontinued as were Class Day exer- cises. Freshman hazing disap peared. Historian Howard Peckham observed: During the late 1940 ' s a new attitude developed among students with regard to the University and to their role in it. Students saw themselves no longer simply as recipients of an education, but rather as an integral part of the University community a segment whose advice ought to be sought and heeded. This attitudinal change is, very likely, the origin of recent dissension between student groups and the admin- istration. | " Joe College was dead. " Furthermore, the 1930 ' s were tumultu- ous years. American neutralism, the Spanish Civil War, and German Nazism all attracted national attention; and the University was a microcosm of this na- tional debate. A multitude of ad-hoc student organizations such as the League Against War and Militarism and the Student League for Industrial De- mocracy provided channels for student activism. Medical class 1893 Harlan Hatcher was inaugurated as president of the University in 1951. Previously, he had been Vice-President for Faculty and Curriculum at Ohio State University. Like his predecessors, Hatcher ' s basic problem was meeting the demands of a continually increasing enrollment while, at the same time, maintaining the quality of instruction. The coming of age of the post World War II baby boom has swelled stu- Law Quadrangle c. 1935 dent population to unprecedented heights. The greater number of teaching fellows on the faculty, and the construc- tion of the UGLI and the North Campus complex were the results of this increas- ing enrollment. In addition, efforts have been made to diversify and improve qualitatively the educational offerings of the LSA college. The honors program was insti- Gargoyle, and the Gilbert and Sullivan Society. She was tapped by Wyvern and by Mortar Board. In 1951, she was graduated no mean accomplishment as she had suffered from aplastic anemia throughout her undergraduate years. She died one month after her grad- uation. The following fall, students organized a movement to raise funds for research on aplastic anemia at the Simpson Memorial Institute. Contributions were solicited from all organizations in which Wendy Owen had participated; Michi- gras donated $1,500 of its profits; hundreds of students gave money indi- vidually Over $5,300 was given to the Institute as a memorial to Miss Owen. . . . even his very prayers are senseless mimicries of the folly of rotten aristocracy over the sea qualities of high-minded seriousness. The Wendy Owen affair is an example. Wendy Owen entered the University in 1947. A religion and ethics major, she was active in a variety of campus activities: Chi Omega sorority, the Daily, Students were constantly accused of grave robbing. Once . . . angry mob of townspeople gathered at the Medical Building with the avowed purpose of " burning that butcher shop of human flesh, and scattering the young crop of saw bones. an The problems of various kinds of shortages and rules have always plagued University students. Perhaps the greatest difficulty facing early medical students was the procure- ment of cadavers. Students were con- stantly accused of grave robbing. Once, when a cemetery near the school was robbed, an angry mob of townspeople gathered at the Medical Building with the avowed purpose of " burning thai butcher shop of human flesh and scatter- ing the young crop of saw-bones that State Street 1928 Medical School c. 1880 tuted; and courses in Russian, Arabic, and Chinese and Japanese have been added to the curriculum. Within the last year, plans for a residential college have been formalized. Students, like their counterparts in previous years, have at times displayed The University was not to be an isolated intellectual citadel but rather was to function as the keystone of ... education. Commencement 1964 would not let the dead sleep in their graves. " During its beginning years, the School of Music adopted the practice of paying teachers according to the number of students each had. This led to fierce competition among faculty members for student enrollment in their particular courses. One enterprising and apparently very youthful instructor posed as a student during registration and suggested to other students with much success that they register for his course. Lack of space was a problem which constantly plagued the music school. During the late 1930 ' s, a plan was formu- lated for a music quadrangle on the block where Hill Auditorium and Burton Tower now stand. However, the project depended on the willingness of the Public Works Administration to con- struct a large building on that site, and the PWA was not willing. By 1960, the space problem had become acute; the school was leasing space in 13 different buildings, includ- ing several Ann Arbor churches. Stu- dents practiced wherever they had room. A Daily photographer snapped a picture of one boy playing his violin in the men ' s room backstage at Hill Auditorium. The difficulty was eliminated in 1964 vacation. Furthermore, any nurse who smoked, drank liquor, or had her hair cut in a beauty parlor was required to give the Director of Nursing evidence of her integrity. The duties of a bedside nurse were somewhat different from those of a modern nurse. In addition to caring for her patients, she was often required to mop the floors of her ward, fill and clean kerosene lamps, and wash win- dows to insure adequate light. Because her notes were important in aiding the doctors ' work, she was admonished to make her pens carefully. However, she was allowed to whittle the nibs to her individual taste. A graduate nurse in good standing was given one free night a week for courting, or two, if she attended church regularly. The University is composed of over a dozen schools and colleges in which student behavior and academics have an integral function. Each school or col- lege is an autonomous entity having its own administration and its own par- A Dally photographer snapped a picture of one boy playing his violin in the men ' s room backstage at Hill Auditorium. when the new music school was opened on North Campus. The rules governing the conduct of student nurses in the late 1800 ' s were strict. One student had two weeks added to her length of service for fail- ure to report at the end of her allotted ticular history. Nevertheless, almost all schools share a common tradition; virtually all began as professorships with the College of LSA, and, for a variety of reasons, all have been sepa- rated from the literary school to become independent units. Commencement 1924 Harlan Hatcher 1951-1967 President ' s home 1905 College of Literature, Science, and the Arts Organic chemistry lecture c. 1910 Library School 1909 School of Medicine Anatomy class 1896 Law School Law School 1893 School of Dentistry Dental laboratory 1893 College of Pharmacy Pharmacy laboratory c. 1900 School of Music Music school 1894 School of Engineering Model cutting machine c. 1940 I- College of Architecture and Design ' ' ' . " " . .- r . ' School of Education Tappan Elementary School 1908 nv. New Business Administration building 1947 School of Business Administration 4 f School of Social Work Rackham School of Graduate Studies Rackham Building construction 1937 School of Nursing School of Public Health Water pollution project 1953 School of Natural Resources Summer field work c. 1930 " Did ye hear the bell? " Pat Kelly, janitor and the unofficial Dean of Men, used to shout in the pre-dawn darkness of the 1840 ' s. He was rousing the students so they could get to the 5:30 a.m. chapel exer- cises. Then, after an hour of recitation, they would have breakfast. During Tappan ' s presidency, however, some changes were made. The students had breakfast first, then chapel and recita- tion. A more striking Tappan innovation occurred when he modernized student housing in 1856 by eliminating the dormitory system, and allowing all students to live in boarding houses. This had some repercussions 20 years later when women students were ad- mitted to the campus. One young lady, when seeking lodging at a boarding house, was told, " I could not think of taking a lady-student; it ' s so odd, you know; we can ' t tell what they might be like. " By 1909, these incidents and the increasing enrollment posed a problem that once again only dorms seemed able to solve. The Women ' s League, founded to make women feel at home on campus during the " crisis " years of the late 19th century, raised money for Helen Newberry, Martha Cook, Alumnae House, and Betsy Barbour. They were then donated to the Univer- sity. East and West Quads were built dur- ing the thirties, starting the University residence halls system. By then, frater- nities and sororities had become an important and influential force on cam- pus, and their houses helped relieve some of the shortage. The Greeks arrived on campus in 1846, or at least near campus, when Chi Psi built the first fraternity house in America. James Dushane in 1934 wrote to the magazine Fraternity Month: " The cabin was situated in a vast forest extending east of the campus from the Huron River on the north to the village of Gettysburg on the east and to limits of Ypsilanti on the south- west. This oak wilderness was known to the inhabitants of the few scattered villages as the Black Forest and was only visited by the lone hunter in search of furs and game, or some half- civilized Indian wandering among the villages to barter furs with white traders. This hall, 20 feet wide by 24 feet long, was located about half mile in the forest the site of the present Forest Hill Cemetery. " Although it was originally a secret social group, University recognition of Chi Psi and shortly after of Beta Theta Pi soon led to the flourishing fraternity- oriented campus of the next century. Sororities were started because of the poor housing conditions of the 1880 ' s. Women who had trouble finding a place to live would take over a house I I Pat Kelly, custodian and bell ringer c. 1840 and invite others to join them. Soon they received the support of Greek letter organizations. Interfraternity Council and Panhel- lenic Association are the governing bodies of the affiliated. They correlate their activities with the rest of the cam- pus, set up standards of scholarship, " The cabin was situated ... in the forest the site of the present Forest Hill Cemetery. " occurred in war-time. More recently, serious demonstrations by students in regard to another war has provoked even more heated public reaction. Campus-wide student government has had a long, turbulent history. A Dean of Women ' s office was estab- lished in 1890, and disbanded in the early 1960 ' s when Deborah Bacon stepped down. In 1902, the University Senate took the first step in governing student extra-curricular activities when it set up the Committee on Student Affairs. The Student Council emerged from this committee. President Angell praised the Council for its role in cjuelling the 1908 riot which started when several thousand students, angry over an increase in movie prices, began tearing out the seats in a downtown theatre. More and more, though, the Council drifted into a social activities sponsor. In the thirties, it underwent several major changes in an attempt to find the most workable type of student gov- ernment. Uncertainty over two revision " I could not think of taking a lady-student; it ' s so odd you know? we can ' t tell what they might be like. " schemes caused all the candidates to pull out of the ' 33 race just before elections. After the war, the students chose a congress government, the Student- Legislature. At the same time, the still- operating Committee on Student Affairs enlarged its number to include a Wo- men ' s Judiciary Council member. This was the first time women received full participation in student government. Based on a study by Professor Lionel H. Lain on efficient student govern- ments, the present Student Government Council abolished the Committee on Student Affairs in 1953, and took over its functions. Communications on the campus have been going on since two students sat together in the first classroom on Con- gress and Bates in Detroit, but the first communication of a formal nature was J. Sterling Morton ' s Peninsular Quart- erly and University Magazine. Morton, more or less of the class of 1854, was a rather stormy student, often at variance with the views of the faculty. As a result, he was expelled, but re- ceived his degree later. In fact, the University also granted him an honorary degree after he be- came U.S. Secretary of Agriculture. and define rush and pledge procedures (such as changing " Hell Week " to " Help Week " so the pledges could aid in charity drives and entertain under- privileged children). Until 1966, the independent men and women who lived in University hous- ing had separate governing systems. The formation of Inter-House Assembly (IHA) merged Inter-Quadrangle Council and Assembly. IHA serves as a link between the students in the residence halls and the administration, and as a coordinator in campus activities. During the Korean War, all communi- cations between the administration and the independents were broken as the students marched up not over the Hill in the nation ' s first panty raid. The " losses " and damages came to $118, which the students paid; but the public was irritated because the high spirits Dean of Women ' s office in Barbour Gymnasium 1923 Rope on its way to Class Day rivalries 1929 Since then, student publications have been a vital part of campus life. The Peninsular Phoenix and Univer- sity Gazetter, a close relative of the Quarterly, published a membership list of the " secret societies " in 1857. It didn ' t last long, soon fading away because of financial troubles. The early publications usually con- tained poems and essays written by the students, and were entirely student managed. In 1890, a group of independent men, as result of a feud between the inde- pendents and the fraternity men, de- cided to establish a newspaper that would come out three times a week. However, there were already two weekly papers, published by Greeks, so they dared to make their new paper a daily, The U of M Daily. The going was rough at first. Advertisers felt they were being rooked by so many publica- Michiganensian staff 1944 During the Korean War, all communications between the administration and the independents were broken down as the students marched up not over the Hill in the nation ' s first panty raid. tions. The Washtenaw Evening Times then appeared, promising college and world news at a lower rate than the Daily ' s. Fortunately, the Daily was able to scoop it several times, and the demise of the other publications provided the Daily with firmer financial support. In 1900, the Daily made two moves which were innovations in college journalism. It began delivery before breakfast, and it decided not to publish on Monday. This last move prompted a former editor to recall how one of the night editors always answered the phone, " Daily, except Monday! " The Daily had been entirely student- owned and published (with the senior editors often making a considerable Student elections 1927 profit) when it was sold to the Univer- sity Senate in 1903. The newly created Board in Control of Student Publications changed the name to The Michigan Daily, and declared a good policy would be " to steer along a safe course between a bulletin board and a mod- ern newspaper. " The responsibility should still lie with the senior editors, the Board then de- creed. In 1936, it rejected a proposal that the subscription fee be included in the tuition since that would make the administration responsible for what the League Chapel decorated for campus weddings c. 1930 Morton . . . was expelled, but received his degree later. The University also granted him an honorary degree after he became U.S. Secretary of Agriculture. paper said. When an editorial blasted drunkenness at the American Legion national convention in Detroit, the worst the University did was to threaten to cancel faculty subscriptions (a large source of income). Having used the facilities of the Ann Arbor Press for years, the students obtained the present Student Publica- tions Building in 1932. A former editor, Norman Kraft, remembered their inhibi- tion at being in the new building. They cut down on stringing typewriter ribbons around the walls and setting fire to them. The thirties were often times of levity, such as when Managing Editor Frank Gilbreth used to conduct staff meetings sitting cross-legged in the middle of a table. To liven things up, he told stories of his family with a dozen children. Someone suggested he write a book about it. There were moments of tension, too. A Socialist group invaded the Daily one evening to protest a story about Decoration for the Harvard game 1929 their book store. Their leader, Sher Quraishi, was a huge man who made Gilbreth look like David confronting Goliath. Coolly, Gilbreth drew a chalk line across the floor, defying anyone to step across it. Slowly, the crowd melted away. Gilbreth was asked what he would have done if Quraishi had crossed the line. " I was measuring the distance to the basement stairs, " he replied. Among the early student annuals, the rivalry between the independents and the fraternity men again showed The League before renovation 1953 itself. In 1897, the fraternities ' Palla- dium, the independents ' Castalian, and the Law School ' s Res Gestae were combined into the Michiganensian. The young yearbook inherited a problem from the Palladium which was not solved until 1930. Both Chi Psi and Beta Theta Pi claimed they were the first fraternity founded at Michigan. The solution came in listing each one first A former editor remembered their inhibition at being in the new building. They cut down on stringing typewriter ribbons around the walls and setting fire to them. A Socialist group invaded the Daily one evening to protest a story about their book store. Their leader, Sher Quraishi, was a huge man who made Gilbreth look like David confronting Goliath. Coolly, Gilbreth drew a chalk line across the floor, defying anyone to step across it. in alternate years a fortunate compro- mise which was soon dropped in favor of alphabetical listings. Inlander keeps cropping up in the history of student magazines. It first appeared in 1890 as a publication of the senior literary class. According to the editors, it was to bring forth " literary ability of a high order. " This it did quite well every month until 1907, when its support fell off. During the Great War, it was revived a second time but was soon discontinued. In 1921, a mimeographed sheet en- titled Whimsies appeared with the in- tention of becoming for the campus what the Atlantic Monthly was for the nation. Soon it was popular enough to warrant being printed, bound, and encouraged by the Board because it was " of so high a grade of literary excellence. " Its name was changed to Inlander and it soon died. This was just one of the many literary magazines that have existed at Michi- gan since the literary society Alpha Nu, the oldest student organization, hand- printed a collection of student poems and essays in the 1844 Sibyl. Genera- tion is the most recent and, so far, most long-lived magazine of them all. Frosh Weekend 1957 The first humor magazine, Wrinkle, appeared in 1893 under the proverb, " Enjoy life while you live, for you will be a long time dead. " In the first issues, there were articles lambasting the three- year-old " U of M Waily, " the slow construction of Waterman Gym, the boarding house food, and Cornell, Michigan ' s biggest rugby rival. It passed away in 1908. Three years later, the Board in Con- trol authorized Lee White to publish a literary magazine and take 60 per cent of the first issue ' s profits. The result was Gargoyle. Junior Girls ' Play 1924 Technic, one University magazine not under the Board in Control of Student Publications, is the oldest publication on campus and the oldest engineering college magazine in America. It began in 1882 when the Engineering Society published the papers presented at its meetings. When WCBN moved their offices and studios into the SAB in 1965, it had come a long way from the original one- room studio in West Quad built in 1948. Actually, WCBN didn ' t exist until 1953. Before then, there were three separate student radio stations, one in each quad. Connecting the three allowed the same broadcasting to be received in all the residence halls. Even under such disorganized, and often trying circumstances, WCBN has developed a national reputation for news coverage. In 1964, WCBN was the only station able to provide coverage of the New Baltimore (Michigan) tornado by using a telephone hook-up. The next year, ABC News in New York requested the WCBN on-the-spot reports of Ann Arbor ' s Viet Nam disturbances. The deans of every zestful part of campus life, but the academic, were the Michigan Union and the Michigan League. Michigras 1954 Both were founded to give the stu- dents a sense of unity on campus. In the twenties, the League had a tea room, delicatessen, beauty shop and ladies ' dressing room, and a chapel which was very popular for small wed- dings. In late 1903, Michigamua, the men ' s honorary, called a meeting to con- sider the idea of a men ' s Union, first presented to them by Edward (Bob) Parker, often considered the founder of the Union. Finally, enough funds were solicited to start construction in 1916. During World War I, the Union, still only partially finished, was used as a barracks for 800 members of the Stu- dents Training Corps, and, with a temp- orary building beside it, as a mess hall for 8,000. The Union formally opened in 1919, but not to women. They could only enter through the side door. The story goes that in 1954, when the side door was being remodeled, women were allowed to enter through the front door, and since then have never been willing to give up that privilege. The Union sponsored and co-spon- sored many campus activities. How- ever, in 1960, a group of faculty and students protested the confusion of the League ' s and the Union ' s activity over- lap. Since the boards of both were set They had played their most costly performance before an empty house in New York on a blizzardly New Year ' s Eve . . . Michigan Union Opera " Tickled to Death " 1924 Penny Carnival 1931 up differently (the League, in alumni hands, was in good financial and physi- cal condition; the Union was student- controlled), a complete merger between the organizations was hard to envision. They decided to concentrate on com- bining only the student activities. By 1965, the University Activities Center (UAC) was established. Four major all-campus events are now under UAC: Homecoming, Soph Show, MUSKET, and Winter Weekend. Homecoming and Soph Show grew out of the class activities encouraged by the League. Spring Homecoming was just as popular in the thirties, and had just as many original fraternity displays as today. Soph Show was an all-girl cabaret held for the annual wo- men ' s bazaar. Fifteen years ago it be- came the coed musical show. The history of MUSKET goes back further. The Michigan Union Opera (with an all male cast, except in 1918) grew into one of the biggest, most lavish amateur productions in the na- tion. It started slowly; first by increasing its Ann Arbor performances, then by playing in Detroit and other Michigan cities. Soon it was touring the Midwest and eventually reached Broadway. The Opera reached its zenith in 1923 with " Cotton Stockings, " which set the record for an amateur production in New York ' s Metropolitan Opera House. By 1930, though, the Opera was dead. They had played their most costly per- formance before an empty house in New York on a blizzardly New Year ' s Eve, 1929. There were several attempts at revi- val, but not until it had fully evolved into the Michigan Union Show Koeds Too did it really begin to pick up again in popularity and success. Many of the old operas had been written by stu- dents, one of whom, Earl V. Moore, became dean of the music school. The 1967 MUSKET, " Out Of Our Minds, " is the first student-written musical in five years. Winter Weekend (this year replaced by the special Sesquigras) used to be Spring Weekend and alternated an- nually with Michigras. Michigras goes back to the " County Fair " of 1905 when the Union and the League were raising money for their buildings. The name changed several times from the " Great Union Fair " of ' 24 to the " Penny Carnival " of ' 27 until the Michigan carnival began in 1937. Ten years later, it was so huge it was decided to have Michigras every two years. However, Michigras didn ' t survive the University ' s switch to a trimester in Girls ' Basketball team 1908 The photographer, however, ran into a problem with the Dean. . . . she said, " The figure must not be shown. " 1964. The term ' s early end is not prac- tical for a spring carnival. The Women ' s Athletic Association, formed just three years after the League in 1893, was an early influential group on campus. Its purpose was to provide the University women with the oppor- tunity for participation in sports. As early as 1908, the girls ' basketball team picture appeared in the ' Ensian. The photographer, however, ran into a prob- lem with the Dean. Although the girls wore middy blouses, full bloomers and long, black stockings, she said, " The Girls ' Field Day 1911 figure must not be shown. " The WAA girls sold candy at Field Day, raised flower bulbs for sale, and sponsored an all-campus dance one Saturday afternoon in 1916. Michigan honoraries comprise a little- publicized, but widely-respected seg- ment of campus life. Michigamua, begun in 1901, was the first honorary- In the beginning, the tribe studied together nightly at the library, then ran a relay. Afterwards, they met at a local emporium for cider and doughnuts. One redskin recalled a tune he had learned in the foothills of Now-defunct Archmacmural Society 1929 Michigamua party 1932 the Ozarks, and to this the verses of the Michigamua song are fitted. Vulcans (1904), named after the Greek god who first welded iron, promotes better acquaintance among the out- standing members of the Senior Engine- ering Society. Druids (1909), each of whom possesses a tree-name in keep- ing with their ancestors of the English forests, was founded by 20 members of the Senior Honorary Society of the literary college. Senior womens ' honoraries include Mortar Board and Senior Society, both started in 1906. Mortar Board sponsors a career day for women students, visitor tours of Ann Arbor and the campus, and scholarships to one senior and one graduate student each year. Scroll and Wyvern are both campus honoraries for women. Scroll recognizes senior affiliated women who display outstanding leadership, character, and loyalty. Wyvern honors juniors who are active campus leaders and yet maintain high scholastic averages. Circle is a unique honorary in that it honors fresh- men through senior women for leader- ship, service, and citizenship. Sphinx (1906) and Triangles (1907) are junior mens ' honoraries. Sphinx was suspended from campus for a year in the twenties by Dean Bursley because of rough initiation practices. The Sphinx initiation today is in keep- ing with their Egyptian theme. Members gather on the Diag and are painted. The tapped men duckwalk around the Diag, and then form a human pyramid on the grass. Afterwards, they swim on their stomachs to the League fountain. This represents the Nile River where they are immersed in the sacred waters so they can take their place alongside fellow-Sphinxs. like Dean Walter Rea, Tom Harmon, and Ron Kramer. Triangles, the junior engineering soci- ety, supports various charity drives including Goodfellow drives and Red Cross relief projects. In the spring initiation, the members begin fulfilling the service function as they scrub the floor of the Engin Arch with tooth- brushes. On the periphery of Michigan honor- aries is the Arnold Air Society. A pro- fessional service organization, it became affiliated with the U.S. Air Force in 1950 and is designed to promote " American citizenship in an air age. Concerns such as the Tutorial Project and the Development Council lend a serious tone to campus extra-curricular activities. The Tutorial Project, now in its fifth year, uses volunteer students to take children to concerts, to museums, and to help them with academic prob- lems. One young tutor once rushed a hemorrhaging pupil to the hospital just in time to save his life. The Development Council, not strictly student-geared, was established in 1952 by the Regents to encourage private donations. The money raised is used to support a wide range of special education programs. The Alumni Fund has raised approximately seven million dollars since 1953. The chief organization for 1967 is the Sesquicentennial Committee. President Hatcher appointed two students to serve on the committee under Chairman Charles V. Joiner and Executive Director Richard L. Kennedy. The students, SGC President Ed Robinson and Sub-com- mittee Chairman Cynthia Sampson, are responsible for coordinating the activi- ties of the student body with the anni- versary of the University. ROTC drilling 1918 Richard L. Kennedy, Sesquicentennial Committee executive director Sesquicentennial Office University Activities Center Dean Cummins, contemporary discussion chairman Judge Thomas M. Cooley residence; the Michigan Union 1906-17 Robert Pryor, executive vice-president Fran O ' Dell, social chairman Jack O ' Hara, student travel chairman Alison Smalley, administrative vice-president Donald Tucker, creative arts chairman; Suzanne Ness, Sesquigras co-chairman Roslyn Braeman, personnel Spring Homecoming Committee 1931 Richard Rattner, MUSKET chairman Larry Kessler, public relations Ruthellen Lefkowitz, publications Lew Paper, academic affairs Jay Zulauf, president Howard Weinblatt, Maureen Andennan, Special Events Homecoming C. 1915 Hal Chaifee, Chris Meyers, Booklet Judy Greenberg, co-chairman Shari Seidman, Thomas Gaffney, Floats and Displays; Walter Heiser, co-chairman Leatrice Hauptman, Concessions; Linda Kelsey, Rick Wolff, Promotions; Sandy Stone, secretary Barry Thall, Parade; John Bower, Graphics Sue Ness. Danny Syme, co-chairmen; Ilene Evans, Gene Powers, Entertainment Sesquigras Martha Medler, Parade; Sharyn Gould, secretary; Jeff Champagne, Tickets Richard Rattner, chairman Toby Feldman, costumer; Nancy Fox, costume designer Bruce Anderson, booklet; Kate Siegel, properties Jop Anne Haake, Don Borod, co-chairmen ffffit s.s. OPHOMORE Soph Show Art Chodoroff, Laurie Daniels, musical directors Leslie Rakoff, choreographer Audrey Childers, secretary Connie Miller, president Penny Carver, hockey club manager Nancy Davison, basketball club manager Tennis team 1918 Women ' s Athletic Association Miss Marie Hartwig, supervisor Cora Bierman Joan Zweben, Jane Cochren Bennie Gilmore, Linda Johnson, Joan Goodwin Patricia Thomas, Richard Sleet Tutorial Project Arnold Air Society and Angel Flight Air Corps training at Randolph Field, Texas 1942 Orest Kohut, commanding officer Richard Jeffreys, operations officer Angel Flight induction ceremony Before move to the SAB offices, early 1960 Board in Control of Student Publications Maurice Rinkel Stephen Berkowitz, Steven Schwartz Professor Oliver A. Edel Professor Luke Cooperrider Professor John W. Atkinson, Robert G. Silbar Professor John Field Sunbathers Kenneth Chatters, superintendent of printing Home of student publications until 1932 Werner Mattson, office manager Michigan Daily Robert Carney, associate editorial director Robert Moore, magazine editor; James Tindall, associate sports editor Babette Cohn, personnel director Leonard Pratt, associate managing editor Daily staff 1890-91 John Meredith, associate managing editor Susan Perlstadt, business manager Thomas Copi, photo editor Charlotte Wolter, associate editorial director Andy Sacks, photographer Daily staff 1936-37 Mark Killingsworth, editor Clarence ranto, managing editor Roger Rappoport, night editor Chris Meyers, Kitty Johnson, campus life editors; Joanne Martindale, design editor Sue Bradford, contracts manager Jane Margolis, arts editor I J j Sue Chorkey, publicity director Michiganensian Richard Metzger, business manager Michiganensian senior business staff 1944 Bruce Friedman, sports editor Anne Richmond, editor Generation Rayna Rapp, associate editor lohn Kamins, publicity director Megan Biesele, fiction editor Gargoyle staff 1958 Gargoyle Ellen Vernoff, business manager Barbara Miller, personnel manager; JoAnn King, promotions coordinator Rick Bohn, editor; Sue Karlin, composition editor Technic Old Engineering Building, Technic ' s first office Thomas Holmes, productions manager; Morris Moriuchi, Blair MacDermid, productions staff John Blair, feature editor; David Scott, feature staff Curtis Crysler, managing editor; Robert Zeislolt, editor; Richard Lodwick, circulation manager Susanne Ocobock, 1967 Technorama co-chairman; Clarence Lyraan, student services chairman David Osmer, president; Professor Clyde Johnson, advisor Alan Cline, vice-president Engineering Council Janet Herr, Hunt House representative John Savage, administrative vice-president Inter-House Assembly Susan Londergan, secretary David Satchell, executive vice-president Interfraternity Council Richard Van House, president Douglas Dunn, executive vice-president Donald Kaufman, formal rush chairman Harold Kaplan, rush publicity chairman; William Sage, publications chairman Panhel picnic 1944 Susan Beckett, personnel director; Martha Cook, president Nancy Angst, vice-president Suzanne Fraker, public relations director Panhellenic Association Sandra Pudas, treasurer; Patricia Morris, alumni relations director; Malinda Schaill, special events director Michigamua 1908 Michigam ua Dennis Bankey Jack Clancy James Detwiler Robert Fehrs William Groft Jack Harvey James Kamman Mark R. Killingsworth Michael Marttila Ward McAllister Robert Pryor Carl Robie Paul Scheerer Richard Schryer Jerry Stewart Richard VanHouse Richard Volk Charles Vetzner Carl Ward Jay Zulauf Druids James Allen Bruce Anderson Robert Baird Robert Barclay Marc Delzer Philip Fuller Robert Gerometta Marion Hoey Stanley Kemp James Mercer Burton Merical Frank Nunley Thomas O ' Malley Timothy Radigan Richard Rattner Donald Sanderson Fred G. Smith Dan Spaulding Leslie Tanona Gary VanderVoort Daniel Walter Thomas Weber Gordon Weeks Clayton Wilhite Honoraries Vulcans Brian Beals David Fisher Karl Hedrick Alexander Hood Karl Legatski Robert Mielke lames Myers William Osmer Richard Pomp Thomas Steding Thomas Williams Robert Zeisloft Druids 1911 Sphinx James Berline Stanley Broadnax Fred Brown James Dolan Fred Feldcamp Walter Heiser Harold Herman Richard Hunt Lawrence Kessler Robert Klivans William Krauss Robert McFarland Lee Martilla Richard Metzger Wayne Miller Jack O ' Hara Lew Paper Raymond Phillips James Pitts David Porter Nick Radikovic Roger Rosema William Sage John Schroeder Ernie Sharps Neil Shister Ronald Ullyot Wayne Wentz Kenneth Wiebeck Geoff Zahn Triangles John Bonds Robert Bratzler Curt Chrysler Craig Clarke Frederick Collison David Gushing Bruce Davidson Robert Dunford Stuart Edwards Robert Fidelman David Haas Harold Kaplan Clive Laidley James Martin James McDowell James Myers Walden Rhines Alan Winkley Hectorians Scott Chilman Randall Dick M. Douglas Dunn Frederick Feldcamp Kenneth Fisher Bruce Getzan Steve Goldberg Peter Gustafson Lawrence Halvorsen Paul Mandel Dennis McLain Jack O ' Hara Gregory Piche Thomas Pointner John Shoemaker Daniel Syme Richard VariHouse J ack Walker Thomas Weber Hugh Whiting June Bagdade Cathleen Baker Georgia Berland Ellen Bitner Audrey Cok Dorothy Cuiffetelli Vanne Dokson Nancy Fox Wendy Gilbert Diane Gustafson Catherine Hoffman Merle Jacob Valerie Jahier Carol Lee Jones Jean Kellogg Patricia Jose Paula Koepke Diane Kremkow Susan Krieger Marian Kurata Circle Faith Kuzma Ethel Lerner Gail Levin Swanee Maddox Katherine Mason Suzanne Nailburg Meril Penn Carol Pintek Karen Ramer Toni Reisman Gloria Schoettle Beverly Sherman Ruth Sorensen Barbara Taylor Mary Thacher Susan Trowbridge Jeanne Withers Christina Zuk Naomi Zwecher Wyvern Ruth Baumann Mary Benjamin Roslyn Braeman Carol Brown Audrey Cok Judy Greenberg Janet Hart Madie Jensky Ida Jeter Leslie Johnson Ruthellen Lefkowitz Joanne Martindale Suzanne Ness Patricia Ryan Cynthia Sampson Malinda Schaill Eve Silverstein Marianne Tipmore Senior Society, 1941 Scroll Nancy Angst Sue Beckett Paula Cameron Randee Cossman Mary DeYoe Julie Emerson Jan Fasbender Joan Gilbert Adele Goldberg Bobbie Hammond Lee Hayes Nancy Holleb Vicki Lasser Laurie Levine Ronna Jo Magy Sherry Milliken Sandra Pudas Jean Rothbaum Liz Rothman Inez Shubert Alison Smalley Tish Upton Marty Wetzel Mary Zimmerman Senior Society Babette Cohn Mary DeLano Sue Erlich Nancy Fox Janet Caspar Anne Greamya Diane Gustafson Jan MacGregor Barb Marketos Sandra Overmars Susan Perlstadt Karen Ramer Rebecca Rapport Barbara Taylor Pat Wallace Mortarboard June Bagdade Rhonda Bartsch Linda Belisle Georgia Berland Marguerite Biesele Lucy Brink Martha Cook Lynn Dolgin Evy Eugene Nancy Grossman Toni Hall Carla Koziol Miriam Lang Pat McCarty Suzanne Naiburg Ellen Panush Patty Parker Pat Scott Carolyn Tiech Bob Smith Margaret Asman, Bruce Kahn Cynthia Sampson, executive vice-president James Benton, treasurer; Ed Robinson, president Mark Simons, administrative vice-president Richard Handel, co-ordinating vice-president Student Government Council Student elections c. 1950 Dick Wingfield Administrative Advisory Committees " When one is able to say that his (Coach Yost ' s) popularity is being shared by a poet think of it! one who writes poems, then it must begin to dawn that the University is developing into a well-balanced institution, " re- marked President Burton of Robert Frost ' s stay on the campus during the twenties. President Burton originated the Fel- lowship of Creative Art with a salary sufficient to attract a poet or a painter to campus for a year. Frost spent two years here and Robert Bridges spent three months. This was the predecessor of the Writer-in-Residence program. The Depression and World War II dis- tracted the campus from further devel- opment of Burton ' s program, but it was finally revived in 1953 when Katherine Anne Porter came as a visiting lecturer. Malcolm Cowley arrived the following year, and Leslie Fiedler stormed the campus in January, 1967. Cultural events first began at Michi- gan when the sophomore class exhibi- tion was held at the Presbyterian Church in 1843. Each sophomore gave an oration, essay or poem, thus starting a tradition that lasted until 1870. Weekly debates highlighted the ac- tivities of the first Greek letter societies. In 1844, Alpha Nu decided that West Point should be abolished. William Jennings Bryan spoke in 1900. He was greeted with wild cheer- ing. Historian Wilfred Shaw reported that when Bryan raised his hand for silence, " every student raised his hand in response, and the exchanges were continued for some time. Meanwhile, the police force was busy dragging off to jail any unlucky student they could lay their hands on. " When the speaker was at length able to make himself heard, his first words, somewhat unfortunate under the circumstances, were, ' If I were an imperialist, I would call out an army to suppress you. But I am not. ' " The University ' s art collections were foreshadowed in President Tappan ' s in- augural address. He called for an art gallery as a part of his purpose in mak- ing Michigan a real university as he saw it, a place for educated discussion of and pursuit of learning with the best facilities possible. Henry Frieze, a Latin professor, began the collections in 1855 when he pur- chased classical art and archaeological items in Europe. Thirty years later, the Chinese government presented the University with an official exhibition of textiles, porcelains, and industrial prod- ucts as a recognition of President An- gell ' s diplomatic activities there. The two paintings at either end of the main reading room in the General Library came from the 1893 Columbian Exposition in Chicago. They are Gar Melcher ' s " Arts of War " and " Arts of Peace. " The University purchased the exposition ' s organ, named it after Frieze, and placed it in University Hall. It was later moved to Hill Auditorium. For 28 years, the north and south wings of Mason Hall housed these collections. After the General Library was built, the third floor was given over to a sculpture gallery, a picture gallery, and smaller showrooms. When Alumni Memorial Hall was completed in 1910, the collections were moved there. The hall, now being remodeled, will be the permanent home of the new Museum of Art. It will house the University ' s total art collections. The art of popular fashion has always been a favorite occupation of the Michi- gan coed. An ad for the 1922 DaUy hints that, in some respects, campus wear has not changed much in 45 years: " . . . some jackets turn out to be capes, and knickers quite frequently substitute for skirts. You want to know that soft Kashas and colored tweeds are favored, that box coats are jauntiest, that stand-up collars are perky, that bright colors are frequently introduced. . . . " However, going to the movies has invariably been the most prevalent social activity of the students. The Star Theatre Riot of 1908 had no competition for cinema activity until the Ann Arbor police raided the Cinema Guild in early 1967, and confiscated the film " Flaming Creatures " on grounds of obscenity. " . . . it must begin to dawn that the University is developing into a well-balanced institution, " remarked President Burton. William Jennings Bryan spoke in 1900. . . . when he raised his hand for silence " every student raised his hand in response, and the exchange was continued for some time. Located at East Washington and Main Streets, the Star Theatre offered movies and vaudeville. After discourtesies went beyond the limits of the manager ' s patience, he announced that he no longer wanted student patronage. The following Monday night, a thou- sand students gathered to throw eggs and vegetables at the theatre, then bricks from a construction site across the street, and finally they mounted a full scale invasion culminating in torn-out seats. Eighteen students were jailed, but charges were dropped after the student body collected $1,000 for damages. Six theatres were available during the twenties with long lines every week- end. For 30 cents in 1922, a student could see (no talkies yet) features like " The Spoilers " starring Wallace Beery or Lillian Gish in " The White Sister. " The Lydia Mendelssohn Theatre was viewed as a compensation for the lack Les San Souci (the University Band) 1859 Coed musicians on a male-scarce campus 1944 of a pool in the League. The Hopwood Award, founded in 1931 after Avery Hopwood had willed one fifth of his estate to the University, encourages creative work in writing. Hopwood, a graduate of the University, had been a successful Broadway play- wright. Winners in this richest of college writing contests have included Arthur Miller (1936 and ' 37), John Ciardi, and Betty Smith. Two University songs were published in the " Palladium " of 1864. Arthur Snow wrote the " Song for the Univer- sity, " setting it to the tune of the " Marseillaise. " James Blish composed " Our College Home " to the tune of " Upidee. " " I Want to Go Back to Michigan " sprang from the choral activities at Joe Parker ' s saloon and the Orient bar down the street. Joe Parker ' s back room was filled with tables on which students had carved their initials, names, scores, and medals. The tables now adorn the walls of the MUG. Frieze Organ in Hill Auditorium c. 1920 The University Musical Society, founded by Frieze in 1880, arranged for concerts and assumed direction of the music school. When the University in- corporated the music school in 1940, the program of the UMS expanded to bring more professional artists to the campus. An immediate result was a three- concert Chamber Music Festival in 1941. This grew into the current Cham- ber Art Series. Gail Rector became the executive director of the UMS in 1957, and is largely responsible for the Fair Lane Festival. The festival, to be held this summer at the luxurious Dearborn estate which the Ford Motor Company donated to the University in 1956, will be in keeping with the sesquicentennial celebration ' s motif of a " spearhead of new ideas. " Among the artists expected are Jean Martinon, who will lead the Chicago Symphony ' s Chamber Orches- tra, and Antonio Janigro, world famous conductor of the Solisti di Zagreb. The May Festival, the high point of the UMS ' s annual activities, was first held in 1894 with three concerts in two days. It was the idea of Albert A. Stan- ley, who had been appointed director of the Choral Union. Special trains were provided from Detroit for the event. Symphonies and individual artists from the United States and all over The Star Theatre Riot of 1908 had no competition for cinema activity until the Ann Arbor police raided the Cinema Guild in early 1967. . . " . . . some jackets turn out to be capes, and knickers quite frequently substitute for skirts. . . . box coats are jauntiest . stand-up collars are perky . . . bright colors are frequently introduced. One of the first Michigan bands to play " The Victors " 1912 Harris Hall practice room 1955 Europe including the Chicago Sym- phony, the Philadelphia Orchestra from 1936 to the present, and pianist Van Cliburn have performed at the May Festival. Because of the term ' s early end, the May Festival is now held in April. The annual December performances of the " Messiah " by the Choral Union continues an 88 year tradition. The Choral Union was originally a combina- tion of the choruses of the area churches to sing the " Messiah. " The Choral Union Series gradually increased to its present ten concert format of visiting orchestras, choruses, and recitalists. The Extra Series was be- gun before 1920 and revived after World War II when the demand for tickets ex- ceeded the supply in the regular series. For better acoustics, the old Univer- sity Hall was replaced by Hill Audi- torium and supplemented by Rackham Auditorium. Rackham is especially well- suited for the Chamber Music Festival Music school reception 1913 and has been used for dance festivals. Originally, Hill had no orchestra pit or curtain, but temporary installations of both have facilitated the performance of both dance and opera. In 1966, the sanctuary of the First Methodist Church was used for " The Play of Daniel " by the New York Pro Musica under the UMS sponsorship. The event recalled the first concert sea- son of the Choral Union of 1879 which also used that sanctuary. Campus characters were the comics of the culture of the twenties. Michigan ' s unofficial poet laureate was Thomas " Doc " Lovell, an English cobbler who had migrated to Canada in the early 1900 ' s. By 1910, he was run- ning a shoe shop and lecturing from his podium on North University and State Street. He talked about Darwin ' s errors and other sundry topics; and had two songs published, " Goodbye Sweet- heart " and " As I Stood and Looked at Her Up in the Tree. " He was granted many degrees on borrowed stationery including PhD, LLD, TNT (Thinker of New Thoughts), and SOS (Society of Scribes). In 1922, the Daily solemnly reported that the Prince of Lapland had honored " Doc " with a permanent seat in the League of Nations. " Railroad Jack " made his living by appearing on various Midwestern cam- puses and billing himself as the " World ' s Champion History Expert. " Students would call out dates, and the " Jack " would recite what happened in those years. When he debated " Doc " Lovell, most of the campus came to listen. A University Glee Club was formed in 1868 with seven members. The club gave 26 concerts around the state wear- ing " University caps. " At various times, they were mistaken for firemen, and, once, for the " Arabs from Forepaugh ' s Circus. " About 100 students, delighted with a chartered railroad car and fine weather, travelled to Jackson for the debut performance. When the original seven graduated, the club lay dormant for several years, but was reactivated in 1884. It was supplemented at times by the Univer- sity Banjo Club and the University Man- dolin Club. The Glee Club has since gained an The Lydia Mendelssohn Theatre was viewed as a compensation for the lack of a pool in the League. " Railroad Jack " 1932 " I Want to Go Back to Michigan " sprang from the choral activities at Joe Parker ' s saloon and the Orient bar down the street. Glee Club rehearsal 1950 Michigan-Indiana game 1950 excellent reputation under the direction of A. A. Stanley. They have taken exten- sive concert tours of the United States and Europe. As soon as football became popular, volunteer band groups began making appearances at the games. With the help of the Athletic Association, money was collected for uniforms in 1898, and 12 years later the Regents appropriated $100 for music and more uniforms. However, the Regents stipulated that the money was not to be paid until after Commencement; and then only on the condition that frequent concerts on cam- pus would be given, and that the band In 1922, the Daily solemnly reported that the Prince of Lapland had honored " Doc " with a permanent seat in the League of Nations. would furnish music for the ceremonies of Commencement Week. Still another responsibility came in 1927 when the Band was required to sit in the Michigan Union Ballroom during all away football games. There was a huge blackboard with the various grid- iron markers painted on its surface to- gether with a telegrapher and a key. As the game progressed, the teleg- rapher received word of the various plays and these were pasted on the chalk gridiron. When the Wolverines were successful, the Band played. There were other bands on campus in those days, too. The student leaders of the 12 and 14 piece bands playing everywhere were the best-heeled wage earners on campus. Since most of them were medical and law students, they were around Ann Arbor long enough to build up considerable reputations. There was dancing every Friday and Saturday night in the Union ballroom and at the Armory, every night at the Hut and the Den, on opposite corners of the Diag, and at Drake ' s. The Univer- sity Television Center on Maynard Street, formerly a mortuary was orig- inally Granger ' s Dance Hall. Military ball c. 1950 University Players, the drama group behind one of the oldest curricular theatres in -America, has been respon- sible for productions ranging from opera to children ' s theatre. When Valen- tine Windt was appointed Director of Play Production in 1928, the combina- tion of education and actual production of theatre began. Windt personally di- rected 247 presentations in 28 years. Many of his efforts influenced the estab- lishment of today ' s Professional Theatre Program. " Jeanne D ' Arc " cast 1914 Valentine Windt c. 1930 There was dancing every Friday and Saturday night in the Union ballroom and every night at ... Drake ' s. The University Television Center was originally Granger ' s Dance Hall. When Robert Schnitzer and his wife, Marcella Cisney, accepted an invitation to come to Ann Arbor five years ago to pioneer a project which would spon- sor professional theatre, the PTP became a reality. After determining the needs of the University, the Schnitzers went to Mil- waukee to view a group known as the Association of Producing Artists. Feel- ing the potential of the group, the Schnitzers, with the approval of the University, invited the APA to become Michigan ' s first resident repertory com- pany. With the APA ' s promise of a three year stay, Michigan became the first university to have a long term contract with a repertory troupe. By the end of the 1967 season, the PTP will have presented 54 professional productions. The number of subscrip- tions has almost tripled since the first membership of 3,500. Over half the sub- scribers are University students and faculty. As the APA grew in talent and suc- cess, it was affiliated with New York ' s Phoenix Theatre. Every year, the APA renews its contract with the PTP, and then plays out the rest of the year in New York, Los Angeles, and Toronto. Eight original productions, making their debut in Ann Arbor, have proceeded ... in 1927 . . . the Band was required to sit in the Michigan Union Ballroom during all away football games. When the Wolverines were successful, the Band played. to New York. This year, the entire APA Fifth Fall Festival, headed by Helen Hayes, moved from Ann Arbor to Broadway. Besides the APA, the PTP also brings many other activities to the campus. Among these are the Play-of-the-Month series of outstanding Broadway and off- Broadway attractions, and the New Play Project, which is an original work. " An Evening ' s Frost, " the new play for 1965, went on to national success in New York and throughout the country, especially on college campuses. This year ' s NPP was " Wedding Band. " PTP has also brought Martha Graham and her dance company and a series of lectures on the dramatic arts to the cam- pus. A new playhouse will be constructed to house the PTP ' s extensive activities. However, there is controversy surround- " Expressing Willie " 1926 " The Bartered Bride " 1937 ing the financing of the theater project which was initiated when former Re- gent Eugene B. Power donated one mil- lion dollars toward its construction because of the speculation that student fees will be part of that financing. The dissension this issue has aroused has not allowed a completion date for the theater to be set. Among the more extravagant PTP offerings was a one week engagement of " The Fantasticks " straight from off- Broadway. When " Who ' s Afraid of Virginia Woolf " was first astounding New York audiences, the matinee cast was flown to campus for a one night stand; Ann Arborites saw the play a full year before the rest of the country. In 1965, the PTP also sponsored the " Great Catherine " 1926 Aesthetic dancing practice 1905 . . . the matinee cast was flown to campus for a one night stand; Ann Arborites saw the play a full year before the rest of the country. Student dance program c. 1955 American Conservatory Theatre (ACT) in two productions: Edward Albee ' s " Tiny Alice " and Moliere ' s " Tartuffe. " The Creative Arts Festival draws equally from the professional fields of music, art, literature, and drama in an attempt to present cosmopolitan talent to the University. Initiated in 1958 as a Michigan Union activity, it is now co- ordinated by the University Activities Center. Robert Frost returned to the campus during the sixties for the festival, filling Hill Auditorium with his lectures and readings. Both the New Christy Min- strels and Louis Snodgrass have per- formed here. This year ' s program began with a Henry Mancini concert, and in- cluded a lecture by Basil Rathbone and a Donald Hall poetry session. Helen Hayes New Play Project, " Wedding Band Professional Theatre Program Play of the Month, " Royal Hunt of the Sun " Professional Theatre Program lose Limon in " Othello " 1963 " Escurial Professional Theatre Program Association of Performing Artists " Sweet of You to Say So " " The Constant Wife " 1929 Gilbert and Sullivan Society University Players " Coriolanus " Michigan Union Opera 1927 " The Blacks " May Festival University Musical Society Chicago Symphony Orchestra Chamber Symphony of Philadelphia Moscow Chamber Orchestra Boston Symphony Orchestra 1937 Emil Gilels Andres Segovia Roth Quartet 1942 Fiesta Mexicana Arts Chorale rehearsal I Old music school 1919 Band-O-Rama Student Music RKO filming the Glee Club 1951 Henry Mancini Leslie Fiedler, symposium on literature Creative Arts Festival Spring Dance Concert 1964 MUSKET ' s " Out of Our Minds " Sculpture gallery in the University library 1883 Diag Art Fair and Museum of Art Writer in Residence Leslie Fiedler UIS LOMAX JAMUAIV 24 through MHUAIY 11 Writer in Residence project 1966 " Say, how many students men, y ' know y ' got here? " Fielding Harris (Hurry Up) Yost asked when he arrived at the Ann Arbor train depot in 1901. " Oh, around two thousand, " replied Charlie Baird, the manager of athletics. " And how many come out for foot- ball? " " Oh, fifteen or twenty. " " Well, " said Yost, " if that ' s all that want to play for the varsity, it ' s all right, y ' know. But I ' m interested in fitness for all that ' s Meeshegan ' s motto now that Yost is ' ere. " " Now, where ' s your carriage? I got two heavy suitcases. " " Here, " sniffed Baird, pointing to a bicycle. " Besides, Yost, if you ' re that stuck on physical fitness, you ' re better off walking. " So, with a bag tucked under either arm, Yost strode down the dusty road and into almost half a century of Michi- gan football. However, football history actually be- gan in 1862 when 82 freshmen beat 42 sophomores. In the next decade, the young football club was ready for com- petition against other schools. They clobbered Racine 1-0 in their first game. Howard Gayley, who wrote " The Yel- low and the Blue, " played, and Irving Pond, later a flamboyant octogenarian elephant rider and architect of the Michigan Union, scored the first touch- down. With the addition of a coach and a schedule, the team soon became known nationally. Powerhouse Harvard for- feited to Michigan in 1893. Shortly after that, the forerunner of the Board of Con- trol of Intercollegiate Athletics was established when two sub-freshmen were found playing. This is not MSU. In 1898, the Blue won its first of 19 conference championships when sub Charles Widman ran the length of the field to beat Chicago, inspiring Louis Elbel to write " The Victors. " In the same year, William Cunningham be- came Michigan ' s first of 49 Ail-Ameri- cans. The Yost era brought glamour and humor to the campus. Undefeated in his first 55 games, Yost ' s 1901-05 teams amassed 2,821 points to their opponents ' 42. The Old Man loved to tell a story typical of his team ' s superiority. On the way to a 128-0 destruction of Buffalo, Yost tried to put a nondescript player into the game. The sub complained that he had just come over from the other side to hide. Nothing pleased him so much as putting one over on an opponent. Even when Michigan had little Beloit badly beaten in the second half of the 1903 game, Yost told center Dan Gregory to let an opposing lineman know that " this is the play we killed a man on last year. " Michigan scored on the play. When Yost arrived in Ann Arbor, football squads enjoyed ale on Friday nights before games, on the trainer ' s " . . . Yost, if you ' re that stuck on physical fitness, you ' re better off walking. " So with a bag tucked under either arm, Yost strode down the dusty road. . . " belief that it would alleviate tension. Yost tolerated this until one such eve- ning when he found the youngsters so free from stress they were unable to walk. That ended the ale. The Brown Jug rivalry also began during the Yost era when a Michigan- Minnesota game ended in a 6-6 tie. Afraid that the Gophers would poison the Wolverines, Student Manager Tom Roberts purchased a 36-cent water con- tainer that was stolen after the game. Minnesota demanded Michigan ' s return to Minneapolis to win the Jug back, thus starting college football ' s most well - known tradition. It reached its height of excitement in the thirties with Glenn Miller ' s famed " Little Brown Jug " . Yost ' s innovations always kept his losses at a minimum. The 1910 Minne- sota battle labeled one of the ten most exciting ever packed 23,000 anxious fans into Ferry Field. The same 22 play- ers struggled up and down the turf. Michigan ' s defense, buoyed by bone- crusher Albert Benbrook, was charac- teristic of a Yost team. In the last minutes, one of the first forward passes was sent to Ail-American Stanfield Wells, spelling doom for the Gophers and heralding a new kind of football. The sport was changing; it had to, to keep up with Yost and his rivals, Amos Stagg and Knute Rockne. The improvements these men introduced to the rugged game generated a greater spectator sport, and, as its popularity spread, the need for a bigger stadium became apparent. After a two year absence in the twenties, Yost returned to Michigan and cajoled the Blue into scoring 227 points to their opponents ' three in the 1925-26 seasons. The same team, with fullback Wally Weber, two-time All-American Benny Friedman, and three-time, all- time All-American Bennie Oosterbaan, scored twice in the first 48 seconds against Wisconsin and upset Minnesota 35-0. That year, going in as a substitute, future nine letterman Oosterbaan saw his first action " the biggest thrill a kid ever has. " He caught two touchdown passes, and the Benney-to-Bennie combo became one of the most feared on the gridiron. $ CH FIELDING H.(HU!KY UP) V K FIRST NEW YEAR ' S DAY FOOTBALL IOURNAMENT PARK PASA I KY 1st 1902 MICHIGAN 49 NFORD O PLAYERS OF THE CAME 1VERS1 1T1SK18D liNIVI II O B T S (CAPT) , tV Kt.nnf.ti HFRRNSTEIN SNOW RIGHT TACKI E ACKI.E EMU QI ' ARilRBACK KALt I f-t I HALF 1ACK LEE THOMI BOOSt ' MC FA ' TRAF.CER COOPER PRESTON i A P K Y USHER (CAPT) SLAKER MC CILVRAY MICHIGAN 5 IMA MINI I F I FAM bO OPPONF.N! A ' EH OF TIU SNOW ii BY H YOST i NEIL W. SNOW ' S MICHIGAN RECORD 1898- 99-OO (CAPT)OI - BASEBALL - 1899 OO 01 02 (CAPT) TRACK 1901-02 " MrMORATIVF. TABLET I ' MF.MIU.BS I AR CHAPTER OF ALPHA DELTA PHI IN THE YEAR I ' Victory plaque from the first Rose Bowl 1902. and took us off the train at Toledo and gave us a chewing-out on getting seri- ous for Ohio State. " We went back to the train, and it started all over. Fritz was furious. He shut himself up in his compartment, and we didn ' t see him again until we got off at the stadium the next day. He wouldn ' t say a word. " Call that whatever kind of psychol- ogy you want we went out and clob- bered Ohio State, 40-0. " The legends surrounding Harmon and company are renowned. On an Eastern trip, only Vassar girls stopped the team. The Wisert brothers, Albert, Alvin, and Francis, all wore the number 1 1 . Albert and Alvin, starring in the forties, were aided by Crisler ' s tech- nique of the two-platoon system. " We arrived at the two-platoon sys- tem at Michigan not out of any great ingenuity but pure necessity, " Crisler has pointed out. " Michigan was to meet Army in 1945. It was a veteran Army team, and Michigan had mostly fresh- men. I was perfectly aware that our youngsters could not stand up against Army for sixty minutes and we would have to spell them off at intervals. " We divided the line into two groups, Irving Pond, later a flamboyant octogenarian elephant rider and architect of the Michigan Union, scored the first touchdown. The next year, with Yost as the new athletic director, end Oosterbaan threw for three TD ' s to whip Ohio State 21-0 in the dedication game of Michigan Sta- dium. Since then, 13 million fans have enjoyed Saturday afternoons in the biggest college-owned stadium in the country. There are no bad seats be- cause Yost had made a meticulous study of other stadiums before super- vising the construction of " his " stadium. With All-American Harry Kipke re- turning to his alma mater as coach, the Blue successes continued four cham- pionships between 1930-33. However, it was during the powerful regime of Fritz Crisler, now Athletic Director, that Michigan regained star-status. Tom Harmon recalled the time the club went out to play Ohio State, " Most of the guys talked about everything but football on the train to Columbus dates where they were going after the game everything but football. It nearly drove Fritz crazy. He walked the aisle practically frothing. Then he blew up one whose abilities were best suited to offense, the other best gifted in de- fense. Then we ran the offensive team in whenever we gained possession. When we lost possession which was frequently the defensive line took over. We lost, 28-7, but it should have been worse. " Former Michigan All-American Pete Elliott played on the 1947 team, and he considered the Blue ' s Rose Bowl adven- tures of that season the high point of Crisler ' s coaching. " We were terribly keyed up for Southern Cal. I never saw a team so ready to play or so nervous. But Coach Crisler came into the dressing room and throttled us down. It was funny, the way he told us not to be so jumpy, then in the next sentence mentioned that there would be fifty million people listening and watching the game on radio and television. But somehow he got us straight. " After the Wolverines had trounced Southern Cal, 49-0, a drunk confronted merican Harr ,e ball 1932. Crisler with the accusation that his leadership was a disgrace. " Why Michi- gan, " he maintained, remembering Yost ' s victory in the Rose Bowl score of 49-0, " hasn ' t improved in 45 years. " An unexpected Snow Bowl at Colum- Forest Evashevski, Bob Westfall, Tom Harmon 1939. bus in 1950 led to the Wolverines ' third Rose Bowl; and, with gentlemanly conduct, the 1964 team rolled to the fourth Rose Bowl like a tidal wave. These triumphs have placed Michi- gan behind Notre Dame and Oklahoma for the past 25 years, and behind no one for all time. The achievement of a record 487-177-28 is attested to by the most dedicated, enthusiastic fan on campus, Dr. Hazel Losh. As player after player tramps through her office, she recalls the personalities of her hundreds of " children " and basketball is an undesirable tradition. Last Monday, tradition in the guise of Ohio State reached out to hand Michi- gan its 30th Big Ten loss in 34 games. Basketball at Michigan is in sad shape and has been for years. " Enter Cazzie Russell. Russell holds practically every Michi- gan basketball record as well as a number of Big Ten records. Prior to 1964, the Wolverines had never in the modern era placed in the top ten nation- ally-ranked teams. When Russell was " Doc " Hazel Losh c. 1960. Nothing pleased him so much as putting one over on an opponent. Yost told center Dan Gregory to let an opposing lineman know that " this is the play we killed a man on last year. " " grandchildren " who have worked to make football " the most wonderful experience for themselves, for you, and for me. " The official Big Ten records show that the University entered basketball competition 49 years ago. In 1962, a Daily sports writer said: " Michigan The legends surrounding Harmon and company are renowned. On an eastern trip, only Vassar girls stopped the team. playing, Michigan finished second (1964), first (1965), and fourth (1966). 1966 was Russell ' s big year at Michi- gan. He set the school scoring record with 48 points against Northwestern. He had a 33.2 point-per-game average, the second best in Big Ten history. Cazzie holds the school record for the most points in three years of play for Michi- gan: 1,171. But records can ' t tell the whole story. The excitement generated by a Cazzie fast-break-and-dunk, or his ability to win a game in the closing seconds through almost super-human pumping down the John Townsend 1938. court is an indelible part of Michigan basketball. In addition to All-American Caz, the Blue has had three other All-American stars. Bennie Oosterbaan in 1928, who later coached Michigan basketball, and John Townsend in 1938, played a game where ' it was rare if the scores ever reached 30 or 40 points. Of late, All- American Bill Buntin has been the only Michigan player to come close to Rus- sell ' s feats. " Michigan basketball is an undesirable tradition . . . it ' s in sad shape and has been for years. " Old Yost Field House described in 1927 as " almost perfect, lacking only enough trophy room " was the scene of many Russell-inspired triumphs. These victories led to the current con- struction of a 15,000 capacity field house perfect and with plenty of tro- phy room. In track, Michigan has had a consis- tently bright and successful history. The Ann Arbor merchants gave prizes for the winners of the first Field Day contest in 1879. Some contributed medals, while one firm gave two boxes of cigars and another " the best hat in the store. . . " There were six outdoor meets in the Western Conference of 1901. Michigan won five. Since then, Wolverine teams have won 24 of the Big Ten meets, more than any other Big Ten school. Indoor teams have won 21 of 55 Big Ten meets. In fact, the indoor team had at one time finished first or second in the Big Ten for 11 consecutive years (1931-41). The first of Michigan ' s all-round athletes was John McLean, who not only regularly won the hurdles and the broad jump, but was also a halfback on Yost ' s football team. Future Olympic champion Ralph Rose stayed in Ann Arbor only long enough to set the record in 1904 for the hammer throw and the shotput. When Stephen Ferrell arrived to coach during the twenties, the school found a wild flower. The great runner ' s background included barnstorming rac- ing against horses in the circus. His teams were winners, but he could jump farther backward than most of his men could forward. Olympic champion Eddie Tolan ' s ef- forts in 1932 have been approached only by performances by athletes like Jack Harvey who bested his own record by putting the shot 58 feet, 3 l 2 inches for the Big Ten indoor record. Sam Stoller and Tom Robinson tied the Big Ten record in the 60 yard dash at 25 year intervals of Big Ten competition. When Matt Mann coached swimming at Michigan, nothing was impossible. A typical success occurred on a balmy spring evening in 1938 at the NCAA meet at the Rutgers University pool. Michigan, which had been the terror of the collegiate swimming world for nearly ten years, was just another good team that season. The once-mighty Wolverines even with their defend- ing 440 yard freestyle champion Tom Haynie were picked to finish no better than third. When " Tireless Tom, " as he was to be nicknamed a few days later, tuckered in the 440 and lost his title, Michigan fans became upset, " What ' s the matter with Haynie? " But Matt Mann kept smiling. Walde- mar Tomski, one of Mann ' s crack sprint- ers, led the pace as the churning free-stylers sped to the finish of the first 100 yard lap. Ed Hutchens, swimming the next century, lost a little of Tomski ' s precious lead as he turned the fate of the Wolverine tank squad into the hands of the disappointing Haynie. This was the spot where Michigan would fold here was the minute when Ohio State would forge into the lead and capture the NCAA crown. But resignation turned to amazement among the spectators as Haynie refused to quit. He swam the lap in the 52.8 seconds and secured the NCAA crown for the Maize and the Blue. What had happened was that Haynie had entered the meet with a severe cold, and had decided to sacrifice his individual title to be at his peak in the crucial 100 yarder. Michigan has captured the Big Ten title 19 times in 55 years of competition. Matt Mann III, the son of the man who established Michigan as a swimming power, set the long course conference record for the 1,500 meter freestyle in 1966 with a time of 20:17.5, and Carl Robie has amassed many distance re- cords. Michigan teams have especially great pride in the long course records because there is no long course pool on campus, so practical experience is hard to attain. Yet, fast timing isn ' t all that counts in a meet. The team effort that provided the margin in the overcome of Big Ten champ Ohio State by one point or in the 1961 NCAA upset of Southern Cal is the backbone for Blue triumphs. What Cazzie Russell did for Michigan basketball, Barry MacKay did for Michi- gan tennis. Before MacKay ' s arrival in 1953, the most successful season the Wolverines had had was in 1899 when they beat Northwestern 2-1. It was the only match they played. MacKay looked more like a hard-run- ning halfback than a tennis player when he first came to campus. But he became much more than a tennis player as he led the team to three Big Ten titles and to the 1957 National Championship. With the success that MacKay brought to tennis it became much easier to recruit good players. Ray Senkowski, a former National Boys Champion, and Harry Fauquier, a Canadian Davis Cup- per, have come to Michigan since Mac- Kay ' s time. From 1955 through ' 66, the Wolver- ines have won nine Big Ten titles. Since Professor Thomas Trueblood helped launch golf as a competitive sport in 1922, Michigan has been a top ranking contender in the Big Ten. They lead the Big Ten with 12 conference championships, including a five year span in the thirties when they took the has been the driving force behind the replacement of dual matches with tournaments, and for the gradual in- crease in the number of players from four to six. Besides this, the Blue ' s incomparable golf facilities are a strong drawing card ... the school found a wild flower. The great runner ' s background included barnstorming racing against horses in a circus. His teams were great, but he could jump farther backward than most of his men could forward. title every year. Currently, however, the Wolverines have been unable to end a title famine that dates back to 1952. The drought coincides with the onset of professional, big-money golf. Michigan golf, declared Coach A. C. Katzenmeyer, emphasizes the collegiate sport, not the cultivation of the profes- sional golfer. For instance, Michigan Basketball team 1923. . . . the most successful season the Wolverines had had was in 1899 when they beat Northwestern 2-1. It was the only match they played. Eddie Tolan, Olympic champion 1932. for top talent to a school that has only given one or two partial golf scholar- ships a year since the inception of the grant-in-aid in 1957. The clubhouse ' s indoor driving range, putting green, and sandtrap comple- ment the treacherous course designed by Allison McKensie not of Peyton Place but of Augusta National Fame. John Fisher, national collegiate golf champion 1934. Arbor. It all began in 1865, when the Regents appropriated $50 for a cricket ground on the campus and the students organized the " Pioneer Cricket Club, " with eight officers and 25 members. Word was not long in reaching the Midwest that Civil War volunteer Gen- eral Abner Doubleday had evolved a new game, baseball. Time has said of Doubleday that the world will little note nor long remember what he did at Gettysburg but it will never forget what he did at Cooperstown. The Regents ' $50 cricket ground was enlarged and improved. Other towns in Michigan organized community clubs, and the University club travelled to meet and usually beat them. One his- torian described it: " No one wore uni- forms; there were no baseball parks or Bill Freehan 1961. " No one wore uniforms; there were no baseball parks or tickets. But people came to see the college lads beat Jackson, Ypsilanti, and Dexter. . . " The University course site of all the major junior tournaments is so rigor- ous that a 72 hole total of 301 won the 1957 conference title, 15 strokes higher than usual. Actually, it was the popularity of cricket that brought baseball to Ann tickets. But people came to see the col- lege lads beat Jackson, Ypsilanti, and Dexter, and also to see them go down in defeat before a farm-boy team from nearby Lodi Township. " Fans swarmed and the game ' s popu- larity increased, but the coach has always earmarked Michigan baseball rather than the great player. Branch Rickey the late czar of baseball started his long career as .a law student- Bennie Oosterbaan c. 1925. and-coach at Michigan, 1910-13. He produced such illustrious players as George Sisler, the St. Louis Brown Hall- of-Famer. Mr. Rickey, as he was politely refer- red to in baseball circles, was followed by Illini pitching great Carl Lundgren. When he returned to his alma mater after winning three straight conference titles, Ray Fisher took over. Fisher, winner of 18 games in one sea- son on a team not up to the caliber of the Mets and an honest pitcher in the Black Sox scandal of 1919, became coach in midseason of 1920. For 38 years, the National League scout and pitching advisor coached teams that won for the Maize and the Blue: 661 games for a phenomenal .667 percentage. Football players have always contri- buted much to Michigan ' s diamond success. Ail-American centers Ernie Vick and Jack Blott made the big lea- gues. Bennie Oosterbaan, who had only played catch before college, hit safely in his last 27 games and was prevented from a major league career only by his stonger committment to Michigan athletics. All-American lineman Alvin Wisert and both Elliotts were at home on the diamond as well as the gridiron. A sample of Wolverine baseball came when the ' 62 team, having lost their first four games and finishing second in the Big Ten, went on to capture the National and World Championships. In the NCAA Regional finals, John Ken- pitched the Blue to two victories in one day. Twenty minutes rest separated the up-to-then mediocre pitcher from first sinking conference champion Illinois Don George, collegiate wrestling champion 1929. and then hitting Western Michigan. His game-winning sacrifice fly in the tenth inning of the second game came after 312 pitches. With this kind of excitement, it ' s prob- ably a good thing that baseball took over that old cricket ground. And it ' s also probably a good thing that Michigan doesn ' t have Bumpton- ians anymore. A Bumptonian was a predecessor of a wrestler. A Michigan biography detailed them: " . . .wrestling had been a noisy feature of life in the Mason Hall dormitory. In Van Buren ' s Newt Loken, gymnastics coach c. 1960. student days, about 1850, there was a sort of society called Bumptonians. " Being led into a member ' s room in Mason Hall, the new initiate was seized by four husky members, one on each arm and leg. They swung like battering rams. Not head first, rather stern first. " They would fling him against the wall, and as he struck it, they would cry out: ' Bump. . .bump. . .bump. . . ! " When they got tired of it and the victim was a mangled wreck, he was duly declared a Bumptonian. . . " This is what wrestlers were made of. But of late since about 1925 when Coach Cliff Keen arrived Michigan wrestling has been a bit different. Only two of his teams in 41 years have fin- ished below third in the Big Ten. " A large-boned, fat-free man of unde- terminate age ( ' none of your business ' ) " who won ' t commit himself too much about his players was a Detroit Free Press picture of Keen. For instance, . . . the new initiate was seized by four husky members, one on each arm and leg. They swung like battering rams. Not head first, rather stern first. They would fling him against the wall, and as he struck it, they would cry out: " Bump . . . bump . . . bump! " Richard Mixer 1944. when asked if Dave Dozeman was his toughest wrestler, Keen was subtle. " He ' s the only one I know of to wrestle after having a broken neck, and a bro- ken neck is pretty close to where you live. " Keen ' s mat squads have won succes- sive championships in the sixties. How- ever, a defeat by Minnesota this year in a dual meet did break a 34-match win- ning streak. At that time, Jocko Nelson, one of the assistant football coaches, marked the shocking event with a car- toon pinned to the athletic office bulletin board calling for the hanging of Keen in effigy. Gymnastics, like basketball, has just recently earned great fame. The Blue won their first conference crown in 1961, and liked it so much they have kept it ever since. One reason for Michi- gan ' s past mediocrity was the lack of a coach from 1933-46. Dynamic Coach Newt Loken, a Big Ten champ 1945-47, has been responsi- ble for drawing high caliber athletes In 1920, there was no artificial ice. There was also no Michigan hockey team. But the next year, a dozen or so stalwart skaters formed a club under the direction of Coach Joe Barss. This was the start of a long Michigan hockey tradition spanning over 500 victories in 800 efforts. The game has changed quite a bit since the days when a puck could be fired through the When a tent just off the Diag served as the first gym in 1858, and one student reported, " Athletics at Michigan consists of sawing stovewood and lugging it up four flights of stairs every day, " intra- mural sports began edging their way into the University. Today, the nation ' s most extensive intramural empire directed by Earl Riskey, the inventor of paddleball " Athletics at Michigan consist of sawing stovewood and lugging it up four flights of stairs every day. " boards, and when a player had to skate uphill and down again to get from one end of the rink to the other. If the weather got warm, the club merely forgot about the match. In Western Collegiate Hockey Asso- ciation records, Michigan holds only one, but it is of considerable importance. In the 1961-62 season, Ross Morrison incurred 60 penalties in only 29 games, a record that will stand long unbroken. Despite this absence of personal rec- ords, Michigan has won the national to Ann Arbor. Edwin Gagnier tied for the Ail-Around title in 1957, a rarity in gymnastics where the judges measure scores by decimal points. Rick Mont- petit and Gil LaRose have both won the title, and Wayne Miller won the world Championship in the trampoline. With a coach, the team does well. Pushball contest 1907. championship playoffs seven times since 1948. Occasionally a collegiate player moves up to the National Hockey League. Most recently, Red Berenson of the 1961-62 team went to the Chicago Black Hawks, and Mel Wakabayashi of the 1966 team signed with the Detroit Red Wings. Freshman Week horseshoe tournament c. 1935. rests in Ann Arbor. The 36 available sports range from " A " football to volley- ball and weight-lifting. Ferocious com- petition in such divisions as faculty, fraternity, grads, independents, and residence halls have led to traditional rivalries. The all-year Fraternity Championship, won by the Sig Eps nine times, was once decided by a final, climatic tennis match. In intramural competition, a hockey goalie has scored, and, in the first place playoffs of the past season, two " A " football games ended the first tie-breaking overtime with the ball back exactly on the midfield stripe. Annually, an all-around athlete is selected. Freshman Tom Harmon was honored in 1937. This blend of varsity and intramural sports lends the University the ability to remain, as one sports editor said, " synonomous with the successful and progressive in college athletics. " Fielding H. ( " Hurry Up " ) Yost c. 1940 r Dick Vidmer John Rowser, Frank Nunley First football team 1879 Carl Ward Mike Bass Bob Mielke, Barry Dehlin, John Rowser, Rick Sygar Opponents Oregon State California 7 North Carolina . 21 Henry Hanna Dave Fisher New Brown Jug 1934 Dennis Morgan ' s knee put out of action Opponents Jim Detwiler ' s knee back in action 7 Michigan State 20 21 Purdue 22 49 .. . . Minnesota A Bennie Oosterbaan, " Coach of the Year " 1948 Opponents 28 Wisconsin 17 21 Illinois 28 28 Northwestern 20 17 Ohio State 3 Jack Clancy . . . All-American end . . . 1966 Dave Fisher Michigan 54 .... Tennessee Dave McClellan Opponents 72 75 .... Duke . 96 86 75 83 .... Bowling Green 90 71 .... Davidson 68 91 .... Butler 80 86.. . Ohio University ..80 Craig Dill, co-captain Ken Maxey Jim Pitts Cazzie Russell 1966 . Bob Sullivan Michigan 70 Georgia Tech 98 Wisconsin 82 Arkansas 73 Northwestern 90 Wisconsin 93 Illinois 81 Michigan State 81 Iowa 81 Purdue 72 Northwestern Co-captain Dennis Bankey Coach Dave Strack Jim Pitts in the State surprise Scrimmage c. 1955 Gymnastics team 1931 Captain Gary Vander Voort Chip Fuller i ? ill MIS AHHXl tf UMlil SMS Mutt Mftj tt ei tMKMC UUfL UBS UUU 5 C ttN HAAU BtO T[ .NCAAi4 i 916 TfH MRM titrtn Dave Jacobs Wayne Miller, world champion Phip Fuller 40 Russ Kingery Bob Walmsley - - ' f lIlllIIIIiHilllIhllillilHI Ken Wiebeck Bill Groft Carl Robie Olympic swimmer Paul Samson diving in 1924 Paul Scheerer Hockey team 1933 Jim Keough Randy Binnie I Michigan Opponents 8 Chatham Juniors 4 6 Chatham Juniors 9 Waterloo Lutheran 4 5 Waterloo Lutheran 1 10 Michigan State 4 3 Michigan State 2 4 Michigan Tech 3 5 Michigan State 3 13 New Brunswick 3 9 Colgate 3 6 Rensselaer Polytechnic Inst 6 5 Denver 7 4 Denver 3 10 Minnesota 5 5 Minnesota 4 3 Colorado College 5 Colorado College 3 3 Michigan Tech 2 1 Michigan Tech 3 Doug Galbraith, Mel Wakabayashi, Bob Baird Fred Stehman Gordon Weeks Wrestling team c. 1930 Dave Porter, 1966 NCAA champ Captain Bob Fehrs Michigan 20 Indiana 32 Northwestern 27 Ohio State .. 20 Iowa 8 Minnesota 30 Pittsburgh . . 30 Toledo 20 Wisconsin Opponents . 9 . 2 . 6 . 8 .18 . 3 . 3 .11 lack Harvey, Big Ten champion Olympics team member, Ralph Rose 1912 2 3 INDIANA UNIVERSITY 5 Rick Hunt, Big Ten champion Dave Cooper, Coach Donald Canham Michigan 9 ... 6 ... 17 . . 6 ... 7 ... 8 ... 9 ... 6 ... 2 ... 4 4 ... ... 13 ... 1 Opponents Arizona State . Wyoming Grand Canyon Arizona State Western Colorado Arizona State Wyoming Arizona State Arizona State Arizona Arizona Arizona Detroit . . . Western Michigan Geoff Zahn, Coach Moby Benedict I Michigan 14 ... 9 . 5 ... 6 ... 5 ... 5 ... 8 ... 9 ... 7 ... 8 ... 3 ... 1 ... 11 . . . 5 Opponents Wisconsin Wisconsin Northwestern Indiana .... Central Michigan . Central Michigan . Illinois .... Purdue .... Purdue .... Detroit .... Western Michigan Iowa .... Eastern Michigan Michigan State 6 5 1 3 2 15 6 4 9 6 Bob Reed Baseball team 1899 Ted Sizemore, catcher Michigan Ed Waits and Bill Dixon, Big Ten champions Opponents 2 . . . . . Miami . . . . 7 9 .... . Purdue . . . . 8 .... .... MSU . . . . 1 6 . . . . . . . . Illinois . . . . 9 8 . . . . . Minnesota .... . . . . 1 9 . . . . . Iowa . . . 8 . . . Northwestern . . . . 1 6 . . . . . Indiana . . 3 9 . . . . Ohio State .... . . Terry Stewart, 1966 captain Karl Hedrick Barry MacKay, NCAA champion 1957, Davis Cup team member 1958, ' 59 Big Ten Champions 1952 ' ' Old Ferry Field 1901 ' ' " ' ' , " ,. r ' ' - .1 i John A. Abad, B.S.E. in Electrical Engineering Lorraine I. Abel, B.A. in Education Nancy J. Abraham, B.A. in History Jacques S. Abrams, M.S.E. in Aerospace Engineering Stephen D Abramson, B.A. in Economics William L. Ace, B.S.E. in Engineering Physics Gary N. Ackerman, B.A. in Political Science Stephen F. Adamini, B.A. in Political Science Karen L. Adams, B.A. in Political Science Rebecca N. Adams, B.A. in English William R. Ader, B.S.E. in Mechanical Engineering Richard L. Adis, B.S. in Zoology Margaret F. Aengst, B.A. in German Robert O. Aepli, B.S. in Zoology David M. Agnew, B.A. in History Julianne E. Aho, B.A. in English Barbara E. Aikenhead, B.A. in Sociology Sharon Aitken, B.M. in Instrumental Music Education Massoud Akhavi, B.S.E. in Civil Engineering Elmer W. Akin, M.P.H. in Laboratory Practice B o Sandra J. Alexander, B.S. in Nursing James E. Allen, B.A. in English Sigrid L. Allen, B.A. in Education Constance M. Allstetter, B.A. in Anthropology Harlan Alpern, B.S. in Zoology Ellen Alswang, B.A. in History Joan Alter, B.A. in English Andrea L. Altman, B.A. in English Rachel J. Amado, B.A. in Social Studies Joseph N. Amaliitano, B.S.E. in Electrical Engineering Gary L. Andersen, B.B.A. Bruce R. Anderson, B.A. in Political Science Christine V. Anderson, B.A. in English Katherine R. Anderson, B.A. in English Kathryn L. Anderson, B.A. in Mathematics Kay L. Anderson, B.S. in Physical Therapy Richard W. Anderson, B.S.E. in Aerospace Engineering Richard W. Anderson, B.S.E. in Aerospace Engineering Gary E. Andrejak, B.S. in Forestry James M. Andress, B.S. in Pre-Med. Anne B. Angst, B.S. in Education Ned F. Anschuetz, B.A. in Sociology Neva A. Apsey, B.S. in Nursing David C. Arch, B.A. in English Norman P. Arends, B.A. in Chemistry Dean R. Armstrong, B.A. in History Barbara J. Arnold, M.A. in English David S. Aronow, B.B.A. Jane E. Arsham, B.A. in History Mary L. Arthur, B.A. in English Mary A. Ashworth, M.A. in History Carol J. Aspbury, B.A. in English Karen F. Aston, B.A. in Education Mary E. Atha, B.S. in Physical Therapy Edward J. Atler, B.A. in Zoology Patricia K. AuClaire, B.A in English Cheryl B. August, B.A. in Education Trudy Aupperle, B.A. in Mathematics Joanne Avedian, B.A. in Education Donald J. Baad, B.A. in Speech Vincent M. Babich, B.A. in History Michele A. Baehr, B.A. in Education June E. Bagdade, B.A. in Sociology Garry S. Bahling, B.S.E. in Aerospace Engineering Maryann C. Bailer, B.S. in Nursing Charles D. Bailey, B.A. in English David J. Bailey, M.A. in Education Kathryn D. Bailey, B.S. in Social Science Linda D. Bailey, M.A. in Elementary School Administration Rosalie M. Bajne, B.A. in Political Science Cathleen A. Baker, B.A. in History of Art Raymond F. Baker, B.S. in Geology Richard M. Balaban, B.A. in Psychology Pamela Baldwin, B.A. in Interior Design Judith A. Bailee, B.S. in Interior Design Alice R. Bollard, B.S. in Design Darnell G. Balmer, B.S.E. in Mechanical and Science Engineering Sandra M. Banks, B.S. in Physical Education Judith H. Banules, B.A. in Zoology Cheryl A. Barber, B.A. in English Sara J. Harbour, B.A. in English Robert L. Barclay, B.B.A. Dorothy L. Barczak, B.A. in Education Diane M. Barecki, B.S. in Nursing Joshua Barlev, B.A. in Economics Judith A. Barlow, B.S. in Nursing Janet E. Barnard, B.S. in Education Judith W. Barnett, B.S. in Special Education Bonnie S. Baron, B.A. in History Martin A. Barrett, B.A. in Communication Sciences Edward P. Barrett Jr., B.S.E. in Civil Engineering Rosemary Bartlett, B.S. in Advertising Design Rhonda L. Bartsch, B.Mus. Joan C. Baver, B.A. in Political Science Peter S. Baver, B.S.E. in Mechanical Engineering Penelope A. Baugh, B.A. in Education Roland T. Baumann II, B.A. in Economics Joyce A. Bean, B.A. in Education R. Craig Bechtel, B.S.E. in Civil Engineering Diane E. Beck, B.A. in Sociology Jared H. Becker, B.A. in Political Science Judith M. Becker, B.S. in Speech Correction Theodore J. Becker, B.S. in Fisheries Howard J. Beckett, B.S.E. in Industrial Engineering Susan Beckett, B.A. in Speech Correction Henry Bednarz, B.B.A. Judith K. Beebe, B.A. in Psychology Leo P. Beebe, B.A. in History Gary E. Beeker, B.A. in Philosophy John E. Belda, B.B.A. Judith A. Beltz, B.S. in Physical Therapy Linda E. Bendlin, B.A. in English George F. Benedict, B.S. in Astronomy and Physics Frank A. Benford, B.S. in Mathematics Lee E. Benz, B.B.A. Carolyn J. Beranek, B.A. in Latin Richard A. Bereza, B.S.E. in Mechanical Engineering Mark R. Berg, B.S.E. in Mechanical Engineering Stephen A. Berg, B.MUS. William E. Berg, B.S.E. in Civil Engineering Thomas D. Berge, B.S.E. in Electrical Engineering Ann-Jean (Anje) Berger, B.S. in Journalism Education Paul F. Berger, B.A. in Economics Robert R. Berger, B.A. in English John M. Bergey, M.S.E. in Electrical Engineering Merry C. Berglund, B.A. in Education Laura B. Berke, B.A. in English Jacqueline C. Berkelhamer, B.A. in Education Irene Berkey, M.A. in French Georgia B. Berland, B.A. in Social Anthropology Leslie A. Berman, B.A. in Education Roanld L. Berman, B.A. in Psychology Dennis H. Bernest, B.A. in Economics Sheilah R. Bernstein, B.Mus. Karen D. Berrie, B.A. in Social Work Michael J. Berry, B.S. in Chemistry Rosalie K. Berry, B.S. in Nursing Carol J. Bershad, B.A. in Biology Eileen M. Bickel, B.S. in Nursing Jay A. Bielfield, B.A. in Economics John F. Bienz, B.A. in History JoAnna M. Bigge, B.A. in Psychology James N. Bilbie II, B.S.E. in Industrial Engineering Helena Billitter, B.A. in English Gail A. Bingel, B.A. in English David L. Bjrch, B.A. in Philosophy Patricia Bird, B.S. in Physical Therapy Bernard Birnbaum, B.A. in History Shirley L. Bishop, B.A. in English Barbara P. Bittle, B.A. in English Duane E. Black, B.A. in Mathematics John G. Blackburn, B.S.E. in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering Kathleen C. Blackmer, B.A. in Journalism Russell W. Blake, B.S.E. in Civil Engineering Baiba A. Blakjs, B.A. in French IL itibrii L Steven E. Blatt, B.A. in Journalism and English Albert B. Blixt, B.A. in Philosophy Harry Bloch, B.A. in Economics Mary-Ellen Blodgett, B.S. in Design Joan E. Blumenstein, B.A. in English Susan D. Bobbitt, B.A. in History of Art Susan A. Bobowski, B.A. in English Nancy S. Bockoff, B.A. in Education Cordy E. Bodkin, B.A. in Russian Robert E. Bodkin, B.S.E. in Science Engineering Ivan E. Boerman, M.S. in Dentistry Lawrence J. Bohner, B.A. in Political Science Judith L. Bohnert, B.A. in Mathematics Gerald W. Boicourt, B.S.E. in Chemical Engineering Howard J. Bolnick, B.A. in Mathematics Ronald J. Bolt, B.A. in History Eric H. Bolz, B.S.E. in Electrical Engineering Alan C. Bomberger, B.S. in Electrical En gineering Paul P. Bonus, B.S. in Advertising Design Alan J. Boos, B.S.E. in Civil Engineering Nancy R. Booth, B.A. in English and History of Art Bonnj G. Boren, B.S. in Art Judy E. Borinstein, B.A. in Speech Barbara R. Borowski, B.A. in Far Eastern Studie Jean K. Borssok, B.A. in English Marcia L. Bos, B.A. in Special Education Sharon A. Bosma, B.S. in Dental Hygiene Margaret A. Boucher, B.A. in Psychology Timothy P. Boufford, B.A. in English Elizabeth E. Boughton, B.A. in Psychology Diane K. Bound, B.S. in Speech Correction Carol E. Bourassa, B.S. in Design Douglas Q. Bowden, B.A. in History JoAnne V. Bowerman, B.S. in Education Jonathan S. Bowers, B.A. in History Constance L. Bowler, B.A. in Sociology Glen A. Bowles, B.S.E. in Electrical Engineering Robert F. Boysen, B.A. in Mathematics Education Marek J. Boedech, B.A. in English Laura M. Braboy, B.A. in English Sue A. Bradley, B.S. in Physical Therapy Alexander B. Bragdon, B.A. in English Susan L. Brainard, B.S. in Physical Education and Political Science Lynn C. Brandman, B.A. in German Paula B. Brandman, B.A. in Mathematics . J " -v- Marguerite E. Erase, B.A. in English Marcia L. Bratt, B.S. in Dental Hygiene Robert C. Bray, B.S. in Physics Arlene L. Breckenridge, M.Ed, in Counseling and Guidance Carol A. Breda, B.A. in Education Patricia E. Breden, B.A. in Education Kent W. Breese, B.S.E. in Mechanical Engineering Joseph F. Brendel, Jr., B.S.E. in Electrical Engineering Carol A. Bretz, B.S. in Nursing Emmy L. Briggs, B.S. in Design Thomas Bringloe, B.S.E. in Naval Architecture Carole A. Brinkman, B.A. in Education Lisbeth A. Britz, B.A. in Psychology Julia A. Broadfoot, B.S. in Geology Michael A. Broder, B.S.E. in Marine Engineering Beckj A. Brogan, B.A. in English Alan J. Brokaw, B.S. in Chemistry Roger L. Browdy, B.S.E. in Chemical Engineering Alan W. Brown, B.S. in Wildlife Management Bruce P. Brown, B.S. in Zoology Christine A. Brown, B.S. in Education Donna J. Brown, B.S. in Art Education Elizabeth A. Brown, B.A. in French Eric F. Brown, B.A. in English Literature James E. Brown, B.S. in Chemistry Lauran E. Brown, M.Mus. Thomas C. Brown, B.S. in Pharmacy Cheryl L. Brozic, B.B.A. Edwin H. Brust, B.S.E. in Industrial Engineering Ellen L. Brust, B.A. in Education Mary Ann Bryan, B.A. in Education Raymond J. Bryden, B.A. in Architecture William N. Buchele, B.S.E. in Physics Richard L. Buckles, B.A. in Philosophy Denis W. Budds, B.A. in Pre-Legal Studies Coleman G. Buford III, B.A. in Political Science John W. Burch, B.S. in Chemistry Christopher M. Burditt, B.S. in Mathematics David R. Buresh, B.S. in General Science Georgia A. Burg, B.A. in Political Science Nancy J. Burks, B.A. in English Carol A. Burns, B.A. in Education and Social Studies Joy L. Burroughs, B.A. in English Frederick S. Burstein, B.A. in Economics Kathryn L. Button, B.S. in Nursing John J. Buzynski, B.S. in Pre-Med. Judith A. Byers, B.A. in Political Science Linda L. Caccavelli, B.A. in Psychology Dianne L. Gallon, B.S. in Mathematics John B. Callen, B.S. in Chemistry Glenna D. Cameron, B.A. in Education Paula H. Cameron, B.A. in English and Education Carleton Campbell Jr., M.A. in Science for Teachers Carol R. Campbell. B.A. jn Education Eric R. Campbell, M.A. in Library Science Kenneth E. Campbell, M.S. in Geology Terrie J. Campbell, B.A. in English Barbara A. Cance, B.S. in Chemistry Bruce L. Canfield, B.S.E. in Electrical Engineering Robert H. Cant, B.S. in Chemistry John H. Capin, B.S.E. in Civil Engineering Joan L. Caplan, B.A. in History JoAnn Caplin, B.A. in English John R. Cardinal, B.S. in Pharmacy Helen S. Carey, B.A. in English Carl S. Carlson, B.S.E. in Mechanical Engineering James A. Carney, B.S.E. in Science Engineering John R. Carnick, B.S.E. in Science Engineering Barbara J. Carr, B.A. in Education Bruce R. Carr, B.S. in Pre-Med. Thomas G. Carroll, Jr., B.S.E. in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering Judith A. Carter, B. A. in Latin Thalia G. Carter, B.A. in Journalism Jennison L. Carver, B.B.A. Gertrude G. Casselman, B.A. in Psychology Carol A. Caster, B.A. in French Adrienne Castle, B.S. in Social Studies Susan J. Castle, B.S. in Design Joel L. Caves, M.S.E. in Civil Engineering Janet A. Cawley, B.A. in Journalism Carolyn J. Cedergren, B.S. in Physics Peter H. Ceperley, B.S.E. in Engineering Physics Ray CeriotU, M.B.A. Janet A. Cerny, B.S. in Nursing Samuel D. Chafetz, B.A. in Economics Henry E. Chaffee, B.A. in Psychology Barbara A. Chaffin, B.A. in Psychology Napoleon A. Chagnon, Ph.D. in Anthropology Susan C. Chalfant, B.S. in Nursing Carroll G. Chamberlain, M.A. in Library Science tut Steven B. Chameides, B.S.E. in Naval Architecture, Mathematics, and Marine Engineering Robert W. Champion, B.B.A. Edwin S. Chan, B.S.E. in Naval Architecture Philip Chang, B.S.E. in Industrial Engineering William M. Chang, B.S.E. in Electrical Engineering Robert C. Chapel, B.A. in Speech Marva J. Charn, B.A. in History Maxine L. Charnas, B.A. in Education Penelope A. Chase, B.A. in History of Art Dan D Chavez, Ph.D. in Educational Administration James E. Chenevey, B.S. in Chemistry Michael T. Cheney, B.A. in Economics Audrey M. Childers, B.S. in Physical Education William S. Chilman, B.S. in Physics Clifford R. Chilvers, B.S. in Physical Education Mary E. Chisholm, B.A. in Education Kenneth W. Chmiel, B.S.E. in Aeronautical Engineering lue C. Cho, B.S. in Fisheries Roger W. Cholewiak, B.A. in Psychology Anirudh K. Chowdhry, B.S.E. in Chemical Engineering Richard J. Ciaramitaro, M.B.A. William A. Cilluffo, B.A. in Political Science Dorothy J. Ciuffetelli, B.S. in Biology Donald F. Clark, B.S. in Astronomy Geraldine I. Clark, B.S. in Nursing John P. Clark, B.S. in Physics Linda J. Clarke, B.A. in Education Michael D. Clarke, B.S. in Zoology Susan E. Clarke, B.S. in Nursing Larry E. Clement, B.S.E. in Industrial Engineering Anne E. Cleveland, B.S. in Speech Correction and Education Kathleen A. Cleveland, B.S. in Psychology Alan K. Cline, B. S. in Applied Mathematics David A. Cochran, B.S.E. in Engineering Physics and Engineering Mathematics James T. Cochran, B.A. in Political Science Cathy A. Coe, B.A. in English Kathleen M. Coggjns, B.A. in English Christopher B. Cohen, J.D. Ellen Z. Cohen, B.A. in English Kenneth L. Cohen, B.S. in Mathematics Anne H. Cohn, B.A. in Sociology Babette L. Cohn, B.A. in English Frederick L. Cohn, B.A. in English Jack M. Cohn, B.A. in Political Science Susan M. Colby, B.A. in Anthropology and Zoology cv f _ Carolyn J. Cole, B.A. in German Fredona E. Cole, B.A. in History of Art Jacqueline J. Cole, B.A. in English Richard C. Cole, B.S.E. in Mechanical Engineering Richard J. Cole, B.S.E. in Physics Bruce F Coleman, B.S. in Mathematics Arthur J. Collingsworth, B.A. in Political Science Robert A. Colman, B.A. in Economics Janet L. Colwell, B.A. in Education Christine H. Comstock, B.S. in Zoology Albert R. Conception Jr., B.A. in Art Studies Carolyn G. Conder, B.A. in Education Andrea L. Conklin, B.A. in English Oren M. Conway, B.A. in Economics Carolyn M. Cook, B.A. in Biology Joseph M. Cook, B.S.E. in Electrical Engineering Martha J. Cook, B.S. in Physical Therapy Patricia J. Cook, B.S. in Nursing Joan G. Coonley, B.S. in Special Education James L. Cooper, B.A. in Psychology Richard H. Cooper Jr., B.S.E. in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering Richard F. Corn, B.A. in English Debbra A. Cornell, B.S. in Education Joseluis M. Cortez, Ph.D in Physics Patricia K. Corwin, B.S. in Special Education Virginia E. Corzine, B.A. in Psychology Randee E. Cossman, B.A. in French Patricia A. Costello, B.A in History Beverly J Coulter, B.S. in Economics Robert B. Cowan Jr., B.A. in English George W. Crabb III, B.S. in Physics Dianne M. Craig, B.A. in English Ronald F. Craine, B.A. in Geography Cynthia M. Cravens, B.S. in Nursing Carl Powers Cronk Jr., B.S.E. in Industrial Engineering Susan R. Csia, B.A. in History Laurel A. Cundiff, B.A. in Education Jerald L. Cunningham, B.S.E. in Aerospace Engineering Elizabeth A. Curly, B.A. in Economics G. Frans Currier, D.D.S. Robert D. Gushing, B.S. in Psychology James R. Cutler, B.S.E. in Electrical Engineering Margaret K. Cwieka, B.S. in Nursing Patricia A. Cybert, B.A. in Speech Hagop S. Dakessian, B.S.E. in Physics Noreen H. Dalgard, B.S. in Chemistry Rolene M. Dalson, B.S. in Nursing Dennis S. Daly, B.S.E. in Industrial Engineering Carol I. D ' Amico, B.A. in Sociology Pamela L. Damm, B.S. in Nursing Jerome A. Danhof, B.S. in Zoology Karen E. Dannewitz, B.S. in Nursing Patricia A. Danto, B.A. in Biology Roderick F. Dapkins, B.S.E. in Civil Engineering William K. Darrow, B.S. in Forestry Mary E. Dougherty, M.A. in Education Roberta N. David, B.A. in Sociology Jeffrey B. Davidson, B. of Ed. in Political Science and Psychology Laning R. Davidson, B.S.E. in Physics and Science Elizabeth G. Davies, B.A. in English Literature Jane C. Davis, B.A. in French Claudia J. Day, B.A. in Education Dorothy D. Day, B.A. in English Michael F. Dean, B.A. in Political Science Deborah J. Dearborn, B.A. in Elementary Education Catherine S. Debo, B.A. in Political Science Susan S. Decker, B.A. in Education Robert J. DeGange, B.S. in Education Jonathan M. DeHorn, B.A. in Pre-Legal Studies James A. DeHullu, B.A. in Philosophy Mary E. Delano, B.A. in Social Work David R. DeLeeuw, B.B.A. Marl F. Delzer, B.B.A. Judith A. Dempewolff, B.A. in Psychology Diane L. Dennison, B.A. in English Mary S. Dent, B.A. in Education E. Brady Denton Jr., B.B.A. Karen M. DeVries, B.S. in Pre-Med Robert J. DeVries, B.A. in Psychology Mary K. DeYoe, B.A. in English Jacquelyn K. DeYoung, B.S. in Medical Technology Brett Dick, B.A. in Philosophy Marilyn N. Dick, B.A. in English Randall G. Dick, B.A. in History Crosby B. Dickerson, B.S.E. in Chemical Engineering Deborah Dickey, B.A. in French Richard J. Dickinson, B.A. in Psychology Cecelia A. Diehl, B.A. in English Ruth M. Dietzler, B.A. in English Charles M. Dilla, B.S. in Physical Therapy Craig H. Dill, B.A. in History Joanne C. DiLoreto, B.S. in Mathematics John G. Dinkel, B.S.E. in Mechanical Engineering Joan P. Distin, B.A. in English Judith A. Dix, B.A. in Social Work Vanne I. Dokson, B.A. in Spanish Lynn Dolgin, B.A. in History (Catherine Domoto, B.A. in Psychology Diana L. Donnelly, B.A. in Psychology Edson P. Doolittle, B.S.E. in Mechanical Engineering Fern D. Dorf, B.A. in Special Education Marcia K. Dort, B.A. in English Janet M. Dosh, B.S. in Special Education Michael J. Downs, B.S.E. in Chemical Engineering Diana G. Doyle, B.S. in Sociology Barbara C. Dragoo, B.A. in Education Ellen C. Drake, B.S. in Design Terri L. Drell, B.S. in Nursing Drucella A. Drinkhouse, B.S. in Dental Hygiene Russell C Driver, B.A. in Philosophy Richard D. Dryer, B.S. in Pre-Professional Studies Allen D. DuBois, B.A. in Social Studies Martin J. Dubowsky, B.A. in Economics John J. DuBrian, B.S. in Psychology Dean A. Duckwitz, B.S. in Mathematics James H. Dunn, B.A. in Psychology Douglas M. Dunn, B.S.E. in Mechanical Engineering Richard L. DuShane, B.A. in Education Ronald W. Duthler, B.S.E. in Mechanical Engineering Ann D. Dutrow, B.S. in Nursing Jon C. Dwyer, B.A. in Mathematics Richard B. Dymond, B.A. in English Evelyn A. Dysarz, B.A. in Political Science Maija Dzilmus, B.S. in Medical Technology Walter R. Eames, M.B.A. Sarah D. Eanes, B. Mus. George C. Earl, B.S.E. in Aerospace Engineering Ronald F. Earley, B.A. in English Barbara H. Eaton, B.A. in English Jennifer K. Ebdon, B.A. in English Harriet L. Ebstrup, B.S. in Special Education Martha J. Ecclestone, B.Mus. Joseph D. Echelberry, B.A. in Economics Howard N. Ecker, B.A. in Political Science John E. Eckert, B.A. in English r-ji ! " O fc I Mt Marguerite Eckhouse, B.A. in Education Rosanne L. Eckman, B.A. in Sociology Judith K. Edison, B.A. in Social Studies Jeanne E. Edraond, B.A. in Economics Elaine F. Edmunds, B.A. in English Jane F. Edwards, B.A. in History Vicki A. Eisch, B.S. in Zoology Mickey S. Eisenberg, B.A. in Psychology AnneMarie Ellsworth, B.A. in Journalism Lee A. Ellsworth, B.S.E. in Electrical Engineering Bruce E. Elmer, B.A. in English Linda C. Elrod, B.A. in Education John L. Elwell, B.A. in Economics Ruth S. Ely, B.A. in Classical Studies Eric S. Emerson, D.D.S. Marianne Emery, B.S. in Biology Anthony O. Endres, B.S.E. in Aeronautics AH E. Engin, M.S.E. in Mechanical Engineering and Engineering Mechanics Wilber T. England, B.Mus. Charles F. Engle, M.A. in Mathematics Barbara J. Epstein, B.S. in Physics Claire L. Epstein, B.A. in English Donald E. Erickson, B.A. in Pre-Legal Studies Elaine M. Erickson, B.S. in Dental Hygiene Nancy L. Erickson, B.S. in Physical Education Sandra S. Erlich, B.A. in Speech Correction William T. Ernst, B.A. in Social Studies Robert W. Erskjne, B.S.E. in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering Martha J. Esch, B.A. in Political Science Douglas B. Eschtrath, B.S. in Education Evy Eugene, B.A. in Political Science Fred A. Eurich, B.Arch. Fredrica Evan, B.A. in English Crete L. Evans, B.A. in Spanish Joseph W. Evans, B.S.E. in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering Maryjane Exelby, B.A. in Education Jack A. Faber, B.S. in Mathematics Gerald R. Fabry, B.S. in Zoology Andrew J. Falender, B.A. in Economics Victoria J. Fan, M.A. in Library Science Jean W. Farah, B.S.E. in Aerospace Engineering Paulette C. Fair, B.A. in Speech Correction Jan L. Fasbender, B.S. in Microbiology Jill L. Fasbender, B.S. in Medical Technology Neal J. Fechter, B.S.E. in Mechanical Engineering Ronald J. Feenstra, B.S.E. in Civil Engineering Robert L. Fehrs, B.S. in Physical Education Linda M. Feldhus, B.A. in History Toba L. Feldman, B.A. in Education Edward L. Felix, B.S. in Psychology Robert W. Fell, M.S.E. in Electrical Engineering Donna J. Fellows, B.A. in Education Richard M. Fessenden, B.S.E. in Mechanical Engineering George F. Field, Jr., B.A. in Economics and English John B. Field, B.S.E. in Civil Engineering Margaret A. Field, B.S. in Nursing Gary S. Fields, B.A. in Economics Patricia C. Filip, B.A. in Education Stephanie R. Filipiak, B.A. in Education Frances E. Finch, B.A. in English John L. Finkelmann, B.S. in Psychology Judi S. Finsilver, B.A. in Education Richard B. Firestone, B.S. in Chemistry Martha Fischer, B.A. in History of Art Theodore A. Fischer, B.A. in English Mary L. Fish, B.A. in English Steven A. Fisher, B.A. in Psychology Samuel J. Flanagan, B.A. in Political Science Gwendolyn J. Fleming, B.A. in Education Sandra L. Fleming, B.A. in English Lucille M. Flink, B.A. in Education Kathleen C. Flintosh, B.A. in Education Barbara A. Flood, J.D. and M.B.A. Michael J. Flood, M.B.A. Susan J Flora, B.B.A. Ann C. Flynn, B.S. in Dental Hygiene Paul S. Foote, B.B.A. James B. Foreman III, B.S.E. in Electrical Engineering Helen J. Forsyth, B.A. in History Carole S. Foster, B.A. in Psychology Mary F. Fox, B.A. in French Mary F. Fox, B.A. in Sociology Nancy J. Fox, B.A. in History of Art and English Perry W. Fox, B.A. in English Richard Daniel Fox, B.A. in Political Science Joan E. Frager, B.A. in English Thomas S. Fraim, B.S. in Meteorology Mary S. Fraker, B.A. in Journalism Carol L. Francis, B.A. in English and Art Roberta L. Francis, B.S. in Mathematics John R. Franck B.S. in Wildlife Management Denis J. Frank, B.A. in Political Science Julie A. Frank, B.A. in English Linda J. Frank, B.A. in English Sheila J. Frankel, B.A. in Sociology Victoria R. Franks, B.A. in Speech Robert J. Fredrikson, B.B.A. Ellen V. Freedman, B.A. in Philosophy Marvin J. Freedman II, B.A. in Pre-Legal Studies Susan Freimarck, B.A. jn English Mary L. Frevel, B.A. in History of Art Laura M. Freville, B.A. in Pre-Legal Studies Ross S. Fridson, B.A. in Pre-Legal Studies Gary E. Friedlaender, B.S. in Zoology Mitchell H. Friedlaender, B.S. in Zoology Janet S. Friedman, B.A. in Art Education Lynn A. Frisbie, B.A. in German Adam J. Frisch, B.A. in English Jerry A. Fritzler, B.S.E. in Aerospace Engineering Carole J. Frock, B.A. in Education Donald Frost, B.A. in Political Science Holly Fry, B.A. in Russian Studies Rebecca I. Fry, B.S. in Physical Therapy Joann M. Fujioka, B.A. in Sociology Paul G. Fulkerson, B.Mus. J. Philip Fuller, B.A. in Speech Lynn M. Fuller, B.A. in English Richard O. Fuller, B.A. in Psychology Stanlie P. Furlong, M.A. in Library Science Lynn C. Furman, B.S.E. in Mechanical Engineering Gretchen Gaensbauer, B.A. in Education Lawrence J. Galinkin, B.S. in Zoology Jean M. Gallagher, B.S. in Education Daniel L. Galley, B.A. in American History Barry J. Ganoe, B.A. in Fine Arts Janet R. Garbe, B.A. in Education David M. Garelick, B.A. in English Ethlyn A. Garlichs, B.Mus. Richard Garlikov, B.A. in Philosophy Robert L. Garrison, B.A. in Geography William Garth, Jr., M.S. in Mathematics Roger M. Garzel, B.S.E. in Chemical Engineering Janet L. Caspar, B.A. in Speech Susan L. Gasped, B.S. in Nursing Edward A. Gaugler, B.A. in Political Science Henry J. Gault, B.S. in Psychology Jill S. Gaynes, B.A in Education Karen L. Gelinske, B.A. in Political Science Michael B. Gellis, B.S. in Zoology Peter R. George, B.A. in Pre-Legal Studies Alexandra Georgeson, B.A. in English Eileen B. Gersh, B.A. in English Gena G. Gersten, B.A. in Education Jane E. Giebelhausen, B.S. in Nursing Joan B. Gilbert, B.A. in Special Education Marjbeth Gilbert, B.A. in Speech Paul A. Gilbert, B.S.E. in Civil Engineering Richard E. Giles, B.S. in Cellular Biology Kathleen M. Gill, B.S. in Dental Hygiene Sharon B. Ginsburg, B.A. in Sociology Juanita A. Gittings, B.A. in Anthropology George L. Gitzendanner, B.A. in Economics Sharon B. Glazer, B.A. in French Maydee D. Glicksman, B.A. in English Carlotta B. Globe, B.A. in Economics Nancy R. Glossman, B.A. jn English Diane J. Goddard, B.S. in Medical Technology James S. Godo, B.S. in Biology Irvin D. Godofsky, B.A. in Psychology Margaret L. Godshalk, B.A. in History of Art William E. Goggin, B.S.E. in Chemical Engineering Dale L. Gold, B.A. in Philosophy Robert S. Gold, B.A. in English Ronald S. Gold, B.A. in Economics Amy Goldberg, B.A. in English Karen J. Goldberg, B.A. in Education Stephen N. Goldberg, B.A. in Political Science Elaine M. Golden, B.A. in Education Judith R. Golding, B.A. in Speech Correction Alan J. Goldman, B.S. in Zoology Stephen D. Goldman, B.A. in Economics Judith B. Goldstein, B.A. in English Literature Stephen A. Goldstein, B.S. in Physics Sydele E. Golston, B.A. in History Kenneth J. Good, B.A. in Political Science Myra L. Goodall, B.A. in Political Science Barbara A. Goodman, B.A. in Speech Correction Michael D. Goodman, B.A. in English Joan C. Goodrich, B.A. in English and French Judy K. Goodson, B.Mus. Sue M. Goodwin, B.S. in Nursing Mark A. Gordon, B.B.S. Merle B. Gordon, B.A. in English William R. Gorham, B.S.E. in Industrial Engineering Diana W. Gornjck, B.A. in English Barbara K. Gould, B.S. in Nursing Joanna R. Gould, B.A. in Anthropology James H. Gosnell, B.S.E. in Chemical Engineering Lawrence Grace, B.A. in Political Science Ruth E. Graham, B.S. in Special Education Kenneth H. Granat, B.B.A. Diana L. Grand, B.A. in Social Studies Judith C. Grant, B.A. in Spanish Sharron A. Grant, B.A. in Psychology James R. Grau, B.S.E. in Municipal Engineering Burton T. Gray, B.A. in Economics Krekel E. Green II, B.S. in Biology Freddi L. Greenberg, B.A. in History Greer E. Greenberg, B.A. in Speech Judith L. Gre enbberg, B.A. in Education Diane M. Greene, B.A. in Psychology Kathryn A. Greene, B.A. in Education Nancy A. Greer, B.S. in Design Beverly J. Greey, B.A. in Design Patricia E. Greiling, B.A. in Education James K. Greiner, B.A. in Economics David A. Grekin, B.A. in History Cheryl E. Griffin, B.S. in Wildlife Management Pamela L. Griffin. B.A. in Education Shirley J. Griffin, B.A. in Sociology Karl N. Grimm, B.S. in Engineering Physics Kurt G. Grimm, B.S. in Chemistry Kathyanne Groehn, B.A. in History Elizabeth R. Gross, B.A. in French Janet C. Gross, B.A. in Cocial Studies Susan T. Gross, B.A. in Romance Languages Judith S. Grossbard, B.S. in Special Education Frances J. Grossman, B.A. in Education Gail F. Grossman, B.A. in English Joan B. Grossman, B.A. in Education Darrell E. Grosz, M.Mus. Gaynelle Groth, B.A. in Sociology Donna L. Grudell, B.A. in Education Robert H. Gruhl, B.S.E. in Industrial Engineering Rita H. Gruskin, B.A. in Education Tom Gryniewicz, B.S.E. in Electrical Engineering Margaret A. Guertin, B.A. in English Nancy L. Gullet, B.A. in English Katherine L. Gurvey, B.A. in English Diane I. Gustafson, B.A. in Education W Peter L. Gustafson, B.A. in Pre-Legal Studies Martha P. Guthrie, B.A. in English Pamela E. Gutin, B.A. in English Susan J. Gwertzman, B.A. in English Carol L. Haas, B.A. in Spanish Ronald C. Hacked, B.S. in Zoology Thomas G. Hackett, M.B.A. John E. Hackstedde, B.S.E. in Electrical Engineering Frances R. Hadden, M.Mus. Richard M. Hadden, M.Mus. Marilyn R. Hadley, B.S. in Nursing Marilyn J. Haines, B.S. jn Nursing Doree J. Hall, B.A. in Sociology Ferd R. Hall, B.A. in American History Michael R. Hallman, M.B.A. Alan K. Halperin, B.A. in Psychology John W. Halpin, B.S.E. in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering Rebecca H. Halsey, M.A. in Library Science Roberta L. Hammann, B. A. in History Robert K. Hammond, B.A. in Psychology Richard C. Handel, B.A. in Psychology Heidi A. Handorf, B.A. in Political Science Patricia A. Hanrahan, B.A. in English John H. Hanselman, B.A. in Political Science and Russian Eric A. Hanson, B.S. in Mathematics James B. Hanson, B.S.E. in Aerospace Engineering Margaret A. Harding, B.S. in Speech Correction Margaret A. Harding, B.S. in Speech Correction Gertrude Hardmaha, B.S. in Air and Water Pollution Donald E. Harju, B.S. in Pharmacy Gregory Harnichny, B.A. in History Judith S. Harris, B.A. in Education Linda Harris, B.A. in Education Irma L. Harrison, B.A. in English John E. Hartgerink, B.S.E. in Chemical Engineering Linda E. Hartman, B.A. in Speech Correction Alan E. Hartwick, B.A. in History Melanie L. Hartwick, B.A. in Education Myron A. Hartwig, B.A. in English Ruth O. Harvie, B.A. in Education O 11 A Jean Haskin, B.S. in Medical Technology Janet E. Hastie, B.S. in Nursing Ann E. Hathaway, B.A. in Education Charles D. Haughton, B.A. in Pre-Legal Studies Richard L. Havelka, B.S.E. in Industrial Engineering Thomas Haw IV, B.A. in Philosophy Victoria C. Hawkins, B.A. in History Jean E. Hayward, B.S. in Nursing Robert L. Hayward, B.S.E. in Electrical Engineering Charles R. Heavenrich, B.A. in American History Roy F. Heberger, B.S. in Fisheries Nancy R. Heck, B.S. in Biology Clinton S. Hegg, B.A. in Economy Janet L. Hejm, B.B.A. Barbara L. Hekman, B.S. in Medical Technology David W. Heleniak, B.A. in History Linda F. Hellstedt, B.S. in Nursing Edward A. Helman, B.A. in Zoology Janet L. Helmbold, B.A. in Psychology {Catherine A. Hemphill, B.A. in Political Science Leslie U. Hendelman, B.S. in Zoology Sharon E. Hendrick, B.A. in Spanish Dianne J. Hendrix, B.A. in Education Paula A. Heneveld, B.S. in Design Jack W. Henriksen, B.A. in History William J. Henry, B.A. in History Caroline D. Hepjnstall, B.S. in Biology Barbara Hered, B.A. in History Jeffery J. Hering, B.A. in Mathematics Dirk C. Herkhof, B.S. in Meteorology Jeri A. Herman, B.A. in Education Rolla A. Herman, B.S. in Design Sharon L. Herman, B.A. in Social Studies Dennis L. Herold, B.S.E. jn Aerospace Engineering Sue S. Hershey, B.S. in Nursing Susan Hershman, B.A. in Political Science Hedda Herzog, B.A. in History of Art Richard J. Herzog, B.S. in Zoology H. B. Heyl, Jr., B.S.E. in Science Engineering Gerry A. Heyman, B.A. in Sociology Blanchard E. Hjatt, B.A. in English Literature Frank E. Hibbard, Jr., B.S.E. in Civil Engineering Timothy E. Hickcox, M.S.E. in Mechanical Engineering Karen K. Higa, B.A. in Social Work Mary E. Hileman, B.S. in Geology . Jane C. Hjlerity, B.S.E. in Structural Engineering Bruce A. Hillman, B.B.A. Patricia A. Hilty, B.A. in Education Timothy A. Hiltz, B.S. in Economics Bro oke Hinckley, B.A. in English Samuel T. Hinckley, B.S.E. in Nuclear Engineering William W. Hinkley II, B.A. in History Ellen K. Hinterman, B.A. in Philosophy Thomas H. Hinterman, B.S.E. in Aerospace Engineering Susan Hirt, B.A. in Biology David A. Hobbs, B.Arch. Eric G. Hoberg, B.A. in History of Art Erica R. Hochberg, B.A. in Education Helena M. Hodgson, B.A. in Social Work Harvey F. Hoeltzel, B.Arch. Carlo B. Hoffman, B.A. in French James H. Holderness, B.S.E. in Nuclear Engineering Nancy L. Holleb, B.A. in English Neill H. Hollenshead, B.A. in Political Science John S. Hollett, B.S.E. in Naval Architecture Candace L. Holmes, B.A. in Education Helen L. Holt, B.A. in History Laraine K. N. Hong, B.A. in Journalism Sah-Myong Hong, M.S.E. in Electrical Engineering Sally A. Home, B.A. in Economics Jack W. Homer, B.Mus. Joan Horsman, B.S.E. in Electrical Engineering Jason M. Horton, B.A. in Economics Pauline E. Hosack, B.A. in Journalism Shirley A. Hosier, B.S. in Special Education Margaret L. Hosteller, B.A. in English Harriet C. Houk, M.A. in Philosophy Nancy E. Houston, B.S. in Zoology Jean E. Houvener, B.A. in Sociology Beverly J. Howard, B.B.A. John A. Howe, B.A. in Political Science Pamela S. Howell, B.A. in History Roberta K. Howell, B.S. in Nursing DuWaine Hoy, Jr., B.S. in Advertising and Design Ethel H. Hsiao, M.A. in Linguistics Chi-Chao Hsiung, M.S.E. in Engineering Mechanics Daniel E. Hubert, B.A. in Philosophy James E. Huebler, B.S.E. in Engineering Physics Edward W. Hufnagle, Jr., M.S.E. in Mechanical Engineering James P. Hughes, B.A. in Pre-Med. Roderick B. Hulla, M.S.E. in Marine and Nuclear Engineering Paul F. Hultin, B.A. in History Ernest D. Humphreys, B.A. in Political Science Mary E. Hunt, B.A. in History Susan E. Hunt, B.S. in Nursing Ellen H. Hunter, B.A. in German Richard W. Huntley, B.S. in Mathematics Michael E. Huotari, B.B.A. Janet C. Hurley, B.S. in Speech Correction Barbara C. Husk, B.A. in Education James S. Huston, B.S. in Chemistry Judith A. Hutton, B.A. jn History Dorothy A. Ingalls, B.A. in Education Dianne L. Inman, B.S. in Design Terry A. Ippel, B.S.E. in Industrial Engineering Sharon L. Irish, B.S. in Special Education Denise J. Irwin, B.A. in American Culture Jeanne M. Irwin, B.S. in Physical Therapy Jean D. Isackson, B.A. in English Naomi A. Iseri, B.A. in Far Eastern Studies Susan J. Izak, B.B.A. Sandra E. Jablonski, B.A. in Special Education Jennifer L. Jackson, B.A. in Education Barbara H. Jacob, B.S. in Dental Hygiene Jay A. Jacobson, B.S. in Chemistry Chittaranjan Jain, M.S.E. in Industrial Engineering Michael D. Jakcsy, B.A. in Political Science Marjorie D. Janjs, B.S. in Medical Technology Kathleen A. Janosz, B.A. in Education William J. Jaques, B.S.E. in Aerospace Engineering Terrill S. Jardis, B.A. in English Joanne E. Jeffries, B.S. in Mathematics Michael J. Jenkins, B.A. in Pre-Legal Studies Linda A. Jensen, B.A. in Social Studies Virginia J. Jensen, B.S. in Nursing Dave Jepson, B.S.E. in Metallurgical Engineering {Catherine Jeter, B.A. in Economics Gregory A. Johnson, B.A. in Anthropology Keith R. Johnson, B.S. in Wildlife Management Paul A. Johnson, B.A. in History Stephen A. Johnson, B.S. in Forestry Richard H. Johnston, B.A. in Mathematics Thomas J. Johnston, B.A. in Political Science Christine K. Jones, B.A. in English Karen R. Jones, B.A. in Education Marilynn F. Jones, M.A. in Education Robert W. Jones, B.S. in Physics Thomas A. Jones, B.A. in Psychology Leah S. Jordan, B.A. in Education William R. Jordan, B.A. in English William T. Jordan, B.S.E. in Mathematics and Electrical Engineering Gail L. Jorgensen, B.S. in Design Jeffrey S. Joseph, B.A. in Zoology Miles J. Josephson, B.A. in Economics Thomas M. Jubb, B.B.A. M. Elizabeth Juell, B.A. in History William H. Jury, B.A. in History Mohammad Kabiri, B.S.E. in Mechanical Engineering Sandra A. Kackstetter, B.A. in Political Science Karl M. Kadish, B.S. in Chemistry Louise R. Kahan, B.A. in French Marc A. Kahan, B.A. in History Julius Kahn, B.Arch. Barbara M. Kaifesh, B.A. in Political Science Timothy F. Kaiser, B.S. in Zoology Jackie Kaleniecki, B.A. in Psychology Charles P. Kaltenbach, B.A. in Political Science James M. Kamman, B.A. in History Cynthia A. Kammann, B.S. in Nursing Paula H. Kanarek, B.S. in Mathematics Susan K. Kania, M.A. in Guidance Counseling Alan M. Kaplan, B.A. in English Kenneth F. Kaplan, B.S. in Mathematics Suzanne B. Kaplan, B.A. in English Hans-Peter F. Kapplis, B.S.E. in Aerospace Engineering Jacqueline Karabin, B.S. in Nursing Louise I. Karle, B.S. in Chemistry Anne D. Karns, B.S. in Design Albertas V. Karvelis, B.S.E. in Aerospace Engineering Sandra L. Kashdan, B.A. in English Literature J uanita L. Kasza, B.S. in Design Cynthia C. Kaszebski, B.A. in Anthropology Jonathan D. Katz, B.S. in Zoology Martin L. Katz, B.A. in History Vicki L. Katz, B.A. in Education Alan B. Kaufman, B.A. in Psychology Jeffrey Kaufman, B.A. in Political Science Sylvia C. Kaufman, B.A. in Mathematics Barbara J. Kaye, B.A. in Political Science Richard M. Kaye, B.A. in Actuarial Science Nancy L. Keetch, B.S. in Design Sally C. Keith, B.S. in Nursing Jean Keller, B.A. in Speech John B. Kelley, B.S.E. in Naval Architecture Karen E. Kelley, B.A. in Mathematics and Science Jerold L. Kellman, B.A. in History and English Jean R. Kellogg, B.A. in History Geoffrey C. Kelly, B.B.A. Richard B. Kepes, B.A. in Psychology Elizabeth A. Kephart, B.S. in Mathematics Claudia L. Kesler, B.Mus. Bradham H. Kesling, B.S. in Zoology Thomas P. Ketelhut, B.A. in Mathematics Joanne Khoury, B.S. in Special Education Mall Kiirats, B.A. in P olitical Science Mark R. Killings-worth, B.A. in Economics George T. Kimmel III, B.A. in History Alma M. King, B.A. in Political Science Charles R. King, B.A. in Political Science Thomas W. King, B.A. in Political Science Russell F. Kingery Jr., B.A. in English William R. Kissel, B.S. in Physics Stephen B. Kissinger, B.Arch. Philip Klahr, B.S. in Mathematics Nikki M. Klayman, B.A. in French Lynn S. Klear, B.S. in Physical Therapy David A. Klegon, B.A. in Philosophy Jay H. Kleiman, B.S. in Pre-Professional Studies Joel A. Klein, B.A. in Philosophy Peter Klein, B.S.E. in Mechanical Engineering Elayne J. Klurstein, B.A. in English Michael S. Knauff, B.S. in General Science Fred P. Knust, B.A. in Far Eastern Studies Peter M. Koch, B.S. in Physics Sara-Ann Kochin, B.A. in Psychology Rita D. Koenig, B.A. in Education John D. Kohler, B.Arch. Orest L. Kohut, B.S.E. in Aerospace Engineering Daniel L. Koop, B.S.E. in Electrical Engineering Patricia J. Koren, B.A. in Russian Language and Literature Kathleen S. Koretz, B.A. in Mathematics Sumner Korins, B.A. in English Miriam E. J. Koski, B.A. in Education Mary A. Kostelaz, B.A. in English Joyce A. Koster, B.S. in Chemistry pyr- J - ' Donald W. Kosy, B.S.E. in Science Engineering Brian J. Kott, B.A. in Economics Charlotte L. Kottmeier, B.A. in Education Edward A. Kotz, Jr., B.S. in Zoology Ellen G. Kotz, B.S. in Fine Arts Shirley ]. Kowerduck, B.S. in Nursing Robert D. Kraff, B.A. in Zoology Theodore D. Kramer, B.B.A. Eunice J. Kraus, B.A. in French Joanne L. Krause, B.A. in Education Allan G. Kraw, D.D.S. Sandra S. Krawchuk, B.A. in Education David Kreizelman, B.A. in Near Eastern Studies Dianne M. Kremkow, B.A. in German George C. Krempl, B.A. in Sociology Stephen M. Krenytzky, B.S. in Zoology Heidi A. Kress, B.A. in History Timothy J. Kriewall, B.S.E. in Electrical Engineering Gary A. Krochmal, B.A. in Pre-Med. Kenneth D. Krone, B.S. in Zoology Charlene S. Krupp, B.A. in Special Education Marilyn E. Krzywkowski, B.A. in English Toni M. Krzywozycki, B.A. in Education Marline H. Kuelthau, B.A. in Mathematics Bruce R. Kuhnert, B.S.E. in Electrical Engineering Carole L. Kukhahn, B.A. in Education Richard J. Kuklentz, M.S.E. in Electrical Engineering James R. Kula, B.A. in Political Science Neal P. Kulick, B.A. in Psychology Ellen S. Kuneck, B.A. in Education Felicia B. Kurcz, B.A. in English Diane L. Kuriluk, B.S. in Nursing Richard M. Kurtzman, B.A. in Political Science Ellen S. Kuschinski, B.A. in Education Laima M. Kuslikis, B.S. in Medical Technology Paul J. Kuzdrall, B.S.E. in Mechanical Engineering Vicki E. Kyte, B.A. in Political Science Mary S. Lacayo, B.A. in Political Science Mary A. Lacey, B.A. in History Keith A. LaFerriere, B.S. in Pre-Professional Studies Sherrill J. Lakin, B.A. in History Anthony Lamarca, B.S.E. in Mechanical Engineering George R. Lamb, Jr., B.S.E. in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering Peter F. Lambeck, B.S.E. in Engineering Physics Patricia A. Lambel, B.A. in Psychology j it " Nelson P. Lande, B.A. in Philosophy Howard A. Landsman, B.S.E. in Electrical Engineering Douglas H. Lane, M.S.E. in Mechanical Engineering Jacqueline S. Lang, B.A. in Education Michael O. Lang, B.A. in Psychology John P. Lange, B.A. in Pre-Legal Studies Jan N. Langfeldt, B.S.E. in Aerospace Engineering John F. Langhans, B.A. in Mathematics Barbara L. Langley, B.S. in Education Cheryl J. Lanoff, B.A. in Education Diane T. Lansing, B.A. in History Robert K. Lantz, B.S. in Cellular Biology Edmund F. Lapham, M.S.E. in Electrical Engineering and Mathematics Janet Lark, B.S. in Nursing Charles E. LaRoe, Jr., B.A. in Speech Patricia A. LaRose, B.A. in Education Mark N. Laschever, B.S.E. in Science Engineering Gerald C. Lasensky, M.S.W. in Social Work James S. LaSovage, B.A. in English Vicki A. Lassar, B.A. in Psychology Rita O. Lasser, B.S. in Nursing Gary H. Latimore, B.S. in Pharmacy Diane L. Lavos, B.A. in Journalism James E. Lawson, B.S. in Zoology Paula E. Lawson, B.A. in German Alice C. Leach, B.A. in History of Art Larry R. Leatherman, B.S.E. in Biochemical Engineering Barbara A. LeBoeuf, B.A. in Latin Joyce E. LeCronier, B.A. in French Clement Lee, M.S.E. in Electrical Engineering Linda Lee, B.S. in Physical Therapy Marjorie A. Lee, B.Mus. Mary E. Lee, B.A. in Mathematics and Science Susan H. Lee, B.S. in Chemistry Clare M. LeFebure, B.Mus. Ruthellen Lefkowitz, B.A. in Psychology Charles S. Lefton, B.A. in Psychology Sandra J. Legan, B.S. in Zoology Carol E. Leggett, B.S. in Physical Education John D. LeGray, B.S. in Chemistry Gregory C. Leinbach, B.S.E. in Electrical Engineering Georgia R. Leiviska, B.A. in English Marcia L. Lemmen, B.S. in Psychology Susan A. Lengemann, B.A. in Special Education Susan D. Lenz, B.A. in History Catherine T. Leonard, B.S. in Special Education Ethel F. Lerner, B.S. in Mathematics Thomas J. Lesondak, B.A. in Economics Joan P. Lesser, B.A. in Education Stephen N. Leuchtman, B.A. in English Gideon Levenbach, M.B.A. Donald P. Levine, B.A. in Political Science Lauren S. Levine, B.A. in English Myra B. Levine, B.A. in Education Peg E. Levine, B.A. in English James R. Levitas, B.A. in English Gary E. Leviit, B.B.A. Lois A. Levitt, B.A. in French Cynthia L. LeVoff, B.A. in Education Fredric J. Levy, B.A. in Pre-Professional Studies Jack M. Levy, D.D.S. Margaret M. Lewis, B.S. in Speech Correction Marilyn R. Lewis, B.S. in Physical Therapy Joel A. Lewitz, B.S.E. in Electrical Engineering Judith C. Lichterman, B.A. in Special Education Lynne Lichterman, B.A. in Education Wendy S. Lichtman, B.A. in Mathematics Barbara M. Ljegler, B.A. in History Jeanne A. Lievense, B.A. in Education Mark L. Lifter, B.A. in Psychology Mark A. Lightfoot, B.A. in Fine Arts Charles C. Lillie, B.B.A. Edmont G. Linamegi, M.S. in Mathematics Alice V. Lincoln, B.A. in English Leslie A. Lines, B.S. in General Science and Biology Daniel T. Linger, B.A. in Economics Lois J. Lipton, B.A. in History Joseph A. Litven, B.A. in Psychology Lois E. Livesay, B.A. in History George R. Livingston, B.A. in Philosophy Patricia L. Livingston, B.A. in Education Ann E. Livingstone, B.A. in Speech Frederick L. Locke, M.S.E. in Industrial Engineering Dwight D. Loder, B.A. in Psychology Catherine A. Loessel, B.S. in Nursing Steven H. Loewenthal, B.A. in Economics Charles D. Loiodice, B.S.E. in Aerospace and Astronomical Engineering Linda J. Lombardo, B.A. in Sociology Joyce A. Long, B.A. in English A. William Longhurst, B.B.A. Mifc M a h-f M F - . " .IB? Elizabeth B. Longley, B.A. in Education Karen A. Loomis, B.A. in English Donald L. Lossing, B.S.E. in Aeronautical Engineering Richard V. Louvet, B.S.E. in Chemical Engineering April E. Love, B.S. in Dental Hygiene John H. Loveland, B.S. in Zoology Joanna D. Lovett, B.S. in Nursing Da-King Lu, B.S.E. in Electrical Engineering Harry S. Lubetsky, B.S. in Anthropology and Zoology Carol R. Lubin, B.S. in Special Education Dean W. Lucier, B.A. in Mathematics Ann L. Lund, B.A. in English Barbara A. Lund, B.A. in Sociology Susan E. Lund, B.S. in Education Donna A. Luoma, B.S. in Mathematics Michael K. Lurie, B.S. in Zoology Mary E. Lutz, B.S. in Medical Technology Michael D. Luxenberg, B.A. in Economics Gerald D. Luzum, M.S.E. in Electrical Engineering Clarence K. Lyman, B.S. in Applied Mathematics Richard P. Lyman, B.S. in Pre-Med. Frederick R. Lynch, B.A. in Sociology Eileen R. Lynn, B.A. in Education John D. 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Norris, B.S.E. in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering Sandra L. Northrup, B.S. jn Nursing Sharon M. Naughton, B.A. in Education Margaret M. Novak, B.S. in Physical Therapy James G. Novakoski, B.S.E. in Civil Engineering James R. Novy, B.S. in Natural Resources Nancy H. Nowakowski, B.S. in Nursing Terrj A. Nulty, B.S. in Dental Hygiene Susan L. Nunn, B.A. in Social Studies Kathleen C. Nyman, B.S. in Nursing Paul E. Oberman, B.B.A. Patricia E. O ' Brien, B.A. in Education Terrence M. O ' Connell, B.A. in History Charles W. O ' Dell Jr., B.S. in Zoology Barbara L. Oden, B.A. in American Studies Peter E. G. O ' Duol, M.P.H. in Public Health Dale R. Oldham, M.A. in Mathematics Carol D. Olds, B.A. in Education Jeanne A. O ' Leary, B.A. in Education Anabel Oleck, B.A. in Education Lawrence M. Olejarczyk, B.S.E. in Electrical Engineering Marvin A. Oleshansky, B.S. in Zoology Marjorie A. Oliver, B.A. in English Ann E. Olsen, B.A. in German Constance A. Olson, B.A. in Education Erica L. 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Piskor, B.B.A. James Piskoti, B.S. in Design David M. Pitcher, B.S.E. in Industrial Engineering Susan J. Piwonka, B.A. in English Mary A. L. Plato, B.A. in Education Matthew J. Plawchan, B.A. in Economics Audrey S. Pleasant, B.A. in Education Rachel E. Pious, B.A. in Education Gates L. Plumb Jr., B.S.E. in Mechanical Engineering Janet L. Podojil, B.A. in Education Thomas D. Pointner, B.A. in Philosophy David K. Polacsek, B.S.E. in Industrial Engineering Robert L. Polens, B.Arch. Vernon P. Polidor, B.S.E. in Mechanical Engineering Donna M. Polk, B.A. in French James R. Pollock, B.S.E. in Aerospace Engineering Bruce D. Pomeroy, B.S.E. in Mechanical Engineering Richard D. Pomp, B.S.E. in Electrical Engineering Alvin G. K. Pong, B.S.E. in Mechanical Engineering James E. Ponitz, B.S. in Zoology Sharon Pools, B.A. in Education Richard J. Porter Jr., B.A. in Psychology Ted A. Poulton, B.B.A. Susan J. Powell, B.S. in Mathematics Edward H. Powers, J.D. Bishwanath Prasad, M.P.A. Leonard M. Pratt, B.A. in Economics Gilbert J. Premo, B.B.A. Martha E. Preston, B.S. in Biology Joyce E. Pretka, B.A. in Russian Joyce E. Price, B.A. in Art Sheryl K. Price, B.S. in Physical Therapy Elizabete M. Prikulis, B.A. in Russian Language and Literature Mary E. Pringle, B.S. in Nursing Linda K. Pritchard, B.A. in History Susan K. Proctor, B.S. in Nursing Joyce L. Prokes, B.S. in Medical Technology Patricia A. Prokopp, B.A. in Economics fames R. Prpich, B.B.A. C. Robert Pryor, B.S. in Geology Victor F. Ptasznik, B.A. in Journalism Sandra L. Pudas, B.B.A. Brian M. Quigley, M.S. in Physical Education Joyce E. Quinn, B.A. in English John M. Rader, B.A. in Psychology Barbara Z. Raife, B.A. in American Culture James E. Raisio, M.S.E. in Electrical Engineering Janet M. Rakocy, B.A. in Economics Karen L. Ramer, B.A. in English E. Stephen Ramsey, B.A. in English Jorun K. Ramsay, B.S. in Pharmacy Larry A. Randolph, B.S.E. in Industrial Engineering Rebecca J. 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Rhein, B.A. in English James E. Rhines, B.Arch. George L. Rhodes Jr., B.A. in Economics John A. Ricca, B.A. in English Jean D. Richards, B.S. in Nursing Rosemary K. Richardson, B.S. in Biology Roger W. Richley, B.S.E. in Industrial Engineering Stuart Richter, B.S.E. in Chemical Engineering William H. Richter, B.S. in Zoology Robert E. Riley, B.A. in History David T. Rimmer, B.A. in Psychology Janice L. Rinne, B.A. in Education James W. Roach, B.Mus. Bruce A. Roberts, B.S. in Chemistry Carl J. Robie, B.A. in English Laura L. Robiner, B.A. in Speech Correction Wendy J. Robins, B.A. in Music Literature and History Judith E. Robinson, B.A. in Special Education Laurine D. Robinson, B.A. in Education Dorothy E. Robling, B.A. in Mathematics David Rochester, B.A. in History Larry M. Rockind, B. Arch. Stanley J. Roe, B.A. in Psychology Donna M. Rofe, B. Mus. Richard P. Rogers, M.S.E. in Electrical Engineering Edward B. Rogin, B.A. in Political Science Katherine P. Rogin, B.A. in Economics A. Lynn Rogovy, B.A. in Education Mark G. Rogow, B.B.A. Carl Rohrbach, Jr., B.S.E. in Civil Engineering Paul H. Rohrkemper, B.B.A. Jane M. Romant, B.A. in Education Paula B. Rome, B.A. in English Angela B. Romell, B.S. in Nursing Jonathan P. Rose, B.A. in Spanish Katherine N. Rose, B.A. in Political Science Mitchel D. Rose, B.A. in Psychology Sharon L. Rosenbaum, B.A. in Education Susan G. Rosenbaum, B.A. in Political Science Karen P. Rosenberg, B.A. in English Mina J. Rosebloom, B.S. in Medical Technology Peter K. Rosenkrands, B.S.E. in Engineering Physics Eugene Rosenthal, B.A. in Psychology Alice M. Ross, B.A. in Psychology Donald R. Ross, B.S.E. in Electrical Engineering Gale G. Ross, B.A. in Social Studies Janet R. Ross, B.S. in Physical Therapy Richard H. Ross, B.A. in Biology Dieter Roth, B.A. in German Susan Roth, B.A. in Mathematics Jean S. Rothbaum, B.A. in Speech Correction Jeffrey P. Rothman, B.A. in Psychology Patricia A. Rouble, B.S. in Pharmacy John H. Rowan, M.S.E. in Electrical Engineering Dorothy M. Rowland, M.A. in Guidance and Counseling Harry L. Rubin, B.A. in History Natalie J. Ruby, B.A. in History Helen A. Ruedemann, B.A. in Mathematics Karen A. Running, B.S. in Nursing Thomas A. Russell, B.S.E. in Electrical Engineering Fredric D. Rutberg, B.A. in Political Science Michael J. Rutkowski, M.S.E. in Engineering Mechanics Shea O. Rutstein, B.A. in Economics Karen L. Rutzky, B.A. in English Susan H. Ryan, B.A. in Psychology and Speech Arden N. Rynew, M.A. in Fine Arts Sari Rynew, B. Mus. Pamela A. Sabol, B. Mus. Diana F. Saboley, B.S. in Interior Design Kathleen A. Sabrosky, B.A. in Political Science Virginia B. Sahlmark, B.A. in Physical Therapy Terry M. Saigh, B.A. in Economics Constance A. Saltonstall, B.A. in English Gilbert A. Samberg, B.S. in Chemistry Suzanne C. Samberg, B.A. in American Studies Robert G. Same, B.A. in Pre-Legal Studies Jacquelyn M. Sand, B.A. in French Robert L. Sandelman, M.B.A. Barbara C. Sandens, B.A. in Psychology Donald G. Sanderson, B.S. in Economics Juliet A. Sands, B.S. in Nursing Sidney F. Sapakie, B.S.E. in Chemical Engineering Peter A. Sartin, B.A. in Economics Mary F. Sarto, B.A. in English Joan G. Sauer, B.A. in Spanish Marjorie E. Savage, B.A. in Sociology Robert H. Savage, B.A. in Psychology Stephen J. Sawyer, B.S.E. in Mechanical Engineering Malinda Schaill, B.A. in Economics James J. Schorl, B. Arch, in Landscape Architecture Brent J. Schauer, B.A. in History Darlene C. Schechter, B.S. in Physical Therapy Paul J. Scheerer, B.A. in History Barbara K. Scheffer, B.S. in Nursing James E. Scheller, B.S.E. in Chemical Engineering Michael R. Schiavoni, M.B.A. Ellen C. Schiff, B.A. in History Karen L. Schiff, B.A. in History of Art Mark S. Schiffer, B.S. in Zoology Thomas D. Schiller, B.A. in English Mary J. Schilliuger, B.A. in Special Education Carl F. Schillmoeller, B.A. in Economics Janet K. Schmaltz, B.S. in ' Design Anadel C. Schmidt, B.S. in Education Marilynn Schmiege B.A. in Education Stuart E. Schmitz, B.A. in History Paula B. Schneider, B.A. in Psychology Lorie S. Schneidewind, B.A. in Education Betty J. Schnell, B.A. in Education Robert H. Schnorbus, B.A. in Economics Phyllis M. Scholnick, B.S. in Physical Education John R. Schoonmaker, M.A. in English Literature Jane E. Schor, B.A. in History of Art Margaret A. Schow, B.S. in Dental Hygiene Peter A. Schranz, B.A. in Economics Carol I. Schreck, B.S. in Dental Hygiene Charles R. Schrimper, B.A. in Mathematics Rumy P. Schroff, M. Arch. John A. Schuelke, B.S.E. in Aerospace Engineering Miriam D. Schuette, B.S. in Nursing Betty A. Schultz, B.A. in Journalism Martin H. Schultz, B.S. in Zoology Naomi A. Schultz, B.A. in English Literature Barbara L. Schumm, B.S. in Political Science Clarence E. Schutt, B.S. in Physics Joel G. Schwab, B.S. in Zoology James R. Schwark, B.B.A. Barbara A. Schwartz, B.A. in English Cheryl B. Schwartz, B.A. in Special Education Gail E. Schwartz, B.A. in Education Leonard M. Schwartz, B.A. in Economics Kathleen C. Scofield, B.B.A. Sally A. Scofield, B.S. in Physical Therapy Linda B. Scott, B.S. in Nursing Patricia A. Scott, B.A. in Political Science John A. Sebright, B.A. in Psychology Robert E. Secaur, B.S. in Zoology James A. Seder, B.A. in English Raymond S. Segal, B.S.E. in Electrical Engineering 0 C f C 5 i jiji Ronna Segal, B.A. English Ruth M. Segall, B.A. in Speech Correction James H. Seiber, B.A. in Social Science Janet M. Seibert, B.S. in Design Sharon R. Seller, B.A. in English William H. Seipp, B.S.E. in Electrical Engineering Evelyn Sekaros, B.A. in Mathematics Charlaine E. Seleen, B.A. in History Diane M. Seligman, B.A. in Political Science Douglas R. Sendelbach, B.S. in Physics Kathryn E. Senne, B.A. in Political Science Ronald A. Serniuk, B.S. in Zoology David H. Servis, B.S.E. in Aerospace Engineering Paula A. Shapiro, B.A. in Speech Richard L. Shapiro, B.S.E. in Physics, Applied Mathematics, and Science Engineering Stuart R. Shaw, B. Arch. Margaret F. Shea, B.A. in English David F. Shear, M.S.E. in Aerospace Engineering Edward L. Shearer, B.S.E. in Naval Architecture Kenneth M. Shearn, B.A. in English Jon B. Shefferly, B.A. in English Elizabeth A. Shelley, B.A. in English Mary C. Shelton, B.A. in Special Education Stephen L. S. Sheng, B.S. in Biology Lauren J. Shepard, B.A. in Education Robert D. Shepard, B.S. in Psychology Elizabeth W. Sheppard, B.A. in Education Daniel J. Sheridan, B.S.E. in Navan Architecture Robert J. Shiller, B.A. in Economics Chi-Kok Shing, B.S.E. in Electrical Engineering Robert J. Shlifer, B.S. in Mathematics Helen K. Shoemaker, B.A. in English Janet L. Shoemaker, B.S. in Medical Technology Mark L. Shook, B.A. in Anthropology Mark D. Shoup, B.A. in Political Science Inette F. Shubert, B.A. in English Jeffrey W. Shurtz, B.A. in Classical Studies Harriett A. Shutko, B.A. in Special Education Samuel J. Sias, B.A. in English Robert A. Sideman, B.A. in English Evelyn J. Siegel, B.A. in English Linda A. Siegrist, B.A. in Music Literature Michael J. Siemion, B.S.E. in Mechanical Engineering Joan K. Silverman, B.A. in Education Esther E. Silverstein, B.A. in Education Lynne Silverstine, B.A. in History Laura S. Silverston, B.S. in Zoology Mary L. Simmons, B.A. in Education Stephen O. Simmons, B.S. in Natural Resources Cecily B. Simon, B.A. in History Judith A. Simon, B.S. in Mathematics SueEllen Simon, B.A. in Education Chandler D. Sjmonds. B.A. in Economics Louise P. Simons, B.A. in Social Work Mark B. Simons, B.A. in History John A. Simonson, B.A. in Economics Mary K. Simpson, B.A. in Speech Judith A. Sims, B.S. in Nursing Kathleen I. Sinclair, B.A. in Psychology Anthony R. Sirna, B.A. in History John F. Sivertson, B.S. in Pre-Professional Studies Susan L. Skelly, B.A. in Education Emanuel J. Skolnick, B.A. in English Joella K. Slaby, B.A. in History of Art Jeanne L. Slavin, B.A. in American Studies Roy H. Slavin, B.A. in History Judith J. Slutsky, B.S. in Design Isadore Small III, B.S.E. in Electrical Engineering Alison M. Smalley, B.S. in Nursing William G. Smethells. B.S. in Astronomy Carl E. Smigiel, B.A. English Colleen S. Smith, M.A. in Library Science Elnora H. Smith, B.S. in Zoology Lawrence M. Smith, B.Arch. Marilyn E. Smith, B.S. in Physical Therapy Marilynn G. Smith, B.S. in Dental Hygiene Richard T. Smith, B.B.A. Robert E. Smith, B.S.E. in Chemical Engineering Ronald T. Smith, B.S.E. in Industrial Engineering Sheryl L. Smith, B.A. in Education Steven J. Smith, B.A. in Economics Eugene W. Snell, B.A. in English Edwin J. Snook, B.A. in History Pamela E. Snowden, B.A. in Sociology Robert L. Snyder, B.A. in English Ronald M. Snyder, M.Arch. Howard L. Sobel, M.S.E. in Nuclear Engineering Joseph P. Sobel, B.S.E. in Meteorology Roberta J. Sommer, B.A. in Mathematics MaryEllen Sommerhoff, B.A. in Mathematics Sandra L. Sorensen, B.A. in English Donna J. Soule, B.S. in Medical Technology Nancy H. Spak, B.Mus. Joseph J. Sparling, Ph.D. in Education RoseAnn Spatafore, B.A. in Mathematics Harvey D. Spaulding, B.A. in Speech Cheryl B. Spector, B.A. in Education Howard M. Speil, B.S. in Zoology Robert J. Spencer, B.A. in Mathematics James M. Speyer, B.S.E. in Industrial Engineering George A. Spinka, B.A. in Political Science Daniel C. Spitzer, B.A. in History Vichai Sriprasert, B.A. in Economics Janice S. Stack, B.A. in English Stephen H. Staelin, B.S. in Zoology Bonnie J. Stafford, B.A. in Education Jocelyn E. Stanley, B.A. in History of Art Jay S. Starkoff, B.A. in English Joyce R. Starr, B.A. in History Virginia L. Stead, B.A. in History Martha A. Stefanac, B.A. in English George L. Stefko, B.S.E. in Aerospace Engineering and Mathematics Robert E. Steidl, M.S.E. in Electrical Engineering Gail E. Stein, B.A. in French Lola S. Steinbaum, B.S. in Chemistry and Pre-Med. Richard P. Steiner, B.S. in Chemistry Bruce W. Steketee, B.S.E. in Civil Engineering Susan K. Steketee, B.S. in Special Education Kenneth R. Stephenson, B.S. in Mathematics Peter M. Stephenson, B.S.E. in Industrial Engineering Robert M. Stepp, Jr., B.A. in Economics Alan D. Stern, B.S. in Zoology Myles Stern, B.A. in Economics Kim Stertzbach, B.A. in Psychology Russell A. Stevens, B.S. in Physics Richard B. Stewart, B.B.A. Deborah D. Slid, B.A. in Education Leanna Stiefel, B.A. in French Ronald W. Stier, B.S.E. in Chemical Engineering Sally J. Stillwell, B.S. in Chemistry Sharon L. Stillwell, B.Mus. William D. Stockard, Jr., B.B.A. and M.B.A. Linda F. Stockwell, B.A. in Special Education Roger M. Stoel, B.A. in English Beverly A. Stolte, B.A. in English 0 4 A Lynn E. Stone, B.A. in Education Richard S. Stone, B.A. in English Ronald L. Stone, B.S.E. in Electrical Engineering Judy Stonehill, B.A. in American Culture Richard A. Stonely, Jr., B.S.E. in Aeronautical Engineering Phillip B. Storm, B.A. in Zoology Edward A. Strait, B.S.E. in Industrial Engineering Catherine E. Strand, B.A. in Design Bonnie R. Strate, M.A. in English Language and Literature Carol J. Strauss, B.A. in English Larry R. Strickland, B.A. in Philosophy Suzanne Struckmann, B.A. in Speech Correction Michael A. Stuck, B.A. in English Bonnie M. Stults, B.S. in Dental Hygiene David R. Stutz, B.S. in Mathematics Stanley J. Stys, B.A. in English Carol Suda, B.A. jn English Harriet L. Sugarman, B.A. in History Michael J. Sullivan, B.B.A. Margaret E. Summerhays, B.A. in English Nancy J. Sundheim, B.A. in Special Education Donald N. Surath, B.B.A. Reynold M. Sutake, B.A. in English Charles Sutherland, B.A. in English E. Kathleen Sutler, B.A. in German Karen L. Sutton, Pharmacy D. Linda M. Swayze, B.A. in Russian Studies Linda S. Swerdlove, B.A. in Mathematics Terry M. Sykes, B.A. in English Thomas W. Symons, B.A. in English Literature Wava J. Tackett, M.S. in Library Science Daniel L. Talaga, M.B.A. Joe C. Tacbert, B.S. in Pre-Med. Robert J. Tollman, B.S. in Botany Linda J. Talon, B.A. in Spanish Jukka K. Tammilehto, B.B.A. Stuart H. Tone, B.S.E. in Industrial Engineering Roger R. Tarazi, M.S.E. in Electronics Barbara E. Taylor, B.S. in Chemistry Carole M. Taylor, B.A. in Speech Marvin F. Teachey, Jr., B.S.E. in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering Douglas D. Teague, B.S.E. in Mechanical Engineering Mari L. Teitelman, B.A. in English Joan M. Tenenbaum, B.A. in Anthropology Patricia Termini, M.S. in Library Science L, = f ! ' " " " W J Attft Sydney M. Tessler, B.A. in Psychology Patricia G. Thayer, B.S. in Physical Therapy Jeanne A. Thoen, B.S. in Design Jerry L. Thomason, B.S. in Mathematics James J. Thompson, B.B.A. James K. Thompson, B.A. in Psychology Robert E. Thompson, B.A. in Economics Kathleen R. Thomson, B.A. in German William R. Thornton, B.A. in English Lewis R. Thumm, B.A. in History Margaret A. Thumm, B.S. in Nursing Cecelia H. Thurmaier, B.S. in Psychology Robert W. Thuss, M.S. in Public Health Joseph J. Tigue, B.A. in History Verne E. Ticknor, B.A. in Pre-Professional Studies James R. Tindall, B.A. in Economics Robert C. Toepel, B.A. in Political Science Stephenette A. Tolbert, B.B.A. Theresa Tomasik, B.S. in Nursing Mary E. Topp, B.S. in Zoology Nancy C. Torok, B. Mus. Pamela L. Torraco, M.S.W. in Social Work James J. Torzewski, B.S. in Zoology James R. Tosh, B.S. in Design Barbara J. Tower, B.S. in Mathematics Deirdre A. Trachsel, B.A. in History Gail J. Trebesch, B.S. in Business Education Sally F. Tresselt, B.A. in Education Mary K. Trombley, B.S. in Microbiology Susan B. Trowbridge, B.S. in Design Susan M. Trowbridge, B.A. in Fine Arts Charles A. Troy, B.A. in English Paul R. Trudell, B. Arch. Richard E. Trudell, B.S.E. in Marine Engineering George H. Tucker III, B.B.A. Helen V. Tunison, B.A. in English Arthur R. Turner, B.S.E. in Mechanical Engineering Oscar D. Turner, B. Arch. Maureen L. Twork, B.A. in Education Julian W. Tyler III, B.A. in Sociology John A. Ungar, B.A. in Economics William W. Updegrove, B.A. in History Ruth A. Upson, B.S. in Nursing Judith S. Vaci, B.A. in English Jose M. Valverde, M.S. in Psychiatry Charles R. VanAken, M.S. in Pharmacy Christine VanBritson, B.A. in Mathematics Diane K. VanBuskirk, B.S. in Dental Hygiene Bradley J. Vance, B.S. in Pre-Professional Studies Chris J. H. Vanden Broek, B.S.E. in Mechanical Engineering Allen P. Vander Klay, B.S.E. in Chemical Engineering Gary Vander Voort, B.B.A. Cynthia J. VanDis, B.S. in Medican Technology Richard E. VanHouse, B.S.E. in Science Engineering Kathie J. VanHoven, B.A. in Geography Laura R. VanVlack, B.S. in Microbiology Gerard M. VanVliet, M.B.A. Sharon K. VanZytveld, B.S. in Nursing James G. Vardon, B.A. in Economics Mary A. Vaughn, B.A. in French Ellen L. Vernoff, B.A. in Journalism Kenneth G. Vetter, B.S.E. in Meteorology Engineering Charles B. Vetzner, B.A. in English Judith A. Vierling, B.S in Nursing Peter S. Vlisides, B.A. in History John P. Vogel, B.S. in Cellular Biology Jerry Vogler, B.A. in Economics Robert T. VonOeyen, Jr., M.A. in History Bipin Vora, M.S.E. in Chemical Engineering Gary A. Voss, B.S.E. in Engineering Mechanics John L. Wacksmuth, B. Arch. Elizabeth L. Wagman, B.A. in English Harold J. Wagner II, B.S.E. in Engineering Physics Pamela G. Wagner, B.S. in Nursing Alan R. Waisanen, B.A. in Political Science Patricia J. Wake, B.A. in Psychology Elaina Walchak, B.A. in Mathematics Donna S. Walk, B.A. in Special Education Jack M. Walker, B.S.E. in Mechanical Engineering James W. Wall, B.A. in Social Studies Patricia R. Wallace, B.A. in Economics Richard C. Wallace, B.S.E. in Aerospace Engineering Roger B. Wallace, B.S.E. in Civil Engineering Wendy J. Wallace, B.A. in English Daniel R. Walter, B.S. in Education Timothy L. Walter, B.A. in Social Studies and Psychology Carol E. Walton, B.S. in Zoology Lewis K. Walton, B.A. in English Nancy Wang, M.A. in Library Science Beverly A. Waram, B.A. in English James S. Ward, B.S. in Psychology John M. Ward, B.A. in Journalism Jonathan G. Wares, B.A. in Philosophy and Psychology Duane A. Warner, Ph.D. in Physics Jane D. Warnke, B.A. in Education Joan E. Warrington, M.A. in Secondary Administration Sharon Washtien, B.A. in English Marianne T. Wasilco, M.A. in History Harvey F. Wasserman, B.A. in History Bruce Wasserstein, B.A. in Political Science Alice J. Watrous, B.A. in French Gary A. Way, B.S.E. in Electrical Engineering Paul F. Webber, B.Arch. Gordon A. Weeks, B.S. in Physical Education Ellen Weiland, B.A. in Sociology John M. Weiler, B.S. in Zoology Jay R. Weill, B.A. in Economics Linda J. Weiner, B.A. in Education Melvin A. Weinert, B.A. in Psychology Ellen R. Weinstein, B.A. in English Dorene Weisberg, B.A. in Psychology Laura B. Weisberg, B.A. in English Robert D. Weldon, Jr., B.B.A. Ronald T. Welf, B.S.E. in Industrial Engineering Edward F. Weiler III, B.S.E. in Electrical Engineering Harriet A. Welly, B.A. in English Literature Laura L. Weng, B.S. in Nursing Catherine A. Wengren, B.S. in Biology Gail M. Werbin, B.A. in Music Literature Laura A. Wesley, B.S. in Nursing Michael P. West, B.S.E. in Mecanical Engineering Merle Weston, B.A. in Mathem atics Stephen J. Wetmore, B.A. in Zoology Herman E. Wetsman, B.S. in Political Science Linn K. Whalen, B.A. in French Pamela L. Whateley, B.A. in Geography Joel S. Whetstone, B.A. in History Marsha B. White, B.A. in Political Science Thomas C. White III, B.A. in Speech Virginia R. White, B.A. in Special Education William N. White, B.S.E. in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering Sheri L. Whitefield, B.A. in Education Merrill J. Whitman, B.A. in Philosophy William V. Whitman, B.S.E. in Aerospace Engineering Sandra L. Wiessler, B.A. in English Kathleen M. Wiggins, B.A. in English Joan C. Wilcox, B.A. in Education Richard A. Wilcox, B.S. in Forestry Thomas R. Wilcox, B.S. in Mathematics Jay D. Wiley, B.B.A. Clayton E. Wilhite, B.A. in Political Science Richard J. Wilkes, B.S.E. in Electrical Engineering Rodney D. Wilkinson, B.S.E. in Civil Engineering William M. Wilkinson, M.B.A. Joan Willens, B.A. in Social Studies Ruth H. Willett, M.A. in English James J. Williams, Jr., M.A. in Speech John B. Williams, B.S. in Zoology Marshall W. Williams, B.S. in Chemistry Patricia A. Williams, B.A. in Psychology Ralph S. Williams, B.S. in Conservation Education Robert L. Williams, B.B.A. Jennifer J. Wilson, B.S. in Nursing John W. Wilson, B.S.E. in Meteorology and Mathematics Thomas R. Wilt, B.A. in Economics Susan C. Wineberg, B.A. in Near Eastern Studies James S. Winegar, B.A. in Psychology Franklin Y. Wing, B.Arch. In Landscape Architecture Joseph D. Wingfield, B.A. in English Leon O. Winstrom, B.S. in Chemistry Dennis M. Wint, M.S. in Wildlife Management Raymond F. Winter, B.S.E. in Biochemical Engineering Robert J. Winter, Jr., B.S.E. in Chemical Engineering Ilona D. Wirtanen, B.S. in Psychology John M. Wisniewski, B.Arch. Margaret A. Wissman, B.A. in Social Work Wellington B. Witters, B.S.E. in Aerospace Engineering Robert A. Wittie, B.A. in Psychology Daniel C. Wojcik, B.A. in Psychology Richard M. Wolfe, B.A. in Political Science William F. Wolff III, B.A. in English Harriet L. Wolk, B.S. in Design Phyllis B. Wollins, B.S. in Pharmacy Linda M. Wolnez, B.S. in Art Education Eleanore L. Wolpaw, B.A. in French Bernard H. Woltjer, B.S.E. in Industrial Engineering Jacquelyn C. Wood, B.A. in Education Wendy G. Wood, B.A. in Education Lesley G. Woodruff, B.S. in Nursing Jonathan L. Wooley, B.A. in Mathematics Donald H. Woolson, B.A. in Economics Randall D. Wrigley, M.S.E. in Electrical Engineering Douglas E. Wrung, B.S. in Zoology Niles J. Wusterbarth, B.A. in Economics Anne E. Wylie, B.A. in German Michael L. Wyman, B.A. in Zoology Dora M. Wyngarden, B.S. Nursing Becky W. Wyss, B.A. in Education Walter S. Yanagita, B.Arch. Nancy L. Yeager, B.A. in English Chung Yee, B.S. in Psychology Jinnie Yeh, B.A. in History Alice I. Youmans, B.A. in History David H. Young, B.A. in Phi losophy Sheldon G. Yucht, B.S. in Zoology Marilyn J. Zabuer, B.A. in English Caroline A. Zack, B.A. in Education Mark N. Zacks, B.A. in Psychology Albert M. Zahn, B.S. in Pre-Professional Studies Janice L. Zamb, B.A. in Education Margaret N. Zanotti, M.S. in Biology Steven A. Zapton, B.A. in Design Steven H. Zarit, B.A. in Political Science Sharon L. Zdrodowski, B.A. in Education Robert H. Zeisloft, B.S.E. in Chemical Engineering Stanley D. Zelazny, B.S.E. in Electrical Engineering Sheila L. Zelenko, B.A. in English Joanne M. Zelmanski, B.S. in Chemistry Janet L. Zich, B.S. in Medical Technology Erida Ziebart, B.A. in German William J. Ziegler, B.S.E. in Electrical Engineering James Ziemba, B.A. in Spanish Stephen D. Ziman, B.S. in Chemistry Irma-Marie Zimmer, M.A. in Fine Arts Martin D. Zimmerman, B.Arch. Mary K. Zimmerman, B.A. in Sociology Michael C. Zinck, B.B.A. Karen L. Zoldan, B.A. in English Naushin Zolfaghari, B.S. in Chemistry Phyliss Zucker, M.S. in Library Science Richard E. Zuckerman, B.A. in Political Science Nancy J. Zugich, B.A. in English Raimonds A. Zvirbulis, B.S. in Zoology Jay A. Zwagerman, B.S.E. in Electrical Engineering Deborah A. Zwecher, B.A. in English AJfcl FIRST ROW: Jack Butcher, Tim Hird, Ed Wilson, Vice-President Don Sweeney, President Don Morelli, Rick Brodoski, Dick Wilmuth, Social Chairman Terry Darling, Treasurer Dave Taylor. SECOND ROW: Chuck Huber, Bob Bush, Ken Davis, Dave Littleton, Frank McCormick, Ion ALPHA CHI OMEGA 1898 FIRST ROW: Karen Cousino, Diane Sypitkowski, Barbara Bryant, Carolyn Lehman, Ellen Drake, Terri Bury, Carole Foster, Bev Read, Cheri O ' Brien, Susie Johnson, Elise Phebus, Marilyn Rubach, Bonnie Black, Marilyn Cheney, Peggy Bickes. SECOND ROW: Meryl Salvette, Patti Beach, Marilyn Myers, Gretchen Gaensbauer, Recording Secretary Wendy Bickes, President Susan Powell, Mrs. Hahn, 1st Vice President Lynn Stone, 2nd Vice President Trink Beckert, Corresponding Secretary Louise Miller, ACACIA 1904 Pomeroy, Mike Poindexter, Al Kesterke, Bill Mallon. NOT PICTURED: Rush Chairman Denny McClain, Greg Scultz. f A a Treasurer Nancy Newhouse, Betty White, Jean Pierson, Phyllis Hinkel. THIRD ROW: Ellen Larkin, Christi Van Briston, Judy LaSage, Cheryl Wilton, Susan Lapine, Marsha Palmer, Nancy Callan, Brenda Ebersole, Pat Boyland, Eloise Sewell, Mary Low, Marcia Nowosad, Cathy Brown, Maryann Vanderwerp, Janie Hotneier, Elaine Zaleski, Phyllis Trimby, Mary Lu Houston, Molly Beukema, Joan Vanderwerp, Barbara Clelland. FOURTH ROW: MK Richards, Linda Langstaff, Barbara Asman, Sally Thomas, Pamela Griffin, Carolyn Russell, Marilyn Barone, Pamela Thraen, Beverly Benish, Barbara Schumm, Susan Barber, Suzanne Fraker, Carol Coleman, Carol Thompson, Janet EHstrom, Becky Kimmen, Lou Lambert, Beverly Reed, Eileene Yavorcik, Ann Quackenbush, Kathy Wilson, Sandy Driggin, Valerie Cavin. ALPHA DELTA PHI 1846 FIRST ROW: Ronald R. Kapnick, Bruce Michael, Mehmet Altun, Recording Secretary John Burpee, Vice-President Robert Same, President Ernest Dunn, House Manager W. S. Chapin III, Treasurer Robert Wilder, Jr., James Chapm, James A. Kushman, William W. Grossed, Henry Idema III. FIRST ROW: Nancy Nowakowski, Carol Spencer, Judy Sims, Merry Beth Clark, Janet Bondy, Nancy Patton, Mimi Higgle, Sally Glaesner, Ginny Sahlmark, Patsy Filip, Kathy Boardman, Penny Haugner, Judy Hobbs, Amy Stuart. SECOND ROW: Barb Cejka, Rica Hyde, Theresa Hakim, Sharon Peltier, Judy Doetse, Mary Decker, Linda Berry, Roberta Straley, Jan Shoe- maker, Sally Home, Barb Wrobel, Pat Rajala, Penny Haugner, Chris Rundbladt, Marcy Neal, Lee Jenkins. THIRD ROW: Judy Lang, Jan Hartka, Brenda Smith, Jeanne Forsthoffer, Jean Scott, Gail Johnson, Jane Robinson, Diane Maskeny, Diane Wittenberg, Karen Parucker, Debbie Rogers, Mari- lyn Wierman, Sally Baker, Sharron Stuart, Jaquie Cockran, Barb Liegler, SECOND ROW: Daniel George Brodeur, Thomas I. Rosselli, Richard G. Starck II, Bob Culver, Peter Fisher, C. Richard Swanson, Dave Wright, Peter Korinis, Thomas Fiedber, Neill Hollenshead, lames Robinson, Bob Ritter, Frank Kartheiser, H. T. Benham III, lames Lumsden, Mark Christian- sen, Ernie Scherer. THIRD ROW: Mark Alan Wolcott, Alan Carl Peterson, Steve Lester, Bob Winter, Tim Bays, Jack Cronenwitt, Paul Koss, Rick Dickinson, Joe Hills, Kirk Olson, James Benton, John Marshall, John Hart- wig, Richard Fessenden, Chuck Dwan, William Bornhauser, Dave Paxson. ALPHA DELTA PI 1928 Mary lane Robertson. FOURTH ROW: Peggy Higgins, Lorena Fitzpatnck. Donna Fellows, Mary Bielawski, Karen Nielsen, Sue Browson, Eileen Evans, Maureen Maher, Linda Jardack, Barb Brown, Georgia Opal, Sue Volmer, Katie Bellairs, Sue Chase, Nancy Raab, Jeannine Powders, Julie Aho. FIRST ROW: Bettysue Simons, Susan Gilbert, Nancy Leland, Jane Imerman, Marty Puklin, Barbara Glancz, Jane Roth, Susan Weinstein, Ronnie Gollub, Lois Lipton, Margaret Mazer, Judy Harris. SECOND ROW: Lynn Simon, Diane Mostov, Lynn Rogovy, Nancy Freedman, Holly Werner, Betty Gittelman, Diane Port, Susan Shiffman, Marlene Klein, Judi Greenwald, Sandy Baer, Linda Klein, Nancy Cohodas. THIRD ROW: Gayle Mallon, Connie Zucker, Nancy Gollusch, Ellen Kroll, Secretary Barbara Birenboim, Jill S. Nathan, Treasurer Julie Soloman, Mrs. Donahue, President Sharon Glazer, Jane Mersky, Barbara Jane Cohen, Barbara Hirschfelder, Patti Arons, Ann Lehman. FOURTH ROW: Barbara Alexander, Myra Singer, Sheri Tessler, Joan Tucker, Louise Braverman, Anne Cohn, Harriet L. Ebstrup, Amy E. Cohn, Nancy Grossman, Nancy Ascher, Joan Caplan, Susan Roth, Judy Borinstein, Linda Weiner, Cookie Goodall, Sandy Stone, ALPHA EPSILON PI 1943 FIRST ROW: Bill Schmidt, Phil Schatz, Jon Jaffa. SECOND ROW: Rupert Barkoff, Lloyd Schulman, Jacob David, Don Cohen, Steve Berger, Mike Zitomer, Sam Gutterman, Mark Jacob;, Sam Often, Jeff Hibshman. THIRD ROW: Dennis Zeisler, Joe Sobel, Kenneth George Szymanski, Sentinel Don Schon, Master Ken Kaplan, Lt. Master Don Alderman, Exchequer ALPHA EPSILON PHI 1921 Jan Duboe. FIFTH ROW: Linda Safran, Lynne Lichterman, Sue Leff, Barb Waldman, Paula Lifchez, Laurie Stark, Amy Fine, Marica Govons, Barbara Tabak, Rena J. Minisi, Nancy Lawrence, Bonnie Baron, Carla Hoffman, Karen Rosenberg, Barbara Ann Cohn, Laurie Rudolph, Helen Caplan, Berinthia Rosenberg, Connie Diamond, Julie Waxman, Ronna Freiberg. Mark Singer, Scribe Michael Goldberg, Dana Friedman, Arthur Chodoroff. FOURTH ROW: Harry Bloch, Jerry Reisman, Jack Reisman, Richard Siegel, Stephen Smiles, Mark Harris, Bob Gunz, Scott Dichter, David Praver, Joseph Newberg, Steve Moffic, Warren Baum, Jay Kaplan, Jim Heiser, Bob Zorn, Mike Wengroff, Dave Schwarz, Steve Goldberg. FIFTH ROW: Jack Abelson, Fred Rutberg, Dave Eckert, Steve Wechsler, Mark Halpert, Joel Rubenstein, Bob Rosenberg, Daniel Gehl, Rich Roth, Chuck Vinocur, Steve Herman, Stu Kupetz, Ken Kammer, Les Pittle, George Zinger. ALPHA GAMMA DELTA 1922 FIRST ROW: Clare Le Febure, Linda Bendlin, Pauline Severn, Judy Jackson, Trudy Moss, Clarice Wocholski, Sharon Cappo, Sandra Crossetle, Linda Scott, Bonnie Stafford, Connie Sprauer, Katy Beebe, Ida Jeter, Peg Selby, Gail Mejeur, Karen Jensen. SECOND ROW: Jan McCall, Jane Durham, Sandy Johnson, Debby Klomparens, Corresponding Secretary Sandy Alexander, Vice-President Kathy Hemphill, Treasurer Joyce Rock, Presi- dent Becky Fry, Mrs. Lee Brighton, Recording Secretary Marta Kalback, FIRST ROW: Pamela Snowden, Opal Bailey, Secretary Claudia Tate, Mary A. Taylor, President Eloise Cain, Vice-President G. Roberta Walden, Carol Peaks, Shirley Griffin. SECOND ROW: Vivian Yates, Frieda Hudson, Bennetta Moore, Connie Pope, Deidra Crider, Gwen Hester, Sandra Davison, Linda Van Buren, Stephanie Coleman, Myra Downs, Cecelia House Manager Judy Vierling, Sharon Hendrick, Georgia Morgan, Cathy Whitehead, Susan E. Benschop, Nancy Rosenfield, Judy Jesse. THIRD ROW: Donna Jacobs, Cindy Hopson, Miriam Dorsey, Linda Mackert, Susan Riley, Linda Houston, Barbara Lowrie, Barb Miller, Susan Hall, Marjorie Wallace, Sandy Bayer, Barbara McCarthy, Kathy Indoe, Peggy Sawin, Elaine Misa, Kristin Danielson, Linda Huyghe, Carole Papa, Gale Ross, Mary Wood, Jan Sasamoto, Rosemary Bartlett, Sue Sanford, Gege Mattison. FOURTH ROW: Ann K. Snyder, Susan Lewis, Ann Rutledge, Carol Ann Breda, Pat Pecoy, Kathy Richards, Debbie Dowson, Charleen Zimmer, Anne Haake, Martha Mosher, Mary Einfeldt, Leslie Anderson, Jean Ludwig, Kathy Jeter, Marilyn Hunter, Sherry Hannon, Janice Parsons, Jana Coleman, Ann Katzenmeyer, Cheryl Anne Burns, Penny Brigham, Valerie Thacker. ALPHA KAPPA ALPHA 1932 Hunt, Rita Donoho. NOT PICTURED:Lynn Nappier, Brenda Jones, Adrienne Davis, FIRST ROW: Thomas L. Ewing, House Manager Kenneth W. Webb, Vice- President H. Michael Macksey, President Leslie L. Spengler, Treasurer Robert L. Acker, James T. Cochran. SECOND ROW: Michael H. Schaeffer, Frederick W. Humburg, Adam I. Frisch, Fenton D. Dungan, William P. Neuser, Robert L. Asprin, H. Allen Reimers, Lawrence A. Szatkowski. ALPHA OMICRON PI 1921 FIRST ROW: Julie Ann Cox, Pamela Smith, Carol Allyn, Judy Murray, Nanci Perkowska, Judy Longpre, Beverly Huntsman, Mary Weller, Cynthia Richards. SECOND ROW: Sandra Oliver, Treasurer Laura Abbott, Record- ing Secretary Janet Ross, Laura Freville, First Vice-President Jan Harris, President Mary Ellen Lee, Second Vice-President Dianne Burry, Dianne Craig, Corresponding Secretary Cynthia VanDis, Billie Warson, Cheryl Hight, Mary Jane Connell, Merry Berglund. THIRD ROW: Patricia John- ALPHA KAPPA LAMBDA 1961 i ston, Susan Schoen, Judy McHugh, Linda Fitzjohn, Carol Schmoekel, Mary Kay Hamilton, Karen Benning, Nancy Elder, Karyn Nicholson, Lorie Cook, Teresa Fisher, Susan Ripson, Diane Hassig, Terry Pleason, Cheryl Dominy, Kay Kindy, Sally Rasmussen, Barbara Zawacki, Beverly Wilson, Janet Sutyak, Margaret Bassett, Annetta Byrne. FOURTH ROW: Linda Simon, Carol Sue Ivory, Jan Hoek, Marilyn Lewis, Bobbie Sommer, Mary Teahan, Janice Guilford, Kathie Brand, Wendy Wood, Jane Phelps, Christine Koskimaki, Fran Bladt, Kathy McAdaragh, Diana Kunkel, Ann Peterman, Barbara Kaifesh, Donna Reif, Martha Cook, Susan Lamb, Lynne Ramay, Gail Campbell. NOT PICTURED: Mrs. Potter, Susan Cherfant, Jeanette Bassinger, Ann McFarlane, Susan Hunt, Lynn Boet, Linda Haggis, Kathy Kapolka, Laura Jones, Leslie Swatman, Cammy Gillespie, Julie Avenson. ALPHA PHI 1892 FIRST ROW: Mary Logan, Sandy Georgeson, Sue Matthews, Kay Morrison, Barbara Mee, Pam Ludwig, Ginny Cerny, Chris Lange, Donna Mills, Jeane Groenevelt. SECOND ROW: Mary Pearson, Gwen Fleming, Ginny Perriguey, Cathy Coe, Glenna Cameron, Judy Wade, Jan Rakocy, Mrs. Miller, Donna Hanley, Janet Hastie, Robin Sevin, Wendy Goldring, Nancy FIRST ROW: Timothy Miller, Terry M. Banks, Edward A. Lynch, Don Rice, Vice-President Stan Broadnax, President Dwight Alexander, Secretary Inman A. Breaux, Jr., Bill Hardy, Treasurer Bob D. Sheppard, Jr., Robert F. Shannon. SECOND ROW: Nicholas M. Cherot, Ted Jobe, Marion Hoey, William Dixon, Carl Rayford, Warren Sipp, Willie Edwards, Corresponding Secretary Carl S. Smith, Samuel J. Flanagan, Jr., Ronald A. Johnson, Stickle. THIRD ROW: Ellen Wall, Marg Asman, Sue Miller, Cindy Klutsenbeker, Martha Wagner, Ann Noecker, Lynnie Cook, Chris Meyers, Ann Palmer, Rhoda Clugston, Linda Pontious, Nancy Stefani, Blanche Gemrose, Peggy Koch, Linda Weiss, Nancy Sinkowski, Bonnie Yujuico. FOURTH ROW: Janie Schaerges, Ellin Jones, Janet Reece, Elaine Pearson, Paula Speler, Cindy Merry, Janelle Severy, Mary Vaughan, Colleen McLean, Marilyn Pfeiffer, Susan Bracket!, Sherri Lagalo, Erica Swanson, Jean Spencer, Ellen Reer. ALPHA PHI ALPHA 1909 Charles R. Edwards, Richard H. Ross, George W. Hoey, Calvin L. Roberts. NOT PICTURED: Larry Mann, John Rowser. FIRST ROW: Frank Seavitte, Mark Hopson, Stan Goldblatt, Tom Architelto, Tom Muck, Dave DeYoe, Jim Martin, Bill Goggin, Jim Cant. SECOND ROW: Matt Bombery, Steve Eklund, Jim Brandt, John Ollinger, Bob Thompson, Mike Jenkins, Bruce Anderson, Rick Emery, Don Danyko, Roger Blain. THIRD ROW: Jon Ladd, Bruce Graham, Jim Wright, Geoff Kelly, Frank Costick, Scott Simon, Gil Goodman, Tom Frayer, John Varnum, Jim Shwark, Bill Fitch, Bob Cant, Tom Markus, John Baker, Skip Kruse. FOURTH ROW: Ben Perry, John Heuer, Bill Suttles, Ron Raczkowski, Curt ALPHA TAU OMEGA 1888 FIRST ROW: Lucius Hudson, Lynn Stedman, John Tyler, Chuck White, Wayne Wentz, Bruce Alford, Frederic D. Ohr, Tom McDermott, Tom Gifford. SECOND ROW: Gary Dower, Dan Brennan, David Schroeder, Stan Zientek, Dave Groff, James B. Stoetzer, David G. Bullard, Terry F. Heydon, Jon B. Shefferly, J. A. Jeltes. THIRD ROW: John E. Judge, ALPHA SIGMA PHI 1908 V Lundeen, Russ Reinhardt, Phil Meyer, Dave Fayram, Dan Miller, Dick Cope, Ken Mudie, Terry Christenson, Dick Miller, Charlie Sutherland, Rick Dinges. Jr., William L. Krauss, Gary M. VanderVoort, John B. Damoose, Treasurer Charles S. Tompkms III, President Peter L. Gustafson, Vice- President Frank D. McDermott, Jr., David W. Konn, Peter L. Lentz, Greg Murphy, John Gibson, Daniel I. Jenaras. FOURTH ROW: George H. Bristol, Thomas M. Christian, John W. Gillette, Michael T. Materna, Laurence G. Mmkoff, Eric O. Sorenson, Robert D. Weed, Peter M. Koch, C. Dean Wisniewski, H. J. Traback, Jr., Paul L. Gingras, James F. Mitchell, Charles T. Cady, Tom Boyd, Dick Crawford, Phillip Maxwell. FIFTH ROW: Robert Lynch, John W. Cotner, Tony J. Wood, John Salassa, Bill Sum- merell, Joe Calcaterra. Jack Forsyth, Jim Ruh, T. Scott Pleune, Bill Preston, Eric Nelson, Roger Steiner, Jon P. Heffelfinger, Jim Elkins, Bruce Strosser, William Stockard, Thomas W. Anderson. ALPHA XI DELTA 1919 FIRST ROW: Rosemary Kent, Janet Near, Julie Nutting, Sue Bradley, Peggy Smothers, Vice-president Marline Kuellhau, President Carol Burns, Recording Secretary Beth Linscheid, Corresponding Secretary Pamela White, Anne Kolb, Nancy Houston, Carol Haas, Margie Lee, Jan Wolf, Pat French. SECOND ROW: Nancy Manning, Kathleen Janosz, Mary Anne FIRST ROW: J. DeVennish, P. Stevens, B. Laing, J. Walker, L. Cressman, President H. Higley, Treasurer C. Cordes, Vice-president James H. Seiber, Steward David R. Fisher, John C. Reynolds, Tim Windle, John McCallister, John W. Keto. SECOND ROW: R. Brown, B. Harris, B. Pierson, D. Hartka, G. Anderson, D. Minnick, J. L. Skudlarick, " Wooglin Iguana " , D. S. Bari- beau, R. Rice, W. Waterman, D. Palmer, D. Crowley, C. VonReis, S. Bradley, G. Huntzicker, S. P. Klotz, D. Jeffrey. THIRD ROW: D. Zimmer, B. Meeske, J. Sharum, M. Davidson, R. Rosema, J. Davidson, D. McClellan. Erickson, Shirley Hawkins, Claudia Day, Winnie Hamilton, Renata Jomantas, Jean Houvener, Pam Embs, Sally Gillette, Gretchen Strandhagen, Cheryl Kline, Sue Wolfe, Georgia Nelson, Alice Ross, Crete Evans, Judy Hutton, Markie Summerhays, Mary Miller, Sheryl Valassis, Kay Stec, Kathie Davis. THIRD ROW: Kathryn Marie Lovas, Karen Mari Wagner, Carol Haack, Eleanor Waters, Shirley Bishop, Ruth Williamson, Carol Brown, Judie Bair, Pauline Pittinger, Sandra Krawchuk, Maria Hooper, Elizabeth L. Downs, Marty Ecclestone, Kathy Dickson, Kathy Koepcke, Sue Shoemaker, lean Pennock, Judy Ruester, Joan Price, Dana McCurdy, Anne Morton, Linda Reider, Linda Shaffer. BETA THETA PI 1845 H. Wiechman, D. Dok, W. Winnicki, N. Wilhelmsen, J. Duffy, D. Black, T. Schmidt, D. Brown, A. Segal, P. Perschbacher. FIRST ROW: Pamela Precobb, Jackie Gilbert, Jan Schmaltz, Jan Fasbender, Jill Hotchkiss, Sharon Brossy, Karen Bishop, Betty Walter, Treasurer Betty Schnell, Secretary Jana Skinner, Sally Stillwell, Vice-President Carolyn Cromwell, Housemother Marie B. Eager, President Holly Fry, Patti Wake, Jean Gallagher, Shirley Van Antwerp, Cheryl Witt, Joan Kerredge, Jocil Janas, Kathleen Anderson, Marilou Groshek. SECOND ROW: Trudy Aupperle, Anne Filson, Mary Sue Dent, Laurie Keetch, Kay Hosier, Lynne Culver, Katie Webb, Nancy Kitchen, Brook Tily, Betty Curly, Judy Stanley, Nancy Nikkinen, Shirley Hosier, Karen Stoy, Sally Randels, Marilyn Dick, Lee Mary Danielson, Betty Shelley, Nancy Fogoros, Lynn Eriksen, Liz Gardner, April Love, Olga Bogdanov, Kathy Klick, Barbara Hills, Sue Ness, Sue Martin, Penny Dazy, Alice Watrous, Barb Hatchard. THIRD ROW: Judy Altman, Nancy Zanolli, Bess Runyon, Mary CHI PHI 1882 FIRST ROW: Gary Kreuchauf, Jim Couch, Jeff Buchanan, Bill von Reichbauer, Tim Boufford, Al Hawley, Jay D. Wiley, Dick Northway, Rick Burek, Dave Craig, Ross Mahachek, Jim Wood. SECOND ROW: John Blackburn, Dave Boley, Bob Beals, Bob Kreps, Secretary Dick Malboeuf, President Jack O ' Hara, Vice-Presiden. Bill Sage, Treasurer Rod CHI OMEGA 1905 Hath, Beverly Bencks, Kathy MacDonald, Bonnie Breitenbecher, Carol Sisson, Jan Heim, Sue Betz, Anadel Schmidt, Carol Schaupner, Barbara VanLooy, Nancy Zugich, Barbara Boase, Penny Faber, Wendy Kress, Sherry Gallagher, Edie Nelson, Pam Meisenhelder, Lynda Howard, Bette Fuller, Ginny Weimert, Irene Kukawka, Fran Werner, Lori Shingleton, Sandy Lapham, Susie Heuer, Fran Korbelak, Linda Meek, Ruth Howell. Waage, Jerry Ferencz, Jack Finkelmann, Dick Allison, John Gleysteen. THIRD ROW: James Scott Picard, Dean Bell, Rick Anderson, Jerry Burke, Jim Stachulski, Jay Martin, Harry Dovey, Bill Woods, Tim Shields, Jim Embree, Pete Paris, Larry Myers, Don Tapert, Wes Schulz, Chuck Vanderuelde, Wayne Adamo, Mark Poyhonen, Jeff Schweitzer. FOURTH ROW: Tom Germaine, Jeff Coffin, Glenn Quackenbush, John Isler, Mike Hiemstra, Robert Bacon, Daniel Arsulowicz, Jim Rozsypal, Jim Morrison, Bill McConnell, Don Faloon, Matt Mendrygal, Carl Kemp, Jim Wank, Chuck Schrimper, Tom Morton, Frank Miller, Durlin Hickok, John Boyles, Bob Lucas. CHI PSI 1845 FIRST ROW: Mike Schuette, Steve Gasper, Secretary John Stewart Hollett, President Jim Knake, Vice-President H. Grove, Treasurer T. Smith, Gregory M. Giles. SECOND ROW: Robert Hanna, Richard Burns, J. Robinson Holt, FIRST ROW: C. Goodstein, G. Sykes, N. Stewart, A. Berry, J. Overley, M. Ingwersen, B. Krause, A. Glasser, S. Winklehaus, S. Livingood, C. Freedman, S. Northrop, A. Glaza. SECOND ROW: S. Keith, L. Moeller, J. Davis, P. Grenat, Secretary M. Dort, Vice President M. Oliver, House Director Mrs. H. Rhodes, President M. Wistert, House Manager J. Eakins, Treasurer T. Kierman, M. Winder, A. Stone, M. Guldemond, M. Kaiser. THIRD ROW: B. Longley, J. Walsh, E. Thangner, S. Fleming, P. Montone, G. Dowen, K. Viger, C. Debo, C. Quick, L. Sarvis, J. Smith, M. Fraser, B. Goergen, P. Bach, C. Bashara, L. Kyselka, S. Shirock, E. Winegarden, A. Sankar. FOURTH ROW: A. Nemetz, M. Runkel, C. Metes, M. Payne, Ken Purdy, Patrick Fulford, Paul Godsman, Ed Ross, Fred Westover, Gordy Willett, John Montgomery, Gerry Yax, T. Scott Marston. THIRD ROW: Dave Farabee, Larry Nelson, Doug Peoples, Michael Highfield, John T. Hicks, Tom Jackson, George Burgess, Bruce Westover, John I. Buzynski, Tom Barrett, Bob Rorke, Hugh Kiddleberger. NOT PICTURED: Jim Seder, Bill Chewning, Steve Staelin, John Fields, Stan Kemp, Jon Ross, Dick Johnston. COLLEGIATE SOROSIS 1886 A. Reitz, E. Janssen, J. Berger, S. Watlin, M. Kennedy, M. Elkins, S. Bejin, T. Mallon, S. Ross, N. Angst, M. Moore, K. Heideman N. Budzynski, S. Young, S. Ladewig, A. Taylor. NOT PICTURED: F. Slair, A. Fuchs, C. Harper, L. Sairano, P. O ' Donahue, D. Shinnick, L. Silverstein, V. Carter, L. Leel, B. Hairl, C. Nash, S. Akland, K. Shanon, J. Conrad, B. Cance. 10 FIRST ROW: Duncan Kretovich, Ken Field, Recording Secretary John Hasse, President John Brown, Vice-President Sheldon Wolberg, Treasurer Chuck Esler, Lyman Flook, Warren Taniguchi. SECOND ROW: Bruce Martin, Steve Peebles, Keith Little, Michael Maas, Willard Splittstoesser, Ed Huffman, Ken Majchrzak, Bill Mashinter, Dave Pawlik, Mike Novak, Carl Rohrbach, Phil Holt, Doug Shelton. THIRD ROW: Linn Petersen, DELTA DELTA DELTA 1894 FIRST ROW: Donna Williams, Jan Miller, Jeanie Hibler, Barbara Joseph, Karen Shough, Cindy Donahey, Kemmy Metz, Madeline Phares, Cindy Nelson, Susie Stann, Lizbeth Carson, Anne Beasley, Barbara Hanke. SECOND ROW: Timi Cochrun, Paulette Farr, Jackie Anderson, Sheilah Roe Bernstein, Janie Fisher, Connie Saltonstall, Rachel J. Amado, Jane Warnke, DELTA CHI 1890 Rick Soder, Jerry Newport, Dale Bjorklund, Elliott Lum, Jim Kirkwood, Don Leckey, Greg Broad, Paul Waryas, John Eggertsen, Robert Todd, Mike Simon, Rick Blough. Robin Young, Mary Fox, Judy Edison, Becky Wyss, Connie Reeve, Jan McKay, Sherry Milliken. THIRD ROW: Sandy James, Judy Roberts, Janet Wind, Jane Wilson, Vicki Davis, Linda Seaman, Linda Kress, Carolyn Kilkka, Jane Waterson, K. C. Van Hamm, Jane Fox, Mary Jo Meyers, Ann Cole, Sharalyn Sweitzer, Barb Elliott, Sherry Summers, Carol Max- well, Jane Woodhams, Lauri Gilliland, Marg Hathaway, Sandy Jones. FOURTH ROW: Katie Doerr, Betsy Huizinga, Carol Baker, Kathy Kelly, Maureen McGowan, Cynthia Flott, Linda Hoyt, Royal Blanding, Susan Saudek, Kris Van Hamm, Kris Olson, Laurie Dykstra, Cindy Reber, Susie Anspach, Elaine Berglund, Kris Boersma, Chris Van Kampen, Nan Sarber, Linda Davis, Martha Wells. DELTA GAMMA ISS5 FIRST ROW: Lauri Smith, Barb Maxson, Deborah DeWitt, Trudi Richter, Barbara Flowers, First Vice-President Jo Bowerman, President Katie Moore, Second Vice-President Suzanne Jobin, Secretary Joan Moir, Laurie Moses, Debbie Taber, Kathy Jens, Jane Hodge. SECOND ROW: Jan Heyl, Andrea FIRST ROW: James Polifra, Robert E. Howard, Paul Ikuzdrall, Recording Secretary Robert L. Anthony, President Thomas M. Loucks, Faculty Advisor Howard M. Ehrmann, Alumni Advisor Daniel G. Quirk, Vice- President John W. Lambrecht, William Joyce McTighe, William Benson Huber. SECOND ROW: Alan Iliff, Crispin McCormick Cioe, Paul David Johnson, William B. Rembacki, Bert Heideman, William F. Heyd, Anthony W. Wonderley, William B. Dibble, Ronald K. Alexander, Corresponding Secretary James A. Wurzbach. THIRD ROW: Treasurer Edward Keeton, E. Sedley Bres III, Donald P. Campbell, George E. Hansen, Jr., David K. Easlick, Jr., Cary E. Gordon, Michael J. Smith, John W. McCulloch, Mark L. Moore, Susan Brodie, Dale Hower, Diane Levenson, Melanie Mclntosh, Anne Bachman, Carolyn Gaensbauer, Marna Lynch, Mary Cayce, Maureen Matthews, Susan Hoover, Judy Zander, Betsy Wood. THIRD ROW: Carol Porter, Nancy Krupp, Nancy Peoples, Mimi Pott, Marian Evashevski, Linda Holman, Janice Townsend, Alyce Sigler, Carol Warner, Marty Lage, Julie Scolield, Janey Green, Sue Humphrey, Chris O ' Connell, Pat Cassidy. DELTA KAPPA EPSILON 1855 Lippincott, Donald M. Cherry, David H. Stevens, NOT PICTURED: Thomas C. Tussing, Jr., David A. White, Patrick L. M. Conley, Joseph S. Bur- roughs, George D. Erikson, Thomas D. Wisely, Bruce McPherson, Richard E. Greene. 12 FIRST ROW: Linda Harris, Wendy Weisberg, Gayle Rubin, Joan Gilbert, Mrs. Mariana Bower, Natalie Ruby, Roselee Nolish, Elaine Goode, Katie Abraham, Fern Dorf. SECOND ROW: Linda Steinberg, Susan Goss, Ann Reifman, Sandra Fletcher, Lynn Goldsmith, Merle Gordon, Joanne Dresner, M. B. White, Vicki Kyte, Barbara Novick, Peggy Galinger. THIRD ROW: Carol Rosenthal, Sue Rock, Buffy Aries, Sue Ellen Simon, Stephanie DELTA SIGMA PHI 1920 13 FIRST ROW: Bruce R. Carr, Bill Hammond, Keith R. Wood, Michael E. Tofteland, Henry Grix, James R. Dulzo, Ed Krisak, Steven Zdon. SECOND ROW: W. Barton Witters, Robert W. McKenzie, Richard A. Pittsley, John M. Duczynski, Michael C. Ferrante, James Randolph, John A. McCarthy, Robert G. Pawlowski, Mark G. Matthews, Vic Ptasznik, Jeffrey C. Ford. DELTA PHI EPSILON 1954 Riger, Cheryl Cornell, Marily Gorr, Evelyn Paul, Nancy Rosenberg, Billie Atkinson, Mary Kaplan, Susan Schneyer. THIRD ROW: Norman W. Stewart, Don Jacobites, R. Thomas Schuck, Robert A. Westbrook, Secretary Richard Billiet, President Russell E. Danielson, Treasurer Gene Bowles, Bill Chase, Justin Frederic Krasnoff, David Bocan, Richard Hnath. FOURTH ROW: Paul Edwin Otto, Denny Levin, Ken Whipple, Jim Thome, Rich Haag, Marshall Ochylski, Carter D. Hicks, Karl Diener, Bob Darling, Gary W. Ampulski, Richard Becker, Mike Szabo, George Kruszewski, Bill Buchanan. FIFTH ROW: Art Baessler, Bob Elgin, Mark Hendrick, Gilbert J. Premo, Edward Nasalski, John W. Aiken, Theodore A. Lowe, John E. Protz, Michael Zaleski, Bruce Meiling- gaard, Carl R. Meier, Robert M. Hoyng, Robert Kovacs. DELTA TAU DELTA 1872 FIRST ROW: Greg Smith, Christopher Lee Terry, Jerry H. Grossman, John B. Yablonky, Joel S. Whetstone, William J. Gray, George Chesley, Michael Bielawski, Owen R. Skelton IV, Robert O. Moody, David D. Aronson, Rich- ard Boger, Alan E. Hartwick. SECOND ROW: Richard Gilbert, Louis Arvai, John Arvai, Mugs Davock, Tim Conway, Greg Spaly, Recording Secretary Brady Denton, Corresponding Secretary Alan Huellmantel, Vice-President Brian Lance, Al Abbott, Steve Smithson, Vice-president Kent Leslie Bob Butterfield, Treasurer Dan Kaercher, Ed Stevens, John Irwin. FOURTH ROW: _, Thomas, Bill fate. Bo, Andrew Kives, Lonnie C. Von- Dave McKeague, President Jack Walker, Treasurer Stu Edwards, B. D. Olm- sted, Rick Kirkby, Bix Norman, Arthur Peck Bartholomew III, Darrell Alan Milburn, James Devereaux Kendall. THIRD ROW: Robert Weyhing, Glenn Woodsum, James Walker, A. Gary Swindlehurst, Chuck Higgins, John Twiggs, Robert Wright, Dave Kerr, Tad Welch, James Freier, Thomas White, Warren Kendall, John Albrecht, George W. Stover II, D. Stevens Gardner, Nick Snyder. FOURTH ROW: Donald L. Law, J. Craig Walter, J. B. Nicolls III, Philip Bayster, Ed Anderson, John B. Synhorst II, Brock Plumb, Tom Tilley, Kenneth B. Williams, John L. Williams, John J. Collins, Jr., Terry Westbrook, David Mclaughlin, John C. Parisan, Leo B. Twiggs, Robert J. Connelly, Stephen R. Kessler, Gary Andersen. DELTA UPSILON 1876 F. Hribal, Thomas W. Bottrell, Recording Secretary Thomas L. Morawa, Kenneth R. Little, Harley N. Andrews. FIFTH ROW: James R. Rosbe, James P. Batsakis, Robert J. Degange, Robert W. Scharfl, Jeffrey Wicks, T. P. Rose, Richard Meyer, John M. Merriman, Richard Tuttle, Michael D. Smith, Michael O. Lang, Thomas E. Numelin, Robert H. Hoschner, Joel R. Hord, John Holmes, Jack Hanover, Dave Coulam. 14 FIRST ROW: Joe Cook, Nick Alexandrovich, President George E. Veach, Administrative Vice-President Joe McNeely, Mean A. Weed, G. Papado- poulos, T. L. Giardina, Dago D. Dart. SECOND ROW: Phread Parken, John Pope, J. Bruce Baker, T. Woodrow Linn, James P. Mimikos, James F. Keene, David Orvis, Joseph Agostune. THIRD ROW: Sigmund Rail, John P. Whip, T. Dommoonlovil, Ronald Realgon, Lester Maddog, Roy McCul- loch, R. Lawa, Michael Stork, C. Cincinneli. NOT PICTURED: R. Block R. Bosak, B. Carney, T. Carney, J. Charter, Secretary G. Cleland, J. GAMMA PHI BETA 1 882 15 FIRST ROW: Marty Wetzel, Mary Alice Godfrey, Susan Stevens, Marty Crockett, Deborah L. Youhass, Pamela Jane Liggett, Kristin Potts, Nancy Neely, Ann Wood, Pam Tominac, Mary Fox, Kathy Mahoney, Suzy Schaaf. SECOND ROW: Marni Mitchell, Karen Klam, Corresponding Secretary Mary Lou Hogsten, Recording Secretary Mary Nell Wiese, Linda Canning, Pamela Van Syoc, Vice-President Judy Bell, Mrs. Richard Duffell, President EVANS SCHOLARS 1948 Crosse, R. Demers, J. DeFlong, I. Dupree, W. Ferrari, B. Hogan, I. Kula S. Lop, M. Martin, M. Nelson, E. Nold, W. O ' Malley, G. Piche, S. Whip lash, D. Soave, G. Stern, Executive Vice-President M. Stewart, I. Thomas K. Trefilek, L. Vasell, Treasurer G. Vrechek, M. Zinck. Pam Nelson, Ruth Junior Ely, Alyce Rubin, Janet Lark, House Manager Margie Thumm, Treasurer Carol Purdy, Cathy Parent. THIRD ROW: Becky Long, Cindy Szady, Donna Babak, Sue Beckett, Sharon Aitken, Patricia K. Clark, Janet Maran, Ellen Heyboer, Patricia A. Moran, Kathleen Johnson, Kathleen J. Deming, Maureen Delong, Jane Carol Kreski, Julie Maien- knecht, Marty Fruin, Anne Friedrichs. FOURTH ROW: Judi Richards, Marlene Blair, Becky Head, An n Morette, Kathy Maguire, Roberta Anderson, Jeanne Mulder, Ann Allwein, Barbi Kaufman, Linda Lott, Marilyn Peterson, Barb Oliver, Kathy Nixon, Margi Fish, Marg Black, Peggy McCormick, Lynne Homan, Sue Deromedi, Phyllis Collins. KAPPA ALPHA PSI 1922 FIRST ROW: Vincent C. Davis, Willie E. West, Jr., House Manager Charles Moore, Treasurer John A. Lynch, President Derrick A. Humphries, Secretary FIRST ROW: Lyn Tuttle, Margie McCracken, Mary Macpherson, Marty Romanak, Mrs. Corfield, President Eileen Schiller, Vice-President Judy Byers, Treasurer Martha Medlar, Sue Mahr, Linda McAllister, Patti Breden, Carol Webster. SECOND ROW: Jean Thomas, Ann Hathaway, Cris Dodrill, Jean Hammond, Nancy McAllister, Kathy Kennedy, Nancy Seabold, Kristen Le Anderson, Tish Reese, Mary Ru, Kay Edmunds, Pat Nash, Sue Coope: Loralyn Helms, Debbie Christenso: Kinderman, Ginny van Dyk, Joam Saul A. Green, Vice-President Raymond Phillips, Thomas A. Goss, SECOND ROW: William Roger Witherspoon, Ken neth Earl Maiey, lames E. Green, Gerald Peaks, Gene Gilmer, Elijah T. Sansom, Ronald Thompson, Clinton Canady III, Cedric F. Dawson III, Charles L. Hayden, Carl Ward. KAPPA ALPHA THETA 1879 Marian Johnson, Cindi Banger, Marcia Day, Cheryl Engle, Jane Teed, Ann-Marie Krueger, Sandy Morter, Barb Brown, Sue Wiant, Katy Burgum, Trish Swan, Linda Heuman, Gail Monroe, Nan Tull, Linda Layman, Beth Steely. 16 17 lonski, Marilynn Smith, Penny Garner. THIRD ROW: Marlee Frederick, Judi Joerger, Pat Rowe, Kathy Beyer, Carol Lynne Brown, Susan Carson, Mary Roudebush, Anne Oleck, Sara Stubbins, Sue Sieber, Louise Preston, Gwen Hamilton, Barbara Carlson, Nancy Ann Wyble, Marina Kruse, Nancy Teeter. FOURTH ROW: Suzanne Babinski, Fran Konapek, Karen McKinnie, FIRST ROW: Barbara Rochford, Kathleen Burke, Becky Adams, Anne Bruedigam, Sue Turner, Susan Shafer, Dana White, Paula Morgret, Kathy Flintosh. SECOND ROW: Dee Duncan, Ritty Knapp, Becky Schroth, Jane Peebles, Heather Taylor, Secretary Joan Coonley, Mrs. Amy Edwards, President Deborah Slid, Vice-President Fran Finch, Treasurer Sandy Jab- KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA 1890 FIRST ROW: Donna Duletsky, Jan Griffin, Beverly Smith, Laurie Popp, Bonny Barnes, Mitzi Calhoun, Marge McLarty, Diane Lansing. SECOND ROW: Corresponding Secretary Susan Shemansky, First Vice-President Ann Livingstone, Margie Stubblebine, House Manager Pat Hilly, Kathy Groehn, House Director Mrs. Lillian Groves, Second Vice-President Cynthia KAPPA DELTA 1921 Mary Taylor, Ginger Neagle, Terry Sykes, Gayle Meadors, Kathy Nelson, Jan Mieske, Diane Kuehnle, Sharon Hoy, Kerry Pendell, Meredith Kruger, Mary Long, Patricia Miers, Betsy Clark. NOT PICTURED: Carol Bretz, Linda Elliott, Anne Grimm, Kathy Loessel, Pat Morris. f) fi ta Bohr, Betsy Prentice, Becki Brogan, Kathy Schmid, Recording Secretary Beverly Waram, Nancy Booth. THIRD ROW: Cathe Mackin, Patricia Harmon, Sally Boesen, Sharla Wilson, Mary Snyder, Donna McNair, Bobbie Crispell, Susan DeMarco, Christine Brown, Adrienne Castle, Susan Grossman, Diane Garrison, Karin Int-Hout, Bonnie Busse, Ann Griffith, Jody Payne, Nancy Mull, Carol Dameron. FOURTH ROW: Judy Goodlad, Randy Upson, Stephanie Hooker, Fran O ' Dell, Ann Douglass, Carol Woodward, Sheila Wilson, Nancy Dillinger, Susan Lund, Janet Brookman, Jeanne MacArthur, Nancy Burton, Pleasie Drake, Malinda Schaill, Nancy Stutsman, Tish Upton, Pam Perault, Pat McCarty, Bonnie Lantz. KAPPA SIGMA 1892 FIRST ROW: Gordy Hubel, Greg Presley, Dave Toeller, Grand Treasurer Herb Jensen, Grand Scribe Stephen C. Frechtling, Grand Master Jeff McCullagh, Grand Procurator Dale Sielaff, Ray Rigles, Peter LaFond, FIRST ROW: Rick Johnson, Jeff Messner, Bob Chandler, Dave Graff, Tom Landsittel, Jamie Quakenbush, Joe Flip. SECOND ROW: Pete Graff, Dave Brouwer, Bob McCulloch, Dick Boies, Phil Schpok, John H. McCluney II, John Schroeder, Kent Walton, Bill Hinkley, Dave Colwell, Arthur Tai. THIRD ROW: Art Golin, Mike Keebler, Bill Molloy, Roger Johnson, Social Chairman Larry Williams, Secretary Tom Baily, President W. Scott Chil- man, Vice-President Tim Stone, Monty Georgeson, Jim Allen, Gary Acker- man, Dave Thompson, Jim Johnston. FOURTH ROW: Ted Ogle, Raymond M. DePalma, Jr., Jim Williams, Bill Cerny, Jim Niel, Jim Eckert, Dave Rhodes, John T. McCloskey, Peter Vlisides, Carl D. Rust, Frank Richardson, Kerry Norwalk, Dennis Sirosky, Rick Adamy, Richard Kay, Ron Early, Gerald Tutor, Jak Dugan, Kim Stertzbach. FIFTH ROW: Larry Grace, John Dave McNaughton, Paul Berns. SECOND ROW: David Sadoff, Martin Herbenar, lack L. Warren, Jr., Bob Merchant, Douglas Wozniak, Griffith Acker, Cub Dickerson, Ed Carter, Harry Carlson, John Thomas, Charles H. Degryse. THIRD ROW: Joel W. Grover, Robert L. Dill, Jerry Murrell, Richard Vallin, Robert Gibbs, Dick Ingersoll, Scott Smith, Rich Von Luhrte, Vic Bolles, Richard Cook, Greg Baumann, Russell W. Blaker. LAMBDA CHI ALPHA 1913 Lindholm, David S. Brewer, Mike Bequette, Ed Kotz, Stan Duffendack, Jim Banar, Steve Hanzlovic, Chris Tompkins, Dennis Dill, Gordy Weeks, Craig Dill, Ron Grand, David M. Love, Robert Stevens, Thomas McLaren, Richard Curtis, Mike Head, Mike Messner, Bill McDaniel, Tom Gaffney. 18 FIRST ROW: Lawrence Bouma, David Frens, Allen Vander Klay, John Venema Schuk, Uko Zylstra, Dale Dykema, Dennis Duimstra. SECOND ROW: David Ditmar, lack Derks, Dan Diephouse, Bill Van Loo, Phil Coray, Ken Volkers, Don Mulder, Bruce Steketee, Ken De long. THIRD ROW: Marshall E. Kramer, Glenn W. Geelhoed, Secretary Dave Vander Vliet, Jerry Van Vliet, President Jim Wiegerink, Vice-President Bruce Muller, Business Manager Terry Ippel, Lloyd Holder, Tom Peterson. FOURTH ROW: Jphn T. Mulder, Richard Huibregtse, Marvin L. Hage, Gerald Van Wyke, Claude L. Vander Ploeg, Gordon DeMeester, Bruce Scherpenisse, Ben Snoeyink, Robert DeVries, Richard Bultman, Richard PHI DELTA THETA 1864 .19 FIRST ROW: Jim Vandenbosch, Rene Silva, John Ewing, Lane Headrick, Bill Friedman, Tom McCaslin, Joe Valerio, Bob B. Noel, Del Winn. SECOND ROW: Gary Emerson, Terry Cosgrove, Charlie Hood, Bill Lockton, Vice- President Bill Jury, Secretary Terry Conway, President Robert M. Estes, PHI ALPHA KAPPA 1929 C. Postma, Richard Woltersom, James Van Loo, Daniel DeBoer, Donald C. . Adams. FIFTH ROW: Tom Mulder, Vern Tubergen, Ron Uken, Ed Kuipers, Bill Doezema, Gordon Massing, Tom Brandt, Doug Greenwold, Ed Linamegi, Bruce Schuurmann, Dan Koop, Cal Dykstra, Peter Dieleman, Tom Homestead. House Manager Jerry O ' Neill, Treasurer Frank Groves, Charlie Reilly, Jeff Henson, Rob Howe. THIRD ROW: Bob Levin, Bruce Baughman, Bill McEwen, Dave Neary, Joe Don, Rick Henz, Tom Lindow, Rich Rasmus- sen, Dick Dworsky, Chuck Gainey, Doug McClintock, Carl Savage, John Neville, Rick Dietrick, Bevin Alvey, Rick Price, John Yantis, Mike Bebow. FOURTH ROW: Art Schwartz, Bill Mohler, Pat Shea, Ken McDonald, Rick Lavers, Dale Maxim, Jim Bogenrief, Chick Dobson, Bill Upshaw, Dick Horner, Fred Grove, Tom Sorenson, Jeff Worman, Rich Worsham, Tom Black, Jeff Arnold, Jeff Maxwell. PHI EPSILON PI 1929 FIRST ROW: Steve Silverman, Jeff Leeds, William Shevin, Robert Rinzler, Robert Palmer, Ed Bayer, Jeff Band. SECOND ROW: Chris Connolly, Henry S. Henry, Gene A. Naftulin, Howie Katz, Gabe Steinberg, William F. Wolff III, Jay Callahan, Mike Jacobson, Robert Kruger. THIRD ROW: Mark Phillips, Barry Abrams, Bruce Friedman, Henry Lerner, Bill Neiman, Vice- President Larry Goldberg, Steve Goldberg, President Danny Silverman, li FIRST ROW: Steve Thorn, Jim Imhoff, Allan Wyatt, Thomas Lovell, Record- ing Secretary Charles W. O ' Dell, Treasurer Ted Poulton, President Darryl Bell, Corresponding Secretary David Nash, Bauchman Tom, David Noshay, Frederick G. Begle, Jay H. Zulauf. SECOND ROW: Gary J. McRay, Bob Pryor, Larry McCreery, Henry Surpless, Frank S. Butler, Dennis Veitch, Christopher G. Parker, Joseph D. Wingfield, James J. Spurrier, Donald Sanderson, Ed Dore, Dean Cummins, Frank Uhring, John Fraser, Russ Dejong, Mike Reynolds, Rick Herrington, Dale C. Landon. THIRD ROW: Treasurer Howie Nagelburg, Recording Secretary Robert Abrams, Corre- sponding Secretary Burt Reiter, Dan Pinkert, Marc Rubenstein. FOURTH ROW: Stephen Spitz, Richard Mintz, Denis Frank, Larry Goldman, David Morris, Eddie Kleiman, Martin Dubowsky, Richard Raker, Richard Herzog, Bill Abend, Peter Meyers, Joel Horowitz, Gary Fields, Ron Brot, Jim Fisher, Mark Rogow, Alan Mintz, Edward Schwartz, Bob Wjttie. FIFTH ROW: David Spitz, Richard Rappaport, Richard Bohn, Stuart Grant, Robbie Sternberg, Jerry Block, Perry Hall, Steve Handler, Michael Pear, Leslie J. Goldman, Ken Lirtzman, Charles Friedstat, Harold Kaplan, Joel Moranz, William Kom, Fred Levy, Jon Lerner, David Cohen, Michael Blumberg. PHI GAMMA DELTA 1885 Al Brook, Larry Carter, Buzz Brenkert, Dave Osmer, Steve Braden, Doug Stevens, Tom Evans, Pete Van de Walker, Dave Dye, Michael Wyman, Bob Aiken, Steve Montgomery, Mike Koeneke, Andy Falender, Gary Chula, Jim Miller, Jim Graf. NOT PICTURED: Vice-President Scott Paris. 20 JL ' j FIRST ROW: Mike Haines, Dave LeRoy, Monty Mackey, " Moloch " , Dave Downs, Pete Cornell, Gary Markley. SECOND ROW: Bob Spink, Corre- sponding Secretary Michael Good, Secretary Tim Radigan, President Dave Law, Vice-President Jerry Danhof, Clayt Wilhite, Rick Bruni, Dick Gobeille, Kent Cooper, Tom Taglauer. THIRD ROW: Charlie Casgraine, Phil Kessel, Steve Bouck, Jim Spalding, Joe Kunsa, Drew Hodge, Stew Nelson, Paul Winter, Mike Eckel, Damon Hyde, John Shuey, Greg Allison, Pete Mildner, Dave Oglevee, Bill Rotzien. FOURTH ROW: Dick Vidmer, Dave Haedicke, PHI KAPPA TAU 1923 21 FIRST ROW: John Betzner, Douglas Elerath, Treasurer Win. Kevin Darrow, Vice-President Jack Pascoe, President Daniel Pence, Gilbert S. Staffend, Stephen P. Hatchett II, Secretary Robert C. Brownson, Gregory Grenzke. SECOND ROW: Alan Carlson, Calvin Kirchick, Gary Skoog, Wally Rhines, PHI KAPPA PSI 1876 Bob Perlberg, Pete Dooley, Al Francis, Greg Lipton, Dave Murbach, John Atkinson, Rick Pniewski, Max Pitlosh, Werner Hall, Glenn Fitzpatrick, Jim Wangelin, Terry Bochanty, Fred Boncher. Alan Heminger, Ron Alley, Helmut Schick, Christopher Rowland, Robert Pinkel, Fred Iffland, John Eatterton, Chris VandenBroek, Tony La Marca. THIRD ROW: David E. Greenwood, Daniel F. O ' Sullivan, Richard E. Taylor, Charles P. Case, John W. Burch, Wayne C. Witkowski, Charles H. Good- rich, Alan K. David, Thomas C. Haeusler, Randy E. Gross, Ardin Goss, Gilbert A. Samberg, Bruce A. Roberts, Samuel H. Fuller. PHI SIGMA DELTA 1916 FIRST ROW: Joseph Mandiberg, Stuart Mitnick, " Malchek " , Douglas Miller, Jeff Tapper, Jeff Kaufman. SECOND ROW: Les Feldman, Fred Acker- man, Ian Warner, Mike Goran, Richard Davis, Sandy Morris, Edward Helman, Mitch Nelson, Robert Rothman, Gary Weintraub. THIRD ROW: Dan Reitman, Peter Sheiman, Robert Solow, Secretary Barry Black, President Donald Surath, Vice-President Peter Gray, Treasurer Al Gold- FIRST ROW: Lynn Landesman, Diane Friedman, Phyllis Hendelman, Sheri Whitefield, Nancy Schild, Deedee Baker, Sheila Frankel, Merle Feinberg. SECOND ROW: Cheryn Grant, Laurie Levine, Bursar Paula Kanarek, Linda Milinsky, Rachel Pious, House Director Mrs. LaFerne Newell, Archon Karen Goldberg, Barbara Kaye, Elaine Rosen, Jennifer Korn, Linda Schlamowitz, Marlene Lederer. THIRD ROW: Hedie Hirsch, Marsha Barnett, Ruth Shur, Susie Brot, Lynne Jacobs, Barbara Haas, Paula Brandman, Ilene Sturman, Karen Hertz, Judy Axelrod, Sima Juliar, Judy Krasnick, Paula Cameron, Gayle Barak, Randi Katz. FOURTH ROW: Sharon Rosen- baum, Jackie Gilson, Joanne Krause, Eileen Lynn, Liz Rothman, Phyllis stein, Gary Pollak, Ronald Gold, Jay Bielfield. FOURTH ROW: Mike Feld- man, Randy Eason, Rik Kohn, Gary Cigler, Robert Sandy, Phil Goodman, Robert Freilich, Michael Goodman, David Chait, Paul " Rock " Marokus, Al " Morty " Morton, Robert " Gins " Ginsberg, Richard Ochs, Al deParry, Dale Brozosky, Lawrence Corey, Dennis Herold. FIFTH ROW: Richard Fine, Mike Sieberg, William Harvey, Gary Grandon, Dave Aronow, James Wolf, Richard Firestone, Harold R. Oseff, Robert Green, Mike Sheldon, Ronald Lessack, Harvey Zimbler, Robert Shlifer, Howard Saxner, Robert Silverman. NOT PICTURED: Charles Feuer, Jay Lieberman, Brian Mark, Les Pollak, Gary Kaplan. fX A PHI SIGMA SIGMA 1922 Scholmck, Ellen Scheuer, Lois Welber, Susan Shapiro, Maris Monitz, Kay Schwarzberg, Debby Orloff, Tern Edelman, Fran Moskovitz, Claire Konikow, Ann Pizer, Roslyn Braeman. NOT PICTURED: Janice Bobroff, Lesley Fmkleman, Helame Hurwitz, Barbara Leeser, Patty Parker, Kathy Rosenberg, Joyce Sapperstein, Roz Ulin, Betsy Zeligs. 22 c " ) ' 1 ft A t- x I f r J 1 1 FIRST ROW: Sue Chorkey, Norico Ue, Eileen Burke, Ian Phlegar, Cindy Demps, Sally Herndon, Paula Lugannani, Margie Denton, Linda Markel. SECOND ROW: Sue Mitchell, Sue Piwonka, Peggy Erase, Ginger Hulet, Correspondi ng Secretary Leelie Godshalk, President Sharon Zdrodowski, Mrs. Hazel Brough, Vice-President Mary Munro, Treasurer Judy Nelson, Linda Barnes, Shari Stiver, Ann Hoppin, Betsy Wagman. THIRD ROW: Cindy Kalisz, Rosanne Eckman, Carol Canda, Shari Jensen, Cass Webber, Janet Morley, Lynn Dempster, Comille Gollon, Claire McKnight, Nancy Furniss, Marlee Arrowsmith, Cheri Martin, Nancy Mulkey, Candy Love, PI KAPPA ALPHA 1966 23 FIRST ROW: Treasurer Jon Fischer, President Tim Pirkle, Dick Thaler, Mark Hodges. SECOND ROW: Ron Muir, Larry DeClaire, Doug McMillan, PI BETA PHI 1 888 Wendy Weller. FOURTH ROW: Sharon Corombos, Trudy Carlson, Louise Williams, Joan Muhlenbruch, Kathy Champe, Barb Nunn, loan Bennett, Nancy Schmidt, Ginny Mochel, Cindy Straight, Madeleine Brandt, Corey Trudy, Alice Kleinhans, Pat Greiling, Gail Ewald. Mike Vernarelli, Dave Chapin, Tom Smith, John Krajacic. NOT PICTURED: Vice-President Dave Jacobs, Secretary Dan Smith, Dave Lustgarten, Greg Jones, Dick Reid, Mac Joubran. PI LAMBDA PHI 1913 FIRST ROW: Tom Forman, Theodore D. Kramer, Murray L. Yoffee, Mitchel D. Rose, Joe Pearlman, President Richard Cohen, Vice-President Fred Kellner, Doug Golden, Henry G. Schneps, George Stembach, Bruce Cohen. SECOND ROW: Henry Lamgberg, Ken Sladkin, Fred Burstein, Charles Lundgren, James Krebs. SECOND ROW: Douglas Cook, James Lannon, Stanley Roe, James Beckett, Blandin Wright, William Morrill, Robert Fry, Lawrence Smith, David Snavely, Walter Clark, Charles Khuen. THIRD FIRST ROW: John Topliff, Bruce Sidell, Dennis Mollard, Nick Cook, Recording Secretary Sam Swisher, President Bentley Richardson, Vice- President Judd Spray, Corresponding Secretary David Church, K. T. Brenner, Daniel Fisher, Robert J. Babcock, Ed Atler, Howard Kaplan, Steve Fogel, Ronald Stone, Ken Mogill, Jon Moselle, Willie Lee McCovey, Steve Morris. THIRD ROW: Gary Friedman, John Bookston, Burt Katz, Richard L. London, Tom Fishbein, Ken Zuckerman, Vic Miller, Marshall Lasser, Gary Fried, Pete Bedrick, Jeff Cossman, Richard Rubinstein, Phil Klahr, Aaron Alpert, Charles Averbook, Bob Schmier. PSI UPSILON 1836 ROW: John Mabley, Harold Weckler, John Farrin, John Westie, James Norlander, Fred Olds, Art Darden, Bob Stenson, Jeff Colton, Peter Rosen- krands, Cory Devor. 24 I FIRST ROW: Bruce Moorstein, John Casey, John P. Snyder, Carl W. Snow, Bill Tarr, Glenn Leady, Mark Rieger, John Kraft. SECOND ROW: Glen Konkle, Steve Simmons, Carl Watkins, Dave Fielding, Mike King, Dave Carney, Craig Dever, Mitch Slobodnik, Tom Henson, Barry Weldon. THIRD ROW: Scott Montross, Mike Maundrell, Tom Higginbottom, Alumni Association President M. V. Otis, Vice-President Tom Haverstock, President Tom Evans, Treasurer Dave Hall, Chapter Advisor Dave Rentschler, Tom Kearney, Steve Guise, Steve Leuchtman, Nick Preda. FOURTH ROW: SIGMA ALPHA MU 1923 25 FIRST ROW: Gary Hirsch, Jim Wolfson, Jeff Champaign, Mark Leemon, Don Zolla, Dan Steam, Mel Muskovitz, Harold Herman, Danny Okrent, Larry Levitt, Ron Rapper, Scott Harris, Ron Sheer. SECOND ROW: Rich Amend, Jim Shanker, Jerry Fishman, Treasurer Howard White, Vice-Prior John Segall, Prior Paul Mandel, Secretary Allen Lichter, Harold Leach, SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON 1896 Gordy Nepstad, Gary Kohlman, Mike Carney, Jim Exline, Rick Stonely, H. I. Weiland, Mark Henry, Tom Sellgren, Tom Hall, Bob Palmer, Jim Stropkai, Hal Chaffee, Mike Trese, Don Warner, Tom Eckert, Rick Hank, Brian Sullivan, Greg Hayward, Rich White. Larry Deitch, Steve Steglitz, Bob Winshall, Lew Paper. THIRD ROW: Jeff Beal, Bruce Gershenson, Andy Richelson, Jon Katz, Marc Wainer, Chuck Robinson, Eric Moskowitz, Rick Camitta, Pete Nemkov, Dave Fink, Mark Stolorow, Jean-Paul Bizzocchi, Bob Burack, Don Borod, Larry Kessler, Joel Letvin, Bob Hubert, Ron Green, Jim Nemorovsky, Steve Mitchell, Don Habermas. FOURTH ROW: Bob Barahal, Jimmy Satovsky, Jim Silk, Jim Gerwin, Mike Jacob, Jim Cholfin, Chuck Tobias, Marc Kahan, Dave Alexander, Howard Warshaw, Allen Freedman, John Van Dalson, B. Myron Pregerson, Bill Waxman, Jay Mahler, Robert Hamburger, Marty Miller, Rich Frey. SIGMA CHI 1877 FIRST ROW: Peter Fishbach, Shelly Mittleman, Mike McDermott, Vice- President Steve Leonard, President Bruce Getzan, Secretary John Clark, Jeff Bowden, Bob Hild, Treasurer Bill Nash. SECOND ROW: Al Krist, Al Winkley, John Kingscott, Dick Scherr, Bob Bauragartner, Dick Yanz, Bob Gerometta, Tom Williams, Gary Link, Bud Forsythe, Goff Smith, Steve ' A, FIRST ROW: Barbara Hirsch, Barbara Levy, Claire Chaimson, Caryn Fried, Treasurer Jean Rothbaum, House Manager Sandra Singer, President Karen R. Jones, Nancy R. Marx, Carol S. Cohen, Secretary Joyce Piell, Vice- President Debbie Mendelson, Irene Saunders. SECOND ROW: Deborah Segal, Iris Goodman, Susie Colman, Bonnie Stern, Kathy Ellis, Shari Klein, Anita Lazier, Merrill A. Hoffman, Stephanie Rudman, Judith A. Greenberg, Gail Schwartz, Gail Soloman, Penny Lambert, Mirfee Klein, Barbara Robinson, Rhonda Star, Ruth Wilner. THIRD ROW: Diane Kutzen, Bishop, Sig McHie. NOT PICTURED: Bob Adam, Dave Agnew, Steve Bartholomew, Paul Berger, James Berling, Larry Candler, Vic Connant, Lee Dixon, Bob Ganter, Henry Hanna, Wayne Hansen, Eric Johnson, Bob La Marre, Doug Leupen, Brian Marcus, Marty McVey, Bob Mielke, Wayne Miller, Elmo Morales, Tom Morrow, Doug Nelson, Pat O ' Donnell, Bob Penksa, Dave Porter, Dan Purple, Larry Rogna, Tom Saunders, Bill Seppala, Lew Shaefer, Ernie Sharpe, Marty Slebodnik, Dick Swaney, Tom Schwartz, Chuck Tellas, Bob Wedge, Fred Whinery, Ken Wikle, Bill Wood, Lanny Young. SIGMA DELTA TAU 1944 Shari Seidman, Ila Krause, Inette Shubert, Joan Cerin, Ellen Zeff, Rusti Hansher, Rolla Herman, Gail Barbara Sokol, Susan Jospey, Nancy Ellis, Barbara Goodman, Candida Eisenstein, Stephanie Okun, Patty Reistman, Barbara Zak, Martha Kishner. 26 FIRST ROW: Nancy Masino, Ann Crozier, Naida Wirgau, Joyce LeCronier, Jackie Jones, Becky Hickes, Ellen Brust, Terry Jo Kropp, Marilyn Golan, Marcia Mikrut, Cheryl lynne, Beverly Greey, Nancy Mehling. SECOND ROW: Susan Booths, Ann Kasiborski, Barb O ' Connor, Sue Peters, Leslie Dalley, Treasurer Nancy Diamond, Helen Moylan, President Mary DeYoe, Vice-President Martha Guthrie, Secretary Pat Nielan, Kay Anderson, Diane Orrico, Patti Plume. THIRD ROW: Cheryl Ploucha, Kris Maki, Linda Baker, Carol Barnes, Jackie Wood, Barb Wells, Janet Rawling Marlanne Emery, Kathy Steyer, Barbara Crawford, Sylvia Berg, Kathleen Nyman, Jan Hurley, Marti Olson, Susan Ruotsala, Bev Coulter, Barb Cranham. SIGMA NU 1902 27 FIRST ROW: Bill Shenk, Jake Richards, Dan Hopp, Shearer, President Ken Silverberg, Treasurer Jeff Hering, House Man- ager, R. J. Cotman, Mai Houck. SECOND ROW: William Warner, Thomas Stanar, Richard Bowen, Richard Fenwick, John Kilian, John Duerr, SIGMA KAPPA 1924 Melissa Hickes. FOURTH ROW: Stephanie Berg, Carla Koziol, Janet Coul- ter, Kathy Lanard, Nancy Lindell, Donna Ness, Ruth Nothmann, Claire Becker, Kathy Hallisy, Nancy Low, Laura Goodrich, Betty Yendall, Marty Vanloo, Connie Booth, Mary Zimmerman, Patty Barter, Ramelle Myers. " Voltaire Jackson " , William Smethells, John W. Halpin, Carl Stevens, Craig C. Ramsay, Richard C. Bopp, Donald J. Sevener. THIRD ROW: Douglas Beck, Doug Dapprich, John F. Carter, Bill Nebe, David Ellies, Rick Stannard, Dave Cummings, Richard P, Lyman, James Szczechowski, Michael T. Janiszewski, Keith S. Wicks, Bob Beckerleg, Ben Loud, Robert L. Garrett. SIGMA PHI I85S FIRST ROW: Alan I. Carotta, Craig S. Clarke, Graeme B. Badger, Gordon Jones, Steward Thomas R. Keim, President I. Kenneth Fisher House Manager Jack K. Storey, Secretary David D. Hamm, Edward E. Linsell, Jr., John E. Gunning, Thomas C. Sonnemann. SECOND ROW: Tony FIRST ROW: Al Gilchrist, Gary L. Hallam, Steve Glidden, Gary Sawdy, Controller Don Culver, Secretary Dan Glover, President Larry Graves, Recorder Bruce Stewart, Pete Chiaravalli, Dick Underwood, Tony Valentino, Ron Gee. SECOND ROW: Ed Wolfe, Randy Ball, Andy Walcott, John Kapusky, Ron Kefgen, Gary Johnson, Jack Secrist, Greg Hykes, Terry Kasiborski, Denny Burke, Jim Flatley, Jim Walton, Marty Trupiano, John Peterson, Karl Mihalyfy, Steve Lowden. THIRD ROW: Ken Mills, Larry _ Weighous, Hank Lukaski, David S. Evans, Alton Ainslie, Bruce Davidson, Gary L. Michalek, Dave G. Smith, Carl C. Plan, Randy Braun, Bill Corey, James L. Beck, Henry O ' Kray, J. R. Swift, Robert A. Remich. THIRD ROW: John W. Allen, Pat McCaffrey, Glen Ruffner, Keith G. Horniman, Ronald J. Bozung, Dennis B. Monthei, Pete Schultz, Spencer T. Maidlow, Rene De Leemans, Michael Eadie, Kenneth L. Rhoads, Frank M. Trinacty, John V. Ten Gate, Martin J. Pailes. SIGMA PHI EPSILON 1905 White, Thomas G. Tepas, Michael Hill, Steve Horvath, Chris Lee, William Schlecte, Bob Johann, Dale Blum, Edward John Peter Arbut, Clare Coles, Pete Harris, Gary King, Craig Liden, Don Masura, Dean Sommerfield. 28 FIRST ROW: Bob Fraker, David Clifford, Secretary Robert Bates, Vice- President Steve Wood, President Marv Booth, Treasurer James Woller, Larry Metnick, Jeff Wieland, Jon Van Landschoot. SECOND ROW: Frederick Ruben, George Stears, Gerald Meyer, James Bender, Richard Angelo, Joseph Harlan, David Moore, William Clark, Harvey Bell, John Weber. THIRD ROW: Guy D. Rainey, Mike Roessler, Dan Wittkopp, Joseph L. TAU DELTA PHI 1922 29 FIRST ROW: Howard Weinblatt, Daniel Syme, Administrative Vice-President Robert Freund, President Steve Swiryn, Michael Perlman, Jonathan Horwitz, Richard Baum, Michael Lewis. SECOND ROW: Ned Gershenson, SIGMA PI 1925 Mercier, Dan Omohundro, Jerry Price, Bruce Malcolm, Phil Cooper, Donald A. Ko os, Jim Sewell, Greg S. Bower, Daren Good, Don Kulak. Barry Thall, Stewart Lock, Larry Horwitz, Robert Fink, Alan Borlack, Herbert Baraf, Steward Gary Winter, Richard Bass, Michael Eder. THIRD ROW: Buddy Brody, Rick Wechsler, Steve Mash, Stu Bluestone, Bruce Temple, Eric Schmier, Al Pasquariello, Robert Lees, Ronald Rossen, Robert Axelrod, Treasurer Ronald Weiser, Tom Tuft. TAU EPSILON PHI 1923 FIRST ROW: Vincent Birleson, William Deacon, John Schweigert, Mark Brakoniecki, President William Appel, Geoffrey Grambau, Jim Kahnweilor, FIRST ROW: James M. Gleeson, Peter R. Fodor, Vice-President Roland T. Baumann II, Judy McHugh, President John O. Lenz, Treasurer Fredrick M. Collison, Secretary Donald B. Gillain, William A. Meier. SECOND ROW: David pstrowski, Larry J. Latimore, David Lowe, Dan Proctor, Richard Post, Richard Flagan, George L. Yingling, William Remus, John Powell, Andrzej Waclaw Zajaczkowski, Dick Astrom, Mike Kennedy, Jim Franks. _ I David L. Brown, Bud Uday. SECOND ROW: Frank Wilk, Robert Stow, man, Mark Lafer, Marc Althouse, Joel Welber, Al Peterson, Al Sugarman . Peter Chaliioux, Christopher Wyatt, Paul Gow, Glenn Jacobs, Mark Mittle- William Schoendorf, Howard Sachs. TAU KAPPA EPSILON 1922 THIRD ROW: Sam Chappell, George Nagy, Donald Blakely, Murray Jackson, Robert Chapel, Jim Redden, Don Treadwell, Chuck Wilson, William Salow, Mitch Fleischer, Jim Wiseman, Patrick Nicosia, Donald Ebright. 30 FIRST ROW: Scott Woodison, Matt Plawchan, Bob Garrison, Kent Breese, Neil Amalfitano, Vice-President Gary Theisen, President Phil Stevens, Secretary Denny Berry, Robert Hoeberling, John Neale, Bill Schoonmaker, David Edgington, David Park. SECOND ROW: Dan McMurtrie, Marshall Slocum, Larry Toot, Rick Cordes, Dave Servis, Jim Lumbard, Gil Nilson, Bruce Carlson, Bill White, Gary Van Gorp, Al Tokar, Dick Rollins, Jim Schelter, Tim Byrnes, R. Terry Haynes, Jon Grubs, Daniel Christiansen, David Flanigan. THIRD ROW: Rick Lausten, Mike D. Polifka, Ed Smith, THETA DELTA CHI 1889 31 FIRST ROW: Phil 2. Hammond, Steve Fisher, Robert O. Aepli, " Candy " , Ron McElhaney, Mark C. Loessel, Don Rockwell. SECOND ROW: Peter Frank, Robert Vollbracht, James T. Long, Dennis Griffin, Gregory May, Robert Vreeland, Edwin Kerr, Jim La Sovage, Richard Schuster. THIRD ROW: Lawrence Bell, Pat Richardson, Corresponding Secretary Tim Walter, THETA CHI I9I9 John Farron, John K. Morris, Robert T. Moore, Scott H. Dodge, Edward Hyatt, Robert W. Zahm, Paul Semperger, Joe Monger, Clyde McKenzie, Bill Janner, Paul Stager, Scott Terhune, Chris Christie, John Bland, Bill Yenner, Dennis Bandyk, Phil Huddy, Jack Machek. President Larry Woods, Treasurer Mike Watts, Recording Secretary Rodger Young, Walt R. Laitner, Jay Dudley. FOURTH ROW: Barry Morris, John Bouwens, Don Kosy, Tom Szymke, Charlie Fox, Jim Hill, Ray Wilcox, John Entenman, Cole Buford, Ace Jones, Dan Newman, Jim Davis, Bob Theisen, John Schoonover, Tom Schaffer. FIFTH ROW: Warren Nelson, Elbert Magoon, Ray Licata, Bruce Trefz, Stephen N. Chapman, C. John Meeske, Ron Hill, Bruce Andeen, David Troup, William Dennis, James B. Hartough, Chuck Dornbush, Ron Leader, Robert Q. Kimball, Fritz von Rosen. NOT PICTURED: Jim Ball, Tom Bloomer, Dick Doyle, Gary Jedynak, Bob San- ford, Dave Southon, Jim Turbett, Ed Weller, Jim Young. THETA XI 1914 FIRST ROW: Robert Haas, James M. McDowell, Michael I. Bragalone, Robert Byrne, William Timmer, House Manager Dave Haas, Vice-President John R. Bower, President Tim Hansen, Treasurer Dick Dobbins, Corre- sponding Secretary David B. Gerges, Bill Kreis, John J. Eisz, Lorin Woolfe, Mike Korybalski, Mike Johnson, Mike Kelly. SECOND ROW: Michael FIRST ROW: Brandon Price, Michael Huhns, John Cox, Vice-President Don Warmuth, " Pepper " , President Richard Beaubien, Treasurer Michael Amos, Michael Antonowicz, Jim Fairobent, Roger Paul. SECOND ROW: Edwin Schaedel, Terrence Vanicelli, David Carrier, Piere Leroy, Ronald Brian Lindemann, Terry M. Brace, Rich Owen, Tom Dew, Steve Crane, Dale Beck, George Hess, Michael Hellie, Mike Sikorski, Ed Chase, Bob Reid, Jack Kelley, Tom Verlee, Dan Swartz, John Shortt, Wayne Koppe, John Auer, Randy Cole, John Stevens, Bruce VanDuine, Bob Dunford, Jack Bradley. THIRD ROW: Lee Harrington, Mike McDonough, Wally Stromberg, Jon Van De Vusse, Craig Schaefer, Don Joynt, Bob Bratzler, Dave Slucter, Don Smith, Jack Rood, Larry Musser, David Cochran, Fred Gruber, Tom Nowinski, Roger Schindler, Bob Anderson, Dave Witmer, Dick Brown, Bob VanHellemont, Dave Samuelson, Denny Maddox, Dick Dehncke. TRIANGLE 1922 Adams, Robert Joseph Podd, John Minnich, Carl P. Cronk, Jr., Alan P. Rothlauf, Michael Neuhauser, Steven Seto, Philip R. Heller, Fred Milne, Jr. 32 FIRST ROW: Steve Fast, Jack Dakessian, House Manager Rick Miller, Secretary Dave Teerman, President Doug Wasama, Vice-President Larry Burger, Dennis Miller, " Tovarich of Trigon " , Sam Listiak, Craig Dwyer, Edward Dalley. SECOND ROW: Craig Hanna, Jack Preston, Steve Sweet, Daryle Marjaniemi, Jan Carline, Tom Kruggel, George Potter, Jim McMillan, Phil Alsup, Fred Sewell, Phil Doolittle, Ron Fry, Gary Gross. THIRD ROW: ZETA BETA TAU 1912 33 FIRST ROW: Mike Feder. SECOND ROW: Bernie Rosenbloom, Lee Hess, Rick Schloss, Dennis Kane, Steve Gershenson, Mark Peterman, Harry Winer, Andy Quinn, Bruce Friedman, Rick Friedman, Rick Rubinson, Ross Lerner, Sam Zell, JeJf Kreinberg. THIRD ROW: Dave Mann, Rick Minick, Jerry Spiegel, Steve Beerbohm. FOURTH ROW: Gene Monroe, Gerry Garfield, Ken Rothenberg, Richard Friedman, Bill Boas, Vice-President TRIGON 1905 Chuck Shedd, David Weiler, Bob Pleznac, Ron Tosh, Eliot Evans, Willi Anderson, Bob Schaibley, Eugene Moore, Nick Kozel, Dick Sies, Greg Lein bach, Jim Roach, John Slinker, Tim Morgan. Dick Broock, Gary Schwartz, Secretary Jim Heisler, President Nelson Lande, Treasurer Rick Feferman, Vice-President Jim Kraft, Jim Katz, Steve Heam, Larry Sosnow, Howard Franklin. FIFTH ROW: Marc Gertner, Jerry Daller, Norm Pappas, Ben Friedman, Bob Graham, Bob Klivans, Bruce Kahn, Randy Soloman, John Brizdle, Bob Schwartz, Jeff Kukes, David Shapiro, Don Carroll, Mark Abrams, Mark Myron, Steve Nissen, Dan Slomoff, Bob Weinstein, Ed Pappas, Mark Rosenberg, Randy Sims, Robert Morris. SIXTH ROW: Marty Siegel, Bob Kraft, Tom Glaser, Jim Kauffman, Bob Scott, Howard Arnkoff, Bruce Broder, Elson Haas, Scott Spear, Alan Kaplan, Barry Fetter, Ernie Jacquet, Marty Kitaeff, Jim Gaines, Steve Wellkom, John Bowers, Thomas Higginbottom, Bob Rosenthal, Richard Epstein, Ed Altman, Bob Herschon, Chris Rose. ZETA PSI I85S FIRST ROW: Peter Beightol, Bruce Gates, Secretary Warren Swaney, Vice-President Brian Sann, President John Shoemaker, Treasurer Douglas Norland, Keith Provost, William Theodore. SECOND ROW: Laning R. FIRST ROW: Judy Lane, Ingrid Alfredson, Jan Parker, Linda Homier, Karen Loomis, Marty Parker, Patti Clayton, Pam Manual, Lynn Kitzul, Roberta Adamson, Kris Miller. SECOND ROW: Faith de Manincor, Julie Sanderson, Lynn Taylor, Cindy Mayers, Treasurer Judy Reeves, President Dorothy Robling, Mrs. Cameron, Vice-President Joy Burroughs, Secretary Marilyn Mittleman, Karen Skromme, Trudy Burkett, Sandy Pudas, Marcia Mayhew, Bonnie Burton. THIRD ROW: Jane Poulton, Gail Morrison, Sue Johnson, Suzy Winter, Peggy Boucher, Suzy Southon, Sue Bobowski, Pat Creese, Karin Gooseman, Mary Kay Wesolek, Margaret Phebus, Sue McOmber, Barb Hamilton, Ginny Smith, Sue Gazley, Pat Uitti, Mary Fisher, Jennifer Tower, Melody Lane, Cathy Collins. FOURTH ROW: Kay Pant, Barbara O ' Boyle, Pat Connolly, Dawn Fisk, Debi McDonald, Beth Nicholson, Diane Lavos, Carolyn Beech, Mary Sinnott, Carol McFadden, Margaret Clements, Nancy Bell, Sue Goodwin, Kathy Larsen, Karen Davidson, Richard Bierma, Jack Takala, Tom Patt, Jim Nielsen, Brian Gray, Don Canham, Jim Rhoads, David K. Lohrmann, Charles B. Howard, George C. Zapp, Gerald Mitrovich. THIRD ROW: R. Lohrmann, William R. C. Branfield, Paul Segasser, Tom Erbach, Charlie McNamee, G. Van Genderen, Larry Bohner, David W. Cook, Charles Logan Riley, Paul Skoglund, Tom Walerow, Ken Kemp. ZETA TAU ALPHA 1920 Jorgensen, Lois Livesay, Cherise Lutone, Julie Spiess, Arlene Janis, Mary Ann Cardoni, Linda Cost. NOT PICTURED: Karen Young, Jean Ivacko, Mia Rutan, Pat Kelly, Sharon Goodman, Patti Dailey, Chris Christen, Margie Davidson, Chris Klein, Sue Caswell, Sue Mitchell, Donna Walters, Barb Alcini, Jonine Hixson, Lorraine Grezena, Linda Baur, Paula Clark, Betty Scooneas, Anna Martin. 34 a Warren Abrahamson, Secretary Elliot Glass, Larry Pilon, Gary Box, Gordon Pichan, Thomas B. Zinn. THIRD ROW: Douglas Elinson, Richard Fine, Chris Scagnetti, Douglas Gabriel, Clarence L. Pozza, Jr., John Mancini, Mitch Fleischer, James McGibbon, Dale E. Schmidtbleicher, James Welsh, FIRST ROW: John Pink, Don DeGlopper, Frederick Houghton Reinhart, Jim Freese, Paul Goldstein, Dan Ho, Brad Quick, Walt Fitzhugh, George Seligman, D. Spencer Berto. SECOND ROW: John F. Snyder, Robert A. M. Schofield, Bruce Carlton, John F. Schultz, Treasurer Bennard F. Loud, Vice-President Greg Beattie, Housemother Mrs. Anderson, President ANGELL HOUSE Alice Lloyd 35 FIRST ROW: Karen Rundles, Nancy Federman, Linda Laughlin, Eleanor Braun, Freda Lengel, Janice Tobacco, Mary Jaissle, Melinda Miller, Patricia Hicks, Bonnita Wirth, Kathy Krings, Barbara Bryant, Helene Freedman, Jane Hoffman, Regina Martin, Carol Hack. SECOND ROW: Kathie Williams, Carol Gilmour, Joyce Hungerford, Mary Ann Bryan, Mary Hartman, Leslie DeVille, Janet Agranoff, Thea Werner, Louise Rockwell, Sally Rasmussen, Deborah James, Carolyn Slusser, Gayle South-worth, Marjorie Kaatz, Terri Telfer, Laurie Goldstein, Cathie Andrea, Regina Wheeler. THIRD ROW: Peggy Daniels, Cynthia Sikorski, Vice-President Helen Deckert, Jane Durham, Secretary Carol Chepulis, Treasurer Lois Cornell, Rachel Weaver, ! ANDERSON HOUSE East Quadrangle Lawrence A. Toot, Douglas P. Johnson, Gary E. Bailey, Kenneth Smi th. FOURTH ROW: Ronald Raven, Kerry Norwalk, Mark Giroux, Ingo Deters, Jim Schauer, Kim Williams, Greg Simmons, David W. Cook, Dave Kemp, John Nielsen, Dave Knoll, Brook Smith, Michael Veve, Steve Jermaine. Susan Kneger, Housemother Mrs. Nixon, Mary Holman, Cheryl Warren, suzanne Lehr, Mary Louise Orsini, Nancy Drake, President Laura Andrus, Cindy Fadool, Agnes Appleby, Kathryn Whitford. FOURTH ROW: Janice begolund, Ly Tuma Phylis Barney, Linda Semon, Jean Walsh, Shirley Gofrank Linda Fechner, Pat Alsgaard, Joan Drukker, Ellen Wamock, Chris Erkkila, Edie Hunt, Diane Murphy, Heidi Bernhart, Linda VanBuren Nancy Thorpe, Judy Robinson, Laurel Widerkehr, Gwen Wilner Lynne Culver, Sharon Shafer. FIFTH ROW: E. Harris, Gwen Hamilton ' , Susan agadorn, Margaret Chaffee, Gayle Lenhoff, Kathie Gaskill, Debbie Clothier Pat Meyer, Jane Saul, Diane Dayton, Nancy Bodbyl, Meredith Gulp, Mary Baird, Ellen Warner, Mary Branch, Susan Winter, Susan Witten, Karen Mc- Allister, Janet Boettger, Maria Green, Barbara Lowrie, Denise Kehoe, Jeanne McGinn, Mary Jo Rollins, Veronica Miscisin. SIXTH ROW: Cathy Garnett, Betty Walter, Jo Fick, Diana Luxon, Wendy Parmet, Karen Hohmann, Nancy Luehmann, Pamela Walen, Marcia Vivirski, Misty Connors, Sandra Davi- son, Karen Boise, Sue Dawkins, Teena Tuenge, Sue Lovell, Phyllis Wiles, Heather Hoff, Alice Preketes, Judy Noiris, Pat Breitkreitz, Kristine Watia, Beverly Braiker, Marilyn Pound, Doni Hoffman. BLAGDON HOUSE Markley Hall FIRST ROW: Linda Shikoski, Kristen Rinaker, Janet Fotheringham, Marsha Novick, Jeri Berc, Carol Miller, Nancy lo Jacobs, Elaine Hoisington. SECOND ROW: Angle Pollee, Susan Abel, Beverly Napier, Suzanne Gpyette, Secre- tary Nancy Altman, Treasurer Diane Lynn Saltz, Co-ordinating Vice- President Susan LaGosh, Housemother Mrs. G. Aldus, President Ginny T. Lo, Executive Vice-President H. Naomi Katz, Judy Barlas, Roselyn a =11 ,=L _=:,5 FT r i r i u 4 -4ft _ FIRST ROW: Barbara Slusky, Judy Gentile, Stephanie Morgan, Joyce Eckei, Barbara Heminger, Nancy Behrens, Susan Turner, Marcia Schaefer, Christina Pitts, Carol Thomas, Dianne Miles, Helen Ross, Dorothy Barczak, Gloria Lenardon, Vivian Croghan. SECOND ROW: Joanne DiLoreto, Ann Marchio, Virginia Engstrom, Jill Brody, Suzanne Butch, Joyce Weinstein, Ann Crow, Linda Lewis, Ileen Kurlander, Debbie Marshall, Cheryl Eisenman, Judi Rom, Sally Sloman, Karen Schutzman, Beverly Stein, Barbara Kaufman, Cathy Permut, Carol Hepner, Ellen Stein. THIRD ROW: Marcy Pelly, Karen Zoldan, Lois Feigin, Carolyn Krebs, Betsy Mark, Linda Bidelman, Treasurer Sandra Lust, Vice-President Darlene Schiesel, Resident Director Mrs. Ada Dickely, President Linda Sidenstecker, Secretary Margaret Bleak- ley, Suzanne Berry, Mary Sprague, Nancy Kotlarczyk, Vivian Bard, Marsha Gibas, Jane Guerriero, Naida Wirgau. FOURTH ROW: Susan Klein, Mary Grammens, Barbara Berch, Arleen Miller, Alice Dodge, Kim McCarthy, Olga Bogdanoy, Diedra Heitzman, Brenda Steiner, Barbara Oleshansky, Jane Kreski, Margaret Kafcas, Mary Godfrey, Carolyn Lejuste, Sandi Omerso, Judie Schiffman, Marcia Watts, Gayle Sakowski, Rowena Innes, Carol Bacak, Ann Marie Jonas, Karen Lupovich, Betsy Hecht, Chris Robinson. FIFTH ROW: Martha Goettman, Jane Nelson, Susan Willis, Barbara Carlson, Barbara Mayer, Carol Francis, Judy Monson, Susie Swan, Barbara Bogard, Oppenhuizen, Jeanne Charn, Aviva Kempner, Diane Dreyfuss. THIRD ROW: Lucy Hirschfeld, Pamela Shifter, Anne Hodge, Martha Call, Linda Hurtuk, Mary Ann Steger, Susan Summerhays, Danielle Otto, Roberta Titman, Mary Alice Black, Karen Beemon, Faith Adler, Barb Fieldhouse, Liz Rappaport, Nancy Blaker, Carol Leitner, Mirfee Klein, Kathy Craighton, Judy Wilcox, Nora Tsang. FOURTH ROW: Jeanne Primeau, Sue Smallman, Ruth Gould, Carol VanderWeele, Ann Page, Maryellen Doolittle, Melanie Meyer, Harriet Griesser, Barb Wilson, Mary Birckelbaw, Diane Kuehnle, Janel Kun, Aletta, Schaap, Lynn Shapiro, Chi Chi Williams, Marilyn Lankfer, Judy Smith, Gail Lift, Margo Freeborn, Jeanne Baycurs, Barbara Mullett, Kathleen Keeler. Chris Wearly, Eileen Brown, Cheryl Nido, Jackie Wilson, Diane Powell, Carolyn Kilkka, Elaine Mittleman, Linda Mayer, Joanne Schwartzman, Janis Swan, Ada Snyder, Lynn Schneider, Joyce Kaminsky, Judi Joerger, Jackie Junod, Tina Lapham, Younghee Kim. SIXTH ROW: Marilyn Lumberg, Darleen Jarman, Linda Krans, Peggy Joos, Patricia Kaiser, Susan Ward, Mary Sherwood, Sharon VanderKaay, Barbara Pachter, Janet Wickham, Sally Griffin, Nancy Bell, Mary Kelly, Patricia Drooger, Joyce Garfield Mary Bales, Rhoda Thatch, Kerry Pendell, Beverly Connor, Barbara Warner, Cathey Bernhard, Ellen Brooks, Patricia Kinney, Carol Schunke, Karen Anderson, Nicki Bruer, Cindy Bitell. BUSH HOUSE South Quadrangle 36 , A FIRST ROW: Cathie Eddy, Betty Garrels, Sue Randolph, ludy Sperling, Lynda Lomax, Louise Kahan, Chrystie King, Debbie Dickey, Alice Youmans, Kathie VanHoven, Martha Esch, Eve Stasikowski, Jorum Ramsey, Catherine Klemann, Ruth Cassel, Judy Badger, Nancy Weiswasser. SECOND ROW: Irene Barr, Ellen Mosher, Mary DeLano, Ginnie Hart, Treasurer Judy Passan, Secretary Susan Bobbitt, Vice-President Nancy Fox, President Meril Penn, Mrs. Quail, Mrs. Scott, Mary Woodruff, Linda Swayze, Swanee Maddox, Ellen Asch, Sue Monroe, Betsy Wolff, Jane Falk. THIRD ROW: Margery Stern, Kathryn Zemens, Judy Steere, Pat Chopp, Deborah White, lo Anne Heywood, Carol Toll, Ann Liebrecht, Lynne Sebastian, Carol Lehmann, Barbara Connell, Diana Smyth, Rima Boyer, Karen Borst, Carolyn Cole, Nancy Moorhus, Lois Harder, Gay Blanchard, Helen Tunison, Shirley Tanner, Kathryn Scherling, Anne Marlotte, Sara Penn, Lynn Drickamer, Robin Adams, Christel Johnson, Bette Vanlttersam. FOURTH ROW: Barbara m -.1. COUZENS HALL 37 FIRST ROW: Corinne Jones, Holly Merel, Chris Parks, Maria Yaquinto, Peggy Ferm, Terry Pink, Larane Lakatos, Jinnie Yeh. SECOND ROW: Donna Fisher, Mrs. Harrington, Vice-President Fran McCarty, President Lee MARTHA COOK Brown, Mona Mikhail, Susan Erlich, Harriet Welty, Cecelia Thurmaier, Linda Baughman, Judy Newman, Mary Thacher, Mary Weil, Marcia Bolt, Kathy Kutsche, Laura VanVlack, Rhonda Bartsch, Clare Kilgore, Pat Wallace, Judy Elkin, Alice Lincoln, Beverly Howard, Kay Sinclair, Susan Windeler, Lesley Singer, Ruth Winick, Julia Lacy, Dorothy Yenni, Rebecca Rapport, Ruth Segall, Pat Hewlett. I Zahnow, Mrs. Blair, Shirley Gutkowski, Cynthia Engle, Mrs. Mitchell, Sally Bolln. THIRD ROW: Barbara Sernak, Lori Lebow, Janet Ball, Sheila Jones, Pam Thorpe, Sandra Kackstetter, Jo Hollingsworth, Mary Sprouse, Kathy Kulow, Nancy Bayne, Nancy Davison, Audrey Pleasant, Diane Ball. GREENE HOUSE East Quadrangle FIRST ROW: Peter Kivisto, A. Server, Neil Zechman, Mike Jones, Rick Redding, Jeff Rothenberg, Ted Thompson, Tom Smithson, Roy Grow, Jack Miller, Jeff Gislason, Fred Spike, F. William Johnson. SECOND ROW: Peter Wolf, Henry Grix, Mark Glazer, Richard Wright, Paul Berlin, Secretary Bob Johnson, President John Allen, Mrs. Frank Gugino, Vice-President James Hartough, Treasurer Mike Vernarelli, Carl Spath, Fenwick Fairfield, Doug Thielking, Mike Devine, John Costantino. THIRD SECOND ROW: Jan Martin Joseph Leiter, James R. Dulzo, Steve Hollar, Tim Nolan, Russ Longhlin, Jerry Metiers, James Husa, Jr., David R. Lawrence, Steven Babcock, Richard Garrison, William Black, Douglas Cook, Dale Carr, Dave Cannan, Bart P. Kronfeld. THIRD ROW: Juan FIRST ROW: Avrom T. J. Weisman, Phillip B. Keith, Secretary John E. Bashforth, Roderick P. Johnson, Vice-President Marty Hable, President Joseph Fronsee, Frances M. Belts, R. Tim Mannasmith, William C. Stewart, J. Robert Meyer, Edward S. Greene, Colin R. McKenzie, Sam Nakamura. ROW: Danny Kurtycz, Jim Savory, Douglas Moorhouse, Laurence Cohn, Mark Frankel, Mark Wojciechowski, Richard William Forbes, Larry Fitch, Keith V. Syrja, C. Dean Botsis, Robert Goldenthal, Jeff Brown, Kent Hertzing, W. Peter Doren, Mark Greenberg, Russell Slade, Dean Chasky, Dave Currin, Alan Kessler. FOURTH ROW: Jim Thompson, Russ Ehrman, Jeff Buchanan, Charles Mailer, Lon Smith, Jim Griffin, Carl Winberg, Dean Youngren, Bruce Parent, John Visnaw, Harvey White, Bob Gabriel, Gary Marten, Martin Pelavin, Jim Pence, Mark Hoy, Keith Hodge, Ron Parker, Myron Fineberg, Philip Knowles, Bill Bunn. FIFTH ROW: James E. Brown, Rick Semenik, Michael Kalis, Gregory Meszaros, Larry Ricker, Joseph M. Jones, Jonathan Siskin, Herman C. West, Scott Jacobs, Dennis Dill, Leo Bill, Carl Mezoff, Michael Cron, Carl S. Smith, Paul Niemisto, Gregory Kelch, Michael Mendrygal, Jerry Kuner, Jim Frederick. HAYDEN HOUSE East Quadrangle H Manuel Avila, Manuel A. Nunez, Douglas Slizewski, Andy Zagrzejewski, John Mosher, Fred Cohrs, James Clark, Thomas M. Jones, Fred E. Cowles, Richard J. Foiled, Carl Haas, David Chapin, Mark R. Deschere, Thomas Ricci, Michael Touma. 38 39 ! m LA .4- | -A FIRST ROW: Mary Lutskus, Lee Bernstein, Leatrice Hauptman, Kay Stans- bury, Claudia Rogers, Gracemary Young, Pamela Whateley, Kristine Carlson, Joyce Holloway, Marie Kucera, Gita Schonfeld, Paula Leszcynski. SECOND ROW: Alice Levin, Judy Murray, Vice-President Esther Tepper, Secretary Peggy Hensley, Treasurer Marilyn Millet, Martha Thompson, Sharon Fletcher, Resident Director Mrs. Millard, Jane Davis, lean Gelfund, President Kathy MacDonald, Ellen Goldberg, Janis Hayes, Chris Collins. THIRD ROW: Phyllis Rubenstein, Caroline Hirneisen, Brenda Mackie, Cecilia Hunt, Ellen Smock, Louise Pietsch, Suzanne Swayze, Barbara Zawacki, Chris Zerby, Marge Adelsberg, Kathy Schultz, Judy Rudy, Sandy Baer, Patti Rajala, Connie Hill, Tina Geoga, Debby Hausrath, Georgie HUNT HOUSE South Quadrangle FIRST ROW: Jane Rosengarten, Bronwyn Jones, Susan Warner, Secretary Susan Londergan, Vice-President Terry Jo Kropp, President Janet Herr, Treasurer Susan Hallett, Marilyn Weissmann, Selma Schwartz, Marcia Berlin, Marjie Levin. SECOND ROW: Karyl Jupa, Sandy Senakiewich, HINSDALE HOUSE Alice Lloyd Geyer. FOURTH ROW: Kay Evelyn Dudley, Sandra Kay DeArmond, Marilyn Jean Wierman, Joy Denise Kintner, Mary Jo Letter, Margo Stipe, Judy Gravels, Marsha Barton, Laurie Woolley, Kandi Wanda, Sue Lilley, Lois B. Feingold, Crystal Hacker, Marjy Rosner, Cindy Marine, Cindy Tootle, Patricia Darron. Ann M. Shakespear, Peggy Collins, Judy Imsland, Judy Grier, Lynn Waldron, Ronna Ault, Jill Miller, Zadie Pixley, Beverly Putz, Doris A. Foster, Candace Hammel. THIRD ROW: Elinor Ann Finlayson, Linda Thompson, Jean Ruth, Carol Wallace, Sue Silber, Lorraine King, Marna Anderson, Peggy Powell, Cherie Rusbridge, Royal Blanding, Elaine Edmunds, Christine Aleksoff, Maree Russo, Camille Gillespie. JORDAN HALL FIRST ROW: D. Gaynes, Secretary G. Mathews, Vice-President K. Deibert, President J. Rhea, Associate Director Mrs. Selden, Director Mrs. Coller, A. Brem, I. Polk, H. Gable, Virginia Bigler. SECOND ROW: S. Edgerton, FIRST ROW: D. Sypitkowski, C. Griesinger, H. Gable, I. Polk, A. Brem, Director Mrs. Coller, Associate Director Mrs. Selden, Vice-President Kris Deibert, President Jennifer Rhea, Secretary G. Mathews, Bonnie Buderus. SECOND ROW: J. Neff, D. Lynch, S. Lane, R. Feldman, E. Babiarz, J. Churchill, W. Wirth, M. Saari, M. Soderberg, M. Tuttle, I. Woodhams, J. Pederson, B. Wilson. THIRD ROW: I. Stovack, A. Friedrichs, N. Mammen, : : K. Donaldson, C. Fried, J. Branstetter, L. Goodman, F. Dodge, N. Fidler, J. Haines, C. Kleiner, M. Burgel, I. Fitzgerald, J. Williams, P. Stout. THIRD ROW: C. Hranach, D. Stewart, N. Loy, J. Kembel, N. Zanolli, K. Striemer, P. Place, J. Vander Poppen, L. Lyska, P. Buck, L. Kagan, M. L. Day, N. Leavitt, J. Zich, M. Caughey, L. Koehn. JORDAN HALL C. Hosek, D. Dunkle, B. Kaufman, A. Mills, P. Hoganson, L. Wilkinson, J. Henry, G. Gordon, P. Miklas. 40 =].. 1=3 Oppenheim, Jeffrey Last, ' Michael Neymark, Kenneth Bean, John Hartom, John Somers. THIRD ROW: Mike Bucchianeri, Pat Ronayne, John Brown, Lar- ry Minkoff, Wood Lotz, Stephen Friedman, Mike Gross, Fred Sample, Bill Klumpper, Sandy Birnholtz, Paul Walter, Jack Smith, Mike Vasko, A. Douglas Reeves, William Woodworth, Rick Wittkopp, Daniel Eldredge, FIRST ROW: Jim Krebs, Wade Shull, Greg Zieren, Gordon Wormser, Paul Hoffman, John Kukora, John Hemritz, Stuart Shaw, John Lynch, Richard Balaban, Gary Cr ews, Robert Pond, James Hoffski, Jim Murtha. SECOND ROW: Martin Dresser, Steven Parzen, Laurence Blumberg, James Green, John Russell, Howard Friedlander, James Samborn, John Sanguinetti, Eric KLEINSTUECK HOUSE Alice Lloyd 41 FIRST ROW: Allison Holzman, Janet DeCapite, Intra-dorm President Hillary Esbit, Penny Dazy, Gloria Schoettle, Janet Reinboth, President Claire Wil- liams, Resident Director Mrs. Madeline Jones, Vice-President Donna Jacobs, Naomi Goldberg, Jane Luxon, Linda Duvall, Rita Jo Rankin, Roxanne Anfang. SECOND ROW: Marsha Raff, Shannon Halloran, Harriet KELSEY HOUSE South Quadrangle Arthur Dillard. FOURTH ROW: Greg Bower, Paul Matthews, Michael Hovland, Fred Jorgensen, Kinyon Gorton, Garvie Craw, Charles Lawrence Donald Grise, Larry Ozga, Darryl Bell, Dennis Guest, Alan Barczak, Jerome Collyer, George Ruttinger, Tom Gryniewicz, Jeffrey Gould, John Prusiecki, Jeffrey Colton, John Hoeffler. Sonkin, Lenora Adanti, Linda Maddock, Carol Green, Lauren Kaminski, Lou King, Katie Smith, Annette Pintal, JoAnn Alber, Jeane LaFountain, Susan Kokoszka, Patti Mosier, Pat Roe, Jane Kenjoski, Anita D ' Alleva, Diane Zube, Marcia Talberg. THIRD ROW: Lynette Miller, Alexis Jefferson, Cathy Hoben, Christine Seltsam, Kathy Jarvenpaa, Margaret Nelson, Sharon Hutchison, Mary Guen Tanguay, Diane Stephenson, Kathy Dewey, Gina Purcell, Cynthia Dolan, Joan Fealk, Ann Johnston, Jayne Tien, Susan Zuckerman, Starr Townsend, Barb McBrien, Marsha Strong, Diana Bozarth, Candy Dombek, Diane Bindernagel. MOSHER HALL FIRST ROW: Judith Howell, Shirley Nickovich, Marian Collins, Jeanne Eichstadt, Connie Lou Cardy, Kathleen Benson, Cynthia Rogoff, Gloria Klein, Linda Weston. SECOND ROW: Lynn Adams, Carol Dinger, Mary Kelly, Marguerite Chrisman, Julie Cox, Marilyn Muma, Kathy Downes, Jan Rubin, Barbara Jack, Carolyn Chen, Sherry Lawler. THIRD ROW: Pam Maines, Cherie Williams, Judy Bochenek, Avi Teles, Director Mrs. Coller, Associate Director Mrs. Roper, Deanna Duncan, Barbara Alexander, Lenore Coffman, Mary Lou Mangold, Kathleen Morgan, Margo Zinberg, Jill Stauton, Connie Sauer, Dianna Salgenstein, Linda Wening, Kim Woo, Karen Dunn, Charlotte Kabeck, Joanne Bowers, Diane Kellner, Jan Leinenkugel, Sharon Brossy. FOURTH ROW: Carol Nadler, Roberta Adams, Andrea Sharfstein, Trudy Carlson, Karen Farkas, Jean Wohl, Sherry Smolek, Joan Kitzmiller, FIRST ROW: Beth DunCombe, Sally Kellman, Kathy Palmer, Lorna Richman, Janet Heimbold, Victoria Kohn, Susan Norton, Diana Mayville, Barbara Ptucha, Barb Johnson, Carol Yager. SECOND ROW: Janice Parker, Yvonne Abdoa, Claudia Propst, Secretary Jackie Moase, President Linda Feldhus, Barbara Pilarz, Priscilla Macomber, Karen Lowe. THIRD ROW: Jeannie Libby, Karen Sidley. FOURTH ROW: Marsha Sweeps, Judy Madian, Judi Wells, Linda Susan Saftley, Pam Halton, Julie McCann, Sandy Thurman, Bonnie Stern, Nancy Moore, Sue Chmiel, Carol Goloff, Jane Richards, Ellen Markus, Nancy Withey, Margaret Patchak, Brenda Abbot, Judy Cummins, Marie Torreano, Kathy Benditzky. FIFTH ROW: Eleanor Siegal, Carolyn Tuttle, Becky Creag, Tenney Chamberlain, Wanda Distler, Bonnie McConnell, Ellen Rosenthal, Judy Ploeger, Jean Novak, Beverly Spotts, Jody VanMeter, Jan Games, Linda Ringenberg, Julie Wagner, Diane Coak, Stevie Smith, Joanne Hovnan, Millie Cooper. SIXTH ROW: Janet Densmore. Judy Smilak, Marilyn Skomra, Jean Menaweck, Sue Palmer, Nancy Wallace, Annabel Dalgin, Sharon Johnson, Deborah Hanks, Kris Alilunas, Wendy Hoffman, Dayle Berke, Sema Smith, Virginia Frank, Marsha Oberman, Claudette R. Brooks, Linda Sadowski, Betty Siegner. MOSHER HALL I Ruth Howell, Janice Novotny, Michelle Capparelli, Shirley Fischer, Mary Berhalter. FIFTH ROW: Linda Loving, Lynda Snoeck, Ellen Moisio, Brenda Dupee, Alyce Sukenic, Sharon Babrowski, Sharon LaVenture, Sandra E. Martin, Linda Washington, Phyllis Hecke, Laurie Stein, Ellen Held, Janis Domzal, Denise Spoon, Valarce Brown. 42 FIRST ROW: Mary Robinson, Mary Woodruff, Nancy Colombo, Penny Haugner, Kathy Young, Gail Smith, Sue Lerner, Marcia Gomley, Marylee Dalton, Nancy Thurber, Martha Moore, Linda Burdick, Phyllis Salicoff. SECOND ROW: Susan Christine Smith, Jackie Johnson, Elizabeth Grant, Treasurer Kathleen Pouch, Carol Yahne, Secretary Susan Heatherly, Mrs. J. Tait, President Diane Dominy, Vice-President Nancy Brown, Mary Lu Menzies. Rose Marie Gackstetter, Nadine Mary Martynow, Sharon Irish, Linda Muller. THIRD ROW: Kathy Hile, Linda Paasuke, Donna Behlow, Barbara Colwell, Lorraine Chorkey, Carolyn Dick, Barbara Moore, Mary Beth Bleyaert, Carol Bosh, Erika Rabe, Sue Davis, Beth Beelen, Karen Ramer, Shari DuP raw, Ellen Hinterman, Mary Lou Hauch, Linnea Anderson, Kathy Brown,- Janet Pease. FOURTH ROW: Barbara Jacob, Lillian Krezel, PALMER HOUSE Alrce Lloyd F JNi T 43 FIRST ROW: Susan Zoekower, Barbara Eshenroder, Wendy Fried, Nancy Gilbert, Lisa Koper, Sally Michnoff, Fay Judith Wanetick, Lynn Simon. SECOND ROW: Ellen Lipman, Barbara Serwer, Daisy Grossmaw, Susie Wilder, Marion Resha Miller, Jackie Delaney, Sue Levitt, Otto Feinstein, Debbie Cooper, Chi-Chi Starman, Karen Johnson, Elaina Walchak, Debby Eisberg, Jo Ann Lewandowski, Sari Shubow, Rhonda Chapin, Bette Silver- man, Terry Schwartz, Cindy Wang. THIRD ROW: Ann Spacht, Rita Lasser, Karen Revock, Cherie Miner, Bert Rizzardi, Sally Foglesong, Gail Trebesch, ; HELEN NEWBERRY Catherine Lake, Katherine Forsythe, Cathy Baker, Dee Ellen Dobbs, Mary Hileman, Linda Carr, Cathy Turis, Marsha Koning, Margaret Arnold, Gwendolyn Nagle, Kathy Horsfall, Lynn Kutsche, Diane Kremkow, Lucy Papp, Andrea Larsen, Kathy Matheson, Rebecca Carter, Maureen Hauselt, Dorothy Bean. A A Secretary Carol Lessen, President Sonny Berenholz, Resident Director Mrs. Ermine M. McGinn, Vice President Rosalyn Feiler, Treasurer Anita Smolens, Judy Oberg, Susan Gundry, Marianne Buhr, Fredi Beckwith, Ellen S. lacobowitz, Lorraine Reno, Ann Hinds, Elana Cutler. FOURTH ROW: Mary Bronfenbrenner, Joan Brown, J. Westacott, lean Olson, Joann Reed, Anne Marie Raftshol, Jo Ann Towner, Gwen Kornheiser, Sue Sparrow, Melissa Scooros, Valerie Bunce, Mary Lou Curry, Bonnie Burton, Jodi Nye, Sue Winkelman, Helen Sochs, Pat Custer, Marsha Van Dyke, Martha Schaberg, Patty Seroka, Patti Arons, Marlee Tulpan, Julia Birkhold, Margie Pensler, Trish Charnberlin, Pat Weir. FIFTH ROW: Sandy Williams, Ellen Goldman, Maureen De Long, Chris Coble, Ann Benjey, Cindy Yellin, Cindy Merry, Joan Krejci, Cathy Wirth, Bonnie Morton, Karen Walsh, Cindy Szady, Jane Samo, Rita Montgomery, Chris Frizell, Marge Hegin- bottom, Dotty Sellers, Kathy Stareck, Gwen Q. Hester, Marlene Siebenhaar, Nancy Chapman, Barb Prins, Sandy Lawrukovich, Evelyn Hempel, Arlene Klotzko, Nancy McKellar. STOCKWELL FIRST ROW: Nancy Kellso, Treasurer Barbara Rivard, President Linda lean Lewis, Mrs. McGrath, Mrs. Newton, Mrs. Abrahms, Judith M. Gansberg, Linda Vorhees. SECOND ROW: Delphine McMastres, Nancy FIRST ROW: Beverly Huntsman, Nancy Kellso, Treasurer Barbara Rivard, President Linda Jean Lewis, Judith M. Gansberg, Linda Vorhees, Joan Hartley, Julie Romine, Nancy Robie. SECOND ROW: Mary Oliver, Dianne Becker, Sibby Johnson, Carolyn Eckner, Sandra Robertson, Betsy Wardwell, Goeboro, Ingrid Johnson, Lisa Bosch, Mimi Miller, Peggy Neill, Sandra Ward-well, Carol Vick, Carolyn Richey, Ann Reitz, Dorothy Kerkhoff, Diane McCali, Christine Dredge, Patricia Crea. THIRD ROW: Deanne Warren, Lee Weitzencorn, Sue Bowerraan, Heather Hamilton, Claudine Heldt, Paula Kaczmarek, Mary Bendelow, Jean Mooney, Marty Morris, Vija Danilaus, Dee Valvanis, Donna Benore, Cathy Walsh. STOCKWELL Julie Kern, Sally Dilworth, Mary Hoffmann, Connie Churchill, Nancy Padden, Linda Hertel, Mary Ellen Van Camp. 44 FIRST ROW: Jim Kahl, Tim Ward, Albert Hogan, Alvie Dungy, Curt Whitcomb, William Collins, Geoffrey Gilbert, Rick Fadden, Sam Ciacco, Mrs. Selma Purnell, Roderick Chu, Don Williams, Dean Tseretopoulos, Kerry Pobanz, Mark Hodges, Dave Sprow, Dave White, Francis Santiago. SECOND ROW: Tom Anderson, Ronald Polidan, Jim Fairobent, John Paul, Tom Alef, Gary Steven Carlson, Richard Loon, Paul Sharpe, Bob Clair, Dave Bessmer, Jim DuBay, Kim Anson, John Guba, Dave Horner, John Lowe, Robert Hill, Francis Giuliani, George P. Haley, Graham Robert Putman, Bill Vogel, Jeff Kahn, Bill Horner, Art Waldman, Dick Yee. THIRD ROW: Dan Yee, Allan Lowe, Bryant Murphy, Jeffrey Buten, Gene F. Lee, John L. Auferpth, Jim Turner Jr., Jim Kennedy, F red Sewell, Resident Advisor Lou Pierce, Don Schlacht, John Gage, Rick Adamy, Larry Gill, Pierre Leroy, George Yin, Elwood P. Suggins, Duke LaManna, Gary Johnson, Michael Koidin, John Abbott, Bob Aughenbaugh, Russell B. :o no DC an 3 IDE DO an THRONSON HOUSE South Quadrangle 45 FIRST ROW: Carolyn Daitch, Susie Robbins, Carol Weltman, Janet Terner, Claire Chaimson, Joan Stolorow, Bonnie Burton, Debbie Heaven, Vivian Gould, Maureen Shubow, Barbara Eisner, Rita Leventen, Anita Spector, Nancy Nissen, Jane Froman, Barbara Rosenberg, Laura Snider, Vicky Lavin, Andrea Wolf, Ellen Retzker, Christine Schaffer, Barb Charles, Elise Phebus, Ronna Hertzberg, Sue Saefkow. SECOND ROW: Linda Koepfgen, Rheta Pollock, Linda Grossman, Cindy Diogenes, Maxine Marion, .Daryle Roth, Audrey Schottenfeld, Carol Moscow, Marcia Sober- man, Joanna Kaufman, President Cindy Wallack, Mrs. May, Jane Williams, Karen Friedman, Jean Scholl, Cheryl Nicholson, Jane Cornette, Elizabeth Martin, Donna Barbaglia, Carol Spickler, Meryl Sacks, Donna Kaufman, STRAUSS HOUSE East Quadrangle Norton. FOURTH ROW: Richard W. Whitwell, Joseph Fioritto, Philip V. Rutka, Dale Herring, Jim Davies, Jim Barton, Bill Bleich, John Robinson, Robert William Kerr, William K. Gamble, Bob Leeson, Gilbert Robinson, Charles W. Dietrich, Clinton Canady III, Keith Heidorn, Robert Kent, Thomas Dutcher, Stuart Weisberger, Ken Ferguson, Patrick Caplis, Jerry Cable, Richard Fairbrother, William Keller, Larry Emeott, David Mendelson. DIE 33 2 ODD DUE H DE DOHa ODD tdD 3CDCD3 3D W f fiftf Sfo Lynn Tar. THIRD ROW: Sue Merrill, Sharon Wiltse, Sherry Yagoda, Connie Hunter, Toni Slotkin, Linda Jaffe, Carmen Adams, Rochelle Groff, Leslie Schimpke, Treasurer Anne-Marie Eding, Sherron Dean, Vice-President Julie Oeming, Emmy Evans, Julie Mezaros, Ellen Gross, Sheryl Polikoff, Ann Munster, Nancy Hitpas, Barbra Brzycki, Linda Stechison, Kathy Worgess, Aggie Todd, Secretary Nancy Dillingham, Mary Ann Sliwinski, Jane Steid- ley, Kathy Geraghty, Jean Machlik, Laurie Daniels, Susie Abt, Susie Sarnat, Lalah Lebbon, Bonnie Everett. FOURTH ROW: Marilyn Musser, Vicki Braverman, Arlene Schechtman, Patti Lander, Susan Marrich, Deborah Duval, Barbara Kraft, Joan Bernstein, Ronna Segal, Yvonne Simon, Pam Colbum, Fern Bomchill, Donna Sherman, Martin Kahn, Alice Bagdade, Kathi Quigley, Beth Warren, Ellen Arbeiter, Paulette Hunt, Jane Olden- kamp, Helen Kronenberg, Dianne Rose, Sherry Borim, Sue Schwartz, Susan Lenhoff, Barbara Waldman, Elaine Dziobak, Johnna Beltz, Roberta Anderson, Patti Wagner, Sandy Weurding, Becky Head, Anita O ' Kulich, Luana Kyselka, Sandra Pinches. FIFTH ROW: Sharon Zielinski, Lucy Kennedy, Cynthia Marble, Jill Rood, Susan Mintz, Elinor Schwartz, Jan Supovitz, ' Cathy Shells, Lynn Adams, Debbie Shulman, Anne Buerser, Patti Suffer, Nancy Reizen, Nancy Weingarten, Toni Pratt, Mary Jo Bellows, Pat Frank, Emily Watts, Charlene Richardson, Helen Ritter, Binnie Gun, Ann Roseby, Zonya Johnson, Patricia Neill, Susie Kahn, Patti Price, Pam Thraen, Ginny Smith, Tobie Kranitz, Sandy Johnson, Nancy Dodae. FIRST ROW: Jim Fici, Jack Stead, Steve Dawdy, Larry L. Smith, Randall J. Hess, Thomas G. Hackett, Mrs. H. Winquist, Charles A. Moran, Charles H. DeGryse, George Buntrock, Richard Leclair, Marc Wohl, Rabindranath Rampersad. SECOND ROW: Ernest L. Bayer, Joel Hershey, Jim Borshof, John Brigel, Mike Perrante, Kurt Lauer, Ron Konopka, Joe Bologna, James Lemire, Larry Kasdan, William Meyer, Alan Wagner. THIRD ROW: Christopher Porter, Ian Wright, Armando Bolmey, Grady McKay, James Hainault, Carl Sorenson, Thomas Tollefson, Randy Nettlow, Dan Hayes, Donald Henczel, George Rolby Jr., Robert Salzberg, Frank Sensoli, Richard Massa. FOURTH ROW: Donald Arrigo, Robert Mayer, A. J. Pohja, Richard WINCHELL HOUSE West Quadrangle 46 FIRST ROW: Roger Robert, Randy Wise, Dave Forst, Bill Metcalf, Urban Lehner, Drew Shepherd, Steve Diehl, Chris Smith, Roland Erhardt, Tim Gibbs. SECOND ROW: Mike Smith, larry Wengren, Steve Wainess, Dick Strong, Bob Bades, Secretary Ron Krapp, Vice-President Fred Feinsod, Assistant Advisor Mrs. Skidmore, Treasurer John Rosczyk, Steve DeMund, Bob Overhiser, Greg Presley, Dave Thorson, Michael Bernstein. THIRD TYLER HOUSE East Quadrangle Corak, Russell Hammond, Harold Scott, John Willis, Rodger Keats, James Burggraaf, David Dustin, John Boutin, Larry La Fave, James Crawford, Paul Hagner. ROW: Jim Rose, Philip Block, George Roberts, Larry Thibos, Ron Lee, Jay Mandler, John Matisi, Brian Schiller, John Savage, Clarence Clark, Alan Kozikowski, Mike Hammer. FOURTH ROW: Henry Winokur, Mel Fosterow- ski, H. I. Baumgartel, William Berg, Jim Lucas, Bill Wascher, Dave Satwicz, Bob VanBemmelen, Jerry Deputat, Stephen Chmielewski, Terry Cavanaugh, Tom Kolis, Mark Hodax. FIFTH ROW: Joseph Giacinto, James Bradley, Dave Rosichuk Dave Willard, Eugene Peplinski, Hans McGurk, Fred Cohen, Ira Eisenstadt, Ed Bochenek, Dave Slucter, John Sabol, Daniel Towle, Lee Paddock, David Strevel, Robert Rosenfield, Tim Hass, William Bestoso. INDEX Abbot, Brenda 42 Abbott, Allen 14 Abbott, John 45 Abbott, Laura 5 Abdoo, Yvonne 42 Abel, Susan 36 Abelson, Jack 3 Abend, William 20 Abraham, Kate 13 Abrahamson, Warren 35 Abrams, Barry 20 Abrams, Mark 33 Abrams, Robert 20 Acker, Griffith 18 Acker, Robert 5 Ackerman, Frederick 22 Ackerman, Gary 18 Adamo, Wayne 9 Adams, Carmen 45 Adams, Donald 19 Adams, Lynn 42 Adams, Rebecca 17 Adams, Roberta 42 Adams, Robin 37 Adams, Ronald 32 Adamson, Roberta 34 Adamy, Eric 18, 45 Adanti, Leonora 41 Adelsberg, Marjorie 39 Adler, Fatih 36 Aepli, Robert 31 Agosta, Joseph 15 Agranoff, Janet 35 Aho, Julianne 2 Aiken, John 13 Aiken, Robert 20 Ainslie, Alton 28 Aitken, Sharon 15 Alber, Jo Ann 41 Albrecht, John 14 Alderman, Donald 3 Alef, Thomas 45 AleksofJ, Christine 39 Alexander, Barbara 3, 42 Alexander, David 25 Alexander, Dwight 6 Alexander, Ronald 12 Alexander, Sandra 4 Alexandrovich, Nick 15 Alford, Bruce 7 Alfredson, Ingrid 34 Alilunas, Kristine 42 Allen, James 18 Allen, John 28, 38 Alley, Ronald 21 Allison, Gregory 21 Allison, Richard 9 Allwein, Ann 15 Allyn, Carol 5 Alpert, Aaron 24 Alsgaard, Patricia 35 Alsup, Philip 33 Althouse, Marc 30 Altman, Edward 33 Altman, Judith 9 Altman, Nancy 36 Altun, Mehmet 2 Alvey, Bevan 19 Amado, Rachel 11 Amalfitano, Neil 31 Amend, Richard 25 Amos, Michael 32 Ampulski, Gary 13 Andeen, Bruce 31 Andersen, Gary 14 Anderson, Bruce 7 Anderson, Edward 14 Anderson, G. 8 Anderson, Jacqueline 11 Anderson, Karen 36 Anderson, Kathleen 9 Anderson, Kay 27 Anderson, Leslie 4 Anderson, Linnea 43 Anderson, Mama 39 Anderson, Michael 14 Anderson, Richard 9 Anderson, Robert 32 Anderson, Roberta 15 Anderson, Thomas 45 Anderson, Thomas 7 Anderson, Willie 33 Andrea, Catherine 35 Andrews, Harley 14 Andrus, Laura 35 Anfang, Roxana 41 Angelo, Richard 29 Angst, Anne 10 Anson, Kim 45 Anspach, Susan 11 Anthony, Robert 12 Antonowicz, Michael 32 Appel, William 30 Appleby, Agnes 35 Arbut, Edward 28 Architetto, Thomas 7 Aries, Elizabeth 13 Amkoff, Howard 33 Arnold, Jeff 19 Arnold, Magaret 43 Aronow, David 22 Arons, Patricia 3, 43 Aronson, David 14 Arrigo, Donald 46 Arrowsmith, Marle e 23 Arsulowicz, Daniel 9 Arvai, John 14 Arvai, Louis 14 Asch, Ellen 37 Ascher, Nancy 3 Asman, Barbara 1 Asman, Margaret 6 Asprin, Robert 5 Astrom, Richard 30 Atkinson, Billie 13 Atkinson, John 21 Atler, Edward 24 Auer, John 32 Auferoth, John 45 Aughenbaugh, Robert 45 Ault, Ronna 39 Aupperle, Gertrude 9 Averbook, Charles 24 Avila, Juan 38 Axelrod, Judy 22 Axelrod, Robert 29 Babak, Donna 15 Babcock, Robert 24 Babcock, Steven 38 Babiarz, Elaine 40 Babinski, Suzanne 17 Babrowski, Sharon 42 Bacak, Carol 36 Bach, Prudence 10 Bachman, Anne 12 Bacon, Robert 9 Bades, Robert 46 Badger, Graeme 28 Badger, Judith 37 Baer, Sandra 3, 39 Baessler, Arthur 13 Bailey, Gary 35 Bailey, Opal 4 Baily, Thomas 18 Bair, Judith 8 Baird, Mary 35 Baker, Carol 11 Baker, Cathleen 43 Baker, Deanna 22 Baker, John 7 Baker, Joseph 15 Baker, Linda 27 Baker, Sally 2 Balaban, Richard 41 Bales, Mary 36 Ball, Diane 37 Ball, Janet 37 Ball, Randall 28 Banar, James 18 Band, Jeffrey 20 Bandyk, Dennis 31 Banger, Cynthia 16 Banks, Terry 6 Baraf, Herbert 29 Barak, Gayle 22 Barbaglia, Donna 45 Barber, ' Susan 1 Barczak, Dorothy 36 Barczuk, Alan 41 Bard, Vivian 36 Baribeau, Douglas 8 Barkoff, Rupert 3 Barlas, Judith 36 Barnes, Bonny 17 Barnes, Carol 27 Barnes, Linda 23 Barnett, Marsha 22 Bamey, Phylis 35 Baron, Bonnie 3 Barone, Marilyn 1 Barr, Irene 37 Barrett, Thomas 10 Barshal, Robert 25 Barter, Patricia 27 Bartholomew, Arthur 14 Bartlett, Rosemary 4 Barton, James 45 Barton, Marsha 39 Bartsch, Rhonda 37 Bashara, Carol 10 Bashforth, John 38 Bass, Richard 29 Bassett, Margaret 5 Bates, Robert 29 Batsakis, James 14 Batterton, John 21 Bauchman, Tom 20 Baughman, Bruce 19 Baughman, Linda 37 Baum, Richard 29 Baum, Warren 3 Baumann, Gregory 18 Baumann, Roland 30 Baumgartel, Howard 46 Baumgartner, Robert 26 Baycura, Jeanne 36 Bayer, Edward 20 Bayer, Ernest 46 Bayer, Sandra 4 Bayne, Nancy 37 Bays, Timothy 2 Bayster, Philip 14 Beach, Patricia 1 Beal, Jeffrey 25 Beals, Robert 9 Bean, Dorothy 43 Bean, Kenneth 41 Beasley, Anne 11 Beattie, Gregory 35 Beaubien, Richard 32 Bebow, Michael 19 Beck, Dale 32 Beck, Douglas 27 Beck, James 28 Becker, Claire 27 Becker, Dianne 44 Becker, Richard 13 Beckerleg, Robert 27 Beckert, Kathryn 1 Beckett, James 24 Beckett, Susan 15 Beckwith, Fredrika 43 Bedrick, Peter 24 Beebe, Kathryn 4 Beech, Carolyn 34 Beelen, Beth 43 Beemon, Karen 36 Beerbohm, Steven 33 Begle, Frederick 20 Behlow, Donna 43 Behrens, Nancy 36 Beightol, Peter 34 Bejin, Susan 10 Bell, Darryl 20, 41 Bell, Dean 9 Bell, Harvey 29 Bell, Judith 15 Bell, Lawrence 31 Bell, Nancy 34, 36 Bellairs, Katharine 2 Bencks, Beverly 9 Bendelow, Mary 44 Bender, James 29 Benditzky, Kathryn 42 Bendlin, Linda 4 Benham, Hal 2 Benish, Beverly 1 Benjey, Ann 43 Bennett, Joan 23 Benning, Karen 5 Benore, Donna 44 Benschop, Susan 4 Benson, Kathleen 42 Benton, James 2 Bequette, Michael 18 Berc, Jeri 36 Berch, Barbara 36 Berenholz, Sonia 43 Berg, Stephanie 27 Berg, Sylvia 27 Berg, William 46 Berger, Jane 10 Berger, Steven 3 Berglund, Elaine 11 Berglund, Merry 5 Berhalter, Mary 42 Berke, Dayle 42 Berlin, Marcia 39 Berlin, Paul 38 Bernest, Dennis 14 Bernhard, Cathey 36 Bernhart, Heidi 35 Berns, Paul 18 Bernstein, Lee 39 Bernstein, Michael 46 Bernstein, Sheilah 11 Berry, Anne 10 Berry, Dennis 31 Berry, Linda 2 Berry, Suzanne 36 Berto, David 35 Bessmer, David 45 Bestoso, William 46 Belts, Frances 38 Betz, Susan 9 Betzner, John 21 Beukema, Mary 1 Beyer, Kathryn 17 Bickes, Margaret 1 Bickes, Winifred 1 Bidelman, Linda 36 Bielawski, Mary 2 Bielawski, Michael 14 Bielfield, Jay 22 Bierma, Richard 34 Bigler, Virginia 40 Bill, Leo 38 Billiet, Richard 13 Bindernagel, Diane 41 Birckelbaw, Mary 36 Birenboim, Barbara 3 Birkhold, Julia 43 Birleson, Stanley 30 Birnholtz, Sanford 41 Bishop, Karen 9 Bishop, Shirley 8 Bishop, Steven 26 Bitell, Cynthia 36 Bizzocchi, James 25 Bjorklund, Dale 11 Black, Barry 22 Black, Bonnie 1 Black, David 8 Black, Evan 14 Black, Margaret 15 Black, Mary 36 Black, Thomas 19 Black, William 38 Blackburn, John 9 Bladt, Frances 5 Blain, Roger 7 Blair, Marlene 15 Blakely, Donald 30 Blaker, Nancy 36 Blaker, Russell 18 Blanchard, Gay 37 Bland, John 31 Blanding, Royal 11, 39 Bleakley, Margaret 36 Bleich, William 45 Blayaert, Mary 43 Bloch, Harry 3 Block, Jerry 20 Block, Philip 46 Blough, Richard 11 Bluestone, Stewart 29 Blum, Dale 28 Blumberg, Laurence 41 Blumberg, Michael 20 Boardman, Kathleen 2 Boas, William 33 Boase, Barbara 9 Bobbitt, Susan 37 Bobowski, Susan 34 Bocan, David 13 Bochanty, Terry 21 Bochenek, Edward 46 Bochenek, Judith 42 Bodbyl, Nancy 35 Boersma, Kristin 11 Boesen, Sally 17 Boettger, Janet 35 Bogard, Barbara 36 Bogdanov, Olga 9, 36 Boger, Richard 14 Bogenrief, James 19 Bohn, Richard 20 Bohner, Lawrence 34 Bohr, Cynthia 17 Boies, Richard 18 Boise, Karen 35 Boley, David 9 Bolles, Victor 18 Bolln, Sarah 37 Bolmey, Armando 46 Bologna, Joseph 46 Bolt, Marcia 37 Bombery, Matthew 7 Boncher, Frederick 21 Bondy, Janet 2 Bookston, John 24 Booth, Constance 27 Booth, Marvin 29 Booth, Nancy 17 Boothe, Susan 27 Bopp, Richard 27 Borinstein, Judy 3 Borlack, Alan 29 Bornhauser, William 2 Borod, Donald 25 Borshol, Jim 46 Borst, Karen 37 Bosch, Lisa 44 Bosh, Carol 43 Botsis, Constantino 38 Bottrell, Thomas 14 Boucher, Margaret 34 Bouck, John 21 Boufford, Timothy 9 Bouma, Lawrence 19 Botuin, John 46 Bouwens, John 31 Bowden, Jeffrey 26 Bowen, Richard 27 Bower, Gregory 29, 41 Bower, John 32 Bowerman, Jo Anne 12 Bowerman, Suzanne 44 Bowers, Joanne 42 Bowers, John 33 Bowles, Gene 13 Box, Gary 35 Boyd, Thomas 7 Boyer, Rima 37 Boyland, Patricia 1 Boyles, John 9 Bozarth, Diana 41 Bozung, Ronald 28 Brace, Terrell 32 Bracket!, Susan 6 Braden, Stephen 20 Bradley, James 46 Bradley, John 32 Bradley, Scott 8 Bradley, Sue 8 Braeman, Roslyn 22 Bragalone, Michael 32 Braiker, Beverly 35 Brakoniecki, Mark 30 Branch, Mary 35 Brand, Katharine 5 Brandman, Paula 22 Brandt, James 7 Brandt, Madeline 23 Brandt, Thomas 19 Branfield, Wiliam 34 Branstetter, Jane 40 Erase, Marguerite 23 Bratzler, Robert 32 Braun, Eleanor 35 Braun, Randall 28 Braverman, Louise 3 Breaux, Inman 6 Breda, Carol 4 Breden, Patricia 16 Breese, Kent 31 Breitenbecher, Bonnie 9 Breitkreitz, Patricia 35 Brem, Antonina 40 Brenkert, Karl 20 Brennan, Daniel 7 Brenner, Charles 24 Brewer, David 18 Briegel, John 46 Brigham, Penelope 4 Bristol, George 7 Brizdle, John 33 Broad, Greg 11 Broadnax, Stanley 6 Broder, Bruce 33 Brodeur, Daniel 2 Brodie, Susan 12 Brodoski, Richard 1 Brody, Benjamin 29 Brody, Jill 36 Brogan, Rebecca 17 Bronfenbrenner, Mary 43 Broock, Richard 33 Brook, Allan 20 Brookman, Janet 17 Brooks, Claudette 42 Brooks, Ellen 36 Brossy, Sharon 9, 42 Brot, Ronald 20 Brot, Susan 22 Brouwer, David 18 Brown, Barbara F. 2 Brown, Barbara J. 16 Brown, Barbara K. 37 Brown, Carol Lynne 17 Brown, Carol Lynn 8 Brown, Catherine 1 Brown, Christine 17 Brown, David 30 Brown, Eileen 36 Brown, Geoffrey 38 Brown, James 38 Brown, Joan 43 Brown, John McLellan 41 Brown, John Montenyo 11 Brown, Kathy 43 Brown, Nancy 43 Brown, Richard 32 Brown, Robert 8 Brown, S. 8 Brown, Valaree 42 Brownson, Robert 21 Brownson, Susan 2 Brownstein, Jerome 14 Brozosky, Dale 22 Bruedigam, Anne 17 Bruer, Nicki 36 Bruni, Richard 21 Brust, Ellen 27 Bryan, Mary 35 Bryant, Barbara 1, 35 Bryne, Anette 5 Bucchianeri, Michael 41 Buchanan, Jeffrey 9, 38 Buchanan, William 13 Buck, Patrice 40 Buderus, Bonnie 40 Budzynski, Nancy 10 Buford, Coleman 31 Buhr, Marianne 43 Bullard, David 7 Bultman, Richard 19 Bunce, Valerie 43 Bunn, William 38 Buntrock, George 46 Burack, Robert 25 Burch, John 21 Burdick, Linda 43 Burek, Ricky 9 Burgel, Mary 40 Burger, Larry 33 Burgess, George 10 Burggraaf, James 46 Burgum, Katherine 16 Burke, Dennis 28 Burke, Eileen 23 Burke, Gerald 9 Burke, Kathleen 17 Burkett, Trudy 34 Burns, Carol 8 Burns, Cheryl 4 Burns, Richard 10 Burpee, Russell 2 Burroughs, Joy 34 Burry, Diane 5 Burstein, Frederick 24 Burton, Bonnie G. 34, 43 Burton, Bonnie M. 45 Burton, Nancy 17 Bury, Theresa 1 Bush, Bob 1 Busse, Bonnie 17 Butch, Suzanne 36 Butcher, Jack 1 Buten, Jeffrey 45 Butler, Francis 20 Butterfield, Robert 14 Buzynski, John 10 Byers, Judith 16 Byrne, Robert 32 Byrnes, Timothy 31 Cable, Gerald 45 Cady, Charles 9 Cain, Eloise 4 Calcaterra, Joseph 7 Calhoun, Monita 17 Call, Marsha 36 Callahan, lay 20 Callan, Nancy 1 Cameron, Glenna 6 Cameron, Paula 22 Camilla, Richard 25 Campbell, Donald 12 Campbell, Gail 5 Canady, Clinton 16, 45 Canda, Carol 23 Canham, Donald 34 Cannan, David 38 Canning, Linda 15 Cant, James 7 Cant, Robert 7 Caplan, Helen 3 Caplan, Joan 3 Caplis, Patrick 45 Capparelli, Michele 42 Cappo, Sharon 4 Cardoni, Mary 34 Cardy, Connie 42 Carline, Jan 33 Carlson, Alan 21 Carlson, Barbara 17, 36 Carlson, Bruce 31 Carlson, Gary 45 Carlson, Harry 18 Carlson, Knstme 39 Carlson, Trudy 23, 42 Carlton, Bruce 35 Carney, David 25 Carotta, Alan 28 Carr, Bruce 13 Carr, Dale 38 Carr, Linda 43 Carrier, David 32 Carson, Lisbeth 11 Carson, Susan 17 Carter, Edward 18 Carter, John 27 Carter, Orinda 43 Case, Charles 21 Casey, John 25 Casgrain, Charles 21 Cassel, Ruth 37 Cassidy, Patricia 12 Castle, Adrienne 17 Caughey, Madeline 40 Cavanaugh, Terrence 46 Cavin, Valerie 1 Cayce, Mary 12 Cejka, Barbara 2 Cerin, Joan 26 Cemy, Janet 6 Cerny, William 18 Chaffee, Henry 25 Chaffee, Margaret 35 Chaimson, Claire 26, 45 Chait, David 22 Chalfant, Susan 14 Chalfant, Timothy 14 Chalifoux, Peter 30 Chamberlain, Tenney 42 Chamberlin, Patricia 43 Champagne, Jeffrey 25 Champe, Katherine 23 Chandler, Robert 18 Chapel, Robert 30 Chapin, David 23, 38 Chapin, James 2 Chapin, Rhonda 43 Chapin, William 2 Chapman, Nancy 43 Chapman, Stephen 31 Chappell, Samuel 30 Charles, Barbara 45 Cham, Jeanne 36 Chase, Edward 32 Chase, Suzanne 2 Chase, William 13 Chasky, Dean 38 Chen, Carolyn 42 Cheney, Marilyn 1 Chepulis, Carol 35 Cherot, Nicholas 6 Cherry, Donald 12 Chesley, George 14 Chiaravalli, Peter 28 Chilman, William 18 Chmiel, Susan 42 Chmielewski, Stephen 46 Chodoroff, Arthur 3 Cholfin, James 25 Chopp, Patricia 37 Chorkey, Lorraine 43 Chorkey, Susan 23 Chrisman, Marguerite 42 Christenson, Deborah 16 Christenson, Terry 7 Christian, Thomas 7 Christiansen, Daniel 31 Christiansen, Mark 2 Christie, Chris 31 Chu, Roderick 45 Chula, Gary 20 Church, David 24 Churchill, Connie 44 Churchill, Jeanett 40 Ciacco, Sam 45 Cigler, Gary 22 Cioe, Crispin 12 Clair, Robert 45 Clark, Betsy 17 Clark, Clarence 46 Clark, James 38 Clark, John 26 Clark, Patricia 15 Clark, Walter 24 Clark, William 29 Clarke, Craig 28 Clarke, Merry 2 Clayton, Patricia 34 Clelland, Barbra 1 Clement, Carl 14 Clements, Margaret 34 Clifford, David 29 Clothier,. Deborah 35 Clugston, Rhoda 6 Clusen, Charles 14 Coak, Diane 42 Coble, Christina 43 Cochran, David 32 Cochran, Jacquelyn 2 Cochran, James 5 Cochrun, Timi 11 Coe, Cathy 6 Coffin, Jeffrey 9 Coffman, Jean 42 Cohen, Barbara 3 Cohen, Bruce 24 Cohen, Carol 26 Cohen, David 20 Cohen, Donald 3 Cohen, Frederick 46 Cohen, Richard 24 Cohn, Amy 3 Cohn, Anne 3 Cohn, Barbara 3 Cohn, Laurence 38 Cohodas, Nancy 3 Cohrs, Fred 38 Cole, Ann 11 Cole, Carolyn 37 Cole, Randall 32 Coleman, Carol 1 Coleman, Jana 4 Coleman, Stephanie 4 Coles, Clare 28 Collins, Catherine 34 Collins, Christine 39 Collins, John 14 Collins, Margaret 39 Collins, Marian 42 Collins, Phyllis 15 Collins, William 45 Collison, Fredrick 30 Collyer, Jerome 41 Colman, Suzanne 26 Colombo, Nancy 43 Cotton, Jeffrey 24, 41 Colwell, Barbara 43 Colwell, David 18 Connell, Barbara 37 Connell, Mary 5 Connelly, Robert 14 Connolly, Christopher 20 Connolly, Patricia 34 Connor, Beverly 36 Connors, Margaret 35 Conway, Terry 19 Conway, Timothy 14 Cook, Dave 34, 35 Cook, Douglas 24, 38 Cook, Joseph 15 Cook, Laura 5 Cook, Lynne 6 Cook, Martha 5 Cook, Nicholas 24 Cook, Richard 18 Coonley, Joan 17 Cooper, Deborah 43 Cooper, Kent 21 Cooper, Mary 16 Cooper, Mildred 42 Cooper, Phillip 29 Cope, Richard 7 Corak, Richard 46 Coray, Phillip 19 Cordes, Richard 31 Cordes, William 8 Corey, Lawrence 22 Corey, William 28 Cornell, Cheryl 13 Cornell, Lois 35 Cornell, Peter 21 Cornette, Jane 45 Corombos, Sharon 23 Cosgrove, Terry 19 Cossman, Jeffrey 24 Constantino, John 38 Costick, Frank 7 Cotner, John 7 Cotman, Robert 27 Couch, James 9 Coulam, David 14 Coulter, Beverly 27 Coulter, Janet 27 Cousino, Karen 1 Cowles, Fred 38 Cox, John 32 Cox, Julie 5, 42 Craig, David 9 Craig, Dianne 5 Craighton, Katherine 36 Crane, Steven 32 Cranham, Barbara 27 Cravets, Judith 39 Craw, Garvie 41 Crawford, Barbara 27 Crawford, James 46 Crawford, Richard 7 Crea, Patricia 44 Creag, Becky 42 Creese, Patricia 34 Cressman, Joel 8 Crews, Gary 41 Crider, Deiadra 4 Crispell, Barbara 17 Crockett, Martha 15 Croghan, Vivian 36 Cromwell, Carolyn 9 Cron, Michael 38 Cronenwett, Jack 2 Cronk, Carl 32 Crossette, Sandra 4 Grossman, Susan 17 Crow, Ann 36 Crowley, D. 8 Crozier, Ann 27 Gulp, Meredith 35 Culver, Donald 28 Culver, Lynne 9, 35 Culver, Robert 2 Cummings, David 27 Cummins, Judith 42 Cummins, Richard 20 Curly, Elizabeth 9 Currin, David 38 Curry, Mary 43 Curtis, Richard 18 Custer, Patricia 43 Cutler, Elana 43 DAlleva, Anita 41 Daitch, Carolyn 45 Dakessian, Jack 33 Dalgin, Annabel 42 Daller, Gerald 33 Dalley, Edward 33 Dalley, Leslie 27 Dalton, Marylee 43 Dameron, Carolyn 17 Damoose, John 7 Danhof, Jerome 21 Daniels, Peggy 35 Danielson, Kristin 4 Danielson, Lee 9 Danielson, Russell 13 Danilaus, Vija 44 Danyko, Donald 7 Dapprich, Douglas 27 Darden, Arthur 24 Darling, Robert 13 Darling, Terry 1 Darnton, Thomas 14 Darron, Patricia 39 Darrow, William 21 David, Alan 21 David, Jacob 3 Davidson, Bruce 28 Davidson, James 8 Davidson, Laning 34 Davidson, Laurel 16 Davidson, Mark 8 Da vies, Jim 45 Davis, James 31 Davis, Jane 10 Davis, Kathie 8 Davis, Kenneth 1 Davis, Linda 11 Davis, Richard 22 Davis, Susan 42 Davis, Vicki 11 Davis, Vincent 16 Davison, Nancy 37 Davison, Sandra 4, 35 Davock, Moore 14 Dawdy, Steven 46 Dawkins, Susan 35 Dawson, Cedric 16 Day, Claudia 8 Day, Marcia 16 Day, Mary 40 Dayton, Diane 35 Dazy, Priscilla 9, 41 De Armond, Sandra 39 De Boer, Daniel 19 De Capite, Janet 41 De Claire, Lawrence 23 De Gange, Robert 14 De Glopper, Donald 35 De Gryse, Charles 18, 46 De Jong, Kenneth 19 De Jong, Russell 20 De Lano, Mary 37 De Leemans, Rene 28 De Long, Maureen 15, 43 De Manincor, Faith 34 De Marco, Susan 17 De Meester, Gordon 19 De Mund, Steven 46 De Palma, Raymond 18 De Parry, Alexander ' 22 De Vennish, Joseph 8 De Ville, Leslie 35 De Vries, Robert 19 De Witt, Deborah 12 De Yoe, David 7 De Yoe, Mary 27 Deacon, William 30 Dean, Sherron 45 Debo, Catherine 10 Decker, Mary 2 Deckert, Helen 35 Dehncke, Richard 32 Deibert, Kristin 40 Deitch, Laurence 25 Delaney, Jacquelyn 43 Deming, Kathleen 15 Demps, Cynthia 23 Dempster, Lynn 23 Dennis, William 31 Densmore, Janet 42 Dent, Mary 9 Denton, Brady 14 Denton, Margaret 23 Deputat, Gerald 46 Derks, Jack 19 Deromedi, Susan 15 Deschere, Mark 38 Deters, Ingo 35 Dever, Craig 25 Devine, Michael 38 Devor, Charles 24 Dew, Thomas 32 Dewey, Katherine 40 Di Loreto, Jeanne 36 Diamond, Connie 3 Diamond, Nancy 27 Dibble, William 12 Dichter, Scott 3 Dick, Carolyn 43 Dick, Marilyn 9 Dickerson, Crosby 18 Dickey, Deborah 37 Dickinson, Richard 2 Dickson, Kathleen 8 Diebert, R. 40 Diehl, Stephen 46 Dieleman, Peter 19 Diener, Karl 13 Diephouse, Daniel 19 Dietrich, Charles 45 Dietrick, Rick 19 Dill, Craig 18 Dill, Dennis 18, 38 Dill ' , Robert 18 Dillard, Arthur 41 Dillinger, Nancy 17 Dilworth, Sally 44 Dinger, Carol 42 Dinges, Richard 7 Diogenes, Cynthia 45 Distler, Wanda 42 Ditmar, David 19 Dixon, William 6 Dobbins, Richard 32 Dobbs, Dee 43 Dobson, Charles 19 Dodge, Alice 36 Dodge, Faye 40 Dodge, Scott 31 Dodrill, Christine 16 Doerr, Katie 11 Doetze, Judy 2 Doezema, Willard 19 Dok, Douglas 8 Dolan, Cynthia 41 Dombek, Candance 41 Domlny, Cheryl 5 Dominy, Diane 42 Dommonlovil, T. 15 Domzal, Janis 42 Don, Joe 19 Donahey, Cynthia 11 Donaldson, Kathryn 40 Donoho, Rita 4 Dooley, Peter 21 Doolittle, Phil 33 Doolittle, Maryellen 36 Dore, Alfred 20 Doren, William 38 Dorf, Fern 13 Dornbush, Charles 31 Dorsey, Miriam 4 Dort, Marcia 10 Douglass, Ann 17 Dovey, Harry 9 Dowen, Gretchen 10 Dower, Gary 7 Downes, Kathleen 42 Downs, David 21 Downs, Elizabeth 8 Downs, Myra 4 Dowson, Deborah 4 Drake, Ellen 1 Drake, Nancy 35 Drake, Pleasantine 17 Dredge, Christine 44 Dresner, Joanne 13 Dresser, Martin 41 Dreyfuss, Diane 36 Drickamer, Lynn 37 Driggin, Sandy 1 Drooger, Patricia 36 Drukker, Joan 35 Du Bay, James 45 Du Praw, Shari 43 Duboe, Jan 3 Dubowsky, Martin 20 Duczynski, John 13 Dudley, Jay 31 Dudley, Kay 39 Duerr, John 27 Duffendack, Stan 18 Duffy, James 8 Dugan, Jack 18 Dugan, Robert 14 Duimstra, Dennis 19 Duletsky, Donna 17 Dulzo, James 13, 38 Dun, Combe 42 Duncan, Deanna 42 Duncan, Dee 17 Dungan, Fenton 5 Dungy, Alvie 45 Dunkelman, Dave 25 Dunkle, Deborah 40 Dunn, Ernest 2 Dunn, Karen 42 Dupee, Brenda 42 Durham, Jane 4, 35 Dustin, David 46 Dutcher, Thomas 45 Duvall, Linda 41 Dwan, Charles 2 Dworsky, Dick 19 Dwyer, Craig 33 Dye, David 20 Dykema, Dale 19 Dykstra, Laura 11 Eadie, Michael 28 Eakins, Sandra 10 Earley, Ronald 18 Easlick, David 12 Eason, Randolph 22 Ebersole, Brenda 1 Ebright, Donald 30 Ebstrup, Harriet 3 Ecclestone, Martha 8 Eckel, Michael 21 Ecker, Joyce 36 Eckert, David 3 Eckert, James 18 Eckert, Thomas 25 Eckman, Rosanne 23 Eckner, Carolyn 44 Eddy, Catherine 37 Edelman, Terese 22 Eder, Michael 29 Edgerton, Susan 40 Edgington, David 31 Eding, Anne Marie 45 Edison, Judith 11 Edmunds, Elaine 39 Edmunds, Kay 16 Edwards, Charles 6 Edwards, Stewart 14 Edwards, Willie 6 Eggertsen, John 11 Ehrman, Russell 38 Eichstadt, Jeanne 42 Einfeldt, Mary 4 Eisberg, Deborah 43 Eisenman, Cheryl 36 Eisenstadt, Ira 46 Eisner, Barbara 45 Eisz, John 32 Eklund, Stephen 7 Elder, Nancy 5 Eldredge, David 41 Elerath, Douglas 21 Elgin, Robert 13 Elinson, Douglas 35 Elkin, Judith 37 Elkins, James 7 Elkins, Mary 10 Ellies, David 27 Elliott, Barbara 11 Ellis, Kathy 26 Ellis, Nancy 26 Ellstrom, Janet 1 Ely, Ruth 15 Embree, James 9 Embs, Pamela 8 Emeott, Larry 45 Emerson, Gary 19 Emerson, Julie 16 Emery, Marianne 27 Emery, Richard 7 Engle, Cheryl 16 Engle, Cynthia 37 Engstrom, Virginia 36 Entenman, John 31 Epstein, Richard 33 Erbach, Thomas 34 Erhardt, Roland 46 Erickson, Mary 8 Eriksen, Lynn 9 Erkkila, Christine 35 Erlich, Sandra 37 Esbit, Hillary 41 Esch, Martha 37 Eshenrodder, Barbara 43 Esler, Charles 11 Estes, Robert 19 Evans, David 28 Evans, Eliot 33 Evans, Emily 45 Evans, Crete 8 Evans, Ilene 2 Evans, Thomas 20 Evans, Thomas 25 Evashevski, Marion 12 Ewald, Gail 23 Ewing, John 19 Ewing, Thomas 5 Faber, Carole 9 Fadden, Patrick 45 Faddol, Cynthia 35 Fairbrother, Richard 45 Fairfield, Fenwich 38 Fairobent, James 32, 45 Falender, Andrew 20 Falk, Jane 37 Faldon, Donald 9 Farabee, David 10 Farkas, Karen 42 Farr, Paulette 11 Farrin, John 24 Farron, John 31 Fasbender, Jan 9 Fast, Stephen 33 Fayram, David 7 Fealk, Joan 41 Fechner, Linda 35 Feder, Michael 33 Federman, Nancy 35 Feferman, Richard 33 Feigin, Lois 36 Feiler, Rosalyn 43 Feinberg, Merle 22 Feingold, Lois 39 Feinsod, Fred 46 Feldhus, Linda 42 Feldman, Lester 22 Feldman, Michael 22 Feldman, Ruth 40 Fellows, Donna 2 Fenwick, Richard 27 Ferencz, Gerald 9 Ferguson, Kenneth 45 Ferm, Peggy 37 Ferrante, Michael 13 Fessenden, Richard 2 Fetter, Barry 33 Fici, James 46 Fick, Joann 35 Fidler, Nancy 40 Fiedler, Thomas 2 Field, Kenneth 11 Fieldhouse, Barbara 36 Fielding, David 25 Fields, Gary 20 Filip, Patricia 2 Filson, Anne 9 Finch, Frances 17 Fine, Amy 3 Fine, Richard 22, 35 Fineberg, Myron 38 Fink, David 25 Fink, Robert 29 Finkelmann, Jack 9 Finlayson, Elinor 39 Fioritto, Joseph 45 Firestone, Richard 22 Fischer, Jonathan 23 Fischer, Shirley 42 Fish, Margaret 15 Fishbach, Peter 26 Fishbein, Thomas 24 Fisher, Daniel 24 Fisher, David 8 Fisher, Donna 37 Fisher, James 20 Fisher, Jane 11 Fisher, John 28 Fisher, Mary 34 Fisher, Peter 2 Fisher, Steven 31 Fisher, Teresa 5 Fishman, Jerry 25 Fisk, Dawn 34 Fitch, Lawrence 38 Fitch, William 7 Fitzgerald, Jane 40 Fitzhugh, Walter 35 Fitziohn, Linda 5 Fitzpatrick, Glenn 21 Fitzpatrick, Lorena 2 Flagan, Richard 30 Flanagan, Samuel 6 Flanigan, David 31 Flatley, James 28 Fleischer, Mitchell 30, 35 Fleming, Gwendolyn 6 Fleming, Sandra 10 Fletcher, Sandra 13 Fletcher, Sharon 39 Flintosh, Kathleen 17 Flip, Joe 18 Flook, Lyman 11 Flott, Cynthia 11 Flowers, Barbara 12 Fodor, Peter 30 Fogel, Steven 24 Foglesong, Sally 43 Fogoros, Nancy 9 Follett, Richard 38 Forbes, Richard 38 Ford, Jeffrey 13 Forman, Thomas 24 Forst, David 46 Forsthoffer, Jeanne 2 Forsyth, John 7 Forsythe, Katherine 43 Forsythe, Steven 26 Foster, Carole 1 Foster, Doris 39 Fostorowski, Mel 36 Foucher, Dane 14 Fox, Charles 31 Fox, Jane 11 Fox, Mary Frances 1 1 Fox, Mary Lynn 15 Fox, Nancy 37 Fraker, Mary 1 Fraker, Robert 29 Francis, Alan 21 Francis, Carol 36 Frank, Denis 20 Frank, Patricia 45 Frank, Peter 31 Frank, Virginia 42 Frankel, Mark 38 Frankel, Sheila 22 Franklin, Howard 33 Franks, James 30 Fraser, John 20 Fraser, Margaret 10 Prayer, Thomas 7 Frechtling, Stephen 18 Frederick, James 38 Frederick, Marlee 17 Freeborn, Margo 36 Freedman, Alan 25 Freedman, Carol 10 Freedman, Helen 35 Freedman, Nancy 3 Freese, James 35 Freiberg, Ronna 3 Freier, James 14 Freilich, Robert 22 French, Patricia 8 Frens, David 19 Freund, Robert 29 Freville, Laura 5 Frey, Richard 25 Fried.Caryn 26, 40 Fried, Gary 24 Fried, Wendy 43 Friedlaender, Howard 41 Friedman, Benjamin 33 Friedman, Bruce Edwin 33 Friedman, Bruce 20 Friedman, Dana 3 Friedman, Diane 22 Friedman, Gary 24 Friedman, Karen 45 Friedman, Richard 33 Friedman, Rick 33 Friedman, Stephen 41 Friedman, William 19 Friedrichs, Anne 15, 40 Friedstat, Charles 20 Frisch, Adam 5 Frizell, Christine 43 Froman, Jane 45 Fronsee, Joseph 38 Fruin, Marsha 15 Fry, Holly 9 Fry, Rebecca 4 Fry, Robert 24 Fry, Ronald 33 Fulford, Patrick 10 Fuller, Bette 9 Fuller, Samuel 21 Furniss, Nancy 23 Gable, Helga 40 Gabriel, Douglas 35 Gabriel, Robert 38 Gacksetter, Rose 43 Gaensbauer, Carolyn 12 Gaesnbauer, Gretchdn 1 Gaffney, Thomas 18 Gage, John 45 Gaines, James 33 Gainey, Chuck 19 Galinger, Peggy 13 Gallagher, Jean 9 Gallagher, Sherry 9 Gamble, William 45 Gansberg, Judith 44 Gardner, Donald 14 Gardner, Elizabeth 9 Garfield, Gerald 33 Garfield, Joyce 36 Garner, Penelope 17 Games, Jan 42 Gamett, Catheine 35 Garrels, Elizabeth 37 Garrett, Robert 27 Garrison, Diane 17 Garrison, Richard 38 Garrison, Robert 31 Carroll, Don 33 Gaskill, Kathleen 35 Gasper, Steve 10 Gates, Bruce 34 Gaynes, Deborah 40 Gazley, Susan 34 Gee, Ronald 28 Geelhoed, Glenn 19 Gehl, Daniel 3 Gelfund, Jean 39 Gemrose, Blanche 6 Gentile, Judith 36 Geoga, Christina 39 Georgeson, Monty 18 Gerges, David 32 Gerometta, Robert 26 Gershenson, Bruce 25 Gershenson, Ned 29 Gershenson, Stephen 33 Gertner, Marc 33 Gerwin, James 25 Getzan, Bruce 26 Geyer, Georgieanne 39 Giacinto, Joseph 46 Giardinia, Daniel 15 Gibas, Marsha 36 Gibbs, Patricia 16 Gibbs, Robert 18 Gibbs, Tim 46 Gibson, John 7 Gifford, Thomas 7 Gilbert, Geoffrey 45 Gilbert, Jacqueline 9 Gilbert, Joan 13 Gilbert, Nancy 43 Gilbert, Richard 14 Gilbert, Susan 3 Gilchrist, Alan 28 Giles, Gregory 10 Gill, Lawrence 45 Gillain, Donald 30 Gillespie, Camille 39 Gillette, John 7 Gillette, Sarah 8 Gilliland, Lauri 11 Gilmer, Eugene 16- Gilmour, Carol 35 Gilson, Jacqueline 22 Gingras, Paul 7 Ginsberg, Robert 22 Giroux, Mark 35 Gislason, Jeffrey 38 Gittelman, Betty 3 Giuliani, Francis 45 Glaesner, Sally 2 Glancz, Barbara 3 Glaser, Thomas 33 Glass, Eliot 35 Glasser, Amy 10 Glaza, Ann 10 Glazer, Mark 38 Glazer, Sharon 3 Gleeson, James 30 Gleysteen, John 9 Glidden, Stephen 28 Glover, Daniel 28 Gobeille, Richard 21 Godfrey, Mary 15, 36 Godshalk, Leslie 23 Godsman, Paul 10 Goeboro, Nancy 44 Goergen, Elizabeth 10 Goettman, Martha 36 Gofrank, Shirley 35 Goggin, William 7 Golan, Marilyn 27 Gold, Ronald 22 Goldberg, Ellen 39 Goldberg, Karen 22 Goldberg, Lawrence 20 Goldberg, Michael 3 Goldberg, Naomi 41 Goldberg, Stephen 20 Goldberg, Steven 3 Goldblatt, Stanley 7 Golden, Douglas 24 Goldenthal, Robert 38 Goldman, Ellen 43 Goldman, Laurence 20 Goldman, Leslie 20 Goldring, Wendy 6 Goldsmith, Lynn 13 Goldstein, Alan 22 Goldstein, Lauren 35 Goldstein, Paul 35 Golin, Arthur 18 Gollon, Camille 23 Gollub, Bonnie 3 Gollusch, Nancy 3 Goloff, Carol 42 Gomley, Marcia 43 Good, Daren 29 Good, Michael 21 Goodall, Myra 3 Goode, Elaine 13 Goodlad, Judith 17 Goodman, Barbara 26 Goodman, Gilbert 7 Goodman, Iris 26 Goodman, Linda 40 Goodman, Michael 22 Goodman, Philip 22 Goodrich, Charles 21 Goodrich, Laura 27 Goodstein, Esther 10 Goodwin, Sue 34 Goosmann, Karin 34 Goran, Michael 22 Gordon, Gary 12 Gordon, Gwen 40 Gordon, Merle 13 Gorr, Marilyn 13 Gorton, Kinyon 41 Goss, Ardin 21 Goss, Susan 13 Goss, Thomas 16 Gost, Linda 34 Gould, Jeffrey 41 Gould, Ruth 36 Gould, Vivian 45 Govons, Marcia 3 Gow, Paul 30 Goyettte, Suzanne 36 Grace, Lawrence 18 Graf, James 20 Graff, David 18 Graff, Peter 18 Graham, Bruce 7 Graham, Robert 33 Grambau, Geoffrey 30 Grammens, Mary 36 Grand, Ronald 18 Grandon, Gary 22 Grant, Cheryn 22 Grant, Elizabeth 43 Grant, Stuart 20 Graves, Larry 28 Gray, Brian 34 Gray, Peter 22 Gray, William 14 Green, Carol 41 Green, James C. 41 Green, James E. 16 Green, Jane 12 Green, Maria 35 Green, Robert 22 Green, Ronald 25 Green, Saul 16 Greenberg, Judith 26 Greenberg, Mark 38 Greene, Edward 38 Greenwald, Judith 3 Greenwold, Douglas 19 Greenwood, David 21 Greey, Beverly 27 Greiling, Patricia 23 Greisser, Harriet 36 Grenat, Peggy 10 Grenzke, Gregory 21 Grier, Judith 39 Griesinger, Cheryl 40 Griffin, Dennis 31 Griffin, James 38 Griffin, Jan 17 Griffin, Pamela 1 Griffin, Sally 36 Griffin, Shirley 4 Griffith, Ann 17 Grise, Donald 41 Grix, Henry 13, 38 Groehn, Kathyanne 17 Groenevelt, Mary 6 Groff, David 7 Groff, Rochelle 45 Groshek, Mary 9 Gross, Carey 33 Gross, Ellen 45 Gross, Milan 41 Gross, Randy 21 Grossed, William 2 Grossman, Jared 14 Grossman, Linda 45 Grossman, Nancy 3 Grossmaw, Daisy 43 Grove, Frederick 19 Grove, Hugh 10 Grover, Joel 18 Groves, Frank 19 Grow, Roy 38 Grube, Jon 31 Gruber, Fred 32 Gryniewicz, Tom 41 Cuba, John 45 Guerriero, Jane 36 Guest, Dennis 41 Guilford, Janice 5 Guise.Steven 25 Guldemond, Marny 10 Gundry, Susan 43 Gunning, John 28 Gunz, Robert 3 Gustafson, Peter 7 Guthrie, Martha 27 Gutkowski, Shirley 37 Gutterman, Samuel 3 Haack, Carol 8 Haag, Richard 13 Haake, Anne 4 Haas, Barbara 22 Haas, Carl 38 Haas, Carol 8 Haas, David 32 Haas, Elson 33 Haas, Robert 32 Habermas, Donald 25 Hable, Martin 38 Hack, Carol 35 Hacker, Crystal 39 Hacked, Thomas 46 Haedicke, David 21 Haeusler, Thomas 21 Hagadom, Susan 35 Hage, Marvin 19 Hagner, Paul 46 Hainault, James 46 Haines, Jennifer 40 Haines, Michael 21 Hakim, Theresa 2 Haley, George 45 Hall, David 25 Hall, Perry 20 Hall, Susan 4 Hall, Thomas 25 Hall, Werner 21 Hallam, Gary 28 Hallett, Susan 39 Hallisy, Kathleen 27 Halloran, Shannon 41 Halpert, Mark 3 Halpin, John 27 Haltom, Pamela 42 Halvorsen, Lawrence 14 Hamburger, Robert 25 Hamilton, Barbara 34 Hamilton, Gwendolyn 17, 35 Hamilton, Heather 44 Hamilton, Mary 5 Hamilton, Winnie 8 Hamm, David 28 Hammel, Candace 39 Hammer, Mike 46 Hammond, Jean 16 Hammond, Phillip 31 Hammond, Russell 46 Hammond, William 13 Handler, Steven 20 Hanke, Barbara 11 Hanks, Deborah 42 Hanley, Donna 6 Hanna, Craig 33 Hanna, Robert 10 Hannon, Sherry 4 Hanover, Jack 14 Hansen, George 12 Hansen, Timothy 32 Hansher, Lynn 26 Hanzlovic, Steven 18 Harder, Lois 37 Hardy, Wiliam 6 Harlan, Joseph 29 Harmon, Patricia 17 Harrington, Leon 32 Harris, Byron 8 Harris, Elizabeth 35 Harris, Janet 5 Harris, Judith 3 Harris, Linda 13 Harris, Mark 3 Harris, Peter 28 Harris, Scott, 25 Hart, Virginia 37 Hartka, Dale 8 Harttka, Janet 2 Hartley, Joan 44 Hartman, Mary 35 Hartom, John 41 Hartough, James 31, 38 Hartwell, David 14 Hartwick, Alan 14 Hartwig, John 2 Hartwig, Myron 14 Harvey, William 22 Hass, Timothy 46 Hasse, John 11 Hassig, Diane 5 Hassing, Gordon 19 Hastie, Janet 6 Hatchard, Barbara 9 Hatchett, Stephen 21 Hath, Mary 9 Hathaway, Ann 16 Hathaway, Margaret 11 Hauch, Mary 43 Haugner, Penelope 2, 43 Hauptman, Leatrice 39 Hauselt, Maureen 43 Hausrath, Deborah 39 Haverstock, Thomas 25 Hawkins, Shirley 8 Hawley, Allen 9 Hayden, Charles 16 Hayes, Danny 46 Hayes, Janis 39 Hayes, Lee 16 Haynes, Richard 31 Hayward, Gregory 25 Head, Michael 18 Head, Rebecca 15 Headrick, Lane 19 Heam, Stephen 33 Heatherly, Susan 43 Hecht, Betsy 36 Hecke, Phyllis 42 Heffelfinger, Jon 7 Heginbottom, Marjorie 43 Heid, Ellen 42 Heideman, Bert 12 Heideman, Kay 10 Heidorn, Keith 45 Heim, Janet 9 Heimbold, Janet 42 Heinritz, John 41 Heiser, James 3 Heiser, Walter 14 Heisler, James 33 Heitzman, Diedra 36 Helder, Lloyd 19 Heldt, Claudine 44 Heller, Philip 32 Hellie, Charles 32 Helman, Edward 22 Helms, Loralyn 16 Heminger, Alan 21 Heminger, Barbara 36 Hempel, Evelyn 43 Hemphill, Katherine 4 Henczel, Donald 46 Hendelman, Phyllis 22 Hendrick, Mark 13 Hendrick, Sharon 4 Henry, Henry 20 Henry, Judith 40 Henry, Mark 25 Henry, Michael 14 Hensley, Anna 39 Henson, Geoffrey 19 Henson, Thomas 25 Henz, Richard 19 Hepner, Carol 36 Herbenar, Martin 18 Hering, Jeffrey 27 Herman, Harold 25 Herman, Rolla 26 Herman, Stephen 3 Herndon, Sarah 23 Herold, Dennis 22 Herr, Janet 39 Herring, Dale 45 Herrington, Richard 20 Herschon, Bob 33 Hershey, Joel 46 Hertel, Linda 44 Hertz, Karen 22 Hertzberg, Ronna 45 Hertzing, Kent 38 Herzog, Richard 20 Hess, George 32 Hess, Lee 33 Hess, Randall 46 Hester, Gwendolyn 4, 43 Heuer, John 7 Heuman, Linda 16 Heyboer, Ellen 15 Heyd, William 12 Heydon, Terry 7 Heyl, Janet 12 Heywood, Jo Anne 37 Hibler, Jeanie 11 Hibshman, Jeffrey 3 Hickes, Melissa 27 Hickes, Rebecca 27 Hickok, Durlin 9 Hicks, Carter 13 Hicks, John 10 Hicks, Patricia 35 Hiemstra, Michael 9 Higginbottom, Thomas 25, 33 Higgins, Charles 14 Higgins, Margaret 2 Highfield, Michael 10 Hight, Cheryl 5 Higley, Hugh 8 Hild, Robert 26 Hile, Kathy 43 Hileman, Mary 43 Hill, Connie 39 Hill, lames 31 Hill, Michael 28 Hill, Robert 45 Hill, Ronald 31 Hills, Barbara 9 Hills, Joseph 2 Hilty, Patricia 17 Hinds, Ann 43 Hink, Ricky 25 Hinkel, Phyllis 1 Hinkley, William 18 Hinterman, Ellen 43 Hird, Timothy 1 Hirneisen, Caroline 39 Hirsch, Barbara 26 Hirsch, Gary 25 Hirsch, Hedie 22 Hirschfelder, Barbara 3 Hirshfeld, Lucy 36 Hnath, Richard 13 Ho, Daniel 35 Hobbs, Judy 2 Hoben, Catherine 41 Hodax, Mark 46 Hodge, Anne 36 Hodge, Drew 21 Hodge, Jane 12 Hodge, Keith 38 Hodges, Mark 23, 45 Hoeberling, Robert 31 Hoeffler, John 41 Hoek, Janet 5 Hoey, George 6 Hoey, Marion 6 Hoff, Heather 35 Hoffman, Adonica 35 Hoffman, Carla 3 Hoffman, Jane 35 Hoffman, Mary 44 Hoffman, Merrill 26 Hoffman, Paul 41 Hoffman.Wendy 42 Hoffski, James 41 Hogan, Albert 45 Hoganson, Patricia 40 Hogsten, Mary 15 Hohmann, Karen 35 Hoisington, Elaine 36 Hollar, Steven 38 Hollenshead.Neill 2 Hollett, John 10 Hollingsworth, Jo 37 Hollo way, Joyce 39 Holman, Linda 12 Holman, Mary 35 Holmes, John 14 Holt, Jon 10 Holt, Philip 11 Holzman, Allison 41 Homan, Lynne 15 Homeier, Linda 34 Homestead, Thomas 19 Hood, Charles 19 Hooker, Stephanie 17 Hooper, Maria 8 Hoover, Susan 12 Hopp, Daniel 27 Hoppin, Anne 23 Hopson, Cynthia 4 Hopson, Mark 7 Hord, Joel 14 Home, Sally 2 Horner, David 45 Horner, Richard 19 Homer, William 45 Horniman, Keith 28 Horowitz, Joel 20 Horsfall, Kathleen 43 Horvath, Steven 28 Horwitz, Jonathan 29 Horwitj, Larry 29 Hoschner, Robert 14 Hosek, Christine 40 Hosier, Shirley 9 Hosier, Kay 9 Hotchkiss, Jill 9 Hotneier, Jane 1 Houck, Malcolm 27 Houston, Linda 4 Houston, Mary 1 Houston, Nancy 8 Houvener, Jean 8 Hovland, Michael 41 Hovnan, Joanne 42 Howard, Beverly 37 Howard, Charles 34 Howard, Lynda 9 Howard, Robert 12 Howe, Robert 19 Howell, Judith 42 Howell, Ruth 9, 42 Hower, Dale 12 Hewlett, Pat 37 Hoy, John 38 Hoy, Sharon 17 Hoyng, Robert 13 Hoyt, Linda 11 Hranach, Cheryl 40 Hribal, James 14 Hubel, Gordon 18 Huber, Charles 1 Huber, William 12 Hubert, Robert 25 Huddy, Phillip 31 Hudson, Freda 4 Hudson, Lucius 7 Huellmantel, Alan 14 Huffman, James 11 Huhns, Michael 32 Huibregtse, Richard 19 Huizinga, Elizabeth 11 Hulet, Ginger 23 Humburg, Fredrick 5 Humphrey, Susan 12 Humphries, Derrick 16 Hungerford, Joyce 35 Hunt, Cecilia 4, 39 Hunt, Edith 35 Hunter, Marilyn 4 Huntsman, Beverly 5, 44 Huntzicker, George 8 Hurley, Janet 27 Hurtuk, Linda 36 Husa, James 38 Hutchison, Sharon 41 Hutton, Judith 8 Huyghe, Linda 4 Hyatt, Edward 31 Hyde, Damon 21 Hyde, Marguerite 2 Hykes, Gregory 28 Idema, Henry 2 If Hand, Frederick 21 Ikuzdrall, Paul 12 Iliff, Alan J. 12 Imerman, Jane 3 Imhoff, James 20 Imsland, Judith 39 Indoe, Katherine 4 Ingersoll, Dick 18 Ingwersen, Mariann 10 Innes, Rowena 36 Int-Hout, Karin 17 Ippel, Terry 19 Irish, Sharon 43 Irwin, John 14 Isler, John 9 Ivory, Carol 5 Jablonski, Sandra 17 Jachsm, Murray 30 lack, Barbara 42 Jackson, Judith 4 Jackson, Thomas 10 Jacob, Barbara 43 Jacob, Michael 25 Jacobi, Mark 3 Jacobites, Donald 3 Jacobowitz, Ellen 43 Jacobs, Ann 4, 41 Jacobs, Glenn 30 Jacobs, Lynne 22 Jacobs, Nancy 36 Jacobs, Russell 38 Jacobson, Michael 20 Jacquet, Ernest 33 Jaffa, Jonathan 3 Jaffe, Linda 45 Jaissle, Mary 35 James, Deborah 35 James, Sandra 11 Janas, Jocil 9 Jandasek, Bruno 14 Janis, Arlene 34 Janiszewski, Michael 27 Janner, William 31 Janosz, Kathleen 8 Janssen, Emily 10 Jardack, Linda 2 Jarman, Darlene 36 Jarvenpaa, Kathleen 41 Jeffers, Virginia 41 Jeffrey, Douglas 8 Jeltes, James 7 Jenaras, Daniel 7 Jenkins, Mercilee 2 Jenkins, Michael 7 Jens, Kathryn 12 Jensen, Herbert 18 Jensen, Karen 4 Jensen, Sharon 23 Jermaine, Stephen 35 Jesse, Judith 4 Jeter, Ida 4 Jeter, Katherine 4 lobe, Theodore 6 Jobin, Suzanne 12 loerger, Judith 17, 36 Johann, Robert 28 Johnson, Barbara 42 Johnson, Christel 37 Johnson, Douglas 35 Johnson, Elizabeth 44 Johnson, Fenimore 38 Johnson, Gail 2 Johnson, Gary Lee 28 Johnson, Gary Wayne 45 Johnson, Ingrid 44 Johnson, Jacqueline 43 Johnson, Karen 43 Johnson, Kathleen 15 Johnson, Marian 16 Johnson, Michael 32 Johnson, Paul 12 Johnson, Rick 18 Johnson, Robert 38 Johnson, Roderick 38 Johnson, Roger 18 Johnson, Ronald 6 Johnson , Sandra Kay 4 Johnson, Sandra Lynn 45 Johnson, Sharon 42 Johnson. Susan A. 34 Johnson, Susan E. 1 Johnston, Ann 41 Johnston, James 18 Johnston, Patricia 5 Jomantas, Renata 8 Jonas, Ann 36 Jones, Arthur 31 Jones, Bronwyn 39 Jones, Corinne 37 Jones, Ellin 6 Jones, Gordon 28 Jones, Jacqueline 27 Jones, Joseph 38 Jones, Karen 26 Jones, Michael 38 Jones, Sandra 11 Jones, Shelia 37 Jones, Thomas 38 Joos, Margaret 36 Jorgensen, Fred 41 Jorgensen, Karen 34 Joseph, Barbara 11 Jospey, Susan 26 Joubran, Makram 23 Joynt, Donald 32 Judge, John 7 Juliar, Sima 22 Jupa, Karyl 39 Junod, Jacqueline 36 Jury, William 19 Kaatz, Marjorie 35 Kabeck, Charlotte 42 Kackstetter, Sandra 37 Kaczmarek, Paula 44 Kaercher, Daniel 14 Kafcas, Margaret 36 Kagan, Laurie 40 Kahan, Louise 37 Kahan, Marc 25 Kahl, James 45 Kahn, Bruce 33 Kahn, Jeffrey 45 Kahnweiler, James 30 Kaifesh, Barbara 5 Kaiser, Martha 10 Kaiser, Patricia 36 Kalback, Marta 4 Kalis, Michael 38 Kalisz, Cynthia 23 Kaminski, Lauren 41 Kaminsky, Joyce 36 Kammer, Kenneth 3 Kanarek, Paula 22 Kane, Dennis 33 Kaneely, Artes 25 Kaplan, Alan 33 Kaplan, Harold 20 Kaplan, Howard 24 Kaplan, Jay 3 Kaplan, Kenneth 3 Kaplan, Mary 13 Kapnick, Ronald 2 Kapusky, John 28 Kartheiser, Frank 2 Kasdan, Lawrence 46 Kasiborski, Ann 27 Kasiborski, Terry 28 Katz, Burton 24 Katz, Harriet 36 Katz, Howard 20 Katz, James 33 Katz, Jonathan 25 Katz, Randi 22 Katzenmeyer, Ann 4 Kauffman, Jim 33 Kaufman, Barbara E. 36 Kaufman, Barbara S. 40 Kaufman, Barbi 15 Kaufman, Donna 45 Kaufman, Jeffrey 22 Kaufman, Joanne 45 Kay, Richard 18 Kaye, Barbara 22 Kearney, Thomas 25 Keats, Roger 46 Keebler, Michael 18 Keeler, Kathleen 36 Keene, James 15 Keetch, Laurie 9 Keeton, Edward 12 Kefgen, Ronald 28 Kehoe, Denise 35 Keim, Thomas 28 Keith, Phillip 38 Keith, Sally 10 Kelch, Gregory 38 Keller, William 45 Kelley, John 32 Kellman, Sally 42 Kellner, Diane 42 Kellner, Fred 24 Kellso, Nancy 44 Kelly, Geoffrey 7 Kelly, Kathleen 11 Kelly, Mary Louise 36 Kelly, Mary V. 42 Kelly, Michael 32 Kembel, Janis 40 Kemp, Carl 9 Kemp, David 35 Kemp, Kenneth 34 Kempner, Aviva 36 Kendall, James 14 Kendall, Warren 14 Kenjoski, Jane 41 Kennedy, James 45 Kennedy, Kathleen 16 Kennedy, Mary 10 Kennedy, Michael 30 Kent, Robert 45 Kent, Rosemary 8 Kerkhoff, Dorothy 44 Kern, Julie 44 Kerr, David 14 Kerr, Edwin 31 Kerr, Robert 45 Kerredge, Joan 9 Kessel, John 21 Kessler, Alan 38 Kessler, Lawrence 25 Kessler, Stephen 14 Kesterke, Alan 1 Keto, John 8 Khuen, Charles 24 Kiddleberger, Hugh 10 Kierman, T. 10 Kilgore, Clare 37 Kilian, John 27 Kilkka, Carolyn 11, 36 Kim, Younghee 36 Kimball, Robert 31 Kimmen, Becky 1 Kinderman, Carol 16 Kindy, Kay 5 King, Chrystie 37 King, Gary 28 King, Lorraine 39 King, Louise 41 Kingscott, John 26 Kinney, Patricia 36 Kintner, Joy 39 Kirchick, Calvin 21 Kirkby, Richard 14 Kirkwood, James 11 Kishner, Martha 26 Kitaeff, Martin 33 Kitchen, Nancy 9 Kitzmiller, Joan 42 Kitzul, Lynn 34 Kives, Andrew 14 Kivisto, Peter 38 Klahr, Philip 24 Klam, Karen 15 Kleiman, Edward 20 Klein, Gloria 42 Klein, Linda 3 Klein, Marlene 3 Klein, Mirfee 26, 36 Klein, Shari 26 Klein, Susan 36 Kleiner, Carol 40 Kleinhans, Alice 23 Klemann, Catherine 37 Klick, Kathleen 9 Kline, Cheryl 8 Klivans, Robert 33 Klomparens, Deborah 4 Klotz, Stephen 8 Klotzko, Arlene 43 Klumpp, William 41 Klutsenbeker, Cynthia 6 Knake, James 10 Knapp, Agnita 17 Kness, Wendy 9 Knoll, David 35 Knowles, Enoch 14 Knowles, Philip 38 Kneuhn, George 14 Koch, Peggy 6 Koch, Peter 7 Koehn, Lilane 40 Koeneke, Michael 20 Koepcke, Katherine 8 Koepfgen, Linda 45 Kohn, Robert 22 Kohn, Victoria 42 Koidin, Michael 45 Kokoszka, Susan 41 Kolb, Anne 8 Kolis, Thomas 46 Konapek, Franellen 17 Konikow, Claire 22 Koning, Marsha 43 Konkle, Glen 25 Konn, David 7 Konopka, Ronald 46 Koop, Daniel 19 Koos, Donald 29 Koper, Lisbeth 43 Koppe, Wayne 32 Korbelak, Frances 9 Korinis, Peter 2 Korn, Jennifer 22 Korn, William 20 Kornheiser 43 Korybalski, Michael 32 Koske, Joanne 16 Koskimaki, Christine 5 Koss, Paul 2 Kosy, Donald 31 Kotlarczyk, Nancy 36 Kotz, Edward 18 Kovacs, Robert 13 Kozel, Nicholas 33 Kozikowski, Alan 46 Koziol, Carlotta 27 Kraft, James 33 Kraft, John 25 Kraft, Robert 33 Krajacic, John 23 Kramer, Marshall 19 Kramer, Theodore 24 Krans, Linda 36 Krapp, Ronald 46 Krasnick, Judith 22 Krasnoff, Justin 13 Krause, Betty 10 Krause, Ila 26 Krause, Joanne 22 Krauss, William 7 Krawchuk, Sandra 8 Krebs, Carolyn 36 Krebs, James 24, 41 Kreinberg, Jeffrey 33 Kreis, Wilmont 32 Krejci, Joan 43 Kremkow, Diane 43 Kreps, Robert 9 Kreski, Jane 15, 36 Kress, Linda 11 Kretovitch, Duncan 1 1 Kreuchauf, Gary 9 Krezel, Lillian 43 Krieger, Susan 35 Krings, Kathleen 35 Krisak, Edward 13 Krist, Allan 26 Kroll, Ellen 3 Kronfeld, Bart 38 Kropp, Terry 27, 39 Krueger, Ann-Marie 16 Kruger, Meredith 17 Kruger, Robert 20 Kruggel, Thomas 33 Krupp, Nancy 12 Kruse, Dennis 7 Kruse, Marina 17 Kruszewski, George 13 Kucera, Marie 39 Kuelthau, Marline 8 Kuehnle, Diane 17, 36 Kuipers, Ed 19 Kukawka, Irene 9 Kukes, Jeffrey 33 Kukora, John 41 Kulak, Don 29 Kulow, Kathleen 37 Kun, Janel 36 Kuner, Jerry 38 Kunkel, Diana 5 Kunsa, Joseph 21 Kupetz, Stewart 3 Kurlander, Ileen 36 Kurtycz, Danny 38 Kushman, James 2 Kutsche, Katherine 37 Kutsche, Lynn 43 Kutzen, Diane 26 Kyselka, Luana 10 Kyle, Vicki 13 La Fond, Peter 18 La Fountain, Jeane 41 La Gosh, Susan 36 La Marca, Anthony 21 La Sage, Judith 1 La Sovage, James 31 La Venture, Sharon 42 Lacy, Julia 37 Ladd, Jon 7 Ladewig, Susan 10 Lafave, Lawrence 46 Lafer, Mark 30 Lagalo, Sharon 6 Lage, Martha 12 Laing, Bruce 8 Laitner, Walter 31 Lakatos, Larane 37 Lake, Catherine 43 Lamb, Susan 5 Lambert, Louise 1 Lambert, Penny 26 Lambrecht, John 12 Lanard, Kathleen 27 Lance, Brian 14 Lande, Nelson 33 Landesman, Lynn 22 Landon, Dale 20 Landsittel, Thomas 18 Lane, Judith 34 Lane, Melody 34 Lane, Susan 40 Lang, Judith 2 Lang, Michael 14 Langberg, Henry 24 Lange, Christine 6 Langstaff, Linda 1 Lankier. Marilyn 36 Lannon, James 24 Lansing, Diane 17 Lantz, Bonita 17 Lapham, Krishna 36 Lapham, Sandra 9 Lapine, Susan 1 Lark, Janet 15 Larkin, Ellen 1 Larsen, Andrea 43 Larsen, Kathy 34 Lasser, Marshall 24 Lasser, Rita 43 Last, Jeffrey 41 Latimore, Larry 30 Lauer, Kurt 46 Laughlin, Linda 35 Lausten, Eric 31 Lavers, Richard 19 Lavin, Victoria 45 Lavos, Diane 34 Law, David 21 Law, Donald 14 Lawa, R. 15 Lawler, Sherry 42 Lawrence, Charles 41 Lawrence, David 38 Lawrence, Nancy 3 Lawrukovich, Sandra 43 Layman, Linda 16 Lazier, Anita 26 Le Anderson, Kristen 16 Le Cronier, Joyce 27 Le Febure, Clare 4 Le Roy, David 21 Leach, Harold 25 Leader, Ronald 31 Leavitt, Nancy 40 Lebow, Lorraine 37 Leckey, Donald 11 Leclaire, Richard 46 Lederer, Marlene 22 Lee, Christopher 28 Lee, Gene 45 Lee, Majorie 8 Lee, Mary 5 Lee, Ronald 46 Leedy, Glenn 25 Leemon, Mark 25 Lees, Robert 29 Leeson, Robert 45 Leff, Susan 3 Lehman, Ann 3 Lehman, Carolyn 1 Lehmann, Carol 37 Lehner, Urban 46 Lehr, Suzanne 35 Leinbach, Gregory 33 Leinenkugel, Janet 42 Leiter, Jan 38 Leiter, Mary 39 Leitner, Carol 36 Lejuste, Carolyn 36 Leland, Nancy 3 Lemire, James 46 Lenardon, Gloria 36 Lengel, Freda 35 Lenhoff, Gail 35 Lentz, Peter 7 Lenz, John 30 Leonard, Stephen 26 Lemer, Henry 20 Lerner, Jonathan 20 Lerner, Ross 33 Lerner, Susan 43 Leroy, Pierre 32, 45 Leslie, Kent 14 Lessack, Ronald 22 Lessen, Carol 43 Lester, Steven 2 Leszcynski, Paula 39 Letvin, Joel 25 Leuchtman, Stephen 25 Levenson, Diane 12 Leventen, Rita 45 Levin, Alice 39 Levin, Dennis 13 Levin, Majorie 39 Levin, Robert 19 Levine, Lauren 22 Levitt, Larry 25 Levitt, Susan 43 Levy, Barbara 26 Levy, Frederic 20 Lewandowski, Jo Ann 43 Lewis, Linda Jean 44 Lewis, Linda Ruth 36 Lewis, Marilyn 5 Lewis, Michael 29 Lewis, Susan 4 Libby, Lenore 42 Licata, Raymond 31 Lichter, Allan 25 Lichterman, Lynne 3 Liden, Craig 28 Liebrecht, Ann 37 Liegler, Barb 2 Lifchez, Paula 3 Lift, Gail 36 Liggett, Betty 16 Liggett, Pamela 15 Liggett, Pamela 15 Lilley, Susan 39 Linamegi, Edmonts 19 Lincoln, Alice 37 Lindell, Nancy 27 Lindemann, Michael 27 Lindholm, John 18 Lindow, Thomas 19 Link, Gary 26 Linn, Thomas 15 Linscheid, Beth 8 Linsell, Edward 28 Lipke, Mary 16 Lipman, Ellen 43 Lippincott, Mark 12 Lipton, Lois 3 Lipton, S. Gregory 21 Lirtzman, Kenneth 20 Listiak, John 33 Little, Keith 11 Little, Kenneth 14 Littleton, David 1 Livesay, Lois 34 Livingood, Susan 10 Livingstone, Ann 17 Lo, Virginia 36 Lock, Stewart 29 Lockton, William 19 Loessel, Mark 31 Logan, Mary 6 Lohla, Jerry 14 Lohrmann, David 34 Lohrmann, Robert 34 Lomax, Lynda 37 Londergan, Susan 39 London, Richard 24 Long, Becky 15 Long, James 31 Long, Mary 17 Longhlin, Russ 38 Longley, Elizabeth 10 Longpre, Judy 5 Loomis, Karin 34 Loon, Richard 45 Lott, Linda 15 Lotz, Robert 41 Loucks, Thomas 12 Loud, Bennard 27, 35 Lovas, Kathryn 8 Love, April 9 Love, David 18 Love, Deborah 23 Lovell, Susan 35 Lovell, Thomas 20 Loving, Linda 42 Low, Mary 1 Low, Nancy 27 Lowden, Steven 28 Lowe, Allan 45 Lowe, David 30 Lowe, John 45 Lowe, Karen 42 Lowe, Theodore 13 Lowrie, Barbara 4, 35 Loy, Nancy 40 Lucas, James 46 Ludwig, Jean 4 Ludwig, Pamela 6 Luehmann, Nancy 35 Lugannani, Paula 23 Lugers, Sherrill 16 Lukaski, Henry 28 Lum, Elliott 11 Lumbard, James 31 Lumberg, Marilyn 36 Lumsden, James 2 Lund, Susan 17 Lundeen, Curt 7 Lundgren, Kent 24 Lupovich, Karen 36 Lust, Sandra 36 Lustgarten, David 23 Lutone, Cherise 34 Lutskus, Mary 39 Luxon, Diana 35 Luxon, Jane 41 Lyman, Richard 27 Lynch, Domitilla 40 Lynch, Edward 6 Lynch, John 16 Lynch, John 41 Lynch, Mama 12 Lynch, Robert 7 Lynne, Cheryl 27 Lynn, Eileen 22 Lyska, Laura 40 Maas, Michael 11 Mabley, John 24 MacArthur, Jeanne 17 MacDonald, Kathleen 9, 39 MacKenzie, Kenneth 14 Machek, Jack 31 Mackert, Linda 4 Mackey, Montgomery 21 Mackie, Brenda 39 Mackin, Catherine 17 Macksey, Mike 5 Macomber, Priscilla 42 Macpherson, Mary 16 Maddog, Lester 41 Maddox, Dennis 15 Maddox, Swanee 37 Maddux, Thomas 32 Madian, Judith 42 Magoon, Elbert 31 Maguire, Kathleen 15 Mahachek, Ross 9 Maher, Maureen 2 Mahler, Jay 25 Mahoney, Kathleen 15 Mahr, Susan 16 Maidlow, Spencer 28 Maienknecht, Juliann 15 Maines, Patricia 42 Majchrzak, Kenneth 11 Maki, Kristine 27 Malboeuf, Richard 9 " Malcheek " 22 Malcolm, Bruce 29 Mallar, Charles 38 Mallon, Bill 1 Mallon, Gayle 3 Mallon, Timothea 10 Mammen, Nancy 40 Mancini, John 35 Mandel, Paul 25 Mandiberg, Joseph 22 Mandler, James 46 Mangold, Mary 42 Mann, David 33 Mann, Lawrence 6 Mannasmith, Richard 38 Manning, Nancy 8 Manuel, Pamela 30 Maran, Janet 15 Marchio, Ann 36 Marine, Cynthia 39 Marion, Maxine 45 Marjaniemi, Daryle 33 Mark, Betsy 36 Markel, Linda 23 Markley, Gary 21 Markus, Ellen 42 Markus, Thomas 7 Marlotte, Anne 37 Marokus, Paul 22 Marshall, Deborah 36 Marston, John 2 Marston, Scott 10 Marten, Gerhard 38 Martin, Bruce 11 Martin, Cheryl 23 Martin, Elizabeth 45 Martin, James 7 Martin, Jay 9 Martin, Regina 35 Martin, Sandra 42 Martin, Susan 9 Martynow, Nadine 43 Marx, Nancy 26 Mash, Steven 29 Mashinter, William 11 Masino, Nancy 27 Maskeny, Diane 2 Massa, Richard 46 Masura, Donald 28 Materna, Michael 7 Matheson, Kathleen 43 Mathews, Gail 40 Matisi, John 46 Matthews, Mark 13 Matthews, Maureen 12 Matthews, Paul 41 Matthews, Suzanne 6 Mattison, Virginia 4 Maxey, Kenneth 16 Maxim, Dale 19 Maxson, Barbara 12 Maxwell, Carol 11 Maxwell, Jeffrey 19 Maxwell, Phillip 7 May, Gregory 31 Mayer, Barbara 36 Mayer, Linda 36 Mayer, Robert 46 Mayers, Cynthia 34 Mayhew, Marcia 34 Mayville, Diana 42 Mazer, Margaret 3 McAdaragh, Mary 5 McAllister, Karen 35 McAllister, Linda 16 McAllister, Nancy 16 McBrien, Barbara 41 McCaffrey, Patrick 28 McCall, Diane 44 McCall, Janet 4 McCallister, John 8 McCann, Julie 42 McCarthy, Barbara 4 McCarthy, John 13 McCarthy, Kim 36 McCarty, Frances 37 McCarty, Patricia 17 McCaslin, Thomas 19 McLaren, Thomas 18 McClellan, David 8 McCHntock, Douglas 19 McCloskey, John 18 McCluney, John 18 McConnell, Bonnie 42 McConnell, William 9 McCormick, Frank 1 McCormick, Margaret 15 McCovey, Willie 24 McCracken, Margaret 16 McCreery, Lawrence 20 McCullagh, Jeffrey 18 McCulloch, John 12 McCulloch, Roy 15 McCurdy, Dana 8 McDaniel, William 18 McDermott, Frank 7 McDermott, Michael 26 McDermott, Thomas 7 McDonald, Deborah 34 McDonald, Kenneth 19 McDonough, Michael 32 McDowell, James 32 McElhaney, Ronald 31 McEwen, William 19 McFadden, Carol 34 McGibbon, James 35 McGinn, Jeanne 35 McGowan, Maureen 11 McGurk, Hans 46 McHie, James 26 McHugh, Judith 5, 30 Mclntosh, Mary 12 McKay, Grady 46 McKay, Janeth 11 McKeague, David 14 McKellar, Nancy 43 McKenzie, Clyde 31 McKenzie, Colin 38 McKenzie, Robert 13 McKinnie, Karen 17 McKnight, Claire 23 McLarty, Marjorie 17 McLaughlin, David 14 McLean, Colleen 6 McMaster, Delphine 44 McMillan, Douglas 23 McMillan, James 33 McMurtrie, Daniel 31 McNair, Donna 17 McNamee, Charles 34 McNaughton, David 18 McNeely, Joseph 15 McOmber, Susan 34 McRay, Gary 20 McTighe, William 12 Meadors, Gayle 17 Mecklenborg, Theodore 14 Medlar, Martha 16 Mee, Barbara 6 Meek, Linda 9 Meeske, John 31 Meeske, William 8 Mehling, Nancy 27 Meier, Carl 13 Meier, William 30 Meilinggaard, Bruce 13 Meisenhelder, Pamela 9 Mejeur, Gail 4 Menaweck, Jean 42 Mendelson, David 45 Mendelson, Deborah 26 Mendrygal, Matthew 9 Mendrygal, Michael 38 Menger, Joe 31 Menzies, Mary 43 Merchant, Robert 18 Mercier, Joseph 29 Mere), Holly 37 Merrill, Sue 45 Merrill, William 24 Merriman, John 14 Merry, Cynthia 6, 43 Mersky, Jane 3 Messner, Jeffrey 18 Messner, Michael 18 Meszaros, Gregory 38 Metcalf, William 46 Metes, Carol 10 Metnick, Larry 29 Metiers, Jerry 38 Metz, Katherine 11 Meyer, Gerald 29 Meyer, John 38 Meyer, Melanie 36 Meyer, Patricia 35 Meyer, Philip 7 Meyer, Richard 14 Meyer, William 46 Meyers, Christine 6 Meyers, Mary 11 Meyers, Peter 20 Mezaros, Julianne 45 Mezoff, Carl 38 Michael, Bruce 2 Michalek, Gary 28 Michnoff, Sally 43 Miers, Patricia 17 Mieske, Janet 17 Mihalyfy, Karl 28 Mikhail, Mona 37 Miklas, Paula 40 Mikrut, Marcia 27 Milbum, Alan 14 Mildner, Peter 21 Miles, Dianne 36 Milinsky, Linda 22 Miller, Arleen 36 Miller, Barbara 4 Miller, Carol 36 Miller, Christine 34 Miller, Dan 7 Miller, Dennis 33 Miller, Douglas 22 Miller, Frank 9 Miller, Jack 38 Miller, James 20 Miller, Janet 11 Millar, Jill 39 Miller, Louise 1 Miller, Lynette 41 Miller, Martin 25 Miller, Mary 43 Miller, Mary 8 Miller, Melinda 35 Miller, Mimi 44 Miller, Richard L. 7 Miller, Richard N. 33 Miller, Susan 6 Miller, Timothy 6 Miller, Vic 24 Millet, Marilyn 39 Milliken, Sherry 11 Mills, Anne 40 Mills, Donna 6 Mills, Kenneth 28 Milne, Frederick 32 Mimikos, James 15 Miner, Cheryl 43 Minick, Dick 33 Minisi, Rena 3 Minkolf, Laurence 7, 41 Minnich, John 32 Minnick, Malcolm 8 Mintz, Alan 20 Mintz, Richard 20 Misa, Elaine 4 Miscisin, Veronica 35 Mitchell, James 7 Mitchell, Marilyn 15 Mitchell, Stephen 25 Mitchell, Susan 23 Mitnick, Stuart 22 Mitrovich, Gerald 34 Mittleman, Elaine 36 Mittleman, Mark 30 Mittleman, Sheldon 26 Moase, Jacqueline 42 Mochel, Virginia 23 Moeller, Linda 10 Moffic, Steve 3 Mogill, Kenneth 24 Mohler, William 19 Moir, Joan 12 Moisio, Ellen 42 Mollard, Dennis 24 Molloy, William 18 Monitz, Maris 22 Monroe, Eugene 33 Monroe, Gail 16 Monroe, Sue 37 Monson, Judith 36 Montgomery, Rita 43 Montgomery, John 10 Montgomery, Stephen 20 Monthei, Dennis 28 Montone, Pamela 10 Moody, Robert 14 Mooney, Jean 44 Moore, Andrea 12 Moore, Barbara 43 Moore, Bennetta 4 Moore, Charles 16 Moore, David 29 Moore, Eugene 33 Moore, Kathryn 12 Moore, Martha 43 Moore, Mary 10 Moore, Nancy 42 Moore, Robert 31 Moorhouse, Douglas 14, 38 Moorhus, Nancy 37 Moorstein, Bruce 25 Moran, Charles 46 Moran, Patricia 15 Moranz, Joel 20 Morawa, Thomas 14 Morelli, Donald 1 Morette, Ann 15 Morgan, Georgia 4 Morgan, Stephanie 36 Morgan, Timothy 33 Morgret, Paula 17 Morley, Janet 23 Morris, Barry 31 Morris, David 20 Morris, John 31 Morris, Ma rtha 44 Morris, Robert 33 Morris, Sandlord 22 Morris, Steven 24 Morrison, Diane 6 Morrison, Gail 34 Morrison, James 9 Morter, Sandy 16 Morton, Allan 22 Morton, Anne 8 Morton, Bonnie 43 Morton, Thomas 9 Moscow, Carol 45 Moselle, Jonathan 24 Moses, Laurie 12 Mosher, Ellon 37 Mosher, John 38 Mosher, Martha 4 Mosier, Joe 14 Mosier, Patricia 41 Moskovitz, Francine 22 Moskowitz, Eric 25 Moss, Gertrude 4 Mostov, Diane 3 Moylan, Helen 27 Muck, Thomas 7 Mudie, Kent 7 Muhlenbruch, Joan 23 Muir, Ronald 23 Mulder, Donald 19 Mulder, Jeanne 15 Mulder, John 19 Mulkey, Nancy 23 Mull, Nancy 17 Muller, Bruce, 19 Muller, Linda 43 Mullett, Barbara 36 Muma, Marilyn 42 Munro, Mary 23 Munster, Ann 45 Murbach, Richard 21 Murphy, Bryant 45 Murhpy, Diane 35 Murphy, G. P. 7 Murphy, Greg 7 Murray, Judith 5, 39 Murrell, Victor 18 Murtha, James 41 Muskovitz, Melvin 25 Musser, Larry 32 Myers, Larry 9 Myers, Marilyn 1 Myers, Ramelle 27 Myron, Mark 33 Nadler, Carol 42 Naftulin, Gene 20 Nagelberg, Howard 20 Nagle, Gwendolyn 43 Nagy, George 30 Nakamura, Samuel 38 Napier, Beverly 36 Nasalski, Edward 13 Nash, David 20 Nash, Patricia 16 Nash, William 26 Nathan, Jill 3 Neagle, Charlotte 17 Neal, Marcella 2 Neale, John 31 Near, Janet 8 Neary, David 19 Nebe, William 27 Neely, Nancy 15 Neff, Joan 40 Neill, Peggy 44 Neiman, William 20 Nelson, Catherine 17 Nelson, Cynthia 11 Nelson, Edith 9 Nelson, Eric 7 Nelson, Georgia 8 Nelson, Judith 23 Nelson, Larry 10 Nelson, Lorana 36 Nelson, Margaret 40 Nelson, Mitchell 22 Nelson, Pamela 15 Nelson, Stewart 21 Nelson, Warren 31 Nemetz, Anne 10 Nemkov, Peter 25 Nemorovsky, Jim 25 Ness, Donna 27 Ness, Sue 9 Nettlow, Randall 46 Neuhauser, Michael 32 Neuser, William 5 Neville, John 19 Newberg, Joseph 3 Newhouse, Nancy 1 Newman, Daniel 31 Newman, Judy 37 Newport, Gerald 11 Neymark, Michael 41 Nicholson, Cheryl 45 Nicholson, Elizabeth 34 Nicholson, Karyn 5 Nickovich, Shirley 42 Nicolls, John 14 Nicosia, Patrick 30 Nido, Cheryl 36 Niel, Jim 18 Nielan, Patricia 27 Nielsen, Albert 35 Nielsen, James 34 Nielsen, Karen 2 Niemisto, Paul 38 Nikkinen, Nancy 9 Nilson, Gilbert 31 Nissen, Nancy 45 Nissen, Steven 33 Nixon, Susan 15 Noecker, Ann 6 Noel, Robert 19 Nolan, Timothy 38 Nolish, Roselee 13 Norland, Douglas 34 Norlander, James 24 Norman, Bix 14 Norris, Judith 35 Northrup, Sandra 10 Northway, Richard 9 Norton, Joseph 45 Norton, Susan 42 Norwalk, Kerry 18, 35 Noshay, David 20 Nothmann, Ruth 27 Novack, Jean 42 Novak, Michael 11 Novick, Barbara 13 Novick, Marsha 36 Novotny, Janice 42 Nowakowski, Nancy 2 Nowinski, Thomas 32 Nowosad, Marcia 1 Numelin, Thomas 14 Nunez, Manuel 38 Nunn, Barbara 23 Nutting, Julie 8 Nye, Jo 43 Nyman, Kathleen 27 O ' Boyle, Barbara 34 O ' Brien, Cheri 1 O ' Connell, Christine 12 O ' Connor, Barbara 27 O ' Dell, Charles 20 O ' Dell, Fran 17 O ' Hara, John 9 O ' Kray, Henry 28 O ' Kulich, Anita 45 O ' Neill, Jerry 19 O ' Sullivan, Daniel 21 Oberg, Judith 43 Oberman, Marsha 42 Ochs, Richard 22 Ochylski, Marshall 13 Oeming, Julie 45 Of fen, Samuel 3 Ogle, Ted 18 Oglevee, David 21 Ohr, Frederick 7 Okrent, Daniel 25 Okun, Stephanie 26 Olds, Fredric 24 Oleck, Anabel 17 Oleshansky, Barbara 36 Oliver, Barbara 15 Oliver, Marjorie 10 Oliver, Mary 44 Oliver, Sandra 5 Ollinger, John 7 Olmstead, B. 14 Olson, Christine 11 Olson, Jean 43 Olson, Kirk 2 Olson, Marthe 27 Omerso, Sandra 36 Omohundro, Dan 29 Opoal, Georgia 2 Oppenheim, Eric 41 Oppenhuizen, Roselyn 36 Orloff, Deborah 22 Orrico, Diane 27 Orsini, Mary 35 Orvis, David 15 Oseff, Harold 22 Osmer, Dave 20 Ostrowski, David 30 Otto, Danielle 36 Otto, Paul 13 Overhiser, Robert 46 Overley, jane 10 Owen, Richard 30 Ozga, Lawrence 41 Paasuke, Liina 43 Pachter, Barbara 36 Padden, Nancy 44 Paddock, Le Roy 46 Page, Barbara 36 Pailes, Martin 28 Palmer, Ann 6 Palmer, Donald 8 Palmer, Kathleen 42 Palmer, Marsha 1 Palmer, Robert 20 Palmer, Susan 42 Pant, Kathryn 34 Papa, Carole 4 Papadoupolds, G. 15 Paper, Lewis 25 Papp, Lucy 43 Pappas, Edward 33 Pappas, Norman 33 Parent, Bruce 38 Parent, Cathy 15 Paris, Peter 9 Parisian, John 14 Park, David 31 Parkan, P. 15 Parker, Christopher 20 Parker, Janet 34 Parker, Janice 42 Parker, Marty 34 Parker, Ronald 38 Parks, Christine 37 Parmet, Wendy 35 Parsons, Janice 4 Parzen, Steven 41 Pascoe, John 21 Pasguariello, Alex 29 Passan, Judith 37 Patchak, Margaret 42 Patt, Thomas 34 Patton, Nancy 2 Paul, Evelyn 13 Paul, John 45 Paul, Roger 32 Pawlik, David 11 Pawlowski, Robert 13 Paxson, David 2 Payne, Tody 17 Payne, Martha 10 Peaks, Carol 4 Peaks, Gerald 16 Pear, Michael 20 Pearlman, Joseph 24 Pearson, Elaine 6 Pearson, Mary 6 Pease, Janet 43 Pecoy, Patricia 4 Pederson, Janice 40 Peebles, Jane 17 Peebles, Stephen 11 Pelavin, Martin 38 Pelly, Marcia 36 Peltier, Sharon 2 Pence, Daniel 21 Pence, James 38 Pendell, Kerry 17, 36 Penn, Meril 37 Penn, Sara 37 Pennock, Jean 8 Pensler, Margie 43 Poeples, Doug 10 Poeples, Nancy 12 Peplinski, Eugene 46 Perault, Pamela 17 Perkowski, Nanci 5 Perlberg, Robert 21 Perlman, Michael 29 Permut, Cathy 36 Perriguey, Virginia 6 Perry, Benjamin 7 Perschbacher, Peter 8 Peterman, Ann 5 Peterman, Mark 33 Peters, Sue 27 Petersen, Linn 11 Peterson, Alan 2 Peterson, Alfred 30 Peterson, John 28 Peterson, Marilyn 15 Peterson, Tom 19 Pfeiffer, Marilyn 6 Phares, Madeline 11 Phebus, Elise 1, 45 Phebus, Margaret 34 Phelps, Jane 5 Phillips, David 14 Phillips, Mark 20 Phillips, Raymond 16 Phlegar, Janet 23 Pian, Carlson 28 Picard, James 9 Pichan, Gordon 35 Piell, Joyce 26 Pierce, Louis 45 Pierson, Barry 8 Pierson, Jean 1 Pietsch, Louise 39 Pilarz, Barbara 42 Pilon, Larry 35 Pink, John 35 Pink, Terry 37 Pinkel, Robert 21 Pinkert, Daniel 20 Pintal, Annette 41 Pirkle, Timothy 23 Pitlosh, Max 21 Pittenger, Pauline 8 Pittle, Lester 3 Pitts, Christina 36 Pittsley, Richard 13 Piwonka, Susan 23 Pixley, Zaide 39 Pizer, Ann 22 Place, Patricia 40 Plawchan, Matthew 31 Pleasant, Audrey 37 Pleason, Terry 5 Pleune, Thomas 7 Pleznac, Robert 33 Ploeger, Judith 42 Ploucha, Cheryl 27 Pious, Rachel 22 Plumb, Brock 14 Plume, Patricia 27 Pniewski, Richard 21 Pobanz, Kerry 45 Podd, Robert 32 Pohja, Arne 46 Poindexter, Michael 1 Polidan, Ronald 45 Polifka, James 12 Polifka, Michael 31 Polikoff, Sheryl 45 Polk, Iris 40 Pollak, Gary 22 Pollee, Angelika 36 Pollock, Rheta 45 Pomeroy, Jonathan 1 Pond, Robert 41 Pontious, Linda 6 Pope, Constance 4 Pope, John 15 Popp, Laura 17 Port, Diane 3 Porter, Carol 12 Porter, Christopher 46 Post, Richard 30 Postma, Richard 19 Pott, Margaret 12 Potter, George 33 Potts, Kristin 15 Pouch, Kathleen 43 Poulton, Jane 34 Poulton, Ted 20 Pound, Marilyn 35 Powders, Jeannine 2 Powell, Diane 36 Powell, John 30 Powell, Peggy 39 Powell, Susan 1 Poyhonen, Mark 9 Pozza, Clarence 35 Praver, David 3 Precobb, Pamela 9 Preda, Nick 25 Pregerson, Bernard 25 Preketes, Alice 35 Premo, Gilbert 13 Prentice, Betsy 17 Presley, Gregory 18, 46 Preston, Jack 33 Preston, Louise 17 Preston, William 7 Price, Brandon 32 Price, Gerald 29 Price, Joan 8 Price, Richard 19 Primeau, Jeanne 36 Prins, Barbara 43 Proctor, Dan 30 Props! , Claudia 42 Protz, John 13 Provost, Keith 34 Prustecki, John 41 Pryor, Bob 20 Ptasznik, Victor 13 Ptucha, Barbara 42 Pudas, Sandra 34 Puklin, Martha 3 Purcell, Regina 41 Purdy, Carol 15 Purdy, Kenneth 10 Purucker, Karen 2 Putnam, Graham 45 Putz, Beverly 39 Quackenbush, Ann 1 Quackenbush, Glenn 9 Quackenbush, James 18 Quick, Bradley 35 uick, Catherine 10 uinn, Andrew 33 Raab, Nancy 2 Rabe, Erika 43 Raczkowski, Ronald 7 Radigan, Timothy 21 Raff, Marsha 41 Raftshol, Anne 43 Rail, Sigmund 15 Rainey, Guy 29 Rajala, Patricia 2, 39 Raker, Richard 20 Rakocy, Janet 6 Ramay, Lynn 5 Ramer, Karen 43 Rampersad, Rabindran 46 Ramsay, Craig 27 Ramsay, Jorun 37 Randels, Sarah 9 Randolph, James 13 Randolph, Susan 37 Rankin, Rita 41 Rappaport, Elizabeth 36 Rappaport, Richard 20 Rapper, Ronald 25 Rapport, Rebecca 37 Rasmussen, Richard 19 Rasmussen, Sally 5, 35 Raven, Ronald 35 Rawling, Janet 27 Rayford, Carl 6 Reaven, Deborah 45 Reber, Cynthia 11 Redden, James 30 Redding, Richard 38 Reece, Janet 6 Reed, Beverly 1 Reed, Jane 16 Reed, Joann 43 Reer, Ellen 6 Reese, Patricia 16 Reeve, Connie 11 Reeves, Douglas 41 Reeves, Judith 34 Reid, Robert 32 Reider, Linda 8 Reif, Donna 5 Reifman, Ann 13 Reilly, Charles 19 Reimers, Herman 5 Reinboth, Janet 41 Reinhart, Frederick 35 Reisman, Jack 3 Reisman, Jerald 3 Reistman, Patty 26 Reiter, Burton 20 Reitman. Daniel 22 Reitz, Ann 10, 44 Reizen, Nancy 45 Rembacki, William 12 Remich, Robert 28 Remus, William 30 Reno, Lorraine 43 Rentschler, David 25 Retzker, Ellen 45 Revock, Karen 43 Reynolds, John 8 Reynolds, Michael 20 Rhea, Jennifer 40 Rhines, Walden 21 Rhoads, James 34 Rhoads, Kenneth 28 Rhodes, David 18 Ricci, Thomas 38 Rice, Don 6 Rice, Richard 8 Richards, Cynthia 5 Richards, Jacob 27 Richards, Jane 42 Richards, Judith 15 Richards, Kathleen 4 Richards, Mark 1 Richardson, Douglas 24 Richardson, Frank 18 Richflson, Andrew 25 Richey, Carolyn 44 Richman, Loma 42 Richter, Trudy 12 Ricker, Neil 38 Rieger, Mark 25 Riger, Stephanie 13 Higgle, Mimi 2 Rigles, Ray 18 Riley, Charles 34 Riley, Susan 4 Rinaker, Kristen 36 Ringenberg, Linda 42 Rinzler, Robert 20 Ripson, Susan 5 Hitter, Robert 2 Rivard, Barbara 44 Rizzardi, Roberta 43 Roach, James 33 Robbins, Susan 45 Robert, Roger 46 Roberts, Bruce 21 Roberts, Calvin 6 Roberts, George 46 Roberts, Judith 11 Robertson, Mary 2 Robertson, Sandra 44 Robie, Nancy 44 Robinson, Ann 36 Robinson, Barbara 26 Robinson, Charles 25 Robinson, Gilbert 45 Robinson, James 2 Robinson, Jane 2 Robinson, John 45 Robinson, Judy 35 Robinson, Mary 43 Robling, Dorothy 34 Rochford, Barbara 17 Rock, Joyce 4 Rock, Susan 13 Rockwell, Donald 31 Rockwell, Louise 35 Roe, Patricia 41 Roe, Stanley 24 Roessler, Michael 29 Rogers, Claudia 39 Rogers, Deborah 2 Rogoff, Cynthia 42 Rogovy, Anita 3 Rogow, Mark 20 Rohrbach, Carl 11 Rolby, George 46 Rollins, Mary 35 Rollins, Richard 31 Rom, Judith 36 Romanak, Martha 16 Romine, Julie 44 Ronayne, Patrick 41 Rood, Jack 32 Rorke, Robert 10 Rosbe, James 14 Rosczyk, John 46 Rose, Christopher 33 Rose, James 46 Rose, Mitchel 24 Rose, Theodore 14 Rosema, Roger 8 Rosen, Elaine 22 Rosenbaum, Sharon 22 Rosenberg, Barbara 45 Rosenberg, Berinthia 3 Rosenberg, Karen 3 Rosenberg, Mark 33 Rosenberg, Nancy 13 Rosenberg, Robert 3 Rosenblum, Bernard 33 Rosenfield, Nancy 4 Rosenfield, Robert 46 Rosengarten, Jane 39 Rosenkrands, Peter 24 Rosenthal, Carol 13 Rosenthal, Ellen 42 Rosenthal, Robert 33 Rosichuk, David 46 Rosner, Marjorie 39 Ross, Alice 8 Ross, Edmund 10 Ross, Gale 4 Ross, Helen 36 Ross, Janet 5 Ross, Richard 6 Ross, Susan 10 Rosselli, Thomas 2 Rossen, Ronald 29 Roth, Daryle 45 Roth, Jane 3 Roth, Richard 3 Roth, Susan 3 Rothbaum, Jean 26 Rothenberg, Jeffrey 38 Rothenberg, Kenneth 33 Rothlauf, Alan 32 Rothman, Elizabeth 22 Rothman, Robert 22 Rotzien, William 21 Roudebush, Mary 17 Rowe, Patricia 17 Rowland, Christopher 21 Rowser, John 6 Rozypal, James 9 Rubach, Marilyn 1 Ruben, Frederick 29 Rubenstein, Joel 3 Rubenstein, Marc 20 Rubenstein, Phyllis 39 Rubin, Alyce 15 Rubin, Gayle 13 Rubin, Jan 42 Rubinson, Richard 33 Rubinstein, Richard 24 Ruby, Natalie 13 Rudman, Stephanie 26 Rudolph, Laurel 3 Rudy, Judith 39 Ruester, Judith 8 Ruffner, Glen 28 Ruh, James 7 Rundblat, Christine 2 Rundles, Karen 35 Runkel, Mary 10 Runyon, Elizabeth 9 Ruotsala, Susan 27 Rusbridge, Cherie 39 Russell, Carolyn 1 Russell, John 41 Russell, Mary 16 Russo, Maree 39 Rust, Carl 18 Rutberg, Frederick 3 Ruth, Jean 39 Rutka, Philip 45 Rutledge, Ann 4 Ruttinger, George 41 Saari, Michele 40 Sabol, John 46 Sachs, Howard 30 Sacks, Meryl 45 Sadoff, David 18 Sadowski, Linda 42 Saefkow, Susan 45 Safran, Linda 3 Saftley, Linda 42 Sage, William 9 Sahlmark, Virginia 2 Sakowski, Gayle 36 Salassa, John 7 Salicoff, Phyllis 43 Salow, William 30 Saltonstall, Connie 11 Saltz, Diane 36 Salvette, Meryl 1 Salzberg, Robert 46 Salzenstein, Diane 42 Samberg, Gilbert 21 Samborn, James 41 Same, Robert 2 Sample, Fred 41 Samuelson, David 32 Sanderson, Donald 20 Sanderson, Julie 34 Sandy, Robert 22 Sanford, Sue 4 Sanguinetti, John 41 Sankar, Andrea 10 Sann, Brian 34 Sansom, Elijah 16 Santiago, Frances 45 Sarber, Nan 11 Sarno, Jane 43 Sarvis, Mary 10 Sasamoto, Janice 4 Satovsky, James 25 Satwicz, David 46 Saudek, Susan 11 Sauer, Constance 42 Saul, Jane 35 Saunders, Irene 26 Savage, Carl 19 Savage, John 46 Savory, James 38 Sawdy, Gary 28 Sawin, Margaret 4 Saxner, Howard 22 Scagnetti, Christopher 35 Schaaf, Susan 15 Schaap, Aletta 36 Schaberg, Martha 43 Schaedel, Edwin 32 Schaefer, Craig 32 Schaefer, Marcia 36 Schaeffer, Michael 5 Schaerges, Jane 6 Schaffer, Thomas 31 Schaibley, Robert 33 Schaill, Malinda 17 Scharff, Robert 14 Schatz, Phillip 3 Schauer, James 35 Schaupner, Carol 9 Schearer, Ed 27 Schelter, James 31 Scherer, Ernest 2 Scherling, Kathryn 37 Scherpenisse, Bruce 19 Scherr, Richard 26 Scheuer, Elle i 22 Schick, Helmut 21 Schiesel, Darlene 36 Schiffman, Judith 36 Schifter, Pamela 36 Schild, Nancy 22 Schiller, Brian 46 Schiller, Eileen 16 Schimpke, Leslie 45 Schindler, Maria 32 Schlacht, Donald 45 Schlaffer, Christine 45 Schlamowitz, Linda 22 Schlecte, William 28 Schloss, Richard 33 Schmaltz, Janet 9 Sc hmid, Catherine 17 Schmidt, Anadel 9 Schmidt, Nancy 23 Schmidt, Terrance 8 Schmidt, William 3 Schmidtbleicher, Dale 35 Schmier, Eric 29 Schmier, Robert 24 Schmoekel, Carol 5 Schneider, Lynn 36 Schnell, Betty 9 Schneps, Henry 24 Schneyer, Susan 13 Schoen, Susan 5 Schoendorf, William 30 Schoettle, Gloria 41 Schofield, Robert 35 Scholl, Jean 45 Scholnick, Phyllis 22 Schon, Donald 3 Schonfeld, Gita 34 Schoonmaker, James 31 Schoonover, John 31 Schottenfeld, Audrey 45 Schpok, Phillip 18 Schrimper, Charles 9 Schroeder, David 7 Schroeder, John 18 Schroth, Rebecca 17 Schuck, Tom 13 Schuette, Mike 10 Schuk, John 19 Schulman, Lloyd 3 Schultz, John 35 Schultz, Kathryn 39 Schultz, Lawrence 14 Schultz, Peter 28 Schulz, Wesson 9 Schumm, Barbara 1 Schunke, Carol 36 Schuster, Richard 31 Schutzman, Karen 36 Schuurmann, Bruce 19 Schwark, James 7 Schwartz, Arthur 19 Schwartz, Edward 20 Schwartz, Gail 26 Schwartz, Gary 33 Schwartz, Robert 33 Schwartz, Susan 39 Schwartz, Terry 43 Schwartzman, Joanne 36 Schwarz, David 3 Schwarzberg, Kay 22 Schweigert, James 30 Schweitzer, Jeffrey 9 Scofield, Julie 12 Scooros, Melissa 43 Scott, Harold 46 Scott, Jean 2 Scott, Linda 4 Scott, Robert 33 Seabold, Nancy 16 Seaman, Linda 11 Seavitte, Frank 7 Sebastian, Virginia 37 Sebright, John 14 Secrist, John 28 Segal, Arnold 8 Segal, Deborah 26 Segall, John 25 Segall, Ruth 37 Segasser, Paul 34 Segolund, Janice 35 Seiber, James 8 Seidman, Shari 26 Selby, Margaret 4 Seligman, George 35 Sellers, Dorothy 43 Sellgren, Thomas 25 Seltsam, Christine 41 Semenik, Richard 38 Semon, Linda 35 Semperger, Paul 31 Senakiewich, Sandra 39 Sensoli, Frank 46 Sernak, Barbara 37 Seroka, Patricia 43 Server, Alfred 38 Servis, David 31 Serwer, Barbara 43 Seto, Steven 32 Sevener, Donald 27 Severn, Pauline 4 Severy, Janelle 6 Sevin, Roberta 6 Sewell, Frederick 33, 45 Sewell, James 29 Sewell, Mary 1 Shafer, Sharon 35 Shaler, Susan 17 Shaffer, Linda 8 Shakespear, Ann 39 Shanker, James 25 Shanker, James 25 Shannon, Robert 6 Shapiro, David 33 Shapiro, Lynn 36 Shapiro, Susan 22 Sharfstein, Andrea 42 Sharpe, Paul 45 Sharum, John 8 Shaw, Stuart 41 Shea, Patrick 19 Shedd, Charles 33 Sheer, Ronald 25 Shefferly, Jon 7 Sheiman, Peter 22 Sheldon, Michael 22 Shelley, Elizabeth 9 Shelton, Douglas 11 Shemansky, Susan 17 Shenk, William 27 Shepherd, Drew 46 Sheppard, Robert 6 Sherwood, Mary 36 Shevin, William 20 Shields, Timothy 9 Shiftman, Susan 3 Shikoski, Linda 36 Shingleton, Lori 9 Shirock, Susan 10 Shlifer, Robert 22 Shoemaker, Janet 2 Shoemaker, John 34 Shoemaker, Susan 8 Shortt, John 32 Enough, Karen 11 Shubert, Inette 26 Shubow, Maureen 45 Shubow, Sari 43 Shuey, John 21 Shull, Wade 41 Shur, Ruth 22 Sidell, Bruce 24 Sidenstecker, Linda 36 Sidley, Karen 42 Siebenhaar, Marlene 43 Sieber, Susan 17 Sieberg, Michael 22 Siegal, Eleanor 42 Siegal, Martin 33 Siegel, Richard 3 Siegner, Betty 42 Sielaff, Dale 18 Sies, Richard 33 Sigler, Alyce 12 Sikorski, Cynthia 35 Sikorski, Michael 32 Silber, Susan 39 Silk, James 25 Silva, Rene 19 Silverberg, Kenneth 27 Silverman, Bette 43 Silverman, Daniel 20 Silverman, Robert 22 Silverman, Stephen 20 Simmons, Gregory 35 Simmons, Steven 25 Simon, Linda 5 Simon, Lynn 3, 43 Simon, Michael 1 1 Simon, Scott 7 Simon, Sue 13 Simons, Bettysue 3 Sims, Judith 2 Sims, Randall 33 Sinclair, Kathleen 37 Singer, Lesley 37 Singer, Mark 3 Singer, Myra 3 Singer, Sandra 26 Sinkowski, Nancy 6 Sinnott, Mary 34 Sipp, Warren 6 Sirosky, Dennis 18 Siskin, Jonathan 38 Sisson, Carol 9 Skelton, Owen 14 Skinner, Jana 9 Skoglund, Paul 34 Skomra, Marilyn 42 Skoog, Gary 21 Skromme, Karen 34 Skudlarick, John 8 Slade, Russell 38 Sladkin, Kenneth 24 Slinker, John 33 Slizewski, Douglas 38 Slobodnik, Mitchell 25 Slocum, William 31 Sloman, Sally 36 Slomoff, Daniel 33 Slotkin, Toni 45 Slucter, David 32, 46 Slusky, Barbara 36 Slusser, Carolyn 35 Smallman, Susan 36 Smethells, William 27 Smilack, Judith 42 Smiles, Stephen 3 Smith, Beverly 17 Smith, Brenda 2 Smith, Brook 35 Smith, Carl 6, 38 Smith, Christopher 46 Smith, David 28 Smith, Donald 32 Smith, Edward 31 Smith, Gail 43 Smith, Goff 26 Smith, Janet 10 Smith, John 41 Smith, Judith 36 Smith, Katherine 41 Smith, Kenneth 35 Smith, Larry 46 Smith, Lauri 12 Smith, Lawrence 24 Smith, Lon 38 Smith, Marilynn 17 Smith, Michael D. 14 Smith, Michael J. 12, 46 Smith, Pamela 5 Smith, Scott 18 Smith, Sema 42 Smith, Stephanie 42 Smith, Susan 43 Smith, Thomas 10 Smith, Tom 23 Smith, Virginia 34 Smithson, Stephen 14 Smithson, Thomas 38 Smock, Ellen 39 Smolek, Sherry 42 Smolens, Anita 43 Smothers, Margaret 8 Smyth, Diana 37 Snavely, David 24 Snider, Laura 45 Snoeck, Lynda 42 Snoeyink, Benny 19 Snow, Carleton 25 Snowden, Pamela 4 Snyder, Ada 36 Snyder, Ann 4 Snyder, John 25, 35 Snyder, Mary 17 Snyder, Nicholas 14 Sobel, Joseph 3 Soberman, Marcia 45 Sochs, Helen 43 Soder, Rector 11 Soderberg, Margaret 40 Sokol, Gail 26 Solomon, Gail 26 Solomon, Julie 3 Solomon, Randall 33 Solow, Robert 22 Somers, John 41 Sommer, Roberta 5 Sommerfield, Dean 28 Sonkin, Harriet 41 Sonneman, Thomas 28 Sorenson, Carl 46 Sorenson, Eric 7 Sorenson, Thomas 19 Sosnow, Larry 33 Southon, Susan 34 Southworth, Gayle 35 Spacht, Annabelle 43 Spalding, James 21 Spaly, Gregory 14 Sparrow, Suzanne 43 Spath, Carl 38 Spear, Scott 33 Spector, Anita 45 Speier, Paula 6 Spencer, Carol 2 Spencer, Jean 6 Spengler, Leslie 5 Sperling, Judith 37 Spickler, Carol 45 Spigel Jerome 33 Spiess, Juliana 34 Spike, Frederick 38 Spink, Robert 21 Spitz, David 20 Spitz, Stephen 20 Splittstoesser, Will 11 Spoon, Denise 42 Spoils, Beverly 42 Sprague, Mary 36 Sprauer, Constance 4 Spray, Judd 24 Sprouse Mary 37 Sprow, David 45 Spurrier, James 20 Stachulski, James 9 Staffend, Gilbert 21 Stafford, Bonita 4 Stager, Robert 31 Stanar, Thomas 27 Stanley, Judith 9 Stann, Susan 11 Stannard, Richard 27 Stansbury.Kay 39 Stanton, Jill 42 Star, Rhonda 26 Starck, Richard 2 Stareck, Katherine 43 Stark, Laurie 3 Starman, Leslye 43 Stasikowski, Eva 37 Stead, Jack 46 Steam, Daniel 25 Stears, George 29 Stec, Katherine 8 Stedman, Lynn 7 Steely, Sarah 16 Steere, Frank 14 Steere, Judith 37 Stefani, Nancy 6 Steger, Mary 36 Steglitz, Stephen 25 Stein, Beverly 36 Stein, Ellen 36 Stein, Lauren 42 Steinberg, Gabriel 20 Steinberg, Linda 13 Steiner, Brenda 36 Steiner, Roger 7 Steketee, Bruce 19 Stenson, Robert 24 Stephenson, Diane 41 Stern, Bonnie 26, 42 Stern, Margery 37 Sternbach, George 24 Sternberg, Robert 20 Stertzbach, Kim 18 Stevens, Arthur 20 Stevens, Burrowes 14 Stevens, Carl 27 Stevens, David 12 Stevens, John 32 Stevens, Philip K. 31 Stevens, Philip L. 18 Stevens, Robert 18 Stevens, Susan 15 Stewart, Bruce 28 Stewart, Deborah 40 Stewart, Nancy 10 Stewart, Norman 13 Stewart, William 38 Steyer, Kathryn 27 Stickle, Nancy 6 Stid, Deborah 17 Stillwell, Sally 9 Stipe, Margo 39 Stiver, Sharon 23 Stockard, William 7 Stoetzer, James 7 Stolorow, Joan 45 Stolorow, Mark 25 Stone, Amy 10 Stone, Lynn 1 Stone, Ronald 24 Stone, Sandra 3 Stone, Timothy 18 Storey, Jack 28 Stork, Michael 15 Stout, Patricia 40 Stovack, Judy 40 Stover, George 14 Stow, Robert 30 Stoy, Karen 9 Straight, Cynthia 23 Straley, Roberta 2 Strandhagen, Gretchen 8 Strevel, David 46 Striemer, Katherine 40 Stromberg, Wallis 32 Strong, Marsha 41 Strong, Richard 46 Stropkai, James 25 Strosser, Bruce 7 Stuart, Amelia 2 Stuart, Sharron 2 Stubbins, Sara 17 Sturman, Ilene 22 Stutsman, Nancy 17 Sugarman, Alan 30 Suggins, Elwood 45 Sukenic, Alyce 42 Sullivan, Brain 25 Summerell, William 7 Summerhays, Margaret 8 Summerhays, Susan 36 Summers, Sherry 11 Surath, Donald 22 Surpless, Henry 20 Sutherland, Charles 7 Sutler, Patti 45 Suttles, Willard 7 Sutyak, Janet 5 Swan, Janis 36 Swan, Patricia 16 Swan, Susan 36 Swaney, Warren 34 Swanson, Charles 2 Swanson, Erica 6 Swartz, Daniel 32 Swayze, Linda 37 Swayze, Suzanne 39 Sweeney, Donald 1 Sweeps, Marsha 42 Sweet, Stephen 33 Sweitzer, Sharalyn 11 Swift, Jerry 28 Swindlehurst, Gary 14 Swirvn, Steven 29 Swisher, Samuel 24 Sykes, Terry 17 Sykes, Virginia 10 Syme, Daniel 29 Synhorst, John 14 Sypitkowski, Diane 1, 40 Syria, Keith 38 Szabo, Michael 13 Szadv, Cynthia 15, 43 Szatkowski, Lawrence 5 Szczechowski, James 27 Szymanski, Kenneth 3 Szvmke, Thomas 31 Tabak, Barbara 3 Taber, Deborah 12 Taglauer, Thomas 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39 Thompson, Robert 7 Thompson, Ronald 16 Thorpe, Nancy 35 Thorpe, Pamela 37 Thorson, David 46 Thraen, Pamela 1 Thumm, Margaret 15 Thurber, Nancy 43 Thurmaier, Cecelia 37 Thurman, Sandra 42 Tien, Jayne 41 Tilley, Thomas 14 Tily, Constance 9 Timmer, William 32 Titman, Roberta 36 Tobacco, Janice 35 Tobias, Charles 25 Todd, Robert 11 Toeller, David 18 Tofteland, Michael 13 Tokar, Alan 31 Toll, Carol 37 Tollefson, Thomas 46 Tominac, Pamela 15 Tompkins, Charles 7 Tompkins, Christopher 18 Toot, Lawrence 31, 35 Tootle, Cynthia 39 Toplift, John 24 Torreano, Marie 42 Tosh, Ron 33 Touma, Michael 38 Tower, Jennifer 34 Towle, Daniel 46 Towle, Jeffrey 14 Towner, Jo Ann 43 Townsend, Janice 12 Townsend, Starr 41 Traback, Harry 7 Treadwell, Donald 30 Trebesch, Gail 43 Trefz, Bruce 31 Trese, Michael 25 Trimby, Phyllis I Trinacty, Frank 28 Troup, David 31 Trubey, Cornelia 23 Trupiano, Martin 28 Tsang, Nora 36 Tseretopoulos, Costa 45 Tubergen, Laverne 19 Tucker, Joan 3 Tuenge, Teena 35 Toft, Thomas 29 Tull, Nancy 16 Tulpan, Marlee 43 Tuma, Elizabeth 35 Tunison, Helen 37 Turis, Cathleen 43 Turner, James 45 Turner, Susan 17, 36 Tutor, Gerald 18 Tuttle, Carolyn 42 Tuttle, Lyn 16 Tuttle, Mary 40 Tuttle, Richard 14 Twiggs, John 14 Twiggs, Leo 14 Tyler, John 7 Uday, Earl 30 Ue, Noriko 23 Uhring, Frank 20 Uitti, Patricia 34 Uken, Ronald 19 Underwood, Dick 28 Upshaw, Bill 19 Upson, Ruth Anne 17 Upton, Tish 17 Valassis, Sheryl 8 Valentino, Anthony 28 Valerio, Joseph 19 Vallin, Richard 18 Valvanis, Demetra 44 Van Antwerp, Shirley 9 Van Bemmelen, Robert 46 Van Briston, Christi 1 Van Buren, Linda 4, 35 Van Camp, Mary Ellen 44 Van Dalson, John 25 Van De Moortel, Celia 32 Van De Walker, Peter 20 Van Dis, Cynthia 5 Van Duine, Bruce 32 Van Dyk, Virginia 16 Van Dyke, Marsha 43 Van Genderen, Gary 34 Van Gorp, Gary 31 Van Hamm, Kendra 11 Van Hamm, Krista 11 Van Hellemont, Robert 32 Van Hoven, Kathie 37 Van Ittersum, Bette 37 Van Kampen, Chris 1 1 Van Landschoot, John 29 Van Loo, James 19 Van Loo, Martha 27 Van Loo, William 19 Van Looy, Barbara 9 Van Meter, Johanna 42 Van Syoc, Pamela 15 Van Vlack, Laura 37 Van Wyke, Gerald 19 Vanden Bosch, James 19 Vanden Broek, Chris 21 Vander Kaay, Sharon 36 Vander Klay, Allen 19 Vander Ploeg, Claude 19 Vander Poppen, Jan 40 Vander Vliet, David 19 Vander Voort, Gary 7 Vander Weele, Carol 36 Vandervelde, Charles 9 Vanderwerp, Joan 1 Vanderwerp, Maryann 1 Vanicelli, Terrence 32 Varnum, John 7 Vasko, Michael 41 Vaughan, Mary 6 Veach, George 15 Veitch, Dennis 20 Ver Lee, Thomas 32 Vernarelli, Michael 23, 38 Veve, Michael 35 Vick, Carol 44 Vidmer, Righard 21 Vierling, Judith 4 Viger, Mary 10 Vinocur, Charles 3 Visnaw, John 38 Vivirski, Marcia 35 Vlisides, Peter 18 Vogel, William 45 Volkers, Kenneth 19 Vollbracht, Robert 31 Vollmer, Sue 2 Von Luhrte, Richard 18 Von Reichbauer, Bill 9 Von Reis, Charles 8 Von Renner, Lonnie 14 Von Rosen, Frederic 31 Vorhees, Linda 44 Vreeland, Robert 31 Waage, Rodney 9 Wade, Judith 6 Wagman, Elizabeth 23 Wagner, Alan 46 Wagner, Julianne 42 Wagner, Karen 8 Wagner, Martha 6 Wahtera, Kim 14 Wainer, Mark 25 Wainess, Paul 46 Wake, Patricia 9 Walchak, Elaina 43 Walcott, John 28 Walden, Georgia 4 Waldman, Arthur 45 Waldman, Barbara 3 Waldron, Lynn 39 Walen, Pamela 35 Walerow, Thomas 34 Walker, J. 8 Walker, Jack 14 Walker, James 14 Wall, Ellen 6 Wallace, Carol 39 Wallace, Majorie 4 Wallace, Nancy 42 Wallace, Patricia 37 Wallack, Cynthia 45 Walsh, Catherine 44 Walsh, lean 10, 35 Walsh, Karen 43 Walter, Betty 9, 35 Walter, James 14 Walter, Paul 41 Walter, Timothy 31 Walton, James 28 Walton, Kent 18 Wanda, Kandis 39 Wanetick, Fay 43 Wang, Cynthia 43 Wangelin, James 21 Wank, James 9 Waram, Beverly 17 Ward, Carl 16 Ward, Susan 36 Ward, Timothy 45 Wardwell, Betsy 44 Wardwell, Sandra 44 Warmuth, Donald 32 Warner, Barbara 36 Warner, Carol 12 Warner, Donald 25 Warner, Ellen 35 Warner, Ian 22 Warner, Susan 39 Warner, William 27 Warnke, Jane 11 Warnock, Ellen 35 Warren, Cheryl 35 Warren, Deanne 44 Warren, Jack 18 Warshaw, Howard 25 Warshaw, Mark 14 Warson, Billie 5 Waryas, Paul 11 Wasama, Douglas 33 Wascher, William 46 Washington, Linda 42 Waterman, William 8 Waters, Eleanor 8 Waterson, Jane 11 Watia, Kristine 35 Watkins, Carl 25 Watling, Sallie 10 Watrous, Alice 9 Watts, Marcia 36 Watts, Michael 31 Waxman, Julie 3 Waxman, William 25 Wearley, Christine 36 Weaver. Rachel 35 Webb, Katherine 9 Webb, Kenneth 5 Webber, Catherine 23 Weber, John 29 Webster, Carol 16 Wechsler, Richard 29 Wechsler, Steven 3 Weckler, Harold 24 Weed, Bob 15 Weed, Robert 7 Weeks, Gordon 18 Weighous, Tony 28 Weil, Mary 37 Weiland, Henry 25 Weiler, David 33 Weimert, Virginia 9 Weinblatt, Howard 29 Weiner, Holly 3 Weiner, Linda 3 Weinstein, Joyce 6 Weinstein, Robert 33 Weinstein, Susan 3 Weintraub, Gary 22 Weir, Patricia 43 Weisberger, Stuart 45 Weisburg, Wendy 13 Weiser, Ronald 29 Weisman, Avrom 38 Weiss, Linda 6 Weissmann, Marilyn 39 Weiswasser, Nancy 37 Weitzenkorn, Lee 44 Welber, Joel 30 Welber, Lois 22 Welch, Montgomery 14 Weldon, Barry 25 Welkom, Stephen 33 Weiler, Mary 5 Weiler, Wendy 23 Wells, Barbara 27 Wells, Judith 42 Wells, Martha 11 Welsh, James 35 Weltman, Carol 45 Welty, Harriet 37 Wengren, Lawrence 46 Wengroff, Michael 3 Wening, Linda 42 Wentz, Wayne 7 Werner, Frances 9 Werner, Thea 35 Wesolek, Mary 34 West, Herman 38 West, Willie 16 Westacott, Jane 43 Westbrook, Robert 13 Westbrook, Terry 14 Westie, John 24 Weston, Laurie 42 Westover, Bruce 10 Westover, Frederick 10 Wetzel, Martha 15 Weurding, Sandra 45 Weyhing, Robert 14 Whateley, Pamela 39 Wheeler, Regina 35 Whetstone, Joel 14 Whip, John 15 Whipple, Kenneth 13 Whitcomb, Andrea 45 White, Betty 1 White, Charles 7 White, Dana 17 White, David 45 White, Deborah 37 White, Harvey 38 White, Howard 25 White, Larry 28 White, Marsha 13 White, Pamela 8 White, Thomas 14 White, William 31 Whitefield, Sheri 22 Whitehead, Catherine 4 Whitford, Kathryn 35 Whitwell, Richard 45 Wiant, Susan 16 Wickham, Janet 36 Wicks, Jeffrey 14 Wicks, Keith 27 Widerkehr, Laurel 35 Wiechman, Harold 8 Wiegerink, James 19 Wieland, Jeffrey 29 Wierman, Marilyn 2, 39 Wiese, Mary 15 Wilcox, Judith 36 Wilcox, Raymond 31 Wilder, Linda 43 Wilder, Robert 2 Wiles, Phyllis 35 Wiley, Jay 9 Wilhelmsen, Norman 8 Wilhite, Clayton 21 Wilk, Frank 30 Wilkinson, Linda 40 Willard, David 46 Willett, Gordon 10 Williams, Cecelia 36 Williams, Cheryl 42 Williams, Claire 41 Williams, Donald 45 Williams, Donna 11 Williams, James 18 Williams, Jane 45 Williams, John 14 Williams, Julie 40 Williams, Kathie 35 Williams, Kenneth 14 Williams, Kim 35 Williams, Larry 18 Williams, Louise 23 Williams, Sandra 43 Williams, Thomas 26 Williamson, Ruth 8 Willis, James 14 Willis, John 46 Willis, Susan 36 Wilmoth, Richard 1 Wilner, Gwendolyn 35 Wilner, Ruth 26 Wilson, Ba rbara 36 Wilson, Beverly 40 Wilson, Bruce 5 Wilson, Charles 30 Wilson, Edward 1 Wilson, Jacqulyn 36 Wilson, Jane 11 Wilson, Katherine 1 Wilson, Sharla 17 Wilson, Shelia 17 Wilton, Cheryl 1 Wiltse, Sharon 45 Winberg, Carl 38 Wind, Janet 11 Windeler, Susan 37 Winder, Margery 10 Windle, Timothy 8 Winegarden, Ellyn 10 Winer, Harry 33 Wingfield, Joseph 20 Winick, Ruth 37 Winkelhaus, Susan 10 Winkelman, Susan 43 Winkley, Alan 26 Winn, Del 19 Winnicki, Walter 8 Winokur, Henry 46 Winshall, Robert 25 Winter, Paul 21 Winter, Robert 2 Winter, Stewart 29 Winter, Susan 34, 35 Wirgau, Naida 27, 36 Wirth, Bonita 35 Wirth, Catherine 43 Wirth, Wendy 42 Wise, Randolph 46 Wiseman, James 30 Wisniewski, Dean 7 Wistert, Diana 10 Witherspoon, William 16 Withey, Nancy 42 Witner, David 32 Witkowski, Wayne 21 Witt, Cheryl 9 Wittenburg, Diane 2 Witters, Wellington 13 Wittie, Robert 20 Wittkopp, Daniel 29 Wittkopp, Richard 41 Wocholski, Clarice 4 Wohl, Jean 42 Wohl, Marc 46 Wojciechowski, Mark 38 Wolberg, Sheldon 11 Wolcott, Mark 2 Wolf, Andrea 45 Wolf, James 22 Wolf, Janice 8 Wolf, Peter 38 Wolfe, Edwin 28 Wolfe, Susan 8 Wolff, Betsy 37 Wolff, William 20 Wolfson, James 25 Woller, James 29 Woltersom, Richard 19 Wonderley, Anthony 12 Woo, Kim 42 Wood, Ann 15 Wood, Elizabeth 12 Wood, Jacquelyn 27 Wood, James 9 Wood, Keith 13 Wood, Mary 4 Wood, Stephen 29 Wood, Tony 7 Wood, Wendy 5 Woohams, Jane 11, 40 Woodison, Scott 31 Woodruff, Mary E. 37 Woodruff, Mary L. 43 Woods, Lawrence 31 Woods, William 9 Woodsum, Glenn 14 Woodward, Carol 17 Wood worth, William 41 Woolfe, Lorin 32 Woolley, Laura 39 Worgess, Kathryn 45 Worman, Jeffrey 19 Wormser, Gordon 41 Worsham, Rick 19 Wozniak, Douglas 18 Wright, Blandin 24 Wright, David 2 Wright, Ian 46 Wright, James 7 Wright, Richard 38 Wright, Robert 14 Wrobel, Barbara 2 Wurzbach, James 12 Wyatt, Allan 20 Wyatt, Christopher 30 Wyble, Nancy 17 Wyman, Michael 20 Wyss, Becky 11 Yablonky, John 14 Yager, Carol 42 Yagoda, Sheryl 45 Yahne, Carol 43 Yantis, John 19 Yanz. Richard 26 Yaquinto, Maria 37 Yates, Vivian 4 Yavorcik, Eileen 1 Yax, Gerald 10 Yee, Dan 45 Yee, Dick 45 Yeh, Jinnie 37 Yellin, Cynthia 43 Yendall, Betty 27 Yenner, William 31 Yenni, Dorothy 37 Yin, George 45 Yingling, George 30 Yoffee, Murray 24 Youhass, Deborah 15 Youmans, Alice 37 Young, Gracemary 39 Young, Kathleen 43 Young, Robert 14 Young, Robin 11 Young, Rodger 31 Young, Suzanne 10 Youngren, Dean 38 Yujuico, Bonita 6 Zagrzejewski, Andre 38 Zahm, Robert 31 Zahnow, Lee 37 Zajackowski, Andrew 30 Zak, Barbara 26 Zaleski, Elaine 1 Zaleski, Michael 13 Zander, Judith 12 Zandolli, Nancy 9, 40 Zapp, George 34 Zawacki, Barbara 5, 39 Zdon, Steven 13 Zdrodowski, Sharon 23 Zechman, Neil 38 Zeff, Ellen 26 Zeisler, Dennis 3 Zell, Samuel 33 Zemens, Kathryn 37 Zerby, Christine 39 Zich, Jone 40 Zientek, Stanley 7 Zieren, Gregory 41 Zimberg, Margo 42 Zimbler, Harvey 22 Zimmer, Charleen 4 Zimmer, David 8 Zimmerman, Mary 27 Zinger, George 3 Zinn, Thomas 35 itomer, Michael 3 Zoekower, Susan 43 Zoldan, Karen 36 Zolla, Donald 25 Zorn, Robert 3 Zube, Diane 41 Zucker, Constance 3 Zuckerman, Kenneth 24 Zuckerman, Susan 41 Zugich, Nancy 9 Zulauf, Jay 20 Zylstra, Uko 19 Bruce Anderson Editor-in-Chief Richard Metzger Business Manager Daniel Reitman Alumni Sales Manager Lynn Tar Academics Editor Carol Breda Sales Manager Susan Bradford Contracts Manager Peggy Hensley Associate Sales Manager George Junne Photo Editor Jan McCall Historical Editor Joanne Martindale Design Editor Anne Marie Ellsworth Copy Editor Chris Meyers Campus Life Editor Jane Margolis Arts Editor Bruce Friedman Sports Editor Kitty Johnson Associate Campus Life Editor Susan Schultz Associate Arts Editor Robert Albertson Organizations Editor Susan Schilt Associate Historical Editor James Gerwin Associate Sports Editor Marilyn Wizer Associate Organizations Editor Harold Oseff Personnel Director Michael Watts Supplement Manager Frank Wing Darkroom Technician Anne Marie Eding Senior Section Editor Chrystie King Associate Supplement Manager Assistants Jim L Sovage Ann Haviland Fran Sokowicz Andrea Leonard Roxanne Anfang Rik Kohn Kathy Forsythe Anna Sophocles Acknowledgements Historical Photo Credits Alpha Gamma Delta: 87 Ann Arbor News: 72-73 Athletic Publicity Department, Mrs. Jean Etter: 154-55 Delta Upsilon: 18-19 Michigan Alumnus: 2-3, 6-7, 12-13, 14-15, 26-27, 28-29, 30-31, 76-77, 78-79, 98-99, 104-05, 106-07, 112-13, 116-17, 118-9, 128, 132-33, 134-35, 136-37, 138-39, 140-41, 142-43, 144-45, 146-47, 160 Michigan Daily: 22-23, 65, 74-75, 80-81 Michigan Historical Collections: 1, 4-5, 16-17, 20-21, 24-25, 32-33, 34-35, 36-37, 38-39, 40-41, 42-43, 44.45, 46-47, 48-49, 53, 56, 58-59, 60-61, 62-63, 64-65, 84-85, 88-89, 90, 92-93, 124-25, 129, 130-31, 148-49, 150-51, 156-57, 158-59 Coach William Murphy: 152-53 Panhellenic Association: 8-9 School of Business Administration: 50-51 Warren Staebler: 10-11 University Activities Center: 122-23 University Musical Society: 100-01, 108-09, 110-11, 114-15 University News Service: 52-53, 54-55, 68-69, 94-95 WCBN: 70-71 Women ' s Athletic Association: 66-67 Research Sources F. 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Peckham, The Making of the University of Michigan Edwin Pope, Football ' s Greatest Coaches Gail Rector, University Musical Society Harold Richardson, Alpha Phi Omega Earl Riskey, Director of Physical Education lor Men Kent Sagendorph, Michigan: The Story of the University Gary Schaub, Professional Theatre Program Wilfred Shaw, The University of Michigan Richard Sleet, Tutorial Project H. Dan Spaulding, WCBN Warren Staebler Sam Sturgis University News Service University Players Suzanne Vogt, Michigan Alumnus John Ward In covering Michigan, 1817-1967, we took on a task that at times seemed impossible. Though the year of the Sesquicentennial has pervaded and at times saturated every University organization and activity, we have tried to view the University experience in 1967 with the invaluable addition of historical contrast. We have attempted to be accurate and original, yet we realize that many others before us have written excellent and thorough histories of the University. We have attempted to be humorous, yet we realize that humor is primarily a rhetorical device. We have attempted to be brief, yet we realize that 4,000 words is hardly adequate for 150 years of Academics, Arts, Organizations, or Sports at Michigan. While we have furiously been searching for facts, anecdotes, and pictures to document the University ' s heritage, we have tried not to lose sight of the fact that the Michiganensian has a part in creating history as well as in reporting it. Our thanks to those who have helped us with this book: Michael Bennett, Mark Laschever, Richard Katz, Kenneth Bean, Lanny Austin, Don Horwitz, Alan Kaplan, Tom Copi, Richard Sies, Photograph- ers; George Junne, Photo Editor; Frank Wing, Darkroom Technician; Mr. Leland Williams, Benson Printing Company; Mr. John F. Taylor, Shelby-Craftco Corporation; Mr. James T. Colonna, Colonna Studios, Inc.; Mr. William . 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Walter Thompson Company; Mr. Frank Ronan, Edsel Ford High School; Mr. Maurice Rinkel, Auditor of Student Organizations and Secretary to the Board in Control of Student Publications. Bruce Anderson for the Staff MICHIGANENSIAN 1967 mSist. MBBfl mm .- ' i ' ._

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