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university of michigan ANN ARBOR MICHIGAN Ronald L. Kramer Editor-in-Chief Robert J. Shenkin ... Business Manager Diane K. Pierson Design Editor Morton E. Weldy Copy Editor Carol D. Pantalone. . Personnel Manager Michiganensian JFK the memory of his life provides a challenge for us; his death provides a warning. Our society faces a choice between progress and destruction, between a strong individuality and a selfish individuality, between life and death. The University can help society make the right choice. Whether it does or not depends on us on our ideas, on our everyday decisions, on the kind of life which we decide to lead. courtesy LIFE Magazine 1963 Time Inc. _ Si IIIIII Kill Van I.oo Despite an atmosphere oj conformity and of " survival of the fittest, " we Can choose to learn at Michigan, . . . . . . but we must first look within to find motivation lor learning. Robert B. Ellery Robert B. Ellery We can be filled with idealistic dedication, . . 1 . . . with a practical dedication, or with a determination to live life to its fullest on a day to day basis. Mark Diem Our spare time also involves a choice; spectatorship . . . Gerald Ahronheim Eric Koniger or participation. __, Gerald Ahronheim Some have to choose between a party Saturday night . . . 10 . . . and church Sunday morning; some manage to attend both; but quite a few attend neither. Michael Sawdey 11 Our life in the isolated University world, from the blatant artificiality of the fishbowl . . . Dan Wood 12 . . . to quiet moments of study, foretells the role we are preparing to play in society. 13 Mark Diem The University, too, must make a choice; to encourage and promote those capable teachers and administrators who are dedicated to the work of educating . . . 14 or . . . Ed Langs Eric Konigcr 15 i: I As incoming students, we all face the problem of choosing courses from the diversity of University offerings. Choices can be based on a desire to prepare for the future, on a desire to get good grades or to get passing grades easily, on a desire to help humanity, or simply on a passing whim; but once made, the choices in turn have their effect on the chooser. The type of professor, classmates, the field of study, even physical surroundings all have their effect on each slowly developing blob of humanity. The Lit School student pursues a wide variety of studies . . . . some far from literary. ALMOST every underclassman has some contact with Lit school: a smattering of liberal arts before specialization, attempting to take notes in crowded auditoriums, distribution requirements, freshman English, Psych. 101, the lecturer who parrots the book he wrote, and the apathetic quiz section. His success is sometimes determined more by luck and the curve than knowledge gained. He complains of botany labs when his interest is literature. Then one day he discovers poetry in a cell. He begins to have a vague sense of intellectual growth. A concept is grasped, and it fits. 18 Angell Hall ' s steps provide the atmosphere for spirited discussions on everything. The small, informal class is too rare in the massive Lit School . . . . but individual conferences help. 19 Lecture rooms may be crowded and dimly-lit, but to educate 27,000, corners must be cut. The lecture room waits to make its next contribution to mass education. AS AN UPPERCLASSMAN, the Lit School student finds his academic situation improved. He cares more, partly because he is doing more work in his major field, partly because he finds more recognition as an individual. His instructor may even know his name. In Lit School, he may study a field as technical as radio, as precise as calculus, as creative as acting. Whatever his field, he is aware that the Bachelor ' s Degree he receives only marks a beginning of a lifetime of study. fflfcrjss The Lit School student inhabits zoo labs . . the UGLI (which is sometimes too quiet) . . . . . . and the multi-lingual language lab. . 21 Rackham ' s plush lounges remain almost empty . . . RACKHAM seems to be an administrative center more than a school. Its students do their work, research, teaching, and learning in all fields, while the plush lounges at Rackham remain almost empty. Only their status as graduates unites these students. Standards are high- no " gentleman ' s C ' s " allowed. The graduate student is serious, taking a more active part in the learning process than he did as an undergrad, tending to shun extra-curricular activities for academic seclusion. . . . while the graduate student pursues his studies elsewhere. 22 The music student works in ensemble . . . . . and with a teacher in private lessons THIS YEAR, for the last time, students of the School of Music studied and rehearsed in a dozen different buildings on campus. They lugged their instruments through the Arcade and relaxed at the Betsy, squeezing impossible numbers of people into the small booths. Next year, they will abandon traditional habitats for the luxury of a modern new building on North Campus. But they won ' t abandon their special closeness, achieved through a common passion for their art. . . . but ultimately, his art is his own. Whatever the medium THE A D STUDENT experiences intense pressure in an informal atmosphere, the grind of research and long hours of class, and the stimulation of creative expression. He knows frustration, but keeps trying to solve the problems of form, color, and line. His is a world of artistic exploration, final projects, and subjective judgments. He can be found around the A : D building day and night, except for frequent coffee breaks at Dominick ' s. art is a solitary pursuit. 24 but discussion sometimes helps. Creativity begins in the mind of the creator . . . 25 Rewarding experiences in Ed. School: Becoming a student teacher at last, . . . seeing children ' s faces reflect an interest . . . . . . and being questioned by students who care. 26 THROUGH ITS SCHOOL of Education, the University fulfills one of its most important functions, that of training teachers. For some students of Ed. School, the major goal is a teaching certificate security on a piece of paper. For most, the goal is to impart knowl- edge, inspire learning, and help solve problems of the young. In reaching his goal, the future teacher tries his hand at cutting and pasting, " kiddie lit, " and psychology. He learns methods, methods, and more methods. And when his Ed. School experience is over, he usually agrees that it was during his practice teaching that he really began to learn how to teach. The student teacher realizes with a pang of nostalgia that she is too old to swing; . . . and she is on the other side of the desk, maternal instincts begin to emerge. 27 Law students may be found holed-up in the Legal Research Library, . . . ... or relaxing briefly between their classes. . . . talking shop in an informal bull session . . . THE LAW SCHOOL is the most self contained of the University ' s schools and colleges. It is con- fined to the impressively gothic Law Quad, the only part of the University that looks like a university. Many a future lawyer lives in the Law Quad, in addition to studying and attending classes there. Despite his full schedule of classes and heavy study load, he isn ' t completely confined. It is rumored that he occasionally emerges for a beer. 28 THE STUDENT of the School of Natural Resources is among the few in the urban-oriented academic community who hasn ' t lost touch with the world of nature. To him, the Arb is more than a place to make out, it is an ecosystem. In the summer, he pursues his studies in the informal, masculine atmos- phere of forestry camp. In spite of his reputation, he is no noble savage. He employs the most advanced technology and laboratory techniques in his work. Wildlife can be investigated in the lab as well as in natural habitats. 29 ENGINE SCHOOL is concerned with the practical and the technical. The slide-rule stereotype is a cliche, but it isn ' t without truth, for the Engineering student depends on precision. His is a world of equations, laboratories, vastly complex machinery, and theories put into practice. It is a world far removed from such romantic notions as the Engine Arch tradition. ; .. A A AfiAA. " . ' ; " ' ,i i v , it, t; C, .. L. Ml ' n W . ' - ' C. f- Nrf f " f V ' After a long lecture . . ... a break in the Engine School lounge refreshes somewhat . . . 30 Accuracy is a necessity . . . . . . but there are times when a rougher measurement will do. Extra tough problems call for a conference. 31 Public Health research includes experiments with animals . . . . and the use of the most modern technological aids. THE WORK of the School of Public Health has vital immediacy for the whole world. There are research laboratories in virology, bacteriology and immunology, parasitic diseases, industrial health and toxicology, and radio- logical health engineering. The student is in a position to make a significant contribution while learning. He is dedicated, but would resent a label of nobility. He likes what he is doing. Long hours are spent in the lab measuring . . . and becoming familiar with the apparatus. THE STUDENT in the College of Pharmacy is involved in an intensive five-year program. The program was recently expanded to allow a lighter course load and room for more liberal arts courses. Even so, the Pharmacy student finds himself living in the lab. If he ' s lucky, he can grab a minute to rush across the street for League coffee. THE MED SCHOOL student is marked by his seriousness and intensity of purpose. As a freshman he becomes aware of the professional image, and feels a certain pressure to conform. He even wears a jacket and tie to class. As an upper- classman he is more at ease with his position, more concerned with his individual pursuits. He spends less time with his classmates, even more time in the hospital and labs. Hospital observation is gradually replaced by supervised active experience as the medical student prepares to assume the respon- sibility of a Doctor of Medicine. In his first two years, basic sciences are drilled into the Med student, through en masse lectures . . . . . . and endless hours of individual laboratory work. T Nutrition is one of many areas covered in the education of a student nurse. THE STUDENT NURSE ' S world has two distinct facets. On the one hand, she is a student, sharing with other students the agonies of papers, lectures, and bluebooks. On the other hand, she is a nurse, learning her profession as she works long hours in the various hospital services. She is noted for dates with Medical students, free access to the exclusive Medical library, and talking shop over the dinner table at Couzens. After spending a long day at the hospital, a student nurse wearily returns to Couzens. The Dent student acquires necessary knowledge through practice with the tools, . . . . . . endless hours in lab, . . . THE SCHOOL OF DENTISTRY is an institution which, through its excellence, contributes to the prestige of the University. The Dent School student pursues an intensive program of science, research, and dental work. He works in the Dent School Clinic by day, squeezing his studying into a short night. He snatches moments of relaxation by coffee-breaking in the League, or by enjoying a hasty cigarette in front of the Dent School between classes. . . . and the inevitable lecture. ftttJ !! " " ,aa The Dental Hygiene student watches her instructor carefully to learn the skills of the profession . . . . and eventually attains the ability to work alone. EACH CLASS in the two-year school of Dental Hygiene numbers about forty all women. They have their own traditions, including a Big- Little Sister program, a Senior Banquet, and the all-important Capping Ceremony, in which the seniors finally receive the coveted caps with the lavender band. Links with Dent School include participation in the Odonto Ball, mixers with dental professional fraternities, and working long hours alongside future dentists in the Dental Clinic. 37 Among the physical therapist ' s rewards is the excitement of a patient ' s progress. IT TAKES a special kind of person to be a physical or speech therapist. Intelligence is essential, but it is not enough; learning from books and labs is only part of the training process. A therapist must have patience, and he must care. As a student, he reaps more than intellectual rewards, for his training includes experience in helping the handicapped. Modern equipment and skill help; knowing someone cares is vital. THE SCHOOL OF BUSINESS ADMINISTRATION represents a haven of the practical in the midst of an ivory-tower academic atmosphere. Even the architecture of the building housing the school is efficient. In these modern, sterile surroundings, the future businessman learns to unwind the intricacies of red tape. Bus. Ad. students enjoy their own library . . . and up-to-date mechanical facilities . ... in the efficiently modern Bus. Ad. school. 39 L Finished with classes for the day, we head home to face an ever-widening field of decisions and problems. Independents return to the solitude of their dwellings and muse about the social advantages of the Greeks, quaddies wonder if they should exchange the security and convenience of their mode of living for something more challenging and worthwhile, fraternity men wonder where they can find a quiet place to study, and under-age women long for freedom from women ' s hours. Except for quads and dorms, however, most of us remain satisfied with our way of life and worry mainly about how and where to spend our time and money. Larry Lossing, IFC Rush Committee Chairman, John Feldcamp, IFC advisor, and Cliff Taylor, IFC President, lay plans for another successful spring rush. THE FRATERNITY TRADITION is a long and proud one at Michigan, stretching back over 120 years in which fraternities have always figured prominently in the concerns and affairs of the campus. The fraternity is many things to the 2500 Michigan Greeks: a focal point of a varied social life, a gateway to campus activities, and an instrument for academic achieve- ment. But above all it is the catalyst for strong bonds of brotherhood through the college years, and an environment wherein are born friendships to last a lifetime. Cliff Taylor directs spirited debate at FPA. 42 i Executive Vice President Dick Mandel explains proposed rush legislation. One of the major functions of IFC is introducing the fraternity system to prospective rushees. 43 For the rushee the problem of making the right choice. For the fraternity man- choosing a new brother. 44 Formal rush: a means through which fraternities perpetuate themselves. " Well, you see we have the ' unit rule ' system and 45 The " bull session " an integral part of fraternity life. Michigan fraternities serve the community through Christinas parties for children. Open houses reflect the social side of fraternities. 46 r i T The excitement of a " friendly " rivalry prevails at Washtenaw and S. University. Fraternities at Michigan: builders of brotherhood. 47 A single candle, . . . . . . the blazing torches, and the music contribute to an unforgettable serenade. The Victors a happy sorority adds a peppy touch to the excitement of a Mudbowl game. The traditional IFC Sing, a major project on the Interfraternity Council ' s crowded calendar, . . . MANY ARE THE CROSSROADS confronting the Michigan freshman. The fraternal groups attract many yearlings into their mode of life, a mode where fun dominates at parties and TG ' s; where ceremony presides during pledgings, candlelights, and serenades; and where house spirit is shown in academic ratings, in sports, in the IFC sing, and in countless other joint social activities of fraternities and sororities. . . . gets all the " support " it needs. 49 WITHIN A SORORITY, individual development occurs in the give and take atmosphere of a small group. Traditional and formal activities encourage an awareness of and concern for others, as the fun of social events, the quiet needed of study, and the work needed for house projects all require close co-operation. Mutual under- standing is developed and lasting friendships are formed, aided by the Greek traditions of the sorority house. Sorority presidents gather to discuss the details of rush 50 Pan Hellenic President Pat Elkins . . . . meets with Vice-presidents Patti Lutes and Penny Ingrain. 51 Rush meetings bring enlightenment into sorority living. A door is opening for many girls interested in a new way of life. h 52 Excitement reigns at the League on Pledge Sunday . . . and means that pledgeship and eventual sisterhood can begin. . . . as a bid brings happiness . . . All Michigan co-eds who knit know how hard it is to put those needles down. A quiet lounge: a welcome cigarette a chance to relax after a busy day. . 54 You need willpower to attend class when it ' s a nice day in Ann Arbor. fiB T " ' Last minute term papers . . . can usually be traced to fun earlier in the week. 55 HC meetings, led by President Charlene Hager, are rarely dull. THE FRESHMAN WOMAN entering the dormitory gains her first impres- sions of the exciting newness at the University. Her new home has placed her in the midst of a new society. It is a place wher e new freedoms are gained and past free- doms are lost, new challenges abound, and new friendships are acquired. At first the change may be too big and sudden, but there is Big Sister, there are mixers, there are a thousand and one more diversions, and shortly a new coed is born. 56 Two tedious efforts; the University causes one . . . . . . and boys cause the other. 57 Parents find there is more to college than paying the bills. This subject calls for concentration. Apathy invades the sanctified grounds of the pillow fight. 58 There is always time somewhere . . to keep in touch with old friends. 59 Tomorrow morning ' s resulting beauty will help . . . ... to ensnare male aid on that chemistry problem. . 60 i M They call this part of campus " the hill. ' ' ' ; - A girl ' s hair, . . . figure, and complexion: three constant worries. 61 A Markley hootenanny attracts a large, but unenthusiastic crowd. Girls in South Quad: a date no longer means a two-mile walk. . 62 MANY OPPORTUNITIES are present on campus for the dorms and quads to mix in social affairs through exchange dinners, Home- coming, Michigras, and whatever other events that can be used as valid excuses. The new coed housing in Mary Markley Hall and South Quad, however, provides a perpetual opportunity for social interaction in the dining rooms, lounges, and other jointly-used areas without necessity for ex- cuses. The opportunities for panty raids are gone, dress has become more formal, and culture may be more evident. Boys in Markley!!! But they still don ' t like to do their own laundry. Food stays the same, but co-ed housing improves the scenery. 63 THE QUADS are a Michigan institu- tion liked by many and endured by some. They are a cheerful home or simply four walls, depending on how the individual views them. One may find them to be a place of warm association and friendship, or a place of loneliness. There may be a babble of voices one minute and dead silence the next. But whatever the student ' s way of living, the quads continue to re- flect the characters of men who are drawn close together by chance. A passport to the delights of quad living. 64 - Social life at the quad: compared to a prison, it isn ' t too bad. O.K., Slop it on. Meals in the quads all the efficiency of mass production, but also all the monotony. 66 HUE . j IOI 117 Use The quad furnishes rules to live by, . . . a center for social activity, . . . . . . and a multitude of ways to fight boredom. i 67 Studying must be accomplished despite depressing surroundings. Some residents try to avoid the distractions of roommates . . . . . . who always seem to be doing something noisy. ' Sac 68 Night-time phone calls, with 15 minute waits for the operator, provide a lengthy study break. Others take breaks whenever a " friend " drops by their dimly-lit room. 69 A REVOLUTION has been occurring in the facilities for cooperative and apartment living. The University ' s Oxford project and the many new student apartment buildings are evidence of the growing trend to- ward a more adult way of life. The home-like atmosphere and greater freedom from regulation are attrac- tive incentives for the choice of this mode of housing. Every dish somehow gets dirty . . ... no matter how simple the meal. 70 Sundecks are even more fun when you have to enter by a window. Too bad we ' re going to get a lawn. Mud is so soothing. Why don ' t those figures ever balance? 71 When dad finally takes a break, everyone has fun. " I always keep a picture of my husband on the wall. " If not homework, there is always some work to do. 72 A trip to campus with Mom and Dad gets everyone in the act. 73 Once home, we face the choice of whether or not to get involved with outside organizations. For some, studies are the focus of life twenty-jour hours a day; others devote themselves to social pursuits; still others decide that house activities are sufficient and spend their spare time with old friends; but a few choose to broaden their horizons somewhat and become embroiled in campus activities. Grade points sometimes slip, time can become precious and life frustrating, but few who participate ever regret the experience. : VERY LATE on certain mysterious nights, prominent leaders in sports and campus activities are aroused by 20 or 30 decorous young men and informed that they are being inducted into a Michigan honorary. Not only are they to join a highly selective honorary, but they will also have the privilege of gaining further recog- nition for themselves. Gaily duck-walking across the Diag covered with brickdust or taking their first Spring dip in the League Fountain pool, the new honorary members are objects of great envy. Michigamua Brave encounter heap cold spell. I MICHIGAMUA Little Shivvers Bourland Legal Eagle Brown Little Dingle Burry Swift Swinger Campbell Squaw Tongue Cantrell Crooked Foot Chapman Sleeping Crow Crawford Strong Bow Dudley Screeching Falcon Fauquier Thundering Cloud Gray Be ' um No Damn Good Shoot ' urn Bird Cameron Flaming Hawk Kelly Look ' um Under Kurtz Heap Handled Mandel Horned Owl McKenzie Many Holds Miller Squaw Want ' em Moore Ox Head O ' Donnell Pining Possum Peslar Little Bloody Hand Rusnak Need ' um Corn Storch Ranging Warrior Wilkie Yelping Coyote Taylor Windy Words Wilton Druid initiates will look even worse after they are dyed green. DRUIDS Arial agile airbound anemic almond Ammerman Advertising adept administratively audacious acorn Aronson Bristling business busy bureaucratic butternut Belger Baseball basketball beachball boosting banner blaring balsom Block Bouncing bellowing blue ball boosting boxwood Bolton Cunningly crafty consistently clever crisp checking cottonwood Coristine Dormat drudgingly dedicated dirty dogwood Dodd Efficiently executive efficacious election earning elder Epker Endzone eager eagle expectant elm Evashevski Finicky friendly Finke trained fig Fadim Half mile hurrying hasty harrier hair brained hickory Hayes Hop happy handy handling hatless hemlock Herner Keen krunching krashing krudy kicking kentucky coffee Keating Candid captioning copy cutting composit clipping cranberry Kramer Lit school leading library liberal locust Lowenstein Ring leading radical reducing ribald rosewood Rhines Routiniced relevant ring around the rosie rhus Roadhouse Shotput slinging sideline smashing scrub tree Schmidt Sure fire shouting seats in the end zone sagebrush Sharfman Splinter spliting sod spading soil seeking sycamore Spurr Wrangling wildly weezing wrestling weeping willow Wilcox Vulcan ' s hand leaves a sooty mark. VULCANS Richard Allen Chuck Anoff Lauren Bowler Daniel Brown Doug Greenwold William Harris John Houtman Paul Levy Jeff Longstreth Don MacRitchie William Muir Richard Munt A. Richard Post David Randall R. Brian Rickard George Quarderer Wayne Smith Nick Spewock Warren Uhler Sphinx refresh their initiates at the League Fountain TRIANGLES Douglas Boven Steve Ellis Alex Fresco Dennis Hanink Mike Henderson Gerald Mader Lanny Reppert Dave Sanborn SPHINX Charles Adams Peter Adams Edward Bartsth Rick Bay Kent Bernard Edward Boothman William Bullard William Buntin Gary Butler Jack Cole James Conley Eric Dollenburg David Dozeman Gary Erwin Ben Farabee Brian Flood Larry Lossing Jeff MacKinnon Paul Malboeuf Edward Mehler Robert Pike Desmond Ryan Robert Shenkin Tom Smithson Dave Spaan Robert Tobias Jon White Jack Winder Typical of a calm, quiet meeting of the Triangles 78 I HECTORIANS Richard Belger Thomas Goergen Steve Idema David Replogle Richard Jackson Richard King Frank Lude Paul Ewing Loyal Eldridge Mervin Cherrin Fred Lambert Edward Hathaway Michael Roth David Randall Cliff Taylor Richard Mandel William Harris John Feldkamp Presidents of fraternities fraternize as Hectorians. GALENS Philip Allmendinger William DeWys Richard Erbe Sidney Goldman Neil Grossnickle Edward Hammer Robert Hensinger Robert Komorn Benedict Lucchesi Ralph Mathis Murry S. Renfrew Kurt Seiffert Joel Shilling James Ryan Terry Chamberlain John Charters Don DimchefF Fred Eilber Ronald Filo Arthur Fleming Bruce Greenfield William Hart William Laidlaw James McGillicudy James Orecklin Richard Weiner James Fox David Hines Galens lend a helping hand where one is most needed. 79 Circle ' s reward for achievement relaxation. I ' he Senior Society begins its traditional tapping ceremonies. FIVE HONORARY SOCIETIES provide recognition for U. of M. women who have demonstrated unusual abilities in scholastics, service, and or leadership. Tapping ceremonies, symbolized by a line of singing women coming slowly through a clear spring night, provide a memory to be forever cherished whether the initiate ends up wear- ing the mortar board, the circle, the yellow ribbon, the scroll, or the colors of yellow and brown. Senior women who excel in service, leadership, and scholarship may be found in Mortar Board. Scroll recognizes outstanding affiliated senior women. I 81 League Board members entomb themselves regularly in the " cave. ' Man against machine, as much a futile antithesis as man ' s wits against the League women ' s wiles. THE MICHIGAN LEAGUE, general center of activity for Michigan women, offers outlets for practically any skill and interest. The Burocats provides opportunities for experience in the business world, while the dramatics fully utilize talent not only in the performances themselves, but also in the many committees which make them possible. Through the League, women are assured the satisfaction of successful projects and services obtained by working together. The voluntary seclusion of self to study or to peruse the volumes of the League library. Informal efficiency reigns in Gretchen Groth ' s conclave with sister officers of the League. The League: home of social activities ranging from the fun and clamor of Soph Show to the friendliness of an International Fashion show . . . to the intimacy of a small party. 84 Bunny Bloch and Terry Bangs furnish a note of comedy. Prez tries to rally his union ' s forces. Romantic leads, Sandy Magee as Babe and Jim Tann as Sid, face labor-management conflicts. SOPH SHOW-the annual sophomore class project in which sophomores combine forces to direct, produce, and present a Broadway play for the campus. The 1963 Soph Show, with Kathy George and Chuck Bur- son as general co-chairmen, was no exception to a long string of successes. Pajama Game, a musical comedy of labor-management problems, was generally acclaimed as outstanding entertainment. 85 ONE OF THE FIRST LESSONS learned at U. of M. is the indis- pensability of the Michigan Union. What would we do without the coffee dates in the MUG, Little Club, the World ' s Fair, student offices, and exam week movies? Termed " for men only " are the billiard, ping-pong, and game rooms, the swimming pool, and the Pendleton library. But enjoy your privacy now, men the day of the Union-League merger is approaching. Union President Ray Rusnak meets with his Vice presidents, Bob McKenzie and Norm Peslar, . . . . . . and with the rest of the Union Board, as they discuss some of the problems inherent in running a six million dollar business. . 86 ... a cafeteria (which is a second home for part of the campus), . . . The Union: probably the only place in the world where you can find a Russian Art exhibit, . . . . . . and a jazz festival together in the same building. 87 Girls in the Union poolroom during MUFUN; an omen of the future Union-League merger. 88 As always, the subject of " men " dominates women ' s conversation. Rick Axson and Karen Emens bring life to an ever-new story of love at first sight. AFTER TWO SUCCESSFUL YEARS with original campus productions, MUSKET returned this year to its established pattern of presenting Broadway shows. This year ' s production, The Boy Friend by Sandy Wilson, boasted comic turnabouts, songs and dances, and the skill- ful transmission of the riotous and carefree mood that dominated Britain in its " twittering 20 ' s. " All action climaxes at the masquerade ball. 89 Voting for SGC is the privilege of each Michigan student. " And if I ' m elected . . . " STUDENT GOVERNMENT COUNCIL the highest ambition of student politicians. A heavy month of campaigning gives valuable ex- perience in human relations, and the successful candidates get fur- ther experience in battling apathy and bureaucracy. Besides its spon- sorship of Cinema Guild, Student Book Exchange, and other activities SGC is attempting to get students a greater voice in the administra- tion of the University. 90 SGC talks to students through its newsletter. Suspense of count night leads to . . . a new student governing body, presided over by Russ Epker. 91 Do you suppose the girls would be so industrious if it were needles ins tead of silver dollars in the haystack? Roll ' em up! ' 63 SKIDOO literally took over the Michigan campus on homecoming weekend. Bed rolling, bubble blowing, chariot racing, tricycle riding, go-kart driving, yelling like hell, building displays, swinging with Louis Armstrong, even beating Northwestern- something for everyone! Pam Stone and Jim Boughey as co-chairmen can well be proud of the carefree and enthusiastic spirit which enveloped the campus for homecoming weekend. 92 This is old-fashioned bathtub gin? The one and only Satchmo! Central Committee can be proud of the uproarious and successful Homecoming. 93 Co-chairmen for Michigras: fun and work with plenty of both. A few of Spring Weekend ' s many attractions. " Ferry Field-ward . . . Ho! ' SPRING WEEKEND and Michigras alternately highlight Spring at the University of Michigan. In ' 63 Michal Schover and Loyal Eldridge organized " Way Out West " with activities centered around the general theme, even to the covered wagons entered by housing units in the parade. ' 64 saw Sara Hoberman and Bob Rogers as co-chairmen for Michigras, which started with a parade featuring bands, floats, clowns, fun, and laughter. Traditional rides, colored lights, booths, and the joviality of the carnival spirit at Ferry Field again made Spring at Michigan a season to anticipate. 94 A new twist to Spring Weekend. Ready? Go! If mother could only see me now. 95 - - ' ' ffttftt Ideas are ironed out by the senior staff: Diane Pierson, Mort Weldy, Ron Kramer, Carol Pantalone, and Bob Shenkin. Mr. Mattson and Audrie help out with business affairs. P THE ' ENSIAN OFFICE is always a busy place! When you aren ' t meeting a deadline, you ' re trying to placate the editor, which seems in itself a never-ending job. Copy ' s lousy, the layouts are all wrong, and the photography ' s dis- graceful. On your third or fourth try, your work is finally, reluc- tantly accepted. So why do we subject ourselves to such torture? Because somewhere along the line it becomes fun, and hopefully, because the finished product makes it all worthwhile. 96 Ron Kramer, editor, provides leadership and an experienced helping hand during . . . the hectic scramble at deadline time. The junior staff, backbone of the book, the tryouts, and the senior staff gather for an organizational meeting. 97 WHY DO UNIVERSITY STUDENTS look forward to bouncing out of bed each morning? To read their Michigan Daily, of course! What bet- ter way is there to keep abreast of the world than to delve into the Daily? At 2 a.m., when nor- mal people are asleep, the Daily- ites have just finished their long day ' s work on the paper. The fi- nal product, sometimes criticized, sometimes admired, but always read, is the major source of information for a usually uninterested campus. Andy Crawford, as business manager, . . . leads an industrious business staff. 98 The tryout program captures students who will be willing to give up all spare time for the sake of the Michigan Daily. For the editor, Ron Wilton I 1 and for other senior staff members, the Daily becomes a way of life. 99 Generation enjoys a popular success. The Technic adds a literary note to Engineering School. VARIETY in student publications- the yearbook and paper set trends and are imitated, while the more exotic publications defy imita- tion. For example, take Gargoyle, campus " humor " magazine, said by some to be making a comeback. Students more interested in culture read Generation, with its modern viewpoint, while the scientifically oriented turn toward the Technic, the oldest publication on campus and the first engineering college magazine in America. Students can hardly complain about the diversity of the publications, but do sometimes question the quality. John Dobbertin, calmly at work on Gargoyle which is read, not as calmly, by the campus. -fl 100 ' ARLIAMENT iCREAMIN WHEN LORD These are the Sunbathers, inhabitants of 420 Maynard Street. Hopefully, they won ' t spread and multiply. The Board of Control usually rules with an invisible hand. 101 Offering the offbeat, the traditional, the unique, and occasionally the best, the entertainment field at U. of M. gives us another wide range of choice. Many choose to limit their entertainment expenditures to liquor and gasoline, or to movies, pool, or knitting, but for those who desire more varied and more exquisite fare, the opportunity exists for their satiation. Opera, the A. and D. Art Auction, Shakespeare, the Michigan Glee Club, Malcolm X, the Bulgarian National Ensemble, Louis Armstrong, the Philadelphia Symphony Orchestra an almost infinite selection for those with a desire for intellectual broadening and enough money. And Moliere ' s farce begins. Euclio strikes his typical pose in the lab production of Plautus ' " The Pot of Gold. " The doctor pauses a moment to " gather strength " on his journey to heal the sick in Moliere ' s " The Doctor In Spite of Himself. " Lady Hurf ' s drawing-room is the scene for this moment of intrigue as we wait to learn the contents of Lord Edgard ' s folded note in the charmingly humorous presentation of Jean Anouilh ' s " Thieves Carnival. " Master Jacques seems to be having some trouble preparing a menu in Moliere ' s comic spoof of avarice, " The Miser. " A PROVING GROUND for young talent and a vast expanse of experi- mentation, the Student Laboratory Theatre develops the potential capabilities of student directors, designers, and actors while affording the Arena Theatre audience the interesting experience of " theatre in the round. " Aspiring students, with or without the Student Laboratory Theatre experience, may secure parts in the Speech Department ' s U. of M. Players productions. These provide numerous opportunities and challenges for character development, direction, and design. Viewers were enchanted by the near professional calibre of this season ' s performances and by the freshness and vitality that only youth can impart to the timeless traditions of the theatre. 105 Ellis Rabb as Benedict and Nancy Marchand as Beatrice combine their talents as witty lovers in Shakespeare ' s " Much Ado About Nothing. " VARIETY AND VERSATILITY- these are words which aptly describe the Professional Theatre Program, the only program in the country which offers to university students the opportunity to view and associate with professionals. Multi-faceted, the PTP includes the Association of Producing Artists (APA), a repertory company in residence which presented an outstanding sequence of delightful plays including " A Phoenix too Frequent " and " Scapin, " a twin bill of comedies diametrically opposed in their treatment of humor, and the 46 year-old " Right You Are (If You Think You Are) " by Pirandello, a brilliantly powerful and disturbing psychological drama. Gorky ' s " The Lower Depths " rises to new heights as presented by the APA. 106 The setting is a tomb, but Jan Farrand and Paul Sparer exhibit no lack of freshness and vitality in this mirthful scene from Christopher Fry ' s " A Phoenix Too Frequent. " " And you my friend . . .? " querries Laudisi, Pirandello ' s mouthpiece and his madcap master-of-ceremonies for the production of " Right You Are (If You Think You Are). " THE FTP also sponsors the Play of the Month Series through which such distinguished international hits as " Brecht on Brecht " and " A Man for All Seasons " were brought to Ann Arbor. A third series helps students to understand the internal workings and problems of the theatre. Critic, Howard Taubman; director, Alan Schneider; and producer, Norris Houghten combined to discuss all aspects of modern drama and theatre in the PTP sponsored Distinguished Lecture Series, thus completing a most enriching and stimulating experience for the U. of M. student. May Festival brought the Philadelphia Orchestra, responding with brilliantly executed precision to the inspiring gestures and commands of Eugene Ormandy. CHORAL UNION SERIES New York Philharmonic Gyorgy Sandor Jerome Hines Bulgarian National Ensemble Cleveland Orchestra " Don Giovanni " Philharmonia Hungarica Mazowsze Dance Company Teresa Berganza Chicago Opera Ballet MESSIAH University Choral Union University Symphony Orchestra UNIVERSITY MUSICAL SOCIETY EXTRA SERIES " Tosca " Ballet Folklorico of Mexico " Madama Butterfly " Vienna Symphony Orchestra Anna Moffo CHAMBER ARTS SERIES Kimio Eto and Suzushi Hanayagi Moscow Chamber Orchestra Julian Bream Consort Sestetto Italiano Luca Marenzio Zurich Chamber Orchestra Sahm-Chun-Li Dancers and Musicians Orchestra San Pietro SPECIAL PERFORMANCE " La Boheme " MAY FESTIVAL The Philadelphia Orchestra CHAMBER DANCE FESTIVAL Marina Svetlova Dance Ensemble Shanta Rao and her Company Hungarian Ballets " Bihari " CHAMBER MUSIC FESTIVAL New York Pro Musica An Elizabethan Concert Music of Burgundy, Flanders, and Spain Early Baroque Music 108 Leonard Bernstein expresses his own magnetic personality through music. Gyorgy Sandor ' s gifted hands render Bartok unforgettable. CONTRASTS-sharply focused on a variety of professional entertain- mentattracted students to the events of the University Musical Society. May Festival and the Choral Union, two of the Society ' s outstanding series, offered a wide range of works and artists. The Philadelphia Orchestra, again featured at the May Festival, presented a sequence of magnif- icent performances. The Choral Union Series, providing diversity as well as excellence, ranged in scope from the dynamics of the New York Philharmonic and the splendor of the Bulgarian National Ensemble to the warm personality of Jerome Hines and the exquisite voice of Teresa Berganza. With costume and make-up, Jerome Hines changes himself into the spirit of Mozart ' s " Don Giovani. " 109 A GREAT TRANSFORMATION occurs Hill Auditorium, familiar to all with organ pipes forming a symmetrical backdrop for a vast, open platform, is changed to a theatrical stage encircled by plush velvet curtains and occupied with elaborate flats and ingenious stage settings. The U. of M. is ready; the curtain rises; we partake of the splendors of opera. Ladders, scaffolds, and an alert crew begin the transformation of Hill into the setting for opera. The capacity crowd waits expectantly for the performance to begin. 110 Scarpia and Cavaradossi listen to the sweet strains of Floria Tosca ' s voice as the determined Scarpia makes ready to interrogate the painter in Puccini ' s " Tosca. " OPERA came to the U. of M. in the form of two distinguished companies. Presenting an inspired and enthusiastically applauded production of " Tosca, " the Goldovsky Opera Theatre proved that the use of English does not detract from the richness of an operatic presentation. The New York City Opera Company completed the season with a series of three performances, " La Boheme, " " Madame Butterfly, " and " Don Giovanni, " which were a tribute to the fine artistic expression of the director, Jules Rudel. " Ah, they killed him, killed him! " exclaims Tosca as she discovers her beloved Cavaradossi is dead. The University Symphony Orchestra rehearses for its presentation of " Messiah. " APPLAUSE RANG OUT enthusiastically in Hill Auditorium as the 1964 Christmas holidays were officially ushered in by the University Symphony Orchestra ' s presentation of Handel ' s " Messiah. " Its message was deep and was guided to a strong and articulate delivery by the skillful. hand of Harold Haugh as guest conductor. 112 The Moscow Chamber Orchestra created a beautiful and flawless mood for their enthusiastic audience. Kotoist, Kimio Eto, wins renown not only for his skill on the koto, but as composer of the music for " The Teahouse of the August Moon. " FROM MOSCOW, England, Seoul, Zurich, and other lands come delightful dancers and musicians to occasion our rapture and arouse our imagination. We are met with the rare and inspired sounds and rhythms of groups that could not be brought to our attention through any other more appropriate manner than the Chamber Arts Series of the University Musical Society. 113 Bride and bridegroom dance gayly in The Ballet Folklorico of Mexico presentation of " Boda en La Greasteca Potosina. " Nora Kovach and Istvan Rabovsky, dancers from the Hungarian Ballet, execute a flawless native number. BALLET, ranging in form from the elegant grace of a prima ballerina to the spirited and colorful ceremonial dances of Mexico, was an integral part of the University Musical Society program. The accent was on international presentations, including native dances and costumes of Hungary and rare 16th and 17th century Japanese classics, affording students an opportunity to grasp the beauty of many foreign cultures. Suzushi Hanayagi, Mistress of Japanese Classical Dance, prepares for her enchanting and graceful performance. 114 From a close-up or far away view, all who contemplate modern art . . . ART appears at the U. of M. in varied forms. One is able to trace the evolution of man through relics and curios displayed continually at the various University Museums. Special exhibits portray colorful highlights in man ' s development and afford pleasant and enriching diversion for the U. of M. students. . . . agree that it stimulates the imagination. I mamn Dexterity and precision timing in concert can be attributed to . . . . innumerable practice sessions. WHERE COULD ONE hear Bruckner ' s " Symphony No. 8 in C minor " and " Don Quixote " by Strauss performed by a full orchestra in a free concert? The University Symphony Orchestra, under the direction of Joseph Blatt, offered such a program to U. of M. students in its fall concert. With over one hundred outstanding members, the University Symphony Orchestra executed such difficult works with an ease that made listening to their presentations a real pleasure. 116 FEATURING OUTSTANDING vocal ability, a smooth presentation, and a wide repertory of songs, the Men ' s Glee Club thrives under the direct ion of Dr. Philip A. Duey. On world-wide tour the Glee Club brings pride and fame to the University, while at home it provides relaxing and refreshing entertainment for U. of M. students. The Friars, an out- growth of the Glee Club, delight and captivate campus and country- wide audiences with their witty comments and excellent voices. The Michigan Glee Club: whejther it ' s returning from a successful tour, . . . ... or about to give a concert, an audience can expect an interesting and enjoyable performance. 117 The views of guest lecturers Malcolm X ... EXCITEMENT, ENJOYMENT and interest overflowed as we received an unprecedented array of provocative viewpoints and outstanding talents on the U. of M. campus. We welcomed the vitalizing music of Al Hirt, were challenged by the dynamic words of Dr. Billy Graham, and rocked with laughter at the anecdotes of Dick Gregory. More controversial performers, from Malcolm X to Ross Barnett, helped to challenge the viewpoints and broaden the horizons of the inquiring student. and Mississippi Gov. Ross Barnett . . . were rejected by this U. of M. pair. 118 AI Hirt anil his remarkable Sextet treated U. of M. students to an astounding variety of jazz and blues which could only be enhanced by Hirt ' s brilliant trumpeting style and humor. Billy Graham asserts that " man ' s problem is a moral problem. It is called sin. " Comedian Dick Gregory: a man who is helping to conquer a serious problem with laughter. 119 I v " The League Fashion Show: a chance to view fashions from around the world. The ISA World ' s Fair provides students a chance to view and buy the craftsmanship characteristic of almost every nationality. 120 WITH A LARGE FOREIGN population, international aspects are a tradition at the U. of M. The International Student Organization, the Union and the League offer a wide variety of activities in which native as well as foreign students may join. ISA entertains another international organization, the Girl Scouts, in one of its many informal teas. All students join in a traditional U. of M. custom- thai quick last minute review on a convenient step. 121 The art of conversation cultivated for so long has given way to the art of rhythmical interpretation when guitars abound in friendly, informal groups. Addiss and Crofut enliven Hill ' s dim, shadowy stage as they strum and hum swingin ' folk tunes. A bright campus village sidewalk provokes spontaneous folk melodies. Bob Bradshaw ' s strumming lends a soft accompaniment to Pete Cohen as he vocalizes on " Nothing More to Look Forward To " in the Markley Hootenanny. The New Christy Minstrels harmonized and synchronized in a relaxing and lively array of unforgettable folk melodies. ALONE in the vastness of a dimly lit stage a figure plaintively strums, captivating the audience in its melancholy. The lights brighten amid laughter and the clapping of hands this same figure engenders life and spirit into the hushed crowd with the familiar tune and lyrics of " If I Had a Hammer " or " Green, Green. " These are two of the varied moods captured by the most recent of college institutions the Hootenanny. 123 The Symphony Band changes to the Marching Band, intellectual orientation changes to physical, and we face the decision of how much to involve ourselves in athletics at Michigan. Is it worth $12 to watch a mediocre football team, a great basketball team, and an exciting hockey team? 14,000 answer yes! Tradition, ceremony, and hope draw thousands to Michigan Stadium, the waiting lines and crowds at Yost are incredible; this is one side of Michigan athletics. The spectatorless golf meet, the hidden baseball field, hours of lonely preparation for every competitive meet, the excitement of intramural competition; this is the other side- insignificant in the public eye but a vital part of life for those involved. Gymnastic contortions spur on Michigan cheering. THE DIAG resounds with cheers on Friday night, throngs of alumni prepare to make the pilgrimage to the old Alma Mater, crisp and exhilarating Saturday afternoons again mark the high spot of the week football returns to Ann Arbor. A mass of humanity converges in the weather-scarred seats of the stadium where the spirit of Michigan is further aroused by the band and cheerleaders: then the pageantry of the day and the weeks of hard practice for the players culminate at the same time. Stand up for the kick-off: Let ' s Go Blue! A .$12 loyalty fee identifies the real fans. The half-time show is always a bright spot, . . . . . . whether the game is discouraging ... or heart-stopping. 127 Halfback Clancy slips through the SMU line; Michigan begins the season triumphantly. Captain O ' Donnell punts here, but he also scores against SMU from punt formation. MICHIGAN FOOTBALL fortunes followed an up and down pattern this fall, as disappointing losses were offset when the Wolverines bowled over highly rated Northwestern and upset Rose Bowl bound Illinois. The slaughter of SMU, 27-16, even featured a touchdown by tackle-punter-Captain Joe O ' Donnell. Navy ' s Staubach was a little too much even for Michigan ' s sturdy defense, but the Wolverine combination of Chandler to Henderson at least kept the score respectable. 128 Mr. Everything; Navy ' s Staubach can ' t be stopped when running . . . ... or passing. Even the best efforts of Michigan fall short. Henderson ' s fine receptions and runs go for a losing cause. 129 Chandler leads the Wolverines to a respectable 7-7 tie with MSU, . . . . . . but bright spots like this are rare in the 23-12 loss to Purdue. Here Anthony and Keating succeed in stopping the play for no gain. Cecchini, O ' Donnell, and Keating a great line against MSU. But after Purdue, only two of the three are left able to play. MICHIGAN STATE found victory impossible over the determined Wolverines, as a strong Michigan defense held up after the offense faltered. Defensive ends Laskey and Conley helped to contain the ever-threatening Spartan offense to one tally, while center Tom Cecchini won lineman-of-the-week awards for his alert defensive job. The Michigan squad watches the discouraging loss to Purdue. THE PURDUE game, however, found Michigan at its worst; the score was 23-0 before the Wolverines managed two last minute touchdowns. The darkest moment was the loss of Cecchini for the season, and the brightest was the unveiling of Michigan ' s new quarterback hope, Bob Timberlake. 131 Wildcat Tom Myers has a bad day all the way around, . . . MICHIGAN OPPONENTS 27 Southern Methodist 16 13 7 12 Navy Michigan State Purdue 26 7 23 Minnesota 6 27 Northwestern 6 14 Illinois 8 21 Iowa 21 10 Ohio State 14 Conley scores from the 12 to aid in the 27-6 slaughter of Northwestern. . . . but for Timberlake and coach Elliot, one success only waits to be topped by another. 132 Timberlake cracks into the Iowa line for a four yard gain and a first down, but Michigan can only manage a 21-21 tie. MICHIGAN ' S next home game was far and away its most impressive, as the Wolverines pounded Northwestern into the ground, 27-6. The defensive line had another great day, the pass secondary did an out- standing job in stopping Wildcat star Tom Myers, and the Michigan offense, sparked by Timberlake ' s passing, provided the punch for Michigan ' s first real upset in three and a half years. The Iowa game provided a frustrating tie, and Ohio State an even more frustrating loss, but in both games the Wolverines continued to exhibit the talent and desire that were responsible for the 14-8 upset of Illinois in Champaign. A fifth place finish may not seem like much, but to Michigan fans it was a big improvement from tenth. Michigan ' s Rowser stops All-American Warfield, but only after a big gain; OSU squeaks out a 14-10 win. 133 MICHIGAN ' S GYMNASTICS TEAM successfully defended its Big Ten title this year, despite injury trouble that saw losses to Illinois and Iowa snap the Wolverine ' s dual meet win streak at 22. Lingering arm injuries to Captain Arno Lascari and Rich Blanton were costly ones, as remaining Michigan gymnastic stars Mike Henderson, Ned Duke, Alex Frecska, John Hamilton, Gary Erwin, Fred Sanders, Paul Levy, and Phil Bolton needed Lascari ' s help late in the season to come up with the customary Newt Loken championship. I Captain Arno Lascari: tentlonitis slows down a champion. Rich Blanton captures first on the parallel bars against OSU shortly before reinjuring his arm. 134 Two other misfortunes: Alex Frecska ' s fine performance against OSU on the high bar is marred by a fall and he finishes second behind Michigan ' s John Cashman, . . . . . . while John Hamilton falls off the trampoline doing a triple twist and misses the rest of the day ' s events. Michigan gymnasts await their turn to compete, hoping to survive. JT , JK V MICHIGAN OPPONENTS 64i 2 Ohio State 46V 2 64 Indiana 42 421 2 Illinois 64 1 2 55 Iowa 57 60 Wisconsin 52 56 M.S.U. 56 1st. Western Conf. Meet 135 Center Wakabeyashi gets the puck for Michigan; the league ' s most potent offense is underway. MICHIGAN ' S HOCKEY TEAM, after plummeting to a miserable last place finish in the 62-63 season, roared back this year with " the strongest and toughest offense ever seen, " according to one freshly annihilated opposition coach. After the 21-0 shellacking of OSU, the Wolverines were averaging an unbelievable 9.2 goals per game and leading the nation in this category. Two wins over MSU left the icers with the no. 1 spot in the WCHA and posing a heavy threat for the NCAA tournaments. Sophomores Wilf Martin, Tom Polonic, and Mel Wak- abeyashi joined with Gary Butler, Jack Cole, and captain Gordie Wilkie to lead the Michigan scoring punch, while shutout king Bob Gray strengthened an already sturdy defense. Jack Cole scores unassisted to aid in the slaughter of Loyola. Colorado ' s goalie has no chance to stop another Wilf Martin goal. In i ' 71 t fa Captain Gordie Wilkie helps goalie Bob Gray stop a determined MSU offense. The MSU game gets rough: Gary Butler receives a hard shoulder block, . . . . . . but U. of M. wins the fights as well as the game. MICHIGAN OPPONENTS 9 Queens 5 9 Queens 5 9 Varsity-Frosh 7 3 Toronto 5 10 Toronto 8 Minnesota (Duluth Branch) 4 7 Minnesota (Duluth Branch) 2 5 Minnesota 1 5 Minnesota 6 12 Loyola 1 14 Loyola 2 6 Michigan Tech 2 5 Michigan Tech 3 7 Colorado 12 Colorado 4 14 Ohio University 21 Ohio State 2 Michigan State 7 Michigan State 2 6 Minnesota 3 8 Minnesota 2 1 Michigan Tech 3 4 Michigan Tech 3 9 Michigan State 4 13 Michigan State 4 137 Coach Keen encourages Ralph Bahna; he responds with a win against Purdue in the 123 Ib. weight class. Rich Bay wins a 6-2 decision . . . . and Captain Wayne Miller adds another victory as the Wolverines defeat Iowa. MICHIGAN OPPONENTS 16 Penn State 11 1st. at Wilkes Tournament 18 Lock Haven State Teachers 8 7 New York Athletic Club 23 25 14 Hofstra College Northwestern 3 11 23 Wisconsin 8 25 Purdue 3 24 Illinois 6 18 19 15 Pittsburgh Ohio State Iowa 6 10 9 20 19 Michigan State Minnesota 5 8 1st. at Western Conference Meet 138 DESPITE A RASH of serious injuries and the necessity of competing in a dingy, srnokey, and discouragingly empty Yost Field House, Michigan ' s wrestling team continued in the Cliff Keen championship tradition. Undefeated in Big Ten action and a heavy favorite to retain its NCAA crown, the Michigan squad featured both outstanding ability and great depth. Seniors Ralph Bahna, Captain Wayne Miller, and Gary Wilcox will win their last matches for U. of M. this year, but standouts such as Bill Johannesen, Lee Dietrick, Rick Bay, Chris Stowell, and Bob Spaly will return to crush 64-65 competition. Illinois is slaughtered by Michigan; Bob Spaly picks up riding time on his way to a victory in the heavyweight division, . . . . . . and Lee Dietrich, well in control with a secure deadlock, adds a 6-1 victory in the 147 Ibs. class. Russell and Buntin get together: neither Nehraska nor any other opponent can stop them from scoring. WITH A REBOUND and a hook shot, and a " Let ' s Go Blue, " the most exciting Wolverine basketball team ever seen over- whelmed all opposition on its way to Michigan ' s first share of a Big Ten Title in 16 years. Two superstars (Russell and Buntin), three stars (Captain Cantrell, Tregoning, and Darden), very capable reserves, and coach Dave Strack were always ready, willing, and able to give the fans who packed into leaky and overcrowded Yost Field House all the thrills and victories that they wanted. Big Ten co-champs, ranked no. two in the nation, -considered the leading challenger at the NCAA tournaments- U. of M. finally had a major sport it could brag about. Tregoning dunks a two-hander: eleven shots like this get the fans ready for the excitement of the game. 140 Captain Cantrcll puts a damper on opposing high scorers: North western ' s Falk finds it hard just to turn around. Coach Dave Strack the man behind Michigan ' s resurgence. Russell rips away a rebound . . . . . . and Buntin scores to help defeat Minnesota. " Trigger " Tregoning, alert on defense and often deadly on offense, . . . Captain Bob Cantrell, master of the twenty foot jump shot, . . . . . . and Oliver Darden, muscular rebounder; every Michigan position is a strong point. 142 It ' s Cazzie . . . . for two against OSU. The Wolverine fans love their heroes, and show it at every opportunity. Big Bill dominates action after the hall gets in close to the basket. 143 MICHIGAN OPPONENTS 138 90 Varsity-Frosh Ball State 71 76 73 Tulane 47 80 Nebraska 55 80 Butler 70 104 Western Mich. 81 83 Duke 67 84 NYU 73 80 UCLA 98 95 117 Pittsburgh Detroit 80 87 85 Northwestern 73 77 Purdue 70 82 Ohio State 64 80 Minnesota 66 91 95 85 Michigan State Michigan State Ohio State 77 79 86 93 Illinois 82 99 Indiana 87 75 Minnesota 89 103 Wisconsin 59 89 Illinois 83 69 Iowa 61 79 Purdue 81 Freshman Carl Robie holds the world record in the 200 yd. breaststroke. Bill Farley smashes pool and varsity records against M. S. U. in the 200 yd. freestyle. NCAA Champion Ed Bartsch wins the 200 yard backstroke against State. MICHIGAN 43 77 62 61 48 66 57 41 62 Indiana Purdue Princeton Michigan State Minnesota Wisconsin Ohio State Indiana Iowa State OPPONENTS 80 28 42 44 57 38 48 82 38 2nd. Western Conference Meet 144 Geza Bodolay (200 yd. breaststroke). A STRONG TEAM with even better prospects for the 64-65 season, Michigan ' s swimming squad again succeeded in winning most of its meets, but was relegated to also-ran status by the Indiana superstars. Record- setting sophomore Bill Farley, a strong diving team of Ed Boothman and Bob Brown, Ed Bartsch, Captain Jeff Moore, Jeff Longstreth, Geza Bodolay, Rich Walls, Bob Tanner, and fast relay teams made coach Gus Stager ' s attack well-balanced, but not quite strong enough to gain the big victories. The addition of several outstanding freshmen in 64-65, headed by Carl Robie (world record holder in the 200 yd. breaststroke), could bring U. of M. right to the top. . . . Captain Jeff Moore (200 yd. butterfly), and Jeff Longstreth (500 yd. freestyle) all post victories in the 66-38 defeat of Wisconsin. 145 LAST YEAR ' S baseball team, although well stocked with veteran players, failed to live up to its potential and slipped from second to sixth place in the Big Ten. A team bat- ting average which dropped from .267 in ' 62 to .2 16 in ' 63 tells the sad story of the decline of the former Collegiate World Champions. A strong Michigan defense, led by the league ' s best double play com- bination of Jim Newman and Captain Joe Jones, and a brilliant pitching staff led by Fritz Fisher with a 9-1 record, couldn ' t make up for the lack of hitting in the Big Ten. 146 Western, ranked number two in the country, doesn ' t faze the tough Michigan defense; . . . I . . . Campbell makes the catch and the Broncos are blanked, 3-0. Roebuck goes after his second win. 147 The Michigan offense an occasional hit . . . 148 MICHIGAN OPPONENTS 12 Grand Canyon 5 13 Grand Canyon 3 9 Arizona 3 6 Arizona 4 4 Arizona 1 1 Arizona 16 4 Arizona 6 1 1 Arizona 3 MICHIGAN OPPONENTS 6 Eastern Mich. 4 1 1 Central Mich. 3 3 Central Mich. 4 5 Illinois 6 3 Purdue 6 9 Purdue 4 5 Iowa 2 6 Minnesota 1 ... an occasional breakaway. MICHIGAN OPPONENTS MICHIGAN OPPONENTS 1 Minnesota 2 5 Ohio State 4 14 U. of Detroit 2 Ohio State 3 5 Notre Dame 1 3 Western Mich. 4 4 Mich. State Mich. State 3 2 3 7 Bowling Green Western Mich. 1 5 1 Mich. State 3 1 Northwestern 3 3 U. of Detroit 3 Wisconsin 7 Notre Dame 6 7 Wisconsin 8 149 MICHIGAN ' S traditionally strong track team turned in another fine year by tying for first place in the Big Ten Indoor Track Meet with Iowa, and taking third place in the Big Ten Outdoor Track Meet. Coming in what coach Don Canham termed a " building " year, the successful season boded ill for Michigan ' s ' 64 competition, as the ' 63 team ' s only serious loss was Captain Charlie Aquino. Kent Bernard, a versatile junior from Trinidad who runs in three events, Roger Schmitt, George Puce, and Ernst Soudek in the shotput and discus, Dave Hayes in the mile, and Cliff Nutall in the high hurdles, are expected bright spots on Michigan ' s depth-laden team. ' 64 Captain Schmitt helps M to sweep the discus event. Michigan thinclads Casto, Bernard, and Hughs strain for speed in the 440 . . . 150 while M ' s Hunter struggles to catch North western ' s Murchison. MICHIGAN OPPONENTS 102 Penn. State 38 1st. (tie) at Indoors 89 Purdue 43 100 Chicago T. C. 51 Northwestern 21 3rd at Outdoor Meet M ' s Hayes and Ryan find endurance pays off in the mile run. Steve Overton clears 14 ' to aid in the slaughter of Chicago and Northwestern. 151 SHOOTING FOR their eighth Big Ten championship in ten years, the tennis team looked for another tight battle with their old nemesis, Northwestern, this season. Harry Fauquier continued as captain for Michigan, as the Wolverines, minus 1963 ' s top man Ray Senkowski, anticipated revenge for last year ' s defeat by the Wildcats. Juniors John Fraser, Hal Lowe, Brian Flood, and Bo Barker, all regular starters on last year ' s second-place team, join with seniors Fauquier and Ron Linclau to give Coach Bill Murphy the conference ' s most competition-hardened racketmen. . . . Michigan vs. Northwestern: Hal ' the visor ' Lowe . . . ; and Linclau do their best, but lose exciting matches. Fellow losers are Fraser . . . . . and Senkowski . . . ... in both singles and doubles. The Wildcats take over number one ranking in the Big Ten, as U. of M. settles for second. MICHIGAN OPPONENTS 1 Princeton 8 Miami 9 1 Miami 8 4 N. Carolina 5 7 Wisconsin 2 9 Ohio State 6 Purdue 3 8 Western Mich. 1 5 Notre Dame 4 9 Illinois 5 Indiana 4 4 Mich. State 5 2 Northwestern 7 2nd. at Big Ten match 153 Captain-elect Gary Mouw leads the way to a second victory over poor old MSU. MICHIGAN ' S 1963 golf team came tantalizingly close to a great season, but the final round of the Big Ten meet saw the Wolverines drop from first to a more typical fourth place. Led by Captain Chuck Newton with a 12 over par 302 and ' 64 Captain Gary Mouw with a 305, the linksters climaxed their improved season with a drive for the Big Ten title; but 40 mile-per- hour winds on the final day saw Michigan finish 14 strokes behind Minnesota. Six returning letter- men, including Mouw, provide a strong nucleus for coach Bert Katzenmeyer ' s ' 64 squad. Mouw, Pencllebury, and Coach Katzenmeyer console two defeated Spartans. MICHIGAN OPPONENTS 81 2 Miami 12i 2 11 Miami 10 4th. at Miami Invit. 2nd. at OSU Quad, match 17i 2 MSU Hi , 23i 2 OSU 12i 2 21 MSU 6 4th. at Big Ten Meet 154 THE UNIVERSITY Intramural Program provides the student with a sorely needed chance to get exercise. The wide range of facilities, allowing participation in such far-ranging sports as squash, weight-lifting, basketball, and table tennis, entice all who want a strong body as well as a strong mind i nto the Intramural Program. Organized competition, covering 2.2 sports for the men and 4 sports for the women, helps the housing units develop unity by fighting for a common cause. Girls . . . . . . and boys find a chance for relaxation and exercise in the Intramural program. Here 7.BT and Huber take the IM golf title. 155 Girl ' s field hockey; you don ' t believe it until you see it. 156 Huber cops the " B " football title for house groups . . . . . . while Sigma Alpha Epsilon takes the " B " fraternity championship. 157 35 ounces of iron fly 38i 2 feet . . ... to settle for three points. 158 From the grace and symmetry of the Michifish . . . ... to the fun and fury of basketball; all part of the far-ranging athletic program. 159 The game is finished and college choices are over. Each degree represents an infinite variety of memories and decisions to each graduate: 6,700 different people that are somehow the same set out on their different paths. ffi Harlan Hatcher a man with problems. The Honors Convocation rewards students for superior scholarship. The Senior Board makes final plans for Graduation. The transition from, a face in the University crowd to a face in the gray flannel crowd. ' 163 A chance for togetherness: an important part of college life. 164 Registration the time to sign your life away. Karen M. Aas, B.A. in Russian Studies Anne S. Abbott, B.A. in American Culture Robert A. Abraham, D.D.S. John G. Abrams, B.A.Ed. Judy N. Abrams, B.A. in English Regina L. Abramson, B.A. in English, Teacher ' s Cert. Robert M. Abramson, B.A. in Political Science Carole J. Ackerman, B.A.Ed. Cecile Ackerman, B.A. in English Tamara L. Ackerman, B.A.Ed. Isaac A. Adalemo, B.A. in Geography Bonnie R. Adams, B.S.Nurs. Cynthia Y. Addison, B.S. in Biology, Teacher ' s Cert. Andrea S. Adelman, B.A. in Speech Correction, Teacher ' s Cert. Frank M. Adler, B.S.E. (Ae.E.) Frances J. Aftel, B.A.Ed. Randy J. Agley, B.B.A. F. Claire Aitkin, B.A. in History Raymond P. Ajemian, B.A. in History Ellen J. Alexander, B.A. in French Mary K. Alexander, B.A. Ed. Patricia S. Alexander, B.A. in Political Science, Teacher ' s Cert. Nancy L. Alford, B.S.Ed. Arthur W. Allen, B.S. in Zoology William E. Allen, B.S. in Mathematics 165 . David L. Almerigi, B.S.E. (Ae.E.) Susan H. Alpert, B.S.Ed. Carol J. Alterman, B.A. in Psychology James M. Amend, B.S.E. (M.E.) Albert J. Ammerman, B.A. in English Ruth A. Amster, B.A.Ed. Carol J. Andersen, B.A.Ed. Arlene K. Anderson, B.S.Des. Joanne V. Anderson, B.S. in Physical Therapy John L. Anderson, D.D.S. Karen J. Anderson, B.A. in English, Teacher ' s Cert. Kent P. Anderson, B.A. in Economics Lesley L. Anderson, B.A. in English Paul G. Anderson, B.A. in History Robert L. Anderson, B.S.E. (M.E.) Timothy L. Andresen, B.S.E. (Ae.E.) N. Christie Andrews, B.S.Nurs. Sarah H. Andrews, B.S.Des. Lynne M. Ankelein, B.A.Ed. Charles M. Anoff, B.S.E. (M.E.) Carol E. Antcliffe, B.A. in French Lucinda H. Anthony, B.A. in Music Lit. Robert W. Anthony, B.S.E. (Phys. and Math.) James R. Apffel, B.S.F. Joseph A. Applegate, B.S.E. (Nov. Arch.) Lois E. Aptekar, B.A. in English Diane I. Argetsinger, B.A. in English Andy A. Arizala, B.S.E. (Ae.E. and Math.) Nanci B. Arnold, B.Mus. (Piano) William D. Arnold, D.D.S. Marcia K. Arnstein, B.A.Ed. David C. Aroner, B.A. in Sociology Paul L. Aronsohn, B.A. in Political Science Kristy L. Asbury, B.A.Ed. Anne Ashley, B.S.E. (Math.) Alpuan Atay, B.S.E. (Ae.E.) Carole L. Atkin, B.A. in Economics Susan J. Atkins, B.A. in History Paul Attar, B.S.Ed. Janet R. Atwood, B.S.Nurs. James E. Auiler, B.S.E. (Ae.E.) Alberta G. Auringer, B.A. in Geography Miles S. Auster, B.A. in Zoology Anita C. Austin, B.S. in Zoology and Anthropology Mary B. Austin, B.A. in English . 166 Mara Auzins, B. 4. m English Fazil A. Aydinmakine, M.E. Sandra F. Ayotte, B.A. in Geography Naida R. Bader, B.A. in History, Teacher ' s Cert. Demarious E. Badger, B.A. in Spanish Joan R. Baginsky, B.A. in Psychology Ralph M. Bahna, B.B.A. Saundra L. Bailey, B.A. in English, Teacher ' s Cert. Beverly G. Baker, B.A.Ed. Gwendolyn C. Baker, B.A. Ed. William A. Baker, B.S. in Chemistry Melvin D. Baldwin, B.S.E. (Ind.E.) Michael Baldwin, B.A. in Pre-Legal Studies Richard A. Baldwin, B.S.E. (C.E.) Beverly A. Balfour, B.S. in Physical Therapy Judith A. Balizs, B.A. in English Louis Balkany, B.S. in Zoology Carolyn S. Balman, B.A. in English Donna M. Baloh, B.A. in Social Studies, Teacher ' s Cert. Dona J. Barcy, B.A. in English Ted C. Barecki, B.A. in Pre-Legal Studies Richard J. Barendsen, B.S.E. (S.E.) Diane L. Barlow, B.A. in English Charles A. Barnes, B.A. in English, Teacher ' s Cert. Elizabeth A. Barnett, B.A. in Political Science Ronald J. Barnhart, B.S. in Zoology Jacqueline Barron, B.A. in History of Art Glenn A. Earth, B.B.A. Richard B. Bartley, B.Arch. Barbara J. Bashara, B.A.Ed. Judith E. Bashara, B.A.Ed. John W. Bassett, D.D.S. Edith S. Bassichis, B.A. in English, Teacher ' s Cert. Martha J. Batey, B.A. in Social Studies Bruce I. Bauer, B.B.A. Martin S. Baum, B.A. in Economics Judy M. Bean, B.A.Ed. Mary A. Bean, B.A. in English Jeanne A. Beauchamp, B.S. in Physical Therapy Geraldine Bechtle, B.A . in Sociology Linda J. Beck, B.A.Ed. Susan A. Beck, B.S. in Biology, Teacher ' s Cert. William D. Beck, B.S. in Pre-Medical Studies Eileen I. Becker, B.A. in Mathematics Marion L. Becker, B.B.A. f J3 . 167 r f 4fc jLp 5j William G. Beckers, B.B.A. Marilyn R. Beebe, B.A. in Social Studies Marian B. Beeler, B.A. in Political Science Merle R. Beghtel, M.S. in Mathematics Mahmoud Behbehanian, B.S.E. (C.E.) Herbert Behrstock, B.A. in Economics Barbara J. Beier, B.A.Ed. Joseph F. Belfore, B.S.E. (Ind.E.) Richard A. Belger, B.B.A. Nancy J. Belles, B.A.Ed. Paul D . Bellfy, B.A. in Pre-Professional Studies Lenore Belsky, B.A. in History Philip R. Beltz, B.S.E. (Ind.E. and Math.) Allan W. Ben, B.A. in Political Science Annette M. Bender, B.S. in Physical Therapy Phyllis J. Beneicke, B.S.Des. Howard L. Benford, B.S.E. (Ind.E.) Thomas A. Bengtson, B.A. in Philosophy Timothy A. Bengtson, B.B.A. Barbara J. Benham, B.A.Ed. Barbara L. Bennett, B.A. in Economics James A. Bennett, B.S.E. (Ae.E.) Louise P. Bennett, B.A. in Economics Stephanie L. Bennett, B.A. in Geography Thomas A. Bennett, B.S. in Zoology Book store prices lead to a lot of browsing and little buying. 168 James R. Benson, B.S. in Chemistry Julie S. Benson, B.S. in Biology Linda R. Berenfield, B.A. in History Andrew L. Berg, B.S.E. (Ae.E.) Brenda J. Berg, B.A.Ed. Robert L. Bergen, B.A. in History of Art James T. Berger, B.A. in Journalism Ronnie G. Berglas, B.A.Ed. Arthur R. Berkowitz, B.A. in Physics Luanne D. Berkowitz, B.A. in Mathematics Rita Berkowitz, B.A. in Political Science Ann R. Berlowitz, B.A . in History, Teacher ' s Cert. Jack L. Berman, B.A. in Zoology Sally M. Berndt, B.S. in Speech Correction Diana B. Berner, B.A. in Psychology Arthur Bernstein, B.A. in Anthropology Barbara G. Bernstein, B.S. in Physical Therapy Paula S. Berrey, B.A.Des. David D. Berry, B.B.A. Lynn G. Berry, B.S.D.Hyg. Malinda F. Berry, B.A. in Political Science Robert A. Berry, B.A. in Slavic Languages and Literature Jean A. Berutti, B.A.Ed. Paul J. Berghoff, B.A.Ed. Charles E. Besaw, B.A. in Pre-Professional Studies Faye S. Beslow, B.A. in Mathematics Virginia L. Bethel, B.A.Ed. Pamo K. Bhatia, B.S.E. (M.E.) Jane A. Bickerton, M.S. in Speech Pathology and Audiology Diane R. Bickson, B.S.Ed. James C. Biel, D.D.S. Achille M. Bigliardi, B.S.E. (E.E.) Bernard S. Bildman, D.D.S. Arthur J. Binard, B.S.Des. Sarah J. Bingaman, B.S.Nurs. Kathleen M. Biniasz, B.S.Nurs. Audrey J. Bjunes, B.A.Ed. Duncan M. Black, B.Arch. Nancy E. Blakely, B.A.Ed. Don R. Blanchard, B.A. in Mathematics Karen P. Blank, B.A. in French J. Kent Blasie, B.S. in Biophysics Fred Bleicher, B.S.E. (Met.E.) Karen S. Bleier, B.A. in Speech Therapy Michael J. Block, B.S. in Chemistry 169 Phyllis E. Bloom, B.A. in Zoology Paul E. Blower, Chemistry Thomas L. Boaz, B.A. in Geography Norman R. Bodine, B.S. in Physics Jean A. Boehlke, B.A. in English Norbert A. Boes, B.S. in Zoology Patric N. Bolognesi, B.B.A. John P. Bokhouse, D.D.S. Janet L. Bolton, B.A. in Latin Phillip L. Bolton, B.S. in Mathematics Bonnie V. Bone, B.A. in Japanese John S. Booth, B.S.E. (E.E. and Mathematics) Judith A. Borck, B.S.Nurs. Alvin A. Borg, B.A. in Economics Richard J. Borke, B.S.E. (E.E.) Joseph J. Borkowski, B.S. in Chemistry Fredric E. Bernstein, B.S.E. (Ind.E.) Richard K. Borton, D.D.S. Michael L. Boucher, B.S. in Geology Kenneth B. Boudrie, B.B.A. Karen L. Bouwkamp, B.S.Nurs. Gloria L. Bowles, B.A. in English Laurence A. Boyd, M.S.E. (Me.E.) Barbara B. Boydston, B.A. in Social Studies Joan Boykoff, M.A. in Psychology Jon L. Braamse, D.D.S. Gertrude E. Bradley, B.Mus. (Mus.Ed.) Marjorie Brahms, B.A. in English Carol J. Brandner, B.A.Ed. Ruth Ann Brazda, B.A. in Psychology Mary A. Brecht, B.A.Ed. John M. Briggs, B.A. in Political Science Anne L. Brimm, B.A. in Speech Correction Carole A. Briner, B.S.D.Hyg. Ellen L. Brockman, B.A. in Psychology Norman F. Brody, B.Mus. (Voice) Cornelius P. Brogan, D.D.S. Marilyn M. Broida, B.A. in Sociology Nancy E. Bronstein, B.A. in History Lynne L. Brooks, B.A.Ed. R. Theodore Brott, B.S.Ed. Beverly J. Brown, B.A. in History of Art Sue C. Brown, B.S. in Chemistry Elizabeth A. Brown, B.A. in French Harvey A. Brown, B.S. in Zoology 170 Joanne T. Brown, B.B.A. Linda L. Brown, B.A. in English, Teacher ' s Cert. Theron C. Brown, B.S.Des. Margaret A. Browning, B.A. in German Pel V. Brunnett, B.S. in Biology Susan M. Brunk, B.A.Ed. William J. Bryce, B.A. in Psychology Bonnie F. Buchanan, B.A. in Speech Gale F. Buchanan, B.A. in Music Lit. Lois I. Buchman, B.A. in English Rebecca A. Buell, B.S.Ed. Carol M. Buffe, B.A. in Political Science William C. Buhl, B.S. in History Mary K. Bunge, B.A.Ed. Brooke Burgess, B.A. in French Shirley E. Burgess, B.S.Nurs. Howard A. Burkat, B.A. in Sociology Dennis J. Burke, B.A. in Psychology Kenneth S. Burnley, B.S.Ed. Mary A. Burrell, B.A. in English Roy D. Burry, B.B.A. Linda N. Burson, B.A. in Speech Sally A. Burton, B.S.Nurs. Paul S. Busch, D.D.S. Thomas L. Butch, B.A. in Political Science Jane K. Butler, B.A.Ed. Thomas K. Butterfield, B.A. in Economics William F. Buursma, B.Arch. Janice L. Byrer, B.S.Nurs. Martha J. Byrne, B.S.Des. Judith M. Caille, B.A. in English, Teacher ' s Cert. Roger R. Calam, B.S. in Zoology Catherine M. Calcaterra, B.A. in English Carl B. Calfin, D.D.S. David G. Cameron, B.A. in English Marilyn A. Campbell, B.A.Ed. Nancy J. Campbell, B.Mus. (Theory) John E. Cannehl, B.S.E. (M.E.) Marion L. Cantrall, B.A.Ed. Dominick Cardella, B.S.E. (M.E.) Kathleen A. Carey, B.S.Nurs. Sharon K. Carey, B.A.Ed. David M. Carlson, B.S. in Mathematics Jerry A. Carlson, B.S.E. (Ind.E.) Patricia A. Carlson, B.A. in English p gy ' . ' v if 171 Vickie A. Carney, B.A. in English Francine A. Carnick, B.S.Ed. Larry L. Carroll, B.B.A. Julie A. Carson, B.A. in Speech Susan O. Carter, B.S.Ed. Michael Cashman, B.A. in History Sandra J. Cassell, B.S. in Biology Robert M. Catchings, B.S. in Physics Carol J. Catrain, B.S.Nurs. Irene M. Caubet, B.S.Des., Teacher ' s Cert. Carol A. Cawthra, B.A. in Speech, Teacher ' s Cert. Donald R. Cebulski, B.S.E. (Nav.Arch.) Ray Ceriotti, B.S.E. (Ch.E.) Aroon K. Chaddha, B.S.E. (E.E.) Jagmohan S. Chahal, B.S.E. (M.E.) Robert C. Chambers, B.S.E. (M.E.) John P. Chandler, B.B.A. Ronald A. Chapman, B.B.A. Rosalyn M. Chapman, B.A. in Social Studies, Teacher ' s Cert. Barry L. Charlip, B.A. in Economics Clark J. Charnetski, B.S.Ed. Gerald B. Chattman, B.A. in English Richard S. Cheng, B.S.E. (E.E.) Mary M. Chick, B.Mus. (Theory) William R. Childs, B.S.E. (S.E.) Geraldine A. Chum, B.S.Nurs. Suzanne M. Church, B.A. in Psychology Thomas M. Church, B.S. in Physics William J. Ciaramitaro, B.S.E. (Phys.) Susan D. Citron, B.A. in English, Teacher ' s Cert. Constance D. Clancy, B.A. in French, Teacher ' s Cert. William A. Clapp, B.S.E. (E.E.) Lawrence G. Clare, B.S.E. (C.E.) Sarah B. Clementson, B.S.Des. Richard A. Cline, B.S.E. (E.E. and Math.) Kathryn E. Clough, B.S.Nurs. Thomas E. Cody, B.A. in Economics Amy W. Cohen, B.A. in French Christopher B. Cohen, B.A. in Political Science Jane S. Cohen, B.A.Ed. Larry J. Cohen, B.A. in Economics Matthew F. Cohen, B.A. in English Neil G. Cohen, M.B.A. Peggy S. Cohen, B.A. in French, Teacher ' s Cert. Robert E. Cohen, B.A. in English 172 Susan G. Cohn, B.A. in English Carole R. Golan, B.A.Ed. Susan M. Colby, B.A. in English Karen A. Cole, B.A.Ed. Norman E. Cole, B.S.E. (Ae.E.) Nancy A. Coleman, B.A. in History Edith L. Coles, B.S. in Biology, Teacher ' s Cert. James F. Colgan, B.B.A. Martha J. Collier, B.A. in Speech Correction Wayne N. Colquitt, B.S. in Biology Robert V. Colt, D.D.S. D. Duane Colwell, B.Mus. (Mus.Ed.) Michael D. Comar, D.D.S. James B. Comber, B.A. in Journalism Nancy K. Comer, B.S.Des. Harry D. Comins, B.S. in Physics Jeanne M. Common, B.A. in English Ashley A. Compau, B.S. in Biology Linda L. Connerley, B.A. in Spanish Abigail F. Conway, B.S. in Chemistry Gary L. Cook, B.Arch. Gerald A. Cook, B.S.E. (Ae.E.) Gerald S. Cook, B.A. in Pre-Legal Studies John S. Cook, B.S.E. (Ae.E.) Mary L. Cook, B.A. in Mathematics A quiet spot to finish up an assignment, weather permitting. Patricia F. Cook, B.Mus. (Mus.Ed.) Stephen G. Cook, B.A. in Economics Carol A. Coon, B.A. in English Kathleen J. Cooper, B.A. in Biology Robert W. Cooper, B.A. in Pre-Professional Studies Leon T. Copeland, B.A. in Political Science Judith E. Copperman, B.S.D.Hyg. Helene M. Corcoran, B.A. in Spanish Susan E. Corlett, B.S.Des. Charles E. Costello, B.A. in Political Science Patricia A. Costew, B.A. in Pre-Social Work Carole A. Cothran, B.S. in Mathematics Harold K. Counts, B.S. in Pre-Medical Studies Jack S. Couzens, B.A. in Philosophy Leon K. Coverly, D.D.S. Malcolm H. Cox, M.B.A. Julia K. Crafts, B.A. in Psychology Margaret A. Cramer, B.A.Ed. M. Anne Crandall, B.A. in English Andrew S. Crawford, B.S.E. (Ind.E.) Frank E. Crawford, B.S. in Industrial Arts Gary E. Crawford, B.S. in Zoology Robert J. Crawford, B.S.E. (Ae.E.) Carolyn A. Cr eighton, B.S.Nurs. Mary M. Crockett, B.S.Des. Beverly A. Cronin, B.A. in English Charles A. Grouse, B.B.A. Sandra F. Grouse, B.S. in Physical Therapy Samuel G. Crozier, M.L.Arch. Michael A. Crucitt, B.S. in Zoology Carol S. Cryderman, B.S.Nurs. Eugene F. Cseh, B.A. in History Janice J. Cucchi, B.A.Ed. Richard F. Culhane, B.A. in Geography Frances A. Gulp, B.A. in English Camilla W. Cummins, B.A. in German Cynthia R. Cunningham, M.A.Ed.Admin. Dale M. Cunningham, B.S.E. (M.E.) Joanne R. Curcurv, B.A. in Social Studies, Teacher ' s Cert. Bridget A. Curran, B.A. in Sociology Timothy J. Curtin, B.A. in Economics Linda P. Cypres, B.A. in French Mary A. Dalson, B.S.Ed. Frederich R. Damm, B.S. in English Synnove E. Damstedt, M.A. in English 174 Arthur G. Dauber, B.S. in Mathematics Thomas P. David, B.B.A. Beverly L. Davidson, B.A. in English George M. Davis, B.A.Ed. Sheela B. Davis, B.Arch. Louise C. Day, B.S.Ed. Daniel D. Dayton, B.A. in English Robert A. DeAlexandris, B.B.A. Karen K. De Boer, B.A.Ed. Cynthia A. DeBolt, B.S.Des. Marcia S. De Cann, B.S.Nurs. Linda M. Decker, B.A.Ed. Jacobo R. Dela Paz, M .B.A. Linda M. Delene, B.A. in Political Science Jacqueline M. Delaverdac, B.A. in French Joanna M. Delos, B.A. in Latin, Teacher ' s Cert. Josephine M. DeLuca, B.A. in English Carl R. Denk, B.S.E. (C.E.) Cornelia J. Dennis, B.A. in American Culture Jessie N. Dent, B.A. in English Diana L. Derby, B.A. in English Dorothy B. Deutsch, B.A.Ed. Gerrit E. De Young, B.A. in Psychology David D. Dexter, B.S. in Chemistry Steven F. Dexter, B.B.A. Barbara S. Diamond, B.S.D.Hyg. Toby Diamond, B.A. in English Jon H. Diebold, B.B.A. Roger M. Dillaber, B.S.E. (M.E.) Peter A. DiLorenzi, B.A. in History Lois P. Dirkse, B.S.Des. William E. Dirlam, B.A. in English Harold G. Dittrich, B.S.E. (Ch.E. and Math.) Brenda J. Dixon, B.S.Ed. John F. Dobbertin, B.A. in Journalism Carolyn E. Dodd, B.A.Ed. Nina M. Dodge, B.B.A. Michael F. Dogliano, B.Arch. Harvey K. Dohn, B.S.E. (Nav.Arch. and Mar.E.) Anita B. Dolgin, B.A. in English, Teacher ' s Cert. Ina J. Domke, B.S.P.H.N. Kay A. Donahue, B.A. in Pre-Professional Social Work Lorraine M. Donakowski, B.S.Des. Catherine A. Donegan, B.A. in Social Studies Ellen M. Dorstewitz, B.S.Nurs. 175 Ten more all-nighters and I ' ll be almost caught up. Stephen D. Dotson, B.A. in Pre-Legal Studies David H. Drachler, B.S. in Zoology Nancy A. Drennan, B.A.Ed. Milton C. Drott, B.S.E. (S.E.) Beverly L. Drouillard, B.A. in Geography Susan C. Druding, B.S. in Zoology Robert D. Dubrow, B.A. Ann H. Dudley, B.S. in Mathematics Edward M. Duiven, B.S.E. (Ae.E. and Astro.E.) Richard P. Duiven, M.S.E. (Ae.E.) Joanne C. Dumas, B.Mus. (Mus.Ed.) C. Wendell Dunbar, B.B.A. Henry W. Dunbar, B.A. in Political Science Donna M. Duncan, B.A. in Biology Susan L. Duncan, B.A.Ed. Diane K. Dunham, B.S. in Biology Peter L. Dunlap, B.A. in Political Science Roger A. Dunn, B.A. in History Jane M. Durham, B.A. in Political Science Joanne T. Durish, B.A.Ed. Margaret E. Dyer, B.S. in Mathematics Patricia S. Dyer, B.S.Nurs. Richard A. Earle, M.B.A. Harold H. Easton, B.A. in History Allen R. Eberhard, B.S.E. (Nav.Arch.) 176 Joseph G. Ecker, B.A. in Mathematics Jon L. Edwards, B.S.E. (Ind.E.) Howard C. Eglit, B.A. in History Lila Lee Ehrbright, B.S.Nurs. Blanche L. Ehresman, B.S. in Physical Therapy Rose S. Ehrinpreis, B.A. in English, Teacher ' s Cert. Daniel M. Eichenbaum, B.S. in Zoology Kathleen L. Eisele, B.A. in English Gerald E. Eisemann, D.D.S. Toby R. Eisenman, B.A.Ed. Leah S. Eisenstein, B.S. in Physical Therapy Loyal A. Eldridge, B.B.A. Patricia D. Elkins, B.A. in English Paula J. Elkins, B.A.Ed. Sandra R. Ellenson, B.A. in Biology Marjorie G. Eller, B.A.Ed. David S. Ellinwood, B.Arch. David R. Ellis, D.D.S. Barbara L. Ellison, B.S. in English Clark K. Elmer, B.A. in Political Science Vicki Elmer, B.A. in English John H. Emmert, B.A. in Spanish Carol J. Engel, B.A. in Mathematics Mariann C. Engelhard, B.S.Nurs. William D. Ensminger, B.A. in Zoology Robert M. Enszer, B.S. in Zoology Russell L. Epker, B.B.A. Eleanor J. Epstein, B.A.Des. Stephen H. Epstein, B.B.A. Emily Erickson, B.A. in Social Studies Naomi E. Ervin, B.S.Nurs. Karen A. Eufinger, B.S.Des. Gail A. Evans, B.A. in History Trudy E. Faber, B.A.Ed. Robert H. Fabian, B. Wood Tech. James B. Fadim, B.A. in Pre-Legal Studies Catherine S. Fairweather, B.A. in History of Art Stephen G. .A. Addie D. Farr, B.A. in History Christopher G. Farrand, B.A. in English Carole P. Farrer, B.A. in Speech Therapy Kurt H. Fauser, B.S.E. (E.E.) Judith A. Fee, B.S.Des. Charles R. Fehr, B.S.E. (E.E.) Marilyn L. Felder, B.A.Ed. P m 177 - Gail R. Feldman, B. 4. in Psychology Laurie E. Feldt, B.A. in Pre-Professional Social Work Harold C. Felty, B.A. in Germanic Languages and Literature Enid Felzen, B.A. in Psychology Rollin L. Fender, D.D.S. Brian A. Fenlon, B.Arch. Evan P. Ferber, B.Mus. (Piano) Garrie L. Ferch, B.A. in Biology Sharon K. File, B.S. in Zoology Donald J. Fine, B.A. in Economics Richard O. Fine, B.B.A. Lee H. Fineman, B.A. in Economics Susan E. Finley, B.S.Nurs. Lynn K. Fireside, B.A. in English Michael J. Fischer,. B.S. in Mathematics Barbara E. Fish, B.A.Ed. Barrie L. Fisher, B.A. in Social Studies, Teacher ' s Cert. Carolyn Fisher, B.A. in French Linda A. Fisher, B.S.Nurs. Lois C. Fisher, B.A. in English Nancy E. Fisher, B.A.Ed. Nancy J. Fisher, B.A. in French, Teacher ' s Cert. Jphnny Fishman, B.S.E. (C.E.) Mitchell J. Fivenson, B.A. in Economics Grace A. Flaherty, B.S.D.Hyg. Arnold M. Flank, B.A. in Pre-Legal Studies Robert L. Flaxman, B.A. in History Ronald N. Flies, B.Arch. Gerald W. Foess, B.S.E. (C.E.) Bernard W. Fogel, B.S. in Pre-Medical Studies Edith L. Foley, B.A.Ed. Edward P. Foley, B.S.Des. Bernard W. Folta, B.A. in English Bruce M. Foote, D.D.S. Susan L. Forbes, B.S.D.Hyg. Robert F. Forche, B.S.E. Katherine I. Ford, B.A. in Political Science Diane L. Foreman, B.S. in Actuarial Sciences Raymond J. Foresman, B.A. in Economics Sandra Forman, B.A.Ed. George H. Forrest, B.A. in History Joan M. Forrester, B.A.Ed. Joyce E. Foster, B.Mus. (Mus.Ed.) Nancy J. Foster, B.A.Ed. Marcia S. Fowler, B.S. in Zoology 178 Leslie A. Fox, B.A. in Spanish Shirley S. Fraley, B.S. in Chemistry Howard P. Franck, B.S.E. (Ch.E.) Carole B. Frank, B.A. in French, Teacher ' s Cert. Gail D. Frank, B.S. in Medical Technology Stephen H. Frankel, B.A. in Mathematics Margaret E. Franks, B.A. in Speech Janet L. Fredrick , B.A. in Far Eastern Language and Literature Ellen L. Freedman, B.A. in Social Studies Lawrence S. Freedman, D.D.S. Marcia Y. Freedman, B.A.Ed. Mary fo Freeman, B.S.Ed. Donald H. French, D.D.S. WilliamS. Frieder, B.B.A. Richard Friedland, B.S.E. (Ind.E.) Rebecca C. Friedlander, B.A. in English Ellen J. Friedman, M.A. in History Melvyn M. Friedman, B.A. in Psychology Janet C. Frieswyk, B.S.Nurs. Edward J. Fronczak, B.S.E. (E.E. and Math.) Richard S. Fronczak, D.D.S. Arthur T. Frontczak, B.S.Ed. Kathryn A. Frost, B.S.Nurs. Carol A. Fuchs, B.Mus. (Mus.Ed.) Theodore J. Gaensbauer, B.A. in History fames B. Gaffney, B.Arch. Alice C. Gage, B.S. in Zoology Sharon J. Gaidemak, B.S.Nurs. Robert R. Gailius, B.S.Des. Frank S. Galgan, B.A. in Sociology Francis E. Gallagher, B.S.E. (Phys.) Mary E. Gamble, B.S.Nurs. Howard K. Gandelot, B.S.E. (Ch.E.) Robert A. Gantzos, D.D.S. Abel Garcia-Bonilla, B.A. in Actuarial Mathematics Kathleen A. H. Gardner, B.A. in English, Teacher ' s Cert. Richard E. Gardner, B.S.Pharm. David G. Garfield, B.S.Des. Jack C. Garrett, B.A. in Philosophy Theodore J. Garrish, B.A. in Economics Diane R. Gary, B.S.Nurs. Gary C. Gasser, M.S.E. (M.E.) Robert B. Geary, B.S.E. (Mar.E.) Susan Gergel, B.A. in German Jerry W. Gerich, B.S.E. (M.E.) 179 William R. Germain, B.S.E. (Nav.Arch.) Judith A. Gerson, B.A. in Mathematics Sharolynn A. Gerzanics, B.A. in Anthropology Anne M. Getz, M.A. in English Benette Getz, B.S. in Biology Sandra J. Gibbons, B.A.Ed. Marianne Gibbs, B.A. in English Sandra J. Gibbs, B.S.Nurs. Kathleen R. Gibson, B.A. in Anthropology Judy T. Giefel, B.A.Ed. Richard M. Gilbert, B.S. in Biophysics Susan R. Gilbert, B.A.Ed. Patricia J. Gilchrist, B.S.Des. Mary K. Gillman, B.S.Nurs. Steven S. Gilson, B.B.A. Judith A. Gisser, B.A. in Social Studies, Teacher ' s Cert. Bernard N. Gitlin, D.D.S. Judi Glachman, B.A. in Speech Douglas G. Glass, B.S.E. (Nav.Arch.) Norman Glassner, B.A. in Zoology William S. Gleeson, B.A. in English Margaret L. Gliessman, B.S. in Biology Carol A. Glore, B.A. in English Dolores T. Glover, B.A.Ed. Thomas G. Goergen, B.S. in Chemistry Janet H. Goldberg, B.A. in English Sandra R. Goldberg, B.A. in Speech Correction, Teacher ' s Cert. Sheila A. Goldberg, B.S. in Medical Technology Ronald Goldfisher, B.A. in Political Science Charles D. Goldman, B.A. in History Henry R. Goldstein, B.S. in Chemistry Janet Goldstein, B.A.Ed. Loretta S. Goldstein, B.A. in Social Studies, Teacher ' s Cert. Sondra C. Golke, B.A. in German Samuel S. Gon .ales, B.A. in French David L. Good, B.A. in Journalism Beverly A. Goodell, B.S. in Biology George T. Goodis, D.D.S. Charles H. Goodman, B.A. in Political Science David L. Goodman, D.D.S. Lawrence R. Goodman, B.A. in Psychology Linda R. Goodman, B.S.Des. Maxine Gordon, B.A. in Spanish Michael D. Gordon, B.S. in Chemistry Nancy A. Gordon, B.A.Ed. 180 Thomas J. Gordon, B.A. in Political Science Leslie P. Goren, B.A. in Mathematics Gail A. Gorman, B.A. in Psychology Sheldon L. Gottlieb, B.A. in History Richard L. Gottwald, B.A. in Psychology Deborah M. Gould, B.A. in Philosophy Gale L. Gower, B.A. in History Ronald N. Brabois, B.S.E. (Ch.E. and Met.E.) Peter J. Graef, B.S.E. (E.E.) Barry D. Graff, B.A. in Psychology Gayle L. Graff, M.A. in Dance Marcia A. Graham, B.A. in English Neil D. Graham, B.B.A. Peter S. Graham, D.D.S. Mary E. Grandell, B.A. in Psychology Richard L. Granger, B.S.E. (E.E.) David J. Grant, B.A. in Psychology Linda K. Grashoff, B.A. in Psychology Alan B. Grass, B.A. in Political Science Timothy A. Graul, B.S.E. (Nov. Arch.) Nancy J. Graver, B.A.Ed. Susan S. Gray, B.A.Ed. Thomas H. Grayson, B.S.E. (Met.E.) Mark Greenbain, B.S. in Mathematics Susan Greenfield, B.A. in Speech Correction A short walk and a 15 cent cone have become part of the U. of M. tradition. D P Kay L. Gre enman, B.A. in Linguistics Barbara Greenstein, B.A. in Psychology Joan H. Greenwald, B.A. in French Frances Greisdorf, B.A. in History, Teacher ' s Cert. John S. Grill, B.S.E. (Ae.E.) Leslie L. Groff, B.S.Des. Donald G. Gronas, D.D.S. Martha E. Grant, B.S.D.Hyg. Elaine K. Grossbart, B.A. in Anthropology Ellen R. Grossman, B.A. in English Gretchen A. Groth, B.A. in Psychology Philip A. Grubbs, B.S.E. (Ae.E.) James G. Gruner, B.A. in Economics John S. Guenther, B.B.A. Yvette M. Guhl, B.A. in Journalism Kisman C. Gupta, B.S.E. (Ch.E.) Raj P. Gupta, M.S.E. (C.E.) Martin H. Gurvey, B.Mus. (Mus.Ed.) Deborah N. Gussin, B.A.Ed. Joan B. Gusten, B.A. in English Roy L. Gutknecht, B.S. in Pre-Dental Studies Leslie Y. Gutterman, B.A. in English Ilene G. Haas, B.A.Ed. Phillip E. Haase, B.S.E. (E.E.) Robert C. Haberman, B.S.E. (Mar.E.) Kathleen B. Hagan, B.S. in Biology Charlene K. Hager, B.A. in Mathematics Wendy M. Hait, B.S.Des., Teacher ' s Cert. Lawrence E. Hale, D.D.S. Marc F. Halevi, B.Arch. Marjory A. Hall, B.A. in English Sandra L. Hall, B.A. in Sociology Barbara A. Halle, B.S.Ed. Sally A. Hallen, B.A. in Social Science Janice M. Halperin, B.A. in History Thomas E. Halperin, B.A . in Zoology Carol Halpern, B.A.Ed. Miriam E. Hammerman, B.A. in English Gladys M. Hancock, B.A.Ed. Linda J. Hancock, B.A. in Economics William D. Hancock, B.S.E. (Ch.E.) Charles E. Hanna, D.D.S. Jane E. Hannah, B.A. in Sociology Richard H. Hannapel, D.D.S. Lorene S. Hansen, B.S.D.Hyg. 182 Donna J. Hardacre, B.S.D.Hyg. Marcia E. Hardy, B.A. in German Susan L. Harkonen, B.A. in Mathematics Michael J. Harmon, B.B.A. Ira G. Harris, LL.B. Mary L. Harris, B.S. in Biology, Teacher ' s Cert. William A. Harris, B.A. and B.S.E. (C.E.) Gregory R. Harrison, B.A. and B.S.E. (C.E.) Sidney A. Harrison, B.A. in Anthropology Nancy E. Hart, B.S. in Medical Technology Harold D. Hartley, B.A. in English Virginia R. Hartley, B.S.Nurs. David G. Hartman, B.B.A. John F. Hartmann, B.A. in English Curt H. Hartog, B.A. in English David E. Hartsig, B.S.E. (E.E.) David M. Hartsook, B.A. in Political Science Darcy F. Harwood, B.S. in Medical Technology David E. Hathaway, B.A. in Pre-Legal Studies Edward C. Hathaway, B.B.A. Mark R. Hauser, B.A. in Economics Donna Haven, B.B.A. Judith A. Havens, B.A. in Social Studies John A. Hawley, B.S. in Mathematics Robert O. Hayes, M.B.A. Andrea J. Hays, B.A. in French Mark T. Healy, B.A. in Economics William J. Heaphy, LL.B. Larry E. Heath, B.S. in Pre-Medical Studies Frederick B. Herbert, B.A. in Psychology Alan Heezen, M.A. in Mathematics Ruth S. Hegeman, B.S.Nurs. Susan J. Heginbottom, B.A. ir English Judith L. Heideman, B.A.Ed. George W. Heil, B.A. in Political Science Judith A. Heintz, B.A.Ed. Donald L. Heise, B.B.A. Arun V. Hejmadi, B.S.E. (Ch.E. and Met.E.) Rosalie J. Heller, B.A. in English and Political Science Thomas J. Helmreich, B.B.A. Roger A. Helms, B.A. in Mathematics Susan L. Heltman, B.S.Nurs. Bonnie S. Hendricks, B.S.D.Hyg. Sharon L. Hennick, B.A.Ed. Mark R. Henry, M.S.E. (Nav.Arch.) 183 Brent C. Herhold, B.Mus. (Mus.Ed.) Jacqueline Herkowitz, B.S.Ed. Deborah A. Herman, B.A.Ed. Judith L. Herman, B.A. in English Lothar Herrmann, B.S.E. (M.E.) John D. Herrold, B.S.Ed. Helen J. Herzog, B.A. in English Martha E. Hess, B.A.Ed. Gerald R. Heuer, B.A. in Economics Christine G. Heustis, B.S.Nurs. and R.N. David G. Hewson, B.A. in History John W. Heyt, B.S.E. (M.E.) and M.S.E. (Ind.E.) Robert A. Hiatt, B.A. in Zoology Robert D. Hiatt, B.S.Ed. James L. Hieronymus, B.S. in Physics Gwen J. Higginbottom, B.A.Ed. Florence P. Higley, B.A. in Sociology Sandra J. Hilderley, B.S.Ed. Nancy L. Hillig, B.Arch. Barbara L. Hillman, B.S.Ed. Louise R. Hindley, B.A. in Psychology Edmund M. Hinkson, B.A. in Economics David L. Hinshaw, B.S.E. (E.E.) Bruce J. Hinton, B.A. in French Helen S. Hitchman, B.A. in Economics The diag . . . home of the free and the brave. . Charles A. Hix, B.A. in English La Verne L. Hoag, B.S.E. (Ind.E.) Ann S. Hodges, B.A.Ed. Don D. Hodges, B.S. in Zoology Susan J. Hodgson, B.A.Ed. Kenneth A. Hoedeman, B.S.E. (C.E.) Gordon J. Hoeksema, D.D.S. Susan K. Hoff, B.A. in Geography Ann J. Hoffman, B.S.P.H.N. Carole R. Hoffman, B.A. in French Jeannette D. Hoffman, B.Mus. (Mus.Lit.) Mary E. Hoffman, B.A. in Political Science Judith L. Holderness, B.A.Ed. Harvey H. Hollen, B.A. in French Robert L. Holley, B.A. in Economics Barbara A. Holm, B.A. in English Thomas E. Holman, D.D.S. Ann V. Holmquist, B.A.Ed. Richard D. Holt, B.S.E. (Phys. and Math.) Lynne J. Holtan, B.S.Nurs. Gary J. Hondorp, B.B. A. David J. Hood, B.S.E. (Ae.E.) Gail H. Homer, B.A. in Psychology Bruce R. Hopkins, B.A. in Political Science Carolyn V. Hopkins, B.A.Ed. Randall M. Hori, B.A. in Political Science James A. Hough, D.D.S. David H. Houseman, B.B. A. John L. Houtman, B.S.E. (Ae.E.) Carole J. Howard, B.S.Nurs. William A. Howard, B.S. in Zoology Penny L. Howk, B.Mus. (Harp) Richard T. Hsieh, B.S.E. (E.E.) Cathee J. Huber, B.S.Nurs. Charles M. Huber, B.S.Pharm. Marsha J. Huber, B.S.D.Hyg. Lawrence S. Hudak, B.S.E. (C.E.) Barbara J. Hudson, B.A.Ed. Louis R. Huesmann, B.S. in Psychology David O. Huggett, B.A. in Zoology Jack P. Huizingh, B.S.E. (Nav.Arch. and Mar.E.) Janice M. Hulka, B.A. in French Maurice A. Hunt, B.A. in English R. Thomas Hunter, B.A. in Political Science Judy A. Hurst, B.A. in Economics 185 Carole A. Huskey, B.A. in Mathematics Holly B. Hutchens, B.A. in Anthropology Harold Hutensky, D.D.S. Marjorie S. Hutensky, B.A. in Speech Correction Diane J. Huth, B.A. in English Susan L. Hykes, B.A. in English Bert A. Hyman, B.B.A. Marcia A. Ikon, B.S. in Chemistry Judy S. Imerman, B.S.D.Hyg. Wallace W. Ip, B.S.E. (C.E.) Kenneth B. Ipson, B.S.E. (M.E.) Christine M. Irwin, B.A. in Psychology, Teacher ' s Cert. William J. Irwin, B.A.Ed. Linda D. Isaacson, B.A. in English Carol R. Isackson, B.A. in Pre-Professional Social Work Sandra J. Isenhour, B.A.Ed. Carol A. Isotalo, B.A. in English Joan B. Israel, B.A. in English Tomoaki Izumi, M.S.E. (M.E.) Philip E. Jach, B.S.E. (Ind.E.) John J. Jacisin, B.S. in Psychology Richard H. Jackson, B.S.E. (Ae.E.) Lawrence S. Jackier, B.A. in Political Science Marlene A. Jacobs, B.A.Ed. Alan H. Jaffee, B.A. in Pre-Professional Studies Susan A. Jankowski, B.A.Ed. Cornelius J. Jansma, D.D.S. Jagdish C. Janveja, M.S.E. (C.E.) Margaret E. Jeffs, B.A. in Social Studies Deborah A. Jenks, B.A. in English James W. Jensen, B.S.E. (M.E.) Robert H. Jensen, B.S.E. (Ch.E.) William F. Jerome, D.D.S. Edwinng Johnson, B.A.Ed. Henry C. Johnson, D.D.S. Janet C. Johnson, B.A. in Economics Janet R. Johnson, B.S.Nurs. Jay A. Johnson, E.E. Leonard Johnson, B.S. in Mathematics Lois G. Johnson, B.A.Ed. Nancy J. Johnson, B.A. in Philosophy Robert S. Johnson, D.D.S. Rodney V. Johnson, B.S.E. (E.E.) Sonja K. Johnson, B.S, in Mathematics Suzanne H. Johnson, B.A. in Speech 186 Terry W. Johnson, D.S.Des. William D. Johnson, B.S.E. (C.E.) Charles W. Joiner, B.S.E. (Ind.E.) Annelise Jonas, B.A. in History of Art Donald H. Jones, B.S. in Chemistry Jennifer E. Jones, B.S. in Zoology Linda J. Joseph, B.S.Ed. Lireka P. Joseph, BS.D.Hyg. Sheila G. Josephson. B.A. in American Culture Kaaren S. Joslyn, B.S.Ed. Barbara Jupiter, B.S. in Zoology Susan L. Jurgens, B.A.Ed. Gerald M. Kagan, B.Arch. Barbara E. Kahn, B.A. in History Cynthia D. Kahn, B.A. in French Thomas K. Kahn, B.A. in Political Science Carla S. Kaiser, B.A. in Spanish, Teacher ' s Cert. Ruth E. Kalmbach, B.B.A. Carol A. Kaminski, B.A. in French, Teacher ' s Cert. Roy A. Kaminsky, B.A. in English Louise Kao, B.Arch. H arriet F. Kaplan, B.A. in History Harvey L. Kaplan, B.S.Pharm. Beverly A. Karanovich, B.Mus. (Mus.Ed.) John S. Karls, B.A. in Economics Wayne M. Kartusch, B.S.Ed. Jacquelyn A. Kasabach, B.A. in History Joan E. Kasabach, B.A. in Speech Therapy JoAnne Kasiborski, B.A. in English, Teacher ' s Cert. Laurie B. Kasnow, B.S. in Speech Correction, Teacher ' s Cert. Beverly I. Katz, B.A. in English Susan R. Katz, B.S.D.Hyg. Carol T. Katzman, B.A. in English, Teacher ' s Cert. Jack B. Kauffman, B.A. in Philosophy George J. Kausler, B.S.E. (M.E.) Kathleen E. Kay, B.A. in Psychology Linda R. Kay, B.A. in Sociology Philip M. Kayman, B.B.A. Geraldine P. Kearney, B.S.P.H. Judith A. Keen, B.A. in French, Teacher ' s Cert. Donald W. Keim, B.A. in Political Science J. Donald Kelber, B.S.E. (Ind.E.) Phillip J. Kelley, B.S.E. (E.E.) Keith C. Kellog, B.A. in Zoology Patrick T. Kelly, D.D.S. f g , j L Wl 1 rZw 187 Charles C. Kelsey, D.D.S. Thomas F. Kelsey, B.A. in Geography Mary D. Kennedy, B.S.Nurs. Betsey Kenyon, B.S. in Chemistry Donald D. Kerr, D.D.S. Judith A. Kelt, B.S. in Chemistry Carole A. Keyes, B.A. in English Eleanor Kidder, B.A.Ed. James L. Kiefus, B.S.E. (Ae.E.) Winifred A. Kiger, B.S. in Medical Technology Niati N. Kiisk, B.A. in Psychology Kaye Kile, B.S.D.Hyg. Ronald H. Kilgren, B.S.E. (Phys.) Judith R. Killeen, B.A. in Psychology David D. Kim, B.S.E. (M.E. and Math.) James M. King, B.S.E. (Nav.Arch.) Roger King, B.S.E. (E.E.) Michael A. Klass, B.S. in Zoology Mary J. Klein, B.A. in Anthropology Christine L. Klemach, B.A. in Spanish, Teacher ' s Cert. Ronald I. Kline, B.S.E. (Phys.) Robert A. Kluck, B.S. in Zoology Dwight N. Klump, D.D.S. Mary E. Knake, B.A. in English, Teacher ' s Cert. J. Jeffrey Knapp, B.A. in Pre-Legal Studies Michael P. Knapp, B.A. in Political Science Carol A. Knecht, B.A. in English, Teacher ' s Cert. D. Richard Knickerbocker, B.A. in English Nancy R. Knight, B.A.Ed. Kristie S. Knoblauch, B.S.Nurs. Mary E. Knott, B.A. in English Stephen K. Knudson, B.S. in Chemistry William J. Kodros, B.A. in Geography and Economics Surinder N. Kohli, M.S.E. (C.E.) Judith I. Kohn, B.S.Ed. Frederica Komanoff, B.A. in English Lawrence W. Konopka, B.B.A. Suzanne M. Koprince, B.A. in Political Science Martin J. Korchak, B.A. in Political Science Joanna N. Koren, B.A. in Political Science, Teacher ' s Cert. Patricia L. Kosanke, B.S.Ed. Bishan Koshal, B.S.E. (E.E.) Janice A. Kostun, B.A.Ed. Sherry L. Kovan, B.A. in Speech Correction John R. Koza, B.S. in Communications Science 188 The Technic draws little attention outside the walls of Engine School. Fred R. Kramer, B.S. in Zoology Ronald L. Kramer, B.A. in Economics Virginia M. Kramer, B.A. in Mathematics Edith G. Kraska, B.S.Des. Eleanor J. Kraska, B.S.Des. Frank L. Kratky, B.Arch. Elsa C. Kravitz, B.A. in Psychology Vici S. Krazer, B.A. in Mathematics Charles F. Krebs, B.S.F. Jack A. Kremers, B.Arch. William A. Kretler, B.S. in Mathematics and Physics Judith A. Krieger, B.A. in English Lorraine L. Krieger, B.A.Ed. Betsy L. Kriegshaber, B.A. in English John L. Kripl, B.Mus. (Wind Instr.) Dennis R. Kromer, B.B.A. Rosalyn Krops, B.A.Ed. Linda J. Krull, B.A. in English Charles F. Krumm, B.S.E. (E.E.) Robert P. Krumpen, B.S.E. (Nav.Arch. and Mar.E.) Mary A. Krupp, B.A. in English Sandra A. Kruzman, B.A. in Economics Nancy A. Kuchta, B.A. in English, Teacher ' s Cert. Mary J. Kuehn, B.A.Ed. John A. Kuenzel, B.A. in English . 189 Clifford R. Kuhl, B.S.E. (Phys.) Doris T. Kuhn, B.A. in English, Teacher ' s Cert. Karen M. Kuivinen, B.A. in French Barbara A. Kukes, B.A. in English Joseph A. Kurkjian, B.S.E. (E.E.) Martha A. LaCrone, B.A. in Sociology Diana K. Ladd, B.A. in English Leslie A. Ladd, B.S.Ed. Janice M. Laeding, B.A.Ed. John T. Laetz, B.S.E. (E.E.) Joyce A. LaGoe, B.S.Nurs. Darlene J. Laidlaw, B.S.Nurs. Ann H. Laing, B.A. in English Mary K. Laitsch, B.A. in French Timothy W. Lake, E.E. A. Richard D. Lamley, B.A. in Political Science [oel H. Lamstein, B.S. in Physics John . Landa, B.S.E. (M.E.) Judy A. Lando, B.S.Ed. Eleanor M. Landsman, B.A. in Mathematics Judith A. Lane, B.A. in History, Teacher ' s Cert. Barbara A. Lanese, B.S.Nurs. Ian D. Lanoff, B.A. in Political Science David Laro, B.A. in Political Science Richard G. Larry, B.A. in German Ellen W. Larsen, B.S. in Zoology Donna R. Larson, B.A. in Russian Vicki L. Larson, B.S.Des. Amy B. Lass, B.M us. (Mus.Ed.) Susan A. Latchaw, B.A. in English Lawrence P. Lauria, B.A. in English Helle A. Laursen, B.A. in German Robert E. Lavine, D.D.S. Louise B. Lavitt, B.A. in Mathematics, Teacher ' s Cert. Laura Lazar, B.S. in Zoology Barbara A. Lazarus, B.A. in History Richard J. Leach, B.A. in Pre-Medical Studies William A. Leaf, B.A. in Psychology Joan B. Lebedinsky, B.A. in Spanish Dawn C. Ledinsky, B.A. in Social Science Donald E. Lee, B.Arch. Robert G. Lee, B.S. in Zoology Russell F. Lee, B.S.E. (Meteor.) David C. Leedy, B.A. in English Patricia M. Lehner, B.S.Ed. . 190 Lynne D. Lemmerhirt, B.S.Nurs. Patricia A. Lendzion, B.A.Ed. Robert G. Lenhard, B.S.E. (Ae.E.) Marcia E. Lentz, B.A. in History of Art Thomas A. Leonard, B.S.E. (E.E.) Diane M. LePlae, B.A.Ed. Judith S. Lepofsky, B.A. in Political Science Michael A. Lerner, B.B.A. Sharon L. Leslie, B.S.E. (S.E.) Susan F. Lesser, B.A. in English Jo-Ann G. Level, B.S.Nurs. Hervey P. Levin, B.B.A. Michael D. Levin, B.A. in Sociology Barry Levine, B.A. in Economics Sharon R. Levine, B.A. in Spanish, Teacher ' s Cert. William J. Levinson, B.A. in English Barbara R. Levy, B.A. in English John S. Levy, B.A. in History Lawrence A. Levy, B.A. in Political Science MarkS. Levy, B.B.A. Judith A. Lewis, B.A. in American Culture Anita S. Lezell, B.B.A. Suzanne J. L ' Heureux, B.A.Ed. David S. Lichtenstein, B.A. in Political Science Stewart B. Lieberman, B.A. in Political Science Susan S. Light, B.A. in Mathematics, Teacher ' s Cert. Philip T. Lincoln, B.A. in American Culture Anne E. Lindeman, B.S.Ed. James I. Linden, B.A. in Economics Frederick M. Lindholm, B.A. in Philosophy Marcia A. Lindow, B.S.Ed. Stephen A. Linker, B.B.A. David G. Linter, B.S.E. (Nav.Arch.) Sandra D. Lipkin, B.A. in Political Science Iris Lipkowitz, B.A. in History Larry J. Livingston, B.Mus. (Wind Instr.) Kirsti A. Lobingier, B.A. in Social- Anthropology Dorothy A. Locy, B.S.Ed. Sandra L. Loessel, B.S.Nurs. Lennart H. Lofstrom, B.S. in Chemistry Tiffany A. Loftus, B.A. in English David B. Logan, B.Mus. (Mus.E.) Irma N. Lopez, B.A. in English Greta L. Lorge, B.A. in Biology Carol I. Loughm an, B.S. in Zoology 191 A pretty companion . . . study aid or diversion? Vi4 jjSb kf Frederick J. Low, B.S.E. (E.E.) Robert T. Lowe, B.A. in Political Science Roger A. Lowenstein, B.A. in English and History Richard E. Lowenthal, B.Mus. Barbara E. Loy, B.S.Ed. Penny G. Lozoff, B.A. in English Stanley Lubin, B.A. in Political Science Donald L. Luclden, B.Mus. (Mus.Lit.) Frank A. Lude, B.S. in Actuarial Science Judith A. Ludwig, B.S. in Mathematics Norman J. Luebke, B.S. in Mathematics David O. Lundin, B.A. in English Neil }. Lurie, B.A. in Political Science Norman A. Lurie, B.S.E. (S.E.) Patricia A. Lutes, B.A.Ed. Karl F. Lutomski, D.D.S. James C. Lutzke, B.A. in Political Science James L. Luxon, B.S. in Physics Linda J. Lyall, B.A. in Psychology Barbara L. Lyndon, B.A.Ed. Charles A. Lynn, B.A. in Zoology Luanne N. Lyon, B.S.Nurs. Linda J. Lyons, B.A. in English Samuel R. MacArthur, B.S.E. (M.E.) Martha C. MacDonald, B.A.Ed. 192 Norman C. Mack, B.S.E. (Ch.E.) Kathleen A. MacKichan, B.A. in Spanish Robert B. Macklin, B.S.E. (Phys.) John D. Mackstaller, B.A. in Economics Judy R. Madam, B.A.Ed. Donald B. MacRitchie, B.S.E. (C.E.) Ronald W. MacRitchie, B.S.E. (C.E.) Mary K. Madden, B.A. in English Erwin Madorsky, D.D.S. Allen H. Magnuson, B.S.E. (Nav.Arch.) Judith A. Mahaffy, B.S.Nurs. Mary L. Mahoney, B.A.Ed. Carl C. Maier, B.A. in French Charles S. Maiorana, B.S.E. (Nav.Arch.) Gerald M. Major, B.B.A. Helen T. Malikan, B.S.Des. Bonnie S. Malkin, B.A. in English, Teacher ' s Cert. Michael D. Malkin, B.A. in Zoology Robert G. Mallen, B.S. in Chemistry Mitchell Mallin, B.A. in Mathematics Hustow R. Mallory, D.D.S. Barbara L. Malone, B.S.Nurs. Philip C. Make, B.S.E. (Ae.E. and Math.) Roy A. Mamiya, B.S.E. (E.E.) Avis L. Mandel, B.A. in English Richard W. Mandel, B.A. in Pre-Legal Studies Marcia A. Marcotte, B.A. in History, Teacher ' s Cert. David D. Marcus, B.A. in English Cynthia J. Margolis, B.A. in History Michael M. Margolis, B.A. in History, Teacher ' s Cert. Allan T. Maris, B.S.E. Joy R. Mariuz, B.S.Nurs. Carole J. Markeson, B.A.Ed. John E. Markiewicz, B.A. in History Jane E. Marquard, B.B.A. Susan K. Marshall, B.A.Ed. Kathie G. Marston, B.A. in Geography B. Jane Martin, B.A.Ed. Marilyn G. Martin, B.S.Nurs. William R. Martin, B.A. in Social Studies Lucy Marton, B.S. in Chemistry Charles C. Masser, M.S.E. (EM.) Joseph B. Mason, B.S.E. (Ind.E.) Cornelius A. Mast, B.S.E. (E.E.) William L. Matheson, B.S.E. (E.E.) 193 Dwight J. Mathews, fi.S.. (Ind.E. and Math.) James K. Mathie, fi.S.. (M..; Keishiroto Matsumoto, M.B.A. Robert J. Matthias, B.B.A. Mary A. Matulaitis, B.A. in Mathematics Darlene J. Maurer, B.A.Ed. Joyce A. Maxwell, B.S.D.Hyg. John L. May, B.S. in Mathematics Ann E. Mayer, B.A. in German Joseph A. Mazur, B.B.A. Harold M. McCaffery, D.D.S. William C. McCallum, D.D.S. William J. McCann, B.Mus. (Mus.Ed.) George A. McCarty, B.A. in Pre-Mcdical Studies David C. McChesney, D.D.S. Nancy E. McClurg, B.A. in English Janet R. McConkey, B.S.Ed. Sharon A. McCrary, B.A. in History, Teacher ' s Cert. Bonnie J. McDermid, B.A. in English Douglas S. McDowell, B.A. in Economics Patricia L. McGinty, B.A. in Speech Correction Allen P. McKee, B.A. in Economics Lennon H. McKendry, B.S. in Chemistry Robert K. McKenzie, B.A. in History John R. McKinnon, B.S.E. (Ind.E.) Judith A. McKinney, B.S. in Speech Therapy John D. McLaren, B.S.Ed. James R. McLeod, B.S.E. (Ae.E. and Astro.E.) Robert W. McMahon, M.B.A. Michael L. McMillan, B.S.E. (Ch.E.) Lillian E. McPherson, B.A. in English Robert O. McPhilimy, B.B.A. Douglas A. Mead, B.S.F. Willard H. Mechem, B.A.Ed. Marilyn L. Meeks, B.S. in Zoology Jane E. Meeuwsen, B.A.Ed. Malcolm E. Meistrell, D.D.S. Stevan Melzian, B.S.Des. Alan A. Mende l, B.B.A. Martha R. Menge, B.A.Ed. Richard W. Mercer, B.A. in English James L. Meretta, B.B.A. Liina Mets, B.A. in German Ann J. Meyer, B.A. in Psychology Jeanne A. Meyer, B.A. in English 194 Edgar A. Meyering, D.D.S. Elizabeth L. Meyers, B.A.Ed. Lawrence B. Meyers, B.S.E. (M.E.) Marsha K. Meyers, B.S. in Microbiology Melissa Myers, M.Mus. (Mus.Ed.) Peggy J. Meyers, B.A. in French Williams J. Michals, B.S.E. (E.E.) Bernadette Mieczkowski, B.S.Nurs. Jerilee G. Miles, B.A. in Psychology Patricia A. Miles, B.S. in Mathematics, Teacher ' s Cert. Barbara A. Miller, B.A.Ed. Beth E. Miller, B.A. in English Loupatti K. Miller, M.Mus. (Theory) Theodore N. Miller, B.A. in Philosophy Wayne H. Miller, B.S.Ed. Marcia C. Millet, B.A. in Geography Stephen J. Millman, B.S. in Zoology and Anthropology Craig W. Mishler, B.A. in English Ralph H. Mitchel, B.S.E. (E.E. and Math.) Randall L. Mitchell, B.A. in Actuarial Science Emily R. Mobley, B.A.Ed. H. Mary Mohn, B.S.Nurs. John B. Monaghan, B.S.E. (M.E.) David J. Montgomery, B.A. in Mathematics Merry L. Montonye, B.S.Ed. Brian A. Moore, B.S.E. (C.E.) George R. Moore, B.S. in Pre-Professional Studies Jon M. Moore, M.A. in Communication Sciences Linda R. Moore, B.A.Ed. Melvin R. Moore, B.A. in English Richard R. Moore, B.S.E. (E.E.) John R. Moorhead, B.S.E. (C.E.) Arnold P. Morawa, D.D.S. Frank J. Morrey, B.A. in Psychology Edgar M. Morrill, B.S.E. (Ind.E.) Benjamin A. Morris, B.B.A. Judith M. Morris, B.A.Ed. Linda J. Morris, B.S.Nurs. Anne Morton, B.A. in English Laura R. Moseley, B.A. in English, Teacher ' s Cert. Mary C. Mosher, B.A.Ed. Mary A. Moss, B.A. in English Robert D. Moulton, B.A. in Psychology Joel A. Mowrey, B.S.E. (Ch.E. and Met.E.) Sandra A. Moxlow, B.S.Nurs. a 195 Ashley C. Mulholland, B.S.Des. Priscilla B. Mullen, B.A. in Speech George B. Mullison, B.A. in Sociology Diane E. Mundhenk, B .A. in English Martha J. Munn, B.S.Des. Richard W. Munt, B.S.E. (Ae.E.) Marsha A. Munvez, B.A.Ed. Maria J. Murphy, B.A. in English, Teacher ' s Cert. Martin H. Murphy, B.A. in English Sharon M. Muskovitz, B.A. in Political Science, Teacher ' s Cert. Bhaskararao Mutyala, M.S.E. (M.E.) Kathleen J. Myron, B.A. in Journalism Henry J. Naasko, B.Mus. (Mus.Ed.) Dolores Nachman, B.A. in Spanish Diane E. Nadell, B.A. in Pre-Professional Social Work Julie C. Nagler, B.A. in English Raymond Nastally, D.D.S. Allan I. Nathan, B.A. in English Marcia E. Nathan, B.A. in Spanish Edward F. Navoy, B.A. in Mathematics, Teacher ' s Cert. Thomas L. Nederveld, B.S.Nat.Resources and Wildlife Man. John M. Neis, B.B.A. Barbara J. Nelson, B.S.Nurs. David A. Nelson, B.A. in Political Science and Geography James K. Nelson, B.S.E. (Ch.E. and Met.E.) Judith A. Nelson, B.A. in History Keith E. Nelson, B.A. in History Vicki L. Nelson, B.S. in Biology William L. Nelson, B.S. in Chemistry David J. Nemacheck, B.B.A. Blythe M. Nemiroff, B.A. in Psychology Karen R. Neumann, B.A. in Spanish Anna R. Newland, B.A. in Spanish Harold M. Newland, B.A. in Geography Philip R. Newman, B.A. in Psychology Dorothy L. Nicholls, B.A. in Speech Correction James M. Nichols, B.S.E. (E.E. and Math.) Margaret E. Nichols, B.A. in Biology Betty A. Nielsen, B.A.Ed. Judith K. Nielson, B.A. in History of Art Phillip B. Niffenegger, B.B.A. Lawrence H. Nitz, B.A. in Political Science Fatricia L. Noah, B.S. in Mathematics ijarol T. Nora, B.S. in Chemistry Odd H. Nornes, B.S.E. (C.E.) 196 Mary B. Norton, B.A. in History Judith A. Nottoli, B.S. in Physical Therapy Marvin Novetsky, D.D.S. Jennie N. Nunn, B.S.Ed. Alice E. Nuttall, B.A. in English Philip A. Nyhuis, B.A. in English Paul W. Oakes, B.S. in Zoology Lou Ellen Oakley, B.S.Des. Elizabeth A. Gates, B.A.Ed. Charles D. O ' Connell, B.S.E. (E.E.) Ronald D. Offley, B.S.E. (Ch.E. and C hem.) John H. Ogden, B.S.E. (M.E.) Anne C. Ohlson, B.A. in History of Art Judith Okrent, B.A. in Economics, Teacher ' s Cert. Betty L. Oja, B.S.Nurs. Emin Oker, M.S.E. (M.E.) Arlene E. Olechowski, B.S.Des. Suzanne F. Oleszczuk, B.A.Ed. Robert H. Ollison, B.A. in Economics David J. Olmstead, B.A. in Economics Alexandra R. Omalev, B.A. in English David G. Ong, B.A. in Economics Susan L. Oppel, B.S.Nurs. Diane V. Oppenneer, B.A. in History Andrew Orlin, B.A. in History Students demonstrate against discrimination. 197 mmm ty f ' fc?? " 1 f V .- i ' ; -v 1 _ A - . Ann L. Orth, fl.,4 .Ed. Victoria J. Osborn, B.A. in German, Secretary ' s Cert. John H. Osgood, D.D.S. Ruth J. Oster, B.S. in Mathematics Jane M. Otteson, B.A. in French, Teacher ' s Cert. Robert B. Ouellette, D.D.S. Jill W. Ovens, B.A. in Sociology William G. Ovens, B.S.E. (M.E.) Ann E. Pace, B.S. in Zoology Nancy L. Pahl, B.A.Ed. Parimal C. Pal, M.S.E. (C.E.) Michael R. Palmisano, B.S.Ed. Albert Y. Pan, B.S.E. (Nav.Arch.) Carol D. Pantalone, B.A.Ed. Elin E. Panzar, B.A. in German and French Dennis A. Parker, B.S. in Pre-Medical Studies Emily B. Parker, B.A.Ed. Robert B. Parker, B.A. in Psychology Robert R. Parker, B.B.A. Stephen L. Parker, B.S.E. (E.E.) Frances V. Parr, B.A. in English John T. Parsons, B.S. in Mathematics David L. Passman, B.A. in Political Science Nancy E. Pastor, B.S.Des., Teacher ' s Cert. Ann Q. Paulson, B.A. in English, Teacher ' s Cert. Jacqueline J. Paulus, B.A.Ed. Lori Pavian, B.A. in Economics Dana W. Paxson, B.S.Des. Florence J. Paxson, B.A. in Social Studies Jay W. Pease, B.S.E. (Ind.E.) Michael S. Pecherer, B.S. in Zoology Raymond E. Pecsar, Ph.D. (Ch.E.) Alfred M. Pelham, B.B.A. Pamela J. Peltz, B.S.D.Hyg. James D. Penar, B.S. in Physics Jean R. Pence, B.A. in English, Teacher ' s Cert. Carole E. Pendorf, B.A.Ed. Robert J. Penegor, B.A. in Economics Patricia A. Pengelly, B.A.Ed. William Peppo, B.A. in Pre-Professional Studies Elizabeth A. Perrin, B.S. in Medical Technology Richard V. Perry, B.Mus. (Mus.Ed.) Linda E. Pershing, B.A. in French Norman G. Peslar, B.S.E. (Ind.E.) H. Michael Peter, B.A. in Psychology 198 Carol A. Peters, M.A. in English Frances P. Petraitis, B.S. in Physics Keith S. Peyton, B.S.E. (Ch.E.) James W. Pfister, B.A. in Political Science Walter G. Pieper, B.S.E. (Mar.E.) B. Lawrence Pierce, B.S. in Chemistry David J. Pike, B.S.E. (C.E.) Ursula Pikoske, B.A. in English Rick S. Piltz, B.A. in Psychology Laurie B. Pines, B.A. in Mathematics Michael S. Pinkert, B.S.E. (E.E.) Sophia C. Pinkerton, B.A. in History of Art Marilyn K. Pittner, B.S.Nurs. Phillip J. Pixley, D.D.S. Jacqueline L. Plamondon, B.S.Ed. Nadine I. Plavnick, B.A.Ed. Judith A. Plett, B.S.Des. Judith I. Plotnik, B.A.Ed. Harold Plotnik, D.D.S. Ralph E. Plott, B.Arch. James ].Podel , B.B.A. Barbara S. Pollak, B.A. in Biology, Teacher ' s Cert. Albert A. Pollard, B.S. in Biology Catherine R. Policy, B.A.Ed. Robert P. Polleys, B.S. in Pre-Dental Studies Nancie L. Pollock, B.S.Nurs. Malcolm M. Ponder, M.B.A. Gary T. Poole, B.S.E. (E.E.) Mary Jo Porter, B.S.Nurs. Ronald P. Portnoff, B.S. in Bacteriology Julianne M. Powell, B.A.Ed. Edward H. Powers, B.A. in Pre-Legal Studies Marilynn Pratt, B.A.Ed. Mary A. Pratt, B.A. in History of Art Warren L. Prelesnik, B.S.E. (Ind.E.) Susan K. Pretzer, B.A.Ed. Janice L. Price, B.S.Nurs. Rosalind A. Price, M.S. in Speech Ilze Z. Prikulis, B.S.Des. Roger L. Primmer, M.A. in Actuarial Science Marilyn V. Pritzman, B.A.Ed. James V. Prochazka, B.S. in Zoology Richard P. Prust, B.S.E. (E.E.) Jerrilynn Pudschun, B.A. in English John W. Puffer, B.S.E. (Ind.E.) PP 9 _krt 199 John W. Pugsley, B.A. in Economics Swamidas K. Punwani, M.S.E. (M.E.) Karin J. Purdy, B.S. in Medical Technology Martha L. Purdy, B.B.A. Lyn M. Radewagen, B.A. in Pre-Professional Social Work Joyce A. Radin, B.S.Ed. Sharon L. Raftshol, B.A. in English, Teacher ' s Cert. David H. Raitt, B.A. in Economics Beverly J. Ralis, B.A. in Mathematics, Teacher ' s Cert. Mary E. Rambo, M.A. in History Ellen K. Ramee, B.A. in English Sandra E. Ramey, B.S.Nurs. Donald L. Ramsey, B.S.E. (E.E.) David L. Randall, B.S.E. (E.E. and Math.) L. Scott Randall, B.S.E. (S.E.) Josephine Rangus, B.A.Ed. Ellen C. Raphael, B.A. in English Naomi J. Rapport, B.S. in Chemistry Janet S. Rasey, B.S. in Zoology Nancy J. Rattner, B.A. in Political Science Paul R. Rattray, B.A. in Social Studies, Teacher ' s Cert. James G. Ravin, B.A. in History of Art Donna L. Rayle, B.A.Ed. Shirley E. Rayle, B.A. in Social Studies Steven S. Raymer, B.A. in Economics " You think you ' ve got problems? " William B. Raymer, B.A. in English Kathie K. Reading, B.S.Nurs. Susan J. Reavis, B.A. in French, Teacher ' s Cert. Thomas Rebane, B.S. in Physics Joan M. Reder, B.S.Nurs. Paul M. Redstone, B.S. in Chemistry David L. Reed, B.A. in History Thomas E. Reed, D.D.S. Charles E. Reeves, B.S. in Pre-Professional Studies David }. Reichman, B.S. in Economics Ronald I. Reicin, B.B.A. Gail A. Reinj,B.A.Ed. Louise Reiner, B.A. in English Perry W. Remaklus, M.B.A. Alfred S. Remsen, B.A. in History James T. Renfrew, B.S. in Mathematics Duane W. Reno, B.S.E. (M.E.) David S. Replogle, B.S.E. (M.E.) Kathryn L. Repta, B.A. in Political Science Elaine M. Resmer, B.A. in English Sherry L. Resnick, B.A.Ed. Adrienne I. Ressler, B.A.Ed. John K. Restrick, B.B.A. Arthur L. Retberg, B.S.E. (E.E.) Arnold Revzin, B.S.E. (Ch.E. and Math.) Richard G. Reynolds, B.A. in Journalism Frederick W. Rhines, B.A. in History James E. Rice, B.S.E. (Phys. and Math.) Nancy M. Richards, B.A. in Economics Brenda L. Richardson, B.A. in English William M. Richardson, B.S.E. (Ind.E.) James W. Richhart, B.A. in Mathematics Harry J. Richter, B.S. in Pre-Professional Studies Alice S. Rickel, B.A. in English John M. Rickel, LL.B. Stephanie A. Riddell, B.A. in English Carol A. Riegel, B.A. in French Paul G. Riewald, B.S.E. (Ch.E. and Met.E.) Marie L. Riffelmacher, B.B.A. James L. Rigelhaupt, B.A. in History Jocelyn M. Riley, B.S.Ed. Harvey M. Ring, B.S.E. (Phys.) Douglas C. Roach, B.B.A. John S. Roadhouse, B.A. in History Richard N. Rabb, D.D.S. 5 $ L w4rttA44 rV J l r V teJ 201 Bonita J. Robbins, B.A. in Psychology Penny M. Robertson, B.A. in Political Science, Teacher ' s Cert. Charles R. Robinson, B.S. in Zoology Donna E. Robinson, B.A. in German Susan A. Robinson, B.S.Nurs. Thomas G. Robinson, D.D.S. William H. Robinson, B.S.E. (Ae.E. and Astro.E.) Judith A. Rockwell, B.A.Ed. Paul B. Rockwell, D.D.S. Robert A. Rodes, B.A. in Economics Ricardo Rodriguez, B.S.E. (Ind.E.) Frederick L. Roeser, D.D.S. Kathy L. Rogalski, B.S.Ed. Charles M. Rogers, B.A. in English Susan Rogers, B.S.Ed. Susan K. Roggin, B.A. in English, Teacher ' s Cert. Patricia L. Rollinger, B.S.Nurs. Jack D. Rollins, B.A. in English Norbert C. Roobaert, B.S.E. (Ch.E. and Chem.) Walter R. Rood, B.S. in Physics Peter C. Roos, B.A. in Pre-Medical Studies Mary M. Root, B.A.Ed. Robert B. Rosalsky, B.S. in Mathematics Carter S. Rose, B.S.E. (E.E.) Marlene L. Rose, B.A. in English Stanley M. Rosenbaum, B.A. in Psychology Helene J. Rosenberg, B.S. in Psychology Jerome H. Rosenberg, B.A. in English Noreen L. Rosenberg, B.S. in Psychology Robert A. Rosenberg, B.A. in Economics Trudy L. Rosenberg, B.A. in Speech Correction Glenn A. Rosin, M.D. Earl M. Rosner, B.A. in Anthropology Cynthia E. Ross, B.S.Ed. Pamela L. Ross, B.S.Nurs. Laird P. Roth, B.S. in Biophysics Michael J. Roth, B.S. in Pre-Medical Studies Peter N. Roth, B.S.E. (Nav.Arch. and Mar.E.) Sally T. Rothfus, B.A. in Journalism Roger K. Route, B.S.E. (E.E.) Wilfred A. Roy, B.A. in Economics James A. Royal, B.A. in French Carol A. Rubach, B.A. in Sociology Judith E. Rubenstein, B.A. in History Donna P. Ruch, B.A. in English 202 Priscilla M. Ruesink, B.A.Ed. Frank C. Rugani, D.D.S. Rosalie A. Rush, B.A.Ed. Rae Z. Ruskin, B.S.Des. Raymond L. Rusnak, B.A. in History Mary-Love Russell, B.S.Ed. John P. Rutherford, B.A. in History Rebecca J. Rutherford, B.A. in Sociology Richard M. Ruud, B.B.A. Earl M. Ryan, B.A. in Political Science Karen L. Ryan, B.A. in French Michael D. Ryan, D.D.S. Carolyn D. Rybicki, B.A. in Psychology Lawrence J. Rychlick, B.A. in Far Eastern Studies Lawrence J. Rydell, B.S.E. (Ae.E.) William A. Sable, B.A. in Economics Lydia S. Sachs, B.A. in Sociology Gary L. Sackett, B.B.A. Archie A. Sader, B.A. in Economics Grace L. Saefke, B.Mus. (Mus.Ed.) Frank M. Safran, B.B.A. Aviva D. Sagalovitch, B.A.Ed. Karen L. Sager, B.A. in Sociology Paul T. Sago, B.A. in Mathematics Linda G. Sahlmark, B.S.Nurs. Robert L. Sain, B.A. in Philosophy Richard E. Salay, B.S.Des. Elyse B. Salinger, B.A. in English, Teacher ' s Cert. Mary F. Sample, B.S. in Physics Jay A. Sampson, B.S.E. (Phys.) Wendy J. Sanderson, B.S.D.Hyg. Mark R. Sandstrom, B.S. in Mathematics Lucille M. Santini, B.S. in Physical Therapy Naomi R. Saslaw, B.A. in English Gloria D. Sauer, B.S. in Sociology Florence G. Saunders, B.A. in English Linda C. Saunders, B.A. in Speech Esther P. Savitz, B.A. in French James K. Sayre, B.S.E. (Met.E.) Christy J. Schad, B.S.D.Hyg. Sarah J. Schaeffer, B.S.Des. John A. Scochin, B.A. in Journalism Nickolas S. Sekles, B.A.Ed. }ay G. Selle, B.S. in Zoology Morris R. Shechtman, B.A. in English 203 David R. Schenk, B.B.A. John E. Schenk, B.S.E. (C.E.) Mark K. Scherba, B.S.E. (E.E.) Charles D. Schewe, B.A. in Economics Cynthia A. Schiff, B.A. in Mathematics Joan C. Schihl, B.A. in Psychology Stephen Schlakman, B.A. in History Robert E. Schlenker, B.S. in Mathematics Gloria A. Schmidt, B.A.Ed. Jack H. Schmidt, B.A. in Journalism Sandra E. Schmier, B.A. in French Gail M. Schneider, B.A. in Mathematics George J. Schneider, B.S.E. (Nav.Arch. and EM.) Charles I. Schneiderman, B.A. in Economics William R. Schnell, B.S.E. (E.E. and Math.) Susan A. Scholle, B.A. in Political Science Robert N. Schouman, B.S. in Wood Technology Michal Schover, B.A. in English Ellen A. Schroeder, B.A. in Political Science David H. Schroen, B.S.E. (Ae.E.) Jeffrey A. Schuler, B.S.E. (E.E.) Martha Schulz, B.A. in Literature Denah E. Schuman, B.S. DCS. Ellen N. Schwartz, B.A. in Pre-Legal Studies Herbert N. Schwartz, B.A. in Political Science Linda M. Schwartz, B.A. in Mathematics, Teacher ' s Cert. John G. Schweinsberg, B.S. in Mathematics Suellyn Schwied, B.A. in Pre-Medical Studies Meredith L. Seapy, B.S.Nurs. John A. Sebert, B.A. in History Elizabeth M. Seebald, B.S.Nurs. Helene H. Seeder, B.S. in Chemistry Martha A. Seeley, B.A. in Sociology Sima R. Segall, Pre-Professional Studies Eugene R. Seib, M.S.E. (Mar.E.) Nancy F. Seifer, B.A. in French Jean Seinsheimer, M.A. in Counseling Kelly E. Selman, B.A. in Zoology William P. Selmeier, B.S.E. (Ind.E.) Josefina Z. Sevilla, Ph.D. in Zoology James S. Sexsmith, B.B.A. Karen M. Seyfarth, B.A. in Psychology Barbara A. Shadley, B.A.Ed. Kathryn A. Shaffer, M.Mus. (Mus.Ed.) Jerold J. Shapiro, B.A. in Pre-Legal Studies 204 The pause that refreshes. Steven R. Shapiro, B.S. in Pre-Professional Studies Mervin S. Sharfman, B.A. in Actuarial Science Ramesh C. Sharma, M.S.E. (C.E.) Susan E. Sharron, B.A. in French and English, Teacher ' s Cert. Phyllis K. Shearer, B.A. in Psychology Adelbert I. Sheeley, B.S.E. (E.E.) Stephen E. Shefman, B.A. in Philosophy Ruth Shelby, B.A. in Sociology Dorothy F. Sheldon, B.S. in Physical Therapy Barbara S. Shelley, B.S.Des. Jon C. Sheppard, B.S.E. (Ch.E.) David C. Sheridan, B.S.E. (M.E.) Sylvia F. Shever, B.A. in English, Teacher ' s Cert. Aiko B. Shigemasa, B.S.Des. Darleen M. Shipley, B.A.Ed. Golda S. Shkolnick, B.A. in Spanish, Teacher ' s Cert. Alan Z. Shulman, B.A. in Political Science Carol S. Shulman, B.S.D.Hyg. Linda Shulman, B.A. in Social Studies, Teacher ' s Cert. Edwin N. Sidman, B.A. in Political Science Paula S. Siegel, B.A. in History Susan J. Siegel, B.A. in English Linda M. Sigsby, B.S.Nurs. Thomas E. Silfen, B.A. in English Lawrence C. Silton, B.S. in Mathematics 205 C f v- , W Rochelle L. Silver, B.A. in Mathematics Daniel N. Silverfarb, B.A. in History John L. Silverman, B.S.E. (Ind.E.) Robert M. Simms, B.A. in Economics Janet R. Simon, B.S.Ed. Wendy N. Simon, B.A. in English Robert B. Sims, B.S. in Communication Sciences Margaret G. Sinclair, B.A. in Speech Roger W. Sinderman, B.S.E. (S.E.) Suzanne L. Sinkin, B.S. in Biology Catherine A. Sipe, B.A. in Social Science, Teacher ' s Cert. Baiba Skrivelis, B.B.A. Robert E. Slade, M.P.H. Edward C. Sladek, B.S. in Zoology Kirk Slasor, B.S.Des. Michael W. Slattery, B.B.A. Mina R. Slawin, B.A.Ed. Diane K. Slinker, B.A. in Mathematics Robert W. Sloane, B.S. in Zoology Jack O. Slot, D.D.S. Richard P. Slowitsky, B.A. in Psychology Linda J. Smalley, B.A. in Mathematics Dennis A. Smallwood, B.A. in Psychology Thomas M. Smallwood, D.D.S. Charles A. Smiley, B.S. in Zoology Richard L. Smit, B.S.E. (C.E.) Betty Jean Smith, B.S.Des., Teacher ' s Cert. Florence J. Smith, B.S.Nurs. Gene E. Smith, Ph.D. (M.E.) Glen C. Smith, Ph.D. (Ch.E.) Harold J. Smith, B.A. in History Hendrick S. Smith, M.B.A. James A. Smith, B.A. in English Karen L. Smith, B.S.Nurs. Patricia C. Smith, B.Mus. (Mus.Ed.) Peter G. Smith, B.A. in French Roxana J. Smith, B.A.Ed. Stephanie N. Smith, B.S.D.Hyg. Susan L. Smith, B.S.Nurs. Sweetman R. Smith, B.A. in History Wayne H. Smith, B.S.E. (Ind.E.) William F. Smith, B.A. in Economics Florence J. Smolen, B.A. in History Bonnie L. Snepp, B.S. in Physical Therapy Elizabeth A. Snow, B.A. in Social Studies 206 Kwok-Cheung So, B.S.E. (E.E. and Math.) Stanley I. Soffin, B.A. in Journalism Arthur R. Solomon, B.S. in Mathematics Fern Solomon, B.S. in Mathematics Linda P. Solomon, B.A. in Mathematics Martha L. Sommerfeld, B.S. in Chemistry Nels P. Sorensen, D.D.S. William C. Southworth, B.S.E. (Ind.E.) Russell L. Sparks, B.S.E. (E.E.) Janet G. Spencer, B.A.Ed. Larry N. Spencer, B.S.E. (Ch.E.) George H. Sperlbaum, B.S.E. (Ind.E.) Sandra L. Spiceland, B.A.Ed. Leonard D. Spicer, B.S. in Chemistry Sherryl A. Spietz, B.A. in Political Science Larry J. Spilkin, B.B.,4. Leonard A. Spoelman, B.S.E. (E.M.) Robert A. Sprowl, B.A. in Economics Sherry L. Srog, B.A. in French, Teacher ' s Cert. Mimi M. Staelin, B.A.Ed. Stephen Staich, B.S.E. (E.E. and Math.) Andriana C. Stamos, B.Mus. (Voice) James A. Stamos, B.S.E. (Ae.E.) David W. Stamps, B.S.E. (E.E.) Lawrence R. Stark, B.S.E. (M.E.) Becky A. Staton, B.A. in English Michael A. Sleeker, B.S. in Zoology Roger W. Steed, B.A. in English Thomas f. Steffe, B.A. in Pre-Professional Studies Marc H. Steglitz. B.B.A. Avrum M. Stein, B.S. in Zoology Robert M. Stein, B.A. in History Sally A. Stein, B.A. in Sociology Amiram Steinberg, B.S.E. (Nav.Arch.) Patricia J. Steinberger, B.A. in Russian Gail S. Steinitz, B.A. in English Irene S. Steltzer, B.S. in Medical Technology Phyllis D. Stepaic, B.A. in English Inara Z. Stepe, B.S. in Chemistry Harry K. Stephen, B.S.E. (Ind.E.) Jeanne E. Stephens, B.A. in Biology, Teacher ' s Cert. Ruth I. Stephenson, B.B.A. Ricke P. Stern, B.Mus. (Mus.Ed.) Jan Steuer, B.A.Ed. Judith M. Stevens, B.S.Nurs. 111 207 The crowds gather for a bit of social climbing. Barbara M. Stewart, B.S.Nurs. Harold A. Stewart, fi.S.F. Joseph L. Stewart, B.S. in Zoology Leila M. Stewart, B.S. in Biology Ronald L. Stewart, B.S.E. (Mar.E.) Suzanne D. Stewart, B.A.Ed. Rita G. Stillman, B.A. in Spanish John R. Stindt, B.A. in Mathematics, Teacher ' s Cert. Patricia R. Stocking, B.S. in Zoology Karl P. Stofko, D.D.S. Barbara A. Stone, B.A. in English Carol A. Stone, B.S.Des. Herbert W. Stotz, M.S.E. (Const.E.) Herbert W. Stoughton, B.S.E. (C.E.) Robert J. Stracks, B.A. in Political Scierlce Donald W. Strobel, D.D.S. Janna D. Strobel, B.S. in Zoology Gene T. Stromberg, B.A. in Mathematics Frank V. Strother, B.A. in Economics fohnna D. Suerth, B.A.Ed. Suzanne Sugar, B.A. in Near Eastern Studies Jeraldine F. Suits, B.A.Ed. Helen-Grace Sullivan, B.A. in Mathematics Susan J. Sullivan, B.A.Ed. Philip C. Sutin, B.A. in Journalism 208 Michael J. Svegliato, B.S.E. (S.E. and Math.) John T. Svendsen, B.A. in Political Science Thomas E. Swaney, B.A. in Economics Franklyn D. Swantek, B.A. in Pre-Legal Studies Phyllis G. Swayze, B.S. in Mathematics John H. Sweet, B.A. in Pre-Medical Studies Donald C. Swift, B.Arch. Robert J. Tagg, B.S.E. (C.E.) Joan L. Tainsh, B.A. in History Darlene L. Tait, B.S.D.Hyg. Susan T. Taitelbaum, B.A.Ed. Daniel R. Talhelm, B.S.F. Leonardo B. Tan, M.S. in Mathematics, M.B.A. Theodore T. Tanase, B.S.E. (M.E.) Amir C. Tandon, M.S.E. (C.E.) Raymond J. Tanis, B.S.E. (E.E.) Ann Tarnower, B.A. in Philosophy Barbara A. Taulbee, B.S.Ed. Harry M. Taxin, B.S.E. (E.E.) Marilyn A. Taylor, B.A.Ed. Marilyn J. Taylor, B.A. in German, Teacher ' s Cert. Susan L. Taylor, B.S.Nurs. G. Leonard Teitelbaum, B.B.A. Robert H. Tell, B.A. in English Anita J. Templer, B.A. in English Steven H. Thai, B.A. in Economics Douglas J. Thiedeman, D.D.S. Robert B. Thomas, B.A. in Economics Roger J. Thomas, B.S. in Physics Eleanor L. Thompson, B.S. in Medical Technology Elizabeth E. Thompson, B.A. in Social Studies Martha E. Thompson, B.A. in History Thomas M. Thompson, B.S.E. (E.E.) James H. Thrall, B.A. in Mathematics LaNita C. Thurman, B.A. in English Roger L. Tobin, B.S.E. (Ind.E.) Oliver E. Todd, B.S.E. (E.E. and Math.) Robert J. Tomchuck, B.A. in English Howard P. Toplansky, B.S. in Chemistry Iris J. Torry, B.S.Ed. Frederick G. Tremblay, B.S.E. (E.E.) Jodie K. Trimmer, B.A. in English Paul W. Trimmer, B.S.E. (M.E.) Patricia A. Tripp, B.S.Nurs. Ronald E. Truax, B.A. in English ft A 209 James J. Trusell, B.S. in Zoology Barbara L. Tuttle, B.S. in English and Biology Dennis R. Twining, B.S. in Metallurgy RoxelleL. Udell, B.A.Ed. Lawrence S. Uhrie, D.D.S. Linda J. Underbill, B.S. in Medical Technology Michael Useem, M.S. in Physics Gary R. Ushman, D.D.S. Paul J. Utz, B.S.E. (Ae.E.) Eraldo J. Valle, D.D.S. Sandra L. Van Cauwenberg, B.A.Ed. David A. VandenBroek, B.S.E. (E.E.) Amy L. Vanderlyw, B.A. in French and English Donald R. Vander Molen, B.S.E. (E.E.) Douglas F. VanDer Voort, B.S.E. (Ch.E.) Judeth G. VanHamm, B.Arch. Mary F. VanLoo, B.A. in Economics Douglas E. VanScoy, M.B.A. Mary C. VanScoy, B.A. in English Jane E. Van Volkinburg, B.S.Ed. Peter B. Van Winkle, B.A. in Economics Allen G. Vartabedian, B.S.E. (S.E. and Math.) Valerie A. Vasbinder, B.S. in Medical Technology Nicholas F. Vrataric, B.B.A. Mary B. Verlinde, B.S.D.Hyg. Betty J. Vernan, B.A. in Speech Marilyn A. Vernon, B.Mus. (Mus.Ed.) Kathleen B. Vestal, B.A.Ed. Barbara R. Victor, B.A. in Mathematics Jeanne M. Vig, B.S.Nurs. leva Vitins, B.A. in Russian Judith F. Vogt, B.A. in History David A. Voight, B.B.A. Carl H. Von Ende, B.A. in Economics Mary Ellen Vorzimer, B.A. in Psychology Beverly E. Vuono, B.S.Nurs. Susan Wachtel, B.A. in Sociology Kimball S. Wade, B.S. in Zoology Nancy J. Wager, B.S.Ed. Grace R. Wagner, B.A. in Political Science Kristin F. Wagner, B.A. in Social Studies Alvin L. Walburg, B.B.A. Ruth M. Waldron, B.A.Ed. David S. Walfish, B.A. in History Helen J. Walker, B.A.Ed. I 210 1 Lila A. Walker, B.A. in English Kathleen J. Wallace, B.A. in Social Studies Keith D. Wallace, B.A. in English, Teacher ' s Cert. Linda R. Wallace, B.A. in Psychology, Speech Richard B. Wallace, B.S.E. (M.E.) Robert D. Wallace, B.S. in Conservation Frederic L. Waller, B.S.E. (M.E.) Robert D. Wallin, B.A. in Classical Studies Edward S. Walter, B.S. in Mathematics James S. Wan, B.S.E. (E.E.) Roger W. Wang, B.S.E. (E.E.) Dorothy E. Wappenhensch, B.S.Ed. Kathleen L. Ward, B.A.Ed. Sharon L. Ward, B.S.Nurs. Karen J. Warmbold, B.A.Ed. Phillip C. Warren, D.D.S. Jane A. Warshaw, B.A. in English, Teacher ' s Cert. Harry H. Watanabe, B.S.E. (Ae.E. and Astro.E.) John A. Waters, B.S.E. (E.E.) William G. Waxman, B.S. in Zoology Richard L. Weaver, B.A. in Speech Virginia L. Weaver, B.A. in English, Teacher ' s Cert. Charles E. Webber, B.S. in Zoology Bert W. Weesner, D.D.S. Richard C. Weiermiller, B.S.E. (E.E.) Barbara A. Weeks, B.A. in English Sandra R. Weimer, B.A.Ed. Virginia L. Weinberg, B.A.Ed. Roberta R. Weiner, B.S. in Mathematics Beth M. Weingarden, B.A.Ed. Stephen J. Weinstein, B.A. in Political Science Norma L. Weinstock, B.A. in English Gerald R. Weiss, B.S.E. (Ae.E.) Janice C. Weiss, B.A. in Political Science Janice H. Weiss, B.A. in English Lynette K. Wells, B.S. in Business, Teacher ' s Cert. OlinF. Wenrick, B.B.A. Eugenia M. Weslow, B.A. in Speech, Teacher ' s Cert. Charles R. Wesner, D.D.S. Monica E. West, B.A. in Spanish Joan L. Westermann, B.A. in Mathematics, Teacher ' s Cert. Jane L. Weston, B.A. in English Wendy A. Wetsman, B.A.Ed. Marion R. Wetterhahn, M.A. in Guidance Sandra R. Wexler, B.S.Ed. iift I ' ' 211 Frank S. Weyer, B.S.E. (E.E.) Nancy C. Weyl, B.S.Nurs. Margaret M. Whipple, B.A. in Mathematics, Teacher ' s Cert. Brenda J. White, B.A. in History Donna G. White, B.A.Ed. Melvin A. White, D.D.S. Richard T. White, B.A. in Economics Mark A. Whitney, B.S. in Zoology Andrew D. Whyman, B.A. in Psychology Mary E. Wibalda, B.A. in Speech Correction William W. Widdows, B.A. in Mathematics, Teacher ' s Cert. Dennis J. Wiersma, D.D.S. Veronica L. Wiggins, B.S. in Chemistry Norma J. Wikler, B.S.Nurs. Gail S. Wilansky, B.A. in Psychology Judith A. Wiles, B.A. in Classics John M. Wiley, D.D.S. Gordon J. Wilkie, B.B.A. Janice W. Wilkie, B.S.Nurs. David B. Williams, B.A. in History Julia Williams, B.Mus. (Mus.Ed.) Karen J. Williams, B.A. in Sociology Ken C. Williams, B.S. in Chemistry Margot L. Williams, B.A. in Slavic Languages Nancy J. Williams, B.S.D.Hyg. Rosanne S. Williams, B.A. in Speech Correction Anne K. Willoughby, B.A. in Sociology Jane G. Wilson, B.S.Nurs. Janet M. Wilson, B.A.Ed. Margaret B. Wilson, B.A. in Social- Anthropology Rochelle L. Wilson, B.S. in Mathematics Sandra K. Wilson, B.B.A., Secretary ' s Cert. Saundra S. Wilson, B.Mus. (Piano) Ronald J. Wilton, B.A. in Political Science Donald S. Windeler, B.S.E. (Ch.E.) Joseph A. Winder, B.A. in Political Science Everett A. Wingert, B.A. in Geography Frances A. Wingle, B.S.Nurs. Jan Z. Winkelman, B.A. in English Morley A. Winograd, B.B.A. Roberta H. Winograd, B.A.Ed. Lynn J. Winter, B.A. in Political Science Richard A. Winter, B.S.E. (M.E.) Richard S. Wishnetsky, B.S. in Political Science Wendy L. Wistert, B.A. in English 212 1 Wayne D. Witermeyer, B.S. in Mathematics Jean E. Withers, B.A. in Spanish Jae L. Wittlich, B.A. in Mathematics Thomas E. Wnuck, B.S.E. (Ae.E.) Carole J. Wolcott, B.A. in English Martha A. Wolf, B.A. in Spanish Linda J. Wood, B.A. in English, Teache r ' s Cert. William B. Woods, B.S. in Chemistry Susan J. Wright, B.A. in Journalism Dennis E. Wrubel, B.S.E. (E.E.) Janet L. Wullbrandt, B.S.Nurs. Katherine G. Wunsch, B.Mus. (Mus.Ed.) James V. Wyllie, B.S.E. (E.E.) Jean C. Wynne, B.A. in German Freya L. Yaffee, B.A. in English Thomas P. Yasin, B.S.E. (Ae.E. and Astro.E.) Kenneth A. Yee, B.S.E. (C.E.) Mary B. Yee, B.S. in Mathematics Barbara L. Yokom, B.A. in English Patricia G. Yon, B.A.Ed. Kyung Cha K. Yoon, B.A. in Anthropology James T. Young, B.S. in Biology Jerald A. Young, B.S. in Zoology Harry E. Youtt, B.A. in Pre-Legal Studies Diane ].Yura, B.A.Ed. An exchange of ideas, a new outlook. .in f.t.1 ji ' j; w IHI bHi HHri Maryanne Zabawa, B.A. in French Barbara L. Zabor, B.A. in English Kathryn J. Zahn, B.A. in English, Teacher ' s Cert. Richard L. Zahn, B.B.A. Thomas M. Zakrzewski, B.S. in Chemistry Enrique M. Zalamea, M.B.A. Louise M. Zandberg, B.A. in English Eleanor C. Zane, B.A. in Mathematics, Teacher ' s Cert. Ernest A. Zaremba, B.A. in Psychology Lawrence E. Zeff, B.A. in Economics Janet N. Zehnder, B.A. in English Milda M. Zemaitis, B.A. in Russian Roma V. Ziarnko, B.A.Ed. Nanora L. Ziebold, B.A. in English Avis A. Ziegenbein, B.A.Des. Claus E. Zielke, B.A. in Psychology Ronald L. Zimmerman, B.A. in Economics Elaine S. Zipp, B.S.Ed. Sandra R. Zisman, B.S.Des. John E. Zline, B.S. in Mathematics Landis P. Zylman, D.D.S. ... for a highly skilled profession. Intense training . . . IE 91 What if I cut my final? A moment of indecision about the future The professional undergraduate- one of the results of a four year exposure to the University. She is moderately active in campus activities, studies a moderate amount, and has a moderate number of dates. She is moderate, friendly, and monotonous. V The loner the boy who studies, relaxes, and lives by himself. He is likely to go home frequently on weekends and to be a conscien- tious student whose existence will only be recorded by his student number. 217 The girl with problemsher personality ranges from cold to warm, her standards change from group to group, and her ambitions change from day to day. She searches for satisfaction, yet seldom finds it. 218 The all-American girl one who knows how to enjoy life and does so. She is rarely seen alone, and even more seldom seen without a smile. She is cute, lively, never has to worry about dates, and probably belongs to one of the " best " sororities. Here ' s hoping she is adaptable enough to make her happiness last. 219 The thinker one who is forever striving to broaden his intellect and his artistic appreciation. He only enjoys the company o others of the same type, and shuns encounters with the real world. He is sometimes admired, sometimes tolerated, but seldom appreciated. 220 RESULTS FROM PWIflJl PICKEfS The doer one who wants to make his opinions and feelings felt by the outside world. He can be seen leading discussions, picket lines, and student organizations. He is often envied, just as often disliked, but rarely ignored. 221 I The professional undergraduate, the loner, the thinker, the doer, the girl with problems, the all- American girl, the conformist, the student, the foreign leader; all these and many more types are created at U. of M. as a result of our own choices. 222 All types are needed and all types are present from somewhere among them must come help for our school and for our nation. 223 The year is over, the holirs of work and fun are behind, and the 1964 Michigan- ensian takes its place in the annals of Michigan history. I would like to express my thanks to the following people who made this book possible: The Senior Staff: Bob Shenkin, Mort Weldy, Diane Pierson, Carol Pantalone. The Junior Staff: Iris Brauer and Claire Aitken, Arts; Gale Maynard and Ellen Ramee, House Groups; Joan Wolfsheimer and Ricki Olson, Organizations; Jim Zimmerman, Sports; Connie Witucki and Maggie Franks, Schools and Colleges; Patti Joseph, Associate Copy Editor; and Ricky Wachtel and Jim Klein, Sales Managers. Photographers: Gerry Ahronheim, Bob Ellery, Mark Diem, John Gould, Sam Haberman, Jim Hazelwood, Eric Koniger, Ed Langs, Jim Lines, Dick McLeary, John Uecker, Bill VanLoo, Frank Wing, Dan Wood, and especially Mike Sawdey for his many extra hours of work on campus and in the darkroom. Board in Control of Student Publications: Prof. Luke Cooperrider, Chairman, Maurice Rinkel, Business Secretary, Prof. John Atkinson, Prof. Oliver Edel, Fred R. Kramer, Dr. James Lewis, Michael Lewis, Harvey Patton, Michael Radock, Robert Silbar, Dr. Harry Towsley, Jan Winkelman, Prof. Karl Zeisler. Student Publications Building: Werner Mattson, Audrie Hilton, and Ken Chatters. Colonna Studios, Inc.: James T. Colonna. The S. K. Smith Company: Jack Bundy and Irv Keener. Wm. J. Keller Inc.: Mrs. Jewell M. Gates, Dan Wagner, and Joseph J. Crilley University: Les Etter, Athletic Publicity Director; Gail Rector, Executive Director, University Musical Society; University News Service. Sincerely, RON KRAMER Editor-in-Chief 224 i " w nensian university of michigan ANN ARBOR MICHIGAN Ronald L. Kramer Editor-in-Chief Robert J. Shenkin . . . . Business Manager Carol D. Pantalone .... Managing Editor Michiganensian 1964 SENIOR STAFF RONALD L. KRAMER Editor-in-Chief, Michiganensian Editor-in-Chief, Supplement ROBERT J. SHENKIN Business Manager, Michiganensian Business Manager, Supplement CAROL D. PANTALONE Personnel Director, Michiganensian Managing Editor, Supplement DIANE K. PIERSON Layout and Design Editor, Michiganensian MORTON E. WELDY Copy Editor, Michiganensian JUNIOR STAFF First Row: Ricki Olson, Organizations Copy Editor; Iris Brauer, Art Copy Editor; Patti Joseph, Associate Copy Editor; Joan Wolfsheimer, Organizations Design Editor. Second Row: Ricky Wachtel, Sales Manager, Ellen Ramee. House Groups Design Editor; Maggie Franks, Schools and Colleges Copy Editor; Connie Witucki, Schools and Colleges Design Editor; Gale Maynard, House Groups Copy Editor; Jim Zimmerman, Sports Copy Editor; Jim Klein, Sales Manager. Missing: Claire Aitken, Arts Design Editor. TRAINEES First Row: Louise Perlman, Judy Barnett, Sandy Telford, Judy Gorelick, Peggy Walker, Bonnie Smith. Second Row. Marsha Kahn, Phyllis Wollins, Helen Kaminski, Bruce Anderson, Ann Barnett, Marcia Eiduson, Mike Galle. Missing: Sue Gill, Joyce Hancock. r WOMEN ' S DORMS BICYCLES NOT PLACED IN RACKS WILL BE IMPOUNDED D?pt:fPh-j.E Office tl lt : tittmiiiL iiniinni - m life BETSY BARBOUR First Row: Anne Erimm, Andrea Leader, Mary Wallace, Donna Olejarczyk, Susan Scheffel, Mrs. Dretzschmar, Claudia Chapman, Judie Sugar, Maggie Ozer, Joanne Durish. Second Row: Martha Shierson, Sylvia Kasey, Joann Padzieski, Marcia Arnstein, Stephanie Reddell, Maureen O ' Brien, Rochelle Komer, Dolores Glover. Maxine Gordon, Virginia Weaver, Shudy West. Marsha Bellman, Joan Wertheim. Third Row: Irene Steltzer, Noreen Mehlhose. Margaret Hetley, Susan Kemerer, Golda Shkolnick, Sue Heginbottom, Janet Speck, Julia Ward, Judy Purdy, Marilyn Parker, Pat Griffin, Kathy Hulik. Fourth Row: Alma Henderson, Catherine Donegan, Elizabeth Dobrowolski, Sandra Ayotte, Marni Hall, Kay Greenman, Bonnie English, Charlotte Appleton, Wendy McCobb, Judy Kaufman, Susan Kuehlthau, Marilynn Lyjtle, Baiba Skrivelis, Ginny Geren. Fifth Row: Mara Auzins, Tamara Acker- man, Diane Geshel, Velta Baumanis, Hedwig Czuba, Elin Panzar, Norma Weinstock, Linda Rudness, Dorothy Deutsch, Joan Schihl, Ellera Davidson, Stephanie Manasse, Bobbie Weiner. Betsy Barbour is an upperclass dorm filled with many traditions. Among these are served dinners, candlelights for pinned or engaged girls, weekly faculty dinners, and a gift of a red rose to each new girl, commemorating the rose buds Mr. Barbour first gave to the girls in the house whom he called Betsy Buds. Because Barbour is small and located near campus, it is a much sought-after place to live. Even though girls can live here for only two years, there is a close feeling among them. MARTHA COOK William Wilson Cook built Martha Cook to provide an atmosphere of beauty and harmony in which the residents would develop the charm, grace, and ethical standards of cultured womanhood. The interior functions to conduct a silent course in good taste for its residents. Not only the setting, but the individuality of the residents, the intellectual and cultural interests each possesses, the contribution each makes to managing and participating in the dormitory and campus activities, all contribute to create the stimulating and cosmopolitan atmosphere of Martha Cook. First Row: Stephanie Smith, Ellen Phillipps, Marge Witecki, Evelyn Falkenstein, Melissa Reading, Roslyn Friecllaemler, Mary Van, deWater, Carolyn Re, Ellen LaRue, Carol Wargelin, Margaret Pheney, Virginia Sherwood, Phyllis Swayze, Barbara Ward. Rosina Chia. Second Rou : Julia Borden. Dotty Bambach, Donna Berg, Marcia Levin, Mary Burke, Tina Gardner, Pat Alexander, Milissa Foster, Leslie Fox, Sue Steere, Peggy Hillman, Susan Cow- den, Kathryn Shaffer, Marcia Ikon, Carol Blackmail, Ellen Alexander, Nancy Quaife, Carol Claytor. Third Row: Phyllis Valentine, Abby Conway, Susan Cook, Colleen Burns, Beverly Goodell, Paula Rice, Sandra Johnson, Susan Close, Jan Zehnder. Pat Petraitis, Mary Kay Olney, Anne Ashley, Susan Latchaw, Rosemary Cook, Judy Grohne, Barbara Melhoefer, Saundra Wilson. Fourth Row. Fe Bondad, Carol Reeves, Kathy Vogt, Margaret Starr, Cynthia Parry, Loupatti Miller, Ann West, Emily Godshalk, Mary Ann Dalson, Nancy Sisty, Linda Wood, Helene Brenner, Carol Gordeon, Candance Windeler, Mary Wibalda, Sharon McCrary, Dee Anne Sitts, Marianne VanderSluis, Connie Brigstock, Maurita Peterson, Carol Buffe, Jeanne Ann Meyer, .osia Rosa, Anna Mae Epley. Fifth Row: Christine Comstock. Susan Gadiel, Frances Kaiman, Karen Whitbeck, Peggy Ryan, Ann Mayer, Judy Gold- stein, Robin Dutcher, Minako Furuta, Chie Takahashi, Gretel Geist, Bonnie Bone, Helene Seeder, Helene Donkervoet, Louise Kao, Suzanne Sugar, Amparo Juguilon, Laura Moseley, Joyce Leix, Lynne Winter, Mary Ellen Watt, Carla Kaiser, Pat Costew. Photographs by Dey Studios First Row: Ruth Tuttle, Susan Bowman, Mary Johnson, Donna Wall, Margaret Remp, Ginny Kurpinski, Becky Corning, Wendy Einfeklt. Second Row: Virginia Hart, Martha ebrowski, Jan Podojil, Dawn Welch, Mary Ann Lund, Mary Jo Porter, Linda Bly, Janet Ross, Jane Golden. Third Row: Sylvia Godwin, Gail Dunham, Nancy Greer, Sally Pool, Marylyn Shepherd, Peggy Kuebler. Sally Hunt, Marie Nielsen. COUZENS Couzens Hall was originally erected in 1924 with funds contributed by the late Senator James Couzens. It was used as a residence hall for nurses and connected to University Hospital until 1954, when the University added it to their residence hall system. Couzens Hall has been open to all undergraduate women on campus since 1956. However, many nurses still choose to live here because of its proximity to the hospital. COUZENS First Row: Charlene Baker, Gloria Maire, Barbara Kaifesh, Judith Bissonette, May Niemira. Susan Hartley, Linda Protani. Second Row: Carol Sietsema. Klaran McKusick, Mary Ann Benya, Kathy Schmid, Diana Gabor, Bonnie Buckmayer, Brenda Gee, Branda Clay. Third Row: Ellen Dorstewitz, Mary Musel, Sara Hoopengardener, Beverly Berndt, Marjorie Rapaport, Marjorie Fleischman, Ann Wilson, Susan Heltman, Betty 7.el twanger. COUZENS A large addition was made to Couzens Hall in 1956 and in 1961 the entire dorm went through a remodeling. There are about five hundred undergraduate girls and forty graduate students living in Couzens this year. First Row: Francisca Mescacle, Anita Anato, Joanne Duff, Shirley Mongiat, Nancy Schiller, Ann Shryock, Gail Bassit. Second Row: May Louis, Sallie Kimberly, Marilyn Hideout, Soimat Yooyen, Barbara Berege, Arlene Fabrizio, Eli abeth Longley, Sara Barber. Third Row: Carol Ann Peters, Judy Ma- haffy, Joan Reder, Sarah Hawkins, Jaync Peter, Wy-lea Bailey, Helle Peegel. Synnove Damstcdt, Jean Dullion, Diane Dochtzmann, Cathie Wilke. Fourth Row: Mary Jo Wilkinson, Mary Jane Enderby, Susie Oppel. Barb Else, Audrey Pleasant, Debbie Jones, C ' .arol Macksood. Kathy Messner, Miriam Lang. COUZENS First Row: Elizabeth Boyle, Sharon Ward, Susan Cook, Virginia Hartley, Joan McGuire, Ronnie Lee Braunstein. Second Row: Diane Vigliotti, Char- lotte Dousey, Carol Dick, Sharron Allen, Tish Upton, Helen Parker, Carol Farino. Third Row: Edie Weiskotten, Norma Snyder, Garlene Boone, Susan Johnson, Liz Gross, Pam McKenna, Ruth Warheit, Audrey Bjunes, Yolanda Laurcano, Junko Higa, Aquila AH. Fourth Row: Caroline Kerr, Jane Mein- hardt. Marty Merritt, Norene Forma, Beth Rokos, Anne Sargeant, Barb Brandell, Judy Byers. Bobbie Snell, Carolyn Sievers. Couzens is a dorm rich in tradition as exemplified by Friday afternoon teas and the Club " 1200. " Some other special features of the dorm include Couzen ' s Snack Bar, three T.V. lounges, the Nurses ' Alumnae Lounge, and several other comfortable lounges and parlors. 11 , First Row: Sharon Bedford, Alyce Atwood, Juanita Kasza, Ellen Weiland, Irene Jones, Jerilyn Jones, Jane Worman, Patricia Parsons, Mary Tillotson, Shelley Evans, Bccki Brogan, Diane Beasecker, Judy Peters, Lorene Strefling, Susan McCalla, Marceline Leuzingcr. Second Row: Judith Stetz, Pam Damm, Kathy Hanlon, Carolyn Cromwell, Sheryl Price, Sue Bunting, Nancy Welch, Mrs. Thompson, Mrs. Coller, Corey Boniface, Emily Wynn, Judy Spencer, Nancy Urbaniak, Diane Hand, Saundra Paschal, Sharon Grant, Andrea Freeman. Third Row : Carol Rappcport, Kathy Flintosh, Janice Hulka, Anne Ray Newland, Eileen Bickel, Carrie Conrad, Nancy Seper, Patricia Kline, Baiba Rudzitis, Sharon Senk, Bonnie Holman, Jean Hayward, Cynthia Tennant, Jenny Ebdon, Jeanne Gerlach, Rebecca Chapman, Robin David, Susanne Orrin, Barbara Picken, Marlene Highhill. Fourth Row: Judith McHugh, Carole Foster, Cheryl Beatty, Marilyn Mittleman, Marcy Miller, Carol Jo Crawford, Katherinc Domoto, Julie Brooks, Sandra Schwebel, Jane Kegel, Joanne Khoury, Judy Lesinski, Kathy Syrett, Leann Moss, Judy Goodwin, Jane Siegel, Donna Heikkinen, Susan Conger, Ginny Korb, Suzanne Scarborough. Fifth Row: Anne Wylie, Nancy Randle, Catherine McDougall, Cynthia Centkowski, Marilyn Clancy, Judith Hutton, Priscilla Nirdlinger, Jo Bowerman, Sasha Nourse, Ute Kirchhoff, Suzanne Chapman, Sheryl Smith, Sharon Hendrick, Beverly Miller. Mary Hutzel. Among the fun-filled activities in which Jordon girls reveled were the Big-Little Sister " mug party, " the Mystery Party, the choir ' s participation in the I.Q.C. Sing, building the Homecoming display, and traditional tree-trimming party. With the spring semester came the turn-about dance, the honors ' dinner, the annual picnic, and the junior-senior breakfast. Jordon girls have these shared experiences to long remember from this especially exciting year at the University. JORDAN First Row: Lynn Schmiege, Judith Vogler, Patricia Edwards, Kathleen Jagdmann, Kathie Marston, Janice Holda, Margaret Bergin, Laura Gordero, Mary Jane Hill, Sue Matthews, Rebecca Fry, Gail Smiley, Jenifer Sisson. Second Row: Ann Ohlson, Mary Charlton, Dorothy Read, Martha Mason, Mary Jo Schiller, Alison Atherton, Mary Lou Butcher, Liz Weber, Sue Coleinan, Joanne Farrar, H. Ethelyn Williams, Cathy Gulevich, Kathy Fodrocy. Third Row: Janet Heim, Christine Hoyt, Diane Dunham, Diane Gustafson, Maureen McEnaney, Carol Levine, Myrna Kasey, Marybeth Dean, Elaine Edmunds, Jill Hurlbert, Cindy DeBolt, Ruth Stephenson, Christine Padgett, Janet 7-ich, Helen Jean Hill, Colleen McCormick, Christine Hess, Sharon Aitken, Judith Suiinen, Charlotte Burnett. Fourth Row: Cynthia Kessler. Ann Fredrick, Sue Fleming, Lynn Wallace, Linda Pritchard, Sarah Randels, Donna Barnard, Sandra Lcgan, Stephanie Hooker, Pat Morris, Norma Bolt, Crete Evans, Sarah Marr, Valerie Edmonds. ALICE LLOYD First Row: Nancy Henson, Susie Naiburg, Joan Gutman, Cathleen Dennis, Liz Klatzky, Jan McKay. Diane Bortman, Diane Title, Pamela Whateley, Joyce Starr, Linda Kelsey, Gillian Malkin. Second Row: Suzanne Samberg, Barbara Michals, Ellie Wolpaw, Lois Maidment, Judy Levy, Linda Stern, Dale Wooliver, Elaine Giblin, Susan Klein, Mina Jo Rosenbloom, Nancy Chisick, Heather Scott, Sharon Joseph, Gayle Nordstrom. Third Row: Aileen Hul- man, Wendy Robins, Wendy Drew, Ginny Cook, Sharyn Elston, Gini Edwards, Sue Squibb, Barbara Parr, Beverly Howard, Karen Hohmann, Lillian Schrotzberger, Mary Sue Grant, Trish Quinn, Amy Goldberg, Renee Silverman. Fourth Row: Rachel Aniado, Diana Doyle, Carol Lubin, Cheryl Schwartz, Susan Hungerford, Randy Upson, Lynn Boet, Kathie Witner, Nancy Beth Peoples, Carolyn Sue Balman, Marcella Neal, Mary Lee Miller, Janet Parker, Janet Hurley, Nancy Goldman, Lynn Thomson. Fifth Row: Marty Ecclestone, Susan Levitt, Susan Proctor, Linda Jensen, Lynne Snycler, Carolyn Porter, Carol Budek, Rosemary Richardson, Susan Izak, Joan Hondorp, Karen Wall, Pat Karppinen, Jackie Olree, Janet Fair, Pam Gutin, Nancy Guiser, Mary Walker, Diana Saglimbene. The girls of Angell House plan many activities for the year. Every fall we have Dads ' Day, climaxed by the football game and a banquet. In the spring we entertain our mothers for a weekend. In addition, there are Homecoming, Michigras, and fun get-togethers for " Angells " only. Led by our president, Carolyn Balman, and guided by our wonderful house mother, Mrs. Margaret Wilson, this promises to be the best year ever for the " Angells. " ANGELL 13 ALICE LLOYD first flow: Shirley A. ick, Megan Biesele, Fran Arkis, Susan Tenenbaum, Judy Salisbury, Alice Meier, Sue Nelson, Karen Goldberg. Second Row: Joanne Krause, Harriet Davidson, Karen Jo Van Hollenbeck, Sherry Johnson, Sherry Gaines, Nancy Sofen, Judi Weil, Gladys Reinstein, Jane Schor, Lee Weider. Third Row: Regina Abramson, Sue Edreich, Paula Lawson, Joyce Sapperstein, Sue Cleve- land, Janet Shirling, Bonnie Sutherland, Kathie Helper, Karen McCarty, Kay Matzen, Barbara Cartier, Jeanne Wilson. fin M V Chi It I Hinsdale House boasts one hundred and forty of the girls on campus. Our activities are varied and numerous, including tea parties with the Middies, parents ' weekend with our Moms and Dads, a bus tour of North Campus, avid Homecoming participation, and sore throats after the Michigan-Michigan State football game. HINSDALE r J i 14 MARY MARKLEY The friendly atmosphere prevailing in Butler makes it a closely-knit house. Participa- tion in campus activities and the many House social events attest to this. Generosity is the second word describing Butler girls. Yearly, a Christmas mitten-tree is given to an orphanage, and during " Littlest Angel " week, a mysterious Angel leaves gifts outside each door. These are the things that make Butler girls find their years of college life years to cherish. Friendli- ness and Generosity outstanding characteristics of an outstanding house. BUTLER First Row: Susan Jeremy, Kerry Scofield, Patricia Costello, Joyce Prokes, Caroline Teich, Barbara Nagels, Christine Osip, Collene Kennedy, Lynn Epstein, Marion Mason, Kay Morrison, Kathy Mahoney. Second Row. Jackie Wagner, Diane Workman, Pat Kizer, Kathy Jones, Peggy Taber, Jan Hofer, Andrea Farinacci, Mrs. Jane Hendry, Sheila .elenko, June Bagdade, Susan Stitt, Mary Ellen McLean, Linda Lescohier. Third Row: Leslie Seiss, Cynthia Cravens, Vonciel Le Due, Rose Ann Spatafore, Judy Grant, Carol Westenhoefer, Beth Jess, Paula Brandman, Janet Lark, Donna Devries, Pearle Novack, Elynne Chaplik, Bonnie Waters, Sharon Jaynes, Margie Janis, Margaret Black, Linda Frank. Fourth Row: Marlene Ozier, Sue Erlich, Judith Allen, Joanna Lovett, Kathleen Hansen, Betty Garrels, Sylvia Pedraza, Mary Ellen Blodgett, Mari Teitelman, Donna Hanley, Carol Sandy, Lynn Kibbie, Barbara Strauss, Judy Brown, Sue Beckett, Kam Murphy, Karen Hessen. MARY MARKLEY i Finl ft Ruihl Jtaf. ' J ' Silt fa Call N( ODdt llclllllv fioic: Diana Briggs, Ellen Kotz, Sophia Holley, Judy Slick, Felicia Kurez, Leanna Stiefel, Renee Gordon, Liz Rhein. Second Row: Sally Swartz, Nancy Weinberg, Virginia Stead, Louise Karle, Deane Becker, Carol Breda, Barbara Liegler, Carol Whitmore, Ellen Cohen, Sharon Manning, Lynda Brookema, Patricia Mason, Amber Peters, Karen Christensen, Leah Jordan, Nancy Kvapil. Third Row: Lynn McMichael, Margaret Fish, Rolla Herman, Mary Schillinger, Barbara Taylor, Fran Grossman, Beverly Waram, Mary Colovus, Pamela Wyss, Nancee Van Bree, Peggy Hedetniemi, Paula Heneveld, Ginny White, Sue Stevens, Stephanie Fuchs. Patricia Kaiser. Marcia Volk. Fourth Row: Ann Morette, Sharron Kahrs, Sharon Bauman, Tracy Dobson, Leah Heikkinen, Beverlee Nolli, Catherine Brown, Kay Heikkinen, Janet Cawley. Jane Schwaegerman, Betty Browne, Linda Browne, Eileen Lynn, Judith Slutsky, Marilyn Lewis, Diana Cavett, Vera Martin, Lynn Stone, Dothy Koepke, Diane Mott, Sharon Naughton. Fifth Row: Jean- nette Willyerd, Lynn Silberman, Janet Friedman, Janet McCall, Lauren Shepard, Carole Stull, Marvin Taylor, Sona Vance, Carolyn Bont, Ellen Drake, Pamela Snowden, Chris Hauskins, Sally Home, Carolyn Beranek, Margy Minkin, Bonnie Stone, Iris Brauer, Sharon Rosenbaum, Julianne Aho. Elliot House is in its sixth spirited year on campus. It is the largest girls ' house in Markley, and judging by its numerous social invitations, one of the most popular. Elliot is extremely satisfied with the experiment in co-ed housing. It affords a casual atmosphere in which to meet men on various social levels. The qualities of intelligence, school spirit, and humor which are prevalent at Elliot in ' 64 have made it a great place to live. ELLIOT finl Km MtCliKh, Fnnk Ji toMd; Wnifrtd Hi An 16 First Row. Carole Cothran, Marie Riffelmacher, Dorothy Wappenhensch, Ruth Ann Van Aken, Judy Templeton, Susan Pedley, Donna Medwedeff. Ruth Lacy, Corliss Matsuyama, Rachel Collister. Diane Oppenneer, Naomi .wecher. Sharon Rudnian, Annabelle Gibson, Sue Thompson. Second How: Jean Segerlund, Elizabeth Juell, Carolyn Murphy, Victoria Chipman, Marjorie Van Ochten, Ruth Lundvall, Laura Weng, Janice Rinne, Mary Sue Former, Christine Marquardt, Sherrie Higby, Judy Gunderman, Prudence Beatty, Donna Schalk, Barb Taulbee, Judy Geyman. Third Row: Gail Newman, Sally Flagel, Jane Berger, Cheryl Smith, Sandra Bronclstetter, Mary Jo Schwartz, Jackie Haveman, Linda Feldhus, Ann Shutko, Mary O ' Dell, Sandra Spiceland, Nora Krapohl, Janet Barnett, LaNita Thurman, Joyce Burchett. Fourth Row: Martie Fischer, Harriet Ebstrup, Janice Nico- demus, Martha Sv. itzer, Marti Sommerfeld, Pat Wisne, Anita Streeter. Named for Dr. Eliza M. Mosher, Michigan ' s first Dean of Women, this hall is a home for two hundred and forty girls. Each class is responsible for one event: Talent Show, Christmas Party, Junior-Senior Breakfast, or Recognition Night. Other activities include Mothers ' and Fathers ' Weekends, and our Spring Formal. Mosher also grants scholarships to girls who have been of service to the house. Mrs. Marion Rothbun is the House Director, and Mrs. Marion Jamieson is the Assistant. MOSHER First Row: Susan Bette Hudson, Janet Barnard, Ellen Vernoff, Patricia Hanrahan, Shirley Kowerduck, Mary Ann St. Clair, Catherine Wengren, Barbara McClatchcy, Mary Willmes, Jo Ann Smith, Jan Fasbender, Jill Fasbender, Susan Rose, Sue Grossa, Nancy Olsen. Second Row: Paul Schreiber, Nancy Franks, Juanita Wheeler, Carol Schiros, Sharon Poole, Barbara Hausser, Janet Helmbold, Betty Brody, Suzanne Faulconer, Martha Sage, Tan Huang, Becky Adams, Gayle Russell, Kathy Janosz, Jenny Oren. Third Row: Rebecca May, Judy Pounder, Carol Kupiec, Jane Bodine, Jane Williams, Jill Ran. Winifred Withers, Kay Belk, Jean Kellogg, Marcia Lefkowitz, Kathy Karber, Sandra McPeak, Dianne Inman, Jenny Crate, Greer Kosdon. Fourth Row: Judith Ann Ludwig, Sharon Nash, Barbara Lenheiser, Angela Romell, Lisa Snyder, Susan Baptie, Carole Speier, Betty Hallock, Carole Johnson, Laurel Cundiff, Kathy Anderson, Judy Smith. Reita Reis, Tricia N ' ewkirk. . HELEN NEWBERRY I Life in Helen Newberry is as exciting as 1 1 8 girls can make it. During football season, the living room buzzes with creativity as the girls decorate for the tea which follows each home game. Freshmen are formally initiated on Helen Newberry ' s birthday. At Christmas, the freshmen perform " St. George and the Dragon. " Spring heralds Senior Dinner with awards such as " midnight oil, " or an alarm clock being given by graduating seniors to deserving juniors. But our most lasting tradition is that of the friendship and harmony of a small group. First Row. Betsy Barber, Sandra Kellogg, Maria Savonizzi, Chris Meyer, Carol Bishop, Lauran Brown, Patty Adams, Susan Colby, Marthe Olson. Second Row: Peg Tipple, Anna Tsang, Pat Burgess, Linda Flickinger, Sue Gasperi, Elnora Smith, Joyce Rosenthal, Anne Becker, Ruth Dietzler, Joyce Prosser, Sue Janson, Phyllis Lindblade, Jocelyn Stanley, Carol Brandner. Third Row: Lynn Nilles. Marge Savage, Gretchen Nacke, Margery Teter, Susan Globensky, Margaret Gray, Sandee Fuller, Mrs. Tail, Marni Mitchell, Sandra Krawchuk, Marilyn Krzywkowski, Mary Hileman, Mary Frevel, Mary Middleton, Cathy Baker. Fourth Row: Peggy SkafT, Sigrid Allen, Barbara Jacob, Mary Menzies, Barbara Jane Hudson, Mary DeYoe, Cheryl Miller, Karen Ramer, Chris Olson, Mary Carol Kish, Donna Grudell, Sally Ryden, Mary Alice Lacey, Ann Harris, Jayne Thorner, Sandy Sawyer, Pat Flaherty. Fifth Row: Marjorie Schmidt, Dawn Prowx, Mary Marginean, Mari Higgins, Evie Siegel, Nancy Walker, Meg Harding, Janet Pease, Elaine Cummings, Nancy Dean, Betty Ann Schultz, Jean Lugers, Joyce F ' oster, Trish Orr, Pain Waggoner, Chris Anderson, Mary Sue Dent. 18 OXFORD President ' s Council: Sandy Kirkpatrick, Priscilla Keyes, Char Seleen, Marcia Suchowski, Rose Potlwoiski. Missing: Cheryl Plank. The Oxford Residence is the new- est, most distinctive and very mod- ern addition to Michigan ' s Residence Hall System. There are three types of living arrangements: suites, apartments, and cooperatives. Our first year has been one of freedom, fun, and frustration. We ' ve learned how to cook meals in record time without burning everything, to car- ry groceries home from campus either in a blizzard or that inevitable Ann Arbor rain, to find time for housecleaning, and somehow fit in a few studies too! Our social obligations ran the gamut from Open Open Houses to snow ball fights with our neighbors. Oxford has proved to be an extremely comfort- able place in which to live and try one ' s hand at being domestic. 19 OXFORD First Row: Cheryl Lucht. Jo Ellen Havis, Niki Minford, Pattilynn Urban, Kathy Fulfs. Second Row: Agnes Bouman, Mary Lou Jones, Gabriele Frost, Linda Harris, Carolil England. EMANUEL GEDDES First Row: Kathy Taylor, Lois Revitt, Mary Walker, Janice Slot, Mary Schumaker. Second Row: Marlene Esper, Diana Stimac, Virginia Schwantes. OXFORD ' iVi Rou : Suzanne Joynt, ina Steinberg, Memaire Dolan, Beth Katz, Jana Draper. Second Ron 1 .- Marsha Mancoff, Donna Turkish, Beatrice Meyer, Marge Berkson, Jean Adamson, Nancy Fairbrother, Joan Bixby, Maria Suchowski. NOBLE VANDENBERG AND GODDARD Sandy Kirkpatrick, Elaine Schmeiske, Melita Miculs, Myra Morgan, Judith Sachs, Miss Harriett, Kline, Ann Neuberger. SOUTH QUADRANGLE Photographs by Dey Studios First Row: Emily Mobley, Carolyn Cook, Marcia Wightman, Dorothy Day, Judith Becker, Paula Shapiro, Marilyn Pershin, Karen Schiff, Barbara Eaton, Ellen VVeinstein, Carol Ross. Second Row: Helen Morsink, Marsha Lach, Claudia Day, Margaret Rhines, Margaret Guertin, Marianne Shirk, Susan Water- fall, Barbara Poleschuk, Mary Kay Olson, Carolyn Conder, Lucy Johnston. Third Row: Jacqueline Fitzgerald, Ruth Powell, Susan Bobowski, Harriet Feuer, Miriam Kligman, Susan Peck, Judy Sale, Judith Davidson, Carol Caddell, Lynn Backes, Linnea Hendrickson, Carol Burns, Susan Turner, Joan Smith. Fourth Row: Joan Silverman, Judith Noble, Betsy Belle Stowe, Judy Popovits, Iris Pearlman, Harriet Wolk, Martha Guthrie, Barbara Wirsing, Leslie Ber- man, Margaret Mazer, Susan Skelly, Ellen Dullberg, Becky Wyss, Sandra Telforcl. The address is Bush House, South Quad. It is a new address, for Bush is one of the three women ' s houses at South Quad taking part in an experiment in co-ed living. Besides co-ed living, banana blasts, Homecoming projects, IQC Sing and " Father ' s Day " brought enjoyment and a sense of belonging to Bush women, while personal visits from faculty members provided an academic fulfillment. At year ' s end, the Bush girls had learned to live not only in a co-educational manner, but also with each other. i : " I S Cr BUSH 22 SOUTH QUADRANGLE Thronson House made its debut in South Quadrangle this year, bringing fascinating femininity to what was once a lonely Michigan men ' s dorm. With a philosophy of " Be social! " (at least until semester grades come out), we supported Huber, our Brother house, during Homecoming, the IQC-Assembly Sing, Michigras, and the South Quad Tiddlywinks Tournament. Our faculty Associate Program and the Korean school girl we ' ve supported, represent our serious moments. We can say with certainty that the greatest way to live is co-ed, a la Thronson. THRONSON First Row: Helen Howell, Barbara Kozloff, Janet Harvey, Linda Joseph, Sue Wilder, Christina uk, Phyllis Wollins, Valerie Pick, Michelle White, Vivian Jade, Marian Locke ' JoAnn Dege, Nina Koenigsberg. Second Rom: Susan Spalding, Terry Thall, Carol B. Ungar, Iris D. Smith, Donna Szczesny, Chris Thompson, Julia Walker, L. Annette Sanborn, Ellen Beatty, Pamela B. Eldridge, Nancy E. Putz, Irene A. Gruber, Carolyn Lippitt, Alma King, Pat Williams. Third Row: Paula Beth Schneider, Pamela A. Erickson, Charyl Annette Rouden, Jean Pennock, Patricia O ' Brien, Shelly Barak, Miss Harkala, Mrs. Mum- ford, Mary Moore, Carol Sue Vanderbrook, Sherry Miller, Marlene D ' Amico, Nancy Bockoff, Laura Magzis, Donna Schultz, Jerilee Miles. Fourth Row: Pa- tricia Ann Marsh, Karen A. Lewis, Ruth Crandell, Lynn S. Klear, Donna DeVries, Mary V. Benisek, Frances L. Causey, Karyl Swarpe, Kiane Shave, Ricky Wachtel, Andy Morguloff, Nancy Freetag, Judy Fields, Laurie Kasnow, Melanie Rabe, Judy Boylan, Katrin Kilchenmann, Lee Malcolm, Sue Lengemann, Sue Whitman. Fifth Row: Kay Steffen, Patricia McKinley, Carol Wolia, Elody Mondo, Susan Montaperto, Connie DiSalvo, Gwen Fleming, Nanci Joseph- son, Lynn Metzger, Kathy Hemphill, Lauri Smith, Barbara Airmel, Lynn Culp, Cheryl Rautanen, Paula Marchese, Sylvia Feldman, Gay Wilson, Retta Greenberg, Toba Schmittel, Rachel Pious, Sally Keith, Ellen Alswang. n AOAft First Row: Melinda Kilborn, Associate President; Ashley Compau, President; Margaret Cwieka, Treasurer. Second Rou : Margaret Cansfield, Athletic Chairman; Margaret Walker, Assoc. Activities Chairman; Mrs. Flora Newton, Coordinating Director; Mrs. Christine Guinon, Director; Ann Stewart. Assistant Director; Sybil Russell, Activities Chairman; Heidi LeBron, Orientation and Academic Chairman. Third Rou : Linda Reuster, A.H.C. Representative; Theresa Guidobono, Resident Counselor; Christine Chester. Resident Counselor; Therese Roggcnburk, Resident Counselor; Jan Berris, Judiciary Chairman; Jackie Shogrcn, Social Chairman. STOCKWELL Stockwell, the castle on the Hill, is outstanding not only for its ivy covered walls, but also for its homey atmosphere. Because Stockwell is the largest single housing unit under one government, the girls achieve a unity unparalleled in other dormitories. 24 Other traditions which give Stockwell its homey atmosphere are the hanging of the greens, and the Christmas faculty tea held in the spacious oak panelled lounge. Here a warm glow from one of the fireplaces provides a cozy atmosphere for spending a winter ' s evening. STOCKWELL First Row: Bonnie Hendricks. Anailel Schmidt, I.ois Ran, Pat Nitty, Patricia Prins, Sue Piwonka, Kathy Groehn, MaryLou Loesel. Second Row: Jan Rininger, Susan Trowbridge, Gail Honcyball, Karen Rosenberg, Helen Moylan, Karen Adams, Ruth Fisher, Susan Bobbin, Linda Sahlquist, Kathryn Greene, Jill Slingerland. Third Row: Susan Amluxen, Judy Ahronh eim, Ashley Com pan, Beverly Shesko, Joyce Hcnkc. Marsha Mallory, Heidi Han- dorf, Catherine Pottle, Katherinc Jeter, Sally Kraska, Jean Dudgeon, Ellen John, Adaline Adams. Fourth Row. Linda Vineyard, Adabet Pace, Susan Hunt, Chris O ' Leary, Joan Coonley, Joan Steinberg, Carol Gump, Janet Seibert, Peggy Walker, Lauraine Nehmer, Ann Cohen. 25 STOCKWELL After-hours coffee breaks encourage a closeness between the house directors and girls. Because of its opportunities for friendly living, and this homey atmosphere, Stockwell is well-known as one of the best women ' s dormitories on campus. First Row: Sharon .drodowski, Maureen Maher, Susan Rosenberg, Donna Polk, Wanda Acre, Pamela Marsh, Margaret Cansfield, Patsy Filip, Janice Eklund, Anna Harrison, Christine Wellner, Elaine Fabin, Janet Trumble, Virgina Sahlmark. Second Row: Darlecn Shipley, Donna Fellows, Joyce Kohl- man, Dianna Wistert, Dorothy Robling, Mariann Emmons, Ellen Panush, Sybil Russell, Pris Pittsford, Claire Schwartz, Barbara Kossack, Janice Beh- ling, Mary Spike. Third Rou : Michele Buda, Mar y Ann Plato, Marsha Kahn, Helen Kaminski, Sue Decker, Rathe Schultz, Melinda Kilborn, Lynn Dolgin, Pat Wallace, Margaret Cwieka, Mary Beth Norton, Dianne Malcom, Jeanne MacArthur, Joni Donley, Mary Kazmark, Heidi LeBron, Diane Tickton. Fourth Row. Donna Williams, Meril Penn, Marybeth Gilbert, Nancy Newhouse, Jackie Shogren, Mary Hugsten, Eleanor Fisher, Linda Reuster, Bev Coulter, Sue McCleary, Barb Mee, Mary Ann Huyghe, Sue X.eller, Pat Hash, Carol Clarkson, Paula Kauppila, Judith Benson, Elizabeth Wagman, Jan Berris. 27 MEN ' S QUADS V 1, -- ' til I II II PI I ii! rail ill - " ; 29 EAST QUADRANGLE Photographs by Dey Studios First Hour Rick Anderson, Wayne Swanson, Pete Kilburn, Den Kennedy, Ron Welf, Chuck Renny, Inman Breaux, J. Downs Herold. Second Row: John Matulaitis, Stan Szwalek, Dick Decker, Gary Cox, Bill Anderson, Tom Messenger, Jim Barko, Chuck Schrimper, Bob Najmowicz, Bob Sanford, Norm Ber- linger, George Wreggit. Third Row: Chuck Cornell, Erik Warren, John Langhans, Jack Kelley, Rusty Preston, Mrs. Anderson, John Keier, Ed Hufnagle, Mike Anderson, Jim Gosnell, Tom Mourant. Fourth Row: Don Morelli, Cliff Leblang, George Miller, Jack Carman, John Burke, John Cunningham, Ted Poulton, Bob Wachtman, Paul Weinberg, Bill Chewning, Barry Timm, Bryan Unti, Roger Cholewiak, Dave Wotton, Tim Thorrez, Tim Boufford, John Ross. Fifth Row: Jim White, Tom Anastasiou, Paul Niffenegger, Rick Miller, Leif Jorgenson, Bob Gruhl, Mike Cook, Doug Orrin, Bill LaDouce, Harvey Bellman, Bill Sherman, John Scharder, Roger Johnson. Walt Schoettle, Pete Toot, Darrell Maciag, Clay Shorkey, Bill Widdows, Denny Holloway. True to form, Anderson men main- tained the high academic average of the house. In contrast to past years, Anderson ' s men were very active in intramural sports. Besides numerous house dances and open-opens, house members enjoyed a very successful autumn hayride. In support of the belief that house government is the most effective and efficient govern- ment within the residence hall system, Anderson became somewhat withdrawn from quadrangle activities. Homecoming week was initiated in the true Roaring 20 ' s style by pushing a bed from Detroit to Ann Arbor. ANDERSON 30 WEST QUADRANGLE The men of Chicago House have enjoyed the past year academically, athletically, and socially. Under the experienced guidance of the staff, our men progressed significantly in scholastic achievement, while intramural sports provided a welcome outlet for extra energy. Social activities, enhanced by our party room, Chi Club, and including a hayride, casino party, and participation in Homecoming and Michigras, highlighted the year ' s activities. This has been a year of continuing alumni support combined with well- directed member participation. CHICAGO First Row: Pascal Mubenya, Edward Carter, Alex Bragdon, Wolfgang Drescher. Jim Alexander. Rick Schiff, Richard Fessenden, Phil Shepard, Jan Purans. Second Row: Bob Heitzman, Gary Ackerman, Harvey Procter, Brian Hartwell, Wade Clarke, Mrs. Marjorie Fleck, James Lumber, Marc Krenytzky, Gene Rabois, Rick Dickinson, Bob Winter. Third Row: Phil Sawyer, Richard Martin, Tom Martin, Jim Steckmeyer, Kev Deyer, Michael Galfer, Douglas Mac- Pherson, Thomas Wagamon, Clarence Eagle, Richard Lentz, David Werner, William Burns, Gene Kurata, Ross Mahacheck, Dave Miller, Mike Lang, Neal Bellin, Thomas Eisenbeiser. Fourth Roic: Carl Smigiel, Robert Mitchell, Don Juttle, Dick Canfield, Jim Dubbert, Jim Burr, Jim Lignell, John Rob- bins, Jerry Reinke, Robert Shoemaker, Robert Fucilla, Joseph Howey, Fred Herr, Ed Stingel, Mario Arenas, C. Richard Swanson. Fifth Row: Tom Leson- dale, Steven Warrington, Larry Smith, Ted Peterson, Tom DeNardi, Jim Schwark, Ron Alsberg. Neil Amalfitano, Bob Garrison, Ronald Cooper, Andy Daugavietis, Rob Eifler. Kent Breese, Ron Gold, Steve Adamini. Don Deu, Bertnard Dianzumba. first ftoun- David Stall, William Belts, W. Scott Shilman, Greg Frontier, Jack Lindquist, Mrs. Hackett, Jim Votruba, Edward Kotz, Jr., David Millholen. Second Row: Keith LaFerriere, David Standen, Henry Petiprin, Alfred Kresse, Robert Tallman, Bob Alexander, Bob Shiff, James Karls, Gary Becker, Russ Sarrine, Tom Nowinski, Alan Brown. Third Row: Bruce Dancik, James Spall, Norman Grudell, Bryce Babcock, Barry Myers, Mel Wakabayashi, William Martin, Paul Portman, Rodney Mariyama, Gary Lee Saupe, John Parsons, Richard Brown. I Rii WEST QUADRANGLE This year, as in past years, Win- chell House has shown strength and unity befitting one of the finest houses on campus. Athletically, our House finished within the top four positions in every sport thus far, while academically, we greatly improved the exam file and the speakers ' program enabling us to talk with many Michigan people. Our social program has given us many unusual and enjoyable weekends. Winchell men, through hard work, believe that their house is the best on campus. WINCHELL First Row: Bernard Baensch, William Reece, Bruce Larva, Mike Neil, Ron Murray, Gregory Drake, Jeffrey Leeds, Thomas Mullin. Second Row: Mel Liver- nois, Wolle Ward, Dennis Borugian, Keati Thammongkol, Jack Lindquist, Mrs. Hackett, Gonzalis Sotondji, Dennis Paruch, J. Douglas Birchmeier, David Arch. Third Roiv: Jay Starkoff, Ron Evans, Chip Fuller, Steve Simmons, Dennis Webster, Len Weinstein, James Schweigert, Gil Samberg, Gary Andrejak, Dave Murray, Ed Collins, John Russell, Peter Lam beck. Victor Hogan, Richard Hartley. Fourth Row: James Kaufman, John Cloyd, John Sodwcquist, Aaron Todd, Ken Larson, Steve 7,iman, Bernard Tassin, Pat Kenney, Jack Bartlett, Jim Thoss, Jeffrey Rothman, Robert Aepli, Gary Bussell, Rick Satone, Carl Schillmoeller. fin ard Cm to 1 First Row: Jerry Vogler, Ed Shirkey, Roger iel, Julian Tyler, Dan Heist, David Crotcher, John Lossing, Robert Wegner, John Lafond, Richard Porter, Ron Lentz, Richard Martin, Ira Sheffey. Second Row: William Yee, Chuck Jenkins, Stanley Aldrich, William Shenk, Dale Melin, James Byrne, Frank Richardson, John Reynolds, Gene Rosenthal, Phil Doolittle, John Meyer, Roger Fiske, Tom Nelson, Dick Hansen. Third Row: James Ball, Tom Meaden, Joseph Segedy, Rick Hokans, Douglas Lock, Ken Salach, Kenneth Haber, Stephen Kenney, Bob Orzechowski, Robert Bradshaw, Wendell Mills, Jon Ross, Jerry Wassum, Bob Redmond, Bob Rice. MARY MARKLEY REEVES This year Reeves House migrated from its home in South Quadrangle to participate in pioneering the co-educational housing concept. As the largest men ' s house in Markley, it has demonstrated its willingness to shoulder respon- sibilities proportional to its size. It has considered the gen- eral welfare of Markley as a whole by donating space for a recreation room and a language laboratory. Reeves welcomes the opportunity to join with the other houses in Markley in pro- moting stimulating intellectual and social activities. First Row: William Beute, Raymond Weitzman, Roger Blain, John Hansehman, Stephen Goldberg, Jerry Nevill, Donald Watts, Paul Zozula, Douglas Angst, Robert Bryer, Kenneth Field. Second Row: James Lesser, Tom Ranney, John Lovelace, Richard Johnston, Tom Haw, Richard Penczek, Mrs. Clark, Jack Miles, Kevin Momenee, Larry Minni, Jim Kleinschmidt, William Slaymaker, Warren Shear. Third Row: Thomas Moderman, Michael Handelman, Rich- ard Huntley, William Goggin, Thomas Patt, Shea Rutstein, Bernard Brinbaum, Larry Buchwalter, Christopher Wagner, Charles Zimmerman, Gary Ballon, Corbin Davis. Fourth Row: John Du Brian, Ervin Wheeler, Mark Lightfoot, Alan Stern, David Browning, Allen Hemlock, Jim Howell, Michael Wengroff, Tom Anderson, Brian Smith, Roger Kurlinski, Bruce Techow, Mel Weinert, Michael Gold. SOUTH QUAD As a compact and close-knit group, Kelsey men have continued to uphold their traditional leadership in the various campus activities. Starting off strongly with the Intramural Track Championship, Kelsey earned new respect among its rivals and gained assurance of an upper berth in Intramural competition. From wooing women to banana blasting, Kelsey has found many social opportunities and has moved with great vigor. Having always been an academic leader, Kelsey has again had a tremendous year as the " Cornerstone of South Quadrangle. " KELSEY First Row: Tom List, Daniel Kruss, Chick West, Jim Allen, Bob Bentz, Tim Kriewall, Mike Peregon. Second Row: Roy Woodton, Richard Greenwald, Jim Muscott, Richard Cioffari, Robert Rader, Gary Hussar, Rich Buerk, Mike Bequette, Robert Hecox, John White, Ernest Werle, Wayne Jackl. Third Row: Gary Friedlaender, Leslie Hendelman, Mitch Friedlaender, Chuck Coffin, Don Blanchard, Jim Davis, Mrs. E. Drake, Jim Fox, Bob Stuhlmiller, Bill Hope- man, Howard Warshaw, Arthur Collingsworth. Fourth Row: Bruce Fisher, Stuart Shaw, Chuck Tobias, Ron Smith, Howard Landsman, Richard Bloom, Richard Havelka, Dennis Muler, Ken Jagdman, Doug Miller, Ron Baumann, Tom Ober, Bill Weese, Mike Hathaway, Sanford Roth, Joe Stulberg, Don Mateer, Tom Beukema. Fifth Row: Ron Krawitz, Kim Bateman, Larry Creech, Gary Crews, Don Grimmer, Walt Senkow, Howard Shulman, Jack Cohn, Dan Pinkert, Robert N. Smith, David Grekin, Marc Savage, Bill Gray, Bob Dale, Rick Pietrzak, Stan Zientek, Jum Torzewski, Charles Davidson, Kenneth Hill. Sixth Row: Dan Nauts, Larry Graf, Leslie Goldman, James Gilkey, Michael Goodman, Jon Beck, Oliver Darden, Cazzie Russell, Danny Syme, Tom Ambrose, John Mulhern, Paul Luebkert, Paul Dekker. SORORITIES 36 37 ALPHA CHI OMEGA First Row: Jane Klotzbach, Elizabeth Morrison, Barbara Griffin, Barbara Spangler, Nancy Elgas, Sue Wright, Elaine Eiko, Karen Janas, Barbara Munz. Second Row: Cathy .ahn, Arlene Kostur, Barbara Smith, Carolyn Kerr, Lois Young, Gail Reilly, Kathie Baker, Nancy Tervo, Judith Rockwell, Ellen Timmons, Fran Lambert, Judy Peck, Carol Fuller. Third Row: Marita Servais, Karin Purdy, Carol Rubach, Marge Dyer, Janet Bolton, Nancy Pastor, Mrs. Marie Netting, Bette Cowden, Sue Johnson, Judith Austin, Phyllis Beneicke, Barbara Peckham, Sheryl Spietz. Fourth Row: Jean Withers, Laurie Cahill, Mary Tess Newingham, Cynthia Frantz, Kay Hamilton, Barbara Black, Linda Spencer, Mary Krupp, Judy Rote, Barbara Bostwick, Carol Ann Suydam, Carole Nimz, Dodie Duckwitz, Fran Green, Judy Scott, Mary Ellen Tucker. Fifth Row: Jane Layle, Kenny Kammer, Micki Sulli- van, Ann Nugent, Cathy Charters, Sandy Clark, Cathy McConnell, Barbara Scott, Bonnie Shigemasa, Gayle Richmond, Dee Zemanek, Jeri Smart, Sally Jo Erwin, Karin Ibser, Dorothy Gillis, Martha Seeley, Betsy Beck, Candy Patterson. Behind the turquoise door of our house on Washtenaw are many different kinds of girls all Alpha Chi Omegas. Realizing that we have a responsibility to our community, we actively participate in altruistic work, such as stuffing Easter Seal envelopes for cerebral palsy, our national philanthropy. Scholarship is stressed, and this year we are enthusiastic about studying in our new study room, presented by our mother ' s club. Social events are the high spots of the year, including such traditions as our Christmas dance and come-as-your-sister Halloween costume party. 38 ALPHA DELTA PI Swingin ' and singin ' seems to be the favorite pastime of the ADPi ' s. We ' re either defending our IFC Sing championship, entertaining football fans at our open house, guarding our new lawn against " invaders, " filling stockings for our dates with ingenious goodies at our Christmas Dance, plotting the most effective strategy for the annual watertight against our busboys, or miraculously finding time to study. And as the year passes, the ADPi ' s bid a fond farewell to their favorite seats at theUGLI, pack up their levis and sweatshirts, and swing into summer. First Ron ' : Karen Oxley, Debbie Sparling, Kathy Urban, Mary Jane McCarthy, Edie Batemen. Sue Steger, Karen Smith, Barb Koshlap, Heather Fitz- gerald, Jill Hartung, Bev Scales, Jeannie McKibben, Patty Jo Brown, Carol Cosentino. Second Row: Sue Rupert, Sheri Kunkle, Marty Kruger, Pat Garrison, Mary Jo Freeman, Betty Brown, Karen Hubbard, Mrs. Mae Ufer, Barb Kahn, Sally Berndt, Linda Williams, Mimi Dimcheff, Coco McClure, Marc Graham. Third Row: Mary Lee Stetser, Pat Overman, Kathy Holahan, Judy Gontz, Nancy Chillman, Kathy Kish, Sue Shipley, Nora Tittering- ton, Barb Robinson, Carol Cawthra, Jan Schram, Jan Griswold, Laurie Hellerman, Lynn Kurth, Donna Tope, Sandy Blooinquist, Jeanne Cadaret, Joyce McCracken. Fourth Row: Marilyn Stern, Mary Cejka, Carole Janis, Barb Laas, Nancy Fellows, Pam Brennan, Sue Sandt, Judy McKinney, Becky Black, Sheryl Steffler, Diane Huffman, Maureen Holahan, Jackie Kasabach, Susie McNeal, Linda Stabler, Judy Holderness, Karen Kuivinen, Gale Aschenbach, Joan Kasabach, Linda Lyall. Missing: Janet McConkey, Nancy Heaton, Carol Horvath, Mary Jane Makar. First Row: Linda Azen, Carol Diamond, Bobbye Levy, Nancy Horowitz, Shelly Berg, Nancy Heibar, Judy Shapiro, Nancy Steinberg, Sally Sorscher, Sheila Maydet, Claire Silverman. Second Row: Bunny Kukes, Ellie Epstein, Mike Schover, Betsy Kriegshaber, Beryl LefF, Edith Bassichis, Mrs. Vance Masters, Lynn Cohodas, Linda Schwartz, Fran Kahn, Leslie Singer, Margo Green, Judy Gordon, Judy Lewis. Third Row: Barbara Feder, Betty Ann Seltzer, Jan Peterman, Carole Ackerma n, Louise Lavitt, Judy Keen, Ellen Ravin, Marion Neiman, Han Beller, Marcie Giber, Joan Danto, Joan Goldberg, Ricki Saks, Frances Aftel, Enid Magidson. Fourth Row: Maxine Baum, Judy Blattberg, Sheri Berman, Judy Imerman, Barbara Graham, Jane Srere, Arlene Friedman, Debby Gould, Carol Katzman, Jill Selin, Barbara Leland, Joan Bigg, Judy Stark, Barbara Bovins, Andrea Eason, Freddie Marion. Not Pictured: Judy Abrams, Sherri Atlas, Cindy Barnard, Phyllis Brownstein, Carole Colan, Lynn F ' ireside, Sheila Josephson, Sharon Feiman, Susan Israel, Judy Krause, Susan Caplan, Sherry Kovan, Judy Lando, Barbara Levy, Barbara Levy, Nancy Rattner, Donna Ruch, Trudy Sammet, Ellie .ane, Lynn Fleischman, Pain Moss, Carole Puklin, Shari Saleson, Jan Simon, Barbara Samet, Judy Waldman, Shari Weiner, Bonnie eitlin. ALPHA EPSILON PHI A social and philanthropic organi- zation, A E Phi actively partici- pates in numerous projects through- out the year. Among our philan- thropic contributions are holiday parties for underprivileged chil- dren, and sponsorship of our Fili- pino orphan child. On campus, the Phi ' s partake in Homecoming, IFC Sing, Spring Weekend, and Michigras. Within the house we conduct a cul- tural program which allows closer contact with faculty and community personalities. By giving its mem- bers opportunities to involve them- selves in a variety of collegiate experiences, A E Phi fulfills the purpose for which it was first organized. 40 Whether it ' s a colorfully costumed theme party, before dinner football game, or one of those dreaded midnight fire drills, Alpha Gamma Delta Sisters can always find fun. There are high spirits and cold noses as everyone pitches in on our prize- winning homecoming display; there are rowdy " rowdy " nights and " Boodelheimer, Boodelheimer. " An exciting Spring rush brings new sisters, and, almost sadly, school ' s end. Similar events occur in all sororities. We are proud to remember ours as Alpha Gams. ALPHA GAMMA DELTA First Row: Rita Melocchi, Pam Pence, Carol Duclzinski, Barb Purely, Carol Meriam, Sue Smith, Sue Briggs, Tink Kaiser, Lynn Gaskins, Diane Hay, Karen DeBoer. Second Rou ' : Connie Witucki, Sue Bower, Sally Jo Cornelius, Diane Pierson, Mary Ann itta, Jutly Mathieu, Eclie Coles, Betsey Kenyon, Ann Higginbottom, Elaine Smith, Jan Secorcl. Third Row: Mary Ellen Ebel, Jane Dalman, Sarah Dowel, Alex Omalev, Mrs. L. Brighton, Sally Strening, Sue Rudder, Molli Milarch, Barb Sommer. Fourth Row: Nancy Stewart, Kathy Ward, Nora Horsey, Carolyn Lillie, Vicki Carney, Carolyn Meretta, Betty Hem- mett, Bonnie McDermid, Katie Policy, Lana Pleskacz, Judy Parker, Judy Bohnert, Bonnie Papke. Fifth ROIL ' : Cathy Nelson, Cathie Caruso, Nancy Graver, Mary Ann Moss, Liz Brown, Lynne Osborn, Sally Morrison, Sue Reavis, Barrie Fisher, Pat Rapport, Bonnie Banaszek. Missing: Carol Pantalone, Jan Chew- ning, Jan Cucchi, Karen Kessler, Peg Laiulman, Sue L ' Heureux, Sandy Magee, Jane Meeuwsen, Jan McDaid, Ricki Olson, Barb Purdy, Bonnie Swain. 41 ALPHA KAPPA ALPHA Active describes Alpha Kappa Alpha " sorors. " They participate in campus as well as national projects. A small sisterhood, the sorority has enjoyed football open houses with its Ann Arbor graduate members, theme parties with favorite dates, such as this year ' s Hawaiian luau, and seri- ous discussions with invited guests from the University ' s faculty. Without a house, these coeds are placed in a unique situation. They may be scattered throughout the residence halls ' system, but their energy and determination have enabled them to remain a functioning unit of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority. First Ron ' : Sharon McCrary, Margaret Browning, Emilcy Mobley, Phyllis Fiiulley, Nacline Phillips, Judith Bell. Second Row: Pamela Griffin, Francetta Estes, Laura Moseley, Carole Jasper, Audrey Coleman, Carol Claytor, Suzanne Campbell, Monica West. Photo ra hs b De Studios ALPHA OMICRON PI First Row: Judy Lindow, Marilyn Gale, Marcia Lindow, Marilyn Schmoekel, Kathleen Farnall, Donna Homer, Jane Mitchell, Nancy Kuchta. Second Row: Beverly Vuono, Sharon Repta, Jean Pence, Judy Caille, Mrs. Potter, Jennie Nunn, Karen Boatman, Barbara Finocchi, Kathleen Engle. Third Row: Sandra Haltom, Luanne Lyon, Marilyn Major, Jo Pollock, Julie Johnson, Mary Roeske, Lola Lauridsen, Rosann Sheldon, Karin Butzke, Katie Brooks, Jane Phelps, Birdie Hanson. Fourth Row: Carole Frank, Martha Eldridge, Kay Frost, Sandra Kuentzel, Gail Wood, Mary Littell, Patricia Lehner, Mary Mosher, Gail Evans, Jan Colmer, Kathleen Balcer. Not Pictured: Sharon Daly, Carol Koskowski, Jan Nadolski, Mary Kennedy, Donna Jean Haven. The house is proud of their active year-round calendar. In autumn, the house is the center of many fun-filled hours after football games and on father ' s weekend. It is then that we met our international sister from Berlin, Karen Butzke. Using the winter for philanthropic projects, the girls send gifts to Kentucky, and the Frontier Nursing Service. The annual scholarship dinner and Rose Ball is also held then. With the arrival of Spring, come Mom ' s weekend and the annual busboy dinner. A first semester favorite activity was an open-open house after the football game. Then, congenial association with fraternity men produced a successful IFC Sing participation. Our special occasion was Fathers ' Weekend, wherein delightful dads discovered where and how their financial and emotional resources are being invested. A philanthropic project included helping in the pediatric ward of St. Joseph ' s Hospital. During the spring semester we had a Chinese girl living in the house, which proved to be an enlightening experience of mutual appreciation and orientation. Academic pursuits completed a rewarding year for the entire house. ALPHA PHI First Row: Sandy Bailey, Karen Anderson, Jane Durham, Martha Purdy, Judy Walker, Rocly Rush, Judy Geifel, Joan Briegal, Barb Holm, Barb Boydston, Anne Hammond. Second Row: Mary Lou Adamson, Kristin Wagner, Norma Harvey, Linda Underbill, Pat Gilchrist, Emily Watson, Alice Wessels, Jean Hohenstein, Rowena Wotring, Becky Perry, Janet Kroenig, Judy Bean. Third Row: Jane Herbert, Joan Guarniere, Gayle Ryan, Jane Schember, Sherri Pugno, Pat Schroeder, Ilene Spencer, Penny Ingram, Laurie Leitch, Sharon Cooper, Ronnie Crossett, Carla Goldring, Linda Hancock, Judy Hinkley. Fourth Row: Donna Colson, Chris Fracala, Sandy Seppala, Judy Mallory, Joan Carlson, Ginny Cerney, Gail Manildi, Kay Mary Young, Marty Logan, Linda Kessler, Sue Gill, Sally Shannon, Pam McCormick, Fran Cook, Bobbie Holub, Sharon Hefke, Jennifer Pearson, Jan Faulkner, Lynn Abernathy. 44 First Row: Vancy Parr, Barb Barb Bookston, Penny Pearson, Judy Stermer, Carolyn Krebs, Abby Purely, Val Been. Second Row: Pat Fleming, Gail May- narcl, Pat Termini, Pat Kosanke, Nancy Roberts, Cammi Cummins, Karen Maier, Marilyn Servis, Barb Marling, Jan Kostun. Third Row: Judi Dusold, Pat Kent, Donna Busfield, Arlene Anderson, Mrs. Duerson, Jeri Pudschun, Shelley Conrey, Judy Bailey, Cindy Addison, Sherrie Cudillo. Fourth Row: Laurie Gies, Judy Herman, Charla Rusche, Lee Jatros, Judy Burghdorf. Jill Tozer, Karen Eufinger, Sally Jo Niles, Nancy Benisek, Suanne Smith, Sue Gelbach, Lee Fitch. Fifth Row: Joyce Nutting, Penny Shilling, A nn Harrison, Maralyn Miller, Julie Carson, Pam Isley, Coco Neill, Sue Parkinson, Joan Skibbe, Pat Cook, Sharon Steininger. ALPHA XI DELTA Diversity of action is the keynote with Alpha Xi Delta. Action ranges from our traditional formality of Fathers ' Weekend and our two formal dances to the seriousness of sponsoring and adopting into our house friendship a sister from Argentina. Then there ' s the gaiety of rowdy nights, the cooperative building of the homecoming display, and Senior Night. Individual interests are expressed through participation in the arts, student government, sports, and campus organizations. 45 CHI OMEGA First Row: Dawn Ledinsky, Marilyn Chasteen, Heather Rowen, Diana Boyd, Kathy Frost. Second Row: Wendy Paddison, Edie Foley, Mary Ann Oltean, Ruth Verlinde, Jan Wilson, Charlene Olson, Jane Horsetail, Bonnie Buchanan, Jean Magnuson, Carol Sink, Arlene Alton, Sue Smith. Third Row: Madeline McGee, Virginia Pudschen, Judy Berndt, Virginia Barnes, Joanne Brown, Martha Batey, Mrs. Hale, Sally Hallen, Roxanne Smith, Kitty Snyder, Lynn Heckman, Pat Gordon, Betsy Quinn. Fourth Row: Sue Clarke, Carolyn Tehan, Linda Smalley, Ellen Stair, Trudy Faber, Nancy Bohn, Barb Trelfa, Alice Fitch, Kaye Clohset, Nancy Parshall, Sue Thorpe, Barl) Knudtson, Mary Verlinde, Joanne Colburn, Mary Schnell. Fifth Row: Darlene Tail, Peggy Heikkinen, Sally Mieras, Sue Brockway, Kathy Kregar, Virginia Wcinberg, Onna Kulaja, Beth Spikes, Sandi Van Cauwenberg, Gale Gower, Judy Armstrong, Barb Mixer, Sally Collman, Judy Ward, Jessie Dent. Missing: Marilyn Beebe, Caroline Hinckley, Sue Hunger, Diane LePlae, Elizabeth Meyer, Jane Otteson, Jean Panchuck, Jary Ridout, Carol Riegle, Alice Watrous, Marty Wolf. Peeking into the kaleidoscope, one can see many sparkling individuals who come together in Chi Omega. Traditions include the Chee Omung Jungle Party and searches for Eta Owl sometimes leading to Fiji showers, or eating steak or beans for dinner, depending on scholastic achievement. On Campus, Chi O ' s are especially active in W.A.A., Panhellenic, Homecoming, and Michigras. Bringing Christmas joy to children at Ypsilanti State Hospital also adds to the glitter of the Chi Omega kaleidoscope. The separate personalities add shape to the total sorority. 46 COLLEGIATE SOROSIS Traditionally Sorosis has been an enthusiastic member of the University community, and this year was certainly no exception! An International Students ' Tea, a faculty dinner program, a tea honoring our new housemother, Mrs. Rhoades, an individual philanthropic program, a football open house, and a Christmas dance all furthered our social, academic, and cultural development. Along with these present-day activities, we have retained such age-old customs as the Mudbowl soccer game with Theta, and after-dinner demi-tasse Sorosis traditions so good to come home to. First Row: Jan Laidlaw, Mary Ellen Wojcik, Mary Luhn, Barb Shadley, Sally Garlick, Sandy Fitz-Gerald, Nancy Guile, Mary-Love Russell, Fran Gulp. Second Row: Bliss Caulkins, Bari Telfer, Sue Carter, Helen Hall, Mrs. Rhoades, Marilyn Taylor, Marcia Marcotte, Carrie Ferch, Sue Smith. Third Row: Janie Ensign, Sandy Erwin, Becky Rutherford, Ann Huntzicer, Julie Fitzgerald, Jan Brown, Nancy Franzen, Betsy McLean, Lou Ann Otto. Fourth Row: Marilyn Wilhelm, Julie Vanderpool, Jan Johnson, Linny Packer, Barb Herrick, Mary Lou Hines, Mary Ann Matulaitis, Peggy Wilson, Barb Day, Nan Richards, Carole Gourlay. Fifth Row: Maddy Trimby, Marie Neff, Anne Clark, Sylvia Walsdorf, Barb James, Chari Living- stone, Pat Scanlon, Kathy Kay, Alice Gage, Ginny Woods, Katie MacKichan, Elaine Resmer. 47 First Row: Peggy Waggoner, Claudia Wakefield, Julie Selander, Karen Seyfarth, Sandra Pierse, Jane Meyers, Carolyn Lawrence, Lois Farell, Joan Forrester. Second Row: Dee Clark, Beth Bower, Susan Shaw, Jayne Ryan, Morleen Getz, Gloria Fan, Judie Balizs, Barbara Stelzer, Martha Weston. Third Row: Joanne Curcuru, Marlene Rose, Nancy Drennan, Mary Laitsch, Martha Menge, Anne Pardee, Carole Wolcott, Virginia Cristy, Judy Reilly, Barbara Beier, Sandra Savaiano, Betty Jean Smith, Lois Dirkse. Fourth Row: Eleanor Holt, Jerilyn Pinney, Barbara Blackford, Bonnie Mac- Lean, Barbara Little, Judy Heady, Suzanne Farr, Susan Beasley, Jill Bolton, Fran Desmond, Anna Polesny, Susan Smith, Susan Webb, Mary Gott- schalk, Mary Whitman, Carole Hartman. Fifth Row: Lenore Erber, Diane Lebedeff, Barbara Gendich, Judy Operhall, Sarah Edison, Nancy Schneider, Susan Holman, Ruth Fraumann, Gail Plautz, Andrea Gerken, Pamela Krivisky, Ruth Kuchel, Jane Williams, Karen Emeus, Sharon Albrecht. DELTA DELTA DELTA A title, Delta, Delta, Delta, a brick house at 718 Tappan, " Pancake Supper Saturday Night, " and " Run, Brandy, run " these are parts of Tri-Delt. There is quiet study in the dining room, a girl who sings the lead in a Gilbert and Sullivan production, the Phi Beta Kappa, the Hopwood winner striving and reward through accomplishment. And there are open houses, Fathers ' Weekend, the pinning circles, the serenades. Living belonging, happiness, a crescent and three stars. 48 Long after Pinafore Party and Rowdey Night memories fade, and the many coats of paint on the anchor have chipped away, DG ' s will remember that their sorority meant something more. They will recall making Great Books come alive for two blind students, hostessing at an International Tea, and carving Halloween pumpkins with underprivileged children. They will remember Fathers ' Weekend, the Christmas dinner, and tracking peanut butter and jelly through the sacred halls. DELTA GAMMA First Row: Nancy Peterson, Sandy Hall, Sharon Schreiber, Sharon Bartlett, Leslie Coleman, Gail Howes, Donna Peters, Alice Rickel. Second Row: Susan Kania, Sue Schroeder, Joan Peterson, Carol Mersereau, Carroll Chamberlain, Carol Nuttall, Mary Heustis, Marcia Lentz, Vicki Elmer, Christy Schad, Corrie Dennie. Third Row: Becky Kuril. Susan Swenk, Sara Hoberman, Susan Mann, Pat Carlson, Sue Ganter, Carol Williams, Jeanne Maurer, Gerri Irvvin, Jean Mendius, Michele Moran. Fourth Row: Martha Foren, Barb Dickerson, Beth Cooper, Cece Smith, Kathleen George, Virginia Heyl, Sue Morgan, Leslie Eames, Linda Ladue, Kathleen List, Sarah Clementson, Roberta Morris, Nancy Staudacher, Sheri Eyestone, Sue McNeal, Sue Weber. Fifth Row: Cheryl Moore, Mary Lou Revelle, Georgia Doty, Catherine Douglas, Judy Erwin, Stephanie Smith, Barb Bailor, Avis Ziegenbein, Claire Aitken, Sue Pretzer, Molly Crumpacker, Jill Simmons, Hope Ashbury, Karen Uhrick. Not Pictured: Barbara Deo, Annelise Jonas, Sally Burton, Sue Chase, Lucy Day, Mary Ann Dykeman, Judy Fee, Chris Heustis, Ann Owen, Beth Paris, Julie Powell, Penny Shaw, Maggie Sinclair, Melissa Watson, Peggy Hunt, B. Jill Comins, Geri Loner, Jackie Paulus. 49 . DELTA PHI EPSILON Since the start of the semester, there hasn ' t been a lull at the Depher house. We listen to the sound of roulette wheels as our parents gamble with their " fortunes " on Monte Carlo Night, music as we practice for IFC Sing, the laughter of children when we volunteer at Perry Nursery School. We are solemn at candlelights and Senior Dinner, enthusiastic welcoming faculty speakers and celebrating our Tenth Anniversary. Many sounds and moods harmonize to form the D Phi E spirit. First Row: Joanie Deutsch, Leslie Scherr, Donna Sporn, Trudy Kaplan, Lydia Schaeffer, Sheila Amman, Maggie Cohen, Lisa Joseph, Phyllis Zucker, Sydelle Becker, Donna Freedman. Second Row: Susan Atkins, Ellen Grossman, Susie Finder, Joan Gusten, Diane Yura, Mrs. Hildreth Sanders, Barbara Victor, Andy Adelman, Karen Felosak, Freya Yaffee, Leslie Goss. Third Row: Ellen Franklin, Vicki Lasser, Jo Ellen Krulee, Susan Pressman, Jane Carnick, Jan Weiss, Judy Sklar, Sandy Alpert, Sheila Goldstein, Wendie Reinish, Leslie Manning, Linda Dinn. Fourth Row: Peggy Cohen, Nancy Meltzer, Helen Friedman, Brenda Berg, Heidi Applebaum, Jill Myers, DeeDee Bickson, Liz Soss, Barbara Goodfriend, Sara Segal, Barbara Center, Jan Friedman, Linda Flesh. Absent: Lanny Berkowitz, Linda Cole, Hermine Drezner, Sandy Forman, Susan Gilbert, Sharon Gorelick, Gail Gorman, Judy Hammerman, Susan Jacobson, Carol Kent, Susan Lesser, Susan Light, Avis Mandel, Linda Moore, Lorie Pavian, Carol Rakita, Laurie Rosen, Phyllis Schechter, Cindy Schiff, Carol Sloman, Nancy Seifer, Judy Snider. ' J 7 Photographs by Dey Studios GAMMA PHI BETA Firs flow: Mary Ann Bean, Patricia Hinman, Rosemary Shevchik, Ellen Baer, Noel Baron, Carolyn Rybicki, Julia Crafts, Joan Irwin, Lettie Brabb, Elaine Berryman. Second Row: Earla Stieler, Sally Woolner, Laura Fitch, Sandra Rosenberg, Penny Witt, Donna Yando, Karen Eagen, Gretchen Groth, Joy Laux, Christine Craig, Nancy Alford, Janice Price. Third Row: Janet Bakke, Jane Taylor, Diana Owen, Carolyn Coffin, Barbara Lyndon, Jeanne Common, Mrs. Thelma Duffell, Sharon Carey, Gail Feldman, Andree Garner, M. Gayle Van Sant, Karen Neumann, Barbara Fish. Fourth Row: Geraldine Kearney, Patricia Lutes, Carolyn Hopkins, Carol Haliday, Pamela Dewey, Gayle Graddis, Harriet Bridges, Gayle Rogers, Martha Wood- man, Mary House, Donna Thomas, Carole Markeson, Margaret Tucker, Maryal McParland, Margaret Schiefer, N. Margaret Benner, Donna Speier. Fifth Row: Diane Randies, Julie Harlton, Mary Ann Affleck, Betty Royal, Kathleen Chase, Penny Munkwitz, Pamela Tomlinson, JoAnne Kasibor- ski, Kirsti Lobingier, Jana Kaler, Mary Streeter, Harriet Saunders, Martha Collier, Jean Cook, Pamela Swart, Susan Beck, Kathleen Cooper. Not Pictured: Joan Westermann, Susan Williams. Last fall the Gamma Phis were welcomed back by a new housemother, Mrs. Thelma Duffell. After adjusting to the repainted (yellow) house and the private phones installed in each room, we settled down to studying (?), while the fall raids from a neighboring fraternity began. It was a busy year of house activities, including our open house in October, IFC Sing, Michigras, Fathers ' Weekend, the Christmas Dance, a softball game with the busboys, and a party for women at Ypsilanti State Hospital. 51 The Thetas have filled this year with events that have made sorority living much more meaningful to them. Highlight of autumn was Homecoming and the annual Theta-Sorosis soccer game, preceded by the traditional breakfast at Sorosis. " Theta Dad " vests, announcing Fathers ' Weekend, were seen by all at the Iowa game. Supporting the Phi Belts in IFC Sing, sponsoring an international tea, and giving faculty dinners have made the life of a Theta intellectually, culturally, and socially rewarding. KAPPA ALPHA THETA First Row: Sue Crawford, Mo Mileski, Ann Heaphy, Liz Hall, Marty Haughey, Lynne Carey, Nancy Knight, Elizabeth Roecliger, Jenny Greene. Sec- ond Row: Gloria Schmidt, Brooke Burgess, Bev Brown, Betsy Barbour, Debbie Herman. Sharon McAllister, Judy Heintz, Marilyn Campbell, Debbie Kahn. Third Row: Chris Jacobsen, Cathy Roberts, Carolyn Coffman, Sally Andrews, Dawn Davies, Susan Hykes, Mrs. Alice Corfield, Stephanie Bennett, Ann Haclley, Alice Wessinger, Sally Dyer, Candy McCann. Fourth Row: Ann Holmquist, Jody Rock, Sue Boyles, Jane Leader, Carol Hershey, Polly Stewart, Lyn Law, Polly Pratt, Kathy Kridler, Helen Hitchman, Sue Corlett, Fran Van Loo, Carol Johnson, Nancy Van Loo, Mary Jane Tomoguchi. Fifth Rou : Sue Montgomery, Jessie MacKay, Mary Willis, Carolyn Peiper, Nan Millies, Mary Ellen Anderson, Charlene Gibbs, Sue Conley, Kathy Ford, Barb Nepstad, Sue Krueger, Connie Brenner, Bonnie Mastin, Bobbie Weeks, Sue Batholomew. First Row: Sandy Watt, Mary Homer, Sue Vierow, Loren Remillet, Nancy Wolfe, Chris Selterberg, Sue Brunk, Marianne Gibbs, Alice Xuttall, Anne Smith. Second Row: Sue Moore, Marilyn Ross, Laurie Garbacz, Mary Ellen Kanke, Mrs. Edwards, Marianne Ditizio, Sally Mann, Annette Henson, Pat Kolcheff. Third Row: Georgina Catallo, Kathy Piwinski, Kaye Kile, Margaret Thurmon, Jan Strobel, Pat Pawelski, Jan Parker, Phyllis Krueger, Margaret Gruber, Anne Cushman, Sandy Gibbons. Fourth Row: Lynne Ankelein, Mary Meisel, Sue Wicks, Sue Forbes, Joanne Temple, Mary Hoffman, Darlene Vinson, Kathy Hartz, Judy Plett, Marty Blake, Ginny Shaffer, Sonja Johnson. Missing: Gassie Apgar, Donajane Davis, Carol Mann, Joan Woertz. KAPPA DELTA Gracious living and Rowdy Night a strange combination? Not at the house on the hill, where the keynote is variety. KD ' s find time for seminars and study breaks, bridge games and concerts, building a homecoming display and entertaining crippled children. Topics of discussion range from politics to the latest elephant joke. From academic pursuits to campus activities, social functions to philanthropic projects, from the very serious to the " just for fun. " Diversity and unity are key words at Kappa Delta. 53 KAPPA KAPPA GAMMA First Row: Jean McLarty, Jill Barrow, Kim Leudtke, Jane Wilson, Joy Zeigler, Fran Craig, Christie Leu, Pam Peltz, Sally Vogelsang, Marynel Young, Emily Edwards. Second Row: Nancy Campbell, Ann Bailey, Darcy Harwood, Carol Ann Dulin, Susie Goldberg, Cindy Rhodes, Sandy Snyder, Susie Kelly, Cathy .Corlett, Kathy Salter, Polly Gamble. Third Row: Peggy Jeffs, Susie Groehn, Meredith Spencer, Nancy Johnson, Leslie Groff, Ashley Mul- holland, Mrs. Marion MoffUt, Cathy Calcaterra, Wendy Wistert, Anne Abbott, Gail Campbell, Sue Heller. Fourth Row: Carol Pucci, Barb Chadwick, Betty Bowler, Barb Walz, Connie Maezes, Betsy Boesche, Nancy Collins, Perrie Larsen, Karen Isgrip, Kipp Franklin, Melinda Wright, Ann Stone, Barb Skinner, Betsy Stapler, Cheryl Marks, Patty Nelligan, Donna Reed, Wendy Isherwood, Patty Mason, Christy Coolidge. Fifth Row: Liz Snow, Mary Jane Spencer, Susie Morrow, Carolyn Freese, Linda Hendricks, Dianne Ivan, Felicite Buhl, Carrie Evans, Diane Menendez, Gretchen Whitehead, Mary Everhardus, Nancy Moore, Toddy Hogan, Lynda Venema, Lucy Dewey. Not Pictured: Sheppy Clark, Marcia Grant, Judy Hamel, Barbie Ley. Joan MacDonald, Ann Perrin, Jan Richardson, Alice Schaefer, Marion Shambes. After successfully completing last semester by winning Skit Night with the Delts during Spring Weekend, and maintaining our high scholastic average, this fall the Kappas returned eagerly to similar endeavors. We honored our new housemother, Mrs. Marion Moffit, at a tea, entertained our dads one rollicking weekend, and made our annual pilgrimage to the Fisher Theatre. Subject of our awareness series, a Kappa innovation on this campus two years ago, were current political issues, including civil rights and extreme conservative movements. 54 PHI MU Entering the Phi Mu castle, one immediately senses activity. Through the year, the Phi Mu ' s participate in many campus activities, including Homecoming, IFC Sing, and Michigras. The fall is highlighted by Parents ' Football Weekend, followed quickly by a rollicking costume party for Halloween. Exchange of gifts and a festive dance help celebrate Christmas. Then comes Spring with its exciting series of candlelights, building up to the climax of the memorable rose and white pledge formal. First Row: Bobbi Hockstad, Ginger Bethel, Jeanne Stephens, Mrs. Emily McDonald, Sue Bigham, Sandy Smiggen, Sandy Weimer. Second Row: Cindy Fanger, Lynette Wells, Betty Jo Smith, Yvette Guhl, Linda Saunders, Joan Kammerman, Ann Meeske, Sally Gravett. Third Row: Jan Teeple, Phyllis Stark, Betsy Thompson, Ann Barnett, Vicki Osborn, Judyan Jensen, Trina Broad, Diana Ladd, Ellen Ramee, Mary Kazlusky, Sue Hopkins, Beth Murphy, Joan Leonard, Annette Bender. Fourth Row: Joyce Hancock, Phyllis Hart. Not Pictured: Kathy Kidder, Sandra Ramey. ftow: Emily Parker, Judy Tucker, Joan Friedman, Nancy Rosenberg, Gail Schneider, Sandy Lipkin, Amy Lipkowitz, Joyce Tobin, Bonnie Venook, Bonnie Taff, Ellen Isaacson. Second Row: Caryl Fuchs, Naida Bader, Sandy Schlussel, Michele Stagman, Susan Taitelbaum, Mrs. Laferne Newell, Nancy Kaplan, Susan Brodsky, Andi Toffler, Terri Drell, Barbara Gillman, Linda Kitman. Third Row: Lyn Radewagen, Leslie Goren, Sandy Goldberg, Nancy Keys, Myra Adelman, Janice Scherock, Joyce Nothman, Freddi Komanoff, Amy Lass, Sandy Lynn, Marilyn Schiffman, Fern Weingarden, Jackie DeYoung, Linda Harrison, Joyce Feinberg. Fourth Row: Elaine Friedman, Linda Niedleman, Rae Ruskin, Sandy Schmier, Terry Mathais, Susan Slavin, Judy Hertz, Felice Ehrman, Rosanne Williams, Jackie Fellman, Louise Geller, Susan Selesco, Nancy Freedman. Missing: Joan Bikoff, Sally Jo Rubin, Laurie Pines, JoAnne Parker, Varda Davis, Beverly Katz. PHI SIGMA SIGMA Leaving their old house at 407 North Ingalls, the Phi Sigs take many memories. They can look back on their " Awareness " program through which they studied the ' 60 ' s with the aid of Michigan professors, volunteer work at the Ypsilanti State Hospital, come -as-you-are parties, TG ' s, serenades. They smile when they consider their not-quite-invincible volleyball, basketball, and softball teams. New teams, new hopes, and old spirit will go with them when they move in the fall. 56 We could never be accused of being satisfied with less than the best in scholarship, campus activities, or social functions. This year, Pi Beta Phi was proud to be the home of an international student, Virginia Poon, from Hong Kong. Everyone benefited from the exchange of ideas which resulted from her visit. Other activities this year included Homecoming, a Pledge Formal in the spring, and a project in which we cared for handicapped children. PI BETA PHI First Row: Sharon Pastor, Marilyn Taylor, Kathy Ruhl, Virginia Poon, Virginia Kramer, Anne Ludden, Suzanne Stimpson, Kay Wunsch, Sheila Hyde. Jane Wessels, Nancy Gordon. Second Row: Carol MacDonakl, Elizabeth Heldman, Carolyn Sampson, Donna Schwab, Nancy Gribbon, Mary Ellen Vorzimer, Kay Alexander, Carol Peck, Sally Bridges, Jennifer Jones, Heather McCallum, Jane VanVolkinburg, Doris Hodges. Third Row: Linda Decker, Judy Mork, Annabel Adams, Mary Conrad, Meggan Dissly, Karen Warmbold, Mrs. Eleanor Arthur, Ellen Brockman, Chris Kamoen, Allison Schmieler, Marge Stett- bacher, Mary Beth Braden, Marty Mamroe. Fourth Row: Mary VanWinkle, Susan Harvill, Sally Schaeffer, Gail Stanford, Kitty Schaeffer, Tracy King, Jane Byrne, Joan Upham, Susan Weed, Elizabeth VanDyke, Mary Klose, Judy Tapley, Lynne Williams, Mikki McClurg, Carole Corombos, Marge Gliessman, Candy Mintz. Fifth Row: Chris Irwin, Sandra Speer, Louise Brown, Polly Furniss, Stephanie Grosso, Terry Signiago, Marilyn Pratt, Suzanne Sherwood, Vicky X.aun, Peggy Tolonen, Nancy Foster, Ellen Badger, Betsy Wunsch, Beth Irwin, Beth Milford. SIGMA DELTA TAU The Sig Belts have much to boast about. They are proud to be first scholastically among local sororities, ranking high in the national organization. They use their talents to help others: at Juvenile Court, supporting a foster child in the Philippines, securing a Thanksgiving basket for a needy family. All enjoy weekly faculty dinners, senior breakfasts, and fall parties. Good times, rewarding studies, and charitable activities provide the girls of SDT with friendships and experiences which last a lifetime. First Row: Jutli Glachman, Wendy Kahn, Alyssa Kahn, Lynn Goldberg, Lynn Rosenfeld, Rosalie Morrison, Jane Pollak, Betty Bilgray, Barbara Schwartz, Nancy Segall. Second Row: Fran Erman, Barbara Hillman, Leni Geller, Joyce Greenleaf, Linda Burson, Mrs. Mabel Moyer, Edie Langner, Micki Dunitz, Wendy Simon, Sarah Marwil, Wendy Yolles. Third Row: Stephanie Katz, Lynne Edelstein, Nancy Spector, Fran Lasser, Janice Hal- perin, Marcy Nathan, Joni Rooth, Lynda Gamburd, Nancy Leva, Joan Massel, Jane Weston, Harlyn Izner, Doris Glantz. Fourth Row: Ruth Crystal, Brenda Burde, Susie Brown, Wendy Wetsman, Maxine Lazar, Terri Lee Markolf, Karen Towbin, Suzy Fuchs, Elaine Schwartz, Bonnie Malkin, Judy olotar, Sara Brizdle, Jackie Pergament, Susie Meitus. Not Pictured: Barbara Davis, Terri Distenfield, Betsy Eolgin, Ann Gwirtzman, Barbara Lazarus, Ellen Schwartz. SIGMA KAPPA first {on;: Ann Wickins, Charlotte Johnson, Ellen Whelan, Pat Gurski, Merrily Howard, Jill Schuett, Avis Eddy, Irene Caubet, Karen Clark, Lynn Berry, Jane Butler, Pat Relich. Second Row: Sharon McMinn, Suzanne Tomchuck, Diane Koehlcr, Nancy Comer, Sue Thoma, Sue Harkonen, Mrs. Margaret Davidson, Sandy Hilderly, Kay Payant, Betty Hunt, Polly Grobe, Kay Holmes, Tiffany Loftus. Third Row: Barb Zola, Connie Cathcart, Lynne Foster, Barb Davis, Linda Esser, Jini Leeds, Sandi Smith, Judy Kleinschmidt, Barb Sheridan, Donna Martin, Jo Rangus, Maryanne Koll, Karen Smith, Bonnie Adams, Karyl Pierce, Chris DeRosier, Donna White. Fourth Row: Sue Brown, Jan Hess, Bobbi Stern, Martha Hess, Louise Anderson, Nancy Sramek, Mary Cook, Marcia Muller, Pat Miles, Margie Randon, Judy Barkdull, Becky Davis, Toni Gallo, Sue Jankowski, Gloria Marshall. Not Pictured: Lesley Anderson, Sandy Erickson, Jan Finlayson, Judy Freeman, Mary Lou Mahoney, Mary Lue Schmidt, Jane Sessions. The fall semester at Sigma Kappa is traditionally ushered in by Fathers ' Weekend. Passing from football to the holiday season, the house dons a more festive atmosphere with the traditions of Christmas: a stairway decorated with evergreens, and hanging from the banisters, Christmas stockings, filled by each Sigma K for her date. Though active in social activities, Sigma Kappas place primary importance on scholarship. After- dinner speakers, scholarship dinners to reward those high in academic standing, and a scholarship committee to counsel those with academic problems, have aided Sigma Kappa to promote scholastic achievement. Cheerful, little " Cuddle Bunny " welcomes both new and old Zeta Tau Alpha members each fall, sparking enthusiasm for a new year. From her lofty perch on the piano, she casts a friendly gaze on football open houses, Parents ' weekend, Homecoming, Christmas festivities, the excitement of Michigras, and our annual busboy dinner. At the busboy dinner, the kitchen crew and busboys are the honored guests while the girls serve the dinner. " Cuddle Bunny " also symbolizes the philanthropic spirit of Zetas as represented by individual and house projects. ZETA TAU ALPHA First Row: Jan Brunclige, Kathy Owens, Genie Weslow, Sue Gustafson, Mary Lou Van Deventer, Lyn Chadwick, Diane Katherler, Diana Hammond. Second Row: Penney Henry, Alice Reeves, Kelli Laing, Mrs. Pauline Bates, Carolyn Utter, Marilyn Brown, Kathy Walther. Third Row: Carol Nora, Bonnie Martin, Pain Gifford, Sue Yale, Judy Nelson, Laurie Feldt, Ginny Palmer, Diane Ward, Pat Noah. Fourth Row: Anne Crandel, Kathy Myron, Ruth Kalmbach, Lois Johnson, Karen Craven, Kay Wallace, Mona Di Filippo, Jean Potter. Photographs by Dey Studios fm f FRATERNITIES I 63 r ACACIA First floa ' .- Brooks Buderus, Kurt Fauser, Pete Wilcox, Dennis Frostic. Second Row: Paul Robertson, Bruce Larson, Michael Hornick, John Morrison, Larry Brown. Third Row: Richard Cole, Gordon Brown, Chuck Bombaugh, Drew Amerson, Ken Posse, Richard Kruse, Dan Nicholls, Dave Dapprich. Missing: Tom Boynton, Dick Fruse, King Brown, Martin yskowski. fin Ped Dm Mil IK Acacia, believe it or not, is a fraternity and its members, commonly known as Ac-acs, take part in all activities. Known for their athletic prowess, Ac-acs have long dominated intramural events in volley ball and football, occasionally managing to win a game. Taking life more seriously, the Ac-acs tend to rank near the top of the fraternity standings in scholastics and are active in most campus activities. 64 ALPHA DELTA PHI The light slid obliquely through the trees and showered down onto the roof. The roof of a fraternity house. " Tread lightly, " a bird said. " This is the A.D. house. " " Tread lightly, " the house murmured in assent. Two birds lazily swooped from the sky to stain the roof. " It surely is ugly. I wonder who would paint a house such a color? " " They say it was designed by Frank Lloyd Wright or Picasso or someone. " " Joe Louis, " the house said. The house reeled, shimmering in the heat from the asphalt. But it has withstood the blast since 1832. First Row: Thomas Wallace, James Beuton, Robert Same, Richard Dickinson, James Hohmeyer, Edward Michael, Donald Novak, William Clarke, Elmer Pedersen, Kurt Melstrom, Robert Winter, John Rorabacher. Second Row: Chuck Schwartz, Rollie Leeds, Rick Boyse, Wayne Colquitt, Thomas Goergen, Daniel Krauer, Douglas Shierson, John Pugsley, Ron Chapman, Leonard Spicer, William Blessing. Third Row: Jeff Cross, Phillip Crockett, Skip Wilkis, Mike Allen, Bill Weber, Ched Hikes, Duke Harding, Bill Knapp, John Annand, William Jeffery, Tom Phelps, Larry Titley, John Gruel. Fourth Row: Tom Barston, Bill Nelson, Harry Cross, Stephen Selander, Jon White, Len Wessels, Ted Garrish, Chris Mansfield, Bill Sakai, Bill McMallen, Kent Blasie, Pat O ' Brien. First Row: Jeff Ferries, Paul Aronsohn, Dennis Hanink, Charles Webber, Gene Barnsteiner, Jim Glore, Roger Richley, Ted Gillam. Second Row: Bill Anderson, Dick Lamley, Warren Devine, Bob Fitzgerald, Eel Lapham, Jasper Lillie, Larry Lauria, Mike McCarty, Bill Chase, Fritz Kleinhans, Fred Knopf, Jim Cant, Bill Close. Third Row: Bruce Anderson, Robert Thompson, Scotty McMillan, Edward Malinak, Jack Cardinal, Bill Simmond, Chuck Loeher, Nathan P. Johnson, Roger C. May, Tom Powers. ALPHA SIGMA PHI Alpha Sigma Phi, the tenth oldest national fraternity, founded Theta chapter at the University of Michigan in 1908. We feel that our outstanding obligation is to the university, with a strong emphasis on scholarship. Activities, social life, and athletics follow closely behind academics, as evidenced by our participation in Homecoming and Michigras, each week ' s afternoon mixer and party, and our Intramural standings. We are proud of our achievements not only as individuals, but as members of a well organized group stressing the true feeling of Brotherhood. 66 Beta Theta Pi, Michigan ' s first fraternity, prides itself on the superior performance in scholastics, athletics, and campus leadership positions which is characteristic of its members. Our modern house, located centrally on campus, is the sight of a constant vitality and a continuous search for those things which make Michigan important. Our traditions, original parties, and our new mascot, (who is rapidly finding his place among campus canines) com- bine in the Beta house to create newer and greater expressions of fraternity living. BETA THETA PI First Row: Thomas Pointer, Albert Baumhart, David Bone, Hugh Higley, William Ayers, Herbert Langford, Dennis Gerace, David Fisher, Robert Don- nelly, James Detwiler. Second Row: William Carr, Don MacRitchie, Tim Ayers, Jim Sines, Steve Idema, Steve Lewis, Jerry Gardner, J. Bruce Douglas, Phil Balkema, Ron Periard, Jim MacRitchie. Third Row: John McCormick, Ron Koopman, Barry Stare, Jack Clancy, George Scott, Eugene May, Ken Chamber- lain, John Herron, D. Thornton Miller, Norman Miller, Don Walters, Drake McCarrol, J. E. Gustav VonReis, Mike Truax, Jon Laun, Vaughn Gresly, Bob Billings. Fourth Row: Lionel Endsley, John Haessler, Lon Gottschalk, Daniel Kokes, Tom Parkhill, Joe Toussaint, Larry Schneider, Dick LeBrasseur, John Idema, Jim Cameron, Bill Shaheen, Gary Augustson, Robert Thompson, Dick Palmer, David Rupp, Robert Johnson. Missing: Robert Wiley, Ronald La- Beau, James Graf, David Beall, Fred Sanders, David Addison, Philip Rittmueller, David Hartt, Jim Kidd, Corning Townsend, David Higley, David Hartsook, George Drake, Carl Freiwald, Ronald MacRitchie, David Belfry, Wendell Dunbar, John Landa, Arthur Periard, Edward Prokopp, James Bird, William Penz, Stephen Billings, Richard Volk. CHI PHI The Alpha Tau chapter of Chi Phi was founded in 1882, and since that time has maintained an active record in Michigan ' s fraternity system. The chapter house is located at 1530 Washtenaw and provides living accommodations for 35 of Chi Phi ' s 69 active members on campus. The brothers are enrolled in various academic programs and the house participates actively in campus-wide events, as well as in the chapter ' s varied weekly social schedule. Each member, through his individual contribution, strengthens himself and his fraternity. This is our goal. First Row: John Ross, Jim Wendt, John Burke, Doug Dunn, Chuck McWee, George Ashley. Second Rout: Dave Mahlke, Dick Wells, Dick Weirmiller, John Diebold, George Stevenson, Dave Replogle, Paul Malboeuf, Scott Crooks, Bob Parker, Roger Jeanson. Third Row: Dan Campau, Mike Fons, Dave Bouchard, Jerry Dechow, John Blackburn, Steve Doman, Ken Dean, Gary Hondord, John Lorenzen, Jim Haughey, Doug Thompson, Tom Barrett. Fourth Row: Bill Allen, Tom Arner, Tom Brown, Scott Navarro, Jerry Heuer, Ron Fritz, Dick Corrington, Mike Vahue, John Eding, Paul Morrison, Ken Wille, Gary Johnson, John Field, Andy McComb. J Photographs by Dey Studios CHI PSI Photographs by Dey Studios First .Rou;: John Fields, Joe Babas, Jerry Nielsen, Robert Potter, Robert Hanna, Bob Jackson, James Knake, Hugh Grove, Ed Ross, Tom Jackson. Second Row: Bill Johnson, Bill Burns, Tom Brown, Don Harris, Marty Lyons, Phil Salsbury, Dave Peterson. Third Row: Jim Seder, John Frontsak, Tom Sweeney, Marc Yahn, Jim Codner, Dick Jackson, C. P. Jackson, Bill Stocklin, Ken Spietz, John Fischer, Dave Inglis, Jon Walter, Bill Chewning. Fourth Row: Jim Todd, Dan DiMunzil, Jim Ciotti, Ray Sturdi, Jim Swan, Bill Omansiek, Elwyn Steuernol, Jon Gandelot, Dave Yohe, John Blight, Conrad Weiffenbach. Chi Psi, founded at Union College in 1840, is the eighth oldest national fraternity now in exist- ence. Established at Michigan in 1845, it is the oldest surviving fraternity on this campus. Chi Psi has its capacity of 32 men living in the house, or lodge, as we call it. Selectivity is the keynote of Chi Psi, and this prin- ciple has made it possible for us to maintain a tightly knit group. Brotherhood, the foundation upon which Chi Psi is built, is respon- sible for molding the fraternity into a scholastic and social entity which never loses sight of the individuality of the brother. 69 Improvement has been the keynote of the Michigan Chapter of Delta Chi, academically, socially, and athletically. A new study room and remodeled party area have given the Delta Chi ' s an incentive for greater achievement. Our " Most Valuable Player " awards for Academic Improvement and Achieve- ment have been graced by names immortal to Delta Chi. Our mantle shines proudly with its trophy for " Yell Like Hell " with the A O Pi ' s. Our prize athletes contributed to a great year with their enthusiasm and victory over the MSU chapter in their annual football game " Little Battle of the Big Ones. " DELTA CHI First Row: Rich Worbiril, Frank Morrey, Jack Holmes, Howard Gandalot, Julie Johnson, Bob Sielski, Robert Scharp. Second Row: Ken Majchrzak, Barry McGuire, Mike Kennedy, Roger Premo, Bob Berry, Elliot Lum, Al Knaus, John Ambrose, Dale Bjorklund, Jim Aldinger, Jim Richart. Third Row: Ed Titsworth, Duncan Kretovich, Chuck Aldrich, Dave Garisch, Mike Maas, Mark Voight, Pete Hansen, Dave Hugget, George Payne, George Walker. First Rou : Robert McLanclress, David Jochen, Bob Johnson, Russ wingman, Frank Rugani, Paul Busch, Dave McChesney, Mai Meistrell, Peter Swen- sen, Don Strobel, Dave Goodman, Rich Riley, Dick Robb, Tom Robinson. Second Rou : Preston Shelton, Ralph Silhowlez, Earl Baxter, Fred Kraut- strunk, John Harrison, Don Sherwin, Bob Anthony, Dennis Baker, Jerry Heiman, Dan Dalyell, Pat Kelly, Tom Neumier. Third Row: Tom Meisel, Dennis Mann, Tom Dancey, Lloyd Phillips, Jim .anner, Jim Peterman, Tom Dawson, Dave Grant, Larry Leddy, Jim Meyers, Bill Sillette, Huston Mai- lory. Fourth Ron ' : Bruce Pentiney, Mike Comar, Tom Ballard, Art Felix, Ron Gates, Jim Wise, Don Klag, Don Selmo, Jim Coggan, Al Crouch, Paul Rockwell, Don Smith, Victor Knowlton, Del Andrews, Chase Klinesteker, David Jones. Fifth Row: Bob Shanklaml, Phil Pixley, Steve Loftus, Jerry Spi- nazze, Art Brown, Rich Han, Terry Kelly, Gary Bradley, Jim Harding, John Hagerty, Fred Smith, Mike Riolo, John Duiven, Bob Utterback, Val Vitals. DELTA SIGMA DELTA Delta Sigma Delta Fraternity was the first Greek letter society to restrict its membership to students in dental schools and practitioners of dentistry. The objective of the fraternity is to keep high the standards of dentistry by inculcat- ing in the minds of dental students and practitioners a spirit of fra- ternal cooperation toward scientific, ethical and professional progress. Besides our social and athletic activities, the program for the past year included panel discussions by the faculty on prac- tice management and hosting the Midwestern Conclave, April 20. 71 DELTA UPSILON First Row: Larry Halverson, Tom Gies, Gary Kenyon, Tom Numelin, Bill Phillips. Second Row: John Kirkpatrick, Dan Fox, Rick King, Dave Simpson, Jeff Davis, Rick Hoppe, Dick Freimouth, Ken Swoultaus, Bob McConnell, Jim Boughey, Dave Randall, John Markiewicz, George Johnson. Third Rou : Bill Raymer, Joe Mason, Joel Dean, Courtney Neff, Larry Lossing, Peter Powell, Mike Bixby, Dave Hinshaw, Larry David, Russell Walters, Andy Sinats, Don Williams, Joe Schafer, Andy Graube, Tom Spencer, Steve Melzian, Fred Coon. Fourth Row: Paul Holmberg, Jeff Knapp, Rich Sievert, Hollis Jencks, Dennis Childs, Larry Driscoll, Paul Seligman, Steve Richey, Lou LaChance, Mike Siemion, Murray Robertson, Phil Hengen, Tim Lake, Tom Butterfleld, Jim Donaldson, Dick Munt, John Hayes, Ken Page. Fifth Row: Bob .emmer, Gary Phipps, Ten Tanase. Last year proved to be one of the most successful in the eighty- seven year history of Delta Upsi- lon at Michigan. For the first time, we entered the Interfrater- nity Sing, and succeeded in winning first place. While working with the Pi Phis for Spring Weekend and the Tri-Delts for Homecoming, we won four more events. By winning championships in 3 sports, and second places in 3 others, DU finished in 3rd place among all fraternities in the I-M standings. In activities, John Scott was selected as Michigan ' s outstanding fraternity man, and Dick Munt, Larry Lossing, and Jim Boughy were initiated into honoraries. 72 EVANS SCHOLARS The Gamma Chapter of Evans Schol- ars is the newest member of the inter-fraternal system. Gaining entrance into IFC in the Fall of 1 963 marks the beginning of a promising relationship. The Evans Scholars are a unique group of individuals in that we all have been awarded a scholarship from the Evans Scholarship Foundation. This foundation is supported by the mem- ber country clubs of the Western Golf Association. The brothers often combine their weekend to emerge winners of Homecoming dis- play competition. As the brothers have combined their interests and talents previously, we will contin- ue to do so in the future. First Row: George Vrechek, Jim Cleland, John Sivertson, Larry Rogers, Duane Szarek, Mike inck, Mick Stewart, Greg Piche. Second Row: Art Carney, Craig Chester, Olin Wenrick, Jim Lightfoot, Dave Korff, Dan Pierce, Jack Selecky, Ed Korff, Bob Dent. Third Row: Richard Lavoir, Bill Lee, Bruce Ro- mant, Steve Alexander, Fred Devendorf, Bob Zglienic, Sam LaPasta, Vince Koehler, Brian Campeau, Jim Kuschel, Chuck Barnes. Fourth Row: Dick Len- ter, George Veach, Dave Parks, John Grossa, Joe Cook, Dan apton, Jesse Pitt, Jim Meininger, Steve Molitoris, Frank Jarc, Al Bostock. First Row: Steve Moore, George Breslauer, Don Hodges, Jack Schmidt, Robert Cox, Robert Stevens, Brian Beals, Russell Blake, Gary Brumo. Second Row: Jim King, Stephen Staich, Bob Rossiter, Steve Norman, Rudy Seichter, Pete LaFond, Richard Marsh, Michael Boyle, Terrence Bell, Norman Jones. Third Row: Larry Ivan, John Hawley, Mark Healy, Tim Kruer, Bill Butterfield, Daniel Wood, James Haselwood, Robert Malte, Thomas Renfrew. KAPPA SIGMA We at Kappa Sigma consider Fall, ' 63, our rebuilding semester. Having spent years of labor in demolishing our house from the inside-out, we were awarded $70,000 by our national and alumni for a complete renovation. One thing new is the comfortable suite system. The demolition afforded enough exercise to keep us in shape for the IM sports program. Being temporarily without a dog, however, because of new rugs and furniture, the active chapter has found itself in a less hairy situation. 74 The men of Lambda Chi are not of the kind that are satisfied with the status quo. The Lambda Chi ' s are striving to be the best in everything that they do. Our effort has served to place the Lambda Chi ' s high among the frater- nities in I.M. sports, scholarship, and campus activities. From cider and donuts after the football game in the fall, to the Spring Dance in honor of their new pledges, the social calendar rounds out the rich experience in fraternity living. LAMBDA CHI ALPHA First Row: Chuck Gilford, Joe Blair, Bob Tobias, Ron Russell, Larry Twitchell, Mike Mason, Ted Winkel, Ron Early. Second Ron ' : Bill Hall, Rick Buerk, John Highhill, Mark Stuart, Win Schraeder, Reg Wagel, Bob Taugner, Bill Hinkley, Paul Hultin, Tom Landsittek. Third Rou : Matt Kusk, Kip Selmeier, Tom Brigstock, Jim Tuck, Frank Lude, Mark Hall, Curt Harrison, Larry McGloughlin, Ken Stokoe, Bill Henderson. Fourth Row: George Busby, Bill Newton, Gary Gilespie, Mike Buss, Bob Mulitz, Kim VanderVelde, Jack Moorehead, Mac McCarty, Don Baty, Chuck Blackmer, Mike Knapp, Dave Sheldon, Cliff Taylor, Brooks Back, John Martin, Chuck West. Fifth Row: Bob Kidder, Tony Lopucki, Bill Wahl, John Eisele, Doug Baird, John Lipkowitz, Joe Clemens, Mike Vernick, Bill Praken, Randy Mitchell, Ed Petrick, Paul Robertson, Dave Mackstaller, Larry An- derson, Don Keim, John Skadberg. The Phi Belts maintain a place as a leader in campus activities, performing well in intra-mural competition, and always striving to exceed their academic average. Social activities provide adequate opportunities for relaxation from scholastic trials. The Phis show a serious side in their attempt to better the community with projects such as a car-wash for the benefit of the United Fund, a food drive for needy families in the area, and a Christmas seal drive. Such con- tributions of Phi Delta Theta have placed it among the top fraternities on the Michigan campus. PHI DELTA THETA First Row: Jay Saunders, Phil Grasholt, Eric Romanchak, Bob Evans, Bill Mortenson, Ron Hutson, Bill Goodwin, Bill Free. Second Row: Dennis Swi- derski. Mike Harrold, Pat Noonan, George Sola, Scott Hamilton, Bob Hamilton, Norm Hummon, Ralph Fichtner, Bob Gruntz, Tim Stamnitz, John Jehle. Third Row: Dave Nottage, King Ingersoll, Tom Bennett, Herbie Hayclen, Jim Bergesen, Robbie Estes, Carl Huber, Paul Ewing, Dennis Lynch, Fred Bentley. Fourth Row: Dick Higenbothem, Buzz Balmer, Ken Betz, Al Catello, Walt Jankowski, Rollin Kotwica. PHI GAMMA DELTA First Row: Dick Wingfield, Tom Burns, John Waterson, Mike Broome, Bob Spaly, Tom Pullen, Bill Vandenbelt, Tom Neal, Bob Parker, Dennis Wint. Second Row: Tom Eames, Tom Jones, John Roadhouse, Ted Gaensbauer, Mike Hinnen, Bob Shaefer, Don Baron, Bob Hiatt, John Deo. Third Row: Mike Carter, Dave Caughey, Jim Painter, John Highland, Charles Thomas, Doug Boven, Jim Weaver, Dick Bereza, Rod Magner, Jim Posther, Bill Shaw, John Baldry, Doug Denise. Fourth Row: Lee Jefferis, Rick Marshall, Mark McGuire, Jeff Clemes, Joel Lewitz, Wood Rigsby, Bob Pryor, Steve Dot- son, Dave Roadhouse, Geoff. D ' Atri, Gary Greenway, Dirk Landis, John Kerns. Phi Gamma Delta has had a full year, what with Pledge Formals, Michigras, Grass Skirt Formal, a full (and successful) IM sports schedule, and emphasis on academics. Fijis appeared consistently in important positions in activities, sports, and honoraries. The brothers now number 75, permitting a valuable diversity of talents, opinions, and experiences. The unity in diversity has come through a common interest in each other as individuals. Phi Gamma Delta is proud to have been able to aid the University in providing a full, rounded college experience for its members throughout the year. 77 In 1876, exactly 100 years after the founding of our country, mystic Brother Yost was foolish enough to found the highly esoteric and to- tally reactionary Michigan Alpha chapter of Phi Kappa Psi. Their organization based on the glorious principles of Brotherhood, unity and states ' rights, and being dedi- cated to staying up all night with sick friends; the original bearded Brothers of Phi Psi were laboring under an obvious handicap in rush. The trend in recent years has been towards parties and greater liberalism in thought in place of nursing. We now leave beard-grow- ing and nursing to other elements of the campus community. PHI KAPPA PSI First Row: Tom Hilmer, Gary Voss, Paul Williams, Bob dishing, Tom Filstrip, John Thumm, Fred Smith, Wendell Mills, Mike Cheney, Phil Mc- Intyre, Lew Thumm. Second Row: Vladymer Vlcko, Jim O ' Reilly, Jim Perkins, Paul Cunningham, Tom Kreuger, Bob Sprowl, Loyal Eldridge, Doug Eldridge, Bob Linderman, Carl Carlson, Dave Steen. Third Row: Bob Larsen, Gary Chernay, Carl VonEnde, Joe Martin, Fred Muenchinger, Greg Garland, John Neis, Tom Peterson, Al Glidden, Tom Baker, Bob Delias, Tom Stevens, Doug Cooper. Fourth Row: Steve Derby, Bob Brown Bob Sheff, Lou Fulgoni, Vern Polidor, Willy Boughton, Bill Graham, Jack Klein, Bob Cooper, Rich Edwards, Arnie Simkus, Rick Buell. Fifth Row: Roger Cox, John Dobson, Jim Borg. First Row: Howard Ecker, Dick Gilbert, Marshall Nathan, Rich Kohn, Stuart Mit nik, Jeff Kaufman, Jerry Aronowitz, Ted Miller, Rich Horowitch. Second Row: Mel Rom, Dan Melber, Barry Weber, Greg Zack, Larry Kallen, Dave Diskin, Dick Weil, Ira Snider. Third Row: Bob Cohen, Ken Esc- row, Buddy Kahn, Steve Koenig, Mitch Greenwald, Bob Stracks, Paul Bernstein, Burt Lerman, Mark Bender, Larry Shulman, Alan Sternberg, Brian Mark. PHI SIGMA DELTA Phi Sigma Delta was founded in 1909 and since that time it has become a truly national fraternity with 48 chapters throughout the country. Eta Chapter was established on campus in 1916. Eta chapter has fifty active members and the chapter house has a capacity for 26 men living in a suite-dorm system. We feel that this type of living arrangement encourages scholarship while at the same time provides ample opportunity for the brothers to perpetuate and nurture the comradeship which is an essential part of the fraternity system. 79 PHI SIGMA KAPPA First Row: Bill Rawsky, John Guenther, Douglas Pope, Stanley Chaclsey, Donald J. Pyle, Thomas Helmreich. Second Row: Leonard Feigner, Peter Graef, John Hill, Richard Siefert, Fritz Lyon, Stephen Hemenway, Jack L. Wallace, John Fennig. Third Row: Robert Brines. Christopher Onuf, Richard Schlag, Howie Benford, Mauri Warner, Christopher Todd, Yee Chen, Philip R. Causey. The classroom, of course, is the center of college life, but Phi Sigma Kappa seniors remember more than the strictly academic side of college. They remember Michigras, the spring and fall pledge formals, theme parties, and Bell parties. They remember playing intramural football, working on Musket or the International Students ' Association, or toiling most of the night on the Homecoming display. Phi Sigma Kappa thanks the seniors for their role in the fraternity ' s life, and knows they will carry on the spirit and diversification they showed us. 80 PSI UPSILON Psi Upsilon, the geographical center of campus, believes in the three s ' s: scholarship, spirit, and social activities. 1963 marked the long awaited re-appearance of our homecoming display. In sports, Psi U decisively copped the coveted football championship. In spite of this fine showing in the third place playoffs, the Psi U ' s look forward to better things in cross country, track, and wrestling. All of this natu- rally leads into scholastics. Leaving scholastics, we move onto social activities, a more salu- brious element. The highlight of the social calendar our annual void parties and faculty teas. Who knows what the new year may yield? First Row: Robert Cowan, Thomas Schwarten, Dutch Salmon, George Field, Bob Holmberg, Doug MacMillan. Second Row: Tom Kahn, Don Schroeder Lonny ietz, Tim Burke, Paul Kelly, Stewart Kirchner, William Kodros. Third Row: Walter Reynolds, James Leisen, John Rutherford, Chuck Rogers Richard Norlander, Dave Trogan. Fourth Row: Robert Ollison, Douglas Spence, Kirk Slasor, John Holmes, James Ba ker, Mark Wenner, David Jozwiak, Chris Farrand, Charles Schewe. First Row: Bill Platt, Jon Bowers, Dave Kuhn, Tom Ratterman, Tom Higginbottom, Ken Baker, Mike Pointer. Second Ron ' : Bob Welhon, Gary Des- mond, Doug Ku iak, Tom Kcinbrum, Dick Reynolds, J. Kirk van Blaricom, Jim Vrateric. Third Row: Larry Carman, Ken Shaw, Jack Henry, Steve Ericson, Bill Fielding, Bill Beckers, John Fraser, George Frayne, Chan Simonds, Bob Densham. Al Andrews, Bob Vaughn, Bob Mathias, Mike Necter- lein, Gordy Fenwick, Ken McClatchey, Greg Smith, Glen Coffman, George Russell, John Love. Fourth Ron ' : Mike MacRae, Stan Matthews, Charlie Adams, Camil Itancus, John Artz, Bob Hong, Paul Schuldt, Dennis Herd, Keith Reichle. Fifth Row: George Skaff, Bob Englann, Steve Lewis, Roger Sdimitt, Dave Campbell, Drug Roescr, Bob Boylan, Mort Neff, Doug Glowe. SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON Located on one of the campus ' oldest landmarks, the S.A.E. house hosts various activities throughout the year in its well known " Bowl. " Highlighted by Homecoming, by the Mudbowl, and by numerous traying parties, the huge front yard is used continuously. The S.A.E. ' s proudly support a tradition of high achievement in athletics and in campus activities. Accomplishing both a seriousness of purpose and a rich social life, the men of S.A.E. receive a diversified undergraduate life and lasting friendships. 82 Sammies comprise one of the largest fraternities on campus with 80 active members, half of whom live in the beautiful, newly remodeled, tri-level house at 800 Lincoln. The " Sams " are perennially in the top ten, both academically and athletically, finishing sixth and fifth respectively last year. We are also proud of our I.F.C. Sing record, being one of the top three, four out of the last five years. While we are very proud of our accomplishments on campus, we take more pride in our intense spirit and closeness. In Sigma Alpha Mu, fraternity is taken seriously. SIGMA ALPHA MU First Row: Bob Wynfield, Randy Dick, Dan Hubert, Marc Kahn, Ed Felix, Steve Lewis, Joe Kerr. Second Row: Gerry Weiss, Jack Champaign, Danny Glickman, Richard Berg, Bob Burkett, Ken Shern, John Wares, Henry Gait, Sam Chafitz. Third Row: Joel Koblentz, Dan Liebsohn, Lew Balkani, Jerry Becker, Richard Burstein, Buzz Tenenbom, Dave Richman, Pete Safir, Dave Smokeler. Fourth Row: Phil Shapiro, Dan Moss, Mike Gross, Harvey Wallach, Bob Pincus, Ian Lanoff, Arnie Bernstein, Merv Cherrin, Joe Sinreich, Jim Green, Bud Siegel, Bob Greenwald, Ken Finney, Barry Tigay. Fifth Row: Bob Salaman, Ron Bale, Richard Silverman, Bob Abramson, Ed Wishnow, Jerry Kasle, Robert Goldenberg, Mike Shermer, Ron Lustig, Rich Robinson, Dick Salter. Sixth Row: Bob Solomon, Richard Schiffer, Larry Baskin, Steve Goldman, Larry Schiff, Mike Duhl, Don Fine, Marc Steiglitz, Bob Rosenberg, Saul Schultz, Noel Feldman, Chuck Pascual, Bob Gilhooley, David Ehrenfeld, Ned Duke, Dick Mandel, Dave Schenk. SIGMA CHI The Theta Theta chapter of Sigma Chi entered the 1963-64 school year intending to maintain a high position in Michigan activities. Politically, Sigs looked to SGC men Russ Epker, president, and Fred Rhines. Athletically, 16 Sigs played Wolverine football, notably Tim Conley, Frosty Evashev- ski, Tom Keating, Bill Laskey, Brian Patchen, and Dick Rindfuss. Seven Sigs swam for Michigan, including Captain Jeff Moore and Pan Am Champ Ed Bartsch. Six Sigs wrestled for Michigan, among them Captain Wayne Miller. On the Spring sports scene were Sigs Pete Adams, baseball, and George Wade and Fred Lambertin, track. first Row: Michael Useeni, Richard Sygar, Frederick Rines, Rick Mayer, Travis Randolph, Frederick Lambert, David Seatnon, Jon March, Scott Beall, Edward Bartsch, Joseph Arcure. Second Row: Brian Patchen, David Kovacevich, Delbert Nolan, George Clark, Jack Huizingh, Thomas Gulberg, Stu Cheney, Duane Reppert, George Wade, David Howe, Thomas Slattery, Perry Ancona, John Yanz, Bruce Allison, Andrew Patterson, Terrence McRea. Third Row: Thomas Matevia, Fred Datum, Gerald Mader, James Brown, Donald Brown, Earl Myers, James Evashevski, David Agnew, Buzz Smith, John Burke, Jim Anderson, Jon Lundin, Dennis Twining, Robert Gantcr, John Reece. Not Pictured: Peter Adams, Ralph Band, Terry Bangs, Robert Brockman, Frederick Buesser, James Conley, Eric Dollenberg, Dallas Dort, Henry Dunbar, Russell Epker, Forrest Evashevski, Anthony Feroch, George Forrest, Richard Gentry, Kenneth Greer, Brian Guiney, William Holloch, Dean Herman, Thomas Keating, William Keating, William Laskey, Norman Legacki, Robert Lovell, Wayne Miller, Jeff Moore, Rees Orland, Robert Pierrot, Robert Quist, Richard Rindfuss, Douglas Schmidt, Charles Shallhow, Peter Schock, Jerome Shiinp. Paul Shorn, Wayne Sparkman, Timm, John Townsend, David Westerman, Gary Wilcox, Thomas Withrow. 84 SIGMA NU First Row: Larry Bailey, Frank Brown. Second Row: Ralph Dixon, Jeff Hering, Doug Prise, Ed Shearer, Ed Timm. Third Row: Jon Stewart, Eric Dahl- strom IV, Donald Butler. Fourth Row: Tom Nagle, Carl Hribar, Eric Mueller, Don Hartwick, Doug Dapprich. Fifth Row: Bob Redmond, Bill Lynn, Dick Templin, Bruce Wigent, Carl Erickson, Robert Beck, Donald Bischoff. Sixth Row: Charles Duerr, Dale Dorjath, James Knode, Gary Pinzl, Duane Reno, Ralph Eggleston III, Peter Metcalfe, Ray Filson, Jackson Beatty, Les Meyer. During the past year, numerous events studded our calendar- Mothers ' and Fathers ' Weekends, alumni gatherings and many excel- lent parties characterized by originality and " exuberance, " qualities which we notably possess. Sigma Nu is a friendly group where activity is aimed at a closer bond of brotherhood. 85 I After 137 years in existence and 106 years on Michigan ' s campus, Sigma Phi is reconfirming its conviction in the ideas behind the fraternity system which it helped found. This reconfirmation is taking the form of a new chapter house being built at 907 Lincoln. Already paid for with proceeds from a building fund and sale of the old chapter house, the new house will be completed in August of 1964. At present the members of Sigma Phi are living in apartments, but they are carrying on full social, athletic, rush and scholarship programs in preparation for next year. SIGMA PHI First Row: Ed Jesse, John Gooclrcau, Peter Gay, Kenneth Cogger, Jerry Roberts, Craig Wiles. Second Row: Ed Mack, Steve Morse, Graeme Badger, George Smith, Dan Shanoski, Jerry Brown, Chuck Martin, George Lowrie. Photograph by Mike Sawdey First Row: Tom Boughner, Larry Randolph, John Tobin, John Monaghan, Dave Camerson, Bob Guenzel, Dick Ree, Craig Bechtel. Second Row: Mike Mo- ran, Charles Cooper, Warren Kellner, Eric Delzer, Robert Gowdy, Jim Rhines, Ed Hathaway, Dave Bone, Charlie Borgsdorf, Phil Davidson, Bob Francis. Third Row: Mike Shauer, Dick Rudd, Mike Smith, Ed Cowling, Dan Shoemaker, Bill Kotila, George Weber, Thomas Fraim, Mike Rhines, Gary Carter, Paul Webber. Fourth Row: Tom Swaney, Phil Lincoln, Mark Delzer, Bill Gebo, Al Boos, Larry Graves, Pat McParland, Chuck Hoerner, John Sestok, Jim Gray, Robert Mielke. Fifth Row: Duane Black, Robert Cantrell, Charles Hohman, David Heilala, Dale Holtzer, John Jordan, Phil Teeter, Ed Barrett, Rob- ert Heacox, Harry Melkerson, Dick Schultz, Dan Oliver, Thomas Vance. Not Pictured: Chip Adams, Tim Adresen, Jim Auiler, Dev Barnes, Milan Bartek, Bob Basso, Vanu Bagchi, Terry Calson, Bob Cockerill, Bob De Alexandris, Jon Edwards, Jim Folger, Ron Gilchrist, Tom Gordan, Bill Kiger, Carl Durz, Jim Larkin, Jim Lesniak, Dave Ong, Howard Parsell, Jack Rashleigh, Phil Swan, Jeff Belfore, Don Masura, Sean Skinner. SIGMA PHI EPSILON Michigan ' s SPE ' s, having just cele- brated their 50th anniversary, continue to be one of the largest houses on campus, with 85 active members. Sig Ep talent is active in SGC, IFC, the Union, and varsi- ty athletics. It has a record of victory in campus competition and a consistently strong showing in the homecoming display competition. Michigan Sig Eps also sport quality social activities, balanced by continually improving academic achievement, which makes them one of the most diversified fraternities on campus. 87 TAU DELTA PHI First Row: Harlan Alpern, Michael Galfer, Bob Fidelman, Borrest (Mascot), Ken Krone, Ken Cohen, Mike Lurie. Second Row: Steve Perlmutter, Ken Granat, Alan Goldman, Steve Schane, Martin Weinhoff, Ron Weiser, David Stutz. Third Row: Steve Engleberg, Joel Bernstein, Robert Neff, Michael Roth, Bob Berger, Michael J. Kwiker, Charles Meier. Fourth Row: Gerald Lurie, Jerry Golden, Julian Cook, Stephen Sturman, Philmore Panitch, Michael Linver, Mel Sirner. Fifth Row: Dale Goldstein, David Haron, Howard Shapiro, Mark Gendleman, Robert Kaplan, Stephen Carpman, Gary .uckerman, Neil Shew- maker, Theodore Golden. Missing: Art Adler, Burt Altman, Marc Arnkoff, Howard Behrstock, Howard Berland, Daniel Boxser, William Cohen, Richard Coleman, Neil Hircshenbein, Gary Gutterman, Leslie Gutterman, Roger Leib, Michael Lerner, Stuart Lindenberg, Roger Lowenstein, Jack Kauffman, Bob McLean, Gary Metzger, Bernard Nevas, Roger Price, A. Neil Schweid, John Sakol, Morris Schechtman, Paul Sherr, Charles Smiley, Marv Strassberger, Neil Wasserman. Tau Delta Phi was chartered at the University of Michigan in 1922, and for the past five years its scholastic rating has placed it among the top four fraternities on campus. In social events and athletics, Tau Belt exhibited the great spirit which it extends into all its activities. The big house perched on a hill reverberated with the fun and music of afternoon mixers and each week ' s theme party. Again this semester, the Tau Delt house showed the diversity of its members and the unity of the chapter. THETA CHI Spirit was the key word around Theta Chi in 1963. Two all-night Pledge Formals crowned the social year for our pledge classes. Other social events which pleased all were the Bowery Ball, New Year ' s Eve Party, the pledge par- ties, the TGIF ' s, and the seren- ades. By winning the Friday After- noon Events and having Ox come through in the Chariot Race, Theta Chi ' s were fired up for Homecoming, to which our brothers from North- western can attest. All in all, the Theta Chi ' s again saw how rewarding it is to live in the Theta Chi house. First Row: Bert Tyler, Ed Southwick, Lynn Moorhouse, Tom Slusser, Fred Seirsma, Nick O ' Kulich, John Schoonmaker, Jerry Luedders. Second Row: Wes Grube, Craig Briggs, Bill Freese, Steve Gray, Mrs. Medcaff, Jim Scott, Stan Redding, Bruce Dragoo, Denny Laug. Third Row: Bill Berg, Ed Potthoff, Jim Andress. Stuart McCotter, Bruce Moore, Bob Kynast, John Bland, John Blimling, Carl Staton, Jerry Voler, Gary Rogers, Bob Gamble, Ron Martinez, John Tanner. Fourth Row: Dave Meyer, Greg Bush, Charles Shillito, Jim Frederick, Dick Bivens, Rick Baker, Al Brandt, Jan Griggs, Jim Dick- son, Jerry Grijak, Tom England, Pete Wadsworth. First Rou : Douglas Tayler, James Murphy, Michael Galle, Dean Forburger, Clayton Shorkey, Steve Chapmen. Second Row: Richard Maender, Frank L. Kratky, Dean A. Guinn, Terry Wegner, David Southon, Dave Birch, Mike LaSovage, Frank Postelli. Third Row: David Mead, Norman Bodine, Thomas Lacchia, Dave Sucher, Charles Girard, William Schauee, Barry Andrews, Charles Reeves, Dave Voight, Max Pettibone, Dick Robinson, Dennis Burke. fourth Row: David Coghlan, Marvin Meinz, Kenneth Wangbichler, Tim Walter, L. Peter Riters, Bruce Coleman, Clifton Ferguson, John vonRosen, John Hachstedde, Rene Valka, Tom Connellan, John Holcomb, Thomas Hunn, Doug Westerkamp. Not Pictured: Dennis Kromer, Bill Nocerino, David Kurtz, Len Capelli, Frank Wagner, John Nies, Bill Cosgrove, Bill Gustafson, John Pasch, John Allen, Mike Hurwitz, Steve Gunning, Mike Arford, Ed Dufh ' eld, Bill Mikulas, Art Barr, Earl Wright, John Bingham, Bob Sanford, Ron Stewart, John Karls, Phil Boadt. THETA DELTA CHI A blinding flash of lightning, the earth trembles, the sky cracks, and out of the heavens with a deafening roar comes . . . THUNDER BELT! His mighty shoulders have born a myriad of kegs, his sinewy arm has lifted an infinity of mugs, his lofty brow splintered innum- erable doors. He fears neither O.S.A., nor A.A.P.D., nor the dreaded killer bats of 700 South State. Hail to thee O mighty THUNDER DELT! 90 How to unwind after a week of classes, blue books, and term papers is no problem for the brothers at 1345 Washtenaw Avenue. A crowded social calendar is part of the answer. Add to this IFC sing, football open houses, Homecoming, IM sports, Michigras, pin-mate serenades and an occasional 60-man pillow fight in the dorm, and the brothers are again ready to face that early Monday morning class. Time was still found this spring for a double celebration; the centennial anniversary of Theta Xi and the fiftieth anniversary of our Michigan chapter. THETA XI First Row: Dick Morrison, Eel Lystra, Don Flip, Lee Wojewodzic, Tom Chen, Bill Smith, Bob liolle, Dave Olmstead, Gary Miller. Second Row: Hans Werner, Tom Armstrong, Jim Black, Mike Kelley, Ed Brust, Fred Brace, Jim Ransford, Ron Frazer, Mike Slattery, Hubert Winkelbauer. Third Row: Ray Spykerman, Bill Fidler, Steve Hegg, Bruce Roberts, Dave Hansz, Lory Venture, Don Mason, John Wacksnuth, Dick Borke, Fred Frey, Dave Stamps, Dave Blower, Pete McGrath, Jim Schafer, Dick Culhane, Chuck Costello, Phil Grubbs, Tim McGee, Gaylord Smith. Fourth Row: Stan Bien, David Berry, Fred Jardon, Alex Henderson, Dennis Huntley, Mike Duiven, Bill Damson. Roy Gutnecht, John Maize, Jim Wilson, Bill Bunting, Tom O ' Don- nell, Larry Rychlick, Tom Miheve, Jim Holderness. 91 I 3; : TRIANGLE Row: James Friedle, Greg Schaedel, Lewis McNaughton, Gordon Mortin, Leo Mueller. Second Jtou : Carl Oronk, Valdis Grants, Jim Parker, George Kabalka, Jim Jackson, Joel Gauther. Third Row: John Vary, Melvin Vocel, Ken Field, Jack Craig, Kenneth Ipson, Tom Russell, Dan McGeen. Nationally, Triangle was founded in 1907 at the University of Illinois. There are now 22 chapters, as well as several colonies. Members are selected from students in engineering, chemistry, physics, and architecture, a fact which is frequently of great value in studies. Like all social fraternities, Triangle chapters have full social calendars, with frequent inter-chapter functions. The Michigan chapter of Triangle was established in 1925. Since that time, Triangles have been found in virtually all extra-curricular and scholastic activities. 92 TRIGON First Row: Earl Morris, David Q. Hall, Ken Guire, Jim Sprowl, Wayne Warren. Second Row: Robert Weinman, Lewis J. Bordeaux, Dick Bauman, Arthur Spalding, Joseph C. Ignasiak, Klaus Skarabis, John Montgomery. Third Row: Dexter Livak, Larry Kalbfleisch, John F. Hagen, Tom Kruggel, Ralph Butler, Robert Ying. Missing: Charles Coon, Edward Hyduke, William Kovacs, John Ross, Leo Settler, Harold Tobin. Trigon, in the 1963-64 year, gave all 24 members a meaningful and constructive experience in group living. This is reflected by our many activities and by the varied composition of the membership, which included students from Germany and Hong Kong. As usual, the House participated in IM sports and in the IFC Sing. The social program included both a spring and fall formal and was highlighted with Homecoming and Michigras activities. Endeavoring to make the Fraternity more than a social club, Trigon entertained academic speakers and undertook service projects. 93 (i ZBT is experiencing one of the most successful years of its fifty year existence at the University of Michigan. Participation in campus activities has always been an important aspect of the fraternity. ZBT is proud to claim the President of the Union, the Editor of the ' Ensian, Co-chairman of Michigras ' 64 and Soph Show ' 63, the Presi- dent of the Wolverine Club, plus top positions with SGC, the Daily, and I.F.C. ZBT, through diversi- fication of interests and ambition for achievement, both individually and collectively, has maintained its reputation as one of the most successful houses in the Michigan fraternity system. ZETA BETA TAU First Row: Victor Saperstein, Marty Klitzner, Bill Miller. Second Row: Ron Kramer, Steve Linker, Matthew Cohen, Tom Halperin, Bob Shenkin, Rick Aland, Mr. Lloyd Berridge, David Laro, Jon Davis, Steve Ringel, Larry Kripke, Jerry Shapiro. Third Row: Frank Lonberg, Arthur Nichols, Bill Waxman, Bruce Tonnanbaum, Fred Cohen, David Kaner, Fred Doner, Richard Herman. Howard Cohodas, Jim Klein, Don Slutzky, Richard Shell, David Weisberg, Jim Gosman, Chuck Burson, Al Kellman, Jim Bronner, Ron eli .er. Jim Reinish, Jim Fadim, Merv Sharfman. fourth Row: Richard Greene, Neil Satovsky, Bob Rogers, John Wolfe, Richard Grant, Jim Tann, Steve Solomon, Ken Weiner. Phil Braun. Sandy Reisman, Stuart Filler, Howard Topcik, Barry Ungar, David Weiss, Jack Meyer, Marty Mizel, Denny Littky, Steve Abramson. Photographs by Dey Studios First Row: Robert Hiatt, Alfred Remsen, H. John Eiermann, James B. Comber, Robert G. Turcott, Thomas W. Mast. Second Row: Tom Patt, Bob Smith, Dave Houseman, Frank Struthers, Marie Morgan, Bill Stegeman, Nick Foil, Jack Donaldson. Third Row: Leonard Bugajewski, Don Helman, Gary Ludwig, Robert E. Smith, Richard Hickok, Dean Bellinger, Les Wilkonson, Jim Nielsen, Dennis Wheelock. Fourth Row: Bill Schroeder, Jack Foster, John Bryant, Alex Goodwin, Bill Handorf, Tom Bailey, Gordon Fuevel, Tom Ridgway, Tom Bierma. ZETA PSI This Zeta Psi ' s 106th year on campus, has proved to be a memorable one. Athletically Zeta Psi has far outshone past records. Fine performances in football, track and baseball have resulted in a commendable position in I-M sports while retaining the spirit of participation for enjoyment. The Zetes sublimated their class- room frustration engaging in TG ' s, a pajama party, our annual playboy party, and of course, pledge formals. The fundamental principle of a fraternity, however, has not been forgotten. Throughout all phases of college life the brother- hood that is Zeta Psi has continued to produce more well rounded men. 95 ' I A Arnstein, Marcia 6 Beall, David 67 Bivens, Richard 89 Breese, Kent 31 Bi l ' : ' ' I Abbott, Anne 54 Aronowitz, Jerome 79 Beall, McPherson 84 Bixby, Joan 21 Brennan, Pamela 39 Just, GK? " Abernathy, Susan 44 Aronsohn, Paul 66 Beals, Brian 74 Bixby, Michael 72 Brenner, Constance 52 B ! , Abramson, Rcgina 14 Artz, John 82 Bean, Judith M. 44 Bjorklund, Dale 70 Brenner, Helene 7 BtflLCf Abramson, Robert 83 Aschenbach, Gale 39 Bean, Mary Ann 51 Bjunes, Audrey 11 Breslauer, George 74 Butcta, Mar Abramson, Stephen 94 Ashbury, Hope 49 Beasecker, Diane 12 Black, Barbara 38 Bridges, Harriet 51 Butler, D f " i Ackerman, Gary 31 Ashley, Anne 7 Beasley, Susan 48 Black, Becky 39 Bridges, Sara 57 Butler. Jai| ' Ackerman, Tamara 6 Ashley, George 68 Beatty, Cheryl 12 Black, Duane 87 Briegel, Joan 44 EtoW ill Acre, Wanda 26 Atherton, Alison 12 Beatty, Ellen 23 Black, James R. 91 Briggs, Craig 89 ButterfeM, !ii Adamini, Stephen 31 Atkins, Susan 50 Beatty, Jackson 85 Black, Margaret L. 15 Briggs, Diana 16 Butterfield. | ji Adams, Adaline 25 Atwood, Alyce 12 Beatty, Prudence 17 Blackburn, John 68 Briggs, Susan 41 Bin , Kara ft Adams, Annabel 57 Augustson, James 67 Bechtcl, Richard 87 Blackford, Barbara 48 Brigstock, Connie 7 Bitr.,) ! ' " 1 i Adams, Bonnie 59 Austin, Judith 38 Beck, Elizabeth 38 Blackmer, Charles 75 Brigstock, Thomas 75 Biroe, Jan Adams, Charles 82 Auzins, Mara 6 Beck, Jon 34 Blackmon, Carol 7 Brinbaum, Bernard 33 BUM, V Adams, Karen 25 Ayers, Thomas 67 Beck, Robert F. 85 Blain, Roger 33 Brines, Robert 80 ( il Adams, Patricia 18 Ayers, William 67 Beck, Susan 51 Blair, Joseph 75 Brizdle, Sara 58 Caderet,Jean ; ? Adams, Rebecca 17 Ayotte, Sandra 6 Becker, Anne 18 Blake, Russell 74 Broad, Trina 55 Cadaval. Li V ' Adamson, Jean 21 Azen, Linda 40 Becker, Deane 16 Blake, Marty 53 Brockman, Ellen 57 Cahill, Latin ; ,1 Adamson, Mary 44 B Becker, Jerrold 83 Blanchard, Donald 34 Brockway, Susan 46 Cjille, JuilM III Addison, Cynthia 45 Babas, Joseph 69 Becker, Judith 22 Bland, John 89 Brodsky, Susan 56 Calais C Addison, David 67 Babcock, Bryce 32 Becker, Sydelle 50 Blasie, John 65 Brody, Betty 17 Cameron, Jar Adelman, Andrea 50 Back, Brooks 75 Beckers, William 82 Blattberg, Judith 40 Brogan, Rebecca 12 Cainerson, D Adelman, Myra 56 Backes, Lynn 22 Beckett, Susan 15 Blessing, William 65 Brondstetter, Sandra 17 Carcpau, Dai Aepli, Robert 32 Bader, Naida 56 Bedford, Sharon 12 Blight, John 69 Bronner, James 94 Campbell, D j Affleck, Mary 51 Badger, Demarious 57 Becker, Gary 32 Bliming, John 89 Brookeme, Lynda 16 CanpW, G Aftel, Frances 40 Badger, George 86 Been, Valerie 45 Blodgett, Mary-Ellen 15 Brooks, Julia 12 Campbell, Agnew, David 84 Baensch, Bernard 32 Behling, Janice 26 Bloom, Richard 34 Brooks, Katherine 43 Campbell, N Aho, Julianne 16 Bacr, Ellen 51 Beier, Barbara 48 Bloomquist, Sandra 39 Broome, Michael 77 Campbell, Si Ahronheim, Judith 25 Bagdade, June 15 Belfry, David 67 Blower, David 91 Brown, Alan 32 Campeau, B Airmet, Barbara 23 Bailey, Ann 54 Bell, Judith 42 Bly, Linda 8 Brown, Arthur 71 Canfield, Ri | Aitken, F. Claire 49 Bailey, Judy 45 Bell, Terence 74 Boatman, Karen 43 Brown, Beverly 52 Cansfield, M Aitkcn, Sharon 12 Bailey, Larry 85 Beller, Han 40 Bobbitt, Susan 25 Brown, Catherine 16 Cant, James Aland, Richard 94 Bailey, Saundra 44 Bellinger, Elton 95 Bodine, Norman 90 Brown, Donald R. 84 Canlrell, Ro Albrecht, Sharon 48 Bailey, Thomas 95 Bellinger, Neal 31 Bobowski, Susan 22 Brown, Elizabeth A. 41 Cardinal, Jo Aldinger, Jim 70 Bailey, Wy-Lea 10 Bellman, Harvey 30 Bockoff, Nancy 23 Brown, Elizabeth A. 16 Carei, Linn Aldrich, Charles 70 Baird, Douglas 75 Bellman, Marsha 6 Bodine, Nada 17 Brown, Elizabeth B. 39 Carey, Share Aldrich, Stanley 33 Baker, Cathleen 18 Belk, Kay 17 Bocsche, Betsy 54 Brown, Franklin 85 Carlson, Car Alexander, Ellen 7 Baker, Charlene 9 Bender, Annette 55 Boet, Lynn 13 Brown, Gordon 64 Carlson, Joi Alexander, James 31 Baker, Dennis 71 Bender, Mark 79 Bohn, Nancy 46 Brown, James W. 84 Carlson, Pal Alexander, Mary 57 Baker, James H. 81 Beneicke, Phyllis 38 Bohnert, Judith 41 Brown, Janet 47 Caiman. Jjc Alexander, Patricia 7 Baker, Kathleen 38 Benford, Howard 80 Bollc, Robert 91 Brown, Jerry 86 Carney, Viet Alexander, Robert 32 Baker, Kenneth 82 Benisek, Mary 23 Bolt, Norma 12 Brown, Joanne 46 Caraicl, Jan Alexander, Stephen 73 Baker, Richard 89 Benisek, Nancy 45 Bolton, Janet 38 Brown, Judy 15 Carpman, St Alford, Nancy 51 Baker, Thomas C. 78 Bcnner, Norah 51 Bolton, Jill 48 Brown, Lauran 18 Can, Mia Ali, Aqila 11 Bakke, Janet 51 Bennett, Stephanie 52 Bombaugh, Charles 64 Brown, Lawrence 64 Carson. Julie Allen, James 34 Baker, Kathleen 43 Bennett, Thomas 76 Bondad, Fe Antonia 7 Brown, Louise S. 57 Carter, Ed Allen, Judith 15 Baldry, John 77 Benson, Judith 26 Bone, Bonnie 7 Brown, Marilyn 60 Carter, Can 1 Allen, Mike 65 Bale, Ronald 83 Bentley, Frederick W. 76 Bone, David K. 87 Brown, Patricia 39 Caner, Mich Allen, Sharron 11 Balizs, Judith 48 Bentz, Robert 34 Bone, David R. 67 Brown, Richard D. 32 Carter. Susan Allen, Sigrid 18 Balkany, Louis 83 Benya, Mary Ann 9 Boniface, Cornelia 12 Brown, Robert N. 78 Cartier, Bart Allen, William 68 Balkema, Philip 67 Bequette, Michael 34 Bont, Carolyn 16 Brown, Sue C. 59 Caruso, Cath Allison, Bruce 84 Ball, James F. 33 Beranek, Carolyn 16 Bookston, Barbara 45 Brown, Susan J. 58 Catallo, Albt Alpern, Harlan 88 Ballard, Thomas 71 Bereye, Barbara 10 Boone, Garlene 11 Brown, Thomas H. 69 Catalti. Got Alpert, Sandra 50 Bailor, Barbara 49 Bereza, Richard 77 Boos, Alan 87 Browne, Linda 16 Caihan, Co Alsberg, Ronald 31 Ballou, Gary 33 Berg, Brenda 50 Bordeaux, Lewis 93 Browning, David 33 Caiibel, Ircn Alswang, Ellen 23 Balman, Carolyn 13 Berg, Donna 7 Borden, Julia 7 Browning, Margaret 42 Caujhev, Da Alton, Arlene 46 Balmer, Rowe 76 Berg, Richard 83 Borg, James 78 Brumo, Gary 74 Caulkins. Bl Amado, Rachel 13 Bambach, Dorothy 7 Berg, Rochelle 40 Borgsdorf, Charles 87 Brundige, Jan 60 Causet, Fran Amallitano, Joseph 31 Banas7.ek, Bonnie 41 Berg, William 89 Borke, Richard 91 Brunk, Susan 53 Caiisev, Phil Ambrose, John 70 Banciu, Camil 82 Berger, Jane 17 Bortman, Diane 13 Brust, Edwin 91 Cavelte, Dia Ambrose, Thomas 34 Baptie, Susan 17 Berger, Robert P. 88 Borugian, Dennis 32 Bryant, John 95 Cawlev, Jam Amerson, Andrew 64 Barak, Shelly 23 Bergcsen, James 76 Bostock, Alan 73 Brycr, Robert 33 Ciwthra. Ca Amluxen, Susan 25 Barber, Betsy 18 Bergin, Margaret 12 Bostwick, Barbara 38 Buchanan, Bonnie 46 Cejb, Man Anastasidu, Thomas 30 Barber, Sara 10 Berkson, Margery 21 Bouchard, David 68 Buckmayer, Bonnie 9 Center, Barb Anato, Anita 10 Barbour, Eli abeth 52 Berlinger, Norman 30 Boufford, Timothy 30 Buckwalter, Larry 33 falkottki, Ancona, Perry 84 Barkdull, Judith 59 Berman, Leslie 22 Boughey, James 72 Buda, Michele 26 Cemv, Janei Andersen, Kathryn 17 Barko II, James 30 Berman, Richard 94 Boughner, Thomas 87 Budek, Carol 13 Chadsev, Sia Anderson, Arlene 45 Barnard, Donna 12 Berman, Shcri 40 Boughton, Wilson 78 Buderus, J. Brooks 64 Chadnick, B Anderson, Bruce 3,66 Barnard, Janet 17 Berndt, Beverly 9 Bouman, Agnes 20 Budson, Susan 17 Chadwick, I. Anderson, Christine 18 Barnes, Charles 73 Berndt, Judith 46 Boven, Douglas 77 Buell, Rebecca 49 Chafetz, Sam Anderson, James 84 Barnes, Marion 46 Berndt, Sally 39 Bovins, Barb 40 Buell, Richard 78 (.[ ' : ' ! ' Anderson, Karen 44 Barnett, Ann 55 Bernstein, Arnold 83 Bower, Beth 48 Buerk, Richard 34 " " " uuidin Charahfrhin Anderson, Larry 75 Barnett, Janet 17 Bernstein, Joel 88 Bower, Suzanna 41 Buerk, Rick 75 ' " " " Aiiam UKiluii , n Anderson, Louise 59 Barnett, Judith 3 Bernstein, Paul 79 Bowerman, Jo Anne 12 Bugajewski, Leonan: 95 " |Jf, uan Ik FK Anderson, Mary 52 Barnett, Eva 3 Berris, Jan 24, 26 Bowers, Jonathan 82 Buhl, Felicite 54 pwjoit, ti Chapman f Anderson, Michael 30 Barnsteiner, Eugene 66 Berry, David 91 Bowler, Elizabeth 54 Bunting, Sue 12 Chanman D Anderson, Richard 30 Baron, Donald 77 Berry, Lynn 59 Bowman, Susan 8 Bunting, William 91 " " ( " ' MM, K Lhaomsn D Anderson, Thomas 33 Baron, Noel 51 Berry, Robert A. 70 Boyd, Diana 46 Burchett, Joyce 17 ' " fl ' MII K Chanman o Anderson, William 66 Barrett Jr., Edward 87 Berryman, Elaine 51 Boydston, Barbara 44 Burde, Brenda 58 T II, 31 Lnaonian c, Anderson, Willis 30 Barrett, Thomas 68 Bethel, Virginia 55 Boylan, Judith 23 Burgess, Brooke 52 " pudii, )[ Charlion fa Andrejak, Gary 32 Barrow, Jill 54 Belts, William 32 Boylan, Robert 82 Burgess, Patricia 18 Chancre r Andress, James 89 Barstow, Thomas 65 Betz, Kenneth 76 Boyle, Michael 74 Burghdorf, Judith 45 U " " " i ut Lnase U ' ili Andrews, Alan 82 Bartholomew, Susan 52 Beukema, Thomas N 34 Boyle, Elizabeth 11 Burke, Dennis 90 ' , niilu Uasippti it Andrews, Barry 90 Bartlctt, Jack 32 Beute, William 33 Boylcs, Susan 52 Burke, John J. 70 " Wf n, Ma Lnen fw Andrews, Daniel 71 Bartlett, Sharon 49 Beuton, James 65 Boyse, Richard 65 Burke, John M. 30, 84 ' " uioon Uien Y Andrews, Sarah 52 Bartsch, Ed 84 Bickel, Eileen 12 Brabb, Lettie 51 Burke, Mary 7 i " let Angst, Douglas 33 Baskin, Lawrence 83 Bickson, Diane 50 Brace, Fred 91 Burke, Timothy 81 If !. Mith LfiPTlpI- P. Ankelein, Lynne 53 Bassichis, Edith 40 Bien, Stanley 91 Braden, Mary 57 Burkett, Robert 83- P ! ' Sluar LJlfru ' T. Annand, John 65 Bassit, Gail 10 Bierma, Thomas 95 Bradley, Gary 71 Burnett, Charlotte 12 n. a V Gar Dfrrin i. Anthony, Robert 71 Bateman, Edith 39 Biesele, Marguerite 14 Bradshaw, Robert 33 Burns, Carol 22 r ' crm Men ttlKIp, i-i . Antman, Sheila 50 Bateman, Kim 34 Bigham, Sue 55 Bragdon, Alexander 31 Burns, M. Colleen 7 C? ra f Applebaum, Heidi 50 Batey, Martha 46 Bilgray, Betty 58 Brandell, Barbara 11 Burns, Thomas 77 W? t Appleton, Charlotte 6 Baty, Donald 75 Billings, Robert E. 67 Brandman, Paula 15 Burns, William C. 31 C M( Arch, David 32 Baum, Maxine 40 Billings, Stephen 67 Brandner, Carol 18 Burns, William M. 69 eft 1 Arcure, Joseph 84 Bauman, Richard 93 Birch, David C. 90 Brandt, Alan 89 Burson, Linda 58 GtaS Arenas, Mario 31 Bauman, Sharon 16 Birchmeier, John 32 Brauer, Iris 3,16 Burr, James 31 fiT " " . ar, , ' . Arkis, Frances 14 Baumann II, Roland 34 Bird, James 67 Braun, Philip 94 Burson, Charles 94 te2 1 Armstrong, Judith 46 Baumanis, Velta 6 Bischoff, Donald 85 Braunstein, Ronnie 11 Burstein, Richard 83 Ck ' lnn 1 Armstrong, Thomas 91 Baumhart, Albert 67 Bishop, Carol 18 Breakstone, Donald 30 Busby, George 75 F?t Rf vnrmpn Arner, Robert 68 Baxter, Earl 71 Bissonette, Judith 9 Breda, Carol 16 Busch, Paul 71 " Jensen, i pMfc Busfield, Donna 45 Bush, Gregory 89 Buss, Mike 75 Bussell, Garry 32 Butcher, Mary 12 Butler, Donald 85 Butler, Jane 59 Butler, Ralph 93 Buttcrfield, Thomas 72 Butterfiekl, William 74 Butzke, Karin 43 Byers, Judith 4 Byrne, James 33 Byrne, Martha 57 C Caderet, Jeanne 39 Cadaval, Luiz 22 Cahill, Laurie 38 Caille, Judith 43 Calcatcrra, Catherine 54 Cameron, James 67 Camerson, Dave 87 Campau, Danier 68 Campbell, David 82 Campbell, Gail 54 Campbell, Marilyn 52 Campbell, Nancy 54 Campbell, Suzanne 42 Campeau, Brian 73 Canfield, Richard 31 Cansfield, Margaret 24,26 Cant, James 66 Cantrell, Robert 87 Cardinal, John 66 Carey, Lynne 52 Carey, Sharon 51 Carlson, Carl 78 Carlson, Joan 44 Carlson, Patricia 49 Carman, Jack 30 Carney, Vicki 41 Carnick, Jane 50 Carpman, Stephen 88 Carr, William 67 Carson, Julie 45 Carter, Edward 31 Carter, Gary 87 Carter, Michael 77 Carter, Susan 47 Cartier, Barbara 14 Caruso, Cathie 41 Catallo, Albert 76 Catallo, Georgina 53 Cathcart, Constance 59 Caubet, Irene 59 Caughey, David 77 Caulkins, Bliss 47 Causey, Frances 23 Causey, Philip 80 Cavette, Diana 16 Cawley, Janet 16 Cawthra, Carol 39 Cejka, Mary 39 Center, Barbara 50 Centkowski, Cynthia 12 Cerny, Janet 44 Chadsey, Stan 80 Chadwick, Barbara 54 Chadwick, Lyn 60 Chafetz, Samuel 83 Chamberlain, Carroll 49 Chamberlain, Kenneth 67 Champagne, Jack 83 Chaplik, Elynne 15 Chapman, Claudia 6 Chapman, Rebecca 12 Chapman, Ronald 65 Chapman, Stephen 90 Chapman, Suzanne 12 Charlton, Mary 12 Charters, Catherine 38 Chase, William 66 Chasteen, Marilyn 46 Chen, Choon 91 Chen, Yee 80 Cheney, Michael 78 Cheney, Stuart 84 Cherway, Gary 78 Cherrin, Mervin 83 Chester, Christine 24 Chester, Craig 73 Chewning, William 30,69 Chia, Rosina 7 Childs, Dennis 72 Chilman, Nancy 39 Chipman, Victoria 17 Chisick, Nancy 13 Cholewiak, Roger 30 Christensen, Karen 16 Cioffari, Richard 34 Ciotti, James 69 Clancy, John 67 Clancy, Marilyn 12 Clark, Anne 47 Clark, Dee 48 Clark, George 84 Clark, Karen 59 Clark, Sandra 38 Clarke, Wade 31 Clarke, Susan 46 Clarke, William 65 Clarkson, Carol 26 Clay, Brenda 9 Claytor, Carol 7,42 Cleland, James 73 Clemtson, Sarah 49 Clemes, Jeffrey 77 Clemans, Joe 75 Cleveland, Suzann 14 Clohset, Kaye 46 Close, Susan 7 Close, William 78 Cloyd, John 32 Codner, James 69 Coffin, Carolyn 51 Coffin, Charles 34 Coffman, Carolyn 52 Coffman, Glenn 82 Coggan, James 71 Cogger, Kenneth 86 Coghlan, David 90 Cohen, Ann 25 Cohen, Ellen 16 Cohen, Fred 94 Cohen, Kenneth 88 Cohen, Margaret 50 Cohen, Matthew 94 Cohen, Peggy 50 Cohen, Robert 79 Cohn, Jack 34 Cohodas, Howard 94 Cohodas, Lynn 40 Colburn, Joanne 46 Colby, Susan 18 Cole, Richard 64 Coleman, Audrey 42 Coleman, Bruce 90 Coleman, Leslie 49 Coleman, Susan 12 Coles, Edith 41 Collier, Martha 51 Collingsworth, Arthur 34 Collins, Edward 32 Collins, Nancy 54 Collister, Rachel 17 Collman, Sally 46 Colmer, Janice 43 Colovus, Mary 16 Colquitt, Wayne 65 Colson, Donna 44 Comar, Michael 71 Comen, Nancy 59 Comber, James 95 Common, Jeanne 51 Compau, Ashley 24, 25 Comstock, Christine 7 Conder, Carolyn 22 Conger, Susan 12 Conley, Susan 52 Connellan, Thomas 90 Conrad, Carrie 12 Conrad, Mary 57 Conrey, Shelley 45 Conway, Abigail 7 Cook, Carolyn 22 Cook, Jean 51 Cook, Joseph 73 Cook, Julian 88 Cook, Mary 59 Cook, Michael 30 Cook, Patricia 45 Cook, Rosemary 7 Cook, Susan E. 7 Cook, Susan L. 1 1 Cook, Virginia 13 Cooke, Frances 44 Coolidge, Christine 54 Coon, Frederick 72 Coonley, Joan 25 Cooper, Charles 87 Cooper, Douglas 78 Cooper, Elizabeth 49 Cooper, Kathleen 51 Cooper, Robert 78 Cooper, Ronald 31 Cooper, Sharon 44 Cordero, Laura 12 Corlett, Catherine 54 Corlett, Susan 52 Cornell, Charles 30 Corning, Roberta 8 Cornelius, Sally 41 Corombos, Carole 57 Corrington, Richard 68 Cosentino, Carol 39 Costello, Charles 91 Costello, Patricia 15 Costew, Patricia 7 Cothran, Carole 17 Coulter, Beverly 26 Cowan, Robert 81 Cowden, Bette 38 Cowden, Susan 7 Cowling, Edward 87 Cox, Gary 30 Cox, Roger 78 Cox, Robert 74 Crafts, Julia 51 Craig, Christina 51 Craig, Frances 54 Craig, Jack 92 Crandall, Martha 60 Crandell, Ruth 23 Crate, Denny 17 Craven, Karen 60 Cravens, Cynthia 15 Crawford, Carol 12 Crawford, Susan 52 Creech, Larry 34 Crews, Gary 34 Cristy, Virginia 48 Crockett, Phillip 65 Cromwell, Carolyn 12 Cronk, Carl 92 Crooks, Scott 68 Cross, Harry 65 Crossett, Ronda 44 Crossman, John 71 Crotcher, David 33 Crumpacker, Mary 49 Crystal, Ruth 58 Cudillo, Sharon 45 Culhane, Richard 91 Gulp, Frances 47 Culp, Lynn 23 Cummings, Elaine 18 Cummins, Camilla 45 Cundiffe, Laurei 17 Cunningham, Paul 78 Cunningham, John 30 Curcuru, Joanne 48 Cushing, Robert 78 Cushman, Patricia 53 Cwieka, Margaret 24,26 Czuba, Hedwig 6 D Dahlstrom, Eric 85 Dale, Robert 34 Dalman, Jane 41 Dalson, Mary 7 Dalzell, Daniel 71 D ' Ami ' co, Marlene 23 Damm, Frederick 84 Damm, Pamela 12 Damson, William 91 Damstedt, Synnove 10 Dancey, Thomas 71 Dancik, Bruce 32 Danto, Joan 40 Darden, Oliver 34 Dapprich, David 64 Dapprich, Douglas 85 D ' Atri, Geoffrey 77 Daugavietis, Andrew 31 David, Lawrence 72 David, Roberta 12 Davidson, Charles 34 Davidson, Ellera 6 Davidson, Harriet 14 Davidson, Judith 22 Davidson, Philip 87 Davies, Dawn 52 Davis, Barbara 59 Davis, Becky 59 Davis, Corbin 33 Davis, James 34 Davis, Jeffrey 72 Davis, Jon 94 Dawson, Thomas 71 Day, Barbara 47 Day, Claudia 22 Day, Dorothy 22 Dean, Joel 72 Dean, Kenneth 68 Dean, Marybeth 12 Dean, Nancy 18 DeBoer, Karen 41 DeBolt, Cvnthia 12 Dechow, Gerald 68 Decker, Linda 57 Decker, Richard 30 Decker, Susan 26 DeGange, Robert 23 Dekker, Paul 34 Delias, Robert 78 Dclzer, Eric 87 Delzer, Marc 87 Denardi, Thomas 31 Dcnise, Douglas 77 Dennis, Cathleen 13 Dennis, Cornelia 49 Densham, Robert 82 Dent, Jessie 46 Dent, Mary 18 Dent, Robert 73 Deo, John 77 Derby, Stephen 78 DeRosier, Christine 59 Desmond, Frances 48 Desmond, Gary 82 Detwiler, James 67 Deutsch, Dorothy 6 Deutsch, Joan 50 Devendorf, Frederic 73 Devine, Warren 66 DeVries, Donna J. 15 DeVries, Donna L. 23 Dew, Donald 31 Dewey, Lucinda 54 Dewey, Pamela 51 DeYoe, Mary 18 Deyer, Kev 31 De Young, Jacqueline 56 Dianzumba, Bertnard 31 Dick, Carol 1 1 Dick, Randall 83 Dickerson, Barbara 49 Dickinson, Richard 31,65 Dicksonjames 89 Diebold, Jon 68 Dietzler, Ruth 18 DiFilippo, Mona 60 Dimcheff, Marian 39 Dinn, Linda 50 Di Nunzio, Daniel 69 Dirkse, Lois 48 DiSalvo, Constance 23 Diskin, David 79 Dissly, Darah 57 Ditizio, Marianne 53 Dobrowolski, Elizabeth 6 Dobson, John 78 Dobson, Tracy 16 Dochtzmann, Diane 10 Dolan, Memarie 21 Dolgin, Lynn 26 Doman, Steve 68 Domoto, Katherine 12 Donaldson, James 72 Donaldson, Jack 95 Donegan, Catherine 6 Doner, Frederick 94 Donkervoet, Helene 7 Donnelly, Joni 26 Donnelly, Robert 67 Doolittle, Phil 33 Dorjath, Dale 85 Dorstewitz, Ellen 9 Dotson, Stephen 77 Doty, Georgia 49 Douglas, James 67 Douglass, Catherine 49 Dousey, Charlotte 11 Dowd, Sarah 41 Doyle, Diana 13 Dragoo, Bruce 89 Drake, Ellen 16 Drake, George 67 Drake, Gregory 32 Draper, Jana 21 Drell, Terri 56 Drennan, Nancy 48 Drescher, Wolfgang 31 Drew, Wendy 13 Dubbert, James 31 DuBrian, John 33 Duckwitz, Dorothy 38 Dudgeon, Jean 25 Dudzinski, Carol 41 Duerr, Charles 85 Duff, Joanne 10 Duhl, Michael 83 Duiven, John 71 Duiven, Edward 91 Duke, Ned 83 Dul in, Carol 54 Dullberg, Ellen 22 Dullion, Jean 10 Dunbar, C. Wendell 67 Dunham, Diane 12 Dunham, Gail 8 Dunitz, Maryann 58 Dunn, Douglas 68 Durham, Jane 44 Durish, Joanne 6 Dusold, Judith 45 Dutcher, Roberta 7 Dyer, Margaret 38 Dyer, Sarah 52 E Eagen, Karen 51 Eagle, Clarence 31 Eames, Leslie 49 Eames, Leslie 49 Eames, Thomas 77 Earley, Ronald 75 Eason, Andrea 40 Eaton, Barbara 22 Ebdon, Jennifer 12 Ebel, Mary 41 Ebstrup, Harriet 17 Ecclestone, Martha 13 Ecker, Howard 79 Eddy, Avis 59 Edelstein, Lynne 58 Eding, John 68 Edison, Sarah 48 Edmonds, Valerie 12 Edmunds, Elaine 12 Edreich, Sue 14 Edwards, Emily 54 Edwards, Patricia 12 Edwards, Richard 78 Edwards, Virginia 13 Eggleston, Ralph 85 Ehrenfeld, David 83 Ehrman, Felice 56 Eiduson, Marcia 3 Eiermann, John 95 Eifler, Rob 31 Eiko, Elaine 38 Einfeldt, Adrianne 8 Eisele, John 75 Eisenbeiser, Thomas 31 Eklund, Janice 26 Eldridge, Douglas 78 Eldridge, Loyal 78 Eldridge, Martha 43 Eldridge, Pamela 23 Elgas, Nancy 38 Elmer, Vicki 49 Else, Barbara 10 Elston, Sharyn 13 Emens, Karen 48 Emmons, Mariann 26 Enderby, Mary 10 Endsley, Lionel 67 Engelberg, Steven 88 England, Carolyn 20 England, Thomas 89 England, Robert 82 Engle, Kathleen 43 English, Bonnie 6 Ensign, Mary 47 Epley, Anna 7 Epstein, Eleanor 40 Epstein, Lynn 15 Erber, Lenore 48 Erickson, Carl 85 Erickson, Pamela 23 Erickson, Steven 82 Erimm, Anne 6 Erman, Frances 58 Erlich, Sandra 15 Erwin, Judy 49 Erwin, Sally 38 Erwin, Sandra 47 Eserow, Kenneth 79 Esper, Marlene 20 Esser, Linda 59 Estes, Francetta 42 Estes, Robert 76 Eufinger, Karen 45 Evans, Carrie 54 Evans, Gail 43 Evans, Crete 12 Evans, Robert 76 Evans, Ronald 32 Evans, Shelley 12 Evashevski, James 84 Everhardus, Mary 54 Ewing, Paul 76 Eyestone, Sheri 49 F Faber, Trudy 46 Fabin, Elaine 26 Fabrizio, Arlene 10 Fadim, James 94 Fairbrother, Nancy 21 Fair, Janet 13 Falkenstein, Evelyn 7 Fani, Gloria 48 Fanger, Cynthia 55 Farinacci, Andrea 15 Farino, Carol 11 Farnell, Kathleen Farr, Suzanne 48 Farrar, Joanna 12 Farrand, Christopher 81 Farrell, Lois 48 Fasbender, Jan 17 Fasbender, Jill 17 Faulconer, Suzanne 17 Faulkner, Janice 44 Fauser, Kurt 64 Feder, Barbara 40 Feinberg, Joyce 56 Feldhus, Linda 17 Feldman, Gail 51 Feldman, Noel 83 Feldman, Sylvia 23 Feldt, Laurie 60 Feigner, Leonard 80 Felix, Arthur 71 Felix, Edward 83 Fellman, Jacqueline 56 Fellows, Donna 26 Fellows, Nancy 39 Felosak, Karen 50 Fennig, John 80 Fen wick, Gordon 82 Fench, Carrie 47 Ferguson, Clifton 90 Ferries, Jeffrey 66 Fessenden, Richard 31 Fever, Harriet 22 Fichtner, Ralph 76 Fidelman, Robert 88 Fidler, William 91 Field, George 81 Field, Kenneth 33,92 Fielding, William 82 Fields, John 69 Fields, Judy 23 Filip, Patricia 26 Filip, Donald 91 Filler, Stuart 94 Filson, Ray 85 Filstrup, Thomas 78 Finder, Susan 50 Findley, Phyllis 42 Fine, Donald 83 Finney, Kenneth 83 Finocchi, Barbara 43 Fischer, John 69 Fish, Barbara 51 Fish, Margaret 16 Fisher, Barrie 41 Fisher, Bruce 34 Fisher, David 67 Fisher, Eleanor 26 Fischer, Martha 17 Fisher, Ruth 25 Fiske, Roger 33 Fitch, Alice 46 Fitch, Laura 51 Fitzgerald, Heather 39 Fitzgerald, Julie 47 Fitzgerald, Jacqueline 22 Fitzgerald, Robert 66 Fitzgerald, Sandra 47 Flagel, Sally 17 Flaherty, Patricia 18 Fleischman, Marjorie 9 Fleming, Gwendolyn 23 Fleming, Patricia 45 Fleming, Sue 12 Flesh, Linda 50 Flickinger, Linda 18 Flintosh, Kathleen 12 Fodrocy, Kathleen 12 Foit, Franklin 95 Foley, Edith 46 Fons, Michael 68 Foren, Martha 49 Forbes, Susan 53 Forburger, Dean 90 Ford, Kathleen 52 Forma, Norene 11 Forrester, Joan 48 Fortner, Mary 17 Foster, Carole 12 Foster, Jack 95 Foster, Lynne 59 Foster, Melissa 7 Foster, Nancy 57 Fox, Daniel 72 Fox, fames 34 Fox, Leslie 7 Fracala, Christine 44 Fraim, Thomas 87 Francis, Robert 87 Frank, Carole 43 Frank, Linda 15 Franklin, Barbara 54 Franklin, Ellen 50 Franks, Margaret 3 Franks, Nancy 17 Frantz, Cynthia 38 Franzen, Nancy 47 Fraser, John 82 Fraumann, Ruth 48 Frayne, George 82 Frazer, Ronald 91 Frederick, James 89 Free, William 76 Freeman, Andrea 12 Freedman, Donna 50 Freeman, Mary 39 Freedman, Nancy 56 Freese, Carolyn 54 Freese, William 89 Freimouth, Richard 72 Freitag, Nancy 23 Freiwald, Carl 67 Frevel, Mary 18 Frey, Frederick 91 Friedlaender, Gary 34 Friedlaender, Mitchell 34 Friedlaender, Roslyn 7 Friedle, James 92 Friedman, Arlene 40 Friedman, Elaine 56 Friedman, Helen 50 Friedman, Janet S. 16 Friedman, Janet R. 50 Friedman, Joan 56 Fritz, Ronald 68 Frontczak, John 69 Frontier, Greg 32 Frost, Gabriele 20 Frost, Kathryn 43 Frost, Kathleen 46 Frostic, Dennis 64 Fry, Rebecca 12 Fuchs, Carol 56 Fuchs, Stephanie 16 Fuchs, Susan 58 Fucilla, Robert 31 Fuevel, Gordon 95 Fulgoni, Louis 78 Fuller, Charles 32 Fuller, Karol 38 Fuller, Sandra 18 Furniss, Pauline 57 Furuta, Minako 7 G Gabor, Diana 9 Gaden, Jane 8 Gadiel, Susan 7 Gaensbauer, Theodore 71 Gage, Alice 47 Gaines, Sharon 14 Gale, Marilyn 43 Galfer, Michael 31,88 Galle, Michael 3,90 Gallo, Antoinette 59 Gali, Henry 83 Gamble, Mary E. 54 Gamble, Robert 89 Gamburd, Lynda 58 Gandelot, John 69 Gandelot, Howard 70 Ganter, Robert 84 Ganter, Susan 49 Garbacz, Laurette 53 Gardner, Christine 7 Gardner, Jerry 67 Garisch, Dave 70 Garland, Gregory 78 Garlick, Sally 47 Carman, Marlon 82 Garner, Andree 51 Garrels, Elizabeth 15 Garrison, Patricia 39 Garrison, Robert 31 Garrish, Theodore 65 Gaskins, Evelyn 41 Gasperi, Susan 18 Gates, Ronald 71 Gauthier, Joel 92 Gay, Peter 86 Gebo, William 87 Gee, Brenda 9 Geifel, Judy 44 Geist, Gretel 7 Gelbach, Eleanore 45 Geller, Leni 58 Geller, Louise 56 Gendich, Barbara 48 Gandleman, Mark 88 George, Kathleen 49 Gerace, Dennis 67 Geren, Virginia 6 Gerken, Andrea 48 Gerlach, Jeanne 12 Geshel, Diane 6 Getz, Morleen 48 Geyman, Judy 17 Gibbons, Sandra 53 Gibbs, Charlene 52 Giber, Marcie 40 Giblin, Elaine 13 Gibson, Annabelle 17 Gies, Laurie 45 Gies, Thomas 72 Gifford, Charles 75 Giftord, Pamela 60 Gilbert, Maribeth 26 Gilbert, Richard 79 Gilchrist, Patricia 44 Gilespie, Gary 75 Gilhooley, Robert 83 Gilkey, James 34 Gill, Susan 44 Gillam, Theodore 66 Gilles, Dorothy 38 Gillman, Barbara 56 Girard, Charles 90 Glachman, Judi 58 Glantz, Doris 58 Glickman, Danny 83 Glidden, Alden 78 Gliessman, Margaret 57 Globensky, Susan 18 Glore, James 66 Glover, Dolores 6 Glowe, Douglas 82 Godshalk, Emily 7 Godwin, Sylvia 8 Goergen, Thomas 65 Goggin, William 33 Gold, Mike 33 Gold, Ronald 31 Goldberg, Adele 13 Goldberg, Joan 40 Goldberg, Karen 14 Goldberg, Lynn 58 Goldberg, Sandra 56 Goldberg, Stephen 33 Goldberg, Suzanne 54 Golden, Jerome 88 Golden, Theodore 88 Goldenberg, Robert 83 Goldman, Alan 88 Goldman, Leslie 34 Goldman, Mancy 13 Goldman, Stephen 83 Goldring, Carla 44 Goldstein, Dale 88 Goldstein, Judith 7 Goldstein, Sheila 50 Gontz, Judy 39 Goodell, Beverly 7 Goodfriend, Barbara 50 Goodman, David 71 Goodman, Michael 34 Goodreau, John 86 Goodwin, Alex 95 Goodwin, Judy 12 Goodwin, William 76 Gordon, Carol 7 Gordon, Judith 40 Gordon, Maxine 6 Gordon, Nancy 57 Gordon, Patricia 46 Gordon, Renee 16 Gorelick, Judy 3 Goren, Leslie 56 Gosman, James 94 Gosnell, James 30 Goss, Leslie 50 Gottschalk, Mary 48 Gottschalk, Lionel 67 Gould, Deborah 40 Gourlay, Carole 47 Gowdy, Robert 87 Gower, Gale 46 Graddis, Gayle 51 Graef, Peter 80 Graf, James 67 Graf, Kenneth 34 Graham, Barbara 40 Graham, Marcia 39 Graham, William 78 Granat, Kenneth 88 Grant, David 71 Grant, Judith 15 Grant, Mary 13 Grant, Richard 94 Grant, Sharron 12 Grants, Valdis 92 GrashofF, Philip 76 Graube, Andrew 72 Graver, Nancy 41 Graves, Larry 87 Gravett, Sarah 55 Gray, James 87 Gray, Margaret 18 Gray, Steven 89 Gray, William 34 Green, Francelia 38 Green, James 83 Green, Margo 40 Greenberg, Retta 23 Greene, Jennifer 52 Greene, Kathryn 25 Greene, Richard 94 Greenleaf, Joyce 58 Greenwald, Mitchell 79 Greenwald, Robert 83 Greenwald, Richard 34 Greenway, Guepdon 77 Greer, Nancy 8 Grekin, David 34 Gresly, Vaughn 67 Gribbin, Nancy 57 Griffin, Barbara 38 Griffin, Patricia 6,42 Grigg, Jan 89 Grijak, Gerald 89 Grimmer, Donald 34 Griswold, Janet 39 Grobe, Pauline 59 Groehn, Kathyanne 25 Groehn, Susan 54 Groff, Leslie 54 Grohne, Judith 7 Gross, Elizabeth 11 Gross, Michael 83 Gross, Susan 17 Grossa, John 73 Grossman, Ellen 50 Grossman, Frances 16 Grosso, Stephanie 57 Groth, Gretchen 51 Grove, Hugh 69 Grubbs, Philip 91 Grube, Wesley 89 Gruber, Irene 23 Gruber, Margaret 53 Grudell, Donna 18 Grudell, Norman 32 Gruel, John 65 Gruhl, Robert 30 Guarniere, Joan 44 Gruntz, Robert 76 Guenther, John 80 Guenzel, Robert 87 Guertin, Margaret 22 Guhl, Yvette 55 Guidobono, Theresa 24 Guile, Nancy 47 Guinn, Dean 90 Guire, Kenneth 93 Guiser, Nancy 13 Guldberg, Thomas 84 Gulevich, Catherine 12 Gump, Carol 25 Gunderman, Judith 17 Gurski, Patricia 59 Gustafson, Diane 12 Gustafson, Sue 60 Gusten, Joan 50 Gutin, Pamela 13 Guthrie, Martha 22 Gutknecht, Roy 91 Gutman, Joan 13 H Haber, Kenneth 33 Hackstedde, John 90 Hadley, Ann 52 Haessler, John 67 Hagen, John 93 Hagerty, John 71 Haliday, Carol 51 Hall, David 93 Hall, Helen 47 Hall, Marjory 6 Hall, Mark 75 Hall, Mary 52 Hall, Sandra 49 Hall, William 75 Hallen, Sally 46 Hallock, Elizabeth 17 Halperin, Thomas 94 Halperin, Janice 58 Haltom, Sandra 43 Halvorsen, Lawrence 72 Hamilton, Catherina 38 Hamilton, Robert 76 Hamilton, Scott 76 Hammond, Diana 60 Hammond, Marian 44 Han, Richard 71 Hancock, Joyce 55 Hancock, Linda 44 Hand, Diane 12 Handelman, Michael 35 Handorf, Heidi 25 Handorf, William 95 Hanley, Donna 15 Hanlon, Kathleen 12 Hanink, Dennis 66 Hanna, Robert 69 Hanrahan, Patricia 17 Hanselman, John 33 Hansen, Richard 33 Hanson, Birdie 43 Hanson, Kathleen 15 Hanson, Peter 70 Hansz, David 91 Harding, Frank 65 Harding, James 71 Harding, Margaret 18 Harkonen, Susan 59 Harling, Barbara 45 Harlton, Julie 51 Haron, David 88 Harris, Ann 18 Harris, Donald 69 Harris, Linda 20 Harrison, Ann 45 Harrison, Anna 26 Harrison, Curtis 75 Harrison, Lee 71 Harrison, Linda 56 Harrold, Michael 76 Hart, Phyllis 55 Hart, Virginia 8 Hartley, Richard 32 Hartley, Susan 9 Hartley, Virginia 11 Hartman, Carole 48 Hartsool, David 67 Hartt, David 67 Hartung, Jill 39 Harvey, Janet 23 Hartwell, Brian 31 Harwood, Darcy 54 Hartz, Ann 53 Harvey, Norma 44 Harvill, Susan 57 Haselwood, James 74 Hash, Pat 26 Hathaway, Edward 87 Hathaway, Michael 34 Haughey, James 68 Haughey, Martha 52 Hauskins, Chris 16 Hausser, Barbara 17 Havelkm, Richard 34 Haveman, Jacqueline 17 Havid, JoEIlen 20 Haw, Thomas 33 Hawley, John 74 Hay, Diane 41 Hayden, Herbert 76 Hayes, John 72 Hayward, Jean 12 Heacox, Robert 87 Heady, Judith 48 Healy, Mark 74 Heaphy, Ann 52 Heckman, Lynn 46 Hecox, Robert 34 Hedetniemi, Peggy 16 Hefke, Sharon 44 Hegg, Steve 91 Heginbottom, Susan 6 Heiber, Nancy 40 Heikkinen, Donnalee 12 Heikkinen, Kay 16 Heikkinen, Leah 16 Heikkinen, Margaret 46 Heilala, David 87 Heim, Janet 12 Heiman, Jerry 71 Heintz, Judith 52 Heist, Daniel 33 Heitzman, Robert 31 Heldman, Elizabeth 57 Heller, Susan 54 Hellerman, Laurie 39 Heiman, Donald 95 Helmbold, Janet 17 Helmreich, Thomas 80 Helper, Kathie 14 Heltman, Susan 9 Hemenway, Stephen 80 Hemlock, Allen 33 Hemmett, Elizabeth 41 Hemphill, Katherine 23 Hetulelman, Leslie 34 Henderson, Alex 91 Henderson, Alma 6 Henderson, William 75 Hendrick, Sharon 12 Hendricks, Bonnie 25 Hendricks, Linda 54 Hendrickson, Linnea 22 Heneveld, Paula 16 Hengen, Philip 72 Henke, Joyce 25 Henry, Jack 82 Henry, Patricia 60 Henson, Annette 53 Henson, Nancy 13 Herbert, Jane 44 Herd, Dennis 82 Hering, Jeffrey 85 Herman, Deborah 52 Herman, Rolla 16 Herold, John 30 Herr, Frederick 31 Herrick, Barbara 47 Herron, John 67 Hershey, Carol 52 Hertz, Judith 56 Hess, Christine 12 Hess, Janice 59 Hess, Martha 59 Hessen, Karen 15 Hetley, Margaret 6 Heuer, Gerald 68 Heustis, Mary 49 Heyl, Virginia 49 Hiatt, Robert A. 77 Hiatt, Robert D. 95 Hickok, Rickard 95 Higa, Junko 11 Higby, Sherrie 17 Higginbottom, Ann 41 Higginbottom, T. 82 Higgins, Mary 18 Highhill, John 75 Highhill, Marlene 12 Highland, John 77 Higley, David 67 Highley, Hugh 67 Hikes, Charles 65 Hilderley, Sandra 59 Hileman, Mary 18 Hill, Helenjean 12 Hill, John 80 Hill, Kenneth 34 Hill, Mary 12 Hillman, Barbara 58 Hillman, Peggy 7 Hilmer, Thomas 78 Hinkley, Judith 44 Hines, Mary 47 Hinkley, William 75 Hinman, Patricia 51 Hinshaw, David 72 Hinnen, Michael 77 Hitchman, Helen 52 Hoberman, Sara 49 Hockstad, Roberta 55 Hodges, Don 74 Hodges, Doris 57 Hoerner, Charles 87 Hofer, Janice 15 Hoffmann, Mary 53 Hogan, Anne 54 Hogan, Victor 32 Hohenstein, Jean 44 Hohman, Charles 87 Hohmann, Karen 13 Hoffmeyer, James 65 Hokans, Richard 33 Holahan, Kathleen 39 Holahan, Maureen 39 Holcomb, John 90 Holda, Janice 12 Holderness, James 91 Holderness, Judith 39 Hollye, Sophia 16 Holloway, Dennis 30 Holm, Barbara 44 Holman, Bonita 12 Holman, Susan 48 Holmberg, Bob 81 Holmberg, Paul 72 Holmes, John R. 81 Holmes, John W. 70 Holmes, Kay 59 Holmquist, Ann 52 Holt, Eleanor 48 Holtzer, Dale 87 Holub, Barbara 44 Homer, Mary 53 Hondorp, Gary 68 Hondorp, Joan 13 Honeyball, Gail 25 Hong, Robert 82 Hooker, Stephanie 12 Hoppe, Rick 72 Hoopengardner, Sara 9 Hopeman, William 34 Hopkins, Carolyn 51 Hopkins, Susan 55 Hoppe, Richard 72 Horned, Sally 16 Horner, Donna 43 Hornick, Michael 64 Horowitz, Nancy 40 Horsey, Nora 41 Horsfall, Jane 46 Horwitch, Richard 79 House, Mary 51 Houseman, David 95 Howard, Beverly 13 Howard, Marrily 59 Howe, David 84 Howell, Helen 23 Howell, James 33 Howes, Gail 49 Howey, Joseph 31 Hoyt, Christine 12 Hri ' bar, Carl 85 Huang, Tan 17 Hubbard, Karen 39 Huber, Carl 76 Hubert, Daniel 83 Hudson, Barbara 18 Huffman, Diane 39 Hufnagle, Edward 30 Huggett, David 70 Hugston, Mary 26 Huizingh, Jack 84 Hulik, Kathleen 6 Hulka, Janice 12 Hulman, Aileen 13 Hultin, Paul 75 Hummon, Norman 76 Hungerford, Susan 13 Hunn, Thomas 90 Hunt, Betty 59 Hunt, Sally 8 Hunt, Susan 25 Huntley, Dennis 91 Huntley, Richard 33 Huntzicker, Anne 47 Hurlbert, Jill 12 Hurley, Janet 13 Hussar, Gary 34 Hutson, Donald 76 Hutton, Judith 12 Hutzel, Mary 12 Huyghe, Mary 26 Hyde, Sheila 57 Hykes, Susan 52 I Ibser, Karen 38 Idema, John 67 Idema, Stephen 67 Ignasiak, Joseph 93 Ilton, Marcia 7 Imerman, Judith 40 Ingersoll, Richard 76 Inglis, David 69 Ingram, Penny 44 Inman, Dianne 17 Ipson, Kenneth 92 Irwin, Christine 57 Irwin, Elizabeth 57 Irwin, Gerry 49 Irwin, Joan 51 Isaacson, Ellen 56 Isgrig, Karen 54 Isherwood, Wenoy 54 Isley, Pamela 45 Ivan, Doris 54 Ivan, Larry 74 Izak, Susan 13 Izner, Harlynn 58 Jackl, Wayne 34 Jackson, Clifton 69 Jackson, James 92 Jackson, Richard 69 Jackson, Robert 69 Jackson, Thomas 69 Jacob, Barbara 18 Jacobsen, Christine 52 Jade, Vivian 23 fagdmann, Kathleen 12 Jagdmann, Kenneth 34 James, Barbara 47 Janas, Karen 38 Janis, Carole 39 Janis, Marjorie 15 Jankowski, Susan 59 Jankowski, Walter 76 Janosz, Kathleen 17 Janson, Susan 18 Jare, Frank 73 Jarclon, Frederick 91 Jsper, Carole 42 Jatros, Thalia 45 Jaynes, Sharon 15 Jeanson, Arnold 68 " efferis, Lee 77 effery, William 65 effs, Margaret 54 Jehle, John 76 Jencks, Hollis 72 Jenkins, Charles 33 Jensen, Judyan 55 Jensen, Linda 13 Jeremy, Susan 14 Jess, Beth 15 Jesse, Edward 86 Jeter, Katherine 25 Jochen, David 71 John, Ellen 25 Johnson, Carole A. 52 Johnson, Carole A. 17 Johnson, Charlotte 59 Johnson, Gary 68 Johnson, George 72 Johnson, Janet 47 Johnson, Julie 43 Johnson, Lois 60 Johnson, Mary 8 Johnson, Nancy 54 Johnson, Nathan 66 Johnson, Robert L. 71 Johnson, Robert T. 67 Johnson, Roger 30 Johnson, Sandra 7 Johnson, Sherry 14 Johnson, Sonja 53 Johnson, Susan 11 Johnson, Suzanne 38 Johnson, William 69 Johnston, Lucy 22 Johnston, Richard 33 Jones, David 71 Jones, Deborah 10 Jones, Irene 12 Jones, Jerilyn 12 Jones, Jennifer 57 Jones, Kathleen 15 Jones, Mary 20 Jones, Norman 74 Jones, Thomas 77 Jordan, John 87 Jordan, Leah 16 Jorgenson, Leif 30 Joseph, Lisa 50 Joseph, Linda 23 Joseph, Patricia 3 Joseph, Sharon 13 Josephson, Nanci 23 Joynt, Suzanne 21 Jozwiak, David 81 Juell, Marie 17 Juguilon, Amparo 7 Juttle, Don 31 K Kabalka, George 92 Kahn, Alyssa 58 Kahn, Buddy 79 Kahn, Barbara 39 Kahn, Deborah 52 Kahn, Marsha 3,26 Kahn, Marc 83 Kahn, Thomas 81 Kahn, Wendy 58 Kahr, Sharon 16 Kaifesh, Barbara 9 Kaiman, Frances 7 Kaiser, Carta 7 Kaiser, Marilyn 41 Kaiser, Patricia 16 Kalbfleisch, Larry 93 Kaler, Jana 51 Kallen, Laurence 79 Kalmbach, Ruth 60 Kaminski, Helen 3,26 Kammer, Kcndyl 38 Kammerman, Peggy 55 Kampen, Christine 57 Kaner, David 94 Kania, Susan 49 Kanke, Mary Ellen 53 Kao, Louise 7 Kaplan, Gertrude 50 Kaplan, Nancy 56 Kaplan, Robert 88 Karber, Kathryn 17 Karle, Louise 16 Karls, James 32 Karppinen, Patricia 13 Kasabach, Jacquelyn 39 Kasabach, Joan 39 Kasey, Myrna 12 Kasey, Sylvia 6 Kasiborski, JoAnne 51 Kasle, Jerome 83 Kasnow, Laurie 23 Kasza, Juanita 12 Katherler, Thelma 60 Katz, Beth 21 Katz, Stephanie 58 Katzman, Carol 40 Kaufman, James 32 Kaufman, Jeffrey 79 Kaufman, Judith 6 Kauppila, Paula 26 Kay, Kathleen 47 Kazlusky, Mary 55 Kazmark, Mary 26 Kearney, Geraldine 51 Keen, Judith 40 Kegal, Jane 12 Keier, John 30 Keim, Donald 75 Keith, Sally 23 Kelley, John 30 Kelley, Michael 91 Kelley, Suzanne 54 Kellman, Alan 94 Kellner, Warren 87 Kellogg, Jean 17 Kellogg, Sandra 18 Kelly, Patrick 71 Kelly, Paul 81 Kelly, Terrance 71 Kelsey, Linda 13 Kemerer, Susan 6 Kennedy, Colleen 15 Kennedy, Dennis 30 Kennedy, Mike 70 Kenney, Patrick 32 Kenney, Stephen 33 Kent, Patricia 45 Kenyon, Betty 41 Kenyon, Gary 72 Kerns, John 77 Kerr, Caroline E. 1 1 Kerr, Caroline J. 38 Kerr, Joseph 83 Kesler, Linda 44 Kessler, Cynthia 12 Keys, Nancy 56 Keyes, Patricia 19 Khoury, Joanne 12 Kibbie, Marilyn 15 Kidd, James 67 Kidder, Robert 75 Kienbaum, Thomas 82 Kilborn, Melinda 24,26 Kilburn, Peter 30 Kilchenmaun, Katrin 23 Kile, Kaye 53 Kimberly, Dally 10 King, Alma 23 King, Barbara 57 King, James 74 King, Richard 72 Kirchner, Stewart 81 Kirchhoff, Ute 12 Kirkpatrick, John 72 Kirkpatrick, Sandra 19, 21 Kish, Kathleen 39 Kish, Mary 18 Kitman, Linda 56 Kizer, Patricia 15 Klag, Donald 71 Klatzky, Elizabeth 13 Klear, Lynn 23 Klein, Gretchen 78 Klein, Harriet 21 Klein, James 3,94 Klein, John 78 Klein, Susan 13 Kleinhans, Frederick 66 Kleinschmidt, James 33 Kleinschmidt, Judy 59 Kligman, Miriam 22 Klinesteker, Chase 71 Kline, Patricia 12 Klitzner, Martin 94 Klotzbach, Jane Klose, Mary 57 Knake, James 69 Kanpp, Jeffery 72 Knapp, Michael 75 Knapp, William 65 Knaus, Alan 70 Knight, Nancy 52 Knopc, James 85 Knopf, Frederick 66 Knowlton, Victor 71 Knudtson, Barbara 46 Koblentz, Joel 83 Kodros, William 81 Koehler, Diane 59 Kewhler, Vince 73 Koenig, Steven 79 Koenigsberg, Nina 23 Koepke, Dorothea 16 Kohlman, Joyce 26 Kohn, Richard 79 Kikes, Daniel 67 Kolcheff, Patsy 53 Koll, Maryanne 59 Komanoff, Frederica 56 Komer, Rochell 6 Koopman, Ronald 67 Korb, Virginia 12 Korff, Edward 73 Kosanke, Patricia 45 Kosdon, Greer 17 Koshlap, Barbara 39 Kossack, Barbara 26 Kostun, Janice 45 Kostur, Arlene 38 Kotila, William 87 Kotwica, Roland 76 Kotz, Edward 32 Kotz, Ellen 16 Kovacevich, David 84 Kowerduck, Shirley 17 Kozloff, Barbara 23 Kramer, Ronald 2,94 Kramer, Virginia 57 Krapohl, Nora 17 Kraska, Sally 25 Kratsky, Frank 90 Krauer, Daniel 65 Krause, Joanne 14 Krautstrunk, Fred 71 Krawchuk, Sandra 18 Krawitz, Ronald 34 Krebs, Carolyn 45 Kreger, Kathleen 46 Krenytzky, Stephen 31 Kresse, Alfred 32 Kretovich, Duncan 70 Kreuger, Thomas 78 Kridler, Katharine 52 Kricgshaber, Betsy 40 Kriewall, Timothy 34 Kripke, Larry 94 Krivisky, Pamela 48 Kroenig, Janet 44 Krone, Kenneth 88 Krueger, Phyllis 53 Krueger, Susan 52 Kruer, George 74 Kruger, Martha 39 Kruger, Thomas 93 Krulee, Jo Ellen 50 Krupp, Mary 38 Kruse, Richard 64 Kruss, Daniel 34 Krzywkowski, Marilyn 18 Kuchel, Ruth 48 Kuchta, Nancy 43 Kuebler, Margaret 8 Kuehlthau, Susan 6 Kuentzel, Sandra 43 Kuhn, Dave 82 Kuivinen, Karen 39 Kukes, Barbara 40 Kulaja, Onna 46 Kunkle, Sheri 39 Kupiec, Carol 17 Kurata, Eugene 31 Kurcz, Felicia 16 Kurlinski, Roger 33 Kurpinski, Ginny 8 Kurth, Lynn 39 Kurschel, James 73 Kusk, Matt Kuziak, Douglas 82 Kvapil, Nancy 16 Kwiker, Michael 88 Kynast, Robert 89 L Laas, Barbara 39 LaBeau, Ronald 67 Lacchia, Thomas 90 Lacey, Mary 18 Lach, Marsha 22 LaChance, Louis 72 Lacy, Ruth 17 Ladd, Diana 55 LaDouce, William 30 LaDue, Linda 49 LaFerriere, Keith 32 LaFondk, Peter 74 LaFond, John 33 Laidlaw, Jana 47 Laing, Ann 60 Laitsch, Mary 48 Lake, Timothy 72 Lambeck, Peter Lambert, Frances 38 Lambert, Fred 84 Lamley, Richard 66 Landa, John 67 Landis, Dirk 77 Landsitteck, Tom 75 Landsman, Howard 34 Lang, Michael 31 Lang, Miriam 10 Langford, Herbert 67 Langhans, John 30 Langner, Edith 58 Lanoff, Ian 83 LaPasta, Sam 73 Lapham, Edmund 66 Lark, Janet 15 Laro, David 94 Larsen, Perrie 54 Larsen, Robert 78 Larson, Bruce 64 Larson, Kenneth 32 LaRue, Ellen 7 Larva, Bruce 32 LaSovage, Michael 90 Lass, Amy 56 Lasser, Frances 58 Lasser, Victoria 50 Latchaw, Susan 7 Laug, Dennis 89 Lawn, Jonathan 67 Laureano, Yolanda 1 1 Lauria, Lawrence 66 Lauridsen, Lola 43 Laux, Joyce 51 Lavitt, Louise 40 LaVoie, Richard 73 Saw, Linda 52 Lawrence, Carolyn 48 Lawson, Paula 14 Layle, Jane 38 Lazar, Maxine 58 Leader, Andrea 6 Leader, Jane 52 Lebedeff, Diane 48 Leblang, Clifford 30 LeBrasseur, Richard 67 LeBron, Heidi 24,26 Leddy, Larry 71 Ledinsky, Dawn 46 LeDuc, Margaret 15 Lee, Willford 73 Leeds, Andrea 59 Leeds, Jeffrey 32 Leeds, Roland 65 Leff, Beryl 40 Lefkowitz, Marcia 17 Legan, Sandra 12 Lehner, Patricia 43 Leibsohn, Daniel 83 Leisen, James 81 Leitch, Laurie 44 Leix, Joyce 7 Leland, Barbara 40 Lengemann, Susan 23 Lenheiser, Barbara 17 Lenter, Richard 73 Lentz, Marcia 49 Lentz, Richard 31 Lentz, Ronald 33 Leonard, Jean 55 Lerman, Burton 79 Lescohier, Linda 15 Lesinski, Judith 12 Lesondak, Thomas 31 Lesser, James 33 Leu, Christine 54 Leudtke, Kim 54 Leuzinger, Marceline 12 Leva, Nancy 58 Levin, Marcia 7 Levine, Carol 12 Levitt, Lois 20 Levitt, Susan 13 Levy, Barbara A. 40 Levy, Barbara L. 40 Levy, Judith 13 Lewis, Judith 40 Lewis, Karen 23 Lewis, Marilyn 16 Lewis, Stephen 67 Lewis, Stephen 67 Lewis, Stephen 82 Lewis, Steven 83 Lewitz, Joel 77 Liegler, Barbara 16 Lightfoot, James 73 Lightfoot, Mark 33 Ligncll, James 31 Lillie, Carolyn 41 Lillie, Jasper 66 Lincoln, Philip 87 Lindblade, Phyllis 18 Linderman, Robert 78 Lindow, Judy 43 Lindow, Marcia 43 Lindquist, John 32 Linker, Stephen 94 Linver, Michael 88 Lipkin, Sandra 56 Lipkowitz, Amy 56 Lipkowitz, John 75 Lippitt, Carolyn 23 List, Kathleen 49 List, Thomas 34 Littell, Mary 43 Littky, Dennis 94 Little, Barbara 48 Livak, Dexter 93 Livernois, Melbourne 32 Livingstone, Charlene 47 Lobingier, Kirsti 51 Lick, Douglas 33 Locke, Marian 23 Loeher, Charles 66 Loesel, Mary 25 Loftus, Stephen 71 Loftus, Tiffany 59 Logan, Martha 44 Lonberg, Frank 94 Longley, Elizabeth 10 LoPucki, Anthony 75 Lorenzen, John 68 Lossing, John 33 Lossing, Lawrence 72 Louis, May 10 Love, John 82 Lovelace, John 33 Lovett, Joanna 15 Lowrie, George 86 Lubin, Carol 13 Lucht, Cheryl 20 Ludden, Anne 57 Lude, Frank 75 Ludwig, Gary 95 Ludwig, Judith 17 Luebkert, Paul 34 Luedders, Jerry 89 Lugers, Jean 18 Luhn, Mary 47 Lum, Elliott 70 Lumber, F. James 31 Lund, Mary 8 Lundin, Jon 84 Lundvall, Ruth 17 Lurie, Gerald 88 Lurie, Michael 88 Lustig, Ronald 83 Lutes, Patricia 51 Lyden, Lucy 39 Lynch, Dennis 76 Lyndon, Barbara 51 Lynn, Eileen 16 Lynn, Sandra 56 Lynn, William 85 Lyon, Frederic 80 Lyon, Luanne 43 Lyons, Martin 69 Lystra, Edward 91 Lytle, Marilyn 6 M Maas, Michael 70 MacArthur, Jeanne 25 MacDonald, Martha 57 MacPherson, Douglas 31 Maciag, Darrell 30 Mack, Edward 86 MacKay, Jessie 52 MacKichan, Kathleen 47 Macksood, Carol 10 MacLean, Bonnie 48 MacMillan, Douglas 81 MacRae, Edwin 82 MacRitchie, Donald 67 MacRitchie, James 67 MacRitchie, Ronald 67 MacStaller, Dave 75 Mader, Gerald 84 Maender, Richard 90 Maezes, Constance 54 Maglott, David 77 Magidson, Enid 40 Magnuson, Gregg 46 Magzis, Laura 23 Mahachek, Ross 31 Mahaffy, Judith 10 Maher, Elizabeth 25 Mahlke, David 68 Mahoney, Kathleen 15 Maidment, Lois 13 Maier, Karen 45 Maire, Gloria 9 Maize, John 91 Majchrzak, Kenneth 70 Major, Marilyn 43 Malboevf, Paul 68 Malcolm, Dianne 26 Malcolm, Lee 23 Malinak, Edward 66 Malkin, Bonnie 58 Malkin, Gillian 13 Mallory, Huston 71 Mallory, Judith 44 Mallory, Marsha 25 Make, Robert 74 Mamroe, Martha 57 Manasse, Stephanie 6 Mancoff, Marcia 21 Mandel, Richard 83 Manildi, Gail 44 Mann, Dennis 71 Mann, Sally 53 Mann, Susan 49 Manning, Leslie 50 Manning, Sharon 16 Mansfield, Christopher 65 March, Jon 84 Marchese, Paula 23 Marcotte, Marcia 47 Marginean, Mary 18 Marion, Fredrica 40 Mark, Brian 79 Markeson, Carole 51 Markiewicz, John 72 Mariyama, Rodney 32 Markoff, Terry 58 Marks, Cheryl 54 Marquardt, Christine 17 Marr, Sarah 12 Marsh, Pamela 25 Marsh, Patricia 23 Marsh, Richard 74 Marshall, Gloria 59 Marshall, Richard 77 Marston, Kathie 12 Martin, Bonnie 60 Martin, Charles 86 Martin, Donna 59 Martin, John 75 Martin, Joseph 78 Martin, Richard A. 31 Martin, Richard J. 33 Martin, Thomas 31 Martin, Vera 16 Martin, William 32 Martinez, Ronald 89 Marwil, Sarah 58 Mason, Don 91 Mason, Martha 12 Mason, Michael 75 Mason, Patricia 16 Mason, Joseph 72 Mason, Marion 15 Mason, Patricia 54 Massel, Joan 58 Mast, Timothy 95 Mastin, Bonnie 52 Mateer, Don 34 Matevia, Thomas 84 Mathews, Stanley 82 Mathews, Susan 12 Mathias, Terry 56 Mathieu, Judith 41 Matsuyama, Corliss 17 Matthias, Robert 82 Matulaitis, John 30 Matulaitis, Mary 47 Matzen, Kathryn 14 Maurer, Jeanne 49 May, Eugene 67 May, Rebecca 17 May, Roger 66 Maydet, Sheila 40 Mayer, Ann 7 Mayer, Richard 84 Maynard, Gale 3,45 Mazer, Margaret 22 McAllister, Sharon 52 McCall, Janet 16 McCalla, Susan 12 McCallum, Heather 57 McCann, Candace 52 McCarroll, John 67 McCarthy, Mary 39 McCarty, Karen 14 McCarty, Mike 66 McCarty, Mac 75 McChesney, David 71 McClatchey, Kenneth 82 McCleary, Susan 26 McClure, Colleen 39 McClurg, Nancy 57 McComb, Andrew 68 McConnell, Catherine 38 McConnell, Robert 72 McCormick, Colleen 12 McCormick, John 67 McCormick, Patricia 44 McCotter, Stuart 89 McCracken, Joyce 39 McCrary, Sharon 7,42 McDermid, Bonnie 41 McDougall, Catherine 12 McEnaney, Maureen 12 McGce, Madeleine 46 McGee Tim 91 McGeen, Daniel 92 McGloughling, Larry 75 McGrath, Peter 91 McGuire, Charles 70 McGuire, Joan 11 McGuire, Mark 77 McHugh, Judith 12 Mclntyre, Philip 78 McKay, Janeth 13 McKenna, Patricia 11 McKibbcn, Jean 39 McKinley, Patricia 23 McKinney, Judith 39 McKusick, Klaran 9 McLandress, Robert 71 McLarty, Jean 54 McLean, Betsy 47 McLean, Mary 15 McMichael, Margaret 16 McMillan, Dugald 66 McMinn, Sharon 59 McMullen, William 65 McNaughton, Lewis 92 McNeal, Sue 49 McParland, Maryal 51 McParland, Patrick 87 McPeak, Sandra 17 McRea, Terrencc 84 McWee, Charles 68 Mead, David 90 Meaden, Thomas 33 Medwcdeff, Donna 17 Mee, Barbara 26 Meeske, Ann 55 Meier, Alice 14 Mehlhose, Noreen 6 Meier, Charles 88 Meinhardt, Jane 11 Meininger, James 73 Meinz, Marvin 90 Meisel, Mary 53 Meiscl, Thomas 71 Meistrell, Malcolm 71 Meitus, Susan 58 Melber, Daniel 79 Melhoefer, Barb 7 Mein, Dale 33 Melkerson, Harry 87 Melocchi, Rita 41 Melstrom, Kurt 65 Meltzer, Nancy 50 Melzian, Stevan 72 Mendius, Jean 49 Menendez, Diane 54 Menge, Martha 48 Menzies, Mary 18 Meretta, Carolyn 41 Meriam, Carol 41 Merritt, Martha 11 Mersereau, Carol 49 Mescade, Francisca 10 Messenger, Thomas 30 Messner, Michael 10 Metcalfe, Peter Metzger, Lynn 23 Meyer, Beatrice 21 Meyer, Christine 18 Meyer, David 89 Meyer, Jack 94 Meyer, John 33 Meyer, Jeanne 7 Meyer, Leslie 85 Meyers, Jane 48 Meyers, James 71 Michael, Edward 65 Michals, Barbara 13 Miculs, Melita 21 Middleton, Mary 18 Mielke, Robert 87 Mieras, Sally 46 Migenbothem, Dick 76 Miheve, Thomas 91 Milarch, Mary 41 Miles, John 33 Miles, Patricia 59 Miles, Jerilee 23 Mileski, Maureen 52 Milford, Beth 57 Miller, Beverly A. 12 Miller, Cheryl 18 Miller, David S. 31 Miller, David T. 67 Miller, Douglas 34 Miller, Gary D. 91 Miller, George J. 30 Miller, Loaputti 7 Miller, Maralyn 45 Miller, Marsha 12 Miller, Mary L. 13 Miller, Norman 67 Miller, Richard N. 30 Miller, Sherry 23 Miller, Theodore 79 Miller, William 94 Millholen, David 32 Millies, Nan 52 Mills, Wendell 33, 78 Minford, Niki 20 Minkin, Margery 16 Minni, Larry 33 Mintz, Nancy 57 Mitchell, Jane 43 Mitchell, Marilyn 18 Mitchell, Randall 75 Mitchell, Robert M. 31 Mitnick, Stuart 79 Mitts, Paul 12 Mixer, Barb 46 Mizel, Martin 94 Mobley, Emily 22,42 Moderman, Tom 33 Molitoris, Stephen 73 Momenec, Kevin 33 Monaghan, John 87 Mondo, Elody 23 Mongiat, Shirley 10 Montaperto, Susan 23 Montgomery, John 93 Montgomery, Susan 52 Moore, Bruce 89 Moore, Cheryl 49 Moore, Mary F. Moore, Nancy 54 Moore, Stephen 74 Moore, Susan 53 Moorehead, John 75 Moran, Michael 87 Moran, Michele 49 Morehous, Lynn 89 Morelli, Donald 30 Morette, Ann 16 Morgan, Susan 49 Morgan, Myra 21 Morguloff, Andrea 23 Morrey, Frank 70 Morris, Earl 93 Morris, Patricia 12 Morris, Roberta 49 Morrison, Diane 15 Morrison, Elizabeth 38 Morrison, John 64 Morrison, Paul 68 Morrison, Richard 91 Morrison, Rosalie 58 Morrison, Sally 41 Morse, Stephen 86 Morsink, Helen Mortenson, William 76 Mortin, Gordon 92 Moseley, Laura 7,42 Mosher, Mary 43 Moss, Daniel 83 Moss, Leann 12 Moss, Mary 41 Mott, Diane 16 Mourant, Thomas 30 Moylan, Helen 25 Mubenya, Pascal 31 Mueller, Leo 92 Mueller, Louis 85 Muenchinger, F. 78 Muler, Dennis Mulhern, John 34 Mulholland, Ashley 54 Mulitz, Robert 75 Muller, Marcia 59 Mullin, Thomas 32 Munkwitz, Penny 51 Munt, Richard 72 Munz, Barbara 38 Murphy, Carolyn 17 Murphy, Elizabeth 55 Murphy, James T. 90 Murphy, Kam 15 Murray, David 32 Murray, Ronald Muscott, James 34 Muscl, Mary 9 Myers, Barry 32 Myers, Earl 84 Myers, Jill 50 Myron, Kathleen 60 N Nacke, Gretchen 18 Nagels, Barbara 15 Nagle, Thomas 85 Naiburg, Suzanne 13 Najmowicz, Robert 30 Nash, Sharon 17 Nathan, Marshall 79 Nathan, Marcy 58 Naushton, Sharon 16 Nauts, Daniel 34 Navarro, Donald 68 Neal, Marcella 13 Neal, Thomas 77 Necterlein, Mike 82 Neff, Courtney 72 NefF, Gregory 82 Neff, Marie 47 Neff, Robert 88 Nehmer, Lauraine 25 Neidelman, Linda 56 Neil, Michael 32 Neill, Colleen 45 Neiman, Marian 40 Neis, John 78 Nelligan, Patricia 54 Nelson, Cathy 41 Nelson, Judith 50 Nelson, Susan 14 Nelson, Thomas 33 Nelson, William 65 Nepstad, Barbara 52 Neuberger, Ann 21 Neumann, Karen 51 Neumeier, Thomas 71 Nevill, Jerry 33 Newhouse, Nancy 26 Newingham, Mary 38 Newkirk, Tricia 17 Newland, Anna 12 Newman, Gail 17 Newton, William 75 Nicholls, Daniel 64 Nichols, Arthur 94 Nicodemus, Janice 17 Nielsen, Gerald 69 Nielsen, James 95 Nielsen, Marie 8 Niemira, Bertha 9 Niffenegger, Paul 30 Niles, Sally 45 Nilles, Lynn 18 Nimz, Carole 38 Nirdlinger, Priscilla 12 Nitty, Pat 25 Noah, Patricia 60 Noble, Judith 22 Nolan, Delbert 84 Noll, Beverlee 16 Noonan, Walter 76 Nora, Carol 60 Nordstrom, Gayle 13 Norlander, Richard 81 Norman, Stephen 74 Norton, Mary 26 Nothmann, Joyce 56 Nottage, David 76 Nourse, Mary 12 Novak, Donald 65 Novak, Pearle 15 Nowinski, Thomas 32 Nugent, Ann 38 Numelin, Thomas 72 Nunn, Jennie 43 Nuttall, Alice 53 Nuttall, Carol 49 Nutting, Joyce 45 O Ober, Thomas 34 O ' Brien, Maureen 6 O ' Brien, Patricia 23 O ' Brien, Patrick 65 O ' Dell, Mary 17 O ' Donnell, Thomas 91 Ohlson, Anne 12 O ' Kulich, Nicholas 89 O ' l.eary, Christine 25 Oliver, Dan 87 Ollison, Robert 81 Olmstead, David 91 Olney, Mary 7 Olree, Jacqueline 13 Olsen, Nancy 17 Olson, Charlene 46 Olson, Christine 18 Olson, Erica 3 Olson, Marthc 18 Olson, Mary 22 Oltean, Mary 46 Omalev, Alexandra 41 Omansiek, William 69 Onuf, Christopher 80 Operhall, Judith 48 Oppel, Susan 10 Oppenneer, Diane 17 O ' Reilly, James 78 Orr, Patricia 18 Oren, Jenny 17 Orrin, Douglas 30 Orrin, Susanne 12 Orzechowski, Robert 33 Osborn, Lynne 41 Osborn, Vicki 55 Osip, Christine 15 Otto, Lou Ann 47 Overman, Patricia 39 Owen, Diana 51 Owens, Kathleen 60 Oxley, Karen 39 Ozer, Margaret 6 Ozier, Marleen 15 P Pace, Ann 25 Packer, Melinda 47 Paddison, Wendy 46 Padgett, Christine 12 Page, Kenneth 72 Painter, James 77 Palmer, Richard 67 Palmer, Virginia 60 Panitch, Philmore 88 Pantalone, Carol 2,41 Panush, Ellen 26 Panzar, Elin 6 Papke, Bonnie 41 Pardee, Anne 48 Parker, Emily 56 Parker, Helen 11 Parker, James 92 Parker, Janet K. 53 Parker, Janet L. 13 Parker, Judith 41 Parker, Robert A. 68 Parker, Robert B. 77 Parkhill, Thomas 67 Parkingson, Susan 45 Parks, David 73 Parr, Barbara 13 Parr, Frances 45 Parry, Cynthia 7 Parshall, Nancy 46 Parsons, John 32 Parsons, Patricia 12 Paruch, Dennis 32 Pascal, Charles 83 Paschal, Saundra 12 Pastor, Nancy 38 Pastor, Sharon 57 Patchen, Brian 84 Patt, Thomas 33,95 Patterson, Andrew 84 Patterson, Candyce 38 Pawelski, Patricia 53 Payant, Katherine 59 Payne, George 70 Pearlman, Iris 22 Pearson, Jennifer 44 Pearson, Penny 45 Pease, Janet 18 Peck, Carol 57 Peck, Judith 38 Peck, Susan 22 Peckham, Barbara 38 Pedersen, Elmer 65 Pedley, Susan 17 Pedraza, Silvia 15 Peegel, Helle 10 Peltz, Pamela 54 Pence, Pamela 41 Penczek, Richard 33 Pcnn, Meril 26 Pennock, Jean 23 Pentiney, Bruce 71 Penz, William 67 Peoples, Nancy 13 Peregon, Michael 34 Pergament, Jacklyn 58 Periard, Arthur 67 Periard, Ronald 67 Perkins, Jim 78 Perlman, Louise 3 Perlmutter, Steven 88 Perry, Becky 44 Pershin, Marilyn 22 Peter, Jayne 10 Peterman, James 71 Peterman, Jan 40 Peters, Amber 16 Peters, Carol 10 Peters, Donna 49 Peters, Judith 12 Peterson, David 69 Peterson, Joan 49 Peterson, Maurita 7 Peterson, Nancy 49 Peterson, Ted 31 Peterson, Thomas 78 Petiprin, Henry 32 Petraitis, Frances 7 Petrick, Edward 75 Pettibone, Max 90 Phelps, Jane 43 Phelps, Thomas 65 Pheney, Margaret 7 Phillipps, Ellen 7 Phillips, Lloyd 71 Phillips, Nadine 42 Phillips, William 72 Phipps, Cary 72 Piche, Gregory 73 Pick, Valerie 23 Picken, Barbara 12 Pieper, Carolyn 52 Pierce, Daniel 73 Pierce, Karyl 59 Pierse, Sandra 48 Pierson, Diane 2,41 Pietrzak, Richard 34 Pincus, Robert 83 Pinkert, Daniel 34 Pinney, Jerilyn 48 Pinzl Gary 85 Pitt, Jesse 73 Pittsford, Priscilla 26 Piwinski, Kathleen 53 Piwonka, Susan 25 Pixley, Phillip 71 Plato, Mary 26 Platt, William 82 Plautz, Gail 48 Pleasant, Audrey 10 Pleskacz, Lana 41 Plett, Judith 53 Pious, Rachel 23 Podojil, Janet 8 Podwoiski, Rose-Marie 19 Pointer, M ichael 82 Pointner, Thomas 67 Poleschuk, Barbara 22 Polesny, Anna 48 Polidor, Vernon 78 Polk, Donna 26 Pollak, Jane 58 Policy, Catherine 41 Pollock, Josephine 43 Pool, Sally 8 Poole, Sharon 17 Poon, Virginia 57 Pope, Douglas 80 Popovits, Judith 22 Porter, Carolyn 13 Porter, Mary Jo 8 Porter, Richard 33 Portman, Paul 32 Posse, Kenneth 64 Postelli, Frank 90 Posther, James 77 Potter, Jean 60 Potter, Robert 69 Potthoff, Edward 89 Pottle, Catherine 25 Poulton, Ted 30 Pounder, Judy 17 Powell, Frances 22 Powell, Peter 72 Powers, Thomas 66 Prakken, William 75 Pratt, Marilyn 57 Pratt, Mary 52 Premo, Roger 70 Presman, Susan 50 Preston, Rusty 30 Pretzer, Susan 49 Price, Douglass 85 Price, Janice 51 Price, Sheryl 12 Prins, Patricia 25 Pritchard, Linda 12 Procter, Harvey 31 Proctor, Susan 13 Prokes, Joyce 15 Prokopp, Edward 67 Prosser, Joyce 18 Protan, Linda 9 Proux, Dawn 18 Pryor, Charles 77 Pucci, Carol 54 Pudschun, Jerrilynn 45 Pudschun, Virginia 46 Pugno, Sharene 44 Pugsley, John 65 Pullen, Thomas 77 Purays, Janis 31 Purdy, Abby 45 Purdy, Barbara 41 Purdy, Judith 6 Purdy, Karin 38 Purdy, Martha 44 Putz, Nancy 23 Q Quaife, Nancy 7 Quinn, Elizabeth 46 Quinn, Patricia 13 R Rabe, Melanie 23 Rabois, Gene 31 Rader, Robert 34 Radewagen, Lyn 56 Ramee, Ellen 3,55 Ramer, Karen 18 Randall, David 72 Randels, Sarah 12 Randle, Nancy 12 Randies, Diane 51 Randolph, Larry 87 Randolph, Travis 84 Randon, Marjorie 59 Rangus, Josephine 59 Ranney, Thomas 33 Ransford, James 91 Rapaport, Marjorie 9 Rappeport, Carol 12 Rapport, Patricia 41 Ratterman, Thomas 82 Rau, Jill 17 Rau, Lois 25 Rautener, Meryl 23 Ravin, Ellen 40 Rawsky, William 80 Raymer, William 72 Re, Carolyn 7 Read, Dorothy 12 Reading, Melissa 7 Reavis, Susan 41 Redden, Stephanie 6 Redding, Stanley 89 Reder, Joan 10 Redmond, Robert 33,85 Ree, Dick 87 Reece, John 84 Reece, William 32 Reed, Donna 54 Reeves, Alice 60 Reeves, Carol 7 Reeves, Charles 90 Reichle, Keh Ed 82 Reilly, Gail 38 Rcilly, Judith 48 Reinish, James 94 Reinish, Wendie 50 Reinke, Jerome 31 Reinstein, Gladys 14 Reis, Rita 17 Reisman, Alexander 94 Relich, Patricia 59 Remiliet, Loren 53 Remp, Margaret 8 Remson, Alfred 95 Renfrew, James 74 Renny, Charles 30 Reno, Duane 85 Reploglc, David 68 Reppert, Duanc 84 Rcsmer, Elaine 47 Reuster, Linda 24,26 Revelle, Mary 49 Reynolds, John 7. 33 Reynolds, Richard 82 Reynolds, Walter 81 Rhein, Elizabeth 16 Rhines, Frederick 84 Rhines, James 87 Rhines, Margaret 22 Rhines, Michael 87 Rhodes, Cynthia 54 Rice, Paula 7 Rice, Robert 33 Richards, Nancy 47 Richardson, Frank 33 Richardson, Rosemary 13 Richey, Stephen 72 Richhart, James 70 Richley, Roger 66 Richman, David 83 Richman, Gayle 38 Rickel, Alice 49 Rideout, Marilyn 10 Ridgway, Thomas 95 Riffelmacher, Marie 17 Rigsby, Allen 77 Riley, Richard M. 71 Ringel, Steven 94 Rininger, Jacqueline 25 Rinne, Janice 17 Riolo, Michael 71 Riters, Lauris 90 Rittmueller, Philip 67 Roadhouse, David 77 Roadhouse, John 77 Robb, Richard 71 Robbins, John 31 Roberts, Bruce 91 Roberts, Cathryn 52 Roberts, Jerome 86 Roberts, Nancy 45 Robertson, Murray 72 Robertson, Paul C. 75 Robertson, Paul L. 64 Robins, Wendy 13 Robinson, Barbara 39 Robinson, Richard A. 90 Robinson, Richard S. 83 Robinson, Thomas 71 Robling, Dorothy 26 Rock, Georgann 52 Rockwell, Judith 38 Rockwell, Paul 71 Roediger, .Elizabeth 52 Roeser, Douglas 82 Roeske, Mary 43 Rogers, Charles 81 Rogers, Gary 89 Rogers, Gayle 51 Rogers, Lary 73 Roggenbuck, M. T. 24 Rogers, Robert 94 Rokos, Elizabeth 11 Rom, Melvyn 79 Romanchak, Eric 76 Romant, Bruce 73 Romell, Angela 17 Rooth, Joan 58 Rorabacher, John 56 Rosa, Zosia 7 Rose, Marlene 48 Rose, Susan 17 Rosenbaum, Sharon 16 Rosenberg, Cheryl 51 Rosenberg, Karen 25 Rosenberg, Nancy 56 Rosenberg, Robert 83 Rosenberg, Susan 26 Rosenbloom, Mina 13 Rosen feld, Lynn 58 Rosen thai, Eugene 33 Rosenthal, Joyce 18 Ross, Carol 22 Ross, Edmund 69 Ross, James 68 Ross, Janet 8 Ross, John 30 Ross, Jon 33 Ross, Marilyn 53 Rossiter, Robert 74 Rote, Judith 38 Roth, Michael 88 Roth, Sanford 34 Rothman, Jeffrey 32 Rouden, Charyl 23 Rowen, Heather 46 Royal, Betty 51 Rubach, Carol 38 Rudd, Richard 87 Rudder, Susan 41 Rudman, Sharon 17 Rudness, Linda 6 Rudzitis, Baiba 12 Rugani, Frank 71 Ruhl, Kathryn 57 Rulfs, Mary 20 Rupert, Susan 39 Rupp, David 67 Rush, Charla 45 Rush, Rosalie 44 Ruskin, Rae 56 Russell, John 32 Russell, Cazzie 34 Russell, Gayle 17 Russell, George 82 Russell, Mary-Love 47 Russell, Sybil 24,26 Russell, Thomas 92 Rutherford, John 81 Rutherford, Rebecca 47 Rutstein, Shea 33 Ryan, Gayle 44 Ryan, Margaret 7 Ryan, Mary 48 Rybicki, Carolyn 51 Rychlick, Lawrence 91 Ryden, Sally 18 S Sachs, Judith 21 Safir, Peter 83 Sage, Martha 17 Saglimbene, Diana 13 Sahlmark, Virginia 26 Sahlquist, Linda 25 Sakai, William 65 Saks, Rickel 40 Salach, Kenneth 33 Salamon, Robert 83 Sale, Judith 22 Salisbury, Judith 14 Salmon, Maynard 81 Salsbury, Phillip 69 Salter, Kathleen 54 Salter, Richard 83 Samberg, Gilbert 32 Samberg, Suzanne 13 Same, Robert 65 Sampson, Carolyn 57 Sanborn, Annette 23 Sanders, Fred 67 Sandry, Carol 15 Sandt, Suzanne 39 Sanford, Robert 30 Sapirstein, Victor 94 Sapperstein, Joyce 14 Sargent, Anne 11 Sarrine, Russell 32 Satovsky, Neil 94 Satow, Richard 32 Saunders, Harriet 51 Saunders, Jay 76 Saunders, Linda 55 Saupe, Gary 32 Savage, Marc 34 Savage, Marjorie 18 Savaiano, Sandra 48 Savonuzzi, Maria 18 Sawyer, Philip 31 Sawyer, Sandra 18 Scales, Beverly 39 Scanlon, Patricia 47 Scarborough, Suzanne 12 Schad, Christy 49 Schaedel, Edwin 92 Schaeffer, Katherine 57 Schaeffer, Lydia 50 Schaeffer, Sarah 57 Schafer, James 91 Schafer, Joseph 72 Schalk, Donna 17 Schane, Steven 88 Scharp, Robert 70 Schauer, William 90 Scheffel, Susan 6 Schember, Jane 44 Schenk, David 83 Scherock, Janice 56 Scherr, Leslie 50 Schewe, Charles 81 Schiefer, Margaret 51 Schiff, Karen 22 Schiff, Larry 83 Schiff, Richard 31 Schiffer, Richard 83 Schiffman, Marilyn 56 Schihl, Joan 6 Schiller, Mary 12 Schiller, Nancy 10 Schillinger, Mary 16 Schillmoeller, Carl 32 Schiros, Carol 17 Schlag, Richard 80 Schlussel, Sandra 56 Schmeiske, Elaine 21 Schmid, Katherine 9 Schmidt, Anadel 25 Schmidt, Gloria 52 Schmidt, Jack 74 Schmidt, Marjorie 18 Schmiege, Marilynn 12 Schmieler, Allison 57 Schmier, Sandra 56 Schmitt, Roger 82 Schmittel, Toba 23 Schmdekel, Marilyn 43 Schneider, Gail 56 Schneider, Lawrence 67 Schneider, Nancy 48 Schneider, Paula 23 Schnell, Mary 46 Schoettle, Walter 30 Schoonmaker, John 89 Schor, Jane 14 Schover, Michal 40 Schrader, Edwin 75 Schrader, John 30 Schrarn, Janet 39 Schreiber, Paula 17 Schreiber, Sharon 49 Schroeder, Don 81 Schrimper, Charles 30 Schroeder, Susan 49 Schroeder, Patricia 44 Schroeder, William 95 Schrotzberger, Lillian 13 Schuett, Julia 59 Schuldt, Paul 82 Schultz, Betty 18 Schultz, Donna 23 Schultz, Kathe 26 Schultz, Richard 87 Schultz, Saul 83 Schumacher, Mary 20 Schwab, Donna 57 Schwaegerman, Jane 16 Schwantes, Virginia 20 Schward, James 31 Schwarten, Thomas 81 Schwartz, Barbara E. 58 Schwartz, Charles 65 Schwartz, Cheryl 13 Schwartz, Claire 26 Schwartz, Elaine 58 Schwartz, Linda F. 40 Schwartz, Mary 17 Schwebel, Sandra 12 Schwcigert, James 32 Scofield, Kathleen 15 Scott, Barbara 38 Scott, George 67 Scott, Heather 13 Scott, Judith 38 Scott, James 89 Seamon, David 84 Secord, Janet 41 Seder, James 69 Seeder, Helene 7 Seeley, Martha 38 Segal, Sara 50 Segall, Nancy 58 Segedy, Joseph 33 Segerlund, Jean 17 Seibert, Janet 25 Seichter, Rudy 74 Seirsma, Fred 89 Seiss, Leslie 15 Selander, Julie 48 Selander, Stephen 65 Selecky, John 73 Seleen, Charlaine 19 Selesko, Susan 56 Seligman, Paul 72 Selin, Jill 40 Selmeier, Kip 75 Selmo, Don 71 Seltzer, Bettyann 40 Senk, Sharon 12 Senkow, Walter 34 Septer, Nancy 12 Seppala, Sandra 44 Servis, Marilyn 45 Servais, Marita 38 Sestok, John 87 Setterberg, Crysella 53 Seyfarth, Karen 48 Shadley, Barbara 47 Shaefer, Robert 77 Shaffer, Virginia 53 Shaheen, William 67 Shankland, Robert 71 Shannon, Sally 44 Shanoski, Daniel 86 Shapiro, Harriet 40 Shapiro, Howard 88 Shapiro, Jerold 94 Shapiro, Paula 22 Shapiro, Philip 83 Sharfman, Merv 94 Shayer, Mike 87 Shave, Diane 23 Shaw, Kenneth 82 Shaw, Stuart 34 Shaw, Susan 48 Shaw, William 77 Shear, Warren 33 Shearer, Edward 75 Sheff, Robert 78 Sheffey, Ira 33 Sheldon, David 75 Sheldon, Rosann 43 Shell, Richard 94 Shelton, Preston 71 Shenk, William 33 Shenkin, Robert 2,94 Shepard, Lauren 16 Shepard, Phillip 31 Shepherd, Marylyn 8 Sheridan, Barbara 59 Sherman, William 30 Shermer, Mike 83 Shern, Ken 83 Sherwin, Donald 71 Sherwood, Suzanne 57 Sherwood, Virginia 7 Shesko, Beverly 25 Shevchik, Rosemary 51 Shewmaker, Robert 88 Shierson, Douglas 65 Shierson, Martha 6 Shiff, Robert 32 Shigemasa, Aiko 38 Shilling, Penny 45 Shillito, Charles 89 Shilman, W. Scott 32 Shipley, Darleen 26 Shipley, Susanne 39 Shirk, Marianne 22 Shirkey, Edward 30 Shirling, Janet 14 Shkolnick, Golda 6 Shoemaker, Daniel 87 Shoemaker, Robert 31 Shogran, Jacqueline 24, 26 Shorkey, Clayton 30,90 Shryock, Ann 10 Shulman, Howard 34 Shulman, Larry 79 Shutko, Harriett 17 Siefert, Richard 80 Siegel, Bud 83 Siegel, Evelyn 18 Siegel, Jane 12 Sielski, Robert 70 Siemion, Michael 72 Sietsema, Carol 9 Sievers, Carolyn 1 1 Sievert, Richard 72 Signaigo, Therese 57 Silberman, Lyn 16 Silhowlez, Ralph 71 Sillette, Bill 71 Silverman, Claire 40 Silverman, Joan 22 Silverman, Renee 13 Silverman, Richard 83 Simkus, Arnold 78 Simmonds, William 66 Simmons, Jill 49 Simmons, Stephen 32 Simon, Wendy 58 Simonds, Chandler 82 Simpson, David 72 Sinats, Andrew 72 Sines, James 67 Singer, Leslie 40 Sink, Carolyn 46 Sinreich, Joseph 83 Sirner, Melvin 88 Sisson, Jenifer 12 Sisty, Nancy 7 Sitts, Dee 7 Sivertson, John 73 Skadberg, John 75 Skaff, George 82 Skaff, Margaret 18 Skarabis, Klaus 93 Skelly, Susan 22 Skibbe, Joan 45 Skinner, Barbara 54 Sklar, Judith 50 Skrivelis, Baiba 6 Slasor, Kirk 81 Slattery, Thomas 84 Slattery, Michael 91 Slavin, Susan 56 Slaymaker, William 33 Slick, Judy 16 Slingerland, Jill 25 Slot, Janice 20 Slusser, Gordan 89 Slutsky, Donald 94 Slutsky, Judith 16 Smalley, Linda 46 Smart, Jerri 38 Smiggcn, Sandy 55 Smigiel, Carl 31 Smiley, Gail 12 Smith, Ann 53 Smith, Barbara 38 Smith, Betty 48 Smith, Bonnie 3 Smith, Brian 33 Smith, Buzz 84 Smith, Cece 49 Smith, Cheryl 17 Smith, Donald 71 Smith, Elaine 41 Smith, Elizabeth 55 Smith, Elnora 18 Smith, Frederic N. 71 Smith, Frederik G. 78 Smith, Gaylord 91 Smith, George 86 Smith, Gregory 82 Smith, Iris 23 Smith, Jean 22 Smith, Judith 17 Smith, Karen 39 Smith, Lauri 23 Smith, Lawrence 31 Smith, Michael 87 Smith, Robert E. 95 Smith, Robert H. 95 Smith, Robert N. 34 Smith, Ronald 34 Smith, Roxana 46 Smith, Sandra 59 Smith, Sheryl 12 Smith, Stephanie 7 Smith, Stephanie N. 49 Smith, Suanne 45 Smith, Susan A. 41 Smith, Susan D. 48 Smith, Suzanne 46 Smith, Susan W. 47 Smith, William 91 Smokier, David 83 Snell, Barbara 11 Snider, Ira 79 Snow, Elizabeth 54 Snowden, Pamela 16 Snyder, Katherine 46 Snyder, Lisa 17 Snyder, Lynne 13 Snyder, Norma 11 Snyder, Sandra 54 Soderquist, John 32 Sofen, Nancy 14 Sola, George 76 Solomon, Robert 83 Solomon, Steven 94 Sommer, Barbara 41 Sommerfeld, Martha 17 Soss, Lisbeth 50 Sotondji, Gonzalis 32 Soultaus,- Ken 72 Southon, David 90 Southwick, Edward 89 Spalding, Arthur 93 Spalding, Susan 23 Spall, James 32 Spaly, Robert 77 Spangler, Barbara 38 Sparling, Deborah 39 Spatafore, Rose 15 Speck, Janet 6 Spector, Nancy 58 Speer, Sandra 57 Speier, Carole 17 Speier, Donna 51 Spence, Douglas 81 Spencer, Ilene 44 Spencer, Judy 12 Spencer, Linda 38 Spencer, Mary Jane 54 Spencer, Meredith 54 Spencer, Thomas 72 Spiceland, Sandra 17 Spicer, Leonard 65 Spietz, Kenneth 69 Spietz, Sherryl 38 Spike, Mary 26 Spikes, Elizabeth 46 Spinazze, Gerald 71 Sporn, Donna 50 Sprowl, James 93 Sprowl, Robert 78 Spykerman, Raymond 91 Squibb, Sue 13 Sramek, Nancy 59 Srere, Jane 40 Stabler, Linda 39 Stagman, Michele 56 Staich, Stephen 74 Stair, Ellen 46 Stall, David 32 Stamnitz, Timothy 76 Stamps, David 91 Standen, David 32 Stanford, Alice 57 Stanley, Jocelyn 18 Stapler, Elizabeth 54 Stare, Barry 67 Stark, Judith 40 Stark, Phyllis 55 Starkoff, Jay 32 Starr, Joyce 13 Starr, Margaret 7 Staton, Carl 89 Staudacher, Nancy 49 St. Clair, Mary Ann 17 Stead, Virginia 16 Steckmeyer, Paul 31 Steen, David 78 Steere, Sue 7 Steffen, Kay 23 Steffler, Cheryl 39 Stegeman, William 95 Steger, Susan 39 Steiglitz, Marc 83 Steinberg, Joan 25 Steinberg, Nancy 40 Steinberg, Zina 21 Steininger, Sharon 45 Steltzer, Irene 6 Stelzer, Barbara 48 Stephens, Jeanne 55 Stephcnson, Ruth 12 Stermer, Judith 45 Stern, Alan 33 Stern, Bobette 59 Stern, Linda 13 Stern, Marilyn 39 Sternberg, Alan 79 Stetser, Mary 39 Stettbacher, Marjorie 57 Stetz, Judith 12 Steuernol, Elwyn 69 Stevens, Robert 74 Stevens, Susan 16 Stevens, Thomas 78 Stevenson, George 68 Stewart, Jon 85 Stewart, Michael 73 Stewart, Nancy 41 Stewart, Polly 52 Stiefel, Leanna 16 Stieler, Earla 51 Stimac, Diana 20 Stimpson, Suzanne 57 Stingel, Ed 31 Stitt, Susan 15 Stocklin, William 69 Stokoe, Kenneth 75 Stone, Ann 54 Stone, Bonnie 16 Stone, Lynn 16 Stowe, Betsy 22 Stracks, Robert 79 Strauss, Barbara 15 Streeter, Anita 17 Streeter, Mary 51 Strefling, Lorene 12 Strening, Sally 41 Strobel, Donald 71 Strobel, Janna 53 Strother, Frank 95 Stuart, Mark 75 Stuhlmiller, Robert 34 Stulberg, Joseph 34 Stull, Carole 16 Sturdy, Raymond 69 Sturman, Stephen 88 Stutz, David 88 Sucher, David 90 Suchowski, Maria 19,21 Sugan, Suzanne 7 Sullivan, Ann 38 Sutherland, Bonnie 14 Sutinen, Judith 12 Suydam, Carol Swan, James 69 Swaney, Thomas Swanson, Charles 31 Swanson, Wayne 30 Swartz, Pamela 51 Swartz, Sally 16 Swartz, Swarpe, Karyle 23 Swayze, Phyllis 7 Sweeney, Thomas 69 Swenk, Susan 49 Swensen, Peter 71 Swiderski, Dennis 76 Switzer, Martha 17 Sygar, Richard 84 Syme, Daniel 34 Syreh, Katherine 73 Szczesny, Donna 23 Szwalek, Stanley 30 T Tabor, Peggy 15 Taff, Bonnie 56 Tail, Darlene 46 Taitelbaum, Susan 56 Takahashi, Chie 7 Tallman, Robert 32 Tanase, Theodore 72 Tann, James 94 Tanner, John 89 Tapley, Judith 57 Tassin, Bernard 32 Taugner, Robert 75 Taulbee, Barbara 17 Tayler, Douglas 90 Taylor, Barbara 16 Taylor, Clifford 75 Taylor, Jane 51 Taylor, Kathleen 20 Taylor, Marilyn A. 57 Taylor, Marilyn J. 47 Techow, Bruce 33 Teeple, Janet 55 Teeter, Philip 87 Tehan, Carolyn 46 Teich, Carolyn 15 Teitelman, Mari 15 Telfer, Barbara 47 Telford, Sandra 3,22 Temple, Joanne 53 Templeton, Judith 17 Templin, Richard 85 Tenenbaum, Susan 14 Tenenbom, Herbert 83 Tennant, Cynthia 12 Termini, Patricia 45 Tervo, Nancy 38 Teter, Margery 18 Thall, Terry 23 Thammongkel, Keati 32 Thomas, Charles 77 Thomas, Danna 51 Thompson, Chris 23 Thompson, Douglas 68 Thompson, Elizabeth 55 Thompson, Robert E. 66 Thompson, Robert F. 67 Thompson, Susan 17 Thomson, Lynn 13 Thorner, Jane 18 Thorpe, Susan 46 Thoarez, Timothy 30 Thoss, James 32 Thumm, Lewis 78 Thumm, John 78 Thruman, LaNita 17 Thurmon, Margaret 53 Tickton, Diane 26 Tigay, Barry 83 Tillotso n, Mary 12 Timm, Barry 30 Timm, Edward 85 Timmons, Ellen 38 Tipple, Margaret 18 Titterington, Nora 39 Title, Diane 13 Titley, Larry 65 Titsworth, Edwin 70 Tobias, Charles 34 Tobias, Robert 75 Tobin, John 87 Tobin, Joyce 56 Todd, Aaron 32 Todd, Christopher 80 Todd, James 69 Toffler, Andrea 56 Tolonen, Peggy 57 Tomchuck, Suzanne 59 Tomlinson, Pamela 51 Tomoguchi, Mary 52 Toot, Peter 30 Topcik, Howard 94 Tope, Donna 39 Torzewski, James 34 Toussaint, Joseph 67 Towbin, Karen 58 Townsend, Corning 67 Tozer, Jill 45 Trimby, Madeline 47 Trogan, David 81 Trowbridge, Susan 25 Truax, Michael 67 Trumble, Janet 26 Tsang, Anna 18 Tuck, James 75 Tucker, Judy 56 Tucker, Margaret 51 Tucker, Mary 38 Turcott, Robert 95 Turner, Susan 22 Turkish, Donna 21 Tuttle, Ruth 8 Twining, Dennis 84 Twitchell, Larry 75 Tyler, Burton 89 Tyler, Julian 33 Uhrick, Karen 49 Underbill, Linda 44 Ungar, Carol 23 Ungar, Barry 94 Unti, Bryan 30 Upham, Joan 57 Upson, Ruth 13 Upton, Letitia 11 Urban, Kathleen 39 Urban, Patricia 20 Urbaniak, Nancy 12 Useem, Mike 84 Utter, Carolyn 60 Utterback, Robert 71 V Vahue, Michael 68 Valentine, Phyllis 7 Valka, Rene 90 Van Aken, Ruth 17 Van Blaricom, James 82 Van Bree, Nancee 16 Van Cavwenberg, S. 46 Vance, Sona 16 Vance, Thomas 87 Vandenbelt, William 77 Vander Brook, Carol 23 Van Deventer, Mary 60 Anderpool, Julie 47 VanderVelde 75 Van de Water, Mary 7 Van Dyke, Elizabeth 57 VanHollenbeck, Karen 14 Van Loo, Mary 52 Van Loo, Nancy 52 Van Ochten, Marjorie 17 Van Sant, Margaret 5 Van Volkinburg, Jane 57 Van Winkle, Mary 57 Vary, John 92 Vaughn, Robert 82 Veach, George 73 Venema, Lynda 54 Venook, Bonnie 56 Ventura, Lory 91 Verlinde, Ruth 46 Verlinde, Mare 46 Vernick, Michael 75 Vernoff, Ellen 17 Victor, Barbara 50 Vierow, Susan 53 Vigliotti, Loral 11 Vineyard, Linda 25 Vinson, Darlene 53 Vitols, Valentin 71 Vlcko, Vladimir 78 Vocel, Melvin 92 Vogelsang, Sarah 54 Vogler, Jerry 33 Volger, Judith 12 Vogt, Kathryn 7 Voight, David 90 Voight, Mark 70 Voler, Jerry 89 Volk, Marcia 16 Volk, Richard 67 Von Endz, Carl 78 Von Reis, John 67 Von Rosen, John 90 Vorzimer, Mary 57 Voss, Gary 78 Votruba, James 32 Vrataric, James 82 Vrechek, George 73 Vuono, Beverly 43 V Wachtel, Ricky 3,23 Wachtman, Robert 30 Wacksmuth, John 91 Wade, George 84 Wadsworth, Peter 89 Wagamon, Thomas 31 Waggoner, Margaret 48 Waggoner, Pamela 18 Wagle, Reginald 75 Wagman, Elizabeth 26 Wagner, Christopher 23 Wagner, Jacquelyn 15 Wagner, Kaiser 44 Wahl, William 75 Wakagayashi, Meluin 32 Wakefield, Claudia 48 Walker, George 70 Walker, Helen 44 Walker, Julia 23 Walker, M. 3,24,25 Walker, Mary 20 Walker, Mary E. 13 Walker, Nancy 18 Wall, Donna 8 Wall, Karen 13 Wallace, Jack 80 Wallace, Kathelen 60 Wallace, Lynn 12 Wallace, Patricia 26 Wallace, Thomas 65 Wallack, Harvey 83 Walsdorf, Sylvia 47 Walter, Frederic 69 Walter, Timothy 90 Walters, Russell 72 Walther, Katharine 60 Walz, Barbara 54 Wangbichler, Kenneth 90 Wappenhensch, D. 17 Waram, Beverly 16 Ward, Diane 60 Ward, Judith 46 Ward, Julia 6 Ward, Kathleen 41 Ward, Sharon 11 Ward, Welle 32 Wares, Jonathan 83 Wargelim, Carol 7 Warheit, Ruth 11 Warmbold, Karen 57 Warner, Maurice 80 Warren, Erick 30 Warren, Wayne 93 Warrington, Steven 31 Warshaw, Howard 34 Wassum, Gerlad 33 Waterfall, Susan 22 Whicks, Bonnie 15 Waterson, John 77 Watson, Emily 44 Watt, Mary E. 7 Watt, Sandra 53 Walters, Don 67 Watts, Donald 33 Waxman, William 94 Weaver, James 77 Weaver, Virginia 6 Webb, Susan 48 Webber, Charles 66 Webber, Paul 87 Weber, Barry 79 Weber, Elizabeth 12 Weber, George 87 Weber, Suzanne 49 Weber, William 65 Webster, Dennis 32 Weed, Susan 57 Weeks, Barbara 52 Weese, William 34 Wegner, Robert 33 Wegner, Terrance 90 Weider, Nathalie 14 Weiffenbach, Conrad 69 Weil, Judith 14 Weil, Richard 79 Weiland, Ellen 12 Weimer, Sandra 55 Weinberg, Nancy 15 Weinberg, Paul 30 Weinberg, Virginia 46 Weiner, Kenneth 94 Weiner, Roberta 6 Weinert, Melvin 33 Weingarden, Fern 56 Weinhoff, Martin 88 Weinman, Robert 93 Weinstein, Ellen 22 Weinstein, Leonard 32 Weinstock, Norma 6 Weil-miller, Richard 68 Weisberg, David 94 Weiser, Ronald 8 8 Weiskotten, Eda 11 Weiss, David 94 Weiss, Gerlad 83 Weiss, Janet 50 Weitzman, Raymond 33 Welch, Dawn 8 Welch, Nancy 12 Weldon, Robert 82 Weldy, Morton 2 Welf, Ronald 30 Wellner, Christine 26 Wells, Lynette 55 Wells, Richard 68 Wendt, James 68 Weng, Laura 17 Wengroff, Michael 33 Wenner, Mark 81 Wenrick, Olin 73 Werle, Ernest 34 Werner, David 31 Werner, Hans 91 Wertheim, Joan 6 Weslow, Eugenia 60 Wessels, Alice 44 Wessels, Jane 57 Wessinger, Alice 52 West, Ann 7 West, Charles R. 34 West, Chuck 75 West, Monica 42 West, Sandy 6 Westernhoefer, Carol 15 Westerkamp, Douglas 90 Weston, Martha 48 Weston, Jane 58 Wetsman, Wendy 58 Whateley, Pamela 13 Wheeler, Ervin 33 Wheeler, Juanita 17 Wheelock, Dennis 95 Whelan, Ellen 59 Whitbeck, Karen 7 White, Donna 59 White, James 30 White, John 34 White, Jonathon 65 White, Michelle 23 White, Virginia 16 Whithead, Gretchen 54 Whitman, Mary 48 Whitman, Susan 23 Whitmore, Carol 16 Wibalda, Mary 7 Wickins, Ann 59 Wicks, Susan 53 Widdows, William 30 Wigent, Bruce 85 Wightman, Marcia 22 Wilcox, Peter 64 Wilder, Sue 23 Wiles, Craig 86 Wiley, Robert 67 Wilhelm, Marilyn 47 Wilke, Catherine 10 Wilkinson, Lester 95 Wilkinson, Mary Jo 10 Wilkis, Joseph 65 Wille, Kenneth 68 Williams, Carol 49 Williams, Donald 72 Williams, Donna 26 Williams, Helen 12 Williams, Jane C. 17 Williams, Jane M. 48 Williams, Linda 39 Williams, Lynne 57 Williams, Patricia 23 Williams, Paul 78 Williams, Rosanne 56 Willis, Mary 52 Willyerd, Jeannette 16 Wilson, Ann 9 Wilson, Barbara 14 Wilson, Gay 23 Wilson, James 91 Wilson, Jane 54 Wilson, Janet 46 Wilson, Margaret 47 Wilson, Saundra 7 Wimer, Kathleen 13 Winfield, Robert 83 Wingfield, Joseph 77 Winkel, Theodor 75 Winkelbauer, Hubert 91 Wint, Dennis 77 Winter, Lynne 7 Winter, Robert 31,65 Wirsing, Barbara 22 Wise, James 71 Wishnow, Edward 83 Wisne, Patricia 17 Wistert, Dianna 26 Wistert, Wendy 54 Withers, Jean 38 Withers, Winifred 17 Witt, Penelope 51 Witucki, Constance 3,41 Wojcik, Mary 47 Wolfwodzic, Leroy 91 Wolcott, Carole 48 Wolfe, John 94 Wolfe, Nancy 53 Wolfsheimer, Joan 3 Wolin, Carol 23 Wolk, Harriet 22 Wollins, Phyllis 3,23 Wolpaw, Eleanore 13 Wood, Daniel 74 Wood, Gail 43 Wood, Linda 7 Woodman, Martha 51 Woods, Virginia 47 Wood ton, Roy 34 Wooliver, Dale 13 Woolner, Sally 51 Worbiril, Rich 76 Workman, Diane 15 Worman, Jane 12 Wotring, Rowena 44 Wotton, David 30 Wreggit, George 30 Wright, Melinda 54 Wright, Susan 38 Wunsch, Elizabeth 57 Wunsch, Datherine 57 Wylie, Anne 12 Wynn, Emily 12 Wyss, Becky 22 Wyss, Pamela 16 V Yaffee, Freya 50 Yahn, Marc 69 Yale, Susan 60 Yando, Donna 51 Yanz, John 84 Yee, William 33 Ying, Robert 93 Yoke, David 69 Yolles, Wendy 58 Yooyen, Soimat 10 Young, Kaymary 44 Young, Lois 38 Young, Marynel 54 Yura, Diane 50 Z Zack, Gregory 79 Zahn, Kathryn 38 Zemanek, Dee 38 Zanner, James 71 Zapton, Daniel 73 Zaun, Victoria 57 Zdrodowski, Sharon 26 Zebrowski, Martha 8 Zehnder, Janet 7 Zelenko, Sheila 15 Zelizer, Ronald 94 Zeller, Suzanne 26 Zettwanger, Elizabeth 9 Zemmer, Bob 72 Zglienic, Bob 73 Zich, Janet 12 Zick, Shirley 14 Ziegenbein, Avis 49 Ziegler, Joy 54 Ziel, Roger 33 Zientek, Stanley 34 Zietz, Lonny 81 Ziman, Stephen Zimmerman, Charles 33 Zimmerman, Elbridge 35 Zinck, Michael 73 Zitta, Mary 41 Zola, Barbara 59 Zolotar, Judy 58 Zozula, Paul Zucker, Phyllis 50 Zuckerman, Gary 88 Zuk, Christina 23 Zwecher, Naomi 17 Zwingman, Russell 71 The Supplement may be described as the other half of the year- book, but the effort it took to put this book together was certainly a whole-hearted one. There were many people who contributed their time, inspiration and patience to the Supplement and we would like to use this brief space to express our gratitude. We would like to thank Mr. Fred Basom of Dey Studios; Mike Sawdey for his extra work in getting us pictures and as darkroom tech- nician; Bob Shenkin, Mr. Werner Mattson, and Audrie Hilton who took care of the business details; Jack Bundy and Irv Keener of the S. K. Smith Company for the cover design; and Mrs. Jewell M. Gates and Dan Wagner of Wm. J. Keller Inc. And for their constant cooperation and eager enthusiasm, we certainly want to thank the tryout staff: Bruce Anderson, Marcia Eiduson, Michael Galle, Marsha Kahn, Helen Kaminski, Louise Perlman, Bonnie Smith, Sandra Telford, Peggy Walker, and Phyllis Wollins. CAROL PANTALONE RON KRAMER 104 - ' - , . PS . I ..: ' ' , - PRtft

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