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Anne Marie Ellsworth 214 North Thayer Penthouse A Ann Arbor, Mich. 48103 The growth of the Intellect Is spontaneous In every expansion. RALPH WALDO EMERSON " Well, given time, we all catch up with legends, more or less. " Stumbling into the first furnaced rooms, the blind giant Orion found merely a white-collared Bethlehem supervisor, midwife of armored plates, and steel foils, who efficiently shuttled him out. Most were relieved when the lunk, having trampled innumerable huts and the natives therein, plunged several miles into an earth crack, rumbling into other furnaced rooms. There, President Vulcan (of quite a different operation) took pity, elevatored him up through shafts in indifferent rocks, to the top of the mountain. Where, facing the sun, his sight was restored. TED HALL Instead of hastening to place books, and books alone, in the hands of children, let them be made acquainted, step by step, with things with the actual circumstances of human life. And above all let care be taken to bring them to a clean and objective view of the world as it is, to educate them a ways to derive their Ideas directly from real life, and to shape them in conformity with It not to fetch them from other sources- then to apply them ready-made to real life. SCHOPENHAUER For I would travel from the mind And move beyond the. intellect And search and search until I find Identity clear in total act, Then learn how landscape is combined With images we mint and m ake From the mind ' s fret and the bones ' ache. ELIZABETH JENNINGS As in a running river we behold How one wave after the other still is rolled, And all along as it doth endless rise, The one the other follows, the one from the other flies. By this wave, that is driven; and this again, By the other is set forward all amain: Water in Water still, one river still. Yet diverse Waters still that river fill. MONTAIGNE N once under a tree I looked up and saw a one-winged seed spinning anxiously to places in the sod to new life ... once IN., V in a cornfield I looked down and saw a puddle there waiting anxiously for sun to melt old ice for new life once by a lost brook I looked across and saw tender buds rising anxiously on young breasts excited at new life and I clutched at the soil so damp with the morning and planted my roots there and exulted and laughed at the germination of new life MIKE GALLE v k H Human beings and human societies are not structures that are built or machines that are forged. They are plants that grow and must be tended as such. WINSTON CHURCHILL The soul walks not upon a line, neither does it grow like a reed. The soul unfolds itself, like a loius of countless petals. KAHILIL GIBRAN It is easy to become Identified with one ' s vocational function. When one does, he has no higher value than his services will bring on the market. One needs, first of all, to be a man. SOUTHWESTERN AT MEMPHIS PUBLICATION There is no happiness, The old man said, Except in understanding things, he said. I DONALD HALL ] That every man is seen so resolute and satisfied, and thinks himself sufficiently instructed or skillful, doth plainly signify that no man understands anything, as Socrates teacheth Euthydemus. MONTAIGNE The only opinions that are valid come from people who are not parochial but touch life in many places, know many fields, have wide Interests and manage somehow to retain a freshness of impression. BROOKS ATKINSON ' Illlllll To spend too much time in studies is Sloth; to use them too much for Ornament is Affectation; to make Judgement wholly by their rules is the Humor of a Scholler. FRANCIS BACON LCM michigan daily LIKE LOTS OF NE READ TMF michiganensian hrft. 50 SENIOR ICTU avery and jule hopwood awards in creative writing hopwood room generation mich ' ujan technic IMG technic gargoyle board in control of student publications sunbathers v SI ' . . TTDITI MOtKMTOII KM T tm ot us uina MUOIT met rim iniicuc iu n IB OILUK. miUlU TO HICIIS U STIIO. ttULrn COM. IMS 1MUT A l! m Ml OU-lil . UU. 31 J 74I--J50J. MBMI WMMSBM KtSTOSI .on IK wiei .tm 7 1-09, Mil UK . ncmnr, I IHETMs--ncui inKTMitrniM -c--, io, WTBt i nert rift eenm ri miiurr sruias nruume rtmtiai ofn.irr a rumwn unn un niTicizm t- reuer n Tier MM. UUTT CCC.LBT. (HI) ? -J)W. Pk KTMIT oft MUS DIREC wcbn student government council university activities center j a ' soph show musket . l homecoming BANCE OHM I TIE MR FI5HIR JMR BRUSHOUSf I I WK winter weekend w m club michifish alpha phi omega tutorial project cinema guild writer-in-residence committee LOUIS LOMAX ll.omuN ( ;inrcl- I ' laiim-il l i il r-ln-|{ i(lcnc( - honoraries SCROLL Annabel Adams Sally Bridges Susan Brown Elizabeth Cooper Karen Emens Francetta Estes Susan Fuchs Polly Furniss Marty Haughey Laurie Hellerman Virginia Heyl Gail Howes Dean Mel. arts Barbara Nepstead Virginia Pudschun (Catherine Schaeffer Elizabeth Herndon Rupp Sally VanCampen Jacqueline Wagner SENIOR SOCIETY Fran Arkis Maria Bahas Gail Blumberg Marlcne Brooks Lori Camacho Marcia Eiduson Jackie Graves Nancy Frietag Lois Karen Melinda Kilborn Kathy Kondas Jackie Lupovich Karen Margolis Barbara Nissman Pal Murray Cynthia Parry Sandralyn Smith Barbara Slapp Susan Stillman Karen Wright MORTAR BOARD Lauren Bahr Ellen Benntee Mary Beth Braden Eleanor Holt Dase Pam E rick son Laura Fitch Lee Fitch Emily Godshalook Nancy Heiber Wendy Kahn Judy Klein Sherry Pastor Marjorie Randon Cece Smith Pam Swart Jane Wurman CIRCLE Celeste Arjay Frances Arkis Alison Atherton Georgia Berland Margaret Burton Dorothy Ciuffetelli Elaine Davis Nancy Fleishman Wendy Gilbert Dianne J. Gustafon Jean Kellogg Melinda Kilborn Sara Ann Kochin Dianne Kremkow Kathyrn Latta Gail Levin Klaren McKusich Suzanne Naiburg Sharon Nash Cynthia Parry Carol Perkins Carol Rappaport Barbara Taylor Mary Thachner Maxine Vandenboss Christine Willbrandt Naomi Zwecher WYVERN June Baghdade Georgia Berland Lynn Dolgin Vivian Breitel Adel Goldberg Nancy Grossman Gaynelle Groth Carla Koziol Rona Magy Sue Mathews Patricia McCarty Sue Naiburg Patti Parker Jan Rokocy Liz Roth man Pat Scott Alison Smalley Barbara Taylor Susan Waterfall TRIANGLES Arthur Bacsslcr Robert Bodkin David Fisher Charles Fuller Lawrence Halvorsen Robert Miclke Darrell Milburn Jerry Stewart Christian Brock Richard Van House Kenneth Williams Robert Zeislofl SPHINX Bruce Anderson Robert Barclay Harold Bloch Clifford Chilvers James Detwiler C raig Dill Andrew Falender Robert Fchrs George Gitzendanner William Groft Jack Harvey James Kamman Dean Lucier John Meredith Thomas Pointer Leonard Pratt Robert Pryor Robert Reed Carl Robie William Seipp Paul Scheerer Richard Schryer Charles Vetzner Richard Vidmer Richard Volk Daniel Walter Carl Ward John Ward Jay Zulauf MICHIGAMUA Marian Bloomer George Canamare Thomas Cecchini L. Charles Cooper Gary Cunningham Oliver Darden James Evashevski William Farley Robert Gilhooley Karl Hedrick Michael Holmes Richard Hoppe William Johanneson Robert Johnston William Keating Lawrence Kirshbaum James Kropf Kelley Rea Cazzie Russell Richard Wells Thomas Weinburg Cyrus Wellman Mel Wakabayaski William Yearby DRUIDS Bruce Brown John Callen Pierre DeChaine Burrs Dchlin Ned Duke John Evans WallyGabler MikeGalle Danny Glickman Ted Henderson JcffHoyne Cal Jenkins Tino Lambros Barry MacDonald Chris Mansfield Bill Newton Rees ()il.iml Doric Reid John Rowser Chan Simonds Jim Swift Rick Sygar Bob Tepper John Thompson VULCANS Brian Beals Douglas Boven Lauren Bowler Fred Coon Stephen Ellis William Hall Carl Hedrick Michael Henderson Alex Hood George Johnson Karl Legatski Thomas Mack Gerald Mader Richard Hunt James Myers John Pasch Lanlz Reppert David Sandborn Thomas Steding development council concert The Mitchell Trio activities awards Barry Bluestone Charles Cooper Pamela Erickson Laura Fitch Robert Johnston A mind uncluttered by useful knowledge is capable of contentment and even happiness. A. A. MILNE In a huge University, athletics seems to unite the population as a war does to the entire society. Fortunately, athletics provides the opportunity for individual growth of the participant as well as providing a beneficial effect on all those it reaches. TOM WEINBERG Football develops the team members ' individual personalities, and I feel that this function of the sport alone justifies its existence. HAZEL LOSH People in academic areas should change their holier-than-thou attitude when discussing athletics. The " anti " individuals should realize that varsity competition has a place and it is important to live with the program in a healthy manner. JAMES H. ROBERTSON Sygar, Vidmer, Bailey, Fisher open attack. Michigan .... 31 North Carolina 24 Michigan .... 10 California 7 Jack Clancy Pullen, Ruzicka, and Hardy in pursuit For Bi " Keating and Jim Detwiler . . . a short season. Michigan . . 7 Georgia 15 Michigan ... 7 Michigan State 24 Michigan . ... 15 Purdue 17 Michigan .... 13 Minnesota 14 Carl Ward Fisher blocking for quarterback Gabler. Steve Smith Gabler sights Carl Ward. Pass defenders Sygar and Volk Tackle Tom Mack Dennis Morgan (34) forces OSU fumble Cecchini, Sygar, Nunley, Bass Dave Fisher Mike Bass Michigan Michigan Michigan . Michigan 50 Wisconsin 14 23 Illinois . 3 . 22 Northwestern 34 7 Ohio State 9 Coach Elliott Bill Yearby Cazzie Russell 1965 SCORES MICHIGAN OPPONENT 89 Illinois 83 90 Northwestern 68 103 Purdue ... 84 103 Michigan State 98 98 Purdue 81 81 Iowa 66 98.. Michigan State 83 96 Indiana 95 100 Ohio State 61 91.. Minnesota 78 80 Illinois 79 98 Wisconsin 75 88 Minnesota 85 85 Ohio State 93 98 Dayton 71 87 Vanderbilt 85 93 Princeton 76 80 UCLA 91 Big Ten ' s Most Valuable Player Forward Oliver Darden Darden and Craig Dill Guard Dennis Bankey Forward Dan Brown Cazzic Russell. Lou Hudson Center Jim Myers 1965-66 SCORES MICHIGAN OPPONENTS 7 1 Tennessee .63 108 Bowling Green 70 107 Ball Slate 70 94 Wichita 100 % San Francisco 78 93 Duke 100 64 Butler 79 87 Arizona State 89 83 Air Force 74 93 Washington State 81 83 Ohio State 78 88. Indiana 68 93 Northwestern 86 97 Minnesota 85 69 Wisconsin 67 93 Illinois 99 93. . Indiana 76 Coaches Jim Skala and Dave Strack - I Guard John Thompson High-scoring Forward John Clawson Ned Duke Art Baessler Ned Duke Chip Fuller Cliff Chilvers Olympic medalist Carl Robie Rich Walls. Tom O ' Malley. and Paul Scheerer Bruce Brown Bill Farley. Big Ten Champ in three events Mike Marttila Dean Lucier and Ron Ullyot 1 Captain and leading scorer Mel Wakabayashi MICHIGAN OPPONENT MICHIGAN OPPOMNT Western Ontario I 6 ... 2 Western Ontario 4 5 ... 9.. Waterloo Lutheran 2 3. 1 Waterloo Lutheran 2 4 10 McMaster ... 3 10 10 McMaster 4 4 2 Denver 64 5 Denver 2 3 2 Boston University 7 3. . . 6 Michigan Tech 7 Northeastern 2 M innesota 4 Minnesota I Colorado College 2 Colorado College 4 North Dakota 6 North Dakota 7 Michigan Tech 2 Michigan Tech .... I MICHIGAN OPPONENT 32 Iowa 19 Indiana 8 23 Northwestern 10 8 Minnesota 18 32. .: Purdue 30 Illinois 28 Pittsburgh 3 Dave Porter Bill Waterman Bob Fehrs Big Ten Champ Kent Bernard chasing Marion Hoey. Bob Densham George Canamare, Big Ten Champion. Big Ten Sprint Champ Doric Reid. MICHIGAN OPPONENTS 6 Arizona State 3 2 Arizona State 5 3 . . Arizona State 11 Arizona 8 Arizona 12 Arizona 8 Grand Canyon 3 Grand Canyon 6 8 Western Michigan 2 8 . . Wisconsin . 5 4 2 11 6 10 5 2 Northwestern 3 Northwestern 1 Eastern Michigan Notre Dame 5 Purdue 6 Illinois 1 Illinois . Rick Sygar MICHIGAN OPPONENTS 5 Notre Dame 4 2 W. Michigan 8 1 Minnesota 4 Iowa 3 1 Iowa 2 4 Central Mich 3 13 Central Mich 2 3 . . Mich. State . . 6 MICHIGAN OPPONENTS 6 Mich. State 1 4 Mich. State 5 5 Bowling Green 3 6 Detroit 1 10 Detroit 12 3 Ohio State 4 7 Indiana 11 7 . . Indiana 4 Won 19, Lost 14; Second Place, Big Ten. Bob Reed Bob Gilhooley MICHIGAN OPPONENT 9 Minnesota 9 Purdue 7 Western Michigan 2 9 Iowa 6 Notre Dame 3 3 Northwestern 6 8 Wisconsin 1 8 Michigan State ... .1 9 Illinois 5 Indiana 4 9 Ohio State Big Ten Champions Bill Dixon Karl Hedrick, 1966 Michigan Captain K Ed Waits Ron Burns Big Ten Medalist Bill Newton and Pete Passink EVENT MICHIGAN Miami Invitational Meet Sixth Southern Intercollegiate Meet Tied for Tenth Hexagonal Meet vs. Michigan State, Purdue, Notre Dame, Indiana, Ohio State Fifth Dual Meet vs. Michigan State Won, 530 557 Big Ten Meet Second ' T v ' X if; S - 1: ' $ 1 ,, t . .... Chuck West % ? a s ' ' fc ' M l M k? Bob Barclay Have you ever stopped to think that you may be out of proportion? FRANK LLOYD WRIGHT A box is more of a coffin for the human spirit than an inspiration. FRANK LLOYD WRIGHT dorms co-ed housing iqc assembly quads JU1 L- JJ1 JI - - i .1 i i Ji V co-ops apartments married sororities pan Hellenic RUSH REGISTRATION VMM ENGIN ARCH UNION STEPS WATOMAN SEPT 7-13-9AM-4PM ifc fraternities ifc sing Why plant more Oxford gothic on the plains of Oklahoma? Let us mimic no more. FRANK LLOYD WRIGHT I have to say that half my power of ascertaining facts of any kind connected with the arts, is in my stern habit of doing the thing with my own hands till I know its difficulty; and though I have no time, nor wish to acquire showy skill in anything, I make myself clear as to what the skill means, and is. JOHN RUSKIN An interest in the arts develops a sensitivity of the soul. GAIL W. RECTOR I Marian Anderson 5; The Serendipity Singers The Kingston Trio ' You Can ' t Take It With You ' professional theater program " The Wild Duck ' " Herakles " New Play, 1965. " An Evening ' s Frost " " Tiny Alice " " The Trojan Women ' Gilbert and Sullivan Modern Dance Student Lab Theatre playbill Kwansei Gakuin Glee Club Musicale Lohengrin glee club University Symphony Orchestra University Symphony Band University Choir Choral Union may festival Rudolph Serkin Anshel Brusilow and Joseph de Pasquale. Sviatoslav Richter Oeomard Rose and Concertmaster Brusilow. university musical society Poznan Choir Vaclav Neumann, Czech Philarmonic Jean Martinon, Chicago Symphony Orchestra George Szell, Cleveland Orchestra Eugene Ormandy, The Philadelphia Orchestra Grand Ballet Classique de France " Barber of Seville " V I Moscow Philharmonic New York Pro Musica Creative Arts Festival " Once " Concert Art Fair lecturers protest Knowledge is a whole, no matter how much it may be divided up into departments and disciplines. Every economist knows that specialization without trade is absurd, and the same goes In the intellectual life. Unless there is exchange of information among specialists, the body of knowledge breaks up into non-communicating pieces, and its growth is impaired. KENNETH E. BOULDINQ .6 A. _ -ss I The hard task of education is to liberate and strengthen a youth ' s initiative, and at the same time to see to it that he knows what is necessary to cope with the ongoing activities and culture of society, so that his initiative can be relevant. PAUL GOODMAN To be intimately concerned with only one area of one profession is to limit oneself to one ' s own and everyone else ' s misfortune. Communication becomes difficult in a nation of dissimilar experts who know nothing of each other ' s worlds. Alienation is imposed not by fate or technology but by people preoccupied with themselves. BURNEY BENNETT ie ' " ' " The modern educated man is one who is expected to know something of the experience of mankind, of what has been thought and said, of art, music and letters, as well as to be aware of the social problems and society around him. He can hardly become acquainted with all of this by remaining solely in one field. HARLAN HATCHER harlan hatcher i : .5=is= =i I! pElgillpn - . w r.:c-. , . t - - VI ' , il III! il Ifc 3v J III! 9BBB $0 ,:j3i till JiV, i i iii Let the individual know the outside world more and thus know himself better. Let him study other cultures to understand his own more fully. Let him perceive the earth by studying space, order by studying anarchy, real life by studying drama. Let him learn about power and art and nature and history and then perceive man. Let him set himself apart from his specialized field and In this way see it more totally. Let the Individual expand his area of activity with the thought of improving his specialized field rather than sacrificing it. Let him join groups with the thought of developing his individuality rather than losing it. KAREN MARGOLIS Frederick H: Aaron. B.A. in English Robert C. Abbott, B.S.E. in Electrical Engineering S. Lynn Abernathy, B.A. in Education Charles D. Abood. B.A. in Psycholo gy Jacques S. Abrams. B.S.E. in Aerospace Engineering Charles A. Adamek. B.A. in Economics Annabel Adams, B.S. in Chemistry Claire M. Adams. B.B.A. James Adamski. B.B.A. Selena D. Adler. B.A. in History Judith C. Ahronheim. B.A. in Near Eastern Studies Barbara Airmet, B.A. in Speech AnneC. Ailchison. M.Mus. James S. Ake, B.A in Political Science Richard K.Acand, M. B.A. Richard E. Albert. B.A. in Meteorology Stephen R. Alburtus. B.A. in Political Science James B. Alexander. B.B.A. Robert D. Alexander. B.A. in History Ruthanna C. Alexander, B.Mus. Jeannette D. Allen. B.A. in History Bruce M. Allison, B.S. in Design David J.AIlor. B.Arch. Phyllis E. Alpern, M.A. in English Sandra M. Alpert. B.A. in Education Joseph Alphonso, B.S.E. in Industrial Engineering Richard A. Altmansberger, B.S. in Zoology LoisC. Ambash. B.A. in English Andrew D. Amerson, B.A. in History Darryl J. Anderson, B.B.A. Louise R. Anderson, B.A. in Biology Mary E. Anderson. B.A. in History Gordon C. Andringa. B.Arch. Douglas M. Angst, B.A. in Psychology David L. Anthony, B.S.E. in Civil Engineering Robert A. Anthony, D.D.S. Bruce E. Appel, B.A. in English Harry Applebaum, B.A. in Pre-Med. Mary N. Applegate, B.S. in Art Jack B. Arbuthnot, B.A. in Psychology Frances E. Arkis, B.A. in Latin Allan J. Arlow, B.A. in English Barbara G. Arlow, B.A. in English Neil D. Armstrong, B.A. in Mathematics Mark S. ArnkofT, B.A. in History Susan M. Arnkoff, B.A. in English Barbara J. Arnold, B.A. in English Peter G. Arnold, B.A. in English Jeffrey A. Arouh, B.A. in Economics Arlene M. Astbury, B.A. in Education Alison L. Atherton, B.A. in Spanish Lcona D. Atkins, B.A. in French J. Gary Auguston, B.S. in Mathematics Margaret J. Auslander, B.A. in Pre-Social Work Jeanne Y. Austin, B.Mus. Natalie A. Axclrod, B.A. in Speech Correction Fred H. Ayers, B.S. in Cellular Biology Linda B. Azen, B.A. in Education JohnG. Baab. B.B.A. Bryce W. Babcock, B.S.E. in Mechanical Engineering Babcock. B.S.E. in Electrical Engineering Lynn M. Backes, B.S. in Chemistry Thomas A Bachr. B.Mus. Timothy J, Baehr. B.A. in Linguistics Maria I Bahas. B.Mus. Lauren S. Bahr. B.A. in French Elizabeth C. Baker. B.A. in Anthropology Frederic C. Baker. B.A. in Economics James H. Baker. B.A. in English Kathleen A. Baker. B.A. in English Richard E. Baker, B.S. in Chemistry Robert A. Baker, D.D.S. Steven J. Baker. B.A. in Political Science Brian J. Baldwin, B.Arch. Gary M Baldwin. B.Arch. Perry O. Ballard Jr.. B.A. in Advertising and Design Thomas O. Ballard. D.D.S John M. Balog. B.S.E. in Electrical Engineering Dorothy E. Bambach. B.S. in Mathematics Camil Banciv. B.A. in German Louis J. Banciu. B.S.E. in Chemical Engineering Helen A. Bandur. B.A. in Social Studies Sook Bang, Dr. PH. Terry L. Bangs. B.A. in Speech Susan V. Baptie. B.A. in Education Allan A. Bara. B.S. in Education Robert P. Barber. B.Mus. Sara A. Barber, B.S. in Nursing Randy S. Baris, B.A. in Pre- Legal Studies Michael J. Barker. B.A. in Psychology Devereaux Barnes. B.S.E. in Chemical Engineering Barbara A. Barnett. B.A. in English Beverly A. Barnett. B.A. in Political Science Noel M. Baron. B.A. in English Robert Q. Barone. B.S. in Conservation Louise C. Barr, B.A. in Psychology Robert D. Bartels. B.A. in Mathematics Patricia A. Barth, B.A. in History of Art Sharon A. Barllett, B.A. in French Ronald E. Bastian. B.S.E. in Chemical Engineering Beverly L. Baszler, B.S. in Medical Technology Nicholas C. Batch, B.A. in Economics CarlJ. Bauer III. M.B.A David W. Bauer, B.A. in Economics Ronald G. Bauer. M.A. in Political Science William R. Bauer. M.S.E. in Industrial Engineering Carolyn J. Baum, B.S. in Speech Maxine B. Baum. B.A. in English Velta M. Baumanis, B.Arch. John H. Baumert, B.S. in Astronomy Brian L. Beals. B.S.E. in Aerospace Engineering AnneMarie Beauchamp. B.A. in French Victoria J. Beck, B.S. in Mathematics Jerrold L. Becker, B.A. in Political Science Susan L. Becker, B.S. in Mathematics Sydelle B. Becker, B.S. in Biology Larry A. Bedard, B.S. in Zoology ' Carole A. Beers, B.A. in French Janice M. Behling, B.A. in English William T. Beierwaltes, B.S.E. in Electrical Engineering John V. Bender, M.B.A Nancy A. Benisek, B.S. in Nursing Jean C. Benitah, M.S.E. in Electrical Engineering Ellen D. Bennett. B.A. in Political Science Gwendolyn S. Bennett, B.S. in Pharmacy Lee B. Bennett, B.A. in Economics Gary L. Berchenko. B.S. in Zoology Rochelle S. Berg, B.A. in History Michael A. Bergin, B.A. in Psychology Pamela E. Berger, B.A. in English Sheila S. Berger, B.A. in English Margery Berkson. B.A. in Education David M. Berman, B.B.A. Margaret E. Berman. B.A. in Political Science Richard A. Berman. B.B.A Sheri B. Berman, B.S. in Education Sheri L. Berman. B.A. in History Susan N. Berman, B.A. in French Kent B. Bernard, B.A. in Education Joel M. Bernstein, B.A. in Pre- Legal Studies flfc ffl Murray M. Bernstein. B.S.E. in Electrical Engineering Paul Bernstein, B.A. in Zoology Jan C. Berris. B.A. in Far Eastern Studies Jeane E. Berry. B.A. in English Judith I Berry. B.A. in Economics Richard A. Bert, B.S. in Biology Irene R. Besancon. B.A. in Mathematics Judith L. Bezeredi. B.A. in Russian Studies Ashok V. Bhatia, M.S.E. in Industrial Engineering S. R. de Cocquiel Biart, B.Mus. Robert G. Bibbee, M.A. in English Lana L. Bidelman, B.A. in English James A. Bidol, B.A. in Political Science Roslyn J. Bienstock, B.A. in Pre-Social Work Bruce J. Bigelow, B.A. in Political Science William W. Bigler. B.A. in English Joan E. Bikoff. B.Arch. Nancy W. Birch, B.A. in Far Eastern Studies Barbara K. Birshtein. B.S. in Cellular Biology Donald C. BischofT, B.S.E. in Mechanical Engineering Richard C. Bivens, B.S.E. in Industrial Engineering Joan E. Bixby, B.S. in Astronomy Barbara J. Black, B.A. in Spanish Carolyn V. Black, M.A. in Education Margaret L. Black. B.A. in Education Barbara L. Blackfbrd, B.S. in Nursing Charles W. Blackmer, B.Arch. Carol L. Blackmon. B.A. in Education Martha E. Blake, B.S. in Microbiology Mar () Blankenburg. B.A. in Education Richard E. Blanton, B.A. Anthropology Robin J. Blanton. B.A. in English Edmund R. Blaskc. B.A. in Pre- Legal Studies Laura S. Blait. B.A. in Education Judith H. Blattberg, B.A. in English Beverly D. Blazey. B.A. in Psychology Scott A. Blech. B.A. in Political Science Delbert J. Blessinger. B.S. in Design Sidney K. Bliss. B.A. in History Donald N. Blitz. B.S. in Physical Education Carol C. Blomquist, B.A. in Spanish Harriet L. Bloom, B.A. in Education Richard A. Bloom, B.S. in Chemistry Gail R. Blumberg, B.A. in English Elizabeth A. Bobson, B.A. in Education Jane N. Bodine. B.S. in Nursing Carl E.Bohls.M. B.A. David K. Bone, B.S. in Psychology Carolyn J. Bont, B.A. in Education Paul P. Bonus, B.S. in Design Julia M. Borden, B.S. in Mathematics Joan E. Borgos, B.A. in Education Michael F. Borgos, B.Arch. Elizabeth E. Bornor, B.A. in English Rosemary Boros, B.Arch. Diane B. Bortman, B.A. in Education Julie C. Bosch, B.A. in French Clyde A. Botzner, B.S.E. in Mechanical Engineering and Mathematics James D. Boughey, B.A. in Pre-Legal Studies Alexis G. Bouwman, B.A. in English Douglas G. Boven, B.S.E. in Industrial Engineering Suzanna L. Bower, B.S. in Nursing Lauren L. Bowler, M.S.E. in Mechanical Engineering Susan C. Bowler, B.A. in Education Steve W. Bowyer, B.S.E. in Mechanical Engineering Judith F. Boylan, B.S. in Nursing B. Jeanne Bozen, B.A. in English Mary B. Braden, B.A. in Sociology Henk J. Brand. B.A. in Economics and History Alan E. Brandt, B.S. in Chemistry Philip R. Braun, B.A. in Psychology William A. Braun, B.S.E. in Industrial Engineering Donald S. Breakstone, B.A: in History Stephen A. Breinling. B.Arch. Vivian H. Breitel. B.A. in History Bonnie J. Breitmayer. B.S. in Nursing Pamela K. Brennon, B.A. in English Carol L. Bretz, B.A. in French Sara L. Bridges, B.A. in Education Joyce E. Briere, B.S. in Physical Therapy Mien K Brill. B.A. in Sociology Jean I Briner. B.S. in Denial Hygiene I MII.I M Broad. B.A. in German David K. Brod. B.A. in Mathematics Susan R. Brodsky. B.A. in Education Betsy A. Brody. B.A. in Education Sandra K. Brondstetter, B.A. in English Margaret W. Bronson, B.A. in Education Julia M. Brooks. B.S. in Nursing Roger A. Brooks. B.A. in Political Science Michael D. Broomc, B.S.E. in Science Engineering Mary D. Brosius, B.A. in History Carol A. Brown, B.A. in English Carolyn F. Brown, B.A. in Mathematics Catherine B. Brown, B.A. in Political Science Lawrence S. Brown. M.B.A. Louise S. Brown, B.A. in Education Marilyn L. Brown. B.S. in Mathematics Paula S. Brown, B.A. in French Richard D. Brown. B.S. in Mathematics Robert N. Brown, B.A. in History Stephen C. Brown, B.A. in English Susan J. Brown. B.A. in Education Patricia E. Bruinsma. B.A. in Education Gary W. Brumo. B.S.E in Science Engineering Christopher J. Brunner. B.A. in Near Eastern Languages John M. Brunschwig, B.S.E. in Electrical Engineering Diane P. Bucher. B.A. in Journalism Jarcd P. Buckley. B.A. in Sociology Michelc K. Buda. B.A. in History Paul M. Bunin. B.A. in Pre-Legal Studies William F. Bunting II. B Arch Carol H.Burchuk. B.Mus. Sharon L. Burgar, B.S. in Zoology Andrew A. Burger. B.S. in Psychology Patricia G. Burgess. B.S. in Medical Technology Mary A. Burke. B.A. in History Mary C. Burkhead. B.A. in Speech Bonnie F. Burnham. B.S. in Physical Therapy Ronald S. Burns. B.A. in Psychology William J. Burns, M.S. in Library Science Lydia E. Burr, B.A. in Speech Thomas D. Burk, B.S. in Biology Charles W. Burson, B.A. in Political Science Richard J. Burstein, B.A. in Economics Joyce D. Butler, B.A. in Mathematics Carol S. Caddell, B.S. in Nursing Lee Cahen, B.A. in English Thomas V. Cahill, B.A. in Political Science Cheryl A. Cahn, B.A. in Education Nancy A. Calland. B.S. in Nursing Penelope A. Calvert, B.S. in Education Lorenza I. Camacho. B.A. in Speech Bruce A. Camblin, B.Mus. Ronald L. Camp, B.S. in Chemistry Kenneth E. Campbell, Jr., B.S. in Geology Suzanne M. Campbell, B.Mus. Carlos Canepa, B.A. in Economics Margaret E. Cansfield, B.A. in History Linda K. Carlson, B.A. in Pre-Social Work Jack H. Carman, B.S. in Zoology Stephen M. Carpman, B.S.E. in Electrical Engineering Joseph G. Carr, B.S. in Zoology Donald W. Carroll, B.Mus. Hal O. Carroll, B.A. in Pre-Legal Studies Timothy B. Carroll, B.S. in Mathematics Virginia I . Carroll, B.A. in English Edward A. Carter, B.S.E. in Electrical Engineering Gary A. Carter, B.A. in English John E. Cashman, B.S.E. in Aeronautical Engineering Dennis R. Casselberry, B.A. in History Toni M. Cataldo, B.Mus. Thomas A. Cecchini, B.S. in Physical Education Carolyn Cedargren, B.S. in Physics Barbara Center, B.A. in Education Jeanine M. Center, B.A. in Far Eastern Studies Bonnie J. Chaitman, B.A. in Education Carroll G, Chamberlain, B.A. in History Chadun L. Chamberlain, B.A. in Education John L. Chamberlain, L.L.B. Frederick J. Chapin. B.Mus. Mar I Charlton. B.S. in Zoology Kathleen M. Chcesman. B.A. in English Mar) Cheney, B.S. in Education Edward ( B.A. in Mathematics Nancy A. Chilman. B.A. in Education Jeffrey A. Chimovit , B.A. in Philosophy Alexander B. Chinn. L.L.B. Bruce M. Chudacoff. B.A. in Political Science Kathy A. Churchill. B.A. in Mathematics James N. Ciraulo. B.S.E. in Electrical Engineering Stephen A. Clairman. M.A.S. GeorgeS. Clark, B.B.A. Thomas E. Clark. B.S.E. in Civil Engineering William R. Clarke. B.A. in Biology Marilyn L. Claucherty. M.A. in Education Georgiua K. Cleneay, B.S. in Physical Therapy Charles W. Coates. M.P.A. Robert F. Cockerill, B.S.E. in Chemical Engineering Fred D. Coffin. B.A. in Speech Glenn N. (oilman. B.S.E. in Civil Engineering Lawrence J. Cogut. B.S. in Mathematics Carl J. Cohen. B.A. in Psychology Fred M. Cohen. B.A. in English Howard M. Cohen. B.A. in English Nancy T. Cohen. B.A. in Psychology Sheila R. Cohen, B.A. in English Shery! H.Cohen. B.Mus. Howard L. Cohodas. B.A. in Economics Johann M. Colburn. B.S. in Nursing Melvin B. Coleman. B.Mus. Cheryl Colestock, B.A. in Education Helen E. Collins, B.S. in Nursing Yvonne M. Collioud. B.A. in History Mary M. Colovus. B.A. in Education Donna M. Colson. B.A. in Education Carolyn G. Conder, B.A. in French Gerald D. Conover. B.S.E. in Mechanical Engineering Shelky G. Conrey. B.A. in History Thomas R. Conroy. B.A. in English Eugenie A. Conser, B.A. in French Julian I. Cook. B.A. in English Rosann L. Cook, B.S. in Nursing Carol M. Cooper, B.S. in Biology Douglas A. Cooper, B.A. in English Elizabeth A. Cooper, B.A. in Special Education Laura H. Cordero, B.Arch. Catherine Corlett, B.Mus. Judith K. Cornell, B.A. in English Carole M. Corombos, B.A. in Mathematics Gordon L. Corzine, B.S.E. in Science Engineering C. William Cosgrove, B.A. in Spanish Daniel R. Coughlin, B.S. in Forestry Wilbur E. Courier, B.A. in Philosophy Bonita Cowan, B.A. in Spanish Jerry V. Cowan, B.A. in Education Frances B. Craig, B.A. in Math ematics Ruth E.Crandell, B.Mus. Susan Q. Crawford, B.A. in Speech Donald J. Croysdale, B.A. in Mathematics Douglas J. Crozier, B.S.E. in Engineering Physics Elaine F. Crucitt, B.S. in Nursing Sharon E. Cudillo, B.A. in French Betsey L. Cullen, B.S. in Biology Elaine S. Cummings, B.S. in Art R. Bruce Curay, B.S. in Biology Ross W. Cutler, B.A. in Sociology Hedwig S. Czuba, B.S. in Pharmacy Linda R. Dahlquist, B.S. in Nursing Christine M. D ' Alleva, B.A. in English Jane A. Dalman. B.S. in Physical Therapy Judy S. Dalrymple, B.A. in Economics Marian S. Dalsey, B.S. in Zoology Patricia A. Daly, B.S. in Design Marilyn J. 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Deutch, B.A. in English John M. Deutsch, B.S.E. in Civil Engineering Stuart L. Deutsch, B.A. in Political Science Peter F.deVaux, B.B.A. Donna L. DeVrics, B.A. in Economics Dawn C. DeWeese. B.A. in Education Diane H. DeWeese. B.A. in Social Studies Pamela L. Dewey, B.A. in English Carol J. Diamond. B.A. in Education Judith E. Diamond. B.A. in Political Science Barbara L. Dickerson. B.A. in Psychology Thcrese A. Dietlin, B.S. in Chemistry Jean E. Dillan. B.A. in Education Glenda M. Distler. B.S. in Nursing Michael V. Ditkowsky, B.A. in Political Science Richard M. DoctorofT. B.A. in History Paula J. Dodez. B.Mus. Steve H. Doman, B.S.E. in Aerospace Engineering Kathleen L. Donaldson, B.S. in Nursing Richard G. Donnelly, B.S.E. in Chemical Engineering Dale J. Dorjath, B.S.E. in Industrial Engineering William A. Dornbos. B.A. in Political Science Carol B. Dosik, B.A. in French Catherine J. Douglass, B.A. in English Sarah J. Dowd, B.A. in Economics Janet E. Downie, B.Mus. Jeanne M. Downing, B.S. in Chemistry Joyce Dubow, B.A. in Political Science Ronelle A. DuBrow, B.A. in History of Art Jana S. Draper, B.S. in Mathematics Wolfgang Drescher, B.S.E. in Engineering Physics Sandra J. Dronkowski, B.A. in Education Marvin J. Druker, B.A. in Political Science Jean L. Dudgeon, B.A. in German Paul W. Duemler, B.B.A Charles A. Duerr, B.A. in Political Science Louise M. Duesing, B.S. in Physical Therapy Mary J. Duffy, B.A. in German Ralph E. Duffy, B.A. in History Michael F. Duhl, B.B.A Ned E. Duke. B.S. in Education Ellen M. Dullberg, B.S. in Astronomy Laura G. Dunbar, B.A. in English Maryann L. Dunitz, B.A. in English Denise L. Dunn, B.Mus. David C. Dunstone. B.S. in Pre-Med. Sidney D. Durham, B.A. in Pre-Legal Studies Roberta L. Dutcher, B.A. in Education Gary M. Eaton, B.A. in History of Art Linda F. Eaton, B.A. in History James A. Eckel, B.A. in Geography Avis A. Eddy, B.A. in English Lynne R. Edelstein, B.A. in History Don Eden, B.S. in Chemistry John R. 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B.A. in Sociology Janet A. Fair, B.A. in Political Science Nancy S. Fairbrothcr. B.B.A Evelyn K. Falkenstcin. B.A. in History William S. Fambrough. B.A. in Political Science Gloria M. Fan. B.A. in Education Andrea J. Farinacci. B.A. in English Suzanne M. Faulconer. B.S. in Nursing Barbara L. Feder, B.A. in English Peter K. Fei. M.A. in Linguistics Lois E. Feigin. B.A. in Psychology Arthur N. Feinberg. B.S. in Zoology Jane R. Feinberg. B.A. in Speech Joyce S. Feinberg, B.S. in Chemistry Noel B. Feldman. B.B.A Sylvia C. Feldman. B.A. in Education Jacqueline R. Fellman. B.A. in Psychology Carol A. Fellows. B.S. in Nursing Vicki A. Fenner, B.S. in Dental Hygiene Harriet Feuer, B.A. in Education Ruth E. Feuerstein, B.A. in English JohnJ. Pick, M. B.A. Linda Fiebich, B.A. in French Marilyn J. Fields, B.A. in History Anita E. Finkel, B.A. in Education Karen Fine, B.Mus. Lois A. Fine, B.A. in Pre-Social Work Philip R. Fine, B.A. in Political Science Janice R. Fischer, B.A. in Education Larry L. Fischer. B.A. in English S. Leslie Fish, B.A. in English Anita R. Fisher, B.A. in History Blake O. Fisher, Jr., B.S.E. in Industrial Engineering Bruce W. Fisher, B.Mus. Laura A. Fitch, B.A. in English Leslie K. Fitch, B.A. in Political Science J. Frank Fitzgibbons, B.Arch. Nancy Fleischman, B.A. in Mathematics Kennetha J. Fleming, B.A. in Biology Michael J. Flood, B.B.A. Thomas L. Flood, B.S. in Forestry Karen L. Fodrocy, B.S. in Design Dean C. Forburger, B.A. in Economics Martha J. Foren, B.A. in French John D. Forster, B.S.E. in Aerospace Engineering Charles S. Foster, B.A. in Political Science Marcia L. Foster, B.A. in French Melissa M. Foster, B.A. in Speech William A. Foster, B.Arch. Julie S. Fowler, B.A. in Journalism Daniel J. Fox, B.B.A Dean F. Fox, B.B.A Timothy W. Fox, B.S.E. in Aeronautical Engineering Christine M. Fracala, B.S. in Nursing Robert G. Francis, B.B.A Nancy R. Franks, B.S. in Physical Therapy Nancy A. Franzen, B.S. in Pharmacy Rosemary A. Fraser, M.A. in Social Psychology Arlene M. Fredrikson, B.A. in Education William J. Free, B.A. in Economics Donna R. Frccdman. B.A. in English Edward R. Kreedman. BSE. in Chemical Engineering Elliot R Freedman. B.A. in Political Science Barbara L. Freeman. M.Mus. Judith K. Freese. B.S. in Pharmacy William E. Freese. B.S.E. in Science Engineering Sharon V. Fricke. B.S. in Nursing Wendy I. Fried, B.A. in Education Michael N. Friedler. B.A. in Pre-Legal Studies Elaine S. Friedman. B.A. in Special Education Helen M. Friedman. B.A. in English Joyce L. Friedman. B.A. in Education Thomas D. Friedrichs. B.A. in Psychology William N. Frisinger. M.S.E in Engineering Mechanics James T. Frost. B.Arch. Kathleen M. Frost. B.S. in Nursing Karen J. Frye. B.A. in Education Susan M. Fuchs, B.A. in English P auline L. Furniss. B.A. in Anthropology Peter E. Fujiwara. B.A. in English Susan W. Gadiel, B.A. in Psychology Michael L. Gaiter. B.S. in Zoology Steve Gall, B.S. in Physical Education Michael A. Galle, B.A. in English Sharon A. Galley. B.S. in English Robert H. Gardner. M.B.A. in Finance Mary Jane Garlick. B.S. in Physical Education Molly A. Garrcls, B.A. in Anthropology and Zoology Patricia M. Garrison. B.S. in Mathematics Evelyn D. Gaskins. B.A. in Education Elsie M. Gaunt, M.P.H. in Mental and Public Health Patricia L. Gayles. B.A. in Chinese Language BrendaG. Gee, B.Mus. Alan B. Gelband. B.B.A. Michael J. Gclfand. B.A. in Economics Barbara S. Gendich. B.S. in Nursing Mark D. Gendleman, B.S. in Zoology Karen F. Gens. B.A. in Anthropology Claire D. Gentile. B.S. in Physical Education and Political Science Richard N. Gentry, Jr., B.A. in Economics Gary M. Gerlach, B.Arch. Marta D. Gershenson, B.A. in English Andrea L. Gerken. B.A. in English Judy I Geyman. B.A. in Economics Charlene Gibbs, B.A. in Anthropology Larry W. Gibson, B. Landscape Arch. Janice D. Gilbar, B.S. in Design Pamela Gilbert. B.A. in English Paul W. Gilbert, B.B. A. Robert M. Gilhooley. B.B.A. Susan S.Gill. B.A. in Art Joel W. Gillard. B.A. in History Richard M. Oilman. B.S. in Biology Bennie B. Gilmore, B.A. in Pre-Med. JoAnn J. Ginsburg, B.A. in Economics Susan W. Girod, B.A. in French Doris J. Glantz, B.A. in English Danny R. Glickman. B.A. in History James D. Glore, B.S. in Chemistry Alan J. Glueckman. B.A. in Economics Marilyn A. Glynn, B.A. in English Sylvia J. Godwin, B.S. in Interior Design Carolyn D. Gold, B.A. in English Paul E. Gold. B.A. in Zoology Ellen G. Goldbaum. B.S. in Speech Correction Suzanne Goldberg, B.A. in French Raymond O. Golden. B.S.E. in Science Engineering Hilliard J. Goldman, M.A. in History Nancy J. Goldman, B.A. in Mathematics Richard M. Goldman, B.A. in Economics Robert H. Goldman. B.A. in Political Science Arnold A. Goldstein, B.A. in English Helen B Goldstein. B.S. in Design Michele W. Goldstein, B.A. in History Samuel J. Goldstein. B.A. in English Lawrence J. Golice. B.A. in History Judith L. Gontz, B.B.A. Barbara J. Goodine. B.A. in English Leslie E. Goodman, B.A. in Spanish Peter R. Goodman. B.A. in English Sharon D. Goodslein. B.S. in Special Education Margaret Gordon. B.A. in Anthropology Patricia A. Gordon. B.A. in English Renee Gordon. B.A. in English Karen R. Gorman. M.B.A. in Accounting Susan ( Gorton. B.A. in Geography James H. Gosman. B.A. in History Mary C. Gotlschalk. B.A. in English Roberta S. Govons, B.A. in Mathematics Richard D. Graddis, B.A. in Economics Lloyd C. ir.iil . B.A. in Pre-legal Studies Susan K. Graham. B.A. in Special Education Stephen M. Grand. B.S. in Industrial Engineering Mary Sue Grant, B.A. in Spanish Richard M. Grant, B.A. in Psychology Rose D. Grant. B.A. in Education Robert D. Becker, LL.B. Philip A. Grashoff, B.A. in History Barbara C. Green, B.S. in Chemistry Donna L. Green, B.A. in History Margo H. Green. B.A. in Education Eric P. Grcenberg, B.S. in Mathematics Robert A. Grcenberg. B.A. in Pre-professional Studies Jennifer E. Greene, B.A. in English David B. Greenman. B.S. in Mathematics Mitchell I. Grcenwald, A.B. in Political Science Robert L. Greenwald. B.A. in History Vaughn T. Gresly. B.A. in History Clifford W. Greve, B.S.E. in Civil Engineering Tina G. Griffcl. B.S. in Chemistry Pamela E. Griffin. B.B.A. Gerald Grijak. B.S.E. in Mechanical Engineering Robert I. Grody. B.A. in Economics Gary L. Grolle. B.A. in Prelegal studies Charlotte R. Gross. B.A. in Russian Studies Michael B. Gross. B.A. in Economics Robert F. Gross. B.S. in Chemistry Margaret S. Grossa. B.S. in Nursing Maxinc L. Grolen, B.A. in Russian Judith S. Groudinc, B.A. in Political Science Ellen L. Grun, B.A. in History of Art Charles S. Guenzer, B.S.E. in Engineering Physics Edward J. Guider, M.A. in Mathematics Barbara J. Guinness, B.S. in Zoology Catherine I. Gulevich, B.A. in French Judith C. Gunderman, B.S. in Chemistry Stephen H. Gunning, B.A. in History William R. Gustafson, B.Arch Donald E. Guthrie, M.S.E. in Industrial Engineering Elyse F. Guttentag, B.A. in Education Samuel Haberman, B.A. in Economics Richard N. Hadley, B.S. in Chemistry JohnH. Haessler, B.B.A. Earl F. Hagstrom. Ill, B.S. in Biology Stephen P. Hahnert, B.S.E. in Electrical Engineering Richard T. Haley, B.B.A. Carol J. Halidsy, B.S. in Design David P. Hall, B.S. in Electrical Engineering H. Elizabeth Hall, B.A. in English James R. Hall, B.A. in Pro-mod Theodore D. Hall, B.A. in English Mary A. Hallock, B.A. in Political Science David A. Halsted, B.B.A. Marilyn Halverson. B.A. in Education Charles A. Hamburger, A.B. in Psychology Catherine A. Hamilton, B.Mus. James E. Hamilton, B.S.E. in Aero-space Engineering Carolyn L. Hamm, B.A. in Education Victoria M. Hammer, B.A. in Latin Diana D. Hammond, B.A. in Speech Dae W.Han, M.P.H. William A. Handelman, B.S. in Mathematics Henry M. Hanflik, B.B.A. Russell E. Hannula, B.S. in Mathematics John P. Hansen, B.A. in Education Kathleen Hanson, B.A. in Mathematics Robert S. Hardin, M.B.A. in Accounting Barbara C. Harling, B.A. in English David L. Haron, B.A. in History (irais Harris. B.S. in Nursing Sandra Harris. B.A in Pre-Social Work Susannc L. Harris. B.A. in Political Science Thomas G. Harris, B.S.E. in Mechanical Engineering Ann M Harrison. B.A. in Psychology Susan L. Harrison, B.A. in Education Judith A. Hartman. B.A. in Pre-Social Work Ann K Hart , M.A. in Library Science Diane Harwith. B.Mus. Joseph C. Harwood, B.A. in Spanish Sukehiro Hasegawa. B.A. in Political Science Margaret G. Haskins. B.A. in Education Martha L. Haughey. B.A. in History Linda L. Hawes, B.A. in Education Herbert P. Haydcn, B.A. in Political Science Hollis J. Haynes, B.A. in English A. LaRue Heard, B.A. in English J. Terry Heath, L.L.B. David C. Heavy, B.S. in Biology John K. Hedrick, B.S.E. in Engineering Mechanics Sharon Hefke. B.Mus. Sandra E. Hegedus. B.A. in English Nancy L. Heiber, B.A. in English DonnaLee E. Heikkinen, B.A. in French Kay M. Heikkinen. B.A. in Psychology Margaret A. Heikkinen, B.S. in Nursing Ralph J. Heikkinen. B.A. in History Knut A. Heim. M.S.E. in Mechanical Engineering Jerry L. Heiman, D.D.S. Janet Heinrich, B.S. in Nursing Robert D. Heitzman. B.S.. pre-professional studies Myma C. Helfenstein, B.S. in Zoology Kathie E. Helper, B.A. in Education Elizabeth J. Hemmett, B.A. in English Edward J. Henderson, A.B. in History Linnea M. Hendrickson, B.A. in History Richard W. Hendrickson, B.S. in Mathematics Jack A. Henry, B.B.A. Patricia J. Henry, B.A. in Social Studies Vivian L. Henry, B.S. in Pharmacy Jacqueline F. Herlick. B.S. in Education Frederick K. Herr, B.A. in Philosophy Robert D. Herrema. B.Mus. Stephen C. Hershey. B.A. in Psychology Jerome M. Hesch, B.B.A. Christine Hess. B.S. in Nursing Janice E. Hess, B.S. in Education Mary E. Heustis, B.S. in Nursing Virginia I. Heyl, B.A. in Speech Correction Carla A. Heyn, B.A. in Special Education Carolyn F. Hickok, B.A. in English Barbara A. Hill, B.A. in Latin Catharine M. Hill, B.A. in History Tom S. Hill, B.A. in Pre-legal Studies Wendy J. Hiller, B.S. in Mathematics Gloria L. Hillman, B.A. in Speech Nancy J. Hirshey, B.A. in Art Helen E. Hodgson, B.A. in English Susan K. Hoeft, B.A. in Sociology Daniel J. Hoekenga. B.A. in Political Science Joel J. Hoffman, B.A. in Zoology Maureen F. Holahan. B.S. in Mathematics John A. Holdorph, B.A. in Psychology William E. Holloway, B.A. in German John R. Holmes, B.B.A. Michael H. Holmes, B.A. in History N. Diane Holmes, B.S. in Education Edward M. Holpuch, Jr., B.A. in English Eleanor B. Holt, B.A. in Mathematics Raymond B. Holton, B.A. in Journalism Patricia K. Holtzer, B.A. in Economics Carol S. Holtzman, B.S. in Physical Therapy Gail A. Honeyball, B.A. in English Dennis W. Hoornstra, B.A. in Economics Margaret J. Hoornstra, B.A. in Journalism Mary-Ruth M. Hoornstra. B.A. in Journalism Richard A. Hoppe, B.A. in Economics Lee E. Hornberger, Jr., A.B. in Political Science Donna S. Homer, B.A. in Mathematics Nancy S. Horowitz, B.A. in French Jane S. Horsfall, B.S. in Nursing Gary L. Horst, B.B.A. Susan J. Norton. B.S. in Dental Hygiene Kichard R. Horwiich. B.A. in History I iinl.i k Houk. B.S. in Nursing Judith K. Housekeeper, B.A. in English Gail J. Howe s. B.S. in Nursing Jeffrey B. Hoyne, B.A. in History Carol L. Hubert. B.A. in Spanish Orval L. Huff. B.A. in Political Science Harry W. Huffaker, D.D.S. Diane L. Hull nun. Pharm. D. P. Sue Huggins, B.S. in Education Thomas L. Huguelet. B.S.E. in Civil Engineering Susan D. Hungerford. B.A. in Education Sally A. Hunt. B.S. in Dear Education Lynne A. Hurand. B.S. in Special Education Marjorie Hurwitz. B.A. in History Joy E. H UK hiris. B.S. in Chemistry Edward P. Hyduke, B.S. in Biophysics Frances A. Hynes. B.A. in History of Art David N. Ibach. B.S. in Mathematics Priscilla J. Iffland. B.A. in English Michael K. Ikchara. B.S.E. in Electrical Engineering Robert C. Innes, B.S.E. in Mechanical Engineering Anne E. Irwin, B.S. in Education Elaine C. Irwin, B.S. in Education Elizabeth A. Irwin, B.S. in Chemistry Joan L. Irwin, B.A. in Political Science Wendy J. Isherwood. B.S. in Nursing Kathryn Inner. B.S. in Dental Hygiene Doris D. Ivan. B.S. in Nursing William J. Ivey, B.A. in History John P. Jack. B.B.A. Martin L. Jackier. B.A. in Psychology Judy L. Jackson, B.S. in Nursing Joan S. Jacobs, B.A. in Political Science Laurel L. Jacobs, B.A. in Education William G. Jacobs. B.S. in Psychology Christine K. Jacobsen, B.A. in Education Judith A. Jacobson. B.A. in French Michael E. Jacobson. B.A. in Slavic Language and Literature Barbara S. Jaedecke, B.S. in Nursing Alvin R. Jaffin, B.A. in Mathematics Elna M. Jameson, B.S. in Chemistry Karen Janas, B.B.A. Ann M. Jarvi, B.Mus. Sharon L. Jaynes, B.S. in Mathematics William Jeffery III, B.B.A. John W.Jehle. B.B.A. Barbara J. Jennings, B.S. in Dental Hygiene Luana L. Jensen, B.A. in English Thomas C. Jensen, B.S.E. in Mechanical Engineering Susan E. Jeremy, B.A. in History Lois A. Jewell. B.Mus. Alden C. Johanson, B.S.E. in Mechanical Engineering Dale L. Johnson, B.S. in Meteorology Darlene M. Johnson, M.A. in Education William V. Johnson, M.Mus. Robert G. Johnston, B.A. in History Francis G. Jonas, B.B.A. Clevoe J. Jones, B.S.E. in Instrumentation Engineering Gordon E. Jones, M.S.E. in Sanitary Engineering Ronald H. Jones, B.B.A. William K. Jones, B.S.E. in Engineering Mathematics Leif G. Jorgenson, B.A. in History Patricia A. Jose, B.A. in Political Science Nanci N. Josephson. B.A. in Political Science John Josselson, B.S. in Zoology Richard M. Joy, B.A. in History David D. Jozwiak, B.B.A. James M. Julian, B.S. in Chemistry Charlotte J. Julien, B.S. in Nursing Ann M. Juntikka, B.S. in Dental Hygiene Diane M. Kabalka, B.A. in Mathematics Karl M. Kadish, B.S. in Chemistry Marilyn L. Kaeli, B.A. in English Wendy L. Kahn, B.A. in Economics Elizabeth J. Kaiser, B.A. in Education Laurence H. Kallen, B.A. in Economics Helen S. Kaminski. B.A. in Economics S arah Kaminsky, B.A. in bducation Kendyl L. Kammer. B.S. in Education Christine Kampen. B.S. in Zoology David B Kaner, B.A. in English Gerald W. Kangas, B S.E. in Electrical Engineering Susan K. Kania, B.A. in History Arnold L. Kanter, A.B. in Political Science Susan L. Kapalan. B.A. in Speech Correction Lois M. Karch, B.A. in Spanish Nancy L. Karczewski, B.A. in Education Robert J. Karl, B.S. in Pre-professional Studies Sandra E. Karmazin. B.A. in History Susan E Kasakoff. B.S. in Zoology Myrna Kasey. B.A. in Education Janet L. Kasmirski, MM in Music Theory Robert A. Kas ubski. B.S. in Astronomy Beth A. Kalz. B.A. in Education Ralph M. Kaufer. B.A. in Economics Charles R. Kaufman, B.A. in Sociology Judy A. Keith, B.S. in Nursing Suzanne E. Kelley, B.S. in Mathematics Alan Kellman. B.A. in Economics Judith W. Kemp, B.A. in Education Susan J. Kemp. B.A. in Near Eastern Languages Oscar G. Kennedy. B.S.E. in Industrial Engineering Patricia A. Kent, B.S. in Medical Technology Matthias A. Kershbaum. B.S. in Wildlife Management Patricia A. K icier. B.S. in Physical Therapy Stephen P. Kikokr. B.A. in History Melinda J. Kilborn, B.A. in English Peter J. Kilchenmann. B.A. in Political Science John D. Killian. M.A. in Political Science Carole L. Kilpatrick, B.A. in History Janet L. Kimmey. B.S. in Physical Therapy Barbara T. King, B.A. in Education Fern R. Kinnamon. B.Mus. Louis Kircos, B.S.E. in Aerospace Engineering Joel R. Kirshenbaum, B.A. in Political Science Linda R Kitman. B.S. in Physical Therapy Christos C. Klademenos, B.S.E. in Electrical Engineering Thomas S. Klage, B.S.E. in Science Engineering Janet E. Klayman, B.A. in Education James M. Klein, B.A. in English Lori M. Klein, B.A. in Economics Sheryl B. Klein, B.A. in Spanish Steven N. Klein, B.S. in Zoology Judy L. Kleinschmidl, B.A. in History Karl K. Kleinschmidt, B.A. in Speech Carol R. Klepper, B.S. in Nursing Loren L. K levering, B.Arch. Miriam P. Kligman, B.A. in Social Studies Jane E. Klotzbach, B.A. in English Neda-Kay Knapp, B.A. in Psychology Michael S. KnaufT, B.S. in Education Joel D. Koblentz, B.A. in Economics Karen S. Koby, B.A. in Biology Linda J. Koehler, B.A. in Education Susan A. Koeneke, B.A. in Education Harold L. Kohn, B.S. in Chemistry Richard M. Kohn, B.A. in English Gary A. Kokx, B.S.E. in Mechanical Engineering Linda J. Kolb, B.S. in Physical Education Robert A. Kominski, B.S. in Forestry and Wildlife Management Kathleen P. Kondas, B.A. in French Wallace E. Kopek, B.S. in Psychology Marilyn E. Koral, B.A. in English Francis A. Kornegay, Jr., B.A. in Political Science Barbara J. Koshlap, B.A. in Spanish Trudy R. Koslow, B.A. in Education Arlene S. Kostur, B.S. in Pharmacy William E. Kotowicz, D.D.S. Sharon E. Kotzin, B.A. in English Cassandra D. 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Kuschel, B.A. in Special Education Ruth L. Kuziv, B.A. in Russian Elizabeth I. Kuznicki, B.A. in Psychology Michael J. Kwiker. B.S. in Zoology Barbara L. Laas. B.S. in Special Education Thomas W. Lacchia, B.S.E. in Mechanical Engineering Marsha A. Lach, B.A. in Speech Correction Laurie J. Hellcrman, B.A. in Political Science lldze Lacums, B.Arch. Daniel J. Lahti. B.S.E. in Aerospace Engineering Rebecca A. LaLosh, B.S. in Physics Margaret C. Lamb, B.Mus. Frances R. Lambert. B.A. in Latin Susan Lambertson. B.A. in English Kathy M. Lambros, B.S. in Physical Education Dirk B. Landis, B.A. in Economics Paul J. Landry, B.S. in Zoology Alexander C. Landsburg, B.S.E. in Marine Engineering Elaine J. Lapides, B.A. in Education Thomas A. Laptos. B.S.E. in Industrial Engineering Kathryn R. Lasky. B.A. in English Fran Z. Lasser. M.A. in American History Victoria G. Lasser. B.A. in Education Deanna M. Laughlin. B.A. in Education Gordon J. Laughlin, B.S.E. in Electrical Engineering Linda A. 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Logan. B.A. in Spanish George A. Lombard, B.A. in Psychology Barbara J. Lord. M.A. in Library Science Herbert A. Lord, B.S.E. in Mechanical Engineering John M. I nrcn cn. Jr., B.B.A. Ronald S. Lorfel, B.S. in Zoology May I. Louis. B.S. in Nursing Fleurette T. Lourim. B.S. in Nursing John T. Love, B.A. in Psychology Linda S. Lovinger. B.A. in History James T. Low. B.A. in English Margaret J. Lowe, B.A. in English Howard P. Lowen. B.B.A. Albert A. Lowery, Jr.. B.A. in Social Studies George B. Lowrie III. B.S. in Chemistry Ralph D. Lucas, B.S.E. in Aerospace Engineering Robert C. Lucas, M.B.A. in Accounting Judith M. Ludington. B.S. in Mathematics Gary L. Ludwig. M.S.E. in Electrical Engineering Jacqueline Lupovich, B.A. in Economics and English Jane E. Luton, B.A. in Political Science William G. MacBeth. B.S.E. in Engineering Physics Joseph B. Mac Donald. B.A. in English Robert E. MacDougall. B.A. in History Dennis E. Mack, B.Mus. Edward E. Mack 111. B.S.E. in Industrial Engineering Jessica . MacKay. B.A. in English Greer L. MacKenzie. B.A. in Linguistics Annette M. MacQueen. B.S. in Special Education Ceilia Gamek. B.A. in Portuguese Edwin M. MacRae, B.A. in English EfstratiosC. Madias. B.S.E. in Industrial Engineering Enid G. Magidson B.S. in Political Science Rodney E. Magner. B.A. in Economics Jean A. Magnuson, B.A. in English Daniel J. Mahler, B.S.E. in Naval Architecture Kenneth E. Majchrzak, B.S.E. in Aeronautical and Mathe- matical Engin. Marilyn J. Major, B.S. in Nursing Roger T. Maki, B.S.E. in Mechanical Engineering Maureen S. Malmud. B.A. in Education Mary E. Malo, B.A. in French Lois P. Mandiberg, B.A. in English Christopher J. Mansfield, B.A. in Economics Jon G. March. B.A. in History Paula E. Marchese. B.A. in Speech Patricia L. Marcoux, B.A. in Political Science Karen E. Margolis, B.A. in Political Science Fredrica S. Marion, B.S. in Design Richard W. Marion, B.S.E. in Chemical Engineering Candace J. Markell, B.A. in Spanish Barbara L. Marketos. B.Mus. Terry L. MarkofT, B.A. in American Culture Rona L. Marks, B.A. in Psychology Sara Marr, B.S. in Nursing Carolyn S Marsh, B.A. in Education Betty Ann Martenson, B.A. in Mathematics Donna J. Martin, B.S. in Education Susan C. Martin, M.Mus. Ted B. Martonen, B.S.E. in Engineering Mechanics Helen P. Marvin, B.A. in History Deanne B. Marvisch, B.A. in Mathematics Leland V. Maschmeyer, B.A. in Pre-Social Work Howard L. Mason, B.B.A. Robert J. Materka. B.A. in History Robert L. Matern, B.A. in Economics Frcdric E. Matestic, B.A. in Economics Sally A. Mathison, B.S. in Mathematics Cheri A. Matthes. B.B.A. Irene H. Mattern. B.A. in German and English Eduard Mauer. B.S.E. in Electrical Engineering Harlan H. Maurer. B.B.A. Ann E. Mayer, M.A. in Near Eastern Languages and Literatures Jemie L. McBride, B.A. in Pre-Social Work Heather McCallum, B.A. in German Maureen K. McCann. B.A. in Political Science Mary M. McCarthy, B.A. in Education Karen A. McCarty, M.A. in Comparative Literature Patrick McCarty, B.A. in Political Science Barbara A. McClatchey, B.S. in Nursing Suzanne McClure, B.S. in Zoology Mary S. McCullough. B.A. in Psychology Kenneth A. McDonald. B.A. in Education Harry G. McGauran. Jr.. B.A. in Mathematics Janet K. McGavran. B.A. in English Thomas E. McGrath. B.B.A. David G. McKay, B.S. in Speech Judith W. McKeon. A.B. in English Karl A. McKinstry, B.S.E. in Chemical Engineering Jean E. McLarty, B.A. in Mathematics Elaine C. McLean. B.A. in Mathematics Janet L. McLeod. B.A. in English William J. McNally. B.A. in Political Science ' Lewin J. McNaughton, B.S.E. in Civil Engineering Virginia A. McNitt. B.A. in Sociology Terrence C. McRea. B.S.E. in Mechanical Engineering David F. Mead. B.A. in History Gertrude Megow, B.A. in German Melinda D. Mehring. B.A. in English David W. Meier. B.S. in Economics Barbara C. Meihoefer. B.A. in English Robert M. Meisner. B.A. in Political Science Daniel Melber. B.A. in English Virginia S. Melke. B.A. in History Nancy K. Meltzer. B.A. in English Evelyn R. Meral. B.S. in Biology ,1 Catherine W. Merena, B.Mus. Carolyn C. Meretta, B.A. in French Lance E. Mermell, B.A. in Pre-Legal Studies Thomas J. Messenger, B.S. in Chemistry Christine S. Meyer, B.S. in Interior Deisgn David L. Meyer, B.S. in Geology Jack A. Meyer, B.A. in Economics James R. Meyer, B.A. in Economics James E. Meyers, B.S.E. in Civil Engineering Jane E. Meyers, B.A. in Education Thomas W. Michaelis, B.S. in Zoology Costas Michalopoulos, B.S.E. in Naval Acrhitecture and Marine Engineering. Melita L. Miculs, B.A. in Art Arnold Mikon, B.Arch. Katherine E. Mikula, B.A. in Journalism Susan F. Mikulski, B.A. in Political Science John G. Miles, B.A. in English Beth W. Milford, B.Mus. Albert H. Miller, B.S.E. in Electrical Engineering Alan C. Miller, B.A. in Pre-Legal Studies Beverly A. 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B.A. in Journalism Janet Morgan. B.A. in English Penelope G. Morgan, B.A. in History Roberta A. Morris. B.Mus. Val R. Morris. B.S. in Physical Therapy Rosalie M. Morrison. B.A. in English and History of Art Susan I Morrow. B.A. in English Sandra R. Moscow. B.A. in Mathematics Karl F. Mosvold. B.S.E. in Naval Architecture Marine Engineering Margaret L. Mounsey. B.S. in Physics Jane W. Moy. B.A. in Political Science John T. Mulder. B.A. in Speech Patricia L. Mullan. B.A. in Education Marcia K. Muller. B.A. in English Sharrell B. Munce, B.A. in Sociology Elizabeth B. Munson, B.A. in Psychology (Catherine A. Murphey, B.A. in Education Elizabeth L. Murphey, B.S. in Special Education James M. Murphy. B.A. in Political Science James T. Murphy. B.S. in Pre-Med. ( ..ilc C. Murray. B.A. in Political Science Patricia A. Murray, B.A. in Psychology Frank D. Muschett. B.S. in Geography and Meteorology Christine H. Myers. B.A. in Education David I. Myers, B.Mus. Kenneth L. Myers. B.S.E. in Mechanical Engineering John F. Nabel. B. Landscape Arch. Marczella Nagelvoort, B.A. in Pre-social Work Sang Nam. M. City Planning Judith Navarro. B.A. in Spanish John E. Nees. B.S. in Zoology Courtney C. Neff, B.A. in Zoology Gregory P. Neff, M.A. in Mathematics Linda Neidelman. B.A. in Education Alvin L. Neller, B.S.E. in Electrical Engineering Patricia C. Nelligan. B.S. in Dental Hygiene Ann C. Nelson. B.A. in English Cathy L. Nelson, B.S. in Physical Therapy Susan Nelson, B.A. in Speech Barbara J. Nepstad, B.A. in Education Bernard A. Nevas, B.A. in Mathematics Lawrence S. Newberg, B.A. in Psychology Melba L. Newland, B.A. in History of Art Thomas S. Newmark. B.A. in Pre-Med. Suzanne E. Newton, B.A. in Education William G. Newton, B.S. in Pre-med. Patrick C. Nicosia, B.B.A. Marie K. Nielsen, B.A. in History Pedro G. Nieto, B.A. in English Paul J. Niffenegger, B.S.E. in Electrical Engineering Mary P. Niles, B.S. in Special Education Lynn Y. Nilles, B.A. in Anthropology Karen M. Nimke, B.S. in Physical Education Barbara A. Nissman, B.Mus. Cecil J. Norde, B.S. in Physical Education Biology Judith A. Nordstrom, B.A. in English Richard W. Norlander, B.A. in Journalism Bryan G. Norton, B.A. in Political Science Nancy A. Norwick, B.S. in Dental Hygiene Edna A. Nowak, B.A. in Mathematics Ann E. Nugent, B.A. in Pre-Social Work L. Elizabeth Nunn, B.A. in Economics Carol A. Nuttall, B.A. in Social Studies Joyce P. Nutting, B.A. in Education Jane R. Nydorf, B.A. in French Martin E. Obed, B.Mus. Carol J. Ober. M.M. in Music Education Thomas G. Ober, B.S.E. in Science Engineering, Engineering Math Engineering Physics Thomas R. Oberlink, B.A. in Political Science James R. Obertino, Jr., B.A. in English Edward F. O ' Connor, B.S. in Physics Lok-SengOei, B.S.E. in Electrical Engineering Janice L. C. Oksala, B.A. in History James H. Oldlield, B.S. in Aeronautical Engineering Judith A. Oldtield. B A. in English Christine F. O ' Leary. B.A. in English Richard R. Olivers. Jr.. B.A. in Economics Sandra E. Ollila. B.A. in English Mary K. Olson. B.A. in Mathematics Hirotoshi R. Onishi. B.S. in Microbiology Judith M. Operhall. B.A. in German James C. Orcutt. B.A. in Economics ReesM.Orland. B.B.A. Artie L. Orlik. B.A. in German Kurt M. Osborn.A.B. in English Cynthia S. Osgood. B.S. in Physical Education Norman Oslik. B.S. in Mathematics Sandra L. Ostranc. B.S. in Pharmacy Diane Ouding. B.A. in English Margaret E. Oughtred, B.A. in Political Science John D. Overmars. B.S. in Chemistry and Chemical Engineering Donald S. Owens. B.A. in Economics Kathleen A. Owens, B.S. in Nursing Robert G. Pachella. B.S. in Psychology Robert M. Paisley. B.B.A. Richard C. Palmer. B.A. in Psychology R. Scott Palmer. A.B. in English Virginia E. Palmer. B.A. in English Ellen C. Panush. B.A. in English Rcna J. Panush. B.A. in Psychology Mary-Ann Paquette. B.S. in Nursing Philip J. Parker, B.S. in Physics Gail S. Parkhurst. B.S. in Dental Hygiene Sharon L. Parrish, B.A. in Psychology Cynthia A. Parry. B.A. in Psychology Wayne D. Parsons. B.S.E. in Mathematics and Physics Charles E. Pascal, B.A. in Psychology Sharon J. Pastor. B.A. in Latin William B. Patch. B.A. in Economics Pamela C. Pate, B.S. in Dental Hygiene John C. Paton. B.A. in History Jessica C. Patt. B.A. in English Candyce M. Patterson. B.Mus. Pamela A. Patterson. B.A. in English James E. Patton, B.S.E. in Chemistry and Chemical Engineering Paul G. Pavlik, B.A. in Geography Joan Paxton, B.S. in Nursing Roger E. Payne, B.S.E. in Mechanical Engineering Iris Pearlman, B.A. in Education Carol Pearson, M.Mus. in Piano Richard Pearson, Jr., B.S. in Chemistry Bonnie Peaslee, B.A. in Mathematics Judith Peck, B.A. in English Susan Peck, B.A. in English Charles R. Pellett, B.S.E. in Marine Engineering William F. Penz, B.A. in Economics Steven J. Perlmutter, B.S. in Physics Albert K. Perry, B.S. in Mathematics Steven M. Marshall. B.S. in Psychology Carolyn G. Peter, B.A. in Political Science Renate G. Peter, B.A. in German Jan Peterman, B.A. in Education Ann M. Peters, M.A. in Library Science Carl F. Peterson, B.A. in Pre-Social Work Nancy L. Peterson, B.A. in Education Thomas W. Petiet, B.S. in Industrial Design Susan M. Pevos, B.A. in Education Nadine C. Phillips, B.A. in Philosophy Robert A. Pickering, B.S.E. Sharon E. Pierce, B.A. in Education Robert F. Pincus, B.A. in Economics Daniel Pinkel, B.A. in Physics Becky L. Piper, B.A. in German Norman A. Platt, B.A. in History Anna V. Polesny, B.A. in History of Art Henry O. Pollakowski, B.A. in Economics Jane E. Pollak, B.S. in Design William H. Pollock. B.S.E. in Electrical Engineering David E. Polosky. B.Mus. Ann Pongrace, B.S. in Nursing Douglas M. Pope, B.A. in Psychology Randall S. Pope, B.S. in Pre-Dent. Judith R. Popovits. B.A. in French David V. Post.B.A. in Psychology Mary L. Poslhuma. B.A. in Education Jean E. Potter. B.A. in Mathematics Robert A. Poulasse. B.A. in English Peter R. Powell, B.S. in Mathematics Thomas M. Powers, B.A. Pre-Lcgal Studies Nancy E. Pratt. B.S. in Education Susan Lee Presman, B.A. in Anthropology Marvin Preston IV. B.S. in Mathematics Paula P. Privacky, B.A. in English Robert C. Probasco. B.Mus. Virginia L. Pudschun. B.A. in Speech Janis A. Puravs, B.A. in Journalism Nancy Quaife. B.A. in Political Science Ronald E. Quist, B.S.E. in Electrical Engineering Gene A. Rabois, B.B.A. Barbara I Raff. B.A. in Education Sharyn R. Ralieyan. B.A. in Near Eastern Studies John A. Rafter. B.S. in Mathematics Robin Raike. B.A. in Psychology Helen M. Ramsdell. B.S. in Nursing Jeffrey W. Randall. B.S. in Education Marjoric S. Randon. B.A. in Journalism Cheryl J. Rantanen. B.A. in English Carol Rappeport. B.A. in English William A. Ratcliffe. B.A. in History Lois J. Rau. B.A. in Political Science Ellen M. Ravin. B.A. in Education PaulW. Ray. M. B.A. Kelley V. Rca. B.A. in Economics Bonnie L. Reau. B.A. in English Sally C. Redding, B.S. in Nursing Richard Redticld. B.A. in Mathematics LecG. Redstone. B Arch John Recce. B.A. in English David F. Reed. B.B.A. Nanc y L. Reed, B.A. in Speech Correction Richard A. Reichle. B.S.E. in Electrical Engineering Peter A. Reilly. B.S. in Pharmacy James L. Reinish. B.A. in English Wendie S. Reinish. B.A. in English Heidrun E. Reipert, B.A. in English Betty J. Rcmenar, B.A. in Mathematics Mary L. Revelle, B.S. in Speech Correction Maribel Reyes, B.A. in Zoology Lee E. Rhaesa, B.A. in Education Margaret C. Rhines, B.A. in Art Jack A. Ribbens, B.S.E. in Aeronautical Engineering Jon M. Richards, D.D.S. Janice E. Richardson, B.S. in Education Jacqueline A. Rininger, B.S. in Nursing John P. Ritchie, B. Landscape Arch. Claudia B. Roberts, B.S. in Design Robert B. Roberts, B.S.E. in Science Engineering Roland G. Robertson, B.A. in English Barbara F. Robins, B.S. in Design Barbara A. Robinson, B.A. in English Jane M. Robinson, B.A. in Education Richard C. Rodi, B.S.E. in Naval Architecture Phyllis K. Roe, B.A. in Psychology Wendy P. Roe, B.A. in English Gary L. Rogers, B.S.E. in Electrical Engineering and Engineering Mathematics Judith A. Rogers, B.A. in English Marie C. Rogers, B.A. in Journalism Nancy L. Rogers, B.A. in Education Ann M. Rollins, B.A. in Psychology Jon A. Roosenraad, B.A. in Journalism Bennett W. Root, Jr., B.A. in Economics Zosia E. Rosa, B.S. in Zoology Lauren J. Rosen, B.A. in Education Sandra R. Rosenblum, B.A. in Pre-Social Work Beth Rosengard, B.A. in English Joyce E. Rosenthal, B.A. in History Judith N. Rote, B.A. in Political Science Susan B.Roth. B.A. in Sociology Jann V. Rothfuss, B.S. in Dental Hygiene Donald L. Rothman, B.A. in English Janet Rothman, B.A. in History Gordon A. Rothoff, B.Arch. Linda L. Rottschafer, B.A. in Mathematics Michael W. Royer, B.A. in Economics Richard T. Ro noy, B.Mus. Diane Rubin. B.A. in Education Mona I Rubin. B.A. in Zoology Susan P. Rudder. B.A. in Education James fc. Ruiz. B .Arch. David W. Rupp. B.A. in Anthropology Gary I. Rupp. M.S.E. in Bio-engineering Sharon I. Ruppal. B.A. in Education CharlaG. Rusche, B.A. in French Lucile J. Rusnak. B.A. in English James W. Russell. B.A. in History John W. Russell. B.S. in Chemistry Sybil J. Russell. B.A. in English Judith D. Rutherford. B.S. in Nursing Desmond P. Ryan, B.A. in History Timothy J. Ryan, B.S.E. in Science Engineering Jai H. Ryu, B.S.E. in Aerospace Engineering Albert Sabatini. Jr., B.A. in Mathematics Lester I Sackett, B.S. in Physics Steven J. Sacks, B.A. in History Peter E. Safir, B.A. in Psychology John P. Sahagian. D.D.S. William S. Sakal, B.S. in Botany Froylan Saldana, B.Arch. William R. Salow, B.S.E. in Science Engineering Kathleen E. Salter, B.S. in Zoology Richard A. Salter. B.A. in English Andrew D. Saltzman, B.A. in English Carolyn B. Sampson. B.A. in Education L. Annette Sanborn. B.A. in History Robert L. Sandelman, B.B.A. Joyce Sankel, B.A. in Education William O. Santana. B.Arch. Peter R. Sarasohn, B.A. in English Robert G. Sargent, Ph.D. in Industrial Engineering William S. Sarnat. B.S. in Zoology Gary Sasaki. B.S. in Pre-Dental Studies Michael R. Sawdey. B.A. in English John D. Sawicki. B.S. in Design Charles J. Sawyer. B.S.E. in Biochemical Engineering Elizabeth J. Saxe. B.A. in English Hasan H. Sayani, B.S.E. in Mechanical Engineering. M.S.E. in Industrial Engineering Harlene R. Scadron. B.A. in Education Suzanne Scarborough, B.A. in Social Studies Diane L. Schaafsma. B.A. in Journalism Katherine L. SchaefTer, B.A. in Political Science Lydia J. Schaeffer, B.A. in Education Martha J. Schaeffer, B.S. in Biology Michael H. Schaeffer. B.A. in Philosophy Barbara E. Schanoes, B.A. in History Francis M. Schauer. Jr., B.S. in Mathematics William A. Schauer, B.S.E. in Physics Michael P. Schaum.B. A. in Economics Howard J. Schechter, B.A. in Sociology Kenneth A. Schechter, B.A. in Economics Samuel Schcmticld. B.A. in Psychology John C. Scherwin, B.S.E. in Naval Architecture Maynard J. Shier, M.A. in Geography Larry J. Schiff, B.B.A. Richard B. Schiff, B.A. in English Richard A. Schiffer. B.A. in History Michael B. Schiffman, B.S. in Zoology Carl J. Schiller, B.S.E. in Aeronautical Engineering Carol J. Schimke, B.A. in Spanish Margaret Schlatter, B.A. in English Lawrence A. Schlussel, B.A. in History Elaine Schmeiske. B.A. in French Mary 1 uc Schmidt, B.Mus. Marilyn Schmoekel. B.A. in Mathematics Gail Schmunk, B.A. in Social Studies Gary M. Schneider, B.S. in Chemistry Frederick J. Schoen, B.S.E. in Materials Engineering Mary Schoen. B.S. in Medical Technology Carol Schoenhals, B.S. in Nursing Edwin A. Schrader, Jr., B.A. in Economics Janet Schram, B.S. in Education Robert H. Schreckengaust. B.S. in Pre-professional Studies Roger C. Schreiber, B.A. in German Sharon Schreibcr, B.S. in Interior Design Linda Schrump, B.A. in Russian Geraldine Schubeck. B.A. in Education Martha Schubet. B.A. in Spanish Julia Schuell. B.A. in Education Donna Schultz. B.A. in Education Marjorie Schullz. B.S. in Nursing Nik C. Schulwiu. B.Arch. Darrcll J. Schwalm. B.S. in Conservation Andrew N. Schwartz. B.A. in Psychology blaine Schwartz, B.A. in History Linda Schwartz. B.A. in Mathematics Sandra M. Schwevel, B.S. in Medical Technology Carolyn E. Scott, B.A. in Sociology Jonathan T. Segal. B.A. in Psychology Phyllis N. Segal. B.A. in Sociology Sara J. Segal. B.S. in Conservation Lester B Seidel. B.A. in English Julie Selander. B.A. in Spanish John R. Selecky, B.A. in Economics William G. Self. Jr.. B.S. in Zoology Susan Seligson. B.A. in Political Science Jill Selin. B.A. in English Albert N. Sellman, B.A. in Geography Tracy Selmon, B.S.E. in Naval Architecture Marine Engineering Lawrence F. Seller. B.S. in Zoology Bettyann Seltzel, B.S. in Design Margaret Senko, B.S. in Physical Therapy Walter Senkow. B.Arch. Alan M. Serwer. B.A. in Economics Kathleen Severn, B.S. in Mathematics Martha Shackelford. M.P.H. in Nutrition Sally J. Shannon. B.A. in German Howard M. Shapiro. B.A. in History Judy Shapiro. B.A. in American Studies Susan J. Sheiman. B.A. in English Barbara J. Shelly, B.A. in Pre-Professional Social Work Paul S. Sheng. B.S. in Zoology Robert J. Sher. B.B.A. Michael M. Sheras, B.A. in Economics Brenda J. Sherman. B.A. in History Larry G. Sherman. B.S.E. in Chemical Engineering Thomas D. Sherman. B.B.A. William D. Sherman. B.S. in Chemistry Douglass H. Shermeta, B.A. in Economics Beverly A. Shesko, B.S. in Nursing Narendra J. Sheth, M.S.E. in Mechanical Engineering Leonore S. Shever, B.A. in Russian Studies Robert N. Shewmaker, B.B.A. Penny J. Shilling, B.S. in Nursing Daniel P. Shoemaker, B.A. in English Karen A. Shoesmith. B.A. in Education Jacqueline K. Shogren, B.A. in Education Nancie J. Shore, B.A. in Special Education Samuel D. Shriro, B.A. in English John A. Shtogren, B.A. in English Fred E. Shumaker, B.S.E. in Naval Arch, and Marine Engineering Mary N. Shumaker, B.S. in Nursing Kathleen L. Sibley, B.A. in English John H. Sidwell, B.A. in Economics Lynne R. Siegel, B.A. in English Richard K. Sievert, B.B.A. Lyn H. Silberman, B.S. in Design Susan D. Sills. B.A. in Education Terry M. Silver, B.S. in Zoology Elizabeth L. Silverberg, B.A. in Psychology Claire Y. Silverman, B.A. in Mathematics David P. Silverman, B.Arch. Gary M. Silverstein, B.S. in Zoology Mary J. Silverwood, M.A. in Library Science William B. Simmonds, B.S. in Industrial Wood Technology Barbara K. Simpson. B.A. in Classical Studies Helen L. Simpson, B.S. in Chemistry Annette S. Singer, B.S. in Education Carol F. Singer, B.A. in Zoology Michael Singer, B.S. in Psychology Carolyn I. Sink, B.A. in Education Melvin N. Sirner, B.A. in Political Science Arthur B. Sissman, B.A. in English Diana M. Sitter, B.A. in English Margaret J. Sk all. B.A. in Education Kenneth R. Sladkin, B.A. in Classical Studies Susan ( Slavin, B.A. in Education Jill C. Slingerland. B.S.E. in Aerospace Engineering Douglas K. Sloney, B.A. in Mathematics Jerri J. Smart, B.Mus. Harold U. Smiley. Jr.. B.S. in Pre-Legal Studies Cece M. Smith. B.B.A. Elaine H. Smith. B.S. in Nursing Elizabeth A. Smith. B.B.A. Gary L. Smith. B.S. in Pre-Professional Studies Gaylord N. Smith, B.B.A. George A. Smith, B.A. in History Michael A. Smith. B.S. in Oceanography Nancy J. Smith, B.A. in Botany Robert N. Smith, B.A. in Political Science Sandra L. Smith, B.A. in Botany Sandralyn J. Smith. B.A. in Special Education Sidonie A. Smith, B.A. in English Sue E. Smith. B.A. in Physical Education Susan D. Smith. B.A. in Political Science David N. Smokier. B.A. in Social Studies Michael R. Smolenski, B.A. in Political Science Richard R. Smolenski, B.S.E. in Electrical Engineering Judith L. Snider, B.A. in English (Catherine S. Snyder. B.A. in Psychology Kathleen M. Snyder, B.A. in Education Sandra L. Snyder. B.A. in English Carol E. Sorter, B.A. in French Allen M. Solomon. B.A. in Biology Richard I. Solomon, B.A. in Sociology Martha L. Sommerfeld. M.P.H. in Biostatistics Virginia M. Sonne. B.A. in Sociology Irving M. Sorscher. D.D.S. Wayne L. Souders, B.A. in Anthropology Janet R. Sounart. B.S. in Biology Julie E. Southworlh, B.A. in Art Paul Spater. B.A. in History Carole J. Spcicr. B.A. in Social Studies Judith A. Spclman. B.A. in Economics Mary J. Spencer, B.A. in Economics Jonas Spcnce-Sales, B. Landscape Arch. Anne R. Spiesz, B.A. in Political Science Elizabeth E. Spikes, B.A. in Social Studies Frances Spinka, B.A. in Special Education Donna L. Sporen, B.A. in Education Gary L. Sprader, B.S.E. in Electrical Engineering Ken R. Springer, B.A. in Political Science Linda N. Sprinkle, B.A. in English Nancy L. Sramek, B.S. in Education Linda J. Stabler, B.A. in Special Education Michele H. Stagman, B.A. in History Ellen B. Stair, B.A. in Mathematics Richard C. Stamberg, B.S.E. in Chemical Engineering and Engineering Physics Charles G. Stanich, B.S.E. in Electrical Engineering Elizabeth W. Stapler, B.A. in English Sheldon J. Stark, B.A. in Psychology David S. Steen, B.B.A. Nancy S. Steinberg, B.A. in Education Zina D. Steinberg, B.A. in French Irene E. Steiner, B.A. in French Frederick H. Steinheiser, B.A. in Psychology Eva K. Steltzer, B.A. in French Barbara A. Stelzer, B.A. in English Mary K. Stephen, B.A. in English Sara N. Stern, B.A. in Education Alan J. Sternberg, B.A. in Economics Eugene Stevelberg, B.A. in Spanish Lucina A. Stevens, B.Mus. Thomas P. Stevens, B.A. in Economics Kenneth A. Stiebohr, B.S. in Physics Heather B. Stieglitz, B.A. in Microbiology Earla J. Stielcr, B.A. in Education Susan F. Stillman, B.A. in English Robert H. Stitt, B.S. in Mathematics Susan M. Stitt, B.A. in Education Charlyn J. Stockero, B.S. in Mathematics Ruth A. Stoddard, B.A. in Psychology Dale J. Stoy, B.S. in Chemistry John L. Straub, B.A. in Economics Barbara A. Strauss, B.A. in Spanish Robert P. Strauss, B.A. in Economics L- Jtl Kulhryn ( Slrayer, B.A. in English Robert J. Strcckfuss. B.Mus. Mar) b. Slrceter. B.A. in Social Studies Bonnie K Slrehle. B.A. in Economics Betsy A. Stromer. B.A. in Speech Charles R. Studen. B. Landscape Arch. Stephen W. Sturman. B.A. in Economics Susan I Sucher. B.A. in Spanish Howard B. Sugarman. B.A. in Mathematics John Sukenik. B.A. in English Ann M. Sullivan. B.A. in English E. Kent Sullivan. B.A. in English Kristen I Swanson, B.A. in Special Education Landon H. Swanson. B.Mus. Jane Elkn Pollak. B.S. Design Wayne L. Swanson. B. Arch. Pamela B. Swart. B.A. in Psychology Fred G. Swartz III. B.A. in Mathematics Jo A. Sweeney. B.A. in Education Stanley J. Szwalek. B.S. in Zoology Bonnie C. I all. B.A. in Psychology Elaine C. Takemoto. B.S. in Zoology James P. Tann. B.S.E. in Engineering Physics and Mathematics John C. Tanner, B.S.E. in Mechanical Engineering Douglas H. Tayler. B.S.E. in Mechanical Engineering Don F. Taylor. B.A. in Political Science John R. Taylor. B.S. in Physics Marvin J. Taylor. B.S. in Botany Janet B. Teeple. M.S. in Physical Education Joan M. Temkin. B.A. in English Nancy M. Temple. B.Mus. Norman W. Ten Brink. B.S. in Geology Richard L. Terio. B.A. in Biology Patricia Termini, B.A. in French Bernard Terry. B.S. in Pharmacy Nancy K. Tervo, B.A. in Elementary Education William R. Thauvette. M.B.A. Adele Thompson. B.A. in Education Phillip E. Thompson. B.S.E. in Chemical Engineering William E. Thompson, B.A. in English 9A Carol J. Thomsen, B.S. in Zoology Arthur R. Thonander. M.A. in Chinese Studies Lee R. Thorland. B.S. in Cellular Biology Sharon C. Thorp, B.A. in Elementary Education James E. Thoss, B.S.E. in Chemical Engineering Thomas P. Thrall. B.S. in Wildlife Management Paul T. Threlkeld, B.A. in Psychology Diane P. Tickton, B.A. in English Trudi Tiedeman, B.A. in Journalism Irene D. Tillis, B.A. in Mathematics Dinah M. Tillitt, B.A. in History of Art Bobbie Timberlake, B.S. in Nursing James A. Timonen, B.S. in Advertising Design Edwin M. Titsworth, B.S.E. in Aeronautical Engineering Nancy B. Toby, B.A. in Education Christopher J. Todd, B.S. in Natural Resources Carolyn R. Toll, B.A. in Near Eastern Studies Ronald T. Tomasik, B.A. in History Howard F. Topcik, B.A. in Psychology Howard P. Toplansky, B.Mus. and B.S. in Chemistry Robert W. Tormala, B.A. in History Jill E. Tozer, B.A. in Education Joan C. Trager, B.A. in Education Carolyn W. Trantham, B.Mus. Kathryn C. Tratt, B.A. in Music Literature Carole S. Trevas, B.A. in English Janet E. Trumble, B.S. in Nursing Paul A. Tummonds, B.S.E. in Mechanical Engineering John M. Ulman, B.A. in Political Science Kathleen R. Urban, B.A. in English Carl H. Urist, B.A. in Political Science Perry T. Valassis, B.A. in Psychology Ruth A. VanAken, B.A. in Economics Nancee S. VanBree, B.S. in Nursing Judith I. VanBuren, B.A. in Education Mary E. VanCamp, B.A. in English Maxine S. VandenBoss, B.A. in French Marianne VanderSluis, B.A. in Political Science Elizabeth A. VanDyke, B.S. in Chemistry Harriet A. VanEss, B.S. in Nursing Lois A. VanHoff. B A. in Social Studies Janet M. VanHoy. B.S. in Mathematics JeanVanLoan. B. A. in Anthropology William C. VanLoo. M.S.E. in Electrical Engineering Gerald A. VanSlambrouck. B.S. in Design Nancy I Vantine. B.S. in Design Joseph A. VanZale, B.S.E. in Electrical Engineering Joan M. Vary. B.S. in Nursing Dennis G. Vatsis, B.A. in Economics Albert J. Vegtcr. B.Arch. Oscar G. Velez. M.S.E. in Industrial Engineering Marilyn L. Vena, B.A. in Education Bonnk S. Venook, B.A. in Education David Vermut. M.B.A. Michael L. Vernick. B.S.E. in Mechanical Engineering Douglas L. Vernier. B.A. in Speech Kenneth L. Verosub. B.A. in Physics Mary F. Voce. B.A. in Political Science Sarah J. Vogelsang. B.A. in French Robert T. Vogtmann. B.S.E. in Electrical Engineering Eleanor M. Vonesh, B.S. in Dental Hygiene Donald M. Vroom. B.Arch. Frederica Wachter, B.A. in French Robert A. Wachtman, B.S. in Geography- Meteorology Wyn C Wade. B.A. in Psychology Jacquelyn F. Wagner. B.A. in English Lawrence W. Wagner. B.A. in Psychology William N. Wakerley. B.S. in Mathematics George L. Walker. Jr.. B.A. in English Gerald L. Walker, B.S.E. in Electrical Engineering Vaughn R. Walker, B.A. in Economics Richard G. Walls, B.A. in English James T. Walters, B.S.E. in Electrical Engineering Kathy G. Walton, B.A. in Special Education Janet G. Ward, B.S. in Design Mary E. Ward, B.A. in Education Judie M. Warren. B.A. in History of Art William J. Wartinbee. Jr.. M.S. in Mechanical Engineering Stephen G. Wasilew. B.S.E. in Mathematical and Electrical Engineering Nancy L. Wasserman. B.A. in Speech John R. Watcrson, B.S. in Cellular Biology Sally A. Watt, B.Mus. Judith J. Wax. B.A. in English Barbara J. Way, B.A. in English Betty S. Wayne, B.S. in Pharmacy William V. Weatherston, B.B.A. Jerrel L. Webb, B.A. in Political Science Judith L. Webb, B.A. in Economics George N. Weber, B.S. in Zoology Richard P. Weber, B.S. in Chemical Engineering Judith N. Weil, B.A. in Education Richard B. Weil, B.A. in History Richard J. Weiland, B.S. in Mathematics Donald P. Weiman, B.S.E. in Chemical Engineering Stanford B. Weinstein, B.S.E. in Engineering Physics Joyce L. Weinrib, B.A. in Education Michael L. Weisbarth, M.A. in Speech David M. Weisberg, B.A. in History Mark E. Weiser, B.A. in Landscape Arch. Sharon A. Weisman, B.A. in Pre-Social Work David E. Weiss, B.A. in History Dorothy M. Weiss, B.A. in Education Richard L. Weiss, B.A. in Psychology Susan E. Weiss, B.A. in English Carol J. Weller, B.A. in Economics Cyrus R. Wellman, B.A. in Economics Christine A. Wellner, B.A. in Political Science Stephen P. Werenski, B.S.E. in Chemical Engineering Thomas E. Werner. B.B.A. in Accounting William K. Westley. Jr., B.A. in Pre-legal Studies Louis M. Wexner, B.A. in History Thomas R. Wheeker, B.A. in English William R. Wheeler, B.S.E. in Naval Architecture Ellen T. Whelan, B.A. in Special Education Charles A. White, B.S.E. in Electrical Engineering Geri J. White, B.S. in Biology Sue E. White, B.A. in History Thomas G. White, B.A. in Sociology Gretchen M. Whitehead, B.A. in History of Art James R. Whiteman. B.A. in History Judith A. Wicklund, B.A. in Mathematics Carl W. Wickstrom, B.S. in Chemistry Marcia L. Wightman, B.S. in Physical Therapy Sue E. Wilder. B.S. in Art Education Marilyn K. Wile, B.A. in Education Thomas F. Wile. M.S. in Industrial Engineering Carol J. Wiley. B.A. in English Robert G. Wiley, B.S. in Zoology Marilyn Wilhelm, B.A. in Education Charles L. Williams. B.A. in Landscape Arch. Sandra M. Williams. B.S. in Special Education Ellen C. Willis, B.A. in Mathematics James P. Wilson, B.S. in Zoology John J. Wilson. B.A. in History Candace J. Windclcr, B.S.E. in Electrical Engineering John S. Winder, Jr.. B.A. in Political Science Phyllis M. Winet. B.A. in Spanish Janet A. Wing, B.A. in History Susan K. Winnie. B.A. in Education Sara C. Winter. B.A. in History Kenneth J. Winters, B.Arch. Walter L. Winters, M. Architectural Design Helen L. Wirt. B.A. in Education Margaret A. Witecki. B.S. in Psychology David W. Withall. B.A. in Economics Penelope A. Witt, B.S. in Interior Design Linda J. Woghin, B.A. in Education Karen M. Wohlfahrt. B.S. in Medical Technology William J. Wolff. B.A. in Political Science Joan E. Wolfsheimer, B.A. in Sociology Gail L. Wood, B.A. in Education Kathleen M. Wood. B.A. in English Richard E. Wood, M.A. iji History William A. Wood, B.S.E. in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering Fred M. Woodruff, Jr., B.A. in Economics Roy D. Woodton, B.A. in Physical Education and Geography Sally A. Woolner. B.A. in English David T. Workman, B.S. in Physics Jeanne K.Worley, B.A. in French Elizabeth A. Wreford. B.A. in Special Education Earl M. Wright, M.B.A. Elizabeth F. Wright, B.A. in Political Science Mormon k Wright, B.S.E. in Aeronautical Engineering Stephen B. Wright, B.A. in Political Science William S. Wright, B.E. in Aerospace and Astronautic al Engineering and Engineering Mathematics Susan C. Wrzesinski, B.A. in Spanish Ellen S. Wurman, B.A. in Sociology Douglas L. Wurster, B.Landscape Arch. Pamela A. Wyss, B.A. in Sociology Judith L. Yahr, B.A. in English Carolyn J. Yatchman, B.S. in Mathematics Clifford S. L. Yee, B.S. in Aerospace Engineering Linda L. G. Yee, B.S. in Mathematics Deanne K. Yek, B.A. in English David N. Young, Jr., B.A. in Psychology Foster M. Young, B.A. in Political Science Carol A. Zaban, B.A. in Education Ivars Zadvinskis, B.S. in Pre-Med. Judi L. Zaidler, B.A. in Spanish Susan H. Zaleski, B.A. in Special Education Luke P. Zankich, B.S.E. in Naval Architecture Marine Engineering Daniel T. Zapton, B.B.A. Cynthia M. Zavis, B.A. in Mathematics Bernd R. Zeitke, B.S.E. in Electrical Engineering Cynthia Zeldenrust, B.A. in Education John C. Zeldenrust, B.S. in Pre-Med. Ronald P. Zelizer, B.A. in Economics Suzanne T. Zeller, B.A. in English Richard G. Zevitz, B.A. in History and Economics Joy Ann Ziegler, B.A. in Education Barbara L. illy, B.A. in Education Mary A. Zitta, B.S. in Zoology Barbara A. Zola, B.S. in Dental Hygiene Elissa J. Zolkower, B.A. in Political Science Judy L. Zolotar, B.A. in History Gary J. Zuckerman, B.A. in Political Science Donna Zuk, B.A. in English i 1 irM Row Fred Kono. Don Morelli. Bill Mallon Second (OH Jack Butcher. Chuck Thomas. Terry Darling. Dennis Mel. am. Roger Mikulos. Alan Keslerke, D. W. Sweeney III. Third ROH: Dick Kruse. Bob Simpson. bacher. Gordon Swell, Frank Ccrnak. Ed Wilson. Dick Wilmath. Wayne SielarT. Bernd Horn acacia President Dennis McLain Vice-President Terry Darling Secretary Chuck Thomas Social Chairman Roger Mikulas Rush Chairman D. W. Sweeney, III Awn Afi, Manlyn Baronc. 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Penny Brigham. Barb Miller. Kristin DanicUon. Sarah Dowd. Jane Dalman. Ida Jeter, Gege Mallison. .Vo Pictured: Susan Ann Ness. Pt Wisne. Peggy Skaff, Linda Caccavelli. Elaine Smith. Jean Ludwig, Debby Klomparens, Mrs. Lcora Brighton. alpha gamma delta President Sue Bower First Vice-President Marsha Lach Second Vice-President Sally Kruska Treasurer Barbara Martenson House Chairman Kathy Jeter FIRST ROW LaVemc Vine.. HOIK Cain. Shirley Gnffin. Suun teed. Lynn Nippier. Cheryl Bonner Sl ' fOM) ROW PimeU Snow- den. Pilncu Giyks. Pimeli Griffin. Frineciu Filet. Beverly Miller. Brcnda Jones. Ivey Leflwich alpha kappa alpha Susan Reed President Shirley Griffin Vice-president Cheryl Bonner Secretary Lynn Nappier Corresponding Secretary Eloise Cain Treasurer First Row. Lorie Cook. Lynda Haggis, Carol Atlvn. Margaret Kassncr. Alphagator. Marilyn Kaeli, Susan Mikuism, Judy McHugn, Dianne Burry. Second Ron: Janet buiyak, Linda FiUjoun. Martha Cook, Marilyn Schmockel, Mrs. Robert Potter. 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LJbby Sams. Susan Ladewig. Peg Grenat, Karen Knowky, Sherry Ackland, Mary Kennedy. Martha Fischer. Sandte Eakins, Toni Kiernan. Sue Young, Cathy Quick. Betsy Goergcn. Pam Montone. Ellyn Wincgarden. collegiate sorosis President Jan Brown Vice President Marilyn Wilhelm Secretary Linda Lee Treasurer Pam Moncrief Rush Chairman Lou Ann Otto Flnl Row I inn Peterjen. Michael Novak, ptul Holt. Alan Knaiu. Mike Ganas. Warren Tamjuchi. Cluck AMridi. SreoaJ How Keith Little. Michael Maai. Sheldon J Wolhtri. J D. Kolek. Kenneth Field. Duncan J. Krelovich. Robert H. Todd. David Gcnich nint Row Carl Rohrbach. John D AmbroK. Elliott I urn John D Hauc. Scott E Kremer. Roger Premo. John hggertxn. Lyman Mook. John Holmes. delta chi President: Alan Knaus Treasurer: Phil Holt Secretary: Mike Ganas Corresponding Secretary: Duncan J. Kretovich First Row: Robin Blanlon. Fran Desmond. Lynn Woodford. jane Meyers. Sue Mc- Clanathan. Paulelle Farr. Second Row: Laura Baker. Judy Operhall. Andrea Gcrkcn. Barbara Gendich. Mrs. Helen Clements. Ruth Kuchcl. Julie Selander. Gloria Fan. Mary Gotlschalk. Margaret Hathaway. Third Row: Donna Williams. Jan McKay, Rachel Amado. Judy Roberts. Jane Wilson. Vicki Davis. Helen Meisenheldcr. Carol Baker. Nan Sarbcr. Linda Baker. Sue Dykhouse. Lauri Walker. Marylyn Shepherd. Dottie Richmond. Suzy Slann. Fourth Row: Anne Beaslcy. Janet Wind, Barbara Dcsow. Bcck W s, Jane Fisher. Lynn Christie. Jane Warnkc. Connie Olson. Judy Ediion. Sue Craig. Laurie Dykstra. Trudy Svala. Chris Vankampen. Claire Epstein. Sherry Milliken. Sharalyn Swiuer. Lisbelh Carson. delta delta delta President Jane Kaiser Treasurer Ruth Kuchcl Secretary Robin Blanton Chaplain Andrea Gerken Pledge Trainer Janet Morgan First How Lea Sheffield. Ekanor Voncsh, Judy Pctcrv Sally Van Campen. McClaichcy. Judy Erwin, Debbie Tiber. Barbara Ho wen. Gmny Heyl, Debb Sterna, BcU Wood. Judy Witdcroiicr, Barbara Deo. Vv Row Chcnc Moore, Martha horcn. Chhs Dotiflau. Macda Ben . Cathy Dou|lau. Mrs. M Hanes. Mary Lou Revelk. Nancy Lynn Pelenon. Vickie Fan. Mary Crouman, Susan Morun. Mary Caycc. Third Row Moll Rcafh. Kaihie U. Andrea Moore. Marly Buhr. Gail Howes. Manon Kvashcvski. KaUc Moore. Linda Houk. Mary Heustu. Carol Warner. Marty Lage. Carol Mcncreau. Lesky Heustit. Shert bycMonc. Marcy Sunc. Nancy Krupp. Carroll Chamberlain Fourth Row Beth Cooper. Joan Moir. Judy Hoschncr. Carol NuiUll. Margaret Cansncld. Sue Decker. Cordy Thompson. Chnt Myers. Sharon Schrciber, Sharon Baritctt. Jane Romani. Li Phillips. Maureen Andcrman. Carolyn (Jaensbauer. Su anne Jobm. Rosie Mc irath. Margiarel Gucrtia. delta gamma President Lou Revelle Vice-president Cathy Douglass Second Vice-president-Sally Van Campen Secretary Marg Cansfield TreasurerCarol Chamberlain Fint Row Judy Go re lick, Lynn Scigle. Laurie Rosen, Wendy Reinish. Donna Freedman, Mrs. Marianne Bower, Merle Gordon. Vicki Kyte. Joan Gilbert, Ellen Goldbaum. Second Row: Susan Kaplan, Barbara Center, Helen Friedman. Nancy Stein, Sandy Alperl, Diane Grace, Sydclle Becker. Dale Gold. Linda Shyavitz. llcnc Seidman, Fran Leib. Karen Newman. Third Row: Emily Slavin, Donna Polk. Gayle Rubin. Karen Ruizky, Shirley Slesnick. Sherry Weisman, Sue Ellen Simon, Judy Za idler, Natalie Ruby, Stephanie Rig er, Barbara Shemel. Nancy Rosenberg. Susan Rock. Dorinda Roseman. delta phi epsilon President Donna Freedman Vice president Wendy Reinish Corresponding Secretary Laurie Rosen Recording Secretary Joan Gilbert Treasurer Lynn Epstein p p I Flni Row Robert Kovacs, Lynn Furman. Thomas I Pcllenlo. Bardic II. Russell I Oiniclion. Jeffrey I lord. William Hammond. James R Buell It Srcomt Row Robert M Mcken ic. Bill Watlerv Del Bksiinfcr. Bruce Carr. Gilbert J. Premo. John I Prou. R Thomas Schuck. W Barton Witters. Sly Geddes. Richard Billiel Tliinl Row Mark Matthews. Vic Ptaunik. George Kruuewski. Robert A Weslbrook. Willum Campbell. Kenneth Whippk. Dick Becker. Larry Botsford. Charks I Hubbard. Hilary C Hicks. Steve Zdon. Don Jacobites. Fourth Row Fred Haikr. William Buchanan. Norman W Stewart. Barry Beck. Don 1 Taylor. J W Aiken. Carl R Meier. Ocn Breed. John Steierald. W. Ralph Ader. Arthur Baesskr. Gary Carps Voi fit-tuml Keith R Wood. Paul A Barrett. David M Brandi. Bruce I Larva. Raymond J Wafner. William D Crawford It delta sigma phi President Gilbert Premo Vice-president - John Protz Treasurer Thomas Schuck Secretary Bruce Carr FIRST ROW Brcndon Hudson. Cheryl Wright, Linda Sloan. Julia Burgess. SECO. D ROW: Relha Wcllons, Patricia Walton Shar- on Ray. Hoi Pictured Karen Dobbins. LaRue Heard. delta sigma theta President Linda Sloan Vice-president Julia Burgess Treasurer Sharon Ray Corresponding Secretary Brendon Hudson Social Chairman Karen Dobbins fim Row Rjlph A Fnuco. Kenned) Mackenzie. Chuck Moieley, Dick Grcenough Din Kaervher. Tuck Jackson. Brandy III. Richard Sun. Bruno Jandasck. Carl H. I ' kmem. Don Moore Srctuvl Row Robert Young. David Coulam. Jim Bout hey. Greg Cunrcy. 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Larry Useless. Second Row Mike Mortinsky. Mike Zink, Grover. Clcland. Bob Gangman. Bill R O ' Mally. Bill Marciano, Ken Kolis. Dan Sogan, Jerry Birdog, Jack Salecky. Al Hendrick. Third Row: Bob Walker. Ben B. S. Whiplash. Ted Klimek. John Dart. Joe B. Hoave. Jim Dupree. McNeely. Mike Nelson. A. Karras. Tim Carney. Jerry Rydell. George twik. evans scholars President Greg Pichiva A. Vice President Mick Stuart E. Vice President Sam Slopresto Treasurer George Veach Secretary Bob Carney Fint How Pat Corpron. Mar Nell WK. . Sixkr. Louue Simons. Mars Lou Hofiten. Debbie Barnes, Sally Woollier. Phyllu Colliiu. Linda Canning. Earta Dcbte Barnes. Junior I l . Sun Schaaf. Kathleen M. Qwesman. r, nj Row Joan Irwin. Sharon Allken. 1 1 Nunn. Pam Nelson. Mary Ann Paquelie. Penny Wilt. Mre. R. Dulfcll. Mary Slreeur, Sue Beckell. Pam Ocoey. Carol Hall- day. Marty Weuel. Janet Lark. Judy Davidson. TturJ Row Karen Klam. Laura Kitcrt. Marlene Blair. Patricia Couello. Pam Swart, Carol Purdy. Noel Baron. Alyce Rubin. Cathie Birdieyc. Pam Tominac. Linda Koehlcr. Polly Stafj. Kathie Johnson. Libbic Pedcrien, Andi l-annacci. Penny Munkwiu, Ann Allwem. Janet Trumbk. Karen Colby. Janet Duwnte Fourth Row Margie Thumm, Jeanna Mulder. Katie Murphey. Ann Moretle. Pam Van Syoc, Judy Bell. Sharon McKay. Carole Beers. Pat Hodge. Ann Wright. Marni Mitchell. Kathie Kluska. Mara Fish. Becky Long. Nancy Neely. Janet La Beau. Pam Liggett. Candy Holmes. Linda Lott. Man Thomson gamma phi beta President -Mary Streeter Vice President- Penny Witt Treasurer Pam Nelson Rush Chairman - Marty Wetzel Social Chairman Pam Dewey First Row Liz Hall, Joyce Bean, Pamela Gilbert, Jane Meinhardi, Mary Hunt. Margie McCracken, Mary Macpherson, Mary Margaret McCarthy. Chris Jacobscn. Marty Haughey. Second K Linda McAllister, Carol Webster. Jud Byers. Susan Grace, Sarah Straub, Carol Johnson, Barb Nepstad. Jane Roble. Sue Mahr, Ann Hathaway. Jean Thomas, Pattie Breden. Third ?OH Jenny Greene, Pat Nash, Helen Hodgson. Judy Nordstrom. Anne Patton, Mary Lincoln. Chase Collins. Polly McGarvah, Irish Swan, Pat Flaherty. Sue Krueger, Lyn Law, Sherry Lugers. Julie Emerson, Jessica MacKay. Fourth Row Carol Eifrig. Lee Hayes. Carole T. Johnson. Martha Medlar, Linda Layman. Nan lull. Diana Gornick, Barb Brown. Charlene Gibbs. Jane Reed. Connie Bennett. Marian Johnson. Nancy McAllister. Mary Ellen Lipke. Jane h raster. Sue Koeneke. Beth Steely. Mot Pictured Erma Livingstone. Jane Leader. Amy Falvcy. Patty Gibbs, Minn Edwards. Jan Holmquist. Kathy Hulbert. Sue Crawford. Leslie Woodruff. Maryellen Anderson. Sue White, Lynnc Mchring. House Mother Mrs. Alice Corneld. kappa alpha theta President Marty Haughey Vice-Presidents Jane Leader, Sue White Secretaries Pam Gilbert, Lynne Mehring Treasurer Mary McCarthy Ftnt Row Nano Spak, Becky Adam . Nancy Teeter. Paula Morgrel. Joan Coontey. Dana White r., ' J How Gmny Shaffer. Kallly Flinloih. Manlynn Smith. Debbie Slid. Mr Am) tdwardv Marty Blake. Donna Pope. Sandy JaMoniki. Sue Graham TVn Row Kathy Beyer. Karen McKinnic. Anne Okck. Gaylc Meadon. Cathy Nelwft. Terry Sykes. Fran Konapek. Louiie Prcilon. Penny Gamer Fourth Row Linda Elliolt. Carol L nne Brown. Betty Clark. Mary Taylor. Mr|aret Willman. Pal Morris. Sue Canon. Sharon Hoy. Fran Kinch. Rill) Knapp Not Piclumt Carol Bret . Annette Menson. Klthy Loeuel llejihcr Taylor. Nancee Vanbrec. Jackie Waner kappa delta President Martha Blake Vice President Deborah Slid Secretary Jacquelyn Wagner Treasurer- Donna Pope Assistant Treasurer Sandra Jablonski F w tow Sally Vogelsang. Danute Miskinis, Susan Hebblewhite. " Ladybug. " Kathy Grochn, Kristi Korster. Second Row: Su i Gross. Emily Edwards. Debby Anderson, Su Goldberg. Diane Lansing, Nancy Booth. Cathy Corlcti. Fran Craig, Pat Hilty, Susie Mor- row, Kim Kelso. Third Row: Marcia Huwen, Chris Anderson, Sue Kelley, Kathleen Saltcr, Margie Stubblebinc. Kathic Crispell, Diane Menende . Mrs. Margaret Ho we II, Jean Mc- Larty. Jane Moy. Bets Stapler. Patricia Nelligan, Joy Ann Ziegler, Pat McCarty, Ann Kingsland. Shirley Chadwick. Fourth Row Cynthia Bohr, Jody Payne. Nancy Mull, Kathy Schmid. Donna McNair. Judy Goodlad. Christine Brown. Shiela Wilson, Carol Woodward, Molly Garrels, Gretchen Whitehead, Mitzi Calhoun, Sally Bocsen. Diane Garrison, Adrienne Castk. Susan DeMarco. Pat Ryan, Ann Douglass. lisa Upton, Diane Hanna. Sandy Snyder. Fifth Row Sally Evcrhardus, Betsy Prentice. Pkaste Drake. Wendy Ish- erwood. Malinda Schaill. Pamela Perauh, Ann Livingstone, Susan Lund, Jeanne Mac- Arthur. Jan Brook man. Bev Waram. Nancy Norwtck, Karen Hooper, Ginny Magner, Susan Shcmansky. Nancy Burton. Carol Cooper. Nancy Stutsman. Donna Reed. Rebecca Brogan, Mary Jane Spencer. kappa kappa gamma r I President Jean McLarty First Vice President Diane Menendez Second Vice President- Kathic Crispell Recording Secretary Kathleen Sailer Treasurer Bets Stapler fi ' ir Ro Pete U Ford. Bill Miles. Carl Goodwin. Ray Rifle . Ed Rocbcr. 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Bob McCulloch. Stcond Row Keith LaFcrriere. Bill Hinkley. John E Echcrt. Roger Leslie. Gary Trepod. Dave Graff. Frank Richardson. Ivars Zadvinskis, Hugh Whiting. Dan Meyer. James Maha. Larry Grace. William Newtron. Kim Slerubach. Don Mateer. Gordy Weeks. Third Row: Thomas Gaffney. John Lindholm. Tom Baily. Mike Head. Dave Manic. Peter Vlisides. Jeff Messner. Win Schrader. Craig Wallers. Dave Love. Scott Chilman. Roger Ulrich. Ed Downs. Russ Hannula, Mike Messner, Barry Dehlin. Tom Landsitlel. Dan Jorgensen Fourth Row: Carl Rust. Bill McDanicl. Mike Bequette, Malt Mason. Paul Hullin. Sieve Smith, Dick Wells, John Dawson. Chriss Tompkins. Van Tillotson Craig Dill Dan Brown. Bob Stevens. Jack Murchie. Tim Slone. Larry Williams. Dick Van House ' Scott. Kerns. Davr Rhodes. Robert Kidder. lambda chi alpha President Hugh Whiting Vice President Ivars Zadvinskis Secretary Frank Richardson Treasurer Dan Meyer Fin ?OK Denim Duimslra. Allen Vander Kla . Pcrr Rawson. Dave Vander Vliet, Ted McNlll. 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Bob Gross. phi gamma delta President Dick Bereza Recording Secretary John Waterson Corresponding Secretary Dick Wingfield Treasurer Jeff Clemes Historian Ted Poulton Fint Row Pat Rosier. Monti Mickey. John Shuey. Tom Lowery. Second ftn Bob Spmk. Glenn Fiupatnck. Terry Bochamy, Dave Hadieck. Jim Wanfelin. Jim FederorT. Charlie Caigrain. Jack Hobey. Mike Good Third Row Tom Hilmer. Carl Carlson. Dave Sleen. Mike Cheney. Warren Kclley. Pete Krugtr. Pete Mair. Sieve Derby. Greg Lipton. Ale Bnini. Lou Thumm, Bob Brown. Fourili Row: Tom Parnell. Drew Hodge. Dkk Vid- mer. Dave Law. Mark Noble. Dan Heist. Doug Price. Dave Downs. Clu Lewis. Wendell Mills. Gene Powers. Bob Linocrman. Utley Marslon. Dick Gobielk oi Pictured Mike Haines. Dick May. Paul Williams. Jim Howcll. Rick Savcry. Tom Filstrup. Jerry DanhorT. Mai Pitlosh. Tim Radian. Rick Bram. Ken Wriglit. Bob Cushmi. Don Bailey. Clay! Wil- hite. 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Carolyn Sampson, Judy Nelson, Meg Comly, Tracy King. pi beta phi S President Kitty Schaeffer Vice President Chris Kampen Secretary Sally Bridges Treasurer Annabel Adams House Mother Mrs. Brough First Row Milchel Row. Lawrence Levy. I am Warner, Andrew Schwartz, Joe Pearlman. Arthur Abba. Henry Schnep . William Sherman. Frederick Schoen. Strand How Jamo Wwder. Ronald Sumc. Jason Norton. Gary Fnedman. Ted Kramer. Marc Spinrad. Chuck Averbook, Martin Stoneman, Barry Wepman. Bob Schmier. James Abrams. THtrd Row: Lee Winurom. George Slernbach. Aaron Alpert. Herb Siiman. Bruce Frankel. Tom Forman. Mark Simons. Sieve Phillips. Robert Tcppcr. Wall Spiller. Fred Kellncr Fourth How: John Bookslon, Larry Hauptman. Larry Geruem. Ken Sladkin. JefT Schmier. Peter BedrKk. Rkk London. Richard Rubinstein. Oren Conway. Don Selcer. Bob Grots. Ron Tauber. Richard Kronick. Robert KrafT. Ray Taelle. Ken Safran. Fred Burstein Flflk Row Robert Clinton. Phil Klahr. Jeff Cossman. Roger Spencer. Donald Kkgon. Richard Winter. Howard Franklin, Marshall Lasaer, Richard Kozoll. Denny Jackson. Eric Burton, Ken Zuckerman. Sim Shapiro, Gary Fried. Jon Stcrngold. Robert Mossman, Neal Brass Gknn Rofin. Robert Babcock pi lambda phi President Tom Forman Archon Bruce Frankel Recording Secretary George Sternbach Corresponding Secretary Aaron Alpert Social Chairman Mark Simons First Row: John Mabley, Cap Fry, Nick Cook. Llo yd Anderson, David Church, Thomas Gardiner. Ron Brondyke, Blandin Wright. Second Row Wilfrid Haughey. Judd R. Spray, Thomas A. Weber. Craig L. Penner, Doc Losh. Thomas I Schwartcn, Douglas B. Rich- ardson. Bruce I. Behnke, David H. Snavely. Third Row: Timothy k Mousseau, H. James Beckett. John R. Holmes. Lee A Rulis. Peter K. Roxnkrands. Roger N Turner, George F. Field, Dale R. Eiserman. James M Filzmauricc, Mark M. Wenner. Chris P Meltescn. Stan J. Roc. Fourth Row: Lloyd B. Dove. Richard Norlander, James Norlander. William S. Raynor, David Vtger, Robert H. Hamilton, Douglas H. MacMillan. Charles Ford. Arthur Harden. Flash Farrin. John A. Whiddle. psi upsilon President Thomas A. Weber Vice President Bruce I. Behnke Corresponding Secretary Judd R. Spray Recording Secretary Douglas B. Richardson Pint Row Tom Evans. Jim Baker. Jon Bowen. SmW row Camil Banciu. Charles Aumack. Chan Simondv Gre Smith. Peter Breath. Mike Marshall. Mike Carney. Mike Baron. Mike King. Steve Simmons. Stu Vaughan Third Ho Larry Garman. Chuck Ruacka. Bob Wcfcton. Rick Stonelv. Bill Borkenslein. Jim thne. Dave Fieldinf. Glenn CorTman. Gary Kohlman, Hugh Jass. Fourth Row Gene Groves. Kirk Van Blaircom. Tom Higcinbottom. Doug Shermeta. Nick Preda. John Shtogren. Roger Shaw. John I t e Peter Andrews. Rick Hink. Bill Plan. Warren Kridkr. Gary Shick. Steve Leuchtman. Mike Kimball. Tom Mack. Hal CharTec. Steve Guise sigma alpha epsilon President Jim Baker Vice-President Jon Bowers Treasurer Tom Evans Recording Secretary Mike Carney Corresponding Secretary Steve Guise Fira Row Richard Martin. Beltye Shulman. Jay Wall, Robert Winfield, Randall Dick. Joseph Kerr. Mark Fishman. Don Borod. Allen Lichter, Jeff Champagne Second Row Mark Leemon. Ed Felix, Bob Abrams. Lou Paper. Jeff Sandier. Ron Green. Charlie Pascal. Howard White. Jack Abrams. John Segall. Steve Stcglitz. Paul Mandel. Jerry Fishman. Rich Amend. Marty Miller. Third Row Bob Kantcr. Mel Muskoviu. Jo n Ungar. Steve Mitchell. Bob Sibcl. Mark Stolovow. Pete Nemkov. Howard Warshaw. Urry Keukr. Jim Satowsky. Harold Leach. Dave White. Bob Buract sigma alpha mu p-t-i i n i I President Randall Dick Vice-president Joseph Kerr Treasurer Robert Winfield Secretary Mark Fishman Fini Row John J Burke. Bruce Getun. Tom Saundert. John Recce. Dan ukic Jon March. Perry Ancona. Robert Ganlcr. Bill Nash. Sn-oorf o Jim McHie. Jeffrey Hoyne. fclroo Monks. Mirvin Chue. Juno Remmel. Fred Whinery. Sieve Leonard. Larry Rogna, John Clark. Terry Bangs. Bob Mild, Bill Seppali. Wayne Hanien. Third Row Rick Sygar. Chuck Schallhorn. U Sliaffer. 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Martha Kishner, Elizabeth Lifchez, Wendy Ripps. Fourth R Stephanie Rudman, Judy Simon. Doris Glantz. Jean Rothbaum, Nancy Ellis, Jaye Gassel, Sarajane Serwin, Jane Pollak. Rolla Herman, Patty Rcistman, Susie Sills, Carol Cohen, Julie Francis. Carol Simon. Shari Klein. sigma delta tau President Terry Lee Markoff First Vice-presidentWendy Kahn Second Vice-presidentCheryl Schwartz Secretary Judy Lichterman Treasurer Judy Berry Flnl Row Beverly Graey. Nancy Sramet. Marcia Wighlman. Joyce LeCronier. Sally Hum. Pe| Hill. Patty Carroll, Alison Smalley. Jane Pilot. Marcia Mu ' ller. Nancy Diamond. ManUn Golan. Siuan Haycook .SV..W Row Judy Walters. Bev Coulter. Janie Robin- son. Barhara Davu. Chris Helkr. Ulen Whelan. Janice Hoi. Avn Ann Eddy. Jean Rickardi. Sara Barbout. Marti (iulhne. Linda Wonderley. I Hen Brust. Ann Ward ntnl Ro Jan Hurley. Kay Andenon. Barb Well,. Jacquelyn Wood. Hefcn Moylan. Marianne Emery. Claire Becker. Marilyn Sloulcnbura. Barb Milrc|a. Mary Zimmer- man. Barb Zola. Judy Yahr. Nancy Wilson. Marti Olson. Mary K. DeYoe. Nancy Mehhni. LOUIM Anderson Fourth Row Ann Kasiborski. Carol Barnes. Su anne Ruol- sala. Carolyn (under. Ramelle Myers. I Men Willis. Friui Riekels. Mananne Tipmore. Jill Schuctl. Carla Konol. Sandra Sawyer. Barbara Cranham. Unda Hellsledt. Linda Bakei. Margie Randon oi ftciuml Arlene Astbury. Sylvia Berg. Judy Chaniol. Jeanne Idmond. Sandy knckson. I ynne Faster, (irelchen Guslafson. Susie Harrison. Melissa HKkcs. Rebecca Hickes. Judy Kkmwhmidl. Jim leeds. Pat Nielan Kathy Nyman. Sue Thoma. Julie Walker sigma kappa President Janice Hess First Vice President Ellen Whelan Second Vice President Avis Eddy Secretary Jean Richards Treasurer - Chris Heller First Row: Dale Quinn. Michael Drew. Robert Cotman, Tom Stanar, John Ducrr. Richard Fenwick. Ringo Starr. Bob Redmond. Don Seucncr. Oliver Steed. Srcond Ro Bill Lynn. Doug Dapprich. Ed Smcarcr. Charles A. Duerr, Richard P. Lyman. William K. Westley. James Morris. William Nebe. Third Row: Jake Richards, Ralph Dixon. David Kilian. John Vaughey. William H Shcnk. Bruce A. Peters. Mai Houck. Voltaire Jackson. Jeff Hering. Jim Gibbons. Ron Raifsnider. John Carter. John W Halpin. John M Kilian. William G. Smethells. Kenneth H. Silverberg. Fourth Row Eric Mueller. Rick Stannard. Charlie Weaver. Dale Dorjath. James E. Slater. Bob Filar. Tom Pcarce. John H Neu- meister. Michael Thomas Janiszewski. Mark Gray. Keith Wicks, David Ellies. sigma nu President Richard P. Lyman Vice president Charles H. Duerr Treasurer Doug Dapprich Social Chairman Ed Smearer Flm How Craij. Clarke. Graeme Badger, Jack Storey. Georte Lowrie. Sieve More. Datnd Hamm. Guy Wood. Fred Thomu Steomt How: Siena TromMy, Jeff Keith. Wil- liam Allan. Tom Keim. Stanley McKay. Cordon Jonet, Richard Wallace. Dennii Mon- ihci. Randall Snow. Bruce Oavidion. Alton Ainilie. J B Bonelli. Jeffrey C Cnmord AW Row Daid W Pault. Arthur G Sherman. Richard Bochner. Charles Martin. Spence Maidlow. Rene DeLeemani. Pete Schulu. Ronald Bo;un. Gary L Michilek Fred Lynch. Duane bllu. Edward E. Linaell. Patrick D. McCaffrey sigma phi Head of the House George Lowrie House Manager Jack Storey Secretary Steve Morse Rush Chairman David Hamm Pledge Trainer Graeme Badger A First Row F. Michael Schaucr. Dick Underwood, John Kapuskj, John Bonds. Jim Offen- hauer, Ed Barter. Schwartz. Doug Smith. Bob Vizas. Don Krahnke. Del Borgsdorf. Second Row: Jim Swaru, James Flatley, Don Culver. Edward Barrett Jr., Patrick A. Moran. R. Craig Bechtel, Larry A. Randolph. Philip H. Davidson. Thomas S. Fraim, Dan C Hamilton. James I Patrick. Third Row: Bruce Gabbitas, Jim Walton, Terry Shukle. Robert Davidson. Terry Kasiborski. Patrick Curtin. Gary King. John Schneider. Ted Fraumann. Rick Wright. Ken Mills. Don Masura. Fred G. Smith. George Weber. Fourth Row James Brown. Ronald B. Irwin. Bruce A Stewart. Steve P Gaidos. William W Fox. Daniel A. Glover. Robert K Johann. Larry Graves. James DcWeerd. Craig B Liden. Carl Moe. Thomas Tepas. Schuylcr Moore. Bob Francis. sigma phi epsilon President Larry A. Randolph Vice president Fred C. Smith Secretary Philip H. Davidson Recorder Patrick A. Moran Comptroller R. Craig Bechtel fin, How B. Brady. H Richmond. N Bermin. M Pollack. J Yachnin. R Rouen SfcoitJ How D Klapfilk. G. Winter. M. Perlnun. S. Kuinick. E. Leib. C Kini. S. Uvine Hunt How S. Idelm.n. S. En(elber|. J. Green. M, Kwiker. D. Syme. G. Krochmal. J Scnmidt. B M Thill Fourth Row: S. BlueMone. J. Ullman. A. Borltck. S. Grouman. R Riback. R Levy. I. Dury. M. Gendelmtn. S Swiryn. A Kline. S Ziman. C Troy. H. WeinMall. B. Freund f ' llili How R Rappapon. D Klein. J Bern slein, B Temple. R Gotlkib. T Uuer. t. Schmier. K. Levy. G GoM. S. Cohen. S Muh.D Hiron tau delta phi PresidentK. Granat Secretary J. Schmidt Treasurer I. Dury Pledgemaster D. Syme Member-at-Large- J. Green ( First Row: Robert Garrison. John Ncale, Dennis Church. Philip Stevens. Jr.. Bob Hayward, Malt Plawchan. Ox. Kevin Morncnce. Dick Joy. Scott Woodison. Wcs Grube, Robert Lewis. Second Row Lynn Morehous, Dave Servis, Richard Rollins, Dick Louvet. Timothy Bolinger. John Tanner, Neil Amaltitano. William Berg, William Sherman, John Schaiberger. William Freesc, Rick Gordes. Third Row: Ken Smith, Bob Hoeberling. Bill White, John Morris. Bob Zahm, Paul Stager, Dick Bivens. Jerry Grijax, Rik Ege- brecht, Conanl Lowe. Dennis Berry. Jay Jonekait. Ron Biedron, Robert Moore. Jon Jennings, Rick Mortimer, Garg Theisen, John Sedlander. Fourth Row Kent Breese. Jim Scheller. John P. Bland. Phil Huddy, Ed W Smith. Bill Janner. Kent Rakas. Jerry Vogler. Tony Halat. James Frederick, Rick Baker, James Lumbard. Edward Hyatt. Buck Rapley. Alan I Brandt. Jack Macher. Bill Schoonmaker theta chi President John Tanner Vice President Tim Bolinger Secretary Neil Amalfitano Treasurer Dick Louvet Pledge Marshal William Berg FIRST ROW Ridurd Schuster. Phillip Hammond. Robert Aenli. Mike Galle. Dean rorburjer. Juno Yount. ( oleman Buford. John Nees. SECOND ROW Bob Vree- Ijnd. Ken Wanibichler. Jim Li Sovaic. Rodier Young. John Hickueddc. Gary Jcdy- nak. Patrick Richardson. Uwrencc Woods. David Mead. Rob Thpp. Don Koay Dave Kieael. Mike Watu. Nik Sctiulwiu. Lawrence Bell. Jarnn Turbetl. C Wil- liam Coagrove. THIRD ROW Dennii Griffin. Jama MuT y. Raymond Wilco Thorn- a " Lacdlia. Bob Sanford. Sieve (iunnin;. tdwarrf Welkr. Charles Scheid Bruce Andeen. C John Monke. Stephen Chapman. Tim Waller. Robert Kimball ' Robert Theuen. J hrednck Ball theta delta chi President Mike Galle Corresponding Secretary Robert O. Aepli Recording Secretary Dean Forburger Treasurer James G. Young first Row: Mel Livernois, John Wacksmuth, Jim Holderness, Nick Waite, Bob Dunford, Jim McDowell. Gates, Dave Haas, Mike Lindemann, Joe Gartner, Bill Kreis, Dick Dob- bins, Roger Schindler, Tom Nowinski. Second Row Jack Bradky, Mike Sen , Lee Benz. Don Joynt, Sam Hinckky. Lory Ventura, Gary Miller, Gaylord Smith, Tim Hansen, Bruce Roberts, Dave Samuel son, Tom Armstrong, Mike Kelly. Third Row: John Bower, Jon DC Horn, Gary Andrcjak, Mike Helltc, George Hess, Jim McLaughlin, Doug Gorringe, John Baldwin. Jim Boric, Jim Wilson. Bill Timmer. Dave Cochran. Frank Hibbatd. Dave Hansz, Bob Van Hellemont. Dick Brown. Robert Sparks. Fourth Ru Phi] Barry. Dave Gerges. Jack Rood. Chuck Smith. Dale Beck. Wayne Koppe. Jell Williams. John B Kclley. Robert Reid. Richard Berry. Adrian De Groot III. Larry Musser. Douglas " Carthy. Dave Johnson. D. I Brust. Jon Van De Vussc theta xi President Gary Miller Vice-President Lory Ventura Secretary Tim Hansen Treasurer Gaylord Smith House Manager Sam Hinckley 1 Fini Row Lent McNau|hlon. Melvm Vorel. Gordon Martin. Pepper. Denim (hint. Michael Srcoiul Row Carl Crook. John Co . Willurn Richard., Richard Bcaubien. Robert Podd. Richard Pirtoni. Third How Edwin Schaedel. Donald War- muih, David Carrier. Edward Doncy. Tcrrenoe Vanicelli. Steven Seto. John MaUushima triangle President -Richard F. Beaubien Vice-President-- William B. Richards SecretaryRobert J. Podd Treasurer John R. Cox First Row: Ronald S. Fry, G. William Knight. Makoto Hoshino. Shoulein von Goldstein (mascot). Craig Dwyer. Richard Miller. Al Dallairc. Robert Ying. Second Ro Wolfgang Drescher. Doug Wasama, Craig Manna. Bob Plc nac. Phil Dooliitle. Leo Settler Jr.. Id Dalley. Third Row: Sam Lisliak. John Slinkcr. Daryle Marjaniemi. Tom Kruggel. James Roach, Jim Sprowl, Edward Hyduke. Ron Tosh. Rodolfo Jacobson Jr.. Jim Carney. John Montgomery. Fourth ffo . Jack Dakessian, Bill Zoellmer, Dkk Sies. Richard Bauman. Willis Anderson. Don Stewart. Larry Burger. Greg Leinbach. Tim Morgan. Hal Tobin. trigon President Robert Pleznac Vice-President E. Philip Doolittle Secretary Leo Settler House Manager Craig Hanna Rush Chairman Doug Wasama won KKhatii Meuier. Rick Schlou. Lee Heu. Edward Altaian. Jerome Sptegel. Frederick L Cohn. Marty Kliunet. Mark Pelerman. Many Siege). SECOND ROW Normu Pappas. Oene Monroe. Bruce Kahn, Robert Klivani. Jim Heiikr. Gary Vhojrt . Nelion Lande. R. Neil Felerman. Jim Kraft, Man Olohansky. Andy Qumn. Brian Bil m. Sieve Genheiuon. THIRD ROW Ed Pappu. Jeff Kukei. Bob Morrii. Robert Suinert. Richard Friedman. Alan Kaplan. Alan Halperin. Horace Weiner. Jacob Epuein. David Hardie. Chris ROK. Richard Rallner. Don Carroll. Marc Genner Kit Kill ROW Mark Roienberi. Dan Linper. Steve Mearn. Gerry Gar- field. Ken Rolhcnbcrg. Elson Haas. F.rnic Jacquet. Allan Sweet. Martin KitaefT. Michael Feder. Howard Franklin. James Kau. James R Gaines, Kenneth Good. Bernard Rosen blum. zeta beta tau President Nelson Lande Executive Vice-president Jim Kraft Treasurer R. Neil Feferman Secretary Jim Heisler Historian Gary Schwartz First Ron Kendra Clarke. Mickey Miltleman. Joy Burroughs. Margaret Rhivcs. Diane Kabalkj. Cindy Mayers. Jan Parker Second Row Judy Keith. Marilyn Lawrence. Jean Potter. Mrs. Cameron. Joyce Butler. Judy Reeves. Sandra Pudas. Third Row: Diana Ham- mond. Karen Loomis. Betty Scooncas. Susan Caswell. Virginia Palmer. Paula Clark. Sharon Thorp. Margaret Phebus, Dawn Fisk. Kathy Owens. Penny Henry. Fourth Row Diane Katherler. Paula Mitchell. Irene R. Jones. Susan Bobowski. Jan Heinnch. Sue Goodwin. Becky Piper. Susan Mitchell. Dorothy Robling. Peggy Boucher. Lea Sherman. zeta tau alpha President Jean Potter First Vice President Judy Keith Second Vice President Marilyn Lawrence Treasurer Judy Reeves Secretary Sandra Pudas MI ,. Gerry Milrowch. Warren Sne . Larry Bohner John Bryant. Doui Norland. Jack Takala. Bruce Galev Jim Siofcr Strand How George Zapp. Tom Pali. Jack Fomcr. William Sdiroeder. W. R. C. Brauficld. G L. Van Gcndcrcn. Paul Sciuxr. Brim Sann. Bob Arndl. Bob Loormann. Jim Nlelien. John Mcredilh. William Conlan ninl Ho Richard Bicrma. C huck Howard. 1 annmg Davidton. Larry GolKi. La Wilkin- son. Chuck McNamce. William Handorf. Charles L. Riky. Charlei Oirulian. Ken Kemp. Johnny Shoemaker. Allan Robmion. Richard Hickok zeta psi President John Bryant Vice-presidentLarry Bohner Secretary Doug Norland Corresponding Secretary Allan Robinson Historian Johnny Shoemaker FIM Wo Barb Taylor. Barbara Strauss. Evelyn Dysarz. Chris D ' Alkva, Sylvia Godwin, Kathleen Snyder. Sandee Harris. Elizabeth SchacfTer. Mary Lutz. Kathy Churchill. Karla Porter Second Row Maureen S Malmud. Brooke Hinckky, Carol Wiley. Elna Jame- son. Vanne Dokson. Miss Ann Stewart. Mclinda Kilborn. Mary Colovus, Bonnie Strehk. Diannc Hcndrix. Cheryl Colestock, Pamela Pate. Rita Kocnig. Third Row: Carol Rap- peport. Karen Loomis. Joan Wilcox, Jane Davis. Sara Winter, Diane Warren, Fran Grossman. Pat Prokopp. Sherry Bums. Ginny Hubnes. Many Miller, Joan Fnger. Liz Sane. Marg Moshay. Kenke Ray. Fourth Row Saundra Paschal. Judy Balice. Marilyn Glynn. Margaret Lowe. Sue Gorton, Nancy Karczewski. Catherine Brown. Adek Thomp- son. Suzanne Kaplan. Jann Rothfuss. Louise Kark. Caroline Hepmstall. Mary Ellen Sommerhoff. Diane Bucher. Susan Herman. Susan KasakorT betsy barbour 1 ! 1 ! i i 1 President Melinda Kilborn Vice-PresidentCarol Wiley Secretary Vanne Dokson Treasurer Elna Jameson Finl How Diana Page. Sue Harm. Gail Kaye. Louuc Hinunf. Carol Weller. Deborah Dearborn. Ruthclkn Lcfkoviu. Lynn Barrow. KathK Van Hovcn. Alice Youmans. Robin Dutcher. Leonore Shcver. Judy Goodson. Carol While. Judy Pasaan. Susan Kuiuto, Ann Melpokter StfonJ How Harriet Welly. Irene Barr. Sandralyn Smilh. Nanc Thomas. Susan Kvasnica. Mary Delano. Ruth Stfall. Rebecca Rapport. Lillian Wu. Ellen Mother. Betty Brody. Dotty Bambach. Nancy Quaife. Mama Levin. Mimi Klifman. Nanci Joicphion, Sasha Nounc. Carol SofTcr. Yindee Vajaraponfae. Elaine Tikemoio Third How Marjoric Hyrwiu. Judy Swere. Mary Woodruff. Pal Chopp. Palti Kelley. Menl Penn. Susan Sullman. Cynthia Parry. Mrs. Scott. Mrs. Quail. Lynn Backcv Megan Bioelc. Sandra Lee Smith. Anne Marlotle. Virfima Thomas. 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Linda Stevenson, Judy McKinnon. Kath McGlaughlin. Anne Hoffec, Lee Zahnow. Mrs. Hcrrington. Karen Ralhbun. Second Row: Fran Shelly, Esther Darrs. Frances Hynes, Carolyn Trantham. Marilyn Mandler. Gail Campbell. Susan Reindl. Donna Reif. Barbara Gail Bos. Julie Meredith Scohcld. Elaine Misa. Deborah Love. Gail Clark. Nancy Elder, Mary Huichinson, Mem Porter couzens President Judy McKinnon Vice President Anne Hoffer Secretary Leslie Whalin Treasurer Lee Zahnow Social Chairmen Kathleen McGloughlin, Linda Stevenson fir,, How Bobbie Snell. Mrv Blair. Unda Kcll. Gail Gomlcy. Bcnneiu Moore Mn Hcmnflon. Jinnic Ych Srmnd Knw Linda Kelicy. Judv Van Buren. Jud Markwick. Vicki Bravcrman, Pam Thomat. Bcnnihia Rownbcrg. Pnailla T-Niemi. t inda Olson Maine Dliobak. Barbara Wallace. Audrc) Pkaianl. Sharnll Willunu. I nn Thoimcn. couzens - L First Row: Richard O ' DeH. Robert Berggren. Donald WroWewski, Larry Schulu. Dave Knoll. Ken Brown. Tim Pickens. John E. Gunning. Jim Freese. Gary E. Bailey, Mike Adrovnie, John Tutlle. Bruce Rowbottom. Second Row John Kapusky Greg Jones Bob Collins. J. A. Decker, Jeff Beal. Charles Wadding, Robert A. Karby, Louis Pocalujka, Michael E. Veve. Andrew C. Attalai, Bruce D. Welch. Stephen Kemp, Kim Lignell, Vic Juratovac. Third Row: Don Kramb. Bob Pcrlbcrg. Bob Beckerleg. Gary Sikkema. Jack ? " ne Ji -ii- rry S " 1 ! " 1 - En " ' Caon ' Uwis Calv . William C. Harvey. Richard Williams Kim Williams. Robert Shaw. Gary Lee Dower. Robert S Fink. Jerry L Hunler Fourth Ed Redd k ' l " k M Ik 1 " " 180 " ' RUSSe " Schmidt - Gre or y Mlie. Robert Spink. Ken Smith. east quad anderson President Tim Pickens Vice President Ed Reddick Secretary Stan Szwalek Treasurer Bob Turner Academic Chairman Dave Knoll Fi Row. Dik Pelchaf. Jimci Wood. James Paul Beck. William Robert Pence. Ricbird Donald Garchow. George C. Zapp. William D Nichols, Steven J. Bowman, jerry Daren holu, Nick Karasek. Thomas C. I kin, Edwin f. LaPlacc. RaynoM A. Schmick. 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Steve Kaiser, Dave Strom, Don Danyko, Dan Brennan, Tim Byrnes, Frederick Boncher III. Fourtn Row: Keith Swanson, Peter Yuki- mura. John Eraser, Richard Hnath. Robert Horm. Samuel Nakamura. Zane Hollings- worth, Dave Coppersmith, Ken Wing, Scott Earnham. Ira Rabois. Lee Bisbee. Jon Spendlove. Duane Ellis. Jay McCauley, Walt Gawron. Norman DeLisk, Ray Kotvunen. Bill Colton. Tim Kosinski. Dennis Mollard. Thomas Darnton. Fifth Row Rctt Donnelly. Joseph Vakrio. Arthur Quick, Ken Wilson. Thomas Anderson, Joseph Richards. Richard Killeit. James Clark. David ' taslick. Thomas Bloor. William Harrison. Roger Hotnke. I. Harley Schutmaat. Darryl Appel, Richard Turner, Ralph Brennecke. Craig Orno. Joseph Fronsee, Scott Kerns. John Kohnke. Robert Larson. Steve Bouck. Jim Hacker. east quad hayden President Robert Meyer Vice President Jeff Renner Council Representative Paul Blackney Academic Chairman John LaDronka Athletic Chairman Andrew Zagrzijewski F w Raw Ronald Gander. Rusty Pretlofi. 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Louis Triton. Bill Brain. Dennis Bandyk. Richard Owen. Patrick Fadden. Don Nichols. Steve Seto. Dan Hasty. Pal Hiller. Bill Thauer. Bruce Graham. Steve Niuchke SurA Row Eldred D. Baird. Roderick Chu. Alkn Paul Jones. Philip Shcndan. Tim Jen en, Pal Ouinn. Tom Kearney. Hugh Sleuels. Pete Haag. Will Pardon. Norm Lieska. Mark DC Young. Robert Kent. James Grigsby. Horsl Schagan. Mark Loesscl. Henry Sloncrook. Mark Bobier. Kicth Heidorn. Shelly Mlttelman. Id Folsom. Id Fancy. Srtraili Row Kim Anson. Jim Turner. John Atkinson. Jim Robinson. Jack Ntcolls, John Clark. east quad strauss President Bruce Gerding Vice president -Steve Jaros Treasurer -Donald Souter Secretary Chuck Tellas Chief Justice Robert Asher First Row Michael Burns. Keith Little. Albert Bell. Paul Schwab. Mike Zaleski. Raymond May. Sam Friedman. Samuel L. Jones. Alan Carlson. Al DalUirc. Edward Atlman. Set- ond Row: Ed Steinman, Tom Dawson. Bob Elgin. Frank Arford. Philip McMurray. Donald Leopold. Andy Martin. Mike Allen. Thomas D. RcUiard. Kenneth Dawson, Richard Price. Carl J. Walking, Jim Okraszewski, Tom Scon Third Ro John E Frost. James C. Sweeton. W. C. Mariclti. George Spence. Ray Royan, J. W Aiken. Richard C. Brown, James Patrick Dcnisio. James M. Williams. E. I. Goldberg. Milan Sasich. Michael Gait. Rick Liegeois. Drew Kelly. east quad tyler President Mike Zaleski Vice President Ray May Secretary Bill Welliver Treasurer Sam Jones Academic Chairman Sam Friedman Group I. First Row Mary funk. Jean nine Underwood, Carolyn Osborn. Barbara Davcrman. Gail Jorgenscn. Sue Gilncr. Barbara Cntpcll. Jan Vander Poppcn. Ion Lyska. . ft-- Paula Koepke, Diane Gustafson. Antomna Brem, Mr R. J. Colter. Mrs. Mar Mood Sckicn. Sheryl Price. Carol Blonufuisl. Sara Peterson. Cindy Straight. Tturd Row Barbara Becker. Mar Kuchar, Susan Crosaman, Karen Shave. Joanne Hcidcma. Kathy Burke. Yvctte Dcrsmore, Janetle Kovar, Olalie Schcrb. Janice Pederv.n. Jane Hrjnvtciier Su anne Babinski, Julie Maicnkncchi. Robin Petkrwn. Lula Blocton. Adnenne Jonct Fourth Row Anne Nelton. Betsy 1 .tun. Linda Byberg, Susan Saudek, Chnttinc Usi. Karen Timmnck. Carole Welton. Cheryl Moen. Charken Zimmer, Janclk Severy. tlkn McNully. Faith Janke. Kns Deibcrt. Ingnd Grass, Barbara Worden Jordan i President Paula Koepke Vice President Cindy Straight Secretary Sara Peterson Treasurer Clair Moholick UllL BBfififl LLLLL First Row: Sue Lcyndyke. Elizabeth Riley. Jacqueline Holdsworth. Colkcn Dailcy, Kathyc Werner. Betsy Van Reuth Pamela McClellan. Vicki Camper. Kalhy Ooozan. Virginia Bigler. Srcond Row Judy Emme, Pat Oiroux, Karen MacArthur. Randy Meyers, Sue Srb. Priscilla Cheever. Pat Thornburg. Gale Boraks. Kate Chandler. Vicky L.avin. Sue Plafker. Asenath Bates. Third Row: Kathryn Lavas. Pamela Smith. Susan Weill. Allyn Ferrucci. Lynn Cannici. Patti Beach. Carolyn Dameron. Carol Jones. Rosemary Gerber. Carol Strevy. Peggy Pashaian. Linda Wilkinson. Judi Poulos. Holly MacMahon. Janie Schaerges. Marilyn Gilletle. FOURTH Row Eleanor Bissell. Katherinc Winston. Anne Bruedigam, Emma Terrazas. Jeanne Adenl. Sue Schncpp. Janine Eckmcter. Les- ley Faustman, Chris Laitncr. Gini Hane, Ruth Peerbolte. Julie Mezaros. Jennifer Rhea. Linda Burke. Kathy King, Janet Near: Margot Queneau. Hclga Gable. Jordan Ftnt Row Karen Shough. Georgicanne Geyer. Sally Sloman, Esther Tcpper. Nanc Ma ino. Sall Koev Dianna Drveiuca. Judy L nn Grccnbcrg. Alice Apptebaum. Margie Mycr. Judy Badfcr. Second Row Kalhw Parsons. Dcbby Hauuath. Sima Kac Juliar. Lana Joan Collini, Lori Abel, Sharon Fletcher. Dee Dec I Ilivm. Mn. Milbrd, Jean Evans. Janic Johannes. Kath Jenkins, Peggie Fiih. Dcniie Tarra . Tina Gcoga. Third Row Camila Sulion, Kath Mctmariiki. Barbara KraH. Dana Mincrv.m. Ellen Goldberg.. Peggy Hcn lcy. Ruth Wtnick. Virgins Dell. Loi lemftold. Jeanne Hums. Jam Hayes, kli abeth Gardner. JoceUn Stanley. Vnknc Thacker. Sandra Pincncv frwrtk Row Manlyn Mtllei. Maureen Lut . ( nihu Bitell. Paula Mark. Rosemarv Luiostanski. 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Ruth Williamson, Kathleen Aylsworth, Jeanne ForsthofTer, Meribeth Metevia, Sue Ann Currier. Peggy Brock man Fourth Row: Naomi Goldberg, Laurel Davidson, Susan Archangeli. Marsha KaU. Myra Singer. Cheryl Dominy, Fran O ' Dell. Violet Bahr, Rcgina Purcell. Elizabeth Runyon. Cheryl hngkc. Nancy Campbell, Cheryl Kline, Sue Barber, Sue Wolfe. Lynne Rothschild. Louise Gibson. Mary Weil. Shcre Beeler. Claire Williams, Judy Axclrod. Claire Martincau. Jeanne Peterson. Marcia Stegath. alice lloyd kleinstueck President: Jeanne Withers Vice President: Jeanne Rosinski Secretary: Meg Gray Treasurer: Charlotte Flanigan Social Chairman: Sandy Driggin First Row Silly Phimicy. Harnel Freedman. Sown rord, Sandra Peertaoll. Miry Lewi. Mary Lou Groihck. Rosemary Pr ybyv, Adnennc Davii. Roue Orgren. Peg Talbuni. Margaret Nielsen. Mary Lou Heller. Dana Bond. Strand Row Jill Brody. Janice Summers. Kalhy Kadish. I Ikn Robinson. Vman Yam. Kalhy Hodge. Carolyn Miyau. Wendelyn Andcr n. Susan Swope. Christine Pills. Freda lludv.n losbel Slorch. Lynne Killm. Linda Kinfi trom. Shelley Harold. Susan Wolf Third Row Cathy Wojlon. Keye Luke. Marguerite Fuico. irgtinia En|Strom. Sue Reich. Marjone Menaul. Oarryl Alexander. Pal Bramman. Mn Petencn. Manan Kurata. Ann Treado. Barbara Bird. Katie Dindson. Linda Rice Kathy Hutler. Cindy Ciunceurdl Fourth Row Debby Green. Jan Decker. Ann Reifman. Siuannc Crail. Sally Stewart. Carolyn Henry. Nicki Bryer. Pat Keiier. Kredda Kulick. Judy Uouldin. Buffy Ane. Betty White. Harnet Udin. Suian Rybka. Sue Mawn. Sue Lockard. Jane Duvall. Ann Vandcinfl. Nancy Banla. Joyce Chang Fifth Row Linda Shearer. Sara Hanttell. Melody Une. Shirk Tanner. Helen Koi. Gail bathorne. Lois McCioulh. l-ran Korbclak. Glona Gladman. Mary Coppens. Pal Miloo. Nancy Day. Pal Drooger. Linda Coleman. Linda Kuhn. Unda Waller. Cheryl Nido. C hnslinc Robinson, l-ee Monahan mary markley fisher President Marian Kurata Vice President Pat Bramman Treasurer Darryl Alexander Secretary Ann Treado I IV A R R Y k v First Row Ellen Vernoff, Cose tie Sanders, Patricia Johnston, Donna Boynton, Judy Marsh, Jacqueline Moase, Susan Weiss, Sandra Jean Smith. Second Row: Dcanna Duncan. Betty Dobra, Jane Slough, Dianne Willbur, Mrs. Frymies, Chris Marquardt, Holly Goad, Janet Helmbold, Betsy Anderson. Third Row Nancy Wurm, Elizabeth Hall. Kathleen Gcraghly. Janet Stover, Katie Webb, Tish Reese, Randy Boyd. Linda Tolly. Pat Bearup, Andrea Klauber. Susie Johnson. Perii Brown, Carol Nadler. Fourth Row: Alyce Sukenic, Ann Martindale, Patricia Daly, Joan McCormick. Christine Smith, Linda Fctdhus, Ethclwyn Bowler, Kathryn Taylor. Sharon Mohr, Sue Lawrence. Teresa Gillis. Karen Kowc, Marilyn Rohn. Sue Paun. mosher President Chris Marquardt Vice-president Dianne Willbur Secretary Jane Slough Treasurer Holly Goad Judiciary Chairman Gail Kaplan Fini Row Phyllis SalicolT Linda Carlson. ChnMy Chandkr. Dorene Waiter . Lynn Nilks. Janet Pease. Sandra KaiKT. Peggy Ann Kutner . Margie Moselk. Cnntline Miller. Clahoe Wocholski, Maraa Miknil. Elizabeth (iranl Second Row Susan Chnitinc Smith. Rosemary Kent. Maryke Dallon. Linda Kcppelman. Nancy Pitts. Cathy Baker. Mri. Janet Tail. Karen Ramer. Diane Dominy. Janet Sulyak. Ann Kaabonki. Vakne Gebhardl. I lien Bitncr. Kathleen Pouch. Nancy Habelmann. Tkint Row Barbara Lipaon. LOUIK Sarkiuan. Margaret Craig. Jjcqueline Johruon. Paincia Rymar. Jane Walervm. Eileen Sink. Mar Hilenun. Kathy Kunchc. Carol Yahne. Rindi Carter. Ann Kuechenmeiiler. Chnsline Hullon. Betsy Koiter. Kniun Boenma. Ruthic Dtetyler. Joyce E. Rotenthal. ChhtUnc Manhall. Susan Tuin. Fourth Row Susan Healherly. Mary J. Pratt. Karen Wagner. Lynnc Maltwn. Mary Robinson. Susan Heuer. Martha Cross. Kran Stair. Owen Nagle. Mary Elkins. Margaret Arnold. Diane Krcmkow. Barbara Jacob. Pal Keil. Beverly Birger. Julie Sulton. Paula Meyera. Lorraine CTiorkey. Karen Bob. Elaine M Zakski newberry ii President- Karen Ramer Vice president Cathy Baker Secretary Diane Dominy Treasurer- Meg Harding Service Chairman Betty Schultz e j v u LJ L First Ro . Margaret Kassner. David LeRoy, David Moomy. Tina Zuk, Mike McKcnzie. Second How: Susan Havcook. Nancy Kotlarczyk, Donald Sevener, Julie Lovingcr. Eugene Yee. Linda Fitzjohn. Elaine Rogos. Third Row RUM Jennings. Frederick Smith. Tom Dew. William Wciske. Nicholas Batch. Tom Slaughter. south quad council President David Moomy Men ' s Vice President David LeRoy Women ' s Vice President- Tina Zuk Treasurer Mike McKenzie Flnl How Martha Cioellmin. Sandra Mailman. Arleen Millet. Marlene Klein. Karen Lupmck. Connie Zucker. Marcy Grcuinger. Linda Bidelman. Beverly Smith, Cheryl Eisenman. Phylln Hcndelman. Srcond Row Linda Hanflik. Nancy Wiu. Anne Fuchi. Siiun lunimi. Pamela Fujuhife. Diane Kapp. Barbara Bondar. Nancy Brouus. Marsha Kaiser. Barbara Robtnton. Barbara Kaufman, Patricia Plume. Pamela Thompson. Cyn- thia Kalis . Dorothy Barciak ntnt Ho Lone Schncidewind. Cindy Zaboroski. Alice Dodfe. Barbara Birshtctn. Mary Short. Carolyn Hickok. Carolyn Re. Mrs Ado Dickely. R.I.JIK Bloomficld. Janet Rolhman. Karen otdan. Kathleen Slbk). Susan Hay- cook. Libby Preston. Connie Diamond. Maru Bahas Founk How Manan Dalsty, Linda Lan. Mary Alice Godfrey. Gerda Jurgenson. Mar.arci Bkakky. Jams Wilson. Linda J Owen. Mary Crebassa. Franci Thurber. Ann Lilicher. Diane Levcnson. Sue Young. Linda Mayer. Bets) Mark. Marcy Pclly. Bonnie lanu. Judie SchirTman. Jams Soan. Pamela Schneider. Mary Fisher. Sue Hausdmg. Jolyn Timinskis. Fifth Ro Mary Hath. Sandra Lust. Judy Monson. Darkne Schiesel. Grace Cohen. Julie Schlansker. Louise Bemdt. Joyce GarKcld. Mary Sherwood. Linda Sidenstecker. Pat Folk. Barbara Warner. Susan Reed. Rosclee Nolish. Lois Harder. Annie Gromm. Carol Walton. Joyce Kamintky. Bar- bara Conncll. Andrea Conklin. Gay Blanchard. Laura Blake. Julie Rankin. Carol Lichlig south quad bush President- Susan Haycook Vice President Nancy Kotlarczyk Secretary Susan Reed Treasurer Susan Stoler L First Row: Connie Cleaton, Susie Schwartz. Laurel Hood, Margaret Kassner, Julie Lovingcr. Nancy Bingham. Jane Say re. Toni Reisman, Marcia Berlin, Beverly Ann I ' uu Second Row: Jan Wolf. Peggy Galinger, Betty Zcligs. Shelley Koenke. Georgia Nelson. Sharon Whitmore. Joan Eldndge. Peggy Collins, Sandy Sorensen. Pat Wilson, Nancy Raab. Anita Kessler. Elizabeth Shreve, Jackie Jones. Terry Jo Kropp Third Row Kath- leen Cooper. Pam Embs, Pat Boyland. Sue Losh. Dorothy Hagc. Sue Schilt, Sue Shapino. Cherie Rusbridge. Susan Londergan. Roberta Berger. Judy Bailey. Nancy Sara- sohn. Mary Ann Hoff. Chrystie King. south quad hunt t President Julie Lovinger Vice President Margaret Kassner Secretary Judith Rosengard Treasurer Nancy Bingham IMI .. JcIT Sdlwiucr. Sun KO IJ. Richard S. NI|OM. DVK) A HiUud. lama E. Dim. Frederick G Smith. I ufcne- Vee. Richard N Balabar. Sluart Shaw. Koocn A Pond. Martin M Dreuer. Bradlev Arbogul. Kenneth A. Bean. Larry Lalimore SK- oiul Raw Alan FederofT Albert Wei. Howard Franklin. Sieve Later. M. R. Vandertill. B Peter Vander Heidc. John Kukora. Arthur Plant II. Brace Hammerber(. John Hein- ntz. B RufTner Plank. Donald Borod. Allen Miller. Pete Harm. John Bolunan Ttiint Row Renn) Wiihrow. Bob Gum. Jim Lomako. Lau rence Mercush. John Davit. Vic Raikoviky. Wayne Wiikowiki. Fred McLau|hlin. Bruce Glaiiow. Jem Newman. Bob Penkia. Sluart Grau. Rodfer Piehl. Stephen Tnedman. Philip Sniff ' . Gary Johnson. CharlejGalford south quad kelsey President Frederick Smith Vice president Eugene Yee Secretary Dick Novvak Treasurer Jim Ludwig Social Chairman Wayne Witkowski Fim Row James Fein. Bill Roach. Mark Harris. Cole Rosin. Al Potter. Dave Noshay. Peter Maurin. Second ROM Dave Spitztey. Tom Douglas. Carl Stevens. Marc Grainer. Jack Paas. Donald Sevcncr, Tom Sprott. Russ Jennings. Bob Zitta. Dave Blum. Jay Kaplan, jack Thrapp. Brian Helm. David Negilski. Mike Kiger. Third Kow Donald S Owens, Andrew C. Berg. Alex de Parry. Dennis Wofcott. James Green. Frederick P. Langschwager. Dave Johnson. Roger Smith. Robert Rorke. Robert Stenson. Larry Lud- wicki. Stephen Shapu. Ed Dore. Mike Mcssner. Ken Purdy. Q. Andrew Fisher Fourth Row: Frederick George Begte. Willian James Lane. John H Lowry. Thomas W Behr- mann. William F. Dennis. Richard D. Stone. David P. Troup. Richard J. Priska. Joe L. Mcnger. Jim Kotos. Richard Camburn. Ronald J Bolt. Andy Eiscnberg. Phillip Cooper. Jack Benson. Thomas Sudz. Richard S Rhodes. John M. Elknwood south quad taylor Resident Director Tom Sprott S. Q. Council Representative Donald Sevenger Athletic Chairman Jack Paas - i M I Ik Ik. Flal Row Suite Robbtiu. Karen Piel. Ellen Strand. Trudi Richter. Ril Icvcnicn. Lindi Koepfgea. Diane Friedman. Ann Wnod. Susan Gilbert. Beverly Filler. SrcouJ How Cheryl Ramanen. Nancy Weuwauer. Jane Froman. Siuie Caiman. Mary Chapin. Bonn Bamcj. Lyn Superak. Nancy Gardner. Karen Friedman. Manlyn Wochrk. Cindy Dona- bey. Dunne Marcus. Marsha Bametl. Bonnie Peaslcc. Jennifer Seksky. Su y Schaal. Sara Slee. Linda Slcchison Tkinl Raw Barbara Charles. Chro SchlarTcr. Cynthia Demps. Brooke Matthews. Leslie Schimpke. LaVcrnc Vines. Palli Sutler. Cindy Litl. Elaine Roguv Dana McGurdy. Ruth Seligman. Linda Fiujohn. Julie Wagner. Karen Isaacs. Ceba Onpenheimcr. Elkn Wohl. Jennifer Baron. Rachel Sha Fourth Row Bonnie (iollub. Barbara Joseph. Helaine Orkin. Jane Cornclle. Karen Koby. Cindy Nelson, llene Slurman. Brenda Jones. Mar; Black. Diane Hasaig. Zaby Koolach. Sue Merrill. Linda Bloom. Jane Margolis. Laurie Daniels. Judi Greenwald. Deane Kuuen. Pal Shepherd. Cherie Olson. Inn lihpck, lla Krause. Barb Raff. Cheryl Nicholson. Kathi Zwigley. Judi Scihncl Jane Dryfuss. Fifik Row Charknc Richardson. Susie Goss. Nina Solar. Joanne Kaufman. Lynn GokKmilh. Marcia Sobcrman. Sue Bernstein. Helen Caplan. MaryAnn M. Sliwinski. Florence Pooley. Ellen Gross. Sherry Erman. Sherron Dean. Cynthia I loti. Beth Warren. Karen Ross. Kalhy Kelly. Joanne Dresner. Rosanne Sachs. Leslec MahLcr. Julie Oeming. Susan Feigcnson, Barbara Novick. Aggie Todd. Irene Matlem. .Viv KOH Joyce Baker. Heidi Reipert. Annette Sanborn. Cindy Wallack. Luc Kennedy. Anne-Marie Eding. Barbara LaChancc. Carol Ktcfl. Dcanna Rokicki. Ruth Miles. Gayk Boesky. Gail Sokol. Susan Harold. Cheryl Highl. Emily Walts. Maria Monity. Nancy Reizcr. Hckn Ruler. Sharon Gennick. Kathryn Munn. Caroline Krausman. Ruth Notb- mann. Nanc Dillmghans. Dcnisc Paulie. Kitty Shannon. Cynthia Marble. Fern Bomchill. Rosalynda Stern south quad thronson UStnp -JadH President Elaine Rogos Vice President Dana McGurdy Secretary -Ruth Seligman Treasurer Cindy Litt First Row: Mitzi Porter, Linda Vorhccs, Jennifer Licht, Susan Mott Trowbridge, Mrs. Newton, Mrs Abrahms, Kathy Dickson, Karen Palmer, Linda Crockatt, Diane Broome. Second Row: Linda Kress. Susan Hall, Melanic Hartwick, Donna Hays, Janet Seibert, Jan Colwell, Connie Booth, Judy Gansbcrg. Edie Nelson, Karen Bond, Carolyn Eckncr, Bonnie Vandcn Bosch, Tamana King, Heidi Stockcr. Third Row: Jennifer Wilson, Patricia Noron. Anne Morion. Carol Blood, Susan Castle. Marsha Mallory, Nancy Low. Jean Ludwig. Julie Kern. Barbara Rivard, Linda Lewis, Marcia Nowosad, Betsy Huizmga. JoAnn Burkhardt. stockwell President Kathy Dickson Vice-PresidentSusan Mott Trowbridge Secretary Karen Palmer Finl How Barbara Fowler. Jan GnlSn. Kay Hcsscmer. Mrs McGrilh. Mrs Nelon. Mrs Abrihmi. Leilic Klein. Pit Clayton. Merry Berglund. Naida krjffl .SV..W How Mary Oliver. Jo Anne Gunderbck. Deirdre Blum. Pal Kiefcr. Kilty Scnnc. Mary Nell Wieie. Pamela Jane LIIJKU. Chhttine Witjitmaa. Manlyn Howey. Gail Bingel. Marjonc Davidson, Diane Mohney, Minarn Koch. Roscann Spalatuic. Tkira Row Candy Patten. Joanne DiLoreti. Sue Chorkcy. Vivian Sunn. Syn Raynwne. Cecelia Diem. Kalh Gill. Linda Baughman. Kalhy O ' Gorman. Judy Grant. Diana Evans. Connie Schneider. Vija Damlaus. Linda Ball stockwell MikeGalle Editor-in-Chief Pat Wallace Arts Editor Janet Friedman Organizations Editor Chris Meyers Associate Organizations Editor Bob Vreeland Associate Arts Editor Bruce Anderson Design Editor Karen Margolis Copy Editor Richard Metzger Sports Editor Penny Righthand Academics Editor Fred Lynch Living Editor Carolyn Cromwell Senior Sec. Editor Mike Watts Associate Sports Editor Marcia Hollar Associate Living Editor Anne Marie Ellsworth Associate Senior Sec. Editor Judy Lehrman Associate Academics Editor Lois Karch Business Manager Phil Hammond Contracts Manager Joanne Martindale Sales Manager Carol Ann Breda Assistant Sales Manager Diane Lavos Promotions Manager Marcia Eiduson Personnel Director Jan McCall Supplement Manager Frank Wing Technician Harold Oscff Associate Supplement Manager r Assistants Gretchen Meyerink Mary Ann HorT Elaine Takemoto Chrystie King Lynn Tar Pat Thornburg Sue Chorkey Linda Baughman We hope, in our effort here, to have provided a perspective for viewing the Uni- versity experience. The problem with University students, it seems, is that they are so caught up in preparation, and so distracted with where they are going, they ignore the fact that they have, at the same time, already arrived somewhere. Subsequently, they never learn to take part in and sometimes not even to notice of what ' s going on around them. This is unfortunate, for from here they move to places in a society that is unique in the history of Man. It is, all at once, a society with a literate population, a society where few people " have not, " and a society where two political parties founded on democratic principles vye for power within a democratic framework. In such a society there are few excuses for not facing up to the question of " being " and " doing. " A chemistry major (and there is a significance in this) has explained it this way: " Democracy is synonymous with participation. The conditions for individual democratic behavior are reality, or nearly so. The Iron Law under which they were established is no longer supreme. What you do in this country need not be a means or an end. What ' s important is being and doing together, participation, expression of self. " What now reigns supreme? HUMANITY. And every number in the population has a responsibility to become someone. Our thanks to those who have helped us with this book: Gerry Aronheim, Ed Bloomberg, Hal Freid, Mark Laschever, Erik Koniger, Andy Sacks, Dale Rhine- hart, Bill McGuire, John Sailer, Mike Sawdy, Dipak Shah, Jim Lines, Bill Sprague, Bob Zahm, George Cooney, Bill VanLoo, Thomas R. Copi, Dick Cooper, Jerry Stetzer, Dick Steiner, Photographers; Jeff Keith, Artist; Mr. Les Etter, Athletic Publicity Director; Mr. Gail Rector, Executive Director of the University Musical Society; Martha and Pat Patterson, University Players; Mr. Gary Gould, Pro- fessional Theatre Program; Mr. Bill Toland, Palmer Studios; Mr. James T. Colonna, Colonna Studios, Inc.; The Ann Arbor News: The Michigan Daily; Prof. Luke Cooperrider, Prof. Oliver A. Edel, Prof. John W. Atkinson, Dr. Richard Cutler, Mr. Michael Radock, Mr. Harvey Patton, Mr. Robert G. Sibar, Dr. Louis Schultz, Prof. John Field, Phil Sutin, Robert Bartol, John Lorenzen, The Board in Control of Student Publications; Mr. Werner Mattson, Miss Audrie Hilton, Miss Sally Kelly, Mr. Kenneth Chatters, Student Publications Building; Mr. Jack Petoskey, Director of Orientation; Gargoyle; Generation; Mr. Bob Miller, The S.K. Smith Company; Mr. Gary Zook, Mr. Ed Hackleman, Western Printing. A special thank you to Mr. Maurice Rinkel, Business Secretary for the Board, for his patience and faith. MikeGalle for the Staff MICHIGANENSIAN 1966

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