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! ' , CO I Or i 3: - - UNIVERSITY OF MICHIGAN ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN HERBERT STANTON WANDER RICHARD DAVIS HARRISON PATRICIA JANE GODDARD B3OWNSON MURRAY MANAGING EDITOR BUSINESS MANAGER ASSOCIATE EDITOR ASSOCIATE EDITOR The World of the University in 1956. The MICHI- GANENSIAN presents an impression of that world. It must necessarily be an instantaneous im- pression. The alumni gathered at class reunions can testify that the University has changed since the Stutz Bearcat days; only the naive believe that the World of the University in 1970 will conform to today ' s idioms and ideas. To record and inter- pret the attitudes which prevailed and the events which occurred in that world in 1956 is our mission. The University is a world apart. For the under- graduate, attendance at the University is essen- tially a withdrawal from the familiar environment of home and family. Arriving at Michigan from Bay City or Bombay, the student is absorbed by the University. It permeates his existence and he develops a new frame of reference. Home town cri- teria and past experiences become subordinate as the student orients himself to life at the University. The pace of academics, social life, cultural events, and campus activities largely obliterates the out- side world. Temporarily the student is shielded from external realities. His entire energy is devoted to his life in the World of the University. The historian can trace the University of Michi- gan back to its humble beginnings in Detroit in 1817, the executive can unravel its organizational chart, the social scientist can apply his theories to its phenomenal growth, the educator can explain its philosophy, perhaps the architect can under- stand its collection of buildings. But while the spe- cialists probe components, only the student can choose from among them to shape his experience at Michigan. Life in the World of the University may be logi- cally divided into segments. Each student deals with each of these segments, even if this reaction to many of them is indifference or defiance. Wheth- er he fights off sleep in an over-heated study hall or staunchly refuses to crack a book until finals; whether he lives in a chapter house, apartment, or residence hall; whether he is active in campus ac- tivities or denounces them as outlets for extroverts and hypocrits; whether he participates in athletics, waves a pennant in the stands, or disregards the program completely, he expresses his reaction to the phases of University life. He must determine what the World of the University means to him. I N S I A N The World of the University, Features Page 2 Schools and Colleges Page 45 ' House Groups Page 95 I the World and the University An integral part of the World of the University is the relationship between the world and the Uni- versity. A school which merely prepares its stu- dents to take their places in the outside world only partially fulfills its purpose. It is not sufficient that a university minister only to those who dwell in its world. It must be dedicated to the benefit of all society. This philosophy does not dictate a " college education for all " policy, but it does imply an obligation to employ the resources of the university to aid all mankind. Michigan meets that obliga- tion. The University of Michigan adheres uncompro- misingly to rigid academic standards. Because the University has pledged itself to maintain the qual- ity of a Michigan education, it can afford to ex- pand the World of the University. This part of the University ' s program, with which the student in Ann Arbor is often unfamiliar, is testimony to the relationship between the world and the University. The student may be isolated from the forces and events of the outside world, but the University it- self is active in fields which both supplement and transcend instruction in Ann Arbor. The Univer- ty of Michigan is an internationally acknowledged leader in both education and research. The bene- fits of this dual role accrue to all. The University has assisted universities and gov- ernments in the Far East in establishing research centers and training schools. The Michigan Me- morial Phoenix Project is dedicated to ha rnessing the atom for peaceful purposes. Flint College marks a new era in University expansion. These three examples indicate the scope of the Univer- sity ' s program. Each one demonstrates Michigan ' s awareness of the problems which must be solved in today ' s world. To create a world is an infinite task. To derive or- der from chaos, unity from heterogeneity, and to imbue the creation with a spirit and vivacity is a continuing goal. The creation of a university is the creation of a world, and the evolution of that world is unending. To relate succesfully the microcosm which is the University of Michigan to the micro- cosm of society is a problem facing the students, faculty, and administration. Activities Page 227 Athletics Page 239 Graduates Page 401 From Haven Hall the University Stretches 8,000 Miles Flags of the twenty-nine nations taking part in the Afro-Asian Conference at Bandung, Indonesia, flutter in line at Jakarta airport in April, 1955. The Japanese delegation arrived led by Tat- sunesuke Takasake (black suit, center fore-ground). The University is deeply interested in the Far East and cooperates in extensive educational aid programs and research projects in Asia. to tbe Orient Manila and Okayama are Michigan Centers For four years the University worked with the University of the Philippines in Manila to organize that school ' s Insti- tute of Public Administration. The two universities were linked by an International Cooperation Administration contract. The ICA provided $440,000 to finance Michi- gan ' s expenses in the project, and furnished $100,000 more to establish a modern library at the Institute and to finance the training of Institute faculty members in the United States. Offering both graduate and undergraduate train- ing, the Institute opened to students in November, 1952. As many as twelve members of the Michigan staff were in Manila at one tim e to aid in the program. The number was reduced gradually as Filipine educators became quali- fied to assume both teaching and administrative responsi- bilities. In January, 1956, University President Harlan Hatcher traveled to Manila to inspect the project before the termination of the contract in June, 1956. The University kept a staff of faculty members in Manila to assist the University of the Philippines in establishing the first Institute of Public Administration in the Far East. The plan used ICA funds. The University ' s Japanese Studies field station in Okayama served Michigan staff members and students from 1950 to 1956. With the establishment of the Social Science Reseearch Center, the field sta- tion will probably be re-established near Tokyo to continue the work. Through the activities in a small office on the first floor of Haven Hall, the University of Michigan reaches half- way around the world to Japan. The University ' s Center for Japanese Studies, directed by Associate Professor John W. Hall, administrates two programs in Japan proper. The first, which has been operating since 1950, is a field study unit for Michigan students and faculty. The original field station at Okayama has been replaced by the Michi- gan-sponsored Social Science Research Center at Okayama University. Plans are in progress to relocate the field sta- tion near Tokyo. The second program was announced in November, 1955. The Center for Japanese Studies will coordinate a three-year Japanese-American exchange pro- gram among professors under a Rockefeller Foundation grant. In 1955, Shuichi Sugai, Kyoto University professor of law, and Yoshio Sakata, of the Kyoto philosophy de- partment were at Michigan. American professors lecture at Kyoto or Doshisha. The Alice Crocker Lloyd Radiation Therapy Center, located underground between the Kresge Medical Research Building and University Hospital, uses radioactive cobalt to treat cancers which are deeply situated in the body. To protect researchers, the source, which is the l.nm si in a non-governmental laboratory, is stored in a water tank and manipulated by remote control. University Researchers Explore Frontiers in Medicine Salk s Success Announced, A Victory Over Polio On April 12, 1955, the tenth anniversary of Franklin D. Roosevelt ' s death, the long months of tension ended. In the Rackham Building auditorium, Dr. Thomas Francis, Jr. reported the Salk vaccine to be eighty to ninety per cent effective. After the field trials of the vaccine in the summer of 1954, the data were sent to Dr. Francis, University pro- fessor of epidemiology, to be analyzed. He was the only person able to decode the numbers on the bottles of vaccine used to innoculate 654,000 children in the tests. The Na- tional Foundation for Infantile Paralysis financed the tests and analysis. Dr. Jonas E. Salk relaxes with his family. The young University of Pittsburg doctor made medical history by discovering the first effec- tive vaccine against paralytic polio. He made initial tests on sons. Dr. Thomas Francis, Jr., Dr. Jonas E. Salk, and Basil O ' Conner. President of the National Foun- dation for Infantile Paralysis confer in the Rackham Building. Dr. Francis holds the report on the success of the vaccine which he delivered to assembled scientists, physicians, and Foundation officials. Dr. Thomas Francis, Jr. (left) reported on the success of the vaccine after analyzing the results of the testing program. I If You Seek a Pleasant Peninsula, Look About You The AFROTC chorus performs on University TV. Kinescope productions are seen on stations from New York City to Seattle. From Menominee to Monroe, the impact of the University is felt throughout the state. While the activities and fa- cilities in Ann Arbor itself benefit the state, the University functions beyond the campus proper. Via the air waves, WUOM and WFUM blanket southeastern Michigan with educational radio programs. Kinescopes of the University Television Hour are available to TV stations. In addition, lecturers from the University bring news of the campus to alumni clubs and other interested groups, and the Uni- versity Press publishes books of both state and national in- terest. In the field of direct education, the University main- tains extension centers in eight Michigan cities. These cen- ters offer an opportunity to obtain college credit while re- maining at home. The most dramatic example of the Uni- versity ' s expanding service is the establishment of Flint College. The College, which is scheduled to open in the fall of 1956, will serve about five thousand students. University faculty members and administrators will staff the unit which is to offer junior and senior courses. Flint students will receive their first two years of training from Flint Junior College. A full degree-granting branch of the University, it is the dream of Charles S. Mott, Flint philanthropist. In the summer, Professor Maynard Klein directs the high school choir at the University ' s National Music Camp at Intcrlochen. The University Extension Service offers adult education and credit courses at centers in eight Michigan cities. Enrollment was 3,426. 10 The beginning of a dream in Flint. In the fall of 1956 the Uni- versity will open its Flint College. Offering courses on the junior and senior levels, the unit will supplement Flint Junior College. 11 A Survey Research Center display graphically outlines the proce- dure for polling the public scientifically and interpreting the results. Surrey Research- Scientific Sampler In 1946, Professor Rensis Likert brought a group of social survey experts to the University from the Department of Agriculture. This group was joined in 1947 by a number of specialists in group dynamics who came to Michigan from M.I.T. The two groups were merged into the Survey Research Center. The Center functions in three fields. It studies economic behavior and conducts surveys to discover how households utilize their income. In the human relations area, the Center is working to isolate the factors which determine the effectiveness of an organization. The third study is a probe of political attitudes to be made during the 1956 presidential race. Interviewers are trained in survey techniques before the poll starts. 12 Researchers visit subjects to pose questions which are carefully worded to avoid ambiguity, confusion. Results are coded on IBM cards and tabulated by complicated machines. The University and Boeing are de- veloping a long-range supersonic in- terceptor missile for the Air Force. All data on the project are classified. ratf- nits. rial t of iber an rvry , It jver Inch L ' -J tUTQ :ihe Rockets and Politics at Willow Run While the Willow Run Controversy raged on local, state, and na- tional levels, A D ' s community planning classes mapped out " Bomber City " for a site near the airport as a city planning project. Willow Run Airport, a political hotbed in 1956, is among the facilities utilized by the Engineering Research Institute. Laboratories at the airfield are equipped to study super- sonic missiles and jet and rocket motors. Michigan ' s rocket research teams, which have been lauded for their outstand- ing work in paving the way for the proposed earth sattelites, have been prominent in the field since 1946. Working at the airport, ERI has designed, built, and installed complex equipment in about forty rockets ranging from giant Ger- man V-IFs to slender Aerobees. This research has provided information about the upper atmosphere and rocket launch- ing techniques which is basic to the sattelite program. The University acquired the airport from the government as war su rplus property after World War II. The terminal fa- cilities are leased to the Airlines National Terminal Service Company, which represents the seven commercial lines utilizing the field. In November, 1955, the President ' s Air- port Use Panel recommended that the lines using Willow Run Transfer to Detroit-Wayne Major Airport. Subse- quently, however, six of the airlines refused to move, and the University expressed its intentions of continuing the contract with them. band 13 Prominent Visitors A dynamic and humorous lecturer, Assistant Professor Arthur M. Eastman of the English Department, is basically a family man. His office walls are bedecked with the art work of his three children. I r-i - University President Hatcher welcomes U Nu, Burmese Premier, to campus. During the next three years a series of six-week lecture programs will be presented by noted Burmese authorities. William Haber, professor of economics, brings to his classes in labor and social security his vast personal experience in labor arbitra- tion and with major governmental and economic organizations. 14 from Abroad and Distinguished Faculty Members on Campus The University is a complex being. It assumes an aura of autonomous sovereignty and omniscient presence in its world. The phrase " The University " implies the imperson- ality, continuity, and stolidity of a giant corporation, and it is used in the third person employed by royalty. Educa- tionally, however, the student ' s contact is not with a vague entity, but with individual professors. Michigan has a dis- tinguished faculty. The listing of one-fifth of its members in Who ' s Who is a measure of its quality. Renowned visitors from throughout the world visit Ann Arbor to inspect the University and to consult with its faculty. The faculty mem- bers as conference delegates and commission members repre- sent the University to the world. ' An educational statesman, beret-wearing Professor Robert C. Angell is a U. S. delegate to UNESCO conferences and president of the International Sociological Association. Contributions to students and faculty have earned him devotion and respect. Crown Prince Akihito of Japan signs the guest book at the Cen- ter for Japanese Studies on campus. With him are Dr. Robert Hall, Center director, ancl University President Harlan Hatcher. 15 The World of the University looms large to the entering student. It is at first strange and forbidding, bustling and academic. But he soon realizes that the impact of the University on his life transcends the purely academic. He learns to choose that part of the Ann Arbor whirl which interests him, d suddenly he feels at home. While Michigan, the b4tside world TV fades and the University World Dominates. r 1 Biennially the World of the University frolics in the merriment of Michigras. The World of the University Confusion reigns supreme as bewildered faces and moun- tains of baggage herald the arrival of a new crop of fresh- men, once again reviving the busy, noisy self of the University. For many, this is the first glimpse of the intricately diverse world which in a short time is to become so much a part of their lives. The University world is very new, and perhaps a little alarming in its bigness and complexity, but most are more than anxious to become a part of it. Heady with an- ticipation of their new-found independence, freshmen are quick to discard doting parents as last vestiges of the regu- lated world from which they come. Coddled adolescents are suddenly adults, and in a world where homesick pangs are severely frowned upon, each tries to outdo the other in bravely pretending to know his way around and in feeling perfectly at home. Suitcase or laundry bag, any seat is welcome for a brief respite from the endless trudging and lugging that must be done. The bewildering maze of trunks that is the Ann Arbor station is enough to try the coolest person ' s savoir faire. The loads get heavier and the families wearier as trip after trip makes no apparent dent in the mountains of bags and bundles. Students and belongings come in every imagi- nable shape and size, each in its own way an essential, integral part of the whole University. 17 Orientation in a New World, A Week of Adjustment Adjustment to a new way of life is necessarily a complicated endeavor, and the University does its best to lend a helping hand through an orientation program. It is intended to ex- tend a more personalized welcome to the new student, and to acquaint him, as much as possible, with the campus and with some of its regulations and processes. Michigan prides itself on maintaining a system of very small orientation groups, in spite of the large number of students entering each year. An upperclassman acting as a group leader is usually assigned to no more than a dozen individuals. Careful guidance and instruction are thus made readily available to everyone. Each group has a full schedule of orientation activities, ranging from aptitude tests to health examinations. There is barely time to sandwich in coke dates and attempts to unravel the mysteries of such anticipated haunts as the general library and Mason Hall between appointments. Par- ticipation in most of the activities scheduled during the day is compulsory for group members, but several of the dormi- tories, campus organizations, and churches offer special op- tional welcoming activities during the evenings, and special assemblies are also held by the various schools and colleges. Unfortunately, however, most students find themselves so thoroughly exhausted by the rigorous events of the day that evening attendance is out of the question, and, consequently, these welcoming activities are likely to lose some of their effectiveness. If orientation week were intended solely to get everyone attuned to the hectic pace that is so characteristic of Michigan, it couldn ' t better accomplish its purpose. The strain on shoeleather and nerves is incalculable, and one feels like an old hand at the game after a few days of cross- country trekking and trying to keep track of all the essential papers, cards, and instructions. The proportion of casualties is amazingly low, however, and the bewildered neophytes finally come out of it all an official part of this great Uni- versity, for better or for worse. Plans are presently being made to shorten the orientation program, to accompany modification in the academic schedule of the University. It is difficult to imagine any condensation of the already tight orientation schedule without subjecting the defenseless vic- tims to physical and mental exhaustion. A group of freshmen taking time out for a few minutes of relaxation and reorganization is dwarfed by the massive columns of Angell Hall. Schedules and instructions are carefully scanned. The speech and hearing clinic tests check the freshman ' s ability No matter what approach or planning she uses, she will inevitably to hear a lecturer from the back row. be caught unaware in her ID photograph. The traditional group coke dates, highlights of orientation week for new students, offer a chance to relax and meet new friends. Free cokes and music for dancing are available at the Union and League, and many welcome the opportunity to take a break from the hectic orientation schedules. 19 The tools of the trade are prerequisite. Ann Arbor bookstores are swamped with requests for everything from paint brushes to paper clips. Informa- tion on almost any subject is readily available on the crowded shelves. Classes Resume Seminars provide an opportunity for advanced students to attain a higher level of understanding by means of intensive individual effort and informal discussion. 20 in All Units Monday Morning at Eight Professor Marvin J. Eisenberg of the Fine Arts Department conducts a lecture on the evolution of European sculpture. The wear and tear of orientation and registration are just beginning to fade when the inescapable routine of classes and studying settles over the campus once again. Students re- member with a groan that, after all, they did come to college to get an education and, painful as it is, this seems to be the only way to go about it. Weary heads are propped on weary hands in a vain effort to stay awake, and trusty coffee- pots are pressed into rigorous service everywhere. Bluebooks and unannou nced quizzes become grim realities, and, in spite of professors ' valiant efforts to the contrary, grades loom all-important. An amazing amount of anticipation, worry, and discouragement is expended on those marks in the little red book, and the A ' s and B ' s are somehow much more elusive than they were in high school. Competition is keen, and it takes more than a little effort to keep up the pace. Parties are reserved for weekends, but still the moun- tains of neglected homework accumulate until students despair of ever bringing their work up to date, and once again discard all those good, scholarly intentions in favor of intensive cultivation of the latest cramming techniques. 21 After Classes Stack Time and Study Dates At the college level, individual studying and research become a large part of education. Erratic high school study habits are no longer adequate, and the individual must learn to plan his time and his methods. Very few adhere to a rigid schedule, but some degree of organization is necessitated by the quantity and difficulty of the work. No matter how much planning the student does, however, there never seems to be time enough to get everything done. He soon finds him- self just making time for the work that interests him, while less appealing courses are inevitably slighted. Concentration is a fine art which must be carefully cultivated and developed to the point where one can study anywhere at any time, in the face of all manner of distractions. Gone are the days when study sessions demanded absolute quiet. In fact, with a little training, most find they prefer to study with the aid of everything from music to salami sandwiches. The Uni- versity maintains extensive library and study hall facilities all over campus, however, for those who feel the need of a more quiet atmosphere, and for those in search of specific information. The esoteric wonderland of the stacks in the General Library is accessible only to the privileged few. Others must contend with an intermediary behind the desk and the searching service. Having stared at the same paragraph for fifteen minutes and having seen the words blur into an incomprehensible mass, a coed takes the easy way out. The closing bells will end the nap. Study dates are an excellent means to get little or nothing done and enjoying it. Occasionally they do provide an opportunity for a learned upperclassman to aid a struggling freshman. 23 The gross anatomy lab is a familiar haunt to the med student, who must thoroughly acquaint himself with the intricacies of the human body. He painstakingly examines the complicated system of bones and joints in anticipation of the time when his work will no longer be confined to the laboratory. Some bones are studied separately, while others are seen in their natural positions in cadavers. 8 Otcimm Each student is seeking to discover the field which he will eventually select for the specialization of his studies and further endeavor. For one it will be the field in which his achievement is outstanding. For another it will be that which provides an opportu- nity for the fulfillment of his desires or ambitions. One will carry on this quest in the general curricula, while another will enroll in a more specific pre- professional program. The hope is, of course, that each student will choose the field of concentration which is best suited to his particular abilities. Varied distribution requirements and an extensive counsel- ing program are designed to encourage the effective- ness of that choice. No matter what area the indi- vidual elects to study, he will be carefully trained to become an integral functioning part of his society. Some aspects of his preparation may seem irrelevant, at first, but all are discovered to be significantly interrelated. Each field of knowledge has its place, and each individual will make his contribution. 24 Studying is a Habit Reading becomes almost a way of life to the law student, who spends the greater part of his time absorbed in appallingly weighty tomes. Occasionally, however, the gravity of these intellectual pursuits must give way to somewhat lighter fare, and the struggling lawyer takes time out to indulge his fancy in material which appears to be completely irrelevant and immaterial to the case. The architect ' s studying must be largely creative thinking, and contemplation takes place with slide rule and drawing board close at hand. Dreams of the fantastic, the improbable, and occasionally even the practical take shape in the musing of these pensive sessions. 25 k.YIF V. 1 % F- 1 " - I " 3r V The Diag, strategically located at the crossroads of the campus, is the scene of innumerable varieties of Michigan madness from publicity stunts to honorary initiations. The traffic problem becomes acute between classes in this favorite gathering place as people converge from all directions, pro- viding a large and appreciative audience for whatever hap- pens to be the order of the day. Activity is constant, but blustery winter weather is likely to limit the population of the Diag to those who are hurriedly passing through, while balmy spring and summer days find it crowded with rows of lazily contented sun-worshipers. On the Diag, the Passing Scene The " M " in the center of the Diag marks the very heart of the University. It traditionally carries with it a dire threat of mis- fortune to those who tread upon it before exams, especially freshmen. Rain or shine. Gargoyle salesmen go to amazing lengths to con- vince gullible coeds of the advantages of owning their magazine. Stein Club initiation ceremonn d by a campus fraternity for one of its members. Strange things are happening in the levitation act included in this year ' s edition of the annual Varsity Night. 28 Traditions in the University ' s World Traditions are an integral part of every university, and Michigan is no exception. The rapidly changing face of the Ann Arbor campus makes many alumni feel that the Michi- gan they knew is gone, but still the time-honored traditions remain, alone unchanged arid unchanging in an ever evolving University world. Walking across the Diag on the way to an exam, the unwary innocent is forcibly prevented from setting foot on the " M " as a solicitous companion anxiously explains the attendant dangers. When a motley crew of individuals with rather harassed expressions is seen duck walking up the steps of the Union, or wandering around half dressed in a freezing rain supporting miniature trees on weary shoul- ders, one soon learns that, contrary to all appearances, they ' re actually perfectly sober. It is just another honorary initiation. Unsuspecting coeds are rapidly apprised of the remarkable attributes of the Engine Arch, and soon learn to be wary of the lions guarding the entrance to the University Museum. The traditions are many, some obviously well founded, some with no apparent rhyme or reason, but all, nevertheless, painstakingly observed. One cannot be on campus long without encountering them; to be a staunch supporter of Michigan one must understand them. As an alumnus, one cannot help remembering them. Every other spring carnival glitter invades campus for the fabulous Michigras weekend, culminating weeks of work and planning. The weird rituals of tapping are likely to shatter both the still ness of the Ann Arbor night and the equilibrium of the initiates. 9. Before the Game, Chicken Wire and Open-Houses Annual Homecoming festivities find the campus swarming with returning grads, as everyone enjoys a gala weekend of special events and elaborate displays. The Saturday football game is supposedly the highlight of the weekend, but no matter whether it is won or lost, enthusiasm seems in no way diminished. The state of the weather is of course an important and vexingly dubious factor, and skies are anxious- ly scanned for any hints of precipitation. The show must go on, however, and many a Mud Bowl game has soggily lived up to its name, while tons of papier mache degenerated to sodden masses on fraternity lawns. Whatever the odds, the celebrations during Homecoming weekends are long re- membered. Aphrodite would spin in her heavenly grave if she could witness the burly beauties at the traditional SAE-Phi Delt Mud Bowl tilt. J i 7 i! 1 lor It | ta|a feH ' oh 5 Each living unit combines a conglomeration of chicken win-, paper mache, and glue to encourage the efforts of the football team and to vie for display honors. The superstructures are stuffed with napkins and rigged with motors to operate the moving displays. The tug of war between Taylor and Gombcrg spelled a dip in the icy Huron for Taylor and another laurel for victorious Gomberg. Homecoming fans were treated to a very exciting afternoon as the Wolverines defeated Iowa 33-21. With dark clouds hanging overhead it looked dark for the Maize and Blue for the first three quarters of the ball game. Finally in the last quarter with some pinpoint passing and speedy ends the Wolverines exploded for three touchdowns to come from behind and remain undefeated. It was a nationally televised game and because of their great comeback the Wolverines were voted the top team in the country that week. The League ' s ever popular Roundup Room is a favorite spot for hasty breakfasts, coffee dates, and even occasional seminars. Time Out From the Academic World Every moment seems to be full, and taking time out from studying simply means turning to another kind of activity. Coffee breaks are perhaps the most popular; many a problem is solved and many a friendship renewed over a cup of coffee. Bull sessions in the dorm cover all the important problems of life, from marriage to religion, with disagree- ments mild and the emphasis on questioning rather than disputing. The University recognizes the importance of edu- cation of the whole man, and maintains a full program of cultural and social activities to supplement the books. An educational center of the magnitude of Ann Arbor naturally attracts a number of promi nent personalities, and several concert series and a lecture series are offered each year. In addition, the University sponsors a number of lectures and discussions by authorities prominent in their respective fields, several of these being drawn from the faculty of the Uni- versity itself. All it takes for an after-hours party is a little food and a little sug- gestion. The narrow confines of dormitory rooms seem mysteriously to expand to accommodate quantities of food, music and people. 32 After the frost has left the ground, the sun worshipers on the Hill gather up blankets, portable radios, and baby oil to greet spring. Movies and pop corn are better than ever. The long queues outside local theatres testify to the popularity of the cinema. To raise funds for their national philanthropic project, Delta Gam- ma sponsors an ice cream social biennially. The 1955 event was held on the Maynard car port roof. Saturday Soirees Highlight Weekends Sigma Alpha Mu ' s Out of this World party fea- tured intrastellar decorations and the guests wore fantastic outer-space costumes to match the decor. A balmy Fiji Island atmosphere pervades the Phi Gamma Delta house when the chapter presents its annual grass skirt formal. Before the TGIFer ' s have downed their last round in cele- bration of the weekend, Saturday sneaks in at the stroke of twelve. But while the first twenty hours of the day may be occupied by sundry activities, Saturday night is reserved for parties. There are innumerable themes for the week- end soirees ship wreck, suppressed desire, south sea island, pirate, jungle, roaring twenties, winter wonderland, and French cabaret. And there are countless excuses for giving parties pledges, football games, holidays, and the mere presence of the weekend itself. Parties are found in the Union and League, chapter houses, apartments, and resi- dence halls. Depending on the occasion, casual clothes, formal attire, or costumes are appropriate wear. Party guests scatter as women ' s closing hours approach, but as one Saturday slips away, they eagerly await the next. 34 And on the Seventh Day Falling between the freedom of Saturday and the reality of Monday is Sunday. Many students answer the beckon- ing call of Ann Arbor ' s churches to attend morning serv- ices and evening fellowship meetings. Others embrace the ' ' day of rest " theory and rise at noon to read the news- paper supplements and to contemplate the disappearance of the weekend. The studious ones follow the weekday routine and utilize Sundays to finish homework and to pre- pare for the coming week. The athletic ones seek out ten- nis courts in the spring and ice rinks in the winter. Parents find the day convenient for visiting the University. But since this is difficult or impossible for many of them, stu- dents take advantage of the lower telephone rates or write the weekly letter home during the Sunday afternoon lull. Sunday evening witnesses the weekend traveler ' s return to Ann Arbor and the trek to restaurants to avoid the tradi- tional peanut butter and jelly fare served in the living units. And then suddenly, Monday looms once again. Ann Arbor ' s churches welcome students to their services each Sunday. Many provide student lounges and counseling services. Left: Obligingly the telephone company reduces long distance rates on Sunday. Phone booths are jammed as students contact home. Below: The quiet of Sun- day afternoons lends itself to informal gatherings in house lounges. 35 . . . f- ' r v r - - " - . " --V-. -u - ' I Wt;- : rv ' ' -V. - ' t :. i m f ; V . s A . . Coins tossed into the gurgling fountains which lined the dancing area carried wishes for many wonderful evenings in the future. Providing " big name band " atmosphere, the orchestras of Les Brown and Buddy Moreno alternated on the stand. G Between Semesters, J-Hop Merriment Shades of the Confederacy rose again and magnolias were seasonable in February, at the 1956 J-Hop. In accord with its " Rebelaire " title, the dance was a small-scale reconstruc- tion of the old South, decorated with blossoms, smilax sprays and spouting fountains against a background of cy- cloramic murals. Couples shuffled back and forth on the congested dance floor to the bands of Les Brown and Buddv Moreno, or listened from the sidelines to Gary Crosby ' s crooning. Partying continued far into the morning hours, with women students granted the year ' s lone 4:00 a.m. per- mission. At sunrise, southern blossoms gave way to fragrant pine needles as many students migrated to Silver Valley for skiing, skating, or snoozing. Weary and bleary-eyed stu- dents required a hasty recuperation to begin the inevitable- second semester. Couples seeking a breath of fresh air in the mobbed lobby were thwarted by tangled photographic equipment and empty cups. The crisp air and crunchy snow on Silver Valley ' s slopes were a welcome post-dance stimulant for sleepy students ' circulation. Fraternities ' booths beside the dance floor were conducive to ten- der tete-a-tetes as well as respite for oft-trodden-upon feet. The junior groaner of the Crosby clan was greatly in demand by autograph seekers when he was not behind the microphone. Leading Lecturers Beckoned by a call to culture, the stu- dent body pours through Hill Auditori- um ' s portals to be entertained, enlight- ened, and stimulated provocatively by noted personalities from the wide world of wisdom and art. In keeping with Ann Arbor ' s cosmopolitan atmosphere, the Oratorical Association ' s lecture course presents a once-i n-a-lifetime op- portunity to witness a host of headline attractions under one expansive roof. Programs range from political debates to popular drama; from literary read- ings to liveable religion. As Alice jour- neyed through the looking glass, stu- dents dissolve the confining campus boundaries to spend hours in a world whose scope is limited only by human imagination. Animated discussions of each evening ' s event buzz across the di- agonal as the student body streams homeward, to resume studying re- freshed by a broadened outlook and a realization that the horizons of the world of reality extend far beyond the sunset over Burton Tower. U.S. Senator Wayne Morse converses casually over coffee, following a spirited debate with Senator Alexander Wiley on patterns of the country ' s foreign policy. 38 In a setting of stark simplicity, Edith Atwater and Albert Dekker pre- sented selections from their repertoire of comic and dramatic sketches. Despite his slight stature. General Carlos P. Romulo ' s pene- trating mind and personality dominated the vast stage as he straightforwardly appraised " America ' s Stake in Asia. " The countenance and character of Henry Hull were transformed into those of cigar-smoking, gently humorous, and genuine- ly philosophical Mark Twain. 39 - To Hill The clear, chiming voices, scrubbed, impish faces, and (lawless performances of the little lads in white sailor suits captivate the 1 Vienna Choir Boys ' audiences wherever they appear. ' After fulfilling an American singer ' s dream billing as leading soprano with the Vienna State Opera Company Teresa Stich- Randall appeared on campus for one of her four U. S. concerts. Arthur Fiedler presided on the podium as the Boston " Pops " presented a pro- gram including Rachmaninoff and rag. Auditorium Come the Notables of the Musical World Jumbled sounds from countless blaring record players drift down the corridors of every campus residence; the over- whelming predominance of classical music indicates that students have cultivated a love for music in its finer forms. One seeking further proof of this cosmopolitan taste in tempo and tonality need only observe the swarm of students converging upon Hill Auditorium concert nights students fulfilling a desire to see and hear the acknowledged masters of the musical world in person. Insatiable minds absorb each tone; eyes, wearied by poring over books, relax and allow the ear to take over a different type of learning pro- cess, transporting the listener beyond academic confines. The modern musical world ' s most noted piano virtuoso, Artur Rub- instein, thundered up and down the keyboard before a capacity au- dience which crowded even the aisles and stage of Hill Auditorium. Eugene Ormandy ' s perennial May Festival pilgrimages with the Philadelphia Orchestra have made his affable personality and conducting methods familiar to the majority of the students. 41 An unconventional drama, " The Good Woman of Setzuan, " avoid- ed illusions of actuality and emotional involvement by the spectators. In a dank, dungeon-like setting, summer session students produced " Fidelio, " Beethoven ' s lone venture into the operatic medium. V i Behind the Footlights, Professionals and Students Parker Fennelly. Eva LeGallienno and Enid Markey re-created their ori ginal Broadway roles in " The Southwest Corner, " in the spring of 1955 John Van Druten ' s farcical fantasy of wit and witch- craft, " Bell, Book and Candle, " was presented by the Speech Department during the summer session of 1955. Vacations, Entertainment on Borrowed Time Although many vigorously assert that Ann Arbor is at its best during vacations when the majority of the students de- sert the campus to explore other climes, few remain during University recesses to test the theory. Depending on the season, ski resorts, New York City, or the sunny beaches of Florida attract students who attempt to forget the com- plexities and pressures of life in the World of the Uni- versity. But the University is seldom completely obliterated from the students ' minds. Many travel with friends from campus, and a Michigan colony in Ft. Lauderdale is in- evitable during spring vacations. The studious few may pack text books with their sporting gear, but resolutions to complete assignments are broken in the whirl of night life and day loafing. For those who do not venture to tourist centers, vacations spell temporary jobs, a chance to become reacquainted with home and family, an opportunity to catch up academically or continuous sleep. But a vacation is borrowed time, and the realization that classes resume Monday at eight looms larger as the precious days slip by. For the New Yorkers at Michigan, the nation ' s largest city is home, but the non-New Yorkers on campus are lured by the city ' s perpetual activity and the very size of the metropolis itself. Between semesters the ardent skiers escape Ann Arbor ' s inade- quate slush and venture northward to Tawas, Grayling, and Gay- lord in search of snow, hills, and lodges with roaring fires. Fort tbe The surf, the sun, and the sand. Florida ' s expansive ocean beaches pro- vide a welcome vacation from the rigors of study and Ann Arbor ' s pre- cipitation. The Sunshine State greets many Michigan students each spring. Fort Lauderdale attracts the majority of Michigan students who venture south for carefree relaxation. P I schools and colleges To the camera toting tourist, the University is a conglomerate collection of buildings: Gothic cathedrals, Grecian temples, and ornate brick piles. Angell Hall with its columned facade dominates the State Street scene. Within these varied structures, man ' s mind is stimulated to achieve new goals. . AK0 WUTICS ; .. " . , ; ' " . , ' , : ' , ' .-. . Administration Dr. Harlan Hatcher became the eighth president of the University of Michigan in 1951. A nationally recognized educator and scholar, Dr. Hatcher holds honorary doctoral degrees from several colleges and universities, including Michigan. He takes a special interest in the history and de- velopment of the Great Lakes region, and has written sev- eral novels and volumes of history concerning the area. During Dr. Hatcher ' s term of office, several major develop- ments have taken place. Through his leadership, the Uni- versity has broadened its educational offerings in many areas, emphasizing a strong undergraduate program. Dr. Hatcher has been most insistent in maintaining Michigan ' s high educational standards, in spite of the large increase in enrollment. Extensive construction programs, including the development of the new North Campus, have been under- taken to meet the demands of increased enrollment, and to improve services. Research facilities have been expanded and a new branch of the University has been established in Flint. Dr. Hatcher has also done extensive work on alumni relations. The members of the Board of Regents are elected by the people in universal state elections for terms of eight years. The eight Regents comprise the governing board of the University of Michigan, acting as representatives of the people of the State of Michigan in University affairs. The Board is responsible for general supervision of the Uni- versity, as well as direction and control of its policies and expenditures. ARTES SC1E RF -L1G ION. Mo KNOWLEDGE I JO GOOD G j HE HAPP1N CHOOLS A Board of Regents. Front Row: The Honorable J. Joseph Herbert; University President Harlan H. Hatcher; The Honorable Vera B. Baits; The Honorable Charles S. Kennedy. Back Row: The Honorable Kenneth M. Stevens; The Honorable Clair L. Taylor; The Honorable Otto E. Eckert; The Honorable Roscoc O. Bonisteel. The terms of Regents Stevens and Herbert expired December 31, 1955. The Honor- able Paul L. Adams and the Honorable Eugene B. Power took office January 1, 1956. 47 ff Deborah Bacon, Dean of Women, has been honored for her exten- sive work in nursing and public health as well as for her accom- plishments as a scholar and teacher of English literature. Deans Michigan graduate Walter B. Rea, Dean of Men, has served in a variety of positions of responsibility in the University, and holds memberships in numerous campus and national honoraries. The Office of the Dean of Women is responsible for the general health and welfare of all women students at the University. Individual counseling is one of the major ac- tivities of this office. Personal problems concerning housing, finance, health, emotional situations, family, future, and extracurricular activities are constantly being handled by all of the deans. House directors and resident counselors are also members of the staff, and work with the deans on counseling. Dean Deborah Bacon ' s responsibilities are varied, but she is especially concerned with scholarships and grants in aid. She also handles those few discipline cases which are beyond the usual student jurisdiction, and par- ticipates actively in a number of committees and inter- departmental conferences. The activities of the Office of Student Affairs center around student activities and the welfare of the student body. As- sistant deans are concerned with the problems of men ' s re- sidence halls, scholarships, housing and driv ing regulations, and fraternity counseling to keep up the standards of the fraternity system. Administrative assistants deal with SGC and student rentals of outside housing. Dean Walter B. Rea is concerned with a variety of problems, including those of off-campus housing, student welfare and conduct, and plans for the new coed dormitory to be built on North Campus. He also acts as a member of the Union Board, the Student Activities Committee, and several other com- mittees, as well as holding the position of chairman of the Loan Board. 48 Administrative Staff of the Office of Student Affairs: Ivan W. Parker; Philip R. Lucasse; Karl D. Streiff; John M. Hale; John Bingley; Dean Walter B. Rea; Peter A. Ostafin; Maurice M. Rinkel; William S. Zerman. Office of Student Affairs ' fit sec ;Rn Assistant Deans of Women: Mrs. Elsie R. Fuller is primarily con- cerned with problems of resi- dence halls and the placement of freshmen, Miss Gertrude E. Mulhollan with student loans to women and selection and training of housing staff mem- bers, and Mrs. Elizabeth A. Les- lie with non-dormitory housing. 49 Literature., Science, and Arts The Literary College, with its bulging proportions, has long outgrown the delimitation of physical boundaries. It now exists primarily as an idea the concept that a foundation in liberal arts is becoming increasingly important to the educated individual, offering him the basic tools for under- standing his complex environment. The College offers a wide variety of courses in the natural sciences, the social sciences, and the humanities, requiring the student to take some work in each field. Because the extent and diversity of subject matter is beyond the comprehension of any one individual, the emphasis is placed on introduction to the basic concepts in each area. The individual later selects the field in which he wishes to pursue a more concentrated pro- gram of study. The student is educated to a fuller awareness of the underlying relationships between the several areas of knowledge, and of their function in his own experience. He is trained to think critically and objectively, and to see the world as it should be, in hopes that he will later strive to make this theoretical knowledge actuality. The vaulted ceiling of the reference room in the Library canopies over the students. A comparative anatomy student puzzles over a dissected shark and traces the evolution of the various organ systems in chordates. 51 Diversification, Specialization The modernistic lobby of Mason Hall seems strangely quiet without the customary crowds of talking, hurrying Lit School students. 52 Fine arts students visit the department study hall to review the slides which are presented in lecture. Several of the professional schools of the University had their beginnings in the Literary College, developing within the Lit School curriculum until they attained maturity, and were recognized as separate entities. Most of the schools of the University require at least some work in the field of liberal arts prior to admittance to professional curriculums or to specialized study in certain fields. The importance of a working knowledge of the basic principles of several fields is recognized. The student with a specific interest or pro- fessional objective may take courses which are particularly related to his field, but most Lit School students have no definite plans for concentration in their beginning work, and the distribution requirements serve to crystallize their aims. The opportunities for study in the Lit School are extensive and challenging, and excellent preparation may be obtained in almost any field. Summer camps provide an oppor- tunity for geology field work. 53 ' Departmental coffee hours provide an opportunity for the students and the faculty to become better acquainted. The common complaint of Lit School students is that there is not enough time to fit in all the courses they want to take. Satisfying their distribution requirements with study in basic courses, they find themselves on the threshold of whole new worlds of knowledge of which they hardly- dreamed before. (The more they study, the more they realize that they will never begin to understand it all.) The intensive nature of the various curriculums necessarily limits further exploration, and it is a struggle for many to make up their minds which lines of interest to pursue. Several of the basic courses, especially those in the field of humani- ties, are specifically designed to give the individual basic tools for further study on his own, during and beyond his college years, and many students take advantage of the opportunity to supplement their education in this way. Edu- cation is necessarily a continuing process, and the Literary College aims to equip its students with the capacity to per- petuate it. Those who reach an advanced level in the study of physics turn to Randall Laboratory for more experimentation and instruction. 54 The Romance Language Building, often condemned as a fire haz- ard, will be razed when the University obtains Ann Arbor High. The Old Landmark Succumbs In order to maintain high standards of individual attention and education in small groups in the face of rapidly expand- ing enrollment, the Lit School has been forced to overflow into a variety of campus buildings other than those usually associated with it. Lecture sections have attained gigantic proportions, but recitation sections have been kept small in order to stimulate classroom discussion. The ten min- ute break between classes becomes less and less adequate as students are forced to commute across campus, and fresh- man English classes are held in the company of everything from bones to economic mysteries, but most students are willing to pay the price for the resultant high quality of education which they enjoy. The Literary College is an educational institution in itself, amazingly broad in its scope, and bewildering in the magnitude of its complexity and accomplishment. Purchase of the old Ann Arbor High School building will temporarily alleviate the College ' s pressing shortage of classroom facilities. - ' . i BBK II Commissioned by the Pullman Company of America, the Engineering School conducts air resistance tests on the sleeping car of the future. The supersonic wind tunnel at Willow Run Airport, which can produce velocities four and one-half times the velocity of sound, is used extensively in this field of engineering research. 56 Engineering As intensely practical as the Arch which penetrates the West Engineering Building are the engineers. Through the display crammed corridors of the buildings of the Engine School pass the freshmen who write their weekly letters home in Assembly, the sophomores who are struggling with calculus, the juniors who are shocked by E.E. 5, and the seniors who are hounded by the placement office to choose from among numerous lucrative job offerings. The freshman and sopho- more years are devoted to a common program which empha- sizes mathematics, English, drawing, and physics. Specializa- tion of marine, electrical, aeronautical, metallurgical, civil, chemical, mechanical, or industrial engineering begins in the junior year. Academically the engineer is pledged to the student administered honor system. In the realm of activi- ties, the school abounds with technical interest groups. The engineers are a self-sufficient clan, unfairly stereotyped as cultureless slide rule pushers. Because their education is prac- tical and comprehensive, there is little time for the purely aesthetic arts. Professor Boyle conducts combustion research. Mechanical and aeronautical engineers study the uses of metal-cutting and machining tools and the properties of the basic metals. 57 Patterns in Progress 58 Baby rockets explore the atmosphere at a seventh of the cost of heavier models. Continuing research brings continuing progress. While today ' s technology is taught in the engineering classroom, the drawing boards, electronic com- puters, and specialized laboratories on North Campus reflect the developments of the future. Roughly half of the University ' s annual research budget of sixteen million dollars is appropriated to the Engineering Research Institute. In 1955 the Institute conducted 408 projects under contract with the various governmental and industrial organizations which financed the research. Al- though ERI offers no courses of instruction, advanced students may obtain part-time jobs to gain experience in research. Internally threaded metal prod- ucts are made on a turret lathe. Research The Engineering Research Institute tackles everything from hay fever control to space satellite launching. In cooperation with experts from the fields of meteorology, public health, botany and medicine, the Institute initiated a thorough study to benefit the nation ' s seasonal sneezers. The Univer- sity is also credited with the development of the superior rocket launching techniques which are vital to the success of the basketball-size earth satellite planned for the Inter- national Geophysical Year 1957-58. Project Michigan, the Institute ' s largest single program, is a classified study of battlefield surveillance. Synthetic warfare is waged on elec- tronic computers to test new theories without the expense of actual field maneuvers. This project is conducted under contract with the Defense Department, which granted five million dollars for continuation of the study during 1956. Metalk gineering students pour iron into casting molds. On North Campus the new Mortimer E. Cooley Building is headquarters for the growing Engineering Research Institute. 60 Miniature breakers pounding a scale model shore line and breakwater in the Willow Run wave tank aid in studying tidal erosion The automotive engineers abandoned their decrepit laboratories near East Engine for North Campus facilities. I andr Education While roommates struggle with calculus and chemistry, Ed School students cut pictures out of magazines and make wall charts covered with Easter bunnies. This has resulted in a rather misguided picture of Ed School as all play and no work. In reality, the future teachers must stretch patience to its limits in fending off flying erasers, and use applied psychology in graciously refusing the high school students who ask her for dates. Student teachers ' tasks are not light- ened by the fact that they have little or no disciplinary authority. A great deal of quick thinking is required to keep the students ' respect. Ed School students realize that the education of future generations is in their hands, and the quality of tomorrow ' s world depends upon how intelligently and efficiently they perform their task. Student teachers in the University Elementary School learn modern methods of teaching and keeping spirited youngsters under control. This is not just a jungle gym to these children it is a real jungle, for every agile youngster fancies himself a pint-size Tarzan. 63 : ten com toprol ami it opw ata pkri In an immense, two-story-high studio with the requisite north light, architecture students putter with balsa, plywood, celluloid, tissue paper, and sponges to assemble structures of their own design. Amid the clutter of unfinished projects and in an atmosphere of clay dust which seems to permeate the entire building, they spend countless hours patiently constructing their scale models. Before the model is begun, the design is rendered on paper. Professor William Muschenheim supervises students in architectural drafting and fundamentals. 64 Architecture and Design With a multicolored unistruct laboratory jammed between the architectural relics in its side yard, the School of Archi- tecture and Design faces the Bus Ad School at the corner of Monroe and Tappan. Its students, lugging drawing boards and fishing tackle boxes crammed with supplies, devote long hours to projects, and earn a meager two or three hours credit for their seiges in the studios. A D offers programs in architecture and art. The architecture curriculum includes courses in mathematics, physics, and economics in addition to professional courses to acquaint the student with materials and the problems of the organization of space. Seniors elect design, construction, city planning, or building equipment options. The art program offers an opportunity for speciali- zation in painting, printmaking, ceramics, sculpture, interior design, information design, or product design. Students may- correlate courses in the Art and Education Schools to com- plete a program in art education. Sculpture classes introduce design students to numerous materials and techniques. The creations in wood, metal, plaster and clay range from classic busts to mobiles and weird form studies. Utilizing charcoal, an art major in- terprets a still life arrangement as a typical exercise in linear composition. (.5 X, mmrt I vSV Fisheries students use an electrical lake-fish shocker in collecting specimens for study. Student foresters learn to measure a log ' s board foot content during log- ging operations at Camp Filbert Roth. Natural Resources Gazing into a pair of soft doe eyes gives most men a romantic tingle, but when those eyes belong to a genuine deer the searching look is part of the natural resource student ' s work. Acquaintance with forestry, wood technology, wildlife and fishery management, and conservation principles are in- cluded in his education. He is associated with the fragrance of pine woods rather than the scent of shaving lotion; he lives in an aura of relaxation amid the nervous bustling in the rest of the University. The general public pictures his future habitat as the windswept perch atop a ranger ' s tower; some think he is Paul Bunyan reincarnated, while others visualize him striding through the woods demanding to in- spect hunting and fishing licenses. In reality, students in natural resources are taught to realize how important proper distribution, management, and conservation of these com- modities are in local, national, and world affairs. They know the alarming rate at which resources are being used, and recognize the fact that future standards of living depend on how efficiently remaining supplies are managed and con- served. A Baldwin Lima Hamilton tensile machine in the wood technology lab is used to determine the strength properties of aggregate boaro- ' Students of wildlife management trap deer for research studies. if 1 1 ' ! Music The music student ' s campus life moves within several orbits, each having his chosen art as its nucleus. He is both introvert and extrovert, using music to satisfy an inner urge for self- expression and to communicate with others through a soul- language. The School of Music offers curricula in thirteen specialized fields, preparing its students for positions in teaching, in performance, or in other fields such as radio and journalism which are related to musical life. Oustanding musicians serve on its faculty. Among them are Frances Greer and Chase Boromeo from the Metropolitan Opera; Joseph Brinkman, renowned concert pianist; and Composer- in-Residence Ross Lee Finney, whose works have been widely performed throughout the world. In addition to academic work, students have an opportunity to participate in the School ' s ensemble groups bands, orchestra, choirs whereby they satisfy their urge to bring music to others. Recitals by faculty, students, and visiting artists and organi- zations provide a continuous flow of opportunities to hear and absorb the finest in music. Despite their self-contained orbits, music students look objectively toward their future place in the world. Those in education know their position is secure; those in applied music, theory, and composition are not so sure. Although they cast worried glances toward what is admittedly an uncertain life, their all-encompassing love for music drives them in pursuit of their objective. They know that music is a field where the end goal is never completely attained ; rather, it is a process of constant growth and education, continuing long after their formal training here has been completed. Individual and group instruction are provided in all curricula. Long, patient hours of practice are rewarded by technical skill in reading, performing, and fine musicianship. The instrumental student ' s world is centered in Harris Hall, where he prepares his solos and performs in the orchestra or band. 69 - 4 Business Administration C.P.A. hopefuls arc aided by adding machines in their struggles with ledgers, journals, and statements in the accounting laboratory. Bewildering conglomerations of figures are transformed into meaningful, precise data through the efforts of statistics students. Students seek an understanding of both the theoretical and the practical aspects of the business world in the School of Business Administration. Training is offered here in the basic aspects of business, as well as in the analysis of business problems. Some may direct their study toward a particular area, such as real estate or finance, while others receive more general training. Students are educated to an awareness of the relationship of the businessman to the general welfare. This is intended to guide their deliberation and decisions when they achieve positions of responsibility in business. Bus Ad School seems like a world in itself, situated apart from the central campus, and maintaining a coldly rational approach which sharply distinguishes its curriculum. The importance of education of the whole man is recognized, however, and students are required to complete two years of work in another school before they may elect business ad- ministration courses. 71 2 ft 2 ft -.- - r j r r - Law The Michigan Law School is widely recognized for its su- perior training in the legal profession. The curriculum is intended to equip the student with a thorough knowledge of the fundamental legal principles, as well as a broad under- standing of their application in the society in which he lives. Instruction is offered in all important phases of the common and statute laws of the United States, as well as in related semiprofessional and nonlegal subjects. The aims of the students are varied, and the curriculum is designed to accom- modate them. Preparation may be obtained for the private practice of law, or for a variety of positions in the fields of public service or private industry. The primary function of the Law School is to provide training in the practice of law, but provision is also made for the training of law teachers, scholars, and writers. Most instruction is accomplished through classroom discussion of legal techniques, but seniors are required to work in the practice court, where realistic trials are staged so that the students may gain practical experience. , . r The Law School occupies the William W. Cook Law Quadrangle which is one of the most attractive spots on the Michigan campus. These buildings contain physical facilities for legal education which rank with the best in the nation. - ..- B In the The Gothic architecture of the Law Quadrangle is beautiful in its sim- plicity. It is a traditional stronghold in the midstof a campus which is embracing aluminum paneling and window-walls. The law student is a serious-minded individual with a strong educational purpose. Most of his activities are confined to the Law Quadrangle, where he attends classes in Hutchins Hall, reads and studies in the Legal Research Building, enjoys meals, relaxation, and social functions in the Law- yers Club, and may live in one of the dormitory sections of the Lawyers Club or the John P. Cook Building. Informal contact between students, faculty members, and visiting lawyers, judges, and professors from other law schools is encouraged by these opportunities for close association. Hard-working law students have little time for extracurricu- lar activities, but a select few have a chance to gain valuable education in the area of research and writing serving as student editors of the Michigan Law Review. 74 Springy Penny Pitching The aspiring lawyer must spend the majority of his time poring over pon- derous accumulations of detailed case reports, statutes, and a variety of other legal materials. Long black robes are suggestive of future solemnity and responsibility for meditating barristers who take the position of judges in mock court trials staged by fellow students. I: :. The study of tumorous laboratory animals is a vital element in the School ' s cancer research. 76 Medicine If a statistician tried to calculate how many pounds of text- books the medical student totes during his four years in the professional curriculum, the figure would be staggering. The tomes are heavy in both weight and content; stored within the medic ' s prodigious memory are vast numbers of technical terms and their applications. Lights are seldom extinguished in his room ; he often eats with a book propped open on the table. With frequent quizzes in each of his detailed classes and the never-ending round of State Boards, life often seems to merely consist of one examination after another. Although the med student ' s life is antiseptic, it is not antisocial. Cadu- ceus Ball is his annual splurge; but weekend study breaks relieve academic tension with gala parties unrivalled by ordinary campus functions. The well-stocked Medical Library is a pleasant spot for those endless hours of study. West Medical Building houses the School offices and the pathology and physio-chemistry labs. Anatomy class dummies are 3-dimensional jigsaw puzzles, aiding the student in memorizing the name and location of every human organ. Lights in the medical center blaze late into the night; missions of mercy are not limited to an eight hour day. 78 Facilities Medical illustrators add color to classes through vivid textbook illustrations and diagrammatic slides to be shown in lectures. Within the walls of the many medical buildings, the never- ending search for new and better cures is continually in progress. Tremendous sums of money are constantly being appropriated for added and improved facilities; in addition, the school ' s resources are often augmented by gifts and be- quests of alumni and friends. Facilities include preclinical departments in the East Medical, West Medical, and Phar- macology buildings. The vast University Hospital, with its capacity of 1,048 beds, is essentially a teaching hospital, offering the students close patient contact for the treatment of all diseases. The Hospital contains many specialized de- partments; in addition to its main building it includes the new Women ' s Hospital and Outpatient Building. In their clinical years, students also have the opportunity to study in the Veterans Administration Hospital. The Kresge Medical Research Building is a modern unit housing the medical library in addition to its extensive research facilities. Specific surgical techniques are useful long after the patient leaves the operating table through films prepared for use in classrooms. 79 I A white-coated pharmacy student operates a gleaming tablet-coating machine in the school ' s laboratory built for small-scale manufacturing. 80 Pharmacy With today ' s drug stores becoming veritable department stores, the general public has come to consider the pharma- cist a combination soda-jerk and aspirin dispenser. Although his array of bottles and jars is hidden behind sprawling display racks of comic books and Kewpie dolls, he still per- forms a vital service to humanity. The ancient pharmacy symbol, the mortar and pestle, has been replaced by the tongue-twisting label on a wonder drug bottle. As one of the public health professions, pharmacy is constantly con- tributing to the medical advancements which make the world a better, healthier place in which to live. The College of Pharmacy equips its graduates for positions in the widely varied pharmaceutical professions. Facilities include manu- facturing, prescription, analysis, pharmacognosy, and re- search laboratories, a dispensing service, and a 15,000 volume library. In the modern, well-appointed laboratories, the student learns the proper methods of compounding and dispensing prescriptions. Head ache? Dizzy? Throat sore ? Future druggists learn to fill prescriptions through work- ing in the school ' s drug store. I 3 . . .. L Nursing Administering blood pressure tests is one of the diagnostic tech- niques which are an integral part of the nurse ' s thorough training. Surplus spare time is a problem never faced by nursing students. Winter and summer, spring and fall, they trudge to widely scattered classes; their footsteps echo through countless miles of corridors. The girls cram 150 credit hours into four years, with a total of only 19 weeks vacation. No wonder the nurses receive a rousing ovation when they step up for their hard-earned diploma, inscribed " Bachelor of Science in Nursing. " Nurses training is not all bed pans and flu shots. Crisp blue uniforms are a common sight on the central campus, for the student nurse takes 60 credit hours in liberal arts. She has her first professional course during her first summer session, and begins work with patients in University hospitals during her second year. The remainder of her training emphasizes a deep, broad knowledge of nursing principles and practices. She cares for all types of patients in various hospital units, recognizing the effects ill- ness has on them and their families. Finally, with her smat- tering of liberal arts, versatility within her field, and an air of cheerful confidence, the nurse takes her place in her career and her community. Student nurses learn the prac- tical aspects involved in " The Care and Feeding of Children. " The tense drama of the operating room unfolds before the eyes of the surgical nursing students. They have the opportunity to watch University Hospital ' s adept surgeons save many lives. 83 Dentistry Tools are systematically arranged within easy reach. Although the patient ' s mouth is an awkward place for an art exhibition, students ' work is constantly subjected to careful detailed inspection. Despite all quips about dentists and their " torture " chairs, increased skill and new drugs have made the painless dentist a reality. Michigan ' s dental school has long been outstanding in training competent dentists. Each year, Dent School graduates about 90 men who have completed at least two years of liberal arts, followed by four academic years of nine months each in the professional curriculum. The new D.D.S. has watched countless demonstrations; puttered in the laboratories; and sweated long hours making wax im- pressions which must be just the right thickness and sub- mitted " by noon sharp. " Junior and senior students are each assigned a cubicle in the operative clinic, where they provide dental care at a nominal fee to those who have time to wait for it. Dental students learn to handle their patients, arrange appointments, and use craftsmanship in the fine art of fillings. 85 I . . .. .: ' ' ' ' ' ' - Apprehension before the action makes this an ordeal. The instruments look unpleasant, but the process is painless. 86 Dental Hygiene Despite all toothpaste and mouthwash testimonials, few persons are able to keep their teeth and mouths clean through their own efforts. Dental hygienists are trained to remove dinner debris and calcium deposits from patient ' s teeth, dis- cover the inevitable cavities, and chart their findings for the dentist. The dental hygiene student at Michigan matricu- lates in either a four year or a two year curriculum. The four year program requires two years of liberal arts training and courses in the Schools of Education and Public Health; the two year curriculum leads to a certificate in dental hygiene. Although her courses are taught in a separate sec- tion of the Dental School, the hygiene student works with dentistry students in the clinic. Hometown dentists are be- sieged with requests for summer jobs, for dental hygiene students are required to obtain two months ' experience as a dental assistant. Dental hygienists use the facilities of the Kcllogg Building for classes. Giving patients the proverbial pearly smile is one of the hy- gienist ' s most important jobs. w 87 . Public Health Use of the changeable chameleon in disease research has made nature ' s master of many disguises more than a mere circus souvenir. The School of Public Health is relatively new to the Uni- versity and serves as a center of professional education and research in all fields of public health. Five departments: Public Health Practice, Public Health Statistics, Epidemi- ology, Tropical Diseases, and Environmental Health make up the curriculum. The facilities of the whole University are utilized by the School and practical field experience is gained by working with local and national public health organizations. Research is also carried on at the school with grants from the W. K. Kellogg and Rockefeller Foundations, the United States Public Health Service, and others. A grad- uate may choose three fields of service to work in: adminis- trative, technical, or research. As an administrator, which usually requires a degree in medicine, one may work either with general or specific population groups. As a technician, work is available in all the practical fields, such as nursing, statistics, epidemiology, education, sanitary service, and mental health. Research embraces all the administrative activities and technical aspects of public health. Work in any of these fields is unlimited and the service rendered the public is beyond measure. Samples of drinking water are collected and tested by students as a public service measure in safeguarding residents ' health. 89 Sunning and running without a burdensome brace may soon be a dream turned to reality after continued skilled therapeutic treatments. 90 Physical Therapy Although the physical therapist ' s training program is a grueling grind, the self-satisfaction attained in her work is a more than sufficient reward. The little polio patient ' s smile when he finds that he can walk again without steel braces and cumbersome crutches; the steady progress gained by cerebral palsy victims ; and the rejoicing of the rehabilitated veteran and his family are personal milestones for the ther- apist. The physical therapist ' s curriculum includes six semes- ters of study in the basic sciences and liberal arts, followed by a full year of professional and clinical training in the Medical School. She learns to employ therapeutic exercises and massage, using the effective properties of heat, light, water and electricity. Each patient is a challenge; often patients once considered to be hopeless cases return to a useful, pain-free life after therapeutic treatments. With physical therapists in critical demand, the graduate knows she is embarking upon a career of service, satisfaction, and security. Class demonstrations teach physical therapy students the skills involved in keeping patients ' crutches from being cumbersome. Therapists give stimulating massage treatments during their clinical training in rehabilitation of weakened muscles. 92 ,- -. 2@ The season ' s first snow fall is a wondcrous event. The boy anticipates frolicing with his sled and the social worker recalls the events of his own boyhood a bond develops between them. Social Work The demand for social workers far exceeds the supply, mak- ing the field a rewarding one from both the practical and personal standpoints. As a graduate school, the School of Social Work provides professional education in the field of social welfare and research. Its students prepare for careers in social casework, concentrating on family or children ' s cases; or medical, psychiatric, or school social work. Their loving labors brighten the lives of homeless and delinquent children ; their firm hand keeps welfare cases buy ing whole- some food rather than television sets. Others do social group work in communities, organizing recreation centers and planning constructive activities for young people. Those in public welfare administration have civil service status, with protection of tenure, wide opportunities for promotion, and ample retirement benefits. A minimum of three semesters of field work is required of all degree candidates. Many students integrate theoiy and practice in dealing with child- hood maladjustments through summer work at the Fresh Air Camp. Field work in rehabilitating veterans and analyzing children ' s inner feeling requires hundreds of well-trained social workers. In their naive watercolor dabblings children unwittingly reveal subconscious conflict and antagonism to skilled social workers. 93 Horace H, quarter b the leaks loguedintl ? tiai: : Battle Cm SKI. ' ' rquired B school and ont i Eii ' " . catiodlv i Rackham School of Graduate Studies The World of the University divides as it expands. One- quarter of the University ' s enrollment is registered in the Horace H. Rackham School of Graduate Studies. One- quarter is exempt from the indignities of expulsion from the leather covered sumptiousness of Rackham ' s graduate lounges. One-quarter endures the ordeals which are cata- logued in the Daily Official Bulletin : the oral examinations, the prelims, the theses. It is a heterogeneous one-quarter. Many graduate students visit Ann Arbor only on Saturday mornings to attend special weekend classes, others par- tially fulfill requirements at Centers for Graduate Study in Battle Creek, Detroit, Grand Rapids, Flint, and Saginaw. Some study city planning, others philosophy. All covet the required B average. Michigan has been called a graduates ' school and, indeed, the graduate-undergraduate division is present. But the division represents expansion and continu- ing educational leadership. The facilities for advanced re- search and scholarship benefit both the graduate and th e undergraduate. Superficially Rackham is a world apart, edu- cationally it is a world annexed. Michigan ' s graduate students retreat to Rackham ' s plush and silent study lounge. The majestic building also provides excel- lent conference room, display salon, and auditorium facilities. f house groups In any world shelter is a basic need. In Ann Arbor a diversity of dormitories, chapter houses, co-ops, apartments, and league houses shelter the 20,000. Here is a place to study, to party, to sleep. Here are born the friendships which will endure when life in the world of the University is but a memory. I viv. ;iv.i.;.- i . Dorm Doings The urge for a bowl of hot buttered popcorn is irresistible, and if one is fortunate enough to have an honest to goodness popcorn popper, so much the better. Two coeds fill popper, forget calories. I Dorm library provides books for reading and reference, as well as current issues of popular magazines and local newspapers. The tantalizing aroma soon permeates the corridor, and inevitably attracts acquaintances who suddenly remember that they are ter- ribly hungry, and eagerly volunteer to share in the feast of popcorn. The last stubborn kernel is finally popped, and all settle down to a royal repast, only regretting that there never seems to be enough to satisfy those insatiable appetites that pop up every evening. Dormitory beds are ideal for sitting, relaxing, studying, thinking, occasionally making, and, even more rarely for genuine sleeping. Even face-washing is a community project in the dormitories, requiring the company and conversation of an obliging friend. 97 ' I South Quad Council Front Row: Carl Herkimer; Paul Mott; Joe Collins; Robin Oliver. President; John Mayne; Ron Perry; William Hanks. Back Row: Lee Stern; Rodney Blackman; Michael Anderson; Russell Holland; William Millar; John Drake; Douglas Albrecht; Joseph Silver. The blare of the jumbo juke box at the east end of South Quad ' s Club 600 competes with the TV set ' s clammer at the west end. South Quadrangle Completed in 195 1 at a cost of $5,600,000, South Quadrangle towers nine stories above the ground level. The brick and limestone building normally accommodates 1,232 men. Be- cause of the current men ' s housing shortage, the ninth floor study hall was converted into a temporary dormitory. Resi- dents in the dormitory are transferred to rooms in the residence hall system when vacancies occur. The quad is divided into seven houses, and each has its own lounge which is furnished in contemporary style. Four elevators lift the men to the upper floors and four first floor dining rooms serve the residents. Each room has built-in wardrobes, for- mica topped desks, and a private telephone. The basement of the quadrangle houses the South Quad Council ' s meeting rooms, radio studios, music practice rooms, and Club 600. For the diligent, a comfortable library, a study hall, and a typing room are provided. Club 600. with its formica tables and fluorescent lighting, is a mecca for the hungry student and the television fan. It was thronged with faculty while the Union remodeled. . South Quad offers the photographer a modern darkroom. Musicians, ping pong players, and radio enthusiasts also find various facilities in the building. 99 Gomberg Front Row: Paul Lin; Allan Stillwagon; Pershing Lin; Dick Smith; Lloyd Golman; Stan Johnson; George Sawyer; Tai Kim; Marv Hinchen. Second Row: Don Parko; Jim Miller; Phil Berns; Mort Efron; John Drake; Mrs. Edith Lynch; Stan Bliss; Paul Cusick; Bill Ginter; Bill Toyama; Duncan Magoon. Third Row: Gerry Hendershott; Randy McClaflin; Bob Mclnnes; Don Treder; Walt Briney; Joe Sentkeresty; Rick Dow; Dick Borth; Richard Scamehorn; Dick Snyder; Ron Merrit; B ll Congo; Don Kay; Herb Schley; John Landeryou; Pete Cartwright. Back Row: Rod Kolmorgan; Harry Detweiler; John York; Ralph Duggard; Jerry Bruemmer; Clark Rose; Norm Wolfe; Joe Decker; Bob Schecter; Walt Johnson; Bob Richter; Jerry Barren; Bob Steed; Dick Robbins; Harvey Berman. Front Row: Earl Gottschalk; George Chase; Eugene Williams; Wayne Currie; Bill Fors; Walt Newsom; Harry Kotsis; Tom Russ; Kurt Lauckner; Fred Steingold. Second Row: Pete Marudas; Dave Holland; Dick Naragon; Roger Daugherty; Lin Hanson; Jim Knister; Dick MacQueen; Bill Wurst; Kent Dalley; Pete Harris; Fred Channon; Paul Goodman; Roger Smith. Third Row: Bill MacPhee; Bob Wilcox; Dave Treglown; Bob Gardner; Bill Burton; Ken Swarts; Nick Christopher; Jack Grunawalt; Lee Stern; Bob Mattson; Mike Lutsch; Steve MacArthur; Tom Allen; Bob Sewell; Don Kea: Roger Seymour; Mike Goetz; Ed Foulks; Reid Winston; Jerry Richards; Bill Graessley. Back Row: Charles Barnes; Ron Evasic; Dee Ackles; Chuck Saxon; Lynn Evans; Russ Wells; John Feledy; Bob DeHilster; Ed Godfrey; Ted Wilcox; Dave Stawski; John Bosma; Jack Dubois; Mike Sakkinen; Tom Blues; Art Even; Irving Oleinick: Dick Kane; Larry Marks; Robert Robbins; Roger Burau. DM AI. LaSatt:. liaim:Pt BW.I Stenrt. ' Prfl:D kilo, First Row: James Burbank; Gordon Lapidcs; Terry Sam; Thomas Johnston; Charles Elstrodt; Dale McGinlcy; Norman Miller; Malvin Leibowitz; Austin Dunn. Second Row: Jerome Salle; John Hoey; William Fisher; Richard Wall; Mrs. Florence Atkinson; Michael Cherry; David Atkinson; Richard Burdick; Gerald Schuur; Rohinton Bhada. Third Row: Russell Rayman; Leonard Bloomfield; Jerome Katz; John LaSage; Allen Dangremond; Thomas Nott; Douglas Albrecht; David Wong; James O ' Brien; Ralph Londal; David Brindle; Larry Wil- liams; Peter Ecklund; Angelo Karampelas. Back Row: Denton Hanford; Ray Voss; Theodore Kotila; Ray Boman; Bruce Foucek; Clark Bassett; Duncan Hudson; Frances MacMillan; Richard Osius; Gary Stollsteimer; Martin Vorgitch; George Berquist; Lester Coffman. Front Row: Dayton Selby; Robert Sparks; James Danikolas; Raymond McAdams; Edward Stoyack; Donald Aldridge; Lamar MacNutt. Second Row: Kenneth Tucker; Barry Strauss; Richard Wall; John Mayne: Mrs. Florence Atkinson; Robert Burgee; Lawrence Stafford; Stewart Aron; Wilbur Holmes. Third Row: Maurice Barancik; Daniel Daly; Joseph Murphy; William Wilson; Roland Talbot; Gerald Pavlik; David Garnaat; Richard Gersten; George Elison; Jerry Hedetniemi; Kenneth Frederick; Hugh Black; Albert Svec; Richard Jossem. Back Row: William Kimbrough; Richard Light; Donald Giller; Richard Schultz; Thomas Cook; DeWitt Irwin; William Butterfield; Arthur Simon; William Brumm; Leo Zeleney; Alan Rosenbluth; Jerry Belyea; Thomas Nagy; Harold Lord. Kelsey tl It Front Row: Jose Ramirez-Acosta; Sylvere Houques-Fourcade; Thomas Ghyscls; William Granse. Second Row: Herbert Freedland: Howard Saxer; Robert Mortenson; Charles Steiner; John Langs; Fred Galperin; David Price; Charles Ashley; Ross Whaley. Third Row: Howard Nash; Werner Koenig; Alan Parker; Frederick Woodhams; Hubert White; Olney Craft; Donald Booth; Jay Billingsley; Howard Davis; Max Rogers. Back Row: Gerald Grossman; David Gelfand; Harvey Pearce; John Piazza; Samuel Sandweiss; Melvin Foster; Charles Sims; Rich- ard Wentzel; Alan Parkman; Robert Adams; David Brown; Maurice Phillips. Front Row: Philip Buerk; John Schick; William Hanks; Rodney Blackman; Fred Robins. Second Row: Lewis Craine: Michael Fisher; Thomas Ray; Franklin Smith; Mrs. Eloise Drake; Hugh Fleetwood; William King; Eugene Derricotte; Marshall Cohen; Richard Eisenstein. Third Row: James McBurney; Paul Kosmensky; Michael Reynolds; John Matthews; Richard Copeland; Gerald Miley; Robert Cherba; Philip Yalowitz. Back Row: William Stern; John Heath; Robert Conn; Gerald Merritt; John Hubbard; Alvin Schwartz; Seymour Manello; Hugh Kennedy; William Muir; Richard Carson. : ! j ! II Reeves r ' . Front Row: Brian Kidston: John Ramsey; James Waidley; James Hulctt: John Tomcho: Dave Mortenson; Sidney Blanc; Thomas Rothen- berg; Robert Winters. Second Row: Bernard Wehring; Jerrold Winsky; James Smith: Steve Csintyan; Fred Nahabedian; Thomas Mc- Dowell; Ford Wright; Dave Collier: John Stewart; Jim Mosby. Third Row: Allen MacKeller; Bob Kirshner: Tom Kemp; Foster Gibbs; Norman Campbell: Carl Tresselt: M. C. Burton: Bill Millar; Dick Austin: Myron Gus; Walter Allen; John Edlemen; Tom Edlemen; Bill Leichman. Back Row: Roger Bertoia; Grant Bowbeer; George Evans; Jack Kelley; Hal Poindexter; John Baxter; Art Kajawski; James Foote; Bill Nieman; Ken Burgess: Ron Todd: Fred Rotz; Dallas Wytonic; Tom Smith; Pete Sharkey; Don Fritz. Front Row: Clem Kolk; John Dwyer; Garry Herman; Dan Kutt: Don Kimpel: Carl Werner: Dave Tulos. Second Row: Dave Hafford; Chris Huang: Leo Delaney; Dick Beer: Bill Vitale; Bill Golubics; Dick Kabaker; Earnest Socha; Gerry Olson; Carl Badgley; Jerry Thornton. Third Row: Jay Bobb; Jack Olson; Bill Stewart: Charles Waldron; Robert Packard: Mr. William Helms; Walter WMseman: Harrold Baar; Barry Poulson: Bill Bennett: Paul Gass. Back Row: Llewellyn Fulton: Dick Bowman; Charles Pickett; Jim Bates; Doyle Mclntosh; Dick Rieder; Charles Pittenger; Chris Kiefer; Richard Ray; Ron Wolf. n rv n i B . ' . ' Scott Front Row: William Smink; John Maurer; Michael Anderson; John Rogers; George Bitzer; Phillip Smith; Douglas Lewis; Earl Duryea; Craig Ballinger; Ralph Mitchell; Charles Proudfit; Geary Rummler. Second Row: Robert Blossey; Edward Grimaldi; Ronald Gest; John Shep- herd; Charles Grobi; Laurence Kersten; Danny Bedsole; Mrs. Wood; Albert Smallman; Robert Hembel; George Mason; Alvin Reznik; Robert Newell; Charles Hurwitz; William Penner; Rudolph Stakeman. Third Row: Jean Lewis; Richard Burt; Sutin Pongpanich; Frederick Toepel; Donald Weise; Theodore Travis; John Corey; Dale Mohr; Alan Wineman; George Woodman; Frank Clark; David Taeusch; Kim Gardey; Jerry Schneider; Donald McGhee; Robert Gantzos; James Robinson; Frederic Weiss; Jack Ginsberg; David Tarr; Michael Rubin; Keith DeVries; Gene Bailey. Back Row: Edward Brown; Robert Spehar; Arthur Gavin; Bruce Hubal; Stewart Frank; Melvin Gay; James Brady; John Barrett; Paul Plato; Roger Warner; Herbert Smith; James Donohue; Russel Holland; Harold Richards; Ralph Ramelmeicr; Albert Blaser; Dale McGhee; Richard Roland; Lewis Engman; Warren Sherman; Cowan Brown; Kendall Kirkbride; James Park. Frail Mrm: Front Row: Howard Yaffe; Stuart Jaffe; Myron Samovitz; Leon Monroe; Michael Kraft; William Guinness; David O ' Brien; Mario Tuc- ciarone. Second Row: Stanley Deline; Donald Osburn; John DeMott; Maurice Richter; Donald Cutler; Alexander Dimant; George Hamann; Robert Hillman; Richard Goodin; Peter Eckstein; Melvyn Birnkrant. Third Row: Tim Kraft; Jerry Boyd; John Gerber; Bert Forsmark; Thomas Bickel; Johnson Woods; Richard Fowler; Dennis Davidson; John Widman; Robert Lauer; Howard Breindel; Raymond Maginn; Jerry Smi th; William Hickman. Back Row: David Schultz; Roger Greenbcrg; Donald Koster; Lauren Schott; Richard Kaufman; Stanley Pratt; Kenneth Coopey; Dolf Bass; Theodore Roumell; Don Cameron: David Newman; Alex Anckonie; James Elsman; Bruce Maxian; John Emanuelsen. j IKooi Taylor y ft. ft f f p M - ?Mn?t f . ,-J L - . ' t: Front Row: Robert Chitestcr; John Juntunen; James Wittenberg; John Deering; William Eisenbeiser; James Mitchell; James Springsteen; John Katherler; Frank Sinclair; Claude Robinson; J. N. Carr. Second Row: Julian Hdler; Doug Holden; Richard Bloss; Kingsley Graham; Norman Mirsky; Kenneth Gometz; Mrs. Harryman; Frank Johnston; William VanOosterhout; Samuel Corl; Gerald Meyer; John Rose; Dexter Thede. Third Row: Cecil Van Alsburg; Jules Myer; John Taylor; Gerald Hanson; Daniel Provinc; John Stone; R. T. Jones; Blake Arnold; Nicholas Havinga; Haden MacRae; David Blood; Norman Johnson; Vernon Nahrgans; Michael Freel; Phillip Ragains; Dennis Goodharline; Richard Burgess; Richard Grossman. Back Row: James Valentin; James Shingleton; Gerald Kaminsky; Jeffrey Mundel; Wayne Jones; George Stathopoulus; Eugene Krenzberger; Mark deVelder; Donald Sproat; James Ebert; Daniel Goodrich; Paul Schultz; Lawrence Levine; Albert Meyer; Donald Dunton; Robert Stein. Front Row: Gordon Parker; Anthony Efremoff; Thomas Cornea; Robert Ball; Marcus Hendershott; Marshall Badt; Frank Tranzow; Richard Zern; John Riddle; James Acheson; Thomas Harris; Gordon Allardyce. Second Row: Winston Orcutt; Thomas Capua; John Durnton; Eugene Chardonl; Richard Bird; Mrs. Harryman; Jorge Boehringer; Frederick Cratts; Richard Ford; Thomas Rice; Richard Harding; Richard Schuster; Russell Hinkle; Peter Early. Third Row: Robert Manor; Arnold Ruskin; Mark Menzel; Arlen Bass; Frank Nagy; John Quigley; William Gang; Joseph Oyden; Francis Newton; John Stull; Charles VanArman; Ronald Scovera; Bert Bez; Harold Grisoni; Harold Canfield; Donald Patterson; Thomas Lyons; Donald Spencer; David Gumenick. Back Row: Logan MacDowell; Henry Pontius; Roger Gottfried; Karl Licchty; Ronald Hedlund; George Lindquist; John Evensen; James Knoulton; William Corson: Earl Most; Homer Nahabe- tian; James Smith; James Stephan; John Halpern; Gerald Meier; Thomas Nicholls; Paul Shultz; Jekabs Zvirbulis; Clare Butos; Joseph DeCook; James McDonald. K . t Van Tyne Front Row: Paul Maker: Richard Annablc: Robin Ollivier; Waleed Kararhy; Richard Kovncr; Allan Tweedle; Hugh Montgomery; Mitchell Radich; Jack Forsythe; John Smallwood. Second Row: Ronald Rogers; David Maker; William Segesta; Douglas White; Richard Lynch: William Russell; Mrs. Edward Bailey; William Richmond; Andrew Cosgarea, Jr.; Ralph Ortwig; Clancy McKenzie; Wayne Arner; Robert Havens. Third Row: Robert Waltz; Donald Sarna; Hugh Van Houten: Donald Schurr; William Stegall, Jr.; Robert Hughes: Kenneth Rice: David Johnson; Richard Gerber; Henry Appelman; Bernie Tautz: Carl Herkimer; Cyrus Hopkins; Paul Heenan: John Milionis; Warren Windisch; Richard Wright. Back Row: Donald Harris; Charles Myers; Eric Warden; James Stephen; Kent Bennett; John Soderman; James Foulke; Jack Rice: Ronald Perry; Michael Burke; John Burkhart: Sherwood Dusterwinkle; Glen Bachelder; Joseph Zawadske; M artin Mai- kin; Paul Farber. Front Row: Melvin Jones; Paul Kerastas; Donald Hieber; Julian Kolod; Peter Mekas; John Hall; Richard Sherwood; Edward Sanger: Brian Stott; Martin Zeldes. Second Row: Kent Ugoretz; Ascher Eckerling; Arthur Friedman; Stanley Bilsky; David Lundberg; Joel Zuger; Kenneth Cherven; Harold Schmidt; Chandler Parker; Peter Wolff; Ronald Zeilinger; Harold Narotsky; Richard Miller. Third Row: Fletcher Lavery; Roger Gohl; William Dalgliesh; John Noerr; Earl Figley; George Powell; David Amos; Robert Richter; Roland Stuebner; Don Davis; Jack York; Charles Kass: Robert Schulz; Robert Sawicki; James Shedlowsky; James Church; Frederick Wilten; John Nelson; Victor Nelson. Back Row: John Weisenfluh; John Payne; Earle McGarvah; Bernard Jeltema; James Robertson; Thomas McCain; Stephen Zier; Bruce Walter; Addison Smith; Robert Shannon; Henry LaBaere; Robert Westerberg; Ronald Bebe; John Harlan; Jacob Frcgo; John Green; Ron- ald Green; Richard Brewer. Frail to W.D Half. p opened i, fXI West Quadrangle West Quad Council. Front Row: Merv Gerson; George Nadell; Harry Kincaid; Jerry Janecke; Nelson Howe. Second Row: Don Snohr; Norwood Dixon; Jim Bauch: Dorothy Uren; John Sikorski; Carol Hotham. Back Row: John Ruiz: Rolla Baumgartner; Dave Harris; Fank Ray: Bob Levin; Jack Hale. The Yule log blazing on the hearth keynotes West Quad ' s Holly Hop. The pre-Christmas dance is a traditional holiday event. The first of the quadrangles, West Quad was the original proving ground for the Michigan House Plan. Conceived to supplement the formal educational facilities of the Uni- versity the plan stresses the advantages of residence hall living and recognizes the value of student government in University living units. Representatives from each of West Quad ' s eight houses were on the West Quad Council. The Council maintains five music practice rooms and the Strauss Library for residents. The radio station which transmits through the electrical wiring system is regulated by the Quad Council and the finances for intraquad student organizations are handled by this coordinating group. The quadrangle normally accommodates 1,047 men, but because of the se- vere shortage of coed housing in 1953, Chicago House was opened to women. Coed living ended in February, 1956, when the women moved to Couzens. 107 9. tt Adams Front Row: Louis Rosenbaum; Ralph Bleyacrt; William Hulka; William Dais; James Beissel; George Robertson; Merril Fay; Joel Koenig. Second Row: Hugh Foy; Fred Poposki; Clarence Peterson; Dick Eriksen; Jim Whittcn; Mrs. M. B. Dickerman; Raymond Rowley; John Emery; Frank Mentus; Alan Zimmerman; Marvin Resnikoff; Charles Waite. Third Row: Kenneth Anderson; David Hedrick; Gary Sprague; Richard Jones; John Ohlson; Walter Wegst; Donald Mage; Donald MacLennon; George Jones; David Scharphorn; Bernard Bebeau. Back Row: Richard Thompson; Robert Copeland; Michael Miller; James Richman; Robert Cook; Donald Warbelow; Joseph Berube; Robert Co- hodes; Douglas Finney; Ian MacNiven; Clyde Brough. Froniti Mi:.: MH jv:Do Jit ' tSn Front Row: Robert Groff; Frederick Steel; James McColl; Ralph Marlatt; Stanley Weiss; Robert Greene; Edward McKenzie; James Fitz- simmons; Lawrence Weingarten; Frederick Parker. Second Row: Fred Poposki; Dean Reichenbach; Glen Young; Clarence Peterson; Jim Whitten; Mrs. M. B. Dickerman; Raymond Rowley; Edward Gallagher; Karl Lindfors; Richard Luplow; Gary Dysert; Allen Altham; Ira Bernstein; James Kuhlman. Third Row: Thomas Flint; Timothy Swanson; Philip Gchring; Dale Rice; Ronald Ormerod; Jack Clark; Wen- del Willmann; William Perpich; David Wickham; William Lewis; Victor Kuffler; Eugene Miller. Back Row: Michael Svirsky; David Ross; David Weisberg; Ralph Owings; Michael Meredith; David Danes; Robert Levin; Thomas Love; Waldemar Palutke; Franklin Friedman; Frank Randak; Michael Summer; John Blakey. Fwl put: It nut: V Sttnlrv ton. GU Filth FnnlD On: En Allen Rumsey Front Row: Dick Green; Lyle Brewer; Thomas Windcknecht; Philip Welch; Karl Stone; Hubert Reimer; John Batdorff ; William Dixon ; Joseph Mitchell. Second Row: Karl Andrews; Helmut Bach; Karl Johnson; James Koller; Fred Buhler; Mrs. Mildred Hale; Thomas Propson; David Harris; Robert Waldeck; James Ward; David Caplan. Third Row: Joseph Royston; Edward Parker; Chester Lehman; Timothy Jane- way; Donald Hillier; Burton Aaronson; Thomas Thomas; Henry Clapp; Alan Greenberg; Ralph Waehner; James Rubenson; Anthony Taddeo; Jack Seeley. Back Row: Paul Walker; John Walper; Morton Goldburg; Max Miller; David Knox; Ronald Riem; Donald Maxwell; Ronald Burkhard; John Larson; John Boston; Robert Parr; Warren Bow; Richard Szczotka; Charles Powers; James Gwynn. Front Row: Robert Stasuik; Hamilton Phillips; John Berwald; Edmund Lowrie; William Krag; John Asbeck; Edward Allen; Arvin Philip- part; Roger Hamblin; Joseph Parrinello; Richard Maslyn. Second Row: Richard Flasher; William Lawrence; Michael Cohen; Paul Ber- man; Neil Booth; Melvin Zelasko; Mrs. Mildred Hale; Thomas Propson; John Osmer; Adam Pachana; Conrad Kreger; Vickers Hansen; Stanley Rosequist. Third Row: John Weichsel; William Gaffney; James Phillips; Joseph Johnston; Robert Egly; David Braker; John Mik- ton; Gary Thomas; John Ruiz; Bob Rodgers; David Moore; Clarence Higby; Ronald Schmidtling; Richard Gustafson; Joseph Poodry; Finn Roed; Chester Skinner. Back Row: Robert Stahl; Ivan Wade; Gerald Miller; William Fay; John Cowlin; Harold Oemke; William Stoner; Frank Dasse; Charles Fine; John Sprague; Michael Barie; Edwardo Santamario; Robert Cook; Donald Telford; William Seeman; William Orr: Erwin Hahn. Chicago Front Row: Sandra Fair; Constance Kusz; Sue Laurence; Ann Faulkner; Belli- Bisno; Lysbet Hoffman; Donnajean Bristol; Gretchen Gild- ner; Susie Le Blanc; Lois Lambert. Back Row: Beverly Jacques; Claudette Hitt; Margery Blatchley; Jo Ann Kowalski; Diane Bickle; Iris Rosenblatt; Jacquie Holt; Patsy Armstrong; Marilyn Knaggs; Cecile Friedlander. Front Row: Ilene Maki; Marlynn Rosenthal; Joan Rosen; Joan Apps; Beverly Walkowicz; Barbara Hoddy; Mary Jilbert; Sarah Jackson; Doris Denessen; Shelley Sklut; Sally Sachs. Second Row: Rosemary Hicks; Pam Keena; Sue Laurence; Dorothy Johnson; Carolyn Rea; Anita Bobick; Lois Taterka; Joan Ganis; Suzanne Sinclair; Dorothy Brandon; Arlene de Cook; Carol Hotham; Alexandria Paradzinski. Third Row: Barbara Thrun; Joann Gugel; Priscilla Oppenheim; Peggy Patten; Jane Clark; Yvonne Jacobson; Barbara Noles; Susan Miller; Mary Anne Pahl; Roslyn Heim; Janet Keyes; Sally Eckwall; Virginia Lane; Marilyn Clark; Karla Walke; Sally DeBolt; Shulumith Seefor; Marcia Silber. Back Row: Jane Binding; Teresa Sikorski; Patsy Uchill; Dorothy Uren; Ann Blackwood; Dorothy Thompson; Marianne Mobre; Marva Lan- ouette; Helga Frank; Caroline Poertner; Barbara Agler: Peg Lutton; Judy Sherwin; Gail Rosene; Virginia Terzian; Shirley Zao. Lloyd i Gil. Jth Front Row: Jim Beaupre; Walt Williams; Bruce Fox; Tandy Sullivan; Mrs. McCutcheon; Paul Moore; Maynard Goldman; Ken Mc- Daniels; Don Snohr: Dick Metzler. Second Row: Jack Allmen; John Heggener; Carlton Maile; Phil Surratt; Gordon Ryan; Bill Martin; Frank Ray; Dick Arentz; Bob Anderson; Rodney Panian; Bruce Loomis. Back Row: Dave Flores; Pete Penegor; Larry Horacek; Pete Goshia; Jim Black: Bob Maes; Jim Barden; Doug Jarrctt. Front Row: George Davis; Otto Schaefer; Jim Urban; Larry Carbonelli; Wes Muth: Hill Goldman; Dave Littell; Martin Amundson; Don Pethick. Second Row: Tom Jaillet: Don La Valley; Barry Connell; Jerry Strelick; Bill Parks; Bill Boonstra; Larry Leach; Bob Platt; Lou Sacchetti; Bob Hornick; Seb Litzenburger; Bob Olson. Third Row: Larry Darish; Glen Pusscher; Bob Welch; Ralph Orlandi; Glenn Kopp; Hank La Brun; Pat Killean; Doug Orvis; Stacey Daniels; Doug McColl: John Melgaluis; Bob Beach; Steve Flagg; Bill Grant. Back Row: Crf Martin; Jim Gordon; Art Schoenstadt; Mike Meade; Jim Pryce; Jim Meyers; Tom Boyer; Doug Dueweke; Bob Morse; Dick Papp; Garry Cosens: Jim Lyness; Gary Willcock; Ray Gee. I " " 71 f 7 ' Michigan n Front Row: Edward Gorman; Robert Herbart; David Rochna: James Flanagan; Stephen Schwartz; Keith McKenna; Gordon Sheill; Jerry Hull. Second Row: Robert Scott; Robert Bruton; James Daran; Charles Stevens; Richard Bcldin; Stanley Rock; Alvin Sulkes; Micheal Rosen; R udolf Bickel; Richard Slayton. Third Row: William Miner; Dennis Carlson; Norman Komar; Stuart Siegal; Jerry Lawrence; Roger Chenoweth; Robert Kirby; John Makowski; Marian McCall; Richard MacDonald; Edward Vandervelde; Wilho Tuomala; Norman Smithe. Back Row: Frederic Nott; Alvis Auseklis; Jack Stone; Roy Reynolds: Gordon Hutchinson; Thomas Hudak; Russell Reed; James Wisdom; Donald Post; Howard Wolnowski; Roger Mitzel. Front Row: Bruce Nordquist; Robert Kruger; Darryl Hills; Max Coon; Richard Jackson. Second Row: Gurney Pearsall; Micheal Bolan; Robert Wilks; Joseph Walker; Gerald Wolkon; James Budd; Charles Thomas; James Edmonds; Frederic Miller; John Aurelia. Third Row: Lyle Sensenbrenner; Dennis Van Alst; Mark Shaevsky; Norwood Dixon; William Nash; George Wilson; Frank Cannestra; Micheal Monag- han; Bruce Shoquist; Robert Quay; Samah Helal. Back Row: Sebastian Caro; Richard Hopkins; Larry Miller; James Bakeman; Edward Preston; Charles Alexander; Donald McCubbery; Thomas Martin; Dennis Miles; James Herbert; Victor Halycz. ; TrdNau joxphG Sham; DodiD Wenley Front Row: Robert Lancy: Robert Lusko; Alexander Chiesi; Robert Osintoski; Lawrence Dodd; Robert Jensen; George Schuur; Kent Cher- netski; Donald Murwin; Leslie Benet. Second Row: Lawrence Wiedmayer; Edward Mihalik: Paul Brabenec; Hans Baumgardt: George Petrie; Donald Moery; Carl Borders: Donald Kimball; Malcolm Walker; Christopher Hussy; Walter Hall. Back Row: Bruce Bennett; Robert Amove; Ted Naugle; Peter Rottenbucher; Daniel Arnold; Eugene Nedilsky; Dwight Baptist; Milt Bardon; George Turner; James Bower. Front Row: Mark Outcalt; Jack Neumeyer; Jerome Chapnick; Robert Andrew; Eliot Kabak; Alan Winkelstein; James Ward. Second Row: Joseph Goulet; James Brewbaker; Alan Dauer; John Stong; Mrs. Eva McCormick; Russell Gregory; Kenneth Watson: Jerome Ostrov; Thomas Shearer; Richard Blackford. Third Row: Daniel Tobias; Berney Stollman; Jay Carlson: Robert Jurczyszyn; Doug Brunnell; Clark Dejonge: Daniel Laviolette: Robert Ashton; Warren Pelton; Mervyn Gerson; James Hoenig. Back Row: Sundru Malkani: Charles Miller; Richard Dodd: Duane Wood; Robert Kleeb; James Scott; Richard Criger; George Fishman; Tony Martin; David Horwitz; Norman Dane. A Williams Front Row: Phil Irvin; Bob Armbruster; Dave Rciter; Dick Rubin; Mrs. Mallet; Art Berlin; John Stciner; Armin Jocz; Al Tochet; Tom Hitch- man. Second Row: Bob Currie; Gary Miner; Jim Dennany; Pete Goldstein; Leonard Decker; Ron Deem; Dick Nord; Bob Galbraith; Quincy Hauss; Dave Walingford; Tom Johnson. Back Row: Joe Bassett; Brian Higgins; Marshall Fruman; Harold Silberman; Merrick Mooney; Bill Addison; Scott Lancaster; Bob Berebitsky; Bruce Gehman; Stu Lupschutz. Front Row: Jack Tackney; Chuck Jennings; Jim Schmidt; Dan Jaffe; Bob Stevens; Lian-Kai Lim; Dave Mishel; Jack Lewis; Dick Bishop; John Burkhart; Dave Perry; Steve Shane. Second Row: George Nadell; George Corsiglia; Bob Crosby; Bruce Karash; Glen Smith; Cornelius Sippel: Mrs. Mallett; Phil Yen; Lou Siglioff; John Ackerman; Larry Gusman; Joe Tiziani; Irwin Hicks; Jim McClintock; Jim Segesta. Third Row: Anton Deszily; Bob Lovell; Dave Watts; Doug Teeples; John Swanberg; Dick McNellis; Bill Leibengood; Al Larson; Ed Baldwin; Vince Wilson; Dave Schwartz; Gerald Green; Herb Appel; Jim Roberts; Bob Wingler; Ben Ginyard; Frank Jooper; Gehard Konrad; Carl Pingel; Frank Verbeke. Back Row: John Landry; Bill Berlin; Gerry Boyd; Andy Dickson; Tom Dick; Barry Cutler; Jim Beley; Paul Lowley; Jim White; Keith Nolan; Dale Preister; Roger Daniel; Jack Allen; John Lucas; John Giannias; Tom Motherwell; Ernest Bublitz; Jim Gold; Tony Hirt. Wincbell r o. Front Row: Gary Grunwald; Mike Reh; Fred Morre; Joe Liu; Rudy Blatt; Hugh West; Lonnie Boykins; Martin Pitek. Second Row: Tom Howden; Ed Schlatterer; Dave Muhn; Russ Dodge; Frank Bracy; Mrs. W. H. Lytle; Art Graham; Bill Mortimer; Dick Thombs; Kuo-Chiew Quan; Paul Ritamann. Third Row: Stewart Bower; Al Cohen; Charles Schaefer; Earl Clemens; Karl Zollner; Charles Ciotti; Joe Schneider; Ed Becker; Bill Dennison; Tony Worth; Dave Williams; Bob Hartlein; Charles Blank; Kent Olsen. Back Row: Larry Wilhelmi; Jerry Levy; Steve Mayor; Serge Delgado; Joe Flora; Wayne Carlson; Karl Marsh; Dave Vargas; Jim Childs; John Elder; Bob Karchevski; Bill Seils. tj-.Jk Front Row: Haig Kasabach; Larry Elliott; John Beaudoin; Dick Silbar; Ken Katre; Jim Bauch; Felix Birch. Second Row: Harold Watts; Norm Jacobs; Donald Schermer; Ed Sevilla; Ken Cutler; Mrs. W. H. Lytle; Art Graham; John Sikorski; Dick Daum; Frank McLennon; Dick DeBeck. Third Row: Ted Hietala; Joe Kosco; Bob Metzger; Dave Stanton; Dave Deuter; Don Totten; Donald Brinkman; John Sheldon; Jack Landin; Asa Wright. Back Row: Karl Berg; Ed McDermott; John Schroeder; Bill Mason; Harry Kincaid; Robert Solotaroff; Jack Boers; John Kearney; Ralph Bunnell. PS i I r " T i vf. } L- Front Row: George Litwin; Pete Heraper; Bruce Meyer; Ken Kline. Second Row: Brenda Wehbring; Larry Keller; Karen Grooms; Bob War- rick; Pe te Knoblock; Mr. Philip Lucasse; Reed Kenworthy; Jane Long. Back Row: Roger Barnes; Herb Sigman; Frank Lemkey; Dave De- vries; Joel Gottlieb; Al Klein; John Suhr. East Quad Council " On the Air " in East Quad- rangle. In the new studio between the office and con- trol room in the quad base- ment, the station originates live programs to the campus. East Quadrangle East Quadrangle, last stronghold of coed living on campus, accommodates 813 men and 236 women in its eight houses. The East Quad Council, which represents all residents, is the coordinating group for the houses. The Council sponsors the quadrangle ' s social program and handles all intra-quad affairs. Operation Ransom, the Council ' s major project, is the transformation of the East Quad basement into modern music practice rooms, meeting rooms, and radio station studios. During the spring semester the facilities for broad- casting were completed and WCBN returned to the air in East Quadrangle. The station originates a varied selection of news and music programs. It is a member of the Campus Broadcasting Network which transmits to the three quads and the women ' s residence halls. The new studios were fi- nanced by advertising revenue and funds from Operation Ransom. Although neither sleet nor snow shall stay the post of- fice, a reply with check enclosed is not guaranteed. Operation Ransom is dedicated to the late Charles Benzinger. As a Quad Council member he conceived the plan. 117 Anderson Front Row: Robert Osborne; Herbert Sigman; Fred Smith; Robert Criss; Miss Sara Rowe; Joel Margenau; Fred Heyner; Mike Gaston; Ronald Bowen. Second Row: James Wright; Donald Larsen; Dick Mason; William Pastoor; Thomas Ainslie; Edgar Coffman; Delmar Rob- bins; Eugene Mrowka; Donald Cosgrove. Back Row: Dennis Dungan; Barry Fasbender; David Haartz; Ronald Thompson; Robert Konecny; Pierce Klazer; Donald Lewis; Elwin Brainerd; Alexander Burdinie. Front Row: Charles Hanton; Dick Miller; Jim Hays; Dennis Dungan; Wayne Smith; Ivan Miyamoto; Ernest Constantino; Richard Bon- nette. Second Row: Jim Benagh; Barry Neft; Thomas Frank; Len Manheim; Bob Criss; Miss Sara Rowe; Joel Margenau; Dave DeVries; Tom Thompson; Joe Lasky; Robert Krohn. Third Row: William Buehler; Paul Earth; Robert Munroe; Gordon Meinhard; William Leonard; Fred Stegenga; Willard Taylor; Richard Ward; Charles Jones; Alan Weinberg. Back Row: Ernest Plant; Mortan Friedman; Bob Wright; Wesley Leonard; John Dixner; David Bishop; Robert Brandon; Donald Ridley; Charles Croninger; Wayne Garchow. mm Cooky r n f - f f I Front Row: Bob Dwan; John Dulik; Steve Boros; Stan Cool; Bruce Champion; Rod MacDonald; Bill Sommers; Bruce McGarvey; Dale Yearick. Second Row: Bill VandenBosch; John Locker; Dick Moore; Dave Cornwell; Al Epstein; Joel Gottlieb; Mrs. Loretta Dornan; Jack Myers; Dick Pompian; Emil Lebedovych; Won Jin Song; Floyd Bell. Third Row: Joel Stout; Bob Confer; Boyd Henderson; Pete Knoblock; Bob Bolton; Gene Matsco; Bob Poel; Dan Stobierski; Ken McDowell; Paul Treado; Ed Gordon; Gene Grey; Pat O ' Brien; Bob Bourbon- nais; Bert Kothonen. Back Row: John Vaivoda; Pete Ekstrom; Lee Freeman; Keith Oppeneer; Kim Greene; Neil Grey; Glenn Kaijala; Gerry Braun; Walt Miller; Jack Glascock; Steve Jakus; Ray Engel; Don Shepard; Bob Lutz. Front Row: Jim Hayslett; Paul Melvin; Pete Smith; Jim Gallander; Phil Silver-man; Fred Hess; Joe Devyak; Dave Boros; Walt Hall; Ed Freeman; Don Striker; Roger Sjolund; Bob Galen. Second Row: Tom Creed; Bob Slebodnik; Connor Lazarov; Dave Chesley; Joel Gold- berg; Bob Ogburn; Milan Majarov; Gerald Johnson; Doug Hard; Jack Johnson; Jim Green; Jere Sweeney; Tony Buzun; Roger Pietras; f nn rrr Urtll i.ff ,r I ' ll!...! Q n.... T " C 1. " . ' !!.. . r T " Tl . A 1 T ' I If- 1 T 1 tf ' 1 r ' r T r . 1 1 1 J n " j J " -J -rn j 1 1 j.i, s i i lllY , J im Ajl_l,v, i ll u _WtlWll. ln r XXUW. llCtll ml JLMUUj 1 O.I 1 lllllCgaJl; IVlalSl Gene Ferrel; Lew Hahn; Bill Follette; Joel Bussell; Paul Zenian: Denny Hilligan; Ron Mariani: Larry Wolf; Norm Dick Reichle: Komol Juratunka; Emilio Rivas; Heilborn Love: Raffi Torovan: Emil Kaczmir. Knutsen; Ed Michelana; Green Front Row: Jerry Wikstrom; Kenneth Kline: Thomas Tziahanas: Mrs. M. Baker; Franklin Lemkey: Fred Stedman; Wayne Warren. Second Row: Richard Pratt; George Page; Edwin Jatkowski; Warren Hamill; Raylord Jarosz; Val Milholland; Donald Jevitt; Robert Jachim; Ronald Tanis. Back Row: David Kahrnoff; Robert Curtis; Philip Nogglc; Louis Dame; Kenneth Baker; Danial Crockett; Robert Dietz; John Eggebrecht. Front Row: Alfonso Qua; David Newton; Kenneth Preston; Mrs. M. Baker; Louis Dame; Richard Dilley; Richard Ochlschlager. Second Row: Wade Hargadon; Michael Erode: Bruce Maddock; Jack Kleid; John Briggs; William Marin; Gordon Banks; Robert Blue; Richard Rab- bideau; Oliver Marcotte. Back Row: Mathew Pcrrera: James Sherman; Bernard Salzman; Leonard Williams; Guillermo Lozano; Jeoffry Campe; James White; Joseph Lockwood; Eugene Gi-rken: John Lynch; Neil Chassman. itwl: Hayden Front Row: Jerry Wright: Paul Lund: Jim Grady: Gerald Priebe: Bill Seabright; Bob Kovar; Kent Vana; Stan Smith: Makoto Ohori. Second Row: Chung Jeu; Frank Neeb; John Woodruff; Ed Michael; Jack Bindeman; Mrs. Lobdell; Jim Tarter; Pete Heraper; Charles Hilde- brandt; Ron Martin: Al Levin. Third Row: John Farrell; Dave Percy; Joe McAvinchey; Jim Kline: Bob VanValkenburg: Bill Butzlaff; Ernie Simms; Bruce Berra; Bob Holloway; Jon Collins; Don Schmude: Bob Oade. Back Row: Gary Boe: Ed Schulski; Jack Blaha; Larry Ringe; Bernie Maciejewski; Ed Kickinson; Lou Schroudcr: Bill Hoyt; Doug Bell; Bob Leucke: Harry Yoshihara; Jim Hazlett. First Row: Dave Converse; Dick Kienbaum; Jim Duncan: John Bartlett; Jim Johnson; John Mayrose; John Neff; Bill Woodruff; Stan Klein- ert. Second Row: Rod Schroyer: Bill Cox: Dick Hope; Jess Conti; Ed Johnson: Mrs. Lodbell; Jim Tarter; Larry Levy; Morton Wise; Dennis Audet; Howard Russel. Third Row: Fred Mowrey; Bob Hovey; John Angood; Don Cole; Jim Foley; Herb Stark; Bob Wetzel; Bob Demeo; Ed Gierock: Bennett Johnson; Roger Woolen: Larry Howard: Walt Hannenberg. Back Row: John Murray: Bill Vail; Don Brayton; Jim Daws; Neal Robbins; Bill Ballamy: John Taylor; Dave Cole; Bill Counsil; Meyer Klein: Win Collins: Dave Freedberg. Hinsdale n Front Row: David Sims; Karlis Dakers; John VonZellen; James Miller; Gerald Bordett; John Spidel; Ronald Brown; Robert Zitner; David Jencks. Second Row: Peter Hay; Yancey Smith; Don Upham; Richard Mulcahy; George Langeler; Mrs. M. Peck; Leonard Sipiora; Geza Gyorey; Clifford Creager; John Erickson; William Evans. Third Row: Robert Earth; Noel Molini; Lloyd Uhler; Gerald Ziolkowski; David Norris; Charles Kleekamp; John Petroska; Wyland Gibbs; Frederick Oerther; Howard Cole; Ted Fletcher. Back Row: Montgomery Rog- gow; Ernest LeMaster; Gerald Schmidt; John Vance; Charles Bourne; Joseph Mclntyre; William Webster; Louis Haddock; Don Haddock; Bruce Parsons; James VanWagoner. Front Row: Loren Wilcox; William Wood; Dennis Jablonski; David Gore; James Schlink; Arthur Hannigan; John Krauss; E. J. Bastyr; Robert Townsend. Second Row: Bernard Sobelsohn; Bruce Johnson; Ralph Frederick; George Worden; Frank Shaklce; Bruce Meyer; Roger Barnes; John Flintosh; Terry Kelsey; Jerry Frank; Sam Dallas; David Neale; Robert Kleinberg. Third Row: Horst Weigl; Lawrence Fried; Duanc Diedrich; James Wiegley; Richard Souslin; Kenneth King; George VerWys; William Smith; Dale Suomela: George Coleman; Charles Straa- yer; Jerry Mohrig. Back Row: Galen Powers; Uldis Riekstins; Robert Webb; Gordon VanBeer; Richard Marquardt; Stephen DeBrock; James Simmons: Michael Wolff; George Robbins; Hugh Crossland; Daniel Hegg; David Dobbclstein; Steve Hans; Dale Gosaynie. nell; Silly Slou; ! CwcO;C Mrfllil ! ' ! ' From to JaiCw Gro;Cn CaW; Sctufrid TodorS n Prescott Front Row: Sue Wallach; Mary Sansalone; Sue Christiansen; Mary Jean Forshee; Kay Bailey; Joyce Phaneuf; Lois Lamdin; Marilyn Lig- nell; Sally Gundry; Nancy Wasmuth; Helen Beckstrom. Second Row: Joann Geitz; Emily Ray; Joan Enright; Sally Christiansen; Miss Sloman; Miss Stoob; Brenda Wehbring; Mrs. Markel; Katie Hampares; Jean Carr; Pat Ellis; Elsie Bushee; Marilyn Reuter. Third Row: Lois Cowell; Carolyn Kolka; Judy Mann; Paula Wager; Margaret Campbell; Mary Lee Grawcock; Betsy Landau; Lois Yandell; Susan Ed- wards; Mary Kay Bewalda; Ginny Lang; Sally Dorr; Karen Grooms; Lucy Kirchma; Diane Wilkie; Aria Bolton. Back Row: Tobi Levin; Pat Siroskey; Gladys Harrison; Lee Sprynsby; Mary Morris; Gerry Beck; Sandy Van Doren; Ebba Jalava; Helen Gudemoos; Judy Katz; Pat Sincsio: Carol Jaeger; Dorothea Lorey; Coleen Smith; Sandy Hoffman. Front Row: Peg Cooper; Doris Lisson; Maureen Doyle; Linda Axelrod; Barb Annette; Marcia Sipes; Lois Zook. Second Row: Carolyn Hill; Jean Cavanaugh; Sharon Newman; Linda Mayer; Janet Ruffner; Valli Fahri; Lee Mellion; Judy Stover; Norma Bennis; Dale Cantor; Bev Gross; Carol Schwartz. Third Row: Mary Sorgenfrei; Paula Seigle; Carla Krohn; Sue Simmons; Doris Anderson; Caroline Dieterle; Nancy Caldwell; Doris Wagner; Pat Barnes; Meredith Westman; Janet Tuttle; Dorothy Marsh; Pat Hanson. Back Row: Ann Bromberg; Sanna Scheinfcld; Harriet Cohen; Ann Cohn; Linda Brozan; Barbara Peshkin; Lois Schultz; Ruth Lippman; Hertha Adler; Daneen Perry; Marge Tudor; Sadie Godo; Barb Matzen; Karen Aldrich. Strauss I Front Row: Rinaldo Ignagni; Richard Watt; Jerry Youngblood; Ronald Stacilauskas; David Markey: Jon Brck: Lawrence Larson; Daniel Belin; Eugene Morgan; Chris Krueger. Second Row: Robert Pillote; James Perry; Arthur Farley; Richard Forwood; Charles Cremin; John Suhr; Mrs. McKcnzie; Roger Wilkins: Alvin Klein; Joseph Miller; John Moreau; Richard Stewart; Allen Benson; Peter Washabaugh. Third Row: Bruce Brunson; Gerald Brumm; George Kloote; Thomas Crawford; Jack VanBecelaere; James Morrow; James O ' Dea; James Ellis; Wallace Platts; Sandford Berlin: Richard Behm; Roger Netzer; Robert Polkinghorn; Donald Ross; Clinton Stimpson. Back Row: David Askenazy; Charles Maki; Frank Balle; Woody Taylor; Robert Corbett; Kenneth Eilers: Larry Miller; Paul Maples; John Watson; Eugene Hartwig; Paul Otter; Stanley Staniunas; Herbert Gamage; Gerald Nauglc; Gus Deloglos. Front Row: Joseph Schwarz; Richard Floyd; Thomas Holbrook; Donald Trim; Benjamin Lanard; Robert Warrick; David Harnett; Clayton LaPointe; Paul Patterson. Second Row: James Stevens; Jack Holbrook; James Lynch; Raymond Marlatt; John Suhr; Mrs. McKenzie; Roger Wilkins; Mitchell Rycus; Thomas Croucher; Conrad Gilewski; Gaynel Calvird; Walter Newton. Third Row: Rodney Cyrus; Robert Nissly; Robert Schneider; John Robart; Charles Strickler; Gerald Raymond; James Gray; George Damminga; Paul Browcr; Carl VanKrimpen: Harry Juchnevicius; Leonard Noryk; James White; Clarence Gobrogge; William Foxall. Back Row: David Endicott: Harold Scheub; Jack Curnow; Mike West; Robert Fontanesi; David Fagcrstrom; Bernard Bogdon; Raymond Laakaniemi: Stuart Lindcr; Frank Duncan; Wsewo- lod Hna tczuk; Richard Ballard; Robert Bailey: Ara Missakian. J i Nanny Mm Rou: y I- Front lo. ; . Leo;hl[ 4 i Front Row: Gini Gillespie; Elizabeth Snyder; Penny Adams; Jean Strachan; Leonore Sarraf; Karen Russell; Judy Stefani; Marlcne Spalter; Joan Logan. Second Row: Judy Tudor; Sara Gullette; Raya Stern; Joni Ladd; Miss Oliver; Mrs. Wonder; Madeleine Long; Marianne Herr- mann; Sandra Geller; Sylvia Kaiserman; Nancy Moon. Third Row: Mary Ann Schatz; Rita Merkle; Leba Cutler; Joan Boemer; Jeri Voelker; Nanny Murrell; Naomi Weisberg; Marilyn Bez; Elizabeth Jacobson; Gloria West; Barbara Smith; Janice Cole; Carolyn Rosenbaum. Back Row: Maxine Kubota; Laura Warrener; Anne Davis: Bonnie Spotts: Sue MacMillan: Beth Shields; Ann Heimerdinger; Judy Laros; Phyllis Rosenblatt; Sue Smith; Ellen Goldman; Judy Bronston. Front Row: Kathy Protzman; Eunice Tom; Reed Kenworthey; Judy Greenberg; Barbara MacMillan; Carol Rakvica; Karen Khoury; Judy Leone; Pat Doss; Izora Corpman; Mary Alice Clagett. Second Row: Barbara Perlman; Joan Bernhardt; Sue Michener; Pat Gardner; fane Long, President; Miss Oliver; Mrs. Wonder; Ellen Compers; Nancy Plastow; Jeanne Seeds; Sharon Blanchard; Frances Shaffer; Barbara Gard- ner; Rosalie Brothman. Third Row: Rose Pcrlberg; Kim Friebolin: Jo Kustodowich; Judy Cline; Judy Palmer; Shirley Goldberg; Nancy Klang; Jean Richards: Sue York; Sheila MacDonald; Jane Geiger; Barbara Jones; Joan Metzger; Sharon Moreland; Pat Wood; Joan Beck- man; Barbara Ross. Back Row: Grace Reder; Lorraine Leonelli; Dorothy Bylsma; Frances Stillman; Nancy Thomas; Margie Lazor; Marilyn Whitman: Penny Adams: Lou Marquardt: Peijsry Hall: Margie Reeves; Jackie Jaaskelaincn; Nancy Gersten; Judy Gilden; Harriet Lippman. I. ' . : ' man;Ur B ' Modern Alice Lloyd Hall is the home of 5 2 Michigan coeds on the Hill. The Interdorm Council, which coordinates the activities of Lloyd ' s four houses, sponsors open houses, the Founder ' s Day tea, and dances. The Council also supports the foster parent program for war orphans. Fni - Frank:. At M : : h Alice Lloyd Alice Lloyd ' s comfortable house lounges provide a contemporary sotting for viewing television. 126 Angell Front Row: Bonnie Soverign; Joyce Heneman; Sally Freeman; Ilene Lifshey; Deborah Kopelov; Grace VanFleteran; Shlrlian Kuhn; Sallie Christman. Second Row: Mary Reed; Ann Tarlowe; Harriet Garfinkel; Carol Brumbaugh; Barbara Rose; Mrs. Hawthorne; Nancy Rappa- port; Rence Tobias; Marilyn Freeman; Mary Amsden; Georgia McLaughlin. Third Row: Shirley Miekka; Jean Whitehurst; Ruthe Katz- man; Carol Jones; Joanne Clark; Bev. Greenley; Jan Roberts; Laura Salmon; Lorraine Blenn; Marcia Shore; Rachel Kaufman. Back Row: Barbara VVittow; Inez Pilk; Mary Love; Pat Wittle; Joanne Semmens; Gayle Prath; Sherril Smith; Mary Beth Snyder; Judith Post; Bar- bara McClure; Linda Esterline. I Front Row: Suzanne Dinga; Kathryn Dutil; Marilyn Soeder; Sheila Rubenstein; Joanne Hulbert; Shirley Ruthig; Chresula Tagger; Maureen Frank; Angeline Pyrros; Marcia Bryant; Mary Schwaderer; Virginia McBride; Nancy Barrett. Second Row: Kay Meyer; Margaret Conn; Margie Goldowitz; Nancy Streib; Norma Herman; Constance Shumato; Mrs. Barlow; Reba Watson; Diana Kommins; Marilyn Berry; Cha r- lotte Costa; Judith Gondos; Elaine Feldman; Gail Perritt. Third Row: Marilyn Michaels; Sondra Smith; Marion Amos; Winifred Ledger; Jacqueline Hartnitt; Barbara Weissman; Martha Thompson; Ann Giroux; Carol Murray; Janette Evans; Mandilla Warren; Molly Kinkema; Linda Goodman; Jezebel Dumbsmack; Susan Ross; Dorothy Newton; Beverly Snyder; Carole Sapp; Gail Zirion; Bernadine Bartrom. Back Row: Marilyn Wood; Virginia Wolfe; Jan Topin; Judith Adams; Shirley Todd; Sylvia Rosner; Bonita Brown; Joan Gallancy; Norma Mar- polish; Ann Lovett; Ethel Siegal; Gail Brumel; Rhoda Weingarten; Marcia Konter; Ruth Cohen; Muriel Newman; Drusilla Ellis; Denise Strelbitzky. Hinsdak ft ft ft n Front Row: Sclma Denberg; Marie Pongracz: Mary Will; Susan McFatridgc: Laurent- Wood; Peggy Laugh; Rosie Hildebrechs. Second Row: Shirley Jones; Sylvia Katz; Frances GejofT; Marlene Rotbart; Janice Levenson; Mrs. Glass; Jane Neelands; Davidine Krasney; Rochelle Komisar: Marjorie Shook. Back Row: Joan Elmblad; Cynthia Smith; Eleanor Peer; Jolynn Wiggins; Constance Mair; Natalie Moment; Sara- lea Markin; Marcia Murphy; Kay Yonkcrs. Sec- Front Row: Janet Baier; Beverly Ryan; Nancy Durkee: Darlene Roose; Elizabeth Davie; Beverly Harling; Lydia Patek; Lois Spellman. 5 ond Row: Michele Kushner; Mary Weimer: Karen Wolters; Sharon Wilcox; Marilyn Calvin; Bonnie Sloan; Mrs. Glass; Belle Harris; J Wilson; Deana Peterson; Kay Masters. Back Row: Frances Coulon; Susan Price; Lois Morse; Carolyn Fisher; Marjorie Gross; Carol Vogel; Carolyn Preish; Val Malstrom; Barbara Martin: Myrna Lubell; Carol Ricker; Pamela Burt. Kleinstueck Ana Front Row: Xaomi Shulman: Barbara Gall; Mary Jean Hertcr; Mona Schute; Sadie Pinkson. Second Row: Alice Pollack; Brenda Bloom- berg; Joanne Ambrose: Constance Fotiou: Shirleyann Chennault: Marie Konishi; Sandra Linsmaster; Sharon West; Katherine Hardwick; Barbara Lee. Back Row: Gloria Golden; Carolyn Thomas; Toby Weiner; Mary Collins; Marguerite Mason; Jean Wagner; June McDonald; Ethel Altman: Karen Hoagland; Carol Darin. Front Row: Mary Larson; Sue Klein; Becky Wiseman; Virginia Weathersby; Karen Anderson; Sandy Kopper; Jean Sidorczuk; Maureen Edwards; Jackie Farrel; Trudie Hoskins. Second Row: Maureen Isay; Barbara Couch; Rosie Gorgone; Lois Levine; Alice Hurtik; Kathy Gillay; Merrill Martin; Carol Starkey; Violet Prpich; Mary Lou Fishbeck; Helen Schultz; Josephine LaGreca. Back Row: Diane Berkey; Kathy Rudnicki; Marilyn Nix; Martha Kitter; Thelma McCorkle; Charlene Toman; Pat Simons; Leah Steele; Joan Yarrow; Margaret Fit- tleson; Florence Baker; LuAnne Austin; Elaine Levy; Carol Caddell. , Palmer Front Row: Claire Millstcin; Patty Martin; Doris Rosenberg; Sally Schultz; Phyl Singer; Mrs. C. Cannon; Janet Lindenberg; Winnie Strock; Marcia Sherman; Joan Gross; Diane Hcidelmeyer; Barbara Murweis. Second Row: Louise Ruchman; Sandy Boyd; Margaret Mon- rad; Jean Black; Linda Beatty; Grace Marden; Pat Hummel; Ann Coombe; Annette Miller; Sue Johnson; Ruth Englehardt; Linda Nelson; Kathryn Kilts. Back Row: Elaine Braverman; Jane Rosensweig; Sally Cohen; Margaretta Dascalos; Karen Wright; Leona Junko; Sally Bushala; Jeanette Tobie; Karen Barling; Ellen Maier; Martha Hall; Monica Morrison. Front Row: Dorothy Atkins; Sandy Freeman; Judy Casperson; Ann Ederer; Sandra Marx; Betty Skaff; Eileen Cooper; Deane Meisner; Alice Joseph; Marge Sauter. Second Row: Martha Kinley; Janey Kocsis; Carole Cumberworth; Jacquelyn Lerner; Carole Bauer; Linda Nussdorf; Judy Richman; Judy Feldman; Penny LaFlair; Roberta Ewing. Third Row: Barbara Watson; Ann Rothman; Maggie Eggerling; Bonnie Silberman; Althea Van Vranken; Barbara Maier; Nancy Wolf; Helen Powajba; Ruth Ann Goehner; Diane Noonan; Joan LaForge; Janis Boltz; Jeanne Tanase; Sharlene McClintic. Back Row: Evelyn Menzies; Mildred Green; Leora Lawrence; Linda Unrot; Elaine Mark; Elian Orenstein; Phyllis Moss; Patricia Millette; Kay La Douceur; Barbara Mess; Elaine Steiger; Elaine Carberry; Mary Page. Couzens Front Row: Carol Rudman; Phylis Yasuda; Virginia Schwartz; Kathy Rahn; Tola Sanzel; Harriet Simmington. Second Row: Loretta Han- son; Nancy Sayner; Sandra Rose; Marianne Weil; Patty Hawken, President; Ann Roden; Dorothy Davis; Virginia Schmunk. Back Row: Ann Keim: Joan Pankey; Barbara Eyre; Ann Paulcn; Janet Love; Marjorie Tite; Eleanor Kirsten; Kathy Crossett. Small eating groups and a pleasant view add to the enjoyment of the comfortably modern setting of the new Couzens dining room. ; fl Hospital duty becomes an important part of the curriculum of student nurses in their junior and senior years. They are then required to live in Couzens Hall which is conveniently located near the University Hospital and other medical buildings. The new addition to Couzens, enlarging its ca- pacity to 542, was completed at the beginning of the spring semester of 1956. It provides living space for underclass stu- dents in nursing as well as students in other schools on cam- pus. Plans for allocation of rooms and a system of student government were the responsibility of a student committee. Important features of the new addition are the prospective snack bar, which will serve all students on the Hill, and the cafeteria. For the first time, residents in Old Couzens as well as those in the new section are able to obtain meals within the residence hall. 131 Mosher Front Row: Mary Spangler; Beverly Gee; Elcnorc Lchmann; Annette Adler; Betty Tanner. Second Row: Dianne Modzell; Margaret Stein; Charlcne Barnhill; Gloria Szweda; Ellen Jepson; Barbara Schanz; Jennie Gibson; Elaine Nash. Third Row: Anita Goldstein; Gayle Burns; Anita Wallach; Sandy Beck; Sue Tennant; Janey Wilson; Barbara Landesman; Lenore Weiss; Jo-Ellen Lowe. Back Row: Joan Miller, Jane Davis; Pat McClelland; Alice Liddle; Edith Williams; Beverly Copeland; Margaret Moreland; Merle McClendon; Virginia Haroutunian. More fun than work is involved when everyone pitches in to make the Mosher Christmas tree one of the prettiest on campus. Coeds living in Mosher Hall enjoy the advantages of a larger dormitory, as well as convenient proximity to the proverbial cuisine of Clark ' s. Stretches of lawn ideal for sunbathing, as well as tennis courts for the more ambitious few, are also located nearby. The novice is bewildered by the apparently inaccessible wings of the dormitory, but residents of these branching corridors enjoy their relative seclusion and compact size. Stubborn elevators are more a source of amusement than provocation, and are as much of a tradi- tion as corridor competition in elaborate decorations for open-open houses. Mosher is plagued by overcrowding, as are so many of the women ' s dormitories, and to alleviate the dining room situation has instituted a complicated sys- tem utilizing buzzers to summon corridors to dinner. Per- haps unwittingly, this device serves to strengthen corridor friendships, combating the impersonality which so often seems to characterize a large living unit. 132 Jordan Letters in any size, shape or form are always welcome. No one has time to keep up her end of a cor- respondence, but there is always the hope that someone might write out of sheer loving benevolence. Front Row: Ann Hoffman; Norma Gottlieb; Ellen Quicke; Martha Aiken; Kaye Jean Leighton: Susan McCartan. Second Row: Diane Dia- mond; Virginia Fox; Carole Rosenbaum; Betty Schemer; Irma Saulson, President; Marcia Litwack; Salle Hildebrand; Carle Maier. Back Row: Ruth Semmler; Lou Ann Carmichael; Beverly Ashby; Sally Hacker: Lorraine Sachs; Edith Bernstein; Esther Eisenstadt; Phyllis An- derson; Fran Whitaker. Mceo( jtdi- isfor - Jgalt 1 SH- UT f tf ' a often 133 Betsy Barbour Front Row: Lois Hughes; Sue McCotter; Catherine Murphy; Gail Shovein; Doris Sabat; Dianne Blanks; Carole Rubenstein; Ann Becker: Marilyn Gerred. Second Row: Clara Brycc; Isabel Martin; Connie Matyniak; Maryanne Peltier; Patricia Venokur; Ruth Husted; Janet Madgy; Judy Brush: Susan Epstein; Joan Bryan. Third Row: Joanne Manning; Cathy King; Nancy Hoyt; Marjorie Smit; Patsy Langdon; Mary Lindeman; Mary Morriss; Mary Jean Woodruff; Janet Wirth. Back Row: Luree Merillat; Joanne Smalla: Janet Baker; Helen La Porte; Nancy Wehner; Sally Shaw; Sylvia Leut; Meredith Tigel; Margaret Brake. JaittV JufHi - Front Row: Jane Cesler; Helen Haines; Carole Stutzman; Jean Teutsch; Ruth Nelson; Joan Boehm; Rochelle Goldstein; Shirley Hatlem; Sylvia Troy; Marian Miller. Second Row: Gail Claxton; Sheila McKenzie; Margaret Davidson; Toni Sacchetti; Joan Heiden; Fairy Sakai; Jean La Belle; Juanita McMillan; Marian Pape. Third Row: Janice Adams; Carole Adams; Elaine Borkowski; Harriet Dunham: Marilyn Foose; Marjorie Greenfield; Marion Charvat; Helen Jamison; Betty Kay; Judy Koelzer; Joan Goldberg; Honey Brodwin; Dorothy Jentgen; Ann Kienzlew. Back Row: Elizabeth Fralick; Mary Croteau; Connie Davidson; Carolyn Bradshaw; Sue Strahle; Carol Prins; Lois Shein; Sara Lee Tukel; Carol Oelbaum; Barbara Reed; Carol Patton. Helen Newberry Front Row: Patricia Wagonjack; Nancy Robinson; Lee Ann Price; Julia Windham; Shirley Eckwall; Julia Gibson; Nancy Hornby; Coe Cookson: Gretchen Karsch; Carolyn Bean. Second Row: Sylvia Rose; Maureen Lair; Elsiemae Myers; Rosalyn Gackstetter; Grace Cool; Angela Suino; Coralyn Fitz; Virginia Mussin; Janet O ' Brien; Kathryn Mooney; Trese Quarderer; Barbara Kneale. Third Row: Mary King; Janet Voyce; Barbara Hentschel; Sandra Frost; Phyllis Schaberg; Wanda Perelli; Florence Lodge; Dorothy Chacarestos; Gwen Wortinger; Jane Hooker. Back Row: Barbara Segerlund; Mary Garcia; Elaine Surbrook; Marjorie Putnam; Ann Mills; Mary Jingozian; Lois Gregory; Suzanne McLaughlin; Barbara Neil; Jean Crocker; Lyda Sullivan. .Sihi: iFoor: n to in It Front Row: Judith Barnes; Marcia Fluke; Donna Hanson; Diane Frascr; Patricia Norton; Susan Reisig; Meredith Miller; Carol Marsden; Ann Buehrer. Second Row: Barbara Hoover; Grace Reid; Katharine Harden; Christine Gulp; Lois Fennig; Jane Trackler; Marjorie Coates; Mary McMullen; Judith Martin; Mary Joan Porter. Third Row: Laura Trower; Jean Willoughby; Charlotte Bopp; Linda White; Jean Trishman; Wynifred Riser; Nancy Jones; Carol deRavignon; Ann Menmuir; Margaret Monroe; Zdenka Ptak; Yvonne Bristol. Back Row: Suzanne Bailey; Lois Kasper; Wanda Walgenbach; Ann Urschel: Elizabeth Henderson; Sara James; Janet Ran; Doris Linton; Marjorie Becker; Marilyn Francis; Mary Jane Price. f rr ' ' - " ' if " - ' v ' ?r3 S3r $s. 4 " Stockwell Stockwell Council. Front Row: Carolyn Bcckwith; Sally Dunn; Sarah Hayden; Marilyn Harris; Elinor Plimack; Joan Carlson; Roscann Galloway. Second Row: Gitta Gosziniak; Nancy Leffingwcll; Mrs. Grace Ramsey: Mrs. Marjorie McCoy; Mrs. Flora Newton; Mrs. Margaret Wilson; Joan Voss. President. Third Row: Nancy Bausch; Frances Sekles; Mary Tower; Joann Karnatz; Anna Mapes; Helen Long; Patricia Marthenkc; Mary Woodworth; Shirley Dalby; Geraldine Troll: Liz Crockett. Back Row: Connie Zippennann; Carol Gr Clara Schein; Carol Kritt; Kay Mackey; Robbi Schultz; Mickey Gendell. Gross; Diane Bergman; Front I Judy J. 1WI Trudy Ydlni Front Row: Eudora Jen; Maria Rabell; Lee Joseph; Patience Hervig; Nancy Calkins; Nan Kaunitz. Second Row: Marilyn Harris; Amalia Kott; Lynn Buckner; Shirley Price; Donna Yaw; Jane Hubbell; Judy Kaplan; Jane Baum; Barbara Anderson; Diane Alexander. Third Row: Ann Wood; Cynthia King; Geraldine Troll; Ruth Sherman; Elizabeth Crockett; Pat Wright; Suzanne Friedman: Marilyn Pursche: Beverly Houghton; Mary Ellen Bradley. Back Row: Ellie Plimack; Janet Ferrin; Linda Green; Joann Hodgman; Robbi Schultz; Barbara Sutliff; Sharon Bubel; Arlene Osinsky; Ann Cameron. FlOKl nxritz; MM: I KIM I ont;M; Stockwell Front Row: Gerry Wise; Marilyn Kizer; Helen Samrick: Barbara Meyerson; Joan Allen: Barbara Sorscher. Second Row: Bonnie Sosnow; Judy Jacobs: Carol Gross; Frances Home; Betty Watts: Sandy Schechter; Virginia Kneitel; Joyce Reuben; Clara Schein: Ruth Allen. Third Row: Gail Rothwell; Marilyn McCullough; Judy Roxey: Lorraine Bittker; Betty Fries; Sue Karon; Cecile Rusotto; Sue Liber; Trudy McKewen: Sue Nyland. Back Row: Pat Deninger; Jean Cofell; Helen Breitmayer: Laura Powell; Liz Crockett; Sandra Cantor; Mary Vollmar; Marilyn Blitz. Front Row: Ruth Yakes; Audrey Katz; Margaret Pettit; Marilyn Adams; Judy de Vlieger; Joanne Modderman. Second Row: Shirley Su- rowitz; Shirley Stieben; Ellen Popham; Ollie Allen; Virginia O ' Connor: Martha Fletcher; Diane Bergman; Roseann Galloway; Gail Ore- nstein; Irma Glauberman. Third Row: Lilian Silverberg; Dorothy Mallett: Pat Kelley; Lorraine Small; Marilyn Anderberg: Ellen Friedman; Karen Kleinert; Nancy Eismann: Sue Goldman. Back Row: Donna Westrate: Marcy Fodell; Nancy Fish; Carmen Martin; Nancy Bluest- one; Madje Rockwell; Cynthia Sietz. r i Stockwell Front Row: Margaret Bailey; Mary Keavy; Solvej Peterson; Martha Boyer; Nancy Palazzolo; Kay Bryan; Nancy Rohn; Irene Kunst. Sec- ond Row: Phylinda Lumley; Judy Richards; Linda Walker; Judy Widman; Shushanah Rutenburg: Judy Sanders; Carol Applebaum; Judith Rebbeck; Sue Hill; Nancy Kendell. Third Row: Nancy Knight; Carol Rittenbrrg; Marlene Brod; Nancy Bausch; Tish Cushmore; Gail Stephens; Lorraine Geller; Phyllis Bell; Sue Irion; Joanne Preston; Betty Ann Hill; Judy Cowen. Back Row: Marion Gold: Rosanne Bo- danis; Marlene Goldberg; Phylis Altman; Nancy Schwartz; Nancy Stamm; Julie Middleton; Connie Rudich; Mary Rickerd; Julie Davis; Nancy Cook; Betsy Palmer; Cheryl Hubar; Charnya Butman. Front Row: Dottie Lewis; Sarah Hayden; Joanne Fehlberg; Jane Conboy; Kitty Wilson; Dorothy Watkins; Martha Coppins; Gail Harden. Second Row: Linda Bates; Sue Leinbach; Sylvia Mayers; Suzanne Janetzke; Anne Doerr; Cynthia Cross; Carol Kirkland; Jane Cobb; Kath- arin Henke; Marilyn Pratz. Third Row: Gretchen Himcs; Judy Greenberger; Jeanne Nagel; Helen Henkel; Julie Petkus; Maurine Trautz; Julie McEntee; Evelyn Peterson; Gail Sturgeon: Lianne Schutt; Carolyn Baldwin; Nancy Allen. Back Row: Alice Cohen; Elinor Millman; Janice Forbes; Mary Parr; Barbara Brainard: Carolyn Beckwith; Sally Dunn; Terri Onufrak; Rochelle Miller; Zippy Bayar. Fmi M SAS I vn: Stockwell Front Row: Claire Bellows; Marsha Woughter; Elizabeth Grand; Barbara Schwalm; Sue MacVicar; Charlene Brewer; Sandra Heims; Janet Sosin. Second Row: Suzanne Friedman: Kay Mackey; Diane Way; Carol Vestal: Sally Bing; Roslyn Rosenberg: Barbara Young: Ann Jane Lenard; Mary Nixon; Suzanne Mosier. Third Row: Frances Sekles: Pat Hund; Charlene Lopate; Marilyn Damsicy; Phyllis Strake; Janice Anderson; Anna Mapes; Arline Kristal; Gretchen Tasch; Sandra Cohen; Sue Stephens. Back Row: Carole Pochert; Alma Bittrich; Sheila Glatstein; Eunee Wu; Carol Stroud: Ann Hegeman; Ann Liu; Norma Clarke; Marilyn Lapo; Barbara Stashak. TMK Front Row: Cindy Grand; Toni Goldish: Connie Zipperman; Shirley Berkowitz; Carol Ross; JoAnn Burgess; Bobbie Marko; Marian Goody. Second Row: Patricia Hallett; Nadine Fine; Evelyn Fink; Carol Silverman; Mary Woodworth; Joan Voss; Elinor Plimack; Jeannette Grimn; Sally Stevens; Judy Palmer: Suzanne Leffler. Third Row: Alice Royer; Gitta Gosziniak; Van Broderick; Mary Tower; Sue Altschul; Avis Levey; Carol Kritt; Mickey Gendell; Kathryn Schiller; Marilyn McNaught. Back Row: Mary Hodges; Linda Hepburn: Martha Shawley; Ellen Noble; Joan Carlson; Judy VanRee; Bonnie Beld; Sue Voss; Nancy Webber. r V. Victor Vaugban Lttt " Law Front Row: Sally Coon; Beverly Decker; Barbara Struer; Valerie Oppenheim; Gisela Lugue; Jeanette Bednarsh; Judith White; Fern Clayton; Dixie Lee Bechtol; Emily Baenziger. Second Row: Pat Anderson; Sykil Wong; Theresa Cizewski; Shirley Johns; Annette Robbins; Beverly Robbins; Dorothy Brown; Eunice Krot; Linda Smith; Marta Hess. Third Row: Darlene Kopf; Roberta Krause; Elsa Barringer; Mary Bates; Lucy Miller; Barbara Swinkowski; Nikki Kamotos; Ann Valentine; Mary Bauer; Shelia Finkclstein; Phyllis Eichman. Back Row: Mary Ka- men; Donna Menoldt; Barbara Dunn; Ulche Georgeff; Judith Weaver; Janice Beattie; Linda Bartlett; Muriel Bauman; Cynthia Ellenport; Lucy Carmichael; Patricia Erhardt. Front Row: Miriam Aaron; Trudy Parnes; Nancy Saxe; Linda Barnett; Bluma Sussman; Susan Sargoy; Janet Myers; Ruth Mossner; Sally Ayling; Nancy Hart; Renate Quastler. Second Row: Miss Susan Lockwood; Sue Blyer; Marguerite Guinainc; Barbara Lowe; Margaret Up- john; Ruth VerDuin, President; Marietta Cashen; Patricia Gabrych; Janet Wellman; Susan Hemple; Sandra Roth. Third Row: Mona Fogg: Darlene Yatchak; Jane Herriman; Mary Fosnaught; Mary Clexton; Elda Evans; Eleanor Thibedeau; Elizabeth Nelson; Mary Ann McCor- mick; Ruth Sease; Mary Witham; Judy Anderson; Sylvia Baum. Back Row: Rachel Lee; Margaret Schultz; Barbara Przbyla; Connie Probst; Cindy Conway; Loralie Krome; Diane McElroy; Jean Chapman; Sandra Edelman; Rochelle Nachman; Miriam DuFresne; Mary Beth Godfrey; Marcia Roth; Joyce Booth. Adelia Cbeever For those who prefer a smaller residence on a less expensive basis, houses such as Adelia Cheever are operated on the co-operative plan. Residents lower costs by taking upon themselves all the responsibility for the work necessary to keep their house neat, clean, and livable. Co-op members also combine efforts to plan and prepare full-scale meals. Facilities for many forms of recreation are provided, and social activities, including exchange parties, mixers, and informal gatherings, are planned and supervised by the stu- dents themselves. This independent planning, direction, and achievement enables co-op residents to enjoy one of the least expensive ways of obtaining board and room in Ann Arbor. They feel that they gain a great deal through the shared values that arise from living, working and participating in social activities on a co-operative basis. Cheever girls hope to win this scholarship trophy for the third successive year to retire it permanently to the Cheever mantle. t Row: Joyce Hill; Mary Moxley; Eunice Grohman; Gail Rushford; Barbara Lanehart; Teresa Urban. Second Row: Joan Case; Lily ainen; Esther Helfman: Joan Kadri; Cora Carver; Elizabeth Tassone; Orpha Merrill. Back Row: Larissa Wytwycky; Lucille Timmony: Front Lampinen; Dorothea Stafford: Marian F uss; Joan Murray: Jean Murray; Rose Reiman. 141 Standish-Evans Scholars While the rest of Ann Arbor braves autumn winds, or the remnants of winter weather, imperturbable Evans Scholars spend every spare moment on the golf course perfecting each drive and putt. The group is composed of freshmen as well as upperclassmen, and all of the men are attending Michi- gan on golf scholarships. To be eligible for one of these scholarships, it is necessary to have been a caddy, to be rec- ommended by a member of the club where the caddying was done, to be of good character, to rank in the upper fourth of one ' s high school class, and to show definite fi- nancial need. Several of the men hold part-time jobs on campus to contribute to the cost of their education. The chapter of Evans Scholars at Michigan is relatively new, having been in existence only four years, but it already in- cludes forty-three members. The golfless winter months are spent in never-ending golf talk, and even occasional study- ing and social activities. Two Scholars prove to be as handy with a paint brush as a golf club as they make their contribution to the upkeep of the house. Front Row: John Szurpicki; David Seitz; Donald Janowski. Second Row: Jack Stroh; George Hoaglin; Thomas Gillooly; Walter Ikes; Raymond Homicz; George Hess; Bernard Lucci. Third Row: James Dygert; Ian Macdonald; Anthony Drabik; Norman Ashton: Stevan Uze- lac, President; Timothy Reardon; Paul Mundinger; John Hirtzel. Fourth Row: Irvin Henrikson; Vincent Weldon; Richard Selvala; Michael Uzelac; Robert Cermak; Richard Gates; William Klink; Gerhart Mueller; Norbert Wrong; James Stevens. Back Row: Matthew Shaddeck; Leonard Cyr; Richard Martens; Morton Cohen; William Haney; William Viands; Robert McMasters; John Schubeck; Richard Pipski; Rob- ert Kent; Robert Stevens. 142 Fletcher Front Row: Margaret Leech: Gloria Johnson; Bunnie Antler; Sandy Weisenthal; Barbara Pratt; Judy Way; Janice Hatchett: Barbara Baxter; Susim Lee; Gladys Chin. Second Row: Fran Feldman: Lyn Towle; Shirley Oilman; Suzanne Hickey; Dee Sobzynski; Mrs. Dorothy Parker; Margery Mosher, President; Alma Vlope; Fern Botwinik; Alice Beane; Marge Brooks. Back Row: Robin Springett: Barbara Roberson: Marge Austin; Gaye Johnson; Angela Matthesius; Clemmett Ricumstrick; Marlene Roberts; Sandy Trepte; Nancy Lester; Martha Sanders; Pat Zyzyk; Dorothy Sodergrem; Gloria Antebi; Shirley Lilja. An abundant and varied stock of records is the source of many an hour of listening pleasure in the comfortable Fletcher lounge. Fletcher Hall is operated on a unique plan which enables its residents to live less expensively while enjoying a status in campus activities which is equal to that of residents in the regular University dormitories. Most accommodations in Fletcher are triple suites. The house provides living space for about eighty girls. No meals are served, but residents are entitled to limited kitchen privileges. Most of the girls pre- pare their own breakfasts, and possibly other light meals and between-meal snacks as well. Kitchen facilities are not suf- ficient for the preparation of the main meal of the day, so many of the girls eat dinner somewhere else, or work in a restaurant for the meal. Fletcher is located at such a dis- tance from the main campus that many of the girls pack lunches to take with them to classes. During football season, however, Fletcher is in one of the most advantageous spots on campus because of its proximity to the football stadium. 143 Martha Cook Front Row: Bernice Pericin; Joan Murauaka; Judith Leib; Eunice Richards; Elissa Panusch; Debra Durchslag; Mary Ann Thomas; Sue Prak- ken. Second Row: Clarissa Morton; Sharlene Stewart; Betty Jane Veres; Rosaline Sappington; Ilene Pavlove; Carole Miller; Mary Lee Dingier; Isabel Francis; Sara Scott; Jeanne Leland. Third Row: Norecn Helliwell; Suzanne Jessup; Elaine Edmonds; Ann Risman; Elizabeth Lomas; Neva Vukmirovich; Shirley Boers; Wynne Stevens; Phyllis Rode; Charlotte Holland; Nancy Anne Hall; Mary Ann Biedenharn; Bess Loye; Miss E. Garmene. Back Row: Cynthia Diamond; Evelyn Gabai; Hilda Engle; Jan Rottshafer; Mai Lau Lee; Eleanor Shaw; Linda Reck; Kathleen Rush; Harriet Meiss; Marguerite Long; Lynn Zimmerman; Carol Durant. Front Row: Muriel Schostak; Maxine Burnham; Barbara Knapp; Kathleen Hendrickson; Anna Marie Trench; Joan Slater; Helena Szatu- kiewicz; Patricia Stenberg; Margaret Schreiber; Rebecca Badger; Mary Coedy; Jeanne Anderson; Nancy Kanitz; Roberta Evans; Svea Blom- quist. Second Row: Marguerite Erickson; Carolyn Predmore; Mary Akrigg; Mar jorie Frogel; Irmgard Schlageter; Kathryn Gemeunden; Clarissa Knaggs, President; Mrs. L. B. Diekema; Margot McAuliffe; Jane Mencher; Emily Hauss; Nancy Kurtz; Elizabeth Patterson; ' Mary Hellthaler; Kathryn Kneiske; Ann Mulcahy; Carol Cook. Third Row: Jean Scruggs; Frances Moran; Judith Nickel; Ann Lunsford; Kath- erine Mullaney; Susan Gray; Barbara Gleason; Judith Heyner; Janet VanHoeve; Lynette Peters; Mary Bennett; Mary Palmer; Elinor Ricker; Shirley Gosling; Constance Butler; Alexandra Scheele; Martha Jean Gorst; Julie Flynn; Nancy Howe; Alice Burton. Back Row: Barbara Mitchell; Diana Farris; Elizabeth McDonald; Sue Johnston; Mari Alice Zambas; Ruth Alkema; Carol Andersen; Pat Johnston; Marjorie Hammond; Priscilla Heft; Claire Hammer; Delphine Walgenbach; Beverly Brown; Mary Condon; Lee DiMarco; Susan Shipp; Mary Moore; Joan Gassaway; Kathleen Taylor; Virginia Shapoe; Donna White. Geddes Front Row: Kay Wilson; Audrey Newton; Mona Burnett; Eleanor Tindall; Iris Erlich; Sylvia Zuck; Iris Shinsiki. Second Row: Florence Dan- by; Gail Witherspoon; Judy Haswell; Karen Brochoka; Mrs. Leidy; Dorothy Sedlmayr, President; Pat Musial; Waltrout Hoebble. Back Row: Ann Zankl: Sylvia Holtz: Margaret Patterson: Yoshie Izumi; Joyce Paquin; Pat Dernberger; Lois Huey; Nancy Leavell. Each member of a co-op is assigned a special duty, and this coed has the responsibility of cleaning the stove in the Geddes kitchen. Plaid shirt and Bermudas are a favorite uniform of co-op members. Front Row: Janet Pelto; Bettie Bandos;; Lois Ferber; Geraldine O ' Hara; Pat Harris. Second Row: Kathy Stott: Elaine Bush; Mrs. E. T. Paull: Joan Rajczi, President; Laura Tweedie; Peg Smith. Third Row: Vivian Quails; Betty Anderson; Beverly Ross; Gertrud Anscheutz; Nan Pat- erson; Joanne Blecha; Bernadine Miller; Barbara Hileman. Back Row: Pat Thwing; Barbara Ebaugh; Judy Barich; Kay Weaver; Beverley Pa ton; Shirley Woodcock; Carolyn Pohland; Judy Goldberg; Ann McKinzie. Henderson in?, Nelson International Front Row: Akira Ushio, Japan; Ichiro Maeda, Japan; William Wong, Philippines; Hirozo Seo, Japan; William Bennett, U.S.A.; Sein Win, Burma; Banvech Chantrasmi, Thailand; Vijay Mehra, India. Second Row: Sai Wong; Hong Kong; Yala Ybsa, Ethopia; Ismet Kirca, Turkey; George Kuwayama, U.S.A.; Leonard Cave, New Zealand; Peter Barnard, Australia; Harry Adams, U.S.A.; Berhane Bahta, Ethiopia; Luis Gonzalez, Argentina. Back Row: Abu Jamal Hasan, Pakistan; Allan Murch, U.S.A.; Nick Ajay, U.S.A.; Lyle McDole, U.S.A.; Aziz Mohajir, Pakistan; Mohsin Qureshi, Pakistan; Isam Tajim, Jordan; Richard Weiss, U.S.A.; Charles Larson, U.S.A.; Jason Alter, U.S.A.; David Neal, Liberia. Life on the Hill ' M: a hi- ' Tfey: If For a. large proportion of women students at Michigan, dormitories are the places they call home. More than just a place to eat and sleep and study, dorms are a place to make new and lasting friendships, and to learn to live with others. For freshmen, who are required to live in University hous- ing, dormitories play a large part in their orientation to Michigan and in the impressions they form concerning the school and its student body. Dormitories are a remarkable source of information about everything from the quality of various professors and courses to the merits of the latest shampoo on the market, and it is here that new students ob- tain the majority of their ideas about the University. For the Office of the Dean of Women, dormitories are, mainly, a headache. The eternal housing problem is intensified by each new influx of students, and temporary solutions seem to be- come less and less effective. Single rooms have been con- verted into doubles, and doubles into triples until every inch of space is pressed into service, but bulging houses still have to turn away applicants. Construction of new dormitories is being planned, but until they are built the problem remains. For the Michigan men, dormitories are an abundant source of female companionship, and crowds flock to mixers, ex- change dinners, and open-open houses. Serenades evoke mobs of appreciative admirers, and there is nothing better than a panty raid to put a few hundred females in a shrieking panic. The ups and downs turn into cherished memories, and are all a very essential part of life at Michigan.. Dorm libraries are a good place to obtain copies of current maga- zines, and dorm lounges arc a comfortable place to share them. Strict driving regulations on a large campus naturally give rise to a great abundance of bicycles. Somehow there never seem to be enough spaces to accommodate all the bikes, but the situation on the Hill has been greatly relieved by construction of new racks in the summer of 1955. F r sororities and fraternities Affiliation with a fraternity or sorority provides identification with a unified group on Michigan ' s complex campus. Greek life offers a stepping- stone to campus activities a lively schedule of social events, and an opportunity to form lasting friendships cemented by common experiences. Affiliates are plagued by the ever-ringing telephone. 149 The Greeks and the University World The world of the Greeks encompasses orbits as varied as the individuals comprising it. Each member absorbs different elements from the world around him and contributes a unique portion of himself to that world. Providing a real " home away from home, " the accent is placed on informal living and unselfish giving. Although the pursuit of educa- tion often appears secondary to the pursuit of parties, scho- lastic averages remain consistently adequate. A typical, well- rounded day includes coffee breaks inter-spersed with oc- casional classes, extra-curricular and house projects, several hands of bridge, an evening coffee date, and a few hours of study. Through their Fresh Air Camp projects, children ' s Christmas parties, charity canvassing, and hospital enter- tainment programs, the Greeks ' activities benefit the out- side world as well as the individual members. The years be- tween initiation and graduation give each member a per- spective as wide as the world in which he will take his place. The ladder of success in party preparations involves a special sort of social climbing, generally resulting in colorfully distinctive decor. Pre-dinner " hungry hours " arc utilized for impromptu song prac- ticesthronging about the piano is conducive to close harmony, and spirited song fests help to keep the vocal chords in good shape for rushing parties, Lantern Night, and pinning serenades. 150 Alpha Cbi Omega " Do I hear another offer? " Pledge class prank- sters stole prized photos of the actives ' men, which are redeemable by the highest bidder. Front Row: Rosemary Warnemeunde: Patricia Carroll: Amie Brager-Larsen; Ann Titlerington; Mary Dietrich: Julie Fahnestock: Nancy Holmes: Margaret Weber: Carol Roth: Eleanor Hooper: Margaret Reeves: Elaine N ' owka; Barbara Knapp. Second Row: Margaret Morang; Barbara Harris: Judy Frankenfield: Martha Taugher: Mary Slawson; Janice MacVaugh: Peggy Hubbard; Susan Armstrong; Tish Hurt; Betty Brown; Kay Strangways; Janet Burwell: Marge Weyler: Linnea Swanson. Third Row: Janet McColl: Ann Orebaugh; Sydney Straight; Nancy Evans; Liz Ward; Anita Hovie: Barbara Clark: Sylvia Malecki: Jeanne Newell: Pat Ruggles: Sue Hartin; Kay Walch; Jay Potter; Alice Rawls: Janice Garrett; Corinne Crothers: Mary Beth King: Nancy Colwell. Back Row: Patti Kreul: Judy Carnaghi: Kay Masters; Maral Molyneaux; Virginia Scott: Shirley Worrell: Pam Merrill: Barbara Bradstrum: Cynthia Nicholas: Ann Todd; Dotty Ojala; Patti Drake; Kay Schiller: Mary Morris: Diane Duncan: Anne Davis: Ruth YerDuin: Diane Way; Joan Lerner. 151 Alpha Delta Pi Assistance and admiration are cheerfully meted out when a sister dons a bouffant ball gown for an evening ' s dining and dancing in formal fashion. Front Row: Nancy Murphy; Joel Grundy; Sue Longpre; Nancy Briggs; Jeanne Hager; Sue Kaeppel; Susie Stickles; Darlene Martenson; San Taylor; June Kurz. Second Row: Marge Clifford; Betty Powell; Joyce Mendenhall; Nancy Johnston; Carol Rakvicka; Marlenc Crawford; Marge Rout; Lynn Wcndel; Lee Sarraf; Cathy Carrero; Mary Jeanne Forshee; Nancy Davenport; Anne Grossman. Third Row: Janet Mc- Afee; Maureen Murphy; Sharon McNeely; Barb Shilling: Shirley Todd; Jan Walter; Jean MacRae; Mrs. Mae Lifer: Jan Siefert; Ellie Sarraf; Mary Klawson; Barb Schiebler; Barb Whittker; Louise Masteller; Margra Underbill. Fourth Row: Dana Wright; Loretta Larmee; Cindy Sogard; Jan Sieder; Carolyn Beiriger; Ann Patterson; Jean Antrobius; Elynor Popovitch; Mauri-en Towey; Joan Robertson; Ann Menmuir; Nadyne Cooke; Marlene Davis; Donna Winstead; Martha Young; Nancy Eismann; Barb Grossman. Back Row: Marilyn Famularo; Ann Head; Betsy Appel; Shirley Dayharsh; Carol Rankin; Peggy Goebel; Roberta Johnson; Ann Sterling; Nancy Cook; Alicia Cuen; Virginia Kiel; Mariel Bennett: Judy Harbeck: Ricky Erskine: Phillis Erwin; Janie Fowler; Wilma Larmee; Ruth Hayward; Diane Koppin; Judy Adams. Front Row: Cecelia Ostrov; Barbara Gall: Edith Graller; Ann Steinberg; Janet Maas; Ruth Bassichus; Susan Mesirow; Judith Salmon. Second Row: Nancy Rovner; Geraldine Wise; Marilyn Berry; Ruth Oppenheim; Barbara Minkin; Roberta Fink; Libby Rosenbaum; Lois Mandel; Sue Novitsky: Ellen Jones. Third Row: Allene Miller; Myrna Cherin: Gail Goldstein: Patricia Loraw; Mrs. Jerome Blum: Gail Cohen; Lois Mishelow; Jo Ann Karen: Nancy Blumberg. Fourth Row: Barbara Shloss; Jo Ann Berkowitz; Nancy Smith: Harriet Lewis: Barbara Wittow; Sally Ann Cohen; Doris Starr; Barbara Mandelbaum; Maude Nichthauser; Maureen Isay. Fifth Row: Helen Cohodes; Merla Samuels; Betsy Landau: Barbara Shoenholz; Ellen Friedman; Carol Goldshine; Harriet Cohn; Eileen Levy; Sara Weiner. Back Row: Linda Daskell: Mar- jorie Rapkin; Barbara Hershberg; Marjorie Gittes; Elizabeth Fisher; Ruth Helfenbein; Phyllis Levine; Judith Katz; Rorhelle Bachrach; Jane Kaye; Joyce Lane; Ellen Orenstein; Alice Elbogen; Kay Loring; Jo Ann Marsh; Marilyn Toborcman. Clamor and confusion characterize Moving Day; throngs of girls jam the corridors, transport- ing everything from text books to teddy bears. Alpha Epsilon Phi 153 Alpha Gamma Delta " Man of the Year " Morrow is almost as much a fixture as the front door; the many girls who wear two pins prove there is no man shortage. Front Row: Joyce Kemp; Sally Staples: Valerie Dunn; Donna Hewitt: Sue Hetherington; Evelyn Button: Barbara Gilmorc; Barbara Hollar; Sue Holbrook. Second Row: Clare Jalon; Pat Groves: Judie Shagrin; E e Czarnecki; Beth Abbott; Barbara Courtright; Betty Schomer; Mary Avery; Peggy Lamb; Christine Libby; Carol Kirshner. Third Row: Miry Ellen Jones; Margaret Koehler; Shirley Sikkenga: Jean Alexander McSweeney; Sally Schimmel; Suzanne Turner, President; Mrs. Yates; Carolyn Moeller; Gail Lundstrom: Elaine Bice; Mary Winn; Ruth Brandt; Jane Carson. Fourth Row: Carole James; Diane Dowsett; G-Ttrude Scheib; Patricia Hund; Dottie O ' Brien; Sally Scheu; JoAnne Scharbat; Sue Scovill: Beate Kaulfuss; Ruth Ann Goehner; Dottie New on; Diane Heidelmeyer; Fronda Kennedy; Arlene DeCook; Nancy Su e Wyle; Warrie Paciotti. Back Row: Barbara Roche; Marcia Bryan ; Sue Stokes; Karen Wolters: Ann Kisor; Carol Yanko; Judy Rcnncll; Doris Denessen; Helen Clark; Ann Doerr; Neddie Hall: Diane Pugn ; Merrill Martin; Winnie Wohllebe. Front Row: Gaye Johnson; Janice Hatchett: Martha Sanders. President; Shirleyan Chennault; Elizabeth Patterson. Back Row: Juanita An- derson: Judith Brontson; Anne Coleman; Marlene Roberts; Barbara Roberson; Phyllis Lee: Barbara Flaad. M Artful festoons and an air of festivity are the gala results of careful plans and thorough paper- work accomplished in numerous group meetings. Alpha Kappa Alpha 155 Alpha Omicron Pi This is a tempting escape on occasions other than fires; if it weren ' t broad daylight, this maneuver might arouse judiciary suspicions. Front Row: Paula Strong; Janet Mabarak; Mary Hodges; Nancy Jach; Janet Barber; Karen Aldridge; Maryanne Domenic; Camarie Harder; Betty Stone; Gayle Turner; Diane Paradis; Mary Beth Godfrey; Joan Bernhardt; Shirley Forrest. Second Row: Donna Hammill; Sue Mitch- ell; Mary Sue Curry; Judy Sweet; Georgiana Davidson; Mrs. Beryl Worrall; Mavis Fors; Mary Kane; Carol Jones; Carolyn Cummiskey; Sari Barker. Third Row: Carey Wall; Anne Hepler; Louise Sprowl; Carolyn Rosenbaum; Lois Mills; Gretchen Quine; Mary Stuart; Jane Howard; Connie Vandeveer; Sarah Burroughs; Ann Weybrecht; Norma VanTuyl; Gregg Argus; Carol McMacken; Mary Hoyt; Pam Mills; Beverly Dunn; Patricia MacFarland. Back Row: Mary Jane Storrer; Judy Tudor; Betsy Palmer; Wanda Walgenbach; Joan Bowler; Phyllis Young; Barbara Gerber; Sally Eckwall; Joan Higgins; Mary Hawkins; Margaret Tudor: Carol Armstrong; Betty Ann Hill; Ann Kicnzlen; Carole Miller; Marilyn Morris; Sylvia Leach. 156 Front Row: Ann Watson; Emily Jewell; Ruth Schaupp; Nancy Wright; Jill Kent; Nancy Henry; Jean Bahr; Mary Holmes. Second Row: Joan Patton; Edith McCluskey; Janet Kendrick; Nancy Birney; Jean Davis; Nancy Jaquette; Peggy Moreland; Sherry Adams; Elizabeth Hait; Sarah Carveth; Rit a-al Coding; Phyllis Abbott; Sally Truesdell. Third Row: Jane Christensen; Kathryn Lucas; Peggy O ' Neil; Nina Pal- lacia; Mary Hoover; Shirley Abbott; Mrs. Adeline Miller; Ruth Flanders; Sara Terrill; Virginia Swaggerty; Barbara Doggett; Serena Henry; Jane Conboy; Nancy MacDonald. Fourth Row: Nancy Bell; Linda Herman; Nordi Nelson; Laura Portz; Sally Simon; Patricia Morton; Sally Jo Arnold; Joan Wellman; Sue Bergdahl: Barbara Baehre; Judy Wolgast; Rae Cruthers; Linda Sutton; Theo John; Sara Daliere; Joyce Tobe- ler; Cynthia Weir; Sue Whinery. Back Row: Ann Hardy; Judy Brush; Kathy Dahl; Joan Logan; Mary Wheeler; Sandra Taylor; Joy Kent; Mary Wilson; Nancy Bausch; Karen Sears; Peggy Lough; Jo Beechler; Penny Adams; Nancy Brecht; Jo Ann Hodgeman; Judy MacDonald; Julie Davis; Diane Doubleday; Sue Kline. One turntable spinning at 45 r.p.m. plus an ample collection of danceable discs equals a big band background for learning swing steps Alpha Phi 157 Alpha Xi Delta In full regalia, " titled dignitaries " ranging from gorgeous girls to gruesome ghouls were featured at an informal party honoring transfer students. Front Row: Gale Steckert; Ann Jetter; Sally Deficit; Mary Levitan; Sandra Rose; Sally Hacker; Mary Searles; Paula Wilson. Second Row: Charlotte Thomas; Roseann Galloway; Carol Starkey; Marlagene Krasneski; Madeline Thompson; Carolyn Rae; Karen Angers; Jaylee Duke; Margaret Farrar; Charlene Edwards; Christine Dittmer. Third Row: Gretta Cullers; Marilyn Houck; Margaret Hammond; Cynthia Potter; Dorothy Clarkson; Mrs. Romine; Elinor Hardie, President; Elizabeth Doman; Jeanette Wozniak; Jeanne Sykes; Janet Smith. Fourth Row: Sandra Zinsmaster; Judith Miller; Ann Ochs; Joyce Murray; Betty Shuptine; Jean Lucas; Dianne Young; Barbara Walker; Clarice Larsen; Patricia Parkinson. Fifth Row: Susan Atherton; Sue Gaines; Janet Wolfle; Mary Ryan; Balig Berberian; Susan Meach; Alice Meech; Janet Myers; Paddy Kovacs; Margaret Ross; Norma Mueller; Dorothy Mallett; Sharon Henry. Back Row: Minerva Chizek; Lois Maugh; Jean Boch; Shirley Miekka; Carolyn Rolsten; Lysbet Hoffman; Dorothy Cullers; Jennie Morgan; Nancy Mattson; Lois Curtis; Marilyn Smith; Anne Neely; Brenda Porter; Drusilla Ellis; Margaret Cast; Sue Bonnell. , I i Front Row: Janet Getty; Charlotte Bopp; Jean Willoughby; Betty Barnett; Pamela Dexter; Mary Ehrlicher; Marcella Fodell; Martha Rasch; Eudora Jen; Elizabeth Parker; Roberta Mautz; Ann Cameron; Marta Jo Hess. Second Row: Marcia Mclntyre; Sue Chorpening; Marilyn Jackson; Kaye Wheeler; Mary Jane Smith; Roberta Griffith; Carol Ford; Paula Limberg; Mrs. Altmeyer; Marilyn Miller; Elizabeth Muir; Patricia Sackandy; Abigail Justice; Janet Doggett; Virginia Royal. Third Row: Yvonne Cousins; Mary Bewalda; Karen Benson; Barbara Bendlin; Leslie Torcom; Lynn Starrett; Jane Griffith; Leda Cosmenco; Janet Rearick; Janet Winkelhaus; Margaret Lane; Ann Reichart; Louise Fonteine; Sue Reissing; Judy Martin; Sue Fortier; Margaret McGrath; Katherine Fodell; Judy Wilson. Back Row: Connie Joseph; Kay Schumacher; Kay Varner; Mary Mooney; Helen Ehrat; Susan Alles; Georgiana Clark; Cynthia Wilkins; Meredith Hardy; Mary Minier; Lorraine LeDuc; Frances Corbett; Mary Towne; Katherine Norman; Marilyn Maile; Joanne Pauschert; Gwendolyn Huttenga; Shirley Keen. a oi o.a Bridge bids and clinking coffee cups are the pre- dominating sounds in the Chi Omega card room during the nightly post-dinner, pre-study hour. Chi Omega 159 Collegiate Sorosis Television ' s lure easily overpowers studies ' siren song or is this a group of guards protecting the treasured tropy perched atop the TV set? Front Row: Pamela Keena; Linda Hepburn; Pamela Burt; Donna Draper; Carol Cumberworth; Ann Ellis; Sandra Ruedcmann; Suzanne Bai- ley; Gretchen Gildner. Second Row: Barbara Glaus; Linda Bates; Nancy Willard; Nancy Circle; Nancy Brinker; Amy McAvity; Kitty Crane; Faith Higgins; Carol Klein; Day Eckerman; Susan Fox. Third Row: Carolyn Travis; Ruth Cohen; Emily Durand; Helen Chcsbrough; Chris- tine Crawford; Judy Geeting; Sally Blackman; Cynthia Stone; Gretchen Ebling; Victoria Whemeier; Barbara Barker; Marian Blakeslee; Donna Somers. Fourth Row: Miriam Neely; Jo Jesson; Mary Sue Laurence; Susan Shakespeare; Mary jean Crocker; Heather Hutchins; Mary Lou Kieft; Dietland Nixdorf; Susan Stenglein; Sherry Swanson; Carolyn Miller; Terry Carney; Anita Hatch; Mary Francis Jones; Mary Ann Loughery. Back Row: Roberta Arnold; Carol Adams; Sara Jo Arnold; Kathy Luhn; Julie Rasmussen; Genevieve Leland; Kitty Bell; Connie Loveland; Peggy Moore; Mardy Coates; Andy Lexen; Molly Bowman; Cynthia Harvey; Margy Moore. 160 Front Row: Joan Sluggett; Bonnie Bittner; Sue Christensen; Joane Sheets; Ann Shantz; Noreen Pupp; Lynda Genthe. Second Row: Kath- erine Sale; Diana Cook; Elizabeth Boynton; Audrey Griffith; Phyliss Law; Sally Fisher; Laila Sadi; Diana Stafford; Kay Byers; Jane Holben; Marilyn Lignell. Third Row: Judy Rankin; Adeline Ciavola; Nancy Ward; Sharon Russell; Deeon Utley; Beverly Shea; Mrs. D. A. Frost; Constance La Rue; Rosemary Tomicic; Ann Cordill; Jo Anne Yates; Mary Jane Grabill; Marilyn Schaefer; Janet Holtz; Patricia Goddard. Fourth Row: Barbara McNaught; Marilyn McNaught; Jeanette Cameron; Ann Caris; Catherine Clark; Ann Hammond; Ann Grettenberger; Sally Olmsted: Patricia Smith; Grace Moore; Sandra Russell; Beverly Scales; Carol Seidel; Lois Louthan; Ruth King; Sarah Lyon; Carol de Bruin. Back Row: Dee Galonska; Nancy Wren; Joan Young; Gretel Bailey; Georgia Strain; Mary Ellen Eckert; Sally Christensen; Joan Fairbairn; Shirley Lawson; Carolyn Ulrich; Berkeley Blashfield; Sandra Lovre; Katherine Ann Wilson; Gertrude Reams; Ann Jensen; Marcia Murphy; Barb Anderson; Barbara Cope: Carole Sparkie. After sisterly scrutiny, this knightess of the road will trek to hobo haven a costume party where clever characterizations run rampant. Delta Delta Delta 161 I Front Row: Sally Beardslee; Prudence Lippert; Carol Marsden; Judy Purdy; Cynthia Cross; Marlene Heinzlcman; Judy Coburn; Carla Scherer. Second Row: Lynn Bennett; Nancy Estes; Darragh Humphrey Cynthia Kelley; Lynn Alley; Sally Miller; Lorna Ball; Marilyn Schirmer; Mary Force; Doris Wagner; Sally Woontpn; Phoebe Force. Third Row: Sally Fagan; Jean McCaskey; Patricia Patterson; Jeanne Tammi; Margie Kempre; Harriet Thorne; Mrs. Olive B. Atwo od; Judy VerMuelen, President; Mary Cross; Carol Murphy; Sue Smith; Mariel Hulbert; Vera Ptak. Fourth Row: Cherry Harris; Ann McDonald; Janet Furst; Marcia Nelson; Ann Preston; Donna Darling; Mary deTar; Barbara Frey; Sharon Hutte; Janice Hinkham; Joan Sayles; Mary Belt; Virginia Zinn; Susan Cleminson; Patricia Perigo; Suzanne Christy; Joan Taylor; Nancy Parish. Back Row: Anne James; Diana Brouse; Gretchen Streit; Joan Conroy; Ann Mustard; Ann Stuart; Jean Webster; Judy Webster; Mary Louise Buckingham; Janet Weber; Margaret Williamson; Marjorie Swanson: Diane Williams; Barbara Brien: Irene Heuser; Polly Nelson; Leslie Gilbert. Fran I :..:,. R Mn.H TWI -. Delta Gamma Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches are always a stickily satisfying snack, and raiding the pantry provides an ideal diversion from study. 162 Delta Phi Epsilon Plotting the principles and particulars of a Michigras float is a calm prelude to the flurry of action needed for a polished production. Front Row: Johanna Berke; Joan Mack; Arlene Popper; Elaine Klein; Elaine Cohen; Shelby Keywell; Ninion Bloch; Bette Lefcourt; Be- nita Rovin; Carol Schmier; Judith Cantor. Second Row: Sandra Brauman; Audrey Friedman; Myra Joseph; Nina Katz; Carole Moskowitz; Mrs. Hildreth Sanders; Marcia Gellert; Sarah Eisenberg; Edith Schneiderman; Marilyn Spiro; Mrs. William Haber; Joan Levin; Nina Miller. Third Row: Sue Hemple; Sharon Slobin; Rosalie Levine; Sharon Kass; Ellen Leonard; Marian Ellias; Ann Elderman; Ronnie Kopelson; Terri Morgan; Ilene Lifshey; Nancy Gold; Doris Sims; Judith Shapiro; Andrea Mayerstein; Sylvia Schwartz; Maddy Raider. Back Row: Rona Si- lver; Sheila Drezner; Julie Michel; Sue Raunheim; Joan Flaxman; Cecile Freidlander; Barbara Peshkin; Barbara Traub; Deanne Meisner; Carole Silverman; Sandra Bowman; Harriet Lefkowitz; Judith Usher; Merle Mayerstein; Lois Malzman; Shirley Berkowitz. 163 Gamma Phi Beta While capturing the Rock ' n Roll spirit, the real gone Gamma Phi ' s keep posted on current campus events, bulletins, and chapter news. Front Row: Nancy Walser; Virginia Robertson; Judie Owen; Susan Wesley; Barbara Beuthien; Nancy Amberson; Mary Jane Herter. Sec- ond Row: Susan Hallett; Elizabeth Ware; Sue Bobcean; Janet Hammer; Judith Mewhort; Janette Hickey; Sharon Wilcox; Fritzi Foss; Mar- cia Keep; Jill Thompson. Third Row: Chloe Dandison; Julia Harris; Joy Jenkins; Mary Pike; Judy Alcorn, President; Mrs. M. C. Sanford; Deborah Townsend; Jackie Touscany; Judy Reynolds; Sue Steigleder; Margaret Smith. Fourth Row: Shirley Burkhart; Elaine Bachelor; Joan Hewlett; Bonnie McCornock; Dorothy Handley; Terry Kuhn; Lynne Garver; Nancy HerkenhofT; Judy Towsley; Eugenie Reagan; Ellen Lalippc; Cornelia Von Moch; Jacquie Bresnahan; Lou Marquardt; Liz Dykstra; Mary Fay; Barbara Hoshal. Back Row: Judy Engelke; Barbara Barclay; Virginia Layman; Mary Nesbitt; Mary Buechle; Dorothy Cant; Eleanor Johnson; Charlotte Haller; Carole Goodhue; Janet Clark; Carol Hotham; Jane Higbee; Juanita Grovesnor; Diane Kuse; Mary Sullivan. Front Row: Nancy Marsh; Alice Rasmusscn; Karla Dugan; Cynthia Orr; Elizabeth Hunter; Gretchen Webster; Elizabeth Metcalf; Judith LeMessurier. Second Row: Margaret Maywald; Jo Buckley; Mary Lease; Gay Duerson; Sharon Callahan; Mary Birmingham; Shelley Scar- ney; Barbara Hiss: Cynthia Morgan; Ann Hammond; Lucy Carmichael; Lynnette Beall; Betsy Burke. Third Row: Susan Rutledge; Virginia Arbuckle; Linda Huntington; Joyce Judson; Janet Kohlenberg; Eleanor Burke; Paddy McBride; Mrs. Trible; Bonnie Bergland, President; Mary Gronberg; Patricia Dow; Carla Schram; Pamela Sattley; Martha Sattley. Fourth Row: Beverly Negri; Lynn Markus; Esther Heyt; Janet Fildew; Joan Pfeifer; Nancy Thompson; Ann Naylor; Penelope Reed; Judith Huntington; Joan Potter; Sue Smith: Martha Wiles; Cyn- thia Todd; Janet Dietrich; Jill Lobsir: Sandra Vroman; Marjorie Chew; Joyce Moffatt; Barbara Ruhl. Back Row: Susan Hattendorf; Sara Baker; Chris Anderson; Sally Steketee; Ruth Plaut; Carolyn Blaul; Jeanne Seaborn; Louisa Hart; Elizabeth Sykes; Susan Doherty; Nancy Yeakey: Jill Rogers; Mary Rupp; Roxanne Peterson; Mary VanDusen; Georgina Dunn; Mary Lancaster; Mary Hafer. Wily washerwomen approve of the dirt done by " Bennie ' s Boys, " as they rub it into wrung- out opponents with their Homecoming display. I Kappa Alpha Theta 165 Front Row: Sandra Bader; Gretchen Schweizer; Marcia Roth; Mary Lou Fishbeck; Barbara Dunn; Marie Jo DeWitt; Darlyne Roose; Nancy Carter; Judy Bartlett; Lois Hendrickson; Carol Vestal; Nancy Stout; Claudia Taylor. Second Row: Roberta Gubbins; Pat Johnstone; Peggy Mattox; Judy Huber; Edith Haffner; Mrs. Francis Watson; Carol Cunningham; Joanna Vorhaus; Nancy O ' Tool; Mary Ellen Galvin; Gaille Valentine; Barbara Humphrey. Third Row: Suzanne Taylor; Cynthia Hobart; Helen Brackett; Bonnie Watson; Sue Hill; Judy Hofstra; Dianna Skaff; Marianne Goes; Gail Sturgeon; Donna Gardhouse; Kay Miller; Judy Ross; Carolyn Piotrowski; Mary Jo Fitzgerald; Mary Carless; Louise Kaye; Carolyn Bryant; Emily Todd; Ann Thomas; Joanne Modderman; Nancy Farrell. Back Row: Alice Waugh; Lynn La- violette; Valerie Geisz; Margaret Weinert; Bev Barchi; Barbara Schieks; Darlyne Sabo; Marilyn Smith; Jan Silverstone; Nancy Winston; Jean Wagner; Judy Gamble; Sally Lundquist; Margo Harris; Nancy Anderson; Martha Krueger; Janet Her; Donna Smith; Hermine Weinert. The office of chapter president carries with it the privilege of living in a modernistic- ally appointed suite, complete with fireplace. Kappa Delta 166 Kappa Kappa Gamma Graduating Kappas began their education with a grade school slate; they end it by chalking their names on the house ' s hallowed fireplace. Front Row: Joyce Phaneuf; Ann Spohn; Lou Wilson; Joan Westby; Paddy Cooper; Sally Reynolds; Emily Harding; Jane Thompson; Jan Northway; Linda Landsnaes; Sue Sullivan; Sophie Shambes. Second Row: Betty Wright; Sally Thayer; Carolyn Thomas; Shelley England; Sarah Savarino; Pat Skelly; Jane Joachim; Sally Garner, Polly Vliet; Judy Baer; Carol Hough; Sue Martin; Franne Crowley; Mary Knecht: Pauline Shambes. Third Row: Marsha Woughter; Marcia Highlands; Betty Jean Thompson; Graechen Becker; Betty Jean Kafka; Laurie Smith: Mrs. Lehrer; Dottie Swanson; Alice James; Ann Cumings; Libby Garland; Barbara Taylor; Pat Wright. Fourth Row: Ingrid Arnesen; Rachael Tiedkc: Mary Lou Monger; Sandra Boyd; Roberta Meyers; Louise Fiber; Rosalie Savarino; Mary McMullen; Elizabeth Erskine: Sue Seger; Jane Conway; Sue Arnold: Peggy Zuelch; Janet Voyce; Allison Everett; Mary Tower; Ellen Lewis; Phyllis Cantwell; Alison Brewster. Back Row: Judy Campbell; Julie Schumacher; Izora Corpman; Barbara Ingwell; Janet Gatherer; Carol Sue Meeker; Pat Booze; Kay MacKenzie; Molly Dwan: Jane Prindeville; Mary Bloemendal; Mary Klauer; Sue Chaffee; Ann Buehrer; Shirley Curtiss; Betsy Palmer: Sally Laube; Carol Guy; Andrea Snyder. 167 B- If ft Pi Beta Phi Golden-toned, thrush-like voices are carefully cultivated to warble " Pi Ba-ter Phi-i-e " with a twang in keeping with the best cowboy style. Front Row: Nancy Howell; Nancy Riley; Midge Becman; Dorothy Allaben; Susan Roach; Fredcricka Haines; Suzanne Reid; Nancy Pletta: Mary Jane Roehl. Second Row: Jocelyn Watt; Martha Ann Wallbillich ; Ann Taylor; Janet Kruse; Cynthia Cook; Judy McKnight; Henrietta Brown; Gail Glover; Susan Brown; Caryl Dumond; Jane Wilson; Barbara McGrath. Third Row: Ingrid Johnson; Catherine Campbell; Su- san Boomer; Jane Grathwohl; Patricia Mooney; Janet Jewell; Grace Hallek; Sarah Jo Brown, President; Jane Germany; Lois Murphy; Jane Hodgsen; Jean Tinker; Shirley Lilja; Alicia Tarrant; Mary Nolen. Fourth Row: Alice Louie; Nancy Kendall; Margaret Phillips; Clarice Wicks; Linda Balling; Vcra Khoury; Ann Shouvlin; Dee Baker; Janet Neary; Andrea Stelle; Nancy McCombe; Corinne Groscop; Polly VanSchoick; Mary Alice Clagett; Mary Ellen Jackson. Back Row: Alice Royer; Ann McDougal; Kathryn Bailey; Pamela Tarrant; Rosalie Hildebrecht; Lucy Riley; Sandra Fox; Lucinda Hendricks; Carol Kinzie; Mary Ann Nicoll; Donna Wickham; Lee Ann Price; Julie Windham; Janice Crispin; Kay Yonkers; Janice English; Mary June Foster. s 168 1 Front Row: Grace Levin; Claire Padover, Beatrice Minkus, Jane Rubenstein; Jeanne Schlusberg; Sheila Bleichfeld. Linda Falk; Yvonne Alkalay; Myla Greenberg; Gwynne Finkleman, Judy Greenberger; Linda Lee. Second Row: Barbara Maier; Carole Kampner; Shirley Tow- bin; Ann Landwirth; Marilyn Pearlman: Rozlyn B org: Mrs. Feder: Dorothy Freedman: Dorothy Berg; Carole Lichterman; Beverly Falk; Joy Pasternack: Susan Price. Third Row: Eleanor Shur; Marcia Kohnstamn; Marilyn Rudman; Barbara Lewis; Libby Sundel; Sandra Beer; Donna Green; Barbara Backlar; Susan Sturc; Linda Rubenstein; Lynne Landwirth; Betty-Ann Rosenfeld; Suzanne Werbclow; Diana Mar- cus; Ruth Donner; Beverly Arnouitz; Natalie Grodnick: Barbara Weiss; Ruth Israel. Back Row: Ruth Dickstein; Barbara Meyerson; Bar- bara Rubin; Gloria Shapiro; Leslie Dietz; Marilyn Dietch; Ann Kutner; Inez Shapiro; Esther Richter; Marjorie Saslow; Nancy Rothman; Priscilla Oppenheim; Nancy Bluestone; Susan Dorfman; Marcia Borg; Esther Margolis; Joan Allen; Carole Hecht; Barbara Hyman. Keeping a toothsome tradition, a girl who has just announced her engagement presents a five- pound box of chocolates to sorority sisters. Sigma Delta Tau 169 Front Row: Helena Plummer; Harriet Jo Cell; Carole Bauer; Gloria Tennant; Karen Kanekeberg; Shannon King; Shirley Babel; Judy Brooks; Mary Moxley; Barbara Hahn; Judy Widman; Jan Savage; Kathleen McEvoy. Second Row: Marilyn Eliason; Carol Wheeler; Judy Mills; Carol Magec; Carole Harkett; Judy Tathem; Christa Eckhard; Barbara Busch; Joan Taylor; Carole Schooff; Sally Glass; Judy Colwell; Sue McFatridge; MaryAnne Kinaschuk. Third Row: Lynnette Ferrel; Jo Matych; Helen Eisner; Helen Beckstrum; Carol Palmer; Margaret Edwards; Jan Tourtellot; Janette Evans; Charlcne Pohr; Terry Jelascity; Mary Beth Wyss; Ruth Heald; Margaret Decker; Betty Fries; Anne Robinson; Jane Wilson; Judy Guest. Back Row: Barbara Burton; Jeanne Irwin; Carolyn Kinaschuk; Pat Miller; Mary Ellen DcLalla; Sandy Beyers; Ellen Murray; Helen Ericson; Kathleen McCarthy; Nancy Wasmuth; Mary Lou Crouch; Margie Durant; Ellen Schreiber; Martha DcBoer; Jacqueline Langmaid; Mary Alice Grinnell. Halloween is an enchanted evening for spirits, sprites and Sigma Kappas Confucius say " Much Merry mischief fine fun on college campuses. " Sigma Kappa 170 Acacia A German turned Greek for a semester, this ex- change student learned such fraternity lore as chapter locations pinpointed on a massive map. Front Row: John Fitzjohn: Jack Ohrenberger; Stuart Porter: Wayne Townsend: Stephen Flagg: Robert Budae: James Simpson. Second Row: Skip Irwin: Walter Bailey: James O ' Brien: Brenton Mattes; William Addison; James Ferris; William Penpraze: Peter Sampson. Third Row: James McCormick: Maurice Miller; Thomas Tuttle: Neal Hillerman; Eric Aupperlc; Patrick Fischer: David Hecht: William Hall. Fourth Row: Frank Belts; Virgil Grumbling: Curtis Atkisson; Richard Meyer; Roy Wetterholt; James Aurand; Thomas Platt: Ted Bryant; John Hickman; William McElfresh; Donald Walker. Back Row: David Dow; Richard Nybcrg; Stanley Wynn; David Reynolds; Richard Neil: David Zerbcl; Norman Brink; John Denton; Robert Kany: Duane Dunlap. 171 Alpha Delta Phi ' ' Hey, which one is she? " Calling a blind date is not such an ordeal when some of the broth- ers are sitting by to point out her picture. Front Row: Zohn Hausmann; Warren Bow; John Walper; Anthony Sulfaro; Robert Ryan; Stanley Pratt; Thomas C rawford. Second Row: Roy Deng; John Smolensk!; Robert Schleh; Louis Conlin; William Kolesar; Lawrence Brown, President; William Drake; George Denison; Nels Jensen; Richard Erwine. Third Row: James Thurman; Frank Hausmann; Gordon Moore; Kenneth Misar; Charles Drake; John Rie- ben; Charles Lundquist; John Marie; Richard Hayman; William TenBroek; Orrin Bush. Back Row: Fernando Camacho; Harold Andrews; Stuart Wagner; Christopher McKenney; Richard Jones; James Stephens; Laurie Dooge; John Morritz; Kenneth Oberg; Joseph McEvoy; William Stumpfig; Thomas Curtis; Augus Goetz. 172 Front Row: Dave Goldstein; Alan Camiener; Bob Yampolsky; Bob Greenberger; Ben Lenard; Dave Kahrnoff; Hal Lipsitz; Lloyd Gelman; Glenn Greenwood; Ron Wolfe; Don Smith. Second Row: Peter Lederman; Lee Miller; Terry Bladen; Larry Blaufox; Ron Rosenthal; Irwin Solomon; Jerome Schneyer, President; Norton Steuben; Macy Landau; Alan Willens; Barney Silverman; Larry Ellenbogen. Third Row: Rick Schiller; Marc Kromelow; Al Warshawsky; Ira Bernstein; Bruce Serwin; Jerry Klass; Paul Gass; Irwin Seligsohn; Dave Kroll; Larry Cohen; Al Gilbert; Howard Weisblat; Bob Parr; John Halpern; Earl Rosenbaum. Back Row: Mickey Steinberg; Mike Rotko; Ted Perlman; Ted Friedman; Mickey Goldberg; Larry Matten; Mike Anspach; Ed Schotland; Harvey Rutstein; Carl Loesberg; Don Mazin; Steve Adler; Abe Goll; Mike Rosen; Howard Urow. A switch from Red Heart to Sweetheart seems to meet with dogged disapproval; which faction will be most lathered-up remains to be seen. Alpha Epsilon Pi 173 i Front Row: Leonard Wright; Kenneth Edwards; Charles Johnson; Clayton Wilouby; Leonard Armstrong. Second Row: Anderson White; Robert Royal; Garnet Hegeman; Al Jones, President; John Perry; Hermon Hall; The Rev. Lyman Parks. Third Row: Emile Riley; Charles Wexler; Herbert Craig; Robert Turner; Isaac Gardner. Alpha Phi Alpha A combination of chapter meetings and in- formal gatherings enable the brothers in Alpha Phi Alpha to make plans and have fun. 174 Alpha Sigma Phi And the music goes round and round discs ranging from Koussevitzky to Kenton provide ear-pleasing atmosphere for reading or relaxing. Front Row: William Rockcrshousen; William Ingerson; Joseph Simon; Frank Duncan; Bruce Jacobson; Frank Arens; David Hamil; James MacKay; John Summers; Hubert Allen. Second Row: Kent Shoemaker; Russel McKennan; Charles Chopp; Roger Zucchet; William Ecker- rnan; James Lynn; William Weber; David Mills; William Peters. Third Row: Robert Armstrong; Henry Labrun; Robert Griffith; George Steward; David Hansen; Gordon Nitz; Herbert Pollock; William Beckman; Bruce McCubbrey; Waldo Sturm. Back Row: Gene Metsker; James Blanchard; Gerald Dundas; Gilberto Font; Earl Figley; Kenneth Anderson; Donald Milles; George Powell; George Schuster; Charles Carscallen: Edward Ross. 175 Alpha Tau Omega Greek Week exchange dinners, and desserts throughout the year, are ideal occasions to meet sweets other than candied confections. Front Row: George Weemhoff; Tom Boyle; Dick Bowen; Murray Milne; Bob Milligan; Bill Booth; Don Pallin; Dick Hartig; Harry Bird; Lew Carlson. Second Row: Stan Menees; Chuck Steiner; Fred Warner; Bob Robinson; Bob Cameron; Don Jablonski; Steve Eggleston; Don Dahm; Mike Conklin; Paul Kors; Bill Boyer. Third Row: Gale Fox; Theinie Majoros; Dick Hiss; Ernie Richman; Chuck Warner; Jack Campbell; George Condon; Dave Benner; Tom Peterson; Chuck Beattie; Andy Balent; Charlie Gunn. Fourth Row: Joe Pascoff; Dave Thou- in; Jim Bond; Mai Gumming; Mike Foy; Jerry Capizzi; Bob Talley; Roger Hamblin; John Uilkema; Ed Sisson; Dave Ward; Ken Bottoms; Rupert O ' Brien; Larry Mastellar; Bcnn Martin; Dick Mehl. Back Row: Roger Peapples; John Pallin; Sparky Sherman; Rand Oslund; George Robson; Ed Wehner; George Scott; Bob Bredin; Bowen Broock; Bill Herrnstein; Leo Angelos; John Farkas; John Meyer; Dave Critchett; Duane Carlson; Dick Van Schoick. mm ' M w s s s v O Front Row: John Feledy: Sonny Gaines; John Gerber; Jim Wiswell; Cap Chastain; Bill Johnson; Fred Wright. Second Row: Walt Naumer: Tom Cleveland; Jim Barton; Bill Chase; Bob Gillow; Bob Smythe: Dave Kissinger; Steve Kott; Tom McCain. Third Row: Phil Beach; Skip Gathmann; Ted Lou; Tom Brandt; Ed Heck; Bob Berner: George Trowbridge; Charles Penhaligen; Lou Ramsdell; Denny Larkin; Dan Chappelear; Dave Pryor; Doug Slaggent. Fourth Row: John Carroll: George Bloch; Jim Lutz: Tom Raisor; Al Killeen; Bruce McClelland: Tom Zilly: Jim Hogan; Bud Brown; Dave Tuggle; Tom Hibbard; Bob Weisman: Bob Kuehne. Fifth Row: Don Byron; Glenn Robertson: Frank Taylor: Dug Munro. Sixth Row: Ken Pierce; Dave Owen; Jim Mosby. Back Row: Pete Pritchard; Bob Winters; Gordon Boydston; Dave Redick; Jack Pendergast; Gordon Barnes. During the semester mail call means letters from home, checks, and parcels of food. After exams, the mailman is hounded for post cards. Beta Theta Pi 177 Front Row: Michael Bolan; Robert Tomlinson; Tom Gaffield; Terry Tweedie; Albert Hilburger; Richard Schmuck; Jerry Christman; Don- ald Osburn; Leon Arnst. Second Row: Robert Creal; Charles Pearson; Richard Menge; James Howell; Roger Comstock, President; Gerhard Hoffmann; John Rapson; Richard Fink; Peter Van Camp; Philip Ardussi. Third Row: Ronald Rupert; Dean Savell; Ray McCarus; Michael Arnet; Brooks Sitterly; John Matthews; Bruce Avis; Daniel Gulden; Patrick Killean; James Freeman; Roger Tuttle; Ted Kotila; David Shaub. Back Row: William Heston; Barry Macrae; Peter Geis; David McDermit; Henry Gildner; Harry Evans; Wayne Kuhn; John Williams; James McGee; James Rupert; Donald Dilworth; Charles Kuivinen; William Macrae. Bundled up in blankets, storm coats, and par- kas, Chi Phi ' s are well prepared for a long winter in the cold dorm ' s frigid atmosphere. Cbi Pbi 178 Chi Psi A friendly confab provides a convenient excuse to avoid hitting the books upstairs or fills the gap between dinner and a date at eight. Front Row: Dwight Davis; Jim Mitchell: Fred Holt; George Perrett; Tom Martinek. Second Row: Bill Raisch; Rod Smith; Bog Egly; John Hoey; Bob Nissly; Dick Degener; Tom White. Third Row: Stuart Scheifele; Dick Brown; Dick Schacht, President; Cory Randall; Bob Brown: Dale Ewart; Stuart Smith. Fourth Row: Al Flynn; John Boyles: Dick Spindle; Jim Miller; Pete Banzhaf; Dick Anslow; John Campbell; Jim Powell; Brad White; Fred Everett: Don Chapman. Back Row: Corky Smith; Ken Moore; Neil Barnett; Stan Kwasiborski; Dick Palma; Jerry Hill; Tim Putney; Wayne Lehr; Jim McQuire. I 179 Delta Chi Delta Chi ' s shower recently pinned brothers with cold water and congratulations. The icy water may intensify or reduce the shock. Front Row: Tom Michalski; Don Skinner; Ed Brown; Dale Thiel; Boyd Bosnia; Tom French: Norm Krecke; Bob Fear; Harry Donald. Second Row: Paul DeMarrais; Dick Flodin; Dick Bogg; Phil Church; Art Angood, President: Chuck Murdoch; John Nicoara; Gene Holcombe; Bob Denison; John Haskell. Third Row: Bill Pugh; Larry Smart; Fred Jackson; Bill Thewalt: Phil Jones; Tom Fegan: Chuck Trambauer: Bill Fors; Mike McQuire; Bob Miller: Bill Minella. Back Row: Dick Gau ' t; John Angood; Milan Majarov; Russ Jack; Craig Smith: Bob Ogburn: John Jenkins; John Dwyer; Paul Menard; Dick Roemer; Paul Wolcott. " Front Row: Andrew Baumer; Thomas O ' Connor; Allan Hanselman; John Higic. Second Row: Cecil Van Alsburg; William Krag; Victor Fair- less; Kenelm Winslow; Robert Richardson; Peter Strom; Gervais Trichel. Third Row: George Zinn; Alexander Wood: Brian Burke; Stephen Monroe; Michael McCarthy; Carl Luckenbach; Frank Hirt: Paul Elvidge: Robert Hutchison. Fourth Row: Paul Gruber; Thomas Stras- zewski; Marvin Kanouse; Gary Knight; Neill Peters; Joseph Haselby; Loren Van Tassel; George Planck; Donald Tyler. Back Row: James Knaggs; Joseph Varady: Stanley Clarke; Ed PuthufF; Robert Durham: Raymond Babin; Hugh Ryall; John Rhodes: Glen Miller. Around and around the beater goes, what it mixes nobody knows. With a bottle of vinegar the Dekes experiment with kitchen chemistry. Delta Kappa Epsilon 181 Front Row: Hugh Rabat; Ben Bean; Dick Hueston; Joe Talbot; Bob Paul; Bill Modlin; George Hill; John Hubbard; Gene McKinney. Second Row: Dave Huthwaite; Joseph Brown; Dan Hunter; Gordon Patton; Charles Wallgreen; Bob Willwerth; Tom Hunter. Third Row: Harvey Johnson; Bob Johnson; Dick Grimes; Dave Gibbs; Walter Gerdes; Dave Benner; Bob Fabian; Tom Martin; Alan Larson; Dick Schacht; Bradley Dewey; Harvey Branch. Back Row: Tom Bitzer; Lee Jorgensen; Bill Zaharee; Art Gaudi; Bud Osmun; Brian Moriarty; Jim Myers; Dick Hoek; Don McWatters; Dave Hilderley; Larry Allyn. Delta Sigma Phi 182 Pledges get a taste of housework at Saturday morning work sessions. Hardwood floors re- quire endless mopping, waxing, and polishing. Delta Tau Delta Four Delts in conference inspect complicated architectural blue prints to determine the structural soundness of the proposed design. Front Row: Bob Morgan; Bob Stahl; Don Young; Jack Demorest; Bill Neumann; Oleg Lobanov; Rick St. John; Jim Clancy; Jerry Coon; Dave Strolle; Jerry Baker; John Sebaly. Second Row: Jim Sargent; Dick Stringer; Chuck Sweet; Herb Klinker; Jack Ryan; Bill Koepke; Don Duff; N ' ort Stuart; Frank Barger; Paul Vitz; Vic Krause; Corky Hetherington; Paul Guy; Dick Zimmerman; Chuck Wood. Third Row: Bob Bowen; Jerry Harwood; Jack Harvey; Don Shepard; Pete Cell; Ken Schooff; Tom Brown; Ted Reissing; Jim Rieder; Ken Johnson; George Bihler; Budge Sherwood; Red Gilbert; Jack Ross; Mike Barber; Dave Evans; Jim Glaspie. Back Row: Pete Naylor; John Hatgis; Bob Wil- lougby; Gil Hitchcock; George Nersesian; Dick Hartman; Spence Myers; Dick Kruse; Jim Hoi ton; Ken Johnson; Gary Grenfell; Dick John- son; Larry Taylor; Bob Galloway; Joe Robert; Stu Christian; Abe Nicolaou. 183 Delta Upsilon Brandy I and Brandy II are groomed for their frequent classroom appearances. Brandy II will be trained for Homecoming ' s St. Bernard race. Front Row: Donald Mick; Richard Gordon; Wolf Schunter; Donald Reeves; David Jencks; Robert Deitz; Theodore Fletcher; Lee Freeman; Thomas Creed; Bruce Shoquist; Allen Bell; Nelson Sherburne. Second Row: Stanley Rosenquist; Brian Harris; Richard Booth; David Baad; Stephen Kovacik; George Schatz; John Heath, President; Arthur Wible; Elmer Whipple; Richard Spencer; John Bannasch; James Stempson. Third Row: William Fay; Bruce Goldsmith; Greg Neff; Donald Dame; Robert Adams; Fred Aengst; Richard Haken: Mike Fitzsimons; David Cobb; Donald Troelson; Richard Wolf; Donald Colwell; Robert Plaskctt: James Myers. Back Row: Robert Smith; James Baad; Stew Evans: Keith Heslip; Robert Ward; Joseph Cox; Fred Barrett; James Sergescn; David Mason; Gene Goebel; Donald Craft: Brick Goering; John Hackett: Robert Mansfield: John Barrows; Charles Melfi; Ronald Tom. 184 Front Row: Lawrence Doane; Dean Palmer; Edward Roda: Fred Hope; Richard Maslyn; Terence McDonald: Karl Berg; Dennis Arno. Second Row: Richard Nagel: Thomas Kressbach; David Wheeler; Jay Vawter; Richard Brehm; Lee Algood; John Moore; Kirk Daly; Ed- ward White; Robert Belcher. Third Row: Lawrence Houck; Robert Busha: Stephen Shlanta; Joe Moore; James Isbister; Jere Brophy; Stan- ley Sabik; Philip Hettinger; Bruce McRitchie; Robert Porter; George Henrich; John Fay; Edward Bernreuter; James Blum. Back Row: Colin Fraser; Thomas Christenson; Glen Thomet; David Rorabacher; William Barlow; John Pasquill; David Swanson; Thomas Clark; Dan Calkins; Richard Nichols: Rockne Ehle; George Davidson; Donald Briggs; Robert Baugham. Four Kappa Sigmas attend a Blarkwood conven- tion. Goren ' s game provides relaxation during a welcome break from the grind of studies. r Kappa Sigma 185 Front Row: Gary Sprague; Don Truex; Charles Stevens; Thomas Capua; J ames Knowlton; William Guinness; Richard Copeland; Thomas Nicholls; Gerald Merritt; Paul Newcomb; Harold Bay; William VandenBosch; Charles Schrader; Michael Cherry; Dave Hedrich; Gerald Damgl. Second Row: George Volis; John Cross; Richard Ward; Dick Good; Fred Walker; Robert MacMichael; Bill Larson; Constantine Gia- nakaris; George Grove; James Pickard; Robert Yanko; Donald Rupprecht; Stanley Head; Gene Tcrrill; Alex Hayncs; Harold Cruger; Baird Swigert; John McCrae. Third Row: Robert Clark; Thomas VandenBosch; Donald Good; Robert Richert; Ralph Richter; Gerald Stein; Elliott Burd; Richard Blodgett; Ralph Cadger; Neil Taylor; James Lawrence; Edward Ellison; Frank Brabaw; David Grupe; Calvin Strom: Carl Walker; John Sharp; Kerry Johnson. Back Row: Fran LeMire; Donald Scotilla; William Billmeier; Joseph Belts; Gordon Merritt; Roy Pero; John Erlanger; James Perkins; William Graham: Fred Sheffler; Alan Simmons: Wendell Chadwick; Richard Smith; James Hart; Thomas Gougeon: John Walper; Robert Thorne; Albert Williams; George Friess. Putting into a drinking glass on the living room carpet, the golfers practice during the winter in hopes of breaking par on the links. Lambda Cbi Alpha 186 Phi Delta Theta The chapter ' s bulletin board announces a busy week for the Phi Delts. The agenda includes a pledge formal and pre-Christmas activities. l Front Row: Phillip Mitchell; William Dove; Richard Morford; James Pryce; Edward Allen; Robert Justice; Ralph Hubbard; George Rich. Second Row: Wallace Maxwell: Jack Hogan: Tony Weiler; Basil Danison; Peter Patterson: Thomas Shearer: Robert Dunlop; Nick Mans: James Asbeck; Arvin Philippart: Richard Dunlop. Third Row: James Barron; William MacFarland; Frank Haag; Frank Moore; Thomas Jorgensen; Robert Walker: John Friess; Richard Little; Harold Chapel; Robert Dunn; Richard Harrison; Robert Fritts; John O ' Reilly: Peter Davidson; William McArthur. Fourth Row: Edward Westwood; Richard Peterjohn; James Van Pelt; William Alger; David Bowers; Charles Rubin; Charles Jung; Byrne Marshall; Peter Tillotson; Bernard Rinella; Jay Newberry; Robert Wood; William Bohnsack; James Barger; Prescott Crisler; Donald Johnston: James Bates; Douglas Roby; John Sayles. Back Row: Robert Collins; Arthur Boylan; Kenneth Myers; David Hershey; James Friedman: Donald Catrow; Robert Sullivan; Charles Green; Phillip Brown; Thomas Islcy; Robert Sharp; James Mad- dock; Edward Shannon: Donald Dell ' Aquila; Richard Van Gemert; Thomas Jackson; Bruce Terry; Robert Leland: Thomas Hotchkiss; Ed- ward Zeerip; Thomas Sheehan; William Barrett. 187 Phi Epsilon Pi Phi Epsilon Pi returned to campus in the fall of 1955. The chapter is using Union facilities for meetings, parties, and rushing activities. Front Row: Melvyn Goldstein; Russell Rayman; Stephen Kabak; Lawrence Walders; Stewart Aron; David Wishnick; Joel Zuger. Back Row: Charles Richmond; Marvin Burke; Laurence Forman; Kurt Rosen; Peter Levinson; Richard Bailin; Richard Blond; Sandford Wolf; Roland King: Stuart Scigal; Harvey Wax. 188 CJ. n f Front Row: Dave Hallcr; Larry Shefferly; Ed LaMance; Jim Stephen; Walt Scherer; Jim Kent; Dick McCracken; Jerry Lawrence. Second Row: Mike Baity; Bill Heath; Fred Williams; Dave Grey; Joe Sherman: Dave Wakely; Jack Wheeler; Rom Portwood. Third Row: Van King; Keith Pohl; Ron Clarke; Dave Fleisher; Robert Knutson; Roger Anderson, President; Jim Kruthers: Tom Brush; Ed Grouse: Frank Zinn; Keith Coats: Alan Christman. Fourth Row: Jerry Pusch: Steve Kale; Alan Hartwig; Roger Severson: Robert Meyers; Ross Fletcher; Gordon Emery; Duke Gregory; Barry MacKay; Ross Smith; Tom Sawyer; Tom Anderle; Bill Steinmeyer; Al Schadel. Back Row: Tom Engle; Jim Hardy; Bob Stahl: Jim Young: Sam Riggs; Steve Simich: Phil Burt; John McFatridge; Bruce Boss: Ernie McCoy; Bill Robinson; Chuck Sharp: Rex Wilcox: Bill Moeller. Noted for zany costumes and nondescript music, the Fiji Marching Band (Local 707) enlivens rallies and Michigras parades with its antics. L Phi Gamma Delta 189 Front Row: William Fritts; John States; Thomas Costcllo; Robert Radcll; Xick Karagan; Dan Hegg; John Anderson; Charles Thomas. Second Row: William Husted; Dave McCullough; William Stuart; Rob Effingcr, President; James Baker; Alan Holderness; Frederick Hertel; Steve Pauli. Third Row: Ronald Eschenburg; Lawrence Arnold; Richard Stanley; William Roeder; John MacLeod; Bruce Renfrew; Rex Steele; Stephen Harper; Robert Pauszek. Back Row: Ralph Cross; Frederic Albrecht; Charles Boylan; William Meyer; John Gallander; Gordon Busby; Kurt Keydel; Edward Diethrich; Donald D ' Angelo; Robert Wozniak. Living room scrimmages have no referees. Three teammates, with benefit of dagger, resort to drastic methods to hold the opponent ' s line. Phi Kappa Psi 190 Phi Kappa Sigma Listening to records is an enjoyable diversion on Saturdays. Three Phi Kappa Sigma ' s choose their mood music by the cover, not the composer. Front Row: Ernie Myers; Jerry Sharp; Jack Williams; Paul Belanger. Second Row: Jerry Williams; Dave Donley; Jim Vukovich; Dick Ruhala; Frank Podles ' ki. Third Row: Scott McCollum; Bill Lyon; Marshall Wadsworth; Gary Underbill: Ralph Boeker. Back Row: Jack Porter; Dan Deppe; Les Nelson; Ralph Fagge; Fred Woodward; Don Haney. 191 _, Phi Kappa Tau The typical after dinner lull has descended upon the Phi Kappa Tau house and provides some time for the meditations of man and beast. Front Row: Robert Currie; Robert James; Tim Kraft; Fred Murley; Robert Bruton; William Burton; Robert Richter. Second Row: John Ipson; Thomas Mazancc: Richard Faulhaber; Barry Collier; Malcolm Campbell. President; John Ulrich; Bruce Stevens: George Hopper: Roy Baril. Third Row: Charles Lutz; William Moloney; James Lange; Cal Covell; Douglas Donnan; Paul Thibault; James Thurlow; Dale Baker; Allen Dangremond; Norman Bcauchamp. Back Row: George Briggs; Glenn Girardin; Donald Daenzer; Rex Youse; Donald Wattrick; William Powell; John Stephenson; Howard Buchanan; Keith Kepler; Alton Sannar. 192 Front Row: Steve Bronstein. Second Row: Stan Kostman; Don Seltz: Joel Sussman; Dick Schwartz; Burt Lipsky; Jerry Fogel; Don Glass- berg; Dave Hefter; Mel Foster; Mike Schneiderman. Third Row: Jerry Winski; Roy Missner; Dave Weisenberg; Bob Katchke; Dick Gooel; Jerry Warchaizer; Lee Egrin; Burt Fainman; Sam Weinstock; Merv Solomon; Bernie Rozran; Joel Siegel. Fourth Row: Joe Fien; Mike Klotz; Chet Kay; Dave Klausner; Bob Floum; Herb Schneider; Chuck Schwartz; Fred Keywell; Mike Zucker; Frank Pollack; Howard Shapiro. Fifth Row: Mike Silber; Harlan Givelber; Gary Kane; Fred Schwimmer; Joe Hanchrow; Rick Bernett; Bob Brown; Harvey King; Pete Wulf- sohn: Gene Salesin; Sheldon Glass; Dick Prince; Jerry Poticha; Ed Cohn; Ed Marks; Paul Adams. Back Row: Howard Goldberg; Norm Levy; Don Tonkin; Fred Schatz; Jerry Spielman; Stan Simon; Marty Frank; Warren Singer; Bill Matheson; Jerry Valberg; Syd Ruby; Bernie Liss; Bob Binkow; Rick Levitt; Bob Liss; Paul Appel. Wearing a chic fringed chapeau and strumming his guitar, the range rider from the old West appears again at the Phi Sigma Delta house. Phi Sigma Delta 193 Front Row: James Carr; Fred Roeben; Hank Newlin; Franchot Stein; Al Pugno; Ron Piottcr; Bob Barrett. Second Row: Walter Penny; Dan Dillman; Ron Nordgren; Marvin Jackson; Harvey Stapleton; Bruce Brown; Hans Stoehr; Dick Harding. Third Row: Tom Bernaky; Peter Guck; Gerry VanOtteren; Jim Heier; Joe Decker; Charles Sojack; Dale Broderick; Al MacCarthy; David Sloss. Back Row: Don Barclay; Bob Corthell; Ed Bottum; Duncan McVean; Gordon VanOtteren; Carl Karaba; Dick Wentzel; Bill McKean; Keith Ryan; Tom Taylor. Phi Sigma Kappa Fraternity songs have a little added spice when accompanied by a piano and a guitar. The Phi Sigma Kappa ' s practice early for the IFC Sing. 194 Pi Lambda Phi Surrealistic pictures of study time at the Pi Lam house. An analysis of the plot structures of Dick Tracy and the dictionary will be made. Front Row: Gordon Lapidus; Dan Wolff; Robert Kleinberg; Fred Charm; Bruce Miller; Len Charney; Aaron Sheon; David Cooper; Stanley Zax. Second Row: Dan Gaines; Joseph Fishman; Henry Berinstein; Jerome Stern; Stephen Hill; Wallace Handler; Robert Weinbaum; Wil- liam Pittler; Peter DeGroot; Marvin Cherin; Ivan Goldberg; Carl Stern; Lee Marks. Third Row: Larry Weisman; Bernard Goodman; Ger- ald Goldberg; Sy Durbinsky; David Epstein; Burton Epstein; David Levy; Arnold Zeff: John Loeb; Marvin Halpern; Michael Rosenberg; Man-in Davidson; Michael Freeman; Gib Rose; Robert Myers: Richard Mermelstein; Richard Bennett. Back Row: Alvin Ziv; David Shlain; Gary Bergman; Norman Barr: William Berinstein; John Mendel; Gerald Wolberg; Len Velick; Ronald Stone; Stanley Kampner; Edward Lubin; Harvey Bailey; Larry Sherman; Lawrence Scher; Jack Roth; Norman Sagansky. 195 r L t r 7 Front Row: David Symons; Stuart Buchanan; Walter Taylor; Dana Denault; John Neff. Second Row: James Knapp; Raymond Newman; John Slagle; Sweetman Smith; Russell Scribner; Jerome Donnelly; Terrence Dierdorff; John Erichson; William Brennan. Third Row: Michael Dolle; Samuel Stewart; Howard Webber; Richard Taber; Hugh Banniga; John Calvin; Keith Olson; Michael Lynch; Russell Mustard; James Gilmore; Theodore Emerson. Fourth Row: Welby Taylor; Jerome Williams; Dale Houston; Scott Rader; John Powers; Arthur Kuiper; Timothy Leedy; Michael Gary; Karl Litzenburg; Andrew Murbach; Frederick Sheldon. Back Row: John Bitzer; Stephen Betteridge; John Littig; Dana Larson; Thomas Prunk; William Hoffhines; John Hubly; Charles Crowell; Edwin Spence; Richard Rearick; Ronald Petrella; Richard Stieffel. from I nil no: Gil Minck Now: kik PftnL H ' Sew: In his basket the snack vendor brings cheeses, milk, and sandwiches to provide late evening refreshment. His visits are always welcome. pllliilillll Hi ii Psi Upsilon 196 Sigma Alpha Epsilon The stakes are not high, but everybody is inter- ested. The SAE ' s find a friendly game of cards a good way to ease the tension during finals. Front Row: Ernie Mann; Clem Corona; Terry Eikenbery; Dave Rentchler; Victor Stoeffler; Ronald Malis; Richard Roe; Mac Martin; Rob- ert Monroe; Fritz Krueger; William Niemann; Michael Burke. Second Row: James Orwig; William Mestdagh; Jarnes Hague; William Grier- son; Gib Richards; Michael Rotunno; William Elliott; Fred Furth; Melvin Johnson; Ed Ravenscroft; Richard Weiss; Karl Betz; Michael Marich; Howard Tommelein; Rick Huttenlocher; Williams Adams; Larry Wise. Third Row: William Herndon; Jack Cunningham; Ronald Norene; Guy Foster; Robert Jones; James Simmons; Wally Roeser; Phil Horn; Jack Davidson; John Vermeulen; Gary Schneider; Robert Lockhart: Duane Linderman; George Corey; Mac Shilling; William Juergens. Back Row: James Street; Peter Goulding; Michael Russell; Peter Lucyshyn; Paul Brown; William Bernard; Carl Hirsch; Roger Power; John Miller; James Booth; John Kuchka; John Powell; Wallace Wilcox; Donald Mitchell: Thomas Krause; Ronald Scott; Robert Kellstrom; Thomas Ehni; Eric Tipp; William Mosher; William Scutt. 197 Sigma Alpha Mu A hypnotist transferred the Sammies from the earth to interstellar space bedecked with Mar- tian props at their Out of This World party. Front Row: Jeffrey Meyers; Robert Amove; Roger Baron; Davis Lewis; Harold Berritt; Louis Stern; Seth Barksy; Noel Gage; Arthur Co- lumbia. Second Row: Charles Sachse; Richard Edgar; Richard Moss; Merrill Kaufman; Warren Wertheimer; Joel Tauber; Louis Kwiker; Kenneth Shevin; Ronald Seltzer; William Siegal; Geoffrey Grossman; Herbert Solomon; Ivan Bender; Martin Cohen; Sheldon Markel; Donald Robiner. Third Row: Bernard Brodsky; Allan Rein; Adrian Williams; Donald Kamin; Sherman Chessler; Mickey Luckoff ; Law- rence Bizer; Allan Kalt: Gerald Laker; Arthur Laszlo; Gilbert Lewis; Harold Barren; Sheldon Baum; Donald Medalie; Milton Goldstein; Bruce Stiglitz; Bruce Siegan; David Silver. Back Row: Leonard Salle; Stanley Kraushaar; Monte Udoff ; Frederick Gordon; Henry Baylis; Harvey Weiss; Joseph Greenberg; George Finkel; Martin Weisbard; Marvin Starman; Stephen Koplin; Martin Albion; Walter Goldsmith; Jan Tanen- baum: James Weitzman; Gary Taback; Barry Merenoff; James Leven; Peter Berland; Alan Mendelssohn. I Ln- - Front Row: Robert Trost. Second Row: Bob Laney; Steve Drake; Jim McCall. Third Row: George Page; Joe Schwartz; Jim Grey; Glen Stevens; Roger Netzer; Bert Getz; Bruce Maxian; Scott Chrysler; Bob Powell; Dave Smith; John Hart. Fourth Row: Marvin Nyren; Tom Maentz; Larry Coleman; John Morrow; Henry Berliner; Bill Isby; Jerry Prescott, President; Frank Vick; Ed Meads; Win Trumbull; Chuck McCann; Jim Bowman; Fred Trost. Fifth Row: Bill Hill; Dale Hanson; Dave Stickney; Joe McKoan; Dick Heglin; John Maddigan; John Wylie; John Wrona; Charlie Brooks; Seth Tuttle; Randy Fitch. Back Row: Payson Chapman; Carl Nordberg; Chuck Weir; Nick Kouchou- kos; John Hauch; Bill Hohmeyer; Glen Carlson; Paul Drake; Dan Forbes; Phil Rosewarne; Bill Miller; Jack DeVries; Larry Faul; Bob Becker; Fred Smith. The Sigs show no signs of mike fright. When the amplifier is set for full volume, few can escape the public address system ' s clarion call. Sigma Chi 199 Sigma Nu Caught in mid-air before the impact is a newly pinned brother. Traditionally the occasion is celebrated by a dunking in the garden pool. Front Row: Ben Olive; Norman Miller; Lanny Marvin; Kenneth Porter; Joseph Brand; Colin Reed. Second Row: Alexander Sarros; Richard Patterson; Richard Cowles; David Gerarduzzi; George Mclntyre; Zacharia Athanas: John Larson; John Kreuzer. Third Row: Keith Hel- ferich; Richard Plunkett; James Champion; Daniel Dahl; Jerry Schurr, President; Roger Core; Robert Smith: Jarnes Fenton; James Pater- son; Roger Curran. Fourth Row: Thomas Donkin; Kent Robinson; Duane Schultz; Carl York; Reginald Norris; Robert Webster; Edward Downing; Ted Horn; Frederick Bjork; Gary Morse; Robert Chapman; Dean DePoy. Fifth Row: Bill Morgan; Eugene Moore; Joseph Cole- man; Niles Gilmour; Lawrence Hardy; Duane Peterson; Brad Ronan; Dick Summerwill; Roger Frock; George Googasian. Back Row: Jack Kreger; Alan Reidinger; George McFadden; Conrad Michael; Gordon Black; Michael Montgomery; Walter Neumaier; Chris Wilhoit; Wil- liam Marling; Lee Sansum: Robert Monroe: James Russel. I Front Row: Thomas Holbrook; Arthur Farley; Richard Barton; Phillip Settles; George Bell; William Lawrence. Second Row: Henry Au- ghey; Joseph Moore; Daniel Webb; Lawrence Winters; Ray Newton; David Burchfield; Bruce Coleman; Robert Pease; Clark Benson. Third Row: Curtis Wells; John Heidgen; William Ross; William Simons; Thomas Spiers; Donald Ridge; Herbert Hedges; Robert Nelson; Eugene Davis: Peter Cartwright. Back Row: Samual Corl: Ralph Waehner; Richard Osius; Edmund Lowrie; Richard Penberthy; Nicholas Christopher; Frederick Greiling; James Gripe: Richard Either. Each week the pledges suspend a small wrench about the neck of the blundering active who managed to commit the most serious faux pas. Sigma Phi 201 t Front Row: Chuck Wicktor; Tom Sexworth; Roger Burau; Bill Meyers; Dick Gladson; Bob Richardson; Jim Budd; Mike Beer; Ron Kar- panty; Bob Bruce; Dick Hartle. Second Row: Jerry Gillis; John Guiding; Jim Whicker; Don Campbell; Jim Rooney; Dick Wood; Fred Kol- flat; Walt Carter; Ted Dodenhoff; Buzz Gutowsky; Bruce Wisniewski; Chuck Turner; Fred Schoettley. Third Row: Steve DeBrock; Corky Thompson; Pete Borden; George Bashara; Dutch Allen; Bill Hobbs; Don Hanlcy; Mort Cox; Dick Kuisel; Mike McGrath; Doug Lewis; Keith Turner; Jay Windisch; Larry Mitchell; Jack Wilson. Fourth Row: George Cress; Bob Sealby; Dick Ketteman; Walt Kutch; Tom Allen; Bruce Barrett; Tom Gilmore; Joe Naylor; Jamie Martin; Larry Lavercombe; Thad Ketchum; By Hestervold; Ed Draves; Don Vance; George Lempio; Chuck Shields; Tom Ainslie; Jim Park; Gary Schoettley. Back Row: Merrill Nelson; Pete Ecklund; Bob Smith; George Berquist; Denny Sills; Paul Day; Joe Jefferis; John Thomas; Tom Beirlie; Tom Rockwell; Charlie Toot; Bob Schaefer; Bob Boshoven; Cal Atwood; John Kagay; Frank Knox; Morg Davis; Rich Crawford; Ron Denbroeder; Gene Hawthorne. Rehearsals for the IFC Sing begin early in the year. Many hours must be devoted to song practice to produce a well polished performance. feV Sigma Phi Epsilon 202 Tau Delta Phi Tau Delts scrimmage in the snow. Perhaps the off-season practice will benefit the chapter ' s team in next fall ' s Intramural title contests. Front Row: Paul Goodman; Les Robinson: Don Davidson; Steve Fishman; Mike Gale. Second Row: Norm Bindler; Arnold Esterman; Steve Topol: Larry Harris: Lou Kolb: Dave Rosenthal: Ken Peyser; Peter Gould: Myron LaBan. Third Row: Al Kovinsky; Jeff Mandel; Dick Roslow; Dave Abels: Bernie Lewis; Jerry Solomon; Dick Karlov; Mike Bernstein: Jack Horwitz; Meyer Klein. Fourth Row: Al Eisenberg: Howie Kaplan; Harvey Brandes; Aaron Podhurst; Elsie Gerace: Jordan Rossen: Bob Kaplan; Ned Miller; Jim Hack; Jay Kaufman: Milt Nathanson. Fifth Row: Mike Flyer; Sy Ziegelman; Dick Flaxman; Phil Bellack; Saul Pauker; Jordan Cohen; Sy Coleman; Mike Friedman; Bruce Hoffman; Jack Keller. Sixth Row: Sonny Brockman; Al Drebin; Al Lyness; Myron Nathan; Chuck Baraf; Ron Charfoos; Rich Reifler; Michael Eisman; Larry Rosen: Bob Wartell; Abba Friedman; Lennie Schlain; Stu Pernick. Back Row: Dick Gould; Dick Carson; Ed Salem; Steve Heilpern; Joel Miller: Art Levine; Herb Feinstein; Hank Rosenbaum; Ed Shagrin; Jerry Schiff; Bill Sriro: Hal Rossen; Ira Schamack: Bob Dunsky. 203 Tau Kappa Epsilon flT Completely at home in their new chapter house at 805 Oxford, a quartet of Tekes prop their feet up on a long, scuff-proof coffee table. Front Row: Roger King; Bruce Clemenz; Don Stephen; Gerald Estes; Ed Richter; Bob Dinsmore. Second Row: James Kearful; John App- man; Ray Bellas; Dick Schreiber, President; Duncan Garrett; Dick Rockafellow; Ken Hildebrand; Al Husain. Third Row: Jack Taylor; Louis Fitzgerald; Knute Hansen; Dave Zelisse; Frank Flint; Joe Conn; Torchy Hock; Gus Coutsourakis; Chet Skonieczy; Bob Baylis. Back Row: Pete Sharkey; Chuck Finger; Bob DiCarlo; Sid Yip; Steve Dow; Lee Fitzhugh; Fred Schreiber; Arlow Antieau; Gerry Wolkon. Front Row: Frank Willete; Don Striker; Richard Cooper; Tom Athanas; Ken Baker; Anthony Cousino; Pete Solar. Second Row: Paul Ha s: Roger Sjolund; Carlos Anderson; Phillip Silverman; Ed Freeman; Bill Bryant; Ray Roble, President; Tom Winn; John Wargelin; George- Miller; Bill Schultz. Third Row: Sam Dallas; Pete Kass; Phil Smith; Frank Pletyak; Maurie Dean; Clark Dejonge; Paul Lay; Herb Falk; Bob MacKenzie; Dusty Ottaviano; Hal Spehar; Dick Atnip. Back Row: Kip Cheney; John Sellstrom; Jack Vise; Wally Merkling; Paul Nierling; John Hitchcock; Dave Reiser; Duane Willse; Bill Hendershot; Al Miller; Mort Sogaard. The Theta Chi combo blasts forth. The Dixie- land addict will object to the addition of the guitar, but the musical result is entertaining. Tbeta Chi 205 Front Row: Frank Zimmerman; James Shedlowsky; Edward Koss; John Dawson. Second Row: Mitchell Rackov; Rhody Nornberg; Richard Balogh; William Barnard, President; Clifford Schutz; Frederick Zinger; Ralph Kroy. Third Row: Arthur Cieslak; John Rackov; Arthur Pierson; John Denman; Raymond Sund; Richard Vander Kolk: Harry Anderson; Herbert Arkin. Back Row: Martin Anderson; Stanley DeMoor; Bradford Barr; Lawrence Bostrom; George Rassweiler; Paul Seippel; Clifford Robinette; John Hcgstrom. Irani R 1 1 Donald I trr;G mm Triangle Triangle ' s engineers turn from their drawing boards and slide rules to brew Java for an evening coffee break from academic pursuits. 208 Trigo n Trigon pledges copped the coveted Sigma Chi scholarship trophy, but Dagmar, oblivious to the honor, prefers to demonstrate her latest tricks. Front Row: Jon Brake; William ' . Xighbor; James Fitzsimmons; Victor Carlson. Second Row: Douglas Bailey; Richard Chesney; Guy Berry; James King: Hebert Bensinger; Paul Jansma. Third Row: Chester Kendzoir; Glen Howell; Ralph Canficld; Thomas Bailey; Richard Mills: Donald Hadley; John Rollin. Back Row: Robert Roensch: Robert Prentice; Dorrance McCullen; Jay Kellaway; Richard Ishida; Ronald Wal- ter; Grant Cosby; Jerome Wells. RBHHBHHEBBI Front Row: Steve Davis; Jerry Katzman; Barry Shapiro; Arnold Nettleman; Mike Rubin; Gordon Engler; Lou Sussman; Les Benet; Mike Rolfe; Dave Freedberg. Second Row: Bob Cohodes; Gilbert Berger; Mark Jaffe; Rick Grauer; Larry Rattner; Fred Rubin; Bernie Brooks; Jeff Kanne. Third Row: Ralph Rose; Chuck Rivkin; Joe Jankowsky; Bob Littman; Herb Karzen; Howard Siegel; Richard Shapiro, President; Mike May; John Lewy; Todd Lief; Nort Remes; Stu Lerman; Barney Helzberg; Ken Rogat. Fourth Row: Bill Stone; Paul Pappas; Cliff Hart; Dick Kahn; Les Salans; Norm Shubert; Don Cohodes; Phil Pines; Kirke Lewis; Mort Siegel; Harry Israel; Bill Gardner; Roy Steinberg; Don Robbins; Chuck Kriser; John Harris; Maury Gralnak; Marc Goldberg; Steve Rykoff; Marv Siegel. Back Row: Al Konop; Ivan Kushen; Herb Wander; Art Friedman; Gene Schiff; Kreh Connart; Tom Klein; Mike Jacobson; Mike Gordon; Howard Ringel; Rod Leslie; Mark Molot; Ron Shorr; Hank Moses; Jim Meyers; Norm Rotter; Tom Lewy; Dick Rosnak; John Leslie; Mike Cohen; John Macht. Ritlart A mass exodus occurred from the bridge tables to the Electric Football Game. All were mem- bers of the Lower Washtenaw Valley Conference. Zeta Beta Tau 210 Zeta Psi The mythical Lucien Blue, bearing lantern and meat cleaver, returns via the window from his quest for pledges to find card sharks at work. Front Row: James Buck: Jerry Baird; John Lightfoot; Stewart Randall; Richard McUmber; John Mead. Second Row: Peter Brechemin; Pj I Carleton Heist; Charles O ' Malley: John Schippel; James Filgas; Nick Wassil: Donald Christian; Lawrence Wagner. Third Row: Andrew Teil- man: Donald Way; Howard Lipsey; Jack Landin: Robert Lester; David Verduin; John Hillyer; John Nelson; Jerry Grantz; John Kleis. Back Row: Louis Barrera; Robert Morden; Charles Smillie; William Neil; Harper Atherton; William Wiard; Richard Moore; Charles Hammerslag; Richard Silbar. ttf S fjf ' V professional fraternities Professional fraternities have thrived in the World of the University. Many of the national organizations were founded by Michigan students in the latter half of the nineteenth century, and expanding fraternities were quick to charter chapters on a campus noted for its graduate-level instruction. The Psurfs gather in the Law Club for a round of songs. 213 Alpha Chi Sigma re r lit I Front Row: William Mitchell; John Angus; Richard Shields; Ali Owhadi; Jacob Baumann. Second Row: David Kenny: Raymond Stenseth; Richard Miekka; Robert Stenger; Morley Russell; Alfred Szemborski; Harry Cosway; Ronald Town. Third Row: Walter Gutchess; Ojars Risgin; George Clark; Robert Van Duyne; Robert Tripp; Robert Floyd; Addison Smith; Robert DeGrazia; Wallery Sergy; Larry Wheaton. Back Row: David Lundy; Michael Plizga; George Small; Orville McCurdy; David Wulfman; William Carleton; Clyde Nestler; Robert Bacon- Robert Binns; Phillip Purcell; Edward Mehal. Founded in 1916, the group which became the Alpha Beta chapter of Alpha Chi Sigma was originally an honorary for chemists and chemical engineers on campus. When it obtained a house on South State Street in 1920 it became a professional fraternity, drawing its members from stu- dents who intend to make some phase of chemistry their career. The fraternity obtained its present house, a former apartment building, in 1948. Since then, the members have been busy remodeling the structure to fit their needs. The chapter sponsors the AXS award which honors the highest ranking graduating senior in chemistry or chemical engi- neering. The fraternity was founded nationally at the Uni- versity of Wisconsin in 1902. ' A sizzling card game attracts more kibitzers than participants; many watchful eyes make sure all methods are strictly up to Hoyle. 214 Alpha Kappa Kappa Alpha Kappa Kappa medical fraternity was founded na- tionally at Dartmouth College in 1888. The Michigan chap- ter, Alpha Iota, was established on campus in 1906. Each year it sponsors Alumni Clinical Day. Alumni from throughout the state visit Ann Arbor to deliver lectures on medical topics to the members and to share a banquet with the chapter. Christmas, Thanksgiving, and initiation for- mals are highlights of the AKK social calendar. Thirty- three of the chapter ' s members live in the house, which is located at 1315 Hill Street. Dime store inventories disclose a deficit of masking tape and crepe paper the proper par- ty decor requires liberal supplies of each. Front Row: Paul Rowe; Richard Henderson; Kenneth Bitman; Reese Jones; William Fox; Duane Person; Thomas Hudson; Jose Correa; Rod- ney MacDonald. Second Row: Jerry Skelly; Daniel Renner; Alan Rice; Stephen Schweinsberg; Richard Baker; Owen Robins; John McColl, President; Frank Whitehouse; James Rosbolt; Charles Watson; Jerry Anderson; John McCann. Third Row: Raymond Clemens; Richard Peter- lein; Albert Adams; Frank Merrick; John Fales: Joseph Kincaid; Robert Finley; Bradford Foster; Russell Graff: John Morouitz; James Langley; Gerald Reimers; John Carter. Back Row: John Vincent: Dennis VanAlst: Donald Troop; Eugene Homeister; Michael Hiraga; Jerry Powley; Joseph Sargent; Richard Morin: Richart Delnay; Edward Willey; Setsuo Masaki; Leigh Sakamaki: Edward Gorman. 215 Alpha Kappa Psi Front Row: Peter Wright: Cuyler Caldwcll; John Warren; Hugh Janes; Daniel Walton: Frederick Bernthal: Berthold Treiber; Neal Schmei- chel. Second Row: George Berlacher; Gene LaBclle; Roger Kinnear; Gilbert Lavey; Ralph Goodwin: Arthur Fierce; Thomas Strong; Richard Hartel; Robert Shawley. Third Row: Thomas Russell; George Wilhelm ; James Phelan; Douglas Petril; Charles Herman; Harold Graybill; Charles VanArmen: Hans Kardcl; Donald McCubbrey; Gerald Beiser ; Philip Belleville. Back Row: Richard Meyers: Gary Johnson; Kenneth Gedris; Gene Ouderkirk; Jerry Jeffries; William Fuller; Peter Rcppenn ing: William Wait: Stewart Harm: William Titus: Gordon Kennedy. Alpha Kappa Psi, the first professional fraternity in com- merce, was founded in 1904 in the School of Commerce. Accounts, and Finance at New York University. Phi, the Michigan chapter, was chartered in 1920. In keeping with its aims to foster scientific research in the field of commerce, the chapter conducts a program of professional activities which includes vocational talks, industrial tours, and re- search projects in accounting, finance, and commerce. To promote scholarship, it awards a key to the highest ranking graduate in the commerce field. Michigan members pub- lish The Audit to keep in touch with chapter alumni who are scattered around the world. The mailing list includes addresses in Australia, Venezuela, India, anrl Iran. It is dubious whether the project at hand is accounting problems, tabulating the inevita- ble house bills, or merely a kaffcc klatsch. 216 Alpha Omega Alpha Omega, a professional dental fraternity, was founded on the campus of the University of Maryland in 1907. Chi chapter at the University of Michigan was established in 1924. The chapter presents an award to the outstanding senior in the Dental School and an intra-chapter award to the graduating member who contributed the most to the fraternity. At the initiation formal each March, a third award, the PHT (Putting Hubby Through) is giving to the wife of a graduating Alpha Omega. The chapter house at 826 Oxford has a fully equipped dental laboratory in the basement for the convenience of members. If Alpha Omegas seem to penetratingly scruti- nize dates ' faces, it ' s mere habit Itemming from countless studies of anatomical charts. Front Row: Barry Collier; Shel Sonkin: Verne Primack; Sherwin Fishman; Sheldon Plotnik; Ben Sorscher; Larry Daniels; Herschel Horowitz. Second Row: John Maims; Harold Firestone: Larry Newman; Ted Miller; Irv Friedman. President; Fred Garber; Conrad Goode; Mel Eder; Don Robiner. Third Row: Dave Weinc: Dick Bernstein; Bob Klein: Jerry Garnick: Arnold Hartz; Jerry Greene: Ken Dickstein: Gerald Gross- man; Mort Maza; Harold Mallon; Bob Galin. Back Row: Dave Good: Ed Krause: Stu Falk: Jason Goode: Mort Demak: Murray Shekter; Stan- ley Pasikov; Shcl Abrahson: Eli Bcrger; Sandy Greenspan; Bernie Shapiro. 217 Dtta id o(M Front Row: Carl Nielsen; Hugh Van Houten; Lee Wilson; Charles Meyer; Tom Kazmicrzak; Paul Lund. Second Row: Donald Manzagol; Robert Stevens; Fred Stephenson; Sam Morello; Ken Kaji; Marv Flam; Ron Rogers; Harry Montague; Tom Williams. Third Row: Lee Welch; Bill Porter; Stan Bohinc; Doug Scott; Bob Johnson; Carl Bradley; John Kuieck; Stan Aizinas. Back Row: Mike Fortuna; Peter Wexler; John Meyer; Art Muschenheim; Morm Burdick; Bill Smith; Joe Gerber; Dick Cain; Dick Keyes; Carl Goldberg; Dick Macias. lab. F Fmtl Havra Shaflti EdSch Jiffi.Vi Gout Alpha Rho Chi Alpha Rho Chi was formed in 1914 by the union of Arcus fraternity at the University of Illinois and Sigma Upsilon at the University of Michigan. It is a national professional fraternity for students in the fields of architecture, archi- tectural engineering, and allied design fields. The Michigan chapter was named Iktinas, in honor of the Parthenon ' s architect. The Alpha Rho Chi medal is awarded to the out- standing graduating senior in each of the twenty-five schools in the country recognized by the American Institute of Architects. The recipient of the medal is chosen by the fac- ulty on the basis of superior leadership, service, and promise of professional merit. Socially, the Chapter ' s Greenwich Village costume party accents spring activities. The influence of modern Oriental exoticism even pervades the setting for a card game, with the result that things arc mighty low. Delta Sigma Delta Delta Sigma Delta, the first fraternity designed to be con- fined to schools of dentistry, was founded at the University of Michigan in 1882. The fraternity, which will celebrate its diamond anniversary in the spring of 1957, now has a national strength of thirty-five undergraduate and twenty graduate chapters. Aided by alumni contributions, the mem- bers tiled the floors of all rooms, painted the exterior of the house, installed a new gas furnace, and renovated the dental lab. Alpha chapter served buffet suppers to two hundred guests on three occasions before the Odonto Ball, and prior to the house Christmas and Homecoming dances. It takes a great deal more than elaborately rigged goose-necked lamps to throw adequate light on the technique of molding dentures. Front Row: Ed Hine; Carl Cross; Bill Adams; John Harris; Don Fragnoli; Ed Hollar; Peter Clifford; Tom Johnson; Walter Stewart; Bill Swan- son; Robert Westman. Second Row: Don Nafe; Larry Jackson; Max McConnell; Don Cole; Bill Bottemly; Ward Cole; Wally Crowson; John Clarke; Sal Gregory; Don Jones; Duane Bigsby; John Taylor; John Cameron; Dave Thompson. Third Row: Dan Giltrow; Don Spengler; Haven Doane; Darwin VanRaalte; Dick Kocon; Bob Peterson; Milo Danzeisen, President; Tom Erbland; Ray Shegas; Mike McKenna; Ron Shaffer; Rad Fisher; Joel Vugteveen; Ed Sohacki. Fourth Row: Jack Halladay; John Marshall; John Chapleski; Louis Hartesvelt; Jim Easley; EdSchied;Jim Powers; Sam Mallory; Al Grannegen; Kirk Hamilton; Dick Hart; Bernie Ozinga; Don Mclntyre; Robert Lorey; Gary Baker; Jim Nordhof; Ted Maude. Back Row: Horace Ward; Norm Borgeson; Ron Eckert; Bill Todd; Jack Porritt; Jim Shehan; Jack Maddox; Pete Gryson; Dick MacKenzie; Oscar Link; Arnold Sarya; Chuck Dixon; Jack Lewis; Robert Evans; Warren Finkbeiner; Koji Kanai; Ron Koss. 219 No i stveni iieldi: k ' iraten thougi Front Row: Orrin Bush; Tom Savidge; Pete Kussurelis; Dave McCarron; J. B. Davenport; Dick Clark; Ralph Huston; Mort Krasner. Second Row: Dick Burt; Bob Foster; Lou Cole; Arthur Hann; Ed Hicks: Burr . J oslin; Bill Hufton; Tom Kienbaum; Art Atwell. Third Row: Bob Wales: Dick Girardin; Dick Roycc; John Corey; Gordon Landsburg; M arty Endres; Tom Glaza; Bill Chansler; Tom Ottenjohn; Ernest Gotts- chalk; Charles MacLean; Chuck Jehle. Back Row: Glenn Southerton ; Bill Morton; Gene McKelvey; Joe Bugeia; Alan Grant; Tom Grace; Michael Zin; John Farsakian; Joel Hepner; Andy Pasko. From I Strood Turcolt RotKTt Alt. B, Schrort Delta Sigma Pi To foster the study of business in universities. Delta Sigma Pi, a professional fraternity in the field of commerce and business administration, was established at New York Uni- versity in 1907. Xi chapter at the University of Michigan was chartered in 1921. In 1955 the members obtained a chapter house at 1108 Hill Street. After painting the ex- temior a colorful shade of green, they moved in, to be con- fronted with remodeling and redecorating problems. Twelve meetings are held each year with specialists in the field of commerce, to acquaint undergraduates with current busi- ness practices. Where four business students are gathered to- gether, it is difficult to ascertain whether the topic of conversation is data or dating. 220 Now noted for its annual shrimp dinner party, Alpha chap- ter of Nu Sigma Nu was organized at the University of Michigan in 1882. The national convention celebrating the seventy-fifth anniversary of the medical fraternity will be held in Ann Arbor in the fall of 1956. Although plagued by the blaring of hi-fi sets and an inadequate parking lot, the members complete Med School courses and manage to fare well on the athletic field. Nu Sigma Nu held the professional fraternity football championships in 1955 and 1954. Al- though it adheres to a party-per-weekend policy, the chapter holds only one formal dance each year. This portrait of a genium at work and his par- aphenalia seems to show an obvious preference for life size ladies over microscopic mites. Nu Sigma Nu Front Row: James Hodgman; Robert Brownell; Thomas Stafford: Edward Lewis: Jack Krapohl; Robert Kerry; Daniel Reed; Charles Emery. Second Row: John Kennedy; Richard Swanson; William Wilkinson; John Hartzell; Cameron PrirT: Daniel Clinc; Robert Baker: Jeremiah Turcotte; Robert Kretschwar; James Ross: Gordon Finnie. Third Row: Herbert Feuske: Richard Rcilly; Neal Vanselow; Richard Bourne: Robert Shanahan; Roger Eggert; Jack Wormolts; Nathaniel Pierce; George Kling; Olaf Haroldson; Francie Gutman; Douglas Murry; Harry Allis. Back Row: Reudi Giugrass; Charles Bourne; Ronald Chipps; Thomas Skrentney: Dean Carlson; William Bow: John Colwell; Charles Schrocder; Wallace Jeffries; Robert Stelle; William Schmidt; James Watkins. 221 [hi war nw gran 1MI tk i year Front Row: Roger Boerema; Seymour Harkema; Roger Nykamp; Herbert Start; Donald Rozema; Harold Ravesloot; Herman Nienhuis; Ronald Bos. Second Row: Donald Baker; Jack Vander Wai; Case Van Nuis; Byron Breems; Andrew Haagsma; Ronald Mac Clary; James Timmer; Everret Huizenga; Glen Kleinsausser; Vernon Vaader Kooy. Third Row: John Hofstra; Gene Van Dyken; Claire Venema; James Ryskamp; Roger Postmus; James Huizinga; Armond Start; John Santinga; Vern Gebben; Jay Vander Sluis; Phil Huizenga. Fourth Row: Dewey Bakker; George Hoekstra; Clare Walhout; John Hoogland; Dwight Penning; Hugh Vander Woude; Robert Tazelaar; Paul Newhof ; Don Vande Polder; Allen Russcher; Rodney Wierenga; Hannes Meyers; William De Young; Robert Lyzenga. Back Row: Kenneth Weller; Claude Wezeman; Larry Mieras; Dale Alkema; Fred Brugma; Paul Venden Brink; Donald Ter Keurst; Ronald Stegehuis; Robert Gillies; Robert Holtrop; Benj- amin Boersma; Donald Sikkema; Jacob Scheers; Robert Rector; James Van Putte; Robert Vander Wagen. Phi Alpha Kappa From Blw b Crm nunn Boil: John i Bob A local graduate fraternity, Phi Alpha Kappa is often called the " Dutch House. " Most of its members are from the western part of the Lower Peninsula, and most were gradu- ated from a Michigan Intercollegiate Athletic Association School. At Michigan, they continue their education in the Law, Dental, Medical, Engineering, or Rackham graduate schools. The fraternity, which was founded on campus in 1929, now claims approximately five hundred alumni. A complete remodeling program began in 1955 at the Ann Street lodge. The members are tackling the job floor by floor and will have completed the upper two stories by the fall of 1956. Armed with bowl and blade, these barberous boys ' fight song should be " Slit his throat, Cut his jaw; Make his face, Raw, Raw, Raw! " I J j Phi Chi Phi Chi, a national medical fraternity, was founded at the University of Vermont in 1889. Psi chapter was organized at the University of Michigan in 1905. Cooperating with the Foster Parents Plan, the Michigan chapter supported a war orphan until he was old enough to support himself. It now contributes to aid a Greek orphan girl under the pro- gram. The members installed a hi-fi set in their house at 1541 Washtenaw. It is used extensively to provide music for the chapter ' s bi-weekly dances. Major social events of the year are the Christmas formal and the spring pledge formal. Combatting " pre-quiz clutch " requires quanti- ties of caffeine plus every memory aid devel- oped by mankind. Primary aim: Get the facts. Front Row: Dale Scott; Ward Litton; Walt Tabar; Ed Mauer; Marv Anderson; Dave McMeechan; Tom Elliot: Karl Yoshonis: Al Moore; Don Blaney; August Roty; Harry Easom; John Wygmans. Second Row: Dan Parsons; Jim Burke; Herb Ware; Dave Dow; Joe Kutz; Bill Lukash; Rasem Ghann am; Don Canada; George Chatas; Don Fitch; Bill Skellenger; Bob Logan; Bob House; Chuck Seifert; George Harris. Third Row: Gerry Strauch; Tom Bussard; Bob Wilson; Bill Burdick; Gerry Gleich; Forrest VanDam; Jim Jacobs; Bob Clark; Bob Rooney; John Fush- mann; Walt Barron; Tom Galantowicz. Fourth Row: John McGee; Bill Lubke; Ben Blackett; Bob Hoag; Herm Outcalt; Bob Albers; Jack Du- Bois; Sam Barley; Mel Edwards; George Benisek; Roland DeYoung; Jack Kihm; Bob Levin; Charles Dafoe; Wally Pearson; Bob Lovegrove; John Lundeen; Dick Jaconette; Jim Davis; Nels Olsen; Ron Smalley; Pat Walsh; Sid Klause. Back Row: Lee Weatherbce; Larry Wong; Ray Hockstead; Mel Noah; Andy Goodwin; Fred Bowdle; Bob Buchanan; Jim Jacques; Dave Smith; John Cannon; Roland Hiss; Norm Thomas; Bob MacDonald; Charles Floyd; Glenn Kindt; Ed Kerr; Dave Wild; Don Davis; Carl Reiley. 223 Phi Delta ai Cornel ' Front Row: James Bower; Russcl Anderson; John Rumburg; Marshall Badt; Kenneth Cook; Barton Feldman. Second Row: Peter Rottenbucher; Edward Draheim; Duncan McVean; Leonar Allen; King Kwan; Han Blaubach; Robert Dunsky. Back Row: Robert Conn; Ralph Duggan; Da- vid Danes; Paul Brabenec; Joseph Decker; Bert Bez; Stanley Kulakoski: John Thompson. FroilRo Lam- Oku Third to Akron: Pi V Phi Delta Chi Sponsored by Dr. A. B. Prescott, dean of the College of Pharmacy at the University of Michigan, Alpha chapter of Phi Delta Chi was organized on campus in 1883. National ex- pansion of the professional fraternity for students in schools of pharmacy began three years later. Members of Phi Delta Chi are active in the American Pharmaceutical Associa- tion. En masse, the chapter attended the association ' s na- tional convention in Detroit. In the fall of 1955, the fra- ternity gave a stag dinner for the faculty of the College of Pharmacy. Dr. Henry H. Swain of the Pharmacology De- partment addressed the guests. Phi Delta Chi meets weekly in the Union. Preparing to cope with the intricacies of a chapter meeting requires a quick briefing on essential points of parliamentary procedure. 224 Phi Delta Epsilon Phi Delta Epsilon, national medical fraternity, was founded at Cornell University in 1904. Omega chapter was chartered at the University of Michigan in 1921. In 1955, the members attended the national convention of the fraternity which was held in Detroit during Christmas vacation. A pledge formal in March was next on the calendar. The couples danced to the music of Chuck Meyer ' s band in the League ballroom. In May graduating brothers were honored at the chapter ' s annual senior night dinner. To foster academic achievement, the chapter awards a scholarship cup to the student in Medical School who maintains the best record in gross anatomy. In addition to the monthly lecture night at the house, each spring the fraternity invites a prominent guest lecturer to campus to speak on recent developments in the medical field. Fraternity brothers are sympathetic guinea pigs for practicing bedside technique, since all medical students undergo the same ordeal. Front Row: Jerry Varon; Melvin Wolf; Robert Curhan; Morton Cash; Lawrence Metz; Frederick Horwitz. Second Row: Lawrence Wilk; Larry Okun; Ronald Schwartz; Jules Margoles; Daniel Schechter; Conrad Giles; Edward ChodorofT; Leonard Scharf; Herbert Kaufer. Third Row: Ralph Wolfstein; John Loomis; Bernard Berman; Fred Kapetansky; Larry Frohman; Norman Bolton; Paul Berg; Jules Altman; Paul Levin; Ronald Trunsky. Back Row: Marvin Gordon; Howard Robinson; Marvin Siegel; Harold Katzman; Jack Litwin; Lary Abramson; Donald Olshansky; Herbert Rossin. 225 Phi Rho Sigma Front Row: Sherwood Denton; George Viscomi; Charles Zimont; David Dawson; James Mullancy; Thomas Varbedian; Richard Simpson; Eugene Smoley; Patrick Jewell; Gerald Davis; Mark McQuiggan; Second Row: Thomas Berglund; John Palmer; William Hubbard; Robert Jewett; John Peirce; Victor Berglund; Richard Ferrington; James Kermath; Lynn Howell; James Dyll; Michael Lashmet; Roger Park. Third Row: Lee McLaughlin; Jerome Dykstra; Bruce Work; Richard Ryan; Jack Brown; William Olsen; Dwight Babcock; James Johnston; Dr. C. Finley Hamilton; Richard Wilson; Walter Briney; Almon Schut; Thomas Scott. Back Row: Donald Huldin; Donald Kelley; Roy Correa; Bruce Lessien; Jack Martin; Richard Shirley; Ward Taylor; Gilbert Kucera; Dale Armstrong; William Pollock; Allan Lawson; Dwight Galloway; David Transue; David Hills; Dan Habel. Phi Rho Sigma, national medical fraternity, was established at Northwestern University in 1890. Zeta chapter was or- ganized at the University in 1897. The local chapter claims to be the home base and booking agent for " The String Band, " which periodically tours the Detroit area; the pro- ducer of comedians who torment the sororities during rush- ing; a travel agency for world travelers who wish to spend part of their year in Hawaii or other remote spots. Zeta chapter, asserts that it is the monster that mothers and daughters look upon with a wary eye, fathers look upon with an envious glance, and the teachers merely look upon with sheer amazement and utter astonishment. Although these activities require much diligence and time, the brothers manage to eke out a few spare hours to indulge in studying the arts and sciences of medicine. They hum while he strums the return to the limelight of a man with a banjo makes nimble- fingered string plinkers the life of any party. 226 Psi Omega United by the ordeals which face them during the 4290 clock hours of class and laboratory work required for the D.D.S. degree are the Psi Omegas. The chapter house pro- vides a well equipped basement dental lab to smooth the way through clinic courses. Final examinations portend endless hours of seminaring fifteen pathology slides and the intricacies of gross anatomy. The fraternity is dedicated to maintaining the standards of the profession and to the en- couragement of science. Psi Omega chartered its Gamma Kappa chapter at the University of Michigan in 1905. Psi Omega ' s prepare gold inlays and dentures in the fraternity ' s convenient basement laboratory. Front Row: Theodore Touma; John Kare; Robert Nissle; Fred Gerhardt; Donald Ambrose; Joseph Burke: William Oles; Robert Mixer. Second Row: Vince Layher; William Bordow; Ronald MacKenzie; Peter Witzky; Joseph Karkut; James Greig; Roger Tuck; John Laman; Eugene Buatti. Third Row: Leo Wessinger; John Coxford; Donaald Davis; Wayne Mortimer; Robert Neuman; William Thompson; Lawrence Kinstle; Joseph Seifert; John Heyde. Back Row: Donald Hodges: Robert Dahlgren; Robert Hawn; Roald Shern; Richard Ray; Roy Hawkinson; Elmer Lang; Lawrence Youse; Donald Sprague; William Rahn. activities Constantly admonished to find his niche in the University world, a student may attempt the extracurricular in campus government, publications music or interest organizations. Here for the capable, ambitious worker or perhaps for the glib politican, is the opportunity for advancement. Although the Burocat program is not a direct stepping stone to League positions, coeds gain knowledge useful in petitioning for activities. The hierarchy of major campus organizations is a complexity of layers. Tryouts must be- come familiar with the structure of the or- ganization. After completing the tryout pro- gram, he can petition for executive posts. ' i- SL EfPiTEs ;: : I ' i ' : ' . " J ' n i t :M M_. . : Petitions Keynote Activity System It is a long way to the top in most organizations. In an effort to eliminate the political element, the major campus ac- tivities choose their officers by the petition method. After the student has progressed through a tryout program which acquaints him with the policies and aims of the group, he petitions the student officers for appointment to a sophomore post. The increased responsibilities of the second year posi- tion give him the knowledge and experience to try for the junior staff. Junior members usually head committees and assume the responsibility for a major segment of the organi- zation ' s program. Candidates for senior positions in some activities may petition the organization ' s executive council or board in control directly and be elected by them. In other groups the candidate petitions an interviewing and nominat- ing committee which then submits the names of qualified petitioners to an executive council. The council then votes to determine the successful candidate. Many begin the tryout programs, but the number remaining in an activity decreases as individuals drop out because of lack of interest or because they do not choose to accept the increasing responsibilities of advanced positions. To the capable few who dedicate themselves to an activity comes the satisfaction of making the top. A junior staffer in the Daily business office consults one of the senior managers about petitioning for a senior position. Coeds petition Interviewing and Nominating Committee for posts. The League Council or Women ' s Senate then votes on the nominees. 229 I r Front Row: Janet Ncary; Hazel Frank; Deborah Townsend; Andy Knight. Second Row: Mrs. Ruth Callahan; Jcanette Grimm; Hank Ber- liner; Bill Adams; Joel Tauber; Tom Sawyer. Third Row: Dave Baad; Bob Weinbaum; Todd Leif; Dick Good; Bob Leacock; Joe Collins; Rod Comstock; Don Good; Bill Diamond; Tom Bleha; Tom Cleveland. In the quonset hut at the corner of North University and Wash- tenaw, SGC battled crowded conditions when it was inaugurated. 230 In November, 1955, SGC President Hank Berliner broke ground for the Student Activities Building at Maynard and Jefferson corner. Student Government Council The Student Government Council can look back on an active first year. SGC has removed an outmoded driving ban, has initiated studies in student housing, conduct and regula- tions, and fraternity and sorority rushing. SGC continued its service to the campus in the Cinema Guild Movies, con- stitution approval, calendaring of events, human relations boards, NSA Travel Program, Free University of Berlin Scholarship, Student Activities Scholarship, and in the co- ordination of the Student Speakers Bureau, Student Faculty Administration conference, and the Central Pep Rally. SGC is taking a closer look at its educational purpose and took a first step in this direction by initiating a study of university counseling facilities. SGC was the first student group to meet with the Board of Regents, to be supported by a student tax, and to have competent secretarial facilities. Student Government Council has come a long way since its first meet- ing on March 18, 1955. But how far will it go in the future and in what direction? Hank Berliner headed SGC during its first year and guided it in determining its relationship to other rampus groups and in defining its area of action. For the first time in the history of the Board of Regents, it met with a student group. It was a singular honor for the embryo SGC 231 Campus Affairs Committee. Front Row: Nancy Tischer; Gisel Koch-Weser; Joe Collins, Chairman; Drusilla Ellis; Marilyn Rudman. Back Row: James Childs; Peter Schott; Marvin Starman; Richard Maslyn; Martin Albion; Michael Luckoff. Public Relations Committee: Bob Bru; Anne James; Tom Sawyer, Chairman; Larry Charfoos; Janet Winkelhaus; Dick Ward; Mickey Joseph. The third SGC election was a sleet-covered affair on March 27 and 28. Fourteen hopefuls competed for the seven posts available on the Council. During the campaign candidates were questioned extensively on their views pertaining to spring rushing, the proposed University calendar, and the Council ' s relation to the administration. After the politicing and voting were completed, an unusually small number of spectators gathered in the Union ballroom to witness the vote count. By two o ' clock in the morning, the tabulation was completed and Bill Adams, Tom Sawyer, Lewis Eng- man, John Wrona, Jim Dygert, Ann Woodard, and Ronald Shorr were declared the victors. SGC Committees The complex Hare system makes vote counting a long, tedious procedure. Counters work late into the night to determine winners. Twice each year students mark ballots to elect SGC members. The Council consists of seven elected and six ex-officio members. ] 232 Heads and Members of Administrative Wings. Front Row: Dick Good; Clau- dia Taylor; Donna Netzer; Bob Trost. Back Row: Rod Comstock; Don Good; Frank Vick. Groups sponsoring the showing of re-run films under the auspices of the SGC ' s Cinema Guild Board can raise funds. After extensive study, the SGC-sponsored Driving Ban Committee recommended that the driving age be lowered from twenty-six to twenty-one. The Board of Regents upheld the recommendation. Andy Knight and Dick Good view the architect ' s model of the Student Activities Building. It is slated for com- pletion in the 1957 spring semester. The Michigan Union Executive Secretary Robert Blossey, left, supervised the student activities within the Union. President Todd Lief, right, represented the Union on SGC and served as an ex-officio member of all Union Board committees. 234 Union Executive Council. Front Row: Roy Lave; Fred Williams; Fred Trost: Harlan Givclbcr. Back Row: Russ McKennan: Neil Barnett; Kirkr Lewis; George Henrich: Herb Karzen. Hayes Myers, Assistant General Man- ager; Todd Lief, Union President: and Frank Kuenzel, General Manager; celebrate the Union ' s fifty-first an- niversary with a birthday cake. 235 Board of Directors. Front Row: Douglas Hayes; Otto Graf; William Palmer; Donald May; Todd Lief; Robert Blossey; Walter Rea; T. Hawley Tapping. Back Row: Gus Gianakaris; Henry Berliner; Norman Filber; Gerald Strauch; Chester Wisler; George Bashara; Jon Collins; George Jones; Louis Kwiker. Union Committees Hayes Myers, Assistant General Manager; Stanfield Wells, Assistant Manager; Franklin Kuenzel, General Manager. Although in the throes of a gigantic remodeling and ex- pansion program during the year, the Michigan Union continued to serve the campus. The Student Activities Com- mittee of the Union Board directed the student services of one of the few remaining exclusively men ' s unions in the nation. The membership of this committee is composed en- tirely of students. This is in contrast to the other Union Board committees which are composed of representatives of the Board of Regents, SGC, alumni, faculty, the Union manage- ment, and students. The Student Activities Committee listed theater trips, travel services, the Little Club, an open house, and aid to the freshman orientation and University day projects, among its numerous activities. A March referendum saw the approval of a third Union senior student officer to aid in handling the expanding Union student functions. 236 Union Cowli: Rosenthal; Zollncr; Don Brown; Smith CHffton; John Hogan; Gary Kane; Gilbert Font. Back Row: R. Bruce Johnson; Arthur Gaudi: Richard Schwartz; Richard Lyons; Bill Ross; Larry Marks; Lou Roscnbaum; Seymour Weberman; Dick Atlas; Brian Higgins; Jim Gold; Hal Silberman; Barry Cutler; Richard Beldin. The three million dollar wing ncared completion in the spring. Bob Blossey and Todd Lief inspect the new kitchen facilities. A Garrulous. gesticulating Millie B. DeCecil, portrayed by Ken Smith, dominates directing duties at Passe Studios. Her sten- torian orations arc observed by George Spelvin in his role as Mary Pickwick, a renowned relic from the era of silent movies. Cameras close in ... directors issue commands from the customary camp chairs . . . dancing girls in garb geared for technicolor ready their routine. The call for " lights, camera, action! " echoes across the sound stage, and another scene is all set to roll. 238 Union Opera: " Flim Flam " With its usual array of painted pulchritude, the 1955 Union Opera, " Film Flam, " made its flambouyant premiere in December. Replete with buxom " babes " and somewhat bawdy burlesque, the all-male cast did not sacrifice reality for the sake of beauty. Unshaven, muscle-knotted legs were a ludicrous contrast to carefully moulded shapeliness, as the show ' s " lovely ladies " high-kicked through their spirited song and dance routines. The plot dealt with the intricacies of life in a Hollywood film colony a theme providing ample opportunities for satirization of the personalities and pro- cedures found in movie studios. Witty repartee and numer- ous splashy musical numbers were integrated by Director Fred Evans. After a three-night stand in Ann Arbor, the cast embarked on a road trip to Detroit and Flint. Gen. chairman Wayne Thiessen coordinated all the activities and angles involved in pre- senting Union Opera ' s production for 1956. The bickering which ensues when two ham actors tangle was enacted by George Bashara, as Clark Garble, and Michael Palazzola, who portrayed Rita Passion, the luscious " dahling " of Passe Studios. A trio of thespians left over from silent films included Al Killeen as the passionate Valentine Rudolpho; Bruce McClelland as alluring Theda Vampa; and Bob Berner as the hard-riding Tex Mix. 239 Front Row: Rose Perlberg and Virginia Robertson, Daily Publicity. Back Row: Jerry Mohrig, Treasurer. Charles Wood and Lynne Carver, Booths; Elizabeth Garland and William Miller, Parade. Front Row: Sue Rutledge and Art Gaudi, Publicity; Joanne Marsh, Tickets. Back Row: Bruce Boss , Tickets. I Paula Strong and Barney Helzberg were Michigras co-chairmen. 1956 Micbigms It was Michiyear again on campus, and the 1956 edition of the biennial Michigras featured a musical theme, " Tempos Through Time. " Michiclef, the carnival mascot, roamed the campus awarding automatic bolts to the classes he invaded. The Central Committee sold Michihats to spread the circus spirit, and the housing units slaved with the perennial paper napkins for floats and with plywood for booths. The Women ' s Athletic Association and the Union, which jointly sponsored the event, donated the weekend ' s proceeds to the University Fresh Air Camp, the Michigan Association for Retarded Children, the World University Service, and the W.A.A. James Barger, Concessions; Mary Rupp and Lee Stern, Refresh- ments. 240 Michigras parade floats progress along State Street before crowds of onlookers including students, faculty, administrators, and citizens. Front Row: David Mills and Margaret Ross, Programs; Janet Northway, Decorations. Back Row: Thomas Platt, Decorations. -r.i " Tempos Thru Time " Carol Stickcls, Secretary; Carol Sparkle, Prizes; Barbara Mc- N aught. Posters; Donald Young, Prizes. 241 The Michigan League Dynamic Hazel Frank, president of the Women ' s League, always managed to find time for each issue and individual in spite of a hectic schedule. The busy Undergraduate Office is the directing and coordinating center of League activities. Front Row: Jeannette Grimm: Margaret Lane; Erika Erskine: Hazel Frank; Alice James; Mary Slawson. Second Row: Alicia Tarrant: Virginia Kiel; Mary Klauer; Jaylee Duke; Elaine Bice; Mary Kierdorf; Barbara Barker; Gwynne Finkleman; Ursula Gebhard. Third Row: Marylen Segel; Judith Jennis; Nancy MacDonald; Elaine Bordowski; Maureen Isay; Henrietta Brown; Carole Sparkie; Patricia Mooney; Emily Jewell; Jean Underwood. League Council Women ' s Senate The Women ' s Senate is under the leadership of the League president, and works closely with the League Council. It is composed of delegates from every house on campus, both independent and affiliated. In 1955-56, they worked to change women ' s hours regulations and to revise League election procedure. Women ' s Judiciary: Nadyne Cooke; Kim Fricbolin; Betty Kafka; Virginia Kiel; Jocelyn Feingold; Andrea Snyder; Dee Baker; Jocelyn Watt. Women s Judiciary Interviewing and Nominating Committee Interviewing and Nominating: Joyce Reuben; Ruth Bassichis; Mary Jones; Judy Jennis; Polly Van Schoick; Barbara Clark; Ruth Flanders; Judy Tatham. The girl who answers your request for information or direc- tions in the League is likely to be a Burocat. The specific purpose of Burocat activities is to acquaint newcomers with the League, and at the same time to take care of League jobs which need to be done. Burocats assist in the Undergrad Office and help on various committees. This enables them to become familiar with the functions of the League, and prepares them to assume responsible positions in the League and on the campus as a whole. Burocat activities also provide an opportunity to make many new friends, from freshmen to seniors. Eurocrat Advisory Board. Maureen Isay; Sue Bergdahl; Marylen Segel; Margaret Lane; Alicia Tarrant; Sally Glass; Erika Erskine. Burocats Somehow business always seems to be accom- plished better with the aid of a coke, and Burocat meetings are no exception to the rule. Burocats. Front Row: Jane Abeshouse; Joann Hodgman; Gail Forges; Mary Fulton; Dale Cantor; Fern Frisby; Judy Casperson; Marcia Roth; Diane McElroy; Linda Curry; Sue Fortier; Ann Keim. Second Row: Ruth Ballman; Jane Bradley; Marilyn Nathan; Kathy Dahl; Caro- lyn VanderWall; Sanna Scheinfeld; Doris Rosenberg; Kay Yonkers; Kitty Bell; Nancy Durkee; Toby Weiner; Sharon Bubel. Third Row: Jean Tinker; Edith Bernstein; Doris Lisson; Judy Linsen; Beverly Gow; Jane Cocco; Elizabeth Erskine; Maureen Towey; Kathy Mooney; Linda Ascher; Sheila Finkelstein; Mary Wyss; Judy Hcwson; Diane Berkey; Joan Esch; Annette Palmer. Back Row: Arline Harris; Janice Lindenberg; Marie Pongracz; Sarah Drasin; Judy Kaplan; Leslie Torcum; Betty Barnett; Nancy Lees; Pamela Tarrant; June Kurz; Sandy Paradzinski; Claudia Teatsorth; Diane Cammins; Ruth Alkema; Mary Love. League Lowdown In addition to checking books, the League librarian is respon- sible for placing records on a special machine in the library which pipes the music into the Barbara Little Listening Rooms. The Barbara Little Listening Rooms are pleasantly comfortable and modern. This is a haven for many a struggling music lit student, as well as an ideal place for study dates of any kind. loan Girls! corned routini ptid injun ihedi perfon " Rfpe; Cram ::, The bulletin board in the main lobby of the League is an abundant source of information about all the meetings going on in the League each day. The time and nature of each meeting is listed, as well as the room in which it will be held. Frwll Wai Bid I ?46 Produced with a cast of nearly 100 Junior girls, " Rising High " was the success story of a girl seeking show business stardom. In accord with its title, " Rising High, " the 1956 Junior Girls Play ascended to the height of feminine collegiate comedy. Participating juniors polished complex dance routines and chorus numbers, and tramped the campus to publicize the show. Top-hatted cast members invaded hous- ing units during dinner hours and warbled show tunes on the diagonal during the climactic pre-show days. Opening performance was on Senior Night, interrupted by cries of " Repeat, repeat! " from an audience of graduating women. Creaming off the last smudge of grease paint two nights later marked JGP ' s campus finale. Junior Girls ' Play Assorted stunts advertised mass meetings and tryouts, at which the cast and crew were selected for JGP ' s production in March. Front Row: Carol Kirshner; Jane Fowler; Katy O ' Hara; Thelma Kavanau; Eleanor Hooper; Roberta Arnold; Patricia Drake; Jan Daggett. Second Row: Sally Lyon; Judy Shagrin; Sally Miller; Susan Arnold; Nancy MacDonald; Jeanne Newell; Alicia Tarrant; Mary Sue Curry. Back Row: Barbara McNaught; Sally Truesdell; Ann Sterling; Charlene Paullin; Nancy Herkenhoff; Joan Sayles; Gaille Valentine; Mary Bloemendal; Judy Huber; Ginny Royal; Abby Justice. s Who rides the campus? The Sophomore women presenting " West capades! " , the 1955 Soph Scandals production. The entire second floor of the League was corraled the nights of December 2 and 3 as the wild and wooly sophs presented their outstanding shows. Soph Scandals Front Row: Linda Goodman; Kaye Eckerman; Margaret Wiersma; Ann McDonald; Raya Stern; Judy Maxwell. Second Row: Mary Klaw- son; Janet Sieder; Judy Roxey; Alice Louie; Mary Klauer; Nancy Murphy; Barbara Perlman; Jane Holben; Kathryn Wilson. Back Row: Carol Vestal; Sara Gullette; Patricia Hallett; Barbara Bendlin; Nancy Thompson; Susan Sturc; Jennie Gibson; Joan Pfeiffer; Susan Bergdahl; Jane Prindeville; Jacqueline Lefler; Marilyn Gerred; Diana Marcus. S OPH SCANDALS NOV Maize Team. Front Row: Susan Hattendorf; Kay Yonkers; Claudie Taylor; Marcia Bryant; Betty Bar- nett; Susan Stokes. Back Row: Libby Sundel; Ethel Buntman; Linda Green; Don- na Wickham; Joann Hodg- man; Arline Harris; Barbara Maier. Frosh Weekend is a League project planned and staged by freshman women. All freshmen draw for teams, the Maize or the Blue, as they tour the League during orientation week. During the spring semester, a mass meeting is held and work is organized by the Central Committees of the Maize and Blue teams. In April, an all-campus dance is presented by each team. Both dances are highlighted by musical floor- shows, written and produced by team members. Each team strives to present the best all-around dance, judged on the basis of decorations, budget, floorshow, tickets, programs, publicity, and attendance. Frosb Weekend Blue Team. Front Row: Babs Meyerson; Judy Mewhort; Gerry Wise; Lynnette Beall; Lenore Fink; Sande Koppcr. Back Row: Joan Hig- gins; Helen Clark; Mary Wyss; Elizabeth Erskine; Sandra Frost; Alice Royer; Carol Meyer. Assembly As president of Assembly Association, Jeannette Grimm acted as representative of all independent women on campus during 1955- 56. The president ' s responsibilities include coordination of Assembly activities and leadership of Assembly Dormitory Council program. The Assembly Association is the organization for inde- pendent women at Michigan. Through its representative councils, Assembly serves as a sounding board for independ - ent opinion. It coordinates all independent women ' s ac- tivities on campus, and sponsors many projects and social functions. The Assembly Executive Board is composed of the women who are in charge of Assembly ' s numerous activities. New students come into contact first with Assembly-directed Big Sisters and the Welcoming Picnic. Special Assembly service projects include the canned goods collection, which is a donation for needy families, and student-faculty coffee hours. Annual Assembly Workshops provide an opportunity for the independent houses to ex- change ideas on ways to improve and strengthen their activities. Assembly also sponsors I-Hop, an all-campus semi- formal dance held each October. 1: Assembly Board. Front Row: Lois Calwell; Jean Scruggs; Sharon Chynoweth; Meredith Tigel. Back Row: Nancy Case; Joan Mason; Mrs. Elsie Fuller; Jeannette Grimm; Ilene Pavlov; Jo Osmond. 250 A The annual Assembly Ball is a girl-bid spring formal put on by Assembly Associa- tion. Couples attending the 1956 A-Ball danced in the romantic mood of a Night in Venice. For the first time, in 1955-56, students were given a voice in the planning of a new dormitory. Here the Assembly New Dorm Plan- ning Committee observes features of the new addition to Couzens. The work of the Assembly Newsletter Committee included composing a let- ter to all independent women con- cerning the functions of Assembly. ADC meetings provide an opportunity for dormitory representatives to bring the problems and suggestions of the girls in their houses before the people who can best act upon them. All ideas are discussed fully in a free exchange of ideas between members of all the dormitories on campus. After adequate discussion, the body decides upon the course of action which would provide the best solution. Assembly Activities The women in each residence hall write and present a special skit for annual Fortnite festivities held by Assembly each November. The Assembly Dormitory Council is Assembly Association ' s representative body for all women living in University dormitories. The president of each residence hall is a mem- ber of the Council, and each dorm has one elected represent- ative for every sixty girls. Consequently the larger dorms have more influence in voting, but all dorms have an equal opportunity to express the opinions of their residents. The ADC members meet once a week with the members of the Executive Board. Through discussion and decision, the As- sembly Dormitory Council forms policies and functions in a legislative capacity for the Assembly Association, giving final approval or rejection to all legislative policies of As- sembly. There are several Assembly committees, and all independent women are invited to participate in their work. 252 Tliejo bad sityrtj and in verity i period, i dent a quasi " . ' Joint Judiciary Alice James; Roger Andersen; Mary Cross; Ralph Goldberg; Fritz Glover; Tim Green; Dick Jones; Martha Wallbillich; Jocelyn Reingold The Joint Judiciary Council, composed of ten students handles student problems arising from violations of Univer- sity regulations. It is the members ' aim to consider these situations in the light of their own experiences as students and in keeping with the provisions established by the Uni- versity regulations. After operating during a five year trial period, the Council was permanently approved by the Presi- dent and the University Sub-Committee on Discipline in 1953. Any student enrolled in the University is eligible for membership if he will have completed a minimum of sixty semester hours by the end of the semester in which he is appointed. Academic eligibility and high character are re- quisites for appointment to the positions. During the second semester the Council announced that it would release the relevent facts concerning group decisions for publication. This policy is designed to clear up the many misunderstand- ings and to halt the rumors which had formerly flourished. First Semester Officers. Tim Green; Fritz Glover, Chairman; and Mary Cross meet in Regents ' . Officers second semester were Roger Andersen, Chairman; Martha Wallbillich, and Andrea Snyder. Fraternity and sorority members are enthusiastic about the IFC- Panhel exchange dinner program. The dinners provide excellent means for the Greeks at Michigan to become better acquainted. Fraternities and sororities celebrate Greek Week each spring. Committees appointed jointly by Panhel and IFC must meet long before the gala events to plan the festivities for the week. Greeks Together Fraternity serenades have become a highlight of affiliated life on campus. The fraternities will use any excuse from welcoming the girls back to school to getting pinned so they can serenade. Michigan ' s national award winning Interfraternity Council and the Panhellenic Association are the representatives of fraternity and sorority men and women on campus. These two organizations work together and cooperate on many phases of campus life. They strive to integrate the social and educational facets of the student ' s college education. Cooperation between the two groups is manifested in the workshops, exchange dinners, and other activities of Greek Week each spring. But the co-operative spirit exists through- out the school year. Sorority and fraternity pledges tackle the Fresh Air Camp and charity drive projects together, and the two groups work to obtain members to man election booths and collection buckets for philanthropic drives. Through these activities the bonds between Michigan ' s affiliated students, and the ties with all other student groups on campus are strengthened. Panhellenic Association Housed within the League ' s Undergrad Offices, Panhellenic Association exercises a watchful eye and a guiding hand in coordinating the actions and activities of affiliated women. Its quarters are the scene of bustling and buzzing during rushing mountains of data sheets are continually hauled from the files for consultation; IBM machines spew intricate tabulations; and the staff works at fever pitch to answer countless queries and keep the confusion from becoming chaos. March, 1956, rivalled the annual flurry. Troubled days of debate, in which spring rush triumphed over the fall system, were filled with almost daily meetings in which the advantages and disadvantages of each plan were evaluated, argued, and reevaluated. Sorority presidents, the official representatives to Panhel, relayed the information to their houses. Perhaps more than ever before, each affiliate realized the importance of Panhellenic ' s role, both in the campus world and in her own orbit. The organization ' s scope is not a narrow one charitably, it entertains hospital patients and helps spruce up the Fresh Air Camp; socially, it annually sponsors the gala Panhel Ball; totally, it is a vital member of the campus world. Panhellenic president Debbie Townsend performed her time con- suming tasks with energetic efficiency, dedication, and diplomacy. Panhellenic Board. Front Row: Jean MacRae; Sally Wilkinson; Jane Germany; Molly Dwan; Debbie Townsend. Back Row: Peggy Hubbard; Carol deBruin; Carol Ford; Nancy Jacquette. I " ty.?; ,. ; . ' :V, , uv After a wakeful night of wondering who their new members will be, sorority actives finally receive the long-awaited list from Pan- hel, and dash outside to greet the pledges with a warm welcome. Decorating the League ballroom in an exotic Japanese motif for Panhel Ball was a painstaking process requiring artistry, energy, ingenuity, and pots and pots of kaleidoscopically-colored paint. Ladies Live It Up " Rush, " according to Webster, is " a thronging of many people to some new place " or " that which by its accumula- tion or pressure causes unusual activity. " Each fall, Pan- hellenic realizes anew the sagacity of applying the word to sororities ' pledging procedure. The first two weeks of school are an academic loss, with every evening and many after- noons devoted to a strenuous schedule of parties, ranging from Bermuda shorts picnics to best-dress desserts. Through- out the rushing period, Panhellenic smoothes out problems of almost overwhelming proportions, while cocking a sym- pathetic ear toward the queries of befuddled rushees. Pan- hellenic rushing counselors keep each rushee ' s invitations straight, give impartial but motherly guidance, and have the delightful duty of distributing the bids. A less complex procedure is followed in the spring; a Bid Day is designated, on which sororities have an opportunity to pledge a sufficient number of girls to complete their quotas. The Panhel Secretariat functions effici- ently in keeping files, handling corres- pondence, and typing minutes and agendas. 812 Junior Panhel works with Junior IFC on annual afternoon painting projects at the Fresh Air Camp for underprivileged youngsters. In a house to house drive. Junior Panhel and Junior IFC canvassed Ann Arbor to obtain funds for the Muscular Dystrophy Association. Junior Pan Hel Next to the house with which she has affiliated, Junior Panhellenic Association is perhaps the most influential or- ganization during a sorority woman ' s pledgeship. Delegates elected within each pledge class attend weekly meetings and report results to their pledge sisters. These meetings integrate the girls with the campus world and keep them posted on current activities. Each fall, the sorority pledges trek to the Fresh Air Camp with Junior Interfraternity Council members, for a session combining painting and cleaning with partying. Panhel Ball, Tag Day drives, and hospital parties give pledges added social poise and a charitable out- look. Junior Panhellenic Board. Kitty Bell; Molly Dwan; Jean Willoughby; Kay Byers. 257 Fraternity Presidents. Front Row: Michael McCarthy; Richard Little. Second Row: Morton Cox; Bob Gillow. Third Row: Paul Belanger; William Eckerman; John Campbell; Jim Baker; Frank Vick. Fourth Row: Al Jones; Charles O ' Malley; John Heath; Larry Walders; Jordan Rossen; Clyde Whipple; Harvey Rutstein. Fifth Row: Richard Shapiro: Nort Stuart; Lou Kwiker; John Calvin; Buzz Newton; Lawrence Brown; ' William Elliott; Herb Schneider. Sixth Row: Champ Patton; Gus Gianakaris; Richard Brehm; William Barnard; Bill Pittler; Dick Schacht; Gene McCracken; Art Angood. Back Row: Dick Schreiber; Eric Aurrerle; Tom Bard; Roger Comstock; Marvin Jackson; Roger Anderson; Charles Roland; Jerry Schuur; Ray Roble; Malcolm Campbell. hit Repi iiateroi iheusi ordini ' Its sup Nation in 1955 Intern! iidivid Studem comw Fratera nowsu] and ml presidfi and no It5 SCOft Executive Council. Front Row: Ronald Clarke; Robert Wembaum Back Row: Robert Knutson; Michael Lynch; Richard St. John Committee Chairmen. Front Row: Timothy Leedy; Stewart Gordon; John Wylie; Walter Naumer. Back Row: Malcom Cummings, John Moore; Michael Barker; Frederick Lyons; Charles Weir; Albert Williams; Charles Chopp; Max Holden. Interfraternity Council Representing over 2000 men in 43 fraternities the Inter- fraternity Council is an organization that reaches out beyond the usual limits placed upon similar groups. The IFC co- ordinates, directs, and aids all the affiliated men on campus. Its superior leadership has been acknowledged by the National Interfraternity Council. The Michigan group again in 1955 received the NIFC award as the most outstanding fraternity system in the country. The program of the IFC is divided into four areas: service to the University and Student Body, service to member fraternities, service to the community, and service to fraternity ideals. This year the Fraternity Buying Association came into prominence. It is now supplying most of the houses with their canned goods and other food supplies. With the formation of SGC, the president of IFC became an ex-officio member of this group and now aids in the formation of policy regarding all-campus problems. As the University grows the IFC also broadens its scope to further the ideals of fraternity life on the campus. Robert Weinbaum, IFC president, stressed service to the University, the community, and fraternity ideals. He represented IFC on SGC. I.F.C. Executive Council. Front Row: Hank Newman; Robert Weinbaun; Dean Walter Rea; Professor James McDonald. Back Row: Gus Gianakaris; Stu Gordon; Nort Stuart; Dick Shapiro; John Calvin; Mike Lynch; Ray Newton; Ron Clarke; Bob Knutson; Rick St. John. Hell week becomes help week as fraternity and sorority pledges tackle the Fresh Air Camp Paint Project during the fall term. Junior IFC Building leaders for the fraternity system and promoting interfraternity friendship through common pledge activities is the job of the Junior Interfraternity Council. In perform- ing these functions the JIFC operates as a representative body for all fraternity pledges. It is composed of the pledge class presidents or their representatives of all houses belong- ing to the Interfraternity Council. At the end of each semes- ter officers are elected to serve the following semester. With the knowledge of the organization gained during their own pledge period, the leaders are equipped to carry out the work of the program. Each fall fraternity and sorority pledges travel to the University Fresh Air Camp near Pinckney to paint and clean up the camp buildings and grounds. Other projects include fund raising for charitable organizations and assisting other service groups. Vc i Front Row: Harold Barren; Stewart Gordon, President. Back Row: Harry Donald; John McFatridge; Brian Mor- iarty; Jim Blum; Ron Scott. 260 Central Committee. Front Row: Diana Cook; Peggy Zuelch; Mary Gronberg; Sue Chaffe; Sue Werbelow; Patti Drake. Back Row: Jack DeVries; Chuch Sharp; Tom Platt; Ron Boorstcin. J-Hop Committee J-Hop, the annual gift of the junior class to the other classes found the Intermural Building transformed into a southern plantation. Murals of such scenes as river boats, docks stacked with cotton bales, and picturesque southern belles adorned the walls. Fountains at each end gave a more realistic effect, and glass balls hung from the ceiling spun around to cast an illusion of moonlight. Because the J-Hop Committee limited the number of tickets sold, the usual crowded dance floor was replaced by more wide open spaces for the benefit of the masters of the ballroom steps. J-Hop did not end with the dance on Friday night. Saturday found forty couples bound for East Tawas to worship the outdoors on a pair of skis. Saturday night in the Union ballroom the traditional informal dance was held with Paul Brody providing dancable music for those who still had not given up. Committee members lurked in Mason Hall to catch the unsuspecting student. Inter-House Council As the Inter-House Council progressed through its third year of existence, much of its work was concentrated on the deter- mination and clarification of the purpose of residence halls as they relate to the University. This work was guided by the consideration that co-ed residence halls are likely to be constructed in the forseeable future. Recognizing that the role of student government in residence halls extends to all phases of the student ' s life, projects intitiated included : social chairmen ' s conferences, faculty debates, and an all-campus spring dance, " The Rite of Spring. " With the approval of the Big Ten Residence Halls Association Charter, Michigan was appointed headquarters school for the organization. Much of the work of the Association will be delegated to Michigan students. Tom Blcha, IHC president, guided the organ- ization to new vigor during its third year. ' ' I IHC Committee Chairmen. Front Row: George Litwin; Chuck Straayer; Garry Rech- nitz. Back Row: Buck Bebeau; Dan Belin; John Milionis; Pete Heraper. 262 Front Row: Daren Grooms; Sue Smith; Jerry Mohrig: Chuck Straayer; Tom Bleha; Sara Gullette; Don MacLennan; Robin Ollivier; Reed Kenworthey; Carol Hotham. Second Row: Jack Zappo; Dick Naragon; Chet Lehmann; Phil Buerk; Tom Blues; Lewis Engman; Dan Bclin; Robert Polkinghorn; Dick McDonald; Cy Toporek; Jerry Janecke. Back Row: Mike Craft; Mike Gaston; Stan Rock; John Flintosh; Harry Yoshihara; Bruce Meyer; Chuck Gremin; Ron Todd; Garry Rechnitz; Arnold Ruskin; Dick Gerber. Like most student organizations, the Inter-House Coun- cil felt the pains of growth and the need for better structure. The result was a structure study committee to evaluate and improve the effectiveness of the Council. The views of three thousand independent students were difficult to represent, but the central issues regarding residence halls were treated with greater vigor than they ever had been in the organiza- tion ' s infancy. IHC Cabinet. Front Row: Chuck Straayer; Tom Bleha; Sara Gullette; Jerry Mohrig. Back Row: Donald MacLennan; Robin Ollivier; Bob Warrick. Front Row: Maury Gralnek; Steve Davis; Ronald Shorr; Don Cohodes, President; Les Salans; Dick Rusnak; Mary Siegel. Second Row: Carol Shapiro; Mary Beth Godfrey; Carolyn Fisher; Myki Gold; Maxine Goss; Nancy Blumbcrg; Barb McNaught; Jane Abeshouse; Linda Balling. Back Row: Myrna Portman; Janet Feder; Ron Malis; Fred Schatz; Steve Uzelac; Larry Marks; Richard Blond; Robert Amove; Cynthia Stone; Ellen Murray. Wolverine Club Homecoming Committee Front Row: Susan Rutledge; George Henrich; Gwynne Finkleman; Jay Vawter. Second Row: Ruthie Plaut; Roberta Ruben; Joanne Marsh; Ron Shorr. Back Row: Steve Shlanta; Mike Eisman; Dick Spindle; Jim Meyers. ?w-j..f)c{rv- . ; v rCT Orrin Bush; Lewis Cole; Frank Johnston; Marilyn Smith; Cordon Kennedy; Tom Strang; JoAnne Yates; Charles Beattie; Charles Jehle; Roger Kinnear. Bus Ad Council The Business Administration Council was founded after World War II to better meet the needs of the students in that school. Juniors, seniors, and graduates in Business Ad- ministration are eligible for elections. Ten students make up the council, and five are elected each semester. Aims of the Council are to better student-faculty relations and to carry on service projects. They provide grant-in-aid scholarship funds, manage the student faculty coffee lounge, and sponsor faculty evaluations. Officers the second semester were Charles Beattie and Lewis Cole as Co-Chairmen, Beverly Brown as Secretary, and Edward Beresh as Treasurer. The other members of the Council serve as chairmen of the following committees of one Monroe Street Journal, Coffee Lounge, Library, Student Faculty, and Curriculum Com- mittee. The Council ' s main project in 1955-56 was furnish- ing another room as an addition to the coffee lounge. The project was financed completely from proceeds of the orig- inal lounge. Officers: Lewis Cole, treasurer; Orrin Bush, Vice-Chairman; JoAnne Yates, Secretary; Frank Johnston, Chairman. - ; ; 1 MICHIGANENSIAN staffers crop pictures to be engraved. publications From their offices on Maynard Street the student publications observe the University World and attempt to interpret it. And in doing this, they become a part of that world. Requiring the talents of many, the publications range from the editorial and reportorial to the artistic, literary, and humorous. 267 Michigan Daily Perennially The Daily means different things to different people. Letters to this year ' s editors showed that public feathers were well ruffled as one controversial editorial fol- lowed another, from the " partisan " Marching Band to the fall vs. spring rushing issue. Those behind the scenes felt the paper ' s impact otherwise by missed meals, minimum sleep, and the continual feeling that it was still worth it. Problems far from the campus sphere were tackled, often with provocative results. Detroit ' s newspaper strike brought another highlight : staff members rose at five a.m. to bring their product to a newsless city. Normally, as the AP teletype whirred and the typewriters clacked out triple-spaced mess- ages, the almost 200 staff people were satisfied with their upholding of the 66-year tradition of editorial freedom. In the process they had fun, celebrating birthdays widely and sharing incessant shop talk. The words of one former senior editor, often quoted, again rang true: " The Daily is more much more than an activity. " Between SGC motions, a schedule jammed with meet- ings, and frequent pro and con editorials, Managing Editor Dave Baad ate at Red ' s and took up the weed. Left: City Editor Jim Dygert assigned and criticized copy, helped by Feature Editor H. David Kaplan, who revised the reference file. Center: Associate Editors Louise Tyor and Jane Howard trained the lower staffs and performed countless " varied functions. " Right: Editorial Director Murry Frymer put ideals to practice on his page as Magazine Editor Dcbra Durchslag produced her monthly supplement. 268 Left: It was a big and colorful year for the Sports Staff, headed by Editor Phil Douglis, seated, and Associate Sports Editors Jack Horwitz and Alan Eisenberg. Night Editors, right, were John Hillyer and Dave Rorabacher in front, and Jim Baad, Dave Grey, Steve Heilpern, and Dick Cramer. Editorial staff Night Editors put out one paper each per week; covered major news beats. Seated are Lew Hamburger and Dick Snyder. Standing are Mary Lee Dingier, Mary Ann Thomas, Lee Marks, and Gail Goldstein. Missing from picture are Night Editors Ernest Theodossin, Janet Rearick, and Dick Halloran. . . i Women ' s and Business Staffs Women ' s Night Editors were Pat Norton, Sue Raunheim, Arline Lewis, Jane Coverage of the social and activities side of Fowler, Rose Perlberg, and Jane Robertson. campus was directed by Women ' s Editor Mary Hellthaler and her associate Elaine Edmonds. Junior members of the Business Staff included Jerry Pusch, Myki Gold, Joe Frisinger, Elaine Cohen, Elaine Surbrook, Milt Goldstein, Linda Rubinstein, Dick McCracken, Ann Grettenberger, Dave Silver, Chuck Wilson, Janet Feder and Stew Aaron. f J-r " ; . - -t mr . ' ,mmm .. r If iPIW ' Genial Advertising Manager Ken Rogat kept close track of the inches in his jurisdiction, coordinated his staff ' s legwork. A business staff ' s life might not seem a very happy one, but this year ' s well-staffed group kept its head above water in the varied routine of office work, page layouts and the bigger overall problem of maintaining the Daily ' s proud tradition of financial solvency. Among the year ' s greater accomplish- ments was the financing of the monthly Sunday magazine supplement, a very positive addition to the paper ' s appear- ance. Staff members covered miles in their search for ads and progress, and got good results. Ledgers and balance sheets were the province of Bus- iness Manager Dick Alstrom, who supervised all Daily dollars and cents and crossed his fingers for profit. Finance Manager Marty Weisbard kept an eye out for the Daily ' s accounts and for the general sphere of financial goings-on. Business Staff tryouts found the direction given them by Asso- ciate Business Manager Bob Ilgenfritz a good source of training. 271 Gobbling aspirins, Herbert Wander, Managing Editor, supervised publication of the Big Book. 1956 Michiganensian Like the staffs of fifty-nine preceding editions, the 1956 MICHIGANENSIAN crew faced the organizational, technical, creative, and financial problems of producing a comprehen- sive record of the University year. The Ensian serves as a ready reference guide for identifying individuals and campus groups. It portrays life at the University from the student view point. And it is a representative albeit an unofficial one, of the University to the outside world. In editing the 1956 book the staff was guided by these considerations. But sophistries on the functions of a yearbook do not reveal the hours of office work, the pages of copy, the rolls of film, or the number of engravings which are combined in the final product. As the deadlines approached, work reached a fever pitch, and the staff watched the sun rise over Angell Hall while they completed the book ' s thirty-two sixteen-page signatures. Ostensibly the task was done when the last page was dispatched to the printer. The office was strangely quiet after the last deadline, the staffers had turned to other pursuits or retired in quiet exhaustion. Left: Pat Goddard. Art and Layout Editor, struggled with senior pictures and page changes. Center: Armed with pica ruler and style rules, Copy Editor Brownson Murray supervised writing. Right: Paul Kerastas, Photography Editor, covered the campus with his camera. 272 Editorial Mid-way between the tryout and senior editor levels is the junior editoriship. Here are the difficulties of scheduling photographers, cropping horizontal pictures to fit vertical spaces, and avoiding the senior editors ' ultimata. Critics call the system bureaucracy, the senior editors label it division of labor, the junior editors know it means continual work. Junior editors and their assistants in 1955-56 were: (top left) Greg Neff, Organizations Editor; Nancy Lindgren, Assistant Organizations Editor; Hal Barron, Assistant Schools and Colleges Editor; Nelson Howe, Schools and Colleges Editor; Eleanor Shaw, Assistant Organizations Editor; (top right) Marjorie Cort, Assistant Sports Editor; Howard Urow, Sports Editor; Kathy Norman, Assistant Copy Editor; Helen Long, Assistant Copy Editor; (right) Carey Wall, Tryouts Editor; Mary Anne Pahl, Assistant Tryouts Editor; Barbara Humphrey, Assistant Tryouts Editor; Art Fried- man, Engravings Editor. Photographers Glenn Kopp; Robert Kiley; John Tomcho; Maryanne Peltier, Assistant Photography Editor; Martin Malkin; and Chuck Saxon juggled flash bulbs, cameras, and light meters. Ruth Plaut, Assistant Features Editor; Mary Jo Palmer, House Groups Editor; Chris Dittmer, Assistant House Groups Editor; Diana Cook, Features Editor: Mimi Ryan, Assistant House Groups Editor. Ensian Business Dick Harrison, Ensian Business Manager, succeeded in matching the edit staff ' s squandering with reve- nues from sales, advertising, and group pictures. Cynthia Stone, Accounts Manager, untangled group picture con- tracts, paid the bills, checked expenses against the budget, and typed up the staff ' s token payroll checks the first of each month. Chuck Sharp, General Sales Manager Cathy King, Office Manager Duke Gregory, Advertising Manager 274 Glen Carlson. Promotions Manager; Sue Michener. Assistant Office Manager; Judy Gamble. Sales Accounts Manager; Al Schadel. Sales Manager. Nick Kouchoukos. Fraternity Sales Manager; Bill Heath, Campus Sales Manager; Bob Wood, Assistant Advertising Manager. Business and Editorial Tryouts. Front Row: Winnie Oades; Gail Forges; Beverly Scales; Jeanette Cameron; Barbara Dunn; Helen Breit- mayer. Second Row: Judy Weaver; Pat Morton; Selma Denberg; Janet Tourtellot; Carrie Kinaschuk; Lyne Farrell. Third Row: Alice Waught; Lynn Laviolette; Shirley Babel; Sheila Feldman: Sue Bleyer; Sandy Gault; Sandy Judson. Fourth Row: Carolyn Vegel; Kathy Walsh; Mary Carless; Paul Foster; Shirley Dalby; Beverley Dunn; Barbara McNaught; Ruth Ballman; Marilyn McNaught. Back Row: Nor- man Dane; Jane Hawley; Don Schur; Bill Klink; Dan Tobias; Steve Sinick; Bob Richter; Mary Fulton; Inez Pilk; Virginia Lane. o I J k Richard Braun, Generation editor, supervises the publication of the campus inter-arts mag- azine and contributes articles to its pages. An approaching deadline spells endless hours of making up the dummy and approving the copy and photographs for the editor. Generation Perhaps one of the most unappreciated of the student publi- cations is Generation. It is essentially a " little magazine, " dedicated to the propagation and diffusion of the arts. Music, literature, scupture, drawings, and photography are pre- sented, analyzed, criticized, and interpreted in its three issues during the year. Typographically the magazine is clean-cut and open, graphically it reproduces a potpourri of the arts, but its appeal is limited. Its purpose is undoubtedly valid, but to many Michigan students Generation is too profound, too intellectual, too Bohemian. They picture it as the sound- ing board of disillusioned Hopwood contestants, avant garde artists, and composers of dissonant music. Generation pro- vides a laboratory for the creative artist to test his theories, but it remains aloof, even esoteric. Generation is lost in the materialistic melee of life, but perhaps the campus will awaken to its value. Joan Heiden, Art Editor; Paddie Malloy, Associate Editor; Al Jones, Art Staff; Marge Tomchuk, Art Staff. 276 Business Staff: Bob Kaplan, Circulation Manager; Pete Gould, Business Manager; Howard Kaplan, Promotions Manager. The fiction staff reads each story aloud and discusses its merits and short- comings. Confer- ences are held to choose the fiction for each of the three issues. Professor Arno Bader, Genera- tion Advisor; Paddie Malloy. Associate Editor; R i c h a rd Braun, Editor; Marge Piercy, Poetry Editor; and Eric Lind- bloom. Fiction Editor, confer in the Angell Hall Hopwood Room. m mem ::- : The Gargoyle crew modeled for Charles Addams ' cartoons and horror comics. The grotesque grand prize winners were Mary Gregoric (recumbent), Literary Editor; Judy Mills, Office Manager; Danny Deaver, Assistant Art Ed- itor; Norm Shubert, Advertising Manager; Fred Schwimmer, Promotions Manager; and Bill Morgan, Circulation Manager. The Gargoyle staff wins a purple cow for possessing the weirdest props on campus. Dori Appel, Dave Kessel, and Dave Rohn are among the showpieces. 278 Gargoyle Gordon Black. Business Manager, disrupted the Diag with sales stunts and invaded East Lan- sing to unload extra copies on the Spartans. Front Row: Bob Frederick, Assistant Circulation Manager; Phil Benkhard, Special Effects Editor; Bobbie Hard, Assistant Adver- tising Manager; Shannon King, Assistant Promotions Manager. Back Row: Jim Hauser, Assistant Promotions Manager; Lanny Birn- krandt, Assistant Art Editor; Ted Horn, Assistant Office Manager. The incomparable Dave Kessel edited the Gargoyle during its fiftieth anniversary year. He shunned the cryptic Russian and Chinese quotations of past editions to concentrate on satire and witty cartoons. GO 1 Dave Rohn, Art Editor, and Midge Rohn. Agitator, returned from a geology field trip in New South Wales to befuddle the entire campus, the critics, and their private psychoanalyst. 279 Technic The nation ' s oldest engineering college maga ine and the most venerable student publication on campus, is the Michi- gan Technic. In the fall of 1956 the slick-paper maga ine will celebrate its seventy-fifth year of publication. In antici- pation of the event, the staff moved into new offices in the East Engineering Building and assisted in launching a bi- monthly newsletter, The Arch. Both publications are de- signed to sell engineering to the engineer. The Technic, which is issued monthly, reports the latest advancements in research and surveys employment opportunities. Libraries, alumni, and i ndustrial firms are included on its circulation lists, in addition to student and faculty subscribers. The Technic is guided by a faculty advisory committee and a student publications board. Shelly Levin edited the Engineering School students ' magazine, the Michigan Technic. Front Row: Juris Slesurs; Sandy Milne; Mike Kraft; Hank Kerr; Malcolm Walker; Howard Urow. Second Row: Nancy Allen; Ian McDon- ald; Jim Snediker: Shelly Levin, Editor; Joe Santa; Norma Bennis. Back Row: Garry Mueller; Jim Stevens; Paul Gogulski; Phil Irvan; Jean Boch; Ched Fine; Elizabeth Palmer; Bob Patterson; Cecil Mellin; Ray Homicz. Ian MacDonald, Technic Business Manager, supervised accounting, advertising, and circulation work. Managing Editor Joe Santa acted as liaison between the staff and the printer. Under his supervision, staffers managed to beat the deadline for articles. Jim Snediker. the trouble-shooting Associate Editor, completed his fourth year on the magazine ' s staff. Norma Bennis, Illustrations Editor; Howard Urow, Articles Editor; Sandy Milne, Publications Editor; Nancy Allen, Publicity. Jean Boch, Advertising Manager; Charles Fine, Circulation Manager. 281 Sunbathers Front Row: Never Hurry Murray; Lick and Promise Thomas; Burned Bagel Nagel; Heap Big Ponder Wander. Second Row: Gertie Gravel Stone; Ten Jack Queen King; Colossus On The Judson; Government Inspected Hamburger; High Wide And Han- son; Mutt and Neff. Back Row: Pull and Pusch; With The Hat On Mattson; Nashville Dreamer Harrison; Predatory Gregory; Christ- mas Wreath Heath; Back To Nature Wood; I Don ' t Know Howe; Quarrelsome Stromberg Carlson. ' . With their names unfurled from the masthead, the Sun- bathers set sail on a sea of printers ' ink in a beautiful unseen boat. The cow jumped over a rubber cement moon and crit sheets echoed a mournful tune. Their heads were tipped with front page ears and the bandits carried sixteen-pica spears. The profound ones circled the prickly pear, the unfound ones jumped on telephones, and the mercenary ones stacked pennies in the corner. And the walls came tumbling down. It was a happy year for the innocents. A year of improved coordination, cooperation, recuperation. Cheers! 282 Board in Control of Student Publications Professor John Reed, Chairman; Harland Britz; Professor D. Maynard Phclps; Mr. Maurice Rinkel; William Wise; Ann Cordill; Professor Kenneth Stewart; Mr. Glenn MacDonald: Mr. James A. Lewis, Vice-President for Student Affairs. Missing: Dr. Arthur L. Brandon, Director of University Relations; Professor Wilbcrt J. McKeachic; Professor Warner G. Rice; Mr. Ink White. Mr. Werner Mattson, Office Manager; Carol Haskell, Assistant to the Board in Control. Godfather to the Ensian, Daily, Gargoyle, and Generation is the Board in Control of Student Publications. Board mem- bers are drawn from the faculty, administration, student body, and the public press. Meeting once each month in the conference room of the Publications Building, the members rifle through a sheaf of reports, approve staff appointments, and keep a watchful eye on the finances. Each publication is advised by a separate committee of the Board. Periodically the committee interviews staff members to review each pub- lication ' s progress. Although ultimately responsible to the Board, the publication staffs draft their own editorial and business policies. The Board defltly plays the roles of a helpful advisor and a diplomatic supervisor. 283 - ' cJlP " ' .-.(i- 3 Tribe members humble the Young Bucks on Rope Day. honoraries The World of the University recognizes those who excel! in activities, athletics, and scholarship. Each honorary is dedicated to bettering the University World and each chooses its new members carefully. The worthy are lauded at banquets, introduced to elaborate ritual, or paraded before the campus on the Diag. 285 Micbigamua " Spcak-um Indian talk and speak-um wisely. Speak-um slower and think-um what say-um. " To encourage the utmost in activities and athletics, Michigamua chooses its members on the basis of superior leadership in these fields. Young buck initiates to the Tribe are harnessed to a hawser for the laborious Rope Day duck- walk. The all-campus senior men ' s honorary dates from 1902. Wampum Squeezer Alstrom Kecp ' um Out Howes Tribe initiates coated with brick dust, lie fallen around sacred Tappan Oak near the Library. Too Damn Baad Belching Bear Baldacci Hoop Be ' um Barren Bleating Goat Bleha Ripp ' um Off Blossey Leaping Toad Booth Dunking Dolphin DeLaney Floating Belly O ' Reilly Chas ' um Tribe Dygert Rid ' um Rump Rodriguez Tattle Tale Gray Whispering Wolf Weinbaum Heap Hurricane Hendricks Bucket Belly Jorgenson Turn ' um Over New Lief Much Hats McFarland Chipping Chipmunk McMasters Mighty Mammal Meads " 286 Founded in 1910, Druids recognizes outstanding leadership in activities or varsity athletics. The senior honorary chooses its members from all undergraduate units of the University except the College of Engineering. To the entoning of Joyce Kilmer ' s " Trees, " the initiates, who are very inferior saplings, are watered down on the Diag as they grow into staunch and mighty Druid oaks. Druids Bushel-Basket Button Ball Benedict Bartering Blueblossom Berliner Battering Boxwood Buchanan Caper-Cutting Cottonwood Corey Darting Dogwood Douglis Ferocious Fir Fox Foghorn Foxtail Fritts Front Page Fringetree Frymer Genteel Gopherwood Gardner Gregarious Goosefoot Gianakaris Gold-Gathering Ginko Good Headlocking Huckleberry Haney Handshaking Hackberry Harrison Knobby Knubcone Knutson Meandering Magnolia Morrow Nimble Nannyberry Nederlander Pepperpot Pawpaw Prescott Rediscount Rhododendron Rogat Swooping Shotbush San Antonio Sure-Shooting Sequoia Stern Thomping Thunderwood Tommelein Whispering Wingseed Wallingford 287 f Rotat. : ' Jams! Charks 1 Bract Fi Bmiaitl !:. Top. sprit, T iHititt ' No. scrub Vulcans, the athletics and activities honorary for senior men in Engine School, was founded in 1904. Members produce shows and schedule football films for shut-ins in Ann Arbor hospitals. As a campus service, the honorary also offers transportation bargains on Vulcan trains to Chicago and New York when the homeward surge begins during the Christmas holidays and in June after finals. Vukans In the darkness of night, flaming brands light the Vulcans ' symbolic anvil near Engine Arch. Roger Andersen Richard Brehm Jere Brophy David Burchfield Jack Burchfield Keith Coats Jon Collins William Diamond Fritz Glover Frank Hirt Robert Hoffman Bob Ilgenfritx George Jones Merrill Kaufman Jim Kruthers Santo Ponticello Bill Sommers Charles Stickels Wayne Th lessen Ed Velden Bill Weber Chuck Wood 288 TriangL es Robert Armstrong Cornelius Barnett James Bauch Charles Chopp Bruce Fox Bernard Hanna Thomas Krause Roy Lave Sheldon Levin Ralph McCormick Russel McKennan Paul Melgaard John Moore Brian Moriarity David Owen Thomas Rendall Joseph Santa Robert Schiller Wayne Warren Robert Warrick To promote good fellowship and to maintain college and class spirit, Triangles taps outstanding athletes and leaders in ac- tivities. Juniors in the College of Engineering comprise its membership. Initiates, wearing dunce caps, limp across the Diag on one roller skate to the Engine Arch. Neophytes then scrub the sacred passage. The honorary was founded in 1906. ITf Sphinx, activities and athletics honorary for junior men in all colleges except Engineering, was founded on campus in 1905. The honorary promotes service to the University and continued lead- ership among its members. Unique because it has no official sanctum sanctorum, Sphinx is attempting to find a meeting room. Sphi inx Bill Mohair Adams Mike Kaitcher Barber Terry Gumi Barr Mike Knozope Buchannan Dick Mugi Dunnigan Bill Chuccer Johnson John Hamul Johnson Herb Aram Karzen Ron Thorizeed Kramer Kirke Sepa Lewis Fred Hanzzom Lyons Barry Piddlebut MacKay Jim Zohar Maddock Tom Osiris Maentz Lee Thorpizemar Marks Bob Salafax Pitts Jerry Potiphar Pusch John Thoth Schubeck Ed Raumi Shannon Chuck Perizzites ShaqD Chuck Sanafrans Straayer Dick Phalazh Snyder Joel Shafu Tauber Ken Meri Ra Ank Tippery Fred Pharoah Trost Steve Wocar Uzelac Herb Huz Wander Harrison Baluk Wehner Coated with brick dust, Sphinx initiates " Looking for the River Nile " trudge across campus bearing a ladder. 290 Founded in 1953, Hectorians honors senior fraternity members who are outstanding leaders in their chapters or in IFC activities. Hectorians Arthur Angood John Calvin Ronald Clarke Roger Comstock Morton Cox William Eckerman William Elliott Constantine Gianakaris Robert Gillow Richard Good Robert Knutson Louis Kwiker Ronal Larson Richard Little Michael Lynch Ray Newton Gerald Prescott Richard Schacht Richard Shapiro Richard St. John Frank Vick Robert Weinbaum Front Row: Buzz Newton; Lou Kwiker; Bob Gillow; Ron Larson; John Hibbard. Second Row: Mort Cox; Dick Good; Rick St. John; Gus Gianakaris; Bill Eckerman; Dick Shapiro; Ron Clarke; Dick Schacht. Back Row: Jerry Prescott; Frank Vick; Dick Little; Rod Comstock; Art Angood; John Calvin; Bob Weinbaum; Bill Eliot. 1 Front Row: Donald Kelley; Roy Correa; Jerry Young; Fred Horwitz; Charles Watson; William Mahoney; Jerry Andersen; Jerry Turcotte. Second Row: Marvin Gordon; Morton Solomon; Dr. D. L. Hin erman: John Harper; George Hoekstra, President; Charles DaFoe; Wendell Searer; Donald Blaney. Back Row: Robert Kretzschmar; Melvin Wolf; Stig Andersen; Darrell Jaques; Jerry Strauch; Richard Chess; Thomas Coles; Alan Dawson; William Fry; Harold Hardman. Galens Galens, senior medical honorary, elects its members on the basis of scholarship and participation in extra-curricular activities. Primarily a service organization, the honorary sponsors scholarships and loans for medical students, acts as a liaison between the students and faculty, and performs benevolent work. Each Christmas the Galens raise funds to finance their workshop in University Hospital. Members turn out toys and distribute them to the children in the hospital wards on Christmas Day. Socially, the honorary presents the Caduceus Ball and arranges a smoker for medical stu- dents. A play satirizing the faculty is a highlight of the smoker. In addition, each year the Galens present a guest lecturer who speaks on his specialized field of medicine. This unique honorary was founded in 1914. Braving the pre-holiday weather, Galens mem- bers solicit money to insure the children in University Hospital a very Merry Christmas. 292 Mortar Board, national all-campus senior women ' s honorary, recognizes superior scholarship, service, and leadership. The Michigan chapter was one of the four which founded the national organization in 1918. Front Row: Pat Goddard; Virginia Kiel; Margaret Lieblain; Claudia Smith; Anna Gonda. Second Row: Georgiana Davidson; Edith McClusky; Joyce Lane; Nancy Wright, President; Mary Cross; Alice James; Jane Germany. Back Row: Joan Bryan; Mary Slawson; Janet Anne Smith; Eugenie Reagan; Cynthia Krans; Elizabeth Sonnega; Cathy King. Mortar Board Joan Bryan Mary Cross Georgiana Davidson Ruth Callahan Debra Durschlag Jane Germany Pat Goddard Anna Gonda Alice James Virginia Kiel Cathy King Cynthia Krans Joyce Lane Edith McClusky Lois Pollak Eugenie Reagan Mary Slawson Janet Smith Margaret Smith Elizabeth Sonnega Claudia Moore Smith Nancy Wright 293 Scroll, founded in 1939, honors affiliated senior women who are active leaders in extracurricular activities. The honorary grants a scholar- ship each year to an affiliated woman student. Front Row: Dorothy Clarkson: Jo Anne Yates; Ann Cordill; Sarah Jo Brown; Ursula Gcbhard. Second Row: Paula Strong; Donna Netzer; Peggy Hubbard; Lois Mishelow, President; Martha Wallbillich; Beckie Wilson; Elizabeth Gar- land; Carole Hackett. Back Row: Cynthia Stone: Deborah Townsend; Jane Howard; Harriett Thome; Nancy Jaquette; Margaret Lane; Barbara Backlar; Shirleyan Chennault; Jaylee Duke; Marilyn Smith; Jan Northway. Scroll Barbara Backlar Sarah Jo Brown Shirleyan Chennault Dorothy Clarkson Ann Cordill Jaylee Duke Ruth Flanders Elizabeth Garland Ursula Gebhard Carole Hackett Jane Howard Peggy Hubbard Nancy Jaquette Peg Lane Lois Mishelow Donna Netzer Beckie Wilson Jan Northway Marilyn Smith Cynthia Stone Paula Strong Harriett Thorne Deborah Townsend Martha Wallbillich Jo Ann Yates 294 Senior Society recognizes senior independent women who exhibit outstanding leadership in extra curricular and service activities. The honor- ary which was founded in 1905, finances a scholarship fund. Front Row: Rae Okomoto; Kathleen Rush; Jocclyn Feingold; Marianne Weil; Grace Margoles: Lois Shein: Marion Charvat; Mary Jo Park; Carol Brumbaugh. Second Row: Pat Hawkin; Irmgard Schlageter; Hazel Frank; Grace Cool; Coralyn Fitz; Kathleen Kneiske; Bernice Pericin; Meredith Tigel; Marge Frogel; Elaine Edmonds. Back Row: Judy Jennis; Sylvia Levi; Ann McDonald; Sandy Hoffman; Gitta Gosziniak; Delores Sobczynski: Cynthia Diamond: Betsy McDonald- Mary Hell thaler. Carol Brumbaugh Marion Charvat Grace Cools Cynthia Diamond Elaine Edmonds Jocelyn Feingold Coralyn Fitz Hazel Frank Margaret Frogel Gitta Gosziniak Pat Hawkin Mary Hellthaler Sandy Hoffman Judy Jennis Kathy Kneiske Phylis Rode Legband Sylvia Levi Grace Margoles Ethel McCormick Ann McDonald Rae Okomoto Mary Jo Parks Bernice Pericin Kathleen Rush Imgard Schlageter Lois Shein Delores Sobczynski Meredith Tigel Louise Tyor Marianne Weil Senior Society 295 Wyvern, all-campus honorary for junior women, elects its members on the basis of scholarship, leadership, and service. Members assisted in the SGC vote count and in collecting junior class dues. The honorary was founded in 1911. Front Row: Mary Lee Birmingham; Peggy Zuelch. Second Row: Mary Ann Thomas; Betty Shuptrine; Jane Fowler, President; Judy Shagrin. Back Row: Andrea Snyder; Judy Tatham; Mary Nolen; Meredith Tigel; Ruth Bassichis; Sally Miller; Mary Lee Dingier. Wyvern Ruth Bassichis Mary Lee Birmingham Joan Chidester Sandra Burdick Mary Lee Dingier Patricia Drake Jane Fowler Sally Miller Mary Nolan Judith Shagrin Betty Shuptrine Andrea Snyder Judith Tatham Mary Ann Thomas Meredith Tigel Peggy Zuelch 296 Phi Eta Sigma, national scholastic honorary for freshmen who earn at least a 3.5 grade average, was founded in 1923 at the University of Illinois. The organization ' s third chapter was established at Michigan in 1926. (Right) Phi Eta Sigma Officers: Paul Treado: Ross Fletcher; Bob Stahl, President; Henry Finney. Phi Eta Sigma Martin Adelman Martin Albion Henry Appleman Harold Barren Lynn Becker Charles Birke James Blum Gerald Boyd Ralph Bunnell Patrick Carrier Michael Chen Kent Chernetski Lawrence Curtiss Roger Dalton James Dawson Ross DeBoskey Joseph DeCook John Denton Harry Detweiler Gordon Engler John Etter Timothy Felisky Herbert Finkbeiner Henry Finney Ross Fletcher Paul Foster Roger Frock Herbert Gamage Howard Goldberg Kenneth Graham Charles Gribble Jerold Harwood Rolf Hartung Richard Hiss Norman Hozak Mark Jaffe Robert Jillson Thomas Jolls William Juergens Robert Katchke John Kelingos Jack Kelley Harvey King James King Thomas King Charles Kleekamp Nicholas Kouchoukos Robert Leedy Rodney Leslie Gilbert Lewis Morton Lipman Richard McGhee Alan MacKellar Clancy McKenzie William McNamara David Maxwell James Meyers Donald Meier Alan Miller Vernon Nahrgang Richard Oles Eldon Olson Richard Palma Paul Plato James Reh Dean Reichenbach Michael Reynolds Philip Rice Alan Robbim Ronald Rosenthal Donald Ross Thomas Rowlson Michael Rubin Arnold Ruskin Stephen Rykoff Gerald Schmidt Douglas Sherk Bruce Siegan Joel Siegel Simon Silver John Simpson Charles Sims Gene Smith Glen Smith Robert Smith Robert Stahl Glenn Stancroff Robert Steed John Steiner Lawrence Steinei Neil Taylor Thomas Toft Paul Treado Howard Uro v Peter Vandervoon Paul Vitz Malcolm Walker Samuel Ward Nicholas Wassil Harvey Wax Harvey Weiss Jerome Wells Peter Wexler William Woodruff Donald Young 297 Front Row: Theodore Oliver; David Blair; David Scharmack; Henry Hartog; Maurice Miller: Sheldon Levin; Robert Fallis. Second Row: Dale Mohr; William Mason; Richard Sonntag; Dave Fleisher; William Weber, President; Carl Peterson; Richard Maslowski; Herbert Pollock. Third Row: David Thomas; Ronal Larson; Colin Fisher; Kenneth Edwards; David Thouin; Jerry Bassler; Cowan Brown; Alden Klomparens; Richard Annable; John Harlan; Ronald Green. Back Row: Douglas Hamburg; Norman Hawk; Joe Coleman; John Fay; John Powell; Richard DeLong; Theodore Emerson; Robert Luecke: Robert Schoenhals; Sein Win; Robert Wcsel; John Meyer. Tau Beta Pi Tau Beta Pi, national engineering honorary fraternity, was founded at Lehigh University in 1885. In 1906 the Michigan Gamma chapter was chartered at the University. The Pre- amble of its Constitution states the honorary ' s aims: " To mark in a fitting manner those who have conferred honor upon their Alma Mater by distinguished scholarship and exemplary character as undergraduates in engineering . . . and to foster a spirit of liberal culture in the engineering colleges of America. " The Tau Beta Pi plaque in the West Engineering Building de- picts the honorary ' s badge: a watch key in the form of a bent trestle. Seniors who have out- standing academic averages are eligible for TBP membership. Founded in 1924 at the Univer- sity of Illinois, Alpha Lambda Delta is a national scholastic honorary for freshman women who earn a 3.5 average. The local chapter dates from 1928. Front Row: Kitty Wilson; Jan Voyce; Marcia Flucke; Betty Watts: Polly Van Schoik : Ethel Kovitz. Second Row: Amalia Kott: Reba Watson: Alma Bittrich; Carey Wall; Virginia Shapoe; Joan Gassaway: Barbara Lewis: Janet Xeary. Back Row: Nancy Willard; Carol McKillop; Suzanne Friedman: Patricia Reynolds: Nelita True; Charlene Toman: Paula Wallach. Alpha Lambda Delta Mimes Front Row: Magnificent Monroe Mclntyre; Chaste Channing Chamberlain: Growling Godfcy Gilmore, President; Loveable Lwellyn Lewy; Crowning Grable Gordon: Wallowing Winslow Webb; Willowy Widmarck Williams. Back Row: Whirling Webb White; Scintillating Stanwick Seltz; Writhing Warner Weinberger; Dischordant Dietrich De Bouver; Mereticious Murray Mars; Prissy Pits Pyrros; Limping Lancaster Lashmet: Syncopating Sherwood Scott; Tantalyzing Taylor Thomet. This year marked the thirtieth time that Mimes cooperated in sponsoring the Union Opera. The elective honor- ary has tapped about 300 men since its founding as the Opera Club in 1913. " t 8 I Front Row: John Cladwell; Clarky Benson; Chung Jeu; Charles Schwartz. Second Row: Jerry Wright; Pete Lucyshyn; Richard Maslowski; David Thouin. Back Row: Richard Boudreau; David Blair; Ralph Wiese; William Hodge; Robert Fallis. Eta Kappa Nu National Electrical Engineering Honorary for Juniors and Seniors Pi Tau Sigma National Mechanical Engineering Honorary for Juniors and Seniors Front Row: John Heidgen; Marvin Teutsch; Richard Sonntag; Richard DeLong; Mark Eilers; Raymond Jacobson; David Scruggs; Donald Wille; Roger Comstock. Second Row: Colin Fisher; David Stewart; Dale Mohr; Theodore Emerson; Harry Evans; Don Kirkpatrick; Dave O ' Brien. Back Row: Robert Newland; Robert Armstrong; James Varin; Richard Staudt; Eugene Kreuzberger; Ralph Londal; James Barger; Lawrence Hardy; Robert Adams; David Wong; Thomas Despres; Winfield Trumbull; David Cash. rise Kappa Kappa Psi, honorary band fraternity was founded at Oklahoma A M College in 1919. The society recognizes scholarship, leadership, and mu- sical ability among band mem- bers. The Michigan chapter was established on campus in 1925. Front Row: William Thornton: David Flowers: John Avolio: Richard Longfield; John Alexander; Robert Wojciak; Michael Woodburne. Second Row: Stanley Kennedy; Bruce Loomis; Carmen Spad- aro; Jack Bittle, President; Thomas Kauper; Sumner Elwell; Wilbert Porter; David Lundy. Third Row: Howard Howard; Walter Chesnut; Terence Small; Acton Ostling; Edgar Coffman; Kenneth Teppo; Charles Herman; Eugene Gray; Van Bluemel; Robert Lauer; Douglas Finney; Frederick Smith. Back Row: Jack Seidler; Emerson Head; Peter Ekstrom; Jerry Smith; Robert Cherba; Frederick Nott; James Moore; George Humenansky; John Jenkins; Richard Hoek; Robert Mi lls; Ernest Orrnand; Russell Jack. Kappa Kappa Psi Tau Beta Sigma Tau Beta Sigma, Dand sorority, is primarily a service group. Service is given to the band in the form of a laboratory band for conducting experience. Con- tributions to the hospital are scrapbooks and volunteer work. Front Row: Sarah Baird; Jeanne Leland; Mary Jo Messinger; Ann Buckingham; Cynthia Dieterichs: Joan Gassaway. Second Row: Patricia Martin: Patricia Noffsinger: Kathleen Taylor; Virginia Cata- nese, President: Doris Anderson; Lois Kilptla: Marlene Weiss. Back Row: Janet Mason; Sara Manning: Judith Palmer; Betty Bird: Marilyn Dodge; Eleanor Becker: Janet Gardner; Janet Ruffner. _ 4 V, . music There is music in the University World. It drifts through the Mason Hall lobby during rehearsals, punctuates athletic events and wafts across the still, twilighted campus from Burton Tower. Some merely listen to the music others participate actively in performance groups and create music at Michigan. A t;roup of the Michigan Singers performs in concert. 303 4 1 Glee Club Officers. Front Row: Sam Corl; Steve Hauser, President; Oleg Lobanov; Dennis Miles. Back Row: Jim Hardy; Bob Fritts; Rom Portwood; Bill Hein; Dave Grupe. Men ' s Glee Club The only campus group appearing in white tie and tails, the Men ' s Glee Club is also the University ' s oldest musical organization, dating from 1859. The Club ' s colorful and acclaim-filled history includes movie shorts, record sessions for Decca, and appearances in Town Hall and on Ed Sulli- van ' s " Toast of the Town. " Years of planning culminated last summer in a four-week, 15-concert tour of Europe from the Netherlands to Austria. The men combined sight-seeing with singing and earned 2 credit hours in Vocal Lit. They were royally entertained in a command performance before Queen Juliana at the Hague, and added collegiate color to the 4th of July celebration in Rome ' s crumbling Colos- seum. The Club ' s programs range from long hair to crew cut, including groups of classical numbers, contemporary art songs, music from Broadway shows, featured solos and quartets, and Michigan medleys. Last November ' s ap- pearance with the Singing Hoosiers of Indiana University was one of the dual concerts staged during football seasons since 1951. During the sabbatical leave of its director, Dr. Philip A. Duey, the Glee Club has been conducted by Walter S. Collins. 304 Walter S. Collins served as acting director of the Men ' s Glee Club while Dr. Philip A. Duey was on sabbatical leave from the University. Alexander Babin Richard Bailin Jerry Baker James Berg Harry Bird Hugh Black David Blackburn William Booth Richard Bowman Bowen Broock Bernard Brooks Robert Brown Barry Collier Samuel Corl Joseph Cox Merton Crouch Edward Grouse Dwight Davis Thomas Davis Robert Denison Barry Floyd George Franke Robert Fritts Glen Gale David Ganus David Grupe David Hagen Richard Halladay James Hardy Stephen Hauser William Hein William Hesselgrave Eugene Holcombe Ted Wybrecht Daniel Jordan Richard Kabaker Richard Kaiser Andrew Karoly Dennis Larkin John Leonard David Littell Oleg Lobanov Philip Mapes Ronald Martin Richard Maskell Dennis Miles Kenneth Misar Gordon Nitz John Ohlson Donn Olin John Payne Jon Peterson James Phelps Ronald Poland William Porter Romulus Portwood Daniel Pressley Donald Ridley Thomas Schill Donald Seltz Jerry Smith Philip Smith Lee Solomon Timothy Swanson John Vavroch Fred Walker Bradford White Stephen Hauser, graduate student in business administration, was Glee Club president. Most members are not enrolled in Music School. The Friars featured variety numbers. The octet members were: Front Row: John Vavroch; Rom Portwood; Ted Wybrecht; Marshall Frank. Back Row: Tom Schill; Jack Leonard; Stephen Hauser; Dwight Davis. 305 .y From the steps of The Hague ' s newly dedicated city hall, the Glee Club performed for Queen Juliana of the Netherlands and her party. During their four-week tour, the Glee Club ' s members had the opportunity to see Europe in all the beauty of its sim- mering summer. They performed in six countries the Netherlands, Germany, Austria, Italy, Switzerland, and France and were enthusiastically received by both the pub- lic and the press. The men had ample opportunities for sight-seeing, which provided memories which will endure long after their many material souvenirs have faded. Glee Club in Europe Queen Juliana chatted casually with Dr. Philip Ducy following the Glee Club ' s command performance during their summer tour abroad. In the Mussolini-built Stadium of Statues in Rome, the Michigan Men ' s Glee Club performed at the invitation of the American Embassy dur- ing a gala Fourth of July celebration. The ornate stadium is part of the sporting grounds where the 1960 Summer Olympics will be held. I; u. ' ? : ' fir M t- M ,11 fn % lSi!f I li iUB lii i Symphony Band Massed in orderly rows on Hill Auditorium ' s vast stage, the Sym- phony Band awaits Dr. William D. Revelli ' s baton signal to begin. John Alexander Cynthia Allen Doris Anderson Alan Austin John Avolio Sarah Baird Bettie Bandos John Bauer James Beaupre Eleanor Binhammer Betty Bird Jack Bittle Albert Blaser Van Bluemel Jo Bradley Paul Brodie Virginia Buchanan Ann Buckingham Southard Busdicker Salma Bushala Robert Cherba Walter Chesnut John Christie Fred Dart Dean DePoy Cynthia Dieterichs Russell Dodge Anne Dowling Edward Downing Peter Ekstrom Sumner Elwell Kathleen Emmons Winifred Fierke Douglas Finney Phyllis Firestone David Flowers Virginia Fox Janet Gardner Joan Gassaway James Griffith Hugh Gucker Martha Hall Joseph Hanchrow Robert Hause Emerson Head Arthur Hegvik James Heier Ann Holtgren Howard Howard James Hubard George Humenansky Lawrence Hurst Russell Jack John Jenkins James Johnson Marilyn Keivit Violette Krstich Kay LaDouceur Robert Lauer Jerrold Lawless Jeanne Leland Richard Longfield Bruce Loomis David Lorch Sara Manning Neil Markva Patricia Martin Fred Marzan Bruce McCormick Mary Messinger Gerald Meyer Jackie Mindlin John Mohler James Moore Louise Moseler Blanche Mueller Frank Mueller Therese Mueller Novia Muir Patricia Noffsinger Fred Ormand Acton Ostling Judith Palmer Russell Pizer Rocco Polera James Pullin Robert Quayle Rodney Reed Russell Reed Diana Reynard Robert Reynolds Donald Robbins Stanley Sabik Christina Schnierle Betty Scott Susan Scovill Jack Seidler Cynthia Sietz Terence Small Frederick Smith Carmen Spadaro Patricia Stenberg Hosea Taylor William Thornton Eleanor Tibbals Robert Wetzel David Whitwell David Wickham Donald Wilcox Grier Williams Richard Wilson Janet Wirth Robert Wojciak Elaine Wright Raymond Young 307 Michigan Marching Band Paced by a cadence of machine-gun rapidity, the Michigan Marching Band moves downfield in a colorful column at every home football game. Despite its almost overwhelming size (its 160 members in the fall of 1955 formed the largest band in Michigan ' s history), the Band awes spectators with its intricately precise patterns. High-stepping drum major Champ Patton and twirlers Joe Browne and Bill Modlin lead the men through the perennially popular dance step maneuvers, occasionally pausing to fling a baton expertly over the cross bars of the goal posts. Dr. William Revelli and George Cavender alternate on the bandstand, directing the specially-arranged repertoire. Long, arduous hours of daily practice in blocking out the maneuvers and integrating props result in machine-like perfection. Cameras beamed for nation-wide television covered the Band on Dave Garro- way ' s " Today " and at half-time in two televised games. On Band Day, the Band played host to 182 high school bands a kaleidoscopic swarm of eleven thousand students play- insr in unison. Dr. William D. Revelli gained international renown as director of the University bands. He took sabbatical leave in January, 1956. ' " ,,. ,! J r?4S%! . 308 In regimental ranks extending from sideline to sideline, the March- ing Band surges downfield with trip-hammer precision, accuracy. ' ' ; fi l ; VC :i : - . Tr J Gigantic-scale perambulation on gridiron turf requires planned parenthood in evolving a pattern which co-ordiaates with props. Dressed in full regalia for football appearances, Bill Modlin, Drum Major Champ Paton, and Joe Browne relax on the sidelines. As a military color guard hoists the American flag, the strains of " The Star Spangled Banner " echo throughout the vast stadium. 309 S 1 1 Front Row: Mary Van Cittcrs; Carol Morgan; Marguerite Erickson; Marilyn Perlman; Svea Blomquist; Sara Scott. Second Row: Nancy Stout; Kathleen Emmons; Judith Tatham; Mary Alice Clagett; Judith Shagrin; Patricia Wright: Jean Nutley; Sharon Rae Connolly; Carol Cunningham. Third Row: Janet Wirth; Grace Cool; Martha Taugher; Fern Law; Betty Jo Richter; Priscilla Bickford; Mary Ellen Eckert; Marilyn Eliason; Sandra Keckonen; Joan Carl- son. Fourth Row: Judith Huntington; Kathryn Miller; Frances Home; Charlene Paullin; Therese Mueller; Helen Haugh; Alice Dutcher; Nelita True; Joan Holmberg; Betty Staeheli; Mary Manning. Back Row: Anita Hovie; Eunice Loeweke; Mary Ann Sauer; Sophia Lou Dame; Laura Smith; Lois Kilpela; Kathryn Lucas; Judith Huber; Ann Buckingham; Hildred Kronlokken; Beverly Wales; Jane Cesler. Mu Phi Epsilon National Musical Sorority n c Sigma Alpha Iota National Music Sorority Front Row: Ruth Outland; Jocelyn Mackey; Becky Badger; Doris Bengtsson; Shirley Price; Jane Hirschmann; Vir- ginia Shapoe; Patricia Martin; Jean Burroughs. Second Row: Jackie Mindlin; Jean Carlson; Linn Bevis; Kathleen Rush; Marguerite Long; Meredyth Manns; Betty Beebe; Jeanne Leland; Phyllis Rode; Patricia Stenberg. Back Row: Mary Nimrichter; Sheila McKenzie; Doris Linton; Helen Mendclson; Kathie Norman; Sally Lutz; Mary Ann Davis; Eleanor Becker; Neva Vukmirovich; Janet Mason; Joan Gassaway; Janice Hatchett; Sara Manning; Virginia Catanese. Prarii The enormous casts specified by Gilbert and Sullivan permit participation by almost as many students as the stage will accommodate. Gilbert and Sullivan Society Principal characters in " The Gondoliers " meet in a Venetian palace pavilion to collaborate on their subtle political schemes and intrigues. The catchy nonsense-tunes and languid arias of the re- nowned masters of mirth and melody, W. S. Gilbert and Arthur Sullivan, have been whistled and hummed from the Engineering Arch to the Natural Science Building since the organization which bears their names was founded in 1946. Vivid portrayals of the characters in all the major works and most of the minor works of " G. S. " have made Yum- Yum and Little Buttercup almost as familiar as Chiang Kai-Shek and Little Orphan Annie. Independent of any particular University unit, the Society includes musically talented stu- dents from all schools. The talents of singers, set and cos- tume designers, publicity managers, make-up artists, and orchestra members are all garnered for the performances. " The Gondoliers, " a complex satire on democracy and monarchy with a typically gala G. S. climax, was pre- sented in November, 1955. In the spring of 1956, the So- ciety staged the most popular and most performed Gilbert and Sullivan operetta, " The Mikado " an inimitable blend of brilliant Oriental color, a subtly British plot, and music with a universally appealing charm. I : Nationality groups find a touch of home in song fests. organizations The diversity of interests of Michigan students is reflected in the variety of organizations which thrive in the World of the University. Religious nationality, professional, service, academic honorary, and military groups all contribute to the individual ' s University life. 313 Alpha Phi Omega Alpha Phi Omega is a service organization with the goal of service to campus organixations, faculty, and students. Many Michigan students benefit from the activities of Alpha Phi Omega without realizing it. Poster routes all over cam- pus as well as several campus bulletin boards are maintained by this organization, and members are responsible for put- ting up posters and stamping them to show that they are ap- proved. Alpha Phi Omega ' s Health Service project involves notifying the directors of any University housing that stu- dent residents are in Health Service. Members guide tours around campus, and are also familiar figures at registration. A ditto service rents a ditto machine to campus organiza- tions. These are just a few of the activities of the Michigan chapter, which was founded in 1941. Posters to provide information for almost any occasion arc one of the biggest service responsibilities of Alpha Phi Omega members. Front Row: Eugene Miller; Laurence Ringe; Hurley Robbins; Stacy Daniels; Brian Higgins; Stuart Lipschutz; James Valentin; Jack Relyea; Ron Stoothoff. Second Row: Walter Hall; Joseph Valentin; Kenneth Tucker; Norman Miller; Wilfrid Hufton; Mai Leibowitz; James Beatty; Richard Bloss: George Keefer; James Shedlowsky. Third Row: Matthew Kessler; Norman Dane; Lynn Evans; Joseph Litvin; Norman Levin; Charles Waldron; Mark Outcalk; Robert Burns; Stanley Bliss; Roger Bertoia. Back Row: Brooks Sitterley; Darryl Haynes; David Graf; Richard Bogg; Shewin Sokolov; Harris Mainster; George Litwin; Gordon Parker: David Brown; John Rogers. Front Row: Bonnie Silberrnan; Marilyn Smith; Diane Erickson; Mary Akrigg; Marilyn Adams; Margaret Prickett. Back Row: Trese Quaderer; Jo Anne Yates; Mary Nolen; Janet Zagusch; Beverly Brown; Maryanne Peltier; Lillian Cicurel; Marion Fischer. Phi Chi Theta National Commerce Sorority Zeta Phi Eta National Speech Arts Sorority Front Row: Carol Kaufman; Eugenie Reagan; Carol Aldrich. Back Row: Lois Fennig; Carolyn Jones; Gloria Anton; Susan Goldberg; Wandalie Henshaw. - , Front Row: Herminio Alcid; Paciano Victorio; Gabriel Coyoca; Rogelio Samson; Antonio Fernando; Dr. Valentin G. Ramos; Jorge Villa- nueva. Second Row: Sonya DeLeon; Arlene Brown; Antonio Diokno; Leila Padilla; Jose Soberano; Paz B. Dominado, President; Professor Roy Swinton; Eduardo Sevilla; Ernesto Manuel; Alfonso Qua; Ambrosio DeLeon. Third Row: Manuel Diaz; Juan Posadas; Saturnina La- torre; Rogelio Reyes; Clariza Diokno; Cristina Llorente; Silvestre Bersamin; Josefina Serion; Judy Samonte; Felicitas Mercado; Quirico Sa- monte; Lorraine Padilla; Araceli Santos; Josephine Yrastorza. Back Row: Vicente Gregorio; Jose Asuncion; Irene Cortes; Jose Morales; Dr. Florante Bocobo; Ramon Villaflor; Cesar Caliwara; Ruben De La Paz; Bella Bautista; Emilio Edvalino; Luisa Hufano; Teresita Hernandez. Fioot Doris 1 Philippine-Michigan Club Informal group gatherings pro- vide an opportunity for Phil- ippine students at the University to become better acquainted. 316 Front Row: S. N. Sinha; Sharad Shah; Mohammed Tapia; Shivajirao Desai; Hoshang Patel; Bharat Bhushan. Second Row: B. C. Desai; Doris Runman; Jane Hendricks; Ruth Ezekicl; Mrs. Avtar H. Singh; L. H. Udani; Rupa K. Mehta, President; Dr. M. S. Sunderam; Mrs. John Kohl; Professor John Kohl; Mrs. Klien; Mrs. Kamla Bachhawat; Mrs. Sethua; Mrs. Bharat Bhushan; P. H. Dalai. Third Row: P. V. Kurian; B. J. Bhakta; Vijay Mehra; Harbhajan Thind; Murli Advani; Ramesh Chandhoke; V. K. Randery; Dr. Klien; S. A. Irani; M. S. Vardya; Krishna Reddy; Bhogi Sheth; Maureen Patterson; Anil De. Fourth Row: Deleep Hazra; S. A. Parkhani; M. P. Dave; Harkhaji Patel: J. H. Bariya; S. C. Kothari; Surendra Purohit; Shashanka Mitra; A. V. Bakshi; B. T. Patel; Dhanraj Chaudhari; Rajendra Kapoor; K. S. Patel; A. T. Manghirmalani; Bimal Bachhawat; R. P. Lath. Back Row: Tarun Shah; N. M. Maniar; Vinod Doshi; Lakshmi Sharma; Dr. Sethua; Dr. A. D. Amar; Dr. P. K. Pati; Dr. Parikh; Ravender Gheyee; N. C. Kothary. India Students Association Thai Association Front Row: Sutim Pongpanich; Bunlome Bhuchongkul; Patiphat Argyasastra; Somsiddhi Vudtithornetiraks; Termpundh Bunnag; Phuchong Bhengsvi. Second Row: Daiongchai Chavaritdhamrong; Samonsri Bunnag; Sukon Vimollohakarn; Praneet Wiriyawit; Suthipongse Vong- pham; Kanchana Sindhvananda; Boonma Dhajabongse; Suri Subbhasiddhi. Third Row: Bunsong Kamsuvan; Ch itt Amatasant; Wirogama Tantraporn; Ourawan Photivihok; Prachitt Prachakvej; Smack Charo-nrath; Somwang Somchai; Amnuay Viravan. Back Row: Banvech Chantrasmi; Decha Boonchoochuay; Kamchorn Sathirakul; Kriang Sorajoti; Boonchuay Chandra-ium; Vithoon Wirajabhandh; Kamol Jira- tunha; Krit Sombatsiri. Front Row: Olexa Bilaniuk, Eugene Nedilsky; Victor Halycz; Mykola Chemerynskyj; Emil Lebcdovych; Vsewolod Hnatczuk; Mykola Dumyk. Second Row: Emil Jakin; Nadia Diachun; Janet Swcrbinsky; Daria Reshetylo; Irene Martyniuk; Larissa Wytwycky; Alexandra Pojedynok; Bohdan Pytel, President. Back Row: Eugene Nalywayko; Michael Zin; Leo Swerbinsky; Wolodymyr Klachko; Nickolas Mila- nytch; Ernest Stratelak; Leo Zeleney; Bohdan Nehaniw. The Ukrainian Student ' s Club was organized on the campus of the University of Michigan in 1951. At that time it con- sisted of only six students, but now its membership has in- creased to more than thirty. The Ukrainian Club functions as an educational as well as a cultural organization. In con- nection with its educational purpose, the club has spon- sored lectures on various topics which are designed to furth- er understanding of Eastern Europe, as well as of the Ukraine and her struggle for independence. The club also tries to keep alive many of the native traditions. Among these are the Christmas dinner which is given each year, as well as songs and folk dances. A dance group has been organized, and has performed on campus on several occasions. In addi- tion to these activities, special social events have enabled the students to become a closely knit group of friends. LA io I 1 From , JobKi t ' U;] WirrV Traditional foods and native Christmas carols make the Ukraine and home seem just a little closer to Ann Arbor each Christmas season. Ukrainian students perform native dances and folk songs with the accompaniment of a bandura on the University television station. Ukrainian Club Left to Right: Berhane Bahta; Solomon Quaynor: Eleanor Overall; Kweku Mensah; John Elumeze, President; David Neal; Shirley Ann Powell; John Bilson; Nwabueze Lemeh. African Union International Students ' Association Front Row: Consuelo Ramos. El Salvador; Hannah Surh. Korea; Marguerite Randall, U.S.A.; Orvilla Gregg, U.S.A.; Joaquin Sinek. Chile; John Wallwork, England; Gaston Sigur. U.S.A.; Buddha Govindaraj, India; Berhane Bahta. Ethiopia; Janet Neary, U.S.A.; Joan Borderging. U.S.A.; Mona Lo, Hong Kong. Second Row: Roberto Maldonado-Guilfoyle, Colombia; Miguel Perez, Mexico; Solomon Quaynor. Gold Coast; Walter Vogel, Germany; Harlan Givelber, U.S.A.; Bohdan Nehdniv, Ukraine; Amir Khosrani, Iran; Saad Abdou, Egypt; Adalbert Schlitt, Germany; Fernando Garcia-Rawson, Chile; Kyung Huh, Korea. Back Row: Chan Tha, Burma; Jose Abueva, Philippines; Maung Maung, Burma; Hunein Maassab, Syria; Hashim Al-Saati, Iraq; Yotsukura, Japan; Sundry Malkani, India; William Wong, China; Dr. Thieu Nghiem, Vietnam; Abraham Zylberman, Israel. Front Row: Alice Malick; Sharifa Al-Saati; Khalid Al-Shawi; Ahmad Dalati; Noor El-Sadcn; Saad El-Dine Abdou. Back Row: Munir Bun- ni; Munir El-Saden; Ibrahim Nasser Ibrahim; Salah El-Samarrai; Isam Bdeir; Naeim Henein; Salim Kasim; Mahmood Rasoul; Jibrail Ro- maya; Walced Karachy. Arab Club I Turkish Club Front Row: Tanas Sihon; Zakir Coskuner; Muammer Balci; Tarik Batur; Ferit Konar; Ergun Tuncel; Orhan Ozada. Second Row: Sefik Boz- kurt; Mihin Eren; Mutena Yorukoglu; Fuad Andic; Turker Karamizrak, President; Fikret Semin; Seyhan Ege; Suphan Andic; Ergun Ar. Third Row: Yuksel Mustecapli; Yilmaz Koray; Hizir Yenigun; Sedat Tune; Yilmaz Sahinler; Raif Kulunk; Seyfettin Erim; Recai Akman; Nedret Basar; Taskin Atil. Back Row: Lutfi Solakoglu; Selcuk Ulku; Hulusi Basat; Gunay Aktay; Yildirim Tugrul; Iskender Demirel; Namik Oruc; Erdogan Altay; Ali Celik; Kemal Bayburt; Nuran Cerci. jj " . O, m - 4 IV - .. Front Row: Helena Szatukiewicz; Leslie Dietz; Lee Joseph; Charles Koclla; James Galligan, President; Jean Carduner; Elinor Kahn; Elaine Edwards. Second Row: Carla Cargill; Karen Aldridge; Ruth Lippmann; Carol Cohen; Marjorie Greenfield; Marilyn Meyers; Elaine Brodey; Gloria Fowler; Luan Fiber; Carole James. Back Row: Harriet Eaton; Gordon LaVanway; Dallas Lemmon; Blythe Stason; David Wolfe; Victor Shrem; Sylvia Kaiserman; Jean Coste; Raymond James. Le Cercle Francais Spanish Club Front Row: Dwight Newton; Kay Smith; David Horwitz; John Mastroeni; S. S. Trifilo; C. C. Bacheller; Jose Morales; Emilia Gonzalez; Ma- rina Tirado; Ersilin Perera. Second Row: Mary Lou Fishbeck; Sylvere Houques-Fourcade; Jean Crocker; David Wolf; Hugh Kennedy; Charles Donnelly, President; Alfred Triolo; Suzanne McLaughlin; Lee Joseph; Permilla Lampman; William Bryant; Loretta Goldfinger. Third Row: Inez Pilk; Frances Weber; Emil Snarf ; John Heath; Roberta Griffith; Alice Weed; Judy Harbeck; Fida Schor; Manuela Cirre; Ann Cozell; Jim Williams; Helena Szatukiewicz; Fran Stieglitz; Jim Park. Back Row: Pat Kaminski; Marilyn Maldaver; Lois Morse; Reba Wat- son; Katie Hampares; Fred Rubin; Lynn Janssen; Arthur Hawley; Vytautas Jonaitis; Michael Wolff; Daniel Testa; Eloy Melindez; Nancy Winn. Student Religious Association The Student Religious Association brings together the mem- bers of the organized campus religious groups, representing a variety of faiths. Opportunities in religious expression are also provided for students who do not wish to be affiliated with one of the primary groups. Study and discussion ac- tivities include speakers, seminars, cell groups, and a radio workshop. Working together on hospital work, relief proj- ects, summer service work, and weekend work camps pro- vides valuable experience in interreligious cooperation. The intercultural committee provides an opportunity to share religious, educational, and cultural backgrounds through in- formal weekend outings and faculty-student discussions. Regularly scheduled social activities include weekly coffee hours, square dancing, and open houses. Through such ac- tivties, members of SRA learn to understand their differences and to grow in their own faith. The Student Religious Association provides a workshop of religious experience for simultaneous growth of both the mind and the spirit. Front Row: Rusty Thayer; Bob Bacon; Ted Beals, President; Alice Greenberg; Grey Austin. Second Row: Maung Hlaing; Doris Harpole; Kay Richards; Gayle Lankard; Jacquie Jaques; Richard Jackson. Back Row: Glen Howell; Robert Eisemann; Jim Clark; Richard Mills; Douglas Bailey; Bob Prentice. tr Committee Chairmen. Front Row: Joanne Cavanaugh; Margaret Durant; Judy Stover: Barbara Busch; Patricia Zyzyk. Second Row: Carol Jaeger; Alice Heaton; Jack Stong; Pat Siroskey; Nancy Wehner. Back Row: Roberto Malonado; Ted Krauss; Bill Mertens. Students often gather informally in the Center after services or in the evening, for records, relaxation, and discussion in the lounge. Newman Club The Newman Club is the student activities group for the Catholic students on campus. Its activities revolve around the new Father Richard Center which is located next to St. Mary ' s Student Chapel. The Center provides facilities for conferences, classes, and recreation for the students. The phonograph and TV set can be blocked off from the rest of the lounge when they interfere too much with the con- centration of a bridge game. Throughout the year, the New- man Club conducts an active educational and social pro- gram. Classes are offered in Catholic doctrine, scholastic philosophy, Church history, and scripture. Open forum dis- cussions are also held. Planned social activities include breakfasts, suppers, picnics, parties, and dances, on the weekends. Officers: Betha Tassone; Norm Miller; Father Bradley; Mike Woolson, President; Carol Jaeger; Wanda Perelli. .. t . V Front Row: Edward Boseker; Waldo Fahling; Carole Pochert; Katharin Hcnke; Louise Mueller; Eunice Grohman; Joyce Hillig; Gerald Schmidt; Howard Wolnowsky; Marjorie Tite. Second Row: David Schultz; Stuart Hahn; Ellen Schreiber; David Dobbelstein; Richard Weber; Patricia Young; Judith Franklin; Richard Koester; Virginia Koester; Douglas Lootens. Third Row: John Van Dyke; James Vogt; Hertha Adler; John Schick; Mary Sorgenfrei; Diane Heidelmeyer; Richard Bach; Mrs. Alfred Scheips; Pastor Alfred Scheips; Kenneth Anderson; Clarence Gobrogge; Sylvia Diederich; Richard Stroebel; Laura Trower; Joretta Jasper; Gary Schneider. Fourth Row: Donald Lincoln; Katherine Norman; Ruth Acker; Donald Trcpanier; Hildegarde Ehman; Shirley Dalby; Norma Wunderlich; Gail Witherspoon; Vir- ginia Gillespie; Bert Treiber; Larry Kersten; Martin Gehner, President; Violet Cushhack; Barbara Knapp; Betty Buerkel; Martha Johnson; Ivan Zahn; William Eifrig; Grace Cool ;Donald Daenzer; Richard Streit; Gerald Patow; Kurt List. Fifth Row: Diana Chapman; Joan Papke; Kay Bryan; Donna Memhardt; Mariam Melchiori; Carl Vinson; Edna Darago; Shirley Eichbrccht; Harold Stier; Helen Eisner; Helen Mar- quardt; Robert Hirsekorn; Carol Kloha; Carole Kaiser; Gretchen Schelke; Victor Stoeffler; Gaynel Calvird. Back Row: Frank Piehl; William Reader; William Leibengood; Duane Diedrich; Donval Hornburg; Susan Johnson; Linda Nelson; Richard Martens; John Ebling; Robert Lorey; Walter Hannenberg. Fulfilling its function of serving the student body, the Lutheran Stu- dent Chapel on Washtenaw offers two services each Sunday morning. Gamma Delta Official student organization of the Lutheran Church-Mis- souri Synod is Gamma Delta, the International Association of Lutheran College and University Students. An active, thriving group with over 125 members, Gamma Delta spon- sors weekly Sunday suppers at the spacious, modern Lutheran Student Chapel on Washtenaw, followed by programs fea- turning talks, movies, discussions and fellowship. The Chap- el ' s wide range of facilities, including study rooms, tele- vision, record players, kitchenette and recreation areas, is available to all students. 324 The program of the B ' nai B ' rith Hillel Foundation at Michi- gan ministers to the needs of some 2,200 students. Students may come to rest, relax, study, pray, eat, dance, and work. Classes, lectures, films, discussions, institutes, and the re- sources of an excellent library of Judaica are available in the field of Jewish studies. In all phases of its work, Hillel seeks to relate the student to his historical and cultural group. It resensitizes him to the meaning and beauty of his tradition, acquaints him with current developments in Jewish life, and equips him with skills to help maintain and develop Jewish life as a dynamic cultural and social process. Front Row: Elaine Diamonstein; Burt Fainman; Dr. Herman Jacobs; Ivan Bender; Judith Faber. Back Row: Bette Friedman: Lee Shlen- sky; Lawrence Bizer; Sandy Beer; Lawrence Schwartz; Irwin Wag- ner; Sharon Kass; Joel Chemers; Norma Bennis; Iris Bennett. Hillel Foundation The new Hillel building, on Hill Street, includes a lounge, social hall, library, music room, chapel, class rooms, dormitory, kitchen, and offices. I Front Row: Rita Pryer; Ann Blashill; Joann Martin; Jean Sullivan: Shirley Price; Virginia Kiel; Luree Merillat; Helen Haines; Fairy Sakai. Second Row: Carolyn Gilbert; Nancy Birney; Lee Jenks; Ann Griffiths; Kathryn Nylander; Mrs. Katz; Janet Belshaw: Kathryn Anderson; Charlotte Rhodes; Kay Campbell. Third Row: Joanna Hoover; Billy Snyder; Gail Roth well; ' Pat Reynolds; Arleen Bryant; Marian Fuss; Nancy Caldwell; Brenda Brimmer; Dorothy Atkins; Janet Owens; Nancy Bodley; Nancy McLain; Janet Wurster; Marilyn Cortwright. Back Row: Mildred Kosar; Shirley Curtiss; Ruth Langshaw; Ruth Cortwright; Barbara Brainard: Olive Allen; Harriet Lehman; Sandra Judson; Nedra Hall; Margaret Bailey; Evelyn Field; Donna Wills; Ruth Nagel; Lois Bartlett. Kappa Phi Methodist College Women Ed School Council Front Row: Patti Drake; Nina Katz; Claudia Smith, President; Joyce Lane; Janette Hickey. Back Row: Emy Schlageter; Bob Alexander; Fayc Johnson; Walt Ransom; Connie Butler; Ruth Hayward; Delphine Walgenbach; Mr. Allen Menlo. f " fi ' Front Row: Shirley Miekka; Sandra VanDoren; Elaine Gusco; Irene Martyniuk; Nancy Jameson. Second Row: Trenna Edmonson; Helen Henkel; Joanni Gross: Maureen Frank; Irma Glauberman; Audrey Dorstewitz; Barbara Johnson. Third Row: Janice Warner; Carol Cook; Mrs. Floyd Grolle; Sandra Brauman, President; Barbara Penshkin; Anne Doerr; Vicki Middleton. Back Row: Felicia Wojcik; Elaine Green; Mar- gagene Krasneski; Katharine Wood; Patricia Keegan; Nedra Hall; Marilyn Houck; Camille Klach: Josephine Yrastarza; Margaret Hsie; Shirley Worrell: Saralea Markin: Claire Millstein; Barbara Stashak. Lambda Kappa Sigma Professional Pharmaceutical Sorority ml krfw American Pharmaceutical Association Front Row: Robert Bower; Barbara Peshkin: Sidney Blank: F. A. Grolle; Stanley Kulakowski, President; Vicki Middleton; Trenna Edmonson; Larry Mancini; Vongphan Suthipongse; Sandra Brauman. Back Row: John Moss; Tom Cornea; Pete Rottenbucher; Marshall Badt; Gale Rey- nolds; Leonard Allen; Ambrose Lipinski; Janice Warner; Richard Robbins: Ronald Cook; Fred Kreye; Dan Dengel. v Front Ri Ro :CI Eugrati wo; Do JLl Amelia Front Row: Kay Loring; Bevcrlcy Dunn; Carey Wall; Herbert Wander; Richard Harrison; Sue Blycr; Sue Michiner; Michey Cort. Second Row: Mary Jo Palmer; Nelson Howe; Duke Gregory; B rownson Murray; Paul Foster; Howard Urow; Helen Long; Paul Kerastas. Back Row: Carolyn Israel; Diana Cook; Selma Denberg; Izora Corpman; Helen Breitmaycr; Mary Anne Pahl; Laila Saudi; Sandy Judson; Judy Weaver. FraoiRo Kuictt.1 Mrowb N.A.I.S.N.E National Association for Industry, Science, Necromancy, and Education The National Association of Industry, Science, Necromancy, and Education, founded in 1492 in Genoa, Italy, was re- cently revived on the U of M campus. The organization ' s membership, made up of both male and female students from all classes, meets four and a half times every fortnight. The group ' s primary objectives are many and varied; mem- bers may be seen all over campus participating in the club ' s activities, which are both illuminating and interesting. As service projects this year the club filled bricks with helium for the Gargoyle, voted 100% for the new University calen- dar, dug up the lawn of the Student Publications Building four times, and scraped the ice between periods of the hockey games. On occasion members were found distribut- ing termites in the Romance Language Building. As a first year organization the club progressed rapidly and now can boast a membership of 6,789; meetings are held in Hill Au- ditorium and next year when the SGC report on how to form an organization comes out the club hopes to increase its membership. Good luck N.A.I.S.N.E.! 328 IX f Front Row: Russell Wells; Stacy Daniels; Robert Batten; George Mayer; Richard Bloss; Juris Slesers; John Lynch; Peter Lucyshyn. Second Row: Charles Kuivinen; William Hodge; Dale Ray; Richard Wilmot; Donald Rush; Richard Aampdt; William Ginter. Third Row: Chung Jeu; Eugene Zaitzeff; Lawrence Stafford; Charles Fine; Edward Horning; Edward Driese; Thomas Bailey; Donald Cash; Tom Oakes; Craig John- son; Douglas Nauts; Brad Carpenter; Richard Maslowski. Back Row: Leons Liepa; Loren Wilcox; Gerald Burdett; Richard Fowler; Ralph Wiese; Francis Shaklee; Philip Sheldon; Paul Engelder; Tom Connolly; Jerry Wright; Stacy Catey. A.I.EE-IR.E American Institute of Electrical Engineers- Institute of Radio Engineers A I. A. American Institute of Architects Front Row: Paul Krueger; Arthur Muschenheim; Harry Montague; Lee Welsh; Prof. R. W. Hammett; Norm Burdick; Fred Stephenson; John Kuieck. Back Row: Larry Kersten; Don MacPherson; Dale Sudmela; Dick Smith; Bill Porter; Carl Bradley: Fred Deng; Jerry Aurin; Gene Mrowka. Front Row: Thomas Englc; Paul Hansen; Carl Peterson; Maw Thein; Bipin Desai; Sarv Mongia. Second Row: Dick Wood; Richard Souslin; Bill Parks; Dave Lemon; Kazuhiko Aoki; Kyan Thein. Back Row: James Varin; Kenneth King; William Perkins; Leonard Noryk; Loren De Groot; Robert Van Valkenburg; Bruce Brunson; Michael Chernjawski. A S. M. E and S. A. E. American Society of Mechanical Engineers and Society of Automotive Engineers A I. Ch. E American Institute of Chemical Engineers Front Row: John Rajkovacz; Harvey Ott; Mying Pe; Hla Chit Tin; Norman Hozak. Second Row: James Knipp; Dwight Kraai; Alan Christ- man; Elfreda Chang; Fred Baumgartner; Professor Kenneth Gordon; David Lundy. Back Row: George Small; William Carleton; Donval Horn- burg; Marvin Katz; Robert Mills; Joseph Rcechman. f 1 Front Row: Robert Shoenhals; Donald Graham; Jay Sluis;; John VanBecelaere; Frank Parra. Second Row: James Barber; Bernard Campbell; Bill Hornett; James Hardy; Vernon Vander Kooy. Back Row: Joe Mazur; Hans Branders; Dwight Penning; Paul Finch; Bill Mitchell. A.S.T.E American Society of Tool Engineers A. S. C R American Society of Civil Engineers Front Row: Uldis Rk-kstins: Dean Wheeler; C. E. Bottum; Howard Linders; John Carroll; Charles Cremin; Robert Harris; Richard Daum; Robert Tazelaar. Second Row: Lee Stern; Alnis Banga; William Balfour; Charles Glasner; Carl Walker; David Hull; Walter Hannenberg; Wal- ter Mau; George Bruinsma; Alan Lubina; Paul Anderson; Gustavo Uribe. Back Row: Howard Crandell; Mahmoud Mehdi; Theodore Danner; Daniel Cabala; John Hornbach; William Leonard; Saul Pocasangre: John Schnorr; Guillermo Gonzalez. Front Row: Professor J. G. Young; Professor D. V. Ragone; Fred Baumgartner; Bill Diamond, President; Sheldon Levin; Robert Lauer; Profes- sor R. E. Townsend. Back Row: Keith Coats; Wayne Kuhn; Brian Moriarty; Wesley Wheeler; John Heidgen; Donald Patterson; Carl Peterson; Peter Lucyshyn; George Alexander. Engineering Council Engineering Honor Council Front Row: George Alexander; Robert Ilgenfrtz; Robert Hoffman; Roger Dalton; John Heidgen. Back Row: Charles Chopp; Roger Frok; Roy Love; Brian Moriarty; Richard Philips; Charles Wood. . _ Front Row: William McNamara; Patrick Finnegan; Richard Stewart; Robert Willwerth. Second Row: Janet Guthrie; Fred Stegenga; Donald Lascody: Robert Lauer. President: Robert Jones: Dick Weiss; Dottie Lewis. Back Row: Robert Wesel; Allen Benson; Charles Kroll; Lanny Marvin; Richard Seamehorn; Donald Lincoln. I. AS. Institute of Aeronautical Science Foresters ' Club Front Row: Dick Nord; Larry Davis; Jim Noel; Hayward Holbert; Jack Hoover; Roger Bachmann; Gary Palu: Mel Gerardo; Ed Heikkenen; Jack Hoover. Second Row: John Benzie: Professor John Carow; Pete Black; Al Weisz, President; Professor Robert Oils; Professor Kenneth Davis; Dave Yates; Phyllis Wells; Judy Franklin; Norma Wunderlich. Third Row: F. H. Liu; Nathan Pan; Paul Truesdell; Bill Fischer; Jack Gwynn; Bart Snyder; John Sprague; John Kinghorn: Chuck Stracher; D. Molette; Bob Scharf ; Hub Trefts; Tom Kuehl; Gary Schneider. Fourth Row: Don Jones; Bob Kirby; Dave Norris; Spike Johnson: Dick Marks; John Vance; John Beaudoin; Bill Paller; Fred Bevis; Gary Hofmaster; Bruce McGarvey; Dick Bach: Al Wagar; Jerry Rieckhoff. Back Row: Herb Earth; Ron Thompson; Jim Burbank; Bob Walters; Harry Kincaid; Jack Schultz; Jim Ward; Jim Caddis; Pete Calkins. o V n f? ff Front Row: George Hill; George Keefer; SFC Ross Swenson; Capt. Norbert Wayne. Second Row: John Flintosh; William Chase; Gary Boo: Richard Pompian; Peter Betz: Albert Senter; Robert Johnson. Third Row: William Vanderkloot; Karl Bretcke; James Perry; Terry Sam; Daniel Tobias: Edward Dickenson; Paul Gogulski. Fourth Row: Edward Vcrnoy; Kenneth DeNike; Richard Guttman; Richard Canfield; Wer- ner Wcitzel; David Dobbelstein; Conrad Smith. Back Row: John Leinonen; Patrick Blackborn; William Winemiller; William McCracken; Gerald Barlow; Stephen Schwartz. Persbing Rifles Rifle Club Fwb Brijn.5 bdb COM, Front Row: Dick Schwing; Dick Roemer, President; Paul Hays; Jan Gogulski; Bill Woodruff; Olney Craft. Back Row: Paul Gogulski; Dick Hinson; Tom Athanas; Clark Rose; Dick Pompian; Jerry Johnson; Ed VanderVelde; John Melgaulis. I M President Gene McCracken and new Scabbard and Blade initiates study a map of United States military installations and bases abroad. Scabbard and Blade To raise the standards of military training in American col- leges and universities, to aid in the development of efficient officers, and to provide fellowship among cadet officers, Scabbard and Blade was founded at the University of Wis- consin in 1904. The national organization parallels the United States Army. The chapters are termed " companies, " the companies are organized into regiments in the order of their establishment. The Michigan unit, founded in 1923, is Company F of the Fourth Regiment. Members are chosen from among the cadet officers in the Army, Air Force, and Navy ROTC units. Qualifications of membership are not based only on military scholarship, but also on leadership, initiative and character. The honorary stresses the import- ance of preparedness for proper defense of the country and the responsibilities of the military leader in times of national crisis. Initiates, wearing paper hats and brandishing wooden swords, stand watch on the Library steps and at the hon- orary ' s stone at the base of the campus flag pole. Front Row: Capt. Henry L. Nixon; Capt. Donovan Dover; John Hackett; Gene McCracken, President; Jay Schoettley; Mike Woolson; Dale Briggs. Second Row: Lawrence Stafford; Richard Bonnette; Richard Johnston; George Hill; Samuel Stewart; Bruce McGarvey; Robert Thome. Back Row: Robert Porter; Morse Heineman; Neal Hillerman; Robert Fritts; Jerry Roos; Alfred Szemborski; Richard Maslowski; Gilbert Hitch- cock; Richard Stableford. Couples at the Military Ball in March danced to the music of Duke Ellington ' s band. The Ball is an annual event for the military units. Military Ball Annually since 1918, with the exception of the period dur- ing World War II, the ROTC units on campus have pre- sented the Military Ball. In keeping with the name-band tradition, the 1956 Ball featured Duke Ellington ' s Or- chestra with Johnny Hodges, Ray Nance, Jimmy Gresson, and Cat Anderson. Selections by the Contours, a singing combo; an amusing chalk talk, and an exhibition by the Pershing Rifles precision dri!,! team were offered as inter- mission entertainment. Although full military courtesy is observed at the dance, the entire student body is invited to attend each year. ROTC members attend in uniform and others wear semi-formal attaire. The 1956 edition of the event was held on March 23 in the League Ballroom. Dave Burchfield of the Army ROTC headed the joint Army- Navy-Air Force committee for the Ball. Relaxing during intermission are two cadets in uniform with their dates. 336 AROTC Hidden behind the Dental School is the Temporary Class- room Building, home of the University detachment of the Army ' s Reserve Officers ' Training Corps. The four year AROTC program is divided into four major subcourses: military history; military personnel; operations, tactics, and techniques; and logistics and materiel. Although hampered by Felch Park ' s terrain and trees, the program also includes fifteen hours of drill and leadership instruction each semester. AROTC graduates are considered for second lieutenants ' commissions. The Department of Military Science and Tactics utilizes numerous visual aids to demonstrate military teaching methods, map and aerial photograph reading, and unit tactics. AROTC training prepares male students for armor, artillery, or infantry assignments. The seasoned soldier can dismantle, clean and reassemble his rifle in the dark. Freshmen AROTC students begin weapons training with the Ml and carbine. They must memorize the parts of these weapons and learn to fire them safely and accurately. Advanced courses introduce the student to more formidable and complex weapons. The sergeant demonstrates the .30 caliber, air-cooled machine gun in the weapons room. n ' sOt- ifcrfc t Amy- ff Familiarization flights are an integral part of the AFROTC program. Michigan cadets visit Selfridge Field near Mount Clemens to partici- pate. Air Force officers pilot the various types of air craft to acquaint small groups with the mechanics and techniques of flying. AFROTC The AFROTC band participates in the Armed Forces Day Parade. Gearing its program to the advancing air age, the University unit of the Air Force Reserve Officers ' Training Corps offers a four-year course in air science and leadership. Classroom lectures acquaint the cadet with aerial warfare, military justice, navigation, and the problems of national security. Frequent visits to Willow Run and Selfridge Field, familiari- zation flights, and a six-wee k summer camp introduce the student to the Air Force in action. Members of Michigan ' s AFROTC man the ground observer post on top of the Union each night from midnight until eight. WWki .8. AIR FORCE AFROTC students receive flight training during the six weeks they attend summer camp be- tween junior and senior years. Summer cruise experi- ence prepares the regular NROTC student for his three year hitch on active duty after graduation. NROTC Successful completion of the Naval Reserve Officers ' Train- ing program at the University leads to an ensign ' s commis- sion in the Navy or to a second lieutenant ' s commission in the Marine Corps. Regular NROTC midshipmen, who are selected by nation-wide competitive examinations, partici- pate in three summer cruises of six to eight weeks ' duration. Contract NROTC students complete one six-week summer cruise. The on-campus curriculum includes naval history, navigation, and naval supply courses. Left: Two hours of drill each week develop leadership qualities. Above: Getting his sea legs on a summer cruise, an NROTC student familiarizes himself with modern naval weapons and sea life. i athletics i m ' It is a maize and blue world off spirit, tradition, and competition: Spirit which electrifies the emotions, Tradition marked by classic rivalries and heroic accomplishments, and Competition, with the knowledge that in defeat or victory, each team has represented a great university well. Steamroller Stops Short of Pasadena Coaches. Front Row: Wally Weber: Don Dufck. Back Row: Mat Patanelli; Pete Kinyon; Cliff Keen; Benny Oosterbaan; Jack Blott; Don Robinson; Bob Holloway. Head football coach Bennie Oosterbaan has compiled one of the finest coaching records in the Big Ten while at the University. Misty-eyed, Bennie G. Oosteibaan turned toward a reporter and murmured, " It wasn ' t my first disappointment and it won ' t be my last. " His team, once ranked as the nation ' s best, had just been belted unceremoniously out of a Big Ten title and a trip to the Rose Bowl. It was a sad finish to a good season. Yet Oosterbaan rightfully deserved more credit than he re- ceived. His team had just completed a seven victory season against only two defeats. It was the finest record that a Michigan gridiron ensemble had compiled since the na- tional championship year of 1948. Ironically, however, the best team Michigan has produced in seven years will always be remembered in terms of the " also-rans. " Certainly, this team deserved a better fate. In many a year it would have walked away with the title with a 7-2 season but not in 1955. The Big Ten had two teams that proved themselves a trifle better and the Wolverines had to settle for the mediocrity of third place. Yet it was a season not without its moments of glory. It saw a Michigan end showered with nearly every honor that can come to a football player. It saw his teammate at the other end of the line distinguish himself on the field of play equally as well. No Michigan fan who was among that rain-soaked home- coming crowd will ever forget the heroic rally that shook Iowa into defeat in the closing minutes nor will the little boy in Chicago, the salesman in Denver, or the housewife in Dallas all of whom leaped from their living room chairs as begrimed Tom Maentz galloped toward paydirt in the murk of a late October day. Neither will the millions of others who viewed the battle on coast to coast television beamed in color from Maine to California. The rally that rattled Minneapolis into gloom Michigan ' s first victory in history over Army, the rout of Missouri, the inspiring machine-like triumph over Indiana these too will long be remembered. Where to from here for Michigan football? This question is already foremost in the minds of many of its followers. Only one thing is certain. Few will pick Michigan as a favorite again and this fact will take the ever-present pres- sure off the Wolverines and put it on someone else. Yet the Wolverines certainly have the material to make a run for the title again in 1956. With the finest ends in the nation 340 2 I2E - F BIS . .. .v 1955 Michigan Football Team. Front Row: Ed Hickey, Tony Branoff; H. O. Crisler, Director of Athletics; Ed Meads, Captain; Bennie Oosterbaan, Coach; Tom Maentz. Captain-elect; Bill Kolesar. Second Row: John Peckham; Carl Kamhout; John Morrow; Lou Baldacci; Jim Bates: Tom Hendricks; Dale Eldred; George Corey. Third Row: Clement Corona; Dick Hill; Stanley Knickerbocker; Dave Rentschler: Jim Fox: Jim Bowman; Bob Marion; Ed Shannon; Jim Maddock. Fourth Row: Jim Hunt, Trainer; Jim Davies; Charles Brooks; Ron Kra- mer; Mike Rotunno; Lawrence Faul; Terry Barr; Casper Grathwol, Manager. Back Row: Al Sigman; Jim Pace; Dick Heynen; Jim Van- Pelt; Jerry Goebel; Marvin Nyren; James Orwig; John Greenwood. returning, two brilliant halfbacks in the fold once more and with the finest fullback prospect in years coming up, Michigan will be a power to rank among the very best. Yet next year ' s team will be haunted by the memory of its misfortune this past season and what effect on its morale it will have, no one can say. It needs a passer of top-flight accuracy desperately. The line needs replacements. And most disheartening of all it faces the most devastating opening season slate in its history. Take the recent Rose Bowl foes UCLA and Michigan State, put Army in between, and you have the recipe for disaster. This is exactly what the Wol- verines must face in their first three games. Footballs take strange bounces. Some of them went against Michigan in 1955. Some will go against them in 1956. Yet football is more than skill or luck. It is more basically morale, spirit. And Michigan teams somehow come up with a bit more than the others. Yet this too fluctuates by the game, and by the season. How far Michigan goes next year or any year dep ends on it. As Oosterbaan himself said Morale is not like an overcoat you can ' t just put it on. His team will certainly need it come September. 341 Captain Edgar Meads sparked the center of the Michigan line. Left halfback Terry Barr, voted Mich- igan ' s most valuable player by his Wolverine teammates, received AP All-Big Ten team honorable mention. Glory on the Gridiron Tom Maentz, Wolverine end, was named to the AP All-Big Ten, All- Midwest, and second All-American teams. The 1956 captain-elect earned an All-Fraternity All-American berth. 342 8 343 Named to Collier ' s All-American; the AP ' s All- Big Ten, All-Midwest and honorable mention All-American; the UP ' s All-American; the NEA All-American; and the All-Fraternity All-Amer- ican teams was the Wolverine ' s Ron Kramer. During his last season at Michigan, right halfback Tony Branoff received honorable mention on the AP All-Big Ten team and played in the East-West Shrine Game and also the Senior Bowl. Seniors Jim Bates Dave Hill Above: Terry Barr streaks through the Missouri line as Tony BranofF and Jim Maddock clear Billy Craig out of the way. With blocking like this, Tigers were tamed. Below: Ron Kramer makes one of his seven sensational catches this time leaping between Missouri ' s Jerry Curtright and Ail-American End Hal Burnine (80). Missouri, 42-7 September 24, 1955 opening day at the Michigan Stadium. Missouri ' s hapless Tigers, who just the week before had nearly beaten mighty Maryland, were not in the same class with Michigan. With 51,607 spectators taking turns getting sun tans and watching Ron Kramer catch passes, the game was over by the second quarter. With Big Ron nailing seven passes and three touchdowns, prospects looked rosy for Michigan and chants from the stands only emphasized it. After the game Don Faurot, veteran coach of Ol ' Missou, called Kramer " the best I ' ve seen, " and predicted big things in the future for both Number 87 and the Wolverines. M First downs 16 Rushing yardage 164 Passing yardage 154 Passes attempted 15 Passes completed 9 Punts 5 Fumbles lost 2 Yards penalized 60 o 8 48 67 14 3 9 1 43 345 Michigan fullback Lou Baldacci smashes through the Michigan State line, but Clarence Peakes (26) and center Joe Badaczewski (56) move in for the kill. Michigan ' s victory was the only blemish on the otherwise perfect season ' s record for Duffy Daugherty ' s Spartans. Michigan State, 14-7 M O First downs 7 14 Rushing yardage 1 36 177 Passing yardage 15 38 Passes attempted 2 7 Passes completed 1 3 Punts 6 3 Fumbles lost 1 3 Yards penalized 30 30 In what was probably their most important victory of the year, although they hardly realized it at the time, Michigan ground out a bitter 14-7 win over their upstate rivals; and in doing so caused many dopesters to rate the Victors as " unimpressive. " In retrospect, the victory was far from that. Michigan State went on to the Rose Bowl, and a press asso- ciation ranking of second in the land. The loss to Michigan was the only one they suffered all year, as the big green machine rolled on over such powers as Notre Dame, Wis- consin, Purdue, and UCLA. On the crowd ' s mind was " Why doesn ' t Michigan throw? " , " Where is Ron Kramer? " , and " Why can ' t Michigan gain? " The answer was obvious. The Spartans kept Michi- gan bottled completely and didn ' t win only because of the defensive efforts of Mr. Kramer who on several occasions stemmed the Green advance by storming into their back- field to upset their offensive system. Though Kramer didn ' t catch a pass it was still Number 87 that kept the Spartans from a perfect season . . . this time defensively. 346 - Michigan ' s Jim Maddock gets off one of his few passes of the Michigan State game as an MSU end goes high in the air to block it. The pass was incomplete, the only one of the day intended for Ron Kramer. The pass was partially deflected and bounced off a lineman ' s head. Michigan ' s Tony Branoff turns Michigan State ' s end for sev- eral yards kicking up chalk dust as ho goes. Branoff was Michigan ' s workhorse back last season reliable in the clutch. 347 c The b ig Army line hauls Michigan ' s Terry Barr down to earth after a sizable gain. Shortly afterwards, Barr raced 82 yards with an Army punt to the score that broke Army ' s back and also Ron Kramer ' s rib. Kramer ' s two man block on the play sprung Barr free. Army, 26-2 M O First downs 7 11 Rushing yardage 69 199 Passing yardage 95 27 Passes attempted 13 10 Passes completed 4 1 Punts 7 5 Fumbles lost 2 8 Yards penalized 61 63 The thunder of its howitzer was the only noise the Army could muster on October 8, as underdog Michigan upset the Cadets 26-2 before its sec6nd straight sellout throng and recorded its first victory of all time over the Black Knights of the Hudson. This time it was Michigan that looked impressive, and the victory was so convincing over a supposedly strong Army team that the Wolverines rocketed to the top spot in the nation after winning this one. Little did the spectators realize that tragedy lay in the bushes along the paths of both teams. Army was later to bow to mediocre Yale and Syracuse and Michigan was to prove unable to match the best in its own conference. But football fans are not visionaries, and all they knew on Oc- tober 8th was that Army had bowled over Furman 81-0, 3-10 and Penn State, 35-6. They could hardly believe their eyes when they saw Michigan push Red Blaik ' s lads all over the field. Michigan proved three things in the game. They showed that in Terry Barr they had one of the greatest scatbacks in the game. His 82-yard punt return broke Army ' s back. It also broke Ron Kramer ' s rib and sent him to sickbay for the next few weeks. The Wolverines also formally uncovered another of college football ' s most dangerous runners Jim Pace. Despite the fact that officials draped the Michigan Stadium in red flags every time Pace ran, the fleet sophomore gave strong evi- dence that he may well be a candidate for All-American honors some day in the future. Finally, Michigan proved that it could mentally rise to an occasion and explode with a brace of touchdowns when needed. Such a skill certainly came in handy later in the month. It was a sad ride back to the Hudson for a trainload of cadets and their two mule mascots. Michigan ' s Tom Maentz hits Army ' s Bob Munger with such force that the ball pops from his hands. It was one of eight Army fumbles recovered by Michigan, and paved the way for the upset. Fleet sophomore halfback Jim Pace rips around Army ' s end for 52 yards, bringing the ball to the Army 17, but the effort was in vain due to a penalty. Pace was frequently dogged by penalties. Ndnmi lohiiti Tmy b 6m ad 1 The flying feet of Jimmy Pace turn Xorthwestern ' s victory dreams into nightmares. Here he stiff-arms Wildcat Ollie Lindborg and drives 19 yards around NU ' s rig t end deep into Purple land. Northwestern, 14-2 350 Lou Saban made his first and last Northwestern coaching appearance in the Michigan Stadium on October 15. Fired after the Wildcats last game, Saban ' s worries were only beginning, as Michigan ground out a 14-2 victory. The purple and white men from the shores of Lake Michi- gan made things uncomfortable however, before some 76,703 sun-drenched fans and a horde of high school bandsmen to boot. An early touchdown by Michigan ' s Earl Johnson seemed to presage a rout but the rout never came as the Wolverines suddenly bogged, and went into the final quarter leading only 7-2. At this point, a fumble in the Michigan end zone nearly spelled an early finish to Rose Bowl dreams but quick thinking Tony Branoff picked it up and kicked it 62 yards on the dead run as a wall of white closed in on him. A late tally by Terry Barr sewed up the game, but Branoff ' s kick was the difference between victory and defeat and a Rose scent grew ever stronger. . Xorthwestern ' s Jerry Weber and Michigan ' s John Morrow about to have a meeting at the midfield strip. Morrow won the confer- , and the Wildcats wound up on the short end of a 14-2 score. ence Terry Barr slashes through Xorthwestern ' s line, and help: first and last appearance of Lou Saban at Michigan as NU i is ruin coach. m First downs 6 Rushing yardage 1 50 Passing yardage 18 Passes attempted 7 Passes completed 2 Punts 7 Fumbles lost 3 Yards penalized 35 M O 10 128 45 15 5 10 2 45 on uc If to ' Jim Pace, a thorn in Minnesota ' s side all afternoon, drives into the Gopher secondary at Minneapolis to spark Michigan ' s rally. Minnesota fullback Kenny Yackel bulls through Michigan line on his way to first period touchdown to put Michigan into a hole. Yackle is also captain of Minnesota ' s hockey team and their leading baseball player. Minnesota, 14-13 M First downs 19 Rushing yardage 157 Passing yardage 99 Passes attempted 14 Passes completed 6 Punts 6 Fumbles lost 3 Yards penalized 40 O 7 168 19 6 2 8 3 60 Up to Minneapolis, Queen City of the North, went the Wolverine caravan and some 66,500 packed Memorial Stadium to see if the Golden Gophers could grab the Little Brown Jug from the Wolverine treasure room. They alm ost did. While millions watched on regional television, the Maroon shirted Gophers led by Pinky MacNamara and Ken Yackel ripped the Michigan line to shreds, and moved out to a quick 13-0 lead. The grey skies over the vast stadium were looking greyer for Michigan. Suddenly, late in the second quarter, Michigan departed from its ground game, and opened up an aerial barrage that moved them down deep into Gopher territory where Ban- took it over. Michigan had struck back. Oosterbaan ' s Wolverines struck again early in the second half when Tommy Maentz leaped high in the air to spear a Jim Van Pelt pass for a touchdown. Van Pelt stepped back moments later and calmly booted the point that gave Michigan a 14-13 win and the Little Brown Jug for another year. Gopher halfback Bob Schultz slices into Michigan territory during first quarter Minnesota uprising at Minneapolis. 353 Iowa ' s Don Dobrino follows the rugged blocking of fullback Roger Wiegmann, as he cuts through the Michigan line. Notice Wiegmann is taking two men out of play simultaneously. Later in the game, the Michigan line braced when it had to, and stopped the Hawkeyes. M O First downs 17 15 Rushing yardage 129 196 Passing yardage 289 50 Passes attempted 21 8 Passes completed 11 Punts 3 Fumbles lost 1 Yards penalized 47 40 Iowa, 33-21 In perhaps the greatest game ever to be played in the Mich- igan Stadium, the Wolverines savagely struck for three fourth quarter touchdowns in seven minutes to roll over Iowa and boost their winning streak to six straight games. In a rally to end all rallies, poised, cool Jimmy Maddock hit Ron Kramer and Tom Maentz with long arching passes and the big ends rambled through the mud and rain of a dark homecoming afternoon to etch their names forever in Michigan gridiron legend. This was the last big shot in Michigan ' s Barrel. It was the last real thrill that Michigan was to have but it was worth it. An extra touchdown by Tony Branoff was icing on a tremendous victory cake fash- ioned by the Wolverines. It was a bitter pill for Iowa coach and ex-Michigan captain Forest Evashevski to swallow. Yet Michigan had a bitterer pill to swallow the following week. Coeds at Moshcr rigged up a paper napkin stork for Homecoming. The big white bird bore Michigan ' s hopes for a victorious afternoon. Iowa ' s fleet Earl Smith roars upfield 53 yards with a Michigan punt to set up the Hawkeye ' s second touchdown. Eddie Vincent leads the interference, but Tom Maentz breaks through to spill Smith. Jimmy Maddock spells finish to Harry Jefferson ' s 19 yard sortee in the first quarter, but he could not end the Illini march to a 25-6 upse t victory. Bobby Mitchell, who came in later when Jefferson bruised a rib; proved to be the big gun for Illinois in the victory. Michigan ' s Tom Hendricks lunges after Illini Jefferson ' s fumble. 356 4iltfMMIt 4 . W- Illinois, 6-25 In the long and bitter Michigan-Illinois rivalry, upset has always been the byword and it was no exception on No- vember 5th in Champaign. Before a howling, screaming mob of Dad ' s Day celebrants, a kid named Bobby Mitchell struck fast and hard to send Michigan to its first defeat of the year and to lead Illinois to its greatest victory over Michigan since the glory days of Red Grange. The Wol- verines gamely fought all the way but it wasn ' t enough. Michigan had only one real player out there that day Tony Branoff. Tears streamed down his cheeks as Ooster- baan pulled him out late in the game. Like Captain Herb Steger in 1924 fighting in a lost cause Branoff pulled three men over the goal-line with him to score Michigan ' s only touchdown. It wasn ' t enough. Michigan ' s vaunted ends were held to nothing of note. The white-shirted Wol- verines were in the game as late as the start of the fourth In the shadow of Memorial Stadium ' s clock, Tony Branoff drives for yardage, but both time and luck had run out on the Wolverines. quarter. Still reeling from a tie breaking touchdown that came on a fake field goal attempt, the Wolverine passing attack made one last desperate effort to pull the game out of the fire. With first and ten on the Illini 16, Michigan tried four straight passes and all failed. Illinois took over. Mitchell promptly rocketed himself into gridiron history. Taking off on dashes of 53 and 64 yards, the Arkansas Ex- press wrote finis to Michigan ' s unbeaten season. M O First downs 12 16 Rushing yardage 157 315 Passing yardage 17 123 Passes attempted 21 11 Passes completed 3 6 Punts 8 5 Fumbles lost 1 2 Yards penalized 20 65 Tom Hendricks gains yardage as he streaks by Illini ' s Vito lovino. 357 Jimmy Pace, carrying the ball dangerously balanced in one hand, skirts Indiana left end. Trying to pass, he found no receiver, so rambled 18 yards to the Hoosier 20. On the very next play, Pace tried the other end, and went all the way for a Michigan touchdown. Indiana, 30-0 Wolverine fullback Dave Hill breaks loose but finds Hoosier line- backer John Bartkiewicz blocking his path. Michigan stock soared after 30-0 victory, but the Ohio State Buckeyes were next in sight. Rose Bowl talk was easy to come by after the game of No- vember 12th. Indiana fell that day before one of the most crushing and relentless attacks in Michigan gridiron his- tory. It was a mechanical triumph. The spectacular, the dramatic was non-existent. It was power and precision football at its best with the J}ig factor always " next week. " Michigan changed its defensive alignments slightly and thereby upset Indiana ' s offensive system completely. Gene Cichowski was a harried quarterback if there ever was one. Time and time again Cichowski would pick his battered body up off the ground, each time a little bit slower. Tony Branoff set the stage with a 41 yard sprint on the second play of the game. It put the ball on Indiana ' s 21 and set up the first Michigan score. The Hoosiers never had a chance after that. Revenge for the defeat of the previous season was sweet, but in the minds of all a victory over Ohio the following week would have been a lot sweeter. But some- times the things you want most never are given to you. This happened to Michigan in 1955. 358 This trio of Hoosiers fails to stop Michigan ' s Terry Barr, who leaps over them and continues on his way to a first down. The speedy junior halfback joins Jim Pace in giving the Wolverines one of the most dangerous tailback combinations on the nation ' s gridiron. Tony Branoff sails past a helpless Hoosier as Michigan returns to the victory column. Ohio State made the stay a short one for the Blue. M O First downs 18 6 Rushing yardage 302 32 Passing yardage 71 29 Passes attempted 13 12 Passes completed 5 4 Punts 4 9 Fumbles lost 2 Yards penalized 136 110 Ohio State, 0-17 Every hope and dream built up for nine long weeks by followers of Michigan ' s football fortunes came crashing down all around them on November 19th. On that day, in one of the most climactic and emotionally charged battles of our times, Ohio State defeated Michigan 17-0, to win the Big Ten title and to send Michigan State ' s Spartans on to the Rose Bowl. Displaying one of the most devastating ground attacks in gridiron history, Howard " Hopalong " Cassady the greatest player in the nation and big Don Vicic tore Michigan ' s line to shreds inside the tackles. It was credit to Jack Blott ' s line that it stood up as long as it did. For three long quarters it held the Buckeyes to a mere 3-0 lead and then in the fourth it gave way, and the scar- let wave broke through. The game ended in a wild em- broglio of fisticuffs between fans and players alike a sour ending to a memorable season. M O First downs 5 20 Rushing yardage 95 333 Passing yardage 14 4 Passes attempted 9 3 Passes completed 3 1 Punts 6 3 Fumbles lost 2 Yards penalized 70 50 All-American end Ron Kramer steamrolls through Ohio State on the end-around play for 10 yards, giving the Wolverines the first of five first downs against the Conference Champion Buckeyes. I , " ' ' M % ' f t?- - . ' " v Howard " Hopalong " Cassady, one of the greatest players ever to don an Ohio uniform, continually riddled Michigan defenses all afternoon. Not even Kramer could stop him. I One of the main reasons why Michigan did not beat Ohio. Here Francis " Moose " Machinsky, who along with teammate Jim Parker led a tremendous Buckeye line, moves in to slam Michigan ' s Tony BranofF. The pair kept the Wolverines bottled up tight all afternoon. Ohio State ' s big right end Leo Brown picks up Terry Barr and dumps him rudely to the earth. Barr prepares for a forced landing. - Familiar sight before the start of every period is the Michigan team huddled around All-American goalie Lome Howes. A capacity Coliseum crowd was on hand between terms for the Colorado series. Defensemen Bernie Hanna (4) and Mike Buchanan (2) fight for the puck in the season ' s opener against McGill. 362 leers Nab Sixth NCAA Crown For the sixth time in nine years, Michigan ' s hockey team captured collegiate hockey ' s NCAA title. 1956 also marked the ninth straight appearance for Vic Heyliger ' s team in the playoffs at Colorado Springs, Colo. A slow start and an impressive string of wins by Michigan Tech early in the season brought the Western Intercollegiate Hockey League race down to the last two weekends. Michigan had to win all four games from Tech to win the THL title outright for the first time since the League ' s beginning in 1952. And the powerful Wolverines did by beating Michigan Tech four straight times 5-2. 6-3, 5-1, and 5-1. Inter est in Ann Arbor reached an all-time high with long lines for the final series tickets with the Huskies. The Wolverines entered the NCAA tournament as favorites with a 19-2-1 season record plus two exhibition loses to the U.S. Olympic team in De- troit, 4-1. and a 9-7 beating by the Detroit Red Wings. Finals at Broadmore saw ' M ' edge St. Lawrence, 2-1, and Tech, 7-5 in two close games for their second straight NCAA championship. Ed Switzer is seen scoring for Michigan in the second game of the series with Colorado College. The puck is in the lower right corner of the net. Goalie Jeff Slums, on his knees, was too late for the save. Sophomore Don Mclntosh, who ended the sea- son as member of the number one line, starts a rush up ice as Goalie Howes follows the action. Michigan ' s speedy junior forward Tom Rendall fakes Goalie Simus to the right and then sets himself to push the puck into the left corner of the goal. Michigan came back after losing the opening game 6-3 to take the second in a 7-2 rout to tie the series. Wolverine Captain Bill MacFarland and Clare Smith of Colorado are studies in concentra- tion as the referee drops the puck on a mid- ice face off. Coach Vic Heyliger called his senior captain, " One of the all time greats. " Michigan dominated the 1956 collegiate hockey all-star team with three men Captain Bill MacFarland, Goalie Lome Howes, and Defenseman Bob Schiller. Two other Wolverines, Tom Rendall and Bob Pitts, also made the honorable mention team. After the NCAA playoffs at Colo- rado Springs, Michigan had five of the six all-tournament places in Howes, Schiller, Pitts, Rendall and Forward Ed Switzer. Neil McDonald (15) takes a pass from Jay Goold (9), as the two forwards start an offensive rush up ice. Many times, Michigan ' s " power plays " and fast breaks paced the scoring attacks. 364 Ida- ilctlx [Colo- - H The Michigan dressing room was the scene of great celebrating after their fourth straight win over Tech to take the WIHL crown. Front Row: Bob Schiller; Dick Dunnigan; Neil MacDonald. Second Row: Tom Randall: Lome Howes; Ed Switzer; Bill MacFarland: Jerry Karpinka; Neil Buchanan; Don Mclntosh. Back Row: Bob Pitts; Jay Goold; Bernie Hanna. Colorado ' s Ken Smith pre- pares to shoot at Howes as the alert Wolverine defense moves in to help out. For- ward Jay Goold (9) and Bob Pitts (5) try to halt attack. Cage Season Ups and Downs Michigan ' s basketball season was almost an exact stereo- type of previous campaigns the Wolverines got off to a fine start only to fall by the wayside as the Big Ten season got into full swing. Michigan ended its 1955-56 slate with an overall 9-13 won-lost record, and a 4-10 Conference mark. Michigan basketball wasn ' t without its bright mo- ments. ho e rr. Ron Kramer broke Don Eaddy ' s all-time seasonal scoring record by ringing up 448 points in 22 games for a 20.4 average. The 6 ' 3 " Wolverine center set a single game Michigan mark by scoring 34 against North- western, and set the new Yost Field House record for a Michigan player by scoring 30 points against Indiana. Coach Bill Perigo relied on two sophomores, Pete Tillotson and Billy Wright, through most of the schedule, but ended with senior guard Jim Barren in his old starting position. Barron. nearly crippled by a severe knee injury at the be- ginning of the 1954-55 season, made a remarkable come- back to help his mates in the last few games. Also ending his career was Captain Tom Jorgensen, whose brilliant loul shooting average was good enough for second place in the Big Ten. Another senior. Jerry Stern, used up his eligi- bility after the first semester and missed the last six con- tests. Michigan ' s tie for eighth place in the Conference was a slight step down from last year. The Wolverines were usually strong in the friendly confines of Yost Field House, but offered very little on the road (the Mai e and Blue won but three games away from home). Kramer, Tillotson and Sophomore Randy Tarrier helped under the back- boards but weren ' t always consistent enough. Jorgensen. a fine ballhandler and playmaker, couldn ' t play entire games because of a bad leg. Wright showed promise in his first varsity season, but the little guard wasn ' t yet ready for full- time operations. Jim Shearon, junior guard, and Milt Lin- gle, junior forward saw much front line action for the Wolverines in reserve positions. Harvey Williams 6 ' 8 " cen- ter saw limited action in his final year at Michigan. One reason for the Wolverines ' poor showing was their foul shooting record; they lost more than one ball game from the charity line. Prospects for next season are considered good Michigan had an above average freshman team this year, headed by M.C. Burton and George Lee who should add the scoring punch needed by the Wolverine cagers. Leaping into the air. Ron Kramer tips one in for a tally in the Nebraska game. Kramer ' s ability to control the backboards was the determining factor in many of the Wolverines ' victories. Captain Tom Jorgensen scores two points against Nebraska, an early-season non-Conference foe. Michigan won this one, 77-71. Jorgensen ' s inspired play helped ' M ' through some tight moments. Firey guard Jim Shearon dribbles past an Indiana player during the Wolverines 80-75 loss to the Hoosier cagers at Yost Field House. 367 A MICHIGAN ' S 1955-56 BASKETBALL RECORD Michigan 66; Michigan 77; Michigan 57; Michigan 71; Michigan 81; Michigan 79; Michigan 80; Michigan 66; Michigan 81; Michigan 74; Michigan 94; Michigan 66; Michigan 67; Michigan 81; Michigan 76; Michigan 73; Michigan 66; Michigan 75; Michigan 78; Michigan 63; Michigan 72; Michigan 75; Pittsburgh 75 Nebraska 71 Butler 63 Oregon State 84 Oregon 71 Denver 69 Brigham Young 79 Ohio State 79 Minnesota 79 Purdue 67 Northwestern 76 Wisconsin 76 Iowa 78 Washington-St. Louis . . .66 Michigan State 86 Indiana 97 Illinois 89 Indiana 80 Wisconsin 68 Purdue 72 Minnesota 86 Michigan State 76 Michigan wasn ' t the only team to find Iowa hard to beat. The Hawk- eyes defeated the Wolverines, 78-67, at Yost Field House in a na- tionally televised contest. lowans Bill Logan (31) and Carl Cain (42) scramble for the ball with Jerry Stern beneath the basket. Tom Jorgensen (38) and Jim Barren (35) delight- ed Michigan basketball fans when they appeared once again as a backcourt combination. Barren ' s re- turn to action sparked this 78-68 win over Wisconsin. 368 Randy Tarrier goes up for a rebound against Wisconsin. Pete Tillotson (26) is ready to assist. Also on hand for Michigan is Ron Kramer. Kramer, Tarrier, and Tillotson were Michi- gan ' s top rebounders in 1956. All three will be back next year. Sophomore guard Billy Wright outmaneuvcrs a Hoosier during the second Indiana-Michigan game of the season. Indiana won both contests. Wright showed much promise as a sophomore, and can be a big threat in the future if his shooting accuracy picks up. Front Row: Milt Lingle; Randy Tarrier; Bill Perigo, Coach; Tom Jorgensen, Captain; Jim Barron: Jerry Stern; Ron Kra- mer. Back Row: Dave Stark. Assistant Coach; Bob Sullivan; Billy Wright; Jerry Richards, Manager; Jim Shearon; Tom Raisor; Mat Patanelli, Assistant Coach. Top: Jack Wardop begins the 220 yd. freestyle race in which he holds the world ' s record at 2:03.4. Middle: Freestyler Harrison Wehner swimming against Indiana. He placed second in the 220 yd. freestyle. Bottom: Laurie Thomas finishes his two laps of the 440 yd. freestyle relay event. Swimmers Splash to Second Place 370 Front Row: Laurie Thomas; Jim Kruthers; John O ' Reilly; Mike Delaney: Charlie Bates. Second Row: Charles Carscallen; Harry Wehner; Ted Reising; John Narcy; Fritz Myers; John Murphy; Dick Hausler. Back Row: Gus Stager, Coach; Joe Haselby; Don Adamski; Ed Dauw; Jim Thurlow; Bruce Harlan, Diving Coach. Michigan swimming co-captain, Mike Delaney, right, battles against Indiana ' s Ron Honda, left, in the 220 yd. butterfly breaststroke. Honda won event. MikfDrl j fa jr. he won ll Mirkicn suffmd Fritz Meyers, one of Michigan ' s most versatile swimmers leaps into the pool for the fourth lap of the 440 yd. freestyle relay. Wolverine breaststroker Jim Thurlow, who placed second in the Big Ten meet, and set a new varsity record while doing so. It was an unusual season, to say the least, for Michigan ' s swimming team. Hit hard by the suspension of the Wardrop twins, the Wolverines managed to win but one of six dual meets. Defeating Purdue, the tankmen lost to Iowa, Michigan State, Indiana, and Ohio State, while tieing Iowa State. Picked for their worst finish in the Conference Meet in 30 years, the Wolverines suddenly became the Cinderella team of the meet, as they upset all pre-meet forecasts and finished a surprising second. Ohio State, to nobody ' s surprise, won the meet handily. But when it was all over, it was Michigan and Coaches Gus Stager and Bruce Harlan that everyone was talking about. Seemingly without any individual stars, the Wolverines finished ahead of such teams as Indiana, with triple winner Bill Woolsey, and Iowa, with Lincoln Hurring and company. Michigan ' s only first place winner was co-captain Mike Delaney who broke Bumpy Jones Big Ten record for the butterfly stroke. All but one of Michigan ' s entries in the meet added to the Wolverine ' s score. It was truly a team effort. Michigan diver John Murphy twists in the air while executing one of his dives that won him first place against Indiana. 372 Mike Dclancy. co-captain of Michigan ' s swimming team, finished a fine season with his greatest performance of his career when he won the Big Ten 200 yd. butterfly breaststroke in record time. John O ' Reilly, co-captain of the ' M ' swimmers, shows good form in a racing dive. O ' Reilly took a third in the Big Ten 1500 meter freestyle to help earn the team second place. Michigan diver John Murphy turns in the air as he shows fine diving form against Indiana. Despite a severe gash on the head suffered during practice, Murphy finished fourth in the Big Ten diving finals, one place ahead of teammate Charlie Bates. A high team spirit and the will to win proved to be the deciding factor as the Wolverine matmen took the Big Ten title by a four point margin. Coach Cliff Kenn praised his men highly for their fine performance. Matmen Earn Conference Championship 374 Wearing the Big Ten crown for the second straight year, Michigan ' s wrestling team happily closed the 1956 season content that it had pulled another seemingly ill-fated year out of the fire. After losing to Pittsburgh in an unsuccessful defense of their Wilkes-Barre tournament title in December, the Wolverines proceeded to drop their next three meets. Finally, however, during the break between semesters the losing streak snapped and the men of the Maize and Blue went on to pile up a record of six straight victories. Then in the Western Conference championships at Evanston, Illinois they surprised everyone by upsetting a highly favored contingent from the University of Iowa and thereby success- fully defending their claim to Big Ten supremacy. On their road to triumph the Wolverines were led by their fast 157 pound captain, Mike Rodriguez, who not only managed to retain his conference title, but gained a coveted spot on the All-American first team as well. Also sharing in the individual laurels were 177 pound conference champion Jack Marchello, John McMahon, Don Haney, Frank Hirt, Dan Deppe, and Charlie Anderson. In praising his men for their conference win coach Cliff Keen stated, " I have never before seen such a tournament where each fellow gave him- self to the last ounce. Everyone wrestled better than he knew how. " Michigan ' s greatest strength lay in the middle divisions, but the strong support which such grapplers as Charlie Anderson, above, lent to the lighter weights made the winning difference. With Mike Rodriguez returning as captain and a fine group of freshmen moving up, the outlook for the 1957 season appears every bit as bright as the season just concluded proved to be. A champion shows his form. Mike Rodriguez, captain of the 1956 Wolverine grapplers. led Michigan to a victorious season by repeating as Big Ten champ and garnering All-American honors. 375 Gymnasts Capture Second in Conference Gymnastics had its most fruitful year at Michigan during the 1955-56 season. Out of the freshman ranks came a star who made the always smiling face of Coach Newt Loken break into an even wider grin. The presence of Ed Gagnier spelled the difference between last year ' s fifth place Con- ference finish and this year ' s second. The Wolverines also celebrated their first undefeated dual meet season since 1950. and in accomplishing this they defeated Conference power- house Illinois for first time. The season was not all Eel Gagnier, however. Behind his starring role was a well rounded, experienced Wolverine team. Every man had at least one year of Big Ten action behind him. Gagnier was Michigan ' s only Conference champion. He won the parallel bars event and wound up third in the coveted Ail-Around As a finale, Gagnier entered the NCAA Meet as a one-man team and earned 25 points to place Michigan fifth in a field of 26 other schools. " Chico " San Antonio, left, and steady Norm Neidermeier show why Michigan had no equal in the parallel bars event throughout 1956. Captain Tony San Antonio, known as " Chico " to his teammates, was a true leader for the Wolverine gymnasts during their first undefeater dual meet season since 1950. His personality combined with top performance on the higK bar and parallel bars made him the man to follow. Senior Wayne Warren wound up his last year in Michigan gymnas- tics by making it his best. Warren reached the height of per- formance when he placed in the Big Ten Meet at Champaign. 111. Eddie Gagnier is easily the greatest gymnast Michigan has ever displayed. Gagnier totaled by the end of the dual meet season nearly half of his teams points. He has 204 of the 478 total. Ed Gagnier: Bob Armstrong: Tony San Antonio, Captain: Newt Loken. Coach: Charlie Bates: Jack Burchfield. 377 Track Team Takes Indoor Crown Again in 1956 Dave Owen, during the past two years the unchallenged shot-put champion of the Western Conference, gets off another 54 ' toss. The class of the West that ' s Michigan ' s powerful track team, which began its dynasty by taking the Big Ten indoor title in 1955, followed with the ' 55 outdoor crown and made it three straigh t by running away with the ' 56 indoor laurels at East Lansing, easily outscoring Iowa, its nearest challenger. For Don Canham, the Wolverines ' youthful coach, this good fortune has been the culmination of six years of hard work and struggle against the reign of Illinois. A star high-jumper for the Maize and Blue in his college days, Canham was given the position of head coach in 1949 and determinedly set out to break the spell of the Illini and to revive a Michigan tradition winning track teams. Prospects for 1957 appear to be good, with names like Pace, Varian, O ' Reilly, Flodin and Owen returning with some promising sophomores. Gone are the likes of Ron Wallingford, Pete Gray, Bob Brown, Mark Booth and Tom Hendricks. Whether or not the track- men meet with the same success in ' 57, it is evident to one and all that Michigan has returned to its old position as one of the nation ' s leading track aggregations. Finland ' s gift to Michigan is Eeles Landstrom, Big Ten as well as European pole-vault champ, who will see army duty for year. 378 Front Row: Junior Stielstra: Jim Love: Ron Wallingford: Don Canham, Coach; John Moule, Captain: Grant Scruggs: John Vallirtigara. Second Row: Jeff Dooley: Bob Appleman; Peter Gray: Howard Liverance: Dave Hessler: Tom Hendricks: Mark Booth: Bob Brown: Third Row: Elmer Swanson. Assistant Coach: Lenny Paddock. Trainer: Laird Sloan: Hobart Jones: Ron Kramer: Dave Owen: John Johnson: Jack Rose: George Aster, Manager. Back Row: Al Lubina; Jack Clements: Tom Skimming: Dick Flodin; Stan Menecs; Ken Bottoms; Danny Walter: George Gluppe. Left: All-American Pete Gray took 880 in 1955 conference outdoor meet, 1000 in 1956 indoor showdown. Center: Jim Love, low-hurdle king in 1955 indoor finals, was kept from outdoor events by leg injury. Right: Ron Wallingford, 1956 captain, twice won indoor two-mile. Grant Scruggs receives baton from Laird Sloan, prepares t o run Among other things, Ron Kramer is fairly adept at throwing the anchor leg of mile relay. Scruggs was captain of team in 1955. discus, can also heave the shot and high-jump if he is needed. Pete Gray is shown winning the half-mile in a 1955 dual meet against Notre Dame. Pressing Gray and fin- ishing second is Al Schoenig of the Irish. The winning time 1:54.4 broke the Yost Field House record. Versatile Tom Hendricks proved a capable broad-jumper, was also one of the conference ' s outstanding low-hurdle competitors. Laird Sloan snaps the string to win the quar- ter mile in meet against Chicago Track Club. John Johnson, who during the ' 55 season turned in a 9.6 timing in the 100. was missed by ' 56 squad when he became ineligible. Jonn Moule was the Big Ten ' s top miler during ' 55 season. Coach Canham says John, 1956 freshman coach, can do 4:06. Thel and fa andw hiM place I at 8-7. tkes Fien bvstri M was tl talLa Thee moa averag totalin W ' isnif avenji thiny-l team. dh end. orthor Bdo:l 1955 w Michigan ' s Gene Snyder is all set to put the tap; on a potential Hawkeye run in their tremendously exciting 1955 contest. Michigan triumphed, 4-2. Diamond Men Finish Fifth in Big Ten The 1955 Michigan baseball season was the story of rise and fall. Hopes raced high as the team won with consistency and were tied for first with six games remaining. Disaster then hit with five defeats, plunging all title hopes into a fifth place finish. The excellent 7-2 Conference record wound up at 8-7, barely over .500. There was a lot of excitement during the season, however, and the high point is easily picked out. Fiery shortstop Moby Benedict began a game with Iowa by striking out three times. On his fourth trip to the plate Michigan was behind one run, and had a man on base. It was the eighth inning. Benedict finally got his bat on the ball, a soaring fly ball that dropped over the left field fence. The game was Michigan ' s; Benedict was the hero. In the statistics department, Don Eaddy proved himself the best man at the plate, winding up his final season with a .324 average. Captain Danny Cline drove in the most runs, totaling 30. The Iron Man of the pitching staff was Marv Wisniewski with five wins, three losses and an earned run average of 1.79. The 1955 season marked Coach Ray Fisher ' s thirty-fifth anniversary as coach of the Michigan baseball team. A " Ray Fisher Day, " featuring a banquet with many of his old ballplayers, was held in his honor at the season ' s end. After thirty-five years of producing top-flight Wolverine ball teams, coach Ray Fisher is easily, " Dean of Michigan Coaching. " Right: Marv Wisniewski. Michigan ' s powerful lefthander, was the workhorse of the pitching staff. He won five and lost three. Below: Third baseman Don Eaddy suffered a head injury during the 1955 season but earned team ' s highest batting average at .324. 1956 Prospects Look Bright MICHIGAN 1955 BASEBALL RECORD Michigan 6; Wayne Michigan 5 ; Detroit Michigan 16; Toledo 1 Michigan 5; Western Michigan 7 Michigan 3 ; Northwestern 1 Michigan 5-11; Wisconsin 2-4 Michigan 2 ; Notre Dame 1 Michigan 13; Illinois !i Michigan 1 7-3; Purdue 0-5 Michigan 4; Iowa 2 Michigan 3-6; Minnesota 4-5 Michigan 0; Michigan State 3 Michigan 5-3; Michigan State 8-4 Michigan 9; Detroit Michigan 18; Indiana Michigan 4-1; Ohio State 13-5 I Fiery shortstop Moby Benedict added plenty of hustle to Michi- gan baseball action during 1955. His homerun gave the Wolver- ines a victory over Iowa. He was picked to lead the team in 1956. Wisconsin third sacker Pete Olson gets a piece of pitcher Marv Wisniewski ' s offering, but the Badgers were destined to finish the game second best. Michigan won, 5-2. Snyder is catching. 384 fite Front Row: Jim Clark: Don Eaddy: Ray Fisher. Coach; Dan Cline; Marvin Wisnirwski: Allan Levy: Ralph Fagge. Second Row: Bruce Fox: Ken Tippery: Frank Ronan: Bill Thurston: Jim Vukovich: Mark Ferelli; Howard Tommelein; Merril Kaufman, Manager. Back Row: Moby Benedict: Frank Szalwinski; Don Poloskey: Dick Peterjohn: Gene Snider; Tony Branoff; Glen Girardin. Michigan ' s Danny Cline eludes a tag at first as he reaches the bag safely in last year ' s twin bill win over Wisconsin. Cline collected three hits in six trips to the plate in the contest. Right fielder Danny Cline was elected Michigan ' s base- ball captain for the 1955 season. The fleet outfield- er wound up his final year on the diamond hitting .283. 385 I Captain Bob Nederlander was part of the Big Ten ' s second doubles title team in 1955. In the first singles spot, sophomore Barry MacKay was unbeaten in 1955 ' s dual meets. Tennis Volverines Winning its first Big Ten title since 1945 was no surprise to Michigan ' s 1955 tennis squad. With three sophomores good enough to supplant four returning veterans in the lead- ing positions on the team, the Wolverines were rated highly from the start of the season. Nationally recognized Barry MacKay held the first singles position with fellow sophomores Mark Jaffe and Dick Potter playing second and third singles. Veterans Al Mann, Bob Paley, Pete Paulus, and Bob Nederlander completed the regu- lar team, alternating the remaining three singles spots. In the regular season, the Wolverines built up to their Big Ten championship by sweeping undefeated through their thirteen dual meets. Only Western Michigan was able to hold the Maize and Blue to a mere 5-4 victory. All other wins were by even greater margins. Five individual Big Ten crowns went to the Wolverines. Jaffe and Mann copped the second and fourth singles com- petitions, respectively. The MacKay- Potter, Mann-Neder- lander, and Jaffe-Paley doubles combinations went all the way in the three doubles tournaments. Several promising sophomores joined returnees MacKay, Jaffe, and Potter in 1956. Al Mann graduated in 1955 after copping the Conference ' s fourth singles championship. Mark Jaffe holds two Big Ten titles in second singles and in third doubles divisions. 386 Capture Big Ten Title Front Row: Barry MacKay; Bob Palcy: Mark Jaffe; Bob Ncderlander, Captain. Back Row: Coach Bill Murphy; Dick Cohen; A l Mann; Pete Paulus: Bob Mitchell; Dick Potter. In his final season of varsity play, Bob Paley shared the Conference ' s third doubles crown with Mark Jaffe. Dick Potter ' s first year of varsity tennis in 1955 was highlighted by his sharing the Big Ten ' s first doubles crown with Barry MacKay. " - . . Front Row: Fred Mirklow; Haro ' .d Andrews; Bert Katzenmeycr, Coach; Steve Uzelac. Back Row: Ken Myers: John Schubeck: Skip MacMichael; Henry Loeb. Ken Myers, about to blast his way out of a sand trap. Myers, who showed promise as a sophomore, should help in the future. Skip MacMichael, another new name on the Varsity, sinks a put. MacMichael showed good form, should improve. 388 Golf Fourth Place for the Linksmen The 1955 golf team escaped from the cellar of the Big Ten standings it occupied in 1954. Six sophomores, untried in college competition, a junior, and one senior made up Coach Bert Kat enmeyer ' s greenest squad in years. Together they brought the Wolverine links reputation back up to the level to which it had long been accustomed by placing fourth in the Big Ten Conference Meet held this year at Purdue Uni- versity. Following a brief southern practice trip, the Wol- verines trounced the University of Detroit 15-3 in the home opener. The linksters met the MSU Spartans twice during the season, and both times finished on top. This proved to be Michigan ' s only taste of victory in the Big Ten competi- tion. In three triangular meets with Purdue and Ohio State, who finished one-two in the championships, the best the Wolverines could do was to tie the Buckeyes twice. North- western ' s Wildcats also gave the Wolverines a bad time of it as they eked out a 19-17 win. To Kat enmeyer, who coached Michigan to the Big Ten championship runner-up spot in 1953, the team showing was not as good as he had expected. Were it not for some of the exceptionally fine performances turned in by several of the sophomores, the season might well have been one of woe. Standish-Evans Scholars often produce top golfers for Michigan. Steve Uzelac, John Schubeck, and Bob McMasters followed in the Evans tradition. The trio helped Michigan in the Big Ten Meet. Henry Loeb. a slow starter, gained mo- mentum as the links season progressed. This quintet of golfers gave the opponents grim opposition in the spring of 1955. Left to right) Ken Myers, Skip MacMichael, Steve Uzclac, John Schubeck; Bob McMasters. Front Row: Jim Orwig; John Pcckham; Jim Bowman; Ron Wallingford; Stan Knickerbocker; Glen Miller; John Morrow; George Corey; Jerry Stern; Dave Rentschler; Pete Gray; Mike Rotunno. Second Row: John O ' Reilly, President; Jerry Goebel; Tom Krause; Dick Harrison; Jim Maddock; Joe Haselby; Dick Potter; Mark Jaffe; Fritz Myers; Jim Thurlow; Al Sigman; Dick Peterjohn; Tom Maentz; Tony Branoff. Third Row: Tom Skimming; Tom Jorgenson; Mark Ferelli; Jim Vukovich; Ken Myers; Skip MacMichael; Steve Uzelac; John Schubeck; Bob Appleman; Dave Owen; Glen Girardin; Frank Hirt. Fourth Row: Marv Wisniewski; Grant Scruggs; Jim Fox; Moby Benedict; Jim VanPelt; Larry Faul; Marv Nyren; Jim Davies; Barry MacKay; Frank Szalwinski; Harrison Wehner. Back Row: Ken Bottoms; Jim Menees; Norm Nicdermeier; John Narcy; Jim Kruthers; Bob Brown; Dick Flodin; Henry Loeb; Chico San Antonio; Ed Shannon. Composed of Michigan ' s varsity lettermen, the M Club ' s chief purpose is to give its members a chance to get to know each other. At its meetings in its attractively furnished and decorated room in Yost Field House, the Club plans picnics, outings, and other social activities to provide opportunities for the varsity athletes to get together. Service also has its place in the M Club ' s program. The men seen running the concession stands at the various Michigan sports events are M Club members. The Club also aids in campus charity- drives. I Tending concessions at sports events is one of M Club ' s many services. The seventy-five foot IM swimming pool is used for competition, recreation. Intramural Sports The Intramural sports program offers a variety of athletic activities, ranging from archery to wrestling. In the major sports, competition takes place in four leagues: general fraternity, residence hall, professional fraternity, and inde- pendent. There is a league for the faculty, and a specialized program catering to foreign students. The International Center league program adds soccer and cricket to the sched- ule. The activities are centered in the Intramural Sports Building which contains a main gymnasium adaptable for tennis, baseball, football, soccer, and horseshoes. Earl Riskey foot swimming pool, boxing and wrestling rooms, fourteen handball courts, ten squash courts, and an auxiliary gym- nasium for individual exercise. Outdoor facilities handle tennis, baseball, football, soccer, and horseshoes. Earl Riskey directs Michigan ' s intramural sports program which is considered to be one of the most outstanding in the nation. , ' , ' ,v. Intramural basketball draws the great- est number of participants in the pro- gram. Football runs a close second. Sgfg The Big Red Machine of Gomberg House copped the 1954-1955 residence hall championship by amassing 1723 points. Taking the title for the third consecutive year, Gomberg won firsts in basketball, outdoor track, volley ball, and tied Cooley for first in wrestling. courts, 1954-55 Winners: Residence Halls, Fraternities Basketball " A " Gomberg, Phi Kappa Sigma Basketball " B " Gomberg, Sigma Chi Bowling " A " VanTyne, Sigma Alpha Mu Bowling " B " Reeves Cross Country Taylor, Sigma Alpha Mu Foul Shooting Reeves, Sigma Chi Golf Cooley, Delta Kappa Epsilon Handball Adams, Sigma Alpha Mu Horseshoes Hayden, Lambda Chi Alpha Paddleball Reeves, Sigma Phi Epsilon Relays Lloyd, Alpha Tan Omega Softball Wenley, Sigma Alpha Epsilon Swimming, Dual Adams, Sigma Nu Swimming Meet Phi Delta Theta Table Tennis Lloyd, Tau Delta Phi Tennis Scott, Phi Delta Theta Touch Football Lloyd, Sigma Alpha Mu Track, Indoor Taylor, Sigma Chi Track, Outdoor Gomberg, Chi Psi Volley Ball Gomberg, Zeta Beta Tau Water Polo Cooley, Sigma Chi Wrestling Gomberg-Cooley, Sigma Alpha Epsilon Basletl Foul SI Colf-| H if Relavv Softtal Table ' Teiui Tfflich Trad] Fierce determination is displayed in the IM contests. A basketball ring- ing the edge increases the tension. 392 When not occupied by the cagers, the IM Building ' s main gymnasium can be converted into four indoor tennis courts, eight volleyball courts, or twelve badminton courts. The extensive intra mural basketball schedule extends from early January until March each year. Independent, Professional Fraternities Basketball Farouk ' s Five, Nu Sigma Nu Bowling Simple Seven, Alpha Kappa Psi Foul Shooting Evans Scholars Golf Evans Scholars, Nu Sigma Nu Handball Newman Club, Nu Sigma Nu Horseshoes Evans Scholars, Phi Alpha Kappa Paddleball Newman Club, Alpha Chi Sigma Relays Farouk ' s Five Softball Pill Pushers, Phi Alpha Kappa Swimming Meet Foresters, Nu Sigma Nu Table Tennis Newman Club, Law Club Tennis Evans Scholars, Phi Alpha Kappa Touch Football Newman Club, Delta Sigma Delta Track Meet Newman Club Volleyball Hawaiians. Nu Sigma Nu A part of IM ' s physical fitness pro- gram, tumbling on the trampoline de- velops acrobatic skill and balance. 393 Left to Right: Professor Robert H. Sherlock; Marvin L. Niehuss, Vicc-President and Dean of Faculties; Professor Dudley M. Phelps; Dr. A. D. Robinson; H. O. Crisler, Athletic Director and Chairman; Miss Norma Bentley, Secretary; Professor Marcus L. Plant; Dr. Philip M. Northrop; Professor Karl Litzenberg; Mr. John D. Hibbard. Board of Control of Intercollegiate Athletics The new Athletic Administration Building houses sports admini- strative personnel, coaching, publicity, and ticket departments. 394 Modernizing and expanding Michigan ' s athletic facilities has been the most noted recent business of the Board in Control of Intercollegiate Athletics. It is responsible for the $7,000,000 building program which is only partially com- pleted. Results of the Board ' s construction program can al- ready be seen in the year-old Athletic Administration Building, the Women ' s Swimming Pool, and the new nine- hole auxiliary golf course. The Varsity Swimming Pool and a new football press box are nearly completed. Not yet begun is the new field house which will double the specta- tor capacity for basketball and indoor track. Actually, the Board ' s official task is much broader. It is expected to " coordinate and determine all policy concern- ing athletics at Michigan. " This includes both varsity and non-varsity sports activity for women as well as men. The Board is instrumental in avoiding the conflicts in time and effort that could arise from such an elaborate athletic pro- gram as there is at Michigan. Elected student representatives Tony BranofT and Ron Kramer joined the faculty members of the Board in 1955-56 in devising Michigan ' s present sports policy. Women ' s Athletic Association For women who prefer their sports and dates combined For women who enjoy competitive sports For those who just like to relax with a sports group In other words, for anyone looking for fun and relaxation, the Women ' s Athletic Association has the answer. Providing co-recreational fun, the WAA sponsors riding, ice skating, badminton, ballet, and modern dance clubs. Intramural sports include field hockey and Softball in fair weather, and for more wintry days, basketball and volleyball. Completing the list are the WAA sports groups, which include Michifish. camp counselors, golf, tennis, bowling, fencing, and rifle clubs. The Women ' s Athletic Association activities, however, do not stop here. Not only does this group sponsor all-campus tournaments, Michigan blazer and calendar sales, but it is the co-sponsor of the traditional campus wide events, Michigras and Lan- tern Night. Looking towards the future, the WAA is now working on a comprehensive all-campus co-recreational program. Enjoying one of WAA ' s Co-Rec activities, skilled members of the Ice Skating Club glide gracefully across the gleaming ice. A lively game of basketball is always a favorite Intramural activity, while the Camp Counselors group appeals to the many WAA members who enjoy the out-of-doors. 395 Ballet, Golf, Pirouettes, arabesques, and petit tours are danced even in the dreams of many ballet-loving students. A widening in- terest in the dance has been further stimulated by the WAA ' s Ballet Club, which was organized two years ago by six stu- dents. Its present membership is thirty-five. Open to both men and women, the Club is divided into sections for begin- ning and advanced ballet enthusiasts. With coaching by the Club ' s advisor, Jean Parsons, and Beth Greene, president, members prepare and present two concerts each year. At last winter ' s Christmas concert, the audience witnessed a pro- gram ranging from classical to jazz numbers, all choreo- graphed by Club members. Realizing this new and vibrant interest in ballet, the University offers ballet classes and a major in dance. Balanced composition is one of the beauties of the dance, whieh Ballet Club members demonstrate in arranging a typical pose. Ever striving for holes in one, birdies, or at least a lower Contemporary Annie Oakley ' s sharpen their sights during Rifle score, golf team members carefully tee off on practice shots. Club gatherings, turning the WAB basement into " no man ' s land. " 396 - Riflery, Swimming A flying start is always an advantage to a competitor in speed swimming events at the spacious, modern Women ' s Swimming Pool. The thrill of soaring gracefully over a jump comes only after hours of practice in proper balance and weight distribution. The skill, grace, and perfect timing needed in synchronized swimming are prerequisites for membership in Michifish. Members put their abilities into practice followed by more practice in consistently turning out perfectly executed exhibitions before capacity crowds. " W fk M T . , ThfPk jowl Stead Maipi km: A Linda] Members of the Women ' s Athletic Board coordinate WAA activities and head its numerous clubs. Front Row: Sally Lyon; Nancy Blumberg; Betty Veres; Carol Klein. Second Row: Marlene Crawford; Dorothy Clarkson; Paula Strong; Jaylee Duke; Robin Piatt; Dorothy Cullers; Dianne Young; Chloe Dandison. Third Row: Priscilla Torsleff ; Charlotte Haller; Mary Lou Kierdorf; Fairy Sakai; Roberta Gubbins; Judy Stover; Peg Davis. Back Row: Cynthia Camp; Marion Charvat; Joan Sayles; Carol McMacken; LuAnne Austin. Women ' s Athletic Board House Athletic Managers In addition to running the athletic activities in their various houses. House Athletic Managers represent their groups to the WAA. Front Row: Marcia Sipes: Virginia Gillespie; Kathy Mooney; Dorothy Allaben; Lois Mandel; Virginia Scott; Karen Brochocka. Second Row: Fran Gegoff; Alice Waugh; Fern Botwinik; Sandra Beck; Henrietta Godet; Charlotte Haller; Robin Piatt; Chloe Dandison: Marcia Borg; Joan Mack: Virginia McBride; Carol Kirshner; Dee Galonska. Back Row: Janet Mabarak; Carol Klein; Ann McDonald; Barb Whitaker; Mar- garet Edwards; Joy Jenkins; Linda Johanning; Ginny Mullins; Peggy Lough: Ellen Lauppe: LuAnne Austin: Janet Schuster; Nancy Sayncr; Marilyn Smith; Joyce Moflfatt. Midi inoot Plan:, Shim Man 398 5 The Physical Education Department sponsors the Phys Ed Club for the women in its programs. Front Row: Mary Lou Crouch; Harriet Jones: Patricia Coats: Janet Marbarek: Carol Maurer; Joan Kustodowich; Sharon Chynoweth; Maureen Lair: Joy Jenkins: LuAnne Austin. Second Row: Betty Lou Wolf: Kathleen Rust; Marion Charvat; Jackie Dailey: Suzanne Reid: Marjorie Blake; Judith Rood: Robin Piatt: Margaret Warren; Patty Hallett; Judy Dingman; Pamela Magoon. Third Row: Beverly Decker; Kay Weaver; Pat McClelland: Joanne Fel- berg; Anna Mapes; Patsy Dernberger; June Bryerton; Kathryn Mooney; Marie Brumley; Jean Harmon: Virginia Mullins; Patricia Perigo: Linda Johanning; Judith Hofstra; Rosemary Scanlon. Back Row: Judith Gilbert; Jean Lammy; Alice Madsen; Margaret Lieblein; Betty Rider: Betty Veres; Mary Reshetar; Sharlene Stewart; Margaret Piskitel; Joanne Osmond; Sally Rowe; Wilma Larniee; Lois Maugh: Sandra Hal- lord: Janet Barber; Ruth Lonshaw; Barbara Lanehart. Phys Ed Club Michifisb Michifish is WAA ' s skilled synchronized swimming group. Front Row: Jacqueline Povenz; Maral Molyneaux: Carol Cook; Susan Hether- ington: Kay Mackey; Carol Vestal: Margaret Warren; Barb Whitaker; Margaret Bearss; Sherril Smith; Sally Smith: Judy Reynolds: Robin Piatt; Janet Bradshaw; Carolyn Bradshaw; Geraldine O ' Hara. Second Row: Barbara Brien; Cynthia Camp; Jan Roberts; Flo Eckfeld: Judie Shagrin: Barb Barclay; Barb Kliss; Martha Sanders: Jacquelyn Bresnahan; Liz Ware; Jan Tinkham; Anne James; Sylvia Mayers. Back Row: Mary Klauer; Barbara Gall; Jane Prindeville: Audrey Miller; Joan McAfee; Grace Moore: Marion Charvat; Ellen Lauppe: Betty Fries; Phyllis Abbott: Shirley Abbott; Shirley Eckwall: Judy Lahde; Ann Hammond. I r Chid graduates This procession is ever moving. The interminable lines of orientation flow into the line of march at commencement and then stream into the world. Fall witnesses the freshman ' s apprehension, spring celebrates the graduate ' s brief victory, and the World of the University moves on. Chief Justice Warren addresses the 1955 Commencement 401 After ROTC graduates are sworn in for two years ' active duty as second lieutenants. Others await the call of the draft. Donning class hats and iden- tification buttons, alumni flock back each spring for a furious round of reunions. 402 Graduation, a Continuation With graduation, life in the World of the University draws to a close. The years in Ann Arbor will fuse in the memory a jumbled kaleidoscope of impressions. The cheering throngs in the Michigan stadium, the Christmas trees by the Library steps, Burton ' s faithful chimes, mammoth lectures and intimate seminars, springtime in the Arb. Michigan of- fers all of this. Through the years she has embraced each student in her world. Perhaps it is a distorted world of aca- demics and parties and activities. No one pretends that it represents the real world it is different outside. A university serves a valid purpose to the extent that it prepares a gradu- ate for the outside world; to the extent that it guides and benefits the real world. The University of Michigan meets these criteria. Graduates may leaves her world forever, but her ideals remain with them. Michigan ' s future lies in her alumni and in her prospective students. Her alumni must demonstrate the validity of a Michigan education, her stu- dents must continue to be outstanding. Increasing enioll- ment will necessitate physical expansion and a larger fac- ulty. Superficially the University will change. To preserve her world, let the advancement be dedicated to quality. A University of Michigan diploma object of reverence, evidence of the fulfillment of aspirations and the completion of requirements. The faculty and Regents have acted for the University; the gradu- ate must in his life bring credit to their judgment of his abilities. Married sudents continuing their education after gradu- ation find the University Ter- race apartments comfortable. 403 William Gardner Literature, Science, and Arts Keith Coates Engineering Claudia Smith Education Senior Class Presidents Senior Board. Front Row: Joanne Yates; Lois Jarnigan; Claudia Smith; Betty Joe Richter; Judy Rankin; Joanne Reavis. Second Row: Joyce Lane; Marilyn Smith; Mary Pike; Mary Kane; Jane Howard; Katherine Hamilton. Third Row: Charles Schafer; Peter Rottenbucher; Jerry Preseott; Larry Kersten; Dave Baad; George Beckman. Back Row: Keith Coats; Wayne Kuhn; Roger Anderson; Bill Gardner, President; Carl Bradley; Dan Dengel. 1 n Jerry Prescott Business Administration X Carl Bradley Architecture and Design Robert Reynolds Music Katherine Hamilton Nursing Mary Pike Dental Hygiene Dan Dengel Pharmacy I I David Dawson Medicine John Turnbull Dentistry William Webb Law 405 Development Council Student Relations Committee: Barbara Couch; Mary Ann Thomas; Dick Snyder; Burton Kipsky; Gene Hartwig; Janet Neary; Jean Scruggs; Keith Coates; Donna Netzer; Bill Gardner; Janet Rearick; Jane Howard; Greg Argus, Chuck Chopp; Ralph McCormick; Tom Dickinson; Nancy Wright. After its first official year of operation as a group, the Stu- dent Relations Committee of the University ' s Development Council is rapidly taking its place on campus. Established three years ago by the Regents, the Council was designed to raise funds for University development unobtainable from State Legislature appropriations and student fee income. The purpose of the Student Relations Committee is imple- mentation of Council plans on the student level. This pur- pose is the guiding principle in such areas as student-alumni relations, scholarships and awards, and student needs. Pre- sided over by two students who are each full voting members of the Development Council Board of Directors, the Student Relations Committee is composed of representatives from major campus activities and interested students from the campus at large. Committee accomplishments to date in- clude planning student-alumni meetings in various cities, publication of an informational brochure for all graduating seniors, preliminary work on a student art award, and radio broadcasts describing areas in which the Committee is work- ing. The Council links the graduate to the World of the University. Howard Neverovski, Tom Dickinson. Barbara Couch, and Donna Netzer record a Council program at WUOM. J 1 J . _ , f=. - li - ' Elizabeth T. Abbott B.A.Ed. 661 Ardleigh Dr., Akron, Ohio Lary N. Abramson M.D 3205 Tyler, Detroit, Mich. Carole Adams B.A. in Social Studies 478 S. Church St., Bowling Green, Ohio Marilyn J. Adams B.B.A. in Finance 6607 Calhoun, Dearborn, Mich. Robert T. Adams B.S.E.(M.E.) Caseville, Mich. Sherrell V. Adams B.A. in English 1019 E. Erie Ave., Lorain, Ohio Virginia L. Ahman B.S.P.H.N 216 S. Ingalls, Ann Arbor, Mich. Mary Jean Akrigg B.B.A. 7306 N. Embury, Grand Blanc, Mich. Hasson S. Al-Amiri M.S. in Mathematics 29 Teacher ' s District, Shaljiah, Baghdad, Iraq Robert P. Albers M.D. 66 W. 26th St., Holland, Mich. Judith Alcorn B.A. in Speech Correc:ion 210 Pendleton Ave., Bay City, Mich. Carol R. Aldrich B.A. in Speech 1936 Grafton, Elyria, Ohio Richard D. Aldridge B.S.E.(Ae.E.) 47 Garfield Ave., East Palestine, Ohio Jean E. Alexander B.A. in History University Blvd., Cleveland, Ohio Robert E. Alexander B.A.Ed, in Speech 2308 Helene Ave., Jackson, Mich. Dorothy L. Allaben B.A.Ed. 1 138 Orchard Dr. S.E., Grand Rapids, Mich. George L. Allen M.D. 436 Park, Birmingham, Mich. Nancy W. Allen B.A. in Ele. Education 1409 Ruddiman, North Muskegon, Mich. Lee E. Allgood B.S.E.(M.E.. Ind.E.) 949 Vernier Rd., Grosse Pointe Woods, Mich. Joseph C. Alon B.S.E.(Nav.Arch.; Mar.E) 45 Ramban St., Jerusalem, Israel Hashim A. Al-Saati 58 24 Adamiya, Baghdad, Iraq Sharifa Al-Saati 58 24 Adamiya, Baghdad, Iraq Dorothy E. Al-Shawi McBain, Mich. Suzanne G. Alstrom 1606 White St., Ann Arbor, Mich. B.S.E.(M.E.) M.S.E.(Phy3.) B.A. in English B.A. in Journalism Phyllis L. Altman 231 Leslie, Lansing, Mich. Susanne Altman 17374 Fairfield, Detroit, Mich. Seymour Altucher 1557 Minford PL, Bronx, N.Y. Donald L. Ambrose 16866 Steel, Detroit, Mich. B.S.D.Hyg. B.A. in English Lit. B.Mus.(Comp-) D.D.S. M.D. Norman O. Amos 191 Waubascon Rd., Battle Creek, Mich. Daniel T. Anbe B.S. in Chemistry P.O. Box 464, Lanai City, Lanai, T. H. Rodger A. Andersen B.S E.( Ind.E.) 605 Second, North Muskegon, Mich. Donna B. Anderson B.S.Nurs. 1018 Vine St., Manistee, Mich. Doris E. Anderson B.Mus. (Mus.Ed) 1149 W. Lexington, Elkwart, Ind. Harry L. Anderson B.S.E.(E.E.) 208 Detroit St., Saline, Mich. Mary V. Anderson B.A. in English Lit. 816 Parker Dr., Tallahassee, Fla. Norbert O. Anderson M.D 2097 S. State, Ann Arbor, Mich. 407 Paul E. Anderson B.S.E.(C.E.) R. R. 3, Box 252, South Haven, Mich. Phyllis A. S. Anderson B.A. in Anthropology 390 Fairview, Crystal Lake, 111. Theodore I. Anderson M D 340 Wildwood Dr., East Lansing, Mich. Robert Andrews B.S.E.(Ind.E.) 2658 Elmwood Ave., East Ann Arbor, Mich. JuanT. Ang B.S.E.(Ch.E.) 514 Soler St., Manila, P. I. Arthur W. Angood B.A. in English 108 W. Territorial Rd., Battle Creek, Mich. John C. Angus B.S.E.(Ch.E.) 220 N. Buchanan. Spring Lake, Mich. Richard V. Annable B.S.E.(Phys.) 609 W. Green, Hastings, Mich. Gloria Anton B.A. in Speech Three Mile Dr., Grosse Pointe, Mich. John E. Appman B.A.Ed. 586 Albany, Ferndale, Mich. Virginia A. Arbuckle B.A. in Speech Correction 531 Vermont Ave., Erie, Pa. Robert C. Armbruster B.B.A. in Accounting 208 S. Elmwood Dr., Aurora, 111. Ennels D. Armstrong B.Arch. 1680 Calvin St., Ann Arbor, Mich. Susan C. Armstrong B.A. in English 642 Lincoln, Grosse Pointe, Mich. Kathryn L. Arndt B.A. in English Lit. R. R. 1, Newberry, Mich. Shirley M. Arndt B.S.Nurs. 995 Selwyn Rd., Cleveland Heights, Ohio Margaret J. Arnott B.S.Med.Tech. R.R. 2, East Jordan, Mich. Marcia L. Ash B.A. in Anthropology 242 Utica Ave., Brooklyn, N.Y. Paz B. Asuncion B.S.P.H.N. Villasis, Pangasinan, P.I. Susan R. Atherton B.A.Ed, in Ele. Education 66 Wellesley, Pleasant Ridge, Mich. Arthur W. Atwell B.B.A. in Industrial Management 181 Country Club Dr., Grosse Pointe Farms, Mich. Marilyn L. Atwell B.A.Ed. 181 Country Club Dr., Grosse Pointe Farms, Mich. William H. Aughey III B.S.F. 2002 Sherwood Rd.. Arden, Wilmington, Del. James D. Aurand B.S.E.(Ae.E.) 22 Wiltshire, Battle Creek, Mich. John R. Aurelia B.S.E.(Math.) 4860 Rosalie, Dearborn, Mich. Earl J. Aurelius B.A. in Economics 1875 Charles Rd.. East Cleveland, Ohio Joan E. Austermiller B.S.Nurs. 417 W. Washington, Napoleon, Ohio Nancy G. Austin B.S. in Botany 135 Sheldon, Clio, Mich. Patricia A. Averill B.S.Nurs. 202 W. Paterson, Flint, Mich. Walter C. Averill III B.A. in Pre-Med. 418 N. Michigan, Saginaw, Mich. Maung, Aye B.S.E.(E.E.) Post Office Road, Shwebo, Burma Sally R. Ayling B.A. in Journalism 538 Vernier Road, Grosse Pointe, Mich. David W. Baad B.A. in History Galpin St., Royal Oak, Mich. Kenneth B. Babcock M.D. 222 E. Chestnut, Chicago, 111. Warren W. Babcock M.D. 18254 Dale Dr., Detroit, Mich. Helmut A. R. Bach B.S.F. 14639 Michigan, Dearborn, Mich. 408 Glen L. Bachelder B A. in Political Science 2216 S. Park, Kalamazoo, Mich. Roger W. Bachmann B.S. in Fisheries 1608 Brooklyn, Ann Arbor, Mich. Barbara R. Backlar B.A. in Music 585 West End Ave.. New York, N.Y. Robert E. Bacon B.S.(Chem.), B.S.E.fCh.E.) 1856 23rd St., Wyandotte, Mich. B.Mus.(Mus.Ed.) B.A. in English Rebecca S. Badger 329 Meech, Charlevoix, Mich. Jean T. Bahr 539 Lakeland, Grosse Pointe, Mich. Douglas B. Bailey B.A. in English 69 High St., Gorham, Me. James R. Bakeman B.S. in Pre-Profossional 1513 Whitman Dr., Midland, Mich. Durward J. Bakker M.D. 939 Greenwood, Ann Arbor, Mich. Louis G. Baldacci B.A. in History 1055 Roslyn Ave., Akron. Ohio Andrew Balent B.Mus.fMus.Ed.) 291 Leonard Ave.. Washington. Pa. William C. Balfour B.S.E.(C.E.) Pentwater, Mich. Craig A. Ballinger 16844 Frceland, Detroit, Mich. Manuel P. Ballmer 24 Oristal, Licstal. Switzerland Alnis Banga 918 S. State St.. Ann Arbor. Mich. Hugh E. Banninga B.A. in Pre-Med. 3927 Windsor Rd.. Youngstown, Ohio B.S.E.(C.E.) B.S. in Chemistry B.S.E.(C.E.) John H. Banta B.S. in Botany 22594 Ardmore Pk.. St. Clair Shores. Mich. Elizabeth A. Baranski B.A. in Mathematics 7651 Esper Blvd., Dearborn, Mich. Joan M. Barber B.S.Nurs. 310 Wood, Stockbridge, Mich. Robert J. Barbieri LL.B. 4701 Stratford Rd., Fort Wayne, Ind. George T. Bard B.B.A. in Industrial Relations 18260 Reed. Melvindale. Mich. Franklin V. Barger, Jr. B.A. in Economics 3315 Hargo Rd., Toledo, Ohio Barbara G. Barker B.A. in History Martell Dr., Bloomfield Hills. Mich. Sari P. Barker B.A. in Sociology 30 W. Sixth St., Corning, N.Y. Juanita M. Barkley B.S.P.H.X. 1420 Washington Heights, Ann Arbor, Mich. William H. Barnard B.S.E.(M.E.) 920 N. Beverly Dr.. Beverly Hills, Cal. Gordon L. Barnes B.S. in Geology 618 Sparks St., Jackson, Mich. Edward L. Barrera B.A. in Psychology 1240 N. Michigan, Saginaw, Mich. Frances J. Basham B.A. in Mathematics 102 S. School, Eureka, Kan. George N. Bashara B.A. in Pre-Law 711 Balfour Rd.. Grosse Pointe, Mich. Sidney Baskin M.D. 18921 Kentucky, Detroit, Mich. Jon D. Bass B.S. in Chemistry 1805 W. Sugnct, Midland, Mich. Clark L. Bassett, Jr. B.B.A. 77 Lochmoor Blvd.. Grosse Pointe Shores. Mich. Jerry Bassler B.S.E.(C.E.) 2200 Grove Park Rd.. Fenton, Mich. Ernest W. Bauer, Jr. M.D. 2740 Packard Rd.. Ann Arbor, Mich. John H. Bauer. Jr. B.Mus.(Mus.Ed.) 704 Cooledge Avc. N.E., Atlanta, Ga. 409 Nancy E. Bauer B.S.Nurs. 839 Wildwood Dr., East Lansing, Mich. Evelyn J. Beach B.S. Nurs. R.R. 2, White Pigeon, Mich. Bernard W. Beanie B.A. in English 1582 Carroll St., Brooklyn, N.Y. Charles W. Beattie B.B.A. in Real Estate 17224 Winston, Detroit, Mich. James R. Beatty B.A. in Economic Gcorgraphy 624 S. Division, Ann Arbor. Mich. George A. Beauchamp, Jr. B.S. DCS. in Art Education 1 1 Vernier, Grossc Pointe Shores. Mich. Richard J. Beaudry B.S.E.(E.E., Math.) 6160 Grayton, Detroit, Mich. Mary S. Beck B.S. in Physics 425 E. 72nd St., New York, N.Y. Ann M. Becker B.A. in Speech Correction 643 Hollywood Dr., Monroe, Mich. Graechen Becker B.S. in Special Education 507 Rivard Blvd., Grossc Pointe, Mich. Marilyn S. Becker B.A.Ed. 6700 Crandon Ave., Chicago, 111. George H. Beckman B.Arch. 9597 American, Detroit, Mich. Carolyn L. Beckwith B A. in English 1177 Colfax Avc., Bcnton Harbor, Mich. Clark W. Bedford B.Mus. (Piano) Pigeon, Mich. Marjorie ]. Beeman B.A. in Psychology 742 N. Grove, Oak Park. 111. Cynthia M. Bell B.A.Ed. 1931 Monterey St., Detroit. Mich. Phyllis S. Bell B.A. in Spanish 1 1 76 Beach 9 St., Far Rockaway, N.Y. Philip F. Belleville B.A. in Economics Park Ave., Yale, Mich. Carlos G. Benavides B.S. in Pre-Med. Heredia, Costa Rica Ivan R. Bender B.A. in Political Science 6247 N. Francisco, Chicago, 111. Thomas B. Bender M.B A. in Finance 1332 Hillcrcst, Kalamazoo, Mich. Doris E. Bengtsson B.Mus. (Violin) 10908 Lakepointc. Detroit, Mich. George J. Benisek M.D. 1 1 14 Judson Ct., Ann Arbor, Mich. Herbert S. Bensinger B.S. in Geology 6210 Kenilworth, Dearborn, Mich. David S. Bentley B.A. in History Howard City. Mich. Balig Berberian B.A. in Social Work and Sociology 12844 Broadstreet, Detroit, Mich. James K. Berg B.Mus. (Voice) Iron Mountain, Mich. Bonnie L. Bergland B A.Ed. Iroquois St.. St. Charles, 111. Victor A. Berglund M.D. 16456 Redington Dr., St. Petersburg, Fla. Henry W. Berinstein B.A. in History 268 Brattle- Rd., Syracuse, N.Y. Roberta S. Berkes B S Nurs R.R. 1, Angola, Ind. Janet L. Berkey B.A.Ed. 1724 East 29th St., Tulsa, Okla. Gerald S. Berman B.A. in History 2630 Oakman Ct.. Detroit, Mich. Joseph W. Berman B.S. in Mathematics 3822 Richton, Detroit, Mich. Robert J. Berman B.A. in English Honors 35 Mead St., New Haven, Conn. Faustino Bernadett M j) 1429 University Terrace, Ann Arbor, Mich. 410 Thomas F. Bernaky B.A. in History 14305 Savannah, East Cleveland, Ohio Michael A. Bernstein B.B.A. 1213 S. Pittsburgh St., Connellsville, Pa. Newton B. Bernstein B.B.A. 746 Collingwood, Detroit, Mich. Frederick W. Bernthal B.B.A. in Accounting R.R. 1, Frankenmuth, Mich. Jerrold L. Berry M.D. Marion. Mich. John P. Berwald B.A. in French 51 1 W. 232nd St., New York, N.Y. Ned E. Besemer LL.B. 315 W. 13 Mile Rd., Royal Oak. Mich. Alice L. Bevis B.Mus.(Mus.Ed-) 22472 Beech. Dearborn. Mich. Bhulabhai J. Bhakta B.S.E. ( M.E. ) At. Ghaluda. P.T. Palsana. Bombay. India Phuchong Bhengsri M.B.A. in Accounting Ladya, Dhonburi-Bangkok, Thailand Elaine J. Bice B.S. in Special Education 8365 Northlawn, Detroit, Mich. Betty A. Bidigare B.A. in Sociology 16626 Steel, Detroit, Mich. Joyce C. Biggs B.A. in English 563 Pipestone St., Benton Harbor, Mich. Jay R. Billingsley B.A. in Mathematics 9136 Ru ' therford. Detroit, Mich. Lois Binetsky B.A. in Social Studies 8 Elberta Rd.. Maplewood. N.J. Joan L. Birney B.A.Ed, in Ele. Education 307 Melrose, Kenilworth. 111. Kenneth L. Bitman M.D. 108 Cinn, Palmayra. N. J. Peter E. Black B.S.F. 17 W. 71st, New York. N.Y. Sally M. Blackmail B.A. in Speech 108 S. Wisner, Jackson, Mich. Marjorie L. Blake B.S. Ed. in Physical Education 1430 White St., Ann Arbor, Mich. Warren W. Blakely B.B.A. in Industrial Management 460 Barne ' s Mill Dr.. Marietta, Ga. Marian A. Blakeslee B.A. in General Science 721 Ogden, Benton Harbor, Mich. Carolyn Blaul B.A.Ed. 4800 Golf Terrace. Minneapolis, Minn. George M. Bleckman, Jr. B.S. in Biology 1412 Geddes, Ann Arbor, Mich. C. Thomas Bleha B.A. in Political Science 209 Nettleton, Charlevoix. Mich. Ninion A. Bloch B.S.D.Hyg. 430 Ninth St., Leesburg, Pa. John I. Bloom B.B.A. 19140 Gloucester, Detroit, Mich. Martin Bloom B.A. in Philosophy 2301 Paris S.E., Grand Rapids. Mich. Robert J. Blossey B.B.A. 15074 Sorrento Ave., Detroit, Mich. Van F. W. Bluemel B.S. in Physics 1308 S. Float. Freeport. 111. Howard T. Boasberg, Jr. B.A. in History 72 Edge Pk., Buffalo, N.Y. Rosanne Bodanis B.A. in English Lit. 7122 N. Francisco Ave., Chicago, 111. Grace A. Bodenstein B.S.P.H.N. 203 N. 18th St., Colorado Springs, Colo. Joan C. Boehm B.Mus.(Mus.Ed.) 1366 Clinton Ave., Irvington, N.J. Richard A. Bogg B.B.A. Salem, Huntington Woods, Mich. James C. Booth B.B.A. 124 Park PI.. Sault Ste Mane, Mich. 411 p jt a Neil E. Booth B.S.E (E E ) 2521 Concord, Flint, Mich. Patricia J. Booth B.S. Phys. Therapy 1802 Copeman, Flint. Mich. Elaine M. Borkowski B.A. in Political Science 14153 Greenview, Detroit. Mich. William Bos, Jr. M.A.Ed. 1423 Ruddiman, North Muskegon, Mich. Roland B. Bosnia B.A.Ed. 1675 Edgewater St., Muskegon, Mich. Lawrence J. Bostrom B.S.E.(E.E ) 71 Lee Ave., Jamestown, N.Y. Wayne I. Boucher B.A. in English 30440 Springland Dr., Farmington, Mich. Marjorie J. Bouws B S.P.H.N. 105 Cayuga St., Buchanan. Mich. Gerald T. Bowen B.S. in Zoology 1400 State, Cheboygan, Mich. John R. Bowen B.B.A. in Accounting 1 15 Midvale Rd.. Mountain Lakes, N.J. John D. Boyles B.B.A. 1064 Gladstone Dr.. Grand Rapids, Mich. Frank L. Bracy, Jr. B.S.E. (Ch.E.) 324 W. Stoddard St., Charlotte, Mich. Carl L. Bradley B.Arch.fArch.) 3535 St. Joseph River Dr., Fort Wayne, Ind. Carolyn A. Bradshaw B.A.Ed, in Ele. Education 15400 Ashton, Detroit, Mich. Janet L. Bradshaw B.S.Nurs. 16753 Evergreen, Detroit 19, Mich. James R. Brady B.A. in Political Science Gassaway, W. Va. Marcus C. Brand B.B.A. in Industrial Management 633 W. Dartmouth Rd., Kansas City, Mo. Harold Brandt B.A. in Pre-Law 302 S. 18th St., Allentown. Pa. Ruth Brandt B.B.A. in Accounting 310 Isbell, Howell. Mich. Sandra Brauman B.S.Pharm. 3 Central Ave.. Lakewood, N. J. Philip M. Breen B.A. in History 3438 E. 140th St.. Cleveland, Ohio Richard L. Brehm B.S.E. (Ae.E.) 415 E. Cass St.. Cadillac, Mich. Alison Brewster B.A. in History 5360 Brookdale, Birmingham. Mich. Nancy S. Briggs B.A. in Spanish 2801 29th Place N.W., Washington, D.C. Jane B. Brill B.S. DCS. 1642 E. 56th St., Chicago, 111. Nancy G. Brinker B.S.D.Hyg. 73 Muskoka Rd.. Grosse Pointc, Mich. Yvonne A. Bristol B.S. in Zoology Almont, Mich. Harland M. Britz LL.B.. M.A. in English 2657 Cheltenham Rd., Toledo, Ohio Honey Brodwin B.A.Ed. 19 Franklin Ave., Larchmont, N.Y. Audrey F. Brookfield B.S.Nurs. 2232 Arthur, Lakewood, Ohio David J. Brower B.A. in Political Science 194 River Ave., Holland. Mich. Bruce A. Brown B.S. Pharm. 337 S. Cochran. Charlotte. Mich. Betty J. Brown B.A.Ed. 249 Lakeshore Dr., Battle Creek, Mich. Dorothy Brown B.S.D.Hyg. 1509 Beach, Flint, Mich. Edward C. Brown B.S.E. (Ch.E.) 1655 Ottawa Dr., Toledo. Ohio Henrietta S. Brown B.A.Ed. 2828 Bonnell, Grand Rapids, Mich. 412 Judith W. Brown B.A. in Speech 6780 Sclfridge St., Forest Hills, N.Y. Lawrence H. Brown B.B.A. Lincoln Avc. South, Highland Park, 111. Paul W. Brown B.A. in Political Science 1 1 Prospect, St. Ignace, Mich. Robert D. Brown B.A. in History 1212 Dunham, Grand Rapids, Mich. Russell A. Brown B.A. in Speech 119 Washington. Vassar. Mich. Sarah J. Brown B.A.Ed, in Ele. Education R.R. 2, Beechwood Springs, Spring Lake. Mich. Allan E. Brubaker B.S.E.(E.E.) 936 79th St., Brooklyn, N.Y. Carole M. Brumbaugh B.S. in Business Education 28 W. 38th St.. Wilmington, Del. William L. Brunim B.A. in Economics 305 E. Michigan, Marquette. Mich. Thomas B. Brush B.A. in Economics 1 138 Lakeview. Detroit. Mich. Joan M. Bryan B.A. in Philosophy 32-22 170th St., Flushing, N.Y. Carolyn Bryant B.A. in English Harmon, Birmingham, Mich. Clara E. Bryce B A. in English 67 Lawrence. Detroit. Mich. James R. Buck B.A. in English 3516 Woodley Rd.. Toledo. Ohio Wendell R. Buck B.B.A. 1327 Wilmot St., Ann Arbor, Mich. Eugene D. Buckley LL.B. 1293 Beechwood. St. Paul, Minn. Kevin J. Buckley B.A. in Political Science 289 Smallwood, Snyder, N.Y. Olga C. Budds M.D. 25741 Huron River Dr.. Flat Rock. Mich. William S. Buehler B.A. in History 632 W. Bond, Hastings. Mich. Nancy M. Buese B.S.Nurs. 402 Iowa. Oak Park, 111. Joseph F. Bugeia B.B.A. in Personnel 6145 Orchard, Dearborn, Mich. Robert C. Buhl B.B.A. in Industrial Management 13420 Wilshire Dr., Detroit. Mich. Elliott E. Burd M.A.Ed 421 Fifth St.. Ann Arbor. Mich. Harry W. Burdick M D 1702 Sanford. Muskegon, Mich. Robert C. Burgee B.A. in English 4011 Ledgestone Dr., Waterford, Mich. JoAnn B. Burgess B.Mus.(Mus.Ed.) 8960 Houghton Dr.. Utica, Mich. Harold W. Burgett B.S.Pharm. 520 Orange, Jackson. Mich. Eleanor H. Burke B.A. in History 858 Floral Dr. S.E., Grand Rapids. Mich. Barbara E. Burkhardt B.A.Ed, in Ele. Education 1412 Ridgelawn, Flint, Mich. Maxine O. Burnham B.A.Ed. 505 N. Magnolia. Lansing, Mich. John A. Burns B.A. in Biology 85 Second St., Deposit. N.Y. Thomas J. Burns B.S.E.(M.E.) 3076 Ravenswood Avc., Marysville. Mich. Elizabeth Burroughs B.S.Ed, in Special Education 10118 Cedar Lane. Kensington, Md. Sarah E. Burroughs B.S. Med.Tech. 1758 18th St. Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio Lorenzo Burrows M.B.A. in Finance 2103 Gratiot Avc., Saginaw. Mich. Richard H. Burt B.B.A. in Marketing 29408 Adams Dr., Gibraltar, Mich. 413 d Alice J. Burton B.S. in Chemistry Box 252. Northfield, Minn. Elaine B. Bush B.A. in History 907 Burton. Grand Rapids, Mich. Orvin H. Bush B.B.A. in Accounting 1562 Fifth, Muskegon, Mich. Robert G. Busha B.A. in English 3005 Hillcrest, Cleveland, Ohio Charnya V. Butnian B.A. in Speech Correction 59 Stanley Rd., Swampseott, Mass. Daniel H. Calkins B.B.A. in Real Estate 31240 S. ClioRd., Clio, Mich. Peter S. Calkins B.S.F. 23230 Power, Farmington, Mich. Alexander C. Callam M.B.A. in Accounting 19127 Rolandale, Detroit, Mich. John C. Cameron D.D.S. 205 N. Democratic St., Tecumseh, Mich. Craig W. Campbell B.A. in Pre-Med. ' l 16 N. State St., Ann Arbor, Mich. Janet F. Campbell B.A. in Political Science 16606 Wildemere, Detroit. Mich. John D. Campbell BS.E.(Phys.) 11352 Cheyenne, Detroit, Mich. Malcolm B. Campbell B.Arch. Rimersburg, Pa. David F. Caplan B.B.A. 3926 Washington, Weirton, W. Va. Robert B. Carbeck M.D 612 Catherine, Ann Arbor, Mich. Gilberto M. Cardenas B.S.E.(E.E.) 558 Av.Atzc., Mexico D.F. B.Mus.(MusEd.) B.Mus.( Voice) Dorothy J. Carlson 542 Oak, Manistique, Mich. Joan A. Carlson 2186 Story Ave., Schenectady, N.Y. Lewis H. Carlson B.A. in History 1961 Spencer Dr., Muskegon, Mich. Mary H. Carlson B.S.Phys. Therapy R.R. 2. East Jordan, Mich. Nicholas E. Carpenter B.A. in History 1 1 34 Forest, Ann Arbor, Mich. Jane D. Carson B A. in English 26245 Salem, Huntington Woods. Mich. Ann B. Carter B A. in Social Work 750 Middlesex, Grosse Pointe, Mich. Sara L. Carveth B.S.D.Hyg. 3003 S. 31st St., Lincoln. Neb. Robert M. Cassel 13417 Wade, Detroit, Mich. Stacy A. Catey R.R. 2, Grand Ledge, Mich. John W. Cederna 13 19th St., Stambaugh, Mich. Jane I. Cesler 460 Riley, Dundee, Mich. B.A. in English B.SE.(E.E.) D.D.S. BMus.(Mus.Ed.) B.A. in Mathematics Dorothy Chacarestos 3702 Harrison, Gary, Ind. William D. Chadwick B.S.E.(Ind E.) 1463 University Terrace, Ann Arbor. Mich. William Y. Chalfant LL B. Willowbrook, Hutchinson, Kan. Harold R. Chapel B.B.A. in Finance 336 Suffield, Birmingham. Mich. Thomas W. Chapman B.A. in English 6501 Brookview, Grand Blanc, Mich. William D. Chapman M.S E. ( E E. ) 420 Second St., Findlay, Ohio Walter J. Charney B.B.A. 623 Leith, Flint, Mich. Marion J. Charvat B.S. in Physical Education 3541 E. 142nd Cleveland, Ohio 414 I I i t I 4 " B f M Ramon L. Chase B.S.E. (Ac.E.) 5731 Fenton, Dearborn, Mich. Ann Chen B.S. in Medicine 60 Barker Road, Singapore Shirleyan Chennault B.A.Ed, in Ele. Education 9000 La Salle. Detroit, Mich. Arnold M. Cherin B.A. in Psychology 9 Pine Terrace West, Short Hills, N.J. Myrna Cherin B.A Ed. 9 Pine Terrace West, Short Hills, N.J. Helen E. Chesbrough B.A. in History 1015 Yorkshire, Grosse Pointe, Mich. Richard Chess M.D. 16570 Greenlawn. Detroit, Mich. Harold Chetrick B.A. in Psychology 10 Waverly St., New Haven, Conn. Peck C. Chew B.S.E.(C.E.) 38-A Cross St., Singapore. Malaya Samuel D. Ching B.S. in Mineralogy 1581 Miller St., Honolulu, T.H. Shirley S. L. Ching B.A.Ed, in Ele. Education Sonoma St., Honolulu. Hawaii Donald S. Chisholm M.B.A. 16950 Parkside, Detroit, Mich. Clarence A. Christensen M.D. 7876 Hartwell, Dearborn. Mich. Alan M. Christman B.S.E (Ch.E.) 342 Sherman Dr., Battle Creek, Mich. Sharon L. Chynoweth B S. in Physical Education 18672 Olympia. Detroit. Mich. Adeline Ciavola B A. in Speech 10751 Worden, Detroit, Mich. Lillian S. Cicurel B.B.A.. Teacher ' s Cert. 1615 Cleveland Rd.. Miami Beach. Fla. Charles A. Ciotti, Jr. B.S.E. (M.E.) 3120 Maidstone, Trenton, Mich. Nancy Jo Circle B S.D.Hyg 342 Southlawn, East Lansing, Mich. Patricia A. Clancy B.A. in Social Science 515 Third St.. Traverse City. Mich. Alan R. Clark B.S.E. ( Phys. ) 4785 Munger Rd.. Ypsilanti, Mich. Bruce K. Clark M.D. 7816 Todd Rd., La Salle, Mich. Joanne M. Clark B.A.Ed. 3510 Croydon Rd. N.W., Canton. Ohio Robert R. Clark M.D. 1629 Lowrie St., Pittsburgh, Pa. Shirley A. Clark B.A.Ed, in Ele. Education 1912 Anthony Blvd., Fort Wayne, Ind. John B. Clarke D.D.S. 17606 Greenlawn, Detroit, Mich. Ronald B. Clarke B.A. in Economics 818 Stone, La Grange, 111. Dorothy J. Clarkson B.A. in French, Teachers Cert. 206 Delaware Ave., McDaniel Heights. Wilmington, Del. Margaret L. Clay B.S. in Psychology 531 Forest Ave., Ann Arbor, Mich. Patricia I. Clay B.S.P.H.N. 138 E. Lincoln Ave., Ionia, Mich. Earl Clemens B.A.Ed, in Social Studies 6306 Charlevoix. Detroit, Mich. Janet M. Cleveland B.S.Nurs. R.R. 4, Box 540. Battle Creek, Mich. Jean E. Cleveland 63098 Ketzler Dr., Flint, Mich. Joan H. Cleveland 63098 Ketzler Dr., Flint, Mich. Keith H. Coats 34 McKelvey Ave.. Pittsburgh. Pa. Jane M. Coburn 51 Suffolk Lane, Yonkers, N.Y. B.S.Nurs. B.S.Nurs. B.S.E.(Ch.E.) B.A. in English 415 Gail R. Cohen B.S.Ed, in Elc. Education 1306 19th St. N.E., Canton, Ohio Herbert Cohen B.S.E.(Ch.E.) 499 Hinsdale St., Brooklyn, N.Y. Judith N. Cohen B.A. in English Honors 5555 Everett, Chicago. 111. Martin Cohen B.B.A. 4027 Sturtevant, Detroit, Mich. Ruth J. Cohen B.A. in Spanish 7 Irwin Dr., Manchester, N.H. Arniand H. Cohn M.S.W. 3513 Forest Park Ave., Baltimore, Md. Edmond L. Cohn B.B.A. in Accounting 177 Franklin Rd., Glencoe, 111. Lewis N. Cole B.B.A. in Accounting 222 W. Wesley, Jackson, Mich. Ward H. Cole D.D S. 165 Highland St., Painesdale, Mich. Robert C. Coleman B.S.E.(E.E.) 828 Neff, Grosse Pointe, Mich. Thomas B. Coles, Jr. M.D. 9235 Hubert, Allen Park, Mich. Faith Colish B.A. in Political Science 349 Hempstead Ave., Rockvillc Centre. N.Y. Barry S. Collier D.D.S. 7900 Huntington Rd., Detroit, Mich. Roger W. Comstock B.S.E.(Ind.E ) 195 Fernwood Ave., Upper Montclair, N.J. George A. Condon B.A. in Political Science 15212 Mattetal Ave., Detroit, Mich. Ann M. Conley B.S.Ed, in Ele. Education 220 Sycamore, Wyandotte, Mich. Louis T. Conlin B.A. in Economics 1520 Granger. Ann Arbor, Mich. Richard E. Conn B.A. in Psychology 111 Cambridge, Pleasant Ridge, Mich. Basil Consid ' ne, Jr. M.D. 1459 University Terrace, Ann Arbor, Mich. Cynthia Cook B.A. in History 825 S.E. Riverside. Evansville, Ind. Rodney M. W. Cook M.D. 2061 Day, Ann Arbor. Mich. Ronald A. Cook B.S.Pharm. 1042 Lindbergh, Wyandotte, Mich. Grace L. Cool B.Mus(Mus.Ed ) 190 Beuland Ave., Mt. Clemens, Mich. Stanley D. Cool B.S.E.(C.E.) 190 Beuland Ave., Mt. Clemens, Mich. Peter M. Cooper B.B A. 18105 Fairfield, Detroit, Mich. Carol M. Copp B A. in Anthropology 18218 Ruth, Melvindale, Mich. Margery A. Cordes B.A.Ed. 605 W. Green, Hastings, Mich. Ann W. Cord ' ll B.A. in Economics 2624 Drummond Rd., Toledo. Ohio George R. Corey B.A. in History 197 A.W.T., Baden, Pa. John W. Corey B.B.A. 166 W. Center. Sanford, Mich. Arthur B. Cornfeld B.A. in Psychology 3850 Sedwick Ave., New York, N.Y. Roy J. Correa, Jr. M.D. 801 Spring St.. Seattle, Wash. Kenneth M. Cort B.B.A. 3649 Washington, University Heights, Ohio Leda L. Cosmenco B.B.A. in Marketing 12126 Gallagher, Hamtramck, Mich. Fred P. Coulter B. Mus.( Piano. Comp.) Box A, Beulah, Mich. William H. Coulter B.S. in Prc-Professional 908 Westchester. Grosse Pointe, Mich. 416 Donald A. Courtois B.S.E.(E.E.) 2919 Gull Road, Kalamazoo, Mich. Barbara K. Courtright B.A.Ed, in Ele. Education 4572 Van Buren St., Gary, Ind. Yvonne E. Cousins B.A.Ed. 3720 Erie Dr., Orchard Lake, Mich. Lois E. Cowell B.A. in History 1018 Kimball, Sault Ste Marie, Mich. William J. Cowlin LL B. Walkup Ave., Crystal Lake, 111. Morton S. Cox, Jr. B.S. in Pre-Mcd. 70 Waters Rd.. Ann Arbor, Mich. Maureen E. Crabtree B.A. in Pre-Social Work 310 79th, Niagara Falls, N.Y. Mary C. Crane B.S.Ed, in Ele. Education 827 Lincoln. Grosse Pointe, Mich. Christine M. Crawford Unionville, Mich. James D. Crawford 1985 Upland. Ann Arbor, Mich. Robert I. Crawford Lyons, Mich. Robert I. Crickmore B.S. P. H. (Administration) 820 Stockdale. Flint, Mich. B.A. in Speei-h B.S. in Chemistry M.D. Richard W. Criger B.S.E.(ChE) 15107 Whitcomb. Detroit, Mich. Jean M. Crocker B A. in English 1044 N. Mildred. Dearborn, Mich. Caret N. Crosby B B.A. 1714 Kensington, Fort Wayne, Ind. Lloyd G. Cross B.S. in Physics 226 E. Gencsee, Flint. Mich. Mary Cross B A. in English 1024 Harold Ave. S.E.. Grand Rapids, Mich. Ralph E. Cross, Jr. B B.A. 37 Roslyn. Grosse Pointe, Mich. Barbara E. Grossman B.A.Ed, in Ele. Education 4364 Leslie, Detroit, Mich. Edward B. Crouse B.A. in Economics 1045 Rosewood, East Lansing, Mich. Harold E. Cruger B.A. in Psychology 17195 Stoepel, Detroit, Mich. Leonard B. Csiszar B.B.A. in Industrial Management 1 158 Lincoln, Lincoln Park, Mich. Kent T. Culbertson B.S.E.(Math.) 17765 Manderson, Detroit, Mich. Raymond E. Culver M.D. 201 10 Jackson Place, Ann Arbor, Mich. Ann L. Cumings B.A.Ed, in Ele. Education 1313 Beard, Flint, Mich. Carol L. Cunningham B Mus.(Mus.Ed.) 2460 S. Court, Palo Alto, Cal. John R. Curran B S.Ph-rm Millburn Ave., Millburn, NJ. Alec R. Currie B.B.A. in Accounting 1908 Scottwood. Ann Arbor, Mich. Nancy B. Currie B.A. in Fine Arts 1908 Scottwood Ave., Ann Arbor, Mich. Richard S. Currie B.S.E.(Ind.E.) 1341 Griswold St.. Port Huron, Mich. Marcia S. Custer B.S.Nurs Middlefield, Ohio Robert S. Cutler B.S. in Geology 158 Mark, Pontiac, Mich. Helen E. Czarnecki B.A.Ed, in Ele. Education Pemberton, Grosse Pointe, Mich. Rita A. Czewski B.S. in Chemistry R.R. 2, Ubly, Mich. Charles A. Daf oe M D 711 S. College, Mt. Pleasant, Mich. Jacqueline A. Dailey B.S. in Physical Education 2385 Acorn Ct., Pontiac, Mich. 417 I Nielsen S. Dalley B.Arch.(Arch.E.) 1991 W. Liberty, Ann Arbor. Mich. Kirk J. Daly B.A. in Pre-Law 10507 Curtis, Detroit, Mich. Chloe Dandison B.A.Ed, in Elc. Education 341 Shore Rd., Greenwich, Conn. Roger P. Daniel B.S.E.(M.E.) 22252 Morlry, Dearborn, Mich. Milo L. Danzelsen D.D.S. Temperance, Mich. Thomas R. d ' Arcambal B.B.A. in Finance 25 Brookside Blvd., West Hartford, Conn. Frank A. Dasse B.S.E.(E.E.) 1201 Vincent Ave., Flint, Mich. Alan D. Dauer B.S. in Zoology 1733 Union St.. Brooklyn, N.Y. Juston B. Davenport III B.B.A. in Industrial Relations 1510 Exeter Rd., Charlotte, N.C. Nancy Davenport B.S. in Chemistry 205 W. North St., Itasca, 111. Paula G. Davey M.D. 606 S. Franklin, Flint, Mich. Georgiana Davidson B.A.Ed, in Social Studies 13436 Clifton Blvd.. Lakewood, Ohio Audrey L. Davies R.R. 3, Marlette, Mich. John H. Davies Cromwell, Dearborn, Mich. Dorothy L. Davis 3839 Sherman, Bridgeport, Mich. Jean E. Davis 16574 Lindsay, Detroit, Mich. B.S.P.H.N. B.A.Ed, in Mathematics B.S.Nurs. B.A.Ed. Morgan R. Davis B.B A. 26018 Pembroke, Huntington Woods, Mich. Frederick Dawe, Jr. B.Arch. 4675 Nakoma Dr., Okemos, Mich. David M. Dawson M.D. 2815 Pittsficld Blvd., Ann Arbor, Mich. Patricia E. Dawson B.S. in Business Education 921 E. Heath, Willow Run, Mich. Wilfred P. Deac B.A. in Journalism 3701 Massachusetts Ave. N.W., Washington. D.C. Dann T. Deaver B.S.Des. 3412 Elms Rd.. Flushing, Mich. Carol L. DeBolt B.S.Des. 3826 Ravenna Rd., Dayton, Ohio Ronald V. DeBouver B.Mus. 2234 Sherman Ave., Evanston, 111. Dennis G. Deegan B.S. in Science 502 Keech St., Ann Arbor, Mich. Peter M. DeGroot B.B.A. 13610 Shaker Blvd., Cleveland, Ohio Raymond M. DeHaan M.D 904 E. Ninth St., Sheldon, Iowa Mary Ellen DeLalla B.S.D.Hyg. 10670 Bonita, Detroit, Mich. James B. DeLand B.A. in Journalism 13625 Manor, Detroit, Mich. Jean C. Del Giudice B.A.Ed, in Ele. Education 189 W. 13th St., Chicago Heights, 111. Richard M. DcLong B.S.E (Ind.E.) 435 Stuart, Kalamazoo, Mich. Sally K. DeMaria B.A. Ed. in Speech Correction 9000 Westwood, Detroit, Mich. J. Paul DeMarrais B.S.F. 69 E. Fort Lee Rd., Bogota, NJ. Arlene I. DeMayo B.A. in English 141 Downing, New Haven, Conn. Lynn A. DeMoss B.A. in Speech 538 S. State, Big Rapids, Mich. Roy F. Deng, Jr. B.Arch. 711 S. Elm. Hinsdale. Ill 418 I I Daniel M. Dengel 625 John Hix Rd., Wayne, Mich. John B. Denman Brick Hill Rd., Orleans, Mass. James R. Derusha 214 Bird St., Marinetta, Wis. Thomas S. Despres 1197 Comstock, Marnc, Mich. B.S.Pharm. B.S.E.(E.E.) B.S.E. B.S.E. B.S. in Physics Brock Dew 6009 Malcolm, Detroit, Mich. Patricia A. DeYoung M.D. R.R. 3, Traverse City, Mich. Boonma Dhajabongse M.A.Ed. 135 Phya Nag Rd., Bangkok. Thailand Nadia A. Diachun B.Mus.(Mus.Ed.) 1742 Burlingame, Detroit, Mich. Cynthia Diamond B.A. in English 461 Borgess. Monroe, Mich. Diane I. Diamond B.A.Ed, in Ele. Education 25 Legion Dr.. Cobleskill, N.Y. Elaine D ' amonstein B.A.Ed, in Ele. Education 62 Cherry Ave.. Hampton, Va. Charl " s p . D ' cUelman B.A. in History Goddard, Romulus. Mich. Duane N. Diedrich B.A. in Political Science 1008 Third St., Jackson, Mich. Julie M. Diehl B.A.Ed, in Ele. Education 1667 Hyde Park, Sarasota, Fla. Richard S. Dillman M.D. 2318 Packard, Ann Arbor, Mich. Lee F. DiMarco B.S.D s. Dunston Rd.. Bloomfield Hills, Mich. Janet L. Dixner B.Mus.(Mus.Ed.) Gulliver, Mich. Charles E. Dixon D.D.S. 36 N. 30th. Battle Creek, Mich. Theodore W. Dixon B.Arch. 2431 McKinley, Ypsilanti, Mich. Haven R. Doane D.D.S. 821 E. University, Ann Arbor, Mich. David M. Donley B.B.A. in Accounting 9681 Otsego, Detroit. Mich. Douglas Donnan B.A. in Political Science Box 18. Newfield, N.Y. Ruth E. Donner B.A. in Speech Correction 3044 S. Buchanan St., Arlington, Va. James A. Donohue, Jr. B.S.E. (E.E., Math.) 44 Burton Ave., Waukegan, 111. Lawrence E. Dooge B.A. in Speech Park Hills, Grand Rapids, Mich. Kenneth R. Dorner M.D. 25 Fremont, Battle Creek, Mich. Daniel E. Doudna B.S.E.(M.E.) 500 McBride, Jackson, Mich. Jeanne H. Doughty Cert, of Dental Hygiene 1116 Montrosc St.. Midland, Mich. Marylin B. Doughty B.A. in English 1116 Montrose St., Midland, Mich. Philip N. Douglis B.A. in Journalism 1450 Deerfield PI., Highland Park, 111. David S. Dow B.S. in Zcology 1603 Shadford, Ann Arbor, Mich. Dorothea S. Dow B.S.Nurs. Rogers Location, Iron River, Mich. Hugh D. Dow B.B.A. 3545 Westcliff Rd. S., Fort Worth, Texas Patricia Dow B.A. in Social Studies 1052 Seminole, Detroit. Mich. Stephen D. Dow B.A. in Pre-Med. 24 Hanover. Pleasant Ridge, Mich. Anthony E. Downey B.B.A. in Industrial Relations 920 N. River. Ypsilanti, Mich. 419 Edward J. Draheim B.S.Pharm. 119 W. William, Ann Arbor, Mich. Marilyn R. Draper B.A.Ed, in Ele. Education 16905 Stout, Detroit, Mich. Martin E. Drebin M.B.A. in Accounting 7357 N. Damen, Chicago, 111. Edward C. Driese B.S.E.(E.E., Math.) 22111 Gregory, Dearborn, Mich. John R. Dubois, Jr. 232 Riverside Dr., Detroit, Mich. Marvin Dubrinsky 19735 Warrington, Detroit, Mich. Mary Dudinetz 727 Cherry, Wyandotte, Mich. Gay Elizabeth Duerson 504 Dunlap. Northville, Mich. B.S.. M.D. LLB. B.A.Ed. B.A. in French B.A. in English Jaylee M. Duke 2195 E. Ellsworth Rd.. Ann Arbor, Mich. Mykola Duniyk B.A. in Economics 218 W. Huron, Ann Arbor, Mich. Harriet C. Dunham B.A. in Political Science 202 Post, Midland, Mich. Georgina J. Dunn B.A. in Psychology 730 Cass, Hastings, Mich. John B. Dunn B.A. in Economics 334 N. Glenhurst, Birmingham, Mich. Sara E. Dunn B.A. in English Lit. 332 Arlington, Birmingham, Mich. Emily K. Durand B.A.Ed. 48 Merwood Dr., Battle Creek, Mich. Robert W. Durand B.A. in English 342 E. Madison, Ann Arbor, Mich. Debra S. Durchslag B.A. in English 823 Dobson, Evanston, 111. Donald J. Dusbiber B.S.E.(M.E.) 3433 Edgewood, Ann Arbor, Mich. Joyce I. Dusendorf M.A.L.S. 31745 Sheridan, Birmingham, Mich. Alice M. Dutcher B.Mus.( Voice) 537 Ardmore S.E., Grand Rapids, Mich. James H. Dygert B.B.A 15203 Evanston, Detroit, Mich. James W. Dyll M.D 13190 Monte Vista, Detroit, Mich. Lydia An. Easley B.S.Nurs 215 s N. State St., Ann Arbor, Mich. Ellen I. Easter B.S. in Chemistry 2542 S. Scott Avc., Independence, Mo. Paul G. Eberly B.S.E.(Ae.E.) 3221 Henry, Muskegon, Mich. William C. Eckerman B.A. in Economics 1037 S. Washington, Sagniaw, Mich. Mary Ellen Eckert B.Mus. (Piano) 204 Oakland Dr., East Lansing, Mich. Melvyn Eder D.D.S. 3344 W. Outer Dr.. Detroit, Mich. Elaine L. Edmonds B.A. in English 13325 Argyle, Wyandotte, Mich. Kenneth W. Edwards B.S.E.(Phys.) 627 Rosevere, Dearborn, Mich. Susan M. Edwards B.A. in Sociology 641 N. Melborn, Dearborn, Mich. John R. Effinger, Jr. B.B.A. in Finance 135 S. Park Ave., Hinsdale, 111. Helene A. Eichwald B.A.Ed, in Ele. Education 40 Berrian Rd., New Rochelle, N.Y. Terry L. Eikenbery B.B.A. in Marketing 300 Chestnut, Lewisburg, Ohio Alan D. Eisenberg B.A. in English 3110 Brighton Third St.. Brooklyn, N.Y. Sarah D. Eisenberg B.A. in Speech Correction 1307 Fort Stevens Dr. N.W., Washington, D.C. 420 Esther Eisenstadt B.S.Des. 19822 Freeland, Detroit, Mich. Richard B. Eisenstein B.A. in Psychology 400 E. Argonne, Kirkwood, Mo. Thomas J. Eisler B.S. in Physics 4455 Yorkshire, Detroit, Mich. Marilyn J. Eliason B.Mus.(Mus.Ed ) R.R. 23, Lake at West, Elmhurst, 111. William A. Elliott B.S.E.(M.E-) 347 Lamarck Dr., Snyder, N.Y. Mary G. Elmorc B.S.Nurs. 3206 Ponemah Dr., Fenton, Mich. James R. Eltringham B.S. in Chemistry 4106 Burns, Detroit, Mich. sunnier B. Elwell B.Mus.(Mus.Ed-) 89 Sixth St., Auburn. Me. Charles B. Emery Brook Knoll, Bedford, Ind. Paul D. Engelder 4794 Ivanhoe, Detroit, Mich. Susan B. Epstein 5 Forest Ct., Larchmont, N.Y. H. Thomas Erbland 225 Trafalgar, Rochester, N.Y. M.D B.S.E.(E.E-) B.A. in English Lit. D.D.S Diane E. Erickson B.B.A. 721 Brooks, Ann Arbor, Mich. John E. Erickson B.A. in English 101 N. Ingalls, Ann Arbor. Mich. Lance Erickson B.S. in Geology 32 W. Cypress, Phoenix, Ariz. Marlowe O. Erickson B.S. in Psycholog 358 Bauer, Muskegon, Mich. Nancy A. Eriksen B.A.Ed 1748 Severn, Grosse Pointe, Mich. Daniel P. Ernst LL.B 155 Fremont, Dubuque, Iowa Phyllis J. Erwin B.S.Des. 1194 Wellington Crescent, Winnipeg, Man., Can. Robert B. Evans D.D.S. 14852 Rutherford, Detroit, Mich. Stewart T. Evans B.B.A. 20635 Meridian Road. Grosse He, Mich. William R. Evans B.S.E.(Math.) 12264 Saginaw St., Mt. Morris, Mich. Dale R. Ewart B.B.A. 777 Hampton, Grosse Pointe, Mich. Salli A. Fagan B.A. in English 195 Orchard. Battle Creek, Mich. Ralph D. Fagge, Jr. B.B.A. in Management 4021 E. Outer Dr.. Detroit. Mich. Joy S. Failey M.D 3790 Washtenaw, Ann Arbor, Mich. Beverly J. Falk B.A.Ed, in Ele. Education 17411 Cherrylawn, Detroit, Mich. Lois A. Falk B.S.D.Hyg. 17573 Woodingham Dr.. Detroit, Mich. B.S.E.(E.E.) B.S.Phys.Therapy Robert L. Fallls 1509 Bay, Saginaw, Mich. Margaret D. Farrar 2220 Woodside, Ann Arbor, Mich. Donald R. Faskow B.B.A. in Insurance 6547 Bartlett St., Pittsburgh, Pa. Doris L. Faskow B.A. in Anthropology 58 Tain Dr., Great Neck, N.Y. Richard A. Faulhaber B.Arch. 24841 Richmond, Dearborn, Mich. Marilynn I. Faunce B.S.Nurs. 217 Stimson, Cadillac, Mich. John E. Fay B.S.E.(Ch.E.) 1100 East Ave.. Rochester, N.Y. Robert W. Fay B.B.A. in Industrial Relations 2499 E. Michigan Ave., Ypsilanti, Mich. 421 E Jocelyn H. Feingold B.A. in Political Science 125 E. 72nd St., New York, N.Y. Lois E. Fennig 315 N. Front, Marquettc, Mich. Robert J. Ferguson 15419 Mcndota, Detroit, Mich. William T. Ferguson, Jr. 15419 Mcndota. Detroit, Mich. Marcus A. Ferelli Bennett Dr., Weirton, W. Va. Richard A. Ferrington Milan, Mich. Louise A. Fiber Grandville, Detroit, Mich. Richard M. Fiegel 1711 Morton, Ann Arbor, Mich. B.A. in Speech M.D. M.D. B.B.A M.D B.A. in French B.A. in Speech M.D E. Malcolm Field 10574 U.S. 23, Brighton, Mich. Barbara S. Fink B.S.Des. 20235 Stratford Rd., Detroit, Mich. Stanley Finkel M.D 1130 Oakland, Ann Arbor, Mich. Douglas M. Finney B.Mus. (Theory) 1918 Grant St.. Evanston, 111. Marion B. Fischer 1651 Lavender. Flint. Mich. Colin R. Fisher 3405 John R.. Birmingham, Mich. Joseph L. Fishman 30 Ridge Rd., New Rochelle, N.Y. Melvin A. Fishman 20223 St. Mary ' s, Detroit. Mich. B.B.A. in Personnel B.S.E.(M.E.) B A. in History D.D.S Sherwin R. Fishman 3774 Tyler, Detroit, Mich Stephen N. Fishman 16165 LaSalle, Detroit, Mieh. Coralyn A. Fitz 12015 Northlawn, Detroit, Mich. Ruth C. Flanders 67 Sunnyside Dr., Utica, N.Y. B.B.A. B.B.A. B.A. in Visual Arts B.A. in English David L. Fleisher B S.E (Ind.E.) 38 Wiltshire, Battle Creek, Mich. William R. Flenniken B.S. in Geology 475 Salisbury, London, Ont.. Can. Lois E. Fletcher B.A. in Fine Arts 802 Oakland Ave.; Ann Arbor, Mich. Nicholas H. Fletcher B.S. in Mathematics 302 S. Huron, Ypsilanti. Mich. Joseph M. Flora B.A. in English Lit. 2268 N. Ames, Saginaw, Mich. Bernard R. Floum B.B.A. in Marketing 1406 Sterling Point Dr.. Portsmouth, Va. Robert A. Flucke D.D.S. 1616 Brockway, Saginaw, Mich. Albert H. Flynn B.A. in Pre-Prcfessional 2354 Nolen Drive, Flint, Mich. Julie K. Flynn B.A. in Sociology 203 Superior Blvd., Wyandotte, Mich. Harold W. Fogle M.D. 611 W. Lenawee, Lansing, Mich. Jesse B. Foote D.D.S 528 State St., Eaton Rapids, Mich. Carol L. Ford B S.Des. 410 McKinley Ave., Grosse Pointe Farms, Mich. Hilmer A. Forsen B.S.E.(C.E.) 2652 Howdcn, Muskegon Heights, Mich. Richard A. Forsythe B.Arch. 15 Edgewood Rd., Saginaw, Mich. Fritzi M. Foss B.A.Ed, in El?. Education 615 Nurmi Ct., Bay City, Mich. William L. Foster M.D. 15316 Piedmont, Detroit, Mich. 422 ]U f r 4 I 4 Everett B. Foucek B.S. in Zoology White Pillars, Lakeside, Mich. John G. Foy B.B.A. in Accounting 508 E. Ludington Avc., Ludington, Mich. Janet B. Fradkin B.A. in English Lit. 3901 Harrison, Washington, D.C. Donald J. Fragnoli D.D.5. 19240 Hi-aly, Detroit, Mich. Bernard G. Francis B.A. in Fine Arts 1020 E. Grand River. Brighton, Mich. Donald T. Francoeur B.S.Ed, in Biology 22010 Frcsard, St. Clair Shores, Mich. Hazel S. Frank B A. in Speech R.R. 2. Box 424R. Toms River, N.J. Carl Franzblau B.S. in Chemisty 1563 E. 31st St., Brooklyn, N.Y. Burton R. Freedman B.S. in Prc-Profrssional 18626 Santa Barbara. Detroit, Mich. Alice E. French M.S. in Geology 11405 Berwick, Livonia, Mich. Barbara A. Frey B.B.A. 712 Hawthorne N.E., Grand Rapids, Mich. Carol L. Frey B S.Med.Tech. 800 Ford, Alpena. Mich. B.B.A. B.A. in Psychology Maury Friedlander 111 N. Ann St., Mobile, Ala. Gilbert B. Friedman 3871 Sedgwick Ave.. Bronx, N.Y. H. Howard Frisinger B.S. in Mathematics 503 Church. Ann Arbor, Mich. Joseph A. Frisinger B.A.Ed, ' n Speech 2301 Woodside, Ann Arbor, Mich. Robert E. Fritts B.A. in Political Science 1 106 N. Humphrey Ave., Oak Park, 111. Marjorie P. Frogel B.A. in Speech Correction, Teacher ' s Cert. 89-40 217th St., Queens Village, N.Y. Jackson L. Frost B.A. in Pre-Law 430 First St., Findlay, Ohio Jean A. Fry B.A. in Spanish 992 Catherine, Muskegon, Mich. Gary R. Frye B.B.A. 321 W. 1 1th St., Traverse City, Mich. Myrtle L. Fryer B S P.H.N. 767 Parkland St., Flint, Mich. Murry Frynier B.A. in English 3906 Meadowbrook Blvd.. University Heights, Ohio Fred P. Furth B.A. in Economics 15201 Broadway, Harvey, 111. John A. Fushman 1352 Bedford, Grosse Pointe, Mich. Peter S. Fuss 14560 Penrod. Detroit, Mich. Grace A. Gaag 12843 Hubbell. Detroit, Mich. Norman E. Gaar 5604 Park Avc., Kansas City, Mo. M.D B.S.E.(E.E.) B.S.Nurs. LL.B B.S.E.(E.E.) Grant E. Gabel 8023 Ravine Dr., Plymouth, Mich. Dan M. Gaines B.S.Wood Tech. 534 Sheridan Sq., Evanston, 111. Michael M. Gale B.B.A. in Marketing 18229 Kentucky, Detroit, Mich. James E. Galligan B.A. in French 509 Webb, Jackson, Mich. Mary Ellen Galvin 40 E. 62nd St., New York, N.Y. Frederick N. Garber 16869 Ardmore, Detroit, Mich. William R. Gardner 5421 Cornell, Chicago, 111. Elizabeth Garland 489 Locust St.. Edgewood, Pittsburgh, Pa. B.A.Ed D.D.S. B.A. in Economics B.Mus.(Mus.Ed.) 423 Sarah E. Garner B.A.Ed, in Social Studies 54 Lebanon Hills Dr., Pittsburgh, Pa. Judith F. Gart B.A. in Psychology 400 Delaware, Akron, Ohio Gerald R. Case B.B.A. 1814 Delaware, Saginaw, Mich. Ursula R. Gebhard B.A. in Sociology 3276 Braemar Rd., Shaker Heights, Ohio Kenneth W. Gedris B.B.A. in Accounting 1102 Muskegon, Grand Rapids, Mich. Martin D. Gehner B.Arch. R.R. 3, Monroe, Mich. Valerie J. Geisz B.S.D.Hyg. 8363 E. Outer Dr., Detroit, Mich. Marcia J. Gellert B.A.Ed, in Ele. Education 70 Parkway N., Yonkers, N.Y. Kathryn L. Gemuenden B.A.Ed, in Ele. Education 1320 13th Ave., Menominee, Mich. Mary Jane Gerhardt B.S.P.H.N. 22243 Barwood Ave., Castro Valley, Cal. Jane P. Germany B.A. in English 63 Glenwood Blvd., Mansfield, Ohio John A. Germer B.S.E.(Nav.Arch.) 105 Ivan Ct., Brooklyn, N.Y. Patsy A. Gerstner B.A. in Anthropo ' ogy Cedar Point, Sandusky, Ohio Ronald L. Gest B.A.Ed, in Geography 21514 S. Military, Dearborn, Mich. Ravender N. Gheyee M.S.E.(M.E.) 35 6 Bashir Bagh, Hyderabad, India Constantine J. Gianakaris B.A. in English Ypsilanti, Mich. B.A. in Political Science Victor J. Gibbons Charlevoix, Mich. Cynthia A. Gibbs 180 Ludovic, Wilmington, Ohio Gwendolyn Gilbert 14633 Plymouth Rd., Detroit, Mich. B.S.Nurs. B.A.Ed. Dean L. Gilchrist Otter Lake, Mich. B.A. in Economics B.B.A Robert H. Gillow 18025 Warrington, Detroit, Mich. James P. Gilmore B.A. in History 486 Woodlawn Ave., Glencoe, 111. Thomas C. Gilmore B.A. in English 15 Amherst, Pleasant Ridge, Mich. Jack A. Ginsberg B.S. in Zoology 85 Pershing Ave., New Rochelle, N.Y. Robert M. Ginsberg B.A. in Pre-Law 1492 W. Terrace Circle, Teaneck, N.J. Stuart Glasier B.A. in History 910 S. Woodward, Royal Oak, Mich. George R. Glass B.S.E.(Ae.E.) 1116 Cedarhill, Royal Oak, Mich. Barabara J. Gleason B.A. in English Honors 1582 E. 26th St., Brooklyn, N.Y. Gerald J. Gleich M.D. Box 96, Ontonagon, Mich. Gail L. Glover B.A. in English Cranbrook Rd., Birmingham, Mich. Patricia J. Goddard B.S.Des. Sheridan Dr., Ann Arbor, Mich. Edward R. Godfrey B.S.E.(C.S-) Lloyd Neck, Huntington, L.I., N.Y. Rita-al Coding B.S.D.Hyg. 1035 Duncan, Alliance, Neb. Casimir J. Gogulski B.S.E.(E.E., Math.) 218 Youell Ave., Grand Rapids, Mich. Marion Gold B.A.Ed, in Psychology 171 E. Mosholu Parkway, New York, N.Y. Carl S. Goldberg B.Arch. 205-17 Hollis Ave., Hollis.N.Y. 424 Ivan E. Goldberg B.A. in Economics 339 Windsor Rd., Englewood, N.J. Joan C. Goldberg B.A.Ed, in Ele. Education Woodingham Dr., Detroit, Mich. Marlene S. Goldberg B.A. in English 3750 Lake Shore Dr., Chicago, 111. Ralph R. Goldberg B.A. in Political Science 50 W. Gun Hill Rd., Bronx, N.Y. Dorothy Goldman B.A. in Pre-Professional Social Work 7010 Sheridan, Chicago, 111. Robert T. Goldman M.D. 2660 Webb, Detroit, Mich. Carol R. Goldshine B.A.Ed, in Ele. Education 37 W. Main St., Sidney, N.Y. Alice E. Goldsmith B.A. in Sociology 41-24 159th St., Flushing, N.Y. Anita E. Goldstein B.A. in Pre-Professional Social Work 3633 Berkeley, Cleveland Heights, Ohio David S. Goldstein B.B.A. in Accounting 61 Bon Air Ave., New Rochelle, N.Y. Peter L. Goldstein B.A. in English 545 West End Ave., New York, N.Y. Marcia B. Golman B.A. in Psychology 415 Aldine St., Chicago, 111. Anna G. Gonda B.S.Nurs. R.R. 3, Vassar, Mich. Jerry I. Gonser B.S. in Physical Education 102 S. Ann Arbor St., Saline, Mich. Guillermo Gonzalez-Acevedo B.S.E.(C.E.) 104-28 Ave. Bolivar, Valencia, Venezuela E. Lowel l Good B.S.Pharm. 54 Cadillac, Pontiac, Mich. Conrad H. Goode D.D.S. 203 Cherokee, Pontiac, Mich. Adrienne Goodman B.A.Ed, in Ele. Education 6922 S. Jeffery, Chicago, 111. Floyd G. Goodman B.S. in Zoology Curtis, Mich. Frank A. Goodrich B.A. in Economics 2327 Springhill Dr.. Kalamazoo. Mich. Ralph C. Goodwin, Jr. B.B.A. in Accounting 526 Hunnewell St., Needham Heights. Mass. Wilbie A. Gordon M.A. in Special Education 4575 Aldine Ave.. St. Louis, Mo. Shirley A. Gosling B.Mus.( Voice) 235 Elm St. S.W., Grand Rapids. Mich. Gitta Gosziniak B.B.A. in Accounting 1365 Roslyn, Grosse Pointe Woods. Mich. Judith Gottesman B.A. in Psychology S. Woodland Rd., Shaker Heights, Ohio Alice A. Gould B.S.D.Hyg. 2617 Macomber, Flint, Mich. Peter K. Gould B.A. in Economics 10454 Ludlow, Huntington Woods. Mich. Hugh W. Gouldthorpe B.S.E.(M.E., E.E.) 16 Fox Meadow Rd., Scarsdale, N.Y. Walter Grabowski B.S in Zoology 634 E. John St., Little Falls, N.Y. Eugene V. Grace M.D. 3075 Springbrook, East Ann Arbor. Mich. William W. Graessley B.S.(Chem.), B.S.E.(Ch.E-) Muskegon, Mich. Alden E. Graneggen D.D S 620 Tiffin Ave., Findlay, Ohio Jerome H. Grantz B B A 6131 N. Mason, Chicago, 111. Casper O. Grathwohl B.A. in History 552 Grant, Niles, Mich. Gerald J. Grauf B.B.A. 3403 Binscarth St., Saginaw, Mich. Audrey A. Gray B.A. in Speech 1574 Lexington Ave., Ann Arbor, Mich. 425 Ralph M. Gray B.A. in History 628 Notre Dame, Grosse Pointc, Mich. Donna L. Green B.A. in English Honors 6922 S. Jeffcry Ave., Chicago, 111. John A. Green B.S. in Physics 9995 Abington, Detroit, Mich. Martha E. Green B.A.Ed, in Ele. Education 2148 Barnes Ave., Bronx, N.Y. Joyce Greenbaum B.A. in Political Science 899 Montgomery St., Brooklyn, N.Y. Marjorie N. Greenfield B.A. in French 31 Colgate Rd., Maplewood, N.J. Donna L. Greenspoon B.S.Des., Teacher ' s Cert. 18659 Woodingham, Detroit, Mich. Florence E. Greenwood M.A.L.S. 724 E. Superior, Alma. Mich. Judy F. Gregory 720 E. Garfield, Cadillac, Mich. Salvatore J. Gregory 16420 15 Mile Rd., Fraser, Mich. James D. Greig, Jr. R.R. 1, Wixom, Mich. Thomas M. Griffing 18 Chestnut St.. Rhinebeck, N.Y. B.A. in English D.D.S. D.D.S. B.A. in Psychology Audrey J. Griffith B.A.Ed, in Ele. Education 102 Burns Ave., Cincinnati, Ohio Robert H. Griffith B.B.A. in Marketing 1214 S. Irving, Royal Oak, Mich. Barbara V. Grinke B.A. in History 715 Kayser, Royal Oak, Mich. Charles A. Grobe, Jr. B.S. in Mathematics 2217 Adams Blvd., Saginaw, Mich. Gerrie E. Gross B.A. in English Rosebury Rd., Toronto, Ont., Can. Geoffrey F. Grossman B.B.A. 3750 Lake Shore Dr., Chicago, 111. Willard H. Grove B.A.Ed., in Mathematics Lyons, Mich. Richard J. Grunawalt B.A. in History 452 Wentworth, Battle Creek, Mich. Robert E. Grunawalt M.D. 1216 E. University, Ann Arbor, Mich. Bernard Guggenheim B.B.A. 300 E. 32nd St., New York, N.Y. Charles R. Gunn B.S.E.(Ae.E.) 4437 Lowell, Washington, D.C. Natalie A. Gustafson B.S.Nurs. Decpwater Point, Traverse City, Mich. Robert E. Gustafson M.A. in School Administration 507 N. Sixth, Ishpcming, Mich. Janice P. Guyton B.B.A. 681 Hancock W., Detroit, Mich. Versol E. Haan B.S. in Zoology 317 E. Wealthy, Grand Rapids, Mich. James A. Hack B.A. in Political Science 18262 Warrington, Detroit, Mich. Carole F. Hackett B.S.D.Hyg. 4535 Walnut Lake Rd., Birmingham, Mich. George I. Haddad B.S.E.(E.E.) Aindara, Lebanon Don J. Hadley B.A. in English 7616 E. Morrow Circle, Dearborn, Mich. Richard H. Haertel B.B.A 520 Fifth St. N., Wisconsin Rapids, Wis. Edith A. Haffner B.A. in History 603 Summit St., Barrington, 111. John Hagberg, Jr. B.S.E.(M.E.) 1321 Wilmot St.. Ann Arbor, Mich. L. Jeanne Hager B.A.Ed 241 Tannahill, Dearborn, Mich. Nancy K. Haglund B.S.Nurs. R.R. 1, Box 366, Wakeficld, Mich. 426 Stuart W. Hahn B.B A. 6457 Granger, Unionville, Mich. Lawrence J. Haims B.A. in Economics 123 Fairfield, New Castle, Pa. Fredericka S. Haines B.A.Ed, in Ele. Education 109 N. Cass Ave., Vassar, Mich. Elizabeth A. Hait B.A.Ed. 1201 Brooklyn, Ann Arbor, Mich. Ronald D. Hakola B.A. in English 1601 Superior St., Sault Stc Marie, Mich. Eugene B. Halbrook B.B. A. in Marketing 508 Lakcpointe. Grossc Pointe, Mich. Anne C. Hall B.Mus.(Mus.Lit) Upper Mountain Ave., Upper Montclair, N.J. Robert S. Hall M.D. Muncie, Ind. Grace A. Hallek B.A.Ed, in Ele. Education 17321 Snowden, Detroit, Mich. Monica M. Halloran B.S.EJ. 935 Washington Ave., Muskegon, Mich. Douglas R. Hamburg B.S.E.(E.E.) 16513 Patton. Detroit, Mich. Roger A. Hamburg B.A. in Political Science 2048 E. 68th St., Chicago, 111. William R. Hamil M.S.E.(Ch.E.) 12 Adams, Dearborn, Mich. Barbara L. Hamilton B.A. in Speech Correction 306 Sweet St., Grand Rapids, Mich. David A. Hamilton B.A. in Speech 640 N. Mildred, Dearborn, Mich. Katherine A. Hamilton B.S.Nurs. 8155 Beecher Rd., Flushing, Mich. McDonald K. Hamilton D.D.S 619 W. Center, Alma, Mich. Claire E. Hammer B.S.Des. 3759 Wcdgewood Dr., Birmingham, Mich. Ibrahim B. Hammidi B.S.E.fM.E.) Graham St.. Beirut, Lebanon Donna J. Hammill B.A. in Fine Arts Barber Rd., Metamora. Mich. Anne F. Hammond B.A. in Music Lit. 2105 Melrose, Ann Arbor, Mich. Wallace M. Handler B.A. in History 18645 Wildemerc, Detroit, Mich. Donald J. Haney B.B. A. in Personnel N. Jefferson Ave., Canonsburg, Pa. William W. Hanks B.B.A. 1702 Minnesota Ave., Maryvillc, Mich. Donald L. Hanley B.S.E.(Ac.E.) 229 Summit, Bellevue, Pittsburgh, Pa. Robert A. Hann B.S.Wood Tech. 136 First St., Milan, Mich. Anna C. Hanson M.S.E.(C.E-) 230 Hamilton Blvd., Birmingham. Mich. Patricia C. Hanson B.A.Ed, in Ele. Education 1 1324 Cranston, Livonia, Mich. Norman C. Harbert B.S.E.(Ind.E-) 370 6 Avalon, Shaker Heights, Ohio Roberta M. Hard B A. in English North Adams, Mich. Janet E. Hardie B.S. in Psychology Stahelin, Detroit, Mich. Bobb H. Hardies B.A. in English, Teacher ' s Cert. 821 Hampton Rd., Grosse Pointe Woods, Mich. Emily V. Harding B.A.Ed, in Ele. Education 692 University, Grosse Pointe, Mich. Lawrence R. Hardy B.S.E.(Ind.E.) 45 W. Peach Orchard Rd., Dayton, Ohio John M. Harlan B.S.E.(EE.) 3535 N. Adams. Birmingham, Mich. Jean C. Harmon B.S. in Physical Education 431 Jerome, Monroe, Mich. 427 Richard H. Harper B.A. in Sociology 608 Grove St., Hudson, Mich. William D. Harper B.S.L.Arch. 6950 Stuart Avc., Montreal, Que., Can. William E. Harrigan M.D. 408 E. Broadway, Mt. Pleasant, Mich. B. J. Harris B.A. in English 4025 Townsend, Detroit, Mich. Charles W. Harris B.S.Des. 2430 Packard Rd., Ann Arbor, Mich. Dona J. Harris B.A. in Biology 8679 Lake View, Grass Lake, Mich. Julia R. Harris B.A.Ed, in Ele. Education 2309 Gysin Ct., Bay City, Mich. Lawrence K. Harris B.A. in Political Science 399 Ocean Ave., Lynbrook, N.Y. Ann G. Harrison B.A.Ed. 13049 Hubbell, Detroit, Mich. Richard D. Harrison B.A. in Speech 49 Morningside, Grand Rapids, Mich. Myra S. Hartin B.A. in Pcl ' tical Science R.R. 2, Box 52, Macon Road, Columbus, Ga. Daniel A. Hartnett B.A. in Economics Airmont Rd., Suffern, N.Y. Joanne M. Hartnett B.A. in Journalism 23026 Sheridan, Dearborn, Mich. Nancy B. Hartt B.A. in Social Studies 380 Webster, Ferndale, Mich. Martin D. Harvey B.S.E.(Met.E.) 1005 Carpenter, Iron Mountain, Mich. Janice M. Hatchett B.Mus.(Mus.Ed-) 27 Esther, Pontiac, Mich. William A. Hatfield M.S.E.(C.E.) 1327 Reycraft Dr., Kalamazoo Charles A. Hattaway M.D. 16 Abbott Apts., East Lansing, Mich. Daniel F. Havens B.A. in Political Science 1017 S. Webster, Jackson, Mich. Norman E. Hawk B.S.E.(Ae.E-) 335 Marshall, Coldwater, Mich. Kenneth H. Hawks B.A. in Philosophy 716 Carver, Ypsilanti. Mich. Sarah M. Hayden B.S.D.Hyg 2518 Teel Ave., Lansing, Mich. Carolyn A. Hayes Cert, of Dental Hygiene 537 Detroit St., Ann Arbor, Mich. Ruth M. Hayward B.A.Ed, in Ele. Education 512 Woodcrcst, Royal Oak, Mich. Deleep K. Hazra M.S.E.(C.E.) Binod Mills, Ujjain. India Carolyn S. Healey B.S.Nurs. New York Rd., Lincoln Park, Mich. Priscilla A. Heft B.A.Ed, in Ele. Education 15790 Lindsay, Detroit, Mich. William C. Hein B.A. in Speech 3 Brooklinc, Dearborn, Mich. Valda A. Heine B.A. in German 1974 Pingree, Detroit, Mich. Charles W. Heirsch B.S. in Chemistry 337 W. Iroquois Rd., Pontiac, Mich. Ann L. Heizer B.A. in English 460 Harmon. Birmingham, Mich. Ruth E. Helfenbein B.A.Ed, in Ele. Education 611 Scottwood, Monroe, Mich. Carl B. Heller B.Arch. 7280 Forsyth Blvd., University City, Mo Nathalie M. Heller B A.Ed. 18700 Snowdcn. Detroit, Mich. Noreen Helliwell B.A.Ed, in Ele. Education 133 21 Glenficld, Detroit, Mich. Dolores J. Helman B.B.A. in Accounting 530 Thompson, Ann Arbor, Mich. 428 Gerald B. Helman LL.B. 530 Thompson, Ann Arbor, Mich. Barnett C. Helzberg, Jr. B.B.A. 6340 Wenonga Rd., Kansas City, Mo. Thomas C. Hemenger B.A. in English 623 St. Clair River Dr., Algonac, Mich. Kathleen J. Hendrickson B.A.Ed, in Elc. Education 2453 Radnor, Birmingham, Mich. Leland T. Henry M.D. 205 S. Second St., Apollo. Pa. Nancy A. Henry B.A.Ed, in Social Studies 1 1 Oakland Pk., Pleasant Ridge, Mich. N. Wandalie Henshaw B.A. in Speech 2443 Carpenter, Ann Arbor, Mich. Patricia A. Henshaw B.A. in English 16534 Stansbury, Detroit, Mich. Elissa B. Hepner B.A. in Music Lit. 2427 Aberdeen, Kalamazoo, Mich. Joel P. Hepner B.B.A. 2427 Aberdeen, Kalamazoo. Mich. Charles W. Herman B.B.A. in Accounting 46 Seventh St., Iron River, Mich. Lee B. Herman B.A. in Pre-Social Work 5532 S. Shore Dr., Chicago. 111. Janet D. Herringshaw 729 Woodfield, Jackson, Mich. Frederick C. Hertel 253 N. Porter. Elgin, 111. Richard M. Henvitt 7227 Sheridan Rd., Chicago, 111. Ann N. Hess 1601 E. Court St., Flint, Mich. B.S.Nurs. B.B.A. M.A. in Philosophy B.A.Ed. B.A. in Economics Charles F. Hetherington 91 Thorpe. Pontiac, Mich. Janette H. Hickey B.A.Ed, in Ele. Education Brianvood Av-e., Grand Rapids, Mich. Edwin H. Hicks M.B.A. in Accounting 13331 Hough Rd.. Allenton, Mich. Rosemary A. Hicks B.A. in Psychology Oak St., Birmingham, Mich. Natalie J. Higbee B.A. in English 429 E. Grand Blvd.. Detroit, Mich. Mildred F. Higgins B.A. in History 91 Christopher St., Montclair, N.J. Stephen H. Hill B.A. in Political Science 2121 Grand Concourse, New York. N.Y. Jerry L. Hil B.B.A. Box 2 1 1 , R.R. 1 , Richland, Mich. Neal H. Hillerman B.S.E.(Ae.E.) 602 Pershing Dr., Silver Spring, Md. Harry F. Hillnian M.S.E. 1501 Avondale. Ann Arbor, Mich. Nancy W. Hillnian M.A. in Psychology 1501 Avondale. Ann Arbor. Mich. Martha E. Himmelhoch B.A. in English 19220 Kingston Rd., Detroit, Mich. C. Northcott Hinman, Jr. M.D. 429 Ridgeway, St. Joseph. Mich. Carl B. Hinrichs K.S.I), v 431 S. Gulley Rd., Dearborn, Mich. Carl H. Hirsch B.S.E.(Ind.E.) 2563 Midland, Toledo, Ohio Sally Hirsch B.A.Ed. 1704 Reisterstown Rd., Pikesville, Md. Warren D. Hirschfield 2680 Bretby, Birmingham, Mich. Gilbert R. Hitchcock 417 Lincoln, Hart, Mich. James L. Hobart 901 Simcoe, Flint, Mich. Charles S. Hocking 3066 Keith Dr., Flint, Mich. B.S.E.(M.E.) B.S. in Chemistry B S. in Physics B.SE.(E.E.) 429 Mary A. Hockstad B.A. in Speech 319 N. Main, Ann Arbor, Mich. Richard W. Hodgman M.D. 608 Monroe, Ann Arbor, Mich. Ronald H. Hoeksema M.D. 742 Apple, Muskegon, Mich. George J. Hoekstra M.D. 724 Central, Holland, Mich. Kurt W. Hoenecke B. A. in Pre-Professional Spring St.. Plymouth, Mich. Alexandra Hoffman B.A. in Political Science 1206 N. Kenilworth Ave.. Oak Park, 111. Ann S. Hoffman B.S.D.Hyg. 983 Vernier Rd., Grosse Pointe, Mich. Gerhard E. Hoffmann B.S.E.(E.E.) 165 S. Roscvere, Dearborn, Mich. Wesley G. Hoffman B.A. in Rus ian Studies 801 Hilldale, Royal Oak, Mich. Caralee S. Hoffmeyer B.A.Ed. 6 N. Norwood, Hillsdale, Mich. Alan W. Holderness B.A. in Pre-Med. 135 E. Seventh, Hinsdale, 111. Nancy K. Hollowell B.A.Ed, in Elc. Education 1805 Pauline, Ann Arbor, Mich. Julia A. Hollyer B.Mus.( Organ) 14431 Artesian, Detroit. Mich. Kenneth L. Holm B Mus.(W.Inst-) 1611 N. Vernon Ave., Dearborn. Mich. Mary L. Holmes B.A.Ed, in Ele. Education 832 Rolling Pass, Glenview. 111. Duane R. Holt M.A. in School Administration 9557 Jeddo Rd., R.R. 2, Yale, Mich. Janet M. Holtz B.A.Ed, in Elc. Education 488 Lakeland. Grosse Pointe, Mich. Veranne Holtz B B.A. 15857 Evanston, Detroit, Mich. Margot E. Homburger B.A. in Sociology 2160 Fifth, Bay City, Mich. Arlene C. Honess B.A.Ed, in E!e. Education 444 S. Melborn, Dearborn, Mich. Clifford J. Hood M.D. 767 W. Maumee, Adrian. Mich. John L. Hornbach B.S.E.(C.E.) 438 Ethel S.E.. Grand Rapids, Mich. Herschel S. Horowitz D.D.S. 3025 Richton, Detroit, Mich. Harold H. Horwitz B.A. in Philosophy Honors 1022 Forest, Ann Arbor, Mich. Barbara J. Horwitz B.A. in Philosophy 1022 Forest, Ann Arbor, Mich. Jack A. Horwitz B.B.A. in Insurance 18687 Warrington Dr., Detroit, Mich. Lawrence B. Houck B.S.Pharm. 216 E. Front, Perrysburg, Ohio Beverly D. Houghton B.A. in Speech 18298 Indiana, Detroit, Mich. Jane T. Howard B.A. in English Comp. 615 Willow Rd., Winnetka. 111. Marilyn F. Howard B.A.Ed, in Special Education 1309 S. State, Ann Arbor, Mich. Nancy J. Howe B.A. in Social Studies 341 Orange St., Wyandott. Mich. James L. Howell B.S.E.(M.E.) 1207 Cornelia, Saginaw, Mich. Joan L. Howlett B.A. in English 104 E. Iroquois, Pontiac, Mich. Nancy C. Hoyt B.A.Ed, in Speech 735 Lakepointe, Grosse Pointe, Mich. Wei-Feng Huang B.S.E.(Nav.Arch.) Taipei, Formosa, China James D. Hubard, Jr. B.Mus.(Mus.Ed.) 214 87th St., Virginia Beach, Va. 430 f I 1 t f w m j Mary M. Hubbard 14800 Provost. Detroit, Mich. William C. Hubbard 1205 Maxinc, Flint, Mich. Wilfrid L. Hufton II 2546 Nolen Dr., Flint, Mich. Lois L. Hughes 14865 Ward, Detroit, Mich. B.A.Ed. M.D. B.A. in Economcis B.A. in English Lit. George D. Humenansky B.Mus. (Mus.Ed.) 337 S. Hamilton. Greensburg, Pa. Herbert E. Humphrey M.D. 845 E. Michigan, Marshall. Mich. Jack Hunt M.D. Box 123. Frazer, Colo. Elizabeth J. Hunter B.A. in French 25831 Salem. Huntington Woods, Mich. Patricia Hurt B.A.Ed, in Ele. Education 1112 Speedway, Corinth, Miss. Ruth M. Husted B.A. in English 1095 Greenvale, Akron. Ohio Elizabeth M. Hutchins M.A.L.S. 702 W. Washington St., Greenville, Mich. Gwendolyn K. Huttenga B.A. in Speech Correction 1708 Randolph, Muskegon, Mich. M. J. Ikola B.S.Nurs. 5216 33rd St.. Detroit. Mich. Roger A. Ikola M.D. 1438 University Terrace, Ann Arbor, Mich. Janet S. Her B.A.Ed, in Ele. Education 1010 Rose Ave., Ann Arbor, Mich. John A. Ingold M.D. 911 Henrietta, Birmingham, Mich. Minimi Inouye B.Arch. 46 Tenney Village, Ewa. T.H. Mary Ann Irvine B.A. in English Lit. Popham Rd., Scarsdale, N.Y. Jaffar A. Ismail! B.S.E.(C.E-) Erose Cinema Bldg., Lahore, Pakistan John W. Ison M.D. 16210 Griggs, Detroit, Mich. Harry Israel 465 Allwen Dr.. Dayton. Ohio David M. Jacobs 17301 Greenlawn. Detroit. Mich. David S. Jacobs 1011 Pauline. Ann Arbor, Mich. James P. Jacobs 1010 S. Division St., Whitehall, Mich. Raymond A. Jacobson 19345 Weyher, Livonia, Mich. Arthur L. Jaeger 3442 Richard. Ann Arbor, Mich. Carol D. Jaeger 1653 Cedar, Niles, Mich. Jakim Beatrice St.. Toronto. Ont., Can. B.A. in Pre-Dent. B.A. in English M.D. M.D. B.S.E.(M.E-) B.S.E.(M.E-) B.Mus. B.S.F. B.S.Des. Alice E. James 726 Weschester, Grosse Pointe. Mich. Nancy C. Jaquette B.A. in Interiors 2873 S. Abingdon St., Arlington, Va. Lois A. Jarnagin B.S.Nurs. 1 8974 Alcoy. Detroit, Mich. Joe A. Jefferis B.S.E.(M.E.) 323 E. Main, Greenville, Ohio Charles H. Jehle B.B.A. 7755 W. Morrow Circle, Dearborn. Mich. L. Lee Jenks B.A. in Sociology 1618 South Blvd., Ann Arbor, Mich. Judith C. Jennis B.A. in Fine Arts 20 Archbridge Lane, Springfield. N.J. Elsie C. Jensen B.A. in Political Science 814 Kanuga Dr., West Palm Beach, Fla. 431 Nels M. Jensen B.B.A. in Personnel 282 Hillcrest, Grosse Pointc Farms, Mich. Ellen R. Jepson B.A. in Speech 921 Joslin, Grand Rapids, Mich. Chung Y. Jeu B.S.E.(E.E-) 401 Fifth St., Greenville, Miss. Emily J. Jewell B.S.Med.Tech. 16540 Plainview, Detroit, Mich. Janet A. Jewell B.A. in English 2228 Hills St., Flint, Mich. Mary Jingozian B.A.Ed, in Social Studies Cherrylawn, Detroit, Mich. Jane H. Joachim B.A. in Speech Correction 656 Hawthorne, Grosse Pointe, Mich. Margaret A. Jock B.S. Phys. Therapy 1826 Mackin Rd., Flint, Mich. Elaine A. Johns B.B.A. 1111 Brooklyn Ave., Grand Rapids, Mich. Charles W. Johnson B.A. in History 124 Southland Ave., Ironwood, Mich. Dale H. Johnson B.S. in Zoology 4950 Lannoo, Detroit, Mich. Eleanor K. Johnson B.A. in Speech 348 Moran Rd., Grosse Pointc Farms, Mich. Gary R. Johnson M.B.A. in TV Administration 6389 Carpenter Rd., Ypsilanti, Mich. Gaye J. Johnson B.Mus. ( Mus.Ed. ) 4922 Labadie, St. Louis, Mo. George L. Johnson B.B.A. in Accounting 122 N. Curry St., Ironwood, Mich. Harold C. Johnson B.Mus. (Mus.Ed.) 120 Adams St., Caro, Mich. Jeannine A. Johnson B.A.Ed. 680 Church, Plymouth, Mich. Linnea C. Johnson B.A. in Pre- Professional Social Work 7000 S. Shore Dr., Chicago, 111. Frank N. Johnston M.B.A. in Real Estate 31 Arden Pk., Detroit, Mich. Richard C. Johnston B.B.A. 1208 Brooklyn, Ann Arbor, Mich. Aloysius F. Jones 1015 Catherine, Ann Arbor, Mich. Donald R. Jones R.R. 1, Box 462, Three Rivers, Mich. George B. Jones 20400 Stotter, Detroit, Mich. Kathleen L. Jones 2202 Thom, Flint, Mich. B.S.Des. B.S.F. B.S.E.fE.E.) B.A.Ed. M.S.E.(E.E.) Kelso Jones 4150 Bedford Dr., San Diego, Cal. Nanna E. Jones B.A. in English Lit. R.R. 5, Blackstone, Va. Richard A. Jones LL.B. 8206 Craig Ave., Overland, Kan. Richard D. Jones B.S.F. 322 W. Fourth, Benton, 111. Robert F. Jones B.A. in Journalism Stickney, Wauwatosa, Wis. Roland C. Jones B.A. in Speech 1731 Stark, Saginaw, Mich. Burr G. Joslin B.B.A. in Industrial Management 14450 Stahelin, Detroit, Mich. Richard C. Juberg M.D. 1488 Genesec St., Lapeer, Mich. Joyce S. Judson B.S.Des. 1928 Ridgewood Lane, Glcnview, 111. Marilyn L. Juffermans B.S.Nurs. 1844 Colfax Ave., Benton Harbor, Mich. Benjamin J. Jurcik B.B.A. in Accounting 1010 Oakland, South Bend, Ind. Michael G. Kadens B.A. in Political Science 419 Sheridan, Highland Park, 111. 432 George Kadian M.D. 7259 Whittaker, Detroit, Mich. Joan Kadri B.A. in Anthropology 2530 Holland, Bronx, N.Y. Suzanne M. Kaeppel B.A. in French 543 Forest, River Forest, 111. Janet F. Kahlenberg B Mus.(Mus.Ed.) 26th St., Two Rivers, Wis. Elinor R. Kahn B.A. in French 19 Clover St., Elizabeth, N.J. Carole E. Kaiser B.S.Nurs. 2680 Woodland Ct., Port Huron, Mich. Ann Kallis B.A.Ed. 507 W. Sixth Ave., Flint. Mich. George L. Kaltsounis B.A. in Psycho ' ogy 315 Birdsell, Jackson, Mich. Carl R. Kanihout B.S.Ed 1330 Columbus, Grand Haven, Mich. Mary A. Kane B.A. in English, Teacher ' s Cert. 5118 28th St., Detroit, Mich. Howard C. Kaplan B.A. in History 80 VanCortlandt Pk. S., New York. N.Y. H. David Kaplan B.A. in Journalism 440 Lenox Rd., Brooklyn, N.Y. Rajendra M. Kapoor M.S.E.(Ch.E.) 69 The Mall, Simla. India Ronald O. Kapp B.S. in Biology 4330 Nixon Rd., Ann Arbor, Mich. Hans J. Kardel B.B.A. 211 Pleasant, Charlotte, Mich. Joseph P. Karkut D.D.S. 4515 Freer, Detroit. Mich. Laura S. Karp B.A. in English 36 Raynor Ave., Mt. Vernon, N.Y. Koh Kasegawa M.A. in English Shimonamiki. Kawasaki, Japan Rose G. Kasrnan B.A.Ed. 324 E. Jefferson, Ann Arbor, Mich. Stanley B. Kail. -in M.D. 1418 Washington Heights. Ann Arbor, Mich. Judith A. Katz B.S.Nurs. 6547 Walnut Ave., Pennsauken, N.J. Nina C. Katz B.A.Ed. 1 82 1 1 Santa Rosa Dr., Detroit. Mich. Carol L. Kauffman B.A. in Speech 3571 Trauer Rd. , Shaker Heights, Ohio Joseph A. Kaufman B.B.A. 18062 Washburn, Detroit, Mich. Merrill L. Kaufman B.S.E.flnd.E.) 433 Rawling St., Washington C.H.. Ohio Joan M. Kavanaugh B.S.D.Hyg. 242 N. Madison, Bay City. Mich. Chester J. Kay B.A. in Pre-Med. 65-45 Utopia Parkway, Fresh Meadows. N.Y. James F. Kearful B.A. in History 2815 Mackinaw St., Saginaw, Mich. Shirley A. Keen B.A.Ed, in Ele. Education 2895 Overridge, Ann Arbor, Mich. Walter F. Keitzer M.D. 293 Castle Blvd., Akron, Ohio Jerry E. Kelleher M.B.A. 559 Dickerson, Detroit. Mich. Lawrence G. Keller B.A. in Speech 29237 Rosemont, Detroit, Mich. John T. Kelsey B.A. in Economics 3669 Cumberland, Berkley. Mich. Margie J. Kempe B.A. in English 1701 E. Stadium, Ann Arbor. Mich. Janet E. Kendrick B.A. in History 1717 Shadford, Ann Arbor. Mich. Hugh W. Kennedy B.A. in Spanish 2804 Whitehall. Muskegon. Mich. 433 Stanley O. Kennedy B.S. in Physics 731 Haven St., Pickford, Mich. Jill D. Kent B.A.Ed. 8886 E. Outer Dr., Detroit, Mich. Edwin C. Kcrr M.D. 16603 Sunderland, Detroit. Mich. Johnny F. Kerr M.A. in English R.R. 2, Lake City, Ark. Gloria J. Kerry D.D.S. 726 Westchester Rd., Grosse Pointe, Mich. Robert L. Kerry M.D. 209 Observatory, Ann Arbor, Mich. Lawrence K. Kersten B.Arch. 12096 Wilshire, Detroit, Mich. Beverly E. Kersting B A.Ed, in Ele. Educa ' ion 1119 E. Laurelton Parkway, West Englewood, N.J. Agnes M. Kesler B.S.P.H.N. 1517 N. Wilber St., South Bend, Ind. Gerald E. Kessle B.A. in Economics 215 Mt. Hope PI., New York, N.Y. Maxine N. Kessler B.A. in English Honors 2752 Boston, Detroit, Mich. Robert L. Ketzenberger M.A. in German 211 N. Washington St., Ypsilanti, Mich. Frederic I. Keywell B.A. in Pre-Law 19944 Roslyn, Detroit, Mich. Roger G. Kidston B.A., LL.B. 1 107 W. Ann Arbor Trail, Plymouth, Mich. Harold M. Kiefer B.S.Des. 14430 Archdale, Detroit, Mich. Norman W. Kiel B.S. Wood Tech. 2700 Wyoming, Grand Rapids, Mich. Virginia C. Kiel B.A. in English 2700 Wyoming Ave., Grand Rapids, Mich. Mary Lou Kierdorf B.A.Ed, in Elc. Education 4380 Bedford, Detroit, Mich. Alfred I. Kiesell M.D 1021 Church St.. Ann Arbor, Mich. Ruth A. Kiessel B.A.Ed, in Social Studies Lake Leelanau, Mich. John L. Kihm M.D. 114 N. Thaver, Ann Arbor, Mich. Bernard Kimmel M.D. 520 S. Pleasant, Royal Oak, Mich. Cathy E. King B.A. in History 13967 Greenview, Detroit, Mich. Donald A. King B.A. in History 5423 Delaware. Los Angeles, Cal. Kenneth M. King, Jr. B.S.E. ( M.E. ) 646 Pingree, Detroit, Mich. Roger F. Kinnear B.B.A. 448 Hollywood, Monroe, Mich. Lawrence M. Kinstle D.D.S. 405 E. Commerce St., Milford, Mich. Mildred M. Kintigh Cert, of Dental Hygiene 2549 Parkwood Ave., Ann Arbor. Mich. William O. Kirker B.S. in Pre-Med. Westmoorland, Ypsilanti, Mich. Donald L. Kirkpatrick B.S.E. (M.E.) 1721 Pauline, Ann Arbor. Mich. Jack F. Kirsch B.S. in Physics 7009 Curtis, Detroit. Mich. Robert N. Kitchen M.D. 332 Maynard St., Ann Arbor, Mich. Peter N. Kivy B.A. in Philosophy 263 West End Ave., New York, N.Y. Nancy A. Klang B.A.Ed, in Ele. Education 1967 Jiroch, Muskegon, Mich. Warren Kleeman B.S.E. (ME.) 212 West 99th St., New York, N.Y. Dorothy A. Klein B.A. in French 161 Wolcott Rd., Chestnut Hill, Mass. 434 Ernest Klein B.B.A. 4228 Sturtevant, Detroit, Mich. Shirley B. Klein B.A. in English 2016 Douglass, Louisville, Ky. Carol A. Klick B.A. in Political Science 8106 E. Jefferson, Detroit, Mich. Murray G. Kling M.D. 21830 Sussex. Oak Park, Mich. Herbert H. Klinker B.A. in Economics 12416 Philomene, Allen Park. Mich. Frances M. Klinkman B.S.Nurs. 1315 S. Milwaukee. Jackson, Mich. Jules E. Kliot B.Arch. 1591 E. 47th St., Brooklyn, N.Y. Alden J. Klomparens B.S.E.(M.E.) R.R. 1, Holland, Mich. Marilyn J. Klomparens B.A.Ed. 1905 Broadcrest, Jackson, Mich. Julie T. Klopfenstein B.S.Nurs. 567 Montcalm, Pontiac, Mich. Barbara J. Knapp B.A.Ed, in Social Science Whitcomb, Detroit, Mich. Kenneth D. Knapp B.B.A. 215 W. 15th St., Traverse City. Mich. Allan Knee B.A. in English Miami Beach, Fla. David H. Knickerbocker B.S.E.(C.E.) 429 W. Middle, Chelsea. Mich. Henry V. Knight M.S.E. 9743 Brookville, Plymouth, Mich. James D. Kn : pp B.S.E.(Ch.E.) 1415 Midland Rd.. Bay City, Mich. David E. Knittle B.S.E.(M.E.) 12610 Strathmoor, Detroit. Mich. Peter Knoblock B.A.Ed. 170 Broadway, Passaic, N.J. Robert Knutson B.A. 51 1 Greenridge Dr., Comstock Park. Mich. Clara A. Kobza B.A.Ed, in Social Studies 2145 Leahy, Muskegon Heights, Mich. Donald J. Koch B.A. in Pre-Law 550 Harriet St., Flint, Mich. Richard J. Kocon D.D.S. 8265 Cade Rd., Brown City, Mich. Margaret G. Koehler B.A.Ed, in Ele. Education 729 Barrington, Grosse Pointe. Mich. Paul M. Koehn B.S.E.(Ch.E ) 916 Lincoln, Adrian, Mich. William S. Koepke, Jr. B.A. in Economics 917 Sparrow Ave.. Lansing, Mich. Richard P. Koester B.B.A. in Accounting 71 1 52nd St., Des Moines, Iowa Shoichi Kohatsu M.D. 2727 Huapala St.. Honolulu, T.H. John S. Kolbow B.A. in Economics 420 E. Portage, Sault Ste Marie, Mich. Dale R. Kollman M.D. 19400 Ralston, Detroit. Mich. Stephen A. Konz B.S.E.flnd.E.), M.B.A. 26 Bellaire Ct., Appleton, Wis. Diane L. Koppin B.A. in English 18225 Coral Gables, Birmingham. Mich. Sally R. Kornwise B.A. in English 3267 Cortland, Detroit, Mich. Barbara J. Kostoff B.A. in Sociology 2425 N. Broad, Galesburg, 111. Harold R. Kostoff M.D. 434 West St., Lansing, Mich. Sureshchandra C. Kothari M.S.E. (Ch.E.) 182 Dady Seth Agiary Lane, Bombay, India Stephen J. Kovacik B.A. in Political Science 1326 35th St., Munster, Ind. 435 John M. Koval B.A. in Political Science 19355 Goulburn, Detroit, Mich. Janet S. Kramer B.A.Ed, in Ele. Education Hudson, Royal Oak, Mich. Paul M. Kramer B.A. in Political Science 85 Rockland Ave., Yonkers, N.V. Cynthia L. Krans B.A. in Pre-Law R.R. 1, Iron River, Mich. Morton E. Krasner B B A 1202 Bland, Flint, Mich. Charles F. Krausse M D 1702 Geddes Ave., Ann Arbor, Mich. Charles F. Krawec M D 19230 Mitchell, Detroit, Mich. John A. Kremski M.D. 418 S. Division, Ann Arbor, Mich. Eugene F. Kreuzberger B.S.E.(M E ) 2770 Holland, Saginaw, Mich. Herbert I. Kriekstein B.A. in Pre-Med 321 Hyde Park Dr., Hamilton. Ohio Norman N. Krieger M D R.R. 2, Watervliet, Mich. Royce L. Kriewall B.S.E.(E.E.) 508 S. Dewitt, Bay City, Mich. Sidney S. Kripke M D 3647 Douglas Rd., Toledo, Ohio Edith M. Kristofferson B.S.D.Hyg. 844 Garden, Manistique, Mich. Don R. Krohn M D 12121 Olga, Detroit, Mich. Charles E. Kroll B.S.E.(Ae.E., Math.) 4884 Center, Millington, Mich. Marc R. Kromelow B.A. in History 7031 Bennett, Chicago, 111. Edwin H. Kroon M.D. 1117 Granger, Ann Arbor, Mich. Joseph D. Kroon M.D. 722 Spring, Ann Arbor, Mich. Ralph E. Kroy B.S.E.(M.E.) 16204 Ohio, Detroit. Mich. Paul H. Krueger B.Arch., B.S.L.Arch. 154 W. Irwin, Bad Axe, Mich. Charles L. Kruger B.A. in Economics Hayward, Wisconsin JoAnn R. Kruse B.A.Ed. 454 Third, Manistee, Mich. James M. Kruthers B.S.E. 4883 Maple, Dearborn, Mich. John M. Kuchka 337 Washington. Berwick, Pa. Thomas R. Kuehl 113 Fourth St., Neenah, Wis. Elsie S. Kuffler 18914 Santa Barbara, Detroit, Mich. Lionel V. Kuran 4255 Washtenaw, Ypsilanti, Mich. B.A. in Sociology B.S.F. B.A. in English M.D. B.A.Ed. Loretta C. Kurtz 159 Central Parkway, Mt. Vernon, N.Y. Nancy C. Kurtz B.A. in Fine Arts 2899 Brighton Rd., Shaker Heights, Ohio Diane M. Kuse B.S. in Speech Therapy 1901 W. Lane Ave., Columbus, Ohio Peter O. Kussurelis B.B.A. 611 N. Main St., Ann Arbor, Mich. Joan E. Kustodowich B.S.Ed, in Phys. Education 5330 Pontiac Rd., Ann Arbor, Mich. J. Daniel Kutt B.S. in Pre-Professional 1085 Kings Highway, Lincoln Park, Mich. Frieda H. Kuyat B.S.Nurs. Hillandale Rd., Sodus, Mich. King-Chiu Kwan B.S.Phann. 8 Shouson Hill Rd., Hong Kong, China 436 Harold A. Kwast M.D. 441 S. Second, Ann Arbor, Mich. Lou A. Kwiker B.B.A. 18675 Pennington Dr., Detroit, Mich. Paul M. Ladas B.A. in Economics 86 Hamilton. Muskegon, Mich. David L. Laing B.A. in Economics 931 Oakwood, Ortonville, Mich. John C. Lanipkin M.D. Saranac, Mich. Mary M. Lancaster B.Mus. (Piano) 8 Sunnywood Dr.. Westfield, N.J. John L. Landeryou B.A. in Social Studies 418 S. Fayette, Saginaw, Mich. Gordon E. Landsburg M.B.A. Sandusky, Mich. Lynne K. Landwirtin B.S.Des. 300 N. University. Peoria, 111. Joyce E. Lane B.A.Ed. 18461 Salem, Detroit, Mich. Margaret L. Lane B.A. in Social Studies 1334 Alexander S.E., Grand Rapids, Mich. Regina J. Pawlowski B.S.Nurs. 7130 Bingham, Dearborn. Mich. Marilyn K. Larkin B.S.Nurs. 7 1 1 Gratiot Ave., Alma, Mich. Donald F. Larson B.S. in Pre-Professional 724 Garden Ave., Manistique, Mich. Paul R. Larson M.D. 5049 N. Damen, Chicago, 111. Constance A. LaRue B.A. in Speech 15368 Griggs, Detroit, Mich. Carol J. Larwin B.A. in Spanish 1323 Whittier, Grosse Pointe Park. Mich. Robert J. Lathers B.S.P.H. 4 Marshall Ct., Ann Arbor, Mich. Gerry A. Laube B.A. in Psychology 12989 Lake, Lakewood, Ohio Gilbert L. Lavey B.B.A. in Accounting 207 E. Morrell, Jackson, Mich. Fern B. Law 434 Market. Bloomsburg, Pa. Po. O. Law 534 Hill St., Ann Arbor. Mich. Marjorie A. Lawrence Geddes Heights, Ann Arbor, Mich. Paul D. Lay B.S.E.(E.E 2820 Pittsfield Blvd., Ann Arbor, Mich. B.Mus. (Voice) B.S.E.(C.E.) B.A. in Fine Arts Maxine A. Lazar B.A. in English Lit. 116 E. Mosholu Parkway, New York, N.Y. Sylvia J. Leach B.A.Ed., in Ele. Education 18611 Barlow, Detroit, Mich. Martin L. Lee M.D. 18272 Santa Barbara, Detroit, Mich. Owen D. Lee B.A. in Speech 6932 Hartwell, Dearborn. Mich. Nancy A. Leffingwell B.A. in Spanish 360 Fairmount N.E., Warren, Ohio Ellen A. Leinonen B.S. in Prc-Professional 416 Pearl, Ypsilanti, Mich. Alan E. Leland B.B.A. in Real Estate 3809 Glencoe Dr., Mountain Brook, Ala. Charles N. Lemeh M.D. Box 20, Orlo, Niseria Francis J. LeMire B.S. in Phys. Education Newaygo, Mich. Ann J. Lenard B.A.Ed, in Ele. Education 3448 Byrd, Dearborn, Mich. Helene E. Lenz B.A. in German 43-50 172 St., Flushing, N.Y. John B. Leonard, Jr. B.S.E.(M.E.) 16820 Prevost, Detroit, Mich. 437 Stuart G. Lernian B.A. in English 2406 Euclid Ave., Syracuse, N.Y. Nancy L. Lester B.A. in Social Science 6 44 Indiana Dr., Howell, Mich. Stanley R. Levenson B.A. in Journalism 44 W. River Alto Dr., Miami Beach, Fla. Sylvia E. Levi B.A. in Social Work 265 Ward St., Newton Centre, Mass. Gilbert Levin B.A. in Philosophy 21841 Sussex, Oak Park, Mich. Joan E. Levin B.A. in English Lit. 144-16 70th Ave., Flushing, N.Y. Paul D. Levin M.D. 19481 Canterbury Rd., Detroit, Mich. David Y. Levine B.A. in English 172 Mountain Way. Morris Plains, N.J. Lawrence E. Levine B.A. in Pre-Law 56 Ripplewater Ave., Massapcqua, N.Y. Joann G. Levitt M.D. 176 Cottage Lane, Ann Arbor, Mich. June E. Levinson B.A. in English Lit. 292 Passaic Ave., Nutley, N.J. Janet Levy B.A. in English 18205 Wildemere, Detroit. Mich. Susan Levy B.A. in Fine Arts 85 Arundel PI., St. Louis, Mo. James L. Lewis, Jr. M.A. in Mathematics 810 Woodword Ave., Alma, Mich. John E. Lewy B.A. in Pre-Med. 5510 Hyde Park, Chicago, 111. Frank J. Lexa, Jr. M.B.A. in Finance 1837 S. Austin, Cicero, 111. Norman B. Libman B.B.A. 4980 Marine Dr., Chicago, 111. Carole J. Lichterman B.A. in Music 660 Whitmore Rd., Detroit, Mich. Laurence J. Lieberman B.A. in English 19434 Ilene, Detroit, Mich. Todd D. Lief B.A. in English 462 Woodlawn, Glencoe. 111. I, eons V. Liepa M.S.E.(E.E-) 5153 N. Westnedge, Kalamazoo, Mich. Gloria A. Lightstone B.S.Des. 18714 Ohio, Detroit, Mich. Claire A. Lilja B.A. in Russian 712 Washtenaw. Ypsilanti, Mich. Kathleen M. Lilja B.A. in Fine Arts Linton, N.D. Lian-Kai Lim 126 Gotamco, Pasay, P.I. Paula J. Limberg 75 Bellerive Acres, St. Louis, Mo. Dominica A. Limburg 346 Euclid Ave., Kenmore, N.Y. Pershing C. Lin 1 108 W. 39th PL, Los Angeles. Calif. B.S.E.(M.E.) B.S. in Bacteriology B.S.P.H.N. B.Arch Howard D. Linders B.S.E.(C.E.) 1 17 Remine St., Kalamazoo, Mich. Ambrose A. Lipinski B.S.Pharm. 994 Seventh Yuma, Arizona Howard M. Lipsey B.A. in Economics 624 S. Spring, La Grange, 111. Bernard Lis B.S.E.(Ind.E.) 18680 Santa Rosa, Detroit, Mich. James E. List M.D. 513 Elm, Ann Arbor, Mich. John P. Littia B.A. in Economics 1708 Embury Rd., Kalamazoo, Mich. Robert L. Littman B.A. in History 2107 Oakman Blvd., Detroit, Mich. Ward B. Litton M D 1203 Edna, Grand Rapids, Mich. 438 Jack A. Litwin M.D. 301 N. State, Ann Arbor, Mich. Ada A. Livesey B.S.Nurs. 941 Lincoln Dr., Great Falls, Mont. ChuchC. Lo B.S.E.(C.E.) Macau, China Mona L. Lo B.S.Des. 128 Kennedy Rd., Hong Kong, China Oleg Lobanov-Rostovsky B.A. in Pre-Law 1135 Lincoln, Ann Arbor, Mich. David H. Lobdell M.D. 3591 Oakman, Detroit, Mich. Robert W. Lockhart B.Arch. 403 N. Pleasant St.. Montpelier, Ohio Nancy A. Loeprich B.S.Nurs. 1 1 15 St. Glair St., Port Huron, Mich. Carl C. Loesberg B.A. in History 202 Osborne Terrace, Newark, N.J. John L. London M.D. 408 Cottage. Olivet, Mich. Walter A. Long B.Arch. 1665 Pagel, Lincoln Park, Mich. Suzanne R. Longpre B.A.Ed. 2212 McKinley. Bay City, Mich. Bruce A. Loomis B.Mus.(Mus.Ed.) 309 N. Chestnut, Jefferson. Ohio Patricia A. Loraw B.A.Ed, in Ele. Education 45 Farrawa Park, Highland Park, Mich. Hilda M. Lorenc B.S.Nurs. R.R. 1. Blenheim, Ont., Can. James W. Lowell M.D. 15005 Faust, Detroit, Mich. Guillermo Lozano B.S.E.(M.E.) Carrera 5 57-79. Bogota, Colombia Susan Lozowick B.A. in Political Science, Teacher ' s Cert. 415 W. Aldine Ave., Chicago, 111. Peter S. Lucyshyn B.S.E.(E.E.) R.R. 3. Homer, Mich. Robert A. Luecke B.S.E.(Ch.E.) 210 Grove, Standish. Mich. William M. Lukash M.D. 42-49 Ninth St., Ecorse. Mich. Earl H. Lundin, Jr. B.B.A. 88 Hartsdale Ave., White Plains, N.Y. Gail T. I .midst mm B. Music (Mus. Lit.) 230 Arbutus, Manistiquc, Mich. Aaron M. Lutz B.A. in Psychology 306 E. Madison, Ann Arbor, Mich. Helene R. Lutz B.A. in Spech Correction 306 E. Madison, Ann Arbor, Mich. Sally J. Lutz B. Mus. (Piano) 28804 Drake, Farmington, Mich. Elizabeth M. Lydens B.A.Ed. 627 Alger, Grand Rapids, Mich. Michael A. Lynch B.A. in English 440 Winthrop, Toledo, Ohio Harold W. Lynde, Jr. B.S. in Geology 7 Alden Place, Maplewood, N.J. James E. Lynn B.B.A. 19 N. Broad. Canfield, Ohio Stephen M. MacArthur B.A. in Pre-Law 107 W. McKay St., Saline, Mich. Richard D. Macauley B.A. in Journalism 1008 Michigan, Ann Arbor, Mich. Ellen A. Macdonald B.S.Nurs. 370 Pleasant, Birmingham, Mich. William H. Macfarland B.B.A. in Finance 88 Bidewell Ave., Toronto, Canada Geoffrey C. MacGlashan B.B.A. 395 Rivard, Grosse Pointe, Mich. Robert R. MacKenzie B.A. in Economics 1303 E. Washington, South Bend, Ind. 439 Roland A. MacKenzie D.D S 209 N. Melborn, Dearborn, Mich. Gail L. Macklin Cert, of Dental Hygiene 2233 Godwin Ave. S.E., Grand Rapids, Mich. Robert K. MacLachlan M.S.E.(E.E.) 202 S. Grinnell St., Jackson, Mich. Charles A. MacLean M.B.A. 1371 Bedford, Grosse Pointe Park, Mich. Ross B. MacNab B.S. in Phys. Education 27 Curatteau, Montreal, Que., Can. Ellen S. MacPherson B.S.Nurs. 400 N. Fullerton Ave., Upper Montcair, N.J. Jean C. MacRae B.A.Ed, in English 11636 Terry. Detroit. Mich. Janice MacVaugh B.A. in English 525 Spring Ave.. Elkins Park. Philadelphia, Pa. B.S. in Zoology Arthur Maczei 509 Sixth St., Alpena, Mich. Janet Madg;y 2969 Richton, Detroit, Mich. Carole A. Magee R.R. 4, Coldwatcr. Mich. Raymond E. Maginn B.S. in Chemistry 8078 Clarence, Goodrich, Mich. B.A.Ed. B.S. in Mathematics Don P. Mahoney B.B.A. 220 W. Fourth Ave., Cheyenne. Wyo. Carle D. Maier B.A. in English 10848 Longwood. Chicago, 111. Harris W. Mainster B.S. in Zoology 1945 Vyse Ave., New York, N.Y. Mrrritt W. Major D.D.S. 642 Clarendon, Sheridan, Wyo. Themistocles L. Majoros B.B.A. 4290 Dirki-r Rd., Saginaw, Mich. Paul D. Maker B.S. E.( Phys., Math.) 5515 Cadieux, Detroit. Mich. Jane A. Maihofer B.A.Ed, in Ele. Education 17392 Santa Rosa, Detroit, Mich. Ronald A. Malis B.S.E.(E.E.) 9153 E. Outer Dr., Detroit, Mich. Paddie L. Malloy B.A. in English 3450 W. Chicago Blvd., Apt. 202, Detroit, Mich. Paul B. Malloy M.B.A. 1751 Brockway, Saginaw, Mich. Sylvia P. Malott B.S.Nurs. Main St., Northville. Mich. Jerome F. Mancewicz M.D. 824 Valley Ave. N.W., Grand Rapids. Mich. Earl S. Mandel B.A. in History 18714 Santa Rosa, Detroit, Mich. Arjan T. Manghirmalani B.S.E.(M.E.) Marine Dr., Bombay, India Leonard H. Manheim B.A.Ed, in English 3600 E. 154th St.. Cleveland, Ohio Naresh M. Maniar B.S.E.(Nav.Arch.) Garden House, Dadyseth Second Cross Lane, Bombay India Steve G. Manikas B.S. in Pre-Med. 306 S. Huron, Ypsilanti, Mich. S. Victor Manzo B.A. in History 18108 Goulburn. Detroit, Mich. Grace R. Margoles B.S.Ed, in Special Education Hill St., Highland Park, 111. Julius S. Margoles M.D. 12325 Littlefield, Detroit, Mich. Edward Marks B.A. in Political Science 448 2 N. Ogden, Los Angeles, Cal. Naomi Marks B.S.Ed, in Ele. Education 2832 Washington Blvd., Cleveland Heights, Ohio Gordon J. Mars B.A. in Spech 15492 Turner, Detroit, Mich. Donald R. Marsh M.A. in Economics 3110 Fifth Ave., Beaver Falls, Pa. 440 Karl E. Marsh B.A. in History 33 Wiltshire, Battle Creek. Mich. Isabel J. Martin B.A.Ed, in Elc. Education 510 W. Fifth St.. Rochester, Mich. Mary J. Martin B.S.Nurs. Overlook Dr.. Pittsburgh, Pa. Jerry A. Martinson B.S. in Biology 440 DeVillcn, Royal Oak, Mich. Irene A. Martyniuk B.S. Pharm. 26 Main, Grimsby, Ont., Can. Diego A. Maruri B.A. in Economics Imbabura 102, Guayaquil, Ecuador William A. Marx B.S.E.(C.E.) 4103 Bluebush Rd., Monroe, Mich. Mario A. Mascarenhas M.S.E.(C.E.) Rua Duarte Pacheco, Cid Adedegoa. Portuguese. India Ernest T. Mashiyama B.S. in Chemistry 3383 14th, Detroit, Mich. Richard S. Maslowski B.S.E.(E.E.) 12036 Gallagher. Hamtramck. Mich. Donald L. Mason B.A. in History 3044 Temple. Muskegon Heights. Mich. George E. Mason B.A. in Pre-Law Riga. Mich. Helen J. Matekel B.A. in Political Science Trenary, Mich. Constance M. Matyniak B.A. in Speech Correction 20420 Marx. Detroit, Mich. Harold E. Maude D.D.S. 401 Roland St., Grossc Pointe. Mich. Howard M. May B.B.A. in Accounting 1 342 Hillcrest, Bartlesville, Okla. Theodore C. May croft M.D. 910 State, Brighton, Mich. William R. McAfee B.A. in Zoology Lexington House, Scarsdale, N.Y. Margot McAuliffe B.A. in English 4 Peter Cooper Rd., New York. N.Y. Amy A. McAvity B.A. in French 21 Huguenot Dr.. Larchmont, N.Y. Paddy A. McBride B.A.Ed, in Ele. Education 994 Liberty, Lapeer. Mich. Michael P. McCarthy B.A. in Economics 2426 Maplewood, Royal Oak, Mich. Jean E. McCaskey B.A. in Political Science 1062 Tenth St., Lorain, Ohio Edward R. McCliment B.S.E. ( Phys.) 4647 Lenox, Detroit, Mich. Edith L. McCIusky B.A.Ed, in Science 1421 W. Liberty, Ann Arbor. Mich. Margaret S. McCord B.S.Nurs. 12652 Ohio. Detroit, Mich. Suzanne M. McCotter B.A. in English, Teacher ' s Cert. Michigan League. Ann Arbor, Mich. Ernest E. McCracken B.B.A. 25931 Powers. Farmington. Mich. Ronald K. McCreight B.B.A. in Industrial Relations 2520 Di%-ision St.. Port Huron. Mich. Elizabeth W. McDonald B.A. in English 14383 Prevost, Detroit, Mich. Daniel L. McGough B.S.E.(Ae.E.) 510 Benjamin S.E., Grand Rapids, Mich. George R. McGovern M.D. 2513 Walnut Blvd., Ashtabula, Ohio John D. McGrae, Jr. 252 Moran, Grosse Pointe, Mich. James M. McGuire 401 Oakland Ave., Charleroi, Pa. Jean M. McGuire 402 Argonne Dr., Kenmore, N.Y. Harry B. Mclntosh 302 W. Lake, South Lyon, Mich. M.D. B.A. in History B.S.P.H.N. D.D.S. Ill V Richard P. McKellar B.A.Ed, in Speech 790 25th St., Detroit, Mich. Paul E. McKelvey B.B.A. in Marketing 3527 Cornell, Dearborn, Mich. John M. McKenna D.D.S. 241 2 Illinois, Flint, Mich. Marjorie E. McKenzie B.S.Nurs. Seymour Rd., Montrose, Mich. Judy V. McKnight B.A. in English 426 Morse St., Coldwater, Mich. Robert L. McMasters B.B.A. 1931 N. Connecticut, Royal Oak, Mich. Donald C. McNaught B.S.Fisheries 762 W. Oakridge, Ferndale, Mich. Joyce K. McPhail B.S.Nurs. 8674 Hennepin Ave., Niagara Falls, N.Y. B.S. in Pre-Med. B.A. in Geography G. Edgar Meads 41 Dennison, Oxford, Mich. Robert N. Mecklenburg 801 Sylvan, Ann Arbor, Mich. Paul Medura B.B.A. in Marketing 22110 Westhampton, Oak Park, Mich. Julia E. Medvezky B.A.Ed. 314 Hill, Bay City, Mich. Hermine M. Meeter B.A. in History 90 Demarest Ave., Englewood, N.J. Harriet R. Meiss B.A. in Anthropology Ford Rd., Woodbridge, Conn. Mariam I. Melchiori B.S.Nurs. 325 16th St., Stambaugh, Mich. Judith K. Menzies B.S.Nurs. 734 Linden, East Lansing, Mich. Gordon R. Merritt B.Arch. 14521 Artesian, Detroit, Mich. Robert C. Messner B.S. in Pre-Professional 308 McKinley, Grosse Pointe, Mich. Carolyn A. Meyer B.S.Nurs. R.R. 2, Box 218, Benton Harbor, Mich. James C. Meyer B.S. in Zoology 1839 Union Blvd., Grand Rapids. Mich. Richard A. Meyer B.S.E.(Math., Phys.) Orchard Lake Rd., Farmington, Mich. Alvin B. Michado B.S. in Pre-Med. 2746 Clements, Detroit. Mich. Gary L. Michaelson B.S. in Chemistry Montpelier, Idaho Thomas J. Michalski B.Arch. 134 Douglas, Waukesha, Wis. Douglas A. Middleton B.A. in Speech 914 E. Ludington, Ludington, Mich. James E. Midgley B.S.E.(M.E., Math., Phys.) 623 W. 67th St., Kansas City, Mo. Harry C. Mighim D.D.S 79 Miller, Mt. Clemens, Mich. Gerald L. Miley B.S.E.(C.E.) G-1482 Alberta, Flint, Mich. Barbara A. Millbrook B.A. in Psychology 3150 John R. Rd., Rochester, Mich. Allene R. Miller B.A.Ed, in Ele. Education 19620 Roslyn Rd., Detroit, Mich. Archie W. Miller M.D. 1017 Arbor View, Ann Arbor, Mich. Audrey D. Miller B B A 1164 Stratford Rd., Schenectady, N.Y. Bernadine H. Miller Remus, Mich. Bettc L. Miller Pearl, Springport, Mich. Eugene D. Miller 16503 Huntington, Detroit, Mich. Glenwood I. Miller B.A. in Economics 9430 Lakepointe, Detroit, Mich. 442 Cert, of Dental Hygiene B.S.Nurs. B.S.E.(C.E.) John J. Miller B.B.A. In Finance 155 Highland, Wadsworth. Ohio Marilyn A. Miller B.A. in Social Studies 1181 Torrey, Grosse Pointe, Mich. Mary G. Miller B.A. in History 2116 Corunna Rd., Flint, Mich. Maurice C. Miller B.S.E. (Ch.E., Math.) 256 S. Main, Vassar, Mich. Nina F. Miller B.A. in Psychology Amity Rd.. Woodbridge, Conn. Shirley J. Miller B.A.Ed. 2333 Parkwood, Ann Arbor. Mich. Theodore A. Miller D.D.S. 4105 17th St. N.W., Washington, D.C. Louise H. Milligan B.A. in Political Science Woods Ave., Lincoln. Neb. Richard A. Mills B.A. in Philosophy 1662 South Ridge W.. Ashtabula, Ohio Thomas J. Mills, Jr. B.A. in Russian Studies 1064 Wcstwood, Birmingham, Mich. Kenneth H. Misar B.S.E.(M.E., Ind.E.) 38 Sherwood, Tenafly, N.J. Lois A. Mishelow B.A. in Sociology 5443 N. Berkley Blvd., Milwaukee, Wis. Ara M. Missakian B.S.E.(M.E.) 7 Avenue 26 of July. Cairo, Egypt Donald D. Mitchell B.B.A. 18839 Quentin. Birmingham, Mich. Ralph D. Mitchell B.A. in English 121 W. Chicago, Buchanan, Mich. Sue A. Mitchell B.A. in English 900 W. Oliver St.. Owosso, Mich. Charles H. Mitts B.A. in English 1115 S. University, Apt. 1, Ann Arbor. Mich. Carolyn B. Moeller B.A.Ed, in Ele. Education 125 Lockwood, Saginaw, Mich. Dale Mohr B.S.E.(M.E-) 3670 96th Ave., Zeeland, Mich. Sarv D. Mongia B.S.E. ( M.E., Ind.E. ) 81 Kaka Nagar, New Delhi. India Robert W. Monroe, Jr. B.S.E. (E.E.) 1318 Washington Rd., Pittsburgh, Pa. Stephen B. Monroe B.S.Des. 204 Grandview, Kalamazoo, Mich. Charles V. Mooers M.D. 419 N. Home Ave., Avalon, Pittsburgh, Pa. F. Patricia Mooney B.S.Pharm. 16636 Ardmore, Detroit, Mich. Frank E. Moore B.S. in Geology 3515 Darlington Rd. N.W., Canton, Ohio Fred W. Moore B.S. in Chemistry 908 Fraser, Bay City, Mich. James A. Moore B.A. in History 1290 Levant, Jackson. Mich. Joseph E. Moore B.B.A. 17628 Avon Rd.. Detroit, Mich. James L. Moore B.Mus. (Mus.Ed.) 805 N. Elm Ave., Jackson. Mich. Kenneth B. Moore B.A. in Journalism 2717 Circle Dr., Flint, Mich. Naomi N. Moore B.S.D.Hyg. 3017 Fullerton, Detroit. Mich. Margaret A. Moreland B.A.Ed, in Ele. Education 1164 Harvard. Grosse Pointe, Mich. David C. Morgan B.A. in English 787 Vinewood, Birmingham, Mich. Gershom C. Morningstar B.A. in Pre-Med. 1167 Fischer Dr., Saginaw, Mich. Marilyn A. Morris B.A. in English 225 W. Maplehurst. Ferndale, Mich. Margaret A. Morrow B.S.Nurs. 130th Ave., Nunica, Mich. 441 Dan F. Morse Box 60, Peoria, 111. Robert R. Mortenson 3117 Norwood Dr., Flint, Mich. Gerald L. Moss 340 N. Madison St., Marshall. Mich. Ruth M. Mossner B.A. in History R.R. 1, Frankenmuth. Mich. B.A. in Anthropology B.S.E.(C.E-) B.S.E.(Met.E.) Louise B. Mosteller B.A.Ed. 3495 W. Outer Dr., Detroit, Mich. Annetta Movitz B.A. in Philosophy 55 Thatcher St., Brooklinc. Mass. James H. Mueller B.A. in History 8501 Lenorc, Dearborn. Mich. Richard P. Mueller B.B.A. in Marketing 900 Edgewood PI., Ann Arbor, Mich. Elizabeth J. Muir B.S.Des. 751 Cambridge S.E., Grand Rapids. Mich. John O. Muir LL.B. 2060 Robinson Rd.. Grand Rapids, Mich. Elizabeth A. Mull ' gan B.A. in Speech 715 Webster St., Jackson. Mich. Paul C Mundinger B.S. in Zoology 1102 Bonnie Brae. River Forest, 111. Ruth E. Munzel B.A. in Speech Pathology 9601 Marshall Rd.. South Lyon. Mich. Carol J. Murphy B.A. in Speech Correction 301 E. Elm, Fremont. Mich. Lois A. Murohy B.S.Des., in Visual Arts 773 Balfour Rd.. Grosse Pointe, Mich. Patricia L. Murphy B.A. in Psychology 201 North, Battle Creek, Mich. Fred G. Murray B.A. in History 1400 Gardenia Ave.. Royal Oak, Mich. John W. Murray B.S.E.(C.E.) 605 W. Hamilton, Flint. Mich. Carl A. Muschenheim B.Arch. 1251 Heatherway. Ann Arbor, Mich. Virginia Muss ' n B.A. in English 6 Neckel Ave., Dearborn. Mich. Elsiemae Myers B.A. in Speech Therapy 2137 Denwood Ave., Grand Rapids. Mich. Janet M. Myers B.A. in English. Teacher ' s Cert. 6000 Snowshoe Circle, Birmingham. Mich. Kenneth E. Myers B.B.A. in Finance 33 Mason. Battle Creek. Mich. Kurt S. Myers B.S.E.(Ch.E.) 17414 Washburn, Detroit, Mich. John H. Nadeau M.D. 1712 Seventh St., Menominec, Mich. Homer J. Nahabetian B.A. in Social Studies 1627 Fort Pk.. Lincoln Park, Mich. Judith L. Narens B.A.Ed, in Education 840 S. First St., Ann Arbor. Mich. Y oshimitsu Narita M.A. in English 907 Tsuha. Ogimi, Okinawa Shimei Nashiro B.A. in Psychology Yhan, Tonokura, Naha. Okinawa Normand S. Naumoff B.A. in Psychology, M.D. 4015 Ternes, Dearborn. Mich. Douglas F. Nauts B.S.E.(E.E.) 452 S. Fourth St.. Rogers City, Mich. Joe F. Naylor B.A. in Economics 2329 Devonshire, Ann Arbor. Mich. Robert W.Neal B.S.E.(Ch.E.) 1406 Helen St., Bay City, Mich. Barry Neft B.B.A. 616 21st St., Alizuippa, Pa. Frederic F. Nelson B.S. in Chemistry 843 Evergreen, Grand Rapids, Mich. Marcia E. Nelson B.A.Ed. 1713 College, Houghton, Mich. 444 Marion O. Nelson B.S.Nurs. 255 N. Bailey Ave., South Haven, Mich. Merrill W. Nelson B.S.E.(C.E.) 7 South Ave., Cooperstown, N.Y. Ruth A. Nelson B.A.Ed, in Ele. Education 15799 Southampton, Livonia, Mich. Victor E. Nelson, Jr. B.A. in Botany 3025 Crooks, Royal Oak, Mich. Basil B. Nemer B.Arch. 19424 Robson, Detroit, Mich. John L. Nequist B.B.A. 38 Stebbins, Sparta. Mirh. Donna K. Netzer B.A. in Political Science 19319 Woodingham, Detroit, Mich. Alfred E. Neuffer M.D. Box 135, Dearborn. Mich. Richard W. Neumann B.S. in Pre-Med 811 Killarney, Pittsburgh. Pa. Richard E. Neville B.S.E.(M.E.) 311 LaGrave Ave., Grand Rapids. Mich. Robert G. Newland B.S.E.(M.E.) 1221 Alamo Ave., Kalamazoo, Mich. Harry S. Newman M.D. 885 S. First St.. Ann Arbor. Mich. Lawrence D. Newman D.D.S. 17167 Woodingham, Detroit. Mich. Lee S. Newman B.A. in Pre-Med. 13817 Cedar, Cleveland, Ohio Lloyd M. Newman B.A. in Political Science 13113 Ludlow. Huntington. Woods, Mich. David L. Newton B.S.E.(M.E.) 1856 Sylvan, Grand Rapids. Mich. Ray E. Newton, Jr. B.A. in Speech 3124 Morton Rd.. Jackson, Mich. Donald J. Nichols M.D. 401 E. Huron Ave.. Vassar. Mich. Cynthia Nicholas B.A. in Speech Correction 517 Borgess Ave., Monroe, Mich. George L. Nicholls B.S.E.(M.E.) 5799 Lakewood. Detroit, Mich. Judith A. Nickel B.A.Ed, in English 75 Kendrick, Mt. Clemens, Mich. Martin S. Niedelson B.Arch. 5365 W. Outer Dr., Detroit, Mich. Norman A. Niedermeier B.S. in Phys. Education 8512 S. Newport Rd., Newport, Mich. Mary E. Nimrichter B.Mus.( Violin) 433 N. McKenzie. Adrian. Mich. Donald S. Nishimura B.A. in Economics 680 Avocado St., Wahiawa, Oahu, T.H. Robert R. Nissle DOS 3165 Geddes Rd., Ann Arbor, Mich. Barbara J. Noiseau B.S.Nurs. 824 E. Huron River Dr.. Belleville, Mich. James I. Nordhoff D.D.S. 3922 Henry, Muskegon. Mich. Franklin C. Norman M.D. 125 Fifth St., Brookings. S.D. Jan A. Northway B.S D.Hyg. 625 E. Cherry. Mt. Pleasant, Mich. Marilyn J. Norton B.S.Des. 903 Rivard Blvd., Grosse Pointe. Mich. Nancy A. Nungester B.A.Ed. 2109 Tuomy Rd., Ann Arbor. Mich. Ann G. Ochs B.A.Ed, in Ele. Education 19729 Steel St.. Detroit, Mich. Francis T. Oda M.D. 707 Coolidge St.. Honolulu, T.H. Marie T. Oddo B.A.Ed 816 12th St., Port Huron. Mich. Nichola Oddo B.A.Ed. 816 12th St., Port Huron. Mich. 445 J - ;: ' . HUHBBi James W. Odenwelder B.S.Des. 12303 E. Outer Dr., Detroit, Mich. Barbara J. O ' Donnell B.S.Nurs. 306 S. 15th St., Escanaba, Mich. JoAnne M. O ' Dowd B.A. in English 425 E. Race St., Leslie, Mich. Carol T. Oelbaum B.A. in Psychology 154 Irvington Ave., South Orange, N.J. Richard G. Oestreicher B.B.A. 508 Crest. Ann Arbor, Mich. Harold R. Ohlheiser, Jr. M.S.E. ( Ind.E. ) . B.B.A. 1039 Baldwin, Ann Arbor. Mich. Julius M. Ohorodnick M.D. 5205 Elmer, Detroit, Mich. Rae H. Okamoto B.S.Nurs. 2439 McClellan. Detroit, Mich. William F. Oles D.D.S. Winyah Rd., Alpena, Mich. Donn G. Olin B.A. in Social Studies Crystal Avc., Crystal Falls, Mich. Gail Oliver B.A. in Social Science, Teacher ' s Cert. 35 Grand St., Cobleskill, N.Y. Peter F. Olsen B.S. Wildlife Man. Applebrook Farm, Red Bank, N.J. John P. O ' Reilly B.A. in Pre-Med. 232 Grand Blvd.. Park Ridge. 111. Florence A. Orth B.S.Nurs. Lakeside Dr. S. E., Grand Rapids, Mich. Joanne G. Osmond B.S. in Phys. Education 950 Hillside Ave., Antioch, 111. Shirley T. Osterman B.Mus.(Mus.Ed.) 4666 Berkshire, Detroit. Mich. Cecelia E. Ostrov B.A.Ed. 1170 Towne, Cincinnati, Ohio Jerome S. Ostrov B.A. in Speech 1848 Flatbush Ave.. Brooklyn. N.Y. John A. O ' Sullivan M.D. 3444 Richard, Ann Arbor, Mich. Eugene N. Ouderkirk M.B.A. in Merchandising 5 Columbia Dr., East Coreenbush. N.Y. Bernard I. Ozinga 160 S. Pine St.. Zeeland. Mich. Casimir F. Palaszek 235 Richards S.W., Grand Rapids, Mich. Daniel D. Palmer 310 N. Thayer, Ann Arbor, Mich. John F. Palmer 1136 Michigan. Ann Arbor, Mich. D.D.S. D.D.S. M.D. M.D. B.S.Des. Tom O. Palmer 1265 Newport Rd., Ann Arbor, Mich. Serafine Pancheri, Jr. B.A. in History 424 Broadway St.. Iron Mountain, Mirh. Marion K. Pape B.S. in Chemistry 68 Salzburg, Bay City. Mich. Mary Jo Park B.A. in English Box 131, Benzonia, Mich. Mary L. Parks B.A. in History 435 Buckingham. Flint, Mich. Gertrude A. Parnes Cert, of Dental Hygiene 201 W. McClellan. Flint, Mich. Arthur A. Pasanen B.S.E.(M.E., Math.) Bruce Mines, Ontario, Canada Andrew Pasko M.B.A. in Finance 2369 Clark, Detroit, Mich. Hasmukh M. Patel M.S.E.(C.E-) Santram Rd., Karamsad, Bombay, India Carol M. Patton B.A.Ed, in Ele. Education 2711 Landon Rd., Shaker Heights. Ohio Joan C. Patton B.A. in Political Science 148 Roosevelt. Springfield, Ohio Stephen R. Pauli B.A. in Economics 20450 Lichfield, Detroit, Mich. 446 I t NFJBL Gary F. Paulu B.S.F. 895 Camm PI., Green Bay, Wis. George E. Pavlik B.S.E.(Phys.) 17376 Hartwell, Detroit, Mich. Elmer C. Lang, Jr. D.D.S. 62 Oakdale Blvd., Pleasant Ridge, Mich. John R. Payne B.S.E.(M.E.) 510 W. Cross, Ypsilanti, Mich. Brewster E. Peabody B.A. in History 1546 Cavanaugh Lake, Chelsea. Mich. Roger L. Peapples B.B.A. in Marketing 701 Pipestone, Benton Harbor, Mich. Carol A. Pearce B.A. in Social Studies 222 Hecha, Lake Linden, Mich. Carol E. Pearson M.D. 16579 LaSalle, Detroit, Mich. Wallace G. Pearson A.B., M.D. 720 W. Lenawee. Lansing, Mich. Barbara C. Peck B.A. in English 609 ' a E. William, Ann Arbor, Mich. John P. Peck B.A. in Economics 1101 W. Saginaw, Lansing, Mich. Gertrude A. Peckham B.A. in History 220 W. 26th St., Sioux, Falls, S.D. Howard J. Peckham, Jr. B.B.A. 604 Park Dr.. Sioux Falls, S.D. Victor A. Peckham, Jr. B.S.E.(M.E.) 701 Osage Rd., Pittsburgh, Pa. Douglas D. Peden B.S.E.(Ae.E.) 408 Berkley Ave., Ann Arbor, Mich. Eleanor F. Peer B.A. in Psychology Walled Lake, Mich. Maryanne Peltier B.B.A. in Finance 151 North, Mount Clemens, Mich. Jeffery K. Pemberton B.A. in Journalism 9710 Wisconsin. Detroit, Mich. C. Grant Pendill, Jr. B.A. in Political Science 44 Broad St., Newburyport, Mass. Archibald R. Pequet M.D. Box 15, Sidnaw, Mich. B.Mus.(Mus.Ed.) Wanda A. Perelli 6443 Reuter, Dearborn, Mich. Erwin S. Perelstein B.A. in Geology 4903 17th Ave.. Brooklyn, N.Y. Bernice T. Pericin B.S.Phys.Therapy 3034 Roosevelt, Hamtramck, Mich. Richard E. Peritz B.A. in History 2295 W. Grand Blvd., Detroit, Mich. William C. Peters D.D.S. 104 McComb, Manchester, Mich. Robert A. Petersen D.D.S. 276 Fisher, Grosse Pointe, Mich. Shirley A. Petersen B.S.Nurs. 58 Dakota Dr., Pontiac, Mich. Evelyn M. Peterson Cert, of Dental Hygiene 230 S. York, Dearborn, Mich. George R. Petrie, Jr. B.A. in Pre-Professional 6426 Hartwell. Dearborn, Mich. James W. Phillips B.A. in Economics 226 Pilgrim. Highland Park. Mich. Patrick K. Phillips B.S.E.(Ch.E.) 2229 E. Newberry, Milwaukee, Wis. Richard L. Phillips B.S.E.(Ae.E., Math.) 1124 Cacuin Ave., Grand Rapids, Mich. Roberta W. Piatt B.S. in Phys. Education 212 N. Chestnut, Lansing, Mich. James A. Pickard B.S.E.(Ind.E.) 23839 John R.. Hazel Park, Mich. Conrad L. Pickett B.A. in Pre-Professional R.R. l,St. Johnsville, N.Y. Kathryn A. Pifer B.S.P.H.N. R.R. 2, Blissfield, Mich. 447 Elaine C. Pierson M.D. East Tawas, Mich. Mary H. Piguet B.A. in English 421 Parrott, San Matco, Gal. Mary L. Pike B.S.D.Hyg. 2613 Indian Bow Trail, Flint, Mich. William J. Pittler B.A. in Political Science 4308 Liberty Heights, Baltimore, Md. John F. Plant M.D. 609 Glenmorc, East Lansing, Mich. Nerio C. Plazola B.S.E.(C.E.) Caracas. Venezuela Nancy M. Pletta B.A. in English 603 Draper Rd., Blacksburg. Va. Elinor Plimack B.A. in Economics 175 W. 79th St., New York, N.Y. Sheldon Plotnik D D S 4040 Tyler, Detroit, Mich. Richard A. Plunkett B.A. in Economics 18 Country Club Dr., Port Washington, N.Y. Galen L. Podesta B.S.E.(Ae.E.) 1305 W. Madison. Ann Arbor, Mich. Richard A. Poel B.A. in Psychology 1633 Gladys Ave.. Grand Haven, Mich. Keith I. Pohl B.B.A. in Industrial Relations 2644 Eighth, Muskegon Heights, Mich. Charlene A. Pohr B.A.Ed, in History 653 E. Baltimore, Flint, Mich. Harold R. Poindexter B.A. in Psychology Breckenridge, Mich. Lois E. Pollak B.A. in Economics 3450 Milverton Rd.. Shaker Heights, Ohio Mary L. Porter B.B.A. 225 E. Michigan, Three Rivers, Mich. Robert J. Porter B B A Clark Rd., Lapeer, Mich. Juan V. Posadas LL.M. Linguayen, Pangasinan, P.I. Cynthia G. Potter B.A.Ed, in History 102 Crest, Ann Arbor, Mich. John W. Potter B.S.E. (Geology) 19215 Woodingham Dr., Detroit, Mich. Marijane F. Potter B.S.D.Hyg. Crooks Rd.. Royal Oak, Mich. Ivan J. Potts B.A. in Political Science 5450 30th St. N.W., Washington, D.C. Betty R. Powell B.A. in Ele. Education 20265 Greelcy, Detroit, Mich. John F. Powell B.S.E.(E.E.) 10 Rockingham Dr., Toledo, Ohio Annie R. Powers B.Mus.(Mus.Ed.) 915 Wall St., Ann Arbor, Mich. Prachitt Prachakvej M.B.A. 81-1 Soy Sub, Suriwong, Bangkok, Thailand Bruce R. Pray B.S. in Mathematics 13159 Manor, Detroit Mich Gerald J. Prescott, Jr. B.B.A 1522 W. Paterson, Flint, Mich. Margaret E. Prickett B.B.A. 618 S. Ijams St., Garrett, Ind. Verne M. Primack D D S 2696 W. Grand Ave., Detroit, Mich. Robert G. Prince B.B.A. in Accounting 5966 Lakoview, Detroit, Mich. Mary A. Pruder B.A. in History 81 1 Brookwood, Ann Arbor, Mich. James R. Pullin B.Mus.(Mus.Ed.) R.R. 2, Dowagiac, Mich. Sandra J. Puls B.A.Ed, in English 185 Linden Rd.. Birmingham, Mich. Christopher S. Pyrros B.B A 13102 Clovcrlawn, Detroit, Mich. 418 Bohdan Pytel B.A. in Slavic Languages 3048 Jacob Ave., Detroit, Mich. Vivian S. Quails Cert, of Dental Hygiene 31255 Leona, Eraser, Mich. Harold C. Qualman D.D.S. 2118 Sixth St., Bay City, Mich. Renale H. Quastler B.S. in Physical Therapy 21660 Whitmore, Oak Park, Mich. John P. Quigley R.R. 3, Petoskey, Mich. Gretchen H. Quine Olmstead, Dearborn, Mich. John N. Rackov 43456 Fonda St., Novi, Mich. Paul D. Radgens 7340 Bingham, Dearborn, Mich. B.S.E.(E.E.) B.A.Ed. B.S.E.(E.E-) M.D. B.S.Nurs. Beverly J. Rahn Windsor Dr., Benton Harbor, Mich. Arthur A. Ranger B.S.E.(Ae.E.) 209 Lewis, Charlevoix, Mich. Judyth F. Rankin B.S.Des, Teacher ' s Cert. 4276 Elmonte Dr., Saginaw. Mich. Walter F. Ransom B.A.Ed, in English R.R. 3. Cadillac. Mich. John A. Rapanos B.A. in Economics 202 Dartmouth Dr., Midland, Mich. Robert Rapp M.S. in Pedodontics 414 Richview Ave., Toronto. Ont., Can. Stuart R. Rappapont B.A. in History 18426 Parkside, Detroit, Mich. Charles L.Ray B.S.E.(E.E.) 14040 Riverview, Detroit, Mich. Dale L.Ray B.S.E.(E.E.) 33 Kensington, Pleasant Ridge, Mich. Thomas K. Ray B.A. in Philosophy 405 Oak St.. Manistee, Mich. Eugenie M. Reagan B.A. in English 16970 Dunblaine, Birmingham. Mich. William L. Reamer M.D. 15779 Cherrylawn, Detroit, Mich. Gertrude E. Reams B.S.Nurs. 22639 Garrison Ave., Dearborn, Mich. Jo Ann Reavis B.S.Nurs. 16534 Bentler, Detroit, Mich. Charles E. Recker B B.A 2904 Whitney, Detroit, Mich. Gopal K. Reddy M.S.E. ( M.E. ) Banswada, Hyderabad. India Grace C. Reder B.Mus.(Mus.Ed.) 1907 Midland Rd., Bay City, Mich. Barbara M. Reed B.A. in Social Studies, Teacher ' s Cert. 317 Sulgrave, Jackson, Mich. Daniel L. Reed M.D 1130 Oakland, Ann Arbor, Mich. William G. Reed, Jr. B.S.E.(Ch.E.) 724 Sheridan Ave.. Roselle, N.J. Mary E. Reid B.A. in English Lit. 18450 Riverside Dr., Birmingham, Mich. Robert A. Reid B.Arch. 2141 Godwin S.E., Grand Rapids. Mich. Edward Reifel M.D. 1908 Austin Ave., Ann Arbor, Mich. Richard C. Reilly M.D. 983 Kennesaw, Birmingham, Mich. Claire M. Reimann B.A.Ed, in Ele. Education Monrie St., Ann Arbor, Mich. William E. Reinhold B.A. in History 1844 Leahy. Muskegon, Mich. Donald L. Reisig B.A. in Pre-Law 1922 Sunset Ct., St. Joseph, Mich. Ronald S. Reivich B.S. in Pre-Professional 3605 E. 154th St., Cleveland, Ohio 449 m Norton P. Renies B.S.Pharm. 2717 Coit Rd., Grand Rapids, Mich. Richard R. Remus B.S.E. ( M.E. ) 417 N. Court, Howell, Mich. Robert H. Renshaw B.A. in Economics 121 W. Pearl St., Coldwater, Mich. Marilyn J. Rentfrow B.S.Nurs. R.R. 2, White Pigeon, Mich. David F. Rentschler B.A. in History 773 Whittier, Grosse Pointe, Mich. H. Robert Reynolds B.Mus.(Mus.Ed.) 431 Randolph St., Meadville. Pa. Sally A. Reynolds Cert, of Dental Hygiene Lincoln Rd., Grosse Pointe, Mich. Harold O. Richards B.B.A. R.F.D. 2, Brighton, Mich. Jerry W. Richards B.B.A. R.R. 6, Lockport, N.Y. George E. Richardson B.A. in Speech 645 Vinewood, Wyandotte, Mich. Ronald G. Richardson B.A. in Speech 645 Vinewood, Wyandotte, Mich. William H. Richmond M.D. 527 Indiana. Toledo, Ohio Elizabeth J. Richter B.Mus.(Mus.Ed.) 716 Key West, Webster Groves, Mo. Elinor Ricker B.A. in Historv 44 Hale, Beverly, Mass. Thomas R. Ricketts LL.B. 3317 Buena Vista, Detroit, Mich. Robert L. Rickman B.Mus.(Mus.Lit.) 849 Woodbine, Jackson Mich. Beverly A. Riley B.A. in English 1215 Buckingham, Grosse Pointe, Mich. Emile E. Riley, Jr. B.S. in Zoology 814 N. Galvez, New Orleans, La. Marion L. Riley B.S.Nurs. 5100 Kensington, Detroit, Mich. Nancy A. Riley B.A. in Mathematics 414 College Ave., Richmond, Ind. Walid H. Rimawi Beit Rima, Ramallah, Jordan Harvey V. Ring 218 Stockdale, Flint, Mich. Ronald E. Ritzier 145 Elm, Dayton, Ohio Charles T. Rivkin 424 Melrose, Chicago, 111. B.S.E. (C.E.) B.S. in Pre-Dent. B.B.A. B.B.A. Richard A. Robbins B.S.Pharm. 838 Carteret Ave., Trenton, N.J. Robert C. Robbins B.S. in Pre-Med. 108 Glen Ave., Maplewood, N.J. Edith P. Roberts M.A. in English 93 Belcher Rd., Wethersfield, Conn. Richard N. Roberts B.A. in Political Science 2 Oxford, Pleasant Ridge, Mich. Alice M. Robertson B.A. in Sociology 468 Fisher, Grosse Pointe, Mich. Glenn A. Robertson B.A. in History 19509 Oakfield, Detroit, Mich. Fred Robins B.A. in Political Science 75 Road, Forest Hills, N.Y. Anne V. Robinson B.S.Pharm. Prospect St., Mendham, N.J. Robin J. Robinson M.S.E.(Ch.E.) 975 23rd, Beaumont, Tex. Stanley R. Robinson M.D R.R. 2, Grand Ledge, Mich. Douglas F. Roby B.A. in Speech 6100 Geddes, Ypsilanti, Mich. Richard V. Rochester B S F 238 Lake, Rouses Point, N.Y. 450 JF4 5 r t fJ- Phyllis F. Rode B.Mus. (Cello) 1472 Jiroch, Muskcgon, Mich. Ann E. Roden B.S.Nurs. 2605 Myrtle, South Bend, Ind. Roberto Rodriguez B.S.E. ( M.E. ) 2-69 San Jose. Maracaibo, Venezuela Mary J. Roehl B.A.Ed, in Ele. Education 16600 Mendota, Detroit. Mich. Kenneth L. Rogat B.A. in Economics 851 Mentor Ave., Painesville. Ohio Margaret H. Rogers B.S.Nurs. 5211 Pontiac. Ann Arbor. Mich. Charles B. Roland M.D. South Haven, Mich. Judith E. Rood B.S. in Physical Education 2433 Whitmorc Lake Rd., Ann Arbor, Mich. Robert A. Rooney M.D. 2735 W. McNichols. Detroit. Mich. Gerald .1. Roos B.B.A. in Accounting 217 E. Clark. Negaunee, Mich. Ralph H. Rose, Jr. B.B.A. in Accounting 1640 E. 50th St.. Chicago, 111. Donald M. Rosenberg B.A. in Botany 3010 W. Chicago, Detroit, Mich. Betty A. Rosenfeld B.A. in English 401 S. Thompson. Jackson. Mich. Robert Rosenman LL.B., M.B.A. 1057 Ardmore, Chicago, 111. Gerald C. Rosenthal B.S. in Zoology 50 Plaza St.. Brooklyn. N.Y. Marilyn Rosenthal B.A. in English Lit. 1413 W. State St., Trenton. N.J. James F. Ross B.A. in Pre-Professional 1101 Cawood. Lansing, Mich. Jordan Rossen B.A. in Economics 16802 Lawton. Detroit, Mich. Herbert W. Rossin M.D. 19703 Ardmore, Detroit, Mich. Rosemary Roth B.S. Med.Tech. 1319 Olivia. Ann Arbor. Mich. Peter J. Rottenbucher B.S.Pharm. 422 Godfrey Ave.. Monroe, Mich. George Rouman B.A. in Psychology 512 S. Tenth St., Escanaba, Mich. Theodore S. Rouman B.A. in History 512 S. Tenth St.. Escanaba. Mich. Jack A. Rounick B.B.A. 5707 N. 17th St.. Philadelphia, Pa. B.B.A. B.A. in Fine Arts Sally B. Rowland 227 N. Grove, Ypsilanti, Mich. Ann S. Rowlson 158 Linwood St., Rochester, Mich. Marilyn Rudman B.A. in Psychology 7286 Princeton, University City, Mo. Kathleen M. Rush B.Mus. (Voice) 818 S. Broadway. Pittsburgh, Kan. Michael G. Russell B.B.A. 9031 Cook St., Montague, Mich. Sharon A. Russell B.A. in English 1842 Greenleaf, Royal Oak, Mich. Kathleen A. Rust B.S. in Physical Education 208 Ballard. Ypsilanti, Mich. Shirley A. Ruthig Cert, of Dental Hygiene 2315 Center Rd., Saginaw, Mich. Richard A. Ruzumna B.A. in History 18309 Littlefield, Detroit, Mich. John B. Ryan, Jr. B.A. in Political Science 908 Stockdale, Flint, Mich. Mary C. Ryan B.A. in Latin American Studies 905 Burns, Flossmoor, 111. James J. Ryskamp, Jr. M.D. 3100 Uplands Dr., Grand Rapids, Mich. 451 Doris A. Sabat BSD Hyg 6523 W. 28th St., Bcrwyn, 111. Darlyne A. Sabo B.S D.Hyg R.R. 2, Kalamazoo, Mich. Louis J. Sacchetti B.A. in History 1305 Vulcan, Iron Mountain, Mich. Lorraine P. Sachs B.A. in History 28 Duncan Ave., Jersey City, N.J. F. Victor Saldania D D S Box 3471, Honolulu, T.H. Greta Saldinger B.A. in History 3616 Henry Hudson Parkway, Riverdale, N.Y. Paul F. Salditt B.S.Arch. 7736 Mary Ellen PI., Wauwatosa, Wis. Richard A. Salditt B.A. in Pre-Professional 7736 Mary Ellen PI., Wauwatosa, Wis. Laura J. Salmon B.S.Med.Tech. 14335 Forrer, Detroit, Mich. Inga Salomon B.A. in Philosophy 1049 E. 26th St., Brooklyn, N.Y. Gary F. Sampson B.A. in Sociology 317 S. Denwood, Dearborn, Mich. Martha A. Sanders B.A.Ed. 1944 Edison, Detroit, Mich. Caleb B. Sandifer B.A. in Political Science 9800 Dyar, Hamtramck, Mich. Barbarra A. Sanregret B.A. in English 106 E. Main, Negaunee, Mich. Fred J. Sansone B.S. E.( Math.) 2451 Webb Ave., Bronx, N.Y. Evelyn R. Sappington B.B.A. Box 331, West Branch, Mich. Kriang K. Sarajoti M.F. 113 Banbatra, Boribhatra St., Bangkok, Thailand Alexander M. Sarko B.S.E.(C.E.) 17155 Stoepel, Detroit, Mich. Eloise Sarraf B.A.Ed, in Ele. Education 20001 Laurel Ave., Rocky River, Ohio Akira Sasahara M.A. in English Language 109 Imamachi, Sakata, Japan Pamela H. Sattley B.A. in English 96 Vendome, Grosse Pointe, Mich. Mary A. Sauer B.Mus.(Mus.Ed.) 1726 Charlton Ave., Ann Arbor, Mich. Rosalie A. Savarino B.Mus.(Mus.Ed.) 171 E. South, Hillsdale, Mich. Thomos J. Savidge B.B.A. 982 W. Laketon Ave., Muskegon, Mich. Etta G. Saxe B.A. in Psychology 621 Ave., K, Brooklyn, N.Y. John Sayles B.A. in Geography Hickory Ridge, Oregon, 111. George A. Scardetta B.S.E.(M.E.) 420 Murray St., Rochester, N.Y. Harry A. Scarr B.A. in Sociology 110 Maple Ave. S.E., Massillon, Ohio Richard H. Schacht B.B.A. 611 N. London Ave., Rockford, 111. Charles F. Schaefer II B.Mus. ( Mus.Ed. ) 3 Fenn Ct., Charlotte, Mich. Marilyn E. Schaefer B.A.Ed, in Ele. Education 1213 Ogontz, Sandusky, Ohio Fillis Schaffner B.A. in Political Science 1145 Lincoln, Highland Park, 111. Nancy S. Schaffher B.A. in History 2515 Kemper Rd., Cleveland, Ohio David K. Scharmack B.S.E.(Phys,) 1466 Calvin Ave., Grand Rapids, Mich. David Scharphorn B.S.E.(M.E.) R.R. 2, Zeeland, Mich. George R. Schatz B.S.E.(Ch.E.) 18260 Littlefield, Detroit, Mich. 452 Stuart Scheifcle B.B.A. in Accounting 176 Linden. Birmingham, Mich. Herman S. Schiff D.D.S. 2429 W. Grand Ave., Detroit, Mich. Morton I. Schiff B.B.A. in Accounting 13361 Ludlow. Huntington Woods, Mich. Mary A. Schimmel B.A.Ed, in Ele. Education 9116 Lancelot Dr., Pittsburgh, Pa. Sally E. Schimmel B.S.Ed, in Chemistry 10488 Nottingham. Detroit, Mich. John E. Schippel B.B.A. in Finance 13388 Rosemary, Detroit, Mich. Robert C. Schleh B.B.A. 700 Claremont, Dearborn. Mich. Sondra Schlesinger B.S. in Chemistry 1127 E. Ann, Ann Arbor, Mich. Irmgard Schlogeter B.A.Ed. 1798 Stanhope, Grosse Pointe Wood, Mich. Gerhardt Schneider B.S.F. 2618 W. Medford Ave., Milwaukee, Wis. Herbert A. Schneider B.A. in Political Science 2245 E. 19th St., Brooklyn, N.Y. Robert A. Schneider M.D. R.R. 1. Mendon. Mich. Edith L. Schneiderman B.A. in Spech Correction 127 W. 48th St., Bayonne, N.J. Frederick J. Schoettley B.B.A. 13370 Wilshire, Detroit, Mich. Miguel A. Schon B.A. in Anthropology Los Chaguaramos, Caracas, Venezuela Carla K. Schrain B.A.Ed, in Ele. Education 1913 W. Main, Lansing. Mich. Dobby Schreiber B.A. in Pre-Professional 1141 Cornell, Muskegon, Mich. Margaret J. Schreiber B.A.Ed, in Ele. Education 2230 Francis, Grand Rapids, Mich. Aaron Schreier B.Arch. 4271 Cortland. Detroit, Mich. Alfred J. Schroeder M.D. 11050 Lakepointe, Detroit, Mich. Walter G. Schroeder B.S. in Chemistry Box 66, Lincoln, Mich. Robert J. Schoenhals B.S.E.(Ind.E-) 27075 Lahser, Birmingham, Mich. Duane R. Schultz B.A. in Pre-Professional 205 Pendleton, Bay City, Mich. Eileen A. Schumacher B.Mus.f Voice) 10544 Talbot, Huntington Woods, Mich. George E. Schuster B.S. in Pre-Professional 176 Eastern Ave., Benton Harbor, Mich. Janet Schuster B.A. in English 19470 Canterbury, Detroit, Mich. Almon L. Schut M.D. 68 Centennial, Sparta, Mich. Clifford M. Schutz B.S.E.(Ae.E.) 185 Como Ave., Buffalo, N.Y. Dorothy A. Schutz B.S.Nurs. Box 60, Stevensville. Mich. Gerald F. Schuur B S E (Ch E ) 2180 Shcttler Rd., Muskegon, Mich. Howard Schwartz B.S.E.(Ind E ) 1723 W. Fifth St., Brooklyn, N.Y. Ronald M. Schwartz M.D. 19435 Santa Barbara, Detroit, Mich. Murray B. Schwartzberg LL B 1015 Church St.. Ann Arbor, Mich. Leonard G. Scott B.S.Des. 1045 Pennoyer, Grand Haven, Mich. David M. Scruggs B.S.E.(M.E-) 887 Charlton, Milford, Mich. Grant M. Scruggs, Jr. B.A. in Pre-Professional 2 1 78 E. 28th, Cleveland, Ohio 453 l ft Wendell P. Searer M.D. 610 East St.. Three Rivers, Mich. James E. Segesta B.A. in English 15142 Charles, East Detroit, Mich. Nancy Lou Sells B.A. in Political Science 1403 Peck St., Muskegon, Mich. Ronald A. Seltzer B.A. in Pre-Profcssional 19475 Stratford, Detroit, Mich. Thomas M. Sexworth B.A. in Economics 17194 Redford Ave., Detroit, Mich. Mark Shaevsky 4051 Richton, Detroit, Mich. PaulM.Shaler.Jr. 928 19th St., Jackson, Mich. Elizabeth S. Sharp 114 Hope, Stamford. Conn. B.A. in History B.S.E.(E.E.) B.S. Nurs. M.D. Robert B. Sharp 315 Catherine, Ann Arbor. Mich. William G. Sharp IV B.S. in Phys. Education 592 Tremont, Taunton, Mass. Howard S. Shapiro B.A. in Pre-Professional 12524 Broadstreet, Detroit, Mich. Richard T. Shapiro B.A. in Economics 1003 N.E. 24th St., Canton, Ohio Eleanor A. Shaw B.A.Ed, in Ele. Education 415 West St., Lansing, Mich. Beverly M. Shea B.A. in Political Science Huntington Rd., Huntington Woods, Mich. Lois B. Shein B.A. in Social Work Fenwood Dr., Valley Stream, N.Y. Claire G. Shepard B.S.Nurs. Box 83, Silver Springs, Fla. John H. Shepherd B.A. in Economics 19176 Manor, Detroit, Mich. Alonzo H. Sherer M.Mus. (Violin) 405 E. Jefferson, Ann Arbor, Mich. Constance M. Sherman B.A. in French, Teacher ' s Cert. 2278 Ashland Ave., Toledo, Ohio Roald J. Shern D.D.S. 22640 Manor, St. Clair Shores, Mich. Kenneth I. Shevin B.B.A. in Accounting 14444 Vassar Dr., Detroit, Mich. James A. Shimokusu D.D.S. Box 212, Halawla, T.H. Constance L. Shumate Cert, of Dental Hygiene 31134 Island Dr., Gibraltar, Mich. Edward H. Sichler III B.S. in Pre-Professional 418 Mt. Vernon, Grosse Pointe, Mich. Robert J. Siedare B.B.A. 2311 S. Kostner, Chicago, 111. Janice M. Siefert B.A.Ed. 58855 Main. New Haver, Mich. Howard A. Siegel B.A. in Economics Michiana Shores, New Buffalo, Mich. Lewis Siegel B.S. in Chemistry 2105 Crucer, New York, N.Y. Morton Siegel B.A. in Economics 5000 Cornell, Chicago, 111. Anita L. Sigesmund B.A. in Economics 17711 Invermere, Cleveland, Ohio Shirley A. Sikkenga B.S. in Speech Correction 590 McLaughlin, Muskegon, Mich. Bonnie E. Silberman B.B.A. in Marketing 6915 S. Jeffery, Chicago, 111. John D. Sills B.A. in Economics 16182 Biltmore, Detroit, Mich. Louis F. Silverman B.S. in Pre-Professional 1668 Jefferson St., Muskegon, Mich. Milton Silverman B.B.A. in Accounting 212 N. Howell, Owosso, Mich. Robert K. Simmons B.S.E.(Ch.E.) 26966 S. Hill Rd., Wixom, Mich. 454 Richard B. Simpson M.D. 435 Cross St.. Laguna Beach, Cal. Jerome E. Singer B.A. in Social Anthropology 8 E. Fourth St.. Mount Vernon, N.Y. Diana M. Skaff B.A. in Social Studies 915 Cambridge Dr. S.E., East Grand Rapids, Mich. Donald J. Skinner B.Arch, in City Planning Box 96, Hastings, Mich. William C. Skutt B.B.A. in Finance 139 E. Damon St., Flint, Mich. Joan Slater B.A. in Journalism 6257 Argyle, Dearborn, Mich. Diane H. Slates B.S.Nurs. Elmore, Ohio Mary E. Slawson B.A. in Political Science 1415 Brooklyn. Ann Arbor. Mich. Henry N. Smit M.D. 101 1 Watkins St., Grand Rapids, Mich. Bruce A. Smith B.B.A. in Accounting 36 Cameron St., Hamilton. Ont., Can. Carolyn R. Smith B.S.Nurs. Ridge Rd., Pontiac, Mich. Claudia M. Smith B.A.Ed, in Political Science 16746 Warwick, Detroit. Mich. Courtland C. Smith, Jr. B.A. in Journalism 3675 Rawnsdale, Shaker Heights, Ohio Elaine J. Smith B.A. in History 117 Oaklawn, Battle Creek, Mich. Franklin W. Smith D.D.S. Box 16, Pickford, Mich. Janet A. Smith B.A.Ed. 3000 Strawberry Lane. Port Huron. Mich. Jerry J. Smith B.Mus.(Mus.Ed.) 6444 Payne, Dearborn, Mich. Jocelyn G. Smith B.S. in Biology 1911 Denbridge Way, Columbus, Ohio John F. Smith B.A. in History Honors Lynch St.. Flint, Mich. Laura L. Smith B.S.D.Hyg. 859 Sunningdale Dr., Grosse Pointe, Mich. Margaret A. Smith B.S. in Physical Education Harwood Dr., Snyder, N.Y. Marilyn F. Smith B.B.A. 309 N. Revena Blvd., Ann Arbor, Mich. Martha M. Smith B.A.Ed. 15840 Woodland Dr., Dearborn, Mich. Patricia G. Smith B.A.Ed, in Ele. Education 4306 Beach Park Dr.. Tampa, Fla. Richard A. Smith B.Arch. 701 S. Forest, Ann Arbor, Mich. Suzanne Smith B.A. in Journalism 49 E. 96th St.. New York, N.Y. Wayne R. Smith B.A. in Political Science 119 Clinton, Petoskey, Mich. John J. Smolensk! B.A. in History 1309 Thomas. Grand Rapids, Mich. Eugene N. Smoley M.D. 1226 W. Branning, Fort Wayne. Ind. Dorothy A. Snell B.S.Med.Tech. 123 Portage Ave., Three Rivers, Mich. Myra J. Snider B.A. in Mathematics 538 N. State St., Ann Arbor, Mich. Dolores M. Sobczynski B.A.Ed. 1920 22nd St.. Port Huron. Mich. Dorothy J. Sodergren B.A. in English 116 Trowbridge N.E., Grand Rapids. Mich. Edward Sohacki D.D.S. 12812 Wade, Detroit, Mich. Sherwin L. Sokolov B.S. in Psychology 271 Vassar Ave., Newark, N.J. Peter R. Solar B.S.Ed, in Political Science 809 E. Catherine, Ann Arbor, Mich. 455 Herbert W. Solomon B.A. in History 1191 Central Ave., South Hempstead, N.Y. Morton Solomon M.D. 18087 Pinehurst, Detroit, Mich. Donna Mae Somers B.S. DCS., Teacher ' s Cert. 14603 Rutland, Detroit, Mich. Pablo Son B.S.E.(Ch.E.) 418 Nueva, Manila, P.I. Sheldon L. Sonkin 2963 Cortland, Detroit, Mich. Elizabeth B. Sonnega 1503 Seventh Port Huron, Mich. Richard E. Sonntag 611 Myrtle, Terrace Park, Ohio Ben M. Sorscher 3702 Mason. Flint, Mich. D.D.S. B.S.Nurs. B.S.E.(M.E.) D.D.S. B.A. in English James C. Sowa 415 Prospect, Munising, Mich. Sandra F. Sparber B.S. in General Science, Teacher ' s Cert. 1114 Lutz, Ann Arbor, Mich. Robert L. Sparks B.S.E.(Phys.) 1412 Taylor, Joliet, 111. Robert B. Spath B.B.A. in Marketing 933 Albright Dr., Jackson, Mich. Thomas L. Spence 6 Benton Rd., Saginaw, Mich. Donald A. Spencer, Jr. 44 N. Fremont, Coldwater, Mich Donald E. Spengler 64 Tuscola ' Rd., Bay City, Mich. Peter E. Spowart B.A. in History B.S.E.(E.E.) D.D.S. M.B.A. in Finance 373 St. Glair, Grosse Pointe, Mich. D.D.S. Donald D. Sprague 307 W. Wheaton, Clare, Mich. John F. Sprague B.S. in Conservation 31 Brunswick Rd., Montclair, N.J. Elissia J. Sprynsky B.A. in Russian Studies 5541 Bennett, Toledo, Ohio Richard H. Stableford B.A. in Political Science 151 Lincoln, Lapeer, Mich. Laris A. Stalker N. Farragut, Bay City, Mich. Mary Ann Stange 4815 Fullerton, Detroit, Mich. Curtis H. Stanley R.R. 6, Burlington, N.C. George H. Steele 14128 Coyle, Detroit, Mich. B.A.Ed. B.A. in French B.B.A. M.D. B.A.Ed. Mary Louise Stefani 1035 Berkshire, Grosse Pointe, Mich. Margaret J. Stein B.A. in Social Studies, Teacher ' s Cert. 4403 Seventh, Ecorse, Mich. Ann Steinberg B.A. in English 17614 Lomond Blvd., Shaker Heights, Ohio Roy H. Steinberg B.A. in Pre-Professional 670 West End Ave., Ne v York, N.Y. Jane C. Stellwagen B.A. in English 721 Mt. Pleasant Rd., Bryn Mawr, Pa. Roland R. Stephen M.D. Lakeview, Mich. Charles W. Stephens B.S. in Mathematics 812 Washington, Ann Arbor, Mich. William W. Stephenson, Jr. B.A. in History 719 Fourth Ave., Ann Arbor, Mich. Carl R. Stern B.A. in Economics 1222 W. State St., Trenton, N.J. Jerome Stern B.B.A., M.B.A. 11803 Fairport, Cleveland, Ohio Joseph L. Stern B.S.E.(C.E.) 544 Pierce, Gary, Ind. Judith K. Stevens B.A. in Spanish 300 Federal, Midland, Mich. 456 David O. Stewart B.S.E.fM.E.) 55 Standish Rd., Rochester, N.Y. George C. Stewart B.A. in History 1106 Owen St., Saginaw. Mich. Sharlene E. Stewart B.S. in Physical Education 225 Yellowstone, Billings, Montana Maureen Stienon B.A. in English 427 Hamilton PI., Ann Arbor. Mich. David P. Stiff M.D. Ada, Mich. Charles R. Stiles LL.B 212 W. Lovett, Charlotte, Mich. David W. Stipe B.A. in Social Studies 1393 Evanston Avc., Muskegon, Mich. Richard Y. St. John B.B.A. 431 W. Iroquois. Pontiac, Mich. Gerald R. Stocks B.Arch. 1 10 S. 60th St., Milwaukee, Wis. Victor R. Stoeffler B.A. in Special Education 229 Eastern S.E., Grand Rapids. Mich. Jane E. Stoltz B.Mus.( Violin) 213 River, Ypsilanti. Mich. Cynthia M. Stone B.A.Ed. 2429 Hall, Grand Rapids, Mich. John T. Stone 425 Cherokee, Erie, Fa. Judith A. Stone 16159 Ohio, Detroit, Mich. Jack V. Stong 2555 Westwood Dr., Muskegon, Mich. Elinor G. Strauch B.A. in Spanish 2667 Packard Rd., Ann Arbor, Mich. B.S.E.(E.E.) B.A. in Ele. Education B.S.E.fM.E.) Barbara Strean B.A. in Psychology 813 Renel Rd.. Norristown, Pa. Richard J. Stringer B.B.A. 3334 Kochville Rd., Saginaw. Mich. Richard H. Stroebel B.S.E.(Ind.E.) 1 1 7 Storch, Saginaw, Mich. Joyce M. Strong B.S. in Biology 4837 Tireman, Detroit. Mich. Paula C. Strong B.A. in Journalism 11 Riverside Dr., New York, N.Y. Wayne P. Strong, Jr. B.A. in Psychology 324 E. Washington, St., Ann Arbor. Mich. Ann R. Stuart B.S. in Psychology 706 Lausanne Rd., Los Angeles, Cal. E. Barry Stulberg B.A. in Pre-Law 17503 Prairie, Detroit, Mich. N. Judith Subar B.A. in Political Science 550 College S.E.. Grand Rapids. Mich. Patricia L. Subora B.S Nurs 2508 Altoona, Flint, Mich. Reiko Sudo M.A. in Linguistics 70 Shin-yumino-machi, Sendai, Japan Tandy L. Sullivan B.A. in History 3075 Dix. Lincoln Park, Mich. Gordon Summerbell B.B.A. in Accounting 2608 Payne St., Evanston, 111. Katsunobu Sunakawa B.A. in English 304 Nishisato. Hirara City, Mirako. Ryukyus Raymond E. Sund M.S. in Physics 21901 Beech, Dearborn. Mich. Dale A. Suomela B.Arch. 307 Mason, Charlevoix, Mich. Sharon L. Superstine B.A.Ed, in Social Science 23531 Marlow, Oak Park, Mich. John E. Surbis B.S.E.(Phys.) 22277 Long Blvd., Dearborn, Mich. Elaine M. Surbropk B.B.A. in Accounting 1059 Berkshire, Grosse Pointe, Mich. Dorothy A. Swanson B.A. in Ele. Education 19519 Bretton Dr., Detroit, Mich. 457 A , Frank D. Swanson B.B.A. 955 S. Lafayette, Dearborn, Mich. William G. Swanson D.D.S. 815 Newberry Ave., Newberry, Mich. Kenneth A. Swarts B.S.E.(M.E-) Tipton, Mich. Charles E. Sweet, Jr. B.S.E. ( M.E. ) 542 Lakepointe, Grosse Pointe, Mich. Lawrence C. Sweet M.D. 319 W. Cass, Greenville, Mich. Carroll D. Swenson B.A. in Russian Area Program 313 W. Michigan, Oscoda, Mich. Baird P. Swigert B.B.A. 8094 Huntington Rd., Huntington Woods, Mich. Sally E. Swigert B.A. in Economics 8094 Huntington Rd., Huntington Woods, Mich. Robert L. Symmonds B.S. in Pre-Professional Box 554, Stambaugh, Mich. Paul L. Szyperski B.S.E. (E.E.) 632 Broadway, South Haven, Mich. Walter M. Tabar M.D. 101 Main, Almont, Mich. Carroll R. Taber B.B.A. 709 Southlawn, East Lansing. Mich. Fukuko Tada B.A. in English 1082 8-Chome Koyama, Shinagawaku, Japan Chipieng C. Tan B.S.E. ( Ae.E. ) Manila, P.I. James T. C. Tan B.S.E. (C.E.) 703 Rizal Ave., Manila, P.I. Sock-Yan Tan B.S. in Chemistry 40-A Meyer Rd., Singapore Donald W. Tann B.S.E. (Ind.E.) 333 Dovington, Detroit, Mich. Katherine E. Tanner B.S. in Pre-Professional 10403 Merlin, Detroit, Mich. Joel D. Tauber 17585 Parkside, Detroit, Mich. Martha N. Taugher 617 Cascade. Pittsburgh, Pa. B.B.A. B.Mus.(Mus.Ed.) Ann F. Taylor B.A. in English 220 Monroe, Saline, Mich. Barbara A. Taylor B.S.Des. Union Hotel, Burlington, Iowa Fran k H. Taylor B.B.A. Pickford, Mich. Kathleen E. Taylor B.A.Ed, in Ele. Education 466 W. Iroquois Rd., Pontiac, Mich. William C. Taylor B.S.Ed. St. Louis, Michigan Kenneth W. Teppo B.A. in Pre-Dent. 806 Princeton, Ann Arbor, Mich. Jose F. Teran B.Arch. Leon, Nicaragua Gene J. Terpstra B.A. in English 955 Hancock, Grand Rapids, Mich. Marvin W. Teutsch B.S.E. (M.E.) 23880 Moritz, Oak Park, Mich. Edward J. Thallman B.S.E. (C.E.) 329 N. Forbes, Jackson, Mich. Maung M. Than M.S.E.(E.E.) 58 6 2 Mile Prome Rd., Rangoon. Burma Kyaw Thein M.S.E.(M.E.) 34 Crisp St., Rangoon, Burma Paul R. Thibault B.A. in History Nahma, Mich. Eleanor G. Thibedeau B.A.Ed, in Special Education 2314 Mackin Rd., Flint, Mich. Charles D. Thomas B.A. in History R.F.D., Northport, Mich. Charlotte J. Thomas B.A.Ed, in Ele. Education 808 N. Front, Marquette, Mich. 458 t i I X Mi fte Joan E. Thomas B.S.Nurs. 9173 Appoline, Detroit, Mich. Lawrason D. Thomas B.S.E.(Ch.E.) losco Beach, East Tawas, Mich. Stanley W. Thomas B.B.A. in Marketing 36 N. French Ave., Elmsford, N.Y. Betty J. Thompson B.B.A. 14520 Penrod, Detroit, Mich. Madeleine M. Thompson B.B.A. in Marketing Hanover Rd., Mountain Lakes, N.J. Richard J. Thompson B.S.E.(Ae.E.) 1103 Morris, Saginaw, Mich. Robert S. Thompson LL.B. 2659 E. Market. Warren, Ohio Rudolph M. Thompson B.A. in English 424 W. Tenth St., Traverse City, Mich. William J. Thompson D.D.S. Case St., Negaunee, Mich. Harriet A. Thorne B.A. in Political Science 1570 Oak, Evanston, 111. Robert E. Thorne B.B.A. 49 Thomson Rd., West Hartford, Conn. Roger G. Thorpe M.D. 1431 University Terrace, Ann Arbor, Mich. Edward C. Tietig LL.B. 1110 Mt. Allen Rd., Park Hills. N.Y. Me redith D. Tigel B.A.Ed, in Ele. Education 3751 W. Outer Dr.. Detroit, Mich. Than Tin B.S.E.(Ch.E., Met.E.) 21 Court-House St.. Kemmendune, Rangoon. Burma Marilyn Tobocman B.A. in English 15503 Eldamere, Cleveland, Ohio Emily H. Todd B.A. in Political Science Camden Ext., Salisbury, Md. Eunice Tom B.A.Ed. 1324 17th Ave., Honolulu, T.H. Rosemary G. Tomicic B.A.Ed. 1261 Balfour, Grosse Pointe, Mich. Howard C. Tommelein B.B.A. 320 Spink St., Milan, Mich. Theodore R. Touma D.D.S. 717 Griswold, Port Huron. Mich. Janet L. Tourtellot B.A. in Fine Arts 135 Green Bay, Winnetka. 111. Jacqueline T. Touscany B.A. in Speech Middle Lake Rd., Clarkston, Mich. Barbara J. R. Tousley B.A.Ed, in Ele. Education 6100 Appoline, Dearborn, Mich. John C. Tousley B.Mus.(Mus.Ed.) R.R. 5. Box 399, Traverse City. Mich. Mary E. Towne B.A. in Speech Correction 13 Bartlett St., Waterville, Me. Deborah Townsend B.A. in Psychology 1010 Forest, Ann Arbor, Mich. David C. Tracey B.A. in Political Science Manchester, Iowa Carolyn B. Travis B.A. in Spanish 20060 Lichfield. Detroit, Mich. Bert A. Treiber B.B.A. in Finance 6183 Sheridan, Unionville, Mich. George W. Trowbridge B.A. in History 153 Lincoln Blvd.. Battle Creek, Mich. Sylvia C. Troy B.A. in History 4410 Bromley Lane, Richmond, Va. Paul S. Truesdell 702 S. Main St., Waupaca, Wis. Winfield A. Trumbull 53 N. Broad, Battle Creek, Mich. Ronald E. Trunsky 1743 Strathcona, Detroit, Mich. David R. Tuck 1 1 Wiltshire Ave., Battle Creek, Mich. B.S.F. B.S.E.(Ind.E.) M.D. D.D.S. 459 John B. Turnbull D.D.S. 41 1 N. Ingalls, Ann Arbor, Mich. Laura A. Turner B.S.Nurs. 204 Beechwood Dr., Northfield, Ohio Patricia J. Turner B.A. in Speech Correction 26358 Dundee Rd., Huntington Woods, Mich. Sara L. Turner B.A.Ed, in Ele. Education 18917 Woodingham, Detroit, Mich. Suzanne M. Turner B.A .Ed, in Ele. Education 14193 Montrose Rd., Detroit, Mich. Laura B. Tweedie B.A. in Biology 409 E. Grove, Midland, Mich. Norbert J. Tylutki B.S.E.(Ch.E-) 5280 Reuter, Dearborn. Mich. Suzanne E. Tyner B.A.Ed, in Ele. Education 980 Whitmore, Detroit, Mich. Louise H. Tyor B.A. in English 60 Elmsmere Rd., Mount Vernon, N.Y. Tin M. U M.S.E.(C.E.) 40 21st St., Mandalay, Burma Richard E. Uhl B.S.Pharm. 9900 Azalia, Azalia, Mich. Harold D. Ulisnik B.S.E.fAe.E.) 44 E. Hartshorn Dr.. Short Hills, N.J. John P. Ulrich B.S. in Physics 620 Portage, Three Rivers, Mich. Jill S. Umbs B.S.Med.Tech 841 Washington Ave., Findlay, Ohio Patricia A. Umphrey B.A.Ed, in Special Education 681 Whitmore Rd., Detroit, Mich. Pramual Unhanand B.S.F. Taladnoi Lane. Bangkok, Thailand Deeon J. Utley B.A. in English 261 Ottawa Dr., Pontiac, Mich. Howard E. Uyehara B.S. in Zoology Waiau PL, Honolulu, T.H. Charles E. Van Arman B.B.A. 627 N. 13th St., Niles, Mich. John L. Van Becelaere B.S.E.(M.E.) 844 Loraine, Grosse Pte, Mich. Beverly J. Van Colen B.A.Ed, in Ele. Education 904 Sunset Rd., Ann Arbor, Mich. Forrest R. Van Dam M.D. 480 Oak, Muskegon, Mich. Kay G. Vandenburg B.A. in Economics 2311 Delaware Blvd., Saginaw, Mich. Cornelia P. Vandeveer B.S.Phys.Thcrapy Box 143, Bloomfield Hills, Mich. Mary E. Van Dussen B.A. in Psychology 202 Avalon Dr., Rochester, N.Y. John Van Dyke B.S.E. 4993 Plainfield, Grand Rapids, Mich. Gerard L. Van Otteren B.S.Des. 936 Lake Michigan Dr., Grand Rapids, Mich. Darwin G. Van Raalte D.D.S. Carman Dr., Ferrysburg, Mich. Richard M. Van Schoick B.S. in Pre-Professional 1301 Greenwood Ave., Jackson, Mich. Joseph R. Varady B.B.A. in Accounting 17166 Waveney, Detroit, Mich. Thomas G. Varbedian M.D. 180 Winona, Highland Park. Mich. Jean L. Vaupre B.S.Nurs. 1500 Borton Ave., Esserville, Mich. Paul E. Vawter, Jr. B.B.A. in Finance 320 Cherokee Rd., Lake Forest, 111. Pa tricia A. Venokur B.A. in Psychology 21 E. Colony Dr., West Orange, N.J. Ruth E. Ver Duin Cert, of Dental Hygiene 406 Howard, Grand Haven, Mich. Helen J. Ver Meulen B.S.Ed, in Ele. Education 2950 Bonnell Rd., Grand Rapids, Mich. 460 1 John D. Vermeulen B.S.E.(M.E.) 2829 Oakland Dr., Kalamazoo, Mich. George A. Ver Wys B.S.E.(E.E., Math.) 218 Mason, Charlevoix. Mich. Peter Vestevich LL.B. 19403 Sunnybrook, Birmingham. Mich. Andrew F. Vick B.A. in Pre-Law 4560 Gilhouse Rd., Toledo, Ohio Paul J. Vidal 643 Melrose St., Chicago. 111. Jack T. Viele 818 S. Main. Ann Arbor, Mich. Myron Vinocur 19148 Forrcr. Detroit, Mich. Coleman Vinson 920 Delman. Detroit, Mich. Emily R. Vinstra 573 Chicago Dr., Holland, Mich. George J. Viscomi 2317 Parkwood, Ann Arbor. Mich. Earl R. Visser 820 E. Ann, Ann Arbor, Mich. Laura L. Voelker Pigeon. Mich. M.S. Fisheries M.S.E(C.E.) M.D. M.D. B.S.Nurs. M.D. M.D. B.S.P.H.N. M.D. George A. Voikos 810 Granger, Ann Arbor. Mich. Alma M. Volpe B.A. in Swech Correction, Teacher ' s Cert. 115 Wickham. Middletown, N.Y. Edwin von Boventer Ph.D. in Economics Gladebeck near Gottingen, Germany Sandy T. Vong B.S.E.(Ch.E.) Shanghai, China Joanna A. Vorhaus B.A. in Economics 230 Riverside Dr., New York. N.Y. Joan M. Voss B.A. in Biology 106 Miami, Pontiac. Mich. May L. K. Votaw M.D. 715 Lawrence, Ann Arbor, Mich. Somsidphi Vudtithornetiraks M.B.A. 229 Phya Mad Rd.. Bangkok, Thailand Carol L. Waite B.S.Nurs. 171 Columbia, Belleville, Mich. Donald B. Walker B.A. in Psychology 705 Caswell Dr., Toledo, Ohio Robert H. Walker, Jr. B.B.A. in Marketing 1 108 Lakeside Dr., Grand Rapids. Mich. Carolease B. Wallace B.S.P.H.N. R.R. 4, Hungary Road, Richmond, Va. Laird E. Wallace B.A. in Journalism 316 W. Onota. Munising, Mich. Anita Wallach B.A.Ed, in Ele. Education 947 Montgomery St.. Brooklyn, N.Y. Martha A. Wallbillich B.A. in English Lit. 885 Redding, Birmingham, Mich. Ronald R. Wallingford B.S. in Zoology 63 Pinehurst Ave., Ottawa, Ont., Can. Charles W. Walton B.Mus.(Mus.Ed.) 506 E. Portage. Sault Stc Marie, Mich. W. Daniel Walton B.B.A 2567 Walter, Northbrook, 111. Jerome Warchaizer B.A. in History 67-71 Yellowstone Blvd., Forest Hills, N.Y. James E. Ward B.S.E.(M.E.) 22172 Brittany. East Detroit, Mich. Nancy Ann Ward 438 Shepard. Mansfield, Ohio Herbert E. Ware 1024 Lincoln, Ann Arbor, Mich. James G. Ware Barbeau, Mich. Jay D. Wark R.R. 4, Box 137, South Haven, Mich. B.A. in Speech M.D. M.D. M.D. 461 Charles C. Warner B.A. in Political Science 1846 Roseland, East Lansing, Mich. Margaret E. Watkins B.S.Nurs. 1614 Broadway, Flint, Mich. Ann K. Watson B.A.Ed, in Ele. Education 94 Meadow Lane, Grosse Pointe, Mich. Mary Kay Wealch B.S.Nurs. 453 S. First St., Ann Arbor, Mich. Arville E. Weaver M.D. 1015 E. Huron, Ann Arbor, Mich. Daniel D. Webb B.S.Des. 601 Lincoln, Grosse Pointe. Mich. Howard C. Webber, Jr. B.A. in Political Science 50 Modelane, Rochester, N.Y. Shirley J. Weber B.S. in Zoology 1122 Spring N.E., Grand Rapids, Mich. Walter F. Wegst B.S.E.(E.E.) 2364 23rd St., Wyandotte, Mich. Brenda R. Wehbring B.A. in English Park Lane, Mt. Vernon, N.Y. Victoria A. Wehmeier B.S.Des. 1118 Grayton Rd., Grosse Pointe, Mich. Marianne Weil B.S.Nurs. 3015 Stone Park Blvd.. Sioux City, Iowa Robert C. Weinbaum B.A. in English 17320 Northlawn, Detroit, Mich. Hermine E. B. Weinert B.S.D.Hyg. 1558 Marlboro, Ann Arbor, Mich. Martin Weingart B.A. in English 3630 Warrensville, Cleveland. Ohio Charles J. Weingarten M.D. 18106 Cherrylawn, Detroit, Mich. Rona D. Weingarten B.A. in English 2995 Glendale, Detroit, Mich. Martin J. Weisbard B.B.A. in Accounting 1068 E. 15th St., Brooklyn. N.Y. Alfred E. Weisz B.S.F. 1 130 Hill, Ann Arbor, Mich. Norman L. Welch M.D. 802 W. Oliver, Owosso. Mirh. Hubert P. Weller B.A. in Spanish 111 E. 245th, Holland. Mich. Lawrence Wellnian B.A., M.D. 17563 Kentucky, Detroit, Mich. Dorothy E. Wentworth B.S.Nurs. 77 Tuscola, Bay City, Mich. Gordon G. Wepfer B.S.E.(Ch.E.) R.R. 2, Box 19, Merrill, Wis. Byron L. West B.Arch. 4145 Deepwood, Toledo, Ohio Robert E. Westnian D.D.S. 2312 Fernwood, Ann Arbor, Mich. Edward P. Westwood B.A. in Geography 816 S. Crescent, Park Ridge, 111. David L. Wheeler B.A. in History 1130 S. Warren. Saginaw, Mich. William D. Wheeler B.A. in Speech 204 Grace St., Flint, Mich. Clyde L. Whipple B.S.E.(Mat.E-) 150 E. Lincoln, Ionia, Mich. Frances A. Whitaker B.A.Ed. 35 Fairbanks N.W., Grand Rapids, Mich. Donna M. White B.S.Med.Tech. McKinley Avc., Bay City, Mich. Edith A. White B.A. in English 494 Whitney Ave., New Haven, Conn. Edward A. White B.S.E.(Ind.E.) 9 English Village, Cranford, N.J. Patricia A. White B.S.Nurs. 102 Bowen, Battle Creek, Mich. William P. Whitfield LL.B. 286 Cherokee, Pontiac, Mich. 462 4 I Shirley R. Whitman B.S.Nurs. 847 Westwood, Jackson, Mich. Jeanne E. Whittaker B.A. in History 17000 E. Jefferson, Grossc Pointe, Mich. John C. Widman, Jr. B.S. in Chemistry 2113 Elmhurst, Royal Oak, Mich. Ralph W. Wiese B.S.E. (E.E.) 507 W. Farnum, Royal Oak, Mich. Sheldon W. Wigod B.A. in English 17331 Santa Barbara. Detroit, Mich. Robert D. Wilcox B.S. in Chemistry 526 W. 10th St., Traverse City, Mich. Wally W. Wilcox B.B.A. in Personnel 2 119 Hills St., Flint, Mich. Janet N. Wild B.A. in Ele. Education 1872 9th St.. Bay City, Mich. Roger W. Wilkins LL.B. 2032 Coit Ave., Grand Rapids, Mich. Betty S. Wilkinson B.S. in Physical Education 74322 Burk, Armada. Mich. Clarice J. Wilks B.A. in English 13207 Indiana. Detroit, Mich. James C. Williams B.A. in Latin-American Studies 4721 Loring St.. Philadelphia, Pa. Leonard W. Williams B.S.E.(C.E.) 6776 Scotten, Detroit, Mich. Walter G. Williams B.A. in Biology 22195 Madison, St. Clair Shores, Mich. Richard D. Wilmot B.S.E.(E.E.) 409 E. Scharbuer, Hobbs, N.M. Beckie M. Wilson B.S. in Bus. Ed., Teacher ' s Cert. 1721 Pauline. Ann Arbor. Mich. Judith M. Wilson B.A. in Journalism 19301 Parke Lane. Grosse Ik-, Mich. Kay S. Wilson B.S.Phys.Therapy 9969 Pierson, Detroit. Mich. Mary B. Wilson B.A. in Latin 1135 Martin Place, Ann Arbor, Mich. Robert J. Wilson M.D. 600 Ferris St., Ypsilanti. Mich. SeinWin B.S.E.(E.E.) 28 Prome Rd.. Rangoon, Burma Robert I. Wine B.Arch. 3200 Chicago, Detroit, Mich. Mary K. Winn B.B.A. in Personnel 202 Post, Midland, Mich. Donna J. Winstead B.A.Ed, in Ele. Education 16642 Steel, Detroit. Mich. Joanne M. Wintner B.A. in Spanish 3791 Hillbrook Rd., University Heights. Ohio Praneet Wiriyawit M.S. in School Administration Phthol Yothin Rd.. Bangkok, Thailand Janet L. Wirth B.Mus.(Mus.Ed-) 800 Jenne. Grand Ledge. Mich. John E. Wirth B.S.E. 10636 Nottingham, Detroit, Mich. Pamela B. Wisniewski B.A. in Speech 116 W. Jefferson. Detroit. Mich. Ruth E. Wohlschlegel B.S.Nurs. 2204 Elizabeth. Zion, 111. Melvin D. Wolf M.D. 18062 Hubbell, Detroit, Mich. John T. Wolfe B.B.A. in Personnel 19735 Moross, Detroit, Mich. Muriel Wolfe B.A. in Sociology 59 Piper, Battle Creek, Mich. David P. Wong B.S.E.(M.E., Ind.E.) 10 Tunping Rd., Shanghai, China Charles L. Wood, Jr. B.S.E. ( Nav.Arch. ) 1067 Fifth Ave., New York, N.Y. Russell A. Wood B.A. in Pre-Med. 2803 Buffalo Rd., Wesleyville, Pa. 463 Bernard J . Woodley M .D . 140 Davis, Wyandottc, Mich. Mary Jean Woodruff B.A. in Political Science Beck Rd., Northville, Mich. Robert N. Woodruff, Jr. B.B.A., M.B.A. 815 Puritan. Birmingham, Mich. Allen M. Woolson B.A. in English Lit 606 Robin, Ann Arbor, Mich. Gwen D. Wortinger B.S. in Botany, Bacteriology W. Fifth, Constantino, Mich. Richard P. Wotring B.A. in Speech Box 253, Morrison, 111. Jerry G. Wright B.S.E.(E.E.) 293 W. Tacoma, Clawson. Mich. Nancy A. Wright B.A.Ed, in Special Education 1031 E. Circle Dr., Milwaukee, Wis. Patricia A. Wright B.A. in English 1 Lakeside, Larchmont, N.Y. Arthur J. Wroble B.S.E.fE.E., Math.) 5 Lakeshore Lane, Grosse Pointe, Mich. William H. Yag B.B.A. 528 N. Brainard, La Grange Park, 111. Ronald M. Yamaoka B.S. in Pre-Professional Box 113, Paupahoehoe, T.H. Lois I. Yandell B.A. in Political Science 20300 Elwood Dr., Birmingham, Mich. William L. W. Yang B.S.E.(Ind.E.) 909 Alvarado Ext., Manila, P.I. Jerry W. Yardley B.B.A. 809 Delphia, Park Ridge, 111. Jo Anne Yates B.B.A. in Marketing 2356 21st, Wyandotte, Mich. Robert H. Yocum M.B.A. 903 E. Center St., Ottawa, 111.. Mur ray Yolles LL.B. 18260 Monica, Detroit, Mich. James P. Young B.A. in Political Science 12906 Mettetal, Detroit, Mich. Joan E. Young B.A.Ed, in Special Education 16603 Shaftsbury. Detroit, Mich. John R. Young M.D. 10045 Plymouth Rd., Detroit. Mich. Jerry L. Youngblood B.S. in Zoology 1801 Paris S.E., Grand Rapids, Mich. Anne M. Zankl Cert, of Dental Hygiene 307 E. Elizabeth, Fenton, Mich. Martin L. Zeldes B.S.E.(M.E.) 23460 Sussex, Oak Park, Mich. Charlene M. Zick B.S.Nurs. Hillandalc Rd., Sodus, Mich. Joan Ziegler B.A. in History 225 B. 120 St., Rockaway Beach, N.Y. Herbert A. Zimmerman B.A. in Economics 746 Collingwood, Detroit, Mich. Lynn M. Zimmerman B.A. in English 134 Madbury Rd., Durham, N.H. Michael Zin M.B.A. Riverfront Rd., Amherstburg, Ont., Can. Frank K. Zinn B.A. in Economics R.R. 2. Marshall, Mich. George D. Zuckerman B.A. in History 1212 Newkirk Ave., Brooklyn, N.Y. Tobi Zuieback B.A. in Speech Correction 4121 W. Outer Dr., Detroit, Mich. Abraham Zylberman B.S.E.(M.E.) 29 Rashi, Tel-Aviv, Israel Xenon Y. Zyzzy Ph.D. in Rainmaking 1956 N. Seaen Rd., Ann Arbor, Mich. Yanthro X. Zyzzy B.A. in Taxidermy 1956 N. Seaen Rd., Ann Arbor, Mich. Zelda Z. Zyzzy M.S. in Hagiology 1956 N. Seaen Rd., Ann Arbor, Mich. 464 Patricia P. Canlough M.D. R.R. 2, Zeeland, Mich. Marjorie J. Fairman B.A. in English 508 Woodward, Big Rapids, Mich. Vernon D. Gebben B.S.E.(M.E.) 140 Central Ave., Zeeland. Mich. Mary E. Hellthaler B.A. in Pre-Med. 2202 Radcliffe, Flint, Mich. Richard G. Miekka B.S.(Chem.), B.S.E.(Ch.E.) 8002 S. Dixie Highway, Grand Blac, Mich. Gretchen Schweizer B.S.Ed, in Ele. Education 9935 Balfour, Detroit, Mich. Kathryn C. Trim B.A. in English 18390 Orleans. Detroit, Mich. David N. Turner B.S. in Zoology 4006 Stevenson, Minneapolis, Minn. Raymond D. Tuttle B.A. in Pre-Law 1717 Euclid Ave., Cleveland, Ohio Lawrence M. Walsh D.D.S. 16 River St., Boston, Mass. Gordon N. Waters B.A. in Political Science 6438 Garfield, Pontiac, Mich. Thomas A. Jorgensen B.S. in Physical Education 7158 S. 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Albert 215 Adams, Carol 160 Adams. Carole 134, 407 Adams House 108 Adams, Janice 134 Adams, Judith 152 Adams, Marilyn .137 315, 407 Adams, Paul 47, 193 Adams, Penelope .... 125, 157 Adams. Richard 237 Adams, Robert 102, 184, 300, 407 Adams, William 230 Adams, Williams . . . 197, 219, 290 Adamski, Donald 371 Addison, William 114, 171 Adelia Cheever House.... 141 Adelman, Martin 297 Adler, Annette 301, 132 Adler, Hertha 324 Adler. Steve 173 Adyani, Murli 317 Aengst, Fred 184 African Union Club 319 AFROTC 338 Agler, Barbara 110 Ahman, Virginia 407 Aiken, Martha 133 Ainslie. Tom 118, 202 Aizinas, Stanley 218 Akman. Recai 320 Akrigg, Mary ...144. 315, 407 Aktay , Gunay 320 Al-Amiri, Hasson 407 Alban, Martin 232 Albers, Robert 223, 407 Albion, Martin 198, 297 Albrecht, Douglas ... 98, 101 Albrecht, Frederick 190 Alcid, Herminio 316 Alcorn, Judy 164, 407 Alder, Hertha 123 Aldrich. Carol 315,407 Aldrich. Karen .123, 156, 321 Aldridge, Donald 101, 407 Alexander, Charles 112 Alexander, Diane 136 Alexander, George 332 Alexander, Jean 407 Alexander, John 301, 307 Alexander, Robert . . .326. 407 Alger, William 187 Alice Crocker Lloyd Hall. 126 Alkema, Dale 222 Alkema, Ruth 144, 245 Allaben, Dorothy . . . 168, 398. 407 Allardyce, Gorden 105 Allen, Cynthia 307 Allen, Dwight 202 Allen, Edward 187. 109 Allen, George 407 Allen, Hubert 175 Allen, Jack 114 Allen, Joan 137, 169 Allen, Leonard 224, 327 Allen, Nancy, . . . 138, 280, 407 Allen, Olive Ann 326, 137 Allen Rumsey House 109 Allen, Ruth 137 Allen, Tom 100, 202 Allene, Miller 153 Alles, Susan 159 Alley, Lynn 162 Allgood, Lee 185, 407 Allis, Harry 221 Allmen. Jack Ill Allyn, Lawrence 182 Aloms, Judith 127 Alon, Joseph 407 Alpha Chi Omega 151 Alpha Chi Sigma 214 Alpha Delta Phi 172 Alpha Delta Pi 152 Alpha Epsilon Phi 173 Alpha Epsilon P 153 Alpha Gamma Delta 154 Alpha Kappa Alpha 155 Alpha Kappa Kappa 215 Alpha Kappa Psi 216 Aloha Lambda Delta 299 Aloha Omega 217 Alpha Omicron Pi 156 Alpha Phi 157 Alpha Phi Alpha 174 Alpha Phi Omega 314 Alpha Rho Chi 218 Alpha Sigma Phi 175 Alnha Tau Omega 176 Alpha Xi Delta 158 Al-Saati, Hashim 319. 407 466 Al-Saati, Sharifa ....320, 407 Al-Shawi, Dorothy 407 Al-Shawi. Khalid 320 Alstrom, Richard 270, 286 Alstrom, Susanne 407 Altay, Erdogan 320 Altham, Allen 108 Altman, Ethel 129 Altman, Jules 225 Altman, Phyllis 138, 407 Altman, Susanne 407 Altmeyer, Edith 159 Altschul, Sue 139 Amar, Arjan 317 Amatassant, Chitt 317 Amberson, Nancy 164 Ambrose, Donald .... 226, 407 Ambrose, Joanne 129 A.I.A 329 A.I.E.E.-IRE 329 A.I.Ch.E 330 A.Ph.A 327 A.S.C.E 331 A.S.M.E 330 A.S.T.E 331 Amos, David 106 Amos. 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Theodore 408 Andic, Fuad 320 Andic, Suphan 320 Andrew, Robert 113 Andrews. Harold 172, 388 Andrews, Karl 109 Andrews, Robert 408 Andrews. William 207 Ang, Juan 408 Angeles. Leo 176 Angell House 127 Angell, Robert 15 Angers, Karen 158 Angood, Art 180, 258, 291, 408 Angood, John 121, 180 Angus, John 214, 408 Annette, Barbara 123 Annable. Richard ...298, 408 Anslow, Richard 179 Anscheutz, Gertrude 146 Anspach, Michael 173 Antebi, Gloria 143 Antieau, Arlow 204 Antler, Bunnie 143 Anton, Gloria 315, 408 Antrobius, Jean 152 Aoki, Kazuhiko 330 Appel, Dori 278 Appel, Elizabeth 152 Appel, Herbert 114 Appel, Paul 193 Appelman, Henry 297 Applebaum. Carol 138 Appleman, Robert ...379, 390 Appman, John 204, 408 Apps, Joan 110 Ar. Fraun 320 Arab Club 320 Arbuckle, Virginia . . 165, 408 Architecture Design College of 66 Ardussi. Philip 178 Arens, Frank 175 Arentz. Richard Ill Argus, Gregg 156 Argus, Jane 406 Argyasastra. Patiphat ....317 Arkin, Herbert 208 Armbruster, Robert 114 Armstrong, Carol 156 Armstrong, Dale 226 Armstrong, Ennels 408 Armstrong, Leonard 174 Armstrong, Patricia 110 Armstrong, Peter 206 Armstrong, Robert . . 175, 289, 300, 377 Armstrong, Susan ...151, 408 Arndt, Kathryn 408 Arndt, Shirley 408 Arnesen, Ingrid 167 Arnet, Michael 178 Arno, Dennis 185 Arnold, Blake 105 Arnold, Daniel 113 Arnold, Edward 190 Arnold, Roberta 160, 247 Arnold, Sara Jo 157,160 Arnold, Susan 167, 247 Arnott, Margaret 408 Amove. Robert .198, 237, 264 Arnst, Leon 178 Aron, Stewart 101, 188 Arnowitz, Beverly 169 Amove, Robert 113 AROTC 337 Asbeck, James 187 Asbeck, John 109 Ascher, Linda 245 Ash, Marcia 408 Ashby, Beverly 133 Ashley. Charles 102 Ashton, Norman 142 Ashton, Robert 113 Askenazy, David 124 Assembly Association 250 Assembly Dormitory Council 252 Aster, George 379 Asuncion, Jose 316 Asuncion, Paz 408 Athanas. Thomas 205, 334 Athanas, Zacharia 200 Atherton, Harper 211 Atherton, Susan 158, 408 Atil, Taskin 320 Atkins, Dorothy 130. 326 Atkinson, David 101 Atkinson, Florence 101 Atkisson, Curtis 171 Atlas, Richard 237 Atnip. Richard 205 Attucher, Seymour 408 Atwell, Arthur 220, 408 Atwell, Marilyn 408 Atwood, Caleb 202 Atwood. Olive 162 Audet, Dennis 121 Aughey, Henry 201 Aughey, William 408 Aupperle, Eric 171 Aurand, James 171, 408 Aurelia, John 112, 408 Aurelius, Earl 408 Aurin, Jerry 329 Aurrerle, Eric 258 Auseklis. Alvis 112 Austermiller, Joan 408 Austin. Alan 307 Austin. Grey 322 Austin : LuAnne .129, 398, 399 Austin. Marjorie 143 Austin. Nancy 408 Averill, Patricia 408 Averill, Walter 408 A very , Mary 154 Avis. Bruce 178 Avolio, John 301, 307 Axelrod. Linda 123 Aye, Maung 408 Ayling, Sally 140, 408 B Baad, David ...184. 268, 286, 404. 408 Baad, James 184, 269 Baar, Harold 103 Babcock, Dwight 226 Babcock, Kenneth 408 Babcock, Swight 226 Babcock, Warren 408 Babel, Shirley 170 Babin, Alexander 305 Babin, Raymond 181 Bach. Helmut 109, 408 Bach, Richard 324, 333 Bachelder, Glen 409 Bachelor, Elaine 164 Bachhawat, Bimal 317 Bachhawat, Kamla 317 Bachmann, Roger ...333, 409 Bachrach, Rochelle 153 Backlar. Barbara 169. 294, 409 Bacon, Deborah 48 Bacon, Robert ..214, 322, 409 Bader, Arno 277 Bader, Sandra 166 Badger, Rebecca 144, 310, 409 Badgley, Carl 103 Badt, Marshall 105, 224 Baehre, Barbara 157 Baenziger, Emily 140 Baer Judy 167 Bahr, Jean 157, 409 Bahta, Berhane 319 Baler, Janet 128 Bailey, Douglas .209. 322, 409 Bailey, Gene 104 Bailey, Gretel 161 Bailey, Harvey 195 Bailey, Kathryn 123, 168 Bailey, Margaret ....138, 326 Bailey, Robert 124 Bailey, Suzanne 135, 160 Bailey, Thomas 209, 329 Bailey, Walter 171 Bailin, Richard 188. 305 Baird, Jerome 211 Baird, Sarah 301, 307 Baits, Vera 47 Baity, Michael 189 Bakerman, James ...112, 409 Baker, Dale 192 Baker, Dee 168, 244 Baker, Donald 222 Baker, Florence 129 Baker, Gary 219 Baker, James 258. 190 Baker, Janet 134 Baker, Jerry 183, 305 Baker, Ken 205 Baker, Myrtle 120 Baker, Richard 215 Baker, Robert 221 Baker. Sara 165 Bakker, Durward 222, 409 Bakshi, A. V 317 Balci, Muammer 320 Baldacci, Louis .286, 341, 344, 346. 409 Baldwin, Carolyn 138 Baldwin, Edward 114 Baldwin, Paul 344 Balent, Andrew 176, 409 Balfour, William 331, 409 Ball, Lorna 162 Ball, Robert 105 Bellamy, William 121 Ballard, Richard 124 Balle, Frank 124 Balling, Linda 168, 264 Ballinger, Craig 104, 409 Ballman, Ruth 245, 275 Ballmer, Manuel 409 Balogh, Richard 208 Bandos. Bettie 146. 307 Banga, Alnis 331, 409 Bannasch, John 184 Banninga, Hugh 196, 409 Banta, John 409 Banzhaf, Pete 179 Baptist. Dwight 113 Baraf , Chuck 203 Barancik, Maurice 101 Baranski, Elizabeth 409 Barber, James 331 Barber, Janet 156, 399 Barber, Jnan 409 Barber, Michael 183, 290 Barbiere, Robert 409 Barch, Beverly 166 Barclay, Barbara .... 164, 399 Barclay, Donald 194 Bard, Thomas 258, 409 Barden, Jim Ill Bardick, William 223 Bardon, Milton 113 Barger, Frank 183, 409 Barger, James 187, 300 Barich. Judy 146 Barie, Michael 109 Baril, Roy 102 Bariya, J. H 317 Barker, Barbara 160, 243, 409 Barker, Sari 156, 409 Berkley, Juanita 409 Barley, Samuel 223 Barling, Karen 130 Barlow, Dorothy 127 Barlow, Gerald 334 Barlow, William 185 Barnard, William ...208. 258. 409 Barnes, Charles 100 Barnes, Gordon 177, 409 Barnes. Judith 135 Barnes, Patricia 123 Barnes, Roger 116. 122 Barnett, Betty 159,245,249 Barnett, Carol 140 Barnett, Cornelius ...179.235 289 Barnett, Richard 183 Baron, Roger 198 Barnhill, Charlene 132 Barr, Bradford 208 Barr, Norman 195 Barr. Terry . . . .290, 341, 342. 344, 348, 350, 351, 352. 3V. 360 Barrera, Louis 211, 409 Barrett, Bruce 202 Barrett, Fred 184 Barrett, John 104 Barrett, Robert 194 Barrett, William 187 Barringer, Elsa 140 Barren. Harold 198. 260. 273, 297, 465 Barron, James ..187, 286. 369. ?67 Barron, Jerry 106 Barron, Walter 2?3 Barrott, Nancy 127 Barrows. John 187 Barsky. Seth 19s Barth, Herbert 333 Baeth, Robert 122 Barth, Robert 122 Bartlett, John 121 Bartlett, Judy 166 Bartlett, Linda 140 Bartlett, Lois 326 An Invitation TO YOUNG MEN WITH AN EYE ON TOMORROW You VERY LIKELY have heard about THE FORWARD LOOK at Chrysler Corporation. True, it ' s a bright new style in our cars, and a new contemporary approach to engineer- ing advances to make our cars safer, easier to drive and more pleasureful. But at Chrysler Corporation, THE FORWARD LOOK is much more than this. It is a way of thinking, a way of plan- ning, a way of building for the future. It stands for people, too men with foresight and the ability to take advantage of the opportunities the automobile business offers. Young men with their eye on tomorrow as well as today, will like THE FORWARD LOOK at Chrysler Corporation. The Chrysler Institute of Engineering with advanced courses leading to a Master ' s degree in Automotive Engi- neering is the finest of its kind in the world. On-the-job training with top calibre engineering teams can put you right next to the challenge and promise of the future of this great industry. A career with Chrysler Corporation offers many advantages to the graduate. A position with responsibility, financial rewards and security. Room to grow and move up. Oppor- tunity to contribute to and be a part of THE FORWARD LOOK at Chrysler Corporation. We extend a cordial invitation to each of you to call us or stop in, to discuss your future, to find out where your talents can best be put to use. Or, write to Chrysler Engineering Personnel, P.O. Box 1118, Detroit 31, Michigan. PLYMOUTH DODGE DESOTO CHRYSLER IMPERIAL CHRYSLER CORPORATION THE ?O ?M 4 ? ? LOOK Dodge Trucks Chrysler Marine and Industrial Engines Oilite Metal Powder Products MoPar Parts and Accessories Airtemp Heating and Air Conditioning Cycleweld Cement Products See " Climax! " and " Shower of Stars " -Thursdays, CBS-TV, 8:30 P.M. EST. 467 Barten, James, 177 Barton, Richard 201 Bartom, Bernardine 127 Basar, Nedret 320 Basat, Hulusi 320 Baseball 382 Basham, Frances 109 Bashara, George 202, 236, 239, 409 Basketball 366 Baskin. Sidney 403 Bass, Arlen 105 Bass, Dolf 104, 409 Bassett, Clark 101. 409 Basett, Joe 114 Bassachis, Ruth .153, 244, 296 Bassler Jerry 298, 409 Bastyr, E. J 122 Batdorff , John 109 Bates, Charles 371, 377 Bates, James ...103, 187, 341. 344 Bates. Linda 138. 160 Bates, Mary 140 Batten. Robert 329 Batur, Tarik 320 Bauch, James ...107, 115, 289 Bauer, Carole 130. 170 Bauer, Ernest 409 Bauer. John 307, 409 Bauer, Mary 140 Bauer, Nancy 410 Baughman, Robert 185 Baum, Jane 136 Baum, Sheldon 198 Baum, Sylvia 140 Baumann, Jacob 214 Baumeardt, Hans 113 Baumer, Andrew 181 Baumgartner, Fred ..330, 332 Baumgartner, Rolla 107 Bausch, Nancy ..136, 138, 157 Bautista, Bella 316 Baxter Barbara 143 Bay, Harold 186 Bayar, Zwporah 138 Bayburt, Kemal 320 Baylis, Henry 198 Baylis, Robert 204 Beach, Evelyn 410 Beach, Philip 177 Beach, Robert Ill Beall, Lynnette 165, 249 Beals, Thomas 322 Beame, Bernard 410 Bean, Benjamin 182 Bean, Carolyn 135 Beane, Alice 143 Beardslee, Sally 162 Bears, Margaret 399 Beattie, Charles 176, 265, 410 Beattie, Janice 140 Beatty, James 314, 410 Beatty, Linda 130 Beauchamp, George 410 Beauchamp, Norman 192 Beaudoin, John 115 Beaudry, Richard 410 Beaupre, James Ill, 307 Beabeau, Bernard ...108, 262 Bechtol, Dixie Lee 140 Beck, Geraldine 123 Beck, James 119 Beck, Jan 124 Beck, Mary 410 Beck, Sandra 132, 398 Becker, Ann 134, 410 Becker, Edward 115 Becker. Eleanor 301, 310 Becker, Graechen . . . 167, 410 Becker, Lynn 297 Becker, Marilyn 410 Becker, Marjorie 135 Becker, Robert 199 Beckman, George . . . .404, 410 Beckman, Joan 125 Beckman, William 175 Beckstrom, Helen . . . 123, 170 Beckwith, Carolyn ..136, 138. 410 Bedford, Clark 410 Bednarsh, Jeanette 140 Bedsole, Daniel 104 Beebe, Betty 310 Beebe, Robert 106 Beechler, Jo Anne 157 Beeman. Marjorie ...16S, 410 Beer, Mike ' . 202 Beer. Richard 103 Beer, Sandra 169, 325 Behm, Richard 124 Beiriger, Carolyn 152 Beirlie, Tom 202 Beiser. Gerald 216 Beissel, James 108 Belanger. Paul 191, 258 Belcher, Robsrt 185 Beld, Bonnie 139 Beldin, Richard 112, 237 Beley, James 114 Belin, Daniel 121, 262, 263 Bell, Allen 194, 465 Bell, Cynthia 410 Bell, Douglas 121 Bell, Floyd 119 Bell, George 201 Bell, Kathleen ...160, 245,257 Bell, Nancy 157 Bell, Phyllis 138, 410 Bellack. Phil 203 Bellas, Ray 204 Belleville, Philip . . . .216, 410 Bellows, Claire 139 Belshaw, Janet 326 Belt, Mary 162 Belyea, Jerry 101 Benavides, Carlos 410 Bender. Ivan .... 198, 325, 410 468 Bender. Thomas 410 Bendlin, Barbara 159, 248 Benedict, Moby .287, 385, 390 Benet, Leslie 113, 210 Bengtsson, Doris 410 Benisek, George 410 Benkhard, Philip 279 Benner, Dave 176, 182 Bennett, Bruce 113 Bennett, Iris 325 Bennett, Mariel 152 Bennett. Mary 144 Bennett, Mary Lynn 162 Bennett, Richard 195 Bennett, William 103 Bennis, Norma .123, 380, 325 Bensinger, Hebert 209 Bensinger, Herbert 410 Benson, Allen 124, 333 Benson. Clark 201, 300 Benson, Karen 159 Bentley, David 410 Bentley, Norma 394 Benzie, John 333 Benzinger, Charles 117 Berberian, Balig 158, 410 Berebitsky , Robert 114 Berg, James 305, 410 Berg, Karl 115, 185 Berg, Paul 225 Bergdahl, Susan 157, 248 Berger, Eli 217 Berger, Gilbert 210 Berghal, Marilyn 245 Bergland, Bonnie 165, 410 Berglund, Thomas 226 Berglund, Victor 226, 410 Bergman, Dians 136, 137 Bergman, Gary 195 Berguist. George 202 Berinstein, Henry . . . 195, 410 Berinstein, William 195 Berke, Johanna 163 Berkes, Roberta 410 Berkey, Diane 129, 245 Berkey , Janet 410 Berkowitz, Jo Ann 153 Berkowitz, Shirley . . . 139, 163 Berlacher, George 216 Berland, Peter 198 Berlin, Art 114 Berlin, Arthur 114 Berlin. Sanford 124 Berlin, William 114 Berliner, Henry 199, 230, 231, 236. 287 Berman, Bernard 225 Berman, Gerald 410 Berman. Joseph 410 Berman, Robert 410 Bernadett, Faustino 410 Bernaky, Thomas .... 194, 411 Bernard, William 197 Berner, Robert 177, 239 Bernhardt, Joan 125, 156 Bernreuter, Edward 185 Berns, Philip 100 Bernstein, Edith 133, 245 Bernstein, Ira 108. 173 Bernstein, Michael ...203, 411 Bernstein, Newton 411 Bernstein, Richard 217 Bernthal, Frederick ..216, 411 Berquist, George 101 Berry, Guy 209 Berry, Jerrold 411 Berry Marilyn 127, 153 Bersamin, Silvestre 316 Berube, Joseph 108 Berman, Harvey 100 Berman, Paul 109 Berra, Bruce 121 Berritt, Harold 198 Bertoia, Roger 314 Berwald, John 109, 411 Besemer, Ned 411 Beta Theta Pi 177 Betsy Barbour House .... 134 Betteridge, Stephen 196 Betts, Frank 171 Betts, Joseph 186 Betts, Theodore 207 Betz, Karl 197 Betz, Peter 331 Beubel, Sharon 245 Beuthien, Barbara 164 Bevis, Frank 333 Bevis, Linn 310. 411 Bewalda. Mary Kay.. 123, 159 Bez, Bert 105, 224 Bez, Marilyn 125 Bdeir, Isam 320 Bhada. Rohinton 101 Bhakta. Bhulabhai . . .317, 411 Bhengsri, Phuchong .317, 411 Bhuchongjul, Bunlome . . .317 Bhushan, Bharat 31 7 Bice, Elaine 154, 243, 411 Bichman, Phyllis 140 Bickel, Rudilf 112 Bickel, Thomas 104 Bickford, Priscilla 310 Bickle, Diane 110 Bidigare, Betty 411 Biedenharn, Mary Ann. . . .144 Bierson. Arthur 208 Biggs, Joyce 411 Bigsby , Duane 219 Bihler, George 183 Bilaniuk, Olexa 318 Billingsley, Jay 102, 411 Billmeier, William 186 Bilsky, Stanley 106 Bilson, John 319 Bindeman, Jack 121 Binding, Jane 110 Bindler, Norm 203 Binetsky, Lois 411 Bing, Sally 139 Bingley, John 49 Binhammer, Elaneor 307 Binkow, Robert 193 Binns, Robert 214 Birch. Felix 115 Bird, Betty 301, 307 Bird. Harry 176, 305 Bird, Richard 105 Birke, Charles 297 Birmingham, Mary L.165, 296 Birney. Joan 411 Birney , Nancy 157, 236 Birnkrandt, Lanny 279 Birnkrant, Melvyn 104 Bishop, Richard 114 Bisno, Belle 110 Bissell. Ward 207 Either. Richard 201 Bitman, Kenneth 215, 411 Bittker, Lorraine 137 Bittle, Jack 301, 307 Bittner, Bonnie 161 Bittrich, Alma 139, 299 Bitzer, George 104 Bitzer, John 196 Bitzer, Thomas 182 Bitzer, Lawrence .... 198, 325 Bjork, Frederick 200 Black, Gordon 200, 279 Black, Hugh 101, 305 Black, James Ill Black, Jean 130 Black, Peter 333, 411 Blackburn, David 305 Blackburn, Patrick 334 Blackett, Benjamin 223 Blackford, Richard 113 Blackman, Sally 160, 411 Blackman. Rodney . . 98, 102 Blackwood, Ann 110 Bladen, Terry 173 Blaha, Jack 121 Blair, David 298, 300 Blake, Marjorie 399, 411 Blakely, Warren 411 Blakeslee. Marian ...160, 411 Blakey, John 108 Blanchard, James 175 Blanchard, Sharon 125 Blaney. Donald 223, 292 Blank. Charles 115 Blanks, Dianne 134 Blaser, Albert 104, 307 Blashfield, Berkley 161 Blaschill, Ann 326 Blatchley, Margery 110 Blatt. Rudy 115 Blaubach. Edward 327 31aubach, Hans 224 Blaufox, Larry 173 Blaul, Carolyn 165, 411 Blecha, Joanne 146 Bleekman, George 411 Bleha, Thomas .230, 263, 286, 411 Blenn, Lorraine 127 Bleyaert, Ralph 108 Bleyer, Susan . . . 140, 275 328 Bliss. Stanley 100, 314 Blitz, Marilyn 137 Bloch. George 177 Bloch, Ninion 163, 411 Blodgett, Richard 186 Bloemendahl, Mary . . 167, 247 Blomquist, Svea 144, 310 Blond, Richard ..188, 237, 264 Blood, David 105 Bloom, John 411 Bloom. Martin 411 Bloomberg, Brenda 129 Bloomfleld, Leonard 101 Bloss, Richard . . 105, 314, 329 Blossey, Robert .104, 234, 236, 286, 411 Blott, Jack 340 Bluemel, Van ...301, 307, 411 Blues, Thomas 100, 263 Bluestone, Nancy 137, 169 Blum, Hattie 153 Blum, James 185,260,297 Blumberg, Nancy . . . 153, 264, 398 Board In Control Of Inter- collegiate Athletics 394 Board In Control Of Stu- dent Publications 283 Boasberg, Howard ...210, 411 Bobb, Jay 103 Bobel, Shirley 275 Boberan, Sue 164 Bobick, Anita 110 Boch. Jean 158, 280 Bocobo, Florante 316 Bodanis, Rosanne . . . .138, 411 Bodenstein, Grace 411 Bodley, Nancy 326 Boe, Gary 121, 334 Boehm, Joan 134, 411 Boehringer, Jorge 105 Boeker, Ralph 191 Boemer, Joan 125 Boerema, Roger 222 Boers, John 115 Boers, Shirley 144 Boersma, Benjamin 222 Bogdon, Bernard 124 Bogg, Richard ..180, 314, 411 Bohinc, Stanley 218 Bohnsack, William 187 Bolan, Michael 112, 178 Bolles, Gene 206 Bolton, Aria 123 Bolton, Norman 225 Bolton, Robert 119 Bohz, Jan i: 130 Boman, Ray 101 Bond, James 176 Bonisteel, Roscoe 47 Bonnell, Susan 158 Bonnette, Richard 335 Boomer, Susan 168 Boonchoochuay, Decha ...317 Boonstra. William 17 Boorstein, Ronald 261 Booth, Donald 102 Booth, James 197, 411 Booth, Joyce 140 Booth, Mark 286, 379 Booth, Neil 109, 412 Booth, Patrjcia 412 Booth, Richard 184 Booth, William 176, 305 Booze, Patricia 167 Bopp, Charlotte 135, 159 Borderging Joan 319 Boroers, Carl 113 Borden, Peter 202 Bordett, Gerald 122 Bordow, William 226A Borg, Marcia 169, 318 Borg, Rozlyn 169 Borgeson, Norman 219 Borkowski, Elaine ..134, 243, 412 Boromeo, Chase 69 Boros, David 119 Boros, Steven 119 Berth, Richard 100 Bos, Ronald 222 Bos, William 412 Boseker, Edward 206, 324 Boshoven, Robert 202 Bosma, Boyd 180 Bosma, John 100 Bosma, Roland 412 Boss, Bruce 189 Boston, John 109 Bostrom, Lawrence ..208, 412 Bottemly, William 219 Bottoms, Kenneth . . . 176, 379, 390 Bottum, Edward 194, 331 Botwinik, Fern 143, 398 Boucher, Wayne 412 Boudreau, Richard 300 Bourbonnais, Robert 119 Bourne, Charles 222, 221 Bouws, Marjorie 412 Bow, Warren 109, 172 Bow, William 221 Bowdle, Frederick 223 Bowen, Gerald 412 Bowen, Richard 176, 412 Bowen, Robert 183 Bowen, Ronald 118 Bower, James 113, 224 Bower, Stewart 115 Bowers, David 187 Bowler, Joan 156 Bowman, James ....199, 341, 344, 390 Bowman, Molly 160 Bowman, Muriel 140 Bowman, Richard . . . 103, 305 Bowman, Sandra 163 Boyd, Gerald 114, 297 Boyd, Jerry 104 Boyd, Sandra 130, 167 Boydston, Gordon 177 Boyer, Martha 138 Boyer, Thomas Ill Boyer. William 176 Boykins, Lonnie 115 Boylan, Arthur 187 Boylan, Charles 190 Boyle, Thomas 57, 176 Boyles, John 179, 412 Boynston, Elizabeth 161 Bozkurt, Seflk 320 Brabaw, Frank 186 Brabenec, Paul . .113, 224, 237 Brackett. Helen 166 Bracy, Frank Bradely, Mary Ellen 136 Bradley, Carl ,. .218, 329. 405. 412 Bradley, Jane 245 Bradley, Jo Louise 307 Bradford, Foster 215 Bradshaw, Carolyn . . 134, 399, 412 Bradshaw, Janet 399, 412 Bradstrum, Barbara 151 Brady, James 104, 412 Brager-Larsen, Amie 151 Brainard, Barbara . . . 138, 326 Brainerd, Elwin 118 Brake, Jon 209 Brake, Margaret 134 Braker, David 109 Branch, Harvey 182 Brand, Joseph 200 Brand, Marcus 412 Branders, Hans 331 Brandes, Harvey 203 Brandt, Harold 412 Brandt, Ruth 154, 412 Brandt, Thomas 177 Brandon, Dorothy 110 Branhoff, Anthony ..341, 343, 344, 346, 354, 356, 358, 360, 385, 390. 394 Brauman, Sandra . . 163, 327, 412 Braun, Gerry 119 Braun. Richard 276, 277 Braverman, Blaine 130 Brayton, Donald 121 Brechemin, Peter 211 Brecht, Nancy 157 Bredin. Robert 176 Breems, Byron 222 Breen, Philip 412 Brehm, Richard 185, 258, 288, 412 Michigan Coeds Headquarters for Dalton Cashmeres Rose Marie Reid Swim Suits Haymaker Shirts Evan Picone Skir ts Ann Fogarty Dresses vy I i For Town and College 302 South State Street COVERS ON THE 1956 Michiganensian PRODUCED BY THE S. R. SMITH CO. 2857 Northwestern Avenue CHICAGO 18, ILLINOIS a perennial Michiganensian choice Since 1858, Jewelers to The University of Michigan HALLER ' S JEWELERS 717 N. University, Near Hill Auditorium BRITISH IMPORTS TAILORS CLOTHIERS FURNISHERS III9S. UNIVERSITY AVE. THANKS FOR YOUR PATRONAGE MEN BEST WISHES FROM Lee ' s Barbers EAST UNIVERSITY BY POST OFFICE itaftummt 203 E. Washington CHICKEN IN ROUGH STEAKS CHOPS BEER WINE A Favorite in Ann Arbor for Over 25 Years 469 Breindel, Howard 104 Breitmayer, Helen ..137, 275, 328 Brennan, William 196 Bresnahan, Jacquelyn ...164, 399 Bretcke, Karl 334 Brewbaker, James 113 Brewer, Charlene 139 Brewer, Lyle 109 Brewer, Richard 106 Brewster, Alison 167, 412 Brien, Barbara 162, 399 Briggs, Dale 335 Briggs, Donald 185 Briggs, George 192 Briggs, Nancy 152, 412 Brill, Jane 412 Brimmer, Brenda 326 Briney, Walt 100 Briney, Walter 226 Brink, Norman 171 Beinkel, Nancy 160, 412 Brinkel, Nancy 160, 412 Brinker, William 206 Brindle, David 101 Brinkman, Donald 115 Brinkman, Joseph 69 Bristol, Donnajean 110 Bristol, Yvonne 135, 412 Britz, Harland 283, 412 Brilk, Jack 119 Brochoka, Karen 145, 398 Brockman, Sonny 303 Brod, Marlene 138 Broderick, Dale 194 Broderick, Van 139 Brodey, Claine 321 Brodie, Paul 307 Brodsky, Bernard 198 Brodwin, Honey 134,412 Bromberg, Ann 123 Bronstein, Stephen 193 Bronston. Judith 125, 155 Broock, Bowen 176, 305 Brookfleld, Audrey 412 Brooks, Bernard 210. 305 Brooks. Charles 199, 341 Brooks, Judy 170 Brooks, Marge 143 Brophy, Jere 185, 288 Brothman, Rosalie 125 Brough, Clyde 108 Brouse, Diana 162 Brower, Davie 412 Brower, Paul 124 Brown, Arlene 316 Brown, Betty 151, 412 Brown, Beverly 144, 315 Brown, Bonita 127 Brown. Budd 177 Brown, Bruce 194, 412 Brown, Cowan 104, 298 Brown, Davie 102. 314 Brown, Donald 207, 237 Brown, Dorothy 140, 412 Brown, Edward ..104. 180,412 Brown, Henrietta . . . 168, 243, 412 Brown. Jack 286 Brown, Joseph 182, 309 Brown, Judith 413 Brown, Lawrence ..172, 258. 413 Brown, Paul 197, 413 Brown, Phillip 187 Brown, Richard 179 Brown, Robert .193, 202. 379. 390, 413 Brown, Robert 179. 305 Brown, Ronald 122 Brown, Russell 413 Brown, Sarah Jo 168, 294, 413 Brown, Susan 168 Brown, Tom 183 Brownell. Robert 221 Brozan, Linda 123 Bru, Robert 232 Brubaker, Allan 413 Bruemmer. Jerry 106 Brugma, Fred 222 Bruinsma, George 331 Brumbaugh, Carole .127, 295. 413 Brumel, Gail 127 Brumley , Marie 399 Brumm, Gerald 124 Brumm, William 101, 413 Brunnell, Douglas 113 Brunson, Bruce 124, 339 Brush, Judith 134, 157 Brush, Thomas 189, 413 Bruton, Robert 112, 192 Bryan, Joan 134, 293, 413 Bryan, Kay 138, 324 Bryan, Marcia 249 Bryant, Arleen 326 Bryant, Carolyn 166. 413 Bryant, Marcia 127, 154 Bryant, Ted 171 Bryant, William 205 Bryce, Clara 134, 413 Bryerton, June 399 Buatti, Eugene 226A Bubel, Sharon 136 Bublitz, Ernest 114 Buchahan, Howard 192 Buchanan, Neil .287, 362, 365 Buchanan, Michael ..290. 362 Buchanan, Robert 223 Buchanan, Stuart 196 Buchanan, Virginia 307 Buck, James 201, 413 Buck, Wendell 413 Buckely, Eugene 413 Buckingham, Ann ..301, 307, 310 Buckingham, Mary L 162 470 Buckley, Jo 165 Buckley, Kevin 413 Buckner, Lynn 136 Budae, Robert 237 Budd, James 112. 202 Budds, Olga 413 Buechle, Mary 164 Buchrer, Ann 135 Buehler, William 413 Buehrer, Ann 167 Buerk, Philip 102, 263 Buerkel, Betty 324 Buese, Nancy 413 Bugeia, Joseph 220. 413 Buhl, Robert 413 Buhler, Fred 109 Bulding, John 202 Bunnad, Samonsri 317 Bunnag, Termpundh 317 Bunnell, Ralph 115, 297 Bunni, Munir 320 Burau, Roger 100, 202 Burbank, James 101, 333 Burchfield, David ...201, 288, 336 Burchfield, Jack .207, 288,377 Burd, Elliott 183, 413 Burdett, Gerald 329 Burdick, Harry 413 Burdick, Norm 218, 329 Burdick, Richard 101 Burdick, Sandra 296 Burdinie, Alexander 118 Burgee, Robert 101. 413 Burgess, Jo Ann 139, 413 Burgess, Richard 105 Burgett, Harold 413 Burke, Betsy 165 Burke, Brian 181 Burke, Eleanor 165, 413 Burke, James 223 Burke, Joseph 226A Burke, Marvin 188 Burke, Michael 197 Burkhard, Ronald 109 Burkhardt, Barbara 413 Burkhart, John 114 Burkhart. Shirley 164 Burnett, Mona 145 Burnham, Maxine ...144, 413 Burns, Gayle 132 Burns, John 413 Burns, Robert 314 Burns, Thomas 413 Burocats 245 Burroughs, Elizabeth 413 Burroughs, Jean 310 Burroughs, Sarah . . . .150, 413 Burrows, Lorenzo 413 Burt, Pamela 123, 160 Burt, Philip 189 Burt, Richard . . 104, 220, 413 Burton, Alice 144, 414 Burton, Barbara 179 Burton, Memie 367 Burton, William 100, 192 Burwell, Janet 151 Busby, Gordon 190 Busch, Barbara 170. 323 Busch, David 207 Busdicker, Southard 307 Bush, Elaine 146. 414 Bush, Orrin 172, 220. 265, 414 Busha, Robert 185, 414 Bushala. Sally 130 Bushala, Salma 307 Bushee, Elsie 123 Business Administration Council 265 Business Administration School of 70 Bussard, Thomas 223 Bussell, Joel 119 Butler. Constance . . . 144, 326 Butman, Charnya . . . .138. 414 Butman. Ethel 249 Butos. Clare 105 Butterfield, William 101 Button, Evelyn 154 Butzlaff, William 121 Buzun, Tony 119 Byers, Kay 161, 257 Byers, Sandra 170 Bylsma, Dorothy 125 Byron, Donald 177 Cabala, Daniel 331 Caddell, Carol 129 Caddis, James 333 Cadger, Ralph 186 Cain, Richard 218 Caldwell, Cuyler 316 Caldwell, John 300 Caldwell, Nancy .... 123. 326 Caliwara, Cesar 316 Calkins, Daniel 185, 414 Calkins, Nancy 136 Calkins, Peter 333,414 Callahan, Ruth 230 Callahan, Sharon 165 Callahan, Thomas 207 Callam, Alexander 414 Calvin, John 196, 258, 259, 291 Calvin, Marilyn 128 Calvird, Gaynel 124, 324 Calwell, Lois 250 Camacho, Fernando 172 Cameron, Ann 136, 159 Cameron, Donald 104 Cameron, Jeanette ..161. 275 Cameron, John 414 Cameron, Robert 176 Camiener, Alan 173 Cammins. Diane 245 Camp, Cynthia 398, 399 Campbell, Bernard 101 Campbell, Catherine 168 Campbell, Craig 414 Campbell, Don 202 Campbell, Jack 17 6, 206 Campbell, Janet 414 Campbell, John . 179, 258, 414 Campbell, Judy 167 Campbell, Kay 326 Camobell, Malcolm 192, 258, 414 Campbell, Margaret 123 Canada. Donald 223 Canf ield, Harold 105 Canfield, Ralph 209 Canf ield, Richard 334 Canham, Donald 378, 379 Cannestra, Frank 112 Cannon, Celestine 130 Cannon, John 223 Cant, Dorothy 164 Cantor, Dale 123, 245 Cantor, Judith 163 Cantor, Sandra 137 Cantwell. Phyllis 167 Capizzi, Jetty 176 Caplan, David 109, 414 Capua, Thomas 105 Capva, Thomas 186 Carbeck, Robert 414 Carberry, Elaine 130 Carbonelli, Lawrence ....111 Cardenas, Gilberto 414 Carduner, Jean 321 Cargill, Carla 321 Caris. Ann 161 Carless, Mary 166, 275 Carleton, William ...214,336 Carlson. Dean 221 Carlson, Dennis 112 Carlson, Dorothy 414 Carlson. Duane 176 Carlson, Glen 199, 275. 282, 465 Carlson. Jay 113 Carlson, Jean 310 Carlson, Joan 136, 139, 310. 414 Carlson, Lewis 176, 414 Carlson, Mary 414 Carlson, Paul 207 Carlson. Victor 209 Carlson, Wayne 115 Carmicnael, Lou Ann .... 133 Carmichael, Lucy . . . 140, 165 Carnaghi, Judy 151 Carney, Terry 160 Caro. Sebastian 112 Caron. John 333 Carpenter, Brad 329 Carpenter, Nicholas 414 Carr, Jack 105 Carr, James 194 Carr, Jean 123 Carrero, Cathy 152 Carrier. Patrick 297 Carroll, John 177, 331 Carroll, Patricia 151 Carscallen, Charles ..175. 371 Carson, Jane 154, 414 Carson, Richard 102, 203 Carter, Ann 414 Carter, Charles 207 Carter, John 215 Carter, Nancy 166 Carter, Walter 202 Cartwright, Peter . . . 106, 201 Carver, Core 141 Carveth. Sara 157, 414 Cary, Michael 196 Case, Joan 141 Case, Nancy 250 Cash, David 300 Cash, Donald 329 Cash, Morton 225 Cashen, Marietta 140 Casperson, Judith . . . 130, 245 Cassel, Robert 414 Catanese, Virginia ...301, 310 Catey, Stacy 329, 414 Catrow, Donald 187 Cavanaugh, Jean 123 Cavanaugh, Joanne 323 Cederna, John 414 Celik, All 320 Cerace. Elsie 203 Cerci, Nuran 320 Cerak, Robert 142 Cesler, Jane 134, 310, 414 Chacarestos, Dorothy. 135, 414 Chadwick, William 414 Chadwick, Wendell 186 Chaffee, Sue 167, 261 Chalfant, William 414 Chamberlain, Thomas .... 207, 299 Champion, Bruce 119 Campion, James 200 Chandbrium, Boonchuay .317 Chandhoke, Ramesh 317 Chang, Elfreda 336 Chansler. William 220 Channon, Fred 100 Chantrasmi, Banvech ....317 Chapel, Harold 187, 414 Chapleski, John 219 Chapman, Diana 324 Chapman, Donald 179 Chaoman, Jean 140 Chapman, Payson 199 Chapman, Robert 200 Chapman, Thomas 414 Chapman, William 414 Chapnick, Jerome 113 Chappelear, Daniel 177 Chappell, Donna 132 Chardoul, Eugene 105 Charfoos, Larry 230 Charfoos, Ron 203 Charm, Frederick 195 Charney, Leonard 195 Charney, Walter 414 Charoenrath, Smack 317 Charvat, Marion ....134, 295, 398, 399, 414 Chase, George 100 Chase, Ramon 415 Chase, William 177, 334 Chastain, Stewart 177 Chatas, George 223 Chaudhari, Dhanras 317 Chavaritdhamrong, Daiong- chi 317 Chemerynskyj, Mykola ..318 Chen, Ann 415 Chen, Michael 297 Cheney. Marvin 205 Chennault, Shirleyann . . 129. 155, 294, 415 Chenoweth, Roger 112 Chenowyth, Sharon 250 Cherba, Robert ..99. 102, 301 Cherin, Arnold 415 Cherin, Marvin 195 Cherin, Myrna 153, 415 Chernetski, Kent 113. 297 Chernjawski, Michael ....330 Cherry. Michael 101, 186 Cherven, Kenneth 106 Chesbrough, Helen . . 160. 415 Chesley, Dave 119 Chesney, Richard 209 Chesnut, Walter 301,307 Chess, Richard 292, 415 Chessler, Sherman 198 Chetrick, Harold 415 Chew, Marjorie 165 Chew, Peck 415 Chicago House 110 Chidester, Joan 296 Chiesi, Alexander 113 Childs, James 115, 232 Chin, Gladys 143 Ching, Samuel 415 Ching. Shirley 415 Chi Omega 159 Chi Phi 178 Chi Psi 179 Chipps, Ronald 221 Chisholm, Donald 415 Chitester, Robert 105 Chizek. Minerva 158 Chodorof f , Edward 225 Chopp, Charles .175, 289, 406 Chorpening, Susan 159 Chrisler, Herbert 394 Christensen. Clarence ....415 Christensen, Jane 157 Christenson, Thomas 185 Christian, Donald 211 Christian, Steward 183 Christiansen, Sally . . 123, 161 Christiansen, Sue .... 123, 161 Christie. John 307 Christman, Alan. 189. 330, 415 Christman, Jerry 178 Christman, Sallie 127 Christopher, Nicholas 100, 201 Christy, Suzanne 162 Chrysler, Scott 199 Church, James 106 Chruch, Phil 180 Church, Phil 180 Chynoweth, Sharon .399, 415 Ciavola. Adeline ....161, 415 Cicurel, Lillian 315, 415 Cieslak, Arthur 208 Ciotti. Charles 115,415 Circle, Nancy 160, 415 Citters, Mary 310 Cizewski, Theresa 140 Clagett, Mary Alice .125, 168 310 Clancy, James : 183 Clancv. Patricia 415 Clapp, Henry 109 Clark, Alan 415 Clark, Barbara 151, 244 Clark, Bruce 415 Clark, Catherine 161 Clark, Frank 104 Clark, George 214 Clark, Georgiana 159 Clark, Helen 154, 249 Clark, Jack 108 Clark, James 322, 385 Clark, Jane 110 Clark, Janet 164 Clark, Joanne 127, 415 Clark, Marilyn 110 Clark, Richard 220 Clark, Robert ...186. 223, 415 Clark, Thomas 185 Clark, Shirley 415 Clarke, John 219, 415 Clarke, Norma 139 Clarke, Ronald 189. 259 291, 415 Clarke, Stanley 181 Clarkson, Dorothy ..158. 294 398. 415 Claus, Barbara 160 Claxton, Gail 134 Claxton, Mary 140 Clay, Margaret 415 Clay, Patricia 415 Clayton, Fern 140 Clemens, Earl 115, 415 Clemens, Raymond 215 Clements, Jack 379 Clemenz, Bruce 201 Cleminson, Susan 162 L has served Michigan students for 84 YEARS " Your College Book Store " 336 S. State Phone 2-0814 Complete Trust Service Mortgage Loans Property Management Real Estate Service ANN ARBOR TRUST COMPANY You can rent a Safety Deposit Box for as little as one cent a day MAIN AT HURON FLUID POWER for- Machine Tools Mobile Equipment Materials Handling Trucks Construction Farm Machinery Portable Drill Rigs Marine Equipment Mining Machinery Winches Conveyors Special Machinery KALAMAZOO DIVISION THE NEW YORK AIR BRAKE COMPANY HYDRECO Gear -Type Hydraulic Pumps and Fluid Motors Control Valves and Cylinders DUDCO Dual -Vane Type Hydraulic Pumps and Fluid Motors Member NFPA 9000 E. MICHIGAN KALAMAZOO MICH. 471 Cleveland. Janet 415 Cleveland, Jean 415 Cleveland, Joan 415 Cleveland, Thomas . . 177, 320 Clifford, Marge 152 Clifford, Peter 219 Cliffton, Smith 237 Cline. Daniel 221, 385 Cline, Judith 125 Coal, Stan 119 Coates, Marjorie 135, 160 Coats, Keith .... 189, 288, 332, 404, 405, 406, 415 Coats, Patricia 399 Cobb, David 184 Cobb, Jane 138 Coburn, Jane 415 Coburn, Judith 162 Cocco, Jane 245 Coedy, Mary 144 Cofell, Jean 137 Coffman, Edgar 118, 301 Coffman, Lester 101 Cohen, Alice 138 Cohen, Allan 115 Cohen. Ann 123 Cohen, Carol 321 Cohen, Elaine 163, 270 Cohen. Gail 153, 416 Cohen, Harriet 123 Cohen, Herbert 416 Cohen, Jordan 203 Cohen, Judith 416 Cohen, Larry 173 Cohen, Marshall 102 Cohen, Martin 198, 416 Cohen, Michael 109, 210 Cohen, Morton 142 Cohen, Richard 387 Cohen, Ruth 127, 160, 416 Cohen, Sallyann 130, 153 Cohen. Sandra 139 Cohn. Armand 416 Cohn. Edmond 193, 416 Cohn. Harriet 153 Cohodes. Donald 210, 264 Cohodes, Helen 153 Cohodes, Robert 108, 210 Cole, David 121 Cole, Donald 121, 219 Cole. Howard 122 Cole, Janice 125 Cole, Lewis 265, 416 Cole, Lou 220 Cole, Ward 219, 416 Coleman, Anne 155 Coleman. Bruce 201 Coleman, George 122 Coleman, Joseph 200, 298 Coleman, Lawrence 199 Coleman, Robert 416 Coleman, Sy 203 Coles, Thomas 292,416 Collegiate, Sorosis 160 Collier, Barry 182,217, 305, 416 Collins, Jon 121, 236 Collins, Joseph ..98, 230, 232 Collins, Mary 129 Collins Robert 187 Collins, Walter 304 Collins, Win 121 Colish, Faith 416 Colwell, Donald 184 Colwell, John 221 Colwell, Judy 170 Colwell, Nancy 151 Compers, Ellen 125 Comstock. Rodney ..230. 233 Comstock, Roger ...178, 231, 258, 300, 416 Conboy, Jane 138, 157 Condon, George 176, 416 Condon. Mary Lue 144 Congo, William 100 Conklln, Michael 176 Conley, Ann 416 Conlin, Louis 172, 416 Conn, Jos eph 204 Conn, Margaret 127 Conn, Richard 416 Conn, Robert 120, 224 Connable, Alfred 47 Connart, Kreh 210 Connell, Barry Ill Connolly, Sharon 310 Connolly, Tom 329 Conroy, Joan 162 Consfer, Robert 119 Considine, Basil 416 Conti, Jess 121 Converse. David 121 Conway, Cynthia 140 Conway, Jane 167 Cook, Carol 144, 327, 399 Cook, Cynthia 168, 416 Cook, Diana ....161, 261, 273 328, 465 Cook, Kenneth 224 Cook, Nancy 138, 152 Cook, Robert 108, 109 Cook, Rodney 416 Cook. Ronald 327, 416 Cook. Thomas 101 Cooke, Nadyne 152, 244 Cooke, Virginia 244 Cookson, Coe 135 Cool, Grace ....135, 295. 310, 324, 416 Cool, Stanley 416 Cooley House 119 Coombe, Ann 130 Coon, Jerry 183 Coon. Max 112 Coon, Sally 140 Cooper, David 195 Cooper, Eileen 130 472 Cooper, Margaret 123 Cooper, Paddy 167 Cooper, Peter 416 Cooper, Richard 205 Coopey. Kenneth 104 Cope, Barbara 161 Copeland, Beverly 132 Copeland, Richard . . . 102, 186 Copeland, Robert 108 Copp, Carol 416 Coppins, Martha 138 Corbett, Frances 159 Corbett, Robert 124 Cordes, Margery 416 Cordill. Ann 161, 283, 294, 416 Core, Roger 200 Corey, George 197, 287, 341, 344. 390, 416 Corey, John ....104, 220, 416 Corl, Samuel 105. 201, 304. 305 Cornea, Thomas 105 Cornfeld, Arthur 416 Cornwell, David 119 Corona. Clement 197, 341 Corpman, Izora .125, 167, 328 Correa, Jose 215 Correa, Roy 226, 292, 416 Corsiglia, George 114 Corson, William 105 Cort, Kenneth 416 Cort, Majory 328, 465 Cortes, Irene 316 Corthell. Robert 194 Cortright, Ruth 326 Cortwright, Marilyn 326 Cosens. Garry Ill Cosby, Grant 209 Cosgrove, Donald 118 Coskuner, Zakir 320 Cosmenco, Leda 159, 416 Costa. Charlotte 127 Coste, Jean 3 ' 1 Costello. Thomas 190 Cosway, Harry 214 Cotton. Fred 119 Couch, Barbara 129, 406 Coulon, Frances 128 Coulter, Fred 416 Coulter, William 416 Counsil. William 121 Courtois. Donald 417 Courtright, Barbara .154. 417 Cousine. Anthony 205 Cousins, Yvonne 159, 417 Coutsourakis, Constantine . . 204, 4P5 Couzens Hall 131 Covell, Calvin 192 Cowell, Lois 123, 417 Cowen, Judy 138 Cowles, Richard 210 Cowlin, John 109, 237 Cowlin. William 417 Cox, Joseph 181, 305 Cox, Morton 202, 258, 291, 417 Cox, William 121 Coxford. John 226A Coyoca, Gabriel 316 Crabtree. Maureen 417 Craft, Donald 184 Craft, Mike 263 Craft, Olney 102, 334 Craig. Herbert 174 Craine, Lewis 102 Cramer, Richard 269 Crandell. Howard 331 Crane, Mary 160, 417 Cratts, Frederick 105 Crawford, Christine .160. 417 Crawford. James 417 Crawford, Marlene ..152, 398 Crawford. Richard 202 Crawford, Robert 417 Crawford, Thomas . . 124, 172 Creager, Clifford 122 Creal, Robert 178 Creed, Thomas 119, 184 Cremin, Charles 124, 331 Cress, George 202 Crickmore, Robert 417 Criger, Richard 113, 417 Cripe, James 201 Crisler, Prescott 187, 341 Crispin, Janice 168 Criss, Robert 118 Critchett, Dave 176 Crocker. Jean 135, 417 Crocker, Mary Jean 160 Crockett, Danial 120 Crockett, Elizabeth . . 136, 137 Crosby, Baret 417 Crosby, Robert 114 Cross, Carl 219 Cross, Cynthia 138, 162 Cross, David 237 Cross, John 186 Cross, Lloyd 417 Cross, Mary 162, 253. 293, 417 Cross, Ralph 190, 417 Crossett. Kathy 131 Crossland, Hugh 122 Crossman, Anne 152 Crossman, Barbara . . 152, 417 Croteau, Mary 134 Crothers. Corrine 151 Crouch, Mary Lou . . . 170, 399 Crouch, Merton 305 Croucher. Thomas 124 Crouse, Edward 305, 417 Crouse, John 189 Crowell, Charles 196 Crowley, Franne 167 Crowson, Walter 219 Cruger, Harold 186, 417 Cruthers, Rae 157 Cruthis, James 119 Cxixzar, Leonard 417 Cuen, Alicia 152 Culbertson, Kent 417 Cullers, Dorothy 158, 398 Cullers, Gretta 158 Culp, Christine 135 Culver, Raymond 417 Cumberworth, Carole 130, 160 Cumings, Ann 167, 417 Cumming, Mai 176 Cummiskey, Carolyn 156 Cunningham, Carol 166, 310, 417 Cunningham, Jack 197 Curhan. Robert 225 Curnow, Jack 124 Curran, Roger 200, 417 Currie, Alec 417 Currie, Nancy 417 Currie, Richard 417 Currie, Robert 114, 192 Currie, Wayne 100 Curry, Linda 245 Curry, Mary Sue 156, 247 Curtis, John 307 Curtis, Lois 158 Curtis, Robert 120 Curtis, Thomas 172 Curtiss, Lawrence 297 Curtiss, Shirley 167, 326 Cushhack. Violet 324 Cushmore, Tish 138 Cusick. Paul 100 Custer, Marcia 417 Cutler, Barry 114, 237 Cutler, Donald 104 Cutler. Kenneth 115 Cutler, Leba 125 Cutler. Robert 417 Cyr. Leonard 142 Cyrus, Rodney 124 Czarnecki, Eve 154, 417 Czewski, Rita 417 Daenzer, Donald 192, 324 Dafoe, Charles 292, 417 Daggett, Janet 247 Dahl. Daniel 200 Dahl. Kathlean 157. 215 Dahlgren. Robert 226 Dahm, Donald 176 Dailey, Jacqueline ..399, 417 Dais, William 108 Dakers, Karlis 122 Dalai, Prabhatchandra ...317 Dalati, Ahmad 320 Dalby, Shirley . . 136, 275, 324 Dalgliesh, William 106 Daliere, Sara 157 Dallas, Samuel 127, 205 Dailey, Kent 100 Dailey, Nielsen 418 Dalton Roger 207, 237. 297, 332 Daly, Daniel 101 Daly, Kirk 185, 418 Dame, Donald 184 Dame, Louis 120 Dame, Sophia 310 Damminga, George 124 Damsky, Marilyn 139 Danby, Florence 145 Dandison, Chloe 164, 398, 418 Dane, Norman ..113, 275, 314 Danes, David 108. 224 D ' Angelo, Donald 190 Dangl. Gerald 186 Dangremond. Allen .101, 192 Daniel, Roger 114, 418 Daniels, Lawrence 217 Daniels, Stacy ..111, 314, 329 Danikolas, James 101 Danison. Basil 187 Danner, Theodore 331 Danzeisen, Milo 219, 418 Darago, Edna 324 Daran, James 112 d ' Arcambal, Thomas 418 Darin, Carol 129 Darling, Donna 162 Dart, Fred 307 Dascalos. Margaretta 130 Daskell. Linda 153 Dasse, Frank 109, 418 Dauer, Alan 113, 418 Daugherty, Roger 100 Daum, Richard 331 Dauw, Edward 371 Dave. M. P 317 Davenport, J. B 220, 418 Davenport, Nancy ...152, 418 Davey, Paula 418 Davidson, Connie 134 Davidson, David 203 Davidson, Dennis 104 Davidson, George 185 Davidson, Georgiana .... 156, 293. 418 Davidson, Jack 197 Davidson, Margaret 134 Davidson, Marvin 195 Davidson, Peter 187 Davie, Elizabeth 128 Davies, Audrey 418 Davies. James 341. 390 Davies, John 418 Davis, Anne 125, 151 Davis. Donald 106. 223 226, 237 Davis, Dorothy 131, 418 Davis, Dwight 179, 305 Davis, Eugene 201 Davis, George Ill Davis, Gerald 226 Davis, Howard 102 Davis, James 223 Davis, Jane 132 Davis, Jean 157, 418 Davis, Julie 138, 157 Davis, Kenneth 333 Davis, Lawrence 333 Davis, Margaret 398 Davis, Marlene 152 Davis, Mary Ann 310 Davis. Morgan 212, 418 Davis, Steve 210, 264 Davis, Thomas 305 Dawe, Frederick 418 Daws, James 121 Dawson, Alan 292 Dawson. David .226, 405, 418 Dawson, James 297 Dawson, John 208 Dawson. Patricia 418 Day, Paul 202 Dayharsh, Jerry 119 Dayharsh, Shirley 152 Deac, Wilfred 418 Dean, Maurice 205 De, Anil 317 Deaver, Dann 278, 418 DeBuck. Richard 115 DeBoer, Martha 170 DeBolt, Carol 418 DeBolt, Sally 110, 158 DeBoskey , Ross 297 DeBouver, Ronald 206, 299, 418 DeBrock, Steve 202 deBruin, Carol 161, 255 Decker, Beverly 140, 399 Decker, Joseph .106, 194, 224 Decker, Leonard 114 Decker, Margaret 170 deCook, Arlene 110, 154 deCook, Joseph 105, 297 Deegan, Dennis 418 Deem, Ronald 114 Deering, John 105 Degener, Dick 179 Degrazia. Robert 214 DeGroot. Loren 330 DeGroot. Peter 195, 418 DeHaan, Raymond 418 Dehilster. Robert 100 Deitz, Robert 184 DeJonge, Clark 113, 205 DeLalla, Mary Ellen .170, 418 DeLand. James 418 DeLaney. Leo 103 Delaney, Michael ...286, 371, 372 DeLaPaz, Ruben 316 DeLeon. Ambrosio 316 DeLeon, Sonya 316 Delgado, Serge 115 Del Giudice, Jean 418 Deline, Stanley 104 Dell ' Azuila, Donald 187 Delnay , Richart 215 Deloglos, Gus 124 DeLong, Richard 298, 300, 418 Delta Chi 180 Delta Delta Delta 161 Delta Gamma 162 Delta Kappa Epsilon 181 Delta Phi Epsilon 163 Delta Sigma Delta 219 Delta Sigma Phi 182 Delta Sigma Pi 220 Delta Tau Delta 183 Delta Upsllon 184 Demak, Morton 217 DeMaria, Sally 418 DeMarrais. Paul 180. 418 DeMayo, Arlene 418 Demeo, Robert 121 Demirel, Iskender 320 DeMoor, Stanley 208 Demorest, Jack 183 DeMoss, Lynn 418 DeMott. John 104 Denault, Dana 196 Denberg, Selma . 128, 275, 328 Denbroeder, Ron 202 Denessen. Doris 110, 154 Deng, Frederick 329 Deng, Roy 172, 418 Dengel, Daniel 327, 404 405. 419 DeNike, Kenneth 334 Deninger, Patricia 137 Denison, George 172 Denison, Robert 180, 305 Denman, John 208, 419 Dennany, James 114 Dennison, William 115 Dental Hygiene, School of 86 Dentistry, School of 84 Denton. John 171, 297 Denton, Sherwood 226 DePoy, Dean 200, 307 Deppe. Daniel 191, 375 DeRavignon, Carol 135 Dernberger, Patricia 145, 399 Derricotte, Eugene 102 Derusha, James 419 Desai, Bipinehandra .317, 330 Desai. Shivajirao 317 Despres, Thomas 300. 419 Deszily. Anton 114 deTar, Mary 162 Detweiler, Harry 100, 297 Deuter, David 115 deVelder, Mark 105 Development Council Com- mittee 406 Devers, Melvin 207 Recalling . . . some of the movies of this, your senior year. fa Mister Roberts fa Guys and Dolls fa Helen of Troy fa I ' ll Cry Tomorrow fa Not as a Stranger fa Picnic fa Pete Kelly s Blues fa Strategic Air Command fa The Tender Trap fa To Catch a Thief fa Trouble with Harry the year of our Golden Jubilee 1906- 1956 MICHIGAN STATE ORPHEUM W. S. BUTTERFIELD THEATERS 1492 National Bank Bldg. Detroit, Mich. M. F. Gowthorpe President Clothing Headquarters for Michigan Men for over a quarter Century Saffell Bush STATE STREET, ANN ARBOR fashion conscious coeds shop at . . . 473 deVlieger, Judith 137 Devries. David 116 DeVries, Jack 199, 261 DeVries, Keith 104 DeVries, Roger 207 Devyak, Joseph 119 Dew, Brock 419 Dewey, Bradley 182 DeWitt, Marie Jo 166 Dexter, Pamela 159 De Young, Patricia 419 DeYoung, Roland 223 DeYpung, William 222 Dhajabongse, Boonma ...317, 419 Diachun, Nadia 318, 419 Diamond. Cynthia 144, 295, 419 Diamond, Diane 133, 419 Diamond, William 230. 288 332 Diamonstein, Elaine .325, 419 Diaz, Manuel 316 DiCarlo, Robert 204 Dick, Thomas 114 Dickelman, Charles 419 Dickenson, Andrew 114 Dickenson, Edward 334 Dickerman, Maude 108 Dickinson, Thomas 406 Dickstein, Kenneth 217 Dickstein, Ruth 169 Diederich, Sylvia 324 Diedrich. Duane 122, 324, 419 Diehl, Julie 419 Diekema, Leona 144 Diemal, Jon 207 Dierdorff , Terrence 196 Dieterichs, Cynthia .301, 307 Dieterle, Caroline 123 Diethrich, Edward 190 Dietrich, Janet 165 Dietrich, Mary 151 Dietz, Leslie 321 Dietz, Robert 120 Dillman, Dan 194 Dillman, Richard 419 Dils, Robert 333 Dilsworth, Donald 178 Dimant, Alexander 104 DrMarco, Lee 144, 419 Dinga, Suzanne 127 Dingier, Mary Lee 144, 269, 296 Dingman, Judith 399 Dinsmore, Robert 204 Diokno, Antonio 316 Diokno, Clariza 316 Dittmer, Christine 158. 273, 465 Dixner, Janet 419 Dixon, Charles 219, 419 Dixon, Norwood 107, 112 Dixon, Theodore 419 Dixon, William 109 Doan, Leland 47 Doane, Haven 219, 419 Doane, Lawrence 185 Dobbelstein, David 122, 324, 334 Dodd, Larry 113 Dodd, Richard 113 Dodenhoff, Ted 202 Dodge, Marilyn 301 Dodge, Russell 115, 307 Doerr, Anne 138, 154, 327 Doggert, Barbara 157 Doggett, Janet 159 Doherty, Susan 165 Dolle, Michael 196 Doman, Elizabeth 158 Domenic. Maryanna 156 Dominado, Paz 316 Donald, Harry 180,260 Donkin, Thomas 200 Donley, David 191,419 Donnan, Douglas 192, 419 Donnelly. Jerome 196 Dormer, Ruth 169, 419 Donohue, James 104, 419 Dooge, Lawrence 172, 419 Dooley, Jeff 379 Dorfman, Susan 169 Dorman, Loretta 119 Dorner, Kenneth 419 Dorr, Sally : 123 Dorstewitz, Audrey 327 Doshi, Vinod 317 Doss, Patricia 125 Doubleday, Diane 157 Doudna. Daniel 419 Doughty, Jeanne 419 Doughty, Marylin 419 Douglis. Philip .269, 287, 419 Dove, William 187 Dover, Donovan 335 Dow David 171,223,419 Dow Dorothea 419 Dow Hugh 419 Dow Patricia 165,419 Dow Dow Rick Stephen 204, 419 .100 Dowline, Anne 307 Downey, Anthony 419 Downing, Edward . . . 200, 307 Dowsett, Diane 154 Doyle, Maureen 123 Drabik, Anthony 142 Draheim, Edward ...224, 420 Drake, Charles 172 Drake, Eloise 102 Drake, John 98, 100 Drake, Patricia 151, 247, 261, 296, 326 Drake, Paul 199 Drake, Stephen 199 Drake, William 172 474 Draper, Donna 160 Draper, Marilyn 420 Draves, Edward 202 Drasin, Sarah 245 Drebin, Allan 303 Drebin, Martin 420 Drezner. Sheila 163 Driese, Edward 329, 420 Druids 287 Duane, Drake 119 DuBois, John . . . 100, 223, 420 Dubrinsky, Marvin 420 Dubrinsky, Seymour 195 DuBrock. Stephen 122 Dudoe, Robert 171 Dudgeon, Clair 119 Dudinetz, Mary 420 Duerson, Gay 165, 420 Dueweke, Douglas Ill Dugy, Phillip 304 Dufek, Donald 340 Duff, Donald 183 Duffy, Frank 206 DuFresne, Miriam 140 Dugan, Karla 165 Duggan, Ralph 224 Duggard, Ralph 105 Duke, Jaylee ...158, 243. 294, 398, 420 Dulnick. John 119 Dumbsmack, Jezebel 127 Dumond, Caryl 168 Dumyk, Mykola 318, 420 Duncan, Diane 151 Duncan, Frank 124, 175 Duncan, James 121 Dundas, Gerald 175 Dungan, Dennis 118 Dunham, Harriet 420, 134 Dunlap, Duane 171 Dunlop, Richard 187 Dunlop, Robert 187 Dunn, Austin 101 Dunn, Barbara . . 140, 166. 275 Dunn. Beverley .156, 275, 328 Dunn, Georgina 165, 420 Dunn, John 206, 420 Dunn, Robert 187 Dunn, Sally 136, 138 Dunn, Sara 420 Dunn, Valerie 154 Dunnigan, Richard ..290, 365 Dunsky, Robert 203, 224 Dunton, Donald 105 Durand, Emily 160, 420 Durand, Robert 420 Durant, Carol 144 Durant. Margaret . . . 170, 323 Durchclag, Debra . . . 144, 271, 420 Durham, Robert 181 Durkee, Nancy 128, 245 Durnton. John 105 Duryea, Earl 104 Dusbiber, Donald 420 Dusendorf , Joyce 420 Dutcher, Alice 310,420 Dutil, Kathryn 127 Dwan, Mary 167, 255, 257 Dwan, Robert 119 Dwyer, John 103, 180 Dygert, James 142. 268, 286, 420 Dykstra, Elizabeth 164 Dykstra, Jerome 226 Dyll, James 226, 420 Dysert, Gary 108 Eaddy, Donald 385 Early, Peter 105 Easley, James 219 Easley, Lydia 410 Easom, Harry 223 Easter, Ellen 420 Eastman, Arthur 14 East Quad Council 116 Eaton, Harriet 321 Eatzman, Harold 225 Ebaugh, Barbara 146 Eberly, Paul 420 Ebert, James 105 Ebker, Arthur 207 Ebling, Gretchen 160 Ebling. John 324 Eckerling, Ascher 106 Eckerman, Kay 160, 248 Eckerman, William . . 175, 258. 291, 420 Eckert, Mary ...161, 310, 420 Eckert, Otto 47 Eckert, Ronald 219 Eckfleld, Florence 399 Eckhard, Christa 170 Ecklund, Peter 101. 202 Eckstein, Peter 104 Eckwall, Sally 110. 156 Eckwall, Shirley 135, 399 Edelman, Sandra 140 Eder, Melvin 217, 420 Ederer, Ann 130 Edgar, Richard 198 Edmonds, Elaine . . . 144, 270, 295, 420 Edmonds, James 112 Edmonson, Trenna 327 Education School Council 326 Education, School of 62 Edvalino, Emilio 316 Edwards, Charlene 158 Edwards, Elaine 321 Edwards, Kenneth ..174. 298, 420 Edwards, Margaret . . 170, 398 Edwards, Maureen 129 Edwards, Melvin 223 Edwards, Susan 123, 420 Effinger, John 190, 420 Efremoff , Anthony 105 Efron, Morton 100 Ege, Seyhan 320 Eggebrecht, John 120 Eggerling, Magdalen 130 Eggert, Roger 221 Egleston, Steven 176 Egly .Robert 109, 179 Egrin, Lee 193 Ehle, Rickne 185 Ehman, Hildegarde 324 Ehni, Thomas 197 Ehrat, Helen 159 Shrhardt, Patricia 140 Ehrlicher, Mary 159 Eichbrecht, Shirley 324 Eichwald, Helene 420 Eifrig, William 324 Eikenbery, Terry 197, 420 Eilers, Kenneth 124 Eilers, Mark 300 Eisemann, Robert 322 Eisenbeiser, William 105 Eisenberg, Alan .203, 269, 420 Eisenberg, Sarah 163, 420 Eisenstadt, Esther . . . 133, 421 Eisenstein, Richard ..102, 421 Eisler, Thomas 421 Eisman, Michael ....203, 264 Eismann, Nancy 137, 152 Eisner, Helen 170, 324 Ekstrom, Peter . .119, 301, 307 Elbogen, Alice 153 Elder, John 115 Elderman, Ann 163 Eldred, Dale 341 Eliason, Marilyn 170, 310, 421 Elison, George 101 Ellenbogen, Lawrence .... 173 Ellenport, Cynthia 140 Ellias, Marian 163 Elliot, Thomas 223 Elliot, William .291, 197, 258, 431 Elliott, Lawrence 115 Ellis, Ann 160 Ellis, Drusilla ..127, 158, 232 Ellis, James 124 Ellis, Patricia 123 Ellison, Edward 186 Elmblad, Joan 128 Elmore, Mary 421 El-Saden, Munir 320 El-Saden, Noor 320 El-Samarrai, Salad 320 Eisman, James 104 Elstrodt, Charles 101 Eltringham, James 421 Elumeze, John 319 Elvidge, Paul 181 Elwell, Sumner .301, 307, 421 Emanualsen, John 104 Emerson, Theodore . . 196, 298, 300 Emery, Charles 221, 421 Emery, Gordon 189 Emery, John 108 Emmons, Kathleen ..307, 310 Endicott, David 124 Endres, Martin 220 Engel, Raymond 119 Engelbrecht, Earl 207 Engelder, Paul 329, 421 Engelhardt, Ruth 130 Engelke. Judith 164 Engineering, College of.. 56 Engineering Council . . . .332 Engineering Honor Council 332 England, Shelley 167 Engle, Hilda 144 Engle, Thomas 189, 330 Engler, Gordon 210, 297 English, Janice 168 Engman, Lewis .104, 237, 263 Enright, Joan 123 Epstein, Albert 119 Epstein, Burton 195 Epstein, David 195, 237 Epstein, Susan 134, 421 Erbland, Thomas ....219, 421 Eren, Mihin 320 Arichson. John 196 Ericksen, Richard 108 Erickson, Diane 315,421 Erickson, Helen 170 Erickson. John 122, 421 Erickson, Lance 421 Erickson, Marguerite 144, 310 Erickson, Marlowe 421 Eriksen, Nancy 421 Erim, Seyfettin 320 Erlanger, John 186 Erlich, Iris 145 Ernst. Daniel 421 Erskine, Elizabeth . . 167, 245, 249 Erskine, Erika . . 152, 243, 245 Erwin, Phillis 152, 421 Erwine. Richard 172 Esch, Joan 245 Eschenburg, Ronald 190 Esterline, Linda 127 Esterman, Arnold 203 Estes, Gerald 204 Estes, Nancy 162 Eta Kappa Nu 300 Etter, John 206, 297 Evans, David 183 Evans, Elda 140 Evans, Harry 178, 300 Evans, Janette 127, 170 Evans, Lynn 106, 314 Evans, Robert 219. 421 Evans, Roberta 144 Evans Scholars 142 Evans, Stewart 184, 421 Evans, William .119, 122, 421 Evasic, Ronald 100 Even, Arthur 100 Evenson, John 105 Everett, Allison 167 Everett, Frederick 179 Ewart, Dale 179, 421 Ewend, Durt 206 Ewing, Roberta 130 Eyre, Barbara 131 Ezekiel. Ruth 317 Faban, Sally 162, 421 Faber, Judith 325 Fabian, Robert 182 Fagerstrom, David 124 Fagge, Ralph ...191, 385. 421 Fahling, Waldo 321 Fahnestock, Julie 151 Fahri, Valli 123 Failey, Joy 421 Fainman, Burton .... 193, 325 Fair, Sandra 110 Fairbairn, Joan 161 Fairless, Victor 181 Fales, John 215 Falk, Beverly 169, 421 Falk, Herb 205 Falk, Lois 421 Falk, Stuart 217 Fallis, Robert 298, 421 Famularo, Marilyn 152 Farkas, John 176 Farley, Arthur 124, 201 Farrar, Margaret 158, 421 Farrel, Jackie 129 Farrell, John 121 Farrell, Lyne 279 Farrell, Nancy 166 Farris, Diana 144 Farsakian, John 220 Fasbender, Barry 118 Faskow, Donald 421 Faskow, Doris 421 Faul, Lawrence .199, 341, 390 Faulhaber, Richard . . 192, 421 Faulkner, Ann 110 Founce, Marilynn 421 Fay, John 185, 298, 421 Fay, Mary 164 Fay, Merrill 108 Fay, Robert 421 Fay, William 109, 184 Fear, Bob 180 Feder, Janet 264, 270 Feeman, Sally 127 Fegan, Tom 180 Fehlberg, Joanne .... 138, 399 Feingold, Jocelyn ...244, 295. 422, 253 Feinstein, Herb 203 Feldman, Barton 224 Feldman, Elaine 127 Feldman, Fran 143 Feldman, Judith 130 Feldman, Sheila 275 Feledy, John 100, 177 Felisky, Timothy 237. 297 Fennelly, Parker 43 Fennig, Lois 135, 422 Fenton, James 200 Ferber, Lois 146 Ferguson, Robert 422 Ferguson, William 422 Fernando, Antonio 316 Ferrel, Gene 119 Ferrel, Lynnette 170 Ferrelli, Marcus .390, 385, 422 Ferrin, Janet 136 Ferrington, Richard .226, 422 Ferris, James 171 Feuske, Herbert 221 Fiber, Luan 167, 321, 422 Fiedler, Arthur 40 Fiegel, Richard 422 Field, Malcolm 422 Field, Evelyn 326 Fien, Joseph 193 Fierce, Arthur 216 Fierke, Winifred 307 Fierstone. Harold 217 Figley, Earl 106, 175 Filber, Norman 236 Feldew, Janet 165 Filnew, Janet 165 Filgas, James 211 Finch, Paul 331 Fine, Charles 109, 329 Firfe, Ched 280 Fine, Nadine 139 Finger, Charles 204 Fink, Barbara 422 Fink, Evelyn 139 Fink, Lenore 249 Fink, Richard 178 Fink, Roberta 153 Finkbeiner, Herbert 297 Finkbeiner, Warren 219 Finkel, Stanley 422 Finkelstein, Sheila . . . 140, 245 Finkleman, Gwynne . 169, 243. 264 Finley, Robert 215 Finnegan, Patrick ...119, 333 Finney, Douglas 108. 301, 307, 422 Finney, Henry 297 Finney, Rose Lee 69 Finnic, Gordon 221 Finyard, Banjamin 114 Firestone, Phyllis 307 Fischer, Marion 315 Fischer, Patrick 171 Fischer, William 333 Fish, Nancy 137 Fishbeck, Mary Lou . . 129, 166 fresh from our farms to you . . . ICE CREAM Made on the farm by EXPERIENCED DAIRYMEN in one of the most UP- TO-DATE ice cream plants in the MID- DLE WEST! 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Univ. 475 Fisher, Carolyn 128, 264 Fisher, Colin 298, 300, 422 Fisher, Elizabeth 153 Fisher, Michael 102 Fisher, Radford 219 Fisher, Raymond 385 Fisher, Sally 161 Fisher, William 101 Fishman, George 113 Fishman, Joseph 195, 422 Fishman , Melvin 422 Fishman, Sherwin ...217, 422 Fishman, Stephen ...203, 422 Fitch, Donald 223 Fitch, Randy 199 Fittleson, Margaret 129 Fitz, Coralyn 135, 235, 422 Fitzgerald, Louis 204 Fitzgerald, Mary Jo 166 Fitzjohn, John 171 Fitzhugh, Lee 204 Fitzsimmons, James .108, 209 Fitzsimons. Mike 184 Flaad, Barbara 155 Flagg, Steve Ill, 171 Flam, Marvin 218 Flanagan, James 112 Flanders, Ruth ..157,214, 422 Flasher, Richard 109 Flaxman, Joan 163 Flaxman, Richard 203 Fleetwood. Hugh 102 Fleisher, David . . 189, 298,422 Flenniken, William 422 Fletcher Hall 143 Fletcher, Lois 422 Fletcher, Martha 137 Fletcher, Nicholas 422 Fletcher, Ross 189, 297 Fleura, John 206 Flint College 11 Flint, Frank 204 Flint, Thomas 108 Flintosh, John . . 122, 263, 334 Flodin, Richard .180, 379,390 Flora, Joseph 115, 422 Flores, Dave Ill Floum, Bernard 422 Floum, Robert 193 Flowers, David 301. 307 Floyd, Barry 305 Floyd, Charles 223 Floyd, Richard 124 Floyd, Robert 214 Flucke, Marcia 135, 299 Flucke, Robert 422 Flyer, Mike 203 Flynn, Albert 179, 422 Flynn, Julie 144, 422 Flynn, Michael 207 Fodell, Katherine 159 Fodell, Marcella 137, 159 Fogel, Jerome 193 Fogg, Mona 140 Fogle, Harold 422 Foley, Jim 121 Follette, Bill 119 Font, Gilberto 175, 237 Fontanesi, Robert 124 Fonteine, Louise 159 Foose, Marilyn 134 Football 340 Foote, Jesse 422 Forbes, Daniel 199 Forbes, Janice 138 Ford, Carol 159, 255, 422 Ford, Richard 105 Force, Mary 162 Foree, Phoebe 162 Foresters ' Club 333 Forman, Lawrence 188 Forrest, Shirley 156 Fors, Mavis 156 Fors, William 100, 180 Forsen, Hilmer 422 Forshee, Mary Jean.. 123. 152 Forsmark, Bart 104 Forsythe, Richard 422 Fortier, Suzanne 159, 245 Fortuna, Michael 218 Forwood, Richard 124 Fosnaught, Mary 140 Foss, Fritzi 164, 422 Foster, Guy 197 Foster, Mary June 168 Foster, Melvin .102, 193 Foster, Paul 207, 275, 297, 328 Foster, Robert 220 Foster, William 422 Fotiou, Constance 129 Foucek, Bruce 423 Foulks, Ed 100 Fowler, Gloria 321 Fowler, Jane 152, 270, 296 Fowler, Kenneth 207 Fowler, Richard 104, 329 Fox, Bruce Ill, 289 Fox, Gale 176 Fox, James . . . .287, 385, 390, 341, 344 Fox, Sandra 168 Fox, Susan 160 Fox, Virginia 133, 307 Fox, William 215 Foxall, William 124, 465 Foy, Hugh 108 Foy, John 423 Foy, Mike 176 Fradkin, Janet 423 Fragnoli, Donald 219, 423 Fralick, Elizabeth 134 Francis, Bernard 423 Francis, Isabel 144 Francis, Marilyn 135 Francis, Thomas 9 Francoeur, Donald 423 Frank, Hazel ...230, 242, 243. 295, 423 476 Frank, Helga 110 Frank, Jerald 122 Frank, Martin 193 Frank, Maureen 127, 327 Frank, Stewart 104 Franke, George 305 Frankenfteld, Judy 151 Franklin, Judith 324. 333 Franzblau, Carl 423 Fraser, Colin 185 Fraser, Diane 135 Fraternity Presidents .... 258 Frederick, Kenneth 101 Frederick, Ralph 122 Frederick, Robert 297 Freedberg, David 121, 210 Freedland, Herbert 102 Freedman, Burton 423 Freel, Michael 105 Freeman, Edward 119, 205 Freeman, James 178 Freeman, Lee 184, 119 Freeman, Marilyn 127 Freeman, Michael 195 Freeman, Sandra 130 Frego, Jacob 106 French, Alice 423 French, Tom 180 Frey, Barbara 162, 423 Frey , Carol 423 Friebolin, Carol 125 Friebolin, Kim 244 Fried, Lawrence 122 Friedlander, Cecile ..110, 163 Friedlander, Maury 423 Friedman, Abba 203 Friedman, Arthur . . . 106, 210, 273, 465 Friedman, Audrey 163 Friedman, Bette 325 Friedman, Ellen 137, 153 Friedman, Franklin 108 Friedman, Gilbert 423 Friedman, Irv 217 Friedman, James 187, 237 Friedman, Micheal 203 Friedman, Suzanne . . 136, 139, 299 Friedman, Ted 173 Fries, Betty 137, 170, 399 Friess, George 186 Friess, John 187 Frisby, Fern 245 Frisinger, Howard 423 Frisinger, Joseph . . . .270, 423 Fritts, Robert ..187, 2S7, 304. 305, 335, 423 Fritts, William 190 Frock, Roger 200, 297, 332 Frogel, Marjorie 144, 295, 423 Frohman, Lawrence 225 Frosh Weekend 249 Fross, Joann 327 Frost, Dorothy 161 Frost, Jackson 423 Frost, Sandra 153, 249 Fruman, Marshall 114 Fry, Jean 423 Fry, William 292 Frye, Gary 423 Fryer, Myrtle 423 Frymer, Murray 287, 423. 271 Fuller, Elsie 49, 250 Fuller, William 216 Fulron, Mary 245 Fulton, Llewellyn 03 Fulton. Mary 275 Furst. Janet 162 Furth, Fred 197, 423 Fushman, John 223, 423 Fusman, Lawrence 114 Fuss, Marian 141, 326 Fuss, Peter 423 Futtman, Richard 334 Gaag, Grace 423 Gaar, Norman 423 Gabai, Evelyn 144 Gabel, Grant 423 Gabrych, Patricia 140 Gaffield, Thomas 178 Gaf fney, William 109 Gage, Noel 198 Gagnier, Edward 376. 377 Gaines, Dan 195, 423 Gaines, Edward 177 Gaines, Sue 158 Galantowicz. Thomas ....223 Galbraith. Robert 114 Gale, Glen 305 Gale, Michael 203, 423 Galen. Robert 119 GALENS 292 Galin, Robert 217 Gall, Barbara ...129, 153, 399 Gallagher, Edward 108 Gallancy, Joan 127 Gallander, James 119 Gallander, John 190 Galligan, James 321, 423 Galloway, Dwight 226 Galloway, Robert 183 Galloway, Roseann ..136, 137, 158 Galonska, Dee 161, 398 Galperin, Fred 102 Galvin, Mary Ellen ..166, 423 Gamage, Herbert 124, 297 Gamble, Judith . 166, 275, 465 Gamma Delta 324 Gamma Phi Beta 164 Gang, Lawrence 119 Gang, William 105 Ganis, Joan 110 Gantzos. Robert 104 Ganus, David 305 Garber, Frederick ...217, 423 Garcia, Mary Ann 135 Garcia-Rawson, Fernando 319 Gardey, Kim 104 Gardhouse, Donna 166 Gardner, Barbara 125 Gardner. Isaac 174 Gardner, Janet 301, 307 Gardner, Patricia 125 Gardner, Robert 100 Gardner, William ...210, 287, 404, 405, 406, 423 Garfinkel, Harriet 127 Gargoyle 278 Garland, Elizabeth . . 167, 249. 423 Garmene, Edna 144 Garnaat. David 101 Garner, Sarah 167. 424 Garnick. Jerome 217 Garrett. Duncan 204 Garrett, Janice 151 Gart, Judith 424 Carver, Lynne 164, 240 Case, Gerald 424 Gaskstetter, Rosalyn 135 Gass, Paul 103, 173 Gassaway, Joan 144. 299, 301, 307, 310 Cast, Margaret 158 Gaston, Micheal 118, 263 Gates, Richard 142 Gatherer, Janet 167 Gathmann, Emil 177 Gaudi. Arthur 182, 237 Gault, Richard 180 Gault, Sandra 275 Gavin, Arthur 104 Gay. Melvin 104 Gebben. Vern 222 Gebhard, Ursula 243. 294, 424 Geddes House 145 Gedris, Kenneth 216, 424 Gee, Beverly 132 Gee, Raymond Ill Geeting, Judith 160 Gehman. Bruce 114 Gehner, Martin 324, 424 Gehring, Philip 108 Geiger. Jane 125 Geis, Peter 178 Geisz. Valerie 166, 424 Geitz, Joann 123 Gejoff , Frances 128, 398 Gelfand. David 102 Cell, Harrietjo 170 Cell, Peter 183 Geller, Lorraine 138 Geller, Sandra 125 Gellert, Marcia 163, 424 Gelman, Lloyd 100, 173 Gemeunden, Kathryn 144, 424 Gendell, Mickey 136, ]39 Generation 276 Genthe. Lynda 161 Georgeff , Ulche 140 Gerardo. Melvin 333 Gerarduzzi. David 200 Gerber, Barbara 156 Gerber, John 104, 177 Gerber, Joseph 218 Gerber, Richard 263 Gerdes, Walter 182 Gerhardt, Fred 266A Gerhardt, Mary 424 Germany, Jane 168, 255. 293, 424 Germer, John 424 Gerred, Marilyn 134, 248 Gerson, Mervyn 107, 113 Gersten, Nancy 125 Gersten. Richard 101 Gerstner. Patsy 424 Gest, Ronald 104, 424 Getty, Janet 159 Getz, Bert 199 Ghannam. Rasem 223 Gheyee, Ravender ...317. 424 Ghusels, Thomas 102 Gianakaris, Constantine. .186. 236, 258, 259, 291, 424 Gianakaris, George 287 Giannias, John 114 Gibbons. Victor 424 Gibbs, Cynthis 424 Gibbs. David 182 Gibbs. Wyland 122 Gibson. Jennie 132,248 Gibson. Julia 135 Gierock. Edward 121 Gilbert, Alan 173 Gilbert and Sullivan 311 Gilbert, Carolyn 326 Gilbert, Gwendolyn 424 Gilbert. Judith 399 Gilbert, Leslie 162 Gilbert, Nelson 133 Gilchrist. Dean 424 Gilden. Judith 125 Gildner, Gretchen . . . 110, 160 Gildner, Henry 178 Giles, Conral 225 Gilewski, Conrad 124 Gillay, Katherine 129 Ciller, Donald 101 Gillespie, Virginia . . 125, 324. 398 Gillette, Richard 119 Gillies, Robert 222 Gillis, Jerry 202 Gillooly, Thomas 142 Gillow, Robert .177, 258, 291. 424 Gilmoke, James 196, 424 Gilmore, Barbara 154 Gilmore, Joseph 206 Gilmore, Niles 200 Gilmore, Thomas 202, 299, 424 Giltrow, Dan 219 Ginsberg, Jack 104, 424 Ginsberg, Robert 424 Ginter, William 100, 329 Girardin, Glenn ....192. 220. 835, 390 Giroux, Ann 127 Gittes, Marjorie 153 Givelber, Harlan 193. 235, 319 Gladson, Richard 202 Glascock, Jack 119 Glasier, Stuart 424 Glasner, Charles 331 Glaspie, James 183 Glass, George 424 Glass, Kathryn 128 Glass, Sally 170, 245 Glass, Sheldon 193 Glassberg, Donald 193 Glatsein, Sheila 139 Glauberman, Irma . . . .137,327 Glaza. Thomas 220 Gleason, Barbara ....144, 424 Glee Club 304, 305 Gleich, Gerald 223, 424 Glover, Frederick . . . .253, 288 Glover, Gail 168, 424 Gluck, Peter 194 Gluckstein, Harriet 132 Glugrass, Reudi 221 Gluppe, George 379 Gobrogge, Clarence ..124. 324 Goddard, Patricia ... 1, 161, 272, 293. 424, 265 Godet, Henrietta 398 Godfrey, Edward .... 100, 424 Godfrey, Mary Beth. 140, 156. 264 Coding, Rita-al 157, 424 Godl, Nancy 163 Godo, Sadie 123 Goebel, Gene 184 Goebel, Jerome 341, 390 Goebel, Margaret 152 Goehner, Ruth Ann . . 130, 154 Goering, Brick 184 Goes, Marianne 166 Goetz, Augus 172 Goetz, Michael 100 Gogulski, Casimir 424 Gogulski, Janet 334 Gogulski, Paul 280, 334 Gohl, Roger 106 Gold, James 114, 237 Gold, Marion 138, 424 Gold, Myki 264. 270 Goldberg, Carl 218. 424 Goldberg, Gerald 195 Goldberg, Howard ...193, 297 Goldberg, Ivan 195, 425 Goldberg. Joan 134, 425 Goldberg, Joel 119 Goldberg, Judy 146 Goldberg, Marc 210 Goldberg, Marlene . . .138, 425 Goldberg, Michael 173 Goldberg. Ralph 253, 425 Goldberg, Shirley 125 Goldberg, Susan 315 Goldburg, Morton 109 Golden, Gloria 129 Goldish, Toni 139 Goldman, Dorothy 425 Goldman, Ellen 125 Goldman, Hill Ill Goldman, Maynard Ill Goldman, Robert 425 Goldman, Sue 137 Goldowitz. Marjorie 124 Goldshine, Carol 153, 425 Goldsmith, Alice 425 Goldsmith, Bruce 184 Goldsmith, Walter 198 Goldstein, Anita 132, 425 Goldstein, David 173, 425 Goldstein, Gail 152, 269 Goldstein, Melvyn 188 Goldstein, Milton .... 198. 270 Goldstein, Peter 114, 425 Goldstein, Rochelle 134 Golf 388 Goll, Abe 173 Golman. Marcia 425 Golubics, William 103 Columbia, Arthur 198 Gomberg House 100 Gornetz, Kenneth 105 Gonda. Anna 293, 425 Gondos. Judith 127 Gonser, Jerry 344. 425 Gonzalez-Acevedo, Guillermo 331, 425 Good. David 217 Good. Donald ...186, 230. 233 Good. Lowell 425 Good, Richard ..230, 233. 287, 291 Goode, Conrad 217, 425 Goode, Jason 217 Goodharline, Dennis 105 Goodhue, Carole 164 Goodin, Richard 104, 107 Goodman, Adrienne 425 Goodman, Bernard 195 Goodman, Floyd 425 Goodman, Linda 127, 248 Goodman, Paul 100, 203 Goodrich, Daniel 105 Goodrich, Frank 425 Goodwin, Andrew 223 Goodwin, Ralph 216, 425 Goody, Marian 139 Gooel, Richard 193 Googasian, George 200 Goold, Jay 365 it ' s " touch and go " these days There ' s little lingering in the laundry anymore. The washing is dis- posed of the automatic electric way. Set washer or dryer dial and away you go ... to other jobs . . . even out of the house. And the interesting thing is, by the time you change from Miss to Mrs., automatic electric work savers will have made your life more than ever " touch - and - go. " DETROIT EDISON 477 Gorden, Edward 119 Gordon, Frederick 198 Gordon, James Ill Gordon, Kenneth 336 Gordon, Marvin 225, 292 Gordon, Michael 210 Gordon, Richard 184 Gordon, Stewart .... 206, 259 260, 299 Gordon. Wilbie 425 Gore, David 132 Gorgone, Rose 129 Gorman, Edward ...112,215 Gorst, Martha 144 Gosaynie, Dale 122 Goshia, Peter Ill Gosling, Shirley 144, 425 Goss, Maxine 264 Gosziniak, Gitta 136, 139. 295, 425 Gottesman, Judith 425 Gottfried, Roger 105 Gottlieb, Joel 116. 119 Gottliet, Norma 133 Gottschalk, Earl 100 Gottschalk, Ernest 220 Gougeon, Thomas 186 Gould, Alice 425 Gould, Richard 203 Gould. Peter 203, 425 Goulding. Peter 197 Gouldthorpe. Hugh 425 Goulet, Joseph 113 Govindaraj, Buddha 319 Gow, Beverly 245 Grabill, Mary Jane 161 Grabowski, Walter 425 Grace, Eugene 425 Grace, Thomas 220 Grady, James 121 Graessley, William . . 100, 425 Graf, David 314 Graf, Otto 236 Graff, Russell 215 Graham, Arthur 115 Graham, Donald 331 Graham, Kenneth 297 Graham. William 186 Grahm. Kingsley 105 Graller, Edith 153 Gralnek, Maury 210, 264 Grand, Cindy 139 Grand, Elizabeth 139 Granneger, Alden ...219, 425 Granse, William 102 Grant, Alan 220 Grant, William Ill Grantz. Jerome 211, 425 Grathwol. Casper ...341, 425 Grathwohl, Jane 168 Grauf, Gerald 425 Graver, Richard 210 Grawcock, Mary Lee 123 Gray. Audrey 425 Gray, Eugene 301 Gray, James 124 Gray, Neil 237 Gray, Peter 286. 379, 390 Gray, Ralph 426 Gray, Susan 144 Graybill, Harold 216 Graziani, Lyn 206 Green, Charles 187 Green, Donna 169, 426 Green, Elaine 327 Green, Gerald 114 Green House 120 Green, James 119 Green. John 106. 426 Green. Linda 136, 249 Green, Martha 426 Green, Mildred 130 Green, Richard 109 Green, Ronald 106, 298 Green, Timothy 253 Greenbaum, Jerome 237 Greenbaum, Joyce 426 Greenberg, Alan 109 Greenberg, Alice 322 Greenberg, Joseph 198 Greenberg, Judith 125 Greenberg, Roger 104 Greenberger, Robert 173, 237 Greenberger, Judith .138, 169 Greene, Jerome 217 Greene, Kim : 119 Greene, Robert 108 Greenfield, Marjorie 134, 321, 426 Greenley, Beverly 127 Greenough, Joseph 207 Greens, Beth 396 Greenspan, Sanford 217 Greenspoon, Donna 426 Greenwood, Florence .... 426 Greenwood, Glenn . . 173, 237 Greenwood, John 341 Greer, Frances 69 Gregg, Orvilla 319 Gregoric, Mary 278 Gregorio, Vicente 316 Gregory, Frank 189, 274. 282, 328, 465 Gregory, Judy 426 Gregory, Lois 135 Gregory, Russell 113 Gregory, Salvatore ..219, 426 Greig, James 226A, 426 Greiling, Frederick 201 Gremin, Charles 263 Grenfell, Gary 183 Grettenberger, Ann .161, 270 Grey, David 189, 269 Grey, Gene 119 Grey, James 199 Grey, Neil 119 Gribble. Charles 297 478 Grierson, William 197 Griffin, Emory 206 Griff ing, Thomas 426 Griffith, Audrey 161, 426 Griffith, James 307 Griffith, Jane 159 Griffith, Robert 175, 426 Griffith, Roberta 159 Griffiths. Ann 326 Grialdi, Edward 104 Grimes. Richard 182 Grimm, Jeanette .... 139, 230, 243, 250 Grinke, Barbara 426 Grinnell, Mary Alice 170 Grisoni, Harold 105 Grobe, Charles 104, 426 Grodnick, Natalie 169 Groff , Robert 108 Grolle, Barbara 327 Grooms, Karen .116, 123, 263 Gronberg, Mary 165, 261 Groscop, Corinne 168 Gross, Beverly 123 Gross, Carol 136. 137 Gross, Gerrie 426 Gross. Joan 130 Gross, Marjorie 128 Grossman, Geoffrey .198. 426 Grossman, Gerald . . . 102. 217 Grossman, Richard 105 Grove, George 186 Grove, Willard 426 Groves, Patricia 154 Grovesnor, Juanita 164 Gruber, Paul 181 Grumbling, Virgil 171 Grunawalt, Jack 100, 426 Grunawalt, Robert 426 Grundy, Joel 152 Grunwald, Gary 115 Grupe, David . . . 186, 304, 305 Gryson, Peter 219 Gubbins. Roberta . . . 166, 398 Gubly, John 196 Gucker, Hugh 307 Gudemoos, Helen 123 Guest, Judy 170 Gugel, Joann 110 Guggenhei, Bernard 426 Guinaine, Marguerite 140 Guinness, William . . 107. 186 Gulden, Daniel 178 Gullette, Sara . . 125. 248, 263 Gumenick, David 105 Gundry. Sally 123 Gunn. Charles 176, 426 Gunthrie, Janet 333 Gurney, Howard 206 Gusco, Elaine 327 Gustafson, Natalie 426 Gustafson, Richard 109 Gustafson, Robert 426 Gutchess, Walter 214 Gutman, Francie 221 Gutowsky, Otto 202 Guy, Carol 167 Guy, Paul 183 Guy ton. Janice 426 Gwynn, Jack 333 Gwynn, James 109 Gymnastics 376 Gyorey, Geza 122 H Haag, Frank 187 Haagsma. Andrew 222 Haan. Versol 426 Haartz, David 118 Habel, Daniel 226 Haber, Fanny 163 Haber, William 14 Hack, James 203, 426 Hacker, Sally 133, 158 Hackett. Carole .170, 294, 426 Hackett, John 184, 335 Haddad, George 426 Haddock. Donald 122 Haddock, Louis 122 Hadley, Donald 209. 426 Haertel, Richard 426 Hafer, Mary 165 Haffner. Edith 166, 426 Haf f ord, David 103 Hagberg, John, Jr., 426 Hagen, David 305 Hager, Jeanne 152,42 6 Haggerty, Alvin 207 Haglund. Nancy 426 Hague. James 197 Hahn, Barbara 170 Hahn. Erwin 109 Hahn, Lewis 119 Hahn. Stewart 216 Hahn, Stuart 324, 427 Haims, Lawrence 427 Haines, Fredericka . . 168, 427 Haines, Helen 134, 326 Halt, Elizabeth 157, 427 Haken, Richard 184 Hakolp, Ronald 427 Halbrook, Eugene 427 Hale, Jack 107 Hale, John 49 Hale, Mildred 109 Half ord, Sandra 399 Hall, Anne 427 Hall, John 106 Hall, Herman 174 Hall. Marguerite 125 Hall. Martha 130, 307 Hall. Nancy 144 Hall. Nedra 154, 326, 327 Hall, Robert .... 7, 15, 427 Hall. Walter 113, 119, 314 Hall. William 171 Halladay , Jack 219 Halladay, Richard 305 Hallek, Grace 168, 427 Haller, Charlotte 164, 398 Haller, David 189 Hallett, Patricia 139, 248, 399 Hallett, Susan 164 Halloran, Monica 427 Halpern, John 105, 173 Halpern, Marvin 195 Halycz, Victor 112, 318 Hamann, George 104 Hamblin, Roger 109, 176 Hamburg, Douglas ..298, 427 Hamburg, Roger 427 Hamburger, Lewis ..269. 282 Hamil, David 175 Hamill, Warren 120 Hamill, William 427 Hamilton. Barbara 427 Hamilton, C. Finley 226 Hamilton, David 427 Hamilton, Finley 226 Hamilton. Katherine 404. 405, 427 Hamilton, McDonald 219, 427 Hammer, Claire 144, 427 Hammer, Janet 164 Hammerslag, Charles ....211 Hammett, Ralph 329 Hammidi, Ibrahim 427 Hammill, Donna 156, 427 Hammond, Ann 161. 165, 399, 427 Hammond, Margaret 158 Hammond, Marjorie 144 Hampares, Katherine .... 123 Hanchrow, Joseph . . . 193, 307 Handler, Wallace .... 195, 427 Handley, Dorothy 164 Haney, Donald 191, 287, 375, 427 Haney, William 142 Hanford, Denton 101 Hanks, William . 98, 102, 427 Hanley, Donald 427 Hann, Arthur 220 Hann. Robert 427 Hanna, Bernard 289, 362, 365 Hannenberg, Walter 121, 324. 331 Hans, Stephen 122 Hanselman, Allan 181 Hansen, David 175 Hansen, Knute 204 Hansen, Paul 330 Hansen, Vickers 109 Hansmann, Elwood 206 Hanson, Anna 427 Hanson, Dale 199 Hanson, Donna 135, 282 Hanson, Gerald 105 Hanson, Lin 100 Hanson. Loretta 131 Hanson, Patricia 123, 427 Harbeck, Judy 152 Harbert, Norman 427 Hard, Douglas 119 Hard, Roberta 279, 427 Harden. Katherine 135 Harder, Camarie 156 Hardie, Elinor 158, 427 Hardies. Robert 427 Harding, Emily 167, 427 Harding, Richard 105, 194 Hardman. Harold 292 Hardwick, Katherine 129 Hardy, Ann 157 Hardy. James 189, 304, 305, 331 Hardy, Lawrence 200. 300, 427 Hardy, Meredith 159 Harkenia, Seymour 222 Harlan, Bruce 371, 372 Harlan, John 106, 427 Harley, Donald 202 Harling. Beverly 128 Harmon. Jean 399, 427 Harnden, Gail 138 Harnett. David 124 Haroldson, Olaf 221 Haroutunian, Virginia 132 Harper, John 292 Harper. Richard 428 Harper. Stephen 190 Harper. William 428 Harpole, Doris 322 Harrigan, William 428 Harris, Arline 245, 249 Harris, Barbara 151 Harris, Belle 128 Harris, Brian 184 Harris, Charles 428 Harris, Cherry 162 Harris, David ...106, 107, 207 Harris. Dona 428 Harris. George 223 Harris, John 210. 219 Harris, Julia 164. 428 Harris. Lawrence 203, 428 Harris, Margo 166 Harris, Marilyn 136 Harris, Patricia 146 Harris, Peter 100 Harris, Robert 331,428 Harris. Roger 237 Harris. Thomas 105 Harrison, Ann 428 Harrison, Gladys 123 Harrison, Richard ... 1, 187. 274. 282, 287, 328, 390, 428, 465 Harfyman, Virginia 105 Hart, Clifford 210 Hart, James 186 Hart, John 199 Hart, Louisa 165 Hart, Richard 219 Hartel, Richard 216 Hartesuelt, Louis 219 Hartig, Richard 176 Hartin. Sue 151, 428 Hartle, Richard 202 Hartlein, Robert 115 Hartman, Richard 183 Hartnett, Daniel 428 Hartnett, Joanne 428 Hartnitt. Jacqueline 127 Hartog. Henry 298 Hartt, Nancy 140, 428 Hartung, Rolf 297 Hartwig, Alan 189 Hartwig, Eugene 124, 406 Hartz, Arnold 217 Hartzell, John 221 Harvey, Cynthia 160 Harvey, Jack 183 Harvey, Martin 428 Harwood, Jerold 183, 297 Haselby, Joseph 181, 371, 390 Haskell. Carol 283 Haskell, John 180 Haswell, Judy 145 Hatch, Anita 160 Hatcher. Harlan 14. 15, 46. 47. 230 Hatchett, Janice 143. 155, 310, 428 Hatfield, William 428 Hatgis, John 183 Hatlem, Shirley 134 Hattaway, Charles 428 Hattendorf , Susan . . . 165. 249 Hattson, Nancy 158 Hauch, John 199 Haugh, Helen 310 Hause, Robert 307 Hauser, James 279 Hauser, Stephen 190, 305 Hausler. Richard 371 Hausmann, Frank 172 Hausmann, John 172 Hauss, Emily 144 Hauss, Quincy 114 Havens, Daniel 428 Haverhals, Greta 132 Havinga, Nicholas 105 Hawk, Norman 298 428 Hawkin, Patricia 295 Hawkins, Mary 156 Hawkinson, Roy 226A Hawks, Kenneth 428 Hawley, Jane 275 Hawn, Robert 226A Hawthorne, Gene 202 Hawthorne. Ruth 127 Hay, Peter 122 Hayden House 121 Hayden, Sara ...136, 138, 428 Hayes, Carolyn 428 Hayes, Douglas 236 Hayman, Barbara 169 Hayman, Richard 172 Hayner, Alexander 186 Haynes, Darryl 314 Hays, Paul 205, 331 Hayslett, James 119 Hayward, Ruth .152. 326, 428 Hazlett, James 121 Hazra, Deleep 317, 428 Head, Ann . 152 Head, Emerson 301, 307 Head, Stanley 186 Heald, Ruth 170 Healy, Carolyn 428 Heath, John 102, 184, 258 Heath, William 189, 275 282, 465 Heaton, Alice 323 Hecht, Carol 169 Hecht, David 171 Heck. Edward 177 Hectorians 291 Hedethiemid, Jerry 101 Hedges, Herbert 201 Hedlund, Ronald 105 Hedrick. David 108, 186 Heffelbower, Donald 119 Heft, Priscilla 144, 428 Hef ter, David 1 93 Hegeman, Ann 139 Hegeman, Garnet 174 Hegg, Daniel Heggener, John Ill Heglin, Dick 199 Hegstrom, John 208 Hegvik, Arthur 307 Heidelmeyer, Diane 130, 154, 324 Heiden. Joan 134. 276 Heidgen, John ..201. 300, 332 Heier. James 194. 307 Heikkenen. Edward 333 Heilpern. Stephen ...203, 269 Heim, Roslyn 110 Heimerdinger, Ann 125 Heims. Sandra 139 Hein, William 206, 304. 305, 428 Heine, Valda 428 Heineman, Morse 335 Heist, Carleton 211 Heinrichs, Bruce 207 Heinzleman, Marlene ....162 Heitsch, Charles 428 Heizer, Ann 428 Helal, Samah 112 Helen Newberry House . . . 135 Helfenbein, Ruth .... 153, 428 Helferich. Keith 200 Helfman. Esther 141 KRAZY JIM ' S BLIMPEE BURGERS THE TYPEWRITER, STATIONERY AND OFFICE FURNITURE STORE MORRILL ' S 314 South State St. Since 1908 Phone No. 3248 Weber ' s Supper Club ODUt Ann Arhnr Snnm Ufaum attft (Enuntrij Snom Fine Foods Deliciously Prepared Michigan ' s Finest Selection of Imported Domestic Wines Beer Banquet Accommodations OUT HURON STREET ON HIGHWAY U.S. 12 2 MILES WEST OF ANN ARBOR Our firm is organized to supply Michi- gan Alumni all over the world with professional books, especially in the field of medicine. Let us serve You OVERBECK BOOKSTORE Ann Arbor, Michigan 479 Heller, Carl 428 Heller, Nathalie 428 Helliwell, Noreen ...144. 428 Hellthaler, Mary 144, 270, 295 Helman, Dolores 428 Helman, Gerald 429 Helmes, William 103 Helzberg, Harriett ...210, 429 Hembel. Robert 104 Hemenger. Thomas 429 Hemple. Susan 140, 163 Hendershott, Gerold .103, 205 Hendershott. Marcus 105 Henderson. Boyd 119 Henderson. Elizabeth 135 Henderson House 146 Henderson, Richard 215 Hendricks, Jane 317 Hendricks, Lois 166 Hendricks, Lucinda 168 Hendricks, Thomas .28S. 341, 344, 353, 379 Henein, Naeim 320 Heneman, Joyce 127 Henke. Katharin 138, 324 Henkel. Helen 138. 327 Henrich, George 185. 235, 264 Henrickson. Irvin 142 Henry, Leland 429 Henry, Nancy 157. 439 Henry, Serena 157 Henry, Sharon 158 Henshaw, Patricia 429 Henshaw, Wandalie .315. 4?9 Hentschel, Barbara 135 Hepburn. Linda 139, 160 Hepfer, William 119 Hepler, Ann 156 Hepner, Elissa 429 Henner, Joel 220, 429 Heraper. Peter ..116. 121, 262 Herbert, James 112 Herbert, Joseph 47 Herbert, Robert 112 Herkendorf, Nancy ..161, 247 Herkimer, Carl 98 Herman, Charles 361, 429 Herman, Garry 103 Herman, Lee 429 Herman, Linda 157 Herman. Norma 127 Hernandez, Teresita 316 Herndon, William 197 Herriman, Jane 140 Herringshaw, Janet 429 Herrmann, Marianne 125 Herrnstein. William 176 Hershberg, Barbara 153 Hershey. David 187 Hertel. Frederick ...190,429 Herter, Mary Jean ...129. 164 Hervig. Patience 136 Herwift. Richard 429 Heslip. Keith 184 Hess, Ann 429 Hess, Fred 119 Hess. George 142 Hess, Martha Jo 140. 159 Hesselgrave, William 305 Hessler. David 379 Hestevold. By 202 Heston, William 178 Hetherington. Charles . . 183, Hetherington, Susan 154, 399 Hettinger. Philip 181 Heuser, Irene 162 Hewitt, Donna 154 Hewson, Judith 245 Heyde. John 226A Heyliger, Victor 363 Heynen, Richard 341 Heyner, Fred 118 Heyner, Judith 144 Heyt, Esther 165 Hibbard, John 394 Hibbard. Thomas 177 Hickey, Janette .164. 326, 429 Hickey, Suzanne 143 Hickman, John 171 Hickman, William 104 Hicks. Edwin 220. 439 Hicks, Irwin 114 Hicks. Rosemary 110, 429 Hieber, Donald 106 Hietala, Theodore 115 Higby, Clarence 109 Higby. Jane 164, 439 Higgins, Brian ..114. 237, 314 Higgins. Edith 160 Higgins, Joan 156, 249 Higgins, Mildred 429 Highlands, Marcia 167 Higie, John 181 Hilburger. Albert 178 Hildebrand, Grant 207 Hildebrand. Kenneth 204 Hildebrand. Salle 133 Hildebrandt, Charles 121 Hildebrechs, Rosie . . 128, 168 Hilderley, David 182 Hileman. Barbara 146 Hill, Betty Ann 138, 156 Hill, Carolyn 123 Hill, David 344. 358 Hill, George 182, 334. 335 Hill, Jerry 179, 429 Hill, Joyce 141 Hill, Richard 341 Hill, Stephen 195, 429 Hill, Susan 138, 166 Hill. William 199 Hillel Foundation 325 Hillerman, Neal 171, 335, 429 Hillier, Donald 109 Hillig, Joyce 324 480 Hilligan, Dennis 119 Hillman. Harold 429 Hillman, Nancy 429 Hillman. Robert 104 Hills, Darryl 112 Hills, David 226 Hillyer, John 211.269 Hilt, Claudette 110 Himmelhbch. Martha 429 Himes. Gretchen 138 Hinchen, Marvin 100 Hindley, Fred 206 Hindsdale House 122, 128 Hine. Edward 219 Hinerman, Dorin 292 Hinkham, Janice 162 Hinkle, Russell 105 Hinman. Jr., Northcott ...429 Hinrichs. Carl 429 Hinson, Richard 334 Hiraga, Michael 215 Hirsch. Carl 197. 429 Hirschfield, Warren 429 Hirschmann, Jane 310 Hirsekorn, Robert 324 Hirsh, Sally 429 Hirt, Anthony 114 Hirt. Frank 181. 288. 375. 390 Hirtzel, John 142 Hiss, Barbara 165 Hiss, Richard 179. 297 Hiss, Roland 223 Hitchcock, Gilbert 183. 335. 429 Hitchcock, John 205 Hitchman. Thomas 114 Hlaing, Maung 322 Hnatczuk, Wsewolod 124 Hoag, Robert 223 Hoagland, Karen 129 Hoaglin, George 142 Hobart, Cynthia 166 Hobart. James 429 Hobbs, Bill 202 Hock. Karl 204 Hockey 362 Hocking. Char ' .es 429 Hockstad. Mary 430 Hockstead, Raymond 223 Hoddy, Barbara 110 Hodge, William 301. 329 Hodges, Donald 226A Hodges, Mary 139. 156 Hodgeman, Jo Ann 157 Hodgman, James 221 Hodgman, Joann 136, 245. 249 Hodgman, Richard 430 Hodgsen, Jane 168 Hoebble. Waltrout 145 Hoek. Richard 182. 301 Hoeksema, Ronald 430 Hoekstra, George 222. 292. 430 Hoenecke. Kurt 430 Hoenig. James 113 Hoey, John 101. 179 Hoffhines, William 196 Hoffman, Alexandra 295. 430 Hoffman, Ann 133, 430 Hoffman, Bruce 203 Hoffman, Lysbet 110, 158 Hoffman, Robert 288. 332 Hoffman, Sandra 123 Hoffman, Wes ' ey 430 Hoffmann, Gerhard .178, 430 Hof master. Gary 333 Hoffmeyer. Cara ' ee 430 Hofstra, John 222 Hofstra. Judith 166. 399 Hogan. James 177 Hogan, John 187. 237 Hohmeyer, William 199 Holben, Jane 161. 248 Holbert. Hay ward 333 Holbrook, Jack 124 Holbrook, John 154 Holbrook, Thomas ...124, 201 Holcombe. Eugene . . . 180, 305 Holden, Douglas 105 Holderness, Alan 190, 430 Holer, Julian 105 Holland, Charlotte 144 Holland, David 100 Holland. Rullell 98, 104 Hollar. Barbara 154 Hollar. Edward 219 Holloway, George 119 Holloway. Robert ...121, 304 Hollowell. Nancy 430 Hollyer. Julia 430 Holm. Kenneth 430 Holmberg, Joan 310 Holmes, Mary 157. 430 Holmes. Nancy 151 Holmes, Wilbur 101 Holt, Duane 430 Holt, Fred 179 Holt, Jacquelyn 110 Holtgren. Ann 307 Holton, James 183 Holtrop. Robert 222 Holtz. Janet 161. 430 Holtz, Sylvia 145 Holtz. Veranne 430 Homburger, Margot 430 Homecoming Committee .264 Homeister, Eugene - 215 Homicz, Raymond ...142, 280 Honess, Arlene 430 Honigman. Robert 237 Hood Clifford 430 Hoogland. John 222 Hooker, Jane 135 Hooper, Eleanor 151, 247 Hooper, Frank 114 Hoover. Barbara 135 Hoover, Jack 333 Hoover, Joanna 326 Hoover, Mary 157 Hope, Frederick 185 Hope, Richard 121 Hopkins, Richard 112 Hopper, George 192 Horacek, Larry Ill Horene, Ronald 197 Horn, Phillip 197 Horn, Theodore 200, 279 Hornbach, John 331, 430 Hornburg, Donval ...324, 336 Hornby, Nancy 135 Home, Frances 310 Home, Francis 137 Hornett, William 331 Hornick, Robert Ill Horning. Edward 329 Horowitz. Herschel ..217. 430 Horwitz, Barbara 430 Horwitz, D.ivid 113 Horwitz, Frederick ..225, 292 Horwitz, Harold 430 Horwitz. John ..203, 269, 430 Hoshal Barbara 164 Hoskins, Trudie 129 Hotchkiss. Thomas 187 Hotham. Carol 107. 110, 164, 263 Houck, Lawrence ...185, 430 Houck, Marilyn 158. 327 Hough, Carol 167 Houghton, Beverly . . 133, 430 Houques - Fourcade, Syl- vere 102 House Athlet ' c Managers .398 House, Robert 223 Houston. Da ' e 196 Hovey, Robert 121 Hovie, Anita 151. 3)0 Howard. Howard 301, 317, 430 Howard, Jane ..156. 271, 291, 404, 406 Howard, Larry 121 Howard. Marilyn 430 Howden. Thomas 115 Howe, Nancy 144, 430 Howe, Nelson . . 107, 273. 282, 328, 465 Howell. Glenn 209, 322 Howell, James 178, 430 Howell. Lynn 226 Howell. Nancy 168 Howes, Lome ..286, 3 . 363, 364. 365 Hewlett. Joan 164,430 Hoyt, Mary 156 Hoyt, Nancy 134, 430 Hoyt. William 121 Hozak, Norman 297, 339 Hsie, Margaret 327 Huang, Chris 103 Huang. We-Feng 430 Hubal, Bruce 104 Hubar, Cheryl 138 Hubard. James 307, 430 Hubbard, John 102, 182 Hubbard. Margaret 151, 255, 294 Hubbard, Mary 431 Hubbard, Ralph 187 Hubbard, William ...226, 431 Hubbell. Jane 136 Huber House 101 Huber, Judith ..166, 247, 310 Hudak. Thomas 1 ' 2 Hudson, Duncan 101 Hudson, Thomas 215 Hueston, Richard 182 Huey, Lois 145 Hufano, Luisa 316 Hufton. Wilfrid 311, 431 Huf ton. William 220 Hughes. Lois 134. 431 Huh, Kyung 319 Huizenga, Everret 222 Huizenga, James 222 Huizenga, Phillip 222 Hulbert. Joanne 127 Hulbert, Mariel 162 Huldin, Donald 226 Hulka. William 108 Hull, David 331 Hull, Jerry 112 Humenansky, George . . . .301, 3D7, 431 Hummel. Patricia 130 Humphrey, Barbara .166. 273 Humphrey, Darragh 162 Humphrey, Herbert 431 Humphries, Barbara 465 Hund, Patricia 139, 154 Hunt, Jack 431 Hunt, James 341 Hunt, Lee 132 Hunter. Daniel 182 Hunter. Elizabeth . . . 165, 431 Hunter, Thomas 182 Huntington, Judith . . 165, 310 Huntington. Linda 165 Hurst, Lawrence 307 Hurt. Patricia 151, 431 Hurtik, Alice 129 Hurwitz. Charles 104 Husain. Alan 204 Hussy, Christopher 113 Husted, Ruth 134, 431 Husted. William 190 Huston, Ralph 220 Hutchins. Elizabeth 431 Hutch ins. Heather 160 Hutchinson, Gordon 112 Hutchinson. Robert 181 Huthwaite, David 182 Hutte, Sharon 162 Huttenga, Gwendolyn 159, 431 Huttenlocher, Richard ...197 Hynds, John 119 I Ibrahim, Ibramim 320 Ignagni, Rinaldo 124 Ikes, Walter 142 Ikola, Mary Jane 431 Ikola, Roger 431 Her, Janet 166, 431 Ilgenfritz, Robert . . . .271, 332 India Students Association 317 Ingerson, William 175 Ingold, John 431 Ingwell, Barbara 167 Inouye, Minoru 431 Institute of Aeronautical Science 333 Interfraternity Council . .254. 259 Inter-House Council. .262, 263 International Students Association 319 Interviewing and Nominating Committee 2.4 Ipson. John 192 Irani. Shadur 317 Irion, Sue 138 Irvan, Philip 280 Irvin, Philip 114 Irvine, Mary Ann 431 Irwin, DeWitt ) ' " Irwin. Jeanne 170 Irwin, Skip 1 1 Isay, Maureen ..129, 153, 243, 245 Isbister. James 15 Isby, William 199 Ishida. Richard 209 Isley , Thomas 187 Ismaili. Jaffer 4ol Ison. John 431 Israel, Carolyn 323 Israel, Harry 210, 431 Israel. Ruth 169 Izumi, Yoshie 145 Jaaskelainen, Jacqueline .125 Jablonski, Dennis 122 Jablonski. Donald 176 Jach, Nancy 156 Jachim, Robert 120 Jack, Russell 180, 301, 307 Jackson, Frederick 180 Jackson, Lawrence 219 Jackson, Marilyn 159 Jackson, Marvin 258, 194 Jackson, Mary Ellen 168 Jackson, Richard .... 112, 322 Jackson, Sarah 110 Jackson, Thomas 187 Jacobs, David 431 Jacobs, Herman 325 Jacobs, James 431, 223 Jacobs, Judy 137 Jacobs, Norman 115 Jacobson. Bruce 175 Jacobson, Elizabeth 125 Jacobson, Michael 210 Jacobson, Raymond . .300, 43 ' Jacobson, Yvonne 110 Jaconette, Richard 223 Jacques, Beverly 110 Jacques, James 223 Jacquette, Nancy 255 Jaeger, Arthur 431 Jaeger, Carol ...123, 323. 431 Jaffe, Daniel 114 Jaffe, Mark 210, 297. 390. 386, 387 Jaffe. Stuart 104 Jaillet. Thomas Ill Jakim, Emil 318. 431 Jakus, Steve 11 J Jalava, Ebba 123 Jalon, Clare J54 James, Alice ...167, 243, 293, 431 James, Anne 162, 232,399 James, Carole 154, 321 James, Raymond 321 James, Robert 192 James, Sara 135 Jameson, Nancy 327 Jamison, Helen 134 Janecke. Jerry 107, 263 Janes, Hugh 216 Janetzke. Suzanne 138 Janeway, Timothy 109 Jankowsky. Joe 210 Janowski, Donald 142 Jansma, Paul 209 Jaques, Darrell 29? Jaques, Jacquie 322 Jaquette, Nancy 157. 294, 431 Jarnagin, Lois 401, 431 Jarosz, Raylord 120 Jarrett, Douglas Ill Jasper, Joretta 324 Jatkowski. Edwin 120 Jefferis, Joe 431 Jeffries, Jerry 216 Jeffries. Wallace 221 Jehle, Charles ...220, 265, 431 Jelacsity, Theresa 170 Jeltema, Bernard 106 Jen, Eudora 136, 159 Jencks. David 122, 184 Jenkins, John ...180. 301, 307 Jenkins. Joy ....164, 398. 399 Jenks, Lee 326, 431 Jennie, Judith 243 Jenning, Lois 315 Jennings, Charles 114 drop us a line . . . wherever you are If you can ' t find that certain item like Michigan Song Books Book Ends Beer Mugs Hi-ball Glasses Michigan Stickers Pennants Blankets Data Paper Artist ' s or Engineering Supplies we ' ll shoot it right out to you. ULRICH ' S ANN ARBOR ' S BUSY BOOKSTORE University coeds admiring Fileccia Bros, modern store front. CROSBY SQUARE AND AIRFILM SHOES FILECCIA BROS. I 109 S. University Ave. B. E. Muehlig, Inc. Dry Goods Quality Service Courtesy 126 S. Main Phone NO 2-3184 Liberty at State Ann Arbor Jacobson ' s Dial NO 2-3193 " t ie dependable store " note FLETCHER-MACK DRUG CO. Serving Michigan students for sixty-nine years, DRUGS PRESCRIPTIONS KODAKS FILMS COMPLETE STOCK COSMETICS INTERESTED SERVICE 324 S. State St. Ann Arbor, Michigan THE PARROT ON STATE STREET Serving Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner We sell for less closed Sundays 481 Jennis, Judith ...244, 294, 431 Jensen, Ann 161 Jensen, Elsie 431 Jensen, Nels 172, 432 Jensen, Robert 113 Jentgen, Dorothy 132, 432 Jergens, William 197 Jesson, Helen 160 Jessup, Suzanne 144 Jetter, Ann 158 Jeu, Chung ....121, 300, 329, 432 Jevitt, Donald 120 Jewell, Emily . . . 157, 243, 432 Jewell, Janet 168, 432 Jewell, Patrick 226 Jewett, Robert 226 Jeyers, James 210 J-Hop 36 -.i-lloi Committee 261 Jilbert, Mary 110 Jillson, Robert 297 Jingozian, Mary 135, 432 Jiratunha, Kamol 317 Joachim, Jane 167, 432 Jock, Margaret 432 Jocz, Armin 114 Johanning, Linda 398. 399 John, Theo 157 Johns, Elaine 432 Johns, Shirley 140 Johnson, Barbara 327 Johnson, Bennett 121 Johnson, Bruce 122, 237 Johnson, Charles 174, 432 Johnson, Clifford 207 Johnson, Craig 329 Johnson, Dale 432 Johnson, Dorothy 110 Johnson, Earl 352, 344 Johnson, Edwin 121 Johnson, Eleanor 164, 432 Johnson, Faye 326 Johnson, Gary 432, 216 Johnson, Gaye . . 143, 155, 432 Johnson, George 432 Johnson, Gerald 119 Johnson, Gloria 143 Johnson, Harold 206, 432 Johnson, Harvey 182 Johnson, Ingrid 168 Johnson, Jack 119 Johnson, James 121, 307 Johnson, Jeannine 432 Johnson, Jerome 334 Johnson, John 290. 379 Johnson, Karl 109 Johnson, Kenneth 183 Johnson, Kerry 186 Johnson, Linnea 92, 432 Johnson, Martha 324 Johnson, Melvin 197 Johnson, Norman 105 Johnson, Richard 183 Johnson, Robert 182, 218, 334 Johnson, Roberta 152 Johnson, Speke 333 Johnson, Stanley 100 Johnson, Susan 130, 324 Johnson, Thomas 114, 219 Johnson, Walter 100 Johnson, William 177, 290 Johnston, Donald 187 Johnston, Frank 105, 265, 432 Johnston, James 226 Johnston, Joseph 109 Johnston, Nancy 152 Johnston, Patricia 144 Johnston, Richard ...335, 432 Johnston, Sue 144 Johnston, Thomas 101 Johnstone, Patricia 166 Johnstone, Thomas 206 Joint Judiciary 253 Jolls, Thomas 207 Jones, Alan 174, 258. 276 Jones, Aloysius 432 Jones, Barbara 125 Jones, Carol 127, 156 Jones, Carolyn 315 Jones, Donald . . . 219, 333, 432 Jones, Ellen 153 Jones, George ..108. 236, 288. 432 Jones, Harriet 399 Jones, Hobart 379 Jones, Kathleen . . . , 432 Jones, Kelso 432 Jones, Mary 244 Jones, Nanna 432 Jones, Reese 215 Jones, Richard 432 Jones, Mary Ellen 154 Jones, Mary Francis 160 Jones, Melvin 106 Jones, Nancy 135 Jones. Phillip 180 Jones, Richard .108. 172. 253. 432 Jones, Robert ..197, 333, 432, 105 Jones, Roland 432 Jones, Shirley 128 Jones, Wayne 105 Jordan, Daniel 305 Jordan Hall 133 Jorgensen, Thomas . . 187, 286, 366, 367, 369, 390, 465 Jorgenson, Lee 182 Joseph, Alice 130 Joseph, Connie 159 Joseph, Lee 136. 321 Joseph, Mickey 232 Joseph, Myra 163 Joslin, Burr 220, 432 Jossem, Richard 101 Jowler, Jane 247 Juberg, Richard 432 Juchnevicius, Harry 124 482 Judson, Joyce 165, 432 Judson, Sandra .275, 282, 326. 328 Juergens, William 297 Juffermans, Marilynn ....432 Jung, Charles 187 Junto, Leona 130 Junior Girls Play 247 Junior Interfraternity Council Board 260 Junior Panhellenic Board 257 Juntunen, John 105 Jurcik, Benjamin 432 Jurczyszyn, Robert 113 Jurstunka, Komol 119 Justice, Abigail 159, 247 Justice, Robert 187 Kabak, Stephen 113, 188 Kabaker, Richard ...103, 305 Kabat, Hugh 182 Kaczmir, Emil 119 Kadens, Michael 432 Kadian, George 433 Kadri, Joan 141, 433 Kaeppel, Suzanne 152, 433 Kafka, Betty Jean . . . .167, 244 Kagay, John 202 Kahlenberg, Janet 433 Kahn, Elinor 321, 433 Kahn, Richard 210 Kahrnoff, David 120, 173 Kaijala, Glenn 119 Kaiser, Carole 324, 433 Kaiser, Richard 305 Kaiserman, Sylvia . . . 125, 321 Kaji, Kenneth 218 Kale, Stephen 189 Kallis, Ann 433 Kalt, Allan 198 Kaltsounis, George 433 Kamatos. Nikki 140 Kamen, Mary 140 Kamhout, Carl ..341, 344, 433 Kamin, Donald 198 Kamisky, Gerald 105 Kampner, Carole 169 Kampner, Stanley 195 Kamsuvan, Bunsong ....317 Kanai, Koji 219 Kane, Gary 193 Kane, Mary 156, 404, 433 Kane, Richard 106 Kanekeberg, Karen 170 Kanitz, Nancy 144 Kanne, Jeffrey 210 Kanouse, Marvin 181 Kany, Robert 171 Kapetansky, Frederick ...225 Kaplan, David 268, 433 Kaplan, Howard 203, 276, 433 Kaplan, Judith 136, 245 Kaplan, Robert 203,276 Kapoor, Rajenora . . . .317, 433 Kapp, Ronald 433 Kappa Alpha Theta 165 Kappa Delta 166 Kappa Kappa Gamma .... 167 Kappa Kappa Psi 301 Kappa Phi 326 Kappa Sigma 185 Karaba, Karl 194 Karachy, Walced 320 Karagan, Nicholas 190 Kahamizrak, Turker 320 Karampelas. Angelo 101 Karash, Bruce 114 Karch, Jo Ann 153 Karchevski, Robert 115 Kardel, Hans 216, 433 Kare, John 226A Karkut, Joseph . ...226A, 433 Karlov, Richard 203 Karnatz, Joann 136 Karoly, Andrew 305 Karon, Sue 137 Karp, Laura 433 Karpanty, Ron 202 Karpinka, Jerald 365 Karsch, Gretchen 135 Karzen, Herbert 210, 235, 290 Kasabach, Haig 115 Kasegawa, Koh 433 Kasim, Salim 320 Kasman, Rose 433 Kasper, Lois 135 Kass. Charles 106 Kass, Pete 205 Kass, Sharon 163, 325 Katchke, Robert 193,297 Katherler, John 105 Katlein, Stanley 433 Katre, Kenneth 115 Katz, Audrey 137 Katz, Jerome 101 Katz, Judith 123, 153, 433 Katz, Marvin 336 Katz, Maxine 326 Katz, Nina 163, 326, 433 Katz, Sylvia 128 Katzenmeyer, Bert ..387, 388 Katzman, Harold 225 Katzman, Jerome 210 Katzman. Ruthe 127 Kaufer. Herbert 225 Kauffman, Carol 315, 433 Kaufman, Jay 203 Kaufman, Joseph 433 Kaufman, Merrill ...198, 288, 385 433 Kaufman, Rachel . ' . 127 Kaufman, Richard 104 Kaulfuss, Beate 154 Kaunita, Nan 136 Kauper, Thomas 301 Kavanau, Thelma 247 Kavanaugh. Joan 433 Kay, Betty 134 Kay, Chester 193, 433 Kay, Don 100 Kaye, Jane 153 Kaye, Louise 166 Kazmierzak, Thomas 218 Kea, Don 100 Kearful, James 204, 433 Kearney, John 115 Keavy, Mary 138 Keckonen, Sandra 310 Keefer, George 314, 334 Keegan, Patricia 330 Keen, Cliff 340, 375 Keen, Shirley 159, 433 Keena, Pamela 110, 160 Keep, Marcia 164 Keim, Ann 131, 245 Keitzer, Walter 433 Keivit, Marilyn 307 Kelin, Thomas 210 Kelingos, John 297 Kellaway , Jay 309 Kelleher, Jerry 433 Keller, Jack 203 Keller, Lawrence 116, 433 Kelley, Cynthia 162 Kelley, Donald 226, 297 Kelley, Patricia 137 Kellstrom, Robert 197 Kelsey House 102 Kelsey, Terry 122, 433 Kemp, Joyce 154 Kempe, Margie 162, 433 Kendall, Nancy 138, 168 Kendrick, Janet 157, 433 Kendzoir, Chester 209 Kennedy, Charles 47 Kennedy, Fronda 154 Kennedy, Gordon 216, 268 Kennedy, Hugh 102,433 Kennedy, John 221 Kennedy, Stanley ...301, 434 Kenny, David 214 Kent, James 189 Kent, Jill 157, 434 Kent, Joy 157 Kent, Robert 142 Kenworthey, Elizabeth ... 125 Kenworthy. Reed ...116, 263 Kepler, Keith 192 Kerastas, Paul . . 106. 272. 328 Kerkham. Ben 119 Kermath, James 226 Kerr, Edwin 223. 434 Kerr, Hank 280 Kerr, John 434 Kerry, Gloria 434 Kerry, Robert 221, 434 Kersten, Laurence . . 109, 224, 329, 404, 434 Kersting. Beverly 434 Kesler, Agnes 434 Kessel, David 278, 279 Kessle, Gerald 434 Kessler, Matthew 314 Kessler, Maxine 434 Ketchum, Thad 202 Ketteman, Dick 202 Ketzenbarger, Robert 434 Keydel, Kurt 190 Keyes, Janet 110 Keyes, Richard 218 Keywell, Frederick ..193, 434 Keywell, Shelby 163 Khosrani, Amir 319 Khoury , Karen 125 Khoury, Tawfiq 112 Khoury, Vera 168 Kickinson, Edward 121 Kidston, Roger 434 Kiefer, Cris 103 Kiefer. Harold 434 Kieft, Mary Lou 160 Kiel. Norman 434 Kiel. Virginia ..152, 243, 293. 326, 434 Kienbaum, Dick 121 Kienbaum, Thomas 220 Kienzlen, Ann 134, 156 Kierdorf, Mary Lou. .243, 398. 434 Kiesell. Alfred 434 Kiessel, Ruth 434 Kihm, Jack 223, 434 Kiley, Robert 273, 465 Killean, Patrick Ill, 178 Killeen, Al 177, 239 Kilinsausser, Glen 222 Killoran, Jeanne 406 Kilpela, Lois 301, 310 Kilts, Kathryn 130 Kim, Tai 100 Kimball, Donald 113 Kimbrough, William 101 Kimmel, Bernard 434 Kimpel, Don 103 Kinascnuck, Carrie 275 Kinaschuk, Carolyn 170 Kinaschuk, Mary Anne... 170 Kincaid, Harry ..107. 115, 333 Kincaid, Joseph 215 Kindt, Glenn 223 King, Cathy .... 134, 274. 282. 293, 465 King, Cynthia 136 King, Donald 434 King, Harvey 193, 297 King, James 209, 297 King. Kenneth . . 122, 330, 43 4 King. Lewis 189 King. Mary Beth 135, 151 King. Roger 204 King, Roland 188 King, Ruth 161 King, Shannon 170, 279 King, Thomas 297 King, William 102 Kinghorn, John 333 Kinkel, George 198 Kinkema, Molly 127 Kinley , Martha 130 Kinnear, Roger .216, 2C5, 434 Kinstle. Lawrence ..226A, 434 Kintigh, Mildred 434 Kinyon, Peter 340 Kinzie, Carol 168 Kirby, Robert 112, 333 Kirchma, Lucy 123 Kirkbride, Kendall 104 Kirke, William ..119, 206, 431 Kirkland, Carol 138 Kirkpatrick, Donald .300, 434 Kirsch, Jack 434 Kirshner, Carol .154, 247, 398 Kirsten, Eleanor 131 Kisor, Ann 154 Kissinger, David 177 Kitchen, Robert 434 Kitter, Martha 129 Kivy, Peter 434 Kizer. Marilyn 137 Klach, Camille 327 Klachko, Wolodymyr 318 Klang, Nancy 125, 434 Klass, Jerry 173 Klauer, Mary ..167, 243, 248. 399 Klause, Sidney 223 Klausner, David 193 Klawson, Mary 152, 248 Kleeb, Robert 113 Kleekamp, Charles . . 122, 297 Kleeman, Warren 434 Klein, Alvin 116, 124 Klein, Carol 160, 398 Klein, Dorothy 434 Klein, Elaine 163 Klein, Ernest 435 Klein, Lawrence 317 Klein, Maynard 10 Klein, Meyer 121. 203 Klein, Robert 217 Klein, Shirley 435 Klein, Susan 129 Kleinberg, Robert . . . 123, 195 Kleinert, Karen 137 Kleinert, Stan 121 Kleinstueck House 129 Kleis, John 211 Klick, Carol 435 Kline, James 121 Kline, Kenneth 116, 120 Kline, Susan 157 Kling, George 221 Kling, Murray 435 Klink, William 142, 275 Klinker, Herbert 183, 435 Klinkman, Frances 435 Kliot, Jules 435 Kliss, Barbara 399 Kloha. Carol 324 Klomparens, Alden ..298, 435 Klomparens, Marilyn . . . .435 Kloote. George 124 Klopfenstein, Julie 435 Klotz, Michael 193 Knaggs, Clarissa 144 Knaggs. James 181 Knaggs, Marilyn 110 Knapp, Barbara 144. 151. 324, 435 Knapp, James 196 Knapp, Kenneth 435 Kneale, Barbara 135 Knecht, Mary 167 Knee, Allan 435 Kneiske, Dathleen 295 Kneiske. Kathryn 144 Kneitel, Virginia 137 Knickerbocker, David . . . .435 Knickerbocker, Stanley . .344, 341, 390 Knight, Andree 230 Knight, Gary 181 Knight, Henry 435 Knight, Nancy 138 Knipp, James 330, 435 Knister, Jim 100 Knittle, David 435 Knoblock. Peter .116, 119, 435 Knopp, Donald 207 Knoulton, James .... 105, 186 Knox, David 109 Knox, Frank 202 Knutsen, Norm 119 Knutson. Eugene 406 Knutson, Robert 189, 259. 287, 291, 435 Kobza, Clara 435 Koch, Donald 435 Koch-Weser, Gisela 232 Kocon, Richard 219, 435 Kocsis, Jane 130 Koehler, Margaret . . . 154, 435 Koehn. Paul 435 Koelzer, Judy 134 Koenig, Joel 108 Koening, Werner 102 Koepke, William 183. 435 Koester. Richard 324, 435 Koester, Virginia 324 Kohatsu, Shoichi 435 Kohlenberg, Janet 165 Kohnstamn, Marcia 169 Kohl. John 317 Kolb, Lou 203 Kolbow, John 435 Kolesar. William ....172, 341 Kolk. Clem 103 Kolka, Carolyn 123 Kolflat, Fred 202 Roller, James 109 Kollman, Dale 435 Kolod, Julian 106 Kolmorton, Rod 106 Komar, Norman 112 Komisar, Rochelle 128 8Glt BARNES GIBSON RAYMOND DIVISION OF ASSOCIATED SPRING CORPORATION PLYMOUTH PLANT OF B-G-R 4O3OO Plymouth Road Plymouth, Michigan ' lor SPRING SCRVICf ' COOK PLANT OF B-G-R 4O1 E. Stadium Blvd. Ann Arbor, Michigan II 1 tk best bjuwt fa the (and., v 483 N ri J L m 521 FIFTH AVE. NEW YORK, N. Y. WA! DRO! SHII 1J27S iciii mnni nmmm MAIN OFFICE AND LABORATORY 9 W. 20th St. New York I I, N.Y. Telephone: Watkins 9-1880 484 No Blue Washdays The quality workmanship guaranteed at the University Laundromat eliminates washday blues for Michigan students. WASH AND DRY DRY CLEANING DROP OFF SERVICE DYEING SERVICE SHIRT SERVICE CLOTHING FOLDED UNIVERSITY LAUNDROMAT 1327 S. University Phone NO 8-84 12 you always save time at the KEGS NO PARKING PROBLEM DRIVE RIGHT THROUGH 1 14 E. William Phone NO 3-7191 Open 10 A.M.-12 P.M., Sunday: Noon to 7 P.M. a 13-15 Nickels Arcade Ann Arbor, Michigan Where Students Meet to Chat and Eat BREAKFAST LUNCH SODAS CANDIES For generations of Michigan men and women Wahr ' s has meant books. After you leave Ann Arbor, remember our fine service. Special attention given to all mail orders. WAHR ' S UNIVERSITY BOOK STORE 3 1 6 South State Street r ' Michigan ' s Oldest and Most Complete Store " 485 Kommins, Diana 127 Konar, Ferit 320 Konecny, Robert 118 Konishi, Marie 129 Konop, Alan 210 Konrad, Gehard 114 Konter, Marcia 127 Konz, Stephan 435 Kopelov, Deborah 127 Kopelson, Ronnie 163 Kopf , Darlene 140 Koplin, Stephen 19S Kopp, Glenn ....111, 273. 465 Kopper, Sandra 123, 249 Koppin, Diane 152, 435 Koray, Yilmaz 320 Kornwise, Sally 435 Kors, Paul 176 Korsar, Mildred 326 Kosco, Joseph 115 Kosmensky. Paul 102 Koss, Edward 208 Koss. Ron 219 Koster. Donald 104 Kostman, Stanley 193 Kostoff, Barbara 435 Kostoff, Harold 435 Kostro, Frank 119 Kothari, Sureshchandra .317, 435 Kothary, Naranetsay 317 Kothonen, Bert 119 Kotila, Theodore 101 Kotila. Theodore 178 Kotsis, Harry 103 Kott. Amalia 135. 239 Kott. Stephen 177 Kouchoukos, Nicholas . . . .275 Koushoukes. Nicholas 199, 297 Kovacik, Stephen 184, 435 Kovacs, Paddy 158 Koval. John 436 Kovar, Robert 121 Kovinsky , Al 203 Kovitz, Ethel 299 Kowalski, JoAnn 110 Kraai, Dwight 330 Kraft, Michael 104, 280 Kraft, Timothy 101. 292 Krag, William 109. 181 Kramer, Janet 436 Kramer, Paul 436 Kramer, Ronald ....290, 341, 343, 344, 345, 316. 348, 354, 360, 367. 369. 359. 394 Krans. Cynthia 293. 436 Krapohl, Jack Krasner, Morton 220, 436 Krasneski, Margagene ...158. 327 Krasney, Davidine 128 Krause, Edward 217 Krause, Thomas 197. 283, 390 Krause. Roberta 140 Krause. Vic 183 Kraushaar, Stanley 198 Krausse, Charles 436 Krauss, John 122 Krauss, Theodore 323 Krawec, Charles 436 Krecke, Norm 180 Kreger. Conrad 109 Kreger, Jack 200 Kremski. John 436 Krenzberger. Eugene 105 Kresbach. Thomas 185 Kretschwar, Robert ..221, 292 Kreul. Patricia 151 Kreuzberger. Eugene 300. 436 Kreuzer. John 200 Krickstein, Herbert 436 Krieger, Norman 436 Kriewall. Royce 436 Kripke, Sidney 436 Kriser. Chuck 210 Kristal, Arlene 139 Kristofferson, Edith 436 Kritt. Carol 13fi, 139 Krohn, Carla 123 Krohn. Don 436 Kroll. Charles 333, 43G Kroll. David 173 Kromelow, Marc 173 Kromelow, Marc 436 Krome, Lorraine 140 Kronlokken. Hildred 310 Kroon, Joseph 436 Kroon. Edwin 436 Krot. Eunice 140 Kroy. Ralph 20S, 436 Krstich. Violette 307 Krueger, Fritz 197 Krueger, Hans 124 Krueger, Martha 166 Kruger, Paul 329, 436 Kruger, Charles 436 Kruger, Robert 112 Kruse, Dick 183 Kruse. Janet 168 Kruse. JoAnn 436 Kruthers, James 189, 371, 390, 436 Kubota, Maxine 125 Kucera. Gilbert 226 Kuchka. John 197, 436 Kuehne. Robert 177 Kuehl. Thomas 333, 430 Kuffler, Elsie 436 Kuffler. Victor 108 Kuhlman. James 108 Kuhn, Shirlian 127 Kuhn, Terry 164 Kuhn. Wayne . . .178, 332, 404 Kuieck, John 218, 329 Kuinzal, Frank 235, 236 Kuiper. Arthur 196 Kuisel. Dick 202 Kuivenen, Charles . . .178, 329 486 Kulakoski, Stanley ..224, 327 Kulunk. Raif 320 Kunst, Irene 138 Kuran, Lionel 436 Kurian, Pallathucheril ...317 Kurtz, Loretta 436 Kurtz, Nancy 144, 436 Kurz, June 152, 245 Kuse, Diane 164, 436 Kushen, Ivan 210 Kushner, Michele 128 Kussurelis, Peter ....220, 436 Kustodowitch, Joan 125, 399, 546 Kusz. Constance 110 Kutch, Walt 202 Kutt. John 103. 436 Kutz, Joseph 223 Kuyat, Frieda 436 Kwan. King 221, 436 Kwasilborski, Stan 179 Kwast, Harold 437 Kwiker, Louis ..198, 2 6 258. 291, 437 Laakaniemi, Raymond . . . 124 LaBaere, Henry 106 LaBan, Myron 203 Labelle Jeanne 131, 216 Labrun, Henry Ill, 175 Ladas, Paul 437 Ladd, Joan 125 LaDouceur. Kay ....130. 307 LaFlair. Maedella 130 LaForge. Joan 130 LaGreca. Josephine 129 Lahde, Judy 399 Laker, Gerald 198 Laing, David 437 Lair, Maureen 135, 399 Laman. John 226A La Mance. Edward 189 Lamb, Margaret 154 Lambda Chi Alnha 186 Lambda Kappa Sigma . . . .327 Lambert. Lois 110 Lamdin. Lois 123 Lammy, Jean 399 Lapinen, Lily 141 Lampkin. John 437 Lanard, Benjamin 124 Lancaster. Mary .... 165. 437 Lancaster, Scott 114 Landau, Betsy 123, 153 Landau, Macy 173 Landeryou. John .... 100. 437 Landin. John 114 Landesman. Barbara 132 Landry, John 114 Landsburg, Gordon .220. 437 Landsnaes, Linda 167 Landstrom, Eeles 378 Landwirth. Ann 169 Landwirth, Lynne . .169. 437 Lane, Joyce 153. 293. 326. 437 Lane, Margaret 159, 243, 245. 294, 437 Lane, Virginia 110. 275 Lanehart. Barbara ..141. 399 Laney. Robert 113. 199 Lang, Elmer 226A, 447 Lang, Virginia 123 Langdon. Patricia 134 Lange. James 192 Langeler, George 122 Langley, James 215 Langmaid. Jacqueline .... 170 Langs, John 102, 206 Lanshaw, Ruth 326 Lankard, Gayle 322 Lanpuette, Marua 110 Lapides, Gordon 101, 195 Lapo, Marilyn 139 LaPointe, Clayton 124 La Porte. Helen 134 Larkin, Dennis 177, 305 Larkin, Marilyn 437 Larmee. Loretta 152 Larmee, Wilma 152. 399 Laros, Judith 125 Larsen. Clarice 158 Larsen. Donald 118.437 Larson. Alan 114. 182 Larson, Dana 196 Larson, John 109, 200 Larson, Lawrence 124 Larson. Mary 129 Larson. Paul 437 Larson. Ronal 291 Larson, William 186 Larson. Ronald 298 La Rue. Constance ..161, 437 Larwin, Carol 437 LaSage. John 101 Lascody, Donald 333 Lashmet. Michael ...225, 299 Laszlo, Arthur 198 Lath. R. P 317 Lathers. Robert 437 Latorre, Saturnina 316 Laube. Gerry 437 Laube, Sally 167 Lauckner, Kurt 100 Lauer, Robert 101, 301. 307. 332, 333 Laugh. Peggy 128 Lauppe, Ellen ..164, 398, 399 Laurence. Mary Sue 160 Laurence. Sue 110 Lauthan. Lois 161 La Valley, Donald Ill LaVanway, Gordon .. . .331 Lave, Roy 207. 235, 289 Lavercombe, Lawrence . . 202 Lavarty, John 206 La very , Fletcher 106 Lavey. Gilbert 216, 437 Laviolette, Daniel 113 Laviolette, Lynn 166, 275 Law. Fern 310, 437 Law, Phyliss 161 Law, Po 437 Lawless. Jerrold 307 Lawrence, James 186 Lawrence, Jerry ....112, 189 Lawrence, Leora 130 Lawrence, Marjorie 437 Lawrence, William 109, 201, 237 Law School 72 Lawson, Allan 226 Lawson. Shirley 161 Lay. Shirley 205. 437 Layher, Vince 226A Layman, Virginia 164 Layne, Joyce 404 Lazar, Maxine 437 Lazarov. Connor 119 Lazor, Marjorie 125 Leach, Lawrence Ill Leach. Sylvia 155, 437 Leacock, Robert 230 League Council 556 Lease. Mary 165 Leaudoin, John 333 Leavell. Nancy 145 Lebedovych, Emil ...119, 318 LeBlanc, Susan 110 Le Cercle Francais 321 Le Cercle Francais 321 Lederman, Peter 173 Ledger, Winifred 127 LeDuc, Lorraine 159 Lee, Barbara 129 Lee. George 367 Lee, Linda 169 Lee, Mai Lau 144 Lee, Martin 437 Lee, Owen 437 Lee, Phyllis 155 Lee, Rachel 140 Lee, Susim 143 Leech. Margaret 143 Leeds, Hal 465 Leedy , Robert 297 Leedy. Timothy 196 Lees, Nancy 245 Lefcourt. Bette 163 Leff ingwell. Nancy . . 136. 437 Leff ler, Suzanne 139 Lef kowitz, Harriet 163 Lefler, Jacqueline 248 LeGallienne, Eva 43 Lehman. Chester 109. 206, 263 Lehman. Harriet 326 Lehmann. Elenore 132 Lehmann, William 207 Lehr, Wayne 179 Lehrer. Frances 167 Leib. Judith 144 Liebengood. William 114, 324 Leibowitz. Malvin ...101, 314 Leidy, Gertrude 145 Leighton, Kaye Jean 133 Leinbach, Sue 138 Leinonen, Ellen 437 Leinonen, John 334 Leland, Alan 437 Leland, Genevieve 160 Leland, Jeanne 144. 301. 308. 310 Leland. Robert 187 LeMaster, Ernest 122, 206 Lemeh, Charles 319, 437 LeMessurier, Judith 165 LeMire. Francis 186, 437 Lemkey, Franklin ...116, 120 Lemmon. Dallas 321 Lemon, David 330 Lempio, George 202 Lenard, Ann 139, 437 Lenard. Benjamin 173 Lenz, Helene 437 Leonard, Ellen 163 Leonard, John 305, 437 Leonard. William 331 Leone. Judith 125 Leonelli. Lorraine 125 Lerman. Stuart 210, 438 Lerner, Jacquelyn 139 Lerner, Joan 1K1 Leslie, Elizabeth 49 Leslie, John 210 Leslie, Rodney 210, 297 Lessien, Bruce 226 Lester, Nancy 143, 438 Lester. Robert 211 Letzenburger. Seb Ill Leucke, Robert 121 Leut, Sylvia 134 Leven, James 19S Levenson, Janice 128 Levenson, Stanley 436 Levey, Avis 139 Levi, Sylvia 295,438 Levin, Albert 121 Levin, Gilbert 438 Levin. Grecia 169 Levin, Joan 163, 438 Levin, Norman 314 Levin, Paul 225. 438 Levin. Robert . . .107. 108. 223 Levin. She ' don .289, 298, 332 Levin, Skelly 280 Levin. Tobi 123 Levine. Arthur 203 Levine. David 438 Levine, Lawrence ...105, 438 Levine, Lois 129 Levine. Phyllis 153 Levine, Rosalie 163 Levinson, June 438 Levinson, Peter 188 Levitan, Mary 158 Levitt, Joann 438 Levitt, Richard 193 Levy, Allan 385 Levy, David 195 Levy. Eileen 153 Levy, Elaine 129 Levy, Janet 438 Levy. Jerome 115 Levy. Lawrence 121 Levy. Norman 193 Levy, Susan . . ' 438 Lewis. Arlene 270 Lewis. Barbara 169. 2J9 Lewis. Bernard 203 Lewis. Davis 198 Lewis, Dorothy 138. 373 Lewis, Donald 114 Lewis, Douglas 104, 202 Lewis, Edward 221 Lewis. Ellen 167 Lewis, Gilbert 198, 297 Lewis, Harriet 153 Lewis, Jack 114, 21 J Lewis, James 283, 433 Lewis, Jean 109 Lewis, Kirke 210, 235, 230 Lewis, William 10S Lewy, John 210, 438 Lewy, Thomas 210, 299 Lexa, Frank 438 Lexen, Andrew 160 Libby, Christine 154 Liber, Sue 137 Libman, Norman 438 Lichterman, Carole . . 169, 438 Liddle, Alice 132 Lieberman, Laurence 43S Lieblein, Margaret . . .293, 393 Liechty, Karl 105 Lief, Todd 210, 230, 234. 235, 236, 286, 438 Liepa, Leons 329, 438 Lifshey, Ilene 127, 163 Light, Richard 101 Lightfoot, John 211 Lightstone, Gloria 438 Lignell, Marilyn 123, 161 Lingle, Milton 367, 339 Lilja, Claire 438 Lilja, Kathleen 438 Lilja, Shirley 143, 168 Lim. Lain-Kai 114,438 Limberg, Paula 159.438 Limburg, Dominica 438 Lin, Paul 106 Lin. Pershing 106, 438 Linbloom, Eric 276, 277 Lincoln. Donald 324, 333 Lindeman, Mary 134 Lindenberg, Janice . . 130. 245 Linder, Stuart 124 Linderman, Duane 197 Linders, Howard 331. 438 Lindfors, Karl 108 Lindgren, Nancy ....273, 465 Lindquist, George 105 Link, Oscar 219 Linsen. Judith 245 Linsmaster, Sandra 129 Linton. Doris 135, 310 Lipinski, Ambrose 438 Lipman. Morton 297 Lippert, Prudence 162 Lippman, Harriet 125 Lippmann, Ruth 123, 321 Lipschutz, Stuart 314 Lipsey, Howard 211. 438 Lipsitz, Hal 173 Lipsky, Burton 193, 406 Lis, Bernard 193, 438 Liss, Robert 193 Lisson, Doris 123, 245 List, James 438 List, Kurt 324 Literature, Science, and The Arts. College of 50 Littell, David Ill, 305 Littig, John 196, 438 Little, Richard ..187. 258. 211 Littman. Robert 210, 438 Litton. Ward 223, 43S Litvin, Joseph 314 Litwin. George .116. ?62. 314 Litwin. Jack 225, 439 Litwack, Marcia 133 Litzenberg, Karl 196. 391 Liur, Ann 139 Liv, Foo-Hoo 333 Liv, Joseph 115 Liverance. Howard 379 Livesey, Ada 439 Llorente. Cristina 316 Lloyd House Ill Lo, Chuen 439 Lo, Mona 319, 439 Lobanov, Oleg ..183, 3D4, 305. 439 Lobdell. David 439 Lobdell. Ruth 121 Lobsir. Jill 165 Locker, John 119 Lockhart. Robert .... 197. 439 Lockwood. Susan 140 Lodge. Florence 135 Loeb. Henry 388. 389. 390 Loeb. John 195 Loella, Charles 321 Loeprich, Nancy 439 Loesberg. Carl 173, 439 Loeweke. Eunice 3 1 Logan, Joan 125, 157 Logan. Robert 223 Loken, Newt 377 Lomas, Elizabeth 144 Londal, Ralph 101, 300 PURCHASE CAMERA SHOP " Purchase From Purchase " I 16 S. University NOrmandy 8-6972 Ann Arbor, Michigan YOUR FAVORITE RESTAURANT IN ANN ARBOR VIRGINIAN The Gage Linen Shop I I Nickels Arcade ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN ATTENT ION GRADUATES For remembrance of your wonderful days at Michigan we alone carry Michigan Place Mat Sets. Pictures of famous campus buildings in many lovely shades. your clothing store on the campus in WREN CLOTHES FOR MEN 1107 S. University Ann Arbor, Michigan Across from the Ann Arbor Bank A campus favorite . . . LUMBARD ' S UNIVERSITY DRUGS ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN 722.5 S. University Phone NO 2-0743 " HOUSE OF QUALITY " CLEANERS 601 Williams and 1946 Packard Road 487 London, John 439 Long, Helen 136, 273, 328, 465 Long, Jane 116, 125 Long, Madeleine 125 Long, Marquerite . . . 144, 310 Long, Walter 439 Longfield, Richard ..301, 307 Longpre, Sue 152, 439 Lonshaw, Ruth 399 Loomis, Bruce Ill, 301, 307, 439 Loomis, John 225 Lootens, Douglas 324 Lopate, Charlene 139 Loraw, Patricia 153, 439 Lorch, David 307 Lord, Harold 101 Lorenc, Hilda 439 Lorey, Dorothea 123 Lorey, Robert 219, 324 Loring, Kay 153, 328 Lou, Theodore 177 Lough, Peggy 157, 398 Loughery, Mary Ann 160 Louie, Alice 168, 248 Love, Heilborn 119 Love, James 379 Love, Janet 131 Love, Mary 129, 245 Love, Roy 332 Love, Thomas 108 Lovegrove, Robert 223 Loveland, Constance 160 Lovell. Robert 114 Lovett, Ann 127 Lovre, Sandra 161 Lowe, Barbara 140 Lowe, Jo-Ellen 132 Lowell, James 439 Lowley, Paul 114 Lowrie, Edmund .... 109, 201 Loye, Bess 144 Lozano, Guillermo 439 Lozowick, Susan 439 Lubell, Myrna 128 Lubin, Edward 195 Lubke, Etta 465 Lubke, William 223 Lubina, Alan 331, 379 Lucas, Jean 158 Lucas, John 114 Lucas. Kathryn 157, 310 Lucasse, Philip 49, 116 Lucci, Bernard 142 Luckenbach, Carl 181 Luckoff , Michael 198, 232 Lucyshyn, Peter 197, 300, 332, 329, 439 Luecke, Robert 298, 439 Luhn, Katherine 160 LuKash, William 439 Lumley, Phylinda 138 Lund, Paul 121, 218 Lundberg, David 106 Lundeen. John 223 Lundin, Darl 207 Lundin, Earl 189, 439 Lundquist, Charles 172 Lundquist, Dave 360 Lundquist, Sally 166 Lundstrom, Gail 154, 439 Lundy, David . . .214, 301, 336 Lunsford, Ann 144 Luplow, Richard 108 Lupschutz, Stu 114 Luque, Gisella 140 Lusko, Robert 113 Lutsch, Mike 106 Lutton, Peg 110 Lutz, Aaron 439 Lutz. Charles 192 Lutz, Helene 439 Lutz, James 177 Lutz, Robert 119 Lutz, Sally 310, 439 Lyans, Sarah 161 Lydens, Elizabeth 439 Lynch, Edith 106 Lynch, James 124 Lynch, John 329 Lynch, Michael 196, 259, 291, 439 Lynde, Harold, Jr 439 Lyness, Al ' . 203 Lyness, James Ill Lynn, James 175, 439 Lyon, Sally 247, 398 Lyon, William 191 Lyons, Frederick 290 Lyons, Richard 237 Lyons, Thomas 105 Lytle, Ina 115 Lyzenga, Robert 222 M Maas, Janet 153 Maassab, Hunein 319 Magarak, Janet 156, 398 MacArthur, Stephen .100, 439 MacAuley, Richard 439 MacCarthy, Alan 194 MacClary, Ronald 222 MacDonald, Ellen 439 Macdonald, Ian 142 MacDonald. Glen 283 MacDonald, Judy 157 MacDonald, Nancy 157, 243, 247 MacDonald, Neil 365 MacDonald, Richard 112 MacDonald, Robert 223 MacDonald, Rodney .119, 215 MacDonald, Sheila 125 MacDowell, Logan 105 MacFarland. Patricia 156 488 MacFarland, William 187, 286, 364, 365, 439 MacGlashan. Geoffrey ...439 Macht, John 210 Macias, Richard 218 Maciejewski, Bernard . . . .121 Mack, Joan 163, 398 MacKay, Barry 189, 290, 386, 387, 390 MacKay, James 175 MacKellar, Alan 297 MacKenzie, Richard 219 MacKenzie, Robert . . 205, 439 MacKenzie, Ronald 226A, 440 Mackey, Jocelyn 310 Mackey, Kay . . . 136, 139, 399 Maoklin, Gail 440 MacLachlan, Robert 440 MacLean, Charles ...220, 440 MacLennon, Donald . 108, 263 MacMichael, Robert .186, 390 MacMichael, Skip ...388, 389 MacMillan, Barbara 125 MacMillan, Frances 101 MacMillan, Susan 125 Macnab, Ross 440 MacNiven, Ian 108 MacNutt. Lamar 101 MacPhee, William 100 MacPherson, Donald 329 MacPherson, Ellen 440 MacQueen, Richard 100 Macrae, Barry 178 MacRae, Haden 105 MacRae, Jean 225, 440 Macrae, William 178 Macs, Robert Ill MacVaugh, Janice ...151, 440 Mac Vicar, Sue 139 Maczeii, Arthur 440 Maddingan, John 199 Maddock, James .... 187, 290, 341, 344, 346, 356, 390 Maddox, Jack 219 Madgy, Janet 134, 440 Madsen, Alice 399 Maentz, Tom ...199. 290, 341, 342, 348, 352, 353, 351, 390 Mage, Donald 108 Magee, Carole 170, 440 Maginn, Raymond . . . 104, 440 Magoon, Duncan 100 Magoon, Pamela 399 Mahoney, Donald 440 Mahoney, William 292 Maier, Barbara .130, 169, 249 Maier, Carle 133, 440 Maier, Ellen 130 Maile, Carlton Ill Maile, Marilyn 159 Maims, John 217 Mainster, Harris 314, 440 Mair. Constance 128 Maire, John 172 Majarov, Milan 119, 150 Major, Merritt 440 Majoros, Themistocles . . . 176, 440 Maker, Paul 440 Maki, Charles 124 Maki, Ilene 110 Makowski, John 112 Maldonado-Guilfoyle, Ro- berto 319, 323 Malecki, Sylvia 151 Malhofer, Jane 440 Malick, Alice 320 Malis, Ronald . . . 197, 264, 440 Malkani, Sundry 113,319 Malkin, Martin 273, 465 Mallett, Dorothy 137, 158 Mallett, Francis 114 Mallon, Harold 217 Mallory, Samuel 219 Malloy, Paddie .276. 277, 440 Malloy, Paul 440 Malott, Sylvia 440 Malstrom, Valerie 128 Malzman, Lois 163 Mancewicz, Jerome 440 Mandel, Earl 440 Mandel, Jeffery 203 Mandel, Lois 153, 398 Mandelbaum, Barbara . . . 153 Manellp, Seymour 102 Manghirmalani, Arjan. . .317, 440 Manheim, Leonard 440 Maniar, Naresh 317,440 Manikas, Steve 440 Mann, Alexander . . . .387, 386 Mann, Ernie 187 Mann, Judith 123 Manning, Joanne 134 Manning, Mary 310 Manning, Sara ..301, 307, 310 Manns, Meredyth 310 Manor, Robert 105 Mans, Nicholas 187 Mansfield, Robert 184 Manuel, Ernesto 316 Manzagol, Donald 218 Manzo, Victor 440 Mapes, Anna . . . 134, 136, 399 Mapes, Phillip 305 Maples, Paul 124 Marbarek, Janet 399 Marenau, Joel 118 Marchello, Jack 375 Marcus, Diana 169, 248 Marden. Grace 130 Margoles, Grace 295, 440 Margoles, Jules 225, 440 Margolis, Esther 169 Margolish, Norma 127 Mariani, Ronald 119 Marich, Michael 197 Marion, Robert 341, 344 Mark, Elaine 130 Market, Cosette 123 Marker, Sheldon 198 Markey, David 124 Markey, Enid 43 Markin, Saralea 128, 327 Marko, Bobbie 139 Marks, Edward 193, 440 Marks, Lawrence . . . 106, 237, 264 Marks, Lee 195, 264, 290 Marks, Naomi 440 Marks, Richard 333 Markus, Lynn 165 Markva, Neil 307 Marian, John 298 Marlatt, Ralph 108 Marlatt, Raymond 124 Marling, William 200 Marquardt, Helen . . . 125, 164, 324 Marquardt, Richard 122 Mars. Gordon 299, 440 Marsden, Carol 135, 162 Marsh, Donald 440 Marsh, Dorothy 123 Marsh, JoAnn 153, 264 Marsh, Karl 115, 441 Marsh, Nancy 165 Marshall, Byrne 187 Marshall, John 219 Martens, Richard . . . 142, 324 Martens, William 323 Martenson, Darlene 152 Martha Cook 144 Marthenke, Patricia 136 Martin, Anthony 113 Martin Barbara 128 Martin, Benn 176 Martin. Carmen 137 Martin, Cef Ill Martin, Isabel 131, 441 Martin, Jack 226 Martin, Jamie 202 Martin, Joann 326 Martin, Judith 135, 159 Martin, Mac 197 Martin, Mary Jane 441 Martin, Merrill 129, 154 Martin, Patricia 130, 301, 307, 310 Martin, Ronald 121 Martin, Sue 167 Martin, Thomas 112, 182 Martin, William Ill Martinek, Tom 179 Martinson, Jerry 441 Marton, Ronald 305 Martyniuk, Irene 318, 327, 441 Marudas, Pete 100 Maruri, Diego 441 Marvin, Langdon .... 200, 333 Marx, Sandra 130 Marx, William 441 Marzan, Frederick 307 Masaki, Setsuo 215 Mascarenhas, Mario 441 Mashiyama, Ernest 441 Maskell, Richard 305 Maslowski, Richard 248, 300, 329, 335, 441 Maslyn, Richard 109, 185, 232 Mason, David 184 Mason, Donald 441 Mason, George 104, 441 Mason, Janet 301, 310 Mason, Joan 250 Mason, Marguerite 129 Mason, Richard 118 Mason, William 115, 298 Mastellar, Larry 176 Master, Kathryn 128, 151 Matekel. Helen 441 Matsco, Gene 119 Matheson, William 193 Matten, Larry 173 Mattes, Brenton 171 Matthesius, Angela 143 Matthew, John 102, 178 Mattox, Peggy 166 Mattson, Robert 100 Mattson, Werner ....282, 283 Matych, Jo 170 Matyniak, Constance 134, 441 Matzen, Barbara 123 Mau, Walter 331 Maude, Harold 441 Mauer. Edwad 223 Maugh, Lois 158, 399 Maung, Maung 319 Maurer, Carol 399 Maurer, John 104 Mautz, Roberta 159 Maxian, Bruce 104, 199 Maxwell, David 297 Maxwell, Donald 109 Maxwell, Judith 248 Maxwell, Wallace 187 May, Donald 236 May, Michael 210, 441 Maycroft, Thoedore 441 Maycroft, Theodore 441 Mayer, George 329 Mayer, Linda 123 Mayers, Sylvia 138, 399 Mayerstein, Andrea 163 Mayerstein, Merl 163 Mayne, John 98, 101 Mayor, Stephen 115 Mayrose, John 121 Maywald, Margaret 165 Maza, Morton 217 Mazanec. Thomas 192 Mazin, Donald 173 Mazur, Joseph 331 McAdams, Raymond 101 McAfee, Janet 152 McAfee, Joan 394 McAfee, William 441 McArthur, William 187 McAuliffe, Margot . . 144, 441 McAvinchey, Joseph 121 McAvity, Amy 160, 441 McBride, Paddy 165, 441 McBride, Virginia . . 127, 398 McBurney, James 102 McCain, Thomas .... 106, 177 McCall, James 199 McCall, Marian 112 McCann, Charles 199 McCann, John 215 McCarron, David 220 McCartan, Susan 133 McCarthy, Kathleen 170 McCarthy, Michael 181, 258, 441 McCarus, Raymond 178 McCaskey, Jean 162, 441 McClaf liiu Randy 100 McCleland, Bruce . . . 177, 239 McClelland, Patricia . 132, 399 McClendon, Merle 132 McCliment, Edward 441 McClintic, Sharlene 130 McClintock, James 114 McClure, Barbara 127 McCluskey, Edith ...157, 293, 441 McColl, Douglas Ill McColl, James 108 McColl, Janet 151 McColl, John 215 McCollum, Scott 191 McCombe, Nancy 168 McConnell, Marjorie 132 McConnell, Max 219 McCord, Margaret 441 McCorkle, Thelma 129 McCormick, Bruce 307 McCormick, Eba 113 McCormick, James 171 McCormick, Mary Ann ... 140 McCormick, Ralph ..289, 406 McCornock, Bonnie 164 McCotter, Suzanne ..134, 441 McCoy, Ernest 189 McCoy, Marjorie 136 McCracken, Eugene 207, 258, 335, 441 McCracken, Richard .189, 270 McCracken, William 334 McCrae, John 186 McCreight, Ronald 441 McCubbery, Bruce 175 McCubbery, Donald .112, 216 McCullen, Dorrance 209 McCullough, David 190 McCullough, Marilyn 137 McCurdy, Orville 214 McCutcheon, Luella Ill McDaniels, Kenneth Ill McDermit, John 178 McDermott, Edward 115 McDonald, Ann 162, 248, 295, 398 McDonald, Elizabeth 144, 294, 441 McDonald, Ian 280 McDonald, James . . . 105, 259 McDonald, June 129 McDonald, Richard 263 McDonald, Terence 185 McDougal, Ann 168 McDowell., Kenneth 119 McElfresh, William 171 McElroy, Diane 140, 245 McEntee, Julie 138 McEvoy, Joseph 172 McEvoy, Kathleen 170 McFadden. George 200 McFatridge, John . . . 189, 260 McFatridge, Susan ..128, 170 McGarvah, Earle 106 McGarvey, Bruc e ..119,333, 335 GcGee, James 178 McGee, John 223 McGhee, Dale 104 McGhee, Donald 104 McGhee, Richard 297 McGinley, Dale 101 MzGough, Daniel 441 McGovern, George 441 McGrae, John 441 McGrath, Barbara 168 McGrath, Margaret 159 McGrath, Michael 202 McGuire. James 441 McGuire, Jean 441 Mclnnes, Robert 100 Mclntosh, Donald ...363, 365 Mclntosh, Doyle 103 Mclntosh, Harry 441 Mclntyre, Donald 362 Mclntyre, George . . . 200, 299 Mclntyre, Joseph 122 Mclntyre, Marcia 159 McKean, William 194 McKellar, Richard 442 McKelvey, Gene 220 McKelvey, Paul 442 McKenna, John 442 McKenna, Keith 112 McKenna, Micheal 219 McKennan, Russel ..175, 235, 289 McKenney, Christopher ..172 McKenzie, Clancy 29 McKenzie, Edward 29 McKenzie, Eva 124 The PRETZEL BELL A Michigan Tradition Clinton Castor your host 120 EAST LIBRARY Stestaurcmt OR good fun and good food come to the Palace of Home Cooking. A favorite with students and resi- dents for many, many years. ANN ARBOR ' S FINEST 120 W. Washington St. Phone: NO 8-9254 Strawberries our specialty. Shipped anywhere to you by Air, Rail or Truck Wm. Enderlein Co., Inc. Wholesale Fruits and Vegetables S. W. Corner Second and Plum Sts. Cincinnati 2, Ohio shipped via our oivn refrigerated trucks DUnbar 1-2310-1-2-3 Long Distance DUnbar 1-2314 489 McKenzie, Kay 167 McKenzie, Marjorie 442 McKenzie, Sheila 134, 310 McKewen, Trudy 137 McKillop, Carol 299 McKinney, Gene 182 McKinzie, Ann 146 McKnight, Judy 168, 442 McKoan, Joseph 199 McLain, Nancy 326 McLain, Neal 119 McLaughlin, Georgia 127 McLaughlin, Lee 226 McLaughlin, Suzanne .... 135 McLennon, Frank 115 M Club 390 McMacken 156, 398 McMahon, John 375 McMasters, Robert . . 142, 286, 389, 442 McMeachan, David 223 McMillan, Juanita 134 McMullen, Mary 135, 167 McNamara, William 207, 297, 333 McNaught, Barbara 161, 247, 264 ,275 McNaught, Donald . . .207, 442 McNaught, Marilynn . . . 139, 161, 275 McNeely, Sharon 152 McNellis, Richard 114 McPahil. Joyce 442 McQuiggan, Mark 226 McQuire, James 179, 180 McRae, Jean 152 McRitchie, Bruce 185 McSweeney , Jean 154 McUmber, Richard 211 McVean, Duncan ...194, 224, 327 Me Walters, Donald 182 Meach, Susan 158 Mead, John 211 Meade, Micheal Ill Meads, Edger . . 199. 286, 340, . 341. 344, 442 Mecklenburg, Robert 442 Medalie, Donald 198 Medicine, School of 76 Medura, Paul 442 Medvezky, Julia 442 Meech, Alice 158 Meeker, Carol Sue 167 Meeter, Herime 442 Mehal, Edward 214 Mehdi,, Mahmoud 331 Mehl, Richard 176 Mehra, Vijay 317 Mehta, Rupa 317 Meier, Donald 206, 297 Meier, Gerald )105 Meisner, Deane 130, 163 Meiss, Harriet 144, 442 Mekas, Peter 106 Melchiori, Mariam . . .324, 442 Melfl, Charles 184 Melgaluis, John Ill, 334 Melgaard, Paul 289 Mellin, Cecil 280 Mellion, Annalee 123 Melvin, Paul 119 Memhardt, Donna 324 Menard, Paul 180 Mencher, Jane 144 Mendel, John 195 Mendelson, Helen 310 Mendelssohn, Alan 198 Mendenhall, Joyce 152 Menees, James 390 Menees, Stanley 176, 379 Menge, Richard 178 Menla, Allen 326 Menmuir, Ann 135, 152 Menold, Donna 140 Men ' s Glee Club 304 Mensah, Kweku 319 Mentus, Frank 108 Menzell, Mark 105 Menzies, Evelyn 130 Menzies, Judith 442 Mercado, Felicitas 316 Meredith, Michael 108 Merenoff , Barry 198 Merillat, Luree 134, 326 Merkle, Rita 125 Meerkling, Wallace 205 Mermelstein, Richard 195 Merrick, Frank 215 Merrill, Orpha 141 Merrill, Pamela 151 Merrit, Ronald 100 Merritt, Gerald 102, 186 Merr itt, Gordon 186. 442 Mesirow, Susan 152 Mess, Barbara 130 Messinger, Mary Jo.. 301, 307 Messner, Robert 442 Mestdagh, William 197 Metcalf , Elizabeth 165 Metsker, Gene 175 Metz, Lawrence 225 Metzger, Joan 125 Metzger, Robert 115 Metzler, Richard Ill Mewhort, Judith 164, 249 Meyer, Albert 105 Meyer, Bruce ...116, 122, 163 Meyer, Carolyn 249, 442 Meyer, Charles 218 Meyer, Gerald 105, 307 Meyer, James 442 Meyer, John 176, 218, 298 Meyer, Kay 127 Meyer, Richard 442 Meyer, William 190 Meyers, Hannes 222 Meyer, James ...111, 264, 297 490 Meyers, Jeffrey 198 Meyers, Kenneth 388, 389 Meyers, Marilyn 321 Meyers, Richard 171, 216 Meyers, Robert 189 Meyers, Roberta 167 Meyers, William 202 Meyerson, Barbara . . 137, 169, 249 Michael, Conrad 200 Michael, Edward 121 Michaels, Alvin 442 Michaels, Marilyn 127 Michaelson, Gary 442 Michalski, Thomas . . .180, 442 Michel, Julie 163 Michelana, Eduardo 119 Michener, Susan . . . 125, 275, 328, 465 Michiflsh 399 Michigan Ensian 272 Michigan House 112 Michigan Marching Band 308 Michigauma 286 Michigras 16a Mick, Donald 184 Micklow, Fredrick 388 Middleton, Douglas 442 Middleton, Julie 138 Middleton, Vicki 327 Midgley, James 442 Miekka, Richard 214 Miekka, Shirley 127, 158. 327 Mieras, Laurence . . - 222 Mighion, Harry 442 Mihalik, Edward 113 Mikton, John 109 Milanytch, Nickolas 318 Miles, Dennis ..112, 304, 305 Miley, Gerald 102, 442 Milholland, Val 120 Milionis, John 262 Millar, William . 98, 199, 206 Millbrook, Barbara 442 Miller, Adeline 157 Miller, Alan 205, 297 Miller, Allene 442 Miller, Annette 130 Miller, Archie 442 Miller, Audrey 399, 442 Miller, Bernadine 146, 442 Miller, Bette 442 Miller, Bruce 195 Miller, Carole 144, 156 Miller, Carolyn 160 Miller, Charles 113 Miller, Eugene ..108, 314, 442 Miller, Eugene 314 Miller, Frederic 112 Miller, George 205 Miller, Gerald 109 Miller, Glenwood ...181, 390, 442 Miller, James . . . 100, 122, 179 Miller, Joel 203 Miller, John . . . 132, 197, 443 Miller, Joseph 124 Miller, Judith 158 Miller, Kay 166, 310 Miller, Larry 112, 124 Miller, Lee 173 Miller, Lucy 140 Miller, Marian 134 Miller, Marilyn 159, 443 Miller, Mary Grace 443 Miller, Maurice .171, 298, 443 Miller, Max 109 Miller, Meredith 135 Miller, Michael 108 Miller, Ned 203 Miller, Nina 163, 443 Miller, Norman .101, 200, 314 Miller, Patricia 170 Miller, Richard 106, 322 Miller, Robert 180 Miller, Rochelle 138 Miller, Sally ....162, 247, 296 Miller, Shirley 443 Miller, Susan 110 Miller, Theodore 217 Miller. Theodore 443 Miller, Walter 119 Milles, Donald 175 Millette, Patricia 130 Milligan, Louise 443 Milliagn, Robert 176 Millman, Elinor 138 Mills, Ann 135 Mills, David 175 Mills, Judith 170, 278 Mills, Lois 156 Mills, Pam 156 Mills, Richard 209, 443 Mills, Robert 301, 330 Mills, Thomas 443 Millstein, Claire 130, 327 Milne, Murray 176 Milne, Sandra 280 Mimes 299 Mindlin, Jackie 307, 310 Minella, William 180 Miner, Gary 114 Miner, William 112 Minieer, Mary 159 Minkin, Barbara 153 Minkus, Beatrice 169 Mirsky, Norman 105 Misar, Kenneth .172, 305, 443 Mishel, David 114 Mishelow, Lois . . 153, 294, 443 Missakian, Ara 124 Missner, Roy 193 Mitchell, Barbara 144 Mitchell. Donald ....197, 443 Mitchell, James 179 Mitchell, Jerry 119 Mitchell, Joseph 109 Mitchell, Lawrence 202 Mitchell, Phillip 187 Mitchell, Ralph 104, 443 Mitchell, Robert 387 Mitchell, Sue 156, 443 Mitchell, William ...105, 215, 31 Mitra, Shashanka 317 Mitts, Charles 443 Mitzel, Roger 112 Mixer, Robert 226A Mobre, Marianne 110 Modderman, Joanne .166, 137 Modlin, William 182, 309 Modzell, Dianne 132 Moeller, Carolyn .... 154, 443 Moeller, William 189 Moery, Donald 113 Moftatt, Joyce 165, 398 Mohler, John 307 Mohr, Dale . 104, 298, 300, 443 Mohrig, Jerry 122, 263 Molette, D 333 Molini, Noel 122 Moloney, William 192 Molot, Mark 219 Molyneaux, Maral ...151, 399 Moment, Natalie 128 Monaghan, Michael 112 Monger, Mary Lou 167 Mongia, Sarv 330, 443 Monney, Kathryn 245 Monrad, Margaret 130 Monroe, Leon 104 Monroe, Margaret 135 Monroe, Robert 197, 200, 443 Monroe, Stephen .... 181, 443 Montague, Harry ....218, 329 Montgomery, Michael 200 Mooers, Charles 443 Moon, Nancy 125 Mooney, Frances 443 Mooney, Kathryn . . . 135, 398, 399 Mooney, Mary 159 Mooney, Merrick 114 Mooney, Patricia 168, 243 Moore, Allen 223 Moore, David iiw Moore, Eugene 200 Moore, Frank 187, 443 Moore, Fred 443 Moore, Gordon 172 Moore, Grace 161, 398 Moore, James . . .301, 307, 443 Moore, John 185, 289 Moore, Joseph ..185, 201. 443 Moore, Kenneth 179, 443 Moore, Margaret 160 Moore, Mary Ann 144 Moore, Naomi 443 Moore, Paul Ill Moore, Richard 119, 211 Morales. Jose 316 Moran, Frances 144 Morang, Margaret 151 Morden, Robert 211 Moreau, John 124 Moreland, Margaret 132, 157, 443 Moreland, Sharon 125 Morello, Samuel 218 Morford, Richard 187 Morgan, Carol 310 Morgan, Cynthia 165 Morgan, David 443 Morgan, Eugene 124 Morgan, Jennie 158 Morgan, Robert 183 Morgan, Terri 163 Morgan, William 200, 278 Moriarty, Brian 182, 260, 289 332 Morin, Richard . ' .215 Morningstar, Gershom . .443 Morouitz, John 215 Morre, Fred 115 Morris, Marilyn 156, 443 Morris, Mary 123, 151 Morrison, Lee 206 MorrisBn, Monica 130 Morriss, Mary 134 Morritz, John 172 Morrow, James 124 Morrow, John ..199, 287, 341, 344, 350, 390 Morrow, Margaret 443 Morse, Dan 444 Morse, Gary 200 Morse, Lois 128 Morse, Robert Ill Morse, Wayne 38 Mortar Board 293 Mortenson, Robert . . . 102. 444 Mortimer. Wayne 226A Mortimer, William 115 Morton, Clarissa 144 Morton, Lawrence 207 Morton, Patricia 157, 275 Morton, William 220 Mosby, James 177 Moseler, Louise 307 Moses, Henry 210 Mosher Hall 132 Mosher, Margery 143 Mosher, William 197 Moskowitz, Carole 163 Mosier, Suzanne 139 Moss, Gerald 444 Moss. Phyllis 130 Moss, Richard 198 Mossner, Ruth 140, 444 Most, Earl 105 Mosteller, Louise 152, 444 Motherwell, Thomas 114 Mott, Paul 98 Moule, John 379 Movitz. Annette 444 Mowrey , Fred 121 Moxley , Mary 141, 170 Mrowka, Eugene 118, 329 Mueller, Blanche 307 Mueller, Frank 307 Mueller, Gerhard ...129, 142. 280 Mueller, Herbert 207 Mueller, Louise 266, 324 Mueller, Norma 158 Mueller, Richard 444 Mueller. Theresa 307, 310 Muir, Elizabeth 159, 444 Muir, John 444 Muir, Novia 307 Muir, William 102 Mulcahy , Ann 144 Mulcahy, Richard 122 Mulhollan, Gertrude 49 Mullaney, James ....225, 226 Mullaney, Katherine 144 Mulligan. Elizabeth 444 Mullins, Virginia 398, 399 Mundell, Jeffrey 105 Mundinger, Paul 142, 444 Munro, Dugald 177 Munzel. Ruth 444 Mu Phi Epsilon 310 Murauaka, Joan 144 Murbach, Andrew 196 Murdoch. Charles 180 Murley, Frederick 192 Murphy, Carol 162, 444 Murphy, Catherine 134 Murphy, John 371 Murphy, Joseph 101 Murphy, Lois 168, 444 Murphy, Marcia 128, 161 Murphy, Maureen 152 Murphy, Nancy 152, 248 Murphy, Patricia 444 Murphy, Richard 119 Murphy, William 387 Murray, Brownson . . 1, 272, 273, 328, 465 Murray, Carol 127 Murray, Ellen 170, 264 Murray, F 444 Murray, Jean 141 Murray, Joan 141 Murray, John ... 1, 12, 444 Murray, Joyce 158 Murrell, Nanny 125 Murrey, Larry 207 Murry, Douglas 221 Murweis, Barbara 130 Murwin, Donald 113 Muschenheim, Arthur ..218, 329, 444 Musial, Patricia 145 Music, School of 68 Mussin, Virginia 135, 444 Mustard, Ann 162 Mustard, Russell 196 Mustecapli, Yuksel 320 Muth, Wesley Ill Mweller, James 444 Myer, Jules 105 Myers, Elsiemae 135, 444 Myers, Ernst 191 Myers, Fritz 371, 390 Myers, Hayes 236 Myers, James 182, 184 Myers, Janet 140, 158, 444 Myers, John 119 Myers, Kenneth 187, 390, 444 Myers, Kurt 444 Myers, Robert 195 Myers, Spence 195. 183 N Nachman. Rochelle 140 Nadeau, John 444 Nadell, George 107, 114 Nafe, Donald 219 Nagel, Jeanne 133 Nagel, John 282 Nagel, Richard 185 Nagel, Ruth 326 Nagy , Frank 105 Nagy . Thomas 101 Nahabetian. Homer . . 105, 404 Nahrgang, Vernon ..105,297 N.A.I.S.N.E. 328 Nalywayko, Eugene 318 Naragon. Richard 100, 263 Narcy, John 371,390 Natens, Judith 444 Narita, Yoshimitsu 444 Nashiro, Shimei 444 Narotsky , Harold IOC Nash, Elaine 132 Nash, Howard 102 Nash, William 112 Nathan, Mrailyn 245 Nathan, Myron 203 Nathonson, Milton 203 Natural Science, School of 64 Naugle. Gerald 124 Naugle, Theodore 113 Naumoff, Normand 444 Nauner, Walter 177 Nauts, Douglas ..119, 329, 444 Naylor, Ann 165 Naylor, Joseph 202, 444 Naylor, Peter 183 Neal, David 319 Neal, Robert 444 Neale, David 122 Neary, Janet ...168, 230. 299, 319, 406 Neavis, Joanne 404 Nederlander, Robert 287, 386 387 Nedilsky, Eugene 113, 318 PUT SUCCESS IN YOUR FUTURE WITH Make the right start to a successful future with S. S. White equipment. 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Barry 444 Negri, Beverly 165 Nehaniw, Bohdan 318 Nehdniv, Bohdan 319 Neil, Barbara 135 Neil, Richard 171 Neil, William 211 Neilson, Carl 218 Nelson, Elizabeth 140 Nelson, Frederic 444 Nelson Internation House 146 Nelson, John 106, 211 Nelson, Lester 191 Nelson, Linda 130, 324 Nelson, Marcia 162, 444 Nelson, Marion 445 Nelson, Merrill 202, 445 Nelson, Nordi 157 Nelson, Polly 162 Nelson, Robert 201 Nelson, Ruth 134, 445 Nelson, Victor 103, 445 Nemer, Basil 445 Nequist, John 445 Nersesian. George 183 Nesbitt. Mary 164 Nesel, Robert 333 Nestler, Clyde 214 Nettleman, Arnold 210 Netzer, Donna . .233, 294, 406, 445 Netzer, Roger 124, 199 Neuffer, Alfred 445 Neumaier, Walter 200 Neuman, Robert 226A Neuman, William 1H3 Neumann, Richard 445 Neumeyer, Jack 113 Neville, Richard 445 Newan, Lawrence 217 Newberry, Jay 187 Newcomb, Paul 183 Newell, Jeanne 151, 247 Newell, Robert 104 Newhof, Paul 222 Newland, Robert 300, 445 Newlin, Henry 194 Newman Club 323 Newman, David 134 Newman, Harry 259, 445 Newman, Lawrence 445 Newman, Lee 445 Newman, Lloyd 445 Newman, Muriel 127 Newman, Raymond 196 Newman, Sharon 123 Newson, Walter 100 Newton, Audrey 145 Newton, David 445 Newton, Dorothy 127, 154 Newton, Flora 130 Newton, Francis 105 Newton, Ray ...258, 259. 201. 291, 445 Newton, Walter 124 Nghiem, Thieu 319 Nicholas, Cynthia . . . .151, 445 Nicholls, George 445 Nicholls, Thomas 105, 186 Nichols, Donald 445 Nichols. Richard 185 Nichthauser. Maude 153 Nickel, Judith 144, 445 Nicoara, John 180 Nicholaou, Abe 183 Nicoll. Marv Ann 168 Niedelson, Martin 445 Niedermeier, Norman . . . .376, 390, 445 Niehuss, Marvin 394 Niehuis, Herman 222 Nieman, William 197 Nierling, Paul 205 Nighbor, William 209 Nimrichter, Mary 310, 445 Nishimura. Dona 445 Nissly, Robert 124. 179, 226A, 445 Nitz, Gordon 175, 305 Nix. Marilyn 129 Nixdorf. Dietland 160 Nixon, Henry 335 Nixon. Mary 139 Noah, Melvin 139 Noble, Ellen 139 Noel, James 333 Noerr, John 106 Noffsinger. Patricia ..301, 307 Noggle, Philio 120 Noiseau. Barbara 445 Nolan, Keith 114 Nolen, Mary ....168, 296, 315 Noles, Barbara 110 Noonan. Diane 130 Nord. Richard 114, 333 Nordberg, Carl 199 Nordi ren. Ronald 194 Nordhol, James 219, 445 Nordauist. Bruce 112 Norman, Franklin 445 Norman, Katherine ....159, 310, 324, 465 Nornberg, Rhody 208 Norris, David 122, 333 Norris, Reginald 200 Northrop, Philip 394 Northwav. Jan . . 167, 294, 445 Norton, Marilyn 445 Norton, Patricia 135, 270 Noryk. Leonard 124, 330 Nott. Frederic 112, 301 Nott, Thomas 101 491 Novitsky , Sue 153 Nowka, Elaine 151 NBOTC 338 Nungester, Nancy 445 Nursing, School of 82 Nu Sigma Nu 221 Nussdorf , Linda 130 Nutley. Jean 310 Nyberg, Richard 171 Nykamp, Roger 222 Nyland.Sue 137 Nylander, Kathryn 326 Nyren, Marvin ..199. 341, 390 O Oade, Robert 121 Oades, Winifred 275 Oakes, Thomas 329 Oberg, Kenneth 172 O ' Brien, David 104, 300 O ' Brien, Dorothy 154 O ' Brien, James 101, 171 O ' Brien, Janet 135 O ' Brien, Patricia 119 O ' Brien, Rupert 176 Ochs, Ann 158, 445 O ' Conner, Basil 9 O ' Connor, Thomas 181 O ' Connor, Virginia 137 Oda, Francis 445 Oddo Marie 445 Oddo, Nichola 445 O ' Dea, James 124 Oelbaum, Carol 134 Oden welder, James 446 O ' Donnell, Barbara 446 O ' Dowd, JoAnne 446 Oelbaum, Carol 446 Oemke, Harold 109 Oerther, Frederick 122 Oestreicher, Richard 446 Ogburn, Robert 119, 180 O ' Hara. Geraldine ...146, 339 O ' Hara, Kathryn 247 Ohlheiser, Harold 446 Ohlson, John 108, 305 Ohori, Makoto 121 Ohorodnick. Julius 446 Ohrenberger, Jack 171 Ojala, Dorothy 151 Okohmoto, Rae 295, 446 Okun, Larry 225 Oleinick, Irving 100 Oles, Richard 297 Oles, William 226A, 446 Olin, Dorm 305,446 Olive, Benjamin 200 Oliver, Gail 446 Oliver, Mildred 125 Oliver, Robin 98 Oliver, Theodore 298 Ollivier, Robin 263 Olmsted, Sally 161 Olsen. Kent 115 Olsen, Nelson 223 Olsen, Peter 446 Olsen, William 226 Olshansky, Donald 225 Olson, Eldon 297 Olson. Gerald 103 Olson, Jack 103 Olson, Keith 196 Olson, Robert Ill Oltman, Shirley 143 O ' Malley, Charles ...211, 258 O ' Neil, Margaret 157 Onuf rak, Terri 138 Oosterbaan. Bennie .340, 341 Oppeneer, Keith 119 Oppenheim, Priscilla 110, 169 Oppenheim, Ruth 153 Oppenheim, Valerie 140 Orcutt, Winston 105 Orebaugh, Ann 151 O ' Reilly, John 187, 286, 390, 446, 371 Orenstein, Ellen 130, 153 Orenstein, Gail 137 Orlandi, Ralph Ill Ormand, Ernest 301 Ormand. Fred 307 Ormerod, Ronald 108 Orr, Cynthia 165 Orr, William 109 Orth, Florence 446 Oruc, Namik 320 Orvis, Douglas Ill Orwig, James ...197, 341, 390 Osborne, Robert 118 Osburn, Donald 104, 178 Osinsky, Arlene 136 Osintoski, Robert 113 Osius, Richard 101, 201 Oslund, Rand 176 Osmer, John 109 Osmond, JoAnne 250, 399, 446 Osmun, Monroe 182 Ostafin, Peter 49 Osterman, Shirley 446 Ostling, Acton 301, 307 Ostrov Cecelia 153, 446 Ostrov, Jerome 113, 446 O ' Sullivan, John 446 O ' Tool, Nancy 166 Ott. Harvey 330 O ' Haviano, Anthony 205 Ottenjohn, Thomas 220 Otter, Paul 124 Ouderkirk, Eugene ..216, 446 Outcalk, Mark 113, 314 Outcalt, Herman 223 Outland. Ruth 310 Overall. Eleanor 319 Owen, David ...171, 289, 390, 378, 379 Owen, Judy 164 Owens, Janet 326 Owhadi, Ali 214 Owings, Ralph 108 Oyden, Joseph 105 Ozada, Orhan 320 Ozinga, Bernard 219, 446 Pace, James 311, 348, 349, 350, 352, 358 Paciotti, Adelaide 154 Packard. Robert 103 Pachana, Adam 109 Paddock, Lenwood 379 Padilla. Leila 316 Padilla. Lorraine 316 Padover, Calire 169 Paf oe, Charles 223 Page, George 120, 199 Page, Jary Jo 130 Pahl, Mary Anne ...110, 164, 273. 328, 465 Palaszek, Casimir 446 Palazzola, Michael 239 Palazzolo, Nancy 138 Paley, Robert 387 Pallacia, Nina 157 Paller, William 333 Pallin, Donald 176 Pallin, John 176 Palma, Richard 179, 297 Palmer, Annette 245 Palmer, Carol 170 Palmer, Daniel 446 Palmer, Dean 185 Palmer, Elizabeth . . . 138, 156 167, 280 Palmer House 130 Palmer, John 226, 446 Palmer, Judith 125, 139 301, 307 Palmer, Mary Joan .144, 328, 465 Palmer, Thomas 446 Palmer, William 236 Palutke, Waldemar 108 Palv. Gray 333 Pan, Nathan 333 Pancheri, Serafine 446 Panhellenic Association . . 254 Panian, Rodney Ill Pankey, Joan 131 Panusch, Elissa 144 Pape, Marian 134,446 Papke, Joan 324 Papp, Richard Ill Pappas, Paul 210 Paquin, Joyce 145 Paradis, Diane 156 Paradzinski, Alexandra ..110, 245 Parikh, Dr 317 Parish, Lawrence 111, 237 Parish, Nancy 162 Park, James 104, 202 Park, Mary Jo 295, 446 Park, Roger 226 Parker, Alan 102 Parker, Dorothy 143 Parker, Edward 109 Parker, Elizabeth 159 Parker, Ivan 49 Parker, Chandler 106 Parker, Frederick 108 Parker. Gorden 105, 314 Parkhani, Suresh 317 Parko, Donald 100 Parkman. Alan 102 Parks, Lyman 174 Parks, Mary 446 Parks, William Ill, 330 Parnes, Gertrude 446 Parnes, Trudy 136 Parr, Mary 138 Parr, Robert 109, 173 Parra, Frank 331 Parrinello, Joseph 109 Parsons, Bruce 122 Parsons, Daniel 223 Parsons, Jean 396 Pasanen, Arthur 446 Pascof f , Joseph 176 Pasikov, Stanley 217 Pasko, Andrew 220, 446 Pasquill, John 185 Pasternack, Joy 169 Pastoon, William 118 Patanelli. Matthew . . 340, 369 Patek, Lydia 128 Patel, B. T 317 Patel, Harkhaji 317 Patel, Hasmuth 446 Patel, Hoshang 317 Patel, Kanu 317 Patere, Robert 207 Paterson, James 200 Pati, Prasanna 317 Paton, Beverly 146 Patow, Gerald 324 Patten, Peggy 110 Patterson, Ann 152 Patterson, Donald . . . 105, 332 Patterson, Elizabeth .144, 155 Patterson. Margaret 145 Patterson, Maureen 317 Patterson. Nancy 146 Patterson, Patricia 162 Patterson, Paul 124 Patterson, Peter 187 Patterson, Richard 200 Patterson, Robert ...207, 280 Patton, Carol 134, 446 Patton, Gordon .182, 258, 309 Patton, Joan 157, 446 Pauker. Saul 303 Paul, Robert 182 Paulen, Ann 131 Pauli, Stephen 190, 446 Paull, Elise 146 Paulu, Gary 447 Paulus. Peter 387 Paulin. Charlene ....247, 310 Paulick, Gerald 101 Paum, Richard 115 Pauschert, Joanne 159 Pauszek, Robert 190 Pavlik, George 447 Pavlove, Ilene 144, 250 Pawlowski, Regina ..437, 447 Payne, John 106. 305, 447 Pe, Mying 336 Peabody, Brewster 447 Peapples, Roger 176, 447 Pearce, Carol 447 Pearce. Harvey 102 Pearlman, Marilyn 169 Pearsall, Gurney 112 Pearson, Carol 447 Pearson, Charles 178 Pearson, Wallace 447 Pearson. Walter 223 Pease, Robert 201 Peck, Barbara 447 Peck, John 447 Peck, Mildred 122 Peckham, Gertrude 447 Peckham, Howard 447 Peckham, John .341, 344, 390 Peckham, Victor 447 Peden, Douglas 447 Peer, Eleanor 128, 447 Peeples, John 207 Peirce. John 226 Peltier, Maryanne . . .134. 273. 315, 447, 465 Petto, Janet . 146 Pelton, Warren 113 Pemberton, Jeffery 447 Penberthy, Richary 201 Pendergast, John 177 Pendill, Grant 447 Penegor, Peter Ill Penhaligon, Charles 177 Penner, William 104 Penning. Dwight, ...222, 331 Penny, Walter 194 Penpraze, William 171 Peguet, Archibald 447 Percy, David 121 Pere ' lli, Wanda 135, 447 Perelste ' n, Erwin 447 Perez, Miguel 319 Pericin, Bernice 144, 295, 447 Perigo, Patricia 162 Perigo, William 367, 369 Peritz, Richard 447 Perlberg, Rose 125, 270 Perlman, Barbara ...125, 248 Perlman, Marilyn 310 Perlman. Theodore 173 Perigo, Patricia 399 Perkins, James 186 Pernick, Stu 203 Pero, Roy 186 Perpich, William 108 Perrett, George 179 Perritt, Gail 127 Perry, Daneen 123 Perry, David 114 Perry, James 124 Perry, John 174 Perry. Ronald 98 Pershing Rifles 334 Person, Duane 215 Perkins. William 330 Perry, James 334 Peshkin. Barbara 123, 163, 327 Peterjohn, Richard 187, 385, 390 Peterlein, Richard 215 Peters, Lynette 144 Peters, Neill 181 Peters, William 175, 447 Petersen, Robert 447 Petersen, Shirley 447 Peterson, Carl ..298, 330, 332 Peterson, Clarence 108 Peterson, Deana 128 Peterson, Duanne 200 Peterson, Evelyn 138, 447 Peterson. Jon 305 Peterson, Robert 2)9 Peterson, Roxanne 1 65 Peterson, Solvej 138 Peterson, Thomas 176 Pethick, Donald Ill Petrella. Ronald 196 Petkus, Julie 138 Petrie, George 113, 447 Petril, Doughlas 216 Petroska, John 122 Pettit, Margaret 137 Peyser, Kenneth 203 Pfeif f er. Joan 105, 248 Phaneuf, Joyce 123, 165 Pharmacy, College of 80 Phelan, James 216 Phelps, Dudley 394 Phelps, James 305 Phelps. Maynard ? " 3 Phi Alpha Kappa 222 Phi Chi 223 Phi Delta Chi 224 Phi Delta Ensilon 225 Phi Delta Theta 187 Phi Eosilon Pi 188 Phi Eta Sigma 297 Phi Gamma Delta 189 Phi Kappa Psi 190 Phi Kappa Sigma 191 Phi Kappa Tau 192 Phi Rho Sigma 226 for 27 years . . . distinctive college fashions for Michigan coeds at Collins Cocktails Lunches Dinners MONA KAYE at the organ Open I I A.M. to 12 P.M. Sunday 1 2 to 9 P.M. Closed Monday Ljonaola Ypsliand, Michigan CompKmen ts of a friend " five chairs 110 waiting O ' GRADY ' S BARBER SHOP campus favorite I ! 10 south university next to ann arbor bank branch phone 8-6140 Uo o f Congratulations Seniors. Boersma Travel Service wishes you " Bon Voyage " on your journey through the days ahead. We welcome the opportunity to serve you with all your travel accommodation needs. Boersma Travel Service 12-14 Nickels Arcade Ann Arbor, Michigan 493 Phi Sigma Delta 193 Phi Sigma Kappa 194 Philippart, Arvin . . . 109, 187 Philippine Group 316 Philipi, Richard 332, 447 Phillips, Hamilton 109 Phillips, James 109, 447 Phillips, Margaret 168 Phillips, Maurice 102 Phillips, Patrick 206, 447 Photivihok, Ourawan 317 Physical Education Club .399 Physical Therapy, School of 90 Pi Beta Phi 168 Pi Lambda Phi 195 Pi Tau Sigma 300 Piatt, Roberta ..398, 399, 447 Piazza. John 102 Pickard, Jane 186, 447 Pickett, Charles 103 Pickett, Conrad 447 Piehl, Frank 324 Pierce, Kenneth 177 Pierce, Nathaniel 221 Piercy, Marge 277 Pierson, Elaine 448 Pietras, Roger 119 Pifer, Kathryn 447 Piguet, Mary 448 Pike, Mary 164, 404, 405, 448 Pilk, Inez 127 Pillote, Robert 124 Pines, Phillip 210 Pingel, Carl 114 Pinkson, Sadie 129 Piotrowski, Carolyn 166 Piotter, Ronald 194 Pipski, Richard 142 Piskitel, Margaret 399 Pitek, Martin 115 Pittenger. Charles 103 Pittler, William .195, 258, 448 Pitts, Robert 290, 364, 365 Pizer, Russell 307 Planck, George 181 Plant, John 448 Plant, Marcus 394 Plaskett, Robert 184 Plastow, Nancy 125 Plato, Paul 104, 294 Platt, Robert Ill Platt, Ruth 273 Platt, Thomas 171, 261 Platts, Wallace 124 Plaut, Ruth .... 165, 264, 465 Plazola. Nerio 448 Fletcher, Theodore . . 122, 184 Pletta, Nancy 168, 448 Pletyak, Frank 205 Plimack. Elinor 136, 137, 448 Plizga. Michael 214 Plotnik, Sheldon 217, 448 Plummel, Helena 170 Plutynski, Anthony 119 Plurikett, Richard . . . 200, 448 Pocasangre, Paul 331 Pochert, Carole 139, 324 Podesta, Galen 448 Podhurst, Aaron 203 Podleski, Frank 191 Poel, Robert 119, 448 Poertner, Caroline 110 Pohl, Keith 189, 448 Pohland, Carolyn 146 Pohr, Charlene 170, 448 Poindexter 448 Pojedynok, Alexandra ...318 Poland, Ronald 305 Polera, Rocco 307 Polkinghorn, Robert 124, 263 Pollack, Alice 129 Pollack, Frank 193 Pollak, Lois 448 Pollock, Herbert 175, 298 Pollock, William 226 Poloskey, Donald 385 Pompian, Richard ...119, 334 Pongpanich, Sutin . . . 104, 317 Pongracz, Marie 128, 245 Ponticello. Santo 288 Pontius, Henry 105 Poodry , Joseph 109 Popham, Ellen 137 Poposki, Frederick 108 Popovitch, Elynor 152 Popper, Arlene 163 Forges, Gail 245, 275 Porritt, Jack 218 Porter, Brenda 158 Porter, Jack 191 Porter, Kenneth 200 Porter, Mary Joan 135 Porter, Mary Lou 448 Porter, Robert . . 185, 335, 448 Porter, Wilbert 301 Porter, Stuart 171 Porter, William .218, 305, 329 Portman, Myrna 264 Portner, Marvin 119 Portwood, Romulus 189, 304, 305 Portz, Laura 157 Possdas, Juan 316, 448 Post, Donald 112 Post, Judith 127 Postmus, Roger 222 Poticha, Jerome 193 Potter Cynthia 158, 448 Potter Potter Potter Potter Joan 165 John 448 Marijane 151, 448 Richard 387, 390 Potts, Ivan 448 Poulson, Barry 103 Povenz, Jacqueline 399 Powajba, Helen 130 494 Powell, Betty 152, 448 Powell, George 106, 175 Powell, James 179 Powell, John . . . .197, 298. 448 Powell, Laura 137 Powell, Robert 199 Powell, Shirley 319 Powell, William 192 Power, Eugene 47 Power, Roger 197 Powers, Ann 448 Powers, Charles 109 Powers, Galen 122 Powers, James 219 Powers, John 196 Powley, Jerry 215 Prachakvej, Prachitt .317, 448 Prakken, Susan 144 Prath, Gayle 127 Pratt, Barbara 143 Pratt, Richard 120 Pratt, Stanley 104, 172 Pratz, Marilyn 138 Pray, Bruce 448 Preish, Carolyn 122, 144 Prentice, Robert 209, 322 Prescott, Gerald 287. 291, 405, 448 Prescott House 123 Prescott, Jerry 199, 404 Pressley, Daniel 305 Preston, Ann 162 Preston, Edward 112 Preston, Joanne 138 Price, David 102 Price, Lee Ann 135. 168 Price, Mary Jane 135 Price, Shirley 136 Price, Shirley 310, 326 Price, Susan 128 Price, Susan 169 Prickett, Margaret 448 Priebe, Gerald 121 Priester, Dale 114 Prickett, Margaret 315 Priff, Cameron 221 Primack, Verne 448 Primack, Verne 217 Prince, Richard 193 Prince, Robert 448 Prindeville, Jane 167, 248, 399 Prins, Carol 134 Pritchard, Peter 177 Probost, Constance 140 Propson, Thomas 109 Protzman, Kathryn 125 Provine, Daniel 105 Proudflt, Charles 104 Prpich, Violet 129 Pruder, Mary 448 Prunk, Thomas 196 Pryce, James Ill, 187 Pryer, Rita 326 Pryor, David 177 Pryzbyla, Barbara 140 Psi Omega 226A Psi Upsilon 196 Ptak, Vera 162 Ptak, Zdenka 135 Public Health, School of. . 88 Pugh, William 180 Pugno, Alan 194 Pugno, Diane 154 Pullin, James 307, 448 Puls, Sandra 448 Purcell, Phillip 214 Purdy , Judith 162 Purohit, Surrendra 317 Pursche, Marilyn 136 Pusch, Jerry 270, 282, 290 Pusch, William 189 Pusscher, Glen Ill Puthaff, Edward 181 Putnam, Marjore 135 Putney, Timothy 179 Pyrros, Angeline 127 Pyrros, Christopher ..299, 448 Pytel, Bohdan 318, 449 Qua, Alfonao 316 Quails, Vivian 146, 449 Qualman, Harold 449 Quan, Kuo-Chien 115 Quarderer, Trese 135, 315 Quastler, Renate 140, 449 Quay, Robert 112 Quayle, Robert 307 Quaynor, Solomon 319 Quicke, Ellen 133 Quigley, John 105, 4 " " Quine, Gretchen 156, Rabell, Maria 136 Rackham School of Graduate Studies 94 Rackov, John 208, 449 Rackov, Mitchell 208 Radell, Robert 190 Rader, Scott 196 Radgens, Paul 449 Rae, Carolyn 158 Ragans, Phillip 105 Ragone, David 332 Rahn, Beverly 449 Rahn, Katherine 131 Rahn, William 226A Raider, Madeline 163 Raisch, William 179 Raisor, Thomas Ill, 369 Rajczi, Joan 146 Rajkovac, John 336 Rakvica, Carol 125, 152 Ramelmeier, Ralph 104 Ramirez- Acosta. Jose 102 Ramos, Consuelo 319 Ramos, Valentin 316 Ramsdell, Louis 177 Ramsey, Grace 136 Randak, Frank 108 Randall, Cory 179 Randall, Marguerite 319 Randall, Stewart 211 Randall, Thomas ...363, 364, 365 Randery, Vijay 317 Ranger, Arthur 449 Rankin, Carol 152 Rankin, Judith . .161, 404, 449 Ranman, Doris 317 Ranson, Walter 326, 449 Rapanos, John 449 Rapkin, Marjorie 153 Rapp, Robert 449 Rappaport, Nancy 127 Rappaport, Stuart 449 Rapson, John 178 Rasch, Martha 159 Rasmussen, Alice 165 Rsumussen, Julie 160 Rasoul, Mahmood 320 Rassweiler, George 208 Rattner, Lawrence 210 Rav, Janet 135 Raunheim, Susan . . . 163, 270 Ravenscroft, Edward 197 Ravesloot, Harold 222 Rawls, Alice 151 Ray, Charles 449 Ray, Dale 329, 449 Ray, Emity 123 Ray, Frank 107, 111 Ray, Richard 226A, 103 Ray, Thomas 449 Rayman, Russell 101, 188 Raymond, Gerald 124 Rea, Carolyn 110 Rea, Walter 48, 49, 236, 259 Reader, William 324 Reagan, Eugenie 164, 293. 315, 449 Reamer, William 449 Reams, Gertrude 161, 449 Reardon, Timothy 142 Rearick, Janet 159, 406 Rearick, Richa rd 196 Reavis, Jo Ann 449 Rector, Robert 222 Rebbick, Judith 138 Rechnitz, Garry 262, 263 Reck, Linda 144 Recker, Charles 449 Reddy, Gopal 449 Reder, Grace 135, 449 Redrick, David 177 Reddy, Krishna 317 Reechman, Joseph 330 Reed, Barbara 134, 449 Reed, Colin 200 Reed, Daniel 449, 221 Reed, John 283 Reed, Mary 127 Reed, Penelope 165 Reed, Rodney 307 Reed, Russell 112, 307 Reed, William 449 Reeves, Donald 184 Reeves House 103 Reeves, Margaret .... 125, 151 Reh, James 297 Reh. Mike 115 Reichart, Ann 159 Reichenbach, Dean . . 108, 297 Reichle, Richard 119 Reid, Grace 135 Reid, Mary 449 Reid, Robert 449 Reid, Suzanne 168, 399 Reidinger, Alan 200 Reifel, Edward 449 Reifler, Richard 203 Reiley, Carl 223 Reilly, Richard 221, 449 Reiman, Rose 141 Reimann, Claire 449 Reimer, Hubert 109 Reimers, Gerald 215 Rein, Allan 198 Reinhold, William 449 Reiser, David 205 Reisig, Donald 449 Reisig, Susan 135 Reising, Theodore 371 Reissing, Susan 159 Reivich, Ronald 449 Relyea, Jack 314 Remes, Norton 210, 450 Remus, Richard 450 Rendall, Thomas 289 Renfrew, Bruce 190 Rennell, Judy 154 Rennell, Theodora 206 Renner, Daniel 215 Renshaw, Robert 450 Rentfrow, Marilyn 450 Rentschler, David ..197, 341, 344. 390, 450 Reppenning, Peter 216 Reshetar, Mary 399 Reshetylo, Daria 318 Resniknoff , Marvin 108 Reuben, Joyce 137, 244 Reuter, Marilyn 123 Revelli. William 306, 307, 308 Reyes, Rogelio 316 Reynard, Diana 307 Reynolds, David 171 Reynolds, Judy 164, 398 Reynolds, Michael . . . 102, 297 Reynolds, Patricia ...299, 326 Reynolds, Robert 307, 405, 450 Reynolds, Roy 112 Reeynolds, Sally 167, 450 Reznik, Alvln 104 Rhodes, Charlotte 326 Rhodes, John 181 Rice, Alan 315 Rice, Dale 108 Rice, Philip 297 Rice, Thomas 105 Rich, George 187 Richards, Eunice 144 Richards, Gib 197 Richards, Harold 104, 450 Richards, Gerald . . . 100, 125, Richards, Judy 138 Richards, Kathryn 322 Richardson, Gaylord 207 Richardson, George 450 Richardson, Robert ..181, 186, 202 Richardson, Ronald 450 Richman, Ernie 176 Richman, James 108 Richman, Judith 130 Richmond, Charles 188 Richmond, William 450 Richter, Elizabeth 450 Richter, Elizabeth J.. .310. 404 Richter, Edward 204 Richter, Esther 169 Richter, Maurice 104 Richter, Ralph 186 Richter, Robert 100, 106, 192, 275 Richer, Elinor 144, 450 Ricker, Carol 128 Rickerd, Mary 138 Ricketts, Thomas 450 Rickman, Robert 450 Ricumstrick, Clemmett . . . 143 Riddle, John 105 Rider, Elizabeth 399 Ridge, Donald 201 Ridley, Donald 305 Rieben, John 172. Rieckhoff, Jerome 333 Rieder, James 183 Rieder, Richard 103 Riekstins, Uldis 122, 331 Riem, Ronald 109 Rifle Club 334 Riggs, Samuel 189 Riley, Beverly 450 Riley, Emile 174, 450 Riley, Lucy 168 Riley, Marion 450 Riley, Nancy 168, 450 Rimawi, Walid 450 Rinella. Bernard 187 Ring, Harvey 450 Ringe, Laurence 121, 314 Ringel, Howard 210 Rinkel, Maurice 49, 283 Riser, Winifred 135 Risgin, Ojars 214 Riskey, Edward 391 Rissman, Ann 144 Ritamann, Paul 115 Rittenberg, Carol 138 Ritzier, Ronald 207, 450 Rivkin, Charles 210, 450 Robart, John 124 Robino, Ronald 217 Rivas, Emilio 119 Roach, Susan 168 Robbins, Alan 297 Robbins, Annette 140 Robbins, Beverly 140 Robbins, Delmar 118 Robbins, Donald 210, 307 Robbins, George 122 Robbins, Hurley 314 Robbins, Neal 121 Robbins, Richard 100. 450 Robbins, Robert 100, 450 Robert, Jay 183 Roberts, Edith 450 Roberts, James 114 Roberts, Janet 127 Roberts, Janet 399 Roberts, Marlene 143, 155 Roberts, Richard 450 Robertson, Alice 450 Robertson, Barbara . . 143, 155 Robertson, George 108 Robertson, Glenn . . . 177. 450 Robertson, James 106 Robertson, Joan 152 Robertson. Virginia ..164, 270 Robiner, Donald 198 Robinette, Clifford 208 Robins, Frederick . . . 102, 450 Robins, Owen 215 Robinson, Anne 170, 450 Robinson, Arthur 394 Robinson, Claude 105 Robinson, Donald 340 Robinson, Howard 225 Robinson, James 104 Robinson, Kent 200 Robinson, Lester 203 Robinson, Robert 176, 450 Robinson, Shirley 135 Robinson, Stanley 450 Robinson, William 189 Roble, Ray 205, 258 Robson, George 176 Roby , Douglas 187, 450 Roche, Barbara 154 Rochester, Richard 450 Rochna, David 112 Rock, Stanley 112, 263 Rockafellow. Richard 204 Rockershousen, Willeam .175 Rockwell, Madje 137 Rockwell, Thomas 202 Roda, Edward 185 Rode, Phyllis ...144. 310, 451 Roden, Ann 131, 451 Rodgers, Robert 109 Rodriguez, Michael ..286, 375 COMPLIMENTS OF Eberle M. Smith Associates, Inc. The Chas. A. STRELINGER CO. 149 E. Larned St. Detroit 26 Tel. WO 2-7474 Machine Tools (Metalworking Machinery) Cutting Tools Industrial Supp ' ies " Boston " Standardized Gears Power Transmission Equipment Material Handling Equipment " Morse " Drills, Reamers, Taps " Osborn " Industrial Brushes " Carboloy " Tools " 3M " Abrasives " Yale " Hoists Hand and Electric " Simonds Abrasive Co. " Grinding Wheels " Cleveland Tramrail " Carrying Systems Serving Industry Since 1884 NELSON PHOTOGRAPHERS 2450 Dixboro Rd. Ann Arbor, Michigan Phone: 2-6268 COMPOSITES PANORAMAS PORTRAITS GROUPS 495 Rodriguez, Roberto 451 Roe. Richard 197 Roeben, Frederick 194 Roed, Finn 109 Roeder, William 190 Roehl, Mary Jane . . . 168, 451 Roemer, Richard 180, 334 Roensch, Robert 309 Roeser, Wally 197 Rogat, Kenneth 210, 271. 387, 451 Rogers, Jill 165 Rogers, John 104, 314 Rogers, Margaret 451 Rogers, Max 102 Rogers, Ronald 218 Roggow. Montgomery .... 122 Rohn. David 278, 279 Rohn. Nancy 138, 279 Roland, Charles 258, 451 Roland, Richard 101 Rolfe, Michael 210 Rollin, John 30J Rolsten, Carolyn 158 Romaya, Jibrail 320 Romlne, Mary 153 Ronan, Bradley 200 Ronan, Frank 385 Rood. Judith 399. 451 Rooney, James 202 Rooney, Robert 223, 451 Roos, Gerald 335, 451 Roose, Darlene 128, 166 Rorabacher, David ..185, 269 Rosbolt, James 215 Rose, Clark 100 Rose, Barbara 127 Rose, Clark 334 Rose, Gilbert 195 Rose, John 105. 379 Rose, Ralph 210, 451 Rose, Sandra 131, 158 Rose, Sylvia 135 Rosen, Joan 110 Rosen, Kurt 188 Rosen, Larry 203 Rosen, Michael 112, 173 Rosenbaum. Carolyn 125, 133, 156 Rosenbaum, Earl 173 Rosenbaum, Hank 203 Rosenbaum, Libby 153 Rosenbaum, Lwuis . . 108, 237 Rosenberg, Donald 451 Rosenberg, Doris 130. 245 Rosenberg, Michael 195 Rosenberg. Roslyn 139 Rosenblatt, Iris 110 Rosenblatt, Phylls 135 Rosenbluth, Alan 101 Rosenfeld, Betty-Ann . . . 169, 451 Rosene, Gail 110 Rosenman, Robert 451 Rosenquist. Stanley . . 109, 184 Rosensweig, Jane 130 Rosenthal, David 203 Rosenthal. Gerald 451 Rosenthal, Marlyn ...110, 451 Rosenthal, Ron .173, 237, 297 Roslow, Richard 203 Rosnak, Richard 210 Rosner, Sylvia 127 Ross, Barbara 125 Ross, Beverly 146 Ross, Carol 139 Ross, David 108 Ross, Donald 124, 297 Ross, Edward 175 Ross, Jack 183 Ross, James 221, 451 Ross, John 207 Ross, Judy 166 Ross, Margaret 158 Ross, Susan 127 Ross, William 201, 237 Rossen, Hal 203 Rossen, Jordan . .203, 258. 451 Rosin, Herbert 225, 451 Rosswarne, Phil 199 Rotbart. Marleve 128 Roth, Carol 151 Roth, Jack 195 Roth, Marcia 140, 166, 245 Roth, Rosemary 451 Roth, Sandra 140 Rothman, Ann 130 Rothman, Nancy 169 Rothwell, Gail 137, 326 Rotko, Michael 173 Rottenbucher, Peter 113, 224, 404, 451 Rotter, Norman 210, 237 Rottshafer, Jan 144 Rotunno, Michael ...197, 341. 392 Roty, August 223 Rouman, George 451 Rouman, Theodore 451 Roumell, Theodoree 104 Rouner, Nancy 153 Rounick, Jack 451 Rout, Marge 152 Rovin, Benita 163 Rowe, Paul 215 Rowe, Sally 399 Rowe, Sara 118 Rowland, Sally 451 Rowley, Raymond 108 Rowlson, Ann 451 Rowlson, Thomas 297 Roxey, Judith 137, 248 Royal, Robert 174 Royal, Virginia 159, 247 Royce, Richard 220 Royer, Alice 139, 168, 249 Royston, Joseph 109 Rozema. Donald 222 496 Rozran, Bernard 193 Ruben, Roberta 264 Rubenstein, Carole 134 Rubenstein, Jane 169 Rubenstein, Linda . . . 169, 270 Rubenstein, Sheila 127 Rubin, Barbara 169 Rubin. Charles 187 Rubin, Frederick 210 Rubin, Michael ..104, 210, 297 Rubin, Richard 114 Ruby, Sydney 193 Ruchman, Louise 130 Rudich, Connie 138 Rudman, Carol 131 Rudman, Marilyn . . . 169, 232. 451 Rudnicki, Katherine 129 Ruedemann, Sandra 160 Ruffner, Janet 123, 301 Ruggles, Patricia 151 Ruhala. Richard 191 Ruhl, Barbara 165 Ruiz, John 107, 109 Rumberg, John 224 Rummler, Geary 104 Rupert, James 178 Rupert, Ronald 178 Rupp, Mary 167 Rupp, Noreen 161 Rupprecht, Donald 186 Rush, Kathleen 144, 295, 310, 451 Rush, Dinald 329 Rushford, Gail 141 Ruskin, Arnold .105, 263, 297 Rusnak, Richard 264 Rusotto, Cecile 137 Russ, Thomas 100 Russcher, Allan 222 Russel, Howard 121 Russel, James 200 Russell. Karen 125 Russell, Michael 197, 451 Russell, Morley 214 Russell, Sandra 161 Russell, Sharon 161, 451 Russell, Thomas 216 Rust, Kathleen 399, 451 Ruthig, Shirley 127, 451 Rutledge, Susan 165, 264 Rutstein, Harvey 173, 258 Ruttenberg, Shushanah ..138 Ruzumna, Richard 451 Ryan, Beverly 128 Ryan, Gordon Ill Ryan, John 451 Ryan, Jack 183 Ryan, Keith 194 Ryan, Mary 158, 451 Ryan, Mimi 273, 465 Ryan, Ruchard 226 Ryan, Robert 172 Rycus, Mitchell 124 Rykoff, Stephen 210, 297 Ryskamp, James 222, 451 Sabat, Doris 134, 452 Sabik, Stanley 185, 307 Sabin. Mark 237 Sabo, Darlyne 166, 452 Sacchetti, Louis Ill, 452 Sacchetti, Toni 134 Sachs. Lorraine 133, 452 Sachs, Sally 110 Sachse. Charles 198 Sackandy, Patricia 159 Sadi, Laila 161, 328 Sagansky, Norman 195 Sahinler, Yilmaz 320 St. Clair, Arthur 207 St. John, Rick 183, 259, . 291, 452 Sakai, Fairy 134, 326, 398 Sakamaki, Leigh 215 Sakkinen, Mike 100 Salans, Lester 210, 264 Saldania, F. Victor 452 Saldinger, Greta 452 Salditt. Paul 452 Salditt, Richard 452 Salem, Ed 203 Salesin, Gene 193 Salk, Jones 9 Salle, Jerome 101 Salle, Leonard 198 Salmon, Judith 153 Salmon, Laura 127, 452 Salomon, Inga 452 Salo, Katherine 161 Salvador, El 319 Sam, Terry 101, 334 Samonte, Quirico 316 Samonte, Judith 316 Samovitz, Myron 104 Sampson, Gary 452 Sampson, Peter 171 Samrick, Helen 137 Samson, Rogelio 316 Samuels, Merla 153 San Antonio, Anthony . . .287, 376, 390 Sanders, Hildreth 163 Sanders, Judy 138 Sanders. Martha 143, 155, 399, 452 Sandifer, Caleb 452 Sandweiss, Samuel 102 Sanford, M. C 164 Sanger, Edward 106 Sannar. Alton 192 Sanregret, Barbara 452 Sansalone. Mary 123 Sansone, Fred 452 Sansum. Lee 200 Santa, Joseph 280, 289 Santamario, Edwardo 109 Santinga, John 222 Santos, Araceli 316 Sanzel, Tola 131 Sapp, Carole 127 Sappington, Rosalie .144, 452 Sarajoti, Kriang 452 Sargent, Jim 183 Sargent, Joseph 215 Sargoy, Susan 140 Sarko, Alexander 452 Sarraf , Eloise 152, 452 Sarraf . Leonore 125, 152 Sarros, Alexander 200 Sarya, Arnold 219 Sashara, Akira 452 Saslow, Marjorie 169 Sathiraku, Komchorn ....317 Sattley , Martha 165 Sattley, Pamela 165, 452 Sauer, Mary Ann . . . .310, 452 Saulson, Irma 133 Sauter. Margaret 130 Savage, Jan 170 Savarino. Rosalie .... 167. 452 Savarino, Sarah 167 Savell, Dean 178 Savidge, Ton 220, 452 Sawicki, Robert 106 Sawyer. George 106 Sawyer, Thomas 189, 230 Saxe, Etta 452 Saxe, Nancy 140 Saxer, Howard 102 Saxon, Charles . . 100, 273, 465 Sayles, Joan 162, 247, 398 Sayles, John 187, 452 Sayner, Nancy 131, 398 Scabbard and Blade 335 Scales, Beverly 161,275 Scamehorn, Richard 100 Scanlon, Rosemary 399 Scardetta, George 452 Scarney, Shelley 165 Scarr, Harry 452 Scha berg, Phyllis 135 Schacht. Richard . . . 179, 182, 258, 291, 452 Schadel, Albert .189, 275, 452 Schaefer, Charles ...115. 452 Schaefer. Marilyn . . . 161. 452 Schaefer, Otto Ill Schaefer, Robert 202 Schaffner. Fillis 452 Schaffner, Nancy 452 Schamack, Ina 203 Schanz, Barbara 132 Scharbat. JoAnne 154 Scharf. Leonard 225 Scharmack, David ...298, 452 Scharphorn, David ..108, 452 Schart, Robert 333 Schatz, Frederick . . . 193, 264 Schatz, George 184, 452 Schatz, Mary Anne 125 Schaupp, Ruth 157 Schechter. Daniel 225 Schechter, Sandy 137 Schecter, Robert 100 Scheele, Alexandra 144 Scheers, Jacob 222 Scheib. Gertrude 154 Scheifele. Stuart 179, 453 Schein, Clara 136, 137 Scheinfeld, Sanna . . . 123, 245 Scheips, Alfred 324 Scheirs, Winifred 324 Schelke, Gretchen 324 Scher, Lawrence 195 Scherer, Walter 189 Schermer, Donald 115 Scheu, Sally 154 Scheub. Harold 124 Schick, John 102, 324 Schiebler. Barbara 152 Schied, Edward 219 Schieks, Barbara 166 Schiff, Gene 210 Schiff, Herman 453 Schiff, Jerry 303 Schiff, Morton 453 Schill, Thomas 305 Schiller, Kathryn ...139, 151 Schiller, Rick 173 Schiller, Robert 289, 364, 365 Schimmel, Mary 453 Schimmel, Sally .... 154, 453 Schippel, John 211, 453 Schirmer, Marilyn 162 Schlageter, Irmgard 144, 295, 326, 453 Schlain, David 195 Schlain. Leonard 203 Schlanta, Stephen 327 Schlatterer, Edward 115 Schleh, Robert 172, 453 Schlesinger, Sondra 453 Schley, Herb 100 Schlink, James 122 Schlitt, Adalbert 319 Schloss, Barbara 153 Schlusberg, Jean 169 Schmeichel, Neal 216 Schmidt, Gerald 122, 297, 324 Schmidt, Harold 106 Schmidt, James 114 Schmidt, William 221 Schmidtling, Ronald 109 Schmier. Carol 163 Schmuck. Richard 178 Schmude, Donald 121 Schmunk, Virginia 131 Schneider, Gerhardt 197, 324, 333. 453 Schneider, Herbert 193, 258, 453 Schneider, Jerry 104 Schneider, Joseph 115 Schneider, Robert . . . 124, 453 Schneiderman, Edith 163, 453 Schneiderman, Michael . . 193 Schneyer, Jerome 173 Schnierle, Chirstina 307 Schnorr, John 331 Schoenhals, Robert 298 Schoenstadt, Arthur Ill Schoettley, Frederick 202, 453 Schoettley, Gary 202 Schoettley, Jay 335 Schomer, Elizabeth . . 133, 154 Schon, Miguel 453 Schooff, Carole 170 Schoof f , Ken 183 Schostak. Muriel 144 Schotland, Edward 173 Schott, Lauren 104 Schott, Peter 232 Schrader, Charles 186 Schram, Car .a 165, 453 Schreiber, Dobby 453 Schreiber, Ellen 170, 324 Schreiber, Fred 204 Schreiber, Margaret .144, 453 Schreiber, Richard ..204, 258 Schreier, Aaron 453 Schroeder, Alfred 453 Schroeder, Charles 221 Schroeder, John 115 Schroeder, Walter 453 Schrouder. Louis 121 Schroyer, Rod 121 Schubeck, John 142, 290, 388, 389, 390 Schuenhals, Robert 453 Schulski, Edward 121 Schultz, David 104, 324 Schultz, Duane 200, 453 Schultz, Helen 129 Schultz, James 333 Schultz, Lois 123 Schultz, Margaret 140 Schultz, Paul 105 Schultz, Richard 101 Schultz, Robbi 136 Schultz. Sally 130 Schultz, William 205 Schulz. Robert 106 Schumacher, Eileen 453 Schumacher, Julie 167 Schumacher, Kay 159 Schunter, Wolfgang 184 Schurr, Donald 275 Schuster, George 175, 453 Schuster, Janet 398,453 Schuster, Richard 105 Schut, Almon 226, 453 Schute, Mona 129 Schutt, Lianne 138 Schutz, Clifford 208, 453 Schutz, Dorothy 453 Schuur, George 113 Schuur, Gerald 101, 453 Schuur, Jerry 200, 258 Schwaderer, Mary 127 Schwalm, Barbara 139 Schwarz, Alvin 102 Schwarz. Joseph 124 Schwartz, Carol 123 Schwartz. Charles . . . 193. 300 Schwartz, David 114 Schwartz, Howard 453 Schwartz, Joseph 190 Schwartz, Lawrence 325 Schwartz, Nancy 138 Schwartz, Richard ...193, 237 Schwartz, Ronald 225, 453 Schwartz, Stephen ..112, 334 Schwartz, Sylvia 163 Schwartz, Virginia 131 Schwartzberg, Murray ...453 Schweinsberg, Stephen ...215 Schweizer, Gretchen 166 Schwimmer, Frederick . . 193, 278 Schwin, Richard 334 Scotille, Donald 186 Scott, Betty 307 Scott, Dale 223 Scott, Douglas 218 Scott, George 176 Scott House 104 Scott, James 113 Scott, Leonard ..207, 299, 453 Scott, Robert 112 Scott, Ronald 197, 260 Scott, Sara 144, 310 Scott, Thomas 226 Scott, Virginia 151, 398 Scovera, Ronald 105 Scovill, Susan 154, 307 Scribner, Russell 196 Scroll 294 Scruggs, David 300, 453 Scruggs, Jean ...144, 250, 406 Scruggs, Grant .379, 390, 453 Scutt, William 197 Seaborn, Jeanne 165 Seabright, William 121 Sealby, Robert 202 Seamehorn, Richard 333 Searer. Wendell 292, 454 Searless, Mary 158 Sears. Karen 157 Sease, Ruth 140 Sebaly, John 183 Secies, Frances 136 Sedlmayr, Dorothy 145 See, Gary 207 Seeds. Jeanne 125 Seefur, Shulumith 110 Seeley, Jack 104 Seeman, William 109 Segel. Marylen 243, 245 Seger. Sue 167 A Mountain of Books . . . As students you will buy a mountain of books during your college career. We, at Follett ' s, have for years taken pride in supplying Mich- igan men and women with their text books. FOUETTS MICHIGAN BOOK STORE 322 S. STATE ST PHONE 3-3371 MEAL MART CAFETERIA 338 Maynard Street STEVE STRUMBOS, Prop. BREAKFAST LUNCH DINNER 7:00-11:30 11:30-1:30 5:00-9:00 OPEN SUNDAYS " Through the Arcade " STATE SAVINGS BANK OF ANN ARBOR MAIN AND WASHINGTON STS. BRANCHES: Packard Stadium Blvd. Washtenaw Ave. Pittsfield Blvd. COMMERCIAL AND SAVINGS BANK Since 1893 Member Federal Reserve System Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation 497 Segerlund, Barbara 135 Segesta, James 114, 454 Seidel, Carol 161 Seidler, Jack 301, 307 Seifert, Charles 223 Seifert, Joseph 226A Seigal, Stuart 188 Seigel, William 198 Seigle., Paula 123 Sells, William 115 Seippel. Paul 208 Seitz, David 142 Sekles, Frances Selby, Dayton 101 Seligsohn, Irwin 173 Sells, Nancy 454 Sellstrom, John 205 Seltz. Donald . . . 193. 299, 305 Seltzer, Ronald 198, 454 Selvala, Richard 142 Semin, Fikret 320 Semmens, Joanne 127 Semmler, Ruth 133 Senior Class Board 404 Senior Society 295 Sensenbrenner, Lyle 112 Senter, Albert 334 Sentkeresty, Joe 100 Sergeson, James 184 Sergy, Wallery 214 Serion, Josef ina 316 Serwin, Bruce 173 Sethua, Dr 317 Settles, Phillip 201 Severson, Roger 189 Sevilla, Eduardo 115, 316 Sewell, Robert 100 Seynour. Roger 100 Sexworth, Thomas ..202, 454 Shaddeck, Matthew 142 Shaevsky, Mark 112, 454 Shaffer. Charles 404 Shaffer, Frances 125 Shaffer, Ronald 219 Shagrin, Ed 303 Shagrin, Judith 154, 247, 296, 310, 399 Shah. Sharad 317 Shah, Tarun 317 Shakespeare, Susan 160 Shaklee, Francis 122, 329 Shaler. Paul 454 Shambes, Pauline 167 Shambes, Sophie 167 Shanahan, Robert 221 Shane. Steven 114 Shannon, Edward . . . 187. 290. 341. 390 Shannon, Robert 106 Shantz, Ann 161 Shapiro, Barry 210 Shapiro, Bernard 217 Shapiro, Carol 264 Shapiro, Gloria 169 Shapiro, Howard .... 193, 454 Shapiro, Judith 163 Shapiro, Richard ...210, 258, 259, 291. 454 Shapoe, Virginia 144, 299, 310 Sharkey , Peter 204 Sharma. Lakshmi 317 Sharp, Charles 189 261, 274, 290, 465 Sharp, Elizabeth 454 Sharp, Jerome 191 Sharp, John 186 Sharp, Robert 187, 454 Sharp. William 454 Shaub, David 178 Shaw, Eleanor 144, 273 454, 465 Shaw, Sally 134 Shawley, Martha 137 Shawley, Robert 216 Shea, Beverly 161,454 Shearer, Thomas 113. 187 Shearon, James 367, 369 Shedlowsky, James 106, 208, 314 Sheehan, Thomas 187 Sheets, Joane 161 Sheff erly, Lawrence 189 Shef f ler. Frederick 186 Shegas. Raymond 219 Shehan, James 219 Sheill, Gordon 112 Shein, Lois 134, 294, 454 Sheldon, Frederick 196 Sheldon, John 115 Sheldon, Philip 329 Shemers, Joel 325 Sheon, Aaron 195 Shepard, Claire 454 Shepard, Donald ....119, 183 Shepherd, John 104, 454 Sherburne, Ne ' .son 184 Sherer. Alonzo 454 Sherk, Douglas 297 Sherlock. Robert 394 Sherman, Brant 176 Sherman, Constance 454 Sherman, Joseph 189, 237 Sherman, Lawrence 195 Sherman, Marcia 130 Sherman, Ruth 136 Sherman. Warren 104 Shern, Roald 226A, 454 Sherwin, Judy 110 Sherwood, Bernard 183 Sherwood, Richard 106 Sheth, Bhogi 317 Shevin, Kenneth 198, 454 Shevin, Kenneth 198, 454 Shields, Charles 202 Shields, Mary 125 Shields, Richard 214 Shilling, Barbara 152 498 Shilling, Mac 197 Shimokusu, James 454 Shinsiki, Iris 145 Shingleton, Sames 105 Shipp, Susan 144 Shirley, Richard 226 Shlanta, Stephen 185, 364 Shlensky, Lenore 325 Shoemaker, Kent 175 Shoenhals, Robert 331 Shoenholz, Barbara 153 Shook, Marjorie 128 Shopp, Charles 332 Shoquist. Bruce 112, 184 Shore, Marcia 127 Shorr, Ronald 210. 264 Shouvlin, Ann 168 Shovein, Gail 134 Shrem. Victor 321 Shubert, Norman 210, 278 Shulman, Naomi 129 Shultz, Paul 105 Shumato, Constance .127, 454 Shuptrine, Betty 158, 296 Shur, Eleanor 169 Sichler, Edward 454 Sichler, Theodore 206 Sidorczuk, Jean 129 Siedare, Robert 454 Sieder. Janet 152, 248 Siefert, Janice 152, 454 Siegal, Ethel 127 Siegal, Joel 193 Siegal, Stuart 112 Siegan, Bruce . . . 198, 237, 297 Siegel, Howard 210, 454 Seigel, Joel 237, 297 Siegel, Joel 237, 297 Siegel, Lewis 454 Siegel, Marvin . . 210, 225, 264 Siegel, Morton 210, 454 Sietz, Cynthia 137, 307 Sigesmund, Al 454 Sigiloff, Louis 114 Sigma Alpha Epsilon 197 Sigma Alpha Iota 310 Sigma Alpha Mu 198 Sigma Chi 199 Sigma Delta Tau 169 Sigma Kappa 170 Sigma Nu 200 Sigma Phi 201 Sigma Phi Epsilon 202 Sigman. Al 341, 390 Sigman. Herbert 116, 118 Sigur, Gaston 319 Sihon. Tanas 320 Sikkana. Donald 222 Sikkenga, Shirley ...154, 454 Sikorski, John 115 Sikorski, Teresa 110 Silbar, Richard 115, 211 Silber, Marcia 110 Silber, Michael 193 Silberman, Bonnie 130, 315, 454 Silberman, Harold ..114,237 Sills. Denny 202 Sills. John 454 Silver, David 198, 270 Silver, Joseph 98 Silver, Rona 163 Silver, Simon 297 Silverberg, Lillian 137 Silverman, Barney ..173, 237 Silverman, Carol 137 Silverman. Carole 163 Silverman, Louis 454 Si ' verman, Milton 454 Silverman. Phillip 205 Silverman, Phil 119 Silverstone, Jan 166 Simich. Stephen 189 Simmington. Harriet 131 Simmons, Alan 186 Simmons, James 122, 197 Simmons, Robert 454 Simmons. Susan 123 Simms, Ernest 121 Simon. Arthur 101 Simon, Joseph 175 Simon, Sallv 157 Simon, Stanlev 193 Simons. Patr c : a 129 Simons. William 201 Simpson. James 171 Simpson, John 297 Simpson. Richard ...226, 455 Sims, Charles 102, 297 Sims, David 122 Sims. Doris 163 Sinclair. Frank 105 Sinclair. Suzanne 110 Sindhvananda. Kanchana 317 Sinek, Joaguin 319 Sinesio, Patricia 123 Singer, Jerome 455 Singer, Phyllis 130 Singer, Warren 193 Singh, Avtar 317 Sinha, Sphrichand 317 Sinick. Steven 275 Sipes, Marcia 123, 398 Sipiora, Leonard 122 Sippel. Cornelius 114 Siroskey. Petronella .123. 323 Sisson, Ed 176 Sitterly, Brooks 178, 314 Sjolund. Roger 119, 205 Skaff, Betty 130 Skaff , Diana 166, 455 Skekter, Murray 217 Skellenger, William 223 Skelly, Jerry 215 Skelly, Patricia 167 Skimming, Thomas ..379, 390 Skinner. Chester 109 Skinner, Donald 180, 455 Sklut, Shelley 110 Skonieczy, Chester 204 Skrewtney, Thomas 221 Skutt, William 455 Slaggert, Douglas 177 Slagle, John 196 Slater, Joan 144, 455 Slates, Diane 455 Slawson, Mary 151, 243, 293, 455 Slayton, Richard 112 Slebodnik, Robert 119 Slesers. Juris 280, 329 Sloan. Bonnie 128 Sloan. Laird 379 Slobin, Sharon 163 Sloman, Margaret 123 Sloss, David 194 Sluis, Jay 331 Sluggett, Joan 161 Small. George 214, 336 Small, Lorraine 137 Small, Terence 301, 307 Smalla. Joanne 134 Smalley, Ronald 223 Smallman, Albert 104 Smart, Larry 180 Smillie, Charles 211 Smink, William 104 Smit, Henry 455 Smit, Marjorie 134 Smith. Addison 106, 214 Smith. Barbara 125 Smith, Bruce 455 Smith, Carolyn 455 Smith, Claudia 293. 326. 404, 405, 455 Smith, Colleen 123 Smith, Conrad 334 Smith, Courtland 179, 455 Smith, Craig 180 Smith, Cynthia 128 Smith, David 199, 2?3 Smith, Donald 173 Smith, Donna 166 Smith. Elaine 455 Smith, Franklin 102, 455 Smith, Frederick 118. 199, 301, 307 Smith, Gene . . .297 Smith, Glen 114, 297 Smith, Herbert 104 Smith. James 105 Smith. Janet 158, 293, 455 Smith, Jerry 104. 301, 305, 455 Smith. Jocelyn 455 Smith. John 455 Smith, Kenneth 238 Smith, Laura . . . 167. 310. 455 Smith. Linda 140 Smith, Margaret 146, 164, 455 Smith. Marilyn 158, 166, 265, 294, 315, 398, 404, 455 Smith, Marshall 1 19 Smith, Martha 455 Smith. Mary Jane J59 Smith, Nancy 153 Smith, Patricia J61. 455 Smith. Phillip . . 104, 205, 305 Smith, Richard 100. 186. 329, 455 Smith, Robert 184.200, 202, ?97 Smith, Rod 179 Smith, Roger 100 Smith, Ross ]89 Smith, Sally 399 Smith, Sandra 127 Smith, Sherril 127, 3 9 Smith, Stuart 179 Smith, Susan 125. 162. 165. 263 Smith, Suzanne 455 Smith, Sweetman ...119. 196 Smith. Thomas 206 Smith, Wayne 455 Smith, William 122,218 Smith, Yancey 122 Smithe, Norman 112 Smolensk!. John 172. 455 Smoley, Eugene 226, 455 Smythe, Robert 177 Snediker. James 280 Snell, Dorothy 455 Snider, Gene 385 Snider, Myra 455 Snohr, Donald 107, 111 Snyder, Andrea .167, 244, 296 Snyder, Barton 333 Snyder, Beverly 1?7 Snyder, Billy Sue 326 Snyder, Elizabeth 125 Snyder, Mary 127 Snyder, Richard jno. 269. 290. 40B Sobelsohn, Bernard 122 Soberano, Jose 316 Sobzynski, Delores 143. 295, 455 Socha, Ernest 103 Social Work. School of ... 92 Society of Automotive En- gineers 330 Soct. David 206 Sodergrem, Dorothy .143. 455 Soeder, Marilyn 127 Soeditt. Paul 207 Sogaard, Mortimer 205 Sogard, Cindy 152 Sohacki, Edwar d 219, 455 So.1ack, Charles 194 Sokolov, Sherwin ...314,455 Solakoglu, Lutfi 320 Solar, Peter 205, 455 Solomon, Herbert . . . 198, 456 Solomon, Irwin 173 Solomon, Jerry 203 Solomon, Lee 305 Solomon, Mervin 193 Solomon, Morton 292, 456 Sombatsiri. Krit 317 Somchai, Somwang 317 Somers, Donna 160, 456 Sommers, William 119 Son, Pablo 456 Song, Won Jin 119 Sonkin, Sheldon 217,456 Sonnega, Elizabeth ..293, 456 Sonntag, Richard ...298, 300. 456 Soph Scandals 248 Sorajoti, Kriang 317 Sorgenfrei, Mary 123, 324 Sorscher, Barbara 137 Sorcher. Benjamin ..217. 456 Sosin. Janet 139 Sosnow, Bernice 137 Sostaroff. Robert 115 Souslin. Richard .... 122, 330 Southerton, Glenn 220 South Quad Council 98 Southworth. Miles 206 Sovereign. Bonnie 127 Sowa. James 456 Spadaro, Carmen ....301, 307 Spalter, Marlene 125 Spangler, Mary 132 Spanish Club 321 Sparber. Sandra 456 Sparkie. Carole 161, 243 Sparks, Robert 101, 456 Spath, Robert 456 Spehar, Harold 205 Spehar. Robert 104 Spellman. Lois 128 Spelvin, George 238 Spence, Edwin 196 Spence, Thomas 456 Spencer, Donald 105, 456 Spencer, Richard 184 Spengler, Donald ....219, 456 Sphinx 290 Spidel, John 122 Spielman. Jerome 193 Spiers, Thomas 201 Spindle. Richard 179, 264 Spiro, Marilyn 163 Spohn, Ann 167 Spotts, Bonnie 125 Soowart, Peter 456 Sprague, Donald ...226A, 456 Sprague, Gary 108. 186 Sprague. John . . 109. 333, 456 Springett, Robin 143 Springsteen. James 105 Sproat, Donald 105 Sprowl. Louise 156 Sprynskv. Elissia 123, 456 Sriro, William 203 Sriver, Robert 344 Stableford, Richard .335, 456 Stacilauskas, Ronald 124 Staeheli, Betty 310 Stafford, Diana 161 Stafford. Dorothea 141 Stafford, Lawrence 101. 329 335 Stafford. Roderick ..113] 327 Stafford. Thomas ...203, 221 Stager, Gus 371, 372 Stahl, Robert ..109. 110. 169, 183, 189, 236, 297 Stahl, Sally 92. 220. 222. 267, 299, 437 Stakeman, Rudolph 104 Stakenas. Robert 154, 437 Stalker, Laris 456 Stamm, Nancy 138 Stancroff. Glenn 297 Stange, Mary Ann 456 Stanivnas. Stanley 124 Stanley, Curtis 456 Stanley, Richard 190 Stanton, David 115 Staples, Sally 140 Stapleton, Harvey 194 Stark. Herbert 121 Starkey, Carol 129, 158 Starman, Marvin 198, 232 Starr, Doris 153 Starrett, Lynn 159 Start, Armond 222 Start, Hubert 222 Stashak. Barbara 139, 327 Stason, Blythe 321 Stasuik, Robert 109 States. John 190 Stathopoulous, George . . . 105 Staudt. Richard 300 Stawdki. David 100 Steckert, Gale 158 Stedman, Fred 120 Steed, Robert 100, 297 Steel, Frederick JOS Steele, George 456 Steele. Leah 129 Steele, Rex 190 Stefani, Judy 125 Stefani, Mary 456 Stegenga, Fred 333 Stegehuis. Ronald 222 Steiffel, Richard 196 Steiger. Elaine 130 Steigleder, Sue 164 Stein, Franchot 195 Stein, Gerald 186 Stein, Margaret 132, 456 Stein. Robert 105 Steinberg, Ann 456 Compliments of a friend ROWN auo The finest in Italian spaghetti Open 10:30 A.M. 8 P.M. Closed Saturday 1204 SOUTH UNIVERSITY we cater to wheels STUDENT BICYCLE SHOP NUMBER THE ARISTOCRAT OF ALL BICYCLES EXPERT REPAIR ON ALL MAKES 1319 S. UNIVERSITY NORMANDY 8-6927 STUDENT OWNED AND OPERATED Congratulations Class of 1956 Argus Cameras, Inc. 405 S. 4th St. Ann Arbor, Michigan PATRONS Bay ' s Arcade Jewelry Shop Registered Jewelers American Gem Society Barney Brack Co. Barber Beauty Supplies 1042 Cass Detroit, Michigan 499 Steinberg, Mickey 173 Steinberg, Roy 210, 456 Steiner, Charles 102, 176 Steiner, John 114.296 Steiner, Lawrence 297 Steingold. Fred 100 Steinmeyer, William 189 Steketee, Sally 165 Stelle, Andrea 168 Stelle. Robert 221 Stellwagen, Jane 456 Stempson, James 184 Stenberg. Patricia 144. 337. 310 Stenger, Robert 214 Stenglein. Susan 160 Stenseth, Raymond 214 Stephan, James 105 Stephen. Donald 204 Stephen, James 189 Stephen. Roland 456 Stephens. Charles 456 Stephens. Gail 138 Stephens. James 172 Stephens. Sue 133 Sterm, Raya 248 Stephenson. Fred 218. 329 Stephenson, Frederick ... 218, 329 Stephenson. John 192 Stephenson, William 456 Sterling. Ann 152, 247 Stern. Carl 195. 456 Stern, Jerome 195, 287. 369. 390. 456 Stern, Joseph 456 Stern, Lee 98, 100. 371 Stern. Louis 198 Stern, Raya 125 Stern. William 102 Stettin. Maynard 119 Steuben. Norton 173 Stevens, Bruce 192 Stevens. Charles 112 Stevens. Charles 186 Stevens, Glen 199 Stevens. James .124. 142. 280 Stevens. Judith 456 Stevens. Kenneth 47 Stevens, Robert .114. 142. 218 Stevens. Sally 139 Stevens. Wynne 144 Steward. George 175. 457 Stewart. David 300. 457 Stewart. Kenneth 283 Stewart. Richard 124. 333 Stewart, Samuel 196. 335 Stewart. Sharlene ..144, 399. 457 Stewart, Walter 219 Stewart. William 103 Stich-Randall. Teresa 40 Stickles. Susie 152 Stickney. David 199 Stieben. Shirley 137 Stielstra, Junior 379 Stienon. Maureen 457 Stier. Harold 324 Stiff. David 457 Stiglitz. Bruce 198 Stiles. Charles 457 Stillman. Frances 125 Stillwagon. Allan 106 Stimpson. Clinton 124 Stipe. David 457 Stob. Helen 123 Stobierski. Daniel 119 Stocks. Gerald 457 stork w H I Council 136 Stoeffler. Victor 197, 324. 457 Stoehr. Hans 194 Stokes. Susan 154. 249 Stollman. Berney 113 Stollsteimer. Gary 101 Stoltz. Jane 457 Stone. Cynthia ..160. 264. 274. 282, 294. 457. 465 Stone. Elizabeth 156 Stone. Jack 112 Stone, John 105. 457 Stone. Judith 457 Stone, Karl 109 Stone, Ronald 195 Stone. William 210 Stoner. William 109 Stong, John 113. 323, 457 Stoothoff. Ronald 314 Storrer. Mary Jane 156 Stott. Brian 106 Stott, Kathy 146 Stout, Joel 119 Stout. Nancy 166. 310 Stover. Judith . . 123. 323, 398 Stoyack, Edward 101 Straayer, Charles ...122. 262. 263, 290 Strachan. Jean 125 Stracher, Charles 333 Stark. David 369 Strahle, Sue 134 Straight. Sydney 151 Strain. Georgia 161 Stake, Phyllis 139 Stang, Thomas 265 Strangways, Kay 151 Straszewski. Thomas 181 Stratelak. Ernest 318 Strauch. Elinor 457 Strauch. Gerald 236, 292 Strauss, Barry 101 Strauss House 124 Strean, Barbara 457 Street, James 197 Streib. Nancy 127 Streiff. Karl 49 Streit, Gretchen 162 500 Streit, Richard 324 Strelbitzky, Denise 127 Strelick, Jerry Ill Strevr. Barbara 140 Strickler, Charles 124 Striker, Donald 119, 205 Stri nger, Richard 457 Strock, Winifred 130 Stroebel. Richard 321, 457 Strolle, David 183 Strom, Calvin 186 Strom, Peter 181 Stron, Jack 142 Strond, Carol 139 Strong. Joyce 457 Strong. Paula 156. 240. 294, 398, 457 Strong. Thomas 216 Strong. Wavne 457 Stringer, Dick 183 Stuart, Ann 162, 457 Stuart, Mary 156 Stuart, Norton . . 183, 258. 259 Stuart. William 190 Student Government Council 230 Student Religious Association 322 Steubner. Roland 106 Stulerg, K. Barry 457 Stull. John 105 Stumpfig, William 172 Sture. Susan 169. 24S Sturgeon. Gail 138. 166 Strum. Waldo 175 Sturrock. James 207 Stutzman. Carol 134 Subar. N. Judith 457 Subora. Patricia 457 Subbhasiddhi, Suri 317 Sudmela, Dale 329 Sudo. Reiko 457 Suec. Albert 101 Suhr. John 124 Suhr. John 116 Suino. Angela 135 Sulfaro, Anthony 172 Sulkes. Alvin 112 Sullivan, Jean 326 Sullivan, Lyda 135 Sullivan. Mary 164 Sullivan. Robert 187 Sullivan, Sue 157 Sullivan. Tandy Ill, 457 Sullivan. William 369 Summer. Michael 108 Summerbell. Gordon .207, 457 Summers. John 175 Summerwill, Richard 200 Sunakawa. Katsunobu . . . .457 Sunbathers 282 Sund, Raymond 208, 457 Sundel. Libby 169, 249 Sunderam. M. S 317 Suomela. Dale 457 Superstine, Sharon 457 Surbis. John 457 Surbrook. Elaine 135, 270, 457 Surh. Hanna 310 Surowitz. Shirley 137 Surratt. Phil Ill Surridge, William 207 Sussman, Bluma 140 Sussman, Joel 193 Sussman. Louis 210 Sutliff, Barbara 136 Button. Linda 157 Svirsky, Micheal 108 Swaggerty, Virginia 157 Swanberg. John 114 Suomela, Dale 122 Swanson, David 185 Swanson, Dorothy . . . 167, 457 Swanson, Elmer 379 Swanson. Frank 458 Swanson. Linnea 151 Swanson. Marjorie 162 Swanson. Richard 221 Swanson. Sherry ....132. 160 Swanson. Timothy . . .108. 305 Swanson William . . . .219. 458 Swarts. Kenneth .... 10S. 458 Sweeney. Jere 119 Sweet. Charles 183, 45 Sweet. Judith 156 Sweet. Lawrence 458 Swenson. Carroll 458 Swenson. Ross 334 Swerbinsky. Janet 318 Swerbinsky. Leo 318 Swigert. Baird 186, 458 Swigert. Sally 4R8 Swimming 370 Swinkowski. Barbara ....140 Swinton, Roy 31B Switzer Edward 363, 364, 365 Sykes. Elizabeth 165 Sykes, Jeanne 158 Symmonds, Robert 458 Symons, David 19S Symphony Band 307 Szalwinski, Frank ...385. 390 Szatukiewicz. Helena 144. 321 Szczotha. Richard 109 Szemborski. Alfred ..214. 325 Szurkicki. John 142 Szweda. Gloria 132 Szyperski. Paul 453 Taback. Gary 198 Tabar, Walter 223. 458 Taber. Richard 193, 458 Tackney . Jack 114 Tada. Fukuko 458 Taddeo. James 109 Taeusch, David 104 Tagger, Shresula 127 Talbot, Joseph 182 Talbot, Roland 101 Talley. Robert 176 Tammi. Jeanne 162 Tan. Chipieng 458 Tan, James 458 Tan, Sock-Yan 458 Tanase, Jeanne 130 Tanenbaum, Jan 198 Tanis, Ronald 120 Tann. Donald 458 Tanner. Elizabeth 132 Tanner. Katherine 458 Tantraporn. Wirogama ...317 Tapia. Mohammed 317 Tapping. Hawley 236 Tarlowe, Ann 127 Tarr, David 104 Tarrant. Alicia ..168, 243, 247 Tarrant. Pamela 168. 245 Tarrier, Randolph ...367. 368 Tarter. James 121 Tasch. Gretchen 139 Tassone, Elizabeth 141 Taterka, Lois 110 Tatham, Judith 170. 244. 296 310 Tauber, Joel 198, 230, 290. 458 Tan Beta Pi 298 Tau Beta Sigma 301 Tau Delta Phi 203 Tau Kappa Epsilon 204 Taugher. Martha 151, 310, 458 Taylor, Ann 168. 458 Taylor. Barbara 167, 458 Taylor. Clair 47 Taylor. Claudia .166. 232. 249 Taylor. Frank 177, 458 Taylor. Hosea 307 Taylor House 105 Taylor, Joan 170 Taylor, John ...105, 121. 162. 204, 219 Taylor. Kathleen 144. 301. 458 Taylor, Larry 183 Taylor. Neil ISj. 297 Taylor. Sandra 157 Taylor. Sara Ann 152 Taylor. Suzanne 166 Taylor. Thomas 194 Taylor. Walter 196 Taylor, Ward 226 Taylor. Warren 124 Taylor. Welby 196 Taylor, William 458 Tazelaar, Robert 222. 331 Teatsorth. Claudia 245 Technic 280 Teeples. Douglas 114 Teilman. Andrew 211 Telford. Donald 109 Tenbroek. William 172 Tennant, Gloria 170 Tennant, Susan 132 Tennis 386 Teopfer. Robert 207 Teppo, Kenneth 301, 458 Teran, Jos 458 Ter Keurst, Donald 222 Terrill, Eugene 186 Terrill. Sara 157 Terpstra. Eugene 458 Terry Bruce 187 Terzian. Virginia 110 Teutsch. Jean 134 Teutsch. Marvin 300, 458 Tha. Chan 319 Thailand Group 317 Thallman, Edward 458 Than. Maung 458 Thayer. Russell 322 Thayer. Sally 167 Theda. Dexter 105 Thein, Kyan 330 Thein, Kyaw 458 Thein. Maw 330 Theta Chi 205 Thcta Delta Chi 206 Theta Xi 207 Thewalt. William 181 Thibault. Paul 458 Thibideau. Eleanor ..140, 458 Thiel, Dale 180 Thiessen. Wayne 239 Thilbault. Paul 192 Th ; nd. Harbhajan 317 Thomas. Ann 166 Thomas, Carolyn ....129, 167 Thomas. Charles 112. 190, 456 Thomas, Charlotte . . . 158, 458 Thomas, David 298 Thomas. Gary 109 Thomas. Joan 409 Thomas. John 202 Thomas. Laurie 371 Thomas. Lawrason 459 Thomas, Mary Ann.. 144. 269. 282, 296. 406 Thomas. Nancy 125 Thomas. Norman 223 Thomas. Stanley 459 Thomas, Thomas 109 " rhombs. Richard 115 Thomet. Glen 185. 299 Thompson. Bettv J. . .167. 459 Thompson. Corky 202 Thompson, David 219 Thompson, Dorothy 110 Thompson, Jane 167 Thompson. Jill 164 Thompson, John 224 Thompson, Madeline .158, 459 Thompson. Martha 1 27 Thompson, Nancy . . . 165. 248 Thompson, Richard ..108. 459 Thompson, Robert 45? Thompson, Ronald . . .118, 333 Thompson, Rudolph 459 Thompson, William 226A. 459 Thorne, Harriet .162. 294. 259 Thorne, Robert .186, 335, 459 Thornton, Jerry 103 Thornton, William ...301. 307 Thorpe, Roger 459 Thouin. David ..176. 298. 300 Thrun, Barbara 110 Thurlow, James .192. 371. 390 Thurman, James 172 Thurston. William 385 Thwing, Patricia 146 Tibbals. Eleanor 307 Tiedke. Rachel 167 Tietig. Edward 459 Tigel, Meredith 134, 250. 295, 296. 459 Tillotson. Peter 187, 367 Timmer, James 222 Timmony, Lucille 141 Tin. Hlachit 330 Tin. Than 459 Tindall, Eleanor 145 Tinker, Jean 168. 245 Tinkham. Jan 399 Tipp, Eric 197 Tippery, Kenneth 290, 385 Tischer, Nancy 232 Tite. Marjorie 131, 321 Titlerington, Ann 151 Titus, William 216 Tiziana, Joseph 114 Tkepte, Sandra 143 Tobeler, Joyce 157 Tobias. Daniel ..113, 275, 334 Tobias. Renee 127 Tobie. Jeanette 133 Toboccman, Marilyn . 153. 459 Tochet. Alan 114 Todd, Ann 151 Todd, Cynthia 165 Todd, Emily 166, 459 Todd, Rouald 263 Todd. Shirley 127. 152 Todd, William 219 Toepel, Frederick 104 Toft. Thomas 297 Tom. Eunice 125. 459 Tom, Ronald 181 Toman, Charlene 129, 291 Tomcho. John 273, 465 Tomchuk, Margery 276 Tomicic. Rosemary ..161, 459 Tomlinson. Robert 178 Tommelein, Howard 197, 287. 385, 459 Tonkin, Donald 193 Toat. Charles 202 Tonsleff, Priscilla 398 Topin, Jan 127 Topol, Steve 203 Toporek. Cy 263 Torcum. Leslie 159. 245 Toroyan. Raffi 119 Totten, Donald 115 Touma. Theodore ..226 A, 459 Tourtellot, Jan ..170, 275. 459 Touscany, Jacqueline 164, 459 Tousley, Barbara 459 Tousley , John 459 Towbin. Shirley 169 Tower, Mary 136, 139, 167 Towey, Maureen 152, 245 Towle, Lyn 143 Towin, Ronald 214 Towne. Mary 159, 459 Townsend, Deborah 164, 230, 255, 294, 459 Townsend. Richard 332 Townsend, Robert 122 Townsend. Wayne 171 Towsley. Judy 164 Toyama. Bill 108 Tracey. David 459 Track 378 Trackler. Jane 135 Trambauer. Charles 180 Transue. David 226 Tranzow. Frank 105 Traub. Barbara 163 Tautman. David W Trautz. Maurine 131 Travis, Carolyn 160. 45!) Travis. Theodore 10 1 Treado, Paul 119, 297 Treder. Donald 106 Trefts. Hubbard 333 Tref lown, David 106 Tr iber, Bert 216, 324, 459 Trench, Anna Marie 144 Trepanier, Donald 3 9l t Triangle 208 Triangle 289 Trible. Margaret 165 Trichel, Gervais 181 Trigon 209 Trim, Donald 124 Triop, Robert 214 Trismman, Jean 135 Troelson. Donald 184 Troll. Geraldine 136 Troop, Donald 215 Trost, Fred 199, 235. 290 Trost. Robert 199. 233 Trowbridge. George .177, 459 Trower. Laura 135. 324 Troy. Sylvia 134. 459 True. Nelita 299, 310 Truesde. Paul 333 Trues dell, Sally .157, 247, 459 Truex. Donald 186 Trumbull. Winfleld ..199. 300. 459 Trunsky. Ronald 225. 459 Tucciarone, Mario 104 Tuck, Roger 226A, 459 The Alumni Association of the University of Michigan The official spokesman for the 160,000 graduates and former students of the University DIVISIONS The Michigan Aluminus University of Michigan Clubs Council The Alumnae Council The Class Officers Council Keep in contact with Michigan by reading THE MICHIGAN ALUMNUS Official publication of the Alumni Association For Seniors only a special " Introductory Price " has been established. By ordering early these New Alumni may have the magazine for the whole year for only TWO AND ONE HALF DOLLARS. This special rate applies to new alumni only for one. two, three or four year subscriptions. An annual subscription starts anytime and runs for twelve months. 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For Alumni families, a husband and wife. f f both alumni, can assure receiving their mag- 851 5.00 azinc always. 501 Tucker, Kenneth 101, 314 Tudor, Judith 125, 156 Tudor, Marge 123 Tudor, Margaret 156 Tuggle, David 177 Tugrul, Yildirim 320 Tukel, Sara Lee 134 Tulos, David 103 Tune, Sedat 320 Tuncel, Ergun 320 Tuomala, Wilho 112 Turcotte, Jeremiah ..221, 292 Turkish Society 320 Turnbull, John 405,460 Turne, Laura 460 Turner, Charles 202 Turner, Gayle 156 Turner, George 113 Turner, Keith 202 Turner. Patricia 460 Turner, Robert 174 Turner, Sara Lee 460 Turner, Suzanne 154. 460 Tuttle, Janet 123 Tuttle, Roger 178 Tuttle, Seth 109 Tuttle, Thomas 171 Tweedie, Laura 146, 460 Tweedie, Terrence 178 Tyler, Donald 181 Tyler House 125 Tylutki, Norbert 460 Tyner, Suzanne 460 Tyor, Louise 271, 460 Tziahanas, Thomas 120 U U, Tin 460 Udani, Lalitkumar 317 Uchill, Patsy 110 Udoff , Monte 198 Ufer, Mae 152 Ugoretz. Kent 106 Uhl. Richard 460 Uhler, Lloyd 122 Ukranlan Club 318 Ulisnik, Harold 460 Ulku, Selcuk 320 Ulrich, Carolyn 161 Ulrich, John 192, 460 Umbs, Jill 460 Umphrey, Patricia 460 Underbill, Gary 191 Underbill, Margara 152 Underwood, Jean 243 Unhanand, Pramual 460 Union Board of Directors . 236 Union Executive Council .235 Union Managers 236 Union Opera 238 Union Staff 237 Unrot. Linda 130 Uphan, Donald 122 Upjohn, Margaret 140 Urban, James Ill Uren, Dorothy 107, 110 Uribe, Gustavo 331 Urow, Howard 173, 280, 297, 328, 465 Usban. Teresa 141 Usher, Judith 163 Usschell. Ann 135 Utley, Deeon 161, 460 Uyehara, Howard 460 Uzelac, Michael 142 Uzelac, Stevan 142, 264, 290, 388, 389, 390 Vaadar-Kooy, Vernon ...222 Vail, William 121 Vaivoda, John 119 Valberg, Jerome 193 Valetin, James 105, 314 Valetin, Joseph 314 Valentine Ann 140 Valentine, Gaille 166, 247 Vallirtigara, John 379 Vanalsburg, Cecil . . . 105, 181 Van Alst, Dennis 112, 215 Van Arman, Charles ....105, 216, 460 Van Becelaere, Jack 124, 331, 460 VanBeer, Gordon 122 Van Camp, Peter . ' 178 Vance, Donald 202 Vance. John 333 Van Dam, Forest 223, 460 Van Dam, Forest 223,460 Vande Polder, Donald 222 Vander Basch, Thomas . . .186 Vanden Bosch, William ..119, 186 Vanden Brink, Paul 222 Vandenburg, Kay 460 Vanderkloot, William 334 Vander Kolk, Richard 208 Vander Kooy, Vernon . . . .331 Vander Velde, Edward . . . 112, 334 Vandervoort, Peter 297 Vander Wagen, Robert ... 222 Vander Wai, Jack 222 Vander Wall, Carolyn 245 Vander Woude. Hugh 222 Vander Sluis, Jay 222 Vandeveer, Cornelia .156, 460 Vandeventer, Edward 207 Van Doren, Sandra ..123, 327 Van Druten, John 43 Van Dussen, Mary . . . 165, 460 Van Duyne, Robert 214 Van Dyke, John 460 Van Dyken, Gene 222 Van Fleteran, Grace 127 502 Van Gemert, Richard 187 Van Haften, John 206 Van Hoeve, Janet 144 Van Houten, Hugh 218 Vanrimpen, Carl 124 Van Kyke, John 324 Van Nuis, Case 222 Van Oosterhout, William .105 Van Otteren, Gerald . 194, 460 Van Pelt, James 187, 341, 352, 353, 390 Van Putte, James 222 Van Raalte, Darwin .219, 460 Van Ree, Judith 139 Van Schoick, Polly 168, 244 299 Van Schoik, Richard 176! 460 Vans, Kent 121 Vanselow, Neal 221 Van Tassel, Loren 181 Van Tyl, Norma 156 Van Tyne House 106 Van Valkenburg, Robert 121, 330 Van Vranken, Alethea . . . 130 Van Wagoner, James 122 Varady, Joseph 181, 460 Varbedian, Thomas . .226, 460 Vardya, Mahendra 317 Vargas, David 115 Varin, James 300, 330 Varner, Kay 159 Varon, Jerome 225 Vaupre. Jean 460 Vavroch, John 305 Vawter, Jay 185, 264 Vawter, Paul 460 Velick, Leonard 195 Vanema, Claire 222 Venokur. Patricia . . . 134, 460 Verbeke, Frank 114 Verduin, David 211 Ver Duin, Ruth .140, 151, 460 Veres, Elizabeth 398, 399 Veres, Betty 144 Verhoeven, John 206 Vermeulen, John 197, 461 Vermuelen, Judith ..162, 461 Vernoye, Edward 334 Verwys, George 122, 461 Vestal, Carol 248 Vestal, Carol ...139, 166, 399 Vestevich, Peter 461 Viands. William 142 Vick, Frank 233, 258, 291. 461 Vicki, Frank 199 Victor Vaughn House .... 140 Victorio, Paciano 316 Vidal, Paul 461 Viele, Jack 461 Vilkman, John 176 Villaflor, Ramon 316 Villaneva. Jorge 316 Vimollohakarn, Sukon ...317 Vincent, John 215 Vinocur, Myron 461 Vinson, Carl 324 Vinson. Coleman 461 Vinstra, Emily 461 Viravan, Amnuay 317 Viscomi, George 226, 461 Vise, Jack 205 Visser, Earl 461 Vitale, William 103 Vitz, Paul 183, 297 Vliet, Polly 167 Vlope, Alma 143 Voelker, Justine 125 Voelker, Laura 461 Vogel, Carolyn 128, 275 Vogel, Walter 319 Vogt, James 324 Voikos, George 461 Volis, George 186 Vollmar. Mary 137 Volpe, Alma 461 von Boventer, Edwin 461 Vong, Sandy 461 Vongpham, Suthipongse .317 Von Moch, Cornelia 164 Von Zellen, John 122 Vorgitch, Martin 101 Vorhaus, Joanna .... 166, 461 Voss, Joan 136, 139, 461 Voss, Ray 101 Voss, Sue 139 Votaw, May 461 Voyce, Janet . . . 135, 167, 299 Vroman, Sandra 165 Vsewolod. Hnatczuk 318 Vudt hthrnetiraks, Som- siddhi 317, 461 Vugteveen, Joel 219 Vukmirovich, Neva .144, 310 Vukovich, James 191, 385, 390 Vulcans 288 W Wade, Ivan 109 Wadsworth, Marshall 191 Wachner, Ralph 109, 201 Wagar, Al 333 Wager, Paula 123 Wagner, Doris 123, 162 Wagner, Jean 129, 166 Wagner, Irwin 325 Wagner, Lawrence 211 Wagner, Stuart 172 Wagonjack, Patricia 135 Wait, William 216 Waite, Carol 461 Waite, Carles 108 Wakely, David 189 Walch, Kathryn 151 Waldeck, Robert 109 Walders, Larry 188, 258 Waldron, Charles . . . 103, 314 Wales, Beverly 310 Wales, Robert 220 Walgenbach, Delphine . . . 144, 326 Walgenbach, Wanda .135, 156 Walhout, Clare 222 Walingford, Dave 114 Walke, Karla 110 Walker. Barbara 158 Walker, Carl 186, 331 Walker, Donald 171, 461 Walker, Frederick . . . 186, 305 Walker, Joseph 112 Walker. Linda 138 Walker, Malcolm 113 Walker, Paul 109 Walker. Robert 187. 461 Walkowicz, Beverly 110 Wall, Carey 156, 299, 328, 465 Wall, Richard 101 Wallace, Carolease 461 Wallace, Laird 461 Wallach, Anita 132, 461 Wallach, Paula 299 Wallach, Susan 123 Wallbillich, Martha .168, 253, 294, 461 Wallgreen, Charles 182 Wallingford, Ronald 287, 379, 398, 461 Wallwork. John 319 Walper, John . . . 109, 186, 172 Walser, Nance 164 Wals, Kathryn 275 Walsh, Patrick 223 Walter, Bruce 106 Walter. Daniel 379 Walter, Jan 152 Walter, Malcolm ....280, 297 Walter, Ronald 209 Walters, Robert 333 Walton, Charles 461 Walton, Daniel 216, 461 Wander, Herbert .1, 210, 272, 282, 290, 328, 465 Warbelow, Donald 108 Warchaizer, Jerome .193, 461 Ward, Dave 176 Ward, Horace 219 Ward. James 109, 113, 333, 461 Ward, Nancy 161, 461 Ward, Richard 186,232 Ward. Robert 184 Ward, Samuel 297 Ware, Elizabeth 164, 399 Ware, Herbert 223, 461 Ware, James 461 Wargelin, John 205 Wark, Jay 461 Warnemeunde, Rosemary 151 Warner, Charles 176, 462 Warner, Fred 176 Warner, Janice 327 Warner, Roger 104 Warren, John 216 Warren, Mandilla 127 Warren, Margaret 399 Warrener, Laura 125 Warrick, Robert 124, 289 Warren, Wayne .120, 289, 377 Warrick, Robert 116, 263 Warshawsky , Al 173 Wartell, Robert 203 Washabaugh, Peter 124 Wasmuth, Nancy 123, 170 Wassil, Nicholas 211, 297 Watkins, Dorothy 138 Watkins, James 221 Watkins, Margaret 462 Watson, Ann 157, 462 Watson, Barbara 130 Watson, Bonnie 166 Watson, Charles 215, 292 Watson, Francis 166 Watson, John 124 Watson, Kenneth 113 Watson, Reba 127, 299 Watt, Jocelyn 168 244 Wattrick, Donald 192 Watt, Richard 124 Watts, Betty 137, 299 Watts, David 114 Watts, Hraold 115 Way, Diane 139, 151 Way, Donald 211 Way, Harvy 188, 297 Way, Judy 143 Wayne, Norbert 334 Waugh, Alice 166, 398 Wazeman, Claude 222 Wealch, Mary Kay 462 Weatherbee, Lee 223 Weathersby, Virginia 129 Weaver, Judith .140, 275, 328 Weaver, Kay 146, 399 Weaver, Orville 462 Webb, Daniel 299, 462 Webb, Robert 122 Webb, William 405 Webber, Howard 196, 462 Webber, Nancy 139 Weber, Margaret 151 Weber, Janet 162 Weber, Richard 324 Weber, Shirley 462 Weber, Walter 340 Weber, William .175, 288, 298 Weberman, Seymour 237 Webster, Gretchen 165 Webster, Jean 162 Webster, Judy 162 Webster, Robert 200 Webster, William 122 Weemhoff, George 176 Wegst, Walter 108, 462 Wehbring, Brenda ..116, 123, 462 Wehmeier, Victoria 462 Wehner, Edward 176 Wehner, Harry ..290, 371, 390 Wehner, Nancy 134, 323 Weichsel, John 109 Weigl, Horst 122 Weil, Marianna 295 Weil, Marianne 131, 462 Weiler, Anthony 187 Weimer, Mary 128 Weinbaum, Robert . . 195. 286, 291, 462, 259, 230, 258 Weinberger, Daniel 299 Weine, David 217 Weiner, Sara 153 Weiner, Toby 129, 245 Weinert, Hermine 166. 462 Weinert, Margaret 166 Weingarten, Charles 462 Weingarten, Lawrence . . . 108 Weingarten, Rhoda 127 Weingarten, Rona 462 Weinstock, Samuel 193 Weir, Charles 199, 258 Weir, Cynthia 157 Weisbard, Martin 198, 462 Weisberg, David 108 Weisberg, Naomi 125 Weisblat, Howard 173 Weise, Donald 104 Weisenberg, David 193 Weisenfluh, John 106 Weisenthal, Sandy 143 Weisman, Lawrence 195 Weisman, Robert 177 Weisner, Robert 207 Weiss, Barbara 169 Weiss, Frederic 104 Weiss, Harvey 198, 297 Weiss, Lenore 132 Weiss, Marlene 301 Weiss, Richard 197, 333 Weiss, Stanley 108 Weissman, Barbara 127 Weisz, Alfred 333, 462 Weitzez, Werner 334 Weitzman, James 198 Welch, Lee 218 Welch, Norman 462 Welch, Philip 109 Welch, Robert Ill Weldon, Vincent 142 Weiler, Hubert 462 Weiler, Kenneth 222 Wellman, Janet 140 Wellman, Joan 157 Wellman, Laurence 462 Wells, Curtis 201 Wells, Jerome 209, 297 Wells, Phyllis 333 Wells, Russel 100, 329 Wells, Stanfleld 236 Welsh, Lee 329 Wemgart, Martin 462 Wendel, Lynn 152 Wenley House 113 Wentworth, Dorothy 462 Wentzel, Richard ....102, 194 Wepfer, Gordon 462 Werbelow, Sue 169, 261 Werner, Carl 103 Wertheimer, Warren 198 Wesel, Robert 298 Wesley, Susan 164 Wessinger, Leo 226A West, Byron 462 West, Gloria 125 West, Hugh 115 West, Michael 124 West, Sharon 129 Westby, Joan 167 Westerberg, Robert 106 Westman, Meredith 123 Westman, Robert 462 Westman, Robert 219 Westrate, Donna 137 Westwood, Edward ..187, 462 West Quad Council 107 Wetterholt, Roy 171 Wetzel, Robert 121, 307 Wexleer, Charles 174 Wexler. Peter 297 Weyler, Marge 151 Whaley , Ross 102 Wheaton, Larry 214 Wheeler, Carol 170 Wheeler, David 185, 462 Wheeler, Dean 331 Wheeler, Jack 189 Wheeler, Kaye 159 Wheeler, Mary 157 Wheeler, Wesley 332 Wheeler, William 462 Whemeier, Victoria 160 Whettaker, Jeanne 463 Whicker, Jim 202 Whinery, Sue 157 Whipple, Clyde .206, 258, 462 Whipple, Elmer 184 Whitaker, Barbara . . .398, 399 Whitaker, Frances . . . 133. 462 White, Anderson 174, 299 White, Bradford 179, 305 White, Donna 144, 462 White, Edith 462 White, Edward 185, 462 White, Hubert 102 White, James 124 White, Judith 140 White, Linda 135 White, Patricia 462 White. Tom 179 Whitehouse, Frank 21! Whitehurst, Jean 127 Whitfleld, William 462 Congratulations Class of 1956 Welcome to the ranks of Michigan Alumni. Your happy days at Michigan will make you want to keep in contact with the Univer- sity and its many graduates. We, the presidents of the subscrib- ing Alumni Clubs, provide this opportunity and invite you to participate. CALIFORNIA CENTRAL CALIFORNIA Oliver J. Todd 1445 Hamilton Ave. Palo Alto, Cal. CONNECTICUT BRIDGEPORT Sidney A. Sheiman 157 Chatham Rd. Bridgeport, Conn. ILLINOIS CHICAGO Robert C. Straub Robert Straub Co. 1 1 1 W. Jackson Chicago, 111. INDIANA GARY E. Bancroft Yarrington 504 Broadway Gary, Ind. MAINE Arthur H. Morrison 290A Baxter Blvd. Portland, Maine MASSACHUSETTS BOSTON G. William Mahlman 79 Ravine Rd. W. Medford, Mass. MICHIGAN ALPENA Mrs. Robert S. Scott 123S. 1st St. Alpena, Mich. BATTLE CREEK Philip E. Slayton 35 Elizabeth St. Battle Creek, Mich. DETROIT Robert W. Muzzy Federal-Mogul Bower Bearings, Inc. 11031 Shoemaker Ave. Detroit 13, Mich. FLINT Raymond S. Van Harn 3102 Westwood Flint, Mich. GRAND TRAVERSE REGION Mark F. Osterlin Peninsula Drive Traverse City, Mich. LANSING Fredrik Marin Bank of Lansing Lansing, Mich. MOUNT CLEMENS William L. Berkhof, Supt. Public Schools of Mt. Clemens Mt. Clemens, Mich. MUSKEGON Edward A. Larsen, Jr. Muskegon Building Materials Co. 1734 Getty St. Muskegon, Mich. PORTAGE LAKE Dr. Bert Heideman 1700 E. Houghton Ave. Hough ton, Mich. RIVER ROUGE George Shawley Sec. Treas. 117 Elm River Rouge 18, Mich. SAGINAW Harry E. Miles, Jr. 1400 Coolidge St. Saginaw, Mich. MISSOURI KANSAS CITY Hubert Rowlands 1001 Dwight Bldg. Kansas City, Mo. MONTANA BILLINGS Arthur F. Lamey, Sr. 229 Clark St. Billings, Mont. NEBRASKA OMAHA Wallace A. Gill 2731 Martin Ave. Omaha, Neb. NEW YORK DUNKIRK Jux Weinburg 539 Washington Ave. Dunkirk, N.Y. OHIO CINCINNATI S. Samuel Scoville 2757 Linshaw Ct. Cincinnati, Ohio. CLEVELAND R. Thomas Kelsey Meaden Moore, C.P.A. 1321 Citizens Bldg. Cleveland, Ohio MANSFIELD James H. Wolfston 46 Wellington Ave. Mansfield, Ohio TOLEDO Harold Kripke 3647 Douglas Rd. Toledo, Ohio RHODE ISLAND PROVIDENCE Wm. E. Parmenter, Jr. 1030 Hospital Trust Bldg. Providence, R.I. TENNESSEE MEMPHIS Milton C. Picard Sterick Bldg. Memphis, Tenn. WASHINGTON SEATTLE John F. Hall 1 309 Hoge Bldg. Seattle, Wash. WASHINGTON, D.C. James W. Callison 730 Southern Building Washington 5, D.C. WISCONSIN MILWAUKEE Chandler Pinney Wise. Paper Prod. Co. 121 N. Broadway St. Milwaukee, Wise. I 503 Whitman, Marilyn 125 Whitman, Shirley 463 Whittaker, Barb 152 Whitten, James 108 Whitwell, David 337 Wiard, William 211 Wible, Arthur 184 Wickham, David 100, 307 Wickham, Donna 168, 249 Wicks, Clarice 168 Wicktor, Chuck 202 Widman, John 104, 463 Widman, Judy 138, 170 Wiedmayer, Lawrence 11. " Wiegley, James 122 Wierenga, Rodney 222 Wiersma, Margaret 248 Wiese, Ralph ...300, 329, 463 Wiggins. Jolynn 128 Wigod, Sheldon 463 Wikstoom, Jerry 120 Wilcox, Donald 307 Wilcox, Loren 122, 323 Wilcox, Rex 183 Wilcox, Robert 100, 463 Wilcox, Sharon 128, 164 Wilcox, Ted 10S Wilcox, Wallace 197, 463 Wild, David 223 Wild, Janet 463 Wiles, Martha 165 Wiley, Alexander 38 Wilhelm, George 216 Wilhelmi, Larry 115 Wilholt, Chris 200 Wilk, Lawrence 225 Wilkie, Diane 123 Wilkins, Cynthia 159 Wilkins, Roger 124, 463 Wilkinson, Betty 463 Wilkinson, Sally 255 Wilkinson. William 221 Wilks, Clarice 463 Wilks, Robert 112 Will, Mary 2A Willard, Nancy 160, 299 Willcock, Gary Ill Wille, Donald 300 Willens, Alan 173 Willete, Frank 205 Willey, Edward 215 Williams, Adrian 198 Williams, Albert 186, 258 Williams, David 115 Williams, Diane 162 Williams, Edith 132 Williams, Eugene 100 Williams, Frederick . . 189, 235 Williams, Grier 307 Williams, Harvey 367 Williams, House 114 Williams, Jack 191 Williams, James 463 Williams, Jerome 191, 196 Williams, John 178 Williams, Larry 101 Williams, Leanord 463 Williams, Thomas 218 Williams, Walter ...111,299, 463 Williamson, Margaret 162 Willmann. Wendel 108 Willoughby, Jean . . . 135, 159. 257 Willoughby, Robert 183 Wills. Donna 326 Willse, Duane 205 Willwerth, Robert . . . 182, 333 Wilmot, Richard 329, 463 Wilouby, Clayton 174 Wilson, Beckie 294, 463 Wilson, Charles 207, 270 Wilson, George 112 Wilson, Jack 202 Wilson, Jane . . . 128, 132, 168. 170 Wilson, Judy 159, 463 Wilson, Kathryn 138, 161, 248, 299 Wilson. Kay 145, 463 Wilson, Lee 218 Wilson, Lou 167 Wilson, Margaret 136 Wilson, Mary 157, 463 Wilson, Paula 158 Wilson, Richard 226, 307 Wilson, Robert 223, 463 Wilson, Vincent 114 Wilson, William 101 Wilten. Frederick 106, 237 Win, Sein 298, 463 Winchell House 115 Windham, Julia 135, 168 Windisch, Jay 202 Wine. Robert 463 Wineman, Alan 104 Winemiller, William 334 Wineler, Robert 114 Winkerhause, Janet . .159, 232 Winkelstein, Alan ...113, 237 Winn, Mary 463 Winski, Jerome 193 Winslow. Kenelm 181 Winstead, Donna 152, 463 Winston, Nancy 166 Winston, Reid 100 Winters, Lawrence 201 Winters, Robert 177 Wintner, Joanne 463 Wirajobhandh, Vithoon ..317 Wiriyawit, Praneet ..317, 463 Wirn, Tom 205 Wirth, Janet 134, 307, 310, 463 Wirth, John 463 Wisdom, James 112 Wise, Geraldine 249 Wise, Gerry 137, 157 Wise, Larry 197 Wise, Morton 121 Wise, William 283 Wiseman, Rebecca 129 Wiseman, Walter 103 Wishnick, David 188 Wisler, Chester 236 Wisniewski, Bruce 202 Wisniewski, Marvin . .385, 390 Wisniewski, Pamela 463 Wiswell. Jim 177 Witherspoon, Gail 324 Wittenberg, James 105 Witham, Mary 140 Wittle. Patricia 127 Wittow, Barbara 127, 153 Witzky. Peter 226A Weybrecht, Ann 156 Wohllebe, Winnifred 154 Wohlschlegel. Ruth 463 Wojciak, Robert 301, 307 Woicik. Felicia 327 Wolberg, Gerald 195 Wolcott, Paul 180 Wolf, Betty 399 Wolf, Larry 119 Wolf, Melvin ...225, 292, 463 Wolf. Nancy 130 Wolf. Richard 184 Wolf, Ronald 103 Wolf, Sanford 188, 237 Wolfe, Janet 158 Wolfe, John 463 Wolfe, David 321 Wolfe, Muriel 463 Wolfe, Norm 100 Wolfe, Ronald 173 Wolfe, Virginia 127 Wolff, Daniel 195 Wolff, Michael 122 Wolff, Peter 106 Wolfsohn, Peter 193 Wolf stein. Ralph 225 Wolgast, Judy 157 Wolkon. Gerald 112, 204 Wolnowsky. Howard 112. 324 Wolters, Karen 128, 154 Wolverine Club 264 Women ' s Athletic Asso- ciation 398 Women ' s Judiciary 244 Women ' s Senate 243 Wonder. Lillian 125 Wong, David 300, 463 Wong, Larry 223 Wong, Sybil 140 Wong, William 319 Wood, Alexander 181 Wood. Ann 136 Wood, Charles 288,463 Wood, Duane 113 Wood. Katharine 327 Wood, Laurene 128 Wood, Mary 104 Wood, Marilyn 127 Wood, Patricia 125 Wood, Richard 202, 330 Wood, Robert 187, 275, 282, 463 Wood, Russell 463 Wood. William 122 Woodburne. Michael 3D1 Woodcock. Shirley 146 Woodams, Frederick 102 Woodley, Bernard 464 Woodman, George 101 Woodruff, Mary Jean 131, 464 Woodruff. Robert 464 Woodruff, William 121, 297, 334 Woods, Johnson 104 Woodward, Frederick .... 191 Woodworth, Mary ...133, 139 Woolley, Margaret 132 Woolson, Allen 464 Woolson, Michael 335 Woonton, Sally 162 Woolen, Roger 1?1 Wong, David 101 Worden, George 122 Work, Bruce 226 Wormolts, Jack 221 Worrall, Beryl 156 Worrell, Shirley 151. 327 Worth, Anthony 115 Wortinger, Gwen .... 135. 464 Wotring, Richard 464 Woughter, Marsha ..139, 167 Wozniak, Jeanette 158 Wozniak, Robert 190 Wren, Nancy 161 Wrestling 374 Wright, Asa 115 Wright, Betty 167 Wright. Dana 152 Wright, Elaine 307 Wright, Frederick 177 Wright, James 118 Wright, Jerry J ' 1 . 300. 329, 465 Wright, Karen 130 Wright. Leonard 174 Wright, Nancy 157. 293. 406, 464 Wright, Patricia ....138. 167. 310, 461 Wright, Peter ?in Wright, William 367, 369 Wroble, Arthur 464 Wrona, John 199 Wrong. Norbert W Wu, Eunee 139 Wulfman, David 214 Wundeknecht, Thomas ... ' 09 Wunderlieh, Norma .321, 3?3 Wurst. William mo Wurster. Janet 326 Wybrecht, Theodore 305 Wygmans, John 223 Wyle, Nancy 154 Wylie, John 199 Wynn, Stanley 171 Wyss, Mary 170, 245. 249 Wytwycky. Larissa ..141, 318 Wyvern 236 Yaffe, Howard 104 Yag, William 464 Yakes. Ruth 137 Yalowitz. Philip 102 Yampolsky, Robert 173 Yamaoka. Ronald 464 Yandell. Lois 123, 464 Yang, William 464 Yanko, Carol 154 Yanko. Robert 186 Yardley, Jerry 207, 464 Yarrow, Joan 129 Yasoda. Phylis 131 Yatchak, Darlene 140 Yates, David 333 Yates, JoAnne 161, 265, 294, 315. 404, 464 Yates, Lela 154 Yaw, Donna 136 Yeakey, Nancy 165 Yearick. Dale 1 19 Vpn. Philin 114 Yenigun, Hizir 320 Yip, Sidney 204 Yocum, Robert 464 Yolles, Murray 464 Yonkers, Kay 128. 168, 245, 249 York, Carl 200 York, John 100, 106 York. Susan 125 Yorukoglu, Mutena 320 Yoshihara, Harry 121, 263 Yoshonis, Karl 223 Yotsukura, Nobuhiro ....319 Young, Barbara 139 Young. Diane 158, 398 Young, Donald .183. 237, 297 Young, Glen 108 Young, James 189, 464 Young, Jerry 292 Young, Joan 161, 464 Young, John 332, 464 Young, Martha 152 Young. Patricia 324 Young, Phyllis 156 Young, Raymond 307 Youngblood, Jerry . . 124. 464 Youse, Lawrence 226A Youse, Rex 192 Yrastorza. Josephine 316, 327 Zagusch, Janet 315 Zaharee, William 182 Zahn, Ivan 324 Zaitzeff, Eugene 329 Zankl, Ann 145, 464 Zambas, MariAlice 144 Zao, Shirley 110 Zappo, Jack 263 Zax, Stanley 195 Zeerip, Edward 187 Zeff , Arnold 195 Zeilinger, Ronald 106 Zelasko. Melvin 109 Zeldes, Martin 106, 464 Zeleney, Leo 101. 318 Zelisse. David 204 Zenian. Paul 119 Zerbel, David 171 Zerman, William 49 Zern, Richard 105 Zeta Beta Tau 210 Zeta Phi Eta 315 Zeta Psi 211 Zick, Charlene 464 Ziegelman, Sy 203 Ziegler, Joan 464 Zier, Stephen 106 Zilly, Thomas 177 Zimont, Charles 226 Zimmerman, Alan 108 Zimmerman, Frank 208 Zimmerman. Herbert ....464 Zimmerman, Lynn . . 144, 464 Zimmerman. Richard .... 183 Zimont, Charles 226 Zin, Michael 220, 318, 464 Zinger, Frederick 208 Zinn, Frank 189, 464 Zinn, George 181 Zinn, Virginia 162 Zipperman, Connie ..136, 139 Zinsmaster, Sandra 158 Ziolkowski, Gera ' d 122 Zirion, Gail 127 Zitner, Robert 122 Ziv, Alvin 195 Zollner, Karl 115, 237 Zook, Lois 123 Zucchet, Roger 175 Zuck, Sylvia 145 Zucker, Michael 193 7urkprman, George 464 Zuelch, Margaret ...167, 261, 296 Zuger, Joel 106, 188 Zuieback, Tobi 464 Zvirbulis, Jekabs 105 Zylberman, Abaraham . . .319, 464 Zyzyk, Pat 143, 323 Zyzzy, Xenon 464 Zyzzy, Yanthro 464 Zyzzy, Zelda 464 504 for sixty-six years one of the leading college newspapers in the nation. 505 Engravings for 1956 Michiganensian BY Indianapolis Engraving Company INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA 1956 Michiganensian printed and bound by Benson Printing Company NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE 506 As the sun comes up on this last morning and the night fades away, so also fades the world of the 1956 ENSIAN. You, the reader will have just finished reading about that world we, the students, have just finished living it. In this book we have tried to put down in pictures and copy what that world has meant to us. Possibly with regrets that the time was too short and our perception too narrow to portray it accurately, but with satisfaction that we at least had the op- portunity to try. Somewhere in this picture-story book we hope that we have brought Michigan closer to you. As the sun comes up on this last morning and the night fades away, so also fades all those hours, days and weeks of hard work that went into the 1956 ENSIAN. The only thing that remains, along with the stillness that is 420 Maynard Street at 6:00 a.m., are the memories of those that have contributed so much. There are so many people to give credit and thanks to and so few ways of expressing it, maybe the final book by itself can better express its thanks than can I. This year we have been blessed with the finest craftsmen in the business. The Indianapolis Engraving Company gave us the services of Russell R. Benson, Fred Noer, Frank Persel, and Margaret Ca- rey. It ' s the lucky editor that has such fine talent to help him much thanks to all those at ME1- rose 5-5461. Down Nashville way there ' s the Benson Printing Company with Norman E. (Bud- dy) Shaw and Joe Ledbetter. Putting out a yearbook was almost child ' s play with all the help and advice that came from below the Mason-Dixon line a bouquet of roses should go to these rebels. Thanks also to the S. K. Smith Company, Bob Ihrig, and. Ken Cooley for the fine job they did on our covers. To Delma Studios and Sam Fields our appreciation for the excellent job they did with our Senior Pictures (even got them here early this year). Harold Nelson of Nelson Studios surely deserves our thanks for the beautiful job he did with all our group pictures I ' ll never understand how one man could be so patient with so many groups. Here at the University we received nothing except the tops in advise and aid. President Hatcher, Vice-President Brandon, News Service, and Photo Service were always willing to give us a help- ing hand thanks to all of you over at the Ad Building. A little closer to home at the Student Publications Building the Board in Control of Student Publications, with John Reed as chair- man, were the finest advisors that anyone could have. Also a big thanks to Maurice Rinkel, Werner Mattson, and Carol Haskel for all their patience with our requests and aid in produc- ing the book. There also remains that other publication which uses the second floor as its home. To Dave Baad and his edit staff of the Daily a big thanks for their companionship; morning, aft- ernoon, and nights. Our special appreciation to Phil Doughs and his sports staff for helping us with our sports copy; and to Dick Alstrom and the Daily business staff a million thanks for all those ads you found space for us to run. Credit for our color pictures this year goes to Jeff Pem- berton, Don Campbell, and Life Magazine to all of you our most grateful appreciation. As the sun comes up on this last morning and the night fades further away there remains just one more, and most important, to thank the staff. The ENSIAN is a cooperative effort, to say the least, and it takes more than just a few typewriters, cameras, and slide rules to put it to bed. It takes the efforts of those who really love the ENSIAN, to work so hard on something they never see till the end. There just aren ' t enough superlatives to lavish on such a fine staff. There is Dick, along with his business staff, who was much more than just a Business Manager and keep- er of the purse, but a true friend. There are Pat and Brownson without whose ideas and hard toil there would be no " World of the 1956 ENSIAN. " There are the Junior Editors and their as- sistants who did all the " leg work " and always were able to come through when those nasty dead- lines popped up. There are the photographers who were always on call and by some magic pro- cess were able to produce those quality pictures we were after. There are the soph staff and tryouts who always said, " Yes, " to our exhausting demands. These are the people that have brought you the 1956 MICHIGANENSIAN. Now as the sun finally comes up I am only able to remember these fine people and give them my most humble and inarticulate thanks. Herb 507 i

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